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No. 685198

>Just had an argument with someone and didn't come back with your best insult but want to say it anyone?
>Someone at work piss you off but you can't say it to their face?
>Boyfriend/girlfriend being a fucking jerk?
>parent pissing you off?

Get it off your chest right now!!!! Rants or one liners are welcome.

Adhere to /ot/ rules and try not to be too gc/pp (if it's your personal experience it's fine). Do not address large demographics/groups of people! (Fatties/Ana/races/trannies/egirls)This shit must be specific to a person or personal group of people. Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 685201

I know this is like the GIOYC thread on 4chan's /adv/ but don't we already have the vent thread?

No. 685207

Yeah but.. I think that's kinda different. Maybe I'm wrong :( I know that going to vent thread and just saying
>fuck you you fucking faggot i hate you
is probably going to generate some weird responses. And I tend to think that people in /vent/ respond to/help other posters in vent even if unsolicited. Here, I figure users can say whatever flies and don't have to worry about some anon coming and being like "Oh anon youre so stupid for this, all you have to do is XYZ" because there's no context here. Literally just word vomit here. so I consider a mix between vent and retarded shit thread. With vent, most posts come with a context and I hate needing to do that. if the masses don't like this, sorry I failed! Just wanted a place to sperg and word vomit the hatred for some people in my life, words that I want to say to them but can't

No. 685227

I swear to god you cheap amazon rag adorned faggot I will find you and I will fuck you up. You’re done bitch boy. Your skinwalking goes no further. Get hate crimed and shamed into living as the boring ass narcissistic scrote you’re so desperately trying to mask.

No. 685233

Hahahaha. You childish bitch. I can't wait to kick you out. All you do is take and take and take. You really have no idea how good you have it right now. Just wait though.

Hope you ain't part of the percentage but tbh you are not far off. Do yourself a favor: accept help and stop being a fucking useless leech

No. 685239

Who are these about?

No. 685262

someone in that anon's life probably
Ohhhh I got you, so this is the "yell at the void because you're angry" thread, nice, in that case

fuck you lil shit!!! (not directed towards anyone just wanted to yell)

No. 685280

You don't want to be helped, in the years that I've known you, you have shown me this. You don't accept advice, you poke holes in everyone's offers to make you feel better. You enjoy being miserable.

I'm not going to read your blogs or posts on instagram to try and piece things together. I just don't care anymore. But stop being fucking rude and learn to be grateful. You don't have to pay rent here, I'm letting you stay for free because I'm fucking kind like that and I care about you enough to the point where I don't want to see you on the street. You could at least offer to do the dishes after we make meals for you and you could at least hang out with us without sneaking away. You don't understand how good you have it right now. When you're on your own, you'll honestly regret it. So maybe treat the people that are being kind to you with a little respect. It would be nice.
But nah you're a ride little prick. You couldn't even thank him for dinner tonight. Anyways, best if luck. I'm never offering you to eat with us again and I'm not ever going to put something on the TV to please you. You've ruined it.

No. 685438

1) I love you, but holy fuck are you annoying sometimes. Usually, in fact.
2) I hate your stupid shitty boyfriend and how much of a bitch he's whipped you into. As much as I can sympathize because I've been in your shoes, I can't wait for you to wake up and get over it.
3) Please stop calling me! I hate talking on the phone!! I can text to check in all day, but talking on the phone is such a bitch for me. I'm sorry about it, but gah.
4) You are so much more fun to be around when you're not acting like a retard or caricature of what you think a girl/woman should be.

No. 685444

For fuck’s sake, read! OMG I’m starting to believe that I might be fucking retarded and all those years learning how to read and write in uni got fucking wasted. Jesus Christ playing monopoly on a monocycle with Mary, Joseph and the Holy Spirit!
Why do you always send me fucking ? when I send you a normal answer? I wish I could quote shit but I can’t on fucking hangouts and I just can’t find a fucking way to write an answer anymore.
Get some fucking therapy already! I’m so fucking worried about you but you just won’t do something about those issues you got at home! God!
fucking typos

No. 685458

1. I still hate you. I think about you every day and I hate you. We never dated, not even close, but I hate you more than I hate any ex. Before you I never thought a platonic friendship break up could hurt worse than a romantic one but considering how long our friendship was, I shouldn't be surprised at the pain our violent end has caused me. My only hope is that you are hurting just as badly as me.
2. I wish, I really wish, as my sister, you could open your mind just a little to political ideas outside of your own. Your inability to separate politics from your relationship to others will always drive a wedge between us. I am glad you are finally accepting my fiancé but I fear if you ever learned how I truly thought, you'd cut me out completely. So our sisterly love will always walk on eggshells.
3. You will never be happy so long as you keep comparing yourself to everyone around you. You went from being a pick me to being a feminist, but you'll always crave male attention and approval. That's why you wont drop the males you dont even want anymore. That's why you get so excited when I bring up males in my life. You still compete with me, even though I 'won' in your eyes. You won't stop trying to tear me down and you wont accept that I dont want to tear you down. I honestly don't know why I didn't drop you back when you went behind my back and told my friends my secrets, while claiming you didn't know they were secrets. Why I didn't drop you when you kept a rapist as a friend because you couldn't stand the idea of losing a speck of male attention. I feel sorry for you, even when you try and one-up me with your 'achievements'.

No. 685478

You were the shittiest friend possible and I can't believe I cried so much over you, good riddance bitch.

No. 685484

You dumb bitch you have no job, you cannot speak the language and you are sick, yet you went there for some mediocre man? You have one fucking friend and soon not even that, bitch it is not worth it, you weren't able to even GRADUATE HERE, YET YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT THERE? I am not even sure what to do when you undoubtedly have to admit defeat and come back, I cannot live with you again but sort your shit out. No man is worth all this bullshit, why are you so dumb.

No. 685490

You are not in love with me. Stop reading so much tragic poetry, we’re two terminally online retards with mental problems, we’re not Romeo and Juliet. I want to leave but honestly I just feel bad for your soppy sad ass.

No. 685586

Fuck you Ellen Page lol

No. 685593

You are a fucking retard. It doesn’t make me hate you but learn to not act like you have some sort of chemical imbalance and express your feelings instead of leaving everyone in the dark. We’ve been ambiguously friends for years but I still don’t get you. You can only seem to tilt towards an unhinged sexually repressed coomer or an unemotional walking brick. Sometimes I feel bad for you because I know you don’t have it easy, but for the love of god grow some figurative balls and act like you’re not emotionally detached to the point where you can’t even express anger at being taunted.

No. 685594


No. 685609

Today we lost a beautiful lesbian woman. Fucking hell. What a bad role model.

No. 685610

File: 1606849238915.jpg (42.69 KB, 736x553, b68a6934881408581448af63473733…)

I don't even know how you thought i was "obsessed" with you when I'd literally been in the talking phase with like multiple other WOMEN at the time (I'm sorry women, i promise everyone i stopped toying with their hearts quickly, it was accidental) and hadn't spoken to you out of anything but pity for months. You were a needy, narcissistic black hole moid of a friend and even if you had seniority and I felt responsible for your gloomy suicidal uwu anxious ass, I felt such a shocking relief just minutes after you'd gone, to the extent where I only remembered this after seeing a post here saying "good riddance" to a friend and being like, hey, that reminds me of someone who i never vented about…
Good riddance to you too, you fucking weird ass boring ass cracker. If you read this, I didn't reject you because it'd be cheating, I rejected you because you were ugly and like a retarded, needy baby i could never possibly smash, although if you were actually attractive or interesting I may have reconsidered because I do love sexy bitches. You weren't even fascinating enough to sexualize.

I swear i could've written this about another man I know. These niggas got me so tired.

Also though this thread was a great idea. I feel strangely free!

No. 685613

File: 1606849409839.jpg (2.63 MB, 2500x1667, 171110-ellen-page-ew-408p_f482…)

Look at this round feminine face! WHYYY! Ellen get a grip

No. 685616

wait what happened?

No. 685617

File: 1606849726236.jpg (605.22 KB, 1066x1360, 0wvjv2vddm261.jpg)

She trooned out

No. 685618

She is trans now

No. 685621


No. 685622

File: 1606850062753.jpeg (39.32 KB, 720x411, 1C4788A7-1EE2-4DD4-A671-CCB482…)

No. 685626

40 trans murdered in a year, that probably even less than women (or men) murdered in a week. Fuck….. ellen was such a lesbian icon… fuck.. i'm not even a lesbian and i feel sad

No. 685627

I ugly laughed at this, thank you for some levity.

No. 685634

Oh shut the fuck up, "you have blood on your hands" no the 40 MEN who killed trans women have blood on their hands. They always talk about how horrible it is 40 trans women died (i bet more childern are killed a fucking day, sadly) but never how to fix the issue.
because they know if they look into the deaths they'll see a lot of the deaths have NOTHING to do with being trans. They want to blame celebrities, but even if celebrities didn't talk shit guess what? Men are going to fucking kill & they'll kill trans women, women, other men & childern.

No. 685641

In the end they’re all the same, it’s kind of funny. After reading how it reminded you of one man, it actually reminded me of 2 others. One of them sounding similar to the guy in the first part of your comment! A skinny, very ugly, boring loser anyone would only respond to out of pity! He had a crush on me and when I rejected him with genuine kindness he blatantly ignored me for weeks. I wish he was able to read this.

No. 685642

It kills me how no other group brings up the numbers of deaths like it's a video game then trans people. Ellen is not in any fucking danger, and if i was trans i'd be annoyed if someone freshly trans and extremely privileged started pretending they are in the same level of danger as poor, black mentally ill sex workers working for drugs or housing.

bitch, you are rich.A lot of them die because they are poor, in bad areas, homophobia and downlow men.

No. 685649

How many women and children fall prey to sex predators that transition per year? Because any number more than 0 is too fucking many. Men need to accept accountability instead of trying to pull some kind of 20D chess shit where they're always more important than anyone else.

No. 685679

Gotta say I hate when the suicide rate is mentioned in a context that blames others. Yes, trans persons are not worshiped by the general populous (find me a demographic that is without a white working prick) but it glosses over the fact that, uh, mental illness goes hand in hand with wanting to mutilate your genitals. This is skirted around because it's bigoted hate, and conveniently puts the responsibility of their well being on everyone besides themselves.

110%. Sh- oh fuck, he? has what to fear, exactly? El is well protected in their position and it's insulting that they put themselves in the same category as others who are genuinely in danger due to their lifestyle, economic and/or social circumstances.

You're not a fucking hero, "Elliot." Check your privilege.
RIP my first girl crush.

No. 685683

I just want to (not really) let you know I'm just about ready to cut you off.

You're an alcoholic. I don't care that I don't see you daily now, I know that and you saying 'actually I moderate OK', like I know it's bullshit. Last time we hung out over a year ago, you drank ELEVEN beers through the day. Yes, I counted. We walked and you casually picked up more beers in the shops we passed and they didn't even affect you. I dread to see what you're like now. And the weed? Nearly every time I ask what you're up to you're either smoking, or about to and it's the highlight of your day. It's fucking sad as shit. Even worse that you get this money from your PARENTS.

Your wit has become canned wit, I don't see anything behind what you say any more and the idea of hanging out with you is uncomfortable. It's like you've lost your soul and have just become joke joke joke boy.

God, I just hate that you've ruined your life for the next few years AT LEAST with this. You were on meds, in therapy, doing well in education and decided to fuck all that and become an alcoholic, determined to be unemployed, and so fat and unkempt you're literally a spectacle. And you don't even see anything wrong with it! I've seen you be not retarded plenty in the past so what the fuck is this shit?

No. 685697

Yeah, I'm toxic trash, but so are you and at least I don't delude myself into thinking I'm pretty much perfect like you do. You'll grab at any chance to play the victim and ignore any opportunity for personal growth. It's fucking disgusting.

No. 685710

"It's just a symptom!!" You blue haired ugly cunt, if a doctor looks at the amount of booze you drink in a week and says you are an alcoholic, you are an alcoholic. If you can't get through the day without drinking, you're an alcoholic. You keep telling your crazy self that everyone drinks and acts like you but just won't admit it all you want but you will never get the help you claim to want unless you just admit the doctors are right. Your sister is a fucking dumbass for drinking with you "to celebrate", all of your simps are disgusting for pretending the doctors are wrong, you may have ptsd but THEY WILL NOT TREAT YOUR ASS BEFORE YOU AGREE TO TREAT THE 'HOLISM. YOU ARE SO EMBARRASING. NO NORMAL BITCH DRINKS EVERY DAY, NOT EVEN EVERY WEEK OR MONTH. How dare you fucking waste resources with your fake ass suicide attempts, you swallowed 2 painkillers and lied. You lowballed your drinking habits yet still got the dx. I don't think you deserved the shit you got but the shit you keep getting? Lay off the weed, the drink and the pills, get a real job or just lay off the "sex worker" bullshit, no one,truly no one cares about your jiggly ass. Your bf is fucking ugly, and a fucking cuck for letting you say all that shit publically. Shut the fuck up.

No. 685715

There's absolutely 0 reason to identify as anything else than your physical gender.
People should be more concerned about melding feminine and masculine stereotypes rather than jumping on this crazy troon train so we can have 63284 useless gender identities that mean absolutely nothing.
RIP Ellen.

No. 685720

File: 1606856807595.png (Spoiler Image, 549.59 KB, 507x497, Outrun_the_mental_illness.PNG)

Stop calling me a bitch that shit is annoying
what are you a man? You like engaging in scrote behaviors? Talk to me like a regular person not some mentally ill image board twitter user hybrid

God, shut the fuck up. She was very popular with young xx♥xx and now that retard is drinking the loon juice. They got every right to be upset. They're community is already fucking small and being invaded by the ugliest and predatory people to exist

No. 685722

We know the same person anon? Either way im glad i dropped her.

No. 685723

this is so sad. Transgenderism is just glorified conversion therapy at this point. Hope she realizes that being a GNC lesbian doesn't make you a man.

No. 685724

Anon why did you spoiler this extremely based image

No. 685741

I may feel bad for how i treated you in the end but I'm tired of feeling like everything was on me when it wasn't ur a hypocrite and know it all asshole maybe i wouldn't have been your only friend if you weren't such a sanctimonious asshole thats probably why everyone decided to walk all over you to stand being around you u fucking piece of garbage. your gf was right to use you and throw you out like the depressive pizza faced fat fucking loser you are. i can't believe i still care about your approval.

No. 685746

All of these are so fucking funny I don’t know what to even say. Maybe open letter re: all anons who reply to me with some aggressive shit for no reason I hope you shit yourself at work

No. 685748

!!!BOLD OF THE ANON ABOVE ME TO THINK I HAVE A JOB! I will shit myself on my own time, also fuck that one anon I suspect of being just one anon being extremely cruel to people on confession and vent threads!! Hope you get split ends so bad you can't wear your hair down or even up

No. 685750

oh I’d love to hear the story behind this one

No. 685756

You are not responsible for your anxious mentally incompetent boyfriend, he is not your child, how dare you waste your beautiful mind and potential working two minimum wage jobs to house him while he sits on his ass playing videogames all day long, how dare you chauffer his refusing-to-drive ass around everywhere, you deserve better.

No. 685757

i also think the same thing about those needlessly aggressive posts on the vent and confession threads! i get quiet satisfaction when nobody rises to their posts.

No. 685759

oh and samefag but the first part of your post had me in stitches thank you

No. 685765

i'm so tired of anons gaslighting each other on this board. please fuck off we're all fucked up in almost the exact same way and y'all are just playing your abusers when you pull this shit knock it offfffff IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER TO BE JUST AS BAD AS THEM

No. 685767

Girl what threads are you reading kek

No. 685803

lol. you fucking petty retard. deciding to watch the TV on silent so no one else in the house gets to enjoy what you're watching?

fuck you

No. 685811

File: 1606862877365.png (115.92 KB, 500x503, we-need-more-people-like-ethan…)

No. 685824

Fuck you, you manipulative bastard. I figured you out. Im not going to confront you because you'll just gaslight me saying I'm thinking about it too deeply or I'm crazy. You gave me all the clues but I was too blind to see them. But I know now. Fuck you for preying on me and hurting me. You'll destroy yourself anyways so all I have to do is watch and smile as you burn to the ground. I don't even have to do shit. You've already burned yourself. I'm done with you. We're done.

No. 685827

Sometimes they just don’t give you enough sauce packets. Burn in hell I guess

No. 685832

It bothers the hell out of me that the pagan religion and beliefs I want to read about are taken as special snowflake add ins for this bitch rather than her just quietly being into it, especially when she doesn't do shit for the world in terms of being ecofriendly. Bitch is killing the world while also trying to praise the land for mother nature wtf.

No. 685835

File: 1606864947423.png (383.05 KB, 495x492, Pfft.PNG)

You literally draw shota con and all your friends are other shotcons.You all follow each other on that site
I don't know what the fuck you're trying to pull but it seems that a lot of you are really just creepy perverts. Helps you "cope" my ass.
Also that actual faggot that you follow is recognizable because he didn't bother to change his artstyle. He's open about liking it too LMAO Normally I don't care or bat an eye to this disgusting shit but his scenarios are so specific. I'm not a "puritan" but I know a fucking weirdo when I see one.

No. 685840

>tfw you both were actually talking about each other

No. 685844

Lmao shut the fuck up sperg

No. 685846

File: 1606866216415.png (762.32 KB, 806x587, sitting2.PNG)

Binch just message me first for once. I'm getting over my bpd tendencies by resisting the urge to message you. But if you stop altogether then that hurts. Apparently you still wanna be friends, and we've known each other years but if you show no interest in that then don't say you want to. I feel like you think you're better than me but don't forget I know all the ways you fucked up too. I don't bring them up because the spotlight would then turn on me as it always did. Plus, the past is the past and that's petty. I'm good now at putting you from my mind, except moments like this. But omg do you want to be friends or what? I do miss you…
Its been years I am sad that this relationship could end after everything. But life will go on

No. 685847

I wish you would stop being a sloppy disgusting alcoholic. I know you aren't ever going to quit unless you have a near-death experience or die like your friends.

No. 685852

Oh my God stop talking about your non-existent dick!!! I don't care that you fuck your girlfriend with the expensive strap-on that your parents unknowingly funded, I don't need to know that shit, especially not via instagram stories!!! Fuck you and your embodiment of toxic masculinity, stereotyping women like you didn't walk among us until a few months ago (kek I guess you're a "man" now but you act like a fucking teenage asswipe and your atrocious interior design complements that completely), I hope you get male-pattern baldness and break down because you regret your decision to troon out but you're past the point of no return and I simply don't CARE because you're a shitty friend who only complains about your "problems" like boohoo you wasted all your money on cheap booze and ugly sweaters, now you don't have money for groceries this week, go cry to your parents who are going to pay for all your shit anyway. Also I don't know if you know that constantly eating junk food and not working out is NOT gonna give you that ~*male appearance*~ you're hoping to magically achieve. Eat shit and cry.

No. 685857

please god stop making me therapize you
if I couldn't help you in the last 25 years, I don't think I can
I am falling apart and there is no one that I can dump all of my trauma on
I now have 25 years of trauma that you instilled in me, plus all of the second hand trauma that you suffered and then poured in my glass
I am carrying a glass of 77 years worth of trauma
I have been worrying for years that the only escape is death, please, please stop pushing me toward it
please just talk to your husband
I am so devastated all the time
you made me lie to the whole family since I was born, I don't have any relationship with anyone, please stop giving me even more trauma, I don't know how much more I can take
you know I'm plucking my hair out again, please stop, please get help

No. 685862

I still fucking love you too and it kills me inside what you did. Life sucks.

No. 685867

I miss you. I wish you would contact me and explain why you acted the way you did.

No. 685869

I want a burger so bad, I'm so fucking hungry

No. 685871

I fucking hate my body. I fucking hate being pear shaped. I wish I wasn’t a fucking midget I just want to be tall and skinny.

No. 685890

I was literally just thinking about how much I hate myself for being tall and skinny and came here to post about it. I look like Sweet Dee, it’s fucking embarrassing. At least you can wear heels to get taller, being what’s essentially a reverse manlet is inescapable and humiliating as shit. You’re lucky, nonny!

No. 685925

Honestly? Fuck you for trying to destroy a friendship I genuinely cherish because you couldn't stop being a jealous toxic clinger. Thank fuck I can breathe again.

No. 685930

You're going to die alone and I don't know why I pity you for that. It's what you deserve.

No. 685954

No. 686001

>Don't respond to other people's shit.

No. 686058

Go to sleep you fucking retard. Why are you even still awake?

You don't want to test me. I will win. I can make your nights hell. Don't fucking try me.

No. 686059

Now that I'm playing Final Fantasy again, all I do is think about you randomly. I wish I never ended our friendship, I was just in love with you, impossibly and I know you didn't love me back… We couldn't have worked out anyway.

No. 686060

Kill yourself.

No. 686062


No. 686074

thank you mod who looked out for me, didnt notice I did that. I am very stupid online. it is rare for a ban to seem nice kek. now I will log off

No. 686089

No you

No. 686091

I can't believe you're out there hosting "who can fuck the most different people in a month" competition with your gender special friends. I remember when they told you I was bad influence because we'd get drunk together and cry, and now you're doing this complete degenerate shit whith them, getting high everyday and clearly eating like shit since you're so fat and bloated, take a good look in the mirror, you used to be the prettiest girl around and now you're just a fat NEET slob.

No. 686096

Was gonna sleep but I thought too much and realized something about this person. Why am I still dependent on you? Granted it's less than it was, but I need to wake up. The way you acted in the past disgusts me. It disgusted me then, but even more now that I see through. I don't know if you're still much that way, but I'm not getting my hopes up. You must be idiotic to fall down that path. You were never a "cute girl," you will never be a "cute girl," you are a man. Now I know why just those words made me uncomfortable. It's so gross and creepy, or I guess it's simply male. It was worse when you pushed it on me to indulge it. I was so foolish to think I could. I was always repulsed. How I could put you on a pedestal when you pornified yourself into that mindset, it's my own stupidity and issues. But that means you are so much worse. I'm going to get stronger than this, and stronger than you. I never want to depend on you again or anyone like you. I don't want to depend on anyone at all. The only ones worth bothering with are those who are sweet and deserve it. We had a lot of good times together and I thank you for your help, but I am sooo disgusted. It's hard to reconcile that shining image I've made of you with the cold facts. You're just a follower, even more than me. I'll never be sure if you look down on me like I suspect, but even my insecure struggling self is leagues above what you indulged in. At least I'm rising above it. At least I know my faults, you made sure of that. I only fear you will sink deep into the next mistake yourself. You really think you moved past the 4chan phase, but you followed the script to the next thing, and you will to the next. Well, maybe the shame you feel someday will be like the shame you gave me. Despite it all I care for you and always will, but I'm determined to let you go. I need to see you as human and myself as not less but the same.

No. 686102

Calling normal people spergs when you don’t have a better retort doesn’t change the fact that YOU are the fat autistic bitch baby

No. 686103

I wish you all would just shut up. The fact that I have to spend one hour each week listening to your dumb brains trying to comprehend the simplest pieces of information and make a discussion out of every point, asking dumb questions that were already answered because your weren't listening, it's infuriating.

Also I know we work from home, but stop eating your breakfast while in the meeting and for the love of god mute your microphone! I don't want to hear you chew through your sandwich and slurp your coffee for an hour.

And please learn to speak properly. You're supposed to be our manager, but start every other word with your fucking "uuuuuhhhhsss" and "uuuuuhms". You sound so unprofessional and unsure of yourself, take a language course, please. You dance so much around important points of information because you're afraid to admit that you know how much our job sucks. I'd rather have someone who acknowledges that the work is stressful than someone who tries to pretend everything is all sunshine and rainbows.

No. 686112

You revolting uncivilized monkey, I don't even know you and never will, but just reading about you disgusts me. I hope you choke on your sandwich and coffee, maybe that'll teach you not to turn conference calls into mukbangs, when your mother failed to teach you basic manners.

No. 686123

If you ask me, you both asked for it. He did for being an absolute retard seeking shit online from an asocial schizo, and you for being so mentally unwell that you engaged with him sexually. I don’t owe him an explanation but I’m giving you both one. I believed him at first. You do attract drama and it’s easy to write every problem you have off as insignificant because you walk into these problems yourself. You are an attention starved bpd-chan who needs constant validation. When things go too far you are a victim. I get it. It’s hard being a girl in this world and I don’t hold that much against you, I’ve been in your shoes many times. But you have to stop being a girl and start being a woman. Grow up. Stop letting them get this close to you. When things go too far end it there, don’t be retarded and be vague so you can cry about it to me later. You’ve acted like he does plenty of times, by the way. And stop shoving that AGP down my throat. I would have never introduced him to you if I’d known he was this mentally ill. These are the only problems I have with you.

As for you, I don’t owe you anything. You are a disgusting little coomer fag and you should focus on your health and real life relationships instead of seeking the first person to give you attention. That’s why you got catfished by a troon. Honestly you’re pretty ugly by my standards so I don’t know why I bothered with you as much as I did. I shouldn’t have laid it on as thick as I did. You gave me a lot of laughs but they don’t mean shit to me going forward. I don’t hate you. I’ll probably miss you, until I find someone else to fill the small void. The only reason why I’m saying anything to you is so you don’t kill yourself. Don’t think this means we’re buddies again. I’m making the choice to prioritize women and you don’t make the cut.

Moving forward I’m never going to talk to you about this subject again or involve myself with it. If I was smart I wouldn’t involve myself even now. But you went ahead and begged to be heard. I don’t know if my response here will ever reach you, but I know my silence will. This is me being fair to you.

No. 686146

You are so fucking exhausting ranting about how your life is so chaotic and hard while you are living a cushy life with stable parents, both of whom love and respect you. I regret ever telling you about my csa because I realize now how much you judge women who aren't pure and are dirty and sexual. I know how you forgive men and talk with so much disrespect about women. I know you judge me too for what I went through because of the way you talk about women who don't live the way you do. You didn't even know you were an upper middle class person till your equally dumbass friends told you. Despite having relatives living in poverty. No, not every man on earth has a crush on you, and not every woman on earth is jealous of you because you are just that much of an ethereal goddess, yes you are very pretty but please, other women are too. Please get your head out of your ass and try and listen to anything other than your own voice for once. Stop judging women, I saw that picture of you in only your towel, you aren't slick doing the same things us 'dirty, worn out' women do and then judging us and calling us crude things.

No. 686275

I have no sympathy for you. If you want to mope around and be sad because you can't have your excuse of a girlfriend over, it's not my problem. Blame yourself for being such a coward and never doing anything about a job or hmm a career.

Face it. You're useless. I cannot wait til you're gone.

No. 686276

You are so physically revolting it is hard to even look you in the eye. I am embarrassed to even be seen with you in public sometimes because you don't try.

No. 686281

You're an amazing husband, among the best in the world probably… but I can't help but be annoyed about the fact you have enough money to buy me virtually everything I want in the world and still have hundreds of thousands of dollars left, but you don't.

No. 686307

You're a gross alcoholic who's only good for some dick and im embarrassed that I ever felt the way I did about you.

No. 686318

You stupid bitch since we stopped talking you have much less work to do and now you can’t even lift your fucking ass to open the door?? Screw you! How dare you play the dying swan and pitying yourself, you alone brought this shit on to yourself

No. 686379

I'm tired of your toxicity and I feel like I need to move on from being friends because I'm realizing our moral compasses are worlds apart

No. 686392

You replied anyway KEK

No. 686394

shut the fuck up you pathetic losers! why do you have to be so god damn loud? you stupid primates in clothes! nobody cares what you think or how helpfull you are to our grossly millionaire bosses! you dont even get paid more for being ass kissers! i hate neurotypical idiots!

No. 686511

I hate when men write stupid things on the internet that anyone with half a braincell would not

also hate myself for when it works me up and I want to argue/educate but "I need the response to be perfect" that and I don't do anything and just let it eat me

No. 686512

File: 1606942795027.png (345.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1522577571768.png)

you guys claim to be accepting and love of other people but when we were growing up, you bullied me, pushed me down on the ground until I screamed, mocked me by screaming back at me. You knew something was different about me but you continued to keep me locked out while you guys watched movies. and you still do it, you sneak off without me during family reunions.

fuck you guys. I will never ever forgive you for the emotional distress you guys put me through while my mom trusted you to babysit me. it's fucked me up, and fucked me forever. given me this stupid fucking complex….

i'll be so excited when you find out your children are getting bullied by other kids and you cant do anything about it. karma.

No. 686686

Words like "immature" and "childish" get thrown around quite liberally, but they truly do apply to you in a way I haven't encountered with anyone else our age.

Like a child, you seem to think everything revolves around you and that if you're unhappy that is all that should matter. You think everyone should set their needs aside to coddle you, regardless of circumstance. You are the biggest drama mongerer I have ever known and at this point I'm convinced it's literally an addiction for you. You're unstable AF and deeply mentally ill, which I wouldn't hold against you so much if you actually acknowledged it and sought help instead of pretending you're perfect and everyone else is fucked up.


And yet you somehow don't understand why I can't deal with you anymore.

No. 686687

I took literally five fucking minutes. Like I know it was five minutes because I always look at the clock before I leave and when I get back. So omfg stop spamming the phone with with calls and complaining and saying I wasn't at my post for 20 mins. Like jeez, sorry I had to use the restroom and that the restroom is decently far away from where my work station is and I can't open the gate for you. Like I didn't know it was suddenly aganist the rules to take a shit.

No. 686732

File: 1606980344972.jpg (39.27 KB, 959x482, twisted.jpg)

Fuck you guys for not believing me. Fuck you for telling everyone at the school that I was lying, especially when I was at my most vulnerable. Fuck you for isolating all of the people I knew away from me. I wish I could have seen your reactions when he was actually expelled for abusing other girls. How did you justify it in your head? Did you still think I was a liar? Weird coincidence? Did you want to come and apologize to me? How dare you post about #metoo celebrity shit on your SJW fucking otherkin ass tumblr when you couldn't even believe your closest friend. I should have just cut you off when you had to have a GOD DAMN MEETING with the whole friend group to sus out if I was lying. Instead I waited for days while you guys didnt talk to me. It was like some surreal, horror movie bully shit lmao, you fucking psycho. I hope you lie awake sometimes and remember that he went to jail for the exact shit I told you. Also fuck you gd headmasters for expelling me for spreading slander. slander. slander. hahaha, fuck you. rot in hell. Fuck you

No. 686748

Get medicated and grow up you ugly loser

No. 686758

File: 1606984695618.gif (27.07 KB, 69x60, 1602708632737.gif)

you really think you're being "UWU cutie loli girl xddd" by putting on a squeaky voice as a adult woman, no, you're just being fucking cringey. really? really?? is this the type of attention you wanna attract? by dumbass men who are just as immature and deluded as you? what the fuck dude??? it's not cute, it's not charming, it's not even fucking talented. all i feel is scorn for you degenerate.

No. 686761

I wanna be friends with you but your emotional IQ is in the negative. Is it so fucking hard to realize you're acting like an asshole and apologize? I've been the one pre-emptively forgiving you over and over again and the takeaway you got from that was that I was someone you could mock and belittle all you wanted. While I was trying to make up with you to smooth out the cracks in our friendship you formed, you just kept insulting me in front of my peers.
I've fucking had it. I just want an apology, but I doubt you'll ever give me one. You're one of the few TiFs I respect enough to call he, just because you're so emotionally retarded I thought for sure you were a real man.

No. 686785

nearly in your 3rd decade of life and you couldn't manage to finish any higher education. you live in some kind of fairytale world where you think you're some perfectly tragic main character just waiting for his life to start. you aim to elevate yourself by associating with better people but everybody sees through your mask. you are an extremely insecure delusional victim of your own narcissism. no, it is not "society's fault" that you are in the place you are. you simply lack talent and discipline, and any redeeming qualities. the good face you put on when meeting me was all an act. as soon as i didn't move to your liking you lost it all and showed how truly insane you are. here you are nearly middle aged, trying to manipulate high school students through fake charm and flattery. i bet you abuse your boyfriend just the same, but he is too much of a pushover to leave you yet. keep thinking the whole world is against you and you're the deepest, most deserving person to have ever lived on this earth.. at most we pity you. you will never be loved, rich, or famous. you are a mentally ill loser who can't even admit he needs help. no wonder your dad and brother doesn't want to see you. keep wallowing in self pity, pathetic little bitch.

No. 686833

I miss you and want to talk to you too, but I want to talk to you once my life improved at least a bit. I haven't changed a single bit since I left school, I'm in the exact same situation. I'm not even close to reaching any of the basic goals I told you about or the things you rooted me for after almost a decade. It's embarassing, depressing and I can't deal with it and don't want to confront you with it. I have nothing new to say, no updates from when we last talked, because of it. Please forgive me.

No. 686878

Fucking crybaby.

No. 686916

You’ll get over it.

No. 686983

File: 1607025826570.gif (175 KB, 249x219, 12e4.gif)


No. 686988

That sounds awful anon, you deserved better. I hope you're doing ok nowadays

No. 686989

I know we're not supposed to reply to other people's posts but um

No. 686990

who tf is going tonto YOUR room to masturbate?

No. 687062

I hope you mean a pet, like a dog or something because or else I would feel very creeped out in your place

No. 687063

Oh my god please can you not talk and laugh so loudly even in the middle of the night. Please we're just trying to sleep here

No. 687067

dude that sounds like they are into you and have no concept of boundaries. I reeeally hope it isn't some perverted brother with an incest kink, that would make me murderous. I hate to jump to that but oh god the things I've seen online.
getting it off my chest I want to bitch slap this person or be their personal dio brando. someone like that doesn't deserve any pretense either. Make his life hell pls and don't hide the fact you know

No. 687102

Ding, dong, I can't wait 'till you're gone, fucking scrote.

No. 687112

File: 1607039051158.gif (468.57 KB, 360x274, tumblr_inline_p91lexbJIj1s55uz…)

First of all, it's genuinely comical how you love to present yourself as this cold hearted bitch who can't be phased by anything, but then you lost your fucking mind to the point of needing to be admitted to a psych ward when a guy you slept with twice rejected you. After 10 years of calling me weak for having PTSD issues from REAL problems, the fact that was all it took to break your pampered ass makes me fucking laugh. You are such an entitled bitch who demands so much but gives back so little. Whenever I needed you, you were such an uncaring cunt and made it clear you didn't want to hear about my problems, but then you spend SIX FUCKING MONTHS talking about literally NOTHING except for how heart broken you were over that boy, who TOLD FROM THE VERY BEGINNING HE WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE WITH YOU. There was never a point where anything deeper than sex was on the table and you didn't exactly do anything to sell yourself as quality relationship material. You were a fucking bitch to him the entire time, despite numerous warnings that your behavior was unacceptable. The way you cried on the floor like a toddler, screaming for hours about how unfair it was and how stupid he was for rejecting "the best he was ever gonna get" was possibly the single most pathetic display I have ever witnessed.

And HOW FUCKING DARE YOU compare the pain of rejection to the pain someone feels when their lover dies. What is wrong with you, you goddamn narcisist??? How do you say shit like that out loud and not realize how you sound to everyone else??? You are so fucking autistic.

Second, you are such an overwhelmingly unpleasant person to be around. You complain so excessively and always feel the need to bring people down. Anytime someone has good news, you HAVE to make it into a negative somehow instead of just being happy for your friends. We can practically see the cogs turning in your head to figure out a way to put us down anytime we have something exciting going on. It's like you need everyone else to be as miserable as you and if something nice happens for someone you have to find something negative to attach to it.

Your shameless envy about my financial situation wasn't a cute look, btw. It's very transparent that you just can't handle the fact you're not the richest person in the friends group. The fact you flaunt your wealth infinitely more than I do makes it even more obvious.

