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File: 1604003557388.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x273, enough.jpg)

No. 662724

I've had enough. vent here anon

previous thread: >>>/ot/654901

No. 662728

a whole year after graduating college, I'm now the laziest person I know. I feel so fucking awful about it, I can't even be bothered to go on 10 min walks, I am so fucking lazy. Doesn't help that I work from home now. so I sit in one spot for hours. Even standing for a certain amount of time makes me tired.

I used to work fast food so I'd stand 10 hours a day and I vowed to never ever get a job like that again. I also walked everywhere on campus. wtf happened

No. 662736

My parents are very good, I love them and they love me. But when they talk to me, I get so annoyed. I wish we could have more meaningful conversations.
My mom is obsessed with Nikola Tesla and always just talks about some radical new science ideas, today she told me about tesla's waves and that they are scalar waves (?? so are there vector waves too?) and how they are non-hertz waves (???) and tesla's frequency, how it is the most perfect frequency, and how we are connected through the aether and she can FEEL the aether, and it's like she is in some weird religious cult except it's not about religion but pseudoscience, and it all makes me angry because I am studying to be a physicist, and she tells me I need to open my mind because otherwise I will never discover anything… I try to explain things to her, but I can't even get her to understand the simple things, so I can't argue with her.
At least, I can talk to her about other things, but with my dad, I can't communicate. It's like talking to a wall. When he speaks, he either: 1) repeats the same unfunny jokes we've heard 500 times from him 2) complains about how everyone is treating him unfairly 3) asks inane questions when I am concentrating on something else 4) argues with my mother 5) pesters me to do something that has absolutely no impact on him, like put on a jacket or add some pepper to my food or sit in a "better" spot or whatever, because his way is the "better" way to do it.
It's like talking to an Animal Crossing character, always the same scripted speech, never an original thought, just 2 words randomly picked and put in a randomly picked template. And I know that he isn't stupid and knows many things. Sometimes, rarely I can talk to him a bit, and that's only when I am the one telling him about something, or when we are working on something together.
Worst of all, he has started to forget things really bad, and I mean like asking me two hours after lunch whether he ate lunch that day. I wish he would stop drinking

No. 662741

i’m in a long distance relationship and it’s been months since we last saw each other and because of covid we probably won’t be able to see each other before next year and i’m scared it’ll ruin everything.

we only just started dating before all this and we’re supposed to be in the great new relationship phase where we have lots of sex and annoy our friends ’cause we’re so obsessed with each other, goddamnit.

No. 662742

File: 1604004802503.gif (407.73 KB, 500x375, 22b5fb4437bc35390b3446c678f465…)

I miss having a friend and hanging out around women IRL ever since I moved out. I miss going to cute cafes, or sitting at home, voicechatting with them and discussing things. I miss making cute gifts for friends.

I tried befriending my bf's sister who turned out to be a weirdly insecure womanhater who desperately tries to get any kind of men's attention on internet while spregging that she can't find someone only because she's fat and that 'clock' exists, along with that talking a lot of shit about fit or skinny women. She didn't like me so much to a point where she tried making up dramas, started talking shit about me to his and her mutual friends on purpose (knowing that I really want to find friends) and even tried turning dad's family side against me for whatever reason. She is always pissed when I am happy.

The good thing is that I seemingly found new female friends on internet, one is a nice 30 years old woman who enjoys cooking, roleplaying and drawing. She is also a cute tech nerd! The other one, her friend, is 25. Very energetic, loud and hardworking professional artist. I really enjoy spending time around them, even though I do not talk to them too much because of timezones, but I am thankful I gotten to know them.

Gives me hope and makes me want to message to my closest e-fem friend who is also a very charming woman. We thought of meeting eachother this year but COVID fucked things up.

No. 662761

i don't deserve to heal or have friends or hobbies I've fucked up at least two close friendships in major ways and now i feel my happiness would be unfair to them.Or that i don't deserve to forgive myself or that i would make them unhappy if we had any hobbies or interest in common

No. 662766

My friend pisses me off with how much she humble brags about how she never spends money on clothes/fashion because she hates how expensive clothes are (but also is too much of a germaphobe to shop at thrift stores). She wears the exact same clothes she wore in high school from like forever21 that she bought 8+ years ago and I'm like I know youre an autist but grow the fuck up. Also, the few times we have ever gone to a mall together and I do a few clothes shopping she always goes on and on about how she could NEvEr imagine spending $60 on jeans! I fucking can't stand it.

No. 662771

for the first time ever after fighting with my mom last night, she came to me this morning and apologized for something she said to me, acknowledged that she's directly transferring my dad's abusive behavior toward her onto me, accepted that she should know better and would try to change, and even thanked me for continually challenging her on it and not backing down. I feel so grateful I could cry, and it gives me hope that I'm not doomed to perpetuate the shitty behavior that runs in our family.

No. 662782

I was wearing a sweater and black cami and went thrifting, put my stuff back into my car and got in. Some dude looked at me and I did a friendly smile and drove to another part of the parking lot before I got on a highway to put on a podcast ep while in park. The guy, who was about my age, pulled up like two spots away from me (there were no cars in the row) and I rolled my window down thinking he needed directions or something. Instead he asked if we knew each other, was convinced I worked in x city and I said no, I don’t. He kept asking and I said “honestly I was laid off because of the pandemic so you definitely don’t know me from a workplace” and he said he likes me and asked if I was single. I said I’m flattered (I wasn’t but wanted him to go away) but I have a boyfriend. He asked if I really did and I confirmed and he said “okay well you should start wearing a bra because I can see everything” and I was taken aback I laughed and said “okay I’ll think about it!” but I can’t believe some stupid fuck tried to embarrass me like that when I said I wasn’t available and I’m more angry with myself for not being more assertive, I genuinely thought he needed help.

I keep telling myself at the end of the day I’m a nice person and he’s doomed to be a fucking creep but I figured you guys would get how I feel. I’m just bummed and I hate it when men try to make me feel vulnerable.

I don’t even have crazy titties, they’re small enough I literally didn’t think to wear a bra, and my cami was black and I had an open sweater on until I was overheated outside. I know what I was wearing was none of his business but I’m still just angry

No. 662786

Ew what a fucking creep, i hope somebody runs him over one of these days fucking loser. I'm sorry that happened to you.

No. 662787

My depression is so bad I haven’t been myself lately and I’m sick of it. Ready to get out of this slump and be productive again sigh

No. 662803

that's ruff buddy

No. 662806

Shay and Aggy are the only cows that actually make me sick to my stomach. Anytime I lurk in their threads, I feel like throwing up.

No. 662810

Is she also your roommate anon?

No. 662811

Fucking same, told my friend about aggy and she shares that pain now too. I think I genuinely hate aggy.

No. 662819

I seriously can't blame you. Being so overtly pedophilic and boisterous about the attention it attracts is utterly disturbing. Don't even get me started on the porn they make.

No. 662843

Positive vent: I never get period cramps. Gaia has blessed my uterus

No. 662865

Same anon, he's the only cow on this site I think I genuinely hate except for Kero/the Zoosadists from that old dead thread in /snow/. Aggy is the first cow where I have had to struggle to tone down the mean things I wanted to say about him just to stay within the rules and not be an edgelord.

No. 662883

I’m really fucking tired of seeing beauty ads and dumb ig thots and bimbos everywhere. It’s fine if it’s an ad or two but it’s literally every where. I’m not trying to buy your bullshit product nor am I trying to look or listen to these vapid dumbasses. Leave me the fuck alone so I can enjoy my hardcore Yaoi in peace, thanks.

No. 662890

unironically kidnap that dog, anon

No. 662896

Sometimes I wish I didn't have money like back in high school. I don't seem to have control and keep using spending money on clothes as some coping mechanism. Today I spent 200 dollars and tomorrow I'm going back and returning the clothes (4 items from zara). The thing is I genuinely do like them, but I don't have enough of a life to justify the price. I know I won't get my money's worth. I know I'll feel really good once I return it, but that doesn't change the fact that I'll want to buy more again in a month from now.

No. 662905

Maybe she just doesn't have enough money or would rather spend hers on other things. I don't really see anything wrong with it, honestly. Men wear the same things all the time and no one cares. But I'm also just salty since I wear the same things all the time because I don't have the money to buy new clothes. Hoping I'll get some new ones for Christmas though.

No. 662907

Ok Tomoko

No. 662909

No. 662910

I’m tired of people shitting on service workers and saying they don’t have “real jobs” when we all rely on them in some way or another.
There have been MASSIVE layoffs in my area, which has forced people who once had well-paying jobs to start working in the service industry, especially as delivery drivers. A lot of rich assholes here are getting absolutely everything from delivery services and then will turn around and stiff delivery people on tips, saying they don’t deserve to be tipped because it’s “their fault they lost their job”. There are also people who wait until the delivery person gets close to their house and then will cancel the order, forcing the delivery person to give them their order for free and screwing the delivery person out of getting paid for driving and reimbursed for items they purchased.
One guy I used to fuck called Doordash drivers “retards” for not finding a “real” job despite that he orders Doordash at least twice a day even though he lives 2.5 blocks away from a downtown area (he could just walk 5 mins to buy food but doesn’t). He claims it’s actually because he’s afraid of catching corona and not because he’s a spoiled, lazy piece of shit keeek.

No. 662913

File: 1604023638518.jpg (525.69 KB, 1920x1080, 1563960740988.jpg)

I've put on weight this year because covid has seen all gyms shut since june. They're reopening soon and I can't bear the thought of going anymore because I feel like I look horrific. I don't want to go out on walks or anything, I just try to do exercise inside at home when nobody is around but I know it's not enough. I bought myself some new clothes because nothing fits me but I made sure they were all cheap, terrible clothes so that I am motivated to lose weight to fit into my normal wardrobe again. My partner and friends are so excited to go out and go to bars and dinner together again but I can't bear the thought of it because of how I look. I try to eat well but get lazy on the weekends and my partner wants to order junk food all the time even though I offer to cook a variety of healthy meals 5x a week. I look at old photos of myself and cry because of all the wonderful clothes that looked good on me last year. It's really wearing me down and I pray so hard that I can lose this weight again fast. I feel so fucking stupid.

No. 662915

I have a friend like this too. She often brags about not buying clothes, not wearing makeup or styling her hair. And it's like.. Yeah, we can tell. You look like shit.

No. 662917

File: 1604024150878.jpeg (65.89 KB, 933x693, 1597559478880.jpeg)

my roommates cat is in heat and it's been the most annoying week of my life. I love the stupid lil fucker but she keeps crying and I just want to shake her to make her stop. its also extra annoying when I'm the only one that gives the cat any attention so she stops crying but I'm the only one in the house in college and can't keep taking time out of my day to pay attention to a cat that isn't even mine. I hope this nightmare ends soon

No. 662923

This girl I went to college with is like this and her only form of "beauty" is frying her hair off with box dye. She brags about not buying new clothes or wearing makeup because she's not a "basic bitch whose life revolves around fashion and makeup". Yeah, we can tell you don't even try because you look like a crackhead 24/7.

CICO might help you if you don't want to work out. It'll only make you skinnyfat vs. if you worked out alongside eating better, but it's worth a shot. A girl I know through cosplay has lost 50 lbs from a year of CICO and went from overweight to skinny for her height.

No. 662928

My prof sent out emails today and apparently someone snitched about the discord chat. But Wtf I got kicked I didn’t do anything!!!! Now I can’t get the recordings fml

No. 662933

Thanks anon, I'm going to read about it now

No. 662938

I have and have always been blessed with clear skin. I decided to buy skincare and get into it just because I know it's good for me and also my skin is very dry. AND IT BROKE ME OUT. This always fucking happens. It's like my skin refuses to accept anything.

No. 662952

Two of my bf's friends ditched him to hang out with my fucking ex of all people and I honestly just hope they all die at this point. This guy severely emotionally and verbally abused the shit out of me for years and they all know it. They don't even deny that he did it. They just don't care.

No. 662974

i just slept 3 hours and i'm having a presentation in school in 5 hours and haven't started yet. why do i do this to myself?

No. 662976

Kinda weird your new bf's friends are friends with your ex as well. You should cut them off

No. 662978

I’m a little disappointed with Ariana Grandes new album it’s basically just her singing about how horny she is and positions is the only bop glad i didn’t preorder

No. 662986

We're seriously considering it. They've always been good to us and claim they care about us, but it really bothers me that they have seemingly no issue hanging out with my abuser. My bf agrees that it's bullshit.

No. 662987

Any anons have good remedies for a dizzy spell? Anxiety is kicking my ass right now and I feel like I'm swaying on a boat.

No. 662993

I befriended this girl on twitter and now she’s skin walking me. She’s taken it upon herself to start following a bunch of my friends and engaging with them and basically talking about my favorite band and it’s driving me insane. I want her out of my life. I hate girls that do this!!!!

No. 662998

that happened to me when i started using skincare too! up until i was 18 i had never taken care of my skin (including washing my face, eugh) and the second i started my entire face broke out. if it's not being caused by a sensitivity or allergy to ingredients it could just be your skin freaking out and going into overdrive because it's not used to having those products applied

No. 663004

My period stopped and my PMDD has finally fucking lifted. The last one and a half weeks were literal hell. I woke up in the middle of the night every single day, drenched in sweat, feeling suicidal despair as I was convinced that I was objectively the worst, most worthless human being in the world and that I absolutely fucked my whole life up and I deserved to die. My brain coughed up memories of mistakes that I made starting from when I was a kid and I couldn't concentrate on anything else. When I was lying awake I listed the ways I could off myself. Should I slit my wrists? Should I jump in front of a train? Should I try and overdose on antidepressants? When I managed to sleep, I had nightmares of having to prostitute myself because I'm having money problems. I went to work but couldn't fucking concentrate because I was exhausted and feeling hopeless and spent 90% of my worktime in the bathroom crying (good thing I'm the only one working in the office right now). The sleeplessness made me have even more irrational thoughts than the usual and when one day I was walking home from work and found a dead cat in front of the building I live in, I became convinced that it was a sign from the universe that I absolutely SHOULD kill myself.

Right now it's over and I'm the opposite person of who I was. I'm not sure if it's the antidepressants kicking in (in a moment of clarity I begged my GP to prescribe me fluoxetine because I read online that it helps with PMDD) or just my hormones but I swear I almost felt…euphoric? ecstatic? when I woke up this morning. I feel hopeful. Life is full of possibilities! One the pandemic is over I can travel anywhere I want to! I could date anyone I want! We could go hiking with my friends!! It's going to be awesome!! I can't believe some women have to go through this every fucking month

No. 663008

I feel like 99% of her songs are about fucking, being horny and singing about guys and relationships. But I mean that goes for all mainstream pop artists

No. 663013

Eat sugar maybe or generally eat sth. For me drinking some water or coffee helps for me

Hope you feel better anon!

No. 663014

I mean yea you’re right. i prefer general songs about passion and wanting to see him etc more over “can you fuck me all night?” So dumb and shallow

No. 663016

Thank you, trying not to eat sugar due to low carb diet, but I'm drinking water!! Considering eating something wrapped in a tortilla.

No. 663021

I'm disappointed too, I love Positions the song but nothing else sticks out as something I'd listen to again. The lyrics are overly crude in some songs but I wouldn't care if they were actually bops. She usually includes at least a few catchy, upbeat songs in her albums along with the bland, boring rnb but not this time.

I'd kill for another Into You tier song tbh.

No. 663025

> tfw my country is forcing everyone, no matter of health to take COVID tests because if you don't, you will be able to only go to a store, not counting going outside only from 1am till 5am
> my health is at risk and I am worried as shit because they literally have over 4k people in a queue outside during the tests
> have to wake up at 5am just to drive there and arrive at 8 and be the first one to serve

Can't wait to hysterically shake and cry because of my stupid fear of getting COVID.

No. 663027

I personally really enjoyed Sweetener…it was refreshing that she tried something different sound and aesthetic-wise

No. 663029

nta Loved sweetner aswell and even thank you next because it was full of bops and upbeat songs this album rn is just boring

No. 663030

as someone with severe bdd, ever since masks became widespread i've felt so much more free. i hope masks remain normalized even once covid is over

No. 663039

Got a fucking stye on my right eyelid and it's bothering me so much, I can feel it when I'm blinking.

No. 663042

At leas you get the chance to get tested, I wish I could. In my country the government launched a corona app that lets you know when you've been near a corona-tested perosn but you still can't get tested unless you have symptoms. Bizarre.

No. 663049

Someone bring me some allergy meds, I can't stop sneezing

No. 663051

Our testing is in one tiny place with a huge queue worth of 6000 people outside that doesn't involve any social distancing. Id rather choose to not get tested than have an increased chance of getting infected.

No. 663056

oh boo hoo, that’s what you get for using twitter lol

No. 663062

True, that's really stupid.

No. 663085

Im on the other end of the spectrum, I have shitty lung capacity and can't wait until masks are over, sometimes if im walking too long I have to take it off or else im going to faint and I can't stand people staring at me, becky im fucking wheezing right here stop giving me a death glare ffs.

No. 663095

I've had so many people try to prove breathing difficulties don't happen with masks like, I forreal get claustrophobic after prolonged mask use, mainly due to anxiety and I start breathing in and out harder. It's definitely a thing. Let me air myself in the corner for a bit without making me feel guilty.

No. 663104

In high school this cop, threw me on the ground and handcuffed me in the hallway for no reason

I was skipping class and a sentry told me to go to class, I said okay. I was walking away, the cop that was talking to him, literally put my arms behind my back, forced me onto the ground and cuffed me making me walk to the principal in cuffs.
He was so rough with me, had his knee in my back and everything and the sentry was just laughing. I was in 9th grade. Back then I didn't think it was a big deal but thinking back now I disturbed by it.
This same cop had a son who was in his 20's get the star basketball player who was 16 pregnant her senior year.
I sometimes wonder what would've happened had I complained to the school. He should've just walked me to the fucking office.

No. 663108

Why was there even a cop in your highschool?

No. 663109

i went to a public school in the hood and there were cops parked outside all the time, this guy was a well known one & sometimes they'd be around the school

No. 663112

I hate waking up to my mom screaming on the phone because she's so loud, but it also reminds me of how shallow my mom is.

No. 663132

I fucking hate my roommates cooking, 9/10 it smells like burnt bacon fat and overcooked fried eggs and it's so strong that it feels like the atmosphere has absorbed the excess oil he used. That and he takes forever to finish cooking and doesn't like to share the kitchen when he's there

No. 663152

They sound like children's sitcom parents, especially your mother. Funny in fiction but insufferable in reality. Hang in there, anon, we're rooting for you and your physicist career

No. 663157

I wish my memory was better and I didn't make stupid decisions

No. 663165

Every time I talk about wanting to move out, my mum's only friend / ex boyfriend / simp tells me that if I do I will kill her. I've been hearing this for 2 years, I'm now 20 years old and I don't know what he wants from me.
She doesn't even talk to me, she's dead drunk by 10 am most days and I can never talk her out of it. I don't know why he thinks he can talk either because he keeps trying to get her to do drugs again because he's a dealer and he thinks it'll make her want him again. I hate living in this fucking house and I don't know what to do. My grandma has given up on her as a lost cause and privately I agree with her. I don't know why I'm responsible for her. She's 55 years old, all of her retarded decisions are her own.
If I just move out anyway am I a bad person?? If she was anyone except flesh and blood I would have left immediately, I can't stand her as a person but I'm obligated to love her. I don't even know if I do anymore.

No. 663166

Your mom is an adult and you are not to blame for her decisions. Get out of there and do what's best for you.

No. 663169

>If I just move out anyway am I a bad person??
No. There's nothing you can do. If she drinks herself to death while you still live with her, then what? You might as well get started on your own life and just visit her if/when you want to. Addicts are very sad, but they have to want to help themselves. You can never force it. Sometimes they die before they ever feel ready, unfortunately, but that doesn't fall on anybody that surrounds them. The fact that her ex is guilting you while still trying to give her drugs is telling. It's just not your responsibility, anon.

No. 663175

File: 1604071040189.jpg (43.37 KB, 490x410, frustration.jpg)

My art is genuinely making me depressed, I feel like I haven't improved in drawing over the 5 years or so, I hate everything I draw and I feel like a talentless fuck who can't grasp anatomy or line art basics, it feels like i've capped everything I could learn and since I have no talent for art whatsoever I can't get better and become an actually decent artist.

No. 663178

hey, don't know the details of your situation but I've been through something similar. A few years ago I had a best friend who I pretty much emotionally abused. She ended up dumping me from her life and I felt miserable. Although I know you feel the misery is deserved, the reality is it does nothing for you OR for her. I ended up going to therapy and slowly started changing my behaviour. I've accepted I can't fix what I did, but I can make sure I don't repeat it. And I had to learn that her happiness was not my concern, and my happiness wasn't hers. So, you can move on from this guilt and regret if you stop beating yourself up, start taking some accountability, and begin therapy or counselling to become a better person. Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and unfortunately some are life-changing. All you can do is to try your best to make this life-change one for the better for yourself.

No. 663180

If you’ve been actually practicing and doing studies and stuff for the past five years and have really seen no progress, then you might have just hit the limit if your artistic abilities, yeah. Some people seem to plateau at a certain point. But if you haven’t been seriously practicing or even drawing regularly then the problem is just that you need to draw more often to see results.

No. 663184

I can't do it anymore. Every time I go to sleep I have a dream about someone I know and something very realistic. For the past two weeks, I go to sleep and get into a fight with someone over something, or I find someone I know dead. I would much rather have elaborate nightmares than this. It's like all the stuff and all the worries I try to block out of my head throughout the day just get banked and used as content for dreams.

No. 663185

I'm just so lonely ;_;

No. 663186

same… i don't know if i'm genuinely into this guy i'm talking to or if i'm letting my loneliness take over

No. 663187

My emotionally abusive mother has the audacity to have a hissy fit right when I'm trying to do uni applications. I have ADD and depression and this absolute cow likes to paint me as this "mentally unstable nutcase". Today, she's mad because I threw two pieces of her moldy ass fine china out. I certainly wasn't going to clean that mess and risk catching something, but my mother went into complete bitch mode and reduced me to a breakdown. Worst part is, I'm writing my application essay on her and it really puts her in a positive light. Regret it. She's literally threatening to kick me out (which she can legally do, since I'm 18) over some fucking bowls. If I do, I don't have any money, family willing to take me in, or resources to survive. I'm trapped.

No. 663189

Welp there goes my dream of making comics I guess, yeah I've drawing and practicing very constantly those years, It kinda sucks to be "bad" at something you genuinely love.

No. 663192

Have you ever had a professional give you feedback? There's certain limit to how much you can achieve by yourself for most of the people, but advice and help from others can help you break out of what is limiting you right now. I've seen enough people who seemed to not have potential succeed - and other way around too! - to believe anyone can do it.

No. 663193

Just draw your comics, don't listen to your insecurities, just do them. Draw draw draw!!!!

No. 663194

I love him but I feel like I'm no match for him
I want to lose weight but I keep eating out of self hate
I'm crying lol

No. 663200

>I love him but I feel like I'm no match for him
Moids are never good enough for women
>I want to lose weight but I keep eating out of self hate
Eat popcorn or something else that snacky but low calorie, or take a walk, drink water, that kind of stuff
>I'm crying lol
Hugs anon, you'll be fine.

No. 663210

i go on artist tiktok a lot and a lot of artist talk about this thing called your artistic vision or eye essentially what this means is that "its not that your art is bad but that your personal standards of what constitutes good/competent art has changed or has heightened" if that makes since so maybe its not that you aren't growing or that your art is bad but that you have yet to meet your own standards

No. 663214

Op thank you anon i guess it just hard its this fact and just generally feeling like I've past my peak and should just stop trying. Its probably selfish nut i always feel like whats the point in trying to change if i can never really make it up to th people I've hurt/whats the point in pardoning myself if they still feel the affects of that damage just knowing that i can never or will never atone for what happened just messes with me

No. 663216

You can't and you'll have to find ways to come to terms with that - eventually you will forgive yourself if you can recognise you are trying to change. Don't think of bettering yourself for them, think of it as for the people in your future. You'll form new friendships and you'll be a better, more reliable, more kind friend to them than you ever were to your old friends, and you likely wouldn't have grown up if you hadn't fucked up so bad. Time to pick yourself up anon, 2, 5, 10 years down the line you'll look back at this moment and wish you'd gotten yourself together sooner.

No. 663218

File: 1604074365020.png (123.36 KB, 1200x1600, ew.png)

I don't really know anyone who does art more than twitter hobbyist level but maybe I should look for some professional advice, thanks.
I mean that's what is making me depressed/stressed with doing art, I try to make something and I just get angry at myself for it looking bad.
Yeah but I also don't see any difference between my art of a few years ago and now, it felt good back then because I was a teenager but it feels now that my art SHOULD be better because of my age and how long I have been drawing.

Pic related is a doodle of mine.

No. 663220

it can also be how your practicing as well. its not just time but actually examining your mistake and making an active effort in keeping them in mind the next time you practice. i heard this phrase that practice sometimes sits in bad habits if you don't know what to look for/what your trying to improve

No. 663235

>I don't really know anyone who does art more than twitter hobbyist level but maybe I should look for some professional advice, thanks.

If you have money you can pay for portfolio review, but there are a lot of pros willing to help just like that; it wouldn't hurt to try to reach out to someone you look up to and just ask if they could offer you a little advice, on twitter, or by mail if they have their mail public.
If you are on facebook i really recommend a group called Level up (https://www.facebook.com/groups/levelup.livestream), people often offer very good advice there too, especially if you come with a specific question, not just vague "critique please".

when it comes to the basics I could guide you a bit if you want, hit me up on discord: wendthy#7642

No. 663251

My friend has become, in lack of better words, pretty close-minded when it comes alternative styles. She is ok with me and some others that are pretty low-key, but the moment someone is standing out a bit she just scoffs and claims they are just doing it for attention.

I can't believe I have to remind a fucking 30-year old woman that everyone has different tastes. I agree that some people go way to over the top and I'm not gonna pretend that some do it for the attention, but the moment someone has some crazy makeup she starts criticizing it. She has kinda gotten into this habit after she started thirsting after a guy that thinks women with unnatural colored hair look like whores so it wouldn't surprise me she is so desperate for his attention she turned into a complete pickme.

Though this is also a woman that thought that helicopter parenting and Karen-like parents is something millennials invented.

No. 663262

it is so hard being only attracted to continental euro guys when you live in a provincial town in england… anons pray that ill bag one

No. 663265

how to stop feeling 24/7 despair?

No. 663267

This is your brain on consumerism

No. 663279

not this anon but to further lament ig bimbos; in my area the amount of women who are getting botox/filler/etc is increasing and they're all going for that same faux LA model look.

i guess i didnt really mind at first but seeing hordes of women with really shitty extensions/nails/filler just sort of makes me sad. and its being promoted as some sort of beauty standard but a lot of these girls looked a lot prettier with their natural hair colors and original lips (cause like 90% of people cant afford kylie jenner tier plastic morphing)

and seeing my friends start to go down this route kinda sucks because I know at some point they're going to start pushing it on me. i mean thats how they got started too, friends pushing it on them or they saw it a lot more in their community, etc. and i dont want to be the bitch thats like "haha SLUT with your FAKE LIPS and your BOUGHT BEAUTY" but i dont really want to become part of this weird new money california look or deal with the pressures of not being that

No. 663281

Don't you have a shit storm of Euromen coming through for employment still? You'll be fine. You can always travel to Croatia for the beaches and attempt to bag one there.

No. 663285

File: 1604081996268.jpg (662.71 KB, 1250x830, original-166-1588112514-2.jpg)

>cause like 90% of people cant afford kylie jenner tier plastic morphing
Not the point of your post, but honestly, even Kylie looks like absolute dogshit with her plastic surgery. Not even "not natural uwu," she looks old and frozen. Her new features only look good when they're accentuated properly by makeup and softened by facetune.

No. 663286

I don't get it. They start to look cartoony after a while. I'm pretty sure that most of it is just hyped up by plastic surgeons hiring out people on social media to make a presence. Most of it is pretty in an unnatural way, but still ends up looking porn star white trashy. Reminds me of the heavily tanned women with the lip fillers and implants, box dyed black hair, and those ugly ass trucker hats that say "B*tch" in glittery text.

No. 663289

Ntayrt but one of my friends already pushes botox onto me and always sends me groupon shit. She doesn't look "overdone" but she's the type that wants to be an IG famous cosplayer/lolita 5ever even though she's in her mid 30s, and is much too insecure about keeping up her looks.
I'm in my 20s, and while I don't take it personally her tipping me off to botox kinda tells me she thinks I could use some work too lmao. I just don't care, I'm my own special kind of dump and I'd rather spend my money on other things.

No. 663291

It's not that probably. Those medical spas shill that starting earlier on botox prevents the wrinkles from happening in the first place if your face is started on it's happy ride to paralysis early enough.

No. 663303

Is there even any evidence that it does prevent wrinkles?

No. 663316

I wish I could stop giving insecure vibes. I was bullied back then and now I feel like everyone wants to avoid me. My neurotic personality doesn't help me either.

No. 663318

It seems debatable. Responsible plastic surgeons/injectors seem to think you should only get it when you actually have wrinkles, not as a preventative measure: https://www.livescience.com/14900-experts-frown-botox-young-adults.html

Personally I'll be skipping it and relying more on microneedling, retin-a, sunscreen and light acid peels rather than injecting drugs in my face. I'm in my 30s and still don't have wrinkles so knock on wood.

No. 663326

When I hit my late 20s I'm starting to realize there are 30 somethings who still feel young and old 30 somethings.

For example my friend fell a few days ago on a flat surface and she canr come to my party because her leg is fucked up. I fell down a flight of stairs yesterday and I'm only mildly sore.

My other friend cant come because she wants to take her bfs kids to dinner.

I feel so young compared to my friends and it's sad as fuck lol

No. 663351

I cannot stop staring at her on the left wtf bitch looks like Scabbers

No. 663353

Just to clarify anon, are you taking any of those procedures now? Before wrinkles appear, or is this your plan for when they do?

No. 663359

Oh for sure, I consider those my preventative measures. Probably why I don't have any yet. I own a dermapen that I use once a month, apply retin-a every other day, wear sunscreen when I go out and use a variety of acids. My most consistent one would be the 25% mandelic acid peel from Makeup Artist's Choice.

No. 663361

Anon fake it until you make it!

No. 663363

a friend had been asking me a lot to see me in person and with the pandemic I wanted to keep my contact circle as small as possible. I would only see my bf once a week, and he's high risk so he's always inside. but i let the friend come over since we were in the same group project and while they were over another group member (that they were recently in contact with) started showing symptoms. I have to isolate while we wait for the test results, and it made me super upset because i've been having a hard time this week since my mom passed, and today is her birthday. i just wanted a nice day to just chill in my bf's presence but now i have to be alone and it really sucks. it's not the friend's fault at all, but I can't help but direct my anger towards them (in my head, I haven't openly expressed it.) and my bf is just not an expressive type esp. over the computer or phone and so it just feels especially lonely

No. 663364

Im so mad. I hate how shit thats going on in America has to be so important to everyone in my country. People are walking around with MAGA hats and is getting attacked by fucking ANTIFA. ANTIFA wasnt even a thing here some years ago. Supporting Trump and being apart of ANTIFA in my country is both stupid bc it got nothing to do with us. I got in an arguemnt with someone because I said i didnt support the BLM movement and these non-black retarded freaks had the audacity to try to teach me about how im some oppressed uwu victim of systematic racism. There isnt anything like systematic racism in my country. Just because some random old hag thats gonna die in some years calls me a nigger on the street does not mean the whole country is RACIST. I like my country, but a huge majority of the younger people here that spends way to much time on social media all day belive that everything that is happening in USA is happening here. I hate it so much. Its just disappointing that this is the state of the world were in, idk if this should make me laugh or enrage me, i just hate it.(racebaiting)

No. 663368

Ah yes, silly me. I totally forgot systemic racism only exists in the United States. God forbid people abroad care about issues that happen outside of their bubble. I feel like the United States could actually take notes, because people here are guilty of the same mindset you are. Also, being anti-fascist isn't exclusive to the U.S. either. I would hope that's an international thing too kek.

No. 663380

It's always funny to me when people in my country call others "straight white male" when everyone here is white anyway so it has no meaning

No. 663382

The burgerfaggotry of asserting how someone in another country should feel about their natives adopting US specific political movements

No. 663383

File: 1604090440040.jpg (55.21 KB, 800x450, phputDkLI.jpg)

I really can't stand the meme that women have unrealistically high standards because of Disney movies and expect a "Prince Charming". Never mind that the bar for men is as low as ever, who the FUCK has ever put the bland, irrelevant NPC princes in Disney movies on a pedestal and let it dictate their taste in men? Is there a woman in existence who simps for the prince from Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, or even remembers a thing about them? They have zero personality and are as forgettable as it comes. And love interests in later movies are not exactly charming or not even princes, and all of them are flawed rather than perfect and unreachable.

The selling point of Disney has always been the princesses themselves, that's why they're the face of the brand and on all the merch. I can't even find an official illustration of all the princes together. Women don't grow up wanting to marry princes, they grow up wanting to BE a princess. The (early) princesses are valued for their beauty, youth and kindness, and naturally the evil villains are often ugly/old women who are jealous of that beauty and youth. The message women receive from Disney is unrealistic standards for us, not men.

Anyway this is a dumb rant I came up with while half asleep and I'll finish by saying the only one I'd thirst after is Shang.

