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No. 711339

previous: >>>/ot/703305

cry here.

note from previous thread:
>As an added note, don't infight ITT. It's one thing to comment on an anon's post, but it's another to try and start infighting with an anon by replying with a snarky response (ex. "what did you expect to happen anon?") "that doesn't happen"

>just let anon vent, if you want to be a nitpicky bitch head over to /pt/ or /snow/. no1currs about your shitty input.

No. 711353

File: 1610251231640.gif (987.75 KB, 294x224, nope.gif)

I'm due to have my birth control implant taken out soon and I just read stories of some ladies that have had such a hard time cause the implant was hard to find, or fused into the muscle, or the scar tissue from the first removal got caught on it, and it left nasty scars. So now I'm screaming inside and questioning on if I can really count on this as my forever BC or just crawl back to pills until I can get my tubes tied.

No. 711374

I'm in a group chat, and this one girl posts long paragraphs about her dreams. every. single. day. And I really want to tell her to shut the fuck up or reply "you expect me to read all that shit?" And wait for everyone to gang up on me and kick me out of the group. I only joined this chat so I can keep up with any important updates, but this cunt posts 24/7 about the most inane things. I want to be a bitch but I'm afraid the other people in the chat might report me because they're that petty.

No. 711375

currently eating my feelings awwwwaaaaaayy and reading the autistic thread. I feel like ive stepped out of reality. Im spending every minute watching television and now i feel loopy. My circadian rhythm is out of tune and im too scared to live a normal healthy life. fuck this

No. 711387

It’s worth it. Some people need to be told. Then at least you know where you are with the rest of the group. Perhaps they’re all annoyed too? Or maybe you can just mute her.

No. 711388

I just randomly remembered one time in highschool when I had a breakdown or whatever, I felt like I was going insane, like my brain was falling apart, and I came to class 15 minutes too late and just sat there, hiding my face and crying the entire time. I'm pretty sure the teacher must have noticed it because we were like 10 people total but he didn't say anything? What the fuck, I feel so bad. Like people will never care about me even when they're literally supposed to.

No. 711391

I want to pick up drawing for the 465th time but it's confusing and overwhelming. Is this a sign to drop it?
Also TBH I find it cringe in other people too, like if it takes someone more than one try to do a thing right, I look down on them. I guess that's the real problem and not drawing in itself.

No. 711400

>like if it takes someone more than one try to do a thing right, I look down on them
I don't get this way of thinking. Nobody gets anything right on the first try.

No. 711401

Imagine her teaching her child to walk lol poor kid

No. 711403

I need to lose weight because I'm 15 pounds overweight but I'm scared to incase my bust size shrinks. My boyfriend really likes my boobs being big and he's even told me that he's glad he finally has a girlfriend with tits. Now I'm scared if I lose the weight then my boobs will shrink and then he will just be disappointed in my body. I wish he never expressed his strong preferences for boobs, like I get he was trying to hype me up about my body but still. I think I'm gonna do it though, I miss being thinner.

No. 711405

File: 1610264390263.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

When you do make sure you use this

No. 711417

Just don't read them. It's a group chat, she doesn't send it to you personally

No. 711418

Don't let anyone who isn't you dictate what you do with your body. If he doesn't like thinner you's boobs, too bad for him.

No. 711421

File: 1610270822108.jpg (66.11 KB, 512x372, 429.jpg)

>"say 'mama'"

No. 711422

You're fucking insane(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 711428

Troons writing "wholesome" posts about how they engaged with some kid and they "accepted" their gender identity and how children are so pure and we could learn from them etc. creep me out. They're always the
>A child asked me if I'm a boy or a girl and I said neither, they said okay and I think that's beautiful omg tell me again how kids don't understand these things, we could learn a lot!!!!!
type or the whole 9 yards of delusional
>I was being beaten up by a gang of middle aged terf karens when this little girl no more than 7 came to lecture them on gender politics and told me that I look like a pretty princess, then we made our skirts go spin together<3<3!!!
bedtime stories. They're either completely falsified or taken out of context, posted only for the sake of manipulation using children.

No. 711430

I used to vent here almost for everything but know I can’t even do that because I know the person I most vent about lurks here and she will of course be aware I’m talking about her.

No. 711440

A scrote I've hung out with twice but never fucked hasnt texted me in two days, whatever I'm cool with that I just assumed he ghosted me big deal. But today he messaged me at 2am drunk asking to hangout. The fact that he had the audacity to think I would hook up with him pissed me off. I'd rather be ghosted then be someones last option to get their dick wet.

No. 711466

My boyfriend is filthy and he refuses to acknowledge it. His hair has not been cut for two years and he just looks like a teenager, he does not brush it at all.It is not attractive to me in the slightest and fuck I dont know how to tell him. On top of that, he spent his salary on shit he does not need urgently - bought an ssd, a controller and now he does not have money to even buy HIS cat food. We live together. I was reluctant to agree to have that cat with us. Im so tired of picking out hair out of our carpet and cleaning after him because he goes to sleep at 5 am and leaves the place trashed. Its now almost 3pm and he is still fucking asleep. He will wake up, watch tv, and play videogames until 5 am again. Since he spent his salary, last night he ate all of my snacks. And left the packaging laying around with crumbs all over. I deep cleaned the house yesterday. Anons, I feel stuck.

No. 711469

try and have an honest conversation with him, ask him openly and clearly about why he stays up till 5am and doesn't clean. Let him know your expectations (which are completely fair btw) and that your not willing to be his mommy and clean for him. If he doesn't listen or fights back then you shouldn't stick around unless you like the situation which you obviously don't

No. 711471

They’re disgusting. I cringe whenever they say anything about a child. The left in general loves to use children as a way to patronise their opposers, but the reason kids don’t care about trannies in the women’s toilets etc is because a) they’re too innocent to understand the implications
B) they are governed by their emotions, making them the perfect vessel for indoctrination and emotional manipulation

No. 711476

this situation needs to be fixed right now - anon, you are an adult and so is he. this is unacceptable, immature behavior. talk to him and if he doesn't fix it find someone who isn't a manchild.

No. 711479


Get rid of him or start using the tendies reward system.

No. 711498

I hate myself for having a habit of reading comments on webcomics, because holy shit what people bitch in those. I don't always agree with some decisions some artists make but with only one page being released at a time you can't tell if a decision that might came off as odd or whatever might be relevant in a few pages.
You don't need to suck the artists dick, because there are always some that drop the ball, but holy shit just sit the fuck down and enjoy the comic for five goddamn minutes. Especially when it's a comedy focused comic.

No. 711511

My father is so male that he can only speak if someone else is in the middle of a sentence. He is so male that his sense of hearing does not function unless the other person is speaking directly to him and about him. He is incapable of reacting to anything that isn't about himself. He is always right about every single little thing that he says, even though, 99% of the time he has no clue and comes off as an idiot who read the headline of the article only and acts like an expert on the story. He's a mean bully and grossly insensitive and tactless when it comes to women. Whenever one does something that suggests he isn't as factually correct and intelligent as he strives off to portray himself, he either insinuates that she is emotional, needlessly aggressive, or he sulks like a child. Which is what he is. A little boy, playing around with the big kids at his corporate job, going on bike trips, acting like he's a frat boy. Always has some stupid, unfunny joke or dumbass comment to make. His feeble attempts at being useful must be appreciated with praise, or else he will throw his toys out because he physically cannot try harder. He deserves the cunt he married and I hope they stay together forever and never bring themselves upon anyone else. When I was younger, I thought he was better than my mom, because he left me alone. Yes, really, being an absent father figure is at the top of his achievement list. I will be applaud you, dad, but I'm not coming to your house anymore. I hope that thing falls to pieces. Nothing but bad memories in there. You can all go to hell without me. I'll find you a good nursing home when you drive each other insane in old age and then I'll never fucking visit.

No. 711512

I know it's the biggest relationship advice cliché, but is he struggling with depression? If so, tell him to get help or start to address it alone (but do not let him make it your management job). Although that's still no excuse for not being able to manage your budget when you're an adult.

No. 711519

i've kinda known this for years but i've geared towards really enjoying music my dad liked. even right now, i'm listening to an album he used to play in the car when i was too young to realize how good the album was, this shit is bangin.

i grew up learning both of my parents are pieces of shit; my dad's an enabler, pushover, and financially/emotionally unstable and i was known to hate him very young. my mom is a controlling narcissist but i didn't recognize this until i entered my adult years. sometimes i wonder if my extreme hate for my dad was also pushed on by my mom to cover up how corrupt she was as well. she couldn't hide it any longer when i moved out.

idk just listening to the music my dad likes, it makes me wonder why i go back to listen to it, knowing there's some hurt attached to some memories, but at the same time i want to distance those memories and enjoy the music. would i actually enjoy the music though if i never heard my dad listen to them? this feels like some sort of stockholm syndrome. i don't coincidentally go towards to the kind of music my mom listens to, i sometimes think if i had a hatred for her when i was young like my dad i might approach the music the same way.

i have a weird attachment to music kek

No. 711525

I thought the anons in the previous vent thread were exaggerating when they were talking about Crystal Cafe being overrun with male larpers and edgy female robots spouting homophobic shit but they were right.

No. 711527

Asians are so annoying always shoe horning when nobody asked. This bitch is legitimately surprised that nobody cares about culture vulture micropenis asian men. You came to a forum specifically for black women and got mad when we told you to fuck off with your stupid questions about asian women not getting desired. We don't give a damn about yellow fever Dong Park Wang go stop the children in your village from sexpat exploitation or something actually productive. Fuckin ridiculous rent is free 99 here(racebaiting)

No. 711529

I wish my father in law would stop talking about conspiracies for once. It’s pretty exhausting at this point, I can’t have a nice conversation with him like I used to do because he would start saying nonsense the moment I mention something that he could benefit to change the topic.
Just. Shut. Up.

No. 711532

The amount of middle aged men that I am stuck interacting with in work daily that have this 'everything is a conspiracy built against men like me' mindset. Like please address your depression and stop making out like the whole world is fucked up and you're so woke for somehow having it all figured out.

Your head is fucked, sir. And you suck the life out of every person you talk to.

No. 711536

It's funny you say that because I've only seen the opposite.

No. 711541

my mother is like that too, once you accidentally get her started she won't stfu about aliens, QAnon, adrenochrome, you name it. i empathize.

No. 711542

Growing up my dad always had this attitide of "don't whinge just get on with things" If you were sick or struggling with something he would tell you to just deal with it. ie.. don't talk to him about it.

Over the years my mom had a series of very serious health problems, eventually losing her life to them. She heard his usual dismissive spiel all the time. Then I had issues like major depression, was in hospital after a close attempt on my life, had a seizure disorder diagnosed etc and I never bored him with details about those issues or those times I stayed in the hospital.

Now my dad has been on tablets for stomach acid problems for a couple of years and he never shuts up about "having to take meds for the rest of his life" and how much that sucks. He gives me updates about his stomach acid that I didn't ask for. My god the medical events I just haven't shared with him…the series of meds I have tried, the handful I take daily and the years spent trying to find the right ones, having been in hospital from side effects of them or from having public seizures. Nobody has ever been allowed to bore him with that stuff and he somehow thinks his prescription antacids are a big fucking deal. Give me patience.

No. 711543

File: 1610296554164.png (126.36 KB, 1789x315, fucking crist.PNG)

holy shit this is giving me second hand embarassment
we should start a CC milk cringe thread

No. 711544

Ayy conspiracies are kind of cool tbh

No. 711545

Tbh this seem like posts that could be from lc

No. 711557

Nta but there are fun outlandish conspiracies and then there's people who feel victimized by the government and just constantly victimized in general…and they assume the issue must be an external one and use conspiracies to explain it. Those aren't as fun

No. 711562

this isn’t even that bad, you could’ve gotten real milk from the shota thread or those bisexual supremacy posts

No. 711565


No. 711566

File: 1610298740328.jpeg (173.07 KB, 731x929, 538B3748-4FC5-4773-9CAF-433917…)

No. 711567

You can doubt me all you want, doesn't make it any less true kek.

No. 711568

File: 1610298848547.jpeg (208.26 KB, 725x1129, 5177B313-3DE3-4B21-8714-8F883C…)

No. 711586

Ive been eating the same soup for days with the occasional oil + salt + random spices/herbs and have been miserable because I can’t work for another two weeks without paid leave which I KNEW would happen because customers are disgusting rats and at this point theyve been intentionally pulling down their masks and leaning over counters to talk to us for MONTHS and I actively despise them and I want nothing more than to hunt anyone who has ever been a customer down for sport. Im not even kidding I fucking hate customers.

No. 711588

meant spaghetti with oil and spices not soup

No. 711598

I've seen way too many examples of customers at the top of the queue pulling down their mask in order to cough and then putting it back on post cough and I just cannot understand the thought process. Why do they think we wear them in the first place? Why do they think you can't cough into it?

Mostly it's heavy smokers who are coming in to buy more cigs so I pray that's the cause of the coughing. I hate it.

Sorry about your situation anon

No. 711621

>Only straight shota
>fantasizing about IRL little boys
Yeah it's a scrote larp. Fantasizing about "older ladies touching a little boy's weewee" is the archetypal degenerate male 4chan incel fantasy.

No. 711624

Right now it’s the only thing he talks about so it’s not even funny anymore. He only watch these eternal videos which of course show proof of what he wants to believe & see. Also as some of you said, he feels like a victim ALL THE TIME. He mops and mourns and is always in this cranky mood because he thinks some worldwide change is happening and he can’t do anything about it? So of course he complains and complains and tries to convince me of what I have to believe and think and this pisses me off so. Freaking. Much. I couldn’t care less about what he wants to believe but I just can’t deal with him trying to force his ideas into my mind. Just because he repeats it time after time won’t change a single thing, quite the opposite tbh.

No. 711636

I remember getting into david icke type conspiracies as a mentally ill reclusive teen. I even dated a way worse conspiracy theorist than myself for a while. He was a little too far gone and never came out of it. I remember around 2008 reading about how we were all 5 years away from having microchips implanted in our hands, bank cards would be gone and we'd scan our own hands everywhere to access anything we needed. If you pissed off the government they'd disable your access to funds through 'switching off your chip' and then you'd be fucked.

None of it happened lol. You could reach and say that banks are upgrading systems all the time (my ex still insists shit is always around the corner) It's a miserable way to think and it has been eating him up for 15 years with no signs of it happening for real. Their timelines are always way off and some people just keep waiting for the day predictions come true. Just give it ten more years… oh wait another ten. Trust me guys it's totally coming. I caught up with him lately and fuck me it's like time stood still. The perceived victimhood is the worst part.

No. 711639

My sister has a stereotypical untrained yappy chihuahua. She doesn't understand the concept of training or rewarding certain behavior whatsoever so the dog is just allowed to whine and cry and bark all day as she always gives into petting and treats. Now she's complaining about how her neighbors "dont like dogs" because they've complained to her about the barking. It angers me to no end because half of her neighbors also have dogs, who are just well-trained enough to not bark their heads off all day. They don't hate dogs.

If it helps at all I was worried about the same thing but got mine taken out in less than 5 minutes, no pain or anything. If you can still feel it on the surface of your muscle you're good.

No. 711658

I'm very depressed, my hobbies make me feel worse because of how bad I am at them, and whenever I try to talk to friends they ghost me, even when I know it's about stuff they like.
I should go back on medication, but it gave me horrid vivid nightmares about being raped and stuff about dead kids, it got to the point where I was too scared to sleep so I didn't get the benefits of the meds at all.
I feel like I'm at a dead end and that my time is running out. It feels like the writing is on the wall and it's just fate that I'm going to die soon. Whether it's by my own hands or someone else's is up for God to decide, but I hope it's the latter. I'm too listless to do anything anymore and I'm sure worse things will happen if I don't end myself by the appropriate time.

No. 711662

> It feels like the writing is on the wall and it's just fate that I'm going to die soon
I've had this feeling since I was about 12, I'm 32 now and stil waiting. Think it's just one of the lesser talked about side effects of depression. Even when you're not in a suicidal phase of it you feel like you're never far from something else ending you.

No. 711664

>one of the lesser talked about side effects of depression
I think it actually is a symptom, nta but "difficulty envisioning a future" is a textbook depression symptom. Helped me to think of it as "depression brain" when it happens, since it's the illness talking and it helps to distance reality from that. Our whole worldview gets skewed by depression

No. 711665

I hope you will feel better soon anon. Remember this, it's not the end of the world, it never was….

No. 711669

Makes sense. I always worried about telling people because I thought it might cause them to think I had some paranoia based illness on top of the depression.

No. 711674

i just read about all the different factors that go into having a "good pussy" or a "bad pussy" and now i'm slightly depressed. men will just constantly find ways to dehumanise and objectify women and make them feel like shit

No. 711677

I can tell you whatever you read is retarded

No. 711686

post the link to this duality of pussy essay pls

No. 711687

Apparently some men actually expect you to squeeze your cunt during sex and take shit like "kegels" and "pelvic muscles" seriously. It's bizarre.

No. 711689

There literally is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" pussy – unless you really neglect its hygiene I can guarantee you theres a 99% chance that the scrotes judging your (lovely) pussy are salty incels.

Actually it can be useful to do before pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor – other than that, dont do kegels for being better at sex lmao

No. 711694

https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/what-do-men-really-mean-by-good-pussy but there's dozens of posts on reddit that i don't want to look at again

No. 711696

This some autistic shit

No. 711698

It's horrid. I am glad I'm not alone, but it's sad that it hasn't ended for you. Has anything helped you with your depression or is it truly just… trudging through the minutes until something takes you? Also, do you (/ anyone else) ever have those moments where you feel like you've hit a fight or flight moment and you just sit there certain that you're going to drop down dead and it feels like you're staring down the barrel of a gun or an angry bear about to maul you? I had that while taking a depression walk in the middle of the night, it may have been my first (and thankfully only) panic attack.
I appreciate you and your optimism, but can we really say that now? I remember in one of my last therapy sessions, my therapist started venting to me about her climate anxieties, and about how she felt hopeless in the face of it all. The world is in dire straights. Sometimes, I'm thankful for depression, because it's less scary to think about myself dying than the entire world slowly boiling and drowning.

No. 711699

I think I was close to 30 when I first heard about the whole preference for innnie pussy. I have what's considered ideal in that regard and yet I came across enough guys over the years who just don't eat pussy or spend a great deal of time on actually getting up close pleasing it. You don't even gain shit from having a pussy that looks like their supposed ideal. They don't fuck you any better.

No. 711700

somebody got paid to write this garbage lmao kill all journalists

No. 711714

I had an ex with a thing for fisting, stretching, gape (both vaginal and anal, both giving and receiving!) I don't think I'll ever be able to fulfill that fantasy for anyone but would love to see men like him represented in these articles lmao

Lets not take mens preferences too seriously

No. 711719

People who find out a bisexual woman faced abuse in a relationship with a male, then say shit like "That's what you get for dating a man!!" are nasty, and often incel-like in logic.
I don't see how it's considered a valid outlook to have at all in certain branches of feminism, it reeks of sour grapes/misogynistic robot.

No. 711729

I heard about the gape fetish a while back and thought it must be extremely niche but it’s actually pretty mainstream. Can’t imagine being so pornsick that I get off on seeing people’s insides

No. 711747

>I feel like I'm at a dead end and that my time is running out. It feels like the writing is on the wall and it's just fate that I'm going to die soon.
wow anon are you me

No. 711755

My father is the opposite (as in the only thing he knows is talk shit about other people and deflect), but
> I thought he was better than my mom, because he left me alone.
Top kek. I relate

No. 711793

i sperg about this but i really fucking hate the term "nonbinary" and think i would be way more open to accepting it if it didn't imply that anyone who chooses to identify as a gender is innately some kind of follower sheeple conformist fitting into ~the binary of gender~. just calm the fuck down, aidan. you aren't special.

No. 711798

I’m about to lose my shit, my boyfriend just told me he was told he was exposed to covid on Thursday… he was told right after we hung out. Apparently he’s been doing weekly dinners with some of his coworkers and he keeps digging the hole deeper. I live with my family and he lives alone. I’m legit about to flip the fuck out, my dad is mad at me and idk what to do. I’m so fucking angry, if it comes back positive, I may actually break up with him. I’m not texting him until he tells me his results.

My favorite part is my mom defending him like what the fuck- I’ll be fine he put you and dad at risk

No. 711801

ntayrt but time feels like a noose that's slowly tightening around my neck and i wonder why it just doesn't end me. i can relate to you two. are you me?

No. 711802

i also feel the same. it’s pretty horrific.

No. 711807

he sounds irresponsible and extremely selfish. i hope your test comes back negative, anon. i would probably have broken up with him if i were you, his behaviour to this situation says a lot about him as a person tbh.

No. 711818

Thanks, anon. I’m really considering it. To add more details bc vent:

I thought he was meeting up with a married couple every once in a while (he has been meeting up with them plus another chick, other chicks husband was the one who tested positive)

He tried to say he trusted married couple when they invited her over after they’d quarantined (he willingly met up with someone who’d been exposed but not tested, and didn’t think to ask questions?)

He tried to say the husband wasn’t there like that makes it fucking better

…he’s always lacked critical thinking but this is the first time I’ve been put in the line of fire because of it. He’s straight up dumb and short sighted.

No. 711821

And sorry to add even more, I want to emphasize he was meeting them on a set weekly schedule. And he acted like that’s fine. And in the same sentence he stated they were his “safe crew”. I just fucking can’t. I can’t trust him if he’s hanging with them.

No. 711826

ayrt. how long have you guys been dating? u seem like a responsible woman with common sense, idk how u can date someone like him.. seriously, wtf @ him willingly meeting up with someone who is exposed to the virus? in a lot of countries you have to stay away from ppl who have been exposed to the virus even tho they have tested negative(because they have to quarantine for 7-14 days).

No. 711831

Thanks, anon! I can feel and even see that my implant is super close to the surface, so hopefully it's nbd. I've been browsing these online pill subscriptions though and they're really tempting, they come with your pills, random cute shit, and condoms. I never would've thought these would exist three years ago.

No. 711832

i am just so fucking tired of having anxiety. i've been like this since i was five years old. 3 months of my entire life is maybe the longest i've gone without having anxiety. life is genuinely not worth living if it's going to be like this forever but i'm too afraid to kill myself lmao

i'm just never soothed by anything. i don't trust anyone. i don't trust myself. i always think the world is ending. nothing even feels real most of the time.

No. 711835

It was a year at the end of October.

I’m asking myself the same question. There’s always been a disparity in maturity between the two of us, however, I never thought he’d be so careless with this- he does have a malicious bone in his body he’s just… dumb. Anon, I don’t know if he was trying to make himself look better by adding the details I just wrote above, or if he was coming clean, but it made me see red and consider blocking him. I think he’s shitting his pants rn because I’ve been stern in the past but never outright livid towards him.

No. 711845

File: 1610328814278.jpg (679.25 KB, 800x1066, i-cant-fu.jpg)

my mom is too focused on her new boyfie she met online that always tries to pressure her into phone sex but it's ok because he makes ~art~ and his son just killed himself so he "needs to release things" like fucking sperm i guess and talking to me for over 20 minutes on how he's the most perfect man in the world even though they just met rather than helping me get through rape trauma kek. doesn't help she told my crazy aunt about it without my permission and she yelled at me for being upset cause she doesn't wanna go through this pain alone or something.

my therapist that i've known for years left recently without anybody telling me so now i have to tell a random stranger about my trauma if the company can even find me one again. love my life. pls come laugh at me i feel like i'm in a stupid fucking dark sitcom.

No. 711852

I'm sorry anon. I'm sorry for what you've been through and that your family is too caught up in their own shit to support you properly. I hope you're able to find a new therapist soon. That's honestly pretty messed up that your old one left without letting you know.

No. 711860

My mom loves her right-wing conspiracy theory youtubers more than she loves me, she is almost 60 and fell for that crap, dumb boomer. Not even her family who are also right-leaning are having her schizo stuff and she has no bf or friends. I'm afraid she is either gonna kill herself or kill someone else(prolly me)

No. 711865


I love my brother-in-law but he can be a little machismo dickhead at times and for years we openly disliked each other. But we've all grown and I have genuinely put in work to understand, accept and get along with him because my sister is my most important person. We live really close and spend a lot of time together….but we just had a blow up at my parents anniversary dinner cuz I told him to stop pouting over something dumb. He claims every time we're together I have some bullshit to say about him, fuck this, and got up and left. Sister followed. Now she's mad at me, and he's petty as shit so I know its going to be a while before we hangout again, and I feel like the tenuousness of our relationship has been exposed for the first time in quite a while. My parents see his attitude, but ultimately think I'm to blame even though his reaction was completely disproportionate and dramatic. Its all so frustrating and I feel heartbroken both for wishing my sis didn't pick such a wiener and for thinking that in the first place.

No. 711876

What was he upset over?

No. 711896


we were all playing a game together and he gets very competitive sometimes, basically he got a leg up on me and was being cocky about it, like how dare I think I could beat him, so I made some dumb remark about how we can all just go home cause he is the number one game player aren't we all aware? Like it was all so trivial lol

No. 711916

File: 1610338908609.png (276.26 KB, 720x513, ad5ff2099ce40c1755daa545642670…)

Zoom university again tomorrow and I'm not ready. I needed a longer break.

No. 711917

God, I’m feeling so anxious. I’m in the hospital right now waiting have surgery done and I think I’m having period cramps. I’m fucking scared I’m going to start bleeding out my pussy while they operate on me. That is exactly the type of shit that would happen to me.

No. 711920

i thought i was the only one that was like ???? when my therapist disappeared. she's seen me go through so much and i know she would have the right words to say about this situation because she doesn't sugar coat shit.

i'm just afraid i'm going get a new therapist and they're going to just tell me to communicate or something… like i've been trying. thank you, anon.

No. 711938

I don't want friends anymore. This is the second time a friend stops talking to me as soon as they start dating someone. I feel used, like I was only a place holder until they could truly fill their loneliness in their heart.

No. 711939

I'm so fucking angry at myself that I'm fat.

It's because of my shitty eating habits that I now have to calorie count + restrict for a year or two in order to lose weight. And then when I do, I'll have loose flabby skin and feel even MORE uncomfortable than my body than I do right now. See, I've always been the fat girl. I've never had loose skin and now I'll have that. I just need to hurry now before I get a stupid double chin and then have neck flab.
There's one thing I would hate is to have that visible nasty ass loose skin under my chin or look old and emaciated.

But God damnit fuck me. I'm just always so hungry… always so fucking goddamn hungry.

No. 711942

I didn't find a thread on /meta/ about it and rules seem unclear to me, but are FtM people considered as women or as scrotes here?

No. 711943

No. They’re considered “fakebois” or self hating women. The general attitude to them here is they’re delusional and they’ll never be a man, that they’re still women and always will be, but I think a lot of terfs here pity them too much to ostracise them.

No. 711944

Wrong thread? Lol but FTM are women, it literally says so in the name

No. 711948

>Are females men?
Anon… ot but I know at least two ftms irl who unironically use lolcow, which I find rather interesting. They're textbook lesbians with sexual/homophobic trauma. I suspect we have a small number of fakeboi farmers.

No. 711949

File: 1610349996775.png (378.87 KB, 594x596, 1602557487560.png)

Really wish I didn't still have such a completely fucked up relationship with my body & appearance that a minor comment can upset me. I'm too old for this shit.

Now I just keep thinking about how fucking fat I've gotten in the last few years, It's all my damn fault. Plus how ugly my body just is in general

No. 711953

i don't think farmhands include them in the no scrotes rule since i've seen a few posters in /pt/ and /snow/ admit to being ftm without getting banned. to be fair though those posts were mainly from 2015-2017 threads before lc was primarily radfem, so the rules could be different now

No. 711954

They're women, anon.

The Fakeboi thread has a lot of FTMs lurking there just to shit on fakebois that aren't ~trans enough~. Their spergery knows no bounds.

No. 711958

>Really wish I didn't still have such a completely fucked up relationship with my body & appearance that a minor comment can upset me. I'm too old for this shit.
as a fellow bdd-chan i feel this way too hard and it fucking sucks, i've unironically considered roping over offhanded comments people have made about my appearance
as for the weight don't be too hard on yourself, take some steps towards getting fit but don't do it solely with appearance in mind, you know? make sure you're also doing it for your health

No. 711961

I feel those are exclusively /lgbt/ards, they're obsessed with feeling superior to bottom of the barrel Aidens, extreme fembrained behavior by their own standards lol

No. 711979

I hate online LGBT spaces since they're always filled with kids that have never met a queer person in real life or if they have it's another awkward under 30 that don't understand that being queer should not be their whole personality.

No. 711989

I don't feel as if I'm at the top of the foodchain in any way. All my life is a battle against far more numerous tiny enemies. Bugs, bacteria. They constantly encroach my space, they want to eat my food, they want to eat my plants, they want to eat me. I'm never winning, just keeping them at bay.

No. 712010

File: 1610358378167.gif (6.18 KB, 220x123, mklm,dl,lfd.gif)

For the first time in my entire life, I'm going on a date. In 8 hours. I'm a nervous fucking wreck. I took a long shower, shaved my legs for once, did my hair, did my nails, going to do my makeup and dress nice.. but I worry I'll be too ugly still or too awkward no matter how hard I try to look nice. This guy is way too cute for me to fuck this shit up, but I'm such an awkward retard who can barely put a sentence together that I feel like it's gonna be awful and I'll ruin everything. And I keep worrying like, what if it's really awkward? What if I don't know what to say or do? If it doesn't work out and we end up having no chemistry I don't mind, but actually being face to face with him to decide that is kind of terrifying. We already spoke on the phone and it wasn't weird or awkward at all, but meeting in person is scary as I'm terrible at talking. All I want is a casual boyfriend not a marriage partner so it's nothing serious but my fucking anxiety is going mad. I wanna cry, I can't even sleep like this.

No. 712015

I hope he shaved his legs and did his nails for you.

No. 712024

I'm worried for you anon. Not that you're going to be awkward, but that you'll be so desperate to impress this guy that you'll start idealizing him and obsessing over his every action even if he's just some average bro as most men are. You put in a lot of effort for someone you barely even know yet. I hope you have fun but just like, cruise.

No. 712027

My friend applied to grad school to get a Master’s degree boasting about how much money she’d make after she graduated and trying to encourage me to do the same so I wouldn’t be stuck at my dead end job. I told her that I couldn’t handle going back to school and would instead focus on my career. Fast forward three years and I’m long moved on from that horrible job, making 120k (so my student loans are gone in the next two years), on track for a promotion, and will be relocating to my dream city. She graduated during a pandemic, can’t even find internships, has so much student loan debt to pay off, and is moving back in with her family. I have told her to just lean on me and use me as a referral because I can get her something, but she really wants to stick to her field. I can tell she’s getting frustrated talking to me because she did things “right” and I didn’t, but it’s working out for me and not her. I keep telling her to be patient and that it’ll work out but obviously who wants to hear that? She wants a fix now and I get it because that’s where I was just a few years ago. This whole situation is putting a huge strain on our friendship and I honestly do not blame her for not wanting to talk to me as much anymore because I would feel the exact same way, I will shamelessly admit that. I just wish she wasn’t so stubborn and would take me help or at least apply outside of her dream jobs. My first job sure as fuck wasn’t my dream job, but you keep hopping companies and jobs and pulling yourself closer. I know she knows this and just isn’t wanting to admit it, but you’re like girl the clock is ticking and you don’t even have a job or the money saved to make minimum payments on those loans! Fuck the grad school meme. It takes great people with so much potential and robs them and throws them out into the real world with nothing.