Also, you were such a fucking asshole last year when we were Christmas shopping together. Bitching at me for taking more than 30 minutes to shop at the plaza for eight fucking people and literally yelling at me when I asked for advice on what to get someone you knew better than I do. Like wtf is your problem.

I don't for one second regret blowing up at you when I told you we're through and getting people to turn on you after. You can play the victim all you want over the fact I showed our mutuals those evil texts you wrote, but you fucking deserved it. You're literal trash and I'm so happy you're out of my life.

PS- Your lifestyle of condomless sex with hundreds of strangers is absolutely disgusting. The fact you say you've "only" had 3 or 4 STDs like it's no big deal is beyond nasty. No amount of "woke" bullying people into keeping their opinions of your sluttiness to themselves makes it any less gross.

Maybe try to find an identity beyond being a miserable mean slut?

No. 687144

younger female relative, so her intent might not be as bad (especially considering how she sometimes brings up questionable topics with other family members that one would normally keep private, so maybe she doesn't understand in general?) but still old enough to know better. The sheer frequency that she does this and the fact that she doesn't hide it even when I'm literally feet away is what bothers me the most about this. She'll either somehow not notice me even if I make noise, or huffs out annoyed and sneaks in at a different time. At first it seemed like she was just going in there to chill out on her computer since the rest of the house is pretty noisy. I get teens have urges and all, but I shouldn't have to outright hear or see it. But if I politely tell her to fuck off she and the rest of the family will throw a fit.

No. 687212

If someone, literally anyone, did this to me I would be livid.

No. 687482

god why are some of the ugliest bitches the most conceded? this blue haired e-girl bitch thinks she can say whatever and people will agree. posting dumb shit about how everyone should focus on her because "she's the main character" god people like that make me want to shoot myself. she also posts something on her private story directed towards me when ive almost never talked to her in my life. i wont be surprised when her body gives out from all the junk food and monster energy drinks she consumes.

No. 687485

was conceded the right word ? I wrote that while I was super pissed off. a couple months ago she was listening to brockhampton and now she's all "scene xd draingang1!!111" jesus what went wrong

No. 687489

conceited is the word you're looking for. Conceded means giving in, like in an argument (usually legal/formal use)

No. 687497

This type of behavior needs to be called out immediately. I've known kids who do this and the family's solution is always just to ignore it hoping it goes away, but it usually doesn't and leads to very serious escalation like doing it at other people's houses or in school. It also showcases a very disturbing disregard for the people around her.

No. 687513

The way you try to force close friendships and guilt people over not feeling as strongly about you as you want them to is very weird and straight up middle school behavior. And the fact you play the victim and throw fits over someone being closer to their best friend since childhood than you honestly crosses the line into being solidly creepy.

No. 687557

Lost $60 on a paypal claim due to a buyer lying about her size (literally fucking why though oh my god) and being mad when the items i sent didn't fit her LOL fucking kill me, it was a big bundle aswell so i doubt she's going to return everything i sent. She told me her waist was 25' and everything i sent was measured to be exactly 25' and she says they're all "childrens size clothing" and would never fit an "actual woman" jesus christ. Looked in her reviews too and her waist is fucking 30' WHY LIE

No. 687559

Sounds like she just scammed you and played it off as genuine outrage. Watch to see if she resells and for how much.

No. 687563

Yeah that's what I was thinking, honestly just hoping she doesnt send the items back on time so I can keep my money kek

No. 687578

You're an idiot, your need to enter a room & conquer every conversation by loudly adding your own personal experience regardless of whether it's even slightly relevant is exhausting to say the least, you obviously didn't get enough attention as a child, & no you do not look like Machine Gun Kelley so stop trying to bait people into saying you do.

No. 687582

FURTHER MORE you are well aware that we have had to do homemade janky ass plumbing on the garbage disposal three times in the last two months so why the hell I had to put my hand in the clogged ass drain only to retrieve an entire onion skin, croutons, & what I assume is a chicken patty is a mystery to me.
You are as dense as an 8 pound scone and smell like old man cologne

No. 687584

Is this about dead9irl

No. 687593

no it was from some stuck up e-bitch I know, but if dead9irl is like her, id hate her ass too

No. 687609

I wish you would have cut contact with my batshit crazy, gun toting 4chan scrote ex. But nah, you guys had to follow each other on social media. Even after I had told you he was stalking me on campus. Even after I told you I was uncomfortable with it Thanks for the support back then.

No. 687622

You're not a man, you're one of the most feminine person I have ever met. The way you dress the way you act screams woman but you're the only person who doesn't see that. You're afraid to go out in public with out make-up, you shave every inch of your body, you wear clothing that accentuates your feminine body. Every thing about you just screams that you have poor self esteem and want attention and ass pats for just existing as a kweer. Every time you dated a woman it only lasted for less than a month and you hate almost every aspect of lesbian sex yet you still claim you're bisexual. No one will looks down at you if you just admit you're an average straight woman, you can still hang out with your gay friends but the fact that you try to shoe horn into the community just to fit in is annoying stop being what your not for an ounce of attention.

No. 687629

i wish i knew how to have relationships. i get really jealous when people have happy ones, either friendships, romantic, or family relationships. i now the whole, 'we accept the love we think we deserve' thing is a meme, but im honestly seriously thinking about it that way, Ive only really been in toxic and abusive relationships and i struggle to have even normal acquaintances. i think im going to fall for the 'some people are just designed to be alone, either by nature or nurture' thing because im tired of getting hurt. im a real person. i have feelings too.

No. 687860

You try to pretend that your obsession is merely ‘trolling’ but you should stop lying to yourself. Move on with your life. You may think you’re being cunning, vengeful, probably badass even but you’re just a pitiful, shrill, and obsessive cunt and there’s nothing empowering about it. No competition exists and everything in your mind is one-sided, even the elaborate lies you tell yourself about you being the detached and cold one. The truth is bleak and you refuse to confront yourself, instead choosing to live in a fantasy where you are somehow superior to others who are much happier than you and don’t need to use your strange mind games as a crutch.

No. 687868

Fuck you and your mysoginistic wife thinking they can decide what a woman can or can't do with their body. If they don't want to have a child they are not obligated to gestate a creature they neither love or care about for a whole year as well as dealing with the guilt, drepression and ramifications of child birth just because you both think the man jizzing inside of a woman gives them equal standing to decide what happens after. Fuck you for thinking the "cut off" is only one month if abortion ends up being legalized when most women don't even realize the first month that they are pregnant. And fuck you for deflecting shit and only thinking about some make believe crazy woman that wants to have 20 straight abortions because she thinks it's fun or something and using that as an example of women being shit and the reason why it shouldn't be legelized. I will never support your complete lack of moral and I will never agree to "agree to disagree", you can respect my position but I will never fucking respect yours.

Fuck all men that think they have a say on pregnancy and fuck all women that support them.

No. 687870

You're a woman after my heart anon.

No. 687873

How come anytime something good happens in my life, you ALWAYS try to be negative or make it about yourself? I don't want you to buy a cake, and I've been telling you that for months, so stop acting like I'm doing something wrong. I'm not being rude by "refusing" a gift I haven't even received, and it's not even about whether or not you want to give gifts. How is it rude to tell you to not waste your money (which you make such a big deal of saving) when I'm going to make my own dessert? And stop trying to manipulate me by saying you're doing this for me. If you were doing this for me you wouldn't have started an argument about this in the first place. Don't try to make me look insane for getting upset over a cake (it's not about that cake by the way) when I've been patiently and respectfully telling you I would not want a cake for months. I spend all the other 364 days out of the year trying to please you. But you know what? You're right, it is your money and you can do what you want with it. But when I don't eat that cake you better not bring it up for months and make it seem like I'm the bad person for not wanting it.

It's just a cake, so let me enjoy my fucking homemade cheesecake in peace, Jesus fucking Christ. I swear, I'm going to go insane.

I'm going fucking bonkers.

No. 687886

Thank you anon, worst thing is that he's my brother. I live in a country were abortion is still not legalized. His fucking wife genuinely said some women should be sterilized if they can't be responsible. I really don't know how I can just sweep their beliefs under the rug and continue seeing them. Of course they both ganged up on me and told me I'm hysterical and crazy because I dare to get angry at what they're saying.

The worst is when I even tried to put him in the woman's place (basic example, woman is three months pregnant, doesn't want it, boyfriend wants it) he said he can't because he's a man and he can't think like that and then tries to do the same to me with the "example" of a woman wanting to terminate at 9 months for shits and giggles. How the fuck is that an equal situation?

I'm sorry for the rant I'm just so fucking angry.

No. 687888


my mom's a pro-life ass too. Goes to the fundraiser rallies and everything. She always tries to drag my dad along too but he is so not into it lmao. Luckily she's never tried to get me to go.

No. 687892

Worst is my mother now trying to make peace and just telling me "not to talk about it with him and ignore the subject". Why they fuck should I be OK knowing they think that way? And they are more than OK going through life thinking their belief is the correct one and the only viable one in my country. Of course they are OK with not talking about it because they are happy-go-lucky that things are going like they want it to. If abortion was legal and I told them to "agree to disagree" they would be fuming as well.

sorry last samefag.

No. 687899

I regret giving you a chance. I knew I should have listened to my gut.

You're going to keep making the same mistakes for the rest of your life. It's what you deserve.

No. 687901

I don't know what you get out of gossiping about me to other people but if you're really so interested you can ask me outright?

No. 687905

I'm so sorry for how I treated you growing up.

You WERE annoying as fuck though. But you didn't deserve it.

No. 687916

you're such a piece of shit. why did you have to be so fake when we first started talking? thinking about those conversations just pisses me off so much now. i am not your friend, i can't be, because you're too fake!

No. 687933

Isn't it kind of validating knowing that you were right all along about the person every time this happens?

No. 688216

I'm glad I ended up better than you. Good luck explaining that to your current boyfriend that you cheated on him 5 times with 5 different men. I know your friend group is leaving because you can't keep on stealing my personality when I'm gone. Continue making your dumb little letters, I'm sure karma will cut off your tongue eventually. Fucking liar.

No. 688237

I wanted to text this to you, but I decided to block you instead and I kind of regret it.

you only wanted to be friends after we broke up because you didn't want to feel bad or guilty. because being on bad terms with people makes you feel bad about yourself. why don't you go jerk off to some hentai instead of trying to talk to me, since you made it clear that your precious porn is more important to you than I ever was. I know you never really cared about me, you probably just wanted me for sex.

I wish I never met you. I don't care if that hurts your feelings or not because you never cared if you hurt mine.

No. 688238

The next time my inlaws' dog tries to eat onions off the floor and bites the shit out of my hand for trying to take them away so he doesn't poison himself, I'm just going to let him. Hope everyone learns a lesson after paying a huge fucking vet bill to get his stomach pumped. Either train your fucking dog properly or bring him back to the pound, I'm tired of this shit.

No. 688300

Objectively, I should've let you die.

No. 688306

Seller protection exists. Send the conversation and screenshots of her having an 30 waist to Paypal's FB support and explain what you postey here. Don't let her get away with it, scammers like her will pull it again on other people if they're successful.

No. 689289

Fuck dudes with mommy issues who blame women for everything wrong in the world

Fuck girls with daddy issues who blame men for everything wrong in the world

I hate all of you braindead retards and your emotionally-driven talking points. Go to fucking therapy and stop screeching at each other about who is the worse person. You're both absolutely toxic and disgusting. Fuck off.

No. 689304

No. 689311

>what is patriarchy

No. 689350

File: 1607346296176.jpg (42.53 KB, 564x541, 1a18a6d418b1f7041967003018b06b…)

I grew up with minarchist parents who are also not as racists as their authoritarian counterparts, they welcome immigrants and hate the government for the restrictions they put on them but they are still conservative and hold onto tradition and customs so they can be racist/sexist more often than not, I'm still thankful that they're not braindead conservative state cucks and I do think that growing up with such parents made me be the annoying lib I am today.

No. 689352

Yeah but men are worse when they do it bc patriarchy makes the world cater to them anyway.

No. 689365

You’re a friend simp. The reason your relationships don’t last, and people push you away, is because you come on way too strong with the compliments and attention and then get mad when you don’t get it back. It’s unnatural, weird and offputting. You will continue to have this problem until you get some self-esteem.

No. 689373

why do i always think about you?
why do you consume my thoughts. and talking to you there is no consolation, i still feel lost and upset.
when you say someone else is your ‘best friend’ i feel forgotten about. but why should i care when maybe you don’t consider our friendship a real one since it’s online.
maybe i’m looking too deep into everything and maybe i’m just incredibly clingy.
but why is it you that makes me feel this way? jealousy? i can’t figure that out.

No. 689413

> Do not address large demographics/groups of people!

No. 689448

is it even fucking possible to make it work romantically with somebody with a porn addiction? i feel so totally pathetic. its like i don't even exist to him sexually anymore. It's making me so depressed. we live together, we've been together 5 years since high school and i figured the lack of sex during the first couple of years might have just been because we were young but apparently not, he just needs a drip tube of hentai to get off because putting his dick inside of me isn't enough. i'm seriously at a loss here. he is honestly my best friend but i thought the whole point is that we were supposed to be more than that. at this point ive developed an eating disorder over the whole thing. hoping maybe one day if i lose another 10 pounds it'll magically awaken his attraction to me. my bmi is around 20 at this point and steadily getting lower. :( if anyone has some genuine advice it would be nice, if I'm allowed to request that. couldn't find an advice thread

No. 689452

>needs a drip tube of hentai to get off
>maybe one day if i lose another 10 pounds it'll magically awaken his attraction to me.
You'd need to shed an entire dimension. Dump him.

No. 689453

No amount of weight loss is going to turn you into a hentai girl, anon. Leave him before you get even more fucked up. It sounds like you’d both be better off as friends, though ideally I don’t think you should be in contact at all.

No. 689455

Are you new here? advice thread is on /g/. Just because you couldn't find a thread doesn't mean you use the wrong thread for your questions. There is a stupid question thread in which you can ask questions. stick to thread topic.

No. 689457

If he's really your best friend then you should talk to him about this. Tell him that you want sex more often, that it makes you feel like you're not getting all of him because his attention is being focused on hentai/porn and that it's lazy and unfair for him to be more involved with jerking off than being sexual with you. Suggest different methods of getting horny, like mental imagery.

No. 689482

>he just needs a drip tube of hentai to get off because putting his dick inside of me isn't enough

Why even be friends?
Dump him.

No. 689490

File: 1607361891246.jpeg (37.86 KB, 400x400, Jannymad.jpeg)

No. 689494

>implying one needs parental issues to figure out one gender is responsible for most of the mayor decisions influencing the world and also the most prevalent in crime
Nice bait

No. 689499

>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

i know you're very obviously triggered, but it costs less energy to just scroll past, mini-mod.

dump him. the fact that even physically having PIV sex with him isn't enough for him is beyond fucked up. he's dead weight. please also get help for your ED if you can, because it really isn't worth fucking yourself up and risking your life for some porn-addled weeby scrote.

No. 689502

kek, you're also breaking the rule then dumbass. Don't respond to other people's shit.

And I'm the thread creator so I'm p sure I know how the fuck it's supposed to go.

No. 689510

Not that they're not all enjoyable, but most of the comments on vent/stupid questions/dumbass shit/confessions/unpopular opinions are all pretty similar. Sometimes I reply to someone and forget which thread I was on. Doesn't really matter.

No. 689547

bragging about making this thread is not the big epic own you think it is, kek

No. 689578

good for you champ

No. 689600

Keep focusing on this as the main problem and never consider the possibility that individual trauma has anything to do with it. You'll do really great in life and have lots of filling relationships I promise.

No. 689622

>is it even fucking possible to make it work romantically with somebody with a porn addiction?


Pornsickness should be one of the top dealbreakers for any woman and I will die on this fucking hill. Stop wasting your time on someone who would rather jack it to Japanese cartoons than have sex with you.

No. 689633

You considering that a brag is just sad and embarrassing as if bragging on lolcow is a thing. I was saying that you tried to tell me that I was breaking the thread rules or whatever, which is wrong because I know what I meant when I wrote thread topic description. When I said "Don't respond to other people" it was meant to be like "Don't act like the person is specifically talking to you/about you" which some idiots have unironically done.

No. 689655

If we can respond to other people then isn't this literally just the vent thread

No. 689692

Yes which is why I said I didn't want that to happen. From my first response to "isn't this just another vent thread?"

>And I tend to think that people in /vent/ respond to/help other posters in vent even if unsolicited. Here, I figure users can say whatever flies and don't have to worry about some anon coming and being like "Oh anon youre so stupid for this, all you have to do is XYZ" because there's no context here. Literally just word vomit here.

I didn't want people to respond here or ask for help here. It's just a place to say random shit you don't wanna say to people IRL.

No. 689714

God I wish these anons had something better to do that argue in paragraph form on lolcow.farm like their homework or plant a tree or something

No. 689731

I finally figured out I wasn't in love with you and I was right to call you ugly. You're just sexy and those are very different things. At least we had great sex for those years and now I know, the only thing I want from a man is for him to be sexy to me. I'm self sufficient in every way, so I'm only fucking sexy men from here on out, bitch!

No. 689915

Nobody gives a fuck about your shitty little thwead roolez

No. 689995

Fuck,i'm right next to you. When it's just the two of us we talk for hours, you say you have fun and then when people are around it's like you're fucking ashamed of me. I really am juste here for you not to get bored. Fuck it. I know i'm not part of your group. You just like to pretend you have friend, i'm just one of you asset to get popular. And for the love of good please stop talking about boys,always and forever. ps: having tatoos doesn'tmake you cooler, just full of regrets

No. 690018

I care a lot about you and enjoy our time together but you need to learn some damn self love because bitch loudly sperging out on people online in chats is not the way to meet others, Their friendship is fleeting since you string random weebs along when you dont even want a relationship, As soon as they realise you arent going to send nudes or kiss their ass its over,Im so fucking tired of not hanging out from you wasting time doing this attention seeking nonsense! Fucking hell theres a decent friend group of us sitting right here but you run off to find random dudes online that never message you back what the fuck? Why the fuck do I even try to care for this friendship, Maybe its fucking time I jump ship but like hell im going to find a proud woman who hasnt drank the koolaid that would ultimately satisfy my conversation needs.

No. 690143

You probably feel bad that you're so useless.

Guess what? I'm not helping you find a job or a car anymore. You're on your own.

No. 690188

Cry about it. You'll never be right. You're pitiful. Not a martyr. You continue to whine and that's why you're never heard. Continue acting like a victim though. I just hope you one day snap out of it and realize what kind of Kool Aid you drank.

No. 690264

Oh my god stop complaining about your ex. Of course you're not on his insurance anymore, you broke up! He isn't trying to kill you because now you can't afford testosterone. You broke up 6 months ago, you are in a new relationship! Didn't you just buy $300 new boots? Didn't you just spend $150 commissioning art for your tattoo? Stop yelling that the government isn't giving you any more money when your family has offered you a job multiple times (a remote job, you can't even use covid as an excuse) I want to scream this at you. You used to be so cool and fun and now you're just this perpetual victim with a scraggly neckbeard.

No. 690280

he fucking expects me to read his mind and when acts like i'm the fuck up because he didn't fucking say anything to me. what the fuck is up with that, dude? he can't even say sorry for half the shit i get upset over because he's on the defense and feels like he's always in the right. i'm getting really tired of this shit sometimes i want to leave. it's so fucking irritating that i don't have any problems admitting when i'm wrong but it's like pulling teeth with this guy trying to get an apology out of him for something that's obvious an apology is due for. holy fuck i'm tired of being the sweet forgiving woman i want to be mad i want him to realize he's fucked up.

No. 690291

I feel like Ben fucking Shapiro to you sometimes. Almost every strongly held belief that you have is steeped in butthurt and your own personal understanding of what constitutes being a good and moral person. Most of this shit can be easily disproven or countered with less than ten minutes of research, but you just outright refuse to look at the facts and have the gall to accuse me of bullying you, of being an edgelord, or try and dismiss me by claiming that my views are "masculine" and that I just "say things for male attention!!!!" whenever I point out the inconsistencies in your statements. It doesn't matter how gently I confront you on this, you always lash out at me like a fucking toddler. You are unironically the type of toxic feminist that has no problem throwing another woman under the bus if she doesn't agree with you 100%. There's a reason why people don't take your views seriously. They're childish. You are a child. Grow the fuck up.

No. 690301

Oh my god quit meowing I'm too drunk to entertain you now

No. 690335

I am this close to snapping you stupid bitch. My mother and father have supported your ass practically all your life, you have made every bad choice possible, gotten with every douchebag scrote that gave you atention only for them to give you in return a kid and a huge list of debts because they all divorce you in the end for a new woman. Then after my father passed away you decide its a good idea to shit talk him infront of me and my mother and when we call you out you begin to cry saying you dont meant it, BUT YOU DO IT AGAIN.

I know at first you would go against my mother for shits and giggles but nowadays you are being such a violent person for no reason. You think that simply because you are a single mother that cant sustain her own home, then no one else can. You think everyone has to be as miserable as you. You degrade other people and ignore their efforts so you can keep ignoring that all the bad shit that happened to you, only you brought it upon yourself.

I have lost all the respect i had for you as a relative and as a woman. You let men brainwash you, you let them tangle you into their business that ultimately fail, you let them take your money. You let them change the way you think about anything and everything. Your own mother warned you THREE TIMES that the men you chose were shady but you chose to ignore her because you hate the fact that she was a single mother that worked her ass off to sustain you even TODAY. You hate that despite all she was a succesful woman. You want to be given everything from above. You degrade your own mother to favor your father who pretended he didnt know you for almost 30 years but now that he is old he wants to reconnect and because he gives you free shit you love him but hate your own mother. Dont get hooked on that, you are his 2nd family, his official family hates your guts and will make sure you get nothing like they have been doing all your life. But i guess you will also not want to hear. In fact, in the end you say "why didnt you warn me??" When huh? We have been warning you all along!

You are not bright either, cause choosing to get married for a 2nd time and have kids to a man that was dating someone else when they met you, a guy that picked up the phone and told their girlfriend at the time "Yeah im busy with work" when "work" was being in bed with you?? I dont know.

But all of this and your bad choices arent whats gonna make me scream, but the fact that next time you insult, degrade or try to underestimate the efforts my mother made and makes every day, i will throw punches. Because when i want to talk you say "i wont argue with you!" And thats how you avoid listening to what anyone has to say. But not next time, next time i wont be calm, if i have to stand firm i will and if i have to kick you out, i will. You have no right to trash talk my parents who only supported and loved you. You are ome of the most ungrateful people i have ever met.

Oh and dont try to look for validation from your eldest daughter when she is the first to say "Im tired of you, im going to live with my dad!" Every time she doesnt get what she wants from you. And my mother has to listen to your ass cry about it every time it happens.

Fuck you, leave us alone or at least stop letting men control who and how you are. Because we are well aware your new sudden violent personality change came with this new man you got. Fuck you! Grow up already!!

No. 690345

Drop that troon anon

No. 690638

File: 1607489547285.jpg (52.26 KB, 420x630, v-neckline-sequin-wedding-dres…)

I know I still love you because I imagine us getting married in a field of flowers, I'm wearing a wedding dress with long loose sleeves and everything is alright.

I definitely don't deserve you but I'm trying my best.

No. 690686

Fuck you! I was a child, I didn't deserve it, I didn't deserve any of it! I was severely abused, I had anorexia and I was mute, I never even spoke, I was polite in ways I was able to yet you all treated me like I was a evil and that I was going to make your children to become weird anorexis. I didn't deserve to have any of it. You fed your children fibs that they would ridicule me with, I was all alone. I was wishing I was dead since I was seven. I wasn't allowed to be loved by my family and I wasn't allowed friends. Even the school didn't do anything. They thought I was dumb and put me in special Ed. I HAD SEVERE SOCIAL ANXIETY I WASN'T FUCKING STUPID. Why the fuck did no one do anything about my abuse!? I knew about sexual things that no normal child knew about, I would have bruises all over me, I was so sensitive, I had all the signs of abuse but no one fucking did a thing. You would believe my mom and she would spread lies and slander about me, how I was unruly and caused her to be suicidal by how bad I was. I NEVER EVEN SPOKE AND I ALWAYS BEHAVED, HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU BELIEVE HER!? now for the rest of my life I can't get it out of my head that I'm evil, that I'm terrible, that no one likes me, that my core that I deserve to be hated because I'm just so awful. Fuck. I'm so tired of everything. I've had therapist now as an adult who finally believed my truth and see all the signs of how I am now that of course I was abused. But it's too fucking late.

No. 690688

Fuck, I could have wrote this. Take care, anon.

No. 690703

i'm an adult! i don't have to put up with your bullshit condescention just because we're related! if you or your bitch try it again i will fucking come at you even if it's fuckin christmas! fuck you!

No. 690706

Anon, I'm going through this. He and I, we're on a break (not my choice) that I feel is deserved. I wish I could weep on your shoulder in hopes someone would understand.

No. 690721

i think it's best if we don't communicate anymore… i don't feel comfortable being around you and it's… gotten to the point i cry myself to sleep at night.

No. 690763

God I hate this. Blood is not enough to make me care about a person or to make me want to talk to them. And I absolutely hate playing pretend or having to feign interest and/or emotional connection where there is none. Please just leave me alone.

No. 690769

I wish you were in my life. I wish I had all of you by my side.
I say this but I did have it. It may not have been you exactly, but the feelings were almost all there. Exactly what I’m feeling, is that same gratefulness that I felt then. But I cut you out. I didn’t understand what I should do. Even now I don’t. But I’m thankful for what you gave me. And I’m thankful she has it too. I hope she will shine even brighter in the future.
I wish you were by my side back then. If I had you, so many things would have been different. I think about what you say and apply it to myself, is that wrong? To me it’s not. You are speaking to me. I hope I can see you again in another life. Hopefully with different circumstances, but I hope we meet and bring the same colour to each others lives.

No. 690896

Fuck you. You're fucking incompetent and don't deserve this job. Call me aggressive in my review meanwhile you're a fucking 6 foot 2, macho man baby who yells at us and runs away anytime someone tries to complain. It's your fucking job to listen to us and help us. Singling me out after months of everyone violating the dress code. Singling me out all the time when everyone is fucking off. I don't know if it's because I'm a women in a male dominated field or because I'm much younger than you and able to get farther in life than your dumbass did. I don't fucking care why. Quitting this job is too easy. I'm going to make you hate me and hate your job. I'm going to make sure you enforce the rules on every slight safety violation. Bother you everyday about my raise, about needing maintenance for things you've ignored, complain about anyone and everything that needs attention. Keep walking away from us for hours with no supervisor and we'll see what your boss and HR think about continuing to ignore us and being unapproachable. Best part is everyone in our department and the other departments like me more than you. You sending me home today just makes them more mad about this shithole company. I can't be "aggressive" like I usually am but I sure can stir shit up, making everyone disgruntled and questioning you, while being "professional" to you.

No. 690900

fuck you mom. i dealt with your shit too long because i knew that you went through a lot, but you are just awful. fuck you and your /pol/ shit you vaguely whitepassing biracial redneck.

No. 690917

God every fucking year for Christmas I gotta buy you the same anime/Disney plastic shit that will gather dust because you never clean your shit. Before Covid I dreaded going to your place and this year was a nice break from your plastic prison that I hate sitting in. We do this every year and you act hurt and surprised when I say I don't like/want that kind of useless shit anymore, I live in a small apartment! You see this as a personal attack because your things are YOU. I don't need to be surrounded with things that remind me that I like something. I honestly sometimes prefer to talk to your parents or your brother because they can talk about other things. You shut down and say nothing when I veer the topic to something else. I'm not saying you have to "grow up" and stop liking these things, but can it NOT be your personality trait to only consume Disney and video games?
Love you, but things gotta change.

No. 690946

I'm so fucking sick of depressed, anti-social scrotes. I am done with doing emotional labor for lost causes. Seeing as you're both well into adulthood and refuse to seek treatment or change any aspect of your trash solitary life, I doubt you'll do shit so bye.

And to you, I hope your instagram gets phished and spammed with pictures of dumpsters.

No. 691131


No. 691162

You're embittered. Please find some joy in life that doesn't involve shitting on other people. You waste your time and reading what you have to say goes to show how miserable you are. It's sad and explains why you probably don't have anyone close to you in your life.

No. 691425

Stop trying to control my social circles you fucking psychopath bitches

No. 691435

how are you gonna sexually assault me repeatedly, completely debase my self esteem and not let me leave your house for an entire two years and then tell me i'm ugly and say "there's other bitches"? how do you have the audacity to say or do anything to me when you look like an anthropomorphic naked mole rat that sells used cars? how are you going to say anything about my work when you have the ugliest, most boring, most uninspired, soulless art ever created? you live your life according to your porn addiction, morals be damned. i hope raping me at least helped you deal with your mommy issues, because that bitch was right to have picked drugs over you. if i had any brains i would have done the same too. at least i would have if you weren't gaslighting me every single day into thinking i'm an evil stupid bitch while you were actually raping me and drugging me and bullying the shit out of me. maybe there's a reason no one can fucking stand you, not even your own family, and there's a reason why every friend group and relationship you form falls apart and decides they hate you. you literally have "future sex offender" written all over you. i hope the next person you inevitably victimize makes you sincerely regret it. every single day i am so tempted to text everyone in your life the screenshots of the heinous shit you've admitted to and tell them about your true nature. every single day i live in regret that i never defended myself. recently, i realized that you don't, nor have you ever, had any meaning or value to me. you just made me feel like such a bad person that i deserved to be mistreated in such extreme ways and want to fight for your approval. i think that's the only way you could ever get anyone to tolerate you though, because you are so extremely unlovable that you have to manipulate people into fearing you to get them to stay around you. i tried giving you another chance, and i regret it. in the short two months i spoke to you, you sexually harassed me, insulted me, gaslit me about what you did to me, and tried to justify it, all while saying you were sorry about what you did. you have no redeeming qualities whatsoever and i'm so glad it's just me and her now. we talk every day about how much we hate you and how we never liked you, and every day she helps me unlearn the shit you put into my brain. she validates my ideas and helps me grow every day, she makes me feel like i have value and that i'm a person worth taking care of. your only redeeming trait is that you were such a bad person that i was able to meet her. she saved my life from you, and i'm so grateful for that. see you in five years when you'll inevitably be on the news for some heinous sex crime.

No. 691452

You’re the only person that ruins my day at work every time you’re on the clock or just coming in to get shit on your day off. Even when the new employee voluntarily came in to cover someone else’s shift you had to be a bitch because you couldn’t sneak out early. You had two years to be trained for a promoted position, you blew it off every time and now it’s biting you in the ass. I wish you’d just apply for another job and move on but I doubt you’ve filled out a single application in the last decade.

No. 691471

I don't care that you're on PREP, it is unspeakably revolting that you knowingly have casual sex with men you know have HIV without a condom. It is NOT homophobic to find that disgusting. Any sane human should.

No. 691481

Anon, please report him. You say he assaulted and raped you. I know this is hard, but do you want someone else to go through the same shit? Even if "nothing comes out of it", at least police will have him on their radar.

No. 691483

Send out the screenshots, anon. Be deserves it

No. 691558

Calling me bitter? Real classy coming from someone like you.

I should have never accepted that friend request from you on Facebook 5 years ago. How did you even find me? Were you that hellbent on believing that I was skinwalking you on how much we had in common? So many people are into the hobbies we had.

I really trusted you as a best friend but you only used me for dick and to see what friends you could gain from my social circle so you can turn them against me one by one. You were obsessed with me, yet only on a superficial level to copy whatever aesthetic I had and make it your own. I am so tempted to post you on the personal Lolcow thread but I won't because I am not as cruel and manipulative as you. You use all of the men in your life as little pawns to manipulate and make your narcissistic delusional self believe you have done no wrong and that you were the victim when it all happened.

Who was the one who turned my friends against me? Who was petty and shared my name to others when you were smug and merely rolled your eyes when I was so upset I blocked you because you lied and hid shit behind my back? You were my best friend and like a sister at me and you never loved me as much as I loved you; I should have taken that red flag personally when you said you prioritized men and boyfriends in your life over female friends.

No. 691564

Even on Instagram you copied my aesthetic I had, but on a whole new level. You amassed 10K followers, and you had the gall to say that I am obsessed with you? You're the one who is being the obsessed skinwalker copying my aesthetic, outfits, even had my former friends, and wanting to replace me to the point where you are actively going out with my ex-boyfriend so you could spite me and be smug that my ex-boyfriend can easily be manipulated as well. Fools on you though I could just see you both are just two narcissists using each other; are you that mad your LDR ex-boyfriend is getting married to a women who was way more mature and ambitious than you? I had no part in his marriage if you are that bitter to believe so; I merely told him the truth of what happened since you fed him lies on how I was playing "cupid" when you were just sleeping with my friends and my ex-boyfriend behind my back.

But please, continue thinking that your life is so "amazing" with your boyfriend who is unaware that you are friends with many men who you have hooked up with and that you constantly go out to KBBQ with my ex-boyfriend and go get drunk with random men that you call "friends". Keep on abusing Meitu to hide your ugly features, keep on bragging how you are an adult uwu, and that you have totally changed.

We can all see through your insecurities and it's amazing how you refuse to take accountability and admit what you've done wrong. But please continue pleasing your simps on Instagram and get that cheap validation you want so bad to try to fill that empty void. You're pathetic and your attempts to spite me make me laugh.

No. 691568

Finally I want to say my life has been way better without having you and my ex-boyfriend in my life. I do have close friends, family, and my loving boyfriend who I anticipate being engaged with in the near future. Unlike you who feels the need to flex to your simps on IG publicly and for that feeling of needing to be validated I don't need to publicly brag about it. Because I'm not as insecure as you and I am happy with my life. My healthcare career is flourising, I moved somewhere way nicer and I am becoming more independent. I won't deny there are days where I am struggling but fuck you and your stupid mind games where you are constantly trying to one-up me. Bitch you can never replace me. Enlarge your eyes, put fake Meitu filler lips on your face, photoshop yourself all you fucking want but you can never be like me. And frankly, I would never want to be with you. The level of delusion you have is insane.

So fuck you and may the worst of karma get to you for actively trying to spite me all of these years. I can see this little game you are trying to play and I don't want any part of it. Grow up.

No. 691573

Fuck you for ruining my college experience to the point where I had to change my uni. I wish I hadn't met you asshole and hope you choke. Also fuck you for abusing me mentally and dumping me when I was at my worst. I won't forgive you and I hope you will be treated the same by your next gfs pathetic asshole whose biggest idol was Bojack Horseman.

No. 691576

God I wish I could peek into her instagram, sounds like a fucking rollercoaster. I like how you write.

No. 691992

Can't say this irl but it's been on my mind ever since my cousin came to stay at our house. I fucking hate that stupid voice some gay men have. Makes my ears bleed and it sounds disgusting. I'm not exaggerating when I say it makes me feel aggressive, like i just want him to STFU immediately. Though he's a great guy so i just can't say that to him. But fuck that shit man I loathe that stupid tone I just needed to get it off my chest

No. 692066

i dont know how champagne socialists live with themselves. like the ones who live in brooklyn or graduated from some liberal arts college thanks to money from their parents
I've been working from home in an industry not at all affected by covid (in fact things are actually better this year) but I pretty much lucked into the job, if covid hit a year earlier I'd be unemployed, dealing with rent, student debt, etc. feels like us in work from home will reap the benefits of the economic recovery next year and those who are not will just end up financially fucked through no real fault of their own

No. 692079

Im 26 and so terrified of being over 30, I’ll probably kill myself at 29.

No. 692088

Get ready, it's time to go soon. Good luck!

