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File: 1632509357680.jpg (64.28 KB, 900x723, cheerleader-with-megaphone-c19…)

No. 922178

…with more chest getting off of!

prev: >>>/ot/685198

mad at some nasty scrote? wanna punch your boss in the nuts? tired of your coworkers? Get it off your chest right now!!!! Rants or one liners are welcome.

same rules from the first:
>Adhere to /ot/ rules and try not to be too gc/pp (if it's your personal experience it's fine).
>Do not address large demographics/groups of people! (Fatties/Ana/races/trannies/egirls)
>This shit must be specific to a person or personal group of people.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 922199

fuck YOU fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you FUCK you fucking fuck fucking fucker fuck I'm not your MAID I'm gonna PISS IN BOTTLES TO SPITE YOU AND LEAVE THEM UNDER THE COUCH (just kidding) no I'm not kidding

No. 922436

File: 1632520329863.jpeg (157.37 KB, 532x435, E08EE1C5-3638-4309-8731-1492B2…)

you tried to pit us against each other and instead we ditched you. seethe lmao

No. 922454

I fucked up really badly and it feels like now I mean nothing to you.

No. 922477

I helped my dad close the pool today and it took us from 8am to 4pm. I took a break halfway through and he didn't stop once not even to eat. And he was bragging how he lost 15lbs. Like, ok dad congrats on figuring out OMAD but it can't be healthy to do heavy physical work for hours with 0 fuel. It's actually retarded of him at his age. My boyfriend does this too and he'll actually complain about being shaky or feeling odd after 10 hours of not eating and I don't pity him at all. He knows where the fucking food is and I'm not his mommy. It's weird I swear on my life some people use not-eating all day as a point of pride, like people that would brag about not getting enough sleep. It's a thing and it's retarded

No. 922503

I'm a eurofag. On my last vacation I had this American neighbor who wouldn't shut up about how he NEVER had any time off when he was my age. On the one hand, I wanted to tell him that this and the fact that he insists on getting up at 6am after 5 hours of sleep might be the reasons he's obese and has high blood pressure. On the other hand, it made me feel inadequate as fuck even though I already work too much by euro standards. I really like the US in general, but I hate this mentality.

No. 922610

File: 1632538443137.jpeg (135.37 KB, 600x600, 06D9DBC8-34ED-47C6-9F55-F8F7FB…)

Pls pls pls pls let us have him

No. 922630


No. 922918

I really just want any sign that he wants to fuck me, and it makes me feel gross about myself.

No. 922961

The ones bragging about not having free time are usually not really working but just being faux busy. Like a YouTuber I hatewatch who says she works 70 hours a week and shows her bullet journal full of things like "make granola" and "research fall outfit ideas"

No. 922997

Just realised I cannot forgive my mother for what she has done. She has chosen my brother over me. This is the same brother who has almost killed me, physically and mentally abused me, took away my preteens and teenagehood away from me, he has ABUSED YOU, and yet, you chose him over me?
Why? All my trauma is because of him, and you did nothing. I got scolded when I couldn't attend school because of the abuse I went through from him. When I told you I was feeling depressed, you brushed it off. When HE tried taking away his life, you were by his bedside.
You have failed me, and I cannot forgive you. Maybe that's why I do these petty things towards you.
However, I can't fucking leave you. It tears me apart knowing you'll be left alone, and to die alone.

No. 923023

going on cross-sex hormones is not harmless and your fakeboi fetish is weird, you stupid radlets. no, that doesn't make me a "butch-hating lesbophobic bihet" or whatever dumbass shit you want to pin on me

No. 923054

Why tf you care about her if she clearly doesn't care about you? Let karma get her, if she wants to invest in her son more then he can take care of her when she's older. Oh but everyone knows it's always the daughters who do that grunt work.

No. 923135

>weird spam twitter account is using photos of me as a kid to look "legit"
>one photo as the profile and two with random nonsensical tweets
>think they were taken from my mom's facebook account
>only posts shady links and rambling tweets
>I've been reporting the account for three years
>e-mailed twitter to let them know seven times
>keep asking them to delete the account
>desperately told them the pictures are of me as a CHILD and in the most recent photo I'm only around 10 and I'm uncomfortable with how they're being used, especially as I don't know where the weird links go
>twitter tells me they need proof the account is mine
>I explain it's not but the pictures are
>send in my fucking passport scan
>they tell me that doesn't link up with the owner so they can't do anything
>twitter does nothing
>creepy account still around

Fuck twitter man

No. 923201

I wpuldn't waste time going through their support channels. They clearly have a policy of never deleting accounts unless legally ordered to, no matter how obviously fake, in order to keep their numbers up. You should look into having a lawyer send a letter or how to send a legal letter yourself. The support will just run ypu in circles forever.

No. 923213

File: 1632597871786.jpg (36.18 KB, 540x307, 87500ba_540.jpg)

I'm glad that shitty thread was locked. Everyone in it was pure cancer

No. 923243

Calling yourself an activist should be officially listed as a symptom of NPD. I volunteer at homeless shelters and kitchens and work with addicts and the people that define themselves as activists are always the laziest cunts of the bunch and unable to do anything without broadcasting it to social media. I lurked some volunteers accounts and there's constant references to their "hard work" and how they're enacting "radical change" in society. It's fucking sickening, I understand that not everyone is able to volunteer because of work, family, health issues, etc. But I think these attempts to frame volunteers as heroic is only damaging in the long run. Acts of kindness are not heroic, it's something we should all be capable of. The fucking selfies and pictures bug me the most though. Imagine seeing some of the most vulnerable people in society, seeing them cold and hungry and suffering and thinking "hey, I should take a picture of this and post it to twatter!". Scumbag behaviour. It's like these people are incapable of feeling good about helping their fellow humans because they only get serotonin from their internet addiction. It only "counts" if they get to broadcast it. The natural evolution of "pics or it didn't happen".

No. 923271

I just want to delete all of my social media and went of the rada, sth abt social media brings out the worst in people.

No. 923274

Did it over a year ago, highly recommended.

No. 923324

a 4chan scrote will always be a 4chan scrote. Even if they claim or don’t go on 4chan anymore they have the mentality. “But I’m a man” ffs

No. 923342

Preach, you’re only saying the absolute truth.

No. 923441

File: 1632614736773.jpg (27.13 KB, 1024x718, 1542152135132.jpg)


No. 923447


No. 923460


No. 923469

File: 1632619037264.png (Spoiler Image,618.15 KB, 456x616, HIM.PNG)

Don't mind their dirty carpet BUT THIS IS HIM

No. 923471

Nonnie, I am so happy for you. I love your kitten

No. 923478

thank u nonnie I love him too, he is very sweet!

No. 923509

File: 1632623945001.png (187.6 KB, 639x668, 3EFF40AF-BA2D-4C04-B2A9-4765C6…)

I got into shash fan fiction for the first time since 2016

why is there so much tranny pussy? I need make a point to filter out vaginal sex for my m/m smut searches. Why. Every 4th fic has a transed character

I just want to be a perv and read about bnha characters frotting get pussy out of the equation reee

No. 923511

Y’all know I meant slash

No. 923513

Hard agree. Activists nowadays don't do shit compared to 100 years ago.

No. 923518

aww look at him! he is precious

No. 923535

Over the summer I worked as a substance use counselor and one of the patients I worked with just recognized me at the liquor store today. We were both in line to buy stuff and he asked if I worked at said place over the summer and I said hi to him because I did remember him but then I didn’t know what else to say!!!! I guess I didn’t want to enable him or make him feel embarrassed about relapsing so I didn’t know what to say… and we kind of just stared at each other and semi-avoided eye contact until I had to check out my stuff. I feel so bad about it fuck. He probably felt even more awkward than I did and still tried to say hi and I totally probably made him feel even worse about it because I tried to shut down the conversation. Godddd I feel like such an ass.

No. 923561

You'd be so cool and interesting if you dropped the SJW bullshit. Your views are progressive enough and you can always do volunteer work but instead of doing that you just yap and yap and yap about whatever politically trendy cause you can get your hands on. Relax dude, nobody expects this shit from you. Also I'm pretty sure I can peak you because you said some stuff that was partway there but I'm not gonna risk it.

No. 924563

Sometimes I detach myself from things and don't know what I'm doing, and when I pay attention to past events I feel embarrassed, such as right now. I have learned from them and have changed, even if just a little bit. To everyone who has seen those moments, pls forgive me

No. 928960

Knowing how to say 'hello' in 6 languages doesn't make you a polyglot you pretentious cunt

No. 928961

I hate that my parents screwed me over before I ever had a chance, not only by deciding to pass on their shitty genes at all but waiting til 38 and 41 to do it, then barely socializing me as a child, raising me to be extremely religious and fearful and have a bunch of mental health problems, not sending me to school, not teaching me basic hygiene, not doing anything to prepare me for the future then fucking gaslighting me as an adult to make me think everything they did to me was my fault (my mom did own up to some of it but not all).

I have one if not 2 or 3 personality disorders and other mental health issues. I begged my mom when I was 17 to get me a therapist and she dragged her fucking feet for 8 years, then when I got one I only saw them for a year before I got kicked off of their insurance and now I have to pay out of pocket and can barely afford 1 appointment a month.

my dad was pissy with me when I quit my old job that was being straight up abusive towards me, he didn't give a shit at how poorly I was being treated (and barely making any money at that). like thanks dad, if you really wanted me to be able to hold down a job you should have FUCKING THOUGTH ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU WERE RAISING ME. I'm currently holding down a job but I still can't afford to move out, so I am stuck living with them. they act like I'm a burden, they're hoarders and complain when I put stuff places (like putting eggs in the fridge) that I'm "taking up room" despite the fact that we have 2 couches and 1 and a half of them are full with their clutter, and most of the livingroom floor is too, and that's just the beginning of it.

I kind of want to kms, I can barely afford therapy, can't afford to live by myself, not eligible for loans, probably too stupid to get a degree anyway, and too mentally ill to sustain friendships or relationships. I straight up feel like a waste of space most of the time.

fuck people who have kids when they shouldn't. had to delete and repost because of typos

No. 930387

I always thought my mum was the better parent, but she sucks too. My dad treated me like absolute garbage and bullied me for year, but at least he tried to get his addictions under control and come back in to my life. My mum continues to waste all of her money on drugs and then leech off of me and my brother despite her and her stupid fucking boyfriend making more money than us. In regards to her stupid fucking boyfriend, he can talk to me like shit, call me a cunt, threaten to break my things, tell people I'm a bitch. And she's on his side. I've forgiven her for too much, when she'd leave me alone for days with my shitty neglectful dad, for her bringing random men over the instant he moved out, for her pulling me aside and telling me she was asleep when I was made because she didn't like my voice. I'm just sick of my mother acting like a fucking child because she thinks she's better than my dad. No, you've now enabled too men to bully me. Fuck you, you druggy, alcoholic pick me bitch. "Oh u turned out ok" don't you dare take credit for any of my fucking accomplishments.

No. 933175

I really hate being dyslexic, yesterday I read on a the advice thread about a farmer wanting to reconnect with her high school sweetheart or what ever it is called and thought it was very sweet and said she should do it. HOWEVER then another anon highlighted a part of the text that I just didn't register when reading which made the situation much worse. I reread the it again and it wasn't as sweet as I thought it was and I just said do it. Never gonna give advice again…

No. 933212

I think i might be dyslexic too because I do that shit all the time

No. 933407

Himbos are the perfect form of man, I hate that I will most likely die before ever dating one as they're rare and most likely don't even exist.

No. 933411

Agreed but unfortunately stupidity makes men cruel and hateful so it's an impossible dream. I'll just have to keep rewatching George of the Jungle to fill the himbo void.

No. 933415

>Agreed but unfortunately stupidity makes men cruel and hateful
No, please don't remind me of this unfortunate fact. Strangely enough, I told my friend about this and what himbos and he said that it's fucked that I'd want "a docile and simpleminded man" and that I would be taking advantage of them. I'm fucking still pissed off, unlike him I don't think about sex all the damn time and view these fantasy men as easy dildos like men view bimbos. Really dislike the double standard between the two.

No. 933439

I hate my ex for reigniting the insecurity that it took me years to get over. And then just telling me I had insecurity issues when I had a problem with him talking about the type of girls he wanted to fuck in front of me without me caring but then whine at me for "making him feel bad" about the fucked up porn he watched. I will probably never recover from my insecurity at this point. I blocked him and it's been 2 years but I still haven't recovered from it fully. I wish I never met him.

No. 933440

Is it even possible to escape from a family that drains you and "needs" you? I just wish they were all dead except for my dad. But that will never happen or else I'd end up in prison. I can't do this anymore. I don't have the money to escape or the strong mental fortitude. I'm fucked. I wish I knew how to end it all painlessly. They have and always will be the cause of my suffering

No. 933461

I hate working so much.
I have the opportunity to work part time at my old job which would be amazing I think but it would burn a bridge at my current job which I’ve only been at 6 months.

I don’t know nonnas. I don’t wanna keep being a bpd job hopper but full time work is killing me quickly.

No. 933486

Just work part-time. If it's better for you, then do that.

No. 933510

Thanks nonnie. I don’t know where this guilt is coming from about a job (current one) that really wouldn’t give a shit about me when all is said and done.

No. 933733

I'm going to kicked out my bf and his friend out of my rental house. I think I'm going to be happier alone

No. 939661

I just ran a red light because it snowed today and I thought it was too slippery to stop. I started slowing down but wasnt sure if I could actually stop. Im paranoid now that someone saw me on their dash cam and they're gonna send it to the cops and im gonna get my license taken away or something. Fuuuckkk why did it have to snow

No. 945410

Stop giving me unwanted advice and insight you stupid fucking moid. I don't look up to you at all, I don't admire you at all, you stupid junkie whore. You think you're better than everyone else when you're one of the most stupid people I know. I hope being ignored by me and being insulted hurts you. You need to be humbled. You're not cool for playing bass. Nobody fucking cares. You can do whatever hobbies you want, so don't criticise mine. Better than your hobby of injecting heroin into your arms.
"Blah blah blah you need to do this and this an-" I DIDN'T ASK. I don't care at all what you think.

No. 945440


No. 945471

Dad. I've been raped, I was only a child. You know him. You talk to him daily. You sit at his bedside when he's in hospital. That must be nice. I've been in hospital… you didn't know I was there.

Every one of my relationships has ended as a result of my csa essentially. The issues I live with. I've been beaten by a sexually frustrated partner, I've slept rough, I've sold sex to strangers, I've been raped again. I've attempted suicide. I've been inpatient for months at a time.

You don't know any of this. That's how connected we are. That is some hands off parenting. That's what you like to call it isn't it? You're a cool hands off dad.

No. 945544

File: 1634846744765.jpg (305.21 KB, 1284x1030, gross.jpg)

Fucking ugly ass Egoraptor Arin Hanson thumb lookin ass moid, every single one of you is a fucking clown for cheering this shit on.

No. 945551

Wow he's like a double poser. A poser squared.

No. 945559

idc about trans people being trans but that's some ugly ass degenerate clothes. especially for a shoot like that wtf

No. 945567

trannies rarely dress appropriately or well

No. 945571

I generally don't care either but that belt.. into the pervert pile you go. Couldn't even try to hide it.

No. 945586

It cosplayed as an Undertale character. I fucking hate everything.

No. 945632

File: 1634852140861.jpg (453.65 KB, 687x960, 1632447482700.jpg)

Someone likes alt girls. They always cosplay the porn category they jack off to

Jamie is probably enjoying this a lot anyway

No. 946776

Wanna make out with someone BADLY
just simply kissing
seems so nice

No. 947421

You just want attention don't you?
You want people thinking you're the cheerful girl you pretend to be.
But you're a liar.
Die bitch.

No. 947429

anon from the vent thread? Are you still not over that “friendship”

No. 947435

doesn’t he follow pedos on twitter? fucking degenerate

No. 948468

Ohhh, I think I know where my dizziness is coming from. I've been weaning myself off my Lexapro (under doctor supervision), and usually if I accidentally skip a day I don't get any discontinuation symptoms, but I got some nasty fucking brain zaps last night after taking a 2.5mg dose. This fucking sucks.

No. 948721

You're not better than me and you're not smarter than me. You can't fucking cook, you don't know how to handle customer service representatives, you sweep the floor and then tell me I don't clean up enough. Well fuck that, I didn't need a degree to get a career or learn actual life skills. Enjoy you're fucking debt, it doesn't equate to anything in the real world.

No. 951706


No. 951727

> Somebody who is lithromantic can feel romantic attraction towards others and also enjoy being in romantic relationships but only in theory

Imagine realizing you’re settling and then picking a new “sexual orientation” to justify your feelings of settling. I feel bad for your husband. Is that was living in country with mildly more rigid gender roles does to a person? I guess it would be way too hard for you to find another partner if you admitted it though.

No. 954931

You abused and raped me for years. And now you're just living normally while I live with the consequences of you being a pornsick fucking scrote. One day, I'll tell people about how you treated me. About the things you did while I slept and how you threatened and bullied me. Youre fucking cum corner. You disgusting, fat cunt. You said youd kill yourself if I left. Do it then. Kill yourself.

No. 954980

I can’t fathom why you would bother continuing to protect someone like this.

No. 955859

You were my idol
You were special to me
You were an angel
Until you were on TV
I saw you passed out, 150 milligrams
So I will find your casket and resurrect you body
In summer we're still at it
So let's try something
I'll be your best friend
You'll belong to me
I think you're as fun as you feel now

No. 955881

I just really wish you didn't drop me as a friend. I thought we shared a special bond. I was there for you and took you in when you weren't doing the best. Then you just stopped caring about me when you didn't need me anymore. I miss you almost every day.

No. 955911

What happened to you?
Just what did your ex do to you that made you change so much?
It’s honestly strange, I know that I should just not pry into other’s love lives, but I’m curious, ngl, because you seemed quite happy with your scrote, but then again, I always felt like there was something odd about him, I just don’t trust alt-men tbh, their style always screams mento-illness.
But like, i can’t help but question the decisions that you and my other acquaintances have done, is this a polilez kind of thing? I feel like most of you guys just suddenly turned around and like it sticks out a lot, maybe because I was just raised in a place where gay people are not common, and changing my views from what I was taught to think to what makes sense is quite awkward.
Tbh, I feel like you were being performative around me and my bff, because you think she’s a genderspecial, and because you want to seem kool and kweer.
And just to make sure you understand, no, we’re not dating, we’re friends, we’re just very affectionate, that’s it.
I don’t care about kweer stuff, I just like to read/watch stuff with decent plots, I don’t want to turn kweer things into the scale of what’s good and what sucks.
I will never ask for any information about your love live, like how I do with the rest of my acquaintances, and I will actually forget everything by the moment I go to sleep.

No. 955950


I hope your find your peace, nonny. Ugh, even though I don't know what your situation is, I really hope you strongly consider calling him the fuck out publicly.

No. 956049

I had a medical abortion this time last year. Nothing wrong with baby dad, it was just bad timing- we weren’t in a place mentally or financially to even entertain the idea.
I started my dream job on the week I would have been due, which freaked me out..

No regrets whatsoever, but something unexpected from it all- I wanted to meet them. 100% cope, but I frame the experience as a “see you soon” instead of a “goodbye”

No. 956060

Love is conditional with you. You emotional abuse me, and it's not because you come from a cold family. You project your ideals onto me, and get upset when I don't do what you want. You will always treat men better than me. Don't try to deny,
you know it's true. You make me wish I was born a man. You will always view me as immature and dumb. We can't salvage this. You will never be willing because you will have to admit all the faults you hide from yourself. I'm tired of you and your flimsy justifications. I wish I would have just left after turning 18 all those years ago.

No. 956085

I don't know why you won't just tell me I already feel like shit for what caused me to leave but now I feel another heap of guilt like I did something unspeakable like a violated you can you imagine feeling guilty but not knowing why or what exactly to feel guilty about so you just have to spiral but your treated like a freak for daring to ask. I only asked because I considered you a friend genuinely but honestly if this is how it ends sk be it just wished you'd tell me so I know what to feel bad about

No. 956097

i hope people like you never have children.

No. 956100

You dumb bitch, your whole life is garbage and you still haven’t figured out that it’s all your own fault. You live in a trailer in the middle of nowhere with an ugly scrote that called the cops on you and filed a domestic violence charge against you. Whom you KEEP GETTING BACK TOGETHER WITH even though he’s shitty towards your son. You have a daughter that you lost custody of and will never see again. You’re aging like milk and you have no money of your own. You have no friends other than your weird scrote. And you still act like a prissy stuck-up cunt. It’s fine to be a train wreck as long as you have an ounce of self-awareness and humility. But you can’t act like you deserve to be treated like a princess at the same time.

No. 956102

do you know my sister? kek

No. 956104

This is a sweet sentiment. You might like the song Baby Birch by Joanna Newsom.

No. 956123

You’re a huge bitch

No. 956124

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t- I’m unsure still. I didn’t really consider the possibility before- I’m older and had never been pregnant. I’m sorry if I triggered you.

I appreciate this a lot, thank you.

No. 956127

>someone who's smart enough to identify when they shouldn't have children shouldn't have children
kys yourself

No. 956130

RIP in peace

No. 956149

Fuck you and fuck your manchild scrote

No. 956304

Fuck you back. Here, I said it. I'm not your punching bag because we broke up. You seriously, seriously thought I wanted to get back together because I simply checked in on our anniversary, apologised like any fucking normal person would on how things went?
I wanted a "me too, sorry, bye" back not for you and try and pull me into a fucking fight.
All I got was "here's a list of shit you fucked up". Where's my apology for all of those years? For you lashing out and telling me to fuck off multiple times. I would, if you'd let me fucking go. "no, please stay as my meme friend". What exactly do you want? Keep me Hostage? To turn that "you told me two times to get fucked when you were drunk and high" into "everytime you got drunk/high you told me to get fucked, piece of shit"? I see through your bullshit.

You just didn't catch on I'd broken up with you mentally a year ago already. Our last anniversary. Not just a month ago. That was just to make it official.

Miss me with that "you are being corny and emotional to get me back" projection shit. I know you're lonely, I'm just trying to be a good friend. But don't assume I am too.

No. 958223

I’ll be chilling then i’ll remember how my scrote fag of a brother tried to bash in my head and scared me for 4 years of my teenage life. I’m tired of getting triggered and having my days ruined out of no where nonnies im tired

No. 958285

File: 1635948687576.jpeg (61.36 KB, 340x282, 622DBB90-7600-4928-9E48-B7B776…)

I'm lonely and no one would mesh with my lifestyle. I just wish I wasn't so emotionally disturbed when I met the one person I think would mesh with me. We had a lot of fun and it felt like we were almost one person. I think of her all the time and I wonder what it would be like if things never happened like they did. If we lived together and our lives improved by having each other around. How we would help each other because we know the feeling the other is having. I always strived to understand her, even though I was egotistical and often misunderstood her. It's funny because I wished when things fell apart with her that I'd find someone to treat me how I treated her, because I didn't see the flaws I personally held, and not just those that arose from our situation. I did find that person, twice, and they treated me like shit! And as it was happening it felt exactly like I was having the mirror talk back at me. It was like I had a Dickens moment and saw the ghost of nonnie present and nonnie past in these people. Even though I know I could never fully understand the effect I had on her because I went truly off the deep end at one point and acted destructively, I feel I know better now so that if anyone ever does come into my life that I won't hurt them unintentionally (as much)

No. 958293

File: 1635949827870.jpg (4.07 KB, 250x217, 71515706_10220454775063804_748…)

I think about the nonnie who posted about her mom touching her inappropriately. Then I think about the people who might've told her it's just 'mom things' or 'mom not understanding fully that you're not her extension'. Can't help but feel angry. I hope that nonnie gets far away from her mom, what she described is not normal at all. There's being physically comfortable with your family members and then there's literally a single parent molesting their offspring. No matter what pathology or reasoning is behind it, nonnie's well-being matters way more and I'm hoping, praying she gets out of the situation and manages to set boundaries.
If your mom is being emotionally or physically inappropriate with you, this is your sign. Your gut feeling is right and it's right of you to want to set your own boundaries. Don't be gaslit into taking on this toxic waste from the very people who're supposed to guide you into independence and adulthood.

No. 958300

I saw that thread and hope that anon is going to be okay. It broke my heart because it reminded me so much of that glass shattering feeling when I realized my mom had narc/dark triad tendencies.
The good thing is that anon is already away from her mom (studying?) so she is independent enough and has the distance to come to her own conclusions.

No. 958376

What post/thread? I'm not surprised that anons brushed it off, hopefully she's ok.

No. 958420

I'm in the middle of a miscarriage and realizing with horror that everything you hear about it before it happens to you irl is SO VERY WRONG. It doesn't take one horrible day, it takes days, it takes weeks I'm on day 3 of it and aside from all the emotional pain I am in after finding out it was going to happen (literally in the middle of an ultrasound that was supposed to be happy), I'm furious at anyone who every portrayed it as one sad day of sitting on the toilet in pain.

No. 958632

It was in the /g/ advice thread yesterday

No. 959637

Sometimes I remember reading that and the confusion and disgust I felt when she was defending her mom's interactions with her. She has to be at least 18 and the fact that someone could be so brainwashed means this had to have been happening for a long time. The one you spend the most time with and who's in charge of your well-being doing this to their own child is sickening.

No. 960355

I'm so sorry, that's horrible. I'm sorry, anon.

No. 962730

File: 1636332204761.jpg (336.58 KB, 800x824, 78198725[1].jpg)

If I hear, even just one more time, your complains about "Don't support muh pwoblematic ship uwu", I'm going to write novel length fanfics about your "pure comfort gay beans ships uwu" getting cucked by the most unhinged male or female character on canon with the worse fetishes possible. I know you are lurking, I know you keep trash-talking everyone on your Discord server full of kids, I know you have multiple accounts, I know you are hidding stuff, but I'm a step ahead of you. I'm not scared of you, because you are a 20-something adult baby.
>Y-yikes! I have depression, anxiety, autism, BPD, DID and PTSD you know??? Like, hear me out, y-ya'll don't have critical thinking, y-yikes!!! Like, sweaty, who hurt you??? You do realize that I'm actually shaking and crying rn and y-yikes!!!
Nobody likes or cares about you. You don't have any friends or allies, just stupid children and other adult babies who ass pat you because you are such a pathetic excuse of a human.

No. 962735

Based, I hope that idiot stops using the internet, and that you write that fanfic and tell us the ship because I’m curious.

No. 962787

Is hard to give one specific ship because this person has a mental breakdown almost every week just because she saw her kinnie characters on a straight ship, but it's usually anything on Danganronpa, Persona, Your turn to die and recently Cookie Run.
Currently, I'm having my eyes on writting one with (Comfowt kin) Licorice cookie and Red velvet cookie. Apparently Red Velvet's most popular pairing is with a nun cookie girl and aside from "Icky girl ruinning my ship reee" is an enemies to lovers sort of ship (It's abuse-coded reee) and this person is butthurt at religious themes, so it's perfect

Tl;Dr: I'm so full of hate that I'm going to write a Cookie Run pornfic.

No. 962822

My favorite ship is considered "problematic" because one character is a douchebag and the other is the fandom's ~precious soft boy uwu~. I occasionally get catty comments on my ship art about it.

Who the hell cares if I'm ~romanticizing an abusive dynamic~. It's fiction, and the characters aren't real people. In my fics, I can make the douchebag learn to be a better person, (unlike real moids who are incapable of self-improvement.) It's wish-fulfillment, I know you can't actually "fix" people IRL.

No. 962826

How I feel when I ship RadioBelle.

No. 962850

I want to die. The feeling has never subdued since I was a child. I want to die and I fucking hate everyone. I'm an hermit now, I need no fucking friends.

No. 962854

I have no idea what you’re talking about but “I'm so full of hate that I'm going to write a Cookie Run pornfic.” sent me

No. 962859

me too anon its ok. i just drik pbrs alone and listen to fun little songs onmy little headphones. sometimes things are ok. mostly with alcohol tho. listen to replay by iyaz. thats a fun song.

No. 963074


No. 963079

File: 1636374104150.jpeg (132.82 KB, 1200x869, 83396A1E-ED2B-4B47-8A7A-C18CF8…)


No. 967253

File: 1636808072514.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.21 KB, 1029x980, 59BD68CB-6E87-4AE2-B944-886F5A…)

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
I will keep murdering your family until there’s nothing left behind for you to keep coming back, I won’t stop making sure that your insides spill everywhere until the news tell me that you are no more.
I don’t care about getting dirty, I can easily clean myself up, while you? You stay dirty, disgusting, with your useless guts everywhere, with your unnecessary carcass dirtying my floors.
Nobody needs you, nobody wants you, nobody will miss you, everyone wants you fucking dead, extinct.
Fucking die already, bitches.

No. 967353

I hate Jillian Vessey, I hate Jillian Vessey, I hate Jillian Vessey.

No. 967412

No. 968044

I hate you all so much. Die, just die already. Suffer and die.

No. 968062


No. 968090


No. 968091

Kiki? You're back?

No. 968239

kekek im not the christian anon, but it's funny how oogah boogah boogah nonnies get.. in fear of being "indoctrinated." talk about personal baggage

No. 969669

Oh my god shut the fuck up you fucking pickme, stop whining about how shit your life is when you're more privileged than any of us here, no one cares about your crusty husband or your sons, and maybe if you did your job correctly you'd have kept this task, it's not my fucking fault I inherited it. Also stop saying I should ask you questions when I don't know how to do something when you either answer by barking at me or roll your eyes, just be a nice fucking person for once in your life and maybe people won't resent you.

No. 970246

I did it. I finally did it. And god I hope you can forgive me for this, but I've been obsessing for the past month over this and I really need to know. I just hope that it doesn't further fuck us up…

No. 970251

my brain is a prison. all of my problems are of my own making and I hate myself for it. I don't know how to not be retarded and it's ruining my life!!!!

No. 970298

Youuuuu fucking hypocrite. You care about money and that is all. I mean fine whatever but then stop saying you care about me or any other human but you. Because yes it's true you not only care about money but also about the precious me me me me me me. I know it's not your fault because you are just sick. Your parents raised you as the centre of the universe and I cannot fault you for being an asshole. In the end it's your life anyway and you are free to be as delusional and destructive as you want. Enjoy! Normally you'd be alone and learn to not be such a shithead but because of your thing that makes you unique you will never be alone and so you will never learn and never grow. A pathetic existence.

No. 970309


No. 974083

I'm so happy I cut you off. You will never be complete, there is nothing inside of you.

No. 974119

Are you me

No. 974167

Nonny are you drunk

No. 974172

did I write this response?

No. 974203

File: 1637472616422.jpg (1.5 MB, 2477x1651, 37cebb6d6320b2ecc2cf3c3fab56a8…)


No. 974226

I wish you loved me as much as I love you. I haven't felt like this about someone in ages… But I can feel myself closing myself off before I get hurt. I just wish you'd realize I would never initially hurt you and want nothing but the best for you. Open yourself up to me, I want to protect you.

No. 974326

Ooh yeah that looks good miam miam
If anyone knows an authentic American pumpkin pie recipe I would appreciate it
My little sister’s an ameriboo and I want to make this for her

No. 974335

i knew someone who posted here. we were best friends in middle school. but she got bipolar and bpd and eventually stopped messaging me. i since realized i have autism and was an idiot in many ways. but she insulted me with such intent to hurt sometimes, straight up trying to stop me from laughing by telling, in front of my crush btw, how ugly i look laughing. like, thanks cow, i knew i looked weird but that was low.

i am always sad when i lose someone. even if it was surface level. it is so bad. i always wish they showed me their true self and we could've stayed or became friends forever. because i can understand everybody. why is that not enough? i can listen and understand you. i have so much empathy. i can listen or give advice. i barely have boundaries even which i have been working on… by my current standards i'd be an amazing friend. i wish i could clone myself and be friends. that would be someone always close to me, reminding me what i should be doing, and having no problems with getting offended, jealous or having any trust issues. i wish i could be my own friend.

No. 974344

I cant believe you got away with it, you bitch. What the fuck. For the year I've worked with you you've been nothing but a miserable cunt. I heard it admitted plenty of times, nobody from the other areas wanted to work with you. The mention of you always triggred an eyeroll, you're awful. I had to do more than my fair share, way more because you were too busy tonguing the assholes of higher ups, the managers didn't give a fuck and nobody from other departments wanted to deal with your pedantic shirking ass. Oh, how unlucky I was to be saddled as your partner. I got looks of pity from so many of my peers.

I should have formally complained. I should've shown any higher up chat logs of how you spoke to me, how lazy and evasive and hypocritical you were but it was my first job and I was scared of burning a single bridge, scared of retaliation (and you literally tried to get me fired for daring to ask "why can't you do it?" so I have no doubt your fucking insane ass would've actually got me booted had I spoken my mind more). I wish for nothing more than to meet you in the street and tell you that you brought the whole department down and my life was so much worse for being forced to interact with you, even minimally.

To think, I really tried to be nice to you. Before stonewalling I tried to be nice because maybe we just got off on the wrong foot. I asked you about your cat, I asked after your health, I tried to sympathise. But you are TERRIBLE, you're a terrible fucking person and it just hit hard for me one day when you "gossiped" to me about how a certain underachieving coworker had depression, an ED, a miscarriage in the past and it's not your fucking place at all to say any of this shit. You were feeling a little annoyed at her so you confided this to somebody you don't even like and absolutely are not remotely close to. How dare you air that out to me? How fucking dare you, that's not right. Are you're 34! What's wrong with your brain you BITCH! Have some fucking respect. Fuck you.

No. 974356

everybody seems to have a fulfilling life but me because i was traumatized as a child and now have to spend most of my day regulating my fucking stupid damaged brain and body from unnecessary, numbing depression and anxiety. fuck you all for thinking it is so easy. if you experienced half of the things i have experienced you would have offed yourself way before now. i am much more ambitious and strong than you are and if i didn't have these fucking problems you would be nothing compared to me. i fucking hate you for not even trying to understand me. if you make fun of me you are especially disgusting. why in this century of humanity some people still do not have empathy!

No. 974388

Is not committing suicide that big of an accomplishment nonny? Most people who commit suicide are scrotes. There's just not that much correlation between quality of life and suicide, I'm afraid. Everyone has their own issues, so you don't know who is dealing with what.

No. 974428

I wear normal clothes but when I see troons on social medias fooling themselves into thinking they're perfect kawaii anime girls it gives me an urge to dress even cuter and shove in their face that they won't ever be as cute as actual women

No. 974451

i wish i wasn't fat. it would solve like at least 50% of my problems. but instead of continuing to wish i'll do something about it

No. 974460

i lost 17kg in the first half of 2021
and gained it all back in the 2nd half
how fucking sad is that

No. 974465

That's kind of pickme behaviour but even more pathetic because of the low level of your competition. It's like being proud that you can beat up a kid.
If you want to wear kawaii clothes them wear them, if you don't then don't, don't waste your time thinking about outperforming people that you hate just focus on yourself

No. 974471

be glad you already know that you can lose 17 kg and do it again

No. 974473

Nta but read the thread rules and leave people alone jfc

No. 974475

Me too, nonnie, never listen to those retards who will tell you “muh, being skinny doesn’t solve shit” because that’s a lie, being healthy is much better than being fat.

No. 974532

thanks nonita. and you're right, not only health wise but also how you're treated by people, men especially.

No. 974571

Weird that you think you deserve bottomless empathy but you seem to have very little for other people. Are you a bippie?

