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No. 717944

previous: >>>/ot/711339

let's talk about it, anon

note from previous thread:
>As an added note, don't infight ITT. It's one thing to comment on an anon's post, but it's another to try and start infighting with an anon by replying with a snarky response (ex. "what did you expect to happen anon?") "that doesn't happen"

>just let anon vent, if you want to be a nitpicky bitch head over to /pt/ or /snow/. no1currs about your shitty input.

No. 718007

Basically psychologists are trained to not get indulged in the patient’s view of world
That’s why vent threads were made
So don’t bulli nor reply unless you feed us

No. 718008

I swore I would never be one of those moderately thin girls who laments to everyone that she's fat. Growing up, I'd just roll my eyes. I was so lucky to make it through my adolescence without any weight insecurities.
Now I'm a grown woman and even though I know, objectively, that my BMI is in the normal range, I look so fat. I look like I'm fucking pregnant. I'm so bloated and it's disgusting. Just flab all around. From the front I'm shaped like a fridge, and from the side like a beach ball. The fat that doesn't accumulate on my stomach goes straight to my thighs. If I gain any more, they'll start touching and I have no idea how I'll deal with that.

It's so juvenile, crying myself to sleep every night while grabbing my stomach and knowing that it's all my fault. I hate that there's enough meat on there to grab it at all. I'm selfish and stupid and eat what I shouldn't. I weigh myself every morning and the number on the scale terrifies me but I still eat. I know the calories that I'm consuming and I know that it's too much but I still eat. I know that it's just emotional hunger but I still eat. It's absurd. I'd padlock the fucking pantries if I lived alone.

If my weight hits the triple digits (pounds, dw) I'll be seriously suicidal. I hate myself so much. I never want to see food again.

No. 718012

File: 1611106600147.gif (638.9 KB, 480x271, 63FDC375-D310-4922-B689-4BFB09…)

My cute coworker is already leaving my new job

No. 718019

Anon…unless you're legally a midget tripple didgets shouldnt be an issue.

No. 718029

I'm 5' unforunately. I know it's irrational but I've been under 100 pounds for a whole year now… Spilling into triple digits is just undeniable proof that I've let myself go.

No. 718041

Tbh even triple digits when you're short could look okay depending on your body type. I'm 4'11" and even though idk my exact weight, triple digits still doesn't look fat on me.

No. 718047

Anon, I know exactly how you feel. Birth control fucked up my life but I don't want periods. My thighs have only begun touching and my bmi is around 20.5 now (I used to be underweight, always, and then after birth control, bam, weight gain) so I don't think you look anywhere near fat like you think you do. Work out, I've worked out a lot and it helps in terms of making yourself look thinner than you are.

No. 718058

You could try a weight loss app. I'm using one and it's pretty good because I can focus on which exercises to do in a day without getting bored. Also lack of exercise can influence your mood and make you feel down and worthless. It's nice to end a routine and feel like I burned a few calories.

No. 718063

Exercising is the best choice I made coming from someone who used to starve herself to be at the "perfect weight" at 95lbs. I'm 134lbs at 5'3" with a 24 inch waist still.

No. 718066

Why do women torture ourselves to be as tiny as possible?
Just eat generally healthy, exercise, and don't be overweight. Who gives a shit? Scrotoids? Other anas?

No. 718071

Because we want to feel good about ourselves. There's nothing better than liking what you see in the mirror. Idc about what scrotes will think.

No. 718078

Thank you to everyone for the reassurances and advice. I've been sorely lacking in exercise, so I expect my mood and cravings will improve once I get started. I nabbed one of those work-out apps with beginner level routines. I'll try a short one before bed!
>Who gives a shit?
The mean little woman living in my brain who cries and throws unbuttered popcorn at the screen when my bones disappear.

No. 718080

I deleted my vent I don't want to racebait or complain when it's not too bad so I'm briefly getting it out. I feel like women can't talk about sexism but will encourage it based on race/other things and I'm sick of feeling hated by both sides. It's dumb though but even the enbies/fakebois think they can do it, throwing themselves under the bus unknowingly. I'm starting to hate idpolitics because it's so dividing. you have to sit there like those close-up awkward animal memes pretending "haha, it's cool I'm not a karen so you can joke about killing me for how I was born"

No. 718081

Of course it's good to want to be happy with how you look but be very very wary of going into eating disorder thought territory. I think a lot of women believe that because they made it through adolescence without being unhealthy about food means they can't get that unhealthy about it anymore. If you want to exercise or whatever to look better, that's fine, but always be aware that as long as your bmi is objectively fine, nobody is going to think you are fat. It's ridiculously easy to slip into these thoughts and if you cry yourself to sleep about it like that it seems like that stage is very very close if not already there. And you don't want that. If you are at a healthy weight, regardless of what you think your size looks like, obsessing over food and losing weight is always going to negatively impact your life dramatically. It's insane how much it can do to your day to day life and how much you enjoy it. I totally get the sentiment and have been there before, but it makes you miserable and as long as you aren't legitimately overweight 99% of people will never think anything except that you look nice and in shape. Pls don't succumb to unhealthy thoughts because it will ruin you.

No. 718090

This living arrangement has saved me money and kept me from being lonely. Yet I know when I get really mad about he shit he says he gets violent with my items and says he never felt this way until he met me. It's not often but I know it's there. I have to keep things secret in order to get out. Pretend I'm broke. Learn the skills he has so I can do them without him. It's stupid. I thought I found the one I truly loved but he's another selfish prick. I want to be strong. I want to live alone without fear. I have to start learning to be truly independent this year or else I'll be stuck here forever or end up with a male much worse.

No. 718098

i'm sad trufemcels was banned and i'm sad for all the users. i went to check in on the sub and seeing it was banned kinda felt like a punch to the stomach. men truly hate women

No. 718104

>I'm starting to hate idpolitics because it's so dividing.
Good, good

No. 718114

I'm so so so so tired of join female only groups for shared experiences that are specifically represented in XX women, and having some nonbinary or trans faggots saying

>"D'UUUUHHHHH…. Don't you guys wish this group was more inclusive??? Anymore nonbinary people here??? I feel like the group name should be changed!!!!"

Shut the FUCK UP and make your own group you stupid attention seeking fucks. You joined a group with "FEMALE" In the title, don't you fucking dare start asking if that can be changed. FUCK.

No. 718118

I just really wish I was dead. I have nothing left anymore.

No. 718121

i really fucking hate tiktok

every night i have to hear my sister play these inane videos for 5 fucking hours straight coupled along with her sniffing laughs and the occasional witch cackle before she slams her hands over her mouth realizing it's 6 in the fucking morning. every video i hear sounds like some obnoxious amerimutt oversharing online or some retarded kids recording retarded shit that they may or may not regret in a few years (i feel like nowadays people are less embarrassed about having stupid child/teenhood shit of them on the internet). i can't understand what's so addicting about genuinely mind-numbing drone entertainment like that and i absolutely fucking hate the fact that the app is so common to use now. "hey did you see that tiktok […]" is a NORMAL sentence starter now. vine was more tolerable because "creators" retardation had to be contained in 6 seconds.

i've already been growing distaste for twitter in the past few years but tiktok made me realize just how much i might genuinely hate social media in general, and i'm not even a boomer. i guess this is a vent for another post and i don't feel like i can properly explain why i hate socmed, why it's gotten a lot worse and how it's fucking with the way people think and interact in real life, so i'll stop here before i look like a retard.

if you use tiktok delete it right fucking now and repent. bitch.

No. 718124

Ever since I was raped and abused at age 13 (18 now), I genuinely cannot enjoy sex. It fucking hurts so bad anons and it’s been so long since the period of abuse, why can’t my mind and body move on even after years of therapy and medication? I feel hopeless!! I just want to enjoy intimacy again

No. 718175

You might be best off looking for radfem spaces specifically, they don’t abide troons and enbies. Sad that “female” has become such a broad term to morons like that.

No. 718193

Now that I live on my own I am enjoying hating people and brushing them off like I always wanted too, whenever I feel like it. Openly.

You're all walking bags of meat and I can only tolerate you by getting distracted by fantasy or exercise or everything shiny on the store shelves. If you please me in the right way then I might feel affection eventually because under it all I am kind but I am done with humanity.

This isn't self hate. This is being done with decades of trash humans.

No. 718205

The mainstream media here where I live has been glorifying sex work and sugar dating for a good while now. Constant articles about young women who started an OnlyFans account and sell their bodies to older men. The articles are never written from a critical point either, they all check the same boxes.
>"It's very empowering to be able to be in charge of my own sexuality as a woman!"
>"I'm not ashamed of it, I'm making much better and easier money than I did serving coffee at Starbucks!"
>"People should get over their prejudices and accept that this is work like any other occupation!"
>"Not every man wants just sex, a lot of them want to be held and have me keep them company because they're just lonely uwu"
>"Plenty of sex workers do this out of their own free will, the ones forced into it are a scarce minority!"
>"There's no other reason for prostitution to be illegal except the GOVERNMENT!! hating sex workers!"
>History of mental illness and trauma mentioned but never questioned if these factors could be why they're selling themselves to men
Would you think that these articles would be so romanticized if they were talking about all the young boys selling themselves to older bihet scrotes? How did prostitution and self-degradation suddenly become peak empowerment for women? It's like all the negatives of the whole sex work industry are swept under the rug and now it's just about white upper middle class girls spreading their legs to a carefully cherrypicked clientele speaking over all the victims of human trafficking and abuse. And no journalist is ever questioning them for it because ~that's not woke~.

No. 718214

Up until I got to prostitution being illegal I thought we might be from the same country. Horrible that the media's stances are overlapping so much lmfao.

No. 718215

I really fucking hate the word 'empowerment'. It says a lot that they can never use the word 'power' on it's own, because the shit libfems claim is ~empowering~ gives them no real power and would never be done by a person WITH power.

No. 718216

I just had an abortion, I know it was the right thing to do considering my life circumstances but I feel like a monster. I want to grieve and forgive myself for what I've done. I don't know how, I'm completely lost.

No. 718217

i hate this so much. and it's everywhere too. the algorithms will show this to very young insecure girls and they will buy it 100% because a popular girl with colored hair and cool tattoos says it so.

No. 718219

What you're feeling is very normal but you absolutely did the right thing and in glad you live somewhere where women just like you have successfully fought for hundreds of years so you can have that right. You made a tough call but you were realistic and put yourself first like a real adult, now it's time to recover. Ice cream and plenty of sleep.

No. 718221

i like how my face and figure looks from gaining weight but i hate how fat my arms and legs look

No. 718225

File: 1611135612175.jpeg (149.51 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpeg)

>going to psychologist for autism and shitty personality
>parents tell me I should stop seeing her because they've seen no impovements in my character the last years

No. 718226

Thank you anon, I wish you a beautiful day

No. 718228

My parents hate me and I’m in an e relationship with someone I hate because I need attention that bad. I sound so aggressively underage.

No. 718229

Couldnt say it better than what >>718216 said but also remember that your hormones are against you right now and they'll probably make you feel even worse.
Just remember you did the right thing.

No. 718234

My friends keep talking shit about me and refusing to hang out with me because I won't break up with my boyfriend because they think he's abusive. And now they keep saying things how girls who can't leave abusive relationships are just as bad as the abuser. The thing is, I was in a really bad abusive relationship before that ended up in him going to jail. My current boyfriend isn't abusive in the least. He's sensitive and insecure and at one point was jealous of one my friends because he's a male and thats what caused my friends to label him as abusive because my boyfriend kept asking for reassurance and at one point It kinda annoyed me and I vented to my friends. I regret doing that now. My boyfriend eventually got over the jealousy and insecurity and he also never asked me to stop talking to my friend, so I don't get how in their mind he's abusive. And I'm just hurt how they think I'm somehow a villian and just as worse as my past abuser and how they're treating me for this. I'm ready to cut them off.

No. 718238

This is why it's not good to vent to people about your relationship. I do it to my own sibling and I've painted a totally inaccurate picture of my bf by just venting.

No. 718242

libfems love men more than women, they don't understand how they're trapped in this system of exploitation and that guys are completely aware of it and let it happen because it benefits them. We're supposed to be equal, which means men have good intentions like women do.

No. 718256

My period tracker tells me I might have my period on both Valentine’s Day and my birthday semicolon underscore semicolon This is the only time I’m happy I have a wildly irregular cycle. Pls god don’t make it so

No. 718263

Well if they're not just being mean but it's actual feedback, your therapist might actually be a bad fit.

No. 718271

I'm raging. I'm so angry I can feel the energy of the emotion rippling through me in waves. It's hard to fully exhale.

And all that happened was a coworker put a piece of work on my desk that it would make sense for me to do. It wasn't obligatory, and hell, if I saw it myself I would've picked it up but the point is HE, my PEER, with equal responsibilities saw fit to informally give me this piece of work without asjing. I asked why is it on my desk and he said it'd be good for me to do it and I cut him off, voice shaking, saying "yeah I'm sure it WOULD be good", then took it and slammed it back in the main desk, and slammed both doors while walking out for lunch. I'm taking extra time and even now I can't breathe through it.

I tried to tell it in an objective way but even typing it makes me angry. I'm sick of people assuming they can just tell me what to do. Even peers.

I don't know i think I have trouble regulating my emotions but even then, I was doing my best to be contained. I wanted to go off on him, but I figured it was unjustified even if emotionally I felt it was.

But now I'm just sitting here, not even being paid to seethe.

No. 718274

I feel like im slowly becoming depressed again, im not cleaning my room due to lack of motivation, i feel exhausted all the time for no reason and i rarely brush my teeth now, which i know isn't good since i have a dentist appointment next month. Im really embarassed of myself and my room. I even rarely come out of it, keep the blinds closed and so on. Theres even tons of mold on my wall due to me not opening the window alot.

I think it's slowly getting to me, ever since i remembered something traumatic which i kept very very hidden in my memory so i dont remember, it has been eating me up inside. Maybe i should just grow a backbone and get the help i really need.

No. 718279

Ugh I would hate to be in your situation. I'm fucking paranoid about looking like an accommodating doormat that sends the wrong message to office tryhards. Instead of going off on him, maybe just coldly say "You may mean well but don't tell me what to do."

No. 718294

This might seem counter intuitive but you should try working out. It helps with fatigue in my experience

No. 718312

Maybe you're progressing internally but you haven't shown any big changes on the outside, to the people around you

No. 718328

When I was like 9 I made my friend cry at school and I still feel so fucking bad every time I remember it. She was already crying because she got a bad mark on a test. And my home life sucked so as soon as I saw the tears I panicked and did everything wrong. It sounds retarded but I was scared something really bad was gonna happen to her if anyone else saw her crying so my instinct was to shut her up and I just repeated all the shitty things my parents always told me to shut me up. Which obviously just made her cry even harder and I got in huge trouble and like had to meet with the principle. And the principle was kind of an asshole tbh because I was genuinely confused and felt so fucking bad, I remember I kept trying to explain that I was trying to help and make her stop crying but that was just seen as me making excuses and trying to get out of trouble.

No. 718346

File: 1611155455517.jpeg (49.02 KB, 500x375, D7409220-D9B3-401C-BCBC-E01461…)

ok so later today I’m going in for an interview and it’s such a fucking hassle doing my hair and picking the right interview clothes (that I barely have lmao) and I can’t help myself wishing that I was a white girl or another minority that is known to have soft-hair because it’s harder to prepare for these things and look “neat” for employers when you have black 4c hair, it’s honestly so frustrating.

No. 718392

Can you wrap it up in something cute? I’m sure it’ll be fine either way. Good luck in your interview!

No. 718394

u dont got a water spray bottle ?

No. 718406

Hormones + culturally indoctrinated guilt=not a good mental time.
But you absolutely did the right thing and your future self will thank you.

No. 718408

I'm going to spam this in all threads, but I honestly just can't remember applying to this job. I am do desperate, I said yes and they sent me the whole "employment employee" form to fill up, and it's just odd because they have a preferred method of pay and one of them is by fucking PayPal lmao???

Apparently they're HQ is in London, so I can't call myself since I'm NA but
Am I falling for a scam?

No. 718411

The only thing I’m good for is sex. I hate myself.

No. 718426

Never give men a chance. I was taller, cuter and had more money that most of the men I've dated yet they still acted like they were better than me despite no one else fucking them.

No. 718427

File: 1611165694946.jpg (855.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210120-200102_Red…)

No. 718428

This looks like a whiny users but there's a link about employees as well

No. 718445

I've been feeling like my friend group's mood changed ever since I've started working out. I started out being skinny fat but now my arms are lean and all of them look at me weird whenever we video chat now. I was never fat or skinnier than any of them but I could tell that ever since I've been showing signs of being more toned and muscular, I was probably their fatspo or something. I hate having such anachan friends and I want to cut them off so badly because they keep talking about how fat they are even though they should just work out from feeling fatigued all the time. Working out would help them eat more and we could finally go out to eat without one of them spending an hour in the restroom. I don't even know how I ended up with anachan friends I guess just found out this year that they mostly had some disorder with them.

No. 718448

It’s a scam anon!!! Don’t give them any more information. It sucks that there are more scams than ever on these job sites.

No. 718483

I'm trying so hard not to self harm. I'm over a month without it but I'm extra depressed the last week and have now legit lost my appetite apparently so I'm not eating enough which is not good, I'm already a bit underweight.

No. 718494

My dad came home flipping out yelling "ME ME ME ALL YOU GUYS CARE ABOUT IS YOURSELVES" when he is literally the most selfish asshole out of everyone here lol. I asked him a few days ago if he was free to drive me over to a friend's place so I could finally exchange presents (30 min drive vs 1.5 hours via public transport) and he agreed. He said he had things to do in the morning and we agreed to leave mid afternoon, so he left in the morning to do whatever he needed to do and then just came home early yelling at me. Like jeez, just tell me you can't drive me and that's it.

Fucking hate the scrotes in my life lmao

No. 718495

You're doing well anon, you can keep it up! Can you maybe buy / make smoothies? It's usually how I trick myself into getting some good nutrients when I lose appetite.

No. 718496

I fuckinG HATE selling on eBay. I sold some stuff worth like $190, and the stuff got to the buyer safely, and now they want to return the shit, because apparently it’s not matching the description. EVERYTHING WAS BRAND FUCKING NEW WITH EVERYTHING IN THE FUCKING PACKAGE. I told them to send it back for the refund, but I can’t provide a shipping label because its international. NOW there’s a case opened on eBay and the bitch hasn’t sent back the shit. If the buyer wins this dumbass case, I’ll be out $190 and without my shit. Fucking bitch. I’m deleting my account after this.

No. 718509

I listed 20 listings on an auction/internet marketplace and I am so fucking tired but I already made 30 euros! Took me all day to see what books and other shit we even have here, anons, make sure your parents get rid of pointless shit before they die or you'll be the one going through it all. Am gonna look around more but because of corona, I can't have some shit mass evaluated by some dude visiting here so I am selling what I can before that is possible. I feel like I was hit by a truck, my goddamn back anons, my back.

No. 718523

Don't assume there's anything wrong with you that warrants therapy or if there is that therapy is the solution.

No. 718539

I cannot ever describe my hate for tiktok in words, it is too massive

No. 718543

I was feeling pretty pathetic for never having kissed anyone at the age of 22… but then I remembered when I was a kid that some family members on my mom's side always forced us to kiss them when we would see them. Particularly my great uncle who would also scoop us up and fling us around and tug on my dresses/skirts (he probably thought this was fun for him but terrifying as a 5 year old)
I don't ever remember it being inappropriate kissing (just generally on the face/cheeks) but the fact that it was kind of forced makes me recoil when anyone gets near my face. I know people have gone through genuine abuse and this isn't as big a deal as that but there are a lot of little moments like this in my life I think gives me kind of an intimacy block. I wish being kissed would feel like a normal cute thing to me but rn I'd feel really disturbed if someone tried to kiss me without warning (even like after a date)

No. 718554

our basement drain is flooded so we've been carrying buckets of water upstairs and outside, i spilled a little in the kitchen so i used a towel to wipe it up. came back down to the basement, used the same kitchen towel to wipe up some water. boyfriend sees me and says snobbily "i'd love it if you didn't use my nice kitchen towels on the ground". and i was like "it was already dirty" and he was like "i know you don't care about anything, but i'm trying to keep it nice" and i was like "sorry for using it for what it was made for" and he said "fuck you". he's been so mad at me for the pettiest shit, like, really? you're gonna yell at me for using a towel to wipe up water? i was gonna cook dinner for him tonight but now im like, i don't want to if it means he's gonna yell at me for fucking up minor shit the whole time. i'm literally just trying to help

No. 718557

When Megan is Missing got really big on tiktok and everyone thought it was real that was the first time I've ever actually felt old and out of touch with the youth, and I'm 23.

No. 718563

File: 1611178420695.gif (2.37 MB, 320x265, ed7b19571cf9255f6c5b9f5632bc84…)

Thanks for putting into words why I dislike tiktok. I understand younger generations using it and then deleting it as they mature, but I cannot understand people at least my age (26) using the damn app. Fock.

No. 718607

I used to take 25 mg of hydroxyzine before sleep, but it doesn't help me anymore, I have racing intrusive
thoughts and my heart is beating really fast, I definitely won't be able to sleep now. I want to take 2 x 25 mg now but idk

No. 718616

glassdoor is basically an extortion racket. Glassdoor enables people to air their dirty laundry about the employers publicly (and every larger employer will has some amount of negative reviews) and for a fee Glassdoor makes it go away or even let you put up fake positive reviews.

It's fucking trash.

No. 718620

Don't know your situation anon but I know what it's like to want to die, and I really sympathize with you.

I had a serious suicide attempt mid 2020 and I can say what it did to improve my life was that it put me in contact with mental health professionals who actually wanted to help, and made my friends and family aware of how bad my depression was. I have these huge scars now as a reminder of what happens when the pain in your mind is made physical.

I also got electroconvulsive therapy which helped kind of reset my brain. When I came home after about 1.5 months in the hospital I couldn't help but look a all the pictures of my family because it felt like I could really see them again.

I want that for you anon. We shouldn't have to suffer when there are so many people who want to help.

No. 718626


I keep saying this anon. And yet I see influencers use it and they’re in their thirties? The fuck

No. 718650

i can't relate to ageing or "wall" memes because i've always been unattractive, from the start of puberty up until now (mid 20s). my body has always sucked (never fat; just unattractive) and my face has always been screwed up. what a miserable existence to lead. when i'm old and decrepit i'm not even going to be able to look back on times when i was attractive because they never even existed

No. 718659

Ikr? People in their thirties don't belong on the internet, especially women with kids. It's so cringe when they try to seem cool and relatable as if they don't already have one foot in the grave. What do they even post, breastfeeding memes or something?

No. 718667

A file employee at my office is being lazy and not doing much work. I'm trying to be nice because I remember feeling dicked around when I was a contract hire too, so I don't want to get her in trouble, but she should do her job and not push back. When I was a contractor I did whatever I was told because I was afraid of being let go. Her role is to help our department file and maintain documents in a control room and most times she can't be assed. Or she'll want me to help her cause "we're a team!"
I'm being pulled aside by the person I report to and am being told that she needs to be doing more work and looking busy and that I need to delegate more often. Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

Today I was handed a project in preparation for an audit. Because our department head caught some mistakes made by former employees before I got here. They never updated the master list of documents, might not have updated and pulled files from the control room, and might have incomplete versions or unmoved files in the drive. It's a lot to check by myself and I already have a project ongoing for the audit.
I ask file woman if she has access to the master list. Yes? Okay great, I need you to go in there and make sure all those original documents are the most current versions and to pull the obsoletes.
Instead of just doing it, she pulls out her tablet with notes and insists she did this exact thing before I started working here and pushed back on me about it. She agreed to pull the obsoletes, because I know for a FACT that obsolete folders were left in the shelves because I saw some.

I'm nervous as fuck because there's document mistakes on the master list, which means there's mistakes in those folders in the room. However I don't think it will be a good enough excuse to go through all the folders because I'm sure she'll only want to check the documents with mistakes, and not do a sweep of everything cause she's lazy.

It makes me mad. It's such a simple job. She's locked in that room with music, videos, podcasts, and no one to bother her and yet she acts like she's got better shit to do.

No. 718669

seriously catching feelings for someone. i've known of him for a few years but we've been talking all the time over lockdown. unfortunately he's moving to the us, i'm settling in london. the more we talk, the more its gonna hurt when we inevitably have to leave each other. i just don't wanna stop talking to him. like fuck we talk about everything - he's even learning finnish for me. i'm going to miss him so badly.

No. 718736

File: 1611190752422.jpg (177.86 KB, 737x731, IMG_20210121_015632.jpg)

is crystal cafe a trad-thot central? jesus christ

No. 718741

Tbh it gets better in 40s, getting past the "fuckable" age is relieving bc everyone has turned ugly if they aren't middle class and above.

No. 718742

It's full of troons and constant4chan raiders, what do you expect

No. 718750

Always going back to the race sperging. Dumbasses. I have NO Sympathy for a people who stuck its dick in several dwellings of the world, figuratively and literally, and whines when the ants from the destroyed hill comes to be in their hut. They always bring it back to Japan or China when nothing about the way they interacted with the world was like those civilizations ever

They also never admit it was European Enlightenment era that brought about all these "degenerate" values they constantly cry about, and nobody else, but its so much easier to think you didnt do anything because you said so

No. 718759

>races are farced to coexist to the detriment of everyone
>vilification of white people
>White/western cultural heritage
Oh my fucking god lmaoo. People like this are so embarrassing.

I'm assuming they meant no one appreciates white American culture, which like, white Americans have no culture, but white people have been the default for a very long time. You're already "appreciated". Basically all they just said is that society is bad because POC exist.

No. 718762

These people love white people so much the only whites they only ever care to talk about are very North Europeans and Anglo Saxons

No. 718771

Samefagging my post to say that British people have no culture either. I live in a western country so I'm not even judging, but it's just true.

No. 718805

I'm not a brit but Shakespeare and theatre in general? Tolkien? Arthurian legends? Punk scene? The Beatles? Football? Monty Python? Those are the things I like and they're part of culture imo

No. 718807

>People in their thirties don't belong on the internet,
Stay mad, sprout

No. 718809

Don't respond to b8 anon

No. 718812

I know, I'm sorry.

No. 718840

File: 1611198361793.jpg (119.71 KB, 1280x720, download.jpg)

i keep buying cute things i don't need, makeup and accessories because i feel so stuck and sad. it's making me a hypocrite because i want to be low buy and zero waste this year. as an adult i feel ashamed buying such childish decorations but i tell myself my future children, grandchildren or nieces will like them. but i don't even know how i will have a family like that if i keep buying things instead of making friends. the real reason i escape into this consumerism is because it takes too much effort to make friends right now. moving before covid really did it. i joined a few groups online but it takes more time to form friendships than if you met irl.

No. 718842

am frustrated because I am not smart enough to fight against people who use biology as reasoning for their agruments I don't agree with. I get to hear all the time sexist takes that are founded on biology to put down women. Of course studies back what they are saying. i am at level where i feel bad about being women like is there really anything women are good at compare to men that matter? I cut the person out of my life but honestly am bothered by the whole experience because could not even dispute it.

No. 718844

if an item brings you joy for a little bit each time you look at it is it really that bad?

No. 718854

Men are retards you can always start there. They have testerone which makes them more aggressive. They also are wired differently and have more issues processing thoughts that while they can't multitask shit. They aren't wired to communicate as well as females or to be as compassionate and nurturing. They've got strength but they can fuck off with the logic shite. Women were held back in education and access, now that the playing field is welcoming equal access they cry that sexism isn't real because women can compete competively now in the workplace.

