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File: 1596438714827.png (297.63 KB, 427x411, pidge.png)

No. 595636

Last thread >>>/ot/582449

No. 595647

Shoeonhead’s scene eyeliner isn’t that bad of a look , it just doesn’t look good on her because of her FAS face

No. 595648

To piggyback of your opinion I also don't even think it looks bad on her, I honestly kind of think it suits her.

No. 595671

I just came across that petition about closing down Pornhub and it's shoeonhead stupid. It's like it's created by boomers who don't understand how technology works

No. 595675

the problem is if they close down pornhub a thousand other clones will pop up in its place. I do agree that the sites refusal to take down videos that depict rape and trafficking victims is disgusting and should have ramifications, but there is no way to get rid the site itself. pornsick men will find or create another site to watch their repugnant content, it's not going to change even if ph is taken down.

No. 595682

It's symbolic, as >>595675 said it would show that there are consequences to profiting of rape. Also pornhub is hugely popular and trying to have an acceptable image.

What would you suggest instead?

No. 595691

File: 1596451770292.jpg (44.06 KB, 640x718, qRzQbqh.jpg)

And what will doing nothing achieve? Pornhub has long ago managed to insert itself into normal non-porn spaces, they're trying to be seen as harmless, quirky, even benevolent and so on. For example stuff like this https://thoughtcatalog.com/jacob-geers/2015/08/11-hilarious-tweets-that-prove-pornhub-has-an-amazing-sense-of-humor/ It's become way too mainstream. Without pornhub and other big sites there might be hope for at least some social stigma against porn to return. Porn will never go away completely, but the scrotes who watch it should at least be shamed.

No. 595768

People who use air conditioning are babies. I understand if you live somewhere tropical or extremely humid but I do not want to hear people talking about how 86 degrees with mild humidity is SoOoOo Hott like.. so Hot though, it’s 100 degrees outside!!!1

And they just complain whenever they need to be somewhere without a/c. I can’t use it in the car because it makes my toes numb and people will WHINE for me to turn it on when the windows are down and it’s comfortable for me. Get used to the real world, losers. You’re limiting yourself by acclimating to false climates.

No. 595773

What are you, a chiuahaha?

No. 595776

But humid weather is awful when you are not used to it, and it’s usually cold af where you live. I would prefer a heatwave, literally impossible to be outside without being weirdly sweaty but also not that warm. I’m suffering rn

No. 595777

Thats just your typical fellow kids brand engagement. Still problematic but if youre gonna go full repressing mode ala 3rd world countries then rape or child bride exodus would happen. Or just look up Utah sex cult.

No. 595778

It's created by young women who had CP of them as toddlers and rape videos of them at 14 distributed on Pornhub, and were ignored when they contacted them to remove it, lmao.
Also, this is the same site that "verifies" trafficked children as performers. But I guess no one should do anything, CP should be fine because men need to coom, right?

No. 595781

File: 1596469159792.jpeg (74.8 KB, 960x540, 8A10EA2B-139B-468B-AA7F-55824C…)

No. 595782

Yes, it's better to just do nothing and say nothing.

No. 595783

THANK YOU my sister kills me with this our apt has central air and she fucking abuses it it can be like 74 in the apartment and she’ll be like it’s soOOo hot!! and then makes the whole apt 59 degrees. How is that comfortable!? I spend most days in my room because it’s fucking freezing everywhere else. So I whole heartedly agree!! And I hated going to restaurants in the summer because you gotta dress for winter because it’s a fucking tundra. So dumb!!

No. 595785

Pornhub should burn. Absolutely fuck them and anyone that defends them. They fucking verified a 15-year-old girl that had been missing a year. They took 30% of her earnings on the site. They literally profited directly off child porn.

if you don't see why they should be disolved as a company then idk what to say, coomer.

No. 595786

I wouldn't mind having a bunch of doves sitting on my head and shoulders. In fact, I'd prefer it.

No. 595787

File: 1596469502051.png (430.76 KB, 661x390, 1.png)


No. 595789

….. those are pigeons anon

No. 595791

Some people are naturally sweatier than others, do you really want to deal with that?

No. 595794

Sorry, it's both the same word in my native language.

No. 595795

There's no actual difference between doves and pigeons.

No. 595796

don't be pedantic this ain't reddit

No. 595800

I'm the only one not being undeservedly pedantic as opposed to the pigeon anons but ok.

No. 595804

This is just a unpopular opinion for lolcow but, I think the rise in popularity of things like onlyfans and other self produced porn is great. With all the abuse that happens in the porn industry, I would prefer more girls making porn in the comfort of their own home by themselves. I'm sure there is still abuse that happens, but it's probably a lot less.

The only thing I don't like is how many young girls are being encouraged to become pornstars. I think we can encourage sex positivity without making it seem like porn is the best thing ever and every girl should do it. I can't find it, but if I could I would attach a pic of the tweet that says, "If you're waiting to turn 18 to make an onlyfans account, you've successfully been groomed by the internet."

No. 595809

This may not be the most revolutionary opinion on here but I really miss geocities. I spent so much of my childhood on sailor moon fan page sites, the community was so welcoming and fun from what I remember. I miss being able to have the ability to jump from forum to forum. I could spend hours on role-playing boards or just creating fanart for different ocs. It's kind of like the only sites in use now are the same six.

No. 595813

My unpopular opinion is that no one should have to degrade their body for money therefore selling yourself on onlyfans is not sex positivity lmao

Sex positivity stopped when everything became about money, porn, fame and power, instead of being about understanding how your body works and not being ashamed of having sex with your partner

Porn is just filmed prostitution and camgirls are engaging on it

No. 595815

damn i googled it and you’re actually kinda right lol ive never seen a dove in person before and i see pigeons all the time but had no idea theyre related wow im sorry anon >>595794

No. 595816

>"Sex positivity stopped when everything became about money, porn, fame and power, instead of being about understanding how your body works and not being ashamed of having sex with your partner"
So, in other words, sex positivity never existed

No. 595824

You know you're living in a dystopia when your best bet for making money is letting the whole world see up your asshole or vagina, and that people will unironically defend this system, claim it's "progressive"/"positive"/"healthy" and get very angry at you for pointing out how soul-crushing it really is.

No. 595825

sex positivity is for scrotes to encourage women to sleep with them. it’s a joke just like porn and I’m sorry OP is convinced women exposing themselves “””””willingly””””” is more wholesome or s/t lol

No. 595827

My unpopular opinion is that the sex postivity movement is propaganda from the porn industry to socialise women into liking porn and encourage more of them to participate in making porn, thus expanding the industry and making it so that they can make even more money then ever before. I'm cool with the notion that women should be able to engage in discussions about sex, but no body ever talks about how the sex positivity movement prays on women who are mentally vulnerable and how they are groomed into taking it further and further than they originally planned because money. It's always been about money. To sell more sex toys, and lingerie and more pointless sex shit that most people don't need. All the articles about women making hundreds of thousands camming are straight up encouraging women to become sex workers. Nobody talks about people like Shayna or cam girls who literally make pennies after years in the game.

>So, in other words, sex positivity never existed
Pretty much. Notice how most of the movement is catered more to fulfilling the desires of men and their ever dying need for sex. Nobody wants to talk about the women who regret everything and take them seriously. Nobody should ever feel the need that they should be doing porn.

No. 595832

File: 1596473173686.jpg (102.52 KB, 949x534, tumblr_pb3cktfMuD1v5thoao1_128…)

have you ever lived in a country that has limited a/c? it's hell on earth

No. 595840

File: 1596474264942.jpg (32.81 KB, 720x526, d29cc18b408ebe1b121642478c9a3d…)

sometimes the sentiment in pic related is bs, there are certain things that if you worry that you're faking them you probably are, especially if you then go begging for validation online

No. 595843

>I’m sorry OP is convinced women exposing themselves “””””willingly””””” is more wholesome
I don't think it's more wholesome lmao. Did you miss the whole second half of my post or something. I'm fully aware that there are still a lot of downsides to making porn the fact that many girls don't actually make that much money from it and making porn could ruin their chances of getting a job in the future are just two examples. My point was that if they are going to do porn (which a lot of women are these days) I think it's better if they self-produce it. At the end of the day tho, it's best if women take jobs that don't require them to sell their body.

No. 595844

Unpopular opinion: If (monetized) sex positivity is to be a thing, it should mean women being encouraged to draw, write and otherwise express their own sexual fantasies without shame, and an economic boom for female-made erotica that doesn't pander to men in general. Destigmatization and support for female sexuality without the need to keep men in mind (because males sure as hell don't keep us in mind when they're expressing their sexuality).
I don't really care if it's Anne Rice books, a shitton more otome games, or just fujo shit in manga/games/books/shows/films. A woman just has to be behind its creation, and it has to not depend on men buying it. I think the "sex positivity" movement in general is a load of bullshit, but if some form of sexuality has to be in everyone's face, this is the only "good" form of it I can really see for women. Anything else just seems like bullshit made up by scrotes and pick-mes to justify human trafficking and exploitation.
By the way, nobody bother replying to this insisting that the average girl on OF or Mindgeek-owned porn star who needs to be high/intoxicated out of her mind just to get through a scene is totally already expressing her deepest fantasies and isn't pandering to males for money. Sick of this cope, lmao.

No. 595848

>your best bet for making money is letting the whole world see up your asshole or vagina
Oh my god I laughed so hard, but literally this. Imagine showing your asshole on camera lmao
Like, language matters. I think if we say "She's being a pretty girl on camera" or something downplays and romantizices it or something like that. But if we say "She's showing her asshole for pennies" then yeah that surely hurts lol

No. 595851

Asses and assholes are disgusting to me, no idea why anal is so popular. Male or female ass, ugly or pretty ass, I just feel repulsed or indifferent. I can't see it as a sexual body part

No. 595853

the power of persuasion. When you see other people hyping something up , your brain registers it as a positive. I was bullied for have a fat ass (kek) and now people think it's my best feature. Gross imo

No. 595854

>women being encouraged to draw, write and otherwise express
>that doesn't pander to men in general
Fixed it lol

(just kidding. I agree with your post.)

No. 595857

I genuinely don't have yellow fever and have only ever been attracted to one asian (joji, who is actually kind of ugly but I guess that's my type), however I think Japanese men are the most attractive out of asian men. I don't know what it is but I can always tell if a guy is from Japan specifically and I feel like they have the best/sexiest features.

No. 595861

Unpopular opinion we need /XX/ back
And get a spooky paranormal board too cause that's fun

No. 595864

a lot of people think japanese men having such a high amount of incels has to do with them being uglier on average but i find the scrawny shy nerdy boy stereotype attractive

No. 595865

File: 1596475552188.jpg (22.27 KB, 350x484, 02981e7981166185a78062c6c3ce8e…)

I mean you're not wrong lmao
I love that kinda nerd guy so much too

No. 595866

Cold whether and winter clothing are comfortable. Nobody likes sweating

No. 595870


No. 595882

>Unpopular opinion: If (monetized) sex positivity is to be a thing, it should mean women being encouraged to draw, write and otherwise express their own sexual fantasies without shame, and an economic boom for female-made erotica that doesn't pander to men in general. Destigmatization and support for female sexuality without the need to keep men in mind (because males sure as hell don't keep us in mind when they're expressing their sexuality).
this, all of this is so true anon. Women are not, and have never been allowed to be sexual but to be sex objects. You cracked the code.

Guess that's why I'm still a filthy weeb at least online, because girls can actually express their fantasies through fujo/otome/fanfic shit more than they can in other stuff. When I see self-proclaimed "feminists" mock these things I get ridiculously mad, how can you claim to stand for women and girls and then mock one of the very few mediums/spaces where women and girls have some genuine freedom to express themselves without direct male intervention?? How can you mock fanfiction when absolute piles of steaming garbage gets published by adult men and no one bates an eye?

I swear, some people are just bitter younger girls are getting to enjoy themselves in their own instead of engaging in abusive sex practices through being tricked into dating way too early. This breaks the cycle of abuse and control girls are subjected to because you don't longer need a boyfriend to explore your sexuality -> you don't get shitty sex and abusive practices normalized in your very sex life. Not that fujo or otomeshit are perfect neither but it's a start.

Most trainwrecks posted in this website had their teen years messed up in some way because they got groomed or abused somehow during those vulnerable years due to naivety if you pay close attention.

No. 595883

It really depends on what you're used to. To me, 30 degrees celcius (86 fahrenheit) is a killer of a heatwave, for others it's a casual warm day. AC isn't common in my country (because we don't live in a hot climate) but on 30 degrees celcius days I sure I wish I has ac.

No. 595886

this was meant for >>595844, sorry

No. 595895

I mock fujoshis cause they're insane, not for being women lmao plus a lot of them are fakeboys now

No. 595898

My sweaty armpits disagree.

No. 595902

patrician taste, anon

No. 595903

thanks for introducing me to him anon, he's hot

No. 595904

File: 1596478378895.jpg (38.15 KB, 412x600, f12f43c582293d80410aa8c0daaa07…)

You're welcome anons. Atsushi Sakurai was super handsome in the 90's with that amazing long hair!

No. 595905

he also looks very hot here if you're interested to check it out lol

No. 595913

Conversational Japanese sounds like Mandarin or some other East Asian language.

I didn’t want to use “ching chong language” cuz I was afraid of getting banned for racebait lol

No. 595921

Listen harder. Hard consonants (ka, da, ya) vs soft consonants (xia, la, lots of sh- sounds). Even the tones/pacing are different? I can get mixing up Korean and Japanese, but Japanese and Chinese? What?

No. 595922

Probably because East Asian languages borrow a lot from each other since the countries are relatively close together. It’s the same as how English speaking people have trouble telling e.g. Hungarian and Polish apart because even though they’re from completely different language families they share some vocabulary from being nearby each other.

Also iirc Korean and Japanese are pretty closely related and in the same language family, I’m not sure about Mandarin though. Mandarin has always sounded distinctly different to me than those two.

No. 595923

Exactly, it's why I will never really give a fuck how problematic fujo/otome content is. Some of the fans can be cowish, but we honestly don't have enough women being truly open about what they want sexually, and I'm not particularly interested in suppressing their voices even further.
We all know what most of the people complaining are really angry at girls and women about. Men are pissed at the concept of young girls and women discovering their sexuality without actually having to sleep with assholes, and pick-mes think everyone should suffer the same way they did. It's all so sinister. As for perma-mad fakebois, they're just trying to save their own skin and feel more "authentic" by dunking on femoids.

No. 595927

Mandarin is in a completely different family than Japanese/Korean. They sound nothing alike, especially because Japanese sounds way nicer than Chinese languages do. You guys are retarded.

No. 595931

I wanna say this is bait but I know too many people who are too retarded to confuse a tonal language for a non tonal one.
Maybe not being able to tell Thai, Viet and Chinese apart but… Japanese? That's embarrassing to admit.

No. 595932

Koreaboo/weeb defected.

No. 595939

agreed with the exception of sleep. the only time my ac is on in central FL is when im sleeping. idk, as long as im not in direct sunlight heat really doesn't bother me

No. 595946

mandarin and japanese sound nothing alike retard

No. 595958

Women in America don't deserve to cry about sexism or misogyny. American women are so entitled that they forget that there are women in Third World countries that are ACTUALLY suffering. American women don't know how good they have it in America and it makes me ashamed to be a woman.

No. 595959

they kind of have a similar vibe to them like english and german do, they hshare a common ancestor, but as someone who speaks mandarin and a bit of japanese they really do sound nothing alike in practice lol. you obviously can find similar words and kanji, lots of Japanese people can point at chinese writing and recognize the word in their own language. but say the chinese word to them and they'll look at you with a pikachu face. when i was going between china and japan frequently i would accidentally speak mandarin to japanese people and japanese to chinese people and they would literally not understand a single word out of my mouth lol. you know how sometimes you can pick out words from spanish or german if you are an english speaker? i've never had that with a japanse or chinese person but i also have a heavy american accent so that probably fucks with things. really though chinese is so distinct you can pick it out anywhere, i have more issues picking apart south east asian languages like viet and thai but that comes from unfamiliarity more so than the nature of the language.

No. 595964

Coming from a woman who has lived in a third world hell country, this is a retarded take.

No. 595967

Why post this in multiple threads?

No. 595973

I know this is the unpopular opinion thread, but did you really think we needed to hear this so bad you posted it in 2 threads?

Anyway a persons suffering doesn't negate someone elses suffering. That's like saying women who are getting beat by their husband shouldn't complain cause some women are getting murdered by their husbands. Both situations are horrible and shouldn't happen. Also, suffering is subjective so no one can say who is "actually" suffering and who isn't

Love yourself more as a woman.

No. 595975

They're screaming whore at anons in the the other post, got called a scrote there so they made sure to add 'I'm ashamed to be a woman' in this post… bit sus

No. 595979

There's no proof that Chinese and Japanese have a common ancestor (any more so than any two random languages). You have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 595981

Hi, woman from third world country here. Go fuck yourself, you don't even care about our issues. Retards like you only say this shit to silence feminists. Stop using us as weapons.

No. 595982

Mandarin Chinese objectively sounds awful, while languages with a lot of pleasant vowels like Italian objectively sound nicer

No. 595985

File: 1596486803618.png (1.17 MB, 1583x722, korean japanese chinese.png)

In the past I went from being a kboo to being a weeb but now I think chinese men are the most attractive. Imo the average korean man is the ugliest, and while korean celebrities look nothing like them, they still look weird or rather only attractive to young girls, with very soft features, bowl cuts, pink lipgloss and so on (think kpop). I was also a fan of Buck-Tick and always thought "how could I ever find a bf when Atsushi (this guy >>595865)
exists" lol but japanese dudes are just way too short and scrawny for my tastes (they're also a lot more tan than koreans and chinese, no idea why some people can't tell them apart?), plus many still style themselves like it's 2005.
Of course there are also many ugly chinese men but China is simply so big that there are bound to be many cuties too. Especially the younger dudes are often tall and when it comes to celebrities they seem to prefer stronger features (like bigger noses and very expressive eyes) which I like.

No. 595990

This ain’t the misogyny olympics you fucking tard

No. 595991

Not you posting a Chinese man with like 60 rounds of plastic surgery, undereye makeup, styled eyebrows and dyed hair, anon.
I'm just kidding, you do you.

No. 596006

All 3 of them are very popular actors in their countries, so I thought it's a good comparison for the respective beauty standards/taste in men - so of course all 3 of them also wear makeup, have expensive styling and might have gotten work done.

No. 596010

you're right, i made the assumption that because the Japanese had borrowed Chinese writing that they had a relationship in regards to linguistic evolution, but it's really just a borrowed writing system. oops that's my b, jumped the gun on that. im not claiming to be some linguist lol, i just lived in the countries that speak the language and learned both myself. makes sense that japanese would be of it's own linguistic family considering it's existence as an island nation. i've always subscribed to the theory of proto languages existing in a indo european sense and falsely applied the same conclusions to an asiatic island group, which was dumb lol.

No. 596014

people can care about multiple issues at once sperg

No. 596021

did you become a chinaboo after watching the untamed or what

No. 596029

Lol no. I vacationed there for a while after graduating and was pleasantly surprised, that kind of turned me away from my previous teenage kbooness/weebness.

No. 596031

kek, alright then. i've seen so many untamed fans on lolcow lately

No. 596032

please tell me this is bait

No. 596034

I agree, also hate overly heated indoor spaces in winter.
Having a huge temp difference between indoors and outdoors is unhealthy.
I live where it is regularly over 100 and I don't use AC either in my house. It's retarded how I need to bring a sweatshirt to go to the grocery store because they need to keep it at fucking 65 for all the fat boomers.
Used the RTD in Denver a lot in the past too, and in winter they keep it at like 80 degrees. So you're suffering in your winter gear the whole ride since its too crowded to take it off. Bah.

No. 596035

File: 1596490324230.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 1596462168113.png)

She looks better in the second pic.

No. 596038

Because male sexuality is literally memed into them

No. 596039

Disagree. Who is that?

No. 596041

I think she looks better in general post-surgery but not in this particular photo.

No. 596042

Oh god no

No. 596046

pnp, she has a lot of threads in snow

No. 596058

what are you talking about she genuinely looks like a mtf in the second pic

No. 596076

Because I want to see if everyone on lolcow is as stupid as the "women" in the Art Thread. Love that women get treated like "innocent wittwe babies" who can do no wrong. So sick of the idea that women can't criticize other women without being called a scrote on this site. At least use another insult for fucks sake.

No. 596080

>Love that women get treated like "innocent wittwe babies" who can do no wrong. So sick of the idea that women can't criticize other women without being called a scrote on this site.

What kind of lolcow is this? We still laugh at Shayna, Luna, and Momokun lmao

No. 596084

He text back yet, sis?

No. 596095

File: 1596498621345.gif (631.17 KB, 356x200, who-said-that.gif)

>Love that women get treated like "innocent wittwe babies" who can do no wrong.
lol ok anon. unironically pic related.

No. 596098

Preg isn's as ugly as anons act he is. It's his shitty personality and severe mental retardation combined with unwarranted self-importance that make him so repulsive.

I still think he and June were perfect for each other, shame we'll never get their marriage saga, kek.

No. 596100

I agree

No. 596102

I don’t think people can ‘make’ themselves interesting like through hobbies or whatever. I think those things can give you more things to talk about maybe, but I don’t think I’ve ever found someone truly ‘interesting’ just because of hobbies. I feel like what makes someone interesting is mostly just the way that they think and interact with the world and their experiences based off that and I kind of feel like it’s just something people are or aren’t.

No. 596103

> Love that women get treated like "innocent wittwe babies" who can do no wrong.
I see Homegirl has never heard of nemu or todokaras kek

No. 596106

>Preg isn’t as ugly as anons act like he is
You’re right, he’s even more repulsive than anyone can put into words

No. 596109

I agree I think he’s just average, tbh I think a lot of the cows who people act as if they’re repulsive monsters are just average but their personalities affect people’s perception of them

No. 596110

oh god please do not give me trauma flashbacks to nemu I've desperately tried to scrub her horrorcow presence from my brain

No. 596118

>it's another "farmers defending fat men" episode

No. 596123

No ones ‘defending’ him I just said he’s average, literally most people are fat now, men and women are both on average overweight. Realistically Greg, and most other cows, isn’t any more physically grotesquely repulsive than the average person. No ones saying he’s attractive.

No. 596135

>"women can't criticize other women without being called a scrote on this site"
>this site…with many, many threads focused on criticizing women

No. 596156

every thread some mad anon gets e-bullied in another thread and comes here to complain about being called a scrote and it kills me everytime

No. 596161

Women who send lewd pictures to men are stupid

No. 596173

ok I'm probably going to get grilled for this but It's my truth. Back in high school I had a fascination with making fake accounts on dating sites. It just really buttered my biscuits knowing I managed to convince someone that I'm a real person when I'm not. I used to pretend to be guys because it seemed more rewarding to convince girls who are by definition smarter and not as desperate to nut that I was real than guys. Anyway, I was talking to a girl and literally an hour into our conversation she sent me a full on nude. She was the LAST person I ever thought would do something like that. I was so taken aback. I literally lectured her on how stupid of a move that was and how I could be a complete fake (kek) and do something terrible with that photo. I then told her that she needs to stop seeking validation from men and that any man on the internet would tell her she had a great body because they reeked of desperation.

It was disturbing..

No. 596175

No. 596176

I'm sorry anon
Sometimes I just re-read her thread because she was so fascinating to me.

Was not expecting the post to end that way but wow
what was her response anon?

No. 596179

I know that feel anon, sometimes you don’t even need to pretend being someone else, I somehow end up getting nudes from random men/women just because we talked for a few days, I end up feeling bad for them and lecturing them as well about how there’s so many shitty things that could happen to them if their nudes ended in the wrong hands.

Both sides suck, the pornsick assholes asking for nudes and the idiots sending them.

No. 596182

It still astonishes me how prominent Nemu is on this site for being such a gross ass and her saga only lasting 3 threads

No. 596250

I agree, the idea of anal is honestly disgusting to me, and naked asses are just awkward to look at most of the time. When they look good in jeans or something I don't mind, but it's not something I'm that attracted to.

Hell he still looks hot at 55+ years old lol. Always nice to see my husband when he's posted here

No. 596269

Agreed. I never found him ugly, even if he does need to lose weight, cut his hair and stop dressing like a retard. It's just his obnoxious personality and shitty treatment of June that makes him irredeemable to me. I hated them together and think she's honestly much more tolerable without him.

No. 596310

File: 1596529605866.gif (60.65 KB, 318x227, 1046668m0thpcuyh2.gif)

Nemu was my favorite cow. She had so much milk to give.

No. 596323

File: 1596533327561.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 1532029174279.jpg)

I'd never heard of her until this thread. Just spent the last hour or so reading through her old threads. Fucking hell that's something.

No. 596325

I had a personal cow who was nemulike and I'm sad she didn't stick around. She was a lot more fucking malicious though, so maybe it was for the best

No. 596326

I need to know more lol

No. 596331

think nemu but a retarded self proclaimed MAPfag fetishist who felt threatened by and would harass anyone who called her what she was, a pedo

No. 596341

What was her username/Tumblr blog/Twitter/whatever? Would love to read her shit.

No. 596344

I think the funniest and most annoying thing about her thread was the fact that her friends came into the later threads to shit on her, only to reveal that they were just as bad. One of them drew ugly shota porn and another one shipped herself with an irl person kek
I will say even if her content was repulsive, her actual art skills were pretty good. If she wasn’t so fucking gross I probably would been a fan of her art.

