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File: 1601575843852.png (149.6 KB, 806x810, 1515517150936.png)

No. 643382

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread: >>626879

No. 643385

Do any of you feel good about this video, I think there's a lot more effort put in than usual which is nice.

No. 643390

>shits on any form of art that doesn't look like a classical painting
basically the anti anime anons from last thread

No. 643406

File: 1601577725139.jpg (386.92 KB, 700x989, kiki.jpg)

continuing off of last thread
>"white-washing is bad"
>artist draws cute art of character as a different race
>"this is also bad, um, because, the character was obviously supposed to be white!!!!!"
i do not fucking understand. these people will never be happy. Also people who cite anime characters as needing to be portrayed as Japanese need to learn the term "mukokuseki" and also understand rainbow-haireyes a way of making each character differentiable from each other.

No. 643426

I've seen that drawing, its cute. its just a harmless re-imagining they're not saying the princesses actually need to be black. the replies are obvious bait

No. 643428

What do you mean? The people turning characters into different races and the people saying it's bad to turn characters into different races are two different groups. Infact, I'm pretty sure that persons opinion is a minority on twitter.

Tbh though, I think it's fine to draw characters as different races. There's no harm in it, and artists are allowed to re-interpret stuff.

No. 643434

It's an outlier in any folder that focuses on Peach or the others.
>Well if you don't like it then just mute them fag.
>Implying people can just ignore things and not mouth off about something Nintendo related.
>Implying people can just ignore things when /ic/ anons migrate to a website solely to vendetta post instead of keeping it in.

No. 643443

The problem is we're only allowed to blackwash characters at this point. No whitewashing allowed. Even if you give a black character lighter skin for the sake of a pastel palette or something it's instant cancellation
Honestly I couldn't care less about either, people can draw what they want but Twitter condemns people for one and then they'll turn around and put the other one on a pedestal. It is objectively a complete double standard

No. 643469

If you couldn't care less you wouldn't be in this thread bitching about it.

No. 643475

No, I couldn't care less about what people draw, but I do care about what the fake woke Twitter crowd wants to condemn people for

No. 643481

File: 1601583850980.png (739.26 KB, 1280x720, Pokémon_ Twilight Wings _ Epis…)

Why do people assume a slightly less dark black is an act of malice? If anything we should be getting used to that since the era we're in is starting to like its interracial kiddos.

No. 643483

>the era we're in is starting to like its interracial kiddos
This is where you lost me with your autistic sperging

No. 643484

File: 1601584223469.jpg (2.73 MB, 3000x4170, wolpow-casteel-1.jpg)

I know we dont talk about studio artists but does anyone feel like Jordan casteels new exhibition has been really overhyped? I think the student portraits are so boring compared to her street candids or the male nudes like pic related
youre having an autist fit over something no one cares about get over it

No. 643492

Please don't invite that "I'm Mexican btw" autist who wants all black people to be drawn with her idea of "POC features" here now.

No. 643494

I like Kiana’s art but sometimes it seems like she’s only doing these drawings to own the racists instead of just wanting a fun, cute reimagining, especially since she loves to argue with them on Twitter. Also, I’ll add in the age old argument of “if they care so much about representation why don’t they celebrate already existing black characters or make new ones instead of racebending white or asian characters”

Also someone brought up D’angelo on the last thread so I just wanted to say: I started watching him when he was still an art channel and I think people liked him because of his relatability. He wasn’t super talented but he put in a decent effort, and coupled with his chill and blunt persona he was fun to listen to. He seems much happier running a drama channel though so I’m glad for him, even if I miss his art vids. He seemed to be in that in-between stage of being better than a beginner but still figuring out his artistic voice, so maybe he wasn’t completely invested in art to begin with.

No. 643497

File: 1601585765170.jpg (409.91 KB, 1687x2048, EhRumJHU4AE_-Ld.jpg)

This is cute! I think so long as you're not being a dick about it racebends are fine. The moment you start bragging about fixing a character it just becomes weird. As a non white person i never got the point of bending a character's race to match yours, but some people apparently are upset if they can't see themselves in a piece of media? I see it as kind of childish and entitled, but that's just me. I might just see myself in most characters regardless.

Plus, if you're not a tryhard dick-sucking woke SJW that only knows how to draw racial caricatures, and actually add something to the drawing, it ends up very well. Put effort into your fucking racebends and don't be a dick. And don't expect us "coloreds" to suck you off if you draw a brown person.

No. 643503

Who's the artists for this?

No. 643504

@toorurii on twatter
Signature in bottom right

No. 643511

the art is really good it's just one heel is drawn badly and it bothers me a bit. an oversight on otherwise finished work

No. 643513

File: 1601587403286.jpg (280.73 KB, 2048x1366, sgvgiigma9uov2ft7uv4.jpg)

theres a cool open concept way to do it like a hindu zelda and a stupid way. its obvious which

No. 643524

this actually looks pretty good. I like the colors and vibe

No. 643526

I like the addition of facial jewelry, and the curved sword. The dress itself looks more ornate and delicate, too. Whoever drew this is good at character design (though I wouldn't have known it was meant to be Zelda at first).

No. 643529

This is good, why is her faced pierced like a drug addicted hooker though?

No. 643531

File: 1601588926694.jpg (167.04 KB, 1600x1334, qn3kl7lak5hjgckoryto.jpg)

I love it. its obviously a creative design for exploring a new world instead of lazily slapping brown on top of the real characters

No. 643536

>>643529 I love the sweet sound of bait in the morning

No. 643538

File: 1601589345664.jpg (9.47 KB, 269x187, download.jpg)

This is the style of piercings desi women will wear with their traditional clothing, anon

Not all piercings have to be "trashy"

No. 643541

File: 1601589496973.png (99.5 KB, 500x337, LinkCrawling.png)

Remind me again why this isn't a crowdfunded project that aims to be its own entity?
Zelda sheds things more gameplay quirks than most series do and unlike Beck the Mighty guy, this one looks different enough from the original.

No. 643547

oop samefag I meant to reply to this

No. 643552

I would play the shit out of an ancient epic Vedic rpg. she only does Indian art deco and illustrations, no full projects.

No. 643586

Apparently no one told her how big Guernica is.

No. 643606

Wow, you really showed her.

No. 643616

honestly i feel like any kind of value art like tihs holds is lost when the artist says 'fixed it' or some shit. this panty and stocking one is great! its when tryhards (who are usually white for some reason) start saying 'i made it better' or 'i fixed it' that the arrogant attitude starts to sour everything.

bonus points if their art style is ugly/they make them fat, of course.

No. 643640

File: 1601600792876.jpg (113.23 KB, 971x1199, 20201002_080729.jpg)

You mean like this anon ?

No. 643661

I'll choke the shit out of you anon if you ever make me look at something like this again

No. 643666

File: 1601603335983.jpg (8.27 KB, 211x239, 24g24g2g2.jpg)

why yes. this person is a channer trying to troll twitter tryhards, but yes, the more sincere version of it is exactly what i mean.

(sorry for quality on pic related, kiwifarms is down atm)

No. 643812

wasn't this guy a troll?

No. 643895

File: 1601618152379.png (244.27 KB, 704x800, tumblr_pbxmb3wRzE1wtx952o7_128…)

Agreed. Any art made by an amateur under the pretense of "fixing" art better than their own is automatically cringe as hell.

I remember these "redesigns." The artist literally gave everyone a pouch belt, like she was channeling Rob Liefeld. She also deleted everyone's boobs and sperged about how it was dangerous for Kirishima, whose skin is armor, to not have a shirt. Then she gave a character Converse, which have zero support, because a character's original shoes didn't have enough support. Amazing.

No. 643899

99% sure he was, I still find it funny how almost nobody on Twitter came to the conclusion he was just doing it for shits & giggles/mocking bad Tumblr art until his account got """hacked""" and even then people STILL think he was legitimate

No. 643989

Finnish art schools in general are pretty lousy and value style over fundamental skill and don't teach you anything about running a business, unless you're made of gold and made it to TaiK. And even in their case the school is known to abuse and overwork their students, only allowing the professors' pets to advance to the actual professional pool. Due to this, based on what I've heard, the students have a very crab bucket-like mentality and aim to take each other down at any cost to eliminate the competition.

No. 644011


Honestly, something I find funny about this whole thing is that, the people who still don't believe it's a troll and truly think that Zeena got hacked, are more into complaining about the "hacker" misgendering Zeena.

Like, in their eyes, someone just took her account and began to post porn, and the reaction these people gave was "Uhmm actually, could you use they/them? Pwease~"

But aside from that, I think that at some point the owner of the account will get bored and just reveal that everything was in fact just bait.

No. 644144

File: 1601641594496.jpg (204.25 KB, 720x856, IMG_20201002_132317.jpg)

What the fuck is blacktober? All the comments are about how they would have continued watching Steven universe if he was actually black kek.

No. 644212

File: 1601645620531.jpg (154.78 KB, 1080x1080, EhKcKeOWsAAMkB_.jpg)

blacktober's a tag started by some no-name artist as a new "creative drawing challenge" where you just
blackwash white characters????
oh and have i mentioned that only black people can participate? no wypipo allowed kek

No. 644218

Are you done sperging

No. 644219

I like it. A twist on character designs. I would not have a problem with Desi-tober or Mexi-tober either and I truly genuinely do not think it would be that big of a deal if they did those things. I don't think people would care as much.

People cry over the dumbest things.

No. 644226

I mean don't we all whatever-we-look-like-wash whatever art we do?

Limiting to black artists is actually genius since it cuts out all the virtue signalers.

No. 644232

okay but how to get poc or other virtue signalers off my back because I don't make my characters "diverse" looking and get them to understand this very point you made?

No. 644233

I doubt poc/virtue signalers care about your artwork anon. Just do what you do lmao

No. 644237

yeah they do which is why I'm asking but whatever.

No. 644293

What happens when you just stonewall and disengage?
Have you tried throwing it back at them? "Such a cool idea! I won't have time to redo this piece but if you or somebody else wants to pick this up I'd love to see it." I'd try to be social media friendly and go :) without giving them anything.

No. 644325

This is genius and might actually spark them to do the same. I hate when people get so aggressive about shit. Learn a personality other than defense mode.

"I'm not really good at that, but here is a thread of POC artists that so an amazing job"

No. 644354

File: 1601652703790.jpg (44.37 KB, 640x360, Luluco.jpg)

I don't think now's a good time for a lighthearted blackwash month when people want all of that energy to be directed at the police instead.

No. 644371

Multi tasking is a thing. The scrotes in this thread are shitting it up with their race sperging, Jesus.

Anyways I'm having trouble with blending when using acrylics. Maybe I'm using too much water? The strokes are very visible and streaky, is there any tips to circumvent this?

No. 644376

for some reason i really don't like how they draw legs, but there are cool redesigns.

it's a bit hard to tell that that's zelda, but the link works really well imo.

as far as i've heard acrylics isn't really a blendable paint unless you really water it down.

No. 644467

Nobody cares ,as long your are not claim to fixing the character.

No. 644478

Just imagine the fucking collettive meltdown Twitter would have if some troll were to make "whitetober" or whatever the fuck they would come up with. These monthly challenges are so fucking stupid, they're all for some clout. And I just love how everyone ditched inktober over literally nothing.

No. 644479

OT but I’m finnish and my mom went to art school when she was young, and some of the stories shes told were insane. Like a dead baby being found in a dorm dumpater crazy. Tons of sexual abuse by the teachers etc.

No. 644535

That'd be kind of redundant. How many brown/black characters are there compared to white ones?
Everyone would end up drawing the same handful of characters because the pool wouldn't be as large, lmao

No. 644541

I think you're kind of missing the point. The whole thing about blacktober and other racebending stuff is to make a statement of "hey, there are not a lot of black characters in stuff. Lets reimagine media with black characters, because black people are underrepresented."
>And I just love how everyone ditched inktober over literally nothing.
It was a cumulation of events involving Jake Parker being a money-grabbing plagirist lol. Doing inktober is just giving him free advertising at this point

No. 644601

>"Hey, there are not a lot of black characters in stuff. Lets reimagine media with black characters, because black people are underrepresented."
Wouldn't that be a justification to make new content? So the next generation can have black representation and not be starved like the current one.
Hazbin Hotel managed to exist so artists with a UC degree aren't entirely useless outside of fanart and conventions.

No. 644604

New content is great too, but a lot of people are already emotionally attached to characters and stories from their childhood etc, so reimagining charcters is important too. The next gen can grow up with those charcters but for a lot of people the rep was bare bones.

No. 644635

Blacktober just seems like a virtue signaling mess. But eh

No. 644638

File: 1601670069698.jpeg (404.56 KB, 1400x1400, 388259FA-8A9F-4794-9C24-313B05…)

>so *animators with a UC degree aren’t entirely useless outside of fanart and conventions.
ftfy. People aren’t gonna do heavy-lifting for you if the most you can contribute are waist-up commissions.

No. 644645

Try using some acrylic medium instead of watering it down to nothing, the paint won't be as streaky and it won't flake off. Acrylic isn't blendable like oil so it's a good idea to mix the shades you need directly on the palette. Also, the brushstrokes become a lot less visible as the paint dries, maybe you could sand down your painting surface to see if that helps remove some of the texture?

No. 644686

You know it's just the usual shitty virtue signaling, like another anon said. And again, they should focus on making new black characters and content instead of drawing a parody of the ones that already exist and are white. No matter how many ugly tumblr tier drawings and re-imagining, black people will still be underrepresented officially in media. There needs to be new well made things with poc representation.

I do not particularly like Jake Parker, but is he a money-grabber just because he didn't want thousands of people selling zines and stuff with the name "Inktober" on it, which he came up with? And the plagiarism thing was really blown put of proportion. It was another virtue signaling thing, just because he allegedly copied from a poor black creator (who also copied the layout of his book from someone else and included such generalized information you couldn't even call it plagiarism if someone did something similar).

No. 644687

it literally is. half of the characters people choose are always from anime or manga meaning they’re technically japanese or generally asian, but asians don’t exist in american race politics so it’s fine to draw them black instead bc it’s totally definitely not erasure of asians. nobody ever wants to focus on other races, either - you don’t see pakistani or korean or latino or native sailor moon characters. it’s so fucking boring and just an obvious way for crackers and other non-black people to prove they’re SUCH GOOD ALLIES!!1!! and for black people to circlejerk about how they’re the most oppressed race ever.

tldr: american race politics should die

No. 644694

>and are white
most of the characters they blackbend are just light skinned and not white lol

No. 644760

>tldr: american race politics should die
i'm so ready for the twitter feature that allows you to selectively block countries from seeing your content, good-bye americucks trying to shove american race politics down my throat

No. 644786

This. I'm checking every day to see if it's yet available. I'm so fucking tired of them thinking their society and its cultural history and values apply to the whole wide world. I shut down my international account simply because of American SJW shitheads and I'm not bringing it back until this fucking feature is rolled out.

No. 644810

>no-name artist
Has 48.7K followers
Lmao anon why are you salty

No. 644833

Anime and manga characters can be of any race depending on where the story takes place. Usually manga artists don't care about adding race specifics features unless a character is supposed to be a foreigner.

No. 644840

File: 1601684108872.jpg (144.54 KB, 1200x1162, EjVg_qLXsAIOdtm.jpg)

unless the story takes place in different place than in japan, the character names aren't japanese or it is specified they aren't japanese - they're japanese. pic related are japanese schoolgirls raceswapped, the art is nice it's just bending one poc group to another.

No. 644842

File: 1601684254550.jpg (44.22 KB, 680x726, Meguminn.jpg)

>Japanese name.
>Comes from Isekailand.
How does this one work?

No. 644849

can someone explain to me how blackwashing is just as bad as whitewashing

this isnt bait im just a retard

ive only ever seen whitewashing be done to Own Those Twitter Libtards and with a malicious intent in general

i guess some trolls like that zeena person do it to spite people or for woke points

No. 644858

File: 1601686297952.jpg (201.69 KB, 1410x2000, 0TvoS1eJqg6gvzAqVu6rvYE483dwE_…)

It's not but there's just enough hounds on Twitter who aren't okay with POC art being 10 vibrance higher than their liking which muddies blackwashing as a whole.

No. 644860

> but a lot of people are already emotionally attached to characters and stories from their childhood etc, so reimagining charcters is important too

ok so a bunch of weak people can't deal with their favorite character being a different race than they? it's not difficult to find new favorites or create them yourself

i genuinely will never understand the crazy and unhinged attachment to fictional characters some people have

No. 644861

Well considering that it’s a finnish art school, the dead baby might just be performance art.

No. 644867

My fave is students calling in fake suicide alerts for other students in order to sabotage them before a big project deadline.

No. 644885

IMO it’s mostly annoying when people blackwash anime characters thinking they’re white when they’re (usually) Japanese. It shows cultural ignorance. Either that or they view Asians as “basically white.” They’re not turning a white person into a POC, they’re turning a POC into a different type of POC. And those same people will harass Asian artists for making a character’s skintone slightly lighter than they are in canon, screeching “whitewashing” when it’s actually either an accident or an attempt to make the skintone fit a certain lighting situation.

Like other anons said, creating new black characters would be better for representation than wishing your faves were already black. We don’t need to reboot everything from our childhoods for future generations, just let them have something of their own for once.

No. 644887

The weird part of this piece is that the artist picked the hair, clothes & shoes colours right off the official art with deeper saturation but chose to do the opposite with the skin. The artist definitely made a choice when it came to colour

No. 644922

File: 1601693910853.png (949.26 KB, 1080x1021, yea.png)

Does anyone have useful advice how to get yourself to draw more and stick to it? I keep having slumps of never drawing. it doesnt help when my back hurts. I know taking breaks would help, but I hardly start. I can't think of things to draw. Or whether digital or on paper. I'm really jealous of my old internet friends who cranked out drawings regularly on deviantart at age 13. if only I had done that, I'd have developed the habit by now.

No. 644923

I don't really get it personally. I'm from an ethnic minority and I'm not here drawing characters to match my ethnicity. Every character has a little something to like or relate to, If I wanted to see myself in media I'd look in a mirror instead, or draw myself. You can consume media even if you don't see yourself in it, you just have to not be childish.

No. 644961

File: 1601696065633.png (1.6 MB, 916x1384, fgjdjd.png)

this is absolutely fucking killing me

No. 644972

She’s sexy

No. 644973


The face looks a bit over-rendered compared to the body. It feels like the face was photoshopped in almost because it looks so off.

No. 644975

>see pic
>also ses thread thread pic
seems to be a bit hypocritical

No. 644976

This whole thread is just shit artists complaining about other shit artists, I come here some time for the amusement

No. 644979

congrats, want a medal?

No. 644980

You sound more pressed about people reimagining their favorite characters than anything tbh

No. 644981

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. I’m neutral towards rossdraws and I don’t think this is egregiously bad but she looks like a kid, and he didn’t even include the background, just slapped some fancy colors and lighting around. I like the idea but I wish the execution was better.

No. 644983

yeah, I like ross but giving the sexy anime baby catface insta treatment to miss lisa is sending me into fits. Its not necessarily bad to only be able to do one thing but its def funny

No. 644984

>she looks like a kid
or she just looks like a cartoon. you guys are literally thread pic.

No. 644989

File: 1601697900468.jpeg (62.6 KB, 750x937, 69F60D40-109D-489D-979B-C34F36…)

It’s an interesting take but it’s kind of like Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, it’s cool, it looks nice, but it’s just Angelina Jolie cosplaying as Maleficent, this is why drawing fanart or doing redrawings of popular stuff is so difficult, it’s hard not to end up turning your stuff into an OC cosplaying the character you wanted to reinvent.
It’s cool, but I wouldn’t hang it in a museum.

No. 644990

Following non western artists was probably the best thing I've done. They also have cute and aesthetically pleasing fan merch ideas too.

No. 644992

But it was never meant to go in a museum, captain obvious. The artist literally said it’s a study.

No. 644995

I dont draw im a contemp art critic and I came here to chill after writing 5 pages about total dogshit for artforum all day. ross is good but meitu lisa is still really funny and I cant laugh about it on insta.

No. 644997

>contem art critic
the jokes write themselves

No. 645065

>meitu lisa
Kek, it’s the perfect name.

No. 645107

File: 1601712520983.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1391x1301, 54343.PNG)

For sticking to it: 1. Try drawing sporadically, or include some doodle time in an activity. Going outside and drawing what you see could be a fun habit. Keep in mind to draw for a certain length of time, or amount to not burn yourself out. 2. Being indecisive on a medium can be narrowed down by experimenting, and deciding what is favorable, or just settling for something.

For ideas: 1. Draw what you observe around you; you can develop a habit of observing and sketching things or people in your vicinity to develop your skills. Think about how your subject could look under different circumstances; e.g., I look at someone, then imagine them from a different angle, or under different lighting, and start a drawing from there. 2. You could also try not thinking at all, draw automatically with the incentive to relax, and see what your subconscious manifests; develop a vague image and refine it from there. 3. Redraw your own, or others art. Not necessarily copying, but re-imagining it, and maintaining some of the original elements. 4. Getting out of your comfort zone will warm you up to trying different things, and challenging yourself, so draw something you've never drawn before.

No. 645123

Honestly I don’t see a problem, it looks like shiny semirealistic mona lisa, very ross. I don’t think it looks like e baby either, it’s just a fits into ross’ overall style, like a camio in ross universe sort of. I think people here are being crabby again, which is ironic when you look at the thread pic.

No. 645125

What's wrong with it? The face looks a bit off with the proportions but that can be accounted to stylization. It's fine to me.

No. 645126

I wonder how they imagine spreading the blacktober hashtag will work so that people wanting to pick it up are aware they have to be black to participate.

No. 645135

Are you the same anon in these posts? Thread pic is terrible, I have a feeling people gave it a pass because last thread was pretty bad. I'm not the anon that posted monalisa but to me it is a hideous interpretation, her forehead draws all the attention with that intense flare effect and I don't really get why there are some random butterflies. All that being said I don't think it's really that milky so I just didn't reply, which I suggest you do too otherwise it will just make the thread fall into infights.

No. 645137

yea Imagine 2 people having the same opinion, unbelievable right? It's not exactly a secret that these threads are full of lolcows, teens, vendetta posters and crabs who're usually more embarrassing than the people they make fun off, not to mention the fact that the big proportion of them are usually total beginners too who try to somehow lift their own ego by shitting on artists often times way better than them.

This imo is just a grand example of that, it's petty and comes off crabby. You don't have to like ross or his style but there's not really anything in his mona lisa that's worth talking about. It's not milky.

No. 645186

Maybe people are sniffing around and searching for people who aren't black or maybe it's just not obvious and maybe no one really actually cares. Sure, there will be the few extremists but come on.

No. 645243

OH BOY you people are gonna love Istebrak's new video.

(Here's a Spergy write up of the highlights because it's gold)

5:00 - Plz give me v-bucks for muh free independent content (fair enough)

(Followed by a 5 minute rant)
5:42 - 11:30
"Please remember to vote, there's a monster in our administration(…)
UM.. it's not about politics anymore because we're not talking about a politician, we're talking about UM.. a monster.

At this point in history it reveals who you are, based off who you vote for.

8:50 We are polarized so extremely to the point where I CAN HERE STAND IN FRONT OF YOU and say,
if you vote for Trump;
I don't wanna know you, I don't wanna talk to you, I don't wanna look at you,
I don't wanna know the kind of person you are
I don't wanna have the aftertaste of your willful ignorance in the air around me
I don't wanna know what kind of things you're into,
I don't care about your personality
I don't care about your choices in life
I could care less about your future.
(…)if You think that man is good as he is now I wish I never made videos for free just so that YOU don't improve from my classes.
I wish I never sent any kind of video out if trump supporters have benefited from my channel
If you're a Trump support you will never be my friend, I will never be your friend

10:00 And I'm putting this in my recording on purpose, I wan't everyone to know where I stand in this moment in history.
i don't care about biden, all i care about is trump. He's MY enemy.
I came to the united states, I emmigrated here, and I pay MAD TAXES (rants)
I am at the point where I can say
*if you support Trump
YOU are MY enemy as well.
So get off this stream, close this video (…)
You are a bottom feeder to me
Because after … OBJECTIVE SCIENTIFIC PROOF .. has told you this guy is a monster…and you still believe him i hope he manipulates you personally so you can feel what it's like to be on the side of the villain.
You are an asshole in history and instead of being on the right side of history, you have chosen WILLFULLY to be on the WRONG side
Get off my video, get off my channel.

anyone care to explain why this whiny narcissist isn't cow material?
this sperg needs a kiwi thread

No. 645244

yeah i don't get it either, why would refugees hate trump, makes absolutely no sense

No. 645259

Is there a reason why recently anons keep bringing up Trump in different threads, and acting like it's so crazy that people hate him.

No. 645271

I'm pretty sure most anime characters are made to look raceless or ambiguous on purpose, artist just choose a design because it looks cool, not with a specific race in mind.

No. 645277

File: 1601737663145.jpeg (10.02 KB, 527x409, images - 2020-10-04T010848.529…)

No. 645281

i'm sorry if i seem lazy, but who the fuck wants to read this long ass post? can you vent somewhere else?

No. 645284

Make simple drawings,for example
Today I just drew a glowing jack o lantern with barely any lineart tommorow I'll draw candy and so forth

No. 645298

Who let the y chromosomes in here again?

No. 645300

the drawing itself is good theres nothing "wrong". hes trying to learn from an old master but it still looks moeblobby and that made me laugh
who cares. hope that old pedo rapist dies lmao.

No. 645307

The Mona Lisa never got finished but it’s in a museum because it was interesting and had something new to bring to the table. Meitu Lisa is just, a pretty drawing, if I saw it on Instagram I wouldn’t even give it a like because it’s not remarkable, just another redraw from the pile but shiny.
Also, because it’s a study, it should be criticized, so the artist can learn and figure out new things about his own art.

No. 645313

A redraw/study isn't necessarily supposed to be something new anon, it's just taking a spin on a piece another artist made. Either way, I don't see why a redraw would be in a museum anyway.

No. 645318

I was one of those posts so there’s at least three of us. You guys are nuts. Nobody outside of artist salt cares about your pretentious nitpicks of ‘art’ that wasn’t made with the intention of being in a museum or a liberal arts college critique.

No. 645322

>>645300 But in that post he literally said that it's his interpretation of the mona lisa, not that it's a master copy or anything of short. You could basically call this a "DTIYS" if you will. I think you're reaching and making fun of something that is done like that by choice which makes you look crabby. Do you seriously think that if ross tried to seriously do a master study that he couldn't do it? The dude is in reality pretty damn skilled whatever you wanna admit it or not.

