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File: 1654830239473.jpeg (755.02 KB, 1997x1326, stinky.jpeg)

No. 879529


https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga:
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

Recent milk:
>our dear tuna regains some crack confidence, mustering up the bravery to post nudes on reddit >>875061, >>877686 (there are more, browse at your own risk)
>shockingly, anon spots some suspicious bruises >>875166
>influencer tuna tells us things >>875302
>tuna is so lucky to have found her cigar store indian statue >>875418, >>875467, >>875468, >>876924
>stealing xans from her "high ass mom"? it's find bc mama tuna ruined her anniversary, don't worry >>875489, >>875538, >>875582, >>875807
>anon posts some pink gamer chair statistics (it's still there) >>876463
>pumpkin is still clearly a victim of neglect. poor baby >>876736, >>878866
>tuna's life is in danger apparently >>877534, >>877603
>lurch spergs out on twitter >>877551, >877554, and then on facebook >>878362
>tuna wants to ditch the filters >>878086, this endeavor does not last long
>ED larping that is just… see for yourself >>878395
>tuna morphs into a hartley hooligan, then bathes in her own hair dye water >>878821, >>878846
>the search for a new squat on reddit continues >>879028
>lurch is still creepin' on twitter >>879104
>lurch posts on tuna's reddit account saying he's 8 days clean. so much for that sobriety larp >>879209
>tuna films herself hocking a loogie onto her floor (or maybe not…) >>879299
>more lurch drama on twitter. this time he battles a fellow boomer >>879336, >>879338, >>879341, >>879360, >>879361
>tuna "finds" a stash of drug-related supplies >>879419

thirty three >>>/pt/848981
thirty four >>>/pt/859618
thirty five >>>/pt/865357
thirty six >>>/pt/869724
thirty seven >>>/pt/874997

No. 879532

File: 1654830312179.jpg (264.2 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20220609-185626_Ins…)

Tuna has had a very eventful day. Looks like she may have actually tried to do her taxes this morning which went badly, then she landed herself in the ER for self harming and immediately used it to sympathy beg. All the while Lurch was spazzing out on twitter again. I have a lot of screnshots to drop.

No. 879533

File: 1654830393329.png (211.75 KB, 555x381, E69E738B-9BC9-48C9-8FDE-61F24B…)

Thanks for the new thread! Sharing some updates from the other farms- Luna has injured herself and had to go get it stitched up and is now e-begging for “aftercare” items (1/4)

No. 879534

File: 1654830402750.jpg (327.01 KB, 1072x1907, Screenshot_20220609-200634_Ins…)

No. 879535

File: 1654830436557.png (1.37 MB, 1242x1782, 7DD926CA-5626-4175-9DA5-601529…)


No. 879536

File: 1654830467520.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1242x1798, E027BE61-ECF7-4346-BF9F-091570…)

Open wound (3/4)

No. 879537

File: 1654830480393.gif (475.05 KB, 800x600, milk milk milk.GIF)

No. 879538

File: 1654830505463.png (604.11 KB, 1242x1803, 7B1A994B-BA0E-4249-AFEC-22EBFE…)

Lastly some comments. Kek at Lurch at the bottom (4/4)

No. 879539

File: 1654830508445.jpg (150.88 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20220609-191029_Sam…)

Lurch on Twitter while she was in the ER

No. 879540

File: 1654830564700.jpg (191.24 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20220609-195149_Ins…)

Post ER photo shoot, of course

No. 879541

lol the cumstains on her shirt

No. 879542

File: 1654830771830.jpg (439.76 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20220609-201157_Ins…)

It's not worth screencapping all of them but she also made a post with just "aesthetic" posts of her hospital band

No. 879543

> i hate to ask
Scummy liar. All you do is ask for shit.
> im gonna need money for a lot of aftercare
But I thought you had thousands saved to pay for a year’s worth of rent.
> Fucking cheap dollar store knives, I’m going to sue THE MOTHERCUKING HELL OUT OF THESE COCKS&&kers
Sue them because she self-harmed? Kek
What a fucking loser.

No. 879544

You just know she’s loving that bandaged up self-harm arm as part of her uwu sadgirl aesthetic. I might be super cynical but I feel like this is all for show for pity points with her upcoming eviction.

No. 879545

Of course she did, Luna will never stop being a piece of shit.

No. 879546

File: 1654830879535.jpg (116.29 KB, 1080x882, Screenshot_20220609-185806_Sam…)

Also Lurch being hypocritical again kek

No. 879547

I’m honestly wondering if she slipped using a dull, dollar store knife and is now saying it’s self harm. It would kind of put Lurch’s comment into context.

No. 879549

File: 1654830970746.jpg (171.15 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20220609-103009_Ins…)

And just a side note, Tuna did manage to work on the most important aspect of filing taxes: picking what to wear

No. 879550

With Luna, You have every right to be. She’s had plenty of time to sort out her living situation. She believes she’s entitled to things without a modicum of effort on her part.

No. 879551

File: 1654831082043.jpg (426.17 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20220609-162204_Ins…)

ok last currently irrelevant thing I have

No. 879553

Thank you for sharing, Nona. Was this before or after her tantrum? Or rather, what was the order of all the posting?

No. 879555

Same. Tuna has never self harmed that deep before and she wouldn't do it on one of her tattoos.
Although she did post earlier that her fingers were crossed that she may be getting an apartment thanks to reddit. And then posted something about a horrible day. So maybe she found out she (obviously) wasn't getting the apartment and that she wasn't getting any tax money back, ate all the pills she showed off earlier, blacked out and stabbed herself
Either way her IMMEDIATE pictures and begging were fucking pathetic.

No. 879556


This morning:

4 hours ago:

Everything else was within the last 2 hours. Another anon posted the photos from KF before I got the chance to, so i have to give them credit too.
Also I was bored today and waiting to see if there would be a shit storm after the taxes thing, kek.

No. 879557

She probably thought she would get money back from “working”, she referenced getting a 1099 type thing from her “job” working for that girl making plant socks.

Anyway, she probably didn’t realize she would owe self employment tax of 15% rather than getting sweet tax refund like you do from a w-2. Probably got hit w NYS tax bill as well.

No. 879559

Much nose highlight, very shine, wow

No. 879560

Do you think she's still in the ER? I don't think she could come up with a good enough story for stabbing herself in the arm and would get a hell of a psychiatric hold slapped on her if she admitted it was self harm. Jesus Luna.

No. 879561

File: 1654832986331.jpg (577.38 KB, 1079x1918, Screenshot_20220609-224731_Tum…)

She's on Tumblr saying she stabbed herself as self harm. Multiple posts begging for money for "prescriptions and aftercare" but not even 5 posts earlier she made a post about all the new shit she just ordered.

No. 879562

No, you can see in >>879540 she's outside with the bandage

No. 879563

File: 1654833027142.jpg (191.38 KB, 720x1407, VideoCapture_20220609-092119.j…)

No. 879564

File: 1654833058658.jpg (165.2 KB, 720x1266, VideoCapture_20220609-092123.j…)

No. 879565

File: 1654833080412.jpg (181.69 KB, 720x1384, VideoCapture_20220609-153941.j…)

No. 879566

All I can see is the pube hair in there with the xanax. BRB while I fucking vomit

No. 879567

File: 1654833475148.jpg (161.73 KB, 720x1362, VideoCapture_20220609-205647.j…)

No. 879568

File: 1654833508302.jpg (199.21 KB, 720x1400, VideoCapture_20220609-205651.j…)

No. 879569

File: 1654833534399.jpg (196.77 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20220609-205705.j…)

No. 879570

File: 1654833558652.jpg (184.67 KB, 720x1390, VideoCapture_20220609-205713.j…)

No. 879571


Jesus, look at his arm. Literal old man skin holy fuck

No. 879572

File: 1654833982141.jpg (Spoiler Image, 599.18 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20220609-210624_Sam…)

No. 879574

File: 1654834177179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.11 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20220609-210523_Sam…)

Oh god she's posting vagina pics on reddit again. Open at your own risk

No. 879575

Her begging is so lazy and dull. She couldn't even be bothered to come up with a back story

No. 879576

this is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a long time in a luna thread. he just got done threatening a guy for not sending luna money and then agrees with a chick on twitter that you shouldn’t send women cash online. and right now luna is literally begging for money for “aftercare.” lmao lurch is the worst “fiancé”

No. 879577

"Can't afford to get home"

Also luna

"I can pay up to a year up front"

No. 879578

Can doctors do/say anything if they see she has all these benzos in her system?

No. 879579

she's such a fucking liar. she has medicaid and prescriptions are free or like 50 cents (most pharmacies will waive this)

No. 879580

it has to be a deal with her dad. if she can find a place who will accept her he'll pay for it to avoid having her live with him. otherwise she's broke af.

No. 879582

kek @ her fucking tit just hanging out

No. 879583

it’s definitely a deal with her dad. that’s why she’s never really been serious about looking or shown any proof of the savings. her dad is just promising to a years rent.

No. 879584

I'm surprised they didn't make her wash her filthy ass hands.

No. 879585

Honestly in the hospital we usually just scrub around the filth, chances are they wont wash/use soap properly anyways if they come in looking like Tuna. Nothing an alcohol pad (or three) can't wipe away…. barf.

No. 879586

>put together
>her tits pushed up so high they're nearly popping out of that dress
Sure tuna

No. 879587

Luna is the kind of hot girl who probably loves extremely rough sex, chocking and you just really want to save her but you know she’ll drag you to hell with her, but you still want to give it a try. Care for her, look after her but you know it won’t end well for either of you. She reminds me of the song Alison by Slowdive… but she laughs and tells me it’s just fine, I guess she’s out there somewhere…

No. 879588

File: 1654845975811.gif (188.37 KB, 80x80, 1652641859046.gif)

fucking disgusting

No. 879589

sage your gross shit

No. 879590

slowdive is so much better than this. you're more far gone than she is.

No. 879591

Don't worry anon, we'll get you the help you need.

No. 879592


No. 879593

>so desperate to e beg she stabs herself
Girl…. Youd rather self mutilate than get a job? You are truly brain dead already. Making more bills to beg for does not actually make it easier - or more successful - to beg.

No. 879594

She probably thinks saying “I can pay up to a year up front” will make her more attractive as a renter and not have to pay rent ever, because she paid for a year up front. After that year she’d have zero intentions of paying for anything

No. 879595

U just ruined my fav song I hate u

No. 879596

I don’t really get how/why she’s so freaked out about her taxes when there’s no way she made more than $10k this year, and that’s being generous. And why is she going into HR block when she could just file for free online anyways?

No. 879597

When has Tuna ever done something for herself?

No. 879598

Tinfoil but maybe she was expecting a years worth of rent back for her taxes and when she didnt get anything back she freaked out and stabbed herself as plan b to beg.
Thats probably why she went in to get her taxes done bc she assumed she was eligible
for any tax credits

No. 879600

what aftercare? Just change the bandages, keep it clean and go back when it's time to remove the stitches, nothing more to do about it, you shouldn't put skincare products on a fresh wound. Hope she posted that on her tumblr, those stuff will make them remove her tumblr faster than she would ever imagine.

No. 879601

Ew this bitch gets nastier and nastier. Should reimburse us for all the trauma dumping she does.

No. 879604

File: 1654862473817.jpg (183.7 KB, 648x1803, Eww.jpg)

Tuna keeps a roach in her pill box…

No. 879606

hospitalanon what's the likelihood of this getting infected??

No. 879608

File: 1654863911168.png (71.53 KB, 734x476, Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 8.24…)

No. 879609

Ah never heard of that, thanks.

No. 879610

Even now after a decade of no self harm I still keep bandages, butterfly strips, etc around. Especially the butterfly strips. I'm not taking time out of my day to go to the doctor or hospital for stitches or wound care. Far out country side anon tho.

No. 879612

> chocking

No. 879615

Yeah, the only thing I can think is that she’s dumb enough that she has some misguided belief than doing a tax return will equate to a sizeable rebate?

No. 879616

She definitely thinks that she's getting money back. I doubt she even got $400.

No. 879617

On Snapchat she said she told the hospital it was an accident. I didn’t really believe that because I expected multiple straight cuts like she usually does but then I saw the wound pic on ig and since it’s just one big cut and an unusual shape I could see them believing her

No. 879618

(sry, little blogpost) same here, that's just why I wonder about the need for aftercare. If it's been stitched by a professional, it's just changing the bandages and keeping it clean. But maybe I'm stupid and don't get it, I just never have been to a doctor or even ER because of self harm, never had an infection, just learned and knew what to do. Why waste my time and the time of a doctor for bullshit I've done to myself? Always had a hospital close and wouldn't even need to pay for anything. Guess we both weren't doing it for the attention and the nice pictures for social media, kek. And nice to hear that's been so long since you last self harmed, hope you are doing well.

No. 879620

She prob went into HR Block in person to get one of those scammy advance refund loan things where they give you your refund that day on a prepaid card and take like $50 from it to do so.

No. 879621

That's a weird looking wound, I wounder how she got that.

No. 879622

Lurch mentioned cheap dollar store knives. Why unless it was an accident? If it wasn't cheap than Luna would have been able to go far deeper. The "self-harm" wound is more of puncture that's not as common with people who self harm. It's got way too much depth and not even length. Maybe she was cutting something and stabbed herself while high on benzos.

No. 879623

Tuna read the Kelly Chompurs threads, she did this for rent money. In her benzo filled mind it's better than sleeping on the streets.

No. 879624

tinfoil ahead. It looks like she tried to cut (for whatever reason, tax stress, I guess) and maybe got in an argument with her lovely friend and somehow stabbed herself. You could get such a wound from cutting, but you would have to cut at one tiny place over and over again, so it's more a stab wound and in her post on Tumblr she says that she stabbed herself.

I find his reaction so damn funny and out of the world. If your partner self harms you normally wouldn't go like "that cheap knife, I will sue them". It feels like in his fucked up brain he thinks he could sue a company for knives that don't work well as a self harming tool. She hasn't self harmed for some time and I somehow feel like it's been an idea of Lurch so they can get pitty money and both of them being on drugs it sounded like a good idea to them.

No. 879625

I hope she doesn't get more than $5 from the naive people who will fall for her e-begging lies this time. She used Roger's death to beg during the last eviction and still didn't pay for rent with the money.

No. 879626

i don’t get why she posted this pic there when a) it’s not even opiates and b) it’s just a shitty picture at that

No. 879628

Case in point, she's asking for money for "cabs and aftercare," and posting her random shit hauls. Why buy random shit when you can pay for your medical expenses instead? And why not have a few pieces of clothing that actually suit you and wash and take care of them properly instead of buying new clothes every week? She is actually retarded

No. 879629

It is a weird wound. Like >>879622 said, it’s a straight up puncture wound as opposed to a cut/slash. I can’t see how an accident with a knife would cause that no matter how blasted she was, it’s too neat.

No. 879630

Nope, her story doesn't check out. Why is Lurch angrily threatening to sue dollar store knives if she supposedly did this to herself? It'd be all her fault. Surely if this was always self harm to begin with, Lurch would try his absolute hardest to make his neanderthal brain formulate some encouraging words instead. Sounds like it was a genuine accident and she later took advantage of the situation by claiming self harm for sympathy. Personally I've never heard of self harming via a single stab. Why such an awkward method when she's never been known to do it in the past?
Luna's always been an e-begging scumbag but this one takes the cake. This is the proudest "self harm" claim I've ever seen. It rivals her e-begging attempt when she brushed ash on her face after a fire in the home

No. 879631

god areola out all over the place…

No. 879632

She can't be half assed to flip a burger so instead she up and stabs herself smh

No. 879633

I’m not disagreeing with you at all cos this is all shady and not really adding up, but people with BPD especially will for sure do insane shit like stabbing themselves in a pique of rage.

No. 879634

i was thinking this last night. saged for tinfoil. i know BPD makes people do crazy shit, but Lurch's rage comment about suing the knife brand (BEFORE she'd claimed the injury was self harm btw) and her eagerness to post about it/e-beg (plus the location and depth of the injury itself) is screaming "i accidentally cut myself while high as fuck on benzos and realized i could spin it to make people feel sorry for me and give me money".

No. 879636

NTA but I can imagine it's likely…the skin was broken entirely, you can see muscle I think? Plus, if she picks at the stitches or rubs her k beauty shit on it…maybe it'll be "fine" like her recent piercing, but judging from the visible filth still on her hand after they bandaged her arm, I wouldn't bet on it.

Can't wait to see a pic of the scar with those sparkles on it…maybe a pair of eyelashes haha

No. 879637

also nta, just knowledge about cuts and stuff like that. I would say not likely if she leaves it the fuck alone and doesn't treat it with some "skincare" products or tries to remove the thread herself. I think her body can stand more than we can imagine and you really need a bad immune system, more cuts at once for you body to be overwhelmed and living in 100% filth to get an infection from a cut that's been treated at a hospital.

No. 879639

File: 1654884538968.jpg (106.14 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20220610-110555_Ins…)

Read thia comment and realized it's amazing that Lurch can't even pretend to care about Tuna for sympathy points. This and his baseball spam posting on twitter last night while she was in the hospital just further shows it

No. 879640

File: 1654884680658.jpg (294.36 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20220610-111025_Ins…)

Filtered pics of her blood and paperwork, of course. She'd really loving what this does for her aesthetic

No. 879641

File: 1654884705539.jpg (365.48 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20220610-111017_Ins…)

No. 879642

this whole situation is so weird, I get that she's crazy and losing all her savings for taxes could have triggered the self harm, but that's such an odd way to harm yourself. And why would Lurch sperg about cheap knives? If she's lying and it was an accident, what could have possibly happened with the "cheap" knife to cause such a wound? I can't even imagine the scenario where this puncture wound happens on accident/because of broken knife/in self harm. So weird

No. 879643

Here's my opinion of what is the likely truth here: Luna is sad as always, has a BPD episode and stabs herself, Lurch is an old buffoon and his comment was his own boomer way of comforting Luna (i don't think it was an accident, I think they both know Luna tried to harm herself but Lurch is old and socially retarded so his comment, like all his other ones, don't make sense), so now Luna has to pay for cab rides and the medication but she still wants to buy cheap cheap Ulta and Forever21 hauls so she'd rather spend her money on that, and have her followers pay for her medical stuff.

No. 879645

The hair in the lower left quadrant. Nasty

No. 879646

is it possible that Lurch stabbed her? would she able to keep that to herself?

No. 879647

Holy shit anon, i wanted to post it at the same time

No. 879648

as much as i'd hate for that to be the case, i'm so torn on what i actually think happened. i was originally thinking it was an accident that she's been trying to present as self harm to milk the injury for donations and attention but >>879642 is right about it being a super nonsensical accident. not that anything in tunaland makes sense, but i'm stumped on this one.

No. 879649

I could see him doing it because I doubt Tuna would actually be able to do to herself. I dont think it's a domestic abuse situation, it's likely moreso them coming up with this idea and acting it out together.

No. 879650

this makes the most sense. lurch is an old burnout. nothing he says makes any sense. i honestly just think he thinks that if the knives were better made, she wouldn’t have been able to hurt herself as much. he’s that stupid.

No. 879651

I'm also in for the accident/Lurch/money begging theory. I know stuff about self harm, have seen more than enough wounds and in all my time I never came across a stab wound and most likely not in that place. I also don't think she would want to cut through her tattoos. Maybe in a few days we will know what really happend.

No. 879652

Wouldn't put it below her to think scar through tattoo would add to her broken "aesthetic", though

No. 879653

I mean she's filthy and lives in filth. Honestly depends on how much she takes care of it but there's a good chance of it if she doesn't. Unfortunately I think with all of the "addicts luck" she's had she'll be fine.
I do think she's just using it for gimme points though, didn't someone post an ss up thread of her saying she's 8 days clean? So she's definitely using again, what a coincidence that she has an accident with a cheap knife- I mean sElF hArMs, and needs money.

No. 879654

i believe the ss saying they were 8 days clean was lurch posting from tuna's reddit account, but i highly doubt lurch is using without tuna so i guess that doesn't exactly matter. i didn't connect the timing of the injury with that post though! good catch

No. 879656

File: 1654895185197.png (764.27 KB, 1100x1168, Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 2.05…)

saged because it's not new milk, fakeboi is just fucking annoying

No. 879657

File: 1654896198348.jpeg (150.4 KB, 1242x389, 622CDA68-2995-4007-86B6-95AC7C…)

may the large areola saga never end

No. 879658

i'm sorry this is so fucking funny

No. 879661

i think she did something stupid like try to open a package of cut something with the blade toward herself or something dumb and it slipped and she just straight up stabbed herself. lurch blames the cheap knife because if it was sharper it would’ve cut through the thing she was trying to open or whatever. then she claims it was “self harm” on social media because teeeeechnically she did harm herself….she just leaves out that it was accidental for extra sympathy points so people will give her money.

No. 879662

File: 1654898771188.jpg (315.53 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20220610-150517_Ins…)

Never change, Tuna

No. 879663

File: 1654898819369.jpg (205.61 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20220610-150527_Ins…)

No. 879664

need ID to do OF

No. 879665

File: 1654901408894.jpeg (181.2 KB, 1200x1200, tuna-alves.jpeg)

kek she looks like rodrigo alves here

No. 879666

File: 1654902028630.jpg (583.89 KB, 1440x2392, Screenshot_20220610-185936_Ins…)

Wot in retardation

No. 879667

File: 1654902106993.jpg (534.11 KB, 1440x2393, Screenshot_20220610-185942_Ins…)

No. 879669

File: 1654902171885.jpg (326.3 KB, 1440x2156, Screenshot_20220610-185949_Ins…)

No. 879670

With all he hair pushed forward like that, you want to bet she is flat in the back of the head.

No. 879671

>but okay. you know everything about me apparently.
Kek like she doesn't post every moment of her life aside from shitting and sleeping? Retard can't realize her pattern of behavior is crystal clear to anyone who cares to glance. This person sounds a little too invested though. Do we think it's a poop toucher?