No. 718880

started my freshman year of college recently and my mom keeps on telling me not to pursue the major i've been dreaming of since middle school. i'm planning on majoring in computer science and then minoring in linguistics, since i have a genuine passion for coding and want to work in the AI field after I graduate. my mom frankly doesn't believe i'm "smart" enough or organized enough, which the latter is fair since i have untreated autism which can get pretty bad. she frequently suggests that i go into the health and/or nursing field. however, i fucking hate the general public and i don't want to directly work with them. to top the cherry, my scrote cousin is the same age as me and he's planning to major in comp sci as well. since my family hates me, they're more inclined to support his plans rather than mine. i'm suicidal as fuck and i don't know what to do. maybe i should just give up after all.

No. 718881

there's a study showing that the average female intelligence is higher than the average male, because they have more extremes (very stupid or very smart moids). in addition, women have higher emotional intelligence. so, overall, we are more intelligent. but of course to moids this is false, because having penis and stronger arms means they are inherently superior, and that society is just oppressing them for being manly.

No. 718882

sweet anon scrotes are literally all mutants. The Y chromosome is a freaking mutation. And from there it's all down hill…. (I'm being facetious but sometimes they need to be reminded of this simple fact lol)

No. 718883

FUCK, anon, fuck what they think! go study and if it's too hard do a lower level education of the same field and work your way up. or start from the easier course if you are too scared. if you truly like it, you will succeed.
i remember being 12 and thinking hacking is cool and asking my family for a coding book. but they said that's not for girls, you are too young to understand that. my mom made faces and laughed at it and my father brushed it off. now i am in university for design and i wish i had the internet access and courage to pursue coding early on because now i need it and it's harder to learn without a base. honestly forget what their patriarchy brainwashed sexist minds tell you to do, it is your own life!

No. 718885

Men love to bring up the 1% of actually 200IQ geniuses as proof that moidkind is inherently smarter. And yet, despite having been excluded from education for hundreds of years, girls CONSISTENTLY outperform boys at every level of schooling, across the board, across countries. Men then turn around to boohoo about how schools cater to girls as if the algebra syllabus makes it so that men can't turn in their fucking homework and force them to drop put of college.

No. 718886

What is it with men saying stuff to upset you and then act pissy when you legitimately get upset oh my god

No. 718890

Immaturity and a society that says we have to put up with their childishness because "Boys will be boys," or "Men don't understand emotions." It's all bullshit and frankly, it is something they use to justify shitty behavior from men. Just honestly respond by telling the guy he is very unfunny. I despise anyone who thinks men who don't respect others is a normal men thing and therefore okay. Too many man children out there.

No. 718891

god complex and power tripping

No. 718895

File: 1611204398164.jpg (194.83 KB, 704x704, 1608635020170.jpg)

Had an anxiety attack at work. A couple of guys decided to sit across from my work space, kept staring at me and saying random things about me and laughing. Like, ask her ask her. Then they kept asking me a bunch of random crap every ten seconds and pointing out every little thing I was doing and laughing. Like, why are you doing this, do you have this, why did you sneeze, you missed that, why did you miss that, why do you look so nervous, hey hey hey hey. It was really distracting and unerving and made me mess up my work which made they provoke me even more. It reminded me of some of the bullying I expierenced when I was in school and I ended up having to go to the bathroom to cry and calm myself down. I feel like a freak show, I hate people staring and laughing at me. I don't even know if I'm being crazy for being upset. I just wish people would leave me the alone fuck.

No. 718902

i had my brother and my dad tell me the same thing about computer science when i got accepted, as well as scrote classmates give me passive aggressive comments throughout my intro courses and now im a year from graduating with my degree. go for it, im not exaggerating when i say that if someone like me who struggled with math could do it then you absolutely can.
i could write you a whole novel about tips for getting started tbh
>form study groups, this is a must, i cant emphasize how easier this will make passing your classes
>seek out female classmates who are serious about this degree, they will make great friends
>go to office hours and visit TAs for help when you need it
>dont let any shitty classmates make you feel bad for anything, they dont know more than you if youre both taking the same class
>ask questions, go to office hours
>its okay to take 5 years to graduate, spreading out your classes can be really helpful to make your workload easier
>seek out women in your degree program who are older than you, ask for advice. 9.5/10 times they will want to help you. there was a club at my school called the society of women engineering which was a great networking experience, basically female stem majors all helping each other out
i dont want to bombard you with advice so ill stop there. but i went into my degree knowing nothing about coding, i also struggled with unmedicated adhd and a support system who genuinely didnt believe in me. just take it a day at a time and know that many women in stem have been in your exact position starting out, i couldve written your vent post 3 years ago honestly. im rooting for you and there are mentors out there, especially in your program, who want to help you succeed. best of luck anon.
deleted my last comment to structure this better

No. 718910

Sometimes I browse the anxiety and ptsd subreddits just to know I'm not alone in this feeling, and then I'll see some comment about how much marijuana has helped someone's trauma/anxiety/whatever. I get so insanely triggered because marijuana is the cause of my PTSD. I was pressured to take A LOT of it by my friend (it was my first time( and.. i feel like most people can guess what happened to me next once i was drugged up. Ironically they told me it would help get rid of my anxious feelings prior. I hate drugs so much why do they exist. I hate it i hate it mentioned. I've stopped going on those subreddits but it's just so hard when the topic comes up. I'm probably being unreasonable but it's just so hard. I've had severe dissociation and some hallucinations ever since, and while it's gotten better the last few months, I can't go to sleep that well (dreaming feels like I'm drugged) and whenever it's mentioned my palms get clammy and sweaty. I'm so tired of this I can't take my medication even when I need it because I'm scared I'll be drugged. I tried drinking hot chamomile tea but I felt like I was drugged again from the effects. FUCK I HATE MYSELF im so stupid I can't take my medication even though I'm bipolar and it was so expensive

No. 718912

Don't feel bad anon, those guys were the ones being freaks. That situation would be my worst nightmare and I would be crying in the stall next to you if it happened to me.

No. 718920

weed is never good for anxiety or panic attacks, anon. It is only good for individuals with anger issues and who's anxiety steems from anger. I'm sorry. Weed makes my anxiety and panic worse but it makes me less angry so it is relaxing in a way but it does not alleviate anxiety, only anger.

No. 718923

but please do take the medication prescribed by your doctors, it will lessen your panic symptoms and paranoia. Don't take drugs other than your medication ever again because it seems you have a sensibility towards them and they trigger psychosis in you.

Please remember that what you are feeling now is because you panicked while being high. I hate that weed is so advertised and nobody talks about the negative effects. Some people have psychosis predispositions or very high anxiety so weed is not good for them.

I smoke sometimes but again it does not help my anxiety, only anger and it makes me giggle like an idiot. When I smoked it the first time 3 years ago I got panic attacks and thought I was dying and then I developed a phobia around it.

It is definitely not for anyone or an easy drug at all. Please do take your prescription medication tho it will help you.


No. 718936

File: 1611213071524.jpeg (38.64 KB, 653x511, E997FB1D-7769-4347-A088-1EEB60…)

Someone please tell me that pursuing love over passion is actually worth it. I found my “soul mate” and he is a fucking amazing person inside and out. I want to make him so so happy. I don’t want to hurt him. I love the memories and the life we’ve built. But… it’s like lying down next to a fire in a blizzard. It’s warm and comforting, but it’s so… painful? Stationary? Even boring. I don’t feel the deep intensity that is supposed to come with being loved unconditionally, even though I am and I do. I’m 21. I feel like I’m going to regret it.. like “deep love” is not for my soul. But my mind wants it. I’ve tried so hard to reclaim a spark. Plz, oldfags, tell me it gets better.

No. 718941

It doesnt get better but you can leave if you want.

No. 718946

>I’m 21… oldfags, tell me it gets better.
First of all there is no such thing as soulmates, it's propaganda and there are many millions of people you could be happy with. Get into the abundance mindset rather than one of scarcity. A scrote is very easily replaced and as a woman you will literally always have options. No one is expecting you to find a long-term partner right now as someone who has just recently entered the adult world. Your desires and goals and wants are going to change and it's your time to explore right now.

So he's a good guy and you love him, cool. That doesn't mean you necessarily want to stay with him. I've loved lots of people but if they aren't both stable/supportive and exciting to me then I don't want them as my partner. Maybe he has some attributes you now know you want in your next boyfriend. Yes relationships can ebb and flow in terms of intensity, but if you're in a relationship that's truly positive then they're going to push you to be a better person with some regularity, actively improve your life and intrigue you emotionally and physically. If he's not doing those things then don't waste your time and move on.

No. 718956

Yeah but that doesn't change the fact that the wast majority of important discoveries and art and music was made by men and men designed and built the wast majority of the things you use and make your life easier, including your house and the computer you're using right now, designed and built by men

No. 718962

What's your point, scrote? Women were excluded from almost every professional field and forced to be broodmares for a large segment of history. That doesn't mean they weren't/aren't capable of intelligent thought, and even under all that pressure they still came up with incredible inventions and had their creations/ideas stolen by men. Funny you mention computers because in WWII a bunch of women were hired to hand-calculate ballistics trajectories and got called “Computers.” Computers were literally people before they were machines. These women went on to program ENIAC (an Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) even before the existence of programming languages and operating systems. Of course later on there were women like Ada Lovelace who created the first algorithm and became one of the first programmers as we understand them today.

No. 718963

You’ll be surprised at how many discoveries and inventions made by men came from the ideas of a woman. It was exceptionally easy to steal an idea, concept or even entire pieces of work when you subjugated and silenced the people you were stealing from.

No. 718964

Not really, the programming was wastly different than what we understand today. Also, Alan Turning formalized the concept of algorithm and he's the pioneer of computer science

No. 718969

Not anymore sweetie. Now we have wriggled out from under your thumb we are outperforming you in the working world too. That includes science and technology. You’re obsolete in our lives now.

No. 718972

Shut the fuck up larping scrote. None of us care about your manosphere science. We all know how stupid and empty headed men are because we deal with them in real life. We have to baby and hold their hands at work and home because they don’t know what they’re doing. I train people for my job and women always learn faster and use initiative much better. Men are mindless hornunculi that drift around waiting to be told what to do. That’s why it’s so easy to put conspiracy theories in their heads: they believe what they want to be true because they relate emotionally like children their whole lives.

No. 718975

Turing incorporated Lovelace's research into his own and absolutely thought it was worthy of consideration. Also as recently as 2001 the "Lovelace Test" was developed and some believe it may be a better measure of artificial intelligence than the Turing test. https://medium.com/swlh/ada-lovelace-her-objection-e189717bd262

You're just being willfully ignorant and obtuse to suit your sexist biases, fuck off.

No. 718977

I'm not denying men are on average dumber than women, but men have both more retards AND geniuses on their side

No. 718981

Yes she described a machine invented by Charles Babbage (a man), but if she was a man herself, I doubt you would consider her contribution to be greater than his.

No. 718982

Well then how come I consistently meet only retards and above average intelligent men? The smartest and most capable people around me are always women.

No. 718983

You will never be loved scrote. Your genes are inferior and your bloodline dies with you.

No. 718993

The only smart men I've met treated women decently, not saying they were epic feminists but it's always idiots like you who spew their hate because they're insecure. You couldn't be more transparent that you waste time on a women's site, telling us we suck actually, to cope.

No. 718995

i just cut my own hair and it's terrible
why did i do this to myself

No. 718997

File: 1611221477499.jpeg (58.59 KB, 505x392, 2F00168B-795B-4110-B316-AD6B39…)

aww anon I doubt it's really that bad but if so it's a blessing that hair grows.

No. 718999

I love you. I wish you could be my irl friend.

No. 719002

sweet anon, assuming you are not that scrote then back at you. It's pretty lonely in this pandemic, hope you're good

No. 719010

Men are so fucking pathetic it's unreal. Imagine feeling superior just because your sex brutally subjugated one half of earth's population for thousands of years. Imagine congratulating yourself for all of humanity's achievements, despite knowing that your competition was hobbled so badly they could barely even compete. Imagine getting uppity about your biology while belonging to the demographic that habitually rapes children and small animals to death. We desperately need to bring back the cultural institution of shame, but weaponize it against men this time.

No. 719013

It annoys me that I have to take blood tests every 3 months for the rest of my life because of my hypothyroidism and eat this very specific medication (have to be taken around the same time every day together with food, can't drink coffee for a few hours afterwards, can only be taken at least 3-4 hours after I've taken other meds). Currently also taking another medication that requires me to take blood tests EVERY month for a while, but that is to help me with my pretty severe backne that is my own choice. Those meds also have to be taken under very specific circumstances like the previous one and I also have to visit the dermatologist every month because this medication is the strongest on the market so they need to check in on me.

I mean, the reason I have to do this could be a lot worse. It's just annoyingly inconvenient.

No. 719023

Fuck people who advertise weed as a cure-for-all-mental illnesses. I tried it and it just gave me endless deja-vus which trigger even more anxiety.
I agree it's good for some people but not for everyone. You have to be mentally ok before taking any non-prescribed drugs.

No. 719024

>for the rest of my life
Doubtful, the medical field is always advancing. Therapies are becoming ever more efficient and convenient. Testing and tracking is getting more automated. Realistically, you should expect things to change for the better.

No. 719029

You should care more about the "men rape children and animals" than the "THEY THINK THEY ARE SUPERIOR!!!!"

No. 719031

Not that related to your vent, but it made me remember a thing I learned in social psychology (for extra credits). The gendered difference on how women's relational identities are more based on their loved ones, while men's are more based on group identity. Even when reminded of their mortality through priming, women were more likely to remember/want to do something for their family/friends and men were more likely to remember/do something for their group. It just made me feel bad for men on some level, like imagine having a near death experience and thinking about your political party or fundie group before thinking about the woman you shared a bed with for 20+ years.

No. 719037

They really are only good for cannon fodder aren’t they?

No. 719038

You act like a 14 year old male Redditor. At no point did she say anything about how killing children and animals isn’t worse, she said it’s ridiculous that they think they’re superior in spite of it just because they have more physical strength and held us back for so many years.

No. 719043

i've got an online lesson and i dont feel like attending.i went for a bit and left.i dont want anyone to talk to me.the people in my class havent realised im a loser who barely understands whats up yet.i should also do a small team project i have but i dont feel like doing anything
all my bad habits make me feel worse but i cant stop them permanently.my behaviour is mostly my fault but i keep finding excuses like a shithead

No. 719044

Am I lazy, anxious or depressed ?
I can't bring to do fucking anything.
I feel worthless yet can't try to get better. Everything I do is wrong and most time I feel I will be screamed at. By who? I'm 30. I have everything I need and I'm still fucking miserable.
I've tried a lot but I feel it won't ever work and I should end it now.
If only I wasn't a whimp and terrified of pain.

No. 719052

I disagree but don't want to nigelsperg. I know it's an experiment but I've known men who care about their families/children first of all including daughters. Sorry to notallmen but it's true here Plus the negative generalizing gets really depressing and I don't agree is all, don't want to infight but damn it's gloomy here, theres my vent

No. 719056

>Am I lazy, anxious or depressed ?
all of the above kek

jokes aside but I pretty much feel the same.like something stops me while there isn't necessarily anything there.idk about you,but i think i've internalised being a failure no matter what i do.but anon you aren't a whimp.somewhere inside you know there's something better for you.you may not even know what that is

No. 719057

I'm not implying #allmen anyway. A tendency in a gender is just that, a tendency. But it's certain that there are way too many men that neglect their families for their profession/political activity/hobbies, in a way he's barely more than a family member on paper, while it's rare for women.
Just because my father wasn't like this at all, it's something I still feel like I need to keep in mind if I was ever to look to date.

No. 719070

Ah ok I misunderstood then, I agree entirely with this!

No. 719074

>Everything I do is wrong
I would say you are depressed and that results in anxiety. Try to reach out to someone you trust.

No. 719079

File: 1611230860167.jpeg (53.09 KB, 333x500, 7AA14263-02CD-46A9-AD65-C17FF2…)

sorry to sound weird but it sounds like you have internalized something from childhood, like the expectation of being screamed at. this book has been posted a lot before but I recommend picrel. I'm not shitting you it has helped me, I think you can find it online too. it covers everything including beliefs from childhood

No. 719084

It’s only gloomy if you yourself are a man. Women are used to being shat on by the whole internet so why would they care about one corner of the web where a few anons shit on men?

No. 719087

I hate when my roommates eat my food. I've spent 4 hours yesterday meal prepping for next week so I have some free time after work, wake up today to half my pancakes gone sloppily covered up, so they clearly hoped I don't notice. It was going on when I was a broke student working all weekends, they'd always steal my shit even though they were working full time and knew I couldn't really afford to share my food every day.
They are extremely stingy so the reason why they always nick my seasonings/sauces and shit is because I actually buy good quality shit and they can't be arsed to spend that money. I may need to resort to hoarding my stuff in my room but I wish I could just feel at ease in my own house.

No. 719091

this would infuriate me to unreasonable levels
props for not going off at them for this several times by now
a bunch of places sell more affordable minifridges nowadays, not the large high quality cube ones, but smaller ones for water bottles and skincare
good luck, your roommates clearly know they are in the wrong but it's a tricky thing to navigate without them feeling like you're a nasty cantankerous bitch because they feel entitled to your food and have become accustomed to stealing it

No. 719096

Confront them. Tell them flatly ‘I know you’ve been eating my food, and I want you to stop. It is not okay to consume food I have bought for myself.’ Leave a note on your food saying ‘do not touch’.

If they keep doing it, spike your food with laxatives and leave it for them to suffer with. Legit despise people like this, sorry you live with a piece of shit anon.

No. 719115

Thank you for replies nonnies. The problem with them is that when I tried calling them out they just said I'm mad. They never outright just take my shit, just nick a bit there and there. I tried drawing lines on bottles with sauces before and writing dates on instant coffee sticks but it was absolute hell to live through it, they ganged up on me calling me a schizophrenic paranoid bitch and would hoard the kitchen just so I couldn't cook.
The rent where I live is mental so moving out is not an option for now.

No. 719119

My boyfriend barely initiates sex and it's kind of disheartening to be honest. We spoken about it multiple times before and nothing really changes. I know he is happy to have sex if I get the ball rolling (which is most of the time) but i want to feel like he wants it.

He will sit and play videogames for hours and I'll just watch him hoping he'll surprise me. I I should be grateful I don't have a coomer boyfriend who thinks about sex all the time but we're in our 20s, you would think the sex would be more passionate and frequent.

No. 719124

These people sound like absolute pieces of shit. Get a mini fridge anon.
This kind of stuff happens in shared houses, the one who doesn’t fit in ends up the house scapegoat, and everyone simultaneously walks all over them and their possessions, and blames/criticises them for everything. I was there once, in a house with people almost a decade older, all earning more money and all of them treating me like shit

No. 719138

It's been two days since I dropped my kindle fire in the bath and it's dry but still won't charge, I think I can officially tell people it's broken. I got it cheap af two years ago, now it's way more expensive on amazon Wtf, I miss it.

No. 719145

If you think that is only good because he is not coomer then that is pretty sad. Honestly, tell him you expect him to initiate and if it goes a month without him doing it. I would dip.

No. 719149

It's making me so angry that the vocational school i have left years ago due to stress, depression and other mental health issues tries to literally get me back. I really do not want to go there and continue anything there. I always had to wake up at 4am just to catch the 5:20 am bus to drive up there. Im so sick and tired i had to waste all my fucking time to get there only for my mental health to deteriorate. Why can't such schools just take the hint that one of their former students doesn't wanna go there anymore due to their health being at risk? it's even more sickening to me that i have literal paranoia due to the covid19 virus and always have anxious thoughts that i might have it or someone in my family and constantly fear that someone will eventually die.

I really enjoy staying at home and taking care of myself, i enjoy getting therapy. But i do not enjoy it when people force me into an envoirment i hate and that literally makes me unable to enjoy my life. They seriously should just fuck themselfes.

No. 719150

File: 1611240091411.jpg (256.98 KB, 1920x1080, fuck_this_gay_earth.jpg)

advice from me to myself
>trust people less
>trust nobody for real, people are manipulative
>thrive to live alone, off grid, self sufficient
>before that's possible, think like psychopaths think
i fucking hate narcissists and i regret opening up to anyone ever, they only use it to control you and make fun of you, people disgust me
why does every social interaction have to be a strenuous hierarchy game where assholes feel smart by fucking others over?
i just want to read book, eat chip and die

No. 719154

Put laxatives in something you leave out and watch it never happen again.

No. 719157

I todl a family member "nice jacket" and I go on fb and I see an ad for the same jacket lol

No. 719158

I feel you, anon. I hope we can both just fuck off somewhere and live our lives in peace.

No. 719167

I was going to type out a long list of things I don't like about my boyfriend, but I think it would be more productive to tell him that. Also, our relationship is so dysfunctional we have broken up like 100 times and it hasn't been a year yet. Somebody knock some sense into me because I am so stupid for wanting this man. Also I don't know if this is normal or not, but sometimes he gives me the creeps. Like the face he makes sometimes looking at me creeps me the fuck out. He looks so sinister. I don't even believe i'm straight because absolutely nobody else in my life does. I'm pretty sure i'm in denial by forcing myself to be with a man, and any man would do. The fact I have no standards when it comes to men and that "I could fall in love with anybody" really speaks volumes to me as to why my relationships have always sucked. It's a chore to plot a convincing romantic relationship and act it out for months while wishing there was more to it. At some point I have to put my foot down and get some serious help. I have only myself to blame.

No. 719170

I had a bf that creeped me out lol, he was hiding doing a lot of drugs so maybe that didn't help his stare but he turned out to be scary. Be wary anon…

No. 719171

This bitch had the audacity to complain to my bf on my 30th birthday that "anon is still very immature". Like sorry I didn't get married because I got knocked up at 17 like you. Sorry I don't even want kids and I hate talking to you after a lifetime of abuse. Having a steady job and a place of my own doesn't make mature, huh?
Fuck you mom.

No. 719195

I hate that snotty know-it-all that replies to a random post, "Achstuaaaaally, you mean the outer labia, the vagina is the canal" Everybody knows what a woman means when she was talking about her vagina you just want to be an annoying. Try shutting up next time

No. 719198

File: 1611246164240.png (704.66 KB, 1976x1093, 3b159ef.png)

Some fat chick wrote this bizarre fanfic and actually expected people to believe it. I always had a hard time believing fat chicks when they claim they were overtly fat shamed by retail workers and after seeing this, I'm even more skeptical.

No. 719199

This shit doesn't even happen in Eastern Europe or even East Asia, where people are far more "fatphobic", let alone an English speaking country. Who the fuck actually believes this?

No. 719200

Once I read ""why are you helping that fatass?," I immediately got whiplash from remembering the infamous "Oppa Homeless Style" textpost. The people that write these posts don't even try to make them sound real anymore. I was just waiting for the "and then everybody clapped" at the end.

No. 719205

When you're a non-american poster and you come from a country with it's own common phrases (that you maybe didn't even realise were quite so region specific) this thing of nitpicking a single word in a long post..is tedious. You can correct your words and then they'll still want to argue with you about 'what the real meaning of your post was' and accuse you of backtracking on your words.. Like holy fuck.

No. 719216

I get that when you live in a bilingual country, you can speak both but this person who is trying to buy books from me is sending such incoherent sentences, words that are kinda almost right and I am just…tired. doesn't really matter but holy shit let's just switch languages my dude but as long as I can understand him, I feel like it'd be rude to be like "hey you have weak grasp on the majority language here, let's switch so i can be as bad as you are being now" goddamit

No. 719218

How isn't it gloomy to think 50% of the population wants to actively harm you?

No. 719223

you have seriously impaired reading comprehension. You should get yourself tested.

No. 719268

File: 1611251602577.png (1.16 MB, 1434x794, 0751e4b9-32f2-45b1-a8bb-e30aa0…)

So I am 'I-have-a-feeling-I'm-gonna-be-fired-soon' anon from a days ago. I was fired today, the day after my birthday.
It wasn't that bad - given the management's temperament, I expected a lot of shouting, and blaming but there was none. They were pleased with my work, but I am not a teamplayer, they were not feeling the 'chi', the proactivity in me. They advise me to be more communicative at my next workplace. They also wish me success and all that. Bye.
I think I'm going to get drunk and play video games now.

No. 719273

Samefag. The other reason of letting me go was that they 'like people who have a pushier, more assertive personality'

No. 719305

I hate my life at moment, my boyfriend is better at everything compare to me. I started to major in coding and now he is wanting to learn coding. Not only is he a quick learner but he has all the time in the world to learn coding. I am a slow learner and I have other classes so I am learning much slower than he is. I feel kind of bad because we have the same hobby but he is just better than me at all of them. I want just one thing to myself and when I mention I feel stupid or just a slow learner he brushes it off and ask me to stop being mean to myself.
I am also sad that I lost all my real life friends to my ex because mutual are closer to my ex. I tried to make online friends because corona and only manage to make two who are busy a bit.
I am so angry that my ex is trying with this new girl. Why was I not good enough for him to try? I had to carry everything and now he is trying with someone new. I hate him I hate that I don't feel good enough.
At the end of the day I feel like an idiot that isn't worth anything. I am just depressed but now I am angry with the world. Why am I this stupid and slow? Why am I never good enough?
In my head I feel like my current relationship isn't going to work when he gets tired of me. Bad enough he outsmarts me on everything, can't even disagree because I am too stupid to counter argue anything. I feel defeated

No. 719353

> they were not feeling the 'chi', the proactivity in me. They advise me to be more communicative at my next workplace.
This is such a bullshit reason. I got a similar reason and I honestly don't know what people expect from you or me.

No. 719393

File: 1611259591801.jpeg (125.67 KB, 577x1024, 1601950842398.jpeg)

I have obsessive thoughts about cancer. I'm just "sure" I have cancer somewhere in my body but I don't know where yet, but it cummulates mostly in my head/face area. I have TMJ so I know that I can have many strange pain sensations involving jaw/head/ears/throat, even eyes, but I keep telling myself there has to be something more. I'm losing hearing in one of my ears and I know that can also be caused by TMJ, but after hearing my concerns my doctor told me to do a MRI scan and I have it tomorrow. Before being scared about some tumor in my head/ear, I was scared that something is happening in my jaw (because of the assymetry and pain), but panoramic dental x-ray didn't show anything. So now I'm worrying about my head and ear, and if MRI scan doesn't show anything, I bet I will be worrying about my sinuses/nose area, because I also have some pain there (slight but still). I really, really hope it's all just my TMJ + neurosis. My mom died of cacner and since then I'm really scared of being sick, and to make things worse I'm unemployed now and I don't have an insurance, I pay for doctors from my savings. I'm paralyzed by the thought that, if something "serious" happened to me, I wouldn't be able to go to a hospital

No. 719419

Do it anon, but don't do it out of spite or bitterness, being isolated from these people will bring you peace. I am obviously not off the grid but I hope to be one day. Weaning yourself off extraneous tech is a good step.

No. 719450

I'm tired of not understanding my sexuality and I don't really want to put effort into figuring it out either? At this point in my life (25 y/o) I'm 99% certain that I am just not attracted to other people, but I always hear that asexuality isn't a real thing.
I do have a sex drive and I get horny (I think?) sometimes but being with a real irl person turns me the hell off. I'm way more into fantasies, fictional characters, and on the rare occasion, someone I haven't met irl yet. So for that reason I always become hyper-attracted to internet friends, but the one time I ended up banging one of them I still felt like I was a lot more into it when it wasn't "real." When I do have sex with people I just kind of get uncomfortable/bored and casually think about other stuff. I just want to have a normal sex drive/sex life like everyone else !!

No. 719458

File: 1611262606054.jpg (50.68 KB, 486x511, 1605163458493.jpg)

God damn it I hate everything so fucking much right now. I can't believe we're going directly from retarded Trumpism to tranny supremacy without even a day inbetween. The psychic damage I'm taking from seeing scrotes celebrating this executive order is being compounded with the knowledge that a guy got mauled today in my city by three loose pit bulls. In an intelligent world the fucking dogs would be dead by now, but of course they're not, and even if they did plan killing them, they'd have a bunch of liberal morons advocating to "save da poor aboosed puppers" just like they do for rapist trannies. Why did social progressivism have to dovetail into total disbandment of critical thinking? People are so fucking stupid now, I can't handle it. Mods don't fucking ban me for dogsperging, It's the vent thread and I can say what I want reeee!!