No. 645332

I’m a fine artist and I avoid these threads like the plague. I don’t say that because I want a gold star or cookie or anything, I just don’t see the point because instead of being full of things that make sense to whinge about it’s usually stuff that’s retarded and not worth its weight in salt. I have a hard time imagining there are many skilled artists itt, and the few times I’ve seen people share their stuff here it’s been stereotypical mediocrity. I don’t even care that it’s mediocre, art is for fun, but the time spent being pretentious could be used to stop making glorified weebshit.

No. 645334

I enjoy overpaint crit so thanks for making me aware of that channel!

No. 645405

Nah, but the people drawing characters as the same race as them to cope shouldn't get a medal either.

No. 645492

Lisa is one of the 8 things Leo finished. its at the louvre because its small and he carried it everywhere as a portfolio so everyone in europe saw it, it isn't that interesting
master studies and copies from David/Bernini/Koons/etc are actually all over museums bc they're really good copies
I know what he said and I know ross is a good artist. but I still think its hilarious to see Lisa as a sexy glow baby

No. 645500

I didn't initially replied to original monalisa post neither intended to, even if I personally disliked it. My point was that the sooner people ignore it, the sooner the topic would die. You can't control people in anonymous boards and beginners are the vast majority in any field. I just think that useless infights have been shitting up the thread just as much or even more than milkless posts.

No. 645506

>master studies and copies from David/Bernini/Koons/etc are actually all over museums bc they're really good copies
I should of been more specific, but I meant redraw as in the DITYS redraw. But, there's still no reason a museum would display a redraw of the Mona Lisa, imo.

No. 645509

File: 1601759945324.jpg (609.09 KB, 1280x1673, 1280px-Isleworthml.jpg)

>there's still no reason a museum would display a redraw of the Mona Lisa
u sure about that sis?

No. 645524

wait are people pissed now that some instagram artist's reimagining of mona lisa as a weebish pretty girl drawn in digital painting style isn't museum grade quality

No. 645528

Unironically, yes.

No. 645537

>useless infights
if you’re acting whiny and retarded there’s always going to be someone who will tell you you’re acting whiny and retarded

No. 645550

Why is this thread filled with people caping for every shitty art piece lately?

No. 645570

File: 1601763931545.jpg (141.04 KB, 1800x1199, 08BASELCVR-mobileMasterAt3x.jp…)

what's museum grade quality, anon?

No. 645574

TIL you must be a master writer/musician/director/artist/actor to have opinions about the media you consume.
Most fans of art/artists aren't professional artists themselves. If you're making a bad impression on people who don't even understand the nuances of art, then your art is -really- shit.

No. 645585

because art is shitty. i never understood why trannylisa is so popular

No. 645590

looks cool

No. 645608

museums buy literally anything thats physically real so no digital art. we consider shit like tape banana to be obvious joke art for attendance/money

No. 645626

this. there's even worse shit than the banana that's not a joke. modern museums are shit.

No. 645642

That’s not what I said at all but by all means, be autistic about it if you must

No. 645644

this anon was sperging since last thread, just ignore

No. 645661

File: 1601776569139.jpg (1.42 MB, 4032x3024, amazing!.jpg)

No. 645668

you know anons are obvious 14 year old tards when they start trashing on abstract or minimalist art

No. 645671

it's not the 70s anymore, boomer

No. 645676

You sound like you're failing your community college's gen ed classes.

No. 645678

I didnt even say anything. You have to admire the painting anon

No. 645683

i don't understand why anons want to stand up for this. what skill does this require? what statement does it make? some pretentious bullshit? the paintings in the background aren't special either. they're nothing. i'll take a piece that requires skill and technical prowess any day over this garbage.

No. 645692

what the hell did this thread evolve into

No. 645693

The piece is called "Reflection" by Mark Rothko. AFAIK, he focused on an experience and evoking emotion from the viewer rather than technical skill or creating a visually beautiful painting (or at least that's how it was for this specific piece). Apparently people have cried seeing his work. I don't get it at all either, but I don't wanna knock it down and say anyone could of made it. Cause if anyone could of made it, they would have.

No. 645694

File: 1601781900032.jpg (124.49 KB, 1080x2034, EjYk3SuXsAAVlSz.jpg)

No. 645695


i feel like its not 'anyone could have made this', but its more 'this person ascribed a meaning to something inherently meaningless and gave it value through that'.

No. 645704

shitty kid anime art on paper> whatever object they put that has deep meaning

No. 645708

Pretty sure you’re just being made fun of and are too thick to realise! Maybe if you stopped taking things so seriously you wouldn’t be so easy

No. 645712

Rothkos arent "amazing" or bg displays of skills or whatever you guys think art supposedly is. they're fuck huge for a reason. you're supposed to sit in front of them (there's usually a bench) and look for a few mins to see the number of colors actually there, how much of the black isn't black, the border around it, the gradient, how some strokes are thick impasto and some are perfectly blended.

those big squares are meditation exercises disguised as art and that's why people think theyre so cool.

No. 645719

this kind of painting is not about meaning or shit
it is about texture/composition to evoke emotion
lighting/wall-placement/size affect this too

No. 645764

Isn't a lot of abstract/minimalist stuff actually money laundering? As in it's not being produced or purchased in good faith at all?

No. 645765

A lot of art is money laundering. Abstract, minimalistic, or not.

No. 645768

So it's just pretentious shit. I could do the same with a painting in which acual effort was put in.

No. 645771

Imagine proudly flaunting your ignorance like this lmao. Your art education must extend to instagram and anime, no wonder your drawings probably looks like shit.

Assuming you’re just a dumbass teenager and not a scrote trying to bait, why don’t you actually go and study art history and see how different art movements and philosophies interconnect, how they play off with their historical context? Find out why exactly the painting you dismiss is more culturally relevant than anything you will ever make? You don’t have to like how something looks, or even like what an art movment did to appreciate the value of the painting in it’s own historical context.

Or you can just appeal to your monkey brain and draw shiny generic weeb shit or instagram pretty girls and never bother to learn the history of your craft. You do you anon.

No. 645784

It looks like shit though. I don't need to study art to critize it. Also stop accusing everyone of being a scrote you gigantic retard.

No. 645790

I find it crazy that the nerds itt will make entire dissertations about simple pieces made by average artists that aren’t even notable or offensive yet will lose their minds over someone calling a black canvas dumb and gay.

No. 645793

You don’t need to study art to criticize anything, I even made a point saying you’re >allowed< to not like something widely respected. If you had any reading comprehension you’d understand that the point I was making is that not studying art makes your “critique” be a shit uninformed opinion that no one cares about, delivered with the level of arrogance of a 14 year old who posts on deviantart, which frankly makes it embarassing to witness.

>> 643382

You can claim all you want here you could do the same thing but better, and yet you haven’t, have you? Come back to us when you become the next american painter since you’re such hot shit.

Also, if you’re so bothered by being called a baiting scrote stop acting like one

No. 645795

weak bait

No. 645804

To be fair a good share of "contemporary" art is just money laundering/fund transferring schemes. The prices are kept artificially up, which granted is the case with a lot of art.

It's just that with "simple" art the process becomes a lot easier.
>Man we need you to create some shitty installation so we can wire you the 10 million
>Here's an empty can of tuna on a stand, it's a piece criticizing capitalism and its effects on our society
And naturally the art scene will eat it up because they want to be ~real critics~ for understanding this complex piece.

Agree. I can't imagine being such a crab that you throw this 20-hour infighting cycle over some random instagram artist drawing something totally inoffensive simply because it doesn't appeal to your personal aesthetics but have the need to defend inaccessible high art with "yall 14 yos just don't understand!!!!!!" because you read about the art culture of the 70's once and haven't yet realized how much of the art world is based on nepotism and bullshitting your way to the top.

No. 645815

“This piece of art has some cultural significance that you should at least acknowledge that” and “the art market is a money laundering scheme” aren’t mutually exclusive statements. You can have most of the art world be fueled by rich people using buying contemporary gallery art as way to launder and tax evade, hiding the art offshore in storages as it was never meant to be displayed, only used as a tool in moneymaking…. and still have something not necessarily good, but relevant, come out of this meat grinder every now and then, because some people still go into it earnestly, even if most of it is pretentious hacks.

Also spare me the “you guys circlejerk about cows from instagram and yet defend big artists” crap, it’s the artist salt thread. People are gonna be salty, and people are gonna reply if someone post a baity opinion on a generally respected artist. Making fun of cows is 50% of the activity here, dunking on bad takes is the other half.

With that said, I do agree with the rest of your assessment on the contemporary art market.

No. 645816

The "this is the artist salt thread come on anon!!!" argument is the equivalent of defending nitpicking pussy lips and nasolabial folds of camwhore cows. Just because people come here to gossip it doesn't mean there can't be standards to the discussion. It speaks more about your personal insecurities than the artist's skill when you need to put some instagrammer's mundane piece under extreme scrutiny because it's not museum exhibition level and never aimed to be. Don't make me tap the OP image.

No. 645819

I really don’t see how discussing the relevancy of a rothko painting is below the “standards of discussion” of this forum which, as you yourself pointed out, usually just nitpicks amateur artists on ig and youtube. I don’t see how both happening at the same time in an anonymous board validate or negate both of these opinions either. It would be hypocritical if an individual were to make both kinds of posts, but this is a collaborative place where different people discuss topics in different ways. Don’t conflate me with other anons (the ones that love to nitpick on ig cows) to validate your disagreement with me saying that an anon’s boomer level “My kid could do this too” opinion is stupid.

This has turned into petty infighting so my suggestion is we all move on from this topic.

No. 645822

I get where you’re coming from, but I don’t think that’s actually that relevant to the symbolic value of the artwork. Western art has always been a tool of the rich and powerful to further their political and economic ends. So, using that principle, being used for profit would disqualify both the taped banana and a michelangelo comissioned by the catholic church. Also as the other anon said, it’s an industry-wide problem. Minimalist and conceptual art is just where it feels the most glaring to a layman, but a masterfully done piece feeds into the problem just the same.

No. 645846

thank you anon, i'm happy to see at least a few people here not being pretentious toddlers who think art should only be pretty and technically good, but meaningless and not inciting any other feeling besides "ooh that's so pretty!".

>To be fair a good share of "contemporary" art is just money laundering/fund transferring schemes. The prices are kept artificially up, which granted is the case with a lot of art.
no shit sherlock, that doesn't mean these things have no value and don't have any artistic thought put into them.
> haven't yet realized how much of the art world is based on nepotism and bullshitting your way to the top.
just get off your high horse already, why do you assume the other is stupid for giving a chance to different types of art instead of dismissing it right off the bet? sorry i'm not an cool edgy cynic like you.

No. 645848

people are allowed to have opinions, stop sperging

No. 645853

denying any value to something and acting high and mighty isn't an opinion, stop being a whiny bitch.

No. 645855

Nta but yea it is lol. I don't think we need to start derailing about the definition of an opinion though.

No. 645866

>spending days defending some faggot canvas-smearing scrote who died in 1970 on an anonymous imageboard
Why are you so offended about this? Do you know where you are? Do you think anyone here really cares that much about how much art history you studied? People don't like shit, they don't like it. Popularity means nothing when it comes to expressing personal taste within a casual setting like this. Neither he nor anyone else you might venerate is owed respect here, because your concept of cultural relevancy sadly isn't actually relevant in all contexts.
If someone had posted anon's take in an academic setting, maybe you would've had a point. When people are just shooting the shit over Mona Lisa with Snow filters slapped on, you're just sperging.

No. 645878

I love how this reads like some salty /ic/ copypasta meme written by the person in the OP pic. Fine art faggots get way too personal about people making fun of their precious ~cultural impact~ pieces. You can still understand what Rothko's pieces are going for and the cultural context behind them but if you're willing to give color stripes on a canvas a break and interpret their meaning then you should also be able to appreciate other art forms as well. You can't just get down on your knees to weep upon seeing Black on Grey but then poopoo on some instagram artist's interpretation of Mona Lisa, saying "that's dumb weebshit for brainlets" is just the same as someone saying "that's just black and grey paint stacked on top of each other".

No. 645879

File: 1601822779367.jpg (458.78 KB, 1070x1058, Meanghorls.jpg)

To distract from the infighting, have a kek at the toddler proportions and nine inch vags

No. 645880

this might seem petty but there is just something about quirky white people with the bonus of their chipped black polished nails and their misuse/sloppiness of ink pens pens over their "lil cinnamon roll lil small BOI1! Plz hug my gay soft OC!!" scribbles that really gets me

youtube recently updated itself with "story recommendations" and i watch art-related videos so it showed me this shit lol

No. 645885

File: 1601823077646.jpg (566.66 KB, 1080x1074, Cringe.jpg)

Here's a better distraction kek

No. 645886


No. 645890

I have butt zits anon :( I thought everyone had butt zits :(

No. 645900

Facts all the way through anon. What you wrote seems so obvious yet so many people believe in "modern art" as a functional concept whereby anyone actually purchases the art, and doesn't simply transfer money to their buddy.

No. 645901

It could be pettiness on my part, but I get particularly annoyed at artists who plug in their accounts on almost any post or tweet that has traction. Bonus if the post has nothing to do with art or art struggles but they do it anyway. I'm searching for examples to post.

Does anyone get that or am I just being an asshole??

No. 645903

Talentless artists want to believe that one day they can do a 10 minute painting in exchange for a few mil. Hence why all Youtube artists tend to be pretty shitty; the shittiness is the appeal.

So they will accept modern or popular art might be childish or plain unskilled, while still coveting the imagined opportunity to sell similarly low effort art.

No. 645904

Poor froggy, most of these type of pictures the animal is glued to the item. This frog looks glued in parts, and maybe even deceased.

No. 645905

>I could do the same with a painting
well then you build a time machine to travel to the 1950s and revolutionize the function of paintings then lmao
true but you do need to study art crit theory to be a critic. you can say somethings shitty, but you lack basic visual tools to defend why.
honestly I dont expect anything other than a childish preference for low insta art and cartoons here. the high art world is really boring post covid and I enjoy awful art opinions

No. 645907

File: 1601825553596.jpeg (50.21 KB, 500x500, 1E8620AF-A3A7-45AA-A453-5263CD…)

That’s really sad! Why do they do that? I thought they just let the animal hang around the item and wait until it did something funny.

No. 645919

This is so offtopic but, what do they do after? like do they unglue him or do they just leave him there? Is there any way I can learn more about this? This sounds terrible

No. 645923

I own this species of frog and I doubt he's glued. He's defintely posed, but these frogs tend to hold the same position for long periods of time which makes them very easy for posing with photos, and their hands and "sticky" and will latch onto objects very easily. What is more likely is the owner just placed the frogs hands on the cup.
I have seen that species of frog dead before and the frog in >>644989 is 100% not dead. Thats an alert and active pose, if it was dead it would be slumped over.

No. 645927

I can't find the article I read, but here's a similar one about posed animal photography:


Ah I'm so glad the frog was most likely fine. S/He seems a bit limp and lifeless in that pic.

No. 645938

ngl this is kinda cute

No. 645941

File: 1601828735349.jpg (45.7 KB, 480x305, jenny-holzer-truisms-(set-of-f…)

its objectively cute they only posted to avoid modernism debate lol

No. 645950

>>YoU NeEd To sTUdy arT CRiT!!!!111 I sTudied ARt CRit and I'M riGHt!1!
Yeah you spent thousands of dollars to give elaborate theories and explanations about what the painter was totally thinking when he decided to paint a dirty black square and call it art, we get it. Guess what, many people can't come up with that idea because it's obvious even to a toddler that a fucking black square or a taped banana aren't art the same way a painting from the renaissance is, so they will never think about making it art. You shit on 14 year olds on DeviantArt, weeb shit or Instagram girl drawings, but even the fetish doodle some scrote draws has more effort put into it than that modern bullshit. Also love how you assume anyone who disagrees with you doesn't know how to draw, when it's probably you who never picked up a pencil and doesn't know the difference between making a black square and an actual drawing. Now get fucked you stupid troll bitch, go cum all over your beloved smeared grey black painting. You're embarassing yourself and being retarded about nothing, really.

No. 645951

lmao the autism jumped out

No. 645956

>You're embarassing yourself and being retarded about nothing, really.
Tbh so are you.

Can this conversation just end already? Art is subjective and and you can't make other people like something they don't like. There's no reason to argue about this anymore

No. 645960

I think Waffles new video was pretty good. She usually draws the same stuff, even with new mediums, so it was nice to see her try something new with subject and technique.

No. 645968

File: 1601832161465.png (1.25 MB, 1038x814, fgjfjs.png)

>misspells a 5 letter word
>doesnt have the ability to render petals and draws black lines on top
at least she admits shes lazy

No. 645969

You mean yours, faggot?

No. 645986

it's because there is blatant hypocrisy. You can only race bend the races that have power not the races who are disadvantaged. These prog artist lose their shit every time they get baited so maybe they should be more consistent with their beliefs instead of "its ok when we do it".

No. 645987

Sniffs of underage scrote.

No. 645989

I wish blacktober was more about drawing existing black characters who don't get much attention or REAL africans/african culture instead. Just feels pretty coonish to me. :/

No. 645991

File: 1601836524893.png (21.39 KB, 261x320, B07AD10B-7C8E-4AEC-94D6-7FD2DE…)

This guy has been on a weird, possibly drunken tirade on Twitter and apparently FaceBook all night and day. Started when he called another animator ugly on Twitter and the whole thing exploded from there.

No. 645994

File: 1601836842858.jpeg (23.52 KB, 320x186, F75CBCDA-6CAD-437C-926A-40FE49…)

Apparently, he’s known in animation circles for constant racism and harassment.

There are people talking about how he’s been posting craziness on FaceBook all night and day, but I haven’t seen any public screen shots yet. I think this was covered in another thread but people are thinking this is the guy who a few months ago had a whole side account dedicated to harassing MingJue and YingJue Chen and squealing about nepotism in the industry

No. 645997

>or REAL africans/african culture instead
this exactly, it would be really fascinating imo. black history month for example always seems to focus on the suffering of black people by the hands of colonizers, which is a thing that of course should be highlighted with racism still being a thing, but older black culture barely gets a spotlight. the small tidbits i've heard are really interesting.

No. 646005

I don't care that much about "blackwashing", actually, but I really hate when some people go all the way to make it as unappealing as possible. Being black is just not woke enough, they also have to be obese hairy trannies with self harm scars because #effyourbeautystandards or something. It feels so insulting and condescending, like they're implying blackness is inherently unattractive. Also, many of this kind of fanarts also have the ugliest colors for the skintone. So many zombie looking characters.

No. 646012

Am the anon. On god this is one of the biggest spergs I’ve ever seen in this thread lmao stay pressed scrote

No. 646019

what if you're the baiting scrote? you're so easy to spot spergchan, because you're the only one constantly accusing anyone who disagrees with you of being a scrote.

No. 646021

You can just… read a book. Or watch lectures online.You can learn things outside of college classes.

No. 646023

It'd be really cool to see joyful depictions of Black culture.

No. 646028

I don’t know how to tell you scrote is a very commonly used insult in this forum, your description could fit 5+ different anons that are engaging in this infighting

No. 646032

it's not. change your way of insults to be less recognizable

No. 646057

"Scrote" is not a commonly used insult? On here? Huh?

No. 646058

pretty sure he’s gonna go with the whole “my account was hacked” since his tweets right now are becoming grammar garbage.

No. 646061

yeah it's not for other posters.

No. 646063

I have to applaud you for this, you really got my goat there for a second. The acuteness of the trolling–– truly a lost art.

No. 646064

Stop the infighting

No. 646088

That would be amazing, it would be great if people focused on highlighting the beautiful aspects of black culture instead of what has been regurgitated over and over again.
People could look for different countries and such, educating themselves, and then they would be able to create something new and interesting.

No. 646091

wouldnt that be a cool indirect way to combat racism as well? so many white people resent being blamed (not that they shouldn't be often times lol) but focusing also on the beauty of black culture would be a refreshing and interesting approach. reminding everyone of the good of humanity. it could have a positive effect for everyone

also redrawing a character to be black is just that, a redraw, fanart. I agree that focusing on or even creating more black characters seems more productive

No. 646093

Wow that looks awfull. Why even post that in your channel.

No. 646095

idk I think someone mentioned that it has to do with the fact that there aren't many black characters as it is, especially in anime (please no fucking fags start an argument about black characters in anime PLEASE, I will not engage) so they are remaking some classic anime characters as black which I see no issue with

No. 646098

She doesn't do this type of subject or work with this medium a lot, so it's nice to see her be creative and do new things even if it's not perfect. Art doesn't have to be amazing to be able to post it, and I appreciate the fact that she's at least trying to do new things unlike most art yt

No. 646102

Waffles usually draws girls, flowers and animals, this isn't really too out of her comfort zone tho

No. 646113

I haven't seen her draw flowers much but, drawing and painting and two different things. You can be good at one and suck at the other.

No. 646122

and even if she draws flowers a lot she doesn't do realism, completely different ball game

No. 646239

I have no art friends so here’s a question for any artist anons: Do you ever get frustrated that the type of art you naturally make doesn’t look like the type of art you admire?

I guess the solution is either to forcibly change my art style or make peace with the differences, but that’s easier said than done. My natural style tends to be messy and simple, and I think that has its own merits but I can’t help being envious of other artists who have “better,” more impressive styles. Part of it is that I get impatient with the art process and just want quick results, and I feel like I’m not allowed to take too long on an art piece in case I waste time on something that turns out bad.

I’m half venting, half asking for advice and idk if this is the place to do it but oh well.

No. 646243

If your art is anime it's automatically shit

No. 646251

I have the same "issue" (if that's what you would describe it as). I'm currently trying to change my style. I haven't had much luck, but I think you just have study and to slowly mold your style into what you want it to be. Also breaking bad habits has helped me a little. I think all artists have moment where they get impatient with a piece, or don't complete it cause they think it will turn out bad. It's important to remember everything, especially paintings, go through an ugly stage and you just gotta keep working it. You never know how a piece will turn out if you just keep stopping midway through.

No. 646255


First I think you should work on that impatience of yours. You gotta be patient with your art and allow yourself to take as much time as you need on a piece. If it's bad, what about it? It was a try- and it was practice either way. It wasn't wasted time at all.

Study the aspects of the style you'd like to have and then work on adapting those to your art. It's a slow process and can be pretty frustrating, but you'll get there eventually. Good luck!

No. 646266

Yeah I feel a rift dividing my art from my personal stuff to professional level work. In my personal art I am more carefree with my lines and explored a lot more, but trying to break into a art field made my work more rigid and stick to similar styles for my portfolio. The problem is that the art I make for a job is bleeding into my personal works, like I feel like I cannot just draw what I want anymore without keeping it in certain themes that match my portfolio style.
I wish I could make art as carefree as I did as a kid, it used to relax me more and now it stresses me out worrying about if its good enough or fits in with my other stuff.

No. 646277

Since this is a place where I can bitch, and no one irl is going to know wtf I'm on about I can't fucking stand Emily Artful, art and personality both.

No. 646297


I find her art pretty meh. The themes she goes for are honestly things that any Tumblr pastel-goth/grunge aesthetic artist could think of. It's not bad but it's not really eyecatching either.

No. 646309

File: 1601867252910.jpg (1.22 MB, 1638x2047, tumblr_b179c6399831bcde815f0fe…)

I'm not an "artist" by training but I regret never making physical art. I have to write about how the most tiny outsider artists keep cleaning up at my gallery for thousands, even over the pandemic, and I have to think about how the same buyers would probably go for my weird little cartoon paintings if they were done on paper

No. 646324

Going traditional from digital is easier than going from traditional to digital, im a pretty good traditional artist, to the point people have gotten my drawings tattoed, and my digital art is utter fucking shit because i have no idea how to paint digitally.

No. 646325

It’s lame as hell but it probably works to some degree, similar to Youtubers that ask viewers to like and subscribe. It’s incredibly obnoxious but sometimes putting out the request for audiences to take action actually does have a positive effect for the creator.

No. 646332

Thanks for the advice anons, this is pretty much what I needed to hear (and already knew but didn’t want to admit lol).

This gave me a laugh, so thanks. (I’m assuming you weren’t being serious)

I’m experiencing a similar thing. I’ve been trying to improve my fundamentals and learn digital painting, which is why I’m running into impatience issues and style envy. I’d like to eventually make money from art but I know I’m not at the skill level I need to be, so I feel pressured to make every drawing “count” but end up quitting out of frustration. Sometimes I wish that I could draw like a kid again too, not knowing or caring if my ideas and skills are bad, but then I wouldn’t be able to improve, so… I guess that’s a choice we have to make as artists.

No. 646340

Weeb shit holds no value

No. 646401

Oh shit it's the bait again.
Seriously though, even anime and anime-ish art can have great value. There are plenty of successful artists with that style, even though everyone now likes to say that it's cringy or whatever.

No. 646458

Anon why did you make me see that with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears.
I can feel them bleeding right as I type this.

Christ almighty that was the most annoying fucking shit and the art was ugly as fuck.

No. 646550

Doing art as a full time career is overrated and often not fulfilling. A lot of full time artists are insufferable people because they refuse to socialize with others outside the art hugbox, or learn new skills unrelated to art. They think their way is the only way in a highly subjective field, overcompensating for their existential horror by attempting to force their methods on others, as if art is a literal, objective science. The art field is extremely oversaturated currently, especially online, because everyone and their grandma's great uncle's cousin once removed's dog's puppy thinks they can make it big online. The internet tells everyone if you have even only an ounce of artistic creativity in your little toe, you need to go to art school, even if it's the death of you, because god forbid you take interest in anything else. Art is no longer about leaving a legacy it is now about pumping out the most easily consumed baby mush for the general population. Art is simultaneously overvalued and undervalued. Artists pump out trash like a reward winning sewage pipe while continuing to be praised as if they are Michelangelo. It doesn't matter how good you are it matters if you have the right opinions. There is no longer such a thing as artistic integrity, we need to know that you are a disgusting publically oversharing fujoshi who thinks gay relationships are inherently more meaningful than straight ones or how else will we find you relatable.

In short, being an artist right now is fucking stupid and overrated. Go do something else. Don't let your personality and friendships shrivel up and die for the supposed glamour of being an artist. Fuck that shit. This has been my thesis. Thank you.

No. 646560

no one is going to read your long ass sperg, this is an image board, not your personal vent board.

No. 646569

Why does every spergy anon that rants about art and how bad the art industry is always has to go shit on weebs and fujoshis? Of all the things wrong with the art scene right now you think the weebs screeching about some oc to their friends are the problem? Your argument was kind of fine in the first half, about how art had become commercial and sometimes devoid of that charm that comes from working on a piece to leave something about yourself in it, or how can be unfulfilling and difficult, but then you start ranting about fujoshis and say that art is always a waste of time no matter what. Literally how the fuck do you think?