No. 712043

File: 1610365980818.jpeg (130.3 KB, 433x650, 7E673580-C655-4929-B5EE-140F15…)

That is what an apex predator does. Do you think lions ever defeat flies? Or hyenas? No. The most powerful animals in the world are always riddled with parasites, and parasites always latch onto the powerful. The fact that so many inferior creatures want to build an ecosystem in you/around your environment just makes your power akin to that of a barnacle ridden whale

No. 712053

File: 1610367710747.jpg (74.5 KB, 540x478, nah.jpg)

I'm 100% gonna take more time to graduate than the original plan and I can do nothing to change this, I'm in pain I don't want to be yet another rotting graduate to-be.

No. 712069

Literally endless male fish in the sea for women, even if you're 50 you'll have your choice of men. One date doesn't matter at all, he's there to impress you not the other way around.

No. 712071

Im on a site with mainly black men (supposedly) and there's a thread asking the men if they find "14-year-olds" attractive. Some of the shit they are saying is so fucking disgusting.

Everyday I HATE I prefer men over women.

No. 712073

I wish I could go to college…

I'm too broke right now, mid 20's, not meeting the req's to get it. I know there's no shame in going back to school later in life but considering how my life is going I won't be able to attend ever unless I win the lottery or something. Shit I just want a better job, education and be a stable independed person.

No. 712076

Think I posted about this before but as a gay woman (and a fairly tomboyish one too) I've had a handful of interactions irl where if I'm the only woman in the group men will openly talk about that stuff in front of me thinking I'm cool with it.

"once she gets her first period she should be legal, age of consent laws are bullshit and should be replaced with that rule instead"

No. 712077

Anonymous now No. 712074

I will likely never get over the bullying I recived in highschool, even now that I'm outwardly normal and even successful to most outsiders, I have a decent Job and I'm married to a incredible man who takes care of all my needs, were even planning on having kids at some point
But I still find myself unable to get over the trauma I received as a kid, the racism and constant humiliation by everyone, white girls, black girls, white boys, black boys all seemed to be united in how they all liked making fun of me, I was a wierd, then undiagnosed slightly autistic black girl, the odds were never in my favor I guess, I even once attempted suicide by trying to overdose on pain killers, I ended up leaving school due to the bullying but by then the trauma was deep rotted

I find myself unable to connect with anyone really, sometimes even my husband(but its usually when he's dealing with his own trauma) but there are days when I'm alone and I feel no one really loves me, that my husband is only with me cause of pity, that my parents wishes I was never born and that I don't deserve to be loved, I don't wanna die but I wish I never exsisted cause of how pathetic I am

I'm also always embarrassed that anyone discovers the stuff I actually like, mostly cartoons, anime, comics and manga, other then this site I don't ever wanna admit that I'm a grown woman who watches exclusively Cartoons meant for children

No. 712081

Idk, anon. Kinda sounds like she is upset that you didn't "fail".

Also what do you do? I'm stuck in manufacturing and i want to work up to something around 100k

No. 712092

File: 1610372688961.gif (228.74 KB, 220x146, tenor.gif)

I know this seems like a strange thing to vent about, but I've been reading stories from parents whose children have ROGD, and it made me realize how much I love my mom and how lucky I am that I never developed ROGD.

The kids in those stories were so much like me it's scary. Depression, anxiety, not fitting in, being nerdy, not being conventionally attractive, divorced parents, and way too much time on the internet. Why they ended up that way and I didn't, I'll never know. I came extremely close to getting sucked in, too. When I was fourteen, I cut off all my hair, wore loose clothes, and didn't correct strangers who thought I was a boy. Somehow I just grew out of it, though, and today I'm just an ordinary woman.

I think the big difference might have been my mom and my brother. They're both brilliant people who were there for me when no one else was. Maybe having them in my life prevented me from getting groomed online like so many other outcast girls. My family members aren't perfect people– mom's a martyr, dad's a manchild, and my brother is honestly an asshole sometimes. But Christ, I'm so glad to have them in my life, putting up with my shit and supporting me. If you're ever having a shitty day, just remember that your parents at least loved you enough to keep you from cutting your tits off.

No. 712097

2013 on that website was a different place. one of the pedophile guys died last year

No. 712098

Got a call from the cops in the city who were working on my case. I didn't answer because it's too early and I wasn't expecting it. They closed the case earlier this year and I've done my best to move past it all. I really don't want to have to rehash anything, fuck. I'm gonna put off listening to the voicemail spittle longer too.

No. 712101

I feel you, anon. This sentiment comes out often in spaces with more "internet-raised" people that are frequent users of imageboard like this even as adults. A lot of us feel like if we were just 5-10 years younger, we'd be on that gender-identity politics train. Trans communities like to interpret this as if we're closeted trannies kek, but it actually just shows how easily manipulated socially isolated teens are into every fad. It's just that the most dangerous shit I encountered at 14 were cringey Inuyasha sex fanfics, not grooming communities.

No. 712106

Same thing. I fucked up my lectures plan so instead of graduating this year I will probably graduate in the half of 2022.

No. 712110

Were they Hoteps ? I've encountered a couple of them, they are fucking insane
They believe periods are unnatural and caused by spiritual uncleanness and that monogymy and women's rights were all invented by the white man to destroy and enslave the black race and that black people should enter polygamist relationships

No. 712112

There's a comfort in knowing I'm not alone.

No. 712115

Don’t worry, anon, I’m also probably graduating around the end of 2022, the thing that truly matters is that you’re doing something that makes you feel like it’s worth the time and hassle.

No. 712128

Was on insta lastnight browsing through the plush tag cause I collect retarded shit like that. There's usually the odd ageplayer/abdl post in the tag which is weird and kind of gross but whatever.

Lastnight though.. cartoons of toddlers being raped. Someones porn collection mass posted and put into a bunch of toy related tags. Clicked into the profile to report them and I saw one actual photo of two naked girls aged 4 or 5 posed in a way I wont even get into. Was afraid to scroll down after that. Is nowhere free of that shit? A whole bunch more accounts could be found through their follower list alone. Half of them were private accounts with just dodgy usernames inviting people to dm them. Lots had the bio of 'don't report me, just block me'

Why insta of all places? A site that doesn't even allow full fucking adult nudity.

No. 712131

Why the fuck is there a wood chipper right outside of my fucking window!? I was just almost able to fall asleep too before they decided to chip fucking wood.

No. 712145

File: 1610380900474.jpg (63.21 KB, 540x540, n4611193.jpg)

Plus there's no buffer anymore. Ten to fifteen years ago, the first things kids used on the internet were platforms specifically designed for children, like Neopets or Club Penguin. Now, kids younger than ten are being dropped into adult social media sites like Twitter and TikTok with no guardrails in place. They're sitting ducks for groomers. I know the "pedophiles online" concern seemed hysterical ten years ago, but it's an actual problem now that child-safe networking is basically no longer a thing. Why are parents suddenly so nonchalant at the prospect of their kids being groomed by pedophiles? It didn't cease to be a problem simply because people stopped caring. Frankly I wouldn't let any child under 12 use the internet outside of school even today (especially today.)

ROGD is basically just one subset of a much larger issue with online grooming. Seems like most of the women you meet online have been subject to at least one type of grooming in the past, be it DDLG sickos, "sugar daddies," pedophiles, or the gender cult. This is particularly common among people for whom the internet is their only social outlet (which is a problem in and of itself.)

No. 712172

It's so fucking pathetic how many people think of financial success as completely impossible for anyone born outside the top 1%. It's called going to college for a degree that actually will make you good money. How is this so hard to compute?

No. 712176

Depends on the degree lmao

No. 712177

But it's not a mistery which degrees don't pay well. It's a choice.

No. 712178

Yeah but a lot of career success depends on networking and social connections, and people who come from wealthy families have an advantage in that respect

No. 712179

Yeah, that's why I specified "a degree that actually will make you good money".

No. 712183

It's an advantage, but it by no means "makes or breaks" your career. Every single person I know who has a degree in STEM has a high paying job and only one of them had social connections from having a wealthy family.

No. 712187

If you got the right degree, rich family connections only bring you from "great income" to "very great income"

No. 712189

Kek, I thought it was this simple until I watched a friend get a BSc and MSc in a desirable subject from one of the best universities in this country, attaining the highest grade levels, while working in the field for one of his professors… just to graduate, fail to find a relevant job and end up settling for one with not even average salary. Education usually improves your prospects somewhat, but the rags to riches concept is bullshit.

No. 712192

I hope not but I’m no saint, I think I could empathize if that was the case.

I am a technical writer. I write the manuals you throw away or don’t read. There’s a lot of legal liability stuff involved, so if you’re someone who gets it right the first time and catches other people’s mistakes, consider this field. I just have a BA in English so you don’t need a specific degree, just some writing samples. My number one piece of advice is fuck small businesses. Corporate will take care of you and they’re both soulless in the end, but you get your soul back after 5PM so it’s okay.

No. 712224

File: 1610387373076.gif (765.07 KB, 640x360, E1F7E115-0234-4456-818D-2AFDB7…)

My life is so fucking shit at the moment, so restricted and dull and hopeless, home all day not allowed to do this or that or go anywhere no jobs I can get can’t find place to live, only talk to my parents and counsellors and doctors,I’m living life like a sex offender out on parole I want to rope so fucking bad out of sheer boredoms

No. 712236

so many cows here are so pretty and yet they shoop their photos and have surgery it makes me mad

No. 712254

You could start reading anon, I've read more books due to quarantine then I have my entire life

No. 712267

I want to cry I don't know shit ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 712274

File: 1610392074349.jpg (296.15 KB, 565x563, are you trying to make me cry.…)

My mother is never satisfied with my eating habits and it's driving me up the wall.
I go downstairs for a snack or to finish leftovers before they spoil? "oh you're down here to eat again…"
I don't finish a meal/I don't put a lot on my plate/she has to throw away said leftovers? "What's the point of me cooking food for you if you're not going to eat it"

I'd kind of get it if I was overweight, but I'm not.

No. 712279

I have always read a lot, and I’ve created a lot more than I would of had there not been a quarantine and gained more artistic hobbies, which I’m grateful for, But there’s just nothing I can DO with my life Yknow? I had a decent job and was saving up for a place of my own, trying to crawl my way out of a previous depressive slump, then I lost my gdamn job like a lot of people, and even though I didn’t like my job that much had had to work constantly it was my ticket to financial stability so I could find something better. I know I’m an ungrateful self absorbed bitch and people have it worse but I need to vent kek

No. 712280

I'm so fucking done with "sex work is real work uwu" people

You live in an apartment your parents helped pay for. You take risque~ pictures for pervs online because doing a normal job is "soooo difficult~" as if shoving a dildo up your ass and posting a picture for everyone in the world to see is heaps better.
And while sitting on your ivory tower you shut down everyone who suggests prostitution is awful because you can't see the majority of women and girls who do it because they were trafficked, don't have any other choice or because they are mentally fucked up and addicted to drugs. You think every sex worker in the world is privileged enough to do it alone from the safety of their own apartment with no middle men, no one forcing them and just by taking some titty pictures. And then you even dare to encourage teenaged girls to do it because it soooo empowering as if that shit is not going to ruin their lives later when their future employers do a background check.

No. 712297

Fuck them hoes. Have you noticed how today’s Twitter sec workers simply HATE other women? They constantly shit on women via the internet, “cancel” them and think they’re better than women whom they perceive to be less attractive. I just think it’s funny how they always copium by saying any criticism from other women is “jealousy” because they will “steal your man” (more like distract him for the evening, cost him a few quid and help install a sense of shame) but their entire livelihood is based on their looks and their market value, and they compete with other SW, wives and girlfriends for their bread and butter. They have got to be the most jealous and insecure women in the world. In the end, sugar daddies will kill and bury their 19 year old mistresses in favour of their middle aged, morally upright and competent wives finding out, because they don’t respect them.
I feel for women making onlyfans in order to survive during the pandemic, but the idiots who think it’s something to celebrate and a “livelihood” are an embarrassment to women, and are letting us all down.

No. 712314

It never ceases to amaze me how people take one or two $10 online courses on pseudoscientific bullshit like neurolinguistic programming or emotional freedom techniques and somehow go on to convince themselves that this alone is enough to justify charging people for life advice. And people actually fall for it. Life coaching is the biggest scam of the 21st century.

No. 712315

I'm okay with calling sex work "real" work in the sense that people can earn a sizable income from it, but it is not and never will be respectable work and nobody should feel obligated to support it.

No. 712317

File: 1610394721421.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, bruh.jpeg)

>want to inform /cgl/-user that their dream dress (but in a different colourway) is on rakuten
>can't because IP is banned but I didn't go against the rules

No. 712332

The "~uwu~ I'm gonna steal your man teehee" bullshit is pure cope. Ever seen an attractive man who's winning at life simp for an OF whore? Me neither. They've realised that the only men they are ever going to attract are the lowest level, gross incels. Instead of admitting that they made a mistake by swallowing the libfem "being a prostitute is empowering" meme and being truthful to other women, they lie to themselves and try to drag teenage girls down the same soul destroying path.

No. 712334

onlyfans and online sex work in general seems to attract the worst kind of people tbh. other than the people doing it for survival reasons (who i feel for and hope they're able to get out of it as soon as they can), i've never met an onlyfans user who wasn't a narcissist with extreme internalized misogyny and an unwarranted sense of entitlement

No. 712342

This, but with posting images on /vg/
The joys of living near a university campus

No. 712344

I have never seen a sex worker who wasn't a mentally ill wreck. They always have a myriad of disorders and resort to sex work because they don't have self control or self respect and are addicted to external validation and short dopamine shots. Nobody can ever convince me that people who do sex work can be stable, healthy people doing it out of their free will. Degrading yourself for a few bucks just isn't something a sound mind does for a living. They should seek help and stop with the "at least I'm not pouring lattes" copium.

I can somehow understand desperate women selling nudes with a fake name and their face cropped out to make ends meet in a bad situation but the people who create a whole ass persona around proudly whoring are despicable. They're the entitled cunts who screech about Pornhub being against sex workers because they were pressured to create better moderation to combat child/rape porn.

No. 712349

Do any other anons have health anxiety? I swear to fuck I am about to lose my mind. I cannot stop panicking about my moles. I have a lot of them, many of which are weird looking, and I'm white as hell. I also had stupid neglectful parents that never made me wear sunscreem as a child so I have a history of bad sunburns. All of this means I have a high risk of skin cancer. I go through periods where I just fixate on my moles for weeks or even months, convinced at least one of them is melanoma and that it's too late for me to do anything about it so I don't even seek out a dermatologist. I'm such a hypochondriac that I assume they'll just turn me away and tell me I'm crazy no matter what. Whenever I get a new mole, I panic over it and convince myself it's cancer. I am retarded as fuck and should just die tbh

No. 712355

a few years back my friend told everybody at my school about me trying to end my own life resulting in me having to leave so seeing her drop out of school for her failed onlyfans and leaked nudes kinda makes me laugh.

especially since she's trying to encourage others to do the same on her accounts because she's on a sinking boat, kek.

No. 712356

I am so sorry for laughing, but to your question: yes, i also have moles, but also have tumors and that kinda taught me to be chill with shit. If i die before surgery, i die lol

No. 712357

Dont be stupid anon, doing an annual checkup on your moles is normal and recommended, even if nothing looks suspicious. You should do it, for the peace of mind.

No. 712358

you don't get annual checkups?

No. 712364

Nta but I didn’t know, whenever I go to a dermatologist which is basically every few years and tell them that I’ve been getting new moles way too quickly they just gaze at them and then basically tell me
>don’t worry, you’re just exaggerating.

No. 712369

It’s only too late when you’re dead. Get them checked out.

I don’t know if this will help so won’t post a pic, but in the meantime you could do an ABCDE mole assessment yourself if that would make you feel better? It’s a way of helping to determine if the mole is cancerous, idk though that might make you feel worse.

No. 712377

File: 1610400475476.jpg (34.25 KB, 360x482, ABCDEs-2BComparison-2B72dpi.jp…)

I only recently had to get a suspect mole surgically removed. It had most signs of a fishy mole (irregular shape, more than one color, grew with time), and sure enough, after they did a tissue analysis they found that it had a higher risk of becoming a melanoma. So check if you have those symptoms and definitely go to a doctor if you do. Better do a super easy surgery now than end up with cancer

No. 712378

Nta but I see posts on here about annual gyno, annual general check up, 6 monthly dentist check ups.. that shit varies so much to how some countries handle health care. Part of me wants that normalised where I am but docs here would actually get pissed with you if you showed up without a very valid and pressing issue.

No. 712380

I don't, but part of the issue is I've moved several times and keep having to switch clinics, so I've never had a regular dermatologist. I also have bottom of the barrel insurance so I can't even choose my own specialists. You guys are right though, I'm going to schedule an appointment today with my GP for a referral at least (which will take weeks to go through because this is America and who cares if the poor die lmao)

I've had this problem too. Derms will only remove a mole if they think it's suspicious, which is weird because I have a ton of atypical moles with many colors they they claim are fine? Like, can't you just take it off so that it doesn't become cancerous down the line and I can stop worrying about it? Pretty much the only thing that helps me a little bit with this is that I don't have a family history of melanoma.

>but in the meantime you could do an ABCDE mole assessment
Yeah, I've done that. Problem is I have a ton of moles that are technically atypical even though they aren't cancerous. I keep a close eye on those but they don't seem to have changed from what I can tell. It's more the fact that they have a higher likelihood of becoming cancerous that bothers me, and sometimes I can get so anxious that I'll convince myself there's something wrong, or it's changed when it hasn't. It really does seem to be better for me not to fixate on them and just let professionals deal with it, but I don't trust professionals either because of all the horror stories I've read about multiple doctors missing cancer in patients who either ended up dying, or were in late stages by the time they were actually listened to and diagnosed.

No. 712385

File: 1610402170879.jpeg (71.31 KB, 1200x675, 998A94B5-0CC0-4732-82EC-81495C…)

Medicare is so fucking complicated. I love having to be on hold for an hour just to have one question answered because they’re abysmally understaffed. I’m so close to just cancelling my health insurance because this is too fucking much.

No. 712388

I assume it’s more of a thing in private healthcare for money making or insurance purposes. Maybe also in very well funded universal healthcare systems. I wish it were normalised here too (UK), would surely save money in the long term.

No. 712390

Same omfg. It took me almost an hour to switch to a new clinic over the phone because their technology is so outdated and slow. Nothing about American healthcare is nice or easy unless you can pay for it, or are lucky enough to have a job in a field that has guaranteed good coverage.

No. 712396

Samefag, but I'm on a role here. In my entire time being enrolled in Medicare, I've also never had a good doctor or specialist. They are so damn arrogant and don't actually take the time to listen to you or answer any of your questions, or they will act like you're inconveniencing them by asking questions at all. I figure they probably have a ton of patients, but still. It really makes me distrust that they're actually capable of catching anything potentially dangerous because they speed through every screening so quickly.

No. 712398

I'm the anon you're responding to and tbh I get them because my mom had melanoma. I go to the gyno too but no normal doctor. We have national healthcare but I don't know how it works yet because I'm a womanchild and my parents do everything, real world things are so complicated.

No. 712414

>their technology is so outdated and slow.
My god yes. It’s so fucking exhausting. I honestly just cried because of how stressed out I am. I’m straight up just going to cancel it. I am so stressed with other parts of my life and this was the last straw, I’m actually having a mental breakdown haha

No. 712415

Unless you have only one accessible doctor that knows you already you can press them and lie a bit. Say your family has a history of skin cancers or whatever, that should convince anyone that is not outright malicious.

No. 712419

Anon I feel your pain, but please don't cancel your health insurance. Take a break and revisit the issue when you're feeling a bit more stable. You're really going to regret this if you have an accident that requires a hospital visit and end up stuck with a huge bill you can't pay.

No. 712420

My friend sent me a Christmas present on the 20th or so and I am stressing out, hoping she didn't get anything too valuable because it most likely is lost by the post office. If it was another person, I would just think they never sent anything and just are buying themselves time but inland packages can take a while but not this long to arrive? I am not at my apartment either and even though I sent her the correct address, I worry she either put something wrong (she has given me a wrong area code before and that package was in a limbo forever due to that) or I put something wrong. Checked my messaged and I definitely gave her the right address, so now I feel so uneasy about it, I don't wanna whine and ask her when I am getting my shit. It's gonna be awkward anyways, no matter how I ask but it's kinda annoying as I sent her stuff on time and it took less than a week. Maybe she never got me anything, which would have been fine, but what the fuck.

No. 712435

Just walk away for the time being and come back to it later.

No. 712439

“Just so you know I haven’t forgotten to thank you, I just haven’t gotten your package yet!” See what she says/if she has a tracking number after that.

No. 712440

I’ve been on hold for over 45min and I’ve calmed down a little. I will see if they can try to help me first but I’m not optimistic

No. 712441

What's your question? I'm not an expert but I've been on Medicare long enough that I know a little bit about how things work behind the scenes.

No. 712442

File: 1610407496444.jpg (579.21 KB, 2496x2528, eww.jpg)

FUCK, it's happening. I should've known a disgusting Japanese male pedophile would make this a thing in 2021. Is there another country more full of pedos than Japan? Why are the men there so degenerate and terrible? Is it their miniscule, tiny, barely functioning micropeens? I'll never forgive Rumiko for being complicit in this.

No. 712443

I'm confused and not into Inuyasha. What's happening?

No. 712444

Haven't Sesshomaru and Rin always been a very popular Inuyasha ship? Did something canonically happen recently with them?

No. 712445

Are you in Cali? Because I’m on Medi-Cal and my question has to do with that

No. 712447

You are in luck, I am.

No. 712449

The little girl character ended up with sesshomaru and had kids with him. Didn't he give her a special robe at the end of inuyasha too?

No. 712450

What the fuck. I didn't even realize the series was still ongoing? Was there some epilogue special or something?

No. 712451

The new Yashahime anime is basically going to confirm next episode that Rin is the mom of Sesshoumaru's twins. Except the timeline is weird and fucked up and she looks like 16 or even younger. The fact that the animation studio keeps recycling scenes of her as an 8 year old with him just makes this shit extra creepy.

No. 712453

File: 1610407913385.jpg (69.78 KB, 717x717, 2ubugh2iqjl51.jpg)

Yashahime is a spinoff that Rumiko didn't write but designed characters for.

No. 712460

I waited for an hour on hold and the phone hung up lol!! I guess the only question you’d be able to answer would be:
What is Covered California and MyBenefitsCalWin in relation to Medi-Cal? I just don’t get what and why they are.

No. 712463

Covered California was a program implemented during the Obama administration as a more effective way of getting everyone healthcare coverage. It was pretty broad and not specific to Medi-cal, but if your income met the requirements for Medi-cal, that's what they would put you under. I'm not familiar with MyBenefitsCalWin, but from the look of it, it seems like you can submit an application for any number of low-income programs, so I wouldn't be surprised if Medi-cal were one of these.

No. 712464

File: 1610409252717.jpeg (70.22 KB, 622x572, 8F1E1BA4-A577-480F-8D70-BF1EC4…)


No. 712465

So like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and the other spin-offs?

No. 712466

Thank you anon <3

No. 712468

I hate being chronically ill. I'm a really cheerful person but it hits you like a ton of bricks.

I've had people I couldn't date because I just can't get out of the house to see them. I have to now take all my long term partner goals to who will be willing to be with someone who lives with family members who help take care of her. It shit because I don't want to make a girl my caretaker…

On top of that my medication is like $250 a month because i live in burgerland and haha fuck disabled people.

I also have been having trouble losing weight because exercising isn't easy anymore… I used to be able too but with disease progression its a no now.


Do it anon!

No. 712469

>And wait for everyone to gang up on me and kick me out of the group
>I'm afraid the other people in the chat might report me because they're that petty
Then why not just…leave the group? You're acting like someone is forcing you to be in the chat

No. 712470

Occasionally someone finds out a out my shitty past and says something along the lines of "wow, that must have been hard. you had to grow up so fast" but in reality I feel like a perpetual child no matter what. Even as a kid I guess I got "you're so quiet and mature for your age" but I was just terrified to speak as I was so used to being belittled for everything I said at home.

Also with Sess/Rin the pairing is disappointing enough but it makes me feel gross to see the amount of support it gets outside of this website. I know it's anime but wtf?

No. 712472

File: 1610409907665.png (101.26 KB, 500x247, tumblr_mwoi0i6hbi1qk1sqfo1_500…)

Why do I miss people who treated me like shit? Why can't I just be happy they're not in my life anymore and move on?

No. 712475

my boyfriend is such a fucking baby. He blocked me on twitter for retweeting an old tweet of his because it's "invading his privacy" and now won't talk to me? Like bro u posted it on public social media…

No. 712476

Maybe deep down you feel like you deserve to be treated in that way. Maybe you simply miss the good times. Whatever the reason, crush those feelings by remembering the shit they did to you.

No. 712477


Because good memories mix in too. Also you get treated how you think you deserve. Its okay to have mixed feelings anon

No. 712478

Retweeting an old tweet might be kind of weird depending on the context of the tweet, but blocking you over that is so petty and immature that I have to assume you both are teenagers?

No. 712479

>Sess/Rin pairing
Awful I didn’t know that was canon wtf

Also, I’m sorry about your past anon, but I hope you’re doing well now, regardless of how much you feel you have or haven’t grown from it.

No. 712480

We're both late 20s, he only has like 100 tweets and we were talking about old ones and it was just a funny one of his from 2017. He's being way too sensitive about it imo.

No. 712484

Kek imagine being blocked by your boyfriend for any reason but especially something as retarded as that. Dump him anon he is a baby.

No. 712485

Blocking your SO when you guys are still together is such a red flag that I can't even fathom how you haven't broken up with him yet.

No. 712486

Ngl anon this is high key funny because hes being a pissbaby over something thats his fault.

Does he hate the way he looks or something?

No. 712490

We live together and I can't reasonably afford rent while in school without him, so it looks like I'm stuck until at least the summer. It's so fucking weird tho.

idk he's so sensitive, he literally stormed out of the living room to go block me. The tweet had nothing to do with his looks tho, it was just some tweet about a mutual friend

No. 712493

Bitch, not a bad way to go on about it. I could also bring up the present I got from a friend abroad and throw that line! Thanks

No. 712494

Is he normally super secretive like that? Ime people who get this assblasted over "privacy invasion" usually actually do have something to hide.

No. 712496

nah, i have his fb and his email on my phone because I don't use fb and he gets emails about packages arriving, he's actually quite open about stuff like that.

No. 712501

I need things to get better. I need some hope. I'm going insane. I cannot stand this lonelinesd anymore.

No. 712503

I know anon. It will get better.

No. 712505

Same. I've done fuck all for over a year. Can't find a job, can't see anyone, can't do anything outside of my own fucking house. I'm almost done with school, thank god, but I lost passion for my major a year ago and all of the work is such a drag to complete now. Every minor inconvenience feels monumentally awful because I have nothing positive to focus on to try and offset it.

No. 712507

Just take it day by day anon, just get through today. Then tomorrow.

No. 712522

File: 1610415109642.jpeg (94.23 KB, 640x597, B7853DF1-846A-4D2A-A7BC-BB4AFF…)

I thought my sister’s brand new baby, first grandbaby to my mother, would keep her from bugging me about children, but the kid is literally a week old today and she asked when she can expect one from me. I never should have told her about my boyfriend.

No. 712537

back to be more pathetic after ruminating on the situation for the last 48hrs lmao but realizing BIL isn't even the worst of it, the fact is I ruined any chance of having a close relationship with sis years ago, and all we've got now is some surface level garbage where she never reveals to me what she actually thinks or feels about anything. Lying to myself that we have a close relationship is just a huge dose of copium. Parents sucked at communicating and now we do too.

No. 712546

My ex used to pull dumb shit like that, serious mommy issues and just hated any time a woman challenged him in any way so he’d react like an immature baby. Against my better judgment, I started living with him then a few months in he wanted me to start paying half his rent. Imagine treating your gf like shit and expecting her to pay half the rent of your shitty 1br apartment lol

No. 712591

Why can't men ever shut up about their degenerate politics and misogyny? I'm in a discord server for something completely apolitical. It's just a community for an old video game and some 4chan mouth-breather starts bragging about being an incel/volcel like that's a good thing. Literally who gives a fuck? And then these autists wonder why no one likes them and they're perpetually alone.

No. 712604

My husband and I filed a complaint with our landlord about our downstairs neighbor and he fucking told her it was us who complained but for some reason she didn't believe it was us so we got to listen to her screaming at our neighbor across the hall and then go downstairs and she scream at her neighbor across the hall. I guess we were right in not directly confronting her about our problems and going straight to the landlord because we knew she'd be crazy but now she's passing off her crazy onto other people. Funnily enough though both neighbors brought up separate complaints about her to her face but she still thinks she's done nothing wrong. Just $2000 more and we have enough for a down payment on a house and out of the shitfest that is apartment living.

No. 712629

every time i dont want to answer my phone when my dude calls he implies I'm cheating like no fucker im at work

No. 712642

I specifically chose a major that I would need more than a bachelor's for and I brag about it all the time.

5 years later, I've taught English in Thailand and I'm on my 3rd post college job paying me 62k a year from home. And they're literally begging me to stay another year.

Last summer I was asked to apply to Facebook and reached the 3rd interview stage. I've gotten a pretty good ROI on my major.

No. 712643


Oh shit! I'm the anon that just wrote the last post and I'm a technical writer too! Tempted to ask for your linked in so I can get some tips on how to hit 100k too haha.

No. 712644

TW anon again. So I'm assuming you're the manager of a team at this point? I've interviewed for head manager positions but they were always concerned about my experience. Which is fine. I saw how busy my past manager was.

No. 712646

I took a shit not too long ago (and it wasn't even that big) but now I'm in a lot of pain and I'm pretty sure I saw specks of blood when I wiped. My asshole feels like it's on fire. TMI, I know.

Chipotle. Never again.

No. 712650

Kind bars and pomegranate juice every morning for breakfast saved my butthole. Perhaps it will do the same for you.

No. 712651

File: 1610432568701.jpg (36.2 KB, 640x480, 1590736731365.jpg)

This armie hammer stuff reminded me of the dude i was having a stupid online relationshit when i was 17 he was fucking 27, they are always 27. I wish I still had the skype logs, he wanted me to murder him and he wanted to eat himself? He was one of those coomers who faked depression the second you started putting two and two together and wanted nudes which I thankfully never gave, besides some cleavage stuff you could post anywhere. He was a mutual friend and started out pretty normal but kinda cringe but the fact that I am now almost the age he was back then…bro, what the fuck? What the absolute fuck was wrong with his ugly ass, thank god I hurt his ego badly enough that he blocked me everywhere but wow, that should have damaged me more than it did now that think about it. Now I just find it funny and absurd, thank fucking heavens I never sent or told him incriminating stuff.

No. 712652

Please don't fall for this meme. Older women complain all the time that men their age are more likely to go for younger women, and vice versa. Please talk to more older single women.

No. 712663

Even in a bin with other loonies like this place or regular 4chan, I still feel alone. I guess this is just me hitting the wall (I’m 26) and feeling it. I don’t even mean the looks wall, but I missed the chance to make meaningful connections with people that aren’t incel freaks.

No. 712664

Youre looking in the wrong places, if you shut yourself in with incels then thats what you get

No. 712668

File: 1610434526804.png (2.23 KB, 175x129, 570439780932.png)

Lmao as an "older single woman" I've received over 1k likes on the dating app I'm on in under 5 days with men stumbling over themselves to connect with me but please continue telling this gal she's silly for thinking dick is abundant and low value. Also why would you think a grown ass woman would want to waste her time on a man who prefers a naive child he can manipulate over someone his own age who knows her worth in the first place? If they weed themselves out all the better. Don't infect others with your pickmeism.