No. 974583

>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 974624

File: 1637528347092.gif (2.93 MB, 388x480, 8EB3D3A6-5179-491B-8CFB-C33D6E…)

I’ve been working online for a company for the last 3 years that pays incredibly well, but the work is also super difficult to do and requires you to put in long hours. Nothing wrong with that as I don’t have any social life whatsoever, the only family member I talk to is my younger brother and he’s also sort of in a similar field so when a position opened up that he could totally fill he begged me to vouch for him. I sent out of my way to arrange an interview with my boss and he aced it, then LO AND BEHOLD the stupid scrote decided to take a two week vacation not even a week into his new job even though I told him that it’s a really fucking stupid idea, especially at this time of year and that he should wait a bit first. Then on top of that he also decided to lie to my boss, telling him that he’s got personal stuff going on atm instead of the truth ( he could have just said that the vacation was planned in advance or something at least ).

Then the cherry on top: his vacation had to be extended since the goddamn place he went to got extremely shitty weather and he couldn’t travel back home in time and I had to cover for his ass and lie, hoping he’d get his shit together soon and make it up for all the time he spent not working exactly when he was needed the most. Just found out yesterday that he quit without even telling me and I am beyond disappointed because it fucking makes me look bad for going through so many hoops to get him this job and then he pulls off shit like this, he KNEW extremely well that the job isn’t a walk in the park and that he’d had to put in the hours and he’s heard me complain about how serious it is for years so why even beg for me to get him on the team if he’s gonna take sudden vacations and not work whenever he doesn’t feel like it?

It fucking stings because the rest of my family are garbage as well, I literally loaned him 5k so he can buy a car last month and have always been there for him when he’s needed help without expecting anything in return since he was the only family member I thought I could trust, and this is how he repays me. He didn’t even have the balls to tell me that he’s quit and I had to find out through my boss. Tbh I’ll be fine since I make a shit ton of money and don’t care about friends or family anyways, I just blocked him on everything and am gonna pretend I don’t have a brother but it makes me livid knowing I was once again fooled by a scrote.

No. 974654

Cut your family out of your life. They all sound like opportunistic, lazy fucks.

No. 974686

Last night the person I'm dating took 2 mushrooms and they haven't replied in 22 hours and I'm scared they died

No. 974698

>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 974754

No. 974815

File: 1637545072318.jpeg (81.79 KB, 736x958, 446D4FE9-46B5-41E2-8311-79B209…)

you think you're the perfect little woke sjw princess but you have the mindset of a fucking incel. you will never fuck someone like me. all you will ever find is bottom of the barrel trash and that's what you deserve. fucking coomer bitch

No. 975385

Lmaoooooooo and?

No. 975450

I wish I had friends again, even if they are zoomers in my local uni. Some of my old friends are “too busy” hanging out with other wine moms or too busy fighting for muh feminism and muh animal rights because they allowed their soyboy husband to change their diet when they are fucking anemic.

No. 975452

i absolutely love seeing people mald over nfts. meanwhile i just sold a shitty little sheep drawing for $16k how’s your day going

No. 975764

Are you srs

No. 975812

My ex made their account private and it got on my nerves. I'm considering catfishing her with my best friend but the inner person in me who has grown is begging me to not do it. But the urge is getting to me. If the urge doesn't leave by black friday I'll fucking do it

No. 975817

it's clearly bait.

No. 976206

yes, look up wolf game on Twitter or opensea. nobody in nft space believes in the longevity of these types of projects btw, it’s just a quick flip. but you make money. unfortunately the point of entry for these types of projects can be high/reliant on luck though, it takes money to make money etc, but some people get lucky

keep malding

No. 976550

WHAT THE FUCK you lying piece of shit?! You slick snakey fat fuck, this how you live your life? Lying to people's faces when the truth is right in front of them? You made me look like a fool, you fucked this whole deal, I even want to think you're sabotaging this shit because it's better than you being THIS FUCKING STUPID AND CARELESS. The fact that you're not living on the street is proof there's a sucker born every minute. You deserve no more chances and you KNOW it. If you put half the effort you use for lying and flattering into doing your EXTREMELY SIMPLE JOB you would be ten times richer but no, you just want to fuck people over huh? Weak motherfucker. I'm going to rise above this and you'll see how little your clowning affects my trajectory, you're a stepping stone, you think you're hot shit but you're a funny story I'm going to tell at dinner parties with your heroes five years from now.

No. 976559

I want to be a NEET again I hate my job so fucking much

No. 976565

Stop entertaining this stupid annoying moid you fucking dumbo. Since when have you ever cared about being the cunt of the friend group? You've been wearing that title on your chest for years, why give a fuck now? Especially for some annoying moid. Your best friend thinks he's annoying too and the only person you know who doesn't think he's annoying, you think is ALSO ANNOYING. Stop replying!

just mad at myself

No. 976568

No. 976714

File: 1637713566224.jpg (87.89 KB, 1300x1063, man-masked-anonymous-group-sil…)

I see you've found the hidden cameras.

I can only do one thing: laugh.

No. 976727

I genuinely hate human beings including the ones I love and look forward to the world ending we do not deserve this planet, we have failed the children (we always have), and most of us are just not great people. I truly believe maybe like 10% of the adult population are genuinely good people. I feel for them but I think mankind has run our course and we need to just fucking die already. We keep repeating history never learning anything god I seriously can't wait till we all fucking die I seriously hate u all save the few human beings who still try to do right. Most of us are cowards just trying to survive and live comfortable. I mean I get it but not really. It's not really living. So might as well all be dead anyways. Can't wait for the aloha snackbar guys to blow our shit up fuck this planet

No. 976773

"We", "us", anon stop with the dramatics, the only ppl who think like this are will-broken handmaidens, and scrotes. We just have to get rid of the parasites on top and ones beside us with a y chromosome and we'll have utopia compared to this shit. Idk about you but I'm saving up to buy land with other women and live separatist dream. Can tech anons hurry up and make male sexbots so the hets can ascend.

No. 977011

I love you to the moon and back you fucking idiot get with the goddamn program

No. 977047

>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 977051

I am kind of mad that my parents never prepared me for real life or 'adult life'.
And how mundane life can be, especially when you start working.
And feeding this lie that if you just try hard enough you can ascend.
There's no escape for normal people.
This routine is hell.

No. 977203

If you ever go near my boyfriend again, you will wake up in a box buried 6 feet under some random spot in the middle of the woods, you piece of shit junkie whore.

No. 977212

I WANT THEM TO BREAK up ughhhhh be mine mine mine mine fuck society let's run away together reeeeeeeee

No. 982412

I already love you and it sucks. You're going to find someone and I'll be stranded. I'm always going to be stranded.

No. 982907

I miss you

No. 985890

Do what you need to do so you can go to bed, idiot. this is for me

No. 985909

File: 1638697408204.jpg (131.58 KB, 850x694, __ramlethal_valentine_and_pote…)

Not to be a weeb but I think about my friend and I every time we play guilty gear as respected. It's even worse when he mutters under his breath because it turns me on so much. He's copying how my boyfriend looks and it's really hot for a latino man. Shy piece of shit who can't handle being a side piece I hate you fucking scrotes.

No. 985911

you seem like someone who would into Corpse Husband

No. 985915

>mutters under his breath because it turns me on so much
Absolutely disgusting.

No. 985922

>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 986019

Fuck you retards I hope your kill yourselves holy shit. Why does anybody tolerate you is beyond me. Instead of being a bunch of whiny faggots you should probably shut the fuck up and commit suicide already. If you don't really wanna do that because you're a bunch of fucking pussies then how about you stop being retarded and do something about your issues so that you're more tolerable to yourselves and everyone else.

No. 986023

Bitches with no empathy make me vomit.

No. 986320

File: 1638740274708.jpg (15.51 KB, 275x204, 1581276646370.jpg)

im over at this point please pretend that i died and never speak to me again. I dont understand why everytime i ask you to block me you come up with excuses even though you clearly dont want to be with me. I hate that i have to always be the unhinged one because you are an emotionless unfeeling robot so however justified my anger i come out the loser because I look crazy ranting and raving with a dude who can only just say sorry but never do or even attempt to do better. in the words of summer walker "Ain't even pulling through, you just be talking".
I fucking hate you for wasting my time. I hate so much that i fell for someone with such a lack of a backbone that you cant even be a fucking man and say "yeah bitch i just want to fuck you and thats it but i got my fill and i want to move on" like i fucking hate you. If i could go back in time i wouldve continued to ghost yo ass. Its what you fucking deserve you piece of excrement. But no my fucking empathy had to kick in and i felt bad for doing it so i gave you a chance. WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT?
I'm so beyond depressed about this because i dont want to be obsessed with a fucking scrote yet here i am. Its embarrassing and unbecoming of me. You werent even good in bed it was me the whole time that was turning me on lol. You never made me cum and had the nerve to always ask and id say no because im not about to stroke your shitty ego. You fucking used me as nothing more than a hole nothing more than a black bitch you can check off the box. I hate that every man i encounter only wants to use me for my body. Literally no man ive talked to in my life has ever not attempted to be sexual with me within the first time we meet. Its so bad that its why i subconsciously am so afraid to actually move on and date someone else because its so fucking awkward to know that you are being viewed as nothing more than a sex object in real time. It doesnt matter how skinny and sickly i look or if im normal/bigger weight my body is the only thing guys see in me. After they get to have sex with me thats all im good for. It doesnt matter how funny, witty, smart, fashionable and dope of a person i am, i am nothing more than tits and ass to men. I thought you were different and honestly you are different. The other guys i would try to date would at least tell me that they only wanted to screw, you on the other hand intentionally led me on. Idk if its because you get sick enjoyment out of it or because you have a mental deficiency, but either way fuck you. What hurts worse is that i did sexual shit i deep down didnt want to do because i really thought you were going to be my first love. Now i have to live with the regret of knowing that i did something that goes against my moral code. i know its from my own volition but i never wouldve done it if you didnt lead me on for as long as you did.
What hurts worse is that i know that after this is over the next girl you talk to you'll actually date and be in a relationship with.
This literally always happens to me and its fucking traumatizing each time. I know I shouldnt put value in scrotes and how they percieve me but it starts to eat at you when you notice a trend that every guy you've talked to has only wanted to fuck you but never put a label but as soon as they've had their fill they'll be like "i have a gf now BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". It makes me feel like such a cum rag. It doesnt help that since i was a child i was sexually assaulted constantly until i was at least 11 years old. I dont get why everyone just uses me for my body. I dont know what i have to do. It doesnt matter if im covered up and act shy (which i naturally am shy) i am nothing more than my body. Ever since i was a fucking child. THis stupid whatever the fuck this is just further highlights that fact and it makes me want to kms. You know before i met you I was literally content with being a spinster, i decided to have crushes on youtubers who i knew i couldnt be with and anime characters i deff couldnt be with and i was fucking happy as a clam. But then my friends wanted to learn about dating apps so i showed them and boom i was in your clutches. All my life men have used me for my body, for my kindness, my patience, my love, my innocence. I literally never had a chance. I didnt ask to be born in this body to be shaped this way. I dont know if i emit some type of pheromone that makes men just want to fuck me and thats it but i want it to stop. Even when a guy tells me he wants to be my friend he will still inevitably make a move on me that same day. What the fuck am i doing wrong? Sometimes i truly think its because im black, men subconsciously still see me as nothing more than a jezebel sex object who they can use and discard of whenever they grow tired. Obviously there are black women that are in loving and long lasting relationships, but this is just how i feel men view me. Otherwise why are they so bold to be sexual with me when i made no sexual jokes, advances, and even bolder to hit and abuse me both physically and verbally? I wouldnt have had to get this dark and introspective if i never met your dumbass but alas here we are. I just want to see you in person and rip you a new one!! But i dont know how long i can wait to do that im impatient and need you to hurt you worse than you hurt me. I want to break you, I want to fuck you up mentally the way you've done me. I want to give you an insecurity you never knew you had and that will take years to unpack. But i know realistically when i see you next my dumb heart will make me do something stupid. I just hope my brain can real me back into reality so that i dont have to go through this any longer. May peace never find you you dusty bitch.

No. 986348

File: 1638743886131.jpeg (24.61 KB, 274x215, 55FD72A7-DF5E-4F60-9B2D-75A2E9…)

I can't help myself, I want you and nobody else. I want to talk to you so badly because I want to try it all over again but I know you don't want to hear from me.

No. 986508

boyfriend’s old friend in highschool who had a baby, signed her rights away to her parents immediately when babydaddy ran off, is currently stripping in the large city by our hometown tried making a pass at him on social media and (he handled it perfectly) i’m rlly trying to control that jealous raging bitch in me. we’ve met in person once and i told her i was genuinely excited to meet her because we had a lot of mutual friends??? like why pick mine. he’s not even that great. i’m mortified

No. 987320

My anxiety can fuck off im sick of being scared of every fucking thing and caring what fuckers think of me ugh

No. 987541

File: 1638860129767.jpg (73.06 KB, 576x576, 20211207_111011.jpg)

Alright, I'm gonna go deep. Idc if anyone reads this.
Each day I have to wake up I am in a fucking mood. I'm either sobbing or irate about my job. I have to like fight with all my bosses to fix anything and they say "oh no there's all this red tape" and I say "hey what if there isn't? We haven't asked??" So, there isn't. But everyone thinks I'm an annoying bitch bc I've fixed 220K$ of equipt this month. Idc about getting credit. I have tried to go to counseling since it's free for me but they have no appts. I fucking hate my work place and everyone i work for other reasons but my biggest thing is, as a supervisor: how do you get people to care? Yeah sorry this is a lot but I'm fucking tired.

No. 987624

Holy fuck, are the anons in the stupid questions thread fucking forreal. Most things on lc don't really irritate me like that but god-fucking-damn, I hope they all are underaged teens for their sake. This has to be a fucking joke, it has to be. And here I thought I was mentally ill, but I'm a beacon of wellness and sanity in comparison.

No. 988463

my neet ex messaged me to reconnect bc he can't get over my friend's suicide. they died a few months ago and im losing my shit over how deluded and retarded someone has to be to pretend to be the victim in this situation. he cheated on me and regularly stalks my socials because he wants me to inevitably get him a job in my field, despite never trying to even be slightly qualified. im significantly younger than him which makes me want to fucking barf. now im stuck with a fat retarded tumour cyberstalking me. fuckkkkkk off fff f

No. 988635

I'm never going to recover. I'll be scared, tired and anxious forever and I can't escape it. I don't know how to make myself better, I don't have any options or support. I'm going to hurt the person I love when I end it but I think I can hold out a few more years if I just try and have a positive attitude. Others have it way worse than I do, others have been through way more than I have, and they keep living. I don't know. I don't know what I want from life. The world is too broken and so am I.

No. 989291

I miss the first female childhood friend that I kissed when I was younger. She was really sweet and sheltered and we were really goofy together and had a lot of innocent fun around 5th grade. She moved to Texas years ago and I’ve always tried to find her but she has a pretty generic name and protective parents who probably never let her get social media so there’s a slim chance I’ll ever be able to see how she turned out but I think about her all the time.

No. 989358

"hah, more than you" bitch, fuck off.

at least i'm not some bitch like you who keeps asking the same questions over and over just to look down on someone and "roast" them.

No. 989540

Fuck you, you snappy fat bitch eating a burger. The only reason I didn't tear you a new one is because I felt sorry for you.

No. 989567

If you smell shit everywhere maybe there is shit in your shoe. If you get in fights with all your friends, they are not the problem. You have to learn to admit you are wrong and your shitty childhood isnt an excude, we are adults now. I forgave you but please stop lying and being dishonest even on the smallest things.

No. 990365

File: 1639118266948.gif (86.24 KB, 180x160, IMG_3421.GIF)

without a hint of irony you said to me "maybe 'woman' is a concept." for a purported feminist– and genuinely smart, compassionate, wonderful person– you are amazingly obtuse. how is it that you recognised the idealogical conflict between transgerderism and your ideal, post-misogyny world, free of constrictive gender roles, yet concluded "there is no right answer there" ?? we can agree that hatred is not necessarily productive. i gain very little from projecting my self-hatred onto the poor tifs who have yet to escape the cult. i understand that writing off all men from the outset potentially bars me from useful information and experiences. but why is it such a goddamn ISSUE that i think that a man will always be A MAN? womanhood is not the concept; femininity is. femininity is a costume imposed upon women– that is, female people!– oftentimes forcefully and at considerable detriment to our lives. how can you be so entrenched in your own bullshit that although you recognise skirts and eyeshadow do not a woman make, a man can BECOME A WOMAN simply by FEELING that he is? what does it even "feel like" to be a woman? i asked you this once, and you said it was about feeling confident or some bullshit. i don't say it's bullshit because your experience is invalid but because it is IRRELEVANT. what does that have to do with being female? are all confident men secretly women? you're killing me.

yes, i was raised in an argumentative family. everyone was obsessed with being right even when they were not correct. i know that it is important to speak with people who disagree with me. i know that it is important to think critically about where my ideas come from, to evaluate the impact of my beliefs on my life and the lives of others. you want the best for me. you want me to be happy. so that makes me wonder why am i always the one who is wrong, the one who is always cowing to others, obsequiesing and agreeing and "seeing what they're trying to say" even when it feels dishonest? yes i'm stubborn! why is that such a bad thing! if "all you have for me are introspective questions" then okay, fine, i've already asked and answered them and my conclusion is IT'S NOT FAIR. AND YOU'RE ACTING DUMB BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO WOKE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

as always i said what you wanted to hear so that you would not stop loving me. "sorry for being hateful, i'll take it on a case by case basis." fat fucking chance. all men are dangerous, most are misogynists, and the ones that dare to appropriate womanhood are the worst of them all. "maybe 'woman' is a concept," without a hint of irony…. you make me want to cry.

No. 990580

You're such a fragile little bitch, grown a spine you're pathetic i'm so ashamed of being related to you

No. 990590

You are a piece of shit. You made me feel like I was nothing. You made me feel important just to drop me like I was nothing at one of the lowest points of my life. You are disgusting to look at. I can’t believe I gave you a chance. I hope something really awful happens to you, I hope one day you feel the pain I do.
Have fun with MY friend .

No. 990597

shut up shut up SHUT UP SHUT UP GOD let me live MY life!!! mind your business and fuck off you're so annoying what's your problem? i don't even know who you are stop judging me for everything i do, you're a miserable asshole

No. 990601

File: 1639145295653.jpg (3.52 MB, 6691x6734, nathan-anderson-XIInMAITuOc-un…)

Every time I go home to my parents I am reminded of how incapable they are of truly loving me for me, and not just for being their daughter. I moved to another state ~3 years ago, met some friends who grew up with emotionally available parents and realized how differently we grew up. It honestly makes me so sad to think about the girl I was while living at home. Constantly seeking attention and validation because my mom and stepdad just could not give it to me. I always thought something was wrong with me. Parents convinced me that no matter what, they obviously cared about me because I was sheltered/fed, and I had no needs beyond that.

I am so grateful to now be surrounded by people who actually love me, and I am so grateful they have taught me how to love back. It makes it really difficult to go home for the holidays, though (this is the first time I am going back for the holidays in 3 years). When I went home for Thanksgiving, I told my mom about this research journal I am participating in at my school. It's something I am really excited and proud about - most people in my grade/age don't get to get their named published in a scientific journal. All my mom had to say was a dismissive "that's nice". It reminded me of when I was a kid, my mom was the only person I had close to me (dead dad lol), and it would break my heart when I could tell she had no interest in what I was trying to connect with her about. Meanwhile, when I told my friends and boyfriend about it, they were all so enthused, impressed, excited, and happy that I got that opportunity.

I have always had to hide who I really am around my family… always scared that if I let them see the wrong thing I will be criticized and belittled. It feels like I am living a double life.

No. 990611

You are a fucking loser. I look down on you. I do not think you’re very smart.
All your little “niche” (The Beatles aren’t niche) hobbies and interests ALL came from me.
I do not think you are talented. I do not think you are funny. Your guitar playing is fucking atrocious. Girls do not like you so stop talking about them it’s weird. ESPECIALLY straight women.. you have a vagina and no amount of pretending to be a man is going to change it.
Your “poetry” is horrendous and laughable. You are not going to make it anywhere. You need a lot of plastic surgery. I get second hand embarrassment by how cool and original you think you are.

No. 990616

You RUINED 12 years of love and friendship all for your DICK. Everything was fine until you just HAD to lie and ruin it all. I can't look back at our time together anymore because you tainted it all with the shit you did. HOW are you not sorry you absolute pos? HOW can you do this and STILL claim to love me?? People who love someone DON'T USE THEM as a placeholder and fleshlight. I hope the drugs cripple you so bad you can't go to the gym ever again. I hope you lose all your friends and family one way or another and I hope once you have a kid she leaves you because she realizes what a fucking cunt you are, even if you deserve each other.

Over those 12 years I have NEVER said a bad word or even thought about you in a negative way… and now I regret it. I regret that I won't have the chance to scream at you, I regret not fucking up your relationship when I still could and I regret that I cared for so long.

FUCK YOU, hope something horrible happens to you.

No. 990681

I grew up the exact same way anon. It brings me great pain to know that I will never have parents who are attuned and loving towards me. There is no comfort there. I hope that you can create a loving place within yourself, you deserve compassion and love and support.

No. 991113

I hate you you make me and everyone around you sick you think people only like you out of pity but you bring it on yourself by doing stupid and outright evil shit fuck you fuck you fuck you you're a horrible friend and a worse boyfriend cunt

No. 991525

Yeah i get it, you're perfect, and I'm supposed to feel bad for you even tho you're perfect, have the perfect life and everything i ever wanted happened to you, fuck it. You're "beautiful", you have no mental problems, a lot of options, i just…don't get it, i don't give a fuck about whatever they want me to think about people like you, i don't relate to you, you're not the same as me, and your reality is a dream compared to my shitty, full of trauma, hopeless life, y'know what? I wish i was you, and I'm supposed to believe you have it worse but i genuinely wish I was you. I hate you, your tears mean shit to me, i hate you with all my soul and I'm tired of pretending i give a fuck about your non-issues, i wish you fucking died.

And you're not precisely the kind of person i would feel jealous of, at all, but your life is so great i just can't help but feel hopeless every time I see you, you remember me how miserable, crazy and dumb i am, I'm dumb and broken, you're everything I'm not, you're objectively better, you're even more intelligent because you didn't have any deep trauma that fucked your psyche, they would love you and stan you, but i always get shit, because my brain is fucked and i make bad decisions. You're so unrelatable is ridiculous

No. 991531

I wasn't expecting nothing but don't pretend i didn't do all those things for you, you're so ungrateful, you even call me "useless" even tho i helped you so, so much, i genuinely cared for you, but it seems you're just incapable of understanding sacrifice. I can't expect shit from you, you're like a little kid, is kind of disappointing. It saddens me that every time you actually do something for me you have this shitty actitud, why would you feel so much hate for someone that effectively carried you when you needed it? i was happy to help because i like to help, because i genuinely like you, i never gave you an actitud when you needed me, why i have to remind you you're supposed to feel sympathy for people that care for you? You're so psychopathic, no wonder everyone prefers me, people just know you're full of shit, every time they assume the worst of you they're absolutely right, there is a reason why people back then avoided you and felt sorry I've to be with you, because you're, in fact, a shitty person.

No. 991535

The story about Apollo and Hyacinth is the least interesting Greek Myth. Just because it involves a stupid fag doesn't make it interesting. He just gets hit and that's it. Boring! And the Hades & Persephone story is overrated.

No. 991840

File: 1639255134350.png (253.86 KB, 586x651, FUCK.png)

I confessed everything to you and still you love me. Fuck, I truly don't deserve you. Thank you. I love you.

No. 992019

You keep being annoyed that I'm supposedly ignoring you and prioritizing other people and hobbies compared to you. I genuinely would love to talk to you more and connect with you, but how am I supposed to do that when you make no effort of your own to keep the conversation going? How can a person with such a plethora of weird hobbies, interests and unique education be such a bore to talk to? Of course I'm going to engage more with people that seem interested in talking to me as well. Typing "haha, okay" and "cool" as a response isn't how you keep a conversation going, especially not online. I'm not here to entertain you. The few times I do you don't even seem interested, so fuck off. Ask me how I'm doing and follow up with more questions. When I tell you about a project I'm working on, ask for details, remember those details and bring them up later when we talk again. It's not hard. I don't believe for a second you are interested to hear about me or my life if you never show it. That's not how conversations work. Fuck off.

No. 993245

You're so stupid to think that the fact he didn't tell you off in that moment meant that he wanted to fuck you. I don't even know what you're trying to get out of telling me this months later. He told me you tried to kiss him, literally seconds after you left. He didn't know what to do because 1) you were drunk and upset 2) your partner was in the hospital and 3) you tried to kill yourself weeks before. He didn't want to embarrass you or set you off. We were just trying to be good friends to you but you wanted to make everything messy for no reason.

No. 993344

I'm sick of you. All of you. Everyone takes their own health and the health of others for granted. You get blessed with healthy kids and then ditch them because they're not sons, or because you just don't feel like dealing with them at the time. You get blessed with a healthy partner and then just stomp on it. You get blessed with people who love you and want to be in your life and can't take none of it. You get blessed with beautiful pets and they're just accessories. No one truly sees how much of a gift living breathing things are until they get treated exactly how they've treated others

No. 994083

"next time think about it. there's only 2 lines running and there 3 of you. they know fridays are slow" BITCH. 3 OF US DOING A JOB FOR 5 FUCKEN PEOPLE. fridays are slow when everyone fucken shows up. whatever. next time i'll just fucken leave.

No. 994105

File: 1639445926498.jpeg (59.55 KB, 645x363, 22F5313B-BFB9-47A2-9D6E-E45428…)

I started drawing again for fandom shit and made friends w/ fandom regulars because our shared ship is problematique. Besides the general harassment I get from antis as a mutual to the more vocal of our group, I was having fun just chatting and doing doodle exchanges and asking advice about gif sets but I had to the tragic insecure artist thing and said I could draw some requests for ship art and now I’m watching different tutorials and guides on how to draw background shit I thought I’d never have to learn. I did this to myself, still I’m glad I was able to get into an inner circle of famous?fandom people

No. 994126

It's freezing like crazy out and the hot water is broken so I can't take a warm shower and my roommate is morbidly obese and extremely controlling and insists on keeping it freezing and throws away my leftovers (we don't have a kitchen) and I eat small quantities at a time, meaning I have to throw away food anytime I eat and don't finish for no apparent reason? she does this even if the leftovers are fresh and I am about to eat it later.I don't understand this why would someone go out of their way to force their roommate to waste food?

No. 994215

i've been so scared of gaining weight since i was like 15 but recently i've put on like 10-15lbs and its NOT BAD like literally i hated my boobies my whole life bcus they were weird and small and "tube-sock-y" but now they're looking great. so much wasted time spent worrying over them looking bad when i could have just eaten like a normal person.

No. 994224

Honestly woke up today and decided that I’m gonna be that bitch and do exactly what I wanna do for myself. I’ve been a people pleaser and been stepped on forever and I’m sick of it! I’m just gonna do a complete change and actually respect myself way more than I ever have before. I’m gonna say what I want and get what I want. I can still be a nice person to other people while being good to myself. I’ve wasted too much time on shit!

No. 994255

If you don't have a kitchen I'm assuming you also mean you don't have a fridge and are just leaving out leftovers in some kind of shared room? Anon it probably smells and the fact is most prepared foods become unsafe to eat after a day at room temp, she's trying to save you.

No. 994268

so she's morbidly obese and "throws away" your food… do you actually see her do it or see the food in the trash, or like does she just say she threw it out? because I'm thinking the answer may be simple here ..

No. 994336

Recently I started liking a certain fictional character a lot. Just now I realised I like her so much because she reminds me of you. You've always been what I like, you probably always will be. I was wondering why I was so immediately drawn to her and felt 'safe' with her. Of course, she isn't real. She's not you. But I'm going to cling onto her and laugh at how I'm still so stuck on you. I wonder if you ever think something similar. I selfishly hope you think of me and miss me.

No. 994343

You complained so much about white people and men. But you couldn't stop yourself from pushing away everyone who wasn't a white woman or man. You pushed our friend group away until only I remained as your token friend, to validate your chronic victimhood. You sperged about all white people being racists and all men being rapists. I was done with your useless, endless rants. Now that I'm gone, your friends are only white people, mostly men. It's fucking hilarious how much of a pickme you are when talking with men too. Zero backbone.

No. 994380

you're ugly, rude, narcissistic, unfunny - you don't have any redeemable qualities that make you likeable. we're both ecstatic that you moved out and into a dumpy little condo with two other people. one of which made a joke about crossing your boundaries while you were still packing your shit (that we heard you cringe over, delicious schadenfreude.) you were constantly a shitty, annoying little bitch to (redacted) about cleaning up but you never cleaned up after yourself, everything you cooked smelled like shit and you never lit an incense or a candle or a wax melt or ANYTHING even though you you ACKNOWLEDGED it fucking stank, you invited people over without asking either of us if it was okay, just waited for us to go to sleep so you could heehaw retardedly in the living room instead of going in your room to be noisy and retarded in there, instead. and you're right, my apology to you for blowing up at you WAS fake. you're a cunt and you've had a verbal lashing coming for a long time.

you deserve your ugly little condo in your ugly little neighborhood where you can't have an OUNCE of privacy.

btw (redacted) told me they make you uncomfortable. good. i hope it makes you never leave your room again, you unwashed little freak. even considering living with you was a mistake.

p.s. your old room is our new smoking room. puff on your inhaler and cry bitch.

No. 994787

File: 1639511341721.jpg (198.33 KB, 850x1511, __alice_liddell_alice_in_wonde…)

I'm so ready for a generation of violent carnal women. Dismember him and throw his genitalia at his peers, playing nice is for the defeated. May his blood mark the path for the better world.

No. 994797

File: 1639511759393.jpg (170.03 KB, 1080x480, Screenshot_20211213-105912__01…)

Agreed. I support equality.

No. 994800

You're so blind to your own irony is isn't even funny. You think you've become so progressive and a good person but you're just like everyone else, performing so you look good, when you really have no tolerance for everyone. You're such a selfish person and I feel like an idiot that I thought we could still be friends. People outside of your inner circle mean nothing to you. You all act like you're fucking middle school girls. If your mom was still alive she'd be so disappointed in you.

No. 994996

mind your own business "uhm did you see that they had a fail" i took care of that shit already. whoa are you to be uhming at me like i didn't do shit about it. you get like 5 fails and don't do anything about it.

No. 995025

File: 1639531168050.png (617.48 KB, 632x580, 3273D3DD-8D31-4965-A6A0-7B7AC9…)

They deserve it.

No. 995050

I know her bleach job looks rough here but in general it's weird how she's just a hot blonde and bland brunette. I feel gross saying it but I've never seen hair color make such an instant difference in attractiveness.

No. 995179


No. 995202

I totally agree? When they showed a picture of her during the trial I had to rethink everything, because I had imagined all of the psychosis coming from a church-mouse looking thing, not a party-girl looking chick.

No. 995533

During the trial, she also had glasses, shitty bangs, probably no make-up. But it's true that the hair color changed the most about how she looked. They did it on purpose so she would seem more sympathetic.

No. 997919

It's so funny that people praise you for being so sweet and beautiful inside and out when you're two-faced lardass mean girl. Remember the time you used that one girl and pretended to be her friend so you could get free hotel rooms and alcohol when you were underaged? You haven't changed a bit since you were a kid and it's so sad that people fall for it. You said I'm the fat one? At least I lost weight and kept it off and I'm not pregnant every other year. I'm the retard? At least I graduated high school without being held back for skipping class to smoke cigarettes with your drug dealer fuck buddies.
Have fun being a single mom for the millionth time with the millionth guy and using your latest bastard child for welfare points. Oh, and nice move using your child support money for that beautiful pregnancy photoshoot too. Oh my god what a beautiful mama you are! You have everyone fooled but I'll never forget how much of a fucking cunt you are. You're fucking garbage. Get a fucking job and learn some skills.

No. 998047

i have an annoying grade school crush on my boyfriend’s friend. they both are exactly my type unfortunately and watching them tard out together makes me warm. he has told me time and time again that visiting me and him is the happiest he’s been in a long time. i’m not dumb enough to think it’s anything but minor drama to spice up my ltr but it feels nice to have this little secret

No. 998254


No. 1000602

Threeway time

No. 1000719

my mentally abusive brother is leaving soon but I can't wait, he's bullied me for years and it's finally going to end

No. 1001293

You aren't fucking mother Teresa and you didn't even fucking do it right. Your accomplishment was being fast, and you couldn't even do that well enough. I had everything already done but you are so up your own ass you just can't stand the thought of someone else having credit or handling the reigns. You're an idiot. You didn't even do it right and I fucking fixed it but you have the nerve to try and say that you were the one ensuring this? You're not in charge, you're not the boss, you're literally no one and you've done nothing but pick some pretty colors. I'm the one who's sunk hours and hours into this shit and even showed you what things were, I'm the one who actually put in real effort. But you are on such a power trip, apparently no one can deliver what you can deliver because you're just so pure and trustworthy. I hope it all falls apart and you're at the center of it. Also I bet you're fat.

No. 1001557

i'm so sorry it ended the way it did

No. 1006332

Now I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop, to see what other innermost parts of myself aren't actually "going to be okay" and are going to in fact be a major problem in the long run. I don't think I could properly describe to you how disappointing and defeating it was to see those words from you, things you couldn't even trust me enough to talk about, and I probably never will. Whatever.

No. 1007154

You always act like you're better than everyone else as if your shit doesn't stink. The way people do things to be happy and post it online is cringe or beneath you because what they do is soooo lame and audacious to you. You are such a big fat FUCKING hypocrite about it! You literally have like 5 characters who are obviously self-inserts, and even though you talk a looooot of shit about people making fanmade content you fold like a wet tissue paper and flip your shit like a total weak-kneed bitch the second anyone takes a shot at you. Throwing tantrums and everything.

Either you don't throw stones from a glass house or you grow a fucking spine like a regular adjusted person. Oh, and I also hate the way you make your hobbies sound as pretentious as possible like a pick-me girl. In fact I'm pretty sure you are a pick-me. Hahaha

No. 1008059

File: 1640757871041.jpg (97.26 KB, 540x573, Someday.jpg)

It's such a shame. It's such a shame. It's such a shame. Tony. It's such a shame.

No. 1010357

Don't think I haven't realized a long time ago that you're just using me and I don't really mean shit to you. Don't try to act as if I was your bestie and you love me. I know that when the time comes I can't depend on you, you will drop me like a bag of bricks and never do anything but the bare minimum to help me out. I know I'm always playing the second fiddle to your other friends. We've been friends for years, I've seen how you behave, I know you will always pick someone else over me.

And that's okay. I'm okay with being just a spare part you dig out whenever you need it. I'm okay with it if you don't want to spend time with me. I just fucking wish you were honest about it so I could also treat you like that. Drop the act. I can tell that I'm no more important to you than a stranger on the street besides whenever you can exploit me, I'm not stupid, I just fucking wish you were honest about it instead of giving me all these morsels of false hope.

No. 1016523

Stop washing your fucking hands dammit, you are robots, do you have a death wish
Who programmed this shit were they half asleep on the job

No. 1017675

Stupid ugly bitch. All the shit I went through and I'm probably still more put together than you are. You and your fat friends can all go circle jerk in the normie club.