No. 879672

>>879671 Yep, and I'm sure some anon could find her last instance of ebegging that she's miraculously forgotten.

That cowtipper is right though, this is hard to watch, esp if you've actually pulled yourself out of a rough situation with no help from internet enablers or Evil Dads.

No. 879673

i wish she’d stop saying she’s sober when she’s still abusing benzos

No. 879674

she just recently begged for a canvas and you know she's begging for shit in DMs to anyone that will open her messages

Also it's probably way back in other threads but I remember at least one time she cut herself while she was using and immediately posted pics

No. 879676

if you've been clean for a year then who's been posting on your reddit account saying it's only 8 days, toona? I mean it's either her or the easter island head, and even if it's him there's no way she's not partaking whenever he does. and she has a short memory if she thinks she doesn't ask for things anymore. I guess she thinks she's being subtle when she posts that she needs more skincare/art supplies/unflattering shein garbage in the hope that someone will get it for her.

I really think she's dumb enough to assume nobody would look for her reddit and she can say whatever she wants on there without anyone from insta/tumblr/any other platform she uses for ebegging finding out about it. so she might think she can talk about using 8 days ago on reddit and keep up the 1 year of sobriety story everywhere else.

No. 879677

>I haven't publicly asked for shit in years.
Girl, you do it on a weekly if not daily basis, stop with your bullshit.

No. 879678

kek she's trying to rationalize getting back on drugs because she won't self harm anymore. what a stupid fucking twat.

No. 879679

I remember that too, I'm sure she was posting stuff about self harm while they were living with Roger and she was doped to the max the whole time back then.

also didn't she tell a story about how Chief Areola went to see another girl and she cut herself really deep because of it? that might have been during her year of "sobriety" though

No. 879680

I was active on this thread/her tumblr/insta when she posted that she stabbed herself and she didn't use the word "stabbed" until after a nonny here said it. Tinfoil but interesting imo

No. 879681

File: 1654904408213.jpeg (21.34 KB, 320x180, BBDAC32C-5DE1-496E-B85F-457B3C…)

Seeing Lurch with a (knockoff) LV backpack is sending me

No. 879682

I've just gone to her reddit profile and the 8 days clean comment has gone. hmm

No. 879683

File: 1654904942423.jpg (206.11 KB, 720x1327, VideoCapture_20220610-164721.j…)

No. 879684

I’m wondering if she told the Easter island head one thing so he wouldn’t be mad, and the Internet another thing to milk it. I know he’s beyond stupid and acts tough online, but it’s just so odd to me that his first comment was about suing someone if it’s a mental health thing

No. 879685

I think she asked Lunrch to stab her and they chose the tattoo as a "target" in a nonfatal area.

No. 879686

I wouldn't be surprised if they planned it out together to get money out of people. Tuna knows that sympathy is the best way to get money and she can't ask for "rent money" since she's been telling people that she already has rent money. Lurch is obviously using again and needs more money. They probably didn't expect for it to cut as deeply as it did cause "cheap dollar store knives". It also wouldn't be surprising if she was being an idiot and holding a knife towards herself while cutting food or something and it slipped. Happens to people all the time.

It's hard to say what actually happened to her cause she and Lurch are pathological liars.

No. 879687

>complains about being broke
>self harms as new e-beg angle
>hey guys check out all this proof of what a privileged fuck I am.

She's soooo poor, guys. Look, she doesn't even have a Gameboy Advance! Seriously, I'm a sucker for fugly pink bullshit but this is the ugliest console decoration I've ever seen, even the Switch. The thumbcaps are crooked and also how tf do you play with thumbcaps that are such a weird shape?

No. 879688

>tf do you play with thumbcaps that are such a weird shape?

Badly apparently

No. 879689

>>879688 Right? Mine has dumbass cutesy ones too, but they're circular and actually make it easier to operate. She's going for that "korean acrylic nails with a fuckton of hello kitty shit glued to them" look with all of these handhelds, but tbh all these consoles just look so busy, it's impossible for them to be pleasing to the eye.

No. 879690

can someone please compile a collage of her asking for stuff this year alone? She asked for canvas several times in the past few weeks, and asked for stuff for her bday as well. She just disguises it as "if anyone wants to." But then throws a fit if no one does. Luna, you're not entitled to getting stuff from strangers, you big fat baby

No. 879691

File: 1654906791026.jpg (551.42 KB, 1079x1210, Screenshot_20220610-191652_Sam…)

Did she really cut it out and scrapbook it? Tuna, how embarassing
And now she's blaming it on her psych, maybe lurch will sue them too kek
Do you think this was some ploy for meds? Painkillers and/or anti-anxiety or something?

No. 879692

File: 1654908588544.jpg (690.23 KB, 1079x1737, Screenshot_20220610-204309_Ins…)

No. 879693

I’ve never wanted to alog this hard. She accidentally stabbed her self, she’s manic and wanted attention so she’s doing this. It’s so blatant. I doubt she even contacted the fuckin psychiatrist. They would never react like that

No. 879694

I'm done with her until she buys me more stuff!

No. 879695

nitpick, but it bugs me that everything she does is half assed and lazy, she didn't even scrapbook the laceration care instructions properly, look how folded and poorly applied the tape is. she's so sloppy with everything.

No. 879696

I bet the "emergency" she contacted her psych about was that she was out of her meds before the refill date and wanted a re-up. Same thing that happened last time.
And tuna, leave your mother alone ffs

No. 879697

and again, it's never her own fault. Oh, taxes are so hard, I need to take drugs, I can't function, the taxes fault I need medication. Oh no, I self harmed, no one listend, my psych had other things to do, it's her fault. It bothers me that she is never responsible for her own actions and never tries to change anything and yes, I understand mental illness, but if you are doing the same thing for years, maybe your brain might click and tell you, that it's not the right thing to do.

and then it's her mothers fault again. Yes, her mother won't win an award for being amazing, still, if you know what you are up to, you just cut contact and go your way. But guess she still wants that free bullshit her mother buys her from time to time. Also, why would you send your mother a picture of your self harm, isn't she in any way embarrassed that she relapsed? This is all for attention and nothing more.

No. 879698

kek guess that's out of the question then

No. 879699

Oh no! Her mom used her shampoo, washcloth and took a bath in the apartment that used to be hers but her leeching ass daughter and rigor mortised boyfriend got her into trouble. Poor Tuna, what will she ever do without that shampoo? Everyone knows that washcloths can't be cleaned! Poor Tuna, she had to self-harm because of this travesty. Tuna may take her benzos, but her mom should know the true value of nicotine patches and shampoo!

No. 879700

File: 1654910601108.png (568.17 KB, 1440x2150, Screenshot_20220610-182129.png)

No. 879701

Y’all there is no way she self-harmed and walked out of the hospital freely. They would have kept her if that were true. Obvious to me she had an accident and had it fixed and left and is using this situation the best she can to get sympathy points by claiming it to be self-harm. Sad attempt Tuna.

No. 879702

I was just thinking this. She would have milked the shit out of that it if they tried to hold her back from going home.

No. 879703

this bitch is unbelievable. what is a psychiatrist gonna do besides prescribe meds that she has stated several times "don't work"? It's not your psych's fault because you're incapable of going to therapy and learn to cope with things appropriately. meds are an aid, not some magical tool that makes everything better. you have to put in the work to get better luna.

pretty sad when bree is the voice of reason lmao

No. 879704

Yes and when a hospital has reason to believe you are a danger to yourself they keep you and take your things away, get you a psych evaluation, etc. Unless she somehow managed to lie to them and get away with it, it is very unlikely to have been on purpose.

No. 879705

it's possible she told them she didn't so they wouldn't hold her again and take away her klonopins (how'd she get them back???) and they believed her since it doesn't even look like a self harm injury.

No. 879706

she deleted it a few hours after she posted it but it's archived https://archive.ph/ZNylm

No. 879707

>That washi tape application
I'm convinced the "Luna's blind" tinfoil a couple anons have suggested in the past has some merit.

No. 879708

I bet she stabbed herself to get a script for "the pain"

No. 879710

how can she be obese and have no tits

No. 879711

Hey, my other favorite lolcow Bree McGee aka @slipknotnightcore is lecturing Luna about suicidebaiting. the circus is in town

No. 879712

How can she be a human but have t-rex arms? Who knows with Tuna.

No. 879714

she wants to believe she’s hourglass by wearing that red bra that’s 3 cup sizes too big but she’s the pearest pear ive ever eeen

No. 879716

File: 1654916149970.jpg (429.7 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_20220610-215426_Sam…)

No. 879717

File: 1654916198026.jpg (450.11 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20220610-215450_Sam…)

No. 879718

Kek neither one of them is sober. What does Tuna's lack of accomplishments have to do with the Yankees? They make it so obvious that they're using. if you love her so much lurch then how come you won't stop harassing women on twitter?

No. 879719

So romantic that he can't dedicate a sole tweet to her kek real Prince charming, tuna.

No. 879721

File: 1654917418331.jpg (295.65 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20220610-201603_Sam…)

Meanwhile in Lurch's likes

No. 879723

Kek not to mention she had to throw in the BPD brag that she’s gotten stitches for self harm so many times she “can’t count”

No. 879724

421 days?? As in way more days than even Luna claims? And he himself wrote that he was only sober for “8 days” yet somehow now he is sober for longer than Luna. Ok Lurch.

No. 879725

I’m starting to think the love bombing and the homeless saga are hand in hand- and that the plan is moving in with daddy. Problem is though that dad won’t allow lurch to move in with, and maybe dads money ain’t buyin lurch’s way. Luna has options. Lurch doesn’t and I’m betting he’s afraid she’ll dump his loser ass.
Lurch calling anyone a lemming is hilarious. He’s a rat. In a maze. And too stupid to EVER escape it.

No. 879726

booooooo tomato tomato

No. 879727

I’m beginning to think Lurch & Luna have just decided their relationship isn’t going to be sexual anymore and they’re both seeking validation and pleasure elsewhere.

No. 879729

My theory is that she stabbed herself not purposely doing something stupid like opening a shein package or some cheap cheap cheap shit with a dollar tree knife while blitzed out of her gourd. After the ER fiasco Lurch goes “wait actually say it was self harm, you’ll get so much money for that” and they fabricated this whole thing which is why they won’t shut the fuck up about it. Tuba is way too vain to self harm in her tattoo.

No. 879731

This sounds very plausible actually, I didn't think of that. Maybe the H is bad quality and she wanted a prescription that will work for sure like tramadol or even oxy (though I don't think that would be prescribed for a non-surgical wound).

No. 879733

She mentions being able to see the tendon, maybe that's what she was aiming for if she wanted pain meds

No. 879734

File: 1654921075866.jpeg (544.05 KB, 1170x2108, 6ACF1BDD-B102-4765-A39F-C4CAB7…)

Some replies that haven’t been posted yet (incoming dump)

No. 879735

File: 1654921118795.jpeg (528.8 KB, 1170x2123, 8F569CE7-BF39-4C7C-9CF7-BFBA00…)

No. 879736

Making it her whole personality just like the r*pe, jfc what a train wreck.

No. 879737

File: 1654921163635.jpeg (402.23 KB, 1170x2118, 6C2510B8-B9E8-412E-8D87-098D3C…)

Either they deleted their comments or Tuna did

No. 879738

Holy shit he rambles like Tuna does. They always try to give a whole life story for simple questions.

No. 879739

File: 1654922408039.jpg (154.7 KB, 720x1212, Sc.jpg)

She gotta put the bandage in frame for a million selfies now. First slide is similar to this.

No. 879740

He's calling it an accident but she's keeps saying it's self harm, these idiots can't even keep their stories straight on the same post. This was on >>879535 where she had already claimed it was self harm in other comments.

No. 879741

What a dumb old man. He attacked that person for telling him what his pet cow said.

No. 879745

I love that he doesn't know the whole "lemmings jumping off cliff" thing was staged for the documentary. God they're both retards.
>>879739 She's really developing that strabismus, eh?

No. 879746

I’d bet a lot of money that the sterling silver box Luna’s mum was “stealing” actually belonged to her in the first place.

No. 879747

>>879746 I thought the same

No. 879748

File: 1654929957119.jpeg (114.64 KB, 750x616, 3172D83C-37E7-4E8C-B376-E96597…)

This specific lurch tweet is sending me

No. 879749

Accdient as in the knife went deeper than she intended. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 879750

Go the fuck outside

No. 879753

Can she be read about somewhere?

No. 879754

> fakeboitherottengirl
Even more pathetic than Luna, which is quite an achievement.
She deleted it shortly after it was brought up here and on the other farms.
Luna, a week ago (literally) you said and I quote >>>/pt/878812
> appreciation post for my mom
> she doesn’t have a lot but knows how depressed and overwhelmed i’ve been and how hard sobriety has been on my mental health. i’ve been out of all my skincare stuff for a month at least and she let me order some stuff plus grabbed me some more auburn/red hair dye and some sheet masks at the store so i can make my hair redder as my confidence has been in the shitter
I truly hope come your eviction, you remember you’re done with her. She’s scummy but you’re even more so. Better yet, I hope she’s done with you.
Here >>>/snow/167514

No. 879761

it reminds me of when one of the girls in the pro-ana thread kept posting pictures of mouldy food, I didn't understand how anyone could possibly be so disgusting and oblivious until it was found out that she had a visual impairment and likely couldn't see the mouldy bits. hard to tell whether something similar is going on with Big Tuna, because she's exceptionally disgusting and oblivious in any case.

No. 879762

it's always that, there is somehow a contest who gotten the most stitches, who went to the ER most, etc. and it's sad because I've encountered many that self harm that think what they are doing isn't bad enough and they don't seek help because of that.

No. 879763

has this writing way too long stuff something to do with your brain being fried by drugs? We see that by Amanda every time, I've met people on the streets that would talk like that being high and I somehow guess it's something got to do with the drugs they take.

No. 879765

Definitely a thing for daily drug users that use for years like them. They have trouble gauging what normal conversation is and try to overcompensate. It’s crystal clear to people even relatively sober but they have no idea.

And lets end the “Luna is blind” saga right now, she was just high. She has alluded to overdosing several times this week, has had clear tracks, has admitted to it, has been posting pro heroin comments in groups….bitch is DEFINITELY USING. This is not tinfoil. She has also been messaging people privately for money for weeks. And the idea that Tuna accidentally cut herself while making food? KEK you think Tuna does food prep in her cat piss kitchen?! Don’t be silly. This was a drugged out accident turned grift.

No. 879767

OT but i haven't been keeping up with that thread, are you talking about n2f? does she have eyesight issues cause that would make SO much sense (her post purge fingers, gross looking food, bad makeup and hair, and weird outfits)

No. 879768

To me it really seems like the rambling on someone who's on uppers.

No. 879769

ramblings of* I'm retarded

No. 879771

>but she's so toxic and carcinogenic i finally just gave in
Lmao what?

No. 879774

it was madzemoji, she doesn't really get discussed anymore but she posted mouldy wraps back in the day. if n2f had vision problems too that would explain A LOT.

wtf is he on about? trying to prove his status as an expert mathmetician with all these random figures? reading both of their ramblings I can't imagine sitting through a conversation with either of these goons, I bet they spout their dumb pseudo-intellectual shit to each other all the time and think they're having really deep groundbreaking conversations. they really do deserve each other.

No. 879776

the 8.6% figure is about inflation but i can’t understand what that has to do with this whole thing. he really is burnt out with the drugs. you can’t even follow a line of thinking in his comments anymore.

No. 879778

Lmao is bree mcgee a cowtipper touching the poop? I wonder if she posted this screenshot herself and has been posting itt non stop

No. 879779

He's definitely the type to get mad if you can't understand what he's saying too.

No. 879787

I think she has Strabismus, not permanently but specially while she is using and therefore has problems seeing things right. I had it as a child and sometimes if I'm extremely tired or drunk, it get's back and you need to really focus to see things straight, kek. So, I also think she is not blind, she has vision problems and is high most of the time.

No. 879790

1.00 to 1.25 is an increase of 300%??? I may not be a ~math genius~ like Lurch but isn't that an increase of 25%? Like I can't even work out how he got 300% from that??? His brain must be almost as damaged as Luna Ramirez's

No. 879797

Anonymous now No. 879796

I can't believe she took 14mg of Xanax/Klonopin and then wondered why she had a meltdown?

She's definitely not sober, just replacing one thing with another to escape reality. How would that be a good idea to anyone? The pills are actually used for when you start freaking out. Using them so carelessly will lead to that instead. How the fuck does she choose to stay so ignorant about certain vices yet will talk straight trash about meth/heroin/whatever users? Like she's done everything under the sun but still manages to lie to herself and everyone else.

One thing she is right about though is that could have been prevented. All she had to do was stay sober. Or even take ONE Xanax at a time as intended.

No. 879802

i agree, it's been very obvious she's back on heroin for a while now. the extreme e-begging is just the latest part of the saga. it's bizarre to me that she thinks the self harm angle is gonna work. like surely it would create more sympathy (donations) if she claimed someone else stabbed her. why would anyone donate to help with something self inflicted that could've been easily avoided?

not that i believe it was self harm. seems more like a stupid drugged up accident that luna & lurch are attempting to capitalise off.

No. 879804

What the hell are those spots on her boob? I thought that she was only holding up her pancake tits in topless photos, but now I think she was doing that and covering up whatever that shit is.

No. 879805

she's shooting up in her tit

No. 879811

so let me get this straight based on both accounts - tuna's mom came to watch their unit while the two were gone as a favor, but obviously lurch viewed it as them doing her mom a favor bc they have ac and a tv (that belonged to her before they got her relocated) she tried swindling some shit bc junkie, and when she expected they pay for her ride back home after, he thought she could benefit from walking in the same dangerous area he just warned tuna to never walk alone in bc they dont owe her a commute back home

drugs truly fried his brain

No. 879813

Lol obviously she wants them to pay for her Uber home since she sat there and babysat “their” apartment. Luna and Lurch’s mindsets are fucked.

No. 879816

File: 1654983788043.jpg (293.89 KB, 720x1600, VideoCapture_20220611-144232.j…)

This was a direct snap

No. 879817

Jesus that bandage is filthy.

No. 879818

damn, how can a bandage turn so dirty in one single day? She doesn't really know how to take care of "self harm" wounds, does she? I've never been the careful type, but never would I have let a bandage get that filthy, let's wait for the infection saga.

No. 879819

File: 1654986223338.jpg (140.96 KB, 669x438, shelyin.jpg)

The story has evolved. Now they can only pay 5-6 months rent upfront with money from lurch's "lawsuit" and they both get paid "under the table"

No. 879820

lol their income is that she sells custom content to fat fetishists, scamsher followers, and her parents and he sells drugs and sues people. it's not going through her thick brain that being able to pay rent in advance doesn't mean shit if they're gonna be out of money and essentially squatting because neither of them have jobs or real sources of income.

No. 879821

Hah, the moment someone says "OK, provide bank statements to show POI" they'll say they're only paid in cash. Then they'll waffle about when it comes to providing references to back up these lies.

God they're so fucking cooked and have no clue what all goes into renting.

No. 879822


Absolutely insane that neither of them can just get a fucking min wage job to show income. After YEARS. What is their fucking endgame? They think they’ll hit lotto or something?

They’re not even smart enough to welfare grift

Also $1600 is gonna be imposssssible to even find. With no provable income. “Under the table” fucking kek

No. 879823

The rental market in NYC tristate is so fucking tight right now that people are outbidding each other on rentals. The cheap ones go the fastest. They’ll just move on the the next applicant.

My friend just put a shitty apt up for rent in NJ for $1800 and she got 250 applicants in one day.(sage)

No. 879824

File: 1654990501670.png (42.7 KB, 696x325, big toona.png)

trust this bitch to come onto an opiates subreddit with a picture of benzos and a pube, and then start talking about her bald pussy. I bet in her tiny drug-shrivelled mind she thinks this is a sexy thing to say.

No. 879825

she doesn’t know what a pube looks like because she’s shaved? what??

No. 879826

She's saying it's not hers so she doesn't know whose it is lmfaooo. Mystery pube I guess kek

No. 879828

lmao is this the dog lawsuit from like a fucking year ago?

No. 879829

She always fails to mention if anyone knows of an available apartment that would accept pets. Apartments are really hard to come by right now, especially ones that accept pets.

No. 879834

Entirely likely. Lawfagging here but some lawsuits can take years to resolve. This would be a civil court thing for sure, I’m not sure he’d get much out of it considering he didn’t get completely mailed or lose a limb, though.

No. 879837

If he had any type of case open wouldn't it show up on the NY court website just like his previous court case(s)?

No. 879838

Complete tinfoil but could it be possible that one of them got another good sized inheritance? Tuna has already squandered one so it seems like some people in her family have money

No. 879839

Hell no. Where would they even get an inheritance? Tuna would be bragging about it by the hour.

No. 879841

File: 1655010803029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 451.19 KB, 904x1750, Screenshot_20220612-001034_Tum…)

Went to look at the "mold" on her pill case that was mentioned along with the pube and was startled when I noticed her fingernail instead. What the hell even tuna!? lmao so gross

No. 879842

>lawfag here
>some lawsuits take years to resolve


No. 879849

easter island pube

No. 879853

that fake, glue on nail is far too small for her natural nail. she buys those kiss nails in bulk, it looks like she's run out of her size and has opted for a smaller one. she needs to buy new nails and fix her cuticles, so gross.

No. 879857

File: 1655027474034.jpeg (140.89 KB, 555x1655, PgFbhpUOoguo3Wqm5dFKuhKFU6yBq5…)

Lurch strikes me as the Lucky from King of the Hill type. I'm sure he uses any misfortune to sue and files IFP so he doesn't have to pay

kinda looks like him too kek

No. 879868

lucky was at least a nice guy and did love luanne. even made the effort to marry her. can’t say the same about lurch.

No. 879871

Don’t you EVER compare Lucky to Lurch.