No. 646570

Aww anon failing can make you bitter but don't succumb to the negativity, you too can make it! Work more and sperg less and it will work out for you too!

No. 646584

anime art is still better than "high art". take a shit and add a meaning, call anyone who doesn't understand a pleb

No. 646599


i've been seeing an unholy influx of these kinds of videos and it just really takes me back to the times of 2014 art kids in school… i bet they used to wear hot topic shit

No. 646604

anon really thought they did something with this huge ass paragraph lol

No. 646609

I seriously considered a career in fine art if i managed a scholarship in a fancy name school because im so good at bullshitting meaning to things, also pretty decent at sculpture, if you are a good liar and a decent artist its literally the most perfect profession.

No. 646627

This is honestly why I decided against making art my profession and kept it a dedicated hobby instead. Making it something I profit off of would suck all the fun and self-expression out of it. You need connections and whoring yourself out a lot if you want to make an income and I'm not much of a people person, I'd imagine myself to be posted here all the time if I actually became a professional artist lmao. Looking at my friends who actually did become artists by profession I don't envy them, they can barely scrape money together and have lost their ambition completely or crank out fanart after fanart to make a name for themselves sell commissions. It is what it is though, some people enjoy it and are made for it. Sakimichan gets ludicrous bucks and I respect her hustle.

But honestly don't know why this one bitter anon is always sperging about fujos taking muh johwwbbs, I'm sorry people like pretty anime men and are willing to pay for them. That's why I didn't become a pro myself, I couldn't answer to customer demand. Nobody owes me money simply for drawing and expressing myself. If you want a profession that's based on merit instead of pandering you might want to switch over to STEM or something.

Because her fujo weeb friend got more $80 commissions due to her style being pretty and appealing while her own flat Dungeon&Dragons OC prints never sell.

No. 646656

Not looking at bad art as a failure would help with your impatience. The point isnt necessarily to constantly make amazing artwork. All failures are a necessary learning process to eventually become good. You’ll have to take the step to spend more effort on a piece and have it turn out bad, because it’ll give you the experience to know how to spend more time and effort refining a piece and make it turn out good. If you approach art from a standpoint of fear of failure you’ll not improve, you need to fail to learn what works, good art doesn’t exist without this point of comparison.

You can think of it from an exp bar standpoint: every drawing, good or bad, is exp that will level you up one day. Also most artists only post their successes, it doesn’t mean everything they make looks like that. It’s curated, people hide their failures and create an illusion of consistency that isn’t exactly real.

No. 646692

File: 1601916409140.jpg (214.74 KB, 1400x933, https___hypebeast.com_image_20…)

youre having a psychological meltdown but the studio art world is nothing like this, you specifically mean online cartoon careers
you're imagining those are mutually exclusive as if "high" and "anime" are separate concepts but they really arent lmao

No. 646710

Anon you can’t possibly think the art world revolves around one or two sections of social media?

No. 646712

File: 1601918797944.jpeg (18 MB, 8370x4000, 3C0CF878-2DB7-4B0C-A795-C3066C…)

I've been thinking about this for a good while. So, I plan on creating an IG artist account, along with other social medias like Pixiv or Deviantart if I have the time for it. I have many pieces I intend to post, but I am wondering what is the most advantageous choice for my art to reach the most people; do I post all my pieces at once as soon as I create my account, or do I post them progressively, perhaps once or twice a week? If this is the wrong place to post, thank you to redirect me :)

No. 646716

It would be better if you post your art slowly, but not too slowly, how long does it take for you to finish something you would publish? Use that as your timeframe so everyone who follows you can feel like you have some consistency, even if most of your art is already finished.
Also, maybe keep a certain day to post your art as your day for posting, I think it’s a pretty nice idea.

No. 646720


DeviantArt isn't really worth it nowadays, after the site's big update a lot of people left it because it got too shit to use.

IG is good but only if you're willing to subject yourself to posting on a near constant basis. You can reach a lot of people on IG, but you have to be always be active no matter what. It's particularly tiring but if you think you can do it then go ahead.

Pixiv is the best out of those choices but it's not very easy to build a fanbase there unless you draw hot anime girls- and even then you'll have a bunch of competition. Plus if you do get a following, it'll be mostly japanese people.

No. 646744

personally, I'm a "all bets on the table" kind of person, with an account on pretty much every site with an art community, so I think that's a good idea.
Instagram is the easiest to get seen using hashtags and consistent posting. I'd suggest posting like one drawing a day on Insta. It likes when you're active each day, but like >>646720 said, it can get tiring. But you can just post sketches and little clips of you drawing or art-related stuff in your stories. Deviantart has gone down hill over the past decade, and the current interface is trash, but still could be worth it if you make use of clubs/groups. You can post everything all at once there, if you want.

No. 646752

Unpopular opinion? If you want to get popular fast, just draw tacky art of LGBTQ ships that might make you go uncomfortable.

No. 646756


Bonus points if it's both gay AND involves trans headcanons. You'll get a fanbase in no time, no matter how much you suck, and you get an army of white knight fakeboi fujos who will accuse your detractors of bigotry

No. 646764

How is this "an unpopular opinion"? Are you baiting?

No. 646765

But you would need to create a 100% pure account that can’t be traced back to your cringe teenager era with probably some “offensive” or offensive tweets/reblogs/likes/Facebook messages.
So you wouldn’t be able to use your real name at all.

No. 646781

File: 1601923118235.jpg (254.24 KB, 970x2048, 20200719_204214.jpg)

Not my advice but is from someone working on riot. Good luck Anon

No. 646800

I know that due to the pandemic a bunch of people got into some problems regarding financial status, but GOD nowadays my timeline is filled with e-artists begging for money and donations and writing sob stories to get people to donate.

Even before the pandemic it felt like the common thing for e-artists to do was to beg for money like a hobo. Not even beg for people to commission them, but flat out beg for money and then drop their ko-fi or paypal.

No. 646803

some people's entire timeline is retweets of that shit

No. 646825

>Hello!!!! I'm @smolbean, a queer gender-nonconforming pre-hrt nonbinary disabled (self-diagnosed autism) PoC (5% Irish) artist from Portland and I need your help!!!! my therapist told me I need to practice self care so I have to buy a Nintendo Switch, a 50-inch TV and the new Animal Crossing for medical reasons so please donate to my ko-fi or order a commission I won't be finishing because of my anxiety and mental illnesses!!! Please share&RT!!!!! thank youuuuuuu

No. 646827


bonus if they add 'i'm super disabled and because of my disability i ABSOLUTELY can't work! not even if it's home office i can't work i'm disabled! i'm disabled rememeber! now pwease give me money!'

No. 646885

It wouldn’t be a fan base worth having IMO. Unless you want to live in constant fear of getting canceled over something mildly insensitive but ultimately harmless.

No. 646891

Maybe I'm insane, but I don't get the problem with this, if people see this and want to donate then goof for the artists for finding people dumb enough to fall for the bs, excluding the people in real financial trouble of course.

No. 646923

File: 1601932940665.png (6.06 MB, 3578x2005, Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 5.21…)

Dollightful's faces are in a constant state of decline, I dunno why she never improves when they're an aspect of every custom. I love her but it comes across so half-assed.

No. 646929

she even mentioned in the video that she didn't like how the eyebrows came out when she went over them with acrylic, why didn't she just wipe it off and start over? really over used acrylic on this one.

No. 646934


If you post all at once, Insta will mark you as spam which means shadowban right from the start. It's better to figure out a schedule that you can keep up once you run out of stuff like the other anon said. Also think about using a scheduling app and plan your posts/ captions/ hashtags ahead. Posting piece by piece gives you time to figure out how hashtags work, which are best for your art, how to take nice photos and and how other artists you may like play the game. Also, interact with other people. It's social media and not a portfolio.

No. 646979

Anon you know there are people who make art because they genuinely enjoy it, right? You sound like a major crab lol

No. 646990

>i'm a disabled mentally ill nonbinary artist and i'm literally going to be HOMELESS in a week!!!!!!!! (also i need thousands of dollars for my absolutely essential transition)
>scroll down
>picture of a pricey item like a switch, a friend commission or an overpriced beverage
every time. it doesn't help that these people seem to be overwhelmingly milky and/or mediocre artists

No. 647020


I think the real problem (in my opinion) is that because of those beggars, artists who are in real need of money/commissions and need donations to live may not be taken seriously or will be clumped together with the beggars unfairly.

If it was just a case of lazy artists wanting to tear money off stupid randos to buy a switch with no more consequences, then fine whatever. But their actions can potentially drive donators away from artists who genuinely need the money.

No. 647039

And they ALWAYS start out with “I’m disabled/queer/marginalized/whatever” and the actual problem is secondary, it’s like they’re saying you should just donate because of their identity instead of the fact that they need immediate financial help.

No. 647100


I agree with you anon. Most of the people disagreeing with you are salty unoriginal "artists" who are content with drawing the same unoriginal art over and over again for their lowest common denominator fanbase.
Even fanartists can make innovative or creative material with their art yet most don't even have enough talent to do that. At least with music and writing you can only coast so much off being "pretty" or "fun" that you'd need at least a medium skill level to make your mark. Artfags get so defensive at their "talent" of being able to draw doodles of their favorite fictional characters from high school it's hilarious to see.

No. 647103

every criticism of art follows as this

>i think unoriginality is bad


no one pretends wattpad writers or soundcloud music is the pinnacle of that medium yet artfags defend constant uncreative shit on a daily basis in a medium that asks for creativity and skill.

No. 647210

You sound bitter af lmao we live in an amazing time where you can make a living being an artist because of the internet and you're crying about mediocrity. Guess what, only a few artists will become "legacies", but you don't have to be a legacy to build a community and following and live doing what you love. Plenty of artists are non-political, why don't you broaden your horizons instead of complaining about the mainstream. And if those wattpad writers and soundcloud musicians find a following and can start making money off their content good for them.

No. 647255

"uncreative" internet art is still better than high art.

No. 647270

only to autists who deluded themselves into thinking shit is gold

No. 647272

you mean few smears on canvas some scrote did in the 70s?

No. 647274

ah yes, sonic deviantart fanart is better than most legacy artists of the past century. you got me.

No. 647275

And you sound like a braindead twitterfag. At least be good at what you do or be honest and say you just want to do it for money. stop pretending people can't criticize your shit as shit.

No. 647278

probably yeah

No. 647280

File: 1601966884701.gif (184.82 KB, 220x221, lol.gif)

No. 647283

it's only "iconic" because a few rich scrotes decided so. literally someone took a shit and called it art. it all depended on social construct

No. 647289

So many bitter anons jealous that 14 year olds on twitter drawing their ocs and other "uncreative" shit get more clout and money than them kek
Maybe if your own art was better you would get big too. Just keep trying.

No. 647325

I've seen a decline with all youtube artists who push to have videos regularly. You can always tell they rush their work to get into the algorythm. It's kind of sad

No. 647383

man, y'all need to stop sperging already and find something to be actually salty about over being bitter about the littlest things because your life is empty and meaningless.
and now come the anons saying "BUt ThIs IS tHE ARt SAlt thrEAD" like this kind of whiny bitchery is normal even for a thread of this type. no one wants to hear the personal whining of anons, we want to discuss shitty dumb artists.

No. 647387

This debate seriously sounds like someone samefagging to argue with themselves and drag everyone else to the infight.

No. 647397

Agree. I don't get the bitterness behind "wahh weebs like this other weeb fanartist better than my super original 2deep high art material". You're not competing for the same audience so what's the point? The people who support NekoChan04 are people who just want to see their favourite characters drawn with pretty colours and lots of sparkles. They're not there for the though-provoking art experience. Like don't worry, NekoChan04 probably won't get her anime girl drawing framed in an art gallery and sold for $50 mil lmao. She's probably going to become a graphic designer or a concept artist for some animation or game company or something. Not all art has to be some culturally impacting corner stones of art history, we need the disposable fast food type too.

In other words if you want a huge Twitter following for your art, then you have to pander to non-artists as well and make your art as accessible as possible. So none of that "you just need to stare at this black rectangle for 30 minutes to analyze the brush strokes and meditate to really get it" stuff.

No. 647413

spergchan doesn't realise the "fast food" anime art is impacting the industry, and only salty nerds reject it

No. 647417

I scrolled past and thought you were talking about kiki kannibal

No. 647425

I can't wait for the Guggenheim gallery to be filled with anime art then.

No. 647432

better not it would look better than most art in there

No. 647436

Now deviantart is unusable, does anyone know where / how to make decent art friends on the web?

No. 647439


Twitter, IG or Tumblr.

None of them are perfect choices though, like it was stated before by many anons Twitter and IG love loooove activity which can become tiring.

Tumblr meanwhile is not flat out dead but it's def slower and quieter. You can find some nice people there but don't expect much traffic.

Pick the one you feel like you'll be more comfortable in. I personally prefer Twitter even with the shit algorhythm.

No. 647444

twitter's new artist bandwagon (the "same artist thing) is as always disappointment magnet. It started out with artists showing off how versatile their styles are but now it's also showing how NOT versatile some artists are.

No. 647457

I'm thinking the same, some artists are actually very versatile, but some are just exposing themselves in an attempt to join the bandwagon.

No. 647470


Looking at the earlier posts in the bandwagon I think it started out more as a funny meme thing where artists showed off what their real art looked like compared to their shitpost/meme doodles.

Now people have turned it into a versatility contest in which some artists THINK that they are versatile but in reality they're not. But hey, bandwagon means more eyeballs on your stuff, so I don't blame them.

No. 647477

File: 1601988490821.png (324.9 KB, 593x594, same.PNG)

This was actually the very first post and majority of things I saw yesterday were very different indeed; now when you go to look at the top posts in the tag it's just people showing their artworks randomly, probably some of them not even aware what original hashtag was about.

No. 647528

File: 1601992673162.jpg (341.2 KB, 1080x2171, 20201006_200822.jpg)

Tired of seeing sponsored posts or ads like this

No. 647529

all I keep seeing in the hashtag is popular artists taking it over, like always, and adding not two drawings but FOUR.

No. 647531


doesn't surprise me. everyone knows how thirsty twitter artists are for attention, mainly the ones that are already popular. they'll take over any hashtag and them bombard it with their art. this is just like the nobodyartistsgang or the under1kgang hashtags thing all over again.

No. 647542

They are the highlight of my day.
There is so much incredible artistic talent in the world that I can't ever achieve, but seeing this stuff reminds me that there are people or at least kids who are much worse than me out there still enjoying art.
Also it's like having a subscription to the bad art thread.

No. 647560

it was even worse there was an under10kgang tag, the first one. because apparently 9k followers is not enough.

No. 647564

I went to check the same artist # because I thought it was nitpick but I agree..a lot of the top posts are popular artist, a lot of them are posting the same style not enough difference just different painting style, from cel shading to soft coloring but same drawing style lol

No. 647585

That hashtag was next level ridiculous. People with 8k followers and hundreds of RTs on each piece tweeting shit like "hello I'm just a small artist with a very small following please go check out my work!!!". How the hell do you think that's a small following? In the #Nobodyartistclub one there were phenomenal artists who really had 200 followers tops and then you got these greedy assholes making a scene. Like good for you for having a decent following and your work appreciated but don't you think taking part in that hashtag was a bit too much? Some of them were even industry professionals who had no reason to get more exposure. The vanity of twitter artists never ceases to amaze me.

No. 647592

I would get enjoyment out of these ads if they didn’t show up 24/7 and say “you can’t criticize because it’s my StYLe!!!”

No. 647595


THIS. A bunch of them are posting drawings that only differ in shading style and are trying to pass it off as a "drastically different style" or that they are versatile. Their shamelessness is kinda disgusting.

No. 647599

File: 1601998409654.png (540.15 KB, 747x553, twthastag.png)


(Same anon)

Stuff like this. Call me crazy but I don't think this is versatility.

No. 647607

I think that's a pretty good amount of style shift between pieces. It's just the same subject matter probably picked for the sake of comparison.

No. 647617

File: 1601999367278.png (492.62 KB, 777x673, aaaaaaaaaaa.png)

No. 647626

File: 1601999665471.png (4.01 MB, 1622x1907, val.png)

Come on, these two artworks are COMPLETELY different, >>647617 this proves your point much better.

No. 647644

first is rei style and the other is sakimichan style

No. 647662


lowkey feels like vendetta posting, anon. Those pieces are pretty damn different. try again.

No. 647665

the other is exactly like the game render and the first is a style she is universally known and recognized for but continue discrediting her, vendetta-chan

No. 647672

i was joking but it does remind me of rei. it's a popular style anyway

No. 647817

So some of us will have to be a suck up to get noticed on twitter
Got it.

No. 647822

yea. it sucks to want to do something where people notice you but you have to do things where people notice you.

No. 647845

This is the weirdest argument I’ve seen in art salt

No. 647853

Tl;dr story channels noticed how easy it is to rip off her art so they did it twice, and so she made two lucrative videos whining about it (to take the moral high-ground, like she's any better), the only way i found out about the first video she made was through mohammed agbadi's video
i'm not saying what they did was necessarily justified, but the absolute amount of ego from this person wards me away from being a potential subscriber
art youtube is becoming so boring and irritating.

a part of her caption though:

"However if you give me two (2) mansions I may consider letting you keep the video with a proper apology and credit in the description. You know where to find me, if you try to copyright strike this then become the dirt I walk on."

who the fuck does she think she is?? Lmfao I peeked at her art instagram and it was just the same-face nonsense that anons here love to talk shit about

No. 648001

>"However if you give me two (2) mansions I may consider letting you keep the video with a proper apology and credit in the description. You know where to find me, if you try to copyright strike this then become the dirt I walk on."

this is obviously a joke, but yeah id be pissed too, if someone stole and proffited off of my work

No. 648068

File: 1602025547904.png (3.48 MB, 1433x1434, f.loraline.PNG)

the vid is pretty funny and well spoken and well edited. her cartoons aren't mindblowing but shes 16 and has potential

No. 648392

Yeah her art sucks but that doesn't mean russian bot channels should be able to profit off clearly traced art? maybe her humor just irks you but no artists deserves this shit

No. 648512

16? no wonder her audience is full of pedos

No. 648521

Are you autistic? She's obviously joking with the mansion thing and I'd be pissed off if some Russian bot channel was tracing my art no matter how bad it was.

No. 648536

anons these days have really been on the train of "your art is bad so bad things should happen to you!!!". they don't realize artists who get personally shitted on in this thread do so because they also have shit personalities, otherwise it's just shitting on their art.

No. 648810

>200k ig
>80k youtube in a month
>merch and webcomic
yeah shes way more mature and career-focused than some cringe 30 year old artists, even with the bad drawings

No. 649753

File: 1602165611407.jpg (493.11 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20201008_160047.jpg)

Anons, is there any turorial on how to draw food like that?

No. 649754

Just draw food like that

No. 649771

looks like a typical crayon brush + a ton of textures. the rest is just still life drawing. you don't really need a tutorial for this kind of style, just practice.

No. 649773

I guess it would help to see step by step how it was done but it's not that complicated so you can just sit down on it and analyze: textured brush for the lines with no pressure sensitivity, layer mode set on overlay or screen most likely, lasso tool + plain gradient used to color bigger spaces, big texture brush on top, some texture layer on very low opacity and overlay mode set on top selectively (easiest to do with masking), possibly more than one, and well, I guess that's it?

No. 650076

So TwistedDisaster admitted she checks out the Artist Salt threads though she tried to cover it by saying "Reddit" instead which is funny since I don't recall ever seeing her mentioned in Reddit threads like at all.

Once again I find myself having a like/dislike thing with her. While I agree that bullying sucks and it's a crappy thing to go through, plus I'm sure that a good few of us here went through it,I have to wonder if bullying towards Jewish people is that severe, especially in Southern California of all places. I'm not Jewish myself so I can't comment but if there are any Jewish people here (or were raised Jewish), I wouldn't mind hearing some input.

As for when she got to her art talk and said that she welcomes critique, I just have to wonder how much because I took a look through her gallery on DeviantART and it just feels like her art stagnated since 2018, no improvement at all but the biggest issue I see with her art is the way she draws faces/heads.

Michie if you're reading this, I know you said that you try to aim for a cartoony style and there's nothing wrong with that but you should seriously practice a little more facial anatomy. Cartoony styles are fine but there's a tasteful way and a wonky way. Your faces just usually end up looking wonky a lot of the time and I suspect a culprit of this is the eyes. I remember watching a couple of your drawings and you usually Ctrl+C Copy the eye to the other side and free-transform it but seriously, you're better off drawing it instead because it'll look more natural looking. You also tend to draw the eyes way too close together at times. Studying the face a little more closely will help with this. If you work on this I guarantee you'll see your style improve.

No. 650119

In SoCal, synagogues are sometimes victims of hate crimes, usually spray paint and broken windows, but that happens everywhere, not just in SoCal. I even tried to look up cases about bullying in school over this, you'd think a story like that, the media would devour, especially in the age of cancel culture and how easy these stories go viral. No such luck. I also don't recall her ever really talking about being a Jew? Maybe she did, I've avoided her content for several months and would have forgotten about it. It's kind of hard to notice someone being a Jew unless they say so, or are literally orthadox.

I'd imagine she got bullied more for being a fatass than a Jew.

No. 650174

If anyone wants to listen to my story, I don't know where else to say this.
At one point, I was a pickme who imbibed incel/mgtow talking points and thought I was lucky to have an abusive boyfriend.

I had dreams of being an artist and I shared my work privately with an abusive man. He then convinced me that in order to be "safe" from "scumbag men" who would take advantage of me if they knew I was a female artist, he should claim ownership of my art. I agreed. He posted it and gloated online to his small circle of friends. He amassed a following but nothing major. Eventually we broke up once the abuse became too much.
He still pretends to be an artist online using my art. He told me that if he finds me posting art under my name he'll tell the world I traced and stole from him, and also post my personal photos and dox me. It's been almost a decade and it continues.
I'm paranoid as hell and I can't make an art career under my real name.
I don't know who else to tell because I don't want to burden my friends, I just need someone to listen.

No. 650175

Judging from it's appearance. Its pretty much sure using a crayon-pastel shaped brush or grainy air brush then finishing with a texture. For the tutorials, you need just photo study

No. 650201

Her art looks like a standard meyoco-ish amateur uwu uwu kawaii artist that just started drawing last week. Kinda looks boring

No. 650205

That's incredibly fucked up, anon, I'm sorry. Your ex is a pathetic, untalented, weak piece of shit, and you shouldn't be afraid of him. On the contrary, he's been threatening you all these years because he's afraid of you. Don't ever forget that.
If you want legal help and to see your possible options, maybe you can ask on r/legaladvice? You can probably copyright your work, have him thrown in jail if you live somewhere with privacy invasion/revenge porn/harassment/stalking laws, and get a restraining order on him, but it really depends.

No. 650265

Unfortunately I don't have any evidence left, it was so long ago.
He's also extremely psychotic and a compulsive liar. Any notification about my existence and he and his friends will post gossip and threats anonymously. He doesn't have to fully dox me or leak my pictures to ruin any reputation I have as an artist.

I guess I just want to warn anyone else reading never to let someone take control of your art or who you are as an artist. People come and go but your passion will be with your forever, don't let anyone steal it away from you.

No. 650266

I'm so sorry you went through this. In addition to what >>650205 said, you could, y'know… do a live stream of you drawing? If anyone calls the situation into question, your ex's claims would fall apart immediately as soon as he was asked to draw something new lol. Anyway, abuse thrives in the dark. Once you do start posting on your own account, I'd address the issue loudly and immediately. He'll have no leg to stand on.

No. 650270

Any Van Goth here?

No. 650272

You should watch Big Eyes and also follow this Anon's advice >>650266

Just make and upload Youtube videos (or wherever) of you drawing, with yourself in shot+showing your hands, etc. Then post that along with both old and new artwork. I very much doubt people will side with the scrote with no evidence he made any of it.

No. 650289

I'm really sorry you have to go through that.

No. 650305

God, that’s horrible anon. I hope you’re able to find a way around this without it blowing up too much, no one deserves that shit.

No. 650316

I'm her age. in the mid-2000s, bullying would was brutal. I was popular prek-5th grade but the visibly gay, ugly, muslim/jew, and fat kids like TD were openly abused every day and teachers didn't do shit. I was teased for my thick brows once and my mom got scared and homeschooled me until 11th grade lmao.

No. 650390

Can’t you just prove him wrong with time stamps? If you draw and post it online, even if he tries to steal it or trace it, you work would still be posted before his.

No. 650415

File: 1602190667690.png (160.71 KB, 413x382, Ame.png)

Imagine searching up yourself so much that you end up here of all place. And doing that while have commissions to do no less.

No. 650417

if you go this route, be aware there are ways to fake livestreams like at the end of this video, if your ex is really dedicated. So do requests during the stream that make your case stronger.

No. 650442

Honestly, I feel like that’s a common thing to be bullied for dumbass things, no matter the gen. Hell, I remember being called a lesbian for getting a bob-like Cut in middle school (this was around the time woke-culture was becoming much more prevalent too).

No. 650469

Right. I grew up in SoCal myself and I don't recall ever seeing Jewish kids getting beat up or bullied at the schools I went to so that's why I was very surprised to hear this and I can't help but feel that the bullying was mostly towards something else. I'm sure that that she may have got some Jew stereotype jokes hurled at her but like actual assault? I'm not so sure about.

She actually has mentioned that she was raised Jewish in a few of her videos like the one where she talked about her views on Religion and a storytime video about one of her crazy ex-roommates from high school.

Yeah I'm 2 years older than her myself and yeah bullying was pretty bad back then. She wasn't wrong that you just had to more or less try to cope and push forward. And I guess I was just feeling a little uneasy with Twisted's story is that I've seen some pictures of her and she just looked like a white girl to me so I would think she was probably more the victim of bullying from her weight than the Jewish stuff.

No. 650510

File: 1602198194111.png (324.61 KB, 604x394, 0Untitled.png)

Looks like #Blacktober is taking off in case the anons from the top of the thread are still here.
Not sure why it stirred up some infighting here since Twitter is full of things that go in one ear and out the other Bowsette or Minecraft in Smash Bros.

No. 650522

>Not sure why it stirred up some infighting here

You really not sure why?

No. 650523

>Backtracking for things you aren't invested in.

No. 650535

the deku is sinfully fucking ugly, but i actually like the demon slayer character's redesign.

