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File: 1594433814346.jpg (120.16 KB, 960x720, 2c9119770fbc864d2dd327a90c0c22…)

No. 582449

Last thread >>>/ot/572462

No. 582453

minion memes and zoomer ironic memes are exactly the same but just for different audiences

No. 582457

File: 1594434886969.jpg (156.42 KB, 989x1280, 6clq4yzSd1qanb21o1_1280.jpg)

On that note, "doomer"/"boomer"/"zoomer"/"coomer" memes and comics are to the modern day what picrel was to 2009. I find it incredibly embarrassing when people on imageboards use terms like those in arguments and expect to be taken seriously.

No. 582481

File: 1594437729010.jpeg (79.63 KB, 622x734, EFCD062F-398D-40A1-83C8-DBF641…)

So which xoomer are you?

No. 582590

How do you choose the opening pics for these threads? All the ones I've seen have nothing to do with unpopular opinions, am I missing some kind of rule or private joke?

No. 582592

I think anons just choose random stuff they have on their computer. I don't think there's a rule for thread pics even though some people prefer that it's actually related to the topic. I don't mind personally as long as it's not gross or a pepe like the vent thread.

No. 582619

what would you choose? Idk how you translate unpopular opinions to an image

No. 582625

I don't for the life of me understand scrotes whining about the ~double standards~ of how women are less creeped out by being hit on when the man is attractive.

Like yeah, no shit, Sherlock. If you want someone, you're going to be okay with them hitting on you. If you don't, it's gonna be super uncomfortable. I highly doubt the same men saying this would have the same attitude if someone who looked like Susan Boyle was coming onto them. It's just something they don't experience nearly as much as we do, since women are much more self-aware of what their legue is and don't go for people way more attractive than them like men do.

No. 582627

I guess I would pick something to break the ice that isn’t necessarily the opinion of OP like “Troons rights!” Or “All women have easy lives!1!” and such

No. 582657

Arrogant people are hot. But only when the arrogance matches the skill.

No. 582660

Men say stuff like this yet they'd be 100% offended and disgusted if a gay man, trans woman, fat woman, woman over the age of 18, woman with short hair, woman who's not a virgin, etc. hit on them lmao.

No. 582684

nono, arrogant people are only hot when they are sniveling insecure idiots.

No. 582701

people who get tattoos of some character from a media franchise/sports team are dumb as shit and probably should not reproduce

No. 582722

Buuut then they're just idiots anon!

No. 582752

They're ignoring that when you're attracted to someone, you're probably flirting back or at least responding positively. There's a difference between two people mutually flirting with each other or chatting away and a guy persistently hitting on a girl that's clearly not interested.

And I mean PERSISTENTLY, because I never see women complain about a guy just coming up and shooting his shot and leaving when he's turned down. It's an issue when the guy just keeps ploughing on and making everyone uncomfortable.

No. 582773

Lays chips are too salty and have a gross oily taste.

OP here, I just choose a random photo. I did try to choose a more fitting photo, but In my head I just thought "if the last OP can choose I photo of a girl eating ramen out of a plastic bag, I can choose a photo of cat surrounded by cherry blossoms."

I see what you mean tho by choosing a photo that has a actual unpopular opinion. I'll do that if I make another thread, but definitely no gender politics. Literally every thread, unpopular opinion or not, there is some kind of discussion/argument about trans people. Its boring and overdone imo.

No. 582812

AYRT and thank you for the answer, it was the third time in a row where I didn't "get" the opening pic, I thought I was missing some kind of memes. I guess something more appropriated would be like a pic of a pineapple pizza.

No. 582840

I was 18 and 1 day, pls don't be mean

No. 582866

i think individualism is fucking stupid and selfish and it looks like it's dying out with younger people, which is a good thing imo

No. 582904

Good meme, comrade

No. 582948

Amphetamines should be legal (like they were in the US before 1971)

No. 582965

it's the other way around actually

No. 582982

Which part?

No. 582996

Ephedrine is legal. It's not as good as an amphetamine, but it will make you piss dirty for one

No. 583022

>it's dying out with younger people

anon where

if anything our current social-media centric timespirit is only exacerbating individualism

No. 583025

Not that anon - I agree that social media sometimes promotes unhealthy "individualism" (while at other times acting as an unproductive echo chamber), but in my generation I've noticed more often the interpretation of social, economic, and general class struggles as collective struggles, for better. Approaching an issue with the system only works if it's understood that the struggles we go through because of the way our society is set up are collective struggles, not personal ones.

No. 583040

All drug use should be decriminalized imo. Fucked up that the government can throw someone in prison because they ingested a "controlled substance." It's my fucking body, if I want to poison it with heroin that should be well within my rights. Instead of pouring money into this retarded war on drugs they should be funding rehab programs for addicts who want to get clean.

No. 583044

File: 1594545485689.png (721.61 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200712-030733.png)

The teenage boys of this generation are just completely irredeemable. They will grow up to be redpilled porn sick weirdos and we can do nothing about it.

This tweet is going around on twitter where some teenage boys added this girls boyfriend to a group chat and told him they were going to rape her. This is not normal behavior whatsoever. The amount of boys tolerating this and telling the girl to get over it is evidence of this.

No. 583045

File: 1594545512908.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200712-030729.png)

More context

No. 583046

A sorta significant 'scandal' happened in my country for something like this. I'm in pakistan and these meme-savvy stupid teen scrotes made a groupchat where they would share local girls pictures and comment on their bodies in extremely disgusting ways and talk about gangraping them, even talking about 14 year olds. A girl got added there I think and she leaked the chats and it became big for a few days. It was called 'boyslockerroom' or something similiar. Disgusting pornsick retards, all of them.

No. 583047

If you can figure out a way for them to profit further from your freedom than incarceration, I'm sure it'll work anon.

No. 583058

This is disgusting, I hate the way some people would defend it to with the fact they're young and teenagers so they 'don't know any better'. They clearly know what they are doing and the impact of their actions, they just know they won't face repercussions.

No. 583060

File: 1594549567212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.65 KB, 640x360, b8ad879bbb23fd54e445a0548d3114…)

Congratulations feminists and leftists!!! Indirectly you raised an entire generation with the mentality of Gengish Khan, bravo.
Btw they're larpers, by now, I know very well the se type of edgy teenagers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 583061

I fucking wish people would stop excusing teenage boys, they aren't retarded babies. Teen girls worst offense is being a pickme who posts her own nudes but boys be (((ironically))) talking about rape.

No. 583064

KEK anon, Gengish Khan thinly veiled as humanitarians.

No. 583065

This comes with the assumption that girls don’t also rape (both male and female inclusive) make false allegations, go completely fucking off the walls over their current or ex boyfriends to the point of violence and stalking, and get away an abundance of other things.
I’ve been a teen girl. It’s not pure innocence.
I watch girls bully another girl to the point of suicide, and spread another girls nudes around without consent. Many girls got into fist fights over boys or dirty looks. Another girl was pranked with nair so her hair fell out of her head.
Must I continue?

No. 583074

Sorry you were bullied lol
Female delinquency is frequently result of internalized misogyny, trauma and mental illness. Boys act like psychopaths just by being on the internet, even perfectly middle class ones. But suuuure girls rape and assault people just as much as boys.

No. 583079

lmao this pickmeisha actually believes that women are as likely to stalk and murder an unrequited crush

bitch probably has an "equality" tumblr

No. 583081

I think we'll cure gay in the future and that LGBT will cease to exist. Also, much as people give me shit for saying so, I don't lgbt ppl have a choice. It's their parents decision and having a lesbian daughter or a gay son is unethical in that world.

No. 583084

Go the fuck back to 4chan, there are no females here

No. 583091

i wish your dad wore a condom before he busted inside your mum to have you

No. 583095

I'm bi so I think I'm allowed to say that though. I mean I don't see it something that "has to be cured" but just as something that will eventually happen.

No. 583097

I agree with her, stay mad.

No. 583100

How will we cure the gay? Will I be able to take a pill to make my gay go away?

No. 583102

Arts and crafts like knitting is not a personality trait. If you build your entire identity around doing some dumbass paper mache sculptures of animals or knitting pussy hats you're as boring as people who think "i like traveling, laughing and dogs" makes for a good dating profile description

No. 583106

tbh hobbies in general are overrated when it comes to someone having a personality or not. A charismatic, funny, outgoing person can be entertaining without needing to talk about or even have hobbies. In fact, being too into hobbies can make you even more boring, if you talk about it to people who don't share your interest.

No. 583109

Adoption has become too commodified and commercialized, it's more akin to auctioning for a designer pet these days. Adoption agencies don't give a fuck about a child's well being, they're just pawning them off to the highest bidder.

No. 583138

I sure hope not. I like the gay.

No. 583157

>Highest bidder
Seems fine to me, kids don't deserve poor parents

No. 583160

that doesn't just exclude poor parents

No. 583162

Yeah rich people are all suchhh great parents /s

No. 583165

obviously not but a parent must be able to decently provide for their children, so that rules out poor people by definition. Or at least it should, in my opinion.

No. 583168

Hasn't there been cases where in oversea adoption the mother actually didn't want to give up her child for adoption and was forced to/the child was kidnapped?
It's why I myself think overseas adoption is immoral unless there's no way of finding children good homes in their own countries

No. 583282

Have you tried their reduced sodium chips? I find those to be way more palatable.

No. 583369

Damn most bisexuals really do approach troon level retardation

No. 583401

It's amazing how many of them match up. Wojak should just be retired at this point.

No. 583483

Have you talked ever considered boys are just as much cunts because of who they’re raised by and because of societal expectations as well? It’s not their fault when their moms and dads basically give them a free pass to do whatever. Also, they’re encouraged to suppress their emotions. Do you think that maybe has an impact or are you only interested in self serving efforts?

No. 583489

File: 1594614311754.jpg (35.82 KB, 384x384, Tecate.jpg)

I always thought the constant infighting would be the demise of the LGBT community

No. 583496

So what lmao that doesn't make rape and violent assault statistic any different. Scrote mad that his dad saying 'boys don't cry' makes him want to rape women.

No. 583497

Most of us just wanna listen to Sweater Weather in peace and not pull this fuckery.

No. 583498

Imagine having every level of society cater to you and still turn out to be violent rapemonkeys.
>b-bad parenting!!!
Most women who experienced bad parenting self-destruct instead of externalize their damage like men do. Men literally don’t suppress their emotions at all, imagine believing this shit meme when all they do is lashing out in anger like retards with no self restraint whatsoever?? Women are the ones constantly suppressing and internalizing until they implode and turn BPD. Now go “fix” poor broken men if you feel so inclined to, cockbreath.

No. 583504

> women who experienced bad parenting self-destruct instead of externalize their damage like men do.

it's as if men and women are raised/taught differently huh?

No. 583516

I really can't with anti-male feminism, maybe I am in denial, but I think when you see the incredible differences in how males (and women) behave depending on the culture, it's hard to say that it's biological.

Like my country isn't perfect but 99% of men here wouldn't do a tenth of what most men did in my parents' shithole country. Whether it's because it's socially unacceptable for them to act on their urges or they don't have them at all because of the culture here, the situation can get better (and it can get worse too) depending on the education they get. That' s why porn worries me quite a bit.

Maybe there is a "natural" baseline of male aggressivity/depravity but I really think cultural forces are stronger than that and that we can tend to an ideal society where misogyny can be kept to a minimum.

No. 583518


I wonder who started the pattern to socialize boys that way? Truly a mystery…. I can't think of any likely groups. Maybe it was a proclamation from God!

>violent rapemonkeys
anon my sides

>maybe I am in denial

No. 583521

Ashnikko's music isn't that good.

No. 583523

Ever looked into anthropological hypothesis for the origins of gender roles, especially regarding the development of agriculture?

No. 583529

Oh, no anon. Never considered it. Somehow made it through a degree in Anthropology without ever learning about it! LOL can't believe thats the angle you chose anon… bad luck

No. 583530

What are you retards even trying to argue here? Free will is a myth, peoples actions are outside of their control

No. 583533

Agreed. She has like one good song. The rest of her hype comes from her quirky image.

No. 583535

Men always see us women as a group (or groups, or kinds) rather than an individual, and we as women tend to look more at the person/personality
Example: I was on kiwifarms and read this
>I myself don't have the best luck with women and tend to fall for/hook up with the broken ones (or at least ones that need help), but shit maybe I'm on to something.
I don't know what to think about that

what is that and where do I read it?
Ashnikko is cringe edgelord shit but make it 100% worse, she's cocky and has blue hair, that's it. Her lyrics are stupid and too much. Her brat persona is annoying.

No. 583537

I'm tired of the blame of everything being put to feminists. I feel libfems and libtards are at the fault, not the feminists that just want to end fgm and domestic violence
There's a clear difference there but everything is being tied together into FEMINISM BAD AND RUINED STAR WARS REE

No. 583539

I should be able to hate men without explaining myself because that’s what men do to us and we all know they’ll never change.

No. 583541

men always expect us to have a tragic reason or backstory for anything, or to apologize for everything

No. 583575

I hate sadboy rap. It fucking sucks ass and every dude who is into it is a headass.

No. 583622

Agree 100%. Fuck lil peep and xxxtension cord I am so over these opiate addicted teenagers struggling on a beat for 3 minutes

No. 583623

Being a long-time rap fan but hating this specific subgenre of rap is sheer pain. It's everywhere.

No. 583634

How the fuck do I prevent my kid from turning out like this? I know kids show eachother porn in person on the playground and shit, I know kids talk online like this. It genuinely makes me wanna homeschool and have my son have no internet access, but I don’t wanna be called a weirdo or too overprotective. Stuff like this makes me consider it.
Teenage boys are vile

No. 583635

drraaaiiinnn gaaannnggg

No. 583636

Men and women aren't the same, and men should have fewer rights.
Just imagine having people unironically argue that your sex needs to be taught not to rape, but still having control over most of the free world. It makes no sense.

No. 583638

Sometimes I wish I was bisexual or lesbian so I could date a woman instead of a man. I just really hate men sometimes, even most of the "good" guys have instincts to rape, cheat, or kill. I feel like dating a woman would be much kinder and gentler.

No. 583642

I can't see the appeal of homeschooling. Those kids always end up the most fucked up and rebelling the most. If you really hate the idea of raising a male just get an abortion to be safe.

No. 583645

Demi Lovato's voice is grating.

No. 583648

I think it is but my god do I hate the possibility of going to a date to find a troon who could potentially do some crazy shit for me wanting to leave. Also the few bi or lesbian women who still care bout the new alphabet soup lgbtqqa who dump you for not caring for anything after LGB. There's bi women who run to the next potential man while using you as a filler too, or just women who say they're bi but are fully straight with no serious intentions. I've thought the opposite that it must be nice to just live completely straight.

No. 583649

I feel like "feminazis" or whatever people want to call them are only like 1% of the "feminist" population, but they just happen to be 14 year olds with access to tumblr who can publicize their opinions and spend all day on teh interwebz.

I also think a lot of news outlets choose to focus on "feminazis" to be provocative and maybe to even discredit real feminism issues. Most women I know irl consider themselves feminists, and they are worried about issues like women being raped and killed for setting foot outside, not news headlines like "Feminists PISSED that local family-owned bakery has gingerbread men and not gingerbread women11!"

No. 583660

>they are worried about issues like women being raped and killed for setting foot outside, not news headlines like "Feminists PISSED that local family-owned bakery has gingerbread men and not gingerbread women11!"
Exactly. The kind of people getting upset about those type of things are early 2010s Tumblr SJW pink-haired identitarian nonbinaries, not the average feminist.

No. 583661

I always thought sadboy rap was like a soundcloud thing.
Speaking of, I don’t get the hype around Joji. He’s alright but I don’t understand all the thirst lmao.

No. 583663

I always found "Joji" (my brain still calls him Filthy Frank) awful, regardless of whatever content he was creating at the time. I get the impression that his audience is 10-15 year old zoomers who are still into sadboys and vaporwave because I don't know how anyone who was on the internet in the early-to-mid 2010s could take his music seriously after his "i'm so loud and offensive xDDD" YouTube presence.

No. 583686

I get what you're saying but I'd like to counter that there is an exaggerated outrage whenever a feminist wants to change something small, similar to your hypothetical gingerbread men, as if we're only allowed to ask for big changes. I can think of loads of situations where women have calmly said things like "we should have a positive female role model in x television show" and men get disproportionately triggered by a small suggestion and act as if these feminists have invaded their house with guns and are demanding we all worship vagina statues.
Yeah there are bigger things to worry about, but we should still be able to call for small changes without being called feminazis.

No. 583692

That's totally true, and I could see how my post could imply there's a binary. We should care about "serious" issues like assault, yet also realize that things like representation in TV shows or video games can go a long way on how women are treated.

I guess the over-exaggerated "feminazi" narrative would be better if more feminists could clearly explain their reasons for these "small" issues, instead of focusing on the emotional aspect (this could just be the doing of news channels though.) Like instead of "REEE I am triggered by the menz in this show," say something more like "I feel like media can really reflect the real world, and even impact how we see the world. I think it's really important to have TV shows with great female characters."

No. 583705

>say something more like "I feel like media can really reflect the real world, and even impact how we see the world. I think it's really important to have TV shows with great female characters."
Wow you were able to understand the underlying reasons why representation and 'small things' matter even though it was such a mystery. I guess thinking for 5 minutes helps understand causes you can't relate to.

No. 583708

Whenever I read those articles, I notice they do say that. It always comes with an explanation for their request.
It's just that pissy scrotes and pick-mes would rather ignore it and throw tantrums about the feminazis oppressing them. They do it on purpose, too. They like to play dumb.
I don't really give it much mind since I'd rather pay attention to the larger issues like sex trafficking and reproductive rights, but I refuse to fall for the male hysterics in the media. They know exactly what they're doing by blowing up these stories and then misrepresenting things. It's to wear us down and belittle us.

No. 583730

I haven't heard many men suggest teaching men not to rape. The only people that say that shit are women. As if you can teach criminals that crimes are wrong, no shit they are wrong, they know, they just don't care.

No. 583737

This. I wish the authorities cared, rapists and pedos should be sentenced to death by hanging or something cheap. And not buried or cremated just their organs donated to science.

No. 583738

I agree actually, violent criminals should be removed from society for good. I unironically think that would clean the genepool in a few generations.

No. 583743

If the goal is to rid society of this behavior, removing the people who currently exhibit it doesn't prevent the same behavior from occurring afterwards.

No. 583744

The fact that it's happening so often and is so rampant that someone would even believe that is what gets to me.
Men rape so much that we have women trying to defend them by saying we should teach them not to do it. It can't even be ignored, it's so universal. Wherever they exist, they rape.

No. 583749

It does if you do it before they have kids.

Let's not get ridiculous, there are much different rapes of rate around the world. You can absolutely reduce rape through culture, it's just that there are always the genetic extremes. The best we can do is have a culture that is against rape and try to get those extremes when they are young. It's not like we can simply get rid of violent people in one swoop.

No. 583750

*rates of rape

I shouldn't drink after work.

No. 583753

>It does if you do it before they have kids.
I wish I was this naively optimistic, to think rape would never occur if we just don't let kids know what it is… The problem is with society and how society teaches a certain sex to be, not that an existing sex has an innate issue (but I understand most anons here don't believe that anyway.)

No. 583757

That's still assuming all women report their rapes (most don't).
Most cultures are already against rape, or at least they're claimed to be. How can they be made moreso without a dramatic demographic shift on which group has most political/lawmaking power? I feel like any response besides that will circle back to the "Teach men not to rape and beg them to treat us like humans like we have been for the past hundreds of years", which is as laughable as it is a bleak reminder. Rapists don't care, and they're very numerous. A lot of them are presidents, CEOs, billionaires, etc.
No prizes for guessing which sex is overrepresented in positions of power right now, and how that links back to the fact that most rapists walk free, being a rape victim is still stigmatized, etc, but it's still considered too extreme to call a spade a spade.

No. 583760

Does society really teach boys that it's okay to rape? Whenever I read these conversations, the person who claims it's a problem of nurture kind of waters things down to the complexity of consent, but I think that's too weak. It almost smacks of "They accidentally raped [you], it's the culture's fault".

No. 583762

I don't dissagree with you anon, I absolutely think culture is relevant. But removing the shitty genes is a good coplimentary measure. We don't have to get them all you know. Most is good enough for starters.

>being a rape victim is still stigmatized
Is this an American thing? Why would being the victim get you stigmatized?

Also anon, you are being too pessimistic, rapists are not common, as most violent criminals in general. They are however largely allowed to go on commiting crimes due to the fact that rape is often a difficult crime to prove. As for how to fix that… I don't have a good answer that would solve that without doing away with innocent until proven guilty and I reaaaaally don't want to remove that.

Some cultures certainly do and those cultures absolutely see much higher rates of rape.

No. 583767

Only women and children should be allowed to immigrate from muslim countries.

No. 583768

>there are much different rapes of rate around the world. You can absolutely reduce rape through culture
Sounds suspiciously like pol pill.. Frequency of reports are varied by culture ie women of certain backgrounds are more/less likely to recognize and report sexual assault and rape. Men still does 99% of rape in any given place. Men of certain cultures/ethnicities aren’t less prone to sex crimes; only their determination to committing them is modified by the level of risk involved in getting caught per locale.

No. 583774

>Only massive handmaidens and scrots in training should be allowed to immigrate from muslim countries,
Or-Or here's an idea, no one is.

No. 583778

>Sounds suspiciously like pol pill
I dissagree with like 95% of /pol/.

>Frequency of reports are varied by culture

Absolutely true, but the women of the cultures with the massive rates are in fact the ones less likely to report as well, meaning that the real numbers of those areas are monstrously large.

>Men still does 99% of rape in any given place

Of course, same with all violent crimes, I don't think I suggested otherwise.

>Men of certain cultures/ethnicities aren’t less prone to sex crimes; only their determination to committing them is modified by the level of risk involved in getting caught per locale.

I will disagree with you here. I don't want to touch ethnicity because it's a touchy subject, but cultures absolutely play a massive role. As I wrote above, I think there is a small extreme that will exist always and needs to be picked out when young and the major body of males are mostly conditioned by society. Cultural normes most certainly affect them, otherwise I am not sure how you would explain the vast differences of rape rates in different areas and among different groups. Unless of course you wanna go full /pol/ but I don't think genetics are THAT big of a deal for the main body of a population, at least when it comes to violent crime.

No. 583780

Nope, I'm not American.
>Why would being the victim get you stigmatized?
>"She's lying for money/to ruin his reputation/attention"
>"It wasn't rape, she's just irresponsible"
>"It's her fault she was raped for being a whore"
>"It's bad that she was raped, but now she's damaged goods"
Very common in lots of places.

No. 583781

I'm gonna immigrate to where you live just to spite you anon

No. 583784

>thinking women are automatic handmaidens
If we all followed this logic, you probably would've been stoned at the age of 9 for not being pink-pilled yet.

No. 583785

Yeah where I live, rape victims are definitely stigmatized. We had a tv drama some time back where a woman gets raped and she is advised not to tell her husband because then he will leave her. Her own mother advices her to just hush about it. Because getting raped is seen as a dirty secret. Mostly because virginity is seen as extremely important here. This way of thinking is slowly changing though, at least in the cities.

No. 583786

I'm conflicted cause like …women raised in extreme misogyny are very likely to be misogynistic as well, not mentioning the religion-fueled racism and homophobia. Not their fault but adults are really set in their ways. I intimately know first gen immigrant women who aren't even religious and are independent working women but they will never stop having beliefs like that.

No. 583787

A lot of the time the only thing keeping these women in that handmaiden mentality is the men and the fact that they have no other option apart from relying on some disgusting misogynist scrote. I think if they’re willing to immigrate alone they’re already showing signs of independence and I don’t know about you but I want to help as many women as possible succeed far away from rapist scrotes. I have lived in areas with lots of immigrants and the most well adjusted, hardworking and functioning ones were the single mothers surprisingly.

No. 583788

Don't you dare!

>"She's lying for money/to ruin his reputation/attention"
Well that comes with the crime of rape being difficult to prove though. People do doubt charges, especially against someone they like.

>"It wasn't rape, she's just irresponsible"

I am not sure what that means. Irresponsible of what?

>"It's her fault she was raped for being a whore"

>"It's bad that she was raped, but now she's damaged goods"
Those sounds insane. Are you from a Muslim country or sth anon? Like those legit sounds like sth you might hear in the middle ages.

No. 583791

You sound pretty naive and young, anon. Spend some time around men, or just eavesdrop on some of their conversations IRL (or honestly, even in many online communities, you can literally scroll through FB or news article comments section) to get the truth. The world at large is not as progressive as you seem to believe.

No. 583792

I am just saying anon, Muslim women are waaaay too often massive handmaidens, especially considering the absolute SHIT they are made to go through.

Eh, I guess I am a little caught in with illegal immigration being insane, especially now with Covid going around as well. I don't mind legal immigrants, they can come all they want obviously.

No. 583794

>Those sounds insane. Are you from a Muslim country or sth anon?
Anon…Just go on any manosphere inhibited exclusively by first-worlders

No. 583795

Jesus Christ, that's messed up beyond belief. Also wtf, if you can't tell your husband you were assaulted why is he there?

No. 583797

I get what you mean, but if younger generations of girls/women are allowed to immigrate and be raised around a more progressive culture, not only will they get the chance to grow and change, they can help change the mindsets in their own countries, because they'd have a better understanding of where their families/communities are coming from.

No. 583799

Eh, I guess I am. I am also kind of surrounded by nice people, like the last murder where I live happened like 5 years ago and it some criminal shit.

I generally consider robots and redpillers kind of human filth tbh. The rest of society does not agree with them, it's why they go online to find the rest of the filth. You can always find people like that, doesn't mean what they say is accepted or shared by society at large.

No. 583800

No offense but immigrated youngins almost never come back to their third world hell hole let alone invest in making meaningful changes…sadly

No. 583801

Mostly true, if I ever get the chance to immigrate, I will be an absolute retard to come back to this shithole of a country. But I've heard of some people coming back to help people out in their own country, they are very rare though.

No. 583802

Do you really think redpillers and MGTOW faggots aren't your everyday life scrotes? You know they aren't just internet goblins who never leave the basement right. They're among your walmart managers, accountants and bankers a plenty.

No. 583804

It is a very prevalent opinion here. I was raped too, as a kid, and my mom told me to never ever tell anyone ever and to just keep it a secret always. It's fucked up, I know. Whenever a news about a rape comes out, first thing people do is to attack the victim most of the time, but I've seen this behaviour in first world countries too so idk.

No. 583805

Yep I am a second gen arab girl and as much as I’d want to go back and make changes there’s no way at all I’d succeed. It would literally be a deathwish for me to go back to the country of my origin to try and change it or instill any new values. The only people that could do that are males and the status quo benefits them so they don’t give a shit.

No. 583807

I don't know anon, most of these people have families and are well adjusted, I doubt they spend their days online fawning over Chad's cock not realizing how gay it is.

I am so sorry this happened to you anon, you are stronger than me, especially with just holding it in. It really sounds horrifying, please be strong and I wish you the best in life. I really haven't heard of such treatment here, but I don't doubt some people might act that way, I just never heard of such a thing.

No. 583808

It's better than nothing (nothing being the denizens of that country staying the same, women being abused left and right, and westerners trying their hardest to be "progressive" by pretending it doesn't happen).
The largest onus of improving a country should lay on men, anyway, not women. There's better reason to accept women and children than men, especially considering those two groups are more likely to culturally assimilate and won't bring rape/crime with them.

No. 583813

>implying men can't have family and be functioning members of society and be misogynistic
Come on now. They may not know what a "chad" is but they still think you're a whore. Normies beat and cheat on their wives and molest their daughters too.