No. 596366

Lol this is literally my opinion too. On average japanese guys are ugly and small, Korean guys are meh, and chinese guys tend to be the cutest with a wider variety of looks. Too bad I can't watch anything Chinese because I hate the way mandarin sounds.

No. 596373

Gen Z vs Millennials thread is the dumbest thing ever

No. 596378


No. 596387

same anon, I love china, I went to study a year abroad there, but I can't stand the sound of mandarin ugh

No. 596398

ayrt and I forgot to mention that I find it so weird that you were a kboo first and then a weeb. It's usually the other way around lol.

I also wanted to ask if you've been to both korea and japan or just china?

No. 596401

I guess it’s not racebaiting when it’s asian

No. 596404

Yeah this is weird why are we comparing races of Asian dudes and saying which is more attractive. All of that shit is weird and subjective. You guys are gross >>596366

No. 596405

it's full of salt and I love it

No. 596409

My unpopular opinion is that there are beautiful and ugly people in every race and to make sweeping generalizations based off of fucking entertainment industries is gross.
You yellow fever anons need to lay off the anime and go out into the real world sick freaks. I’m not even Asian and I feel disgusted reading this shit.

No. 596410

My thoughts exactly, I do find some japanese men attractive but I wouldn't exactly call chinese/vietnamese/korean/etc ugly either?
Imagine saying something like "Black guys from Kenya are sooo hot, but people from Sudan are fucking ugly. I preffer Togolese over Ghanaian, because they have better bone structures and better skincolor" It sounds weird. It is weird.

No. 596411

agreed idk like real life men vs. men in entertainment are pretty different so the comparisons are skewed

also, i guess its fine if someone has some kind of preference but realistically its strange if you find someone more attractive after they reveal "i am from thailand" or something like if its a good looking guy thats fine enough

No. 596414

My unpopular opinion is that I used to love anal when I was younger and I mean it probably still feels good but I recently learnt that men actually love anal not only because it is "tighter" or "warmer" but because they love seeing an asshole stretched out, destroyed, full of cum since we can't get pregnant from our ass, but also, because they love "painal"
And I didn't know this, but painal is basically women crying and hurting from forced anal sex. And then I learnt that men/society actually expects anal to be hurtful and painful, so since that's expected, you're supposed to just take it as a woman. So then I saw that men actually love looking at porn of women hurting, kicking, crying, and screaming while the guy rams his cock on her butt, even saying "please stop". After seeing this, I felt horrible and wondered if this is a form of """legal""" rape that guys do and this is why they don't warm up the girl's asshole like how it should be done so it feels good for us. And now I feel like I don't like anal anymore at all… not when it means something like this for men.

Sorry if my wording sounds too graphic

No. 596415

I'ts hilarious how passive agressive it is.

No. 596419

american anime fans are so weird. imagine your country getting bombed and the country that attacked you gets obsessed and has big parties for copying and fetishizing your style. sounds like an abusive relationship idk

No. 596424

honestly don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but professors who kick students out of their class for being on their phone are cunts, especially here in burgerland where they're probably going into debt to be there. I had a professor who would stop the class and call someone out and refuse to continue until they left the room, which is a way bigger distraction/waste of time than some dude quietly scrolling memes. If someone is being distracting, by all means kick them out, but I hated going to that class because I was scared I'd get "caught" checking the fucking time or something.

No. 596429

piggybacking kek

People that bring their children to class are the biggest assholes. I hate seeing those videos where the Professor is carrying around the baby instead of teaching, disrupting everyone elses learning. I understand the argument of "but child care expensive" but college is also expensive. Why should someone get a sup-par learning experience because of someone elses personal issues?

No. 596430

Whether you call it "just a personal preference" or "a sick fetish", does it really matter in the end? Those asian men aren't poor little victims of disgusting white/black women, they willingly date each other, so it shouldn't really be a problem to outsiders. It's not like you have old women buying innocent Asian boys, it's young girls who want a kpop or animuh bf and asian dudes who want to fuck a foreigner.
And let's not act as if rating women based on all sorts of things, including nationaly/race, isn't one of mens' favorite past times…

No. 596457

Strict parenting just teaches kids to be better liars. My cousin and her husband are so strict that their youngest kid (5) lost a workbook and made up a detailed story about an older kid beating her up so she wouldn't get yelled at for losing the stupid book. I swear they're raising them to be psychos.

No. 596490

listen I don’t care because it’s men being fetishized men are gross and trash no matter the race I just don’t like sweeping generalizations on which type of Asian or whatever race is cuter. It’s gross and stupid as hell since there are cuties and uggos in every race. I’d be disgusted if it were women being judged too honestly more so. I don’t want people thinking I’m sticking up for men that’s nasty lol

No. 596492

nobody's saying that these people are helpless babies, it's that making sweeping generalizations about people due to an arbitrary category like ethnicity is retarded. this whole discussion is overblown considering most men don't look like the popular actors/idols/media figures of their country regardless of whether you're in china or cameroon

No. 596512

It probably depends on the film, but if it is consensual and she's acting, it's still roleplaying rape and torture, in which case why are these men okay with that being a part of their sexuality??
If she's not acting and it's not consensual, then that's just rape on film.
The problem is that they can both look the same as each other.

No. 596558

Not even an opinion it's just the upsetting truth, they mainly get off on causing women pain.

Agreed, I had a professor who would stop every single time someone pulled out a laptop or phone and it wasted so much time. None of us actually cared what other people were doing.

No. 596576

Yikes when you put it like that it does sound very weird. I have some regrets now

No. 596632

Korean food is disgusting

No. 596638

i like some aspects of korean culture but i never really got into the food as well. kimchi and kimbap are kinda overrated

No. 596640


No. 596641

it's always so fatty or just spicy for the sake of being spicy OR just japanese shit w a different name inb4 "weeb!!", i give 0 fucks about your cartoons.

No. 596646

Working is not enjoyable and we shouldn't pretend to like it. Even if it's a thing you like to do, being forced to do it for hours and hours every day isn't good. Working is just a way to get money and without a doubt I will try to get as much money as possible by working as little as possible. Fuck companies who expect employees to be interested in their mission and know their history or whatever.

No. 596671

completely agree, my mom used to do these elaborate hairdos on me and I lost one of her weird hair clips while playing during recess (you know, like a normal six year old), and when I came home and she freaked out about it, I said one of my classmates stole it. My mom ended up calling my teacher and me and the girl I implicated got pulled from class and interrogated and she was so confused and stressed out she just sat and cried. pretty sure these stupid situations are exactly why I have no empathy as an adult.

No. 596689

I haven't had much Korean food, but I think a lot of it is an acquired taste. I tried to make ramen(? is it still considered ramen) with gochujang and couldn't get past a few bites of it. It wasn't awful though.

kimchi is still superior tho

No. 596691

kimchi tastes like vomit to me

No. 596698

British food is the most disgusting
This is a fact

No. 596708

File: 1596574506328.jpg (95.17 KB, 555x416, _589ff0a95ca843e51cdc791b1f34…)

This is the correct opinion. Pic related is unironically considered a meal here by the vast majority of people.

No. 596712

not defending either as they seem kinda gross BUT when it all comes down to it, is kimchi, sour pukey cabbage or some shit with rice that much different from sloppy slippy beans on some toast?

No. 596713

Doesn't the toast get soggy and gross? That's what would put me off of eating that.

No. 596714

Kimchi smells like a rotting diaper. This and their radishes that they eat

No. 596715

yeahhh… no offense but why do people say london is like THE city to go to for food? I get ethnic food options but traditional british food? Looks bland af. I won't lie the traditional breakfast looks decent and what you eat for sunday roast looks pretty good , but nothing special.

No. 596716

The only good thing about being a woman is, it's easier to get money out ot men if you know how to do it. Other than that theres nothing good about it.

>if you're straight most men are ugly once they get up to age 25. You have to settle for personality and that defeats the purpose of being in a relationship.

>weaker. Have to worry about getting raped or attacked easier. I could never just walk around at night and feel comfortable.
>insane beauty standards. It's really a piss off to be a 7 in looks and then have a man who is a 4 call me ugly because "looks dont matter for men so it's not the same thing".
>theres this weird pressure to have children and no hobbies once you hit age 26. At this point in life it feels like I'm supposed to give up all personality traits and become a slave to my children and husband. This is supposed to be fulfilling for me.
>men hate you for having sex but they also hate you for not doing it too
>you can never know if a guy fucking you really finds you attractive because of the "a hole is a hole" mentality they all have
>its pretty socially acceptable for your husband to proudly say he prefers jerking off to woman hotter than you and you cant say shit or you're a prude.
>if I take the submissive lead I'm a gold digger. If I take the dominate lead men resent me for it and play me like a sucka.

I just wish I couldve been born a cute boy.

No. 596721

To be fair I think every culture has got some weird fermented/pickled shit they enjoy eating. When I was younger I used to eat pickled pig skin with my dad and enjoyed it. It's just a taste you acquire growing up even if it's objectively disgusting.

No. 596723


If you just warm up the beans, have waaaaay less like 1/3 of pic related and minimize the juice it's nice. British baked beans aren't the same as US ones afaik so that's also a thing.

No. 596727

I often daydream about being a guy and how good I would be at it. I already have a bunch of masculine hobbies, and I would love to go for a classic masculine aesthetic. I’d be hot and romantic and make some girl unimaginably happy. Sigh.

In reality I would probably be a dick, since even men with great moms can’t seem to escape it. But a girl can dream

No. 596729

>>596721 That's kinda what i am getting at, we all have gross stuff we kind of have just started thinking of as normal because it is normal to us. I don't eat jar herring but I don't gag when I see people eating it, even though the actual food does just seem odd and off.

No. 596735

red lipstick is ugly most of the time

No. 596738

This, kimchi and the people who eat it are disgusting

No. 596746

True. In my culture picked pig's feet and chitlins is popular among old people. Only among old people though.

No. 596747

I mean.. I imagine most people on here order chicken nuggets and fries everywhere they go (no shade, I love it myself) so I'm not shocked by this sentiment, but Kimchi is kind of an acquired taste. I hated it the first time, but once I learned to get the one without fish sauce and eat it with the right foods, it was pretty good to me. Cucumber kimchi is better than cabbage kimchi as well.

No. 596756

I dislike the texture of the foods and how sometimes really hot and cold foods are mixed into one meal. This is more of a personal problem but I also hate when people ask me to go to a Korean restaurant because in my experience they barely have any vegetarian options compared to other types of cuisine.

No. 596760

Now I'm curious, how do kimchi-hating anons feel about other pickled food? Pickles, sourkraut or however the fuck it's spelled, olives, radishes etc…

Not trying to be snarky btw. Just genuinely wondering.

No. 596767

Cannot stand anything pickled, the smell of vinegar makes me want to wretch.
I love olives but they’re usually preserved in brine which is ok, I tend to avoid otherwise

No. 596771

pickles i do enjoy, other stuff not at all.

No. 596772

It's kind of interesting thinking about that. I genuinely love foods people consider weird like menudo, head, tongue, fried small intestine, kimchi, etc.

Hell I'd even eat bugs but I look at beans and toast and wouldn't touch it with the ten foot pole. At the same end I'm sure the beans and toast people find what I enjoy disgusting.

It's's fine to hate weird shit as long as you're not mocking the people who eat it to their faces.

No. 596775

You're disgusting. wtf is wrong with you? I would definitely make fun of you to your face

No. 596781

Anon, you're a nasty bitch.

No. 596785

I am but a humble beaner anons

No. 596798

Older siblings usually get the shit end of the stick because new parents are learning with you. This is why younger siblings are usually more successful and have an easier time. This is very true with siblings with huge age groups like 28 and the younger sibling is like 17.

No. 596804

how is this unpopular. Older siblings are always said to be guinea pigs to their parents and have to navigate life on their own, middle children are forgotten and have to overachieve just to be moderately acknowledged or not criticized, and the youngest sibling gets to do all the things the older siblings did later in life at a younger age, and they get away with more and have the help of not only their parents but older siblings.

No. 596805

Middle children have it way way worse.

No. 596810

Being firstborn is a curse, only mildly made up for by generally being born from younger/healthier gametes.

No. 596818

I’m an older sibling and i got all the health issues, having a thyroid problem (which contributes to me being a fat ass), dyspraxia, near constant anemia and being a generally depressed fuck. Meanwhile my younger brother LITERALLY turns golden in the sun and has never got below an A grade in his life.

No. 596825

i am the younger sibling and it always seemed everyone was just generally more interested in the first one, more photos and baby books and so on. i was also always treated and talked to like i was the same age as my sibling so i feel like i missed out on being an actually young child, but to be fair my sibling is a spoiled brat and i always had to act like the older one. why are the middle kids always cuter than the last one and the first butt fugly though

No. 596834

Cocaine is the worst drug

No. 596837

Who is this an unpopular opinion to

No. 596839

Luna Slater

No. 596841

yeahhhh fuck cocaine, let's shoot some krokodile in the bathroom instead

No. 596846

Most overhyped tbh I do it socially and every time I think my government approved meth is better.

No. 596934

Epstein isn’t a pedo. Yes, he used his power to pray on young women and adolescent girls, but he’s not a pedo. Even hebephiliacs are attracted to 11-15 year olds. The girls he is documented to have preyed upon were like 15+. Not condoning that behavior, in fact I’m glad a powerful man and his associates are getting btfo for preying upon impressionable young women and girls

No. 596946

I actually remember thinking the same thing when I watched the Netflix documentary about Epstein. Technically he's a hebephile, not a pedophile. It's really just semantics though

No. 596948

does it matter? he was fucking kids

No. 596953

Imagine advocating for kid fuckers to recieve the appropriate kid fucking title.

No. 596962

File: 1596589785360.jpeg (127.44 KB, 541x528, AC482106-E612-494F-B9B6-4B4DC7…)

sorry guys, I like facts

No. 596966

Who cares? We all get that pedophilia technically applies to a certain age range, but not being technically a pedophile makes men bold about their nasty obsession with underage girls. If calling someone a pedo shames them more acutely and emphatically, I'm gonna use it regardless.

No. 597007

It is ok for women to date men significantly younger than them but it is not ok for men to do it.
It is ok for a 30 year old woman to have sex with and or date an 18 year old boy but if I man does it, it is wrong.

No. 597011

It's creepy either way

No. 597017

normie argument tbh normal people know it quickly becomes manipulative or unhealthy either way

No. 597020

File: 1596592981882.jpeg (134.26 KB, 627x477, A0F73A29-C224-4DC3-8998-6DAFFF…)

No. 597044

you sure you're okay caping for a faggot who compared pedophilia to being gay?

No. 597073

how many women do you know that date younger men? Honestly willing to bet the rate is way lower

No. 597080

Being a porn star or being in the porn industry is disgusting. You can't really say that without a gazillion people telling you it's absolutely okay and you're a bigot.

No. 597086

Well it's probaby because you call it disgusting and don't say any legitimate reasons why you think so.

That's just basically an ad hominem attack on anyone involved, I'm sure if you have actual reasons why you find it disgusting more people could agree w/ you, anon

No. 597090

I agree, I actively avoid companies that advertise themselves by being like ‘all the staff is like a huge family!’ Like I just want to go there so my job and go home. I also don’t understand people who say things like ‘working is my passion’ or describe themselves as ‘workaholics’, I don’t get how someone could feel that way.

No. 597107

You can say everything awful about the industry. How women are trafficked. How it encourages sexism against women and violent behavior by men, but some people will absolutely defend it to their dying day that it's empowering and good for both men and women that we have porn.

No. 597108

I eat ox tongue and chicken feet. I think every culture has what they like and i think it's great.

No. 597137

Other than the reasons this anon >>597107 listed, I just think the act of selling sex is disgusting in itself. The people who defend it say it's been around for ages but it doesn't make it less disgusting imo.

No. 597201

I agree with the idea that some people shouldn't reproduce and therefore should go through chemical castration

This thought however has nothing to do with race or social status

No. 597203

i'm glad most incels will never reproduce for example, most of them would be awful fathers

No. 597206

ballsacks are cool.

No. 597211

What does it have to do with, then

No. 597216

Mental illness

No. 597217

I agree here

No. 597219

define sanity.

No. 597222

Not being an incel or tranny and not needing medication to function

No. 597223

in an ideal utopia people should be put under some kind of test to determine whether they are fit for parenting or not

financially, mentally, physically

i believe many social issues are rooted in bad parenting

No. 597227

ok makes sense to me. i agree then.

No. 597228

men that have been raised by single mothers, grandmas or older sisters that i know of are all decent people. idk where the sperging of ~~ lack of a strong male figure ~~ comes from

No. 597230

The nicest guy I know was raised by a single mom. He loves her so much and it’s true about how a guy treating his mom reflects on how he treats women in general.

No. 597234

People who think "volunteering" is a substitute for having a job are a special kind of cow

No. 597236

I agree.

No. 597241

same here. They are also more likely to know how to cook and how to sustain themself without mommy (or any other woman) around

No. 597242

Based on your experience? Cuz guys I’ve met who have been raised by a single mom have had messed up expectations of what a women should do for them, and they sure as shit couldn’t look after themselves.

No. 597243

yeah. but might be because his mom was working full time and didn't care to clean after him the whole time

No. 597246

All these "look how cute my pet opossum/snake/fox/crocodile is" videos are just trying to make wildlife trafficking cool again. If it's a few tiger cubs in a local sanctuary I can give it the benefit of the doubt, but a fucking lemur in an NYC apartment? 100% illegal.

No. 597250

Imo the lack of masculine authority argument is actually right. These guys end up being either very undisciplined or spineless punching bags

No. 597251

only domesticated animals should be kept as pets. feral mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates can't be pets, keeping them as such is animal abuse

No. 597276

Where are snakes illegal? There are a lot of snake breeders across U.S so it's not like some underground black market operation. Unless you mean certain species like anacondas or some shit

No. 597287

my experience as well, it's a double edge sword, they can either respect you or think the mommy is the whole world and her word is final, the mommy dies and you "have to" be a mommy now

No. 597292

Anyways, I love my amazing snakes.

???? Trafficking? Foxes, opossums and most snakes are all native to the US, I'm confused.

No. 597293

Polyamorous people are assholes.

No. 597296

Eh, depends if the women in his life ever taught him or placed any kind of expectations on him. It could easily go that those men become spoiled momma's boys, or grow to resent their single mothers.

No. 597297

You mean manipulative cheaters? Yes.

No. 597306

"polyamurous" is code for "I'm a narcissistic lil bitch who will cheat on you and call it a sexuality or personality trait"

No. 597308

agreed. I think it's cute how soft they are. Dicks can be kinda cute.

No. 597309

i like snakes too but they aren't fit for being pets

No. 597310

better than cheaters tbh

No. 597311

Why not?

No. 597319

they are cheaters but with extra steps and widely accepted manipulative excuses anon

No. 597320

I used to think people reclaiming polyamory openly was a good thing, that way it would weed out all the people wasting another person's time in so called monogamous relationships by being cheaters and manipulators.
But I was wrong.
Cheaters and manipulators still want focused attention from one person in their monogamous relationships while they fuck around. Polamorous people are just narcissistic enough to believe they're admired by multiple people and therefore don't need monogamy for security, even though I always see them spend a disproportionate amount of time with one particular partner. People are fucking stupid.

No. 597328

Bruh do you have any idea how little live action BL there is that isn’t trash? Lots of us liked the show because of how scarce good BL live action shows are, but even then, if outside of the male main characters, the male actors are not attractive at all imo. I liked the Untamed but it sure didn’t turn me into a Chinaboo. If anything I still resent China’s government despite agreeing with this anon >>595985 that Chinese men tend to be more attractive, prob bc like anon said, there’s more variance in looks due to the larger population.

No. 597334

I used to think being openly polyamorous, openly trans, openly queer or whatever was a good thing, because Tumblr fed me with ideas that it was a positive thing as a teen and therefore if I didn't believe in it I was a bad person.

Kinda like believing in god because the church told you to or else you would become a sinner

No. 597345

The "best friends since we were kids" trope is so incredibly overrated. As someone who has lived it, the reality is that being close friends with someone that long often means…

>out of date perceptions about you

>holding onto shit from literally over a decade ago
>rewriting history
>lots of baggage
>extreme lack of boundaries

No. 597347

Yeah I feel like it's really hard to treat and think of someone as an adult when you've known them since childhood. It's sorta similar to interacting with siblings, it seems like everyone regresses back to being a kid when having a discussion or an argument with them.

No. 597349

Gonna be honest Anon that Chinese guy looks like the only one who has had tons of plastic surgery and photoshop in his face. That's a pretty shitty comparison picture. Where I live I see Chinese tourists and Chinese expats all the time and the men look absolutely nothing like that.

No. 597351

File: 1596641035864.jpg (545.2 KB, 3000x2000, unnamed-32.jpg)

I love some of Princess Nokia songs (tomboy, brujas, young girls, orange blossom) but she always made me feel suspicious or like she's weird. Not the good kind. Like there's something fishy going on.

Maybe it's because she changes personalities and accents and styles a lot, always coming out as self centered.
The Tomboy/1992 era was amazing, it felt like she was very comfortable with her skin and who she is, she looked so cute and natural too. But now she's making this generic ass music looking like pic related… what happened? any other fans that have noticed this?

No. 597352

I'm not poly and generally don't think it'sa great idea, but I don't get the hate on this site for poly people. Why do you guys care so much what kind of relationship arrangements other consenting adults have? It has literally no impact on your life whatsoever.

Did you like agree date a guy who made it clear he'd never be monogamous, secretly expect him to change, then when he didn't you jumped through some impressive mental hoops to feel justified in feeling like you were legitimately cheated on? Not trying to project, but my experience is that and religion are almost always the source of people having a bug up their ass about other people being poly.

No. 597354

Totally agree, and I’ll also add:
>friction breeding guilt when you start to grow into less compatible people
I like my childhood friends but we’re all so different now, I couldn’t call them close.

No. 597357

I agree, poly sounds like my idea of personal hell but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with it nor a disproportionate amount of 'bad' people who choose it compared to monogamy. I think it's just that generally this site leans ~trad~ in a lot of ways.

No. 597358

I am empathetic, and these women look like they're suffering. Look at their faces. Look at the way they live. Look at how they compete for crumbs of love.

This idea of glamorous poly relationships were everyone is in love with each other and fuck willingly is a nutjob fantasy. It's not real. More often than not "polyamorous" men use this excuse as a way to have as many wives as possible, making each one miserable, and fucking one after one then searching for a new victim whenever they're tired. It's something manipulative, often by narcissits who play the role of the head of the herd. There's also always a favorite one, and if that shit hurts between children and their parents, imagine that shit between lovers.

Manipulators do this all the time. They try to convince everyone, that everything is fine. That there's no hurt in this. That it's all sunshine and rainbows. They manipulate their victims, victim's families, and entire communities like this. I just can't support this bullshit.

No. 597359

Most of us don't lean ~~~~trad~~~~ like you might think. We lean rad.

No. 597360

>she always made me feel suspicious or like she's weird.
Cause she is lol. Vid related (2:30 mins) plus the whole "im so fertile and I love feeling fertile" shit. Looking at other videos, it seems like she changes her voice a lot too but idk.

No. 597362

I have zero tolerance for how people infantilize their friends/themselves when it comes to relationships they don't like. Especially men who act like a guy having a bitchy girlfriend makes him a poor defenseless victim incapable of making his own decisions. No, you're a grown ass fucking adult and you are responsible for your own actions and the fact you're in a shitty ass relationship. Stfu with that "but she/he is SO ~manipulative~" bullshit.

Unless domestic violence or financial abuse is involved, THEY ARE NOT A HELPLESS VICTIM SO STOP FUCKING ACTING LIKE IT.

No. 597364

>Why do you guys care so much what kind of relationship arrangements other consenting adults have?
Lmao I guess you have never been to /pt/ or /snow/

No. 597365

lmfao some random video that is obviously an extreme example because it's made for tacky reality TV is not an example of anything. That's not exclusive to polyamory. Not everyone has the same view of relationships and sex that you or these women do.

Pretty much the same outcome even if the reasons for it are different.

No. 597366

>an example is not an example
sure jan
>same outcome
Read a book sis

No. 597367

If you think a random clip from a reality TV show is supposed to be representative of anything meaningful or an example of anything about polyamory as a whole then you are the one who needs to read a book

No. 597368

Sorry that I offended your beautiful polyamorous cock sharing between you and other 3 insecure women anon

No. 597371

Yeah, I can totally understand judging it in this kind of context. I definitely take issue with one-sided poly where men can have a harem, but all the women need to be exclusive to him. Especially when manipulative tactics such as religion are used to justify the double standard.

I also firmly believe it's wrong to have a "multiple baby mama" situation like this guy. One dad with multiple wives who each has kids with him is just simply not good for children.

No. 597372

>it's not represative of anything reeeee
Here, watch this.

No. 597373

You want a real example? Have a real example.
Same bullshit.

No. 597374

Like I said, it sounds like my idea of personal hell, but I also know anecdotes really mean nothing when trying to talk meaningfully about a topic as a whole - especially coming from likely scripted reality shows.

Do you not think I can find examples of bad or abusive monogamous relationships? I'm not going to watch a stupid youtube video and I'm not saying polyamory is inherently good or could never be abusive, but that it's not inherently bad or worse than monogamy. Unless you have any actual research that supports the idea it is then I'm not going to be convinced by random Youtube videos or TV shows, it's worrying if that's how you form your opinions on things.