No. 719460

I'm so tired of nonnies fighting over shit that wasn't even mentioned in the post they're fighting over. It's all headcanon debates at this point.

No. 719480

my mom is 100% convinced i'm autistic and it kind of makes me upset. the only symptom i even have are sensory issues

No. 719488

I feel this, I'm a few years older than you and still scratching my head at why I feel this way. I have alot of sexual experience from when I was younger but I reached a point where I just realized people look better on a screen or in my head. Getting off solo feels better than sex with another person. Sex in my relationships always becomes a chore real quick…even though I would say I have a high sex drive. I just want to play solo

No. 719501

Relatable, I don't consider myself asexual because I can get horny pretty easily and I masturbate at least once a week (which is not a lot but still), but I have zero desire to get sexual with another person, which is why I'm still a virgin at 28. Also I keep wondering if I'm not actually a lesbian in denial because the only men I've been attracted to are anime and video game characters, the mere thought of having sex with a guy grosses me out, whereas I'm genuinely attracted to "real" women.

No. 719504

I'm sort of similiar. Sometimes I do get horny for men, but I'm not actually sure how well it will translate into a real meeting, the idea is hotter than the real thing. But I also think it's just that I got so good at repressing sexuality and directing it into fantasies and mental images, that there's a disconnect between my own body/person as a sexual agent and reality. Like I'm so afraid of relationships and men that I completely turned inwards.

No. 719507

I'm quitting boxing. I hate the thought of getting hit by someone in my weight class who's had 20+ years of testosterone advantage. I'm really saddened by this. Just need to vent.

No. 719549

I'm really sorry, anon. It really is unfair that they want female leagues to become "men's weakest pick". I hope you can bring that energy over to something else.

No. 719573


No. 719574


No. 719578

I've been going through something similar. I think I have nerve damage even after having a bunch of dental work. I feel like there is pain/numbness/tingling in the left back of my head, neck, shoulder blade, and it radiates from that spot. Sometimes it's so bad I need icy hot patches and pain pills. I'm really scared that there is necrotic shit underneath my crown but the last time I went back to my dentist with concerns they took an x-ray and sent me away again telling me it was healing fine and not to grind my teeth so much (but I don't). But I worry constantly about the nerve damage and that actually, it's not REALLY nerve damage, but I have some tumor on the back of my neck that is leading to all of this pain and I really need to see my doctor, but I still need to get new insurance but because of my living situation I don't qualify for medicaid and I am unemployed. I feel for you. The medical anxiety drives me so crazy I have hives all the time that sting and itch and I cry and worry and just don't want to be in pain anymore

No. 719579

File: 1611271745709.jpeg (383.33 KB, 1388x2082, 83B0CDD8-7B9D-4D50-8940-D57A07…)

I’ve got so many deadlines that are piling up on me and yet I can’t do anything because I’m experiencing the worst depressive episode i have ever experienced. Idk if I can call it an episode though because i’ve been like this for a year. I cannot even get out of bed anymore.

No. 719589

Anxiety is making me go insane today for no reason so I'm going to read dumb fanfics and hopefully pass out. I don't even know if I'll be able to sleep.

No. 719594

File: 1611272954016.jpg (22.06 KB, 363x421, q7orxfr1yej21.jpg)

Boomer men are cunts.
I'm trying to do my taxes and my stepdad starts yelling at me because I'm trying to deduct a property tax I paid on my car. I HATE asking his help or involving him in my business in any way because he's an impatient dumbfuck who ALWAYS takes "I don't understand what you're saying," or any kind of questioning as ""fighting him."" No I'm not you thick pigshit, I just want to understand why you're saying I shouldn't bother with this (because it's potentially money lost) and I'm not going to pretend your jargon word salad is the illuminating advice you think it is just to protect your ego! It's not my fault that you think answering questions it the equivalent to a verbal smackdown because you've got softbrain.
Who owes the IRS $20,000 because he didn't report his taxes and thought that was fine? NOT ME.

He had the audacity to call me my mother. He divorced from her and he knows I hate her guts. I'm nothing like her. I told him he's being emotionally abusive and all he can shout with is "I DON'T CARE YOU ARE!!!" He's such a fucking manbaby.

Oh and I'm not getting shit back on my tax return this year, so horray for me.

No. 719596

Thanks anon, gonna find something else to pour all my energy in to

No. 719607

I need to just quit television or something. Today Biden's more worried about making sure crossdressing child molesters can use the same bathrooms as children instead of, idk, giving the 2000 dollar checks he promised for covid relief. The entire media clapped. Nobody is pointing out the insanity of men not actually being women.

smart move, sis.
Soon most women's sports will just be washouts from the mens division in a wig.

No. 719608

My dad's the same way. What's funny is that he thinks of himself as a very 'patient' man, but he's the least patient person I know. Always screaming and yelling if you express difficulty or frustration at something.

No. 719609

File: 1611274637084.png (576.91 KB, 747x927, 1605902734112.png)

I'm so mad at my brother. I was trying to switch our family mobile plan to a cheaper one ($120→$60), but I needed all their phone ID#s. During Christmas he offered to do it himself and then send me the details, but immediately after I left I realized I wanted to do it myself. I knew if I asked him for information he's going to hem and haw with a shit ton of questions/skepticism so I procrastinated.

I just got to texting him and he does this shit again. This is every conversation he and I have ever had in our entire lives.



No. 719614

>During Christmas he offered to do it himself and then send me the details
Red flag. He was doing that so he could procrastinate it, too.

No. 719623


TY anon, my family are kinda bummed bc my youngest sister simps for gender fuckery but i like my nose in the middle of my face thanks. My dad is waaay into boxing and we informally spar, but the thought of someone with his strength and speed in my weight class actively trying to win genuinely terrifies me. I regularly spar with men, they do not belong in women’s competitive boxing

No. 719638

Not even really a vent but my Hamster just died, I’m so fucking upset and it feels ridiculous because it’s ‘only’ a hamster but jfc WHY

No. 719641

I find waist length hair hideous. It's usually all dead ends, and even if it's not and is healthy (I've never seen this in real life and I live in a huge city), it's like, why? My hair being longer than my breasts already gets annoying during sex and such. Do these extra long hair people want a prize for how long their hair is? I feel like I'd rather have a "long" hairstyle that is cut and styled than just long ass natural hair.

No. 719642

Don't feel that way, it's not 'only' a hamster. It's always a gut punch when a pet dies, no matter how big or small. For a time, it was your friend.

I hope you feel better, anon.

No. 719643

Ask your youngest sister to try sparring with a man in full padding and see if she still believes it.

No. 719657

Fuck I'm so sorry US anons. This is fucking terrifying, imagine all the men who will now be allowed in women prisons, women shelters and more.
I'd like to ease myself since my country people seem sceptic about this, but at the same time media was shilling extremely hard for biden during the voting and now too for some reason, despite being a completely different continent. We have our fair share of loud libfems and trannys too, but at least they aren't a majority yet..

No. 719658

No pet is "only" anything, I am sure you loved that hamster very much and I am so sorry about your loss.

No. 719659

File: 1611282682731.png (175.82 KB, 596x680, 1599855692272.png)

I wouldn't be too worried.
I am of the genuine belief that almost nobody likes this. This is entirely a push from the top. The people who like this are the tiny minority of people whose voice is amplified by the largest propaganda network ever constructed.

No. 719661

Whenever I see men saying "life is hard because no one cares about my feelings. People care more about your feelings because you're a woman. Men cant talk about our feelings blah blah". Idgi. Do people give a shit about womens feelings?idk
Everytime I have confided in men they told me to shut up, didnt reply or went blank faced and started mentioning sex to make me "feel better". Idk…maybe my experiences are different because I'm a black girl but no ones ever given a shit about my feelings. There was a time a guy would always bitch about being depressed then the one time I started crying after I was drunk and he kept trying to fuck me he texted me the next day calling me weird….

No. 719662

i'm graduating early really soon and i'm excited but my dad came to my mom and i recently to tell us i need to enroll in an online school and then drop out really quickly so we can get 700 dollars from social security.

i don't know jack shit about this so maybe i'm being an idiot but this sounds so .. off? like is that really possible to do?? could be but my dad's done illegal shit for most of my lifetime so of course i'm suspicious, especially about fucking with the irs. i still have to do this because 700 dollars is 700 dollars but i'm sad because i have to back off graduation because of this. man.

No. 719668

This is such bs everytime a guy suddenly texts or voices his problems online in groups he's met with pick me girls or other guys saying "it's alright bro we're here for you" but women get ignored by men especially if they just want sex or they use that vulnerability to get in and depending on what you're talking about women might throw you under the bus or not care due to their own children, husband, etc. Everytime I've voiced a problem in a group setting it goes unresolved or someone usually steps in to say "so, let's get back on track with the game, show discussion, workload, school assignment…." which just shuts down the discussion. I only know maybe 3 women I can talk to about life events because there's just no point in trying with the guys I know. They all have this bro bond just for being guys but getting good women as friends isn't easy with so many seeing other women as some competition for guys. I'm jealous men seem to have that off the bat. Sorry for rant I just hate it.

No. 719669

They only give a fuck about their own feelings. They complain and bitch about how women always want them to listen. They tune it out when we cry and trivialize when we are upset and act like it’s such a burden to listen to us.
They really think tolerating our talking (and expecting sex in return for “listening “) is equivalent to caring.
They don’t want to listen to their friends feelings either, they just want someone to dump their emotions on.
They’re just jealous that we women have friends we can actually talk to when we are upset.
They could easily have someone to confide in if they stopped being shitty friends and partners.

No. 719670

One of my friends is super feminist and woke and vocal about her own rape.

She stans Marilyn Manson and has photos with him at concerts and a tattoo of his autograph he gave her. The cognitive dissonance is unreal.

No. 719671

This is exactly my experience too. All of my male friends can easily get advice from both our male and female friends. Guys wanna be there for their bros and most women are way more supportive in friendships than men, especially when it comes to a man in need. The women I know usually don’t voice their problems because they don’t want to be ~drama queens~ and bring everyone down. Men will only be there for women if they think it will lead to sex.

No. 719676

this sounds like someone i know on tumblr/tiktok/instagram lol. is she from alaska by chance

No. 719681

Honestly it kinda sucks that women always have to give up their fav male celebs because they turn out to be shitty people. Like, obviously she is a fan of him for his music or persona or w/e, it's not her fault he turned out to be a garbage human. I guess we have a moral obligation to do so but damn men really ruin everything. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop on my favs tbh. They've been fine so far but the day they fuck up I wont be 'allowed' to enjoy them or talk about them through no fault of my own, because I'd feel guilty and get backlash.

Sorry, went on a tangent with my own vent.

No. 719684

File: 1611285999220.jpg (317.06 KB, 1800x1051, hairhairhairhairhairhairhairha…)

>Do these extra long hair people want a prize for how long their hair is?


you can sell it, model it, compete with it
other than that it might be cultural, horsegirls or autists

No. 719687

Why did I just see CP posts on /snow/ and /pt/? I just reported them but now I feel like I want to die. Like I m pretty sure I saw a naked child… Is this a sign that I should stop going on this site

No. 719689

Sounds like edgelords from /b/. It may be time to consider putting up a Captcha to filter it if it's an auto-post bot.

No. 719690

i think i saw one from the homepage and i'm unironically trying not to kill myself right now i feel sick
>It may be time to consider putting up a Captcha to filter it if it's an auto-post bot.

No. 719691

I thought I was the only one. I bumped the complaint thread hoping a farmhand will see and reported.

No. 719693

I'm surprised lolcow doesn't have a captcha, all things considered. It's probably the last holdout of all the chan boards that doesn't have one.
They don't even need to use Google, hCaptcha has been used on the Archives for a while and it's pretty good.

No. 719694

You don't need to like long hair, but I don't get why you think people keep it long for others' approval. Plus, who cares that you don't like having long hair during sex? It's not like their hair choices affect your life at all lol.

No. 719699

Nta but you're in a thread for bitching on a gossip website.

No. 719702

i feel like this too but only because i'm bitter that i can't pull off having long hair tbh

No. 719704

Okay? Their thought process still makes no sense.

No. 719721

Girls with long hair
How do you keep it from getting in the toilet?

No. 719723

This a thread for bitching about things whether they affect you or not. Plenty of other anons itt bitched about trivial things and did you go after them? You probably didn't. You just sound slighted that someone insulted a style you probably have.

No. 719729

No, actually, there's a difference between bitching about having a bad day versus getting pressed over some rando having long hair, but I'm not here to get into a fight with you.

No. 719734

We get it, anon. You have a drain to unclog and you're salty.

No. 719736

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 719738

Trying to get the last word makes you look like an angry retard.

Ignore and move on.

No. 719739

i wipe my butt with it. the updward motion keeps it out of the way.

No. 719740

and yet you couldn't ignore that comment yourself

tie it into a bun or hold it to the side.

No. 719746

File: 1611290347329.jpeg (110.68 KB, 827x822, B90A96EA-0789-4001-A85B-B91A45…)

Had the worst fight of my life with my dad tonight. He called me a manipulator, a liar, a piece of horse shit, etc. I called him a narcissist. I’ve been withdrawing on my meds and the second dose of Pfizer has me feeling like utter shit. My gf is the best part of my life and the most supportive person ever, even offered to take my cat in while I don’t feel well. I’m so scared she’s going to leave me for someone who’s mentally stable. I need to move out of my parents house but I simply don’t have the money and I couldn’t bare to leave my mom and brother alone with him.

No. 719747

This is why I dont share anything about my feelings anymore

No. 719762

Because most girls I know with long hair love to talk about their long hair in the context of the male gaze or they quote bible verses about how hair is a women's glory (when they have greasy hair to their butt and at least half is deaf ends, kek). I grew up in a religious family so ultra long hair was not uncommon for me to see growing up (and all of it is either greasy and/or rife with dead ends, like I said). I had hair down to my rear end and waist in my life, and it was a hindrance. I am simply stating my opinion. I have yet to meet a girl with hair that long who doesn't mention it herself at some point in conversation. I'm just going off of my own experiences - that these people seem to want some sort of social approval for it when I don't even think it's preferable.

No. 719763

Yea, if my hair can't hear, it's time to cut that shit off

No. 719765

sorry but what

No. 719767

Nta but >>719762 said "deaf" ends instead of "dead" ends so >>719763 responded "if my hair can't hear, it's time to cut that shit off"
>Deaf ends
>Hair can't hear
Hehe, get it?

I appreciate the joke, nonnie.

No. 719768

>I have yet to meet a girl with hair that long who doesn't mention it herself at some point in conversation.
then you haven't met me
but really tho, I wasn't allowed to cut mine for religious reasons (basically the one you mentioned) and the last time I did my parents went ballistic and tried hiding every scissor in the house even though my hair was still long. also they're obsessed with gay people and think any woman who cuts her at all is secretly an evil lesbian, i don't want them shittalking me nonstop like they do with other family members. so weirdly enough i'd get more attention from cutting it.

No. 719769

knew one of those. i was growing out a buzzcut. she cut 2 inches from her mop and says to me "wow, now your hair is SO LONG and mine is SOOOO SHORT!" lady you still have several feet of that shit

No. 719775

File: 1611295796654.jpeg (174.26 KB, 750x439, 7BC6F367-1577-44E5-AC27-9E32A1…)

My mom getting back with my abusive stepdad is annoying as fuck. 2 weeks ago He tried to kill her, she was coughing up blood and he gave her blood thinners and said they were Tylenol. She gobbled them up, (she is anemic) she lost a lot of blood. In the hospital they asked if she felt safe at home and this bitch said yes she does. I’m literally gonna lost my shit. Then he kicked out my sister who has a baby, and called the cops to escort her out and my mom and him got into a fight about it he lied to the cops and said she hit him and she was in jail for 3 nights. I Went to pick her up when she got out she spent a few nights with me only to beg me for a ride back to his place. They are reconciling at a hotel right now. I know abusive relationships are complicated but her daughter literally was thrown out by this fucking scrote. As now she’s being all lovey with him. I shake every time I think about how I wanna kill him. I want to shatter his kneecaps

No. 719777

god she sounds like a massive pickme

No. 719778

We're just calling battered wives pickmes now, no nuance or anything?

No. 719784

I’m honestly conflicted. I love my mom and I wish her and my sisters out of this mess. She’s just very frustrating because she knows he’s bad yet she keeps coming back to him and letting him do shit to her and her kids, that part gives me pickmeisha vibes

No. 719793

I'm truly sick of coming out of ended friendships and relationships feeling like I wasted a bunch of time with them.

No. 719795

I'm so tired of school. It's only the 2nd week and I just can't handle it anymore, I don't want to pay more money for books, I will only use once so I searched their pdfs and this fucking teacher wants a receipt. FUCK THEIR RECEIPTS IM FUCKING POOR LEAVE ME ALONE SHITTY ASS FUCK

No. 719802


No. 719817

I hate make-up and this is never going to change. I'm tired of seeing women who don't wear make-up be called NLOGs left and right by women who keep overlooking the fact that not wearing make-up is not a misogynistic act in itself, but it's just that opportunists will use anything if they really want to shit on other women to try to get ahead. I have met NLOGs with and without make-up, it's irrelevant. After a lifetime of wearing heavy make-up, going out with a bare face has helped my self-esteem tremendously. Fuck you.

No. 719820

My boyfriend has been offline for 16h almost, we chatted from 5am to 9pm and then he went completely radio silent on me. Im worrying because hes suicidal, its a LDR i only have little contact to his friends, no contact to family. I literally cried all night and spammed his DM's i do wanna kind of die ngl. I haven't slept properly, nor ate breakfast or showered and im at my lowest points right now.

No. 719821

same anon i wasnt confident in my bare face since being a preteen and now i feel so much happier going outside comfortably with no layer caked on. someone told me they missed the stylish me but it was just insecurity from having somewhat acne skin which has now cleared up

No. 719822

feeling extremely alone and lonely and like my marriage is hanging on by a fucking string despite doing my best, fucking hate men

ended up getting trapped in exactly what my mom did, doing too much for men who won't even ask you how you're doing

bout to start a fight just to make him as miserable as me

No. 719839

So sorry anon; at least you're aware it's messed up, I hope you can find it in yourself to just divorce instead torturing yourself with constant fights with your husband.

No. 719850

I sometimes wish for dad to just fucking die already. He doesn't have work and probably never will, he inflicted mental illness onto me, he whines all the fucking time, he is gross as fuck and I've been cleaning after him since I was 13 and Im 21 now and he doesn't respect my privacy at all and annoys the shit out of me by invading my personal space and then pulling the narc tactics if I tell him NO.

After he wakes up my heart starts aching from how much he angers me. He just woke up and came into my room without knocking while I was busy with something I told him Im busy and then he pulled the classical narc response and started whining and saying he is gonna sell the house only because I said NO I DO NOT WANT YOU ENTERING MY ROOM NOW. Sometimes Im genuinely afraid of him like he might snap and beat me because he is so sensitive to any sort of criticism or rejection.

Not to mention he pisses on the bathroom floor and doesn't shower for two weeks and if I tell him to help me clean he starts saying that he is not my "cleaning lady" when Ive been cleaning his house for nearly a decade.

He also publically humiliates me even now at 21. He tells me to say "thank you" in public if I ignore the cashier and he scolds me when I cross the street. I fucking hate this family and this country and I hope everyone fucking dies. These pieces of shit have inflicted so much permanent damage on my mental health and I've been fighting against the current for too long.

No way I am leaving this apartment as long as I am working on the internet and not pulling in a lot of money and this mother fucker is a gross immature horder and when I leave him by himself even for 2 weeks the house is fucking disgusting he does not deserve to have a home. I have never had anything in my life and didnt even have my own room until 13 and lived in complete poverty. Like I literally feel rich for having a blender in the kitchen and a TV in my room.

Like dad, you smoke 2 packs per day and eat mostly exclusively sweets. I do hope you will die soon.

No. 719851

And I suffer from so much PTSD and "obedient angel syndrome" because I have always been beaten and spit on for showing any sort of negative reaction towards my parental figures. I just feel like Im always in the wrong, Im evil and I constantly feel sorry for them when I know people who wish death on their parents for literally almost nothing compared to what my parents have done to me

No. 719880

I want to take those last 6 zolpidem with vodka so bad, anon.

At least THIS afternoon wouldn't suck.
I'm wondering if I should buy more bitcoin and move up to something that could actually kill me.
They always talk about how celebrities die on benzo and alcohol. I probably don't go heavy enough on the booze for that.
How do they do it? They are drunks and used to gorge on alcohol? I'll puke if I try.
Sorry for rant. Wish I had somebody to talk to.

No. 719897

I’m sorry for what you’re going through anon. I hope you don’t “self medicate” or try to kill yourself like this, but if you want to vent about other things I would be happy to talk to you. Although I know it’s not the same as having someone in person.

No. 719902

Thanks for your nice words. I hope the best for you.

No. 719904

I bought a chocolate santa claus and guess what it wasn't CHOCOLAte but CHOCOLATE REPLACEMENT. What the fuck man my day is ruined my mouth is disgusted my brain is angered why would you try to replace chocolate with palm oil and a staggering 5% of cocoa

No. 719909

I relapsed and SH d last night after not doing so since early last year but I won’t bore you or do a storyline with the reasons why. I made my mum cry, she worries enough about me. I am a terrible daughter as I mean everything to her and she means everything to me

No. 719920

I left my sports bra in the bathroom to dry, and my dad just went in. Now he'll be in there shitting for 40 minutes holding my bra hostage. I just wanted to go for a quick jog before lunch, fuck my life

No. 719927

File: 1611326788803.jpg (16.21 KB, 1200x675, 90df-logo.jpg)

I did the most stupid fucking shit a human being could've ever done, falling in love with a US citizen.

The immigration process is just unbelievably stupid and complicated and most of the time you have to commit some degree of fraud, plus I don't even want to get married in my early 20s, but I would have to if I wanted to be with him, he's contemplating the idea of moving to my country but honestly I don't want to put the poor sod through learning an impossibly difficult language and having to live in a third world shithole just because of me.

Honestly im seriously considering just breaking up whatever we have going on at the moment and just being bitter and sad about it for the rest of my life.

No. 719928

File: 1611326828620.jpg (43.73 KB, 1024x768, blow2_zps2bfaf67c.jpg)

Onision used to follow me on Tumblr and reblogged occasionally my posts. I was like 14 and used to watch his videos like kinda infrequently. I didn't know anything about his personal life so whenever I go on /pt/ I laugh because he messaged me once and I never replied. Going on from this random memory, I miss Tumblr. I used to go on it for a specific fandom of a video game and now both the fandom/game are dead.

No. 719930

She keeps flirting with others

No. 719932

File: 1611327656597.png (86.49 KB, 651x368, how-heavy-is-your-head-1.png)

i'm in the middle now. how do I stop this? sometimes I feel like my neck is about to break

No. 719950


No. 719956

I hate one my boyfriend’s friends so much. All of his friends seem like genuinely nice guys except for this whore. He was supposed to join the army but still hasn’t, can’t he just be blown to smithereens already?

No. 719962

My grandpa just died and his last week alive was spent stressing his ass off because a fake company scammed him into thinking his PC had a virus. They made him pay $1000 to ''remove the virus''. Fucking scum. That was a lot of money to him and he was so worried. These fucks spent hours talking to him on the phone just to scare him into thinking his computer would break.

I know this type of company and the type of employees, they're only making minimum wage. What kind of soulless husk is willing to scam poor, old people for fucking minimum wage? Bitch go work at Mcdonalds or something. What the fuck

No. 719964

i like you so much but i fucked up already. showing you and your friend those drawings.. you must think i'm a whore. i saw how sad you looked when i talked about christmas with my bf and i secretly wish it was you because despite all my efforts he didn't get me anything. i had to nag him to come visit me, while you traveled down by yourself. maybe you are angered now it wasn't you i gifted, fantasizing about using me instead. i really hope not, and you don't seem to be that kind of person. but with how stupid i am i fall for the wrong people. and still i'm pathetically fantasizing about us meeting again, about you wanting me, us dating, holding hands and visiting beautiful places, getting high and making music and love. i think you and i could really make something beautiful. we both have a fascination for strange, i feel like we'd only motivate each other to be better and better. but hell, you probably already have a crush on someone much smarter and prettier than i am. i'm so fucking stupid i don't think i even deserve you. i should have broken up with him back when i met you, at least then we could have been together for a little. now i just don't know if there ever will be a chance…

No. 719969

There's a guy I know that got jailed for working in a bank and thieving out of old people's bank accounts. He wasn't locked up for long and he's back out. All these people I know that look down their noses at people for the dumbest things are more than happy to party and take coke with a guy that was robbing local grannies. People don't give a fuck these days about anyone but themselves.

Sorry about your grandfather's passing anon. If you know the company that scammed him doxx them

No. 719970

>i think you and i could really make something beautiful. we both have a fascination for strange
be careful that Heather doesn't snatch him before you do

No. 719979

It's the middle of winter and my office is freezing because my boss is a cheapskate. Im wearing layers on layers and it's not enough.

No. 719982

before she can give her that polyester sweater…

No. 719985

>literally can't find a job
jfc just give me any job

No. 720014

Why is my father so disgusting when it comes to the bathroom? Every time he does number two, the toilet is a disgusting mess. I won't go into details but I want to vomit every time. I don't get why he doesn't clean after himself? Is it so hard? Even if he just flushed one more time it would already help a lot visually speaking. I don't even know how he manages to make something the way he does it. Does he grow wings and spin circles while hovering over the toilet? I don't feel clean in the bathroom anymore like after washing my hands or having a shower because the entire place seems to be tainted even if I splash gallons of hot water and detergents every few days.Yuck yuck yuck

No. 720023

I hate how normalized shit like intuitive eating and the idea that you should never feel hungry in America is. My roommate said he was eating less recently. He is pretty overweight so good for . Then my other roommate said that he shouldn’t do that and should eat as long as he feels hungry. She doesn’t seem to understand that overweight people have fucked up hunger cues that have nothing to do with how much with how much they actually need. And this person wants to be a doctor some day.

No. 720024

Ugh men are just like that I guess my dad's piss smells like 100% alcohol and I feel like vomiting when I enter the bathroom why can't he just flush

No. 720033

I'm so sorry anon! It's the same with mine to the point I already imagined the stench, arghhh

No. 720047

I can’t wait to leave and never think about any of this again

No. 720071

If you see one of those shitheads in your bathroom attack them verbally and shame them. Free speech, trannycakes.

No. 720098

My brother is the same. I've complained to him a million times to take a few seconds to scrub his skid marks out of the toilet after he's taken a shit, he acts like I'm being unreasonable and bossy by telling him to clean up after himself. He still leaves shit streaks in the toilet and I've given up. His shit fucking stinks too, the bathroom is basically a biohazard after he goes in there

No. 720115

I wish there was some kind of "best of both worlds" website for gossip that would be between /snow/-/pt/ and the kiwifarms. I hate how a lot interesting threads died off even with a still active cow, but I can't stand the kiwis not moderating their members writing the same 20 paragraph reaction to every minor thing. Their highlight function is also shit, because they upvote their fartsniffing essays and jokes instead of the milk.

No. 720166

I'm talking to someone from my past that I really like and my friends absolutely hate because I always vent to them about the bad shit and then either they ignore the good shit or I feel cringe bc they'll roll their eyes. No one is good enough for me FOR THEM. And that is my fault.

No. 720169

Vents tend to be one sided. And if the thing that you vented about gets resolved you wont tell your friends. So of course they hate him.

I do the same with my friends and they hate my love interest as a result.