No. 663384

Bigass agree. I fucking hate how Americans always have to make it seem like they are quite literally the only country there is. And it just keeps getting worse and worse thanks to the virtue signaling ecelebs. At this point I am just waiting for the US to finally combust in flames so I don't have to hear about their stupid selfinflicted problems anymore. We had blm protests in our country. Which is in EUROPE. How is blm any of our concern and most importantly, in which way was this supposed to help? A proper protest should always be an implicit if not explicit threat towards what you are protesting against. How can you protest something in buttfuck nowhere? Why should the American government care in this case? Not to mention we have like 15 black people in our county and we never were slave owners of any kind. If you went to a blm protest that wasn't located in the usa you are the biggest clown there is and I will laugh so hard at you I will dislocate a rib.

No. 663392

It isn’t because of Disney movies! It’s because of twilight

No. 663394

Did you ignore the entire argument I made about how the movements you claim are created in the U.S. aren't always mutually exclusive to the U.S.? Antifascism isn't a new concept whatsoever, and it certainly didn't originate in the U.S. The only thing I can give you credit for is the MAGA and BLM issues. BLM was popularized by American activists, but that doesn't mean it's confined here. If you live in a systemically racism free country though, please drop the name so I can buy a one-way ticket.

No. 663397

there is no systematic racism where i live because only white people live here. so, you're not welcome, otherwise we'd have systematic racism.

No. 663402

File: 1604091744833.gif (1.54 MB, 360x234, a942d1dd-34cc-4185-a7c9-f02872…)

My dad has been put on one of those ventilation things for covid and he's already very ill. He was supposed to be at home this week and I think I wrote about it in the last thread idk. I know life isn't fair but I feel like losing him at 25 is too soon and not fair at all, I still wanted to hang out with him and we were supposed to play Cyberpunk together and now that might never happen. I fucking hate this year.

My brain is still in 100% denial and I'm going to bed before it cathes up and I start bawling.

No. 663403

i'm so sorry. i really hope he gets through it.

No. 663408

I generally agree with you anon, in that I don't think the Disney princes cause girls to have high standards. Imo they still diminish the princess' roles though, because even as bland and unmemorable as the princes are, their mere existence is often the impetus for the princesses to do things/center their lives around. The more egregious examples:

Ariel - Wants legs and to live on land so she can be with prince
Belle - Stockholm syndrome, saving some asshole from a curse via "love"
Pocahontas - Falls for a guy whose people are destroying her tribe/lands

Characters like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White don't really do anything except live in idyllic forests then pass out until the prince rescues them (so the men perform all the heroic actions). Mulan is by far the most proactive and the story actually centers around her rather than her circumstances, but then, she's not a princess.

No. 663412

Was woken up this morning to a call from my mom. My cat is dying. Her condition is extremely painful and there's nothing to be done for it so the appointment is tomorrow. It would be selfish to delay it, but why NOW?? The election, COVID spiking again here, something else in my personal life I don't want to get into because it's a more unique situation. It's everything all at once. I just don't know how I can bear it all.

No. 663417

I genuinely don't know if I was sexually abused or not. I thought it was real until highschool when I convinced myself it was probably just a very graphic dream. I remember who the guy was, he was a family member. He had acne, was maybe 14-16, wore glasses and I remember some of the stuff he did.
I tried talking to my boyfriend about it and he was also sexually abused but he said it might be a dream. It's killing me to know and I just want to vomit. I want to talk to my mom about it but I'm afraid she will just be angry.

No. 663420

>the only thing
>2 of the 3 things anon talked about
Shut up the world doesn’t revolve around America or pandering to wokeshits. I have never said this, but for the love of god go back to twitter because no one here cares.

No. 663430

File: 1604095943920.gif (565.86 KB, 700x920, 1592854849526.gif)

For the anon who wrote this in the last vent thread
>I can't stop thinking about suicide.
Anon, I read everything you said. I hope everything will get better. Sending tight hugs.
>I really really really really want to understand how people wake up every single day, go about their every day life and still manage to muster up joy and positivity and warmth and a drive to do things and enjoy life.
I think the answer is connections. Close family, close friends. Having people who love you in your life to bring you happiness.
I'm pretty much friendless for the time being, but my family loves me very much, because of them I feel secure, I don't really mind the world being so bad. We have each other. Because of you saying this
>I always grow completely dependent on my therapists
It seems to me that you need a friend that won't make you insecure in your relationship with them.
>I think normal people have an ability to be able to soothe themselves in negative situations when they are alone
Most people really don't. Unless they are hardcore schizoid. Even thick-skinned people have emotional safe harbors, we usually just don't know about them.
I really hope that you can find people who will make you feel secure, and that you can recognize those who are already there with you. Be safe.

No. 663451

My cousin is 40 years old he's fucking retarded (or maybe a sociopath idk). He shows my aunt fucked up videos for "teh lulz" even though he knows she doesn't want to see them, like ISIS beheading videos or some porn olympics. My aunt doesn't see very well without glasses and he tricks her into watching this shit on his phone and it takas her a few seconds to process what she sees. To him this is the best joke. Who the fuck shows executions or porn videos to their mother?

No. 663454

I had a facial reaction of pure disgust to this

No. 663469

nta but thank you, for some reason i stopped to read your comment and it gave me a bit of hope for me too

No. 663474

I wasn't sexually assaulted, but was put in a very unfortunate position when I was a young child. My little sister and I were staying over at a grandparents house and shared a big double bed. I woke up in the night and my uncle was in the bed, except he was naked. I remember feeling repulsed and felt sick, and dragged my sister out of the bed and we sat on the floor in the corner of the room too scared to sleep. I don't think anything sexual happened, but for years I convinced myself it was a nightmare. It didn't feel real. I actually convinced myself it was a dream, until I finally plucked up the courage to ask my sister about it because it had been playing on my mind again. She told me that yes it did happen, it wasn't a dream, but he was for some reason in our bed, fast asleep and naked. I burst into tears when she told me. I will never know why, but I am beyond upset and angry still that was allowed to happen to 2 small girls. I must only have been 6, my sister 4. I want to bring it up with my mum but I don't want her to fall out with her brother. It's tricky. Since then, I have experienced being raped, sexually abused and harassed by men, so my attitude towards them is fucked up. My uncle probably forgot about it by now but I remember it so vividly. Maybe one day I will tell her.

So anon, do what you feel is best for you. Talk to someone if you feel it will help. If it did happen, I am so terribly sorry, but I am also sorry that if it was a dream, that it is bothering you so much. That can't be nice to be carrying those feelings around. Look after yourself.

No. 663483

My heart goes out to you and your dad anon, I'm wishing you guys the very best luck.

No. 663493

The guy behind me has halogen headlights and is blasting shitty music loud enough to rattle his car. I bet he is immensely obese

No. 663494

Fuck I hate halogen headlights so much, they’re always on some big ass overcompensation truck

No. 663497

I can't figure out why I'm so fucked up. I was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression in high school, but I'm almost sure I have BPD as well. My social anxiety was so bad I wouldn't have finished high school without meds. I wasn't abused, molested, never experienced trauma or anything like that. I was bullied in school and my parents divorced when I was 4 but that's it. I've been like this since I can remember.
About 2 years ago it had gotten worse, I feel like I'm dead inside. I went to uni twice and dropped out because I was too depressed and unmotivated, then I was forced to get a job. I fucking hate it but I will get kicked out if I don't work. So now I just go to work, sleep and mindlessly browse the internet. I'm a walking corpse. I lost the ability to enjoy anything, I can't even watch a movie or read a book, everything bores me. My mom just thinks I'm a lazy piece of shit and a burden. I don't have any friends anymore, I don't want to meet anyone because I don't enjoy spending time with people. I'm a KHHV and the thought of sex grosses me out. I hate myself and everything about myself. I take medication but it doesn't help at all. I feel like I'm already dead.

No. 663498

File: 1604102647475.png (771.06 KB, 746x670, 444.png)

> you're not welcome, otherwise we'd have systematic racism.

No. 663501

why are you booing me? i'm right

No. 663503

Oof. Feel a bit embarrassed to say this. I love this youtuber but watching her videos throw me into a depressive episode. I get SM is a highlight reel but It's crazy to me that some people have such great lives. She's 3 years younger than me and seems to be blessed in every area. Close, loving family. A cute face. A successful channel while also going to college. Comes from a well off family (Both of her parents are doctors) Has a long term boyfriend, and seems to be a nice person. It just kind of makes me want to kill myself if I'm being quite honest.

No. 663516

My gay friend started dating a gang banging in the closet guy with 2 kids he don't take care of.

He started cross-dressing and referring to his asshole as "pussy" and I think he's going to troon out. The whole situation is horrible and I keep trying to tell him how messy and potentially dangerous this all is.
He won't listen, they go back and forth and he comes to me mad. I tell him leave the guy alone, find someone else and he goes, "yeah, there's so many men in my Dm's, I don't need him!!" then two days later he's telling me the guys sucking his dick or something. They are "in love" again.

I already can see myself not talking to him for a long time and/or us not being friends because I love him too much to let him think this shit is cool.
I'm going to tell him how I feel and how dangerous this is and he can take it how he takes it.

I've been hoping this would fizzle out but he seems super into this guy

No. 663523

Some just have to learn the hard way

No. 663528

I feel you anon. I watch Ashley too and it makes me feel like absolute shit about myself but on the other end I desperately want a friend like her. I usually click off her videos either feeling like I just hung out with an old friend, or super depressed and like an unsuccessful piece of shit loser. I always get so jealous of rich happy people.

No. 663577

My mom is so goddamn insufferable. We have this running joke between us about my old crush that I never run into him, but my mom always seems to. Apparently he recognizes her and seems to hover around her area when they see each other. (He knows how my family looks like from my ig photos and graduation) today, she’s telling me how she had “someone from above” who came to tell her that The reason why I never see him is because he’s hiding from me. I tell her that if he’s hiding from me, there’s no point in him hovering around her, because he’d hide from them too to avoid any possibility of encountering me. Then, she gets mad and starts mocking my voice telling me to calm down when I clearly wasn’t mad at all and pretty calm. She’s like I don’t want to fight before I go to bed. ??? Like no ones fighting I’m just stating facts. I didn’t even act bitchy or anything. She even says “wow you can’t take a joke?” Like wtf you told me “someone from above” came to tell you this shit. And what about this is a joke? We’re clearly not joking around here. She acts more and more unhinged everyday. And she even has the audacity to complain that I stay in my room all day. It’s because of bullshit like this.

No. 663586

I just feel like I can never really be happy. I'm just going from one distraction to the next, trying to keep myself preoccupied long enough so I don't start self-harming again

No. 663593

i had a fucking sex nightmare about josh moon i want to fucking die. i nightmared he was just fingering me and even in the nightmare i was bored. we were laying top and tail and he was just looking over his gut at me as he fingerblasted me this is what i get for listening to positions before bed

No. 663598

>Looking at Steam Halloween Sale
>See zombie visual novel
>Oh this looks kinda cool
>During the course of the game, the protagonist will engage in non-consensual sexual acts with zombified women who in their current state cannot stop his advances. The protagonist also engages in consensual and non-consensual sexual acts with the main heroines.
The fuck man, I just wanted a zombie survival VN. Why is a game about raping zombie women so mainstream that it's on the front page of a Steam sale? I hate everything.

No. 663599

25 is definitely not too early to lose a parent, but anon my advice to you as someone who already went through something similar spend as much time with him in case he does pass and if he doesnt then be happy you can keep doing things with him.

No. 663645

I'm so scared rn, it's like 3am and there's a man loudly banging something and yelling "cunt" and "whore" and other woman-aimed insults and I hope he's alone (he's the only one making sounds so I'm pretty sure but you never know) and not hurting anyone and I hope he doesn't have any women in his life. Why are men are so fucking terrifying and violent??

No. 663651

Call the fucking cops? Why do anons write shit like this and miss the entire fucking plot. Even if he is alone, he doesn't need to be causing violent verbal disturbances.

No. 663657

Cant stop thinking about Hunter Bidens cock

No. 663660

He does have that divorced scumbag that would be a really good lay look

No. 663662

idk why i'm even shocked by the reaction from north american woke fags to the recent terrorist attacks in france. i saw a comment from one person which said "i don't condone violence but people need to stop producing cartoons of muhammed." i think this is a very patronizing way of accommodating differences. when we avoid criticism we're saying "i don't wanna hurt your feelings and potentially spoil your illusions since you refuse to acknowledge that truth also exist outside of religious doctrine". true respect is when adults are held accountable for their beliefs. the fact that conservative islamists are justifying the grounds of the attacks should signal to people that there's sth wrong with their logic. i think this also particularly damaging for atheists living in muslim societies.

No. 663665

That used to be the reaction in France, but now we are just really fucking tired of islamists. Sadly it will have a consequence for """regular""" Muslims, but as we saw with Paty's murder the line between them are extremely blurred. Anyway a lot of people that a few years ago would have been very careful now say that if you think Paty's murder was in any way justifiable, you should just get the fuck out of France.

No. 663675

lol im weirdly attracted to him too

hes hot for a junkie

No. 663678

Americans don't realize that the Muslims in Europe aren't "moderates" like in USA, but they come from their shit tier scrote culture and they will never change. They keep teaching that shit to their children which hurts especially the girls who don't have much support from anyone.

Nothing made me hate Muslim men more than the time I spent working as an assistant at school with lot of immigrant students, at the home EC class the Muslim boys refused to do any laundry or cooking because they didn't have to do those things at home either. I asked what will they do once they move out and their parents aren't serving them anymore, they said it's the girlfriend's job. God I hope all of them end up as pathetic single losers who then end up attacking someone in their incel rage and then woke idiots once again say we need to "understand" them.

Meanwhile you had a girl who could have so much potential to learn and improve herself, but she couldn't do her homework properly because he was demanded to do everything at home. I still think about her from time to time, did she manage to break free from that shit or did she end up as nothing but a womb for that shitty religion.

No. 663691

This is so infuriating, what an absolute sack of shit. I don't know how you had the patience.

The only way to stop these behaviours is by punishing them, not pretending to be understanding with that 'it's their cultureee' bullshit excuse. Some cultures suck and they shouldn't exist anymore.

No. 663715

I only had 90 minutes left to work on my essay and submit it and somehow I FELL ASLEEP holy shit jfc HOW DID I DO THAT. I still submitted though, almost an hour late. I really hope she still accepts it and grades it. Fuck

No. 663718

i'd buy it if it even was their culture, but yanks are too dumb and woke to realize that islam is not 'a culture' but a global organized religion that comes in more flavors than fanta and people are free to interpret it however the fuck it suits them just like christianity.
clearly if people from my white, european country can be muslim without being retards about it, then the issue is in whatever sect of islam arabs are being taught at home.

No. 663722

File: 1604135709074.jpg (182.92 KB, 1202x1600, IMG_4078.JPG)

>clearly if people from my white, european country can be muslim without being retards about it
Well, that depends…

No. 663726

Eh, that's the batshit attention needing exception.

No. 663727

where can i find the pics except 4chan

No. 663728

Nice. After three weeks, my friend of ten years finally decided to respond to my message of how I've been very depressed, stressed, and suicidal recently and that's why I haven't been super talkative because she asked why. And all I got was "I'm sorry that sucks but I just can't deal with anything but my own problems."
Like okay? Why did you even ask how I was feeling in the first place and why even respond since you literally took three weeks, she might as well of stayed quiet forever or changed the subject entirely.

No. 663729

File: 1604136986621.jpg (217.65 KB, 720x1130, 1603438679901.jpg)

I think a lot about this one recent male post from /cgl/ an anon posted here related to why men raid female spaces. Like I simply can't understand this level of insane entitlement and autism.
>We just love bullying women because it's sooo fun seeing you mad and giving us attention!!
>anyway we totally want more women in male spaces so they can mommy us and give us headpats and brownie points BUT you're on your own bitch because we aint gonna protect you
>so all in all you can't make your own female spaces because m-men n-need your soft mommy milkers but you should come over to ours to be abused, harassed and ridiculed
Are these men literal toddlers? I have a hard time wrapping my mind around someone being a diaper shitter like this. Incel logic is just the product of an amplified pre-teen mindset.

No. 663730

I'm Bosnian, a lot of the population here has been Muslim since Ottoman occupation and nobody wears burqas. That's a pickme convert in a burqa.

No. 663732

What a faggot.

No. 663733

I remember men like this when I still bothered going to this anime group on Discord. I said men because they weren't teenagers, they were grown men in their late 20s or even older yet they still enjoyed doing that to girls much younger than them. I left the group ages ago and I heard many other women did as well, now it's full sausage party with a few pathetic pickmes.

At least he admits that men are assholes just because, there's no real reason for that, they just are born that way and they will never change. The only way to deal with an obnoxious scrote is to not talk to him, not even notice his existence. Ever since I stopped talking to men completely my mental state has been so much better.

No. 663742

It's Halloween but sunny and under tight lockdown? What the fuck is this shit. What's even the point.

No. 663753

I just want to be held.

No. 663761

File: 1604144154056.gif (160.93 KB, 512x512, giphy.gif)

No. 663766

the guy I'm in love with forgave his ex for basically cheating on him and now they're back together, and I just can't stop crying. I thought he finally saw her for the irredeemable bitch that she is and I'd finally get my shot, but no. for some reason he wanted her back. I swear it's just because she's 'hot' in a traditional sense, I know if I acted like she did I'd never be forgiven.

No. 663769

you sound like a moid. come on girl…

No. 663771

what do you mean? I'm just upset that she hurt him and got away with it.

No. 663773

File: 1604145833587.png (1.54 MB, 1786x1030, 1380467508227.png)

I used to enjoy parties as a kid. Sweets, activities and cake always made it fun. Then teenager parties hit and things just turn into large social gatherings and with alcohol and awkwardly trying to talk to people you don't know with a stressed out voice box.

I've been going to these parties for 10 years from 16-26 and i've finally decided that i just don't enjoy them and I have never enjoyed them.

What is the party experience anyway. Loud music and a lot of people i don't know and can't even talk to due to everything being so loud. I used to be so insecure about when i wasn't invited to a party but after 10 years i finally feel like i'm not missing out by not being invited.
I guess i went because it felt validating to be invited to a party, a reminder that some people actually like me enough to consider inviting me as i remember feeling hurt by not being invited to many just being the tag along friend for the final 2 years of school. But i think back of the parties i went to from 16-26 and i don't remember enjoying a single one of them, even with people i like.

Anyway i've finally kinda accepted that parties are not my thing and that if i get invited i shouldn't go for them unless they are a close friend and i know it would hurt them if i didn't come. Instead i'm just going to focus on my 4-6 people get togethers, with an actual activity because i like doing stuff other than talking.
It's a nice freeing thought, that there is one more social standard i feel comfortable not conforming to.

No. 663774

it sounds like directly out of /r/niceguys

No. 663776

I'm sorry but I hate the "Sexuality is fluid" people so much when they say this but when it comes to trans shit, suddenly people are 100% lesbian women or gay women or straight men.
They swear everyone is like this and yes for some people it's true, but it's weird how they switch it up when it comes to gender specials. Suddenly their sexuality is one thing and one thing only.
Everyone elses can change at the drop of a dime.
I don't know if this makes sense or not, one of my friends is becoming one of these people and it gets on my nerves. No one cares if you suck dick on tuesday but then whine about being a lesbian the next.
Whatever. Stop trying to make bisexuality so fucking confusing.

No. 663779

been a terrible week, wish i was someone of importance like i used to be. it was stupid to think that i could be this girls best friend. shes so much more outgoing theres always going to be someone better to hang out with than me.

No. 663782

Don't waste your time on an idiot. In the end its his life and his choices. Do better.

No. 663787

but I love him. she doesn't, and she doesn't deserve him. She's an awful person, I hope she gets what's coming to her.

No. 663803

Lol, are you 15? He doesn't love you and he takes bad decisions, find yourself a good guy instead.

No. 663804

Anons, I've made such a bad mistake. A fight erupted between me and my ma which happens often because she's an easily angered person. During times like that I just leave her alone so she can cool off. After a while I came to her and well, I started crying pretty bad because I am just so tired of her screaming all the time, and I want her to get better, and I accidentally slipped that I haven't felt geniunely happy in the past 3 years. Welp, I shouldn't have said that because now she's just sad about it and is really heartbroken over it and I feel terrible knowing I caused her to doubt herself. I tried telling her it's not a big deal but I know she's still thinking about it. I feel bad. I don't hate her at all and didn't want to hurt her with my words but I did. We're not fighting anymore but she's been asking me if I really don't feel happy and it's breaking my heart. I want to take it back.

No. 663805

I have almost 0 standards for the men and they still manage to disappoint me

No. 663831

Wish you loved yourself more

No. 663836

So this is why someone keeps posting Adam Driver to the attractive men thread

No. 663838

Stupid pretentious dentist came into my office today. I'm trying to explain that we're lending out books and refunding him for the book he got because we don't have anymore (switching over to new ones) and the second I say "I see here you have a book pickup" to get started he immediately becomes defensive like "I DON'T NEED A BOOK I'M HERE FOR A COURSE." like shut the fuck up!! Stupid dumbass. You NEED the book for the course, I don't give a fuck what you did before. I don't know where he went before but he's super mad that he needs to renew the certification he's doing every two years and that he has to take an exam, per the guidelines of this organization my company works under, the SAME guidelines any legitimate company working under this organization has.

Fuck this pretentious asshole. His website bio sounds like it was written by a fucking highschooler. I shouldn't have even told him that he would be getting a refund for the book and kept this stupid bitch's money. He wants to complain so much about how the previous place he did it at had him recert every 3 years and didn't make him take an exam, like why the fuck don't you go back to them huh?! Did they get shut down because they weren't following regulations?! Probably! He's the same pretentious person to be like "that's doctor to you." Sir I'm paid minimum wage. Groveling at your feet and caring about what your fucking title is is above my pay grade. You get "mr. x" and "sir" and you'll take it.

No. 663863


At least she cares, my mom hates
that I'm depressed because she thinks it makes her look bad and doesn't want anyone to know, especially my dad(they are divorced), she mocks me if I say I'm depressed or anxious and when I have suicidal thoughts she thinks I'm a coward, she even wants my to tell a therapist an exact script of how I feel so I don't mention her and how her shitty attitude affects me, she also became some brainwashed after watching too many Alt right rethoric and conspiracy videos and I can't stand her anymore, she is such a dumbfuck

No. 663866

It's easier explained when you realize it's autism. Autistic males are mommied af too which explains that 'cater me while I abuse you' attitude.

Anon if he took her back then he made up bad stories about her in order to get your sympathy while he waited for another opportunity with her. If he's not a liar, then at best he's got oneitis cause he's willing to go back to the woman who humiliated him, and even if he picked you he still would've had feelings for her.

Which is why you've got nothing to lose by becoming a bitch and setting the bar high. Don't settle sis.

No. 663881

My cat died.

No. 663882

Depression has made my sex drive really low, it's the first time I experience this and I fucking hate it. Especially because I'm in a relationship with someone whose sex drive is quite high. Combined with fact that I'm older than my SO by a few years it all makes me feel like I'm having a mid youth crisis.

No. 663883

eh I don't know, I'm sort of apart of one male-dominated friend group and even though a few of them simp for me, I still have a very forward, direct, even mean and bitchy personality with them and they seem to respond to it positively. I don't think it's ENTIRELY wrong what he's saying.

No. 663886

File: 1604157965299.jpeg (60.93 KB, 640x640, B9FFB2CA-8662-4ECF-9A30-A2FCBC…)

I’m so sorry anon. That’s awful. Big big hugs to you.

No. 663899

Last night I took a few hits of medicinal marijuana that I use every so often for a few different reasons, and my boyfriend started initiating sex, I was really out of it but remember trying to say I need to sleep because I had work early, and that I was already really foggy minded, but it kept going. I feel really weird about it. I feel like it''s on me for like, not being clear, and for not being sober in general, and also because I feel really lost in how to even say anything now. I'm an abuse victim and have sexual trauma, and I don't know if I'm overreacting.

No. 663902

File: 1604161496590.jpg (9.6 KB, 203x254, D526TOKU8AEhHz7.jpg)

I just learned today that the weird guy on a discord server who simps me despite the very few interactions together is indian. I guess that explains something

No. 663905

Painting my nails stresses me out so much, it’s like it doesn’t matter what I do after something will always get smeared up

No. 663914

Sorry for your loss anon. Sending you a virtual hug.

No. 663915

File: 1604162848536.jpeg (264.96 KB, 1920x1920, 5e3348395d3e3.jpeg)

>bf wants to go to middle of nowhere for craft brewery
>I want to do a farmer's market before we go there
>volunteer to drive my car
>drive 30 minutes to the busy farmer's market
>find a good parking spot despite the traffic
>bf waits until I turn off the car to realize he doesn't have a fucking mask
>now have to do a half hour side quest to find someplace else that will sell him a mask
>forfeit my awesome parking spot which I will not be lucky to get a second time
Holy shit why are scrotes so fucking dumb? You bring a mask whenever you go someplace public now. I know switching up cars threw him off cause he keeps his in his car but holy fuck. Before we left I was literally pawing through my pile of masks to pick to wear and he slept I guess. God this is so annoying, he apologized but I'm salty af cause it's such a waste of time. It's not the first time he's forgotten his mask but this is a time when I didn't have an extra in my purse. Not a good start to my day at all.

No. 663921

I swear, all men reach a stage in their relationships with women where they wilfully forget their shit all of the time. Keys, glasses, whatever. And then they constantly pester you with "hey do you remember where I put xyz". It makes me fucking blood boil

No. 663923

a guy i've been talking to for the past couple weeks has started making our conversations sexual (or attempting to) and it just makes me sad. i don't know how to respond to it other than just be like uhhh no, or to actually respond to it. i'm actually starting to really like him and now i feel like the only reason he's talking to me is because he wants to fuck.

No. 663926

I have once again allowed a mn to mansplain something to me with a really condescending tone, even though I knew he was wrong. I didn't say anything. I literally just smiled and nodded like a dumb bitch. On top of that, when someone else proved him wrong (another mn) - I just went ''Oh!'' and smiled again, pretending I didn't know it myself.


No. 663928

A reminder that this is the only reason straight men would ever talk to a woman

No. 663929

yeah… i don't know. i guess i shouldn't be surprised or disappointed. stuff like this makes me feel so insecure and confused, like i'm not a fucking prude i will have sex with you if we're in a RELATIONSHIP but why are you half-jokingly inviting me over to your empty house when you know there's a pandemic going on. jesus

No. 663932

File: 1604165499226.jpeg (46.17 KB, 590x550, 9C6CF5E6-F013-4C5B-BE95-FB9448…)

Yet another male I know has begun to troon out. He seemed normal. Will it ever end?

No. 663936

Ok? Those are your friends who still think they have a shot with you. Men online, especially anon spaces, know it's next to impossible that they'll get poosy, also they don't know if you're not hot aryan or petite asian. Men may want to fuck and THUS be nice to individual girls but they hate women as a group, an entity, a concept.
It is exactly as anon said. Most women don't bother coming into male spaces because they're disgusting. Women just make their own space because we can, we have done it for every single thing throughout history, instead of men's tendency to just colonize from others. Why the fuck would we subject ourselves to this
>"we won't protect u, this is the wild west and you have to protect urself uwuwuwuwuw"
bullshit, when we get nothing out of it except creepy stalkers and harassment. That was specifically coded to spur that "are you game? are you a cool girl who can hang?" feeling in insecure girls.
The few pickmes who do wade the swamp all get the "show tits" or "roasties gtfo" treatment EVEN IF they were being nice and helpful to these retards. The moment the girls start talking about THEMSELVES and their problems (boyfriends), the mask fully comes off. HOT virgin gf fantasy ruined reeeee.
Tldr Men are specifically mad that women would rather be on their own dead sites and forums than dirtying their feet with coom-poisoned incel waters.

No. 663937

Don't beat yourself up. You'll do it next time.

No. 663938

how the hell do people manage to clean? My room is disgusting. I feel disgusting. I took out some trash and recycle and my heart started pounding i hate being mentally ill and chronic fatigue fuck

No. 663939

I was having a panic attack at home alone when a chrristian family came knocking on my door with really young kids smiling trying to ask me if I was sure I wasn’t going to hell. I am a Christian myself but I mean come on I’m obviously hyperventilating and sobbing and my dog is barking in the background and your kids look fucking scared why did I have to tell them to leave? I tried to be polite but I ended up just having to close the door while their kids looked at me in horror lol. So dumb. I literally told them what church I went to and everything like obviously leave me alone Jesus loves me.

No. 663940

Don’t watch her videos then lol. I have a blogger that makes me feel the same way. Her name is Ellie June and I love her but literally can’t follow her anymore because her life seems so perfect in every aspect/ everything my life isn’t but I want it to be. And she’s younger than me. It’s just not fair

No. 663941

A little bit at a time is better than none if you're overwhelmed. At my worst I would force myself to clean for 5min a few times a day which makes a bigger dent in it than you think. Eventually I would be able to break it all up into doable separate tasks because thinking about it as a whole would make me freeze and do nothing.

No. 663942

File: 1604166968977.jpg (66.68 KB, 728x1092, b27a455040804685a4ce4fa905.jpg)

You know what book to read

No. 663946

I'm not a "clean a little everyday" type of girl, I go hard once every three/four weeks. Take some stimulants, put on happy music/audiobook/podcast. Bonus points, invite a cute girl/guy over so you'll feel shamed into cleaning. It helps to develop a system, an order to the cleaning.

No. 663948

Mine is disgusting too anon and I hate it and I even have dreams where its clean. My problem is that i have hundreds of books and magazines i dont want to throw out and they just get scattered everywhere because my room is tiny.

No. 663955

My room is insane and i literally dont know where to begin. I heard making a list of smalls tasks to do first usually helps, but i just want to just throw everything away at this point.

I do really like a lot of her advice.

No. 663957

There's legit a dog near my house that has been barking non stop since 9am. i don't understand how that is possible or where the dog's owners area, but i'm losing my shit and ready to go outside to find out where this dog lives.

No. 663959

same anon my problem is mostly the fact that I've amassed a large amount of clothes over the years and I don't know which ones to get rid of, and I got rid of quite a few earlier this year but I don't know what to do with the remainder. clothes aren't even gross compared to food and other shit but they still make me feel insecure and disgusting when they're piled in baskets in my room

you messy room anons make me feel a little bit better about my difficulty cleaning up

No. 663960

Definitely clean a little at a time. It's overwhelming when you have a lot to clean and feel like you need to do it all in one go.

Also, start by throwing away garbage like old papers, bottles, etc. I have a huge problem with letting things accumulate, like empty boxes or containers. My brain doesn't see it as a necessity unless it's something gross that I need to take care of immediately (like food) so I wind up with tons of empty empty containers.

No. 663967

File: 1604169028314.jpg (75.6 KB, 1136x640, eac46efa-210d-4ada-8db4-1a57bc…)

I cry almost every night because of how bad a state my teeth are in. I was and still am an ana-chan and it's been going on since I was in the 8th grade. My teeth have been decaying because of malnutrition and me being too depressed to care for my teeth the right way. I wish I could go back in time before my body got royally fucked by this mentally illness. I'm a poorfag so getting dental implants or even consistent dental care is a pipe dream.

Anons please love yourselves and if you are in the early stages of developing an eating disorder please seek help as soon as you can. Being bone-thin isn't worth all the pain and suffering you'll endure.

No. 663976

Feel you anon. Also anachan, also have bad depression episodes where hygiene is poor. That combined with the fact I didn’t even own a toothbrush until I was taken away from my neglectful parents means my teeth are forever fucked as well.

No. 663994

I just found out about the whole corpse husband, why are people obsessing over this fag? His voice is deep because of some chronic illness and I read this dude is ridden with many other medical problems and illnesses, it looks like he's some genetic failure and he's probably ugly too

No. 664006

Everything is just constantly going wrong and it's wearing me down so bad but I feel like I can't even talk to anyone about it because they're tired of hearing me complain. Why would anyone want to talk to somebody whose life updates are always so bleak? There's always a death, a hospital trip, loss of a job, a fire, being threatened or injured at work again. I'm exhausted and I selfishly wish an accident would take me out unexpectedly so I don't have to deal with it anymore.

No. 664011

I hate my fucking prof he assigns us 10 assignments and each of them are due literally back to back, and I even missed the last assignment because I didn’t think we’d have another one since there was one due on Sunday. On top of those assignments, he even wants us to do those stupid textbook questions. So we basically have 20 assignments. I had to pay $100 just to get access to those assignments and they’re all worth 20% of my mark.

No. 664026

I am so lonely and honestly It’s fucking me up a lot. A lot of other people will be like ‘yes i’m lonely too!’ because their friends cancelled on them once but I truly have no friends, either irl or online. Every time I go outside I want to cry when I see friends together or bf and gf being affectionate. Anyone else like me here?

No. 664030

Can relate.