No. 597375

Lmao calm down breath and count to 10 you're so obsessed to prove polyamorous shit is a good thing even though you said "it's personal hell" kek

No. 597377

somewhat similar and anecdotal, the nicest, most well-adjusted guy i know was raised by two gay women

No. 597378

> I'm not going to watch a stupid youtube video
Ntayrt but why did you say the video that they provided before wasn't good enough then? like
>Anon provides example of bad polyamory
>"No that video isn't good enough!!!"
>Gives two more, non-produced examples,
>"I'm not going to watch that!"

Also, who said there are no abusive monogamous relationships?

No. 597379

She once cancelled a concert in Mexico out of nowhere. Her reasoning? "My people need me here not there". It was a shitshow

No. 597382

I've done literally nothing to prove it's good nor do I think it's good, I think it's in and of itself neutral

Because the video wasn't good enough? By that I didn't mean I wanted more videos I meant I wanted some actual data or something. Do you think I don't think there are examples of bad polyamory? There are also examples of bad everything in the world.

>Also, who said there are no abusive monogamous relationships?

Where did I say anyone did? I'm saying that posting videos of someone's personal experience means nothing representative.

No. 597386

>pretending to be devil's advocate now
>when she was clearly defending it moments ago

No. 597387

File: 1596643598635.jpg (34.28 KB, 500x372, ty.jpg)

No. 597390

So why didn't you just ask for data then? Or do the research yourself to find data that is against/for polyamory. You yourself didn't even provide any data.

The fact that that anon provided a video that "wasn't good enough" shouldn't have even mattered if you weren't going to watch them.
>Where did I say anyone did? I'm saying that posting videos of someone's personal experience means nothing representative.
You implied it right here.
>Do you not think I can find examples of bad or abusive monogamous relationships?
Imo, that is implication that anons were saying monogamous relationships are completely devoid of abuse.

No. 597395

My unpopular opinion is that I don't want lolcow to eventually be overrun by woke zoomers and shit threads with their wokeness, but they're already infiltrating themselves and I predict it happening in the future anyways

On the other hand is that I feel like the new admin might be a twitter tranny, because it's very suspicious how she banned someone with the redtext (asherasgarden), deleted yaoi posts, and idk, I see people defending this crap now

No. 597399

my other unpopular opinion is that I miss /cgl/-driven lolcow, I feel like closing PULL was also something that made people migrate here
But like, /cgl/ is dead, everything about it just feels like is dying, and so this website was destined to change either way

No. 597401

It’s cringe when anons go into the best of thread to be like
>omg that is in fact MY post! Thanks for the gold kind stranger
Like, just feel good on the inside and go. I get it, it fills you with determination that someone found you funny, 10 posts of the exact same sentiment are annoying.

No. 597402

Aw come on, don't be a party pooper

No. 597403

Yeah, it's like you said. I relate to her in some ways, but some of the shit she says and does makes me feel secondhand embarrassment.

No. 597407

This isn't unpopular, who would want this to become yet another site overrun with retards when we just want to keep having fun

No. 597408

It’s every imageboards downfall, it eventually gets a line of bad admins, who are usually lolcows that seek out the position to spite the cultures they don’t like. >tfw it has gotten to the point where you can talk more GC and man hate on c.c, a site infested with men and trannies, than on a women’s board

No. 597417

>Pretty much the same outcome
NTA, but how, though?

No. 597419

It's fine if u had plastic surgery, I don't really mind it that much but when u had ur whole face fixed and told people that u are ''all-natural'', yea this ain't it sis.

No. 597420

I agree but I still do this

No. 597431

A lot of radfem positions (anti trans, anti porn, anti sex work, anti polyamory, anti bdsm etc) overlap with positions 'trad' people hold even though their reasoning for holding the positions are, in theory, different.

No. 597432

I know about that, but I mean the outcome itself. How do their positions lead to the same place when the reasoning is different?

No. 597433

what's the the problem with sharing same opinions with people that are against you, broken clock etc.

No. 597434

I mean on an individual level not necessarily on a societal/policy level, I think it leads to the same outcome on those specific issues, like in the context of polyamory someone viewing it as negative because you believe it's inherently immoral because of your beliefs over power dynamics of men and women vs believing it's inherently immoral because of some moral panic over your beliefs on 'degeneracy' or whatever still leads the to the outcome of the individual viewing it negatively without any actual evidence to support their position and to the stigmatisation of it

I didn't say there was a problem with it

No. 597435

i am anti degenerate, yes.

No. 597439

>still leads the to the outcome of the individual viewing it negatively without any actual evidence to support their position and to the stigmatisation of it

And there you go with your MUH FACTSSS GIVE ME RESEARCH!!! Again
Why even spoonfeed you when you're a retard

No. 597441

>some moral panic over your beliefs on 'degeneracy'
Aw man I guess hating trannies, pedos and abusers is cancelled now because degeneracy is a-ok in this new woke world

No. 597450

And what's the matter with that?
Who really cares, thing is, Normies, Trads, Radfems and whatever "think similar" because well… we're all trying to not be degenerates here
Outcomes vary. Normies go on with their normie life, trads become passive wives, and radfems become cool tomboys
Gee it's almost like normal people know degeneracy is not okay, unlike the woke twitterfags who push this shit so hard in the name of "progression"

No. 597451

But is there any reason not to have a negative, or at least skeptical view on the whole thing?
Is there any evidence to support it as a positive? If we want to go down the "It's neutral" route, shouldn't there be just as much evidence to balance out a positive viewpoint as a negative? If pretty much all the examples we're exposed to are, coincidentally, very unfortunate, why shouldn't something like that be avoided and looked down on in general?
From what we've been exposed to, we even know that polyamory carries a new kind of risk regarding the safety of children (see: that example of a polycule where the woman's child got molested by one of her several male partners). Somehow, I don't think it's all just fake, slanderous sensationalism.

No. 597463

I have a lot of trouble seeing why it shouldn't be stigmatized, to be honest. There are countries with traditions of men having multiple wives, and enlightened people from those places know it's bullshit and staunchly reject it because it's so destructive. They can attest to what they've seen with their own eyes.
Meanwhile, Twitter queers and fake "progressives" are acting like they're discovering fresh new ground and are like "no one truly knows whether it's good or bad, be more open-minded guys" when the participants are boomers or college students in Seattle and a few of them have green hair and inject hormones. It's just the same shit, different colors and different terminology for the same bad dynamics. Maybe a bit more gaslighting and slightly more convoluted psychological abuse, since western men who skew left are adeptly trained at that sort of thing (right-wing men will straight up abuse women and then cite their holy book, left-wing men will abuse women, tell them they're "toxic", "hurting everyone around them", and put them on blast in a super-long thread of pure lies so everyone in their social group shuns them).
Hell, on theory alone, if monogamy has so many pitfalls, just think of the nuclear damage having multiple partners would cause if it was properly introduced into the mainstream, lmao.

No. 597472

Exactly. If monogamous relationships are messy enough, polyamorous ones are just going to overly complicate things into oblivion, people are flawed and thinking everything about a relationship is fun and games and love and romance is just childish as fuck… but make it worse with the polyamorous fantasy that green-haired queers plocaim to want. A self respecting adult knows this shit just doesn't work and will not put themself into this awry situation. But also, Narcs who are into this shit just know how to manipulate everyone their own way so well.

Also, someone who pushes their idiology onto you can't be good. Even worse when you reject it, because they'll call you names. For Jehova Witnesses, you're called a sinner. For abusers, you're ungrateful. For woke people, you just aren't progressive or "open minded" enough.

Open minded, my ass. That's just some random meaningless buzzwords that people like to throw around. I don't have to be "open minded" if I trust in my intuition and knowledge of what's good for me or not.

No. 597487

I agree. Take it to the dumbass shit thread and stop clogging the thread with the "omg I was so tired when I posted that!"

No. 597512

Men age 16-35 prefer porn and jerking off over sex with real women. Men would choose porn over a real woman 98% of the time.

No. 597516

Nah, just the scrotes that you know.

No. 597517

Most guys would risk losing their relationship If their wife/gf told them to unfollow all their Instagram hoes and stop watching porn.

No. 597521

i would risk losing my relationship if my husband/bf told me to stop masturbating thinking about men besides him

No. 597539

Someone making a funny post or shitposting doesn't mean they are trying to get in the funny posts thread.

No. 597542

This isn’t true for all men, but it is definitely becoming a commonplace issue. I’ve had several friends whose boyfriends needed to watch porn to get hard/to fuck them and they were actually cute girls. Most men would also not unfollow IG thots it seems.

No. 597551

Well, its definitely socially acceptable for men to leave women for these reasons. Not the other way around though.

No. 597552

yes, justice for funny anons

No. 597571

Im actually glad autistic people are being more open about it and educating people from their perspective and showing their stims

My brother has autism and got no accommodation for it in school, and people would constantly treat him like a baby.

Less people do that now.

No. 597572

As someone with autism I'm glad for this as well, though I've noticed "autism" has become the new buzzword insult in the same way that "retard" was about 15 years ago. Odd.

No. 597573

Well because people won't let us say retard anymore.

No. 597577

it's not the same imo, tons of people said retard in the aughts but I don't know anybody who would feel comfortable using autist/autistic as an insult unless they were specifically trying to be caustic and get reactions. I never hear it irl, either.

No. 597598

I still say retard publicly and no one cares. I never thought woke shit actually affected people irl that much.

No. 597604

I'm sure that's all fine and dandy for actual autistic people, but autism has become the latest hip and trendy diagnosis, and it's really annoying that everyone and their grandma is now grasping at straws in attempt to convince themselves that they have it. I'm hearing way too many "I wasn't diagnosed with autism until I was in my 40's!!!!!!" stories where the person lists like 20 supposedly autistic traits that sound completely fucking normal. People think that just being shy and having a hobby they're really devoted to is enough to be considered autistic these days.

No. 597605

What would be the normal autistic traits and which ones would be fully autism?
I'm asking for real here dunno if I'm wording this right

No. 597607

This is kinda tinfoil and I don't really consider myself GC, but I think it's awfully suspicious that body dysphoria is no longer listed as a criteria for a diagnosis of gender identity disorder, and really gives credit to the idea that the medical industry and big pharma are hellbent on raking in as much profit from the transgender movement as possible

Like, in general, I would be surprised if this is at the root of the reason why the criteria for most mental disorders keeps getting longer and longer. It's easier to slap labels on people and justify charging them, their families, and/or their insurance companies out the ass for related services and medications

No. 597612

Technically I don't think it's as easy as just saying that some traits are autistic and others aren't. The point I was trying to make is that just having SOME traits that could be considered autistic shouldn't be enough to warrant a diagnosis. I also think that people should be seen by more than one clinician over a number of months, or even up to a year, in order to receive a diagnosis of anything.

I know that a lot of people claiming to have autism are self-diagnosed, but I don't even trust clinicians on this shit half of the time.

No. 597626

autism in women is super difficult to detect though, and the community encourages self diagnosis

No. 597633

File: 1596664775393.jpg (12.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I get you, I'm very pissed at this bitch with her fake autism too, it's annoying as hell. Maybe I'm stupid but recently I understood myself as an autistic girl because I had many many traits including oral stimming and shit. I'm not sure what I'm even trying to say here, I just know I'm autistic for real, and I don't want to go through another diagnosis again because last time I tried to get a diagnosis one psycheatrist saw me being stressed and immediately came to the conclusion I had bpd with no test. Literally with no test. Then another psychologist told me I had hpd because I liked dressing like a retard and trusted people too much. Where I live these diagnostics are not an option

No. 597638

Agreed, and otters, raccoons and monkeys have been the new trend for this in recent years. People need to be more critical of these "cute wildlife in funny human-like situations" videos because a lot of them involve trafficking and cruel treatment. Ideally social media platforms would insert warnings on those types of videos or just ban them. Tinder has already banned people from posting selfies from those drugged tiger zoos.

No. 597647

the "ass eating" trend is so disgusting, idc if a man wants to do it to me but i am not putting my mouth on a man's asshole and if that makes me a vanilla prude so be it. also if i find out a man is into getting pegged i automatically find him less attractive. this is apparently homophobic but whatever.

No. 597652


I don't even get how eating ass would feel good for either person

No. 597653

>autism in women is super difficult to detect though
It wouldn't be if the system used to diagnose weren't broken and based in flawed science. We have no way to physically look for autism, much less any disorder in the DSM, in an individual. There are no blood tests, body scans or brain imagining that can use to detect any abnormalities associated with autism, like we can with medical disorders such as diabetes or cancer. It's all based on self-reporting by the patient and clinician opinion. All of this is just made more confusing by the fact that many disorders in the DSM have overlapping traits, and others are virtually indistinguishable from each other. You can go to multiple clinicians for the same problem and receive a different diagnosis from every single one of them.

Autism is actually a great example I often use to illustrate why the DSM should be taken with a grain of salt, even if you've been professionally diagnosed. There is, supposedly, such great variability within autistic individuals that they can appear to have almost nothing in common. I'm somehow supposed to believe that the non-verbal dude in the wheelchair drooling all over himself, who is going to need extensive help completing daily tasks for the rest of his life, somehow has the SAME EXACT DIAGNOSIS as the introverted woman in her thirties who lives alone, is sensitive to certain clothing textures and only ever wants to talk about her extensive model train collection? It's fucking asinine.

Until we actually develop a reliable method(s) for detecting brain/genetic abnormalities in individuals that concretely distinguish them from "neurotypical" or "mentally healthy" people, the psych community should be focused on narrowing the diagnostic criteria for clarity's sake, rather than constantly expanding upon it. This serves virtually no purpose other than to create more confusing for everyone involved, as well makes it more likely for anyone who seeks help from a clinician to a.) receive a diagnosis when their issue may simply be situational, b.) receive multiple diagnoses they may not even have, or c.) to be misdiagnosed entirely, and repeatedly.

>the community encourages self diagnosis

This is stupid, and I can at least give credit to the field for discouraging this, but I can't say I blame people for self-diagnosing when it's so common to receive multiple, conflicting diagnoses from actual professionals who apparently have more interest in wanking over meaningless categorization as opposed to engaging in actual science. Or like, actually helping people by simply trying to meet them where they're at.

No. 597657

i made my ex-bf eat my ass several times because i hated him. i would pretend i loved it and it was obvious he didn't, but i wouldn't give him a blow job otherwise kek

No. 597659

I don't get it either. Both my ex and current bf tried to eat my ass but it just felt weird and I couldn't stop laughing because it tickled so much.

No. 597662

File: 1596669707711.png (114.04 KB, 1312x284, shi8t.png)

Unpopular opinion: more men are like this more often than not, and the fact that they are openly like this in public spaces makes me deeply uncomfortable and lose faith in them.

Also, this is a current thread on /adv/. That board is just full of men like this, I see threads of men asking for retarded things like this all the time. Last time I went there I saw some guy encouraging another guy to fuck as many escorts as possible.

No. 597664

File: 1596669765922.png (115.88 KB, 1274x342, shit2.png)

another unrelated thing from /adv/.

No. 597672

this is why i get so annoyed when anons start screeching at other anons shitting on men. Men talk like this about women constantly and publicly. It's not even seen as a big deal anymore because it's so normalized.

The best thing you can do is remind males that they're responsible for 90%> violent crime and are dropping out of school more than women. They made themselves obsolete in a system they created kek

No. 597677

File: 1596670586429.png (112.18 KB, 1320x516, asdfghjk.png)

Thing is anon, these men don't even care. Look at how this dude responds to that thread. It's infuriating.

>Anything is on the table from yelling at her, hitting to raping. She is your wife now, your property. Do as you please.

I want to vomit.

No. 597678

People like this scare me because you know they can be anywhere. Even if you recognize them (which I'm pretty good at) the fact that they exist is so uncomfortable.

No. 597679

I got banned from Instagram for saying men suck while men post shit like this elsewhere lmao

Use this shit to pink pill women. This right here is why you should never give up anything for a moid.

No. 597680

based anon

No. 597681

>Men talk like this about women constantly and publicly.
Anonymous imageboards aren't exactly "public." I get that shitting on men can be cathartic, but after a certain point it starts to become a hindrance. Believing that all men only mean to harm you only hurts you in the long run. It's not mentally healthy.

Why are you even reading this? Does it actually surprise you that ugly dudes larp as psychopaths on 4chan?

No. 597683

File: 1596671158066.png (138.05 KB, 1304x684, disgusting.png)

I don't think they're larping anon. Pic related, response of one anon to "anything is good including raping them"

Yeah, men can always say whatever they want about how much they want to rape us. Just look at all comments on pornhub, from brutal ganbang videos to camgirls.
You would be surprised how many men actually are proud of this behaivor irl.
>Believing that all men only mean to harm you only hurts you in the long run. It's not mentally healthy.
It would be worse if I trusted them all. I agree not all men are bad. But this is disturbing.

No. 597684

Tbh, I don’t get why you’re so mad. These men are virgin losers, who are just so angry they’ll never see a real-life tiddy. They’re pathetic, weak “alpha” wannabes. Posts like these make me laugh at men, not feel angry about them. Those little shits probably haven’t left their rancid B.O loaded bedrooms since 7/11 national free slurpee day.

No. 597686

Anon I just don't think men hide this as much as you think they do. Look at this vid that was linked. There are dozens of them, I doubt this is a larp anymore

No. 597687

>Anything is on the table from yelling at her, hitting to raping. She is your wife now, your property. Do as you please.

Wow did Onion write this

No. 597689

varg is still hot

No. 597690

File: 1596671504471.gif (496.29 KB, 200x150, giphy.gif)

>Those little shits probably haven’t left their rancid B.O loaded bedrooms since 7/11 national free slurpee day.


No. 597691

they are exactly public you retard. They are viewable adn accessable to the public.

No. 597692

>Just look at all comments on pornhub, from brutal ganbang videos to camgirls.
You're literally cherry picking comments from the worst possible places on the internet to justify your fear of men. Yes, obviously some men are awful, but it only seems like they're all bad when you're specifically going out of your way to find proof of such.

>red pill lessons
Are you fucking kidding me right now? Anon you're literally just unnecessarily upsetting yourself by watching stuff like this. Find something else to do ffs

No. 597693

File: 1596671695687.jpg (6.94 KB, 321x69, 1596583960666.jpg)

No. 597694

Idk I knew a pretty good looking dude who maintained a good social circle and job who was outed as someone who posted shit like that. Ex gfs came forward to say how controlling he secretly was too.

No. 597695

He probably gets off on the rivalry between them too. Ugh I hate this guy, he's so ugly too.

No. 597696

Pornhub has massive amounts of traffick and it’s near impossible to find guys who don’t watch porn, so that seems like a dumb example…

No. 597697

I dated a guy for 6+ months. He was a successful local DJ/club promoter. He was popular, had a lot of friends, always center of attention. I found his reddit account after I dumped him and he was hardcore into red pill shit and I realized he'd been using a lot of the shit against me and I had no idea.

No. 597699

Unpopular opinion: there's way too much samefagging going on itt right now.

No. 597700

don't post dumb takes if you can't take disagreement

No. 597702

I think men kind of shot themselves in the foot with all this stuff on the internet. I wonder how many young women are just completely turned off from them after using the internet as a front seat to see the extent of their hatred.

No. 597703

I doubt most on this board agree with me that believing all men are bad is unhealthy in the long run. That doesn't make your spamming the thread and repeatedly responding to your own posts any less retarded.

No. 597704

that was my first post in this thread today you paranoid twat

No. 597708

File: 1596672831253.jpeg (33.54 KB, 204x320, E18FB7E9-99BD-44AE-871E-961D3A…)

The only valid varg is long hair varg.

No. 597709

I'm pretty jealous of his hairline ngl

No. 597710

People say your early 20s are the best years to establish yourself then to have kids in your 30s but idk there’s something great about spending time with my kids as a housewife and I’ll be in my 30s and onward (when both my kids will be in school) doing whatever the hell I want while women my age are exhausted from their careers having no sleep with a newborn.

But a lot of people are against having their own kids nowadays. But I can’t relate to any mom cause almost all of them are in their mid 30s.

No. 597711

P-please.. stop ..,stop being mean to men ,,I like m-men so
please I-

No. 597719

Do you really think that your kids are no longer going to require any attention/assistance from you when they're in school? Trying to establish a career in your 30's when you already have kids is about 10x harder than doing so in your 20's, without kids, when you actually have the time and the stamina. This is going to be especially difficult for you if you're also married and don't have a degree and would need to return to school. You're much less likely to receive financial aid in that case.

Honestly, there's about an equal amount of pros and cons to having kids at a later age vs. younger. Most of the cons of having kids younger is more to do with general lack of maturity on behalf of the parents, as well as a higher likelihood of divorce.

No. 597723

>kids in school
>do whatever I want

is this a bad larp or are you just delusional? Good luck establishing a career with a decade gap and doing whatever you want while your entire wage packet goes to kids clothes/trips/etc

Bea the system by not having kids or getting married and live the true do the fuck what you want life

No. 597724

File: 1596674423030.jpg (32.9 KB, 415x479, 1484086038001.jpg)

It sounds like they already have

No. 597726

>Do you really think that your kids are no longer going to require any attention/assistance from you when they're in school?
Yeah, one of the main reasons I don't want kids is because I remember how stressful and busy my school years were for my parents and I. It was bad enough for me running around to extra curricular activities, sports, dance concerts, friends houses, parties, getting my school work done, all those projects… and how it must have been 100x worse for my poor parents, particularly my mum, because they had to actually organize everything, drive me everywhere, and help me or do things for me while I was being a grumpy little bitch about it all. I'm nearly 30 and I still constantly need their help lmao.

But they are noticeably so much happier and more relaxed now I'm older and they're retired, so maybe getting it out of the way early isn't a bad idea.

No. 597728

are you perhaps a scrote

I don't think all men are like this. I think a lot of them are though, and farmhand can see if someone is samefagging or a scrote with post history and ban them, so pretty much you're being retarded thinking e v e r y o n e here who disagrees with you is the same person
But to be frank I think you're the same person who thinks polyamorous relationships are not degeneracy, so lmao

No. 597729

File: 1596674978131.jpg (18 KB, 447x446, 1357543605001.jpg)

>I think you're the same person who thinks polyamorous relationships are not degeneracy, so lmao

I'm not that person. I guess we're both retarded.

No. 597731

File: 1596675257273.gif (28.64 KB, 220x242, tenor.gif)

Fair enough, I am indeed retarded.

No. 597737

nah it's not a scrote but it's that weird anon that hangs out in the pedo discord server nd whiteknights null in the KF thread. they have a really obvious typing style

No. 597738

File: 1596676560078.png (10.92 KB, 476x558, 1357716676001.png)

I'm not that person either. Stop this. Jfc we all suck.

No. 597757

this is the best take ive seen all night and i agree wow

i predict it too but still hope not

No. 597763

I'm honestly scared of lolcow turning into twitter 2.0 and tumblr 3.0

No. 597766


I said it once at work and my 18 year old coworker (woke twitter bitch) gasped and said, dont say that again. you can't say the 'r' word.' I cringed.

No. 597771

File: 1596682694242.png (16.3 KB, 1811x143, 21331.png)

the asherasgarden redtext pisses me off so much. I get farmhands think it's funny to put on tranny sperging, what the fuck ever, but doing it to the post in pic related is retarded. It was posted in /ot/ in reply to a discussion about a reddit post in the reddit thread. How is that off-topic?

From what i read in meta admin goes awol for weeks at a time. She needs to just sell the site because most of the farmhands are her friends so we can get rid of them, too.

No. 597774

People who enter any place just to "Not all men! Stop hating men!", or harass women and/or try to "cancel" them about shit in general, are only doing it because they're either male and generally love to shit on women (even on the internet), or because they know it's easier to browbeat women into anything than men, and want a quick fix of ego-inflation without actually doing any work.
Watch how fast these people try to deflect if you tell them to take their anti-whatever agenda to 4chan or Reddit, much larger places with actual degenerates.

No. 597777

As much as being a woman sucks, I would never ever ever want to be a man. Women are superior.

No. 597778

Hah that was me, thanks for the support anon. It was also my only post in that discussion, it's not like I was sperging out and shitting up the thread.

Anyway bans are totally arbitrary and inconsistent, sometimes we go weeks without any bans for talking shit about men and trannies, sometimes we get banned for the slightest mention. It's sad because you know no male oriented image board has similar rules to ban misogynists, we're always the ones who have to shut up and be nice. It's also stupid because how are you gonna have a whole board for women and expect them not to vent about the opposite sex? It's inevitable and normal, not politicizing the board beyond acceptable levels.

No. 597783

Hard agree

No. 597788

It pisses me off a lot too, what anon was saying wasn't even like, out of field manhating times 10. It was a logical understandeable post.
I understand when people say not all men are bad, because it is true. But other women harassing women over "omg don't go hating men!!!" just seems sad and desperate to me. Men don't go on men's spaces and say "don't hate on women omg not all women are bad!!!" they generally all agree on their extreme views of us

No. 597790

I stay away from all the covid-19 and politics threads or any political discussions in other threads for that matter. They make me uncomfortable, as does all talk of politics.

My favorite /ot/ threads are ones of anons talking about their personal experiences, like the “cow yourself” one, which is hilarious

No. 597791

My unpopular opinion is that /xx/ was destined to go. In fact, I feel like it was rigged from the start. The poll that we had at the top was just a google forms document, anyone with a gmail account could enter. Meaning, it wasn't just us regular farmers who voted, it was everyone who visited the site, including tourists, scrotes, trannies and cows.
I never ever even knew what /XX/ was, what it stood for, where it was located, and at the time I just answered "no I don't know what it is, but we can keep it". A lot of people both answered that they didn't know, and they didn't want to keep it. Idk. It's fishy to me.

>She needs to just sell the site because most of the farmhands are her friends so we can get rid of them, too.
But what if it's sold to an even worse owner?

