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No. 963863

Post any lulzy people you know from the art community that aren't popular enough to have their own thread. Here is an example:
DeviantArt: https://mulberryart.deviantart.com/

Tumblr: http://mulberryart.tumblr.com/ (warning: NSFW)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MulberryArt

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mulberryart

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mulberry

- Artist of Yansim
- Traces to hell and back, which means that she steals assets also
- Is lovey dovey with Alex, the creator of Yandere Simulator even though he is basically a shit person who steals from other people and manipulates others and fetishizes him.
- A lot of their art for Yandere Simulator is very suggestive despite that a of the characters in the game are still in highschool

No. 963908

We already have a thread for this >>>/ot/529483

No. 963996

File: 1587642616520.jpeg (502.84 KB, 1536x2048, 5F4749D9-1352-44CB-AD97-527187…)

Is that for cows though? Seems more like its for bitterness and strong opinions about shitty art instead of artists who are cows themselves.

this is @fatamorgayna, they claim to be an intersex nonbinary female lesbian but uses they/he pronouns. claims to have did but only posts about it once a week. blogs about their csa experience every day, in which they were fetish roleplaying with another furry tranny when they were 16 and refuses to actually provide evidence for anything they say. has another account for posting literal scribbles they call ‘badbrain art’. currently e-begging on tumblr for hrt

No. 966927

File: 1588211672670.jpeg (246.99 KB, 750x1108, A18395B2-0B07-43E6-962D-9B318D…)

I haven’t seen this person mentioned on here much, and I’m not sure if this should go on the Artist Discussion thread because it isn’t particularly about art. But is anyone familiar with full-time artist Alyssa D. Silos. AKA Alythuh on twitter and Instagram?
She has thousands of twitter orbiters and she’s very “not like the other girls.” Has to mention anime and gaming every other day. No one can be a bigger anime fan than her because she has a whole room dedicated to ~nerdy~ hoarding. All her selfies are thirst traps. Claims to have been poor two years ago, despite traveling all over the world from a young age before she became successful. She supposedly now owns her very own high-rise condo, even though she was just talking about her landlord. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you don’t have a landlord if you own a condo? Also, I don’t think she would be making that much money considering she has very limited amount of art to buy on her website. She’s been living luxuriously (at least online) for a few months, before she even had that much art up for sale. Unless her parents help her?

She’s always retweeting people praising her, like pic related. I think she feeds off people comparing themselves to her.

No. 966928

File: 1588211716452.jpeg (215.39 KB, 750x1102, 88F677D9-90BA-4704-90B0-5CEF7D…)

Another one. Everyday she retweets shit like this.

No. 966933

File: 1588213342068.png (25.63 KB, 597x262, alythuh_qrt.png)


She annoys the fuck out of me too. There were some posts on PULL about her posting photographs that weren't hers on her Instagram. When her army of fans were made aware of it, they of course blindly defended her despite there being clear evidence that she took someone's photo.

Also, a lot of her photos look shooped af. Some even make me question if she's actually visiting the places she's pictured in - it's kind of bizarre. She clearly namesearches on Twitter (keyword: penthouse) too bc she found a tweet from a small account and quote retweeted it to her followers, which lead to the poster being harassed to hell by her stans. Would love to see some discussion on her but she seems to not be very milky at times to preserve her ~anime waifu~ image.

No. 966942

File: 1588215605606.jpeg (492.63 KB, 750x1117, E3492B7F-E62A-4AD7-BDBC-CAE189…)

Glad someone else recognizes her! I’m with you, I think she has potential for milk, but she curates her online image too much. I looked up this tweet, and holy shit, this person has less than 170 followers. Alyssa definitely searched a key term. The funny part is, why? She tries to put off this whole “support other people!” shtick, but she just had to publicly call out this person assuming this tweet was about her? Which it was, but they didn’t name drop her for a reason.
I think her narcissism itself makes her pretty milky, and the more success she gains, the harder she’ll fall.
She just needs to brag about her condo rental and anime tiddies multiple times a week.
I’ve also seen people call her out on not supporting other artists, and suddenly she’s trying to buy art from smaller artists because of the call outs. She obsessively searches her name like every cow who goes on damage control..

Pic related was my first awareness of her. I’ve also seen people say she photoshops her traveling pics. I’ve seen convincing evidence, but I don’t doubt she’s traveled a ton before. Something is just off. She’s weird.

No. 966943

File: 1588215730013.jpg (577.91 KB, 1700x2048, EPOtaX8U4AERfZK.jpg)

She's been showing up on my timeline for a while now, this one picture specifically made its rounds, and now that I look at it the lightning on her shoes is off and a lot of her pictures in foreign landscapes also look shooped… what the fuck, does she even own the condo?

No. 966946

File: 1588216032424.jpeg (725.81 KB, 1536x2048, EBBEE39A-C2AD-4D1D-A9BD-697B37…)

Her Turkey pics in particular looked shopped as hell.

I think the saddest part is, so many of her orbiters are also artists. Many of them say they want to achieve her level of “success” and want to pursue life as an independent, full-time artist when her lifestyle may just be for show.

No. 966947

File: 1588216144055.jpeg (612.41 KB, 1530x2048, 44027D54-1725-4B7D-B8BC-9CCAD2…)

Look at her feet wtf

No. 966948

File: 1588216457537.jpg (695.04 KB, 1638x2048, EPEyIdzVUAEKkQJ.jpg)

Yeah, those look like generic google images search result, she looks especially pasted in on tbhis thumbnail.

I think the "condo" she's been posting from might be an airbnb, the room in >>966943 looks like a different place, you can see a normal balcony and some trees outside the window and there's no way we'd be seeing trees this up close from the penthouse… is this our new and improved Lillee Jean?

No. 966951

File: 1588216725058.jpeg (552.39 KB, 750x1088, F4818031-B049-4DDD-A406-71EE68…)

>My own condo

Alyssa logic: Show off expensive influencer lifestyle online to the point where your fans constantly defend you and say shit like, “High-rise condos aren’t that expensive though so she’s not faking it!! Stop being a hater Alyssa is perfect!” It probably offends her seeing that type of defense since y’know, she busted her ass off to properly own her penthouse despite it being a rental. I don’t know why people defend her by saying it isn’t that expensive when that’s the image she wants to portray kek.

No. 966952

File: 1588216858798.jpeg (371.64 KB, 750x940, 04563A76-5407-49A6-8ACD-8141BB…)

No. 966953

That’s because they are different places. The picture you posted is her room makeover, which became viral on Twitter. She moved out of her mom’s house and into the condo.

No. 966954

File: 1588216922547.jpeg (280.42 KB, 746x1251, 14727D51-E725-4AB1-8660-8F88FD…)

Kinda pathetic when it’s her one job that finances her high-rise lifestyle!

No. 966956

I have to believe she either has very rich parents, a sugar daddy, or was doing sex work of some sort. She's had a boob job, maybe other work done too. Not to mention all those vacations - she can say it's "all through her art" but I don't believe it.

No. 966958

File: 1588217364740.jpeg (595.44 KB, 750x1291, D9420A8F-F439-463D-A038-362504…)

Has she ever addressed her boob job? It’s obvious, but I’m wondering if she’s a Jessica Nigri type. I also think she’s had lip injections. What makes her particularly irksome is the fact she tries to play it off like she’s completely self-made when there’s other monetary support.

Nitpick, but gotta love how she flashes the same Sailor Moon wine glass because she’s a ~deeeb~. Her stans are delusional.

No. 966959

File: 1588217416046.jpg (300.73 KB, 1418x2048, Duz6h_YWoAAStUW.jpg)

Yeah, I got that now, but why is she still taking and posting pictures in her bedroom in her mom's place? And what the fuck is up with the weird shoops? Bitch might as well be building the condo in fancy 3D architecture and pasting herself in it, I'm not even sure I believe she's a real person from how sketchy everything about her is.

No. 966961

I mean, a high rise in Las Vegas is definitely cheaper than in most other large cities, but I think she really wants to come off as more successful than she really is. Her art is not… amazing, by any means.

But yeah, I'm tired of seeing her on my timeline constantly praised for being a skinny girl with big tits who likes anime

No. 966962

File: 1588217620194.jpeg (85.29 KB, 731x529, A3F27EA1-2C75-43E9-A36E-7F7455…)

Plenty of tweets of her tinkering with photoshop, so she’s had years of practice. I’m thinking it’s a mix of shopping and coming from a wealthy family. The excessive photoshop makes her life look glamorous, which piques people’s curiosity and gives her followers. It all drives up her art sales.

No. 966966

File: 1588218008501.jpeg (605.1 KB, 750x1160, 31294B7D-331C-4796-A93F-DB937D…)

I just don’t get why she retweets shit like this. I get second-hand embarrassment from how cocky she is.

No. 966967

People can't tell she's a sex worker? That kinda money doesn't come from art as mediocre as hers.

No. 966969

While there's definitely some photoshop at play here. She's probably an escort or a sugarbaby. It's definitely not an uncommon feature among cows.

No. 966972

File: 1588218324965.jpg (508.65 KB, 1440x1754, Screenshot_20200429-234438_Twi…)

>She's talked about it, I don't think she'd try to hide it, too obvious lol

No. 966975

File: 1588218770549.jpeg (63.02 KB, 510x680, 0423747C-65A3-4C98-9171-62F870…)

Pics she posted but deleted at the speed of light after realizing how ridiculous that door looks from photoshop, kek

No. 966976

File: 1588218798642.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.04 KB, 510x680, 7F4DB76C-D148-498A-B322-ADF43F…)

No. 966987

File: 1588221309841.png (418.89 KB, 588x460, 29FA832F-EE45-4428-A84C-639FB2…)

Sorry for samefagging but she got her boob job in 2017, the same year that hospital bed picture was originally posted. Is she trying to make her boob job surgery come off as a I was mentally ill uwu?

No. 966989

And you're telling me she was apparently in debt, but her priority was a boob job lmao

No. 966998

File: 1588225021836.jpeg (104.32 KB, 899x396, 9CF9660C-B79A-451F-8284-77404A…)

Top kek, shows her priorities.

I don’t understand how she supposedly works 13+ hour days when she’s always online on both her twitters posting lewds, retweeting people who asskiss her, talking about how successful she is, and raving about normie One Piece from her ~nerdy~ anime account (@alyafterdark). She spends an awful lot of time replying to people, too. Not to mention she doesn’t have that much art on her shop to begin with. She humblebrags more than actually creating art.

Her entire persona panders to weebs who fetishize Asian women. She also claims to be gay, despite getting out of a five-year relationship barely this year. I think she was with the same guy since she was 16. I can’t find the tweets but there’s girls who ask her if they have a chance with her, and she’s said things like “I’ve actually dated girls before and they’ve been the best relationships I’ve had ;)” If she’s been with the same person since her teens, you’re telling me her most memorable relationships were before age 16? Seems like male pandering idk.

No. 966999

She's "truly tired" from working so hard, but pulling an all-nighter instead of actually resting? doubt.

No. 967000

File: 1588226626225.jpeg (246.12 KB, 828x1093, 595C29F5-4C04-4D63-8654-676247…)

Stolen from PULL, but she’s such a businesswoman! You can see Alyssa read and ignored this customer’s messages if you zoom in. But she definitely has the time of day to post about her rental.

No. 967014

i know shes a cow but why keep bringing up her condo like it's a valid point.

1- its in a shitty part of vegas where streets are unsafe

2- condos in the same building are affordable on a normal american salary

No. 967016

File: 1588230949994.jpeg (266.94 KB, 828x1232, 34C26AD4-06A5-4D06-A562-FDFF39…)

Her whole personality revolves around her condo, which costs approximately $3,000 a month. I get it’s not that expensive, but she tries making it sound like she owns it when she’s renting it out from a private landlord.

She posts several images like pic related where she goes on about “her view” which is just a couple of buildings and an empty parking lot. Nobody would care if she didn’t throw around “buying my own condo at age 22!” every week.

No. 967033

File: 1588237506828.jpeg (361.46 KB, 1200x1212, 829C4794-5C67-40AA-89B8-B5A7CE…)

I finally got curious enough to go look at her shop. Her art style definitely feels incredibly amateur and her proportions are awful, but the thing that caught me off guard the most is this piece titled "bad habits". Is this supposed to look like a child being undressed between an adult's woman's legs? The title really doesn't help how unsettling this piece appears to be.

No. 967039

OMG I know her! This transformation is crazy. I didn’t recognize her post-boobjob and with all the skin smoothing/ influencer makeup techniques.