No. 583816

The most functioning, well-adjusted man you think you know probably still harbors misogynistic thoughts, supports sex trafficking via porn or prostitutes, etc.

No. 583818

I mean, yeah sure. But I guess I think that's a very small number of them? Like, I know a lot that hold very gendered opinions, most often negative for women, but I can't really put the guy who thinks his little girl should not play football to the same category as the incels of /r9k/.

No. 583820

>I can't really put the guy who thinks his little girl should not play football to the same category as the incels of /r9k/.
Why? If you give that guy a space to share all his thoughts, completely unfiltered, you probably won't see much of a difference between them. The incel is a bit more of a caricature is all.
The /r9k/ incel is probably your classmate, too. They aren't as rare as you think.

No. 583822

This is a dangerous misconception, anon. The moderator of Reddit's shadiest communities like creepshots/jailbait was a "regular" 40 something year old married man with kids. Plenty of mass murderers are seemingly "regular" guys with normal jobs and families.

The reason misogyny is so rampant isn't because of a couple of crazy, sweaty basement dwellers. Don't think the only people on /r9k/ are all unemployed permavirgins.

No. 583825


I used to think "teach them not to rape" was retarded too, I'd think "fucking duh everyone already knows rape is illegal and wrong, how severely actually autistic would you need to be to rape accidentally?" But the vast majority of rapes aren't a violent stranger pouncing on you as you scream in terror (what most people think "rape" means, so we're already at our first social problem) but by someone the victim already knows, with half of them being someone they're already in a sexual relationship with (cue more social complications). In the last few years since #metoo stuff started I've heard a lot of victims share their stories where I could believe the perpetrator didn't have malicious intent and it was more some fucked up miscommunication with the guy acting after like that was just regular sex and even giving the woman free social/legal leverage over him as if he legit doesn't think there's any problem.

(This is obviously not an excuse and it's still their moral and legal responsibility to get it right. Like you can't kill someone speeding and say "I legit didn't know the speed limit was that low there woops sorry" to get off in court. If you partake in any potentially dangerous activity you should still be held responsible if you hurt someone, intentionally or accidentally. And of course there are way more men who still commit rapes intentionally than hitting someone with a car on purpose or whatever.)

Like there are a lot of men who think that how a man does the modern mating ritual is he pesters a woman he's dating or acquaintances with for sex regularly until she stops literally saying the word no and then it's ok to undress, get ontop and fuck her as she probably just lays there, this working best if you've been drinking together. And they have that idea because they think that's their role to show they're persistent and strong and can handle rejection unlike a weak insecure guy who'd give up and of course the girl turns him down a bunch and acts uninterested because she doesn't want to seem promiscuous and of course she doesn't look like she enjoys it because they've heard all their life that most women don't actually enjoy sex and they only act like they do in fake as hell porn and it's fine if she's drunk since everyone he knows has sex while drunk.

But if you can get those toxic beliefs out that guys head, let him understand how horribly that situation plays out from the woman's POV and explain how to go about having sex safely and respectfully then he'd not act that way. But the only sex ed he gets it biological in nature and drivel from porn and consent education is a big challenge since we're in a toxic culture that pushes all those ideas constantly never mind what it's like in third world countries.

No. 583827

Traumacore is stupid.

No. 583831

File: 1594670653724.png (66.41 KB, 719x633, C7AEA4E4-4A0D-48B6-9F23-E5A08E…)

Agree but I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion outside of bpdchan tumblr.

No. 583832

if you can't see the truth in this then you're actively kidding yourself. Understandable, cuz realizing this shit hurts, but still, you're kidding yourself.

No. 583833

I don't know anons I mean, one is some cultural retardation, that I do call out, but it's not on the same level as actual hateful idiots. Maybe it's like you say and I am naive, I am just not that blackpilled.

No. 583843

I've come to the conclusion I don't care about men that are raped at all.

I googled the name of a show today that was about rape and the news articles were full of posts from men talking about how they "had a voice finally" because women always take up the space for rape victims.

These men were raped by other men but even then they can not help but talk about how it's women's fault.

This led me down a rabbit hole and I was shocked how many men-only rape charities there were. And they all claim 3 out of 5 men are raped??? I looked for the source on this statistic and found a single survey of a small sample of college men but idk if that's the source. Not a single fucking one pointed out that the rape was happening by men. They didn't even define rape. But plenty pointed out how unfair it was that women get shelters etc. They all harped on about the "lack" of mens shelters. Not a single one that I saw spoke about issues with men.

That's right. It's unfair to men that women are raped so frequently by men that dedicated fucking shelters had to be setup for it. That's what privilege looks like, ladies.

I just don't care anymore. Rape is a male problem and men have refused to deal with it. They will never solve it when they refuse to talk about the base issues of entitlement in males so fuck it. Males don't give a shit about rape when it's happening to women, I really wish women would return the favor.

No. 583845

Here we go again.

No. 583852

Ouroboros lol

No. 583853

File: 1594673323235.png (953.2 KB, 994x1180, xorlpmn797v41.png)

Notice how every time there's a "female teacher molests male student" story, men flock to talk about how "lucky" he is.
Also, every time a man is raped by another man, men flock to call that man a pathetic faggot and mock him mercilessly if they don't personally like him. Men happily joke about other men being raped in prison, too.
The only time they care about male victims is when they want to argue with feminists, or to blame women, like you said.
Seeing all this shit is leading me down a very blackpilled path. It honestly almost feels like rape doesn't really mean to men what it means to us, like we project our own fear/trauma onto them or something. When I read shit like pic related (especially "To hell with the double standard") exclusively from men, and the exact opposite (care, remorse, pity) from women with empathy, like clockwork, I don't know if I should start believing what these men are literally telling us about themselves, or just keep telling myself what I think is fair and just.
I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, and believe that the one thing both sexes can agree on is that rape is evil and traumatic (regardless of sex) but I don't know anymore. Maybe they just don't get it. I guess if they did, they wouldn't be the ones doing the raping so often.
I'm half just posting this because I want someone to convince me I'm totally wrong.

No. 583860

You're obviously new here but the hide thread option is right there anon

No. 583861

My unpopular opinion is that so may Americans essentially have adhd because of their shitty media. I see posts all the time from Americans that are worried because they can't read a book but then their news stories are condensed down to seconds, tv shows give recaps every five minutes and comedy shows signpost every joke with a laugh track.
I watched some american CNN and Skynews clips recently and they felt like memes because of how fast the cuts were e.g. it would cut to a scientist for just long enough for them to say say "This is very bad" and cut them off mid-word.

A new site would actually say this and in the title? Wtf?

No. 583863

On a similar note: just recently I read again that men are way over 200 times more likely to get raped by another man than to get falsely accused, yet we get bombarded with books/movies about that topic and adult men go around unironically saying that they're vary of females because we do that sooo often that they fear it happening to them too. Yet none of them are scared for their ass virginity while being out at night alone or while getting drunk? I study teaching and the amount of times I have to hear (also from close relatives) that my male colleagues need to be suuuper careful around female students, because they're quick to do that…we're talking about literal childre aged <10???

No. 583868

I don't know if you were replying to my random example, but going as far to moderate a community centered around non-consensual photos of underage girls is pretty goddamn scummy. That's way beyond "cultural retardation," you're literally contributing to the exploitation of minors.

Not everyone is going to call themselves an incel or be the exact caricature you're thinking about. You don't have to be blackpilled to realize not all rapists/misogynists are stereotypical neckbeards. Just look at all the serial killers who led double lives with families and mortgages, like the Golden State Killer, Green River Killer, BTK, etc.

No. 583871

Even the title of that article alone is horrific. Anon I'd love to convince you you're wrong but you're not. Men and women don't see rape the same because they don't see sex the same. Men revolve so much of their life around getting laid they don't have the capacity to see rape as truly bad until they're on the receiving end of it from another male.

Men love to rape children then talk about how she wanted it and was irresistible. But yeah, men should fear rape more, especially given how low conviction rates are. Also a lot of those "false reports" aren't even false. They include cases there wasn't enough evidence for/victim recanted out of fear/victim recanted because police are assholes. I read once there are more false Bulgarly/care jacking reports because of insurance fraud than there are rape report, which makes a lot of sense.

No. 583872

All fandoms are shit.

No. 583874

anon no one here is ready for this im begging you

No. 583875

>I'm bi
In a way, we are already doing this as a whole. Why do you think incels ree and piss their pants? We do not see them as viable partners long term/ever, so by picking men who are "soft" / NOT rape-like aggro knuckledragging apes we kick them out of the gene pool and never have kids with them, thus we lower the chance of giving birth to such hellspawn.

No. 583877

all fandoms end up shit

No. 583890

What kind of fucking article writes "blowing" for a 13 year old?

No. 583909

God, I hate men lmao
They always fucking do this shit

No. 583925

Free will doesn't exist

No. 583979

You are on a website that is regularly plagued with CP, woman hate, and stalking. Why do you think hating men makes you galaxy brained when you’re just as shit???

No. 583982

What's galaxy-brained? Common sense? And if this place is the same and we're just as shit, why are you here?
Go to /r9k/, or /b/. Go and be with the scrotes who actually don't have their board spammed by CP bots (4chan is efficient at blocking that), but literally go out of their way to find, share and jack off to CP together of their own volition, track women down to actually harass them and attempt to ruin their lives (as opposed to just watching e-celeb trainwrecks like they're reality TV), share gore of dead women and laugh at the fact that one of them actually killed a 16 year old girl, etc.
Same thing, right? You're a delusional handmaiden, please stay with them.

No. 583987

definitely agree with this they make liking the thing annoying and theres eventually some crazy mob mentality that comes out of it

No. 583996

you're a broken record.

No. 583997

Battery sex toys are better than ones that need charging since theres an option to put charge straight in rather than wait an hour when the libidos gone.

No. 584007

You mean the CP scrotes come here to post? Defending men like this won't make them like you.

No. 584010

true, but you shouldn't let that stop you from enjoying the source material

No. 584016

I hate it when people refer to their SOs as "partner". Unless they are gay and dont want to go down that trail.
You can be someone's bf/gf/wife/husband/fiance whatever for 80 years amd hold onto a single status, and I wont judge, but "partner" sounds like someone you're taking a buisness venture or opening a law firm with?
Is this just part of woke culture to prevent mis-gendering each other? Cant there be a fucking better word??


No. 584019

File: 1594704669456.jpeg (65.22 KB, 948x1440, 3CA27E73-2F4E-46BC-AC56-0AD87D…)

Kek, redpill was started by a US state rep. not some basement-dwelling loser, but a rich loser.

I'm the child of immigrants, and tbh when you don't grow up in a nation and don't maintain close ties I'm unsure if you're knowledgeable enough about the local conditions and politics to really make a make difference. You can do charity work, but if you weren't raised there it feels weird to insert yourself much further.

Pic related talks about effect of internet on your minds (ADHD-like effect is one),
someone recommended it to me.

They're secret cowboys, obviously.

No. 584022

I can confirm this is true. I had this silly crush on a very sweet man who is a literal ray of sunshine. Turns out he hired a prostitute once because he couldn't get laid. It crushed my entire view of him and men as a whole.

No. 584024

You're not wrong. I see this kind of news on other sites and scrotes flocking to play the victim or say how lucky he is all the time
This is a rancid world we live in.

No. 584032

I’m too old to call my partner of seven years my boyfriend and marriage is a scam. Fuck am I meant to call him?

No. 584040

Why not get married with a prenup then? What is the difference?

No. 584048

nta but marriage is a scam in the way we put all the emotional work for a frail financial aid. Prenups are even a bigger scam since you end up with nothing after putting up with a scrote.

No. 584051

I've seen posters for MGTOW at my university. It's not just "neckbeard basement dwellers", it's a lot of scrotes that are around you.

Agreed, the combination of pictures and fonts/quotes that they use looks so ugly and makes me cringe.

I always thought this about American media too, it's so fast paced and sensationalized.

No. 584055

No, fuck you. Gender neutral and non-juvenile words are great. Spouse and partner regardless of gender all the way.

No. 584059

Discord is a shitfest for the most part. So much unnecessary drama.

No. 584067

The English word boyfriend sounds kinda juvenile, I agree, but partner just sounds like two people who just live and buy groceries together without any feeling involved.

No. 584097

Gender neutral is for teenagers who aren’t getting enough attention from mom and dad and fifty year old men with agp. Not functional people.

Why do that just to avoid using the term partner lmao.

No. 584099

Great argument, now fuck off back.

No. 584100

I've already been married once and seeing as I don't plan on ever marrying again I use the word partner. Not the most romantic sounding word but it'll do.

No. 584105

> Defending toxic feminist ideals
> Jumping at any chance to throw out insults that are either completely retarded, or not even accurate
> On a bootleg 4chan, which again, is full of woman hate, stalking, and borderline harassment
> Unable to accept that men are also mistreated, and forced to suppress emotions.

You sound well.

No. 584106

Are you getting picked anon? No one here cares about your devotion to mentally unhinged men gtfo

No. 584107

I hate gross movies being shilled as so thot-provoking and brave when they're just gore-porno central or provide nothing meaningful except being controversial. Like 120 Days of Sodom and Happiness and others. There are some movies which handle heavy subject matter in a nice way without being explicit, but they few and far inbetween. I like American Psycho. The movie, not the book.
Also movies and shows that add sexy or violent scenes just to seem so adult and heavy. Childish.

No. 584112

Did he call yet?

No. 584116

I hate that Ariana Grande keeps (or was ?) milking her exes death. Imo that's very disrespectful towards him.

No. 584120

I honestly don’t think she did? She made like one song that was blatantly about him and like adopted his dog but that was about it? Idk what you want her to do it’s very traumatic to lose someone even if you aren’t together anymore and she’s in the public eye and shit. And people were blaming her because she was openly dating Pete Davidson shortly after. As if guys don’t rebound all the time. Idk maybe it’s cuz I like Ariana and even if I didn’t she is in the public eye and is forever linked to him since she was his last public relationship. It’s not her fault he was addicted to drugs and accidentally died and she just so happened to be the last person he dated. I’d agree if she was posting shit about him every 10 minutes and bringing him up but she doesn’t?

No. 584121

I feel like pick me-ism is for the most desperate straight girls looking to get a sexual edge above other women. I know the traditional idea of femcels can't exist because men will fuck anything, but these women come close. I guess they can't get the actual relationships they're seeking, so they think endless simping will help their chances. Or, they're in relationships with low-quality men, and they're scared they can't do any better, so they're trying extra hard.
I wish those women would understand we don't all have those problems, and stop yelling at us for not worshiping males and pretending we don't see when they're actual pedophiles and murders, like >>584105 is doing.
If you're attractive and/or a guy actually likes you, you can literally blast his whole gender to his face and he won't make a peep. He may not pay much (if any) attention to feminism, but he'll still hear you out, understand your feelings and ultimately end up saying you make some good points. If he's not that into you, it'll cause problems, because he doesn't really see you as an actual partner, just a maid, or one talking hole in a line of many he intends to fuck in his lifespan.

No. 584123

This. Most girls who talk about how ~*nice*~ men are to them are only experiencing it because those men want to fuck her and keep up a facade to make her think they're "one of the good ones". The point where I became totally disillusioned was when a guy who was the most attentive and friendliest person always looking to help me out started calling me every derogatory name in the book after I turned him down for sex and later found out he had been shit talking me. I also can't count the times when normal, "nice" coworker men have had a bit too much to drink at company parties and reveal themselves to be complete pigs.

Also this. A lot of MGTOW redpill whatever the fucks are just normal men who grew up with the common male socialization.

>But the vast majority of rapes aren't a violent stranger pouncing on you as you scream in terror (what most people think "rape" means, so we're already at our first social problem) but by someone the victim already knows, with half of them being someone they're already in a sexual relationship with (cue more social complications).
Exactly. Men love to dismiss the "teach men not to rape" as only implying that they shouldn't grab a random woman on the street by the pony tail and drag them into the woods like a fucking caveman but what it really means is that when a woman says No you need to stop right there. A girl I know was violently raped by a coworker at a company party when she didn't agree to have sex with him. It was a person she knew and trusted and neither of them were that drunk. The guy naturally got fired and faced prison time but she was left with scars that will last forever.

No. 584128

NTA but
>Recognizing that men have their own struggles and that life is not opression olympics means you must want to appease the males.
You do realise you sounds unhinged yes? People ahve opinions unrelated to their sex life, you must be projecting hard.

No. 584131

I think trauma aesthetics can be pretty powerful when they're subtle and inventive but so many subpar normie tier tumblrites use it for choke me daddy uwu DDLG flavored unoriginal and ugly crap that just tries to stuff in as many edgy lackluster quotes as possible without any personality to it.

No. 584134

You definitely sound like the same anon, kek, but I digress. What's your point in going to a women's board to bitch to us about how men have their own struggles? What do you want us to do about it, especially when they pose the biggest threat to us? We're not their mothers, and if you seriously expect us to drop discussion of our own wellbeing for theirs, you're the one that's unhinged.

No. 584135

I've never seen trauma aesthetics portrayed tastefully, can you give me an example anon?

No. 584140

It's true, but honestly, it's something made by teenage girls and young adults, and the whole thing started on Tumblr. When you take it as what it is, it's a lot less grating. These are zoomer bloggers with most of their issues derived from neglectful (or outright abusive) family members, and experiences with grooming both online and offline.
The reason it's spread like cancer is precisely because it's so easy to recreate, and a lot of "very online" girls relate. Even the dd/lg bullshit plays right into it, a large chunk of internet grooming happens in those spaces.

No. 584148

File: 1594735326113.jpg (44.67 KB, 888x479, 1579745607756.jpg)

So just leave, cockbreath. 99% of the internet kiss men ass but you wanna be pressed on an extremely niche imgboard. Make sure to screencap your epic clapbacks so you can get those PPP.

No. 584152

File: 1594735655465.jpg (54.97 KB, 960x1280, 29eebbf14fb2b17b23860cc83bcf87…)

I honestly find it hard to be "mad" at people who push out trauma aesthetic related content when it's coming from a place of depression and coping. I used to really like the menhera style due to its original roots of using irony to to turn depression and anxiety into an aesthetic portraying internal struggle due to Japan having such a shitty track record of treating mental illness. Even at the risk of sounding like an edgy contrarian I'm going to say that it was ruined when all sorts of OTT "stab me harder UWU" trend chasers decided to start flooding the etsy market with pill bottle necklaces and glitter syringes. It was beat to the ground after trannies started appropriating it to masturbate to muh kawaii sexy anime nurses.

Anyway I really like it when it's something like pic related. There's no text or shittily copypasted sanrio mascots but the tone, the colors and the subject matter sort of speak for themselves.

No. 584170

I need more content like your pic related, what's the best source?

No. 584175

File: 1594740059830.jpg (41.53 KB, 564x564, 73339183e9e78aa865c4c7766ce3c1…)

I think Pinterest is a pretty good resource for quickly skimming through the aesthetic, they usually have sources too because people add the content from other websites.

No. 584190

yeah, being in them should be considered a form of self harm.

No. 584195

File: 1594743607106.jpg (160.12 KB, 640x799, 1071107dc8cdd89c7df5b766f897a0…)

So you know those youtubers who are like slightly-above-average looking white women who move to Asia (usually Korea or Japan)? And then they get modeling jobs, date Asian dudes, and film vlogs of them shopping or getting starbucks or whatever, but their only claim to fame is being a cute white girl in Asia?

I know they're usually really dumb and useless and only moved to Asia for weeaboo/koreaboo reasons. But tbh, the 2% of me that is still a weeaboo after growing up is jealous in a way. Live in a cool foreign country? Your income is your rich parents/you filming yourself drinking a sakura frappucino once a week? You get to fuck around all day and have a dedicated fandom that adores you, even if it mostly is 12 year old weeaboos?

It just seems like a nice escapist fantasy, even if I know in practicality they're irrelevant and it probably starts to suck living in a foreign culture you're not part of.

No. 584200

nta but my issue with pinterest is that uploaders will put cringy comments on pics that you can't delete.

No. 584203

Most of them end up in sex work or with visa daddies who look 100x worse than them.

No. 584208

> I've seen posters for MGTOW at my university.
men have no shame.

No. 584214

I wish Pinterest would get rid of the comment section. Can’t look at a damn piece of fanart without a bunch of autists harassing the artist or arguing over some stupid ship or detail.

No. 584217

Somewhat on topic, but is youtube even a real career unless you use it as a segway into another industry, or you get rich enough to support yourself the rest of your life/invest money? No one's youtube is gonna last more than like 10 years right?

No. 584236

nta but i feel like it's the same as being an actor, like 1/1000 will make enough money to live off of and invest with, but the other 999 will just end up fucking themselves over by over estimating their returns.

No. 584252

I don't get the hate for MGTOW, aren't they just willingly removing themselves from the gene pool? Isn't that a good thing?

No. 584259

The concept of MGTOW is fine. It actually sounds pretty wholesome on paper - men who decide to stop obsessing over dating, and focus on other things in life, like hobbies, career, or working out.

The problem is that they do the opposite of "going their own way" from women, and instead dedicate their time to a big circle jerk of whining and bitching about women. They're basically incels, all the misogyny and crying except they "chose" to be celibate.

No. 584263

Hate to break this to you but uuhhh they aren’t really leaving women the fuck alone lolllll they still have wives and are active on dating websites and buy sex. The “going their own way” thing is pure fantasy where they get to reject the evil roasties.

No. 584265

They rarely stick to their ‘going their own way’ principles and instead just hate women and still try to fuck them/be with them.

No. 584269

They're consumed with a hatred for women and dedicate their lives to talking shit about half the worlds population while also claiming to be so free and enlightened.. if they actually shut up about 'the evils of women' and got a fulfilling hobby that'd suit everyone fine.

Any semi-normal man can take a break from dating without attaching to the rest of the shit they spew.

No. 584290

Because instead of actually "going their way", they just bitch about women all day every day.

No. 584291

File: 1594753711185.jpg (63.88 KB, 682x526, 1594211059656.jpg)

>porn industry is trafficing
I'm just going to assume most nons in this thread support Fair trade™ drawn japanese tentacle porn instead of being full on abolisht

No. 584293

I don't care much about drawings, but if you can only get off to pregnant tentacle furry anal vore nipple-dick guro, you have mental problems.

No. 584305

Wild assumption but ok

No. 584309

Are u drunk anon

No. 584312

This isn't an unpopular opinion, but an unpopular fact. Sunblock is the best thing you can do for your skin. Do not buy expensive serums or face steamers or fancy salon packages if you're not going to wear daily sunblock. Even if you're dark skinned. WEAR SUNBLOCK. It's a giant ball of cancer and aging in the sky.

(Okay I am really passionate over sunblock sorry)

No. 584314

anon you're so right. South Koreans have amazing skin and I learned it was because they wear sunscreen even in winter.

No. 584334

I just remember my Koreaboo roommate last year spending all kinds of money on charcoal scrubs and 12 step skincare routines because her favorite idols were doing it, but she refused to wear sunblock because she was Latina. Like bruh.

No. 584365

Do you think it's enough to use a moisturizing cream with some spf factor or just to use real sunblock instead? Sunblock makes my skin sting and makes it real shiney so I don't use it but I wanna. Please help me anon I don't wanna wade through google answers I'm very easily confused and you sound knowledgeable or at least confident so I will trust anything you say

No. 584372

You can find different types of suncream that might suit your face better, like a melting balm one. If you're just using a moisturiser, I personally wouldn't use less than one with SPF25 - for reference I'm a pale girl living in Europe, if I lived somewhere with more sun exposure I'd use a dedicated factor 30+ suncream instead. Always better to use more than less!

No. 584374

ntayrt, but I use a sun stick. it's like deodorant for your body/face and it goes on matte.

No. 584385

Those don't usually have that high of spf, what I do is use 50spf all year and top it off with loose powder, not heavy nor shiny.

No. 584390

File: 1594765350419.jpeg (29.29 KB, 817x375, AAFA08C8-BE8F-4619-AFF8-F8B3F5…)

coming from the skincare thread to sperg here lol

spray tanning your skin like 5 shades darker and calling it a luxury thing is racist as hell.

me having naturally brown skin is ghetto and makes me a dirty immigrant or whatever a but a white girl having an even darker spray tan is bougie and chic.

No. 584393

it's not racist lmfao jesus

No. 584398

File: 1594765809925.jpg (23.92 KB, 679x679, 51uX17GdUcL._SX679_.jpg)

buy this anon, it's life changing. they make an unscented one as well

No. 584399

Aaaand back to Twitter you go

No. 584400

Asians have thick skin and more facial fat which makes it so wrinkles show up far later in life. Their bone structures are also different, the face being flat helps things.

Sunscreen when you're going to be out in the sun is obviously good and will help but the genetic factor is what actually makes them age better.

No. 584401

tanning your skin is not racist. You're part of the problem.

No. 584402

Wow, what a triggered mess…
Anon said treating herself to a spray tanning session is a luxury for her(!) not that tan skin = luxurious. Besides, it's no longer the 90s/00s, barely any normal white women do that anymore (only celebrities and some boomers), everybody now knows that any kind of tanning is literal cancer, nobody is after your skin and nobody is calling you dirty and ghetto.

No. 584406

That reminds me of vid related. The blond girl got angry at the other girl commenting on her fake tan and actually said "At least with my fake tan, that color washes off, but your color ain't coming off" after a slew of racist insults.

No. 584410

Five Shades Darker than your natural skin is racist die mad about it
“Nobody is after your skin and nobody is calling your dirty”
Hmmm yes all the times i was insulted on my dark skin and picked on were my imagination, racism and colorism exist only in my head.

If you are so pressed to defend darkening your skin to the same shade of actually brown women as not racist but when a brown woman raises a complaint having her skin color called a luxury she’s triggered there’s something wrong there.

No. 584413

Nta, but thank you!! This looks like it could be the one!

No. 584415

Again, reading comprehension: nobody ever said your skin color is a luxury, going to a salon and getting some shit done is a luxury for that anon.

No. 584416

congrats on shitting up not one but two threads with your victim complex

No. 584418

Fwiw I have super oily, sensitive skin and this hasn't broken me out at all. It goes on like any other moisturizer and is super light. I usually re-apply a couple of other times throughout the day because I don't wear face makeup, sweat a ton, and am neurotic though haha

No. 584420


I can't believe i made the racist spray tan bitches this pressed lol

just learn to love your real skin color luv(infighting, racebaiting)

No. 584421

File: 1594767736663.jpg (115.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 584422

I don't know, i actually like the taste of milk and don't see anything wrong with drinking it. I usually drink coconut milk in my coffee, but if they dont have it, i use 2%. I dont care if i am drinking cow's milk or not. it tastes fine.

No. 584431

NTA, but doesn't bringing up bleaching just kind of bolster that anon's original point?

No. 584432

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion, most people I've seen are okay with cow's milk.
I personally can't drink it straight, though, only if it's a milkshake or in coffee.

No. 584436

Unpopular opinion: I wish /XX/ stayed, can't find the pink pill thread, and I wish I got to enjoy /XX/ before it died, it was too late for me. Like I don't know why it wasn't on the board list to begin with. Trannies and scrotes just nuked it but we all know they were going to troll it to death anyway

Plus you can be radfem leaning and not hate men lol. Men bitch about women nitpicking them but whenever I go to /v/ I see so many men saying how "females aren't our equal", "all females are used good whores", etc.
I'm tired, I'm so tired of this.

No. 584437

Trannies aren't women and if you browse lolcow while being a tranny larping as a female I suggest you leave immediately

No. 584438

please go back to your stan twitter echo chamber instead of sperging here, thanks

No. 584439

There's nothing wrong with hating men to begin with, it's 99% a reaction to men hating us compared to inherently finding them to be dumb inferior subhumans who are only good for sex and babies.