No. 692110


No. 692158

What makes you afraid to age past 30? From my perspective, your 30's are probably the best time of your life. You're financially independent and your life is stable, have room to indulge in things you probably weren't able to during your teens and 20's and live comfortably, you've probably largely figured the direction of your life out in terms of carreer, partner and other large life decisions and all that while you're still young, healthy and vigorous. (Of course this is a generalization but still)

I haven't reached my 30's yet but I expect it will bring a lot of good when I get there.

No. 692184

1. I am so irritated that I didn't tell you off before blocking you, even though I really wanted to! Would it kill you to be civil to me? I was always kind to you, and you can't spare the same for me. I know you're going through some shit, so I held my tongue throughout your spergout. I care about you so much. I hope you get the help you need.
2. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. It feels good to pretend to say it to you after you said it to me so many times. You fuck. You have a girl now and you still find new ways to try and contact me. Pay attention to her and leave me alone. I hope your idiot girlfriend leaves you and you end up all alone with your gross crusty self though. I wish I would have told you how gross, flaky, and dry your dick looked LMAO I'm so glad that I never met your psycho ass in person. I hope karma catches up with you soon, manlet.

No. 692197

Don't encourage people who suicide-bait on lolcow. They're always doing it for asspats. If they really wanted to kill themselves they wouldn't whine about it here first.

People who are "scared of aging" are often also cows who used to make fun of older women for being "old hags" so they deserve it. Bet you ten bucks OP used to laugh at Lori/Shoe/Red Scare thots for being 'old'.

No. 692245

>They're always doing it for asspats
Except when they are not anon and they just want to share their feelings. Don't be heartless

No. 692254

If someone thinks of me so poorly that they'd kill themselves just to avoid being like me, I won't have any sympathy for them. I don't know why that's so hard of a concept to grasp. If people over 30 are so icky to you, go on and off yourself. I'm not your mom to care about you, I don't know you.

No. 692434

Just turned 30 and I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. Aside from money, time, and freedom, you also stop giving a fuck what other people think. And not in the edgy teen/early 20's fake way, I actually feel genuinely chill and at peace with the world and my place in it. The only thing that sucks is that your family starts dying, but maybe thats what it takes to sober us up a bit.

No. 692702

I had something similar happen to me after eating 5 marihuana brownies. This sounds funny but please bear with me

I used to be in this very childish (but """serious""") relationship with a girl and sometimes for fun I would talk like a stupid baby. I don't wanna talk about this in deep because I disturb my own self, but eventually she got control over me that way. We weren't into DDGL. It just got to a weird uncomfortable point that I'm not trying to think super hard about because I can't process it still. I'm just not fond of it.

We got in a relationship when I was 19 and she was 21 and to be frank I was still immature, dumb, and emotionally unstable, but I didn't think she would eventually treat me like as if I was a toddler. I wasn't like that with anyone else.

Anyways fast foward to the week we broke up. I was at my best friend's home party and some friends of him that I didn't know as deeply as my best friend were making pot brownies. My best friend also took some so I ate some as well. They didn't kick up immediately and my stupid self ate more than what I should had. I started getting horrible symptoms of overdose (idk what they are called, I just know I was constantly cold, trembling and had extremely low pressure), and I didn't know were possible to have because I fell for the LOL YOU CAN'T OVERDOSE ON WEED meme. I feel as if I was going to die. I closed my eyes and it was as if I was travelling to another weirdo place. It was very uncomfortable.

Then, it was as if my entire being shut down, and I was watching it(?) from above, and I started sobbing with a little child voice. I wasn't there, it was me but younger. I even remember thinking I had pigtails on my hair. My voice was high pitched and small. And I started saying shit like "My dad, I want my dad, I need my dad, where is him". My dad had died 3 years prior so I had no business saying that. I continued sobbing until suddenly I came to my body again as an adult and said "holy fuck I'm fucking scared I have no idea what is happening to me". Everything else after that is a blur.

My high came down later next day but I still felt quite shitty. I took some medication that I shouldn't had and almost got a stroke with the mix of substances. and then my ex broke with me.

Idk where I was going with this lol just remembering this makes me feel weird. But here you go. Don't trust age regression.

Figured this makes more sense to post here than in the things we hate thread. As for my ex, I still tried to be friends with her until… some days ago. I think it was for the best. I'm not doing any drugs ever again in my life.

No. 692773

why? inb4 gtfo zoomer but i'm 19 and while i'm dreading being in my 20s i'm excited about being 30 one day, i hear that's when life starts to seriously take a turn for the better

No. 693686

File: 1607884802525.gif (2.24 MB, 346x259, bap.gif)

>wants to die before 30
>can't wait til 30, dreading 20s

As someone smackdab in the middle (25 by next year), I'm both excited to be older and more mature, but also I wish I had spent my younger years better.

19 year old anon*, please please just improve yourself ASAP. The sooner the better. I deeply regret not "caring" when I could've actually had a real glow up. Now I'm trying to hurry up and glow up before 25. I would've done my best to get rid of acne and do better things with my hair, get my body toned up. Even though people say "omg you have the rest of your life to do that" you still don't want to miss out on being in love with yourself and confident at an early age, which sets the rest of your life up IMO. I feel that I was cutest and best at age 21 because I wasn't as frumpy/fat and I didn't have acne, my hair was thriving and I wore makeup and cute outfits. By this point, I have gone downhill. DO NOT DO THE SAME. Our experiences probably aren't the same, but if you feel like "Eh, right now at 19 I could look better" DO IT aND DO NOT PUSH IT OFF. Because I kept telling myself "okay, I'll have all of this done by age 25" and here I am, not looking my best. lol. And btw this is not just about looks. Your life won't get better in your 30s unless you've taken the time in your 20s to be mentally better, healthier, cut out your bad habits and bad people. So please, make sure that you do that as well.

30 year old anon, 30s are probably the best times! I look forward to being older. As long as you don't turn into those salty, "30 year old but acting 40" type people, I think you'll be great. it's not too late to change bad habits or improve yourself so just do it! Don't psyche yourself out like those other retards. Keep wearing sunscreen and eating vegetables every once in a while.

Funny enough, I'm actually not looking forward to being 28 kek

No. 695469

You've got to be an absolutely retarded fucking moron to have over 30 actual job interviews and still not have a job by now.

You mean you "forgot" that you applied for that company and upon hearing the name couldn't remember anything about it? Every fucking time you have an interview its:

>Oh I missed the call and I couldn't call back

>I forgot the company so I didn't know anything about them
>I couldn't answer their questions about me

You mean to fucking tell me after the first few fuck ups, you dont think to have a list of companies you applied for OR you literally just throw your name at a company and see what sticks?

THEY SCHEDULE INTERVIEWS WITH YOU. THERES NO WAY YOU WONT KNOW WHEN THEY CALL AND EVEN WHEN YOU DO KNOW, YOU STILL DONT THINK: "hmm, maybe I should google this company, figure out where they're located and a little bit about them"

this is why you'll never succeed in life.

No. 695498

I put off applying to jobs for like a year and told people I had so they'd leave me alone. This sounds like that lol

No. 695523

Sadly it's not. I've been there when she's picked up interview calls. She's so retarded she doesn't even ask what company it is and just goes along with that they say, answers questions like an idiot and then they never call back. "I couldn't hear what company he said" WHAT?? YOU MEAN YOU DIDNT ASK HIM TO REPEAT HIMSELF? Social retards should be forced into required government jobs, there's no way they can live on their own, I swear.

No. 695531

Creepy fag

No. 695538

Literally had a friend phone interview for a remote service job recently. She flat out told the interviewer she didn't want to learn how to do the job herself with self-training modules. Then emphasized how she's never had a remote job before, so she couldn't even hazard guesses to basic questions and must not have done anything to really sell that she was a good candidate regardless of experience.
She was asked to prepare for the interview yet said everything contrary to the job description! Obviously she didn't get it.
She wants to leave food service but it's hard to bat for her when she self-sabotages and then blames it on being bad at interviews. There's so many resources online that she could refer to too. It's almost like she's waiting for someone in our friend circle to arrange a job for her in one of our companies but tbh it sounds like she's a professional nightmare if she expects to be spoonfed everything. She's 30, not 20. I don't understand some people.

No. 695588

File: 1608155742156.jpg (188.46 KB, 1280x720, mZGy3Ku.jpg)

Oh god! Why are you so desperate for white knight Pornhube! Is your pornsickness that important that even if child porn and rape videos are taken down, your only thought is to ~Own the Radfems~ and nothing more? If you see a message of someone who is so needed of porn that can't think of anything else, your peanut sized brain goes to "Ohhh poor poor guy, why is life so unfair to cut off this sad guy's source of brain rotting" and actually think that the problem here are the evil whamen. Dude, just shut up about "TERFs", no one is getting hurt by loosing all of those porn videos, aside from pornsick explotive people, oh! I'm sowwy, I meant those poor trans women who write MLP rape fanfiction, I'm sorry by misgender the ~oh so oppresed~ catgender person who rates porn actresses.

Seriously, if your biggest complain about a post about an abuser getting their way into abusing more innocent people is that "Well, actually this abuser goes by She/her now, please don't misgender her" then good job for proving that you just care about having the moral superiority.

Not even the actual trans women I know want to be part of any of this, and not because the are ~brainwashed by evil Radfems~, this is just porn to make you feel like the most rightful person on the planet, you smug coomer.

No. 695597

you're getting more insufferable and loud by the day, I don't even want to be in public with you anymore you annoying faggot

No. 695600

I have no fucking idea why I am jealous of you out of all the fucking people around us but you don't even fucking know how lucky you are. You shouldn't have any friends left, you'll never know how much the hate you and how much chaos you caused. Your fucking fiancee would dump your kboo junkie ass if she knew all the shit you have done and driven people to do, bitch you even got the police involved. I hate you yet even I had to step the fuck in because you were so pathetic, one fucking low blow and your cute little wifey will get all the receipts and it won't be via me. You look like a fooooooooooooooool.

No. 695607

Wow, this feels directed at me, but I know it's not because this year I've done graduated, broke up with the bf and got a good graduate job paying more than my poor ass can handle.

Don't hate, it could work out for her.

No. 695785

File: 1608167560656.gif (519.29 KB, 360x457, ratto.gif)

You are fat. You are ugly. Nobody wants to have sex with you. You deserve every sudden intense moment of introspection, because you are a fat mass produced man. You are a terrible friend. I was friends with you for 3 years straight. You're a fat annoying gay cunt. I hope you die in your sleep, fatty.

No. 696909

I've said this once before but I'll say it again: stop trying to control my social circles. Please.

No. 696935

Oh my god everyone stop asking me for help with school and solve your own god damned homework and exams. I have my own to solve too and I have nobody to ask for help

No. 697050

God I could’ve wrote this about a disgusting gay fatty too. I feel you anon.

No. 697320

Yeah but when people say they feel better at 30, it's because they made their life a certain way. The same thing can apply to other people at 20, 25, 35. The change is not caused just by reaching 30 ffs.

No. 697322

Stop stalking me and find something better to do, retard. You are psychotic.

No. 697328

for op: i won't reply to that post because it's old, but i hate you too. kys

No. 697359

I want to tell you I was only nice to to you because I was worried you were going to kill yourself. It's the truth and I know it would hurt you so much and you deserve that but I'm still too worried you'd kill yourself lol. If you're ever mentally well I swear to godddddddd

No. 697427

i'm glad i decided to look into what you're doing after all this time, because it finally put how small and ridiculous you are into perspective. i feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul.

not only are you still hopping from person - person because you refuse to grow up and get a job, you've added so many ridiculous illnesses and lies into your list that i know for a fact are completely false. claiming you're now black/poc when you're as white as they come just adds the perfect cherry on top of your dogshit cake. you're lucky i don't have the patience to collect all my known info about you with your current lies because i am 100% certain you'd fit right into a thread here.
you are sick, but not in the ways you like to say you are.

No. 697551

Have fun rotting with your controlling husband. Your newest fanfic was really stiff and bad

No. 697564

Everything about you is so fake, the voice you put on, your video editing, your make up, your persona. You deserve to be in love with an abusive alcoholic piece of shit. The only person worth pitying is your daughter. Most of the pity you get is because you're so unfortunate looking and the false narrative you spin about your choices. Your as bad as those you condemn if not worse.

No. 697578

File: 1608391678445.png (99.77 KB, 286x254, F5D8614F-79AB-4E9D-8F11-0ED924…)

Everyone thought you were this sweet quiet person but in reality you were an awful subhuman piece of shit. I have no idea how I was able to withstand the shit that you’d put me through and still remain friends with you. I’m glad your fat ass put on weight and your art is still as bad as ever. I honestly regret not having the nerve in high school to chew you out in front of everyone because you were the most toxic, insufferable, selfish, spineless, immature piece of shit weeb I had ever had the displeasure of befriending. He was also fucking awful alongside you. I regret not calling him out for his shit behavior too. You and what’s his name were the absolute worst best friends in existence and I hope you and him get what’s coming to both of you, you fucking assholes.

No. 697682

You are so fucking autistic, nobody is stalking you. Nobody is skinwalking you. Nobody wants to be you. Move on, you’re a sad seething little cunt of an adult groveling for clues in desperate search of things that just aren’t there for you to take. Perhaps focusing on others and trying to poke holes in their lives makes you feel better about how unbelievably sad yours is. Irregardless, you’ll never be any better.

No. 697887

File: 1608438334421.jpg (24.68 KB, 439x284, 1605593370312.jpg)

I'm unhinged, obsessive, and super creepy. If I spent 1/10 the amount of energy on making something of my life that I do on my psycho vendettas, I'd probably be a millionaire.

No. 697902

hey anon can you do a quick vendetta for me? I have an ex who needs some sense slapped into him I'm really in need of a specialist

No. 698305

You made yourself out to be so much cooler & adventurous than you are in reality & I resent you for wasting 3 years of my 20's with your pathetic bait & switch gimmick.
All of your friends who I've met are idiotic, loser fuckboys who peaked in high school & that speaks volumes to who you are as a person. You have no backbone, no drive, you've work for an abusive boss at a menial minimum wage job for the past 5 years that you've hated from the beginning & don't seek other opportunities unless they are thrown in your lap by a family member.
You spend absolutely all of your free time browsing reddit or watching fucking runescape content creators & never want to go out or do anything fun because you want to 'relax on your day off,' as if the 20 hours you spend a week at a fucking fast food joint are back breaking & laborous.
You admitted to enjoying the pandemic because it was an excuse to stay posted on your lazy ass at home & not feel shame about it. Well, you should feel shame, you should be VERY ashamed.
Get your shit together asshole.

No. 698332

same, anon.
your picture in conjunction with the text is sending me

No. 698346

this is me except with whatever I'm obsessed over at the moment, my hyperfixations are consuming me and they feel like they're going to kill me, if I spent as half as much time not obsessing over that shit, I'd be a productive fuck

No. 698351

File: 1608497718353.jpg (75.33 KB, 640x639, 1_b5713d6c_640.jpg)

Shipping yourself with an IRL person is fucking weird!!! I'm 90 percent sure that person is probably making fun of you behind your back, especially because of how fucking fat, obsessive, and degenerate you are.

No. 698364

Just nuke all fat and obsessive degenerates tbh. Put them to pasture.

No. 698510

I shouldn't have let you use me. You used me for my kindness and as a personal chauffeur because I have a car. I'm tired of hearing about drama you've caused wherever you went. I'm goddamn tired about your bipolar ass sperging about "I miss the mountains" uwu. You stole my video games and refused to give them back, it was a few hundred dollars worth and I have no doubt you sold them for drugs. I don't have any friends anymore and after someone like you why should I? You've ruined my trust in people.

No. 698514

File: 1608510933260.png (224.17 KB, 720x400, 1549181330738.png)

Can't you read? This is not for whining about large (hehe) groups of people, anon.

Anyway, why the hell did you settle so hard? What the hell happened, bitch? Also why the hell did you start shooping all your photos, you are already cute, did the scrote do this to you? Fucking tragic.

No. 698525

more milk pls

No. 698819

you can be such a hypocrite, one rule for you but another for everyone else. I hate how dismissive you are of my beliefs, pretending that you care but whenever I bring them up you 'don't want an argument' because it's impossible for you to listen to anything without immediately inserting your own fucking opinion. You're so childish, but act as though you're a mature person, please. I see through it all and I'm not impressed.

No. 698902

.. Nothing can fix this. This hate for myself is so deep rooted. Everyone keeps trying to tell me to go to therapy. I did therapy for 12 years. They can't fix this. Their go-to for self worth is pills and I know this isn't a chemical issue. "Find the right one". I don't know why I even bothered going to you. Someone I thought I could trust and now I really have no one to go to. I just want someone to listen and cry with, to hold me. Instead you tell me to not come to you anymore. I hate myself so much.. I can't do this for 50 more years.

No. 698904

I'm trying so hard. I can't eat again. I can't do hurting myself. There are things about depression that are so glamorized in media. Like how easy it is once you get help. How pills are amagical cure and try this one, and this one if that one doesn't work. Etika still killed himself in pills, robin Williams still killed himself on pills. Pills don't make you magically better. Talking to some stranger who, no matter hiw hard you explain, will never understand. Why is it only those who hate themselves so much, get it? I understand why people suicide in packs now. At least they get it. I just want someone to listen.

No. 698907

This is probably the wrong place to talk about this again. I honestly don't know where I can talk about this. Maybe a cutting rrcovery forum. I don't know. If anywhere here knows, help me. Please give me a site. I want to talk to others like me but don't have anywhere to go.

No. 698908

I'm too scared to kill myself. I won't. But all I keep repeating to myself is to do it. Im so worthless. A few months ago I was okay. Now I just want to disappear

No. 698913

Actually feels good to say all that here. But really.. i don't know what to do. If any anons feel this way please please tell me

No. 698943

It hurts so much that you're my best friend. it makes me so happy when we talk, I hardly even notice it until the conversation ends and it feels like coming down from a high. Knowing that I was somehow so unbelievably unattractive to you that one time that it wasn't worth a second chance. Knowing that you'd rather this girl you talked so poorly of to me, telling me how disgusted you were/are of her and then knowing somehow I'm not even worth as much as that. It makes me so angry, it makes me hate you so much sometimes.. but in the end I know the person I hate is myself and I do know it was an impossible dream even if it hadn't been for what happened. I just have so much anger and sadness; I feel like I loved and wanted to spend my life with him and he beat and abandoned me; and now years later I felt like I truly trusted and loved you and I truly thought we'd spend our lives together and I feel somehow even more hurt and abandoned by you. I know you don't mean to make me feel that way, but knowing everything you do, having been there as my friend for all those years, did you have to feed me that fantasy? I realize I'm not going to have the happy fairy tale ending to my life, I knew that before hand too, but God I'm so resentful you had me believing in it again. I hate that you can just go on, I hate that you remind me you're happy just sleeping around doing whatever and that it's just so sad I still want what you can't… I hate that it's been over a year and I still switch on/off from wanting to kill myself over it every night. I can't really blame you, or hate you, but I wish I could.. I wish I could talk to you without feeling that high, I wish I had felt anything like that before with literally any one else; I wish I could be stable; I wish I wasn't nearing my 30s and still self harming over failed relationships.

I hate myself and I'm just self aware enough that I can't use you as my scapegoat. I'm sorry for wanting to.

No. 699354

I hate how everyone just magically thinks antidepressants fix everything. Talking to doctors fixes everything. There are so many suicidal people out there that do both and still kill themselves. Im happy we are talking more about mental health, but people have this skewed pedestal for it as a fix-all. Its as bad as expectations from women when all youve seen is media. It's so isolating being told these will fix everything when you know it won't. Especially when you've done therapy for 10+ years before and have tried meds. Low self esteem can't be fixed. You have to look at your ugly self every day. Cutting can't be fixed. Meds don't stop the urges. Im a broken person. What left is there honestly for me.

No. 699366

I keep thinking about this too, I'm 30 and I've pretty much never not wanted to die but suicide is such a fucking hassle

No. 699902

It just feels like no light is there. I'm doing better today. I got a hotel just to 'get out' out where I've been. I'm not in an abusive home, I don't havr external factors that aren't laughable to other people,but for me it feels tremendously hard to the point of cutting. No veins, I don't go deep, but I feel like I'm emotionally trapped back in high school.

No. 700155

I promised this entire pandemic I wouldn't relapse, I relapsed in January. I was able to hold out till December before I completely lost my shit, then I self harmed on and off for a week. Being so proud of myself the entire pandemic for not relapsing despite using unhealthy coping mechanisms and then becoming so consumed by the stressors that followed me when I went back to work mid year. I only want to die if one thing happens to me on my hypothetical bucket list, and the likelihood of that happening is very low, but I'm holding out that it happens in 2021, 2020 has been a horrible year and I have faith I can get that in 2021. I've tried to kill myself multiple times in my life so I fucking know when I scratch that item off my list, I feel like god will be ready to just kill me once for and all

No. 700357

I like my work friend but she seems…thick? I don't know how else to describe it. She's very nice and can be perceptive to my emotions but…so she wanted to have lunch together, but I had a headache so avoided her, she asked where I was and I said "in a dark, quiet room because I need it. My head hurts." and she proceeded to FIND ME in a 5 floor building full of meeting rooms and chat to me as if all was fine, asked me why I was basically unresponsive as if I hadn't said anything over text.

And I asked her to take over a responsibility of mine for 20 minutes that involved needing to be there specifically to recieve stuff. I come back within 10 minutes and she's fucked off elsewhere she hadn't even asked someone else to take over. And I told her 3 times TODAY that I would be off til past christmas. But as I was saying goodbye and see you after the 25th, she was shocked I'll be off. Like, girl.

She also talks SO MUCH, even when she's supposed to be learning something. Then she doesn't get it. Before today we sat very separately and so she'd be confused and I'd help because I did my research. Today she kept. on. talking. to me so I couldn't focus. I told her I couldn't read and listen to her at the same time and she was like "oh ok sorry" but kept going. Eventually I just had to fully shut her out which just made me feel bad because she was talking about her serious worries.

And then despite not knowing her tasks well, she does her best to avoid doing anything. Like no wonder she struggles. But even THEN she makes SO MANY mistakes when she does do something. It's like…Every piece of work, every sheet of paper, she makes at least 1 beaurocratic error. And it's usually the same same mistakes, with the same solutions.

It turned into a bit of a bitchfest, but it sucks because I so rarely vibe well with people, but she seems a bit hopeless. She's so self flagellating that I need to try lift her up, also the coworkers aren't taking kindly to her and the amount of mistakes she makes either.

No. 700470

This fucking idea that kids should just willingly get up and do chores is so stupid to me? Growing up my mom would always degrade me for being a shit daughter because she wouldn't find the house spotless when she got home. Isn't it normal for most kids to not do shit unless asked to? If I'm asked to do the dishes, I'll do them. Why would I just do them out of nowhere, especially if every time I do something around the house I'm told I did a terrible job and that it's more time consuming to have me do anything. Also no offense to my mom but you're stay at home and you're also not very close to your kids so what reason do I have to help you when it's never appreciated and plus you're not doing much else?

This is old news and as an adult I help out and I also appreciate stay at home moms, but still I just can't help but remember how weird it was to me that I, as a literal child, was expected to have the drive to just do random chores with no request given.

No. 700778

when i did chores out of nowhere it was not even acknowledged most of the time, but when i was not doing it before they noticed something too dirty or out of order (still okay but not shiny and spotless) i got so much shit for it. i hope i won't do this to my kids. i don't think a child is lazy and ungrateful for not being a house maid voluntarily. nobody asked to be born.

No. 700785

File: 1608726018184.jpg (58.03 KB, 735x550, 14756363463_5754.jpg)

i loathe how normies don't get my jokes. when i'm serious they think i'm joking and when i'm joking they think i'm serious.
why can't people just be fucking honest?
i fucking wish i was normal. for most of my life i hated myself. nowadays i enjoy myself but not for long before some fucking normie who takes themselves way too seriously starts ruining my life.
i was dancing to the music at the counter, nothing to wild, bopping and swaying around. partly because my back pain and because i liked the song. then this bitch starts making condesceding comments to me about how i'm working too fast and implying i'm childish and naive. cunt what the fuck, when i was starting the job the problem was me looking too gloomy.
this fucking dickhead went behind my back to talk shit and as a result i got less hours. why mess with my fucking life when i did nothing to you? i like it when others are happy but when i am it annoys people?? just fuck my life. i must always have 100% self control, professional acting skills and a pokerface, just to pass as normal, and even then, only a shy, quiet normie. if i dare to joke around, be curious about things, i am immediately judged and judged so harshly like i am a fucking murderer. i want to quit society and only ever work from home.

No. 700791

I'm sorry i'm such a loser and can't build up the courage to just come up and talk to you, i die slowly thinking of all our awkward run ins and i'm just too pussy to even say hi. the reason i don't is because i hate myself so much and i know you're type of girl is not a crippling anxiety ridden bpd drug addict. i hide all my bad quirks well and pretend i'm the most innocent nicest human and even soften up my body language and voice to come off as approachable at least. i keep telling myself if i was worth it enough you would have come up and talked to me by now just like all the other girl co workers. i'm just not right and unnaproachable lol

No. 700793

I hate normies too. I wish they all died. Fuck them.

No. 700795

It pisses me off how I'm stuck living with parents who are absolute pigs, they have no hygiene at all never wash their hands or clean up after themselves even when they make an obvious mess like piss and blood and hair on the toilet seat or when fucking picking their nose or spitting in their hands or touching poop or their genitals and the kitchen also gets covered in I don't want to know what and it's a pain to clean because even their cleaning supplies are really disgusting
My mother also acts like she's a retarded person half the time but sometimes she acts normal so it's as if she's just pretending to be a retarded fuck for fun?? She's also not truly potty trained and pisses everywhere because she "doesn't feel like going to the toilet" you're a fucking adult just fucking go to the toilet what kind of disgusting excuse is that and she doesn't use tp or wash her hands when she does sigh

No. 700800

People are just shit like this. They'll find issue with everything and anything you can do. Sometimes I still randomly think about when I was working in a restaurant as a hostess and the amount of random shit I put up with. It was an ocean front restaurant and the front door was propped open in the warmer months but it could also be windy from the waterfront, and sometimes my hair would get tangled from it. So this one time, a rich woman in her 60s power walks by me I guess getting something from her car and I was running my hand through a piece of my hair to detangle it and she goes, "You must really like your own hair" and walks off before I can even register what she said. This is pretty benign but I always think back to it because what the fuck bitch what is your problem? I can't touch my own hair for a few seconds without being a narcissist?

Another time a really old Rudy Giuliani looking ass bitch came in telling me he had a reservation when he literally did not. I typed in his name and nothing came up, so I asked him to spell it for me and when I looked up, he was looking at me with — I swear — pure fucking hatred in his eyes. He proceeded to practically spit his name at me again. I type it in, still nothing, and then he starts getting really angry with me but at that point I can't remember what he was saying because my brain just shut off and I walked away to find my manager before I panicked (have GAD). People are just hateful sacks of shit for no reason, and if you're young or female they'll feel even more willing to use you as a punching bag. Hang in there, nonnie, it's not your fault and you don't deserve this shit. Working in the service/retail industry is awful.

No. 700803

>when i'm serious they think i'm joking and when i'm joking they think i'm serious
I hate it too and it made my internship hell because the most basic, straight forward things I could say about my job to coworkers to inform them about things they needed to know were NEVER taken seriously, simple affirmative sentences sounded like questions to thel because they're dumb so they thought I was retarded (which affected my grade) and the few times I made jokes they thought I was serious and all got concerned. I once just joked to a girl I was training about how hearing me talk non stop to explain everything must be annoying because we had no internet so I couldnt show her anything at all. And everyone started reacting like I was legit insecure over the sound of my voice and one of them wrote me a genuine letter about how she thinks I have a pretty voice and I should believe in myself. The fuck? My coworkers who werent this stupid didnt stay for long so it felt horrble being stuck with these people.

No. 700809

Anon, there is everything left for you. Don't give up. I hope you find something that works for you. You don't deserve to feel like this

No. 700818

Damn I could have written this myself. I've pretty much given up on socialising with coworkers because any time I say anything, no matter how mundane, they react like I said something really strange or stupid. Even when I significantly dumb down my sense of humour and make sure not to make any references they might miss, they still take my obvious jokes seriously and treat me like I'm a complete idiot. One time I made the mistake of joking that "I thought everyone knows the moon is made of cheese" and I shit you not two different people both pulled out their phone to prove me wrong by reading me the Wikipedia article about the moon.
There's one guy whose personality and sense of humour is extremely similar to mine and we've accidentally made the exact same jokes a few times, but somehow he doesn't have this problem. When I say something, everyone stares at me I'm a dog who just started talking but when he says it, they laugh.

No. 700867

File: 1608734973160.jpg (20.5 KB, 474x513, geeeeeeeeeeeeese.jpg)

that's horribly disgusting anon. is your mom just old or disabled? time to put her in a home. i hope you can move out asap.

costumer service is hell. i never thought i would meet such nitpicky people in my life. once a man made me measure out a certain milligram of spices, changing it 3 times. when i finally got it right he wanted to take a closer look.. then decided it did not look fresh enough and he does not want it anymore…
unfortunately true about being a punching bag. one woman made a complaint about me for not having her preferred coins as change. her story was blown out of proportion, as if i literally denied her service. she said i was keeping the whole line up and people were groaning at my incompetence, and how dare i act in such a manner and that i should be fired.

shit, i think i remember your story from a while back. that letter is making me cringe from second hand embarrassment. did you explain to them that it was actually a joke? i'm usually too shocked at them not getting it to make an effort at explaining.

being quiet and smiling is the safest bet. i experience this also. sometimes in a class group i made a joke and people were confused. then some guy repeated it and they all laughed. perhaps i should transition… internet friends get my humor but i can't with normies. i tried using a funny voice and making a silly face when joking but it makes things even worse. someone please publish a human interaction manual.

No. 700886

That use to happen to me all the time! I'd make a joke and people either looked at me like I had two heads or would bluntly say "not funny", then a dude would repeat the same joke and they'd clap.

No. 700888

She's neither, she has always been this way. Both my parents just don't give a shit about hygiene and my mother has some literally retarded tendencies and I've asked my dad a few times what's wrong with her and he says oh she's just like this but my dad is also nasty so
I'm developing anxiety about touching things since I know there's always all kinds of bodily fluids and gross things everywhere

No. 700922


Has your mother always been this way? wetting herself, smearing poop and her disgusting hygiene could be a sign of a bigger problem.

No. 700925

That's disgusting.. Was she like that growing up too? I think that's unacceptable to live in as a child.

No. 700981

Not really a 'normie' issue so much as 'cunts who don't like you' issue. That's why you're damned if you do or damned if you don't.

I started a new office job recently, and while I'm not having the jokes issue yet, I'm clearly not liked. I am not in the "circle" yet. People give me that who-the-fuck-are-you type of look when I join in the open conversation they're having among our cubicles. Not to mention some people are just two faced to everyone as a default. Also typical office politics microaggresions: On Monday this bitch who's supposed to be training me wrote an email and cc'd my supervisor, telling me that I "forgot" to do something on Friday. When the reality is I ran out of time to complete everything because I didn't have permissions to access a folder to drop files in and THAT BITCH chose not to help me out until she was ready to leave! This wasn't an 'email and cc a manager' issue either, this bitch could have popped her head up from her cubicle and told me to make sure I updated the file number and BOOM would have been done in a few mouseclicks. But she didn't wanna tell the manager the part about how she waited last minute to help. She escalated it like I was the incompetent one.
When I first got here she whined to me about other people having "attitudes" but now she's annoyed with me for daring to ask questions and not reading her mind when she doesn't explain things well, and now I think the problem is her attitude.

It's hard but don't take it personally, some people are just fucking shitty and clearly wanted to be queen bee of their own cliques for lack that they had in high school. Also this >>700800, and ugh some people are just so insufferable. I don't work front line with customers anymore but I could not believe the hell that people gave me for managing to take their shit with a smile and friendly voice. Some people were put on this earth to be miserable and never happy and act like everyone else is more stupid and beneath them.

No. 700996

My parents just don't care about hygiene and things like that, they have jobs and know how to function normally they just don't want to. As far as I know it has always been like this. I remember things like this from over a decade ago, my mom would piss outside the car that I was sitting in because again she "didn't feel like going to the toilet". The last time I saw her bare ass pissing in our backyard was somewhere this year. Fucking horrific all the shit I hear and see every day since I was born.

No. 700999

Are the people that pull this shit mostly women? I'm not in any way a pickme but my biggest office nightmares were those with lots of women in it. Any bureaucratic manegerial type of work seemed to have attracted that type of people. specifically women with a real cuntish attitude.

No. 701000

I seriously can't wait to kick you out lmao.

No. 701005

if this makes you feel better, the male members of my family never clean their shit out of the toilet. which reminds me i should not clean that, but then my sister or mother would. and these people are adults without disability. how is it not disgusting to them that there are literal stains on the toilet? it smells too. another thing is piss drops all around the seat and around the toilet bowl. sometimes they manage to get really far from the actual toilet. i am beginning to wonder they are doing this on purpose. none of them clean the floors or wipe the seats. i stopped using one toilet altogether (there are two) because they use it the most.

the worst things i have seen were worms around a trash can from rotting meat being "forgotten" behind it, and literal shit drops in the shower. how in the fuck do you leave shit droplets in the shower??? where you are supposed to get fckikng clean?!
i wish i could separate the house into male and female sections.

No. 701016

i know it shouldn't, but it gives me GINORMOUS schadenfreude that after so many years you're still at square one of your higher education, hopping from major to major and perpetually a freshman, while i'm actually making progress on my own major.

No. 701017

I don't want anyone suffering like this but it does feel good not to be alone. But the only other people here are my parents and they're both disgusting, I don't have anyone here who can help me out or discuss things with me, I just have to clean all their gross shit on my own, just for myself, and as soon as I leave they just make it dirty again.. I started to avoid touching things with my hands and now use my sleeves to touch most things, where possible. I try not to make it too obvious that I'm disgusted because I don't want to get into any fights. I try to keep to myself and stay in my room but the disgusting kitchen and bathroom are hard to deal with.. There's not even a sink or cleaning supplies in the bathroom because that doesn't fit in there since it's extremely tiny so I have to take care of everything from my also extremely tiny room, part of my room is filled with my own toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, cleaning wipes etc

No. 701042

>i'm usually too shocked at them not getting it to make an effort at explaining.
Usually it's the same for me but I was sick of it. I'd just say things like "XXX client called and wanted to give you news about XXX event/call/interview directly, he asked me to tell you to contact him directly" and they'd almost always answer shit like "yeah, how should I know if he wants me to contact him? He told YOU that when you were on the phone, why are you asking me?" and at some point the only reason why I never replied back was because I didn't want my sass to reduce my grade. Which didn't work at all anyway. If I started telling anyone to stop acting like this I was worried I could even be fired and never be able to graduate. I hope I won't meet these retards irl again. At least the girl who did the letter wasn't working closely with me and just seemed like a very nice girl who misunderstood my joke. The others were mean-spirited, passive aggressive little bitches on top of that.

Actually a coworker/other intern told me she felt like she was treated the exact same way and had the exact same misunderstandings and judgmental comments. She'd just say she spent her weekend watching shows on Netflix and work on her thesis for school just for small talk and everyone expect me and another intern would just judge her as if she said she went to a massive orgy in a BDSM dungeon the whole weekend. She told me she'd often say very simple things to our manager and she'd treat her like an idiot when the manager was the one who couldn't even understand her. We supposed at the time it was maybe racism against us but we weren't sure. The only other non white employee was also a bitch, but she also turned out to secretly hate our boss for the exact same reason after all so who knows. If you were a normal, well-adjusted person with semi-common hobbies you'd be treated like a huge weirdo by these people and when you stopped sharing anything with them after that you were treated as some kind of insecure shut-in. Now I'm working at a shitty job but people are acting like normal human beings and not parodies of "normies" so I'm doing way better. Fuck normies. sage for blog post.