No. 597793

It's funny because it (/xx/) was actually working just fine. There was no reason for anyone except trannies to be mad at it. And then she made up shit about the results being "faked" because they still didn't go in her favor, kek.

No. 597794

I feel the same way. Some bans are understandable because the derailing is extreme but lately the bans seem to be getting super arbitrary.
I wasn’t here for the drama, so maybe I’m missing something, but what the fuck is the logic of deleting the containment /xx/ board and then punishing people for talking about /xx/ topics elsewhere? Like you literally nuked the containment area, what are you expecting? That anons were just gonna be good little girls and shut up completely bc uwu man hate is uncool? It just doesn’t seem like a reasonable expectation to me.
Like previous anon said, male dominated image boards don’t ban for (often violent) misogyny, which is arguably much worse than a bunch of women venting about how shit men have treated them.

No. 597795

File: 1596686415160.jpg (1.76 MB, 1510x1396, wffff.jpg)

This is a good breakdown of everything

No. 597801

I think things were actually going well at first, in spite of the survey and /xx/ fiasco. The admin and mods chilled on the anti-radfem shit with time, maybe they got bored.
I agree with the theory that they recently got a new farmhand from Twitter who's dumb as a brick and new. It's the only way to explain the more nonsensical bans.

No. 597803

I wish there existed some sort of way for websites to be group-adminned so the admins could all keep each other in check lol. But that’s obviously impossible logistically. I guess it’s the age old curse of the internet to occasionally have erratic powerdrunk admins who fuck up their own sites.

No. 597816

Nofap is retarded and I have no sympathy for porn addicts

Literally just close the tab, it's simple.

Why conflict masturbation with porn in the first place? Noporn makes sense but Nofap doesn't

When I see them talk about how they had to stop because their kinks got too extreme, I think okay it's good you're acknowledging your deviancy but you're still sexually dysfunctional. Putting your furry BDSM fetishes in the back of your brain doesn't make it disappear. Why not work on getting a healthy sexuality instead?

No. 597819

some scrotes will be more willing to put their mouth on a feces pipe than a clit, it's weird

No. 597821

now imagine liking someone you know is into getting pegged and anal stuff. no thanks, i'm burying all these feelings right away

No. 597825

On that note, I have no sympathy for scrotes with a porn addiction. Lmao imagine getting addicted to cuck rapetape and breaking your pp couldn’t be me.

No. 597832

It's so stupid lol they're talking as if it's heroine. How pathetic are you to lack this much self control. It's so easy to just not go on a porn site. And they'll also get triggered by seeing anything sexual. I have a pretty high sex drive but porn ads, sexual images on imageboards etc do nothing for me. Male sexuality is weird

No. 597841

Same my sex drive is very high but I’m not turned on by the absolute cringe shit scrotes are. They can be memed into liking anything I stg.

No. 597859

I think that the admin is just a classic misogynist, the "oh no people will think we're all angry genderhair weirdos we can't associate with [points at gc] them" type.

No. 597905

mayonnaise is absolutely delicious. so are raw tomatoes and all other foods autists cannot handle eating.

No. 597955

Nofap is the first step for a healthier sexuality for many though
I understand them, sometimes the need to masturbate is too big to ignore, even more if you're used to do it everyday at the same hours like clockwork. So you're used to looking at tiddies on a screen because it gets you off. That's how it happens, probably depressed men and women get so needy that they need it, the way porn controls the mind is kind of underplayed

This comes from someone with a high livido who gets easily aroused and was groomed as a kid. I'm still working on my porn addiction and a healthier sex life without porn (especially because I lean radfem). Maybe mine is different to how scrotes experience it but I do understand why it happens. It is quite shitty and quite embarassing, and I hate it, and I do agree it should be mocked to oblivion, but I mean, it's better than crack, I hope I'll be porn free in the future.

No. 597958

Next time tell her you'll say the whole alphabet to her lol (just kidding.)

No. 597959

Umami foods are great. I want to try dutch mayo so bad.

No. 597967

I feel like the whole internet, especially female-oriented spaces, will eventually mature when both us millenials and zoomers get older and start marrying and having children. Like, yes there will be the teens that are growing up with creepy youtube videos atm, but there will be more moms, so to speak, because we outnumber them and they probably will use their own kind of social media.
That said, I can't wait for lolcow to have parenting advice threads. No, it won't be cringe like those boomer forums. It will be cool, funny, cute, and full of amazing moments. Can't wait.

No. 597986

I’m tired of seeing fat and flabby people in media and in life. It’s like we’ve just collectively given up.

No. 597987

cant decide if new or bait but im guessing you never venture out of /ot/?

No. 597995

It's not bait and I do go to all boards here

No. 597997

I don't understand women who just have sex with every man ever, I'm 24 and while I am not a virgin because I lost my virginity to my ex gf, I simply don't have sex with every single person I catch feelings with or people who come for my advice, I tried to have sex with a guy with no strings attached once and it just… can't say it went well lol

No. 598010

same. i never had a bf (20 y/o) but if i did, i'd probably tell him that i wanna wait 1 year before sex. even if he is very trust-worthy and shows no flags, the minimum i can go is 6 months.
lots of people think i'm a prude for it but especially if you're a virgin, it's important to be cautious of being used imo. no guy who is only here you for his own pleasure (meaning fucking you) is going to wait long, so you weed out people who fetishize your inexperience.

No. 598012

you have bad taste anon, seek help.

No. 598017

Some women don't feel emotional attachment to every man they sleep with and yet enjoy the physical company and touch of a man without signing up to be his gf.
I actually think that's a useful ability, that way women don't stick around in bad relationships just because some dude stuck his dick inside her.

No. 598019

As someone who continues having humiliating sex with complete strangers, it’s a mix of self harm, carelessness and mental illness. I probably will never be able to have a healthy relationship.

It’s so bad that one time I met some guy in the hotel lobby when I was super drunk, we talked for maybe two minutes and I agreed to have sex with him. In the middle of it I threw up all over the bed. Then I walked to the bathroom and continued vomiting so violently I pissed myself, so he had to wash me in the shower. This was all while his friends were still in the room. After that we continued having sex until he finished.. If I saw that guy on the street I would not recognize him.

No. 598020

Finnish anon?

No. 598024

Yeah… this was over a year ago though while I was on vacation in Bulgaria. Jesus fucking christ is my posting style that recognizeable

No. 598026

Not sure why we’re only talking about extremes, there are a lot of healthy options between >>598010 and >>598019

No. 598027

Honestly, it's more your behavior. I'm sad that it's actually you.

Please, please seek help. You deserve better than the way these disgusting men treat you. I was so grossed out at the thought of that man still fucking you to his completion/pleasure despite you puking/pissing in the bed or whatever. Like that's an instant turn off for normal people. You were obviously way too drunk to consent. Your behavior is not good and honestly gross, but being taken advantage of by scrotes speaks volumes of them as well. Love yourself, please, we are collectively begging.

No. 598028

men are fucking disgusting. i really do hope you get some sort of help as you deserve better. am actually afraid you'll get seriously hurt, anon.

No. 598031

I understand this train of thought but to be frank even though I'm for real very touch starved, the thought of another man who I have no relation with touching me and wanting to put his dick inside me makes me feel very repulsed

>I probably will never be able to have a healthy relationship.
Anon please don't say that… this thought is exactly what is not letting you have the healthy relationship you deserve. I believe in you, please don't put yourself down and work on yourself.

No. 598032

I would not even really call this kid a man tbh, he was like 16 or something (I know even worse considering I was 20). Idk what the fuck is wrong with me. Way too many similar stories and it’s just so nasty. But not all of the men I have been are awful some were very sweet and treated me well, there was just always some obstacle (distance mostly, that it never worked out).

I’m such a fucking cow myself I cannot even judge anyone who gets posted here s2g.

No. 598034

I made my first boyfriend wait for 9 months to sleep with me (I was 19 years old and a virgin), and after two months of that (eleven months going out as a couple) he left me.. turns out he just wanted to have sex with a virgin girl, and I know this because some of our mutual friends told me that he said that to them, so, careful with that mindset.
It's better to weed out people paying attention to the red flags than to just make them wait

No. 598035

Erm…don't have sex with teenagers as an adult. Ever.

No. 598037

Thanks anon. I have such bad trust issues that my assumption automatically is that every guy is either making fun of me behind my back, even if they are nice to my face or is using me. Even the ones who probably genuinely liked me and treated me nicely

No. 598039

That is your biggest problem with that post? It’s not illegal in europe. I definitely was taken adventage of especially considering I had just hit my head bc I was so drunk I fell down a flight of stairs, and probably should have been taken to a hospital.

No. 598041

Anon, you have also postend on the "cow yourself" thread right? As one of the bpd anons…..

No. 598044

adding to this don't just have sex with a shitty scrote, make them wait but also look for the red flags because once they """use""" you they'll treat you like absolute trash

No. 598046

This, a fucking scrote is still a scrote teen or not. Finnanon was drunk, pissing, vomiting, just in a very vulnerable position. I'd say, the 16 year old raped her, even if he was """nice""". Like, he washed her, that's the least she could do. He shouldn't had taken advantage of her in the first place.

No. 598048

No, but I probably should. The only really entertaining milky things I have done have been in the last 2.5 years, so there is not that much material

No. 598050

Anon, I love you. Please get therapy. I wish I could save you. It's never too late.

No. 598054

>(I know even worse considering I was 20)

You acknowledged that it was gross. I didn't say that it was the only problem or even the biggest problem, all I said was that you shouldn't have sex with a teenager as an adult. Even if that teenager is a disgusting scrote that still managed to take advantage of you and fuck you covered in puke. Two bad things can occur at once.

No. 598055

look at the american lol

the guy took advantage of, if not even raped finn anon, hes a piece of shit.

Please Finn Anon, get help, we are all concerned for you.

No. 598058

20 and 16 isnt that bad.

No. 598059

If Finnish anon was a cow in /pt/ or /snow/, she wouldn't get nearly as much sympathy, especially since acknowledging elsewhere that she's "too retarded" to try and get help lol. That's my unpopular opinion for the thread.

No. 598061

File: 1596729239290.png (4.2 KB, 329x316, congratulations.png)

yeah yeah sure it's gross sure we all agree. Have your woke points for today

No. 598062

unbelievable. flip the genders and see how everyone feels, eurofags or not.

No. 598063

There wasn’t even a power imbalance, anon was clearly the vunerable party.

Honestly americans being so weirdly hung up on acting like 16 year olds are poor bby children Is sick as hell, no one magically matures when they turn 18.

No. 598064

You would be surprised how many cows are whitenighted by farmers and how many cows people want to see get better and rehabilitated. Recent example, Micky Moon

No. 598065

I have not scammed or taken adventage of anyone, just acted like a trashy crazy person.

Thank you.

No. 598066

Come on. A 20 year old girl having sex with a 16 year old boy is not predatory. Its only a 5 year age difference anyway.

No. 598067

I mean you’re forgetting that scrotes are way more privileged in society.

But yeah no i dont think its that weird.
25 and 16 sure creep territory, 20 and 16 not really..

No. 598068

I would absolutely think this was wrong if I had gotten 16 year old boy drunk when I was sober myself, but that is not what happened. Like I was so trashed I could not see straight

No. 598071

>flip genders
Men are objectively grosser and more disgusting. This behaivor of taking advantage of women is prevalent in them, and you know it.
A woman would not fuck a drunk guy who just hit his head falling down, with vomit and piss all over. A man, any age, would. They even stick their dick inside raw chicken breasts for god's sake.

No. 598076

Is fucking an 18 year old dude while you are 24 a bad thing?

No. 598079

No. As long as you're being respectful and not abusive.

When people think of age gap couples they're thinking of how poorly men treat younger women. They dont get it's not the same situation for women.

No. 598081

I feel zero sympathy. She's an annoying af attention seeker, spreading talk about her to multiple threads, fishing for compliments, manipulating everybody into saying that it's not her fault (because the past of finland), you just know she's hell to be around irl.
>uwu seek help, you deserve so much better than those disgusting men (teen boys)
She's disgusting too, she spreads her legs for anything that moves. Your problem can be easily solved, just stop being a hoe if you regret it afterwards. And if you tend to lose control when you're drunk, why even go out drinking in the first place? You said you were with a friend, aren't you ashamed in front of her? Or is she the same? Seriously, just limit your fun time to activities during the day and you're all good. Now you're even spinning the narrative from bad sex to rape (by an underage dude…) You're embarassing, just fuck off and reflect.

No. 598082

I just don’t think my situation had fuckall to do with age, I just pointed that out because it felt so weird to find out how young that guy was when he told me that.

No. 598085

Yeah honestly my best advice is just to develop your creep radar, learn to spot people who aren’t actually interested in your company. It’s usually pretty obvious.

No. 598086

I straight up don’t want sympathy, just thought it might be amusing/interesting/whatever. Don’t take things so seriously. I have friends that I can talk to if I want to cry on someones shoulder

No. 598087

Vomiting everywhere drunk people can’t consent.

Hypersexuality is major sign of mental illness and trauma in women.

Teenagers aren’t saints, “boys” commit as many atrocities as “adults” or you’re going to start defending school shooters because they weren’t 18 too?

Stop being a pickme and defending a rapist lol

No. 598088

Stop being a prude brat anon, nobody cares you pickme virgin.
Finn anon, from the americas we are rooting for you. I hope you decided to get some help so you don’t find yourself in dangerous situations around predatory men.

No. 598089

And when I said

>Don't fuck teenagers when you're an adult

I was speaking in general, but people are sperging the fuck out thinking that pointing that usually good rule of thumb = you are complicit in being taken advantage of kek try reading comprehension bitches

No. 598090

Also not gonna get into the ‘is it creepy’ argument but you’re not gonna have good sex with an 18 year old lmao

No. 598091

Finanon if you have to be an alcoholic, I recommend drinking alone at home or having friends come over to drink. You will avoid so many problems by not going out when you drink.

No. 598092

AYRT, that's a good point, fair enough

No. 598093

Yeah they're shit at sex and on top of that theyre not willing to learn because and take offense when you try to teach them.

No. 598096

People who complain about not being able to go a month without sex are pathetic. I havent had sex in 2 months and I don't care.

No. 598099

>She's an annoying af attention seeker
I haven't seen a single comment of her asking for attention.
>she spreads her legs for anything that moves.
You're worse than an scrote. This is fucking disgusting anon.
>just stop being a hoe
It's not that easy for some mentally ill women, and finnanon clearly wants to stop.
>why even go out drinking in the first place?
Why be disgusting to an anon that has nothing to do with you?
>Now you're even spinning the narrative from bad sex to rape
She didn't say it was rape. I said it.

No. 598101

Yeah, that's exactly the impression one get's after the your dozens of posts, including your bruised legs etc… Tell your many irl friends they need to smack some sense into your retard head.

>prude pickme virgin
There's women who fall victim to men and there's brainlets who let every scrote dick them down, not supporting the latters behavior is just natural. Coddling her won't do any good. By continuing to post about how awful it was, she already confirmed that this is something one regrets and not something that only prudes would find vile.

No. 598102

Maybe don’t bring that up in a situation where I was taken adventage of? 16 year old are not saints anymore, especially men
I should not have brought that age thing up apparently, some underlying pickme element is still visible here apparently

I could have also talked about the times I was molested by men who were 10+ years older, but I thought that was a good example

No. 598104

>There's women who fall victim to men
>and there's brainlets who let every scrote dick them down
Meaning… the same women?

No. 598105

i don't think men have to be older in relationships just because they "mature slowly". i really think both sides being around the same age (ideally same age or slightly different, 4-5 years of difference at most) is the healthiest in most cases. if you want kids, it is a terrible idea for one parent to be significantly older, as your kids will be more likely to be orphans and you will be more likely to be a widow from a young age

i don't care what consenting adults are doing but when i see couples with more than 10 years of age gap i feel disgusted if one is around 18-22. like what the fuck do you two even have in common at all.

No. 598106

Now I really see the point of an anonymous imageboard, being able to identify various fuckups is annoying

No. 598107

nta but being a "prude" is obviously better in this scenario
>It's not that easy for some mentally ill women
vibrators exist and are a lot better than the average dick

No. 598108

Okay I agree with this.

No. 598109

God forbid I wanted to vent on an anonymous board ? Just don’t read it if that was so annoying to you takes like 1 second to scroll past

No. 598111

I dont get women who have bad experience after bad experience like this and never change. Most of the time they just get shitty sex out of it and dont cum, wtf is the point?. Might as well stay home, get drunk, masturbate and watch a movie.

No. 598112

this, men keep fetishizing 18 year old girls like we're going to have amazing bodies, be sexy but also innocent and cute, give great head and fuck like a pornstar all at the same time

No. 598113

A vibrator wont pay real attention to me and give me a hug though :(

No. 598114

there’s a vent thread right that way that you could take over instead

No. 598115

My unpopular opinion is that finnanon is great and I love her and want to see her getting better even though I myself am a prude who doesn't agree with her very bad life choices. I just have empathy

No. 598117

Yeah u right, shit just came up on this thread gor whatever reason

No. 598118

Do the random scrotes you fuck make you feel loved?I bet they dont even cuddle you and buy you breakfast afterward. They fuck you and send you on your way like used trash.

No. 598120

>You're worse than an scrote. This is fucking disgusting anon.
It's literally the truth, she said so herself.

Oh and now you yourself also start calling anons anti feminists for not giving you said excuse of an adult women asspats for your irresponsible behavior… Seriously, grow up.

She seeks out sex with strangers despite knowing that it's dangerous and something she regrets afterwards, if you think that's the same as women getting assaulted or having male family members turning onto them, then I don't know what to tell you.

No. 598123

>I straight up don’t want sympathy, just thought it might be amusing/interesting/whatever. Don’t take things so seriously. I have friends that I can talk to if I want to cry on someones shoulder

pick a narrative already

No. 598124

nta but sometimes yeah, they do. Find and hang out with better people, it is a thing you can learn to do. People always complain about bad experiences with men/women and I don’t get it, just keep your standards for decency and if they’re not chill don’t have sex with them.

No. 598125

Most of them have cuddled with me afterwards and did stuff like give me a ride home ot bought me drinks or food or whatever. I just push the nice ones sway because I don’t want anyone to actually get to know me

Thanks anon

No. 598127

These are people you know/hangout with not random one nightstands and hookups.

No. 598130

When was I calling anyone an anti feminist? 16 year old girls don’t adventage of older guys like that boy did to me.

No. 598131

Most one night stands I’ve had started as having drinks or hanging out somewhere, you have plenty of time to feel out their vibe. Obviously just picking a random dude and fucking them immediately won’t end well.

No. 598132

How is calling another woman a whore who "spreads her legs for anything that moves", feminism?
How is being rude to her, calling her disgusting names… feminism?
How is yelling at her going to help her at all?

>she said so herself

She said that she has had very bad stupid retarded choices, but you worded it in a very disgusting way.

No. 598135

Well, if you're enjoying your life style wtf is the problem?

No. 598136

like, wow, can't believe calling another woman a whore is peak feminism… maybe all men are indeed feminists after all!

No. 598137

>I just push the nice ones sway because I don’t want anyone to actually get to know me
This sounds like a loser 13-year-old writing a self insert wattpad story. So cold and mysterious…

Feminism =/= "I support any idiot who happens to be female"

No. 598138

nta but anon we’re on lolcow, nothing any of us say is going to affect this girl’s life

No. 598141

I never said I was enjoying it. Just bc 80% of the men I sleep with don’t treat me like dirt does not mean I like it lmao. The only thing I have going on for me is that I’m pretty I’m a jobless broke alcoholic

No. 598142

>Feminism =/= "I support any idiot who happens to be female"
I do agree super hard with this (I mean shit otherwise I wouldn't be on lolcow), but just being rude to a woman is not feminism to me.

No. 598144

I’m still bitter af about the kpop thread being nuked

No. 598145

Then stop doing it and get a job?

No. 598146

you sound like you kinda get off on being a mess, congratulations on sabotaging yourself for no reason.

No. 598147

I mean emotionally get to know me. Like I would rather let some guy put his dick in my asshole than tell him my favorite song or whatever.

No. 598149

Anon… you're making it really hard to defend you lol
Just… don't oh god

No. 598152

File: 1596732062837.jpg (6.15 KB, 224x225, annoying ass.jpg)

I felt really bad and was rooting for you at first, but now I see you're pathetic as fuck. Good god woman, get a grip.

No. 598154

I don’t need to be defended, it’s allright. I am a funny/ sad mental case <3

No. 598155

Unpopular opinion: I want farmhand to collect finnanon's posts and read them all to laugh

No. 598156

Why not just enjoy casual sex then and get over it? You don't have to be in a deep emotional relationship if you dont want to and since you said your casual hookups treat you nice it shouldnt be an issue.

No. 598158

me too, kind of. it was one of the few kpop related online places i followed

stan twitter is autism

No. 598159

So if you don't like it then stop? I'm not trying to shame you like the other anons here cause you really seem like you have something wrong with you BUT….it's not like you are addicted to drugs. You can stop anytime, fix your life, learn to love yourself and maybe find a dude you loves you. Literally get a job at burger king if you have too. Go to school. Learn a trade. Do something bitch.

No. 598162

>I would rather let some guy put his dick in my asshole than tell him my favorite song or whatever.
You're only proving me right. At this point I just think you're a troll.

I hope all you fags who wrote pathetic "I love you finnanon!" posts have a bad day, quit being so fucking gullible. And just because you are a woman and somebody else claim to be a women too doesn't you must defend all of their retarded actions. "Her" posts stank right from the get-go, don't be so nice all the time, especially not to people who don't deserve your time and effort.

No. 598166

I’m just so pathetically insecure.
It’s not a joke. I would prove that I’m a real life crazy person if I cuould :(

No. 598167

hey does anyone want dick?

No. 598169

NTA, but underage males can definitely rape. It's just that it's an uncomfortable subject for people who think boys and girls are the same in literally every way (they aren't).

No. 598172

i want love

No. 598173

Also I posted a picture of my legs on the vent thread? Snd they look very much like a womans

No. 598174

She may be trolling now, but I do also know people like this. Trashy women exist, unfortunately.

But yeah, the rest of you have fun continuing to be pickmes for this Finnidiot. You've clearly never been around an alcoholic or bpdfag irl who refused to get help. Those of us who have are already over it lol.

No. 598175

No. 598178

I sometimes do tbh
this is even better

No. 598180

attentionnnnnn give me more attentionnn

No. 598184

I have an unpopular opinion. A lot teens only pull the "I'm too young to understand consequences uwu you're a predator!" when its convenient for them and they dont want to take responsibility for their actions. I'm 30 and I met an 18 year old tinder. He knew my age was 30 and he begged me to fucked him.

Only when he stole money from me did he pull the "I'm too young uwu you took advantage of me old lady!". Same teenage scrote came back a month later trying to get sex and acting like he never stole money.

No. 598185

Project harder

No. 598186

but why did you meet up with an 18 year old for sex

No. 598187

Because he was hot. Nothing more nothing less.

No. 598192

Is it Finn anon?

No. 598193

tbh I think your just salty a 18 yo got the better of you. Your right tho, too many young people try to pretend like they are so innocent when they get in trouble.
we didn't ask for this, love.

No. 598194

This thread is going to shit. Can we start over?

No. 598196

This. I'm not sure what happened at this point.
Like, why the sudden burst of activity and unsaged posts like the porn link and "anyone want dick?" when Finnanon showed up?

No. 598197

Can we get back to unpopular opinions please?

No. 598204

Tbh i kinda enjoy all the shitposting but after a while we might need another hellweek

No. 598211

american 1950s fashion was very boring

No. 598212

I wanna know what this post was. Dick post was not related to me


No. 598216

Lmao what an embarrassment, dude obviously doesn't give a fuck about muh consequences and responsibility. I'm not saying 30 means you're a hag but you're neither a hot young girl nor old enough to fulfil a mommy fetish, so what did you expect? Honestly good for him, hope he has a good laugh about dumb womanchild you. Let that be a lesson.

No. 598221

I mean it's fine that he doesnt care about responsibility but its dumb he pulled the age card. Also really dumb to pull the age card after he told me hes sexually assaulted girls age 6-13, so hes also a hypocrite.

No. 598223

>nor old enough to fulfil a mommy fetish
NTA, but are you implying this situation would've been better if anon was like 40 instead, lmao? Weird-ass.

No. 598225

So he sexually assaulted young girls and you still wanted to fuck him.

No. 598227

He revealed this to me later on in the "frienship" which is one of the reasons I started drifting away. He wanted to come clean to me and he told me how he has sexually assaulted children and he was 18 when it happened.

But then when I want my money back he tries to paint me as a pedo despite the fact hes out here molesting 6 year olds.

Like I said some people only pull the age card to get outta stuff.

No. 598230

>post something embarrassing
>don't get the response you wanted
>"A-and btw he's also a rapist!"
I see a pattern…

It would be an explanation for his behavior. Why else would a teen fresh out of hs seek out a much older woman? If she was 40+ then ok, maybe that's his weird thing, but she's 30, so why? His motive was odd right from the start, anon should have been suspicious.

So you didn't jump right after he stole from you and him being a pedo was only "one of the reasons"? kek I bet in your next post you're gonna change the story again, maybe you were drunk or he forced you too and of course you immediately reported him to the police…

No. 598232

What is with all the disgusting anons in this thread today?