But, as we all know and are shown all the time (like just recently on reddit), women are not allowed a place to be gender critical and speak freely about women's issues. Men don't give a fuck about our feelings so misogynist spaces will always exist.

No. 584442

Agree. Miss having a place to talk about that stuff without some cunt having a full ‘what about the poor men!!!” breakdown.

Also you talking about going on /v/ leads me to my own unpopular opinion: I don’t understand how any woman would want to use 4chan or similar imageboards in their current state. It’s literally just /pol/ shit everywhere and woman hate everywhere, how do you block out all that misogyny and have w good experience?? Idk maybe I just don’t get it but I feel like the bad really outweighs the good and I’d rather feel like I fit in nowhere online then try to acclimatise myself to those shit environments.

No. 584465

I understand you completely and wholeheartedly agree, I've been just starting to check out /v/ recently for games I might be interested on, but honestly, it is a cesspool and not even worthy of even taking a look.
I feel like /cgl/ is also having some modding problems but I quit that board ages ago
I check out /x/, /vp/ and /mu/ sometimes and so far my experiences haven't been too bad, I kinda learnt to have thick skin when it comes to 4chan incels. The only okay board I visit is maybe the anime wallpaper one, that one is pretty quiet.
But to be frank, it is all so tiring and I feel like quitting imagebooards for a while all togehter, but since I don't have social media I get lonely and want to interact with other people too you know? It really sucks that every place on the internet is either full of stupid woke shit or /pol/tards with ther woman hating.
Who knows if the world will eventually get better, lolcow seems the comfiest anonymous place to me rn and this site doesn't have the best reputation either

No. 584466

Sometimes it's interesting stepping somewhere you are not welcome, to hear different perspectives, if you have a thick enough skin.

No. 584468

Same, after finding lolcow and a few other female dominated websites I can't tolerate reading as much misogyny online. I think I've seen enough of it and I don't see the point of wasting time in those places anymore.

No. 584478

I get that. I feel like I get enough of that stuff in my real life to go seek it out online if that makes sense? I like hearing other perspectives obviously but the 4chan /pol/tard perspective really isn’t as rare or underground as they think it is, it kind of permeates the internet everywhere. I wish we could have proper varied discussion about different perspectives but ‘roastie bad’ really isn’t all that nuanced or a new perspective by any means. Obviously that’s just my opinion and if 4chan works for you go ahead but I just can’t do it.

No. 584505

God I miss /xx/ so much. Just being able to vent so freely and reading other anons post some amazing shit. idk i'd never found a space like that before where you could be unapologetically female. I realized when that board was up that this was how men felt all the time.

I went on 4chan for the first time in a while a few months ago and there was a thread where trannies could talk about all the times they were assaulted by "cis women". What a fucking joke.

No. 584519

Eh, some boards are better than others, like /fit/, where people are constantly sick of the incels invading and posting. /pol/ also has a lot of non-gender related content and is such an active clusterfuck of chaos that it has some amount of argument. It is also fun to argue with them, with no restriction.

No. 584521

File: 1594779658174.jpg (63.47 KB, 610x330, sgl-cov300-2.jpg)

>/pol/ has a lot of non-gender related content
LMAO, /pol/?! Seriously anon, fucking seriously?
Let's check the catalog right now:
>Every year millions more white women enter their 30's still single and childless without much hope of that changing.
>Why do women complain about white privilege but value being white over anything else (even more than height in some cases) for dating?
>Americans will justify this body type: it breaks my heart seeing young women destroy their bodies [picture of fat woman on tinder in bookstore]
>thread for "RBG is a bitch and must die"
>multiple threads showing off women with unrelated T&A to capture male attention
>thread calling Ivanka Trump MOMMY
>How do you raise your daughter to be conservative?
>Every white woman I know that went to a university posts shit like pic (supporting arguments for racial quotas) These leftist morons live in niggerland
>thread making fun of Lauren Southern
>Where are some places were you can still find cute traditional woman?
>Thoughts on this?: I’m not a white supremacist or misogynistic but…
>"Problem Glasses": This isn't a new observation by any means, but these RBG threads have got me thinking—why do they all wear this exact same type of thick-rimmed black glasses?
>Is it possible for women to get RP and get back on the right path? How common is it and can you trust such women? Honestly, tinder made me blackpilled and it seems like 95% of women are fat/feminist/tattooed/roasted/junkies with "I will ruin your life" bio.
>The myth of sacred motherhood: I think it's just women trying to protect themselves by sticking something wholesome out there so they can look like they're not evil little scumshits.
>Why is European culture so objectively superior, refined and aesthetic to compared to the cesspool that is America? [picture of asian woman's ass in latex suit]
>This is literally actually America now. What the fuck caused this? How did we go from the silent generation to this? [picture of topless woman screaming in some kind of protest]
>time for a serious question: how do we acquire big tiddy fascist vampire gfs?
>What drives a man to simp?: What compels a man to dedicate his entire life to coddling females and feeding their ego?

I refuse to even look at /fit/ it's a fucking cesspool too.

No. 584522

>Why is European culture so objectively superior, refined and aesthetic to compared to the cesspool that is America? [picture of asian woman's ass in latex suit]
This is my favorite one.
Thank you for this post, anon. I knew that other anon was talking nonsense, but didn't want to melt any more of my brain cells by checking /pol/ again. What a cesspool.

No. 584523

Men are fucking disgusting

No. 584524

I respect men being upfront about their rape fetish when we are talking kinks

No. 584525

File: 1594780507752.jpg (651.61 KB, 1071x1761, Screenshot_20200714-223314_Chr…)

The top 4 threads right now don't even have race bait in their titles. One of them was clearly posted by a leftist. I know it's a low bar, but it's not like there are no debates there at all.

No. 584530

>don't even have race bait
>I know it's a low bar
Just shut up, you can't even talk coherently with that foot in your mouth.

No. 584539

Anon it's cool you've just discovered 4chan but trust us, /pol/ is race bait 24/7. I don't think it's possible for them to have a thread reach 5 posts without mentioning jews.

No. 584545

I love how they have the audacity to complain about the lack of trad women on Tinder of all places kek

No. 584546

File: 1594783265124.png (1.59 MB, 1352x1328, 1390954987211.png)

>mfw I dated someone from /fit/ for years
>secretly misogynist and racist
>went to gym five days a week
>so many supplements
>talked about getting steroids
>mfw they ask me to peg them

That was pretty much the end of that.

No. 584547

my god yes buy the unscented one, I've wasted so much time on other sunscreens to find out this cheaper one is the only one that wont break out sensitive semi-oily skin.

No. 584574

Dw anon, most farmers lack the self awareness to realise they spew the exact same rehtoric with the only difference being gender reversal. You're only going to receive baseless insinuations here kek.

I remember someone wouldn't even acknowledge that this shit happens and chalked it up to me browsing Twitter too often. (I don't have a Twitter kek).

No. 584598

File: 1594796641511.jpg (15.73 KB, 333x250, IMG_20200715_090228.jpg)

As Told By Ginger is an underrated gem that was ahead of its time and suffered the sad case of "Great writing, horrible artstyle".

No. 584600

Agree. The art style was ugly as sin and I straight out hate it but it really had top tier writing.

No. 584605

This show is great I'm glad anons remember it

No. 584618

My related unpopular opinion is that after the K-pop threads got shut down and they migrated elsewhere the sperging about radfems and pinkpill quieted down considerably. You just KNOW who were the true cancer of the site.

No. 584624

File: 1594802331277.jpg (140.71 KB, 1280x963, d4aec55a-5b45-4957-8221-a952f9…)

Courtney was my favorite character because of how nicely she was written.

No. 584658

So true. Most of them came from twitter and twitter fags tend to get really fucking triggered over radfem and gender crit stuff. I've seen a of other anons that have been here a long time don't care for that stuff, but they at least express their distaste or indifference in a non-moral fagging way. Anyways, the friend finder thread has provided discords to safely sperg trannies and there's always spinster.

No. 584705

The fact that Dodie got away with everything left a sour taste in my mouth with that show.

No. 584722

trump-esque nicknames for cows are cringy and I wish people would stop trying to make them happen. It’s usually one anon who tries way too hard.

No. 584726

What do you mean by trump-esque?

No. 584733

As in, attempting to be catchy but ending up lame. See: Hagther, Patches. It’s not that big a deal, I just find it dumb.

No. 584743

>newfag thinks it has a right to an opinion
Wtf is trump-esque

No. 584752

NTAYRT but I think she means the dumb nicknames Trump uses to criticize people he doesn't like ie Lyin Ted, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, etc. There's even a full Wikipedia page listing all his nicknames for people kek

No. 584756

ive been here forever lmao? I thought he was a pretty good benchmark for trying to make bad nicknames happen, seeing as he’s famous for it, but I’ll try to express myself to your standards next time

No. 584760

I mean, I'm >>584726 and I actually didn't know what you meant by it, since I didn't know this about Trump. I don't have any opinions on this other than that.

No. 584774

>a space like that before where you could be unapologetically female.
this. I joined radfem tumblr for this exact same reason but trannies get on the way a lot.

No. 584806

THanks thanks thanks everyone so much, I will try to find the white and green cream it looks perfect, or at least I will try to find a similar water based one. When I go to the store I just get overwhelmed because I don't know what to look for, now I do. Thanks again I love you all

No. 584808

>trannies get on the way a lot
radfem tumblr is a whole ride. trannies there love to victimize themselves at any chance they get and make "crypto terf/radfem blocklists omg everyone stay safe!!!!!" as if radfems on there are the ones messaging people and telling them to kill themselves

No. 584821

tbh i'm so tired of ""radfem"" tumblr. Half the people there are just in it for starting drama and pretty much nobody has actually read any radical feminist texts and are just treating it like an edgy internet clique.

No. 584824

So true! I was a kpop fan in my teen years and i used to enjoy the initial critical threads but i'm so fucking glad the kpop related shit is gone. Now that xx is gone and reddit has banned all the "hateful" aka non-handmaiden-women's threads, this is the only safe haven for us.

My unpopular opinion is semi-related to kpop: Korea is not as amazing at plastic surgery as people think. Being a big former kpop fan, 8/10 of the surgeries looked obvious and botched, whereas young hollywood celebrities/influencers have a bunch of crazy surgeries i never even knew were a thing, without looking "plastic".

No. 584841

Oh my god, hard agree. I see so many people saying how ~amazing~ the plastic surgery in Korea is and how they wish they could get it done there. Are you people not seeing all these dorito chins and Michael Jackson noses that I'm seeing?

No. 584854

Does the 9 or 12 step Korean skin care actually works? I really cant fathom putting more than 3 different kinds of product on my face (if you dont have acne problems or severe skin damage imo). Their skin is prolly made of steel if they can handle that much product though…Rn, i just felt like they fell for the promise of perfect skin.

No. 584873

any "x step" skincare routines are a meme. there aren't really a such thing as specific number steps you just need to find a line that works well with your skin. the different products all do something in a different way. some need to buy more, some just need one, some need products from different lines for different things. (also this should probably go into /g/ skincare thread i can answer more questions there)

No. 584898

Koreans have nice skin because they are MILITANT about sunblock and using parasols/hats/staying in the shade, even in winter.

On the flipside, the reason why white people age quickly is because they don't have melanin in their skin to protect them from the sun and most white people can't be bothered to wear sunblock.

The necessities for your skin are being cleaned, being moisturized, and SUNBLOCK. Anything after that may bring improvements but it's diminishing returns imo. I've been slowly adding facial masks, serums etc into my skincare routine but it's not as important as the necessities I listed.

No. 584909

qq are we mean to the moids anon. At least they have you here to protek them

No. 584912

This is true.

Wish /xx/ would come back, especially now the kpop stans have gone. PP, GC, FDS convo just leaks into every other thread now (not that I even really mind). Giving us an unlisted board again helps keep randoms out, too.

No. 584927

Men are not funny. The same old shit over and over again. Come up with something else.

No. 584929

Crazy how women talking about male violence and frustration with being mistreated by them is somehow the same as a pack of racist, porn-obsessed incels.

No. 584959

women mad at men: I hate how they rape us and kill us so often. What is wrong with them that they refuse to control themselves? I just want to be seen on equal footing as them professionally and not be sexually harassed. I wish we could live seperately from them!

Men mad at women: I hate them stupid sluts. They're inferior to us biologically. We should enslave them and they shouldn't be allowed rights. Ugly, fat, or women over 35 should not exist. Single Mom's are the worst thing to ever exist and men have no responsibility for the situation. We should be allowed to deny women abortions.

Totally the same

No. 584984

File: 1594863641196.jpg (139.65 KB, 750x937, 8c314f1af86fc397505e02cee99058…)

Why do a lot of skinny women say stuff like "I feel skinny shamed, its so hard to be skinny, skinny bodies aren't glamorized anymore, only curvy girls are considered hot :(" when 99% of women in fashion look like this? When they say "curvy" I think they mean "petite 100 lb woman who still has snatched waist and perky butt from workouts." Are there actually any famous influencers, actresses, or models who are above 150 lbs?

No. 584985

Because they are blatant humblebraggers who love a chance to bring attention to how thin they are without seeming like a show off. It's an absolute joke, especially the ones who pretend to be upset about fat girls calling them flat chested or saying real men love curves or w/e. They know perfectly well fat chicks are only mean to skinny girls out of insecurity and jealousy, and they love it.

No. 584987

Some people who are very skinny are naturally plank-like or so. It's also tough to say that high fashion is very representative of society's overall outlook, when music, media, consumer fashion, etc are making thicc more popular. Some people legitamately have self esteem issues over being too skinny and flat.

No. 584990

I mean is thicc really getting popular outside of the "Wow! This one company hired one plus sized girl as a diversity hire!" or black/rap culture? I'm legitimately asking as a thicc white girl who doesn't feel represented anywhere.

No. 584995

Christina Hendricks maybe

No. 584996

She's really pretty, thanks! Maybe it's silly but I'm trying to follow more thicc women on social media because I just see way too many petite women.

No. 584997

I have known a lot of guys to swoon over people like Doja cat. Maybe it's more of a thing with liberal guys in the states. Rap culture has really taken over the college guys.

No. 584998

I love Doja Cat cuz she reminds me of my body actually! Idk if it's just because I'm white tho, or if it's because my ex was white, but my hips and boobs got bigger and bigger throughout college and he would complain of me "gaining weight." It's really bothered me ever since. I'm still trying to get over it.

No. 585000

Yeah don't worry about it. If you're not way heavier than her, a good amount of men will find you attractive. It'll just be tough to tell apart the coomers who want to pump and dump.

No. 585053

If you REALLY think about it, the majority of who we are as people and the accomplishments we have are not actually through our own doing. It's biologically proven that some people are just book smart while others are not. Book smart people do better in school and work life. Sometimes I'll meet someone who is a doctor and think "wow, your brain let you become that?". Looks are uncontrollable, social skills are uncontrollable for the most part.

No. 585054

Idk if fashion models are a good example. I've known women who find them attractive but most straight men don't seem to care. Some of them even say that they look too boyish/mannish especially if the model has cheekbones.

No. 585059

I need girls to know that there is nothing cute or quirky about recording yourself eating pizza or mcdonalds while wearing a dress and makeup. I see this shit all over my timeline.

No. 585074

I miss when technology was more simplistic. I miss being amazed by AIM and the early days of youtube before anything was monetized or became a job to people. I miss being amazed by the voice recording feature on a microsoft PC and addictinggames.com. I hate how normal technology is now.

No. 585077

There is no concrete scientific consensus on this matter as of yet actually.

No. 585125

Sexting is stupid as fuck.

No. 585134

It’s ok to be islamophobic. The term itself is retarded, implies that fear of Islam is irrational when it really isn’t, esp for women. The problem is people treating actual Muslims badly. You can be critical towards an ideology without being racist/discriminatory to the people who believe in it, and ‘islamophobe!!!’ is used often as an ad hominem to discredit someone’s actually valid criticism and lump them in with actual racists. I’m sick of people criticising every religion/ideology apart from islam even though it’s incel tier.

No. 585137

Taylor Swift is overrated as hell and her fans are the worst.

No. 585139

Preach. I love those that are desperate to prove she is totally gay by looking too hard into her lyrics and compare them to obscure lgb texts

No. 585155

islamophobia is a healthy fear of people who want to stick you in chop-chop square because you're gay or a woman whose only crime was being born into that shit.

being -phobic and -ist means nothing anymore anyhow, thanks to retarded tweens screaming about it all the time. okay, so someone is racist. now what?

No. 585157

you seriously need to interact with real human beings. your mental health is in the toilet.

staying hydrated and sunblock are both huge but: retin-a is amazing for the skin. my grandmother and mother both used it for most of their lives and they both have beautiful skin. my mom doesn't even have marionette lines or nasolabial folds. i started using it when i was fifteen, crossing my fingers it'll work for me, too.

No. 585161

damn, I wish I lived in a world where misogynistic men (especially rapists) are just some boogeyman

No. 585162

Yes! I've been accused of being 'islamophoic' whenever I criticize an aspect of the religion even though I live in a muslim country, my family follows islam etc. Internet is the only place I can rage against the living hell that is existing in an islamic country while being a non-believer. Hell yes I will 'hate' on the religion, it negatively effects my life. You can literally get murdered for criticizing islam here, look up 'Lynching of Mashal Khan', he was dragged from his room, stripped naked in front of thousands, and beaten to death, all while everyone was cheering it on.

No. 585164

Pretty sure the word is used to mean "treating Muslims like shit/discriminating against Muslims" as opposed to not liking or being afraid of the actual religion itself. It's not literally a phobia, just as homophobia doesn't mean having a legit fear of homosexual and bisexual people. I dislike all abrahamic religions and I'm more familiar with Islam than the others because of my family but almost everyone I see getting called an islamophobe isn't just someone who criticizes the religion and its specific practices (like idk, circumcision or how ramadan is way too strict/difficult and there's too much social pressure for old or sick people to fast even though they don't have to in the first place) but someone who treats Muslims like trash and is also racist towards people they perceive as being potentially Muslim. You're a North African or an Arab from a Catholic family from even before Islam existed or an atheist? Too bad, depending on where you are or live you can still get treated like shit and be discriminated against because people will badly guess that you're Muslim.

So whenever I see that some random celebrity or person online is accused of being an islamophobe I just look it up to make up my own mind and see if that's true or if it's an exaggerated accusation.

No. 585166

Sage for samefag but I think that's because the internet is full of Westerners, especially from America, and many of them can't really imagine what having a Muslim family and/or living in a Muslim country is like. And many of them think Islam is a race or ethnic group like how Jewish people are grouped together regardless of if they practice their religion or not, so they think criticizing a religion is the same as being racist. It sucks that it prevents discussion and constructive criticism, you either have the reactions you describe from people unaffected by any of this, racists having an opportunity to shit on foreigners they don't like, and moderate Muslims who they're personally attacked because while they're being discriminated against, they feel like they need to defend themselves and their image.

No. 585169

you do.

No. 585172

File: 1594905359958.png (146.53 KB, 715x535, 28_7382993871_2627.png)

Tall men are extremely overrated and have egos the size of the star betelgeuse due to the years of normies acting like they are god's gift to womankind, even when they are not particularly kind or attractive. It's a proven scientific fact that even if he is a complete retard, there will still be stupid bitches simping for him when you dump him, singularly because of this one arbitrary, meaningless trait. So get used to people thinking you're Satan for daring not to love this poor, helpless tall boy. You're really missing out. How could you possibly want to pass up an opportunity to be with him? He's tall!

No. 585173

You sweet summer child.

No. 585174

File: 1594905438357.png (99.52 KB, 200x382, uabsoluteclown.png)

No. 585178

Anon I’m the op and I’m also a filthy kafir. I know how hard it is to be stuck in a muslim country and the internet is also the only place for me to express my thoughts freely. Hopefully one day we can both be able to be ourselves and not have to hide everything we think instead of having to keep everything a secret.

No. 585201

So many people on here are just plain stupid. Like don't know basic reading comprehension skills stupid. An anon could post a paragraph about something and another anon will take one sentence and run with it or strawman the shit out of them. That or people are just in the mood to be combative regardless of logic. I sound like I think I'm smart I don't I'm also stupid but not this kind.

No. 585203

Welcome to the internet.

No. 585224

ntayrt but I think it’s gotten noticeably worse with twitterfags and all

No. 585230

it's gotten worse over the last five years or so. the things i notice the most have to do with grammar and spelling. one of my favorites is the confusion regarding usage for 'a' and 'an'. i have no idea why people are so confused about this. maybe they don't read at all? the rule itself is a fairly simple one.

No. 585237

People don't quite understand nuance any longer. The way kids are taught to read makes them fixate on a binary interpretation, which in turn makes it easier to teach them what's good and what's bad.

No. 585249

Jews need to get over the holocaust. in the context of bringing it up in political discussions. It is no where near the worst crime against humanity at this point and zionists have gotten their revenge by funding the concentration camps in China and taking 85% of Palestinian land, oh and having israeli soldiers fucking raping palestinian christian and muslim woman regularly. I can't believe how much America sucks jewish dick by shoving information about the holocaust down our throats.

No. 585265

File: 1594921424757.jpg (53.74 KB, 500x400, aajivo.jpg)

No. 585273

nick cannon is that u

No. 585275

>Jews need to get over the holocaust.
Anon I'm fucking crying, I have no idea why but nothing has made me laugh so hard in fucking months, I'm in literal tears fucking hell, I can't stop laughing everytime I think of this sentence and someone sitting down to fucking type it. I love you so much anon, you made my day.

No. 585280

File: 1594923144093.jpg (138.64 KB, 828x971, IMG_20200706_075429.jpg)

Anon, why'd you have to go and call me out like this, I adore my coworker but literally his only defining traits is that he is TALL and an IDIOT, but I can't even call him a himbo because his face? His face is BARELY average and he has a terrible receding hairline, God cure me of this height complex.

No. 585295

File: 1594924923922.png (145.2 KB, 300x300, artangels.png)

Not a fan of Art Angels, I sorta understand the appeal in some of the songs, but ,overall, it isn't for me

No. 585298

I agree with you. Almost every track is over produced with way too many layers. The only good song is Realiti and even the album version is worse than the original. She doesn't understand (good) music enough to know when to walk away from the laptop. Her idea of improving is just throwing more shit at the wall.

No. 585311

Kek I like tall boys but you do have a point. Some ugly ass tall motherfuckers get a pass just because tall.

No. 585317

File: 1594927760504.jpg (64.88 KB, 500x363, tumblr_n755bvg4Vf1skxym4o1_500…)

I dont think the word retarded is a slur. My 18 year old coworker caught me saying it today at our cafe. When customers order coffee and expect it to already have milk and sugar added when they don't ask, i said 'that's retarded.' and she gave me this look like i strangled her cat. bitch please

No. 585320

Do you understand that the diaspora is not the same thing as Israel?

No. 585332

I used to do this when I was younger with sites like Stormfront and other places infested with white supremacists. It's almost cathartic in a way. I couldn't do it now though, it bothers me too much.

No. 585339

I agree especially if it's the context of saying an object or situation is moronic rather than a person.

No. 585441

Mixed women being labeled as black is toxic to black women because it erases us. I know it might sound racist but look at it this way, If hapas or half black/white girls were chosen over WHITE WOMEN to be the faces of what white women should look like, white women would hate it. But when I say it this about mixed women im racist and trying to gate keep being black.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 585450

I agree, mixed people need to get over themselves and just consider themselves mixed. You are not one or the other, you aren't really both at once, you're mixed. It is what it is.
T. Mixed person

No. 585457

What if you're mixed but looks heavily one-sided?

No. 585465

Anon, don't entertain their twitter-tier idiocy.

No. 585466

So if half Asian women were now considered the standard of what white women should look like, youd be cool with it?

No. 585468

NTA, but the person is still mixed and should be considered such, IMO. Don't see a point in them only claiming one.

No. 585470

NAYRT but why the fuck does it matter? Race is completely arbitrary and has little to no basis in biology. Even within each race, looks are incredibly diverse. There shouldn't be a "standard" for what any woman should look like.

No. 585471

Also NTA, but I agree it shouldn't matter. Unfortunately, that's not how things work. There's always a standard, or a set of standards.

No. 585473

ur so right it hurts

No. 585486

File: 1594961650570.jpg (44.28 KB, 640x320, alexandra-shipp-storm-119421-6…)

Come back when you're being denied jobs, opportunities etc because of your race and then preach about how race is only a social construct lol
And yes labeling mixed women as black does take jobs from black women.

For example, let's say you're a black woman who wants a music career or an acting career. Instead of hiring a black woman, they will just hire a mixed woman because she can be the token "black girl" while still being able to conform to eurocentric standards of beauty.

But that's all I'm going to say on this topic.

No. 585492

I agree but also with hapas, are there any notable A list asian actors in Hollywood who aren't hapa? There are even full black people even if movie roles tend to go towards mixed or lighter skin.

No. 585493

It's definitely one sided for black women rather then black men, not many dark skinned black female actress but plenty of dark skinned black men
Personally I just want storm to be played by a Kenyan or Sudanese woman, Storm is supposed to be canonically Kenyan and Its a big part of her character

No. 585496

How would you consider someone like me then, me and my family are ethnically Seraki, I'm brown skinned and have natrual blonde hair and green eyes, my brother are and mother are similar to be but have brown hair, everyone In the west says we looked "mixed" but we are our own people
Where do we fall into the American racial category ?

No. 585500

>How would you consider someone like me
>brown skin with blonde hair and green eyes
uh I'd consider you gorgeous goddamn

No. 585504

i feel like this issue has only gotten worse in the past few years. sooooooo many mainstream tv shows just casting characters with a drop of black or asian and calling it a day. is it just me or did more shows in the late 90's and early 2000s (esp. kids shows) actually have more darkskinned women in their casts? maybe it just mainstream beauty culture at work but i feel like the ideal has become a mixed, racially ambiguous woman. obviously differs from the eurocentric standards of old but feels like a cop out from addressing the real issues in hollywood in regards 2 race

No. 585519

File: 1594971365723.jpg (72.42 KB, 500x375, 3434687791_99fd833d12.jpg)

Thanks but appearances Saraiki can vary depending on tribe but this pic is a good example of the roughly the "standard" but people keep on saying I'm actually mixed and don't seem to understand that other distinct ethnic groups exist then just black, brown white and east Asian

No. 585532

Fat people aren't funnier, just more annoying

No. 585536

Has anyone even thought that since 2002?

No. 585541

What if it is a dark skinned mixed woman? would you be angry If she gets the part? Is she allowed to call herself black ?
this type of gate keeping never works because the boundaries are so personal, and arbitrary.
also where does being mixed end? like what if you are 5% white, are you still mixed?

No. 585546

File: 1594975736441.jpg (48.63 KB, 749x500, aadb044fa9b8cfb3d3d9fda4177f33…)

This, yup. You just end up with narrow button noses, wide almond eyed, high cheekbones asians, black or mixed women who don't look their ethnicity at all besides their skin color.
I always find it bizarre. But then again, white people get the same treatment. It's not like you see any run-of-the-mill round european white paysan face on tv.

>>related, my hopeful round face thirsthing for representation when Dakota Fanning still got some few roles after she got her true adult face

No. 585548

But isn't is simply also because most Americans simply are mixed to a certain degree? It's rare to see any of them who are just white, just black or just asian, they always have different blood and therefore also look a certain way there you can no longer really pinpoint what exactly they are.
Also, Dakota Fanning doesn't get many or big roles anymore despite having been praised as a genius actress when she was a child because pedowood is pedowood, why employ an adult woman when you can just use her teen sister instead…

No. 585551

>this type of gate keeping never works because the boundaries are so personal, and arbitrary.
Do you also say this to white people who don't consider biracial people white, anon?