No. 701076

I think they -tend- to be women just because we all typically had to work real hard and go the extra mile to fight our way into these nice office jobs. Some just never drop the competitive scarcity mentality.
The bitch that I mentioned in my story constantly brought up how she was "thrown into the fire" when she first started (it's a startup company) and how she basically had to learn everything on the fly which implies she must have fucked up a lot. Now she has a chip on her shoulder when I come in and casually ask her how to do something which takes 40 seconds of her time because !how dare I! not spend hours of my time trying to figure it out myself like she did and messing up and making my work redundant like she had to. She's been a shit trainer because she has this attitude that she's too busy and is above my role now to be bothered with it, all because things were shit for her when she started out and that does not a good leader make.

I'm expected to train people as early as next month and I'm taking as many notes and typing up as many 'How-Tos' as I can because I don't want anyone to have to suffer through this vague and rushed training as I have, and I also don't want my teammates to think I'm a piece of shit.

No. 701140

I fucking hate people with that "I suffered so you have to suffer too" mentality

No. 701317

women in the workplace are more petty while men in the workplace are more disrespectful. pick your poison.

No. 701358

I don't know if petty is the right word for it when there's usually a reason that they became that way. Men are just assholes by default.

I hate this shit and it's unlikely that it will work, but maybe if you can get her to mention something about teaching herself things from scratch you could try and say something like "that must have been really hard, I'm glad I can ask you for help. If I'm ever in an experienced position I want to help train people too, it's so counterproductive to not help each other"
Sometimes people just want to feel like a victim and a hero, it can help them change their mentality towards you to indulge it

No. 702105

Listen to me just listen to the words I say when I speak it isn't that fucking hard just listen and then answer me instead of treating every conversation like a fucking sermon just listen to me and comprehend the words I say and reply to them. treat me like a real person

No. 702220

everyone in my family thinks the world revolves around them and then treat my existence like an inconvenience just because im mentally ill, unsuccessful, and not rich like them. the audacity to expect someone making nearly 1000 a month to spend 100+ minimum per person (for over 10 people, so over a month of my wages) for christmas is insulting. sorry im not married to a fucking doctor that makes over 700k a year!!! my moms excuse “but you don’t have to pay rent/don’t have bills and what do you spend your money on anyways?? you never leave the house” LOL WHAT
then i have to hear bratty autistic kids crying at 6 in the fucking morning banging on the fucking walls for the next 2 weeks and cant say a fucking word about it or i will hurt my brothers feelings because he thinks i hate him because im an introvert

i wish i weren’t a fuck up and could financially support myself and permanently ghost my family, we are complete opposites and they wouldnt even notice im not there, all they do when i am in their presence is complain about me anyways. truly the worst time of year.

No. 702356

sometimes white anons here can get very annoying and wrong when some topic or issue related to race comes up

No. 702411

Fuck this shut my only friend in my tiny city is trooning out, this will be the end of a friendship swindle the beginning of my high school years. I’m so depressed but I’m not gonna feed into his delusions.

No. 702455

I nearly vomited in my mask this time. I daydream of taking that vomit and force-feeding it to you, and it would still taste and smell a bajillion times better than whatever that… thing you're "cooking" is. IhateyouihateyouihateyouihateyouihaethaethaetHAAATE

No. 702461

File: 1608904152397.jpg (339.04 KB, 572x820, 1585017621822.jpg)

Fuck this gay earth and fuck south america I hate being a third worlder wherever I go and whatever hobbies or skills I picked up will always be looked down upon because I happened to be born in a shithole
ONE life and I was born a third worlder into lolita. There's no sort of any alt fashion scene to even fit in or relate to because the country is infested with biblefags ahhhhh

No. 702487

I woke up at 3am to my chihuahua screaming bloody murder because her foot got stuck like 1cm inside her pajama sleeve. If she had tried moving AT ALL it would've popped right out, but she opted to lay there frozen in terror until I fixed it. I swear she has no self preservation instinct whatsoever. Dog now has a phobia of her pajamas and cries if they're on, but also cries if I take them off because she gets cold. She used to love them.

I'm mainly pissed because I skipped out on Christmas eve with family to catch up on sleep and this has to happen. It just has to. I've been awake for the past four hours trying to ignore the periodic whining. I told my parents I'd come over in the morning but I don't know if I'll be up to it. I'm a shit driver when tired. I really wanted to go though.

No. 702789

have fun wasting time on genshin while I impact the real world

No. 702793

File: 1608943031761.jpeg (102.2 KB, 720x428, 9BC44D8E-CF3E-441F-80D7-E61BBB…)

No. 702800

File: 1608943879820.jpeg (18.67 KB, 400x400, 0F86F304-58EE-477D-8B89-F9221B…)

No. 702804

I am considering calling the psych ward, I feel suicidal because my family drank all the coke and left to some shithole island for a few hours without me.

I feel like drowning myself in alcohol with the liquor left over from last night if there is any left

No. 702833

Update, my an hero attempt failed because there was no more liquor to od from and idk how to use a can opener to open strawberry daiquiris so I’m just gonna take my ass to the Cheesecake Factory and lonely munch on pasta.

No. 702836

Lol is that the best you can say you dumb narcissistic whore?

Please continue photoshopping yourself with Meitu and pretend your life is so amazing when you live in a hoarder house filled with illegal animals, a hoarder mentally unstable mother who controls you and feeds into your victim complex, and you are a completely pathetic pick-me who thinks you are hot shit when indeed you are nothing more than a trash mammal that is befitting for your house that looks like a crackhouse den for meth heads. Grow up and get your drivers license so you can stop giving road head to your multiple male friends behind your boyfriends back. You should also get a STD test for all the men you sleep with sweetie, you do live in the ghetto part of Los Angeles after all. Happy holidays you bitter cunt and stay salty.

No. 702840

I'm sorry for replying but I genuinely can't tell if this is a response or a continuation of the replied post and for some reason that makes this really funny to me

No. 702843

Nah this is a response. She knows who she is.

No. 702847

Please continue calling your cuck white boyfriend "husband :3" when he is just a 22 year old boyfriend when you are an almost 30 year old cradle robber. Are you again that bitter your ex-boyfriend is happily married to a woman who is leagues better than you? She is college educated and more mature than you'll ever be. Good job pushing my tranny chaser ex to date that MTF though, it really made me a radfem.

Also you claim you're not skinwalking me but you copied the aesthetic I had and I even have months and months of evidence of you copying me? You copy my big eyes, my facial features and whatever style I have at the moment. You are being a skinwalker. A cheap 99 cent store thrift version of me is what you are. Learn how to be original you dumb cunt and leave me alone. And YOU move on. I am sick of your stupid immature little games.

No. 702850

I love you so much, I don’t even know how. We’ve known each other for 7 years and I think that now I truly, really love you. You’re beautiful and amazing too, smart and skillful too.
I wish you could understand that yourself, but that complex you got won’t let you and it honestly makes me feel sad. No matter how many times I tell you that I love you and that you’re probably the only person, who is not from my family, that I care about, you still don’t get it and you still find a way to think that that’s not true.
If only we could be more independent, because you also have this chained elephant issue I got, I think we could at least hug more often that every once in a huge while.
This is why I’m always thinking about what if we lived in a different country, I just wish we could be happy together even if it wouldn’t be acceptable for the rest of the people we know.
Then again, I’m also constantly feeling, somehow guilty? Sometimes I think you deserve someone who can be more proactive and assertive. Sometimes I also think that going a step further and being more than this, honestly strange thing we got, whatever it is, would give me more security to plan more things for the future. But I don’t really know.
What if you fall in love with a guy? Or what if you find a better friend? I don’t know what to do if that were to happen, to be honest, maybe I should think more about it.

No. 702853

I decided to google you last night, after a few years of not thinking about you that much. I used to think I made a bad decision breaking up with you, like if I would have married you I might have avoided that harrowing-ass part of my mid 20s that was so awful.
But now I see you and your wife live in what is, objectively, the most boring city I've ever been to. You are cookie-cutter middle class people who run 5-Ks and drink craft beer and drive SUVs. Nothing wrong with that. It's just not my thing.
Also I remembered you are secretly bisexual – nothing wrong with that – but you cheated on me with random men from Craigslist, and you're probably doing the same thing to your current wife. I feel bad for the way I treated you (I was young and selfish and was definitely mean and uncaring toward you many times), but I'm finally truly glad we didn't end up together. You were addicted to porn – and showed me some of the worst, most questionable, violent, and violating things I've ever seen on camera.
You always were an undercover creep, disguised as an all-American normie. I used to miss you. It was nice to remember that I actually dodged a bullet.

No. 702875

Damn anon, enjoy the pasta, hope the hangover isn't too killer!

No. 702891

Lord, he sounds like a total douche lmao

No. 702892

File: 1608959563685.jpg (67.34 KB, 949x453, Screenshot_20201222-162124_Dis…)

Dear cunt,
Please know that you and I are not friends anymore. You cut those ties long ago, begging me to drive hours into a different state for you, demanding I take you to a doctor's appointment, crying about how you can't survive without your precious weed, it's bullshit and I'm absolutely fucking sick of it.

You potentially exposed me to covid, and thats the last fucking straw. You stay around until you get your second test results back, then you are gone from my life. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Everything you are and everything you stand for.

Fucking stupid cheating bitch, what did you think was gonna happen? I'm glad your ex took all his electronics. You literally said you were going to try and "hack" him. Not that you'd be able to, you're dumb as dogshit.

You know, I almost wish I had the balls to continue to e-beg shamelessly like you do. What are you fucking doing, for real??? You got broken up with, you begged 3 grand off your mom and some fucking simp on your discord server, and you only had to post your disgusting floppy titties to get it. Why haven't you taken that money and fucked off to the next person you'll leech off of? We all know you don't plan on getting a job. So just fucking go. Leave. Nobody likes you, nobody wants you around. We have a separate group chat where we talk shit on you, you know. We all hate you and we all agree we're done with your stupid fucking ass.

Youre so ungrateful and disgusting. You're an abusive fuck and I despise you. Pic related - some of the bullshit that is directed my way near DAILY. Ugh.

No. 702893

i am so much better than everyone else. i will not improve i will just get better at manipulating or hiding my true self

No. 702907


No. 702920

Guess all the restaurants are closed for the night, I wasted $20 on Lyft round trips and are leftover Christmas dinner from yesterday.

Now my sister in law is calling me to drink

No. 702950

how is it possible to copy big eyes and facial features? this 99 cent bitch getting plastic surgery?

start a thread you two are funny

No. 702987

File: 1608983700580.jpg (31.3 KB, 407x367, mqg0mme39za31.jpg)

fucking man children complaining about me being up late and keeping them up while i cook tomorrows lunch and clean after them since i don't want to live in squalor…. being passive aggressive when i use the common spaces at night cause its "where you sleep" despite having the fucking master bedroom?!?!?!? mother fucker if you want to act like my nonnie and fall asleep watching tv go do it in your MASTER BEDROOM with your MOUNTED FLATSCREEN AND DVR and let me smoke this fucking shitty little joint in the living room. i just want to read some god damn lolcow and EXIST IN A SPACE WITHOUT FEELING LIKE I NEED TO SHRINK!!!!! FFFFFFFUCK YOU FAGGOTS!!!!!!! EAT MAC AND CHEESE WITH DINO NUGGIES AND FUCKING DIE!!!! CRUNCHY SOCK HAVING RESIN SMELLING ASS!!!

No. 702989

uhhhh anon smoking inside is a no-no

No. 702990

No. 703004

Your my brother in law and i care so much about u but how could u pull a gun and put it to your head in front of us then refuse help sometimesbi think it was just a stunt im scared of u and its caused a huge rift i feel fear anytime im alone with u i dont trust u anymore im scared… i think i hate u almost hurt my husband swinging the gun around i want to forgive u but im not sure i ever can u almost took my everything away and or scared my husband for life how do u expect me to sit at fucking christmas dinner and be normal

No. 703007

maybe the "get it off your chest" thread isnt for you

No. 703041

File: 1608992604094.jpg (27.56 KB, 800x843, 453.jpg)

hey, look at me, is it your security deposit?

No. 703079


Nah if she posts again I will post her on the personal lolcow thread.

No. 703148

Are you me? Convinced I have antisocial personality disorder but I don't see it as a problem that needs to be fixed. I see it as a superpower that means I never feel sorry or sad

No. 703153

>I see it as a superpower that means I never feel sorry or sad
christ my mom has literally said exactly that
do you ever want to sexually torment children? just curious

No. 703162

I can fix him, things have to change it won't be like this forget just fix him and everything will be perfect. I'm doing okay, I got this.

No. 703163

Cool a text clue from a dark deep web murder mystery ARG

No. 703169

Ay fuck you anon this is my life

No. 703172

Anon I don't know what else to tell you, if your happiness relies on forcing yourself to forget things and fixing a man then you're living in a tired creepypasta
Unless I'm horribly misunderstanding this and you just need to get your tomcat neutered in which case I hope he makes a speedy recovery

No. 703177

Nguyen Nguyen? They let you out of jail?

No. 703188

Cat hair is disgusting.
No, I don't care if you claim to brush the cat frequently.
No, I don't care if you claim to clean often.
No, I don't care if you think cat maintenance is any harder than any other mammalian pet upkeep.
No, I don't care if you don't think shed animal fur and dander is no biggie.
If I walk out of your home with a layer of matted cat hair on my stockings, you are gross.
If I can't even place a coat on a chair or sit on the sofa without needing a lint roller before I head out the door again, you are gross.
If I'm cooking your Christmas dinner and I have to clean out the pot I intended to cook your food in because there was an amalgamation of cat/human hair in it despite it being in the cupboard, you are gross.
If I got to tell my bf to strip before he enters my apartment because I have to wash our cat hair clothes before I find hair in my bed and subsequently my cooch, you are gross.

You are an incompetent human with zero hygiene and evidently no respect for your guests.
No, I don't have to be allergic to think it's gross.
No, you don't get to blame your mentally ill wife for not cleaning up and taking care of the cats better when you are the lazy clutterbug who doesn't even take his plate to the sink after he pigs out.
Too bad there is no hell because I'd say you ought to spend eternity trying to cough up the driest, most intolerable cat hair ball. You are so nasty.

No. 703230

File: 1609029446513.jpeg (21.16 KB, 325x350, 1573332784906.jpeg)

Don't you fucking dare to try pull off some mtf bullshit on us now, bitch boy go get therapy. You are pathetic, a fucking scrote and turning into a wohhman solves nothing. You were abused and your parents suck ass but that doesn't mean you're a fucking woman, you're a selfhating acne ridden bisexual cuck who tries to sext most of your women friends. You're not even seeing what we all are going through, you just cry about everything and fail to see that you haven't asked once how we are doing. You have friends who are seriously ill, trying to just stay chill as you just cry about everything, wondering why shit sucks. Get some face wash, get a place of your own, get therapy and shut the fuck up. I am done playing a therapist for you in the middle of my own shit, you selfish fuck.

No. 703244

Holy shit I'm in this server with this one girl and she keeps acting like a privileged nitpicky cunt who probably reads self diagnosis Tumblr drama to get a joy of her boring privileged life. She made me so angry because she refuses to see how I'm a medial expert in the things I am diagnosed with, struggle with on a daily basis, and she's not. I'm so mad. I am so sick and tired of these privileged cunts talking over me as if they know better than I do WHEN I ACTUALLY STUDIED THIS SHIT ONLINE AND KNOW ALL ABOUT IT. She even refused to understand how the suicide of my schizophrenic mother affected me so much from such a young age to this very day BECAUSE THE SYSTEM FAILED HER!! THIs country makes me so sick and then I have to listen to privileged people talk about how they have it soo hard. I hate privileged cunts from first world countries so much. All of this because I came forward with my insecurity about my body. I don't need your dumb opinion on me when YOU ARE SO PRIVILEGED YOURSELF GO FUCK YOURSELF.

No. 703247

File: 1609033276159.png (116.08 KB, 1285x541, unknown1.png)

I think it's funny how you act this way but had your little spergout in the server which made everyone laugh at you behind your back. Have fun letting your self diagnosis run wild. I recommend a NPD diagnosis while you're at it, it perfectly suits your victim complex.

No. 703261

Make out lol

No. 703280

>I have studied a mental illness online, therefore I am an expert and can self-diagnose myself
Well this turned out to be pretty embarrassing for you.

No. 703326

File: 1609055901292.jpeg (31.17 KB, 460x288, E68D7E48-C130-467F-90EA-D9F1D2…)

No. 703330

I’m the anon who posted that and I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about you psychotic fat fag. You are criminally fucking insane, get some help. Good job proving that the shoe can fit multiple people however.

You are genuinely schizophrenic I’m assuming.

You belong in a psych ward.

So many posts lashing out at this person you keep describing that’s probably a figment of your imagination. Was it the voices, anon?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 703501

You good, anon?

No. 703506

Nta, but tbf the other anon did sound crazy as fuck. I'm pretty sure the op states "Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch." for this reason lmao. I guess we'll never know unless that other anon comes back and explains why she thinks that anon is after her though.

No. 703508

This ban was absolutely not deserved

No. 703512

Nta, I honestly think this is the same crazy anon who thinks everyone knows who she is and always makes anything she can about her.
Like when everyone was annoyed by the traumacore threads and shit, she said it was everyone just getting mad at her for creating other threads or something.

No. 703513

Rampant schizophrenia.

No. 703518

I think this is the nature of the GIOYC threads, because this happens on 4chan a lot too, but somehow 4chan is less gross about it than that anon
She was infighting so it was due to happen
Nah, I don't think it's her. I think we just have too many crazies here in /ot/ believe it or not. I don't like when people assume other anons are the same anons as whatever other thread anons got angry at that one other anon etc. She does sound similar to the girl who was complaining about someone vagueposting though. We'll never know.

No. 703521

>redtexting a due response to unwarranted unhinged sperging
>not banning the sperg who responded to a single simple post like five times

No. 703523

File: 1609092369577.png (170.71 KB, 1196x327, cow bby.PNG)

>Like when everyone was annoyed by the traumacore threads and shit, she said it was everyone just getting mad at her for creating other threads or something.
Wait could you link to that post? Not to tinfoil but, kinda sounds like something another anon said in a thread from a while ago, pic rel. Idk if it's the same anon, but it would be funny as fuck if it was lmao

Anyway sorry to derail and be ot.

No. 703528

those anons don't sound remotely alike, everyone just loves pointing fingers to each other and tinfoiling what anon is who.

No. 703530

File: 1609092977312.jpeg (581.46 KB, 1126x2091, B88E1BA6-166D-4E07-9871-898C9D…)

This one, it was just unhinged.

No. 703532

Whenever someone says unhinged I think of that antiyaoi anon. Are you sure you're not that anon too? Are we just one hivemind? should adminds use the (you) feature from now on? Or does this prove that /ot/ is used by the same 3 womenchild replying to each other always?

No. 703553

Please link it here after you’re done

No. 703563

>assuming they didn't get banned because no redtext

No. 703608

I had a stroke trying to read this

No. 703619

ESL sorry. Let me try to rephrase.:

It probably isn’t going to be very interesting. It’s likely some poor random girl that anon is hyper-fixated on, desperately hoping she’s writing her letters on lolcow.

No. 703696


No. 703704

This is extremely gross and I can tell you're LARPing as that girl because you type nothing like her and got all the facts about her wrong.
Shame on you for using her personal tragedy to stir up drama and then lying to your friends about us being "crazy bitches". Go outside and grow up.

We let you join in good faith and you have been trying to stir shit up since the beginning. Mods of other servers you've been in have warned us about you, which is why you got banned.(stop bringing up the discord/tinfoiling)

No. 703736

…Are all servers advertised on here like this?

No. 703777

I never got the same tattoo as your worthless dad, you crazy bitch. I didn’t even know who your dad was. Completely striking out the fact that it was literally a henna hand tattoo I got during a bridal party, it’s an extremely common symbol and it looked nothing like your dads huge dumb tattoo. Stop trying to align my life with yours. I want nothing to do with you. I am still in disbelief that I just found out you really thought that. You are so incredibly sad.

No. 703778

I seriously came into this thread to ask the same thing. I knew the LC servers were full of mentally ill people, but I didn't know it got to this point. No wonder the friend finder thread was locked.

No. 703990

Yes, its full of spiteful personality disordered autists who will flip anything you say about yourself against you if you say something to disagree with them, even as simple as disliking an anime. I dont know why anyone would purposely go to an anonymized antisocial drama filled server(derailing)

No. 704031

idk what’s wrong w me my housemate is being super rude to me and hasn’t said why and it’s like damn I must be the worst ever. my bf is definitely falling out of love with me too .

No. 704326

File: 1609185802500.gif (1.37 MB, 400x300, tenor (3).gif)

You're going to take a nasty veggie Jersey Mike's sub to work for lunch tomorrow instead of the delicious homemade pierogi I made for you?
Are you fucking serious?
Are you for real you stupid little bitch?
If you wanted iceberg lettuce on bread with a few sliced cucumbers and a flavorless steak tomato then that's what I could have made and spared myself the trouble of making something actually delicious.
>"I need to eat the sub."
Yeah well you didn't have to buy it either today did you bitch?!

Fortunately, you saved yourself by saying you'll take them to work and eat your nasty sub for dinner instead. That's fucking right, you respect my cooking and labor.

No. 704922

File: 1609276118595.jpg (22.41 KB, 470x263, 1441187830-kerry-washington-47…)

I am NOT looking forward to the day you start complaining about your gained weight because of the testosterone. Like, eating fucking McDonalds everyday, drinking beer and not being active is not gonna give you that Adonis bod you're craving idiot. Your chopped off tits will grow back and you'll hate it and yourself. I'd almost feel sorry for you because you were pressured into believing that a woman can't be butch but you're such an asshole that I can't be bothered anymore. Fuck you, phasing you out in 2021 bitch, no longer listening to you complaining all the time about the problems that you caused yourself. Also, if you bitch more than this I might just become an alcoholic.

This fucking sucks because I wish I could help you realise that you're just a butch lesbian and that the emulation of toxic masculinity does not look good on.

No. 705142

I still can't get over the fact that you conned hundreds of people into donating money for your "sex change" surgery and yet you still haven't gotten it yet and are probably using that money for other reasons.

Some of my own fucking family donated to you so that you could have a better life and you're just a waste of human skin.

This is why I'll never feel bad for you.

No. 705229

File: 1609321749777.jpeg (214.78 KB, 886x1195, 87863417-BA3D-46D1-BEE1-B882A3…)

i literally don’t care about the virus. UK is back on total lockdown and it’s totally fucked to outlaw social interaction and use legal force and pressure to stop people seeing loved ones and friends. it’s fucking inhumans. even prisoners are allowed visits.

No. 705244

Healthy 28 year old I work with got it 6 months ago now, he can't climb stairs without gassing out, he's prolly fucked for life.

No. 705250

you have more chance of winning the lottery than that happening to you

No. 705252

>Dumbass Shit Thread
literally every thread is dumbass shit you dickhead
>Just don’t go full retard, there’s another thread for that.
hell, there's an entire website

No. 705311

as someone who has diabetic parents i genuinely hope you get it and your health is fucked forever. narcissistic selfish cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 705323

I mean you could possibly kill your loved ones if you do visit them but retards like you gotta feel special and see people in real life. Call your grandma besides to ask her for money. Anyways hope you choke, you selfish bitch!

No. 705364

>not recognising and appreciating the many different nuances of autism on lolcow

No. 706498

you're nearly 30 years old and your biggest accomplishment is getting a group of younger adults to party at your place that is shared with 5 other people. you are also addicted to multiple drugs and tried more than a roadway hooker. all the while you think all this makes you fun and interesting. the stories you tell are all practiced and made up when you're lying on the floor crying in misery from your endless void of an existence. without others, you can not project any semblance of a personality onto the empty shell that is yourself. when i look into your eyes i see a dead stare. you think every one of your struggles is extraordinary and makes you such a deep, reflective human. but as soon as you can't control and predict someone's behaviour you go apeshit and destroy the whole relationship. when people finally grow tired of your repetitive stories and mundane life governed by drugs, not even your armchair psychology can save you. broke, addicted, empty, angry. you are full of regret yet can't give any. if you actually were capable of self reflection you would see that you are wrong. i am not going to chase you. stay broke, addicted, empty, angry.

No. 706591

Your husband and you are so stupid and so self centred you can let one family reunion go without making us participate in something stupid and only you two like, you force your religion on us all the fucking time your morals and ideas are broke and stupid,you LOVE to pretend you two are good people, but you are nothing but a selfies and self centered duo of two old and broken people, he force you to become a christianand to talk shit about us because we weren't , he force you to change into a women that feel superior and have no friends because she only needs her "suggy bear",you force christian sermons in OUR religious holidays and you talk like your own fucking mother is a sinner for believing in the Virgin Mary more than she believe in Jesus, this new years was shit thanks to you and your obsession with being the best of christians, you force us to pray the way you do it ,to listend to TWO fucking sermosn that some nobody pastor sent you, to pretend that this year was a gift from GOD,only to make us then say something "good" that happen to us, when you KNOW nothing good happen, we lost so many family member and friends but no, let us all pretend that 2020 were like vacations! stupid pieces of shit, how i wisht you open your eyes to all the bullishit your religion brings, not saying mine is perfect but the cult like actituds you use are disgusting, thanks for a shittyer new years.

No. 706594

None of the prisons where I live have visits since March. They allowed social distanced visits briefly in mid Sept-Oct.
Calm down Betty.

No. 706636

Sources for this statistic? Not even being a dick, I'm genuinely interested.

No. 706638

bitch i told you about the couch and you didn't listen now we both feel like shit because it was hot as hell outside dumbass

No. 706842

i asked how long you lived in town and that's asking too many questions? bitch you fucken asked my age, if i'm married, if i'm still in school, how much i make, and a whole bunch more shit.

No. 708014

Sara, I am so glad I cut you out of my life. I never allowing you back in no matter how much you beg or claim we're "soulmates" or how you can't live without me. I think you can't live without me because you know no one would have put up with your bullshit as long as I had. Like literally fuck you. You try to make me feel shitty about something I did five years while black out drunk that I've apologized for a thousand times and that I even stopped drinking for it. Which in hindsight wasn't as bad as all of the shit you've done to me, I mean you've even physically assaulted me while sober! Or do you remember that time you let a group of your friends mercilessly bully me and didn't even do a thing to stop them and even laughed with them? Or how you and your group of friends refused to let me use the restroom when you know I had a very painful bladder condition and that I couldn't physically help needing to use the bathroom so much. Instead you let me grovel to the ground crying my eyes out because it hurt so fucking bad because you wouldn't let me use the toliet while you and your friends mocked me for being a "faker, attention seeking, dramatic, pathetic, stupid, etc." like you've literally seen pictures of what the state of my bladder looked like , heck you've even went to a fucking urology appointment with me and heard them talk about my chronic condition! Instead you decided to bully me about it and make me feel extremely vulnerable and made me piss myself because it got that bad. You're a awful awful person Sara and it's even worse that you can't realize it. You claim you're such a Saint and that everyone is ungrateful. You don't sacrifice shit to people, you just try to push yourself in their problems and stir up more drama and act like you're trying to save them. You wonder why every new group of friends you have disappear after a few months? It's your own fault because you constantly have to act like someone is mistreating you when their not and in reality you're the one mistreating others! I honestly have no hope for you. Out of the 11 years I've known you, you haven't changed at all except in the worst ways.

No. 708061

You're fucked. You absolutely fucked me over and wasted my time. I can't believe you radio silenced and ghosted your own gf after swearing to her that you loved me. Are you fucking serious? Grow the fuck up. Actually, fuck off.

No. 708105

i regret changing for you. i regret meeting you. i convinced myself i loved you, but i was just scared of being alone. ironic how i felt the loneliest when i was with you, right? i will never stoop that low again.

No. 708122

I dont know why I was drawn to you as a person even though you lack good qualities.

You were terrible to me and made me feel sick all the time. You put me in scary situations and emotionally manipulated me. You hurt more people right after you were done with me. Now you hide under a different name online because you know how many people have dirt on you and evidence of your behavior. You're scared to have a normal presence on the internet because of how much damage you did. It must be miserable considering you're a narcissist and thrive on attention. That's all your fault and you deserve it.

Also your art still sucks and has regressed. It's been like 7 years and your art still looks children's crayon drawings under the guise of being artsy and indie. You can't fucking draw and I knew you resented me because of it. You told me lmao.

No. 708390

just get the fuck outta my house, you have no regard for anyone else. you suck

No. 708405

Are you larping as Tiffany or are you actually Tiffany?

No. 708416

i really hope youre not here. i worry you are so i'll be vague. fuck you. fuck you for everything, the diary, the forcefeeding, the manipulation, fuck you for everything. i can't fucking believe i accepted your apology back then. if you did his now i wouldve punched you in the fucking nose

No. 708528

People who whine about petite women and short women are so petty. Cool, I get the point that some guys who go after that specific group of people can be creeps, but what's the point of telling me that and calling my body disgusting? Do you want me to grow a foot taller and get a boob job? Fuck you.

No. 708599

I don't get it either.

No. 708794

Shut up. Just shut the fuck up.

No. 708809

The same goes for any sort of belittling of other women that are the opposite of your ideal body type. For example the small and big tits "discussions". You can say that small tits are just as beautiful without resorting to calling big tits as cowtits.

No. 708836

I feel the same way. It always annoys me when I see a short girl talking about her height, and then people being like "Why are short girls like this! Being short isn't a personality trait!", like is it wrong for people to like their own body? It's like people get mad when you appreciate your own body instead of being like being insecure and pitying themselves for being born a certain way. Nobody would react like that if a tall girl talked about being tall. Also, I'm not petite, but the people who say petite girls look like children are just wrong. A skinny/petite adult woman does not look the same as a child.

Sorry for my retarded rant, I know we're not supposed to respond. It just pisses me off when people act like we're doing something wrong by liking our height.

No. 708838

I totally believe that you call yourself an artist just because there is no other part of yourself that is worth calling “a personality”. Is being internet famous so meaningful to you when all you do is doing half assed drawings of the same character again and again and again? Every post is so obnoxious, boring and oh my god quit complaining about the school you chose. Your regression is painful to look at, good luck with your bad investment of thousands that you will never get back with your “art”.

No. 708845

Anon I know there's normal people just talking about their experience but one girl I knew used to talk about how tiny and curvy she was all the time, how people used to comment on it and guys picked her up all the time and then she would ask me "what about you anon" in a very condescending way (I'm tall…). I don't mind people venting and in a way I understand deviating from the norm, but when people complain it's usually due to those types and not normal women. Sorry, didn't want to height sperg myself but I think that's what irks people in the first place.

No. 708847

I've seen people insult/make fun of short women just for mentioning or making a joke about their height though. It's not just the girls who make a big deal out of being short.

No. 708850

I think the root problem is people policing women's bodies in the first place. Every characteristic is put down one way or another so we are constantly in a state of insecurity. Or something

No. 708856

I love and miss you so much. I hate that we're both going through pretty rough bouts of depression that make it difficult to spend time together and talk, but I know you love me, and I know you know that I love you too. It doesn't make it suck or make me miss you less, though. When all this is over, we can take our fun girls' trip to Nashville or Salem, antique and vintage shop, see live country music, and just be us again. Our boyfriends can suck it, you're my soulmate.

No. 708893

You're not the first person to say that. Whenever I see petite women, me included, being shit talked for barely mentioning normal things related to height it's always girls like you starting shit and using the same excuse. You know your friend is an exception, right? The average person doesnt behave like this. We're not related to your friend whatsoever,we dont share a telepathic link with her and we dont give a shit about her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 708915

I don't hate you. I just want you to shut the fuck up forever.

No. 708928

I literally said normal people don't behave like that.

No. 708952

No you said "there are normal people who complain BUT yadda yadda muh asshole friend"

No. 708995

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

No. 709143

I can't help but laff when I remember you are stuck in social housing with a tranny and a bed bug infestation.

No. 709144

I wish you would text me.

No. 709174

People keep trying to rope me back into a toxic group. I'm free, suckers, you won't drag me back into your bucket you fucking crabs. I'd rather have no friends

No. 709189

Preach, anon!

No. 709215

You’re pathetic for going into debt over buying cheap fire emblem shit for your pigsty ~gaymur den~. I like imagining what your life will be like once your roommates get sick of you and decide to move, leaving you unable to pay for your overpriced dated apartment that your bowel monster cat shits all over.
You’ve always been an immature self aggrandizing will-be failure. You hold such a sense of superiority over others who have tried (anything) and failed but only feel justified in doing so because you refuse to try at the chance to fail. Your online “relationship” is a prime example of this. You’ve met up once a year and you’re still claiming to be madly in love so that you have an excuse not to date anyone you meet irl intimately.

No. 709243

I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I’m sorry, but you’re fucking pathetic. I don’t know why I entertained it this long, maybe I was just bored and lonely. I hope you get your shit together because you have made me realise that I need to get out of this slump so I don’t end up like you.

No. 709529

Shut the fuck UP.

No. 710043

I'm an Indian girl who's e-dating this white dude only to find out he's a WS who hates race mixing which makes no sense to me.

No. 710046

Hopefully it's not a big deal that I'm responding to this, but guys like this typically don't actually care that much about only dating white women. Guys like this are predators that usually don't respect any women, and simply look to date any woman that they consider to be vulnerable easier to exploit. Honestly, I think it's actually pretty common for white supremacists to date non-white women because it's just another way they can tear down your self-esteem: the constant reminder that they supposedly prefer women that don't look like you.

No. 710047

what terminally online ‘ethnic girl’ hasn’t been there. break up with him anon, save yourself the headache.

No. 710054

I will talk how much I want and say what I want. Die mad.

No. 710138

It's funny how you tried to convince me of the opposite of what I was saying but proved my point instead. On top of that, you are exactly the kind of person I was talking about: an evil bitch.

No. 710146

This x1000. Dump him ASAP, you absolutely don't need that negging shit in your life.

No. 710154

File: 1610078756467.jpeg (112.95 KB, 700x934, 755E2954-DAB4-4E83-A0E3-E41480…)

Your opinions are bad
it make me sad

No. 710165

Shut up

No. 710490

It's more common than you think

No. 710561

You're fucking stupid and pathetic for going back to your alcoholic boyfriend yet again, especially after telling him to pack up and leave. That's bad enough, but making fun of me and my relationship which is perfectly fine and making digs at me when I've done nothing but try to support you is really shitty, maybe you really are the problem and reason you can't get ahead in life. Complaining that no one likes you when you treat your "best friend" like this is telling. I'm so upset that I'm even mad at you right now, why did you have to be a bitch to me first lmao

No. 710581

Guys who hold that kinda belief will leave you for a white girl when they get the chance. Leave this guy quickly, there’s a reason he’s e-dating and he can’t find someone IRL. You deserve better.

No. 710612

If you ever put your teeth near my clitoris ever again I will CHOMP your dick off, I fucking promise

No. 710615

my dorm neighbour is hot and sweet… he makes a mess in the kitchen but is so fit and positive, a true Chad. my loneliness doesn't help either

what the fuck, that's like doubly worse than a toothy blowjob with all the nerve endings. what retard are you fucking

No. 710635

dont know where to put this but im the anon that came here about a week ago talking about my bpd boyfriend who touched me in my sleep a few times. slight update even though no one asked i just dont really have any friends and im feeling a lot.

im breaking up with him now, im at my mums. im a coward and ill do it via text, too scary in real life and he'd manipulate me out of it if i phoned, he's going to hate me so so much, he might even say he'll kill himself over it (already heard that threat), i will be blamed and guilt tripped. i will want to go back to him but i wont. the emotional abuse is too much, it scares me and hurts me everyday. im 18, he's 22, he should know better. i just want to be alone and free i dont know if i'll be alive in a day or so, he might want to kill me but this is right for me.

lord give me strength, look out for me anons. im so so so so scared.

i already regret even thinking about it, i dont know who i'll spend my time with, i hate being alone and i feel so so alone without a boyfriend. im getting cold feet. help. so tired of being scared

No. 710638

nvm i said we need to talk and he immediately said please dont break up with me so now i feel bad.