No. 1017734

File: 1641475222867.jpg (1.86 MB, 3264x2448, 20220106_141427.jpg)

Same anon. Another day, another Sims rant.

…well, when you put it like that, no, I am not sure. What kind of a pension plan from hell is this?

My game's fuckin broken.

No. 1017793

I assumed you were from the deranged coof thread kek

No. 1017818

I truly hope all pedos die violently. But especially you. I'm finally realising that actually no, not all moids think 3 year olds look hot. No children aren't "promiscuous" just because X flashed you once when you were kids. She was abused and I knew her better than you, she tried all kinds of inappropriate things to cope. I've found your fucking Pokémon card account and I'm watching you. You make one mistake online and I'm outing you to so many more people than just my friends. I want to try and tell your gf again because she deserves better. Just looking at her I see she's just as naive as I used to be. It's a shame she didn't believe me last time I tried. I almost died because of this shame and I finally realise it's not mine to carry, it's yours.

No. 1018840

It's actually really funny. I've never felt like I need someone as much as I need you. Every day, every time I wake up until I get to sleep, I keep thinking about how much I need you on my side. I treasure every second I spent with you. I remember how you write, your small delicate hands shaking lighly as you talk to me. I keep reading your messages, I keep track of your online history, praying for you to say something again, for seeing your gentle self trying to communicate with others, only to find out that only I reach out to you. Every time you cry, there's only me to comfort you, no other person will love you like I do, I'd pour my soul and blood just to make you happy, I'd always be loyal to you. If you are happy, that's all I need to be happy myself, but when you are at your lowest, I'll be happy too, because both of us will know that you depend on me to find peace, you need me just as much as I need you, and you can only rely on me. Only I know what kind of food you like, your favorite clothes, your measurements, the city you lived, your pets, your dreams, and so much more, no one else will take care on remembering those details about you. I truly hate when you try to run away from me, I know that you trust me, but that's not enough for me, even if you try to cut any connection with me, I'll always find you because I love you. I've never felt this way about anyone before, I'll never forget your beauty, and how much of a gift from god you were to me. Nothing in my life matters as much as you do, nothing feels the same after you left, everything feels empty, my body feels cold and my chest hurts, I just want to cry every time I remember you are not here anymore, you are my little prince, so fragile and doll like, and I will never find someone like you ever again, like you'll never find someone like me. Sometimes I wish I could let you go, but I can't and never will. I just want to bake cakes, paint something pretty, have a cute pet and live somewhere far away from everything where I'll keep you safe, my life is miserable without your warm. I promise, one day I'll be back at your side, and once I find you, I couldn't care less who tries to break us apart.

No. 1021409

File: 1641735940621.jpeg (344.47 KB, 698x691, 3432A2D3-D2DF-42B0-9743-948AAE…)

It gets easier year by year but I still miss you a lot. We probably won't ever speak again, or if we do it'll be in the far future because I'm far too afraid of you rejecting or disliking me in any way. When we last talked and I heard you say that I grew into a really weird person it stung a lot. I know you probably didn't mean harm by it, but it broke my heart because it made me face the reality that we were growing apart. We'd never be quite so close as we were again - you saw me as different than you. I didn't like that. I feel like we used to be able to read each other's minds but now we always misunderstand each other. A lot of things happened to me that you don't know about, that's why I grew into a 'weird' person. Nevertheless, I love you. Always will. I realise I'm still subconsciously searching for you everywhere. Haha, how embarrassing. A part of me will always miss being a dumb innocent kid with you. Just listening to vocaloid songs together with no worries in the world. I really liked those times with you. You were single-handedly the only thing that saved my childhood from being absolutely miserable. You were my first ever friend and what a great one you were. I should have treated you better. I'm sorry. It's probably too late now. I really love you a lot. I say your name a lot in my head. It's pretty. You're pretty. I hope you're doing well.
I am. I just miss you a lot sometimes. I probably will for the rest of my life.

No. 1022454


No. 1022882

File: 1641861088880.jpeg (22.12 KB, 224x224, EF5E6053-5AB8-4BC5-B2C9-1720F6…)

I hate this motherfucker so much. he has poisoned my worldview and opened me up to more than psychic attacks from operatives. fuck this guy. he has been caught in a sting in New York City and he probably slithered down the drain to get to some other godforsaken cesspit to regroup. it's not even funny anymore. fuck this company, fuck the people, fuck the lies. I'm so sick of these people. I just want them to stop appearing. just erase themselves from my existence. scrub their influence from my visions of this world. leave me alone.

No. 1022887

I miss you sometimes. Hope you're doing ok. You always had a weird family situation going on but I knew it wasn't like you could up and leave. You seemed scared to, anyway. I was the one who let things drift off, but I never told you just how fun it was to have someone to geek out with all through high school. I didn't care about the age gap, it was kind of like talking to an older sister. I should've talked to you more when I was going through my rough time. Maybe you would've grounded me. I look at your twitter sometimes, but it's just not the same as when we used to message each other on livejournal. I just hope you find someone who treats you right or somewhere you can live comfortably.

No. 1022957

File: 1641867606001.png (524.24 KB, 640x600, e85fn63gdr581.png)

I'm not entirely sure if your "jokes" are actual jokes anymore or not. Not entirely certain if they were jokes in the first place now that I think about it. If I called your whatever-this-hate-thing-is out I'd probably be gaslit into believing I'm overly sensitive. Idk if others are picking up on it too, and if they were, idek if it'd be good or bad for you.
Sometimes you include me in your 'humor'. We used to have good banter but something's telling me it's not banter anymore, you're serious but too chickenshit to actually face it within yourself. It's like you've got nothing against me but you still resent me for… Well, reasons. You know what I'm talking about.
I hate the idea of growing distant from you but hey, it'd not be on me at least. It'd be on you. If it went that way, that is. I really, really hope it doesn't though because when I said I love you I meant it and I still do. Though, can't help but feel like it was I who fucked up somehow, despite the fact that this time in my life I've been doing—if not everything—at least 95% of everything right when it comes to friendships. Maybe the remaining 5% includes failures such as not being brutally honest about how some circumstances really just came about after your own self-made choices. I should've just blurted out where you fucked your own ass over back when it was all still fresh. Now if I did it'd just offend you and I wouldn't sound like a friend.
I'm not sorry about you taking your anger out on me, but I am going to, however, apologize for not setting you straight early enough. I'm sorry. I should've said things that actually matter.

No. 1023068

I wish you hadn’t gotten depressed and let yourself get fat and gross. I am not physically attracted to you at all anymore and it makes me want to cry, I feel like a terrible partner and terrible person but I can’t force myself to be affectionate when you physically repulse me at times. I’m trapped here and I’m afraid of the future with you and my unhappiness.

No. 1023133

Genuinely wish I could have some closure with you. You're fucking nuts though, the only way to deal with you was just to cut all contact. Even when I said absolutely nothing to you, you assumed I was doing all these things behind your back, had a meltdown and blocked me like a coward before I could respond. It was like holding up a mirror in a way. I really pitied you then. I don't think about you very much anymore, I was reminded of you recently because I saw one of your friends stalking my art accounts. Hahaha. You're probably still nuts and there's no way to have a meaningful talk with you about anything. Genuinely hope your friends drift away from you after growing up and realizing what a tard you are.

No. 1023164

Did you know how badly I needed you to be there for me growing up? It feels like we’re strangers even though I slept down the hall from you for 18 years. I’m worried for our future, you’re supposed to be someone I can rely on but I still don’t know how to open up to you even though I’m not afraid of you anymore. I always believed you hated me for not being good enough. I know that your relationship with your mom was rough and I wish ours was perfect to make up for all the pain she caused you but I don’t know how to do it. I wish I had more memories of us together. I wish I still idolized you.

No. 1023202

File: 1641904059968.jpeg (38 KB, 400x372, 1F6F90BF-1048-4A55-BF14-7B4606…)

Newsflash: everyone in your life isn’t toxic or abusive, you are just a raging cunt. It’s insane how you manage to make other people out to be the bad guy when you will literally start hating someone simply because they disagree with you on a minuscule issue, you seriously think the world revolves around you and that everyone has to align themselves with your beliefs or they are dumb idiots who need you to save them and change their minds. You will literally never find happiness or stable relationships because you can’t accept that not everyone thinks exactly like you, nor should they since your perception of the world is madly warped and often times even unhinged. You like to make fun of other people for small things or even things you yourself do and it’s frankly pathetic. All you know how to do is project and waste your time being negative towards other people for the smallest reasons. It’s kind of a superpower too how you manage to make the people who get close to you equally pessimistic and bitchy until they get slapped across the face with a wake up call. You wonder why all your friends leave you or why you are constantly alone and this is why, because you are a shit friend and person. You think you can treat others like garbage and get away with it, you think everyone is too dumb to notice your rude remarks because you think you’re being subtle but you’re fucking not, you’re obvious as hell and it’s honestly funny how smart you think you are. You will never amount to anything because not only do you give up on people but you also give up on anything you fixate on for a short period of time. It makes me so sad that I wasted so much energy on you and wish I could bill you for some sort of compensation for all the shit I had to put up with. I honestly do hope you wake up one day too and realize this cycle you’ve trapped yourself into, I don’t wish you any malice but the way you’re going you’re gonna end up terribly alone and sad. Maybe you do deserve it but that isn’t for me to say. Next time you wonder why everyone leaves you, take a look in the mirror.

No. 1023347

People have bullied me to the point where I cannot interact with anyone. I have developed intense human hatred and I associate all people with evil and even in normal situations like when I go to the store sometimes employees are rude towards me because I cannot make proper eye contact or I flinch and shake so because I suffer they must make my suffering worse. I'm always open and I know a lot of things and I can immediately tell what advice I should give to people to improve their lives and when I initially do they feel offended but in the end my advice actually helps. It seems most people never question if they are in the wrong but I question myself to the point where I cannot function in society.

All communities of humans are echo chambers and if you say something that the majority disagrees with you will get haunted like a witch. I hanged out with the wrong people and they did something evil to me. We were supposed to take acid but I was supposed to take only a bit and I told them but they intentionally put a lot of drops on it to give it to me and turn me crazy. They would make nasty remarks at me, laugh at me and make jabs at me saying things that are not even true about me or trying to brainwash me but I was completely aware but it still hurt me because I was tripping on acid. I literally ended up running through a forest and hurting myself but they came after me and continued torturing me by telling me horrible shit about me and playing with my mind. When it all ended they acted like they didn't do anything and like I was crazy. I've been abused so much by people and then gaslit because they do not have emotional intelligence and they see other people as objects to make fun of or they think when someone disagrees with them they deserve a punishment and yet people still believe I am evil when everyone else has been evil to me.
Most humans are insane and they use you as a way to satisfy themselves and when you don't do their bidding they call you emotional vampire and narcissistHave you ever thought that maybe you're the one? No! But I have always been introspective and analyzed my actions to see if I am the one and most of the time I am not. I also think I was put in a social archetype I simply cannot handle anymore due to my extreme mental illness. This might sound schizophrenic, but humans have innate social archetypes that have developed due to evolution because we had to live in tribes and be together throughout the most important parts of our evolution, so we have began creating personality patterns that have turned genetical almost because everyone had to fit a role. People have always treated me like a free counselor and Im always responsible for how they are feeling and the moment I slip or simply suffer the depression and negative feelings that have been created by my abuse it's like the entire room slips and I drag them down with me, like I am responsible for their feelings, but they are not responsible for mine, because when someone is mad or sad that feeling does not translate to me and others do not seem to care since I am my own ruler when it comes to emotions and my emotions are not translated from others and many times they come from the past and resurface due to extreme abuse I had to endure, but if I slip everyone goes down with me like I am a fucking counselor and I have to keep up everyone's emotions in place and perform extraordinary. I've always been kept to an extraordinary standard even by strangers and when I make a mistake they judge me and punish me 4 times harder while I constantly see others making mistakes worse than mine and they do not recieve punishment and they can just go on with their lives making mistakes non stop and nobody cares, but I have to be perfect. Society is very unfair, you know some people literally kill other people and constantly abuse or make mistakes non stop and they are still liked and appreciated and some of us try really hard to not make mistakes and we barely actually hurt anyone but when we make even a very small mistake we need to be sacrificed like Jesus Christ.

I was thinking about Venus Angelic vs Varg Vickerners (sorry I forgot his name) Varg killed a fucking human and constantly does shitty things like having children he leaves and such he has done shitty things his entire life like objectively shitty things and Venus Angelic escaped from a very abusive mother and abusive childhood, like chaotic childhood with very peculiar things happening. She went with no family and married a Japanese man she didn't love and then all the abuse took control of her, abuse has objective qualities. If you actually suffer abuse, you won't be able to focus anymore, do normal tasks, you will have extreme somatization like your hands shaking, pain in chest, panic attacks, dissociation, the want to consume substances to forget about it etc. She dropped the YouTube persona and began having herratic behaviors but she didn't hurt anyone besides herself and everyone treats her like some demon and creature from another realm for having a normal fucking reaction to life long of abuse. Varg killed a human and he is still worshipped and loved and held like a symbol of metal masculinity and such. Venus is a prime example that if life victimizes you (if you're born in a bad family and actually abused) everyone else in your life will victimize you because that's just how humans are, thinking only of themselves and unable to help someone hurt because they feel like they are giving that person too much, when in fact people that have been hurt give out their entire soul to the world. Nobody from vlogger community help Venus but they actually used her for views and such. She gave everything to the world because her narcissistic mother did not teach her that you need to put up almost like a metaphysical wall between you and people and if you don't people will take everything from you and suck you dry because if you give, people take and most people do not give back.

I genuinely hope nobody reads this and if you read I hope you can at least understand.

No. 1024573

I had a dream about you last night, you looked as lovely as the day we met. I tried to hide my new life from you because I didn’t want to hurt you or spoil the special moment we were having, but you didn’t seem to care either way. It was like we both knew we were sharing it together for one last impossible time. I wish things had worked out. I wish I didn't feel so uncomfortable getting close to you, physically and emotionally, even in this dream. Why did you have to be like that? Our life together could have been so perfect. I don’t understand what went wrong. I know my heart belongs somewhere else, I just wish I could make you understand that it’s not by my own choice. I would have chosen you every day for the rest of my life if it didn't turn me so much into a different person. You told me I need to go to therapy to fix the way that I allow others to love me, but I don’t think that’s true anymore. I wish you had accepted me like this, and I wish my gut didn’t tell me you were hiding something, or obscuring some part of yourself. Regardless, I would have been content to keep lying to myself if you had just…I don’t know.

No. 1025673

Nothing you say about me now even applies to me anymore. We haven’t known each other for years now. You’re literally yelling at a version of me that doesn’t exist anymore. You want to believe that I’m still the same because you want to feel justified in wishing ill upon me.

The truth is that I’m doing better than ever now, and maybe I don’t deserve it. But life’s not fair. People get things they don’t deserve all the time, it’s just a part of the game.

I’m glad I got a second chance and I don’t wish anything bad for you. But I’m not sorry for what I had to do to get here. If burning bridges with you was part of what got me this new life, I’d do it a million times over again. I’m not sorry.

No. 1027327

I swear everyone in the Luna thread must be high themselves because they’re all falling over themselves defending some of the most autistic ‘art’ I have seen on lolcow and crying that it got redtexted over a week later. I know it doesn’t matter and I’m being a petty retard, let me live!!

No. 1027811

I want to enjoy comics (cape stories) again. I miss reading comic books but I just can’t go back to it. The art is usually stunning and great. I want to find a comic book community like /co/ but one that I could actually enjoy. There’s only one youtube channel that ignites my love for comics it’s fun watching her geek out over comics

No. 1027834

I don't understand why you're painting me to be a creepy abuser. Telling people I acted in a certain way to make you love me more. I did what I did out of love. The compliments, the support, the gifts, of course I would do it, I loved you. Of course I wanted you to love me back, we were best friends. I sat on this for months after our fallout, I honestly find this pretty sad now. You have never had a normal friendship, always trying to one-up or compete with your friends so much that you have to gossip and spread rumors about them. I don't think you've ever loved someone without gains in mind and you expect everyone else to do the same. It is sad. I would wish you the best but you cannot respect the love I had for you. You still cyberstalk me and talk me down to people I don't even know. I hope you find it in your heart to grow. Also not everyone you dislike is bpd with you as their "favorite person" oh my god. Stop making yourself to be the main character of other people's lives.

No. 1027838

Tired of the past coming back to beg itself back into my life. I don't care about real life!! Bitch i only care about myself!!! Fuck you i owe you nothing.

No. 1030425

Talking to you is exhausting, it constantly feels like walking on eggshells because you're so easily set off and I don't want another wall of text coming my way nitpicking stupid shit that were meant to be casual remarks or jokes. You talk down to me constantly whether you notice it or not and I don't point it out because who gives a fuck, you're just a casual online friend, but clearly you are more considerate of your own feelings than other people's. If you know this is the way you are, why do you continue to do it? Learn to fix your shitty behavior or have some respect for other people's time.

No. 1033496

File: 1642648076755.gif (122.29 KB, 657x527, 5A08B352-F97F-4F8A-970B-E7F8C0…)


No. 1033505


These average looking fuckers are all huge cows who deserve to be stalked and nitpicked about forever for daring to even think like this.

No. 1033511

The women are really good looking, but only 1 man is good looking there.

No. 1033543

This feels like a parody lol. None of them would make me stop and stare. Peter and Dyllan seem the most delusional when you look at the pics… if they're serious with this bull. I even find Dyllan straight up ugly.

No. 1033546

File: 1642651982765.jpg (74.91 KB, 720x483, 20220120_011829.jpg)

This one is so dull, I expect to see him posted on /g/ soon

No. 1033547

>future chronically bitter oldfucks angry that they suddenly don't get their way just for showing up

No. 1033578

Honestly this guy is kinda hot, not drop dead gorgeous but still better looking than a lot of the guys who get posted on /g/

Speaking of which I just got reminded of how there were these tiktoks going around about "pretty privilege", first it was girls talking about their privilege, after that it got hijacked by girls being like "actually being pretty is hard, it's way harder than being ugly" and saying things that happen to most women like "guys try to sleep with me before getting to know me"… k. And none of them were above average.

No. 1033663

the people who claim it's "so much harder being attractive" are insane and can't stand for the conversation to not be about them for five minutes

No. 1033944

come on nonny, this guy is definitely hot in a male arthoe kinda way. the guys posted on /g/ aren't hot in a weird way, they're just regular uggos

No. 1033949

>Extremely Beautiful People Talk About What It's Like to Be Extremely Beautiful
this is hilarious i'm so happy to be alive hahahaha

No. 1033952

>VICE: Hi Billie, you are absolutely gorgeous.
>Billie: Yes, I know.

No. 1033955

File: 1642685270674.gif (4.12 MB, 415x250, ShadyAlertAzurevasesponge-size…)

this is some Zoolander shit, I can't believe it's not a joke

No. 1033957

Unpopular opinion: most if not all human beings look very average, beauty and aesthetics are a matter of optics (deceiving the public into thinking you’re hot) and effort utilized by average looking people with lots of money, patience, and narcissism

No. 1033961

>*Billie's name was changed for this article at her request.
Kek, yeah because this is fucking embarrassing

No. 1033997

these are stock photos, i wonder if they had the consent of the people in the stock photos to publish this parody article because im seeing a lawsuit in the future.

No. 1034076


No. 1034090

I'm a lesbian in hard denial

No. 1036536

I hope everyone from highschool dies painfully and I mean this in the nicest way possible

No. 1036544

I, too, am a deeply closeted homosexual

No. 1044300

I want to fuck my Spanish professor and I’m sad I never will.

No. 1048680

I do not miss you. I have never loved you. I barely even liked you. I felt sorry for you because you've been through a lot and it was something I related to. I don't get how you would think I could genuinely love you when the first thing you ever did to me was lie. You're a liar, and you're a racist, and you're a fake lesbian. You're fake all over. Your fucking glasses are fake, your ugly hair style is fake, your identity is fake and now even your name is fake. You don't even actually like any of the shit you say you do, you pretend to like it because it's what's popular at the time or because someone you thought was cool said they liked it and you wanted to copy them. You're so vapid and shallow. It's impossible to talk to you because of your inherent lack of a personality. I don't even think you truly know how to care, because if you loved me as much as you say you did you'd put as much effort into engaging with what I like as much as I did with your shit. You don't know how to engage with anything, it's all surface level. And then you wonder why everyone makes fun of you and even your own brother think you're a loser. You refuse to get a job, despite being perfectly capable, and excuse everything on your loss when you have the support you need from both your family and a therapist. You literally instigate fights with your father and brother on purpose and pretend to be the victim and scream and cry like a fucking spoiled baby. It's disgusting, it's always been disgusting. We've never had a meaningful conversation, just you complaining about how you want to die and doing nothing about it. I feel that way too, fuck ass, I just don't make it everyone else's fucking problem every single interaction we have. If I need support for a friend I ask for it instead of trauma dumping over what is supposed to be "us time". You don't love me, I don't love you. I'm just too fucking kind, but I don't want to be anymore.

No. 1055545

Sometimes I start getting in my head about how my body is connected to how unmemorable and uncertain I am. Sounds kind of schizo but sometimes when I'm feeling really down on myself I'll start thinking about my body and it just makes sense that I'd be so forgettable and that I'd be so uncertain about so many things, and sometimes I'll think that my uncertainty and how forgettable I am influenced my body into becoming the same. I'm grateful for my body and how capable it is but I can't help but hate it when I start getting insecure about myself. I guess this all has to do with the fact that for a really long time I couldn't really understand how I looked; every time I looked in the mirror I'd look different and so I think that has something to do with it. I've never mentioned the first part to anyone because it sounds kinda nuts but it feels good to get out.

No. 1070797

There's a part of me that enjoys to argue with you. I want you to hate me so it might be less painful when I'm gone. I resent a little that you're partially responsible for the bad things that happened to me. You're just the unlucky person who's close enough for me to relieve stress. The truth is, I'm self-destructive, toxic, and I'm looking for a reason to hurt and kill myself.

No. 1070811

I’m stuck in a relationship due to cultural and financial reasons. He stopped washing himself and brushing his teeth for the past three years. He has the audacity to tell me that I’m “not into it anymore” during sex and that I’m too stiff. How can I relax when your mouth stinks?? He’s not even an ugly guy but he let himself go so bad that when he breathes to my face in his sleep I have to put a pillow between us otherwise it’s disgusting and I gag. He gets annoyed when I tell him to wash his face in the morning because his skin is scaly and smells like yeast or when I tell him to go shower.
I had a mini meltdown after he forced himself on me one morning after not washing for seven days and his unwashed fingers were inside of me for a brief moment. It felt like marital rape. I had a talk about it with him, at first he blamed everything on me then accepted his mistakes but he still doesn’t take his personal hygiene seriously.
I need to put my shit together and become financially independent, the cultural issues will be dealt later. My mom feels guilty that she encouraged me to get married but I don’t blame her or any of my friends because we are all brainwashed by our patriarchal society. I have to stay strong, not lose my mind and concentrate on how I’ll move on with my life. Wish me luck nonitas..

No. 1070814

Im falling out of love with my 5 year bf (who lightly*financially supports me but doesnt engage me/understand me anymore) and in love with my roommate who provides emotional support, has things in common w/ me, cooks for me, and we communicate so much better…

I have this guilty pleasure of masturbating to the idea of dominating him (my roommate) training him into a loyal dog, hes already so loyal and lightly flirts and teases me… but its getting to the point thats not enough.

I have not had sex with my bf for- Idk how long now… Months. But, just yesterday night getting a wrist massage from my roommate got me soo frustratingly hot & bothered. We were barely holding hands… He immediately got up from the couch and into the other room once he stopped massaging my wrist, i am 100% its because it got him off too.

I feel nasty for writing this all out but i need to say this somewhere bc i know im stuck in this situation… Idk how to leave someone i've lived with for 4 years, i made life plans with, and lived through heavy moments together, but dont know him anymore.

And in that same amount of time i keep growing closer to my roommate. I have been longing for him for over a year. And its starting to feel like a delusional crush or an obsession? It feels unfair to hide, but do i like that i have a secret crush? Is that what actually gets me off?

No. 1070815

Anon. Sometimes it takes being mean. Tell him to shape his shit up and start taking care of himself or you're not touching him. Sleep in another room and prove your point.

No. 1070818

Wow that is fucking foul, im so sorry nona. That's absolutely worth leaving him over, he really deserves to know how disgusting he is for everyone around him to deal with… especially someone he shares a bed with.

No. 1070819

Anon shouldn't be training pigs. The only way to proceed is to leave asap.

No. 1070858

Thank you nonnies for listening to me. He has anger issues and sometimes yells at me or our cat so I have to wait until he’s having a good day to have the hygiene talk. It’s so demoralizing to tell a grown man to go take care of his personal hygiene tho. I’m not his mom and he’s a grown individual. (As expected, he’s very attached to his mom, they talk every day and he reports every single incident in less than an hour and gets her insight immediately)

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m from a trad society (I’m non western and ESL if it’s not obvious) and it’s not that easy to pack up and go. I will face consequences on many levels, but I’m still considering it. I’m working on my financial independence at the moment. I have to pass a test to find a well paying job but he covertly encourages me to stay at home and take care of domestic work and “not be so money hungry”… that’s just a tactic to keep me trapped I guess.

I come from a broken family, have a lot of emotional baggage and past trauma, and I had zero self confidence when I married him. I only just realized that he yells at me because he has anger issues a few years ago, not because I’m a terrible person. (Because I saw him yelling to my friend and his coworker too)

I know it sounds miserable, and it is. Sorry for the pity party because I have like only one friend who know what I’m precisely going through.

No. 1070875

I honestly couldn't tell about the ESL. I'll wish you the best on getting out of the situation and finding happiness for yourself.
How hasn't he been shamed by his brothers/father/friends for being gross? I thought males would be more evil to one another to keep each other in line. Even his mom, geez. I would have hoped moms would have tolerated all their scrotely stupid shit outside of abysmal hygeine. I think that I would die of embarrassment if I had an adult male child that refused to properly clean himself, because that sort of shit reflects on your parenting.

No. 1070883

No worries and thank you anon for understanding. I can’t thank you nonitas enough for listening to me as this is my reality for years now and I can’t always open up. I only talk to my BFF about this occasionallyand she has a family of her own so I try not to be nuisance all the time.

He is an only child and he has a poor relationship with his father. Their situation is not as bad as mine but I can say his dad was emotionally abusive to him during his childhood. His mom, on the other hand sees him as some sort of demigod. She’s a nice lady, progressive by our society’s standards but she’s still a boymom after all. I never had the courage to talk to her about his hygiene problems as I expect her to tell me to be more grateful about being married to her son. He’s a good provider tho, I’ll give him that.

He had a couple of warning from his office before the pandemic but now that everyone is doing remote work he has an excuse to completely let go and stink.

No. 1070942

If it's causing him to have fungal infections with his skin, that might put her into irritating concerned mom mode. Does she not ever visit you guys? Good grief, I'm thinking about the microbes on his hands and dong. You can get severe vaginal infections from that, infections that can terminate pregnancies. If men want their shitty little patriarchal societies with their women eternally cucked into domestic servitude, the least they can do is keep their damn bodies clean.
You need to be able to talk to other women about this, or even just vent more often. The platform that LC has is good in the sense that there's no (you) that he would ever be able to track if he found your phone, like with other places.

No. 1070951

There is something very very wrong with that guy that is beyond talking it out with him. Even animals clean themselves. He is a failed organism. It'd make more sense to talk directly to the fungus.

No. 1070952

He takes a shower before meeting someone. Actually when we had our last argument he told me that he doesn’t deem it necessary to take a shower since he never steps out and sees other people on a daily basis. I replied, “Do you not consider me a human being and have no respect for me?” I’m afraid no one would take me seriously because he takes a shower when he occasionally has plans..

It’s already hard to hide my resentment and disgust sometimes. I think he’s aware of it because the other day he told me that he knows no other woman would tolerate him, but I have to understand that I’m traumatized and no other man would want to be with me either. Except him. At this point the last thing on my mind is other men tho.

No. 1070953

i've been fantasizing so much recently i'm wasting so much time

No. 1070963

I’m worried about infections too. For the sake of our dignity I don’t want to share too many intimate details here but sex can be hard at times and he still expects me to “let loose”. He also tries to convince me into anal. I try to have sex on the days he takes a shower but the built up resentment doesn’t go away quickly.

I wash my face twice a day, keep up with my skin, nails and take daily baths. I enjoy soaking in baths and putting lotion in my skin. But when you sleep with an unhygienic person his smell gets absorbed by the sheets and I feel like I’m absorbing some of his oils as I sleep too. good grief as I type more I realize how miserable I am.

No. 1070988

Please get back to me, I desperately crave you and want nothing more than for you to love me. I've been waiting for a soul like yours for 10 years, please don't make me wait 10 more

No. 1071004

what's your story, anon?

No. 1071006

cringe an unhealthy obsession with someone I haven't even met yet, but who resembles me (and a beloved friend that I lost) in all the right ways – it's extremely fucking rare. I'm trying to find someone else like this, but I sense that it's insane to even try

No. 1071008

I was at the liquor store yesterday and got lowkey harassed by a woman. I was with my bf, semi-split up and I was looking at something, and she walks behind me and mutters some profanity under her breath. I shrug her off and get in line with my bf. We are at the register and she walks behind me and swears under her breath AGAIN and gives me a weird look. It freaked me out and when we got out of there I told my bf about it and he was shocked. Also, we were trying to buy salt ice melt and when my bf asked if they had any at home depot the employee made him repeat himself like 3 times before another employee piped up that OF COURSE they don't have any, NOBODY does right now! (We found some at the next store but ok.) My bf asked me, is it just me or are people really weird lately, didn't I ask about that stuff normally? I'm like yes I don't know what the fuck is wrong with people lately. Every time I leave the house I have some weird fucking interaction. My pet theory is that everybody is strung the fuck out after 4 years of dividing politics shit and 2 years of covid they forget how to act social in a normal way. In the past year I've had an uptick in these weird interactions, too. Random aggressive or just oddball behavior towards me, especially driving or in grocery stores. I had a man scream the words BEEP at me in a grocery store and another woman heckle me in a parking lot for wearing a jacket. Restaurant forgot my reservations and didn't apologize and treated us weirdly. People bump into me or block my way constantly. Even when I say excuse me to someone blocking something or "please back up" in line a lot of times they just give me a weird look and won't move. It's odd, to me, as a person who lives her life pretty considerately, and it comes across as aggressive and unhinged to me. If someone told me I was standing too close or in the way I'd immediately hop aside and say sorry. I must either give off supreme beta vibes (possible) or people are just fucking braindead

No. 1071019

>I think he’s aware of it because the other day he told me that he knows no other woman would tolerate him, but I have to understand that I’m traumatized and no other man would want to be with me either. Except him.
There are men foaming at the mouths at the idea of having a woman that puts up with their shit that are used to very patriarchal societies. He should fear the loss.
Please don't let him coerce you into anal. He should be happy that you're not setting the bed sheets on fire beneath him, they would probably go up like a candle wick.
Alright, so you're going to have to put up with his shit in the mean time to some capacity to keep yourself from additional hardships. I would start washing bed linens and the clothing he's in daily to minimize colonization on them though. If you buy his body washes/shampoo, try purchasing something that smells masculine but acts as an antifungal. If he asks questions or acts offended, you can play the concerned for his health card. I'm so sorry nona.

No. 1071021

You’re not alone, I had almost the exact conversation you’re describing with my bf today also. The uptick of insane, weirdly aggressive and often straight up nonsensical attitudes I’ve been encountering in public on a daily basis is exhausting. It’s like they were caterpillars spending lockdown in their shit cocoons pupating into their gormless final forms.

No. 1071028

As a person of colour I really don’t care about Russia or Ukraine. They’re racist cunt countries anyway. If they go up in smoke then oh well. And why should the U.K. house them? We’ve got enough people here as it is and most brits can’t even fund or afford housing these days. Fuck no.(racebait)

No. 1071071

Americans are more racist than Russians or Ukranians,anyways. Plenty of Brits are racist retards as well.

No. 1071086

russians are terrible and batshit crazy though. especially the women they are all pickmes.

No. 1071102

What makes Russians terrible and batshit crazy?

No. 1071103

Exactly.Imagine me as a black person caring about Russians and Ukrainians lol(back to /pol/ with your bait)

No. 1071109

their terrible culture. socialization is out of the stone age. homophobia and racism are extremely common. and don't forget all those streamers from russia doing insane abusive shit.

No. 1071110

bad bait you guys

No. 1071112

I remember my dad encountering Russians in MMORPGs like 15 years ago and they were always batshit insane. Literally behaving like a horde of orcs (and we aren't talking some 4D Warcraft larp). He said that it's how Russian scrotes are IRL and especially during a war, so now I'm deeply fucking concerned about everything

No. 1071115

Even if it's bait it's still the truth.

No. 1071124

never befriending a socially deprived insecure emotionally stunted diagnosed autist again. how are you so hopelessly detached from reality that you legitimately say "i forget that you're an actual person with thoughts and feelings haha".

No. 1071125

As a person of color I care about Europe getting into a war state and economy getting fucked up even further, you retarded larping and racebaiting burgerfag.

No. 1071127

>my dad only talked to russians when playing loser mmorpgs
>all russians must be ogres!
The Slav hate is something I'll never understand. No one considers it racism either but it's truly is, Slavic women get sexualised and objectified and slav men are thought to be monsters.

No. 1071152

Yeah, putting a MMORPG game as an evidence is ridiculous, most of the hardcore autists in theee are all toxic, racist and homophobic as fuck no matter if they're from russia or usa

No. 1071154

White Americans are far more racist and anti-black in general then Russians or Ukranians are, though.

No. 1071159

My coworker is a massive cunt. She's an nlog pick me bitch who had a kid at 19 and now she regrets it. Staying up all night in bars drinking and not caring for her child. She crashed her car into a tree and now expects everyone else to give her a ride home. Fuck off bitch. Hurry up and leave my job

No. 1071163

Idk m8 after living in America for twenty years of my life I have to say I doubt there's anything in the first world countries that tops Americans in terms of criminal insanity, bigotry, and mental illness. Anything you say about Russian men can easily be applied to American men, who also have an aggressive macho culture. Talking about Russian shitposters doesn't get you anywhere because Americans have CHRIS CHAN and other infamous lolcows ffs. And what about all the racebaiting American shitposters who let blacks live rent free in their head and make discussion groups, forums, and even controlled psy-ops against them?

No. 1071180

I hope you drop dead you raging, stupid, retarded, idiotic autist. I can't believe you have been doing this shit for days now, that's how obsessed you are. It's not my fault you're mentally ill and deeply insecure, you should stfu nobody gives a fuck about your opinions. You think you're doing god's job by trying purging me out of conversations, you should purge yourself out of existence you massive sperg. You're such a miserable person, and i just know you're fugly because no one with good self-stem would be acting like this, "you can do better tee-hee" shut up you snake, mind your business

No. 1071324

File: 1645887520651.jpg (80.01 KB, 1366x768, I1CdZc3.jpg)

Wish I never peaked it’s painful I don’t know how I’m supposed to respond to people that bring up gender shit without sounding aggressive. A friend bought up dark souls and Elden ring are trans positive because in the character selection the characters are “type a” or “type b” instead of male and female. I’m not even a terf just somewhat gc I hope it stays that way still annoying. I wish more of my friends were terfs. The annoying thing is that this specific friend almost peaked but fuck if I know what happened to all that.
I always try to be as nice as possible but it’s so surreal seeing the smartest and most progressive people I know becoming uncritical the moment queer topics are bought up

No. 1071347

Males are type b right?