No. 664060

Set yourself strict criteria for the clothes you keep. Start by throwing out obvious things, like items that don’t fit or you haven’t worn in a year. If you still have too much then go further. A Small Wardrobe on YouTube made a video about her wardrobe manifesto which was insanely detailed, only allowing certain necklines and her pants to be hemmed in a particular way, BUT that works and also will stop you accumulating so much

The easiest way to cope with mess is to limit your possessions so you don’t have enough to make much mess. Not saying minimalism is the only way but even getting rid of some crap will help

No. 664062

I never talk about politics or drama and the one time I talk to this person I follow, they seemed burned out on this drama that was happening and I was trying to be nice to them so I sent them an anon. I said I appreciated their input on the topic they were talking about since I don’t know anything about the confederate flag and it was educational for me as a non American and complimented their art. They ignore my CC and instead go on a tangent on twitter and vague tweet about how “anti blackness isn’t an American only thing imagine actually thinking that” and it’s not what I said at all, the fuck? Now their followers are circlejerking over it (purposefully not answering the CC so it’s not obvious to others they are twisting this complaint out of nothing) and fuck me I guess, sorry for trying to be nice? This is honestly why I don’t engage in social media at all anymore, I can’t stand how there is this need to twist shit unnecessarily because they want constant fuel to rant about something and are on edge 24/7 because they don’t know how to log off. I’m just going to go back to looking at cute pics and memes.

No. 664073

samefag but thank you anon, I agree I have too much stuff, my family all have a horrible hoarding tendencies and I've been trying not to imitate their pack rat natures. I just want to be able to get rid of most of this and i gradually have been, but it needs to be done faster

No. 664080

I watch pewdiepie out of boredom (please no bully) but I swear to god his misogynistic comments get to me so fucking hard. The sad part is that since calling out misogyny is not woké enough, nobody cares when he says such obvious mockery, like in this video

There's a pregnant woman with a child of 2 years on her arms. Pregnancy is exhausting enough, and raising a small toddler is very, very complicated. The mom seems unexperienced and just lost a flight. Honestly, mocking her and saying "SHE OBVIOUSLY IS USING THE PREGNANCY CARD!!!" is so blood boiling to me.

No. 664085

Not to be insensitive and I’m not trying to shit on you or anything so don’t get me wrong here but hasn’t he always been like this? I never really watched him but back in the day his thing was screaming about rape and making rape jokes all the time so it doesn’t shock me he’d say this kind of stuff tbh

No. 664088

I never watched his old content, I only watch the reddit reviews and commentary on random shows

No. 664092

File: 1604181833601.png (344.98 KB, 498x568, 099858C3-E413-4085-BE67-AC3101…)

I’m too shy to interact at parties and meet new people unless I drink
And when I drink it only takes a little to get me acting like a drunk jackass and embarrassing myself.

God I’m lonely.

No. 664102

Yeah I can understand, this was a long time ago (the 00’s) so I can get why you might have missed it. It was his thing when he started getting popular and he even apologised for it years after when getting flack for it. Tbh I don’t judge him that hard for that because these jokes were popular back then in fairness and everyone was doing them but it doesn’t surprise me he is unironically misogynistic either. All I really know about him is that and that he said the N word on stream like 3 years ago and chalked it up to a “heated gamer moment” so yeah idk the fact he’d do this just isn’t surprising to me personally I guess.

No. 664103

It hit me that I've never been anyone's first choice, not even by my parents. At best people like me allright or put up with me given the situation, but I've never been someone's genuine first choice to be around. Not because I'm dislikeable but because I'm not fun enough, not sociable enough, not spontaneous enough, not interesting enough.

No. 664104

I feel the same way. Like I'm struck with this mediocrity that only feels like it's negated by my weirdness, and not even my looks will be enough to get me by at some point. I don't want to accept mediocrity but I kind of feel like I've been pigeonholed into inadequacy by everyone ignoring me or always considering me their second or last choice my entire life

No. 664108

Anon… he took advantage of your state and kept going when you said you didn't want to…

No. 664110

self obsessed americans are fucking cancer. i genuinely wish someone would just send multiple nukes to america.

No. 664111

File: 1604184925763.gif (1.98 MB, 358x238, tumblr_1871eff0ea0a43974387835…)

The awkward moment when you think that your period is over but it actually isn't smh …

No. 664117

I don’t mind Americans but I absolutely have started hating being around them so much online because so many are so self absorbed, I hate how I’m expected to know their issues and history but they are so fucking self obsessed they never bother learning about anyone else ever and if they do they just bastardise whatever they’re trying to educate people on and get the facts wrong while speaking over natives of those countries. Even taking an interest and learning about the confederate flag, something that has no bearing on my country or life whatsoever but I take my time to be invested because I want to be open minded and considerate to them, isn’t good enough for them. I will never forget the ridiculousness of social pressure that happened where if you don’t tweet about BLM you are racist and I saw many people seriously harassed for “not using their platform responsibly” and them being called racist, meanwhile other countries’ issues doesn’t even enter these people’s radars as the entire world functions the exact same way America does in their minds.

No. 664127

As an American I am also tired of self-absorbed Americans online.
I am also tired of non-Americans never shutting up about how much they hate Americans. It’s like the song that never ends here.

No. 664129

My favorite example of this behaviour was when a few years ago some american rando started scream typing at me about how there have never been white slaves and how a friend of mine wasn't native because she was white. Not all americans but enough for me to be tired.

No. 664130

No. 664131

>there have never been white slaves
LOOOOOL i would've had a field day with that bitch

No. 664132

any western white person who converts to an eastern religion is a pompous weirdo with a superiority complex who end up making fools of themselves in an attempt to be holier than thou with their ~speshul~ and ~enlightened~ ideas(racebaiting)

No. 664133

as an american the worst part of all this current bullshit for me is that its tearing friendships apart and its all based on fucking ego. i just want to leave. everyone wants to force me to think one way or another. everything going on is so self-absorbed. its just ridiculous and im tired, and im sorry you all have to go through this shit.

No. 664135

They're very hypocritical with that woke bullshit and won't wait to call someone out on it despite their country being a plague on this world for years. Even my third world shithole somehow manages to treat its own citizens better and I feel sorry for the people who have to grow up in poor areas there, but I hate it when they attempt to "educate" me on things they themselves don't understand.

I especially hate it when they force their own issues on everyone else, my country was bombed by the US not one year apart from 9/11 yet whenever I tell that to an American they act surprised and say they didn't know, yet 9/11 memorials are forced down my throat every year and I'm called mean and heartless when I say they fully deserved it and I hope it happens again. Which I do, kids in my country still get cancer from whatever they dropped on our crop fields back then.

No. 664136

I hate myself and I hate my life. I’m praying some dickhead in a Freddy Krueger mask just fucking rob and shoots me, ending my pathetic misery. I didn’t use to be like this. All day all I can obsess about is how my life would be so so different if my three best friends didn’t tell my entire school I was drugged and raped. I’ve become my worst fear, a bitter lonely resentful hermit. I wish this would stop. Don’t be like me. /vent

Sorry for being depressing on Halloween. I hope all you anons are having a safe and fun Halloween, enjoy it for the both of us.

No. 664139

Anon, maybe you can get better, I mean it wasn't always like this. Also, don't apologise, you are allowed to vent! Let yourself enjoy a treat of some kind tonight.

>>664131 that's the spirit i enjoy seeing

No. 664140

>I will never forget the ridiculousness of social pressure that happened where if you don’t tweet about BLM you are racist
This bullshit was the last straw for me and I pretty much detoxed off social media. These fucks could not care less about the oppression happening right now around the world, slavery is still a thing in quite a few places, minorities are being oppressed but you don't see hashtags about them trending. I live on the opposite side of the world, I don't speak English as my first language, I have never even been to America, my country is like 99% white. But bitches be expecting us to know all the nuances and connotations of American identity politics and memorize 200 years worth of their history to even interact. They attempted a cancellation on an internet famous Italian guy because he didn't tweet about BLM.

The most annoying thing though is that the American activists don't even realize that it's a manufactured effort at keeping the lower class population from unifying to demand better living conditions to everyone. If people stopped rioting and fighting each other all the time and focused on something else than crabbing each other they could have universal and affordable health care available for each citizen.

No. 664141

Step away from the glow sticks

No. 664146

kek. bf and I handed out halloween candy. Did my roommate come down and say "hey guys mind if I join?"? Nope. And they absolutely better not be fucking mad that I didn't invite him because I ask him to do EVERYTHING with us, he never takes the initiative, despite me saying "yo, you can do whatever you want"

No. 664158

My bf's mom is insane. We had to run errands with her because she needed a driver and she flipped out at everything. A fast food placed messed up my order and I went back inside to wait in line because it was short and they have covid measurements in place. She bursts in through the door and starts screaming at the staff about how it's ridiculous I have to wait in line to get my order fixed. She grabs me and tries to yank me to the front of the counter, everyone is looking at me. I'm not even upset they messed up my order as the only thing we were doing was waiting in a parking lot for my bf's appointment to start so I had tons of time to kill. Fuck I felt so angry and embarrassed. I wanted to lose it on her right in the store but an employee spoke up and said they remembered my order and would bring it outside for me asap so I just said thank you and sorry before walking out.

She also flipped out at the mechanic because she felt they were talking down to her (they were not) and started screaming that she needed a discount on the repairs and they were ripping her off after the mechanic let her have my bf's discount.

How she raised a sweet, kind, patient man is beyond me. Holy shit.

No. 664159

A cute guy smiled at me (probably at my dog, let's be honest) and now I want to smooch a cute guy. Everyone around me is either in a ltr or getting dicked down.

No. 664171

For what it’s worth I do like Americans, I visited there myself years ago and I have nothing but good things to say. People treated me very well and were extremely nice and kind to me so I know most people are good. But it is just so unbearable online atm, I really hate the current… atmosphere, is that the right word? It’s just so tense and angry all the time. Even my American friends are exhausted over it so I know lots are tired too. I wish the internet could be an escape from real life like it used to be instead of whatever it’s warped in to now. I have started using the internet less and less the past few years because I hate seeing this stuff shoved in my face as a constant stream. I just want to goof off and have fun damn it without everything being constant political debates 24/7.

No. 664174

I've developed a habit of going on /pol/ just to fucking torture myself with the retards that post there… it's obvious that everyone who posts there is a failed human being, 100% ugly and unattractive, and schizophrenic to a degree or developed schizo tendencies due to their fucking obsessions. Everyone that disagrees is a jew to them, I mean Jesus Christ, these are the people that think they are "logical" in their arguments. Oh and if you're not jew, you're "demoralising" them, as if their entire miserable existence isn't demoralisation in itself. End it.

No. 664175

honest, as an American it's refreshing to see your criticisms

No. 664181

File: 1604197574377.jpg (20.26 KB, 283x320, unnamed.jpg)

My dad tried to kill himself and got sectioned at the hospital, they haven't taken him off sedation yet and we genuinely don't know how long he will be institutionalized (he has substance abuse issues and depression), I have my finals approaching and a fuckton of shit to deliver (my teachers grade on essays and actual work done, not tests, art university shit) but I will also probably have to take charge at his business because my mom can't do it all by herself, im just hoping the people on my group will be understanding so I can two time the individual work at the office.

Its not that im not sad but I just don't have the time or brain skills to process my emotions right now because I have to take the responsabilities of a 50 year old business owner as a barely out of highchool girl.

I genuinely dont even know how to cope right now.

No. 664197

File: 1604200393406.jpeg (15.78 KB, 275x202, 1601608956629.jpeg)

I'm writing an essay that's due in 2 hours and I only have 1 pragragraph. Granted, I had like many other hours today and I procrasinated and napped throughout this entire day because I was just so tired from the other essays and projects, I just can't handle it anymore. I really should've done this yesterday.

No. 664208

Just saw something on my ex's facebook that made me wince. I am only reminded of him because he likes my facebook posts, like he did with the one of me and my bf today. So I opened his profile.
He proposed to his gf of 2 years and there's an engagement status on his fb. Happened a few days ago, zuck algorithm just never showed it to me.

I'm plenty over him. But it just goes to show that if a man WANTS to marry you, he will and he won't make excuses! I was with that fucker for 4 years of my life. And we weren't babies, we were adults in our mid 20s so immaturity wasn't the issue. I gave up when I'd bring up marital commitment and his excuses were that we weren't "traditional" and that he couldn't afford a ring. Even when I took that bastard to Japan (the perfect proposal opportunity hello and one of my friends even showed him ideas of rings I loved beforehand HELLO) nothing happened, and he treated me like a prick on that trip which was the main factor in why I left him a couple weeks after that. The final nail so to speak.
How fucking dare scrotes? I mean I was a naive dumbass but I didn't deserve that, I genuinely had good intentions and loved him. People told me I was too good for him but I shrugged them off like a blind pickme until I realized he was never gonna change and treat me in the way I deserved.

Anyways, he didn't get a lot of likes on his status which is surprising cause he's normally mister popularity. Most of the attention is coming from the woman's side as her friends are happy for her. Whereas I'm sure my ex's lvm friends are all reeling at the prospect of not stringing a woman along for longer…or maybe, just maybe, they remember from not so long ago a certain someone like me he lived with for years who stuck with him when he was at his worst who he completely fucked over. AND THANK FUCK. I can't imagine how much sadder my miserable life would have gotten with him had he actually proposed, considering he was already emotionally affairing around which is how he moved in and got a job with his current only after 2 months post-breakup. I guess she gave him his dream job and that's something I just fell short of offering the manchild.
Oop, spoke too soon suddenly other people are liking his status so lol.
But anyways, I'm not entirely mad because my boyfriend who I've been dating for a few months has basically told me he wants to marry me and wants a family with me, which is something I was upfront about wanting too. I'm wary of moving too fast, but at the same time I kinda like that he's being forward and honest about what he wants with me. I don't get the string along vibes from him like I did with my ex. Again, just evidence that men who want to do for you will make it known, and then fucking will do it!!!

Should I just delete my ex off my fb? We don't talk and he literally only likes my statuses every now and then, and I feel like this is an unspoken slap in the face enough to warrant never having to see this asshole again. We broke up "civil" but the obvious makes me resentful. Like, we all knew, right? It's just proof positive that he didn't take me seriously, I feel like it's enough. Do I have your blessing, lolcow?
Sorry for the rant, these are just complicated emotions to process.

No. 664214

I hate how normalised sex work and porn is becoming. I feel like such a prude… I mean I would never in a million years go out of my way to publicly shame anyone who makes porn, but I can’t help but internally feel so grossed out by it. I don’t know how it’s empowering, and I don’t think I will ever understand. I understand a lot of sex work is gone into out of desperation and lack of support for women in society, but when every other girl just turning 18 is making an onlyfans, it just doesn’t feel like that’s the case.

No. 664217

I’m in a group with moms and it’s so normalized that nobody even batted at eye that one of the moms (temporarily separated from her husband) was doing OnlyFans in the same room as her kids sleeping…. one of them who wakes often

No. 664219

I'm a former sex worker who only did it because I was groomed heavily by predators online (and a sexual trauma past but blah blah.) It's really uncomfortable to me. I don't think there's anything necessarily WRONG with women turning to it, but when you look at how young some of these women are, some celebs / influencers showing off as soon as they turn 18 how they start one up, and their disgusting fans lapping it up because they've wanted to see their tits and now legally can, it becomes so much more of a problem. I see these things happen and maybe it's just my own trauma talking but it makes me really worried sometimes and I guess I just hope it's entirely just.. them wanting to do it rather than something deeper, but it's just leading to more and more pornsickness in our society too.

No. 664221

girls are constantly being sexualized growing up, many girls are victims of sexual abuse/ assault or online grooming and so sex work (similarly to sleeping around or dressing in revealing clothing) gives you a false sense of control over it

No. 664238

Can’t wait a few years down the line when the tides turned and all these sheltered first world bitches start acting like they were traumatized on the level of human trafficking victims because they regret getting into online sw, as if they didn’t actively reject advise against it in the first place.

No. 664239

File: 1604207080078.jpg (9.43 KB, 300x300, g2Fdx69.jpg)

I'm begining to suspect that I was sexualy abused when I was like 5 years old, but my memory blocked it, on the same way I am begining to suspect that I might be hipersexual.

When I was that age, I moved into a new school, I had no friends because while not a tomboy, my classmates made fun of me for being too boyish, actually as time went on and they found out about sex, they thought I was a lesbian and their treatment towards me got worse. But at that time, a girl on my class got into a fight with her friend, so she started to hang out with me, I liked to have a girl as a friend, but one day something just happened.

She wanted to go to the bathroom, but she insisted that I should go with her because that's what girl friends do, so I followed her. I don't fully remember what happened next aside from her taking off her skirt and forcing me to watch her because "that's what girl friends do", her rule is that every time one of us had to go to the bathroom, the other had to go too. I can't tell how many times I did it, I don't remember many things about that time, but I remember that for that I started to become more and more angry about her, until we stopped hanging out.

Years later, she got expelled from the school, the teacher didn't tell us, but I found out that she got expelled for pretty much trying to rape a guy with a glue bottle. I know it's weird, but I began to panic.

I seriously cannot remember spending time with her, but I know I did, I know that she dragged me into the bathroom and asked me to take off my skirt and underwear, I remember being told that even if I was a girl I look a lot like a boy, but I don't remember anything inside the bathroom.

I also know that I am weirdly into a lot of crossdressing fetish stuff, I watch porn regulary but I don't feel comfortable with my female body, at some point when I was younger I thought that I might be trans, but it's not the same, because I don't feel "more comfortable" or "In the right body" when I forced myself to wear male clothing, I just wanted to have sex.

I am writting this because I got as a final assigment on psychology to write an essay about a mental disorder, I choose hipersexuality, and realized that I fit into a lot of the characteristics there, but hipersexuality is something that happens with abuse victims.

I don't want to say that I am a victim or that I actually have hipersexuality, because I am not sure, but a lot of things are begining to make sence when I connected all the dots together.

I'm scared. I just want to feel normal, but I feel nasty and sick, just like when my dad called me a bimbo slut for my clothings when, again, I was 5 years old.

I guess I need treatment, but I feel disgusting talking about this, I know I am going to be call a slut again if I talk about my possible hipersexuality.


No. 664244

Scrotes write terrible fanfictions

No. 664245


I'm not lying.

I'm serious about this.

I'm sorry if this come out as such, I'm really sorry, but I have nowhere else to talk about this.

No. 664247

What is this larp. Five year olds don’t suspect other five year olds of being lesbians.

No. 664248


No. 664250


I thought the same, but my classmates did, it wasn't the only thing they, they talked a lot about sex back then, a few boys tried to look down my skirt and girls gropped me a few times and I don't know why if we were so young. I know it sounds made up, but it isn't.

I'm really sorry if my post is stupid.

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I just felt like if I need help.

No. 664251

How did your presentation go?

No. 664253

Your post wasn't stupid at all. I have no idea why people are nitpicking it. It sounds like multiple people were inappropriately sexual with you as a child, which could have lead to your issues. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope you're in therapy or will consider seeking it out.

No. 664254

Every female friend i had on discord ghosted me or removed me or shut me down when I tried to befriend them. I genuinely don't know how to make friends. Im gonna try one more time to befriend a girl who seems nice and is into art like me. But if that doesn't work thats it. I won't bother anymore.

No. 664257


Thank you so much, it really means a lot.

I will try to look up for therapy, I still don't know how, but I hope to find a way.

No. 664259

No. 664265

agreed anon. personally I kind of agreed with what he said about the pregnant lady lol, she kept yelling at that airline worker despite the fact there was nothing they could do to fix her situation. but he does say tons of stuff that rubs me the wrong way. Like when he shit on women who dye their hair despite the fact that his own wife had pink hair for a long time. he clearly has a strong distaste for women.

No. 664269

anon I'm so sorry. What country are you from if you feel comfortable sharing? I wish some of the fucking AMERICA GREATEST EVUR fucks I know could get a dose of reality and face the people whose lives were destroyed by our country's government. I disagree that we need a second 9/11 though, Americans would just further bury their heads in the sand and become even more bigoted and blind to our country's evil than ever.

>The most annoying thing though is that the American activists don't even realize that it's a manufactured effort at keeping the lower class population from unifying to demand better living conditions to everyone.
YES I hate how fucking blind everyone is to this shit

No. 664277

File: 1604212910003.jpeg (30.35 KB, 640x572, 5b55be2365523.jpeg)

Why is it so cool to hate on pregnant women for some reason? I swear I used to see this meme (or something like it) reposted all the time. I live in an area with a lot of public transportation and some people get so pissy that they're expected to give up their seat for a pregnant woman, or complain that pregnant women at their workplace get easier workloads. "Nobody told them to have a baby!"

I've never been pregnant, but fuck dude it's called empathy and it don't cost you nothing.

No. 664279

When a woman is pregnant it's a very obvious sign she's not available for fuck. Men care about women only when they can fuck them.

No. 664283

Is it an American thing? Because in my country respect for pregnant women is expected as if it's civilized thing, if you know what I mean.

No. 664285

>respect for pregnant women is expected as if it's civilized thing
That's exactly why some men hate on pregnant women, because they resent that they're expected to respect them. It's still the 'civilized' thing to do in general.

No. 664292

This. I see it online too, if you look around in the comments on Reddit or IG, there’s bound to be a few “you don’t deserve special treatment for getting a cream pie” type comments.

It kinda seems like they’re jealous in a way? Like pregnant women are somehow living on easy street because they get (maybe) given a seat on the bus kek.

No. 664301

i love you anon

No. 664310

I have been a social worker for a few years and I don't think I can keep doing it because of my hatred towards men. I hate that I need to understand shitty human beings who do not take responsibility of anything, I just want to yell them that their life is shitty because they have made bad choices. They always blame everything else than themselves. And I definitely don't want to understand literal abusers and child rapists, I see zero humanity in them and it causes me so much pain that I should treat them like humans who could change.

I could qualify for IT work and it would pay better too, but I don't want a job with such a male centered environment.

No. 664314

God I feel sick to my stomach. One of my professors announced today that as a result of a prolonged investigation, a good number of students have been cheating and will face serious academic repercussions ranging from failing to possible expulsion but all with the for sure disgrace of having a permanent mark on their transcript for academic dishonesty. My anxiety and nauseous guilt is stemming from the fact that for one of the weekly exams, I googled the question to confirm my answer and reasoning and saw someone had posted the test verbatim on Chegg with the answer's reasoning being the same as mine. At the time I thought that whoever posted it was stupid as fuck and would probably get caught, but didn't think to change my work because I felt confident it was right. Nor did I think to tell my professor because I was worried he would call me out for also looking at Chegg ( im a fucking idiot i know). Now I feel sick and terrified that he knows I used an outside resource and I am going to be slapped with a mark. Worse yet instead of outright telling students they are implicated he is giving them two nights to let him know and he will ask for a lesser punishment for those who confess. I cant decide if I should tell him I used google during the test or if I should just wait it out and see if he implements me. I feel like I might just be making it more of a disaster in my head and my ever present guilt is goading me into making a situation where there was none. Or if the best case is to risk implementing myself if it means getting a lighter punishment.

No. 664317

He’s probably bluffing, how could he know for sure you did? Stick to your guns. Do not relent. If you get in trouble, right for your grade and maintain that you didn’t cheat.

No. 664318

It’s the same in the UK. There are designated seats for pregnant women on public transport but people sit in them anyway and won’t move even for a heavily pregnant woman

Funny thing is people almost always give up their seat for disabled people, even though their disability could be their fault (I know a guy who lost a leg due to riding too fast on a motorbike). It’s perfectly acceptable to disrespect pregnant women, but sickening behaviour to disrespect a disabled person

No. 664320

File: 1604221003154.jpg (1003.77 KB, 2480x3307, 1604200689479.jpg)

Seeing this is making me legit want to cry, I can't take it anymore. I can't, I hate this fucking world, this is so fucking wrong I'm so done with this shit
just read this bullshit please this is not okay

No. 664321

idk but from what I've been reading, in instances like this it tends to be a guilty until proven innocent situation made worse by it being a student's word against a professor's

No. 664324

idk this doesn't upset me, it's just kinda retarded. like wearing a wolftail to school type retarded.

No. 664325

it does upset me how women are seen as something to be controlled, fucked, and forcefully make submit via sex and rape

No. 664328


This looks like some fetish thing, is so especific and detailed, is making me uncomfortable… where did you find it?

No. 664329

a lot of "Straight" men are telling on themselves when they were losing their shit over Lil Nas X's Nicki Costume.

My friend told me she feels these guys are into trans and it's confusing them that they find a gay man in drag attractive, and they don't identify as a "Woman" so the guys are freaking out like,"What does that mean about me? Am I gay for liking chicks with dicks???"
I bet a lot of them are confused that they can't use the excuse of, "they are women! So i'm not gay!"

All jokes aside, it's probably just good old homophobia, but why care so much? He's a openly gay rapper whose always stanned Nicki Minaj. Why are men so mad about this?

Men dick watch so much it's crazy, yet women get the blame as to why Men are on the DL or men hurt/hide trans women.
Men judge eachother based on who they fucking.
Go to any male forum that allows people to freely speak their mind and you'll find a bunch of dudes calling eachother "fags" and expressing disgust at gay men/ trans women and the men who fuck them.

No. 664330

No. 664333

Right now I'm incredibly upstet at everything and now I just remembered something super bad that I don't know how to even begin to talk about

But my brother's ex was in such a bad place mentally that I wish I could had helped her, but I have no relationship with my brother because he has emotionally abused me greatly and he is mysogynistic so I don't want to talk to him

But it turns out she was raped years earlier and she had trauma about this, so then an ex friend of hers (that I know, and she used to also be "my friend" because my best male friend was into her and we would hang out) introduced her to sex work because "it's empowering" and said ex friend was raped too and had trauma about it as well. In the end my brother's exgf was killed by the ex friend in an "accident" and then she was seen using her facebook account and wearing her clothes and taking dirt out of her grave.

Idk if I sound coherent here but I'm deeply upset rn and I know there's more to this but I don't wanna keep thinking…
Sex work is not empowering, this is a lie

No. 664335

There's a discussion about it on the mtf thread on snow, and I knew this was a fetish thing but didn't know it was this disgustingly freakishly bad

No. 664336

File: 1604222379010.jpg (28.6 KB, 600x456, 1585048120760.jpg)

>mfw seeing multiple pickme e-thots talk about getting hentai lewd crest tattoos
Please I'd rather you get tramp stamps and face tats

No. 664337

This makes me want to puke… who finds this arousing? I hate men. I always feel a visceral disgust whenever I am reminded of the way most men overtly or covertly think about women. I don't interact with men at all so it shakes me. God, this is so disgusting.

No. 664339

The fuck is this

No. 664343

I mean aren't they just tramp stamps? The girls in hentai get them when they become sluts to visualize their transformation.

No. 664344

Did I just read a ghost story that ends with the moral "sex work isn't empowering"? Kek. Happy Halloween lolcow

No. 664350

File: 1604223746947.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.16 KB, 800x1088, 1584200593469.jpg)

People IRL get them too and in hentai I've seen that they can be permanent as well, it means you need male cum to be filled inside your womb to function and obey and I find this so utterly disgusting
There's so much fucked up in this chart but the worst for me is thinking how some random men gazing upon you will make you submit to them and you'll cum from men looking at you when I personally don't want any men looking at me
The "cum that liquifies fetuses if you're pregnant and you orgasm from that" and "you lay eggs and if someone crushes them you become submissive" are also big NOPES

No. 664352

File: 1604223843992.jpg (232.84 KB, 753x920, 9c4e00e32f896fbc71f13ee5ac380b…)

kek happy halloween to you too

No. 664353

File: 1604224082159.jpeg (35.13 KB, 320x323, 79B9B403-022B-4E08-9DCF-34F9B4…)

No. 664366

I like these in my BL and when a twinky male character has them but seeing IRL cumbrain women (or troons) get them to pander to their simps is beyond cringy. Some things are best left in your embarrassing cartoon porn.

No. 664368

>Some things are best left in your embarrassing cartoon porn.

I agree, there are some stuff that shouldn't left porn.

Pretty much how I feel about ahegao, is fine on a hentai but when real girls do it, is not cute or attractive, it looks ugly and kind of trashy.

No. 664370

File: 1604227138466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.29 KB, 600x600, 040030619503-1p.jpg)

Alright, I'll allow it. I just hate that it's made to resemble a uterus. A decidedly female symbol gets used as a mark of degenerate submission.

No. 664373

this is still so fucking disgusting to me

No. 664376

I have to do shit today but I don't waaaanna bawwww

No. 664380

File: 1604229129730.jpeg (75.56 KB, 828x378, 2FB2021F-00BB-483A-B833-EFF1DA…)

Wtf is this I can’t even take it seriously it’s so fucking dumb

No. 664381

Ladies, do we think men should have rights?

No. 664388

Absolutely not.

No. 664396

File: 1604232954209.jpeg (31.12 KB, 600x600, FCBABACB-4854-4FF6-9CFD-F5203D…)

I hate this

No. 664403

Jesus fucking christ all of these sound like awful sex slave curses theres even two that destroy a fetus…why cant these men just get into creative writing that isnt sexual, then again I wouldnt want them near kids

No. 664409

>Worse yet instead of outright telling students they are implicated he is giving them two nights to let him know and he will ask for a lesser punishment for those who confess.
Lol. He doesn’t have a clue who has been cheating and who hasn’t, he’s just trying to put pressure on people until they crack like you’re doing right now. Don’t fall for that and just stay quiet, you’ll be fine.

No. 664410

>If she is pregnant, and a man unloads inside of her, then the fetus will die and liquify over the next 10 days.
This shit is bordering on Satanic. I hate scrotes.

No. 664413

> he is giving them two nights to let him know and he will ask for a lesser punishment for those who confess.
Meaning he doesn't know shit.

Plus in your case it's only about one question that could potentionally look like you got it from google, right? If there's students who probably copied the whole test from Chegg while your answer to the question is in line with the rest of your test and how you perform in general, then there should be no problem? I assume the answer to the question on Chegg was correct, that basically means that everyone who studied well and answered correctly can be accused of cheating, that makes no sense.

The man knows nothing and has no proof.

No. 664414

File: 1604236268659.jpg (63.63 KB, 634x793, proxy-image.jpg)

I googled to see what you were talking about, and this is disgusting, lmao. He looks like a full-on drag queen. Ru Paul shit.
Any man who's aroused by this is barely even attracted to women (if at all), so they shouldn't worry about being heterosexual anymore. They are pornosexual.

No. 664415

Yeah I agree with this. Tbh I think they’re kind of sexy in anime porn or whatever I won’t lie (not the specifics, those descriptors are weird as fuck but the aesthetic on a drawing is kind of nice if that makes sense?) but I find having specific ones strange… I just thought it was a generic tattoo design, I didn’t actually know they were intended to “do” different things depending on design.

No. 664436

The “Leaves” candle from bath and body works is so disappointing. Its notes are Crisp Red Apple, Golden Nectar, Warm Clove Spice. That isn’t a leaf. You would want something warm yet crisp. Something deep and relaxing, not bright fruits masking and suppressing the clove note.

No. 664438

Do you ever remember something and it feels like it's happening now? I'm not thinking about this stuff on purpose, it's just some weird memory that feels realistic. I don't like it.

No. 664449

sounds like a ptsd flashback

No. 664465

Lol no I don't have ptsd.

No. 664490

File: 1604245313392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 288.97 KB, 966x1000, sample-bdb3c209ca7e6223bb8fe1c…)

Speaking of porn shit that always leaves me feeling like shit, I always accidentaly stumble upon this kind of weird coomer art with so much explanation on that it's imposible to not assume the person who drew it and the scrotes that enjoy it are fucking schizos and I would rather run if I saw it.

I once saw one that was basically saying how a perfect woman should be, with very exaggerated features saying and text same as >>664320 with impossible bodily functions and a big enphasis on cum. I couldn't find it and honestly I'm not gonna go find it, but I found a very similar one to illustrate what I'm trying to say. I fucking hate this and it makes me so uncomfortable to think maybe more men than what I would had liked to think are into this crap

No. 664496

Insanely stupid.

No. 664512

I posted some time ago asking for help fixing an incel that I met recently and the anons who responded me are right. I don't exist to fix a man. I just feel like I'm at the end of my rope you know? I've been suicidal my whole life, low self esteem, the nines. I just don't think I can take much more loneliness. I'm almost 30 and feel like my window of opportunity to experience that kind of companionship is closing. It's hard for me to meet people and make friends, I'm socially stunted as fuck.

No. 664514

I have an ugly vagina. Not just any ugly vagina. On top of being dark (on my pale ass self), not smooth, ballsack-tier skin - i had a botched labiaplasty. My lips were wrinkly and disgusting and i paid a guy a whole monthly earning (of a minimum wage worker) to only get uneven, smaller but more wrinkly labia.

I HATE my vag, im gonna die a virgin because i'll be too ashamed to let a guy near me. I fucking hate it. I tried to improve the color but nothing worked.

Currently wanna break up with my first bf so he doesnt see it.

No. 664519

Literally no one who eats pussy cares what it looks like, man or woman. Take it from me, pussy eater and eatee with a normal non porn star looking vagina. It's always the virgins who are so concerned about the appearance of their's and other's genitals kek. Also stop watching so much porn

No. 664520

Anon. I’m sure your vagina is fine and normal. Even “ugly” vaginas look fine and normal, your partner will not care about it as much as you do. Hell my vagina is pretty ugly imo but whatever, no partner, male or female, has ever insulted it. I’m sorry you feel that way about yours, but seriously, I’m sure it looks completely normal and fine. Porn star vags are not the standard.

No. 664522

File: 1604250185644.png (264.21 KB, 399x453, 742.png)

Why do scrotes always have to shame womens bodies so much? god i fucking hate it, i seriously hate it. I had body image issues once and it really fucking messed me up so badly, i would constantly wear very big sweaters even in summer just to hide my skinny wrist and how i look overall. I would be constantly called a skeleton or anorexic and told to eat a burger. It ruined my self esteem so much, i binge ate until i felt sick, it was so unhealthy for me.