No. 710640

ignore him!!!! he’s a manipulative dick and you deserve better. please look out for yourself before him!

No. 710644


No. 710646

We nearly all experience breakup pain in our lives and we get over it. People in long term marriages with kids get over it so he can certainly survive this relationship ending. If you handle him with kid gloves you'll never get out.

Blunt (and followed by no-contact) is the way to go with bpd breakups, speaking from experience.

No. 710649

It's hard now, but life can be better. You're only thinking of the negatives because that's all you know at this exact moment in time. However future you is not bound by those limitations. Future you can be happy without him, much happier than you are now. Do it for future you.

No. 710658

he phoned me, i made a mistake. think we're getting back together.

No. 710663

>i think we're getting back together
That's entirely on you. I mean, you shouldn't, but whatever, misery is a fine choice I guess.

No. 710669

If you're only 18 then please open up to your mom about how unhealthy things are. Have her talk some sense into you. Male bpders are a whole other level of fucked up. No girl your age should be trying to calm a mentally ill shithead down when all he wants to do is suck the life out of you to get his own way

No. 710674

Anon I responded to your post a while back, and I'm begging you, please don't. He's gonna make you feel like you made a mistake, but trust me you didn't. Please trust me, it's just going to keep being a cycle of
>him manipulating and hurting (possibly violating again) you
>you trying to break up with him
>him manipulating you more to make you feel bad
>you getting back with him and continuing to be miserable.
I've never had a bf with bpd, but I have a mother with a pd and I've fallen victim to their games. It will not get better with him, you deserve a lot better than this.
I honestly don't even want to fucking talk about it. Nothing but trauma.

No. 710808

Don't. As a woman who left her BPD ex several months ago I get it. When they're "on" they're soooo goddamn charming and convince you you're the center of their world. First of all that's unhealthy and second of all it's not true. Their ego is the center of their world, but you still get stuck with all the fucking horrible and unreachable responsibilities that involve catering to that. They have no chance of getting better except with long-term therapy, and it's easier for them to do so without their abandonment trigger (you) around. If you don't have enough self respect to stay away for your own sake, then do it for the sake of any real love you have for him. Don't go back and enable him to continue being a shitty person, because he will continue when you show to him that he can be terrible and you'll still come crawling back to him.

No. 710821

this saved me, anon, literally. i read this and broke up with him again, ignoring the manipulative phone calls and messages. thank you so much
thank you for the support.. it's all over now. im taking a break from relationships, i dont need or want them- gonna focus on myself and university !

No. 710859

currently watching rpdr stfu i love the outlandish fashion and the ftm is getting on my nerves. Bruh how do get ᵍᵉⁿᵈᵉʳ ᵈʸˢᵖʰᵒʳⁱᵃ just because u suck at dance choreography. Not to mention having such a grating voice and abusing twitter gay lingo. Pah!
Lmao at her having to 'reveal' that she's trans; as if no one couldn't clock you right away. Already there's a vibe of everyone being slightly uneasy and walking on eggshells. idk she just seems out of place within the group. i think i might just skip this season bc i can't swallow anymore typical narcissistic trans juice. apologies for the pettiness.

cheers for having the first female contestant on the show, i guess.

No. 710866

It's what that show deserves. Rupaul should have stuck to his no tranny guns

No. 710876

Good job anon, I'm so sorry you're going through this. It hurts like hell. I wish I could do more than voice my support and send virtual hugs, but you're doing the right thing. Try to focus on spending time with family, any friends you had (or reconnecting/making them if not, since you were probably isolated) and just focusing on things you enjoy. Block him everywhere you can so he can't try to suck you back in. Remember there was a life before him and there will be after him too. My thoughts are with you.

No. 710951

He explicitly stated that the reason he felt dysphoric was because he basically outed himself during choreo rehearsal and it caught him off guard, not the choreo itself. Which I felt was odd since the news was inevitably going to be revealed anyway since he wrote the lyrics. Did he expect the other contestants to hear about it for the first time on the main stage? You should definitely skip the season if you're already over the trans contestant theme. Spoiler: After all, he does make it to the finale. That aside, we all know Ru only cast Mik because he's always been in hot water for comments he's made about post-op trans people on the show.
In my perfect world, Utica would win. In the end though, I think Symone or Mik are better candidates.

No. 710956

I’m always reminded by what a grating, black hole cesspool of a person you are when I finally don’t have to listen to you. It’s no surprise you don’t actually have friends and live only off the graces of your family.

No. 711442


having ocd means also have sexual impulsive thoughts about you, despite never seeing you in person. It means imaging what your 6'5" body beholds. Those nice lengthy arms and strong masculine hands, what does it mean?? God I wish you could suck my nips right now. And when you humped your wall jokingly in one of your videos… Can't believe I'm this thirsty over a fucking youtuber

it's just too bad you're a sagittarius

No. 711446

You are mentally ill. It's been what, a week since you've been saying the same thing? I'll keep doing the opposite of what you want. There's no way to stop me, retard.

No. 711477

whos the youtuber anon

No. 711482

I've been so horny lately and wanting to just post on my fb who wants to fuck? I obviously won't but I'm so bored of this fucking pandemic. I want to date!!! Proper dates! Meeting people off apps for a walk is not cutting it. I want to meet single people who don't live with their parents or have kids. Ahhh

No. 711547

I'm sick of having to live with someone who constantly pisses herself and the backyard and has no hygiene at all whatsoever and pretends to be a retarded little child while being almost 60 already and then on the internet not finding any fucking decent human being either everyone is into posting disgusting porn and hentai and fucking pedo little kids porn fuck off why is everyone so disgusting I want to throw up

No. 711583


No. 711603

Bitch Berlin is sexy as fuck this is nothing to be ashamed of. stop hating on sagittarius' tho

No. 711605

File: 1610302371212.gif (2.96 MB, 540x241, original.gif)

I secretly planned to pay off your house. I fantasized so often about the look on your face when I surprised you with that check. Then you betrayed me, and my two best friends, because your thirst for drama was stronger than your love for us.

Now here we are, just a few months later, and my career trajectory fast tracks unexpectedly in a way I could never have imagined. I will most likely be a multi-millionaire by the end of next year at the latest, while you will be trapped living your mediocre life in your mediocre house you can barely afford, in a mediocre town, with your mediocre wife and mediocre friends. The universe sure has some crazy timing. It's almost as though my dreams were waiting to come true until the shit people were purged from my life.

No. 711610

What do you do for work anon?

No. 711619

You probably already know this, but do NOT give people large gifts like this, unless it's like your parents or something. It creates a weird power dynamic where the recipient thinks they are forever indebted to you (granted they're not a leech), sets the expectation that you'll give financial support to friends and family who are struggling, and signals to leeches that you're willing to shell out for friends.

No. 711620

I get that it’s been long distance and nothing serious, but we’ve been communicating in a romantic way for years now so really all I wanted was for you to tell me when you got a new girlfriend rather than just… ghosting me.

No. 711627

I don't want to be too specific for anonymity's sake, but behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Yeah, I definitely agree it's a bad idea and I no longer plan to do stuff like this for this reason.

No. 711777

Why are you ALL ignoring me. Why. I was looking for help

No. 711781

What a weird fiction.

No. 711838

Shut the fuck up pathological liar(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 711925

Why are you booing me? I’m right

No. 712080

Maybe if your sister did yoga for her tiktok you could buy a smartphone so you wouldn't only have to talk about your sister doing yoga all day you could watch her too. Like father like son. Can't believe your mum called me scummy when she took a free house off her ex in exchange for not putting him on the sex offenders registry for molesting his daughter. Y'all weird.

No. 712467

I feel like you only contact me when there's something wrong with you because I'm one of few if the only emotionally stable person in your life.

No. 712665

File: 1610433983380.jpg (16.15 KB, 234x275, 1606268488769.jpg)

Don't go complaining to me, the only person you supposedly trust venting to about every little thing, about all your fucking crap that's going on, and then in the very same paragraph, lump me in like I'm the fucking problem.

I always do my best to be there and listen whenever you're in this state of mind, but then to basically blame me at the end like a fucking footnote for your declining mental state, FUCK YOU.


No. 712667

Sorry anon but are you fucking ok

No. 712675

Starting today, I'm not ordering fast food unless it's 1 item or under 500 calories. Straight up. And btw, I love you so much, I do but when I finally lose weight, I will not contribute any of that towards you because all you did was make me feel shitty about my body, so much so that I did the opposite of lose and ate so much. You will see. Don't expect a thanks.

No. 712718

i have nothing bad to say to you but i wish you would tell me you think i'm cute or pretty or w/e

No. 712776

I hope you fuck up and reveal that you lied to your family about me because they’ll never believe your shit again. Even when you told your best friend how ~abusive~ I was, you told me she didn’t even say anything. Probably because she saw how we interacted multiple times and didn’t want to call you on your bullshit. Your time will come, just wish I could witness it

No. 712816

For fuck sake your are both together for more than 20 years, by this time you both should know how the other minds work and how to communicate between yourselves. I fucking feel that if i look away for 1 minute you will start bickering with each other for the most trivial shit. If me or my brother aren't there to defuse every conflit you both manage to produce from thin air I really doubt how your fucking marriage will last after me and my brother leave our home. Now I have to spend the whole week careful about every single thing I do or say so your stupid conflict about stupid things don't escalate again. And the fucking problem is that this happens every single month. When things are normal I get anxious about what petty shit will serve as powder for another fight. Either go to a therapist or i don't know. I'm tired of having to deal with your bullshit every time you decide to argue and fight about stupid bullshit. I know things are hard, but look at where we are. Global pandemic + economic recession and the four of us are employed, but you decide to raise a domestic hell over who left the towels/keys in the wrong place.

No. 712829

Unfortunately for you I am not a pickme any longer. I'm fucking done and your narc ass is getting blocked today. Four years I forgave and forgave everything and coddled you only to be treated like shit and taken for granted in return. Google bpd and get some fucking psychiatric help, I'm done being your therapist fuckmommy maid backup plan forever gf.

p.s. "getting ripped" will not help you with your mental illness you cluster b clusterfuck but whatever lol, keep larping an alpha male, I'm sure that'll fix the daddy and mommy issues you justify all your shitty behavior with

No. 712846

Fuck yeah, roast him nonny (from someone with an insane BPD ex to another). Congrats on your personal development and for dropping his sorry ass.

No. 712853

I’m sorry I led you on but you never ever fucking understood me. You act like you’re so much better than everyone else when you’re a million times more retarded and dysfunctional. You’re a fucking loser and I laugh at everything you say.

No. 712859

lol trying to seek out an autism diagnosis will never change the fact you are an instigating, vindictive, chaotic bitch. you told me my cpstd diagnosis was bpd multiple times but i think you were only projecting. get your mental health together and stop breaking up and getting back together with your troon husband.

No. 712973

that one psychiatrist i had. fuck you. fuck you for making my anorexia so much worse you absolute fat pig

No. 712980

I don't believe in therapy or any of that coddling bullshit anymore. Especially since my therapist was just your average run of the mill bitch that gossiped about her clients. She gave me more trust issues or at least the realisation that everyone is full of shit so nothing fucking matters.

No. 713097

i hope it eats at you and i hope its the last thing you see before you die, go fuck yourself forever, i will torture you for eternity

No. 713297

Are some of you even vaguely capable of not being monumentally cringe

No. 713436

UUUUGGGGHHHH I feel so shit everything hurts fuck the doctors who don't want to help me fuck the therapists who say I'm a liar fuck you, you call this nothing bitch?? Fuck you all!!!

No. 713470

I hope you know it was me that got her to report you. I hope your wife finds out what you did too. Fuck with any woman here again and see what happens.

No. 713479

I hope you can recover anon but not all people will betray you and not all therapists are shit. Take care

No. 713482

Fucking daddy issue having retard
Literally why do I give you stupid cunt chances to hang out with me
there's a reason why you're a friendless incel, ugly manlet
You're literally no different from him whom you hate so much, even worse actually since you like to feel so fucking superior to him, YOU'RE A CRINGE NORMIE WEEB STFU AND GET ON REDDIT INSTEAD OF EDGY LARPING
I fucking hate you, I always have, you're fucking embarrassing and a leech, I know that you know she would choose me over you any time
I never want to hear from you again

No. 713491


No. 713494

An average weeb is normie af anon

No. 713497

Nta, but probably a weeb that only watches stuff like Dragon ball, naruto and one piece.

No. 714181

You are 30 fucking years old and still have the emotional maturity of someone half your age. You're a massive bitch then have the audacity to play the victim when you get called out on your shit, no matter gently. It's also really fucking weird how you literally tried to say L and I should have you on the same equal footing that we have each other. Like bitch, her and I have been best friends for 15 years, you're just my friend's girlfriend who's been forced down my throat recently. This is not how you grow friendships, you autistic toddler.

God, I'm so happy I formally dropped you two. He and I had some good times, but I cannot deal with his bizarre attitude that I should have to be best friends with you and tolerate all your bullshit without standing up for myself.

No. 714877

File: 1610735934306.png (129.07 KB, 275x273, 182358BF-FF5B-4ACB-AF1D-75C36A…)

This is about my boss who is a jackass of a man, none of you lovely ladies (preemptive for my fellow paranoid anons)

Holy shit why cant you just treat me kinder, I genuinely give you nothing but fucking respect and patience and you treat me like a nuisance. Why do you gaslight and apology bomb me? You constantly complaining about your girlfriend not respecting your boundaries while not enforcing your boundaries and giving us an unequal look at your relationship, just to gain pity points. just dump her you absolute buffoon! are you that afraid of being alone? you’re already so fucking alone, who’s gonna sit there and validate your constant suicide baiting. Yes you heard me right my boss makes me and my coworkers reassure him lifes worth living at least once a week, but when I am feeling mentally unwell I get scolded for not calling out before my (obviously unplanned and unpredicted) psychotic break, which resulted in me trying to kill myself when i got home, and landed me with a hospital bill I can’t pay for at the wages you give me for succeeding. I saw your soul get crushed in your eyes when our pretty coworker came out as a lesbian, you knew she was trying to talk to me about it because I’m also a lesbian, and you chimed in saying labels arent everything, I would like to think that’s the karmic retribution you get for having ulterior motives with your inferior employees. You gaslight me by telling me one thing and changing it later, and by telling me things I’ve said and done that I know I have not said or done. You avoid any real work to delegate it to anyone but “the boys” in your own words, and when I complain about the uneven load you snicker or roll your eyes. ALSO STOP FUCKING ROLLING YOUR EYES AND SIGHING EVERY TIME I ASK YOU SOMETHING YOU SNIVELING WORM, you’re in charge, if you don’t want to be asked questions and be the final authority on things, REMOVE YOURSELF FROM AUTHORITY. You power hungry little manlet, your Napoleon complex is so intense that you treat me like a rival for social space / attention just for being a woman and being more manly than you. I’m a faggot and a dyke and I’m still more man than you, the difference is I hold myself accountable for my own short comings and look for collaborative solutions, you just sit and mope and bitch about how things COULD’VE been right, not how to make then right NOW. also Im never doing another piece of busy work or work in general, I want the way youve treated me to reflect on your performance if you’re going to insist it reflect on mine,this job is now my passive income and if you have an issue PLEASE start an altercation with me I’d love to collect unemployment and get some well deserved catharsis on all the shit youve said and done. Stay mad, I havent even told you about my new job, I’m just waiting for the juiciest moment to reveal that I’m no longer at the mercy of your ingratitude.

No. 715050

you're a fucken grade a asshole. no wonder your wife left you. no wonder your daughter wants to go live with her mom. no your girlfriend broke up with you.funny how you claim you didn't like her but for the past year you were still bitching about how she was old looking, ugly, dirty, desperate, and whatever else your jealous ass spouts. like no one fucken asked about her. your dumb ass brings her up yourself. so shut the fuck up.

No. 715086

I'm glad I don't stan anyone. If someone I like the work of does some fucked up shit, like rape or animal abuse, I can easily drop them once I have an understanding of what happened. This is possible because I realize that I've never actually known this person, and they are not my mother/friend/sister, lmao.
I feel sad for you not being able to relate. "I will always support (someone who doesn't know I exist, will never care about me and may actually shit all over me for not entertaining them, or for not being a constant yes-man to them)" is some cringe doo-doo brain loser shit, sorry

No. 715341

I'm sorry, but I can't take being called "manipulative" seriously coming from a man who concocts such elaborate lies to cheat on his wife.

No. 715538

I truly cannot believe how retarded social media is these days. Why is the status quo just putting utmost faith in the opinions of visibly mentally ill unhinged people hyperfixated on one super specific topic they're obviously stuck on because they're fucking crazy? Like people freaking out about problematic content and acting like it's normal to freak the fuck out about depictions of immoral things- bro, like, did you forget the whole normie game of throne phase where they literally watched the incest murder rape show in bars and cheered when the twins started fucking? Or people spazzing the fuck out about the most micro of microaggressions against trannies and "white passing POC"- like, women and minorities are dying and getting killed. There are wars and shit and people are dying. The planet is dying. Are you retarded? Why should we care about this minor shit that's not even a drop in the bucket of global problems? This shit is LITERALLY not a problem. Half of the time it's literally not real and other times it affects such a pitiably tiny minority of usually-wealthier-anyway retards that it's just a waste of breath to care about. The internet is so goddamn full of spazzes I hate it here.

No. 715702

You claim to be oh so "covid conscious uwu" but then you'll go hang out with your friends who hang out with several different crowds and random tinder hookups on the daily,yet you live with your elderly grandparents you selfish fuck. Covid conscious my ass.

No. 715711

i'm so terrible at speaking to people, online or offline, it's like my brain locks up and i just have nothing to say. i get so embarrassed and frustrated with myself that everyone else seems to have so much to talk about (like accents in boston or food they've eaten in france) but i'm so utterly boring and uninteresting.

on some level it's like, yeah, of course people in their thirties/approaching thirties have more life xp than you, stupid social recluse, but it still sucks? and i can't even use this as an excuse because a 17 y/o in the server has intelligent and interesting things to say too. so i'm just retarded. i hate it here

No. 715735

I bet you’re more interesting than you think you are.

No. 716941

File: 1610986311535.gif (3.13 MB, 320x234, ffc907fa-e577-4f2c-945b-6152f8…)

I guess I asked you if you were actually happy in this relationship for a reason. I knew you'd say no. I knew it would hurt. Guess I'm a masochist like that.

I'm at a loss of what to do. I've been trying to get my OCD and other things under control, it's hard for me and you know it. But even you've made note at how I've improved these past few years. So what else can I do besides try to get better? If you're not happy overall now that I've gotten significantly better, what does it mean in the future when I'm not 100% better?

You say you love me so much. And that you're happy "most of the time". But is that really okay? Is it really okay for you to not be happy with our relationship overall?

I feel like I can't, in good conscience, continue with things if you're not happy overall. If, even after the improvements and even after having "mostly happy days", you can't think of our relationship and say "Yep, I'm happy to be in this thing". I'm not sure I can carry on with it.

Fuck I just want to lay in bed and cry all day.

No. 717107

i feel the exact same anon i’m fucking terrible

No. 717567

Fatass hypocritical slob. I honest to god can't understand how you have any friends at all. You suck up all the fun and energy out of the whole room. You just CAN'T be wrong any time, you have the most fucking fragile self esteem in the universe, one little joke and you can't handle it, just absolutely pathetic. Then you go around being negative for no reason because it makes you seem so smart and oh so intellectual jesus christ just shut the fuck up already. What a fucking waste of space you are. Slamming doors stomping down the hall like you own the place, what a fucking nuisance you are. But yeah go ahead and tell me that I 'm the one who can't handle being wrong, fucking arrogant prick. I don't start fights for no reason, I'm not an anime porn addict, I don't treat people like shit and insult their interests and likes. You are the most soul-sucking creature I've ever met and I can't see what anyone sees in your fat ass snobby self. And stop clearing your fucking throat so much, you sound like a cancer patient. And put on a clean shirt and eat with your mouth closed for once goddamn filthy pig

No. 717658

i got my first ban yesterday.

im sad.

No. 717712

You're disgusting. When he told you he wasn't interested in you sexually, you told him that if he didn't sleep with you, you couldn't be friends… and then you have the fucking audacity to tinfoil that I must somehow be responsible for him dropping you. What the fuck is wrong with you. It's so funny how you think you're so above straight men when you do the exact same predatory shit to your friends that straight men do to women.

No. 717938

don't worry about it anon, it becomes kind of funny after a while. i've replied to mods before with the most fucking braindead dumbass reply ever too because i misread why i was banned and only realised afterwards, and it still keeps me awake at night. what were you banned for?

No. 718994

Today we talked about how you are the kind of person to spend your little pussy vid fund on hiring a private investigator to stalk anyone that’s ever given you a modicum of attention because that’s how autistic and retarded you are. Hope you’re having fun being an invalid that thinks you’re so “powerful” and superior to every other woman in existence when you’re an inbred bogan with no personality that larps what you perceive to be high-class. When will you realise that everyone else has moved on?

No. 719922

i feel like dragging my racist family members for treating my s/o like trash years ago but i know thats toxic. i cant stop raging about it tho

No. 719940

This is very childish but years ago an ex was trying to humiliate me in front of his hot stoner friend I obviously had a crush on and then some fat mess came on the TV and I said to my ex "look, there's your usual type" and the hot guy laughed and I was all fuck you [boyfriend at the times name], but then he was like "I've slept with women thinner than you." and all I said was congrats but I wish I would have asked him how much he had to pay for that since it is known he's an ugly small dicked, fungus on his feet, ugly weirdo that goes to brothels with his ugly child molesting father.

No. 719947

Lol some dude tried to neg me like that once. I reminded him that he has fucked bigger too so evidently it doesn't matter. I could tell he was big seethe for a second kek.
If only more women would lose respect and reject men based on who they fucked too.

No. 719952

Maybe it was the same ex lmao. He always begged me about his past conquests until he realised I had mutual friends and would be like "oh wow, you're the only person that I know who would touch her." etc.

No. 719953

Bragged not begged*

No. 721558

File: 1611515626933.png (104.66 KB, 275x230, 1592439529420.png)


No. 721692

I'm just giving this guy way too much time and attention. Stop bending over backwards and grow a fucking backbone, damn. Not worth it, no body is that much time, focus somewhere else. C l i n g y

No. 722112

imagine thinking a "cis" woman having a potentially gay husbando is "just as bad" as straight men raping lesbians. i knew you were retarded, but this takes the cake

No. 722144

Lmao what does that even mean

No. 722151

straight girls being attracted to men that happen to be gay is "problematic" in a nutshell

No. 722266

Felt that

No. 724011

Just because you were never interested in x (it really shows lmao) it doesn't mean you get to complain when others talk about it. Just ignore the messages, not everything has to pander to your likes

No. 724370

File: 1611803805467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.43 KB, 1080x768, d9b977c43e621f85887d312f96c803…)

So I'm in therapy, I'm taking medication like I'm supposed to… how do I stop making myself a target for bullying or being an outsider? I don't know how to fit in well with most people because of my extreme social anxiety. It's gotten… a little better? Maybe? But I always feel purposefully excluded and always on the fringe of things. How do I make myself care about not weird things anymore? I've never felt like I belong anywhere and existing feels physically painful sometimes.
I dont love myself, I don't even like myself. Rotten, disgusting, filthy thing I am. Undeserving of everything I've got in life. Anons, I'm just so depressed and I feel like I reek of desperation and shame. I don't know how to change how I think because I don't feel worthy of that, I feel I need to suffer.

No. 724381

File: 1611806405515.jpg (52.61 KB, 477x630, e860ac4c9f70b7731134d965367215…)

Realising i can never pursue my dreams in life because the hundreds of people i've known from spending my whole childhood online will recognise me and 'expose' me or whatever for dumbass stuff i've said and done as a child really sucks.

No. 724403

Aww you can’t be an influencer because you’ve called people niggers you poor thing!

No. 724407

File: 1611810850371.gif (708.63 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

when i first met my bff, i was like DAMN. im a lesbo but i was in a relationship so i obviously only talked to her as friends. we became incredibly close super fast. she's also insanely smart, she's the absolute total package. very very smart and naturally beautiful. but theres something i want to tell her but i know will break her heart…

when we met i was into feminism and she wasn't. i never pushed her about it, never even mentioned it again. till last year, she got into feminism, and she's very vocal about it. slowly she has taken the terf pill and im happy for her cause i had nothing to do with it. but theres a problem. when we first started telling each other personal things, she said that ever since she's in middle school, she's had issues with gender and because of it shes nb now. i dont believe in nb shit, but i support her. she then tells me her dream since she's 12 is to get plastic surgery for a flat chest because she hates her breasts. she's skinny and tall, she's very flat chested as she is! but she wants like a full, flat man type thing. like, because it fits with her as a "nb" she says. this was years ago right, so i tell her i hope she can get the surgery one day. we get older, again, takes the terf pill, all that. but the other day mentions that once she gets her bills together she's going to start saving up for the surgery. i obviously tell her im happy for her… but it makes me so sad. ive seen the results of those surgeries on ftm and they all look botched every single time. like it just looks like shit. its so fucking bad. and i cant tell her, you know what, that dream that youve been telling me about for years and that youve had since middle school… yeah i think its stupid and you shouldnt get the surgery cause youre going to ruin your insanely good body.

when she told me this i thought, okay, she's been wanting this since she's really young but surely she will mature out of it eventually. but she never did. and it makes me sad she's going to ruin her body and i can't tell her anything cause i feel that if i tell her she shouldn't she's going to have a mental breakdown or something because its something she wants so badly for so long.

i dont want my bff to botch herself for absolutely no reason. not for a fucking non binary trend. i pray she realizes its not worth it eventually. i seriously hope so.

No. 724408

No. 724418

Stop thinking about yourself so much. Genuinely nobody cares, especially irl. People shit talk here 1000 more than people do irl, that’s what we’re here for, but genuinely, people at your work or school literally don’t give a fuck. At work they’re literally there just to get through it so they can get home to their kids or their video games or their Chinese take out or their bdsm magazines or whatever the hell they truly care about, and it ain’t you. Just be agreeable and pleasant and you’ll be 100. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same interests as them, you’re literally related to them because you’re both stuck there. If you must talk just talk about the shared experience of being in the shit hole you’re stuck in.
Don’t project friendship on everyone you meet because that’s when it gets weird. Friendships happen organically and you’ll know when you met the one.
For everyone else: no one cares

No. 724420

Get back to twitter retard

No. 724429

i want to move out so i can get some dick or at least order a dildo. damn rona.

No. 724444

There’s a reason you feel that way anon. Your subconscious is probably trying to tell you something

No. 724451

Wat. How the hell can a terf want to get top surgery and be a fucking ~enby~? If she was actually a radfem who are gc by nature it wouldn’t even be a question that she would stop wanting this. Has she said why she feels she can’t be herself in her natural boob-bearing body? Has she clearly explained why she feels she must identify as nb rather than as a woman? Because trans rhetoric breaks down pretty quickly if she does actually hold feminist values as well. She’s clearly really dysphoric and it might help her to read some stuff from detrans women who regret it and now realize they just had serious issues with their bodies and existing as a woman in a patriarchal world. You sound like a really good friend so I just say this because she might need an intervention and with you being so close you’re probably the person best positioned to give her one (without coming across pushy).

No. 724588

You can’t order a dildo now? Do the people you live with go through your mail? I highly recommend Tantus dildos

No. 724709

If available in your country, get a dildo and have it sent to an Amazon dropbox. You can then go get it by yourself.

No. 724880

>go back to twitter
Never been, sorry I’m not going to coddle some grown bitch crying that she can’t be famous because she reblogged swastikas as a teen

No. 724928

Tfw i was referencing being coerced by grown men to do sexual stuff as a child but ok i guess ??

No. 725045

It doesn't have to be this way! I've been trying to resolve this issue for months, begging you over and over to just tell me what you need from me. It's okay if you feel uncertain and change your mind, I'll keep up. I'm flexible. We can work together. Have I ever directly defied you when you tell me your expectations explicitly? I'm sorry for being an insecure and annoying crybaby retard who overcompensates and grovels and fucks everything up, but I won't apologise for my confusion and floundering when you fail to communicate. We don't have to go through this. Just tell me what you're feeling— you can even phrase it rudely! It doesn't matter to me so long as I get the message and am able to act accordingly. Please… please before you get to your boiling point and explode at me and call me terrible names just tell me what you want from me and I'll do it. At this point I feel like it's not even my fault that you get so irritated at me, but I'll still accept responsibility.
I love you so much. That's why I'm patient with you. That's why you're my number one priority. I try very hard every single day to give you even the tiniest sliver of happiness. You're everything to me and I won't ever let you go. I'll give you anything if only you'll ask for it. For now… I'm giving you space. I'm still here for anything you might need, but I won't cling so much even though I miss you terribly. I hope that soon, when we're both more stable, we can talk through this and come out the other side stronger. Everything hurts and I feel impatient waiting for the opportunity to make it better. I'm sorry for being such a nuisance. I'm sorry for being draining and difficult to deal with. I'll do so much better when you start telling me straightaway when you want to be alone. I promise. Promise.

No. 725047


right???? i like, get everything you're saying that's why i had assumed in my head that she dropped that non sense! like, she's so smart but i have absolutely no idea how she doesn't realize she's butchering her body over nothing. a terf that wants top surgery, its almost like a god damn joke. ahh, anon, you get it.

we can't see each other cause of the quarantine. but as soon as things are a little better where i live, i'll talk to her in person about this. i don't know, i feel that if i text her this its going to be a little cold and more hurtful to her. but if we talk it out loud together maybe she'll see i don't want to harm her in anyway. i hope soon enough things get calmer and i can finally see her again and tell her heart to heart that she's only going to harm herself. her other friends are very tumblr-y and im sure they're just going to push her more to it. i really hope she can understand im just telling her to drop it cause i love her.

No. 725068

And you’re saying you foresee your future as being so popular you’ll get public recognition? Just get a real job anon.

No. 725076

I am bi, I am bi, I am bi.

No. 725134

It's a vent. Plenty of people dream of being a rockstar or actress or famous whatever, it's silly but I don't think she needs you to remind her to get a real job just because she's sad she can't have those dreams because there might be (I'm assuming from >>724928 ) cp of her somewhere. Save the energy for all the former teenage-nazis who think they deserve YouTube fame for finally realizing nazis=bad.

No. 725142

I have $2k worth of dogecoin that I can't sell because I forgot the password to my wallet.

No. 725152

Sorry for responding, but can't you do the forgot my password shit?

No. 725157

Follow your dreams anon and if you become famous and people find your CP you can talk about how evil men are. Honestly, it is absolutely not your fault we live in such a sick society where women are abused all the time. I think the more women bring light to how abusive it is to live as a woman the better it is.

No. 725159

don't let the abuse you recieved from men shatter your dreams. My only advice is using a fake name on the internet so of you want to get a normal job people won't be able to trace you by your real name

No. 725163

No, it's the sort of thing where there's no password recovery.

No. 725744

You just used me for your own needs right?
I always helped you when you had a problem, chatted with you until midnight even though I was tired. I was such an idiot. Remember when you were constantly fighting with your parents? Tried to escape from your home while crying how you felt like you are an extra weight at home. I calmed you down. Do you remember when your best friend left you all alone for a random guy in high school and that grade you had nobody to talk to? Who talked to you, helped you, tried to cheer you up back then? This person that you called unstable and avoided today.

After four long days of bouncing back and forth between ending it all or not, the group message that manchild send was the first contact I have received for days. Which was about a silly game he finished, funny. You were online immediately. (Which wasn't the case for the times I tried to reach you). And then I decided to ask for help. I was lost in my harmful thoughts. I needed a hand to pull me up to the surface..
Was it to much for me to ask for help? Did I ruined the mood? You turned your back at me when I'm at the lowest point of my life. Am I that worthless in your eyes?
But thank you for making me realize the hard truth. I'm deleting you from my life along with that manchild that you brought to the group. You are the unstable one and I unfortunately denied it for far too long.

Now that I'm having a break from social media I'm going to give myself a week to put everything back into the track. This whole shit show gave me motivation to live a better life.
Fuck you.

No. 729531

File: 1612382672077.gif (804.32 KB, 400x225, PBbNzER.gif)

You stupid fucking idiooooot you are such a fucking cow. I’m this close to posting you in the personal cow threads because you’re just a complete fucking mess. You have no boundaries, all you do is complain, you don’t go outside, you don’t talk to people in your personal life, and you stay home all day every day. You are the only reason you are such a failure. You are your own mental illness. My sympathy for you went away a long time ago. The least you can do is learn the difference between “too” and “to” you belligerently retarded buffoon. This is why I can’t stand you and you’ve been stuck feigning faggotry while internet dating a scraggly incel into beastiality for the past 3 years. You are an adult straight woman now. Get a job. If you can’t, go to school. Move out. Grow the fuck up. You are an embarrassment and I wish you had stayed locked up and completely anon so you and I had nothing in common.

And fuck you you morbidly ugly fat fuck. You look detrimentally squished at birth and seeing your punched-in face pop up is the worst part of the day.

No. 729561


DRAG HER ANON! Expose that dumb bitch in the personal cow thread in /snow/, id love to read more. fuck her, shes not gonna know its you and deserves to be mocked for the dumbassery she does. she fucking deserves it!!

No. 729840

Stop taking everything so fucking seriously you autistic scrote it's just a fucking game it doesn't make you anything special in real life and it's fucking obvious you're really a gross-ass fat neckbeard so drop the cringy tough guy act jesus fucking christ just stick your head up your ass and suffocate you absolute fucking retard narc.

No. 729909

Which game jw

No. 729930

I would like to see it

No. 730457

All my friends male & female are pornsick weeb hentai coomers I wish I didn't get lonely because every time I am I go crawling back to them because I have no one else

No. 736797

How can you constantly throw us under the bus and act like we dont care about you? You really are just a nasty cunt when you want to be huh

No. 736940

i want to get back with my ex gf but my family won't let me. we dated four years till she cheated me. so they see her as evil. which, i can understand. but this was two years ago. i don't give a shit, she apologized and i love her. i'm 23. stop saying she's going to ruin my life. i cant just not love her. leave me alone. stop telling me to wait for the right man to give me the life i need. i want her.

No. 736942

You are all crazy and I’m so sane you just can’t understand it. My third eye is open, cunt.

No. 736943

Is this the one who got with a new gf who currently cheats on her?

I feel like you posted about this before, if it's a different anon I'm sorry bro.

No. 736944

Wow you’re soooo cool and funny.

No. 736949

This is not for you anon. I’m getting shit off my chest man let me be edgy.

No. 736950

a friends gf has been lying to me and my bf about having autism for a year. she doesn't have autism lol. so me and my bf have thought this lady was autistic for a full year and believed it because she is painfully awful with social interactions and is actually very very dumb. but she wasnt even autistic, she's just really stupid!!