No. 585553

Elle is tall, stays skinny and have more proeminent cheekbones. She's also not that good at acting. Dakota would have had a long career with the same traits as her sister.

But I think you got your finger on something here. I think americans are really bad at seeing etchinities in general. Maybe because you're more insular or get less immigration. Not sure it's good or bad but it sure makes holywood looks really stupid to cast canon kenyan character with half white and claim 'see, see, it's REPRESEEENTATION' then.

Like, kek, this is ridiculous. Just cast whoever and shut up. How

No. 585555

Anon if you really think Americans would even make an effort to properly understand what a Seraki person is you're already way too hopeful. I don't get the American census thing lol according to them I'm white but I'm 100% a native African and I get discriminated against for it in my daily life where I live, words don't have a meaning anymore there.

No. 585556

yes, of course I don't support one drop rule bullshit.

No. 585557

Kek I used to think Americans were all tall, toned cheerleaders with perfect teeth because of television. It's like the US version of an underage koreaboo who thinks Korea is only filled with idol beauties.
Celebrities of every race are like a different species entirely, looking for representation in them feels impossible past sorting them into vague racial groups

No. 585558

Bruh this only applies to petite girls with asses and titties. Not tall, plank shaped, flat assed bitches such as my former self. I got called a skeleton with no ass or tits from males and females alike, i got called mannish and a giraffe or whatever, i wish I was short and curvy but you can’t change bone structure and skinny shaming does indeed exist just for people who are lanky and awkward looking. The girls who are shaped like the one in that image should know how lucky they really are

No. 585568

Sorta hate how Americans think the only races that exist are 'white', 'black' ,'brown' and 'Asian'

No. 585609

and the rest of the world does? kek

No. 585615

Relate. You can't honestly criticise Judaism either without coping anti-semitie thanks to autismo Hitler. I have valid critisisms of all organised religions but apparently everything except for Christianity is off limits kek.

No. 585623

here's my personal issue with the Quran and Islam as a Pakistani ex-Muslim, The Quran is supposed to be always read and written only in Arabic and in the beginning of Islamic Arab expansonism, you were supposed to be adopted into an Arabic clan in order to convert. Sure, you can become Muslim, but then again everyone is supposed to have been a Muslim at birth anyway according to the Quran. Islam is very Arab supremacist in outlook and expansionist in effect. even non-Arab Muslims are portrayed as weak converts and not real Muslims. here's a fun fact the Sindhis who were Buddhists at the time actually beat and pushed back the Muslim Arabs, however during the late mid 6th century sindh was in a civil war and the Arabs Invaded and conquered the region, they tried to invade further but were beraten and pushed back a Kashmiri Hindu king, and in this narrative we are taught to side with the Arab Muslims who hate us rather then our non-Muslim ancestors

the supposed tolerant aspects of Islam only came when the Arabs were pushed back and locals started adding aspect of their own culture to the religion, Pakistan is made up of dozens of different ethnicities who can all be further divided into there individual clans/tribes and all speak different languages. The only thing that keeps them together is Islam. and even then it doesn't always work. we had a horrible ethnic civil war in the 70's where there was an attempted genocide, we had paramilitary death squads killing other ethnic groups in the 80's-90's and even now were dealing with separatist insurgencies

No. 585628

Hello from one Pakistani ex-muz to another! The amount of false information our history textbooks have is insane. The attempted genocide in the 70s is barely mentioned as 'some tension' between the East and West when what really happened was mass murder and rape that was given the clear by the Islamic party.

No. 585632

You do realize there are only 5 racial categories right… American indian, white, black, asian, PI. The rest are ethnic groups not races.

No. 585633

That reminds me, when was the last lolcow census?

No. 585634

I have this running theory that if a restaurant has those shitty generic metal barstools the food is probably microwaved bullshit

No. 585639

>American Indian
Thanks for showcasing how americans don't know shit about race

No. 585640

Huh, I always thought Dakota looked better. Elle has a weirdly pinched midface imo.

No. 585643

I'm not American and I am referring to the officially recognized races kid.

No. 585644

People who assume everyone on here is American are narrow minded af.

No. 585645

Thanks for proving anon's point, holy shit this is pathetic.

No. 585648

kek stop beating the dead horse. I live in Asia and everyone around in my country here only recognizes the races anon listed though we don't call it american indian. If you believe there are more than that then fucking list them and try to educate people instead of trying to sound smart and all high and mighty. Because a basic google search won't provide you with anything besides 5.

No. 585649

There is so much wrong with what you said and the fact you only list 2 indigenous groups out of many. The fact you don't even have a clue what american natives originated from. The complete ignorance of failing to understand why its stupid for white Americans to decide there are only 3 distinct categories of races aside from the minority of indigenous groups that haven't been completely obliterated. It's not about being high and mighty, its about you looking like a complete utter dumbass and proving anons' points. I don't care what you picked up from your Google search. Pick up a book.

No. 585650

not to blogpost but the mere fact that I don't fit in any of these categories means what then? I don't exist anymore? lol, anyway I'm not going to argue further than that because it could very easily turn into race baiting.

No. 585652

Stop mentioning America dumbass. I'm not anon and I'm not American. I just said we don't call it "american indian" here. You clearly don't care about helping people learn. I'm not saying there are only been 5 races is right considering many people would fall under white that would never identify as white. I'm just defending anon by saying that it goes beyond just America teaching kids that those are the only 5 races.

>Pick up a book

ok superior worldling. Most people just read accredited journal articles online for academic information nowadays but I'll pick up a book.

No. 585656

File: 1594998396392.png (167.44 KB, 363x349, ggg.png)

I prefer old memes and rage comics much more than I enjoy memes being made today. I don't understand a lot of what's being put out today but older stuff seems more universal

No. 585661

Ethiopians are so gorgeous. Most beautiful people on Earth, I swear. Every time my Ethiopian friend shows me photos from her home town I'm blown away by how beautiful her relatives are. Or maybe I have a crush on a close friend that I'm just now figuring out. Either way, Ethiopians are still very beautiful people.

No. 585663

check out osh and akela on youtube. Them and literally all of their relatives are so pretty.

No. 585671

I hate this meme cause I generated one of them during my undergrad to post on the campus meme group and a bunch of shitlords trolled me about having done it wrong even though I'm p sure it made fucking sense.
I'm still mad about it ten years later lel.

No. 585686

kek at the second part of what u said i love it i gotta use that sometime lol

No. 585688

those to all the boys i love movies suck so much the only reason anyone gives the props as opposed to other run of the mill romcoms (that are p much the damn same) is bc the main girl is asian.

No. 585692

It was appernt to everyone that the Bengalis were the majority in terms of numbers and voters, they were afraid that the Bengalis would vote in Bengali nationalist parties and so the solution of our army was to genocide them
Pakistan was a dumb idea created by uppper class Urdu speakers who had never even been to these regions and had no idea about the local ethnic and linguistic issues,
the apperant massive vote for Pakistan by the Muslim people is a sham narrative cause it was the Muslim landowners who supported the creation of Pakistan, as the Indian Congress party leaned socialist and there was a fear they would privatize their holdings, so in the name of Islam land owners and fedual lords supported the creation of one of the most artificial nations in the world

No. 585695

African. People need to realize that africa is very ethnically diverse.

No. 585696

File: 1595003546483.jpeg (58.85 KB, 554x544, just 4 u anon.jpeg)

>older stuff seems more universal
I think that's the point of memes right now that everyone is online. Small groups want to make inside jokes that are super relatable to their own, so they can enjoy that feeling of belonging but also set themselves apart from the larger group. It's like how you don't want to find out that your boss or your shit uncle enjoys the same music and slang words as you.

No. 585700

TAYRT, in truth, usually what other people see you as will be as influential as what you see yourself as/what you really are. If people don't think of you as part of their race, there is not really much point in seeing yourself as part of their race. This could sometimes be the thought of both or all of the races in your mix. In which case, learn to get over race and see yourself as an individual who doesn't need to rely on it for friends or their identity.

No. 585710

Thank you for the share they're so cute! Makes me miss my older sister the way they like to clown each other, I love their energy lol

No. 585724

Being anti-NLOG is the new NLOG

No. 585732

Religious people are the most meanest and gossipy people out there. I was straight up sitting in a church and heard the pastor's wife and her friends talking mad shit about people and it went on for a half hour. Worst part was that it was about people being physically ugly or financially struggling. Like bitch I thought you thought everyone was made in God's image. You're saying god did a bad job making someone's face?

No. 585736

File: 1595012012138.png (707.03 KB, 576x726, kB9Wqbh.png)

I don't find her to be pretty or cute, in fact she actually freaks me out.

No. 585754

I think she’s really pretty but her eyes are so uncanny they really freak me out

No. 585767

File: 1595016924559.jpg (219.12 KB, 1400x788, IMG_9293.JPG)

I didnt Know about this at all. Where can I find information like this? My Family comes from Pakistan and I think my great grandfather tried to campaign for the creation of Pakistan and I'm really curious

No. 585770

I wish I had boobs like her

No. 585780

I think she’s pretty but lbr, he popularity mostly stems from having really dark hair/blue eyes and the fact that she has big tits.

No. 585821

I always wonder if she wear special contact lenses or her eyes are really that big and blue.

No. 585845

Yogurt is nasty

No. 585846

Samefag also cheesecake is worse than yogurt

No. 585848

Bless anons, people give me so much shit for thinking cheesecake is disgusting. Adding on, cream cheese frosting is just as gross

No. 585860

No. 585910

I don't get BDSM at all. I feel like if you are a true sadist you'd be put off with the consensual aspect of it.

No. 585921

I kind of like being accused of being a scrote on here, just feels like a rite of passage exclusive to lolcow

No. 585924

That’s true, which is why I don’t trust anyone that’s into it. Of course there are people who simply like pain and flick their nipples a little too hard, but that’s completely different than the ones who claim to be hardcore doms. Either they’re humiliation fetishfags or they’re deeply troubled and want to damage and take advantage of someone.

No. 585935

It says something about us. It means something. Perceptions or boys and girls or something.

No. 585950

Fuck anon me too, especially when it's for things I care a lot about and have put a lot of thought into and it gets hand-waved as shallow scroteposting. Not even for the gendered aspect of it, I just like how some anons are so normie and dumb they can't even attempt to understand opinions that don't conform to what they expect of a LC poster

No. 585964

idk anons ive never been accused of being a scrote and ive been here a long ass time. maybe you just post really dumb shit

No. 585972

i haven't been accused of being a scrote, but i've been accused of being worse than a scrote, which hits harder than any false accusation. feelsbadman

No. 585977

Maybe because you post nothing but bland conformist shit?

No. 585979

>image board culture

are you lost?

No. 585981

your scrote-tier posts aren't edgy and unique, anon.

No. 585993

Conforming to board culture is still conforming anon, I'm sorry to break it to you

No. 586003

Same, I've been here for ages and I was a horrible shitposter in the past who often got banned but that never happened even to me, god knows what kind of stuff they post.

No. 586011

File: 1595063337594.png (249.82 KB, 640x460, mehhh.png)

I'm soooo tired of drag queens and drag queen culture and how much it has impacted the internet. I hate the stupidity that comes from it. I hate that they're basically wearing a costume of women stereotypes. Yes I get it, it was escapism for gay people for so long, but like, we're past that now. I want these sassy men dressed like women to just stop.It's not funny

No. 586019

People forget that drag was originally meant as a way to mock gender norms, gay men would often wear smeared on make up with frilly dresses and lesbians would come out dressed as masculine actors and soldiers with fake beards and mustache, all this was in good fun and to mock really the conertivenesss of gender norms

Somewhere along the line it became more of a fetish thing for gay men

No. 586032

The Pakistan paradox is a great starting point, also what's wrong with Pakistans textbooks

No. 586037

I second this. It stopped being funny when the irony was lost. Now I feel it's just damaging cultural norms.

No. 586058

I always say I can't believe it's PC since it's literally making fun of the idea of a man trying to be a woman, how women dress and how effeminate gay men are. It's the trifecta of transphobia, sexism and homophobia but is considered a type of being queer for some reason even if a straight man is doing it.

No. 586073

IMO it also just looks like gay men are super obsessed with people insulting them as effeminate and so they go the OTT parody appropriation route instead of maybe having a life that doesn't revolve about homophobic opinions. But then a huge subsection of "queer culture" seems to consist of basically being clowns or a freakshow. Plus I also just don't really get power fantasies that are basically royalty stanning.

No. 586083

I cannot stand jimmy fallon. I can't stand his face or laugh or popularity. He's such a fucking fraud. Sometimes I'll watch his youtube clips and you'll hear him tell his guest that he's on season 3 of the show or something and you just KNOWWW he isn't watching that shit. He invites everyone and anyone onto the show and it's so transparent that he knows nothing about them..

No. 586090

File: 1595092862467.jpg (59.63 KB, 700x846, alekwek.jpg)

it would be cool if alek wek were ororo even tho she's not kenyan but sudanese, her hair is even styled correctly in this photo. i think she's too old now but it would have been great.

No. 586091

File: 1595093249141.png (334.48 KB, 640x484, duneblue.png)

meg foster types are quite odd looking. the color changes depending on the light, sometimes meg foster looked like her eyes were a grayish white. it's both pretty and creepy.

i think there's a disease that can go hand in hand with eyes that are this light, there was a girl on ANTM a billion years ago who had this kind of eye color and went blind.

No. 586092

That's why I can't stand any talk shows. The fact that they're basically all just unfunny skits.

No. 586098

meg foster is my waifu

No. 586100

It works for black dudes.

No. 586109

agreed cant stand him he has a punchable face too

No. 586118

I didn't know who this person was but she's BEAUTIFUL. fuck, u just gave me a new crush anon

No. 586175

I finally watched Midsommar and now everytime I see the stupid Milksommar. I can help but roll my eyes. It's a shitty movie. Sure it's pretty but it has nothing outside of that going for it.

No. 586185

I genuinely think it's a good movie. You have to go into it willing to appreciate specific scenes as well as willing to laugh. Although I will say watching it I wasn't all that disturbed the way others were, maybe that's a sign that I need to see someone but whatever.

No. 586200

haha, yeah, she is really beautiful isn’t she? she was an amazing runway model.

No. 586225

Gay men are obsessed with female and women stereotypes. It sucks. And the culture is annoying. Anyone a gay man does literally anyone basic, white women and other gay men are screaming 'YASSS QUEEN.SLAAY. ' I want to die

No. 586247

I hate trans people and I hope the world wakes the fuck up and starts shaming trannies into oblivion again.

No. 586248

I'm almost certain that 80% of users on here are either secretly underage or have at least one mental illness because the shit I read here can only be explained by one of those two.

No. 586249

You’re on lolcow kek we all agree

No. 586252


My unpopular opinion is that trans people are literally not that big of a threat to society as people here try to make it seem and that's coming from someone who isn't for it. What vacuum do you live in that you are feeling threatened regularly by men playing dress up? I live in the most progressive city on earth and the trans people I come across walk past me like everyone else and the ones who are annoying who like to infiltrate and claim that they are just as much of women as we are I just don't go on their social media. I don't get how people get so pressed over people who are clearly delusional and not worth the time.

No. 586257

I don't feel much of a physical threat as I rarely see them, but they're an ideological threat considering they constantly shut down women's spaces and silence our voices. Our inability to organize is a legitimate problem.

But the scariest part is the ability of a movement that completely disregards logic, populated mostly by white men in tech with a fetish, to get this much traction and support in so little time compared to other social justice movements, and become so dominant in ~woke~ rhetoric despite most people thinking it's ridiculous. They shouldn't be able to get people fired or deplatformed or cancelled any more than your average crazy cult member, they shouldn't be able to transition little children who can't even consent or understand what is happening. There is some serious money and power behind them and it's disturbing to think about.

No. 586259

not that anon but i'll step in to say it's not just effecting them, it's a social contagion that effects young, vunerable gnc and gay people. transition cripples women with its treatments and makes both men and women burn down their social networks to replace them with coping mechanisms and toxic circles that push them to transition further. i have permanent bone issues from puberty blockers, my career is severely limited now as an artist because of sudden arthritis at 20, and my niece has started binding, which even if she does "properly", she'll likely face permanent damage. she's a sweet 12 year old tomboy who has been abused by her father, and she doesn't deserve to be short of breath when she goes for a short run when she's older. but it's too late- she's been convinced this is the only solution to her dysphoria, not even I can help her now. enabling transition is literally evil. supporters would rather placate and not make waves and hold hands and have harmony, even if it would be terrible for the future of the trans person. it's too hard for them to nut up and say say "medical transition may actually be too experimental to benefit trans people without giving them a plethora of other problems"

No. 586261

I don't have to feel threatened to hate on trannies lol
I just hate their ideology. I can hate things for free anon

I live in a conservative place and I'm happy to say trans people should really reconsider their shit or get bullied for their degeneracy.

No. 586264

File: 1595122645340.jpeg (266.04 KB, 896x604, C784EDFE-D432-481B-B3A1-72D7FD…)

Trannies defunded and vandalized a women’s rape shelter but ok
Trannies rob young girls of athletic scholarships but ok
Trannies force themselves into high school girls bathroom and not boys but ok
Trannies attempt to shut down lesbian bars and businesses for excluding them, what the fuck is refusal of service law anymore
Trannies literally threaten physical harm upon evil “cis” all the fucking time

No. 586268

I swear it's only privileged liberals who get all their awareness of the world from Twitter that think trannies don't pose any threat.
It's annoying. I'm tired of them spewing brain worm shit with no critical thought, and some of them screeching at anyone who doesn't follow the "like, retweet and share" hivemind.
Remember that time a tranny nailed a dead rat to a women's shelter? Or the group of trannies and TRAs that nearly beat a black girl to death over things she said on Twitter? But that's not violence, right? Only saying "Trans women are men" is violence. The whole world should stop because a dick-haver feels sad or suicidal over not being validated, women's rights and autonomy be damned. I fucking hate this shit.

No. 586283

Don't forget the fact they're also fighting to have anyone who self IDs as a woman put in women's prison even if they've committed sex crimes against women, which is probably the most disturbing "trans rights" issue.

And how lesbians who don't want to sleep with them are viciously harassed under the justification it's "bigotry".

No. 586284

Honestly trannies don't pose a threat to me either because I work remotely and live in a small town and there's only 1 old tranny here that keeps to himself, but you have to think of other people.

Imagine you're an abused woman and you finally flee with your children to a woman's shelter and have to share it with a dude. It's not fucking right. It'd be real easy to just shrug it off, and that's exactly why trannies have got this far. Men always agree with me on the tranny shit but then just go about their day, because it doesn't change shit for them. It only impacts the part of society no one gives a shit about anyway because they're poor and usually single mothers.

And honestly, trannies shut down a bunch of facebook groups I post in for no fucking reason. they weren't even on my fucking radar until they turned up en masse spouting their ideology and threatening people who didn't agree. Tranniess are literally their own worst enemies. Terfs wish they could peak people like trannies do

No. 586285

Remember when that white supremacist kidnapped a young black girl, raped her, stabbed her, stomped on her neck then threw her body away like trash and Laverne Cox started a campaign to get the guy moved to a woman's prison

No. 586286

Particularly felons of the pedophilic and sex crime varieties trooning out is a growing trend, hhmmm, really makes ya think. I guess being a prison cocksleeve makes it realize it’s a female.

No. 586292

Saying that you don’t understand the problem with trannies is the new equivalent of “uwu we don’t need feminism I have all my rights and men are nice to me!!’ retardation

No. 586294

Yup, I remember that. Laverne Cox is a disgusting individual, and I hope this bullshit comes back to bite him and every other piece of shit in the ass.

No. 586299

He also tends to blame black women for the deaths of prostituting troons.

No. 586300

Guys to be fair anon said she doesn't like them either and I think anon knows about all this and is against it. I think they were just commenting on the nature of how people comment on trans people on here specifically and how frequently. Some people talk about it like it is the one and only issue going on. With that being said I didn't know about the laverne cox situation - that's beyond messed up.

No. 586302

Forgot to add that it ends up getting mentioned in everything thread somehow. I feel like it needs to be contained even though I'm interested in reading on it.

No. 586332

Joffrey Star isn't technically a tranny but I could see him falling into this post. Dude's got a seething hatred for biological women and doesn't mind getting physical with them.

No. 586334

/xx/ needs to come back, periodt

No. 586345

No, go back to guruogossip or whatever you came from.

No. 586350

No. 586352

i agree anon it does need to be contained. I think most of us agree and that's why we loved /xx/ because you can read when you want. It's understandable it spills out because it's enraging a and this is one of the few places you can talk about it without fear of banning/doxing

kpop stans have to leave sorry

No. 586355

Not a k-pop stan, but you literally have your own containkent site.

No. 586357

admin has said tranny talk is fine as long as it's on topic. feel free to hide the thread and fuck off if you're too sensitive

No. 586360

do you mean that one imageboard no one visits and is slow as fuck? what was the name again, I already forgot. (legit asking the name lmao)

this is why xx was beautiful, lots of conversation with other anonettes.

No. 586362

Even though I admit it's always prime milk I still find people leaking cow content from private discussions unnecessarily mean and hate-filled. Unless you're protecting yourself against their lies it just tells me more about you than the cow. Like recently some group of cosplayers got cancelled because they were sharing ~problematic~ memes in a small group chat and someone leaked the screenshots to the public. Or the numerous times someone shares discord screenshots of someone just venting in private about stuff they'd never say in public. Like are you really that hungry for clout that you're willing to throw people that supposedly trust you under the bus over something they've confided in you? If they trusted you enough to think that they can show a more darker side of themselves as they assumed you'd know them well enough to know they're not that serious? All people have some skeletons in the closet. Some of the people I knew became slight cows in my circles but I would fucking never share our old chat messages just for the sake of drama.

No. 586364

Don't forget how they're taking away womens' rights to organize by making the exclusion of penis havers a "hate crime" and how they're remodeling the female quotas to include "nonbinaries" etc so that anyone can take a woman's seat in positions of power.

No. 586381

Cup noodles taste worse than the ones you can crack in half change my mind

No. 586388


Yeah I’d agree with that- the spirit of lolcow is meant to be laughing at the milk that the cows willingly offer in public. Milking them in private and drinking from that bucket is not cool.

No. 586403

Summer is the worst season

No. 586405

"Bisexual" women shouldn't really claim to be bisexual anymore of they're married to a straight guy. I don't for a moment think that bi-sexuality belongs in LGBT. What oppression have bishits gone through? None.

No. 586406

Not this shit again

No. 586419

File: 1595159661049.jpeg (45.42 KB, 500x500, 0CFB08FB-A84D-4C24-AC01-99FDB0…)

No. 586423

God who the fuck cares. No one cares who you like to sleep with in your spare time. No one gives a fuck. You're not special because you like to lick pussy. No one cares.

No. 586430

You posted this last thread. Stop being cringy.

No. 586445

Kevin Jonas is the superior Jonas brother 4 straight up hubby material. I've been watching his "kevin jonas cute dad moments" compilations on youtube and damn, he's 10/10.

No. 586450

Lol everyone hates this but I agree. I hates bitches who claim opressy points when their lives aren't threatened in any kind of way and their cis relationships are accepted. At that point bisexuality is just a tool they use to spice their boring marriages.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 586451

Opinion discarded.

No. 586456

Good thing I didn't ask you lel

No. 586460

>their cis relationships
Pretty sure lesbians would also be in cis relationships with other women, you handicap.

No. 586463



No. 586464

They're not bisexuals if they've never dated women and married a man, hence the usage of 'cis.' Keep on seething ya fakes.

No. 586467

Seriously though who defends party bisexuals in 2020? It's blatantly obvious who was actually romantically and sexually involved with women as equally as they were with men versus who kissed a few girls from Tinder but married a dude cause they were never interested in fucking and being with women.
Really telling how many anons here are mad about this.

No. 586468

Here's why it annoys people so much.

You're doing the exact same thing you're bitching about: whining about how oppressed you are when you're not.

Oppression is not the same thing as mild irritation and frankly you should be glad that you're so privileged that someone side eyeing you and your GF ruins your day. This is not the 1700s anymore.

Anyway why do they always target bi women specifically? Any theories?

Why don't people complain about bi men who claim they're gay and then leave their boyfriends for women?

Why bi women specifically? Does it really make people that mad when women enjoy sex? Why are we still trying to sexually repress women? Why does female autonomy bother people so much? Why does it bother other women?

Ok, so if she's stuck her fingers in the pussy of another woman but not dated her that doesn't count?

No. 586470


Not everyone lives in california and can openly date women becky

Im Bisexual, I only date men, because if any of my family members saw me in a date with a woman i would be disowned, i’ve hooked up with women in party scenarios because it felt safe to do so, no one would rat me out, most bi women I know feel the same.

No. 586471

>You're doing the exact same thing you're bitching about: whining about how oppressed you are when you're not.

….bitch you don't even know what my sexuality is lmao. You're making this up, please quote a line once in that post where I mentioned I felt oppressed. This is hilarious!
>why don't people complain about bi men?
Ime, there's less positive attention in it for men to mention that they're gay in any way. When a man tells you he wants to suck a cock or have a dick in his ass you believe him.

No. 586472

If a man told me he's bi I would forever consider him bi even if he gave up his male fuck buddies and got with a woman long term, if you've fucked both genders that counts to me, Same with women. If you've fucked other women it counts.

Women who have never even tried same sex stuff but say they're bi just because they think boobs are cute.. are a little different, but I'm not that pressed about it. I'm in my 30s and while I've fucked women I'm still closeted because of where I'm stuck living.

No. 586473

>I'd be disowned
Grow a spine Jessica, you have to be 18+ to post here.

No. 586474

lol sorry for wanting to keep working in my family business and still be invited to christmas parties, not everyone has dysfunctional families they hate.

No. 586475

But they hate who you really are deep down, sad. Hope their utility is worth it in the end for you.

No. 586476

Similar experience here, had one night stands at various parties throughout my twenties. Had a bad break up with my last ex and he threatened to out me to family. I've finally moved far enough away that if I met a woman tomorrow I could date without worry. I feel way too old to be closeted.

No. 586478

My country is very conservative and christian, my city has a specially a huge mormon population, 80% of the people I know Irl hate who i truly am deep down, yeah it sucks but you just suck it up and learn to live with it, gay people don’t even have the privilege to be able to pretend to be straight like i do so i still count myself as lucky to be able to keep these relationships, its not really my family’s fault we just live in a too backwards culture for them to even comprehend what same sex attraction is, its funny how they consider troons straight up abominations tho they don’t even get the concept of transexuals right lol

No. 586483

That's not what cis means, that's why we're laughing at you. Cis means "not trans"

No. 586486

most sociological concepts are useless bullshit for bored academics to study and we’d all be better off if they hadn’t gone mainstream. Thinking you understand a fluid society because you bought into a rigid theory just causes damage.

No. 586487

I'm bi and I've never done same-sex stuff but I've never done opposite sex stuff either lmao, does that make me technically asexual?

No. 586493

No, I'm wasn't talking about virgins or quite inexperienced women. I meant like women with a body count of 20, all male, but they think women are cute in pics so they count that but never explore the attraction in any way irl. I don't get it but it doesn't make me angry like the other anon.

No. 586494

anon, I think you're lost on the meaning of cis. It means "comfortable in skin", aka not trans.

No. 586495

Ntayrt but God no anon. Don't ascribe meaningless terms to your sexuality just because you haven't acted on those feelings before. If you're being sarcastic ignore my autism.

No. 586496

what if they marry a man to conform to society standars instead of marrying a woman because they'll be actively hated?