No. 720173

I hate the baby pink bedroom aesthetic that is still somehow ridiculously popular. Grown-ass women wanting their rooms to look like baby rooms. Stuffed animals and infant toys everywhere. What happened to having tasteful art on the walls for your photoshoots? Get some sensual fabrics. Give your space some personality and make it look mature and alluring and interesting. It can be done for probably cheaper than getting all pink baby uwu everything.

For the "SWs" out there, I PROMISE scrotes would still jack it to you if you had a normal adult bedroom. I PROMISE. But you decorate your space like a toddler's room. It is not sexy. For the love of god. Make it stop. It's so horrible and detrimental on so many levels and it's spreading like virus. It's starting to make me angry as hell. Just. Stop.

No. 720175

>For the "SWs" out there, I PROMISE scrotes would still jack it to you if you had a normal adult bedroom.
I think men are absolute degenerate pedos but I still find it hard to believe they give a single fuck about room decor, let alone find it sexually arousing even if it panders to their fetish for children.

If I had to get real armchair about it, I feel like it's just the girl trying to make her situation more palatable and comforting. Doing porn is gross and makes women feel bad, if they can control their environment and make it something pleasing to them under the guise of appealing to men it might make them feel a bit better. That's the thought I always have when I see Shayna, for example, buying all those dumb cutesy costumes. I doubt men find them particularly attractive, but she probably has fun dressing up regardless.

No. 720176

I have never considered the point of view that you just armchaired at me. I wonder if that's really true; seems very plausible. Now I'm kinda sad.

No. 720179

File: 1611350021295.png (1.17 MB, 750x1000, c2ee1b40-6b2f-402f-958a-9a4d4a…)

I think there's a way to make kawaii shit rooms appealing but the ones that hoard tons of plushies/anime figurines look awful. They're fire hazards and an eyesore kek.

No. 720184

File: 1611350285152.jpg (9.88 KB, 260x260, g0tvQnl.jpg)

On my DeviantArt account there was this one guy who kept asking me for requests (3 to be exact), I said that I'll do them but I haven't done anything in over a year because the dude kept changing what he wanted.

No joke, he would change the ideas he gave me and them ask me why I haven't finish them already. At some point he even told me that I might get attacked by gaming sites because of the requests (?) so I have to put them on mature content, don't put them any titles and a lot of weird security stuff. I was very tired because work, so I stopped answering for a week, just to find out that he sent more than 15 notes. And I couldn't block him because he kept changing accounts.

I was getting disturbed by him, so I told him to stop sending me notes. He then sent me a huge note, which he re-send me more times, talking about how he is sorry, how he always scares people off and a lot of personal stuff, telling me that he won't send more notes until I'm finish with his requests.

It's being a while, I am trying to paste together all of his notes to understand what the requests are exactly now, but not going to lie, that last note has been scaring me for a long time, I wanted to leave the Internet for a few months just so I could focus on my things but I can't stop feeling concerned about the guy.

It can just be Guilt tripping and the guy is using my sympathy for free art, but I just hope that he is actually okay after all the stuff he told me. I wish I hadn't accepted his requests in the first place, I regret it so much.

No. 720186

>curfew from tomorrow onwards
>housemate who already brought COVID into the house once is hosting a party again
>her pretty friend in a bodycon dress sees me as i stumble from the bathroom to my room in pyjamas and seems to talk about me to her boyfriend

fuck her for making me feel embarrassed
i live here, it's the evening and she shouldn't even fucking be here

No. 720188

Maybe this is usually the case, it's just shit I never realised how unrealistic it is to have a bf who your friends even tolerate.

No. 720189

I'm genuinely not trying to bait, but I hate when people say stuff like "You can be friends with people who have different political views!" sure, but if your political views are against people like me then no we can't. I'm not gonna be a pickme for someone who has no respect or straight up doesn't like my people

No. 720197

many months of job hunting. got two responses. two!!!! they rejected me after all, both the same day. i drank all the alcohol i had in the house, which frankly wasnt much. but enough. i'm never going to find a job, not during corona. i'm a failure. failure failure failure no one wants me

No. 720207

ngl when i lived at my familys shitty piss, shit, broken hoarder house the only thing i felt i could control was my appearance and my room so buying cheap colorful stuff was always easier than buying a nice $200 faux fur chair with rose gold legs or any more modern room items. pretty much all my money went back into groceries or the house.
it was also easier to ask for stuffed animals or cute mascots as gifts since no one i knew was going to buy something over $50

No. 720216

Everyone who came to North America on the Mayflower or later needs to gtfo, we'll never be friends.
>inb4 but I was born here!
Don't care, you ruined it. Fuck off.
>inb4 but where will I go!
Don't care, jump into the ocean ideally. Pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and fuck off. All of you.

Party's over, you had your turn on the government Xbox and you clearly suck at the game.

No. 720218

I fell for a scrote who has no feelings for me and is only using me. It never happened to me before, I had no idea I could be such a fucking dumbass.
Blocking his number now.

No. 720225

>>720218 Good job. Don't ever let a male hurt you.

No. 720226

I hope you're NA making this post lmao

No. 720228

This crazy person is not your responsibility, and you should flat out just stop talking to him. Never read his notes again. Let them pile up, no matter how many he sends, and never respond again. He sounds scary and very unstable (also like you'll never ever be able to give him what he wants because that keeps changing). You should not let people like that continue to coerce you into feeling sorry for them. Run awayyyy (or the internet equivalent thereof.)

No. 720230

What the fuck else would I be, a shitposting possum?

No. 720233

Supremely based

No. 720237

Now I'm confused. Which one is OP and is she Native or not

No. 720240

Being manipulated doesn't make you stupid, someone just lacks ethics and lies on purpose and steps on people to get what they want.

No. 720246

Fuckkk I'm so anxious. I just had my second phone interview with a new company, a clothing store that I actually shop at, and I was supposed to get a followup but the manager was out, so I'll be getting it in a few days. I just wanna know the outcome. I really want this job, it's not the best place, but I currently work at Starbucks, and it's great and all, great benefits and overall a nice environment but I deal with an eating disorder, and being around food, and getting free food (ik it's entitled of me to complain about that but still), has made me relapse back into binging and purging, and is overall messing me up so fucking bad.

I also feel stupid and weak as fuck for wanting to leave because of that. I feel like a failure and like it's childish of me to leave a job that'll pay a bit more (moreso due to tips,) where I've gotten on good terms with my coworkers for the most part, etc etc. I know mental health > pay, but I can't help but feel like I'm making a bad decision here.

No. 720247

you shouldn't feel weak for that, if anything i think you're strong for taking care of yourself.

No. 720256

I almost t-boned some dumb old fuck as I drove home from work because he decided to take a left turn out of the liquor store into two oncoming lanes of traffic with my car occupying one of em. No sense of urgency to get into the median and out of the way, just toodling his slow old ass into active traffic without a fucking care in the world of how hard other people are forced to brake for him.

I know it's not fair to some considerate old people who still have their cognitive abilities, but they really shouldn't drive. My grandpa almost killed me and my mom once because he forgot to get over and kept driving in the oncoming lane after turning out of our driveway once. I think he got away with 15 years of driving in old age because we lived in a town with not much traffic. Traffic driving and geriatrics just don't mix.

No. 720280

This situation just sucks in general. There’s no way to get around without a car in many areas. Take away their licenses and they need to rely on family (not always feasible) or pay out the ass for taxis to get to the doctor/pharmacy.

I think the reason nobody addresses the old people driving menace is because they don’t want to personally deal with how they’ll get around without it.

No. 720286

All old people decline at different rates, I really hate blanket statements like "old people shouldn't drive". Ik you address it in the post but my grandmother is almost 90 and still extremely active (golfs several times a week, drives to church, the store, the golf course, her friends houses, etc.), so if they passed laws saying that elderly people over a certain age couldn't drive it would force people like my grandmother to degenerate into housebound, stereotypical elderly people. Should there be laws that maybe people over a certain age need to take a driving test with an instructor every so often? Maybe, cause it would weed out the ones who were actually unfit. I also can't imagine learning to drive in the 1940s and still having to drive today, there's so many more cars on the road and highways didn't even exist back then.

No. 720311

Maybe we could subsidize private transport services for old people like we often do with their healthcare and housing. But I'm evil because I'm asking rich people to pay more taxes to feed into that system rather than letting them buy their third yacht.

No. 720380

there's something creeping into our online group that i can only describe as a "friend simp". she really sucks the hell up to everyone and seems like she's trying hard to become our friend… and i feel like an ass for noticing but it's just a bit forced as opposed to natural? she just throws compliments and general asskissing our way, it's weird. anyone dealt with this?

No. 720387

i feel so lonely, my husband seems so unenthused when i talk about stuff i like and gives a lot of one word responses or doesnt pay attention. and i don't have any friends. he never used to act like this either.
dont move to a new city and get married i guess

No. 720391

Eh, nonnie. It's 3am and I resisted texting up apologies non sense to my ex.
Still ordered a bunch of pills this afternoon tho. Now I'll have the week end to ask myself if I should relapse and wtf to do with the pills if I decide to be sober.
At least I don't have friends that could see what a fucking mess I am rn.

No. 720445

I want to vent because I have no one/nowhere else to do it, but I’m so worn down. I’m too tired to write more than this.

No. 720447

What kind of pills we talking

No. 720451

She may be harmless, or she may be manipulative and draining. I think at this stage it’s best to just tolerate it unless something alarming happens. Some girls just don’t know how to make friends and with all the lovebombing zoomers tend to do to complete strangers now it makes them think that sort of thing is normal. If it isn’t a tactic of manipulation, at least her intentions are pure. I know how irritating it can be though.

No. 720513

Oh anon I'm in the same place as you. Gathering strength to break up. It's so stupidly painful when he acts as if everything I say or do is a burden. Being with him and his friends is even worse because he's a completely different person, I'm just an afterthought. And it doesn't help that he's always making jokes about "talking to his bitches" when he's with friends. I wonder if he's deliberately doing all that to force me to break up. I don't even know anymore.

No. 720516

I lost someone I thought I was a friend because she decided to chase an ugly married man’s dick. I told her she was the other woman and she acted fake surprised, said she wasn’t going to fuck with him anymore… and then flips it on me saying I’m ruining her mental health. She tried going to my friends too and tell them how awful I am but luckily they know what actually happened. I sent his wife a message on Facebook earlier from a burner account because I couldn’t imagine not saying something to this poor woman. I’m kind of regretting it now, though. I don’t know if it was my place to say anything.

No. 720527

It's the biggest pain in the fucking ass and I'm constantly angry about how literally no one in politics wants to change anything about the USCIS to make it function. It shouldn't take 1-3 years to get a green card and 6 months to a year for just a WORK PERMIT.

Still, bringing my Euro Fiance (now husband) over here was the best thing I could have done and I'm extremely happy we did it and can be done with the uncertainty of where we will go/how long visas will last/etc. Don't do it unless you've really spent a lot of time together and are sure because he won't be able to do anything but lay about the house for up to a year.

No. 720533

I'm starting to worry about having a social life after this pandemic is "over", like idk if I'll ever make new good friendships again
maybe this is kind of thing just comes with entering your mid 20s, idk. I've been working from home but the main office is in nevada and I'll probably relocate later this year. i dont know anyone over there. I dont think I want to go to a bar anytime soon. even if I stayed in my hometown it feels like my irl friends are spending more time with their significant others and shooting the shit like we did in high school isn't something they would have much time to do anymore

No. 720539

The word "sus" is on my mental redtext list now because I only ever see it in the context of twitter faggotry on this site

No. 720548

your friend is a cunt. i wish these women with daddy issues would get therapy instead of actively trying to ruin marriages

No. 720558

I hate every word that comes from stan or aave twitter

No. 720565

Maybe this says a lot about me to see your relationship as a chance to improve your circumstances but if you're really from a shithole 3rd world country I wouldn't purposely pass on the chance to get out of it..

No. 720567

I'm seriously tired of this DnD hysteria and how everyone wants to be like one of those DnD shows so they speak English the entire sessions despite it being everyone's second language here. It doesn't make sense imo. And I won't take the excuse that it is because most books are in English, I played a lot of table tops years ago and then it wasn't a problem.
And bringing up that there are other campaigns than DnD I get this blank, uninterested look. I even offered some PDFs I got from a pack I got in a game pack so they can take a look and see if it is something interesting since I don't really have that much of a use for them, and they just ignore it.
If I was better at improvising I would perhaps start my own group without whining here, but even then I don't think people would be really into it unless they get to dungeon some fucking dragons.
I love that roleplaying has gotten more mainstream last few years, but c'mon people there is an entire world of options to discover.

No. 720571

tbh if you are not ready for it, don't do that.

No. 720574

>so they speak English the entire sessions despite it being everyone's second language

That's ultra cringe, I'd be tired of that too

No. 720575

>play this game my way and my way only
Why are you so bothered with how someone else plays a game lol

No. 720576

D&D was cool and is a good starter, but it’s awful when it comes to TTRPG culture. I came to hate it and its hegemony. Yikes

No. 720579

Always wanted to try this thing, but everyone seems to do nothing but copy popular d&d shows which is a big turn-off to me.

No. 720582

A friend of mine took the same extra uni course as me on my recommendation, because I thought it sounded really interesting subject. It turned out to be one of those classes that required more preparation and studying than most of the courses in our major, but I really enjoyed the challenge. She barely studied, and got a bad grade that brings down her GPA (which is important for scholarship reasons), and it makes me feel kinda guilty. I even offered her to help her retake the exam, but she refused. I'm angry even though it shouldn't even be my problem, and she never implied it was my fault.

No. 720583

I hate having those wide thick fat man hands with those short sausage fingers, they are so disproportionate, like I am relatively small, like around 153 cm/46 kg, but my hands look like hands of an obese man. That's so unfair, most women have those delicate feminine hands, some have long hands,but thin delicate fingers, and there is me, who got the worst deal. I hate my hands

No. 720592

why not just write your own story to sell as a book or go find a straight-up roleplay?

No. 720595

I wanna/ wanted to work in game dev or somethung tangental- I got a degree and shit and had a lot of people on my side, good references etc. I had heard about how sexist it is from many people but I just figured (in a sort of pick me way) that I was skilled enough to earn respect.

I am so fucking done with it. I want to cry. This shit was like my dream, something my autistic ass was actually good at, and one of the things I’ve worked hardest at. The way I’m being treated is fucking awful. I did make some pretty good friends during college but the majority of the time I was treated as a fucking subhuman. And because I’m so fucking retarded when I tried to reach out to the few other girls in my degree they weren’t about it (don’t blame em, I do seem like the nlog type despite being pink pilled)

I was sexually harassed by my lecturers, one even offering a job and then ghosting when I found out I wouldn’t have sex with him or give him my Ritalin. Every game related thing I see clearly now as coomer trash, the entitlement and retardation of the gAMer cOmMuniTy is unparalleled.

I can’t believe I’ve been putting up with/holding it in for this long. Even My bf doesn’t know about this. During all the harassment I was a little bitch and actually apologised TO THEM. And now I won’t ever find a fucking job because this is my only skill set and I don’t want to just accept this gross male fuckery as just a part of the career. I’m gonna fucking work at an Asian grocery or some shit so I can just waste away and I don’t have to talk to any one

No. 720603

I feel you

Games are great
Gamers suck

No. 720609

I hate when people reply "thank you" to someone they agree with. For what? "Thank you for validating me"? "Thank you for saying what I wanted to read"? You think your ideas are good, don't you, retard?

No. 720649

I have a friend who talks down on me a lot and makes condescending jabs at me. In totality her comments add up to her believing she's better than me. I'm not sure what I ever did to her since I've only ever been a good friend to her and she'll admit as much. She's friendly to me in the grander context but jfc it only makes the negs she slings my way sometimes that much jarring.
I feel like if I correct her or say anything in those moments, that I'll just look sensitive or that what she said is true because who would dignify bullshit with a response?

No. 720669

I used to have a friend like that half my life, and it ended up with a completely messed up confidence and self-image. I even have trouble trusting people because she got under my skin to the point I started believing her bullshit that she was the only one in my life that is 100% honest

Cut her off anon, she is not a friend, she is a narcissist that is negging and gaslightning you to make herself seem/feel better. Would you accept this kind of behavior if she was a guy? Or even a partner?

No. 720671

I put my wardrobe up for donation, and holy shit I've never had this much trouble getting rid of something and I usually change out my furniture from time to time so I have a history of selling shit off without any issue, but this time I just want to get rid of it ASAP so I can repaint the room.

The amount of choosing beggars, people that don't show up or even just people being ridiculously inconvenient that it's impossible to make an appointment is insane.

No. 720705

File: 1611416534766.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I don't miss my ex but miss some of the shit we did, like watching a movie which turned into sex or we fell asleep. It was just nice and cozy.

It's my 4th year of being single and I'd love to change that but I can't connect to people at all. I tried really really hard and am still trying but most of the time I feel like I'm putting in more effort and am more interested than the other side which then makes me realize that it's not worth it. I miss that spark and somehow naturally clicking with someone. It happened only once in my life (with my ex) and honestly I'm afraid it won't happen again, not just love wise but with friends too.

Guess I'm just lonely as fuck lately.

No. 720725

File: 1611417365075.png (636.47 KB, 1080x841, Whydididothis2myself.png)

>diamond bf bought me came in last night
>wanted to do something nice for him this morning
>made him a steak and egg breakfast using the steak I really wanted to eat but saved for him
>brought it to him in bed hoping it would roust him seeing as though it was almost 10
>stay in kitchen eating a gross burnt breakfast sandwich I made myself
>thought he would come out but after an hour he still didn't come out the bedroom
>go to check
>he'd been sitting there on his phone the entire time
>he didn't eat the steak, barely touched the mushrooms, and just ate the yolks from the eggs
>"I wasn't hungry anon, I'm sorry."

Like I know he means it and is currently cleaning the kitchen, but omg I wish he would've told me he wasn't hungry because I would've eaten the fuck out of that meal instead of the gross sandwich that I threw half away.

No. 720730

why do subhuman bleeders feel the need to steal everything from 4chan? can't you come up with your own internet memes and culture? this is just more evidence that bleeders are subhuman retards.(begone scrote)

No. 720735

Is it tranny tuesday already?

No. 720737

No. 720739

It's bait from a male, report and move on.

No. 720742

What the fuck are bleeders?

No. 720745

>everyone I don't like is a tranny
did you steal that meme from us aswell? kek

No. 720747

File: 1611417960050.jpg (88.18 KB, 960x720, masterrace 4channer.jpg)

true curators of culture

No. 720759

What the fuck is joji doing there

No. 720760

Who are they. Looks stinky in there

No. 720762

Do they not have donation bins where you live

No. 720767

Like >>720669 said you need to cut her off. I had a friend like that too and used to find it sort of amusing when she would neg me because it was out of character. Eventually, even though I didn’t agree with her, it started getting to me. I think it was the fact she was generally nice, so I would subconsciously accept the criticism whereas I would’ve rejected it from a mean person. With a friend like that, you don’t need enemies.

No. 720779

I received this passive aggressive email from my professor that really ruined my mood for the day. I guess it’s kind of my fault because I haven’t finished it yet but I don’t even care anymore, I’m thinking about dropping the whole seminar. Why am I such a lazy bitch aahhhhh

No. 720780

I haven't finished mine either let's do it anon. I just opened microsoft word and wrote my title and I feel accomplished

No. 720783

You know what, you’re right! Let’s do it. Gonna show her with my mediocre work.

No. 720785

I just find most men disgusting. They've got rotten and dirty habits. Careless, obsessed with sex, miserable, manipulative.

I'm just tired of men. They're a gross species.

No. 720796

I'm looking through a binder with some drawings and paintings I did about 10 years ago when I was in my early teens. Some of the last I did before I quit drawing because teen-me thought I was never going to be good enough. A lot of it is hilariously bad, especially anatomy-wise, but I also think I was too harsh on myself.

No. 720797


I was going to tell you to give him a refund and block him until I read that this was a free request, girl you aren't obliged to do shit for him. When professionals take on comissions there's typically a set number of revisions and an added cost if it goes beyond the contracted amount. This guy sounds like a nightmare though and >>720228 is right, you will probably never hear the end of it even if you do complete his request.

No. 720802

I've deleted all the dating apps because I will admit I went into them very naive a year ago. Every guy I picked to hangout with from dating sites I actually liked and found super attractive but men dont have this mentality on dating sites. Only two types of men go on dating sites 1. Men just desperate for any girlfriend and dont care who she is 2. Man whores with low self esteem who cant go 20 minutes without female attention. They dont care who I am or what I look like, just being female is all they care about. If ya want love or friendship dating sites arent the way to go for most women.

No. 720815

why are there so many people crying about terfs in the shane thread. its so annoying when people suddenly come crying about muh pronounces in threads totally irellevant to trannys. Like move on, if you hate terfs so much and believe trannys aren't mentally ill just go to a different social media platform like twitter where you get death threads if you misgender someone kek

No. 720823

My Mother really became the full blown "my poor baby dindu nuffin, it was only a jab she didn't bite!!(there was fucking salvia in the fur), it's the cat's fault for being in the same room/looking at her" obnoxious stereotypical dog owner. I hope the Drecksköter bites you again and harder soon.

No. 720824

Because it's full of outsiders that got led here by drama youtubers.

No. 720837

That's funny I open the thread and this is one of the first posts I zee because I was just silently seething about this last night. When your body is used to overeating, you feel hunger for those portions, so this intuitive eating bullshit is among the worst possible advice you can give an overweight person. When I was binge eating, I would be hungry if I ate less than 3500 calories a day. My body obviously didn't need that much, but it had been trained to be used to that amount and would feel hunger at anything less. That's why fatties act like even the smallest calorie deficit is literally starvation.

No. 720838

File: 1611431614569.jpg (79.05 KB, 600x673, stop_liking_file.jpg)

No. 720847

>Give your space some personality and make it look mature and alluring and interesting
what if my personality is baby pink

No. 720865

I want to get fucked so badly right now. I’m so sexually frustrating it is frying my brain. I feel like a disgusting man or something.

No. 720867

>Give your space some personality and make it look mature and alluring and interesting.
No. I'm a damaged uwu womanchild and I will enjoy my pink shit. Die mad about it

No. 720883

My dog is at the emergency vet and might die and I won't know anything for hours. I'm a mess and don't know how to cope with the uncertainty. I hate everything.

No. 720893

Nayrt but related ig, I was chatting to a friend about a morbidly obese personal cow who had gastric sleeve surgery. Despite having most her stomach removed, she continued to overeat. I was confused about how she wasn’t feeling sick all the time, and my friend pointed out she was probably used to feeling that way. She was so used to binge eating that she thought feeling so uncomfortable was normal. Mind blown.

No. 720913

A 90+ year old relative of mine was diagnosed with covid 2 weeks ago, they are fine. Remind me again why I’m stuck indoors trying not to an hero from depression, despair and loneliness for the sake of people I don’t know with pre existing health conditions.
>Oh anon you are so selfish wah wah wah
Yes because not wanting to be driven to suicide is selfish uwu. If you want to stay indoors then you do you, the fuck am I ruining my life for. We all have to die at some point.

No. 720917

I mean, at the point you are, you do you.

No. 720926

Because many people do end up on intensive cares, and when intensive cares are overloaded that means that regular care has to be downscaled. That can directly affect you and your loved ones too. Sorry for shitty English.

No. 720929

Unfortunately can’t do me because we are in an enforced lockdown derpderp

No. 720936

Just don't kill yourself, lol??

No. 720939

Why do people feel like it's bad to be considerate of other people you don't know? Do you also ignore driving/road rules and leave piss, shit and toilet paper all over public bathrooms cause you don't know the people who it'll affect?
>Remind me again why I’m stuck indoors
Because not everyone with covid is your 90 year old relative who, fortunately, survived. It's like you want people to think of your depression and suicidal thoughts but you don't wanna think of everyone else in the pandemic.

No. 720948

>I have yet to be personally impacted by this virus that has killed millions of people in the span of one year, so why should I be inconvienienced by having to stay inside???
>idc if it's selfish, muh mental health!!!

As someone who struggles with suicidality, I understand your frustration, but all of us have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Now is not the time to take pride in your selfishness. If you think your mental health is bad bevause you have to be inside and take up indoor hobbies, try putting yourself in the shoes of someone on a ventalator or someone grieving their dead loved ones.

And if your American, move to a red state where you can be surroubded by likeminded people who DGAF about others if you can't deal with staying inside to keep others safe.

No. 720953

Nta but to be fair, it can feel very injust to be considerate of complete strangers when it comes at your own expense. It fucking sucks when it's your mental health that declines, when you're the one receiving shitty online education, when you're the one getting in financial trouble to help save some old people. Obviously it's not that black and white and you're also staying inside for your own sake but damn, people have been sacrificing for strangers for almost a year now.

No. 720956

Why do you care if it’s enforced or not? Just go out and do you, silly bean, isn’t your mental health more important after all?

No. 720958

Seriously. I'm so sick of the "but I'm suicidal!" crowd using this as an excuse when the people dying from COVID and lack of medical care due to overburdened hospitals don't have the luxury of choosing not to die.

No. 720959

> I’m stuck indoors trying not to an hero
> We all have to die at some point.

No. 720966

Maybe because not everyone is as fucking lucky as your fucking grandma you selfish, naive piece of shit. I have had to go get my cancer treatments alone because no one is allowed to come with me and all I see are people whining about staying inside? I get that mental health issues are fucking awful to deal with during lockdown, people losing loved ones, jobs and all that but dear lord what the fuck. Go get covid yourseld then. Ready for my ban, jannies.

No. 720969

Not that anon, but I don't really see the problem with that. Isn't that also why taxes are paid?
If it helps people and society as a whole, I don't see anything wrong with changing your life around a bit.
The only people I really feel for are those who are stuck in abusive/dysfunctional homes, those who unfairly lost their jobs, and those who want to go outside for unselfish reasons (like helping vulnerable people or animals). The rest of the people complaining seem kind of silly to me, and I say that as someone with depression.
Oh no, you're stuck in your comfy home and can watch Netflix/play video games/shitpost on the internet at your leisure. Don't need to leave bed to stay on top of your schoolwork. You can still talk to your friends and family using any of the hundreds of social media apps. (In some cases) you can still get outside food and groceries delivered to your house. Oooooh no. How hellish. Lmao.

No. 720971

Dude, it's shit like "going to malls with your friends" vs. "hoards of people literally dying". Anyone who thinks being forced to make this sacrifice is "unjust" and feels persecuted over it needs to take a long hard look at the mirror and get over themselves.

No. 720974

This. It's honestly sickening to see people complaining when the worst the pandemic has impacted them is "oh no, I'm stuck inside and have to entertain myself". Like seriously, fuck those people.

No. 720979

I suffer periodically from really bad night anxiety, and I can't afford new sleep meds for now.
I should get my shit together and take my calming meds early in the evening instead just in case, if I take them too late I end up sleeping half of the next day away because I'm so groggy.

No. 720980

I'm stuck in an abusive relationship. Tonight's show included flinging yogurt in my face and him pulling his cock out and pissing on the living room carpet.

No. 720983

It's easier to just kill myself.

No. 720985

You are not alone. I just found out I'm pregnant and am getting an abortion next week. Being pregnant has fucked me up so bad mentally and physically. I really appreciate you posting about what you're going through along with all the other anons who gave supportive replies.

No. 720986

Kick him in the dick.

No. 720995

I bet you have heard all of this before but check your local resources for abused women, reach out to close ones if you still have any, hatch up an exit plan. What a fucking deranged pig, you don't deserve that shit.

No. 720996

my bf already spent 500$ on Genshin Impact, half of it this month alone. He regrets it and felt bad earlier when he told me. I knew he spent a bit of money and I said it's ok if it's in a price range of a normal game, but not THIS much. He understands me and he can see now how people get hooked on pulling in gacha games, but still. I don't want him to spend even more money on it, but even if I tell him that's exactly how the game is built, to trick you into spending more money, I guess he will in the future.

He also regularly gets angry for not meeting a certain goal he has set ingame, which is fine by me usually, but annoys me in this case.