She was an escort, to my knowledge, in at least 2016 and probably earlier but I wasn’t around then. Used the SA site as a sugar baby. That’s how she got the money to kickstart the self defense kits. I don’t think she’s ever been a horrible person, but she has been kind of a pathological liar. I think she’s just very obsessed with curating a Girlboss image and is terrified of tarnishing that by people knowing the truth. I think she’s relying on being conventionally beautiful as an excuse, like people are invalidating her success only because of how she looks. But it’s very true—she could have never funded this lifestyle if she never became an escort. I don’t know her anymore, we haven’t spoken in over a year and a half, but it’s a shame so many people are buying into this. She only has what she has because of her looks. Her art is not very good.

Also I’m sure this isn’t the place for this, but it’s bothersome that she paints so many dark skinned women with generic white women features and icy eyes. It’s pandering and profiting off of diversity while still refusing to draw women that don’t look how she wants to look. That’s a peeve of mine, the way influencer “artists” have nary a lick of actual talent and only draw what they consider to be beautiful (the over exaggerated imvu thing) over and over and over.

No. 967040

Oh wow, she was my twitter cow for ages until seeing her on my timeline for the same shit every other day got to be too annoying and I just straight up muted her. Somethings just really off with this one, I’ve really never seen anyone so self obsessed to the point of retweeting all of that boot licking content about herself. It’s bizarre and just plain obnoxious at this point and I’m comforted knowing that there’s others who got the same vibes on it- her thirsty fanbase who are falling for the sham really aren’t helping either, especially when she’s obsessive enough to sick them on anyone who questions her “self-made-but-also-weird-and-nerdy” image. At least try to be subtle and humble without the bragging.
Straight up there’s no way in hell she got where she is with her muddy art alone. She’s always been rich and just needs to stop lying about it.

No. 967041

File: 1588240241877.jpeg (66.28 KB, 815x545, C7744BE6-5C89-4906-944D-D16EE0…)

Whoops, dropped pic.

No. 967045

If you didn't tell me I would've straight up thought this was pedo art what the fuck

No. 967101

All of pics look so photoshopped to me. It's comically bad to the point that I honestly don't know how people can support her? Are people that oblivious to photoshop???

No. 967116

File: 1588257689360.jpeg (172.9 KB, 1440x779, A885C1DB-5C26-4C7A-A4B6-22F617…)


No. 967118

File: 1588257822980.jpeg (171.57 KB, 1438x985, E51EB5ED-1A6A-426F-8D3A-7CFA43…)


Not rich or at least upper middle class at all!

No. 967121

File: 1588258327547.jpeg (530.88 KB, 644x634, 0356139D-E6B5-4F8C-B949-7FA44A…)

Nah, you’re not alone anon. Not to get SJW, but she absolutely profits off of black women. She paints them all the same way though. Same bored eyes, mouth, proportions. Same bolt-on tits. It’s like she uses herself as a reference. There’s this tweet where she takes a picture of her fancy couch and says she can’t wait until quarantine is over so her subjects can come pose on her couch and she can paint them. It also had sexual undertones.

What subjects though? Who’s actually going to her ~condo~ when she constantly says she has no friends! All her art looks the same.

Also her last actual painting was in October. No joke. Everything else in her shop is just her restocking items.

Look at the lazy right eye on pic related.

No. 967132

File: 1588259713481.png (279.03 KB, 680x424, 1E3199F7-3D35-47D7-ACE2-115973…)

People are dying, Alyssa.

No. 967135

please correct me if i'm wrong. isn't this the pic that got really famous because she posted some caption like "my boyfriend moved out after (can't remember) years of relationship, so i completely revamped the place"? if so, what the fuck does she mean it's in her mom's house? was she just living with him… with her mom? like it's definitely the same room as the first thumbnail in >>966951

what the actual fuck is going at the hemline of this robe??? and the perspective of her feet. what part of this is shooped, the robe? her whole ass self? i don't get this lmao i've never been more confused

also why is her personal room in her mom's house, does her """CoNdO""" only have a studio and nothing else? it's looking more and more like a rental and i'm not going to be surprised if it's a shared space with how little we've seen of it

No. 967147

File: 1588262565246.jpeg (447.41 KB, 1686x1183, 3FF17A7C-6300-4CB6-B7C6-81475E…)

PULL has been documenting her antics for some time now, and some Las Vegas posters have been able to provide insight on her condo and look up the specifics. She’s in a three or four bedroom condo and claims one of the rooms is entirely a nerd room. Another room is her art, despite not actually creating art in months. She mainly ships orders to customers. She and her sister, Angel, have confirmed reading those threads. So each time they call Alyssa out on something, such as not creating art, she goes on damage control. She just posted a picture of her painting. Someone asked if she’s working on something new, and she said yes and that she just needed a little break. Well that little break sure lasted months.

Anyway, it seems like she only tries making one of her rooms look like an art studio for Instagram likes. Especially because she shows off the same corner.

Speaking of her ex boyfriend, she filed a restraining order against him for unknown reasons. Here’s her being a ~gamer girl~ and flexing by attacking a small account under the guise of “I didn’t develop my interests because of my boyfriend!!!”

No. 967170

File: 1588264288610.jpeg (367.2 KB, 1026x1631, D8081898-F4AF-49B9-B340-C9C5D8…)

Her “success” timeline is so wonky.

She says she’s been doing this since 2017, but she didn’t really take off until this year.
However, she’s been claiming she’s successful since 2016 despite having a very small following (look at the low engagement on her tweets). I found other tweets where she released her art journals that same year, so I’m guessing the aforementioned sugar daddy from 2016 bought her tits and kickstarted her online shop with said journals and self-defense kit? Either way, it’s misleading as hell to try making it sound like you started from the bottom. She also claims to have been working three jobs at the time, I’ll post proof.

So in or around 2016 she supposedly worked three jobs, which left her physically and mentally exhausted to the point where she checked herself into a hospital in 2017, even though she’s lying about that because that hospital picture because it’s likely from her breast augmentation procedure, which she had that year. Yet in 2016, she was taking trips to Bali, Australia, New Zeland and more. She also claimed she was in debt due to her hospital bills and more, but she’s been traveling non-stop for years.

Fast forward to 2020, when she truly gained clout. She doesn’t shut up about being self-made.

Side note - I hate the way she talks about herself. She’s perpetually cocky as fuck.

No. 967172

File: 1588264604616.jpeg (175.89 KB, 750x1028, 1C1B7FA2-99AA-45D9-A800-AE6F16…)

~3 jobs~ without $200 to her name!

No. 967182

This girl shows up in my TL CONSTANTLY and I followed her for a minute until the condo shit started happening. Her shooping got under my skin and yes she is way too cocky. Now this all makes more sense that she’s an actual cow and was an escort lmao. Self made my ass.

No. 967185

File: 1588266226181.png (1.76 MB, 1732x1348, alythuh.png)

so her mom was a single mother and hustled hard to give this woman and her sister international vacations, but also life was really hard and she's "completely self-made", but also she loves being spoiled by her parent/s, but also last year she didn't have a single dollar to her name, but also she got her bolt-ons a few YEARS ago, but also she's been hustling non-stop, but also half her feed is just bragging about the vacations she goes on?
people will believe anything as long as someone attractive enough is saying it, i guess

>it’s misleading as hell to try making it sound like you started from the bottom

come on anon, surely there's SOME bottom work involved here kek

i hate everything about this, it looks like dA fetish tier effort and i couldn't believe people would actually buy this. so i went to see if her site has better shit and it… ALL looks like this!? blackfaced white women? what the fuck?

No. 967188

File: 1588266878641.jpeg (339.39 KB, 982x1613, 13F5ECA0-16CE-4A4E-8820-8FA2C5…)

I’m going to only lightly mention this because I know this isn’t the place for being PC, but since this point is being talked about a bit, it is pretty irksome to solely see her depict black women rather than the South East Asian women she claims to be representing or whatever. It’s hard to believe black women physically show up to her cOnDo for them to model for her when she is very sporadic about producing art, and the features on these portrayed women are literally her own features.

This is her most recent piece she decided to post after getting called out. Looks like a tatted fetus.

No. 967191

File: 1588267285622.jpeg (287.75 KB, 1800x991, 165376C7-7777-4B8F-9834-132C4B…)

She’s such a fake nerd and thin-skinned as fuck. She’s only into things on a superficial level, and she doesn’t shut up about One Piece and Jojo. There are several mirror selfies of her where she has the starting screen for the Persona 5 game on her TV in the background, and it’s always the same screen. Also, all of her pics have to have one cheap anime figurine in them.

You can’t even make a slight jab at her because she’ll quote tweet you. Even if you didn’t mention her name. She’ll release her followers into you. Multiple people have had to go on private or delete because they made one joke about her and she found it and told her fans to report said poster.

No. 967192

File: 1588267322948.png (1.11 MB, 1146x912, 9F7A26DB-168A-4780-9C27-7A7613…)

Kek someone made this and she got really upset. Needless to say this tweet is gone and OP went on private.

No. 967193

>One Piece and Jojo.
Of course lmao. Two of the most well-known series.

No. 967195

File: 1588267699898.jpeg (295.26 KB, 1427x855, 4596FEC2-E548-4E4F-886A-741D18…)

Always been so far up her own ass. And she’s right, she only got worse in 2020.

No. 967238

File: 1588274299184.png (425.44 KB, 535x433, b2.png)

so is she just letting us assume she payed for this vacation by herself, to the place where her drug money father got deported, enjoying a 5 star luxury vacation, because shes "from the bottom" and "self made"? does she think nobody can figure out how drug trafficking works?

No. 967248

File: 1588276235073.jpeg (300.81 KB, 1936x1936, 2B510FC0-CF4D-4C8B-A45E-D40202…)

This really angers me because people who live under the threat of cartel violence don’t publicly post shit like this online. The whole “my father sold drugs uwu” thing is something most people wouldn’t humblebrag (?) or even want to mention anywhere on the Internet. Plus, she’s making it seem like it was just ~to get by~. While it’s true most traffickers in other countries pursue it out of poverty, they end up earning a luxurious living. Far more cash than just to make ends meet. I don’t doubt she uses a combination of drug money and sugar daddy bux to this day. Seeing as how her dad was caught, I don’t know why she’d feel comfortable traveling to the Philippines.

She spergged out yesterday about how being Filipino doesn’t make you less Asian than Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people. In 2017, she was more than happy to call herself Chinese. I’m not Asian, but I’ve had friends who are Filipino who feel like they’re less desirable (by weeby men’s standards) compared to other Asians. I’m thinking Alyssa wanted to come off as extra speshul to her simps.

No. 967249

This is not photoshopped at all, do you even know how photoshopping works? It’s very clear she is an escort and has a very wealthy family

No. 967252

By the looks of that outfit, she's absolutely still escorting for rich, sweaty old guys in vegas.

No. 967254

File: 1588276569211.jpeg (388.95 KB, 1450x1115, D04938E7-6D1C-40B9-86B0-FA30F8…)

The left screenshot confuses me. Wasn’t she already sooper successful in 2017? She needs to stick to one story.

Doesn’t she live on the strip? It would make sense.

No. 967257

File: 1588276907790.jpeg (461.6 KB, 1424x1352, 246F2C6F-6513-4CD7-ABF2-DFD175…)

>I get everything I want!!

Not entitled at all.

No. 967277

Quotes on Twitter are not the same as comments though.

No. 967280

File: 1588280621225.jpeg (408.2 KB, 1658x1666, 361514C2-6624-4A36-BA62-E31CCA…)

(No one is cow tipping btw that screenshot of her claiming to be Chinese is from elsewhere and just got posted onto here)

No. 967316

her parents are rich. i've been following her PULL thread. she has a sister who also posts photos of her luxury vacations.

her penthouse is in las vegas and real estate is dirt cheap there. her sister also works in las vegas, so i'm thinking her family lives in or bought that condo for her.

her art isn't anything special, it's actually pretty bad for the amount she brags and allegedly makes off of it. Taking into account business expenses like art supplies, printing and manufacturing costs, shipping costs, taxes and online shop fees, she would have to be making well upwards into the six figure range off her mediocre art to support her lifestyle on her own.

No. 967319

looks like she's wearing tights. look at the balloons, you can see that she copy and pasted them in by the light and the fact that you can see doubles of most of the balloons.

No. 967322

File: 1588286238986.jpeg (229.43 KB, 1080x1614, 9F351746-0EFC-463C-9AD5-C9CF00…)

ok Alyssa

No. 967327

File: 1588286602430.jpeg (467.83 KB, 1800x1635, DEE151A0-AB64-4912-98F8-7629BC…)

It’s weird how she hasn’t mentioned this collab anymore. Typically, doesn’t the company mention it first? Before the artist? I’m just gonna assume it died down due to the pandemic. But she’s also a liar so.
Also, why would any anime clothing company approach her? What does she mean by WiFi brand?