No. 586498

Yeah, I was sorta sarcastic, but I'm the autist because I didn't understand what she meant until >>586493, we are cool.

No. 586500

Underrated post
I think this is a trend all over the internet, but people really be thinking in black and white only nowadays. Just because some party hoes go and kiss some bitches at a party to impress Jhonny doesn't mean all of us bisexuals should be thrown into a bus, a lot of us have had experiences loving women, even if we end up with a guy at the end. Like, who cares? I can love and marry whoever I want, doesn't make my experiences with women any less real.

No. 586502

File: 1595174678247.png (214.82 KB, 1248x808, 1594992553576.png)

>men in dresses are valid, and women who date men in dresses are too uwu
>women who statistically face more violence and sexual abuse rates than others in the LGBT community are not, though, fucking bitches lol
Reminder of the kind of people who've been infiltrating lately.

No. 586503

File: 1595174734593.gif (1.63 MB, 374x280, giphy.gif)

"Bissxeuual" womenna shou ldn'nntt , reaa..lly cclaim just too be biswexx,,ua annymmore oF th..ey're marrieed to a straig;;ghhtt gg.uyy.. I z;;don'Tfforr a moment tth ink that bil-sexuali,,t,,y ,belong s in LG.BTs. Whhat oppreesssion havvee bi]sh hit s goone throug.h? nonee.

No. 586504

what is the context of this?
Did you just have a stroke kek

No. 586507

So you mean a straight girl?

No. 586509

Twitter users who've posted about using LC, most of them from the artist salt thread.
They sometimes come into the unpopular opinion and vent threads too to post shitty takes about cis women and "terfs".

No. 586511

gotta love how the bait gets taken every single time, I’m tired of reading posts arguing about bisexuals

No. 586516

Does this apply to married men who jerk it to bears and trannies? Or was it just the hot pickme fakebi girl who hurt your feelings?

The real scandal is, bisexual men should stop claiming to be bisexual. All bi men are just faggots with porn addiction. No seriously, just break up with your boyfriend if he says he wants to suck dick or has history of sucking dick.

No. 586520

I know this was probably posted to stir the pot but I agree with this. I don't even care about the oppression points or the LGBT anymore, I just find most of the bisexuals incredibly two faced, backstabbing and predatory (pretending to be bi to satisfy their slimy bfs or husbands).
I don't care about bi men because they don't affect me the way bi women do. On the other hand, I like that the society allows "bi" women to be openly in hetero relationships only and the nerve to claim to be bi, kek. It makes it easy to filter the trash.

No. 586525

I swear it gets posted every thread, it's like groundhog day reading the same convo, the same responses every time.

No. 586526

That's just a sad take, I'm bisexual, always dated women before, but am currently interested in a guy. Never before I have feelings for a guy like this before, and I didn't actively chose to fall for this guy. And then I am called two faced and a liar by people like you. That's just sad.
kek'd hard

No. 586527

honestly keeping an adult animal locked inside an apartment or small house with no backyard is animal abuse. i can't stand dumb ass ~cat moms~ in their 20s who keep their neglected pets in 30 m2 city apartments.

No. 586528

Pink is a very ugly color, doesn't matter if it's pastel pink or neon pink or whatever. DDLG also ruined pastel pink for me, I cringe whenever I look at it

No. 586530

I think some anons just like fighting for the sake of fighting.

No. 586531

I agree so hard with this, I used to love pink when I was into jfashion, but DDGL and trashy clothes (like what Doja cat wears) really ruined it for me. I also hate how gendered the color is, even if I don't mean it that way

No. 586547


> using word cis

get out and go back to a trashcan where u belong.

No. 586556

I like millenial pink.

No. 586557

NGE isn't even that good of an anime.

No. 586580

I don't know about you being bi but you're definitely fucking retarded. I explicitly stated "bi" women that are in straight relationships only. Also, nice how it really turns into oppression olympics. Try and talk with lesbians and see how many times they were chatted up by a bisexual woman. We're used to it, but that doesn't change the fact that lesbians shouldn't keep their guard when it comes to bi predators. Of course you don't give a shit.

No. 586581

whoa calm down you're putting words in my mouth dude

No. 586582

>(pretending to be bi to satisfy their slimy bfs or husbands)
So, you admit those women are just pretending to be bisexual, but then you go ahead and bash all bisexual women based on LARPing straight women's actions? Retarded.

No. 586583

But you're calling bi women who marry men straight women, when they're bi
It doesn't add up, I think you have some issues to resolve because you're getting all worked up for no reason

No. 586588

I never said that I am opressed, I just said what you were assuming is sad.
You saying bi women are predatory sounds like when people said gay people were predators just for being gay. I'm sure you know about this issue, right?
>Of course you don't give a shit.
Who says I don't? I have dated lesbian women before, and I never lead them on or changed them for a man. I care for them because I love them as my partner. My ideal spouse would be a woman but like I said I'm currently into a guy.
It's like you're treating all of bisexual women as an entire group of people who cannot change and all act the same, instead of just people who happen to be bisexual coming from different backgrounds and with different personalities. Sounds more like misogyny to me, since earlier you claimed that any guy who just says that they like dick are to be believed.

No. 586593

Bisexual women can also be coerced into straight girl's "spicing up" fantasy dates with their husbands, not just lesbians. They can also be disgusted by it.

No. 586596

t. bishit
its a useless term is all that anon is saying when youre in a hetero relationship where your ~bi-ness~ never comes up anyway because you just so happen to have chosen a heteronormative relationship.
also reeks of cope for their man cheating/oggling other women, the "i find them hot too so its fine" line gets spouted by self described "bi"s all the time.

No. 586599

>the "i find them hot too so its fine" line gets spouted by self described "bi"s all the time.
Once again, you are taking the actions of lying straight women as emblems of actual bisexual women, and blaming us.
It's almost like you don't think bisexual women actually exist IRL or something, just straight or gay. It's pathetic.

No. 586602

I kind of wonder if that anon's logic applies to closeted lesbian women and gay men who marry the opposite sex. Do they stop being gay? Is a person only gay if they've had gay sex? Are you asexual until you have an established sexual history?

No. 586603

Aren't bisexual women the primary targets of those nasty threesome couples anyway?

No. 586605

the thing is how do you know theyre lying when they describe themselves as bi? if you accuse them of lying, "REE bi erasure!!", and then when you assume they are bis "REE not true bi!!" so which is it?

and id call most bi people pansexual or whatever the term is, where people are attracted more to personality than looks.

No. 586611

File: 1595187164879.jpg (8.2 KB, 286x176, 090dc1026534e8ccbf541ec0859a3e…)

I wonder if you guys realize if you switch Bisexual with just Woman, you sound like fucking incels.
It always sounds like lesbian nice gals angry that a girl who claimed to be bisexual prefered a man over them.

No. 586614

You already admitted you could tell by putting it into quotation marks when you described those actions, but keep playing dumb.
"Pansexual" and "bisexual" are literally the same thing, but the former is just there for SJW tranny points.

No. 586617

I hate to say it, but it's so true.

No. 586618

The "bisexuals must die" posts are usually bait and I wish people would stop falling for it. I very much doubt it's actual lesbians posting that spergy crap.

No. 586619

>"i find them hot too so its fine"
The fuck? I have never heard this from a woman's mouth in my life, and never from a bisexual woman
>your bi-ness never comes up anyway
So… the moment I date a man, I stop finding all women attractive? Okay, gotcha.
>you have chosen a heteronormative relationship
You sound like you want to be opressed huh

No. 586621

Lesbian anon who hates bi women is just a salty misogynistic girl who was probably rejected by a bi girl and can't move on from it, a true cow perhaps?

No. 586624

im talking practically in the world, i put bi in quotations because i know they look straight to me, but if i were to say theyre just straight i get people like you coming for my neck saying im erasing bis, because she just so happens to have a straight relationship now and maybe shes a kinky bi~.
and see pansexual makes the most sense to me personally.

browse a cow thread some time youll find plenty of examples, biggest example is shoe0nhead

plenty of women find other women attractive, similarly with straight men called "bromances" usually bordering on homoerotic, attraction is mostly a spectrum. but yes functionally, if youre in a relationship with a man youre in a hetero relationship. similarly a gay man can claim hes gay all he wants, but if hes in relationships with exclusively women then functionally hes hetero. he can say whatever he wants, but if his actions dont follow then its meaningless. words dont mean anything when theyre not followed by actions

No. 586626

File: 1595188112369.png (529.45 KB, 598x598, Anontruth.png)

I've seen alot of socially awkward lesbians sperg about reeeee the bihets on twitter and good ole tumblr, its surprising how much it comes up in a serious manner.



No. 586630

>i get people like you coming for my neck saying im erasing bis
I'm literally saying you're using straight women pretending as an excuse to bash bisexual women. You're not living in reality.
>bisexual in literally any way
Yup, exactly as I thought. Intellectual dishonesty. This shit is so annoying, get off bisexual women's backs and mind your own shit. No one's oppressing you, lmao.

No. 586636

yeah and i just told you i have no way of knowing if those types are actually straight or bi.

>intellectual dishonesty

these are the people claiming to be bi? how is that dishonest?
also never claimed to be oppressed, you guys are the ones claiming it, then crying when people point out no not really.

No. 586641

Keep telling yourself that.
At least stop posting the same bullshit bait in every single thread, you really do sound like an incel.

No. 586645

I love you anon. Just seeing their reactions, you know it's true.

No. 586647

>mfw they're at it again in the artist salt thread having a massive spergout

No. 586648

>attraction is mostly a spectrum
Jesus fucking christ this is the same rethoric used by trannies

No. 586650

I love women. My attraction to women is not a spectrum.
I really can't chose if I find a man attractive either.
If I'm with a man I'm still bisexual. If I'm with a woman I'm still bisexual.

No. 586652

The fact that they kept insisting on "pansexual" makes me wonder if it really is just a tranny. It'd make perfect sense.

No. 586655

>i have no way of knowing if those types are actually straight or bi.
Then why the fuck do you keep sperging out about this fucking bullshit, if you don't know shit?
>they look straight to me
How do you know, if you just said you don't know?
Go back to tumblr

No. 586672

silly anons, you need to be more inclusive with your attraction!

No. 586673

if you can flip back and forth then its literally a spectrum based on how youre feeling. im sure polysexual is a valid sexuality to you too

not a tranny, i just know of studies of "straight" women having "attraction" to other women. a lot of it can be societal pressure as women are made out to be "sexual" objects of attraction, so women falling for these pressures assume theyre bi when theyre really not.

because being bi is a fucking fashion trend, and if you call it out you get labeled as hateful, or get buttmad bis claiming theyre just as oppressed as an openly gay/lesbian person would be.
and whats tumblr is insisting the bi label means anything when you act like a straight woman.
and you go first, ive only seen bi tumblrites get mad about this.

No. 586677

Anon what the fuck is a polysexual even?
Being bisexual doesn't mean that when I'm dating a guy I suddenly stop liking pussy and when I'm dating a girl I stop liking cock
Seriously stop, sexuality is not a spectrum, people are not so black and white, and stereotypes do not define a whole bunch of people. It's like saying all women are whores or karens or prudes

No. 586680

File: 1595191217334.jpg (35.04 KB, 600x600, ssrco,unisex_tshirt,womens,101…)

>because being bi is a fucking fashion trend,
There it is. Females can only like dick or pussy, never both.
Meanwhile, this isn't, I gather, kek.

No. 586685

>because being bi is a fucking fashion trend
I think it got a bit of attention as a sexuality in the 90's, but that's as far as trend as it gets. These days no one thinks it's cool to be bi. You gotta call yourself pan or queer.

No. 586686

People obsessed with the sex lives or sexual labels of others can't be getting laid a whole lot themselves

No. 586689

File: 1595191844440.jpg (34.46 KB, 330x413, media.jpg)

You are really starting to sound underage
>"straight" women having "attraction" to other women
and how can you tell who is straight and who isn't? based on what? how much colorful hairdye they use? how many pride pins they wear?
>because being bi is a fucking fashion trend,
I would argue being a tranny is more of a fashion trend nowadays, but whatever. Pic related btw.
>bis claiming theyre just as oppressed as an openly gay/lesbian person would be
No one in this thread is claiming to be opressed.
When I came out as bi to my conservative mother at 14 years of age she stopped talking to me and then pushed to me the "it's just a phase" deal. I actively wanted to date girls and she would insist that I should look up for a guy instead. When my girlfriend of 4 years and I dated she kept saying to not be obvious in public and to never tell that I am attracted to women to anyone in the family. I couldn't grab my girlfriend's hand in front of my homophobic aunt or my narcissist grandmother.
I clearly have some experiences that lesbian women have too. The only difference is that one day I fell for one guy even though all my life I've been dating women.
Go outside and take some fresh air. Life is not black and white. Your "studies" sound like when alt-rights claim to have studies on how black people are inferior or how the jews are the blame for everything. Ridiculous.

No. 586695

Have you only had cup noodles from America? because they're great in Korea and Japan

No. 586696

I swear it's people who never leave their house that are okay with trannies. and men. because obviously men arent threatened or havin their safe spaces taken away by trannies. I cant stand these disgusting men in dresses always using violence against women. Women should be more vocal about not accepting them. There's more than enough evidence that shows they're unstable and violent. And they are not women.

No. 586709

Always. Men like bisexual women because they want the f/m/f threesome fantasy bullshit and use bisexual women as objects for that to happen.

No. 586718

Nah anon you don't need to see anyone. None of the scenes in Midsommar were that disturbing. In a technical aspects the movie amazing, outside of audio which was horrendous, but plot and character development is horrible.

No. 586746

go back to twitter(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 586773

Hard shell tacos are so awful, soft ones are okay but the hard ones are just hurt food.

No. 586793

agreed 100% its boring

No. 586798

I dont know if this counts, but I find a lot of cows on pt and snow attractive, but I'll never say so because then the thread will sperg out and say Im either selfposting, orbiting or otherwise talk shit to me. Taste is subjective. Stop acting like you wouldnt jerk off to some them if they werent a cow.

No. 586802

I agree that most of the cows are above average-looking and anons are either nit picking or jealous by calling them ugly.

No. 586806

Yikes anon. I guess when I kissed another girl at age 13 (when I hadnt even started using the internet) I was just SO PRESSURED by sOcIeTy. Anon, did your brain fucking fall out when you got up this morning?

>because being bi is a fucking fashion trend

Being Bi hasnt been a fashion trend in a long time. Trans took over that a long time ago.

>based on how youre feeling

Cmon anon you cannot be this fucking retarded. You know thats not how it works. Do you find Keemstar hot? Oh youre just FEELING like that, so youre not actually straight. All women MUST find all men hot. Fucking dumbass cmon.

Sorry that I fucking like tits and dicks my god. Youre looking so deep into it when it literally is just "hey, that woman looks hot. Oh hey, look at that dude! He too looks hot" What does acting like a straight woman even entail? Im not exactly oppressed, but Im sure if I was dating a woman and got homophobic comments, then sure. But I dont exactly live in a country where that happens often. How about men? What tinfoil theory do you have about them just secretly being gay or some shit?

Its like Im in some sort of incel subreddit or something.

No. 586814

Or just have higher standards than you, anon. That's completely possible, we're all different.

No. 586820

pizza is not good unless it’s flat and crisp and doesn’t have tomato sauce

No. 586836

Tomato sauce on pizza is the worst. I always get meat pizzas with bbq sauce.

No. 586847

People think I’m a freak for preferring thin crust, pineapple, and no tomato sauce

No. 586863

it's boring and wanna be depressed and sad and i am sick of seeing it absolutely every where i go on the internet

No. 586891

She looks like she got separated from the west of the Wild Thornberrys

No. 586892

Rest, not west

No. 586942

My unpopular opinion is that I used to think lolcow was this evil terrible place full of vinidictive bitches but it's actually pretty chill
I used to be afraid of becoming a lolcow and being posted here but honestly I think I'm less paranoid now, but dunno, has anyone else had these thoughts?

No. 586968

The first half drags on too long and had too many tired and cliche anime tropes as well as too many instances of uncomfortable fanservice.

No. 586970

I hope you're not including cows like shane and onion in this. Non-cow/regular men are already ugly enough

No. 586971

Same, I was lurking in /pt and /snow but I didnt even want to go to /ot boards, covid boredom finally sent me there and it's really nice

No. 586974

Honestly, the fanservice got real uncomfortable with me. Like I really don't want to see asuka's boobs this much man. I get it's from a teenage boy's perspective but I feel like that is an excuse people like to give, this same excuse people used for ttgl too. But also because I think it's fake deep.

No. 586976

Agreed, I'd probably accept the teenage boy thing if it was a few instances but it's so overwhelming that it makes it uncomfortable to continue watching. The stupidest part was probably the scene where Shinji fell on top of Rei. Another complaint I forgot to add is that the second last episode was entirely wasted on flat-out explaining the entire plot of the show to the viewers as if they were stupid.

No. 586988

>as if they were stupid
They kind of are tbh. A lot of people got mad at the last two episodes for being "confusing"

No. 587026

It’s okay to like anime body pillows as long as you don’t shove your likes down anyone’s throat.

No. 587032

don't speak for us faker.

No. 587038

Woke moralfags are always K-pop stans because they subconsciously feel guilty about supporting an abusive industry so they try to make up for it by policing everyone else around them before they are called out themselves.

No. 587039

i think you're 1000% right

No. 587063

dirty talk is corny and a turn-off and I hate it. even worse if it’s over text.

No. 587071

ngl thats a very good take kek i used to be a kpop stan on twt years ago and while i still like the music at times and support some groups the whole industry is fucked up lol

also kpop stans on twt have such a mob mentality if u dont echo everyone elses sjw arguments then u will get outed as a bad person etc ive seen it happen so many times lol theyre p nuts and im so glad i stayed away from all that (sorry for blogpost)

No. 587072

i think the real issue is that you havent had a good pizza before……

No. 587074

Lmao I cannot imagine how cringy it'd be to try dirty talk over text

No. 587075

Ikr, dirty talk is utterly retarded

>I will sponk you with my humongous dong, bby gurl

Fuck, it’s pathetic.

No. 587077

I feel like dirty talk is awful if your partner tries to be all porn-y and it feels like an act. That being said, current boyfriend says cute, dirty things in the heat of the moment sometimes, and praises me a lot during sex and I find it so hot.

No. 587079

Flat girls (especially flat black girls) are hecking beautiful. I'd take a flat chested girl with no butt over a thicc one anyday.

No. 587143

Tanning is not racist you dirty immigrant.

No. 587144

>Taking /v/irgins seriously
Anon, there is a reason they are called virgins. Also it's eternal summer on /v/, inescapable hell.

No. 587153

You have to go back.

No. 587461

Leos are the worst sign, so self centred and dumb.

No. 587467

Anyone who happens to be a Leo and cares about zodiac signs is a fucking narcissistic asshole.

No. 587469

My dad left my mom alone a month before she gave birth to me and she had to endure it all alone and he still hasn't come back, in fact married someone else there, has never talked to me, his daughter. Just sends money on my birthdays etc. And he is a LEO so yes, you are 100% correct. I hate leos, I will never be with one.

No. 587472

Welp that's several IQ points I'll never get back.

No. 587475

Typical Sagitauminirio response.

No. 587481

I personally had problems only with Capricorns in my life, because the ones I'd meet would always have BPDchan acts or are just very jealous and attention seeking.

No. 587484

I think it's okay to collect stuff such as Sanrio, as long as you don't make it a part of your personality and just consider it as a hobby / collectibles.

( eg. Smol uwu im baby mymelody emote spams ot even kinnies in their 25s screams mental issues to ke)

No. 587486

This is typical Leo behaviour, not even her dog likes her

No. 587490

Voice actors on Twitter just may be some of the most insufferable people on the internet.

No. 587512

File: 1595334717744.jpg (15.29 KB, 300x300, fa5f6028e83f42c4870f4d3431219f…)

>I personally had problems only with Capricorns in my life, because the ones I'd meet would always have BPDchan acts

IDK I spent a few years thinking I had BPD but now I'm thinking I'm an Aspie.

No. 587513


samefag but tfw Cap moon/Leo Sun….

No. 587515

Well almost everybody on twitter are the most insufferable people on the internet tbf

No. 587516

I'm not a leo but I'm the total opposite of what my star signs says I should be. I'm meant to be all adventurous and have a need to constantly travel new places and do new things…I'm a hermit lol

No. 587520

I love you too

No. 587521

Same lol I kinda wish I was like my sign more

No. 587527

kek agreed

No. 587652

Yeah it's about 100 times more likely that you just had a fucked up childhood and have trouble relating to people because of that, but yes, definitely you have Autism too. Probably BPD as well. You should consider self-diagnosing with ADHD while you're at it. Lots of completely normal people with trauma also decide they have that after reading some pop psychology article written by a 22-year marketing drop-out on Medium. Come be amongst peers.

No. 587657

aquarius best sign

this post was made by aquarius gang

No. 587659

No. 587663

My post was literally me saying I'm nothing like 'what my star sign says I should be' as in I think it's all bs, but ok anon

No. 587667

double suicide? you and me? ♥

No. 587673

Well, I sense the facetiousness but I was legitimately diagnosed with ADHD. I know it's a meme disorder but I do and have since I was a kid, before any of that trauma occurred.

I know I don't have bpd but Asperger's is something I'm taking a diagnostics test for. It's expensive but worth it so I can know for sure.

Yah I do have childhood trauma including sexual abuse and trouble relating to my peers because of that but that doesn't change that most of what I say comes out retarded.

inb4 tldr but idc.

No. 587674

Eat my entire ass, anon

No. 587682

I feel pretty comfortable with my feminity like with all the tradthot and e-thot "ideals" (lol) out and about, I don't really get the pressure to be either one. There are obviously more than two ways to be feminine but those are the most controversial.

Honestly, I think it's silly to try to condense yourself into either one. We're just so more complex than that and if you want to incorporate either one into your life, that's fine but it shouldn't be your entire life.

No. 587684

>It's expensive but worth it so I can know for sure

I'm genuinely not trying to be a dick here, but why is simply receiving a diagnosis worth spending that much money to you? How is it going to help you in any meaningful way at this point in your life?

Autism is typically diagnosed in early childhood because it tends not to be subtle. It's evident even in infancy a lot of the time. Even if your parents were neglectful or in denial, someone else would have caught it and recommended testing. Teachers, another parent, etc. Does this sound like you?

No. 587688

Honestly. I used to hate when people put others into boxes like the nerdy one, the slutty one etc etc and now people are doing it to themselves.

No. 587704

IKR. It’s fucking retarded how there’s so many people going out of their way to put themselves in boxes, but the best part of when they’re like

>you don’t know me!!!

But they have everything they are in their bios??

No. 587709

Diff anon but I got a late diagnosis at 29, I didn't pay for a private diagnosis so the waiting list was over 3 years long but at the end I did get diagnosed. I probably would've never been assessed if I had to pay out of pocket. After a neglectful upbringing it was nice to finally have answers. All of those quirks and difficulties finally made sense after years of just vaguely feeling like a fuck-up. If you're living with a developmental disorder that will stay with you for life then there really is no cut off point on when it is or isn't worth diagnosing.

No. 587725

Well, I guess if it's validating for you, then so be it. Personally, I hate when people fling around the possibility of certain diagnoses around me, or if I read up on something and go like, "oh shit, that sounds like me." It's always just felt like another reason to not trust people, or seek to form relationships out of fear that they'll inevitably end up hating me for something I can't necessarily help, or am not aware is abnormal. I've always been somewhat lacking in empathy and social graces, but nobody ever chalked it up to autism because I can be charming when I want to be and actually read people pretty well, I guess?

No. 587736

What eventually pushed me to get answers was my partner pointing it out. After years of living together he was convinced I had it so I took that seriously. He actually dumped me the minute it was confirmed so yeah the diagnosis itself can hit your self confidence.

I'm pretty selective in who I share that info with now. I worry that people will see it as a sign that I'm a soft touch or they'll try to take advanage thinking I'm slow. I'm actually very stand off-ish and like you I'm either lacking in empathy at time sor just very poor at showing empathy.

No. 587749

Jfc, fuck that guy. Sorry you had to experience that. You're better off without him and I doubt that your diagnosis was legitimately the reason why he dumped you. Sounds like he was just an asshole and looking for an excuse to break-up.

Tbh my issue was mostly a lack of empathy and just generally not caring if I was being insensitive and hurting other people's feelings. I was way more likely to blame them for being "weak" if they expressed that I was upsetting them. I've gotten a lot better at this as I've aged, though, so I feel like it was probably just a combination of my natural personality, immaturity, and childhood trauma. There was actually a very short and embarrassingly edgy period of my life where I self-diagnosed as a sociopath kek.

No. 587804


>Even if your parents were neglectful or in denial, someone else would have caught it and recommended testing. Teachers, another parent, etc. Does this sound like you?

Yeah, the irony is that my mom is a clinical/occupational therapist and she refuses to believe anything is wrong with her children.

Autism in females is a completely different thing. A young girl with Asperger's has incredible subtle, almost non-existent symptoms once she learns how to properly mask.

I had very clingy relationships with my teachers and never fit in with classmates. I'm sure they knew something was up but since I wasn't "obvious autistic" they probably brushed it off. IDK.

As for what the diagnosis would matter… I'm not sure. I feel it would help me choose better tools and therapy. Like >>587709 said, it's helpful to know that you're not a walking tornado and that it's actually biological and there SOME explanation for meltdowns and not fitting in.

I'm very sorry to hear this. Him pushing you to get diagnosed almost made me think he'd actually care enough to stick by you. Though, I'm aware that symptoms of Asperger's in women can make it difficult to live with.

No. 587820

People losing their shit over satanist imagery are dumb, fundies and tinfoilers alike.

No. 587823

I think it's funny. Conspiracy-tards bring me an immense amount of joy. Can't handle it when they start sperging about wearing masks, but otherwise it's fucking hilarious how unbelievably dumb and paranoid some people are.

No. 587836

the best thing about satanists is that by concept they have to accept Christianity is real, that jesus and god are real. but they just choose to say fuck that and go with the evil side and worship the devil. what absolute chads

No. 587871

File: 1595372160307.jpg (93.73 KB, 554x415, 1357095944880.jpg)

Testicles are by far the ugliest human body part. I'm straight and do appreciate a nice dick but I can't do the same for testicles. They're hanging bags of loose hairy skin and aren't attractive at all.

No. 587881

I'm also straight and you're absolutely correct.

No. 587890

I've been watching more porn since quarantine and I can't get over how much fucking testicle worship is now thrown in with blow jobs, who wants to lick balls covered in long straggly pubes? I don't know if it feels amazing for the guy but it gross to see

No. 587895

I love tinfoilers and their tendency to assume every symbol represents something worldly and nefarious kek

No. 587897

Cock is one of my favorite tastes. Not only that, but balls smell amazing. It makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. Like, I cannot get it far enough down my throat to be satisfied. I’m only satisfied when I feel those intense, powerful, salty hot pumps of cum down my throat. When I sit back on my heels, look up at you with cum all over my mouth and slobber running down my neck, hair all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask you if I did a good job and you cannot even speak because I’ve drained all of your energy out the tip of your dick….. that’s when I’m satisfied.

No. 587901

This was nauseating anon, great job lmao

No. 587902


No. 587906

Can someone please post the gif with the two disgusted actresses that goes with this copypasta?

No. 587914

Are you a gay man lmao

No. 587917

Why are straight women like this?