No. 650539

Anons is it possible to succeed as an artist with a small following? I'm hoping to publish a graphic novel but I've only got about 300 followers on Insta and less than 50 on Twt

I live in a country where there's not a lot of artist conventions and people have to rely on social media for art, or at the very least making connections personally

It actually demotivates me a lot because I see these teens on Insta posting "Tag Yourself as x" artwork and amassing hundreds of thousands of likes, and they could drop a Webtoon at any moment and become an instant hit, while small artists like me are fighting for crumbs of engagement

Does engagement on social media actually affect your ability to sell art?

No. 650562

interesting how the retards getting upset over this are the same people saying “calm down it’s just a drawing” over blatant child sexualisation in anime kek

anyway though who gives a fuck about blackwashing, if someone wants to draw miku as an obese trans muslim they have the right to do so but i also have the right to laugh at them. anyone who gets seriously upset or offended over this shit needs to get a life

No. 650563


Engagement and activity are two things that social media algorithms really like. If you interact with people a lot and also is very active, you might get more attention.

If you don't have that, then connections.

TL;DR if you want to succeed as an artist online then yeah you need engagement or connections.

No. 650576

I just don't get why you'd laugh though. For drawing someone a different skin color?

No. 650580

Not that anon but blackwashed content is oddly specific in the same way outfit swap fanart is which makes me ask "who is this for besides the commissioner/OP?"

No. 650606

File: 1602207160119.jpeg (142.99 KB, 1125x787, 6B4461CD-653E-4984-A81A-8824B9…)

Wokeness? Pseudo- or actual relatability? Who the fuck knows, these people are a whole other breed

No. 650613

I don't think there's anything wrong with the race changes, but I don't get why they also need to make them ugly, fat, trans, non-binary, acne-ridden, etc.

No. 650629

It's autotune for art.

No. 650632

Not the same anon.

The problem isn't in the race bending. But it's the fact that most of the time the characters are redesigned to look obnoxiously ugly for woke points and """"representation"""".

Someone draws a black Hatsune Miku? Okay. But they also make her morbidly obese, with a prosthetic leg, an acne-ridden face, tooth gaps, her outfit littered with pride flags and woke snarky quotes, she has 4 sexualities and 5 genders and scars/stretch marks and shit all over? Then it's ridiculous. At that point it's better to just make a shit oc.

No. 650635

I don't like this stuff because for woker fanbases it always gets triple the attention any other rendition of the character does, even if the art is rushed and lazy. Most artists end up how they used to draw characters to turn them into this while putting less effort into their art because what better way to get RTs without trying. The trans muslim Miku is a perfect example, finding pale asian Miku drawings from western Twitter is a feat these days. It's like Homestuck all over again.

I don't like it because I can't consider it fanart of the character, it looks like someone's OC cosplaying and often the color scheme of the original was not meant to work with a different skintone. This goes for whitewashing too of course.

That is my personal preference but it's fucking annoying when this becomes the most common type of fanart and people use it to be lazy and doodle because as long as the character has been racebent it will get more retweets than a piece that took a week to make

No. 650650

I think the main problem with race bending is the blatantly disingenuous nature of it. If they truly cared about representation, they would consume work created by and featuring those races. They wouldn't continually focus on white and Japanese media then change the characters races after the fact. Either they have a strong preference for white/anime characters and gravitate towards them, or they care more about creating content for popular fandoms than promoting work by other races. It's fake and performative af.

No. 650718

nah both are degenerate. shut up

No. 650720

File: 1602217831415.jpg (180.95 KB, 3103x820, homestuck redesigns.jpg)

This. Idgaf about people drawing characters as black or whatever as a racebend/reimagining, as long as it's done tastefully. Idk if you guys remember just how bad it was when people would unironically make half the characters in any series obese and trannies, this blacktober shit is so tame in comparison lol.

No. 650755

File: 1602220926968.jpg (177.96 KB, 539x1120, 1602216737362.jpg)

Any Anons go to Ringling College of Art and Design?


No. 650763

File: 1602221852821.png (920.8 KB, 1201x1259, 1602221846852.png)

Seems getting that guy fired wasn't enough for her.

No. 650770

john looks like josh macedo

No. 650781

File: 1602223923944.png (12.12 KB, 733x121, 94af3f1402d14542fc8437cd43a397…)

Of course it's not enough for her when she's literally getting sued. I dunno about you, but I find it pretty easy to belive that an older professor has actually harassed students, leading to a justified firing. Especially when she seems to not be the only person with complaints against him.
He's not even a teacher apparently, he's a dean. It's not like they're losing artistic talent by firing him.

No. 650793

This. Nobody hates racebending because they're racist (except 4chan moids) but because it's all performative and obvious clout fishing. It's a lazy, uncreative way to cheat likes on social media.
>Oh man I'm not talented or imaginative enough to create something people consider engaging, how will I grow my reputation?
>I know, I'll draw Deku as an ugly black guy to trigger the nazis!!! hahahahaha RT or ur racist
These are also the same crabs who nitpick and attack other people drawing black characters because they want all eyes on them, not these other dumb bitches doing the same thing.

No. 650937

But really important but did she just admit to hissing at people in school. Of course she was one of those

No. 650992

So I have seen this uptick in people complaining about the "Where is the organs?" comments. It seems to stem from the anime/superhero girls with big boobs, tiny waist etc.

The general feelings from the vocal art community that I have seen is that, to mention a few, you're 1) saying that women with that body type should be ashamed, 2) ignoring that muscular men gets sexualized as well, and 3) criticizing without reason. I tend to be accepting of people drawing what they want, although the fact that they are trying to tell me that drawing lewd anime girls is somewhat empowering/not meant as jerk material/an uncritiziable art style do grind my gears rent-free. Obviously, complaining to an artist that you don't like their style and the subject matter directly to them is (mostly) unnecessary, because they like what they like and for many it's hard to deal with negative comments. However, all criticism is not bad.

What really prompet this tiresome, long rant is the sentiment of many online artists that the "(…) against artworks that are not meant to be realistic and being used to pressure the freedom of artistic expression"-mentality. I remember arguing with someone about it, and while I realize I was way too immature and sounded snobby I felt they were extremely hostile and aggressive towards a simple difference in perspective.

Many of these types of artists that would fight for their lives for this idea that you can't fix someone art — which I do agree with to an extent — seems to have art that is riddled with anatomical mistakes. Even mentioning that they should practice anatomy and the other fundamentals to become a better artist is "caring too much". Caring about anatomy is also supposedly stupid, because that people that don't follow the rules are much more interesting — ignoring the fact that learning the rules is needed to push them in an intentional way. Like, I have seen a couple of these comic artist that draw sexy women, and at least they know how to create poses etc.

I realize this reply may have even too much salt, but understanding that I probably could never actively participate in the art communities, on for example Twitter, with a different opinion without getting massive backlash made me just want to rant this once on an anonymous board and just bury the hatchet.

Don't hope I sound like I am on some high horse, as I am not much of an artist anyway. I know that people are their worst critics and most practice in their past time, so being criticized for something you love is hard. And yes, a lot of people do artistic hobbies for the fun of it, but wanting to improve should be universal. Just wanted to say in an overcomplicated way that missing organs, broken backs and wrists is often legitimate criticism.

No. 650996

did you really think we were gonna read this

No. 651000


Guess not, but in the end it is salt.

No. 651010

Broke take

No. 651019

Yes let’s just erase KnY deeply Japaneseness by making it look like Lil Yachty fan art. Why do these retards have against boosting actual black characters?

No. 651031

File: 1602259327865.png (835.89 KB, 1500x1219, Tifa-Lockhart-Final-Fantasy.pn…)

The "lmao broken spine!!!!!" comments are often useless because they're directed at work that doesn't benefit from correct anatomy and only serve to polish the commentator's ego for being so observant that their big brains realize coomer art is unrealistic. Yeah that spine is twisted to unrealistic degrees because the artist wanted to have both the Kim Kardashian ass bent for display and big balloon tits visible in the same picture. The same goes for "where are the organs????" comments, that midriff width is unrealistic because it's done for the sake of exaggerating features seen as sexy. It has the same vibe as bitching about the Barbie doll's waist for the umpteenth time, the artist and everyone else around them probably know that the anime titties and scoliosis spine are fucked up but don't care.

Like pic related the one on the right is more realistic with its proportions, but it looks flat on a character with otherwise cartoony features compared to the more stylized version on the left.

No. 651048

i don't understand why would someone edit her like that though, they straight up erased certain details that weren't unrealistic, and made her look way less fit which doesn't work for her character. if they had made her like female boxer proportions i would actually agree with that. she just looks flabby and flat.

No. 651057

Why they insist in making japanese characters into black once, when they have black once? They love to say is for representation but why erase something made by Japanese people about japanes folklore?, also in anime there are many black characters why not draw those?, Is all for RT and fake woke point and to oun "the nazis of 4chan"

No. 651063

There are not many black characters in anime. Tf are you talking about, anon?

No. 651071

I get this could be considered an average womans body, but isn't this character supposed to be a fighter? They could have made her fit and toned while still keeping it realistic.

No. 651077

This happened to a famous contemporary artist and they made a movie about it, I can't really give you any personal advice but I think watching her go through the same thing and overcome it could give you the strength to do so as well.
Her name is Margarete Keane and the movie was called "Big Eyes", for her unironically gigantic anime eye looking drawings. It used to be on Netflix, not sure if it still is.
Her boyfriend/husband stole her artwork and was abusive to her for years and years and became rich and famous from her work until she finally put her foot down

No. 651087

from a quick google search of "black characters in anime", there's a billion search results
it's just that they're not as popular as racebent "white" characters or they're from older or niche anime so you never hear about them

No. 651120

"There's a billion search results" Yes there are billions of search results when you search for things anon. You are not taking into account that they are probably the same 30 or so characters compared to the hundreds or thousands of japanese ones.

No. 651154

If there's really a billion for "black characters", when you search white, you're sure to see a fucking quadrillion, lmao.

No. 651163

This is a bit blog posty but just a while ago, I drew my old OC who had a naturally a very thin body frame, few people then pointed this out, saying she was too skinny and one even tried to fix the proportions. I was fine with this but decided to inform them anyway that it was on purpose, because I had created this oc back when I was anorectic as a way to lift my own bony self-esteem. This caused one of the people to actually sent me a long heart filled apology because they thought I was just "another man drawing ultra thin women and glorifying it" and didn't know I had such a reason behind it. I didn't personally think it was worth the apology at all and was totally fine with people thinking that she was "too skinny" because that was exactly the point. I'm just saying this because it kinda shows that some people end up critiquing what you do more out of personal bias than because it's actually warranted.

No. 651166

File: 1602263392571.png (2.91 MB, 1883x1161, why do blacktober artists like…)

and? the point is that they do exist, they're just not as popular for said reasons. have you heard of an exaggeration?

pic related is comparing and contrasting a genuine black character's fanart and what resembles most blacktober drawings i've seen. which one is more appealing?

No. 651170

This reminds me of how years before wokeness and virtue signaling became popular (think late 2000s-early 2010s) I found this one artist drawing stuff similar to the art on the left. A lot of black characters drawn respectfully with imaginative designs. I thought it was gorgeous and I loved her work. Now I honestly can't enjoy something like Blacktober anymore because it all reeks of faux wokeness and attempts to milk social media clout.

No. 651172

File: 1602263893699.png (598.18 KB, 895x637, Michiko_ep_2_part_2.png)

I find Blacktober weird. Why not celebrate canon black characters instead of blackwashing?

"There aren't many canon black characters" exactly! Then draw lots of fanart of them, celebrate them and hopefully companies and studios might catch the hint. I find it much more productive for their cause than black Midoriya or black Zelda.

Where's the fanart for Canary from HxH? Or Michiko from Michiko to Hatchin? Or even Nessa from Pokemon??? Are people just forgetting that they exist?

No. 651177

Nobody even said they don't exist, just that they're rare. You're literally just saying what >>651063 said.

No. 651184

judging by some faggy comments in the thread, blackwashing is totally a-okay and should just be accepted and allow people to draw whatever. These people who blackwash take it super serious though, you'll find them insisting that these characters should be black despite the fact they are asian or white. Yes white because even in the case of naruto, the creator has said if naruto was made into an american movie a white kid would play naruto, a white girl would play sakura and an asian, specifically japanese, would play sasuke. They should celebrate more actual canon black characters, I mean there are many amazing ones.

No. 651191

idk, obv everyone can draw what they want but ususally women are sexualized in a way thats really different from men. Just because they are both sexualized doesn't mean it's equally demeaning or bad.

Women who get sexualized are object done just for sexual gratifiction and visual porn, not having other purpose other than being fuckable, male sexualization makes men look strong and powerful. Women usually are weaker and submissive and their sexulization does take about from their character snce it's mostly just to make them look appealing with no other purpose.

Their character isn't undermined by their sexulization, in fact it builds upon it while being pleasing for female or gay viewers. I doubt many young boys look at a buff man or a shirtless man and feels like shit about themselves, the same way it is which girls.

No. 651194

Literally nobody says they would be better as black would you quit with the stormfront sperging. Also since when was Nalt white? Go back to 4chan faggot nobody cares how triggered you are over blacktober

No. 651197

They don't care. Group 1 wants clout, group 2 wants already established characters to morph into their desired colour. I'm sure there's outliers, these are just the perspectives that stand out. p.s Michiko is waifu material

No. 651202

>you'll find them insisting that these characters should be black despite the fact they are asian or white.
idk anon, I need proof of this. This sounds made up as fuck just to drive your point.

>inb4 i c-can't find it! it was years ago or lost on some twitter thread

ok anon

No. 651204

>compared to the hundreds or thousands of japanese ones
Westerners are so full of themselves jesus Christ. Anime is japanese cartoon for japanese audience first and foremost. Sure don’t see asians complain about the lack of slanted eyes and brown asian skin in their anime.
>inb4 anime is mainstream now so you must cater to us
Japan is fucking based for continueing to stay unbothered by american nonsense. Blackwashing is cringe and ugly, can’t change my mind.
t. latina

No. 651205

Anon meant that the creators of these fanarts think that, not us

No. 651207

This isn’t even an art thread anymore, it’s a sperging about black people thread. Anons here will cry and cape hard for people who got some sideways glances for drawing dark skin characters light skinned, then turn around and reee about people drawing characters as black for a month straight.

PS you can both draw established black characters and race bend at the same time! Gasp!!

No. 651208

not anon, just google it, you can find it on plenty of forums and websites. people saying the same thing

No. 651209

>Westerners are so full of themselves jesus Christ.
t. Westerner

No. 651211

Can we let go of this blacktober/blackwashing topic and move on to actual milk already? Fine I get it blacktober can come off as fake and a bunch of ppl are doing it for brownie woke points. Not a surprise.

No. 651213

How is that even asking for Japanese people to cater to black people? One anon said there are a lot of black people in anime, and another disagreed.

>Sure don’t see asians complain about the lack of slanted eyes and brown asian skin in their anime.

Most of the characters are already Asian or racially ambiguous (meaning they can be white or east Asian)

Anyway, getting this mad over someone racebending a fictional character is stupid. We already went over this in the last thread, don't know why some anons decided to bring it back.

No. 651215

You're welcome to actually contribute something, or steer the conversation anon.

No. 651228

imo there’s alot of black people in anime if you consider most japanese people have never even seen a fucking black person in real life.
There’s a lack of black characters in ANIMATION but anime isn’t really the problem, their ratio is actually pretty high considering culture and location.

No. 651233

>most japanese people have never even seen a fucking black person in real life.
Exactly. Most Japanese’s exposure to black people is Will Smith movies and rap music. It’s for the best that they don’t write black characters.

No. 651236

So, in your eyes, everyone should be happy with only a few rare, minor characters and never want more or better?

No. 651238

File: 1602267389197.jpeg (20.56 KB, 220x220, 72EF146C-9D42-4F33-A681-5740F8…)

I think Michiko is only well written because she’s meant to be brazilian (which the japanese have more familiarity with culturally) not african american, almost all african American characters are complete offensive stereotypes unless the creator has a huge pool of knowledge of american culture and/or lived in the states.

No. 651250

Nta but I think we should start with Western animation before intruding on a space that isn't necessarily intended for us. If we set an example, Japan is much more likely to follow suit by observing the potential mass marketability of such characters.

No. 651256

File: 1602268016068.jpeg (51.87 KB, 294x423, D6AA2A53-E003-43D0-A261-30C7EF…)

Shit they still write racist white characters. White gaijins are pompous and loud and vulgar, the women are all whores. Exception being Germans are written a weee better because they’re still gay for Nazi Doitsu.

No. 651266

Michiko is well written because the female director was a pupil of the CowBoy BeeBop director and spent more than one year just researching the setting for the story and the culture of the area of Brazil it was supposed to look like.

No. 651273

>Shit they still write racist white characters. White gaijins are pompous and loud and vulgar, the women are all whores
Yeah this. Kekked at the observation about Germans because it's too fucking true. If they ever have nice, civilized westerners that aren't absolute cavemen it's always the doitsus.

No. 651284


because it's not like anti-black caricatures exist in nearly every non-black culture or anything…

No. 651285

Most anime doesn't take much influence from western animation that closely to begin with, aside from exceptions like Panty and Stocking and Cowboy Bebop (which both have black characters, ironically).
Plus, not everyone likes western animation necessarily. I don't think it's intruding to just draw fan art of existing characters with a different skin tone. I haven't seen any anime or manga producers/creators complain, at least, and I doubt they'd care.

No. 651291

The point is that it’s fucking wack to look for nuanced representation in media made in cultures that have extremely limited knowledge of cultures outside their own in which you are not the targeted demographic. Clearly the Japanese can not write white or black characters without reducing them to stereotypes. I assure you that they are more racist toward the Chinese than they are to black people, black peoples aren’t even on their radar. Stop acting like every country in the world has it out for you.

No. 651296


You're not wrong, but we can talk about ignorance specifically regarding black people without being all "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE WHITES!??! WHITES HAVE IT BAD TOO!!!"

No. 651297

NTA, I understand your point, but this also means it should be okay for people to draw their own interpretations of other media in their own race without people like you whining about it

No. 651306

Why does it matter if anime characters are diverse or not anyway? Anime is made for Japanese people by Japanese people in Japan. Any anime (assuming the story is set in Japan) doesn't have to have non-Japanese characters because that country is nearly entirely homogeneous. The people it's made for aren't complaining.

No. 651311

>We want diversity but aren't willing to settle for animators and lead artists who aren't as good as Japan's.

No. 651316

Absolutely off topic but I envy that their entertainment industry is so developed because they get a lot of works made by them, for them, with them in them. While if you live in a smaller country yes you get some works you can relate to but you mostly have to bear with american productions that don't really reflect your culture

No. 651322

File: 1602270808268.jpg (27.64 KB, 720x405, d230540fd12dbed565c35f947dd3e0…)

I agree with this, but I also agree that it's nice when there are good dark-skinned characters.
I don't think it matters much whether their races are explicitly specified, because anime is mostly racially ambiguous anyway. They don't have to be African-American, and it's not even like black people only exist in America, so the issues discussed in >>651238 are strange to me.
It's just good to have a blend of different kinds of characters, color schemes and other design elements/influences (also, I'm kind of selfish and want a wider pool of cute girl characters to be able to cosplay accurately).
Plus, there are also Japanese people (and SEA people living in Japan as immigrants) who have dark skin. Don't see why all of this should be mutually exclusive.

No. 651335

When you see interviews of “black” immigrants in japan in China, racism is hella prevalent. Woman are seen as sexual deviants while the guys are seen as aggressive, most interviews I’ve seen who are in a relationship with a native say that they have to hide it/can’t see their significant other’s parents because their s/o is ashamed/will be looked down upon for the relationship.
So yes anon, diversity is good in media, even anime because otherwise you get retards who interpret rl as media’s stereotype

No. 651363

Japan is homogenous and what we aren't gonna do is force an entire society of poc to change how they tell stories and make art for the benefit of foreigners who choose to go to japan.

No. 651371

NTA but I don't think anon said anything should be forced. They just said diversity is good in media.
Japanese anime characters are often drawn with blond hair and blue eyes despite not being white, and Japanese people still read those characters as Japanese and belonging to their own culture. I don't think it's some huge problem if the same is done with darker skintones, especially if it could help boost harmony with people who fit that appearance living in Japan.

No. 651387

I'm pretty sure this was brought up at the beginning of the thread, but Anime characters are often just drawing ambiguously. The animators just come up with cool designs and colors, and a lot of times race isn't even a question. Japanese people generally aren't too bothered by race discussions anyways. The characters are pretty opened to interpretation in many cases.

Either way, if Japanese people don't care to draw or write Black or foreign characters, that's their business imo. I think foreign born people make up about 2% of the population and most of them are of East Asian descent as well.

I think the funnier part is always Americans crying about mOrE dIvERsiTy iN ANiME wahhh.

No. 651389

I'm >>651322 and that's basically what I was trying to say, yeah. They're ambiguous and have all sorts of aesthetics. I don't get why it's so much of a debate back and forth. Pale skin good. Dark skin good. Blue hair good. Pink hair good. It's all fine as long as the end result is interesting, looks nice and makes for a good story.

No. 651410

It's quite funny to see anons here shitting on anime art, when I'm a traditional artist trying to learn manga art styles. I can't draw cartoony shit to save my life though, and have no idea why. I always thought crossing over from realism to cartoon would be easier than the other way.

No. 651411

It's easier to mimic what's real than to simplify actually. Unless you're copying someone elses simplification.

No. 651412

>i actually like the demon slayer character's redesign
Me too, I think it's pretty cool

No. 651415

Yeah, I thought learning relistic sading and anatomy etc, would make a transition smoother, depending on the level of reliasm you want to go with an a cartoon, but damn I'm crap at it. I physically can't draw weird noses or features and always end up making them look too realistic.

No. 651417

File: 1602278961288.jpg (221.33 KB, 1200x1526, 1600613405399.jpg)

Ahh, noses are especially hard to simplify. Best idea is just to choose the artists that do it best in your opinion, study their approach, try to mix it somehow and create something new out of it. It's not like you can reinvent the wheel anyway.
There was conversation about cartoony noses in I think it was redraw thread and someone posted these tips, it's very useful.

No. 651419

I think stylization can be tricky for artists used to drawing realism. The human face and skull has specific proportions (with some variation) you can’t stray too far from, and talented artists can reference photos or real life to fix issues.

But with cartoons it’s more subjective, and what looks fine to one person looks weird to another. It can be difficult to pick and choose what to emphasize. If you want to simplify then you need to know what the most important parts of the drawing are and leave everything else out, or hint at them in a subtle way. Each art style has its own visual language and will communicate different things to people, and each style has its own pros and cons. There’s a lot more choice compared to realism, therefore a lot more pitfalls.

No. 651435

Who is this artist?

No. 651438

Haha, anon goes woosh
> Anime characters are often just drawing ambiguously
Ah yes, hence why when there’s a foreign in the anime, there’s a need to announce that they are foreign and fill them with their own country stereotype

No. 651446

Not really? Look at one piece, they are super multicultural, and only Zorro is japanese, or half japanese. The creator of naruto said in a live adaption sakura and naruto could be played by white american kids, and L from death note is only 1/4 Japanese.

The characters aren't necessarily Japanese, they are nationless, and made to look ambiguous for the purpose of visual interest. Most of the time these ambiguous characters can be interpreted to whatever race or nationality the viewer wants, and the Japanese don't really give af. These exagerated forerigners, are usually used for contrast with other characters, not necessarily to create accurate foreign characters.

No. 651486

This isn't necessarily related to this argument, but I feel like it's hard to say something/someone is racially ambiguous when they're very pale like how a lot of anime characters are. Like >>651256. I know that character in particular is white, but that is the skin color a lot of anime characters are drawn with. I don't want to reignite this argument, but just that I'd add that, because they're not really ambiguous if you can only interpret them as like 2 races. If that makes sense.

No. 651507

If anything you can’t only interpret them as only two races?? White characters look exactly the same as Japanese characters. Tanned Japanese characters look exactly like ethically brown characters. Anime only comes in two colors: manga paper and screentone. So they are racially ambiguous.

No. 651537

(Ntsa)And that leads us straight back to the anon’s Post: >>651438
You can know the character’s nationality/race by the context clues (through the environment/artstyle/what characters say about others’ appearance)

No. 651726

Holy fuck can we stop talking about black people for ten seconds? There was literally good tea earlier in the thread and now it’s all washed away by this stupid argument about black people. Who gives a fuck? Don’t you all talk about this with normies on Facebook anyway?
I want to know who cow tipped to TwistedDisaster, she made a whole damn video in response to just a few posts about her in the last thread, even though she stated in a few videos she would probably never come out and talk about her bullying

No. 651732

I'm not sure how TwistedDisaster even knew she was on a site like this but it's so obvious that she was referring to here in the video. Just for fun I did a quick Reddit search to see if she was ever mentioned there and I only found like one thread that mentioned her and it wasn't negative plus had no comments on it so it was so obvious that she was actually meaning the Artist Salt threads here since she's been brought up here a few times.

Anyway yeah the main slightly annoying thing about the video was how she was making out that she received most of the bullying because of her Jewish heritage and while Jews did & do receive some bullying, I just feel like the majority of the bullying she received was from being the overweight kid because unfortunately overweight kids did get bullied a lot back in the day.

The art bullying parallel I'm "eh" with as well because for the most part in the past threads people were offering her some constructive helpful advice, mainly for her to just study anatomy a little more and refine her facial anatomy because they tend to come out wonky or the eyes are too close together and whatnot. I don't think I saw any comment outright saying her art was the worst thing out there when it isn't, she just needs to practice more to improve.

No. 651746

Agreed, there's been multiple artists possibly containing milk brought up both here and in last thread that got completely swept under the mountain of infighting. I'm here for farming not typical twitter discourse.

No. 651776

File: 1602306604924.png (326.94 KB, 900x713, AD80CD11-B012-497E-852C-C9969E…)

What does someone have to gain from telling TwistedDisaster exactly?
I’m of the belief that you shouldn’t put non-anon time into an artist if a better version of them doesn’t interest you and well, Tumblr style mk2 doesn’t sound all that appealing.

No. 651832

File: 1602312580064.png (314.36 KB, 746x346, dd8i2yg-875de9a7-71b0-4067-806…)

where are her organs?

No. 651848

In her ASS

No. 651849

Prob no one cow-tipped. She has friends, zodiaclord/starheavenly/ect. who have been mentioned here before. In the drama/art department lolcow isn’t that unknown, and she was probably told by her friends that she’s on here
A little off topic, but I Think the reason why she keeps talking about being Jewish and being bullied for it is because she would rather have been/be known as the “Jewish kid” rather than the “obese kid”, especially since she’s still on the larger side

No. 651851

File: 1602315937145.png (358.65 KB, 567x769, woah.png)

So this happened.

Might've been brought up before since it was from September but I'll hazard it.