She has a bad reputation as far as customer service goes. From defective pepper sprays to lack of responding to inquiries to not steadily producing art. So many other artists deserve her opportunities.
(The second pic isn’t my screenshot, no way I’d like her tweet lol)

No. 967329

can someone make a thread for Alyssa D. Insecurelos

No. 967338

that fucking reply though
>wasn't miss mirage a horrible person?

its a disney movie for kids bro

No. 967340

File: 1588288189852.jpeg (505.88 KB, 1240x1625, F6BD2AAD-BA3B-48B2-845E-7D747B…)

Oh god, here it comes. Kweer.
No one is saying you’re straight, it’s just that you publicly dated a guy for over five years. So of course they’re gonna “assume” you were with a boy. Love the effort in trying to make it ambiguous though.

No. 967348

This chick deserves a whole thread, I really want to see how far this rabbit hole goes. It's like Lillie Jean levels of complete delusion and ego except she actually has fans, albeit rabid.

No. 967379

She maybe worked three jobs if her three jobs were painting shitty hippie pinterest art on the weekends, going on lavish trips with her balding white Daddy, and going to raves.

You can also easily tell how disconnected she is from real, blue collar work because it would be physically impossible for her to work three actual jobs at once. This would only be possible if she were doing simple tasks like grocery delivery, dog walking, part time babysitting. She’s just a pathological liar.

No. 967385

File: 1588293718083.jpeg (237.53 KB, 1539x956, 45BA1E5A-292D-46EF-B5A7-D606D4…)

Her body forced her out of her one cushy corporate job. Please stick to a story for once holy shit. I’m guessing her jobs were a corporate role handed to her through her parents, escorting, and art?

>tweeted from Thailand

No. 967387

The way she painstakingly curates her surroundings so they seem unnaturally perfect is probably what bothers people without them realizing why. If I have to see another stupid pic of her twisting one of those corny sailor moon wine glasses to face the camera—

No. 967394

File: 1588294263431.jpeg (738.17 KB, 1079x1693, 4FFFFB8F-78F7-4B2B-A546-04FF31…)

Check this one out lol. There’s aesthetically pleasing, then there’s disingenuous.

No. 967400

She puts a lot of effort into her backdrops, everything she does is a little too unnatural. It’s a little too eager and there’s nothing effortless about her, it seems to be unhealthily calculated. Also probably goes hand in hand with the lying—she’ll say or do anything to make people think she’s perfect. It’s kind of sad actually. No pics with friends, never reveals who is taking her photos on all those trips, always alone, always spending more time creating backdrops for photos than actually enjoying life. Maybe that’s why she feels the need to mention her #highrise constantly? Seems like a lonely life

No. 967405

she paints a lot of black people? why. girl you are a pinay

No. 967408

File: 1588295599519.jpeg (327.9 KB, 1496x976, E3C7817E-44DD-4DFB-BBBF-2DEDC2…)

Someone said it’s rather sad seeing her set up these food platters, drag her fake plants into her bath tub, and light all those fake candles. Just for the pic. And then what? Does she expect us to believe she’s actually eating all of that food? That she’s even actually painting in >>967394?

It’s all for brownie points.

There was this tweet that went viral of someone calling her out for making her assistants work together during quarantine while she pranced around her cOnDo in panties. The tweet was silly because this is a Gay couple who already lives together. However, she got seriously defensive. I’m not bothered by her employees working, I’m bothered by the fact she calls herself hot lmao. She’s naturally pretty imo, but she’s so self-absorbed and thinks she’s above criticism because of her looks.
Her sister Angel came to her defense. Angel is just as bad as Alyssa and embarrassingly rides her coattails, despite being the older sister. She said she introduced Alyssa to these two guys and now they’re her assistants. I’m confused because Alyssa was boasting about being a boss bitch at Starbucks wearing business attire to conduct interviews, only to hire people she already knew? Why do I feel like she hired a gay couple for extra asspats

No. 967409

File: 1588295688202.jpeg (70.72 KB, 750x444, 065F79AD-AA5C-4BCF-A8F3-BCE83B…)

While I’m at it.. keep telling yourself you hustle.

No. 967420

File: 1588297260911.png (553.42 KB, 599x529, lah.PNG)

Didn't she go off about how "lonely" and "isolated" being by herself in her condo during quarantine?

Then who the hell is taking these photos?

No. 967421

File: 1588297315561.jpg (143.12 KB, 499x500, 20200317_115017.thumb.jpg.e973…)

The tweet in question

No. 967422

anon are you for real

No. 967433



> lesbian

Pick one you absolute favor.

No. 967434

Tbh it's common in a lot of Asian families for kids to stay with their parents, even after graduation. They move out once they are stable/have enough money to support themselves. Depending on how relaxed the parents are, their kids' partners are welcome too.

No. 967446


Lmao people living with their parents regardless of race because of college debt, it’s normal now

No. 967447


I think the issue here is that she makes it out that her staying with her mom was a "low" point in spite of the cultural norm that a lot of asian countries have.

No. 967451

File: 1588301329460.jpeg (134 KB, 750x850, 35CB8579-4093-461D-8F58-AEAD52…)

Her mom is a business owner who is now with someone who’s very wealthy. Yeah, living with your parents is perfectly fine, but even at Alyssa’s “lowest” her desk set up for drawing wasn’t terrible.

Also what is happening in pic related? Can she please shut up

No. 967467

File: 1588304686657.jpeg (317.55 KB, 1242x1338, EBE5DDDA-E0D7-4649-8E4F-23F9B8…)

Serious question - do other artists post these types of pics each day? I will say, she’s proof that sex sells.

No. 967471

>suspicious income
>expansive lingerie collection
>fetish gear out in the open
>big fake tiddies
>endless thotty selfies
>lives in Las Vegas
>Highschool level art at best
Definitely a self-made professional full-time boss-lady artist if I've ever seen one.

No. 967478

File: 1588309453825.jpeg (360.64 KB, 1242x1837, 05DAE084-3E56-4B75-B8A3-47B498…)

It’s interesting how she vaguely words her posts that mention her exhibitions. She’s done a few exhibitions in a few states, Japan, and South Korea. She is super quiet about them now, however. For someone who brags about everything, I’d expect her to bring them up each month. There’s speculation she paid to be featured or that she rented out a gallery to exhibit, which is totally possible. It’s the fact she makes it sound like she was “invited” to do these things when her art isn’t worthy of international invites.

No. 967481

File: 1588310181836.jpeg (88.52 KB, 1200x747, A8D72ADC-375E-4D1C-9616-47BFAD…)

Turns out this exhibit was at Portland State University. Set up by a good friend of hers who was only a student at the time, not a major deal. Also, in her exhibition description, she stated she went right into freelancing after high school. Didn’t she work a corporate job and a total of three jobs at once?

If she truly went into freelancing, she’s admitting she had all that privilege to do so.

No. 967526

She got ""rich"" from her art but notice nobody ever praises her art specifically, only the image she portrays and her selfies. Nobody has ever retweeted one of her artworks in awe of the masterpiece - getting rich from art nobody actually likes is mighty suspicious. Her feed is just retweeted compliments about her appearance, if the art comments were being made she'd RT them too. And yet.

Definite sugar baby with a copy of photoshop, or possibly even just using someone else's apartment as her "condo" while staying at home. You can't say any of her images of the condo look like a truly lived-in abode.

No. 967528

>with my art money

Wtf, who talks like this. I guess she considers escorting art.

No. 967529

Another one

>creative living was a last resort for me

Lots of bizarre ways to say "I run an online business selling merch with my shitty art on it" like I've never seen an artist struggle so much with describing their occupation

No. 967530

>Bringing a color wheel and whole-ass artbooks out with you on a picnic

I can't, this is like a parody of what a non-artist thinks artists do

No. 967531

The most two slim girls would reasonably snack on over several hours would be one of those rolls of macaroons, yet she has 4, a whole pack of crackers, an entire french roll, and multiple cheese all sitting out in the plain air for bugs to land on. Literally never had a picnic before, this is like an alien trying to be human for the day

No. 967532

also love how her friend wore a nice but reasonable picnic painting outfit, while Alyssa chose the most extra, restrictive, and impractical clothes she could find. I'm cringing thinking about the other girl watching awkwardly while alyssa is setting out and adjusting the ridiculous piles of food, taking endless pictures of the ~aesthetic~ setup, and dabbing on the bare minimum to her ugly ass white-girl-in-blackface painting.

No. 967533

Are you being sarcastic?

Of course sex sells, Kim K is proof of it. Are you a Puritan or something?

No. 967537

In the last photo the only food that seems to be touched is the crackers and cheese. The fruit, bread and macaroons are hardly eaten.

No. 967610

File: 1588346512308.jpeg (453.69 KB, 741x639, 55A0277D-C002-44EE-8FA0-B06B19…)

I legitimately thought the right hand had sausage fingers. I understand she tried adding a shadow under the fingers, but it lacks technique. It makes that hand look bee-stung compared to the left.

No. 967711

File: 1588359290366.jpg (583.78 KB, 1644x2048, IMG_20200501_144800.jpg)

She has a color wheel hanging up in her house too, I thought it was so weird the first time I saw it.
Like a someone playing dress up thinking, "yes, my high school Painting 1 teacher had this hanging up in our classroom!! Everyone will know I'm an artist if I have this!"

Like, if you're such a true purveyor of the arts like she tries to make the three art books she puts in every photo suggest, you'd think she would get some prints or something?

The only art I've seen hanging up on her walls is her own.

No. 967734

Glad someone brought this up. Sometimes I like to imagine people putting this under all of her tweets until she offers an explanation, but it’s silly because the most applicable explanation is that she fucking sucks at drawing proportionate human beings. I hope she logs off and does some studies or something

No. 967744

I posted her back in the other Artist Salt thread and I'm glad people are seeing through her shit. I don't give a shit if she's an escort but it's frustrating seeing some mediocre insta-baddie try and claim that she's somehow become a breakthrough star in one of the most oversaturated job markets there is and made a living for herself despite the fact that it is SO hard to be a freelance artist and find consistent work, especially if you're fresh out of school.

Honestly I feel like if she were more honest about her sex work she could fill some stupid niche and become even more popular since SW is such a hot thing right now. But she's already dug her own grave with the whole 'girlboss follow your dreams I did it WITHOUT A MAN' narrative.

No. 967747

File: 1588363464438.jpeg (389.25 KB, 1513x1143, 994B5B33-3537-4A5B-8EDE-F7C811…)

Let’s not forget she only hung up her own art and only retweeted people kissing her ass and degrading themselves because they don’t look like her up until recently. When other anon forums called her out, she tweeted asking people to share their art so she can buy small artists’ art. She is in under no obligation to promote other artists, but she’s been ~successful~ for four years (according to her splotchy timeline). Why is she only now doing this? I can’t find the tweet, but Angel posted saying she reads over the PULL threads lol. Anyway, you can’t ever say anything about Alyssa because her sister will come for you super fast. Sad life when your sis is your only real friend.

No. 967748

File: 1588363542537.jpeg (203.58 KB, 744x938, 29DF1D32-21F5-43D0-BB90-9C8C69…)

Featuring the staged cheese platter

No. 967751

I don’t care about her escorting either. I wouldn’t pay her any mine at all if she wasn’t such a liar lol the fact she can’t even admit to herself that she’s an influencer and not an artist. That, and the weird blackface art thing. That’s always bugged me.

Her sister’s twitter is a lot better, even though even she can’t resist bringing up the HIGHRISE too much. Plus she has a few photos of Aly where she actually looks like a human being, and she isn’t as annoying.

No. 967791

File: 1588372128657.jpeg (307.52 KB, 1589x943, 611A96F9-1612-4D99-BF64-C1A02C…)


So the day all the condo drama went down was April 19th. This is when a ton of tweets/memes making fun of Alyssa’s flexing started to pop up. It started because of that tweet to the left that got over 13K likes. A lot of people in the comments were talking about how they can’t stand Alyssa showing off everything. Notice how that tweet was sent at close to 3 p.m. One hour later, Angel tweeted the tweet on the right. It’s obviously a response to everyone growing suspicious of Alyssa, since a lot of people were attacking her that day. What an oddly specific convo with grandma to bring up lmao. I guess they shared a house with 16 people??

I also like the way she implies Alyssa owns the cOnDo that she’s renting.

No. 967795

File: 1588372533109.jpeg (50.08 KB, 750x214, 86B52EA7-84EE-4238-B400-C56376…)

Bonus: A stranger replying to Alyssa’s tweet. I’ve legitimately seen people say they quit their job to pursue Alyssa’s freelance lifestyle. It’s definitely their fault for being impressionable, but Alyssa will like these tweets and give them false hope.