Also, melanie martinez one of my favorite artists and who still inspires me to this day put out a music video, where she showed off her body and danced and just expressed herself, and scrotes had the nerve to body shame her and tell her to put clothes on and tell her that she looks disgusting, and even joked about her being pregnant just because she had a small bump on her tummy which every woman has.

It just makes me sick anons, why can't scrotes shut the fuck up for once and let women be themseldes for just one fucking minute, why can't we just be ourselfes without some coomer scrote telling us that our body is wrong? it's just making me so frustrated, i just wanna punch a wall.

No. 664527

ok just have to get this off my chest bc i can't spread this info irl/it's not my place to

tl;dr my friend's boyfriend is murdered and accomplices flee the county

someone i was friend's w was dating this guy, he was 29 she was 21. off the bat i was like, friend (we'll call her cara), this doesn't seem right. she becomes isolated from our friend group and overall it seems very toxic. turns out he raped/sexually assaulted a lot of people, including a friend. cara apparently knew this but she didn't believe it. i told her i couldn't continue being her friend, that she was being manipulated and she knows she shouldn't be doing this. i'll be there for her in that regard of navigating this abusive man, but i couldn't associate with her because her bf (we'll call him ryan) sexually assaulted a lot of people. she framed it as a he said/she said bc apparently a lot of his (male) friends were vouching for him. i understand kinda? what it's like to be in love with someone and not wanting to believe what they've done. though that's so frustrating and very very wrong and i've explained that to her a lot.

a few days after meeting him (where he showed up uninvited to my other friend's apartment w cara), he goes missing. it turned into days, weeks, months. i think it's been four or five months now. his motorcycle was found in in a middle of nowhere with the plates taken off and that's all the info (mostly) everybody knew

yesterday, i was with friends and one leaves the room bc he's getting a phone call from his brother. granted, him and his brother apparently deal drugs and associate heavily in that "culture", and so did ryan. his disappearance definitely had to be due to that. it's suspected he was dealing laced coke also).
anyhow, the friend i was w yesterday gets off the phone and comes back in the room and says he knows exactly what happened to ryan. keep in mind they were strongly affiliated and weren't making this up

so the friend tells us ryan had been basically bludgeoned to death by these two people with a tire iron in the middle of the nowhere and thrown into a body of water and the two accomplices fled to a different country. i'm so shocked but have an okay time knowing he won't be around to hurt anyone else but my friend is still madly in love w him. last night turned into me consoling her for hours, not really knowing what to say because she's talking about how much she loves him when like, he sexually assaulted my friend and it feel very immoral and uncomfortable to be associating with her. she's very unstable rn..it's very complicated and i don't really know how to handle this situation

lastly, the police and FBI are on the case and know what happened, they just aren't sharing details. i've never witnessed something like this. apparently the FBI found his phone? and have def seen my texts me and my friends sent him at like 5 am kinda making fun of him via voice messages. i think it would be funny if i was implicated

but yeah, this man was bludgeoned to death and dead as fuck

No. 664538

Anti-vent update: I didn't have to do jack shit today after all, yay!

No. 664547

I've been doing NaNoWriMo for the last few years. I've been part of a writing community that moved over to Discord when it became popular with a lot of cool and fun people to chat with. Main reason for doing the event was because I enjoyed the conversations and fun we had.

Now the Discord has been taken over by the most boring people I've met online. No one wants to talk about their projects because they're too shy or worse - "I just don't want anyone stealing my ideas". The one writer giving out advice is a grown man who writes and self-publishes erotica on Amazon (who for some reason isn't banned even though there's 13 year olds in the chat).

The admins are the worst. One admin threatened to ban someone for talking about Christmas because "the holiday season is actually really triggering for me", then left the server and had her other admin friend tell us what horrible people we are for ruining her day and that she might never come back (she came back the same day).

People ask others not to announce how many words they have written because they feel bad for having written less. There are designated channels for everything, so even when you do get a conversation going, admins will usually yell at you if you have gone off-topic even slightly, forcing you to jump back and forth between channels to avoid a ban.

I tried to get into one of the voice channels when I saw a few people there. Everyone were muted and wrote back "uhm, I'm too shy to talk, I just wanna listen to other people talk, lol" when I asked if anyone heard me.

And these are mostly people from the age of 25 and older, it's not like they're socially awkward teenagers. I miss the old, shitty forum I used to talk to my writing buddies in.

No. 664550

If your reasoning was the same as the chegg reasoning then all that means is that it is a correct or common answer. If you didn't change your answer you haven't done anything wrong and have nothing to feel guilty over. Those answers might have been put up by the professor himself to check for cheaters. When they do that most of the answers are right, but some are really absurdly wrong and they use the wrong ones for evidence.

No. 664563

I remember burning myself on a stove because I wanted to see if it was hot, when I was like 7 or 8. My parents were out and my brother was doing God knows what in his room. We had a guy from Mexico staying with us and while I was crying he came up to see what was going on. He then brought me to the basement and put me on his lap and just started kissing my head. I remember being really uncomfortable and trying to walk away. He held on really tight to me and wouldn't let me walk away. I tried telling my mom about it some years later and she just said it was because he had sisters back in Mexico and was just trying to make me feel better.

It probably wasn't even that bad. I just can't shake the feeling that other stuff happened with this guy but I also felt that way towards my two of my cousins because I have foggy memories of CSA and they all look alike. It makes sense considering how I developed and interacted with older men in middle school but I don't know.

No. 664569

File: 1604256466800.jpg (70.03 KB, 971x1080, cute-happy-smiling-tooth-with-…)

i'm 20 and my bottom row of teeth gums are receding so badly that the gums skin is translucent..before you ask i had an illness that caused frequent vomiting, fuck i'm too poor to fix this i am so depressed that i'm going to lose my fucking teeth so young

No. 664571

Honestly Discorcd is the worst except as a communication tool between close friends, there will always be some snowflake who gets to make special rules because something is too triggering etc.

No. 664578

File: 1604257278976.jpg (20.08 KB, 512x418, unnamed (2).jpg)

I went to bed last night depressed and woke up still feeling pretty depressed. It almost came outta nowhere, and it was the works: Feeling like a failed and phony person, feeling like no one really likes me and the few that do only like me for utility, wishing I could just not wake up, feeling rejected by friends, etc.

I feel too old to still feel this way. I'm 29. I hate that this never gets better and it always comes back around to stab me in the ass. I don't even know if any of it is actually true or not.

No. 664582

Having one of those days where I just want to buy stuff because I’m bored. Thinking about holiday gifts but I don’t want to keep them in my room for two months

No. 664587

I feel you anon

No. 664603

This is so fucking true. I got hung drawn and quartered on a server I was on because I dared to post mature fanfic in the 18+ fic room, complete with noting potential triggers. This person didnt dm me about it but instead the owner called me out in front of everyone, made me feel awful for doing nothing wrong and then she dm'd me in private apologising for having to do that to please someone.

No. 664613

Not to be a grief hog but I'm 30 and feel this almost constantly. I know what steps I need to do though that will help but I keep delaying them idk

No. 664618

I had a pretty alarming symptom today involving blood that I have never had before. It could be something very bad but I'm terrified of going to the doctor.
Every time I go, the doctor doesn't give a fuck and just says I'm faking it because the most basic tests say nothing. So I guess I just have to deal thing immense pain because even though they make a ton of money they don't care to actual do their job.
Anyway i guess I'll just fucking die.

No. 664635

Some doctors get butthurt when you tell them you don't feel they're listening to a word you say, but take you a little more seriously for a while.
Depending where you are it's easier said than done, but can you find another doctor?

No. 664636

COVID prevented me from enjoying any candy corn pumpkin this year. This has caused me emotional distress.

No. 664644

I'm getting so paranoid about getting some illness that every itch, every cough, etc makes me think I'm going to die even if is nothing too painful or consistent and lots of that stuff I have had since I was a child. I'm still anxious about losing weight even if it was voluntary since I decided to stop eating sugar and other crap

No. 664648

Fuck emotionally unavailable scrotes. My friend just recently got into a relationship that's practically the complete opposite of the one she was in before (i.e. last year). I'm very happy for her because she's finally getting the love and attention she deserves, but it still pisses me off that she had to be tormented by a dude for half of last year because she was so convinced that dickhead would "man up" and treat her better. She used to call me in tears or have earnest conversations with me in our cars about how little effort he was putting into their relationship (alongside her cope that their sex was the best she'd ever had). To this day, he still acts like a child and unloads his baggage onto people in order to make them miserable along with him. Granted, we're all at ages where we still have some brain development to go, but we're nonetheless all adults and he needs to start acting like one.

No. 664652

I've been to about 5 different doctors for various things and its always the same. They all himt at me just faking it and now I'm going crazy thinking they are right. Like I'm in serious pain but also having a break down because what if I'm a psycho who is actually faking and even lying to myself.
I'm in shit hole country America so I end up spending hundreds an appointment for a doctor to do absolutely nothing and gaslight me so he never has to actually do his job.

No. 664656

I think my family is legit made of mentally ill people. We're on a month long lockdown and my little sister brought her bf at home behind everyone's back just because she was bored. Then after I came back home from work I wanted to cook something fast for dinner and keep leftovers to bring at work tomorrow and as usual my mother physically prevented me from cooking, did it herself with the food I bought specifically for me, ruined it, and after I got pissed at her for that and for my father always asking me to give him my food she threw a shit ton of rice she made for everyone, me included, just so I could starve tomorrow. While, again, preventing me from making my own rice after that. The fuck is wrong with these people?

Worst part in that is that I either buy my own ingredients to cook or so my mother can cook whenever she wants to prevent me from feeding myself like a normal person, or I buy cheap takeout order with my own money but on top of that they're asking me for money for food they'll buy that they won't let me cook or eat, or that I won't even need since I can order food outside when there's no lockdown. And for bills that don't concern me since they will strictly forbid me and my siblings from showering everyday and will kick my door and insult me if I still my light on at 11pm. They bought the place so they don't need help for rent either. Why the fuck should I give my money to these people if they'll spend it on them and not on me as well?

No. 664659

I feel you anon. Also amerifat and I've switched doctors several times to try to find one who takes what I say seriously, but I've pretty much given up.

My last doctor definitely made me feel like he thought I was faking it too, it was such a weird feeling because I had already taken tests that confirmed what I was experiencing. There was tangible proof of what I was saying, but he still made these kind of snarky comments like "wow anon, you're here again, you must love going to the doctor," no bitch I hate it here, each visit is $100, diagnose me already for the love of fuck.

No. 664679

Not to make it about me but god I'm so envious that her low effort scrote is a piece of shit throughout, and that you stan for your friend.
My low effort scrote, while a terrible and inconsiderate asshole who only was with me out of convenience, is a beloved and charismatic friend to everyone so much that even my own friends and family still interact with him.
I hate it. And because I didn't meltdown after I ended things no one even realizes the shit he put me through, and of course if I bring it up now I'll look like a jealous psycho trying to retcon what was to most outsiders a mediocre relationship that was probably my fault being that I'm the woman. I'm hurt cause my close friends who I even vented to during his worse shit against me wound up liking his social media statuses when he announced he was engaged. Fucking ugh.

All this to say you sound like a good friend anon, she'll need you more than you think.

No. 664686

Nta, but smh those friends suck. Anybody who is in your side are the real ones, I promise you. I’m sorry you’re going through that, scrotes get far too much lenience for god knows what reason.

No. 664689

If women werent stupid and obsessed with vanity and luxary they would opt for better jobs in STEM and tougher earlier hours as well as life sacrificing jobs like mining, military and the police force it exists for a reason in western democracy it may differ in communist nations. Instead they study shit like psychology and history. Honestly discussion about this shit just makes me ashamed to be apart of such a retarded sex sometimes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 664691

I’ve dug myself a very deep hole and I’m so behind in every sense and I don’t know what to do

No. 664694

File: 1604266939052.jpg (24.55 KB, 494x494, 1581134881730.jpg)

I am thinking about something that you are anon but I won't be the one getting a ban for it, anon.

No. 664695

File: 1604267101354.jpg (168.71 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

My new pet peeve is people who advertise their clothes and stuff on ebay and depop with thirst trap pictures. Great bodies but I just wanna see good photos of the clothes tbh.

>Pic related: the top is for sale and this is the only picture the seller uploaded

No. 664699

I know it's not anyone's job to listen to other people's problems and pains but I still wish I had someone to talk to that won't shame me or use what I say against me. I find it hard to keep everything to myself.

No. 664702

They look like if a stick of jerky got a face lift.

No. 664703

Ayrt, and I'm really sorry you had to go through that. It's really shitty when you're unable to explain to other people how severely someone has wronged you in the past. Especially when they're charming to everyone else. Even if you've mostly moved past them, the harm they've caused may always linger. I hope you're doing better for the most part now. I also hope you find some friends who know how to treat you and your experiences better ♥

My friend's ex actually is pretty well-respected by the general population because he knows how to maintain appearances outside of the people he interacts with on a day-to-day basis. He's very accomplished and attends one of the most prestigious schools in our country. Under the surface though, he's really detached from those closest to him and liked to play games of cat and mouse where he shifted from "get away from me" to "I know! I'm shitty but I want to get better" and then never did. Toward the end, my friend was still convinced they might get back together in 5 year's time. She only just now getting over him and realizing she's worth more than that.

No. 664705

I get how you feel, but that's what therapists are for.

No. 664707

I also feel like this lately anon. I legit think I'm going to go sleep one day and then not wake up. I have like a bit of a cough sometimes, faster heart rate and dizziness and my mind immediately tells me I'm dying. I don't understand why I'm like this.

No. 664709

Sounds like we still need "ultra-feminine and women dominated uwu" careers like English teachers for people like you, anon. Bait or not, what a terrible take.

"Why don't people sign up to risk their lives like in the good old days?!?" The 1950s are the other way.

No. 664711

Therapists cost money, and I'm really not willing to have another one tell me, while laughing at my face, that my problems don't exist.

No. 664712

this is just anna khachiyan if you take away the words neoliberal and girlboss

No. 664735

my stupid druggy ass rubbed mandy powder into my gums and now they are all covered in ulcers aaa

No. 664755

Wasted 200 on new dresses that don't fit correctly because of my linebacker shoulders. Being athletic and still trying to fit into women's clothing is a nightmare. Even tried out the Kibbe test and it didn't work out.

No. 664757

Serious question, where do you get that shit? I've been thinking about going though edibles sellers considering my state has been known to literally bust people while searching for that stuff.

No. 664760

>>664757 its generally hard to find, I have to go out of town to get it from a dealer. Some dealers like to crank up the prices so watch you don't get scammed anon.

No. 664764

Sometimes I do my bpd thing with males. Act crazy and clingy. They claim I'm crazy and fuck off, Only to come back a few weeks later trying to fuck me again. At this point i don't like them anymore, so they start acting clingy and trying to get me to like them. I thought I was crazy? Why are you still at it!

Makes no sense kek

No. 664777

It annoys me so much when I see women refer to themselves as “bimbos” online and pretend to be stupid to appeal to men. Genuinely sickening and embarrassing, it really makes me wonder who they’re trying to attract with that schtick.

No. 664790

>>664777 most if not every woman with a bimbo fetish/uses it to appeal to men need mental help asap

No. 664794

How the fuck do lesbians ever get
together? It seems most women expect me to do alllll the work. Being the only one to always start the conversation, asking out and upholding our conversations gets real tiring real fast.
And then when I think "Oh okay, guess she's not interested, better leave her alone", I find out the girl has been crying over me for weeks? Like maybe make an effort.
God I'm gonna die alone, aren't I?

No. 664804

I dont want sex. I just want affection and to be cute. I dont care what gender I get this from but it's so hard…everyone just wants sex now

No. 664806

Also when they refer to themselves as MILFS.

No. 664816

I feel you anon… Im not interested in sex and I feel like itll be impossible to find a gf, since not wanting sex just labels you as a fake lesbian…

No. 664832

I'm in 2 group projects and they are both talking about me in the group chat because I haven't said anything. Why do I have to have anxiety over talking with people. I dont even fucking know. I hate group projects. I wish I could do it alone. Maybe I'll just not do anything and take the L. They already hate me.

No. 664838

I have a really close friend who goes in and out of phases of being kind of irritable with me whenever we hang out/call whatever. It doesn't happen all the time, so whenever it does happen it always catches me offguard. I don't know if it's because I'm being too spergy right now since I've been really fixated on a few topics recently, but I feel like in our friendship we both like to overshare about our fixations and that it's usually fine. My mental health hasn't been great recently (hence the recent fixations) and I had to rant to her a few days ago about my stress and I'm not sure if maybe I said something during the rant that ticked her off or something. I should just give her some space, but it always hurts whenever you can tell that a close friend is openly irritated at you- not even for doing something wrong but for being too much of yourself or something. I can't help but constantly ruminate over what I might have said that ticked her off, if this is a sign that I'm a toxic friend/annoying person, or if it's even me.

No. 664855

>I dont want sex.
The culture is over saturated with it. It's always promoted in the mainstream. I think there's a decent balance somewhere but most people it seems are at either extreme.

There are also probably a lot of people who think they're not into sex when they're really just demisexual.

No. 664860

I think I understand where you’re coming from anon. Are you sure your friend is irritated with you? Has she/he ever said that? Maybe they’re just going through their own shit and it comes across as irritation towards you.

No. 664877

I just saw that puppy pic in snow and feel like I’m going to throw up… why are people so evil

No. 664880

I spare no words when I say I hope that bitch dies a painful and agonizing death for the torment she forced upon that dog. People who abuse animals have no soul

No. 664881

i won't even look at it because i know i'll want to kill myself but i held my dog closer to me after reading about it… people who do that to animals need to be put down. that may be edgy to say, but idc considering they WILL move on to humans too eventually. if they haven't already.

No. 664884

File: 1604284767955.jpg (46.45 KB, 498x536, die.jpg)

Entering my late 20s is weird, because I always thought I'd die before I hit my 30s. Like from HS onwards I just kinda lived with this weird countdown in my head. Probably in part because after my suicide attempt at like 15, I decided to try to live until my 30th bday at least. Then I could go. But I don't really want to die anymore.

So the idea of my 30th birthday just being a few years away is weird. Because It's (probably) going to happen. I'm going to wake up on my birthday in the future, be 30 and life is just going to continue the same as it ever was. idk if I'm making any sense, It's just an abstract kind of feel

No. 664887

Same, and time seems to pass faster too. I'm in my early 20s and yet I feel like I'll be 30 tomorrow.

No. 664896

My dumbass clicked on the zoosadism thread since it got bumped. I am so angry and fuck why oh why did I look? I hate people, and I hate this stupid world. Sorry for emotional sperging. But fuck man, why why why do I breathe the same air as these cunts.

No. 664897

I was going to kill myself at 25 but something stopped me.
I still feel like I am too old to do pursue my goals and that I should just give up. Do you feel that way?

I try to remember people who are older than me that I admire who achieved greater things at older ages. Like Junji Ito who only started making manga at age 37.

Being older means we know what we want out of life more. If I made decisions when I was younger that decided the direction of the rest of my life I would be trapped in a mindstate I was not proud of.

idk if I'm making sense. I'm probably just rambling. Heh. Sorry. Just talking.

No. 664945

You're not too old to do anything. There's moms out there that end up going for their doctorates after their children are old enough. You have to make massive adjustments, but it's absolutely possible to meet goals

No. 664946

Anyone else experience migraines and nausea after crying for a long time? I've always been a crybaby, but when I start it often continues for hours (anxiety and depression largely contribute to this problem). It's very annoying and in the past some of my loved ones have thought they were just crocodile tears which is truly not the case. This happened yesterday when my bf and I broke up. I wish men could be more empathetic.

No. 664951

Dead animals warning

No. 664952

my bad

No. 664953

wasn't gore, a coyote treed a raccoon and they both died, if anyone worries it was like the shit in the furry animal abuse thread

No. 664974

File: 1604301598399.jpg (55.73 KB, 600x394, m00cfykzeb851.jpg)

some extroverts are so exhausting…one of my coworkers gets so salty when people don't hang out with him. One of our other coworkers hangs out with him like every week and he also hangs out with his wife and her friends a lot. I work 40+ hour weeks and have lots of solo hobbies and interests, I like my own company the best. I don't know a way to tell this dude I don't want to hang out and it's not because I hate him, I just don't hang out with ANYONE. I could understand his hurt if I was Plan B-ing him but I'm not.

No. 664980

Had an extrovert like that in my sports club, she hangs out with everyone. I refused her for drinks twice in a row and she took it personally. Even though I said I'm just not feeling it now, but I'd like to go out another time. Bitch hates me now and doesn't refrain from showing it. Some people, smh

No. 664988

I may come across as a pussy but I accidentally saw something extremely gruesome and I am regretting my existence. Desecration of a corpse is revolting, terrible. It pains me to think about it. Human beings are beasts. Being selfish but I hope I am just cremated in peace and I don't suffer from a violent, public, humiliating death. All the bodies thrown on the streets after brutal murder to be gawked at, what the fuck. It's insane to think about, and I don't want to think about it.

No. 664992

anon are you me?
I work in a small company with all men unfortunately and one guy is super nice but way too extroverted and i felt bad always shooting him down for stuff but luckily he didn't get too offended by it. Even the boss is obsessed with "going out for a pint", i dont even drink and they make a huge deal out of it as if I've offended them that someone in their early 20s doesn't want to be blackout drunk with a group of older men. Tbh, being very introverted and a woman has pushed me into a corner at this job and im almost always left out or considered last because of it, i might not want to go stuff after work but you could at least include me in normal conversations.

i feel you anon, shits hard.

No. 664993

In the same way that people with anxiety disorders sometimes pass as 'just introverted' I think alot of people like to label themselves as extroverted when they are clingy or too emotionally dependant on others.

No. 664996

That's so strange, do these people not have friends? While we appreciate each other at work, nobody really wants to hang out with their coworkers when the shift is over, and you'd have to shoot me to make me have a drink with my boss and managers.

No. 664998

I'll be 22 tomorrow and I already feel old, in the sense that things are settled now and nothing new in my life is going to happen. It feels that from now on things will always be the same until I die one day.
One of the reasons I think is that when I was younger I thought that in my early to late twenties my life would become initeresting and I'd be able to do things I was never able to before, but in reality I got ill and now I'm nothing like I used to be 5 years ago. And as time goes on, it keeps getting worse. I wanted to die when I was younger, but I was strong and I could bear with those thoughts while working to reach my goals. Now that I want to live I'm plagued by illness and everything is dull. I see my future in my parents and grandparents' suffering from illnesses and depression.

No. 664999

Tfw SIL hates me to guts and wishes her life was like mine, but I can't help feeling sorry for her because I see the obvious signs of incoming eating disorder because of her stupid 'diet'. (And speaking from ED hell experience) She have always been obsessed with her being fat, but she also literally has that 'fridge-shaped' bodytype (the same as Dasha from /pt/ threads on her modeling photos). Sometimes I want to tell her 'Damn, girl, love yourself instead of being jealous of everyone'.

No. 665006

I recently got a new job, but it barely pays more than the one I had before so I'm going to have to find a weekend job as well, but I'm overqualified for cleaning, and waitress type jobs because I have a degree. Also I would have trouble finding a new main job because I'm at an age where I'm expected to pop out kids and even the manager at this new place asked me if I'm planning them in the near future….which I'm not, but this whole situation is so annoying

No. 665069

I know I’m a little late, but same. That’s exactly how I feel, completely worthless and lacking any semblance of motivation. All I want to do is lay in bed all day. In the dark. I don’t have a job and I made some very poor life decisions leading to my lack of success. I was a hopeless poly-drug addict and ruined any opportunity (college, jobs, etc.) I was given because of that. I honestly couldn’t wait to finally have a fatal overdose. I had many, but none were fatal. Even before addiction, I had been miserable since age 12, sometimes unable to go to school because I was crying so hard and couldn’t get myself to stop. Everyone was so mean to me, I was being severely bullied (I wore dark clothes at a time when everyone wore Hollister) but I was miserable anyway. I despised everyone and everything, especially all the happy girls at that high school. To this day I dream of getting revenge on those who wronged me, those who bullied me in school, those who sexually assaulted me during my addiction, those who physically abused me, those who took advantage of me, and those who treated me like shit. I had a crazy turn of life events recently and without giving away too much, was gifted something that felt like it gave me joy and purpose. I’m glad I have a sense of those feelings at all now, but it still isn’t coming from within, and it’s still just not enough to drive me to make any improvements. I’m so much happier than I was a couple years ago, but still more miserable than 99% of people I know. Sometimes I think this is as good as it’s going to get, and that really bums me out. I’ve tried so many medications, and so many therapists. Sucks.

No. 665095

I’m so damn pisssed at my boss for not letting us go into home office. I work at a damn online company. But it’s not “relevant “ right now. Btw were in our second lockdown. I will quit the second i have another offer

No. 665096

My country is back in a temporarily stricter lockdown to try and get virus numbers down before xmas. I went shopping yesterday and discovered the store I usually shop at has brought back 'elderly hours' again and just didn't announce it. I didn't know til I already walked there. Cool, I can't drive because of epilepsy and I live alone in the wettest (never stops raining!) part of my country so this shit annoyed me the first time round and here we are again. I walk back home a couple miles in the rain without any shopping.

I go out again today, this time within the right hours. People have been panic buying again.. why are we doing this shit again?? Last time this happened it was the elderly shoppers going in first thing in the morning and filling their cars with toiletries, bleach, cleaners etc. Now the moment that those hours are brought back there is no toilet roll to be found in the store. I was initially just annoyed that it's already hard for me to find dry times to head out shopping.. but I really didn't think people were stupid enough to repeat the toilet paper stockpiling.

No. 665105

so fucking tired of my binge eating i'm considering just spending all of my food expenses on booze and replacing all my meals with vodka until i die of alcohol poisoning

No. 665109

Kek I feel this, I just eat obscene amounts of popcorn and drink black coffee/SF red bull.

No. 665110

File: 1604329508588.jpg (46.17 KB, 500x500, sadd.jpg)

Can't even describe how much I despise my government, instead of preparing for the 2nd wave of rona-chan, they have been shitting on LGBT the whole fucking summer
Now thanks to some lord farquaad looking like pick me women's rights are in serious danger here, rona stats skyrocketed to 20k per day, and people are constantly protesting (which I support wholeheartedly)
I have been in therapy for the first time in my whole life this year but the chaos outside makes me slowly lose my progress and the only thing I can think about is jebac pis

No. 665112

i dont get the point in protesting over a virus that’s not gonna make it go away

No. 665115

File: 1604330049480.jpg (51.04 KB, 700x394, 55404953_401.jpg)

jesus christ anon, people are not protesting a virus but complete abortion ban and women being forced to give birth to dead/retarded children, no matter what, even if the mother is killed in the process. Read the news

No. 665116

the protesting is for women's rights, sorry i I worded it incorrectly (esl here after all)

No. 665140

Election day is tomorrow here in burgerland. I'm just sitting here, somewhere between hopelessness, apathy, and rage. Everything in my life feels like it's going so right for once, but I still feel the urge to kill myself because it feels like the only way to escape from this hell we're all living in. I know I should go out and protest, get involved in my community, do something, but it all feels so hopeless.

No. 665141

File: 1604331868261.png (106.6 KB, 811x821, 63148330_p40.png)

my birthday is tomorrow
i live in new york

No. 665145

treat yourself to some good food or a nice gift anon, even if it means you have to get it delivered, you deserve it, and I hope you have a happy birthday!

No. 665164

Oh god. Get yourself your favorite treat/s and food today, anon. I hope you get to enjoy yourself despite the hell that will inevitably erupt around you regardless of outcome. Happy early birthday!!!!

No. 665178

File: 1604334457407.jpeg (124.16 KB, 750x389, FF84F645-9EEA-4923-8C9B-C58AC9…)

I wish this site had more discussion about normie influencers, blogsnark is filled with posts like picrel and it’s all just so much projection and OT it makes me wanna lose it, every other post is like “I’m having daily panic attacks over the election and these influencers are doing NOTHING with their platform” or oblig “I haven’t left my house in 8 months and no one else is taking covid seriously enough”. I just want milk!!! Idc about your politics!!!!

No. 665189

I'm in a self destructive NEET circle, corona made it so much worse for me. Today I've been fighting with my mom about how useless and worthless I am.
I just want to die but I can't kms because I'm afraid of pain, fuck I'm so useless.

No. 665194

eurofag here, I'm as far from USA elections as can be but considering how important USA politics are for the world, it's hard to not be stressed out for you all. How long after the election the final results come? I hope there will be no riots regardless of who wins but ofc for the sake of the world I have a preferred result

No. 665198

nta but usually the results are out by the next morning, this year it might take a little longer though

No. 665204

My preferred result would be for Trump to win, so that the EU stops worshipping the US and hopefully my country stops being so influenced by grievance politics so that we can actually deal with our issues. Go Trump.

No. 665207

Samefag actually no, let me take that last comment back because identity politics definitely got worse under Trump. At least the US are getting off that pedestal and they EU is tentatively moving its fat arse.

No. 665214

EU is worshipping USA? I thought it's the other way around.

No. 665224

>Go Trump
One minute later..
>Samefag actually no, let me take that last comment back

No. 665233

there is a human i am unfortunately related to whom I hate with a passion because they are truly a horrible person. They should have died like 4 times in the last two weeks due to two major surgeries and complications. The fucker isn't dying and is definitely just as shitty as he was before. I was hoping he would have a new lease on life and learn to appreciate things a bit more, but no. He's harassing the nurses in the hospital taking care of him and now wants to come home way earlier than he should. I hope he fucking dies.

No. 665240

I honestly do not care who people vote for, I honestly don't care if people advocate for voting, but it really grinds my gears when people guilt others for not voting or voting for somebody who isn't the big two. Most of this guilt is coming from the well off upper middle class and they all go "You're so privileged, you're not participating/voting 3rd party because it clearly doesn't affect you." Which is an extremely retarded take based on lies and assumptions. Majority of non voters and 3rd party voters are working class and poor. Given the fact a lot of those in poverty are more likely to have negative experiences regarding the government in some way, it makes sense.

No. 665244

Since when does the US give a shit about the EU? We still depend on America and OTAN. It's past time for the EU to finally become a political superpower, not only an economic one.

No. 665248

Agreed. I see all my liberal friends getting pissy about non-voters n I’m like kek why. I get it. I was talking about the big two w my boyfriend the other day, and in the middle of saying good things about Biden, I felt sick and had to stop and said, “I can’t believe I’m defending a pedophile and liar. Never mind, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Fuck them both. I’m still voting, but honestly power to the non or 3rd party voters.

No. 665249

I'm so genuinely unhappy, I don't even know where to begin when I think of how to start feeling content.

No. 665251

What's wrong in your life?

No. 665253

I couldn't have gotten a job anywhere before COVID, nothing has changed since the pandemic started. I have no experience and the only job offers I got were the pyramid schemes. It's not like I apply everywhere without qualifications, I'm talking about basic retail jobs.

No. 665263

File: 1604343612683.png (294.63 KB, 491x460, 6767ea39-73b4-49c8-b187-9a2318…)

Nope, he died. All because of fucking covid. If he hadn't caught it he could've lived like 5-10+ years.

This will be the first time I had a family member die and the second time I've ever been at a funeral. I don't want to do this. I wish we could've cremated him so he would finally come home.

No. 665264

We will another lockdown in my country soon, I hope that this time people don't come out to their balconies blasting music at 8 pm to celebrate the healthcare workers somehow. We are devastated, people are suffering financially, elders are being wiped out and young people are screwed with another crisis like in 2008. I can't with this feelgood shit, we are fucked. Call me bitter but I need to vent.

No. 665266

ANON! I'm sorry :,,,(

No. 665267

>last year of college, failing important classes
>career aspects not looking good
>depressed to where i can barely get out of bed
>in therapy but its not working (gotta find another lady i'm just not compatible with the current person im seeing, whole process is a pain in the ass with how insurance is)
>ugly as fuck
>only form of intimacy ive ever experienced has been sexual assault/abuse
>constantly fatigued
>think about past events, become suicidal again
>wonder why life is even worth living or why im trying when i dont see anything worth doing
>gun laws in my area became stricter/too much of a coward to jump off a bridge

No. 665269

I'm added in a group for women's networking and there's a woman making a post for suggestions as to what kind of job her scrote husband can transfer to that makes $60k+ base cause wahhh her husband doesn't want to be an assist grocery store manager anymore cause muh hours. This guy has a GED and I'm assuming 10 years of experience.
So what? I know women with equal entry level experience and master's degrees and they're sure as shit don't make $60k despite busting ass and juggling family. Why can't scrotes just be grateful and do the fucking work? Why does this fix-it Felicia feel the need to post job feelers for her MAN on a WOMAN'S networking page…

No. 665270

My retarded computer wasn’t working right before class so I restarted it and it’s been updating for 10 fucking min and now I’m late

No. 665271

File: 1604344254516.png (35.72 KB, 642x539, 15649876516.png)

Not from covid but yeah…hug someone you love and cry it out

No. 665272

I really wish u could enjoy casual sex. I'm the kind of person who actually has to like or respect the person in some way to cum.

I see all these people telling about hooking up and I feel left out because I never enjoy them…

No. 665273

I'm so sorry anon. That sounds so hard. Fuck 2020 and fuck covid

No. 665275

Fuck, my condolences anon. I'm sending you a virtual hug.