No. 1072043

the adults.

No. 1072046

I think so but it’s been a while since I played the games. Sorry about the confusion

No. 1072047

I just want to be fucking mentally ill on the internet without ~stay safe sweeties~ uwu ass fucking zoomer faggotry and performative "self care" being shoved down my throat

No. 1072160

You were a good faithful man.. right up until the moment I found out you weren't. Oh and him…he was loyal and reliable right up until the moment he disappeared and left me with no answers. No goodbye, no explanations. Humiliation both times. People asking. The answers being painful. Good acting I guess. Too trusting. Too comfortable. Thought I was in something good. Years lost. You two couldn't be more different.. but it ended much the same.

The very thing I liked about you.. both times. You were nigels right up until one moment sent that all crashing. Am I owed an honest relationship now? Are you owed a lesson? Why did you have to act so well. Why make out like your weakness was your strength? You let me sing your praises. You let me waste my time.

Worst of all you promised my dying mother that you'd be good to me. You're part of my last few memories with her. She died thinking I'd met a good one. I'm still struggling.

No. 1072205

I can hear my sister telling her 4yo daughter "don't come in my house only your brother can, don't talk to me, I'm gonna throw away all your toys" because she said "I don't like you". Lmfao she treats buying her toys as love and barely plays with her, they both have those stupid little kid tablets and keep getting traumatized by scrolling YouTube kids shorts. Shitty sister who molested me and my other sister when we were all little kids being a shitty mother as usual. But if I ever ever bring that up in family therapy (just a passing idea my mother asked me about that won't help because she won't leave the main problem or try to fix herself) I'll ruin the entire family or some shit.

No. 1072343

Why did you make your entire life around me, why the fuck are you so attached and obsessed with me I tried to give you another chance and you are so fucking miserable what the fuck happened to make you so horribly damaged like this
What about me is so interesting to you? You have pushed away one of your closest friends because all you do is talk about me to her
You have no personality or any values of your own, all you do is spend time trying to one-up everyone you talk to or try to convince me you’re perfect for me and simultaneously way better than me in every way
The fact that people have pointed this out and you fucking said “oh its fine i asked her and she said its okay if i copy herFIRST OF ALL YOU RETARD the issue isnt copying, I dont care if you pretend to be a lifelong fan of whatever fucking shows or musicians i like, the issue is youre doing all this shit in hopes Ill dump my best friend and declare you my one and only!!
By the way, the knowledge you try to fling on me to prove what a megafan you are, you always get wrong and its fucking embarrassing and I dont point it out because I feel bad for how pathetic you are
Just go back to your tranny she/her in bio faggot boyfriend I DO NOT LIKE YOU
I have blocked you I cant even imagine how you fucking got my number to ask “hey r u ok!!! :0” I cant tell if you’re faking ignorance in hopes ill feel bad for ignoring you or are just genuinely retarded
Last time I ever give a random ig the benefit of the doubt, remember nonnies, dont trust some random ewhore saying she admires you, especially when you’re a small 100 follower account

No. 1072364

Why idiots have to bring gender politics into something as simple as a character selection screen is the most first world shit I've ever heard.

No. 1072376

Nona the irony is I live in a third world country

No. 1072537

I was hanging out with a friend last night and he brought up gendie stuff. I was a bit tired and spoke my mind, said that I think it's stupid and men just trying to seem unthreatening and insert themselves in women's spaces and conversations. He didn't have much of a reaction to my rant but I still feel afraid I said too much and could be ostracized from my friend group for terf crimes now

No. 1073964

I'm so tired of having talks about my lack of intimacy with you. I've given you so many opportunities to break it off with me, but you keep being all "noooo all I want is to be with uuu" when I even suggest the thought of a breakup. I've told you I'm not magically going to get my sex drive back. I don't like prolonged intimacy and while no, I'm not asexual, I know I'm never going to be a person who enjoys sex and cuddles. I've told you many times that if you so desperately want to stay with me, then you can't get all pissy when I don't initiate cuddles or ask you to stop when I don't feel comfortable anymore. I'm going away for three months, and you give me the silent treatment and won't even say you miss me because I wasn't comfortable giving you sex the night before leaving. Not only did you NOT talk about it like I've asked you to at least do when you're being childish, you decided to be a dickhead instead and once again passive aggressively trying to make it seem like my fault. Fuck off. I'm glad I'm going away for three months because it gives me time to find another place to live when I come back. I'm tired of even discussing with you or telling you why you're wrong. You always apologize, and then it happens again. If you're too much of a coward to break it up because you're so afraid that you're going to lose your soulmate, I'll make it fucking easy for you and just leave on my own accord. "I'm with you because I love who you are, not your body" - guess that was a fucking lie when you won't even say "I miss you" because there was no sex at that point to miss. Fuck you.

No. 1079454

File: 1646228887197.jpg (72.63 KB, 693x448, 141881-full.jpg)

More of a sad vent than an angry one: it is absolutely agony to have no female friends and no female best friend. I have a bf who is a wonderful friend to me and who I consider a genuine best friend outside our romantic relationship but it is not the same. I had 2 female best friends in high school that I had to cut off for various reasons (good reasons) but I still miss them so much at times and that was 4 years ago now. I think about them probably every day. People talk about loneliness but nobody mentions the loneliness of missing a female bond or missing having a best friend in general. I feel like I'm too socially retarded now, in college I haven't made a new best friend. It hurts knowing I still think about my old best friends and they probably do not think about me and it hurts that our friendships weren't even healthy yet I can't seem to do better. If I could have one female friend to hate troons with and talk shit with and cuddle with I would die of happiness. I cry sometimes with longing for that. I've tried so hard to get to know girls in college and it just never seems to work out. Maybe they can tell I'm desperate. I wish I could just go back in time and relive having a best friend because i didn't know it could be this lonely without close women in your life.

No. 1079541

What country are you in bff?

No. 1079563

I'm in the exact same situation nonnie. I know how it feels. It feels so hard for me to make good female friends, though I am admittedly picky with friends. I miss my old female best friend a lot. I feel like it hurts extra too because I don't have a mother.

No. 1079599

IM TIRED OF HAVING FEELINGS!!!!!!!!! that is all

No. 1079659

im getting too old for my ed but im starting to view it as a necessary evil. no one i want will be attracted to me at a higher weight

No. 1079773

how the fuck do you borderline NEETs manage to get a bf

No. 1079837

kek, i wonder the same thing sometimes. i've seen so many nonnies over the years complain about no friends while having a man. i always assumed the opposite to be more common, since relationships are more harder and stressful than friendships imo. all of my friends, and me, don't have boyfriends.

No. 1079878

nta or the neet anon but
to be honest it's really much easier for me to maintain having a partner than friends. a partner will love you and cherish you, friends have other things they can do and that tends to cause a separation of interests and activities. not to mention, I live with my boyfriend, but don't live with my friends and it's a pandemic so it's easier to not hang out with friends.

No. 1079896

Nta but I'm a hopeless loner, haven't had friends since school days. I'm losing more and more social skills by the year lol. The only couple of times where I've done something a lil out of character and intended to go have casual sex with someone.. I ended up in long term relationships. Hit it off right away and it was the easiest thing. Happened twice.

No. 1079951

Kids went back to school and all I see is fat little gnomes. Is so sad!!! Why is everyone so fat? I'm not talking about teenagers even!! Is children holding their mom's hand, of course the mom is fat too, usually. YOU'RE SETTING YOUR KID FOR A SHIT LIFE! Don't bring a child to the world of you are going to do that shit to them

No. 1080071

I'm in burgerland unfortunately >>1079563
Im glad I'm not the only one struggling with this. I'm sorry it's extra hard for you. Making friends is really hard.
We met online through one girl I knew in high school, so still literally someone I wasn't really friends with and met before I became so socially lame. She only introduced us because she knew I was lonely in college with no friends and eventually it became a relationship. I dont understand anons who think its stupid to have a bf but miss having friendships when it's ridiculously easy to get a man to like you and much harder to find another adult who is willing to spend the time to get to know you platonically with no sexual/romantic motives. Getting scrotes interested in you is cheap and easy. I just want women to love me dammit.

No. 1089131

I'll push you on purpose, retard. And I hope you seethe and cry about it. Make your shitty assumptions, loser, you're the one who is actually ignorant and sheltered. At this point I don't even care if what you're saying is accurate or not, you're screeching like a retard and deserve to be treated with ridicule. I hope I push your to your fucking brink and you have a panic attack, fatty.

No. 1091785

File: 1646833372959.jpeg (52.38 KB, 543x565, images (29).jpeg)

Leave me the fuck alone leave me the fuck alone leave me the fuck alone fuck. No I don’t want to talk to you. No I don’t wanna hang out after work. No I am just determined to do what I have to do. Stop acting like I am stupid. Stop trying to analyze me. Stop trying to judge me. I can see through your fake act. If I want to be silent then thats okay deal with it. Stop judging me stop trying to say that I am weird because I am not trying to socialize or smile or act all genki in the fucking office because you think I should dance like a monkey even for you. Stop telling me I'm weird for having anxiety. Stop fucking making things more awkward you fake bitch. You skinny small dicked asshole's ughggghhhh!!

No. 1093510

I hate that you're my mother. You did everything in your power since I was 12 to destroy me. In your eyes, I was suppose to be your clone. You treat me like I'm immature and retarded yet you're the one who truly is. I wish I wasn't your daughter and was born in a family who would have actually cherished me. You are a nasty pickme who absolutely deserved a drug addicted son. Hysterically you would have acted like it wasn't his fault. I am happy you will never get grandchildren because you would absolutely ruin them. I hope you get your comeuppance you nasty bitch. All the tears I have shed because of you. Fuck you.

No. 1093622

File: 1646964167388.gif (112.16 KB, 220x220, controlmypc-cat.gif)


No. 1093989

That was SO MUCH FUN! Not entirely pleasant, but I'd never had that much fun there (well, a couple of times, but that was years ago). Looking forward to the next one! If we meet each other again perhaps we could even add each other on Discord?

No. 1094064

You smell soooo gooodddd and you’re cuteeeee

No. 1095139

LMAO being an obvious bottle blond doesn't make someone "white-passing", you face-blind autist. That particular someone even has monolids, retard.

No. 1095234


No. 1095266

cp bump

No. 1095271

No. 1095275

it adds flavor

No. 1095279

If full of bad things, why taste good? Much to think about…

No. 1095284

GOD i hate that this manipulative bitch who abuses disabled people in her care and SHE OPENLY ADMITS TO IT just uwu'd her way back in with everyone using pics of her cats who she calls racist names for fun, and none of the others seem to care??? Are they all also abusive racists and that's why they don't care? Do they think abuse is fine if it's a disabled person being targeted? Or was the abuse not abusive "enough" and a lil' bit of abuse is excusable??? Is it just my dumbass autist "everything is black/white" brain that thinks abuse = bad = unsafe person, and everyone else is somehow on some sort of moral high ground of "well it's complicated, maybe the abused person was bad and thus deserved being abused" that my autist brain simply does not understand or agree with even a tiny bit??

I'm exhausted, do I really have to lose friends because they sided with an abusive racist, is that really happening

No. 1095291

this nigga upstairs better settle down and quiet his fidgety ass or I'm choosing violence for today's flavour.

No. 1096377

My ex boyfriend's house was destroyed in a flood so he is temporarily crashing on my couch. I know he's lost everything but HOLY FUCK I hate the way this guy lives. Doesn't brush his teeth, doesn't do ANY of his own laundry/dishes, let his dog inside my own home without asking me, and to top it all of he now claims he "needs to move [my] router" because he is lagging in a fucking video game, and unplugged cables I was using so he could connect a fucking gaming setup in my living room. To top it all off, he said he was going to take my car to get some belongings from his house. Cut to 5 hours later, he isn't home. I ask where he is, he invited some friend out to a market and took my car to it! In a time where petrol is so fucking expensive!!!! What the actual fuck? Have you heard of manners you fucking nematode? I opened my doors for him in a time of need and he is taking me for a fucking ride. I told him he's got one week until he needs to be out of here. I am so done with this fucking barnacle goodbye you leech!

No. 1096385

throw the whole man away

No. 1096395

why are you letting a ex-boyfriend live in your house lmao

No. 1098050

i wish my best friends abusive dad had died when he got aids. its not fair, how can an alcoholic survive aids, how is he still alive? they finally won their court case, but he wont leave them alone. it makes me want to cry.

No. 1098083

he will probably die soon. are they receiving any kind of like… financial compensation for the abuse or is he deadass broke or are they just trying to literally keep him away? i fully believe abused children should be compensated.

No. 1098101

i couldnt agree more. i dont think he even has a job, i know theyre just happy he cant try to take his little sister away anymore, but they all deserve so much more than that for what hes done to them over the years.

No. 1098502

Why didn't you talk to me at all? Now I have to wait 4 days until I'm either getting great news, horrible news or neutral news. Is not talking a bad sign? Did she see something that wasn't supposed to be like that? Does a doctor need to bring me the bad news or something? I really hope it's nothing and I'm worrying over nothing. Or even good news, that would be nice for once.

No. 1098769

I’ve recently been feeling so disconnected from other women. I don’t feel like I have anything in common with them anymore. I wish I could stop feeling this way. I don’t think it’s healthy for me and I think it just reflects how insecure I really am. Logging onto this site sometimes just amplifies my feelings of alienation. What can I do to fix this? How do I stop these feelings?

No. 1098770

Get into the movie room and listen to music with your fellow ladies? https://cytu.be/r/farmmovienight

No. 1098777

This deathcore vocalist I was trying to sleep with in another state must have given one of the other 5 girls he was talking to a rose because he suddenly is in a relationship. And man is she crusty, she has an onlyfans. Recently saw her nudes too; she’s a trailer park looking ex meth user who calls herself a “tiktok e-girl” so you can imagine how bad they were. They both look greasy and smelly and I bet the sex is vomit inducing.

No. 1098831

I feel like such a god damn lifelet I can only do one type of thing per day. If I work, it’s a work day, clean it’s a cleaning day, browse lolcow it’s a waste time day. I feel so overwhelmed by switching tasks. How do people go to work, come home to be a parent, read, browse the Internet, get groceries, cook, and garden all in the same week? What is wrong with me

No. 1098847

This is understandable and I'm sorry things are hard for you. But getting better at switching tasks and cognitive flexibility is a skill you develop. Try looking things up and taking baby steps, things can improve over time but you have to be consistent and keep trying when you can.

No. 1098911

I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry I can't tell you in person so I'm posting it here and leaving it up like a coward and maybe you'll read it when you come home. I can't live like this anymore. I'm sorry for putting you through this for months and months. Please tell everyone else it's not because of them, they didn't drive me to this. It's so many things. I'm sorry for making your life miserable. I'm sorry for fucking up. I can't bear the burden of my guilt anymore. I know it/s so selfish but I can't bear it anymore. Please tell everyone what happened. it's not the only factor but it's a major one. Kill him if you want I don't care. But it won't matter anymore it won't change anything because whether he's alive or not it won't change how I feel. But please tell everybody so something like this won't happen again. I'm sorry. I love you so much. I'm sorry for hurting you

No. 1099354

Thank you for the response. It looks like it’s over now though so I’ll try to check it out next time.

No. 1100226

Oh god you noticed me and now I'm scared I don't know how I could ever explain it to you and I'm afraid to disappoint!!

No. 1103281

Fuck you.

No. 1104912

This is going to sound hipster NLOG but I don’t care. I got into tech while it was of course rising in popularity, as it it has been for ages, but only a few of my peers were also going into it. Now literally everyone is doing CS and data science and it makes me want to quit for several reasons.

I’m sick of hearing students and grads under 30 bitch about how their CS degree was worthless and didn’t teach them anything because they are too retarded to look beyond the absolute surface to see that the shit they learned is the fundamental building blocks to being an actually good programmer.

I’m sick of then seeing those retards who fail to grasp even the most basic programming concepts turn around and try to tell seasoned seniors what they should be doing.

I’m sick of being surrounded by annoying autist weebs, especially the degenerate whiny scrotes. Sick of the moids who can’t be assed to google but look at the women like they’re tard aliens even though they’re often smarter and 20-50% of the workplace by now.

I’m tired of the actual NLOGs who act catty around other women in tech because they refuse to accept that this is popular now and we aren’t all geniuses, tired of the NLOGs who try to look the hottest and act like the bimbo memes going on about fashion and girl power because they’re trying to yassify tech.

Finding out about the pedo rings and knowing that big tech companies support tranny shit makes me want to quit on principle, even though my company has nothing to do with any of that.

I’m seriously considering quitting and learning a trade so I can fuck off to the country and never have to interact with these autists. It would be so nice not to have to be tied to screens or the Internet to live.

No. 1104942

Samefag but I wouldn’t be surprised if the salary of software developers starts to go down because of “over saturation” or in other words too high of a percentage of women. So maybe getting out soon or preparing is not a bad idea anyhow.

No. 1104945

A lot of my resentment for the modern world is rooted in the fact that I could live like that. I know I’m entirely capable of being a consoomerist, unhealthy eating, drug-taking/alcoholic, mentally ill and doped up on SSRIs, popping BC to facilitate endless bouts of meaningless sex that destabilise my emotional well-being, internet-addicted whore. So whenever I see anons online shitting on women who just get married, have kids, and quietly resign themselves to being a housewife I just think shut the fuck up. Taking this path has saved me from a far worse fate than having to wash a moid’s underwear or occasional toddler tantrums. Some of us aren’t capable of living good lives without someone else to structure our decisions.

No. 1105769

I'm tired of men and the way they think they're oppressed because they can't get a date or because they're under 6 foot. Meanwhile women experience the majority of domestic violence and sexual assault. They experience hiring discrimination (orchestra blind audition experiment, anyone?). Every stereotype about women is literally projection, for example "women can't drive" (insurance for men is literally higher because they're shittier at driving), "women talk too much" (studies show that women are perceived to talk more than they actually do),"women are shallow" (men of every age go for exclusively 20 year olds while women's tastes age alongside them), and "women are emotional" (conveniently, men don't count anger as an emotion). Men also love to perceive pretty women, but despise when pretty women perceive themselves. They love seeing porn but shit on sites like onlyfans because they hate when women have agency. The stigma for men wearing makeup/crying literally only exists because men despise femininity. A study showed that 12 year old (or similar, i don't remember) boys could list almost no positive traits about being a girl while girls could list plenty of positive traits about being a boy. Those boys said that they would rather KILL THEMSELVES than be women. Married women STILL do the majority of the housework, even when they have active jobs (as do their husbands). In another act of projection, men have deemed marriage as a scam for men when women's lives decrease (while men's increase) when they get married.

I truly try my best when it comes to not hating all men, because thinking about how half the population despises you feels like hell on earth. At this point I don't feel like being friends with men is a viable option, only being an acquaintance. I was cursed to be a heterosexual woman so I can't even have a romantic relationship with someone who will actually understand my struggles. The only option is to ruthlessly vet and practice extensive safety measures (both irl and online).

No. 1105781

i was just thinking about this shit earlier and all of the pressure women have to be pretty and presentable all the time, and men will never ever understand, even the good ones (which i do believe exist) just cant get it, and the rest of them genuinely dont fucking care and even love it, because they dont want to see ugly women, they dont want to see us as people. it makes me cry, i dont know how im supposed to go on like this, it makes me so depressed. i think it gets better if i spend more time off the internet, but once i go back onto social media it just weighs on me so much, because im less desensitized to it all i think.

No. 1105783

tell us more about the tech pedo rings

get your moid to wash his own underwear

No. 1105787

Anon this is why I’m a genuine misandrist because manhate is not and will never be equal to misogyny but scrotes think logical responses towards their history of violence and degeneracy is the same as doing those. Once you realise men are inferior in every way but the physical you’ll start feeling somewhat better even though you’re then like really? These degenerate abominations are the ones oppressing us?
I don’t give men the benefit of the doubt anymore. I start off by seeing them as the nasty scrotes they are and then they can prove that they’re on the more positive side of the scrote spectrum.

No. 1105870

I like using lolcow to snark when I feel kinda shitty and just get out of my head for a while. It usually serves its purpose. I feel kinda sad today because I’ve just had two negative interactions with anons in different threads, one accusing me of being a cow self-posting and another being really bitchy because I asked a question about how the site works. Normally I just ignore all the unnecessary cuntiness because it is lolcow and normally it truly does not bother me. Today tho I feel a little sad and I’m not the kind of person to get sad at internet interactions so I will go touch some grass. I feel more bothered that I’m bothered if you know what I mean. Anyway, with the way today is going, who wants to call me a retard?

No. 1107869

I am so annoyed at this bitch, oh my god. We get it, you are the most important girl with the most trauma and the most hardships while living a cushy, rich life with both parents who love you so much and fullfill your every single wish. I regret telling you about my most personal feelings, I regret it so goddamn much. You will never think outside yourself, I regret it. I wish I could somehow take it all back, I wish it so bad. I don't wan you to know all that about me anymore, you do not care. I wish I could take it back so fucking bad.

No. 1110592

>had a crush on my friend Jayson in highschool
>he knew I liked him and asked me on a date
>went on another date
>hung out at his house and wrestled on his bed (I bet him he couldn't pin me, obviously I was flirting)
>he took it extremely seriously and pinned me a couple times and was like "see, obviously I am stronger"
>lay on the bed and cuddled with him a bit and he touched my boob
>suddenly he stands up and goes LOOK I'M NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU ANON
>I'm like wh-what
>turned out those "dates" were just pity dates to make me feel better about myself?
>blocked him on Facebook after that and some awkward conversations where he'd call me cute then make fun of me for trying to flirt with him?
>unblock him one day years after hs to see what he was up to
>he immediately messages me "unblocked me ey?"
>seethe, don't respond and block him again
To this day I think he is a homosexual and was fucking with me

No. 1110597

No male ever does this because he "feels bad" and most males would go along and fuck a woman even if they were disgusted. He maybe had issues getting hard or was a raging fag.

No. 1110601

Wtf is this? Are you complaining about housewives or want to be a housewife without a will?

No. 1110611

Weird shit.

No. 1110619

>he immediately messages me "unblocked me ey?"
KEK glad you didn’t have to pay rent while living in his head.

No. 1111077

your learned helplessness is pathetic keep on coping like a loser

No. 1115794

Actors and Actresses deserve to be shamed for doing sex scenes in movies and tv shows, you gonna share your body with someone you are not Inlove with? then that's honestly no different than porn, regardless if "it's not real sex" and they're are cases where the actors did have real sex in those movies anyway, any actor and actresse's career should go down in disgrace after doing a sex scene.

No. 1115839

I don’t think a lot of actresses/actors are happy to do it, I’m always under the impression a lot of them feel coerced in to it in order to keep their careers. What I want to know is why studios and directors want to put others in that position? Like you said it’s not porn they’re producing so what the fuck.
A lot of shows also have male actors wear prosthetics (so no real dicks allowed), I can’t find anything about female actresses wearing prosthetics so make of that what you will.

No. 1115860

I hate dreaming about her.

I choose with my head to keep a distance from her and in my subconsciousness i keep drifting closer to her. It’s not even logical. Just one memory of her breathing hard in my ear intoxicates me and it ruins my whole day, puts me off balance. We used to be in hysterics from eye contact alone, now whenever i look in her eyes i feel like I’m searching for something i can’t reach. I have to actively avoid thinking about her so it doesn’t stop me sleeping or distract me all day.

I don’t want to be needy. I hate how before she made me feel like this just as I was getting so confident and unshakeable, and she makes me act like a retard, like I go all soft. I just want to go back to being strong. I hate how I got used to girls pursuing me first, it’s actually a lot of effort to pursue first, and it’s hurting my ego that i have to share her time with her friend who doesn’t like me, and that’s probably because she started spending most of her time with me.

I hate waiting for her to respond and having my whole heart belong to her, I hate that I have to leave this town but she’s making me want to stay, I hate watching myself get so needy and pathetic. She could say yes, she kind of gives me signals, but I think I want her to reject me so I can move on and finally sleep again. And then I will never meet somebody who makes me feel so alive and understood ever again.

No. 1115885

Gtfo moid. Sex isnt just for love. Same energy as conservative moids who think sex workers are worthless whores.

No. 1115929

I thought it was a moid too, that post has strong scrote vibes, very pathetic

No. 1115968

File: 1648565822205.jpg (77.43 KB, 1200x900, bkn-20151113151445445-1113_008…)

>cases where the actors did have real sex in those movies
Damn anon leave Shia alone

No. 1115969

I post it and I start laughing so hard my eyes get like what white people think asians vision looks like my eyes kinda get all chinky you know(ban evasion)

No. 1116016

I wouldn't fuck someone I didn't love either but that post is definitely written by a trad virgin incel who consumes erotic media while shaming the women who partake in it. His shame is because he knows he'll only be the voyeur, he's ashamed of himself and he reflects it to the actors to cope.

No. 1116216

I hate how upon meeting a scrote and slowly falling for him you get whisked away to another reality where you forget how things really are and you fully begin to believe this person… a male person is going to be the best thing to ever happen to you…

Fast forward like 3 years and see. Fucked you over like crazy and left you to suck up all the emotional fallout because God knows how but he somehow just switched his feelings off in a blink? I can't cope with the cycle of being put on a pedestal and violently yeeted back off of it. It's so fickle. I didn't ask for that intensity so quick. With me it's a slow burn but once I get there I'm there….and he's fucking not. Slow it down scrotes. Stop diving in so full of soppy shit straight off the bat. Enjoy your new relationship every 3 to 4 years. Each one being the one. Burn through em til you're bald and you're emailing me to 'catch up' again

No. 1116563

File: 1648598210090.jpg (40.57 KB, 1600x536, fag.jpg)

LOL Okay i guess you masterbate frequently to Porn then.

No. 1116752

He superimposed his head onto someone else’s body though

No. 1116889

Same energy as feminist males pretending having casual sex empowers women when it puts us in danger of stds and violent men.

No. 1116932

Bump, be careful when scrolling.

No. 1116953

i hate you for ruining our friendship over your mental illness and your family that enables your dumbass. i hope your shoulder injury gets worse and your ugly premature balding stringy haired scrotes band never becomes successful. i hope that you never move out of this city and that you’re stuck vaping and getting fried in your musty room forever. i hope your job never gives you a raise and you stay there for years afraid of people we know from high school coming in. i hope you never get into ucla. you have so much talent but you do nothing with it so it’s not real at all.

No. 1116957

through all this you’ll still find a way to play the victim. good luck cycling thru your friends in another 2 years

No. 1117613

No man, real or fictional, has ever had or will ever have "lesbian energy", you insufferable retard.

No. 1117656

File: 1648672793290.jpg (113.43 KB, 675x1200, 29922cb4baeee87903f302bf79f231…)

I honestly just feel sorry for you two. Sorry for you for not being able to control yourself and not seeing the self destructive pattern you're stuck in, sorry that you have no self-awareness that it was completely your fault you lost a dozen friends at once at least twice in your lifetime due to your unrelenting aggression and carelessness. And sorry for you because you went along with everything she wanted and completely turned your back on those you claimed were dear to you. I'll cherish the times we spent together, but we truly are doing better without you and your constant need for drama.

No. 1117701

Yes, I am still awake, you dumb bitch, because I waited for you to call me so we could catch up on life, like you said we would but you had me waiting like an idiot while you had your booty call over and ignored my messages. Fucking pathetic. Don't fucking tell me one more time that you're not desperate for male attention. You simply could've told me that we'll talk tomorrow. Fuck you.

No. 1117741

absolutely based. i hate these retards online i swear

No. 1117824

Why do you have to be so rude to her simply just because she has a different opinion that she expressed respectfully? Why are people so antagonistic? I hate attempts to divide people rather than attempts to have meaningful, respectful discussions. Complete mob mentality seems so present nowadays, "us vs them" "the other side" instead of just realising the person on "the other side" is still a living, complex, nuanced human being who you shouldn't be rude to if you want to be a good person.

You say it's best to ignore people who aren't talking in good faith but then I feel like I'd have to ignore the vast majority of people, and that would be lonely and difficult. I wish people could take a step back and not be so emotionally driven. Attacking her for simply expressing her feelings with such anger and virtol, people shouldn't be treated like this yet when I say that I get called sensitive. So much oversimplification, so many people searching for the moral high ground, so many people making up things to start arguments.
Why am I seeing so much of this everywhere recently? Why is it that aggressive people get much more respect than people who try their best to be respectful and kind? His whole text book example of strawmanning honestly disgusted me. I don't understand how he can't see how delusional he was being…
People are too caught up in debates and are desperate to mischaracterise just so they can sort the person that disagrees with them onto "the other side".
Adults should be able to talk about things without lashing out yet so many can't.. why?

B, you did nothing wrong. I'm too shy to approach you so I apologise but I have your back. You are a shining example of a human being in my eyes and I wish these people wouldn't be so stupidly antagonistic towards you when you've done absolutely nothing wrong. You're smart, kind and level headed. The way some people talk down on another human being simply because they perceive them as being "other" is disgusting and concerning. Yet it feels like everywhere now is like this. I guess humans are just tribalistic. But for people like us who disagree with those mindsets, where do we go? I'm lonely. Excuse me for how pretentious or whatever this may sound but lately more than ever I truly feel like I do not belong in this world. The more I try to interact with people outside of my one family member the more depressed I get. I wish I could find people who I want to befriend but I can't find them.

No. 1117840

why do gay men think they're allowed to be catty with people(women specifically) just because they're gay? this gay cunt in the metro said some unnecessarily mean thing about me thinking i wouldnt understand what he was saying since he was talking in another language but i did and talked back and he didnt even apologize i'm so over this diva behaviour of feminine gay men as if we're supposed to be ok with it i guess they're brainwashed into thinking gay men being petty is endearing to people, i'm more pissed that they do this more to women than men either because they think women are allies(i'm homophobic) or because they dont have the threat of violence from women so they feel more safe doing this to women than men

No. 1117844

what did he say?

No. 1117862

It is/was dumb of me to be sad over a break up of a man who when we got together was late for our first date because he was seeing other women. I was not the type of person ok with that type of situation back then. But I had low self esteem and thought it was normal to not expect exclusivity unless explicitly said. To be fair to me I didn't sleep with him until he said he wanted to be exclusive but he said a lot of things and by the end of our terrible relationship he had already slept with others and was becoming even more brazen about chatting up and showing interest in other women directly in front of me. He does not have game. I was not a reflection of him and what he could score but I was a broken dumb bitch and he approaches literally everyone that sooner or later some naive idiot is going to say yes. I am dumb! I blatantly ignored obvious signs for self preservation of abosulte horseshit. Everything I did was wrong. I am honestly not worthy of respect. I will continue to stay single and mind my business for maybe forever, at least until I stop cringing.

No. 1117876

If I ever have a child they're getting my maiden name as a middle name.

No. 1117885


No. 1117906

feel for you nonnie. have a friend dealing with a deranged stalker currently, poor girl can’t even celebrate her birthday in peace

No. 1117917

Give them your husband’s maiden name instead.

No. 1117929

i found out today that my incredibly neglectful mother was molested by a female babysitter when she was younger. this is really the only place i can share this since i’m so private about my personal life with my friends because i don’t want to be a pity case. both my parents are awful people and talking about it bums me out.
in retrospect it makes sense why she freaked out when i told her i had a girlfriend
but i’m also disgusted at the fact that she’s refused therapy for so long and held this impossible to comprehend thing against me.
i am so numb. it doesn’t even surprise me, she’s so traumatized that she went off and traumatized all her kids. i know her through abuse as a three dimensional person and have some love and some hate for what it’s worth but i am so numb. why bring me into this world just to pass off more fucking baggage? i have never wanted biological kids and this cements it further.

No. 1117944

>husbands maiden name
Based as fuck

No. 1118816

Fuck anon, this hit home. I went through this same situation with my mother when I found out she was raped. I want to feel sympathy but shes had so long to go to therapy and instead took all her shit out on my siblings and I. Feels bad. Even though its pretty late, I hope your mom can get it together and be there for you one day.

No. 1118824

Based. I want to hyphenate mine with my spouse. I'm proud of my own and my family's accomplishments- im keeping my last name because i dont want to symbolically distance myself from all of it.

No. 1121694

I could have went full Karen on two scrotes smoking beside my car, but no I had to roll down the window and go mute. Better luck next time.

No. 1121716

No. 1121790

File: 1648964564815.jpeg (170.34 KB, 715x750, F8DC5E3B-4243-4F97-A2A3-637E8E…)


No. 1121819

File: 1648965062577.jpg (26.83 KB, 583x509, photo_2022-01-16_01-01-46.jpg)

me too anon

No. 1121837

File: 1648965410275.jpg (305.98 KB, 1287x755, dssffs.jpg)

a certain hate thread should comeback for a certain xy chromosome.

No. 1122179

God I’m so glad I don’t hang out with you and your crew of depressed burnouts anymore. I don’t miss anything about that time in my life. I’m healthier, more successful, and better looking than I ever was when I was getting drunk on a regular basis with you and your loser friends. Maybe if any of you spent less time romanticizing your eating disorders and addictions you’d all be more successful too. But I doubt it.

No. 1123021

You are fucking annoying
And fat and dumb and loud and your parents don't love you

No. 1123694

Important lesson I learned today, unless you're 6 ft and 200 pounds keep your distance from fucked up, violent moids. You can't save them and you can't reason with them. Just don't.

No. 1123695

Join us at /2X/

No. 1123714

What's going on in this image?

No. 1123868

Wow you’re retarded and dysfunctional. The fact that it’s coming from me should make you want to kill yourself.

No. 1124539

File: 1649175139293.jpeg (54.48 KB, 343x360, 32DB9ED8-D539-4329-8BF5-AD9D98…)


No. 1124602

File: 1649179644363.jpeg (27.17 KB, 498x414, 869F5B35-E31F-4AC7-85EB-E2A3A0…)

I wanna be beautiful like Brendan Fraser in his heyday

No. 1124609

Fuck all you little YouTube crypto wankers that have made major banks in the UK refuse to have anything to do with fucking binance so I can no longer buy weed simply off my bank card and through the post. I hope Scotty Sire's channel and podcast never get popular again and he becomes the most in debt member of the clout squad because he's definitely one of the culprits. Fucking cunts. Honestly. Is anyone else on the Internet mad about this? They should be fucking cancelled.

No. 1124610

Vlog squad* not clout squad, although same

No. 1124612

And fuck Scotty Sire's cbd business the fucking wanker. He makes it harder to get good fucking weed and then he brings out fucking cbd shite? A depressed mf like Scotty Sire should not be smoking cbd that stupid cunt needs thc but he's also deserves unhappiness so fuck him

No. 1124627

Hiding in the shadows isn't going to clean the globs of mold that coat your decaying soul. There is no more lying you can do. It's all out. It's all been out. Not everyone sucks your bumpy cock. People know. After you've caused so much suffering the least you could do was take accountability, and instead you run! Run away! Fucking run off the edge of a cliff if you love running so much. Cant circumvent the inevitable. Either someone's going to destroy you or you're going to destroy yourself, so let's see what happens first. Clown.