God, this game… At least he's not drooling over the characters

No. 721008

My best friend lives in a foreign city with apparently laxx covid leg where she can get a test that day to have a gathering in the evening. This is an exceptional case though as she often complains about flatmates having long parties that she sometimes participates in, no tests involved.
I'm beyond bitter because doing this in my country is not only dickhead but also illegal behaviour. I have no life or friends outside my food retail job that shows me the reality of the pandemic on a daily basis and I'm sick of hearing what she can get away with.

No. 721019

I feel this. Nothing good has ever come from a man I met on a dating app because they never cared to even find out who I am as a person. ty for reminding me not to re-install, anon

No. 721033

he probably is drooling over the characters, anon

No. 721058

I see crazy debts over kawaii weapons in your future if you don't lose this coomer soon.
When they're actually telling you this kind of stuff themselves they're always way deeper in than they say. This is testing the waters and there are great risks he'll come next month to you with the double amount and tell you the awful news. Suddenly, it'll be a problem you have to do everything to deal with.

No. 721068

You have cabin fever and is requiring medical attention for your mental illness. You're not making sense. Yes, you're going to die one day but you're trying to rationalize going willingly to breath poison air over being bored.

No. 721075

I really hope you're wrong, anons. I'll be on the lookout for more signs and prepare some stuff in case that it's getting out of hand in the future. For now, I believe him when he says that he's not spent any more money on it, as that's never been an issue before. He's also really not into these anime characters or the story, only the battle system and challenges.
We've been together for 11 years and known each other for 13. I don't want to run away this suddenly.
The more I type, the more I must sound dumb lol. But thank you for the heads-up.

No. 721093

I think it's so annoying that liberals think that alternative gender systems such as two spirit and Hijra are so progressive and omg ~trans~. She was saying that Native Alaskans believed in two spirits and had no gender roles. I tried to gently correct her saying that not all Native American groups believed in such things but she didn't listen Then she went on about how white people invented gender as if no other groups ever had gender roles for people. Honestly it's low key racist to assume that all Native American groups have had the same beliefs. wtf do you do among these people?

No. 721123

I’m upset and crying bc my boyfriend liked a photo of a girl on Instagram. I straight up asked him if he liked pictures of other girls on Instagram and he told me no! Like why lie? Why lie!!!!!! I wanna bring it up, but I don’t wanna come off as crazy. It highly hurts so much tho especially since he lied to me it makes me feel insecure and like something shady is going on.

No. 721137

Relationships with men has truly aged the hell out of me. I used to not have wrinkles, but upon dating my boyfriend my skin has gotten worse and I have forehead wrinkles from crying so much. God fuck you. I fucking hate you for being so difficult.

No. 721140

Yep. I used to look like I was 16 my whole life then I turned 26 and got a bf now I look 40.

No. 721141

Bring it up! He's a liar!

No. 721150

I got premature greys with my last boyfriend. Fuck men! At least tho I don't have any hangups about dying my hair, the way a lot of scrotes do.

No. 721158

call his bitch ass out and make him tell you the truth

No. 721160

Much love to you anons.

It's very common to feel grief for a little while at first. For most women I've talked to, the relief takes over around when it would have been born and you realize the massive bullet you just dodged. Especially at a time like this.

No. 721164

Was it someone he knows? Was it a sexy pic?

If the answer to both questions is yes, run now if you can't handle getting cucked. There is almost never a non-sketchy reason for a man to lie to you about interacting with a woman. At best it means this is a "back up girl" he plans to persue when/if you break up and he's making sure he's on her radar. At worst, he hopes to full blown cheat.

If he doesn't know her and it's just some influencer, calm down. The lying isn't okay and you should have a talk about it, but you also should check your jealousy. The kind of girl who gets jealous over their boyfriends liking female influencer pics on IG is the kind of girl who almost certainly acts like a jealous psycho in general. Not that it's an excuse, but he might have lied because you've given him enough evidence that you're prone to jealousy issues and he feared overreaction over a trial thing.

No. 721165

Samefag, but "trivial" not "trial"

No. 721175

He knows her. It wasn’t a sexy picture at least. He posted a pic today on Instagram and I checked the likes and I noticed this girl had liked it. When I clicked on her most recent picture it said he liked it. My bf describes me as a “chill cool girl” & I’ve never made a big deal out of anything. We’ve never even been in a fight.
I randomly asked him a couple of days ago if he liked other girls pics on insta and he said no. Her pic was from a week ago.

No. 721184

Idk if this will be helpful but I also tend to get jealous about this kind of thing, and when I feel that way I try to compare social media interactions to their "real-life" equivalents. If someone posts a random nonsexy pic on social media and a guy she's friends with likes it, he's basically just acknowledging her existence the same way he'd wave and say hi if he saw her around in public. Liking a pic that's clearly meant to be sexy is like seeing her and going hey you look really good today…which is blatantly disrespectful to you. Liking an influencer's pic is the least concerning because there IS no equivalent – he's never gonna meet her. There's a possibility that when he said he doesn't like girls' pics on insta, he was thinking of the second scenario and didn't even think of the first one or didn't think it counted.

No. 721185

I omitted salt from my cookie recipe because they suggested it if you used salted butter and now I wanna kms they don't they good at all ughhhhhhhh

No. 721186

So you never like any guys non sexy post on insta ever? Sorry this just feels like a overreaction

No. 721189

No. I don’t use even Instagram and whenever I’m online I literally only ever interact with other women. Like I’m on a female only website right now.

No. 721191

I wish I was more successful with men. I'd like to have a family and be a mother but It's like I'm only good enough to be friends with benefits. Last night I was talking to a Tinder match and he unmatched me when I mentioned I was into astrology. I asked online and apparently men see women like me as "insufferable dumb cunts". It's like I fit the stereotype of what men hate about women because I'm into esotericism, because I love make up and long nails, because I own a tiny dog, because I'm vegetarian, and pretty much everything else about me.

No. 721198

Thanks anon, it's been difficult for me lately because I'm approaching 30 and I can't get the idea that I'm gonna be a spinster out of my head.

No. 721199

A couple more days till I’m finally fucking out of here. This place has been turning my brain to mush.

No. 721210

I hate when people think I'm attractive so much because my father and mother sexually abused me for so long. I can't initiate or reciprocate anything without the memories coming back. As a result my sexual needs are not met and I can't sleep at night from extreme horniness. My hands are down my pants all night. It's mental and physical torture.

No. 721213

Fuck COVID and fuck the unemployment system. I haven't seen a cent for six fucking weeks because implementing the new extension passed by the recent stimulus is apparently so difficult that anyone unlucky enough to lose their job to COVID now has to starve to death in the fucking streets because unemployment just straight up stopped paying people.

No. 721215

I want to chop my titties off. Is this what the beginning of a tranny phase feels like?

No. 721216

Samefag. I'm so mad I hit reply before I could finish my stupid vent. My car is on its last leg of life and has a new problem every few months now it seems. I've been avoiding it but it becoming more and more clear to me that this car isn't worth fixing anymore and I might as well just get a new car. Apparently car prices have sky rocketed because of COVID, and cars that used to be going to for 2-3k are now going for 4-6k. Just super fucking fun times all around!!!

No. 721240

Some of the things I want to talk about are so embarrassing that I can't tell anyone, not even anonymously or to a professional. It's the kind of thing I will take to the grave so I don't get laughed at. Anyways here's my vent.

No. 721255

Im losing/ have lost my only irl friend and I’m disappointed that he could abandon his friends after saying it wouldn’t happen again. This guy is one of those people who has always had an issue with confidence and attracts bad relationships where he drops everyone at their say so, everything sounds peachy until the end. His last gf was brilliant and gave him emotional support, he stayed in contact with friends and swore he was wise to people who were trying to control him after finally being in a healthy relationship. He cheated on her with his nightmare ex, gf tried after but i don’t think he can handle a mature relationship. He’s now dating a girl 10 years younger and it’s happening again, if he messages, it’s when she’s not over his shoulder, I also think she reads his messages. He exclusively hangs out with either her friends or male friends she approves of. the few times we hung out before covid she was either there (seemed ok but kinda princessy) or would call for an hour or so before we went our own ways. They’re now engaged and have moved to a different country. I know I’ve pretty much lost my friend now. With covid happening I feel even more at a loss because it’s become harder to meet people.

No. 721277

I originally was going to write my boyfriend a long letter basically declaring my love and want for him and how wonderful I think he is. Except now I'm just not feeling it because I have a feeling he isn't gonna put in even an ounce of an effort I am for valentines even though I've stated on multiple occasions this is what I really want. If he doesn't then I'm just gonna end things. I'm so so tired of putting in so much love and energy into a relationship and getting the bare minimum in return. I feel tricked almost because in the beginning of our relationship he was so sweet and did so much for me but now it's like he's super relaxed and doesn't give a shit anymore. To top it off, I've started to withdraw a bit more and it's upsetting him greatly when before when he was started to become relaxed he acted like I was being paranoid for being upset over it. Fuck, I just want a man who will put in some real effort and continue doing so. I want him to make me feel loved like I do him. This sucks.

No. 721287

>and him pulling his cock out and pissing on the living room carpet

What the hell anon? Did you kick him out after that?

No. 721292

Hate to say it but he'll probably go in deeper. I was into mobile games and the moment I realised I spent more than what I was comfortable with on a game, I uninstalled it immediately. And that's what your bf should be doing, including accepting the 500 dollar loss. You don't exercise self control by continuing to use the thing you lack self control over when you have the option not to. Has he taken any measures at all to prevent doing it again, or did he just say "oh oops, guess I won't do it again"?

Be ready for dissapointment if you stick around.

No. 721302

I absolutely resonate with this nonny. Can't believe in my late teens/early 20s I'd be crying for hours and hours. Now I just need to cry for like 10 minutes and I feel a headache coming on and rush to put on moisturiser and have a glass of water kek.

Awful that no matter how good a day I had, the bf I had could ruin it and leave me exhausted on a whim. All he had to do was be an asshole, deny it and turn around to blame it on me. And I come out of it feeling awful in every way. Face swollen, sleep deprived, stressed, anxious etc etc. I've got grey hairs and deep eyebags I know wouldn't be there if I didn't have the dozens of late night fights and upsets due to going through a "bad patch" with my ex.

And I see stuff like >>721123 and thank myself again for being single and emotionally stable (not a dig, but being a relationship for me counterintuitively causes instability).

Despite some downfalls of not having a fallback person, I genuinely believe in the long term I am much happier and healthier single. I used to think it was worth the stress cost for the good parts but now I'm out of it I'm like bruh wtf was I thinking kek.

No. 721316

Honestly people who do not have enough money or aren't rich and spend so much on Genshin Impact have some underlying gambling issue or control issues. I get it if you're rich or if you are a streamer for example but for a regular person it is a red flag. The game is very playable and satisfying even without dropping hundreds on it. I've been playing casually and I have pretty cool chars.

No. 721323

Women usually make mens life easier that's why men start looking like shit as soon as you leave them. Men never have a glow up after you leave they usually get worse looking. Men make our lives harder and age us like shit then after they have sucked all the life out of us they find a younger host to bleed dry.

No. 721326

If you have an iphone, download the Carrot weight loss app set. They aren't free, but being shitttalked by a glados-like AI to get your ass moving is what got me into shape. Carrot fit is for exercise, Carrot Hunger is like a food log that shames you for eating junk or overeating.


No. 721328

I accidentally revealed to my parents that I got the covid shot. Neither of them were interested in getting it but my sibling is super anti vaccinations and I told them not to tell anyone else, especially her.

No. 721361

Are you scared of how she'll react if she knew?

No. 721370

File: 1611500225150.jpg (77.69 KB, 870x1101, gr.jpg)

which is why i'll always laugh about this

No. 721374

He was pretty down and disappointed in himself when he told me how much he spent on the game. He immediately closed the game and deleted the app from his phone, but there's always be the possibility to just install it again.
I've played gacha games before as f2p and know the temptation. The money itself is not that much of an issue, we agreed on a budget for games a long time ago. It's just too much in that short time frame, compared to a normal game.

Funnily enough, he constantly bitches about gacha games and people spending too much money on it, like on fifa packs. Now I can rub it in his face.

I always tell him that f2p is good enough. I don't even want him to completely stop playing the game, it's one of the few games he's played consistently these past months and where he likes the battle system.

No. 721379

I went celibate because men these days are so lazy and the bar is so low for them. Staright women are so damn desperate to be in any kind of relationship and I see it in my friends too. Straight men are Porn addicts, poor hygiene, lazy etc and yet theres always some girl behind him saying "but he's a great guy except that!". It would be hypocritical for me to continue doing hook ups and complaining about how shit men are while still fucking them.

No. 721383

The people bitching about MTF&Fakeboi general threads having "too much" GC discussion are /lgbt/ trannies who are there only to make fun of troons more insane and unkempt than they are and nobody can convince me otherwise.

No. 721384

I get this. I had two long term relationships from my teens into my late 20s and just before turning 30 I went single for the first time in years. I was proposed to when I was stupidly young and the dude was a lazy cunt. I was the only one working, did all the chores and was going to get us both a house. The one wedding venue we went to view I had a breakdown with my parents before going. I knew I could not marry this man child and he only wanted to marry me for what I could contribute. Next dude seemed like he had his shit together. A good job, not lazy, cared about his appearance etc etc. Turns out he was a high functioning alcoholic and hiding a massive cocaine addiction from me.

Now I'm in my 30s and I'm jaded. I want a family and my own nuclear normal life but idk if that's ever going to happen in this society. Men are fucking weirdos. I tried to immerse myself in hook up culture but I could never go through with shagging any of the losers I met. I'm so hyper aware now of what I will not accept I have no idea if a man will ever meet my expectations. Hope someday I'm proven wrong and I meet the love of my life but fuck. So weird now to think the next person I date is potentially going to be the father of my kids. I wish I could do my 20s over and learnt were the normal men hang out.

No. 721392

File: 1611502776665.jpeg (6.01 KB, 312x162, images (6).jpeg)

can we have a day like the purge where "hi scrote"ing is allowed pleas efor the love of God I can't do this anymroe

No. 721393

This is so true. You should've seen the state of my father and his house when my mother left him. She truly was his housemaid in every way, the man didn't know how to take care of himself and his livingspace. The last time I dated a guy who didn't know how to wash his clothes properly I immediately noped out of there.

No. 721398

I wish I didn't feel this way, but people who are past the age of 20 whose parents take care of at least one of their bills annoy me so much. I know it's good to have help if you need it. And if someone offered to help me pay my bills no-strings-attached (and I knew it wouldn't be a drain on them) I'd probably take them up on it. But, wow, I found out a couple of my coworkers, age 22 and 26, still have their parents paying some of their bills for them loooong after they left home, and it got my goat. And they wonder why others have would so much anxiety about life and finances all the time, like we're just worrying for no good reason and making shit up to feel worried about. It's because we have absolutely NO ONE helping us!

No. 721405

I'm sorry that you had to deal with such pieces of shit, anon. It's especially sad that because of shit men you don't get to have your family…

I'm afraid the older men get, the more shit habits and issues they develop. Most men I meet in my daily life have at least one thing going on that can cause a big mess later on pretty easily. Laziness, state of mind, hygiene, alcohol, drugs, etc. The men I can truly, honestly respect, I can count them on one, maybe two hands.

This is exactly what happened when my mother moved out of the house and took us with her. Our once beautiful house got a bad smell, not actually disgusting, rather weird so that you knew something was going on. My father only lived in our old living room which he already has lived in completely the years prior to the move. He stopped paying bills so they turned off water and electricity. He went to shower in the nearest swimming hall and asked them for a discount because he'd only take a shower there and then leave. He managed to get back on track with his live but those years are wasted and didn't need to happen if he just bothered to take on his problems and took care of his mental issues.

No. 721409

File: 1611504856969.jpeg (48.92 KB, 460x499, D8B1A52C-BDA8-4304-AC6C-9F2318…)

I’m becoming completely reclusive now that I’m 30. I’ve never had a relationship and I doubt I ever will. I have absolutely no enthusiasm and zero sexual interest in any of the guys I meet. In fact, I’ve had so many disappointing dates I’ve started to hate men immediately on sight.

It wouldn’t be so bad if all of my friends and family don’t keep meeting genuinely nice, non scrote men. Maybe just being around me gives other women better luck by proxy. Yes I know I’m being a bitter self pitying bitch.

No. 721413

My friend's dad just died, I'm so sorry for her. I offered her my condolences and told her I was here if she needed to talk or Anything, but I wished there were more I could do for her
I guess I'll just ask herbto hang out more often

No. 721419

My bf fucking rewrites the past to fit his narrative. He broke up with me and we got back together, and now he has flipped the entire period upside down. Says he wanted to block me and have no contact, but I wanted to stay friends, and that I constantly messaged him and he just responded to be kind. Bitch its literally the exact opposite. I told him I wanted to block him and that I always block my exes, and he said he didn't want me to do that and that he wanted to be friends. He constantly messaged me romantic shit at all hpur of the day, and I just replied and never sent him a text first.

What the fuck.

No. 721428


Hopefully you can show him the literal emails/messages.

No. 721445

lmao, I am 26 and my parents still send me $200 a month as well as paying other bills. I used to feel bad about it but I'm just a degenerate now.

No. 721454

>Used to be a people pleasing pushover doormat when I was younger
>Over the past few years learnt how to set healthy boundaries
>Suddenly family and friends don't really like me anymore
>Friend in groupchat asks for £800 for rent
>Tell her I can lend her a couple of hundred but not the full amount
>She says everybody thinks I've become a bit of a bitch lately
>People in group chat agree
>One friend mentions I wouldn't pay for her petrol when she came over to my house to pick up my old fridge
>I point out she was coming over to my house to pick up my fridge so SHE could have it for FREE
>Get removed from group chat

Ah well, a global pandemic is probably the best time to be a bit isolated lmao

No. 721455


Grief can be so hard to navigate. Maybe you could make her a self care package or bring her some cooked meals? I know some people who are grieving will get a lot of "reach out if you need me" messages but dont have the confidence to actually ask for it. Keep checking in and let her know you're thinking of her.

No. 721460

>you're bitchy for not lending me my full rent
>pay me for my petrol so I can have your fridge for free
Good riddance

No. 721473

lol is this what having friends is about? lending each other money oherwise you're a bitch?

No. 721480

I’m at her house right now and she started shouting at my mom because she was on the phone with my aunt explaining how to register our Grandma for a shot.

No. 721485

Don't you hate it when your bf treats his game as much more important, and once he loses 1-3 matches of ranked games he loses his shit and threatens suicide making you feel anxious and worried? and then treating his problem as much more important than yours even tho you have told him you have gone through a traumatic event, leading to your ex taking his life and making you feel guilty about it and making you have a long time fear of losing the people you love? thinking you cannot safe them? and then he tells you he wants to climb, completely ignoring you telling him for a long time that he should relax after a game if its getting too much but dismissing that and then you ask why you keep trying and then you feel insecure about it because you think a game is more important than yourself? and now you doubt yourself and think about selling your account because you do not find any fun in it anymore, because he keeps treating the game as something godly when its just there for fun and that rank doesnt really mean anything and that it doesnt have any significance to his life whatsoever? and that he should focus on his gf, family and friends rather than a stupid MOBA game?

sorry im so angry rn.

No. 721488

She's in an abusive relationship…..

No. 721489

You are a degenerate, anon. But … thanks for admitting it. (Can you ask your degen parents to pay my electric bill this month.)

No. 721490

not relatable
dump him, he sucks

No. 721492

My roommate is getting on my nerves and I'm so tired of watching her fuck up her life
> drinks and smokes all day even though she has seizers and it just makes it worse
>her bad habits make her have the worse body odor I have ever encountered.
>She is super loud and stays up at all hours of the night drinking with whatever guy she is talking to that week
>whines about having no opportunities as a waitress even though she has a degree she doesn't use.
> She chose to leave her racist family behind but now she cries about how she has no one.
> Moved in with her because previous male roommates where slobs, turns out she is more of a mess than any man I have ever met
> she is basically a broken record BLM white savior even when POC tell her she is being annoying
At this point I am just beyond frustrated with her. She's in her 30's but is still acting like a 21 years old. I'm still in my 20's so it's just so weird to see someone older be so dysfunctional

No. 721496

File: 1611511882060.jpg (425.92 KB, 1042x1082, Screenshot_2019_Firefox.jpg)

Ex-fiances(M) current fiance(F) asked me for nudes and idk how to feel about it except angry.

Before they got engaged and serious we were all chill, friendly and she asked him if it's okay if she did some stuff with me to see if she's into women (not sex). No big deal and I'm chill about these things and she was kind of (probably pretending for him) into it. It was nice to hang out every now and then.
But now that they're engaged he pretty much cut me off and stopped being a friend. I feel used for ever supporting him and actually trying to be friends. I know he doesn't owe me shit but the timing is too accitental not to be planned.

Guess he didn't tell her that he's no longer friends with his "bff". Hope he treats her better and that she's happy about it.

Idk if any of that shit I just wrote even makes sense.

No. 721498

Is it a bad idea to pretend to be an underage girl, and flirt with someone I know is a groomer so I can expose them?

No. 721502

It's a great idea anon, fuck up his life

No. 721504

Getting real sick and tired of seeing all the nice things my housemates' boyfriends do for them/hearing them laughing and enjoying themselves together/being in love.

if u must see your partner in the pandemic please do it away from eyes and ears of your femcel housemate so she can have some time alone. god bless.

No. 721507

Yes? If you do that it just makes you look bad for pretending to be a minor in the first place, whether or not you were trying to expose someone. You should try to talk to the people they've groomed instead.

No. 721512

Samefag, but what I mean is it would make you look like you were completely down for pretending to be underage and engaging with their pedo fantasies, but exposed the groomer so you could look innocent and shift the blame. It's not like you're a fbi agent or someone meant to track down groomers, it just looks sus as hell, imo.

No. 721515

File: 1611512644290.png (40.38 KB, 255x200, u3X9jRh.png)

Ugh, I found out yesterday a guy ive been talking to for a few months used to post quite misogynistic things online. Kinda disgusted by them currently to the core. Stuff like referring to some women as "sluts" and "whores" etc. I'm so disappointed. He was in his late 20's when he posted that spiel, there's no excuse. Even includes shit like calling rape victims damaged goods.

No. 721517

I wish I had real friends that were girls to watch football with. I hate talking to men about sports but girls always turn it into half time show discussions.
I will be drinking margaritas alone again and doing shots every time there is a touch down while my boyfriend watches me in disgust instead.
Go pack go!!!

No. 721518

I don't see anything wrong with it, undercover police investigators do this, online sleuths do this all the time too.
I would just try to not use pictures of actual underaged children. Women that look and sound very young usually help with this.
>>721512 does have a point about engaging in pedo fantasies. It's a slippery slope.

No. 721521

Gross. Call him out and leave him in the dust.

No. 721526

Eew, tell him to fuck off anon. How did you find out, were there any signs he was a vile shitbag in conversation up until now?

No. 721530

>You should try to talk to the people they've groomed instead.
Can't, I have no clue where or who the others are. I was one of the people that was groomed, and he literally told me there were others. All my old accounts are deleted and I don't have screenshots. At most, I can dig for selfies and clips he sent me years ago, but those don't have him admitting to anything.
I get what you mean by "it'll look like you're into it", though. Maybe it'd look less weird if it was some kind of multi-person operation, but I'd have to find other women willing to do this, and it's not exactly something you bring up to your friends casually.

My biggest thing is that he might recognize my voice or something, but I think maybe I can try to change my accent, intonation and get a new mic.

No. 721550

If you live in a large city you may find a group of people already doing things like this. I don't know if this is unique to my area but I have seen pages pop up on Instagram and Facebook dedicated to exposing predators in a specific area or scene.

No. 721574

Same here, anon. I love gifting so much and have bought or made something for him for every occasion. Yet he forgets my birthday and never wants to celebrate anything. Fuck his miserable ass. I made it clear to him what I'd like for Valentine's (he hasn't gotten me anything for Christmas) but if he is not getting me anything this time I am done. I have cooked, painted, DIY-d, preordered, made him playlists and gift boxes but he only ever reluctantly took me to a restaurant, where he wanted to split the bill for my birthday, and lately not even doing that but ordering food and whining about me not paying for it later. I feel disgusted typing this out already, actually I should go and date a sugar daddy instead.

No. 721584

Sounds like ex-fiance's current fiance is soliciting nudes from you because she's a fuckin' pickme and it's really him who wants the nudes. And he's a creep. You are lucky they have cut you off because they sound like a shitshow. No offense, but you sound kinda like you were enabling this … weirdness … as well, but you're gaining some self-awareness that putting up with bullshit like this is retarded. So, cut them both off and do something nice for yourself and try to regain some self-respect. They sound extra gross like some sort of slimy poly couple that just take advantage of people to keep the pervy male of the couple happy. You dodged a bullet and reall – earnestly – should block them forever.

No. 721600

Men generally hate/mock anything that's popular with women. He did you a favour by letting himself out of the door. As long as you genuinely enjoy those things you listed out then don't you dare try changing your interests and lifestyle for some scrote who wont look beyond the surface level.

No. 721611

What the fuck kek
This is why I don't feel bad about having no friends

No. 721615

File: 1611520065010.png (16.85 KB, 220x220, tumblr_71b9a05bc9cdd84a30cae7d…)

I have no friends or family that are motivated or adventurous. Whenever I hang out with someone they just want to melt on the couch and watch something and it just feels so unproductive. I want to go on trips, take walks, do something fun and healthy for us both Idunno. Of course I love watching a show or ordering food but not when it's the only thing we do. It makes me depressed to see my mom just recumbent on her bed watching tv all day. I can't believe people let themselves do it. Maybe I'm insane for feeling the hours draining from my life doing something useless… even If I'm on this site I have to be on my bike or taking lunch break between working. I feel like no one values their lives. It's not normal or healthy to feel too tired to talk a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. Stop gasping when I say I walked here; a 20 minute walk should barely qualify as exercise. I'm not even a disciplined person and I shouldn't be seen as one. I slack off all the time. It depresses me to see the people around me turn into pudding both physically and mentally spending all day on social media, scrolling, sitting, and snacking. Fucking get up and do something with your life. Do your dishes. Go for a 5 minute walk.

No. 721619

My personal lolcow has gone offline, didn't even notice at first but it must have been months now that he has been gone. That guy was a fucking weirdo who dressed in dandy shit on the reg, shitty wigs and party city tier makeup. I think I posted his pics on lc sometime but I am bummed out now. Rip cringe prince. I am also having stomach pain right now and it sucks ass.

No. 721635

You told him you have a trauma regarding suicide of an ex and he tells you he'll take his life over losing in a fucking video game? DUMP HIM. FAST.

No. 721641

Those people were attracted to you when you were a doormat, and you likely still have some doormat tendencies.

They're called growing pains for a reason nonny. Just know that if you keep being someone with strong boundaries, you won't attract parasites and have friends who actually respect you and appreciate your generosity.

It's definitely a step that sucks, but your life and mental health long term will be much better for it!

No. 721670

morbidly fascinated by how abusers recontextualize their abuse. i like to ask my mother if she remembers genuinely terrible things she did to me, and she always recalls them as cute little jokes rather than anything seriously harmful.

No. 721702

Best post in a long time

No. 721704

Interacted with people outside my family since months and: why am I so fucking annoying. Why does my mind think being a smartass=funny interaction??? I'll admit I'm not the only one in our group to do this but I'm so autistic it comes off weird. Ugh I feel like this whole thing has set me back in socialization and I'm back to the middle school girl who would tear some of her hair off sometimes for no reason.

No. 721711

Good riddance. I want to say you shouldn't even had proposed to lend a little bit of money. Just a simple "no" should have been enough.