No. 736961

I know I'm terrible and shitty! I'm sorry! I know it's not an excuse to drop off the radar but I've been really poorly for a really long time! Please be patient with me, I'm trying hard to put my life back together and sometimes I get overwhelmed and don't feel like doing social media or video calls or texting. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

No. 737176


no, that isn't me. don't have a gf currently. my last relationship was like six months ago. and i'm seeing my ex gf (the one i had four years) as friends with benefits. i want to tell her i have feelings for her but i know she's going to feel uncomfortable that my family hates her. we've been about to get back together before, and it always ends with her going "i dont know anon, i love your mom so much. i cant do it to her. if being with me is going to cause you issues with your family i think it's best not to do it"

i'm sad and i dont know what to do.

No. 738879

Anyways. I will not forget what you did. I'm not going to leave you alone.

No. 738910

Me too.

No. 739587

hey lolcow, i have been wanting to share something with you guys on here for a while, but i have been a bit nervous to post. its sort of a confession, sort of a rant. it is really long and bloggy, so bear with me. a couple years ago i moved to a big city in a different state from where im from. i had never even visited before. i moved there with two of my good friends who were attending colleges there, and the opportunity to tag along just seemed too exciting to refuse, so i went. in the two years i lived there, i didnt really make any friends, (perhaps partly because covid began year two of living there). well, i did make one friend. i met him working at a grocery store and i was shocked to learn that he was a pretty well known webcomic artist too. for context, i was 22, and he was twice my age.

since i was also an aspiring artist and a fan of his work before meeting him, i was totally awestruck. i really looked up to him and when he offered to let me work for him doing shipping and handling of artwork for him, i felt totally flattered and of course i felt i shouldnt refuse this offer. it felt so exciting, i felt like i was moving myself forward as an artist and like i was being let in on this world of his that he had created. we quickly became incredibly close, and a relationship formed. i felt like, if he was interested in me, i must be special, different somehow. at least thats how he make me feel. he showered me with attention, dates, lunches, dinners, breakfasts, days out, days in together, songs and playlists he would share with me, and long messages and even poems proclaiming his infatuation with me. i think it always felt wrong though, and i knew it was destined to crash and burn eventually.

i felt incredibly inadequate compared to him. i knew from a logical perspective, that i was far too inexperienced in the world to ever be his equal. and so that was the first time i broke things off. i told him i was just not mature enough, not successful enough, or self sufficient enough. i would be off and on with him two more times after this. after every time i would break things off, he would spiral into a depressive episode and go weeks without talking to me or anyone, or leaving his house. he made me the keeper of dark secrets, and promised i was the key to preventing his self-destruction. and i felt special, important to somebody who had created meaningful works of writing and art that had touched many people. i was his confidant and i listened to him and advised, and championed him when he needed to hear it. even after the empty periods, he would return with lengthy emails confessing his alcoholism and suicidal ideation and begging for forgiveness. and so i would come back. if we werent dating, we could be best friends, and i could work for him and continue pursuing art with his help.

he always kept me at arms length, and i suppose i enabled it. i was so enamored and wrapped up in this that the second time, it was me that came back to him. i told him, maybe my thoughts the first time were mislead. after all, he told me none of it mattered to him. that i was an equal in all the ways that mattered to him. maybe i was just too wrapped up in the way things looked from the outside. so he left the woman he was seeing (a woman his age) and made me the center of his world again. this was right at the beginning of covid, and he asked if i would self quarantine with him, and so i did. i also didnt have a job at this time. for a couple weeks, i basically lived at his house and we had sex constantly during this time. he bought me lingerie online, and told me all of the fantasies he had been exploring in his mind about me, all the things he wanted us to try together. i was so dazzled by him, that i basically said and did whatever i knew he hoped from me. i know that i enabled him, i let him think i was the cool girl, the fantasy girl i knew he viewed me as. but eventually it crumbled again. i was dancing the line between pleasing him, and being true to myself, and it was exhausting. always dressing to show myself, shaving myself bare, watching horrible netflix comedy stand up and pretending to find it funny. i couldnt keep up the facade, and with my money dwindling from lack of employment, i broke things off again. i felt immense pressure to stay, as he had literally left someone to be with me. and i knew his meltdown was impending. but it just felt too strange to continue. so we were best friends again, and i worked for him still, packing and shipping art.

i want to add also, that i made many suggestions to him for products and designs which he gratefully used, and always without expecting credit. i had asked him a few times if he ever wanted to collaborate on pieces, such as adding patterns/colors and spins on the originals that he frequently sold mass replicas of, but he only ever wanted me to fill in the preestablished color, or use stencils to replicate under his name.

now, back to about three months ago. i was moving back home, and i was struggling with knowing this relationship would cease completely. i never really got full closure from our breakups, because even when we werent having sex or "offical" we were constantly talking and spending time together. i told him i still had strong feelings for him that i needed to work through. i wish he had just refused me, i wish he had been "the responsible one". but i was an adult too, and i do understand that i need to take responsibility for my advances as well. but heres where things get a little interesting.

for the past few months, he had been seeing another girl my age, and keeping it a secret from me. i had actually suspected it, but i had to drag the information out of him. he only admitted to it after i confessed my feelings, and told him i was greatly saddened to leave him and move away. i was sad because i knew it was all over, i wasnt "special" anymore.

despite the words, i hadnt truly planned to engage with him again, but at this point he brings out a gold necklace with my birthstone and gives it to me, professing his love once again. i think the emotions just overwhelmed my senses. i know i was an idiot this time. so he breaks up with the new girl, (a girl he always was careful not to discuss or name, although i knew her name) again to be with me. (i fully admit my guilt in choosing to do this, i feel shitty) this time it was especially strange, and he seemed really desperate. he made all kinds of stories about moving to be with me, helping me make a career, allowing me to travel, etc. and to be fair, we were not normal friends, i feel as though we were emotionally dating this entire time he was seeing the other girl. so i guess i felt like i was losing something too. i think i was just desperate to connect with him before leaving, as i knew i would probably never talk to him again.

i felt strongly this time that his motive was sex. he said it was the biggest thing he would miss if i left. and when discussing our feelings about my move (he became distant and cold to me when i brought up leaving sooner than i had originally planned, and also when i described the friends i was excited to see again) i asked what i could do to make him feel better, and he suggested having sex. this only lasted maybe a week or two and quickly faded. i finally sobered up and knowing he was engaging with another young girl, the illusion of being unique, and my age not being a factor, was completely shattered.

please forgive me for writing so much and blogging but i am trying to make sense of it all and i wanted to share it if anyone is in the same boat. it hurts to make mistakes and it hurts that i shared two years of my life with this individual. as silly as it is, places like lolcow have really helped me find other women i can confide in and probably helped save my life from being trapped with a narcissist man like this one. this is all kind of embarrassing to admit, so im nervous to say who it was, but if enough people are interested i can share. he is a pretty well known webcomic artist.

No. 739593

samefagging to say that, although manipulation isnt always overt or violent, it can certainly still exist, even with men who shower you with gifts and attention. whenever we were in our dating phases, he was an emotional stonewall, and always seemed unhappy with me and tense, like i wasnt doing things right. when i would bring it up, he always said it was all in my head and that i was too worried. he would talk about all his past exes and how they were abusive to him and mistreated him

all in all, i have a hunch that i managed to avoid a relationship i always kind of knew would be controlling and for just for show and his sexual gratification. i should have known that an age difference like this was an obvious sign of this, but i wanted to ignore it very badly. looking back, i think he uses women the same way he uses alcohol. he is a deeply damaged and empty person seeking a woman to fill a void and be his cheerleader, while avoiding fixing his own problems.

i also forgot to mention that he recently sent me a giant email titled "i miss you" all while still being with this new young woman, with the same tired stuff about being suicidal and drinking himself to death. two weeks after i ignored his email, he posted a photoset on social media posing with his new girlfriend. i just have no sympathy for it anymore. please if anything comes out of this, just take it from me that you are never as special as a man twice your age tries to make you think.

No. 739597


No. 739604

File: 1613363568324.webm (728.84 KB, 404x720, 1612733199044.webm)

cash me outside how bout that

No. 739711

Lol do you feel better shit talking about me everyday? Feel better with your shitty art and broken anatomy? How is your low paying graphic design job? Does it makes u feel better that I still draw good enough to garner thousands of followers? Do you feel small that I make more money than you? Do you feel better copying my ocs and claiming its better than mine? I completely forgot your hick ass until someone notified me today about ur private tweets. lol im so sorry you won't amount to anything special. It must be so fucking hard to just be happy for my success once in your life. This is why I sold more than you at anime cons when we tabled together.

I tried my best to be polite but getting insane because Im not as sjw as you and claiming im abusive because I was sick of your petty whining… It's pathetic. Sorry all this whinning wont pay your bills. Hope you can afford your shitty apartment even after all this shit talk, subtweets, and vague posts about me.

U cant even dm me to talk about your qualms with me. Are u a literal child?

No. 739719

What on earth are you on? I was talking about a retarded twitter mutual? I don't even know what post you are talking about.

No. 739721

im sorry anon it read as a direct response to the vent i had just posted about dating an artist who was shitty to me. just a weird coincidence and im on edge about posting it

No. 739982

i am going to strangle my group project partners our deadline is tomorrow but there's still important shit missing that i dont know how to do on my own and they're not responding fuck stem and fuck men

No. 739986

You’re so fucking embarrassing get your life together! How is your life falling apart you didn’t even know me you daft cunt!! I’m not going to fuck you.

No. 740020

i want you to respond to me, i miss you and im scared you hate me now, yesterday was such a big mistake and i i feel like i hurt you and i fucked up, i miss you and i feel a hurt and anxity in my heart and i miss you

No. 740043

Everytime my mom starts with the "am I not a good enough mom" I want to slap her, her martyr complex fucking disgusts me. She asks me to open up, and when I do she just focuses on herself. Using my depression as an in to play the martyr.

No. 740417

Your growing obsession with wealth and power has alluded me for a long time, but I think I'm starting to understand. Emotional manipulation is exhausting. You aren't as spry as you once were. On some level, you must recognize that your inability to form authentic and lasting bonds has become a dangerous pattern for you. All those who ever claimed to love you eventually leave. Even your own family has given up on you.

Your arrogance and distain is palpable. It didn't used to be so obvious, but the mask has become taxing, hasn't it? Without resources, you will die alone, with no one to weep at your grave. Nobody to revere your greatness.

You have no one to blame but yourself.

No. 740435

I have an guy friend I met online obsessing over me and its so off putting. Ever since I was met him irl he's been messaging me everyday and wanting to meet up with me. He likes my post as soon as I upload it and I find it so embarrassing the way he brings me up into convos that has nothing to do with me.

He's a nice friend but I don't know how to tell him to tone himself down without sounding rude. Hes put me off from wanting to meet up with him anytime soon.

No. 740440

I would start slowly ghosting him if you haven't yet.

No. 740443

I'm so tired of your boyfriend. Dump him. He has ruined TWO of your birthdays, he has made your friend cry … he fucking cheated on you ffs

No. 740478

Do not hang out with that creep again. Men often know they're stepping over your boundaries but do it anyway because they get "results" from being pushy. He will not just want to be your friend. You're better cutting him off now before you get sad texts at 3am about why you don't love him even though he loves you more than anyone kek.

He knows what he's doing. Hes doing it because he knows you'll let him do it. These types of dudes aren't as socially unaware as they want you to think they are. Just determined and impatient to get what they want.

No. 740516

i want my favorite shoes back you bitch

No. 740519

Stop doing that, ugly faggot

No. 740520

I don't know why I don't hate you. I just wish you'd leave me alone. You've never been good for me. If I let you get too close, you use me. You oscillate between attempting to live vicariously through me and projecting all of your insecurities on to me. You don't treat me like I'm separate from you. It's been thirty years and you still have no concept of who I am as a person. If I try to talk to you about my passions and values, you just shut down. You get weirdly moody and sad, as if having my own identity were somehow offensive to you. You blather on about your own hobbies and interests, like we're both interested in those things. I'm not. It's just you. I try and tell you that it's just you, but you won't listen. You don't care. It's all about you. Nobody that you love can exist separately from you.

I almost wish I could find it in me to be angry with you, to cut you off for being such an abysmally selfish person. For stealing years off of my life. For never allowing me to develop normally. I don't know why I can't. That's why I wish you would. I wish you'd lose interest in me. I wish you'd just go away.

No. 740521

t. psychopath

No. 740623

Thats what I have started to do though he can see that I'm actively messaging in a group we are both in.

That's probably true anon, tbh he's one of those guys that hardly interacts with women but when he does he acts like a gentlemen and treat them like "queens". Plus he's 19 and find him too young and immature trying to get my attention.

No. 740678

Honestly feel like I'm getting played by a jackass who doesn't know how to make boundaries and a bunch of users who overstep their roles. Might go home tbh

No. 741120

Fuck you. I spitted blood over you, defended you with everyone, I understood you when you spoke and offered connection. and yet you’ve got the guts to guilt trip me with your diagnosis? I know you’re ill but I honestly don’t care anymore. I’ve spent years wiping your self absorbed ass. I loved you like a sister and mourned you as such. Yet, your addicted ass values more a blunt than my friendship. Fuck you it’s worth way more.

No. 741368

Anons be like fucking die you monstrosity, I clawed my way until my fingers bled all for you and you fucking betrayed me so deeply that it will plague my family seven generations deep. I will always be watching you with my super powers, my quivering third eye ever changing omnipotent directions to find you through sleet or shine. I will make you pay. I’m not delusional btw:

No. 741529

File: 1613545877656.jpg (63.06 KB, 750x562, 285bcd18b369bbfa7152aa74402b05…)

yeah bro me clarifying myself and wanting to let you off easy was me being an epic abusive "master manipulator" who "twisted a lie." even though you roped me back into our shitty friendship multiple times you weren't asking to be led on or anything like that. and yes i do take full responsibility for "fucking up your self esteem," which has nothing to do with your crippling porn and video game addiction. expecting me to just forget about you lashing out at me for the most retarded shit just because you gave some half-assed apology for it is not manipulation btw.

No. 741590

I know you're really good at lovebombing me and I used to eat it up. I still like being doused in affection, compliments and gifts, I mean, who doesn't? But it puts a bit of a damper on the praise if you're not even capable of normal, respectful human interaction when the conversation touches on anything but generic hobbies and life events. Whenever I bring up your past shitty behavior you go right back to the excuses and deflections and it shows how little you've really changed. All the romance in the world isn't going to cover up your rotten core. You're a fake and a hypocrite. Ultimately, there's nothing meaningful about praise coming from the likes of you. I know I'm better than you. That's why I left. Too bad you didn't care enough to step it up during the years of chances I gave you. Now you get to live with your failure. And you know what? You should be upset about that. Because even when I acted as your pathetic slave I was still a hell of a catch, and any woman of value will never put up with the sort of behaviors you subjected me to. You will forever be in that cycle of getting close to someone then losing them because of your mindless and meaningless self obsession until the day you end up alone on your fucking deathbed.

Good riddance.

No. 741618

File: 1613554603270.png (72.52 KB, 275x175, 1575335729476.png)


No. 741623

fuckin call me at the time you tell me youre calling me it's pissing me off you dont even want to employ me!!!!!!!

No. 741626


No. 741722

You block me everywhere before I even get a chance to explain that I only did what you told me to. You are painting me to our mutual friends as the worst person ever yet there you are, mid-thirties, fat fuck kpop stan streamer wannabe. In all these years I know you all you did was work shitty jobs endlessly complaining about them but not lifting a fucking finger to make your life better then getting home and munching on chips and candy for hours in front of your computer.
You are pathetic and you're right, I don't even know why I thought you were my friend.

No. 741726

>had barely heated exchange on lolcow
test to see if I'm still banned.

No. 741731

File: 1613573050590.jpg (109.4 KB, 1200x675, MWk-0aLXjlKGgI2O.jpg)

Stop being delusional! You're a 30 year-old-woman. No matter how much you hype up your mundane reality, with the hoard of shitty knick-knacks, parasocial obsessions with artists, boring pet upkeep - we all see through you. You chose to ignore all of your personal issues and move to a new country. Now you're on another continent, married to a guy who is clearly not ready for marriage, nevermind the baby on the way. The baby which you can't deliver safely because of your history of smoking and drinking and overall sedentary lifestyle. All of which are problems caused by the deep-seeded issues you have chosen to ignore! Come home, have the goddamn baby safely and go to fucking therapy.

No. 741978

There's a point where you have to see your own role in creating those waiting times you love to cry neglect at. Remember sabotaging your own progress at times when you had supports there? Neglecting yourself more than any service ever did. Wasting other peoples time on top of your own. Taking appointments away from others that might've actually shown up. Hell be mad at the illness all you want but the services did not mess you around.

No. 742112

lol why is there a star

No. 743378

I hate the bastard who is blackmailing me. I wish I could have a normal life without worrying about being doxxed and exposed if I make this freak angry somehow. I hate that he takes advantage of me and can threaten to ruin me if I don’t comply. I wish I had a way out. I just want to live alone and work from home as a programmer and be completely alone. Instead I’m forced to perform on command for people like a circus animal. It’s exhausting. It’s demoralizing. I have no escape.

No. 743411

Wtf anon, that sounds horrible. Is there no way to get help with that situation?

No. 745470

Sorry. I still want to fuck you, even if you don’t want to hear it. I wish you didn’t hurt me and I wish I didn’t hurt you. Because I want to fuck you.

No. 745474

Anon, please go to the police or something. Wha the fuck.

No. 745479

Please just go to the police. It sounds like you are risk of being trafficked.

No. 745502

Seconding all anons. Please. Get to the police. Have it in writing somewhere. Those things can escalate, you need a paper trail. Keep all proof.
Is it in the realm of possible for you to move out? To do some pre-emptive damage control to your boss and friends saying a psycho is torturing you? What is he threatening you with?
Things can't stay like this, but you do have escapes, nonnie. Don't lose hope.

No. 745506

Go to the police. Whatever he's got on you, he will suffer more and he knows it.

No. 745509

Yes! Exactly. The more he follows his own blackmails the more shit he gets into. He’s fucking shitting himself thinking about you going to the police otherwise he wouldn’t waste the energy to get blackmail material. Now GO TO THE POLICE BEFORE IT GETS WORSE AND HE GETS OTJER PPL INVOLVED

No. 746381

How do you not see if you're still permabanned?

No. 746387

ben stein was shilled my whole childhood in the 90s as a big intelligent man but hes retarded af

No. 746402

you don't do the dishes, take out the trash, or clean the living room ever unless one of us does it ALREADY, so you just wipe down counters that are ALREADY CLEAN. your parents pretty much pay your way since all you do is work your retarded little front desk job where literally everyone there thinks you're a mouthbreathing freakazoid.

you chew too loud, you stare with your eyes too wide, and you look like if lord farquaad and that fish lipped bitch from monsters inc fucked and subsequently tried to abort you.

and you can't muster up the fucking energy to do the dishes now because you're tired so you ask my overworked husband to do it? because you got called into work???

genuinely and wholeheartedly kill yourself. i cannot wait until you move out so i can tell everyone how fucking disgusting you are without you making the whole house stink like your pig disgusting body odor as payback.

no one's gonna read this textbook of autism but if you do, and you've made it this far, allow me to reward you with some advice: don't room with retards.

No. 746404

this was such a small piece of only recently-relevant woes, but another thing:

- calling herself asexual and then going out and fucking people. lmao.
- one of those performative woke tryhards that is clearly just in it to get her asshole licked by other performative woke tryhards.
- and how can i forget the fact that they have sexually assaulted one of my best friends multiple times.

i'm fucking sick of it. i can't say anything because she goes out of her way to act like a pussy victim with no spine. she's moving out in august or we're evicting her.

No. 746417

If someone in your life is begging you not to drink then maybe you should listen to them. Maybe that in itself is a significant sign that you have a problem.

The lucky women dating you don't all conspire against you to ruin your fun or your beer buzz.. the problem is you turn abusive when you drink. You rage, you scream, they walk on eggshells in their own fucking home. Who gives a fuck about 'ruining your fun' when you have a clear pattern of abusing women under the influence of alcohol. At least while sober you somewhat contain your asshole nature. How the fuck is sitting on your laptop downing beer after beer this wonderful buzz that you say it is? How is it worth assaulting people or accepting the risk of repeating that every time?

Love that you're dating an enabler now. Go drink heavily together.. keep doing it in front of the four kids and see how long it takes for life to turn to shit. Can you believe someone called child services on you. It wasn't even me because honestly your drunk rages scare me so much that I wouldn't give you any reason to show up at my door again threatening to end me.

No. 746424

FUck offf can't you people solve your stupid 3rd grade math problems yourself why do you forward it to me and how am I supposed to solve it if I don't know how they learned it and what sort of answer the teacher expects and how am I supposed to "rationalize the denominator" if there is no god damned fraction in the question

No. 746431

It was someone's exam, if she didn't learn this easy stuff how will she know the harder things later, she should have learned it and she has all access to a calculator how hard is it to type in 2 numbers and press =? How hard is it to do it on your own instead of making other people do it? Fuck this fuck corona fuck school fuck these entitled children who don't want to do a single thing, it's easier now than ever to cheat if you didn't study so just put in a bit of effort instead of delegating it to someone else, I'm so fucking angry I want to bang my head through a wall, (I think I have anger issues though) fuck this you interrupted my microelectronics homework, and who am I supposed to ask when I get stuck huh?? I have nobody. You all children will also have nobody to ask at some point and you have to learn how to do things yourself and that's what school and homework is there for. To teach you how to learn. I'm really getting mad at a little kid out here

No. 746441

of course this dumb motherfucker is fucking a married woman too! Hah!

This is the most disgusting IMMORAL person ive ever come across and its DISGUSTING how coddled this fucking guy is. Nasty, nasty, nasty!

No. 746467

I hate my coworker. She's such a fucking retard it's unreal, she cleans things with hand sanitizer even though we have a dedicated spray? Which aside from being retarded as fuck, it leaves all the surfaces sticky and gummed up. But you can't correct her on anything because she's bEEn tHeRe 15 yEaRs. Shes slow as fuck and causes problems all the time and refuses to do things the new way because it's not the original way she learned. Guess what things change you old boomer. Wish you could get people fired easier.

No. 746572

Parents are gonna start panicking and cracking the whip over teachers, tutors, and substitutes because little Jimmy actually didn't learn shit from home and fucked around. That's not gonna be an excuse when he flunks his grade after testing though.

No. 746800

I get unironically so triggered when my mother tries to make me clean. I vaccumed the fucking house just last week, we don't live in the dust plains. Fuck off. It's clean. Get your fucking power trip somewhere else you martyr complex bitch.

No. 746868

There's a guy in a discord channel I'm part of who keeps posting progress pictures of a giant jawbreaker he bought, as if he's overcoming some huge feat by licking it smaller in record time. Every time he posts a picture I just gag thinking how he's basically just licking his own petrified saliva at this point.

Why is it that in every discord channel there's always at least one disgusting retard, no matter how decent the rest of the members are.

No. 746937

You dumbasses need to stop letting men treat you like shit. You're way too precious for that

No. 747392

>too precious
I’m sure they aren’t.

No. 748298

pls just go ahead and off yourself if you’re going to continue to be a whiny ungrateful brat. youre too old to be acting the way you do and everyone makes fun of you behind your back literally all of us do.

No. 749484

“it’s not that deep” you’re right and you’re funny but I hope you get hit by a car. Fuck you I hope all your shit gets leaked and your employer finds your shit. Ugly worm. I’ll defend you any other day if I wasn’t aware of how retarded you are, but you can only thank principality for that. Something tells me you’re a fucking idiot and I believe it. Pathetic and you better hope I don’t run into you again.

No. 749572

You are a crazy bitch if you keep doing it after months and keep targeting innocent people who weren't even involved because your fried skitzo brain made you think they were.
Get off the internet and get some help, narc.

No. 749576

keckle my neckle, bitchole it's about time you learned to see my tru power. I play some Bachmann turner overdrive in the background

No. 749583

you okay?

No. 749585

Spoiled piece of shit jfc, I'm NOT changing my daily routine so it fits YOU. Take care of YOUR dog, be RESPONSIBLE for once you god damn fucking stupid manchild. Just because your mother spoiled you doesn't mean I will do the same. Piece of shit, you don't even clean the house, buy groceries or get anything we need, you almost live rent free on MY expense because your mother is a fucking coward to stand up to you. Move out and take your dog with you you fucking shithead. Fuck I hate you. You should've died instead of dad, it would've made everyones lives easier.

No. 749593

What language is this

No. 749600

No. 749679

You are all fuckin crazy smh

No. 751351

Stop calling your kids slow and autistic and just give them more fucking attention! Like gee, I wonder why they struggle. Nothing to do with you only conceiving thru drug and alcohol fuelled sex and smoking throughout the pregnancy so the baby will be cute and small uwu. And you're not the only bitch that does this. Funny how there seems to be a correlation with kids with learning disabilities and how fucked up the health of their parents were, but we must never blame the parents. No. It's the child's fault they're so fucked up. Why don't they just crack open a book and learn how to take care of themselves huh

No. 751735

File: 1614575860739.jpeg (84.2 KB, 700x806, 6582A907-ADD5-47FB-AB5E-9DA40E…)

I just realized I will never lose this last 10 lbs because my weight is my excuse to myself for never having sex. If I lose the weight I lose the excuse.

No. 751788

I fucking hate studying and working so much. I always have the urge to laugh when people talk about their "dreams", "dream jobs" and "career goals". No bitch you just work your entire life and get exploited for simply wanting to eat and having a roof over your head and then you die. Everything's the same, you are just coping.

No. 751789

Ambition is just unfathomable to me at this point. All I want is an easy job that pays enough to live comfortably, I am happy to take a paycut for less stress in my life.

No. 751885

I wish I could just stop feeling this way. I didn't ask to feel this way. I didn't ask to feel alienated from people within my own age range. I'm so fucking tired of hearing these snowflake women who have husbands and children bitch about mundanity and microaggressions. Some of us have problems, protokarens. Some of us are single and traumatized by our past relationships. We can't all be like you leeching off your husbands with your half completed degrees and seemingly successful lives. God forbid I nope out whenever you start discussing this. Maybe you were right. Maybe I am a femcel for being fearful of what's to come in my future. It's not your fault I've accomplished squat. It's my own. I'm trying the hardest I can and you still make me feel ashamed to be where I am. Fuck you!

No. 751891

No joke that's all I think about at work. It's miserable working a regular 8-5 too tired for your interests and too tired to be tired. We joke about the revolution but this has got to end

No. 751932

I spent most of my 20s at a company doing 10+ hour days, putting in extra work, coming in on off days, wanting to die only to get completely fucked over when the upper management changed. Most companies treat you as expendable while expecting you to practically devote your life to them and work off the clock.

Not saying you have to be a NEET but it would be nice if most places didn’t expect you to answer emails at 11pm.

No. 751950

I work part time but still end up answering emails on my off days because I want to keep my work happy with me.
On the other hand I'm less bitter about it than when I worked full time.

Working part time isn't enough to raise kids or buy a house, my pension is probably very pathetic too, but my quality of life has improved. I'm still not doing anything productive in my downtime because I'm a piece of shit but I feel better knowing that one day I might make use of having spare time

No. 752040

There is zero point in trying to date after 30
It doesn’t matter if you’re ugly, obese, insane, have kids, etc as long as you’re young enough to boost a males ego

No. 752053

>being young boosts a males ego

Aww you're so innocent to think that.

No. 752058

File: 1614625518793.jpg (127.95 KB, 640x961, hkde6au439k61.jpg)

I'm sorry you're having trouble dating, but it is really just a matter of holding out until you find a man who gets past vetting and treats you right.
Being youthful and pretty can still get you devalued by a scrote. Picrel.

No. 752062

Men dont date younger women for an ego boost they do it for cheap labor. I mean when you're old as fuck it's easier to have a young woman around to cook, clean and take care of the house

No. 752063

The people I know who are the happiest in their marriages didn’t get married until one or both partners were past 30. It’s almost like being a more fulfilled, stable human being helps

No. 752073


No. 752075

That makes it more likely that it's ONLY worth dating past 30. At that point you know for sure a guy isn't a pedo POS and wants women his own age, if you marry someone in your 20s who knows if he'll ditch you on the eve of your 30th when you transform into a hideous swamp hag. I'm not gonna be 30+ mourning the guys who set their tinder filter to 18-29.

No. 752114

I just came twenty times during sex. IM FUCKING HAPPY

No. 752170

why would you date a guy who only wants you just to boost his ego lol

No. 752171

Most successful and attractive women I know settled down after thirty because they weren't worried about hitting "The walll" and knew their own value and they seem to have the happiest relationships. Made me so much happier to stay single for a while.

No. 755126

File: 1614985564883.jpg (55.19 KB, 828x631, 20210224_224604.jpg)

So tired of normies and scrotes and having to hide my power level all the time becuz they screech when they see or hear things they don't understand. At least in art school people admired my genius kek

No. 755128

I wish I could unsee the meme

No. 755130

Well said anon, I feel the same way

No. 755131

Why don't you want to have sex?

No. 755132

I hate to say it but, this post is kinda cringy

No. 755182

I've fucked up really badly, maybe irreparably with someone i have to live with. I basically told my mother that i resent her and that she was selfish for having me. My parents were terrible, theyre white trash who used to do meth when i was little and still abuse painkillers and booze, my father is a raging narcissist abuser who used to gamble away his paychecks or spend them at stripclubs (we were even briefly homeless when i was young) and my mom is a lazy bipolar pickme who would egg him on and theyd get in to horrible fights in front of me. But she stayed and didnt get a job and would cojole him into buying her drugs and cigs while i barely had clothes. My mother was very neglectful in terms of cleaning, my hygeine and feeding me but at the same time so overbearing that i couldnt even play in the backyard without supervision (of course she'd rather nap or watch tv than supervise). I was very poorly socialized and have trouble navigating life. As a result of this upbringing i'm very menatlly ill and unable to really take care of myself so i still live with them. We were talking about some horrible ppl we knew who shouldnt have had children, then i asked her why she had kids with my father and we went back and forth. she kept saying how she made alot of mistakes but she doesnt regret having me, that she wanted me so badly. So i told her that was selfish to have me bc she wanted to, what about the circumstances ur bringing me into, i didnt have a choice to be born. And she should have chose better than my scumbag father who she admits there was warning signs from, and she had dated less than 2 years they werent married but she gets pregnant and has the kid. Anyway, shes in the other room crying, i dont know how to smooth it over, and i really just want to die.

No. 755188

File: 1614991134732.gif (114.61 KB, 326x300, korillakkuma hug.gif)

I get how you're feeling right now anon. Not to blogpost but I'll just say it sounds like I had a similar upbringing to you. In a while from now you'll probably feel some catharsis from saying that to your mom. That sucks and I hope you're able to get out of that situation someday!

No. 755192

Anon I've been there with my mum before. You say something about how they raised you and think you can't come back from it but you can. You can swallow your feelings and say sorry and just hug it out and thank her for bringing you into the world. You're her daughter and I doubt she's lying when she talks about how much she loves you and wants you. Just don't repeat her mistakes, maybe even love her for showing you how not to be. I know it sucks when you feel like you've been let down from the go but idk, mum's are easier to handle when you love them lol

No. 755196

>early feb. quit my job less than a month after being hired due to frequent breakdowns
>after a few weeks parents who live out of state call & ask me how the job is going
>cant talk to them about a damn thing, lie & say im probably gonna quit the job due to mistreatment (figured they couldn't argue with that)
>"well whatever you do dont quit until you've found new employment"
>"ok ma"

im looking to start volunteer work while i wait for a therapy appointment at the end of the month but idk when ill be able to do work work again. i have terrible job prospects anyway so im not very gung-ho about getting back out there.

No. 755203

Thank you, that really means alot. Ive never talked to anyone about my home life growing up, even the two friends i actually had i never opened up to them and couldnt really understand and connect with their normal families. opening up here even to anonymous strangers feels weird but freeing.

Idk its hard bc part of me loves her but i also resent her, and i'm very much NOT thankful to her for bringing me into the world. But i still regret saying things that hurt her even if i really feel that way. They had been bottled up inside for so long and i wish i would have left them there.

No. 755288

I just feel like I am never going to get a job. I'm not smart enough to make change. I'm not social enough to do sales. I'm not organized and quick enough to be a receptionist. Failed all these tasks. My resume is so sad, you can tell I thought I'd become something with a degree and an internship but now I'm applying to dishwasher jobs that won't call me back trying to go one day without drinking and I have no friends online or off. Also I've recently developed two lines between my eyebrows so now I'm OLD too. I also have a fucking wart on the end of my nose. And I've pulled out my eyebrows from stress and look like whoopi golberg. I'm a neet schizoid hag retard loser

No. 755293

I have a job for you. Want to clean snail trays for 16$ an hour? Annual raises, health, dental. You just need to live in western MA USA. Snails!!!

No. 755304

Nta, but shit, I want the job! Snails are fuckin cool

No. 755313

Samefag, oh my god. Snail trays are not what I thought they were.

No. 755326


share with the class nonnie, what is a snail tray, if not a tray for storing snails?

No. 755331

Anon please do not make fun of me like this. I thought snail trays were for snails to eat out of or something before I googled it. My head hurts

No. 755334


no no I am dead serious. When I googled it brought up escargot plates and I am too concerned to dig further based on your replies lol gimme the deets!!!

No. 755336

Oh no, that's what they are. I just did not expect snail trays to be shit you eat snails off of. I thought the job was for taking care of snails

No. 755353


so now the question becomes why didn't OP just say it was washing dishes? why would you just be washing escargot plates? nothing makes sense

No. 755369

Maybe she works at a French restaurant or something

No. 755566

This Imageboard feels like reddit.

No. 756018

you were acting like you were some leader "yeah. he shouldn't do that. good job for telling him." but then does that same fucken thing everyday. but if someone else says something, you're just going to bitch about it because how dare someone tell you how to do something. so fucken stupid.

No. 756038

File: 1615094587803.gif (13.04 KB, 500x500, download (2).gif)


No. 756050

Fuck you for waking me up you little fucking shit! I wish I could tell you how shit you make me feel when you do that, and I wish you cared. But you don't give a fuck do you, you just stare at me innocently, and you'll do it again tomorrow.

No. 756051

cat owner?
if so, I feel this pain but feel the love from here

No. 756060

Yes I am, fellow sufferer. Tbh it's my fault for being such a simp for my cat and spoiling him, but I wouldn't have it any other way, I live to serve my Lord

No. 756239

Same. Mines an asshole and I tell him but he's so cute.

No. 756809

I hate my bf’s dad. He is creeping me out. He is not a full blown creep but he just gives off weird vibes to me.
He went to a vacation with his wife and took a picture with some young entertainment girl hugging her like some creep (he was like 50 at the time)
Then after a while they divorced and he is meeting some women apparently and his son (not the bf) was freaking out one day (he has autism) and the dad said he can’t take care of him because he has a woman coming over or something wtf?????! How can you prioritize that over your son
I don’t get why ugly old men just get a hobby and not go on tinder like creeps ew

No. 757276

I know you don't like confrontation, but your "retaliation" is not funny or cute. It's just childish. I'd say hurtful too, but after shedding my tears with that one word you said, everything else just felt empty and slightly annoying, if anything.

No. 758890

I'm sorry for being horny but, I just saw a very hot lady with teeth piercings, and god I want her to eat my pussy so hard those diamonds get stuck in my clit

No. 760247

You really need to convince yourself that everyone who wants to fuck me wants to fuck you more, eh? It's a pattern at this point, I thought maybe you were just retarded with boundaries. Is it really because before we were even friends I slept with your ex? I didn't meet you until months after I originally met him. I introduced you to your husband, I'm not trying to compete with you. I swear to god you latched on to M so hard because we had a couple dates that fizzled out and you had to prove that he wanted you more kek. I regret intertwining our lives so much when we were younger. Sorry your marriage sucks but my bf thinks you're bordering on special needs and really, really doesn't want to fuck you.