No. 1124658

To the class of 2009 I figured it out. Why he was like that and would always look up as if to see God and smile before delivering some profound nonsense. The RE teacher was always high as shit!!! Maybe I should start a group chat and discuss this with everyone

No. 1125654

Fuck you. You're not worth any more of my tears. Why should I give a shit about the thoughts or actions of someone who was only ever uncaring or criticizing of mine?

No. 1126306

(sorry in advance for the emphatic vent but this is exactly what the thread is for, as far as i can tell)



No. 1126467

I am so tired of everything and everyone. It seems my meds are not working anymore, I havent felt this bad for a long time.
Please stop making loud sounds it hurts my ears. If the person you are talking to is right next to you, why do you have to speak so loud?
I think I am going to be depressed for the rest of my life
I am tired.
Oh, also I HATE when men sit next to me on the bus. Why can't they keep their bodies on their own bench? They spread their legs and occupy a space that is mine, also in general they are large so their shoulders and arms keep touching mine. I hate this with all my heart.
I am so tired, I just wish I could rest a little. I don't want to be strong anymore

No. 1126531

I really hate when people lovebomb you then turn around and start shitting on you for some petty reason. Seriously, fuck you for fucking with my head over and over, I'm done with you now. Maybe it's my fault for being nice and forgiving you every time, but enough is enough, I refuse to be your plaything any longer.
Oh, and fuck you for screeching abuse at me when I was having a psychotic episode, that really made me feel great and totally didn't make my paranoia and persecution complex worse. You're a BPD-chan, try and have some sympathy for others with mental illnesses. Fuck you for picking on my friend with anorexia too, when you know full well how hard it is for her to recover, you don't even try to get therapy for your issues. Her and I may be fucked in the head, but at least we aren't nasty, spiteful weasels who use their diagnosis as a shield when confronted about their shitty behavior.
"hahahah take your meds schizo, you're just delusional again, I didn't do anything xD"
t. bpd weasel-chan, she comes out with this kind of shit every time I try to stand up for myself.
Yes I do take my meds, and you should take some too but your pride won't let you accept that you need them. You know full well how embarrassing my delusions are when I'm ill, how dare you use that as some gotcha to get me to shut up and take your abuse.
Sorry for whinging incessantly, I'm just that angery that I've been betrayed again by someone I trusted. I feel like a retard for giving you so many second chances. I won't make that mistake again.

No. 1126653

sorry for the late reply. i was hugging and leaning on the pole and he was like "ugh this metro is so full there are no seats and -it- is hugging the pole" he rode the whole ride with his back turned to me when i talked back. he had those durag/scarf thing white twinks wear and those scary long acrylic nails on 3 fingers but he was at least 2 meters so he looked like a goofy bum i whispered fag as i got off

No. 1127848

File: 1649437416309.jpg (58.22 KB, 1078x1048, ughhh.jpg)

Please for the love of god stop telling me to watch your favourite movie or tv show. I don't want to. I don't care. WHY IS THAT ACTOR IN EVERY FUCKING MOVIE, AREN'T YOU TIRED OF THEIR FUCKING FACE? No, Zendaya's face is annoying, that's my only reason. She's a bad actor. No, I don't care. Fuck you. Marvel, Marvel, Marvel.

No. 1128206

File: 1649460815311.jpeg (150.82 KB, 1000x1023, 030FA522-18E9-4470-AB04-A2CF86…)

LMAO post all the shitty sexist memes you want scroteeMcgee at least women like being around me and I’ve actually kissed a girl before. They tell me I have soft hands and lips and think my nose is cute.
Sucks to be you lol

No. 1128761

File: 1649509708569.jpg (1.2 MB, 1500x2000, eyewash.jpg)


No. 1128832

Fuck I thought it was gone now and saw it. Admin needs to do something about this shit being spammed.

No. 1128853

I don't see it anymore, I think it's gone

No. 1128891

Does that even works? I don’t know why I can’t help but think it would give me an eye infection.

No. 1128977

The fluid inside must be eyesafe. I sort of want to try it

No. 1129471

File: 1649542849584.jpg (313.07 KB, 1800x1020, 095234753-7a1412c9-54fc-4999-a…)

The normalisation of degeneracy is going to be our downfall. We need to eradicate 99.98 percent of the Y chromosoids. I will not be silenced, I will not be stopped. Any good a moid does is automatically outweighed by his innate degeneracy, therefore they're incapable to attain karmic fortune. May we all rise with weapons and fury my sisters, for I will not sleep until the hills run red with their infected blood and their defective bodies are no longer physical among us.

No. 1129476

You can do that with cold tea and a cup as well, it's really refreshing, especially if you spend a lot of time staring at computer screens.

No. 1129515

Any tea? Do you think contact lens solution would work? I wanna try now lol

No. 1129536

Do not listen to this, this is nutso advice.

No. 1129537

Why did my ex-scrotes never care about my creativity? Guess I'll never know…

No. 1129545

Not any of those anons but don't listen to this retard. The tea thing works.

NTA but I think my mom always used chamomile tea.

No. 1129550

Most men don't even see us as people

No. 1129567

Yet, I keep on getting my hopes up…

No. 1129905

DO NOT DO THIS. not only is it retarded but there are certain types of amoeba in water (even bottled water) and if you don't happen to kill them with enough heat they can and do invade your cornea and cause permanent damage (source: been to many opthalmologists who emphasize this). plus why the fuck would you put tea in your eyes. the only thing you should be putting in at best is distilled water, saline solutions, or other drops/things meant specifically for your eyes. do not fuck around with your eyes.

No. 1129909

You’re a prick. Glad you recognized I’m capable of landing someone infinitely better than you. I hope it feels like a slap in the face that it’s with someone you idolize, nonetheless. I always deserved better.

No. 1129950

if theres one thing this gus johnson situation has shown me (other than be very careful what scrotes you involve yourself with but that’s obvious) its that all you nonas were right, and ugly men are a fucking disease upon this earth. they will be with an absolutely beautiful woman they dont deserve and still treat her like shit. may he burn in hell, that ugly ass receding hairline twitch scrote too.

No. 1129967

Please shut the fuck up. Learn to shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear you repeat the same thing over and over. I don't care. You're not a victim. You're as evil as the people you keep criticizing. You whine about what they do to you and then you turn around to do the same thing to other people. You're full of shit.

No. 1130044

i swear they tend treat women worse than normal or good looking guys. especially younger ugly guys. he treated her so fucking terribly. and gus johnson is obviously better socialized than the average uggo male but this applies for the "shy homely nerd" too. especially important anons understand most shy nerd guys who are unconventional are usually not going to appreciate you at all, even if they're dating up

No. 1130082

Gonna be thinking of you while I get my refreshing possibly-eye-damaging-but-really-idgaf eye tea cleanse while you seethe with your dry ass eyeballs

No. 1130093

my eyeballs are very moisturized because i actually use products meant for moisturizing your eyes that don't potentially damage your cornea. best of luck with your weird alibaba pesticide ridden tea hack, anon.

No. 1130112

holy shit i didn't know about this, i only watch his videos like twice a year. i was glad to learn his business partners stopped working with him but hearing him say she had to pressure them to do so is disappointing.

No. 1130243

Is she moustirusing her eye? I thought this was for removing eye makeup or something.

No. 1130255

It's an eye wash solution

No. 1130256

Thank you for the info, anon. What's it used for? To clean off the mascara and stuff that gets in your eye?

No. 1130265

no it's literally to cleanse your eyeballs and they recommend japanese versions of our typical eye washes and moisturizing eye washes just with like lychee added, rohto is apparently their popular brand, which we have everywhere else in the world too. which is why the chamomile tea thing is stupid. just buy the crap actually made for your eyeballs so you don't destroy your eyes.

No. 1130290

You can't take off makeup by just submerging your eyeball in a liquid kek

No. 1130381


No. 1130395

alright, I'm going to. This was the greatest night in the history of lolcow.

No. 1130399

What in the world.. what do you need to wash your eyes for? I have never heard of this

No. 1130418

It’s basically the same thing as eye drops for when your eyes are dry, it also apparently helps with eye bags and general puffiness

No. 1130471

I'm so tired of having a hairy pussy!! Women who can rock the bush are awesome but that is not me. I hate how coarse and thick the hair is and how I can feel the scraggly strands when I touch myself. I want to save for laser but I'll even settle for a wax right now.

No. 1130541

The moment I start making bank for my work is over for you assholes, you don't support me or even care so wtf do you believe I will give you money from something you weren't involved in? "But we are your family" the same family who ghosted and sabotaged and also rejected every project I started, you don't deserve shit, you don't appreciate me, bunch of opportunistic trashbags

No. 1130543

last night i watched a video from someone who had been friends with both of them, and he said that is absolutely not true. she just talked to their mutual friends and people made their decisions from there, but of course abusers are going to frame their victims as pushy and like theyre overreacting.

No. 1131194


No. 1131660

I will tell you what I know to be true even if it makes you hate me, because someone needs to tell you the truth, for your own health. If you don't love me in the same way I love you, I won't stop wanting the best for you. And I'm sorry for leaving. It doesn't mean I don't care about you. It actually really hurts to leave, but I need change and challenge or I will run out of battery. There's a lot I'm trying to leave behind. I realise that maybe you needed a friend more than anything, but I have to follow through. I'm scared to death you're not going to look after yourself, and I don't like what you do to yourself. I will miss you and your quiet mirth, and your honesty, and kindness. I will cherish you in my heart forever even if you forget me. But I'm pretty sure you won't forget me after that evening we spent together.
Whatever distance you hold me at, friendship, something else, never acknowledging me again. I just want you to be happy. I don't want anything from you.

I know we said we'd meet again but it felt so final. Neither of us are the awkward, timid girls we used to be, hiding from everyone else in school and laughing at nothing together. Maybe you will stay in that chapter of my life. I hope you feel my love for you and it warms you up when you're cold. I'll love you forever.

No. 1131694

this made me tear up, nonnie

No. 1131778

nonnie…finally i don't have to cry alone kek

No. 1134055

Fucken go home already! I don't give a shit that you're having issues at home. Housing some old fuck that doesn't contribute anything.

No. 1134149

I wish I'd stop dreaming about you reeeeee I don't understand. you weren't even attractive or nice. I would never say this to anyone but you make my dreams ugly and sad. I wake up disappointed

No. 1135582

shut the fuck up and stop asking about my work schedule and telling me to fucken change shifts or take days off. damn nosy controlling ass bitch

No. 1135612

File: 1649992584444.jpg (122.59 KB, 500x685, 1647307758031.jpg)

I miss you and care deeply for you regardless of our relationship being over, but I understand that we've simply taken diverging paths at this point. I wish you the best for now, and look forward to reconnecting in a couple years, but in the meantime we both need to grow as people and have life experiences outside of online echochambers. Just please don't fuck up your body with testosterone or isolate yourself from everyone who shares different views than you… I fear it might push you over the edge and you don't deserve the unhappiness it brings regardless

No. 1138801

You're not a fucking "boy" you're a grown ass fucking woman! You've always been a fucking woman! And while we're at it, you don't have fucking ADHD, you fried your brain with short-term dopamine rushes over the pandemic, plus you got fat and want ADHD meds to lose weight because you don't have the self control to stop stuffing your face for five minutes! God damn!

No. 1138990

Fuck off. I promise you if it was me, this shit wouldn't happen. You're just garbage, point blank. Take some responsibility you dumb bitch.

No. 1140525

"im not coming home yet because uhh" BITCH YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BE HERE AS LONG AS YOU HAVE. FUCKEN GO HOME ALREADY! why the fuck are you here for so fucken long. jfc.

No. 1140752

if i hear one more judgemental thing about how quiet/loud I am from my boomer co-workers im gonna lose it. they complained all last year about how i wouldn't speak to them even when I did. like hmm wonder why when all you do is complain/gossip and talk about mundane shit that isn't interesting and doesn't matter. when i actually try to be social and talk and all they do is complain about how im apparently too loud now and talk too much. nosy fuckers kept pestering me over and over about my college applications and when i finally get into my dream course at a top college they never congratulate me, they don't give a fuck and just give me a little shrug of approval because they're stuck in a shitty job doing nothing with the rest of their lives trying to act like they're better than everyone else any way they can. i stood up for myself and now they're just trying to one up me, "anon is very focused at lunch today isn't she." like what do you mean boomer leave me alone.

also, could boomer men take a few seconds to use their braincells and actually realise that no i don't like to be called "sweetheart", "my little petal" and "darling". you're more than twice my age stop it, it's demeaning. you don't know shit about me either why speak to me like that shut the fuck up. i feel trapped because my response is just to laugh and ignore it so i can go about my day not causing any hassle but i hate it so much. when customers call me darling i can't say shit because i don't want to be seen as rude and have them make a complaint. why even say that to me, just say hi and leave it there like a normal fucking human being. "you missed a spot nonna haha" shut up asshole you're not being funny. i don't want to see my coworkers coomer tshirt with a naked woman on it when i'm working. i don't want to be told who i am or who you think i am or what you think i like and how im weird when i go against the stupid little idea you have of me in your head. i don't want to hear any stupid sexual jokes made by men in their late 50s, i don't want my boss to laugh when he asks if i have his number. stop stop stop.

No. 1145485

Being your friend is one of the most daunting and exhausting tasks I have ever had. Ever since you've decided to go NEET I've been covertly cutting contact due to how INSUFFERABLE you've become. We can't talk about anything without having to think if it's going to upset you. Of course you won't tell someone if they've wronged you. You'll tell everyone else and also expect the person wronged to figure out the problem. You're inability to handle any sort of challenge (no matter how fucking small) without breaking down is embarassing. I swear it's like I have a little kid as a friend. When you're in the call, I feel like a babysitter. You make everyone walk on eggshells. And even then, its STILL NOT ENOUGH. We don't have to walk on eggshells, we have to walk on fucking water and try not to fall in. You also insult everyone (playfully I assume) but if anyone throws it back at you as banter, you shut down. I'll never forgive you for getting upset at a friend over something in a game and making a big deal out of it. I regret not telling you off, because you deserved it then. You're so fucking mean sometimes and we're all supposed to just stand there and accept.

Also I don't know if its the new person in the group but you've changed in other regards. I never really heard you talk about your height before but now you're obsessed with it. Everytime I join a call, you go on about your height. You're so tiny, so small, even though a few of us are shorter than you. It's a weird thing for me to nitpick, but every call I hear you mention it at least once. I swear to god you're trying to impress people with it, because before you met them, you didn't really mention it at all. This new friend as well is practically your fuckin lapdog. Anytime we "mess up" they're around to tell us off. I get you both have trauma and shit so you managed to bond really well but fuck me it doesn't mean that you're both not annoying as fuck about it. It's interesting how everyone else in the group has problems, and yet because you shout the loudest everyone has to hear you.

I have taken a step back quite a few times to really think about how I truely feel, and this is it. I'm tired of it

No. 1145802

File: 1650802749036.jpg (38.13 KB, 639x524, 41308f33522724024f6491ea61fb39…)

Fuck you, you lazy pick-me. You're an ass for giving me shit for being busy with work, uni and other responsibilities and whining how bored you are because you have a job that barely requires any skill. Drown in self-pity then. You're almost thrity and too lazy to find a hobby, so you'd rather sit at home like a puppy, waiting for a scrote to message you who won't even claim you. You plan your day around this idiot and for what? He told you himself that he doesn't want a relationship and you still keep doing "wifey" shit and then sobbing that you love him more than he does. And then you have the nerve to lash out at friends and family who tell you to be by yourself for a bit. Fuck off with your non-problems. I'm tired of hearing you moan about how ~tragic~ your life is because you've got nothing to do every day and complaining when the scrote, who isn't even your scrote, hasn't messaged you in a couple of hours. GET A LIFE.

No. 1145814

my goodness anon im really sorry. boomers can be exhausting company, and i know what you mean about boomer men thinking it's ok to make inappropiate remarks whilst the boomer women around him will be like "oh noo that's just him he's actually a sweetheart". if they judge you, they judge you. but at least you can control your bladder and don't get scammed over facebook or microsoft support. but yeah, it sucks, just focus on the money innit

No. 1145824

Putting this baby to sleep is difficult enough without you actively working against me. Do you want her to stop screaming or not? All you have to do is leave the room and get yourself a cup of tea or something. Literally just go away for 30 minutes and leave me to it. You can come back after that. Fuck.

No. 1145850

I’m so sorry anon. There’s nothing more exhausting than dealing with a baby AND an unsupportive partner.

No. 1145882

You're a 51 year old wealthy white man who chooses to act like most negative stereotype of a black man just to abuse the women in your life. The hatred you have for everyone that has loved you in life will eventually leave you lonely even if you have your money to hide behind for now. I did nothing but react to your abuse, but before you chose to abuse me by sleeping with multiple other women and insulting my looks (look in the fucking mirror and fix yourself you swine) when I had done nothing but be nice to you. I tried to forge a connection with you but found out you were just empty. You're boring and empty and emulate other peoples culture and guys 1/3 your age. You don't even love any of your kids legitimate or illegitimate. I feel sorry for you I really thought you were a nice intelligent guy but you were just a pervert who hates women. I can't believe for a man with clout not a single woman other than me has tried to expose you.

No. 1146277

who are you talking about?

No. 1146282

File: 1650825661413.jpeg (195.15 KB, 960x1288, A5341840-B517-41CA-AFB4-1D5A5C…)

Hey world, I want to die! So why, oh why, oh why, do you keep tormenting me? Just kill me already. This isn't living for me, if I can't make art, if I can't write a book, if I can't make something of my pain, I can't do anything without fear of recognition, so why not just do it. Kill me!

No. 1146565

I want a boyfriend except I don't really want a boyfriend because I don't trust men and I don't want to have to go out with him whenever he wants, I just want to be touched and kiss him, except I don't want a man who doesn't love me to touch me, and I've never had anyone show interest in me except one very unattractive guy and two random creeps in the street, and it's not like I'm ugly I think a lot of people would say I'm at least cute if not pretty, and I don't talk to people or go anywhere so I can meet guys and even if they invited me out I would say hell frickin no because I don't go out, except to metal shows where I always go with a stupid little hope in my heart that I would meet a guy but the truth is if a guy tried to talk to me I would just act uninterested and be disgusted that he dares talk to me, and even if someone showed me they like me I wouldn't believe them, and how am I supposed to learn how to act properly in a relationship or what to do when I like someone when the only experience I have of romance is shoujo manga, otome games and crappy hallmark movies REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
t. Retard virgin

No. 1148166

File: 1650928856433.jpg (18.73 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-892826402-612x612.…)

Our time is short, I want everyone to hear me. We are just but pompous animals, not get confused, no one is special. Free yourself of useless ego as we just but apes on this land. Just be honest, be sincere and ground yourself in reality. Doesn't matter what your job is, how much you are making, are you honest? are you a good person? do you deserve love? don't cause harm to others or yourself, our time is short. Live for the sake of living, live because you can, breath, free yourself. No labels, no gods, no masters. Be human and create don't destroy like the ape the darkness wants you to be. Be honest and grounded in reality, always stay grounded and honest and everything will fall in place.

No. 1148189

i want to know too ahh

No. 1152734

I'm convinced most men lack empathy for woman. We need to be careful not to fall for all their crap.

No. 1152749

100% agree, they have been playing victim a lot lately, especially with the johnny deep case.

No. 1152761

The scary thing is that they play victim or accuse us of having higher standards as a form of manipulation.

No. 1153152

listening to this stupid ass podcast (very normie lib shit) and it's become a hate listen at this point: women get scammed by men they're dating, the stories they come up with are UNBELIEVEABLE! yet these girlies are unable to use reverse image search or idk flip past the first page of google… yeah im sure nigel has business trips every other day, no you can't meet his family, yes he needs to borrow $1000, yes he just got cancer, and of course he loves you…… I'm sorry is this just a generational thing? Or are people genuinely this gullible and digitally inept? I know hindsight is 20/20 and 'u dont know how you'd react in the moment!!1' but if I'm dating someone and they start acting even remotely suspicious I try and dig that shit up?? I hate to call these women dumb since this is the men who cannot seem to stop scamming and lying for a second, but ladies come on… And of course in the first episode of every story they describe themselves as 'bad bitches, takes no shit from anyone, independent & thriving!!', okay….

No. 1153192

You're the sole resason for your misery and I was an idiot for trying to help you, you conniving bitch, talking about "reeee why do bad things always happen to good people???" Shut up, you're a snake and you deserve nothing.

No. 1153369

>b-but is our culture!!
Stfu dumbass
>As a
Stfu dumbass x2

No. 1153371

can you give an example of this? i genuinely have no idea what you’re referencing

No. 1153382

Elon buy and end the expensive dinosaur park before Mariah Carey breaks the glass.

Also is it just me or do the whales change shape and form all the time

No. 1153386

No. 1153388

I don't want to do this, yet you still bully me for "not doing my best", you idiot: I . Don't. Want. To . Be . Here and I WANT TO DIE, LET ME ALONE!!!!!!! you're so perfect right? You asshole, you think you're hot shit just cause they gas you up, it's like you see me as a literal target, I'm already miserable could you fucking STOP trying to humiliate me every time you can? You know I'm capable, I just don't want to be here, yet you choose to believe I'm just the lazy-ass they told you to believe I was, cause you're not different than them, you're trash and I'm sick of pretending you're at my side, you literally sabotage me every fucking time, you're disappointing, I love you but I can't keep pretending you're my friend, you hate me

No. 1153389

File: 1651145574236.jpeg (10.8 KB, 259x194, download (1).jpeg)

No. 1153390

Is this a /x/fag larping as a schizo girl?

No. 1153391

Yes. Just report.

No. 1153397

Wtf is this prostitute miku shit

No. 1153398

They weren't supposed to aquire new whales.

They weren't supposed to wear ponytails.

And yet, there is a baby calf.

How do they clean the pool when it gets dirty. The pool isn't connected to the ocean.

No. 1153402

What you did was shady and sadistic, you're mentally ill and a bully, I hope you rot in hell, I thought we were friends and I liked you a lot but you had to insult me for my interests and everything I loved, I didn't like it a bit and you made me feel like shit, I ghosted you cause my grandpa died and I couldn't handle your bullshit anymore, in fact, I just wanted peace

No. 1153414


No. 1153439

im going through the same thing, nonnie lol moids are shits

No. 1153441

Is horrible enough having a troon in our family but you have to double down and be dirty, smelly and disgusting at our grandma house? I want you gone I hope you get therapy and a fucking job already.
You're disgusting and I hate you until you shower and forget your trans bullshit and we're siblings again

No. 1153455

Yeah wow sorry babe, I’m such an asshole for washing drying folding and putting away your clothes, now you dunno where some shorts are. I’m the asshole.

There’s a blanket on the floor? Of the home I clean for us both? That I was using ten minutes ago? Yep shit everywhere, for fucks sake you better tell and seethe some more.

Make sure to do it out of my sight line but always close enough to hear you going off and muttering nasty shit like I’m a bad person.

I’m not a kind reader, you want me to know you won’t be getting groceries we need on the way home you have to tell me. You don’t get to be mad that I didn’t predict our routine would change. You don’t get to complain about mess when you do not clean anything. You can be shitty but you absolutely don’t get to make me feel shitty along with you.

No. 1153495

Sorry not sorry mom but it's not my fault that you've raised such a fuck up of a son!!!!! It's not my business to take care of his shit just because we're fAmiLy~~. Be mad about it all you want BUT YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE!!

No. 1153514

Its like you were born to make me look bad, you make me miserable

No. 1153521

Stupid tryhard, you're such a crybaby you would kill yourself if you were on my conditions, and you know it, little princess. "I don't care about them" yeah right, you say that while you fuck some gross, unwashed incel, with your shitty decisions and horrid lifestyle, you have no morals to criticize anyone, your life is a SHITSHOW yet you talk SO MUCH shit about other women you're a misogynist pos, a coward and a liar, you're toxic but you're so far up your ass you can't even realize it, I hope no women interacts with you, you're a monster

No. 1153733

You! Are! Not! Moving! With! Us! Sorry! I don't want to be woken up at 5 am every morning! I am night people! I don't like that you ignore everything I tell you about my cat's care! If that's petty I don't care! He is my cat so I get to decide not you! I've told you this a hundred times before but you just ignore me like always! So guess what I'm ignoring you ignoring me! I warned you that I wanted you a great roommate! And it unleashes my hellish world!

No. 1153787

File: 1651169622822.png (699.26 KB, 2048x836, Screenshot_20220428-130925.png)

Hey, let me know if youre the one in the Shay thread who keeps replying like this so I can smack the shit out of you.

No. 1153841

I'm really pissed with how quickly you idiots jump to conclusions. I do throw around my connections but this time I'm not sorry and I hope he pushes more legislation through the state level since you wanted to play in my face. I told you as a warning not to play stupid games or you'll win stupid prizes, congrats on setting your own movement back two decades. I told you we were all on the same side but you shut ins ran with someone critiquing your imperfect platform and decided to villainize the only person who could actually progress change to benefit you. Good luck with getting this struck down, it's going to take a year at the minimum before it gets back on the docket for discussion. Maybe listen to the people who have been on your side from the jump and not yt idiots who decided to change identities because of their paraphilia. You divided your own community for what? Momentary satisfaction? I don't care about being referred to incorrectly I'm not the one who's running around setting their own rights back. I'm fine with who I am, it's you who should wprry about the state of affairs. You deserve this, now lie in the bed you made.

No. 1153867



No. 1153909

The man you call your boyfriend is an ugly coomer who you met on discord and now all of your life revolves around him. Fuck your friends and family, go with the scrote who's pushy and was annoyed by you saying goodbye to all of your friends instead of going straight to him. Needy bastard. You've also become narcissistic and it's sad to see. You think everyone needs your super special "empath" personality and that you were too good for some people you cut off from your life while being a weeby insecure pickme yourself. You were my friend and I cherished you but you're turning into someone else.

No. 1154047

The next moid to um akshully me is getting a swift kick in his pisser

No. 1154649

I'm gonna be late on this month's rent and I'm stressed out to tell my landlord

No. 1154689

Rip the bandaid off and tell him immediately. The more notice you give the better. Tell him exactly when to expect the money and all the tension will be dissolved and you can move on with your day.

No. 1155742

You ruined my life and I should have let you stay homeless. Stop blaming everything on your manic episode, grow the fuck up, and get the fuck out. Stop trying to drag out this relationship for a place to stay and maybe go hit up one of the women you were talking to. Maybe you can go disrupt their lives until they have to move in with family, almost lose their job, and start regularly having stress induced breakdowns. Maybe they'll be cool with you blowing through your money, not being honest with your already awful therapist, and defying their boundaries. Maybe they'll even let you pressure them into a threesome like your boring ol partner of 6 years who supported you through everything wouldn't. Or maybe you could move back to your shithole hometown and live with one of the wife beating crackheads you reconnected with despite talking shit about them for 8 years. I wish you had just taken care of your fucking mental health before this happened. You fucked both of our lives up and it's never going to be the way it was again.

No. 1156021

you're so cum brained you dont even realize, you dont see it as an issue and it makes you so retarded. You and your cum brained friend who assures you that it's all okay and good and normal drool over lesbian women you cannot have and validate each others absolute nasty thoughts. 'They're hot because they're confident!!!' yeah im sure you'd be saying that if she wasn't conventionally attractive, you value women based only on whether they get your dick hard (which, lets face it, doesn't happen as often as youd like after the death grip you've had on that thing for years kek).

You'll never be happy, you'll never get to fuck her, you'll die a sad coomer with a chip on his shoulder. Genuinely hate that you even look at lesbians in any capacity, I wish it would hurt you physically to look in the direction of a woman. Get help.

No. 1156025

tell them. the other anon is right that the sooner you do the better. i told mine i was going to be late last month and they gave me 3 weeks to pay it! you'll be alright i promise

No. 1156981

You never loved me as much as you claimed. Honestly, it's up for debate if you ever really felt anything for me at all other than the thrill of just being with "someone". Nothing I did was ever good enough for you, no matter how many sacrifices I made. You didn't make any sacrifices, though. You didn't really do anything for me. The mere thought of you extending any effort for the benefit of me, let alone compromising anything for mutual happiness, was unthinkable for you.
I don't know whether to be more hurt and angered by the fact that you never felt as I did, or that I was naive enough to fall for it. This relationship was always a one-way street and no string of idealized romantic thought bubbles can ever change that. You talked a lot, but you never walked.

And that is why it's over. Frankly I don't believe it ever truly began, now. Love is something you have to fight for and give your full effort to, and you never considered doing that for a second. So I'm fine with it. Leave me.

No. 1157213

I spent all my money on food and shit I don't need and now I have almost no money. My job is also very small and pays nothing. I cri

No. 1157468

have fun with your fucking hugbox of a server. no-one enjoys the suffocating feeling of having to walk on eggshells. Also one of your siblings wnbaw

No. 1159864

If this relationship doesn't work out, I might legitimately kill myself.

No. 1159897

I literally don't understand how you can get physically, mentally and financially abused by scrotes all your life, again and again, and even watched similar shit happen to grandma and can still be such a massive pickme. It takes all my energy to not hold in front of you the extend scrotes fucked up your life, and by that also mine, because I know it would just hurt you and you'd probably even defend them anyway.

No. 1161728

i graduated high school in june 2018 and after summer of 2019, i can honestly say i have done absolutely nothing. no education, only a few months of shitty work at bath and body works, and i quit the one passion i wanted to turn into a career because it was a total pipe dream and it just genuinely was not going to happen + very bad for my already anxiety suffering and likely aspergers brain ultimately, yet i do feel empty without it. i wish i had a support system, family or friends or anything, i wish i was not so stupid and scared and a borderline agoraphobic shut in with nothing. my brain is just not wired for this terrifying busy demanding world and that plus horrible upbringing just has me all fucked over, plus everyone expects a 22 year old young woman to have friends or a boyfriend too, my grandma was shocked i did not go out with friends for my 22nd and i just had to laugh it off but really, it is sad. also can't drive as neither of my careless bum parents taught me anything (literally). i know i could suck it up and pay for a driving teacher but again, i'm a retard and i can't do anything and i'm scared to simply walk out my apt door. i hope i get crazier as i age so i can kill myself by 30 ish and i can quit being an embarrassment and a lonely loser with no future
big fat kek

No. 1162242

Is revenge art against scrotes acceptable? Because its really, really tempting.

No. 1162244

yes, always

No. 1162245

try it out! I'm curious too

No. 1162249

Sweet, it's against a stalker and a pedo.

No. 1163086

File: 1651649821111.jpg (41.32 KB, 318x319, gd52326sg.jpg)

Ughh can why can't I stop sabotaging myself??? Wtf dumb bitch get it toghether!!

No. 1164476

Someone I’d once class as one of my best friends, I’ve realised I no longer trust. I get we’ve both been two faced to a mutual friends but her behaviour with the whole situation is just, she’s enjoying being in the middle and I can’t prove it but I know she’s slagging me off to me as much as we both bitch over him. Which, when, I’m going through a bit of a tough mental time is not what I need. I can’t tell my other close friends who’s aren’t close with them for advice because, well I’m worried I’ll look paranoid or bad for enjoying behind back laughing at a friend. In before I’m a bad person this isn’t an AITA

No. 1164483

Are we the same person anon, I believe in you. You can do this

No. 1167186

fuck fuck FUCK FUCCCK I knew it was going to happen anyway so why am I still hurt by your actions? Fucking everything was always about you you you your feelings you don't want to do this you don't want to do that your anxiety your ocd your refusal to get help for any of your issues so WHY am I surprise at you doing this, again, FOR YOU? I know not everything you do is a personal attack on me but it still fucking hurts. You were not a good friend and it does really take distance to see it. All you do is fucking justify yourself and your shitty actions and try to explain away your inability to apologize and take responsibility for anything you do because again only your feelings matter and if anybody says anything you bring up self harm. I wasn't the perfect friend either but I really made a fucking effort to change to accommodate you and I FUCKING DID! What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I keep getting into invested, years long friendships with really mentally unstable people and then get surprised when the highs are really highs but the lows are in hell? It must be me. Something must be deeply wrong with me, that's why I keep fucking doing this over and over and getting hurt when people cut me off because I don't know when to let go of people and realize when a relationship has changed in quality and is dead in the water. I'm fucking stupid and I deserve being hurt by your actions. I'm just so fucking upset GOD AT LEAST AT THE VERY END I wish you would've faked ONE sincere apology so I had some fucking closure. BUT OF COURSE YOU DIDN'T, BECAUSE YOU "DON'T BELIEVE IN APOLOGIES"!!! Fuck you.

No. 1167190

Same here. I believe in us all. let's stop this bullshit and get it together.

No. 1173839

Yes I've been PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED, as funny as it is it's still performance art and it still stands as a perfectly viable commentary that fine art is reduced to bravado and how you carry yourself and no longer based on artistic genius and overall creativity. I'm sorry I took the lime light from actual talented people and this might seem quite obvious as to my true persona but I really am sick of how hostile this space is to those who don't fit in with your idea of what it means to be high brow. There's a fundamental disconnection that's destroying your own field and you're oblivious to that solely due to greed. Way to go champ.

No. 1173866

There's solace in being a normal bitch. Blending in is fine sometimes, your personality speaks more than how you present yourself nowadays. I don't get why you force being the goth when you should let your actions speak for yourself instead of that 150 dollar fit you put together online from dolls kill. Or whatever your stylist dragged out of your closet on loan from a designer who can't afford the things they make for you. There's no sense in trying to box yourself into a specific urban tribe yet here you are, scrambling to find the next trend to exploit and stand out when there is no exoticism within globalization. It's pathetic your image is more important than the seeds you plant into the ground and watch sprout for others to enjoy. There's nothing alternative about you. There's nothing ground breaking about you. You're someone who seeks validation from an online silent presence. You aren't interested in actual activism, you aren't interested in dismantling body perception. What you're interested in is being hot and letting everyone know you are. Your performance is over, the curtain has closed and there is no audience. You will come home to a silent house filled with things that you no longer enjoy. That's what everything is to you in this world, things. Day in and day out you chase a sliver of satisfaction that comes to you in bouts and waves. The obvious is right in front of you and you deny it constantly. The curtain opens once more. Sitting in the audience is yourself, laughing permanently you selfish cunt.

No. 1174868

Apologies for triple posting but it's irritating my soul. While I'm at it you monitor her constantly just to snicker to your one token gay friend alone in a cheap 'luxury' apartment listenting to lorde while your date leaves you on read again. This isn't a relief for your vendetta. I was referring to YOUR white ass.

No. 1184908

I'd say you've lost me but you have to actually care about something to be concerned over its absence

No. 1186103

File: 1652845687936.jpg (49.86 KB, 564x564, e3bf5ec3e23ba964412cc3c3c635bc…)

College gets worse and worse everytime and idk what i'm gonna do. I'm jealous of those who live on the campus and just have to walk to class.

No. 1186225

i wish all men would get a paper cut on their testicles inshallah amen umm money padre umm thanks

No. 1189143

God why hasn't these fucking tards just destroyed banks/credit companies (without harming people) instead of shooting up random people. Imagine if these XYs used their retardation for good, but can't even depend on them for that. They should just get shot in the fucking ballsack and left there to slowly bleed out.

No. 1189152

>destroyed banks and credit companies
What? Unless you have a lot of debt, this would be a negative for you because most people stores their money in banks.

No. 1189223

No. 1189702

>unless you have a lot of debt
girl we are burgers. what do you think

No. 1190645

I tried to offer friendly advice to this satanic moid about leaving the occult and finding God one time on 4chan. He's obsessed with me now, and this gurl he's trying to curse. He's convinced that he talks to demons and that said demon will kill me. It's either someone who really talks to demons, or a fruit cake. Either way, I need to leave that place for good. It's too looney for me.