I feel like Alyssa gets a pass because she’s a woman of color. But if she were a white woman drawing Black women, that would not go over well. Anyone who comes after Alyssa gets told they’re sexist, racist, or have internalized misogyny for not wanting to see a ~bad bish~ succeed. However, I don’t think it’s a sustainable model. Her business depends on her fans. The internet will find a new e-girl to dawn over in a few months. Remember when people were obsessed with Dakota Rose? Jessica Nigri? Belle Dephine? These women are fads. What I hate most is that Alyssa has Pixielocks levels of self-importance. Like when Jillian claims she’ll never have to work a regular job again! Right as YouTube doubled down on demonetizing and she started losing Patreon supporters. Depending on online supporters is a risky lifestyle. You’re only 22. You haven’t “made it” yet when your situation can change at any time.

No. 967868

For someone who has multiple colour wheels she sure doesn't understand colour theory or how to use them for her art

No. 967872

I miss when people was ashamed to be associated with otakus, now we have these fake whores who watch 3 of the most popular anime and think it's a personality trait

No. 967887

File: 1588384435225.jpeg (378.43 KB, 1800x1280, 29C179A8-2A86-40B3-AACB-213BAF…)

Back at it again with retweeting these type of replies

No. 967999

While there’s def a lot of personal responsibility for buying into something as ludicrous as Alythuhs act, it’s also pretty sad that people are naive enough to believe they could achieve what she has. Her art only gets attention because of her selfies. Her appearance perpetuates her career. It seems pretty no brainer but for some reason I’ve seen people say she’s inspired them to pursue art full time which is odd and also so reckless. I don’t understand why she’s considered an inspiration, it’s completely unattainable. They seem to truly believe they can magically become thin, conventionally beautiful, successful, and rich from what, exactly…? If you weren’t that before, the odds of you ever becoming any of those things in the future are very slim. That’s just reality. Says a lot about the state of things in general, to be so easily swayed by a bimbo with mediocre abilities posing with charcuterie boards and glasses of wine lul.

No. 968009

I don’t think her work looks like “white” people at all. It looks like she uses herself as the model or uses anime fantasy or some hybrid of the two. Her skin palettes are so muddy and gross. That’s the real shame.

She probably won’t last long after the art phase is over since she’ll be escorting and claiming something else like streaming.

No. 968030

You CAN become thin, rich and successful, as long as you put in the work. A fat, lazy, unattractive person will look at Alyssa's 'self-made' lifestyle and decide that they too can become millionaires by posting bad bish gurrlbaws crap. Alyssa's success is 100% down to her looks, but none of her asslicking followers want to admit that. They're too lazy to lose weight, start their own business, or even get a damn job. It's an echo chamber full of fat idiots playing pretend while ignoring every obvious sign that Alyssa is full of shit.

No. 968041

Chill out, ana chan. You're so fixated on her weight, you began four sentences with how fat her wannabes are. She's had lots of work done and photoshops the fuck out of herself. If it simply took being thin to look like her, lots more people would do it.

No. 968052

>She's had lots of work done and photoshops the fuck out of herself.
You mean she isn't built like an extremely long legged anime character via genetics alone? Say it ain't so anon!

You okay? kek.

No. 968103

File: 1588436211637.jpg (56.94 KB, 629x476, balloons.jpg)

nice spot anon, this isnt super fucky but is evidence shes messing around with ps

im still not convinced >>966947 and >>966928 weren't manufactured in ps, a lot of her pics seriously look like she took indoor pics of herself and shooped herself onto the background, shes already admitted to doing just that

No. 968187

No offense anon, but you sound like the people who aren’t rich but defend billionaires and argue that any pedestrian can become wealthy if they TrY hArD eNoUgH. You can “work hard” to lose weight, but that won’t make you attractive. You can get plastic surgery but that still won’t make you look like a model or anything like a naturally genetically gifted person, you’ll either just improve upon preexisting flaws or look odd like PNP. Telling people they’ll be able to MaNiFeSt all these things that are typically gained through genetic lottery or generational wealth by fighting tooth and nail is just silly. Being “fat” isn’t the only thing that separates the average person from being like Alythuh. Aly isn’t even like Alythuh. It’s all fake.

No. 968191

Can someone please make a collage of how many time she has one of those ugly Sailor Moon wine glasses posed to face the camera? Jesus

No. 968200

Aly isn’t even rich though I’m so confused why this keeps being brought up

She is rich in social media followers if that’s why you guys mean???

No. 968244

No need to be facetious. She’s obviously making more money than many freelance artists with no other jobs. Many people can’t pay $4000 a month for a #highrise #condo and make constant frivolous purchases, hire assistants, go traveling often, etc. We know she isn’t rich in any sense of longterm wealth.

No. 968248

On the surface it looks rich but looking deeper into it

The vacations she’s going to are 3rd/2nd world countries, you can live like a king on very cheap

The stupid high rise condo thing she keeps bragging about just shows how she’s not rich? Rich people don’t brag about this stuff constantly, especially when the condo she has is a lowtier one on the strip.

Also the whole “freelancers can’t make 4K lul”, yes you can. I’m not popular online but that amount of money is obtainable, it just takes considerable amount of networking and luck to secure contracts.

No. 968250

Well, yeah. We aren’t stupid. You aren’t really schooling anyone here that doesn’t already know this, these are given things that are so obvious there’s no reason to point them out. It’s possible but it isn’t probable. It’s actually considerably rare. If you disagree with it being rare, perhaps you are just as naive as her following.

No. 968267

I’m not trying to school you though lol??

There’s a group here that says she’s rich and downplaying it, playing rich but actually poor, another that says she comes from generational wealth, so which is it?

Her stealing photos and using her personal army makes her a cow, but focusing on her perceived wealth just looks like mad poorfags.

No. 968270

File: 1588466006775.jpeg (517.15 KB, 750x1140, 6F854A01-CD75-44B9-91B5-CCF0B2…)

So is it all-nighters or waking up early?? Because even in her “I stayed up all night uwu” shots she looks done-up. She rarely creates new art and has at least four assistants (this is according to her). Hmm.

No. 968272

Ah, I see your point. I thought you were referring to the anon that pointed out that defending her business model is as brainwashed as when poor people defend billionaires because they believe they’ll somehow become one someday. An American phenomenon it seems.

I think it’s a mixture of support from her family, her looks, her sponsors, etc. When people ITT call her rich I don’t think they mean it quite literally, of course compared to Bezos or Musk she isn’t even half a drop in the bucket, but she makes a lot of money for someone with little talent and skill. However yeah I see a lot of people on twitter who buy her BS and think she’s a grillbwass badass with fat stacks.

No. 968274

I think the point isn’t that she’s making money, or how much, but that she’s a liar and it’s incredibly misleading. She has a lot of young impressionable kids that look up to her and think it’s attainable because all she does is constantly talk about how it was obtainable. I don’t think she’d be a topic i she weren’t a pathological liar.

No. 968276

File: 1588466884323.jpeg (108.49 KB, 750x566, A5555BA4-ED28-4BD7-B9B1-7425C7…)

This. Yeah, she isn’t exactly rich, and in about two years I’m sure she’ll have to resort to getting a full-time job elsewhere, but it’s the fact she perceives herself to be so rich that is laughable. “Owning” a high-rise isn’t milky in and of itself, but going on about it and acting like you bought it is something else. Only retweeting people buying your art and worshipping the ground you walk on is pathetic. Sending your followers to mass report people who make a joke about it is dumb. And, stealing pictures, which I think has only been mentioned in other forums, is stupid when you get angry that other people steal your art.

For those who don’t know, there’s proof she’s stolen pictures of popular destinations. When confronted about it, she ignores it, but Angel has defended her saying she just uses other people’s photos because she didn’t take enough landscape shots of said trip. That Alyssa only takes selfies (which shows how vain she is) and doesn’t “get the chance” to take pics of the scenery. She actually does travel, but she used to steal photos from small photographers. People have found this out and proven it by reverse Google searching. Which is shitty.

Anyway, pic related shows how impressionable her followers are.

No. 968281

No. 968321

You're ignoring the fact that she isn't making enough art to justify that ind of income. She's selling the same 20 +/- or so mediocre pieces over and over again. An artist can make $4k a month or more, like Sakimichan, but even if you don't like Sakimi's art, she works her ass off getting new pieces out there regularly, and she makes tutorials on her process. Artists also make money off commissions. Alyssa does none of that. She hardly draws, she hardly promotes new art or merch. That's why I doubt she makes enough to support her flashy lifestyle.

No. 968323

Sakimichan is an excellent example of someone with an amazing work ethic and tons of technical skill, regardless of whether you’re interested in what she does or not—she delivers.

Aly only just recently made a tweet saying she’s working on a new “piece,” likely because we’ve said she doesn’t create new work, and the pic she posted was of the back of an easel and literally no WIP posed to show off her HIGHRISECONDOHIGHRISE view.

No. 968342

File: 1588486781527.jpg (197.94 KB, 1280x1811, 66iFUVc.jpg)

Are we still posting lulzy not big enough to have their own threads? Cause I have one I had the misfortune of befriending years back. Rex Equinox does weird fetish transformation art who I'm fairly certain traces a lot. She's somewhat known in the UK costume scene as a Xenomorph cosplayer with her neckbeard bf doing Predator. Outside of tracing probably a good portion of her commissions. She was always whining about her shit relationship and not so subtly e begging people cause his fat ass never went to work meaning she was the main income. There's a docu style youtube vid of her with the bf from years back on their shared youtube account. Serious creepo serial killer vibe from him never once looking at the camera man only ever the floor. Started distancing myself after that. Thread reminded me of her and checked her DA and still uploading traced looking shit.

No. 968344

> You're ignoring the fact that she isn't making enough art to justify that ind of income.

Do you have receipts to back that up or?? There are plenty of things that don’t deserve to be bought but are still popular(KJ makeup for example). like it sucks she clearly doesn’t have artist prowess but she has the marketing and branding skills, and honestly that’s all you need to make money.

So to clarify, a good “artist” she’s not - a good business woman - maybe? All she needs is 1% of her following to buy her shit and she’s set.

No. 968352

You don't see many people tweeting they bought her art not does she retweet if anyone does. Which is why it didn't seem like she sells much.

No. 968419

She reminds me of the type of manager who talks the talk about x, y and z while doing exactly the opposite. Keep saying you're working hard when the only thing she could be doing (since she makes like 3 mediocre artpieces a year) is mailing packages, and she has assistants doing that part.

No. 968420

>being inspired by a literal conartist

She knows this is happening yet continues misleading fans, definitely not a good person.

No. 969159

Artists make money by coming out with new pieces and putting those new pieces on merch. You need repeat customers to have reliable income. Selling one print to one person one time isn't getting someone into a penthouse.

No. 969215

Some itt predicted that Aly would start streaming because she can’t do anything else. Today she promoted a setup and said she’ll be streaming soon.

No. 969796

File: 1588759269794.jpeg (134.67 KB, 750x829, BCBF59BC-521C-4C78-831D-B9EA8C…)


No. 969797

File: 1588759300026.jpeg (130.5 KB, 739x937, 7A578592-6C39-4E73-92AD-FD1EF5…)

No. 969808

File: 1588762855581.jpg (41.8 KB, 800x748, iuCXF0XAGE.jpg)

What passes for inspiring art in 2020:

No. 969991

Maybe in the Artist Alley world you need to be, but traditional artists are lucky to come out with a new piece a year.

No. 970215

her followers are really low iq

No. 970358

File: 1588868887787.jpeg (433.55 KB, 750x832, 1C309539-D921-4E7C-8EAB-935598…)

~pan~ ft. Sailor Moon glass

No. 970359

File: 1588868958848.jpeg (400.52 KB, 750x791, E558FBBD-8964-418B-B90C-990F51…)

retweeting praise about her. Get a new shtick.

No. 970365

if we just renamed this the Alythuh thread i wouldn't even be mad

No. 970409

Did anyone catch the drama about babsdraws drawing herself black? or something?

No. 970411

Please post it I’m so tired of the constant other chick

No. 970420

I love to take completely unstaged photos where I've carefully displayed every piece of lingerie I own behind me, plus made sure my tits are hanging out, anyway #bossgirl #selfmade #artist amirite

No. 970422

File: 1588878860535.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 37641B19-6E4B-4893-AB76-D48D4B…)

So I searched twitter but I’m on mobile so the searches are kinda vague and not too detailed but from what I got

tldr: “white woke queer muh oppression” artist pulled an Ariana grande and drew herself in brown face 1/?

No. 970423

File: 1588878924402.jpeg (408.66 KB, 750x868, CFBCEDF1-4236-4ED9-BB4F-D9B922…)

The “self portrait”

No. 970426

File: 1588878993548.jpeg (111.57 KB, 750x944, A81A4D88-2B3F-444C-B47D-B18BA0…)

Another example

No. 970429

File: 1588879197298.jpeg (165.41 KB, 750x920, FCFF9979-900B-444F-903B-6B23C4…)

She locked her account. I don’t follow her and I don’t wanna follow cos that’s too obvs

No. 970433

File: 1588879302548.jpeg (195.36 KB, 750x990, 2D413483-586A-4FD3-9AD4-2BF331…)

apparently she’s been blocking people too. I’m curious what she’s saying or if she’s gonna be private then come back like nothing happened.(self-posting, racebait)

No. 970440

Lol who fucking cares it's honestly such an improvement than being a gross pale mayo.