No. 665277

Anon, I'm so sorry. Prayers for you and your family right now. Its so hard to have a family member die for the first time, especially someone you are so close to, and I hope that your family can support each other and you can have a funeral with whats going on right now. Lots of love, my condolences.

No. 665281

I'm so sorry, anon. Wish there was more I could do than just sending words through a screen. I hope you have people around you who can support you right now and that you can make it through this difficult time. Wishing you the best.

No. 665285

im so fucking sorry anon, god thats horrible. i wish you the best.

No. 665286

This is so hearbreaking, I remember your past post and hoping it will be fine with your dad. I'm so sorry, this is just the worst, please be well

No. 665288

File: 1604345827718.png (33.95 KB, 181x180, 1560681382961.png)

My narc mother telling my dad (they're divorced) that there's something "horrible happening with me", implying that I am sick/depressed/whatever and that the best cure is "me moving back to hometown and live with her". Yea, try better, bitch.
Needless to say, I'm slowly healing and doing better, learning new things. It's been so long since I've had anxiety stomach pain and I would never come back to living with her.

No. 665291

File: 1604345911268.gif (197.56 KB, 480x320, 4B2FF7F8-B848-4457-87CD-6467C4…)

I’m so sorry anon…my heart aches for you. I hope you can find some comfort.

No. 665293

Tried it for a while. I have more respect for a well designed dildo than any guy I fucked back then. Even the sex that I thought was good at the time doesn't age well when I think back to it. I don't know how common it is to look back and see it differently but that's been my experience.

No. 665302

You're doing good anon, stay very far away from your mom. She's only trying to keep you down for her personal gain.

No. 665313

i'm so sorry

No. 665316

I'm so sorry. I wish I could do something for you. Please think about seeing a psychologist or a therapist or doing anything that can help you.
I'm so, so fucking sorry. You shouldn't be going through this.

No. 665319

I'm so tired of my mom and her entitled bullshit. Writing her a letter explaining my anger towards her for verbally abusing me and refusing to treat me as anything other than an extension of herself throughout my childhood, was obviously a mistake and I should have just cut her off entirely. Since I told her that I hate how she always makes everything about her, now she does this annoying thing where she will still do things like text me and my siblings literal paragraph essay text messages out of nowhere about her life, and then at the end be like "I'm sorry for making it all about ME! Anyways, how are you?" If any of us actually respond to talk about ourselves, she can't do more than quickly text something like "great!" or just "like" the text and then stop responding.

She's never going to change. Everything she does is for herself and I don't think she's actually capable of acknowledging that other people exist. I think I'm ready to fully accept that now and will probably start slowly cutting her off. Thankfully we're already pretty low contact, but she still tries to guilt trip me into talking to her on the phone/more often by sending me tons of presents on my birthday or xmas (none of which I asked for). Ironically, this was one of the things I said in my letter that I hated. She has ALWAYS done this: tries to buy my love/forgiveness in the form of gifts (which are usually things that I don't even like/need), then lashes out at me if I don't respond the way she wants.

No. 665322

My significant other and I have finally broken off a several years long on again off again relationship. It had to happen, it got to the point where we barely seemed to enjoy each other's company and I was even kind of fearful of him, but I didn't anticipate that I would miss him as much as I do. All of my friends are too busy to console me rn, I don't hold it against them, but instead I've just been distracting myself by compulsively checking the threads here and watching stupid yt videos when I should be focussing on work.

No. 665326

I'm sorry anon. It sounds like it was definitely for the best if things had escalated to the point that you were afraid of him. What you're going through is totally normal. I went through the same when when my long-term relationship ended. My ex emotionally abused the shit out of me and I had gotten to the point that I wanted nothing to do with him anymore and even though he broke up with me first, I didn't protest at all and actually thanked him lmao. Actually having no contact with him for the first time was still pretty difficult for the first few months after the fact, though. It's going to be tough for a little while, but it does get better. If your friends aren't being responsive, there's always therapy. I don't know the nature of your guys' relationship, but if there was abuse there, then I'd actually recommend it.

No. 665330

I like to paint but it really fucks me up for the rest of the day. By the time I'm done my eyes are crossed and I feel dizzy and I have terrible neck pain.

No. 665347

Sounds like you just need to change your posture while you're painting anon.

No. 665353

I wish I could have one year without having to worry about my cousins because of a terror attack. Seriously fuck this shit. At least they answered quickly enough but seeing those footages being shared on Twitter and knowing that one of the poor victims could have easily been someone related to me sends chills down my spine.

No. 665368

A couple months ago, my ex ended our situationship because of outside factors. He told me it was never going to work out and even though I agreed it hurt like hell. I sent him a text every couple weeks but he blanked me, so I gave up

Today he posted stuff on his WhatsApp story, obviously hinting at me to call him (my city’s flag and a phone emoji). Immediately angered me because why not just call? Called him anyway and he started telling me about how his grandparents are really sick… doesn’t apologise for leaving me or ignoring me, not even when I ask…

I love him but he’s a fucking arsehole and I am disgusted with myself for accepting this shit

No. 665373

Block him on everything and don't respond to any future attempts to get your attention.

No. 665379

think I've got a sinus infection, one side of my face/sinus kills and has been leaking to the point where one nostril is red underneath. dunno how long i've had it for but it's not as bad as the ones I usually get so i've been ignoring it but it's fucking killing today
also withdrawing from bud, pray for me anons. gonna have to stop drinking if i'm on antibiotics so my alcoholic ass is going to suffer. also, it gives me thrush. that's the worst part. mouth thrush to the point where I can't even talk.
also gotta get an STD test cause my ex cheated on me HEAPS
fuck this, but I guess it could be worse. I mean, I know it could but still feels good to bitch.

No. 665386

I hate when people I just met touch my hair. They also ask if it's my natural color a lot but I don't mind it as much as the fact that they think it's ok to touch a stranger like that, I have high anxiety levels and I just don't like when anyone touches my hair, especially strangers, some people also don't believe it's real, I have natural golden blonde hair, the hair at the top is brighter than at the ends, and it's always been like this (when I was a small child people were accusing my mom of dying my hair), but it's not a huge problem, I just wish they stopped touching me. With women it's just uncomfortable, but with scrotes it gets really creepy, the worst were adult men doing this to me when I was like 12-13. I can hide my body but my hair? I guess I will just start hissing at people

No. 665390

Sat down and did the actual math and–in the best case scenario–assuming I don't have any other emergencies that require credit, I can have my credit debt paid off in 7 years with over $6k paid just in interest. If I consolidate with a personal loan with low interest, then 5 years if I'm lucky.

I'm crying. I won't be able to afford a house until I'm in my fucking 30s if that. The majority was not spent on frivolity, it was due to emergencies simply because of my poor mental health and the fact that no one fucking supported me. Doesn't help that my jobs don't pay me dick because why pay me a decent living wage for two degrees and a decade of work experience when I'm so obviously desperate huh? I hate living. I'm literally a tool to make other people rich at my expense while being gaslit that everything's my fault. Cause if I'm not in rags then it ain't that bad. I can't fucking stand it.

No. 665391

Why bother? He doesn’t love you. He’s just stringing you alone to feel better about himself

No. 665399

ghost his ass right back, give him a taste of his own cunty medicine. block the fucker.
don't be weak anon, you got this.

No. 665402

Is anyone else feeling hopeless about finding a new job because of covid? Fuck this is getting ridiculous

No. 665410

Thanks anons, yeah I need to forget about him. I ghosted him for 3 years after we first broke up but he still texted every day. Thought it was because he loved me but now I see he is just crazy. What a waste of both our times

No. 665411

>finding a job
>in this economy
Even if we're soon to be living in a post-Covid world, the economy will take years to recover.

No. 665415

I'm going through the same thing and it's best for you if you have a clean break. fuck his feelings, you deserve better. good luck

No. 665417

Im trying to get an internship because I need one for my degree and its genuinely making me depressed, most places don't even answer my applications.

No. 665426

Right here anon. I lost my job in March, and the govt instituted an emergency benefit which more closely matched and in some areas exceeded min wage. It was less than I was making at my job, but closer to what we could consider a living wage. The benefit came to an end this fall even though many people, like me, still haven't been able to return to work because there's just no demand. Now lockdown measures have come back into effect, so it's even harder to find work than before. The worker's comp program that people have been redirected to is barely enough money to survive on. I also feel really bad for people working in essential services that are slaving through the pandemic for very little in return. I just hope that we come out of this with something positive to show for how much people have suffered, especially young people, like improved public infrastructure, better wages, more accessible public health, a cultural renaissance idk. Something's gotta give.

No. 665427

Here's my vent. I get second-hand embarrassment when people vent or ask for advice on this site, because the "advice" farmers give is meant to be discouraging or a humble brag.
>I get it uwu now let me pour some salt on the wound (:

No. 665433

jesus bitch! who hurt you?

No. 665440

Lmao this is bullshit and you know it. I've gotten loads of genuine advice from empathetic anons on here, and have given plenty myself. Sure there are some shitty ones who lash out and "rub salt in the wound," as you put it, but that honestly just comes with the territory. This is an anonymous image board. It suffers from the same issues that all image boards do, but I can honestly say that lc is one of the better ones.

No. 665442

I’m 5 months pregnant, almost fainted on the way to work this morning because yay pregnancy related low blood pressure I guess. Luckily it was a holiday today so the train was a lot emptier than usual and I could sit down. If it had been a regular weekday I would have been standing and 99% chance I would have actually fainted on the train since nobody gives pregnant women seats here, not even if they’re in a priority seat. I reach my transfer station and am like deciding if I should even get up and get off the train because it literally feels like if I stand up I’ll pass out immediately. I have ringing ears and muffled hearing, tunnel vision, body drenched in sweat, feel like I’m dying, etc. I decide “fuck it” and stand up and by the grace of god there’s some benches right outside my train car so I manage to hobble over and sit down and put my head down so I don’t pass out. I sit there for several minutes fighting back and forth with myself about whether I should just go back home now or not, but I convince myself to be a big girl and just go to work.

Then I arrive here and open the staff room door and the first thing I’m greeted with is a huge bag of cardboard and a garbage bag full of garbage which is extremely strange and there was a note saying they put it in there because “it was going to rain overnight and I didn’t want it to get wet” “and also the garbage dumpsters are full so I’m leaving this bag of smelly gross ass garbage here” obviously not the exact wording. But like WTF WHO DOES THAT. the basement is literally a lounge, not just a gross storage basement. So anybody using the lounge has to smell a gross garbage smell??? And we literally always keep the cardboard outside in the several months I’ve worked here. It doesn’t matter if it rains because we keep it in huge plastic garbage bags. There was literally cardboard outside last night in a huge plastic garbage bag, cardboard that I put there last week, and it was F I N E. not wet at all. So I can’t understand their logic of putting some down in the basement when there was already some outside?? If you didn’t want it to get wet shouldn’t you keep it all downstairs then by their logic??? Why half???? And I’m pregnant as I said before and kinda really don’t want to carry a big bunch of garbage up the narrow staircase to upstairs and out into the garbage area. I hate the absolute morons here. Jesus Christ. I really wish I had just turned around and gone back home now.

No. 665448

I'm in a discord for one of my courses and my classmates are retarded, ungrateful, lazy as all hell, and are starting to piss me off. They complain constantly about the professor, who I agree is not the greatest, but it's clear that none of them can be assed to put in any genuine effort into the class either. The professor is kind of disorganized and changes the syllabus a lot, which is annoying, but at the same time, our actual assignments and exams are laughably easy. You can literally cheat on all of them so long as you take good notes. She doesn't require a lockdown browser or anything like that. I've half-assed every single one of the assignments and have gotten A's on all of them. She just wants to make sure you do them.

Lately, they've been complaining about a journal assignment due at the end of the course, which literally just requires you to write a double-spaced, one-page entry every week. 14 journal entries by the end of it. Nobody aside from me has done any of them, and these clowns now have the audacity to talk amongst each other about emailing the professor to claim that the assignment is somehow unfair and that we shouldn't have to do it at all. These entries take less than ten minutes to write and you only have to write one a week. It's fucking mind boggling to me that the entire class is this lazy. I hate these idiots and I hope they all fail.

No. 665457

She says in the vent thread lol.

Tbh a lot of people here are assholes, but just enough of them are genuine and looking for human connection. Not everyone here is fortunate enough to have advice-giving figures in their lives. I don’t give I’d cringey, I think it’s sweet and gives me hope in others. To each their own though

No. 665462

Samefag sorry I see the horrible grammar

No. 665584

amerifags, i'm nervous for the election

No. 665663

I want to have good sex with a cute scrote who is attracted to me. But every scrote I've met from tinder cums in like 2 seconds. Makes you feel disgusting like someone is just using your body to jerk off. How do scrotes cum so fast?their tip is barely in the pussy.

No. 665672

i know i shouldn't, but… my partner & i hosted a small get-together with some friends for halloween (we were covid conscious, we all work from home & are very careful, pls no bully). we always host a halloween party, and usually it's also like a mini bday celebration for me, since my bday is a few days before. the focus is on halloween shit, which is preferred, but usually i get like a cake and gifts are exchanged. anyway, a few weeks prior we had coordinated a small surprise party for my partner's birthday, back in september. it was super sweet and she wasn't expecting it at all, and they gave her gifts and we had dinner and just had a great time overall.
now for halloween i wasn't necessarily expecting anything, i'm always happy with just the halloween party, and it's fun to host our friends… but they didn't get me a goddamn thing lol. no cake, no gifts. it was still great to hang out with them, i just don't exactly know how to feel that they went out of their way to plan a bday get-together for my partner with me, but i didn't even get a card or a "happy belated." we've all been friends for like 5 years now, and i'm probably overthinking it, it just sucks that like… i'm the one who remembers our friends' birthdays and anniversaries, i'm the one who makes sure we get them gifts for birthdays and christmas and shit. i dunno. maybe it's coincidental, maybe she's just more likeable, lol. i'm done being petty i just have been stewing for a few days lol

No. 665678

I feel even more anxious and worse after taking a walk. I had to psycg myself up to take a simple walk. Why…must I be like this…

No. 665687

File: 1604387189962.gif (1.4 MB, 560x314, tumblr_pcbsx4QKsa1xrqgt2o1_640…)

After 24 years I've finally admitted to myself that my Dad is a genuine Narcissist and that he's never truly wanted me around. He has always used me as a prop; roleplaying as a dad for his image and then treating me as if I'm a burden the rest of the time. I will never have a real relationship with him, but I still mourn the dad he should've been. I deserved better but all I can hope for is that my mom and I can move out and finally start to heal within the coming weeks.

No. 665688

I wanna hold hands with a pretty boy like right now. Big ass hand. Holding mine. Just sit there drinking coffee together. Hands together. Sun goes down. We still holding hands.

My fantasy.

No. 665692

Lord, please. I feel you anon

No. 665697

Getting this weird lump on my vacoo checked out today. Strangely enough, I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. Wish me luck though anons. I'm also going Thanksgiving shopping so that's fun

No. 665698

File: 1604388817358.png (343.44 KB, 600x597, 8d3.png)

You said hands like five times.

I've been craving garlic bread for four fucking days straight and can't find anywhere decent to get it from.

No. 665701

File: 1604389375179.jpg (42.09 KB, 750x320, churned gold.jpg)

Pic related and a decent crusty bread, maybe even a baguette.

No. 665716

Narc parents are the worst, keep your mom on high toes, make sure she follows through as well. The manipulation and enabling is strong. If you can go out on your own, do it as soon as you can.

No. 665722

I had Lobster Ravioli last night. Needless to say it's 4am and I've confirmed that I am indeed, if not just a little, lactose intolerant

not going into details or anything because I don't want anons to think I'm the one obsessed with that stuff

No. 665730

Good luck anon! Hoping it’s just a cyst or something!

No. 665731

Can this chick stop looking into my window when I’m trying to take a hit from my bong. Get a life, lady.

No. 665732

You don't have have curtains or blinds? You must be British.

No. 665735

I used to fucking love Halloween until I was raped the night before Halloween 4 years ago. Now October as a whole is a really hard month for me. I miss my innocence

No. 665737

I am so sorry anon, really. That incident ruined something fun for you, fuck I'm sorry. You didn't deserve your happiness snatched. It's painful that fuckers can so easily take a chunk of your life away with no remorse I'm sorry. I hope you can enjoy this season soon, and you can feel safe and loved. I hope i don't come across as one upping you, I was assaulted on halloween night last year so this year, as the time approached I felt myself becoming more and more panicky and depressed, sucked all the joy out of me, I'm wondering if this is how it will be every year. Hugs to you anon. It's hard.

No. 665738

File: 1604398183103.jpg (91.45 KB, 1200x1200, garlic-bread-8-1200.jpg)

Just make it yourself, be your own savior

No. 665745

The guy I like has been dry texting me … please cheer me up anons.

No. 665746

That really sucks anon, I'm sorry you have to go through this. I'm the same way around the season I was traumatized. It's very common, I hope that can help ease you a bit knowing you aren't alone in this.

No. 665748

Fuck I’m sorry that happened to you too. Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope after some time we’ll be able to enjoy Halloween again. I hope things get easier for you

No. 665749

I am so so sorry anon. What a terrible thing to have happened to you. Sending a big warm hug over the internet for you

No. 665750

File: 1604400437076.png (326.84 KB, 455x810, =).png)

Doesn't matter, had sex.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665752

I wish I wasn't so afraid of confrontation that I let people step all over me to maintain peace. Just coward things.

No. 665753

At least they make you look better!

No. 665754

>since nobody gives pregnant women seats here
Wtf anon where do you live? I'm so sorry, that sounds awful! I really hope things get easier for you soon

No. 665758

I hope you feel better soon anon. Try to distract yourself, that may help?

No. 665776

Covid made me forget about the existence of Muslims in Europe but now they are being obnoxious again

No. 665779

Obnoxious is to put it very lightly in the light of recent terrorist attacks…

No. 665782

Hun we don’t worship the US. Our president even hates trump and she openly admitted that so many times. It’s just that the package taxes etc are getting more and more from murica to EU and the other way around and there needs to be more change and a better working together instead of against each other. Since trump, a lot of stuff has been going downhill here / as well as there. I wish y’all good luck because either most people get slaughtered by salty trumpies meaning lesbians and gays or a lot of people killing themselves if trump gets re-elected. A lot of people openly said that on livestreams. It’s seriously not funny anymore.

No. 665783

For anybody who openly supports trump on this page, I hope your mental illness gets better luv

No. 665784

learn to integrate newfag

No. 665786

Please go back to twitter and stay there

No. 665787

I was over confident in myself and tried to give myself layers. One side of my hair is totally fine but other side is bad and I feel so stupid

No. 665789

>tried to give myself layers
Unironically, so brave. Stupid, but brave.

No. 665790

Me too Anon… He was flying out to meet me for the first time for our 2 year anniversary, gonna meet my family and everything, then the lock down happened :( we are thinking maybe it's gonna be our 3 year until we can see each other

No. 665791

Can't stand Trump, but you sound annoying.

No. 665794

>but other side is bad
I thought that said bald at first lol

No. 665797

I'm debating on becoming bald after this. I'm not doing 2am impulse haircuts again

No. 665798

die scrote

No. 665802

File: 1604407119043.jpg (160.34 KB, 455x810, turn that frown upside down!.j…)

>die scrote

No. 665821

TA, I said in the last sentence. They're not rude upfront but if you read between the lines the insults are very very subtle

No. 665824

This e-physical rehab thing I'm doing only has males in the videos and it's an actual official our countries healthcare thingy. No i don't give a fuck about your anecdotes random scrote.

No. 665828

What the hell goes through a skinwalkers mind? How are you such a husk of a person that you’ll pathetically search for anything about a single unassuming person to the ends of the earth and mimic whatever little crumb you can? Is it a personality disorder thing? An autism thing? Why does it go on for years on end? I have so many questions for these kinds of girls I almost pity them. Almost. It’s laughable.

No. 665833

Im suffering because my bfs sister is skinwalking me, even tries to steal my internet presence that I had to change my accounts so she would stop trying to find me. In this case she is a jealous woman who wishes she had a man but is too mentally unstable to find one. But sometimes I still wonder if she has personality disorder, because it really seems so.

No. 665834

Skinwalkers creep me the fuck out. I'm genuinely afraid of them, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because they remind me of vampires living off other people's life force. Skinwalkers never seem simply crazy, they seem malicious.

No. 665836

sounds like she's in love with her brother

No. 665840

I have a runny nose and I'm worried that it might be covid. Three weeks ago one of my coworkers was diagnosed with it and I worked near him for a week everyday before he was quarantined

No. 665842

I think the craziest thing to me is that they’ll convince themselves they’re better than the person they’re stalking. It’s insane. A friend of mine had a skinwalker that she hated intensely (thinks she’s undiagnosed aspergers and uses bpd as an excuse) that would hire creeps on d33pw3bz to find all her internet shit, ended up doxxing a whole other girl in her family instead like a retard because she wasn’t stupid enough to give her real info. She got so sick of it after several years, like straight up snapped, and hired someone to break into her apartment to keylog her laptop and go through her shit just to scare her. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with that because it was deserved given all that the skinwalker did kek, served her pathetic creepy ass right.

It has to be some sort of PD, nothing explains the way they can just latch on to a single person out of nowhere and be so unabashedly unashamed of being completely empty beings. It’s also often extremely competitive in an obnoxious way, they’ll develop this one-sided competition with the object of their obsession. Girls like this can never keep friends either, I wonder why kek.

No. 665843


No. 665860

Sorry anon but asperger's is probably not the reason she was skinwalking, she was just a shitty person or had a personality disorder. asperger's is a neurodevelopmental disorder.

No. 665869

I'm 25, my dad pretty much abandoned me and my mom when I was around 3yo. I found out recently that he decided to breed again and I now have a sibling with a 25 year age gap. I'm beyond pissed, I'm also disappointed. I never thought he'd bring another child into this world because he sucks as a parent.

No. 665873

Aspergers wasn’t something she assigned to the skinwalking. it was the girls habits, personality, features, hyperfixations etc. She would say she had bpd because of her hypersexuality but I’d say pretty much everything else about her from what I’ve seen is pretty textbook spectrum.

No. 665927

I have never in my life wanted to have sex with someone so bad, and a celeb I have no connection to at that. God, I would give up my kidney to spend 24hrs with him. Why is the Lord tormenting me like this? I want him so much. I would do anything just to fuck him.
he is not driver just to be safe

No. 665938

I don't want to start a PP spergout or anything but lord in heaven I fucking hate trans peaked libfems masquerading as radfems. They still have the insufferable spergyness and lack of self awareness as any other SJW twitterfag but they just blindly hate trannies and porn without ever understanding why they're bad. Just like their previous selves they're absolutely unable to have an analytical discussion about any radfem principles and only resort to the same amount of screeching they did back when they still sucked troon dick. They're so emotionally unstable you're just waiting until they fall back in the rabbit hole of whatever opposite ideology pops up.

No. 665940

You are correct. I was very libfem for a long time, but becoming anti-porn and seeing how so many transwomen invade and disrespect women's spaces and womanhood as a whole changed my mind over time. And those changes happened within me due to education and talking to radfems, who are always more willing to have a discussion than TRAs/libfems. So. Maybe it'll just take time for the screechers to be educated properly, but I think a lot of them just like to feel superior instead of educated.

No. 665944

Start of the year, I had met this girl who was super cute and nice, super femenine and then, few months later, she comes out as trans? Kinda don't give a fuck, but think it's funny, now she keeps posting tranny related stuff(comics about getting misgendered when she doesn't pass or attempt to look like a man just cut her hair) and later found out she's a fucking fujo. It all makes sense now, the gay anime boys, the BJ Alex posts,I don't know how I didn't see this coming. I really wanted to be friends with her, not anymore though

No. 665946

Why can't these stupid bitches just read/consume the media and not attempt to live it jfc the coomerism is insane

No. 665947

Runny nose in November is not so absurd you know

No. 665948

and it should be, anon

No. 665949

Why does my sibling always feel the need to report shit I do and own to my sister and mother, kids don't learn privacy
(this is a semi-rant ofc he's young)

No. 665959

why has quarantine made some of us so unbearably horny and I'm not a driverfag either. but damn I need to stop wanting to fuck the celeb I'm into. he's not a good person, at least driver is an okay seeming person, unlike the majority of unconventional attraction thread scrotes


No. 665971

>why has quarantine made some of us so unbearably horny
Is that what this is? I wish I knew how to make it go away I don't even consume any erotic content so there is no reason for it

No. 665973

Same, I don't watch/read porn or anything yet my every other thought is wanting to fuck that man. I also haven't gotten any for more than a year so maybe that contributes too.

No. 665974

maybe a byproduct of loneliness and isolation, and the desire to interact more with other people but not being able to? it's been over six months of this shit it's bound to push anyone who isn't married or in a relationship to want to simulate sex or romanticism in their mind even if it's with someone they cant have

No. 665984

if it makes you feel better i'm extremely horny too, i haven't had sex in like ??? 2 and a half years, even more maybe. i keep imagining fantasies of this guy i know fucking me. yikes

No. 665986

>>665946 same anon btw. I don't know she seemed fairly normal to me, but degenerate people are just everywhere, I guess

No. 665991

My sister has always been super into makeup and looking nice and it really sucked when I was in middle/high school and she was really critical of how I looked. Today I found an ID from middle school and there's absolutely nothing wrong with my appearance besides the early 2000s clothes. The way she talked made me self conscious for over a decade, I would always put myself down or avoid having my photo taken but that picture made me realize I look completely normal

No. 665992

i just want to hear some comforting words please, because i'm having a breakdown. samefag from >>665984 lol. my ex boyfriend (and my only boyfriend ever, and the guy i lost my virginity to) cheated on me multiple times in a way that was pretty vile, basically it traumatized me when i found out. it has made me so fearful of sex, i literally want to rip my hair out, i want to be in a relationship again and have sex and be intimate but i'm so scared i don't want to give my body to a man so they can just get bored of me or cheat on me again. i'm so frustrated i want to cry, i just can't believe it left this deep of an imprint on me, that i just won't give myself to anybody anymore.

No. 666001

Your ex is a massive piece of shit anon. Sorry you had to go through that. I hope you heal from this and find someone that will love you.

No. 666002

I have the exact same thing, I posted him in the unconventional attractions thread in /g/ and someone said he looked liked the cryptkeeper and it's done nothing.. end my suffering please

No. 666003

I also haven't fucked in 2 1/2 years after my ex cheated on me… I loved getting sti tested after that and having to tell the nurse exactly why I needed testing. Good times.

Sex feels ruined for me and even with my celeb crush I don't fantasise about full sex with him because I'm that scarred. Cheating really fucks you up sometimes

No. 666005

Oh anon, I'm so sorry. Being cheated on is incredibly traumatizing for so many reasons, and I'm sorry that your ex did that to you and made you feel this way for so long. It's fucked, you didn't deserve that. But him doing that to you was his problem–you and your body aren't boring. He's just a piece of shit, and his actions are NOT a reflection of you, your worth, etc. I've been cheated on as well, and I'm fucking dope lol, I'm sure you are too and it's seriously just moid lunacy/degeneracy that causes them to cheat instead of just breaking things off.
It's been so long, he doesn't deserve this hold he has over you…you deserve to have freedom and agency over your body without fear based on what some idiot did to you. Your body and mind are yours to share with whoever you want to, and not everyone, not even another man, wants to or will hurt you. I hope you're able to overcome this. It's been a long time, anon, try not to let your ex keep holding you hostage. You deserve love and trust in your partner, and I think you'll find it.

No. 666016

thank you anon and he is definitely a piece of shit, i don't miss him whatsoever. i hope that can happen too eventually but everything looks so bleak still.
i'm so sorry that happened to you. i feel you completely. why do they do this? why can't they just break up with us instead of being psychopaths? it's fucking horrible, it leaves you feeling insecure until the end of time.
thank you for giving me hope, even though it feels like nothing will change. you're right it has been TOO long for me to feel like this, it shouldn't have a hold on me and i don't know how to break free of it. i can't even imagine how to form intimacy again with a good man, because i feel like if i end up telling him all this and how i feel, it will trigger something in his brain that will make him want to cheat on me. it sounds crazy, but my ex basically implanted that idea in my brain. i told my ex i could never forgive cheating (this was at the start of our relationship), and he said something along the lines of "you shouldn't speak ultimatums into existence" and some months later it's like he did it out of fucking spite. so how the fuck am i supposed to bond with a potential partner if i can't even talk about this thing that has deeply wounded me because i feel like i'll be baiting him into cheating on me like my ex did?

No. 666019

File: 1604426209706.png (675.95 KB, 1364x1622, TheUggoAnonIsHornyOver.png)

Is this the man

No. 666020

File: 1604426259193.jpeg (70.65 KB, 622x572, 1583404397951.jpeg)

I have a neurology appointment soon and I'm so fucking scared.

No. 666022

yes it is, I want to fuck him so badly just once.. he is older than my dad

No. 666023

It's gonna be fine, fingers crossed for you! Will it be just a talk or will you be having an examination done? I'm always stressed AF before EEG though most of the time notihng happens.

No. 666024

>i told my ex i could never forgive cheating (this was at the start of our relationship), and he said something along the lines of "you shouldn't speak ultimatums into existence" and some months later it's like he did it out of fucking spite
Jesus, your ex was an absolute psychopath. But he didn't do it because you said that, he did it because he was going to anyways and gaslit you afterwards. It wasn't your fault. You and every other sane person on the planet who doesn't cheat has this ultimatum, and it's NORMAL and expected as a bare, bare minimum. I'm serious, anon, you got bad luck with this guy, but like…normal people surely aren't like this. I'm fucking horrified that this is what happened to you, I'm so sorry. I mean, if anything, can you maybe go to therapy or try and do some reading on healing after something like that? That said, if you say this to another man and he reacts the same way, you can always cut your losses. Just. Damn, I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that. It wasn't your fault for speaking up, though, please internalize that.

No. 666025

my celeb crush is the same age as my dad anon

please save me from this hell

No. 666026

I can only hope we leave this hell soon, anon

No. 666029

Nta but same, mine is definitely the same age my father would be.

No. 666032

> i told my ex i could never forgive cheating (this was at the start of our relationship)
>"you shouldn't speak ultimatums into existence"
Absolute bullshit. You told him exactly what your limits were so he just had to what… trample on them? Yeah that's some good logic he has there.

No. 666068

My celeb crush is older than my dad kek, but he probably can't get it up at his age, it's not like I would fuck him anyway.

No. 666085

Work has gotten so stressful, I'm in a permanent state of anger right now.

No. 666091

File: 1604431983557.png (26.55 KB, 342x245, 1543786870452.png)

There's a viral video linked by my brother, about a death of guy who has been a popular porn star in my country. I completely forgot about it, and bro told me and sis to check it out, when we had a video call, especially certain seconds. Apparently, the other porn-star guy was his primary-school friend. Additionally, a guy who has been molesting me during summer holidays our families spent together when I was 9 years old. I doubt any of my siblings did remember that fact, but hell, that did feel uncomfortable af.

No. 666100

I went from being a clingy and dependant, borderline tendencies idiot to an avoidant that doesn't want anything to do with anyone and is scared of interacting with others. why am i like this?

No. 666101

Me too but being avoidant feels better, I mean anything is an upgrade from being clingy and borderline-like?

No. 666107

Because you've probably been hurt so much that you find it easier to avoid others to avoid that pain again.

No. 666154

Thanks anon. The only reason I'm even trusting her now is because she has finally admitted to me just how absolutely horrible my childhood was and that she was sorry she didn't step in sooner. My dad's abuse and my sister's death pretty much put her out of commission until I was an upperclassman in high school. She fucked up a lot, and I won't forget that, but I know that she is a victim of him as well and that she genuinely cares about me. A family friend has an empty house they might let us stay in and I'm really hoping they do.

The manipulation is so strong but I think we are both finally breaking free of it. A lot of his rages, while 100% twisting reality, still had a sense of logic to them and as a kid you don't really know how to defend your points even if you know the other person is wrong. With the pandemic though he's gotten sloppy and all of the shit he's blaming us for makes absolutely no sense and he's losing his footing. He's essentially trying to blame this Pandemic and the stay at home order on my mom and I despite the fact that a claim like this is so insanely ridiculous that even your daughter who's been gaslit since birth and blames herself for everything can't fathom it.

No. 666195

I’m sorry for saying that to you, anon. But I was absolutely right.

No. 666197

File: 1604439886585.jpg (48.83 KB, 500x443, 1602144144365.jpg)

i fucking love you guys

No. 666202

Japan actually. Idk why there’s the stereotype of Japanese people being polite because most people aren’t especially polite imo. I’ve seen so many like extremely old people, people with crutches, pregnant women , etc. Who need seats and there will be young/healthy people in the priority seats and they’ll just be on their phone or fake sleeping to avoid giving up their seat.

Thanks anon. Today is actually my birthday too so hopefully it’s better than yesterday.

No. 666208

I feel so anxious I think I'm going to hurl. I'm in a new country so I won't be able to see a shrink for months.
All I've been doing since coming here is clean. Can't go outside because if the quarantine.
I haven't even started looking for a job. It's going to go terrible, I feel awful in my field and nobody is going to give me a chance now. I'm going to get rejected again and again and I honestly can't take it.
Everytime I try working on a resumé, I have a full blown panic attack.
I promised myself I would change with the move but I'm still a 30yo loser frozen by fear.
I have no idea what I should do.