No. 598235

Honestly anon I would want to kill myself after finding out someone I slept with molested a 6 year old how are you coping

No. 598242

Well, I was repulsed and shocked. He said it didnt count because he was "asleep". Idk how that works.
In the situation I was in the wrong too but I dont understand how he can call me a pedo when 1. Hes a literal pedo and 2. He was simping for a 28 year old. It's just funny how he pulled the pedo card on me but he's not a pedo and the 28 year old who is using him for money isnt one.

No. 598251

Wtf on the pedo shit but I agree. 16 and 17 year olds pull the same card on tumblr all the time when they get into some retarded heated argument crying about how they're minors.

No. 598270

Unpopular opinion: 90% of the time, guys who had sex with older women when they were in their teens aren't traumatized about the sex itself. What hurts them is the older woman not staying with them.
A lot of women don't get this nuance, and cry about predation. They're obsessed with being fair and projecting their own experiences on men, but it's the blindest shit ever. Ask any actual guy who's been through this, ask if he feels victimized, and listen to his testimony. The pain is from the abandonment, he doesn't get the feeling that his body was invaded and made disgusting.
People need to start separating actual male CSA victims, like guys who got molested when they were 8 by their aunt or female neighbor, from guys who just got to bang the hot teacher or cool older girl that they were literally already fantasizing about while nursing a porn addiction in their free time. There's a strong difference, stop pretending they're the same.
Don't @ me with "But if the genders were reversed itd be predatory" If the genders were reversed, you know the dynamics would be completely different.

No. 598273

yansim can still be a finished game

alex will step out eventually and a different developer will finish it

No. 598275

I fucking hate "if the genders were reversed" for anything. I saw on insta yesterday some pick-me was calling out a girl for filming some guy she saw out and found hot. "if the genders were reversed and a man was filming a random woman he found hot ya'll would be mad!"

Like are you fucking serious? Men film women in public CONSTANTLY. They have/had entire subreddits dedicated to it. There are entire categories on porn sites dedicated to creep cams placed in changing rooms/toilets. But I'm meant to be mad about some teen girl filming some random guy??? Like the intentions would be the same AT ALL. Like this girl is going to go home and talk to her fellow women about how much she wants to rape the guy. big kek

No. 598278

I feel like similar things can be said about how we even address sexual assault. Like, people tend to conflate sexual assault with pedophilia, so people we say stuff like "he got arrested for pedophelia". No, bitch, he got arrested for sexual assault. Acknowledging the nuance doesn't mean I condone pedophelia. Persecuting someone for their sexuality only obfuscates the fact that there was a victim. And it's that same mindset that puts people who have sex with 17y/o's they met at a bar on the same sex offenders registry as actual sex predators. And insult to injury, Megan's Law doesn't even work. People think the severity of the punishment changes things, but the same amount of people are being victimized regardless of the repercussions.

No. 598280

It is super weird how okay society is with creepshot/spycam shit compared to other stuff. Like, why is that the exception?

No. 598284

pedophilia isn't a sexuality… it's a sexual deviation. No one is arresting pedos for their sexualities jesus.

You can absolutely be arrested for acting on pedophilia, too. That's why the charges are sexual assault of a MINOR.

This whole post is…

No. 598286

This is incredibly trivial, but I don't use ice in my water, nor anything I'm drinking, and I think it's absurd that people do use ice. And I also kind of resent people who would go out of their way to buy bottled water rather than just drink water from a regular glass with/without ice cubes like an adult.

No. 598288

Water has different flavors, yo.

No. 598291

a true unpopular opinion would be

>Dasani is the best bottled water

no one thinks that, but could you imagine

No. 598292

I don't know if it's exactly accepted, but I think it's more prominent than most people realize. I knew at least a few seemingly normal guys who mentioned browsing that subreddit, and one of them had hundreds of photos of girls from uni on his phone.

Reddit only banned the creepshots subreddit because someone wrote an article that got a lot of traction and exposed how shitty it was. It's more hidden now.

No. 598317

That's fair and also true. Where I live, the water is especially hard, which is why it makes me even more annoyed when my dumb bitch grandma insists on buying plastic bottles ON TOP of the 3 gallon bottles I constantly refill for her, plus the water filter I installed for her. It's just insulting. Sometimes I wash plastic containers that can be recycled, and she takes them and throws them in the trash. When I try to explain to her to fucking stop it, she always goes "oh, it's okay". No it's fucking not. I know fully well the futility of recycling plastic and the energy and water wasted in the recycling process, but can I at least have the luxury of pretending to assuage my guilt about using plastic? I get you don't care about my future, but you could at least not spit in my face while you're at it.
I have a friend who stands by Dasani because it's apparently distilled and she uses it for microchips or wafers or something? I guess that's cheaper than getting a reverse osmosis machine or whatever.

No. 598320

Minalba is the only decent brand of water that has ever existed.

let the water battles begin

No. 598321

Drinking alone is better than drinking with other people.
Dicks under 7 inches are too small. 8-9 inches is the best size.

No. 598329

I agree on both these points.

No. 598330

Burger King is better than McDonald’s.
The whooper with cheese is superior.

No. 598335

All of BK's burgers taste like tires and their fish sandwiches are covered in gallons of grease. Mc Donald's is better if you stick with their chicken or fries.

No. 598336

I'm gonna get a Whopper tonight and if it sucks I'm coming for you in your sleep

No. 598337

Make sure you ask for extra tomato, ask the to add cheese and cut the burger in half. Also ask for them to make the burger fresh off the grill. You won’t regret it.

No. 598338

I think it really depends where u live though, where i came from the burger from bk actually tasted better. Mcdonals burger just feel like cardboard at best, imo.

No. 598342

File: 1596746684365.jpg (52.76 KB, 1024x1024, ma'am!!!.jpg)

Nevermind, that's too many requests to attempt to make a burnt burger taste okay and I'm usually too retarded to ask for customizations on my fast food orders. But if other anons try it report back kek

No. 598343

Their burgers are dry as fuck but I still get the impossible whopper. Their zesty sauce is fire too.

No. 598355

I usually like to ensure the pH of the water is strictly 7 sometimes 8 if I’m feeling a little more alkaline, anything 6 or below is a no-go. I check the acidity with a electronic pH meter just to be sure, you want a nice crisp balanced flavor so no Dasani lol. I’d recommend Aquafina for a beginners water if you must go bottled but honestly room temperature tap water through a filter is the way to go, then you get all the minerals. Now glass shape is important you can either go tall or you can go wide, we call them verties or hories, vertical or horizontal, I like to do with a horie cause I really want to see the water between sips I think looking at it is half the pleasure

No. 598377

I don't think there's anything with getting in the BDSM headspace (I know, big scary for feminists and radfems alike) as long as you know the difference between reality and what the fetish encourages in other people that are clearly using it as a crutch for their misogyny.

No. 598379

you're right. You just need to find that unicorn male that wants to hurt/dominate a woman but not because he hates them deep down kek. good luck.

No. 598381

i love this post

No. 598385

File: 1596750735008.png (58.44 KB, 310x311, 68491a69-683b-4cf4-8fa8-90b61d…)

There's a reason I made this post. I think I can say successfully that I run the relationship. I'm a major control freak and schedule everything, plan everything, decide most things. My boyfriend absolutely loves his mom and his sisters. He's not a soyboy feminist but really supports outspoken feminists alike. Those aren't the only reasons he doesn't hate women but you just know. He treasures women. I honestly don't deserve him. I promise, I'm not trying to brag.

I think the reason he's into BDSM is that he has an inferiority complex because he's short and spent most of his life not making his own decisions. He just probably needs an outlet to feel like he's in control and… well, I've been into subbing since years before I met him so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 598388

Nice proZD reference

No. 598394

nigel bragging? time to be sent to the gulag, handmaiden.

No. 598406


No. 598409

Sounds like you work for him. Also the manga thumbnail doesn't help.

No. 598410

Anime was a mistake

No. 598444

File: 1596754322414.jpeg (86.69 KB, 1080x657, C3A7D41F-6E6E-4C95-A18D-D7FED5…)

No. 598446

KEK "sounds like you work for him"

Bitch please. Sounds like I do things how I want, when I want. He can do his own shit. When I say I schedule things I mean events that we do together.

but yeah I'll say I work for him if it makes you feel better.

If you knew what manga it came from, it'd make sense.

No. 598447

If being gay was socially acceptable and seen as normal most men would be gay or bisexual with a strong preference for males.

No. 598449

Is it fun being your boyfriends mom

No. 598451

Nagatoro doesn’t sub you stupid bitch

No. 598458

I knew what you meant..
>but yeah I'll say I work for him if it makes you feel better.
it does
>If you knew what manga it came from, it'd make sense.
just did a reverse image search and the artist does hentai..

Am I the only one who doesn't LARP, here?

No. 598473

I didn't even think your initial opinion was that groundbreaking, everyone has their kinks and who gives a shit. But the weird big post about how in charge you are and how amazing your feminist manlet boyfriend is came across really cringe and defensive. It mostly seems like you're overcompensating, but maybe you're just young and easily baited.

No. 598474

kek your bf is into BDSM because he likes to dominate women. He doesn't want to be equal sexual partners to you.

I don't know how women can be happy in relationships where they have to do everything and the moid just sits back because he's so passive. These men never will defend you or have a solid opinion. When there's a real issue you can't depend on him.

Anon you just like Mothering this manlet and you were the next logical step for him after he got too old to be depending on mommy to run his life.

No. 598475

Idk how a man acts passive and lazy in everyday life then expects to be a dom in the bed room. I can’t take a man seriously as a dom unless he’s paying all the bills etc

I’m not into bdsm but idk how they can take a loser seriously as a dom.

No. 598478

So, in exchange for all this labor, does he financially support you?
If you're paying for his shit or doing 50/50, this is approaching gimpgirl levels of cope.

No. 598480

What shirt is the girl wearing

No. 598489

Looks like Suicide Silence merch

No. 598490

File: 1596763371463.jpg (92.12 KB, 866x1390, original-film-title-better-off…)

Well, it came off defensive because that anon literally said "good luck finding one like that" and I have? So yeah maybe I was easily baited but I like to be defensive, it's hooman nature


> He doesn't want to be equal sexual partners to you.

Duh, you silly bitch. Didn't I already say that? I said as long as it's different outside of the bedroom and outside of that headspace, BDSM relationships are fine.

Why would I post if I didn't know that. Stupidt.

You guys are missing the point where I said I choose to do these things because I don't like them done any other way. I'd be the same way if I were dating a woman (which I have in the past). Planning things for us to do, scheduling shit, etc. Making sure HE takes care of laundry and dishes if I don't feel it's up to par. I do this for all of my relationships, BDSM or not. I already called myself a control freak and I like it. I literally have autistic fits when things don't go my way.

Anyways, yeah he pays for whatever I need or whatever I ask. But I'm a grown woman with a salary, I don't need a sugar daddy.

No. 598493

Anon I love you

No. 598500

>control freak and I like it. I literally have autistic fits when things don't go my way.
Imagine bragging about being a womanchild and a control freak.

No. 598508

Here’s a question for you anon, if you said you wanted to switch and dom your manlet would he “let” you?

No. 598509

yuck. i could never step foot in a burger king their food looks so bad its laughable whenever i get their flyers they go straight to the recyclable bin. on the other hand, mcdonalds burgers suck those are just two shitty burger places

No. 598513

Samefag, and idk.

Everyone's making it out like the relationship is like "okay I washed the dishes, I did the laundry, I paid the bills, I scheduled your dentist appointments and made sure you have all your records"

That'd be the mommy role.

What the relationship is actually like is just like this:

"hey honey, let's try whole30 diet!"
"Okay cool"

"Yo, we should check out this local event!"
"Actually nevermind I don't feel like it"

"We're getting a schnauzer"
"no I want a shibe!"
"Dude I'm allergic to short hairs and they shed alot, we're getting a schnauzer"
"okay I guess they're kinda cute"

"Hey honey, you're paying for lunch okay?"
"Yeah that's fine"

I have already admitted to being in control of our relationship activities, yes. And I like it. It's the only way I feel comfortable. Maybe it's easier for him because he's boring or repetitive but idc. But I'm not in charge of any of his personal shit ever.

And then when we switch to BDSM mode I don't have to or need to do anything, I'm no longer in control. And that's the kink.


No. 598517

So basically your boyfriend has no say in anything. You sound miserable to be with tbh, but I guess if it works for you it works.

No. 598518

File: 1596766470667.png (561.87 KB, 500x497, 1ac.png)

No. 598521

This, I can't with this boring ass blogposting about a particularly pathetic relationship dynamic. It reeks of newfag.

No. 598532

calling someone else a silly bitch while you do full emotional labor for a useless manlet then let him dominate you in the bedroom kek

No. 598536

>"Hey honey, you're paying for lunch okay?"
>"Yeah that's fine"

not a single person here believes your little bitch of a bf pays for shit.
Also honestly you sound like a fucking nightmare. Giving him no say in events etc is one thing, giving him no say in buying a dog and shit like that is another level.

Get help.

No. 598540

>"Maybe it's easier for him because he's boring or repetitive"
he's boring? he's bored?.. everything about your post hurts my brain

No. 598555

Having to do all emotional labor for a man and then getting abused during sex. My dream relationship

No. 598557

oh yeah. i forgot to tell you something. i always loved you.

No. 598584

Kek succinct summary

No. 598598

File: 1596777670757.jpg (26.62 KB, 663x593, template-am-i-a-joke-to-you-0c…)

Unironically, I use the better water for brewing coffee.It tastes better. Also a pH of 7.0 is just.. water.

No. 598604

File: 1596778164719.jpg (108.87 KB, 1200x675, Gg5i0_s8ZEdvaV3T.jpg)

No. 598606

i saw this on the front page and was worried it was in the shameful attractions thread.

No. 598609

your relationship is going to implode.

No. 598622

ngl he reminds me of my ex gf, so I find him very cute

No. 598639

I had no idea who nemu was until this comment and i looked up her threads….


No. 598640

crystal.cafe is better

No. 598645

So you're like his mommy who makes him do the dishes and then he gets to dom you in bed? Pathetic. Hope you are baiting.

No. 598646

Why do you say that? My impression is that threads are generally less active there so I stopped checking it out

No. 598652

If someone calls an ambulance for you when you're hurt or unconscious, they should be responsible for the fees. I didn't asked to survive , only to be smacked with a 400 dollar bill. I'm going to get a tattoo across my forehead that says "stop trying to be a moral and good samaritan. We both know you're doing this more for yourself than for me. You'd be doing a bigger deed by not saving me and leaving me in financial ruins. Go volunteer at an animal shelter and tell other passerby's I'm just taking a nap."

No. 598654

No. 598655

I am so happy to live in a country with proper health care

No. 598658

Isn't the ambulance fee way more than that not including the actual medical treatment

No. 598659

My unpopular opinion: I wish there was a 'relationship general thread' instead of just an advice one so insufferable anons like >>598490
can talk about their shitty bfs there

No. 598660

yup, I just used that as a bare minimum. In my area anything requiring anything more than just a ride to the hospital in the ambulance (if they actually have to tend to you in some way during the ride) it could be 2,500 without insurance.

That's why I feel bad for suicidal people who get 911 called on them when speaking to someone over a hotline. Without insurance 72 hour mandatory holds cost like 20,000.

No. 598669

You need to add "in Murica", the rest of the world isn't as shitty as you.
In my country you can even get prison time for not helping an ill/injured person, if we'd only go our ways without ever caring about others, society would collapse.

No. 598672

you realize it's kind of a fucking joke. Even in "murica" it's a crime to walk away from a person in need of emergency care. It's literally considered murder. Pretty sure anon realizes that

No. 598675

In situations where you aren't voluntarily calling the ambulance, the fee should just be dropped. Obviously it wouldn't make sense to charge someone calling the ambulance for someone else considering not calling one would make you a bystanding witness and also people would just never help. Pretty sure anon was venting not actually proposing that people be fined for helping.

No. 598676

get a load of this guy.

No. 598725

I think ProZD is cute, and I like to watch him nom

No. 598765

If you like trannies, scrotes and underage tradthots then sure

No. 598785

why do you think that?

No. 598816

I kinda miss mystery. I liked her posts

No. 598839

not that anon, but Ancient Greece
And men just love each other too much, they see themselves as superior. If being gay was okay for men, then women would be seen just as "breeders". Which is, actually, a thing right now. Not only between the biggest women haters, but between fetishists too.

No. 598886

File: 1596818721947.png (376.82 KB, 434x427, unknown.png)

Unpopular opinion: we should make a pink pill discord

I'm just scared of it becoming a drama hotpot, since you know, lolcow and outing ourselves
Plus… when I used to be in rad tumblr, there was always so much infighting and talking behind backs on discord groups
I also don't want it to be plain man-hating you know? just smart women being smart

No. 598889

Finnanon isn't as iconic as you guys say she is

No. 598890

There is one! Come join: https://discord.gg/T2PjETs

No. 598892

I think it was the other way around. they hid women away in homes then caught the gay.

No. 598893

I would join, as long as there isn’t a bunch of retarded FDS talk. I just want to talk to other cool women about random shit and occasionally shit on males

No. 598897

what is fds?

No. 598901

Because men share the same views about sex usually, they usually feel men are superior and love the shit out of their male friends,most men think vaginas are gross and don’t understand how they work and don’t want to.

So yeah most men would be gay or bisexual with a preference for males if they could.

No. 598904

Female dating strategy. A bunch of women who pretend they’re badass because they hate men but are too pathetic to go without some dick so they lie and pretend to get a man

No. 598907

Most of them seem to be confused young girls. I think it's adorable.

No. 598918

Why would anyone trust to expose their identities in a discord with you when you're already this patronizing and judgmental about a group of traumatized women?
You're walking red flags.

No. 598925

Are you tellin me men are gayer than women

No. 598930

prolly not, at least not naturally. most humans are het because evolution is based on reproductive success. wouldn't make sense for the majority of one sex to be naturally inclined towards their same sex if they were unable to reproduce, how would gay genes pass down then? (if there are gay genes lol)

No. 598933

FDS just means respecting yourself and looking for high value qualities in men, for example taking you on dates. I don't know how you can be pro-pp but anti-fds unless you're a newfag tbh.
I wouldn't want to be in a discord with someone as judgemental as you tbh. Maybe you're the source of all this drama you find yourself in?

No. 598936

you sound like a bitter lesbian. No one here wants to be your friend.

No. 598945

tbh i actually think there would be a lot more gay women. most women are open minded about sexual stuff with other women.
also whenever a woman talks about what they expect romantically/emotionally from guys i swear they're just describing a girl. i feel like most women would go lesbian or at least bi if they didn't have this dumb inferiority complex of "feeling protected". bitch u need protection from men because of other men.
maybe im projecting since i identify as het but would eat pussy if i had the chance (plus obvi don't trust men like every other farmer)

No. 598949

FDS bullshit is the gateway to being a femcel.

No. 598950

Oh please, being traumatized has nothing to do with it.

Ah yes, looksmaxxing and lying about the number of sexual partners you’ve had in order to land a slightly less shitty man — both advice I often see in fds spaces — is totes empowering

No. 598952

>Oh please, being traumatized has nothing to do with it.

Ah, now you're baiting.
Yeah this discord would go over so well /s

No. 598956


Probably a scrote with a honeypot server

No. 598958

Now you’re just being retarded. In what way does FDS mean you are definitely traumatized? And what about the tons of traumatized women who have nothing to do with that shit.

No. 598966

I just wanna nuke the /r/instagramreality sub.
I don't think that pointing out someone who made their waist a bit smaller or smoothed their skin is useful at all, and I don't think those people are guilty of setting unrealistic standards. 90% of the people posted there are also affected by those standards, and it's just plain retarded to post them there being like hurr durr so much for body positivity. Filters have become something like makeup, where people use it to look better. Of course there's some horrible examples and those would be fine to be posted and mocked just like it happens with bad makeup.
I see posts of celebrities, or even worse, normal people, who posted a picture where they look very minimally different from the original/tagged pictures and the comments are like BUT THEYRE SO PRETTY I WISH THEY'D APPRECIATE THEIR BODIES. It's the same as posting 'you're pretty, you don't need all that clown paint' under the picture of someone with a full face of makeup.
There's so much shitty photoshopping going around with truly horrible proportions, yet they nitpick shit like makeup brands smoothing people's skin. Come the fuck on, I hate reddit and I hate how that typa shit brought about some witchhunts just because people use filters.

On the same note, and on an even hotter take, I don't think that anorexics that photoshop themselves thinner are the root of the problem, they're affected by it, and shouldn't be held accountable for people feeling bad because of them. If someone posts a picture and someone who is vulnerable sees it, that's their own problem and fault. People with their issues will post harmful shit, but at the end of the day they don't control who is gonna see it. (of course people who post in thinspo groups or shit like that know what they're doing and are just fucked up bitches who are to blame, but not entirely)

No. 598968

File: 1596824840637.jpg (692.97 KB, 1073x1892, Get a load of this not-trauma.…)

FDS is a place for women to talk about and share their experiences with violent, deceptive, and manipulative men.
Not all FDSers are traumatized, but plenty of discussion revolves around abuse. If you're not baiting you're in deep denial.
>first page

No. 598977

There’s plenty of groups where women talk about abuse? Like just plain feminism, Radfem, pink pill, heck even just normal women. It’s called female dating strategy for a reason, quit trying to make it out like you’re the ultimate oppressed group that everyone has to respect from having the same experiences with men that all women have

No. 598983

>the strategy part about not getting involved with and staying safe from abusive men in the dating scene going over your head
Ok softbrain. No one wants a discord with you.

No. 598984

im gonna get banned but i 100% believe in political lesbianism, and that sexuality is malleable.
… please dont ban me

No. 598988

No. 598990

Idgi can a straight girl really participate in political lesbianism? Aren’t they just Bi‘s all along who choose to be women-exclusive? Not dating men out of hate is a perfectly fine reason imo. Women don’t owe men a palatable reason why we won’t fuck them. Assuming a woman swearing off men has to be some edgy political statement is scrote cope.

No. 599007

FDS gives shit advice that isn’t actually empowering and they’re too obsessed with men
>how dare you?! You have to accept their views they’re traumatized!

All women are traumarized…
>yeah but our shitty advice actually helps me get dick avoid dating bad men, unlike just avoiding men

No. 599010

What shit advice?

No. 599012

I always thought FDS is just a watered down female MGTOW

No. 599014

Idk 99% of the stuff I’ve read on fds has helped me so much. It’s the first time I’ve gotten life advice that actually worked.

No. 599017


>Ah yes, looksmaxxing and lying about the number of sexual partners you’ve had in order to land a slightly less shitty man — both advice I often see in fds spaces — is totes empowering


No. 599018

Same here, I'm actually not wasting my time anymore and it feels good to read stories from other women about the shitty things men did to them so I have the comfort to know it's toxic male behavior. Things make so much sense to me now.

No. 599020

Some straight women can’t commit to life
without men so it’s the next best thing to invest in catching an above average scrote.
FDS is about scamming their way to the best man they can get, which is based to me. I don’t necessarily agree with extreme looksmaxxing though, like cosmetic procedures.

No. 599023

Ditto. I thought I just had a shit time because I’m ugly it was a culture shock to see so many other women go through the same shit. I always blamed myself for the abuse I got becuz I’m not pretty or I’m boring or something.

No. 599024

Why on earth do you have a problem with people improving their appearances when our fucking society itself values that you idiot.
>lying about the number of sex partners
Lmao so what? Unless they have a permanent STD they can give you, their sexual information is otherwise none of your business. But of course you make a big stink when women do it while men are never interrogated about their numbers. Enough with these weird anti-science purity takes, vaginas clean themselves and you are not licking 30 other dicks when you eat out a muff, minger.

Wow. A whole two things you don't agree with when not everyone there even cares about looksmaxxing, and are trying to avoid fickle men so their body count won't be higher. You're such a brain drain.

No. 599026

My pickme roommate refuses to lie about her bodycount. Then she wonders why no men will committ to her. It's hilarious.

No. 599027

I only had sex with 6 guys and my ex made a comment about how going down on me disgusted him because other guys have been in there. I hate to say it but lying is better. Guys are too childish and insecure to handle knowing a woman has fucked more than 2 men. As long as you’re std free what’s the big deal.

No. 599032

imo don't lie about your bodycount. Female sexuality shouldn't be hidden and we shouldn't have to make ourselves more ""pure"" and ""innocent"" by lowering our bodycount to appeal to men. If they don't like your bodycount they can fuck off and you know exactly what you're now not missing out on, which is a bullet dodged.

No. 599033

I’m genuinely curious why FDS specifically, radical feminism has been covering it for forever. There’s whole books on the way men treat women in relationships

I don’t care if you want to looksmax or lie but then don’t go and pretend like you hate men and are so cool when you’re actually just being pathetic and giving in to societal expectations and supporting patriarchy all for some male attention and sex.

No. 599035

Fds is more public and mainstream though. Even normie girls are waking up and posting shit they saw on fds.

No. 599038

That’s fine, but if you have to lie to a man to get him to respect you, then I’ve got news… he doesn’t actually respect you. That’s why FDS claims that it’s about finding better men who don’t hate women is lie

No. 599039

File: 1596828794592.jpeg (87 KB, 660x440, 2BE9A430-DA72-45BE-B39E-334B6D…)

Drinking directly from the bottle/carton/bag makes the drink in question taste better than when you pour it in a glass/cup/mug.

No. 599042

A valuable man straight up won't ask, but if a woman is already invested and involved with the scrote in a relationship it is 100% better to lie. Nothing changes.

No. 599045

Why can't someone hate male behavior while also lying to protect themselves, and improve themselves so they can lead better lives? You make no sense, pointless suffering must appeal to you.