No. 970456


Who cares? Well
>>970411 asked

No. 970486

This is so funny LMAO

I swear the quarantine is making everyone rapid

No. 970513

Lol white people drawing themselves as brown is the only obvious conclusion to people drawing every damn character as brown for "representation."

No. 970576

Dat self post

No. 970578

>stats icon on the first tweet
lmao did you seriously post your own tweet, lia?

No. 970580

nice catch, why do i never notice these things smh

No. 970593

but when alyssa, an asian, fetishizes black skin it's fine? are you even black?

No. 970595

File: 1588900219665.jpeg (552.65 KB, 2048x2048, EXBfmUfXgAEf57R.jpeg)


learn to draw, lia.

No. 970596

File: 1588900418941.png (191.2 KB, 600x723, 480.png)


"You guys draw too many white people! THINK ABOUT BLACK REPRESENTATION!!!"

>Only draws white people

No. 970598

what about bottom right

No. 970599

File: 1588900717803.jpeg (63.13 KB, 441x752, C9561248-8DD2-4F99-AA40-A4835F…)

No. 970600

she bleached her selfie too lmao

No. 970608


A dark grey monstrous insectoid covered in blood = a black person

anon please say /s

No. 970634

File: 1588904420505.jpeg (323.76 KB, 750x768, 43E0E07C-F92E-4E15-A703-C7C239…)

Lmao You must be one of /those/ people.

Lighter skinned folks shouldn’t identify with other skin colors but their own, but it’s okay when you do it hmmm. Sounds like a lot of self hatred to me lol.(Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting))

No. 970638

lmao this unironically

No. 970642

I think there's a big difference between saying you have a personality like a fair skinned character and literally drawing yourself with a different skin color.

No. 970670

lmao at screencapping your own tweet that adds no milk instead of screencapping other blocked users. you did this to yourself

No. 970680


Sage for stupid, but I love when users mess up their screenshots or post their emails and out themselves. That's when it becomes open season, girls!

No. 970684

Anyone here want to explain why/how it’s racist and “drawing herself black” and not just some white chick that’s a tan bimbo wannabe Instagram baddie, girls you see every day at beaches etc? At what point is a white woman tan vs “trying to be black”? If you’re pale af and go out in the sun a lot, you tan. So, if you’re white, you’re not supposed to ever get tan because if so, you’re trying to be Latina/black?

I guess it’s because she’s actually NOT that tan at all irl and she’s just drawing herself that way, right? Drawing an idealized version of herself that she definitely isn’t. She obviously doesn’t have the body type she draws herself as either lol. She’s very generous toward herself.
Still looks like tan skin to me in her drawings but I guess that’s because I already knew she was white beforehand.

No. 970685


>>970426 is really dark tho. tbh i don't think she's racist, just weird. maybe a self hating white chick

No. 970699

Personally I don't think it's that racist, just cringey. It's on the same tier as people who are fat irl but draw themselves skinny, or are average but draw themselves as gorgeous.
I guesss the most offensive part of it is that it seems like racial fetishization. Everyone knows basic instagram artists love drawing thick-lipped black/ambigiously brown girls, but it's really funny seeing some white chick go so far she draws herself as one.

No. 970811

This is her classic go to tanned beach caucasian bimbo, I bet if she drew her naked, there'd be tan lines.

I also follow her on twitter and she literally did what any person trying to avoid drama should do - close for few day, blocked the biggest idiots and drama queens and comment absolutely nothing on the subject. She didn't even delete the pictures. My bet is she will open the account in few days, just so she doesn't loose blue checkmark. I follow her and her clique (Bartel, Wada, Anka etc.) for few years now and didn't even register there is any drama.

Such a non drama outside of some black beach bimbo being bored during quarantine.

If you want some loolz, look into Jen Bartel. https://twitter.com/heyjenbartel/status/1249939836410171392 Her picture is probably next to "stupid woke mediocre artist twitter celebrity" definition on Wikipedia. She's also hardcore opinionated and reads pretentious AF. Nothing major, but funny.

No. 971022

File: 1588972143137.png (164.18 KB, 528x394, ahhhhhh.PNG)

When I went to FIT I remember my friend showing me one of Jen's tweets and it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. FIT has a shitty illustration program don't get me wrong but she comes off self important than what she actually is. I hope she at least gave artist who emailed her some good advice but i highly doubt it.

No. 971034

Definitely self-hating, her skin tone doesn't usually tan so it's not like this is "me in the summer"

Just a little weird.

No. 971175

The point being that she is not a talented, prestigious, or otherwise traditional fine artist. Her art sucks lmao

No. 971180

Aly is so corny omg. Her need to bring all of those unnecessary objects painstakingly into her selfies reminds me of that bald edgefag on youtube who kept bringing his plastic human skull into the frame of all his videos.

No. 971207

File: 1588999287293.jpeg (413.38 KB, 750x890, A88D326E-B73A-4BD2-BDC3-5EB772…)

she can’t possibly be getting enough orders for a warehouse…? this posturing is getting insane

No. 971208

File: 1588999559923.jpeg (447.6 KB, 750x787, 6B3901A7-6C17-44EA-977F-2E3785…)

also, why does she even have easels if she’s only using them as stands for paintings she did ages ago? all she does is rotate them to face her selfies. come through obsessive compulsive tendencies

No. 971239


that was probably a joke

No. 971251

No, I wish I could find the reference, for some reason I thought it’d be much easier! He was a bald incel, went on rants holding a cigarette he never smoked and a glass of scotch he never drank. Someone made a video on him, he had this plastic skull that he would bring from room to room and set up behind him for edge points. Sorry, I didn’t didn’t expect it to end up being this obscure? I’m regretful I forgot his name

No. 971255

Davis Aurini

No. 971267

File: 1589011718480.jpg (444.95 KB, 1024x1024, EWVHRzkU0AEHlIs.jpg)

That's not enough for a warehouse
All that stuff can fit onto one industrial/garage storage rack

Life would be easier if she had an actual office with a desk but i guess it isn't her "aesthetic" or photograph worthy

No. 972800

File: 1589284228732.jpeg (227.66 KB, 750x660, F5B68B42-3EEF-4797-8F8A-60DDC2…)

I like how every single thing she does is so calculated. Like how she read her thread and decided to tweet this as a blanket explanation for the fact that she doesn’t actually make any art.

No. 972801

Is someone going to ever make a thread of her here? I'm Filo, an artist (not full time), and I'm sick of her representing Filipinxs coz her kind of name and shame ritual w/ her "haters" is not the type of thing Filo artists do. Filo artists are pretty chill tbh

No. 972804

She’s definitely slowed down a lot since people started calling her out, so at this point an individual thread will probably be really slow.

I know a lot of Filipina women and they’re very carefree, outspoken, and hilarious individuals who aren’t reminiscent of aly in any way. I’m sure that people wouldn’t group you into a very limited category that only fits influencers with boobjobs.

No. 972812

Yes because my fellow artists don't thrive on validation towards their looks, and they actually post art. But today the girl has made excuses about not making art in months, which apparently for a full time artist is something she can afford.

If she was a full time artist who really came from nothing, she won't be able to afford months to take time off from her sole means of livelihood. She clearly has a guarantor (safest assumption is her family) because who's gonna pay the rent for that high rise unit…

No. 972853

Great, yet another titty streamer…

No. 973013

I wouldn’t mind it because it certainly beats her pretending she’s some selfmade girlboss fine artist.

No. 981627

File: 1590946655394.jpg (385.33 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20200531-193101_Twi…)

Do you know when's the best moment to be say sorry for percwived racial transgressions? When the are BLM riots and it gets you most woke points.

I'm not even Western European/American and don't give an eff about racial issues in the US, but I do find it hilariously tone deaf and out of place, especially after nobody cared after 24 hrs when original thing happened. Way to go making ir about yurself, Babs.

No. 981647

Wow, that timing is very suspect.

No. 991199

File: 1592797531881.jpeg (271.35 KB, 750x815, F9312E75-2174-4756-ACF5-68E4DF…)

I mean, this is shitty but gotta love the ~tiny~ part

No. 991240

File: 1592803179343.png (1.21 MB, 1440x1549, Mcgon.png)

Not milk but I noticed Sarah McGonagall does the same insecurity RTs as Alythuh. It's hard to find talented women to follow who aren't up their own ass and uncomfortably neurotic, sarah is a good example. Always blogposting and framing common knowledge as word-shattering insight.

No. 991241

File: 1592803247479.png (1.19 MB, 1440x1496, insecurity.png)

No. 991380


Oh my god I'm so tired of this girl and was pretty much waiting for her to end up on lolcow. I tried following her for her art, but wading through all of her egotistical tweets just wasn't worth it.

She heavily romanticizes bad time management skills and inefficiency as "dedication" and brags about "working a billion hours" on tiny details that either don't show in the final photos or could have easily been shopped in. She also constantly brags about "doing everything herself" when it eventually came out that her dad is a theatrical design professional, so she's had an invisible, highly skilled "assistant" helping with every build. She also reuses huge pieces built by theatrical crews, "leftover" professional set pieces, walls, etc without crediting anyone or mentioning it. It's "all her" until people start asking specific questions and she admits she had "a little help".

Last Halloween she ran out of time to finish this Joker makeup look, so instead of the final makeup she posted a picture of herself having a meltdown over poor time management, with a long ass caption about how desperately hard she worked on all these other things.

Mostly I'm just tired of watching her publicly suck her own dick. It's gotta be exhausting being so obsessed with yourself.

No. 992069

I used to admire soeymilk, but she is truly irritating. I can’t post caps right now, but she’s on her ig story bitching about criticism on her latest pencil drawing and is claiming she used “herself” as the model—even though it doesn’t look anything like her. She’s claiming that no one can claim to know what she supposedly looks like without makeup or what her body looks like, but she literally gave the sketch the limbs of a child and point blank does not look like her. The backpeddling is ridiculous.

I used to think the callouts on her drawings were ridiculous, but given the age gap in her relationship and her current foot in the fine art scene, I’m starting to wonder if some of her images are intentionally coded to pander. It’s pretty known that in fine art, pedophiles and ephebophiles routinely look for art of children and young people and invest in artists that paint heavily coded images. There’s also many of them. In case that isn’t obvious enough, more high profile cases of this would be Epstein and the Podestas. It’s rampant.

No. 992083

File: 1592880458260.jpeg (169.29 KB, 1242x2208, 71920345-52E8-4FE3-AE1B-D99415…)

Soeymilk rant

No. 992087

File: 1592880519198.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 420.89 KB, 750x927, 16C3BEA1-4F00-4BB9-8BD4-945734…)

The drawing in question…..lol

No. 992090

File: 1592880589572.jpeg (299.85 KB, 750x502, 32D8ABE1-C7DB-42D0-93D3-5CC14B…)

VS Soey’s normal, obviously adult body and face

No. 992108

File: 1592881723746.jpeg (570.48 KB, 750x1140, 92129EEE-6E02-4FD2-A03C-36BDAC…)

The issue with this is that as an artist who has painted many semi-photorealistic adult women. She knows anatomy. So she knows this isn’t what she looks like, and that those are not the limbs of a woman. And if she truly believes that is what she looks like, well. Someone needs a reality check. It sounds like she really believes people are just jealous of her….?

No. 992116

her post is ridiculous, but it's a nice piece in all honesty

No. 992120

its beautifully drawn but her lying about it and the way she looks is embarrassing. you drew a kid just say you drew a kid ffs. this woman is almost 30

No. 992174

so you think she posted a sexualized naked child and your response was to save and repost this child?

No. 992188

it’s a drawing fully viewable on instagram retard.

cool it drama queen.

No. 992203

no i get that, but by your own logic youre equally as bad as soey.

No. 992207

I've always wondered about her, the way she presented herself was a little too self-romanticized.
Her relationship with her partner has a huge age gap too.

No. 992224

no I’m not. YOU chose to jump to that conclusion. not once did anyone on here even say the sketch is sexualized. it’s just quite simply a child, and not an adult. that is anatomically obvious. no need to act purposefully obtuse. i never would have even noticed it if she didn’t spin a ridiculous lie about it being “her” instead of going about her business. you can look at the caption and see she edited it to say she used herself as reference to backpedal. i am not a puritan, just allergic to cow tendencies.

he’s a yellow fever creep. before he even got with her, he was only dating asian women and painting them nakedconstantly as well. but she obviously benefits from the relationship greatly, so whatever she’s into i guess.