No. 879875

>>879819 call me stupid but I was pretty sure she had to be out well before July 31st…? leave it to these idiots to wait this long to find a place in a housing crisis

No. 879880

They literally do? Not all the time, of course. From the time someone hires a lawyer after the incident to the resolution it really can go back and forth for years. Especially in personal injury. What are you on about.

No. 879882

Luna has been caught commenting on Kelly the Leg Picker's threads on Reddit. Did her benzoed out, BPD brain see the attention Kelly gets from her wounds and try for a different form of fucking around? Has Kelly gotten decent drugs recently? I can't watch her, but that'd be enough for the tiny little thought gears to start turning in Luna's mind. That's my tinfoil about the strange wound, since everybody else shared theirs.

NTA but it doesn't take a lawfag to say court in the US is slow. Maybe you think you're enlightening but that's pretty fucking basic knowledge for anyone over 18. You spouting a "Lawfag here" introduction like you're important, when there are actual lawfags on this site who've posted relevant and interesting information. Fucking summer.

No. 879884

Low credit score, no income, no references (rental or professional) and a strict move-out date. It’s not going to happen. I can understand Luna not knowing how difficult renting a place is since she’s so sheltered, but lurch is what? 45? Has he never had his own apartment before? Also I’m kind of surprised Luna has a credit score at all.

No. 879886

Okay, needlessly aggressive nonny. Just thought the original person who posted >>879828 was possibly not from the US and might like some context for how sluggish courts can be if you’re claim is junk. You got me, no a lawyer, just related to one whose work revolves around rooting out bullshit stories from plaintiffs just like Lurch. People like the gruesome twosome who have a history of filing frivolous claim after frivolous claim are hilariously common. Opposing counsel literally hunts down social media of plaintiffs like him looking for exactly the kind of “I’m gonna sue” posts he makes on a weekly basis to discredit them.
I’m not sure where Tuna got the idea that redditors are going to solve their housing issue but is there even evidence they’ve successfully toured a single apartment? I feel like Luna would have live-blogged it all if so.

No. 879887

You’re right, I’m not from the US. I think everyone is aware that lawsuits can take a long time though, sweet summer child

No. 879892

>>has he ever had an apartment of his own

Signs point to “yea,right”. I doubt this chucklefuck has ever had a place, a job for more than a week, or anything not provided by Luna or her mother. Truly a man’s man.

No. 879894

File: 1655052865734.png (244.4 KB, 480x671, lunakf.png)

Way to continue outing yourself as a summerfag. Lurk more. But since you're such a sweet helpless lil baby, I'll spoonfeed you.
December 2020- >>807537 >>807539
They looked at two apartments in one building, they weren't good enough for her, and that set her back 3 weeks!

While looking back, on 4/6/2021 Luna posts proof & admits to relapsing on Heroin >>830307 on April 29th she makes another comment about trying to get off. And on 5/15 she claims Lurch had been sober for 3 months. I think these are the dates they are probably counting from for their sobriety larp.
Also, this pic shows she has no problem "ruining" her tattoos for the aesthetic, like some anons it mentioned she wouldn't do on purpose.

No. 879896

I don’t really buy that they toured anything irl. They make their mom house sit anytime they leave the house, otherwise one of them is always guarding the squat because someone on Insta said if they “stayed on the premises “ the meanie landlord wouldn’t kick them out. I feel like her “I’ve toured all these places and all of them suck, it’s hopeless” is the equivalent to her “I put out 40 job apps and no one called me back!”

No. 879899

They looked at these apartments before the incident where the social worker came and moved her mom out & Luna is on video saying her mom's life "was basically over". It was in the Pre-barricade Era.
It was her mom & them being evicted originally. I'm sure her mom's social worker took a look at the situation and realized what happened. So then her mom was transitioned to a different sober living, for which Tuna specifically didn't know the address (and still doesn't I believe). And Lurch & Tuna stayed squatting.
They've known about the pending eviction since Thanksgiving time, 2020.

No. 879902

File: 1655061310505.jpg (203.58 KB, 715x1351, VideoCapture_20220612-121120.j…)

No. 879903

File: 1655061349710.jpg (241.26 KB, 720x1399, VideoCapture_20220612-121125.j…)

No. 879905

File: 1655062064593.webm (973.65 KB, 706x1426, XRecorder_12062022_121031_1.we…)

No. 879906

File: 1655062199897.png (61.02 KB, 226x226, 75afcaffecf9ce623e31f49c7d0eab…)

anon i was gonna make this comment yesterday and even downloaded a pic of lucky but then forgot! lol. anons love lucky though, even though he was a jobless bum that refused to marry luanne at first when she first got pregnant because "hrr i need to be a better man" but that didn't matter when he was chasing teenagers and not using condoms. He fucking sucks.

No. 879910

File: 1655063955531.jpeg (9.74 KB, 177x285, dootdoodoododododootdoodoodoot…)

No. 879912

Does anyone know Luna’s cashapp handle? I know sad, jealous bitches on this site hate her but I still wanna help, moving is expensive and Luna could use a little bit of cash for the down payment etc. or is there any way to donate to her? I can’t ask her on insta coz she’s set to private…(just throw some money in the trash, same thing)

No. 879913

Stop baiting

No. 879914

actually, you can send private accounts direct messages by tapping on the three dots in the right hand corner. go ahead if you want to waste your money so badly

No. 879915

Stop being delusional. She won't use your money to help with moving, she will waste it either into drugs or cheap cheap sanrio crap. Go give your money to someone who deserves it, instead of enabling Tuna's addiction.

No. 879916

Just burn your money- it will get there via the jet stream and be useful in keeping you warm. Seriously, don’t feed the fuckin trolls. You won’t be helping except to buy her some cheap cheap cheap cute (insert totally frivolous bullshit here)

No. 879917

if you want to give your money away, I could need some to move and to support my education, that would be better invested than giving Tuna money to buy more cheap clothes and skincare. Just saying, I know you can't be serious about it.

No. 879921

You’re just enabling her by doing that.

No. 879922

What is she saying?

No. 879923

"at least my hair looks good. i'd shave my head to have a place to live"

No. 879924

Hope you feel the same when she uses your money to OD and die. But have fun being an enabler, it's your hard earned money going to a leech.

No. 879927

Former NY Lawfag here.

Case could have settled pre-suit, thus it wouldn’t come up on a court search.

No. 879929

those stupid fucking built in american girl doll teeth in her upper lip enrages me and i don’t know why. why does it look like that and how does that even happen?

No. 879930

Looks like a mild form of Microform Cleft Lip that her parents didn’t treat

No. 879932

so do they barricade because they’re squatting or because the door is broken and they can’t lock it? i’m still confused on this.

No. 879933

File: 1655083761693.gif (4.6 MB, 400x224, wanna hat.GIF)

I knew if I >>>/pt/864273 waited patiently you might come, Nona.

No. 879934

File: 1655084370645.jpg (180.34 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20220612-150335_Ins…)

Mini Tuna posts dump. I came across this one a few hours ago and it's since been deleted. This slide was the worst

No. 879935

File: 1655084446027.jpg (179.62 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20220612-183358_Ins…)

More edgy scrapbooking

No. 879936

File: 1655084497078.jpg (176.34 KB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20220612-183724_Ins…)

No. 879937

File: 1655084593161.jpg (307.67 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20220612-183716_Ins…)

that hairline

No. 879939

I cannot look at the filmy lack of nose and weird eyeballs it is just too much…fuck

No. 879942

This picture is killing me. she yassified Lurch

No. 879943

kek based red text

No. 879945

File: 1655087804559.jpeg (59.26 KB, 583x438, 3E169A3C-80F5-47FF-955C-0B7FE9…)

Oh my god lmao bless this site

No. 879951

He has simultaneously greasy ass skin and dry ass skin. They're both so grimy. I would be so afraid if I saw them in person, they definitely have a miasma trailing behind them.

No. 879956

The greasy hair…BOAK

No. 879961

File: 1655099859927.jpeg (66.77 KB, 750x352, 2DEEFAF2-2CDA-444E-901E-516C02…)

Stolen from KF

No. 879962

It's shit like this that absolves me of any pity I would have ever had for her. What a bottom of the barrel attention whore thing to post. Somehow this is even more degrading than posting photos of your sagging naked body all over reddit for free, yet she does it to herself.

No. 879963

Uck, looks like she’s got some nasty yeast infection brewing between her tube sock tits

No. 879964

File: 1655111291283.jpg (167.93 KB, 720x1377, Screenshot.jpg)

Some comments, one was "read the fucking rules. No minor injuries or self harm." The other were telling her to take care and heal, one added to seek a therapist.

No. 879965

>Probably my tax dollars

No. 879969

File: 1655121129482.jpg (392.51 KB, 972x2042, Screenshot_20220613-045112_Sam…)

No. 879971

File: 1655121829715.jpg (430.1 KB, 1079x1318, Screenshot_20220613-080335_Chr…)

She didn't bother to scrub off the adhesive after ripping off her tenanus shot bandage I see

No. 879980

File: 1655128201007.png (106 KB, 1036x713, tuna reddit.png)

This sounds like a farmer but ngl it feels good to see her get called out in the wild like that

No. 879984

Damn Looney, take a hint; no one is going to hand you enough money to move. She should have had a more “credible” accident. I can totally see her all dressed up for H&R for her pay day, and the preparer being like “ you get $50.00” and then she goes home and decided its easier to stab herself than get a job.
What will she do when no one donates?
Better scheme quick Tuna, clock is ticking

No. 879986

What’s with her and Lurch obsessing over the “dollar store knife “ detail? Warped junkie trains of thought are always hard to follow, but this particular detail is weirdly important to them.
They’re never gonna learn that the donor money has been drying up since naive tumblr fans started getting wise to the act like 6 years ago. No one’s as much a fool as they were in the tumblr days, they’re not gonna give them something for nothing anymore.
Well, with the exception of this retard >>879912

No. 879987

File: 1655130718597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 650.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220613-073111_Red…)

Full nood toon you've been warned

No. 879989

whats wrong with her neck lol or is that from sucking for dear life

No. 879991

caked dirt and deodorant in the underarm creases is certainly a look

No. 879993

Wtf are her nipples

No. 879994

Not her having to physically hold up her tits so they don’t touch her bellybutton

No. 879998

i don't want to be retraumatized so i apologize for not posting the photo, but whatever you do, do not check tuna's reddit – the first photo is a photo of her vagina with literal yeast chunks in it. i don't understand how someone can be so shamelessly vile.

No. 879999

I’m also confused about this. I’m assuming it’s because Lurch is convinced they can get lawsuit money out of it and has convinced Luna of that too. She might also feel like it absolves some of her blame/makes her more of a victim. Who knows? I do think it’s weird that they want to sue because the knife was sharp. It’s a knife, obviously it’s going to be sharp, even if it came from the dollar store. Even if this was an accident, they’d have no case.

No. 880000

Can you just fucking not with that description?

No. 880001

File: 1655139568436.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 448.8 KB, 828x1027, 35CE52AA-A7C9-4E0A-95C0-286B6B…)

her left boob looks seriously weird, why does it look so lumpy she should get that checked out yikes

No. 880004

Why did I doubt you. Sorry, also not taking one for the team on this one to screenshot Luna’s vadge with either toilet paper or smegma very visible on it.

No. 880006

Jesus is that a bad shoop or are they rlly that horrifying

No. 880007

File: 1655142698648.png (Spoiler Image, 10.69 MB, 1125x2436, B5B51F3B-60AA-4C02-BF0C-64D57D…)

Oh my fucking god she is vile
From her Reddit

No. 880008

File: 1655142731824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.53 KB, 1186x2208, p6i9zy4khe591.jpg)

Took one for the team.

No. 880009

oh my god it looks like bleu cheese chunks i'm going to stab my eyes out

No. 880010

screaming, crying, throwing up. what are the chunks of grey?

No. 880011


Just wetness, apparently.

No. 880012

for someone who "hates doing sex work", she sure does post a lot of disgusting, degenerate shit on her reddit. she must hate working real, respectable jobs even more. fucking pathetic. i can't get over how monumentally fucked she is, and it's all her fault.

No. 880013

fucking kek

No. 880014

I think she knows they fucked up financially and sees SW as the only possibility to get out of this mess. Too bad that it makes the situation worse in the long run. Future employers won't just know that she's been larping Courtney Love, but also how her "wet" pussy looks like. Great work kek

No. 880016

As if she’s ever going to get a real job…

No. 880019

that’s definitely a yeast infection. rhetorical question but has she ever even been to the gyno? her right boob looks lumpy and she definitely has bv and or a yeast infection. she needs to get checked.


No. 880021

this actually made me fucking gag

No. 880023

Fibrocystic breasts is likely.

No. 880025

Lumpy boob from shooting up in her boobs just like her thighs.

No. 880026

Jesus I can only imagine how dirty the wound is

No. 880029

File: 1655148943028.jpg (184.61 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20220613-122331_Ins…)

The complete lack of support and the massive fat roll

No. 880032

File: 1655149692273.jpg (199.47 KB, 719x1393, VideoCapture_20220613-124453.j…)

No. 880033

File: 1655149715653.jpg (217.2 KB, 720x1404, VideoCapture_20220613-124459.j…)

No. 880034

File: 1655149740254.jpg (181.95 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20220613-124504.j…)

No. 880036

chair cum stain cat shit

No. 880038

File: 1655151438725.jpg (291.55 KB, 720x1414, 1655149740254.jpg)

Her skin looks tragic.

No. 880041

File: 1655151870720.webm (17.47 MB, 720x1418, XRecorder_13062022_124247_1-1.…)

Someone should edit the song to be goodbye horses instead..

No. 880042

So a guy I know who made the mistake of talking to her YEARS ago just got a DM from her offering him porn. He blocked her after this but I’m now sure that they are fucking panicking now- all the posting from lurch, all the thirst (gag) posting from Luna, the sudden “accident” begging. Bitch you shoulda thought about this like a year ago. Or more actually. And I agree lurch is really freaking cause he prolly thinks ol tuna will bail and leave him to his shit life in a cardboard box.

No. 880043

When she lifts up her bra and her belly fat drops kek
This bra must be so uncomfortable.

No. 880045


There's what looks like a crusted jizz stain on the front of that.

No. 880048

File: 1655155771187.jpg (183.8 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20220613-142857_Ins…)

more trailer trash looks

No. 880050

do you think when they get booted her dad will maybe take the cat in at least? I feel bad for the cat

No. 880051

i think it's either semen or snot. i don't know which is worse.

No. 880052

Probably snot or something, I doubt they have sex enough for all of her clothes to be covered in it

No. 880054

unless Lurch uses her dirty laundry as a cum rag after he jerks off

No. 880055

Looks like she forgot to blur the track marks on her tit

No. 880059

I think her tumblr got deleted? Earlier she posted some cringey gifs (trying to be hot kek)

I went back to grab them and can't find her blog

No. 880060

Shouldn't she have taken the bandage off her stitches by now?
And also, her SW photos/videos are so fucking embarassing and she will NEVER make enough stable income to pay rent anywhere so what is she even doing?

No. 880061

Shit, you're right, it's gone

No. 880062

File: 1655161507853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.61 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220613-160258_Sam…)

She posted her ass on reddit too. The filters are letting her down on the sides of it lol

No. 880064

She looks like Honey Boo Boo

No. 880065

All of these nudes are old af. She still has blonde hair and different nails (and is MUCH larger now).

No. 880066

Toona adventure 2 part saga impound. Spoiler…. she meets a Husky!

No. 880067

File: 1655163137339.png (73.39 KB, 687x293, fromkf.png)

>do i look hot
>black satin just makes everyone hot
I think it may have found an exception.
For someone who "can't move their fingers normally" she sure is moving her fingers normally a lot.

No. 880068

File: 1655163383959.webm (8.78 MB, 720x1400, XRecorder_13062022_153721_1.we…)

No. 880069

This looks more like a dick and balls than it does a body, what the hell

No. 880070

>>880069 My sides, anon. Omg. U right tho.

No. 880071

Then move out? Why go to court to beg for more time if you don't actually want more time? Be careful what you wish for, dumbass.

No. 880074

>squidward eating too many krabby patties

No. 880075

File: 1655165756939.webm (16.01 MB, 720x1400, XRecorder_13062022_153721_2_1.…)

No. 880076

File: 1655166205043.webm (10.43 MB, 720x1400, XRecorder_13062022_153721_2-1.…)

No. 880077

A heavy bag of candy. What a self-absorbed fat ass.

No. 880078

Hi, Nona, hi!
She just confirmed the supposed settlement is from the supposed pit bull attack.
So heavy-footed and awkward. Her voice reminds me of an exaggerated cracked out Drew Barrymore impression.

No. 880079

looking like the cole sprouse butt pic a bit there luna

No. 880081

File: 1655167436362.gif (555.69 KB, 132x247, 0000.GIF)

Was this one of the gif?

No. 880083

why did she put “emergency patient” in quotes? because she knows she isn’t an actual emergency patient?
i’ve been in actually bad rock bottom spirals and also known a lot of people that have been in low places and they aren’t taking and posting a billion selfies in the middle of an actual psychological crisis.

No. 880084

Lol never would have thought luna was a kraftwerk fan

No. 880085

File: 1655168557021.jpeg (193.3 KB, 750x1072, F0A48248-1C4B-4310-9D0E-E427A7…)

1/9 slides of the same vapid bullshit. do i really need to post them all?

No. 880086

File: 1655168598671.gif (2.26 MB, 528x247, 0-0000.gif)

These might be the gifs >>880059 mentioned. Courtesy of the other farms. One poster theorised the Tumblr might have been taken down due to the self-harming photo(s)

No. 880087

File: 1655168628296.jpeg (195.59 KB, 750x1190, 24D5DF39-2CC9-48B9-8785-130494…)

No. 880088

File: 1655168754277.jpeg (234.22 KB, 750x1190, 69573380-F05C-4FE1-993D-8BF6C9…)

No. 880089

Yes, for future reference. Memories get fuzzy and people tend to embellish what they read to fit whatever the cow is going through at the time. She also always let some truths spill along her delusions.

No. 880091

File: 1655168856528.png (350.83 KB, 750x1334, 389E48A0-1A63-4D7D-BAC2-EFB9F0…)

No. 880093

File: 1655168977558.png (419.42 KB, 750x1334, 4453617D-E09D-49B0-8C84-6BB957…)

No. 880094

Nona, your icon is showing. You might want to change it. Thank you for collecting these.

No. 880096

> so we'll prescribe you the same MG of the poison that I'd flushed
Talking about talking to her psych the "four days before it happened" So what I'm hearing is she ate all her klonopin (or w/e shes prescribed), told her psych she needs more in a higher MG because she "flushed them" because they "didn't work" when in reality she just ate them all and freaked out bc she wanted more to get high on. Same shit she pulled on her other psych

No. 880097

You are also privileged, Luna. You’re just too ungrateful and self absorbed to realise.
> ignore the rumbling and smoke
> newport's or chug ice water
> this isn’t as easy at 26 as it was at 17
Where you also buying bags of candy >>880076 at 17?
> I told my psychiatrist
> four days later i was in the ER
So, you did speak to her? I also don’t think she’ll give you what you want because you go into a BPD rage. She’s trained to spot them, after all.
> while i cling to my cat, the only
> innocence left in my life
Unfortunately for Pumpkin.
> i never knew i was so vulnerable
Oh, brother.
Very astute observation, Nona.

No. 880098

File: 1655170164403.jpeg (193.03 KB, 750x1179, 75DF1797-6804-4DB8-B657-56309C…)

No. 880099

File: 1655170224450.jpg (237.88 KB, 720x1358, VideoCapture_20220613-183013.j…)

No. 880101

File: 1655170395209.jpeg (201.7 KB, 750x1174, 319763D8-C02F-48E1-90A9-3C4C53…)

No. 880102

File: 1655170580151.jpeg (183.95 KB, 750x1193, 8D9432F6-62F0-41DA-B00F-F98A1C…)

No. 880103

File: 1655171066114.jpeg (186.11 KB, 750x1180, A64A81A5-EBA8-4046-A33A-ABD404…)

No. 880104

I love how this switches between her attempting to be poetic, her just telling random stories, and her just listing shit she wants to do but will never actually take the time to

No. 880105

> i want a talent that most do not possess
In the next lines
> i want to sew bears with two heads and gothic rabbits wearing floral dresses with petticoats
As if it were the height of creativity and not something which has been done to death.

No. 880106

it’s giving “ive never proofread in my life”

No. 880107

I can’t believe (yes i can) that these are her priorities when she’s a couple weeks from being actually evicted this time.

Her arrested development should be studied. i’ve never seen someone grow and mature 0% in like, 8 years. even some of the stupidest cows like ALR have matured a little more than luna.

No. 880108

"self inflected stag wound" kek

No. 880109

The way she's trying to frame the ramblings of a complete idiot suffering from drug addiction as poetry is so audacious of her lmfao. She's definitely hoping someone discovers her ~poetry~ posthumously and publishes it and everyone talks about how ~deep and sad uwu~ it is. Poor Tuna! Like, imagine finding out these shitty poems were written about Lurch?
Also if she wanted to make some money she could take writing commissions. Not saying she's a good writer by any means but it could be something for her to do that utilizes one of her skills, so to speak.

No. 880111

Funny how nothing is stopping her from picking up sewing as a hobby, but she's too busy taking horrid selfies to do anything useful.

No. 880112

Your poem sucks too. And your account is exactly like Lunas just without the drugs, kek. I love getting a peek at fellow farmers, they’re always exactly what you’d expect.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 880113

She was literally given a large inheritance and a house at 18… and she chose to shoot up all that money and lose the house. But yes Luna, you were dealt a shit hand KEK

No. 880114

I still stand by the fact that she saw photos of Kurt Cobain’s filthy ass dwelling and old notebook scratchings that got published (and are worshipped for being ~sooo deep uwu what a tortured soul) and she just made it her life mission to die with a disgusting environment with writing on the walls and shitty artwork and poetry scattered everywhere. If you’re reading this Luna, you’re not that important. No one will care. People aren’t going to read your poetry and think it’s from some beautiful, tortured soul wearing falsies and a black robe. They’re going to think “wow drugs really fuck your shit up, huh?” You’ve been unkind to so many people and the only people who will think twice about your obituary is us. Grow up and start taking your shit seriously. Dress up time is over.