No. 712670

Im carrying my boyfriend in a game and the dude is still telling me i should do this or that or that we lose because of me, like dude?! ive 50 more kills than you and ive revived you like 10 times already, get off my ass? why are men so fragile, ugh

No. 712674

I'm suffering now. My grandfather was 100 years old and did the Covid test and it was positive and he died…i was going to visit him at the hospital but the death was fast…all the family is devastated…i'm so sad…i can't breathe, eat or sleep, this is the most sad i've been in all my life. I tried to eat something but i can't. My eyes are in tears only thinking about him. I really want to give him one last kiss and hug…i can't live anymore without him. I remember him: the most funny, kind and amazing grandfather ever. He always made me smile. But i need to say goodbye. I hope one day we will see each other again. From all my heart and soul, i'm going to remember and miss you so so so much, Hohrd Hugh Cok. You were the best. I will love you forever.

No. 712676

I don't say it often, but this is based

No. 712688

You're the girl from one of the other threads that was talking about how salty your poor friends were lol.

No. 712691

File: 1610436965889.png (72.18 KB, 275x206, 9BF35A6F-8072-4601-AD5E-D12C4A…)

My hair needs to grow. Like a s a p.

No. 712692

I fucking forgot to buy coffee yesterday. Had some 2in1 packs lying around, made one but it tastes like shit and it's not waking me up. I hate coffeeless mornings.

No. 712695

NLP works, but I bet the life coaching field is super saturated. I was looking at a forum on a job site about kids who felt dejected because their degrees didn't get them the jobs and pay them expected. There were a surprising amount of life coaches on there offering their services. It was like they were vultures circling their prey. It was really creepy.

No. 712697

That Thailand experience sounds amazing. I do wish there was more traveling in my job, but we're completely WFH right now and might be forever. I'm not a manager, but I am senior level. I can manage myself and no one else ha. I have a lot of general tips, so I'll list them out in no particular order and hope this doesn't get too wordy.

If you want a dramatic raise, the best way to do it is to get a new role. This usually happens to be at a new company. 1-3 years is a good tenure before moving onto your next role. Once you're in a company you'd consider a dream company*, you can relax there for longer. Just don't be one of those people who works 25 years at a company, gets laid off, and can never get back on their feet again.

For getting that bigger salary, learn to negotiate. My trick is just getting friendly with the recruiter. For this role, I had a good hour long chat about nothing work related at all before we got back to the conversation of salary. He then gave me the max number. A lot of times, companies will hide this number hoping you'll ask for something under it. I would normally suggest researching in Blind/Glassdoor, but the team I work on in my company was too new for me to find that info. If you have that info, be ballsy. I'd say if you're a 75% fit and they've got you on the phone, they're at least decently interested. Ask for something on the higher end. Fuck it, ask for the highest number and see what happens. Women devalue themselves thinking they're not a good enough fit for the high end, but realize that men constantly ask for what they want AND they get it. You're just as good as them.

Your company probably offers free training. Use it. Add it to your resume. Keep your resume updated so you're not trying to remember what you've been doing when you're actually trying to apply to jobs. You would be shocked what sort of stuff ends up being a huge addition to your salary. Hot things you can learn tonight are Agile project management, HTML, and UX essentials.

Soft skills are everything. Being a good performer isn't enough when everyone at the company is a good performer. Be a breath of fresh air, speak with a smile in your voice, make yourself open to helping others, be your manager's favorite, get to actually know the people on your team (in a professional sense- don't get too chummy). Being the office favorite will get you a promotion even if the other person is slightly better.

*Good company varies from person to person. My idea of a good company might not be yours. I work in big tech. This is my jam. I love being in a huge company, organized chaos, constant projects. The crunch gives me LIFE. For someone with two under two, this is probably a nightmare company. That person might prefer a company with great parental benefits, a more relaxed work environment, maybe a company with a more even female/male ratio so they're not the only mom on their team, etc. There are lots of high paying jobs in different types of companies, and many large companies do have a relaxed work culture. You don't have to stick to a certain type.

No. 712700

File: 1610437500519.gif (2.03 MB, 700x700, ef1f28b4-be04-4808-8d10-326aa2…)

Kind of want to go back to dating sites kind of don't want to bother with the shit.

I have mostly nothing to offer: no good job, no car, no own place, no education and can't make connections with people for shit.

I'm lonely right now since I've been alone in the office for the last 6 months or so and I don't have any old friends or anyone to reach out to. Thanks to fucking covid the gyms are closed and other group activities so eh. We even got snow now so that's like an extra fuck you on top of everything.

No. 712716

Someone on here wrote that "Men are easy to get, but hard to keep". How long will it take to find one that sticks around? Good luck with that

No. 712721

Lol is this a troll

No. 712725

Kill yourself

No. 712728

Great info, thanks. It's good to know I do a lot of this stuff already. Also good to know that I can be a senior writer with senior pay without having to manage people. Great spot to be in.

On traveling, don't bother waiting for a job that lets you do it. It will still feel like work, because it is. Just fuck off and do it on your own terms. But I did that before my career. I'm sure it's harder to do after.

No. 712730

That's as true for 18 year olds as it is for 48 year olds because most men are shit, I don't know why you're acting like this is some hot take.

No. 712731

Today I had to remove the build up from gum disease in an elderly disabled man's mouth and I just can't stop thinking about it. I'm glad to have helped, but I think I am now truamatized. Please end my suffering.

No. 712732

I introduced a friend to their spouse close to a decade ago. It was a dude I went on a couple dates on but wasn't feeling it at all but thought my friend might like him so I set them up. She acts like she has a one up on me or something??? Like even now she will occasionally make a comment about how he got away from me kek. I guess if it makes her feel better because their marriage is fucked.

No. 712738

I can’t get out of bed anymore.

No. 712748

Should I tell my boyfriend why I'm sad and acting weird constantly? I gained a bunch of weight after my mom went into the hospital and because of that and the fact I have negative thoughts/opinions engrained in me thanks to family members being complete absolute bell ends. I'm worried he's stopped finding me attractive which makes me feel super sad. It doesn't help that I also have two front teeth missing (depression is fucking awful) so it doesn't help with me feeling inferior. And because of that same family abuse I always think I'm going to end up alone and again I adore this guy so just thinking about not having him in my life makes my depression and anxiety go nut. I feel like if I express all this he's going to think I'm being stupid/crazy.

No. 712753

If both partners are decent, emotionally intelligent people who are willing to put in the work, it's not that fucking hard to get a man to stick around. It has to do with having good or bad luck, if anything. Also, statistically, women are harder to keep and more likely to decide to break up.

No. 712763

Why wouldn't you tell your boyfriend that? It's a lot to deal with, if he's a decent person he will understand.

No. 712780

I've been a shut-in for the past 6 years. I live 300 miles away from my family and I thought it wouldn't be as bad. I could always take a train back home and be there in 5-6 hours. Everyone says that family and friends will understand if you're having a bad time, but I don't see the good in their understanding when I'm so disappointed in myself. Have cried countless times about it already and at this point I only want to run away further.

No. 712790

Parents have no problem throwing thousands of dollars at shit that they aren't using anyway but when I ask for a new phone suddenly all we can afford is some shitty 100$ sea phone. I wish my family was poor so at least they would have some excuse but no, it's just that they don't want to spend money on me.

No. 712806

File: 1610455307479.jpg (24.57 KB, 471x471, 29c04172ddfc6eb1c928e21f6d7550…)

>Friend raves about food all day
>Turns out she buys meat from the supermarket like a fucking poorfag
>Has never spent more than $100 for a single dish at a restaurant.
I fucking hate faux-foodies so goddamn much

No. 712807

What retard would spend over $100 on a single dish at a restaurant, your friend is smart. If she can cook something decent out of shitty meat even better.

No. 712811

File: 1610455989573.jpg (67.21 KB, 603x772, WK36k2N.jpg)

>yeah I'm a huge fan of live soccer but I am only willing to spend $5 on tickets

No. 712814

Browsing a tumblr page that collects the most hilarious public posts in gender studies and discussion boards/groups in my country I found out my old uni professor was posted there asking a public facebook group for advice. She's a lesbian woman, and was asking all these gender specialistsTM on whether it was OK to ask her muslim PhD-applicants their thoughts on gay people in the middle of an interview that decides if they get admitted into a molecular biology program. I have no idea how she thought even for a second it was a good idea to suggest "Is it OK to discriminate based on religion in my workplace?". I'll post the translated post in spoiler.
Hi! I have a dilemma: I'm an professor at a uni that gets a lot of PhD applications from third worlders. I sorted them out based on their professional performance, and was left with 50-60 students that get a personal letter of recommendation from me, and get to take a Skype-interview in the spring. Most of these students are from the Middle East and the muslim parts of Africa. Most of them also put their religion on their CV. I'm more-or-less openly lesbian. I don't want to work with a homophobe for the next 4-5 years. Do you think I can ask them their thoughts on gay people during the interview? Or should I just throw in that I'm gay and let them decide if they want to work with me or no? Or should I let this whole thing go, because I shouldn't assume a muslim is more homophobic than any given hungarian?

No. 712815


>tfw your friend cooks delicious and trendy cucina povera meals at home while your tacky, nouveau "riche" ass performatively pays $100+ dollars for some pitiful plate of sauce stripes over a spoonful of polenta

"Foodies" deserve gulag.

No. 712819

File: 1610457631158.jpeg (147.35 KB, 640x828, 1606408953874.jpeg)

I lied and told work I was having a family emergency in order to request today off.

My 20 year old cousin and her dog are coming to stay in my two bedroom apartment from today until next Tuesday because her family has covid and she can't return home until they're clear. I rent with my dad and my bf stays here almost every day.
I never have space or alone time for myself as it is. So I took today off because I know I'm going to feel absolutely smothered from this point out. I head out to work at 7am and then don't get home until almost 6pm, and now the 4 hours I usually occupy with downtime before I go to bed will be for entertaining. Oh and as usual my dad didn't lift a finger to help me clean over the weekend so I will spend most of today taking down xmas decorations and arranging the living room where she'll be sleeping. She's also a junk food vegetarian so there's a bunch of instant shit my dad bought and stowed up for her in the freezer space, where I now cannot store my meal prep for work. And I'll feel weird cooking meat for myself because it will inherently exclude her so I will feel rude.

I don't even know what time she's supposed to be coming today. It's a mystery. I feel exhausted already.

No. 712822

Fuck em. They can study biology in their own shitty country if they hate gay people

No. 712823

A Hungarian writing this is peak irony but asking if someone is ok with gay people isn't religious discrimination. Why would she accept someone who might shit on her? Like >>712822 says they can go fuck themselves.

No. 712825

lmao what a fag, i hate you

No. 712828

Is asking "do you like the gays?" in a work-related interview really ok? I feel like that's really iffy, kek. They should be excluded if they do actually shit on her, but someone being uncomfortable with shit that isn't even allowed to be discussed in their home country being a base for their exclusion seems weird.

No. 712833

Do you work? Who do you live with?

No. 712838

You're not a vegetarian and it's your house. I say cook whatever you want. You need food too.

No. 712854

It's your place and you're helping her out. Don't worry about your meal prep/cooking. It really sucks having someone extra in your space though so I feel your frustrations!

No. 712855

Actually I didn't even ask how old she was. 30? 40? 50? Completely different reception based on age. Obviously if you can keep yourself in shape you will fair better in the dating market, but age always catches up eventually.

Be positive, but don't be delusional.

No. 712856

I had grandmothers whod have boyfriends up in their 50s and 60s lmao. Do all you people who talk about sex and dating online just happen to only know about the internet?

No. 712857

To add, if she's on this site the max age she has to be is around her 30s. That's "older" but not "old". This conversation is kinda pointless then.

No. 712858

Fuck a bedwarmer, marriage is the ultimate goal. At least for me.

No. 712863

Nayrt but this is a very interesting viewpoint. I don't have many issues with parasitic people, maybe because I'm not an apex predator and I have nothing to offer, but if I ever do then I will remember this

No. 712864

I wish hetero men genuinely tried as hard to appeal to women as hetero women try to appeal to men.

No. 712865

My mother has 2 lovers and she's in her 60s. She's fat, missing teeth, greyed and despite that she still snags men younger than her (40s/50s). She still dates and honestly, I don't know where this lie came from, but you can always find a partner no matter what stage of life you're in. It simply sounds like some of you have to stop believing the incel mentality because it's only true for loser men. Though, I think when it comes to dating social skills are the most important. If you are enjoyable to be around people will stick around, this becomes more true the older you get.

No. 712872

And hopefully you remove them from your life immediately instead of just dealing with them lol

No. 712875

I’ve lost a chance at a job because a fag assumed I was homophobic because I’m brown and therefore already homophobic. I’ve lived in the ME for many years and the muslims there are genuinely less homophobic towards gay people than muslims in Europe (if they’re from educated backgrounds). Just mention you’re gay and gauge their reaction.

No. 712877

It's worded weirdly? I mean, she should ask every interviewee about their LGBT stance if I'm being honest.

No. 712878

How did they assume you were homophobic? What do you think you said or did

No. 712885

In reality the wall only exists for men. If you're a reasonably in shape woman then it doesn't matter how old you are, men will still trip over their own dick to get your attention because they're all absolutely obsessed with female validation.

No. 712887

hi I talked about my gross roommate situation a while back for anyone that remembers and is interested in an update

the other person that lives with us found the vegetable oil and our kitchen towels in gross roommate's dresser drawer :) fucking kill me!

No. 712889

>a fag
how on earth would anyone assume you're homophobic uwu

No. 712890

I wish I could start escaping neetdom. But any group, "programs" are full of gross cooler.
Guess it's not point. Doctors don't get it. Pairs won't get it. Maybe roping myself is the solution.

No. 712892

Don’t know because I’m clearly Canadian which generally signals very liberal ideas, and got to the final stage after five interviews just to see if I was going to get along with the person I would be shadowing. I could just feel the tension between us immediately, and he was on a previous panel and I got the impression he didn’t like me. I have a friend who already works there that let me know he felt uncomfortable working so closely with “someone like me”- whatever that means. White fags can be so annoying, I was never homophobic but damn, they push my buttons.

No. 712893

Oh please, as if I use that terminology IRL. People use mean words online, retard.

No. 712894

They sure do, sand nigger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712895

What's the issue?

No. 712898

File: 1610468530222.jpeg (224.96 KB, 1070x1506, E8BB9876-BA5C-4EF4-9C08-57C5C2…)

No. 712899

Stay mad, dyke!

No. 712901

it sounds more like you are a bitch and they were just trying to make it work but it didn't (again because you sound insufferable), but go off i guess.

No. 712908

azealia banks in this thread wondering why she can't get a job

No. 712914

>120k junior technical writer
I'm happy for you bossbabe but you are a lucky exception, not a rule.

No. 712915

the lj cat stuff is triggering me because i spent at minimum 5k to save my shelter cat as soon as i got her basically. i've onlu owned for 4 years and even at the beginning it was extremely sad and stressful. she's finally better now, but i sometimes think of how she would have died if i had taken her. lj and laur already were pretty bad but they somehow become more disgusting all the time. what's with cows and being awful cat owners?

No. 712922

Luck is always a factor, but she's above junior level. Read her post.

This is the kind of pay that is possible for creating documentation in certain niches and sub-niches, especially tech. And especially in the biggest cities.

I started in software tech and right now I'm a technical editor for a medical diagnostics company, although they still call me a writer

No. 712924

Wtf. Why is this dude a walking biohazard. It's like he's finding new and creative ways to be disgusting. Kick him out before the roaches and rats move in.

No. 712925

I read three years and pre-promotion. That's junior level sis.

No. 712926

Now read her other post where she says she's senior level now. I was being contacted for mid-senior positions barely 3 years into my first TW job.

No. 712927

is this the roommate who eats cheese like a candy bar and leaves it out to grow mold by his bed?

No. 712931

And again, lucky exceptions, not rules. What happened to you both is unusual and not the norm.

No. 712932

Lol a friend of mine who partied with several people on New Years and generally not been following guidelines as much as me and many others has complained for the second time on social media now about how boring the seven days so far of heavier restrictions have been. I could roll my eyes but I'm too tired. I almost want to be petty and tell her I haven't seen a single friend in almost three months but I won't.

No. 712933

I’m a senior writer, but there are different tiers of senior writers in my company. That was my fault and I should have clarified. Like the other anon mentioned, it’s not uncommon at all to see people <5 years out of school in senior positions in this field. There is more demand than supply. It’s also why it pays so much compared to other types of writing.

No. 712937

How do you know what the norm is? Are you a technical writer? Take some advice instead of being dismissive.


No. 712938

How did you get into technical writing? It was something I was looking at right before I graduated but took another (tech) job instead since I had no experience or portfolio with technical writing.

No. 712944

I started at a shitty startup just to get my foot in the door (there are so many shitty startups and they all have these horrible tech dudebro bosses, so mentally prep yourself now). I got a year of experience, got my portfolio together, and applied to larger companies that actually have HR departments. Rinse, repeat until you end up somewhere you’re happy. It’s not uncommon to spend a year or two at a company. Just have good reasons in an interview (looking for a better culture fit, want to advance your career, etc not “I want more money”). The first job is the hardest because you have to prove you can do this without having any actual proof. After that, it’s just applying and waiting.

No. 712953

What cities have you worked in and which one currently? What kind of tech company is it?

No. 712954

I get along with my roommate, we have plenty of pleasant conversations and he is not completely stupid, but sometimes he does this thing where I'll state something which I know to be 100% fact and he'll contest the veracity of my statement either because he wasn't listening or out of ignorance. Makes it pretty clear to me that he doesn't respect my intelligence and thinks of himself as some galaxy brain academic (because I'm in economics and he's in STEM). Instead of fact checking him when he mansplains something to me, I usually just say "yeah sure" so I can leave the conversation as quickly as possible. I want to start standing up for myself though because it's really fucking annoying.

No. 712955

im so fucking sick of living here we now have one neighbor that blasts music loud enough out the car to vibrate our walls, 2 assholes with loud engines, and more scrotes have started revving their engines at night speeding through here. i wanted to move right now but we werent financially able to so now im fucked till possibly next year. fuck loud engines im done with them throw them all in the trash.

No. 712960

Oh neat, thanks for the detailed explanation! Currently I'm doing coding shit and not really enjoying it, so I'm trying to look for alternate paths for the future. Kudos to you and your career journeu!

No. 712961

I’m in Austin now but I’ll be moving to San Francisco (shocker) for my current job when it’s safer. My first job was in OKC. I think now is a great time to apply to new jobs you normally wouldn’t consider because of the location since most office jobs (tech especially) are completely remote, some indefinitely.

No. 712969

Drown your sadness and frustration with money. That's what I do.

However you feel at this job, being poor is worse imo lol

No. 712970

Holy fuck. 120k in Austin. Brb moving. I'm in NYC but I believe the competition is just really high here.

No. 712971

Oh that's your SF salary nvm. Hope you don't have to live in a trailer when you get there. Good luck.

No. 712974

I mean it’s my Austin salary for the rest of the year at least. It’s so tempting to ball out, but I’m being boring and saving almost all of my paycheck.

No. 712978

You can ball out and invest your money at the same time. I invested 30k into my future business last year. You can play with high risk stocks if you want, but look into index funds, real estate rentals, and precious metals.

"Cash is trash." Don't just save to save, save to invest. Thanks again for the info

No. 712979

I also recommend downloading YNAB. Awesome budgeting app.

No. 712987

Another random question: can you share the actual job posting? You don't have to share the location. I'd like to compare what the posting asked for vs. what your actual qualifications are. And how soon was it from application to hiring? How many interviews?

No. 713002

File: 1610480177397.jpg (5.71 KB, 225x224, images2.jpg)

I've genuinely been productive and busy at work all day and still not managed to complete any of my main tasks. People need to stop asking me retarded questions/giving me things to do because I already have things to do fml.

No. 713006

File: 1610480586004.png (94.93 KB, 411x468, unknown.png)

why tampons and pads cost money will always confuse me .. like oh im sorry i bleed every month let me pay you for the right to not stain your shit. fuck off

No. 713007

and toilet paper and food and housing

No. 713008

sorry. my period is really painful and i hate having to pay to make it more comfortable

No. 713013

shit bitch like could you imagine insuring your people are able to live and provide and thrive? who knows? maybe production will increase maybe worker happiness with uptick? shit that may lead to a revolution, happy people produce. happy people are the key to a successful and prductive business but we have to pay. therapy, pads, beds, food, all of it fuck off i hate this fuck my period hurts, i shouldnt have to make up some dumb shit to get out of work, like damn bitch i hurt so much im barfing like have some sympathy

No. 713019

File: 1610481761031.jpg (79.99 KB, 900x900, sad cat.jpg)

I rewatched that one 'cat jumps from burning house' video that everyone got recommended a few weeks ago. it was part of a playlist about cats jumping from building, so immediately after the video ended, another video played- but the next video was about a cat falling to it's death

I have 2 cats that I love, and seeing that cat die and imagining something similar happening to my cats, like being killed in a housefire or falling to it's death, (as overly-sensitive it may seem) made me cry

No. 713020

I think my job is kind of boring. It pays poorly but it seems like the expectations are super low. Today I removed stapled papers from the wall out of boredom. I’m grateful I have a job that looks ok on my resume but I wonder if my professional development is being impacted or something.

No. 713023

Every woman in the world should protest the cost of period products by free bleeding everywhere. I feel our demands would be met quickly.

No. 713024

my boss telling me to come in like minimum wage is enough to keep people around, 7.25 is far from minimum bitch i work all day to afford a burger or some shit, i had to go up to the higher up to bitch at them that what they agree to pay us far beyond livable. they dont care. and how dare that bitch come down to my work to check on how profitable it is while paying people so little

No. 713027

sorry im just mad this morning. you ever get paid so little so ensure that shit goes correctly? i work a stupid managers job for a college students pay. but even still no one should be paid so little,. i hate this place

No. 713029

AND to be told im lucky to have a job in a pandemic. i will wring your fucking neck fuck off

No. 713031

unrelated to your post but I read it in h jon benjamin's voice and it amused me
hope your day gets a bit better

No. 713032

File: 1610483187826.jpg (128.56 KB, 1024x567, 011xp-manatee-image-jumbo-v4.j…)

Someone in Florida either wrote or carved Trump into the back of a manatee, and it makes me seriously sick. How barbaric, sick and crazy do you have to be to involve fucking sea animals in your politics. I just hope it was done with algae or marker and not carved into his skin.

No. 713033

File: 1610483289365.jpeg (150.97 KB, 749x758, 48BC36A6-2BC4-4F81-B962-C36DE8…)

No. 713035

youre so sweet i hope you have a great day as well

No. 713038

Those whores on CC gave me perma I guess. Pathetic

No. 713039

lol for what?

No. 713040

tf how you get b& from a place like that. did you post a pic of your dick?

No. 713041

File: 1610483973864.jpeg (121.44 KB, 1600x1065, 4CE8301F-94FF-488F-92AA-8196AF…)

I think I am going mental because I’m spooked about big tech censorship acting above government and everyone I know is like “not here, that’s hamburger problem”, “ha orange man make vampire freaks account” and because all of my friends are lefties I’m feeling an even bigger disconnect because they can only see it from a good riddance Trump perspective. I feel its a very important issue on a global scale, not about left or right politics, but for the future of where these big tech giant monopolies are going to take us. They are able to push any narrative they want by banning accounts and nuking websites, and now with a pandemic the public are becoming more and more reliant on the internet. There is nothing stopping these tech giants in the future creating echo chambers and brainwashing people to vote certain ways in the future to benefit themselves. I feel like a flat earther rn and I want 7 crates of tinfoil.

No. 713043

You're not alone anon. I'm not a burger anon but it was pretty evident from Obama's presidency that the Democrats are pressed to control global communication channels online. Obama tried to censor the Internet. Then Hilary tried to use populist idealogies from twitter to win the presidency, thank fuck tranny thoughtpolicing still isn't mainstream amongst all demographics. The Democrats are a terrible political party,they'll probably try to start desensitising the masses to pedophilia.

No. 713045

>There is nothing stopping these tech giants in the future creating echo chambers and brainwashing people to vote certain ways in the future to benefit themselves
That's already happened and is happening. Remember Cambridge Analytica?
This woman wrote a really insightful book called The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism that's not tinfoily at all, this is a short documentary she did too. I was having the same instincts as you and read the book. Deleted all my social media too

No. 713049

File: 1610484896067.jpg (43.4 KB, 400x400, EolJRkQXcAApvsn.jpg)

I'm tired of having impostor syndrome. No matter what I do or how well I do stuff I always credit it to luck or coincidence or w/e. I recently took an exam and did better than most people, and yet I keep thinking that maybe they just lowered the difficulty of the test, or I was just lucky that it happened to ask questions about things I had actually studied beforehand. I don't know. I can't get it through my head that I'm not as mediocre as I think I am.

No. 713052

No, I just called out the homophobia and handmaiden-ery there. CC is fucking crazy now, people there openly claim gay people are degenerates and that straight people are superior (because they can have biological children). Now there's the motherhood discourse. Some anons criticize motherhood, which is fine, especially in the patriarchy, and other anons jump at them and call motherhood "the most sacred thing a woman can do", the "basic of female identity" and the only thing that makes us different from trannies. It's so funny how straight "gender critical" women can make fun of brain sex theory and the "essence" of one sex being trapped in the body of another sex" and then they go and use some voo doo language regarding the "mystical femininine essence". It's so cringe. It reminds me of radfems criticizing religions and then practicing witchcraft because it's "femininine". No, it's all bullshit. And there's nothing more to being a woman than your chromosomes. But according to them you're not fully a woman if you're not into breeding with men. They also call antinatalism a "threat to the female identity" kek. I guess I'm not a female now.

No. 713062


No anon, I totally agree anon. I support neither trump or biden. Not a leftie or a right winger. But it’s scary to know that those elites such as klaus Schwab and George soros and Elon musk and gates are working behind the scenes to censor people.

All of what is happening at the moment is to get people to take that vaccine. I truly believe it is.

Stop all free speech to silence people over the vaccine and make sure people get it. Full control of what they want people to see.

I believe the new world order is actually happening.

I wonder also how those twitter sex worker weebs will get on now? Especially the troons lol

No. 713063

this bitch is literally on twitter celebrating the censorship. How do you write a book on surveillance capitalism and are then pro censorship on that scale? Truly tinfoil: It is like the figures presented as prominent activists for particular movements are just there to undermine them, Naomi Klein is another one..

No. 713067

File: 1610487728371.jpg (176.43 KB, 808x900, ErWb4HJVgAIrfRB.jpg)

my dad has untreated schizophrenia so i am sympathetic but i hate it when he gets drunk or bold and starts bragging about all the women he's fucked, gotten pregnant, then left (if he's even telling the truth about that nonsense – i kind of doubt it, and i really hope he is lol).

i also wish he would stop smoking. i bought him a book that a lot of smokers have said helped them out (easyway to stop [sic]) but he won't even fucking read it. he always treats being retarded and rotting his lungs with cigs like it's a noble thing but it's stupid. i literally hate seeing him coughing all his shit up but still going for a smoke. wish i could go back in time and murder whoever invented the cig.

No. 713070


Epstein ain’t dead so…

No. 713072


Unless some liberal has her at gun point then that’s all I can think of

No. 713079

also what is cc im retarded

leftwing faggot here but I do see the censorship levels going high. Not that it's not deserved sometimes but I've seen where dems HARDPUSH something like Hilary when Bernie was more popular and then later admit it on NPR like haha soz . I get banning fucking nonsense shit like Troompy "let us take over the government" stuff but you shouldn't be celebrating banning freezepeach because it will come back to haunt you.

Also capitalist control isn't that hard to figure out

No. 713085

Please take that energy and use it to buy an external drive and start saving things that you deem important or valuable. The writing of censorship, history revisionism and attempt at control has been on the wall for almost a decade now. Even the internet archive/waybackmachine starts deleting years of information entirely whenever it's requested by higher ups or even just copyright issues.

No. 713087

>There is nothing stopping these tech giants in the future creating echo chambers and brainwashing people to vote certain ways in the future to benefit themselves.
It's been happening for years, anon. It wasn't until the 2016 elections that many social media sites such as Twitter didn't require high authentication such as connecting your personal phone number to your account to keep tabs on you and to allow only accepted opinions to be posted.

I'm not even a MAGAfaggot and I think Trump's ban was justified as he was agitating his incel army to riot but it isn't even about him, what could stop some other ideology taking over? Just as well they could start pushing shit like anti-abortion and easily manipulate the masses to make it the mainstream opinion. It's already seen with people opposing the medicalization of children, 4thwavenow getting banned for dumb excuses for raising awareness of ROGD for example.

No. 713098

im of a certain religion and my best friend of YEARS ditched me to get sexual attention online from nazi larpers. fuck my life

No. 713099

File: 1610490024022.jpg (128.07 KB, 596x784, Screenshot_5.jpg)

>There is nothing stopping these tech giants in the future creating echo chambers and brainwashing people to vote certain ways in the future to benefit themselves.
like this?

No. 713100

All men are the fucking same. I hate that I'm attracted to them because even when I find one thats nice, they always end up wanting more and more.

No. 713101

I got lead on and friendzoned by a 30 year old male with no job. For reference, I am 20. He couldn’t stop being obsessed with this girl from years ago he didn’t even date. Woe is me. How can I not feel like utter shit about myself after this?

No. 713102

Exactly. Even when they seem different or take their time with you, or seem to care, they will either leave you or reveal their true nature not long after. Why can’t I just find a nice male who likes me back and doesn’t live 2,000 miles away?

No. 713105

I wish I was attracted to men when I'm not horny. I don't even consider any men around me as potential partners when I'm not horny, and when I'm horny I see every bottomfeeder attractive, it's terrible.

No. 713106

He's a fucking loser anon you can do much much better.

No. 713108

This so hard. I haven't had a crush in years but when I masturbate I pray a workman or any cunt outside of my building knocks my door and wants to finish me off lol

No. 713111

Take it as a sign to raise your standards.

No. 713113

Oh my god, for fucks sake my heart hurts thinking about how one day i will have a wife and a having husband makes me fill with panic. Febfem tings.

No. 713115

Samefag i wanna add that no one is forcing me to marry anyone but it's more about me maybe realising how disgusting romance between me and q man feels like

No. 713116

It had nothing to do with you and he did that on purpose as a power play to feel better about his own loser ass. You'll recover when you realize there are better options.

No. 713117

I'm so tired of having to be alive. I just want to crawl into a hole and die because absolutely nothing brings me any pleasure anymore and I'm so fucking exhausted constantly.

No. 713125

File: 1610492313895.jpeg (102.06 KB, 540x541, BE4CAB51-B024-405B-AF73-70DE0D…)

Fuck your friend and fuck nazis, sympathizers, larpers, whatever. They’re all fags hitler would have killed anyways. Sorry, anon.

No. 713128

all religion is bullshit. good on your friend, maybe shes off havin some great sex and your boo hooin into your pillow because your madeup god hates that you enjoy things>>713125

No. 713129

Not to further the tinfoiling, but I think it's very very convenient that the most anonymous way to browse the internet - TOR network/"the dark net" has been under a massive attack, that attacked and took down every single website hosted on it, around the same time.

No. 713130

my mom's work is forcing her to get the covid vaccine and i'm worried….

No. 713131

How'd you miss the point so hard?

No. 713132

File: 1610493349530.jpg (45.43 KB, 708x404, VrqbyxI.jpg)

A while ago, my mom found out that there was going to be a re-run of a soap opera that she watched many years ago. Of course she decided to watch it again and I hate it.