No. 992247

File: 1592904230902.png (Spoiler Image, 384.25 KB, 574x427, dunno.png)

Hate to defend a potential cow, but this feels like a reach. She's pretty small chested when she's not bending over? And while I'll agree she softened her features and made her head too big, it doesn't really look that far off from her otherwise. Her defense post was sorta cringe tho.

Is there actual milk on this girl?

No. 992255

The ears are tiny. The body is tiny. The shoulders are tiny. The arms are tiny. The hands are tiny.

It may not be sexualised, but anatomically it’s painfully obvious it’s a prepubescent girl lol. Your comparison literally shows that. She’s thin but she still has an adult body, adult ears, an adult face, adult shoulders, adult arms. I’m no moralfag but her pulling such a ridiculous lie out of her ass because she couldn’t handle people pointing out the obvious when so many of her followers are artists and very visually attuned was surprisingly dumb.

It doesn’t have to be a matter of morale or taste. I’m just saying, that’s not a depiction of a woman by any means. Like flat out lmao.

No. 992301

>it’s painfully obvious it’s a prepubescent girl lol
>drawing in question has breasts
You seem weirdly hard pressed to convince others it's a kid, but whatever anon. You do you I guess. kek

No. 992438

File: 1592921805416.jpg (116.02 KB, 626x787, download (2).jpg)

ot but why does she draw tacky trash like picrel when she's capable of doing that? i guess its because tacky sells
hands still are way too tiny for that to be an adult

No. 992446

File: 1592922534665.jpg (1.4 MB, 1218x1694, Oneiric Note_RSZ.jpg)

was going through her archives and found this which actually looks like she mightve referenced a kid or something. a little creepy but i dont think shes a pedo.
shes so good but nearly all of her art is bdsm/sex themed or some instagram sex workers portrait. it's a waste of talent honestly.

No. 992469

considering the fact that I am 22 years old and my body looks like that, it concerns me that people with small bodies are perceived as children? The only thing that makes this feel youthful is maybe the overly large head which is clearly a style choice and what makes the body seem smaller in comparison.(no1curr)

No. 992566

>weirdly pressed
I’m a fine artist so I (and plenty others) immediately noticed. It’s not a matter of being “pressed” it’s just visually obvious.

Young girls often have breasts, yeah. They’re still children. Dunno what’s not clicking.

This is hilarious. No, you do not have an underdeveloped neck, underdeveloped hands, underdeveloped ears, underdeveloped shoulders, etc. This isn’t just “petite”. You’re def not an artfag. Or a good one at the very least. Why you’d try to claim you have actual midget proportions is beyond me. Y’all will lie about anything.

No one is saying she’s a pedophile. I def don’t think she is. Delusional however—maybe. Like the anon above.

No. 992636

This thread derailed like crazy with anons taking things way too personally, but you made a great point.

> It’s pretty known that in fine art, pedophiles and ephebophiles routinely look for art of children and young people and invest in artists that paint heavily coded images.

Epstein paid out the nose for questionable fine art of young-looking women and girls. She's not a pedo, but pedo-pandering just to make a quick buck is incredibly morally bankrupt.

No. 992728

Are you a girl? If you were you'd know you start growing breast when you're 10-12 shit you can start when you're like 8.

No. 992777

finally, some common sense

No. 992852

File: 1592948190216.jpg (173.68 KB, 1300x866, 122548098-hot-air-balloon-flyi…)

I know I'm late to this, but I quickly google searched "turkey air balloon" and found this picture with the same exact balloon. It could have just been taken the same day, but it's just as plausible that she found the rest of these professional pictures and just shooped them in

No. 993319

File: 1592982965389.png (445.06 KB, 899x684, 204a64a70322c5fea895e7726daf96…)

Soey romanticizes young girls. Honestly, age gap relationships…it's mostly a large, blaring sign of issues. I.e. she gets off on it. But, not illegal, just… kinky. Most artists are.

On another note,
Most of male art Twitter is ugly as fuck right now. Left and right people getting exposed for misconduct. I can't believe schools didn't have a rule against fucking students!

No. 993328

File: 1592983417722.png (154.06 KB, 892x993, 9cd53e08b70790ca08e6203a0e670a…)

or the schools do have rules and I'm naively retarded.

Here's a bit from a thread on Jason Latour. They go on to say he stared at their partners chest anytime they were around, and Babz said they experienced a similar thing from him. Ha.

No. 993332

File: 1592983901132.png (183.08 KB, 889x1063, bef7905ec857f5cc0eceb4beee0ad7…)

And, Cameron Stewart. Pedo.

Also we can bring in Noah Bradley into this thread. That fuck is the king. But all of these guys don't have milk anymore. Dead cows. Herded out… Glad Aly and Jen Bartel are still around for milk!

No. 993434

File: 1592991425656.jpeg (335.59 KB, 750x1072, A0CE5447-4AA8-4526-8276-00CDB8…)

This passive aggressive caption lol

No. 993482

nta but,,, are you blind? compare the size of the ears (also she has pretty big ears damn), the size of the breasts, the shape of their mouths. I don't buy it for a second she used herself as a reference lol
When I first looked at it I thought it was a sort of Alice in Wonderland reference, nothing more to it, her reaction is whats suspect here.

why is she acting so pressed over one comment?? geez, for an artist she sure has a thin skin

No. 993517

I’m a little surprised at the denial. No one is denouncing her talent, in fact her talent is what makes her response to this more shocking. I wasn’t disappointed in the image so much as her flimsy lies in response.

She has the visual and anatomical knowledge and skill to know that’s not her. If you are familiar with her work, you also know she’s drawn self portraits before and in none of them does she look like a child. Even if you want to argue that the portrait is highly stylized, you can see that no other portrait of petite women she has made depicts them with the bodies of children, either, and they clearly have adult features and development. Even in the doodle she posted in response to the backlash she gave the fucking chibis more womanly features than she did that “self portrait.” They all have fully developed necks, shoulders, ears, etc. How does she know to make cartoon women look like women more than an art piece she spent hours on? No argument holds up.

No. 1005092

Just found out soeymilk had met Kent after asking to be his TA… shudder.

No. 1005101

File: 1594387180556.jpeg (146.35 KB, 828x508, 37BCC958-E9F5-4FA4-B104-DB756B…)

So soey is defending kent and calling him the most respectful man she’s ever met. Is it just me, or is constantly soliciting your (apparently, predominantly asian) students to pose nude anything other than pervert-status?

i would be far from surprised if other men defended each other and calling it ~fine art~ to only ask their thin, female students to pose nude, but this girl is all kinds of brainwashed.

No. 1005106

File: 1594387827090.jpeg (383.34 KB, 828x925, C3F4ADE2-70E4-43F9-BBDF-8B8148…)

*to clarify, i’m not defending her ex bf. but i find it very sad that she sees herself as her teachers soulmate, and not his prey, like she was a special case and not just another 18 year old girl he was lucky enough to jump on. it’s just sad to see such a talented and beautiful girl waste many of her formative years with an old man with yellow fever that stays with her only because he knows she’s as good as it gets for him. could hardly call that love. his past is very obvious, you can deduce this just from scrolling his ig alone.

No. 1005109

Im a lot less sympathetic. After following soey and Kent for years, their dynamic became obvious to anybody who is familiar with yellow fever. I think she enjoys her own romanticized image through him. She gets to be 'uwu soft asian painter' around him. There's an entire account detailing the misconduct of the school Kent and soey were at..not a good look

No. 1006811


Very late to the party, but there's a very public old website called SilosFamily.com where one of her distant great uncles kept track of their clan. Some of her ancestors were famous Filipino folk musicians. The oldest confirmed ancestor they tracked was even appointed by the Spanish army back then to direct an orchestra. Two ancestors were renowned musicians / film score composers in the Philippines back in the 20th century. Their family even has a crest, which you can't get if you aren't royalty or nobility during the olden times.

The information on the website almost checks out, errors aside. One of the pages has her's and her sister's names listed on who I assume to be their mother's page. Her name was written as Alicia, but her birthdate was correct (May 9, 1997). Her sister's birthdate was also correct because there were people on Twitter greeting her a happy birthday around February 13. (I only mentioned the sister here because she was also very public in defending her back during the aphobiakills mess.)

All her claims about being "self made" and getting rich through art is bullshit because she was already from a family who have been already wealthy for at least 6 generations.

No. 1007014

She finally admitted to having a boob job on twitter.

No. 1007056

pics???? imageboard???

No. 1007416

She's always been open about it before, that's nothing new. What's weird though is she blocked someone for saying her boobs are fake. Possibly because it was intended to be a jab at her? But if she was so proud of it she'd brush it off. Her boob job is one of the very few things she's honest about though, even if she has a tendency to frequently lie all the time. I give her credit for that.

No. 1007861

late, but here's another thing: kent got together with soey very shortly after he divorced his ex-wife. he has three kids who are around the same age as soey. the way he parades around fetish photos and erotic artwork of her on social media so shamelessly just screams "MID-LIFE CRISIS".

No. 1011901

File: 1595563442047.png (2.82 MB, 1802x1628, Silos Family Crest.png)

"Self made artist" my ass, her family name has already been prominent since the Philippines was a Spanish colony (at least).(necro)

No. 1040090

File: 1600298956208.jpeg (592.75 KB, 1570x2048, 6D5A61C1-E6F5-42CB-B0E2-240EF1…)

It appears that Alyssa has upgraded to using other women as photo op accessories as well.

No. 1040092

File: 1600299051276.jpeg (443.91 KB, 828x953, F98D1F0A-7D0D-4D59-929F-5A6960…)

Also, still ridiculously simulated

No. 1040094

File: 1600299093113.jpeg (471.86 KB, 828x933, F882BE13-CA73-4F3E-8926-F1C99D…)

And lastly, an honorable mention. Embarrassing.

No. 1040115

When you zoom in you can see the purple on the base bleeding out onto her khakis. Hilariously bad photoshop on her part.

No. 1040150

Not to defend her but do you not know how light and shadow works on the stained glass? It would be purple as well, especially on such a bright colored material.

No. 1040214

she might be 22 with a condo, but wish she would grow up and get real wine glasses lol

No. 1040253

She keeps saying over how rich she is, but she can't even afford more than one wine glass… What is this obsession.

No. 1040276

File: 1600334914823.png (471.48 KB, 447x464, arm.PNG)

the fuck is this poorly shopped arm

No. 1040307

Point the shop? The thinner part on the upper arm? Come on anon thats what it just looks like when you twist your arm

No. 1040589

I think it's the halo of many different colors all along the edges, looks a little sus

Alythuh is genuinely slim and pretty aside from bad shoop, it's the tryhard photoshoots themselves that are most amusing, along with the muddy highschooler art.

No. 1040603

I'm not seeing it LMAO

No. 1040747

Nayrt but it does look like a burn tool failure. It doesn’t matter that Alyssa is thin. I don’t think she’s unattractive but I know she photoshops. She smooths her skin,blurs her pores and hair follicles, and has photoshopped the backgrounds in her trip photos as well as stealing other peoples trip photos. The idea that she’d decide her arm didn’t look ‘perfect’ enough is 100% plausible. She’s neurotic and her staged photos are ridiculously desperate.

No. 1040809

File: 1600401990604.jpeg (522.32 KB, 828x887, 084E47AA-AC2D-4794-AB5E-20595D…)

This shows how bleak things are. Alyssa’s entire brand revolves around her material gain and her appearance and not her shit skill or inability to create something of actual value. It’s sad that she’s going to continue to skate by on her looks alone while your average joe things that this is in any way attainable for them—not to mention why is a shitty overpriced ~*highriseee*~ the end all be all to these people? She’s selling a fantasy.

No. 1040810

File: 1600402099263.jpeg (531.67 KB, 828x788, 18F7E06D-0663-4EB2-A49F-C5D008…)

+the way she retweets all of these… vile

No. 1040811

File: 1600402223113.jpeg (76.93 KB, 828x224, 7425FCA5-3F38-4273-9DFF-CDD539…)

Inherited wealth and pushed up tits will do that.

No. 1040813

File: 1600402368936.jpeg (514.76 KB, 1792x2048, FE41B9FB-BF64-4F5A-9AFD-9EA392…)

Last of pic dump. I’m assuming she’s designing cheap garments that will be made by seamstresses in China. I also don’t understand her weird obsession with drawing black women only when she isn’t black.

No. 1040828

At this point I can't tell if she's just a sex worker cosplaying as an artist or a daughter of a rich family trying to come off as an "Girl Boss Influencer"

Her whole persona, home and art appear so superficial and staged, her condo doesn't even look "lived in"

No. 1040843

Rant ahead: I deleted my twitter because of shit like this making me feel gross. Everyone is obsessed with this girl who happened to get lucky with her “art” aka being attractive and skinny so people buy her shit for clout. It’s sad that people look up to her so much when her whole identity revolves around her looks and possessions instead of her own art or creativity. It’s mind numbing having this shoved in my face every day as if it’s attainable and I should look up to these materialistic girls or congratulate them for being rich while other worthwhile artists get shit on or ignored because they’re not hot or whatever. Plus her cosplays are dumb and cheap but I’m sure she’ll make an Onlyfans in the near future like everyone else.