No. 1190651

he also types in latin because he's an edgelord. What's with moids and paganism crap?

No. 1193457

I don't get why gays come here to husbandofag as if they don't already have their own spaces to post their roided out cavemen.

No. 1193461

He's retarded anon. Keep playing with him if you like it but be safe, moids into occult shit are unhinged.

No. 1193656

File: 1653316647309.jpg (93.84 KB, 611x900, DWARFTRANSVESTITE.jpg)

I hate my country. It feels so unfair.
How, because of my age I'm going to get paid less for the same labour, how my employers think they can take the piss and 'forget' to pay me because they think I'm young and won't stand up for myself. You know I'm doing my A level exams in like two weeks and still turning up, and you think you can fucking guilt me and throw tantrums near me to try to get me to work more hours? Piss off. You should be embarrassed acting like this at your age. Why should I help clients who yell at, hit me, and touch me inappropriately, but they will lodge a complaint if I take one second too long to do something? No one will fucking believe me because I'm seen as a stupid kid but expected to suck it up like an adult. You know I have nobody to stand up for me, I appear timid, and you think I'll take it. If you're understaffed, don't expect me to take responsibility. Get it together. Manage your workers better, stop throwing tantrums and flipping out, stop treating your younger workers like dirt and neglecting to pay them, especially when you know they have shitty parents they can't rely on.

No. 1193679

this alot of moids into that stuff are schizophrenic (like all religious/spiritual moids).

No. 1194064

Can we stop fucking pretending low cost airline staff aren't just glorified waiters

No. 1195748

The posts have gotten worse, all he posts now is praise Ba'll or whatever. I'm just going to ignore it.
He was bragging about doing weed for 8 hr so now I'm convinced he's a attention grabbing idiot.

No. 1195749

Yes, the service is crap.

No. 1196573

File: 1653507162558.jpg (51.85 KB, 642x655, file.jpg)

Firstly: shut the fuck up, just shut up, stop it, let me talk you narcissistic scumbag, we were having a conversation it wasn't a monologue you prick STOP FUCKING INTERRUPTING ME I know you love to hear yourself talk and don't give a single fuck about what I think but at least try to pretend you do specially if you're going to hit on me cause of course you would which takes us to the second point: There's something off with you, waaay off, I can see a very unsettling darkness in your eyes and your aura, your vibes are extremely uncanny, what the fuck are you hiding? Are you a player? An abuser? An absolute degenerate??? Who knows but is no bueno.

Also I'm a woman, I'm automatically better than you at fucking everything and specifically your career, I'm also hotter and less autistic and smarter I literally mog you every time we interact you should be kissing my feet you dumbass nobody gives a fuck about your retarded input stfu and worship me as you are supposed to do you worthless moid, next time you better know your place and treat me like a goddess you fucking player this is NOT ABOUT YOU YOU IDIOOOOOOOTTT

No. 1196583

Also why the fuck are your proportions so fucking weird? What the hell? I was so weirded out jfc I'm not even lankly and my hands are way, way longer than yours??? Wtf????? You're a moid you're supposed to at least have larger hands than me that's literally the bare minimum you should be ashamed of existing like this in front of someone as aesthetically pleasing as me are you for real? Did you thought I wouldn't notice? Cause I did

No. 1197966

You are not a ~cinnamon roll~ who just happens to have a "resting bitch face", you are a bitch and your face actually matches your rotten vibes

No. 1197985

Let your cat live it’s life.

No. 1198001

No. 1198307

Can we please fucking normalize breaking up without waiting for 'an out'?? YES it's been 3 years but you're so goddamn BORING and every time I've tried to break up you whine and cry and lowkey blackmail me. I JUST WANT IT TO STOP. You aren't attractive to me, the sex is so bad, I literally have to be wasted drunk to have a good time/enjoy anything. I fully fucking regret ever EVER dating you. I spend my days literally feeling depressed thinking of any and every single way to break up with you that won't end with you blowing up at me. JUST GO THE FUCK AWAY please!

I fucking learned a valuable lesson with this 'relationship'. Nonitas you'll make fun of me for stating the obvious, but every time, IF HE TALKS SHIT ABOUT HOW CRAZY HIS EX GIRLFRIENDS ARE, it's not them, it's HIM. PLEASE don't ever make my fucking mistake. I hate my life.

No. 1199844

I don't love you anymore. I've waited and waited for too long, trying to some sense that there was a part of you that still cared, but there isn't. I'm done deluding myself and wasting my time. You're one of the most inconsiderate people I've ever met, and getting with you was a mistake.

No. 1199874

Your autism sick me. Plain and simple, it sickens me since i'm 4yrs old. Everything about you is repulsive and the older you get the worse. I don't want to have a relationship with you, ever, i was lucky enough to escape your defective genes and that is enough. I don't want your ugly, fat, pornsick hands to touch me ever again. i didn't ever in my fucking life feel something that isn't pure DISGUST at you. Faliedmale and faliedhuman.

No. 1200030

I hope he dies I hope he dies I hope he dies a slow horrible death like he caused for her. I hope he dies on life support, but alone and unable to move a single appendage. I hope he dies unable to cry for help.

No. 1200075

I hope he dies too, anon.

No. 1209661

Men who make videos reviewing movies aimed towards little kids (girls particularly) and critiquing them just rubs me wrong. I'm not sure what else to say or how to explain it but it feels wrong

No. 1209669

This video was annoying and not that funny. I don't know if I just grew out of Kurtis' humour or if his humour has gotten worse over time

No. 1209670

It's a weird fucking trend and it's really creepy. They try and play it off as "I watched this when I was a kid and just didn't tell my friends haha"

No. 1209672

It's getting worse as he has to keep up a YouTube persona and pander to his audience

No. 1209676

We all need to just get higher standards, don't take a chance on an ugly or older moid. Start bullying men who don't have perfect abs and for hitting the wall at 30 (women age gracefully of course as long as they don't go crazy with plastic surgery). I hate men too.

No. 1209698

I hope my captor dies soon. He is a disgusting human being who ruined my life. Fuck men. They do not get the prison time that they deserve for torturing women and children.

No. 1209700

Kurtis is a retard and most of his jokes and way of speaking is copied directly from pedophile and comedian Chris D'Elia.

No. 1210353

Something about Kurtis has always creeped me out. pedo stache and perv mullet does not help things.

No. 1210370

what do you mean captor?? are you in his possession now??

No. 1210972

I am sitting on my break in this cafe and there is a schizo man sitting her talking about Russia and nazis and god to an imaginary friend. Why do they always go directly towards that stuff when they lose their mind

No. 1210979

i like both Danny and drew, but I feel like Kurtis is the weakest out of the trio and I only watch his videos as a last resort when I want to have some white noise in the background while doing something else. there are funny moments in his videos, but he's a typical lefty bro who preaches about sex work being work and respecting pronouns and shit. at least Danny and drew just don't say anything about these topics and don't try to actively present themselves as woke male feminists.

No. 1211007

I regularly fantasise about having a big brother who would pamper me and shower me with affection because i have grown up as a touch starved and depraved oldest child. It’s a vaguely incestuous fantasy too but it’s the only way I know how to cope

No. 1211355

i hate they/them women more than ftm women because at least ftms are honest about hating women and womanhood, while they/thems always hide behind navelgaze-y bullshit like "i'm not a woman, i'm a PeRsOn". being a they/them is peak misogyny against all your fellow women, including your female relatives, your female friends, and everyone female on this planet. absolute fucking traitors of the female population.

No. 1211445

If they didn’t want to be women they could be ftm. They’re they/thems because they don’t care about the concept of either, no? There’s plenty reasons they’re cringe but claiming it’s an elaborate ruse to hate women is just so schizo

No. 1211458

oh nonny, clearly you never saw how enbies talk about womanhood and muh evil cis women who are totes okay with misogyny otherwise they wouldn't be icky cissies.

No. 1211496

Yeah I prefer being around and consuming the content of people who are normal instead

No. 1211497

Is this the right thread? Idk

I remember in september i just stopped going into school for a month. I'd wake up, people would be running to work/school in the rain, and i would be /comfy/ in bed, watching anime and drinking green tea. i would learn random things from wikipedia all day and learn to play really extravagant piano pieces and just…chill.
anyway, now things are different. i started working full time to save up. now, i study and work part time, i moved out, i do a lot of stuff myself. the independence is great, especially now i'm old enough to legally sign documents to live in my own place. sometimes when i think about everything i have to do i remember september/october when i could sleep and live carefree. i'm glad it happened regardless. maybe when i'm established in the world i'll work very hard and then take a month off to be a human again. i hope some of you nonnies get to experience that.

No. 1211504

im cooking up a plan to play the brown note very loudly in a public space i know it probably doesn't work that well but i can't stop thinking about doing it

No. 1211584

I agree with this. Shit is a bullshit form of sexism that women try to use to escape daily sexism. "You cant treat me like a woman. I'm an non binary."

No. 1211662

Nonnie, i feel this so much. Today I was thinking about all the times i was stressed out and rushing to go to classes. I remember enduring heavy rain, having a stomach cramp from drinking sugarfree redbull just because I was desperate to retain information. All that stress for a class I didn't want to do for a course I ultimately ended up failing and getting kicked out of, when instead I could have lied to my parents I was going there and done proper research on anti-depressants and putting myself first.

No. 1213256

Nonnie that sounds awful. I do know that feeling, but I'm glad you hear you're putting your health first. I definitely enjoy the present more than I used to. And it's like foundational, you look after your health, your grades get looked after, then you don't have to stress so you don't fail. I hope to start uni with that health-first mindset too.
Love, Nonnie

No. 1214416

You make me depressed by just talking to you. You act like a sexist stereotype of a woman - passive aggressive, don't know what you want from me, a dash of psychological manipulation here, a slight guilt-trip there, maybe a dash or two of strong suggestions of what you want me to do? That's the perfect recipe for controlling your daughter. I don't pick up the phone because when you tell me to continue with my job that makes me want to throw up or go to uni (that i always, ALWAYS end up crying after looking for because i can't apply for anything that wont bore me out of my mind). I love you too much to completely stop talking to you, but when i give you a single KERNEL of truth you drag me down your own path and drown me with it. I love you, but i really dont like you. I spend those boring weekends with you because i want to be NICE to you and i have a feeling i should. That is it. WHY do you care about me if you want me to only be what you want? YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!!!!

No. 1214428

I hope you fucking die you old fucking bitch, and i hope the daughter in law you love so much miscarries. I hope you both burn in hell.

No. 1214668

I wish you never met my dad. I wish your wino mom had an abortion or drank herself into infertilit. I'm glad your dad offed himself so he never had to see his child grow into someone so thoroughly fucking horrible.
Not only have you been a sack of shit my entire life from getting knocked up twice to try to trap t
2 men, not knowing who one child's dad was, abandoning your children in crack houses, doing hard drugs while pregnant, losing custody of all 3 kids, and choosing meth and heroin instead of being a decent fucking person, but now you hang out with nazis? Are they the only people brain dead enough to put up with you? Would you even care if you knew that after you let my sister go into foster care, she was sexually assaulted multiple times? Maybe that wouldn't have happened if you had the slightest clue who her father was, but no, you're the human embodiment of white trash- so why would you be sober enough to know which sorry excuse for a human being stuck his unwashed dick in you? lol who are we kidding, you're completely incapable of giving half of fuck about anyone but yourself. You never have given a shit. You've only contacted me to try to get sympathy. And you have the AUDACITY to bitch to MY SISTER and her ADOPTIVE MOM about how oh no your mom never loved you and you were so alone all your life :(
What about your kids you fucking cunt? You've never so much as asked about my life. You've only had 25 years of opportunity to get your shit together and be a mom, but why would you when you could just get fucked up and forget you have kids until you need to use them as a sympathy card?
I hope your new crackhead husband kills you like he tried to kill his ex. Bet he tells you she just made all that up and you've given yourself too much brain damage to even think of doing 2 seconds of googling to find out he very much did choke her. I hope he's successful when he does it to you. Your existence always has been and always will be a waste of the time energy, and money you suck out of anyone around you. There's no one more deserving than a long, slow death than you.

(sorry this is long anons, im just so mad today)

No. 1220014

Man what did I tell you? Narcissists don't go to the shrink to get diagnosed with a personality disorder. They go to the shrink because they got fired from work for annoying their coworkers, their partner left from one too many broken promises, and because they just can't figure out why nobody likes them. And look at you now. Who just got fired? You. Whose girlfriend keeps complaining about you? Yours. You are the architect of your own suffering and tragedy was preventable. Maybe you'll learn to think of others before your own ego. Maybe. I no longer have faith in you.

No. 1223918

File: 1655138494948.jpg (69.56 KB, 750x1000, EUzwzorU0AADUp-.jpg)

Wow. Why don't you just fucking tell me that you put your shitty ass moid above our friendship and stop playing dumb?? I tell you almost every single day how long I work and when I'm off and all you have to say is "well, I can't remember everyone's working hours"… "everyone's"? You're a single woman with a fwb moid, what do you mean by "everyone's? I'm your fucking best friend. I've been by your damn side for almost 20 years. I've been through two divorces, one abortion, a miscarriage and copious heartbreaks and other things with you and not once did I ask for anything when I needed consolation and you never ever offered me anything besides a "oh that sucks". I know, I'm the fucking idiot for not leaving when someone doesn't reciprocate but damn you really have no shame, do you? But oh, if it's your moid then you happily wait at home like a puppy all day and ask him how well he likes his steak and you even remember in what direction his nose hair are curling, you sad handmaiden. You can't even remember the smallest things, even if I tell you DAILY but then I'm the first one you call when you need a shoulder to cry on. You know why you're always so tired even though you do nothing but sleep anyway? It's from all the bending backwards and trying to mold yourself into something you're not for your shitty moid. You always tell me how you hate xyz about him but then you're so fucking docile and do everything for him just so that he gives you a bit of attention. Thank fuck I never reinforced the stupid shit you did, no matter how much you wanted me to say exactly what you wanted to hear and I KNOW that it makes you seethe when I don't coddle you. You're such a bad actress and I can always tell, no matter how fake of a smile you put on. You shouldn't have taken me for granted because no one else is going to put up with your shit because "friends" like you are a dime a dozen. You'll always get your heart broken because you have no backbone and ignore everyone else as soon as the next moid comes along. I'm gonna leave you on read and I don't give a fuck if that makes me look childish. I know that ghosting you eats away at you but now you'll know how it feels when the other side doesn't give a fuck. Go cry on you moid's shoulder, since he's so great.

No. 1223924

I know you're not looking for replies but when I see women who put their fwb above their family or friends, I laugh so hard. Like, I knew a dude like that and he had five fucking fwbs. Those men never put the woman first.

No. 1223945

You deserve better. I had similar relationships where my friends didn't support me in my low times but wanted me around when the dude they were fucking acted up. I dropped them. That's the best.

No. 1223947

Yeah I just don't get it. She's been with so many men before and it's always the same. Still thanks for replying, kek. I initially wanted to post it in the vent thread but meh, I figured it'd be too long and well I know that the best thing for me is to leave this "friendship", I guess.

No. 1223948

Thanks nonna, I appreciate it.

No. 1223998

Been there before anon. You deserve better.

No. 1224113

File: 1655146690938.gif (795.51 KB, 220x201, cat-sad.gif)

this one hurt the most because we just talked about it. we just talked about it and you said you wouldn't do it again, not only that you did it WORSE than before. we talked about it. we talked about it. i feel so stupid.

No. 1224131

If you dont pay me for overtime I will steal the equivalent sum out of the register and none of you will ever find out because Ive been scamming like this to put food on the table for years. Scummy employers like you only make me better at scamming

No. 1224166

I don't know what happened but I'm so sorry that you were hurt, nonny.

No. 1224228

File: 1655152175435.jpeg (176.03 KB, 750x750, 1611829805194.jpeg)

Hey toilet bestie. You may not remember me. I really hope this isn't creepy.

I remember a couple of years ago, when I was younger and didn't know how to talk to people. Things were bad at home too. The toilet was my safe space. It was nice that there was another person hiding in the toilets too. I can't remember which of us started the conversation, but I never saw your face, so it was easy to talk. I guess you were asocial too. The few conversations we had really brought me happiness when I was living in emotional drought. I hope you found people you feel accepted with, or found somewhere else that's peaceful. School is the worst sometimes. But I think you'll grow and become someone you can be proud of. Thank you for keeping me company two stalls across from me, I miss our conversations. I also really hope you didn't see me, as I made sure to leave the toilets as quickly as possible. The anonymous friendship reminds me of this website, and I have a feeling, as another asocial female, you could be here as well. Regardless, it's ok to not be in tune with everyone else. The current you isn't forever, and I wish the best for you, so blessings are obviously going to come your way
Best regards,
toilet girl ♥

No. 1224727

I ain't even mad you got with someone despite swearing we were gonna be "single buddies" forever. You do need someone to love you and I wasn't able to show you I did because of the distance.
I just wish you told me you got a gf instead of stopping answering me. A single "hey I'm dating someone and I can't talk to you anymore" would have been enough. Asshole.

No. 1224733

This is so cute anon. And I love the picture of the dog that looks like it's squatting on a toilet
I hid in the bathroom during some of high school and college too

No. 1224745

File: 1655196134760.jpg (28.49 KB, 451x450, posting from here btw.jpg)

you sound lovely, nonna. i had a bathroom bestie, too. we're all two stalls along from each other here

No. 1227649

I know, pretty rad image lol
I’m glad I was right that this website is full of toilet girls. Inshallah we will all piss together one day and find each other
This website really is just like talking to other women hiding in the bathroom with you isn’t it kek

No. 1229750

File: 1655539172337.jpeg (225.08 KB, 1125x921, 9BB3C265-47BC-44FE-8574-F59B4F…)

I just love knowing your lame ass is running some dime-a-dozen, stolen design, edgy political tshirt store while living off your rich step daddy’s money while taking care of the child of the woman you cheated on me with and then promptly died of an overdose a few months later. Is it fun being a perma cuck, taking care of another man’s child and not even having the junkie pussy to go with it? Are you raising that poor child in that creepy basement your dad rents out for you, surrounded by filth and pans with 7 different layers of mold on them? Has your mother died of an std she caught when she was prostituting yet? I hope you aren’t bringing the kid around her apartment loaded with drug paraphernalia. Anyway, hope you’re enjoying your pathetic life, I’ll be here being grateful you only sucked me into your toxic orbit for a few short months just to spit me out and destroy your life from top to bottom. Hope the kid makes it out not as fucked up as you and the rest of your family, but the chances of that are as slim as you were when you were throwing up your meals and spreading your cheeks for older men online for a quick buck. Sad!

No. 1230043

God lady how dumb can you be? Yes, they're "just microbes", but they're still dangerous and shouldn't be transmitted. Waiting for you to get exposed to the most dangerous "just microbes" for putting that disinformation out there into the world.

No. 1239490

File: 1656138479335.jpeg (60.39 KB, 633x359, 4A0EEF27-4BC4-414C-B532-E97640…)

>visiting my sister because she cries about no one in our family travelling to see her
>she spends the whole weekend criticising me and trying to start fights with me, when I react she scolds me and whispers to her housemates that I’m sooo much to deal with
>keep my mouth shut because I don’t want to spend the rest of the weekend in an argument
>go out for drinks
>she starts lecturing me about how I’m too old to be single and every guy I see I should be trying to date seriously
>just sit there and sip my drink because she doesn’t know that I know that she slept with a guy at her job after only a few weeks there and has been letting him string her along for 6 months at least (our mom told me)
Nonnies give me strength because if she tries me one more time I’m gonna let it all out.

No. 1239494

Samefag, I forgot the most important detail: he’s married, and she’s still letting him play with her and make a fool out of her in front of her entire office. But sure honey, tell me how I’m the one with a bad love life.

No. 1239504

nonny wtf did you get yourself involved in?

how far did you travel? I would have let her have it as soon as she tested me the first time. I admire your strength. lmao

No. 1239512

I had to fly, if I’d driven I would have been in my car on the way home by now kek. The problem is that we know each other so well that when we’re getting along it’s like we’re best friends, but when we’re fighting we want to kill each other because we know exactly how to get under each other’s skin. I’ve tried for so long to be the bigger person but not after this though. If she wants to see me she can come visit me or wait until a family event or something. No fucking way am I ever again paying $300 to be nitpicked and zeroed in on as the source of all of her problems. At least the older I get and the more honest my parents and other siblings become with me, the more I can see that I’m not the problem.

No. 1239528

Going through your post history dating back to late 2020 is so funny. Specifically the bait posts about wanting to be [insert one of my jobs] in “your country” and putting the most autistic, scrote-tier replies to women talking about actual fears and issues women face (“I hate people like you.”) You want me to fear you or something like I haven’t came to terms with what I am and am working every day on improving, meanwhile you’re tethering all your self worth to pretending the horrific things you’ve done to women makes you powerful or cool. We’re both pathetic. At least I’m not hurting anyone or attempting to.

No. 1239539

File: 1656143117454.jpg (183.82 KB, 1000x751, s-l1000.jpg)

Short version: A sociopathic narc sunk his teeth into me at the perfect time in my life for me to fall for it

Long version: I was working at a job and had a male customer around my age drive up- he was just my type, so handsome, and charming/funny to boot. I pretty much had an instant crush but wrote it off because I figured I'd never see him again and I was morbidly obese at the time, which I had been my whole life at that point. I basically forget about him, months go by, and I wind up finally losing the weight. Like 80+ lbs. This was literally life changing for me, my whole life I had fantasized about how my life would be perfect if I wasn't fat anymore and finally it seemed like that time had come. Low and behold- that same customer came back one day and I could tell he was into me now. He quickly became a regular to my store and finally one day asked for my number and wanted to go on a date with me. Bitch I really thought I was in a shoujo manga or something. In retrospect he was nuclear love bombing me- buying me gorgeous rose bouquets, waxing poetic about how beautiful, smart, and unique I am. Legit on the second date he said he wanted to marry me, and that he had never developed feelings for a woman so quickly before. I bought it hook, line, and sinker- I truly thought this was some serendipitous chain of events I would one day be telling the children I had by this man, living in our gorgeous home with a white picket fence KEK. Yeah that love bombing phase fell apart in about a month. Unfortunately by that point I had fully bought into the fantasy he sold me, and was willing to put up with the small cracks in the facade until they turned into massive, foundational cracks. It started with things like finding out he lived like a total slob, was a flat earther who literally had picrel framed in his fucking KITCHEN. All those wonderful compliments he used to give me turned into snide comments about my body insecurities, which he had throughly probed me about in regards to my weight loss. He even tried to chip away at the bond me and my younger brother have, my bro is basically my best friend and the person who looks out for me the most in life. Looking back it reads like a narc playbook, but hindsight is 20/20. Anyway like I said those were ultimately small things that lead to bigger things- like him going completely MIA for days on end, him telling me about how he pushed one of his previous girlfriends out of his truck while driving (and he clearly meant it in a "I will do this to you too if you anger me" way) and telling me he can only have sex with me if he's fantasizing that he's raping me. Major fucking yikes. There's so much more but if I keep going I could legit write a book of how absolutely crazy this man was. Anyway our relationshit finally ended in about six months, when he decided to fully shack up with the pregnant junkie he was cheating on me with. This was after he had the worst downward spiral I've ever seen IRL, where he was spending nights sleeping under a bench in a park by a lake in the cold, I'm 99% he was an addict of some sort at this time but idk the substance. At that point we were barely communicating, I kind of knew the end was coming. One day he finally breaks up with me over text and drops my stuff off at my work. Ngl I was wrecked at the time and was having mental whiplash at the time from everything that happened. I didn't even know about the cheating until a few weeks later. The junkie he cheated on me with died a couple months after that, and somehow he got full custody of the kid because it's dad OD'd too. Luckily I am a healed queen now living my best life and made the post you replied to after searching him up on a whim just to see what became of him. This is the fullest version of this insane story I've ever told anyone, it does feel nice to have it off my chest kek.

No. 1239989

File: 1656165160640.jpeg (50.34 KB, 544x563, 71E7F7B4-5AE4-47AE-B8C8-A0AEAB…)

Update: she just yelled me down in front of a whole nightclub queue and our uber driver and lectured me the entire drive for daring to dance with a guy she didn’t know and hadn’t personally vetted, and I had to literally bite my tongue the entire drive home to keep from revealing that our dad doesn’t think she’s ever going to find a husband or get married. Fuck this shit. I’m sick of trying to tiptoe around her bpd temper tantrums. I just want to go home. The second I am on that plane she is on her own. Sick of being her justifiable punching bag. Good luck being such a fucking train wreck when you don’t have a spare sibling to deflect all your problems onto you bitch.

No. 1240014

File: 1656167089030.png (111.71 KB, 265x261, tumblr_7d6dca2fafeef73df604444…)

I regret ever inviting my boyfriend to live with me. He turned out to be the complete opposite of who he seemed before that. He advertised himself as someone who cleans up after themselves, who is attentive and romantic, someone who likes to work and earn money, etc.

What I got was a man who
>never cleans up after himself and thinks it's okay for there to be dried piss on the toilet seat
>expects the laundry and dishes to just be magically done and says he would rather use paper plates than just clean the dishes himself
>blames me for the dumbest shit (e.g. it's my fault I didn't bring his lunch box home from his job when I visited him one time)
>blows any extra money he has on hobby shit instead of saving up or putting it towards more important stuff like a better car or a house
>thinks foreplay is unnecessary/boring and says he's never been with a woman who needed it

I could go on but I'm just so done. This doesn't even cover all the extra awful shit he's done to me like have me begging him to drive me to the store for medicine because I was in so much pain and then brow beating me for days after about it.

I'm kind of mourning what I thought this relationship was going to be, so it's hard to just let go, but I'm done. I'm trying to gain more independence so I can move out and have all this be over with. And on top of that, I'm just done with men. They really are a lesser, useless species.

No. 1240026

Kick hin out

No. 1240033

Why do you have to move out if you invited him

No. 1240036

I can't afford this apartment by myself, which is the main reason he moved in. I'd rather just find somewhere cheaper by myself.

No. 1240069

Sucks that a large part of love for men is based on hopes of what he could be and not reality.

No. 1240191

>that green text
Christ anon. Obviously dump the useless scrote who just wants you to be mommy and has no regard for you as a person worthy of reciprocation or respect. Can you try getting a female roommate? Maybe start advertising or looking via word of mouth secretly so you can then dump your scrote when you've got a potential taker and kick him out. You deserve better.

No. 1240197

File: 1656176163676.jpg (19.63 KB, 250x250, Tumblr_l_582729968551664.jpg)

I hate knowing that during the 3 years we were apart, you spent the entire time wallowing, starving yourself and fucking random whores you met on tinder, while i was in and out of therapy, working, going to school and going outside. I hate that you told me it would be different because we already knew eachother. I hate that you put no effort and didnt appreciate all of the shit i have done for you back then and even now. I hate that im so down bad for you even though you're an absolute fucking loser and you go against all of my values.
I hate that you and the faggots you hang out with are stuck in highschool, constantly talking about shit that happened 5 years ago cuz you all reached your peak. I hate that i trusted you in terms of sex and you broke my trust.
I hate that during our entire relationship, you barely gave me affection. A simple fucking kiss on the head was too much for you.
I hope the next whore you meet on tinder gives you aids.

No. 1240621

Thanks for saying that. Sometimes I feel like I'm the crazy, unreasonable one.

No. 1240851

Get your own apartment in your price range and never speak to him again

No. 1241714

Pretending you’re at some sort of superior moral highground like you aren’t using a 36 year old actual perverse predator who has done far worse to take advantage of and manipulate a mentally ill woman like it’s some sort of game. You’re sick and deserve what is coming to you.

No. 1242586

File: 1656334776337.gif (2.3 MB, 498x270, mamoru-oshii-angels-egg.gif)

You will never love me the way I used to love you. I used to admire you, we had a beautiful friendship, I liked to feel your touch and hear your voice, we were so happy…why did you ruin it? Just to use me? Why?
You're broken, you will never gaze at the person you love with marvel and joy, you will never feel genuine happiness when looking at their eyes, you will never feel lost in the beauty of romance and life itself, you will never understand nor grasp how beautiful it is to feel the touch of a lover, because you only want one thing…I feel genuine sadness when i think about you.
You're like a robot, a vessel of what once was a human being, your eyes are full with feelings yet you seem unable to understand life beyond your perspective, to see who you desire as human, there's a difference between love and lust, you should know that by now.

You told me you were a poet, I wanted to hear what you had to say, but you didn't really care about my inner poetry, you dismissed me because you already gave me a role in your twisted show: the whore, you didn't knew who I was nor cared to know, and when you noticed I wasn't who you expected me to be you acted like nothing happened and like a coward, you hid from me because you knew you offended me greatly by assuming I was the "woman" you thought I was, you thought I was like the others, that i was at your level, I'm happy to disappoint you, as i now will demonstrate the various reasons you and I are so different, you will regret treating me the way you did, and I hope you never dare to approach me again in your life

No. 1243220

You're a worthless retard and you should get in your car and drive 90mph into a brick wall. Fuck off and kill yourself. I'm done with your bullshit. I don't care anymore. You were always ugly. You're a leech of a person and the only people who will willingly volunteer themselves to be around you will get fed up with your retardation. You are scum, you are worth less than the shit on my boot heel. You will get what's coming to you one of these days, you wasted abortion, and it will hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. It will hurt worse than you could ever imagine. You will suffer and you will have no one to turn to.

No. 1243261

I could have written this post word for word. Hang in there anon.

No. 1243283

I kinda need some support in the fact that I should be glad I'm not dating someone anymore.
- was way too into video games, is young and wants to be a game developer; he thinks games can teach people life skills…uh
- never watches tv but when he does it's Marvel
- never wanted to watch documentaries or any of the movies I love even though I sat through Avengers trash for him
- wouldn't take a firm stance against anything including troons
- wouldn't eat certain foods including one type of meat/animal just because he decided not to (not because he's a vegetarian or vegan). I felt like this was lowkey ridiculous because it's really common in everything my family eats and I stressed myself out trying to think of food that he would like and things that we could eat.

No. 1243293

Lol cry more dickbrain, I’m glad I got to you.

No. 1243299

Thanks for buying me the game, scrote coworker. Now lose the fucking attitude when I don't feel like arguing over stupid, pointless shit after I've come back from a road trip and I'm pretty tired and just want to unwind with sed game.

No. 1243310

I'm pretty sure I remember you posting about this guy in the relationships thread a while back. He sounds like a brainless, boring waste of time. It's better to be alone than force yourself to pretend to be excited about capeshit and vidya for a man who has no (realistic) ambition and doesn't contribute anything to your life except for a warm body. Reliable advice when you're dating someone: If you end up needing to make a pros and cons list or repeatedly have to convince yourself to stay together, you're settling and you should move on. Don't let society meme you into thinking you need a relationship, any relationship, to be happy and fulfilled as a woman. Focus on yourself. It's hard at first but it absolutely gets much, much better until you won't care about having a relationship unless it's relatively easy and actually adds to your life.

No. 1243311

im literally shuddering at the thought of this man. you know the answer

No. 1243327

Thanks anons. I was worried that I was being elitist in thinking that video games all day are unhealthy and that Marvel is not interesting to me at all. I never understood if he likes sitting in front of screens, why he doesn't give movies a chance that are a literal work of art and have interesting commentary or watch some videos that aren't cartoons. Whenever I would talk about actual current events he would bring up Bojack Horseman. Oh and we couldn't even see eye-to-eye on games even though I play some myself when he liked speedrunning (which probably should have been a red flag).

I'm sorry for traumatizing anyone here by describing him. I feel like I overlooked it because he was nice to me but honestly we have nothing in common and I felt like a bitch for thinking it and judging him deep down for his boring ass lifestyle and hobbies.

No. 1243384

Another nonita saved

No. 1243408

>wouldn't eat certain foods including one type of meat/animal just because he decided not to
Sounds like a fussy prick who was never told "no" as a child.

No. 1244529

Samefag but is speedrunning an autistic thing? I thought speedrunning was because 1) anons here have joked that it is 2) it's infested with troons which is maybe that's why he defends them

No. 1244632

I like to imagine these sorts of vitriolic alogs are directed at someone who told an anon to do their share of the dishes or stop being weird online

No. 1244641

You are not very funny, you hate women, and you get tard rage over the stupidest shit because you have no self control of your pompous male ego

No. 1245268

I hope you are at peace with the decision you made almost eight years ago. I liked you so much and I know you liked me too, but your disgusting fetish kept you from actually being happy. I'm extremely embarrassed all these years later that I ever even liked you. At least I grew out of my degenerate weeb phase, but you? You still have the same loli waifu and now I see you are into VTubers. I hope these fake women are enough for you, since I wasn't because I didn't have a flat-chested loli body. I saw the struggle you had with me, we all did. So many people told me it was obvious you had feelings for me, I mean you sent me sweet messages about how much I meant to you all the time and how you missed me so much. You drove three hours during winter break just to see me after that. So when I told you I liked you, I couldn't believe you didn't feel the same, but I get it now. I get that you couldn't get out of your head and into the real world. And let me tell you, it was so funny to me and everyone who knew us how mad and jealous you were went I started dating after you rejected me. I mean, you were so obvious my boyfriend even laughed about how blatant you were about liking me. But again, thanks for rejecting me. I ended up marrying him and never would have met him if you hadn't. But there you are, still terminally online, still a lolicon. How's that working out for you? I see you haven't had a girlfriend in all these years. I'm starting to think you're legitimately a pedo now. Oof, and you never moved to Japan either like you dreamed of, that sucks. I see med school didn't work out either. Keep spending your money on anime plastic and sending large amounts of money to VTubers, I'm sure it will work out for you soon! This is all that I want to say to you after you reached out after all these years, but I'm just going to block you instead. Wallow in your regrets somewhere else.

No. 1245277

It makes me sad that there is a wall between us. It makes me sad that after the way we grew up, after everything, you still use those words and find hypersexual male humor so funny. I wanted to scream when you said "get ratioed"

No. 1245278

File: 1656526063837.jpg (94.22 KB, 1242x1369, 1642614469365.jpg)

I love you, you're one of my best friends ever, but you're so fat it's starting to have consequences on your health and hygiene. I wish I could tell you without making you upset but everytime I go to your place it smells so bad I have to breathe slowly to make it bearable, and I noticed it was your body odor that got into your rooms and furniture. Please for the love of god do something about it! I know your PCOS makes things worse but still, get your shit together!

No. 1245280

I still remember when you told me pornography was not a bad thing.

I still remember what I found in your garage.

When you threaten random women on television, I am listening. Also when you mock nearly every females voice.

I feel like I know you'd never hurt me.

But then I remember you are a man.

No. 1245286

How much of a red flag is it if a 29 years old guy has as low age as 19 on his dating app? Otherwise he seems very respectful so I feel very bad about it.

No. 1245298

Very red, there is absolutely no legitimate reason to do that.