No. 880117

Kek they even have matching tooth tattoos

No. 880118

the "farmers are attracted to cows that they see themselves in" proves true once more

No. 880119

File: 1655175965789.jpeg (904.11 KB, 1242x2169, DB349ED0-C586-4FF9-ACE1-5AD1C8…)

“luna attempts to bleach over her dyed auburn hair and melts her scalp off” saga coming soon.

No. 880120

how are you people even finding these farmers pages so quick based on a tiny profile pic. talent.

No. 880121

I hope she posts more of these. Imagine seeing her in the wild lumbering down the street completely out of breath rambling to her phone about a dog she saw

No. 880122

top fucking kek

No. 880128

File: 1655179487037.jpg (80.12 KB, 777x1280, IMG_20220614_010459_706.jpg)


No. 880131

it’s like the love child of luna and shayna lmao

No. 880133

How can she be that out of breath? She is gasping and struggling to talk just walking down the street.

No. 880135

thank god they came home just in time to catch her mom stealing, she could’ve stolen that chair!! then we wouldn’t get to see in the background of every single selfie

No. 880137

You desperately need to shut down more because there's plenty you haven't locked yet and change the name you use. All your accounts are somewhat linked and findable, k. Does no-one learn Internet security anymore I swear

No. 880139

One could think people learn about internet security while reading threads on LC, where farmers find really everything a cow posts on their social media accounts. Blogpost: LC actually made me even more aware of staying private on the internet and people can't find shit about me searching online. At least their behaviour keeps the milk flowing more or less, kek

No. 880143

She's a landwhale who never worked out

No. 880146

Just call me Poe Law because I’m unable to tell whether or not this is actually Luna

No. 880147

Better keep Jayne's name out of her smelly mouth. Bet she's fishing for "you look like her" compliments, delusional.

No. 880148

LMAO what a useless cunt, truly the peak of self sacrifice, that she’d be willing to part with her friend mess of a head of hair _to have somewhere to live_. Just write that on your rental applications Luna: “sure I may not have credit and be a freeloader with an eviction and raging addictions, but I am willing to part with my hair…”

No. 880149

At least she looks like she bathes, kek.

No. 880154

“Best gore video”
Was this a custom content/gore video for cash situation? Would explain how self harm & accident only kinda explain what happened.

No. 880155

>i can bury my backseat in your long soft hair forever
excuse me what

No. 880156

Lmfao I missed that. Oh, the imagery. Drugs will really have you burying your backseat in hair.

No. 880158

> THE stitches beg me to itch them
Kwlly saga incominh

No. 880161

I mentioned upthread that she's been caught commenting on multiple Kelly posts (&other cows) on Reddit. I think in her barred out state she took inspiration from Kelly who gets attention & is getting the good meds Luna desires. And that's why her SI method changed but everything looks different when sobering up hence the "dollar store knife" spergs.

No. 880162

Is it just me or she actually deleted her tumblrs, heavenlybunnies and pileofthembones96?

No. 880163

>get houses from their parents
Luna, if I’m not mistaken you got a house from your grandmother that you frittered away and didn’t bother paying taxes on so you lost it. Rich of her to assume her classmates aren’t just working their asses off and getting a down payment outright.
Apt, honestly.
God that night she spent like 8 years ago on a dirty blanket in the public park with Chief Areola and his monster condoms for his magnum dong are like the most important thing that has ever happened to her.

No. 880164

>I want to level up my sewing skills so I can make plushies
I’m absolutely pissing myself in what fucking world is this considered poetry

No. 880167

i think she just posted the wound on r/eyeblech for reddit karma. i don’t think she did this for some client. that seems weird. maybe if she was deep in her addiction but she doesn’t seem that close to rock bottom.

No. 880168

>bud I've known you since before the universe was created
I love how she talks about weed so much her phone autocorrects "but" to "bud." This is like the 3rd or 4th time it's happened.

No. 880169

Right?? Jfc really has some nerve to bitch about her classmates “getting houses from their parents”

I am assuming she changed the names of her Tumblrs, she does that every once in awhile. I’m sure someone will dig it up

No. 880170

>>880169 She may have been banned for posting a photo that was too risque. I mean even an AI probably struggles to pinpoint exactly where da big areola ends and the trackmarked tit-skin begins.

No. 880171

File: 1655218472549.jpeg (355.55 KB, 750x606, 2A8F1962-9543-4AC7-8B6E-46A678…)

She updated her Reddit bio. What does she consider her DOC anyway, heroin? It’s easy to be “sober from heroin” when you switch it out for fentanyl lol. So manipulative

No. 880172

She definitely deleted her main tumblr, I looked at her friend Katie or whatever's tumblr and found a post she reblogged from Luna. The username is still heavenlybunnies but I get a pop-up that the account isn't found

No. 880176

What the fuck is going on here? Are those nipples? Are her nipples shopped out? If those aren't nipples, it's 100% fucking beast cancer. If those are nipples. . . I've literally never seen anything like that in my entire life.

No. 880177

>> beast cancer

Once again autocorrect ftw

No. 880178

I assumed it was because she posted her wound and said it was self harm so Tumblr deleted, and her ED blog used the same info so got nuked too.

No. 880179

Knew I shouldn't have opened this shit when i'm about to eat, fucking hell is she that blitzd that she can't at least get a wet wipe qnd wipe her fanny?

No. 880185

it's possible that tumblr took it down, her self harm post with that wound on display was deleted some days ago and that might be a reason her tumblr is gone. You can't post self harm pictures or pro ana stuff on tumblr anymore, give it a week to a month and they delete it.

No. 880192

I think she's pretty actually

No. 880195

Have some self-respect

No. 880197

aww you're pretty too nonny

No. 880202

So her instageam is at risk too if she gets reported, because they don't allow it either.

No. 880206

if I would follow her, I would report it and yes, it's against the rules here, but honestly, instagram even censors old self harm scars (which is hurtful and bullshit), so fresh wounds shouldn't be okay at all and they aren't okay, especially as the pictures were only made to get money.

No. 880207

File: 1655238288333.jpeg (533.37 KB, 1170x1169, 6C8A703C-3986-4E28-AC39-F42EEB…)

Pic rel cracks me up, you can always spot a hostile Lurch takeover on her socials because she goes from “bby do u love my curvy body?” to boomer baseball paragraphs.

No. 880212

File: 1655241663471.jpeg (1010.71 KB, 1242x1342, BE048FF8-34A9-4C42-A770-E6B787…)

surely they overbite can’t be comfortable

No. 880213


This actually does look like ‘peau d’orange’ which does not necessarily mean cancer (I believe it can be caused by fibrotic breast diseases as well) but should definitely be checked.

No. 880216

That's 1 of the main symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer. It kills relatively fast, you never want to not get that checked out. It could be that something else is blocking her lymphatic cells in her breast, though.

No. 880217

It seriously looks lumpy and scary. I'd be setting up a Dr appointment asap to rule out cancer or catch it early. I csnt stand tuna but I wouldn't wish cancer on my worse enemy

No. 880219

File: 1655246960944.png (9.06 KB, 123x300, unlock_brandine.png)

No. 880221

File: 1655249094973.jpg (191.59 KB, 712x1404, VideoCapture_20220614-162434.j…)

No. 880222

File: 1655249119700.jpg (153.69 KB, 720x1390, VideoCapture_20220614-162445.j…)

No. 880223

I'd feel bad about her walleye and buckteeth is she'd do ANYTHING to TRY to improve herself

No. 880224

File: 1655249458261.jpg (675.36 KB, 1079x1790, Screenshot_20220614-175406_Sam…)

She still has the nasty gauze on. Of course because then she'd have to get more creative about showing off her "self harm" I guess

No. 880225

File: 1655249722867.gif (977.3 KB, 245x180, tumblr_e22dd29ce12cf0ca1c00e57…)

No. 880226

You must not be, because your eye can't even look at you in the camera.

She always tells on herself in her tranny selfies. She said that her fingers don't work normally but they're always at 100% for selfies.

No. 880227

she needs to be changing that dressing DAILY bruhhhhh at WORST the ER instructed her 48-72 hours and gave her antibiotics (but I seriously doubt that's the case and she needs to change the dressing daily)

No. 880228

File: 1655251527895.png (1.04 MB, 1366x768, 2016-07-05.png)

No. 880229

File: 1655251639773.jpg (240.09 KB, 720x1409, VideoCapture_20220614-170718.j…)

No. 880230

She wants to be cutesy and have people follow her like she's an influencer but can't wash her filthy hands and wipe her sweaty face before a selfie.

No. 880231

The way she feels the need to constantly make sure you see her wrapped wrist in every selfie..attention seeking bitch

No. 880232

the way she thinks her greasy face pic is a "rarity" just pisses me off. she does this every week posting some random oiled up unfiltered photo. fuck offff

No. 880233

if she hadn’t wasted all her financial resources on drugs and amazon dot com, she could probably get a good dental surgery or braces to fix that over bite

No. 880235

Her insurance most likely covers both of those things too.

No. 880236

File: 1655257998920.jpg (186.86 KB, 720x1383, VideoCapture_20220614-185304.j…)

No. 880238

Update for my fellow chair spergs: It's been broken for 116 days. In 17 days, it will have been broken for half the time she's owned it.

No. 880239

Thank you nonnie, doing the lords work

No. 880240

It's going to be there until the police escorts them out next month.

No. 880242

The prophecy has been fulfilled >>880236

No. 880247

File: 1655266991826.png (137.75 KB, 735x465, from kf.png)

Any translators out there that are fluent in junkie? What the hell can he even add to a topic on female body problems? He knows about as much as his munchie junkie which is nothing.

No. 880248


I honestly think it is her hoard of face products that she is slathering all over her face. Does she not realize it should ABSORB into the skin and not actually sit on top of it? This is why she keeps burning through products so quickly, she is applying too much and wasting them.

No. 880250

File: 1655270712815.jpg (425.29 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1655270640166.jpg)

No. 880260

kek this made me choke on my midnight milk

No. 880267

She was doing the same with her most recent tattoos, shoving them awkwardly into every picture up until the "accident." But now she's switched arms to make sure her bandage is in literally every photo instead

No. 880268

File: 1655295802339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 660.35 KB, 811x1469, Screenshot_20220615-072245_Sam…)

Her black eye slime is making me nauseous

No. 880269

“Not as long as it’s lucrative for Purdue to do so” I believe. I think he thinks he knows something because Tuna also has PCOS. She definitely did not get it from hormonal birth control considering I don’t think she was ever on it. I would say she should be but I don’t think the two of them have had sex in years.
Get an oil free makeup remover in your next haul, god!

No. 880281

i wonder where she took this one.. looks like a bathroom maybe at a clinic or hospital
i can't believe she goes out in public like that

No. 880282

If these fools are so desperate why don’t they start looking into roommate situations? It’s normal for 30 and 40 somethings living in cities like SF and NYC who don’t work in tech or finance to have roommates because shit is so bonkers expensive. And usually it doesn’t require a credit score or a complicated lease beyond month to month.

In this case I feel like their internet trail and not the credit score would be the problem tho, I wouldn’t want these scammers as my roommates. But they could probably find some other junkies who don’t want normal people as roommates to judge them.

No. 880284

It is ridiculous that they refuse to have roommates. I think that says a lot about how spoiled rotten and entitled they are. You can find rooms in some Brooklyn neighborhoods for around $800 a month, but you’ll have at least three roommates minimum. They’re delusional and dumb.

No. 880285

File: 1655323114793.jpg (184.47 KB, 720x1347, VideoCapture_20220615-125621.j…)

No. 880287

File: 1655323154753.jpg (161.49 KB, 720x1353, VideoCapture_20220615-125645.j…)

No. 880289

File: 1655323225668.jpg (220.7 KB, 720x1383, VideoCapture_20220615-125648.j…)

No. 880291

only 46 days until homelessness! jumping in front of a car may be just the ticket!

No. 880292

sorry for the blogpost but her titty looks a lot like mine did when i had a fibroadenoma as a teen. they can get quite large if ignored and completely change the shape of the breast. maybe when her nipple inevitably becomes inverted she'll be freaked out enough to see a doc…

probably not tho

No. 880294

Pumpkin, are you okay? Are you okay, Pumpkin?

No. 880295

honestly, breast cancer would get her so much more sympathy than self harm like she's angling for…especially as she gets older. Plus, it wouldn't be her fault at all.

Tuna, use your medicaid and get screened and get help…they may even provide transportation.

No. 880299

I wouldn't hold my breath. Her main priority right now is getting her nipples pierced.

No. 880300

If they did they'd probably try to move out as soon as they realized not everyone will put up with them chain smoking indoors and trashing the place. Though a "my roommates are abusive!!" saga would be interesting

No. 880303

…where would they even put the piercings. Her nipples look like a loose association of ants

No. 880304

Jesus christ anon, my sides

No. 880305

she just posted one of those videos on her instagram where she’s trying to look sexy but is actually just moving erratically and awkwardly. she has the sex appeal of a moldy tuna casserole.

No. 880307

The one with the clown makeup? From two days ago? Thats already been posted? >>880041

No. 880311

u fooled me nonnie

No. 880312

File: 1655350767350.jpg (107.91 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_20220615-203738_Sam…)

No. 880313

I think anon who said Tuna can't see for shit was right. Otherwise why would she post this wall-eyed mess? Has she ever mentioned her wonky eye? Can she even see that it's wonky?

No. 880314

Why would she post a photo of her vag with grey discharge and toilet paper on it? Cause she craves attention.

No. 880315

Ah, just as I suspected. She wants the piercings so she can still identify them as nipples because they truly have been getting more and more sad in every pic we unfortunately see

No. 880318

Pumpkin is the only thing I worry here. I hope she has a friend that can take her when they get evicted. The streets are no place for keeping a kitty.

No. 880319

it is possible,
to be both blind,
and an attention whore,
>>poem by tuna shoe

No. 880320

Kek I forgot Tuna used to sign with Schu as her last name, and Lurch still hasn't married her.

No. 880327

If Tuna turned in an application for every eyeburning selfie she posts, she would not only have a job, but a new apartment too. Way to go you dumbasses. I hope pumpkin runs off during the move and finds a wholesome family that will actually take care of her

No. 880328

wait so you guys think its a yeast infection because you've never seen thick white arousal fluid? i think this was a board for women. there's no way you've never produced white fluid while aroused.

No. 880330

>insert vomit emoji here

No. 880332

File: 1655387646170.jpeg (424.63 KB, 1170x806, C173D98C-5688-44B0-940C-6CE42E…)

Agreed. I smell scrotes.

There are many things to hate Tuna for, but discharge isn’t one of them

No. 880333

File: 1655387790973.png (2.78 MB, 2160x2985, a long 8 years.PNG)

Anyone else thinks Matthew is love bombing Luna to make sure, come eviction, she chooses him above anything else?

No. 880334

Only that her discharge is not «milky white», it has an obvious grey tinge?!

No. 880336

Idk nonny. This isn’t lovebombing if he talks about her like a literal prison sentence.

No. 880337

Considering Tuna’s personal hygiene, it’s completely valid for anons to think the worse.

No. 880339

It’s a dirty unwashed vagina, cope harder

No. 880340

Why are so many nonnys wking Tuna? Those are literally chunks of smeg that are nowhere near her vagina to be considered discharge. She’s a filthy bitch.

No. 880341

As if Luna was actually aroused when she took these pictures. With how nasty she is, I will believe an infection first.

No. 880343

I don’t care either I just wish she’d wipe off the toilet paper clods before posting

No. 880344

yeah it’s not discharge it’s literally toilet paper

No. 880349

Are you stupid? It’s not even fluid, it’s clearly smegma. It makes me cringe when anons excuse bad hygiene under the guise of being some kind of champion for women’s physiology/discharge expert. It’s weirdly desperate. Sometimes a dirty pussy is just a dirty pussy.

No. 880350

Did you look at the pictures? I’m sure the adult women here are aware of the difference between arousal and clitty litter.

No. 880351

nonny why are you discharging cottage cheese from your clit

No. 880352

To distract from the clitty litter conversation

Yes. This is exactly what he’s doing. He’s cementing himself a permanent place in her life so she will drag him alone wherever she ends up. I have a feeling if she ends up going to her Dad’s or whatever they’ll likely have a strict “No creepy drug addicted boyfriends with a receding hairline” rule and Lurch is scared.

No. 880353

>>880351 It's dead cells from the epithelial lining of her vulva. Anywhere there is soft tissue, which includes the area surrounding the clitoris, sheds cells of the epithelial layer of the skin. When one had a yeast infection–or in Tuna's case, is not cleaning themselves frequently enough (literally just a light rinsing should do it)–the smegma accumulates in any fold it can find, including any wrinkles in the labia, and the not-perfectly-smooth area around the clitoral hood.

FFS, nonnies. Can we move on now?

No. 880354

derailing to infight about the specificities of a dirty stinky diseased vagina should be a bannable offense. pack it up pussy patrol

No. 880356

Hear, hear!

No. 880357

I personally think it’s a perfectly on-brand discussion for a woman nicknamed Tuna

No. 880358

File: 1655411619298.jpg (260.32 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20220616-133212_Ins…)

This must have been embarrassing for the cab driver

No. 880359

File: 1655411726537.jpg (290.58 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20220616-133503_Ins…)

Even more skin products

No. 880360

what is this new clockwork orange x twiggy x pierrot eyeliner abomination

No. 880361

still has the filthy bandage on, of course

No. 880362

Her typos kill me. I believe this is an attempt to spell 'moisture.'

No. 880363

File: 1655415070379.jpeg (182.93 KB, 1170x2532, 35F9C816-AEC7-4CFB-8434-D955C3…)

Lurch being a creeper

No. 880364

File: 1655415114165.jpeg (150.27 KB, 1170x2532, A3F38F91-CDE6-432E-AAFD-35D8B8…)

No. 880365

File: 1655415144676.jpeg (250.18 KB, 1170x2532, 4C251B28-C31C-49C0-994E-619B5D…)

No. 880366

Nah. She reads here, his creeping gets posted here, do the maths.

No. 880368

No shit.

No. 880369

File: 1655416618644.jpeg (361.68 KB, 750x912, ED609AE7-22A3-4D63-A185-180A15…)

Why won’t anyone just give her an apartment?? This is so unfair she deserves her own studio!! Like she would shave her head for one come onnn

No. 880370

I think Luna would rather be homeless than leave him.

No. 880371

arent cam girls supposed to, you know, camming? her posting her nudes on reddit aint a job, thats why u been ebegging.

No. 880372

>can pay 4-6 months of rent up front
>genuinely doesn't have another dollar to cover her cheapcheapcheap beauty crap
Pick one story and stick with it, Tuna.

No. 880373

File: 1655419787391.jpg (204.27 KB, 720x1344, VideoCapture_20220616-154733.j…)

No. 880374


The circus? Is that the shitty place?

No. 880375

File: 1655419915230.jpg (162.67 KB, 720x1356, VideoCapture_20220616-155112.j…)

No. 880376

It's been a week now since she got the stitches anyway. Shouldn't she be able to remove the gauze wrapping and just put a fucking regular ass bandaid over it? And I doubt getting it wet is an issue at this point? Dr. Google says 48 hours.

No. 880377

File: 1655420252986.jpg (226.67 KB, 720x1393, VideoCapture_20220616-155506.j…)

No. 880378

File: 1655420282743.jpg (246.85 KB, 715x1395, VideoCapture_20220616-155502.j…)

No. 880379

Do you think she would go look at a prospective apartment and meet the landlord wearing that eyeliner and grimace coat? kek

No. 880382

File: 1655420650128.jpg (185.63 KB, 720x1394, VideoCapture_20220616-155107.j…)

No. 880383

File: 1655420938864.jpg (197.72 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20220616-155110.j…)

No. 880384

File: 1655420981756.jpg (215.74 KB, 720x1397, VideoCapture_20220616-155114.j…)

No. 880385

File: 1655421011034.jpg (299.44 KB, 720x1600, VideoCapture_20220616-155103.j…)

No. 880386

"Can't afford rent or hospital bills" but can waste money of this crap… priorities tuna, why save money or use it towards rent when you can feel a moment of pleasure with some useless crap you don't need. Can't waitfor the bitch to be homeless

No. 880387

Not enough sympathy for a small bandaid, my best is she keeps the nasty bandage on for at least another 2 or 3 weeks. At that point it will probably rot off

No. 880389

File: 1655422058523.webm (10.53 MB, 720x1398, XRecorder_16062022_160438.webm)

No. 880390

File: 1655422201849.webm (3.96 MB, 720x1408, XRecorder_16062022_161624.webm)

No. 880391

Someone here must speak Spanish! What is he saying?!

No. 880400

She's just wandering around looking for a dollar store instead of Googling it? When she's already permanently glued to her phone?

No. 880401

>settlement check after nearly being killed
Lmfaoooooo from the dog "attack" that he didn't even need to go to the hospital for iirc????? HAHAHA tooney
I'm really interested in what she's gonna do once evicted because shes not gonna find a place doing what she's doing right now

No. 880402

File: 1655427612745.jpg (83.54 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20220616-175801_Ins…)

why are they both so creepy with her. do they genuinely not know how to talk to people anymore? This is a high school friend of Tuna's and their only interaction now seems to be Tuna aggressively hitting on her

No. 880403

That's definitely her typing style but it's like Lurch using her reddit account but to thirst on people she knows on ig.

No. 880404

I noticed all tunas comments on her pics are just saying how hot she is, I've never seen lurch comment on her shit though. Does she live near tuna? Maybe they're fishing for something (a place to stay) from her. Sounds like the friend is in treatment rn but maybe she'll be put in housing once she's out?