No. 666211

I still want him to rawdog me, I'm the one who should be sorry

No. 666220

Necrophilia is a pretty concerning fetish anon. I hope you seek help one day, I believe in you xx

No. 666221

Thank you, your support is appreciated

No. 666223

File: 1604442650866.jpg (134.4 KB, 525x810, monke.jpg)

Thank you for the kind words, anon!! Everything went fine, my brain was being stupid going to worst case scenario. It was an initial appointment for possible MS symptoms, so no examination yet. My doctor was really nice and understanding even though I was super nervous. Still gotta get all the testing done, but I'm just glad I got today over with.

No. 666229

i keep ghosting my gyno appointments because i know she wants to give me a pap smear but i have so many mental issues that the mere thought of showing someone my vagina makes me physically ill. idk. i rescheduled it but im terrified, especially because i have some issues that i need to resolve down there so i cant keep avoiding her without putting my life more on hold than it already is.

No. 666236

Awesome, glad to know it all seems fine! I'm no stranger to jumping to the worst case conclusions right off the bat either; hopefully tests will show nothing concerning either. But just the fact you put things in motion and it's all scheduled is already comforting

No. 666237

the honesty is brutal anon. I love it. I heard mine is still very "active" for his age and he's not quite 60 but nearing it in a year or two so I still think he can get it up. he seems like a messy person but one who'd be sexual in spite of his age, and that doesn't help my lady wood for him at all

not like I'll ever get within fifty feet of him or talk to him for more than ten minutes if I'm lucky but I'm still gonna fantasize about him

No. 666251


i just wanna do the right thing as much as i can but it always feels like EVERYONE is lying to you on every single prop and it's always worded in a way where it's confusing on fucking purpose. it just makes me wanna vote no on everything lol. i wish this shit was fair but we have the electoral college so like who am i kidding

No. 666253

hang in there anon, you can do it!! i relate so much to your feelings of being frozen by fear and i send you a big virtual hug

No. 666262

we had one that was ment to give public workers like firemen and teachers more but it either decently raised our income tax or also gave money to our well off governors and mayors I felt like an idiot voting for it after

No. 666267

So my boyfriend sent me a screenshot of a newspaper chronicle (a teenager talking about how she thinks there's too much cursing going on in school around her) and captioned it with how "she looks just as annoying as he envisions her being" and I was just like…
Now this young lady doesn't have killer looks in any way but it.. doesn't matter? She's probably a pretty nice person.. She's a literal child. I'm not totally above making fun of someone's looks at all times or in all circumstances but the older I get the more I try to avoid it. Especially as I've reflected on a few of my own physical flaws and appreciating how people act and talk vs. clinging on to that initial "they look good/bad". My boyfriend is just a lot more mean about shit like that sometimes and it leaves me a bad taste sometimes. Maybe it's an aspect of his ADHD dumping out those initial thoughts he has of someone out loud when they would be better left alone inside his thoughts most times.

No. 666269

Your boyfriend is trash for going after a Childs looks, especially when the topic at hand is nothing to do with looks in the first place. Idk why you're dating a misogynist and idk why you're mentioning the girl doesn't have killer looks because it doesn't sound like she asked you or your low value moid of a bf.

No. 666273

this. i don't care what the context is, it's always uncalled for when a grown man comments on the appearances of teenage girls. i would never date a guy who said nasty things about other adult women's appearances, let alone a kid

No. 666280

You and your bf sound like self-absorbed assholes. This girl is talking about a change she wants to see and you're both hung up on her looks? I hope you're both 18 or under otherwise this is ridiculous and creepy behavior for adults.

Also your bf doesn't attack women because he has adhd he does it because he's male and has a pick me girlfriend that's too scared to call him out to his face.

No. 666282

there's this boy who walks his dog down the street and walks by my neighbor who always has his dogs out "in" his yard. i say "in" the yard because their yard is not fenced or anything and the dogs are never on leashes either.

the boy just walked by because the neighbor started yelling for his dog to get back. then i heard the people across the street make a comment towards the boy saying "maybe if there's a dog out, walk on the other side of the street, HUH. it's not like there's a doughnut in front or anything." it sounded so condescending. i'm just like really now? literally every. single. day. and multiple times a day, from morning until evening, i hear my neighbor yell at his dog to get back/get back inside because they are out and running away.

"maybe walk on the other side of the street" comment is seriously so fucken stupid becausd a few weeks ago the boy was across and street and 2 houses away but the neighbors dog ran towards them. also, there are other houses that have fenced yards with dogs and their dog runs to those houses. "maybe walk on the other side of the street"

No. 666284

The scary reality is that life is not fair. Sometimes you think "well surely if I've gone through this much shit something good is bound to be coming my way" and it never does. I look at the people I was raised around who grew up never having to experience not having money, losing family, bullying, etc, and their lives are still much better than mine. Life doesn't reward you for feeling like shit.

No. 666287

i'm angry for you anon, I HATE people like this. They can cry all they want but if the police are involved the guy is in the wrong as soon as his dogs step off his propery.

If they leave his property call the cops straight away and report a loose dog. You don't have to give them your info, just say you walked passed.

Sometimes you have to train men like dogs. Just keep repeating the behaviour until they get it. At some point he'll realize the cops will turn up every time his dog leaves his property and will correct the behaviour, like a bitch.

No. 666288

It's not something he exclusively does towards women, mostly other men honestly but I agree it's just trash behaviour really. Especially a teenage girl, that really irked me. He just seems to like dissing people's looks sometimes. He's good in many other ways but like many men he has immature traits.
I'm not hung up on her looks at all, saying she didn't have killer looks was just an unecessary addition on my part because one might objectively think so. We all have vague initial thoughts about people's looks and that's human, but voicing them is a different ballpark.

No. 666289

and yet you came here to voice your opinion that this teen girl wasn't good looking. Imagine if you had rejected that thought instead of airing it. It speaks to insecurity on your own part and says nothing about the girl.

Anyway, you seem to just want to make excuses for him and don't seem to have said anything to him about his behaviour so enjoy your scrote and remember to fake right, dodge left when the beatings eventually start.

No. 666295

I literally told him straight up it was shit to judge her from her looks but go off lol.

No. 666300

I peaked recently (not in a "kill em all" sorta way, just GC now) and I wanna peak my girlfriend but I don't know how and she has friends who are trans women which makes her reticent about discussing GC concepts. I've had mild success in the past (especially in regards to trans men) but she shuts down when it comes to how women are affected by TRA campaigning. I think it's because of these friends and because we've both had suicide statistics and trans agendas beaten into our heads for years at this point by the media (both of us are gen z). I don't know if I should just get it all out in the open and let her make her own choices or be subtle until she arrives at her own conclusions. She's smart and I trust her but it's frustrating feeling like I can't be 100% honest right now.

No. 666301

As an addendum; some of our mutual friends peaked before I did and left. I miss them a lot, I'm sad we had to part that way before I figured my opinions out for myself. Dunno how to find them now, I feel guilty.

No. 666306


not cops but sheriffs have been called to his place before. i don't know what for but the other day i heard the sheriff say "it's your 3rd time huh? 3rd time's the charm." honestly felt like i have seen them more than 3 times.

but he's always there yelling when his dogs run off. makes me think he purposely lets them out it happens multiple times a day. like dude, seriously? maybe close the door.

No. 666310

I wish scrotes would just stop fucking with me. Every scrote I know tries their best to scam me into fucking them even if I rejected them at first. If I give in then they act like I'm the bad guy for saying yes. All the effort they put into trying to humiliate me can be used to go after girls they actually like and are cute. Why cant they just do that?

No. 666313

I’d say be subtle anon. Let it just naturally present itself in conversations. I have turned three of my female superiors at work. Good luck!

No. 666320

Why is Instagram so dumb??? It literally says in THEIR community guidelines that hate speech isn’t allowed and it says these exact words:

> It's never OK to encourage violence or attack anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases.

> We define attack as violent or dehumanizing speech,harmful stereotypes, statements of inferiority, or calls for exclusion or segregation.

Today I literally reported an account that had in the bio
And clothes=consent
And was posting a bunch of misogynistic shit yet somehow that’s “not against their guidelines” How is that not “ statements of inferiority” or even some sort of call of violence to basically say it’s okay to rape women because of their clothes. I got one of my stories removed before because it “went against their guidelines” because It contained the phrase “men are gross” but every time I report comments or accounts calling for like rape and abuse and killing of women or saying they’re inferior or shit that’s “not against our community guidelines”. Seems like every sns hates women these days.

No. 666324

My husband doesnt listen when I speak sometimes and he'll just do a fake laugh or go "yeah" without replying or even taking in what i said. Sometimes the "yeah" even interrupts what im saying. He keeps apologizing when I bring it up but he wont actually stop doing it. He says he cares about what I say and doesnt mean to not listen to me but he spaces out sometimes. I dont get it.

No. 666325

My ex would do this. Really disrespectful. Why do you think he does this? Does he have ADD or something?

No. 666327

Nope. Im the one with ADHD, actually and I pretty much always listen to him. Makes me feel like shit that he'll just be scrolling on his phone not listening to me but I jump to hear what he has to say.

No. 666328

Has he always been that way? Any other red flag behaviours?

No. 666329

I've seen accounts like that too and they only get taken seriously when they spam shit. Instagram is trash. Owned by Facebook which is enough to say.

No. 666330

Start insulting him or saying something really ridiculous if he’s doing it until he realizes what he’s doing idk my boyfriend does that sometimes. Frankly I’ve caught myself doing it a couple of times but it’s only if I’m on my phone and reading something interesting while he’s talking to me. It sounds like he’s taking you for granted

No. 666331

No other red flag bevahior, its kind of been a thing that happened once in a while but recently its multiple times a day and its getting on my nerves.

No. 666333

Had a friend that tested this.
"I hate men" gets deleted immediately, like, within 5 seconds.
"I hate women" didn't get taken down. I have seen giant accounts dedicated to mocking women or harassing them. "I hate men" in fact is an automatically censored word. When I did have IG, whenever I said the three words my comment was taken down immediately and I received a strike. (Although they were jokes related to friends getting creeped on)
I hate women is just a funny mee-mee. Definitely not true. Just irony! It's sarcasm, apparently.

No. 666335

Parents fuck their kids up by having them poor and fuck them up even more by discouraging them from ever doing anything with their life

No. 666339

File: 1604459250195.jpg (82.29 KB, 1024x554, 20200901_171136.jpg)

my bf made me feel shitty about my cryptocurrency hobby and i'm having trouble getting over it. it's not a new hobby, i work in an adjacently related technical field, and so i have been trading and mining on/off for like 6 years now. i don't have anyone to talk with about it (too many act like it is just a meme), but he saw some shit on my screen and asked, so i was excitedly geeking out to him about staking rewards. after i'm done talking, he says it feels like "a pig rolling around in mud or dancing for capitalists” to him and so he could never get into them. I replied that was really insulting and that I won't talk to him about them again if that's how he feels. He apologized and tried to backpedal, but damn, his comment actually made me cry. It’s okay for it not to be his cup of tea, I don't expect anybody to be interested, but what the fuck.

No. 666343

I want to die bc trump might win which means I probably won’t ever get stimulus and I’m poor and haven’t been able to get a job lolll I can’t stand this. And I have to live with my Trump cult family and that’s all they fucking talk about meanwhile they can’t afford healthcare for my fucking grandma who always talks about how sick she is lmao great I fucking love this country haha I made such a good choice getting an education.
I’ve been waiting for the second 500 dollar stimulus for months so I’m pissed and I eat like one meal a day sorry.

No. 666353

ooh I heard about that. I've heard that the perception of what constitutes "politeness" is just different there? Like in the west, being polite means going out of your way to help others in little ways, like giving up your seat and opening doors. Whereas in Japan, politeness is more about minding your own business and leaving strangers alone – so giving up your seat is seen as rude because you should just leave that old person/pregnant woman alone and not bother them or assume they need your seat. Similarly, taking a phone call on the train is totally normal in most western countries but would be considered impolite in Japan because the sound could bother other people. Interested in your perspective as someone who lives there though, I could be way off!

No. 666361

Yeah, it’s frustrating because it does seem like he has a good chance of winning this election…again. I still have faith though, hopefully things will look up. Don’t worry though, you’ll get out of this struggle either way. You’ve got this!

No. 666362

It’s way too early to tell anon

No. 666370

i'm not from america but i want biden to win because i'm fed up with trump spergs and politics being so fucking stupid all the time like maybe if you had some more boring old guy win then people would stop giving so much shit about us politics and stop talking about it all the time also maybe climate wouldn
t be fucked over

No. 666373

yeah i think it would be a bit more interesting if biden wins. trump is such a cow, i'm vaguely curious about what he chooses to do with his life if he loses the white house

No. 666374

Biden fucks climate up too, the issue is that the vast majority of Americans don't give a flying fuck about the environment.

No. 666375

Trump is a lot of horrible things but boring isn’t one of them

No. 666376

that's what i meant biden is more boring so i want him to win so political wouldn't be a damn circus all the time

No. 666377

Oh lol yeah it’s been a shit show these last 4 yrs in America. This year shit really hit the fan and I’m just fucking done with everything and want this election stuff to be over

No. 666395

Burgers are actually voting for a 80 year old rapist with severe dementia OH NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 666400

the other one is also a senile rapist what is your point babe?(politics derailing)

No. 666402

the way i can't tell which one you're referring to, lmao

No. 666405

yeah but trump isn't as bad as THIS. I'm a leftist and I feel sorry for americans they have to choose between two retards but trump just seems like lesser evil(politics derailing)

No. 666407

You are correct. And when Biden dies, we get the top cop who advocated for jailing parents because their kids are skipping school, majority of kids who skip school are usually bullied by their teachers or classmates because of their social status.

No. 666408

>"With severe dementia"

I'm an independent completely in between but holy shit you're retarded if you think Biden has "severe dementia", even if you're not a burger that's autistic(politics derailing)

No. 666409

>"I hate men" gets deleted immediately, like, within 5 seconds.
>"I hate women" didn't get taken down.
Tinfoiling a bit, but just as how reddit deleted almost all of its women-only communities and how the trans agenda keeps getting promoted in the mainstream, I honestly think that some higher ups are probably suppressing feminism.

No. 666412

The man claimed a majority of the US population died of covid… ffs

No. 666415

I am absolutely mortified of a Biden (Kamala) win. Despite San Fran burning down with homeless street shit bombs, it went 70% blue. The American population can't be this fucking stupid. We're going to lose black university funding and peace in the middle east because orange man doesn't consider feefees when he blabs. As vile as he is as a person, he HAS done more for the US in 4 years than in Biden's whole career. I can't imagine what is going to happen to stocks, precious metals, and the lockdown in general if Trump loses. GOD WHYYY.

No. 666416

Trump might be unpredictable and disrespectful but at least he isn't a senile old man that gets off in public by sniffing children. What the fuck is wrong with the democrat party? Sanders should have been their presidential candidate.

No. 666419

i'm not american but i don't understand how women can make such a claim about this man, so many people have come forward with accounts of being raped by donald trump, and yes some of them were underage when it happened. people have said that trump is the lesser evil but it just doesn't hold up. these men share more in common than they do differences in all regards.(politics derailing)

No. 666422

None of the claims about Trump have ever been proven. It's difficult to believe any of it because it's politically motivated. I don't need to rely on second hand information about Biden sniffing children because he does it on camera and I see it with my own eyes.

Also as a non-burger Trump has been a decent president because for all the shit talking he does, he hasn't actually started any more wars. Biden will probably go back to bombing the shit of the middle east.(politics derailing)

No. 666423

You do realize the women who claimed Trump assaulted them did so around the time of the election and redacted after it was over, right? As much as I still hold an open mind and don't think every woman was lying, it is at least highly suspicious. I stopped following politics long ago, but I'm sure a /pol/tard could find receipts on Biden and anything he's done in the past. I just don't care as a radfem and think all men are the scum of the earth. Donald Trump is the lesser evil as far as policy goes. Though, I don't disagree with the last sentence, they are both bitches for Israel at the end of the day. One just doesn't want to fully submerge us in globalism… yet.

No. 666430

Wow great, as a non-burger it's almost like your opinion doesn't matter because you can't vote in burger country anyways so who fucking cares

No. 666432

And I'm so confused why he chose Harris of all people. No one liked her when she was running for president herself. I didn't vote because fuck that shit but I would've made that choice to if we could choose Tulsi or Yang. American politics are scummy.

No. 666433

>And I'm so confused why he chose Harris
He didn't. Biden is barely conscious. He was used as a moderate candidate to trojan horse her in.

No. 666435

Like are these >>666415 posts made by trolls from Moscow or something? I'm not a burger or know much about Biden but the trumpfags in this thread sound just like the Russian trolls trying to rig politics in my country.

No. 666436

Exactly what I was thinking tbh

No. 666438

Sounds like projection. You know the Russia thing has been proven bullshit over and over again, right? Stop reading American news (or the leftist Europoors that regurgitate it); it's funded by lobbyists that are responsible for the environmental and human war crimes world wide. I'm the one you quoted, fyi. I don't even know what country you are from. I literally do not give a shit.(politics derailing)

No. 666440

Sure, Ivan. Доброе утро

No. 666441

I laughed. Here's your (you)less (you).

No. 666442

Unironically this. But when it comes to getting a Supreme Court nominee pushed through who can finally overturn Roe, they suddenly get their shit together.

A lot of people are still out of work. Hospitality workers got absolutely fucked due to covid. The pandemic was handled so fucking poorly, so many people laid off without health insurance, and Trump is busy trying to dismantle fucking Obamacare. I flat out don't understand what anyone sees in Trump unless they're rich and just genuinely don't give a shit about anyone else.(politics derailing)

No. 666447

You are delusional lmao. The only people working with Russians are Biden and his family and this is proven. Please research your news and read news that isn't in your political bubble.(politics derailing)

No. 666451

There has been one confirmed and one unconfirmed case of COVID at my workplace and management still insists that everyone work from the office, because if 'we eat healthily and work out, covid is nothing but a flu' as the sales manager put it

No. 666452

>[citation needed]

No. 666453

I'm eurofag and not affected by the US election, but can we just all agree that both Trump and Biden are terrible options?

No. 666458

WaaHhHh ruSSiA baAdD
Jesus, shut the hell up.

No. 666459

Gosh I just want this girl to leave me alone. I ended my friendship with her because she kept claiming I was toxic and trying to make me feel bad about something that happened five years ago that I apologized for a ton of times and I was getting sick of it. Now she won't stop blowing up my phone, I've blocked her on every media and she keeps calling me on private numbers, getting apps that allow you to text from new numbers, or using other people's phone to call me. I'm literally about to change my number, it's been like this for three days already fuck. Like it's not like I even ghosted her, I just put my foot down and told her the reasons why I was ending the friendship and wished her the best and I only blocked her when she wasn't taking no for an answer.

No. 666460

You poor thing. I hope she will stop bothering you. Good job, anon. Her trying to force herself in your life really shows how much of a pain in the ass she is.

No. 666469

If she ruminates that much about something you did 5 years ago then I hate to say this but she sounds like the kind of friend to spend equally insane years reaching out to you again and then making up shit about you and the falling out to other friends. Stay strong.

No. 666470

>then making up shit about you and the falling out to other friends
Yeah, she does that kind of thing when she has a problem with me and likes to tell me how much her friends hate me and what shitty things they think of me and how I should be grateful she still chooses to be my friend. So I won't be surprised by any of that. Thanks for the support anons.

No. 666474

Show her the It's Ma'aaam video, it worked for my brother lol.

No. 666484

>trumpfag thinks Russia is the promised land of Based and that Russian bots are fake news
Are we being invaded by /pol/ or something?

No. 666487

Couldn't say for certain, anon, but this denialism about how Russia wages misinformation campaigns and has entire bot farms just for infesting western social media is sus…

Or hilariously stupid. Take your pick. And yes, Russia IS bad. That isn't a controversial statement kek

No. 666497

I think most things can and should be forgiven/overlooked about teenagers given that they are still children but I just can't fucking stand how self obsessed and vain they are.

No. 666500

File: 1604484951931.jpeg (50.35 KB, 512x410, 7BA04F56-6E87-460B-A73E-717828…)


No. 666501

Happy birthday anon! I hope you have a great day

No. 666502

I legit cant get over how it was pretty much confirmed Russia influenced the previous election and everyone was like, ok, whatever. I thought other big country manipulating your own country's politics should be, idk, a bigger deal?

No. 666503

NTA but small vent here: people who say shit like 'teehee but go off' sound so condescending and annoying to me. I just associate phrases like that with annoying twitter users.

No. 666510

This in combination with how much time they spend online has made Zoomers such an exhausting presence on every platform. Some 16-y-o slacktivist with 32 Twitter followers thinks they can speak like an expert on topics that do not concern them at all and that they have zero real-world experience in kek

No. 666511

I associate it with teens on twitter too. If someone misreads or misinterprets what you said either explain it and leave it at that or ignore them if you think they're being willfully ignorant. But to actually bother explaining yourself and then still feel the need to add in
> but go offf sis!
I hate that shit, oh and these closing lines
> Nice cope!
> Nice humblebrag!
> Stay mad!

No. 666513

It's the classic teenager attempt at a cool brush-off lol. They get overwhelmed and can't articulate a snappy response, so they ape what they've seen some influencer doing so they don't have to think, or worst of all, not "clap back". Gasp, the horror!

It's typical of teenagers to be self-absorbed and fake-deep, regardless of the year they were born in. Teenagers always think they're massively smarter than people older than them, and that they have some unique insight into shit they've only just learnt about circa 20 minutes ago. The self-righteousness and the black-and-white myopic view on everything can be cute sometimes - however, it's exhausting dealing with the ones that have zero self-awareness or concept of other people as people who also have their own inner lives and lived experiences…

No. 666517

i feel this even though i'm an older zoomer (born in 2000) i can't stand anyone under the age of 18 and hell, even 18 year olds are insufferable if we're being honest

No. 666537

Waiting for this election to end is going to drive me to drink.

No. 666540

Stop aggressively hounding me to take out a credit, Bank. Why are you so desperate, you have slaves upon slaves around the globe, why do you need ME under your thumb? It will never happen, I refuse to go into red. Take your % from transactions and fuck off.
Signed, Gen Xer

No. 666564

File: 1604496419318.jpeg (33.01 KB, 720x717, received_405874780790415.jpeg)

My bf is so far up Kanyes ass it's annoying af

No. 666567

credit cards aren't bad if you aren't retarded with them lmao. just don't spend more than you have, and always pay your FULL balance before it's due. I have hundreds saved up in emergency cashback rewards from just treating my credit card like a debit card. it's literally free money if you just aren't dumb with it. >>666540

No. 666569

But am dumb. I have to take cavewoman approach to handling my finances, can't complicate.
Kudos to financially-savvy people like you though.

No. 666570

Ew, tell him he has shit taste.

No. 666573

Why is it that whenever somethings wrong with someone else, my mom is like "awww they're depressed" but whenever I have trouble I'm being a whiny baby who should stop crying already.

No. 666576

why are you fucking the mentally challenged

No. 666577

I'll date him if he's tall and got hair

No. 666581

I've had three friends make back handed compliments about me recently since I started taking care of myself and lost weight. I haven't even openly talked about losing weight or having the realisation I need to take care of myself or whatever. I didn't just snap my fingers and change you know, I did have to put in effort so I'm getting validated because they've noticed at least but they're being such bitches. I feel like asking them can they even jump up and down and touch their toes. Fuck off

No. 666586

Straight women need to love themselves more.

No. 666589

It's jealousy. Try to ignore it, if anything, at least you're hopefully feeling better about yourself physically and mentally.

No. 666590

Are they making comments about you not losing weight fast enough? Or because of your decision to lose weight?

Either way, good job taking the step anon. I'm a former fatty myself. The journey towards being healthy is not easy or fast but well worth it.
It will take a while but dont lose hope and you might have weak moments where you eat a lot but don't give up. You will feel better as your body gets healthier. (For me going up a steep hill was a big change)

No. 666593

File: 1604500605992.jpg (22.43 KB, 783x170, 2020-11-04 15_29_04-Window.jpg)

Was anyone else sickened by this?? I hate the world

No. 666594

Also, can't we make a politics thread or something where we can discuss things like this??

No. 666595

I don't even need to be losing weight for bad, fake friends to be saying something backhanded. Anon bitches be miserable either way, distance yourself from them cause they're not for you and you don't need that.

No. 666606

credit cards are retarded because they rely on you spending on random shit, like a lot of low income households don't have that kind of expendable income. and if you don't use the card after a while that affects your credit score as well.

No. 666612

i want my deposit back!!

No. 666616

Its so weird the Americas are so obsessed with credit cards. Everyone has one….no, several credit cards! When I check my group of friends there are exactly 2 people who have one (purely for travel) We once had an American friend visit us and he was baffled he couldn't pay with credit card in bars and restaurants (before covid, it'd be cash or gtfo).
I would not want one, so weird how you guys seem to toy around with your money.

No. 666624

Ayrt, I'm not American. Yet in my country in my generation nearly everyone has them, it's mostly younger and older people who don't.

No. 666649

Lol, might be too on the nose

Impressive anon, how'd you pull it off?

No. 666650

They're jealous, plain and simple. I have a friend that tried to sabatoge my diet after my weight loss became noticeable, like always bringing unhealthy food to work and saying she likes me bigger. Tbh i just wear baggy clothes now because I feel like most women in my office get bitter about me putting some effort into my appearance.
Stick with it, anon. I dont know you but I got your back.

No. 666656

File: 1604507720331.gif (1.12 MB, 311x176, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_51…)

my life went to shit this year. came to japan specifically to work in a certain field but every company i applied to told me no. Confidence destroyed 100%. The shit company I worked for at the time lost a contract with the location i liked working at so i had to be transferred to a new one 1 hour away in bumfuck japan countryside. said no and quit. another company strung me along and ghosted me so i had to go back to my old job. they send me to a location 2 hours away up a fucking mountain and told me "lol bike it" in professional clothes in the summer.
suffered the whole time. location hated me and called me by the wrong name the entire time. broke my foot after crashing on my bike. because they gave me my job back after quitting i thought i'd just grin and bear it so i wouldn't cause trouble.
well they ended up firing me so now i'm living the neet life and may not even get unemployment because they're lying and saying i wanted to quit.

while all this was happening i thought i'd be able to escape my shit life and got to the 2nd stage of an audition. full of hope and thinking i'd finally be fucking happy not only did I not pass but i found out the bitch who was terrible to me in high school passed.

take up a new hobby to try to get myself motivated to be productive and not be so whiny. crippling jealousy as people who started the hobby at the same time or after me are 10x more successful.

I have no one to vent to. My husband doesn't know how to help and my mom just tells me to come home. I just want to jump in front of a train because no job, no money, no hope and no real skills. Things are looking real bleak and I honestly don't know how much worse this year could get. I'm just so fucking tired of trying to motivate myself out of these shit situations. I don't want to try anymore.

No. 666686

Anon you should just wear the clothes you want and stop hiding your hard work! You're allowed to feel proud of yourself!
Their jealousy will wear off when they get used to your new figure.

No. 666689

Not to sound like your mom but maybe go home or do online school so at least you have something to do and are working towards something

No. 666697

Is it difficult to make friends out there? Listen. Moms have some great advice, but honestly sometimes it's just not feasible to listen.

No. 666707

it's not even 'ugh im such an overthinker what shoes should i buy' it's becoming so detrimental to my career opportunities and relationships because i keep myself in this cycle that i've already fucked up and any decision i make is wrong. And in doing so i make things way worse than if i had just done what i froze myself thinking over.

idk how to fully stop this.

No. 666711

35 year old men ‘extremely online’ types who never grew out of their 4chan phase and can’t string a normal sentence together without every other word being like ‘cope’ this ‘psyop’ that are very jarring. And they all seem to have delusions of grandeur about their non existent intellect for some reason, and talk about their ‘autism’ in a romanticised, competitive, desperate to drop it into every conversation way, similar to how 14 year old girls on tumblr would talk about their self harm.

No. 666720

>tfw I am the 'stone' of unwavering support for the rest of my brainfucked family
>two members of my have tried to overdose before and they rely on my emotional and financial support
>killing myself would destroy the lives of people who need me
>i just want to slip silently into the abyss without anyone noticing

No. 666728

A friend of mine who isn't working or anything rn asks me to hang out, start new tv shows (that I'm not super into), and read books together that I just don't have time for, and it sucks. I work full time and have a second job, and have a partner and other friends, but I seem to be one of her only people, if that makes sense. I love her, but she exhausts me before even seeing her sometimes, and I don't want to start resenting or feeling more annoyed by it because it's not really her fault.

No. 666737

The absolute cunt on this Discord channel turned out to be BPD-chan, what a surprise. Seriously why is this even counted as "mental illness", some people are just assholes and it can't be helped.

No. 666739

My mom got me this pain relief machine that worked for my sister, it's usually used when pregnant and by athletes but you can't use it if you have tumors or cancer. Guess who the fuck hasn't told their mom they have tumors that are most likely cancerous. Goddamit.

No. 666743

You’ve met people like this in real life?

No. 666784

like I said, you don’t use it to buy things with money you don’t have. I use my credit card for literally all expenses, for example insurance, rent, gas, groceries. Then I pay off everything I use it on, because I’m not using it on things I can’t afford. If you never owe interest then the rewards are literally just free money, most people just end up losing more money than they get in rewards because they overspend with it

No. 666804

Anons how do I cope with waiting for therapy? The psychologist told me it's going to be several weeks before he can see me. I can't seem to find anyone else because they don't take insurance.

I posted in the confession thread about my really depraved porn habits as a kid and that I was on a waitlist for an OCD clinic. I even tried to be intimate with my boyfriend yesterday and it just didn't work for me because of all the anxiety. The only good thing to come out of this is that the anxiety stops me from eating and so I'm losing weight.

No. 666817

I hate fireworks :( it’s guy fawkes day tomorrow meaning more intense amount of fireworks as for the past few days idiots have been using them. I have two bunnies in an outdoor hutch. I have covered the whole hutch with tarps and old heavy blankets to try to block out some of the noise. I wish fireworks were banned and only allowed to be set off at events like New Years and stuff. Not by dumb assholes in their gardens.

No. 666819

File: 1604518340605.gif (96.79 KB, 500x260, breathe-gif.gif)

Been there, anon, you're not alone. When I was waiting, I looked up mental health infographs, advice, charts, things like that, that pertained to the issues I needed help with. For example, for anxiety I attempted to read on/practice mindfulness, use gifs like the one attached to regulate my breathing (and still do! it's a good tool), and do exercises like trying to identify what's causing my anxiety and worst/best case scenarios in a safe/controlled setting instead of letting my mind run away.

If you're dealing with grief or depression, charts of those exist, and it's comforting to have a visual reminder that healing from those things isn't linear. Overall, putting the work in before going to therapy until you get there is what kept me sane. Just trying to cope enough to feel better and remind myself that mental illnesses are medical conditions that I'm seeking help for, and seeking out that help as much as possible before being able to sit in the chair. I'm glad you have the appointment–it's a great point to look forward to. These things in the mean time should help, at least they helped me. Good luck, anon.

No. 666833

I regret looking at my paystub history today, I get paid far far less than what I should be earning for my age

No. 666842

File: 1604520152024.jpeg (72.56 KB, 750x741, 04489701-AC1E-4C6B-A7CB-443592…)

how do i stop being hyper-self-aware? i was a cow as a teenager (though i guess almost everyone is/was lol) and now i just live in a constant state of self-awareness and feeling like i’m still who i was at 16, it’s overbearing. realistically i don’t even meet cow-criteria based on site rules, and i think the most “cringe” thing would be that i have poor mental health but i manage it. i don’t manipulate/pick fights/suicidebait, i just keep to myself, or that some of my interests are kind of morbid. i’m fine with the self-awareness even though it was a skill i had to learn lol but i want to get to an area where life isn’t so joyless for me because i’m constantly worried about it. like i want to be able to do the things i actually want to do and say in life idk

No. 666851

I think what it takes is minimizing drama and not being an egotistical degenerate. or at least don't air that shit in public These are the main traits i notice in cows. after all, to be a cow you have to be "milkable" for laughs, and those traits are guarantees.
In my personal view, everybody is a cow from time to time. Including and perhaps especially farmers. The key is to be open to seeing your mistakes, and to just be a good person. If you care about others, have a healthy ego and don't seek to create trouble, that should be enough.
Maybe take a break from this site. That is likely why you're obsessing

No. 666878

that’s really good advice, thank you. i think i do need a break from the site for a bit, at least until i can see the things around me more objectively.

i was thinking about it after i posted and part of it too is i have some acquaintances who treat anyone they meet/know and disapprove of as cows. it’s toxic, borderline sociopathic, and honestly makes even the meanest farmers look like mother teresa. i should probably distance myself if i want any of my sanity back

No. 666888

File: 1604524961926.jpg (7.83 KB, 235x164, t.screwed.jpg)

Found out my job is going to let my contract expire out for good in the beginning of December which means I have less than a month to find a new job…during covid…and hopefully be onboarded before I become terribly behind in my rent and bills. This is assuming best case scenario.
I'm not surprised cause management led me on for a year without giving me an actual offer, but it still hurts. My agency never had complaints from them about me and always praised me for the work I did, allegedly. I even have a desk space with my name placard on it.
I only found out because management sent out an email for a meeting on the 18th, and one of the agenda bullets said "New tasks for employees that are currently performed by Anon." I'm not stupid. When I asked the director about if I was being let go, she lied about it to my face and told me I'd have to contact my agency. My phone call to them confirmed it, they just didn't bother to write me an email or leave a voicemail telling me that I was going to lose my job. I told the director the news and she admitted she knew but couldn't say, and sent me a good vibes gif on microsoft messenger with a "I know it's hard." No bitch, you don't. But I kept my professional cool and put forth some pseudo positivity bs to hide the fact that I'd like to smear shit all over their offices right now.
The agency washed its hands clean of me and told me they probably can't place me anywhere else due to covid and it being a low employment season, but assured me everything's gonna be okay cause at least I have a month to look for work instead of two weeks! Gee thanks, bastards.
I sat at my desk yesterday and quietly sobbed. I placed at least 10 applications yesterday and another 10 today, but I doubt I'm going to get many bites. I have two degrees and a shit ton of tangibly related job experience, but even after paying hundreds to get my resume refocused, I barely get interviews cause my skills just don't pay well and are competitive cause a lot of people have em. I'm still reporting to work, and as it seems they've taken all my assignments from me I've had the opportunity to get paid while I search and no one will call me out. So, silver lining. Fuck me dead.