No. 651852

File: 1602316164388.png (445.07 KB, 567x842, blockedAccounts.png)

Showed all Zee's blocked accounts and also started retweeting, Posting NSFW versions ("Fixed") of Zee's persona and "fixes" of fixes Zee's done.

Not incredibly milky but made for a good chuckle.

No. 651865

I don't understand, what happened? Who is this? What's the context? You need to fill us in a bit because I have no idea what I'm supposed to be seeing here. From what I can tell by deduction some twitter artist got hacked?

No. 651870

Not OP but I saw on Mugen's wikia page (Samurai Champloo) discourse that he is of black heritage in the comments section. kinda weird

No. 651876

so they hacked a troll? great job

No. 651877

Doubt it's actually hacked, the troll is just trolling more. It was planned from the start and it's so transparent it's like a babby's first big brain psyop to own the libz.

No. 651884

the "hacked" art is still shit but in a weeb way. shit tier weeb art.

No. 651892

>saying that women with that body type should be ashamed

You lost me right there
After what I've seen of bad photoshops, some people don't know what a normal human body looks like, the fact that some people even believe the shoops are real is what really amuses me.

Exactly what this anon said.

No. 651952

I don’t think she outright said this but for some reason I have a feeling she was bullied by black kids or Latino kids. Did she ever mention going to a school of a lot Latino or black kids? I think she did, and honestly for an obese white chick I bet they were probably brutal. If my hunch is correct it’s just another reason why she won’t talk about it. She seems like, while she’s gay and Wicca, kind of republican and has a short fuse for like, standard libtard agendas like feeling bad for homeless people because she lives in commiefornia and has had to deal with it firsthand and seen the negative side of all that. My guess is she’s actually been a victim of “reverse” racism and a group of kids who were black or tan terrorized her.

No. 651971

It doesn't lead us back there since there are plenty of characters who are not Japanese when that's never really discussed or hinted at in canon. For a lot of characters it's just up for debate. Sure sometimes there are context clues but most of the time it's simply left up to interpretation, unless race and ethnicity is a focal point in the story.

No. 652058

I didn't mean it like that, I actually totally agree anon. I was specifically referring to the expectation on a foreign country's choice of representation within their own media. I think some of the racebent character are in poor taste (I also think some are cool), but otherwise it doesn't bother me what other people want to draw.

No. 652185

You're all still going on about this retarded racebaiting shit and farmhands aren't doing anything? Jesus christ. Is one of the infighters a tripdropping farmhand?

No. 652193

Exactly. Because the Jewish thing, it wouldn't make sense for her to be bullied for that in her later school years where no one would know she was Jewish unless she was super vocal about it. It's clearly because she was overweight. I remember in her video about where she said she had an eating disorder, she said that when she looks at pictures of herself from High school she says that while she was on the bigger size, she wasn't as big as she is currently and after seeing her wedding photos of her in her corseted wedding dress, she looked to be pushing obese so I can imagine that she may have had an average but slightly overweight leaning and that is what she was most likely getting made fun of for. Not saying it's right but I just feel that's more the reason since her Jewish heritage would not be an easy thing to target unless you were super open and wearing like Jewish religious symbols.

I don't recall her ever saying that she went to a mostly black or latino school. The only thing I remember her saying about her school was that it was a popular and "good" public school. But I mean you could be right. If she were honest and said something like most of her bullies were Black and/or Latino, she would probably be accused of being a racist or something like that.

No. 652198

Pretty sure she got bullied for being weird and no social skills (like most of us), not because she was Jewish. People just love to come up with excuses for themselves.

No. 652252

I just watched a Baylee Jae video fr the first time, since I've heard her talked about on this thread a lot. Does she always do that weird baby cutesie voice. That was the only thing kinda off putting about her, and seemed fake. Do anons not like her general attitude or has she done something in particular to turn you off.

No. 652273

She has her own thread here. Probably best if you just go through those to answer your questions.

No. 652305

Any anons here using Twitter for art? Aside from the horrible crop from which there doesn't seem to be any remedy, how do I get Twitter to maintain the original image size and possibly even the quality when I click on it? Small-ish pictures just get stretched over the screen and end up looking blurry and horrible when you view them next to the comments. It's fine when you open the picture in another tab, but I'd like people to see it well even when just clicking. I've tried the one transparent pixel method but it doesn't work and I can't find anything that can help.

No. 652321

No solution for that, Twitter forces small pictures to fill the width of the tweet.

No. 652331

I've seen some people post tiny images though, and keeping the png format too. A lot of pixel artists post like that.

No. 652379

File: 1602369757971.jpg (109.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

They were discussed in this thread and a little in the last thread anon.
They're suspected to be a troll though as many anons have already stated and this shit just made it more evident.

No. 652380

They gained a shit ton of followers from it so I'd say it worked swimmingly. The people in the threads are treating them like some kind of messiah of art or some shit because of the hack.
But it wreaks of pre-planning so it's probably just act 2 of the troll's plan.

No. 652407

Are you sure that's still a thing? Before web Twitter got its major redesign to match the app you could indeed post small images and they wouldn't get sized up, but I believe it's not possible anymore. At least I don't recall seeing a tiny image in a long while.

No. 652470

I agree. Imagine how much hate there would be if black characters were whitewashed and called it #whitetober(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 652472

God. Can you freaks shut the fuck up and scroll up. We have already discussed this holy shit.

No. 652482

I'm not even a SJW and I think the whole blacktober thing is cringe but you sound stupid as hell, of course turning black characters white isn't the same. To appropriate a peaceful activity that was created to demonstrate the marginalisation of black characters and deliberately invert it would be literally racist and if that doesn't make sense to you then you need to go and read about it somewhere else because, whilst lolcow isn't the place to learn about race politics, you're very uninformed.

No. 652484

Can we all just get off the subject, please.

Fucking christ it's just been infighting whenever this stupid ass topic comes up. Let the people participating in the stupid tag do it in their lane and IGNORE it. Block the tag, do SOMETHING other than complain about it.

No. 652497

Don't know if this was posted or not, but apparently LupisVulpes went on CBN(Christian Broadcast Network) to talk more about the 'drama' surrounding her.

No. 652498

Fixed the link for you anon.

No. 652502

agreed, can the two fucking idiots arguing about this be banned or something? its bordering on off topic or just not contributing

No. 652527

File: 1602385796447.jpeg (418.26 KB, 750x748, 64B9234B-44B4-4276-B1C4-3AE779…)

It’s petty, I know, but so is everything else here so why not. I think someone’s mentioned her on these threads before but I hate how lesly oh draws women. I legit thought Rapunzel was a dude in this picture. She doesn’t have this problem with every drawing but it happens enough to be noticeable.

No. 652536

That specific drawing is a bit weird because her other Rapunzels are more feminine–I wonder if they were drawing too closely to a reference image of men or something. I dig her muscular women, but it's really jarring on a character as dainty as Rapunzel.

No. 652537

It is a little nitpicky, but I do see what you mean. It's the jawline and how large the head is. And the big yaoi hands don't help any lol

No. 652540

Well can hardly blame you as I thought this was genderbent at first before reading the post.

No. 652561

I think it might be genderbent? They both have man-hands, no chest, manish features. All the way down to adam's apples.

If it isnt, they were clearly using men for reference and followed to closely, or just flat out tracing a reference.

No. 652563

I don't know if this has been talked about on the thread before but does anyone else here find that the artist yueko became especially insufferable after she jumped on the vtuber bandwagon?

No. 652572

She’s seems so obnoxiously boring if that makes sense

No. 652584

> All the way down to adam's apples.
> flat out tracing a reference.
Kek, anon, are you feeling ok?
A simple search of this artist lets you know that they only draw masculine features despite the gender

No. 652595

A little off topic but with the TD thing, on her channel she constantly talks about being jewish, but never really in the past tense. Like, I completely forgot that she considers herself to be a witch and is into the Wiccan religion

No. 652607

Well they were posted a while ago but they still show up as tiny pictures now. I honestly can't tell how they do it, might as well ask them directly. Twitter fucking sucks.

No. 652614

are you high? the hand has the most normal proportions out of all bodyparts in this art

No. 652615

Are we sure they're not supposed to be genderbends? The anatomy everywhere says otherwise.

Manly hands, chisled features, lack of curves on the body, adam's apple???

I could be wrong of course but that's how it looks.

No. 652675

I like it, it's more interesting than seeing the same bratz doll features on every single girl.

No. 652678

I'm not an expert on the formulation of art supplies or whatever but this talk about 100% pigment and 80% pigment has me confused. That's not how this works, right??? Timestamp 08:16

No. 652680

I agree they look manly, but mostly because of the square jaws and lowered thick eyebrows. Where the fuck are anons seeing adam's apple on them? Their hands look normal too, not every woman needs to look like a insta thot with bimbo features tho.

No. 652693

This might soung like a nitpick, but it made me uncomfortable hearing her joke about Jeff Bezos and Amazon like that? Like, the reason the products are so cheap isn't because the charcoal is slightly smaller or the tortillion is made of normal paper, it's because Amazon doesn't pay their employees.
I get that these are good options for low income people and kids, but it's at the expense of other poor people. COnsidering that she said she didn't have a lot of money growing up, I'm suprised she would actively endorse a product, where the company basically treats people like slaves.

No. 652767

File: 1602426138504.png (35.06 KB, 591x346, thread.PNG)

Alexandria Neonakis has posted a thread on how hard people came after her following her very reasonable and good advice on making a living from art. It's insane how out of touch and coddled some people are to react with hostility to a polite suggestion that getting good at art requires effort, twitter sure is a disgusting place sometimes.

No. 652786

Didn't she make a whole thread pissed off about how people seemed to defend a man who was accused of the same thing she was (being married to someone with a high position in the industry which helped her reach where she is instead of getting there through merit) yesterday?

She quickly deleted the thread right after she was done with it.

People seem to have a strange beef with her, I can't see why.

No. 652788

Anons, does anyone here know of any actually good Youtubers for digital art tips? I'm tired of being reccomended ErgoJosh and LavenderTown all the time.

No. 652795

The part which made most people angry was how she kept fighting people in the replies and victimized herself to be the poor martyr trying to help these thankless /beg/s. While the gist of what she said was true (i.e. people having insufficient skills and marketing ability to sell commissions) it was how smug and aggressive she was about it that pissed people off. Especially when she's someone who's an industry professional with a stable salary instead of a freelancer who relies solely on commission work. Honestly this thread she made just makes her look whinier and more entitled, I can't imagine actually admitting to searching your name just to read up drama and how people are reacting and then bitching about muh mental breakdown.

No. 652797

For god sake, Can this thread discuss actually art drama or milk, and shitty art trend. The race and art style bait are too much.

No. 652798

Few I can recommend:
https://www.youtube.com/user/TylerE2284/ - his video about brushwork helped me a LOT
https://www.youtube.com/user/marcobucci - a lot of knowledge about basics, I recommend his exercise from the video titled Are your colors boring?
https://www.youtube.com/c/boroCG/videos - you can learn a lot from paintovers he does, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqBX2GwVul0

and maybe additionally also this guy, it's not exactly technical tips but you can learn watching him paint and he gives a very good general art advice

No. 652822

And making another minimod sperg post adds nothing to the thread. Especially when this exact post was made by others during the actual shit storm, not a day later when anons are finally back on topic.

No. 652831

People were pissed at her because she was a hypocrite, not because her advice was wrong. She said that people who don't get work are unskilled and can't draw, while she herself got where she is with connections and not skills. And now she whines about the evil bullies on twitter and honestly she can fuck off and maybe think twice about sperging.

No. 652851

yes. I have her muted due to her constant boring tweets ever since she became a vtuber. But this seems to have happened to other artists too who suddenly took the vtuber route. just_shep is another one that’s going down this hole with her weird self-insert oc that she draws getting fucked.

No. 652873

File: 1602438364338.png (1.21 MB, 1284x1364, ew.png)

Does anyone else here feel repulsed by countryhumans. Something about their ball shaped head paired with the ugly tumblr faces. It's like the bastard child between polandball and hetalia, and with none of the visual appeal, and for some reason it's almost always strange shipping art.

No. 652874

Countryhumans is bootleg hetalia but somehow it manages to be even worse. I despise it.

No. 652875


Countryhumans is just bootleg Hetalia with fans that have a houlier than thou attitude

No. 652876

Does anyone else remember Scandinavia and the World? Yet another fujobait comic with anthropomorphic countries, also I'm pretty sure the creator was also a huge creep

No. 652879

I'm more annoyed at the way they regurgitate the same pandering jokes over and over again and ripping off the vague premise of Hetalia. Hetalia was pretty inventive and the characters were objectively cute with their designs and personalities, there was a certain amount of subtlety to the relationships that were based on real historical events. Then people just took the idea and rehashed it with god knows how many franchises there are at this point. I hadn't even seen this countryhumans shit before but it looks like the ugly lovechild of Polandball and that godawful Scandinavia and the world comic.

No. 652880

>while she herself got where she is with connections and not skills.
Well, you're part of the problem then because that's not true unless you have a proof no one has yet seen
and no, the fact her husband is in the same company is no proof.

No. 652882

What's the milk with scandinavia and the world? I've only heard about the comic, but nothing about the drama

No. 652883


apart from it being unfunny, humon also was a coomer who couldn't help but insert her femdom fetish everywhere, was really weird about black people, also pretty sure she made a very controversial piece where she implies one of the characters of her webcomic molests his daughter

No. 652884



more deets on her other most popular work

No. 652885

Don't know about the anon implying she's a creep but if my memory serves me right she was known to draw a lot of weird fetish smut. I don't think she's done anything creepy or problematic, she's just a coomer when it comes to her art.

Ngl that BWCW entry is embarrassingly spergy.
>h-how dare she make 50% of her characters in her shit webcomic gay!!! let me write a 6-paragraph word salad wall of text about how MAD this makes me!!!

No. 652921

It is proof, especially if you see her art quality when she got into naughty dog. But sure, keep saying it's not enough proof.

No. 652924

I don't remember much controversy about Scandinavia, other than a minor shitfight when she made a comic where America thought there's Irish language and was portrayed as a moron for it, so several people bitched her out. Otherwise it was just criminally unfunny and the characters had those annoying smug faces. Humon was just annoying smug cunt in general and my personal lolcow for a while, but she wasn't really milky.

No. 652935

She's a concept artist, rendering is not that important. Yes the non-concept art stuff she puts out is mediocre, but her concept art that I've seen is Naughty Dog quality (by that I mean normal boring looking people that could exist in our world sometimes depicted with apocalypse dirt and wear). And her husband she met at Naughty Dog. Anyway it was really just how ungrateful and dismissive she sounded that really caused the whole thing to snowball.

No. 652977

Is it bad that I enjoy drawing furry but hate the community? Does drawing anthro make me a trainwreck as a person?

No. 652979

It’s Hetalia for people who can’t draw heads

No. 652983

all i know about countryhumans is that the fans have little to no self awareness and make shit like nazi germany x ussr ship art.

at least hetalia had the germany dude wear a uniform that wasn't blatantly nazi.

No. 653016

File: 1602451867616.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.36 KB, 1072x1080, z6uxb2hssu441.jpg)

At least with Hetalia I can understand why someone would want to fuck a country. Imagine getting off on pic related

No. 653027

yep i want to die
what's with fujos and countries?

No. 653047

I love how the artist put in effort for shading and the detail of the saliva but they were too lazy to draw some stars so they just wrote "50 star" instead

No. 653061

The artist just had their priorities straight. It’s all about coom.

No. 653070

Yes anon, all those who draw a single furry in their lifetime should be condemned and canceled for their drawings. You should rethink your life and consider therapy for each animal humanoid you drew /if it wasn’t apparent this is sarcasm

No. 653090

Honestly sometimes I think it’d be fun to draw anthro but I don’t want to be associated with furries. As dumb as it sounds it’s a real concern because even though not all of them are into it sexually, normies who don’t know much about the community will make assumptions.

No. 653211

File: 1602469817769.jpeg (50.39 KB, 540x1199, C6E68642-7872-4C69-BAAC-75815A…)

People defending pocaarii just because she(?) is 16 Is honestly so stupid. Anyone can be a bully even if they aren’t 18 or older. The fact that pocaarii herself is all: uwu I’m just a widdle bwaby!! I didn’t know!! is honestly repulsive.

What she did to Koomaqu was not okay and could have been handled substantially more different than a horrible public call out post, and making memes which mock and bully koomaqu.

Cartoon characters have no rights. They’re just cartoons. If they did have rights, nearly all writers/authors would have been sent to jail for creating violent content.

No. 653213

File: 1602469911440.jpeg (71.57 KB, 680x979, 277EEA80-A279-4A85-AB22-2CBF3C…)

No. 653218

Are we really gonna go through this argument? Again? For the millionth time?

No. 653221

We will never escape

No. 653226

The vendetta jumped out

No. 653227

Honestly, a lot of my followers don’t know that I draw furries all the time, but I don’t post it because the inflex of commissions will end up being people asking for art of their furry character

No. 653232

>inflex of commissions will end up being people asking for art of their furry character
Why would that be a bad thing? If it gets commissions I'd gladly indulge people as long as they didn't want degenerate or sexual shit. Unless you don't really like drawing furry stuff

No. 653239

File: 1602472548863.jpeg (148.92 KB, 986x1024, BDA3162A-5B23-443D-9880-244452…)

Nta but i guess It’s because some furries tend to have these really detailed characters that must be a pain to draw.
pic related is random furry i found while looking for an example

No. 653284

File: 1602477458024.png (19.2 KB, 764x605, Untitled.png)

old but i had to link, unbearable

No. 653285

>ive rarely gotten any donations:/
Gee, I wonder why.

No. 653298

This is one of my reasons: >>653239
The other is because then you become known as the “furry artist” and when you try to talk to other artists, they start to ignore you or not tag you in shit because they don’t want to be associate with said “furry artists”. Sorry maybe too personal

No. 653315

Who is Koomaqu? Who is pocaari? Context, anon.

No. 653360

People were pissed at her because of the tone and timing of the tweet, it was in the same day where people were complaining about how hard it is to get an audience on twitter/ig, and doing hashtags to help them gain a followerbase. She tweeted it right as the discourse/hashtag started gaining traction. Rude and condescending tone aside, her opinion was also kind of innacurate (in the context of the convo that was happening that day) since there’s plenty of talented illustrators, even ones that are long time industry pros, that don’t have a big following. That’s because social media managing is a separate skill from doing good art, you can be amazing and not get noticed if you don’t know how to play the twitter game.

If you take the screenshots out of the context of that day then yeah, it seems very innocuous… which is precisely what she does in this new thread, no mention of those extra details that explain why people were so pissed. It was of course blown out of proportion, but it makes more sense with that perspective in mind.

No. 653367

gen Z really have smooth brains huh

No. 653380

>white people especially
Ah yes, as we all know white people are all rich bastards that should be giving money away constantly. The fucking entitlement.

No. 653387

Why would anybody care about a person who can't even write pedophilia?

No. 653410

A couple forums ago some of you brought up how women are seen as objects and pretty little things in art throughout history and especially now. (I think one of you said why do so many people have tattoos of random women on themselves but hardly if ever men).

Now I feel like I never want to draw women again because I don't want to contribute to objectifying women regardless of if it's male gazey or not. Does anyone have advice on how to get over this feeling?

Thank you.

No. 653413

She also could've just stopped replying to people but she kept on digging her hole deeper by bitching at the reasonable points raised against her spicy take and then went on to call out everyone QRTing her with screenshots like a bitch, handles visible and all IIRC. She was immensely unprofessional when it all went down which was a pretty visible indicator of how she herself has been coddled by a comfy industry position. The way she laid everything on the table was similar to a rich person complaining about poor people, just a long way of bragging about muh hard work that's totally more effective than what any of you lazy bitches have achieved.

Honestly, she's in no position to write long-winded sob stories about how it was just her against the world while she received SO much hugboxing and was fully aware of how she's poking the bees' nest. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. If she's privileged to claim that the people she's helping aren't getting work because they just need to git gud then people are free to claim that she got her job secured by her fiancee.

No. 653420

Draw women anyway lmao. Maybe it is a sign you secretly wish to dress like that.

No. 653421

File: 1602497892521.jpeg (58.29 KB, 540x1199, AF23709F-19EA-4FA0-8681-530891…)


Koomaqu posted a Sebastian/Ciel meme and is known to make fictional age gap ships. (Like a 18 year old with a mid 30s-40 year old.)

Pocaarii, who has nearly 100k followers, started stating how someone they follow is a pedophiile and screenshot ted Koomaqu by name. Then, went and made horrible memes and stories, to vague/ridicule Koomaqu.

This image was a direct vague on Koomaqu given the situation. Wishing death on anyone for any reason is IMO, fucked up in any sense. In an unrelated , related sense, I think Pedophiles need psychological help because what they think, and how they think, is not normal.

No. 653422

The difference is in your head though. Do you feel different drawing a woman vs drawing a man? It's true women are far more likely to be objectified by society but it's not always the case and it shouldn't be that you have to completly stop producing any depictions of women to break the cycle; it's actually counterproductive. Basically, as long as you yourself have clear conscience, and you're not hurting any real humans, it's all fine.

No. 653430

Thanks Anon for the reply. I never really cared to draw men and when I do it's whatever. I guess it could also be because I'm a lesbian that I have this hang up now. Maybe this is another form of why some women decide to admonish anything feminine when growing up.

It's women in general being seen as objects it doesn't matter what they're wearing. Like selling a picture of a woman that someone puts on their wall. They have no relation to this drawing but because it's pretty they hang it up like another ornament. That's my issue. Thank you though.

No. 653431

lmao anon, i wanted to reply to your original post with "imagine also being a lesbian on top of all that" but i see that you also understand the struggle. i myself can feel like a disgusting coomer sometimes when i am drawing women or even just looking at their bodies for reference.
i know this is not related to art discussion

No. 653442

Lol so I guess it’s a mutual feeling I have to learn to not care about. Thanks for the reply sorry anyone for it being off topic too.

No. 653466

File: 1602507196266.jpg (159.92 KB, 1920x1440, cffb4ebe-98d7-4453-872e-f665bb…)

Why though? There's a difference between being a disgusting coomer that only wants to use women for his own satisfaction and appreciating the beauty. Looking at Michalangelo sculptures in the museum do you think, wow that disgusting coomer did it again! Or do you appreciate the fine details, the anatomy, the harmony and beauty of human body reimagined in marble? How is that different to painting a beautiful woman in a way that appreciates her beauty? Like, I understand that society = bad, but we can't fall into a trap of thinking that seeing and enjoying the beauty is inherently offensive and objectifying because it's not. It's only natural to enjoy other humans.

No. 653511

Is this the same anon as this: >>652977
No matter what, anonS, maybe going on these threads aren’t the wisest if you have this low of confidence or seeking the “right” opinion on art

No. 653518

Agreed anon. I remember when I was younger I was embarrassed to look up ppl for reference, especially nude ones, but it really doesn’t bother me today

No. 653574

This! Also wtf is wirh recent anons coming in seeking validation, it’s fucking pathetic. Yall sounding like 14 years old attention whores who instead of saying how you’re not like those ”other” girls are going ”lol, I’m not like the other artists.”

No. 653602

it was already said that those replies have nothing to do with artist discussion. when you constantly have to hear what kind of a disgusting freak you are because of your sexuality, of course it is going to skew your perception. also the topic is dead, unrelated and you cannot say anything valuable anyway

No. 653608

?? Sperg moment anon, those anons were just putting their input as to why The other anon shouldn’t feel ashamed for drawing females and that maybe the one who brought up the post should take a break from the website if “drawing females is bad” is all that they got out of the other threads

No. 653622

Some people will objectify women no matter how they look. It’s not right but that’s what it is, it’s unavoidable unless you draw them in a way where they don’t read as female at all. It’s not your job to 100% prevent objectification because that’s not even possible.

It shouldn’t stop you from drawing what you enjoy, and you could even put a spin on your art and draw women like characters with lives instead of blank-eyed objects to look at. That would help more than not drawing women at all.

No. 653658

Thank you for this response I think I will focus more on art and pleasure and how it can be separated from coomer stuff.

No, I'm not furry anon lol. I don't know a lot of you have really great points I never really thought about it until I noticed how my feed was almost all women or naked women. It was just wild noticing the default.

Not validation just how to get out of this "art" block.

Exactly this too thanks anon

Yeah unavoidable and also not my job to police perception. Thank you for this reply.

Sorry again for being off topic but thank you everyone for your replies it really has helped. Now to read up on the male and female gaze in art.

No. 653703

Do anons think all these instagram artist get permisson from models and photographers to paint them? I'm on pinterest a lot and all of these gils being painted on insta seem to be choosing the same models etc. Not to mention, how is there any monetary value in doing that since you're not allowed to profit off of fanart, and non original work.

No. 653713

We don't know jack

No. 653719

please, of course not. they credit the models at best

No. 653776

Likely not, especially when they’re referencing high fashion models and photography. It’s funny (and depressing) seeing the same references used by dozens of artists without creative license.

No. 653823

Maybe sub 5% of people even credit, definitely no permission. Artists just think refs are free game, but will flip their shit if someone copies their work, because irony.

And most artists will most certainly sell work reffed from other people's content. You have people out there running whole unauthorized stores of Pokemon and Ghibli content. No fucks given. Most of the time the original source either doesn't know or chasing it up isn't worth the effort.

Everyone using the same Pinterest ref is just peak unoriginal artist, there is endless possible ref online which won't be as immediately (if at all) recognized, but they know that the repetitive source image will be a hit since the previous "studies" of that image also were.

No. 653824

I just wonder how they get away with it? How if plagarism not a bigger deal? I love fanart, but I don't understand how they have the balls to sell it. I see people selling bts/kpop fanart all the time and I just wonder… how? Is this not illegal hun… Like I love their art, and I don't feel guilty about breaking the law or whatever since these companies are worth billions, but theres such a big risk involved if they decide to come after you.

I think doing fanart on commision is less of a big deal, but making prints and selling them is ballzy.

No. 653845


Almost everyone gets away with it because there's too many people doing for anyone to really enforce anything now. Any Joe Shmoe with a ipad can trace online images call themselves and artist and start selling prints and stickers. And unless you have an eye fot it most people don't even know it's traced. Just look at all those sticker stores on tiktok.

No. 653854

Any fanart I would ever try to sell would be ambiguous enough to not be copyrighted but specific enough to be fanart. Like I can draw a chick with white hair and a dragon, and that could count as game of thrones fanart, or inspo, but its still og work. Same with anything else.