No. 760251

Kill all tranny/genderqueer spergs in the alt cows thread. Something about goff is a magnet for tumblrites/twitterfags.

No. 760404

File: 1615635465795.gif (116.17 KB, 480x336, giphy (1).gif)

Once again my mother in law is going on an episode where she rants for hours on end and inevitably takes her anger out on an unwitting victim because she has no emotional intelligence.

All because she can't pay her rent since she gave the rest of her money from her job before covid-19 took it into paying for the defense of her son that went to court for beating his girlfriend to a bloody pulp. Oh those thousands were not wasted though, as he didn't even get one year in prison but instead probation. The funniest part? He kept treating her and the family like shit before the trial like they didn't financially support him for a situation they constantly warned him about. This is not the first time he's showed his ass though. Yet despite my mother in law having no career, depending completely on a man (her ex husband) she spent all her saved up money on her worthless scrote woman beating sociopathic son. Now she's angry and losing her fucking mind that she can't pay her rent when.. anyone with common sense could fucking see that happening. My god, my mother in law is the stupidest bitch alive.

No. 760477

Tons of families are like this in that they constantly do stupid shit to protect their shitty moids.
My family was like this too, the male favoritism is extreme. After awhile the males just believe they're entitled to that treatment, and the families start to blame the system or other people for making their lives harder instead of these scrotes being held accountable. You wouldn't believe how common this actually is, meanwhile if a female member of the family gets into trouble she's made to dig herself out and/or face the consequences.

>t. someone who watched a male cousin get court bailouts and lawyers paid for by grandparents, wrecked multiple cars, and got into physical fights all the time

No. 760486

i don't want to take antidepressants or any sort of psychiatric medication, there’s nothing wrong with my biology, my circumstances have just always been shitty. it would be completely delusional not to be a depressed and anxious in my situation. + i’ve already tried several times and it didn’t do anything, and it won’t as long as i still have the ability to logically deduce. so stop acting like that would fix everything

No. 761335

We met when you came to my all-girls high school as a transfer; I thought you were rambunctious and funny and we got along right away. I was in my teen rebel phase, which mostly meant turning my back on my Catholic upbringing and thinking the edgiest, most offensive thing I could do was support gay marriage. You openly swore and made dirty jokes and it just felt like exactly what I needed.

One of our classmates organized a soiree at her house with a boys' school, and we both attended. While I boredly chatted with them, I noticed you slumped in an armchair, downcast. I sat on the arm of it and asked you if you were ok. You started gently turning the bracelet on my wrist and told me quietly that you think you're a lesbian, and you don't know why you're here. I listened, and never spoke. Later I left you to play the boys' song requests on the piano.

You transferred away the next year. Friendster was dead but Facebook hadn't gotten big yet so I just sort of accepted that friends come and go. I was assigned a seat next to this chatty, pretty girl. We made a dozen inside jokes and walked hand-in-hand on the courtyard during breaks. When our friends started teasing her about a boy who liked her and I found myself jealous to the point that my chest ached just to think of it, I realized maybe I had a lot more in common with you than I thought. When she started dating that boy, I realized I should've heard your pain better.

Fast-forward to college, I was still closeted. I went to the mall with some friends and we sat in the food court and I saw you. You were walking, arm linked with a girl I didn't recognize. I couldn't help but stare, and my heart dropped to my stomach when you met my eyes. You smiled, stuck your tongue out at me, and walked on.

I wish you'd know how happy I was to see you happy, to let me know at a time I was still crushingly lonely that there would be an end to it. I wish I'd known myself better when you were still my friend so we could've carried each other's burdens a little bit better. Nobody who looks like you comes up when I search your name on Facebook. I'm not sure yet if I'm as happy as you had looked to me in that food court years ago but at least I know what I'm aiming for.

No. 761341

my neighbor's kids are so fucking annoying and ill-behaved, they're always screaming/crying, at any given hour, esp in common areas and their dumbfuck parents are too useless to do anything about it. i can hear them every single time theyre in the hallway bc they speak at a billion decibels in volume and the only thing their cuck of a mother can do is shoosh them, fucking discipline your kids you stupid bitch!

it's annoying me to the point where next time i see them leave out their bikes (which they also ride in common areas with zero regard to anyone circulating in their vicinity like the brats they are) i'm tempted to throw them down the first flight of stairs i encounter. why do people have children if they're just gonna let them behave like brats? i fucking hate kids, if your greasy child throws a tantrum in public i will judge you.

No. 761867


>the families start to blame the system or other people for making their lives harder instead of these scrotes being held accountable

I've never seen this so perfectly put.
The system part of your comment reminds me of the outrage on Twitter back in January over Dustin Higgs's execution, with people blaming the system for sending a black man who hadn't technically committed any murder to death row; nevermind the fact that he decided to drive three girls (aged 19, 21 and 23) to a secluded area (without their knowledge) after one of them rejected him at a party, ordered them out of the car, gave a gun to another man who had been in the car with them and told him to "better make sure they're dead"

No. 761900

File: 1615809379390.jpg (45.84 KB, 1200x1314, 94c.jpg)

finally told my mother to stop nitpicking my weight every day and apparently i'm overly sensitive and she dIdN't MeAn It. fuck me, i guess

No. 761976

Youre retarded and can’t even keep this shithole under control. But what do I expect from a self harming weeb.

No. 763532

File: 1615993206187.jpg (6.54 KB, 235x214, e4e2ddb7e6605eb47420d2f41fd53e…)

no you're wrong terror reid is not shit music maybe a bit corny but not shit fuck you!

No. 763548

Just commit if you want me wtf. Stop flipflopping faggot just let me die in your arms.

No. 763563

Holy shit, for fuck’s sake, answer my texts you absolute dumb cunts, why does everyone pretend i don’t exist

No. 763576

I've never been called psychotic until I started posting here kek maybe I am crazy

No. 764677

Anon this was beautiful to read. Good luck on your journey.

No. 764692

File: 1616129625791.jpg (12.25 KB, 220x275, fyodor dostoevsky.jpg)

fuck you for making this retarded thread. i'll barge into your house with 10 niggers in my lead and me and the boys will gangrape your family infront of you, kill them slowly then feed their corpses to pigs then after a shortwhile make the pigs vomit it and force you to it eat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764724

why did you have to bring fyodor into this

No. 764791

Absolutely in love with you posting about admin

No. 764912

File: 1616166263342.gif (21.51 KB, 413x303, AADA260F-0AA3-435F-8930-2C4F45…)

I'm so sick of men and their stupid super hero obsession. I can't think anything dumber than superhero movies/comics vidya etc. My bf refuses to work, stays at home all day getting baked and reading comics or playing vidya. Can't take this shit nomore.

No. 764931

Uhh, I hate capeshit too but it's not the problem in your situation. Throw the whole man out.

No. 764946

you mean ex bf

No. 764968


No. 764989

I came to the realisation that if I were a fictional character, I probably wouldn't have any fans. I don't think I'd be shipped with anybody. I'd be one of those boring background characters that acts as a foil to the good ones. I wanna be Komaeda but in reality I'm just a Koizumi.
It's not a big deal, not being charismatic or interesting. Very few people are, that's why they're special traits. It would be nice to think that there's something bigger out there for me, though.

No. 765005

i love how the pandemic has made celebrities become worthless. i like how a lot of arts / lit / film festivals and arts venues were making events virtual and accessible to us ordinary people, and have Q&A with creators.

now that vaccines are ongoing, I am not too happy that we'll go back to be a celebrity obsessed society with lots of worthless huge concerts and movie premieres and festivals eating up all the attention and being inaccessible to normal folks like me. I hate that shit. and I fucking hate celebrities' with burning passion.

No. 765007

just dump him already, what a fucking pathetic little boy loser. Jesus do yourself a favor and wake up!

No. 765346

Anon I hope you know that popular fictional characters rarely resemble real people

No. 765508

File: 1616235952956.jpeg (241.82 KB, 877x1200, BFDF8B40-A428-4C66-AE8E-C09E8B…)

Some of you just need to accept that the farm has more than one Komaeda kin roaming its pastures. I'm not discharge-chan. She's weird and annoying, a coward who deletes her replies because she needs attention but gets overwhelmed by her own bad taste. I also carry a lot of shame but at least I don't post anything I'd need to dirty delete. I'm the superior Komaeda and I don't appreciate being lumped in with her ilk. She's unworthy of any association with Nagito whatsoever, who is creepy and disgusting yes, but way cooler and more interesting than she could ever attempt to be. I hope her discharge tastes bad. And I hope the anons who have confused me for her can forgive themselves because it's an honest mistake… But if they do it again? No mercy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 765514

kek based retard kinnie, love you unironically

No. 765543

As a late developer in life in regards to literally everything I finally understand why you hate me. If I couldn't see a future for myself how could you? I still haven't got a job tho but I'm really considering it.

No. 765547

I could never understand kinnies and thought you were annoying and retarded until I recently stumbled upon a character I immidiately kinned. I get it now. Sorry for hating you Komaeda kin, you're cool in my books now.

No. 765561

Don’t you just talk shit about discharge-chan, she’s doing her best! Being so mean to another of your folk will only make Komaeda hate you!

No. 765562

Why not say that you extremely relate to the character? I guess kinning is a catchier term. I would see nothing wrong with it had it not been ruined by spergs claiming to actually be the character in question IRL, 'doubles DNI!!!' etc

No. 765575

Who wouldve thought thered be kindrama on lolcow of all places

No. 766136

wtf is wrong with my bf, he constantly talks about a subject which is irrelevant to me and doesn't interest me at all but I still try to be understanding and listen to his rants and try to calm him down, all this for the past 3 months but no he has to fkn repeat it again the very next day. The worst part is he never listen to problems I'm facing in life and downplaying all my problems as me acting needy and shit.We have almost completely stopped talking about personal life and he just continued talking about that shitty subject over and over again. Finally confronted that with him yesterday and it ended badly, both told each fuck off and he hasn't messaged or called me yet and now I'm convinced my relationship is over but can't sa>>685198
y definitively because he might turn up in 2-3days and say sorry and shiet

No. 766139

Leave discharge-chan alone! You can talk shit, but you will never be as great as her.

No. 766703

File: 1616363343808.png (754.11 KB, 1006x972, Screenshot_20210131-214743.png)

Don't hate me bc you ain't me, sweaty ♥ nice bait kek

To stay on topic, my "get it off your chest" today is that I've been spending a lot less time crying over fanedits of my boy and I feel guilty about it. He kind of looks unfamiliar somehow. I'm certain it has something to do with starting lithium.
On a perhaps-related note, I've been visiting the farms less and eating fewer of my body products. I still eat snot, scabs, blood, and stretchy ovulation discharge as a treat, which actually only means I've not been eating earwax much lately. But that's still progress.
Redemption arc?(avatarfaggot)

No. 767863

I can't help abou how much of a BITTER CUNT I am…
So, I have a friend going through some problems rn.
Now they made a group to help him, keep sending positive messages, showing love and support, etc.
It's like 10 people, including me.
Like, bitch, I lived a shit life and I never had 10 people to help me! I've been on the verge of giving up, suicide attempts, being months in bed and not even a single soul.
Now he has all these fucking people to bomblove him just because his depressed and I have to do the same even though he never did anything for me.
Some people just have it easy. I do hope he gets better, he needs to get his shit together and have all the support. But yeah, I envy him for having all silver platter handed. Fuck this, I almost told him but I need to keep my bitterness for myself.

No. 767867

love this shit lmao

No. 768859

FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. You don't fucking care you bitch. Fuck your "checks", I am fine, I am better than when I lived in that hellhole. Fuck you, you didn't care about me when I was there, you didn't care about me when I tried talking about abuse and getting help, FUCK YOU you fucking narcissist bitch. I stopped talking to you for a reason, respect that. Just leave me alone, I want to be left alone. I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to see your face for a reason.

No. 768879

File: 1616630560604.jpg (48.94 KB, 446x687, EvfN9A9VgAMBBoS.jpg)

you genuinely seem cool and i love that you're in my life but i can't agree with how fat you've allowed your cat to get. okay yeah, "big chungus lol!! chonker honker donker!!" big chungus is like 500 fucking pounds. he can't turn himself over. he's obese. my arms get tired when i try to lift him. you've gotta make a better effort to help him lose weight, you can't just feed him because he meows and makes baby eyes at you and you've gotta STOP fucking trying to pass it off like it's cute, because it isn't. no cat should be that fat. holy shit

No. 768943

Ah yes, time for my weekly lolcow kin drama brought to you by dischage-chan, you'd love to see it!

No. 768945

Please tell me why you kin Komaeda, please I need to know please

No. 768967

File: 1616641185356.png (453.51 KB, 575x630, 1561302652106.png)

I know this is horrible but I've wanted to break up with him multiple times but I'd just chicken out and try harder to make it work. I know it is for real this time, I'm constantly irritated by him and can't fake attraction anymore. He holds me up on this pedestal and I don't think I can live up to my potential if I stay with him. Also, I am not attracted to him and the sexual compatibility has always been TERRIBLE. I can't do this anymore. I am going to break up with him before my birthday. I feel so rotten, I should have done this years ago. Also, I have literally no online or offline friends at all, so I am going to just have my mom to lean on. That's what I get for being a codependent neet womanchild, I reap what I sow. fuck my life

No. 768987

Anon I can promise you, the regret of wasting so much of your time on someone you don't want to be with feels insurmountably worse than the fear of being lonely. Leave him and be easier on yourself.

Also thank you for this picture of Master Shake

No. 768993

mental illness

nta but I am serious as someone who related to him as a teen, it's that. that is his central feature. any sperg I could go into, that's the tl;dr

No. 769002

I hate being accused of being so secretive when the shit I'm hiding isn't even that deep. Like fuck sorry I didn't think to tell you about all my favorite things or who my siblings are. It seems pretty irrelevant to bring up unless you just ask yourself but none of you bitches ever ask and just assume I'm hiding shit. Or you think I'm not being honest because I didn't bother to tell you when I'm going to bed or about to do some shit. Like dang I didn't know I had to report my every moment to you bitches.

No. 769210

Anon are you me? Atleast you didn't have to go through the divorce like I did with my ex. But yeah don't force yourself to be with someone who makes you miserable for the rest of your life.

No. 769240

Just fucking say the package will arrive AT the end of the day, not BY the end so that i don't have to wait here all day like a moron every time gaaah

No. 769311

I’m proud that I’ve come clean about being bpd. I’m glad I OWE up to it. I’m glad that I’m not another ptsd snowflake that gets away with everything. I’m glad I owe up to my shit functioning. I’m glad I don’t give a shit about the bpd in denials irl (and since I know 99% of farmers do that here as well: idgaf about you either).
I’ll seek help.
I’ll feel a bit better. Or function.

And since I’m pro euthanasia I guess I’ll go that route if all fails. But it doesn’t matter, I’ll try my best first. If it doesn’t work out next march 2022… I’ll vanish. Because I don’t want to live a life where everyone took advantage of me. I don’t want to live a life that’s stressing. I don’t want to live a life where I am never in control. I don’t want to face the fact that there’s nobody that loves me or cares about me. I don’t want to confront myself and realize my skin is thin And that my personality is disordered due to le ptsd.

No. 769348

Forget it. I fucking give up. Nothing's ever good enough is it?

can't befriend other women cause I don't enjoy the right shows, I'm a stupid gender traitor/pickme/etc even though I literally don't like men.

Can't befriend men cause all they care about is coom and fucking. I'll just die alone then huh. fuck everyone

No. 769474

I never became a friend with a woman who had the same interests as me. It's false to look for someone with the same interests or the same taste in shows. Me and my friends are very different and we only agree to watch the same show once or twice every other time.
For men, meh.

No. 769478

Sorry about autism but what do you guys bond over and what do you enjoy about each other's company? I have super obscure interests and it's so hard for me to find someone who gets me. I get bored with most people as well to make things worse.

No. 769486

All the best to you with doing everything that you can to improve your life anon, taking responsibility and charge of your mental wellbeing is always a good investment. However please don't weigh your life against the success of 2021 though, the next couple of years following global pandemic are might be bumpy for everybody so probably won't represent the best that life can ever offer you

I suggest writing your empowered thoughts down somewhere permanent to steel you through any bad times, so that you remember you can always find your way back to being in charge again

No. 769653

None of my friends share my retarded interests and it's honestly for the best. You can't connect to people just on the basis of liking the same shit media.

No. 769659

That's actually a good question.
We bond over values we respect each other highly, when I tell you we're different I mean veeerrry different you wouldn't imagine us to be friends but we all share the same values it's like we have this women code that we all understand naturally. We fight sometimes but we immediately clear the misunderstanding. As for interests we introduce each others to our different worlds. We also get easily with other people and have other friends outside our circle but we have sth deeper between us 4. I think we understand what friendship means.

No. 769662

I don't know if this is the right thread but I need to say this.
I can't get over this ugly motgerfucker babymama retarded piece of shit. And he's not even my bf. I had a crush on him and now it's been a year and I still deeply into him. I managed to ignore his ass for sometime but I keep falling back. It's so frustrating like bitch get it together. This never happened to me before I met his ugly ass. I know I deserve way better he's not even a catch. What is wrooooong with meeee. Sometimes I think it's because I graduated and unemployed and I have a lot of free time so there's nothing to think about but him. But it's degrading. I can't even block him aaaahhhhh

No. 769665

File: 1616716272800.jpg (26.1 KB, 563x546, Bk2Z95h.jpg)

Zoom university starts up again Monday and I spend every waking moment absolutely dreading it. I used to like the shit I studied, now it's fucking dumb and who the fuck cares.

No. 769688

This is why I don't engage with any of you bitches. I hate all of you, y'all so fucking fake and for what? It's obvious you're a bunch of hypocritical, ugly, maladjusted cunts you ain't lying to me and no one but yourselves. Always cancelling talented people for shit y'all do too, and then turn around and praise fugly, horrendous sjw art just to virtual signal. I don't even give a fuck about any of this i just don't like all this hypocrisy, just be honest about shit, if y'all horny and don't give a fuck about anything just admit it and stop pretending you're jesus while being an absolute degenerate. Y'all ruined my hobby with your stupid, pointless politics, you neurotic, fag obsessed, talentless freaks.

Also stop "re-drawing" thin, good looking characters just because y'all can't cope with being fugly and fat, fucking losers, for a fashion related media y'all got absolutely no fashion sense nor style at all, y'all just here to pretend you're woke and create horrible "art" while being absolutely obnoxious and psychotic.

No. 769693

You talentless, pretentious, overly edgy, whiny bitch. Just because you fill your "au" with senseless ~trauma and tragedy~ doesn't mean is automatically ~deep~ you idiot. Your writing skills are non-existent, you're immature as fuck and you aren't hot shit for being a tasteless dumbass who writes torture porn filled with cheap shock value.

No. 769733

I genuinely love myself no matter how hard you try to bring me down, i tried to help you, i tried to understand you but you "can't help" but being shitty to me. You're just jealous i don't want to kill myself everytime I see my reflection, that i actually can wear everything i want, that i don't have to starve or force people to tell me I'm attractive. I'm not like you, i don't need fake sympathy, i don't need to be an enbi to cope with my uglyness, i don't need constant validation from anyone around me. Everytime you wear something nice you're "empowering" and "so ~queer~" but when I do I'm "sexualizing myself" and "pleasing the male gaze", c'mon really? I'm not even a weeb and you get so catty when I compliment any of your husbandos, bitch at least i could actually date them if they existed unlike you.

No. 771812

You have the emotional maturity of a rat, but even they make up for it by being cute. Meanwhile you're a walking brain tumour that gives cancer to everyone you speak to.

No. 771845

I hate white trannies(racebait)

No. 771853

I hate all of them.

No. 771914

oh my fucking god i hate this so much. everything you do is so calculated and now that i'm out of your clutches you're literally begging to get me back in them, is it? this is the most fucked up i've ever been and it's all because you can't leave me the fuck alone, you just need to satisfy your vanity by having a fake relationship where all i do is give and all you do is reject. people like you are called butt fucking INSANE jesus christ. i'm so happy by myself. i earn my money, i cook my food, i go on walks and read books and i'm just trying my best to live my own simple life but what the fuck you just can't leave good enough alone can you!? it's all about you and you alone. you just NEED to suck my best years and my energy and my goodness, consume it till i'm just as miserable and dried up as you. and i HATE that even though i know all of this and i know better than to fall into your clutches again, you're going to guilt EVERYONE around you until you get me back where you want me, ready to be kicked and shat on. and everyone just up and GIVES it to you because narcissist that you are you can't help but make everyone's life hell until they capitulate to your sorry fucking ass. on top of everything you have the balls to lie to everyone and tell them i'm the bitch in the situation. OH MY GOD i've never said this before in my life for anyone else but I HOPE YOU DIE IN AN ACCIDENT, BITCH

also you're the shittiest excuse of a parent i've ever seen. if there is a god, you'll get yours

No. 771928

File: 1617024251158.png (Spoiler Image, 292.93 KB, 435x453, Untitled1.png)

women should die of being raped to death in factory line rape machines and all the heat generated from the breath of their screams will be used to power a small CRT tv playing gay anime that turns men into hairy tranny rapists who will write the code that powers the rape machines, and the blood dripping from the machines will be reduced to the trace iron elements which will be used to make small surgical instruments that will be used to slice off little girl's clitorises and sew up their vaginas so it heals up only to be torn open by the machines again, then all the adrenochrome harvested from the terrorized little girls will be injected into the near death women so as to prolong their torment more, and the humidity from the hot breath will encourage men to build a sauna in the same room so they can relax and unwind from a hard days work, then the most resilient females will be released from the machines and dragged to the nursery to be inseminated by young boys in order to indoctrinate them into rape culture at the earliest possible age in order to breed a stronger race of female that will last longer at being raped until it is a perpetual existence of rape, then humans will invent ghost vacuums so that if a woman dies, it will capture the soul and humanity will invade the afterlife dimensions and create a soul raping machine and refine the technology in order to create a nightmare rape reality where rape is nothing but rape and raperape rapereapreapearaperaep(bye scrote)

No. 771930

Did anyone ask though

No. 771934

Young boys just string sexually explicitly and problematic demographics together for shock value and wonder why their sex is becoming obsolete at management. Y'all retards.

No. 771951

File: 1617026900397.jpg (21.33 KB, 478x478, gun.jpg)


i needed that thanks

No. 771962

Mod pls spoiler the pic it’s fucking disgusting

No. 771966

the "real" discharge anon here (god that's so embarrassing to write)
i don't kin him anymore, but yeah like >>768993 said, i was just very ill at the time. i went straight from high dependency to a psych unit after the coma, actually.
i kinned him because (to me) his core character is somebody lonely who doesn't value his life, and he doesn't have control over anything that happens to him. i related a lot to that and still do, just in a different way.
i posted a lot of weird stuff on here while i was poorly, like my crush on ash ketchum and the answering machine, the bullet bill ritual scroll thing, and a couple of others i can't remember. sorry for shitting up the threads and thanks for the laughs, you cheered me up a lot when i was in a bad place. love you /ot/

No. 771977

File: 1617029183445.jpeg (65.03 KB, 409x271, B21650A1-FECC-483E-B2F7-5C5D4A…)

typos I love you, nonnie, I’m glad you’re feeling better now.

No. 772013

that pic is disgusting, kill yourself retarded faggot

No. 772033


It's just a face, isn't it? Am I missing something?

No. 772038

yeah a pic of an ugly scrotes face, revolting just like the post

No. 772046

>gay anime that turns men into hairy tranny rapists who will write the code that powers the rape machines
ngl I snorted at this line

No. 772060

but you’ll always just be a tranny

No. 772076

All this really showed me is that men above the age of 25+ have horrible fucking skin and are inherently ugly.

No. 772084

In 100% sure you’re the piece of shit that keeps posting child porn.

No. 772107

A cumbrain sat down and spent at least 5-10 minutes to write this all out only to swiftly get the ban hammer and some joke replies. This post is the most pathetic thing I've seen in a while honestly.

No. 772110

Seriously. So glad about the male suicide rate.

No. 773939

You avoid sharing my posts because you know for a fact I've better content than you, just fucking say it and stop following me. Why are you so fake? Do you think I'm this gullible? Stop pretending you give a fuck and just go away.

No. 774197

File: 1617287945491.jpg (115.97 KB, 500x667, 500.jpg)

Can't believe this bitch has the nerve to look me straight in the eye while shoving her hand up her vanaynay

No. 775335

My bf is considering that he might be NB (but doesn’t want to use different pronouns) just because he doesn’t identify with the toxic masculinity
It’s a short term relationship and we knew it was going to end at some point but fml. I might be irrational and I usually never think this way but but I hate his nb friend who most likely pushed him in this direction. For some reason this whole thing is throwing me into a emotional frenzy and I’m a mess now. I want it to stop and I’m sort of annoyed at how I’m reacting.

No. 775338

I hate how on tumblr a lot of posts I agree with come from radfems. They’re nothing about being trans it’s just simple things like “you don’t have to be a walking stereotype to be gay” and it just echoes SO MUCH THAT I BELIVE IN BUT I CAN’T REBLOG IT BECUASE I DON’T WANT TO GET JUMPED ON

No. 775339

Sorry to hear your bf is a fag. Move on now before he wants to wear your underwear.

No. 775490

sick of my cousin skinwalking me since we were in primary school. shes obsessed with the fact im mixed race and used to pretend she spoke with my “foreign” accent at her own school even though we’re from a very asian small town with not many foreigners. youd think in our midtwenties shed stop but its almost gotten worse if anything.

No. 775836

Dump his ass. Anyone who legitimately considers themselves non binary has mental issues

No. 776037

>because he doesn’t identify with the toxic masculinity
lol wtf, toxic masculinity isn't an identity, it's behaviour that someone will show regardless of how they identify. Sounds like he doesn't want to be grouped with those ~evil men~ because he's NOt lIkE tHEm!! In other words, he's yet another useless man who'd rather stick his head in the sand than hear about violent men, instead of help change the culture that enables violent men to exists so freely because he does not actually care about female victims. Dump him, you truly deserve better.

No. 776080

It sucks because he’s very progressive and is a feminist as well (which is rare here tbh). I tried telling him that he doesn’t have to follow stereotypical ideas about manhood but I don’t think my words will have any affect. I’m hoping that one day he’ll laugh at the whole thing but who knows. I just question his whole motive for being non-binary. According to literally everything he said I’d also be nb and so would a lot of people.
We’re bound to break up anyway, not because of the identity issues, it hurts to think about it honestly.

No. 777577

I feel like I became a very toxic and hateful person
Kind of want to die honestly I’m very disgusted with myself

No. 777587

I Don’t regret a thing kek

No. 778282

I never knew how low your petty ass would go until you threatened that I wouldn't be taking my cat when I leave your abusive whiny ass.
Fuck this pandemic and fuck these abusive wokebros

No. 778292

File: 1617835164014.jpg (1000.2 KB, 1242x1234, 1615590490853.jpg)

I absolutely despise of the world and what is becoming of it. I'll take my ban for this, whatever, but as someone who is a conservative, seeing this god awful wave of neo-liberalism infecting our world like the plague more and more every day, it makes me dread the future of mine and my future children's lives. It's gotten to the point where if you have a different opinion, you're labelled as racist, sexist, homophobic, deserving to be 'cancelled'? Like, what the fuck? Our world is literally turning into 1984. From troons taking over women's spaces, to sex work being normalised to underaged children, to the troon agenda being pushed on developing, insecure kids who haven't found themselves yet, to kids being exposed to hardcore, disgusting porn and fetishes even before aged 10- I've had enough of it. When I have kids, they aren't going to have access to the internet, PERIOD. No access to recent tv shows, cartoons, etc, no media past the early 2000s. They can only have video games, musical instruments, nature, books, toys and art to keep themselves entertained, which will make them so much smarter too. Even considering homeschooling them, I don't want them to be corrupted by current society in any way at all.
Fuck what is happening to the world. Innocence is a thing of the past and I miss it. I miss when kids could be kids, not glued to watching sex work positivity videos on tiktok and transgender propaganda plaguing ever single thing that ever existed.

No. 778295

>Even considering homeschooling them, I don't want them to be corrupted by current society in any way at all.
As someone who was homeschooled, this is very funny lol

No. 778300

File: 1617836015412.jpg (14.5 KB, 236x314, luv.jpg)

I'm 26 and I dress like this now and when I'm 56 I'm still gonna dress like this and when I'm dead, they're gonna bury what's left of me dressed like this and there's not a god damn thing anyone can do or say to stop me, I am my own grown-ass retard and I am having a good time

No. 778337

you look good at 26, you're going to look good at 50, and ur going to look good dead bless u anonita

No. 778346

♥ bless you

No. 778352

Wish I had your level of confidence I love that style but I'm always worried I'm gonna outgrow the fashion and that keeps me from getting into it.

No. 778353

Baby, style can't be outgrown, it's in your heart
All you can do is keep the bastards from grinding you down

No. 778355

nta but damn I needed to read that

No. 778359

thanks anon getting old is so stressful and I'll pass on clothing because I feel to old for it. i'm not even 25 yet. ngl this site gets to me since every farmer thinks the moment a woman gets nasal labial folds they should never touch pastels again and dress like a babushka kek.

No. 778375

File: 1617845353345.jpg (52.15 KB, 394x591, boot-lady.jpg)

It's such a prevalent opinion around here that women must absolutely adhere to dressing their age, whatever that means. I get the stress but I hope you still decide to dress how you want and not give a fuck about what others think of it. I absolutely love seeing anyone regardless of age rocking pastel vomit or green mohawks or basically anything that stands out. It makes my day. And the people that think you're too old for it instead of admiring your style are going to be assholes anyway, so why worry about what they think. Any cool person is going to appreciate the fuck out of someone showing individuality in their style.
I saw a middle aged woman wearing full on goth clothes the other day, teased hair and all. It was great. You're not even 25 and really, the older you get the less fucks you give and the more you're going to regret being insecure for no reason when you were younger.

No. 778382

File: 1617846325999.jpeg (93.21 KB, 750x750, B7BDDD17-B46B-40DB-BFC9-7F9C02…)

Looks tacky/kitsch when you don’t dress your age though. Clothes are clearly made and targeted towards certain demographics anon. Something like picrel will just make an old woman look outlandish

No. 778385

Regardless of age, I don’t think anyone would look good in this outfit.

No. 778388

we spend our entire lives judged for everything we do, say, and own
why not enjoy what makes you happy? especially something so harmless

No. 778389

I've never really understood what this means, like when I turn 70, do I have to wear floral pantsuits? Cuz I don't want to, but that is what you normally see them wearing

No. 778406

hags have to wear the old orthopedic shoes in taupe polyester high waisted floral pink slacks belted at our saggy tits with a frumpy unkept polo usually in a baby blue or red. or a mumu yes.

No. 778411

You should read /g/ instead of nitpicky cow threads, the majority on there think women are ridiculous being so scared of aging in their 20s and thinking they need to exclusively wear business casual or frumpy mum clothes the moment they hit 30.

I can wait to be an old lady still having fun with my style. It's harder to pull off youth fashion but who wants to still be wearing shit like >>778382 in their 60s? You can transition into intentionally weird old hag mode which is far superior, and you'll get less judgement since people don't care what weird old hags do.

No. 778412

well that just makes me sad, all that on top of arthritis and osteoporosis too

No. 778414

I mean hopefully no one wants to dress like >>778382 ever

No. 778415

True, it's ugly af. Old ladies won't look good in things like that but neither will average girls.

There seems to be a trend of hot, thin, stylish people wearing obviously ugly clothes because pulling them off (or at least not looking totally heinous) is a flex.

No. 778430

Sometimes I wonder if what's considered old people clothes isn't just whatever they wore anyway when they were younger. If you were adolescent in the 50s you'd probably wear a lot of florals and pearls and the like, and the clothing those people wear now is still reminescent of that time, be it more covered and loose fitting. I wouldn't be surprised if the generation that was young in the 80s will wear 80s inspired old people clothing when they get older. Shoulder pads maybe, or more alternative looking stuff. It's not like 70 year old people wore floral pantsuits in the 50s.
So chances are the old people clothes from when you're 70 will resemble current fashion in a way.

No. 778443

Buy check translation complete retrieve sell packages money money money money money money pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid sold sold sold sold sold sold sold delivery delivery delivery delivery delivery app download commercials adds propaganda sold bought buy get got money money money money money money money money money money sell sell sell sell sell sell sell buy buy buy buy buy this buy that buy those buy it for you buy it for me buy it for her buy it for him buy that buy this buy those buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want promo promo promo promo promo promo promo promo code promo code promo code promo code free delivery free delivery free delivery free delivery eat food buy food eat food buy food eat food buy food eat food buy food.

No. 778551

I will not ever wear shoulder pads again, ever, no way! That said, you're spot on with your assessment, old people clothes are just old fashion from back in their day.

No. 778565

couldnt agree more anon

No. 778787

I am angry all the time all the time all the time

No. 778798

What a killer outfit

No. 778799

always pisses me off how walmart, fast food places, etc will reject qualified young adults who can easily do the job correctly but will hire 80+ yr olds with dementia who can't pick up more than 5 lbs and will take 3 hours to check out a handful of items. Like seriously what the fuck kind of mentally ill person is doing all the hiring in america?

No. 778803

They probably think the young people are going to go on to find better careers and leave soon so what's the point in hiring them in the first place, while an old person is unlikely to find another job and what other place would hire an ancient artifact

No. 778805

That's stupid, it just ruins customer service and slows down productivity while pissing off customers as well as young adults being unemployed and unable to move to the next part of their life. Fast food and retail jobs were supposed to be for young adults and college students and now most of us are unemployed while bertha who can't count past 5 are getting full time hours and treated like queens and kings by those places

No. 778824

the western world is catered to boomers, like it always has been. They will always benefit from the system. While the rest of us were losing jobs/hours, or being overworked for no hazard pay, Biden used covid relief money to boost pensions. Pensions that will not exist when we are their age. Same with their healthcare. It's not a party thing either, it's all sides. The boomers need to just die tbh.

No. 778829

True, explains why you can only make age discrimination suits against old people

No. 778839

File: 1617911537112.jpg (30.98 KB, 275x269, 1598572475783.jpg)

I have a friend living abroad who I kind of brushed off last year because I felt like he didn't really follow our conversations and I was the only one putting any effort, I basically told him to fuck off and it got kind of awkward. Last week because of other reasons I felt like I wanted to apologize to him so we talked for a couple of days and things are OK now but I have such a weird frustration around him.

When we met we were coworkers and I always felt he had a thing for me, and I kind of did too but I wasn't completely sure and I know myself that I don't like to take the first step when I'm not sure. Eventually he told me he was moving away so I kind of pushed those feelings aside and got into a relationship with my ex. Our friendship kind of started to dwindle around that time since he was really depressed (he was laid off and took it badly) and didn't talk to me much. After he moved away we talked on and off until I got annoyed at him (again for lack of participation).

Now what I don't get is why I feel so weird about him, like I feel angry he doesn't talk to me more often, but why should he? We weren't even that close when he was living here and it makes sense I'm out of his radar by now. Last time we talked I kind of felt he wanted me to stop chatting, so we haven't talked since. I'm not sure if this anger is from me having some sort of feelings for him, or just annoyed that I feel ignored? Or maybe capricious because he probably doesn't see me that way anymore? Even though I never knew if he liked me or not (it was just a hunch). I also have a sort of jealousy about him moving away since I always wanted to and he moved to a country I find really interesting, so maybe it has something to do with that?

Like I just want to cause problem when I see him online and I have to bite my tongue lol what is wrong with meeee let it go

No. 778844

It would be better if everyone just had equal opportunities
Here in my country fast food places and most customer service jobs only hire young people because they are attractive, survive on brutal shifts and you can pay an under 23 year old less. Old people struggle to find jobs, especially older women, and are at a right high rate of poverty if they have no family.