No. 587920

Its just a popular copypasta from tumblr lol

No. 587927

Guys this is the John Green tumblr copypasta, calm down lmao

No. 587937

I thought it sounded familiar

No. 587942

File: 1595380295138.png (768.7 KB, 734x1066, johngreengetscyberbullied.png)

tbh i'm so sad for these people who never got to experience the john green "taste of cock" copypasta. It's easily one of my favorite internet happenings of all time.
For those unaware, you used to be able to edit the text of other people's posts when you reblogged them. In 2013 it was hip and popular to make fun of john green, because he was a grown man who called his fans on tumblr "tumblypoos" amongst other things. So people took it upon themselves to edit posts of his to make it look like he was saying crazy shit, and the funniest ones took off.

My favorites were this one,
and also pic related.

Anywayz, john green was stupid enough to sometimes try replying to the people meme-ing him, which of course people would just edit to tack on more crazy shit.
After this, tumblr staff revoked the privilege to edit other people's posts.

No. 587993

Plastic surgery is damaging and anyone who says to do whatever makes you happy is lying to themselves and you. The normalization of it is disturbing and if you really think about it , we don’t have a lot of examples of people who have gotten it in their teens/early years and how they look now in their 40s and 50s. Kylie Jenner looks 50 . Fuck anyone who tries to promote PS to young girls who had no idea anything was “wrong” with their face until they started social media/YouTube and heard 20 influencers tell them they got a nose job and that if they want one that they should do it. You should be telling these kids to be mentally stronger than you and your insta clones.

No. 587996

>john Green

Holy fucking shiiiiiit I remember those days!
You could not get away from the John Green posts or The fault in our stars book lmao

No. 588003

Hard agree, I’m surprised how normalizedr it is even here with anons always suggesting plastic surgery a cow should get, like changing your face is the most normal thing in the world. I have some, shall we say distinct features and I’m so fucking glad I just learned to play the cards I was dealt.

No. 588005

Man I remember when you could edit someone's post on a reblog or get rid of it completely. I really miss that, I used to do that all the time when the comments were really stupid or annoying. I get why they got rid of it but that's a feature I really miss. Man this made me feel so old - John Green and editing tumblr posts holy shit take me back to 2013

No. 588008

Anons who call people who don't browse imageboards "normies" are cringe.

I also think its a little stupid when anons go out of the way to complain about other anons using twitter memes and slang as if imageboard culture is any better.

No. 588009

It sounds like you don't know what normie means, but if you prefer hugboxes you know exactly were to go.

No. 588016

Ok normie
It doesn’t mean people who don’t use image board. Normalfags just don’t tend to use imageboards. It’s not about what’s “better” dummy, It’s about integration, plenty cringe when people use chan speak on twitter.

No. 588024

Those big headband they put on baby girls are fucking ugly.
I'm all for dressing kids cute, but I hate those big bow/flower headbands. They are so popular though.

No. 588033

I know the meaning of normie, i worded it wrong. I meant that i hate when actual normies (hell eg. Some Grande stans and whatever) are using image board language without knowing a meaning to said word just to try to be "hip and cool". Gee girls

No. 588103

AYRT, I know what normie means. I'm not complaining about anons using the word right. I just think the term itself sounds stupid

No. 588110

They make me laugh on baby girls with no hair because it's obviously just to indicate to others that it's a girl. Some parents get so offended if you don't think their shapeless bald grub is a beautiful princess from day one kek gotta get in there early with societal expectations

No. 588112

Harry styles is ugly-cute, he’s the living proof that you can look hot if you turn the right way, but if you blink too fast, you can look like a 40 years old dropout from the 50’s.

No. 588135

I hate when people use image board lingo in real life or on mainstream websites. It always seems like they just learnt the word or they think going on 4channeru makes them ~kewl and diffrunt~

Every time I see “based” outside of here, I want to blow my brains out. And even people posting wojaks as reaction images on sites like Twitter gives me a wave of disgust. It’s almost as bad as unironically saying Twitch emotes out loud.

No. 588138

My unpopular opinion is that I like american or western skin care routines more over korean ones because
>You only use a couple items
>You know what ingredients they have
>You feel normal and not like a koreaboo when you put them on
>They're designed for westerners

Ironically, I preffer some korean makeup like eyeshadow and lipstick because they're sheer and more natural.

No. 588146

Based isn’t just an imageboard thing

No. 588154

No. 588159

I know but there’s obviously a strong association, especially when it’s coming from a 3edgy5me teen boy with a doomer pfp.

Excommunicate yourself.

No. 588179

You don't need to have a million steps to use Korean products

I like Korean products because they are somewhat cheaper

No. 588202

No. 588252

Nobody asked you to post on the tinfoil thread, maybe next time don’t come?

No. 588255

Anything candy that sticks to your teeth is ultra gross. This includes caramels, taffy etc. Also Starbursts taste like plastic.

No. 588258

File: 1595439437865.jpg (57.75 KB, 866x1300, 22622313-woman-holding-up-a-sp…)

No. 588270

File: 1595439909269.jpeg (427.57 KB, 1125x1165, 35B20FB2-C341-43B5-9426-E8890B…)

>implies being a tinfoiler
>hurr durr tinfoilers r dum amirite

No. 588271

She's right though.

No. 588278

Read above

No. 588309

Do you think I’m the anon? I don’t care what y’all do in your thread, I just thought it was “haha funi” idiot.

Maybe don’t get offended at a 20 hour old post and sperg about it in both threads.

No. 588323

I like gay men, usually connect better with them. I hate troons. I love James Charles more these days since he trolls trannies by dressing as a better looking girl just for fun and never renouncing his sexuality, sex or gender. He's a gemini he's progressive and I think he's genuine.

No. 588338

I find James a little endearing tbh.

No. 588368

>Out of all the fags in the world, chooses a messy gaycel to be example of “good” gay men

No. 588374

OP, this was an opinion about James Charles, not an example of a good gay.

No. 588382

Can't stand it when people claim that the reason why they can't find someone is because they're fat, when in reality the reason is that they got mental issues. At the very end an actually good person would give a fuck not about your body but about your sanity.

No. 588391

Yeah but at the end of the day even crazy people fall in love with other crazy people.

The real issue is compatibility.

No. 588557

I don't think saying nigga or faggot is such a big deal if you don't use the words as insults directed towards people
Everyone is just so damn sensitive

On the other hand, I love saying tranny and troon to trans people on imageboards and I use it conciously as an insult

No. 588569

now THIS is what is called a proper unpopular opinion

No. 588591

File: 1595490911758.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.29 KB, 639x1159, injured-opossum-mother-babies-…)

Possums are ugly.

They're not cute or even one of those animals that becomes cute by posting multiple times and adding cute text over the picture.

Possums are ugly, stinky and terrifying.

No. 588596

File: 1595491414574.jpg (100.89 KB, 940x940, 6598536-1x1-940x940.jpg)

That is a scary ass opossum, this is a possum. Actually they can be a bit scary too at night because they make noises, but they're fairly cute.

No. 588599

I stand corrected, thank you. Retconn, I meant opposums

No. 588605

Fuck I hate them. One of my worst memories is looking for my cat and hearing him in a tree. When I shined the flashlight I saw the possum first. It scared me so much! It fucked off pretty quick and my cat was safe, the end

No. 588610

File: 1595492841526.jpg (181.01 KB, 1124x1167, hf0dzywzohn11.jpg)

god anon you just made me remember one time when I was about 11 I heard my mom yelling in the garage. went to investigate, she threw the kitchen door open and said anon there's a big ass fucking rat out here come look. that's how we got our pet opposum. we trapped him in a cage for weeks and fed him scrap bits of meat. why did…we do that…?

No. 588625

I don’t believe Kanye West is actually bi-polar. I genuinely believe he pulls this as a publicity stunt to sell music.

No. 588657

An unpopular opinion of mine is POC crying about representation in anime is kinda weird and stupid. like that’s in Japan not America. And when they make random anime characters black in fanart, saying that they weren’t originally POC . (Is Japanese not POC?) it’s so annoying to see Americans act so entitled to foreign shit. I think we’re just culture starved, and that’s why so many people became surface level weebs recently. Also the whole anime becoming popular is annoying, seeing Trippie Redd, lil uzi vert, Elon Musk and Doja Cat reference anime just grosses me out.

No. 588665

Tbh a lot of animes are not about japanese characters. Great example would be Naruto's author saying he'd imagine Naruto or Sakura being played by white actors in the hypothetical live action. It's just that East Asian countries really dislike dark skin on anybody.

No. 588682

I think Doja Cat has always been kind of a weeb since the early days, but I absolutely agree.
Dunno, anime fans were a very small nerdy clicke. Some very stupid and autistic and some actually interested in the medium as art. But I guess we all had fun.
Then more gross incels and people just in for the memes starting becoming the norm as anime fans. Anime also started becoming more commercial and dumbed down.
And now, we live in an era where anime is so mainstream that even celebs use it as an aesthetic. What pisses me the fuck off though is that ghetto hood rat fashion is getting mixed with anime. Or extreme sjw shit, or tranny shit, or DDGL kink shit, just everything is getting mixed in. It kinda makes it hard, to enjoy in peace, dunno.

No. 588689


Not to be that guy but anime beco ming main stream was always going to happen so it's funny to me how people get so upset about it. I mean anime was starting to become popular when I was a kid and I'm in my mid 20s now so it makes sense. All the gross fetishist have always been around in thee community. It was never pure because let's be real anime is fetishy medium to begin with. Also all those artists with the exception of gross Elon musk literally grew up with anime like we did so it makes sense. Also rappers have ALWAYS referenced anime it's just most of the rappers at the time made vague references to it or were just underground. Lupe Fiasco and even Kanye West made references to it in the early 00s. Hell RZA from wutang clan is a huge weeb. A lot of rappers are weeb and it's always been that way. You are just now noticing.

No. 588692

Also unpopular opinion is that if anime wants to be as global it's going to have to start having more representation aside from blue eyed blondes. Me personally I take anime for what it is but I want more than anything for them to stop drawing black characters like they are fresh outta of a minstrel show. It's starting to change thank god but growing up and seeing black characters look like literal black face was upsetting as hell and quite frankly disgusting!

No. 588693

Usually white characters in anime have non-japanese names or are literally stated to be from America,a european country, or something similar to that. There wasn't anything in naruto that implied the characters were white, Kishi's just a retard. Even going by designs doesn't work since most anime characters don't resemble humans in the first place.

No. 588696

It's not like anime doesn't borrow heavily from American culture. I can see why some people might want representation considering they love putting rap culture in anime.

I don't care about race bending characters as long as you're not being obnoxious about the actual race of the characters.

Regardless, it's still only a niche amount of people that watch anime and all those celebrities are considered weird. It's legitimately only an online phenomenon, generally The average (normie normie tier) American doesn't care about what Japan puts in their shit.

No. 588698

This! Also it's easy to bash and look down on POC who want representation if you are from a group that is always represented. White people have always had positive representation in anime. Sure there are just as many bad and gross stereotypes but there also many good cool characters. White characters who are explicitly stated as white sometimes even get starring roles in anime. A big example is full metal alchemist. So i don't think it's too far fetched for black people and other minority groups to have that as well. But that's just me. I like anime regardless

No. 588701

tbh i think this is just a non-issue which twitter users sperg about. its like twitter kpop stans who say there needs to be more representation in kpop like who cares its "korean pop" just go listen to american music for representation

i do agree with other anons that having some poc representation would not be a bad idea tho if the storyline warrants it but otherwise its anime who cares, american cartoons can provide representation for you and u can always hit up ur local anime club to meet fellow weeb poc kek

No. 588704

Honestly, I think Japan makes most foreigners in anime look ugly and like caricatures. They're a homogeneous society and that's deeply tied into their culture so I don't expect representation from them.

You're exactly right in that you just kind of have to deal with it and make POC friends in that hobby.

No. 588705

100% agreed about making them look ugly lol Honestly, I could care less whether they have non-japanese ppl in an anime it doesnt add anything for me because im watching if I like the concept/story whatever

No. 588706

It's more than just rap culture (really getting tired of how people seem to think the only form of black american musical culture is rap these days, btw) Japanese entertainment such as anime and video games was incredibly influenced by Black American culture and artforms such as funk, new jack swing, rnb, jazz, ect.


No. 588708

samefag, for example Sailor Moon's entire soundtrack was based off of 70s Disco and Jazz music, many of the designs were based off American and European fashion designers' work in their runaway shows.

No. 588733

Never said anything about that being the only facet of black culture. I just brought it up because it's very prominent in shows that I like, for example Samurai Champloo or Devilman crybaby. Even Naruto though I'm not a fan.

I see where you're coming from though, I should have elaborated more.

No. 588735

I don't understand why so many people can be understanding of those who wish to be childfree or never get married, but the minute you say you choose not to have friends literally no one can process this. Hell, even most childfree and partnerfree people I know can't wrap their heads around someone not wanting friends.

People can bitch all day about how having a life partner is too much energy and not worth the hassle, but the second I say I feel the same way about friends, they lose their damn minds.

No. 588742

Tf u do then

No. 588745

nta but u just vibe bro

No. 588750

I agree, you can hardly find a country with less foreigners than Japan, it would be very unrealistic to them. If there's 1 out of 1000 animes contains 1 poc, then this is accurate representation. Plus there hardly are any white people in anime either? The japanese hate when foreigners claim that anime characters look more white than asian, anime characters are really only supposed to be white when they have very obvious french or german names (like e.g. in Attack on Titan) or if a man is portrayed with a hulk-like body and huge square jaw (and that's not the type of character your average anime fan likes).

No. 588781

They probably feel preemptively rejected and get offended lmao.
I have friends but I 100% agree anon, sometimes they are as much of an emotional and financial drain than some of the worst romantic partners I've ever had with way less the reciprocation.

No. 588784

I'm latina from a latin american country and I don't care about Japanese people representing me in their Japanese anime, that would be conceited and selfish of me to force down my etnicity over a medium that is not part of my culture or produced in my country.
Americans demanding representation is funny.

No. 588787

meanwhile japan's entertainment has been 90% influenced by american pop culture and american animation history. japan wouldn't be shit if it weren't for america

No. 588792

why do people like acting so obtuse in these arguments like people like Usagi with her blonde hair and wide blue eyes aren't basically an allusion to how blonde white girls look like? yeah they don't look human but.. they don't look really east asian either. i swear japan has successfully brainwashed people into thinking east asians look like white people

No. 588798

>we'll put a boot in your ass it's the American way
And your point is? Mexican media is also heavily influenced by American ones. But no American person demands representation in our media because we don't have an obsessive group of people (aka fandom) wanting to put themselves into stories like spergs.

Adding to this the whole world is influenced by American media by default. It is forced down our throats everywhere.

No. 588803

File: 1595520692012.jpg (200.98 KB, 1700x900, Sailor-Moon-Redraw-art-1.jpg)

Even worse: thinking that tanned and brown characters in anime are necessarily black. Tanned asians exist. This is just pure cringe

No. 588809

File: 1595520989610.png (687.88 KB, 974x384, hgfdsa.png)

This too for example. It just comes off as offensive instead of yass queen representation. Like a bad racist caricature.

No. 588823

Mexican media is filled to the brim with Spaniard/White looking types instead of Indio/Mestizo pepple who are the majority of the population.

No. 588835

File: 1595523015751.jpg (846.43 KB, 1729x2951, do anime characters look white…)

We all know that anon, but people in Japan can even get downright pissed if you say "but actually doesn't [insert anime character] look more like a white person?" they really don't see them as white, so technically it's also not white "representation".
If having blonce hair, blue eyes and huge tits doesn't make a female character white ("She's japanese because her body is slender"), then how are they gonna portray actually white characters? And how are they gonna portray black characters?

No. 588836

It's okay to draw pale-skinned characters with dark skin. It's just fan-art, and it's usually an expression of the artist's love for the character, blended with a desire to feel like they could fit into the world they've been enchanted by.
Additionally, if it's okay for a white girl to self-insert on Sailor Moon and be happy about how much she looks like her because of the colors used in the character design, it's okay for a black girl to self-insert on any brown-skinned anime character and be happy about how much she looks like her because of those same colors. Chances are the characters are meant to be Japanese canonically in all cases, regardless of design choices, but the international nature of anime fandom means people will relate however feels most natural.
I don't get why this is even an argument, just live and let live.

No. 588838

This! Also people have to keep in mind that most people really bent out of shape about this are teenagers or young adults. All I ask is for Japan to stop drawing their foreign characters as stereotypes if they don't want that shit happening to them in western animation.

No. 588840

Its just Americans trying to shoehorn themselves in another country’s ~representation~ in media ironically, they’re the type to call white people colonizers

No. 588843

that's because of the colorism inside the country, it's not American representation lmao
btw, you can be mestizo and pale.

No. 588847

>I don't get why this is even an argument
Because people can't separate fiction from reality. Though I never really understood why someone needs a character to look like them in order to relate.

No. 588853

You're talking as if every single mexican looked like an indigena (indigena is the correct term, btw. Just saying indio is not very well seen here). We don't. We have a lot of mixtures, specially in the north. Yes, that's part of our rich culture, and I'm proud of it. But there's a lot more ways a mexican person can look, including african, caucasian, asian and middle eastern features. It's more racist to think every mexican looks only a certain way imo.

About those novelas though, I agree, there's a lot of """""white looking""""" people, and yes, that really sucks and there should be more tanned actresses in the media like Yalitza. But no one really cares over here unless it is the sjws twitter types that like drinking the american kool-aid (funny because they're doing an american thing while claiming they want more representation). In the end, it's national televition who is at fault for preffering pale looking people. Get mad at those corporations, not at the actresses.

No. 588854

>Though I never really understood why someone needs a character to look like them in order to relate.
That's just how humans in general are, otherwise talking animal or alien films would be far more popular than ones with people.
Appearances are just the first thing you notice, and characters that look more like the respective viewer will naturally draw more attention. Personality and backstory are obviously more important, but looks are the first layer. You can see this reflected in the nature of most media, including Hollywood movies (and the old culture of deliberately excluding actors who were minorities, regardless of skill, because "It won't sell").

No. 588855

Humans are naturally social creatures and it is a little strange for someone to not want any companionship. Not unheard of, just unusual. You do you anon, I wish I didn't care about having friends honestly.

No. 588856

Okay while I understand people can relate to anyone because it's about human experiences we all face at some point in our lives, it's pretty inspiring and powerful to have a character in any form of media you like look like you. it makes you feel like you can get through whatever hardship the character is going through too. It's a great motivator too especially for young children. If every character in every form of media you watched was from a separate race than your own sure you would still relate and love them just as much but the second a character that looks like you and is going through the same things as you shows up they instinctively end up holding a more special place in your heart because let's be real humans are self obsessed we need to see other people that are similar to us succeed in life. But that's my unpopular opinion. Representation is super important for everyone

No. 588857

How do you explain Finding Nemo then?
How do you explain most aesops?

No. 588858

Is Finding Nemo more popular than pretty much every blockbuster or successful media from its respective country? Do you expect not to be blankly stared at if you go to a bunch of studio execs and tell them to replace all their actors with talking CGI fish?
You're arguing with established media history here, not me. Sorry.

No. 588859


Those are animals, not people.

Additionally, they have personality traits that represent human personality traits and flaws, thus making them relatable.

Honestly try harder.

No. 588863

Did you think of this by yourself or are you saying this because some other people came out with the idea that we need every single character to look like us to relate?
What is empathy? I can see myself in Miguel from Coco for sure because yeah I grew up eating tamales.
I can also see myself in Rapunzel even though I'm not white because of how she was abused by her mother.
I swear it's not that deep

No. 588864

NTA, but if it's not that deep, why even be pressed about it? Why shouldn't there be more characters that look like Miguel if it's all the same anyway? What's the problem?

No. 588867

I've always thought this even as a kid? I'm not saying you need to have every feature a character has in order to empathize all km saying is that representation in media is important because like it or not media shapes and inspires us. Idk I just know how excited my nephews were to see a black spiderman and how much my niece still watches princess and the frog before bed. It's important and cute okay!?

No. 588868

Your point was
>otherwise talking animal or alien films would be far more popular than ones with people.
The land before time is popular
Finding Nemo is popular
The Lion King is a mayor success
Kung-Fu Panda is amazing
You see my point?

>Why shouldn't there be more characters that look like Miguel
Sis I'm not saying that.
I'm saying basic human empathy exists. I don't necessarily need more latino characters to relate. Is it nice to see them on screen? It is, I love it, I agree. Do I need this representation so badly that if I don't see a character from my etnicity winning I'll die? No, I won't, I can also relate to other characters.
That's the point.

No. 588871

My point was
>be far more popular than ones with people.
Are those films far more popular than films with humans? Have you considered there's a reason 99% of movies aren't about talking animals, even if those are successful sometimes?
Also, no one says basic human empathy doesn't exist, but also, no one said "every single character" needs to look like anything, or that they'd die if they didn't. It's just nice, and most people would agree there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 588872

Well okay, since you explained your point, I agree.
>It's important and cute okay!?
Yeah it is! This is the same reason why I buy tanned dolls to my little nephews every christmas. I want them to feel okay in their skin.


The films I mentioned are very popular and The Lion King was a milestone in the Disney Reinassance.
It's basic human empathy.

No. 588873

I'm not saying they're not popular, I'm saying if they were the preferred choice and appearances didn't matter, most films would be in that format.
It feels like you're strawmanning a bit. I even said in my first post
>Appearances are just the first thing you notice, and characters that look more like the respective viewer will naturally draw more attention. Personality and backstory are obviously more important, but looks are the first layer.
Nothing about how empathy doesn't matter, just that this is how things are.

No. 588874

i've never had an issue with people so called "racebending" any characters, but it does feel a bit off if people racebend characters that are already the few representations of themselves (like katara being inuit) but i don't think it should be banned or shunned.

also when i make dark skin edits of anime characters, its because japan can't bother to not make a racist depiction of brown and black people (the fucking lips). cowboy bebop and some other anime don't fall into this, but it's not like there's a lot to choose from… lmao.

No. 588875

A lot of you guys are missing the point on purpose it seems. Minorities have been relating to characters that don't look like them for decades. We all for the most part know how to empathize with peoplr/characters/creatures etc that don't look like us but even still why should they not have media representing them without it being a pc debate it's weird. Like another anon said when Hollywood was starting up and even until recently they mainly casted white people because they thought white audiences couldn't relate to us brown folk lol. Again some of favorite characters are white people it's just would be nice to see everyone have someone to look up to that looks like the in some way because…. IT'S CUTE

No. 588877

Sorry for the bad writing I'm on my mobile

No. 588880

I just disagree, how someone looks is just not the only thing that is important to me. I preffer judging characters based on their choices and the way they act, first, not what color their skin is.
>Minorities have been relating to characters that don't look like them for decades.

No. 588881

I didn't say it was the only thing that was important, or anything close to that, though.

No. 588882

What did you say then? If you explain it to me, I'll listen.
We can agree to disagree.

No. 588884

Everything I've already stated in my previous posts. >>588875 basically sums up my thoughts exactly, and it seems you don't disagree with them, so I'm not even sure what you believe I'm saying or how you ended up at that conclusion.

No. 588885

Yeah I don't disagree with them
what's the problem then? lmao

Also sorry, english is not my first language, I have a hard time understanding everything.

No. 588886

>what's the problem then? lmao
That's what I'm asking, I'm pretty confused, kek. You may have just misunderstood, it happens.

No. 588888

>puts on sunglasses
>cant see anything
Why does everyone likes wearing sunglasses sm? I cant barely see anything through them lmao.

No. 588889

I guess that's what happened lol I'm pretty confused too

No. 588895

I think it's funny that the same kiddos on twitter or tumblr who complain about not having enough representation in the US/Europe (and now in anime too?) have no problem with relating to and "feeling" kpop or korean dramas - with the people in those being close to always only of a single nationality lol

No. 588909

I think it goes back to what this anon >>588875 said. Plus, the representation in anime thing isn't really a new subject, it's only just gaining traction because Tumblr/Twitter people are hopping on it.
K-pop and Korean dramas are pretty shit, though.

No. 588918

kek because i have sensitive eyes so i dont want the sun right on my face

exactly! imo its cringy when foreigners show up in random asian movies/try to be in kpop groups or whatever. i think people forget that you can like anything you want even if you dont speak the language or are of a diff race. funny enough typically the ppl screaming for representation in anime/kpop whatever are sjws who think their mindset should be applied everywhere

No. 588923

I just find it ironic that they get angry or cancel e.g. an american movie for not having enough representation but then turn around to become fans of Korean media, which is 100% homogeneous. They clearly choose on when to be passionate about their activism.

No. 588938

I never used PULL but i think it would be nice if like 10% of them migrated here. I check lolcow everyday but this site is so slow. More users could have been fun.

Also dont know if its an unpopular opinion but kiwifarms is insufferable just because of how the website is laid out. If they had better design, they would be a lot more popular

No. 589085

If they would just integrate and not bring their moralfaggotry here then fine welcome aboard

No. 589101

The 10% who aren’t idiots have already been here anon

No. 589143

I feel like a lot of women like to pull the pedophilia card to often it's one thing to be into women who purposefully try to imitate teen girls through their looks and actions but it's another to call men pedophilic for being into shorter women who shave and dont wear makeup. There's alot more to a man having pedophilic preferences than their partners being short and looking younger than they actually are.

No. 589162

lolcow has gone to shit, i haven't even seen the words "nasolabial folds" posted on here for like a month

No. 589165

shut your nasolabial folds the fuck up are you happy now?

No. 589166

Not true. I got a reply containing that phrase just yesterday in the Twitch thread.
Lurk moar, post moar.

No. 589223

Japanese ppl don't care about this shit but it's popular anyways

No. 589265

Definitely, it's a whole different thing to just have youthful looks versus whatever people like Belle Delphine are doing. You can look young and be petite but not infantilize yourself, and in the same way it shouldn't make people attracted to you pedos because you're an adult acting like an adult, nothing childlike about this.

No. 589282

I would agree but the amount of racebait masked as milk in /w/ right now makes me think otherwise. Although idk if it's twitterfags or migratory pull users who are the main culprits.

No. 589291

I don't think that the preference toward tall men that many women have is biological, I think it's just a beauty standard that could change any time.

I don't get it, I've dated guys that are between 165 cm and 190 cm and I never thought about it until two years ago when a friend of mine was complaining that only short guys (men her own height) hit on her. I've dated some men that are really tall but not as attractive and some really hot short guys. I care more about intelligence, passion, a good heart and a handsome face.

No. 589292

You’re a good person, anon. My current boyfriend is 6”5 and I don’t think I could go back to the short-men lifestyle. There’s just something really attractive to me about a man who towers over most people, especially if they have a broader (not fat) build.

No. 589294

I've only been in relationships with tall men. Fucked about with two shortish guys (I'm 5'6 they may have been 5'7 or 5'8) and it just wasn't as appealing as the tall guys. Tall guys just look better and feel better idk

No. 589295

I've dated a few shorter men but I hate to admit that I enjoy the feeling of safety I get with my bf who is over a foot taller than me.

No. 589299

>I enjoy the feeling of safety I get with my bf who is over a foot taller than me.
Sigh, don't we know since decades already that most assault and violence happen at home…? By bringing a dude into your home who is over a foot taller than you, your chances of survival when he decides to do something to you are lower than zero…

No. 589300

Short men are more violent ime, they're like little angry dogs.

No. 589301

ok anon.

No. 589302

>I care more about intelligence, passion, a good heart and a handsome face.
I do agree, I've dated short guys where I forgot they were even short because they had other defining features, but at the same time there are so many short guys that don't make any effort because they have already decided won't want them ad so they just blame everything in their life on being short. Having to deal with just a couple of men with napoleon complexes is enough trouble to make me weary of short guys forever.

Tall people absolutely do have an advantage though, they just look more powerful and people listen to them more.

No. 589307

I keep hearing this, but every single shorter guy I've hung out with has been nothing but chill and calm so idek what that's supposed to be about.