I remember how much I hated that series, almost all the characters are annoying but what always bothered me, even when I was younger and it aired the first time, is that the villian is unbearable. They always present her as some kind of evil mastermind that is able to get away with even the most cruel of things, but she is not, she is a moron and the only reason she has lived for so long it's because her mom and her simps keep saving her ass, she is so terrible at being a villian that when she was in a plan alone, the plan failed so badly that not even the child fell for it. Even the actress' face is incredibly punchable and I can't stand this series as a whole.

The airing of the series is right at the moment of our eating hour, and I have been hiding my discomfort and anger everytime my mom turns on the TV. I can't take it anymore, I'm just pretending to just be concentrated with eating but I seriously cannot stand it. She even turns the volume pretty high, and I'm the one closer to the TV, so I have to hear all the soap opera screaming right on my ear all the time.

I can't wait for the series to be over.

On a side note, I also hated the daugthers of the main woman, but at least I know that the younger one gets on an accident at some point, therefore she dissapears for a little bit. I'll have to keep standing the other one tho

No. 713136

I miss having a gf, but maybe not my ex. Kinda forgot her dad was a cop, he would have hated me lol

No. 713143

why? if the world's elites are busy jumping the line to get it, even when their wealth has by and large shielded them from the worst effects of this pandemic, then I think it's alright for me to take

No. 713144

I hate my bf’s long hair and beard so much. I still think he’s cute but both of those things turn me off so much. I said that I thought the length of his hair was ugly and he got really offended so I kind of stopped mentioning it. I just wish I could get him to shave. I fucking hate beards so much. They’re so disgusting and I’ve seriously never seen a guy who looks good with one.

No. 713146

two questions: how heavy of a sleeper is he and does he happen to own a relatively quiet electric razor?

No. 713151

When I was 14? (30 now) I dated a girl I met thru lj for a couple years. She was 17 at the time but missed a grade and was in hs for the time we dated more or less. We were both into writing/Fandom but for a lot of reasons it wasn't a healthy relationship. One of the fights I remember is she was jealous of my writing (like wtf I was 14) and basically blamed me why she didn't want to write anymore. Vent because I feel like this poisoned me. I havent written anything in 7 years (mostly post college lack of time) but now I also can't read other fics without bitterness. I still read regular books and I wanted to be a writer in college. But whatever gave me that spark back then is dead. I know there's no point in blaming a girl I don't know and haven't spoken to but I keep coming back to that feeling of bitterness, how incomprehensible it was to me when I was 14-15. I just want to produce again. I want friends to produce with. I hate it

No. 713153

I'm thinking of cutting a friend off. I sent her a tiktok video and she said it gave her an epiphany and I asked her "what kind?" Then she replied "its personal". Then why bring it up? I'm tired of dealing with people who act so secretive and fake important lol if you are so secretive and reserved around me then just dont fuck with me.

No. 713225

File: 1610504403669.png (117.06 KB, 200x191, 1324754961001.png)

Back with fun updates: She's coughing up a storm and taking Nyquil but claims she had a sinus infection a week ago. Assured us the rapid test she took was negative.
I mean, great, but I don't want to get her sinus infection either! Bitch I gotta work.
Apparently her dad got released from the ER but he's still gotta quarantine. Which means she can't go home until next Friday.

Found out my dad volunteered to have her stay in our tiny apartment, not that she asked to. Because apparently his sister who lives 30 minutes away from us with a house and two guest bedrooms didn't feel she had to step up for this occasion at all.

And yeah this whole thing is as awkward as I predicted. I feel like I can't even go out to the kitchen to get a glass to drink because she's sleeping in the living room and I'm supposed to be in bed too.

Thank you anons. I just hope I don't get sick.

No. 713229

Sounds like she was just trying to sound smart and didn't expect you to request clarification on her ott reaction.

No. 713231

Same anon. I don't worry about "the wall" because my mother is still being swarmed by men despite being disabled and constantly in debt, she is also headstrong so it's not like they are even looking for a weak woman to do their chores. It makes me uncomfortable to watch younger waiters hit on her but I've got to respect her game kek
Unfortunately she still settles for mediocre men because she has been brainwashed into believing all the good men are gone and she's scared of dying alone. I hope when I'm older I can stay true to myself and embrace a solitary death instead of letting a substandard man into my home kek

No. 713244

Men are really sensitive to being laughed at. Just laugh in a light-hearted way and say something like "you sure love to play devil's advocate" then ask him to argue the opposite about stupid things like water being wet
Every time he does it in the future just laugh like it's an inside joke between you two and say "there you go again!"

If he gets mad respond that you're shocked it's not a joke, but then the next time go right back to "ok but you really must be pulling my leg this time"
Clowns deserve to be laughed at.

No. 713246

peg him sis

No. 713249

Lol it's not your house and she probably sat through hours of shit kids TV for you just leave the room, soaps aren't real just close your eyes

No. 713257

File: 1610508071651.jpeg (337.28 KB, 1278x1313, pom.jpeg)

i woke up feeling suicidal, which i haven't felt in a long time, but not in a depressed or sad way. more like an i want to rip my hair out and smash my head through a window way, is the best way i can describe it

No. 713270

ok so yesterday I noticed that my boyfriend of five months had a printed out picture of a girl on his dresser. It was kinda buried under a bunch of stuff he has a lot of clutter on his dresser. It had to be kind of old bc there was a Snapchat flower crown filter over the picture. I assume it’s one of his ex gfs. Should I confront him about it? It’s super weird right.

No. 713274

Do you know when he printed it out? If it was under clutter and you have dated only for a short while as you have, maybe he had just forgotten about it? But at the same time, odd.

No. 713280

it recently dawned on me that my mom tapped my phone 2 years ago and im so angry, 2 years ago during a massive fight she brought up my nudes and i was apalled that she knew and ashamed she’d seen my naked pics(they were nude bodychecks), this one time i lied and spent the night with my ex and she called me in the middle of the night crying talking about a nightmare she had where i had an older bf and we were fucking (lol) another time i visited my friend for a couple of days then snuck out to see my ex for a night, days later she calls my friend to ask if i ever spent the night elsewhere then calls my boyfriend at the time saying he shouldnt trust me cuz i was cheating on him(granted he shouldnt have cause i was a horrible cunt and i did cheat that one time). She did this so many times she’d cross interrogate me and my friends with these unnecessarily specific questions i guess so one of us messes up and admits the lie, she’d also make really snarky comments about me out of nowhere. I’m so dumb all this time I was like how does she know all this stuff about me cause it didnt make sense? I straight up asked the other day if she tapped my phone and she jokingly said “yes, be afraid” . My theory is she put some sort of malicious software on my phone or got access to my google account through the family computer one day and started tracking my location and photos. I changed my passwords since then but i’m still so uncomfortable and paranoid all the time.

No. 713281

What show?

No. 713287

Since coming off birth control I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to periods, why are there so many pads/tampons on the market, how can I measure my period out of 7 drops to know what product to buy. I feel like Jessica Yaniv, I am literally transtrooned now.

No. 713291

idk. I know he moved to where he lives now March 2016 and a relationship ended in September 2016. The flower crown filter was the most popular on Snapchat in 2015/2016/2017. I don’t know anything about his past gfs except that the relationship he had before me ended a year and half ago when we first started dating and lasted four months. But I don’t think his last relationship was with this girl, but why would he keep her picture around? She’s not family bc the girl in the pic is a different race & I’ve met his entire family.

No. 713300

Yea i can picture the era of that filter and that seems sus. And you're sure it's not, idk, a celebrity or something, even though that would be odd as well. If I were you, I would stage a scene where I happen to discover it when he is around so I'd get the purest reaction from him. That or just ask, what's up with the pic, bro?

No. 713305

I can't remember the last time my partner initiated sex and I'm feeling undesirable, although i'm regarded as beautiful by other people and he showers me with compliments. I know he loves me to hell and back, but it fucking hurts specially now that i know he waits for me to go sleep to masturbate to porn.
I feel like I was cheated on and honestly at a loss, because he is a good person and partner in everything else.

No. 713307

>wasting your precious time on a porn addict
Why? Do you think he's going to change or you'll somehow become ok with it? Just cut your losses and leave.

No. 713308

Just go on tinder and cheat on him.

No. 713310

I've discovered this shit just recently, he did a damn good job hiding it all these years and I thought he was being honest when he said he had a lower sex drive than mine.
I've checked his life, his relationships with other people and everything seems legit.
It is just… this.

No. 713311

If a man doesnt want to fuck you or had limp dick 99% of the time its porn addiction. Take this as a lesson learned.

No. 713313

Point taken.

No. 713314

Soon hes going to be spending your money on onlywhores and escorts if you marry him. So, it would be in your best interest to leave now.

No. 713317

If she's cute it's likely he planned to use it for impure purposes. But give him the benefit of the doubt and talk to him about it.

No. 713335

Our shitty government doesnt allow us to see our family or friends (max 1 person) for almost half a year now but they do allow everyone to travel for leisure.
Result being a lot of people traveled and partied in other countries so now our covid infections are going up again and we're stuck with these rules even longer.

Thanks a lot travellers, I hope your vacation was worth it. PS you're all awful and selfish people.

No. 713340

Leave him. You could try to make him give up his porn addiction but how will you be sure? If he's hidden it all these years, how will you be sure he's gonna be honest in the future?

No. 713350

File: 1610520501453.jpg (44.21 KB, 640x480, FB_IMG_1585147406246.jpg)

Ayrt and I lost my shit while reading this lol, this is such a good tactic. I usually try to laugh it off when I'm in an awkward situation, but with this I can use my coping mechanism to my advantage and slowly roast my puny, unsuspecting little moron of an opponent to a crisp. Thanks for the tip anon.

No. 713368

>catch covid at work from one of my coworkers who tested positive
>it’s fine w/e I’m asymptomatic and don’t feel bad and my work is still paying me
>check social media bc bored during quarantine
>covid positive coworker is on vacation with another coworker and their boyfriends while she’s still supposed to be quarantined
>tell my manager (who’s heavily pregnant) and she doesn’t give a flying fuck
>try to contact HR but they don’t give a fuck either
Fuck me, anons. I’m probably going to catch covid again after I recover because these retards aren’t taking any precautions after several of us got sick because of that coworker.

No. 713379

Men's rights scrotes infuriate me. Apparently "this is a matriarchal society with an extremely gynocentric legal system," and the fact that I "view pregnancy as losing autonomy shows your privilege as a woman in America who doesn't have the same fear of losing autonomy via institutionalization (jail) as men do."
This lecture was followed by a about how a girl ruined this guys life due to false rape allegations. Cry me a fucking river, how many women's lives have been ruined by men's fragile little egos.

No. 713381

>tell my manager (who’s heavily pregnant) and she doesn’t give a flying fuck
she should care considering pregnancy can heighten the risk of developing more severe symptoms of covid. i'm sorry anon, hopefully you won't get sick again and your clown of a coworker will either quit or get fired.

No. 713387

Sounds like a bunch of unaccountable idiots. I wouldn't trust using any of their products or services. I hope their business isn't something consequential, like if they were building houses I'd expect them to collapse, judging by their (lack of) sense of responsibility to the community.

No. 713407

File: 1610525255855.jpg (20.92 KB, 484x262, 3047fc7a8128b193c744d38c9e9126…)

>b-b-but what about my rights
>women have it sooo easy now
I wanna punch these kind of guys so hard. No jackass, we still dont have the same rights as men, not even in 1st world countries.
I just ask them two questions. Can you walk around at night without fear of being raped? And are you allowed to walk around alone in a country such as Saoudi-Arabia? Yes? Then shut up!
Scrotes have made us think standing up for our rights is being a "feminazi", it's just more oppression.

No. 713412

You're allowed to walk around alone in Saudi Arabia. Burgers will believe anything.

No. 713416

This feels very 2014 and what I wouldn’t give to have that back

No. 713434

Can't we just agree that both sexes have their problems? It's not a fucking competition

No. 713446

If it was men would lose because they are consistently the bigger pieces of shit, most destructive violent and entitled. Even in evil myrderous duos like Fred and Rose etc it’s the man comitting the bulk of the sadism while the woman revels in it. “Both genders have their issues” pisses me off because men are disproportionately more of a threat to women than vice versus.

We shouldn’t have to downplay our own threats and trauma just to make men feel better.

The fact that they think putting limits on their behaviour is a threat to their autonomy speaks volumes

No. 713448

I’m begging you please break up with or cheat on him, you deserve to get your pussy destroyed. Porn addicts are worthless. My porn addict ex tried to convince me that I was a sex addict for wanting to have regular sex with my boyfriend who I loved while he watched gangbang, bdsm, fisting on a regular basis. Degenerate.

No. 713451

>We shouldn’t have to downplay our own threats and trauma just to make men feel better.

It's not to make men feel better. Maybe try living with a bit of less hate for once. It can do wonders for your mental health.

No. 713453

Away with you scrote!

No. 713456

Hating scrotes improves my mental health, because I no longer take their abuse and objectification personally. I realise it’s a product of their inferior monkey brains that are dictated by impulse and hormones.

No. 713458

> “woman in America who doesn't have the same fear of losing autonomy via institutionalization (jail) as men do.”
I’m not American, had no idea women couldn’t be jailed there! /s.
If only there was a simple way to avoid jail like… I don’t know, not committing crime? Wild idea, I know.

No. 713459

Women and girls get jailed for defending their autonomy against scrotes that want to use them as sex slaves, they get jailed for killing their rapist fathers, they get jailed for reporting gang rapes. As a woman in any country it’s a constant battle to keep your autonomy and integrity sage from rape/assault, abusive men and sexist employers. Besides, carrying a WANTED pregnancy is not what destroys your autonomy but carrying the worthless genes of undesirable scrotes does.

No. 713464

Are you gonna tell me next that you are very beautiful and can have every man you want?

No. 713465

False rape allegations would be a nonexistent thing (except for revengeful exes maybe) if men didn't intentionally go for drunk chicks, or waited to get their dick wet with a new person. Imagine ignoring that a chick only gives evasive answers and needs to be begged to remove every layer of clothing, and convincing yourself that she really wants you, but is just shy. No one is that bad at reading people.

No. 713468

What? How is that even a reply to what I said?
Being mad at me isnt gonna get you a gf, sweaty.

No. 713469

all males are potential rapists anyway, might as well just jail them before they do it

No. 713490

Shit is worthless. Tell us to give feedback and complaints so they can improve. I tell them what's wrong, they tell me they'll bring it up with their boss, nothing gets done. Remind them several times and still nothing. Even basic things like needing supplies, proper lighting, or fucking hot water in the girls bathroom, they don't do anything about it. They spend money on stupid things we didn't ask for, enforce stupid rules, watch us in the camera to tell us we're leaving one minute too early for breaks. And nobody is getting raises even though we had plenty of work despite covid. Waiting for this place to shut down from incompetence already.

No. 713514

i havent had a painless shit in months. it just burns and stings everytime i go, my asshole hurts and spasms, i struggle to sit and it hurts after. ive been checked via bloods for crohns etc and those came back fine. i go multiple times a day, its starting to become a bit mentally taxing. thanks for listening to my ass-woes anons.

No. 713516

Do you eat fibre rich foods? I'd recommend eating lots of nuts, peanuts, wallnuts, cashew nuts, almonds. It works wonders for digestion and softer stools.
And of course, drink lots of liquid, water and tea specifically.

No. 713524

Adding to the advice above, I’m guessing you have access to healthcare if you’ve already been checked for crohns? If possible keep seeking help from a doctor because this isn’t normal. I’m shocked if you’ve been discharged in this condition.

No. 713530

Precisely. If they can tell us not to walk home alone at 7pm, not to go to parties and have fun, not to ride the bus or train, not to be home alone etcetcetc then the very least they could do is stop fucking having sex with wasted drunk women, stop relentlessly pursuing women who don’t want you, stop conveniently ignoring signs of disinterest, stop having sex with underage girls, but that’s apparently too much to ask, and upsets dead eyed ephebophiles like Henry Cavill because he can’t strong arm young women into having sex with him without consequence.

No. 713532

It’s cool anon, my mom and I got in a huge fight once because she insisted that me calling myself an incest survivor was disrespectful because I wasn’t assaulted by my parents. I had to then remind her that I have siblings. Not too long after, my dad, who did not understand why I was having panic attacks and nightmares, asked me during dinner if I was raped or just molested. Trying to figure out why they didnt know how to be sensitive was gonna send me to the nut hut so I had to stop wondering.
I hope you’re able to find a new therapist that works for you.

No. 713536

people post stupid shit all the time but I get ban for a funny comment kek

No. 713546

File: 1610552219595.jpg (27.05 KB, 750x852, psvpe0gbfcl41.jpg)

I feel sick because I haven't slept enough and I can't sleep because I feel sick… what to do

No. 713559

Lie down and put the phonevaway, maybe you'll fall asleep

No. 713562

I was once warned to integrate (not banned) for using "hecking valid" in my post, although I thought it was clearly ironic within the context that expression was used. The irony is that if I used something like /s at the end of my post it would be as reddit as it can get. Mods are humans too so I don't take it to heart and you can always use proxies so no biggie.

No. 713577

My boyfriend has ADHD so I joined the subreddit to look for tips on how to help out but it's 90% vent posts from undiagnosed retards. So many of the posts asking for advice are ignored too

No. 713580

The more I think about my history with my mom, the more I truly believe she should never have been allowed to have a kid. I remember calling the ambulance once at ~18, because I was suffering from severe chest pain – pain so bad I couldn't even walk around the house without a lot of limping, and this pain was 24 fucking 7 – and how she treated me like I was retarded for wanting to see someone.

Literally yelled me out of the house, yelled at me from the porch (insisting that she wasn't going to pay for it! That's cool, bitch, but please), made me feel like I was insane garbage, and insisted that I was always so dramatic…as if that wasn't my first time ever calling an ambulance, and as if I'd ever faked injuries before. I haven't. She eventually did take me to a doctor (after a few weeks of me being in constant pain kek, I guess we can use waiting for health insurance as an excuse) and even then treated me like I was shit, treated me like I was faking, and almost tried to toss me out of the house again until the doctor called and reveled that yeah, something was wrong with my heart. If I tried to bring this up now, she'd pretend that she never did it. Or that I'm "misremembering things". I'm older now, so it's easier to catch her when she does this shit: she does it a lot. I'm always the one forgetting shit. Never her.

Like I am sympathetic with her, since now that I'm older and not a stupid teenager I don't try to yell back when she randomly combusts on me for no fucking reason at all (she's a lot like a child, and I think it's due to her past, her family situation was utterly horrible and I get that, I get how trauma in one's youth impacts the rest of your life), and I get that a lot of our stressors are just due to the world being fucked in general, but…God. how I wish I had enough $$$ to go to a different state, pay her off for raising me, and just never speak to her again.

But this feels like a pipe dream until I finish university.

Actually speaking of trauma, the last big talk we had where I thought she understood she isn't some Patron Saint of Motherhood for doing the absolute basic shit you should do after bringing a life into this world and actually was pretty shitty (which ended in her, at a later date, blowing up at me – the usual kek) she tried to tell me one day that I NEED to "grow past my hurt". Okay…lousy retard, why don't you grow past yours? Why is it that whenever I try to speak to something I had issues with in my past you bring up your own shitty childhood and make me feel like trash for not having it as bad as you did? Grow past your own, tbh

No. 713581

Thank you anons, hearing from likeminded people helps me feel less crazy. At least that's how these scrotes try to make us feel when we try to advocate for our rights

No. 713585

I once got banned for using a smiley ironically but I think it was just an auto-ban or they looked over it.

The other times were for shitposting and I defenitely deserved them.

No. 713623

I have a feeling I'm gonna be fired on Friday

No. 713624

My mother told me she has cholesterol in her brain after she got a brain scan today and that's probably why she feels even more like shit than usual. She has always had weird and super weird disorders or side effects with her dangerous medical treatments, but now I'm seriously scared, even more than usual. She asked me if I'm prepared to live without her around.

No. 713625

No. 713650

I've been here for two months and it's really hard for me to connect with people in the first place (I have avoidant personality disorder), and also I am honestly terrified of the manager. She has mood swings, shouts at people, and said numerous times that she likes working with extroverted, assertive people (of which I am neither). Recently the HR was told to post a job ad that was worded in a very generic way and I can't escape the feeling that it is for my position. The end of the application is on Friday. I have also fucked up several tasks I had been given and they can probably tell anyway that I am a miserable human being

No. 713716

The only reason I was holding back in life was the fear of losing support from my family. But I guess since I actively want to separate myself from them now, I might as well find a gf, elope and never speak to these assholes again. Maybe it would even be easier that way.

No. 713719

Fuck this world I just happened upon some cursed nsfw part of twitter inhabited by 15-17 year olds, why the hell do they think posting their faces and age and bodies online for everyone to see is a good idea and advertising that they are a nsfw twitter account right after saying they are 16 years old FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

No. 713726

>cholesterol in the brain
I…don't think that's how that works? Are you saying she has high cholesterol and doctors think it's affecting her brain?

No. 713731

I am so done with people who chalk up every issue they have with daily functioning to a mental disorder. I don't even care if it's self-diagnosed or professionally diagnosed. Literally every single person on the fucking planet would be diagnosed with a mental disorder under the right environmental conditions. You can see that this is the case because people with similar personality traits tend to be diagnosed with the same mental disorders. Your "ADHD" or "Bipolar mania" is not the reason why you're having a bad time in live. You're having a bad time in life because your life sucks, plain and simple.

No. 713738

I have no idea how to translate that in English but they're small, solid bits of fat getting in the way. Kind of like tumors do I guess? I've never heard about it before either and even my mother was shocked when she was told that by her doctors because it's so weird. As I said, she has so many rare disorders at this rate anything could be possible. You'd think she'd get cholesterol in her arteries but that would have been to normal and predictable.

No. 713739

amyloid plaques? That's the only thing that came up for me when I googled "cholesterol in the brain."

Either way, I'm so sorry anon. That sounds really stressful for both of you to have to deal with.

No. 713741

File: 1610572538612.jpg (571.44 KB, 1308x1900, 1571169426223.jpg)

I feel fucking awful about even thinking this but this one friend of a friend, a mutual on many social platforms, someone who used to see at shows…she's so ugly? She just moved in with her gf and keeps posting cute matchy-matchy couple stuff and the way her face looks like a bloated waxy corpse without makeup is just jarring as shit. I am very happy she now has a nice, stable relationship so she doesn't get into her old retard shenanigans but how the fuck can someone visually disgust me to this extent? I never usually think people as ugly, everyone is unique and all that but the sheer way she looks completely different and like a crackhead with sores and shit is so disturbing to me. Maybe I am just bitter about old bad blood but damn she looks rank, but at least she knows how to do her makeup I guess.

No. 713773

Have a medical problem that, worse case scenario, is life threatening and requires immediate attention. Specialist I'm referred to as no appointments available until April. Cool I'll try not to die until then, thanks Medicare.

No. 713799

I am done. I can't go on anymore. Nobody cuts me some slack. Never. Never. Never.

No. 713813

I was going to reply with a snarky comment but I will be straight to the point because I'm genuinely curious. Do you not… think you saying "fag" and "I'm not homophobic" in the same sentence is ironical?

No. 713877

My new housemate/coworker seems like a nice person but I really hate how she is this huge white girl leftist Marxist who would probably hate me if she knew my political views. (Despite this I'm pretty sure she was just dating a 40-year-old conservative white guy before she moved in with me, but I'm not totally sure about this political beliefs) She seems like someone who needs to talk about politics all the time and it stresses me out.

I've found it incredibly difficult to make friends in my new town due to COVID so I don't really want to screw this up. I also find her annoying because she seems really braggy about her drug usage despite us being in our mid 20s. Last night she ragged on me for only taking half a shot while drinking but I didn't want to be hungover while at work today.

Since I'm ~PoC~ I can probably say all sorts of problematic triggering shit to her without her calling me out. I'm definitely on calling out her brother for being retarded as a Maoist lmao

No. 713887

File: 1610591273215.jpg (35.01 KB, 735x648, c57c28d98b5f51178cf0b4d24d6926…)

My boyfriend is not coming back by the end of January and while I do understand his reasons, I am so bummed out
So he probably won't be here for his birthday, which I was already expecting, but then we won't be here for mine either I guess
Just because I've finished buying him some birthday gifts today that I was planning on giving him around the start of February
It's super stupid but I miss him so much

No. 713894

Mentally abuse her, use her own politics against her.

No. 713907

Sometimes I forget we have psychopaths on this site.

No. 713908

That's what I'm saying. I was tempted to reply with a picture of a Freud-esque therapy couch, but that felt too mean. Whose first piece of advice to someone with an annoying, "hyperwoke" roommate is to wage psychological warfare? Even as a joke.

No. 713923

the kind of people who post on imageboards, did u think this was neopets

No. 713924

I never forget.

No. 713930

As if there aren't psychopaths on the neoboards. Lurk moar

No. 713936

i retired from neoboards before the towers fell

No. 713942

I’m SICK to death of hearing and seeing fucking Bridgerton!

Yes okay it’s a woke version of Downtown Abbey and everyone’s thirsting over the black guy and white women are hype because they get given a sexy black man on their team. The white girl is plain as hell too like I’m not saying that to be mean but I just find her basic.

No. 713946

I started watching it hoping it had a similar vibe to The Great but it was sooooo boring

No. 713952

I heard there are sum steamy sex scenes. ppl are just horny anon.

No. 713955


Meh it just feels fetishising as hell tbh and the swirl relationships are going nuts over it


No. 713956

Dear Scrotes who try to date me I know you just wanna fuck. Dont offer to cuddle me and watch a movie. Buy me some expensive perfume or buy food or dont talk to me. I have no interest in laying around in bed with someone I barely know. If you arent offering me a lobster dinner dont text me and go jerk off.

No. 713962

File: 1610601593939.jpeg (26.46 KB, 326x326, A7CE6B7A-2704-442E-B6A2-8DCF74…)


That feel when you finally start feeling better and not depressed anymore

but you start to have hallucinations all of a sudden; without any warning.

No. 713963

Honestly I need to figure out the best way to do this. Like I need to complain about white people all the time

No. 713966

File: 1610602672177.jpg (366.05 KB, 1024x1024, 1609783647382.jpg)

My social autism is going to cripple me. I can't post online, I obsessively worry about how I talk and how people will make fun of how I talk. I don't have any social media and rarely post on the forums and boards I go on, I just lurk. When I do post I get anxious. There's something about not knowing the tone of people online, not seeing their body language or other cues makes it hard for me to know how to interpret what they mean. Also, people have online personas that don't match up irl which makes me wary of connecting with people online.

No. 713968

Hershey's chocolate tastes like vomit

No. 713969

someone fucking shoot garry please

No. 713978

I can’t believe so much sick shit is normalized now. I’m scared, really scared, because even sicker things will become normalized/accepted within a few years. In the near future, I’m going to start cutting myself off from ppl/internet and just live alone far away….the realization is overwhelming.

No. 713986

File: 1610608632388.jpeg (65.53 KB, 544x426, DBA9E164-CE89-401E-871B-1E28BB…)

I don't really mean this, but sometimes I wish plastic surgery didn't exist. It's not that I judge people who get it. It's just torture knowing it's an option for me, with my big nose. More than that, it'd be preferred by society. My nose is not that big, but women get nosejobs for less, and it hurts a lot knowing that if a celebrity had my nose they'd have it changed. I rarely see people with my nose because they all get nosejobs. I don't completely blame them but it reminds me that people find it ugly, probably.
I don't want to get ps, for several reasons… I don't think it's necessary for me, I would feel guilty that I did it and probably hate myself more knowing I had a different nose before, I would feel freaked out in the mirror by this different person, I would feel fake every time someone found me attractive, feel fake in general. Most of all on principle, I don't believe in it morally for myself. And there's a stubborn part that wants to like my nose, that wants to prove the world wrong, that wants to show others like me that we don't have to be ashamed. Honestly I'm starting to like my nose both from the front and the side. The profile view is harder but I think it goes well with my eyes and creates a unique look. So, I'm determined not to change it, even if my mother had a nosejob herself. It still hurts a lot seeing all these women who found their similar noses bad enough to get work done… It feels like I can't be beautiful without doing that and ik it's superficial but I hate it. It's like a temptation that's always there but I never want to do it
Jennifer grey picrel is my cope because she looked gorgeous before and had a similar one. of course she got a nosejob though

No. 713989

me too but I wish a kind anon would soothe us about this
sadly I am scared it's inevitable

No. 713991

Two years of no contact and yet my bitch mother still lives rent free in my head. Her existence makes me angry. It disgusts me to know she gets to live forming a victim narrative to siphon support from people when the reality is she's a manipulative control freak, professional mask-wearer, and actress who hates people and doesn't deserve an iota of their empathy. She gets others to guilt and shame me with religion in order to resume contact with her but none of these retards understand I don't owe her a relationship. If she wanted her ass wiped in old age and wanted a daughter who loved her like in the Hallmark movies or like the other daughters she'd compare me to, then maybe she should have spent less time threatening, insulting, and being awful to me. She should have been kind and nice and maybe she would have received that kind of bond back. I upset people because I remind them that their kids have the option to walk away and it scares the piss out of them. I hate that I can't even defend myself because it's a no-win game: If I respond I legitimize her victimhood by listing her bullshit and then be crazymade that I'm just too sensitive, and if I don't respond I'm a shunning brat who won't recite decades of wrongs on the spot so they must not actually exist.

It makes me mad that vile people like her seem to live forever. I wish her old crow ass would have kicked the bucket years ago so at least having been miserable under her clutches would have amounted to something in compensation. Of course the pack a day smoker and daily screaming drama queen lives on into her fucking 70s. Meanwhile people with great parent relationships often have their loving, sweet parents succumb to terrible fates like cancer very young. If it were my choice I'd throw that bitch in a fire if it meant it would bring back someone's awesome parent. It's really not fair.

Everyday I fear that I am her. Or that I will become her; a mental bellend who knows she's mental but does everything to disguise it for the show of the outside while taking it out on anyone who is on the true inside. Also that if I ever have children, that I would unconsciously treat them in the same selfish ways I endured. I feel like a purposeless dead end.

No. 713993

I have a huge crush on my dorm neighbor and it´s driving me insane. Like, fight-or-flight mode engaged. He´s so far out of my league but is super nice to everyone so naturally my bitch brain had to believe she had a chance in heck

No. 713996

I want to delete my dating app after being liked by the world's ugliest agp troon, a fat pig in lipstick. Why are they allowed in the female category I'm vomiting

No. 714019

Oh man, anon I could have written this! My mom too had a nosejob when I was little and keeps offering it to me but for the same reasons you listed I am reluctant.

No. 714031

I fucking hate seeing the Soren thread picture. I wish we could hide threads.

No. 714043

you can hide threads, just press on that small [-] button on the thread's top left corner
also same, thread pic is disgusting

No. 714050

Gosh I wish I could afford medicine and therapy. I am so tired of being depressed and emotional all the time and dealing with trauma. I literally cried my eyes out for an hour because I kept dying in an mmo and it made my party really annoyec so one of them told me off. Like it's just a game I know, I'm being dramatic and stupid. But in my brain that failure is just another to add to the list of failures which in the end makes me a useless failure that will only ever make people annoyed.

No. 714052

You don't need to hide the entire thread, you can hide just that one specific pic that's irritating you.
Up above the pic, just before the filename, it says "File (hide)". Click the "hide".

No. 714054

Are you me? I cry about shit like that too all the time despite knowing it's silly but like you I feel like I do more things wrong than right. I wish I had some advice for you anon but just know you're not alone.