No. 653886


No. 653887

If we're talking strictly fanart that isn't 1:1 copies of official merch or art, most companies will see it as a waste of resources/time/money to take legal action, especially if the artist in question is smallfry. There's exceptions of course (Nintendo can be pretty stringent on fanwork for profit), but for the most part they only go for big, commercial cases of copyright infringement.
Pretty much the entire artist alley circus runs on derivative work so it's not like artists are being killed in their sleep because they sold a hundred prints of some MHA character. A lot of western animation/commercial studio artists I follow also sell fanart, so professionals aren't afraid, either.

Another reason people don't see an issue with buying fanart is 1) they see it as paying for the labor and style of the fan-artist 2) want something that the official merch doesn't provide 3) supporting an individual.

And let's be real, there's a lot of people who have been able to pivot their success as a fanartist into industry jobs.

Personally. I'm a lot more bothered by IG artists selling copies/'''studies''' of photographers and models' work than some random drawing a Street Fighter character dressed as a Mario character or something. Like for fuck's sake, if you wanna be a photorealist, take your own damn pictures.

No. 653890


This. Especially with how many free commercial free/ no attribution websites there are out there now.

I get that it saves time and it's really no ones business unless it's copyright work that's being traced. But I used to think there was some moral code that artists had where they wanted to aspire to be the best artist they could be. This year I've realized/notice/learned how most people do trace. It's just been a little surprising, but it also makes sense with how much content most of them pump out.

No. 653893

I feel sorry for the photographer who ends up having their style and work stolen from. Especially since its basically the same pictures being used over and over again.

No. 653956

File: 1602551027251.jpg (374.07 KB, 1332x1272, woof.jpg)

Speaking lack of acknowledging inspiration or reference, Victo Ngai just shared this on her stories. Even big name artists are pissed about art theft, since so many IG artists land gallery shows or jobs with some online clout.

No. 654036


Love this I wish there was more call out accounts. But as you can see with the comments so many white knights. The online art community doesn't care?

No. 654400

Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm being way too nit-picky but something that would always mildly annoy me with Twisted Disaster's commentary is how she has a tendency to say words like "Spoopy" or "Thickums" or "Big sad" and other strange wordings like that. Like when I'm listening and she's making a point, she may something I agree with but then she says a word like that and I'm just thinking "Why can't you just use the normal word…"

Again it's probably just me and I'm being nitpicker but it's just been something that always perplexed me and she's been doing it a lot with "Spoopy" because it's the month of October lol.

No. 654447

No, I get it. I think it bugs me because it’s reminiscent of uwu culture, and uwu culture pisses me off since the fake cuteness seems to attract the worst kind of people. Why isn’t she using a normal word? Probably because she thinks using stupid words like spoopy gives her personality. Although When I hear her talk I’m always surprised at the low-level vocabulary she uses, so I’m not surprised she uses stupid words like that I guess. Makes sense if you relate to/ your friends are high school students, you use that level of vocabulary as well

No. 654512

Every single video since covid she’s managed to put in “sick spiky round boi” no matter what the topic is and its so irritating

No. 654575

File: 1602611820317.png (946.55 KB, 1044x652, Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 12.5…)

I hate when artists do this stupid meme and the "how it started" has way more charm and interesting design than the "how it's going"

No. 654584

She does it because you can get demonetized for saying COVID on YouTube. But yeah, she straight up could avoid talking about COVID and her uwu “unfortunate problems” And talk more about the artwork or topic

No. 654589

Sometimes charm isn't enough to make art cute anon lol. Plus, people are supposed to keep progressing with their work.

No. 654603

Left looks like my modded skyrim dunmer, Tyshea. She was also known as the eunuch-maker.

No. 654604

Art isn’t about drawing photorealistic insta thots

No. 654611

are you being ironic? the photo is a shit example but i guess childhood doodles are peak art

No. 654613

It can be if that's what you decide to draw. There's a reason why different artists have different styles, subjects and techniques. Tons of artist do photorealism. also I'm pretty sure that's zendaya But I don't want this to devolve into another argument about how any art you don't personally like is bad art or whatever. Or how [insert type of art] isn't real art.

No. 654629

what if they drew photorealistic your mom?

No. 654636

We can act like every drawing is art or we can discuss art as a field that has meaning. Drawing photorealistic busts of people isn’t advancing your art if that’s all you can do. It has no artistic value.

No. 654639

Please tell me what kind of art holds value to you

No. 654643

I hate to repeat myself but read this again: >>654613. Art is subjective baby. Lets not act like photorealism (along with many other forms/styles of art) doesn't take skill.

No. 654644

Obvious bait like with anime art. Probably the same anon just ignore and post milk

No. 654648

Good artists are famous for experimenting with medium, technique, subject, color, bending the rules to create interesting styles — evoking certain emotions or meanings or capturing some culture or statement, etc.

Drawing a bust of someone isn’t meaningful art, it’s practice at best. If you enjoy your skills as they are then that’s great! But it’s not interesting and isn’t worth anything in the field of art.

No. 654649

So you like cartoon/anime/etc art on twitter good for you.

No. 654650

If you got that I like weeb shit out of that, well I’m sorry about your brain damage anon

No. 654655

Aha you're the same anon sperging about anime art. Thanks for confirmation

No. 654660

I'm >>654575 and all I really meant with this post is that I (I=me, myself) personally (subjective to my specific taste and my emotions/experiences) find images more engaging and evocative when there is some kind of unconventional aspect drawing me in.

For example, my salt re: the image I posted is that the janky left pic is cute (to me) because I'm interested in the way the artist chose to represent human features with bold clunky lines and splotches of color (yes, it's just babby symbol drawing, I know!) Meanwhile, the drawing of Zendaya (?) makes me admire their level of skill and control, but I don't really feel inspired or want to look at it for longer than a few seconds.

I was not making a broad statement about what is and isn't art. Idk about ya'll infighting and being mad at anime likers

No. 654661

Amazingly, more than one person can think generic anime isn’t the pinnacle of art. But I guess I shouldn’t expect anything more than ‘haha Rae dumb’ in this retarded ass thread

No. 654662

Sure not everyone likes anime, doesn't change the fact you have the same posting style and you're easy to detect. Stay mad.

No. 654666

I don’t even know what the anime argument was you're even talking about. You’re obviously really triggered by people thinking generic garbage doesn’t deserve asspats. Accusing everyone you disagree with of being a samefag won’t make shitty art worth something.

No. 654671

I couldn't care less about the art that was posted, it's not even a good photorealistic portrait, but the fact you're sperging about "value" and "meaningfullnes" of something and all the likes along with calling everyone retarded left and right proves you're the same poster.

No. 654673

This is the first time I’ve talked about artistic value in the art thread. Your paranoia is getting to you kek

No. 654676

I just really want to know what you consider good art. Tell us anons how to improve with examples

No. 654679

Yea cause comparing 2 differend objectives in art is totally the merit of it. I would classify creativity into 2 types, wacky and technical. You obviously find more value in the wacky side of creative works, where the purpose is to make statements over being technically gopd but that does not mean that technically skilled art has no value, it’s just a different side of the same coin. I know it’s gonna become another infogting shitshow but this elitism is fucking tiring.

No. 654683

Time to stop taking the bait from animespergchan

No. 654684

Just go take a course on art and art history

No. 654689


I talked about creativity with technique in the post you quoted. Exactly what is creative about copying a photo of someone?

No. 654703

Can someone just ban the retard baiter already?

No. 654713

> ok so what are does have value?
>idk take an art history class or something lolzzz

Hey! I'm majoring in that field currently actually, and I'd like to inform you brain dead spergs that there is no medium or style inherantly more valuable than the other. It's mostly subject matter that matters. However in this day and age where photos and tools are so readily available to the mass populus and skills are far more easily obtained, that has lessened the value of photorealism, especially in an age where it is far easier to publicize and gain attention for your work.

No. 654723

Honestly, what’s sad is that all of these anons should’ve known that from the get go, it should’ve been common sense

No. 654736

Oh thank god it's not just me lol Thanks for that anon, it truly is annoying. Exactly, the whole "uwu culture" thing, It's like woman you're pushing 30… I'm not saying she has to be rigid but c'mon now. I think you're right that it's probably because all or at least most of her friends are in high school or at least 18-23. Makes me wonder if she has any friends who are around her age in the 27-31 range.

Oh man YES. "Sick Spiky Round Boi"… It's like she's trying to make that her catchphrase or something but it ain't cute. Just say "Pandemic".

Yeah I get that she doesn't want to get demonetized for outright saying "COVID" but she could at least use a phrase that's doesn't sound stupid like aforementioned "Pandemic" or just, something. But yeah if she talked more about her art or hell, just shared more storytimes, it wouldn't be as bad aside from the "uwu" vocabulary.

No. 654769

We basically agree. I said to take an art class because I already explained what makes art interesting and a course would go in depth about exactly that, instead of me shittily parroting the same thing.

The point was that switching out a stylistic choice that gives interest with copied photo busts that are technically a bit better isn’t really advancing your art skills

No. 654844

Even though I agree that photorealistic portraits don’t require creativity, the drawing on the right has much more appeal to non-artists than the drawing on the left. It’s just more technically impressive and that’s what the artist is going for.

No. 654856

I see so many artists opening stores now and selling shit, and I wonder how they all look the same somehow. I wish we could see more creative, rather than traced stickes and disney stuff.

No. 654920

they exist, just tracing and quick junk has a shorter turnaround and is more accessable

No. 655043

Wait when you say tracing, are you talking people actually tracing over copyright material and selling it???

No. 655079

it kills me that the new one is cross eyed and has really weird eyelids, instagram photo copy machine artists always do this. They get the shading technique right and looking really good but once you take away all the pretty highlights the face looks flat and messed up because there's no real understanding of facial bones and muscles.

I honestly agree with this. Realistic art is impressive on a technical level but when it's just copying a photograph it's not really creative or requiring extensive knowledge. When you start bending the rules because you really know how they should work or you're creating whole sceneries on your own based on vague references, that's where the actual experience and intel is put into the test. I know anons ITT are salty as shit about m-muh portraits and consider it peak art but the fact that they can look at the drawing in the post quoted above and gasp at its amazing funhouse mirror face is telling.

No. 655102

I just wish anons elaborated what they consider valuable and creative art so people can improve.

No. 655125

I do portraits from photos as practice and while obviously it's not as impressive as something unique and created from nothing there are many ways one can do realism, even in a way that can give them a "style". Things like the materials you use and how you use them, what colors you choose to make more brilliant, the parts you may change up and make more beautiful and pretty (I see this especially in pet portraits or when drawing hair, people tend to make the strands stand out and position then in a way that's the best) and so on. They can have quite a bit of personality, even if technically they're copied from a picture.

No. 655154

File: 1602675785008.jpeg (34.65 KB, 488x628, images (56).jpeg)

I still doesn't understand why Stephane Wootha Richard leave the art industry


No. 655157

Reminds me of those cases where super successful CEOs or businessmen suddently feel sick of their life and give everything up to become monks or disappear from society or whatever.

It seems like this whole ecological doomsday stuff got to their head and they felt like the art industry was part of the problem and therefore gave up. Hysteria?

No. 655190

File: 1602681134227.jpg (296.66 KB, 1080x1521, What.jpg)

Why are iPad artists I-

No. 655208

who…cares though?

No. 655209

Idgi whats wrong? the eyes seem okay

No. 655210

i really don't want to sound like that grouch who's always like "digital art isn't real art!1!!", but i feel like at this point procreate artist use way too many crutches…

No. 655211

The irises aren't drawn, they're stamps. Copy pasted, if you will

No. 655215

yeah but aren’t there stamp brushes in other programs for digital art? such as photoshop or sai?
i don’t know because iv never used those before. but all digital programs have those ‘crutches’ it’s just up to the artist if they actually use them or not.

No. 655218

Ooh okay, i thought it was a "tutorial" for different irises

Seems lazy but so do brushes for frills, chains and hair. I feel bad gatekeeping but at some point using these makes the digital painting more like a collage instead of original work.

No. 655227

They're meant to speed up the process of creating commercial art. Concept art and promotional art created for sales is filled with photobashing and brush sets because you need to be able to crank out shit constantly and there's not a lot of room for artistic integrity.

No. 655229

The only thing that matters in the end is the final result, why not use the advantages digital art provides? these eye stamps are nicely done, but they won't make a good artwork if rest of it doesn't match up in quality, so even if someone goes for a stamp, they still have to be good enough for it to fit in; in the current social media environment where you gotta produce something constantly to stay relevant shortcuts are good to have to these relying on internet for their income.
probably it's an unpopular opinion but i'm not sure.

No. 655236

Kinda funny how in the example illustrations the irises look like your average circle tool iris, and at that point if you're going to spend that much time trying to make this realistic eye fit into your semi realistic cartoonish art, then why not make it yourself?

No. 655257

These eyes aren't even drawn with the stamps, actually, this looks like BlueSssatan's art. If your gonna steal photos, why not use ones that look like the stamps?

No. 655276

Interesting. This has the energy of a religious zealot. I don't know how people can spin all this fancy theory, like the lives of people in developing nations are nowhere in mind. "Chaos" kills. Also huge faith in infinite creativity seems like new age bullshit.

>terrible tierracide (a word invented by Glenn Albrecht to name the conscious murder of the Earth)

> Chaos is life's inseparable ally.

No. 655329

File: 1602688699000.png (387.51 KB, 1220x618, Screenshot_7.png)

What do the anons here think of VRoid Studio character model commissions? With the rice of VTubers there's a huge demand for rigs and lots of artists are making good money.

I don't really know my stance personally, as I would probably tap into this market as well (it's VERY easy to make customized models from what I've seen–all you're doing is editing from a given template) because it's good and quick money but I'm not so sure about using an engine that's supposed to be free for everyone for commercial gain.

No. 655334

Here's the video that popped into my recommendations–a no-name creator really. I'm only including this so other anons can see how generally easy it is to make custom characters.

No. 655341

Is it stated anywhere on the VRoid studio site that you're not allowed to make money off it?

Because if it says nothing about it or says that it's fine, then I don't really see a problem here. It's lazy yeah but nothing too bad.

No. 655354

File: 1602689352104.png (50.07 KB, 778x649, Screenshot_8.png)

I guess it's fine? The page is a little difficult for me to understand in my current sleep-addled state but I suppose. I wish they'd make this more clear but it's an english translation of a Japanese site so that's probably the issue. That or I'm just fucking tired and stupid.

No. 655358


>Selling products made with VRoid studio

Well, it seems to be fine then. From what I see the only thing you're not allowed to do is to redistribute or sell the program itself.

Now it's just a matter of people trying to get some easy money I guess, taking advantage of the Vtuber boom.

No. 655372

vtube is retarded so they deserve to have their money wasted kek

No. 655383

It makes me laugh because some bitch I knew spent hundreds of dollars on a model kek
I'll laugh harder when the VTuber market becomes so saturated that everyone's fighting for relevance and as the craze dwindles to a forethought–those who made big money off the stupid weebs who buy this shit will be rolling in their earnings and everyone else will be SOL.


No. 655386

File: 1602691204370.png (116.28 KB, 304x220, 7i2634793748739.png)

The quality on some of these are lolzy

No. 655414

yeah, like babay yoda stickers and ghibli scenes and stuff

No. 655939


damn, they did not even TRY to make the face look the same

No. 656134

I don't see what's the problem with it. Even if it doesn't look too hard, I imagine there are plenty of people who don't have the time/desire to learn how to use it themselves. If they want to pay someone else to do it, and people are offering commissions for that service, good for them.

No. 656225

i don't know who this is, but the way they made sure to show both the ass and breasts of the child in that image makes me think that nothing of value was lost.

No. 656256

What do you mean Anon?

No. 656258

This is scary, how a scrote knows how kid's underwear looks like? It looks too realistic I had one pair looking alike as a kid.

No. 656260

File: 1602753076043.jpg (172.53 KB, 1080x1530, 20201015_161225.jpg)

No. 656272

>well defined legs
>developed breasts
calm down pedosperg

No. 656292


No. 656294

Not saying a drawing of a young child showing her underwear and chest isn't creepy as fuck or that he doesn't know through watching pedoshit, but like, anyone can go look at kid's underwear on a webshop.

No. 656299

nta but i dont rly see the "weird" part abt knowing how to draw underwear?

No. 656318

NTA, but that doesn't look like an adult in that drawing. Would hardly call those legs "well defined".

No. 656351

Yeah that’s def a kid

No. 656377

That thumbnail makes me violently ill. I'm not even gonna watch the video

No. 656474

she's so ambiguous it hardly matters. it looks completely non-sexual to me

No. 656478

File: 1602779080845.jpg (38.76 KB, 474x546, 7f8.jpg)

No. 656482

No. 656483

It's clearly a child's body even if you don't take the chest into account. That doesn't look like a developed chest at all anyway.

No. 656484

ok so drawing kids is now illegal, copy that.

No. 656488

That’s right anon, glad everyone is on the same page.

No. 656495

i knew you retards would start arguing over if it's actually a kid or not and completely miss the point that the artist chose to position the body and clothes in such a way as to clearly show off both the ass and breasts on this creepy child-proportioned-thing-with-smol-tiddy. rotate the image 90 degrees and tell me the pose doesn't look exactly like those meme "back broken" anime girls you shit all over incessantly.

No. 656498

I do not understand why people are bitching about this show when it’s clearly a very campy parody

The art style is “Tumblrish” but isn’t that the point?

No. 656499

same anon, just asked bf what it looked like and he said a woman, so maybe it's just a blue/gold dress type of thing. perspective can make things weird.

No. 656505

Don't get why I need to see tiddy and a panty shot in a completely non-sexual drawing but ok

No. 656511

i never heard of this, what is it? the video isn't available anymore.

No. 656519

File: 1602781542697.jpg (86.14 KB, 940x525, 44436-classic-media-acquires-t…)

>trans flag on laptop
>only black representation is an obese mammy
lol I hate westerners. I think the art style is okay, though. It's like a toned-down version of SU's art. The animation itself reminds me of My Life Me. It really is just a zoomer, adult-ish version of My Life Me, honestly. The "This can't be [x]'s bathwater because I just heard she doesn't bathe" joke would've been better if it was about Grimes instead of Shailene Woodley, though.
What's the big deal? Anyone who's seen these kinds of people on the internet should've already known some of them would make a cartoon.

No. 656520

File: 1602781563537.png (901.91 KB, 1000x562, c52786b459431331917b0641d936fd…)

Ok so this whole PEDO OR NOT discussion made me go through all of the art this guy put on public dropbox, also some googling, theres not a single another one art he's made that would be questionable except this one so kudos for anon for picking a perfect converstaion starter, this thread has been stale for some time.

No. 656539

magical girl friendship squad

No. 656541

this is beautiful, i really like it. also the above art >>655154 gives me ghibli vibes somehow.

No. 656544

File: 1602783419522.png (1011.76 KB, 1042x886, up.png)

Not bad like other fixes ive seen but I do think the after is a little boring dynamically

No. 656557

i don't understand why they changed the pose to something so boring? like if they were like "her waist is too tiny" it would make more sense, though i'd still say it passes just fine not being 100% anatomically correct, just a little coomer with the cleavage.

No. 656561

From what I’ve heard, it’s mostly because they could’ve done other cartoons than just that. Plus the outdated reference jokes and the poor animation are other reasons.

No. 656564

File: 1602785006502.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

Whenever I see these all I think is pic related

No. 656567

You only think it's boring because you're aware of the original, and the original is insanely stupid.

No. 656580

if that's your definition of fun you need to make some friends or take some molly or smthn

No. 656631

I mean… yeah? That's the point of fixes… to compare them. I think it's a boring pose in it's own right too.

No. 656634

Holy fuck, who shit in your coffee this morning, anons?
There’s shit wrong with both poses. The 1st image has a coomer girl and the 2nd has such a wonky perspective that idk why the artists even bothered “fixing” when they could’ve just said that ms.coomer needed to look more natural looking without adding their shitty stiff drawing to ‘prove’ that they know what they know what looks natural without assimilating it to the actual art piece

No. 656635

The perspective in the original is retarded so can’t really blame the edit. She just looks like a sticker slapped over an image of a couch

No. 656643

The problem is that no one sits on a couch like either of these poses.

No. 656699

isn't the point of art to be fun and do what you want with it? who cares about proper anatomy when it's a fucking cartoon? Not everything has to be hyper realistic to be good. Do you guys look at Garfield and go "That's not what a cat would look like irl therefore it's bad" too? Like jeez, loosen up a bit.

No. 656704

If you're getting paid, you're expected to have decent anatomy in your work.
Garfield unironically has better anatomy. At least you'll never see Odie doing impossible yoga with his titties out.

No. 656712

>"isn't the point of art to be fun and do what you want with it?"
>person fixes coomer drawing for fun
>"N-No not like that!! REE"

No. 656718

Shit art is still shit art. Why do you think we have entire threads dedicated to making fun of this kind of crap

No. 656724

Newfags begone.

No. 656726

The way she's squishing her titties to death for no reason in the original looks stupid as hell tbf, I'll take the redraw. They could've kept the leg up though.

No. 656743

He got bored with art. From what he said in interviews, he jumped into art career in his late 30s because he was bored with his music career. He was always posting tons of slacktivism and quitting this or that because "elites are opressing poor people" or "global warming".
IMO it looks like he's secretly wealthy so he can jump from one poorly paid career to another and he has mid-life crisis, that's all.

According to the artist it's an illustration about oversexualisation of women by patriarchy. Looks like those monsters in bg are men staring at girl sexualised without her consent, who's falling into the "rabbit hole". Try-hard but at least he tried to draw something with deeper meaning.

No. 656771

That's why I said art should be done the way the artist wants, lol chill anon.


bro it's a comic about superheroes, nothing needs to be realistic about it lol.

No. 656791

Imagine fixing people’s art for fun and not being paid for allegedly teaching the “Right” way to draw, only for it to be worse than the original

No. 656792

Honestly THIS. people preach so much about the "right" way to do art that it comes across as soulless. like just let people draw however they want, damn. it's not a hard concept to understand. Yet the retards in this thread will tell you "no, realism good. men bad." like it means anything. These threads have gone so far downhill now that the misandrists have nowhere to properly sperg and are ruining everything for everyone.

No. 656795

Same goes for Garfield, except Garfield's about a cat so it literally has even less reason to have realistic anatomy.
And yet, you will never see stupid shit like that Spiderman cover when it comes to official Garfield art, kek

No. 656801

File: 1602804637467.jpeg (477.91 KB, 1685x1500, F5579BA0-9A71-4383-AD54-689CE9…)

>better anatomy
>differ artstyle
>Oddie wouldn’t be such a whore!!!!!!

Stay mad anon

No. 656807

Where did all these uwu all art is valid and criticizing it makes you a meanie!!1! fags come from?

No. 656809

Literally no one is saying that, anon. The argument is more like "not all art has to have perfect anatomy/be hyper realistic" to be good. No one is saying you have to like/hate it and no one is saying you can't criticize it. Some common sense would do this thread really good.

No. 656811

Straight up every person that makes a “fixed” pieced is basically saying “I did it better” they can deflect like: >>656544
And say “it isn’t perfect”, but then be def toned and say “better than original”
>just don’t look too closely at it it’s fine

Idk, the ego always turned me off from people/accounts that do this. They should just stick to “draw in your style” Challenges

No. 656812

You made this entire picture for the sake of a small argument on LC, and I'm the mad one? Kek.
>all aspects of the Garfield character's bodies make sense re: proportion
>"Muh different art style"
Just admit you're a coomer who can't draw and give it up, this is silly.

No. 656818

Anon, I didn’t even I have an opinion on this subject, I just chose the most retarded post that compared two different styles and said how superior Garfield’s anatomy is and made a post that took less than a min to make to show how retarded some of these micro arguments are Kek

No. 656820

>"It totally didn't take me a long time to make that! I don't have an opinion on this subject!"
Cope. It's really not that deep, the Spiderman cover is badly drawn, lmao. Sorry to insult your JO material anon

No. 656839

What tinfoil/armchair? You were mad enough to spend time making a picture, and now you're still here defending yourself. Chill, kek.

No. 656840

You said it yourself, the Garfield was one of the smaller arguments anon, and I thought it was funny?? Shit man, maybe you need to loosen that tinfoil hat or get off the armchair for a bit, it’s just a pic

No. 656841

No. 656842

I was browsing the CGL drawthread the other day and there was this gross lolicon artwork some guy made (extremely creepy too). I thought that 4chan was conservative and anti-pedophile, why the fuck is there now pedophile garbage on the safer boards now wtf??? What happened to 4chan, lolicons are infiltrating the culture there and this is NOT okay

No. 656844

Is this a joke

No. 656845

Is this bait? 4chan has always been full of pedophiles. The "conservative" part is just that they're racist and hate women.
There used to be a board called /l/ specifically for posting lolicon, lmao. If the creeps in drawthreads disgust you, you will be ready to shut down the whole site if you spend a minute on /tv/.

No. 656858

are you selfpost "fanart" anon that got called out?

No. 656912

This should have been made in 2014 or something

No. 656982

File: 1602835293754.jpg (127.83 KB, 357x416, 20201016_045248.jpg)

NTAYRT, but I don't think people criticize the pose in that cover because they expected hyper realism, it's much more to do how they purposefully place women in comic in absurd positions and vacuum shirts to make their characters some weird coomer art. It's not an anatomy mistake it's an conscious decision. I don't mind it that much, but I do feel it's a cheap way to portray it, like there are many non-absurd ways to show a woman is super hot and sexy without making her hold a mug with two stiff arms squishing her boobs. I don't mind sexualized drawings of women,like some manara works are very pretty to me, but when it comes to J Scott campbell I just can't with his shit. It's just bad.

No. 656983

What the fuck is up with all these recent "oh my god guys I went to FOUR CHAN and there were PEDOS in there what the fuck????" and then newfag-chan gets mad when people act like she's telling them water is wet and starts whining about how "I don't know these things because I'm a NORMAL person!".

No. 656987

File: 1602836079685.jpg (47.17 KB, 720x405, bound feet.jpg)

"hahahah silly chinese people and their beauty standards, why would bound feet ever be attractive"
>draws shit like this

No. 656991

This isn't the stupid questions thread

No. 656993

you must be new here.

No. 657006

File: 1602839451542.jpg (35.37 KB, 480x475, 0b8539ad8cc034c912ebe5aa18b5e6…)

I thought this was a pigs foot. Coomers really do love sexualizing everything don't they?

No. 657007

I know you guys think I'm an newfag, but I found out who this guy who drew the creepy picture was (his name is vodkuh) and he apparently uses this horrible pedophile site called "baraag.net". I made an account and scrolled through the timeline out of morbid curiosity and there was like legit disgusting, gross borderline-cp material there. If you wonder what it was, it was like cartoon characters getting raped by fat old men (most likely moid self-inserts). I honestly wonder what kind of moid coomer draws this shit and why it isn't shut down by the government. I'm all for free speech, but this content is sickening and horrifying and causes thousands of kids to be abused in real life by real sexual predators like these pedo loli coomers.