No. 880405

She wants to be her, lurch also wants tuna to be her. They’ve been friends for a min, if you look way back on toon’s ig you’ll see a pic of them together.

No. 880406

Kt lived in ny before she went crazy, started hopping trains and doing meth.

No. 880407

File: 1655429239439.jpeg (493.37 KB, 1170x1860, 3791C81F-802E-462B-B5D4-9A1B2B…)

Oh man, all the comments are advice she should take but decided to ignore
>try a roomshare, why can’t you get a roommate?
>get a 1 way greyhound ticket
>speak to a homeless shelter ahead of time
>leave NY state
>can’t you just get any crappy retail or food service job for a few paystubs?
And then there’s pic related full of advice for a fictional Luna who has pay stubs for being a “cam girl” and can show proof of rental payments! I’m dead, these poor well -meaning redditors have no idea how screwed these two really are because she lies so much in her “I’m scared plz help us” posts. It’s curtains for them very soon if she doesn’t shape up and find a job.

No. 880408

I think she lives in Tennessee now. She's kind of a personal cow for me kek

No. 880409

I honestly feel really bad for this girl

No. 880410

Snuffcutie is her old ig if you really wanna feels.

No. 880412

I used to and I followed her for years thinking she was cool. More recently though, she just seems like a shitty person who always has affluent parents to fall back on.

No. 880413

>after nearly being killed
That dog didn't try hard enough. I hope people tell her to get a job.

That thing says $12.99. The Aphogee says $7. She spent nearly $20 on those two products alone but can't afford aftercare bandages?

No. 880414

> 4-6 months rent
With each iteration of the story, it’s less upfront.
> i'm working my ass off trying to find us a home
Luna truly doesn’t know shit about the world, huh?
She needs the bandage to signal to everyone she encounters she’s broken and hurt. I wouldn’t doubt that’s why >>880359 allowed her to not pay full price.
This is for that nonnie who swore up and down Luna was using a red bath bomb when she was in fact sitting in her dirty water.

No. 880415

It’s very hard to make out but doesn’t seem to be in relation to Luna. Unless the driver thought Luna was a man. If so, he mentions at 00:30 to 00:33 (or so)
> Como se vea, como huele.
How (he) looks, how (he) smells.
What’s interesting is that in the beginning of the clip the driver, while obviously speaking to someone, says:
> Se ve que este güey
It looks like this dude
> ¿Ves este güey?
Do you see this dude?
And for a bit I wondered if he was FaceTiming someone in reference to Luna. I feel that’d be too far fetched though.

No. 880416

It doesn't seem like he says "se ve que este guey", I THINK he says "se ve que es guey" aka "It's obvious it's a man"

No. 880418

All I can imagine now is this Uber driver on facetime with a friend trying to decide if tuna is a tranny or not kek

No. 880419

"Se ve que, ¿ves este guey? si, si… acércate, como que acércate, se ve que hasta tiene la pinche loción chida, ¿entiendes? y pues por ejemplo con él se va a hacer mas (unintelligible) como se ve, como se vende…"
So, the taxi driver was saying:
"It seems like, ¿do you see this guy? yes, yes… get closer, try to get closer, you can see he has the high quality perfume, ¿do you understand? and for example he's going to (unintelligible due to car sounds) how he looks, how he advertise-sells?- himself…"

I also hear someone else, a female voice, in the car. It isn't Luna. Se goes like "mhmm".
I am inclined to think they were talking about Luna inside the car, because otherwise why would they say "get closer". It also makes sense because she's doing all this weird gestures etc. But it could also be unrelated and they were legit talking about some other dude.

No. 880420

No, he definitely says:
>se ve que… ves a este wey… ves a este wey y se siente… o sea, de… sin, sin acercarte, como que hasta tiene una pinche loción chida. ¿Sí entiendes? Y pues, por ejemplo con el Sebas, más se le… más [inaudible, car noises] …como que no le ponen (un) pinche… [inaudible] … siente, a cómo se ve, a cómo huele, a… [inaudible]
He's most likely not talking about her.

No. 880421

You might be right! I hear more:
> Se ve que
> Ves este güey
> Ves este güey y se siente
He repeats himself there.
I found interesting (again) that he says
> Hace el papel
Plays the role/part
And that’s why on the first listen I thought he might be talking about Luna and confusing him with a man. What’s your take, nonita? And feel free to tell me I’m wrong. As I said, I thought it was far fetched.

No. 880422

I love this so much. Por cierto, ¡gracias nonitas! Aunque suena raro decirlo en español, ¡las amo!

No. 880423

samefag, let me try to translate:
>It looks like… you look at this guy… you look at this guy and you feel it… like… without getting close, like he's even put a cool lotion on. ¿You know? And well, for example with Sebas (nickname for Sebastián) even more… [car noises] looks like they don't give it a fucking/don't put a fucking (whatever) on it… [inaudible] …feels, to how it looks, to how it smells, to… [inaudible]
Yep, it's definitely about something completely unrelated.

>> Hace el papel
What? when does he say that?

You're welcome nona

No. 880424

At 00:11-00:12 or thereabouts.

No. 880427

>más se le… más
OK I listened to this part once more and it sounds more like "más se ve… así" ("it looks more like… like this/like that/like (something)")
Not a very big difference imo, considering we don't know what he said immediatedly after this.
To me, it sounds like he was comparing two characters or two guys he knows.

Ah, yes, he's most likely saying "sin acercarte". There's no way that's "hace el papel", it would've sounded different, intonation-wise.

No. 880428

right? anyone actually scared that they're gonna be homeless would be pawning their shit to get the money or out scouting for jobs everywhere. not hoarding tacky ass knick knacks and cheap beauty care. i mean damn, even her fellow junkies pawn their consoles and tvs to get drug money. i guess luna's too materialistic.

No. 880431

de nada nona!

No. 880432

I understand something like "este guey, acércate, y pues como se ve, como huele…" he might be saying something like, "the way this person looks and smells is male like". I'm not so sure, but that's my 2 cents lmao

No. 880433

Oh she's literally pulling her sleeve so she can show off the gauze lmaoo

No. 880438

Posing like she did in the back of the police car… Anyways I want to not check the threads until August, this eviction saga is taking too long. I hope I don't get disappointed and I come back to good milk.

No. 880440

…Because she can't see? She overtly craves attention, yes, but I doubt she tries to be a horrorcow.

No. 880441

>discharge from clit

No. 880442

There is plenty of evidence saying otherwise.

No. 880443

Such as? She's literally just retarded. Her filth isn't contrived in any way nonnie.

No. 880444

same anon, the original argument the other anon had was that it was "arousal fluid", but it's chunky and way above her actual vagina so how does she think that would work

No. 880445

She changed the caption to this post to “pls give me some love guys :(“ Ig she wasn’t feeling herself anymore since she has to beg for validation. Truly pathetic. Saged for nothing new

No. 880447

File: 1655450932709.jpeg (137.48 KB, 828x903, 4AD4A199-F888-4D8D-ABF1-824F8E…)

I went to have a gander and this comment by Megan killed me

No. 880448


She looks so uncomfortable in her own body. The hair especially looks like it feels like straw, I can't imagine how she isn't bothered by it.

No. 880451


Is she too stupid to realize she can bathe without getting one arm wet?…

But I guess that doesn't get her uwu points for getting yet another chance to mention her "self harm"

No. 880454

kek she deleted this comment after it was posted here

No. 880458

i would be too, shit. not only is she the size of sasquatch himself but she also cannot dress for her body type. personally i think being chubby can be cute but like… absolutely not the way she does it. it’s not even that her clothes are unflattering it’s that they’re FILTHY. and her weird reverse combover wherein her hair is all combed to the front of her head?? plus her teeth which are all cemented over with plaque? her bad breath?? the way she slurs all her words together? yeah i’d feel like shit too

No. 880461

File: 1655472846393.jpeg (417.08 KB, 1170x1165, CC6B288F-E780-4682-8C63-089C6E…)

Welp, Tuna has conveniently ignored any of these responses that say get a roommate or get a job. Literally half of these say get a job or you won’t be able to show proof of income. I think milk is coming this summer, nonnies, because Tuna will never work for a living.

No. 880465

she’d literally rather be homeless than put in any effort at all. jesus christ.

No. 880466

I never understand what their fucking endgame is IF they get an apartment too. Do they think they will hit the lottery? Neither of them seem to want to work, and it also seems they can't even be bothered to try for SSI/disability grift or some shit.

No. 880468

That's 100% their plan.

No. 880470

Not really. When I was in NY they didn’t bother sending me to detox for alcohol/opiates. But a few times in co I’ve been sent to detox for having h in my system (only when suicidal). So idk, I think in ny either the police have to send you or you have to ask. But they can’t tell the police or anything no matter where you are in the us.

No. 880475

Yeah it seems fairly obvious that they just want to find a place stupid enough to let them on the lease and have no intention of paying rent. They’ve seen how long the eviction process can take and aren’t worried about it

No. 880477

File: 1655482233897.jpeg (214.33 KB, 750x563, 683ADFD6-EA80-4CE4-89B5-C75F8C…)

Just squat in an Airbnb you degenerate retard

No. 880478

File: 1655482382827.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3840x2880, 72CE4A32-0175-4A01-ABB5-77FA9D…)

Her constant bandage flaunting and wannarexia shit has been making me want to alog. I haven't been able to get over how fucking fat/wide she is kek. She will never look like that again it's hilarious, pathetic and brightens my day. I sincerely hope this comparison will ruin hers.

No. 880479

fucking YIKES kek

No. 880480

>open to doing anything
except work kek

>two people and a clean cat

two flithy and smelly junkies and a poor clean kitty
I really hope this cat escapes those abusers and finds a nice home where it's properly taken care of

No. 880481

She’s so bottom heavy. It’s a shame that she deleted her ana/ed tumblr.

No. 880482

Holy shit. I went back and skimmed one of the old threads and it's insane how much she went downhill, even from already looking strung out and visibly gross back then. I think she also put more effort into her appearance then too.

No. 880483

File: 1655483646894.jpg (365.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220617-123335_Gal…)

Looking like a damn weeble

No. 880489

File: 1655484928468.png (2.83 MB, 6494x2160, i'm working my ass off trying …)

Luna is still working her ass off trying to find a home. She answered some of the comments made on this >>880369 Reddit post. Since she’s so hardworking, she also made a new post (picrel) and it’s interesting to see the mod’s response. I think he perused her history, kek.

No. 880492

Is the one on the left serious and not shooped? Hoooollllly shit if this is real.

No. 880494

Yeah it's from >>880041 kek. How hard she was eye fucking herself so hard in that video while looking like that is so fucking crazy. She's so fucking gross I don't get how she can think she's hot and "thick".

No. 880496

I guess writing “don’t eat” on her hand didn’t work

No. 880497

>a quiet and clean cat
tenants ain't clean tho

No. 880499

wait so what happened to her dads luxury condominium that she was totallyyyyyy gonna inherit because that’s definitely how condos work?

No. 880500

tinfoil but i think she’s closer to 300 than 200. my friend is like 5’3” and 200 and looks way better than that. and luna claims to be 200 at her gigantic height? she’s lying.

No. 880504

lmao her mom’s apartment is a one bedroom and she made her sleep on the couch but okay. sounds more like “my dad isn’t budging on letting us crash with him.”

No. 880506

she is definitely closer to 300 if not beyond it at her height

No. 880508

Why does she even bother asking for advice when she doesn't take it? I feel like these posts are more to find someone to take pity on her and give her a nice 1brm apartment for cheap cheap cheap/free because she's a special girl who deserves it. Don't see that happening though.

No. 880509

>>880478 Nonnita, I legit thought the left was photoshopped. This one gets my early vote for next thread pic. Look at the size of this lass, what an absolute unit.
>>880504 I think what's happening is dad said no to Lurch living with him, but doesn't want Luna on the streets, so is offering to pay the deposit/first few months rent at a new place to get her out of his hair until the next eviction saga. She doesn't physically have the money, but dad will pay if she can find a place. Hence her e-begging being focused on housing itself, not money for housing.

Tinfoil, obviously, but that's what makes it so retarded–if she actually was a camgirl, like on a cam site, she'd have steady income and proof of it. Hell, if she was actually the ~talented writer~ she thinks she is, she could easily get a freelancing gig at a small gaming site that won't require a CV or really look into her past, especially if she cleans up her social media and changes her first and/or last name. It will never happen, but she's retarded for not even trying.

No. 880510

>>880509 Same anon, sorry, but it's also very interesting that she refuses to post in the /r/assistance sub, likely because they have strict rules and you're not allowed to take a donation, delete your post, and post again later, when you're less likely to get called out for scamming.

No. 880511


No. 880513

if she took a bath occasionally and wasn’t zooted on benzos all day she could actually fake sex appeal for an audience of men who love sasquatch women. there’s a market for everyone and she’s… definitely a specific type. in theory she could make loads of money if she bathed, sobered up, and our actual real hard effort into camming. it’s a genuine career path if you work for it, and she just sells like 2 photos for $5 a month and expects it to go somewhere. also, posting full pussy pics on reddit? keep it mysterious, make them want to see it, then drop your links. fucking idiot.

No. 880514

oh no her dad is definitely putting up the cash. honestly, he probably backed out of co-signing (bc he isn’t an idiot and knows they’ll destroy his credit) but told her he’ll put a few months rent for her. she just probably has no credit bc the bank took the house her grandmother left her and lurch is… lurch and definitely has a -800 credit score. they’re screwed unless they lower their weirdly high standards and just GO TO A MOTEL. this is what happens when you burn all your bridges with friends honestly. no couches to crash on.

No. 880516

Which makes me wonder how are they going to show the landlord the cash? She keeps offering that but if it's in someone else's account, that's not going to happen. I doubt her dad is just going to hand her a bunch of money to show off. Tuna would spend that the moment her filthy hands landed on that money.

No. 880517

File: 1655505812574.png (67.5 KB, 1108x367, Screenshot 2022-06-17 184256.p…)

She isn't going to like the replies kek

No. 880518

File: 1655506328161.jpg (157.57 KB, 891x1065, Screenshot_20220617-155142_No …)

Keke @ her posts being removed

No. 880522

Had she ever said why she’s stuck around NY? Figured it’s sheer laziness and drugs keeping her from even desiring to move anywhere but wondering if there’s anything else she’s mentioned

No. 880523

File: 1655511711709.png (66.38 KB, 1211x482, Screenshot 2022-06-17 202107.p…)

She keeps ignoring every single reply telling her that it's illegal for them to accept that much rent in advance.

No. 880524

Is it illegal in New York? It’s certainly not universally illegal, it’s just a dumb idea.

No. 880527

File: 1655515127320.png (40.2 KB, 892x151, Screenshot 2022-06-17 211706.p…)

No. 880531

Maybe she thinks she'll find an apartment key in her magical dumpster if she keeps posting on reddit enough.
It's so funny she says she's "working her ass off to find a home" yet literally has only sat on her ass. Posting on reddit over and over about it. Instead of getting the fuck up and finding a legit job. Both of them. At what point does one give up the absolute laziness? Like get a normal, steady income and rent a motel at least? Kek

No. 880533

File: 1655519614101.jpg (132.04 KB, 1080x479, Screenshot_20220617-193241_Red…)

No. 880535

She literally just spoke to the one she stole the apartment from a few days ago.

No. 880536

she keeps saying she doesn’t want to rent a motel room and waste her money which is just so funny when you think about what she’s been doing for the past like two years.

No. 880538

I hope her mom is actually in a halfway house type place, like a room in a larger group living situation. Because it will make it impossible for them to go take over her place again.

No. 880540

if it’s true, good on the social worker. probably knew it’d be harder on luna and lurch to move in with her.

No. 880542

She keeps ignoring everyone saying she needs a job, any job. She’s got over a month to get paystubs. $15 min wage in westchester. If they both simply worked 40 hours a week at ANY job, they’d be able to get a shitty studio together. Amazing just how fucking lazy they are.

And based on her classy “getting my taxes done” outfit, no landlord is going to want to rent to her just looking at them with her lack of income.

No. 880543

Im always wondering if anybody would hire her. She's grimey and her lolcow threads don't help. Not whiteknighting at all, but are there places that would hire an useless junkie with terrible internet footprint?

No. 880544

File: 1655522368988.jpeg (837.25 KB, 1242x1080, EAAA75F7-83B3-427C-95F4-A998AE…)

sage for not on topic at all but does anyone know if she got her septum repierced? or if the jewelry just is way smaller? it was way too low for years. also throwback tuna with equally bad makeup, whoever said she’s probably blind is right

No. 880545

Especially with going out in public with clown makeup. Her nose in this video >>880389 looks like she shoved it into a pile of cocaine.

No. 880547

Can anyone hazard a guess how much weight difference there is between the 2 photos? Maybe 100lbs?

No. 880548

convenience stores. their standards are always rock bottom bc no one can stand the customers or the shifts they get stuck with. if i had a dollar for every time i got rung up by a cashier at 7/11 who was actively nodding out, I could afford to fix luna’s teeth.

No. 880551

the diameter of the jewelry in this picture is larger than the diameter of the jewelry she is wearing currently, that's all

No. 880554

Gas stations, smoke/head shops, seedy sex stores, Amazon FC, 24-hour coffee shop where old men play mahjong, weird knockoff retail store in a dying mall…

There's lots of smelly gross people with minimum wage jobs out there. Tuna's just lazy

No. 880556

Oh great, she "found" a filthy shopping bag to put over her healing wound! Well thank god

No. 880560

File: 1655535923208.jpg (18.42 KB, 320x480, 7fa000f912576152.jpg)

No. 880561

File: 1655536554354.jpeg (414.05 KB, 700x818, 1F2DB28B-C778-4E1E-AB4C-CD42FE…)

No. 880565

kek I took the same exact screenshot as that first one because I couldn't believe how much she resembled a bowling pin

No. 880567

judging by the few times she’s been honest about her weight, i’d say 80 lbs

No. 880568

You must be trollin'

No. 880574

Wait didn’t they have 2 elderly cats and one new cat and one of them died what happened to the other cat forgive me if it was already mentioned(sage your shit)

No. 880577

>>880568 NTA but what's your guess then? 80-100 seems reasonable, she's not Amberlynn (yet).
>>880574 Nonnie, please sage your posts. Both cats are dead now, the new cat is Pumpkin, who she stole off the street and is almost certainly someone else's outdoor cat, as he was in excellent health before Tuna snagged him, and now looks miserable and lives with indoor chainsmokers.

No. 880586

the second one that passed, she had his body and was totally devastated on her way to get him cremated or whatever, took selfies and showed her fit and begged for attention on ig, utterly abhorrent, heartless shit

No. 880588

you must be retarded

No. 880592

she needs an ID to get a job. which she doesn't have.

No. 880593

Not to mention their fish eyes. You know their a couple that enables each other's drug use. Luna really didn't understand how bad it is out there. The minimum wage is raising to keep up with insane inflation and might just increase it further, the housing market is absolutely bonkers and demand is high. Her best bet would be renting out a room in a house with other tenants. In fact it's her only bet. Blogging, but my parents like to rent out their other home just to have it taken care and get some extra cash. These landlords are ideal because they keep rent cheap so you can overlook minor problems in an older house, but you are judged to the maximum in exchange for a low price. So her going out looking like a clown junkie with her long haired oaf of a boyfriend, she's going to get overlooked for the next desperate couple that comes in dressed nicely. Especially if the home owners are people who don't do background checks. Wear some fucking jeans at least, Tuna and cover the sad sacks. Make Lurch wear a button up without stains.

No. 880599

if only she could have done anything about this, ever

No. 880601

File: 1655588834272.jpeg (30.41 KB, 256x400, 026AEA26-7E78-4EB9-AAD5-053C7C…)

If she hasn't been posting anything on Instagram then it's pretty fucking funny that she's been seemingly offline since I posted this shit. Maybe that reality check ended her totally intense "manic" episode kek.

No. 880602

even if she had a business casual kohls outfit and someone to style her hair, she doesn't have the restraint to not carry a dirty hello kitty bag or do clown makeup. she has the tranny entitlement where people have to treat you like a princess no matter how shitty you appear.

No. 880603

Oh okay thanks

No. 880607


She’s probably 180- 200 in the thinner pic.

No. 880608

File: 1655592814359.jpg (167.63 KB, 720x1328, VideoCapture_20220618-155251.j…)

No. 880609

Easy fix and also just fucking leave rather than have the cops forcibly remove you jfc. God they're next level useless.

No. 880610

tuna, even if you had a brand new apartment it would still fall apart with 2 lazy junkies who cant do basic upkeep living in it.

No. 880611

If you really hated it you would take all those redditors’ advice. You must love it or you wouldn’t be clinging to it so desperately instead of doing anything in your power to leave.
Way I see it options are:
>stay begging Reddit for a free apartment until forcibly removed by police, wind up on street
>one or both of you get real jobs for pay stubs and proof of employment
>break up with Lurch and move in with dad

No. 880613

>>880608 if ONLY there were a place where you could buy locks/doorknobs to resolve this issue… like home depot…

No. 880614

i can't believe she doesn't feel embarrassed complaining about a place she's been kicked out of / she's squatting in kek. Fucking LEAVE (and give the cat back)? Tf

No. 880615

Don't worry, lardass; the cops will soon fix that for you. Then, because lurch is such a boomer sperg & they have their junkie shit all over, they very well might end up with "a place to stay"…jail.

No. 880623

Someday I sure hope they invent an inexpensive way to reattach that screw to things. She should totally call maintenance… oh wait…..

No. 880632

If only her sticky fingers could find a way to make a matching screw appear and a small screwdriver after a stroll through any hardware store. Or just pay the $8 for both… or use Daddy's Amazon account.
Or move.