No. 714060

File: 1610622675860.png (875.83 KB, 594x597, blanket racc.PNG)

I work in a call center and yesterday I had a call that started off relatively normal and ended with the woman threatening to kill herself. I was calling about her husband who she told me was in the hospital. She just kept saying "how can i go back to my normal life? I have no life! I will never see my husband alive again!" I felt so awful for her and I wish I could've comforted her more, I was just lost for words and froze. I think my manager arranged a wellness check for her and told me there wasnt much I could've done differently. I just feel kinda stupid not being able to help more, but I also dont want to beat myself up for such a tough situation.

No. 714062

The plastic surgery thread in /g/ is so depressing. In all honesty it should be called the Body Dysmorphia thread. They all need a therapist, not a surgeon, but I can't post my honest opinion in their thread because it's against the rules to go into a thread to bitch about it, so here I am venting about it.
I used to be completely indifferent towards people who have plastic surgery since it's not my business. Since reading that thread, I'm not indifferent anymore, I feel sadness and pity and a little bit of rage as I want to shake them out of it.

No. 714075

I feel like I can't talk with anyone. It's not their fault, it's me. Nobody understands me, nobody gets what I'm trying to say. They interpret it completely different than what I meant. Then I have to over-explain myself and that's weird again.

A lot of times I feel like an Alien observing Mankind, rather than being part of it. And I don't like it. I wanna be part of it. I wanna understand people. I want people to understand me. But I just can't have it. My brain is running the wrong drivers.

It's the same with Therapy. I thought I had a good connection to my latest therapist. But recently I noticed that even there, I most of the time have no idea what he's trying to say to me. And when I explain myself he understands it differnt too.

Anons, how to become human?

No. 714082

Maybe you have aspergers?

No. 714084

I understand people getting aesthetic surgeries if they were really hit hard with the ugly stick (completely asymmetrical faces), but people hyperfocusing on some kind of minor bump on their nose is obvious mental illness. Sometimes you can see them post in the wild of /ot/ and they'll always get piled on, because they're 100% they NEEDed that nosejob just to be treated like human.

No. 714085

That's a thought that crossed my mind. But these 3 things speak against it:

- I don't have sensory perception difficulties
- No therapist ever suggested or mentioned it
- People with aspergers usually have isolated huge talents -> I don't

Thanks for replying

No. 714090

>People with aspergers usually have isolated huge talents
I think that's more of an urban myth than anything, most aspies aren't geniuses.

No. 714091

Most that I have met weren't geniuses at all. But they all had their thing where they were the absolute best.

No. 714092

I'm not human either and it can be very defeating at times. Like there is a barrier between myself and all of humankind. I wish I could give you actual advice, but as far as I know, it doesn't get easier. What I can assure you is that there is someone out there with a mind that works in similar ways. That person will not only understand you, but offer their acceptance and respect. Maybe their love, too. I truly wish you the best, anon.

No. 714094


Aspergers and autism is a spectrum anon, you might not have all the traits associated with it. Aspergers in women especially is hard to detect and a huge amount of women with it don't get diagnosed until later in life. I have two female friends who were diagnosed with aspergers in their teens and early twenties. They come off a bit shy or socially awkward at times but otherwise you wouldn't suspect it.

No. 714095

>People with aspergers usually have isolated huge talents -> I don't
I think this is only applied in high fuctioning not the low fuctioning.

No. 714098

bless, thanks anons

No. 714100

Low functioning autists are what one would call a "potato"

No. 714101

I need help. How do I get motivated to live? What are the things that keep you going? Things that make you want to be a functional member of society? I don't want to be motivated by fear. I have nothing to really hope for. I don't even make art anymore. What do you hope for? I don't want anything. I am trying my best to do what I have to but I can't see the point of doing besides the bare minimum. I feel dead.

No. 714103

What with realtionship with potato and low function anon?

No. 714106

>Really liked Steam Powered Giraffe when I was a teen during 2011-2013
>For some reason that "tumblr" phase passes, keep listening to some of their songs but stop following the band and paying attention for their news
>Last night, remember about them, decide to check them out
>The cast has changed again (normal for them), seeing that only Spine is still there with what seem like 2 new members ( a new guy and a girl)
>Listen to their new songs, but something buggers me about the girl's voice
>Check the stage name os the new members. The new guy is Zero but the girl name is Rabbit ( Rabbit is the name of one of the original cast, a guy who was the twin brother of Spine)
>Some quick research after I see why her voice buggers me
>At some point in 2014 Rabbit(male) trooned out becoming Rabbit(female), starting some hormones and ruining his voice

It's weird to think that one of my teen crushes in now a troon

No. 714125

No. 714137

I'm tired of living with a dumbass binge eater that doesn't give a shit about getting better or addressing their issues. I can't buy certain food items because I know they'll go missing before I even get a chance to have a crumb of it. it's disgusting shameful behavior and I'm appalled that the adult I live with is not more embarrassed about being so selfish all the time.

No. 714143

The American tax system only rewards the super-rich or people that consistently make poor decisions. Regular working people can't catch a break even if they do everything right. I hate it here.

No. 714146


No. 714258

Tried to get a receipt from Amazon on some office supplies I ordered with my personal card for an expense report.
What am I supposed to do if it's showing non-office shit just because I bought it all in the same click? I fucking thought I'd be able to get a separate receipt from each seller because that makes fucking sense! Am I meant to photoshop this shit out? My boss really doesn't need to know I bought canned tuna fish and other things. What the actual fuck? I just want $50 back jfc.

No. 714260

Underage scrotes who rape or/and kill girls should be punished just like adult scrotes. There's this case in my country; a 15 year old scrote stabbed to death a pregnant 13 year old girl. He was lying to the police, acting "concerned" and "searching" for the missing girl alongside with her parents. Now everyone acts shocked and says it's because of the lack of sexual education in our country. Bullshit. If that scrote wasn't fucked in the head, he would've just left her with the child, in worst case scenario. You can use lack of education to "justify" teenage pregnancy, but you can't use it to justify murder. This fucker won't even get any jail time, they will just put him in juvenile until he's 21

No. 714262

hey fellow polandfag, I'm so fucking mad about this case I can't even
I agree with my whole heart

No. 714264

I've been kinda stressed for a year. I thought I was handling it well since I didn't have a full on mental break down until my room mate came to me concerned about why I stopped eating.
Oh shit, I eat maybe one meal a day and I've lost weight. A lot of weight. But I'm still not hungry. Now I have to remind myself to stop working at my computer and eat food. I can't even human right

No. 714266

at least he'll be locked up for at least a few years… what's the law like there, will it remain on his record or no? if not that's even more disappointing

No. 714268

It’s becoming more and more common these days. teenage scrotes raping, gang raping, killing, paedophillia and incest. They get access to porn at younger and younger ages. Really fucking sad. I pity the young.

No. 714271

I don't think it's more common, I think it's just being researched more, that's it. Porn is disgusting, but porn is not the main problem, the main problem is the Y chromosome.

No. 714273

real problem is patriarchal society that ignores emotional needs of men, perpetuating 'macho' stereotype. if someone has to bottle up their emotions and is ridiculed for being sensitive no wonder they'll end up being a psycho

No. 714276

Exposing youngsters to porn is traumatic on different levels according to the individual. It makes children hypersexual. Porn relentlessly portrays women as sex objects and subservient to male pleasure, their pain, degradation and disconfort is sexualised. They are also portrayed as sexual deviants themselves, as cheaters, and readily willing to take 4 - 12 dicks in a row in any context, and have entire arms stuck up their anus. What kind of view of women do you think these young scrotelings are getting? What sort of sexual appetite will they have as adults after being desensitised to so much brutality?

No. 714277

Scrote detected(Hi scrote )

No. 714281

hating patriarchy is scrote thing now? lmao ok

No. 714285

it does reek of "male feminist" scrote tbh

No. 714286

Patriarchy was created by men to fit their NATURE and it caters to them.

No. 714287

or libfem pick-me i guess

No. 714289

You do sound like a scrote. “Men rape and kill because nobody cares about their fee fees” is very much scrote narrative. Nobody cares about women’s emotional needs, either. Just because it’s “acceptable” for us to cry (it isn’t) doesn’t mean anyone is willing to help us or has any form of compassion unless they want something from us.

No. 714291

>perpetuating macho stereotype
By other men.
>their emotional needs are ignored
By other men, and they wind up hating their moms and girlfriends and lose respect for anyone willing to coddle them. Women do ask them to put aside selfishness and assume responsibilities like what we endure, which is a separate issue but often one conflated with brushing off male feefees for not letting them get what they want all the time.

No. 714293

I care about women problems in the society far more than men and I don't want to go into this whole discussion of men being opressed now, just wanted to respond with something that may be a more nuanced insight into why they are like this and not be like "REE kill all men".

like you say, men opress other men. nothing i can do about it and I'm more pissed about women being treated as lesser but i'm not a scrote for acknowledging the former.

No. 714295

>Just because it’s “acceptable” for us to cry (it isn’t).
Also this and emphasis on the "it isn't" because reality is that women who cry are seen as manipulative or overly sensitive. It does not pass without judgement in most cases, crying as an adult is seen as not having your shit together.

No. 714302

internally losing it lately.
gf's brother gave us covid. i never met her family and was thrusted into quarantining w them for 2 weeks. they are homophobic and abusive but toned it back when i was present. i left dinner once to go upstairs and do a zoom dnd session lol. then i have to mute myself bc everyone starts screaming. the household is tense my gf is like "imagine how it is for me" blah blah. we had almost broke up so many times in the past month and i just wasn't strong enough to walk away. i felt manipulated/guilted into dating her, into saying i love her, into quarantining w her even though i said i'd rather do it at my house alone.
i had been planning on breaking up w her, even contemplating leaving her house without saying anything. then her mom gets a phone call that she has cancer and it's stage 4. so i feel like i can't leave bc my partner is suicidal bc she's drowning in debt, her mom could be dying, she hates how she looks, she can't handle taking the amount of hours she needs to, can't take a semester off or she'll lose her scholarship. and i dont want to be the asshole that leaves their partner bc their mom has cancer

yes i understand i can walk away, but if you've experienced something like this, it is not easy. idk what to do but stay until further notice

No. 714306

File: 1610653365522.jpeg (162.72 KB, 720x960, 8E85C7CB-C766-41F7-BC4D-CA80A6…)

I really am sorry for you. I understand how you feel. You obviously know you aren’t obligated to stay with her but I would suggest starting to distance yourself. Tell her you think it’s best you go back to yours and quarantine alone to stave off the COVID, and to give her space to be with her mother alone. You seem stressed and overwhelmed and you need a break before you make a decision.

No. 714307

Sucks but it's kind of on you for lying about the relationship from the start and the only thing you're not entirely at fault for is not being able to predict shit like her mom getting diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Right now you're the asshole staying in a relationship you've never wanted to be in and lying because you're afraid of being the asshole. It is selfish, but you're right, breaking up now might make her emotionally worse. If you break up with her later, if you really care about her feelings, you won't ever tell her the truth about this. I can't imagine losing my mom and being riddled with debt only for my partner to break up with me and confess that they never loved me through all that. No words, anon.

No. 714308

This is the vent thread anon, if you’re not going to be helpful then why not fuck off back to Reddit with all the other socially backward robots.

No. 714319

Just because it's uncomfortable to hear doesn't make it an unhelpful insight, she(you?) should really never tell the truth about that ever.

No. 714326

Okay okay, that's all A LOT but
>i dont want to be the asshole that leaves their partner bc their mom has cancer
That's not why you would leave her though? You said you were about to leave her even before this and I know it's hard, but you have every right to end it, even though people might think of it as a dick move. It's never easy and absolutely a big scary situation for you all, but I hope you can figure it out and gtfo.

No. 714330

What do you get out of being so hostile? I guarantee you’d expect to be handled with kid gloves if you where doing something stupid out of obligation and fear of hurting someone’s feelings

No. 714341

that type of nose is extremely cute to me and it has so much character ! I'm happy that you are starting to love it !

No. 714346

op anon here, wasn't me but i agree w them
should have phrased it as "when their mom has cancer", not "because". wouldn't even consider leaving if i wasn't already planning on breaking up. tysm anon

there is truly not much in my heart for her over time. im scared my gf will kill herself, i've been through this w her before. it's extremely taxing,
i couldn't focus on myself and my schoolwork, and feel like i can't now

she's going to visit a friend in a diff state at the end of the month so a lot can happen, i could do it then. i'm sure i'll figure it out

No. 714349

Just make sure you are safe and that you don't unnecessarily hurt her feelings, it's gonna be okay anon.

No. 714352

I'm not being hostile at all, especially by lolcow standards, and you should learn to ignore posts you don't like instead of causing infight.

No. 714357

File: 1610656037900.jpg (80.33 KB, 632x950, andrea_carrazco-fit.jpg)

Big noses (especially aquiline ones) are so so gorgeous, you almost certainly have admirers who are too scared to say anything in case it hurts you feelings. Good for you for taking your stance on PS! The world is always the better for more cool noses

No. 714362

Kek I don't think men being depraved is more common, it's just that in the old days you were way more in danger of your fellow villagepeople literally beating you to death for going after their daughters.

No. 714384

I fucking love big noses, all kinds of noses really but the power of a big nosed woman, I have a piggy nose so I bow down to these queens.

No. 714387

File: 1610658178279.png (465.64 KB, 491x622, 473928654308578034.png)

Agreed, I'm really bored of the mass marketed baby doll noses. (No offense to small-nosed anons, it's just the lack of variety.) I think women with big noses look strong, unique and just as beautiful. Pardon the vidya sperg but I've always loved that Nintendo made the Gerudo women have big noses and they're the badass powerful warrior women culture.

No. 714400

As an anon with a big ass nose, that's really nice and comforting to read.
NGL, I love Gerudos! Never thought about their noses, but they truly are unique - like all races in Zelda. Amazing.

No. 714415

File: 1610660000688.png (61.99 KB, 300x330, F828FFDB-4D81-49F1-AA57-644695…)

I want to be a fucking hermit so badly. It’s all I ever think about.

No. 714427

Okay Ted

No. 714432

Ted is a smelly autist who shits in people’s bathtubs. I don’t want to be like him.

No. 714444

You anons have made me feel so much better about my nose. It’s really nice to hear not everyone hates a big schnoz when you see a lot of people with your nose get it changed. This makes me so happy!

No. 714458

How do the heck are you supposed to cope with long distance relationships? I can't even watch romantic things anymore without bursting out crying and feeling miserable the whole time. It's got to the point where I almost feel like I'd be better off single because the pain of not being able to be with my significant other is nearly unbearable. It was okay in the beginning and didn't bother me one bit but it's now been six months since I've last seen him which just feels like forever.

No. 714459

Do you two have a clear date where you'll be reunited? I think knowing there's an end in sight, even if it's a ways out, is helpful when it comes to being able to endure the periods in between.

No. 714480

I joined some discord server and was talking to the women in this chat about dating. Then I said something about how online dating is full of trash men, then said something like I'm just not dating men. I also said something like I have no problem with ceasing contact when I get turned off by a guy.
All of a sudden this scrote who's a MRA type comes out of nowhere like "WhY aRe YoU nOt DaTiNg MeN? ThAt'S sO sElFiSh!!!!!" like as if women are obligated to date these sore losers. I left not long after that since moids are fucking insufferable/cancerous to be around if you're not a moid yourself.
How do people join discord servers that aren't exclusively female? Jesus fucking christ.

No. 714482

LMAO, right? It's not acceptable for women to cry past like kindergarten. I can personally attest to this as I used to cry easily as a child and used to get made fun of for crying as early as 6 years old. Nobody ever comforted me as a girl–they made fun of me and belittled me as the crybaby to the point that I now have a huge complex about crying. As an adult when I go through upsetting/traumatic situations, I can't cry, let alone process my own emotions because I'm so ashamed to potentially cry. The only way I can cry is if I watch movies where I have an excuse to cry over some hypothetical scenario (and people still make fun of me for crying then).
Yet I'm supposed to believe that I and other women who have had this experience had it better than men/boys? What about the boys who made fun of me, a young girl, for crying? Looking back the majority of kids who teased me for crying were male. If those same boys (now men) were to complain of how hard it is to show emotion I'd laugh in their faces.

No. 714484

File: 1610668979964.jpg (50.02 KB, 728x717, 9lmynhe588l31.jpg)

> met an amazing lesbian woman in her 30s who is stereotypically "masculine" because she's been to army, loved tech stuff and physically fit with many nice interests
> now i find out that she is actually a nonbinary, preferimg masculinity and is waiting for COVID to be over to turn herself into a man
Why is it so hard to find strong, inspiring women that don't care about gender roles in any bit and just live their life? It makes me feel depressed. She is an amazing person, don't get me wrong, but now after she told that I started realising a bunch of things that I never paid attention to. And you would think a person in their 30s would not let themselves become…this. i don't know.

No. 714485

Samefagging, should have known when I saw her going "not all men" over some meme. Damn

No. 714496

I pretend to be male. The discord servers I'm in are based around a topic like anime or video games so politics and what sex everyone is doesn't come up that often anyway.

No. 714513

I'm >>>/ot/713974 and I'm still fucking salty over it. I want to express myself and have a style I like and even when I post here I get dopiled by everyone. Fuck this, why does everyone want to control my life.

No. 714514

My boyfriend off hand mentioned he has a porn twitter account when I've said multiple times that the idea of him looking at porn makes me uncomfortable. I can't stop thinking about it and I have no fucking clue how to bring it up? It's really eating away at me. In our discord chat, I noticed someone sent him cosplay porn of his favorite character and I feel sick. He didn't seem to reply to it, at least not publicly, but he probably PM'd the guy, who knows what he said. I don't want to be a jealous cunt but I have severe bpd and I'm more upset at myself for being upset.

No. 714515

I have a weird growth on my face that I'm terrified is cancer and it's going to be fucking months before anyone can take a look at it. I don't understand how everyone just gets on with their life while waiting for a resolution for these things. I can't stop looking in the mirror and fixating on it and crying because it's getting worse. My bf thinks I'm overreacting but I honestly don't care anymore. It's not like I have anything else going for me to distract from this

No. 714517

For me it's the "well, can't do shit about it right now, so I'll just try to be as chill as possible lol" vibe

No. 714518

I don't think that's possible for me unfortunately. My anxiety was already pretty debilitating even before this thing started growing on my face.

No. 714520

I'll commiserate with you anon.
I used to be someone who'd wear makeup all the time. I'd get tons of compliments about it yet at the same time I would get these backhanded comments about never being seen without it which sounded vaguely salty. It was almost like people were mad at me for wearing something that objectively made me look better–by that I mean evened out my complexion and enlarged my eyes–when they knew without I wouldn't have looked nearly as good. Almost like they felt I didn't have a right to looksmax myself cause they thought I was less attractive underneath it all so why should I get to feel nice about myself? As if I didn't earn it somehow, or like it was some unspoken competition.

I don't wear makeup much anymore because of masks and my wallet is thanking me for it, but don't let people's reactions get you down. You do you.

No. 714521

Anon, people can sometimes be offhand about their opinions (especially on sites like this one)- don't let it affect you. Also, you're definitely allowed to be a little upset. No one should get stared down like a weirdo for wearing makeup.

No. 714524

>and even when I post here I get dopiled by everyone
Idgi, it's just two replies?

No. 714527

4chan scrotes making the current thing to lust after tomboys makes me sad. I just want to not be sexualized by men but with the advent of the internet I have found out that very much is not an option. I want to crawl out of my skin

No. 714531

I mean, i'm not saying it's easy but for sure the wait is the worst part, you wake up and for a second you forget, then the doom sets in. If you do get diagnosed with something, then you learn to chill. For what it's worth, it may be a cyst or a lipoma.

No. 714535

i did that “are you a difficult person to get along with” test and i was going to post my result but i got highest in manipulation so perhaps not. i don’t want people to be afraid of me. i just think it is always a good idea to collect information on people incase you ever have to use it against them. i guess that isn’t normal?

No. 714539

I didn't get the highest but nearly and for me it's the fact that I think it would be stupid not to remember whatever people tell you or what you notice, in case they fuck you or someone you care about over. I don't have some files full of documents and photos but I do have a list in my head, but the truest power is when people know you know. Idk, comes from living with parents who would use everything they knew of you as a weapon against you so you would just learn to take note of shit and seem like a faux transparent person. I have never done freaky shit though?

No. 714540

Sounds like you’re proud of that lol most people do that to some degree to “potential threats”, otherwise no one has the energy to seize up everyone they come across.
People aren’t scared of you kek, you probably just give off the vibe that you’re aloof and distrustful. So if people act distant it’s because of that.

No. 714542

Everyone keeps a "list in their head" but it doesn't count. The question was most likely about keeping proof like photos and videos.

No. 714545

Well goddamit i need to take it again, i was wondering about that

No. 714546

File: 1610680451314.jpg (110.5 KB, 674x960, 1573447012034.jpg)

My dog is so old and while he's still energetic and spry I can't stop thinking about how he'll be gone soon. I don't think I can get another dog, I can't handle the pain of losing it.

No. 714554

I hate moids so Fucking much. Trufemcels got banned a few hours ago, that place never said anything violent, yet it was banned for "hate speech", I guess hate speech counts if it's against yourself? Yet all the incels subs are still up. Fuck. Them.

Every female space, no matter how small always ends up polluted by moids, or completely wiped out because these monkeys can't stand the thought of not being included in every little nook and cranny. Honestly this just made me more motivated to do a cs major, just out of fucking spite.

No. 714559

>Yet all the incels subs are still up.
And all the rape fetish subs are still up too. Reddit hates women.

No. 714560

i want to watch guided meditation videos so i can finally get a good night's worth of sleep but i find them so unnerving…the uncanny calm voice and weird echoey music sounds creepy

No. 714574

Break up with him. It will not get better anon, please trust me unless you want to be that girlfriend who constantly feels terrible about herself and does more to help her bf's porn addiction than even he does. He's not going to change and it's going to waste your time as a wonderful partner who deserves better. A porn account on Twitter indicates straight up addiction. Do not excuse this and don't think it's going to change unless you plan on 'helping' him. By 'helping', I mean you frantically posting repeatedly to those loveafterporn subreddits and seeking out resources for him while his habits/addiction get worse.
I thought about it and I think I just don't like interacting with men whenever I have a choice not to. Even when I can blend in and when I find a group of guys that's not as sexist as others, their perspectives are still so limited which makes their conversations so shallow and full of shitty hot takes. They're boring as fuck if not downright depressing as a woman to talk to. My female-only servers on the other hand are super interesting and deep in conversation in a variety of topics.

No. 714587

Yeah, two people is a lot when you look at way worse posts who go unnoticed. I feel targeted.

No. 714594

I'm the anon who replied "Maybe it just looks bad" and honestly, I wasn't even trying to be rude and I don't think my comment was mean at all? I was just trying to give a suggestion as to why people were "looking at you weird" or whatever. It wasn't even a dogpile like you're saying. Considering how you responded to that one comment, I'm honestly thinking you're just imagining that people are giving you weird/bad looks and trying to control you, and you're just being too self-conscious and sensitive. And before you try to say I'm trying to control or attack you or whatever, I'm not. Again, I'm not trying to be mean, just my honest opinion/insight

No. 714595

I am so bored and my boyfriend falls asleep so early despite having a day off tomorrow. My wifi is too janky to watch anything on and I'm fucked up on drugs.
I would give up a few of my fingers for some fun right now, or sex. It's like he only fucks me when he's fucked up on drugs though, kek

No. 714596

this sounds like pixytery kek

No. 714601

>I'm more upset at myself for being upset.
Y tho. Why is his obsession with looking at naked strangers more important than your desire to be cherished and sexually desired in the relationship? Stop buying into the misgynistic Kool-Aid that says sex work is empowering and porn is a teehee fun and natural tool for arousal. Modern porn began with a woman's rape being filmed and sold to theaters by the mob and it's only gotten more degenerate these days. No one except addicted coomers obsessively make entire accounts for jack off material or spent all day trading nude images of virtual prostitutes with their "friends." This is an example of bottom of the barrel, sleazy, immature, mind-numbing retardation. He's not even a boy, he's a useless zombie. What is he adding to your life that you think is so irreplaceable that it's impossible to find in another man minus the erectile dysfunction and complete lack of concern for you? The only thing he's giving you is anxiety and self confidence issues.

>I don't want to be a jealous cunt

Do you fucking hear yourself? The self hatred and internalized misogyny is off the charts. Love yourself anon, no one deserves to be treated like this. If you're seriously a BPD-chan I know it's going to be even harder to feel like you're worthy of real, respectful love but look into therapy or self help books or something. Focus on helping yourself rather than trying to convince yourself that a hideous toad has the capacity to turn into a prince if you find the magic words.

No. 714602

I wish my retarded older sister would fucking leave. I’m at the point where I just don’t tolerate her existence and her being mentally stunted doesn’t help. She has the mind of a 12 y/o despite being in her mid 20s. I’m 2 years younger than her but it feels like she’s like my younger sister than anything

My mom says that I should spend time with her but I don’t have the patience for that. Anytime me and my other two siblings have a joke, she has to go “huh?” or “I don’t get it” or she’ll make it about herself and drain the fun out of it then blame it on her mental illness. I blame my fucking mom and her school caretaker for coddling her from preschool all the way to high school. All she ever does now is lay in bed all day, talking with her equally retarded boyfriend while complaining about working a measly 4 he shift at some clothing store. She only went to community college for one semester but then dropped out, claiming it was “too hard”. I was going to school myself but had to drop out for now due to covid.

Granted my mom had sheltered me as well but I’ve made attempts to be more independently. Not significant attempts I’ll admit but im taking it step by step and I’m fucking proud at going at my own pace .She will never get ahead in life,i just know it and I cannot wait for the day I leave. I’m so ashamed of having her as my older sister. I’m honestly disgusted.

This got too long but I guess that’s the point of this..

No. 714604

Each look into the mirror presents me with wildly different reflections. I truly don't know what I look like, just that I look like an ugly humanoid snake.

No. 714608

Dude it's the fucking VENT THREAD, am I not allowed to post here without some cunt trying to insult me? What are the mods doing?

No. 714609

Why won’t jannies just delete those retarded male threads. They’re a fucking eyesore to look at.

No. 714611

Fuck Reddit. Every bitch who still unironically uses it is a pick me handmaid.

No. 714612

They’re laughing at you, sperglord(don't infight itt)

No. 714619

Whyyyyyy do I always get sick three weeks into an excercise routine? I'll do it everyday, get into the habit, have the motivation to take an hour out of every day to do it, see progress and THEN I get a fever which prevents me from leaving the bed for a week and I lose it again. I know it's just my own fault for not being disciplined enough getting up again but it's always three weeks like clockwork, why??? I'll definitely do it today, but I'll hate every minute of it again.

No. 714636

i cant get out of this mental block. I have a work from home job and it feels like nothing matters except for the emails in my inbox as long as covid exists. I can count on one hand the amount of times i've seen friends irl or extended family since april
its not good…I've never liked eating/cooking and without a real social routine it's gotten to the point where I eat something like a granola bar at 11 and then whatever leftovers my parents have in the fridge in the evening. when I was trying to maintain weight for sport in college I would go through 2 gallons of milk a week, now on multiple occasions I've had to throw cartons out because I dont finish them in time
when things get "better" I will have enough money to afford my own place but even that feels like cope, sometimes it doesn't seem like we're ever going back to the way things were

No. 714653

I'm late to reply and everyone's gonna yell at me, but no joke: research death and suicide. Accept your mortality. If you've never attempted suicide before, take a couple weeks to figure out how you'd do it if you absplutely had to. (Obviously, you do not have to.) If it immediately terrifies you— hell, if this post alone terrifies you— then don't research any further. Focus instead on your fear of death and instinctual desire to live.

If by some sad miracle it doesn't scare you, give it a try. There is nothing more motivating than a near death experience, especially the horror of being too cowardly to die even though you were agonising over being alive just seconds prior. Understand how difficult it is to die. Understand you have little else to do but live. Understand that the only way to continue in this hellhole is to carve out your dreams by force.

In those moments that you fear death, what are you afraid to lose? I know you don't want to be motivated by fear, and you don't have to be. There is a gorgeous life out there for you where you are at peace with yourself and your circumstances. Though existentialism may seem all pervasive, you can work through it to get in touch with your reasons to live. What do you yearn to do before you die? What is missing from your life that makes it so unbearable? What does your personal heaven look like, and are any of its aspects achievable here on Earth? There are no wrong answers.

Your lack of motivation stems from your disinterest in current pursuits. Hone in on what you actually want from your life. Although confronting death is a scary way to begin the process, it puts things into perspective in a way that nothing else can. Please know that you deserve to live. You deserve to live and to do so happily, with energy and excitement every morning when you open your eyes to realise you're still alive. You're allowed to have dreams, anon, and to transform your life in an effort to attain them. You deserve good.

Some disclaimers: Nobody who wants to live should attempt suicide, even if it's just a tiny kernel of hope or doubt. This goes especially for those who don't know what they're doing, are acting on impulse, etc.. I don't see anything wrong with researching the topic. Knowledge is not inherently harmful. I'm not advocating for needless death. Suicide is not glamourous. It sucks. I'd just like to offer some admittedly extreme advice to those who feel listless and stuck.
We're all adults here, so please be sensible when you ban me.

No. 714657

I would advise you to stop associating with 4chan scrotes. Not just beacuse of this, just in general. For your own mental health.

No. 714659

>Yet all the incels subs are still up.

Didn't they have to make multiple incel boards since they got banned off reddit?

No. 714664

I'm never fucking dating again. I got dumped by my bf of four years and it hurts so bad

No. 714666

My doctor referred me to get a MRI scan because of the pain in my head and left ear. If it turns out I have some sort of brain tumor I think i'm offing myself because there's no point in fighting for this life. I feel like I already failed. I know it sounds deterministic but I think I inherited extreme mental weakness from my parents, who also failed at life. My father couldn't cope with his job and he became an alcoholic, lost his job and his house, he's been drinking for like 20 years and I don't even know if he's still alive. My mother was very unstable, probably BPD, also couldn't cope with stress at her job so she always had to take it out on me and treat me as her punching bag, she was in huge debt because she was constantly taking loans she wasn't able to repay, borrowed money from literally everyone (and she preferred to spend that money on some dumb shit like jewelery instead of taking me to a dentist, for example). After her death I almost lost our small apartment. Even thoguh I declined the inheritance and I don't have to pay her debts, I still have some strange people knocking on my door or leaving notes to my mother, and I'm scared. I don't have any friends except for my mom's old friend, I don't have any other family except for my aunt who doesn't really care about me and I know from my mom's friend she wants to sell my apartment and basically get rid of me. I feel completely cornered. I also have health problems and I can't find a job now. I'm autistic but that's not the problem; there are autists who do well in life. My main problem is my weakness, breaking under a smallest pressure, getting anxiety attacks over trivial things, getting paranoid about my health detoriating and about losing my savings. I feel like I'm designed to fail, just like my parents. People with shitty genes really shoudln't have children

No. 714667

Today I will learn if I get fired or not

No. 714669

Couldn't you have given her the rest of your advice without suggesting she make a suicide attempt? Even if an attempt isn't successful it can leave you with a damaged body for the rest of your life, even just overdosing on painkillers can bring a lifetime of health complications
This is the opposite of helping someone

You sound like you might be depressed, in the literal clinical sense, do you have access to healthcare? If you have understanding parents it would be good to ask them to help you with getting support. Did you used to care about the things you no longer care about? If you never did then perhaps you need a complete change of scene, some new activity that involves being busy outdoors. Volunteering your free time to a charitable organisation can also help with the problem of not knowing or caring what to do with your time.
Nobody can magically give you motivation to live but it's important to understand that you won't feel this way forever, and to find something that makes you feel anything.