No. 599050

This isn't a super unpopular opinion, but picky eaters are literally the worst and don't deserve to reproduce

No. 599053

I can understand not liking something but making a big deal about it and gagging/calling something disgusting as an adult makes me cringe so bad

No. 599056

99% of scrotes are the same. If by some miracle I find one that I find cute, who is sweet to me and does as I ask I will lie when I need to. You expect me to find a man who is cute, has a job and isn’t a sexist in some way?

No. 599057

There was a big GWAS study that came out last year that claimed that "gay genes" weren't necessarily a selective disadvantage and there are many scenarios that could explain this, e.g. lesbian mothers (through compulsive heterosexuality or rape) not putting themselves or their children in harm's way by hooking up with a bunch of men or gay family members being extra supportive in the childcare of their nieces and nephews.

No. 599059

I would lose all my attraction to a guy if he said that to me. Do you also ask him how many people have touched his dick and make disgusted faces when it's more than zero?

No. 599062

He was a Virgin. But yeah it was a turn off at the moment but I didn’t understand how fucked up thatvwas to say until recently.

No. 599064


My unpopular opinion is that my posts are good.

I think it’s completely fine to lie about your bodycount as a woman, or if you have done certain sexual stuff, bc men get so fucking shitty and self righteous about it. Like if you say you have done anal but hated it, they will pressure you into doing it because “they are missing out”.

No. 599072

If ya give a blow job or anal to another guys and he finds out about then he starts acting entitled to it.

No. 599077

I'll never understand this opinion. What's wrong with disliking certain foods or thinking something's disgusting?

No. 599078

>you hated it
>they feel entitled to it anyway
Fucking subhumans.

No. 599079

Men aren’t worthy of the truth. Lie. Their opinions are warped and worthless.

No. 599080

I think it's fine as long as you're not childish about it. Most adult picky eaters I've met have been extremely childish though…

No. 599081

I was honest with my ex about how many guys I fuck and boy he never did stfu about it.

No. 599083

This was not a personal experince, that just seems to be a very common thing, that if you were a ”dirty girl” before you must provide that same stuff to your boyfriend.

There was this one guy who really wanted to date me, bc he thought that I would just be ok with anything sexually, bc I have been before.

No. 599084

That's really sugarcoating what most people understand to be picky eaters though, who are those kind of people who only have a very small range of things they will eat (and only prepared in a certain way) and will not try anything new because they already know they won't like it.

No. 599088

Just to add on, I actually would be, mostly. This was relating to stuff like rimming or licking feet, which even as a total gross degenerate I will not do, Like I don’t care if he wants to do stuff to me, but unless someone pays me 1000€ I will not lick their butthole or suck toes lmao

No. 599096

nta but a) you can learn to aquire the taste for almost anything and b) even if you don't like something, be an adult about it and just eat it without complaining. I dislike it when people are being difficult about perfectly normal and well prepared food just because they don't like the taste of it, they're such a nuisance for the host and/or the rest of the dinner party. Suck it up and quietly eat your food please.

No. 599102

but should you really (want to) be in a relationship (assuming we're talking relationships here and not casual sex) with a man who would pressure you into doing xyz sexual thing you don't wanna do if he knew you did it before? I don't think so. You're really just knowingly \ setting yourself up with a shitty man then. Lying gets you nothing good.

No. 599105

Or maybe scrotes get ideas in their heads to do shit they originally wouldn't have considered doing if you hadn't told them what you're capable of enduring.
They will suddenly treat you different, the joke here is that you think men are consistent.

No. 599106

No. But most ”good men” (oxymoron tbh) will feel weird and resentful if they know you did retarded sex stuff in the past. Like even if they try to be respectful it always turns into, ”but you were fine with x, what is wrong with y”. Or seethe about it in their heads.

I told this guy I liked that I had sex in ublic on vacation and he would not let it. Even though the circumstances were really different,

No. 599110

Ikr? All these responses are just illustrating why FDS is retarded

No. 599112

ikr? my roommate is so pathetic

No. 599113

Men lie all the time about their sexual experience though. They lie about not being virgins. The lie about being tested for stds. Women are the ones dumb enough to be honest.

No. 599115

But if you were a trainwreck in the past, should you just give u on dating and live in a hole the rest off your life? Like if you tell about your disgusting past before there is an emotional connection for years they will either leave you or use you to fill their porn fantasies. Usually both.

No. 599118

Lying about not being a virgin is so disturbing

No. 599119

I've had so many guys lie to me and tell they weren't virgins when they in fact were and they waited months into the relationship to come clean

No. 599120

Yeah, men are assholes and selfish. So just avoid them

Imagine being so pathetic that you want to date someone who would try to sexually coerce you if he knew who you actually were. Anons, love yourselves, damn.

No. 599122

>avoid them
Anon i'm not blue balling myself

No. 599124

File: 1596834508382.png (189.66 KB, 522x429, 1583256117174.png)

what if I throw it out

No. 599125

This is why we won’t get anywhere. Because instead of actually raising our standards, we’ll just lie to better fit into mens’.

No. 599126

But trusting anyone who has power over you is really dumb anyway? You will never know their motivations. Some people will be nice to you for years and then treat you like shit. I only will trust women who are my age and literally get nothing out of our friendship besides my good company.

No. 599129

Ayrt, fucking kek i'm not lying to men. I just need some dick from time to time. I don't date

No. 599131

Nta but Most men are the same so if I wait out for some unicorn I'll be single and sexless forever

No. 599132


No. 599133

Not discord anon, but I never said don’t fuck men. Just don’t trust them being nice it will always end badly, you will get fucked over.

No. 599134

Then why comment when it’s about dating

I’m straight and I’m not the anon who wanted to create a discord, who knows maybe they like FDS

No. 599135

Don't worry anon, dykes are just moralfagging over happening to not be attracted to men. If they were, they'd be in trouble but because they're not, they're on their high horse. Who cares

No. 599136

You don't have to date to have sex with men and experience them asking you about your sexual history. Wtf anon

No. 599137

staying with a shitty dude just seems like a net negative though, he'll drag you down more than anything. it's not worth the stress

No. 599138

vibrator>dildo>fingers>corner of the bed>pillow≥>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dicks tbh

No. 599139

Yeah this like anons saying ”why fuck strangers if it usually suck?”. Bc I want physical contact or I will die and there is always the slight flicker of hope, and sometimes they treat you well and nice.

No. 599140

Ok but the conversation was about FDS and relationships. Anyways why would you talk about your sex life with a one night stand or fuck buddy? Ignore them and take it as a red flag

No. 599141

You can masturbate to your heart's content, we all do, but it's fun to do it with someone else sometimes. I prefer sex to masturbation

No. 599147

That’s nice honey

No. 599199

Completely agree, i've been saying this. I see the spike in "women with autiam" as part of this - endless diagnosis, endless criteria that can fit anyone, if you're not this you're something else and if it's not therapy it's hormones or medication

No. 599202

This tinfoil only works if you live in a country where healthcare is for profit and expensive. It's the same situation where healthcare is free

No. 599233

BPD isn’t real.

No. 599238

File: 1596841873688.jpeg (4.52 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

No. 599240

With the amount of bpdfags on this board .. yeah it is real.

No. 599248

i keep making the mistake of telling all my exes about that one time i banged two guys at a time. i kinda get off on the shock tbh. hey you never know maybe it'll happen again.

No. 599253

Doctors can make hundreds of thousands off of one misguided idiot who wants to turn his willie into a permanent wound. Or take hormones forever. Of course there's incentive to turn people onto this, if painkillers have a nefarious greedy underworld stretching from manufacturers to doctors why wouldn't other drugs/treatments.

No. 599254

sometimes i wish i became a surgeon so i could spend all day cutting men's penises off

No. 599256

You stiill can anon! Follow ur dreams

No. 599311

I agree to some extent. Most men check the BPD criteria but do not get diagnosed, why?

No. 599314

chris hansen reeeee posts are absolutely from the twitter yasss queen bunch, dramatubers because hes taking away their cash cow and gregs bootlickers

No. 599427

marshmallows taste the best when they are burnt… crispy outside and soft inside that melts

No. 599442

File: 1596863492441.png (190.95 KB, 600x722, pngguru.com (4).png)

No. 599456

Based. Do you guys like smores?

No. 599463

File: 1596867217707.jpeg (157.88 KB, 1200x1200, 7C761F73-E3B5-46B7-88F5-A87A56…)

Oh fuck yes.

No. 599468

Definitely agree. That's the perfect form for them.

No. 599470

BPD is worse than psychopathy.

No. 599473

Afaik they are more annoying than murderous.

No. 599476

i'd rather be around someone with psychopathy than bpd. i don't want to be a jerk to them directly but i heavily dislike people wih bpd, i made the mistake of befriending some of them and they kept being extremely manic and abusive. it's hard to keep a friendship with them

No. 599477

As someone who eats meat I feel I have no real reason to get upset over stories related to animal abuse. I wouldn't beat a dog but I don't get how people get all worked up about it on twitter when they had a chicken sandwich for lunch

No. 599488

Audrey Hepburn was an Ana Chan who was skinny on purpose.

No. 599495

This makes me sound like a white ethnostate person but I'm not white nor am I anti-white pls.

White people soon becoming the minority in North America was inevitable.

Not that white people will be systematically murdered like Native Americans but they will either move en masse back to Europe or mix with the emerging brown people from Latin America lmao.

A majority of Latinos aren't indigenous by any means but you can't deny that they are descendants. Even then millions upon millions of indigenous people still exist in Latin and North America. The only way I can see it is the "original" inhabitants moving back into their areas.(racebait)

No. 599501

Don't forget white people being a minority globally too. Now if only a certain wall was more effective KEK

No. 599506

i think it's okay to like media without caring about what the people who made it did. most of us are pirating stuff anyway, what does it matter if the artist did x or actor did y? it's not like i'm giving him money.

No. 599509

white americans are not welcome in europe.

they are the ones who will larp as a viking while going on about mixed race kids being mongrels and their white parent being a race traitor. ironically, the people they bash are way more nordic than them. it's very embarrassing to see some obese american tard with no personality of his own claim viking blood because his mother told him he was 1/12th norwegian and tell people who are 1/2 norwegian to go back to where they came from.

No. 599510

Whites (Europeans, whatever you want to call that type of human/complexion) were never a majority on any part of the planet. Yes, whites are now becoming a minority in places where we've been a majority, but we weren't a majority naturally. That's my only issue with the "whites are disappearing" narrative being misconstrued as "white extinction".

No. 599511

I want to clarify that I meant "never a majority" in terms of global population. Many races have far outnumbered whites for all of history.

No. 599515

I don't care if North America becomes non-white is the thing. I just think it's funny to see North American ethnostate people sperg about white people becoming a minority in the US when white people aren't even "native" to the Americas.

Either way immigration is just how humans operate and the borders we have created today are never going to hold up in the grand scheme of things. Nations fall, the earth changes and people mix regardless of the idea of race. That is how it's always going until the human race eventually goes extinct regardless of what any race purist White, Asian, or Black believe.

No. 599518

Completely agree, couldn't have worded it better.

No. 599527

>white americans are not welcome in europe.
This kek. You can't "move back to" somewhere you weren't even born. And no, one of your ancestors having lived here 300 years ago doesn't count.

>Either way immigration is just how humans operate and the borders we have created today are never going to hold up in the grand scheme of things. Nations fall, the earth changes and people mix regardless of the idea of race.
I think the issue some people have is that in certain places this process of becoming more mixed is highly encouraged or even demanded (usually in white countries) while other nations are allowed to be or even praised for the opposite, staying as homogeneous as possible (e.g. Japan).

No. 599539

I mean some extreme sjws do call East Asians the white people of POC.

No. 599542

But only the topmost extreme, the vast majority still sees them as victims of whites, as a "minority" (despite their countries consisting of 99.?% of just their people).

No. 599548

And why are you not mentioning Israel also being an ethnostate? Which countries are you even talking about, do you think every asian country is like nippon or something?
Canada, Hawaii,New Zealand, Australia, and north and south america belonged to indigenous people but I can't imagine colonizers ever giving that all up or evaluating their hypocritical immigration policies. America loves immigrants when it comes to doctors, scientists, or fodder for their petty wars.

No. 599555

>while other nations are allowed to be or even praised for the opposite, staying as homogeneous as possible (e.g. Japan).
NTA, but I've read this argument before, but actually never seen this. Who seriously praises Japan for being homogenous, besides those same weird American ethnostate purists? The most praise I see for Japan is in their pop culture.

No. 599556

I wasn’t criticizing your post, I agree with you. It’s just amusing imo.

I think it’s weird that countries that have not contributed to specific wars etc. are expected to carry the burden of refugees to a higher level than they are actually able to, bc ”white people bad”. I’m not against immigration or non-whites and think it is cultural not about race, but the reaction to the migrant crisis was understanble to a point.

No. 599559

She spent her youth battling starvation, that's why her frame was so tiny

No. 599571

I mean Israel isn't exactly popular, they're constantly criticised…plus it's just one exception.

Many asian countries, like Japan,, Korea and so on are all pretty much homogeneous (in China it's only 0.0something%) and nobody expects them to change that, meanwhile the percentage of foreigners in many european countries has crossed the 10% mark a long time ago and sjws still tell them to be more inclusive.

Or as an example: in 2015 Germany took in over 1 million refugees, Japan only 11.
Both of them share a similar history due to their fault in wwii, so how is it "fair" that Japan get's away with being like this, while what Germany did is considered still far from enough?

No. 599580

Maybe because Japan has more of a political impact within Asia than the rest of the world, while the opposite is true for Europe. I don't see anyone directly praising them for not taking in immigrants, it's just that no one in the west really gives a fuck about them except for anime, lmao. Same goes for South Korea and k-pop. China is more of a complicated story because everyone knows it's a hell-hole that treats people like shit, especially minorities, sort of like Russia.
In fact, some parts of Europe had a direct role in creating the situations in other places, causing the need for immigration.

No. 599586

Only France and Britain got themselves involved in Syria alongside the US, meanwhile syrian refugees are in large numbers in close to any european nation.
American sjw love to pester european countries but let asian countries off the hook because they produce their beloved animuh, kpop,…

No. 599588

>France, Britain and the US
As always, Anglos ruin everything, lmao.

No. 599605

Personally I'm glad Japan gets to keep whatever semblance of a culture they can. They're lucky the moralfags forgot about them because Europe sure ain't what it used to be kek.

No. 599708

I hate Idina Menzel’s voice. It’s grating af.

No. 599713

Her son said something about her obsessively reading multiple books a day to keep her mind off of food so she wouldn't eat.

No. 599716

I mean to be fair, they also have an aging population, a labor shortage, and a very low birth rate. They need more foreign workers/immigrants or need to start pushing out babies like mad if they're going to continue to have any economic relevance.

No. 599726

moriah elizabeth is the best art youtuber

No. 599747

i really enjoy being a rich white woman

No. 599752

It's that prototype theatre kid reedy thin dental drill voice that almost everyone on Glee also had.

No. 599758

Good for you I guess.
Isn't it normal to enjoy being rich?

No. 599761

I hate American drivers. I have been in this country 3 years and I can't believe how entitled americans are about driving. When I went to driving school here the instructor asked us how many of us thought driving was an american right and 90% put their hand up and had to be explained to that no, it's not a right it's a privlege that can be taken away from you.

Everywhere online I see americans say they speed "because others do too". Even on sites that skew hardcore left like ontd they will brag about speeding. I stopped driving because I drive the speed limit and I couldn't take people sitting up my ass all the time and swearing at me over it. It was happening daily over me going 58 in a 60 zone. The drivers told me "in america you got 10 over the limit!" What a fucking stupid thought process.

I nearly get hit all the time when I go out. I have lived both coasts and south so it's not a region thing. There is just an entitlement americans have about driving and it's scary. The other day I was walking and almost got hit by a guy watching youtube sideways on his phone with both hands off the wheel. Also NO ONE uses indicators when turning so I almost get hit because of that too and then the american gets mad because they genuinely feel like indicating is optional?

yes there are bad drivers in europe everywhere too, but there's not the entitlement like here. I watch people hit the curb all the time when they're driving on a flat, straight, empty road lmao. I feel like 70% of American drivers are really bad and need to be taken off the road.

No. 599762

It's because they have no other ways to get anywhere pretty much, apart from taking an uber. Kids are on the road at like 16 there and it seems to be expected that everyone drives but not everybody can or should.

No. 599777

Lots of places with no access to public transport along with the homeless, poors and unruly tending to be the ones that use them most, it’s seen as like one of the necessities alongside a home. Even our job applications or job interviews ask if we have reliable transport lol.

No. 599786

> I nearly get hit all the time when I go out.
It sounds like you’re that bad driver lol

No. 599796

you're absolutely insane lmao

No. 599802

>I stopped driving
reading comprehension is hard

No. 599805

Older women editing out their wrinkles, people editing out their acne etc for photos is okay by me. Women are shamed for their vanity if they edit out small flaws to look more presentable, but at the same time absolutely ripped apart for the tiniest blemish. Like how many anons constantly clog up threads by zooming in on cow photos to spot a zit and treating it like they found gold? Or someone making fun of a woman for having laugh lines? Unless they created a totally new face for themselves by shaving off inches of their jaw line and painted over their nose I don't see what's the big deal with someone using a skin smoothing filter or something.

No. 599806

Going below the speed limit is dangerous and illegal btw
Yes it’s super annoying when people don’t use blinker but you shouldn’t even be that close to another car where if they decelerates for a turn you have to slam the break
Just git good lol

No. 599807

lmao exactly
found the mad borgar
i agree. it's like when people complain about how all girls have the same lips on insta because of fillers but then will shit on any celebrity that has thin lips.

No. 599808

That's when you ignore obsessedchans. They need to say it for themselves.

No. 599809

I'm not going to keep repeating this for Americans who can't drive OR read

I'm a fucking pedestrian. I do not drive. How do I git gud at dodging fucking cars you spastic.

No. 599811

Americans are entitled about most of what they believe to be their "rights" (aka: everything). This attitude is deeply embedded into the culture. I assure you it's not specific to driving. And like other anons are saying, there are a lot of parts of the country where public transportation either isn't an option, or is so poor that driving is an essential for most people. I live in a city where it would take me an hour to reach virtually any destination by bus, whereas it would take 5-10 minutes to get there by car. I'd say the US needs to improve on public transport as a whole, but given the geography of the country and how spread out everything is even within the states, that's genuinely not easy to do.

You've also clearly never spent any time in a third world country if you think American driving is bad lmao

No. 599812

>Going below the speed limit is dangerous and illegal btw
going 58 in a 60 isn't illegal jesus anon was right americans really are bad at driving kek

No. 599813

it's fine by me too, though it's sad that those impossible standards exist for women. And those anons are retards

No. 599816

No. 599817

No. 599818

It's a shame that pedestrians are ever hit but that has more to do with distracted driving (as you pointed out) than speed. That guy could've hit you at 30 or 50mph and you still would've been seriously hurt either way.
5-10mph over the speed limit in non-residential areas is actually reasonable if not typical. The reason why Americans say "well everyone else speeds too" is due to the fact that no one wants to suddenly disrupt the traffic by slowing down when everyone else is going faster. It's one thing to be pressed when you're already speeding and some asshole insists on riding your ass, but you honestly can't speed up even a little above limit? That's dumb. Cops don't even pull over for going slightly over the limit so why be so stupid about that?

Foreigners are actually the ones causing the most accidents in my area due to the fact that they're new and don't understand conventions like the indicators and traffic patterns. The fact that you assume everyone who's an ass on the road is an American who's been living here for decades makes me chuckle, you don't know that.

We're a huge country with no public transportation thanks to corporate and political lobbying. Nearly everyone not living in a city with well-funded public transport must drive. Our traffic fatalities are actually relatively low compared to other countries, so.

No. 599819

File: 1596919507809.jpeg (894.91 KB, 1441x1061, ED2365C9-008E-4F4D-A95E-ECD7DB…)

I feel so validated in my hatred for these ~trendy~ minimalist tattoos I knew they would age like ass

No. 599824

> Foreigners are actually the ones causing the most accidents in my area due to the fact that they're new and don't understand conventions like the indicators and traffic patterns.

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. Driving by my university is crazy. Eurosperg must live in LA or something where driving is actually nuts.

Gross, that would look like some kind of rash from a distance.

No. 599825

blank people always get some sick joy out of seeing old tats like AHAHAHA I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!!

No. 599826

Same with watercolor tattoos. Or any tattoo without a dark outline, really. I won't lie, I'm also getting some sadistic joy out of seeing these tattoos age like milk.

No. 599831

"blank people"? lmao. ntayrt but i have tats and i still think that looks like absolute shit. good tattoos don't look like that in a year.

No. 599832

>blank people
Not a tattoofag, but reading this was funny. Thanks, anon, I'm stealing that

No. 599841

tattoos are fuckin ugly no matter what they are. i have never seen a single one look good after a few years.

No. 599844

>blank people
new thing to put in your bio

No. 599846

fucking state of that shit haha. Same goes for white ink tattoos. They don't say 'bold will hold' for no reason.

No. 599854

Blanks don’t interact

No. 599872

The amount of LA Armenians that try to drive you off the road is insane. They’re literally the worst drivers in DTLA.

Also absolutely to the other anon that said the worst drivers are non Americans. I drive past shit drivers and it’s almost always Asian people or Indian people. Slow foreigners disrupting traffic in America are the real problems. Glad you don’t drive OP, we’d all hate you. It’s not entitlement, it’s not standing out like a retard driver.l

No. 599880

Amazing, someone should start this as a campaign. Idk why blanks is so funny to me.

No. 600060

File: 1596944557782.jpg (61.54 KB, 640x481, 4393755.jpg)

i love faded tattoos. they have been a part of a person for a while and aged with them, that's so cool to me. i rly like the look, way more than fresh tattoos.

No. 600062

1. Onion is better than garlic in smell and taste. I could eat a whole sphere of onion.
2. Current admin seems kinda childish

No. 600063

Yes she does honestly. I heard she's barely over 18. Could be wrong.

No. 600076

but could you really, in all honesty, see a 30+ year old woman choosing to run this website?

No. 600089

Yes. In theory an older woman would more likely be laissez faire and able to maintain subjectivity. But it seems only autist outcasts are drawn to roles of power in these places.

No. 600110

garlic > onion any day. at least your hands smell better after cutting garlic.

unpopular opinion: grapefruit is gross

No. 600112

File: 1596950518912.jpg (167.35 KB, 842x900, unnamed.jpg)

Meh, I'do it, I'm jobless due to Covid right now, have some tech skills (guessing it's not that hard if a 18yo can do it, not dissing, maybe admin is some tech wizard idk, I'm thankful for her work anyway).

Plus, being 30+ and being an introvert person (we have a lot of BPDs and even histrionics aroud here, let's face it), I'm immune to petty drama and shit (can't even be bothered to figure how to get in the discord, wasn't worth the hassle to hear you catty bitches cackle all day long), I guess I could nib in the bud any frivolous powergrabs.

Maybe I'll try my hand at janitoring just to give back a little (are we still in need of those ?)

Anynway, I'm sure it would look great on my résumé too : 'handling and making safe a community of niche feminine interests from scrotes and trannies in hiding'.

No. 600132

one time I ate a whole fucking onion when I was three and I knew I would get in trouble so I wedged myself into a side table and was unable to get out. My mother found me hours later and took photos. Wish I could find them.

No. 600139

There are people who think grapefruit taste good?? It's a punishment food for dieting purposes only, I don't believe anyone could eat it for pleasure.

No. 600147

File: 1596958252107.jpg (12.34 KB, 236x233, 2hosg2.jpg)

I actually love grapefruit. I eat one nearly everyday and not with sugar or salt or anything. The only thing that sucks about it is the interactions with medications. I think it's actually unpopular to like grapefruit.

No. 600157

Used to hate grapefruit but now I love to eat it. It’s so delicious and I like that it’s a diet food.

No. 600169

I haven't even tried a grape fruit because most stores in my country usually don't sell them very often but according to my best friend the key is to peel it and remove the white layer to remove most of the bitterness.

No. 600174

I don't like eating it but I love drinking grapefruit juice

No. 600184

Solo porn is weird to me, a total turn off and skim milk is good. Also I'm joining in on the anons saying green onions are amazing. I don't understand people who enjoy onion powder but not actual onions or green onion.

No. 600185

i enjoy solo porn just because i can act like it's a masturbaion video my imaginary bf sent me.

also onion powder sucks.

No. 600219

I like solo male porn bc I get jealous about not getting laid.. even though it is insanely easy as a woman but im too socially awkward.

No. 600229

File: 1596969918435.png (106.12 KB, 480x360, 4E5C05D9-388A-4298-8115-6B3D06…)

Did someone not get enough attention in the discord server?

No. 600263

People on the spectrum who want to be social activists on shit that are outside their concerns are genuinely fucking annoying. Its just that some [or even most] autists are so incapable of reading the fucking room or functioning socially hence they have this stupid relationship with gender, my little pony, and other weirdo shit and they expect us to listen to their shit ass takes??

They should just stick to drawing their fursonas instead of making Twitter threads justifying their degeneracy

No. 600269

E girls are cuter than scene girls and emo girls.

No. 600270

The power hungry voyeur in me thirsts for the position. I would feel for the first time omniscience and I would see Eden. I would understand Mozart, PT. I would understand it all. God of the Cows.