No. 721723

Agree, I wanted to reply something but didn't find the words haha

No. 721732

File: 1611528193678.jpg (90.71 KB, 610x410, evan-rachel-wood-thirteen-sund…)

God i fucking hate every aspect of my life, I feel like an animal pacing around a cage, and its not even because of Covid in fact my routine barely changed because of the pandemic, my family is suffocating, they don't even want me to move out of the family home, i was obligated to go to a school in my city because they wouldn't support me financially if i moved out and the way education works where i live its almost impossible to work and study in college, one my classmates straight up had a breakdown while trying to do that, my mother keeps talking about the plans for OUR future as if im never moving out, she keeps tabs on where i am at every moment, i've turned into an oscar-worthy liar just to have some semblance of a social life, I just want to fucking leave but my entry-level salary isn't enough for me to cut off things, I know she just loves me and feels lonely but this is insufferable, im going insane.

No. 721739

They get in the way and turn into cancer so I don't see a downside.

No. 721745

This. When you tell people you walked somewhere and they look at you like you're a psychopath … or semi-pityingly like you're a Dickensian orphan or some poor sad fuck who is forced to walk due to horrible circumstances. And you just walked, like, 3/4 of a mile on a nice day! Annoying.

No. 721746

Anon I’m sure you’re really funny, I’d love to hang out with you!! The other week I was hanging out with some friends of a friend and one of them asked if I was in a specific sorority because I was carrying a tote bag with their letters (he was in a frat so he knew wearing the letters without being in the group is totally against the rules) and I made some joke about “oh, no, I just mugged a [sorority] sister and stole the bag” and he just stared at me with such a blank look. It’s been weeks and I can’t stop thinking abt this drunk idiot not getting my stupid joke lol so we’re in the same boat.

No. 721749

My own father put all the housework on my mother who got a job then put it all on me. I'm not lifting a finger for anyone again.

No. 721753

My old housemate did the same shit after I told her I was leaving. Bitch would attack the neighbor kids with her car. She turned it all on me in her mind and started lying to people saying she paid all the bills and I never cleaned anything. I cleaned every day, I didn't have a job at the time.

No. 721758

You're so sweet and that sounds like a funny line, hate when they don't get it or worse they ask "what's so funny about that…?" But once you find someone that has your same sense of humour it's so comfortable!

No. 721760

I was feeling good about my general look and wardrobe and I had to fuck it up for myself and watch Bridgerton. Now I just want to look like a dreamy tea party girl and marry a hot duke

No. 721762

Anon, I’m failing to see the problem with this.

No. 721765

it's one thing for women to be cruel about women's bodies because you just learn to expect it but men can be a whole other level of cruel, especially on anonymous spaces. yes i know i have a fridge body, i know i am nowhere near an ideal. do i deserve to be unloved? forever compared to others better looking than me?

No. 721768

Mostly just that I’m spending money that I don’t have to spend but whatever I’ll be hot

No. 721777

The thing that really bothers me is how often men are cruel about their partners body. If men thought my body was gross and rejected me for it that would be fine, people can't help their preferences. But I really couldn't cope with finding out a boyfriend secretly thought my body was gross and had sex with me anyway for the convenience or because he couldn't get better.

No. 721778

File: 1611530323272.jpg (Spoiler Image,544.51 KB, 1607x2142, 20210125_011645.jpg)

How the fuck do people (men) have the guts to post pics like these on social media, thinking it's sexy? I am so angry to have seen this

No. 721787

I don't think I can be friends with men anymore, I've never had a positive male friendship. Their personalities and habits disgust me. Especially guys with mommy issues judge you so hard for not being like a mom to them. I made the mistake to live with a male friend and now I have to move out only a few months in because I can't take it anymore. I really wish I had a female friend group.

No. 721795

why is the image so large? sus

No. 721801

File: 1611531457653.jpg (Spoiler Image,190.87 KB, 1080x1185, 20210125_013659.jpg)

Got it off twitter, I am needlessly paranoid of taking screenshots off socials, I've left my deets in too many of them by now

No. 721804

i thought he was wearing a diaper

No. 721807

If it's a final fantasy then why the fuck there is 94 of them.

No. 721811

I swear everytime I sit down to eat after cooking for an hour one of my sisters calls me to cry about another shitty guy. It also happens when I've wrapped up work so I can do one of my hobbies. I feel shitty for admitting I'm sick of it, I deserve to eat these well made meals in peace or listen to music while sculpting. Sure I cry about things in life but I don't call people while doing so and I know I should be happy I'm someone people can confide in but god damn let me have some peace after all that work. It doesn't matter what i say to her anyway she always under values herself then doesn't listen to anyone about how awful these guys are. The latest guy is ignoring her because she already gave him sex but the icing on the cake is he left his last wife because the kid took too much time.

No. 721833

I think my marriage is falling apart and the only reason I haven't killed myself is because of my child. Lockdown is making me realize my failures. I hate this, I hate me. I wish I could just disappear, it'd do them all better than having me around to poison them.

No. 721863

Lockdown is making you overanalyze everything you do and think; normally you wouldn't do it and you shouldn't. I hope you'll be able to get your life on regular tracks soon and work everything out. Even in your darkest days you still matter a lot to others and they need you to stay; but most of all you know you should do it for yourself. Be strong anon, it all will pass.

No. 721901

I have to shit so bad it's giving me a back cramp, but I can't cause I think my water pump is frozen and there's literally no water in my house right now. I will Kill Myself

No. 721904

Put a plastic bag in the toilet and shit into it lol

No. 721907


Or just close the lid and let it mellow when you’re done.

No. 721915

Good idea. Idk if I have any leftover grocery bags though right now

No. 721924

milking, like any old franchise that had a new game come out in the past 15 years.

No. 721928

oh my god, why? What's up with people? People know no boundaries anymore for the things they share on the internet for anyone to see.

No. 721940

Damn you think this dude would have an onlyfans or try and charge money for this instead of posting it publicly. As sore as it is on the eyes at least if he put it behind a paywall nobody would have to see it without wanting to see it.

No. 721941

File: 1611537725637.png (95.3 KB, 376x454, sigh.png)

my relationship with my bf is kinda shit rn and i kinda want to break up with him
but at the same time i don't really have any other friends right now and i don't really leave the house anymore since all my classes are online and so i have no idea how to meet new people.
trying to connect with people is so fucking exhausting, especially since its so hard to find people that i can resonate with.
i don't know what to do, but i do know i won't be able to stand being alone like that.

No. 721963

No, I won't ask them. Sucks to be you

No. 721965

if final fantasy games are completely unrelated why are they all final fantasy that's the real question

No. 721995

why do my boomer coworkers feel comfortable enough with me to comment on my body? i might be a little short but how does that give you the right to say what you did to my face?

No. 721996

What did they do to your face?

No. 721999

kek anon. I think she's saying "how does that give you the right to say [what you said] to my face".

No. 722007

Ohhh, I re-read it and it makes sense now. I must be fucking dyslexic lmaoo.
Anyway, I'm sorry about your asshole co-workers, anon. I'm midget tier and like it, but luckily I don't get too many comments on it

No. 722031

My cat wont let me sleep. Its been 5 days and he has barely let me sleep a few hours. I dont know what to do. I go to bed and even if he’s asleep when I go in there, the minute he finds out im gone he flips out and starts crying, i mean really wailing as loud as he can. He’s relentless and can do it for hours and hours. As if the screaming isnt enough, he will jump from the dresser onto the bed over and over and walk all over me and meow in my face. As soon as i just say fuck it and get up, he stops immediately and goes to sleep. If anyone has advice, please help. I had a breakdown and started crying because he just woke me up again and im so sleep deprived i feel sick. I want to get rid of him, idk what to do. His bowls are full, he has plenty of toys and a clean litter box. Im going insane.

No. 722033

Is he neutered

No. 722037

i really hate how some grandparents usually have a favorite grandchild and want to leave everything to that specific child and nothing to anyone else. my grandma has literally taken back things she has given to me (expensive coats/jewelry that were my great grandmothers) because she wants to give them to my niece when she dies as part of her inheritance. i was the old favorite but now that i'm "old" and my brother has a child i have lost literally everything that i was originally going to inherit and i get nothing. i see my grandma several times a week and my niece sees her maybe 2/3 times a year, but since she's younger she is the favorite. i have a great relationship with my grandma as well so it's baffling why she is doing this to me. it really bothers me though because… i just really feel like nobody in my family gives a shit about me and praises my brother for having children and being rich? i'm poor as fuck, mentally ill and struggle to make an income so i will never have children but apparently my niece that has 2 different multi-millionaire families (my brother got divorced when she was a baby) is more important than me and needs to inherit things she likely doesn't want or care about i guess?? and her fucking house as well, which is the most insulting to me when i will probably never have enough income to move out of living with my mom.

No. 722038

Annoying, just like all males are. jk anon, I hope you find a solution for you and your little guy soon. I would say maybe he wants attention but that doesn't explain why goes to sleep after. Could a vet help with something like this?

No. 722039

Sounds like your grandmother switched up her will do her valuable possessions won’t go to someone she suspects will squander them.
Sorry anon getting your shit together is hard

No. 722040

Is it something to do with the cat wants to sleep in the bed with you or something? It sounds a bit like separation anxiety that dogs have but you're right there.

No. 722041

Damn anon you're a bitch. Don't roast people in the vent thread

No. 722042

I had a friend whose grandma had two funds for her grandchildren's college, one for her and one for her older brother, and then when her brother went off to college she gave him my friend's fund too so he didn't have to pay anything. Even though her brother was honestly sociopathic and gross, never visited or talked to her, and was an enormous asshole 24/7. Baffling. Then she died and guess who didn't even attend her funeral? The brother.

My grandma on my dad's side doesn't care about me and my brother because she hates my mom (for no reason, my mom's a gem) and because we're much older than all the other cute widdle grandchildren. I honestly don't care though, she's boring as hell anyway so I'm kind of glad I'm not pressured to talk to her.

Sorry about your situation though. That's infuriating. if it makes you feel any better, old people do start to make weird, inexplicable decisions when they pass like 75, in my experience, even if they're mostly functional. I think it's related to slow mental decline.

No. 722043

File: 1611552142315.jpg (32.19 KB, 512x512, 4b10fa3_00.jpg)

Would you enter a relationship with a cute, kind and blind guy? Asking for a friend (only honest answers please)

No. 722044

anon that's just 3 positive traits, what's the catch

No. 722046

Well…yeah. He's still a functioning member of society. Not even trying to joke on you. If he's a good guy, then I'd definitely give him a chance. I hope your "friend" shoots her shot good luck anon ♥

No. 722049

Kek there's more, don't ask me to list all the positives, I'm speaking generally

No. 722050

i'm not a junkie or anything, i have had a bad life and was extremely abused by someone as a teenager and i have pretty bad mental illness from the trauma as a result and can't really live a normie life. i don't think that should make me less of a person than anyone else.

my niece is fine and everything, she's a little mean to her younger half brother (who my grandma doesn't care about for some reason?) but mostly a normal kid. it's just like.. she's already getting everything handed to her from her parents that baby her and give her everything she wants, i'm not sure why she feels the need to prioritize her when it won't mean that much to her. my family and my grandma is average/poor and my brother somehow got lucky and married 2 different wealthy women so he is the outlier so the differences in what the inheritance means to her vs me (and my cousins as well) is extreme.

No. 722051

Lock your cat out of your room.

No. 722053

How old is he, and how long have you had him?
Would it help if you left a TV or the radio on or something? That's strange behavior for a cat, I've had dogs that act like that but never a cat. For my dog, we had to medicate him with melatonin treats lol. They make lots of products to calm cats, like little air freshener-like things that put out "calming hormones" etc, idk how effective they are, but it's worth a try. Poor guy doesn't know what to do with himself. It's hard not being able to communicate with an animal who's having issues.

No. 722057

File: 1611553129184.jpeg (552.87 KB, 2048x1804, 43E3C642-B72B-4A55-885C-E58A0E…)

just miss this era so much… that is all…
fuck dr. luke, though

No. 722060

File: 1611553322589.jpg (82.33 KB, 550x550, nickiminaj.jpg)

I miss crazy pink friday era Nicki tbh the Pinkprint era is superior though

No. 722061

Yeah! Why not? Go for it anon

No. 722068

I found out the college girl who cyber bullied me by calling me a slut after I was raped when I was in high school became a lolcow-worthy right-wing “libertarian” prostitute and has had an insane history of publicly threatening suicide and false claims of abuse against partners, as well as being arrested for domestic violence herself. Her Twitter is an embarrassing shit show of an aging woman begging for attention for being a sex worker, while demonizing feminists who are on her side and wearing cringe shit like MAGA hats. I feel kind of like a sociopath for taking pleasure in knowing I ended up hotter and more successful, but then I don’t because she viciously kicked me when I was down and dealing with the worst trauma of my young life… all because she felt threatened by me.

Part of me wants to make her somehow aware of my presence so she can feel shitty about how her life has turned out. I wonder if she’s looked me up as well. I hope so.

No. 722070

Is it aella girl?

No. 722074

this may be fucked up to say, but my roommate/friend could be dead right now and I'd have no idea. Would I feel bad? Yeah I would but also she doesn't give a fuck about me so why should I care…

all the shit I've done for her. She gives me a half assed birthday present, barely sticks around for movie time/show time and then expects hand outs. I'm kicking her out when the lease is up. I feel no connection with her anymore.

This is your warning, nonnies. Don't live with your friends. Don't do it. One of you (or both of you) will ruin the relationship.

no I am not neetlita

No. 722078

That's rough, anon it'll work out in your favour in the end though. My family is going through a similar crisis. My grandparents own a trailer park and they're still working at super close to 80. They have three kids my aunt, uncle and my mom. My uncle and aunt are junkies who have never had jobs and are leeching off my grandparents. They basically have the salary of managers despite never lifting a finger New houses, cars, weekly allowance, vacations etc. My mom on the other hand worked as the trailer park manager for my grandparents (no this isn't trailer park boys lol) and while she worked there she supported the three of us on $1100 per month. She worked her ass off for a decade to feed the luxurious lifestyles of her parents and siblings. Now it's 2021 and it's been years since we left the trailer park. Due to hard work and going to college again my mom makes the same as her siblings on her own terms. Now that my grandparents are close to retirement at 80 they won't let my mom take over the park because my aunt+ uncle won't be taken care of after they pass. It's absolutely ridiculous and they never considered writing a will until 5 years ago. It's a mess they'll have to figure out on their own.

No. 722080

This is the worst I’ve felt. Covid has ruined my life.

No. 722082

I have slept and my brain is out of "things are crazy and dangerous, if you're horny you can't be raped" basic protection.
I understand why it does it but ugh, it's fucking disgusting. I hope nonnies are ok from their own crazy we.

No. 722083

No. 722089

I feel like my mom is trying to manipulate me again and I'm having a really hard time not falling for it. She's been consistently nice to me for almost a year now, but she's also been pushing for a mother-daughter trip and I've kind of been beating around the bush about it because she has a tendency to blow up at me if I tell her no or guilt trip me by telling me I'm ungrateful or being mean to her, etc. I finally sent her an email telling her I didn't want to go in as nice a way as possible, which was one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever done. I guess she's just pretending she didn't see it, because she never responded and just brings up the trip every few months now?

Sometimes I wish I'd just cut her off. It's so hard because she's so fucking nice and normal sometimes and as long as I don't say something that is going to upset her, our relationship is fine. But no matter what, I just never feel like she actually cares about my feelings and that her needs are always going to come before mine. It's always going to be like that if I let her into my life too much.

No. 722108

I still feel messed up over that cp post that was on pt the other day. I've felt like I've needed to throw up since I saw it.

No. 722111

I'm not happy dating my boyfriend. We're long distance and it just doesn't feel like a real relationship to me. It feels like an online relationship where we occasionally sext and say I love you.

No. 722115

He might have thyroid issues, takd him to a vet anon! My cat would do the same, she'd scream for hours and hours at night but turna out she had hyperthyroidsm and she mellowed out the moment she got meds for it.

No. 722119

That cat goes to the vet like rn. He's telling something fucking wrong and that you need to be awake to watch him so he can sleep. He's afraid something is going to go wrong if you're not on the up and up, because he feels he's not able to do well enough by itself. A vet should be looking at your cat ans telling you if the cat's diagnostic is true or if he's being a drama queen.

No. 722133

I got a haemorrhoid and a huge one at that and I suspect it's because my bf tried to stick his finger up my asshole a few days ago even though I said it hurt. Men really are not shit

No. 722141

What an idiot. Dump his retarded ass. Why can’t they listen?

No. 722170

Some asshole always spills water over my car at night, so that the windshield is completely iced over in the morning. The layer of ice is so thick that it takes about 30 minutes to get the ice off. I know this bc my car is the only one in my apartment complex that has this layer of ice almost every morning. How can I identify the person that is doing this and how can i stop them? It is fucking annoying. Help.

No. 722172


No. 722178

The car is old and doesn't have a dashcam.

No. 722183

Can't you buy one and hook it up? But if it's too old to have anywhere to plug one in, then maybe you could get a regular camera with a battery life long enough to record overnight. Did you make anyone in the complex mad or something? Maybe the culprit is mistaking your car for someone elses lol

No. 722185

You made me believe there are no good people or good places out there. You made me believe happiness is impossible and the only way to live is to find out how to cope with the things you hate and the people who hurt you. I'll be fine but you're probably going to hell.

No. 722186

File: 1611569987709.png (850.23 KB, 693x836, angery.png)

I hate the sound the my doorbell so much. Whenever someone rings the bell my pulse goes through the roof. It's just some plumbers that came to fix stuff in our common garden asking to be let in. I hate being an adult. Don't come near my house, don't visit me, don't ring my doorbell, REEEEEEEEE.

No. 722200

Same, I miss our old flat where you could actually turn the door bell off

No. 722215

File: 1611574488750.jpeg (1004.49 KB, 1242x1021, 0BADDE57-66AA-4EEF-8A6D-CB35DD…)

I sometimes resent the fact that I apparently have a wholesome aura. People have described me as warm, “angelic” and confident just based on my face and general manner, which are nice things but apparently it comes with the qualifier that I have never experienced hardship in my life. I was in a string of abusive relationships that lasted over a decade, lost all my savings multiple times and struggled to afford basic housing to the point I developed extreme anxiety and was sleeping about 3-4 hours a night, throwing up and dealing with chronic pain due to undiagnosed health issues which I had no insurance to address, laying in bed doing nothing for 10+ hrs on the rare occasions I had time off on weekends because I would just fantasize about the sweet release of death. And yet I always have people who know jack all about me say things like, “Teehee I would ask anon for advice but she’s always had it together, I doubt she’s had to struggle for much of anything!” I just fucking boil inside but as usual I hold it together and just say something like, “Well, we all have our problems.” I feel like one day I’m just going to lose it and shove these know-it-alls’ tongues down their throats. I’m not going to lower my standards or force others to be around someone who looks subhuman just because you feel I should be slagging around in ugly sweats with cheap tattoos and visible self harm scars to “prove” I’ve been through shit. But by all means continue crying to everyone about your eye bags and how you’re sooo inconvenienced by having to pick up several extra hours of work during a busy time of the year, shithead.

No. 722221

My favourite meme-subreddit, the only thing reddit is good for tbh, is infested with stupidity… Take a look at this: https://www.reddit.com/r/196/comments/l49yo3/roole/
It's about a bill that wants to prevent biological men from competing with biological women, which is very reasonable since obviously men generally outcompete women in sports. That's the whole reason we have have women's sports and men's sports…. Also the bill says nothing about how that is determined, that it would lead to 'genital inspections' is something created by the very biased source.. But pretty much everyone in the comments just sees what they want to see. Literally calling the guy a pedophile, and crying because they think this is because everyone just hates transwomen… Ughhhh

No. 722223

>It feels like an online relationship
Because it is, anon

No. 722224

It's frustrating af for people to just assume they know your life but you're better off without the pity of others, what does it actually get you? Also you're complaining about what's effectively pretty privilege, some people's faces will always say loser but you could start a life somewhere new and your history just gets to be a interesting back story. You're more appealing to companies and other successful people if you look like one of them
T. a private person with a face that says hard times

No. 722277

i ordered mcdonalds even though i'm trying to save money
not that i need it it's just that i order so much since i'm in lockdown and food is the only thing i buy

i'm so fed up i know what i should be doing but i can't stick to it, i woke up at 1pm even though i'm supposed to be wfh i hate it here

No. 722285

my bf doesn't react in any way and almost seems annoyed whenever i show him physical affection. i'm the type of person that likes to kiss A LOT, especially after being touch starved and alone for so long. i don't know what to do. i feel so frustrated and undesirable

No. 722288

Download tinder and cheat

No. 722290

just tell him that and have a discussion about how it makes you feel like an adult.

No. 722292

Please do this

Let the emotionally mature handle this one

No. 722293

Men dont change. If he wanted to show her affection he would. Jusy download tinder sis

No. 722295

I'm sorry to hear this anon. I'm actually this way towards my boyfriend and I love him very much, if that makes you feel better. I hate kissing now and I hate certain ways he touches me.
I have a bit of autism/trauma so maybe that's just my reasoning for it.

I suspect your boyfriend might be feeling inadequate/insecure. I don't even like my BF looking at me during those times. Be open with him and ask him what's up.

No. 722297

And even then you can end it officially with him first before downloading degen apps. Cheating is going down to their level.

No. 722308

No defined waistline + narrow hips + hip dips = I'm basically a failed woman. Should I an hero?

No. 722318

Time to get shredded

No. 722323

You hang out with your ex and his fiance? You were ok with her gaying it up with you for a man's, your ex no less, pleasure? Now you're mad they tried to sext you after he's been ignoring you for his new chick?
You sound retarded and every bit of a pickme CUCK as she is. And please integrate, we ain't on reddit anymore dorothy.

No. 722325

Yeah, for being a stupid bitch. Get off Instagram.(infighting)

No. 722351

No? Tf realistically who cares if you don't have curves? You're good homie

No. 722363

Went to school
I think I was made fun of today by:
2 girls
1 subway worker
>do you go to school ma’am?
>why do you ask? Kinda (as in it’s night school)
>you (formal form in my native lang and it’s used for old ladies) look young and I could tell by your clothes
Kill me

No. 722366

What were you wearing?

No. 722370

That reads like a kind of awkward compliment to me. Did they giggle evilly while saying that?

No. 722398

One of my roommates has COVID and it wouldn't be such a big deal but the same day she started feeling sick the 2nd bathroom/toilet we have in our apartment decided to fucking break. So now we have to all use the same bathroom and i'm so scared of getting the rona. I've been good about wearing a mask everywhere in the apartment that isn't my room and spraying the shit out of everything with lysol but i'm still so scared. We tried calling maintenance to come to fix the bathroom but because of my roommate's diagnosis they won't come (understandable but sucks for me)

No. 722410

I dont know why im so stressed right now but i feel so bad physically and mentally i feel paranoid like someone is gonna appear from somewhere in my house and kill me.I've been nauseous with fever and abdominal pain for 2 days idk what is happening i think im literally dying my body is killing me.While im typing this i hear footsteps or things moving in my house and im all alone i dont have covid it cant be covid sleep doesn't fix anything i hate this reality

No. 722417

Fucking terrified right now…

I had been on a progestogen-only pill for several months after coming off the combined pill back in March due to developing a DVT. My cycle has been regular since I started at 11 - it has gotten a little bit longer as I've aged but it's always bang on the dot of when I expect it to be. (Used to be 28 days, now 33.) The only time this was not the case was when I was anachan and lost it for 2 years, but I've had it back nearly 3 now.

I recently found out my mum got pregnant with one of my brothers on the progestogen-only pill. I've been a smoker for 5 years now, but the other week I started feeling really sick when I smoked and really didn't have any cravings for one, so I stopped. My mum made a joke that I could be pregnant when I told her this, but I didn't think anything of it till now.

I am 8 days late, I've felt nauseous every day for the past week, and there have been three times today that different foods have made me feel really sick. I got a negative test result this morning but as the day has gone on I feel worse and worse and there were a few times I thought I was going to throw up. My breasts feel sore and I'm not getting any signs of a period.

I feel like I sound like one of those ridiculous women on mom forums claiming they're "SO sure they're pregnant even though my doctor has told me I'm not", I do not want to be pregnant, and I'm worried if I am and a positive doesn't show up soon I'm going to miss the cut-off for an easy abortion. Really feel like I'm paranoid but I've never felt anything like this.

No. 722420

If going to a gyno is an option, please do, I know I'd run ASAP. Also retake the pregnancy test because why not. Pregnancy scares are the worst, things are looking up for you since first test was negative, but triple check just in case!

No. 722423

I hate liberals and btw, I'm not american but they are the same everywhere.
The hypocrisy is right there: they mock people for the exact same reasons the right does, all while their core beliefs are against those things and they tear the right apart when they act the same. How are you going to shit on people for supposedly not using their privilege properly? Also, just like you would expect from narcissists, you can't criticize them without looking like the crazy one because in everyone's eyes, they are on your side.
It's like they live on another planet and don't see the connection between their ideas and the real world with real people.

No. 722429

Thank you. I'm gonna try and book in with my doctor ASAP, I'm in the UK though and COVID restrictions here will probably make it difficult. Hoping it was a true negative but with how I'm feeling lately I don't feel reassured…

No. 722437

I'm one of the pregnant/abortion anons from earlier in this thread. When I took a pregnancy test it came up as positive immediately and the second one did too. I'd say take another test and make a doctor's appointment asap. I know in the US you can get a medication abortion up to 11 weeks (at least in my state).

I'm also going to take this opportunity to bitch about HR at my job wanting a letter from a doctor excusing me for the days leading up to the procedure on Friday. I'm sick as fuck, can hardly get out of bed and I have to drag my ass to see a new OB tomorrow to try to get a note. It's not even paid time off. Yet it still requires a note smh

No. 722442

Don’t worry, anon. If you do opt for an abortion, many clinics will now send you the pill because of lockdown, after you’ve confirmed you are pregnant, so you can go through with it at home. Best of luck with whatever you choose, anon.

No. 722446

Don't know how true that is but I remember hearing somewhere that when a test shows up negative, you might still be actually pregnant, while, if it's positive, it's completely sure. Something to do with pregnancy hormones or so I think? Anyway, not really relevant for this right here, but I guess this might help anyone who's lurking.

No. 722447

>start playing guitar
>love your new hobby
>get cervical radiculopathy and terrible pain in left shoulder and arm
why does it keep happening. Is this a punishment for never taking PE classes and having zero physical activity?

No. 722454

i don't want you to leave please dont leave i love you. i keep daydreaming ways that we'll stay together. but i know it's not really gonna happen. you're moving across the country and i'll never see you again. fucking kill me.

No. 722460

Idk if it's just because I'm pmsing or my ex bday is coming up but I've been thinking about him a lot lately and it's annoying. We had an awful relationship and he fucked with my confidence and esteem almost constantly. We did nothing together and he was always on some type of substance and all he did was moan about absolutely everything. Maybe even cause covid has made socialising so awful this past year I haven't been able to have many new experiences since we broke up so it's just felt like I've been living in his absence. I just wish I could have a night out with friends, interact with some strangers, hug people. I miss going out and dancing. I haven't stayed overnight at anyone's apart from family members in months. This last year seeing friends had been awful because there's always worry that its not even fucking allowed, having to consider is there going to be a checkpoint to see if my journey is essential blah blah blah. I'm so fed up lol

No. 722467

File: 1611606914068.jpg (52.69 KB, 628x628, bitch what the fuck.jpg)

Just realised I've been saving screenshots from my laptop (many accidentally taken) to onedrive on my old secondary school account. I know I can't face any repercussions for it since I don't go there anymore but I'm still freaking out knowing that people in my hometown could possibly know about my cringy spotify playlist names and the fact I frequent imageboards.

No. 722472

>list items on sale on a website
>35€+postage, even that is lowballing but I just want to get rid of the things but still get something out of it
Why the fuck do these scrotes message me in hoards, telling me they can do 25€, no postage. Bitch, no you will not be doing that, I said it's fucking 35€, you ugly fucks. I didn't even state you can suggest a price, can these men get the fuck out or at least be polite about it?