No. 714673

File: 1610703680127.png (22.77 KB, 213x291, tumblr_lt68xrd96Z1qg5xr6.png)

I'm horny and lonely but I don't like masturbation, it feels like I'm going to go insane if I don't get a good dicking soon but I won't sleep with just anyone, especially during a pandemic, and my dating life is a goddamn desert because I am (rightfully) picky.

No. 714679

I can relate, my parents families are riddled with cancer and heart diseases and they're all mentally ill. I've been existing okay, lucked out and living comfy NEET life, for now. But I've been getting pains, if I find out I'm fucked up medically I'll sign off for sure.
I hope you turn out okay anon.

No. 714680

only posting this here because at least here i can be anonymous and i don't want to bother anyone either in my group chats or in real life with my bullshit: i really, really wish i didn't exist. i have literally no redeeming quality, i'm bad at everything i do, no one actually likes me or even hates me because i'm just that bland and boring in addition to annoying. i expect being fired from my job soon because i require assistance to do even the simplest tasks. i have no friends, people in my discord group chats merely tolerate me because they're too polite to just kick me out because technically i'm not breaking any of the rules. i don't even want to kill myself anymore because i don't want to draw undeserved attention to myself. hell, i actually did try to kill myself several times, which further emphasizes how much of a failure i am that i can't even die properly. i just wish i was never born, or disappear without having anyone remember me. please don't reply to this telling me i must be wrong or just exaggerating or have low self esteem.

No. 714682

File: 1610704028475.jpg (198.59 KB, 1040x1245, ErexkIpVoAEy7g8.jpg)

same anon. same.
IDK but sometimes I like to express what I'd like through drawing it out, despite how shitty it may turn out. I find that directing these energies into something helps with somewhat stating it.

No. 714683

It'll be OK, anon. He had a happy life, and time will help you after.

No. 714685

I like masturbation, and it helps me a bit, but 50% of my 'inner theare' is getting dicked down by anime men anyways.

No. 714688

File: 1610704859845.jpg (54.84 KB, 600x331, eca.jpg)

>but 50% of my 'inner theare' is getting dicked down by anime men anyways.

Same, anon, same. Then I come back to reality and get disappointed.

No. 714690

I'm really curious - when you fantasize about it, do you imagine yourself as a cartoon, or them as people of flesh and bone, or do you somehow manage to fuck even though you're 3d and they're 2d, and if it's the last one, how does that even work?

No. 714693

I'm checking out places to visit in neraby countries and I really hope I'll be able to afford it and have the guts to go. I don't have friends or family so it will be all small solo trips.

I also really really really want to visit Norway or Switzerland one day but the (multi day) trips cost like 1-2k € which is a lot for my eastern eu salary. One day I'll get my ass there, one day.

No. 714695

I don't really apply too much thought into the physics of it, but I guess it all kinda melts together? Like a little bit of thinking of some self-insert OC that fits in the character's universe, but with it sort of melting into the reality as I become one with them as I remember how actual sex feels like, then to go back to my OC fantasies.
So I guess I kinda think of a story around it as it builds up the relationship to them/us banging or romancing each other. So I'm technically just writing a fanfic/doujinshi in my head.

No. 714697

Pretty much what >>714695 said. I wasn't ever much into writing fanfictions or making up extenstive universes, but I make up an OC and a scenario on why we'd fuck, and then pretty much imagine getting fucked. It's really just a case of maladaptive daydreaming.

No. 714699

I’m feeling so depressed and tired. I just want to see my boyfriend and have him hold me, but I have to wait another two weeks. I feel mentally drained.

No. 714701

Ah, I get it now. Thanks.
I mean, I daydream and fantasize like that too, only about 3d people in a 3d world. I was just confused how you visualize sex when you have one dimension more than your anime himbo.

I'd recommend you visit Switzerland in the spring if you can, you will never forget the beautiful waterfalls in the mountains, so breathtaking!

No. 714706

I'm pretty open with my friends that I read on lolcow, one of the reasons being not only because I want to discuss some of the more interesting inputs you have with some people (because I also want to see some actual irl reaction), but also because some of you guys are too damn funny for me to not share a screencap or two with someone. Hell, I even linked the Lolcow Inn Thread to a friend that found it as hilarious as I do.
However, there are also times when I have former friends that pretty much turned into total lolcows (one of them have even made a couple of obvious selfposts here) that I can't talk about or mention without outing myself, but I really want to out them as the shits they have turned into (one of them adopting a victim mentality similar to Holly's after she grew a bigger following on instagram, and the other shooping himself into an unrecognizable mess while more or less escaping to a different country after burning pretty much all his bridges in our community).

No. 714707

File: 1610708273251.png (244.18 KB, 640x1136, 4D7E9E0A-3719-448B-98FA-0C8822…)

Jannies have now resorted to filing fraudulent bans. I didn’t make that post and that isn’t my IP. Just got banned for someone else’s 2 year old post.

No. 714716

I do not want to interact with someone I have to remember certain pronouns. I hate this bs. It looks like I don't have a choice anymore.

No. 714722

They’re facing more and more pushback every day. Be patient. The tranny cult will crash and burn very soon.

No. 714723

Men who post on here are the lowest of the low. Omega males. Pathetic orbiters. I know even the non feminist anons here agree. Post your dick so that we can nitpick it or keep your unwanted opinions to yourself. We have no reason to coddle you here.

No. 714726

People talking about gendered pronouns or newlatin languages using "x" at the end of words to make it gender neutral (latinx), and for once it makes me appreciate my native language which has none of that.

No. 714729

Go to therapy anon. I don't know what you want to hear, but this is what you need to do.

No. 714733

My mom consistently shows favoritism to my brother and it pisses me off. I want to get away from this place. He abused the fuck out of me but she doesn't see it as abuse and she thinks my actual mental illness diagnosis and the whole reason why I was in therapy is something my psychologist at the time put it into my head. All because she thinks it wasn't abuse? Him dragging me out my bedroom in the middle of the night to beat the shit out of me and verbally degrade me was"just normal sibling fights." Me being heavily depressed to the point of not looking after myself hygiene-wise was just me being lazy and I definitely deserve having lots of teeth pulled because I have no job and can't afford the dentist. She thinks because she buys me stuff very rarely everything is peachy keen but…I hate it here. I'm not getting better mentally, having people shout at me sets off panic attacks and my family shouts a lot and then talks about me in quiet tones like I can't hear them about how I need to get over it and stop exaggerating. I wanted to get back into art because I haven't done it in years and it helped settle my brain somewhat and I asked for some toned paper sketchbooks from a discount art store and she told me no because she had to give my brother money already. He has a good paying job though and he hasn't paid her back yet and it's been weeks? I wish I could work or get disability but my mom doesn't want to help me with paperwork and also "nothing is wrong with me." I'm going to be stuck here till I die. My extended family doesn't interact with us save for one uncle and he doesn't believe me when I told him about everything going on. Hell he even tested to see if I was telling the truth about having panic attacks by shouting at me randomly and when I started crying and not being able to really breathe/light-headed/shaky as fuck he told me to relax it was only a joke. So really. I'm fucked.

No. 714749

Keep us updated anon. What happened?

No. 714753

I am trying to sleep and the woman next door repeatedly attempts to hock her lungs out of her throat around this same time every night (fucking 3am). I don't know if she has smoker's lung, acid reflux from the 7th level of hell or if she's asphyxiating on a massive dildo but goddamn bitch, just fucking die already and stfu. I swear I'm going to break her door down and finish off the job with a pillow if she keeps choking so loudly. Accept your demise and let the rest of us in the building get some shuteye

No. 714762

Ordered myself a vibrator 4 weeks ago, almost got it refunded last week when it hadn't shown up but customer service then changed their mind and after already promising a refund they said to wait another seven days and then see? Had a couple of false alarms where my neighbours visitors drove their van so close to my front door that I jumped up thinking the delivery van had come. No luck but it's late enough now to officially be considered lost and the refund is happening.

The thing is with new brexit rules having come into effect in that time I now can't order from my usual trusted choices of store. There's new custom declarations, charges and parcels are being opened. I got something (non sexual) from the UK this week and all the exact contents were named externally and thoroughly described.. Boxes were opened and checked too.. The old lady at my small town post office had a good read over the customs description.

So I've been frustrated for over a month and I'm back to square one trying to scope out which sex stores (this time within my country) use halfway reliable couriers. They're all either overpriced or full of jelly toys and most won't even tell you what company they use to ship or the site is full of spelling mistakes. I always bought from the UK before because the options here are dodgy. Really wish my original order would've just arrived. That timing sucks. Shits complicated by things like my nosy neighbours that work for the postal service and couriers that hand all my parcels over to my other neighbours even before checking if I'm home. My neighbour runs out to them before they can reach my house?? And I only find out when I check the tracking and her name pops up. I thought all the stress of ordering adult things got better after you got your own place but here I am with my own home still struggling to find a discreet option. Can't travel beyond 2km at the moment so those rules cut off any options to have it delivered to a pickup spot.

I just want to order a toy and have it show up without being handed to my overbearing neighbours. Let me get just one toy delivered hassle free and I'll never order again lol. I swear I had more privacy a decade ago while still living with parents but in a big city instead of a gossipy lil village.

No. 714769

probabaly the one anon who saw her company putting up job offer and her boss likes to work with sociable people.
keeping my fingers crossed either way

No. 714771

What part of the paperwork would you need your mom to fill in?

No. 714781

Pisses me off that people can be horrific to you unprovoked, and then expect you to interact with them like nothing happened on their terms. That’s not how people’s emotions work, you fucking retard. Just leave me alone, stop getting in my space and asking me “what’s wrong?? why aren’t you talking to me?” when you have been a cunt to me. Some people need to get a grip, I don’t owe you my interaction.

No. 714789

It really bothers me, because when other people talked about similar things, everyone said nooo, it's your personality! maybe you acted weird! It would be fine if you just criticized my personality. But in my case you all JUMPED at the opportunity to insult my looks. And I don't understand why I didn't get the same response that they got when we posted the same things.

No. 714804

i hate when western fandom artists use japanese/chinese/korean ship tags, when i search for those tags i wanna see pretty art not your ugly ass big-nosed shite western art

No. 714811

When you use Eastern Asian language tags to look at fujo crap and you still stumble over fatties, top surgery scars and "tranzzzz pryde" shit clearly drawn by a westerner…

No. 714821

found out bf of 2.5 years emotionally cheated on me for our entire relationship start to finish with a woman who looks like a chernobyl victim.

now says he wishes he could marry her

i am going to carve a swastika into this pathetic kikes forehead(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714822

What did he do anon? What is emotional cheating?

No. 714829

yikes, anon.

No. 714832

I’m so exhausted from my work schedule, the week starts late so my boss can get away with scheduling me 40-50 hours in seven days because it technically counts as two weeks. Yesterday I worked almost 10 hours and the new hire asked how I can stay on my feet for that long. Today’s my day off and I’m so tired I told my relatives not to bother contacting me because I just want to be alone and stay home.

No. 714842

>new to company
>been missed on receiving meeting events and invitations
>"Omg anon how did you not know about today's lunch and learn?"
Because your HR who sends the invites routinely drops the ball in making sure I'm added, so when I do hear wind of your stupid little meetings I presume they're elective or invite-only because….get this……………I NEVER RECEIVED A FUCKING NOTIFICATION!

Retarded twats. But thanks, I appreciate being added last minute to an hour long lunch meeting where I get to miss lunch because I had no idea I had to prepare one to attend this lobotomy session to hear some asshole drone on about a Microsoft migration for the boomers who've never heard of Outlook before and need a fucking workshop for it.

No. 714843

messaging his ex (she lives in another country) he loves her every fucking day while assuring me it was platonic it turns out he had feelings for her the whole time and wanted to fuck her throughout our entire relationship. 2.5 years of my life, gone.

No. 714844

lmao same anon

No. 714845

Nta but been there, spent 2.5 years with a guy who had a whole other part time (irl) relationship and somehow fit her in and kept her well hidden. I didn't see any signs til the last few weeks when he was already preparing to leave.

Honestly you'll probably be pissed off for years to come, at any mention of his name. But rest assured anyone that good at keeping secrets (for that long too) will cheat on their future partners too. Trash person.

No. 714847

File: 1610732400432.png (160.93 KB, 400x400, 0cb629f0c0984c80d700455b55b649…)

recently I found out my mom had three abortion appointments when she was pregnant with me, she canceled the first two and then when she was on her way to the clinic she met her friend who basically talked her out of it after a few hours. My mom was 33 at the time, so it's not like she was too young, she just didn't want me. She went back to work like a month after my birth, she never breastfeed me, my grandma took care of me most of the time, and then when I was 7 we moved out from my grandparents. Living only with my mom was hell. I always felt she didn't want me but for some reason that new info about abortion appointments made me feel even worse lmao. I project those feelings onto everyone, it's hard to believe anyone would want me if no one in my own family really wanted me

No. 714849

I feel so terribly insecure today. Yesterday a dinner I planned went tits up, I have been feeling bit neglected by my bf this week and then today I had a mild cry in the hallway, holding my dna samples and all, because I couldn't find the right lab and had no one to ask without coming across as a turbo retard. Also my period is coming any day now and I'm terrified of the iud cramps again. I just want to be buried in a hole for a week or so.

No. 714850

Same vibes from my family too anon.
My mom had me with an abusive womanizer who she married after barely a year together and divorced shortly after having me. She was in her mid 30s too so old enough to know better and not do desperate and reckless things. Always felt I had this black mark on me for being from part of him, failing to be the band-aid for her marriage, and the lingering expectation to be eternally grateful to her for birthing me and giving me the bare minimums. If my mom told me she considered abortion, it would at least make me feel less gaslit about the shit treatment and little bond I had with her throughout my life and being blamed for our lack of relationship. She'll never admit she regrets me, but I can tell.
Honestly I'll completely admit she'd have been better off getting an abortion and never marrying again, but here we are.

No. 714864

>bisexual women can just avoid homophobia by dating men
>bisexual women can just avoid domestic abuse from scrotes by dating women
>bisexuals don't experience homophobia because they're bisexual, not homosexual!!
>but biphobia doesn't exist either!!
>if you're bisexual you're transphobic for not dating trans people because you already like both sexes
>so what if i'm straight and saying this? i'm just standing up for my lesbian sisters!

"radical feminist" tumblr is so retarded when it comes to bisexual women tbh

No. 714875

Biphobia doesn't exist though. You're not oppressed for being attracted to both men and women. You can only experience oppression if you act on the homosexual part of your orientation (so it's just homophobia). Over 80% of bi people end up in straight relationships, they have het passing privilege.

No. 714878

it's absolutely true that bisexuals are treated much better in straight relationships but
>You can only experience oppression if you act on the homosexual part of your orientation
by this logic closted celibate gay people who never acted on their sexual desires aren't oppressed either? please pick a better argument at least

No. 714883

I was looking forward to my classes for this semester because they seemed relevant to my interests. I finally got the list of assigned texts and they couldn't be more underwhelming. I'm tired of reading classical liberal texts.

No. 714890

Radfems deeming something as transphobia? In what fucking world is Tumblr in? Lol
Biphobia is definitely a thing, people just assume we're not bi based on the rate of homosexual/heterosexual relationships we end up in. To a bisexual person, the sex of the person who we date is all coincidental, no correlation of our preference for sex over the other.

No. 714892

Well they're either closeted or they act on their orientation and experience homophobia. There's no in between. Bi people can act on one part of their orientation (straight) and don't experience any oppression, gay people don't have that choice. What I mean is that the thing that makes you bi - being attracted to both sexes - is not what puts you in any kind of danger. Only the homosexual part is a problem, because homophobia exists and heterophobia does not.

No. 714895

This cope will never not come off as rage and jealousy.

No. 714898

>To a bisexual person, the sex of the person who we date is all coincidental
Not really. Dating men is easier and provides you a safety pillow. Bi women will say shit like "women are so much better than men! Uwu yass Queen!" and then it turns out they never even dated or had sex with a woman, only with men lol They openly admit dating women is harder and they're scared of it or whatever, and many bi women just feel more attracted to dicks.

No. 714899

Jealousy of what, exactly? I'm bisexual myself, I choose to never date scrotes for political reasons and I've seen enough homophobia in other bi women.

No. 714907

I hate it when other lesbians get mad when bi girls voice their opinion on biphobia in lesbians.

Yeah most bi girls will likely end up with scrotes because of statistics on hetero moids vs women. Yeah bi girls are treated like shit by scrotes too as fuckable harem members.

Its misogynistic scrotebrain to think a woman is ruined by past penis.

No. 714908

>Jealousy of what, exactly?
That's something you must answer for yourself. The bitterness about other people's dating preferences is off the charts.

No. 714909

To be honest, that one person considered herself a "TIRF" as in trans inclusive radical feminist, and many people did disagree with her over that. But still it's dumb that even someone came up with that argument in itself.

Yes, there are plenty of homophobic idiots among bisexual women, but let's not act like the only two types of bi women are the "good and pure lesbian allies" febfems vs the homphobic pick-me "bihets". It's far more nuanced than that. Also what about the very high domestic abuse of bisexual women?

No. 714910

I wasn't even exclusively talking about lesbians. Lots of "febfems" and even straight women (in the name of "lesbian allyship") have said stuff like this.

No. 714912

It's weird because some lesbians will say "We don't want to date bisluts, they all have STDs and are pick-mes and are just trying us for experimentation! We want gold-stars only!", but then they'll be surprised and angry when bisexual women just choose to date men.
Who the fuck wants to be tasked with "proving" themselves to people that will act almost like bitter, demoralizing incels toward them? Also, when they and overzealous febfems (who think they're doing something) tell bisexual women who face abuse that it's "their fault" for dating men, they really sound disgusting. Nasty shit.

No. 714916

Frankly, we can also date each other, but yes, blaming women for their abuse is never cool.

No. 714917

>Its misogynistic scrotebrain to think a woman is ruined by past penis
I don't think you're "ruined", I just want someone with similar life experiences and mentality to mine. It's natural. I can't really understand women who willingly enter relationships with men, and I'm a febfem, not even a lesbian. I imagine it must be much stronger in some lesbians and I completely understand why some of them only want "gold stars". A bisexual woman who dated men will NEVER understand this feeling of loneliness.
Personal is political. It's not just about our fee fees.
Hmm maybe because many bisexual women don't even take gay relationship seriously and they just see lesbians as sex toys and they look for lesbians on dating sites because they want to spice up things between them and their scrotes and assume that a lesbian will want to take part in a sex triangle?

No. 714919

>desperate straight women who cruise for a 3rd so their boyfriend won't dump/cheat on them are totally the same as actual bisexual women
It's this meme again lmao

No. 714920

Then I guess you're upfront about being bisexual when dating lesbians and don't get upset when they reject you too because you are actually attracted to men, so you'll never truly experience lesbian loneliness either, right?

No. 714921

Well, I wasn't rejected yet, but if I was, I wouldn't feel offended by it because lesbians have the right to reject women for whatever reason, just like I have the right to reject women for whatever reason, including dating men in the past.

No. 714922

File: 1610740288260.jpg (52.87 KB, 540x636, 4f74b3613ff5df1b4e34767d3d0c5c…)

No. 714923

I hate how my college have handled online learning. This semester has just begun and it’s already so difficult keeping track of all the things I have to do since every professor is teaching differently and they don’t clearly tell us what to read for when and whether they have videos for us to watch. We have no kind of failsafe, so even though I’ve been getting top grades every year, this year (my final year) I’m worried that I’ll do worse and undermine all the hard work I’ve been putting in, even though I think a big part of the reason I’m struggling is because we’re doing exclusively online learning (which I totally understand the need for). It makes me want to cry just thinking about my finals this year which are going to determine almost 60% of my whole degree but for which I feel less ready than ever, fuuuuckk. I already got a really low grade for one of my classes last semester. I can’t wait to leave college, but I’m also so aimless I’m scared I’ll become a NEET

No. 714924

It's honestly very incel that lesbians say they don't want bisexual women, but then also get mad when bisexual women are with men, or even straight up don't date lesbian women. It reminds me of when men try to flirt with women, and when they reject them say some shit like "Fine, I didn't want your ugly ass anyway!". I've posted about this in the unpopular opinions thread a couple days ago, but I genuinely can't imagine being mad that people who are attracted to both genders are attracted to both genders. Let's not even mention the fact that's it's harder to find women who are into women (something lesbian women should know and empathize with) so it makes more sense for bi woman do date men more, and homophobia and family members not believing in bisexuality ("it's just a phase""you're confused!") is very real.

I honestly think that lesbian women can't take that bisexual women still struggle with their sexuality despite the fact they can pass as straight, and that's why they refuse to believe that biphobia exists
>they look for lesbians on dating sites because they want to spice up things between them and their scrotes and assume that a lesbian will want to take part in a sex triangle?
Those women aren't actually bi, wtf.

No. 714925

Of course you do, and honestly anons making it all about lesbians not wanting to date us dating are retarded, but you and most febfems do really sound like you have a "not like other bisexuals" superiority complex over "bihets". I haven't actually dated a man either, I don't know if I even want to, because scrotes in my area are the worst and so is online dating.

>I choose to never date scrotes for political reasons
you sound like you would call yourself a lesbian if political lesbianism wasn't frowned upon.

No. 714926

Whoomp there it is!


Calm down you're not superior for being a febfemme but i do think its a based choice . You were probably just another bisexual woman before you got Pink Pilled. It's not fair to generalize bi women like that and you know it.

>They just see lesbians as sex toys

Sounds like a projection to me. Anon was not talking about lesbians they were talking about "seeking for me n my hubby"

No. 714927

Same. I want an infighting farmer gf to call a sperg although i did go on a date with one once, we found eachother in the wild!

No. 714930

I have so many questions. What was the date like? Was she cool and nice or autistic and retarded? Where did you guys go? Did you go on a second date? How did lolcow come up?

No. 714934

File: 1610740931084.jpg (8.15 KB, 300x300, userimage-406824.jpg)

I think noses with humps are super cute. They have charachter. i have a nose fetish

No. 714938


She was super cool, fave cow was momokun . She was really cute in a dumb way. We looked at dogs for 4 hours and i convinced her to adopt a dachshund so based conversion to the only weiner lesbians need.

We didn't romance it off but she was fun to hang out with and we are friendly with one another. If shes reading this I'm sorry LOL.

Now all the girls I talk to I try to convert them to farmers and yes its superior because its more fun to talk about with someone. Get farmer gfs. Its probably an unpopular opinion LOL

No. 714940

>so it makes more sense for bi woman do date men more
No, in my eyes it would make more sense to stay celibate rather than fucking scrotes. Imagine living in 2021 and having the access to all that knowledge and still dating scrotes because "I'm scared of being lonely uwu". I don't blame women in third world countries or just poor women who do it for survival reasons, but bi women who can support themselves? Kek. I have no sympathy at this point.
>you sound like you would call yourself a lesbian if political lesbianism wasn't frowned upon
No I wouldn't, because I don't deny the biological basis of sexual orientation, unlike political lesbians.
I also don't believe in "compulsory heterosexuality", another thing made up by a political lesbian.

No. 714941

>No, in my eyes it would make more sense to stay celibate rather than fucking scrotes. Imagine living in 2021 and having the access to all that knowledge and still dating scrotes because "I'm scared of being lonely uwu". I don't blame women in third world countries or just poor women who do it for survival reasons, but bi women who can support themselves? Kek. I have no sympathy at this point.
I hope you do at least keep the same energy for non-celibate straight women, just to be consistent. Or do they not count because "they don't have a choice"?

No. 714944

Wtf are you talking about? A lot of women don't date because they're afraid of being lonely or something. Stop acting like your febfem shit is fact when it's really a personal choice.
>Bi women who can support themselves?
What does that even mean? Do you mean financially? Because you know, some people actually get into relationships because they love and have romantic feelings for the other person right?

No. 714945

Yeah, I keep it, but I have zero (0) expectations towards straight women. Bi women want to call themselves allies and gay and oy vey, but they can't even let go of dicks, most of the time. They have real choice, something else than JUST celibate, unlike hetties, and yet they still choose men.
I said what I said. I only have sympathy for women who are forced to be with men because of life circumstances, not out of choice.

No. 714947

Do you have a girlfriend?

No. 714948

Just like I said in >>714909
>let's not act like the only two types of bi women are the "good and pure lesbian allies" febfems vs the homphobic pick-me "bihets"

Also, nice job admitting to being a domestic abuse apologist, lmao.

No. 714950

Nice job admitting you don't believe women have personal agency and they're just forced to live with men(infighting)

No. 714951

>Also, nice job admitting to being a domestic abuse apologist, lmao.
Literally, this anon sounds like a genderbent incel with this shit, kek.
Most bisexual women probably avoid her like the plague when she goes on these insane rants, and the lesbian women who'd actually agree with any of this just read she's bisexual and dip out for obvious reasons.

No. 714954

Funny how radfems talk about how they can't let go of female socialization when it comes to their own behaviour, yet they're all about "personal agency" when it comes to women they don't like. Do you happen perform femininity in any way, just asking?(infighting)

No. 714956

>domestic abuse victims are asking for it
>all men are abusers and women who get into relationships with them know what's going to happen
Your logic is so screwed. At this point this has nothing to do with bi women. I honestly can't tell what this is. Is it victim-blaming? Internalized Misogyny? Both? Idk. It is some bullshit though.

I wish people would realize when everyone is telling them that what they're saying is fucked up, maybe something is wrong with how they think.

No. 714957

You sound like a dirty falseflagger

No. 714958

File: 1610743242786.jpeg (44.85 KB, 750x538, become gay.jpeg)

You should go and have a nice lunch with her instead of passionately arguing with strange women online who've probably touched penises.
In fact, isn't this almost like secondhand interacting with men? You're deliberately getting so in touch with women who are likely to be in regular contact with men.
I don't know, it's looking a little spicy to me.(infighting)

No. 714963

I was literally raised my entire life sheltered and only knowing shit my older sisters vaguely complain about. I'm literally 19 and I realize my comments in lolcow is the most autistic spergery imaginable. Thank god I'm too quiet in real life to really be this much of an embarrassment.

No. 714964

>posts classic "predatory cis lesbian" narrative
>rubs my tranny hands together evilly
This is gonna get hella reacts with the Gals in my discord(infighting)

No. 714967

Cope, even on radblr there are febfem/lesbian couples. And I'm perfectly fine with dating other febfems, not only lesbians, maybe because I don't feel entitled to lesbians.
Also, I recommend you to read sespursongles essays on bi women, comphet, radical feminism etc. You can download them all somwewhere. Though I would start with her post where she explains why she left radical feminism:

Let's start from the fact that I'm not a radfem, but a separatist. I still lurk rad tumblr though. The wast majority of radfems are het and bisexual and radblr is ridden with lesbophobia and idpol, that's why lesbians, like sespursongles for example, don't even identify as radfems anymore. The biggest thinkers in radfem movement, like Mary Daly, were self admitted political lesbians (so they were just perpetuating identity politics). They not only claimed that orientation is a choice, but also ridiculed "born this way" lesbians (actual lesbians). I think it was also sespursongles who said that feminism is basically couples therapy for straight people kek. I couldn't agree more. Radical feminism is not that much different than liberal feminism in this regard. Radfems are, mostly, social constructionists. They fight trannies but at the same time they deny the biological basis of male abuse, they believe you can socialize all men to be "good", they deny essentialism not because they have any actual arguments against it, but simply because "it's too scary to think males are naturally like this" (I've seen radfems admitting it many times).
So again, I'm not a radfem. I believe women have personal agency and there's no magical power forcing them to marry men. I don't perform femininity, like make up, heels or femininine clothing. I guess the only femininine thing about me is long hair.
Right? I love how bihets on radblr say that comparing lesbians to men/incels literally NEVER happens. And here we are lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714970

It's not a competition

No. 714986

was trying to find info on trisha paytas/js wig drama so i was checking gg and god.. the people on there are brainless. literally nothing but seething a-log posts about how fat and ugly she is.

No. 714990

If biphobia doesn't exist, how come bisexual women face higher rates of domestic abuse, stalking, rape and sexual assault than both lesbians and straight women? How come bisexual men face higher rates of domestic abuse, drug abuse and homeless than both gay and straight men?

No. 715002

Holy fuck my boyfriend is so fucking boring I could literally smash my own skull in. He's listening to someone describe what makes a certain house painting "nice". I literally just went to bed at 4pm I can't fucking stand him lately. How the fuck does someone so endlessly boring even exist? He's 23 for fucks sake. He's also like coma-level boring to talk to today, the motherfucker might as well be asleep. This is the same shit he did yesterday and the day before. I wish I could demand him to be fun again, like with violence or bribery. This motherfucker wants to do fucking nothing. One day I'm gonna steal (my own) car and never come back. Fuck my stuff, nothing is worth being 85 years old for. Nothing except retirement money.

No. 715003

>the people on there are brainless. literally nothing but seething a-log posts about how fat and ugly she is.
Sounds like Lolcow to me.

No. 715020

nah, pt is leagues better. i couldn't even find the milk i was looking for. made me appreciate this place a lot more tbh.

No. 715023

When do men grow up? I'm 29 and this year I've dated men as young as 24 and as old 40. They all act the same. I cannot believe that there are men age 36+ still trying to do fwb and hook ups or claiming they MIGHT want kids one day at like 45…I mean bro you're 45 not 25 you need to be seriously considering kids right now if you're going to have them. How long are you going to be a play boy? Until you're on your death bed with a 20 year old wife cleaning your ass?

No. 715025

break up with your boyfriend, he deserves to watch house painting videos in peace without hateful goblin behind his back

No. 715037

He did watch them because I went to bed.

No. 715039

You still haven't broken up with him though.

No. 715040

Luckily I came here to bitch and not to dump him. Goodnight, anon

No. 715041

Truly, most never do. Society coddles them and other men support their immaturity because they can get away with using women as their personal slaves forever. I will say there are decent men out there. I actually met a guy a while back who straight up told me he wasn't looking for a FwB setup because he wanted to be able to get to know a woman and fully focus on what he could bring to her life and vice versa before committing to a relationship. We didn't work out due to differing goals but he was honest, open and respectful throughout and it was a breath of fresh air. I will probably not return to the dating pool because I find having to sort through so much shit to find guys like that exhausting, but fwiw they exist.

No. 715043

u ok hun?? You sound very resentful of your bf.

No. 715054

It's really sad because I thought going older would make a difference but I'm still getting guys who are like 35 wanting to netflix and chill, Who are "discovering themselves"(at the expense of the women in their lives but now that they are old they feel they should be rewarded for at least ACKNOWLEDGING that they treat women like shit, unlike when they were 20 and were too self absorbed to do it.)and cant even do basic shit like at least offer the woman some dinner if a woman agrees to be their booty call. If they do want a relationship it is because they have kids that they need help with or they're ugly as shit. So, I guess im going to be forever alone.

No. 715069

I relate to all of that. Honestly though I don't see the "forever alone" thing as depressing anymore. It just seems smart. For one I'm not truly alone, I have family and friends and supportive social circles. Outside of that I enjoy my own company free from scrotes leeching off of me physically, emotionally and financially. It's great being able to focus on the things that make me happy, learn new skills and pursue my own interests. You never know, an amazing and competent man might come out of the woodworks and really go out of his way to impress you one day, but it's more enjoyable living life for yourself rather than feeling you need a partner to be fulfilled.

No. 715073

TMI but Im so fucking tired of having gastro-intestinal disease, here I am chugging laxatives like a gross anachan because I haven't had a shit in 4 days, I look like a weird bloated corpse, I started hating eating because I just get hellish cramps after, I just want to live off soylent for the rest of my life.