No. 1245315

Anon here’s a good rule:
>men over 25 shouldn’t be dating almost any women under 25. Absolutely no women under 21.
>men over 40 shouldn’t be dating women under 30.
>men over 21 shouldn’t date anyone under 21. (In burgerland)
Any that do are red flags

No. 1245823

Your writing style is cringe, your generic ass anime drawing style is cringe, your voice is ugly, you have gaslighting pissbaby friends, you say you only like women but you constantly seek Japanese men to simp at from the weirdest of websites. "I just wanna practice my nihongo" my ass. You're a fucking loser weirdo, get help

No. 1245864

This but obviously a year or 2 isn't a big deal. Of course he seems "respectful" because that's how all manipulators start. A man that's nearing 30 and goes for girls that just left high school never has good intentions

No. 1246581

I genuinely hate my snoring roommate, she's so loud you can still hear her downstairs, I don't care she can't help it, I'm the one who haven't slept like a human being for 5 weeks, I'm the one who can barely function at work and breaks down and cries from exhaustion, I'm the one who's constantly tired and suffering from migraines, meanwhile she always feels great and fresh. I tried everything, earplugs, headphones, white noise, non prescription medication for sleep , nothing helps. There's no other place I can sleep at, I slept on the couch in our living room for a few nights but now I can't even sleep there bc we have new guys in the house and I don't trust them and I wouldn't feel comfortable with them being around. Maybe I will ask my doctor for some super strong sleeping pills and start drugging myself through the night, I don't see any other way. I'm scared of getting addicted though. I'm so angry and tired I want to suffocate her with a pillow. Please move out or DIE bitch, go torture someone else!

No. 1246764

Ew. Massive red flag. There are plenty of intelligent women who are 21+ . He shouldn't be dating anyone younger than 25 tbh

No. 1247564

It’s way too late to play dumb.

No. 1247936

You’re neither as intelligent or as perceptive as you believe you are and your absolute peak is stalking and exploiting vulnerable women and making any and every excuse in desperate attempt to justify what you’re doing. There is no justifications. It’s abuse and you’re pathetic, no matter which was you twist it. This is “fun” for you because you’re mentally I’ll and your life sucks. Bad bitches don’t have to abuse other people to feel good.

No. 1252462

I am still for whatever reason the center of your pathetic universe and EYEM supposed to be the one that’s upset?

No. 1253518

You have the most bitter, delusional, pathological hatred for women that leaks into everything you do and everything you say.

No. 1255323

You have plenty of time to have any excuse to be angry at women, I see. The fact that you don’t see the sort of person this makes you is funny for several reasons. Have fun with that I guess. Everyone is aging but you’re still clinging to whatever… this is, which is a kind of sad even I will never understand.

No. 1258232

You're such a ungrateful little shit, worthless scumbag. I did my best to make you feel better over our shitty lives but when i actually need your help you humiliate me and mock me for "being weak", you are a psychopathic asshole and you don't deserve shit. You fucking trashbag, I have feelings too, my thoughts aren't inherently dumber than yours, stop being so arrogant, I just wanted someone to talk to but of course you HAD to act like a massive bitch. YOU are the retard!!! get lost!!!!

No. 1258243

I don't love or respect myself, loneliness is driving me crazy and I crave human touch, that's the reason I only attract scumbags and dubious individuals, that's why I tolerate abusive behavior: I just want someone to love me, i don't care if it's not real and I'll ignore any obvious redflags because I'm desperate for love and affection, this is very important to me, way more than you realize. I know I'm disappointing, i would laugh at myself too

No. 1260904

You disgusting piece of shit. Your lucky that there are laws in place or else I would have beat the shit out of your bitch ass and your fucking family. Keep my moms name out of your fucking mouth you ungrateful fucking man whore you deserve to be alone. You will never find satisfaction cause you don't even know what you want, fake ass feminist fake ass activist. You and your bitch ass mother too and the rest off your loser pack of a family. Fucking bitch ass I could beat your face in with a frying pan give you something to smile about you smarmy fuck. Kill yourself faggot.

No. 1266041

Think I was too intense in trying to make a new friend and they’re weirded out now. Making friends as an adult is fucking impossible because most people are utterly passive and stay at home all the time (even before COVID). All my current friends were ones I met in college or school, where it was normal to talk to people near you. Guess I’m doomed to always be a freak and only hang out with other freaks. Love having autism.

No. 1266138

File: 1658090424963.png (190.03 KB, 468x285, WOW.png)

>Be me, 9 months ago
>Start taking classes; plan on going for a month or two just to gain some skills for my career
>Immediately notice this guy
>Most beautiful man I have ever seen on this planet, even outside of photography and movies
>I didn't know they made them like this; living greek sculpture
>Immediately start believing in God and divine beauty, except unironically
>Don't even humor the idea of being with him, am more than content to just get glimpses of his face every day
>Every time there is a new female student they understandably sperg out, stare at him in obvious ways, approach him to ask silly questions, etc
>Have had a couple women approach me and ask questions about him
>He's completely elusive, so I have no info to give. All I communicate is, "I completely understand"
>I think I've made my point: he's a 10/10
>Continue attending classes much longer than I intended because I look forward to going in and gazing at his face
>Yes, so down bad that I am willing to sacrifice 1/5th the cost of my city rent mostly to go look at a male, the class itself is just a perk at this point
>8 months go by
>At this point me and him have only had small talk, yet I've savored every word he's spoken to me. Even the time he said he didn't like olives, I went home and laid in bed with my eyes closed, picturing his perfect mouth shaping the word, "olives, olives, olives…"
>One day we are the only two left in the class, packing up our things quietly
>As he's walking out of the classroom he noticeably pauses, spins on his heel and turns to look at me
>He says my name in a quiet voice
>Requests my phone number
>brain.exe has stopped working
>Write down my number so fast and feverishly that it's completely illegible to him and I'm forced to manually type it into his phone myself
>Spaghetti falling out of my pockets
>I've coated his phone in a fluid ounce of hand sweat, hand it back to him, it's glistening
>"Thanks Nonny, see you tomorrow"
>Try not to shit my pants
>On my commute home I miss my train stations by 5 stops because I'm having an out of body experience
>Know he's just a moid but can't get past his luxury meatsuit

This is getting long and annoying to read, I'm sure. I will continue if anyone wants to hear what happened.

No. 1266139

File: 1658090582572.png (62.03 KB, 580x468, 6rur6r66.png)

Hungry for nonnie stories

No. 1266243

No. 1266264

More please

No. 1266280

I'd really love to see a pic of this guy. I know the kind of creatures you girls simp for sometimes, and you claim they're so attractive you'd cheat on your bfs for them, but then they turn out to be so average and dorky looking.

No. 1266281

Ooh I'm excited nonita. I must keep reading, please live your irl y/n for me.. i hope all works out.

No. 1266632

I saw that pathetic little alog. You have very little going on in your life, huh?

No. 1267596

>> At this point me and him have only had small talk, yet I've savored every word he's spoken to me. Even the time he said he didn't like olives, I went home and laid in bed with my eyes closed, picturing his perfect mouth shaping the word, "olives, olives, olives…"

Lmao please continue writing

No. 1267789

You're such a manhoe jfc you repulse me so much

No. 1267792

It was a joke mods, I'm sorry. I was telling him to kill himself in a very roundabout and autistic way.

No. 1267903

File: 1658204946087.gif (177.83 KB, 500x411, tumblr_msii3fDTo71rb06tgo1_500…)

>>1266138 cont.

>Classes continue, too scared to text him, he doesn't text me either

>He does go out of his way to talk to me everyday now, though
>Every interaction leaves me completely dizzy
>Friday night: end of class, just me and him again
>He seems flustered, kind of stuttering today and not looking directly at me
>Jesus christ it is extremely cute
>As we're about to leave he asks me if I'm in a rush
>"Then let's go for a walk"
>Heart rate beats a Guinness record
>Must confess, I still hadn't let myself indulge in the idea of him liking me
>Despite my initial excitement, I still had written off the phone number as him being just friendly
>Sudden realization time:
>Do I even want him?
>9 months of fantasies never included me
>Self esteem so low I would just picture him alone
>Never thought about what it would be like for me to actually get close to him
>The idea of someone as attractive as him looking at me, talking to me, touching me made me strangely ill
>Getting ahead of myself; it's just a walk
>"Sure, let's go"

>Walking next to him

>Self conscious of every organ in my body
>Almost walk into into traffic, hard to be present
>Keep it together: it's a beautiful night.
>Fireflies, cool breeze… unusually beautiful man
>I look up at him to examine his face in this new light
>Confirmed, extremely handsome
>Anxiety is only raising though. My sympathetic nervous system clearly thinks I'm under attack
>Insanely stress nauseated, the smell of food in the air makes me want to puke
>He says he's taking me to a pizza place
>Stomach turns
>Oh fuck
>"NO, NO, I can't"
>Apologize excessively
>He says it's okay, he's mildly weirded out, we sit on a bench
>Stare at the gap between our bodies
>Silently over analyze whether that space is too small or too wide
>It's very dark
>I remark that it's a bit scary in the dark; there's no one around and it's quiet
>"W-well I'll protect you."
>His legs open out a bit further, nearly touching mine
>Have to use every bit of will power to not enter fetal position and roll away to replay those words forever in my own sick privacy
>Small talk for a while
>Suddenly feeling bold, maybe it's the darkness
>Ask if he knows how attractive he is, genuine question
>He smiles in a way I've never seen before

I can smell his cologne the more I type. Help me…

No. 1267963

I'm so fucking invested in this, nonnie

No. 1267970

are you particularly attractive but just a sperg? i just don't understand this whole dynamic unless you're unaware of how attractive you are. typically this is not a thing unless the guy is like really strange but hot or the woman is unaware of her beauty

No. 1268058

A sperg writing fic but it’s fun to indulge

No. 1268262

I don't know how to answer this without sounding conceited; I suppose I am relatively attractive. I often get cold approached on the street and get a few compliments on my appearance a day. Never by anyone remotely this attractive, though, and I always felt like my social anxiety and autism would cancel a lot of the attraction out.

No. 1268333

I love reading some trainwreck poster’s story and feel better about myself and wish them nothing but memes.
Today I came across:
A female pedophile
A transmen
The occasional tranny posts
Lol all of you kys

No. 1268420

All you need to know about making friends: as much eye contact as possible

No. 1268473

File: 1658255653786.png (373.69 KB, 622x709, 1658065563976.png)

t. picrel

No. 1268493

I don’t know if you are a mod or something but I did actually post that greentext and am the ayrt. I feel great shame having gained awareness some time after the incident. I think I should have said some eye contact, not maximum. I am learning from my ways.

No. 1268498

Honestly the jungkook flask made the post 1000x funnier.

No. 1268876

that's seokjin, silly nona

No. 1269069

I just feel like you don't understand how it is. I feel like I just need to get away from everything because there is no point. E understands I get depressed but understandably the details don't matter anymore. I just think of leaving everything and going away. I feel so tired of disappointing people. I get told I'm not a disappointment, but I am tired of being whatever else it is that shows I don't meet a mark. It doesn't matter what I do or modify. It doesn't matter if I train myself not to cut myself or am completely sober or try to always talk through things, or learn to not flip out, or not scream. All I do is cry now and it isn't enough. I need to not only not cry but also act happy at all times and never ever be sad.

I feel like all these things I do are not enough and I fantasize about leaving everything and living somewhere else all on my own. I feel so depressed. I just want to be alone, I think I really am a person who can't function in relationships. I am not good for other people, I'm too selfish, and I find it so hard to get out of my own head, it is like it suffocates me. I feel like I just fail and fail and fail and that the only way for me to not fail as much is to just be on my own entirely. That way I only have myself to answer to. In a way, that frightens me too, because I feel like I can be far crueler to myself in the way I treat myself, though I'm also more lenient. I'm afraid I'm going to lose it one of these days and leave and be too afraid to come back because I'm tired of facing how I am not good enough. I think it's a benign fear, though.

I don't ever want to go through a relationship again. It doesn't matter how good the other person is, I'm so broken and ugly inside that I don't know how to nurture a good thing. I'm too sensitive, I take things too personally, I feel suspicious and paranoid all the time of the other person, I just destroy everything with how I am and I feel like I have been able to change my behaviors, but I can't change the things that make my mind the way it is so I always am adding this tension to the relationship.

I feel like I should save E the trouble and just break up. I would love to be with him, but I feel like I don't deserve to affect his life being the sad sopping wet rag I am.

I'm sorry, it must make you quite sad to read these things and I apologize for that. I'm very agitated right now and I need a friend, but I don't have any. I miss you. I'm sorry for venting to you like this, I wish you could see me when I'm happy here because I do get happy quite a bit. I love you, mom. I am so sorry you are seeing me sad.

No. 1269094

KEK wait, so you're the anon who wrote the greentext AND you're >>1268420?

No. 1269130

fucking sick of this shit i live in a tiny bedroom apartment and i have n o privacy and i just want to mainline booze and smash my head into a window

No. 1269134

mood, i have literally been filling up empty booze bottles with water because my boyfriend keeps going through my shit thank you i will now fill them with piss

No. 1269344

LMAO no I'm not a mod, I was fucking joking, god now your post is even funnier

No. 1270793

You have zero right to criticize how others were raised you sped

No. 1271853


No. 1271886

File: 1658454579316.jpeg (90.19 KB, 640x603, DB9E0B94-9950-46B3-A4CF-6F4D34…)

You’re incapable of having a single individual thought and you’re incapable of deriving dopamine from anything that doesn’t harm women in some way

No. 1273720

File: 1658554538222.jpeg (637.56 KB, 1738x1861, 7A43B62C-319E-4C32-BF9B-A02737…)

You’ve stooped lower than anyone who isn’t completely mentally ill and unhinged would, you’re lying to your shitty little gay entourage about how far you’ve taken it and why, you’ve fabricated reasons to be a pervert and you genuinely do not understand that there is no ending to this that doesn’t include you registered as a sex offender for what you’re doing. You took advantage of me because I’m mentally ill, poor, and don’t have many resources or a support system to protect me. You punched down on me, surveilled me, stalked me, and listened to every intimate detail of my life because I am a woman and you don’t fear women and get off on exploiting us and harming us. The difference between me and you is that I know I’m mentally ill and am working towards every possible step to ensure that I don’t hurt anyone else because of my own issues and strive to get better all of the time, while you have deluded yourself into believing that abusing women makes you powerful and cool. You don’t have the heart, mind, or brain of a woman, like you’ve in the past tried to joke about—you aren’t similar to women in any way because no woman would ever do this. You only do this to women and not men. You don’t care about the bad things men do, you want to hyperfixate and prey on women. You continue to lie and fabricate reasons to justify what you’re doing and keep your lackeys on the bandwagon. They don’t know what a monster you really are, if they did I don’t think they’d be participating to the degree that they have. You’re a pervert, you being attracted to men doesn’t change the fact that you’re a predator, and your actions are only ensuring that you’re going to end up in prison or in a straight jacket. I feel very good knowing I’ve never harmed anyone, stalked anyone, and have only been a victim to my own delusions. Now I’m a victim to your sick voyeurism, and no amount of victim blaming, lying, fabrication, or obsession on your part will change this very simple, logical fact. You are the exactly the kind of abuser you claim to hate.

No. 1273754

Adding: lie all you want. Make up whatever scenario you want. Keep lying through your teeth in a desperate attempt to keep this going as long as possible, keep up your crimes, your harassment, your stalking, your gaslighting, your incredibly socio need to voyeur every single thing I do. It will never make any of this true, it will never make any of your conspiracies and theories and fantasies a reality. You want to pretend you’re better than me so bad but if that were true, you wouldn’t be dedicating your entire life to obsessing over and stalking a lone, vulnerable woman, that at best has gotten swept up in delusions. You’re still lying. You’re still pretending I’ve done anything to you when I haven’t. You’re still creating a false narrative. You’re still a predator. Shame on everyone who has aided in you in punching down and hurting women.

No. 1275937

I’m not twisting my mind to do anything, but you definitely are. But I suppose it takes mental gymnastics to justify doing what a pervert male would do and dedicating your life to actual, criminal voyeurism, and using me as a cop-out for being mentally ill. I am not and never will be your punching bag. Also absolutely so painfully male to mention murder, you want to believe women have any desire to be a disgusting violent degenerate like you. I don’t have to do much of anything, I’ve already paid my dues, and everything you’re doing is illegal. Sick nasty bitch.

No. 1276003

File: 1658707941525.jpeg (143.37 KB, 1242x490, 1591454355244.jpeg)

Ask me out. Ask me out. Come on you know you wanna. Just fucking kiss me already

No. 1276078

Just retire already you piece of shit. I wanna see you every day.

No. 1277291

I’m stressed out because I don’t make enough money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1277369

Holy shit I need a moid I need a boyfriend with long hair to have sex and hug and be my guard dog shjmmfiuh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

No. 1277376

Hahaha fuck you I'm so glad I left your ass you're still into tra shit despite being almost 30 and your art stagnated like 5 years ago. Fuck you for looking down on me after all the crap I went through while your family was more stable with money.
To another, have fun in your piece of shit echochamber because you left everyone who wouldnt indulge your weird egirl fakeboi shit. Congrats on taking horsepiss that will ruin your body. You couldve been a proud alt woman but you chose to be "so gay" with a pathetic straight man. Your social media "job" is a flop and so will your relationship when you get the chop.

No. 1277503

I can't believe you used me like this, you're so sick in the head, fucking psycho

No. 1277508

Louder for the people in the back

No. 1277516

Why can't my work get their shit together and run a decent program with the millions in funding they're getting for it. The system is akin to a peasant's shit in a bucket and it's all fun and teehee for the higher ups until someone threatens to go to their local representive. I want to help people and instead have to mitigate complaints and flay myself in favour of a terribly run system.

No. 1277730

How about instead of devoting so much free time and personal space in your brain to hypercriticizing and dramatically analyzing conversations you’re not even meant to or consented to have access to you get a life instead you walking fucking soyjack incel creep

No. 1279723

File: 1658955492685.jpg (136.82 KB, 800x600, Marshall's_at_Millenia_Plaza.j…)

A boss at Marshall's where I live name Jamie is so unrealistic with her employees, she loves when people are exhausted from their job to the point where everyone that work for her is in SO much stress and anxiety mentally besides physically. She loves when people are close to tears when their days are bad, I think she's a total narcissist and loves to be praised by other workers more than she praises their work ethnics. I can't stand her, and I just wish the narcissistic bimbo old hag just get fired from her mental and verbal behavior. Maybe not because one of the head-ups from Marshall's ADORES her no matter what… PLEASE, BITCH! Can't stand Jamie!

No. 1279777

File: 1658957315101.jpg (191.31 KB, 1695x1514, FGlfNP7WYAIhqQk.jpg_large.jpg)

I want to do unspeakable things to my husbando why is he not real why why why!!!!

No. 1280229

File: 1658993545267.png (664.8 KB, 606x606, 94169CD6-13DE-44D6-8FD4-152209…)

>posts cringe
1 billion supportive/angry nonnettes in the replies
>posts truth (dark mode)
zero nonnettes acknowledge
>posts tea (light mode)
a singular nonita calls your story fake
Just another day in the life of a lolcow poster… le sigh

No. 1281200

I really wanna get high but I promised my bf I wouldn't anymore but we just got into a really big argument and now ALL I CAN FUCKING THINK ABOUT IS WEED FUCK HOW DO I STOP??

No. 1281411

Just think about the reasons why you agreed to stop and try and do something pleasurable and engaging like exercise or watching a show while doing a craft. I'm a pothead but I find that when I'm doing those things I'm naturally high on life and don't even feel like smoking. Wish you luck quitting

No. 1282172

Everyone will know what a monster you truly are and you’ll finally get the proper dosage of your on medicine

No. 1285062

There's also other employees who mess around at that Marshall's and talk about personal issues and giggles like middle school students. One is Carol, she's also really chatty and loves to talk all the time instead of being professional like she's supposed to. Her friend Fransisco is worse, he messes with women's lingere and posts his immature unprofessional behavior on his Snapchat. I wish they were both fired.

No. 1285120

You’re a 42 year old radiologist who unironically likes Twilight and thinks holding people emotionally hostage with empty threats of suicide is acceptable behavior. Go ahead and break your hand again by tard raging and punching a wall. Fuck you for expecting endless empathy while showing none in return. I’d rather be completely isolated than deal with your histrionics.

No. 1285457

You will never amount to anything besides being a voyeuristic woman-hating creep, and that’s on God

No. 1285458

File: 1659350133663.jpeg (668.94 KB, 828x1450, C6895127-ED89-4401-A673-C8708E…)

one half of the GirlsDoPorn production duo just pled guilty to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and will be sentenced in October. I hope he spends the rest of his life rotting in a Federal prison getting raped every day by other moids until he dies of AIDS or an infected prolapse or a blown out lower intestine. Every time I read about this case I get sick to my stomach and almost get hot flashes from how angry I get. It makes me sick that he and the other guy are from my country. I hope the other guy is hiding in some crack den somewhere getting his hands broken by the mob, if he’s not already dead. I want to burn his face into my memory so that if I ever encounter him in the wild I can lure him back to my place and then mutilate him in the violent ways possible before dumping him on the steps of the embassy. Death to all moids, especially coomers.

No. 1285461

I fucking hate tranny shit so much. I can't bear to see transed characters anymore. I hate it all. I hate that straight women now are supposed to find vaginas and cut off breats arousing and lesbian women are expected to literally suck dick. It's all so sick. We went from "your sexuality is something you were born with" to "actually you're twansphobic if you don't like my pussy/cock!!!". Fuck off.

No. 1285463

Honestly it seems that transmascs get in relationships with other transmascs or “he/him lesbians” or whatever and the ones that are trying to push some sort of sexual attraction are the ones who use Grindr, no?

No. 1285475

Yeah exactly this, I've never in my life seen trans men demand straight women to be attracted to them like AGPs do to lesbians and I've been neck deep in gender bullshit discourse for years. It's either self-hating lesbians dating each other or terminal stage NLOGs whining about only being contacted by bisexual chasers on Grindr.

No. 1285494

I’m sure there are always rare outliers but I can’t think of a single time a female-attracted ftm has tried to reee about people being sexually attracted to them, at least not nearly as the span of male-attracted, who are CONSTANTLY complaining about gay men not wanting them. I am wary of many self-proclaimed transbians because they do the same thing, only they get extremely aggressive and brutal about it, meanwhile gay men just point and laugh at ftms who demand that they should be attracted to them. I don’t understand why they’re extremely upset about lesbian genital preference but gay male genital preference is fine—oh wait a minute, yes I do. Nobody owes you sex, nobody owes you attraction to your genitalia, and peddling that as transphobic is rapey.

No. 1285949

You don’t matter. You will never matter. Your own mother regrets your existence and yearns for a day that you turn back to the shit you never stopped being. You will be forgotten just like your history will be deleted. Your accounts deleted, you wiped off as even those in your life hate your face and then we will have peace never missing you

No. 1285962

baby's first existential crisis?

No. 1286018

Spiders should all go to hell. There's a special place for spiders who invite themselves at other people's home.

No. 1286695

Lolcow users are not my peers. Doesn’t matter that I’ve been a casual user since it’s inception—I look down on several anons and I would never respect a lot of your opinions.

No. 1286751

That's true, but I was also referring to media. I see so many people drawing male characters or actors and, slapping on a vagina and telling you that if you don't like this "man" you're transphobic. Husbandofags know what I'm talking about. Lesbians have it worse for sure though.

No. 1288023

Proudly just continuing your descent into a lifelong spiral of being branded a sex criminal until the day you die oh my god you’re insane

No. 1288065

I'm sorry I'm so retarded I didn't know how you talk to you like a normal person. I just thought it was pointless to drag you down with my negativity because I don't have much going on. I wasn't able to be happy enough for you, and my bitterness thought you'd never succeed in being an actress. We didn't meet even if you were in the same city and it hurt me thinking you thought you could only love me from afar. You never thought I could grow either, and I'm still not. I'm sorry I couldn't console you when your mom died, or your brother, but I feel partially responsible for the latter. I'm so shitty with people, and worse with guilt. I just want to stop dreaming about you since we probably won't meet again.

No. 1288073

Had to get a monkey off my back.

No. 1288083


No. 1288107

i went to the store to buy ice cream but they didn't have my favorite. i still felt like having ice cream so i bought another flavor, and i shouldn't. what a waste of money and ice cream, this tastes nothing but disappointment and sadness. complete shit.

No. 1288129

idk why but food disappointment is literally the worst. one of the most silly things that can make me cry lol. i’m sorry nonnie, i hope you can get your favorite flavor soon. which one is your fav and which did you get? i always like chocolate the most bc i’m a chocolate fiend in general

No. 1288756

File: 1659600013151.jpg (38.6 KB, 496x496, Lody-Crunchy-Almond-Gelatelli.…)

my favorite is this almond ice cream, the ice cream itself is so good but i bought some cookie dough ice cream instead and it tasted like shit

No. 1288769

They stopped selling my fave ice cream flavor, I fucking loved it and nothing is ever gonna compare!! My fave energy drink, juice and chip flavors all got cancelled too in the span of a few years.

No. 1290315

You’re autistically obsessed with women and your best insult to us is that we are ugly when in reality the only thing that separates you from being complete white trash mediocrity yourself is like, 15-20 pounds. You’re not attractive you’re just thin and male and couldn’t stay out of womens business for the life of you.

No. 1290495

File: 1659696949506.jpg (412.96 KB, 1048x1770, Animaltestingwowsoquirky.jpg)

>Group of girls are granted a bursary to study the harm of lead based cosmetics on humans. Bursaries like this are often funded by companies that test their household/cosmetic products externally in the hopes you'll work for them in the future.
>They work in a vivo lab testing mostly on rats/mice.
>They have the fantastic idea of creating tiktoks of them dancing in said lab.
>People comment about how it'a wrong of them to turn non essential vivisection research into something4likes. Almost all anti-vivisection organisations understand why it might be used in vital situations but condemn the use of it for cosmetics, household items.
>The girls insist they are some of the first women to ever test this and that it is related to physics. The harm of lead based paint and cosmetics has been documented for over a hundred years. They also insist that no harm is inflicted on the animals as they have died in previous trials.
>People are upset, their comments are always combed over and deleted whenever anyone says their research is a sham.
>They decided that making a "mock funeral" and "celebration of life" for these rats would help calm down outrage.

Nothing screams girlboss like animal cruelty.

No. 1290613

The worst thing about psychopaths is that they not only lack remorse and hurt others, they actively find their actions endearing, necessary or even funny. Most humans wouldn't laugh at animal cruelty, that's just common sense, yet these mutants can't even grasp why people seem disturbed by their apathy

No. 1290681

As much as I hate tiktok it’s doing a good job of exposing freaks in the medical and cosmetic industries

No. 1290730

true that, people love thinking psychos and narcs are all cool geniuses and shit but most have zero awareness and will expose themselves soon or later

No. 1290736

I work for a company that services many local pharmaceuticals and biotechs, mostly in their startup and R&D phases. I'm a supervisor who comes in after hours so I get to see a lot of things.
One company in particular really pisses me off, it's basically a friend's club for college interns and grads who think they can treat the office like their personal dormatories. Pizza boxes and beers everywhere. The company specializes in phage research but these employees cannot seem to wrap their heads around difficult concepts such as "waste goes into trash bin." They're filthy, have immature merch all over their desks, and of course they all consider themselves very smart since STEM=little Einsteins. I can tell by the way they flagrantly do not consider their external staff and take no pride in their regulatory environment that they are egoistic chucklefucks.

But anyways,there was a strange note left late one night at someone's desk that I couldn't help but to notice: An employee left a compliment for a technician encouraging her to "show those mice who's boss." I presume it was about their lab mice.
It was really unusual. This is an office where people have pictures of their pets up everywhere and a lot of animal merch. How do you even "boss" animals who are literally trapped and have no choice but to be test subjects? I'm not super sensitive when it comes to animals but I just notice the science community always seems to be especially indifferent which makes me scoff considering they boast "intelligence," not the emotional intelligence to handle matters with dignity I guess.

No. 1290818

Link to this tiktok?

No. 1290821

File: 1659717143208.jpg (148.3 KB, 787x1011, 2f94529f14d564066ca6fddd2d7d7a…)


No. 1290836

File: 1659718087333.jpeg (181.3 KB, 1080x1162, A4B4D3FD-A3D0-4C5A-A54D-C97D6D…)

You can’t get me out of your head. Incel behaviors.

No. 1290910

I kind of want to quit being an commissioned artist.
Like at this point I feel like I’d fully rather just work at a gas station.
I absolutely hate it right now.
I can’t quit because I need flexible hours and because the pay everywhere else is about just as bad
Id make more money if I just worked at a gas station full time but the problem is I can’t work full time, so I’d be making less or the same working 20-30 hours a week

I just really want to quit
I just want a simple job
I’m so tired of trying to act like I care
I’m so tired of psyching myself up and acting like what I do is important, it’s really not. And it’s embarrassing to talk about, even when I’m doing well. I wish I just did something simple and easy right now

No. 1291291

Nonnie, fucking same. Do you draw nsfw? I reccomend trying to find another freelance job related to art. I stopped doing comms for randos and instead i only do it for youtubers, the pay is better and they are less weird.

No. 1291307

Hijabi women are some for the most unpleasant rude people to deal with. Sorry about your terrible life, don't use the tiny amount of authority your entry level job gives you to be a rude cunt

No. 1291333

Well, oddly enough, I started out doing most of my work for randos and now I work for more business-y type people but I'm loathing it at the moment.
I realized that after I ended one of my contracts I could feel a bit better.
I just hate working for teams. I hate talking to people. I hate getting directions from one person and then sending my files to another. There is petty drama in like every single art related work business. Ive heard youtubers are comfy to work for

No. 1291335

They have jobs? What kind of jobs?

No. 1291377

nta, in the usa, they are often school monitors and cafeteria workers

No. 1291737

Are you able to get a grant to do a course in animation or sfx? The pay is pretty good and it can be a really rewarding line of work.

No. 1291741

nta but I had a hijabi coworker in our recruitment office and she was mostly normal with everyone except me. She treated the other Muslim coworkers as peers, she treated the non Muslim, white and black coworkers in a very friendly way and didn't have a stick up her ass with everyone, but because I'm north african just like her but don't believe in that crap she'd sometimes tell me weird shit like "gasp how can you eat sushi! there's alcohol in the rice you know! oh wait, you don't care, I forgot…" or when the topic of relationships and bfs came up "well, we're not supposed to have boyfriends and live by ourselves before marriage, right anon?" like every single fucking time. I can't even eat pork because of this bitch even though she quit months ago, I was worried she'd tell the wrong person about that and someone I know would find out and beat me up or stalk me.

No. 1291746

File: 1659782417512.png (336.46 KB, 500x375, 36FE897F-F018-4C95-A843-AB2BE4…)

I have to go to the bathroom really bad

No. 1291747

i once did a logo for a sport's team and it was hell, they changed their minds all the time and in the end went with the old design anyway just editer into vectors. Randos are annoying but at least they are quick in deciding. If i was to get a simple job i'd be worried about bosses. When i worked in a factory the boss was a total bitch yelling at me. My friend who's had a lot jobs always gets shitty bosses too.

No. 1291754

File: 1659783542416.gif (639.1 KB, 450x450, 27C741A4-EE10-4FF9-8FB3-FEFCF3…)

It’s never the women coming into the gym roided and coked up out of their fucking minds screaming and grunting and twitching and talking to themselves and scaring everyone around them. ALWAYS the men acting like fucking murderers and psychopaths in the most normal, mundane places and instead of men cleaning up their fucking act and being NORMAL and NOT fucking crazy, women get told to “just ignore him” “he’s not bothering you” “you’ll get used to it”
why do I have to get used to the feeling of my life being in danger? why can’t he just not act like a serial killer????

Can’t even join a woman-only-gym to get away from them anymore because fucking sex-pest Greg has decided he wants to be a woman today thanks to the internet-brain-rot he’s suffering from and if he doesn’t get let into the woman-only-gym he’s going to harass the staff and threaten to rape everyone in the gym then get the whole place shut down for discrimination against trans people.


No. 1291760

I feel you, I wish there was a women only gym near me so badly, even if there is a tranny risk. The guys at my gym aren’t even that bad as far as men go but I can’t help but feel self conscious doing any sort of movement where my ass is prominent kek

No. 1291801

I hate that i get myself so worked up over a dude. I become LIMERANT. I want this guy so bad, and he still gives me signs that hes into me or its my puny brain twisting it my way.

I work at an airport in a duty-free shop, the guy im into and cant let go of quite yet is a pre-board screening officer. His look? well hes my type. I love his dark medium length hair cut to the nape of his neck- in layers- kinda feathers and frames his face real nice. His dark eyes with nice brows. Hes a slav boy goin by his last name. He is tall(er) than me, and skinny but he walks like a panther lol. I tell him he looks like a model but he doesnt think so. He looks so good, but he really doesnt think so about himself. Anyway, yes i get to talk to him once in a while when i get a chance to which is not often considering we are usually separated by glass(separates land and air-side), from where he scans boarding passes pre-security and me in my shop i work in post-security. He looks at me a lot-almost breakin his sexy-ass neck- and i stare at him, of course. Which he doesnt mind, he said. I do know he thinks im cute because he told me so after i told him i thought i wasnt. All this and that, blah blah sexy stuff right? Well…..

This shy long handsome bitch has a girlfriend…who works right with him as a preboard screening officer. She has almost the same name as me, shes the same age and born a few days after me. I find out from her, not knowing they were together "wElL tHaT iS mY BoYfRiEnd" after i told her as she was wanding me that i 'like her friend'. 'Who?' …..'Maverick' and she dropped that bomb on me. Yes that upset me, but i didnt believe her. Because she is a major bitch i hear from people that work with her and come buy shit from my shop. So i assumed she lied because she wanted to get me off his back and go after him herself.
But recently i heard it straight from the horses mouth, "i am in a relationship, at the moment" after i asked this dude if we could text each other because i want him to get to know me. Im pretty spicy so im sure he would be smitten once he does. But no, she got to him first. And its not like they will break up just like that, when they work together, he knows her blahblahblahhgrrrrrr.
He was real nice about telling me though,and that day was the first i seen him without his mask on (he was on break and i was leaving work), only confirmed that i love his face even more, even his fucking teeth with a gap in between the front two top incisors. Which i pointed out to him. He has nice lips, had his facial hair stubble groomed into a kind of orlando bloom thing but faint and still stubble around. Haha im always gushing over how good he looks to him, and hes always humble or self-deprecating about it. Endearing guy. Shit. He did say after he let me down because 'he cant really be texting other girls' that he enjoys me talking to him and he thinks im really nice. But also that 'theres plenty of guys out there better looking than him'
I cant let this guy go just yet. Too delicious. I want this introverted sexy alien man. Ew, but imagining him and HER its like why??
I think my ass is better suited to him. If he only knew (me)…
Hes missing the fuck out!


No. 1291811

Seek therapy

No. 1291930

File: 1659797994002.jpg (48.96 KB, 762x750, BwKJSOws98.jpg)

I feel like such a shallow piece of shit because I met a guy who is so sweet and has such a ridiculously beautiful face but I cannot get over the fact that he is only a couple centimetres taller than me… I like tall guys I can't help it that a guy being short is a turn off for me and my last guy was 6'5… I'm thinking maybe I can get over it but I genuinely can't picture myself dating someone short

No. 1291933

God damn it nona… give him to me I love manlets ONES WITHOUT THE MANLET COMPLEX

No. 1291944

At least give it a try nona! Sweet men with beautiful faces are rare! And at least he's not shorter than you.

No. 1291945

There is no fairness in love. Listen to your gut. Your body doesn't want him

No. 1291951

>I cant let this guy go just yet. Too delicious. I want this introverted sexy alien man. Ew, but imagining him and HER its like why?? I think my ass is better suited to him. If he only knew (me)… Hes missing the fuck out!