No. 600273

I used to be a supermoderator for ratemyteachers and it was fantastic. It was literally just me and seeing all the reviews about teachers i knew that were fucking hilarious but got filtered was brilliant. They went from obviously fake accusations of pedophilia to criticising a teacher for having a head "shaped like a labrador". I'd disallow negative comments about my faves and allow even the comments that went too far on teachers that were cunts to me. It was so fun being omnipresent and hearing loads of old stories from like 2007 about current teachers that I would have never known kek

No. 600296

>catty bitches
we'll make sure to make you an extra e-boy lounge, pickme-kun! so that you can go there and boast about how you're not like the other girliesssssssssss for keeping your trap shut + throwing shit at others and maybe the bros will let you to drink a beer or two too ♥

No. 600297

Inspired by one of the retweets to this >>600268

I don't think people who once had very bad habits should be allowed to act all high and mighty towards people who are still battling with problems.
Yes, in a way you are "better" than them but on the other hand, why did you start doing those things in the first place when they're so bad and doing them shows you are lazy, stupid etc? According to this logic all the people who were strong enough to never have problems in the first place should also be allowed to mock you because they're above you.

Example, this dude being mad about (a drawing of) fat women - meanwhile he himself was a druggie for 11 years and once weighed fucking 160lbs more, meaning he's likely covered in wings of flabby skin. It's like as soon as they're no longer that ugly they think they belong to the "popular kids" who need to bully everyone else.
>"As a man who's lost 160lbs through discipline, diet and exercise, I cannot tell you how much I absolutely loathe the fat acceptance part of the intersectionalist movement."
Then somebody else says: "yeah its just lazy obese people trying to make em self feel good and not get out of the basement"
>"Women. Overweight women. You never see men act like women should find them desirable, even though they're obese. Just doesnt happen. And we dont get upset, when women dont want to f*ck us. We totally get it. I have lived on both sides of the aisle. I know whats up."
It's usually middle aged men (the demographic who suffers the least when fat because dad bods and pot bellies are considered normal) who are all "Yes we should bully fatties! I was once fat myself, brutal honesty is the only cure!". It's especially bad when they're still fat and already talk like this. Congrats, you're a good fatty who shits on other fatties and allows people to abuse you…
I don't think fat people should be bullied, but I also don't think people who lost weight or stopped smoking or anything like that should be given as many asspats as they usually are. Always staying healthy or not developing unhealthy coping mechanisms shows real discipline.

No. 600298

You sound retarded and hypocritical. Nobody talks or thinks about pickmes as much as you do

No. 600300

i was born 5 seconds ago and this is the first thought i had … but hey
pick me! i am not catty! pick me pick me! i swear boys i am not catty! i've never been! pick me!

No. 600301

You know men aren't allowed here right

No. 600306

here is an unpopular opinion: black is a very ugly color and it doesn't deserve the hype it gets because it's just boring and bland

i don't think you and me are talking about the same thing …

No. 600307

eslchan spotted

No. 600310

the tension between me, apparently eslchan who was throwing shit at the discord fuck above, and you, the big clit haver with no reading comprehension… ohhh it's so overwhelming … you want to kiss me so bad i know you do you're so crazy i know you wanna kiss me me ohhhhhh you wanna kiss me so bad ohhhhhhhh ♥

No. 600311

Catty bitches is a widespread loving expression to talk about farmers.
Learn to fucking integrate.

No. 600312

File: 1596985312444.jpg (103.46 KB, 640x589, 1584487861682.jpg)

I'm pretty sure that anon was being frivolous when she said that.

No. 600313

No it isn't? I've never heard anyone say that and I've been on this site for multiple years

No. 600314

The autism in this thread

No. 600315

Anon can you make a triforce

No. 600316

They sure sounded salty and weirdly aggro, but ok.

No. 600318

Anon why are you ignoring me? It's obvious it's you >>600311

No. 600319

I've never heard of this and I've been on this site for 3 years. Catty bitch is a loving term? What is this? A drag show? Can you explain to me what a dumb bitch means too? I'm sure it must have a hidden meaning, maybe like "loving nice farmer".

No. 600320

File: 1596985747300.jpg (30.61 KB, 723x723, a60296ecef0ef52db2125c48b7d95a…)

>What is this? A drag show?

No. 600323

File: 1596986036997.jpg (176.88 KB, 880x1018, koty2_smile-more-19-5d39876596…)

Kek - naaaah, I'm NOT A CATTY BITCH on a gossip website, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?
ARe we still having those PULL tard around?

No. 600325

stop avatarfagging

No. 600327

you are the real eslfag in this thread, i can barely understand what youre saying

No. 600331

Keep being buttmad about being called a catty bitch on lolcow on all places.
I'm sure you're going to need a fainting couch when you hear about the other ones.

No. 600334

All same person, learn to integrate better

No. 600338

you fool this isn't a fight you must fight. you better sit and let the big mommy handle this

fuck you

No. 600340

>the big mommy
I'm the biggest mommy in this bitch

No. 600341

What the fuck is happening in this thread

No. 600344

lolcow has been feeling pretty aggressive for awhile now. i guess newfags get a little overzealous when they join thinking its the wild west but its annoying to read over and over shitty aggressive posts that are excessively unfunny

No. 600346

If you don't like it, leave

No. 600347

Yes there are so many new people here wanting to start fights. It's very noticeable.

No. 600348

Lolcow has been trash for a while now and the shit tier admin and farmhands are a big reason why

No. 600349

The site is even chill, compared to how it was before. Maybe you're the new one?

No. 600352


summer heat's got everyone a bit cranky

No. 600353

There are little to no true oldfags left that regularly post day to day, drop the act

No. 600354

that and quarantine

No. 600355

I have air conditioning bitch

No. 600356

A lot of people keep saying this but I don’t see it? You know a lot of people fake outrage and be over dramatic about dumb things for the lols right? I personally love it.

No. 600357

Unironic autism, as usual.

No. 600359

I'm tired of it. They'll jump at any joke or sarcasm and are utterly unable to get it. It's exhausting.
It sucks out all of the fun of teasing each other.
Like seriously, being offended by 'catty bitch'? Yeah, sure, you're not a catty bitch nitpicking moo backfat.
Come on…

No. 600364

>every anon that kinda has the same typing style is the same person, even if they have different opinions
nobody cares about your "same person" tinfoils

No. 600377

Ntyrt, but I've seen a lot more anon-on-anon hate that seems excessive over fairly trivial posts recently. Infighting is already annoying in cow-threads but that's more because people that get overly invested (not just being there for luls and gossip) with internet-personalities tend to be a bit unhinged.

I wonder why it's leaking over into /ot/ and /g/ though.

No. 600395

people are mad about moderation and the admin is awol (again).
I just ignored/reported the obvious bait/pullfags but they don't get banned. People just figure what's the point and fight with them.

There was a literal pedo derailing the true crime thread for 2 days and no one did shit about it.

No. 600401

kek that was the same snon who then went and whiteknighted null all over the kf thread. didn't get banned for that either idt

No. 600468

People who complain non-stop about narcissists, have a long-standing history of dating and befriending people who later turn out to be narcissists, almost always without fail have strong traits of narcissism themselves. The worst and most obvious offenders are those who run social media pages centered around "detecting" and "calling out" narcissists, or even go as far as to create literal coaching programs centered around avoiding narcissistic people and "healing" after narc abuse.

Like sure Carol, you are an absolute angel and completely unproblematic yourself to believe anyone would pay for your $350 coaching program when your only credentials are having taken a neuro linguistic programming course once on Udemy.

No. 600488

Japan is such a fucking depressing and lonely country to me. I don't quite get why people move there guided solely by their obsession with nippon media and yellow fever. I'm grateful that I wasn't born there tbh.

No. 600512

Agreed. I really want to visit but actually living there sounds miserable.

No. 600514

Japan is so fucking wack, imagine being a country full of the elderly but you treat them so bad, there's a word specifically for people dying alone in their home and not get found for weeks and months

anon says, as she sits, up to her eyeballs in weeb shit

No. 600524

It's fine to consume and enjoy weeb shit (I myself made my observation reading goodnight punpun lmao) and also dislike aspects of the country. Same thing with "like the art, not the artist"… Kinda.

No. 600528

Ntayrt but same, I could visit Japan just for the cool places/history and weeb/anime shit shopping, but if I got told that I can get a job there and a free visa, I would decline, it’s just kind of not my thing.

No. 600561

Tbh with you, i dont understand the hype, sure the country's produce a lot of good weeb shit but people tend to glamorize Japan sm. Everyone wants to go to japan but not all of them wants to live there if u are level-headed enough.

No. 600618


weebs are willing to downplay the glaring shitty parts of this country for cartoons or even just outright excuse it as "their culture".

No. 600640

The only way I can see myself living in Japan if it was short term. Like a year or so. My country is a shitshow but living in it isn't too hard for the most part.

No. 600666

What parts of it make it seem lonely and depressing to you? I don’t currently live in Japan but having stayed there for a decent period of time I didn’t find it that way at all. It actually felt easier to make friends because it’s pretty common for most social things to involve a good amount of people, so once you know a single person suddenly you know all their friends and everyone wants to be buddies with you. Sure, as a foreigner part of that may just be the allure of having the cool outsider friend, but for the most part people were welcoming in earnest. Even strangers were very chill and willing to talk with me.

Not saying Japan is perfect, but I don’t see how it’s any worse than most first world countries. I see way more people in the US scoffing at non-white residents and telling them to “go back where you came from” even when they were born here than I ever heard Japanese people badmouthing actual foreigners.

No. 600686

but it's pretty

No. 600784

i don't want to generalize but i think about 50% of all stoners are embarrassingly cringy.

i enjoy smoking it from time to time myself but after having so much experience with doing it in so many different ways at so many different times, i think people who are constantly stoned, all day, every day, every hour, every minute, every second of their lives, there's something wrong with them or their surroundings that is harming them that they are willfully ignoring.

and the longer they spend being like this, the less likely it is that they're ever going to get themselves out of that rut.

and it's honestly disgusting to watch. particularly because they think they're any better than people who are constantly drunk or high on something else. they have this superiority complex about how weed usage cannot ever harm you, meanwhile they've completely given up on their education. they've gotten fired from work for being stoned on the job multiple times. they've stagnated or gotten worse at their chosen hobby. they are completely indifferent and lack passion about anything, including the people in their lives who put up with their bullshit, who they should be thankful for.

there's nothing wrong with smoking weed occasionally, but fuck yeah am i gonna judge you if you smoke it every single day and are so bad you even go to work like that.

like weed is cool and all but i've seen first hand that the lazy stoner stereotype exists for a reason. it's a drug that gives you the ability to become completely complacent. it's a drug that can enable you to become a neckbeard stuck in your mom's basement at age 40, and loving it.

all drugs should be approached with caution and that includes weed. it's not as harmless as stoners are obsessed with claiming it is.

maybe it doesn't harm your body like hard drugs but it harms your life in other ways that can be just as bad imo.

No. 600786

I generally avoid weed smokers because a lot of them act like is cool and a personality trait. They also always seem to be pressuring people to try it, cmon! It’s not addictive

Fuck off, if it’s so harmless then why did it turn you into a complete retard

No. 600796

Tfw wfh gives you the opportunity do toke on the clock and you do better at your job cause the anxiety melts away and you can actually focus.

I should get an mj card tbh.

No. 600917

I believe what makes weed dangerous is that you will never hit rock bottom like other drugs, allowing you to ignore and deny the any problem with being high 24/7. Stoner culture doesn't believe you can be addicted or have a problem with weed anyways.
If anyone wants to quit the reddit leaves community is very supportive and holds daily meetings.

No. 600919

Inb4 scrote
i have never watched any of his vids and I won’t since the r9k titles are cringe but that’s not even the point. I grew up without a father but I’m convinced if fathers bothered trying they’d actually raise their kids more functional than moms ever can. Too bad men are too self centered and lazy.

No. 600926

>I grew up without a father
Yeah it shows.

No. 600927

It shows? You’re so weird.

No. 600930

NTA but
>they’d actually raise their kids more functional than moms ever can
sure af shows there's something not quite right with you. What a bizarre assumption, men have taken a back seat in child rearing from the beginning of time. How on earth could you confidently assume they'd be better parents than mothers if they somehow began caring about parenting? Good parents or as good as mothers, sure, but better? Weirdly misogynistic, gender shouldn't determine how good of a parent someone is.

No. 600940

By now I think that opinion is dumb, I don’t have the answers for why women like me are so abandoned/neglected/mistreated by both of our parents. Weirdly misogynistic? Yes and no.

I went by the “””logic””” that I see many men in households being lazy and not doing a thing besides minimum waging (I don’t need to explain to any scrote reading this that moms work too), yet they are forced (I know it’s a bad thing) when the wife/gf passed away/left to take so good care of their kids who may be daughters and they become sweet assertive functional ladies, and I’m really really jealous. I had to figure out everything on my own. My mom did nothing but pampering me, which I appreciate too, but didn’t make me ready for adult life.

No. 600957

Men lack the emotional intelligence to be good parents. That and their temper is far too short, they get distracted too easily and they are far too likely to be paedophiles. I actually grew up with a father in the house and let me tell you, he’s fucking useless. My brother and I are mentally fucked because of him. There’s a reason why “dad, where is mom?” Is a meme. Men don’t even know where shit is. You’ve been brainwashed by the manosphere or you’re an actual scrote. Either way stop coping. The only thing men are better at is rape.

No. 600958

My dad is a lazy, self centred piece of shit who used to force me to go out and get weed for him as young as 16+. Your mother probably coddled you to make up for the love that your father DOESNT HAVE FOR YOU and you repay her by being a misogynist? Wow. Fucking pick me.

No. 600963

>They also always seem to be pressuring people to try it, cmon! It’s not addictive
This so much. In my early 20s my friends had a pothead period where they would talk about fucking nothing but smoking weed. All discussion had to be related to how amazing weed is and how I should try it out, it's totally safe and much better than alcohol my man. I'm not much of a drinker either so I wasn't interested, yet they couldn't respect that at all. Thank god they grew up and stopped using it. For being such a "safe, non-addictive" drug it sure as hell makes people have their entire world revolving around it.

Yeah definitely. Anon's probably pinning all her issues on not having a father and trying to assure herself that if she only didn't have a deadbeat nonexistent dad her childhood would've been nothing but laughter and fun family moments with daddy.

No. 600972

Yeah sure…you only taught me that being a single parent is a red flag for the kids. And calm down with the scrote thingy jesus.
When I say pampered I mean she’s changed my diapers, and then I had to figure out everything on my own. I have low standards and I don’t wanna shit talk my mom here.
No, I’d just learn skills that are needed instead of discovering the most basic stuff on my own.

But whatever I don’t expect to get normal (you)s if I criticized dads on 4chan so it’s to be expected.

No. 600977

>if fathers bothered trying they’d actually raise their kids more functional than moms ever can
If fathers took over child-raising, then child abuse and child-killing rates would rise exponentially high, lmao. These are people that can't even go without attacking/murdering their girlfriends and wives, and abusing their kids now, talk less of taking primary care of a being they didn't do the labor of carrying for 9 months that cries, screams, shits, vomits and isn't yet capable of caring if daddy is tired or stressed for the first bit of their life, and then spends the rest still trying to grasp empathy, table manners, not being rude, not throwing tantrums, etc.
Those women you see who grow up to be assertive, functional, etc being raised by a single dad? They're the exception to the rule.

No. 600978

A lot of countries are fucking depressing, anon. I would never move to the US either because it's filled with violence, crime, racism, corruption, bible thumpers and gun enthusiasts, and if you ever get sick without a proper insurance you might as well die in a ditch. Yet many people obsessed with American media and how it portrays the country as the land of possibilities and freedom choose to move there and live fulfilling lives. I wouldn't move to Japan either but I know plenty of people who ended up moving there after gaining interest due to weeby shit and love it there. My country is coined as being depressing and shitty by most foreigners too but to me the good outweighs the bad things.

No. 600982

I agree with you actually. Still the current abuse stats by single moms are too high.
>they’re the exception to the rule.

No. 600986

Begone scrote. Most child abuse cases come from co habiting couples because pedos target single mothers. That’s why it’s best to just not raise kids in the house with men. Men aren’t meant to be Close fathers. They are sperm donors that go to work. That’s what they wanted, that’s what they get.(hi scrote)

No. 600988

Please shut up. I was in foster care so I know what I’m talking about.

No. 600990

Samefagging but that doesn’t mean I disagree with the sperm donor thingy btw.

No. 600995

extremely unpopular opinion incoming that makes a lot of people ree their asses off because they can't handle reality.

you don't need to have perfect parents to turn out fine or successful.

you can even have really shitty parents and still turn out great.

because at the end of the day, your life is the only one you have any real control over.

stop blaming other people for your problems.

it's fucking lazy.

it's the epitome of an excuse.

it's like an excuse that is so huge, you can't possibly make any excuse that is more of an excuse than "it's all my parents' fault." it's the excuse to end all excuses.

that's some luna shit.

No. 600997

I’m the one who shits on single parents and keeps agreeing with certain points but yeah

I agree. Figuring things out on your own is satisfying too even if difficult. Every privileged dick and cunt can kiss my ass the day I’m successful.

No. 600998

>that's some luna shit.
On that note, your writing style is akin to Luna's poetry.

No. 601008

I think people that suffer childhood abuse get an extremely raw deal. If people are aware of their trauma they're constantly inaudated with requests to fix it and deal with all aspects of it alone. Most therapy is that basic concept that only you are in control of your life but the moment someone acknowledges their trauma or indicates it could have held them back they're told to get over it. There's very little space for healing unless a person takes on the trauma privately and becomes more withdrawn.

No. 601009

I hate the word 'lewd'.

No. 601013

There's way more that goes into it than shitty parents and working hard. Basically ur dumb and probably have privileges you're unaware of or some other insecurity you're trying to project. I'm already mad tonight so I'm sorry for taking retarded bait.

No. 601023

Public toilets in western countries should all have squating toilets. I'd rather go to a disgusting squat toilet then a disgusting sit toilet. Even in my office my coworkers don't have the decency to wipe their fucking piss of the toilet seat. Squating toilets are also much easier to clean!

No. 601027

I seriously don't understand the logistics of using one though. Say you're wearing pants, do you take them off entirely? In that case you have to take off your shoes, in a toilet! Even worse if you're wearing stockings, you'd have to completely take them off and be barefoot. Or do you just pull them down to your ankles and pray that you don't pee on them? It seems impossible to avoid because a squat is usually right over your ankles.

I've only attempted it once when forced to in Japan and it was an unpleasant experience. I took everything off and carefully stood on top of my shoes to avoid touching the floor. Never again.

No. 601046

File: 1597055318997.jpg (8.51 KB, 380x214, Indian-style-toilet-vs-western…)

anon probably didn't squadt properly. picture related, your heels got to touch the floor, then your ass is far back enought so you don't pee on ur pants. It's uncomfortable for most westeners first, but you quickly get used to it.

No. 601048

I had a guy laugh at me for using a tree to squat to pee during camping. It was so I could push my vagina further away from my feet sorry I wasn't born with a dick to point my piss. I don't mind hoovering over a toilet seat but when you've got to squat down to piss it's awkward at imo.

No. 601049

It's not uncomfortable at all to squat like that and it's exactly what I'm imagining to the position to be. But it still angles your crotch towards your ankles where your pants will be. I know you wouldn't necessarily directly pee on your pants but idk how you could risk any splashing or misfiring in public, unless you pee straight down it still seems likely to go forward.

No. 601050

You just need to keep your ankles far apart, in a bow-legged kind of way. It just need a little bit of practice, after you get used to it it'll be easy and much cleaner than a sitting toilet.

No. 601064

ewwwwwwwww me too

No. 601065

>Say you're wearing pants, do you take them off entirely? In that case you have to take off your shoes, in a toilet! Even worse if you're wearing stockings, you'd have to completely take them off and be barefoot. Or do you just pull them down to your ankles and pray that you don't pee on them?
Lord almighty no, if I did all that I'd have died of sepsis by now just from using the nasty squatters in some places.

You pull your clothes down to around your knees, spread your legs so your feet are on either side of the loo, and squat. I can't explain it properly but your wee goes between your legs and at no point touches the clothes, even if you're wearing trousers.
How the hell do Anglos even function? Your legs will be far apart, you won't be able to piss on your ankles unless you aim for either leg.

It baffles me how this is so hard for people to comprehend. A while ago there were people absolutely dumbfounded by shower bidet attachments.

No. 601096

File: 1597066761055.jpg (248.24 KB, 959x1280, 6a53e88d51ce9c34c66681bd103114…)

Adults who only read YA are all stupid.

No. 601111


I read mostly YA because I don't want to think big brainy thoughts while enjoying myself, sometimes people don't want some deep philosophical reading when its just a fun escapist hobby.

inb4 you're not truly into reading if you're not gobbling down some Paulo Coelho and Descartes!!!

I got sick of reading classical literature because I just wasn't having a good time, most classical deep thought uwu books left me feeling worse so eh whats the fucking point?

No. 601122

I love YA but I agree. I stopped reading it when I stopped being YA because why would I even relate to a high schooler anymore? Anyone that does that is probably a NEET, immature, spoiled, dependent on others, or all three.

There's literally no reason to read books from the perspective of a middle schooler or high schooler anymore and I can't even get myself in the headspace to do that.

I'm sorry to tell you but there are adult books you can read without "deep philosophical" big brainy thoughts and I hope you find them someday.

No. 601123

Damn, I even still read children's books

No. 601124

It's fine to enjoy them every now and then but reading shouldn't be exclusively an escapist hobby and if you're not challenging yourself you will never grow as a person. Also Paulo Coelho is a joke lol

No. 601126

File: 1597069175360.jpg (74.85 KB, 800x600, gJMl4.jpg)

White girls seem very disingenuous to me when they incessantly compliment black women in online spaces. I don't think it's ingenuine in all contexts of course but whenever I go to a dark skin black woman's video all the comments are from white women talking about how beautiful she is and how she's the most gorgeous person they've ever seen yada yada yada

I'm aware dsbw have it very hard when it comes to beauty standards, but these girls just seem like they, specifically because of this, feel like they're doing some sort of charity, like boomer women commenting "uwu she's beautiful" on photos of unfortunate children kek. I'm sure they actually think these women are gorgeous in some way, but a way that's non threatening to them, because these same white women don't like complimenting youtube's pretty white girls because they see them as competition, such as sperging about Madison Beer because "she's only popular because she's pretty that bitch".

To me it reeks of "you're pretty for a black girl." Nyma Tang videos are about makeup, yet none of them comment about the actual content of her video. It just feels like they're gawking, and is kinda racist in a very ironic way

No. 601129

Eh, the literature business in my country is very YA focused, Its either YA or Classics avaliable, most of the late 20s to 40s demographic doesn't read for cultural reasons so unless its something that already had a pretty popular movie adaption like Gone Girl i ain't going to find it, I was really interested on picking some Banana Yoshimoto and couldn't find a translation for the life of me, reading in english is weird and i feel like im paying more attention to the words than the story.

lol you know whats up anon, the guy is fucking insufferable

idk i guess i reserve my other hobbies for challenging shit, I really enjoy more serious movies and tv shows

I personally don't need to relate to the characters to enjoy a story so I don't mind them being teenagers, heck most YA teenagers act like 20 something year olds anyways.

No. 601147

I also hate how they praise girls who are chubbier and embrace it in their pics as so awe inspiring and brave and “uwu dis is wat real wimin look lyk so brave so stunning” while the chubby girl is smoothed and blurred to hell. Like I’m all for bigger girls posting themselves in bikinis or whatever but the way that subreddit hypes them up like they are doing something so groundbreakingly unique is pathetic. It’s the same way they hype up n black people for doing something so mundane

No. 601149

I’m a white girl and I know exactly what you’re saying. Fear of coming across as ‘that kind’ of white girl has me hold back my showers of compliments.
Not that they would be ingenuine, I never make compliments unless I truly mean them, but I get that vibe from hearing other white girls being over complimentive.
There’s also a second act to this process, as I am not straight and I’m particular attracted to women who aren’t white, so I try to limit my comments on their appearance to not be a creep.

But yeah, we white girls do too much. I gag every time I see a ‘woke post’ from a whitey that’s like “ALL BLACK/LATINA/TRANS(ew)/ETC WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL” because to me, making that kind post is an obvious attempt at masking some kind of ignorance.

No. 601162

You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Luckily I hate complimenting anyone, haha.

No. 601174

The thread for funny posts on lolcow is mostly redundant
I get why people want to bookmark funny comments that they still think about for months afterwards but >>601139 was literally posted 30 minutes ago and is fairly standard for the confession thread, if anon wants to say how funny it is then why not just reply to it in the actual thread?

No. 601185

kek that seems like a self post tbh just because its not funny or screencap worthy

No. 601186

>You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
This. Today me complimenting a poc girl could be a nice gesture between two women, tomorrow it might as well be seen as a fetish or oppression, you can never know what is currently acceptable. Just imagine being a school kid in nowadays society, of course they're desperate to appear as non-racist as possible by doing ridiculous things because every tiny mistake or misunderstanding could get them "cancelled". That pic is apparantly from 2011, today it's likely even much more extreme.
I also hate giving compliments and I especially would never do it to a black person because you can never know what the reaction is gonna be, everything could be interpreted as bad, I have zero idea what is "allowed" to be said (especially when it comes to hair etc)

No. 601187

That thread would be funny, but it keeps getting derailed so much it’s ridicilous.

No. 601201

I have to restrain myself from over complementing people, it’s like it gives me a dopamine rush. Especially if the woman I complimented gets excited and tells me more about the thing that was pointed out.

No. 601203

He is one of the most annoying youtubers. His voice, his self righteous personality. I hate how in this video he totally disregarded this woman’s CORRECT opinion and tried just because she’s 30. He gives off this vibe that just because she’s a woman over the age of 29 she shouldn’t have an opinion.