No. 715101

File: 1610760794742.gif (3.73 MB, 498x282, tenor.gif)

Family vent: A cousin from my dad's side has been crashed on my couch with her dog for one week and counting while her parents clear covid. Considering it's a 2bedroom apartment and I rent it with my dad plus my bf also lives here, space has been pretty cramped. I've been dealing with the awkwardness alright, even though I value my space and alone time because of work. Sometimes having the dog here drives me nuts because it's already gotten into and rooted my room twice, plus it begs and screams when I eat. I put on a happy tone anyway.
She hasn't been very warm to me. I got her a really nice card and present for her birthday, and invited her to a small get together with my friends. My dad made sure there was plenty of junk food vegetarian stuff she likes such as mac n cheese. Despite everything, she's not talkative and is lukewarm at best. I chalked it up to her anxieties about her parents at first, but they're doing fine and her dad even got released from the hospital. She's set to go home officially next week and we've been really nice to her so her attitude is really off and my dad describes it as "weird."

Tonight I found out she went to have dinner with my narc mom who I have no contact with. This is peculiar for two reasons.
1. She's my dad's family, and I don't talk to my mom because of her bullshit and my mom hates my dad due to their divorce. I can see why she still considers my mom an 'aunt' but this brings me to the next thing,
2. My mom has a fucking house with a guest bedroom. If she wants to cozy up to my asshole mother, then why not crash at her place? Rhetorical question. My mother would never because she wouldn't be able to tolerate the dog and my cousin idling in her house for a week with a less than peppy attitude. That's why.

She didn't tell me, but I found out because my bf noticed she was gone and texted my dad to ask about if he should lock our door. My dad told me she had gone to my mom's, she didn't tell me that herself. I thought that was pretty shitty enough, but THEN she texts me to bail on the plans I invited her tomorrow with my friends because she suddenly fears covid exposure. So I asked her if she was going to be staying at my mom's with the guest bedroom to avoid the covid issue since I'll still be exposed from having seen my friends? She replies that no and that she'd just "stay out of my face lol!" So I guess she intends to keep crashing on my living room couch and kitchen knowing I've been ~exposed to covid~ but is now just going to ignore–'distance from'–me. She insisted (without my having asked) that it's nothing to do with me and that her mom had asked her not to go, but the sudden change makes me wonder if my narc mom didn't feed her some shit about me. She's 20 and old enough to drive here and make her own decisions without following mommy's orders. Regardless, I think she's being a shitty cousin to me. I don't feel liked by her and I think she's only here because my narc mother would never and because the rest of my dad's family turned her away because they don't want to fuck with covid bullshit and have her hanging at their places for weeks either.
It really makes me think. I wish my family wasn't shit.

No. 715102

I asked my roommate to remove wet shoes whenever it's raining outside and they get home from work because it dirties the carpet.

Their response? "I'll consider it next time" Lol wtf?

what shall I respond with?

No. 715106

This is a late response anon but I'm a diagnosed autist and feel the same way you do, your first post reads exactly like what I'd write in my journal years before my diagnosis. I also don't have any talents/savant abilities and didn't identify my sensory issues until I was an adult and had done extensive research on them; I just thought they were things normal humans experienced, too.

While there are other things that could be going on with you -lack of empathy that isn't part of a disorder, depression- I think you could benefit from looking into how autism specifically manifests in women, which is often more subtle than the stereotypical male autist. I watched a lot of videos by autistic women, talks and conferences while I was researching this, and seeing actual women rather than doctors discuss their experience made things a lot clearer for me.

No. 715111

Maybe she said just "I'll consider" cause she didn't want to promise she would in case she forgot?

No. 715120

Wouldn't you say something like "I'll try and remember"?? rather than "let me think about whether or not I want to do this" which is what I think when I hear "I'll consider it"

No. 715122

Well you could just ask her what she meant

No. 715125

Start your text off with "You listen here you little bitch.." to drive the point home

No. 715149


I was taken aback by it and had flashbacks of the last time I bitched down from another roommate walking all over me, so I responded with "I guess I'm not asking you to consider it. Please do so next time."

Oh well. If you don't want someone to misunderstand what you say, respond with "yeah np" next time instead of being a difficult ass.

No. 715158

I'm annoyed because my family member who is being irresponsible about the virus (went to a NYE party and got exposed, and then somehow didn't learn their lesson and asked whether they should go to another party) is staying with us for a few days. My mom says they don't have it but I just can't trust them.

No. 715171

At the start of lockdowns last year, my company told us not to worry about our jobs because we were all important and that no one would lose them. Today, they basically told us that people will be cut from their jobs and that some people will absorb the cut roles. Instead of cutting people from their jobs in a fucking pandemic, why don't the fucking execs cut their own fucking inflated salaries instead? They don't really do shit other than look important and pay lip service while devs/designers/etcs are the ones who are actually making the product viable aka actually generating profit! To really spit in our faces, the execs said that they were being "really transparent" with us. Fuck off with your bullshit! Fuck the execs, those no good ass eating asswipes.

No. 715180

I hate getting sad over stupid shit

My boyfriend doesn't want to watch some stupid movies that I did, so what
It's not as if he doesn't want to watch anything at all with me, just not those

Yet here I am, feeling like my tastes are stupid and then I am stupid, even more so for waiting for him to watch it. Oh well, it will go away soon, I'm sure

No. 715188

I am extremely insecure about my weak jawline and excess chin fat that I have had for my entire life. Both of these things are genetic and nothing that I do will make them better (believe me I've tried). It's to the point that I avoid being in picture unless I'm taking them myself. I'm considering ps but my bf has literally threatened to break up with me if I go through with it. It's so fucking dumb. I've told him I'm also considering invisalign to fix my teeth and he's fine with that, yet I can't get my fucking chin fat removed? Why are men like this

No. 715196

Do you have written proof they said nobody would be cut? I don't have any big ideas but someone else might

No. 715198

Dissapointed a family member was calling me old just for wearing loose clothing with no make up the past few months due to a major health problem and covid having us under lock down. This lock down cleared my skin from years of make up and gave me confidence to wear what's comfortable since I'm pretty sure I'm lesbian so there's no reason to appeal to men. I'm happy with my appearance yet shes trying to suck me back into a layer of face paint with uncomfortable appealing male gaze clothing. I just don't care unless it's for a new decent job interview.

No. 715199

I’ve been staying up until like 5am every night and I don’t know how to get out of this cycle. Like I get up past 12, but I feel I’m generally productive in the hours I’m awake but gdi I just hate sleeping at night. I hate trying to get to sleep and thinking about how I’ll be unconscious for hours. I hate having weird bad recurring dreams. I hate that I sleep-turn off my alarm clock every damn morning.
I wish I was the sort of person who could function completely fine with like 4-5 hours sleep, but I need a solid 8-9 to feel alive. If only I could just go to bed at like 11 and feel like a normal person… I swear this year of quarantine, and the dark winter mornings has got me fucked up.

No. 715266

If anon is in the states, there is a really good chance she's in an at-will state, which means it doesn't mean jack shit whether or not she's got it in writing. Her company can fire her for any reason.

No. 715279

ugh, sorry anon. That's so disappointing…I always hope that older women won't hop on the transtrend too, but I guess no one is safe.

No. 715331

my worthless neighbors had sex once again and they moaned like the fucking whores they are. Moaning is one of the most primitive behaviors that still exist today. It’s a whore’s call for the nearest horny fuck to come and breed them. If we still lived in the jungle and I heard that noise, I would approach the male fucker and knock him out with my cavemade bat but since we live nowadays in a civilised society with laws and shit, I can’t do anything about that so I have to resort to punching my fucking walls. This is why moaning must be criminalised. It disrupts the peace of mind of the non-degenerate habitants of a civilised society. If those whores want to mean, they can freely go to the amazon rainforest and moan like the fucking primitive animals they are, otherwise they must face either the rope, the electric chair or the flamethrower.

No. 715334

Did you get lost on your way to the copypasta thread?

No. 715343

Incels on lolcow????

No. 715346

I like this, so it's mine now

No. 715352

"men" like armie hammer just make me never want to have a life with a guy and get married and have children even though that's literally all i want. why are people so rotten?

No. 715355

can't believe I'm letting history repeat itself. In my last relationship it felt like I left mentally long before I actually ended it. I find myself bawling my eyes out because it's hard to come to terms with the fact that he doesn't seem to fit into the future I want. I can't tell if I'm facing the harsh truth, if I have unrealistic expectations, or if this lockdown is just driving me nuts. I'm pulling away mentally and soon enough he will start to realise it, I don't know what I'll do when he does. At least in my last relationship we didn't live together and I had friends I could lean on for support. I feel so fucking trapped and out of control.

No. 715373

I think my LDR gf is going to break up with me soon. It's not like she is acting weird or anything, it's me. I can't stop acting like a crazy lunatic. If I was her, I'd have enough of my shit already. But I don't know how to stop acting like that. In the moment I never feel like I'm acting wrong. But just 2 minutes later I'm like "wow that was shitty of me".

I know I'm the problem and this crying looks like I'm trying to be the victim: but I'm not. This is the vent thread.

No. 715378

File: 1610810811961.jpg (114.33 KB, 945x1500, 1609803713965.jpg)

I had to record a presentation I did on Zoom and holy shit, I had no idea my face looked this awful while talking. I'm a total goblin. I can barely stand to see it, when I'm not laughing or talking my face looks normal but as soon as it starts moving it contorts in really ugly ways and it becomes incredibly obvious how asymmetrical my mouth is among other things. So it turns out that this is what other people are always seeing when they talk to me. I always thought I was decent looking but my confidence is absolutely shattered now.

No. 715379

File: 1610811434418.jpg (73.83 KB, 683x1085, 1609351110810811961.jpg)

hey now, I'm sure it's not that bad. most people look weird on camera, especially during this hyper-polished age. maybe the lighting and angle didn't flatter you or you're more familiar with a mirrored image. maybe you have some body dysmorphia and are fixated on perceived flaws and weaknesses others don't notice as much. I'm sure you're beautiful anon. I believe it. feel free to ignore this unwarranted commentary tho

No. 715382

Someone invited me to a discord server where a guy grooms underage girls and makes them cut their names into his body and send them pictures. He has around 400 girls doing this. I feel so disgusted and depressed what can I do to report this?

No. 715384

I hate being ugly and flat chested.

No. 715387

You're a terrible cunt and he doesn't deserve you so uhm you SHOULD break up with him. You clearly don't even want to be with him so stop using him dumb ugly cunt

No. 715391


You should definitely gather any evidence that hes doing it, also maybe ask the girls who got groomed by him to maybe share if he has said anything creepy, and report it to discord staff and the discord admins and mods, possibly even report it to the police since it is a crime that hes doing.

Also, thats so fucked up anon, kind of reminds me of a guy i had a friendship with benefits with, he would make me cut his name too into my skin, i was like 16-17 and had severe mental health issues, dunno if this is any relevant but had to put this out there, because it just sounds to oddly familiar

No. 715393

That's really sweet, thank you for that response, it seriously helped me cheer up.
I do have an overly animated/expressive face that changes a lot while I talk, but chances are the mirror thing and wide angle lens that shitty built in webcams tend to have make things seem a bit worse than they are. When a friend tells me about an insecurity they have about their face 9 out of 10 times I'll be completely baffled and unable to see the flaw they supposedly have too, so I guess you're always your own worst critic. God does it make me want to hide though.

No. 715400

I live in Canada and they told us this over a meeting that has been recorded and uploaded to our google drive. It probably won't mean anything, to be honest. My company has been shitty to a LOT of my friends and old coworkers, though it sure likes to call itself progressive and a great place to work. I don't want anyone cut from their jobs. It's fucking bullshit.

No. 715401

Nta but you need to calm down on the haterade

No. 715402

nta either but why? retarded bitches shouldn't be in relationships

No. 715405

It's bad your your blood pressure to sip on h8rade sister

No. 715412

I will never truly grasp enlightment. It's forever out of my reach. I can sense that I'm near. I can feel the warm presence of the lingering objective ultimate truth. Alas, I am too weak minded to be granted access. Repelled by my own puny intellect, I'm to be forever tormented in this limbo having the awareness of my limitations but not being able to overcome them. I want to scream, I want to open my eyes. Instead, there's silence and darkness.

No. 715416

I'm so sick of feeling guilty for the ways I've wronged people who hurt me at least 10 times worse, but don't take any responsibility for their actions. I'm so sick of tolerating non-stop bullshit from controlling trainwrecks who can't handle me not being perfect for five minutes and fly off the handle the second I finally can't take it anymore and get real with them. Never again. I'm so done being everyone's doormat.

Like boohoo, I complained about your awful behavior and yelled at you when you were being horrible to me. You emotionally abused me and sabotaged my relationships with other people for years. The fact I'M the only one feeling guilty or acknowledging any wrong doing is so goddamn backwards.

No. 715423

It's really telling who are the frequent posters in the Belle Delphine thread, bitch releases rape and torture pedobait porn and is extremely unapologetic about it and anons are hyperfixating on her bullshitting about being petite build. Glad that thread is on autosage.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she was being groomed from the start by her pimp a.k.a Josh. Her being ridiculously defensive about how she's turned on by rape fantasies and Josh giving her the "best sex ever" reminds me of all those prostitutes who are forced by their Johns to glorify sex work.

No. 715424

i'm pretty sure me becoming sexually active within the past year is the reason for my disordered eating making a return and my bdd getting worse

No. 715427

you brilliantly expressed what i've been feeling for years, i'm rooting for you anon

No. 715439

I'm tired of gen z trying to make being a bimbo into some kind of feminist statement. Look, if you wanna dress like a stripper, not think and have a 50 year old sugar daddy JUST SAY THAT!. Not everything you do needs to be a feminist statement.

No. 715441

Tired of lies and games

No. 715444

God, this pisses me off. Curating your whole personality and look to appeal to the male gaze is one thing, but to think it’s genuinely an “empowering” lifestyle or way of living, you have to be completely devoid of the ability to have a critical thought.

No. 715445

'Choice-feminism' leads to the most hilarious shit. Whenever someone writes about how shitty the makeup industry and beauty expectations only for women are, women will crawl out to say that makeup is art or makes them feel empowered, while admitting that they hate their naked face or receive negative feedback from their environment if they forgo it.

No. 715447

Didn't millenials have the "eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man" phase too? Nothing new under the sun

No. 715450

Where is that relevant

No. 715452

just saying choice feminism bullshit is not specific to gen z and unfortunately i highly doubt it will just disappear in the next few generations, but only get rehashed

No. 715454

This isn't a gen z thing though? Are you too young to remember the early-mid 2000's paris hilton and playboy bunny craze?

No. 715455

They were little kids. But yeah, like the other anon said, nothing new under the Sun. The same trends come and go every 15-30 years, because there are always some teenagers that are exposed to shit for the first time.

No. 715456

Thank you, kindred-spirited anon. I hope we both manage to find our path eventually or, at the very least, reconcile with what we've been dealt with.

No. 715458

>paris hilton

That wasnt considered empowering though. Now being a low IQ coke whore who is only good for sucking cock is called empowering and feminist.

No. 715465

I'm 30. In the early 2000s women like that were not seen as feminist icons. It seems like zoomers need to make everything they do a political statement. If they wanna wear dolls kill and have a sugar daddy I cant understand why they need to make up excuses for it. It just seems like a gaint cope.

No. 715467

Spice Girls and their "girl power!!" gimmick were a thing back then, albeit milder. I guess the rise of social media gave everyone a voice and had people insisting that if you're not actively giving your opinion on political stuff, no matter how idiotic or uninformed, you must either not care at all about the subject or side with the opposite side.

No. 715468

The spice girls arent really comparable. They dressed sexy but they werent preaching that being an escort who cant read is empowering.

No. 715474

There was an entire south park episode about how fucked up it was that hilton and her lifestyle was marketed at young girls, anon. Being slutty and stupid has always been marketed as being empowering, even if that exact phrasing hasn't always been used. This is nothing new, I can assure you.

No. 715478

In the early 2000s you were like 9.

No. 715481

Appealing to the male gaze because you want attention and to feel desired=/=appealing to the male gaze and claiming its feminist for literally no reason. It's not the same thing. Girls did these things to get attention but no one was calling it empowering kek

No. 715482

I was a teen/preteen during paris hilton, lindsy Lohan etc primes.

No. 715483

>Literally no reason
The reason is that they equate males desiring them to having power over them.

No. 715486

"Feminism" was not hip back then. A lot of women actively protested against being called feminists, because it was the "unfucked, uncool club of women". Then it became trendy, and almost lost all its meaning. But the women in girls' magazines were absolutely the idols for girls, just like the hoes giving golddiggin and looksmaxxing tips on instragram, but they're also "feminist" now, because they heard that it's a cool thing to be.

No. 715501

First my bank account got hacked, then my mobile account got hacked and someone charged a new phone to my account. Tired of being scammed 2021.

No. 715503

same anon, just gonna be stuck in the confused retard circle of hell forever

No. 715507

I don’t mind being retarded for all of eternity if that means I get to love you as much as I do right now. I hope you can find the light someday, anon, be a genius for both of us.

No. 715517

My 26 y/o friend who lives at home with no job & is a total NEET is currently gloating to me about how the new guy she's seeing (28 y/o) pays bills. I'm dying of laughter but I hope she sets the bar higher for herself & her future partners

No. 715531

File: 1610829350138.png (59.92 KB, 623x171, 3e75b333-fa49-4ae1-9188-58a417…)

I was going to do something nice and make a homemade pizza for me and my roommate. I made the dough this morning before he woke up. I have made dough many times - he never has. I say I'm going to start making the sauce and he keeps dismissing what I'm saying because his e celeb youtube chefs don't do it 100% the way I do, and it won't come out right unless I follow a youtube video. Now we're watching the video and he's taking over the sauce. Is this manspaining or just autism? Hes such an annoying fucking autist in other ways too this is just one example.

Lesson learned: never live with men, romantically or not

No. 715556

I wish I didn't get lost in my imagination and fantasies as much as I do and manage to focus on being grounded in reality.

No. 715563

Hate when my phone auto corrects a word to another, like “ship” to “shop” or something. It’s not a typo, I meant what I said dammit.

No. 715610

Anyone else developed a complex that they are "boring" because of scrotes?

All my life I've been called boring by scrotes trying to date or fuck me and I could never understand why since they never ask anything about me or what I like. They dont even ask where I'm from. How do they know im boring when all they care about is talking about sex and dont ask me anything about me or my life?

It just pisses me off that men jump to the conclusion that im boring based off my appearance alone and just see me as a walking bag of blood and meat to fuck.

No. 715621

Do you date/fuck them though? If not they’re probably calling you boring because of that rather than your looks. Trying to neg you into it.

I used to think too highly of scrotes’ opinions too, but eventually figured out how dumb it was. When I thought about it I realised I didn’t think much of them either, kek.

No. 715622

never assume it's just autism

No. 715625

File: 1610835762901.gif (156.76 KB, 350x237, 1518434326111.gif)

I'm so tired of worrying about money.

No. 715626

File: 1610835918988.jpg (1 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1610835561563.jpg)

Why are there so many faux intellectuals like this? Do they make sense to themselves?

No. 715631

It sounds like you're projecting a bit, you judge yourself as boring and need validation of otherwise. What the fuck is "not boring" anyway? Truth is most scrotes don't give a fuck if you're a fuckin astronaut or a LSD shaman, they already think they're the most interesting man on earth. Have you seen the amount of posts on the internet about women who can't even get a scrote to watch a movie after she sat through whatever boring shit he likes?
I think it's something you'll outgrow if you consciously make the decision to go against the desire for approval. Look for that girlhood feeling of joy, people who can retain childlike authenticity are never boring. They radiate joie de vivre.

No. 715634

men who call you boring are rude and are probably not putting any effort in asking you interesting questions that let them know more about you as a person because they are shallow. i agree with >>715621 they are probably trying to neg you. i hope you manage to meet nicer men! but you should ignore their opinion of you regardless. i think u are cool and that's all that matters ok anon.

ironically, i feel the opposite. i'm really into football and watching football matches is probably one of my main hobbies. altho this is a sport watched by a lot of women, men get hung up on me being ~not like other girls~ which makes me feel like a pickme. they also get rly creepy because they feel like "we get along well" after one shallow convo about football. this annoys me because most men don't put effort into learning about their gf's hobbies or interest.

moral of the story is that men are annoying whether they think u are boring or not and u should ignore their opinions of u.

No. 715638

>"we get along well" after one shallow convo about football
Ew wtf sports watching is my country's national pastime, everyone and their grandmas watch soccer. Men just want to associate everything with themselves, all narcissists.
Men have the most basic bitch taste when it comes to arts and entertainment. The projection is off the charts.

No. 715643

I relapsed and cut myself again intending to finally do it, but i couldn't and now i'm alive and full of regret

No. 715645

fucking hell tragic cartoon people living at the bottom of the sea wasting time in cafes with diner seating

No. 715650

It’s ok just make fun of other girls

No. 715655

What made you want to do it?

No. 715658

I don't understand why professors in the humanities assign ott course work. I was looking forward to a couple of philosophy classes until I looked at the syllabus and realized that the professors want us to complete two midterm exams and 5 written assignments this semester. Even with my medication, I don't think I'm capable of producing high quality work at that volume while also succeeding in my other classes. Seems totally unreasonable, I think there are more efficient ways of testing our knowledge.

No. 715662

File: 1610839729879.jpg (45.68 KB, 500x500, tumblr_90a7e374a4a924d7aaf40ca…)

No one cares about this anymore but the Bean Dad story made me feel really sad. My Dad was just like that guy and it fucked me up bad. I learned pretty quickly how to figure out things for myself but that doesn't mean I don't have a ton of gaps in my knowledge, mostly about taking care of myself. I'm 25 and my dad ridicules me for still living with my mom but guilts me into coming home the times I've tried to move out. He pulled that kind of "teaching moment" shit on me so that 1. He could feel intellectually superior to a literal child and 2. Make sure I was completely dependent on him so he could continue getting narcissistic supply well into my adulthood. Thankfully he doesn't know that my Mom and I are planning on fully leaving him once we can get a consistent place to stay.

No. 715670


Just get it anyways its for you not for him. Why is he breakup threatening?

No. 715672

I'm butthurt that men have a lot more well paying jobs available without needing a degree or years of schooling. A lot of trade jobs aren't even that demanding and pay well with minimum requirements and little competition but I wonder if I'd stand a chance considering I'm a woman. I was thinking of signing up for one training but got cold feet when I looked at the pictures of previous classes, all men of course.

No. 715675

Same here, I've had several moments that were nearly identical to his bean one but I was maybe 4 or 5 and after a while, as you said, you just learn to do shit by yourself. I remember a time I didn't know how to butter bread, because I was just too damn young and short to get everything I needed, it turned into an afternoon of him just screaming, throwing shit and just completely ignoring me. When my mom came home, I was too embarrassed to tell her because I thought I was being such a stupid brat and just went on hungry as shit, thought it was normal as hell for a loooong time. Now it's this occasional "If I would've known I would have left him sooner" from my mom and I feel so shitty about it all but she did left him when I was 24 and lived on my own and now he is dead thankfully. I just wish kids knew what is okay and what is not, or rather that men would just control themselves.

No. 715682

tbh I don't envy tradies, they can get seriously rich but it fucks up your body and can be crazy hours in all kinds of weather and lots of stress. I work for a builder that utilizes a lot of subcontractors and we expect a lot from them, I'm not sure what undemanding trades you mean but general building seems tough af.

You're right though, it should be more of an option for women. It's the best way to make big money if you aren't interested in getting a degree.

No. 715683

You could do the job fine but the sexual harassment would make it hell.

No. 715689

I'm really sorry you went through that anon. The men like that really only have children to make themselves look like responsible family men for the approval of strangers but still hurt the ones closest to them. They made us feel weak because they're actually weak. Not helping your preschooler butter toast is just plain sad on your part and completely pathetic on his part.

I remember I was 12 years old and just sobbing in my bedroom after school because I felt so helpless. I had terrible cystic acne, was constantly bullied, and had very few friends who I couldn't even connect emotionally to because I didn't know how. Everything in life felt so fucking hard and I had no idea why. My dad comes into my room, and I kind of reached out to him for a hug, but instead he stands over me and tells me to shut up because I was being a brat and he didn't want to hear it anymore. Never asked me what was wrong, didn't even try to comfort me, just shut me down because he thought me crying was trying to 'manipulate' him. I just learned to cry silently after that.

No. 715696

My bf doesn't love me anymore but I can't leave because of money.
Tried to internet seduce 2 guys to at least cheer myself up that I have SOME value.
2 rejections. I have nothing going for me.
I just want to die peaceful but can't even get myself to sleep…
Sorry for the rant. I have nobody to talk to.

No. 715697

Fuck, anon I feel awful that you had a shitbag like him for a dad but I also feel we could be good venting friends, I never talk about this stuff because it would still make feel like I let it happen to me thus making me weak somehow? I don't know if you know that feeling but it's such a block especially in adult life, I don't think I am ever gonna be okay to meet and be around a future gf's family because I feel like an alien or like I'm larping a normal functional person, I just don't mention the bastard but I can sense the sus eminating from me. My dad always made sure to do some oh such noble things he would later on use as leverage or to basically blackmail me with, like how could I be so ungrateful to not shower him with gifts and praise because he picked me up from the doctor or from school, even if he yelled at me the whole time or, somehow worse, completely ignored me. I hate using the term narc but he definitely was one, no sane adult man feels the need to constantly put down his own child, like wow you knew how to do a basic task but forgot to teach it to your own child? What an absolute king.

No. 715705

My boyfriend had always ogled at this Instagram model now he got a naked poser of her in the mail. He says he got it for free but I really don't care. I have told him it bothers me every time he talked about her and how hot she is, which was never much but still. I don't know if he just doesn't care or is just too stupid to realize how much it bothers me.
He even said something along the lines of "well she's famous it's not like I'm going to get with her."
That is not the point. Why are men so emotionally immature? They don't understand self-esteem issues or getting emotional about things like this.
I immediately told him I don't want that tacky thing hung up in the house. I got even more annoyed when he said it's for his mancave. There is no mancave, we have an office that I use more than him.
I honestly just want to throw that stupid poster away.
[insert joke about throwing away the whole man while I'm at it]
What turns this into a horror show if that I think this model looks like my sister.

No. 715706

He wants to keep you insecure so you don’t go be a whore aka leave him for someone better duh

No. 715707

Cucked by a man LOL pathetic

No. 715709

Anon for the love of God & yourself please leave this relationship

No. 715710

Anon, do you think he'd just tolerate it if you put up a poster of an attractive man and gushed about how hot he is constantly?
It's not simple "emotional immaturity", this male is openly cucking you. Your misery is part of the fun for him. Is that your fetish? Do you really enjoy being with someone who prioritizes a paper image of another woman and his hand over you? If the answer is no, do something about it.

No. 715712

A part of me wants you to rip it up and see how he reacts kek. But yeah, get rid of the scrote luv

No. 715715

>well she's famous it's not like I'm going to get with her.

Anon, the ONLY reason he's not fucking someone else is that the girl he jacks off over is inaccessible to him.

And honestly when men do things this blatantly disrespectful, they know it's disrespectful. They're not naive or confused or unaware. He does understand fully, he just doesn't care. He's doing it because he thinks you'll put up with it.

Men having naked posters up of other women isn't normal behaviour. I have not once seen an adult man decorate his house like that, not even the single ones. Teen boys might do that, but adult men don't. This isn't acceptable and typical behaviour. It's tacky, it's lame and it's disrespectful to you.

Chuck the man in the bin and find someone who doesn't feel the need to put his plaster his spank bank on the walls.

No. 715718

> [insert joke about throwing away the whole man while I'm at it]
>implying you won’t throw the whole man away
You and the other 10000 bitches with this exact story deserve it at this point. You all only have yourselves to blame for the state of men.

No. 715722

holy fucking shit i seriously can't stand some people in my fc in ffxiv. these antisocial losers only care about showing off meaningless achievements, they never contribute to the conversation except to autistically correct a fucking joke or put somebody down. they never help out. they just silently grind all day while occasionally giving underhanded rude remarks. oh you don't have that? oh you didn't do that already? oh your computer is bad?

then when i or somebody else does have a better pc / know more about something than they do / have accomplished something they haven't / know their rotation/class better / literally do anything that isn't "beneath" them they get salty and log off! what the hell get a fucking life holy shit

No. 715723

Can we even blame men at this point? We keep letting them do it and at this point it's just comical. Next hes going to be looking at the poster while fucking op doggy style to degrade her even more and she still wont leave lmao

No. 715727

It's been a long time coming to be honest, the frustrating thing is our current living situation. I'm a semester away from graduating from college so moving back home isn't an option. I have thought of moving into a dorm but that involves leaving my 2 dogs behind which is not an option.
I was already considered dumping him once my career takes off so it was going to happen sooner or later. I'll have to look over my options which aren't ideal at the moment.

sounds like you have never been in a long term relationship. Go fuck yourself anon, relationships are complicated and it's not always easy for women to just up and leave.

No. 715728

Oof…Please kick him the fuck out!

Had an ex who had photos of my sister on his phone… Pictures from her socials, profile pictures, and even old ones from my hard drives… Played a bit with him by deleting those and a bit of the porn he had on his phone and laptop etc. Just so much that he realized there was something off but he couldn't ask me directly not to reveal himself. The relationship was broken so it didn't really matter anyway.

No. 715742

Not to be that bitch but this is why women will never have equality.
Naivety and doormatness is groomed into us sure, but after highschool you gotta start maturing past that.

No. 715744

This is why you never shack up with a scrote. Unless he's paying your bills aka a husband, you'll be mentally and financially stuck to a retard cumbrain

No. 715749

That's insane, I'm starting to feel grateful I never had to put up with that level of degeneracy.
It has been a well learned lesson. The bright side is he does pay most of my bills, which is why I had planned to make my grand escape once I gained financial independence. I have a few good job offers lined up for me once I graduate so my situation isn't completely bleak, just annoying.

No. 715755

File: 1610854496076.jpg (213.92 KB, 640x640, basednessa.jpg)

Every time I talk about cute girls on socials, fucking transbians respond. They're so gross and annoying, I hate that they think the posts apply to them. Sometimes I just wanna say fuck it and be openly TERF, but there would go all my cool mutuals. When will the trans trend finally die anons? I can't keep playing nice with these ugly men for much longer before I crack.

No. 715760

I know you don't want to hear this anon, but nothing is going to change if we all stay silent.

No. 715761

Seconded this sentiment

No. 715762

What model is it? Just curious

No. 715765

I don't meant to bait because I genuinely want to understand as someone who's on the fence about trans stuff, but how can people genuinely be transphobic…but not racist, or homophobic? Or even rally against racism/homophobia/etc. while hating trans people?

No. 715767

Why can't you just be honest with him and tell him it bothers your self-esteem? Or even try and get back at him by hanging up a poster of a hot guy? Just communicate lol.

No. 715768

Because being a tranny has nothing to do with those other things

No. 715770

same sex relationships/attraction and racial discrimination are rooted in material reality, wearing skirts and claiming to be a woman while having a penis is not

No. 715772

Can't you just block them?

No. 715774

i don't think black women or gay women are harmful to me like males are

No. 715779

Cause those two are based on material reality while the other is magical thinking. Anyone that believes in innate/inner gender is retarded.

No. 715781

Because I’m brown and lesbian who is being erased, coercively raped, and identity colonized by white men in dresses. I suggest you reach out to women on TERF platforms for more nuanced answer. Lolcow is not longer safe place for discussion. Or try perusing old GC threads, I’m sure your questions have been addressed at some point.