No. 880633

File: 1655605754769.jpg (1.2 MB, 1079x1727, Screenshot_20220617-212015_Sam…)

Suddenly she "misses allicins backyard" after no interaction on her insta posts in months since their little fallout kek

No. 880635

more than that, she stated her lowest was like 199 or something but that wasn’t during this era, she was significantly larger in the right pic. i’d estimate like 220? . she lied about being 175 during her crack days but later backtracked on that. keep in mind even during the days when she was thinner on the right pic, she was still LARGE LARGE like she’s like almost six feet tall and was wearing like a size 18-20. shes good at angling her body but she’s never been below 199 according to her own words.

also yes i have kept track bcuz it’s one of the most entertaining things about her IMO is how much she over shares her weight and size related shit. and then later back tracks. and then lies again. it’s giving 250-lb-amberlynn

No. 880636

Fish Emulsion could be a good nickname for Luna

No. 880639

File: 1655617331063.jpg (175.58 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20220618-223030_Chr…)

I was wondering if her wall-eye could be an indication of her terrible vision and.. of course it is. Are her eyes always wonky or is it only when she's high out of her mind? Has she always had a wall-eye? I don't think so but can't be bothered to look.

No. 880648

like I wrote somewhere before, she need to go to a doctor and get it checked, if it's something like Strabismus, her vision will get worse over the time and there are good ways to fix that before it gets bad. But she can't even be bothered changing her bandage for a fresh one, don't think she care about her eyes, if she can't see anymore, she can beg for money.

No. 880654

She had her eyes checked recently. That’s were these came from…

No. 880656

Where does it say she got her eyes checked? She probably just got cheap cheap glasses from Amazon with no prescription. Luna doesn’t go to doctors unless she’s trying to get more pills

No. 880659

It doesn’t say on those but she did get her eyes checked and those glasses are the result of said appointment >>>/pt/840469 she then went on and on about her glasses she got at said ophthalmologist. None of this is conjecture, you’re invited to visit previous threads.

No. 880660

I really don’t think it’s that deep. Her vision is probably not great given the glasses - but the fucked up make up and outfits with disgusting stains are 100% her being high out of her mind. She doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.

No. 880661

yeah i think people sometimes forget that luna is pretty tall so she has to be over 200 to be that overweight. and to now be this wide… she has to be at least 250, if not 275.

No. 880662

I think she's 230 max

No. 880665

I have this and it's largely dependent on your vision before the split happens. So even if your weak eye gets worse and worse, you're not ever looking through that eye so it doesn't matter.

Also can confirm that it gets worse when I'm sleepy, drunk or stoned. Your brain gives up on the nonessential task of making you look normal…

No. 880667

Same here nona. Eventually the muscle in her eye will get shorter from lack of use and she'll struggle not to look wall-eyed. Just add it to the list of health shit she doesn't care about maintaining. She really needs to get a breast cancer screening tho.

No. 880669

same, had it as a child, got operated on that eye, so everything's fine now, but still, when I'm drunk or very tired, you can see that I had it once. Let's see when the eye saga is upon us, but first we will have the homeless saga.

No. 880671

File: 1655665401575.jpeg (659.29 KB, 2048x2048, C7551EDC-CC0D-4B9C-B1D3-E7949B…)

well you’re wrong, so

not only did she literally say on her tumblr that she was at 236 months ago when she was much smaller, but also, that’s a fucking dumb guess. you realize how tall she is right?

pic to include photos from mybodygallery

and lastly putting her at 230 would put her in Obese Class 1 on the BMI scale when she’s clearly well into Class 2

you’re wrong, give it up.

No. 880672

Do YOU need your eyes checked? wtf

No. 880673

File: 1655667422652.png (609.8 KB, 562x828, xfuhbsodifnbofdhvos.png)

Yah, she's def closer to 290 I'd say

No. 880676

File: 1655683227825.jpg (393.36 KB, 1080x1382, 20220619_195957.jpg)

Lurch using Luna's reddit acount again.

No. 880678

Tinfoil, but do you think he legitimately uses her log in every now and then to look through Reddit, or does she show him posts like this to comment on so she comes off as a more credible drug user to other redditors?

No. 880683

I think he gets fucked up and uses her phone without thinking, the mystery to me is why she doesn’t delete anything afterwards

No. 880684

She deletes certain things when she thinks it makes her look bad. She deleted the “clean for 8 days” comment.

No. 880691

File: 1655704166391.jpeg (307.86 KB, 828x1730, D70538B2-F5DD-4FBC-9DF5-2FAA8D…)

lurch had a bad day

No. 880695

No. 880698

Why is his picture a black guy?

No. 880699

Jamie Foxx as Django even.

No. 880708

damn, he sure has a charming personality, I can understand why Tuna is so in love with him.

No. 880714

>>880691 "See, Luna? All these women keep coming after me, it's not my fault! I even told this sexy bot to piss off! I'm definitely not cheating."

No. 880718

File: 1655749346419.png (98.88 KB, 1222x711, Screenshot 2022-06-20 142018.p…)

She deleted this one but left a comment.

No. 880719

learn how to drive holy shit.

blogpost but i didn’t learn to drive til i was 24 because my boss told me i couldn’t be promoted at my job unless i could commute. it took like 6 months for the whole thing. i know her short-term-gratification loving ass would think that’s a very long amount of time but she could turn her whole life around if she was able to drive.

of course that’s assuming her drugged out, blind as fuck ass would even be able to get a license.

No. 880720

Also, can Lurch drive? surely in his decrepit big boy age he’d have his license right?

No. 880724

probably has an expired license. at this point, this guy’s advice might be best. lurch could go get his license renewed and they could pawn all the shit in that apartment and do some odd jobs to get an old beater. there’s literally nothing else to do. they’re not gonna get an apartment honestly. if they’re dead set on not crashing with someone else or getting a motel, living in a car is the best option.

No. 880725

I hope not, don't they do psych check for a license and Luna is a lunatic??

No. 880730

No psych tests to drive. She’s really dumb though so driving is probably not what’s best for her, she’d be a braindead danger on the road.

No. 880731

please, don't let her learn to drive, some people shouldn't be on the road driving anything at all.

No. 880738

even people with phenomenal credit scores, no arrest record, and a solid income are having problems finding housing right now. a landlord’s first priority isn’t going to be 2 junkies and their greasy unvaccinated cat.

No. 880742

yeah, i just saw a tik tok of a line just to see a 1 bedroom apartment in manhattan. so anyone with the money is going to look in the surrounding area, including her neighborhood. she’s fucked. she looked for apartments like twice and decided to just maybe scroll through zillow a couple of times. she needs a car or a friend’s house for the long term until she and lurch gets jobs or a way out of that expensive area.

No. 880744

new jersey and connecticut are expensive but PA is also within her reach. it’s a 3 hour drive and sure they can’t drive but it would be feasible for them to take a grayhound or even a 3 hour rideshare service (although that would be insanely expensive) to get to a cheap motel out there and find an apartment within their budget. they don’t have any belongings worth bringing. obviously there’s pumpkin, but unfortunately she’d be better off being dropped off at a no-kill shelter and finding a good stable home. their first priority needs to change from “find housing immediately” to “get the fuck OUT of new york”

No. 880745

every time someone bothers to give her advice i imagine a "bzzzzt, wrong!" buzzer going off in her head instantly

she doesn't want advice or honesty, she wants offers and instant fixes. she's waiting for these various lines she casts to draw in a sucker with a spare bedroom they can squat in immediately. she's banking on an idiot, and it could still happen

some people can get by professionally mooching, but she's too stupid, lazy, mid looking, and able-bodied to make it work well. it's not an easy ride and she wants easy

No. 880746

she has excuses lined up “i can’t drive” “i have a cat” “i don’t have a credit card” etc etc but never manages to remind herself that all of these things are changeable.

No. 880747

exactly, she's already resigned herself to a world where these hurdles are impassable. she doesn't intend to fix anything that holds her back. she wants someone to find a fix for her that requires she do nothing different but provides her everything she wants currently

No. 880755

giving me “it’s for a church, honey. NEXT!” vibes.

No. 880758

in the time it takes this literal walking trash bag to make endless e-begging posts and sob stories, she could just… get a job…?

but that wouldn’t fit the tragic tuna backstory I guess!

No. 880763

She won't get a job because she's far too fucking lazy. All she wants to do is sit on her lardy ass all day and get high, leeching off whoever she can lol

No. 880772

File: 1655817286444.gif (667.22 KB, 480x287, giphy.gif)

>a "bzzzzt, wrong!" buzzer
Kek I imagine picrel
This one really makes me wanna a-log. All her effort here spent on typing out how she is sooooo impoverished and down-and-out and uwu unlucky, blah blah… No one fucking cares Luna, you're not 12 years old.

No. 880773

working is far less anxiety inducing than flirting with homelessness every month. she’s too lazy to work but somehow not lazy enough to get up and e-beg every day which is way more stressful than waking up and doing the same shit every day at a job. plus she’d meet some new people and someone is bound to tolerate her, maybe she’d learn some social skills

No. 880780

New job in a new location is new drug connections too but she wants to live like a retired crippled auntie

No. 880781

I was going to say she should ditch Lurch and find a sugar daddy but she is far too busted looking for that now. Luna really needs to accept the loss and embrace her new path in life as a fat hooker. Not just posting rancid pussy photos on Reddit, like being an actual lot lizard and giving cheap cheap cheap blowjobs etc every night. It would definitely give her something to write about!

I feel like I should add that my heart aches for the exploited women out there who hate sex work but do it anyway because they got forced into it/have no other choice, but Luna is not one of them. She had so much handed to her (a house, an education, inheritance money) and squandered it all. It is not too late to turn things around but she just cannot be bothered! Which is so baffling to me. She has made zero steps to getting an education, refuses to get a job, won’t go to rehab, mistreats those around her, and lies about her sobriety therefore I don’t feel bad if she goes the fat hooker route…

You reap what you sow Luna!!

No. 880783

That's fair and all but let's not pretend you couldn't play mental gymnastics with any hooker to have it all be her fault. So you're not really coming off as a champion of women here.

No. 880784

File: 1655835221233.jpeg (62.4 KB, 500x378, E484F037-CA46-4653-8B45-D7E2FA…)

I dunno, nonnie. Luna is an extremely special case. Most survival sex workers have second or third jobs, able-bodied Luna and Lurch refuse to even have one between the two of them. Reddit begging doesn’t count.

No. 880785

She's been awfully quiet. Nonitas who follow her on Instagram, still no updates since like >>880390?

No. 880787

yeah but you see if she has xanax and klonopins on standby there’s no anxiety luna can’t handle

No. 880790

File: 1655841501642.jpg (360.17 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20220621_205731.jpg)

no instagram posts for 5 days, but she liked some tweets recently

No. 880793

I don't even think it's about laziness, I think she just believes she's too good to work at Wendy's or whatever. She never has a retort when people tell her to get a job because she doesn't have one that won't make her sound spoiled. That's why she only ever applies for office jobs despite having no degree or experience

No. 880794

She then will find inspiration to wite books like JT LeRoy's The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things and Sarah

No. 880801

sage your weight autism

No. 880802

Yep absolutely nothing new on her insta, I think this nonnie post >>880478 really spooked her into hiding for a bit
Perhaps she wants to go on a quick little crack diet before posting again?

No. 880809

Tuna said if they can't get an apartment, (Daddy is) going to get a motel room for the Gruesome Twosome which will drain her (Daddy's) money until he says no more.

She's not going to be actually homeless any day soon.

No. 880811

it’s usually just “i don’t have my social/birth certificate/ID” or the classic “my mental illness is just too low” but all of that is fixable. her dad offered to co-sign on an apartment but wasn’t willing to buy her a new social card or birth certificate? she can play on her switch all day but can’t wait at the dmv for a new id? it’s just bullshit. even if she didn’t get a regular job, nothing is stopping her from helping out lurch when he does his typical junkie shit of mowing lawns/shoveling walks everyday. i know a junkie couple around my neighborhood who does that every single day and probably makes off with 250 bucks a week. luna pretends to be so poor but she has no idea how to grind. it’s so pathetic.

No. 880812

I like how she claims she's in the Bronx and not a rich kid suburb. She doesn't even go to the Bronx- that's where Lurch goes after the clinic to cop and hide his drug use from Tuna

No. 880814

Kek reminds me of when she was larping as a street smart junkie and saying "US junkies are mAgiCaL and we can make something from nOtHinG".
Bitch you can't even make an ID appear when you have access to the internet and legs to walk your fat ass to take the cheap passport pics

No. 880819

yeah when was this? after she posted that she won’t ask her dad for shit?

No. 880828

Definitely have to be dad doing it- if you don’t have ID you can’t rent a room either

No. 880829

anons, has it been considered that she doesn't get her id because she doesn't actually want to marry lurch? she is just in love with the idea of being in love with him type thing?

No. 880835

i think she has an ID and thats just a lie and an excuse, she gets mental health help, prescriptions, doctors and stuff, they eventually need your ID for something in that kind of system work. in fact you have to have an ID to pick up a klonopin prescription, which she had before, because its a controlled substance.

No. 880849

See now, tuna said she had a script. She also lies all the time. She had to have one at some point, but it expired, because she couldn't be assed to either mail the money in or waddle her cottoneye joe knee down to the dmv/bmv.

No. 880853

My memory is pretty fuzzy, but I think she has an id- but not a copy of her birth certificate. To get married she would need her birth certificate, an ID and her social.

No. 880854

>>880853 You might be right, but LAWD she went on about the ID forever, recently enough that I remember thinking "Bitch, you pickin up kpin scripts and using medicaid, we all know you got a fuckin ID." She lying like always. She might've got an ID when she started working with Alltard but I'm pretty sure she didn't have one before that.

No. 880855

recently i think she’s mentioned the birth certificate issue but for a long time she was flip flopping between both the certificate and ID. regardless, both things are fixable, like most things in her life. she can just order a new birth certificate

No. 880857

She used to beg people for ID money and someone replied on her Facebook that she gave like $60 for it (it was posted here). Definitely think it was a lie and a cover-up for not getting married.

No. 880859

She claims to have an expired ID.

You don't need ID to pick up controlled meds- I've had friends pick mine up with no ID. Medicaid doesn't look at your id and Tuna can still apply using her expired ID. Undocumented people have medicaid.
Of course she wants to marry and lock in her Prince Sharting. But when faced with 2 options, Tuna will always choose the laziest, no- effort option and not doing anything to change her situation always wins. It also allows her to keep bitching and gives her an excuse to not do anything.

No. 880860

her way of living is so flawed in so many ways, the way she expects everything to be handed to her. housing, cheap cheap shein purses, amazon hauls, food, friendship, etc and admittedly most of that can and has actually been handed to her. but marriage?? you can’t give that to someone. even if she had her ID and birth certificate, she’d just wait around until marriage magically happened. does anyone actually think she’d put in all the effort to find someone to marry them, fill out the application at town hall, get witnesses to sign, file to have her last name legally changed, etc etc ?? it’s a long ass process to be legally married.

No. 880861

It takes 4-6 hours of waiting in the Social Security office near me to get a new social card with your new married name on it. Luna has the attention span of a rock. It’s not going to happen. They’ll both OD before then.

No. 880881

>>880859 I've had to present photo ID to every medicaid physician's office I've ever seen. It's how they keep you from sending in a friend who looks like you but has no insurance so they can receive treatment. Maybe NY is different but you don't get shit done with medicaid where I am unless you have your ID.

No. 880882

File: 1655916680716.jpeg (94.56 KB, 756x279, 41213329-62F1-43FE-ACE6-28ADB8…)

maybe it does differ from state to state, but in new york this seems to be the law too. it's actually a law in many places in the country including where i live, and my pharmacy knew me and would still ask for ID picking up a controlled substance, they'd definitely be asking lunas sketchy ass for ID

No. 880884

You 10000% need an ID to pick up things like opiates benzos and adderall from the pharmacy. I deal with this every month. Undocumented ppl have Medicaid but they can also have state IDs. Atleast in CA anyway.

No. 880885

I can verify you don't need ID to pick up Schedule 2 meds (adderall/oxy) even in NY. They ask for the last 4 of your phone number and ask you to verify your address. That's it. Benzos are only sched 4

You also do need your Birth Certificate to get your State ID (but if you have an expired ID that counts in place of the Birth Certificate as proof for that)

No. 880886

its like you didn't even read the actual information i posted. you need an ID. your pharmacy probably trusts you. what fucking pharmacist would willingly just hand drugs to someone like tuna for id. schedule 2 and 4 drugs BOTH require ID. it's literally two posts above yours.

No. 880887

I literally live in Westchester County. You do not need ID. They make a good faith effort by verifying your address, that's it. I have never in my life shown ID at a pharmacy here. I've also picked up pain meds for other people with zero issues. The pharmacy does not give a shit.

No. 880889

nta but you don't really need an ID. I came from canada to the US for surgery a few months ago and even told them that was the case, they didn't ask for my ID just the zipcode (which I had to give my hotel's zip instead of my canadian one even) and they accepted it for my oxys. I know it says you need an ID but they don't always ask for it, just the script, verifying your name/DOB and need a zipcode (not even the address but sometimes they ask that too).

No. 880890

sage 4 blogging

I deal with everyday life like a 1950s housewife, so every month I pick up my upppers and downers (adderall and valium) at the pharmacy. I've lived in both NY and NJ with this script for years, I have never shown ID to pick up. They ask for some personal info (DOB/Address) and hand it over.

They do everything electronically now with sending over the scripts so I think they give less of a shit. Someone like her would be questioned / asked for more shit if they were trying to drop off some shady looking paper script for benzos, not picking up something the doctor sent over thru their system

No. 880894

i promise i'll be the last anon to chime in on this & sorry for the blog but i too am prescribed control substances and, despite looking like a normal human being, do indeed get ID'd every single time. i'm guessing it depends completely on the pharmacy/pharmacist/state?

No. 880895

Idk NY law but I have worked at a pharmacy for 16 years. We only adk if there is a note on the profile for any C2 meds, and that usually comes at the families request. As long as general questions can be answered (dob, address, telephone etc) they will get their drugs

Not stop sperging and stay on topic

No. 880906

it doesn’t fucking matter whether she has an ID or not, she’s not gonna move from her bed unless physically dragged. let alone get married.

No. 880911

Exactly lol, she’s going to wait until the very last second and then beg her father to let her stay “temporarily.” Can’t wait until shit hits the fan.

No. 880925

File: 1655940394420.jpg (447.83 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20220622-162609_Red…)

No. 880930


4 months of rent says thats Lurch again. He has SO many tells that don't follow her manner of writing. Most obviously ".." instead of "…" and run on sentences galore.

Tldr; Lurch not Luna.

No. 880934

>he is taking a 2mg k pin maybe twice a day
Yeah maybe just maybe that might have something to do with why he’s taking it so well. Not to mention his bowels are probably super fucked up and slow from the decades of opiate use

No. 880936

by “my friend” does he mean himself?

No. 880937

“how long was he on it?” and then proceeds to tell a story that doesn’t relate to how long someone was on methadone before they started to taper off. lurch is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 880942

just to answer your question, yes, controlled substance laws vary so much from state to state that it’s pointless to argue over. Mine is very restrictive. Some aren’t. Seems like NY is the latter

No. 880943

Lurch is Lurches only friend.

No. 880946

pharmacy law is publicly available, in every state. in NY verification of identity is required for controlled substances unless the patient is "known" to the pharmacist. therefore, some pharmacists are going to be more paranoid and card everyone, every time, and some wont really give a shit and will be more lax

tldr everyone is right to a degree but goes to different pharmacies. now shut the fuck up.

No. 880951

he definitely sold his methadone to that guy.

No. 880961

He definitely IS that guy

No. 880976

still no new selfies since >>880478, you must’ve really got to her nonnie lol

No. 880981

methadone for 2 decades? more like heroin for 3 decades

No. 880991

I feel a little guilty for fucking with her stupid bandage milk…but I still think it's hilarious kek. I knew that was going to wreck her. It's incredible that someone so insecure with a totally real eating disorder spent her whole day making googoo eyes at herself yet never noticed how fucking fat she's gotten.

No. 881003

>4 months of rent says…
The absolute savagery of betting months of rent for a cow that's going homeless soon is why I can't help but keep coming here.

No. 881019

Honestly, as harsh as it might seem, I do think that most people (but Luna especially) need a wakeup call to realize how much weight they've gained and maybe for her this was it. Living in a bubble with the constant filters covering it up certainly don't help, nor does her asking Lurch to lie to her and say she's not as big as whatever comparison she's showing him. It's not dysmorphia, just straight-up being in-denial like, girl, you ARE that big. The sooner she realizes it, the more easily she can turn it around.

No. 881024

there’s no fucking way in hell Lurch lies to her and says she isn’t fat lmao this is the dude who screamed at her for eating an entire tub of ice cream she’s just saying that for the internet just like when anons went and told her lurch was hitting on them on facebook and she was like “oh haha he’s sitting right next to me it’s a joke haha i totally know about that” she’s so insecure she tells lies about him to make him look better to her followers and even us

No. 881028

>>881019 Y'all she probably just went in to get another giant, dirty bandage applied to a self-inflicted wound. She's gotta accessorize for IG! I just wonder if those pics were the catalyst or if this is just her trying to leave a "look how disabled and crazy I am" paper trail because she thinks that will help her find a free home for some reason.

No. 881031

I think she died

No. 881032

We can hope

No. 881033

Personally I'd rather Lurch kick the bucket first…it feels like he deserves it more yknow?

Luna's alive and well I'm sure. She's probably just sulking and playing vidya and buying cheap cheap cheap shit with dad's Amazon account. She does this every few months. She'll be back on her bullshit in a couple days, nonnie

No. 881034

My hope is that the landlord got the dates wrong and tried to kick her out a month early. Eviction saga is going to taste so good.

No. 881047

Luna's never turned around a single thing in her life. As harsh as it might seem, you and anyone else clinging to this kind of denial about who we are talking about need to shut the fuck up.