I'm almost 30 and facing financial instability again, and it's not like this job paid exceptionally well either. I'm a loser and it's hard to pretend I'm confident when underneath I'm so fucking desperate to be able to afford a living.
My boyfriend can't help me because he's broke and stuck in a lease with a roommate–his roommate refuses to allow me over and bf is too chickenshit to quarrel more about it. Boyfriend thinks I can apply for unemployment but I doubt I would qualify. My friends don't seem to understand how dire the situation is (maybe they don't think I'm a loser and believe I can find new work quick), or they just don't care cause none of them responded when I told them about this. Also my family can't help me cause they either disowned me or don't really care either.
My stepdad, who I rent a two bedroom apartment with, told me he wants to move out of the apartment after the new year. Leaving me high and dry to pay a $1400 rent alone unless I can find a roommate until the lease is up in the summer. I'm going to refuse signing him off the lease. We're in this situation together cause my mom divorced and kicked him out, and I'm in this cause I broke up with my ex and couldn't afford rent alone either.
It feels so hopeless, and I feel so unsupported. I don't know why he agreed to sign a new one-year lease term with me again if he actually wanted to be near his new gf so soon.
If it weren't for this shit lease I'd live out my car like I did temporarily a couple years back but now I can't. My only options are
>find someone to take over $1400 lease
>get evicted
>roll the dice and find a roommate which will probably land me with creeps like before
I hate that my boyfriend is broke and can't help me, a part of me feels like he doesn't seek opportunities to get paid more cause he doesn't want the responsibility even though he's a man and it's so fucking easy for guys to make more money and get promoted.

I hope the lizardpeople in DC will roll out another stimulus before January so I have a hope of being able to make it through December. It's bleak.

No. 666895

File: 1604525642212.jpg (53.44 KB, 639x960, a5b4f0d108f714d65c27e2ac4e388b…)

Reborn/baby doll fetish exist and there's tons and tons on this garbage completely unremoved or censored, straight up in google. For some reason it's all women too doing the most disgusting obviously pedophile shit. I want to die and I want to un-know this exists completely without any persecution.

No. 666900

you are sure those are not normal, nonsexual photos of reborn dolls? sorry for asking, but a lot of people find them creepy/wrong no matter what (I'm not a fan personally, but see nothing wrong with the dolls… of course unless they are used as pedo bait, but I haven't run into this shit)

No. 666905

Yeah that was my first thought too. Like are they just taking photos of them naked or with diapers only (like baby pics often are) or something? What is this pedophilic content these perverted women are making? I really have a hard time believing it. Even went off to google "reborn doll fetish" and didn't get anything suspicious. I think they're sort of creepy and weird but then again the people doing mods like skinpainting etc on them can be extremely talented.

No. 666910

File: 1604527058496.jpg (29.68 KB, 564x750, f6c797af8adc505e83b8cb0cde7103…)

Im gonna have surgery by tomorrow since i got myself an infection on my toe, i got my fathers genetics and he had too his toenail growing into his skin. Im just really anxious and i don't know how to calm the fuck down about it, i know it will be painful after but i also know it will prevent me from having another ingrown toenail. I lost most of my sleep due to my toenail hurting very badly and since my wound is basically still open and fresh and pus oozing out, it just hurts anons. It's also frustrating for me to wash the wound properly because even if i drip just water on it, it fucking hurts. It burns so badly and i really want it to stop.

Im not sure if the surgeon can give me an anesthetic where im FULLY asleep due to my anxiety being bad, but im also anxious asking that, so i just have to pull through it, i really hope my anxiety attack wont hit when the surgeon is doing his thing.

Anyway off to wash my wound and cry in pain

No. 666927

File: 1604528683904.png (138.33 KB, 256x256, ChatStamp018_en.png)

I joined a guild a while ago and they already made a big deal about accidental misgendering on the server idk just enjoy the game you can always get corrected later on if it was the "incorrect pronouns"

No. 666930

Can you not ask for a sedative or something, or do it under twilight sedation? I think you will be okay, anon. You have been through the horrible pain your toe has given you so far, the procedure will be such a relief. I know it is scary, but it's the start of a pain free life for you. Try and focus on that when you get scared. Treat yourself to your favourite snack, get some good movies to watch and make a den in your bed so you can relax as soon as you get home. Deep breaths! You got this anon.

No. 666935

Guy who's never at work showed up today only to sperg about Trump. Him and another coworker were amping each other up with their retarded facebook conspiracies. One said Trump has the vaccine and he should realse it but can't because of politics so I finally intervened and asked him how that made any sense. Trump made the vaccine and has it, not a doctor or a health organization? He kept saying "Yeah his administration has it." And I kept asking how Trump would make a vaccine when he's not a doctor and why he would have it but nobody else in the world does. They couldn't explain anything they were saying and instead kept telling me Trump is going to win in an attempt to get me to shut up. Then they were telling everyone how the military will shoot us if we remove our masks once Biden becomes a dictator. I kept egging them on and it seemed like they were getting embarssed that I was making them explain their stupid ideas while sacracially agreeing with them while another coworker was side eyeing them. Illiterate fucks think reading facebook posts make them all knowing.

No. 666940

No, they did full on sexual acts on it. I see nothing wrong with these dolls either, I think they can be helpful for certain women, but this is just straight up vile.

I was reverse-searching dollfie clothes and clicked through the suggestions. Remove the "reborn" from your search if you can deal with that kind of stuff.

No. 666942

Samefag, but I saw a few of those mods too a few months ago(like monsters and aliens) and I agree, they were kinda cool.

No. 666947

Hey guys get the fuck out of my kitchen I want to eat but I don't want to

No. 666948

Ah shit I fucked that up.

I don't want to socialise with people I just want to eat

No. 666962

they were roommates

No. 666975

I applied for a job finally after months of working through depression and low self esteem. The main reason I was avoiding it is because I have a crippling fear of rejection. It always just really hits me hard and knocks me down, I take everything way too personally. My therapist built me up and was like “what’s the worst that could happen?” And I was finally just like ok yeah fuck it let’s do this. I applied to be a substitute teacher for my local school district because a friend I know referred me to the position and even vouched for me. it required no experience, and there are currently 30+ positions open due to the pandemic. I have a strong work history and felt qualified for the position. I guess I only applied because I felt like I would get it.. guess what. I didn’t fucking get it, they said my application wasn’t up to district standard. I politely called the coordinator and asked why but she said she didn’t see any notes and couldn’t even tell me? She then referred me to her higher up and I had to leave a message. They haven’t contacted me back and I want to know why I didn’t get the job when I have good references and a year of managerial experience. Anyways my depression is in full swing and I doubt my therapist was ready for this because I haven’t showered in days, haven’t been cleaning , keep feeling suicidal, and going on rants to my family and this website. Idk what to do I’ve just been stuck inside since my job let me go due to Covid in March and I’m on unemployment making barely enough to survive haha. I have no reason to get off of my couch really, not a good one. I just feel like shit and I know I’m rambling I just idk. I feel like I’m neglecting my dog because I haven’t walked him in the last few days and I keep thinking I’m going to do it tomorrow, tomorrow will be better, but it’s like it’s getting worse. My depression is physically palpable: my body is always heavy and sluggish, I have no energy whatsoever not even motivation to eat or drink things I like. I’m struggling to even drink water like what if I die. I have no motivation to follow through with my usual routine and structure that I know I need. I am trying to reach out but honestly nothing anyone says changes how lifeless I feel. I know not getting the job triggered this episode but I am almost kicking myself for even fucking trying and thinking I had a chance. I should have known I’d be struggling to cope if I didn’t get it. I can’t handle rejection because I’m already such a disappointment to myself. Sometimes I like who I am and I’m doing good but sometimes I completely lose touch and can’t even function or be responsible for myself. What do I need to do to get out of this slump? Does anyone else have MDD and experience with hitting a new low? I feel like I haven’t been this depressed in years.

No. 666989

File: 1604536189406.jpg (14.12 KB, 269x252, 1597030062095.jpg)

One of the biggest overestimations I've ever made about people who've mistreated me or abused me is that they knew and intentionally were doing so.
I was so wrong.
The reality is that many bad people have no fucking idea they're being bad people. They feel justification in what they're doing, like they're the protagonists in their own little movies. It's helping me heal from the trauma somewhat, but it makes me mad how they get to go about life as if they didn't do anything wrong or framed myself like I was the bad one.

No. 667012

one of the cows here has the same name as me and without fail everytime her thread comes up i have a mini heart attack thinking lolcow has caught me

No. 667016

sad vent i guess

i was in hospital overnight on monday and the woman next to me had cervical cancer, i heard the doctors telling her it had spread and she needed to go to a hospice (they said it through the curtains because she was too sick to move). her husband was allowed to visit which was rare because there's a strict no visitors rule in hospital ATM because of covid. all night she was throwing up, i couldn't sleep because i could hear her retching, in the morning i saw her sick bowls and they were full of black lumps. her and her husband lay on her bed in silence with the curtains drawn, he was there for hours and they didnt speak i just heard the occasional sniff and her throwing up. i guess this is a vent because i havent told anyone how scared i am to have seen that, i cant stop thinking about them, its heartbreaking and so so scary. that could be anyone, it could be my mum, my best friend, me.. cancer is merciless and does not care who it infects, i've always been frightened of it because its CANCER but suddenly im terrified, its hit me that anyone can get it and it's so much worse than we know to witness it in person. there's a history of cancer in my family. i feel as though im taking this womans illness far too selfishly; using it to cry about my own potential misfortune when i should be taking advantage of mine and my family's health whilst i still can but god anons, im so so scared. i've never been scared like this before; atleast with my usual fears (murderers, kidnappers etc) i can protect my love ones from it but cancer? there's no shield available, nothing to stop it, the treatment is torment within itself. i feel helpless.

No. 667031

Start applying at as many temp agencies and contract employers as possible.
Also, your boyfriend is.. wow. Anon, maybe you should just move to a new area as soon as feasible.

No. 667032

I don’t think you’re being selfish, anon. That would be really hard for anyone to witness, and it’s really a wake up call. Cancer is ruthless and could take anyone. Life is so precious, and all we can do is try to cherish the time that we do have and be grateful for our health while we have it. I’ll definitely pray for her family even though I don’t know her. Tell your friends and family how much you love them whenever you can.

No. 667091

File: 1604551366639.jpg (102.45 KB, 923x578, 1588765653287.jpg)

I lost a few lbs and finally got to the point where I was comfortable with my body, but US politics got me fucked up so bad that I've spent the last 2 days binging. I know I'm just bloated now and will bounce back to my comfortable weight after a week of my normal diet, but fuck man, I just feel so bad about my body again.

No. 667095

>Search shoes for fun on AliExpress because wear size 10US
>Now my feed is just crossdressers and fags with their actual penis out.
What did I do to deserve such a curse

No. 667096

so fucking disappointed in my sister for believing in tra koolaid. Might be easy for her since shes straight but god im so scared to try dating the next couple years since i just want a wife someday. im tired of men preying on women even ones who try to cut them out for good. tired of being scared of men period.

No. 667118

Anyone have an issue where they keep ending up with gay men in denial or bisexuals? I always end up attracted to these dudes.

No. 667148

I had a really bad and embarrassing day yesterday, was PMSing super hard, and got into an argument to top it all off, so I decided to drink a bit after dinner. Fell asleep accidentally super early and now I have been wide awake for hours with the worst stomach ache and it's the middle of the night fml

No. 667179

I have a crush on a guy who's 16 years older than me but I feel like a kid next to him. Does it mean I'm immature? Or is this normal to feel like this around a 40 year old? I'm blaming myself

No. 667192

not milky enough for personal cow thread, but one Extremely Online guy I know posts shit like this constantly:

>Hey friends, so here's a thing I want to make abundantly clear. If you voted for Trump or would have voted for Trump, eat shit and die slow. You aren't welcome here. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. You're a racist, sexist, rape apologist, xenophobic, misogynist just like him, and I'm done mincing my words.

(image wouldn't attach so copypasta)
>tfw he's not even american

It's so embarrassing/annoying to see, especially since when he's not sperging about stomping on Trump supporters he's posting about how fragile his mental health is, he's so uwu depressed, and so brave for sharing this dark time, hates himself so much that the only thing that could cheer him up is buying ANOTHER funko pop or emo shit on etsy

I think he'll be heartbroken if Trump loses because he's been posting shit like this for four years and getting asspats for larping as a big dick liberal badass on the internet

Meanwhile if you met him in real life he's a chubby manlet with 2002-era facial piercings and a fucking nightmare before christmas tattoo, and if you said a mean word to him he'd roll into the fetal position and spend six months writing medium posts about it to 'process the trauma'

also loves to defend TRAs as a "cis ally" so countdown to him being featured on the MtF thread in a few years

No. 667201

Are you Trisha Paytas?

No. 667207

are you 1. gnc, or 2. bi yourself? i ask bc i'm both and most guys who are into me end up being bi, it might be why they're drawn to you

No. 667215

>are you 1. gnc, or 2. bi yourself?
Diff anon but I'm gnc and I have a string of relationships behind me where about a year into dating the guy gets real whiny and pushy about exploring strapon stuff or wanting me to eat their fucking ass out…. am I just cursed to keep meeting these guys? It's definitely occured to me that me being gnc attracts them. But then I'm also really upfront with them in the beginning, stating that anal is an absolute no go.

No. 667217

what the fuck. I have literally never ran into this kind of degeneracy.
Not sure if I want to google that with safe search off…. the heck

No. 667227

this troon who murdered and dismemebered his 20 yo girlfriend, was sent to a womens prison after trooning out while in jail, and has now been released after 7 years is posting pictures of himself holding guns and calling himself "terf hunter" and so on in several facebook groups and on instagram etc. he's also sending threats to other users in these groups for (allegedly) being terfs. he lives kind of close to people i know, including my best friend. i don't want to start a gc discussion or anything like that, i'm just so shocked this stuff actually happens in real life and in my own country.

No. 667229

I love how kink shaming is "Wrong' but people will sit there and shame you for not wanting to do crazy shit in the bedroom.
Like, "it's 2020 and "females" out there aint eating ass?" Literally saw a "Straight" dude saying this shit, it pisses me off more when women do it.
It's always those woke types who claim "Love is love" but are constantly judging people for who they don't want to have sex with and what they don't want to do.

No. 667231

What??? Please post him in the mtf thread. That’s some horror milk.

No. 667234

oh right, i forgot about that thread. will do.

No. 667237

What is it with boomers and news medias? My dad is obsessed by them, whatever he does he has the radio turned on, even if it's for brushing his teeth for two minutes, and he always tries to watch the evening report even for just 30 seconds (we have a no TV policy during meals). He gets angry easily when he sees something he doesn't like, is it some kind of masochistic pleasure? Even my mom has the radio turned on whenever she does anything because "she can't stand the silence", but she's always listening to shitty programs and gets annoyed by them, why can't she just put on some music she likes?

Reminds of an artist I follow who was like "if you voted for Trump unfollow me right now, you don't deserve to see my porn" as if people are actually going to come out of the woodwork and unfollow, they are going to do whatever they want. She's not american either and I've never seen her tweet about politics in her own country, Twitter brainrot is truly its own thing.

No. 667239

It's so hard to be watching a show and all of a sudden a child character gets sexually abused, implied or explicitly. I know I'm such a fucking baby, but it brings up flashbacks, especially if their situation was similar to mine. It makes me stop watching the show too, It hurts too much watching these things. I'm very inconsiderate, especially considering it's happening to those characters and not me, and I'm not giving the show the chance it deserves, but it just hurts so much and I always avoid it.

No. 667243

I feel you. I got counselling for CSA a few years ago, told my then partner that I couldn't watch any films with rape depicted in them. So one day he picks out a film to watch, he had seen it before and I hadn't so I ask if it's rape free. He says it is… it had the most brutal rape scene I have ever seen and it just slipped his mind.

Few years later my next bfs fave tv series features regular scenes of rape and I tell him I can't watch it with him…the hissy fits he threw because I wouldn't share his love of a tv series. Every year when a new series of it released he threw another fit at me for making him watch it alone. Is it that hard for men to understand??

No. 667246

There is this dude I have a crush on and I learned that you should make eye contact to flirt. So I stared him down every time he looked at me and now he won't go near me anymore or look at me. What do I do. Help.

No. 667247

I'm not sure whether to call both your past boyfriends assholes, or if society is just generally dismissive of these things if it doesn't affect them; both could be true. My boyfriend would get very annoyed when I'd have flashbacks and start panicking. In the beginning, he would shake me and tell me it wasn't real or I'm fine here. Sigh.

No. 667249

Today I realized I'm a covert narcissist. No idea what to do with that discovery.

No. 667250

Another episode of "Stop hanging out with 4chan/discord manchildren"

No. 667253

Were you overdoing it?

There's a guy working in a nearby store that I noticed looks at me an awful lot when I'm in there everyday grabbing a coffee. At first I was like 'oh this guy is into me' but now it's at the point where I'm like 'oh this staring is a bit much, dude's just staring at me long term with no communication or easing up on the staring routine' It got awkward. Do you two talk?

No. 667259

File: 1604580334444.gif (921.64 KB, 498x372, orb.gif)

One of my qualities is being a meticulous planner and good at scheduling. For the last couple of months I've been talking to an online guy and I fell for him, I planned his flight, bnb and locations to visit when he gets here. He was supposed to arrive last night.
I had a job offered to me and I had to delay the time I could come into work so I can have a vacation with this guy I like, I was going to get away with skipping a few days of class bc Im currently in a module that's fully online, until the middle of this month. Everything was perfectly planned as it should be, until this guy misplaced his passport and lost his flight.
It's uncertain when he's going to reschedule, but I already set my life plans at a certain date (the day after he was supposed to leave). Now I've fallen out of love with the guy because I'm so angry my hard work went to shit. I can't stop my life for anyone.

No. 667266

>>667259 I'm so angry on your behalf but it's probably for the best, he's a manchild. He should be able to arrange his own shit and have checked his passport long before this, like when he knew you were changing plans to accommodate him.

Please tell me you didn't send him any money because "long distance relationship where the other party mysteriously can't meet up" is a plot line of 90% of Catfish episodes

Congrats on the job offer BTW!

No. 667271

To clarify: This dude is my coworker. We TRY to talk with each other but every time we are alone we both kinda don't know what to say and the situation ends up being an awkward mess. Last time we were in a meeting I always catched him looking at me so I stared back while imagined him fucking me. I also always smile and look at him when we see each other in the hallways and usually he looks and smiles back. But he wasn't doing it today and also he is kinda avoiding me rn. What do I do now. Should I also avoid him?

No. 667279

You put way too much effort and investment into this guy
>Now I've fallen out of love with the guy
In two months of online chat you fell in love and back out of it again, girl that is not right

No. 667287

Nah, never sent money out.
I apologize but that was hyperbolic, I still do love him a lot but I'm irritated about the situation.

No. 667289

So you never met before right? He probably didn't give a fuck, online relationships are so meaningless nowadays

No. 667290

You don't love this stranger anon

No. 667292

This. I noticed that lately that threads in g are full of this bs too. Talking online and getting attached within weeks even talking about loving them.. is nuts. It's screams of desperation

No. 667294

>screams of desperation
do you know where you are? what is this holier than though bullshit. probably half the userbase here has never even been in a relationship.

No. 667303

I'm so tired of pornsick men. Might just fuck around be celibate for the rest of my life. Why do I have to put up with scrotes that have desensitized themselves?

No. 667306

Speak for yourself, tard. It's not like finding a scrote to date (irl) is difficult.

No. 667308

i wasn't talking about myself you complete sperg. you're a dumbass with a superiority complex on fucking lolcow of all places, as if you don't know the types of women that post here. just because you're accustomed to dating ugly moids doesn't mean everyone else is.

No. 667312

I'm not the person you replied to first but I'm pretty sure more than half the women here have had irl relationships, even if they were unsuccessful/bad.

No. 667317

>has bad anxiety
>start doing more physical activity to help with anxiety
>gets anxiety attack while doing physical activity
Boy do I love being this retarded.

No. 667328

File: 1604586818636.png (410.57 KB, 600x600, 5e95ad48bef53627d388c945_monka…)

There's a new black guy working as a cashier in a grocery store near me. I've never seen a black person irl, only asians and some arabs. I'm a highly paranoid and awkward individual and I'm anxious even around white people because I feel like everyone stares at me and judges me and I'm trying not to stare at others. But this time I tried harder than usual because I didn't want to seem offensive or something so I was just staring at my groceries, trembling, and I mumbled only "good morning" and "thank you" (like I always do, but again, I was scared he would think that I'm like this because he's black).
A lady in a drug store asked me two times to repeat myself because I was mumbling again.
Then, while going home, I yelled "excuse me!" at a random lady. I was waiting for a delivery and I thought she's a delivery person (yellow jacket, she was holding some package and walking away from my apartment building and the package car was standing near). She stared at me like I'm a weirdo. The actual delivery guy was in a building right next to mine. What an embarassing day. I'm going back to maladaptive daydreaming. Can't imagine not being a neet and having to deal with all that stress inducing human interaction every day

No. 667331

Getting triggered by basic common sense

No. 667332

>I planned his flight, bnb and locations to visit when he gets here.
>I was going to get away with skipping a few days of class

Sis, it hurts to hear this but you simped. Don't be mad, almost all women go through this lesson because men are lazy horrible idiots. The fact is this guy could have had a wonderful time with you and all he had to do was show up with the appropriate documents, and yet he couldn't even be assed.
But let's just pretend that he somehow had the sense to go through with this plan: I still think you would have been hooking up with someone who's not very nice. Why couldn't he have taken initiative to research your area and find places to stay and things he was interested in doing with you? I hate to say this anon, but you planning everything for him was setting up a tone in the relationship that you'd be the one doing everything and that would have never changed. He sounds super low effort and not very nice, and it sounds like he was eager to get you emotionally attached to him early so he could get away with his irresponsible and selfish horseshit.
You don't love him or you'd sacrifice your self-respect and good judgment to make excuses for his bullshit like so many other brainwashed women think they have to do for ~troo luv~. Try to get your money back and ghost him.

No. 667336

You guys aren't anything so keep doing what you like and if he's into it, he's into it.

No. 667339

the bulk of us hate it thnx

No. 667340

wait…what where do you live?
you sure you don't literally have a problem? not to be mean but it sounds like you need to be socialised. if you have a hard time making eye contact and dealing with stuff like this maybe see if you can get some help or a diagnosis. hope you're okay anon, it's a lot to work through.
I'm still curious about "new black guy" like I'm sure you know he's a human being who deserves respect just like anyone and aren't gonna pull the autism card to excuse racism. idk tho need more context tbh. weird you started out that way but sure
neetdom isn't normal and it might be your baseline but if you want to interact with the rest of the world and not feel this way you're gonna have to sort it out. maybe definitely check into a doctor soon that's no way to live.

No. 667346

File: 1604587308412.gif (3.31 MB, 308x360, RecklessRecentBasenji-size_res…)

>take out salmon lox for bagel
>tell myself I'm only gonna use a couple slices of salmon for bagel
>only a few slices anon
>eat bagel with lox
>eat the rest of the remaining lox anyway
Why does it have to be so delicious and so expensive for a small package FUCK

No. 667350

lox is smoked salmon yes? totally don't blame you anon, shit is fucking AMBROSIA but careful of your mercury levels.
fuck I miss north america and it's bagels, they just aren't a thing here and I'm lowkey seething with jealousy but also chuffed for you. have some for me pls
have you tried smoked salmon nigiri? with just a little red onion on top? GLORIOUS

No. 667355

dude can you relax there are still countries where blacks are basically unheard of to see irl

No. 667359

Nta but… is there a problem if someone eats an entire package of lox? I've never done it but I fucking love it and there are some periods where I eat it frequently, but again not that much in one sitting.

No. 667365

This is even more autistic than the post you're replying to, and that's saying something lol

No. 667366

I have no dating experience and this guy I talked to on tinder a while ago slid into my instagram dms. This never happens and I kinda let myself get excited about us talking again and even imagined things actually going somewhere for once and then he stopped responding. This is hurting my ego so bad and I’ve never felt so weird and ugly in my life even though rationally I know it’s not that deep. I just wish I felt good enough for somebody

No. 667367

I’ve got something working on me and it’s making talking really really taxing but I sound fine and I’m scared everyone’s gonna think I’m taking the piss. I’m scared my boyfriend will leave me for being sick for so long, I’m scared my friends won’t want me around and I’m scared my family will just get tired of me. I’m so tired of being sick, it’s been a month :(

No. 667369

I'm 20 and I have a lot of the same problems I had as a teenager. I feel like I'm to old to be still struggling with certain things like my parents being too controlling, having no motivation to study, eating disorders etc; at 16-17 it was one thing but now it just feels pathetic. I guess I expected things to change/get better on their own, and obviously they didn't. In a lot of ways I'm the same person I was at 17 and I hate it

No. 667377

I live in a predominantly white european country, it's really rare to see a black person here. I've seen way more korean students and japanese tourists. And I've always been like this, it only started to get worse when I became self aware and I knew I will never be a "normie", I think I may be on the spectrum. In middle school I would print random "interesting" articles for my classmates instead of talking to them etc. (and of course they thought I'm a weirdo). You're right, obviously autism is no excuse for racism, but I don't think I was being racist. I'm afraid to look at people in general, I think they sense my fear or the fact that I don't really want to interact with them, and I tried to hide my anxiety in front of that guy because I didn't want him to think it's BECAUSE he's black

No. 667378

In the least patronising way possible, you're 20. You're still developing! Give yourself some credit anon. Late teens early 20s is a hard time. I finally settled in my mid to late 20s and in my 30s now I feel 'grown up' and past a lot of my issues. You'll be fine.

No. 667383

Dating site/app guys going off-platform is a pretty good sign of a creeper, you made a lucky escape

No. 667387

fucks sake everytime i bend over i puke a little. this would have been great in my teenage bulimia phase but it's just pissfuck annoying when im trying to pick something up and suddenly there's vomit everywhere

No. 667388

That sucks. Sounds like you have damaged yourself internally by making yourself throw up?

No. 667392

fair point, but I did ask them what country they're from and for more context. Sorry for being from a multicultural one where it would be weird to treat someone differently based on their skin colour but go off.
> austism
> on an imageboard
sure kid

thanks for the reply, that's why I was asking. I wasn't accusing you of racism I was hoping it wasn't the case. there's a lot of spectrumites on here so you're not alone. definitely try and check in and at least talk to someone about it, even a loved one if you can. it's daunting but doable. I can understand where you're coming from though, is there any way you can explain that to him if he got the wrong impression or is your social anxiety too bad?
and when it does get bad how do you self-soothe? you defs sound like you might need a helping hand dealing with these things anon. in the meantime look after yourself hey.

No. 667393

>too old
damn the wall meme really hit these kids hard huh
your brain doesn't finish developing til you're 25 if that's any consolation. stay safe healthy and learn as much as you can and you'll grow up, look back at this age and thank yourself for the experience you lived through.
don't stress lil one, you got this.

No. 667399

File: 1604592030568.jpg (19.69 KB, 500x282, a5d23651-0a6b-475b-9c84-73444b…)

There's a new white guy working as a cashier in a grocery store near me. I've never seen a white person irl, only gooks and some arabs. I'm a highly paranoid and awkward individual and I'm anxious even around hispanic people because I feel like everyone stares at me and judges me and I'm trying not to stare at others. But this time I tried harder than usual because I didn't want to seem offensive or something so I was just staring at my groceries, trembling, and I mumbled only "good morning" and "thank you" (like I always do, but again, I was scared he would think that I'm like this because he's black).
A lady in a drug store asked me two times to repeat myself because I was mumbling again.
Then, while going home, I yelled "excuse me!" at a random lady. I was waiting for a delivery and I thought she's a delivery person (yellow jacket, she was holding some package and walking away from my apartment building and the package car was standing near). She stared at me like I'm a weirdo. The actual delivery guy was in a building right next to mine. What an embarassing day. I'm going back to maladaptive daydreaming. Can't imagine not being a neet and having to deal with all that stress inducing human interaction every day

Do you realize how crazy you sound

No. 667405

Lately I've been seeing more and more really young people (18-21) cry about being old and some saying your life ends at 25, the hell? I didn't start feeling old until I was 29, it's scary to think what they must be watching/reading online to start feeling like an old hag at 21. Wait until you're 40 at least, jfc.

I keep seeing more and more shameless pedos online at the same time, wonder if it's connected.

No. 667406

Are you the same person who freaked out because her black coworker touched her

No. 667410

>go off
>sure kid
Someone was posting about how much they hate these passive aggressive twitter phrases only a couple days ago and I get it now.

No. 667412

ayrt I don't even use twitter but I'm glad it rustles your jimmies. just saw someone on here talking about how much they hate people using words they don't like that hurt their fee fees and I get it now.

No. 667416

it is definitely connected but some of these girls make it really hard to not wanna hit them over the head. you're 22 years old and crying about being old… these scrotes really got into your head easy huh?

No. 667419

Honestly this sounds like some troll and your post could be used as a copypasta kek
You live in a white european country and you've never seen a black person before? Are you from fucking switzerland or liechtenstein or something

No. 667420

it's genuinely pathetic, by the time they get to 30 they will realize what pickmes they've been this whole time. get the notion out of your head or end up with a shoe on top. we all see how that turned out for sweet june. or should I say, december, cause she's at the end of her life apparently.
sorry pedos fucked your sense of worth maybe don't take scrotes words for shit. pink pill tastes good my children. imbibe.
earn your womanhood by acting like one, learning and growing and not letting dick dictate (haha dick-tate) your life.

No. 667427

File: 1604593328557.png (237.36 KB, 640x604, tenor.png)

Wait I'll be 30 before the end of the year, am I supposed to feel old?

No. 667430

No, gal. 30 is the best age. I am loving this decade.

No. 667434

File: 1604593678795.png (383.95 KB, 1260x1188, NOTAGINGPLS.png)

Wait I'll be 30 before the end of the year, am I supposed to feel old? What if I can't get any more neckbeard dick? Do I have to get a career?

No. 667443

Feisty anon

No. 667444

sexy anon, you sound like you're lookin good tonight

No. 667448

Speak twitter to me.. I'm esl so I don't even understand half of it but all I know is it makes me feel things..

No. 667451


>whispers in your ear

women hit the wall at 20, I'm a map, can daddy teach you something new? I'm a feminist did I tell you? how is kitten feeling?

how's that hitting is daddy getting you JUICED

(genuinely sorry I need a shower now just typing that)

No. 667456

Kek, not that anon but you truly managed to express everything perfectly. Now I will proceed to take a 5 hours shower.

No. 667457

File: 1604594878775.png (253.89 KB, 473x453, 9230.png)

There may be something wrong. Your esophagus has a sphincter at the top that could be made weak and disordered by routine purging. It usually resolves itself after a bit when you stop, but if not it could be another issue like acid reflux.

No. 667459

haha sphincter talk dirty to us anon we're in that mood

No. 667461

File: 1604595260518.jpeg (24.63 KB, 480x360, 99C0B578-9FB0-4F0A-8756-A253F0…)

Why do girls with bpd and superiority complexes always look like this… how am I supposed to take her weird slights seriously? I’m cracking up.

No. 667464

is this the fabled Ted Cruz I keep hearing about?

No. 667469

File: 1604595672517.gif (1.94 MB, 475x360, 4546456.gif)

please don't make it worse
No, I never worked in my life. I've been a neet since I graduated from high school
I live in eastern european country and I never saw a black person irl. I'm not trolling. See, that's why I rarely vent here, people won't even take me seriously

No. 667470

Looking good babivampire!

No. 667471

I can tell you had fun writing this post and I appreciate it.

No. 667472

I appreciate you, anon. I wouldn't say fun because that would be crass. how is joy and elation for you? scintillating ethereal pure joy.
don't listen to scrotes ladies. it's the path to damnation. love yourselves.

No. 667474

don't eat too much salmon or tuna cause you can yeah get too much mercury from it and it can fuck you up. I totally understand though it is the tastiest shit ever. look after yourself anon, don't feel bad for your salmon habits but don't stitch yourself up at the same time.