No. 715789

I'm not white or straight, and I used to support the whole trans thing until I found out both first and secondhand how racist/anti-black and homophobic (specifically toward lesbians) they are.
You can find plenty of examples of MtFs and their supporters (both black and white) saying fucked up shit about black women, physically attacking them (and all other women), threatening to rape lesbians or shaming them for being same-sex attracted, etc. Hell, go on /lgbt/ and watch them shit on black women, claim black hair is "unfeminine", that black women don't count as women, the whole nine yards.
I won't dump them here because that's not what this thread is for, but the MtF thread in /snow/ has a few >>>/snow/1131745. Like the other anon says, you can also find out more if you look at old GC threads, at Crystal Cafe's designated threads about trans discussions, or the GC thread(s) on Asherah's Garden.

No. 715815

I mean, yeah sex work is real work. But real work=/=good. Being a burger flipper at McDonald's is "real work" too, but that doesn't magically make it less shitty if that's where you end up for a career. And encouragibg young impressionable girls to embrace that shit is reprehensible.

No. 715827

Don't shit on burger flipping, that's a real, respectable job that contributes to society. It provides work experience that can lead to new opportunities. If you're mistreated at work, there are legal options you can pursue. Society doesn't need porn, nobody builds a career from porn, and nobody other than evil SWERFs care if women in porn are mistreated. One job is clearly much more 'real' than the other.

No. 715829

TBH this is the truth. Idk what woman needs to hear this but stop fucking men who aren't respecting you or else they're not going to learn. LEAVE. Unless you are in an actually abusive relationship with no resources then get the fuck out.
How long do you have to stay with him? Can you not reach out to someone, literally anyone for some money, and leave? Take out a loan for rent until you get your job? Go to a woman's shelter? If you wanted to leave then you would make it happen. It's not just him but also you who is cucking yourself.

No. 715830

Because certain aspects of trans advocacy harm real women. It's simply incomparable to racism and homophobia because there's no inherent sacrifice of another group's rights thay comes with those groups having equality. Most TERFs/GC start off as being chill with transpeople until they get more and more exposed to the insanity of the community and their demands. If it were simply "hey, we just want to be able to present as women and mind our own business", most of us would take no issue, but that is simply not the case.

I'm not nearly as TERFy as a lot of people here and actually do accept some transwomen as women (the ones who actually pass as women and are viewed as women by general society), but there are so many aspects of the trans ideaology that turn me off and even straight up disgust me:

>the idea that having "genital preferences" is bigoted because how dare lesbians not want someone with a dick

>putting children on puberty blockers and hormones
>putting biological men who have sexually assaulted women in women's prison
>participating in women's sports despite an obvious advantage
>some of them are genuinely insane and do shit like wear pads with strawberry jam in them but we're not allowed to acknowledge that as deeply psycholigically unhinged
>LITERALLY HALF of them are DIAGNOSED NARCS and it shows so much with how they talk about themseleves vs real women- it is not uncommon for them to say that they have it worse than women who've experienced miscarraiges because "at least they can get pregnant". Or to say they hate hearing women complain about the pain mensturation because we're so "lucky" to experience biological womanhood.
>pretending TIMs using their access to female spaces to secually prey on women and girls is not a thing when there are countless examples of it

No. 715833

I hate this site. I still come here and post, then I'm like, ew, I didn't need to tell this to a lot of strangers I don't like. It's all my fault lmfao.

No. 715837

>that's a real, respectable job that contributes to society
Ah yes, where would society be without unskilled drones cooking factory farmed carcinogenic junk food to contribute to America's obesity epidemic?

God, the bar for "respectable job" is tragically low for some of you.

No. 715838

Whore copium. Burger flippers aren't responsible for the poison their companies push or the fatties that can just stop eating said poison.

No. 715840

>being an asshole to people who have to risk their life for their job
>working for a living period isn't respectable
you sound like a camwhore
also nta

No. 715843

OP deleted and reposted but the original thing said something like "You're delusional for believing whores are more respectable" or some stupid shit but I don't she's a camgirl

No. 715845

then she should consider her priorities and values since she sounds like a camwhore

No. 715846

Samefag, *less respectable

No. 715847

>I have told him it bothers me every time he talked about her and how hot she is
>Just communicate
Are you a redditor?

No. 715848

Kek sounds exactly like an OF hoe
>actively responsible for objectification and commodification of sex and women’s bodies
>enables psychotic fantasies of scrotes
>ignores and silences ex-sex workers who actually got irreversibly damaged by the industry
>unironically defends channels for human trafficking and child rape
>B-BURGER COOKS CAUSE OBESITY!! How respectable is that? Checkmate SWERFS.

No. 715851

Trust me anons, I want to rally up and peak as many TRA women as I can, but it's so hard to not have people dismiss it and say "Fuck off TERF!!" They all care more about troon feelings than women and our safety. You've seen the way they hype up men that say they want to beat TERFS, they're fucking brainwashed.

Blog, but I was all on the TRA bandwagon too until I started reading the MTF thread and woke the fuck up to just how many of these fucks are creepy pervs. It feels like the only way for them to be convinced is if they see all the gross shit they say and do for themselves.

You're born black. You're born gay. You aren't born trans, and that's literally the point of being trans kek
Honestly, I don't even hate all trans people. I just hate the 95% of men that claim to be transwomen who are just misogynists with a fetish. The 5% who try to pass, date men and leave lesbians alone, and generally try to be normal don't bother me.

I've considered it, but there's a lot and I'm sure they would notice and start posting about it, demanding I answer why. I don't have a gigantic following, but it's large enough that people would possibly say something.

No. 715852

I don't personally have anything against sexworkers (I respect and am perfectly fine with women who choose to do it, but I am aware of the negatives and I have my criticisms or whatever) but fast food workers and and sex workers aren't really the same at all tbh.
>Sexworkers are self-employed and choose their own hours
>Depending on what kind of sex work they do, sex workers can make a lot more, or a lot less than what minimum wage workers make.
>Sex work can ruin your life (except for sugar babies I feel like) in terms of job opportunities and public shame (especially from family). You also cannot put that shit on a resume, so if a swer decides they want to get a vanilla job, it'll look like they weren't doing anything for years.
>Depending on what kind of sex work you do (prostitutes and escorts) the biggest risks you have is getting raped, getting an std, being kidnapped, the only real risks a fast food employee is not being able to pay rent, getting yelled at by some costumer and being fired.

No. 715854

Ok sex worker anon, keep telling yourself that cashiers and cooks are somehow bad people committing a great evil for working a basic job serving food that people eat. As if they're to fucking blame.

True it's not a glamorous role, it's entry level and 'unskilled' meaning it's a great way for teenagers to get experience and start earning money. But even for adults, as long as they're working full time, that's being a responsible, contributing member of society. It's sad that you have to look down on them to make yourself feel better.

No. 715856

File: 1610866453089.png (658.18 KB, 720x720, 866656DF-150E-4B64-83F3-14B0B2…)

Grieving about how my older brother is an irredeemable scrote. He wasted his 20s cooming to anime figures, hoarding thousands of anime figurines, and binge eating his ass off. He still lives with me and my parents. I used to look up to him since he did pretty well in academics. Now that I surpassed him in both physique and career earnings I can’t help but pity him and how he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a decade. Now my mom expects me to help him get back in shape and fix his hoarding scenario, since it’s taking up the storage rooms in the house. I can’t stop being disappointed at my brother for being such a slob and focusing on only talking to other degenerate scrotes who like anime. I wish my normie cousins didn’t bully him so hard to the point where he had to turn to anime girls for “comfort”.

Anons, please help. I don’t know how to even fix him anymore after finding his hard drive of hentai. At least he’s still paying rent and not NEETing his life out. Internally I love him, he has treated me nicely when I was a sick, deranged fujoshi. I don’t know how to give him a reality check. I just want him to find a girlfriend, settle down somewhere and move his shit away from me and my parents.

No. 715857

Literally what are you talking about, you delusional loony? I never said literally any of that. I'm anti-sex work, but I'm just not going to pretend that burger flipping is a respectable job to feed into the copes of some anons who's bar for a "respectable" career is as low as "not spreading my asshole for money".

Correction, I said "that" much more respectable.

No. 715859

I am so confused how my anti-sex work post is leading to some of you accusing me of being a pro-whoring OF girl just because I don't think giving people diabetes for a career is respectable. I don't understand why the two are mutually exclusive and you're honestly literally retarded for thinking so.

Both involve heavily exploitative industries that seriously harm society. Both take no skill. Both should be avoided as a career. I'm not going to indulge your weird double standards to make you feel like less of a loser lol.

No. 715860

Shut the fuck up whore. You bring shame to all women.

No. 715861

if fastfood work didn't require skill, there would be no sex workers

No. 715862

Fastfood is minimum wage

No. 715863

No. 715866

Yeah, nothing brings shame to all women like making almost six figures entry level off your computer science bachelors instead of burger flipping for the rest of your life.

>fast food work requires skill
>implying that's the reason whores whore instead and not the fact it makes way more money
Congratulations, this is probably the most comically retarded thing I've read all week.

No. 715867

Which is why sex workers go into sexwork lol. They expect to make more money, which isn't true most of the time. I don't even agree with the OP anon, but you guys don't have to act like fastfood requires a ton of skill when it doesn't. Fastfood being a skill-less job is something people have been saying for years, and it is why it's a minimum wage job that teens can go into as their first job for experience

No. 715868

People love to run their mouth about work being respectable but in reality only certain work is respected. It's no surprise women turn to OF because having a normal job is considered more embarrassing and OF is "the lesser evil". Even if you're anti-SW you contribute to its popularity.

No. 715870

Yes you bring shame to all women when you advertise yourself as a desperate, man pleasing hole. Nobody believes anymore that you make six figures and you probably have to down a bottle of wine before getting up on the morning to cope with the shameful humiliation you subject yourself to. You have no integrity or soul and you don’t deserve to have your own burgers flipped. Fucking whore.(infighting)

No. 715872

it literally does require skill though
Does skill only count if it's mental, not physical?

No. 715873

No. 715874

No? There are a lot of careers with physical skills (actual chefs or surgeons for example, or even gym trainers). But there's not much physical skill at all with fast food workers. What's the physical skill? Cooking? Because most of that food is frozen, and if it's not, it's still already prepared for the workers. That's why it's FAST food. They can't make that shit on their own, and if they did they would be at an actual restaurant. Even assembling the food doesn't require much skill. Again, there's a reason why most people, especially teenagers, can do it. It's a job most people can do, even people with disabilities.

No. 715875

I mean you have to be able to stay on your feet up to 12 hours, you have to be able to empty frying vats without hurting anyone, you have to be able to lift weight, count cash fast, etc
Those literally are skills, why shit on anyone doing a job?

No. 715877

Oh my god, this level of delusional cope is fucking gold. Keep telling yourself that any woman who looks down on burger flipping MUST be a whore and there's NO WAY she has a bachelors and high paying career, even when she's vocal about her anti-sex work stance. God, no wonder some of you never make anything of yourselves. You literally cant compute a path to success to the point where you refuse to even believe people when they tell you they have a bachelors and a good paying job. It's almost as sad as it is funny.

I'm gonna peace out and stop clogging up the thread. Go ahead and tell yourself whatever you need to to be less triggered by someone not respecting your minimum wage unskilled diabetes peddling job. Have fun with that horrifically low bar you've set.

No. 715878

it's really weird that you keep bringing up your job
like weird in a sad way
I like to think if I was making six figures, I wouldn't be shitposting on a 4chan off-shoot gossip website in the wee hours of the morning

No. 715879

>why shit on anyone doing a job?
Literally tell that to the anons above talking about sex work. Anyway, I'm not shitting on fast food workers, I think they deserve better considering the treatment from costumers and low pay they get. I eat fast food, I have nothing against them.

Imo, counting cash fast is not a skill that you acquire from being a fast food worker, and it's something most people learn to do in school. I do understand the frying vat thing though. I don't wanna keep derailing about this though. Let the vents continue.
Nobody cares about your bachelors and six figure job, anon.

No. 715882

>most people learn to do in school.
I wish I went to your school

No. 715884

I think we all learned math and how to add by 1s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 20s in our head, anon.

No. 715887

I'm not the person who was arguing with you, but money handling is different than normal math, I can do arithmetic but I can't make change fast at all

No. 715889

If you're not just a bitter, defensive sex worker it's even worse that you're looking down on regular jobs. Didn't we just learn that ~unskilled~ jobs like working in a supermarket suddenly become 'essential' at times of need? Just because certain jobs aren't high flying high earning careers doesn't mean they aren't a respectable ways to make a living.

'Respectable' doesn't have to mean impressive and skillful btw, it just means they're doing the responsible, adult thing to pay bills and contribute to society.

No. 715890

Oh, I agree, change is fucking hard and admittedly I forget what is what sometimes. Dollars are easy though. I honestly forgot cents existed for a moment lol

No. 715891

Just because I look down on whores like you doesn’t mean I work a min sage job, doesn’t mean I don’t have skills, or ambition or a career. I just don’t sperg for validation every time my uppity views are challenged so really you don’t know anything about me. Newsflash:most people hate and look down on whores, even their own clients, even their own PARENTS.

No. 715898

You would if you where making that by whoring yourself out, because you’d be mentally ill

No. 715902

File: 1610869625774.gif (1.82 MB, 228x202, 1541134089836.gif)

holy shit

No. 715909

Nta, but to be fair she only started doing that after you guys kept accusing her of being a secret whore, which tbh was equally cringey.

This gif made me super nostalgic. I miss Milky Fawn.

No. 715924

from one brown woman to another, you are not being erased or having your identity colonized. Sounds like your just bitter because your causes stopped being the center of attention. I'm glad you are running out of safe places to discuss your biggotry. You TERFS are really the only shitty thing about this site.

No. 715929

i suggest you take a look at this thread: >>>/snow/1131745

No. 715935

Some of you anons really are dramatic, I said I would look at my options. I'm not going to go to a woman's shelter over a fucking poster. I can obviously leave whenever I want. Like I said I can go to a dorm, but that means leaving behind a lot of things we both worked on together.
Like I said it sounds like most of you have never been in long term relationships.
>Take out a loan for rent until you get your job?
And put myself in more debt? You sound awfully privileged anon

No. 715936

so much for not baiting, yawn

No. 715937

We've all seen the thread. Contain your TERF sperging over there

No. 715938

I want to argue with so many retarded anons but don’t want to get banned for infighting again. I wish some of you posted in the Dumbass Shit Thread instead so I could reply.

No. 715941

>over a fucking poster
Lmao come on, anon, it’s not like it’s a poster of a shitty metal band or something. It’s more than that and from the sound of your replies, you deserve to be shit on by such a worthless male.

No. 715948

In a long-term relationship and I would definitely leave over that, anon. It is blatant disrespect to you, and he clearly signalling he finds other women way more attractive than you and is rubbing it in your face. He fully realises that you don’t like it and does not give a shit about your feelings. The fact that the fucking model looks like your sister makes him dating you even stranger, like he would go for your sister instead of you if he had the chance. He doesn’t respect you, and from your posts, it sounds like you have trouble respecting yourself. Just leave when you can, or deal with the fact your boyfriend does not care about you quietly.

No. 715950

Have you actually met a real trans person? Not just going based off the very loud and very obnoxious troons on twitter?
> any sociologist/advocate/not insane trans person will tell you "genital preferences" are not bigoted and acting the way is just rapey
> they do not put children on hormones only puberty blockers and the effects are completely reversable
>the prison and women's sports thing is controversial even among trans people
>everything else is straight up mental illness

No. 715954

Girl get a fucking backbone

And stop accusing other anons of not having any 'long term dating experience' when you're the one putting up with this retarded shit and you can't figure out how to deal with it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715955

fuck off anon isn't this a vent thread?
Obviously I am talking about leaving especially if he expects me to put up with the disrespect but I'm not going to pack my bags and storm out because of it.

No. 715957

ma'am puberty blockers are not reversible. my health and joints is still fucked up from lupron.

No. 715958

This thread really has some of the nastiest bitches.
So much for having a place for women to feel safe to share, on a fucking vent thread too.

No. 715962

Those are side effects, any medication you take has them. As far as the intent of the medication, it is reversible.

No. 715965

Tough love and the truth are never pleasant to receive, but necessary for some women, apparently.

No. 715966

I lost the broccoli and raisin salad recipe I was so stoked about trying out! Noooooooo

This is not anyone's safe space, don't expect to be coddled on lolcow

No. 715967

She got good advice and in return she got defensive about anons probably not being as experienced in dating as her? She got petty for no reason and so the replies got more Frank with her. Happens on the relationship threads all the time too. Misplaced anger when your scrote is pissing you off basically

No. 715969

I’m in a few months 25 years old and it doesn’t perse depress me but I hate how I’ve never gotten the opportunity to look like a child or teen, I’ve always looked years older than I actually am (no jokes). At 8 I looked 12 years old, at 12 I looked 18 years old and at 18 I looked 25 years old and at 25 years old I look almost 30/early 30s. I don’t care that I’m an incel but it’s just one horrible thing of my many problems.

No. 715978

How is telling someone they deserve it good advise?
it's in the rules of the thread

No. 715979

Why would you want to look like a child or a teen? Babyface is only attractive to pedos.

No. 715981

>Anons, please help

Half of the anons here are probably closer to your brother than they like to admit.

I don't know why your mom makes you do it. Why can't she do it? Why can't he do it? Why can't you all do it together?

No. 715983

The intent of the medication is not to delay puberty either, it's used off-label. Its original purpose was to treat breast and prostate cancer. It's a literal chemo drug.

No. 715988

Man i want to speedrun my retirement and live in a small quaint house with a garden, adequate internet connection and do fuckall til i die

No. 715993

I swear every time I come across my old female friends from fandom days of the past they have always trooned out. What the fuck. Either they've become they/them snowflakes or full on male. And they never gave any sort of GNC vibes back then, most of them were perfectly conforming women that had no issues with their gender. The trans cult is a fucking disease, they're all in their late 20's/early 30's too.

No. 715996

I gave birth two years ago and ever since I haven't had any desire to have sex ever. I've known it happens to women after childbirth sometimes, but it's been two years. I don't know what's wrong with me. It has nothing to do with my husband, he's the same guy as always, we haven't had any fights or a rough time, there's nothing I can pinpoint this to. My body went through changes, obviously, but it's back to how it was two years ago, so I can't say it's body issues. I can't even imagine having sex with ANYONE. If you put all my celebrity crushes in a room and said 'pick', I wouldn't want it. I don't know what's happening to me.

No. 716001

I want to look now like a young woman but when I were a kid I wanted to look like a kid

I’m aging like milk basically chronically

No. 716003

It's not even about being even remotely gnc now. Anything is twisted as "gender dysphoria" by the trans cult anyway. Depressed? Gender dysphoria. Socially awkward? Gender dysphoria. Being overly feminine for a woman or overly masculine for a man? Obviously overcompensating for gender dysphoria. And so on.

No. 716007

>adult and posts an anime pic on an imageboard
>shit talks autistic brother
>this big adult totes based OP is shit talking autistic brother on an image board
>thinks because he lives with his mother like a loser that she’s any better even though she’s living with her mom as well
Jesus you’re petty as hell And your mom shouldn’t have gotten you two.
You also make me realize that I shouldn’t have weeb kids

No. 716013

honestly go full forest sorceress and rock it

No. 716014

why the hell are you on imageboards if even an anime pic triggers you

No. 716015

He’s not gonna listen to you, unless you have a close relationship. He might even be bitter and jealous of you. Does he have a normie male friend? They might be more fitted for the job. Also that’s not your responsibility at all. At some point your parents gonna have to give him an ultimatum or they’re gonna enable him forever.

No. 716016

I saw what you did yesterday. Fuck you, I only asked a valid question.

No. 716019

You’re missing the point

No. 716020

You lonely and just want some interaction or what?
Autism isn’t an excuse to be a disgusting burden. He can pay rent so that scrote is high functioning enough to gtfo. I’m over coddling autists, especially overgrown incels who feel entitled to taking up his own family’s space for anime titties.

No. 716022

Where did you get that he is autistic from?

No. 716034

Go join the 41% you worthless deviant.

No. 716039

NTA, but funny how you didn't mention whether or not you were a lesbian.
When were brown lesbians ever "the center of attention"? Maybe it looks that way if you're a jealous straight white male who's uncomfortable when it's not about him and his feelings 24/7. They always find a way to guilt trip and prioritize themselves, huh? It's impressive.

No. 716066

>everything else is straight up mental illness
yes and most trannies are mentally ill so?

No. 716067

File: 1610891249126.jpeg (219.29 KB, 1242x1220, 9A6FFEF1-A197-456D-887B-45B6C6…)

No. 716078

>the effects of these pills are reversible, don't worry
>but the expected side effects will fuck you up for life
That sounds sooooo much better, kek. But also stopping your puberty at the point it'd naturally start and treating it as something you can just restart later down the line with zero difference is magical thinking, we're not robots.

No. 716080

Define transphobic, I don't hate trans people and I don't want them to suffer or die or whatever they accuse tErFs of, but I don't believe that trans women literally are women, and vice versa, in fact I don't believe in gender identity at all (I think we should work towards a society where everyone feels free to be as masculine or feminine as they want regardless of sex, whereas transitioning reinforces gender stereotypes). I have yet to hear a logically sound definition of "woman" that includes trans women. And I think biological women should be allowed to have spaces to themsleves, especially ones where theyre vulnerable like locker rooms and prisons. I don't consider these views hateful at all but apparently they put me on the same level as actual fascists according to some people

No. 716082

You will never be a woman

No. 716083

>the effects are completely reversable
>n-no it's just side effects!
Anon if you're on blockers until your growth plates are solidified at age 14-16 then they're irreversible and you'll miss your puberty. Forever. There's not much of a time window to act in. Literally the only time they are normally used is to delay puberty for children who are starting it at like age 6 due to hormonal issues.

No. 716085

I hate it when people cook eggs in the house and it makes the entire place reek like farts.

No. 716086

>"well she's famous it's not like I'm going to get with her."

Translation: If I had a chance with her, I would, but because I don't, you'll do.

No. 716087

Yeah, "any medication" renders children sterile when followed up with "gender affirming" HRT. Lmao.
The effects are not actually reversible, by the way.
Doctors are still not completely sure of the results and risks, and any reputable one you ask will admit as much. Why do you support using children as guinea pigs?

No. 716092

File: 1610894753117.jpeg (51.2 KB, 748x595, D2958BEE-74FB-4412-95DF-325587…)

>puberty blockers
>permanent side effects like fucked up joints, early bone density loss, teeth enamel loss, and shrunken/atrophied genitals
>increased risk of certain cancers/tumor growths, worsening vision, early menopause, possible lower brain development
>completely reversible

No. 716093

Update on the weird paedo cutting discord if anyone cares, discord didn’t do anything because the guy deleted his messages even though i sent video proof of the girls. Good afternoon I hate men.

No. 716098

That sucks. I'll pray for his downfall for you.

No. 716111

My ex is stalking me. I dont know what to do. I hate my life. I'm struggling just to not off myself, now this.

also a fucking farmer was feeding him information about me. Fucking cunt

No. 716122

I can't cope with being ugly but I don't want plastic surgery either. I think I might legitimately kill myself

No. 716126

If you can walk down the street knowing that creeps mostly will leave you alone.. I would at least say that's a decent consolation prize

No. 716129

In my experience being ugly/fat actually makes creeps target women more because they expect women to have less guard/worse self esteem meaning they can get away with the crime or have other people not believe them. Due to the pervasive belief that sexual assault only happens to the pretty people.

No. 716132

So…I just found out that I was aro ace (aromantic asexual) for a while now and I'm too afraid to tell other people about it. The fact that the lgbt+ community always splurt out about that asexual positivity bullshit when in reality we were far from being recognized. I thought I was in a safe space to share my experience as an asexual but they tend to disregard me and taken me so lightly…saying I'm just straight with more steps. So I learn to shut up, and would never tell anyone about this since its such a hassle.

No. 716133

Been in work all day doing a manual job, come home to nap and my bf makes the decision, after being off all day, to then start doing heavy deadlifts in the garage under our bedroom. The floor is vibrating, the weights are thudding on the floor and he's grunting with each lift. I love him but I am so fucking tired and just want to sleep so now I'm sat playing vidya until he stops. I'm pissed off.

No. 716140

I wasn't talking about sex crimes or assaults tbh. I work in a store where I'm ok as I'm not very femme but I witness the more casual creepiness that any thin woman with nice hair and make up gets.

No. 716141

A lot of anons here will say the same thing unfortunately.

No. 716142

Try to get rich if you aren't, it should be a good cope.

No. 716146


No. 716150

you can talk about it, just make sure to not present it as something as complicated as a gay coming out

No. 716151

I just tell people in my life that I've tried dating and it's not for me. I don't use any label but people get the jist of it and they tend to figure out that sex is obviously a non-thing for me too. People generally don't care.

No. 716153

My brother isn’t austistic? are you retarded? Why are you so triggered over me using an anime photo, it was the latest saved image on my phone. I looked up to my brother, when I was younger because he really seemed like he got his shit together 10 years ago until he started going to anime conventions and getting high off anime consoomerism and merchandise hoarding.

He doesn’t have normie friends that I know of, but I assume they’re all married and have kids. I’m trying to get closer to him but my parents keep flaunting my achievements to him for no reason, which could make him resent me since I’m younger. I actually had the same treatment when I was younger and resented my brother for doing better than me in the past. My parents don’t want to provoke him too hard since he does pay the bills. I guess I should leave it to my parents to decide what to do, I felt like I had a say in these types of things because he lives with me and I want to store food, not coomer shit in the storage room.

No. 716154

Do you really need recognition from the lgbt community to not date? I kind of understand their dismissal, since asexuality is hardly stigmatized.

No. 716159

Glad we agree.

No. 716160

Is this bait or did some cow thread bring in an influx of twitterfags?

No. 716162

my old ass coworker at work sometimes puts his hand out for fistbumps and i'm like wtf dude? we both wear gloves but i still don't want to be fistbumping people.

and this fucker is so creepy. he was talking about the company raising the wages and i told him he could check through the system we use and he said he 's computer illiterate and needs a nice little girl to help him and chuckled. i didn't respond and just got back to working.

No. 716166

He sounds like a male version of me tbh. Is this bad?

No. 716168

There's a whole lot of talk about 'safe spaces' on here today. Like that anon calling this thread a safe space earlier… and then people getting banned for arguing with that anon so.. I dunno what's going on today. Esp in this thread.

No. 716171

Ok hettie

No. 716175

File: 1610902382325.jpeg (8.77 KB, 231x218, download (1) (2).jpeg)

Dogs are like children: You may think your dog and other dogs like it are cute because it's yours. To other people however, your dog is an obnoxious, yipping, begging, attention whoring, and messy asshole that is ugly and likely not the best representation of whatever breed you think your mutt is. You overestimate its capabilities and underestimate its nuisance. You think your relationship is special when your selfies on social media are a dime a dozen.
All of this is alright, until you start imposing your dog onto other people and then wonder why some aren't as endeared to it as you are. Maybe not everyone finds animal hair in their kitchen, clothes, and furniture as the most sanitary standard. Maybe shoving their poopy assholes in your face when you're trying to sit down isn't the equivalent of watching a beautiful sunset. Maybe other people are fully aware that your dog-child-furbaby is a human equivalent to a spoiled brat.

No. 716176

hehe dog go woof and lick butt

No. 716178

heckin doggo pupper go yip yeee!

No. 716180

File: 1610902881430.jpg (88.15 KB, 439x585, dfgfdghjhjjjjjjjjj.jpg)

This reminds me of my little brother that makes a point of being rude about my dogs whenever I see him like, 3 times a year, so he has no reason to hate dogs so much, he's just a dick. I had to use the family computer to look something up and pic related came up in the search bar and I thought it was so funny I confronted him about it and he got LIVID at me for "spying on him". I wasn't spying homie your psycho shit just popped up when I went to type! Now I make jokes that he wants to eat my dogs or ask if he wants a hotdog when I see him and it makes him pissed

No. 716183

I kinda like how he’s an asshole but he’s also scared of being judged.

No. 716184

Because dog people are psychotic and confront their family members for having the audacity to not like their dogs on the internet.

No. 716185

lmaooo redditors, not even once

No. 716186

My neighbors dog woke me up at 7am yesterday on my day off, never got back to sleep because she kept up the barking for ages. Whatever.

In bed at 1am lastnight tired and knowing I had to be up for something important today… dog freaks out again and barking lasts for an hour. This is an old dog. One time they told me to be careful that she bites…?? they've just never cared to train her I guess. The amount of lost hours of sleep that people living here longer than me must've had to endure. I need to buy earplugs before I start performing badly at work.

No. 716187

Yeah if your dog jumps on people you're a shit owner.

No. 716191

My dogs don't jump on people or even go near him, I have no idea why he was googling that stuff (especially about eating them), that's why I found it so funny

No. 716192

>i found it funny
Just admit you were mad and you had to confront him about his search history because you can't comprehend how someone could not love your pupperino. I don't tend to confront people over secret shit I find funny because it serves way more to not let them know that I know. You're angry fam, which is why you're confronting OP too.

No. 716194

Have you never teased a family member
Are you an alien

No. 716196

I meant because he searched
> do you judge people who don’t like dogs
In between all the searches about hating dogs

No. 716198

We put our dog down the other day. I couldn't muster the courage to go pet him before the vet put him down. At least my brother and mom were there to keep him company. He was a big dumpy german shepherd.

No. 716199

Because people often act like dicks to anons who are trying to vent. I get it's lolcow or whatever, but it's annoying when some anons infight and derail over a vent, or when an anon is unnecessarily rude to someone with an inoffensive vent post. It still happens even with the thread rules, so no wonder bans are being given out.

No. 716201

Your little brother should, perhaps, consider letting himself get kicked on the face.

No. 716202

>guy has four tabs related to wanting to eat dogs
>but the dog owners are the psycho ones

People like OP's brother are why the red flags go up for me whenever someone makes a huge deal about hating dogs. It's fine not to like them, but repeatedly going on about it to someone with dogs is fucking weird.

No. 716209

AYRT, I might be biased because we're women but maybe not? As long as you show an effort every week to help yourself be less of a burden on your parents that's good enough. At least you help your parents with bills and things though.

No. 716215

Yes. It doesn't really matter what gender you are, that's not a good way to live. If you're not trying to do something with your life or do something to provide for the house then it's a burden on whoever you live with.

No. 716221

File: 1610905967548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.77 KB, 720x1432, 20210117_145023.jpg)

Black twitter is yet again being dumb as fuck and picking fights on twitter because they have the same entitled personality of the whites they hate so much, at this rhythm they're going to fight with every country of the global south(global rule #7)

No. 716226

>how to eat a dog
>eating dog should be legal
This is why I think dog/cat/any other animal haters are subhuman.
I don't like cockroaches. Do I post long-winded bullshit in vent threads constantly about how much I dislike them, Google "how to eat cockroaches", require an entire cockroach hate containment thread and obsess over them like a psycho?
No. No normal human does that kind of thing. Your little brother has mental problems and I'm sorry, anon.

No. 716231

I just found out my abusive ex who is in jail for attacking me this summer is trying to claim trans so he can say he was arrested for trying to kill a TERF (with no evidence because it is technically an untrue statement) and get people to start petitioning for his early release. This is the guy who has lied about me having a CNC Tumblr blog and being a MAGAfag (again, with no evidence) to incite a witch hunt and push me over the edge for even DARING to press charges.

I'm scared.

No. 716235

File: 1610907334340.jpeg (49.79 KB, 1125x973, 27.jpeg)

This entire twitter thread is making me really sick. It doesn't help me at all with my fears of aging.
Why are men like this?

No. 716236

Just don't date shitty scrotes who prey on young woman. Matt is doing us all a favor here by revealing how utterly appalling he is from the get go.