No. 881048

I had a dream last night I was trapped in their squat and Luna shot up the last of their H in secret and then lurch found out and beat her up and I ran away. Think I need a break from the big areolas

No. 881049


I don’t see Luna righting her ship without serious help. Like dropping everything and going to rehab type shit. She’s trying to put bandaids over these gaping holes in her life, desperately trying to stay afloat and that’s a shitty feeling. There comes a point where you just can’t fix it and you need to tear it all down and start over. Luna has had quite a few safety nets somehow but she seriously needs to leave all of this behind her and go to a long term rehab. It would be crazy to see her cleaned up and sober.

No. 881051

Lmao, this is so aggressive. anon is talking about Luna losing a few pounds, not getting a PHD. I think her losing weight is the most realistic achievement one could expect of her. It’ll be easy when she’s got more important things to worry about, like keeping a roof over her head.

No. 881053

she’s not going to. she’d rather die first.

No. 881057

She always comes back with a long rant about all her bad mento health days but now she’s miraculously feeling better thanks to self care (vidya, shopping). Cue applause from her handful of weirdo cronies who still encourage her, let the gorked out selfies roll ad infinitum. She should be using this hiatus to find work or a home but.. you know, that will not happen until she’s in crisis mode.

No. 881059

>>881051 Right? Dunno why that anon is so mad but maybe they should take their own advice.

If Luna ever does get sober, she's gonna gain 80lbs. It happens to most junkies, they need to replace the high with food. Part of me wonders if she didn't put on a lot of her current weight during the brief "sober/tring to be sober" saga and didn't realize how much she'd gained. Hell I didn't even realize until we saw those side-by-side pics. Gorl is W I D E.

No. 881069

The second she dies Lurch will be pulling a grift for funeral costs or some shit. She's still alive.

No. 881071

Get help anon.

No. 881073

go back to reddit

No. 881076

You will never be a woman

No. 881083

File: 1656098947107.jpg (405.74 KB, 1440x2421, Screenshot_20220624-152652_Red…)

Can we stop tinfoiling if she's dead? She's too narcissistic to kill herself and Lurch keeps her from ODing into the big sleep. She's been posting in her video game subreddit, highly doubt that was Lurch.

No. 881084

>being humiliated by Luna would turn me on even more
Kill yourself,tranny coomer.

No. 881091

this reads like a random word generator

No. 881094

Don't feed the troons, ladies.
>>881083 I'm sorry but "ODing into the big sleep" just sent me. Nonnies on this thread have been especially funny this week.

No. 881108

File: 1656124709950.jpg (137.22 KB, 913x1280, IMG_20220624_233653_212.jpg)

No worries nonnies, she's very much alive, and replied someone on reddit 18 minutes ago. (sorry for the shitty edit, I'm on mobile and screenshot right)

I hope it doesnt take too long for her to post again. I wonder if she has already remade her tumblr.

No. 881115

>greasy unvaccinated cat
can't they bring the cat in for a covid vaccine and get some $? pure laziness

No. 881116

File: 1656144190091.jpg (2.4 MB, 1807x3213, 20220625_014658.jpg)

Still alive, still wearing a grimy ass bandage that should probably be off by now.

No. 881117

What smells worse, under the bandaid or under the boob

No. 881123

Im DYING over the fact she still has the bandage on lmfao. That shit happened over TWO WEEKS AGO! Her stitches should be out/dissolved by now. I bet she really can't live with the fact that she won't be able to show it off much once it's all done and over. She keeps surprising me with her level of pathetic

No. 881124

This is the most stupic picture I've seen, I'm closing my eyes and I keep seeing it, is a curse anons don't look at her even if it is really funny

No. 881126

kek, and she has to make sure everyone is reminded of her oh so bad self harm with that bandage. As soon as she leaves the bandage behind we will get "look how my scar heals" pictures or "look, I've got an infection, because someone else didn't change my bandage/told me what to do".

No. 881130

>>881116 nothing says self esteem like filtering your face until you look like Dove Cameron's half-melted wax figurine.

No. 881131

lmao this killed me

No. 881141

>mystery stain that's most likely dried blood or vomit
I don't know if these filters are a blessing or curse as they hide the truth behind the house of horrors…

No. 881149

File: 1656196269926.jpg (30.59 KB, 720x652, p371osCHuO1x2vu53o1_1280.jpg)


No. 881153

she’s so fucking ugly

No. 881163

the pillow/blankets whatever that are covering her shoulders and neck make her look like a bobble head

No. 881164

File: 1656217260810.jpg (59.86 KB, 355x500, claire-1047843-normal.jpg)

All I see kek

No. 881165

File: 1656218526806.jpg (232.16 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20220625-214137.j…)

No. 881168

The way she does her thick eyeliner makes it look like she has a monolid.

No. 881169

>>881116 Next self harm in 3 … 2 …

No. 881172

If she reads here she sure is lazy af, she could post her pics herself in the threads and go. Also most uncanny valley selfie she took, Jesus…

No. 881174

Funny how years of hard drugs, no exercise and eating junk will make you look older!

No. 881177

Why would she post pics herself? She comes here to read it like a tabloid about herself. I bet she loves to see what people say about her. She wants attention, even if it's bad.

No. 881178

Floral tarp from torrid era, yes! Wrist bones in sight: 0

No. 881183

fucking kek nona

No. 881185

Hey Luna aren’t you supposed to be evicted here in a few days? Selfies aren’t a currency. Might wanna pack your cheap cheap stuff, before they do it for ya.

No. 881188

it's next month anon, july 31st

No. 881189

Ah sorry I confused that. Well, at least we get another month of her doing nothing to alleviate that and sad, desperate nude thirst posts.

No. 881193

No. 881202

File: 1656285292110.jpg (533.35 KB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20220627_001344.jpg)

New insta posts

No. 881203

File: 1656285333400.jpg (339.12 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20220627_001408.jpg)

No. 881204

File: 1656285488867.jpg (446.19 KB, 1027x1898, Screenshot_20220627_001357.jpg)

No. 881206

You literally had a house handed to you. Have fun with your much deserved eviction, cunt.

No. 881207

Lmao bitch you LITERALLY OWNED PROPERTY but decided to throw it away for Easter Island head and his heroin kek

No. 881212

Luna you should DEFINITELY bleach it back to light blonde again. Do it yourself at home, too. You're an old pro, it'll be fine. The hair masks have made it healthy enough to handle 40 vol developer no doubt. I hear Loreal Quick Blue does a great job, but to lift it so many levels you will need to process for 60 minutes minimum, maybe ever blow dry to add heat. Cmon babe we believe in you…

No. 881215

So do we know the full scoop with the house? She just didn’t pay taxes on it even though the mortgage was paid off? But if I remember right, she was paying her moms rent for a while? Why pay the rent but not taxes which assuredly were less given NYC metro area pricing? Did grandma really not explain to Luna she’d loose the house if she neglected the taxes?

No. 881216

look at the situation she's in now. i'm sure she thought everything would work itself out and something would save her in the 11th hour. she's fucking retarded.

No. 881218

She might have said she was paying her moms rent but do you really think it happened? And why would she bother paying something silly like taxes when she could put the money to essentials like copic markers.

No. 881219

I think she could benefit from leting her roots grow and have a pixie cut. By the end of the year, her hair could be chin lenght and she could go blonde again at a professional hair salon, where they would properly bleach, safely opening the hair cuticles etc.

But she of course won't do that.

I really hope she goes back to drawing somehow. I miss her paintings I hate-love them idc. If she was smart she could buy a Tablet and draw with cp studio and never worry about art supplies again. Even make money by doing porn comissions idk but she won't do that. She would rather cry than work.

I think it's funny she posts meme about not being able to own property when she did, sometime, 8 years ago. I never see her complaining about that, probably because that would make her look bad and shatter the illusion that she's a street hustler, not a girl that had so many Golden oportunities handled on a plate to her.

No. 881220

File: 1656294629397.png (66.69 KB, 1283x481, Screenshot 2022-06-26 215014.p…)

No. 881221

File: 1656295095966.jpg (141.73 KB, 720x1392, VideoCapture_20220626-185655.j…)

No. 881222

File: 1656295122549.jpg (162.78 KB, 720x1383, VideoCapture_20220626-185707.j…)

No. 881223

You look like ass.

No. 881224

kek she's resorting to roomates now
Good luck Tuna! Anyone who goes trough your reddit will see trough your bullshit.

No. 881225

look at that massive flabby arm. her arm, armpit and tit fat are all indistinguishable from each other

No. 881226

is that the same fucking bandage?!

No. 881227

The shade of gray it is now says yes

No. 881228

File: 1656298121058.jpg (268.52 KB, 1080x1437, IMG_20220626_224709.jpg)

Is okay Luna a few of them are archived here

No. 881229

Don't forget about the lint balls! You know what your finger looks (and smells like) after you leave a band aid on even for a few days? I imagine that's her wrist right now. Moist, shriveled and rank.

No. 881231

File: 1656299106548.jpg (593.21 KB, 915x1819, Screenshot_20220626-182933_Sam…)

I think she deleted this off her insta soon after but I only grabbed the zoomed in version. What is going on with her lip? It looks like her labret got infected and she got it repierced in the center. And it looks swollen/freshly pierced

No. 881232

Herpes. Her bridge piercing looks rough. And judging by the state of her bandages, she's looking like she'll get a nasty infection soon.

No. 881239

what works for me to get back into my hobbies is bleaching my hair hobbies are so much easier and more authentic when i'm blonde, hth

No. 881240

I really hope her chasing share housing becomes a thing. Imagine the responses she would get. Even better, imagine people who didn't check her out at all and she turns up for a tour / interview.

No. 881244

Lurch prolly fronted her mom a bundle one time and that gargantuan’d into “I paid my moms public housing rent for a year”. Do people in her mom’s situation pay rent? I’m not a burger but you’d think unemployed addicts wouldn’t have to pay for section 8 or whatever her mom’s deal was.

It looks like it’s cutting into her arm. She’s outgrown the bandage in two weeks. If she hadn’t chopped up the care instructions she was given to “get back into” creating the worlds laziest outsider art, she would have seen she’s supposed to change it AT LEAST once a day. She would have also known that after 24 hours she could shower. Using a garbage bag she found (in the garbage? an alley? who knows!) to wrap around her week old bandage is classic Luna. Doing the complete opposite of what knowledgable people tell her to do and ensuring it’s a thousand times grosser.

No. 881246

Her lips are really wonky and uneven, so probably why it looks more centered here. Wouldn’t be surprised if Luna couldn’t hold her head still for a piercing and the piercer had to mark her at an angle like this one

Also, I don’t know bridge piercings that well, but are the bars supposed to be that tight? Her body looks like it’s about to swallow that thing whole

No. 881247

No, hers look like mine did when it was rejecting. She needs to take it out. I get it, it sucks, but the longer it's left in, the worse it will scar

No. 881248

No, her original bandage was way larger with different tape (Went back to her instagram to check)

This one looks like it replaced the original one on June 14th, so she’s had it on for a really really long time

No. 881251

how on earth is going to the same hospital as your mom a "conflict of interest"? am i missing something obvious?

No. 881252

my guess, and it might be a tinfoil but whatever, is that she’s maybe worried that her mom is telling the hospital things about her that led the psychiatrist to dump her. or the psych put it together herself and luna’s blaming mommy because it’s all everyone’s fault but hers

No. 881253

sorry, that last reply was to you nonnie, my bad

No. 881255

I second this tinfoil. While in an ideal world, doctor's wouldn't let what patient "a" says about patient "b" interfere with their care, in this case Luna's mom would have some very damning things to says that would make it difficult to look past Luna's drug-seeking woe-is-me lies.

No. 881258

File: 1656330536415.jpg (118.85 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_20220627-023748_Ins…)

Yeah she deleted, but I captured the 2nd slide

No. 881261

She's starting to look more and more like Lurch!?

No. 881264

And filters, heavy filters.
She is. Does anyone know why?

No. 881269

File: 1656337587047.jpg (165.61 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20220627-063805_Ins…)

No. 881271

sure, that person won't look at your reddit history and then decide, that they are perfect roommates.

wonder if that wound is already alive again and we can give that thing a name soon.

kek, you can't post self harm wounds on tumblr, she should know that by now and every careful person would have a copy of their poems.

No. 881274

It’s her big forehead and thousand yard stare. Lurch has that as well.

No. 881277

I don't believe Luna but you still have to pay for section 8 it's just cheaper

No. 881280

Because Lurch is getting fat like her, and due to her new hair color, her wet hair looks dark, straight, stringy, and oily–just like Lurch's.

No. 881281

even if she did pay mom’s rent, the money would have just gone into lurch’s arm anyway
plus, mom definitely paid that back and more with the squatting years, so they’re at least even now

No. 881282

the eye rash cream the doctor gave her isn't working. You know she hasnt been to a dermatologist since she last mentioned it 2 months ago kek >>871854

perfect skin.

Luna was paying rent for them both before she moved in with Lurch, 17-18. idk what happened with Grandma's house but a persistent rumor is that she lost it from not paying property taxes. I've not seen receipts, but people who knew her in high school seemed to believe it.

It's been like 7 years since she's has paid any sort of rent. Roger was paying for the last place, and her mom was paying for the section 8 because she owed Luna.

No. 881289

>goes crazy with filters
>muh beautiful skin

Unless I saw literal receipts, I would have a hard time believing she has ever paid rent for anyone. She comes off as a mix of selfish, sheltered and stupid. She seems to have almost no idea of how anything works and doesn't care to know.

No. 881291

I think this every time. I think it's a combination of the drugged out stare plus the fact that people seem to find other people who look similar to them attractive.

No. 881292

Her therapist not talking to her and ignoring her calls shows me that she must phone them up at all hours to up her prescription.

No. 881294

This looks like she went bobbing for apples and the apples gave her a swollen lip, a bruised eye, and snatched an eyebrow.

No. 881297

She deleted every single one of her new insta posts from yesterday… interesting kek

No. 881298

I live for my skin
> slaps filters on every picture
> sleeps in makeup
> sits in a bath of her own muck and hair dye
> skin routine with 10 products and harsh exfoliators

No. 881312

Wasn’t she an “emergency” client because that therapist was already full and couldn’t take more patients? Ofc Luna makes that out to be she’s a patient having an emergency instead of a special circumstances one time patient. She’d see her once as a gap filler while Luna was supposed to find a different therapist who could take her on as a client. I thought that was the deal.

No. 881315

I’ve gotta say I’m so ready for this soon-to-be homeless thing to be over. I swear we’ve been waiting for over a year.

The sad reality is that even if she does end up homeless, I’m sure she will shack up in a shelter or with her mom.

No. 881316

Lets say she does have thousands like she claims… Who would even rent to her? She should have got a steady job months ago

No. 881320

Her mom is in a group home sitch now, like a room in a boarding house, so that's not an option.

Seems like her dad will 100% not take Lurch too, so she's gonna have to make some hard decisions.
I hope maybe her dad will at least take in the cat

No. 881323

File: 1656433946466.jpg (301.14 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20220628-092722_Ins…)

Yeah she's deleting other slightly older posts like >>880358 as well

No. 881324

File: 1656434519804.jpeg (768.54 KB, 1170x1718, 3CB25512-9ECD-47F1-922F-D97F72…)

The chair is still lurking in the background kek. The comment is about being in love with her aesthetic. I suppose to some “dirty hovel dwelling lard-ball” is an aesthetic

No. 881325

I imagine them just chugging directly out of that carton of juice on the counter

Maybe she is scrubbing in case people look up her socials while she's looking for an apartment?

No. 881327

the psychiatrist probably dropped her and is waiting for her to get the hint. luna took her entire bottle of klonopins, called up her psychiatrist to beg for more and threatened suicide when she didn’t get her way. now that she got them back somehow, she’s gone and stabbed herself in the wrist bc her psychiatrist didn’t call her back. she’s getting dropped.

No. 881330

Ah the storied Minute Maid juice containers, soon to be full of Lurch pee. I would love a peek at their grocery list.

No. 881332

She absolutely is. I used to see some pics of her and think "she's not bad" in a weird fucked up kinda way but now I can see she's just positively ugly, inside and out… She has a moon face, small piggy eyes always full of that gross slime/old makeup, a mouth-full of yellow teeth, and I don't even know how to describe her lips. I genuinely don't know what's up with them. All those unfortunate features muddled together complete with that vacant benzo expression. Everything about her is positively vulgar.

No. 881333

File: 1656447479615.jpg (102.12 KB, 900x859, IMG_20220628_171505_572.jpg)

She obvs looked better in hs, pre heroin use. when talking post heroin, I think she looked the best in 2017, picrel, she would've been 21 back then. Luna was never going to be pretty or thin due to her unlucky genes, but she could've been.. Not what she's now.

No. 881334

File: 1656447713635.jpg (122.4 KB, 900x844, IMG_20220628_172153_883.jpg)

This is how Tuna looked post high school, pre heroin, for those too lazy to check older threads.

No. 881339

I feel like she was at least kind of pulling off her target aesthetic at this point in time (knock-off Courtney/Nancy, dirty grunge junkie) which made her look a bit better. Not good, but "purposeful" at least. Nowadays she's not pulling off anything and I'm not sure what look she's going for, which makes her look worse. Half-hearted Lana aesthetic?

No. 881342

File: 1656451207803.jpg (171.03 KB, 711x1400, VideoCapture_20220628-141922.j…)

No. 881343

File: 1656451237730.jpg (176.88 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20220628-141914.j…)

No. 881345

Don't shelters have somewhat strict rules too? There's no way she'd be okay with that and she'd make a huge dramatic show. Like when she was fed one pizza instead of two kek

No. 881347

Does she just stand around her apartment like a fat retard all day? Did heroin destroy any sense of impending doom?

No. 881349

i love how she wrote a sob story about totally having to "throw away her belongings" but still hasn't thrown away her literal trash

No. 881351

the sparkle on the chair always gets me

No. 881352

yes. when youre high you dont care about anything, it takes away all of your anxiety. whenever her benzos/dope wear off is probably when she goes and posts on reddit and has a breakdown. then she gets high and forgets about it.

No. 881353

It’s looks like there’s another one in her hand here kek, bitch has always loved her juice it seems

No. 881357

she's going for junkie trailer park trash.

No. 881383

I wonder what she would have looked like in a timeline where she's some fitness junkie instead. Yes her body is genetically unfortunate, but with her huge hips and proportionately smaller upper body, she could have turned it into the kind of slim-thick people pay to have.
I know this is so far out of the realm of possibility, but Tuna, get an ID, get a job at Planet Fitness, trade in the heroin for Pre-workout and protein powder! If she had even an ounce of actual work ethic, she could build a whole new platform based on bettering herself. I know it'll never happen nonnies but it's just so sad when the actual potential is there but we know she'll never take it. It's not too late to get the Good Ending, Tuna.

No. 881385

The last one was "old Hollywood" and lasted for about ten minutes.

This is worse than meth-chan insisting that would at least give her some energy.

No. 881386

Ehh… Working out is a bit better than doing meth though. Will Tuna workout though? Absolutely not, she's a lazy bitch who can't even take her broken chair down to the trash. Let alone get clean, sober, and put in the effort to better her physical appearance? Lol it's very wishful thinking.

No. 881388

nothing can save the saggy titty massive areolas. not even surgery.

No. 881389

I feel like we've been waiting for the homeless saga since Roger died but these human cockroaches keep finding ways to avoid it

No. 881391

I mean that at least "Luna should take meth" is an achievable, believable story arc. I don't know why anons still post these weird fantasies but it's annoying af. And insisting that she has 'potential' of some sort. Just pop over to /ot and make a fan thread already. Same with the mooning over her high school self that happens every thread.

No. 881393

>trade heroin for protein powder!
please just shut the fuck up

No. 881394

>getting houses from their parents

i literally don’t know anyone who’s parents gifted them a house what planet does she live on

No. 881396

my favourite part of twitards is when they harass doctors and insist they know better than people with a literal MD

No. 881397

No. 881399

Why is she so huge, though? Surely food stamps alone can't violet beauretarde someone so quickly? She must have a serious binge eating addiction. No wonder Lurch screams at her fatass, every lb she packs on using the profits of his junkie shuffling represents a high he's lost. If her dad doesn't come through with sorting the next lodging out for her, I could see Lurch cutting his losses and drifting on to the next. He's leathery and experienced in living uncomfortably, but this time he's even older and is dragging 2 house pets with him, one of whom is like 300lbs. Gotta lighten the load of the baggage when you're on foot (and, like, limping because of a totally tragic dog attack)

No. 881404

She's completely sedentary. She literally does nothing except sit on her apartment. She's obviously not active in the slightest because she doesnt clean her apartment or do anything.
Have you listened to her breathing? She gets out of breath literally just walking 5 feet lmao

Combine that with her very obviously poor diet and she's just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger

No. 881405

She was never like under 200 lbs, she was always very heavy. It's just that she knew how to use camera angles, and the ammount of weight we are seeing now is the result of 2 years of barely leaving her bedroom and replacing heroin with benzos and uber eats.

If Lurch left her, that'd be entertaining, but the dude is always high off his mind and probably sleeps a lot due to dope dizziness. He'll never leave her, he's too lazy to, and won't find another guilliable middle class jailbait courntey love wannabe to mooch off.

Luna would rather loose 95% of her belongings and live in motel rooms than not be with Lurch. Buckle up, nonas, only one month till eviction day, she might not be as online as much tho.

I just hope by the end, pumpkin is safe.

No. 881408

My favorite sperg vote goes to ASMR-chan.
No way she was 90 kilos at her skinniest, like in the photo in a grey shirt and skirt set. Can't find it, but I think it was reposted recently.

No. 881409

she’s got shayna’s fridge frame, what the fuck are you on? bitch got a lumberjack body.

No. 881412

please not this argument again, it just ended in the shat thread. stfu about body types. lunas body type is "lorge". that's it period.