No. 667476

It's hard not to feel sad for them, partially because they're young and don't have the wisdom to know better is coming, partially because they're clearly believing the wall meme. Or they could just be depressed kek. I know I thought my life would be over at 25, but that was solely because I was so miserable that I figured I'd give my brain enough time to fully develop before kms. What do you know, I made it to 25+ and feel better than ever. Young me was a dumbass that didn't know better yet, I find it hard not to at least try and extend that frame of mind to these girls.

No. 667483

I feel bad for them but at the same time some of them use their age as some sort of a one-up on older women and call you grandma as if we weren't young before and they won't be "old" too one day.

I sincerely hope dumbasses like that get what they ask for. Hope you get picked sweetie, enjoy your negging boyfriend who won't brush his teeth and demands anal twice a week. I'll be sitting over here crying into my piles of money and free time from not being mommy to a scrote.

No. 667484

Oh based as fuck regarding the type of girls you're talking about. I do still feel bad for them and hope they Get It someday, but if they don't, it's like…you made your own bed, babe. Having however many kids +1 adult child for life for the sake of getting picked is grim.

No. 667486

I actually don’t follow that cow so I have nfi who that is

No. 667489

If I get called granny for being over 30 I just call them fetuses. I get how it is to be young on the internet, but I think they forget we grew up WITH the internet. They will come around eventually and realise how much of a young dumbass they were. We've all been in their shoes.

No. 667490

File: 1604598680528.jpeg (19.36 KB, 138x275, 93009330-29FB-46AC-A9CC-654F6A…)

samefag, just looked her up and who the hell is still naming their kids Dolores

No. 667491

Her name's actually Hailey, I think.

No. 667497

I wish I could find an online community of women I could relate to again. When I was a teen, I was pretty popular on tumblr and there were nice communities on there where girls and funny nice gay men could mull over our interests, share nice pictures and have a laugh. I never felt like the girls were competing with each other, and even though there was some drama, it was relatively mild and the overall experience was pleasant and something I look back in fondly. Women on social media now seem to curate their personality, interests and even way of speaking to appeal to men now and I hate it so much. Chicks online now call themselves bimbos, talk about how hot misogyny is, how they shouldn’t have rights etc… or are weird kpop sanrio kinderwhore SJWs. I just hate how everything seems so shallow and honestly it pisses me off seeing e-girls talk about how domestic abuse is sexy and stupid stuff like that, because even if I know it’s mainly for male attention- I can’t help but think of the women I know who have suffered at the hands of males and thinking about their abuse being called “hot” makes my blood boil. I just feel like it’s seriously looked down on by other women now to not be okay with blatant misogyny and it freaks me out. I just don’t understand and wish I had some nice girl friends who don’t centre the basis of their existence on what men like.

No. 667500

Oh so her name is probably Dolores on sm because she’s obsessed with Lolita, how gross

No. 667502

I got into a retarded argument with my fwb/crush and now he’s ignoring me. It’s over, isn’t it?

No. 667507

How retarded are we talking?

No. 667510

What was the argument about?

No. 667513

It was an argument over boob sizes… He was saying it’s impossible for women with a small frame to naturally have huge breasts. I’m a 30DD and don’t have implants, something he can verify because we’ve fucked at least once a month for the past 1.5 years.

No. 667514

Wait it out he'll get horny and then you'll find out.

No. 667515

Cup sizes don't matter and men are just visual. If a woman has a small frame more than likely her tits will be smaller than fatter ones.

No. 667516

He sounds like a retard, how do you even get mad at an observation like that?

No. 667518

What a fucking weird thing to give you the silent treatment over, lucky you're not full on dating him I guess

No. 667519

Anon he's indirectly either saying you're not sm0l or your tits aren't that big. Quit fucking this man, he doesn't respect you anyway and is literally bringing up other women's bodies to your face and arguing with you about it.

Also there are exceptions but generally speaking, he is correct. Less bf%=smaller tits.

No. 667524

I'm a natural 30F and larger boobs are out there with smaller rib cages. Your boyfriend is choosing unfamiliar hills to fucking die on. Cup sizes are volume with the number being tied to the size of the ribcage. Send his stupid ass to bratabase.

No. 667525

I suspect he's a cumbrain like every other guy (also that's a looong fwb relationship just saying) and thinks "huge" means the kind like beachballs.

No. 667529

thanks anons that makes me feel a bit better. btw I want to clarify that I don't think 20 is old by any means, I should've worded that differently; what I meant is that I feel like I haven't had much significant personal growth in the past 3 years, and it sucks because as other anons pointed out I'm supposed to be growing/maturing rn. Maybe that's retarded too idk

No. 667530

you have us, anon!

No. 667534

Tell him it's impossible for a man under 6'5 to have a big dick

No. 667535

Honestly, I'm kind of glad we had this argument because it really solidified the fact that all men are cumbrains who aren't worth dating/marrying.

Fucking kek'd.

No. 667540

Smite him to the fucking ground

No. 667543

I don't think it's ethical for you to be fucking somebody retarded anon. The sex better be amazing

No. 667554

these types of discussions always confuse me. On one hand people often say a body like this is unrealistic, at least when it comes to character designs, but on the other hand I've seen multiple posters here and on /cgl/ who claim to have such bodytypes so apparently it's not that rare. i don't know who to believe.

No. 667557

It's not too common but if he said it's actually impossible then he's plain wrong

No. 667560

File: 1604605416331.jpg (82.12 KB, 1200x941, 1600297555360.jpg)

going to be working really late today to finish a lot of work that was dumped on me, likely it'll be an all-nighter. Just want to get through to the weekend…anons…give me your strength.

No. 667565

So close, anon!! You got this, and then I hope you enjoy your weekend with a nice sense of accomplishment to make it even better!

No. 667574

oh my god why is this happening to me why is everyone trooning the fuck out, please stop this apocalypse

No. 667580

i get sad as fuck whenever my mom tells me about her partner who seems to be showing the first signs of dementia. his own mother died a couple of years ago with severe dementia, so there were chances of him developing it as well…

apparently he's been eating more foods that are said to help with memory…he knows, my mom knows, no one wants to talk about it but, at the same time, there's nothing to do about it. just be glad that he has enough money to keep him in a nursing home until he dies once the dementia gets bad enough for that.

i listened a couple of songs from the caretaker's everywhere at the end of time and now i'm even sadder.

i personally never formed a real bond with him and my mom has been talking about moving countries without him…and yet, it's really painful to think about.

No. 667582

>i listened a couple of songs from the caretaker's everywhere at the end of time and now i'm even sadder.
Anon please don't harm yourself like that…

No. 667584

I showed my bf the caretaker album and a month later his mom got diagnosed with dementia. It sucks. It drains your soul out. I'm so sorry anon. I would give you a hug if I could.

No. 667589

I'm sorry anon, this fucking world sucks. I wish I could find such community as well. The communities that I can mostly find some empathy in is here or inside radfem tumblr. But both come with a risk and you can't really talk openly about it.

I think that maybe if corona wasn't a thing I would search for an all-women's group centered about some hobby, like crafting or reading or such. Those always have nice vibes (even more if you get to hang around 25-30 year old women) and are not full of the kind of the people you're talking about. Maybe there's an online community like that too

I really want to have some warmness and understanding that comes from being surrounded with other women. Not dumb kids who love sanrio and domestic abuse.

No. 667590

Hispanic people? Dolores is an hispanic name

No. 667591

i listened to comparisons of "it's just a burning memory", all 6 versions as well as the original. this is literal self harm…

oh god i hope your bf is doing ok… although that doesn't mean much since dementia is so devastating. my own mother getting dementia would ruin my life.
i already spent days feeling sad when i simply learned that "everywhere at the end of time" exists…

No. 667594

i miss being severely underweight. my ED stopped being severe 5 years ago but i still miss it. but i cant share with anyone how much i miss it because they'll think im faking ED thoughts for attention since i've maintained the 17-18 bmi range for 5 years now.

No. 667597

His mom is still in the very earliest stage and she can afford treatment, so he's being as positive as he can. I hope your mom's partner can also get treatment. I'm so sorry anon, this just really sucks, please listen to this song instead of the caretaker, maybe this can cheer you up, it always helps me

full version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixn2RlLUr64

No. 667604

you're sweet, thank you for the optimism!

No. 667644

Don't beat yourself up anon ED's can rot your brain even if you are recovered. I've read lots of accounts of people missing being sick because that was all they knew and it made them feel safe. I'm a ana-chan and feel so much more comfortable being sick and thin. It's fucked up but mental illness warps your view on reality.

No. 667647

File: 1604615248918.jpg (38 KB, 500x643, 2a7906f032dff6225d7e4a16b601b0…)

I noticed that dog people touch cats in a very weird way. They're too rough and they have no intuition, which often results in cats being irritated by them and walking away, which they brush off as cats being mean. I've seen way more cat people getting along with dogs than dog people getting along with cats. They have no sensitivity and no sense of timing. It's like a typical scrote touching a female body like it was a dough to knead, or trying to stimulate a clitoris by mashing it like a button

No. 667649

I am a dumb bitch who put on 15lbs in 4 months. I hate being so short with PCOS. In the end it's my own fault but those other things don't help. I'll probably go back to OMAD. It was fun eating lots of desserts and cheese boards with my friend while she stayed with me this past month at least lol

No. 667650

as a cat person, I admit that I touch dogs a bit weirdly. I tend to just softly pet them on the head

No. 667651

idk if cat petting is intuitive, they're not easy like dogs. You have to know to hard pat their head and avoid their tummies.

No. 667657

Tell me about it. I've had a friend imply my cat was mistreated because she scratched my friend after my friend was a total spaz and tried roughing her up like a dog.

No. 667661

You can aways lose it anon, at least you made some good memories with a friend

No. 667678

we’ve had a problem saving money lately and i was usually too meek to ask about spending or finances cause i felt like i never really contributed enough financially. in fact we started sharing accounts specifically because I wasn’t earning enough to keep my own.

well now we’re kind of even and i figured i’d finally take charge of the spending problem and made a budget. before i’d find out we were broke like a week before we got paid again, but I know what my partner is like and figured i found the perfect solution

well paychecks dropped today. i worked this morning and i felt like such an asshole for wondering if they’d somehow manage to spend too much before i got home. I already knew about the debt they had to the shop we work at and expected them to pay asked that they paid that asap which they did. it should have left us with a good cushion to last until next paycheck (pet stuff, food, gas, a bit of everything), their allowance, my allowance, and even a bit to put away to start off our new budget on a good foot

i checked our account. it’s all gone. lol. in a matter of hours. literally just a third of the day. And worse than that, it’s the STUFF that they buy that makes it that much worse. They did save me the portion i allocated for my allowance, tho, but ofc it’s not mine. Im not going to make them uber for food money, but damn.

At least with the debt out of the way, the whole of our next paycheck is ours. I might even ask our boss if he could give me our checks next time, but i always work the mornings and he’s a night person. Idk if that’s too controlling but idk what else to do. Im too mad to talk to them about it just yet, but will once i cool down.

No. 667685

just got back home and our craft room/study is a fucking mess too. that’s the room we use to wind down or have tea or do hobbies. It’s meant to be an escape. i dont even feel mad anymore just really fucking tired

No. 667702

I don't understand cat people's brains.

No. 667708

File: 1604621379528.jpg (28.48 KB, 432x371, 409327643876932.jpg)

>pulling out of a parking lot when an older black man knocks on my car
>ask what's wrong and he points to minuscule paint chip on his old beater
>oh, did my door bump you as I was getting in? I'm sorry I didn't realize, would you like my insurance info?
>says it's no big deal then walks away. start pulling out again
>waves me down again
>says he is a man of Jesus and found it in himself to forgive me, but that I should remember if the roles were reversed I would be hysterically screaming and calling the cops, who would kill him
>excuse me wat
>say no, I would not be hysterical or call the police, I've ended up with plenty of damage on my car over the years and so long as it's running I couldn't care less
>man reiterates that I would definitely be calling the cops, but he doesn't judge based on race so just remember his kindness
>say he is still free to take me up on insurance info, and for someone who doesn't make assumptions based on skin color, he is making a lot of assumptions about me based on the fact I'm white
>mfw when dude is desperate to be a victim even in completely benign scenario
>when can I leave this country

No. 667715

And then Leonardo Dicaprio stood up and clapped for you after giving you his one and only Oscar

No. 667716

i didn't have internet for like a week because of stupid covid, and ended up panicking that my new boyfriend ghosted me after halloween. turns out he just was super busy and sleeping at weird hours so he didn't have time to message me.

god i am stupid. i wish i could trust men more. he's such a sweet but dumb guy, but my ex really fucked me up manipulating me and getting all his friends to gang up on me after we broke up because he had a secret girlfriend in another state.

No. 667721

this might be a weird question and totally unrelated but would you ever tell your current bf about what your ex did and how he fucked up your trust? i've been in a similar situation to you and i feel like letting my new bf know how my ex fucked up my trust issues would help me heal but might also make my new bf think i deserve to be cheated on or manipulated because it already happened once (sounds fucked up ik)

No. 667726

possibly. i was thinking of telling him when he visits next. i don't think he thinks poorly about women (but you never know). but he's definitely a better person than my ex was and is much more caring and concerned about me. i am kind of into more sensitive guys but with some (like my ex) it can be a cover for being a selfish manchild who wants someone to be his mom and protecc him. where as my current bf is an actual human who takes care of himself he is just extremely dense and airheaded. i just think i will tell him a very watered down version of what happened and see how he reacts.

No. 667728

I don't know what this is supposed to imply. That I'm a bad actor? If so I can assure you it happened, just about 15 minutes ago in fact. Burgers are absolutely out of their minds these days, and both BLM types and neo-nazis are equally intent on covering their ears to logic and reason. It's one of the main reasons I'm happy to be a shut-in as much has possible, everyone is slavering to manufacture outrage

No. 667733

i’m having such a bad and sporadic episode, i got triggered by something stupid related to my ex and now i’ve been on edge for the past three days. it fucking pains me to be this volatile and catty, what the fuck is wrong with me? it fucking hurts to be this pathetic and emotional, someone please fucking help me

No. 667739

NTA but I would really advise telling if you're hoping for a serious relationship with the new boyfriend. when I told mine he was very understanding and is putting active effort into making sure I'm at ease and not being stressed about some past traumas which is making the relationship so much better and I can focus on getting better instead worrying about whether I'm right to be stressed and should I tell my lifestory or not. I want to believe most of men are not like our scumbag exes.

No. 667740

Uhh I feel for you anon, things really be like this sometimes unfortunately, you'll be less bothered in time; and for now just be patient with yourself, it's enough that you're hurt about that one thing, no need to be additionally angry at yourself. Is there a way of effectively avoiding whatever triggered you this time?

No. 667741

thanks for this. i know one thing that makes me feel like he's a good person is that he got concerned that i was acting so submissive when we first started talking. things have gotten better since then so i think i will tell him in person next time i see him.

No. 667742

I saw this happen recently on LC and it reminded me how much I fucking hate when insecure bitches imply you're ugly if you got cheated on. You are legitimately an insane pick-me if you don't think men would fuck a couch, let alone anything that has a vagina regardless of how their girlfriends or wives look. It's a disgusting mindset and I only ever see it coming from girls who want to justify their own shitty cheating or their man's cheating.

No. 667749

Yeah it sounds like he's an attentive person, additional reason to not hide anything! I'm sure it will go well and you'll be glad you talked.

No. 667750

ok ugly

No. 667753

If this scrote gets dick cancer I am gonna tell him that he should be happy he has a dick!! Did you typo that medical word? Oh you didn't and I am just a moron? See how he likes that shit done to him.

No. 667754

Men literally cheat on models, it is true trollanon

No. 667755

the reality is that it's the other way around most of the time, the person men cheat with is usually a downgrade in both looks/personality. i'm sure there are exceptions but this is what i've witnessed seeing my friends and my mom get cheated on— the "side chick" is just a side chick for a reason. it doesn't make cheating okay, but you shouldn't blame yourself for it when the problem is with your disloyal bf/husband, not you

No. 667757

My mother is attached to me to an unhealthy degree where she guilt trips me if I don't see her more than 4 times a week. I get that she's lonely but I shouldn't be held responsible for her happiness, I'm 25 years fucking old

No. 667758

Cheating is very common my friend seemed reassured I had been cheated on and then told me to settle. I haven't spoke much to her since.

No. 667759

Have you talked to her about that openly? Is there a way you could move far enough visiting her this often would be just impossible?

No. 667764

I live at home because I’d be homeless otherwise and my dad picked another fight over nothing. I told him I knew he’d hurt my mom (he pushed her during an argument and did nothing to change his behavior and my mom did nothing to enforce it) and that he should be ashamed for pushing the people he lives with around and he lost his mind. May be homeless tomorrow who knows. I don’t know what to do anons, I thought I’d lucked out and had a decent family but moving back in and being in relationships has made me realize how not normal my parents (especially their arguments) are. They’re both cruel, mean and passive aggressive but my dad is on another level.

No. 667767

File: 1604628377705.jpg (11.91 KB, 236x236, reality.jpg)

It's a cope women tell themselves to feel in control over how their partner treats them when in reality many men are unscrupulous and would gladly devalue us over ANYTHING as long as it justifies the cheating in their minds.

Saying men only cheat on ugly women is laughable when you consider the broad range of excuses men use when they're caught.
Beautiful women are cheated on constantly, and it only benefits men by keeping women on our toes trying to be the prettiest versions of ourselves when that's not gonna stop them when opportunity calls.

No. 667791

File: 1604632241739.png (180.07 KB, 426x246, damn it to be hitting terrible…)

i just feel so fucking beat up and tired and just overall terrible. I made a very stupid mistake, my fiance asked if i masturbated and i am very repulsed by such topics, i really hate such topics. so i said no, it was a lie, a stupid one at that. it broke him and it shattered him.

I just feel so terrible, he lost all feelings for me and doestn love me anymore, all bc of a stupid lie, i just cant do this anymore. I tried to explain to him and i also wrote a huge apology to him, i understand why hes hurt because he had exes who lied to him. It was just a stupid lie to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

now everything is ruined, those 3 years, ruined. all because of me, its all my fault. Im really not feeling good right now and im just so fed up with myself i really want to die.

No. 667797

is this for real? are you fucking twelve?

No. 667802

mhm, i wish it was a copypasta lol. im just really feeling depressed. idk how you mistaken it for a joke or a 12 yr old writing it? care to elaborate?

No. 667803

Nta but maybe because your situation sounds retarded.

No. 667810

I'm fucking dying ty anon

No. 667812

What's wrong? Masturbation is fine and what you think about while you do it is not anyone's business but yourself. It's not cheating or any bullshit like that

No. 667814

Omg anon your bf is ridiculous kek

No. 667817

I'm sorry but I don't understand what his issue is. Is he mad at you for saying that you don't masturbate even though you actually do?

No. 667823

this screams of abuse. Like he must know that topic makes you uncomfortable, so he brings it up knowing you'll lie, keeps on about it/know you'll feel guilty, now he's playing the "I've been lied to by all women!" card.

He's gonna come back to you but he's going to want something for it. Just dump his ass

No. 667824

this sounds like you're dodging a bullet. nothing about this makes any god damned sense lmao. like it doesn't sound like a mistake on your part at all that's a really strange reaction and makes it sound like this person had issues for a while before asking that question and was too emotionally dysfunctional to ever voice it

No. 667825

Now what the fuck is going on this day, anon? Start from the beginning

No. 667829

are… are we being baited? i don't understand..

No. 667832

Anon you didn't do anything wrong. Your boyfriend sounds like a narcissist and is blowing something out of proportion so he can purposefully make you feel bad. Normal people would just let something like this go. Please dump your boyfriend and find someone who won't make your life miserable.

No. 667855

File: 1604636354961.jpg (51.06 KB, 750x748, 74728b6f9264bcfebc13c33784569e…)

christ this reminds me of people who say my "stay single" line of reasoning is incel-esque. i could start a dating profile and fuck 50 men if i really wanted to. they will fuck anything. what they won't do is extend genuine respect.

I constantly see people smashing their psyche into a pulp running the neurotic hamster wheel of relationship pursuits, that was a life I used to lead and I'm relieved it's ending before I reach 30. being a volcel is infinitely better than that life and dildos and self-improvement do a fine job picking up the slack.

No. 667858

>boyfriend gets back from deployment
>two week quarantine, duh
>help him with his homework and feel like an idiot the whole time

No. 667867

I managed to burn half the fish I was trying for dinner last night. Was extremely tired and went to bed early, forgetting to open windows to ventilate over the night.
The apartment stinks so much of burnt oil I'm nauseous and my head hurts. I'm sitting with all windows open and shivering. My coffee's already gone cold. The stink seems like it'll never go away. Good morning

No. 667868

I am so tired of the trauma pissing contests I see on social media. I know this isn't a new thing to sperg about but everyone needs to be the biggest victim in my friend group nowadays and they will talk over each other and compare shit like mean names their parents called them. They are all over 30 and still acting like this.

No. 667869

*fish i was frying

No. 667872

I hate how stupid people are.

No. 667877

I feel like a fucking spectator in my own life. Like nothing I do has any affect on my own life or the lives of others. I feel like every part of my life has already been written (and by that I mean nothing) and I'm just watching it happen.

No. 667890

I hope it's a good show at least

No. 667891

That's weird/cool I guess? My life stops when I don't do stuff and only goes on when I take action. I think it'd be nice to have a life like that.

No. 667897

I hate I get really depressed easily. I am courting this guy and every once in a while he won't reply. Then I get sad and worried I messed things up. I really hate this about myself like can there be an off button for this stupid behavior. It sucks because I am in love with him and I feel like if I tell him about it then it comes off clingy and annoying.

No. 667921

I feel lonely, talk to a guy, start getting close and then abruptly break contact. Start feeling lonely again and the cycle repeats. Why am I like this? I've started spending time with this guy and he's nice looking, we went out once and he was polite but now I just want ghost him and go back to my peaceful, alone life and spend time by myself doing things I like, not talking to anyone. But I know if I do that, in a few months I will start feeling extremely lonely again and will seek some companion out again. How can I break this cycle?

No. 667932

Learn to not be lonely in your own company. Spend time with friends

No. 667939

File: 1604653681157.gif (371.33 KB, 500x375, 1444365643173.gif)

I posted this in the advice thread >>>/g/154734 26 days ago (lol) and reached out to her 2 weeks after she stopped talking to me and she didn't reply. Anons were right and it wasn't something worth trying to reach out and fix. She didn't reply to me trying to fix things, so it's very obviously the end of that.

Typing this out makes me realize that what hurts is that she was the one who ended the friendship and not me despite every time she's treated me poorly, which is incredibly petty I'll admit. The basis of our friendship was that we were both each other's "rebound" friendship, because I had just lost a close friend and she didn't have anyone else to be friends with. I don't know what to say because I don't want to be like "woe is me" but I'm wondering if I'm the problem and I'm stupid for not knowing why.

I'd rather she had communicated that I was hurting her. I guess her cutting me off was her way of trying to save the friendship but why couldn't she ever tell me that I upset her that much? She would complain to me all the time about her other friends being terrible but she never left them. She would always tell me I was all she had left as a friend, and that everyone else around her were awful people. Was I really the worst person in her life or is she taking it out on me because I was closest to her?

I'm trying to tell myself that I should be happy that it's over, but I don't know what's next. There's another aquaintance who I've been getting to talk to and I think she actually wants to geniunely be friends with me which is nice. I've gone back to back with friendships all my life which I assumed was the standard, but many of those friendships were lost to time and not because of miscommunication like this. Maybe I should be alone for a while but it's weird to me. You hear about people taking breaks from relationships but never close friendships and I don't want to turn out to be some NEET with no real friends. Should I take a break or is that gonna make things worse for me? I really don't know what it means to have a friend at this point.

No. 667967

I know it's not always the case but there's this tendency that mothers are usually more affectionate with sons and fathers are usually more affectionate with daughters, and it creeps me out for some reason.

No. 667970

I had a crush on a manager at my work for pretty much no reason. well, he transferred to a different store, which made me a bit depressed but I kinda got over it. then he randomly came to visit our store the other day and I went all hearteyes, and got depressed again when he left.

the thing is, I barely know this guy and have barely interacted with him yet I feel as though I'm in love with him?I have no idea why. he's not even that attractive and he's slightly shorter than me. Idk why I feel like I'm in love with him after barely knowing him, he could have a gf for all I know. oh and I found out he's 7 years younger than me so I feel like a creep for liking him at all in the first place. wish I could stop being literally insane and falling in love with guys I don't know for no reason. fml

No. 667984

IMHO it's not really that common outside movies and stuff but even if I think the reason doesn't come from some p*edo tendencies but patriarchal society values - for men socialized to be tough it's a refreshing discovery that theres a human being that rewards them for being gentle; for mothers surrounded by tough, cold men it's socializing their sons in a more affectionate manner; and in reverse, men would socialize the son to be tough because this is what they think they're supposed to do and mothers would be tougher on the daughters because they know it's hard out there and daughter has to be ready. It's a super tl;dr version of how I think it is but I hope you see what I mean.

No. 667994

>oh and I found out he's 7 years younger than me so I feel like a creep for liking him
It's always amusing to me that a man would never had such concern if he was 7 years older than the woman

No. 668004

You're just attracted to him it has nothing to do with love

No. 668013

File: 1604667436581.jpg (63.46 KB, 1023x683, stock-photo-bullying.jpg)

I feel like shit; I work in marketing and looking online I saw some company's ad that made me wonder about marketing ethics, talked about it with my bf and he downplayed it heavily making me feel stupid for caring even though he knows nothing about my job; but then I went to ask about what other people from my industry think about it in a fb group related to that and they've dragged me too and accused of trying to stir shit while i swear I've just asked how it looks on the legal side and what they think about ethics of doing so.

I guess it IS stupid to care for in the first place but my job is the only thing holding up my self esteem somehow, so to be not taken seriously by both person who knows nothing and people from the industry really ruins my mood today.

No. 668015

Try and pursue him if you can? He causes a stir in you and that can be special lol

No. 668025


It's like you got two mirrors and found the "666" on your scalp. Surprise, anon you're evil.

No. 668028

Marketing and advertising is inherently evil.

No. 668034

lol I wish I was but i'm just dumb AF seems like

this is true; working in it you pay the price though, of feeling like you're walking on eggshells with most of the things put out there

No. 668047

I'm so fucking over all the voting sperging in cow threads. Even in the context of the cow virtue signaling then being a hypocrite it's so goddamn annoying

Literally no one cares about your retarded country outside of having a laugh or virtue signaling for woke twitter points, USfags.

No. 668049

>Literally no one cares about your retarded country outside of having a laugh or virtue signaling for woke twitter points, USfags.

Then stop talking about it since you don't care so much

No. 668066

It's not stupid to care about, and a lot of marketers do. Look for work in a company that is certified by ESOMAR or a similar ethics body.

No. 668070

i tried messaging my friend (we haven't spoken since covid started) and she's ignoring my message. it kind of hurts and i don't know what to do

No. 668081

grader accused me of cheating on an open net midterm (meaning we can use online resources), i don't know how i did anything wrong considering the open net constraint–referencing places like stack overflow n stuff should be allowed

im a goody two shoes but i just popped 5 of my anti anxiety pills because i was tearing my hair out. idk i hope it blows over i thought i was following the rules i'm panicking but i can't feel it

No. 668086

I know it doesn't make the situation any less painful, but they might be too ashamed or anxious to respond. I was in the same situation as your friend during the lockdowns and thought I was doing friends a favor by hiding away. It really had to be a self-driven effort to reach out to other people.

No. 668110

thanks friend, actually i am you in this situation… i have been the one hiding away for the entire year almost, especially since i am not supposed to be seeing anyone since my family is at risk. i finally got the balls to message her but it seems like she might be over it :(

No. 668131

Ah, I see. In that case, I think she's just feeling hurt and needs to collect herself before responding back to you. When I started talking to my friends again, I didn't realize how much my disappearance had worried them. In hindsight, I was super callous even though I thought avoiding them was the right thing. It was awkward apologizing to them, but it's important to let them know you appreciate their friendship.

Anyway, she probably just needs some time. I hope you guys reconnect. It's a tough place to be in.

No. 668145

I called you a retard but accidentally quote replied to myself instead, so I guess we're equals

No. 668180

File: 1604686872824.jpeg (54.84 KB, 653x653, C2BDF4D2-BDF4-4F63-9045-8149F2…)

I met the perfect guy anons, he’s so mature and intelligent and understanding and too good for me and he’ll never be in love with me. Please tell me that The One is a myth and there’s someone else out there for me.

No. 668197

What did you say to her? I myself haven't had contact with a friend since covid and yesterday she messaged me out of the blue and I'm not saying that you're the same person, but…

No. 668200

Is it Liam, anon?

Kek I'm kidding, I don't think The One exists, there will be multiple people that come through your life that make you feel that way. If he's actually unattainable for some reason, you may even be idealizing him a bit. Why don't you think he'll love you?

No. 668217

I had to unfollow like 50 people on twitter today before deciding to just nuke my useless account. Some Drill rapper passed today, a guy who openly mocked dead people he didn't like, a guy who people are basically saying was a serial killer, he was a gang banger.
Now tell me why so many people i was following talking about, "Do not judge him,do not mock his death, he had a family" showing pictures of him and his three kids, then when I said "This dude mocked dead people and bragged about killing people" I got told that we still shouldn't judge because he's passed.
What? I'm not going to mock his death but I damn sure won't pretend I care that someone living the way he did passed the way he did.
And get this most of these people had BLM in their name.Fuck out of here. These people ruin our communities. I grew up in the hood and seen what Gang violence does. Gangs kill innocent people, ruin innocent lives.
Excuse me if I don't give a damn about a guy who bragged about being a killer and mocked other dead people dying.
Then his dumb ass girlfriend who talked about last month about only dating men who have bodies (men who've killed people) is on twitter saying she wants to die. I also think she's maga, funny how people forget that though.

she literally said she only dated men who kill other people, yet your man dies and now we're supposed to feel bad?

No. 668218

I only feel bad for his kids and the fallout out thats going to happen with these retards getting "revenge". I pray no innocent people get harmed.

No. 668223

My dog died today, he was only a puppy…

No. 668233

Im so sorry for your loss, anon. a big virtual hug.

No. 668234

Oh shit so sorry for your puppy, anon.

No. 668236

File: 1604693186167.jpg (31 KB, 600x459, 016fd343172c5bf2bc7cfc5a39192c…)

anon this is fucking garbage and so unfair, I'm really sorry for you and ur puppy. pic related for u

on my own shit… why is rent so fucking expensive in my city i cannot believe that i have to give up basically half of my pay every month just to have a god damn roof over my head. literally had a viewing for a 200 sq foot studio apartment and they wanted $850/month plus utilities… to live in a fucking shoebox.

No. 668240

I’m too dysfunctional and stupid for him to love, I hope you’re right though anon!

No. 668243

I hope so too, but I have faith for you, anon! I've definitely been head over heels, thought The One person was my soulmate etc, but things still didn't work out. Even after like 10 years of being in love with this dude, I got over him in time and have felt deep love again, and it felt better even. You'll be okay. I'm sure you're also being a bit hard on yourself, if there's any possibility at all, I say go for it, but if not, then don't worry, there's still hope out there for you for sure ♥

No. 668244

Stop that. He’s not perfect. You just have major simp glasses on. Your low self-esteem makes love seem unattainable thus making this guy seem perfect, not the other way around.

No. 668248

File: 1604694129653.gif (1.34 MB, 257x240, image0.gif)

I am very sure I was sexually abused by a family friends teenage son when I was a kid. I can't say that 100% but I have the memories and a lot of my weird behaviors as a child makes sense. It's kind of relieving to acknowledge it but at the same time I'm very tired. Here's to therapy bitches.

No. 668251

File: 1604694376685.gif (2.82 MB, 500x264, 9f426350-cb2b-4309-b3b0-019856…)

Why am I such a fucking retard???

I just realized how fucking STUPID I am for paying my ex fiances phone bill. The reason the bill exists is because he wanted a new fucking phone, he didn't even tell me that he made a new 1 year contract, I just got a message from my phone company that I got free data and calls for a year. He explained why and at forst he didn't insist on me having to pay anything so I was fine with it.

Few months back he got me via a sob story how he doesn't have money and is in debt so if I could help him pay off the bill. I said sure since I still considered him a friend/family and we talked like once every few weeks where he would check on me etc and all was well.

Skip to a few weeks ago he told me he was getting more serious with his current gf (who knew we were talking and was fine with it) so "we'd probably only hear from each other during holidays, bit I still care about you and if you want to talk or need anything just message me!" and I didn't think much of it except he started to "stonewall" me. I even told him that my dad passed away and he gave me the most robotic response ever, didn't even ask how I was or ANYTHING.

Found out via IG that he recently had a custom made kitchen delivered to his in progress apartment and that he booked an expensive holiday resort place. So obvioulsy he's not that much in debt as he claimed or he played me.

I feel like such a fucking idiot for ever considering him family and letting him take advantage of me like that. I know I only have myself to blame but holy fuck was I stupid. He's not getting any money from me anymore. Holy shit I could've saved up so much. I'm so fucking angry.

Lesson learned and I hope he doesn't fucking DARE to contact me about payment. If you have money for a new kitchen in a new apartment while living at your current gfs house then you have enough fucking money to pay the bill.

No. 668254

Oh jesus anon. I thought I was bad for continuing to do my ex's laundry after we broke up, kek, we all do dumb fucking things. I'm sorry, but block his ass and stop paying without even warning him imo. He doesn't deserve shit from you, never did, and certainly doesn't know.

No. 66