No. 722473

I need to add that it's a beautiful thing I do dick tax and charge men more with the postage because no one ever questions it, only a few euros but still. I am already so generous with the damn prices.

No. 722498


I hope the principle calls you in anyway and confronts you with a cringe compilation.

No. 722519

File: 1611610144497.jpeg (55.28 KB, 629x379, 15C684A0-D49C-4501-83A9-2A2830…)

My procrastination is killing me. Everyone thinks I am doing so well but my room is filthy and I miss deadlines left and right. alive run out of excuses and I’m so stressed and lonely and depressed and sad fuck idk what do anymore.

No. 722522

I'm built like you. Thanks, Mexican genes.
Best thing you can do for yourself is don't follow women on social media that make you want to off yourself and purchase clothes that would flatter your body. You could always get a waist trainer, too, which is what I plan on doing. Just make sure you do your research on them first.

No. 722535

Are you me?

No. 722539

glad to know there’s someone feeling the same, it feels so lonely and alienating sometimes

No. 722547

Sage for what's basically a blogpost.

I used to be super bad with procrastination in uni, some examples:
>put off walking to class (10 minute walk) until it got to 2 hours into class, so I just didn't go. For most classes.
>missed the first, second and third (and on paper, final!) exam attempts. This should've had me disqualified but because I never attended any they gave me a last chance, several times.
>missed the deadline on handing in my thesis because it wasn't ready.
>missed the thesis deadline 3 months later
>missed the deadline after that, but they allowed it
>kept putting off meeting my friend, despite knowing she'd be leaving to live halfway across the world soon. Asked her finally if she wanted to meet and she told me she left the country 3 weeks earlier. She was the only one to support me during that time with all the study notes and messaging me reminders for things.

At the point I missed that last meeting with my friend I really really tried to improve. I persisted enough in applying and practising for interviews that I finally got a job. And I'm proud of that. I'm also proud that I'm barely late. Maybe half an hour 3x a week? Luckily it's a little flexible so long as you do the hours. I work hard at my responsibilities and try not have downtime, despite ample opportunity. Anyway, my colleagues seem to look down on me that I'm not constantly pushing to be learning so many new skills like they are.

I am proud of myself, but I do feel ashamed when in comparison I'm still falling behind. I'll never reveal that I struggle so hard with motivation and drive, but christ I wish they'd stop the judging looks and attitudes because I'm happy to just do the job I was hired for. Let me be my low energy, non-pushy self.

No. 722558

Aren't threads like this supposed to be blogpost central?

No. 722567

I really, really want to check out of life right now, but don't want to kill myself because (whatever reason that is). Why can't there be a timeout option. I'm just not meant to be living. sincerely - - dednon.

No. 722568

Go to hell.

No. 722569

fucking wish

No. 722571

Not you

No. 722572

damn it

No. 722580

I tried to tweeze my eyebrows and the one I started with looks so bad and fake now omg what do I do with these caterpillars on my forehead

No. 722586

You can if you want to

No. 722594

File: 1611615351250.jpeg (10.47 KB, 275x243, yuh.jpeg)

thats the mf plan

No. 722600

I want to be dicked down I’m so touch deprived because of lockdown. I hate the uk right now. I’m in the horniest stage of my life and we’re in lockdown

No. 722601

Would toys cut it?

No. 722606

File: 1611616186369.png (13.94 KB, 200x232, sad-apu.png)

just messaged my brother for the first time in months and I feel like crying, I miss him so much.
I live so far away from home, I can't just visit my family without preparing a bunch of stuff first…

No. 722625

What the fuck, I saved my favorite cereal for a time in which I just really wanted to have it and it was full of bugs.
I threw it away and grabbed some Mac and cheese with chicken, and it had a fly!
What kind of nightmarish shit is this? Is this some sort of message to restrict more my food?

No. 722644

What’s your brother’s job and his ex/current wives jobs? Sorry I’m nosy but they sound super rich

No. 722646

for orgasm, yes. but I crave touch and intimacy

No. 722662

Go read a good romance novel or manga or movie or whatever you’re into

No. 722675

Charli xcx deserves more views on YouTube!!!!!!!!! Especially white Mercedes the entire charli album was underappreciated I'm crying!

No. 722681

I don’t keep up but I thought she was one of the main pop girls?

No. 722684

File: 1611621812798.jpg (39.03 KB, 626x417, Fuck laundry.jpg)

I can do other chores just fine but for some reason my executive function goes out the window when it comes to putting away laundry. Like gathering, washing, and transferring laundry? No problem. But.
I fucking hate this.

No. 722687

Nta, but I think she's more like alt-pop. Like Lana, Marina, Melanie etc… I think Charli has kinda fell off since "Boys" was released though.

No. 722690

Just keep them folded on top of your dresser. I get annoyed that I have to keep putting them in and taking them out.

No. 722694

Fuck idk why I do this. I'll gladly clean toilets but I despise laundry.

No. 722699

I don't understand why she isn't bigger. Sucker was probably her most commercial yet worst album (imo) she's released. True romance was an amazing debut. Charli was her album after Sucker, she released the vroom vroom and number 1 angel/pop 2 eps and they were amazing! The lockdown album How I'm Feeling Now has already taken over the Charli album views on YouTube. It got more hype cause fans helped with it during the first lockdown, but Charli her self titled was amazing! The lead single blame it on your love with lizzo is only floating around the 4M mark idgi. She deserves more recognition, I guess its like what happened to marina her label or whatever just does not promote her stuff.

No. 722717

File: 1611624495311.jpg (119.76 KB, 896x698, 1580083051555.jpg)

It's my fault there's a lock down that won't end
I have left the house eight times in the last year and they were all medical appointments
I'm 26 and I don't have any friends left because I'm a worthless sack of shit, no one wanted to see me before covid and certainly don't now
I had to quit working because of organ failure and then I had to move back home with my parents because of covid
I stay in the garage because we just don't get along and I feel like a burden just being here
I think my last chance not to be so lonely is to get a boyfriend, but I know anyone who hears I don't work and can't drive is going to think I want them to support me
It's frightening to be sick and alone, it's what I deserve though, I shouldn't have been born
I'm a government leech and the only thing I ever loved was board games and there's no one left to play with

No. 722740

I wish I could help somehow

No. 722750

Why do men take so long in the bathroom omg. This guy's been in it for 40 minutes. Even when I have really bad diarrhea from ibs I still only take like ten minutes at most. This is the only bathroom at work dude like please hurry up

No. 722751

I would play a board game with you, anon. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

No. 722756

I feel so depressed that I can't find any normal people on the internet that aren't genderspecials or spergs on twitter. I miss making friends who weren't so mentally ill and obsessed with being woke. I used to have so much friends in person and I had a fun hobby of making friends in uni who were normal and academically smart. Now they're all out of reach. I miss making friends with people who seemed normal. I would try to give them a lot of space to avoid being their emotional punching bag, but be there enough where we had a lot of adventures in the city. It sucks that quarantine had to happen and I'll spend the rest of my uni years online. The thought of not being able to make more friends in person sucks so much.

No. 722760

I was browsing a forum and people have mentioned an infamous post from 8 years ago, to be fair it was pretty funny. Anyways, I looked at the OP's history and noticed that people have been harrassing her because of that post for years. She's not a cow per se, but more of a meme.
This might be absurd but I'm afraid of ending up like that.

No. 722761

The dumb fuck is probably on his phone. Slam on the door and rush him.

No. 722766

File: 1611632422423.jpg (56.52 KB, 965x491, 1534059560759.jpg)

No. 722767

>Even when I have really bad diarrhea from ibs I still only take like ten minutes at most
i'm jelly. mine lasts for an hour or longer.

No. 722768

I just turned in my final thesis a couple days ago, and professor just sent me an email asking me to send the original data I used to make the statistical analyses because she wanted to rerun some to check.
I certainly haven't made any purposeful mistakes in reporting my results but it makes me so fucking nervous it's not even funny. All of the worst scenarios are running through my head about me accidentally using faulty data or putting down the wrong numbers. I keep having this anxious stomach feeling about it and can't get rid of it. I don't want to be stuck like this for a week as it'll be next week by the time I'll hear about the results.

No. 722770

File: 1611632861811.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1514135481894.jpg)

My boss is leaving my job and has not told any of us. We're getting fucked over bad (business wise) because of covid, so they're shutting down our store. We're supposed to all be transferring to new stores but i have no idea what's going to happen with me since i take the public bus to work and there arent any near other stores. I 'm worried i'll lose this job. I'm angry my boss didnt tell us and i have to find out through third party.

No. 722788

watching porn

No. 722796

File: 1611639009094.jpg (72.67 KB, 500x623, 1494471799663.jpg)

I was supposed to have gone to the doctor more but I couldn't stand it, like it was just too much to bare, I'm old to be such a loser but I'm young to be this sick
I'm so fucking scared and every time I go to any doctor they have to tell me it's all gotten worse
you can go on drugs to prevent cancer, and the drugs cause other cancer, so I know they're helping, but at the end of the fucking day, they're telling me to choose which cancer I want to die from if I make it that far
I never lived at all in all these years
Every time I go back, the rest of the day, I think, "Fuck it," I go to the grocery store and spend my food stamps on junk food
I think "Fuck it," I'm angry, I'm furious and sad and let down
When I worked, I bought myself an Angelic Pretty dress every day I had an appointment, and I would try to shove all the fear down underneath the dress, and once a month I would go to a meetup and not be able to connect with anyone there but I wore the dress and I felt happy
It was happier than I've ever been otherwise
Should I spend disability money on dresses?
Is it fair?
But "Fuck it," is it fucking fair that I have to choose how to die when I'm only fucking 26? Was a it fucking fair to get sick like this when I was only fucking nine years old? Has anything ever been fair? Is this life fucking fair?
When I die, burn me in my best dress, burn me in the biggest petticoat I own, and it was all stupid and not worth anything, no time, no money, none of anything was ever worth anything, so burn what's left of me in what made me happy and give all of my games to a childrens hospital
Maybe it's all deeply symbolic and "lolita" knew I was going to die young
I hate everything, I hate the disappointment of life.
Lolita made me feel "large" I've always been skinny, I've always been short, I'll never grow up like I was supposed to be able to, fuck it, I'll buy donuts, I want to fill out japanese brand like I never will
Why did it have to be this way? I feel bad I spend other peoples money, maybe I shouldn't, maybe I won't be here long enough for it to matter too much, I'm sorry to everyone I ever cost, I'm sorry to the whole world even though I'm angry and I hate it
I wish I had had someone to talk to, and maybe then I wouldn't have had so much time to think and get like this
Maybe I would have been like this anyway and drove them being like this
Fuck it, I'm going to buy a new dress.
I'm going to buy donuts.
Nothing was fair anyway, fuck it
I'm going to play jenga alone
Kindle me with jenga blocks, I want to be happy next time

No. 722799

sorry for your situation but you write really well. I thought you were quoting lyrics from a song at first.

No. 722804

File: 1611641099419.jpg (31.68 KB, 345x437, 1541130803156.jpg)

lmao thank you
that made me smile honestly

No. 722808


Anon, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. If it helps, I would 100% play a board games with you and talk about lolita fashion. Maybe try using the friend finder thread? I wish you peace and love.

No. 722810

Are you the girl in the other thread asking if it’s dumb to buy a 700 dollar dress?
When I read someone asking that I thought “bet it’s Angelic Pretty”
Buy that dress anon.

No. 722811

Wow I feel so at home knowing there are other girls out there who deal with IBS

Mine fuxking lasts for like half a day of on and off diarrhea shitting my brains out kind of thing
Then my stomach usually feels awful afterwards
Taking ibuprofen for some reason real helps the stomach pain

No. 722812

Certain chores bother me because they’re physically uncomfortable, pinpoint what’s the discomfort is and you can change it.
For me, I don’t want to wash my dishes because the floor gets wet and makes my socks wet and the I’m miserable cause there’s nothing worse than a wet sock
Solution? Just wear my boots in the kitchen, who gives a fuck

No. 722813

File: 1611643259245.png (427.28 KB, 500x486, unknown.png)

my boyfriend really wants to get a gun when we move out together and I don't think I can have a gun in the house without the temptation to an hero skyrocketing

I've made jokes abt it but I mostly brush them off and he still really wants one.

I thought I was doing ok but then I had a total meltdown in front of my stepdad while learning to drive and I just don't think I'm in control of my emotions enough to be around deadly weapons.

No. 722814

Have you told him this? Does he know how suicidal you are?
He needs to get a good gun safe if he does. There are thumb print locking ones.

You’re gonna have to control yourself Anon. Don’t make everything about you. He just wants a gun, it’s a scrote thing. Let him have his hobby without having a mental illness fantasy about it.
I had a similar problem because my boyfriend wanted one and I just have major anxiety.
We’ve had a lot of fights about it which led to a lot of setting boundaries around it and now we’re good. Set boundaries too, you’re not allowed to be around the gun, the gun stays in a safe, you don’t know the combination etc. and be honest with your boyfriend about your suicidal tendencies

No. 722840

I've been unemployed for so long. I have a great GPA from a respectable university yet I've been jobless dor so long. I tried everything and I'm so disappointed and desperate. I might off myself if this continues a bit more.

No. 722843

Try to have some faith, anon. We're in the middle of a pandemic and the economy is in the shitter. There simply aren't many jobs available right now. Also, I don't mean to be rude, but you need to try and let go of the idea that employers care about your GPA. Having a degree in the first place is what is important. Having relevant work experience is even more important.

No. 722845

I can only say that if he does get a gun, tell him to never tell you where is it and to hide it really well.
And also, just don’t try, there’s quite the few people surviving from gunshots they did to themselves and it’s an even more of a burden than you could even feel like right now.
It’s honestly my best advice against suicide, there’s a possibility of surviving and ending up being even more miserable and crippled than before.

No. 722855

I know that feel, I was my grandma's on my dad's side least favorite grandchild. Even my drug dealer cousins got more love than I did. My grandma's on my mom's side though has me as her favorite, and she wants to leave everything on my name. I love her but not for that, I told her to leave everything to my mom.

No. 722861

How do I tell if I’m a cow or if some people who hate me are the cows? There’s some people who keep tabs on me and tell everyone not to associate with me despite us not being friends/acquaintances for 5+ years. Mutual friends don’t seem to care and as far as I can tell I’m well liked in other spaces I go to (everyone’s nice to me, I don’t get mocked but sometimes other people do etc) I can easily admit that I was less than pleasant back in the day but I have horrible anxiety so I don’t know if this is a reflection of me or more of a reflection of them? I feel awful about it and it stresses me out a lot. I do art and want to share it online but this holds me back from it ;_;

No. 722862

I keep thinking about how, when I was about 7, half a tooth broke off my molar after getting beaten up. The gum got really badly infected, there was a huge greenish grey abscess in my mouth that, if I pressed it with my finger, would leak a lot of pus into my mouth and quickly refill. At its worst, I was draining it once or twice a day.
I asked my mum if I could go to a dentist but she was scared of them so she refused (not a legit phobia, just a dislike of going). It's free for kids to get dental care in the UK and I was getting quite poorly and feverish.
Looking back, I feel really sad. Mum used to beat the hell out of me, but at least she followed it up with the honeymoon phase. The casual neglect like not feeding us or taking us to school or the doctor or making sure we had clean clothes hurts worse somehow because it was complete apathy, at least when she hurt me she acknowledged my existence. The tooth thing stands out though, I am the age she was when this happened and if I saw a child in that condition I would immediately intervene, even if I wasn't their mother. Nobody noticed or cared at all. Welcome to the world.

No. 722868

I had a therapist tell me my childhood was neglectful and as much as I denied it, it was similar memories of untreated illnesses (in a country with free healthcare for kids) that made me truly face it. I couldn't ignore a dog with the same symptoms, never mind a child.

Depressed and apathetic mom who has passed now so I probably empathise too much with her side of the struggle. Feeling a little angry might be healthier than this. It sucks to be an adult trying to process what happened or how hurt you're allowed feel about it.

No. 722879

I hate my appearance so much I can't stand it. I am going to keep working on fitness, dieting, style and grooming but nothing will change my abominable, disgusting excuse of a face. It is true that I am useless and unworthy of love or appreciation, and that I am immature for thinking this way. I sometimes wish I was never able to see myself. I'm so grateful for everything I have, and yet thinking about my appearance makes me physically ill. I become jittery and nauseated, I have to vomit and out of nervosity and disgust I scratch open my skin. I can't give up, I have to keep going even though I am hurting so much. I won't give up, but it hurts very bad and I hate myself so much I just want to hurt myself so so badly. I really want to hurt myself but I can't, I have to keep going and moving forward. I will hurt myself on the inside, I will keep hating myself so much, and in the meantime I'll keep going. I'll keep studying, I'll keep dieting, I'll keep exercising, I'll keep socialising, I'll keep moving forward. I'll never feel satisfied, never feel good enough, but at least I'll achieve more things and won't give up. I'll never give up and I'll hate myself!

No. 722889

File: 1611661060741.jpeg (158.65 KB, 1015x528, 51F65257-601B-4083-8613-2E12A5…)

i don't have a sense of identity, every time someone asks me to tell them about myself i have a weeks long existential crisis. it sometimes takes me a while to remember my name.

I often get obsessed with random people and cyberstalk them, absorbing their interests, opinions and speech patterns, but eventually this superficial personality dissipates and i feel empty again. i have more alt accounts and aliases then any sane person needs. i judge my appearance only in terms of how much i resemble certain people. i don't have any real ambitions or passions.

i'm thinking of putting my creative writing skills to use and trying to make up wacky characters for myself to larp as so that maybe one of the personalities sticks. no idea if this can work.

No. 722891

That's the spirit?

No. 722892

Oh no but yay still for trying babe!

No. 722905

Bruh if you're not hot by now it's not going to happen

No. 722906

"Bruh" learn to read, retard

No. 722907

But anon, you have writing skills so you must be a writer/write as a hobby, isn't that a part of your identity?

No. 722913

You go sis, incels could never

No. 722922

Keep moving forward, anon!


No. 722940

File: 1611670362963.jpeg (411.72 KB, 1242x1862, AF451D06-B408-4D2E-9438-2D1435…)

No. 722946

Self improvement is always the better option

No. 722953

I havent changed my eating habits and my period just went away and I am up almost 2 kilos i am shitting myself, I lost 8 just last year and its not going down. I thought it was waterweight but n.o.p.e as it has stayed like this for like 5 days now. I am literally freaking out. I am so angry at myself I am getting panic attacks. I know I know its covid season and everyone is gaining weight but i worked so fucking hard. now i just keep obsessively weighing myself every morning and feeling like shit afterwards.

No. 722955

It's interesting how women beat themselves up like this but their a jobless scrotes out here who expect love from super models just because they exist. Stop being so hard on yourself.

No. 722956

Even though my shitposts are anonymous and hopefully can never get traced to my real identity, I cringe so fucking hard. I'm banning myself from the entire internet from now on.

No. 722958

kek sometimes when I regret a dumb a post I just don't come back to lolcow for a day so I don't have to see any responses

No. 722966

File: 1611673686983.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1080, 13b.png)

been peer pressured by friends to get a perm, dye my hair, etc; even though I liked my thick and frizzy hair. Now it's the future in the middle of quarantine and my hair has fallen off so much that it no longer has waves anymore. It's straight and silky but I miss my thick hair because it was so nice to sleep on. The only thing I can do is wait until the dyed hair grows long enough where I can cut it off and go back to short black hair. I'm just pretty sad that I used to be able to grow my hair quickly and let it be as thick and frizzy as I like but now it's been months and it seems to have only grown an inch.

No. 723000

the most attractive thing to scrotes is a pretty, shy girl with no self esteem, no friends or parents. especially if she has never dated or slept with anyone. because then she will believe everything the scrote does is extraordinary, and anything bad he does is normal. disgusting rapist mentality.

when i bring up pedophilia, grooming, child abuse in front of scrotes irl, there is always, even a man who seems normal, a scrote who will deflect or defend it.

"16, 15, 14, 13, 12 is legal" depending on country
"good for him" when an adult guy has a relationship with a teen or child
laughing, that i thought may be in nervousness, but at this point, i would not be surprised about anything

No. 723004

I promise you ladies, if i amass great wealth I will buy an island and create a wom3n's-only sanctuary. Money rules over everything, so I gotta find a way to get a bunch of it.

No. 723018

lol same. like what I should be doing right now
It's not even necessarily a shitpost, sometimes I pour my heart out and realize how pathetic I sound. By the time I regret it, I can't delete my post anymore. It's not only lolcow, there's plenty of sites that I frequently peruse so I end up cringing the entire day even though nobody cares. If anyone saw me, they'd put me in the looney bin.

No. 723047

Happy birthday anon, nonetheless! hope you have good year ahead, with new, better friends perhaps

No. 723049


No. 723050

I hate the insane double standards when it comes to unhealthy EDs and unhealthy eating habits in general. I hate how my country is so fucking fat that the pro-fat movement has enough power to force our culture to adhere to their anti-science ~all body types are healthy as long as you're not skinny~ agenda. I hate how it's perfectly socially acceptable to thinshame specific women even to their face, but the second you even acknowledge obesity is unhealthy even if you're not singling anyone out, you're an asshole.

We literally have an obesity EPIDEMIC. We have NEVER had anorexia come even close to being this widespread of a problem. Yet, our society is coddling obese/overweight people so much. I just discovered the 10,000 calorie meal challenge on YouTube and the very first video is a morbidly obese man. People are trying to force Eugenia Cooney off the platform simply for EXISTING as an obviously anorexic person even though she doesn't actively promote weight loss at all, yet a morbidly obese man can post a video of himself binge eating 10,000 calories in one meal and that's fine? Where's the outrage from the "deplatform people promoting eating disorders!" crowd for this shit?

I'm so upset. Hold me, anons.

No. 723057



everytime its a friends birthday i send them this video cause it always makes me laugh. you are now my friend anon. i hope you like it. happy birthday!!!! breaks glass on your face

No. 723061

Holy shit stop spamming my inbox and take your anxiety meds you annoying ass retard. And no I wouldn't act like this "in your place" because I'm not at that stage of mentally ill and sheltered yet.

No. 723067

File: 1611682261284.gif (1.86 MB, 380x345, giphy.gif)

Happy Bday anon!

No. 723071

>it's perfectly socially acceptable to thinshame specific women even to their face
It's actually not. Stop hanging around dicks who feel it's their place to play armchair doctor in public. Because the solution isn't going back to making average and overweight women feel like shit for not being thin either.
If shaming obesity out of existence was something that worked, then we'd have seen results by now and the problem would have never escalated in the 90s and early 2000s. Sorry you feel victimized, but get a grip and realize there need to be demonstrable solutions.

By the way, pretty sure Amberlynn Reid is the opposite spectrum equivalent to Eugenia and she has entire hateboards dedicated to her, so.

No. 723075

I love makeup but I rather just take care of my skin then smother by face in several layers of foundation.

No. 723080

Ah, to be a week behind on online reading for school on account of my sheer laziness. I'm interested in the coursework since it's related to my major, but i feel like death incarnate and am completely unmotivated being stuck in my own house. This is postvirus brainrot at work. Thanks to this retarded country for prolonging everyone's suffering with its lack of safety

No. 723082

Wow, thank you anons for your kind words of encouragement. I didn't expect it to affect me so positively. I feel a little bit better now too, because I'm focused on my hobbies and career again. I won't stop moving.

No. 723087

File: 1611683765062.jpg (59.03 KB, 763x763, 65e0794b-c2d7-4dcc-8f87-4a4f61…)

I hate my job I hate working I hate labor I hate it I hate it I just want to return to monkey I'm not fucking kidding I wish I was an animal just rolling around in the grass without a care in the world instead I had to be a corporate slave FUCK

No. 723093

Anon you don't know what id do just to be a cat idc if I was a stray or not I just wanna play with STRING AND NOT USE BRAIN

No. 723106

I wouldn't mind an attractive, respectful, attentive and sane boyfriend.

No. 723113

Ok Eren Jaeger

No. 723116

Holy shit I relate to this on another level. The only bit that's different is that I don't have any creative writing skills so I just wait around until I find someone new to obsess over.

No. 723119

Me too bitch but males suck. I am coping with 2D and hoping some day in my life time I'll have a cute roboto boyfriendo

No. 723121

File: 1611685814607.jpg (42.58 KB, 1280x720, 695bf21ca05e39220d7412c560640e…)

No. 723136

Just watched videos on the “Nth Room case” for the first time. Everytime you think men are salvageable you find out how demented they truly are.

No. 723137

I am in a similar boat. I enjoy reading romance comics/literature, although sometimes its so overwhelming I have to stop reading, lol

No. 723143

I need one extra unit to graduate. Fucking one upper div unit. There was only one of these that existed at my university up until yesterday, when it was cancelled and promptly dropped from my schedule. Now have to choose a regular 3-4 unit upper div course. No easy options available since we're a week into the semester. Really glad my bf removed all the alcohol from the house otherwise I'd drink myself to fucking death. Don't think I've had a single semester since I went back to school where there wasn't some bullshit issue with my enrollment, verifying classes from old transcripts, etc.

No. 723144

Pinkpills are served on the news daily and yet it’s not sinking in for normies

No. 723146

YES every time you think new low was achieved something this deranged comes up. I've only read a brief overview and cant take it anymore. No woman ever was any close to be that messed up, how people can't see it's always only men??
(yes there's more nuance to it but you get my point)

No. 723151

Reminds me of the Burning Sun Scandal. What is wrong with Korean men?? Not even trying to racebait, their crimes against women just always seem to be similar and unique from crimes elsewhere. Beautiful cultural diversity <3 misogyny, but in different flavors~! /s

No. 723153

File: 1611688340017.jpg (75.26 KB, 580x580, m_5d4720247a81735cdc166853.jpg)

Just remembered the time when I was 16 and I got sick of my mom telling me how fat I was getting (147 pounds at 5'5", definitely not skinny but I lifted weights 5 times a week and was strong enough to get on the squat/bench max leader boards at my high school, so a lot of my bulk was muscle), and she proceeded to make me feel bad about going running when I got back home because she was convinced I was doing it to "be slutty" and show off my body to the neighborhood – her evidence is that I was wearing a jacket like picrel with the half-zip all the way down over my (full coverage) sports bra. I was not showing skin, and I was a dork in high school anyway and never had a bf or hung out with guys outside of school at all, just came home, did my homework, and then read or played video games, so she knew that slut-shaming me would confuse and infuriate me. I felt so good about the fact that I was finally being proactive and putting aside time in my afternoon to lose weight despite being tired from school (and having ALREADY WORKED OUT THAT DAY) and she wasted no time destroying my confidence.

Actually recalling this memory reminded me of a few years earlier when I was 13 and went to my school's end-of-year dance for 8th graders. Me and my friends all chipped in a few dollars to have our group photo taken. This was pre-smartphones so having a group pic of my friends was a nice treat. Couple weeks later when I got the developed photos I rushed home to show my mom my friends and she instantly started comparing me to them, telling me their skin looked better than mine (she made me use st ives apricot scrub so my skin was fucked) and that my "skinny friend" looked better than me, and that "the skinniest girl always looks best in group photos". She even specifically criticized the fact that I was excited to show her the photo, because "I should know better than to show off a photo I look bad in." I was fucking thirteen. Why have a child just to treat them this way??? I think the worst part is that I still let this bullshit mentality of "Why even bother?" I developed as a coping mechanism keep me from getting ahead in life, even though I'm a fucking adult now and should be over it.