No. 589310

Is the same thing for short women true as well..?
And even if, at least you might be able to defend yourself against him.

No. 589313

I'm the anon who brought up safety. Didn't even mean safety from other men. Why are you so combative anon?

No. 589318

I mean, she does have a point.

No. 589345

i feel the opposite way, like dating shorter men feels safer. most of my crushes were between 165-172 cm (5"5-5"8) and i'm 167 (5"6).
on a side note, do short cute men still exist or are did they all become redpilled incels?

No. 589353


…why would that be the case
short women don't have complex about masculinity from being <6'4


don't be mistaken anon short men can still fuck you up easily

No. 589355

File: 1595596829932.png (43.02 KB, 540x284, 571E7154-EADB-4A3D-88FB-4A774C…)

i always see those memes about how girls with blue eyes just aaaaalways want people to comment and open their eyes real big so people will notice and it’s just inaccurate as fuck. those memes were made by salty brown eyed people who are jealous of people with colored eyes. i have blue eyes and i’m used to people commenting but it’s the only compliment i get, usually only by brown eyed people. i never make a big deal about them or talk about them until others do. no normal person thinks they’re “special” or better just because they have blue eyes.

No. 589357

This is true. Short man rage is definitely a real thing.

No. 589361

Eh, let brown eyed people be salty, you can’t deny light eyes are put on a pedestal.
Even if you’re ugly if you have light eyes someone will always comment on how beautiful they are.

No. 589365

File: 1595597643770.jpg (46.05 KB, 607x733, 0a2.jpg)


>salty brown eyed people who are jealous of people with colored eyes

lol. You sound way too salty, Anon. You're mad that people are acknowledging pretty blue eyes in a meme?

I also have light colored eyes and have actually experienced this though. It's not from adult people and not always from people with blue eyes.

I knew this girl in high school that would always go into details on her eye color. "Uhm they're not really hazel hehe they turn brown in the winter and green in the summer" and I've known quite a few other people to do that, whether in middle school or college.

You can't speak for every person with light colored eyes, bitch.

No. 589370

Most women should not go bald. It's generally just not a good look.

No. 589375

I don’t understand how people get attached to fictional characters in movies/tv/books. I can understand being a fan or being attracted to them. But being seriously affected by character death/misfortune or being super invested in them is such a foreign concept to me.

No. 589379

File: 1595599601108.png (194.65 KB, 298x296, justin listening.png)

I can only speak for myself here but this usually happens when a person becomes emotionally invested of a character that reminds them of someone in real life?

There are also other elements that make a character's death sad. Music, circumstances, etc.

When I see on-screen suicides, I get very sad. Not because of the character dying, but because it really reminds me of my own suicidal feelings and idk.. I just feel a sense of despair.

When characters die by some other means and I feel sad, it's not because the character themselves died (although it can be disappointing to not see the character again) but because now there's a sense of despair for the remaining characters, there's sad music, crying, funerals, etc. Shit that reminds you of real life.

LASTLY, I'm super emotional and often try to compare fictional ppl to people I know in real life (often ppl that I have known and broken up with or are not friends with anymore) and it kinda reminds me of them so I def cry if they die.

No. 589380

KEK omg yes i have always noticed this. brown eyed people constantly making posts about how "brown eyes are beautiful in the sun they turn diff colours u should love ur eyes" whatever and go on about how blue/green eyes are "creepy/not even that nice!!" meanwhile ppl with coloured eyes rarely talk about their eyes. i have blue-gray eyes and ive never given a fuck about this eye superiority shit but whenever i see brown eyed ppl saying dumb shit like that i cant help but laugh at how stupid and salty they sound

No. 589382

File: 1595599714581.jpg (18.6 KB, 409x393, 1474526235855.jpg)

This is either really good satire or really poor realization.


No. 589390

File: 1595600487102.jpeg (27.09 KB, 450x481, 8B4D5FE8-7757-4215-9717-41CCC1…)

have you not seen people who stare like this constantly because their only ‘attractive’ feature is their eyes?

No. 589391

File: 1595600522756.jpg (535.93 KB, 1415x1409, 1474526273729.jpg)

KEK since anon deleted her comment, I'll just say she went on to say that her blue eyes were gorgeous "My blue eyes don't pop – but when they do, they're gorgeous" and how her dad's eyes were icy blue and beautiful or something and then she said she'd never heard people brag about blue eyes.

Seeing how she deleted it, I'm guess it wasn't satire.


No. 589392

I'm sorry, but this is a common enough occurrence where it deserves to be a meme. I've personally observed blue and green eyed people doing this too many time to count.

No. 589396

I'm black and it was sattire

No. 589397


>rarely talk about their eyes



No. 589398

Why'd you delete it? It was hilarious and it really did read like satire.

sage cuz off topic.. oh sh–

No. 589399

Someone had to ask if it was a joke or not so I thought the joke just wasn't obvious enough and would lead to fighting lol

No. 589400

lady in the pic is the angle I want to carry me off to heaven when I die.

No. 589401


Ah that was my fault then. You sacrificed your good joke because I poked fun! Sorry, anon.

No. 589402

I’ve definitely seen this happen, but I am Mexican American and in a primarily Mexican community. So some people are super obnoxious about their eyes.

Some girl in high school had very bright blue eyes and would consistently talk about how blue her eyes were. She also called her friends ugly for not having them. My friends mom also had blue eyes and said that her sons would have beautiful white, color eyed children.

No. 589408

I've always been really poor at noticing or remembering what color eyes my friends or family have. I just don't notice it.

No. 589428

i said that just to note that i am a person with non brown eyes since im speaking from exp lol

No. 589435

ive definitely met people who did what the poster describes in the pic. i had a friend in middle school with blue eyes, and she would always make comments about "look at how blue my eyes are teehee theYrE sUch a RiCh dEep iCY cErUlEaN bLuE" at least once every single day which got really obnoxious really fast. she would also do the thing where she opened her eyes really wide while saying this so that we could admire the full colour lmao. (this is coming from someone who also has coloured eyes too, so i'm not some "salty" brown eyed person saying this)

but on the other hand i also had plenty of brown eyed friends who would say shit like "my eyes are so beautiful, tHeY haVE sUCh a riCh goLDeN cOLoUr whEN tHe sUN hiTs tHEm aT tHE riGHT aNgle, cOloUrEd eyEs lOok sO cReEpY AnD sOulLess!!"

but anyway, people who are this obsessed about their eye colour are just generally really obnoxious regardless of the actual colour of their eyes. this is one of the most retarded arguments ever.

No. 589441

Interesting. I guess my problem is probably just that I don’t usually get attached to real people either.

No. 589455

love when brown eyed people sperg about how beautiful their eyes are, it just shows how insecure they are lmfao

No. 589461

Where does this happen ever?

No. 589464

File: 1595608890467.jpeg (50.25 KB, 500x416, 95FD8332-766B-476A-902D-A22AFF…)

Black, brown, green, hazel, blue and grey eyes are pretty.
But who cares, everyone should just wear cool anime contact lenses.

No. 589468

online, especially on tumblr

No. 589474

1) I think hooded eyes look so nice, no idea why people try to fix them. Same with stretch marks, you look like a zebra (best animal) why would you wanna get rid of it?

2) Stan twitter memes are a lot less cringey than "popular memes" like karen, oof, stonks or whatever shit is trending on reddit.

No. 589477

Samefag. The karen/oof/stonks memes might be outdated since i stopped caring about fresh memes like a year ago. So dont call me out saying "haha anon thats from 6 month ago now we say [insert unfunny phrase]"

No. 589478

i tried these exact ones they're cool but anime contacts dont come in prescriptions usually and the designs can turn in different directions

No. 589485

File: 1595610678445.jpg (395.54 KB, 1333x2000, image.jpg)

Anyone else think colored contacts make you look cross-eyed and are not cute at all? They never fit right, the real eye color always shows. I don't get why I see them all over instagram, especially on makeup pages.

No. 589488

What's wrong with brown eyes? You sound very bitter, people don't only have to praise one eye color, kek.

No. 589494

File: 1595612477827.jpg (77.29 KB, 640x640, °00893NFN_RFFGA.jpg)

Why do people even care, blue eyes can't save a busted face and brown eyes won't ruin a beautiful one.

No. 589496

I hate that I can't say how brown eyes give a person depth and warmth, and how dark eye colors are just more suited for certain faces, without some freak getting antsy for not hearing the blue-eyed praise in a hot minute. I never see people fallating themselves for having dark eyes the same way I see people do when they've got some light colored eyes. It's so annoying.

No. 589508

I’ve never thought color contacts make someone’s eye look crossed at all. I guess maybe it depends what kind they are.

No. 589515

Exactly, only uggos worry that much about eye color because it’s the only thing they can brag about

No. 589522

>"ppl with coloured eyes rarely talk about their eyes!"
>has to bring up eyecolor not being brown and points out specifically what special type of blue they are uwu

No. 589523

Western medicine and it's refusal to acknowledge the mind-body connection is causing far more issues than it's solving.

Some psychologist once said that if all mental illnesses were linked to trauma, the size of the DSM would shrink to the size of a small pamphlet. I genuinely believe the same to be the case with medical diagnoses that occur independently of things like chronic stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

No. 589530

File: 1595616247984.jpg (27.62 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It's always the first thing I notice kek. Their eyes look in totally different directions because contacts never fit exactly right.

I wish this trend would die out.

No. 589533

Somewhat agree. I believe most mental illness is either caused by trauma or circumstances. BUT I have also met people whose brains truly seemed to function differently than neurotypical people's. Some people truly have genetically or chemically fucked brains.

I did a paper once in my undergrad highlighting the flaws in psychiatry practices. It's basically throwing pills at people with little scientific basis, and seeing what pills cause which types of people to even out the best. There is no formula for what will work. It's a guessing game, which is why so many patients often have to try several medications, even switching off them of their bodies adjust or become addicted, before they find something that works. I think it's pretty grim.

No. 589554

Yeah I think you and I are on the same page with this stuff. I do agree that some mental and physical problems are mostly genetic/congenital in nature, which is why I'd never suggest not seeing a doctor to rule these things out. But when it comes to things like chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and nerve disorders where the cause is unknown and has been for several decades, if not centuries, you can pretty much bet your ass that chronic stress is at play. Your body is meant to stay in that state for too long, and eventually, that stress starts to manifest as actual, physical pain/symptoms.

So far, it seems like a disease needs to be really common before someone will fund research to uncover a stress link, like with fibromyalgia, IBS, etc, which sucks for people who have rarer diseases that essentially have all the same symptoms, just in a different part of the body, or a different organ. For them, it's just a never ending series of blood work, procedures, organ mutilation, etc.

This is kind of tinfoil, but I believe that with how profitable sick people are to the medical industry as a whole, they aren't going to be admitting that stress is a factor in the development of most diseases anytime soon.

No. 589559

Nothing, they are just as good as any other eyes. Sperging about them is cringy. Imho if you actually love your eyes, you don't need to sperg about them. Same with blue eyed people but I have mostly met people insecure about their brown eyes and sperging how magical they are.

No. 589560

I wish you were my pyschologist anon. I agree with everything you saud but most pyschologists/therapists dont.
Whenever I try to explain some shit to her she just says"but… why?" like bitch i dont know why it just is.
I genuinnely believe people can develop social anxiety without any trauma or bad parenting. Sometimes people are just not conventional.

No. 589562

What do you mean by sperging?

No. 589567

>I genuinnely believe people can develop social anxiety without any trauma or bad parenting. Sometimes people are just not conventional

Not being conventional is a recipe for developing anxiety due to trauma, anon. Almost everyone who is "weird" in some way goes on to experience bullying and ostracization in early childhood. Even if the parents are trying, if they genuinely do not understand where the child is coming from, they typically seek help from school guidance counselors and/or therapists, which then leads to a bunch of office visits, pills, tests, etc. The child usually learns from this alone that they are different in some way, which can also lead to feelings of anxiety that they are going to be inevitably rejected by society.

Ultimately though, I think the latter is probably the better option. The worst thing an unconventional person can experience is chronic shame and ostracization, for something they can't help, from their peers and parents.

No. 589588

i don't think shoe0nhead is a cow. i thought her edginess could go a little bit over the top in her early youtube days and that she was too quick to make assumptions about topics that she didn't have a full understanding of, but that seems…normal? i think most people are prone to doing this? none of her opinions are extreme and never have been. is it because she used to lurk imageboards? is it because she used to skinwalk boxxy? i just don't see it. she was a teenager/in her early 20's when she did that. all of us do stupid shit during those years.

her ex-bf always seemed like way more of a cow, and i think she was sort of cow-ish by extension while they were dating, but now that they've broken up, i'm very easily able to again say that she's not a cow. her content is almost boring, honestly. she doesn't seem to put much effort into her videos, and she's not saying anything new or offering a different perspective we haven't heard yet. is the issue that she's getting a lot of views and subscribers despite this?

idk, i know it's normal for people to disagree on whether or not cows are cows, but it seems like shoe0nhead is a common favorite, and i've just never really understood it. nothing about her bothers me at all. i just don't like her ex-bf lmao.

No. 589639

kek i mentioned it just to speak about my exp as a person with non brown eyes calm down

No. 589640

sperging bc they have to defend how brown eyes are beautiful too. example: long time ago there were so many of those tumblr posts detailing how brown eyes are sooo gorgeous in the sun and brown eyed people have to reason to feel inferior or whatever. all eyes are nice i think the face they are on is more important kek.(samefagging)

No. 589656


Yeah colored contact lenses look fucking weird, specially circle lenses in real life. Might look cool on (edited) photos but in person they look horrible. The eyes stare become uncomfortable, like you can't stop notice that it's something upon the eyes

No. 589770

pitbulls aren't sweet innocent dogs that uwu need protection at all cost

No. 589771

Short women are some of the meanest bitches I’ve ever met. It’s like short people in general are just aggressive. I’m dating a short dude (5’8”) his mom is like 4’11” that women yells at her kids in a way that is so scary.. She smacks their heads too. I never wanna be yelled at by her. Almost all of the girls who tried starting shit with me in school were under 5’3”
In my experience Short girls are not the tiny innocent babies we make them out to be, I’m kinda weary of them tbh.

No. 589773

i kind of agree. it's a common trend

No. 589777

dunno, one of my good friends is tiny and she's the sweetest. I think there's little relation between height and behaviour in woman. Maybe in men trying to compensate for their unmanly height

No. 589782

not only are they mean but they have such an obsession with their height. In my experience, they always have to point out how uwu smol they are and they have to make sure people know that either they're super cute cause they're small or they are super capable despite being small. It's just really odd to me.

No. 589783

Rushing to quote a deleted post and somehow completely changing and twisting the contents of that post while 'quoting' it for anyone that missed it .. >>589391
yeah that's more than just a joke going over someones head anon.

No. 589784

While on the subject of heights, I really don't like the "tall manly man and smol feminine woman uwu" dynamic that a lot of people are into, it looks silly to me (and dare I say "heteronormative" but I'm not fond of this word).

No. 589792

Isn't samefagging when you reply to yourself? I'm >>589562, not that anon. Confusing.

No. 589793

When i was younger I was friends with 2 women under 5’1 and they where and still are both psychos. One bullied me on and off and the other used to scream at and berate her parents in front of me every time I went to her house. That’s just my experience obviously lol. I was much taller than them but they scared me. It’s not about physical power with women so much. I knew I could beat them up but that didn’t matter to me.

No. 589841

im the anon they said id samefagging lol i am also confused

No. 589846

File: 1595680760585.jpeg (92.96 KB, 1124x893, EdlN3GcWAAAuoH3.jpeg)

kek imagine replying to a 19 hour old comment after it waß already resolved and was between A and B

btw I quoted the comment verbatim, stupid. Nothing was "twisted" or changed

No. 589850

> waß already resolved and was between A and B
Girl I am A, and I know what I posted and how it was misquoted ten mins later, keep lying and twisting. Weird behaviour.

No. 589851

I always hear short women complain about how people are condescending or treat them like children, with men being the worst offenders. I wouldn't be surprised if they're taking their bitterness over that and shitting on someone else to feel better. Or faking a big aggressive personality to compensate.

No. 589854

Unpopular opinion: People who think that every bad personality trait somehow has to do with the person's height are really dense.

No. 589857

People get chips on their shoulders sometimes, that applies to alot of different things though.

No. 589879

I agree, most short women are either mean or unhinged. Part of the reason why short women have to be so aggressive is because they aren't taken seriously.

No. 589904

As a tall (5’8) girl I can attest. Short chicks always wanna compare hand sizes just so they can make fun of how huge yours look and how small theres are and point out very loudly how tiny they look next to you.

No. 589905

This. Anything more than half a head of difference looks retarded.

No. 589930

As a short woman, I begrudgingly agree. I don't share this apparently common experience of all short women being obsessed with being smol and bragging about it though, maybe it's an American thing or just something that happens when a woman doesn't feel she has any other value?

Always avoid anyone that constantly brags about a single attribute of theirs if you can, sane three dimensional people don't do that childish shit.

No. 589938

File: 1595691993596.gif (1.31 MB, 300x300, tenor (3).gif)

>in addition to not being taken seriously and never seen as leaders, short women are now labeled as more aggressive and unhinged lumping into the same category as manlets
Thanks lolcow.

No. 590047

as a small hand elite i have to say you'd be surprised how much the world is made for ppl with average to big hands. i broke my hand and the prosthetic unit of the hospital didn't have any casts for people my size (and this was an asian country where hand sizes generally run smaller). i can't properly play piano, any instrument really. can't find gloves. riding bikes sucks because you can't grasp the bars and maneuver gear changes. i can't even reach the brake on my expensive ass mountain bike. i have to two hand most power tools because i can't fit my grip around anything. the best i can do is get kid sized objects and things, but they are too small so theres no happy in between, and it's not like they make kid sized power tools. having very small hands kind of sucks man

No. 590064

Height difference is only cute if it's in "reverse" (tall women, tiny man) or gay.

No. 590084

anon i'm gonna cry I relate so hard. I injured my hand as well (RSI) but have not been able to find any braces that fit me. I tried using the ones available but since they don't fit they just make it worse. I also was in piano lessons for a while as a teenager but my hands were too fucking small to do basic chords so I had to quit. In lab settings when I need to use latex gloves they always hang and extra 2 inches off my fingers and get in my way (even the smallest sized ones). Plus always being disadvantages when someone says "grab a handful" of anything lol. Shit sucks and you can't talk about these things because everyone laughs at you because the problems sound so ridiculous and childlike. Even my family makes fun of me.

No. 590098

I've had ex bfs or even male friends do the whole hand comparison thing
> Anon look how tiny your hands are and how big mine are!!
I hate that shit. Dude I'm not impressed, stop creeping me out.

No. 590104

Wait is that annoying? I did that to all my boyfriends bc women just generally have smaller hands and it’s funny to me how giant man hands look comparatively

No. 590110

I personally dislike it. I'm sure some like it or it makes them feel cutesy but to me it's just like screaming "I'm bigger than you!" The first guy that ever did it to me was austistic and I genuinely think he expected me to bump him up from friend to boyfriend based on hand flexing lol

No. 590118

I’m big hands and short height
Big feet too.

No. 590124

I imagine these are the same people that go to new countries and believe everyone operates the same or holds the stereotyped beliefs kek. I've never seen people obsessed about height unless its dating preferences or realizing they're surrounded by the opposite (tall person surrounded by smaller people), that and tall ddlg girls who want to be 4'11-5'3

No. 590125

File: 1595705077059.jpeg (13.46 KB, 192x262, images.jpeg)

Are you hairy? Do you usually enjoy a second breakfast?

No. 590136

> tall ddlg girls who want to be 4'11-5'3
There is something extra hilarious about tall, fat 'babygirls' Like either overeat your emotions away or age regress them away, doing both is so extra lol

No. 590147

Most married couples are actually annoying and it feels like just because they are married, they consider themselves "higher" on a social rank?

I'm speaking from personal experiences, maybe it's just the married couples I know, the but they all tend to do this "secret exclusive club" thing and overuse the royal We.

I don't want anyone to think I'm a bitter single, I'm happily in a relationship but if I ever got married I don't think I'd be like, "oh we cant do this weekend, we're doing blah blah" or "oh it must be so weird not being married hahaaa"

No. 590148

Does anyone else ever feel really bad for Karens or is it just me? Like, not just because they're really stupid, but having their idiocy going viral and having loads of people mock them for being stupid. I just can't help but feel bad and it's probably just me.

No. 590151

I personally don't. Most times they know they are being recorded and decide to act out further more.

It would be one thing if the cameras came out and then they cooled off and realize "oh shit i'm being stupid on camera", but in most cases they really ramp it up and act even worse.

No. 590155

The whole thing of some couples acting like they've evolved into a single unit is a bit much. I've been married and my husband just walked one day with no notice. I have friends with kids that similarly lost their guy overnight. Call me bitter too (or maybe just cynical) but yeah you need to retain some sense of self. Few marriages are forever so aim for the best but keep your own identity too.

No. 590159

I wonder how much of it is menopause related, I have a couple of relatives who went loony with anxiety and aggitation during it. Said it was like PMS on acid.

No. 590170

the joke is always on them because i have freakishly small hands and small feet for being 5'7. only thing is that i got legs and most of them have long torsos kek.

No. 590173

I wish I had the link but I was listening to a youtube playlist lately while doing stuff around the house. It came up that a dementia sufferer had been filmed and she hadn't a clue what was going on around her, totally out of touch with reality and acting strange and combative. It was circulating as a Karen clip.

No. 590174

i'm just jealous of their dual incomes, i'd love to leech off another person so i could (hypothetically) get a nice house with a nice little yard etc.

No. 590183

I've started to wonder the same and honestly it has helped me a little dealing with older karens at work. I just tell myself their body chemistry is working against them and it helps me keep my cool while helping them.

my unpopular opinion is that younger adult shoppers can be way, way more annoying. they won't ask for my manager but they'll curse at me and lose their temper really easily. plus I get the "I'm too good for you" vibe from them much more often.

No. 590213

I feel bad because the crime does not fit the "punishment". Online dogpiles ruin people's lives for one stupid fit nowadays. We know what kinds of insane people are online and probably harassing them, thinking they're vindicated.

No. 590215

Same, my female classmates constantly wanted to compare themselves to me, not just hands, also feet, knees, wrists, any kind of bone and I always "lost" because if you're 8 inches taller, of course all body parts are bound to be bigger too. Kind of like the opposite of incels, they're proud of being a "wristcel" etc lol Something I also hated is them "playfully" (meaning retardedly) jumping up and down next to me, trying to reach the same height as me. No matter how much you like saying "I'm so small, give me some of your height!", it's quite obvious that you're actually very happy about the way you look… I absolutely hate being tall, I do my best to try to avoid that topic, so I really can't believe that those girls always mentioning their sm0lness are negatively affected by it.

Somewhat related opinion: girls who are obsessed with wearing their boyfriend's way too big shirts and dudes who like that (are turned on by that?) Or do they just go along with what their gf wants? But why do girls like that? I don't understand it. Borrowing stuff because of convenience yes, but what's so cute or romantic about it?

No. 590247

I'm the same height but not only have I never experienced this, I've only ever been complimented for having 'piano hands' and elegant long fingers. It's one of my favourite body parts, I grow my nails to make them look even longer. Who tf wants stubby hands?? When has that ever been considered attractive?

Some anons just have the most bizarre life experiences, I seriously cannot relate at all.

No. 590252

Was it the gal at the appt complex, with the postmate delivery guy? This one really broke my heart. In the middle of being super aggro she suddenly start a sweet lady conversation asking the guy if he plays balls and that she has a son the same age who played ball. It's obvious to anyone with two eyes (and some empathy I guess) she's in the middle of some kind of an episode and probably lost since it's pretty clear this is not her actual house.
Still got posted as a Karen because mysoginy, I guess.

No. 590269

I had the same experience. I'm 5"11 and was much taller than anyone else. I went to an all girls school so there weren't any boys that might have been the same height as me. I don't think my friends intended to hurt me by saying it but they would always tell me how big my hands and feet were or how long my arms and legs were. By the time I was 14 I had to wear men's brogues because I was a UK size 9 and it used to make me feel so humiliated. All my friends used to wear cute feminine shoes with a slight heel and I couldn't. Sometimes they would try to turn it into a compliment by saying how amazing it was that I could hold a basketball upside down in one hand or how I was lucky because I could wear adult women's clothing. I used to feel like a freak.

No. 590286

Lots of guys get off on being much bigger than their partners and being with someone small. Makes them feel like more of a man or some stupid shit.

No. 590361

"Girl", I have litcherally no reason to lie about something as small and insignificant as your poor joke. I quoted a part of it exactly how you said it and you deleted it because you're weak and can't take people not understanding what you say so you felt the need to come back a whole day later and dig yourself deeper in your little hole. You don't belong on lolcow if you're gonna be so reactive to people replying to you.

But anyways.

I know this one couple that just… They always try their best to put themselves above everyone else so much so that I completely stopped talking to them and left all discord servers that they're in because like, I'm just trying to enjoy my life, not compete for everything…..

No. 590528

Can't speak for the size thing because I'm a tall lesbian who dates other tall women, but it's cute and romantic because it's your partner's clothes and they smell like them or remind them of you? And it's cute seeing your partner in your clothes like wow! there's my girl looking so fine in my flannel! It's just cozy and sweet. Maybe it's different for straight couples, but I think you're the weird one out here ngl.

No. 590585

No I feel like those people have probably been treating customer service workers like that for a long time, I don’t think it’s something people randomly do as a one off to the extent you see in those videos and even if it somehow was I feel like they absolutely deserve the criticism and people making fun of them. I feel like if they were middle aged white men there wouldn’t be so many people feeling ‘sympathetic’ to them.

The main problem I have with ‘Karen’ is that it started out as meaning rude white women in customer service situations but has now evolved to white women being literally racially abusive or calling the police pretending they’re ‘being attacked by a black man’ being described as ‘Karens’ which I feel like makes it seem like a meme and undermines how sociopathic and violent it actually is. I feel like viewing them as just ‘silly middle aged women’ or whatever dismisses how deliberate what they’re doing is.

No. 591260

No one ever really matures with age. You just get better at covering up your bullshit and knowing what is and what isnt socially acceptable.
If you're a shit person at 18 you're most likely going to be a shit person at 30.

No. 591265

>knowing what is and what isnt socially acceptable.

isn't that… a part of maturity?

No. 591266

Impulse control seems to be the main thing that improves

No. 591274

you know people can have a change or morals/opinions/mindset/etc throughout their life right

No. 591320

Pnp is not that ugly

No. 591325

I feel like it depends on the specific Karen, a lot of the videos she is extremely abusive and violent and absolutely deserves what she got. In others it just seems like the video is out of context or she's having a bad day, yet she gets the same treatment.

No. 591328

I agree, and her unshooped photos where she has a longer squareish face look better than the shooped ones and I think her makeup is kinda cool but that's maybe because I don't know anything about makeup

No. 591329

There's that one video on twitter where the guy followed her home and filmed her house/car plates while claiming she dropped the n word. but he never filmed her using it. she's breaking down on the video and screaming at him to go away and i honestly feel bad for her. he started sellig t-shirt literally hours after he put the video up. if a male followed me home i would be scared, too.

Honestly the whole karen thing is done and i've started discounting anyone that uses it outside of talking about rude customers. I keep seeing "karen's don't wear masks" but it's statistically men not wearing them. That's why they repreent 60% of rona cases. Karen is literally just a stand-in for bitch 90% of the time.

No. 591336

I've seen some dodgy karen vids being spread. Ones where the alleged incident happened off cam so they're just filming a woman and shouting about a thing that happened. There's no proof in that.