No. 778853

Most old people I met who "have no family" are just assholes who's family cut them off after years of abuse, rightfully so.

No. 778964

File: 1617923958908.jpg (84.46 KB, 1300x956, Woman-with-a-megaphone-asserti…)

They're fucking ugly too. Being a drawing doesn't cancel that out.

No. 780191


No. 780627

Jesus fucking christ sometimes I just don't want to talk to you. And with sometimes I mean most of the time. You send so many text messages I'm not gonna read all that shit. And I know you're manipulative cause you say I'm one of the few people who listen. Yes it was fine before but you literal talk is about true crime and gore. And sometimes I just NEED to work you know? Shut up.

No. 780628

CHRIST shut the fuck up

No. 780649

God my life is so miserable since I let you in my life I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you you only use me for my money and my car you worthless junkie I hate you for making me feel these disgusting feelings stop talking about yourself for one second stop buying useless shit and then complain about being broke stop acting like the world owes you something god you think you’re the only one that suffers you’re so pathetic you’re nothing I can’t do this anymore I need you to get the fuck out of my life I’m so close to fucking killing myself

No. 780681

Kill that useless fuck instead of yourself anon

No. 780700

I'm gonna kill myself

No. 780761

Please don't

No. 780805

I always thought I’d suicide at 25 due to fear of aging and general lifelong depression and mental illness. I didn’t do it, but really wish I had. I’m 26 now and all of my worst fears are coming true, and I’m not getting any healthier mentally. 26 might be the year I kick the bucket, I guess

No. 780818

I think I’m starting to develop motherly feelings over a kid who isn’t even mine but is my nephew nonetheless. I just want to love him, protect him and make him laugh.

I didn’t have any of these feelings towards my niece and other nephew as I didn’t get to spend much time with them when they were infants for reasons beyond my control yet still love them nonetheless. However, being with my youngest nephew is different; he’s happy to see me and hold him. I don’t get temperamental nor have anxiety as I would with other kids. Maybe I’m changing?

No. 780824

I hope you’re a different anon than >>780700 but I hope both of you stay safe and get help from people who want what’s best for you, and that you stop wanting to die. Life can be worth living and life isn’t the same without you in it! and before anyone calls me a bleeding heart bitch yeah I am, I hope it bothers you, here’s my get it off my chest: I am so glad I am able to separate myself from my past these days in a way that isnt dissociative or othering my past from myself, because the distance and time to do that have made me realize that I don’t owe anyone anything and I’m going to be mean to anyone I feel like has wronged me because I have been so fucking groomed my whole life and after unpacking it I will never be kind to any of these fuckers again. Stop seeking shit from me! You’re all creeps who can’t see my life past your role in it, I know I’m self centered but it’s a product of having no center of self for so long. I don’t care to hear that you look back on our relationship happily, I was a teenager and you were a grown man. Grown men. I make myself sick sometimes but you make me sicker. Stop asking if I have a lover, stop finding ways to bring me up, keep your proximity as far as humanly possible from me. You’re all disgusting creeps and my payback is going on without ever looking back again. When I was you g and naive I believed your threats of further violence but now I realize after that happened it was you that feared me until my statute of limitations passed a year ago. Am I safe now? Will I ever be safe? I’m glad I’m doing better now but these thoughts reside and thrive in me and I hope my newfound confidence and joy is an ongoing trend, and that I can stay the hell away from all of you.

No. 780825

At least I know I'm awful, which is more than can be said for the rest of you.

You guys all either think you're essentially flawless or are so full of yourself you think people should just unconditionally put up with your shit. You're all toxic cesspools and, quite frankly, not good people. I'm truly better off without you and I'm not just telling myself that as a cope. You're drama obsessed losers who aren't even enjoyable company most of the time.

No. 780826

I can't fucking do this much longer.

No. 780913

It’s taking all of my power to not stay in bed and cry.

No. 780917

I probably need to lose weight like 50-60 lbs but I can find guys to fuck anyway so why do it

No. 780919

i dont know what im doing

No. 780937

I got into some infighting on another thread the other night, I swore a lot and felt guilty after? I never swear irl, and I remember this girl from high school always used to point this out, for some reason as she loved to make me embarrassed for some reason, as I was shy and my face used to go red if I was the centre of attention in the conversation. Sorry for blog, just feel uncomfortable and sad right now. Hope you anons are okay today.

No. 780938

I have a Reddit account which I have had since 2018 as I love the unresolved mysteries thread and have posted on there in the past and love true crime and cold cases. I am not a scrote I promise.

No. 780948

Do it for your health if you're getting close to damaging your health and physical ability, being unhealthily fat ruins your life as you get older. The body can't cope and everything goes wrong.
But if it's just some extra cushion weight? Who cares, never lose weight for men, instead take comfort knowing that you'll survive better if you ever get trapped without food and that your bones have some extra safe wrapping in case you ever fall. The body is amazing.

No. 780950

This is like the third post I've seen lately about anons getting anxious over infighting. I want to say you should all take it easier on yourself and lolcow is all in good fun but also I hope you are an anon I was arguing with. That's what you get for being mean to me

No. 780954

Don't feel like you owe an apology for swearing of being disagreeable. When you're tired of a really stupid anon, just throw a grenade equivalent of a post at them and let them deal with it and use their little brains for an wall of text epic comeback while you take a break from that thread and forget about it by the next day.

No. 780958

No one cares that you used bad words online. And the people that act uppity in irl about swear words are usually boring cunts.

No. 780971

you gas lit me, bailed on our plans for new fags, made ME feel like the anxious piece of shit ruining the friendship. you lied about being a lesbian, your arts regressed, your whole "career" lingers on one simp.'s money. you're a disgusting gender special that roleplays as a gay teen with your straight boyfriend. he's barely legal while you're closer to 30. I have no fucking clue what happened to you but you are the shitty friend. People were right to fucking leave you and im leaving next. fuck off, and stay the hell away from other lesbians. hope all your shit blows up in flames and others realize what a shitty person you became.

No. 780973

I honestly didn't believe the first ones who wrote that infighting impacted them that way, that they were genuinely disturbed IRL. I just see it as inconsequential banter. I don't understand what you're doing here if you don't enjoy shit-flinging.

No. 780976

No. 780998

I thought you had some kind of evil plan against newfags together, I had to read 3 times

No. 781054

i want a friend

No. 781340

"i don't wish bad upon him or anyone. i knew something was wrong with him" what lying ass bitch. you were bitching about how you wish he would get fired and how you wanted to frame him for something so he would get fired. why? all just because you didn't like seeing him around and because he questioned you why you think you had the authority to tell them what to do.

istg i want to call this guy out so much on his fucken bullshit. bitches about one thing then the next time acts like he's so nice and understanding. bitches about someone doing something, then goes and does the same exact thing. but i already know how he is, he's gonna be a bitch about it if i call his bitch ass out.

No. 781344

i miss my ex everyday because he was my best friend and now i have no one who's close to me as he was. it's been 5 years but i still have no one.

No. 781346

if the only allowed topic is your stupid-ass daily life i might jsut stop fucking talking to you altogether

if the things i like are so fucking boring to you im sure you'll find someone else whose conversation is more enjoyable

ive never been so fucking disappointed by a so called friend

No. 781358

I know the fact that you haven't been able to see what I've been up to these past few years really makes you seethe. You're a borderline flop rat erotomaniac with cursed white trash genes devoid of genuine interpersonal relationships and a stable sense of self. You can rewrite history all you want and invent as many personalities as you need to, but you'll never get me back.

No. 781374

im afraid of losing my bf, he is the only person i feel really close to on a long time

No. 781444

I despise the influx of eating disorder related shit on tiktok and twitter. Due to the mainstream nature of these sites, literally everyone is saying they have/have had one. Prior to this, you actually had to seek out communities. Sorry if this sounds retarded but it’s so fucking triggering seeing “ED” been thrown around as some kind of buzzword. I hate it so much. It’s so invalidating

No. 781445

samefag sorry for the awful wording it’s late and I’m running off nicotine

No. 781580

Stop trying to fucking shill me your fucking weed gummies. I don't give a shit where you got it from or the dosage of it. Everytime I've had an edible, regardless of where it's from or how much I've had it was the worst expierence of my life. Like some drugs doctors prescribe don't work for some people. Why can't you get it through your head that may be true for weed too? I'm really not trying to hallucinate and be paranoid for an undetermined amount of hours bitch. So stop fucking begging me.

No. 781602

fuck yes anon, I also have awful reactions to weed and have no interest in trying cayenne pepper & mango flavored moon mountain misty gummies or whatever the fuck. i WILL think I need to go to the hospital because the TV is talking to me, I dont care HOW gentle a high it is. Shut the fuck up.

No. 781629

Go the fuck home you baguette cunt. Our work is always slow, don't pretend we're soooo busy because I'm sitting doing nothing but have to pretend I'm doing something so you don't make me redo for the 10th time what is already perfectly done.
And no, I'm not doing your job. You get paid twice as much as I am for a reason.

No. 781697


i agree with you and think they do more harm than anything. they will post old bodychecks pics and stuff like that and it makes teenagers have ideas of doing the same to themselves because a lot of them were never spoopy level. with more attention they give it, more teenagers will know and watch these people, and a fraction of them will see it as an inspiration rather than the ugly reality it is. when tumblr was a proana hell hole… and i know they still post it, but it does get deleted if you report it and had attention and they jump through hoops with tags to hide it. i reported people for a post with less than 200 notes and the account was straight up terminated. but when it was all at their peak, ed stuff was everywhere and the attention people brought to it influenced many teenage girls to want to do the same thing. its been happening since livejournal days, maybe even more time. even insta had a moment where proana shit was popular and now they get their shit deleted rightfully so, but they used to not moderate it. proana people will always grow in social media sites till you start cutting them off. if you let an ED community grow in your site, regardless if its pro or not, just letting it grow exposes teenagers to get interested in it and fall for that shit. its literally the same as the phenomenon of suicide copycats in my opinion. if a teenager gets exposed too much to that shit, some of them are not going to be wise enough not to fall for it. just let it die. all of them say they are pro recovery now compared to back in the day, but theyre just looking for any way to post their bodychecks and shit to children without been deleted.

on this subject, myproana creators are going to hell. their site thrives on a lot of teenagers looking for tips and pics and just become obsessed with wanting an ED. they claim its a place to help people who have dealt with EDs but everyone knows half the website is actively looking to lose weight the anorexic way when they are fine. i will never forgive them over the 16 year old who got abducted from her family and raped FOR A FUCKING YEAR. this because she met a creep looking for friends in myproana. they have no moderation and teenagers and people who want to have anorexia post there all the time and they dont care. ED shit needs to get reported and deleted with no mercy the way now all sites do with self harm pics or saying "i want to die lol".

No. 781963


No. 782361

you can't even remember things that someone told you a just a few hours ago but yet when i suggest what to do you suddenly remember exactly what someone said last week. quit pulling shit out of your fucken asshole, i'm not fucken stupid, always claiming someone else said something when it's just your stupid ass.

No. 782376

I fucking hate this country and the dumbass men who put "gang rape day" into twitter trending. Womens pain is a joke to these fucking men. At least my fiancee is a pinkpilled radfem so i can show my hate as much as i want. But i seriously fucking hate how they refuse to acknowledge that women are disadvantages. They CRY double standarts when it is even implied that women gave it harder. They want to be oppressed so bad by women and i just. Dont. Get. It. What the fuck did we do to you besides refusing to have sex?

(Its Turkey btw, literal shithole full of incels that keep killing women but cry about "discrimination" when we say male violence)

No. 782385

Yes, I get it, you feel good about yourself because you have good decent weight distribution. You feel good about yourself because you feel your body is finally the ideal. But is it really though if you still weigh over 250lbs???? You just look fat with a small head. Please shut up about it.

No. 782434

I wanna help you I'm scared for you but I'm scared of facing you and your pain I wish you would understand on your own how to do better I love you but I'm scared you won't

No. 782858

File: 1618331871695.jpeg (400.21 KB, 1242x630, 1F11179B-5BCB-4045-B160-9E7BC4…)

i hate these fat bitches who want oppression points for having negligent parents who made them fat. ahem, i mean, be acknowledged a victims of oppression as naturally obese people. what am i supposed to do, give you a smiley face sticker for being an obese child and apologize for liking tracksuits on skinny girls? act like your parents played no part in this and you were just a big boned child?

No. 782872

lmao the way it 'centers on thin women', because fashion is aspirational. nothing stopping you from buying an xxl juicy tracksuit off of ebay, the way she acts like they only make them in xs and literally stop big women from wearing them is hilarious. also "double nose piercing" like… is there a weight limit on that too?

No. 782910

My best friend talks in this high pitched voice whenever we are with other people, calls herself 'cute', acts like a child (to cater to men idk) And honestly, this is so frustrating because she is a grown woman and honestly I am just so disappointed in her as a friend. Idk what to do. She pretends that her childlikeness is all inherit, that she cannot change it, but it’s all her own fabrication.

No. 782943

Well Idk, I know it's not meant to be, but I still want to take the virginity of a streamer. I know it's gonna be a fuck and go. I don't even feel things for you, maybe just a little, maybe I'm in denial. anyways, fuck you.

No. 782945

Fuck you for ignoring me, it's me the one who hates you now. Seriously leave me alone.

No. 782947

Having parents who made you obese is actually the worst and very abusive though. Idk about what she's saying, but seriously growing up obese is the worst

No. 782987

I'm so fucking sick of you being so emotionally and mentally dependent on me. It's like every time I come online you make it my JOB to talk to you, entertain you and make you feel good. I've told you time and time again how I hate the pressure you put on me to make you happy, and you claim to understand but you clearly don't. I've finally realized you're just a codependent leech, and I wish you would take a hint and leave me the fuck alone already. I've already tried breaking off our friendship twice, and both times you begged, pleaded and harrassed me all over my social media until I reluctantly started talking to you again. You told me how much of a monster I was for 'abandoning' you and how I'm just like all the rest of the people who've hurt you and don't care about you. How I apparently 'used' you for refusing to be the reason for your happiness or to deal with your constant moody bullshit. You don't love me, you don't even known me, you just don't want to be alone. I've really come to hate you. I regret ever meeting you and just want you out of my life.

No. 782990

How can someone stop being a codependent leech like that?

No. 783012

Wtf am I jerking off to? How has my life gone so downhill that I'm jacking off to drawings? I think I know why my dad left. It's because he knew what I would be doing in 20 years from now. Is this my life now. Do I Really get fucking aroused when I see a stickman with boobs, I do. Who am I inside? I don't know because I'm too busy jerking off to stickmen with boobs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 783034

Unironically, love yourself. If you're content with yourself, have your own interests and hobbies, and enjoy exploring the world, you will feel happy and comfortable on your own rather than needing to siphon energy from someone else.

No. 783149

There's this girl I hate so much because she caused me a lot of issues in the past. She doesn't interfere with my life anymore but my hatred of her is the same as it was years ago. I don't know how to let it go and live my live without thinking about her and what she did to me. This happened years ago and I am such a bitter bitch for still thinking about it and not letting it go. I want to just forget it all and live my life like she never existed but I sincerely don't know how.

No. 783257

File: 1618370254297.png (1.67 MB, 1465x947, when he eats the poo poo.PNG)

I give up.

I'm done trying to help you. First of all, I feel you were never a real friend to begin with. You are too apathetic, too self-absorbed, too careless. I don't give a fuck if you're actually autistic or not. I've tried to help you almost every single day by playing into your stupid ass scenarios you bring up and trying not to pull my hair out dealing with you. I expressed my platonic affection and it's clear you don't feel the same. You probably don't even love your parents, who have tried to help you. You're trans, big fucking deal, you can't even go around your parents because you're afraid they're going to make you shave your face? You're a spineless 22 year old who still acts 15. Get a fucking life.

You were supposed to move here to get a job and find a place to live. Instead, you did jack shit (I mean, I told you MONTHS before corona happened to CALL AHEAD AND GET A JOB WHICH WOULDVE BEEN EASY) but now you're working some stupid job that doesn't pay enough and you can't even afford rent so I have to happily let you live here for free (which I don't mind, what I DO mind is how you treat me after all I've done to help you and make sure you don't fucking 41% yourself you autistic bitch). I've paid for your living expenses, driven you places, fed you. The only reason I don't give you the ultimatum is because I'm too afraid you'll fucking hurt me, which I don't think you would but i dont fucking know. Am I supposed to feel bad for you that you're a poorfag that had to e-beg for your trans surgery AND STILL DIDNT GET THE FUCKING SURGERY???

Then you get the nerve to fall in love with a Muslim girl that literally refuses to break free from her family… and now you're going to propose sometime later???….. AHAHAH. That will never happen, you are too spineless.

You suck shit.

No. 783277

sounds like what she did bothered you a lot and may have even traumatized you..hope you're okay.

you sound like a good friend. what a loss.

No. 783522

so, i want cosmetic surgery. i live with my family and they are very against it. i understand but, why can’t they just give me an ounce of support? to me, this is finally something that could alleviate the way i have felt for the past years all because i am deeply unhappy with how i look. i’m sick of being told i’m vain whenever i bring anything related to this up, i wish i could just not care about how i look, but i’m a perfectionist and i desperately want to look at myself in the mirror and like what i see instead of it making me feel like hiding away in my room and crying.

No. 783533

I feel like you can't critique things a lot of farmers like, like FDS, badwomensanatomy, being attracted to unhealthy bodies etc without immediately being accused of being a male. What's worse is the "that doesn't happen" anons as well

The issue with FDS is that it tells women to expect literal perfection but then bashes men for wanting the same. Bragging about leaving admittedly HVM they've been with for years for simply discussing wanting kids, bragging about walking out on dates because they merely suggested a chain restaurant or coffee, etc.
Badwomensanatomy turned from crazy but funny things like "women aren't supposed to get periods" to "literally any discussion of female anatomy is bad and anyone who says otherwise is a male pretending to be female
When you try to call anons out for idealizing over or underweight bodies you admittedly get bashed, back-pedaled, accused of being a scrote, and fat/skelly and if someone comes in and agrees with you then you get accused of samefagging. Or how everyone you disagree with here loves the word "unhinged", the anons who try to hunt down anons in other threads even if there's no conflict, how any sort of discussion about sex work is bad and whoever is on the edge about it (mind you even against or for sex work, just on the fence about it) is immediately bashed, accused of being male, attacked and everything else for not being extreme

I miss when lolcow at least tried to be mentally stable, I use to like coming here a lot but everyone so so overly offended and defensive over every little thing of lolcow not being a complete herd

No. 783538

>the anons who try to hunt down anons in other threads
especially this. I've been accused of being other anons several over nothing and I avoid infighting, like no1curr nonnie that you think some anon you got into it with over boob size in another thread is posting about what color they should dye their hair

No. 783545

But they're right, you are vain.

No. 783567


No. 783571

i just im tired of myself. Im tired of always being lazy. Of always starting things and not finishing it. Of always being depressed and sad but not doing anything productive or different to change. I am so tired of me. I just want the strength and courage to change my life. But every time i think about it i get overwhelmed and just do the same bullshit which is work and go home. I hate it here.

No. 783574

I feel the same way.

No. 783598

>things farmers like…unhealthy bodies
>I miss when lolcow at least tried to be mentally stable

LOL HI NEWFAG. Don't worry, butthurt heals with time and stepping away from the internet.

No. 783606

Go away nonnie

No. 783641

It would help if you're going to infight and have problems with things that you develop intellectually honest arguments. Sorry but acting like you're coming from a corner of pure logic and everyone else who disagrees with you is wrong, is hallmark scrote behavior. I admire the fact that you have all the confidence of an average white dude though, considering how unwarranted it is.

Let's start with FDS
>that it tells women to expect literal perfection
FDS doesn't tell women that men have to be perfect. It tells them to set a standard for themselves and to not center their lives around men, and if men fail those standards then they don't have to continue relationships with them.
Of course telling women they don't have to settle might seem the same as telling them they ought to demand perfection, seeing as though men have gone for so long without meeting any reasonable expectations.
>Bragging about leaving admittedly HVM they've been with for years for simply discussing wanting kids
Because it's not going to work out if one partner wants kids and the other doesn't. Why are you okay with people wanting to "discuss"-coerce their partners into having children they're not 100% about? A woman stands to lose if she continues that relationship and gets trapped with kids she doesn't want, it wouldn't matter how high value the man would be because it wouldn't be about just either of them anymore.
>bragging about walking out on dates because they merely suggested a chain restaurant or coffee
If their expectation was a nicer date and the guy didn't meet that, who are you to tell them they're wrong? Nobody is stopping you from having your date at Applebee's and Dunkin Doughnuts if you're so inclined. This isn't your problem right, or is it?
>When you try to call anons out for idealizing over or underweight bodies you admittedly get bashed.
Don't infight with anons posting said opinions in the unpopular opinions thread where left field takes about bodies and attractions belong. We have multiple threads bashing lolcows with "unhealthy bodies," so your indignation about this is false nonsense assuming you don't want to just tell people they're wrong for being attracted to someone too skinny or too fat (again, who knows how or why this affects you). It's no one else's fault you got your feelings hurt for sperging. Considering the mean things you said of women who possess those unhealthy bodies, no one's gonna feel sorry for you that you got a taste of your own medicine. Who'd believe for a second that you started off with a civil tone to discuss the health choices of strangers you don't even know because someone said they thought they looked alright. You're not fooling anyone.
>the anons who try to hunt down anons in other threads even if there's no conflict
If you're being accused of being the same anon across multiple threads, there's something very wrong with how and what you're posting. Have you considered that you're the problem?
>how any sort of discussion about sex work is bad
No one cares about discussing sex work, you'll just clown yourself trying to make the argument that it's a net positive for women when it really isn't. The discussion is discouraged because of how mad and hurt onlyfanons get at the notion that their nudes aren't empowering.
>I miss when lolcow at least tried to be mentally stable
Sorry, when do you think this was?
>I use to like coming here a lot but everyone so so overly offended and defensive
It sounds like you're pretty sensitive and could use a break from this place. Did you really just type out this paragraph and believe you're not defensive?

No. 783649

>That doesn't happen

No. 783703

nta but she's right about witchhunt posters, they base things over literally nothing, not even posting style. even the jannies noticed it a few times. it's very obvious that they're unironically schizo.

No. 783709

File: 1618438578269.png (1.3 MB, 790x764, 234324234.PNG)

the site is dying because you vanished for a month. and, as you're the only staff member, this meant that no new members could be approved, the site plot couldn't advance, newbies couldn't get their questions answered, etc. etc. etc. for an entire month.

and now that you're back, you haven't bothered to try and advertise.

you're just crying about everyone leaving. and yeah, i get that watching people who have been around since day 1 leave in your absence is stressful and sad…but this is the SECOND time you've vanished for such a long period of time. okay, and it doesn't help that you got unnecessarily Snappy at someone and banned them within like five minutes of them joining the site server because they asked a question that poked at a hole in your lore (which happened right before your hiatus).

i don't want the site to be closed because i don't want to be rp homeless, ofc if it's causing you so much stress you should definitely definitely shut it down, but please don't make sad posts like "why is everyone leaving me ): this is so confusing ): ):" as if it's some sort of magical occurrence springing itself out of nowhere. fuck

No. 783723

You should just learn to keep your dissenting opinions about it to yourself, anon, and next time not to waste your time doing a write up. It doesn't matter how serious or petty your reasons for the dislike are, you won't get them through the fans

No. 783729

I know but I'm allowed to express my opinion. I don't hate FDS with a burning passion or anything but I just think there's a few flaws about it but it seems like most people are too militant and defensive to understand that this world isn't black and white and that people are allowed to like or agree with something while still disagreeing with aspects of it

No. 783757

Based ❤

No. 783994

I wanted you in my life

No. 783995

loool based as fuck

No. 784002

My bfs dick smells right now and like I wanna tell him so badly but last time I did he got so uncomfortable but like does he not smell it right now?? He's usually clean af but still ew

No. 784021

So let me get this straight
>Think you're holier than thou simply for being a part of FDS
>Refuse to answer any sort of questions or make any confusions about FDS clear
>Shuts down anyone who asks a single question about FDS
>Unable to take any sort of criticism even if the person supports FDS but doesn't agree with one of thing
>Try to recruit young girls constantly to join FDS while simultaneously shutting them down if they dare have any confusions as well as the fact FDS has blantantly insulted women for not agreeing with them (ex; you're a low value trashy woman I'm high value you and classy because I support this and you don't)
>Deny that any of this happens because you can't believe that your group is perfect and anyone who says otherwise is lying

You're not a help group at that point you're a cult(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784023

Where are you getting any of this from? You're drawing wild conclusions about her personality and behaviour.

No. 784026

I hate FDS because they act like if you aren't dating for marriage you are a stupid slut

No. 784028

>That doesn't happen
>Completely ignores the entire argument in which I said I overall supported FDS but don't like a few things about and I y'all acted like I just cursed god or something. You guys are completely unable to admit that some people involved in fds are shitty. That's cultish

No. 784030

that isnt true though, im not a fds myself and went to see whats up and they state theyre ok with dating multiple people

No. 784037

How does that make them good? How does dating multiple people somehow void any sort of flaws within FDS? How does this eliminate that fact any sort of criticism around FDS immediately gets defended and overreacted to? All I literally said was coffee dates or chain restaurant dates aren't completely horrible and that expecting a perfect match is unrealistic and yall are unable to handle that alone. That's insane, y'all's reaction is literally proving you're a cult

No. 784038

When stuff like this happens, I truly wonder what the fuck the point of this thread was. Idk how OP thought farmers were gonna be able to resist arguing with and replying to other anons posts(rule 7)

No. 784040

Anons flee to this thread after they've been told off in others precisely for the fact that they think jannies will protect them from replies. You got to admit it's satisfying when that strategy doesn't work out in their favor.

No. 784047

File: 1618496390643.jpg (44.35 KB, 470x535, 1618389080650.jpg)

Finally stood up to and cut off the most narcisstic online friend I've ever had and it felt SO GOOD. She was absolutely horrible to me and all over a stupid manlet who cheated on her ass who she won't ever leave but will abuse her friends over and doesn't want to recognize just how sociopathic and narcisstic she's become. Feels good

No. 784091

Did you respond to the wrong anon? They didn't say anything like that.

No. 785085

In my chest I feel down and low and I dont know why. Since I've taken a break froms social media I have been seeing how toxic and confusing society is and the communities are. I want something to look forward to but with restrictions to travelling abroad, which was the main thing I was looking forward to, I don't have many other things to look forward to. I don't even feel excited to see friends, probably because half of them are creepy guys that wanna look at my body.

No. 785094

omg congrats anon!
i wish i could do the same.
i'm not very close with them anymore, but i just want them to know they're a narc out of my own satisfaction. actually, maybe the fact i'm not so close, but feel like i have to remain friends is the narc part of them…

No. 785231

Nta but what's there to be confused about? OP thought anons wouldn't argue, and that attracts posters who don't want to be argued with.

No. 786222

I get so exhausted by anons who think every post is written specially for them. So fucking weird.

No. 786616

File: 1618792780388.jpeg (23.78 KB, 540x100, B1577B45-68F6-4AF7-AFAF-A9BE78…)

I love you so much. I adore you, I really do. I'm so happy we're not fighting anymore and that we got to spend the weekend together. You even told me you love me yesterday! Hearing that, it was like you finally loosened the noose after I was left kicking and frothing for a whole week. The night before, I asked God if you would tell me and it came true. He answered my prayers! You love me and I couldn't be more glad!

Until then, all I had were daydreams for support. It was so depressing, lying in bed by myself and wishing you were there to comfort me whenever my mind started to race. I'd call out to you aloud even though there was no way you could possibly hear… After all, just saying your name soothes my nerves. Then I'd conjure your voice in my head, where you'd offer me gentle, reassuring replies, as many as I needed to calm down, and I'd feel so thankful that I'd burrow deeper into my blankets to mimic my usual heart-bursting reaction. You have the capacity for such sweetness. I can't wait until you comfort me for real.

Because I need it, I really do. Even though you've been kinder and even offered half an apology, I'm still torn up by the way you treated me before. As sweet as you are, somehow you can be a thousand times more cruel. You terrified me. I sweat and cried and my hands shook, not to mention the rolling nausea. In the end, I didn't know what to do but run away, yet once I found myself alone, it was so much harder to breathe.

Without you I'm nothing. That much is clear. I'm hopeless, worthless, purposeless, and my life loses all meaning if I can't hear your voice. What's the point if you're not by my side, laughing at my silliness, trading stories, snoring and burping and singing along to music I can't hear? I don't want to live in that world. I love you so immensely, for more reasons than I could ever fit in this measly textbox, with a strength and loyalty impossible to define in human language. I think only a dog could understand.

Next time I won't run away, no matter how viciously you lash out. You can do whatever you want to me— ruin my day however you please. Though it hurts more every time and I'll always fear your moodswings, I love you enough to overlook these errors, just like you can forgive me for carving your name into my hip. And isn't it kind of hot, in a way? I'm honoured that you would take the time to find so many avenues for torment. You even used my childhood fears against me! It was so sickening that the memory chills my entire body! Although I wish you had put that effort into something more loving, I'm glad that even when you hate me, I still have your attention and devotion. If someday it actually does turn me on, please forgive me. Since I'm already so disgustingly easy, I'm sure it would just enrage you further.

Ah… I love you. I miss you. The weekend is over and it's back to work tomorrow, yet somehow I'm looking forward to it. Another day means more opportunities to talk with you, to make each other laugh, to declare our feelings of love. I hope that we'll finally have the time to properly make up soon. I need you tell me that those insults were never sincere; that my suffering isn't funny anymore; that you love me and you missed me and you need me just as much as I need you. Only then can I finally go back to normal. It's hard holding a grudge, but you deserve it.

Neither of us will ever change. We both know that. If we can't be happy together, then we'll be miserable together. Both are fine by me. Good days and bad days, in sickness and in health, till death do us part… ♥︎

No. 786620

damn that’s fucked up anon i wish that was me

No. 786652


No. 786656

I just wish you would stop judginme and just let me fucking talk loser gawd

No. 786665

File: 1618799361498.png (Spoiler Image, 99.73 KB, 894x894, 0 OmJskWdwaniU78-o.png)

as in this dude or

No. 786666

So many people around me but nobody wants to talk to me…I'm that annoying? it feels like i don't even exist, you guys told me you were my friends and liked the things i created if you value my so much then why do you abandon me? There's no one here and i feel like I'm just talking to myself, i need your words i really want your reactions but no matter what I do y'all always ignore me, and it's not helping you always treat me like a soulless clown. This is all so meaningless to me y'know? I could just delete everything and disappear, is that easy but this is mildly entertaining so i keep doing this for myself for now but one day I'll just get bored and nuke everything with no trace, and that day is getting closer…I'm getting bored of this and I'm getting bored of you, you think I'm the clown but you guys are the whole circus and the show is not funny anymore.

No. 786699

I don't know what do you have that makes me go so delusional, maybe I'm coping with shit who knows lol but people like you (generally) get their shit wrecked by me immediately.

No. 786823

I never listen to your opinion because you're poly. I have standards and principles.

No. 787960

You're nothing to me bitch, not after how you treated me. "we still like each other" my ass. Go be sorry somewhere else, scrote.

No. 787963


No. 787988

I don’t like the people that don’t care about older people. I actually kind of hate their fucking guts fuck you! We hired the best fucking team referred by her cardiologist and this motherfucking bitch ass fucking bastard asshole has gave us 3 motherfucking ultimatums thinking we will give up because she’s old.
FUCK YOU I don’t give a fuck if she’s 100 or 133 years old, she’s a person, she’s alive and she’s suffering because your ghetto ass team of retards are not doing their mother.fucking.JOB and I want to bash their fucking skulls with a tacky sculpture of Socrates because I don’t know where the motherfucking fuck they got their fucking titles as fucking nurses.
Fuck this shit! My grandma better be fucking breathing like a pro-swimmer by Thursday or I will personally sue your fucking asses for every single tiny little thing you bitches have
If I was fucking there, those hoes would do their fucking job, but I have to get sick with a slight change of temperature fuck this as well. Fucking stupid bitch ass immune system that doesn’t know how to fucking fight a flimsy pneumonia. Bitch ass hoe motherfucker I’m so absolutely mad I just want all of this bullshit to end already.
Stupid ass cousin as well, unable to fucking have some humanity to fucking help his grandmother, knowing that the nurses are shit. Just get over the covid like I did, idiot if I could, you can do it. Oh right, you fucked up your lungs smoking like a little bitch if only you hadn’t got covid, I wonder how did you get it? Oh right who knew going out and hanging out with people in bumfuck Latin America could make getting covid quite a possibility?
>but m-muh vaccine
Fuck you this is all of your fault! Yours and uncle’s fault! This isn’t fucking fair! Why are we taking care of ourselves so much if you made her get covid?
What was all the alcohol, the chloride, the safety measures we’ve been taking for? For what? So that we slowly reduce our family to an even smaller number than we were before? All because both of you wanted to hangout with those “friends”? What are those friends for? What are they even doing now? They don’t, and didn’t give a fuck.
Why didn’t you notice that they only care about the little money we have?
I wish all of those bastards a very pleasant choking on spit in their sleep.

No. 787991

Just wondering is this the bold anon from the onision thread and the meta thread?

No. 787998

No, I don’t check those threads, onion man is boring.

No. 788005

So I work in a crafts store. I hate the customers, because they're so fucking rude, and one of the bright sides of this job is that i actually like most of my coworkers. One girl, who is only 18, (I'm 24) was walking with me to the clock today and was being silly. She said kinda playfully "do you want to see my keychain? It's kinda explicit" i just laughed and,said sure. It was a fucking anime girl in a school uniform on one side and she flips it over, and she's naked on the other. I just feel like what the fuck. Lol. Why is everyone so obsessed. Why does this girl feel like that's funny or cool? (I fucking know why)
It annoys the fuck out of me. I just wish the world didn't feel so dirty. It makes me feel sick in a unique way, like my bellybutton is being pushed in. Puke. I hate it.

No. 788033

Two weeks ago I semi-jokingly told my aunt that I hope my dad's wife's racist pos father catches the 'rona and lo and behold he has it and is on a ventilator now, probably gonna croak bc he's got a million health issues due to his diet (the man literally lost a leg to diabetics and still eats tubs of ice cream). Somehow I feel as if I brought this on and even tho he's a disgusting person (he literally admits to shooting random black people with bb guns from his cop car back in the day, and laughs about it, drops N words constantly, thinks jews are collectively trying to destroy the white race, etc), I still feel kind of bad just bc he's my half brothers grandpa, and he is just a little kid so he doesn't rlly have any way of knowing what a terrible person the guy really is.

No. 788050

>Somehow I feel as if I brought this on
If words had that kind of power we'd all be millionaires by just saying it.

No. 788066


No. 788089

WHAT DID YOU WRITE ABOUT? i've had writer's block for awhile now and it would be nice to get some inspiration.

No. 788508


Thank you! It feels so good, I'm so sorry you've been mistreated anon, you deserve better and your ex narc can stay well away from you!!!

No. 788625

Revenge story, MC is traumatized by an assault, but ends up losing her memory in an accident, and has to recall what happened. She will get revenge on the scrote, mark my words.

I'm just surprised I wrote that much

No. 789248

fucking hate your dog she barks all the time, you fill the fridge with junkfood and booze then complain that youre still fat, the heat bill is only high because of you you pour the heat into full blast then sleep naked with the sheets off like a dipshit

No. 789738

how the fuck are you gonna post anti-porn shit and then proceed to post screencaps of yourself lovingly reading shitty piss kink mcyt fanfic holy shit the cognitive dissonance is so strong, you performative pornsick ugly fat fakeboy

No. 789748