No. 881416

File: 1656518473350.jpeg (17.9 KB, 300x168, 4A30061E-763F-4AB0-8ED8-9F1766…)

luna is shaped like the goddamn grimace
human body typology is not applicable here

No. 881418

Shes' 5'10 (1.78m) tall. At a body weight of 200lbs (90kg) she would just appear big (considering her body type is the one that weight sets at her thights) and not morbidly obese. I hate dragging this discussion longer but it feels like some of you often forget how tall she is.

Moving on, she's been quiet on reddit too. I wonder how the apartament hunt is going

No. 881419

I wouldn't be surprised if her dad already told her it's find a place, live with him, or the streets and her panic is coming less from the thought of being homeless but knowing she's gonna have to dump Lurch come July or her dad really will cut her out of his life this time meaning no more of daddy's credit card but that's just my tinfoil.

No. 881420

She is definitely panicking less this time than she did last time. I’m honestly willing to buy this tinfoil, too. Plus, she knows her dad (cat person) wouldn’t let that cat suffer on the street either.

No. 881421

i’m seriously worried about this cat. last time she posted a pic of him looking at the camera, he could barely open his eyes. i hope her dad can get him and take him to a vet immediately.

No. 881427

She has said it herself she was like 236 lbs (107kg) a few months ago on the wannarexic blog.

No. 881430

Same once they stole his blankets and he died of cancer I thought it was only a matter of time but just like roaches they did survive.

No. 881431

They wouldn’t be able to live together anymore if she moved in with her dad, but that wouldn’t stop them from dating. He would be over there all the time to “visit” (take a break from whatever hovel he finds to squat in) and she’d post poems on tumblr about how they’re going to live together again one day and get married without doing anything to work towards that

No. 881434

>she would just appear big
Anon, that's only 1 bmi point before obesity, lmfao. At 200 lbs and 5'10", as you say.

No. 881439

and she’s a pathological liar, idk why y’all keep believing her. she’s at least 260 but we’ve already buried this conversation.

No. 881440

she’d be pretty chubby but it takes a LOT for fucking 6 foot sasquatch to appear completely round like she is

No. 881441

Why don't they move out of New York? Obviously there's plenty of reasons why any rental place wouldn't want to take them, but surely they'd at least have better luck in a smaller, neighboring state? What ties do they have there, Tuna still has access to both her parents money wherever she goes

No. 881442

it might be hard to find drugs somewhere else

No. 881443


this is absolutely the reason

No. 881444

Overweight =/= obese and obese =/= morbidly obese, which is what she's now

No. 881445

AND she's lazy and wouldn't take a bus with her hoard and a cat, all because she can't drive at the ripe old age of 26

No. 881446

overweight can appear thin if the person is muscular. luna is morbidly obese AND tall. y’all who think she’s anywhere under 250 please touch grass i’m begging.

No. 881449

>all because she can't drive at the ripe old age of 26
That isn't really something to fault her for. You have to keep both eyes on the road and one of hers is in lala land dreaming of the snack aisle. Tuna behind the wheel would be fucking dangerous.

No. 881451

Ohhhh so maybe she can not be allowed to legally drive with her

No. 881453

lurch has probably been scoring off the same guy for 35 years. it wouldn't be impossible for them to find other junkie trash somewhere else but unless they went to say, Philly they couldnt just cop on the street as they are accustomed to. you gotta know someone in a regular town

No. 881460

nah, you can drive with only one eye in New York, a walleye isn’t going to disqualify her

No. 881486

americans are so fat they get triggered if someone cant drive kek

No. 881488

No, drugs are easy to find. It’s finding a regular who will front you that’s hard. If you’re a junkie you can basically sniff out other junkies.

No. 881489

She's previously said she's going to have to get a motel room and "drain" her "savings" too fast if she can't find an apartment.

No. 881490

in order to have a job and contribute to society in any way whatsoever in america you need to learn to drive unless you’re wealthy enough to take rideshares everywhere you fucking retard. have you ever seen an american city? are we supposed to walk across 3 highways to get to work? they’re not walkable at all and 99% of this country commutes a solid hour to get to work if you want to make a decent salary. i hate america but your comment is fucking stupid

so yeah luna IS a lazy sack of shit. lurk more.

No. 881491

Sounds like someone’s sensitive because they can’t drive.

No. 881492

Kek I'm not american, and it wouldn't be shamfeul if Luna did not know how to drive in a country with massive public transportation. But she IS american and therefore it's funny she never got her license in a country (even if that meant horror for those sharing the streets with her) where 90% of it are highways and you can get your license by 16 and you don't even need to go to a driver's school for that kek (also aren't cars super cheap there too?)

No. 881496

>You have to keep both eyes on the road and one of hers is in lala land dreaming of the snack aisle.
This just made me evil cackle, holy shit

No. 881500

American here, you can buy really shitty old cars that run just fine for like, $500-1,000ish if you’re lucky. I see cars for sale by the owners in my neighborhood for like $1,500 all the time. However those cars are more likely to break down in time and you’ll end up investing more in repairs than the car is worth. My car was 7 years old and accident free with very little mileage when I bought it in cash and it was $9,000. So yeah, compared to every other American thing, they can be reasonably priced. But if you want a brand new car be prepared to pay $30k. If you want a new truck or “luxury” car you’re looking at between $40k-100k at least around here.

No. 881501

Luna very easily could have purchased a car with her large inheritance

No. 881504

I was gonna say Philly would be the perfect place for them to go next, it’s only 2-3 hours drive from where they currently are, way cheaper, and they’ll easily find whatever drugs they need

No. 881506

kek she could just as well move to new jersey and become a full time snooki kin and embrace the trailer trash lifestyle

No. 881512

Luna should have her license but she lives in New York State, she has literally no excuse to not get around and “contribute to society”. If there’s anywhere she could live a normal life without driving, it’s where she already lives.

No. 881515

My tinfoil is something similar, but that Luna will weasel lurch in somehow and hope that her dad doesn’t call the police

No. 881521

They would never. They think they’re far too good to hang out with anyone but themselves.

The ex Jersey Shore crew is much more like able

No. 881522

And those brand new are easy to acquire if you have a stable job and down payment, which we know is out of tuna and lurches reach because they refuse to work and pay bills. So no license isn’t even a thing with them.

No. 881525

I could easily see her threatening to self-harm if her dad didn't let Lurch stay there. "He has nowhere to go and uh out of breath, I'd definitely stab myself if he uh out of breath wouldn't be able to stay here, dad. Why do you have to be so mean?!"

No. 881527

I am still shocked at the state of her breathlessness. Literally gasping for air walking down the street. It must be miserable living in that body.

No. 881528

Same, anon. It's like her nose is permanently clogged or something.

No. 881532

She’s always been a mouth breather, but now with her being so out of shape it’s so LOUD

No. 881537

yup i know tons of irresponsible adults with shitty credit and one brain cell who have multiple brand new pickup trucks. i don’t know how they get them, but it’s for sure possible. it doesn’t take long to get your license anyway. pass your permit test, practice for 6 months, then pass your driver test and you’re good to go. then she’d be free take her shein haul and half dead boyfriend to live somewhere cheaper. ofc this is all theoretical, as she would kill a pedestrian on the first day.

No. 881545

File: 1656635883428.jpg (175.64 KB, 720x1402, VideoCapture_20220630-173749.j…)

No. 881546

File: 1656635924538.jpg (187.57 KB, 720x1396, VideoCapture_20220630-173744.j…)

No. 881547

File: 1656635947542.jpg (313.52 KB, 720x1412, VideoCapture_20220630-173747.j…)

No. 881549

>>881545 ugh the skin. it must smell awful. She was right about the surgeon being good at realigning her tattoo, but god this is foul.

No. 881550

It looks so moist and wrinkly I could gag. You know it smells like steaming hot ass omg so fuckin nasty
It looks like it was healed long ago is she gonna leave the stitches in forever now?

No. 881555

the way she always tries to get her newest tattoos in her selfies is still so funny

No. 881559

> unless you’re wealthy enough to take rideshares
…or live in the nyc metro area. Her neighbourhood has jobs available, and the metro north takes her directly in to Manhattan where there are thousands upon thousands of jobs available and a robust public transit system. I bet she even qualifies for poor person discounted mta passes.

No. 881561

According to Google, stitches are usually left in for 1-2 weeks. Hasn't it been at least 3 for tuna now?

No. 881562

Yep. Thread was created 21 days ago right when everything happened.

No. 881563

File: 1656644021879.gif (1.92 MB, 365x241, 1510613873267.gif)

No. 881567

After the 14-day mark, it doesn't take long for the skin to get pissed off. The scarring can get pretty gnarly and keloid and be more susceptible to infection than what that sweaty sock-smelling wound already is.

Skin also likes to start growing over stitches when left in too long, and digging stitches out of infected angry scar tissue isn't fun for either party.

We all know Tuna won't go into an ER unless she "knows" for certain she's gonna score or get those sweet uwu bux off her followers, and a simple stitch removal in an ER isn't very exciting (at least not to people who properly care for themselves unlike her), but given her level of grime she may wanna make a quick pit stop to get those stitches out.

No. 881569

I’d have taken them out myself around a week and a half ago, smh. This will be a fun side saga. How long will she hang onto those stitches for attention? Will it turn into a ball of stinking lumpy puss just like the rest of her body? Will she get sepsis and die before she parts with these attention getters? I can just see her being super sad once they are out.

No. 881577

When I was looking to rent out my spare room I found requests like this soooo fucking annoying. I literally had mfs trying to get 2, sometimes even 3 people into one room for 500 per month.

Like, you realise the 2/3 of you combined would use more than 500 in utilities in the current energy crisis, right??

As a landlord, 2 people wanting to share room in a house signals that one or both of those people aren't employed, would not touch with a 10ft pole.

No. 881578

she probably shouldn’t do it herself because she most likely wouldn’t disinfect the area and would just snip and drag those bacteria riddled nylon threads right through her skin. but she should get them removed asap before her body decides they should be permanent.

No. 881583

I dont know how things work on the east coast, but im super surprised she doesnt do blues. Its like harder to find black than blues out here. Most of my old friends who still use, mainly smoke fet now.

Also why doesnt she find an established squat? I stayed in plenty when i was using and traveling and there were always people as unbearable and stupid as tuna staying in them.

No. 881584

Yeah, it just shows how out of touch she is. Who would rent out a room to two people and double the utilities cost when they can rent to one and get the same amount of rent? Luna, couples who have one bedroom in shared housing are paying more rent/utilities.

No. 881586

That’s not going to help her move out of state tho

No. 881599

She isn't going to move out of state. Or even out of her area. Any assumptions otherwise are fucking stupid. Every remark made on the subject has been "I would but…"

Her family is there, and contrary to her bullshit statements- she would not give up the support they have and do still give her.
Her dealers/friends/doctors are there and she has not been sociable enough to find new ones since high school.
And most importantly: she couldn't be "dirty uwu junkie Yankee fan city girl so aesthetic" elsewhere, in her mind.

She isn't moving out of state. She isn't getting her license. She isn't bettering her life. Doesn't matter how easy it would be.
Yall are forgetting the history here.

No. 881600

One month left, she should stop horsing around and arrange to get into a homeless shelter. No one will rent to her without a stable job.

No. 881601

Honestly, Luna must hate that she can't emotionally manipulate her dad like she does to her mom. She always REEE's on her socials that her dad constantly shits on her to the point of tears. She's 100% dumb enough to sneak lurch in but, I hope her dad either calls the police on lurch or she gets kicked out. The milk from that would be hilarious, I also hope he forces her to get a job and she REEEE's on snap or insta about "muh abooosive dad wants me to get a job at almost 30" then making a "luv u daddy" post after he buys her more skincare crap. Alas, this is just my fanfiction till the eviction actually happens.

No. 881602

Place your bets on the next saga:
1. Hotel/Motel arc for a few months. Drug use becomes more obvious. Lurch hunts for a not homeless girl to move in with.
2. Dad's house saga. Lurch can stay for a week- they try to squeeze more time out of dad. He refuses and Lurch finds a new mark
3.They manage to wiggle into a legitimate place, pay the bare minimum and restart the squat saga.

I feel like Lurch is going to bounce no matter what at this point. It would be much easier for him to find a stupid woman to leech off than it would be to straighten their lives up. Tuna isn't going to pull the plug.

No. 881603

> My car was 7 years old and accident free with very little mileage when I bought it in cash and it was $9,000.
When was this? Used cars are notoriously expensive right now. A used 78k car from 10 years ago is 13k in my area. A 4 year old car with 30k mileage is at least 16k used, and this is all at those cheap Carfax private dealers (CarMax is a minimum of $15k in my area). I can't imagine it being any better in NY. A Kia Forte with a 100k/10 year warranty MSRP is 19k. People are reselling 2-3 year old cars now for more than they bought them for. Your scenario may have been the case in 2013, but it isn't that way any more.

No. 881605

File: 1656696387074.jpeg (312.84 KB, 1080x1721, 2D24B5D7-A8E7-45E4-8819-9FAC98…)

blend your makeup you absolute clown

No. 881606

File: 1656696560256.jpeg (369.93 KB, 750x958, 6D4A15B8-10CD-4DD6-8F41-135998…)

No. 881608

File: 1656696951721.jpg (421.7 KB, 1079x1031, Screenshot_20220701-133536_Chr…)


No. 881610

Family member lives in New Rochelle, his roommate does not drive. He walks, takes the bus and train. Works in the city. She can easily get by working, shopping etc w no car in NewRo, she’s just lazy

No. 881611

I wonder if her recent shopping sprees are because of her dad giving her money to find a place, which in typical tuna fashion she's already blown through.

No. 881613

1 is the most likely scenario. Luna won't live with her dad, he's aboosiveee. She won't leave lurch either and lurch won't leave her, they have became co dependent at this point. They don't have jobs and don't want to get one either. No one will lease to them, no one will have them as roomates. They don't have friends to take them. The most likely scenario (after they drain their savings, which probably isn't much, in motel rooms) is they end up squatting in Luna's mom's place again. Poor pumpkin will probably end up in the streets or a shelter, unfortunately.

I hope this month goes by fast, I really want to see where this is going!

No. 881614

Her teeth look absolutely disgsuting

No. 881615

File: 1656700908209.png (Spoiler Image, 4.06 MB, 750x1334, DAF04D77-81F3-484E-81E1-DCB470…)

flashing her utters on Reddit again

No. 881617

File: 1656701041974.jpeg (80.14 KB, 750x449, 740689D3-B542-480A-ABD0-D49A6E…)

No. 881618

I’m willing to bet she hasn’t brushed her teeth in months

No. 881619

We can talk about theoretical scenarios while realizing she won’t do a lick of it. She’s going to die exactly how she is. I don’t think talking about the ways in which she could very easily change her situation is implying that she ever will.

No. 881620

i’d pay real hard earned cash to see what this makeup looks like in natural light

No. 881621

That got an ugly chuckle out of me. She has way too much confidence for someone who can't even blend her makeup.

No. 881623

Her mom is living in a group home (room in a house with other addicts in rooms) not an apartment, so there's 0% chance of her squatting there again. Those places are strict as hell.

No. 881628

To add to this I’m gonna BET that the first sign of Luna that case worker she pissed off will know. They may be overworked but that’s exactly why you don’t fuck with them. Luna mouthing off and being a bitch will come back to her If she tries mooching off mom at moms place.

No. 881635

holy fuck my sides! that wing is so sloppy & the "highlights" look like smears of white out

seriously why do the front two look orange?!?

this new clown makeup lewk she's so into lately is doing her zero favors, but tbh it's kind of fascinating to watch her move through different phases of appalling makeup (RIP to the pin eyes & pale crusty lips era)

No. 881651

File: 1656714370466.jpg (151.2 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20220701-152510_Sam…)

Lurch having access to the internet again is great

No. 881652

File: 1656715050110.jpg (180.01 KB, 1051x1543, 20220701_153331.jpg)

Zooming in… Kind of gives you an idea. Ngl I'm loving fat clown kween era, by all means Tuna head on over to /w/ and use Jill as a reference.

No. 881653

File: 1656715991467.jpg (193.12 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20220701-155045.j…)

No. 881654

File: 1656716126306.jpg (162.42 KB, 720x1392, VideoCapture_20220701-155047.j…)

No. 881655

File: 1656716164958.jpg (164.37 KB, 713x1381, VideoCapture_20220701-155441.j…)

No. 881656

She posted the same public gyrating video 4 times on sc…. videos incoming. Converting now

No. 881657

File: 1656716603025.webm (1.27 MB, 720x1392, XRecorder_01072022_154519_1.we…)

No. 881658

File: 1656716660700.webm (8.1 MB, 720x1392, XRecorder_01072022_154519.webm)

No. 881659

she really thinks she's the hottest shit

No. 881660

Kek, the industrial-grade face slimming filter is pulling the points of her clown liner inward. You can see in other pics the triangles are more-or-less equilateral.

No. 881662

File: 1656717448444.jpeg (28.12 KB, 250x338, A614C09D-0D0C-4FAB-8DFE-70E973…)

Same in my city, I have no idea what nonnie is talking about. Post pandemic, the cost of used cars and property values have skyrocketed. In every city I’ve lived none have been terribly walkable, just like Luna’s situation. But in America if you want and need a job, you walk the whatever number of blocks it takes to get to a bus stop and go to work so you don’t wind up on the street. She just doesn’t mind playing with fire.
I’ve never seen her look more like Leatherface.

No. 881664

is that fucking white out or white acrylic paint?

No. 881666

Why does she insist on wearing such heavy makeup when she has the smallest beadiest little eyes?

No. 881675

What are the white smears all over her shirt? I swear this landwhale doesn't know about soap

No. 881677

File: 1656720659815.jpeg (160.42 KB, 828x1088, 951EC1A1-EDB1-4ACC-AE19-96E4B3…)

“Pandemic weight”

No. 881678

T-Rex arms not covering the tracks marks very well….. and wtf that huge bandaid for?! Get the stitches out already!

No. 881679

She looks so embarassing. And you can hear men in the background I bet she was desperately hoping she'd get cat called like she says she does everytime she goes out but alas, nothing. Kek

No. 881687

File: 1656723000086.png (1.42 MB, 826x1570, Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 7.49…)

what an absolute unit

No. 881692

So do you guys think Lurch is taking these pictures or is she cringe enough to use a tripod for her public flashing?

No. 881693

She doesn’t even own a working scale so how would she know how much weight she “lost”? Liar

No. 881696

It literally looks like she applied paint or glue to her face and this bitch is proud as hell of it.

An extremely embarrassing video, but she feels no shame.

No. 881698

She has a working scale, it used to sit next to the litter box in her kitchen selfies.

No. 881700


She looks like a crackhead, how does she think this is post-worthy?

No. 881701

The same way she came up with a sobriety number.

No. 881706

nah i bet you shes leaning her phone on like a newspaper box or mailbox or something else on the sidewalk.

No. 881707

She looks like a juggalo -_-(-_-)

No. 881709

I am adding her moving into ebil dads house and dad pressing charges against lurch for assault or theft or something when Luna tries to finesse lurch into staying there against dads will

No. 881710

It’s completely insane to me that not only did this hambeast lose an entire ass she inherited, squander the inheritance money, drop out of college to become a full time junkie with her predatory groomer boyfriend who is twice her age but also has option of living in her dad’s beautiful apartment if she ditches her disgusting boyfriend who clearly doesn’t give two fucks about her yet she insists on staying with him and looking down the barrel of homelessness. Completely fucking insane.

No. 881711

That's dope-dating for ya. That's all they have. Take the drugs away and tuna would lose what little interest she has left for him.

No. 881713

the pandemic deeply affected those of us with full time jobs who were furloughed or laid off completely. it affected those of us with families to feed, and family who have been hospitalized with covid.

how the FUCK has it affected luna? she stays inside all day not doing shit and has been unemployed her entire adult life. her life has gone on as if covid never even happened. fuck out of here with that pandemic excuses bullshit. save that for the people whose lives have been made hell by covid. god she’s fucking infuriating.

No. 881716

What is that huge red thing on her arm? Can’t tell if it’s a skin tag or zit? Has it always been there and I just noticed???

No. 881717

Same way she has always thought her poetry is deep and her crusty ass is worth posting. She does not live in the same world as the rest of us.

No. 881718

>only did this hambeast lose an entire ass she inherited
>>an entire ass

No. 881720

I have never seen a more English looking American couple in my life

No. 881721

Fuck this bitch is so WIDE

No. 881722

if anything, the pandemic benefitted Luna because it kept her from getting evicted for over a year.

No. 881723

I bet her dad is strict with enforcing his boundaries with her, which is probably exactly why he's soooo evil and abusive in her mind. She's very "all or nothing", if you're not indulging any and all of her bullshit then you're actively working against her. I can absolutely see him being adamant about Lurch not being welcome in his home and not budging on that no matter what BPD nonsense Tuna screams at him. Imagine picking squalor and hopelessness over real, decent opportunities in life for that fucking loser this many times. She sacrificed a college education and being a homeowner for a grown ass man that refuses to get even a part time job, and according to her calls her names on a regular basis. He's so utterly fucking useless and embarrassing that he tries to interact with porn bots and cam girls on Twitter. That is so fucking pathetic it's hard to even put into words. It's weirdly comforting knowing that she's also such a hopeless cluster B, sad sack, obnoxious, unrepentant scum bag herself. I don't even have to feel bad about this gross human embodiment of a grease fire.

No. 881724

She's "too fragile" for a squat with her fUtUrE hUbBy and why would she pay $30/pill for blues when she gets free benzos from mom and dad? That's the real reason she won't leave. Her connection is free benzoyl from her evil parents.

No. 881726

No one does black on the east coast. That's a west coast thing. Most of the east has been fetty and not even legit fentanyl for awhile. The overdose reports show people don't even have heroin in their system on the east coast anymore.

No. 881729

She awkwardly angles that stupid rose tattoo into every damn photo and it's so ridiculous- looking.

Btw, please stop smiling with that Pennywise from It smile.

No. 881731

Excuse me for spoonfeeding autism but where did her inheritance go, did