No. 657023

oh so you're just retarded

No. 657041

vodkuh/tsflipp is a loli artist who shat in these threads and the racistuncle thread before. >>947080
There's a 95% chance here he's selfposting

No. 657044

Honestly you sound like either a sperg or a bait.

Now that I think about it that's a possibility. The wording is too OTT even for the most pearl-clutching twitterfag.

No. 657046

That's what I thought, too. That shit reads like it was written by a braindead scrote.
RU must still be seething that we called her and the neckbeards she simps for out on their pedophilia around actual children.

No. 657092

stop selfposting and kill yourself

No. 657108

File: 1602851790269.jpg (94.42 KB, 1142x1300, 12830358-woman-s-legs-in-sheer…)

No, it's not that "exaggerated" he's just shit at anatomy. What the fuck are those ankles? Stop defending bad anatomy with "but they know what they're doing! it's on purpose" you could use that on any shitty art.

No. 657182

making "commentary" on female sexualization by sexualizing the female character annoys me. And the monsters are below, the viewer is the one seeing her underwear so where's the logic?

No. 657285

>Stop defending bad anatomy
Are you stupid? Did you even read the post?

No. 657290

Yeah while oversized boobs and thin ass waists are a conscious choice by very skilled artists, pic of feet related is still shitty from anatomy standpoint.

No. 657298

>but when it comes to J Scott campbell I just can't with his shit. It's just bad.

Why did you even think I cropped those feet? Fucking think for 2 seconds, and no it's not because I think campbell secretly wants >>656987 this.

No. 657347

File: 1602867707068.png (15.72 MB, 1242x11000, this.png)

Not to bring black this blacktober nonsense, but i thought i might share. imo anime doesn't NEED to be more diverse you should be the one to integrate yourself

No. 657361

This is such an American thing, crying about not being part of something cool from another culture. Like kdramas and telenovelas are popular in my country yet no one cries about how there aren't any southeast asian browns in them.

No. 657363

I've read this comic and like it a lot, but at the same time, I don't get why black and white people can't be treated the same in anime.
There's quite a few white characters in different anime/manga series, but not really a lot of white people animating and writing them. I don't think there's anything wrong with anime staying quintessentially Japanese in creation, while still portraying different peoples.
I don't really like the idea of lots of Americans taking over animation scenes in other countries, no matter which race is doing it. It can work in small amounts (IIRC there's one smaller anime studio in Japan that has both Japanese and African/African-American animators, which is cool), but as a larger trend, I feel like it would just bring shit like >>656498.

No. 657365

File: 1602870572777.jpeg (234.08 KB, 750x1116, D269B6B5-F7DE-41B5-8AC7-6F7B97…)

Has anyone seen this ?

No. 657369

Is the noose part of the character? I'm not familiar with the Addams family. The characters in general seem to have been drawn respectfully?

No. 657370

That’s pretty tone deaf for the artist to do

No. 657371

Apparently the artist is not from the US I think she said she wasn’t aware of the connotation. But I agree with you, I feel like knowing abt nooses is common knowledge

No. 657372

>not from the US
I was thinking that too, kind of makes more sense they didn’t realize how offensive that would be.

It looks like they did take it from one of the nineties movies but in the US nooses were used for lynching and intimidating African Americans

No. 657373

It's a black version of Pugsley. Him and Wednesday are always doing destructive/self-destructive things, and the whole family has an admiration for death/darkness.
I feel like the artist genuinely didn't know how bad it'd come off. They were probably thinking of the original (white) character and his personality/hobbies.
It's tone deaf, but it doesn't necessarily make them racist or hateful IMO, especially if they're not American. No need to foam at the mouth.

No. 657374

I’m thinking the same thing honestly. I think people are right to be upset at this but I the artist clearly didn’t do it maliciously. They apologized extensively on twitter but Bc It’s Twitter they are getting shit on still and probably will forever now which is sad. I feel bad when someone makes a genuine mistake/misinformed and they just get dumpsterd on by the twitter spergs

No. 657381

File: 1602873218070.png (344.86 KB, 534x704, EkTnal7X0AAUpyO.png)

Wait, apparently, the same artist did this.
People are pointing out in the comments that actual komainu and oni depictions don't have this color scheme.
Not really sure what to think of this.

No. 657382

File: 1602873308085.jpeg (151.19 KB, 828x1391, EkU97_5XsAAwyya.jpeg)

No. 657383

File: 1602873384829.jpeg (116.86 KB, 828x967, EkU_PyGXkAEt8cy.jpeg)

I might just be blind, but that…doesn't look violet and pink on her skin/lips me.
I think in this case, they should've just taken the concrit and changed the design. It even looks ugly.

No. 657384

Huh. This one is actually suspicious. This plus the Addams family one it almost seems like the artist is dog whistling…

No. 657385

File: 1602873540800.jpg (102.59 KB, 800x800, shirt-1459818829-d896a26e89648…)


In my opinion I think they are being overly sensitive. I get how it may look but I don't think that was the intention and it almost offends me that the responder thinks it looks like a black person in the first place.

it may not be traditional but it seems other people have used similar colors

No. 657386

sorry to samefag but I guess with her previous history it is questionable

No. 657387

File: 1602873814795.jpg (28.33 KB, 170x436, 170px-Oni_in_pilgrim's_clothin…)

The lips aren't on that illustration, though. In fact, looking at oni art in general, it seems like the lips tend to be the same color as the skin. Same goes for komainus (though not a lot of them seem to be in color).
I don't know, all this just looks bad. The "she is supposed to look fierce and pretty but somewhat intimidating" thing is kind of laughable to me, too.

No. 657390

File: 1602874346884.jpg (42.18 KB, 491x800, 402078254073-2__31649.15817311…)


I completely get where you're coming from, and I hope I'm not trying to sound argumentative but there are renditions with different color lips like yellow, blue, red.

I guess given her previous history I can understand, but I don't think its intentional

No. 657398

No worries, I see what you mean now. I don't think the artist meant to be offensive, it just looks bad that they doubled down.
If I were in their position, I'd just change the OC design, unless there was some super-important reason to use those colors. I wouldn't even want my character to be reminiscent of something like that. It seems worse now because they've had another blunder with the Addams thing.

No. 657401


I do agree there, specially if you had a previous tone-deaf scandal probably best to change something. Even a slight change to a lighter blue for the skin would appease the masses and let her keep her design .

If you want to make money off your art you do have to change things sometime to make it marketable depending on the audience you're going for.

No. 657411

>Not really sure what to think of this.
not directed at you in particular but more as a reaction to this kind on thing in general : why would you even see this and first thing think of forming an social justice/politics related opinion. it's a drawing of a monster oc, nobody should care, even on the off chance she viciously intended the likeness… she's just a nobody on the internet… if anything is milk it's the twitter spergouts over this absolute non issue.
on the art side though, the creature itself looks cool and i had never heard of it but the explanation the artist gave was kind of retarded

No. 657420

I'm not from the US and at first I thought the outrage was because of the depiction of such a dark theme like hanging/suicide, but I'm only finding out now that it's because of the association between black people, nooses and lynching? I'm constantly exposed to American politics and racial issues through Twitter and even then I genuinely didn't know about the lynching era, nor the fact that "black person + noose" causes an immediate association to it in people's minds. Americans really need to cut it out with foaming at the mouth because someone from another country wasn't aware of a connotation related to US history.

No. 657429

>I don't think people criticize the pose in that cover because they expected hyper realism, it's much more to do how they purposefully place women in comic in absurd positions and vacuum shirts to make their characters some weird coomer art.
man anon if anyone was saying that instead of acting high and mighty that they know anatomy better than someone who actually has a career i don't think anyone would be arguing so much. i don't think anyone likes the coomer aspect, but they just don't mind that much and want an interesting pose on a cover.

i don't really think they wanted to be malicious and were probably not aware of the connotations, but honestly they should have just took the L and apologized cus it really looks like it. i personally wouldn't want to keep my design looking like something that's a racist caricature (especially when this design isn't even that good in the first place).

honestly this, like people can't use the edgy symbol of someone having a noose hanging from their neck if they are black anymore? this sort of thing just makes it feel like people are trying to limit what people can do with black characters, wokeing until basically doing a 180 and discouraging people from drawing black characters, which honestly kinda feels more racist than anything.

No. 657449


I had to google about the correlation of the noose, I'm also not from the US and I didn't know what it meant. I understand how it seemed super racist, but it can be unintentional. I don't know anything about this person, so for all I know they could really be racist, but these drawings are not the most hard evidence of it, at best they would be subtle indications of it or simply honest mistakes.
Like I really wonder if people saw this >>657381 by itself, would it REALLY be suspicious? Or are we analyzing things with a prejudice after being first introduced to this >>657365?

No. 657489

File: 1602884200169.jpeg (232.83 KB, 693x1022, 72B811B7-6823-4371-BBC5-380A0E…)

Oh they are sperging hard

No. 657492

>The tru inconvenience is u being white and French and a fucking colonizer <3

That's racist

No. 657495

File: 1602884606392.jpeg (230.66 KB, 750x1027, 56319E1E-18D2-4773-A488-DC4801…)

The self righteousness is off the charts

No. 657497

I can almost see the OP reaching.
They really wanna just be mad and have something to feel self-righteous for. No one's saying you have to shut your mouths and no one's painting you as malicious what the fuck???

No. 657498


Honestly Twitter has managed to create an userbase that's quickly becoming more retarded than Tumblr's. Its art community in particular is one of the closest things to hell I've seen.

No. 657499

It’s so bad. If u go to their acct they legit made 25 posts ranting about the artists apology

No. 657500

It's easier to just accept being "racist" than try and please these bored, lonely masses

No. 657503

File: 1602885023673.jpeg (198.83 KB, 739x1048, E9343E88-A343-44C0-9F56-E6FD73…)

Some more fun ones. FYI the artist took the blacktober tag off the post after being informed and just deleted it altogether later

No. 657505

what i hate the most about those woke twitter artists trying to drag other artists for drawing potentially offensive things is that…they don't stop. they don't fucking stop.

they'll latch on and make 58 tweets about it, bump the hell out of it, spread the situation around as much as they can, create hashtags…something they could've settled in a pacific way by talking to the artist on DMs. it's pathetic and shows how many of those people are just 3 year olds with internet access.

No. 657506

ok but if someone is ignorant.. then they don't know. she clearly knows now and wont do it again… and apologized? like what more do you want?

No. 657507

Fucking same.
Just let it fucking go man. I figure it's because everyone wants to feel like the hero in defence of a people so that they can wear it like a badge of honor and go "LOL I DID THIS GOOD THING ONCE >:D NOW I HAVE A GET OUT OF BEING CALLED RACIST FREE CARD" and it's intolerable.

Like all of them do–deletion of the account and/or self-deprication and self-flogging to put themselves under the other person's shoes.

No. 657509

That’s what I’m thinking too!. What do they have to do to please you?? I guess They want them to be reminded of their mistake on every post and die I guess lmfao

No. 657512

I'm all for people holding others accountable, and she did, and apologized. Also damn, YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE A BREAK. Damn some people have mental health conditions, and are depressed and shit, I'd rather her take a break than have a breakdown because of all the shit flying her way. WHat more is she supposed to do?

No. 657513

I’ve seen black poc in the apology replies forgiving and telling the artist it was just a mistake, predictably they get called coons and get a bunch of hate. Lmao

No. 657514

I thought this was an exaggeration but there's literally 21 tweets omg

No. 657515

The Twitter art community is absolutely cancer. I miss Tumblr already, at least you could turn off the ask box and edit your posts and shit. Twitter has just been a cesspool of people screaming at each other over MUH REPRESENTATION so loudly and autistically that it's getting annoying–and fucking sad.

Do other anons think Tumblr was worse or is Twitter beating it out?

No. 657516

Jesus, they admit that the artist has received death threats, and they still complain that they don't want to be online? Like fuck this isn't hiding, maybe if people weren't so fucking reactive and nasty the person could have a conversation.

No. 657526

Exactly why it's never a good idea to apologize to these types. Apologizing to them is like cutting your own wrist in shark infested waters. Best course of action would have been to just ignore them and continue business as usual because they're going to keep attacking regardless.

No. 657532

This makes me so sad because my friend is literally turning into one of these woke twitter artists and its like brain poison.

Not everyone is american and has the same cultural understanding nd it's insane people sperg out like this.

I hope people don't think all black artists are like this we have real issues to deal with besides getting offended by other no name (in the scope of the world) artists on the internet.

No. 657539

Twitter is definitely beating it out, because like you said on Tumblr you at least had better damage control options. You could close askboxes, edit your posts, blacklist words etc etc. On Twitter you're completely exposed at all times. Unless you lock your entire account, there's little you can do, which makes people vicious.

This is more of a personal opinion now but I personally think that Twitter's breed of woke SJW artists is way worse and more aggressive than Tumblr's. Tumblr's tumblrinas were just extremely stupid but rarely went on to truly become THIS bad.

No. 657542

Japan and western countries have cultural history together and they're much more familiar with Caucasian nationalities, not only Americans but Germans and Russians as well. Asking "why doesn't anime have more black people" is like asking why they don't have native Americans or Australian aboriginals. They probably haven't encountered a lot of them so they don't think about putting them in. It's just a dumb hill to die on to bitch about anime not having black people.

And this is literally exactly why there's no point in pandering to these people. Because you're not black or even American you have no idea about the racial tensions and the connotations of different details. The artist just drew Pugsley with a noose, a very IC thing for the character, and had no idea that was associated with lynching. Nobody can be expected to learn 10 grades worth of American racial politics to create art so why even bother.

And this is just the most retarded thing to be outraged over. Jesus.

No. 657545

I think yall are just whining to whine. You'll always whine about whatever current site is popular is filled with so and so people you dont like. Just like before, you can leave twitter. You can blacklist words. At some point people who complain about this instead of muting and running block chains are just hoping to be set up as a 'victim'by the new wave sjws crowd. Turn your computer off it literally doesnt matter lol

No. 657550

Chill out.
It was just a question and a personal observation.

No. 657551

If don't like seeing people in here complaining about Twitter's bullshit then you can just leave and turn off your computer, too.


No. 657554

>blacklist words
It's extremely difficult and unpredictable to list all the words used in these discourse tweets.
>muting people
You still see people replying to them and continuing the discourse.
>blocking people
Even if you decided to spend the next year meticulously blocking people, cue twitter activists who screenshot your profile page with handle and all, post it to their followers and send them to harass you for blocking them. And this is the reason it's literally impossible to create a foolproof bubble on Twitter because people refuse to stop interacting with content they can't stand. I've seen users start harassing Japanese artists who can't even speak English over ship art because these entitled numbskulls just can't shut the fuck up which is why a lot of nip artists have started to block all non-Japanese people.
>Leave twitter
The only method that works but then you're not able to follow a lot of your favourite artists as everything has been amalgamated into either Twitter or Instagram.

As for the original question Tumblr was just as bad community wise but at least you could turn off your askbox.

No. 657558

Who's bitching, though? I didn't mention Germans or Russians (and those aren't the only white people you see in anime), but talking of Americans, I don't see the intense history of having a white American character that wouldn't apply to a black one, too.
It seems like this topic gets you heated, and I don't really get why. What is taken away from you, kek?

No. 657576

Hard agree. I think Twitter is becoming worse because there’s just more people on it than there ever were on Tumblr, and it’s easier for people to find you. Tumblr was always seen more as a hipster/nerdy website for the weirdos to congregate and you could build your own little community in a bubble. Twitter is so public in comparison. I’m not saying Tumblr wasn’t shitty in its own way but the users were more… Anonymous, I guess, and you could avoid content you didn’t like. (And yes, I’m using past tense because Tumblr is basically dead. I see artists who have both Tumblr and Instagram get thousands of likes on Insta and only one or two hundred notes on Tumblr.)

No. 657580

>JusT tUrn oFf yOuRe CoMpuTer
Twitter is how some people make money dumbass. Not to mention for people who are espablished on twitter, most likely their entire artistic identity is tied to their, so their only option is to cut the cord completly and start new or to deal with it. Not to mentoin that if you attach your real name and are a proffessional art / business person it's not gonna go away because you turned off your computer.

No. 657596

>they just don't mind that much and want an interesting pose on a cover.
I agree with you, a lot of SJW art though they are well intended have a lot other art "mistakes", like stiff poses. I'm not a big fan of comic art but some anatomy mistakes are passable, as long as they are not rob liefeld level of absurd, as comics are usually drawn to be more dynamic an action looking.


I can't fucking stand twitter, it's like tumblr but without any aesthetic pictures to coat their autism.

No. 657606

I once said something ignorant on twitter a long time ago, and one of my ex friend, a woke sjw, brought it to light. Even when I apologized, some twitter users contacted my (abusive) family lol. How do you turn that off?

No. 657609

this is why you shouldn't bother with being nice to black people(racebaiting)

No. 657620

Are you replying to the right anon?
Stop with this retarded bait

No. 657645

>you WILL stay here and let me berate you!

Jesus christ if somebody said this to me I would just say i'm fine being considered a racist and I'll draw what I want, how I want.

No. 657648

I just follow Japanese artist mostly and hang around in the Anime art community. There's still autism but no "muh represntation" shit. I don't follow any Tumblr-esque artists though so maybe that's why. Twitter is what you make of it and who you follow. If you only follow cool people who tweet art and not weirdos you will be fine, I only ever see this shit on LC or 4chan twitter screencap threads.

No. 657653

File: 1602906562330.jpeg (313.72 KB, 869x1390, C8C87C2A-FCD1-48CA-9AF9-FC6C9B…)


It’s possible he subconsciously or mistakenly attached the idea of Hindu dwarapala (guardian statues) to it since it’s the same general idea. They’re often painted with red lips/gums exposed by the big canines.

No. 657675

File: 1602909115836.jpeg (530.14 KB, 1536x2048, 71B0650B-A730-43DE-B2D8-1BE81F…)

Puggsley having a noose around his neck is cannon (film still), and nooses are included as cannon pieces of character design (Funko POP) while being generally regarded as part of the Addams Family aesthetic (costume).
The design choices are an unfortunate combination, but crucifying an artist with no malicious intent for a mistake after apologizing is simply American centrism at its finest.

No. 657688

gosh I actually think this design is incredibly cute. even if it is a little close to a minstrel caricature (which, I'm black and from the USA & I didn't think so at all) it's clear that the art isn't supposed to be malicious, it's literally a demon/mythological creature wearing cute clothing. with the Addams Family pic as well, a little tone deaf yes, but if the artist isn't American well, of course they're not going to have the same perspective. I feel so bad for the artist. not worth going back on twitter & getting called a coon though, already been there and done that.

I hate the idea that these idiots who react so childishly to everything might be helping to perpetuate yet another stereotype about black people. this especially makes it more difficult to call out actual racism in my opinion, not that anyone asked, sorry. I'm just so tired of all this.

No. 657691

The extreme sensitivy around any depiction of a black character is honestly sad and really annoying. It seems like a white character is a blank canvas and you can have all the fun you want with it, but a black character has to hit a whole woke checklist. You can't make tem too dark or it's a caricature of black people, you can't give them a lighter skin tone because it would be colorism, you can't draw them with a small nose and /or a tiny mouth otherwise your glorifying eurocentric beauty standards (even thought black people have a wide variety of features, not just big lips and big noses like some american seem to believe??).
And even if you're completely removed from the US, you always have to keep their politic and history in mind otherwise you'll be deemed a racist colonizer white supremacist, etc. Because the only black people that matter are americans obviously.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657695

File: 1602915311699.jpg (79.02 KB, 933x928, 20200812_092336.jpg)

Tfw you want to stay on twitter because of their amazing artist and great art tutorial but In the same time that most of twitter users are ignorant asf

No. 657749

File: 1602923185369.jpg (127.48 KB, 1280x720, Wqc0zUi.jpg)

I don’t think they made a mistake at all with the oni concept, actually. It looks like an oni or whatever. Japanese depictions of their own monster look like this, the backlash is simply because of how coincidental it is and people being reactive. The only “problem” is that the drawing is kind of ugly.
the french were not immune to minstrel shows, lynching, and making caricatures. The people responding to the artist obviously jumped the gun and started frothing for no reason, but don’t be naive and think it’s unlikely to happen with someone else.

No. 657751

> Ignorance is not an excuse
Hopefully Julie isn’t like her fellow burgers and has a deep understanding of the countless cultures of the world

No. 657759

I hate this too. It's like white characters can be edgy, murderers, whiny, cute, stupid, ugly, annoying etc. and when someone makes a black character with a fun trope twitter babies immediately start crying. People cry at any depiction of a black character (or even poc) other than the most boring cookiecutter unproblematique way it is RACIST. The black characters people praise are some of the most snoozefest characters and they get a pass because there is nothing going for them. These vocal tards prevent us from getting actually good characters ugh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657768

>you can't draw them with a small nose and /or a tiny mouth otherwise your glorifying eurocentric beauty standards
This is what I always don't get the most. Most anime characters don't look anything like real Japanese people. White people and asians usually look identical in anime apart from hair/ eye color, just because of how highly stylized it is. Why is it a problem to draw black people with the same hyper-simplified features?

No. 657789

or white people are drawn exactly like in american comics for comedy purposes

No. 657806

Because ugly, insecure people have been allowed to champion all SJW causes, and they're taking advantage. That's literally it.
They've managed to cope by saying their unattractive features aren't really unattractive, just a racial trait, and seeing people of their race who don't have those same features is extremely triggering, so they need to cope further by saying they have "white features".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657818

I feel the same about it. As someone who likes to make characters and explore a lot of odd design choices, I feel like I couldn't do the same if I were to make a black character. If you make them villains then you're racist, if you make them too beautiful or sexy you're fetishizing them, if you include some darker themes (like the noose) youre also racist and ignorant, but then they're too bland and so you only make them side characters and that's racist again. Basically if you want to make a black character you have to make one of those ugly tumblr racebends with huge noses, no personality and covered in ugly clothes. Someone could make a white character, draw a lot of edgy art or gore or whatever with it and no one bats an eye, but if you were to make the same with a black character you would get cancelled because violence against blacks/lynching/racism/neonazi/KKK and shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657819

File: 1602937379770.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1422x2010, Soeymilk.png)

This is kind of weird… I know soeymilk was discussed before on a previous pencil artwork of hers, but still.

No. 657821

If you're emplying that that's a child she drew, I think she just sucks at proportions.

No. 657822

The only thing that is really weirding me out is the big head with the small body. Otherwise, it's really just a petite woman. I'm probably overthinking it. She has otherwise really gorgeous work.

No. 657824

Just don't draw black characters if you're white and don't post it on twitter.

No. 657826

this type of bs was a teaching lesson from me to stop being a woke whitey. I don't take part in racial art trends anymore, I don't call other white people on ""offensive behaviour"" or whatever, and I draw a bigger variety of cultures instead of americans. It's just not worth it to get your feet into this messy bs. You can get twitter followers easy drawing other things

No. 657827

good luck with that. if you get even remotely popular, someone will notice and call you a white supremacist or a racist

No. 657828

Looking at some of her other art she tends to draw the heads slightly too big sometimes. I guess she's into drawing petit girls but it can be difficult to get the proportions right and not making it look like a child.

But anon… that's also racist.

No. 657830


The only way to win here is to ignore SJWs, and make good black characters without offensive intent. Those people just bitch for the sake of bitching, and they want to drag everyone down.

No. 657833

ignore and move on is the only way to actually be able to draw poc and have fun too. i've honestly been pretty discouraged from drawing them because of twitter, but i won't stop cus i won't limit myself because of stupid whine babies, and actual poc might enjoy my characters.

No. 657835

I only draw white and brown people (indians, arabs, latinos) and no one had a complaint in years. If you don't bring atention to it, it's not a problem.

No. 657841

I mean yes racism existed/exists in France but is entirely different to racism in the USA. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. Their respective histories with black people are poles apart. Viewing racism in France through a stubbornly American lens is not woke or helpful. What’s the point in challenging ignorance if the result is that it gets replaced by another type of ignorance?

No. 657844

The Woke crowd can’t see that they are acting as a colonialists when they assume that every one in this planet should be familiar with USA politics and racial discourse. It's the purest form of colonialism to make universal standards from their cultural moral codes.

And to keep it in the topic: I’m struggling with digital drawing and brushes. I use Procreate on Ipad Pro and the app works fine. If anyone can recommend free (or cheap) brush sets for drawing fur I’d be grateful.

No. 657847

File: 1602944241258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.44 KB, 1200x1477, nfK8KBZ.jpg)

Soey's work from imagination is generally chibified, but yeah, even her serious portraiture has varying degrees of distorted proportions.
Kent William's work remains remains absolutely sus to me though. It's fucking weird that their duo exhibition features so many of his works depicting Soey (or girls uncannily like her) as a fetish object. I'm not some prude about nudity, but it's creepy when Soey doesn't also paint him nude and the fact they've got a big age gap/teacher-student dynamic going on.

Spoilered for genitals.

No. 657848

the lips look terrible

No. 657873

Yeah, but you're probably not relevant.

No. 657876

Is anyone else getting really annoyed with instagram artists constantly complaining about the algorithm hating them and causing their posts to flop? They always post to their stories at every single post calling their followers to "Show me some love!! Instagram hates me!!" The more I see this, the less respect I have for the artist in question. It's always the popular teen artists who cry about how oppressed they are for getting 10k likes instead of 100k (sad emoji) (sad emoji) (sad emoji)

No. 657895

Yeah. I could understand smaller acc's frustration, but after their constantly whining it's just annoying. No, instagram isn't blocking your art, you're just bad at marketing/social media and most of your followers are dead.

No. 657946

God yeah. I’ve seen some more guilt tripping going on than usual. Also came across an artist marketing/selling their instagram tips and tricks in response to this and doing it through patreon for 10+ a month. Smart I guess considering how desperate some are getting.

No. 657953

This is literally that "You can't have a black farmer character because of muh cotton field slaves" case all over again. It's just an unfortunate coincidence that wasn't meant to be malicious and the people here being "HMMMMM THIS IS PRETTY SUS ANONS" make me cringe. This shit is exactly why I only draw white characters now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658109

File: 1602968599936.png (91.26 KB, 764x683, 8493248324.png)

what do you think about this? rubbed me the wrong way, feels like whining "pity follows" then why did you participate in it. IDK , I think the artist deleted it now but Iamcurious about peoples thoughts here

No. 658113

Why complain?