No. 591339

Pepper doesn't add flavor and doesn't do anything unless you add a ton of it, which then makes food unnecessarily spicy. Pepper is basically a garnish, and I still use cause without pepper food can look bland

No. 591358

I'm so fucking over the Karen meme too. It was fine when it was about white women being racist and calling the cops on black people for no reason but it quickly evolved to "Any women I don't like is a Karen, regardless of their race." And ofc that guy starts to sell shirts as soon as he gets a little bit of clout. What a fucking grifter

No. 591360

are you using freshly ground peppercorns cus the pre ground pepper is bland af. toasting peppercorns before grinding them also brings out a good flavor

No. 591369

On the topic of all the Karen videos out there, I feel like the only reason there are so many is because people don't actually take them seriously and aren't afraid of them. As someone who worked in food service for four years the absolute worst and memorable customers I had were all men and I was too afraid then to even consider filming. I feel like the prevalence of these videos causes people to think that middle aged white women are just somehow inherently worse people than other age/race/gender groups. Since the restaurant I worked at reopened with a mask requirement I've had a lot of annoying customers who throw fits, when I tell my family of these encounters they seem surprised that most of the time the person isn't a typical Karen.

No. 591370

Yup, people wouldn't dare film men as they'd probably physically threaten them, but they see women as harmless entertainment. the whole Karen meme stinks of misogyny

No. 591396

I mean the ‘talk to the manager’ haircut etc kind of memes existed long before people were recording Karen videos. Idk I really don’t think it’s just a matter of people thinking it because there’s more videos of it, I’ve worked in retail since I was a teenager and most of my worst experiences were with middle aged white women but I think I feel differently about hearing other poc talk about their experience with Karen’s (which I think is the group the term originated in?) as oppose to the white men who do where I think they sometimes do use it misogynistically. I also think the definition should never have been expanded to include the calling the police videos that have been going viral recently.

No. 591408

I think I've outgrown the Marvel films and most superhero franchises in general. I used to be really into their movies but I recently tried rewatching them and found a lot of them to be juvenile and kinda cringe.

No. 591413

Agreed. I liked anything from Iron Man and the avengers infinity war and ant man and Thor ragnarok (summer of 2018 era but when Endgame came out it was just… predictable and I felt like I was wasting time and money at the movie theater. My bf wanted to watch it tho. They lack the flavor now. I wonder when superhero blockbusters will go away cause that’s all there seems to be, that and rehashing of old cartoons like Sonic and Scooby Doo

No. 591418

Might just be the nostalgia talking, but nickelback music is good and people randomly decided to hate them one day to be seem different. I’m not going to lie, I can’t listen to more than two songs at a time because the lead singers voice gives me a headache after a while, but individually the songs are not at all bad.

No. 591421

Well it started as that. I don't think anyone here is offended by a black woman talking about how karen screamed at her for an hour over an expired coupon then demanded the manager.

But for example there was a story on reddit yesterday about a woman in a store telling another woman to wear a mask. Reddit decided both women were karens. Why? I could understand the non-mask woman as she's endangering staff, but all the other woman did is exist as a white woman in a store so bam she's a karen. If she was a man she'd have been hailed as a brave hero. There was another story about a woman not wanting to question her mechanic bill because she "didn't want to be seen as a karen" and it's stories like those that make it clear it's being used to shut women up that are being "difficult".

Like, if women of color don't think this karen stuff is going to twisted on them at some point they're in for a surprise. It's mostly white men using it now and they're gonna find a way.

No. 591422

I fucking love diner cole slaw, as long as it doesn't have horseradish. It makes me feel like a rabbit and I put it on everything.

No. 591428

Definitely. Women are not legitimately threatening, misogynists enjoy getting mad at them whether it's deserved or not and certainly aren't afraid of them or offending them.

I saw a story yesterday about some guy showing his gun to scare a young waitress into letting him in a restaurant without wearing a mask, of course nobody called him a karen because that's an understatement. Either way people are way more angry at the audacity of bitchy middle aged white women than violent criminal men who cause significantly more harm every day. The difference in energy directed at both is so telling.

No. 591455

Karen wasn’t originally meant to imply the person was threatening though, just that they were being annoying/entitled but either way do you honestly think those videos of white women faking hysterics and calling the police saying black men are trying to kill them isn’t threatening? Women obviously can be legitimately threatening.

No. 591457

No, they can't. Threatening to call the cops on a black man isn't the same as physically fearing for your life. When the woman is in the wrong the man still has the choice to leave the fucking area. You can call a karen a bitch and you're not rolling the dice on her returning later with a gun. That's not even touching on male customers that think they can touch female staff.

The idea women can be as threatening as men is fucking laughable in a society where 3 women a day are killed by their moids

No. 591459

Black men obviously physically fear for their life when the cops are called on them in America, especially when a white woman is pretending they’re going to kill them? These women are unarguably being threatening and know exactly what they’re doing. It’s delusional to think women can never be oppressors as if gender is the only axis of oppression.

No. 591478

They can't walk the fuck away when the cops are being called? Because a woman doesn' have that choice when a moid is going crazy at her. It's not about if they should have to walk away, because they shouldn't, it's about the fact a crazy woman calling the cops isn't s threatening as male shouting and screaming at a woman. It's not a hard concept.

No. 591481

i love the way a few women acted crazy on social media and now we're back to "women fake emotions to hurt/entrap/trick men". Why don't you go talk to some black women about how oppressed black men are kek

No. 591489

It isn’t some new thing white women have historically used the legal system and their perceived innocence in a way that has harmed poc. It’s not a women tricking men thing it’s white people exploiting a racist system. This same perceived victim hood and innocence hurts black women just as much, as they are always viewed as aggressors in interactions with white women. I don’t know any black women who is going to agree with you that black men aren’t oppressed?

No. 591492

I remember when i outgrew my love for Batman comics, even before the movies really started to get worse and worse. It does feel childish. Some comics hold a special place in my heart, but i basically sold most of my collection and dont care to read/keep up to date.

Almost, most (if not all) guys into capeshit are incels.

No. 591502

I don’t see the appeal of cottagecore in the slightest, that kind of life literally seems like living hell to me. I grew up in an extremely rural and isolated place so I just can’t romanticise it in this way. I feel like a lot of the people who think they would like it would hate it in reality.

No. 591515

It's just another case of grass is greener on the other side.

No. 591555

I've never known anyone who was into cottagecore who wasn't an extremely dull person outside of their aesthetic.

No. 591556

Same and I’m so fucking tired of seeing that word and hearing about it. It’s like pastel goth/soft grunge 2.0. Can’t wait till it dies.

No. 591557

this is how i see it. i cant believe people are still doing these niche aesthetic things especially when tumblr is dead

No. 591558

not interested in the lifestyle but I think the dresses are cute

No. 591561

They don't care about reality, they just want to live in a studio ghibli movie

It's stupid (and ugly imo) but like >>591556 said it's just a lame trend

No. 591572

Maybe for some?
Myself and the only other person I know who are interested in the lifestyle aspect(I assume you mean hobby farming) grew up in a rural farming town. And this is personal, but it also reminds me of my formative years where I lived isolated only with my mother in a house in the middle of the woods. There were negative circumstances surrounding it, but time spent with her was like a sanctuary. So it may be some Oedipal shit, but recreating that situation with a female partner would feel to me as if I'd achieved the ultimate bond on an emotional level.

But perhaps finding appeal in an aesthetic that overlaps with what I desire anyway is different than just hopping on the trend, idk. I think the more people that want to hobby farm, go for hikes, learn about their local wildlife, etc. the merrier. So long as they know cleaning animal shit and doing actual manual labour isn't uwu dainty.

No. 591588

Go back to Twitter or LSA

No. 591624

I fail to understand why Megan thee stallion has been so popular (independent from the recent shooting). Her music is generic, her live performances are nothing special. She seems to repeat the same dance move on stage with little to no variation or stage presence beyond pussy popping. I'm not making a value judgement on pussy popping, I just find her very lackluster in every regard. She strikes me as a one trick pony.

No. 591630

File: 1595916405263.jpg (28.95 KB, 500x500, 71a7dQ1SbUL._SS500_.jpg)

Her music is not really what I'd consider "generic". Megan's music has consistently brought me to that level of "Oh shit, yeah, this is how I feel".

What she raps about is really good (not morally, but it's shit I haven't heard on mainstream in a while). No, it's not really new, there have been many other female rappers rapping about getting money from men and riding dick, but it's been a while since that music was mainstream. I feel Megan brought it back, she's not tied up with tunchi or Drake and she's not uhh… a bad artist like Cardi B. She's a solo artist and again, wouldn't call it "generic" unless you are solely talking about the beats which… Okay, I guess, but rap is more than just a nice beat.

She's like… the Trina of our time. (If you don't know who that is, I'm sorry to say, but you're just not qualified to comment on this topic…. /s but only a little)

With all of that being said, is her music repetitive? A little. Doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the spotlight right now. (It's better than having Cardi or Nikki there….)

Man I really hate people that shoot down a popular artist because they only hear one or two songs over and over again.

No. 591631

I thought that was Lil’ Kim

No. 591634

NTA but I've only heard Savage on the radio and it's so stupid, I can't wrap my mind around why people like it, except to feel like a ratchet narcissist for three minutes.

"I'm a savage (yeah)
Classy, bougie, ratchet (yeah)
Sassy, moody, nasty (hey, hey, yeah)
Acting stupid, what's happening? Bitch (whoa, whoa)
What's happening? Bitch (whoa, whoa)
I'm a savage, yeah
Classy, bougie, ratchet, yeah
Sassy, moody, nasty, huh
Acting stupid, what's happening? Bitch
What's happening? (Ay, ah)"

Ew what

No. 591643

I definitely despise everything shane dawson has done but I feel sort of bad for him, like he's just so pathetic

No. 591644

Don't feel bad for him. He had been warned about his behaviour multiple times from numerous people, but when the mob comes after him and his income is disturbed, that's when he suddenly pretends to care. I find him to be very manipulative.

No. 591668

the tina snow cover is terrible. love megan and cocky af is a great song but she looks bad lmao.

No. 591713

File: 1595934716958.jpeg (47.25 KB, 400x300, 4A2516FA-8E59-4071-BDC0-4CD733…)

She looks like Nene from Real Housewives of Atlanta here.

No. 591716

oh god, she totally does! much love to nene but megan doesn't normally look like her…

No. 591717

File: 1595935119758.jpeg (229.91 KB, 1242x945, DB74C244-59F6-48D5-BFC7-F3044D…)

Getting called baby (including It’s variations like babe) it’s fucking annoying and weird.
Also, being called princess by anyone who wants to fuck you should be considered a huge red flag.

No. 591733

Whenever my ex would text me he would call me bby and that's legit one of the things pushed me to break up with him

No. 591752

i will admit its kinda catchy but more than anything i hate when beyonce hops on the song. she sounds so try hard for most of the song and her lyrics are just as annoying (i am talking about the remix)

also tied to this unpopular opinion but the nicki minaj remix of say so was so unnecessary no one asked for that shit lol in my opinion she ruins the song and her lyrics are so cringe she just adds nothing to the song

No. 591761

Believe it or not, fans actually wanted Nicki and Doja to collab, idk why though. The song was about unrequited love, and Nicki hopped on the track just to talk about her ass, money and husband just like she does on every song. Plus, she had to change the beat to even fit on the song. At this point she should just retire.

Beyonce still makes good music imo, but I feel like she's definitely started to pander to a younger audience.The tiktok reference made that really obvious.

No. 591766

kek Thats surprising! Agreed I hate when she mentions about playing with her husbands balls or something along those lines… It doesnt even make sense for the song its just really odd

No. 591767

I hate the name 'keith'

No. 591769

harvest moon is better than animal crossing.

No. 591777

Yep white Karens are clearly the ones FORCING the cops to kill black people

No. 591786

File: 1595944006705.jpg (62.36 KB, 530x516, ALBERTO.jpg)

Fuck discord.

Discords system is broken.
Discords phone verification system doesn't keep any bad actors away, because theyll just turn off their VPN's to create the account and go about their day.
VPN's are a standard in privacy and discords stance against them is worrying.

Discords system is shit and they should feel bad.
I hope people move back to irc just to spite discord and their shitty company.

Fuck Stanislav Vishnevskiy and thank god for his receeding hairline, I hope his eventual hair plugs fail and he ends up with a frankenstein hairline scar. I hope the Rogaine he takes makes his dick limp for all eternity.

Fuck Sergei Sorokin, I hope the fat fuck gets diabetes from all the McDonalds he inhales. His features are too small for his face and so are his brains.

Fuck Jason Citron with his neanderthal looking ass face, I bet he cries every night knowing that if Evan Spiegel was just a little less of a coder, and a little worse socially, with a lot less money, a little bit incompetent, and a little bit dumber, and a lot bit fatter he would probably be Jason Citron.

The only positive effect Jason Citron has ever had to anyone; If you ever doubt yourself just remember "I want to be a factor, I want to feel like my actions matter, in fact I'd rather not stagger, I might not have the talent but there's Jason Citron; proof talent doesn't matter."

No. 591788

It really is a fucking stupid name.

No. 591818

File: 1595948684557.png (1.06 MB, 1423x1505, Toad.png)

I don't like those 'someone's daughter' memes. I know this sounds obnoxious but theu give me a weird, slightly sexist feeling…
pic related

No. 591820

It's that thing where shame is attached to sexually active women but men are praised for the same behavior. You're either a frigid bitch or someone's whore daughter. Can't win either way.

No. 591821

File: 1595949027660.jpg (67.24 KB, 335x250, 44155988.jpg)

No. 591828

Never heard of this before, but that's disgusting as fuck. I hate this.
I was confused for a bit of what it meant though because that's a cute froggy. Men are wicked.

No. 591829

Imho it's sexist because it's defining the woman through her relation to some man, not her own person making her own choices. It's something that always annoys me too in the narratives for example about rape, men can only symphatize with a woman victim if they're told she belonged to some man, someone's wife, someone's daughter. Awful.

No. 591830

What is your favorite harvest moon anon? Mine was Magical Melody.
Honestly, after the wii era, harvest moon didn't improve much and I'm still waiting for another good game imo. It's even more confusing because now the series is called Story of Seasons.

No. 591832

File: 1595950696918.png (437.96 KB, 500x549, 1586955484901.png)

maybe I'm just a lonely bitch but I would love for somebody to call me baby…

princess is weird though.

No. 591835

Magical melody and tree of tranquility!! And yes, everything after was absolute shit. But when it was good, it was gooood.

No. 591837

I never understood how people view middle class women using the police as a middle man as somehow a bigger problem than how in trailer parks and ghettos they will just shoot you dead themselves. And that happens much, much, much more often than some Karen calling the police and actually getting anyone killed.

It's the same thing when somehow in upper class neigbhorhoods it's "really evil" to have neighborhood watch, but nobody cares if there's entire "bad neighborhoods" where normal people can't even walk or they'll get ganged up on and killed for no reason. And everyone just accepts that and avoids those places. Hello, same rules for everyone?

No. 591841

You guys put my thoughts into words very neatly, these points were exactly what was bothering me. It's a meme ik but it is bothersome. Basically taking the narrative away from the woman and making her someone's and shaming her (and only her) for what? being sexual? It's gross. Glad to know I'm not being overtly stuck up lol

No. 591843


I sometimes wonder if any of the tumblr/twitter woke-os have ever been in a dangerous area. Their idea of a police-free anarchist utopia already exists and it's called Somalia.

No. 591860

I just hate the tumblr/twitter woke teens/adults. Wish we could nuke them all or something idk how would that even work.

When will this life return to its formal peace when people didn't clout chase for woke points?

No. 591862

of course they haven't. The only shit they ever do is post crap on social media.

No. 591864

Wanting to defund and abolish the police has got to be the stupidest most reactionary illogical shit, can only come out the mouth of comfy middle class suburbanites who watch too many movies. Of course anyone who realize this are bootlicking white supremacists, including lower class women of color.

No. 591895

Yeah those are fucking awful.
Dunno why men insist on being so disgusting

No. 591900

it's just the same old sexist shit, nothing new. I'm tired

No. 591903

Gum is extremely nasty and I hate seeing people chew it. Spitting gum out is even grosser. Even just smelling it grosses me out.

How is chewing something rubbery and covered in spit pleasing at all?

No. 591909

Education really is the greatest power a woman can have and for that reason I think everyone should get a higher education if they are able to. The only people who can argue with solid facts are idiots who are lost causes.

No. 591912

God… I love gum so much… I love chewing it. I don't know what's wrong with you anon. I have a fresh batch of bubblegums I bought a few days ago and I'm excited to chew 'em all. I do make sure to wrap it in tissue before throwing it, because just spitting it is nasty.

No. 591974

It's so annoying when a store doesn't reply to your online messages or even try to process your order, and I haven't been rude to them even once. You put your business online, you have to at least try to take care of your online presence, we don't have to come to the store when you obviously stated that online purchases are available.
I was left on read while trying to buy sth and the owner took days and even weeks on end to reply to my messages even when we're in the same damn country. Do you even respect your customer? I hate these stores that think online businesses are just simply posting pictures, play it off like they don't know anything, and disregard every aspect about it because they are "old and busy" when you have been posting for more than 2 years. So you gonna let the customers wait and rot? Cool.

No. 591984

yes yes and yes! Love these points anons I honestly think that I am backwards at times just because Im not eating up all these woke talking points. Tired of all the white guilt and people stupidly vandalizing and pushing down historical statues in the name of “racism” or changing street names for the same reason as if that actually does anything. Whenever I see defund the police stuff ior violent protesting during the odd time I am on twitter I cant even bring myself to agree with what ppl are saying anymore because it literally doesnt make any sense

No. 591985

same fag but i meant ending “racism”

No. 591991

this is so true! i hate how people use it now to refer to something much more serious & literally life or death
i also get annoyed at the term karen because it feels misogynistic. definitely true that a lot of upper middle class white karens are abusive to customer service workers, but i think white men are just as bad if not much worse! it totally lets them off the hook when they are fucking awful to customer service too

No. 592000

I think in terms of the defund the police rhetoric it's more of a misnomer type thing. I don't think anyone genuinely wants the police gone unless they're a nut. It's more like allocate resources out things that don't need police intervention, providing more training on deescalation, and a hard look at police culture.

White guilt is a meme and a buzzword (buzzphrase?) at this point, it's not like POC want you guys to be out here talking about, "omg I hate white people but I am white people" because it's weird and uncomfortable.

There's a lot of work to do and a lot of it is going to be a hit or miss. Things are going to change and if that's at the expense of some dumb statues that were built to intimidate minorities during Jim crow, then I don't really care.

That's not to say the left doesn't have issues and that your criticisms aren't valid. It's just scary to see that some people get stuck in these black and white trains of thought.

No. 592001

How would defunding the cops provide them with better training?

No. 592004

That's not what anon said at all lol

No. 592013

Like I said a misnomer lmao or that's the way I see it. People obviously need to look at the way their local government spends their money and the way it goes to funding different programs in their areas.

The answer isn't gutting police of all their resources that go to payroll. It isn't gutting social programs that genuinely help communities to not need as much policing. It's not militarizing our police eiher. Recidivism is a giant problem in communities that are over policed but there are so little programs in place to actually help people get back on their feet.

I'm not an ACAB person, I realize that the police have a lot on their shoulders but that means we need to work to alleviate some of that weight.

No. 592024

Reposted because I typed like a retard, samefag.

Of course communities need to have accountability, but just because we can't see it first hand doesn't mean it's not happening.

I work in youth outreach so I'm just trying to figure out what's best for my communities as well anons, godspeed.

No. 592038

I love you anon. You’re right and you should say it.

No. 592050

Which Harvest moon is the best?
I wanna play now. I gave up on my NH island and I only have DOOM 2 to fill the void.

No. 592062

Hero of Leaf Valley is my favorite, if you have a gamecube I always liked Magical Melody but it's definitely old, same as Harvest Moon 64 which is very slow but comfy

No. 592064

*Sorry I meant Back to Nature not 64

No. 592087

I have always loved old anime like card captor sakura and Marmalade boy but was always deeply weirded out how they normalize teacher student relationships and everyone in the series is totally fine with it.
But watched it anyway cuz I liked the rest of it

No. 592090

If you have a 3DS I recommend Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. Lots to do, tons of character events, lots of character customization and clothing!

No. 592113

People who would choose to save their pet over a human in that stupid hanging off a bridge scenario are honestly psychotic to me. I love my pets so much, to the point where people make fun of me. In all honestly, hearing stories about animal abuse will bring me to tears whereas child abuse stories just make me mad. With all that being said, if my cat was hanging off a cliff and there was a stranger next to them, I would absolutely save that stranger. I shouldn’t even have to explain why choosing your pet instead is fucked up.

No. 592118

I agree. People who think this way are usually super fucked up from childhood abuse. They decide that the entire human race is evil and that only animals are innocent, thus they prefer animals to humans.

No. 592128

Reminds me of all the people demanding true crime podcasts to mention upfront if the episode contains any mentions of animal abuse so they can skip it… because apparently mention of a dog being killed is far more unbearable to them than listening to the descriptions of very brutal crimes done to other humans.

No. 592135

I don't actually believe they're telling the truth when people say shit like that. They're just really wrapped up in their identity as an animal lover/pet parent or whatever and exaggerating their love for their pets is like some weird edgy brag. The sociopathy and lack of empathy it would take to save an animal over a human usually correlates to animal abuse, not doting on your pets.

No. 592137

It's okay to like animals (especially ones you're already close to) more than humans, especially male humans.
As long as you're not actively hurting other people, it shouldn't really even matter. There's also a 99% chance you'll never be in a position where you have to choose between saving an animal or a human, so the prevalence of the "what if" question is weird IMO.
Most people already don't care much about each other unless they're bonded through friendship, family ties or romance, if we're being brutally honest.

No. 592138

you would save your human friend/family member over a total stranger. why is it different just because it's an animal?

t. "super fucked up from childhood abuse" so forgive me if i'm missing something

that's just because people with true crime brainrot are desensitized to human death, a regular person doesn't want to listen to either of those things

No. 592139

>you would save your human friend/family member over a total stranger. why is it different just because it's an animal?
I was literally about to post just this, kek. Thanks, anon.

No. 592150

I can't even believe what I'm reading. I literally work in an animal rescue and my life revolves around animals, and even I can't believe this argument.

Don't procreate.

No. 592153

kek ya'll hate reddit yet you're literally just like every last one of them. I just saw this in the unpopular opinion subreddit and people in the comments are like "Guess I'm crazy, but I would choose my dog, oops sorry"

No. 592157

honestly, this is fucked up, but i think it's actually pretty normal. animals are innocent and pose less of a threat to humans than other humans, so it's sometimes easier to empathize with them.

also, it's one thing to say you'd save your dog over a human, and another to actually do that. almost nobody is ever going to be in that position.

No. 592159

Honestly, though, imagine caring for a puppy or kitten for years, sacrificing it to save a stranger, and that stranger turns out to be a full-on mass-murderer, a serial rapist/pedophile, or even just someone who doesn't value their life and dies within a week from a drug overdose or drunk driving.
You sacrificed your beloved pet for literally nothing, and it's all on you, lmao. If there was ever an entire species made up of special snowflakes, it'd be humans for this shit.

No. 592163

People who would save other people even if those people might by some OFF chance turn out to be a murderer are the special snowflakes in this situation?

LORD HELP MEEEEEEEEEE why do I still think functioning humans use this site.

No. 592165

People who think other humans are automatically good and get angry at other people for saying "I'd rather save who/what I know is good than a complete stranger" are pretty snowflakey, yeah.
Anyway, this entire scenario is about as realistic as the one I mentioned. How many times have you been given the choice to save a human life versus your pet's, exactly? What are the chances of that ever happening in your lifetime, and why are they less "off" than the other person being a piece of shit? Help me understand, functioning-anon.

No. 592168

i would push you off the bridge

No. 592172

yeah I know. That's kind of the point of this whole discussion. How people like me would save your sorry ass over my loving cat , and how you wouldn't, because you're actually autistic.

No. 592174

There's no "little Sally" here, it's just "another human", which includes the creepy guy who gives sidelong glances to children and has an ankle monitor, or the guy you saw shove little Sally down the stairs yesterday and called CPS on but they didn't do anything. I don't really get why this is so hard to accept.
Maybe the answer you're really looking for is: It depends on the human. You can't expect anyone to just automatically think everyone is good and deserves to live more than their pet that they love, it's dumb and overly naive.
>They don't even know what's happening on the way down nor will anyone besides you have to deal with the aftermath.
This is like reading someone trying to justify animal abuse/killing for the sake of it.

No. 592175

you're one of those people who uses them term special snowflake without realizing that the whole foundation behind that term relies on the types of arguments and mindsets you're making right now.

>What if that person watches tentacle porn in their free time? My dog and it's quarter of a brain pays attention to me because it literally was designed to kiss my ass! PUSH

No. 592179

NTA, but the only reason to save someone you despise and don't want to procreate is for symbolic reasons, and that's a ridiculous, self-destructive way to live. There's no point to it, it literally implies you don't actually love your cat that much to save someone you hate just because they're human.

see >>592165. This entire "But humans!" argument is snowflake shit, and so is the "human vs animal who would you save?!" scenario as a whole.

No. 592181

Except it's not at all like animal abuse or murder. That's usually intentional. Just like you letting little sally go bye bye.
Stop reinstating the fact that this is a hypothetical to justify having an unhealthy opinion. Some of us don't save other living beings based on how well they serve us and our lonely selves. I will fall into the deepest depression of my life mourning my dog and would probably off myself for it, but that's better than literally murdering someone.

No. 592182

hey its ok, your both retards

No. 592188

You're using a hypothetical as a realistic judge of another person's character, and when they point out the reason why they may not follow your specific mindset, you insist their hypothetical is somehow impossible or inane.
It makes no sense, and you definitely don't sound healthy doing this shit.
>Some of us don't save other living beings based on how well they serve us and our lonely selves.
Yeah, not wanting to rescue the neighborhood nonce on the basis of "He's a hairless ape like I am! We both have opposable thumbs" is very selfish and evil, shame on me.

No. 592192

anon never said they were a pedophile in this hypothetical loser. You keep making fun of hypotheticals while also adding to the hypothetical that the person fucks kids in their free time. kek kek kek kek kek kek kek.

No. 592193

The entire hypothetical is about humans as a whole, and that includes shitty ones who arguably deserve to die.
Only an actual loser would get this angry about people not responding the same way they would to a hypothetical scenario. Take your Risperdal already.

No. 592194

Ngl I'd let it die if it's a man, I'm sure leddit wouldn't like that

No. 592195

This is the first time I've contributed to this discussion but go off.

I would kill pedophiles even if the situation didn't require it just to be clear. ;)

No. 592196

That doesn't change the fact that you're pressed about literally nothing, kek.
>I would kill pedophiles even if the situation didn't require it just to be clear.
At least that we can agree on. Cringe emoji, though.

No. 592197

Same, it really depends on the person for me.

No. 592198

File: 1595980287500.jpg (91.03 KB, 700x394, sub-buzz-648-1572627340-1.jpg)

Riverdale is so bad. I would think this isn't an unpopular opinion but I'm in my 20s and people still reference it. The quotes are fucking gold though.

No. 592199

I never watched past season one but it was gloriously fucking bad and I genuinely laughed a lot.

No. 592200

File: 1595980690968.jpg (89.6 KB, 640x1136, f8aa881137f665b3b07bd53b29c54a…)

I'm genuinely ashamed of this opinion, but I think Cole Sprouse is cute as Jughead. Shame about literally everything else, though. The actual show is unwatchable.

No. 592204

Riverdale is my ultimate dirty pleasure. It's so awful, but I can't get enough of it.

No. 592206