No. 1040847

I wonder if she thinks those cheap satin robes she’s commissioning from a Chinese sweatshop are going to make her a fashion designer? She flits from superficial interest to superficial interest, now she suddenly wants to be a “fashion designer” and it’s only happening because she has acquired wealth. Even the pics of her “fashion” endeavors look staged, like some dumb Pinterest moodboard—paintings of black women’s bodies only, and peep the weird fat girl silhouette she added to the bottom right hand corner for brownie points. She’s vapid and lacks any technical skill to be admired for anything other than being cute with bolt on tits. Real artists despise people like her in vast majority, her only friends are girls she feels she can use as props.

No. 1040850

File: 1600409385543.jpeg (521.51 KB, 1590x2048, A55AB0B9-F1CE-433C-AEE3-D2140B…)

Ed Hardy called, they want their early 2000s bling design back.

No. 1040851

File: 1600409535985.jpeg (65.98 KB, 268x400, 42F20886-1FF5-49B1-95D2-5BC2A9…)

No. 1040853

Girls will support her just because they want to be her and have that notoriety from her followers. It’s weird that with everything she posts I know nothing about who she is as a person or her personality. Besides liking anime and lingerie. It’s like she’s a computer generated persona of a universally appealing ~hot artist ho~ that contains all the trendy traits for other girls to latch onto and strive for. It is gross that she sees all the girls who are jealous of her and retweets it like she’s so smug and proud of it idk I just get bad vibes from people like that.

No. 1040856

File: 1600410952732.jpeg (124.63 KB, 593x865, EBFED1BE-D29C-4393-90E7-02A6A5…)

You get a bad vibe because it’s deceptive, disingenuous, and overall harmful. The carefully curated inhuman version of herself is retarded. She looks a lot more normal in pics other people post, not that you’ll find many of those anywhere because she’s peddling a delusion.

No. 1040890

this is a non-artist type's fantasy of what "designing" looks like

>bust of david that's going to topple over when she tries to snatch the measuring tape

>another statue that's there for no reason except to also topple when that tape is pulled
>pantone cards stuck in five different places
>pantone cards stuck on… mucha printouts? what are you doing with this
>oh god, ANOTHER bust?!
>someone explain to me why two "figure sketches" are on the wall below the tiger artwork when neither are the kind you use for fashion construction
>those two sticks of dried flowers stuck on the wall when there is no flower motif to be seen literally anywhere in any artwork/design
>don't even make me go into whatever the fuck's going on with that mannequin
>two fucking bras stuck on a hanger in the corner JUST in case you forget she's a whore

WHAT is happening here

No. 1040959

>>1040813 not to amateur designfag but this layout makes my head ache. It's somehow bare and tangled/cluttered at the same time.

I can't put my finger on why it sucks so much. The scale of everything is so off. She takes the palette so literally, like she printed out one of those color palettes from Pinterest and found everything around her house that matched it exactly.

There's something uncanny about it, like it was made by AI.

No. 1040980

>like it was made by AI
It basically was, she has nay a creative bone in her augmented body

No. 1041252

My money's on sex worker from a middle class/umc family. Her whole flavor is very Vegas.

I've known plenty of privileged young people who were able to do art because they were born rich and they do not behave like this. This is a tacky poor person's idea of what a luxurious life looks like. her whole persona is a skanky Halloween costume of a "successful pop artist."

As other anons have pointed out, her art is…..amateur at best. everything looks like she struggled to render it. Lots of boring, heavily photo referenced, sexualized (black?) women. As far as I can tell, she says nothing with her art. Mild tinfoil but this is probably because she can only paint what she knows which includes: being a staged sexual object and sex worker.

No. 1041394

File: 1600486289001.jpeg (554.13 KB, 1614x2048, E3ED439A-37F6-4080-B6C4-972CD5…)

I think her extreme shallowness is also a factor. She doesn’t showcase anyone or anything in her life unless they can be used as a photo prop. I’m sure in her head all criticism is jealousy but surely an entire large community of artists, creators, and hardworking self-employed people saying “you’re a fraud” will have a drawback eventually. She’s a ghastly person, and she can’t keep this up sustainably for as long as I believe she thinks she can. She probably looks at reasonable criticism and backlash and thinks “I’ll show them all, I’m going to be so rich and they’ll be so jealous.” I think that’s what this whole cough cough ‘clothing line’ nonsense is. She thinks she’s facing some sort of adversity and is going to prove everyone wrong when in actuality she’s fueling an ugly lie.

No. 1041715

I'm late as fuck, but woah, where's the source of these Kent Williams/Soeymilk comments? I'm surprised to see established artists calling him out like that.

No. 1042412

File: 1600658606158.jpeg (85.57 KB, 828x224, 0C53F605-8DDC-4F9E-B4F9-0AF939…)

Here we go

No. 1042419

File: 1600659182011.jpeg (217.65 KB, 828x688, 959A0E2B-647D-4E71-88DC-326A31…)

Both direct responses to being called shallow and disingenuous on farmcow.lol

No. 1042421

File: 1600659407282.jpeg (137.97 KB, 828x362, 11F38096-3E8A-46A2-97D5-6E2082…)

Oh, she’s also shopping for a warehouse kek

No. 1042446

She looks pasted in every single time, I can't even tell anymore if it's just shoop or if she's doing the same thing she did in other pics

No. 1042519

I know this is 2 days old but holy fuck is this staged (in a bad way). From where Alyssa's sitting, her angle of the model in her painting is completely different from what she can likely see. Lighting is completely off too (big shiny highlight on the arm of her painting, while model is actually sitting /against/ the light, which would actually make her mostly covered in shadow). Even the pose is different: model has chin down, arms relaxed, while Alyssa's painting has her chin tilted up, arms pushed forward in a "tense" position.

inb4 I'm called out for nitpicking: yeah, it's common practice to take a photo of a model from a different angle, then keep them posing there to reference for certain features and details. But she's not even retaining the lighting, the folds of the red sheet or even the flowers of her model. She clearly just wanted another pretty picture of her life for her Insta feed.

No. 1042535

An artist with some talent could produce a great painting with that setup, but we'll just get another muddy high school-tier piece.

No. 1042539

I didn't zoom in until I read your comment but holy shit at everything in this picture. It looks like an art project (again, by a high school student) trying to represent what fashion design might be with no actual knowledge. My favorite part is the scraps of fabric loosely and messily draped on the mannequin for no reason.
Guarantee her "fashion" will be sweatshop kimonos with some slutty embroidery on it or something.

No. 1042561

Someone made a joke about how they can’t wait till Dollskill steals her robe design and she was like “I’d like to see them try” and talking about how the snake was oil painted… like okay, but it doesn’t look good so. The snake headband is really tacky especially.

No. 1042905

>developing a new product
kek this bitch makes it sounds like she's a fucking manufacturing electronics or some shit. it's really not that hard to slap art on a product and ask manu(s) to send you samples for you to approve.

No. 1043564

File: 1600845003481.jpeg (187.66 KB, 828x482, DA88FA1E-B032-4EB8-ACE4-B61EC4…)

She really, really wants everyone to know she’s an artist guys.
>green-lighting new projects

No. 1043566

File: 1600845031642.jpeg (325.32 KB, 1552x2048, 5212EDB3-842D-428A-AFF6-925DDE…)

Peak fashion.

No. 1043595

I just noticed how her floors are getting ruined with paint stains. Gurl get a drop cloth

No. 1043644

She does it on purpose to seem authentic and #artsy

No. 1043971

one spot seems to resemble a paw print too. kind of fucked up if her cat is walking in oil paint

No. 1047291

Her clothing style is so tasteless between her ugly amazon outfits and the robes she’s designing.

No. 1048542

File: 1601488765202.jpeg (452.3 KB, 828x872, AF2D3445-5390-41E2-A761-C464EA…)

>two random poorly rendered Pinterest-tier pieces on one easel
>nobody who is actually painting would do this as it would get in the way
>no sheet laid to prevent paint spill
She literally scooted that shit outside to take pics with and put on display

No. 1048552

Her user icon is ridiculous, I've never seen an artist with a whole tiddy out in their profile pic.

No. 1048557

Its like she has only ever seen people paint in anime and movies so she sets up her props all prim and proper in that aesthetic way, not even the "messy" paint shelves look real.

Also the sun isnt even done rising and the painting is already at that stage? Did she start at like 4 am while it was still dark?

No. 1048615

File: 1601497151678.jpeg (340.79 KB, 828x951, 3853DFA6-A729-4DFE-816A-497A16…)

Her arrogance is funny. Aly, business is doing better than others because of your fake tits and fake life.

For someone who claims to have such good and pure intentions supposedly, everything she does sure is disingenuous. Desperation practically oozes from her with every staged selfie.

No. 1048642

File: 1601498911925.jpeg (154.66 KB, 551x667, 9FC0A6D8-A606-4351-9984-22FCDC…)

If she’s going to make a self portrait, she really needs to learn how to paint skin tones and stop giving every girl she paints literal blackface maybe

No. 1048683


HAHA of COURSE this is a self-portrait of her painting, because "look at me I'm a painter" is so much more important than actually being good at it.

Many anons have pointed out that she's all presentation, no substance. This is the most perfect microcosm of that.

No. 1048768

File: 1601508598136.jpeg (149.66 KB, 750x860, 93C89313-F29E-4FC0-9A55-BFD8BD…)

I’m really confused because her timelines never add up. She used to stalk her PULL thread religiously, and someone called her out because she kept saying she was always busy! But she kept using the same recycled paintings each time she posted that she was creating new art. Also, her online shop was just the same paintings on sale for a long time. She wasn’t creating anything new. She posted this in response to the speculation.. but then she goes on to announce her new “clothing line” that she’s been designing for months and says she constantly works 13 hour days. She was unproductive for months.

What happened to that Hot Topic collab?

No. 1048774

File: 1601508855666.jpeg (316.49 KB, 750x929, B3E42444-EF16-42EF-A685-81986A…)

Not like the other girls!

No. 1048851

That’s clearly blackface as fuck. She’s not even that dark. Why does Twitter let this one pass? Because she’s not white? She doesn’t have a fraction of black heritage in her either

No. 1048858

When the hell is this cow getting her own thread already. She’s fake as hell and anyone that actually believes in this lifestyle she’s peddling is just as small minded.

No. 1048872

Before she gets her own thread, I just wanna point out that her exhibits in Japan and South Korea are either fake or not as big as she makes them to be. If you google anything like "alyssa silos exhibit japan" "alyssa silos exhibit south korea" or other related terms, nothing pops up other than her own posts. No event name, date, and venue at all.

No. 1048901

Alythuh has her own /snow/ thread now: >>>/snow/1048899

No. 1048946

It was already debunked, just like how her exhibition in some bumfuck state was a friends college project or something. Fake it til you have enough ig followers looking at your bolt-one to make it!

No. 1056813

On the subject of photoshop, where is her other leg?

No. 1147217

File: 1612084897726.png (20.62 KB, 578x121, 1611945772734.png)

Coming from the art salt thread to talk about my favorite twitter art cows.

Mediocre twit artists:
Loved111333 / lovelyoneee333
>20 something girl who allegedly has ptsd and did
>Bullies and harass anyone who speaks up against them. Accused any critique against her as racist attacks
>is currently stalking a 15 year old biracial girl who called her out for being a bully
>Claimed that she doesnt mean to lash and hurt people, that was her did
>art is terrible

>this is loved's sister.
>tl;dr follows the same suit as above

>another artist that suffers DID
>claims that they are japanese/latine/black, but refuse to share any selfies… Their alternate personalities may be different races
>always complains how non black skilled artists get more attention than her because she is black
>shitty art

>everytime there is drama, teachicko is always involved
>like loved and forged, she bullies and harass anyone she does not like
>if you say you do not like how explosive the discourse she causes, you must be a racist or a pedophile

>actually is good at art
>threatened to draw incest porn of peoples IRL family
>is involved in a lot of discourse like the above listed

>a mutual of the listed artists above.
>does not start drama but tend to hype and spread them like a crony

>white latine (but she insists shes Jewish now!)
>claims that the white gays have bullied her because lesbians were uncomfortable how she fetishized them
>faked being a trans mtf

>destiny's bf/gf/partner (insist that their gender changes everyday)
>was notorious on tumblr for editing splatoon fanart to darken a character
>always shit talking and is involved with discourse

>javi_draws made a post shitting on paris Hilton y2k fashion
>listed company above accuses her of being antiblack and tried to dig up old tweets as evidence
>found tweets: javi venting how americancentric twitter news is during the height of blm
>meyoco blocks multiple artusts vague tweeting all of this, and is accused being racist as well
>javi explained this was about notre dame. A few arab artists (with 20k+ followers) defended her
>twitter blew up with accusations of javi supporters being racist, to a black artist who said discourse was too much was a 'coon' to people making vague tweets that we need to do better, to more harassment of nonamerican artists who do not understand the big deal

end and the start of these art salt threads has caps of the recent incident

These people are involved in other discourses which were touched in other threads such as accusing lovelyrosebun blackfishing, and etc. Theyre small artists who tend to attack artists with 10k+ followers.