No. 658128

Talk about ungrateful lol. I first assumed it was a no-name artist, but if you still don't feel satisfied with how many followers you have at 20k, that's on you.

No. 658129

File: 1602970149525.jpg (2.15 MB, 1420x2162, PicsArt_10-17-11.28.13.jpg)

isn't this just a shitty rendition of that Nicole Dollanganger album drawn in wonky ass perspective

No. 658192

File: 1602976619440.png (644.8 KB, 1004x1902, 1602976597256.png)

Oh God yes, especially when it's artists over 10k followers doing it. Pic related

No. 658193


Can you link the cover you're talking about, anon? Tried to google it since I don't know this Nicole but only found trash porn.

No. 658194

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I don't mind the wonky perspective that much. At least this artist is trying something different instead of just 3/4 headshots of generic Pinterest girls

No. 658218

File: 1602981930654.png (545.33 KB, 943x466, heartshapedbed.png)

NTA but it's not the cover, just some random photoshoot she did for the album.

No. 658301

File: 1602994676856.png (322.29 KB, 695x391, Screenshot_2020-10-18 My Dad -…)

How and Why do below mediocre artists like this get over a million subs

No. 658304

Ginja is specifically an artist who has been on Youtube for over a decade. She's hosted a shit ton of popular MAPs and was a huge warrior cats creator. It's unsurprising she's popular now. She works with JaidenAnimations atm. Jaiden is an A-list Youtuber so that boosted her career quite a bit. Maybe I'm biased because I've followed her for so long but I think she just struck gold and finds the right trends at the right times. Her life is fully dedicated to animation compared to slacking artists like Hyojin who shit out "funny meme compilations" every month or so, I'll give her that. Her art has degraded quite a bit though. I think she's just burning out. She works a lot harder on being backup animators for other youtubers her Youtube has become a commentary channel with the typical character sprite.

No. 658307

This looks fine for a sprite. Show a finished piece or something

No. 658308

alright here it is

No. 658323

Each finger being the same length aaaaaa

How can artists fuck up hands so often? You have a pair of hands in your eyeline for every waking moment, and yet they paint shit like this. Never mind the "freckles" looks like dirt.

No. 658329

I honestly think Eurofags need to be very careful when representing black characters at all with consideration of the very serious ongoing issues in the US. I feel like we are missing a lot of context which burgers grow up with - there are triggers, associations, all kinds of things associated with imagery and simply depictions of black characters which are meaningless and don't exist/barely register to Eurofags due to our very different recent history. It'd be good if you could use social media as a European person and just ban all US ips from seeing your stuff, I bet all the (sometimes founded, sometimes misfired) drama would disappear overnight.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658330

Also with reference to the noose, US black folk were killed this year in suspicious "suicides" whereby they were hung from trees. The problem is it isn't history, it's still happening but us Europeans think it's history because we don't do that shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658336

American sensitivity towards Black people is similar to German sensitivity towards Nazi imagery. The noose in that drawing is highly inflammatory and I understand why American Black people would have such an intense reaction. It would be similar to drawing a Jewish person in an oven (if some artist drew Hansel and Gretel as Jewish children for example) The artist made a stupid mistake and as artists we should be culturally aware of what we create and put out into the world. If you can't handle that responsibility stick to drawing what you know(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658338

>Ah yes. You can only depict characters who are exactly like you. Fat ugly men should only ever write/draw fat ugly men and if a brown college woman like me ever writes a white high school girl character then that is a cultural appropriation!!! Yes I'm woke. Yes I believe in segregation

No. 658339

I hope race topics get banned in this thread lmao.

No. 658344

God please, I'm so fucking done with it. It's getting to the point where it's barely about art salt anymore, might as well just make this a race debate thread.

No. 658347

Starting to sound like Twitter in here.

No. 658353

everyone and every country has the right to have sensitivities, and everyone else also has the right to not accomodate them. until we can have peace and ban burger ips like >>658329 said, everyone has to realise the internet is global and americans don't have any more say than anyone else.
yes please

No. 658356

It's officially banned site-wide already. Jannies just haven't been doing their jobs lately.

No. 658358


No. 658362

>Implying that because someone makes money off of their art that they must be an expert at anatomy
There are probably furry porn artists out there that make more money annually than J. Scott Campbell, but no one is holding those people up as anatomical geniuses. Success in coom and capeshit is more often about marketing and luck than it is about raw skill.

No. 658417

>tries to appeal to sjw crowd
>gets eaten alive

Every time. Every. single. time.
This is why I stick to foreign artists. They don’t give a shit about any of this and their art is better quality wise anyway.

No. 658421

What's the issue with this? I don't know this artist but I think this drawing is really pretty. It's nice to see nudity that doesn't feel oversexualized.
I don't think (and I hope it's not) it's intended to look underage or anything, I'm an adult with a similar body type she's probably referencing off her own body tbh.

Eugh… He draws that artist nude? Okay, that's fucking creepy if he's abusing their power dynamic. What is up with older scrote artists trying to "teach" art to minors and young looking asian women. I feel like this is a much more common problem than the art industry is willing to admit.

So they used photos for reference and didn't credit it? boohoo why should we care.
I'm sorry but this sounds like a nitpick or that you have a personal grudge against that artist. it looks fine.

No. 658423

Am I the only one who thinks waffles is boring? All of her videos are art box unpacking + low effort character drawing at the end.

No. 658438

Twitter is implementing a feature which allows you to block users from certain areas you can specify yourself. Not sure how it works but I'm going to block all Americans once it becomes available and a lot of my friends are going to do the same. It's so depressing that Japanese artists are already blocking all non-Japanese accounts because of the news of absolutely insane western antis harassing them spread around.

Seriously, imagine their case though. Gaijins steal their art for repost accounts and get way more likes and RTs than they ever did and then pearl clutchers come to bitch in English, a language they barely speak, to them using terms and beliefs only comprehensible to those who have clocked at least 4 years in the western fandom discourse. I remember when a Japanese artist was attacked by some random wokefag because she "only drew white people". That was literally the reason. Why the fuck aren't these people committed to a mental facility?

Racebaiting is banned but for some reason farmhands are sitting on their hands doing anything about it in this thread.

No. 658491

i was implying that the cover artist has something to do compared to the anons here getting their panties in such a big twist it goes up their vagina. the anons here might have better anatomy knowledge, but they sure don't seem to be putting it to use if they are complaining on this website.

it doesn't even look referenced, just inspired by the photos so not sure what anon was going on about.

i really hope none of the japanese artists i follow do that, they have wonderful artworks and i don't wanna miss out on it because of americans being legitimately too insane to take part in bigger world wide socialization.

No. 658541

File: 1603027939133.jpg (1.36 MB, 664x1300, MFis5h0.jpg)

I forgot to add the context that Soey and Kent started dating and living together after she was his student, so yeah, there's definitely some abusive subtext to all this. Kent apparently has a weird history of propositioning female students, according to the /snow/ artist thread. >>>/snow/963863
In the first few Artist Salt threads, anon who was a former Center student also said Williams is a creep.

Anyway, I find fine arts and studio arts drama to be on another level–there's so much more money and clout and ego at stake.

No. 658554

Wow, the Kent dude really sounds like a creep.

No. 658588

I feel basic as fuck for enjoying this, but it was relaxing and there's something deeply satisfying about watching watercolors go down on paper.

No. 658602

Holy shit I wanted to screenshot this because Kent is a loser but I didn’t think you ladies would be interested. I’ve always hated him and his tired ass art but ever since soey reacted like a cow over people pointing out she drew a kid and not a self portrait I’ve seen her in an entirely different light.

No. 658603

Respectfully, you do not have a similar body type to that and neither does she.

No. 658607

Maybe anon is a bobblehead or something. Soey certainly doesn't look like that. It's bad anatomy.

No. 658610

File: 1603034132818.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 569.81 KB, 828x1023, FC02B8B1-8C16-4A2D-9AF3-971107…)

Oh for sure. I think it’s bizarre to see another repeat of what went down in the art cows thread in snow tho, claiming you have an unattainable cartoon body type is just as ridiculous as the anon claiming to have this body type.

No. 658619

I don't frequent this thread and had to read past posts for context, but I straight up thought this was a child. If this is the result of her poor understanding of anatomy she needs to study up before she draws something that will land her in hot water by accident.

No. 658622

If you have any other dirt on Kent I'd love to hear it. And yeah, I can't look at Soey's work the same anymore after her freak out(s). Like I get playing up being a cute, petite (asian) girl in this age of self-branding and commodification in fine arts, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth when she goes defending Kent and acting as if there's nothing skeevy about their work and relationship.

No. 658629

You thought it was a child because it is a child! And if you look through her art, you can see that she does know anatomy, very well, and she just lied her ass off.

No. 658634

Yeah, I think the previous ink drawing posted is pretty child-like too. You'd think she'd be more careful.

No. 658639

I'm the anon that posted the album pictures, I just posted because someone requested to see it, but I agree it's not a problem if they referenced without credit, it's fairly different, obviously inspired.

>they sure don't seem to be putting it to use if they are complaining on this website
… Do you even know where you are?

No. 658644

Her talent is undeniable and I’ve enjoyed her for so long, I’m so disappointed in her for lying like that. Other anons pointed out how she draws lesbians like a straight man would and that stuck with me as well, she cares only for commodification really. At this point all of her art is the same, just as Kent’s is all the same. How many naked women in bondage harnesses can you paint before you finally think of something else?

No. 658646

Honestly, I think the reason why “bad” artist get popular is 1.) personality 2.) their work is relatable and/or unconsciously feels attainable

No. 658655

the sky is blue

No. 658657

are you new here

No. 658667

yes, but i've been in these threads for a while now and i wish anons would stop complaining about the exact same things and not overshadow discussions that actually bring something new to the table (like how people keep falling for race baiting).

No. 658723


I unsubscribed recently because I was sick of it always being the same. She never challenges herself.

No. 658837

It looks alright to me and the hot pink colors go well with it but I don’t know why the girl has an emotionless face when someone’s pointing a gun at her

No. 658924

They probably did find out about it from Nicole but it's a very popular urban exploring site that has been used in at least one other music video and countless photoshoots

No. 658933

you have posted this image on previous threads already. If you GENUINELY think this is a child and is CP why the FUCK are you posting it here and have it saved on your phone?

smooth brains, all of you

No. 658952

same here, I just looked them up, they are so creepy together

No. 659023

File: 1603075210508.png (313.39 KB, 603x484, cursehole.PNG)

Anyone hear about the horror artist cursehole trying to buy human skulls or something? I read both sides of the argument between these users, and I think they might both be right, but I think its just funny overall

No. 659027

How can you talk about Indian bone stealing, and then talk about how owning remains isn't illegal in your state and think that's not suspicious as fuck. They even said "I get a skull?" Like what did you want people to think

Side note: How many artists are bone stealers and cannibals wtf

No. 659029

This reminds me of the Tumblr witch who would collect pieces of bones from a cemetery, use them for "rituals" and try to sell them online.
What is it with internet people and bone stealing?

No. 659032

File: 1603076926596.png (15.06 KB, 445x549, D-u0rJmXUAAUrOB.png)

This drawing from last year is looking pretty bad in hindsight, lmao.

No. 659033


most human bones in circulation HAPPEN to be indian, people aren't currently murdering indians to steal bones fukn twitter

No. 659035

Anon, why do you think that "happens"? Have you ever read a history book?
I agree Twitter is retarded, but we don't need to start defending bone theft just to dunk on them. Please.

No. 659076

she is in fact one of the better of the youtube "animator"/artists
not say much though
she could get a lot more sub if she posts frequently

No. 659094

Just adding to the soey milk (lol):

I’m an ArtCenter graduate, Soey was my senior and I’m friends with her friends. Her art involves a lot of sexualized younger bodies because she’s into DDLG shit (so is Kent obviously) and has been since she was a student. As a student she was sugarbabying for older guys too, so Kent wasn’t the first. People knew Kent was a dime a dozen creepy professor with yellow fever but Soey knew what she was doing.

No. 659189

For all we know you could just be a Brazilian man larping, caps of anything?

No. 659215

Nta but it's a drawing. Of course it's not as bad as real cp where children are hurt but it's pretty worrying she drew a naked, lifelike kid.

No. 659331

File: 1603116914937.jpg (302.15 KB, 1080x1691, 20201019_111455.jpg)

I can't be the only one who finds Yueko a bit cringy for drawing herself as a cat girl showing her panties. I know she named her vtuber persona chai whatever, but I can't help but feel she projects herself as a uwu kawaii neko anime girl.

Give proof or don't add to this drama. I can't stand the same pedo art discussion in a loop for 7 threads.

No. 659338

File: 1603117460742.png (472.95 KB, 572x558, Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 10.3…)

was poppin guys eeowwww(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659345

File: 1603117835733.png (161.26 KB, 467x183, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 9.31…)

ok soo basically anyone here hate lavendertowne? girll…her art be looking so damn trashy.. her shading is so gross and coloring like who the hell uses MULTIPLY to shade….and she cant blend skin colors at all like I get it she need diversity points but THIS GIRL BE DRAWING SKIN COLORS WITH THE UGLIEST ASS HAIR COLORS SMH… any ways what yall think?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659346

No. 659357

read the rules.
and yeah, we’ve talked about lavendertown plenty of times here.

No. 659361

Someone come get this retard.

No. 659365

Is this another Racist Uncle discord post?

No. 659372

File: 1603120336028.png (188.73 KB, 640x480, qegmicdli0u51.png)

Is there somewhere better than instagram to grow your art account? feels like all the popular artists on there have the same boring generic style and you need to follow like 2934 trends to grow.
Twitter is too sjw and tumblr is dead, artfol also dont have much people. there doesn't seem to be any good place for artists lately.

No. 659375

There isn't any good place for artist lately at all. These people always pander to the masses, and instagram is all for the masses, and normies are the ones who give you work so you need to communicate with them on instagram. It's all so tiring

No. 659434

This is why I miss Deviantart lol. Yeah it always had a problem with fetishists and bronies being on the front page but at least it was an actual art-dedicated social media. But now it’s just not as popular anymore, especially with the design changes. I know it’s been said here before but we really need some new art sites to take off.

No. 659440

dA was a sad case tbh. It was in desperate need of a fresh-up but its update only served to scare more people off it. My guess is that it wanted to look like ArtStation but failed miserably.

Tumblr used to be decent to post art but it's pretty dead nowadays so it's not worth it.

No. 659450

File: 1603126155297.gif (9.7 KB, 499x313, tumblr_m8awfoCeBw1qfmbljo1_r4_…)

Deviant art autism was fun too but yeah I do miss it a lot. Tumblr was also a decent platform and I loved it when artists would make their work transparent so you could have it hanging out on your blog. Being able to customize everything was also fun.

No. 659456

Anon, there are at least 100 nameless bodies found everyday there, they get donated and sold and are accessible because they’re cheap. You can literally google search this or take an anatomy class

No. 659493

I think she's considering building a NSFW side hustle and is just seeing how people respond. She has potential to be a better version of Sakimi-chan.

No. 659525

Um nobody said it was cp, though? Just that she drew a kid because she did. Doesn’t make it ceepee.

No. 659535

Just curious, what makes you think she’ll be a “better” SC? I don’t know much about her but I went to her account and while her drawings are cute standard weebshit they’re not very detailed.

No. 659568

artfol doesn’t have that many users because it’s still in beta testing, right?
i am sure once it’s finished many artist will migrate to it and it should open up new opportunities.
at least i hope so…

No. 659614

I've always wanted to cooperate my country's traditional clothing with more creative elements to it, but it seems like people where im from are always so elitist and gatekeeping about the whole thing. Some of the native artist did incredibly extended research and put alot of effort in their art, but it seems like they can never please the ''traditional elitist'' here, that are always nitpicky about every single detail and force people to do it right because they didn't "feel" like you put enough effort in ur art. Sometimes i just wanna say fuck it and draw whatever i want, but the feeling of getting screencap-ed, being a witch hunted and hearing my own people talked shit behind my back isn't a very good esp when u are just starting out.

No. 659619

>Sometimes i just wanna say fuck it and draw whatever i want
Do it, just the fact that you're from said country should be enough to cover your ass. Gotta be creative!

No. 659646

File: 1603138700496.jpeg (858.94 KB, 4096x3968, 20AA1CBF-248E-4AE2-BA93-E15EE7…)

She draws herself exactly like her baker oc

No. 659672

>who the hell uses MULTIPLY to shade

Plenty of people, tbh

No. 659694

She looks like two other characters of hers. I think it’s same face syndrome (aka: she doesn’t know how to draw a Variety of character faces(

No. 659747

How many fingers are even on the hand that’s raised? Her lines are so sloppy and scratchy, it’s hard to tell.

No. 659769

come on anon, this is just nitpicking.

No. 659773

Yeah I'm also getting that impression. Kent is some old creep with a midlife crisis and yellow fever and she seems like a hustler who knows exactly what she's doing. Her art is targeted at the male perv demographic as well.

No. 659799

It may be nitpicking to you but maybe some people expect better work from an account that has over 120k followers than chicken scratch sketches.

No. 659802

The only thing I’ve heard about soey is from a mutual friend, but this happened years ago. A few women at a get together were uncomfortable because she kept purposely flashing her underwear to the guys there, it was at a friends house or something and she would hike up her dress on purpose and the ladies found it awkward because she was there with Kent. I wonder if it was some bizarre kink thing.

No. 659816

Sounds a lot like a kink thing and it's not surprising since their whole art shtick is pretty much exhibitionism as well.

No. 659818

You don't need to have perfect work once you reach a certain follower level. Unless she's selling that, or its some sort of commision who cares? It's art, it's fun it doesn't always have to be perfect no matter how many followers you have.>>659799

No. 659834

I like the art, even though it's kind of generic. But does anyone else think the animation is weird. They all have dead face, no real expressions of movement.

No. 659838

my inner coomer likes how everybody looks sexy ass hell. but I'm sure the animation is lazy to save time/money

No. 659840

Damn it does look generic and kinda amateurish. No art direction.

No. 659841

I think the art and animation is done by the same people who did Castlevania. I haven't watched Castlevania, but the art looks the same, and the animation isn't very smooth. Tbh the inner Percy Jackson fan in me looking forward to watching this even if the trailer looks boring. I don't really get what is supposed to make the main character special. Zeus has tons of kids in the myths, making him the child of Poseidon or Hades would have been a lot more interesting in my opinion

No. 659845

It’s animated by Powerhouse Animation Studio who also did Castlevania so I’m not surprised it’s suffering the same uninspired expressions and lackluster animation. (Tbf at least one episode per season of Castlevania has great battle animation but that doesn’t make up for the rest of the season)
I’m worried this new show is going to have the same awful pacing Castlevania has as well as the hushed/slow voice work with little emotion.

No. 659854

could it be that they spent most of the budet on the art, and didn't have enough money to make it move. reminds me of legend of korra

No. 659915

Do you mean they overspent on key frames or just concept and background art? I didn't watch Kora

No. 659950

Overspent on art, and didn't have the budget to animate it and make all the details move. In the later seasons you can see that they simplified the art and stripped a lot of detail.

No. 659966

has anyone ever done a version of those "redesigning characters" videos where they instead do an awful job on purpose and use it for humor?

No. 659989

i agree, the world needs more handsome greek boys

No. 660026

seal of approval from the OG ancients
gonna pretend "boys" is not literal for them tho

No. 660201

File: 1603738089966.jpeg (146.87 KB, 1242x1144, 8B67C7E0-E503-4647-AACD-4CDCEA…)

Dude realized really quick that this would end badly for him

No. 660205

Oh? I've followed this artist on insta for years, is he a cow on twitter?

No. 660214

File: 1603738945392.jpeg (318.06 KB, 1242x1736, 868C0932-A109-43DB-BC78-6F7E8C…)

Never paid attention to their behavior on twitter, the deleted tweet was probably being ironic about the “big account” discourse that happened on portfolioday this month, and the thing with the naughty dog artist earlier this year. I just thought it was funny that he deleted it immediately sensing it could create a neonakis 2.0 situation.

His posts are worded a little weird but it might just be because english isn’t his first language. I found this interaction a little cringe but again, weird tone might just be poor english. The dude he tagged is the artist for fantastic 4. Other than that his twitter is pretty professional and impersonal.

No. 660425

Anyone has tips on growing an art account on Instagram? I know instagram's quite tough since you have to follow like 100000000 trends or a lively fandom not to mention the algorithm, dead followers, or shadow ban.

What upsets me are those either generic art styled kawaii uwu artists or draws non-straight ships like Sakuatsu from Haikyuu etc.
What should i do then?

No. 660433

It’s usually the same tips for any platform, just be extremely active and learn how to tag.
You need a bunch of tags, put anything that describes whatever you’re drawing, just think you’re describing the drawing to a blind person with the hashtags.
Interact with other artists, do shoutouts even if your account is small, tag them, make artist friends on Instagram and tag them on those “8 facts 8 artists”-like memes and such.
Have an uploading schedule and try keeping a style that could help you get grouped into an aesthetic.
That’s what some of the people who wants to grow on social media does.

No. 660502

Get on that video content. Reels, IG-TV, whatever. Post process videos or even just your hand gliding over some paper. That stuff gets pushed by insta way more than you'd think, and it can increase your reach really well if you do it right.

No. 660609

Seconding this. My image posts flop, my videos do great. It sucks and it's annoying when you just want to be able to post your art and have your followers see it but this is the new algorithm now since they implemented reels.

No. 660677

Are there actually any enamel pin manufacturer that produces in house? If not then I know you avoid the US middle man and go straight to the Chinese manufacturer.

No. 660738

obviously there is some anon, you just have to search for them.

No. 660739

what do you guys think about dollightful's new halloween custom? i like how she did the face and the body turned out good in the end, but somehow it feels lacking compared to her other stuff. maybe it's the outfit, and the fact that for some reason she gave the doll really clean looking hair when all the other stuff about it is supposed to be rough and wolf like.

No. 660802

Wow!! I love it. I haven't seen any of her other videos so I can't compare but I just wanted to say I think she did a great job, and now I want to make a monster doll too.

No. 660824

A bit of a nitpick anon, I think one of the few dolls that she was lack luster on were the dragons

No. 660858

File: 1603816508619.jpeg (693.54 KB, 750x1074, 4C550A07-B5D8-4629-B1FE-FF15A4…)

doesnt Katzun go to art collage? Why is the colouring so bad on this

No. 660861

Does anyone have recommendations for good watercolour pencils that aren't too expensive? I've tried a couple brands from my local art store but one was really waxy and the other not very pigmented.

which college? Somewhere reputable or a glorified diploma mill?

No. 660878

Katzun is still in their first year of art college so I'm not surprised this sucks ass.

they goes to scad

No. 660887

So, a diploma mill

No. 660900

it's not a nitpick, just my opinion.

No. 660954

File: 1603823363459.jpg (219.73 KB, 1080x1427, 20201027_192720.jpg)

i'm sorry but i don't think hands work like that

No. 661011

File: 1603826845496.jpeg (238.19 KB, 750x744, DBA536AC-6FD2-4870-8E56-94D084…)

God I love these so much. “How to draw [blank]” and it’s the shittiest example pic you’ve ever seen. At least you know at a glance if the tutorial is worth looking through.

No. 661057

I think it looks good proportion-wise. Obviously she's teaching manga/comic-style hands which are far away from a realistic style.

This is ugly af.

No. 661062

I think it looks lack luster because she cut the fur which made it look bland afterwards

No. 661077

Legitimate question, what are the US art colleges that are not considered diploma mills?

No. 661086

Art Center, CalArts, SVA (School of Visual Arts) and maybe RISD to name a few. These are just the ones that came to mind off the top of my head.

No. 661347

File: 1603865736546.jpeg (121.43 KB, 566x781, ECF6696B-253B-4588-A8E4-8190F6…)

Late but it would be ironic if she became the next sakimi since she shat on sakimi multiple times during her streams, calling sakimi money-hungry.

RISD is diploma mill status since they’re one of the schools that was caught in that big ol’ admissions scandal debacle a while back. I know someone whose parents paid his way into RISD even though he can’t even figure out basic shit like normal human proportions or how to draw hands. Poop-chan’s bf is also suspected of having paid his way into RISD.
>pic related. The absolute state of RISD students.

No. 661375

I got a big problem my art ; i have a lot of issues to see my drawings with volumes and perspective. I know what I have to learn (perspective, mostly) but i have trouble to understand foreshortening, and to draw anything organic like this. Any recommendation on how to get better at this? Should I just draw cube and balls until I get it? thanks in advance

No. 661383


No. 661392

Good luck trying to get someone to tell you about enamel pin manufacturers kek. I hate the secrecy around it, obviously no one is forced to tell you but it's so stupid.

No one cares, cunt.

No. 661396

Anon why do you post here
It's decent art aside from the disgusting pedo shit.
Go away.

No. 661397

No. 661433

File: 1603879232977.jpg (5.88 KB, 253x199, images.jpg)

>Should I just draw cube and balls until I get it?
Pretty much yes; although don't "just draw" but fully plan out the perspective, do the exercises with one-, two- and three- point perspective, start with cube and then move on to more difficult, complex shapes, once you know how to measure it correctly, move on to practicing on photos by trying to find horizon, vanishing point and perspective lines in real life settings; if you do enough of this it will teach your brain how to observe and apply the same rules in the future more free-hand drawings. No shortcuts, sorry

No. 661469

File: 1603884352771.png (20.27 KB, 732x152, Illustration.png)

Skirtsan is starting to become a bit grating to me.

Don't get me wrong, their art is really amazing, but I feel like they've become annoyingly pushy with their webcomic to the point of begging mutuals to draw "guest" art for it even if it's not released yet.

No. 661471

Their art style seems like copying of aw.anqi but their studies are good

No. 661474

I know it's weird but personally as a young black girl I grew up going on the internet and seeing a million posts about "why are black girls ugly,why are black girls loud-" so on and so on. There were so many horrible things that I read looking just looking up "black girl". I remember getting off the computer crying with a bunch of new found self hate shit sucked dick back then. Those hang ups are something I still am struggling with. I think having black characters and black people in media is important. I think media influences the way we think of each other way more than we'd like to admit. I can't describe it well because that would be a novel but I think black characters are important. I can only speak on black Characters though because that's my experience.

No. 661487

File: 1603887924460.jpg (677.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201027-231954_Ins…)

How… can you get rid of followers? But good for them. Although it rubs me the wrong way to publicly say you don't care about silent followers.

No. 661502

Don't worry now you can hate on white people on twitter in peace. Things quickly change, anon don't think too much about it.
She probably has 20k+ followers anyway

No. 661509

you can click a button to make people unfollow you, it's actually quite handy if you don't want certain people following you but you don't want them to notice you blocked them or something. but to purge silent follo