Damn anon. Not shaming you for venting your heart out here but you sound unhinged. Sorry to say it but that guy is definitely not missing out and I doubt he's that perfect either because most men are flawed. It's sus that he was acting flirty and telling you you're sexy when he has a gf. It's one thing to find other people attractive but telling them that they're hot is a red flag for me. You'll live.

No. 1291952

Thinking of cutting my wrists, taking all my benzos and walking in the ER by my house right away.

No. 1291954

Why do you think I should seek therapy?

No. 1291956

I want to lay in a hammock and read but there is nowhere good around here to set up my hammock. I should just buy a hammock stand. I'd feel weird going to the park and just laying in it. I know it's not weird and I'm allowed to use the park but I WOULD feel weird

No. 1291959

You bitches have literally always been here for me and if I think about it too hard, it makes me wanna cry.

No. 1291963

File: 1659800113638.jpg (5.16 KB, 225x225, 63463fe.jpg)

Same I love the nonnies here, even the autistic ones because they sometimes make me laugh.

No. 1291964

My mom took my debit card and spent my entire paycheck for the past two weeks and then some. This is the same mom that let me go blind in one eye because she spent more time researching my brother's protein powder than finding someone who knew what they were doing to treat my strabismus. I know I am worthless to her because I am an unwanted middle child that she didn't know she was pregnant with until I was born but damn I wish I could at least have one boundary that was respected.

No. 1291965

NTA but it's not healthy for you to obsess over someone to such a degree.

No. 1291971

Jesus. Nona, you have to let this go. At least for now. He’s in a relationship and doesn’t even really seem interested in you, to be honest. If he wanted to cheat on his gf with you he would’ve taken that opportunity by now given how forward you are with him. I second the nonnie who thinks you need therapy. Having the hots for someone is normal but this level of obsession sounds unhealthy.

No. 1291976

Cant argue with that. It just sucks, you know? I know its just a matter of time and i'll get over him. But its like something nice is dangled in front of your face and you think you got it then NOPE. Im fine just saying hi and being friends.

Also im running on less than 2 hours of sleep so lets say that got uhhh, a bit 'creative'

No. 1291978

I love even the idiot ones, we can fight and we can vibe!

No. 1291979

Why does she have access to your debit card? Sounds like it's time to either take her access from your debit card or get a new account outside her knowing.

No. 1291980

Don’t leave us nonnie. You deserve so much better.

No. 1291982

being attracted to moids can be so dangerous and can make u prone to doing stupid shit and ignoring red flags. recently found some old screenshots on my phone and it made me remember this eternal lesson

No. 1291986

She has a key to my house and just took it.

No. 1291988

I get it, infatuation sucks but the less you entertain your idea of being with him, the quicker you'll get over it. I undertand that life can seem unfair when you have the hot's for a guy who's taken, especially when he's with someone you don't like, but trust me I'm sure than he's 99% not worth it. Don't let his looks woo you. Get some rest nona!

No. 1291990

Thank you. I got a few more hours here at work and I'm out and out like a light.

No. 1291995

I’m starting to get kind of insecure about wanting to go into game development. On the one hand, what makes me different from an aspiring “content creator” who’s livelihood depends on getting people to sit in front of screens for hours on end besides the fact that they’ll get paid more? On the other hand, I don’t want the only women in this industry to be men in skirts. I just feel like I need to atone for the sin of not becoming a doctor, lawyer, or tradeswoman kek.

No. 1291996

Time to take the key or replace the locks on your doors, there's no reason for your mother to have access to your house unsupervised especially when she clearly can't be trusted with the privilege.

No. 1292033


No. 1292037

I married my friend so he could get his greencard and I could get money, and it's true, he did pay me every month, and then we passed the greencard interview, and he was granted a temporary (?) greencard, but he asked me to stay married to him longer so he could get a permanent one, and he promised me he'd help me get a nose job, but that never happened and I feel kinda cheated. Basically I haven't been compensated at all in like a year and a half. Now he's getting in touch with me asking to take picture with me to send to the immigration people (so it seems we're an actual married couple) but I have just been ignoring him. Am I being extra?

No. 1292039

He hasn't paid you at all, why are you the extra one kek. And he fucked off until he needed to use you again? Refuse until he gives you that nosejob. Wtf can he do? Deport him if he threatens you

No. 1292040

Nonnie, you had a deal. He is just ripping you off. Tell him that he should help you with a nose job, otherwise he will keep ignoring it and you will be left here with nothing.

No. 1292046

it's so hard because he is SO nice and literally cried and thanked me when we passed the interview, like he's such a sweetheart, and he says he's busy because he basically owns a moving company now, but like damn you couldn't give me like 5k so I could fuck off to mexico or turkey and get my honker fixed??? i feel so conflicted

No. 1292050

hes a sweetheart even when he uses you? watch him do a 360 if you refuse and he'll start calling you every slur in the book. you could get rid of him but you want to fuck him or something idk

No. 1292051

Turning 30 (feel like this is relevant because I've definitely "calmed" with age). Bpdfag and in many ways it ruined my life/relationships (well, I ruined my life/relationships, but I have enough clarity looking back now I can see that the untreated issues didn't help). Most people don't believe me when I recount the shit I've done or been through so I generally don't bother to go on about it - though in reality I don't think any of it is that "special", just not something the average normie considers day to day.

A lot of my actions in my younger years were probably more likely to be described as sociopathic - Infact, I was in denial about having bpd until the past three years or so when I gained enough self awareness that I could finally understand why I was doing many of these destructive actions and accepted I do have a massive issue with abandonment.

I've often said that even though that kind of life can seem advantageous from an outside perspective because you are not dealing with "guilt" or "morals" in your choices, it's actually a shallow, awful way to live. It gave me a gnawing emptiness and horrid boredom inside I could never fix, which led me to more and more dangerous and chaotic things to try to "fill" it, to no success. Finding an SSNRI that helped treat my apathy and PTSD made a large difference, as well as medicating my ADHD.

But in a fucked up and selfish way, I miss it some days. I'm tired of trying to figure out how to balance mechanical empathy or consideration, and I hate when something little and illogical suddenly upsets me beyond reason. I assume that latter part happens because I'm so used to repressing my emotions to the point I thought they just didn't exist for most of my life, and in those instances what I've repressed leaks out and just projects itself onto the new issue. It's definitely worse when I'm under stress, so I can assume it's largely a maladaptive coping mechanism.

The thing is, no matter how aware I am of what must be the reality to my inner workings or that negative feelings are just xyz thing, it doesn't really make me feel better. I feel like all this is doing is helping me not do things that fuck over other people, even though it makes me feel worse.

Obviously I have the logical understanding that for society and others that is a desirable outcome. But I really don't understand when people here say bpd is 100% curable etc. I feel like it's not curable at all, you can just learn to have more self control over not screwing over others or being self destructive. But I don't understand how any amount of therapy, behavioral, cognitive or otherwise could fully get rid of these feelings that are so deeply rooted in my developmental stages of life/childhood.

I can learn how to act nice to people, I can learn what the proper things to do or say are, I can learn to teach myself to feel bad when I do something bad, etc, but it's all so incredibly draining and at the end of the day I don't feel better for it.

I remember reading that if a child doesn't learn by a certain age how to speak a language they will never be able to speak any human language, that there's a pivotal window of human development where the brain needs to absorb that talent… I wonder sometimes if I missed that window for certain features of human bonding or development and I simply will never truly care about it in the same way most people do. It fucks up my relationships with my peers but learning how to fake it doesn't feel like it actually fixes anything. I can have bonds with my peers to some extent, I even have loved many in my own fucked up way over the years, but overall this all just seems like such a fucking fruitless burden.

I'm limited by my own emotional immaturity or stuntedness that I feel like the people saying they're cured by therapy etc are just full of shit, lying to us/themselves or lacking the self awareness to comprehend what they think is being "fixed" is just a different maladaption and still not the same as what average people feel. Though I've spent most of my life thinking that average people don't feel this shit either and just confuse their own feelings as care for others, so maybe I really am just too narrow minded.

I have nightmares now about stress of daily life and weird disjointed things that I know must just be childhood trauma so far back I'll never be able to fully understand what exactly it was. I'm tired every day from having to go through so many steps to try to be considerate of people I don't even really give a fuck about and that benefit me in no way. But I slept peacefully before and even had enough energy I only had to sleep a few hours a night. Is this shit really worth it? Could I even go back to how I was if I wanted to, or am I stuck now that I started down this path of self reflection?

Maybe ignorance was bliss and the emptiness wasn't so bad, I truly don't know anymore.

No. 1292055

tbh you're right. he also has a ton of friends so i don't feel that bad, he'll be alright. i'm gonna ignore and then maybe bring up the nose job if he starts crying again.

No. 1292079

I know an evangelical guy from university who recently went on a "Camp America" type trip over Summer for a Christian summer camp.
He posted about what his experience was like.
>Had to take care of 50+ kids for 17 hours a day with only 3 days off per month
>Had to complete a 2000 word report each week
>only permitted to use their phones 1 hour per day under monitored supervision (despite most volunteers being from overseas, meaning they had virtually no contact with their family).He had his phone confiscated for 4 days when he breached these rules
>2 coworkers were fired (and given no notice) when "talking back" to other counsellors or complaining about their workload
>1 was fired for displaying support for LGBT rights (he displayed a rainbow flag)

No. 1292081

Is divorcing him so he loses his greencard not an option? If he doesn't pay you there's nothing in it for you and deserves to get kicked out. Don't be afraid to be merciless like he is.

No. 1292087

NTAYRT - I'm the retard QQing above about being a selfish bpdfag so take my advice with a grain of salt, but in your shoes my considerations would be to the following:

Can you not also get in legal trouble if he gets deported and it's brought to light the marriage was fake? Would he try to use that against you?

I think you should point blank tell him you will solve his problems once he gives you what you agreed on, and if he can't, a down payment should be in your possession before you ever lift a finger.

How much of the things you agreed to can he prove? How much is in writing? Avoid continuing discussion over text or anything he might record. He's the loser in either situation if he wants a green card, but if he tried to be spiteful and threaten you, you could this way turn it around, make it out like he promised you a relationship but later went back on it and coerced/threatened you into agreeing. Or just make him fear you'd do that, actually doing it is probably too much bs.

Think of it as a fail safe, if you will.

This way you've worked towards covering your own ass (though ideally it never comes to that), gotten at least some payment you're owed, and have a back up if he does a total switch and tries to threaten you.

If you truly think he's a nice guy or good person, you could easily say you need the money for some more urgent reason. If he's really nice or good or cared about you, it should pull on his heart strings to give you money. If he still refuses, you'll know you have nothing to feel bad about, because he clearly wasn't really treating you with much kindness or consideration - just acting for his own benefit.

No. 1292090

Nonnie, men act nice and are willing to cry only if they need something from you. I can even give you an example of that if you need it.
People always like playing with our softness and kindness just to fuck us over, the deal that you are talking about is extremely important and it will affect everything a lot. You will really end up watching him telling you to fuck off the second you bend to him. You should be upfront about your needs, because it's not only about him.

No. 1292105

Being the (unofficial) spokesperson of a unstable family is driving me nuts, every time dad treats us like crap i have to confront him by myself, I've literally the weight of 4 other people in my shoulders while facing a potentially violent moid. When i call him out on his bullshit I'm "disrespectful" and "doing too much" but when I DON'T everyone's like "someone should go talk to him", come the fuck on

I'm sick of this and I'm tired of starting shit just so nobody actually helps me. If nobody gives a damn i won't either, fuck y'all, let him ruin everything and humiliate this family further

And for the matter: you never respected me in your miserable life, you fucking scrote, so I'm not missing out anything. You and your sidehoe can choke and die for all I care

No. 1292106

I'm not even sure how divorce would work to be honest, this sucks. If he says no to the nose job, I will look into that option.
>Can you not also get in legal trouble if he gets deported and it's brought to light the marriage was fake
this is true
>Would he try to use that against you?
To be honest, my plan isn't to get him deported. I will just ignore him and make him take another route to get that greencard extension, like having to join the military, which is one of his other options that he expressed to me before that he didn't want to do.
>How much of the things you agreed to can he prove?
It was more like something we talked about. He promised me multiple times every time we met that he'd take me to his country in eastern europe to get my nose fixed because everything is so cheap there
this is true
I truly hope this entire time he simply forgot to get around to it, and not that he maliciously planned on screwing me out of the deal, but he's a moid sooooo

No. 1292140

I still think you'll be better off confronting him directly and then ignoring him after that, anon. Give a fresh opportunity for you to get your $$. Nothing to lose in requesting it and you get squat from not bringing it up.

No. 1292560

Another employee at this same Marshall's is a retard with an ugly duck face. Her name is Tierney, and she sounds like a whining dog who's been kicked and punched, but instead of feeling sorry for her, you just want to hurt her more for her constant "complaining" and "I'm a victim" mentality. She literally is constantly on her phone and let's customers get away with invading others' privacy in that Marshall's fitting room.

No. 1292562

Oh my god, another employee in that store name Heather named her child out of one of the employees she's known since middle school. It sounds sweet at first, but when you actually meet Heather, she's very immature and loves to talk to others about personal issues with strangers and workers more than ACTUALLY work. I feel so bad for that employee that knows her that had someone's child named after her.

No. 1292916

File: 1659878173529.jpg (577.71 KB, 1049x1357, Baicooontiktok.jpg)

The thing about the lab rats reminded me of this. Animal shelter, that doesn't look as though it's a registered charity, is using PornHub to advertise. They've confirmed making revenue from it. Whenever anyone comments about how ill of an idea it is because of the trafficking, revenge porn and rape trials they delete the comments or outright deny it because it's using a bad platform for a good thing (wholesome 100!!!!!!). Also promoting pet adoption on a website with a rampant issue of outright illegal porn seems really dangerous too

No. 1292995

I don't care for animals. I don't lose sleep over thought of mice dying. I do believe in their welfare and well being, and I think they are cute and I find meat gross, but I just do not care. I'm not a psychopath or anything.

No. 1293226

What visa was he staying on prior to you marrying him?

No. 1293241


No. 1293244

to elaborate, he overstayed his tourist visa*

No. 1293277

I never knew you were allowed to do that on a non immigrant visa. I was just wondering in case he would go back to his previous status (eg student visa) and figure things out himself. He shouldn't be treating you that poorly. How long have things taken from start to finish? When was he supposed to pay for the nose job?

No. 1293282

I fucking hate my fat fuck brother he does nothing but sit on his ass all day playing video games and he eats all the FUCKING food in the house meanwhile im fucking starving bc I do 2-4 hours of physical activity a day and lo and behold!! There is barely a slice of FUCKING lasagna left for me because my 300+ pound monster of a brother fucking ate it all fuck doesn’t help my mom has had an eating disorder since I was a child and thinks because she survives off of like, a yogurt a day that I can too

No. 1293298

If you have your own room and the funds for it I'd invest in a mini fridge and keep your stuff there, then lock your room. Or keep it in any secure spot you may have. Sorry you have to deal with a retarded fat fuck. That sounds beyond irritating.

No. 1293319

basically it's illegal, but there are certain states where you don't need to show proof of citizenship/residency to get a drivers license, so he did that, and then we got married at city hall. my state is also super lib so you need to like rape and murder a nun to get deported lmao. i think he was living illegally here for like a year before we ever even met. the whole process has taken about 3 years (within 2 years we passed the greencard interview). to be honest it's super blurry and my memory is pretty shit.
we had a few agreements, like he said he'd teach me how to drive (he didn't, i had to go to a school), and that when we passed the greencard interview and he could finally leave the country to go back home, he'd take me with him so I could get rhinoplasty. It wasn't terrible, because he did pay me $800/1k monthly, but that went towards rent.
i know this is such a shitshow LMAO

No. 1293360

>we had a few agreements, like
>he said he'd teach me how to drive >(he didn't, I had to go to a school)
Then why do you think he would give you the money for rhinoplasty?

No. 1293366

>when we passed the greencard interview and he could finally leave the country to go back home

The guy had to stay there until he passed and it was approved? Or was it his decision? Couldn't he go home during it and take you too?

No. 1293640

>The guy had to stay there until he passed and it was approved?
he was technically illegally here until he got his greencard, so if he left the country before that, he likely would've not been allowed back in
he ended up going back home a few weeks ago to visit his family for the first time in years, but he didn't tell me, we don't really interact much.

No. 1295071

Have you ever been in close contact with pets ?

No. 1297625

Your life is sad and you don’t get to hurt me anymore.

No. 1298110

File: 1660231226281.jpeg (80.07 KB, 996x996, 9AE7933B-8AA2-46F1-AE5F-260E4D…)

God is gonna collect you.

No. 1299774

Fuck my ex. I don't need her anymore. She can find new people to replace me for all I care. I won't let myself be jealous anymore. Fuck her.

No. 1300883

File: 1660381057550.jpeg (249.32 KB, 1365x2048, 8FA24B75-5112-4085-A7EE-AD08A4…)

Gurl you’re so flagrant and confident it’s so beautiful keep it up

No. 1301541

jfc just let me call the goddamned place myself. How dare you insist that I'm immature and then steal every possible opportunity for me to change that? I asked for the fucking phone number so I could set up an appointment by myself and instead you're calling them without ever giving me the phone number. Again. I'm apparently never going to grow up until both of you are dead and I legitimately hate that.

No. 1302086

That "cute vendor guy lol" that you are always flirting with and constantly telling me about? He's a married scrote who has a wife and toddler daughter that you're helping him traumatize every time you hit on him. I don't know how you can think this is OK, you're crossing the line into being a homewrecker and it is NOT cute. Stop talking to him, he is a nasty cheater. I'm losing respect for you over this. I have no idea what you think you're doing.

No. 1302127

File: 1660452044898.jpeg (118.18 KB, 987x686, 08D2C83B-5941-435F-BB47-4D9C39…)

Your life revolves around me la la la la la

No. 1304170

I want this feeling of loneliness to stop

No. 1304181

I'm here for you noni

No. 1304191

people who make "what i eat in a day" body check videos and the first thing they show is lemon water, need to be put down. you have an eating disorder you dumb bitch, stop trying to rebrand it as a healthy balanced lifestyle.

No. 1304196

File: 1660602925278.png (662.72 KB, 1080x560, 1586341049651.png)

Sometimes life feels a little extra tiring like this.
Even just today I saw a face popping out of something, saw the walls close in and melt on me, felt ghosts breathing on me and spiders under my skin again, and heard some stuff I tried not to hear, all the whispering is coming back. I get scared these days, but I want people to think I'm doing well. I do kind of believe in the paranormal, and this is it, but I don't want to. I'm learning to tune out, I think, it's just hard.

No. 1304413

Lemon water is so stupid. Enjoy the cavities.

No. 1304505

Other employees at that Marshall's have complained about Tierney and Heather all the time, at that point, that store should fire those bitches. If Heather has a baby now, then she should take a job as a whore if she's just going to not do her job in retail and change positions, literally. Tierney should probably go back to school since she's so slow in learning, I guess.

No. 1304509

I hear Fransisco has a Snapchat and posts pictures of him trying on women's launderette and intiments and messed around at his job many times like it's middle school again with two employees, Carol and Alexis. I also heard they were giggling and laughing out loud in the fitting room after the store closed. One of the employees caught the two and tried to tell Jamie, but Jamie didn't believe her.

No. 1304520

File: 1660618292792.jpg (277.66 KB, 1080x1268, Screenshot_20220815-214613_Fac…)

I found Tierney's Facebook, she makes MS "art" and they look like someone's cringe filled portfolio when they were in 1st grade. It's extremely sad because it's done by a retarded woman in her I'm assuming early 20s. Just saying, she should go out of this world.

No. 1304535

How is it stupid? It's just lemonade without sugar.

No. 1304587

God took their time sculpting you

No. 1304861

i really hate what you did to me you should be in fucking jail. i am a super better person now and I am protected. fuck you you disgusting piece of shit. i am only hoping you die soon

No. 1304894

I don't think I was ever in love with you tbh, you're too much of a mess and very fucking unlikeable. Also, you quite literally sexually harassed all those girls that's why they hated you, you're a creep and if you don't kill yourself later in life you will very probably end in jail, you're too far gone and your days are numbered

No. 1305116


No. 1305122

Feeling this girl

No. 1305151

i just cut him off. this is exactly how i feel

No. 1307605

Fuck you for stringing me along for 10 days. I'm mad at myself for being so lenient but I'm more mad at your unprofessional ass. Hope your vacation fucking sucks.

No. 1308314

File: 1660888488621.jpeg (185.08 KB, 1079x1078, B3451A70-3759-4CDE-BB69-23595B…)

You are constantly trying to project all these negative traits onto me and make me feel like shit and aside from the fact that you’re just severely sick in the head and a voyeuristic retard you aren’t even hurting me the way you are very, very desperately trying to. Why would I let a sad peeping Tom dictate my self worth lol.

No. 1309636

>Anoon my moid's mom hates me, she's so controlling and evil!! I hate her family too, good thing it's only us back at OUR house
You met him on discord and you've "known" him for two years (one of which was just convos on discord) yet you act like he's your soulmate. He's a fat nerd who spends all of his time on his computer jerking it to porn and hentai and you think he's hot because you're desperate. You decided to go live at his house that he bought and he's going to make you pay for it one way or another. He wants you for sex only and on his pics he looks like a creepy school shooter. Yet for him you left every single one of your friends and you barely even talk to me now.
And yeah, his mother is bothering you because she has the courage to say things as they are. He's fat and lazy. You're being an absolute pickme by whiteknighting a lazy nerd against HIS OWN MOTHER AND FAMILY. Maybe, you know, don't act like lazy assholes who can't wait to fuck while you're in their house and it's the first time you meet them. What the fuck. You used to be different, now everything's about this damn failed male with rich parents.

No. 1310477

I am glad my sister was done dirty. she never was there for me now that i think about it. She was shitty to me, always have been. She abandoned me when i’m at my lowest, and continues to do so despite what i did for her. Fuck. Her. Left me a couple of days after i got beaten up as a kid for some dick and now cries about being suicidal and missing our family. FUCK HER. I hope this is the last lifetime i’ll have the displeasure of knowing her and her whole shit family

No. 1310680

>You met him on discord and you've "known" him for two years (one of which was just convos on discord) yet you act like he's your soulmate. He's a fat nerd who spends all of his time on his computer jerking it to porn and hentai and you think he's hot because you're desperate.
Thank you anon, I needed to hear this.

No. 1310726

File: 1661094812467.jpeg (Spoiler Image,78.12 KB, 720x721, 8DCE9DFA-349D-413C-BCF7-4A0082…)

In a saw trap that you yourself designed. Love that for you.

No. 1310820

I'm sick of living in houses that are cluttered as heck, broken, or otherwise messy/ugly. First my parents' house, now the house me and my boyfriend live in. It's owned by a relative of his and we don't have to pay rent (just our share of utilities/groceries/etc.) but it's not very good either. I try to tune some of the clutter out to not be overwhelmed. I can't wait till one day to maaaybe have my own house, even if it's small, that's clean and organized and actually a "home."

No. 1310821

I feel you my life feels like silent hill the past year and a half

No. 1310962

If you're a tweaker and you are on tumblr, not only are you a fucking loser (drugs) but you are a pathetic loser dweeb for posting about it on fucking tumblr of all places. Like I'm sorry you're addicted to hard drugs but come the fuck on. You're straight up living your hashtag EPIC SKINS LIFE at your grown age of 26 working at some dead-end shit job that will feel no remorse firing your retarded ass if they catch you tweaking in the bathroom. Like what a pathetic existence.

No. 1310998

File: 1661109904387.jpg (7.44 KB, 236x165, b334058d0c618e9b2e57ec56df8efd…)

I tried being pals with my best friends partner, a scrote, but recently I called things off because we were arguing a lot. Wish I could just elope with my bff but she's 7 months pregnant with the scrotes child and loves him dearly. The shitsack just sent me a wall of text saying he felt like I was only after his friendship for deeds and exploitation and doesn't want to meet me in group settings either any longer. FUCK OFF I wasn't after anything just wanted to be in good terms with the spouse of my bff. I regret even trying.

No. 1311011

File: 1661110585207.jpg (176.87 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_2022-08-21-22-37-05…)

Nonnie I am not actually wanting to elope with her, but you're probably right. We do sleepovers like teenagers probably once a week. We spoon and cuddle. It's fun.

No. 1311014

based nona, you should formulate a plan to steal her away from the moid

No. 1311047

Nah, I've already been appointed to be the cool aunty. Their relationship is solid and I can accept that. Our friendship is not going anywhere. The dude is still a prick.

No. 1311079

>We spoon and cuddle. It's fun.
Anon… this is very gay…

No. 1311372

I miss my ex…

No. 1311461

my best friend ditched me for some guy today

No. 1311505

File: 1661137907099.jpeg (79.02 KB, 491x564, 01DFFC30-168E-48B8-AA4C-C0B950…)

You talk too fucking much and you aren’t even funny like. Crickets.

No. 1311951

I wish I could ask you if you were into me or if that talk about kissing and cuddling was just a way to pass the time.

No. 1312889

I know this guy who is dating a girl who only thirsts over Harry Styles on social media and I think it’s a damn shame bc he’s one of the cutest scrotes I’ve seen in a long time yet she hardly posts pics of him, just shit abt Harry Styles. If I had a cute bf like that I wouldn’t even look at that gay baiting Neanderthal. Sad.

No. 1312890

Girls who were obsessed with one direction are all retarded in some way or another now, specifically harry bias

No. 1313548

>The shitsack just sent me a wall of text saying he felt like I was only after his friendship for deeds and exploitation
Fuck him, I think men can't fucking comprehend that you are doing this for your best friend because they would never do the same thing with the girlfriend of their best friend.

No. 1313566

my male friend who I rejected a few years ago is now dating a new girl and for some reason it's bothering me and making me almost jealous, even though I'm not into him. what is wrong with me???? am I just a bitch???

No. 1313872

I’m sorry, I can’t stay here knowing that I can’t be a part of your life.

No. 1313955

It’s ok. I have been in a similar situation, almost mourning the fact that someone loved you even if it wasn’t reciprocated on your end. The important thing is you know it’s retarded and don’t meddle in the relationship. You’re simply missing the ego boost.

No. 1313958

File: 1661313596499.jpg (55.08 KB, 900x1200, wY6chix.jpg)

it's almost september bitch, take a break already

No. 1313996

They ignored this anon because they feared the truth

No. 1314899

so over the long days

No. 1315116

listen, I've changed.

No. 1315876

I am so tired of being treated like I'm a shitty person for lashing out and getting pissed for having my boundaries continually violated and being exploited for fucking YEARS. Women aren't allowed to have any righteous anger or extract retribution without us being "evil". We're just expected to fucking TAKE IT forever. Take all of it, forever. Fucking have our lives ruined and destroyed by pieces of shit with no consideration for us or care for us and what they do to them. I'm so fucking over it. Righteous anger and anger over injustice doesn't make you a fucking asshole.

No. 1315878

I’m sorry for what I said in the confessions thread I was just joking

No. 1315882

no worries, anon. i understand!

No. 1315884

File: 1661431136509.jpeg (66.95 KB, 459x612, 46D1478E-D9CE-47E0-8AAF-9F77CB…)

I was open RPing

No. 1316218

bf is talking about quitting his cushy job just because of one thing, he doesn’t want to travel. I’m literally like wtf is wrong with you, it’s not that big a deal especially in this economy to even think about quitting just because you have to drive somewhere? I swear to god…one little thing you have to deal with and it’s worth throwing away your future? Why did you quit that amazing job? Oh I was enraged about having to drive somewhere on my own time maybe once a month! Let me just pull this job that caters to my every need while having consistent hours/raises out of my ass.

No. 1316265

I fucking hate you. I hate that you wasted 8 years of my life being a fucking leech and horrible "best friend." I should've known the moment you latched onto me when we would go to events and I needed someone to go with because I was too young at the time. I should've known when EVERY. SINGLE. GUY. I had a crush on, you "wanted him for yourself" because "you couldn't help it." Fuck you. I should've known whenever we started partying and smoking weed, and that you cried to your then-boyfriend saying it was "all my fault" even though you never told him it was your idea. I should've known when I finally got sober and for the last three years of our friendship you would do nothing but joke about my addiction and the men I dated in said addiction, despite how many times I told you to stop because it upset me. I should've known, and I didn't until I moved across the country and met people who actually cared about me. I hope your empty loveless marriage, with a guy you thought had a crush on me and wanted to get him before I did, crashes and burns and all the years of how you'd use your friends finally catch up to you.

No. 1316354


No. 1316404

My brother is such a loser and leech LMAO. This fucking loser went to university & studied computer science or some shit because his friends told him he'd make a lot of money from it, ends up dropping out and was wasting away in our house for like 2 years. Suicide baits my mom into giving him £1k because suddenly hes realised his true passion which is becoming a fashion designer, he gets into some fashion university and… HE ENDS UP DROPPING OUT OF THAT ONE TOO KEK because it was 'too hard'! Fucking hilarious how he'd boast with his friends saying 'when I get that fashion school scholarship I'm gonna dip out of the UK!' yet you can't even handle fashion school kek. Not fucking surprising considering you barely spend any time improving your art skills or whatever the fuck becoming a fashion designer demands and instead spend your time playing COD with your friends and when my other brother kicks you off the PC you then just spend the rest of the day on your fucking laptop. That's not even getting into his leech behaviour, GOD FORBID anyone touches his food or his ingredients because then he gets PISSED and starts making threats to people. OH But don't worry he's 100% free to use the rest of the families food! What a fucking bastard he can't even fucking cook, tried to make spaghetti Bolognese and ended up throwing the whole thing away. majority of the shit he eats is takeaway shit that he orders. Before he went to fashion school and was staying in the house literally ALL OF HIS INGREDIENTS got expired because he didn't use it and nobody else was allowed to use it. I fucking resent my mom for enabling him and his fucking behaviour, boymoms are so fucking confusing. SHE HERSELF is sick and tired of him and she knows he's a fucking freak yet she keeps sucking up to him, I'm so sick and tired of her using me as some sort of therapist to rant about her garbage sons and how useless they are (WHAT A SURPRISE! I guess thats what happens when you raise your eldest daughter to be a mans wife whilst letting everyone else do fuck all!) and when I give her advice on what to do she says 'but I can't! I'm a mother!' tf??? Also if this guy hates all of us so much, including his own mother who is the reason why this loser was even able to buy his materials for fashion school, WHY DID YOU COME BACK TO LIVE WITH US? Going out of your way to buy things (because you won't use the stuff our mom buys…) put them on "your" side of the kitchen table, sleeping on the fucking floor in the living room because you don't want to sleep in the same room as your brother, talking to nobody in the house but our sister via texts or whispering to her.. WHY did you come back here exactly? In fact Why haven't you gotten a JOB already and FUCKED OFF elsewhere since you hate us that much?

No. 1316418


No. 1317878

File: 1661558519114.png (642.94 KB, 653x501, 27DCC299-6F4F-44F1-AE26-C3767D…)


No. 1317973


No. 1317978

Kill them

No. 1317983

File: 1661571180634.png (575.22 KB, 524x555, FCB98329-386B-49AA-BFD6-9EDAFD…)

Your obsession with me is practically a disability.

No. 1317986

No one devotes their time, energy, resources, and funds to stalking and voyeuring women “as a bit.” No one is a predator with no concept of consent “for a joke”. You just are a predator with no concept of consent. It doesn’t matter what your reasoning is. It’s just as pathetic and disgusting. Why do you even bother pretending that you’re any different?

No. 1318345

Make dishwasher tablets easily openable with WET hands!

No. 1318364

I keep fantasizing about the day I become financially independent enough to leave this house and the demon inside it but I have a feeling that's what that all will be–a fantasy. I'm lazy as fuck and have no job and I'm shit at handling money. I don't want to live with him forever but at the same time I also lack the motivation to actually get my ass up and do something. Why am I like this.

No. 1318368

They make dish tablets in water soluble plastic packets you don’t have to remove.

No. 1318372

Oh right, so there's more to them than just looking edible. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to find good ones for my machine.

No. 1318373

>looking edible

No. 1318375

I thought she was talking about those liquid pods? They look edible.

No. 1318381

Huh, is this the aftermath of the tidepod challenge or did people always think diswasher tablets look edible?

No. 1318383

Ayrt, they always looked extremely edible to me. It's the other way around I think, them looking edible to many people is what gave the idea for the "challenge".

No. 1318395

Thinking about you is just too painful

No. 1318408

Nta but what the fuck is wrong with zoomers? They look chemical and artificial. They look like they're made of plastic and probably smell like a made-up scent, how can that be edible?

No. 1318490


No. 1318537

They only look edible to retarded children.

No. 1318564

Stay the fuck away from men who think they're your saviour. You know very well these men are preying on you because deep down they're not so cool and balanced either. They're hiding equal if not worse problems themselves. When will you start to see the pattern? Hell… crazy idea here.. maybe just don't prioritize dating at your lowest point. Dont advertise your insane level of vulnerability to men right off the bat. Don't dive into a relationship knowing one lil fight will send you suicidal just like that. Can you not see how nuts it is to put yourself in the hands of a man at a time like that?

No. 1318639

Got banned from 4chud for mentioning blacked porn after someone else brought it up, which counts as """trolling""".

Methinks someone got their feelings hurt because of their pure azn 2D waifu. Absolutely childish.

No. 1318644

I hate when tan men have a lot of light-colored body/facial hair. It looks disgusting and repulsive. Shave it. Wax it. Just get rid of it. You're ugly and you look dirty.

No. 1318646

I want to clarify that my stance is watching two people have sex is a brainrotting cuck activity no matter who it's of, unless it's a video of yourself and someone else. The premise of their dynamic is irrelevant.
I do think whoever got mad and reported is a complete manbaby and I got too spicy for him with my takes.

No. 1318977

I feel like I’m shaking with anger and frustration. Today’s the first day of kg3 school for my youngest brother and my mother has been nothing but an incompetent stupid fucking bitch.
I had to go and find a school for him (she didn’t even bother looking) we found a good school nearby and registered him on the last day, I got home yesterday at 11:30pm and my brother was still awake, she didn’t even bother putting him bed until like 12am when I asked her to.
I texted her where she kept the lengthy school registration documents and she answered saying “oh yeah I’ll fill them out in the morning” except that they were long specific pages and required to print all sort of documents like birth certificate. It took me around 2 hours to finish putting it all the file together.
She woke him up to get ready and he’s crying and screaming since he didn’t sleep at all. I told her it’s because you put him to bed way too late but of course per my bitch mother, she denied that being the reason completely and said she just won’t take him he’s too upset. I just gave up and left I don’t know what else to do
I’m starting my senior year of university and all I can think about is my brother’s education and how fucking useless and horrible my mother’s parenting is.
This is why you shouldn’t birth a child in your mid 40s now I’m stuck trying to raise him since she’s too lazy and stupid to do the one simple task I asked her to do; get him to sleep early.
Im sorry if this isn’t a vent thread I’m just really frustrated and way too embarrassed to tell this to anyone

No. 1319251

i will ALWAYS be better than you LOL

No. 1319287

She will never be as good as you, sweet cheeks.

No. 1319358

Everything is a fucking essay with her, I can't stand it. Two things: learn poignancy, and stop taking everything so fucking seriously all the time.

No. 1319507

File: 1661721701776.jpeg