No. 1147483


Don't forget greatgalaktyka and tealocanth, who lumped in two small accounts with Javi, Meyoco, and Ghaada. Now those two accounts are being treated with the same scrutiny as Javi and co.

No. 1147573

Bless you for this anon, I always see these people on my radar because their shitty ass takes make their way in to my feed somehow.
Most of them can't draw, they depend on causing such an insane amount of drama to get attention and followers and know if they didn't they'd never be able to attract a following with their art alone.
Teachiko and alterego are without a doubt the worst ones imo, will be monitoring this thread from here on out to report on these shits.

No. 1147592

is it true she works in animation now? It was mentioned in art salt thread

No. 1147603

I went to her portefolio site and it seems it's just indie stuff nobody's ever heard of (she calls them projects so it's probably more like personal stuff)

No. 1147625

File: 1612134118022.png (34.49 KB, 598x438, Screenshot_2021-01-31 freddie …)

I don't think this girl is an artist but she was involved in the Javi drama making a list of people that had defended Javi
(I don't think posting the actual names on cowfarms would cause harm to them but still gonna post them just to make sure)

No. 1147629

File: 1612134316070.png (23.44 KB, 598x313, Screenshot_2021-01-31 freddie …)

funny extra thing to add

No. 1147635

File: 1612134897555.png (38.26 KB, 598x404, Screenshot_2021-01-31 no Twitt…)

Melanimity was also very involved, including by making the "white people need to stfu but black people that don't agree with me also need to stfu" takes that got other black people calling Heybiji a "coon"

No. 1147672

I’ve been looking for an hour now but can’t find it, does anyone have the screencaps of when teachiko harassed and dogpiled that 17 year old Asian girl who made fan translations for the haikyuu fandom, leaking her selfie and tried to make fun of her telling her she was white because she didn’t think she looked Asian enough or something? Happened about 6 months ago or so.

No. 1147695

File: 1612142504291.jpg (62.53 KB, 750x910, 1611978689137.jpg)


Tajmerk is working on a secret project with warner brothers I believe?

Picrel: taj threatening to draw incest of people's family over the fictional pedophilia discourse to prove a point

No. 1147704

File: 1612143174898.jpg (288.93 KB, 1079x1079, CollageMaker_20210131_17330962…)

Because of tea's username being a typo, you can find more details via teachiko instead of teachlko. I found a lot of gossip through this

Here is teachlcko posting a minor's selfie and asking her followers what they think her race is.

No. 1147706

File: 1612143280748.png (1.69 MB, 1741x2048, Screenshot_20210131-172825.png)

Sameanon, but i also found a validate writer subtweeting teachlko about her shit talking about life (possibly about them)

No. 1147717

Thanks anon! Yeah, that’s the one. This bitch really has the audacity to call people a racist every 5 seconds but will pull this racist shit on a kid at 22 years old.
She made a callout post calling those artists who made TMNT porn pedos but when it comes to a real minor, it’s fine to leak their selfie from their locked account to trash them whilst encouraging her audience of several thousand followers to keep reposting it and bullying her. I don’t know how she gets away with this in her woke friend circles.

No. 1147744

File: 1612147904597.jpg (221.04 KB, 1078x1570, 20210131_184844.jpg)

The drama can be found here

The first linked post is insane because OP was born and raised in japan and is ethnically Japanese. They are acting as if OP is a white girl even though she has clear asian traits.

I notice something similar where an artist called javi draws a white British when that was not true at all. I wonder if these people are trying to force whitewashing on actual POC to elevate their excuse of harassing people because "white people sucks, so this behavior is OK"

No. 1147760

File: 1612149401144.jpg (266.17 KB, 1080x1419, 2i2nw818qb18qnwsn7.jpg)

Fucking kek

No. 1147766

LMAO so much for mocking Javi, Fatma and others for locking their accounts and "not facing concequences" or whatever.
Did she block because of people calling her out for >>1147704 or only because of javi related stuff?

No. 1147789

I think she went private because she wanted to post a selfie? I guess she cant handle criticisms on her own selfies compared to a japanese teen

Nothing was ever confirmed. It was speculated and therefore racist.

No. 1147812

File: 1612153383294.png (171.04 KB, 478x554, Screenshot_2021-02-01 Bug Enth…)

I was thinking maybe this would be to old to post but the other anon posted screenshots from 2019 so here it goes. Some more Tajmerk and Teachico potential milk

Posting this cuz tajmerk caling them a "coon" reminds me of people calling heybiji a "coon" too.
I don't completely understand the misgendering part cuz idolomantises has "he/they" on profile now, but maybe that wasn't the case before, dunno.


No. 1147888

File: 1612165887944.jpg (261.33 KB, 1080x1712, 28enbe82jwnw24.jpg)

No. 1147893

ugh, the blinding white highlights everywhere in her painting piss me the fuck off. it's high school art class tier

No. 1148328

jfc no it's not.
You're just burrowing yourself into a corner because you don't want to walk out of it with the internet being FINE. Not great, but FINE.

Cuz then you'll be wrong and all your protests would be just whining.

There's only as much anti-blackness as you feed yourself. Draw whatever the hell you want–if someone says shit about it then ignore it, if it continues THEN speak out about it.

Jfc they're all just weak weenies that want clout and attention without working for it. Fuck the fuck off.

No. 1148673

File: 1612225859060.jpg (309.55 KB, 1080x1788, 291n281jsw8wn.jpg)

Fucking hell, Theese people never want to move on

No. 1148676

Ah yes let’s counter racism by making sweeping generalizations of certain groups

Social media was a mistake

No. 1148695

This is the same artist who got upset because heybiji retweeted december tweets calling out discourse seekers as narcissistic abusers, and as someone with npd she took it personally lol..

I agree, I stop following artists that constantly spoke about duscourse everyday, and now my TL is drama free. But encouraging that would have these types calling you antiblack

No. 1148855

File: 1612236541199.png (33.81 KB, 598x444, Screenshot_2021-02-01 moon riv…)

>and as someone with npd she took it personally lol
And in this case "taking it personally" means "immedeatly triying to get people to give you money from it" lmao

I'm not sure if the irony is lost on her or if she just absolutely doesn't care

No. 1148880

These posts always bothered me because any slight a person endure makes these artists feel entitled for money. Eventually its gonna be like:
>a girl i stalked and bully has called me out, i feel uncomfortable as a minority so please donate cash to me or else you're racist!

No. 1149412


can you share some caps? I'd love to see these whiners

No. 1151222

File: 1612392095906.png (1.76 MB, 1519x2048, Screenshot_20210203-144113.png)

After leaving twitter because her DID alters was harassing people without her realizing it, Guess who is back?

No. 1151270



at least I know this acct is still good to keep blocked, saves me time worrying what new acct with a shitty (or worse) name she'll use to narc with

No. 1154104

Javi made a whole five pages google doc to apologise and I'm honestly surprised these people aren't using this to pile on her some more, since they've shown they're so unsatisfiyable and drama-hungry.

No. 1154193


don't underestimate them, I can imagine they're going wild in DMs

No. 1154436

Lol, true.
Maybe they tought her apology was actually good enought that if they tried to publicly pile her again some people would actually see through their shit this time, but I dunno

Also, from the 2.5 people that have commented on it (not part of the main gang), if these people suddenly remember to care expect them to use arguments such as "well why is she still locked then, huh?"

No. 1154448

File: 1612659158079.png (96.43 KB, 398x569, Screenshot_2021-02-07 ♡Thugs B…)

Tajmerk is still throwing shit at other people tho

No. 1154451

File: 1612659278266.png (226.79 KB, 478x551, Screenshot_2021-02-07 ♡Thugs B…)

Part two

>it's actually fucking heart breaking to see how many people still follow her

Someone's a lil jelly lmao

No. 1155235

File: 1612737320276.png (32.82 KB, 598x344, Screenshot_2021-02-07 Twitter(…)

And after a bit Melanimity (now Melonyn) notices Javi's apology and, golly jee such a stupendous surprise, doesn't take it


Does anybody know anything previous about this girl? She sounds a potential drama chaser. I'm curious to know if she has any past milk.

No. 1155256

File: 1612738862874.jpg (204.15 KB, 1736x2048, 20210207_235845.jpg)

> draws picrelated
A lot of tweets are related to infighting or any other artist dramas.
Only after that this artist started getting clout, eg they had 700 on 30th jaun but the javi drama, along with other infightings gave them clout.
Seems like a super petty person to me.

No. 1155260

File: 1612739300572.png (23.54 KB, 598x233, Screenshot_2021-02-07 hal no T…)

This girl too. She also gives me mighty bad feelings.

She's not even black or poc, so she doesn't even have a reason to be personaly offended. Also her account was created this January, is it that common for people to create a twitter account and immedeatly start jumping on this type of stuff?


Ye I noticed that part about the clout too when I saw her mention she was at 800 little after the Javi stuff. Now she's at 1000.
Really telling how you can gain followers that quick that way smh

>Seems like a super petty person to me.


No. 1155309

File: 1612741919539.png (75.35 KB, 535x502, Screenshot_2021-02-07 jonas(si…)

Alright so apparently they did see it, but some of them (including miss "someone called me out for being a narcisist, gimme money") are now saying they just didn't wanna read cuz it was too long.

Write a quick twitter apology: they will find anything they can nitpick and throw even more shit at you
Write a longer google docs apology triying to explain it better: they won't read it cuz goldenfish attention span and will possibly somehow find a way to make one single tweet/comment about how writing a long apology is actually bad (and hopefully leave you alone quicker cuz they didn't actually bother reading the document to nitpick it?)

At least Sleepy Mia is being a bit more understanding than Melonyn and greatgalaktyka



No. 1156204

Saving since I don’t have screenshots but I completely remember this greatgalaktyka person from the tumblr role play community, which a couple years ago was just as catty and woke drama centered as Twitter is today. She did a lot of call outs and accusing random people of stealing her ocs and would put that she has npd in her rules, talked a lot about her narcissistic personality disorder. But yeah, she’s addicted to call out culture, even from that community which fostered those attitudes much much before Twitter did. She’s always been good at drawing though.

No. 1156412

is styling yourself as much like a pedophile as possible a way to cope now?

No. 1156966

Was her tumblr something like this?
>gala calls someone out for being problematic for the 8th time this month
>she gets anon hate, 'why are you so selfish?'
>she replies with ACKTUALLY this is VERY ABLEIST, because I cannot help being an egostical asshole! Thats just npd. Do you hate neurodivergent folx?

I dont think I bumped into her blog on tumblr, but Ive met similar types.

No. 1164233

File: 1613608442222.jpg (173.98 KB, 714x1140, 20210217_234141.jpg)

Sage because not directly art related but it's about the same gang that cancelled Javi. Not sure if the situation itself is completely milky because they at least did it with good intentions and it still isn't completely clear, but Melonyn, Teachiko, Angel Face, etc… were all sharing too hell and back the hashtags #findsai and #helpsai because of a black trans woman that had supposedelly been kidnapped and were sharing her gofundme (melonyn was even sperggin again about other poc not being supportive of black people again) but it turned out the kidnapping was a lie (sai claims something else happened that made her feel very threatened, but it's not very clear).

Greatgalaktyca's first response is funny (she later changed her tone when it seemed more clear)
(I have no idea who that white boy is supposed to be btw)

Some people started defaulting into "duuurr if you actually donated to black trans folx's go fund me's they wouldn't need to scam you to get your attention, so scamming is actually good" but now it seems it's kinda going more in a "noooo you can't say you immediately knew it was a scam that's transphobic". Basically they're going through the stages of grief right now.

No. 1185141

File: 1615830410146.png (38.83 KB, 598x504, Screenshot_2021-03-15 JAYnder …)

I was curious what that group of artists is up to by now so I went to check succulentbud/jay and was unsurprised to find he's still out there canceling people lol

No. 1185142

File: 1615830459112.jpg (172.43 KB, 871x1200, Ewe-QrFWUAMLvvE.jpg)

the comission in question

No. 1188781

It's…it's a commission.
The artist had no say in what gets drawn????

And even besides that, who the fuck cares????????????

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