No. 601207

I don’t like YA because there is too much teen romance tbh. Even if the concepts are interesting. I’m such a bitter hoe because I’ve never experienced that outside of very brief few day periods. I don’t even like watching movies that have a lot of romance, so that basically limits me to war/action/scifi movies.

No. 601208

Both of them are annoying and self righteous.

No. 601315

nta but i can't stand how almost every main character is a mary sue. even fanfics have better characters.

No. 601317

Isn’t that literally the point of most YA

No. 601324

Why the fuck are avocados so popular? I tried one today and it was a disgusting, tasteless, weird green creamy mess, not to mention ridiculously overpriced and it tastes the way grass smells.

No. 601330

If the avocado you had tastes like that it's not ripe enough, and probably not from Mexico.

No. 601337

I hate the "____ go brr" meme with a fiery passion.

No. 601338

How did you try having it? On its own? Because it’s mostly used as a way to make stuff creamy with less fat than as if you used well, cream or oils.

No. 601340

Me too. It doesn’t even make sense or is funny

No. 601395

Hard agree.

No. 601448

Haha meme go brrr

No. 601454

Haha anon cortisol level goes brrrr

No. 601478

File: 1597094162854.jpg (86.9 KB, 968x681, IMG_9819.JPG)

These fuckers are sour. I have no clue why they're stereotyped as sweet

No. 601483

Grow them in a garden and you'll find out why.

No. 601484

Ripe ones from a good brand or hand picked ones are sweet, that’s why. You should be able to smell their sweetness from a couple inches away

No. 601563

I think sex is disgusting and shameful. Not out of a religious/trad type perspective, but because it seems so animal and base for supposedly civilised creatures. I really like the idea of asceticism and I feel like sex is the violation of all those principles, reducing yourself to a rutting and squealing pig basically instead of trying to overcome the limits of the human body if that makes sense? I don’t judge other people for having sex or anything but for me personally it is a shameful and embarrassing thing.

No. 601569

Honestly, yeah.
And it's also that it's associated with vulnerability so when you put the two together there's just something gross.

No. 601580

This makes sense. I guess it depends on how you see it, in my opinion, I hate one-night-stands but like sex when done with someone you truly connect with. It can be an act of love/service and an intent to make the person feel good and cared about

No. 601602

I get that. I think so have a lot more respect (is that the right word? idk) for sex between people who love each other than one night stands/noncommittal sex. Although it’s not my thing the emotional idea of it is appealing.

No. 601680

>t. pure ace-chan
We barely deviated from animals tbh. Can we ascend to being androids already.

No. 601701

File: 1597110198896.png (366.54 KB, 490x378, lfhkfo5QhB1qaovz3o1_500.png)

All posts that result in a ban, regardless of the length of the ban, should be redtexted. Redtexting serves as a way to let farmers know what kind of posts are and aren't generally accepted here, especially if a post leans towards a lesser or harder-to-define offense such as nitpicking or tinfoiling. It seems pointless to ban someone for a post but not redtext it (or remove it, though that borders on censorship) as someone else could see the post and think "well, this post wasn't redtexted, so it must be fine for me to reply to it or make a similar post" only for them to be banned, too. Redtexting is also superior to removing posts for the same reason - people can see what isn't acceptable because it's marked right in front of them and will stay there. I can't think of any negative consequence of a practice like this being in place except that some farmers may argue with other farmers or farmhands about being redtexted, in which case they can receive a standard ban for derailing or infighting.

Also, not that I've seen this happen frequently, but there should be no means to ban someone for an unspecified reason. Surely the purpose of rules is so that those who are identified to have violated them can be banned, no? In theory, only those who violate a rule are banned, showing the competence of the moderation team and the consistency of rule enforcement throughout the board. In that case, if those who get bans deserve them and those who don't deserve them have nothing to worry about, why even have an option to ban someone for an unspecified reason? The only exception to this that I can think of is if someone is temporarily banned because they're suspected of ban evasion, but the evasion hasn't been proven yet. Though, couldn't the ban page simply state that reason?

(This probably seems like more of a /meta/ post but I'm really just sharing thoughts, it's not a recommendation any more than it is thinking out loud. I haven't seen this said anywhere else yet.)

No. 601707

This #SaveUSPS shit is fucking retarded. I can't believe people are shilling so hard for the government right now and advocating people to buy USPS merchandise like dog costumes and crop tops. Do they even know the USPS is the biggest part of the government? This is pure propaganda and people are falling for it. The USPS doesn't need your money, they have plenty because they are part of the government, they just choose to give it to some other part. None of this merchandise money is going to go towards the USPS. Same thing with people donating to bail funds, all that goes straight to the government or whatever organization you donated to, you're just paying someone's salary.

No. 601708

There's a place for this.

it's called meta

No. 601711

I already stated that, and that it wasn't a recommendation, but I may consider posting it in /meta/ anyway.

No. 601713

I don't think the money is the point, I think it's to show that people need/want USPS instead of private companies that charge ass more. If you see people saying the money is to keep USPS funded, you'd do well to correct them.

I'm all for saving USPS.

Yeah, sorry, went braindead through half your shit which read like an essay, hope u dont get banned for that

No. 601714

that would work if moderation here is in anyway consistent. I have no idea what rules the farmhands feel like enforcing from one day to the next. I've received bans that are baffling to me because they didn't violate rules and the farmhand just left an insult in the explanation box.

No. 601718

>Yeah, sorry, went braindead through half your shit which read like an essay, hope u dont get banned for that
literally "i misread your post but will try to get back at you by complementing your writing"

No. 601720

The pillar men are so fucking hot. I want them all to enter my body at once

No. 601723

The USPS will never privatize because of how many years behind they are in mail and the rates are extensibly cheap compared to private mailers. It doesn't need to be saved because it's the number one postal service. All that junk mail people receive helps keep USPS afloat.

No. 601724

>"read like an essay"
>get back at someone by complementing them
Nayrt but what?

No. 601727

I've just noticed another post be deleted by a farmhand(continued ban evasion to bait on /ot/)

No. 601731

Taylor R's vlogs from 2016-2018 are very comforting and interesting to watch, especially the vlogmas ones.

No. 601732

I agree with you. She did a great job at making them personal and cozy

No. 601739

agreed i must say i miss those days

No. 601740

i agree. this is why i hate commentary youtubers they're so embarrassingly self righteous.

No. 601746

Half the time i'm not even baiting im literally just stating my opinion. Everyone just thinks i'm a man, not my fault

No. 601747

I find anyone who has a problem with Taylor R (except for the current version of her, her videos suck now and her face filler destroyed her appearance) to be straight up jealous honestly. Besides her defending her creepy boyfriend, I think she made great vlogs and had a good sense of style after her lolita phase. Say what you want about her coming from a wealthy family and having a husband that supports her financially, but she STILL went out to hong kong on her own and started a professional life for herself despite clearly being close to her family back home.

No. 601754

The first time I watched some videos of hers (and I still don't know the full extent of her drama or why she's discussed here) I thought it was nicely put together and she seemed genuine enough. Off the top of my head or without context I wouldn't know why people dislike her.

No. 601763

This is your last warning to stop your incessant baiting and infighting on /ot/. You've been permabanned more times than we can count and every time a thread gets derailed with OTT aggression and troon/scrote accusations it's you behind it.
If you continue to do so we will have to compile all of your post histories and make them public so other anons will stop falling for your bait.

A refresher of the global rules for you, as well:
8. Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit.
9. Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.

No. 601783

No. 601788

post the bait history. get her ass

No. 601789

WOW Look! A farmhand doing their job correctly!

No. 601815

Even esidisi?

No. 601838

ntayrt, but yes, I agree, all the pillar men are hot

No. 601849

Holy shit I'll have to simp

No. 601851

Please do.

I want to play guitar with Kars' legs.

No. 601860


No. 601882

i fucking loathe gamers, male and female alike. can't stand em. they are the most boring people on planet earth and get mad at the stupidest shit.

No. 601885

I fucking hate DeAngelo Wallace, I watched the entire Shane Dawson thing and while I’ll admit, was well put together. He kept derailing to moralfag, I hate his voice. I couldn’t get past 5 minutes of the Shallon Lester video. I wonder when this whole cancel culture woke facade will end. He seems to adhere to that I hope he gets exposed for misconduct and ravaged by his own fans
Agree they’ll call me a fake gamer cause I don’t sit by a pc for 12 hours and play every single game ever, I play a few games occasionally. I don’t think games are meant for you to do all day, jfc.

No. 601888

She's extremely boring. The most scandalous thing related to her is her husband essentially pimping out young girls, and somehow getting away with it.
Everyone knows about that and just ignores it to talk about her fillers or her vlogs for the hundredth time. It's weird.

No. 601896

I know most of you will not know what I'm talking about but Bartolomej of Batushka did nothing wrong, he is completely justified in wanting to keep the batushka name, sure it doesn't make sense to keep the name when you're gonna go on to make music in a completely different genre but in a business way I completely understand.
I'm sorry but this is not the extremely popular opinion thread

No. 601897

No. 601901

Sorry about your panties

No. 601907

File: 1597136377726.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20200811-035727(1).…)

I hate these fucking types of ~informational~ activist posts people share on Instagram. They're too clean, there's no effort into making these shits.

No. 601914

What do you mean with "too clean"?

No. 601916

Anon literally everyone wants this, my mother wants this, my grandmothers want this, my dead ancestors want this. I want all four of them to absolutely destroy me, oh what i would give to just be absolutely degraded by these men.

No. 601946

Too uniform. So many of these posts look the same it's hard to distinguish them from each other.

No. 601951

Not me

I just wish I was an even bigger Aztec goddess of fitness so I could crush Kars with my thighs.

No. 601980

I am the original anon, yes even him.

I feel pretty validated that I’m not the only one. Just so you all know though, they would only want me so don’t even waste your time thinking about it.

No. 602033

So since everyone got bullied at least 10 times in their lifetime by the age of 3 does it mean everyone deserves the diagnosis PTSD?
Roughening up, not making stupid decisions, makes the bullying stop anyways. I cringe when I see guys and girls who haven’t gone through shit whine about depression and PTSD. Meanwhile I know rape victims/actual victims that are so much more productive and stronger.

And why the fuck is a pets’ loss even considered a trauma? PTSD is the most overdiagnosed shit possibly even more than autism and adhd.

No. 602037


No. 602039

what do you mean? I know it isn’t. But i used it as a general thing.

No. 602040

Since we're talking about ptsd, can i ask something to you guys?
Do you think very brief sexual interaction as a child causes ptsd? When i was like 9-10, and older man i didnt know rubbed my breasts, back and made me touch his dick (over the underwear tho). Sometimes i wonder if this has something with me being so sexually underdeveloped - or if im just repressed. I dont think im traumatized tho, like i dont get triggered by sexual assult imagery, i just get uncomfortable.

(Sorry for derailing the unpopular opinion thread. I just wanted to know.)

No. 602041

I am op, what you went through sounds really traumatic. Fucking old men.

No. 602045

Aw thank you anon. Its just that idk what counts as trauma.
But i agree. So many people say they have PTSD or abusive parents because their parents yelled at them occassionally. I remember a twitter post saying making a kid finish off their plate was abusive ffs.

No. 602048

>Roughening up, not making stupid decisions, makes the bullying stop anyways
I wish
Still don't get this meme

No. 602050

Your example is ridiculous, of course, but a lot of abuse is covert and psychological and it hurts me to see how ignorant of that many anons here are.

No. 602062

I deleted my response to you because I misread it teehee.
Why not? It’s something that worked for me.

No. 602066

My parents would beat the shit out of me whenever I did anything wrong, like big bad purple bruises level, not a little harmless wrist slap.

But they also gave me everything I asked for, fancy computer, toys, vidya, clothes, and very outwardly lovingly in most situations.

It fucking grinds my gears when people call me spoiled.

Cool I had stuff, doesn't negate the trauma I have from getting punched in the face and called a retard who will never get into college when I failed an admission exam.

My parents where really nice 50% of the time, and I have alot of good memories with them, but when they were bad it was definetely PTSD worth bad.

No. 602073

Are you by any chance Asian? I've noticed this is a big thing in Asian communities. Everyone laughs about "HAHA I GOT HIT BY THE BAMBOO/SLIPPER/COAT HANGER!" but it's not really funny considering yes, they are getting their asses beaten for stupid shit like getting a 94 instead of 100.

No. 602078

>parents bought me shit while they were abusive
Best believe this was super calculated. My mom was emotionally abusive and quick to anger when I was a child. Yet she always made it a point to put on an extravagant show during birthdays, holidays, and other events when people were around to witness her, so she could turn around and call me "spoiled" whenever I stood up against her mistreatment when those people weren't around. Or when she'd go to them to complain about me, they'd believe her because she was such a good mom in their eyes on the outside.
Parents who hold the bare minimum over children's heads and then keep score against them are major assholes.

No. 602084

>literally "i misread your post

i didn't misread it, I literally stopped reading it. there's a difference.

No. 602088

I don't get why some women get mad over being called females. It obviously depends on context, but all the times I've seen it wasn't even used to be dehumanizing or belittling

No. 602092

I sympathise. My mum has zero emotional control and would use me as a physical and verbal punching bag. My dad the few times he would show up would call my depressive state being a loser, a quitter or shame me for ever feeling upset. They bought me and my brother PlayStations sure, and we were well looked after but I could have done without the physical altercations every day. I would walk around school limping and bruised and not an eye would have been batted. This was only over a decade ago. I've had police out to the house for anti social issues due to my older brother and sit down interviews with visible bruises and marks but it was never noted. My mum got certified as a child minder for fuck sake. She had never hit another child but I almost feel like I got beaten for her inability to "properly discipline" the other kids. I got hit, kicked, choked for the tamest of shit. I was so happy when I was finally allowed to go horse riding only for my mum to use the horse whip as a new punishment tool. Im white if that matters and middle class. Since the age of 10 until I moved out at 19 I was hit daily or verbally chewed out. I have anxiety, depression and insomnia since those times and the symptoms have never really gone away. If you can imagine I'm also not great at relationships.

No. 602093

I saw the argument on twitter.

"People that call women females… do yall call men males?"

YES. It really does depend on the context like you said. I don't even feel right using women when talking about periods or yknow actual female bodily functions anymore because maybe some person comes in and says "aCtUaLlY"

No. 602095

Dunno, but most incels and neckbeards use it in a pejorative way and it overall sounds autistic as fuck. It’s kind of like having someone telling you that they love their canis-canidae and that they taught it how to extends their forepaws In order to engage in a fun charade That brings them joy.

No. 602099

His ass kept showing up in my recommendations and I ended up watching his Shane video which I thought was very good and necessary and I sorta ended up linking him, especially since in one of his video he refused to use the word "bitch" (I know, the bar is that low) but it all got ruined once I saw how he jumped on the jk Rowling hate bandwagon and tried to lecture her on twitter, even though he didn't sound as misogynistic and deranged as the other woke bros and TRAs.
Not necessarily about him but I just can't with these (often gay)male commentary channels who blow up just cause they're personified sjw twitter, with all the cringey stan twitter language and ~quirky misogyny ~…Makes my skin crawl.

No. 602110

This made me grab some popcorn and head to youtube.

>I support jk Rowling

Let’s see if anyone wasn’t too chickenshit to say it

No. 602130

>Inb4 scrote accusation kek.
I'm offended incels hijacked this term so you can't even use it contextually anymore.

No. 602141

because every time a man uses that word it's in a condescending way. like that's a red flag.

No. 602227

/ot/, /g/ and /m/ would benefit from being a little bit more curated and encouragement for higher quality threads in general. There's too many overlapping threads, too many sub-threads of the same subject (how many damned art threads do we have?) sometimes across different boards and just a lot of useless, stupid threads in general.

No. 602238

I love the art threads, cause I love my artistic sensible farmers. Keep it up girls

No. 602279

Only /m/ has good art threads tbh. The others are filled with autism and underage posters.

No. 602293

File: 1597176025549.png (7.1 KB, 787x173, daa.png)

The farmhands are so bad here I think I'm done. They didn't even give me a reason for this "lifetime ban". They didn't link to a post where I could see what comment got me banned even. I have literally no clue what I did and when I tried to appeal it it took me to a 404'd page.

The last time I got a random ban all the farmhand did was call me a dumb radfem in the explanation part even though my comment wasn't about trannies.

Like how are people meant to change their attitudes if they don't tell us what the issue is? I have no idea what post I made today that would warrant a ban., I've only posted on /ot/ today.

No. 602294

Actually, /m/ can use MORE specific threads, you sluts need to post /m/ more in general

No. 602296

Email admin faggot no1curr

No. 602298

Because it's an incorrect usage. A female what? A female human? That's a woman. They choose to use female and will use man for male.

No one is mad cops are saying "female suspect" or whatever and you >>602093 damn well know that and are strawmanning.

nya but this is a unpopular opinion thread, shut the fuck up.

No. 602303

you seem lost.

No. 602305

That sucks anon, hope you can get it sorted out.

No. 602306

My unpopular opinion is that the site is easy to use and if you are retarded enough to get a permab& you deserve it

No. 602308

File: 1597176661989.gif (168.46 KB, 426x479, giphy.gif)

No. 602310

File: 1597176760008.gif (496.74 KB, 500x281, 156487484664.gif)

No. 602316

clear your cookies. probably got caught in someone else's ban range or however that works

No. 602327

Welcome to the site! This has been an issue for a while now. Anons were talking about this a few days ago. Remember to sage, newfag!

No. 602430

I can't stand Cardi's music at all, I don't think it's very different than Meg's music though so I don't really get why people hate on Cardi more than the Meg. Hell they even share a similar body type. Cardi's face is extremely average looking and I suspect that the baddie style of makeup she wears is particularly unflattering for her features. Considering her back story I feel like she keeps it pretty real and I can kind of appreciate that. For example I like that she hasn't changed her harsh Bronx accent since becoming famous. It sounds like everyone takes on the vocal fry and upspeak qualities that people like the Kardashians and popular youtubers use and I find it really unpleasant.

No. 602438

>I don't really get why people hate on Cardi more than the Meg
Probably because Cardi's kind of a shitty person (called black women roaches, made fun of another woman's baby dying, etc), while Meg seems sweeter and more down to earth. I don't really like either of their music, though.

No. 602442

Big ass does not equal good ass and I'm so over this post-Kardashian mindset. Obviously this is subjective but people will call basically any ass that's not fake or been squatted muscular to hell and back "flat" as if it's a bad thing. Some muscle definition back there can be nice but I'd take a flatter, squishy soft butt over a fake, huge or muscular butt any day.

No. 602467

I hate gas stoves, they freak me out. I have to check it like 10x a day, it's constantly in the back of my mind. I have almost no sense of smell so I'm worried I might miss something. I grew up using an electric stove and never had any problems, the food was always awesome.

No. 602473

Electric stoves are great for power outages. I assure you, you will hear and smell gas. If anything, have a window in your kitchen open to let gas escape and to give you a sense of security.

No. 602488

Stardew valley has an ugly art style and that’s the main reason I won’t play it

No. 602490

it does and this is the #1 reason I don't have any merch from it. It sucks because he was talking about working on art for his next games and idk why he bogs himself down on the one part of the game he can comfortably hand off to someone else.

No. 602501

I'm being forced to play it with friends rn. It's not bad but it's just a Harvest Moon rip off to me

No. 602506

im jealous, I miss having a gas stove. electric sucks.

No. 602528

Omg yes anon, I knew I wasn't the only one who found him irritating. It's in his voice and attitude, like he looks like the kind that can't have any fun at parties and tries to find fault in everything to make others as miserable as him.

Basically this, I know the video you're talking about, it was the one discussing Lizzo and when he's like we don't say bitch in this household I verbally cringed and shut my brain off lmao. Commentary channels in general have always put a bad taste in my mouth, like it's their excuse to make masturbatory content about how woke and intelligent they are and they have to eDucAtE the audience. "Personified sjw twitter" describes it PERFECTLY, I can't fucking stand these nitwits and I hope this kind of thing goes away soon. He literally looks like the kind of guy these twitter teens thirst over, that softboi self-condescending look at me I'm so woke shit.

No. 602564

There's a blatant agenda to blame and generalise average white people on the basis of the financial elite's (ancestors) crimes, and the younger generations are particularly receptive to it. Everywhere you look it's being normalised in conversation (this is obviously the tame stuff kek)

>White people did X

>White people are like this
>White people shouldn't
>White people always

Replace white with any other race and it gets weird real quick. And let's also not pretend all races aren't guilty of something to varying degrees, we're all human, so idk why historical innocence is such a prevalent concept. Especially with the kids I see discussing any topic negatively attached to white people. They don't even bother to preface their long rants about how we're the cancer of society over trivial things like hairstyles, and commercially marketed culture with "not all" anymore. It's also deflating to be called a coloniser (not personally but I see the insult around quite frequently) when once again that's conflating modern, self deprecating, mostly powerless people with the sins of their ancestors, something that no one has control over. Now the ancestors of the effective peasantry are having the guilt forced upon them, the blame layed at their feet, and are paying for the sins of our ruling classes. If that's not by design, to cause more division and distract us from the real issues, I don't know what is.

Inb4 get over it yt ur not oppressed (technically I think we're all oppressed to different extents by out governments/rich) but sure. That still doesn't mean two wrongs suddenly make a right, or validate prejudices based on ancestry. Whatever happened to judging people on an individual basis by the content of their character?(racebait, global rule 7)

No. 602565

Eww get this headpat shit outta here

No. 602568

I ended up liking it after playing it for a while. I though the art style was so ugly, but I came to appreciate it once a story started to unfold. I actually liked it much more than animal crossing because of the cute little stories and baby makin’.

No. 602570

The irony of >>601701 being posted just a day before that happens to you

No. 602572

agreed with all this lol

i remember i bought into this meme at one point in high school when "white ppl suck and eat mayo with spoons" or whatever were starting out on tumblr and twitter. im white and i would be saying like "ew white ppl" it was so dumb and i realized how it was dumb to make such a blanket statement especially when im part of that race group, but have never saw all white people the same up until the memes. as a person with an italian background ive mainly always viewed myself as that and never lumped myself with white people like we are the same because even though im white skinned my culture is different than other white people. plus: italians were discriminated against in my country (put in internment camps, prohibited from entering certain places, forced into unsafe and cheap labour along with chinese people) and now its obviously different but that doesnt change history and my family has worked hard to reach a middle class life so people who wanna screech about how x group cant be oppressed/doesnt know what its like are so stupid.

also agreed that people can face oppression exactly how u have explained especially in the case of ability/financial circumstances.

No. 602575

it's so obvious you're the retarded bait-chan who got told off by mods yesterday and got rangebanned but of course farmers are taking this bait too

No. 602576

File: 1597199525838.gif (1.17 MB, 466x261, 09d2531529ce4ddc12e90b01ca6ec5…)

sshhh ♥

No. 602578

I associate head pats with mtf trans people at this point no one else seems to care so much about it but them

No. 602581

Our generation of American ethnic teens and young adults are some of the most entitled yet undeserving People are bitching about not being able to go out on vacation or hang with friends but it's like… most of our parents didn't do that and still don't do that because they were busy working their asses off for disgustingly low pay. My dad has never been on a vacation in his life (he can afford to go on one now and I'm willing to pay for it but he's stuck in his ways) and yet here I am depressed over the fact that the only vacation I've ever been on was to california and that covid got in the way of my chances of going on another one. I bitch about not having enough money to buy the amount of clothes, games, makeup I want, but it's like… my parents aint had none of that and they're not nearly as emo about it as I am.

Our generation gets materialistic things and experiences shoved down our throats daily, and we see others living that way on SM, It's hard not to want it.

No. 602585

the ban date is from today, retard.

No. 602587

File: 1597200429350.jpg (141.86 KB, 1300x866, ,44.jpg)

>she doesn't know how rangebans work
nice b8

No. 602589

Kek want me to post hand? Then u let me headpat?

No. 602590

you don't seem to understand how lolcow works. These bans are common. Go back to PULL

No. 602591

>they were busy working their asses off for disgustingly low pay

The fuck you think people are doing these days? Your Dad chose to have kids so couldn't afford a holiday. Boo fucking hoo.

No. 602593

File: 1597200601346.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, download.png)

No. 602600

anon i'm fine with you reclaiming headpats for women everywhere but you're gonna need to put a big flashing NOT A TRANNY disclaimer on every gif.

No. 602602

nta but tf is your problem? Like what about that triggers you enough to respond in that way?

My mom was working for low pay because she immigrated to US to flee from war. She didn't have kids and took whatever job she could and also didn't get to really experience life growing up like anon's dad. It's just the reality of a lot of ethnic parent's lives. It's not about America treating them like shit it's about immigration and no access to education.

No. 602603

wow you're a miserable low grade fuck huh..

No. 602607

not even remotely the point of that post.

No. 602609

We need to see a birth certificate and poosy first

No. 602610

qq daddy didn't take me on holiday all ethnic children are so ungrateful

fuck off(bait)

No. 602624

They never used the word ungrateful.. and they never said all, Like at all. They said entitled. Two completely different words and if you read anon's post you would realize that they mean entitled in the sense of feeling like we have to constantly be spending money and going places even with our own money. There's nothing wrong with saying a lot of us come from parents who struggled a lot and had no fun and that we should learn from our parent's experiences and tone down our expectations. You're strangely pressed.

No. 602626

stop deleting your posts.

No. 602630


kek.. I deleted them because the person, presumably you, who I'm trying to respond to keeps deleting their posts immediately after posting. Just like they did right now.