No. 723155

I'm the biggest cuck of the century

No. 723156

Tell us what happened anon

No. 723160

Summer 2020 I found a social media account of a retired asmrtist and contacted him. We exchanged a few messages in small conversation yet he left me on read. I let it be for a long time but I had the urge to message him recently. I started to and deleted it a bunch of times. He probably dislikes me? Idk I feel like a weird person who can't take a hint and now I wanna remove him as a friend. I have an idea of him in my head that only formed from videos from years ago. So creepy

No. 723161

Sounds like she feels like she wasted her life, so she wants to drag you down with her. Some people really just have kids (or teach/otherwise care for them) so they can undercut someone and boost themselves up 24/7.
She's an asshole, anon. Hope you're far away from her.

No. 723185

My bi girlfriend is very friendly with some scrotes. Need more?

No. 723233

One of my wisdom teeth decided to start breaking through and it huuuuuurts

No. 723236

Clove oil helps!

No. 723238

Seconding this. I had 'dry socket' years ago and no pain killer would touch that pain. Clove oil tho… instant relief

No. 723239

I've never heard of this before but I'll give it a try if I can find any, thanks!

No. 723244

Some sore throat pain relief medicine with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help, i've used strepsils intensive

No. 723253

My hair has starting shedding a lot again and it's stressing me the fuck out. I can literally run my fingers through my hair and have like 10 strand on my hand. My mom used some kind of crushed up vitamin pill + olive oil on my hair when I was younger to stop the shedding, but I guess it started again cause I stopped using it a long while ago and shaved my head. I'm just so shit at knowing what to use on my hair cause there's like 50 million natural hair products and I'm basically natural haircare illiterate. It's honestly a little frustrating. I guess I should just buy some castor oil and vitamins and leave it at that

No. 723257

I have terrible car anxiety.

I have an oldish car - it runs good and i generally try to take good care of it. I have been driving for 6ish years now. We are having a terrible snow storm as of now and its snowed in. It will last all the way until tomorrow, too, and I am so scared that i will not be able to move it. urgh. I JUST WANT MY LITTLE BLUE CAR TO BE OKAY I LOVE YOU LITTLE CLOUD.

No. 723260

Kek this reminds me of my mom. Always going on about how I was so much fatter than she was at my age, “I was barely 90 lbs when I was in high school, can’t believe you’re already 120!” and similar shit. So fucking obnoxious.

No. 723262

Hey! Has anything recently changed in your diet/stress levels? I have pretty thin hair myself and my hair just starts shedding sometimes.. and then, stops. I have managed to track it to me not eating enough healthy fats or fats in general. Also, eating a lot of protein causes hair loss (from my experience at least). Also i really really recommend primrose oil caps (if you have access to them, I am from Europe and they are pretty common). They help LOADS (they also help with PMS simptoms).

No. 723272

I had this issue when I was a child before I made any huge changes to my diet, so I don't think it's that. However, there is a good chance I have an iron deficiency and I started my period today, so maybe it's just an unlucky, new menstrual symptom. Thank you for the primrose oil suggestion, anon! I've never heard of it before, but I'll definitely try it out.

No. 723274

I want to kiss your crusty lips idiot please fucking eat something and put down the cigarettes and excess coffee for one fucking day

No. 723276

Are you getting enough vitamins and nutrients? I used to struggle with brittle nails and I tried all sorts of things to cure it until I realized I just was eating too little vegetables and fruit.

No. 723291

I hate that we now live in a society where it’s more or less acceptable to edit your face and body beyond recognition, when I bring it up with some people they act like it’s no big deal and completely normal
I’m not going to go on a “love yourself for who you are” because bitch I sure don’t, I’m more concerned about how it creates close to impossible standards. Why are we still complaining about models in the fashion industry when influencers don’t fucking look the way they do in their pictures either.

No. 723298

It's insane that people actually go to plastic surgeons know bringing their own faceapped and edited selfies. I don't think most people think it's normal, at least not normal for the people they personally know and see on a daily basis. I know that when a chick added me on Facebook in a class while sitting next to me, her full 90kg self, I was weirded out by her images that portrayed her as some kind of anachan pointy-chin goth lady. But what do you even say to that?

No. 723313

File: 1611699058308.jpg (52.9 KB, 425x282, Heart-Attack-Signs-and-Symptom…)

it hurts to have such an honest boyfriend.

I asked him if he was happy with the relationmship and he was honest and said no, that he can't say that's the case. it's all my fault for being a stupid ocd neurotic autistic bitch i fucking hate myself.

I told him if I don't change he can leave. Will i change? we'll find out in october ladies.

No. 723320

samefag and i hate to say it but altho his ADD brain has holes in it and he fucks up and forgets things a lot, he really is a nigel and if i fuck it up i might just really kill myself

No. 723323

i can feel neetdom approaching as soon as i graduate in june and i’m so over everything in general that i’m just kind of waiting with open arms. it is what it is bitch! i’ll probably never get a job anyway because i’m borderline autistic and probably have adhd and am generally useless!

No. 723330

real question, how do neets actually survive? I literally couldn't imagine a life where I'm not working or doing some sort of education. it's pretty foreign thought for me. how do you make money? how do you get things that you want? Do your parents support you? where would you live if not?

sorry for the intrusive questions, I may just ask in stupid questions thread

No. 723335

File: 1611700233115.jpg (6.91 KB, 225x225, db2a78e4130fef73403966b6e01e73…)

Feel like pure shit just want to spend 4 hours non-stop walking through rural areas on the borders of a different city when I should be sitting in a stuffy uni room again

No. 723339

What's happening in october? See you then, neurotic bitch anon, ILY

No. 723342

I don't know about that nonny…the way you speak about yourself and the fact he straight up said no? Did he bring that up before? Did he give any constructive criticism or why he wasn't happy? Or did he just come out with it and leave you with the emotional fallout?

I'd need to know more, but sounds like your "Nigel" is kinda shit. So far he has a lack of tact, insensitive and has ADD.

No. 723347

Not a neet, but they always have a parent or significant other that gives them anything, including money. I always just assumed they either find someone else to mooch off, be forced to find a job or live off of inheritance if their parents die/stop providing for them, or their s/o leaves them. It's a very sad way to live, and while I don't completely love working and school, I could never feel comfortable being a burden to other people like that. Obviously people with physical disabilities are whole 'nother issue, and tbh I don't feel comfortable calling them neets. Not working because of a physical or extreme mental disability is more like forced neetdom.

No. 723351

What the other anon said + it is favorable for people who have a lot of cheap/learning/skill based hobbys and/or absolutely loathe working in the traditional sense. But then again those neets theoretically could end up self employed through monetizing their hobbies. But yeah the lack of socializing, being a leech and the social stigma makes it more likely they end up as depressed pos.

No. 723353

In October, our lease ends. By that time, it'll probably be the deciding factor on whether or not we want to move forward together and start a new lease together

I asked him out of the blue. We haven't had much intimacy lately (happens in the winter) and I wanted to know how he felt about that + some occasional meltdowns I have. I never want to be in a relationship where one person is unhappy, so I asked him to be honest with his feelings and to see if he could genuinely say he was happy with the relationship. He couldn't give a straightforward answer, so I said "So are you saying that you are unhappy with this relationship in its current state?" and he said "You can say that, yes."

He told me why, obviously our arguments is the main issue. him being forgetful/inattentive and me being too impatient with him when he does that.

No. 723360

File: 1611702087451.jpg (134.26 KB, 397x348, 38f.jpg)

They may be
>basement NEETs
Leeches parents
>NEET bf/gf
Supported by their SO
>Lucky NEET
Came into a large sum of money (inheritance, trust fund, gambling, etc)
Welfare NEETs
>seasonal NEET
works periodically, only long enough to replenish NEET funds
Many are hybrid type.
>not working or doing some sort of education
Most NEETs spend time with their hobbies and learning (possibly useless) shit on their own. Many do utilize their autistic interests to make spending cash (arts&crafts, translating hentai, tech stuff, etc) for spending cash, but usually not consistent or significant enough to be considered working.

No. 723370

File: 1611702598882.jpg (21.56 KB, 540x362, smug.jpg)

>talking about pets at new job bc people always talking about their cats/dogs
>ask me about my pet
>say I have a cornsnake
>"OMG ANON NOOOOOO" typical coward shit even though the snake is harmless and in a tank
>yesterday dog coworker joins a meeting while streaming from a hospital
>turns out her rescue pupper decided it was done with her shit and viciously attacked her
>shows up today arm in a cast, multiple bites everywhere, complaining her arm hurts the entire day
>a week before had to pay for an expensive surgery for her other dog because got into a fight with coyotes

Sure showing me how reptiles are the more problematic, dangerous pets to own. Dog dindus are the worst.

No. 723375

It's really good that he's honest. Use that honesty for both of you to discuss how you can both be happy in the relationship.

No. 723376

careful, i'm another snake anon and motherfuckers here hate us

No. 723378

I love snake anons and want to smooch both of you.

No. 723380

I have savings and I'm a soulless husk of a human so I don't spend money on anything aside from my phone bill. I live with older siblings who pay the house bills- though recently I've been chipping in a bit with my savings. Once it runs out I'm truly fucked. Estimated 9 months left.

No. 723389

I love reptiles and I love you guys! Hopefully I'll have my own scaly pal one day. I wish dog owners would just train their pets right…

No. 723391

i'm 24 and in no timeline do i see myself not being married and having kids after 30. even 30 is pushing it, in a perfect world it would be within the next couple of years, but that's not going to happen. i have a new bf and he's about a year younger, and there's no way in hell i would ever bring stuff like that up because it's too soon, but i'm so scared that he's not going to want that stuff within the next 5 years MAXIMUM. i'm literally terrified of being strung along for years only for me to get old and not have what i wanted, like i've seen happen to women.

No. 723392

File: 1611703789962.jpg (4.31 KB, 194x259, images.jpg)

>that awkward moment when you realize you have been every variety of NEET on this list sans welfare

No. 723393

People shouldn't be allowed to get anything bigger than a yorkie if they can't demonstrate responsibility.

No. 723396

I think all women who want kids need to have a "one year rule" where if their SO isn't enthusiastically on board with wanting marriage/kids in the future, they stop wasting their time on a man who isn't ready to even THINK about committing to a life and family with them.

No. 723398

Wouldn't it be better to bring it up sooner rather than later though? You're in a relationship, it's natural that you think about stuff like marriage and family, or no? You don't have to make it all formal like "Boyfriend! I have something very important to discuss with you. When do you plan on marrying me and have children with me?" (though if you say it in a joke-y tone it's a way to do it too, I suppose), but why not bring it up in some casual way? In the end he's the marriage is just a piece of paper and I want no children ever type of person, and you'll still have wasted, so to say, a few years because neither of you could get their mouth open on a relationship making-or-breaking topic…

No. 723403

I was separated at 25, alot of my friends that married at 28/29 are currently separating and losing their minds trying to co-parent toddlers. Our marriages lasted an average of 3 to 4 years. I do understand wanting to marry within a timeline but rush the wedding and your divorce chances will only increase.

I don't have kids but nearly everyone I know is separated from the dad of their kids. It's rough. I really feel for any woman with a strong desire to be a parent, for that reason.

No. 723404

Agreed, and personally I think it's a super easy topic to casually bring up. You see tons of babies in real life, tv shows, movies; any of these opportunity can be used to say something that would indicate your stance on the matter and will allow you to easily ask a bf what he thinks. Like, aww look at these kids playing, I would love to have kids some days, what about you?

No. 723409

Hi anon, was in your exact shoes with a scrote a year older than me at the time. I spent age 24-27 with a manbaby who cared too much about bartending and video games to ever reach for higher responsibilities like getting his own car, finding stable employment, and having kids.
All I wanted was for him to propose to me and he couldn't even do that after I stayed at a miserable job to fund our dream vacation. I used to cringe when he'd tell our friends we'd be "dinks." I tried to coolgirl and pretend like not being engaged after year three didn't bother me but it fucking did. He was using me and I was a convenient doormat even though everyone told me I could do better, but I was too pickme to give up. I considered myself childfree at the time, but I came to realize I just resented him so badly and it was on me to support him so much that I could never see having kids with him and the thought was horrifying. I broke up with him.

Anyways, he proposed to his new gf (with a shit ring) after a year and a half, which just goes to show if men WANT to commit to you then they fucking will.

Right now I'm 29 and with a wonderful guy for almost a year. We had our marriage/kid talk straight up because both of us had been scorned and strung along previously so we didn't want to waste any more time with incompatible partners. So far, he's bought me the diamond that I got to pick out, and at the moment I'm deciding on engagement bands. The proposal itself will be his personal touch and a surprise, but he told me that having what I wanted was important. All within a year.
It's best to get the talk settled early. The truth is that it won't scare away honest, high quality men who are on your wavelength already. And good riddance to the ones who run.

No. 723441

i turned 23 recently and i feel like i have one foot in the grave. i’m finishing college but i had a shitty time, also had a shitty time in high school and now it feels like i have to settle down eventually. i see people talk about marrying at 25 and it terrifies the shit out of me, like i spent my “fun” youthful years being in a depressive episode and abusive situation, and now that i’m reaching the end i can’t enjoy the hobbies i wanted to do. the worst thing is that i’m self imposing this feeling on myself but it’s hard to snap out of it

No. 723448

It's really annoying when you thought you met someone cool but it turns out you can't really be friends with them. Today my (white) roommates had a really annoying discussion about how people shouldn't use the word whites or blacks. I'm Asian-American, so I asked if it was ok to use the word Asians. One of the girls questioned why I would ever use that word and implied that I should use the word "people of Asian culture" instead. I don't know how she couldn't have seen that was condescending as fuck.

No. 723475

Because woke culture is a direct result of bored middle class white people's racism and feelings of superiority.
I've never met a wokie who wasn't condescending and high key racist. I've also never met one who didn't see me as a walking cartoon minority or use my community for cheap poverty porn a la starving kids in Africa. Why do you think those Twitter kids draw minorities as fat, disabled abominations with Miku binders and rapist mustaches?
It feels very different trying to befriend white college girls from Connecticut compared to an Eastern European immigrant or a white person who was raised in a trailer by meth head parents. The former just see you as a walking diversity point for themselves and not much else.

No. 723510

Lmao wtf? I hope you called her a stupid ass bitch. Or out-woke her
>as a person of colonizer heritage, you probably shouldn’t be trying to police PoC’s language.

No. 723515

File: 1611715580098.jpg (6.52 KB, 298x169, 1604456326260.jpg)

this is silly but my mom kept mentioning that i "won't be broke for long because of my student loans refunding" and while she's right, it still hurts.

i mean, i did get scholarships! tuition is now ~5k per semester (not dorming because of covid), i got about ~4k in scholarships so with the pell grant…i'm pretty much not paying anything for this semester. i did want some lax room with bills and stuff tho so yeah, i accepted student loans (roughly 3k).

idk. she didn't ask about my scholarships at all, and i'm sad that she probably doesn't think i didn't get any lol

No. 723519

Increasing tuition, lack of jobs, increasing coronavirus cases… Life has gotten so hard for me. Before life sucked but now its unbearable to even live in it along with untreated depression. Are there any things I can do to help ease this? I will never go to a therapist because I honestly think it doesn't work at all. I know getting 8 hours of sleep should help, but anything else? I can't exercise right now because I got injured and I still don't have doctor approval to do exercise for now and I can't use my dominant hand because its one of the injured things on my body. Any other hope for me or should I just kill myself?

No. 723521

…i guess i'm just bummed out about uni in general. i mean, i'm not studying at some top ten university; i'm just attending a small and reasonably priced state school because i wasn't smart enough/enough of a hard worker to go to like new york or something. and yeah, i get it: university is only four years (i'm halfway done), my major is something requires actual skill (so i can probably use my portfolio to supplement my dull uni), and uh…yeah, i don't know. i wish i was born a super genius

No. 723539

I hate men so much. My ex messaged me after 2 years of not talking, just to tell me more lies.
>you deserve so much better wah I've chosen to be alone because I don't want to ruin people's lives.
When I went to his profile to block him, I could see he have a new gf. I truly feel sorry for her.

No. 723545

File: 1611721298527.png (87.82 KB, 480x360, nke35v12g9u51.png)

I'm gonna miss the Soren thread. Low-key, I still wonder if this was another of her fake deaths and she's still alive.
I remember some anons were talking about making a thread for the whole "trauma narrative" community on Tumblr in general (probably something like the DID "community"), but it never came to fruition. I kind of doubt many people are blatantly bullshitters/liars the way Soren was, but Laura Albert exists, and there was that one creepy Tumblr user who kept posting "traumacore" aesthetic edits/drawings that referenced an actual CP site and implied they were on it, so I guess anything is possible.

No. 723548

File: 1611723043624.jpg (8.15 KB, 244x147, raymond.jpg)

Same anon. I don't like seeing myself here

No. 723552

dog people are weird as hell, snakes are such fun pets and at least they cant escape to fight random animals or bite chunks from your skin for no reason. maybe i'm biased because i also have a corn snake but either way i'm here for the snake love

No. 723556

I just noticed the last guy I dated made a point to block/unmatch me in bumble. We already don't talk anymore ( I stopped trying to contact him because I felt like I bothering him and he never contacted me ) But now he also decided to tell me to fuck off on this shitty app that I have never contacted him on except for our initial convo. I know he probably thinks I'm crazy ( I acted kind of crazy the last time we interacted which is why I stopped contacting him) but that was especially harsh to go out your way to unmatch with me on a app we never talk on, wtf.

No. 723560

>there was that one creepy Tumblr user who kept posting "traumacore" aesthetic edits/drawings that referenced an actual CP site and implied they were on it
what the fuck, can you say more about this? Also how do you even know of this CP site?

No. 723562

File: 1611725910342.jpg (55.37 KB, 555x346, glownibber.jpg)

No. 723565

File: 1611726940195.jpg (52.9 KB, 750x350, male-fbi-agent-working-on-comp…)

messed up the first joke, cops wouldnt be browsing, fbi would

No. 723566

File: 1611726975024.png (228.6 KB, 574x870, 1588670901541.png)

It's from the Soren thread. The person put the text "hurt 2 the core" on drawings of teddy bears and shit. As for how I heard about it, I'm pretty sure it was the site Peter Scully (the Australian pedo who killed two little girls and produced the CP "Daisy's Destruction" in the Philippines) used. The case was pretty huge, and they were literally considering bringing back the death penalty specifically for him in the Philippines because it was so bad.

No. 723571

ahhh I see, thought it was something more obscure (not talked about in media). I am kind of relieved cause how else would you know of the site if you either weren't a victim or a pedo?
>they were literally considering bringing back the death penalty specifically for him in the Philippines because it was so bad.
they absolutely should have, too bad it didn't happen

No. 723573

you could make your own game company maybe.
i hate the industry too. i studied game development and after the first year i spiralled into depressive anxiety. it only takes 1 asshole to ruin an entire project. men take this course after their comp sci degrees and berate anyone who is a beginner but especially if a woman. be female here and you are a prey to all incel lites. i thought this would not happen in a university. guys were literally discussing boob and butt preferences in class, making rape, domestic and child abuse jokes. i dated a guy i thought was normal but he took a picture of me during sex. i asked if he sent it to anyone and he showed me and said no but when i broke up with him 2 guys approached me asking for sex.
some scrote got insanely offended that i rejected him and he made a fake profile of me on a sugar baby site which he then showed people to say i am a whore.
there is no respect not only for my humanity but for my efforts. i known some guys who failed the same courses over 6 times and yet they were more respected than i am for completing them earlier. and my efforts were always minimized, scrotes forgetting to include my code in the group project or saying i don't communicate enough when they were outright ignoring me. i almost went through a fakeboi phase because being and looking like a woman in this industry means everyone will feel entitled. i written whole essays by myself for group work where they maybe corrected a few typos and called it contribution.
if i ever have enough money i am going to make an all women's game studio.

No. 723574

I'm thinking about never marrying or just breaking it off with my boyfriend when he is 45 since 80% of men experience balding and will have one of those hideous, disgusting bald spots when they are 50. Ew. I hate bald people and esp. bald spots.

No. 723575

Yeah, I should've been more specific, my mistake kek.
>they absolutely should have, too bad it didn't happen
Hard agree. A life sentence is far too kind for some people.

No. 723576

This is somewhat related but when I was like 15 or 16 I was a part of a lot of shock value facebook groups, they often posted like gore and other fucked up shit. Once day I saw TW child abuse (seriously if you are easily freaked out by abuse of children don't read) a video of a lady dunking a naked baby inside of a toilet, holding it by it's leg and the baby was screaming and drowning. the video went down quickly but someone in the comments was like "omg this is daisy destruction." idk if that's true or not but the lady DID look philipino and the video was of high quality. I'm scared to research it further but it's so fucked up what women will do to their own children for money in a third world or even first world country.

I hate the men that have power over of them most, though. I don't even want to look into that story because it makes my stomach turn but seriously, I hope the justice was fucking served.

No. 723584

I heard that the woman (or women?) from the video was caught and sent to jail along with Scully and that the baby was saved, luckily.
Some "people" are legitimately not people, that's honestly the only way I can make sense of things like this. Even at the worst levels of poverty, it'd be better to fucking starve to death. It just makes no sense to me.

No. 723587


I heard a text description of the video was the baby was just suspended by their feet over a bed while the girlfriend was doing S&M type stuff wearing that tacky ass "sexy" cat mask. The baby is doing okay but she has some permanent injuries because of it.

source: 60 minutes australia doc I watched

No. 723590

anon,.. this is the vent thread but.. that's kind of really shallow. damn.

No. 723593

Get him on hair meds

No. 723604

No. 723606

Women are shamed all the time by men when they aren't 10/10 perfect, eternal 20 year old goddesses but I am the shallow one for disliking and not wanting to date men with bald spots? Kek. Go back to your cave you clown.

No. 723610

I just saw someone try to guilt trip this person because they wanted to buy something off Aliexpress mainly because it was cheaper there and someone said "You should save up and buy from this minority owned business instead, it will help them so much more than getting something off Ali" like honestly if you think making business profits off of guilting poor people is a good thing, you're retarded. It's literally the same product, if anything this ~small business owner~ is just a middleman, no different than Walmart. I have no issues with that, make that money, but you should direct the guilting to someone wealthier instead.

Also, I think more low income people should start upselling their thrift finds and put that shit up on Depop, if you are upset people are selling cute clothes for ridiculous prices because you can't afford them, what's stopping you from doing that as well? As scummy as it feels, it's basically redistribution of wealth when you land a sale KEK.

No. 723614

I have a severe case of ugly duckling syndrome.

No. 723621

idc what excuses are lined up about being in muh third world country or evil scrotes manipulated her into doing it. You have to be a sick piece of shit to do that to your own, or any, child. I'd take being beaten every day for the rest of my life over doing that to my children fuck anyone that says different.

No. 723653

What did you expect him to say if she asked "are you happy" and he isn't?

No. 723659

>Women are shamed all the time by men when they aren't 10/10 perfect

People who do that are as shallow as you

No. 723663

Why don’t you stop picking in fights and go fuck mr clean or something

No. 723669

So you think you’re hot but are also insecure and seeking reassurance you’re a glorious swan?

No. 723693

jfc CP on main, whyyy

No. 723695

Every day the urge to start drawing hot men getting fucked and acting like submissive whores and shamelessly showing it to every loli loving scrote with yellow fever I know gets stronger and stronger. The desire to disgust them as much as possible fuels me. I will become a filthy coomer but I will still have more dignity than any of those grimy motherfuckers.

No. 723696

I wanted to report it to authorities but the thread is gone. Did moderators report it to authorities? This should be taken seriously, anyone in possession of and distributing CP should face the consequences.

No. 723698

it just got removed, blessed be the mods

No. 723700

I assume mods and Jannies will take care of that but they’re probably behind multiple vpns. The same image has been posted to pt a few days ago

No. 723704

File: 1611741823912.png (430.13 KB, 982x657, 07293944-D275-472C-9428-CAA469…)

whoever posted it was retarded enough to post a link to their sketchy site so hopefully jannies forward that to the authorities

would anyone else like a bleach tab or two for their brain?

No. 723705

How horrendous, I really hope the person behind it will be not go unpunished. Does anybody know if the links actually contain illegal content or if it is bait to either give you a virus/to track pedophiles? Sorry if I sound tinfoil, but I personally am really really shocked from this and don't understand how or why it is just casually posted here by someone.

No. 723711

I have one sibling, I'm in my early 30s and he's in his mid 30s. We've both made it clear that neither of us will ever start a family.

My dad seems unfazed by that (my mom has passed) but I wonder if he deep down ever pieces together that our own childhoods affected us that much. That for me at least, my memories of being miserable and feeling like a burden play a huge role in the decision. How do you raise kids knowing that you missed out on being nurtured and in turn you now struggle to provide that to others? I can't even date someone and express love like a normal person. I'm damaged and I don't want to feed into the cycle of neglect and denial.

No. 723715

I’ve lost 40lbs and my boobs aren’t truly saggy, but I now have a loose skin I can pinch and it upsets me so much. I don’t know how I’ll get over this.

No. 723723

I trust that mods and admin have some sort of protocol to deal with this shit, it’s happened before over the years this site has been active. You’d be stupid to run a site and not have a knowledge of how to deal with this stuff. They probably forwarded the link etc to someone of relevance. Someone like fbi who has the technology to test the image for things like date, time, device used to take it etc when and where it was saved and/or copied. But Because it’s not an original image it makes it much harder.

No. 723731

yeah I saw the image as well and my mouse hovered as i scrolled down
i feel really disgusted at men in general now and i feel bad for those poor kids. i want to vomit, one of them looked only 5-6 years old. i watched the VVitch on netflix the other day and the witch gave the baby a short on screen handjob before killing it.

basically ready to implode and kill all scrotes

No. 723738

There was an adult or late teens woman in the picture as well.

No. 723740

>the witch gave the baby a short on screen handjob
um…I've seen the movie and recall no such scene

No. 723742

> i watched the VVitch on netflix the other day and the witch gave the baby a short on screen handjob before killing it.
Well thanks for letting me know what movie I should never watch
I didn't want to mention it, but I saw the older woman too. It makes me feel so sick to know she might even be those girls mom and that not all cp victims are victims of trafficking. Sometimes it's parents selling their own kids off

No. 723743

all the girls in the images looked below 18 to me which was fully implied by the caption ages 5-13, i think the oldest was 16 at most unfortunately

No. 723745

i thought i was crazy for seeing it, but go back and watch the baby scene and watch where her hand goes if you dont believe me

No. 723752

I hardly looked at it so you’re probably right. my eyes went directly to the face of the girl sat in the middle and that is what’s traumatising me.

No. 723754

I thought that she just cut off his dick and then ground him up in the butter churned

No. 723756

i wouldn't really call it a handjob.. i think she was cutting it off.

ye exactly

No. 723758

Do you mean the scene around 8th minute of the movie? I'd never in a milion years think it's a handjob, even rewatching it right now with your comment in mind

No. 723761

her hand was lingering and moving super weirdly on that babies penis for far too long and i cant find any info about if it was a real baby used or cgi so thats a real possible molestation seen on screen

No. 723763

even in the case she only touched/held the penis briefly why the fuck did they show that

No. 723772

you're being dramatic imo. i vividly remember her just grabbing his genitals, while holding a knife in her opposite hand. there was hardly anything sexual about it, but i do agree that the scene was a bit unnecessary.
i'd go back and rewatch it, but i'm pretty sure their contract or whatever with netflix ended months ago as i haven't seen that movie in their catalogue for awhile now.

No. 723776

I have to agree, how would they even greenlight the film in the first place if it had a scene like that?

No. 723800

The film was based on real old English folklore, so that’s probably where they got the idea from.

No. 723813

>It makes me feel so sick to know she might even be those girls mom
Hard same. Obviously like everybody else I only glanced at the image before gouging my eyes out but in that first and last glance the people in the photo all looked like they had the same or similar hair color, and that plus the two children being different ages really made me feel like the older woman was their mother. Which makes it just so much worse. Of course I know parents abuse their children all the time but… just seeing photo evidence of the fact that these two girls (or three, if the third wasn't as old as she seemed to me) suffered was stomach turning. I'm gonna be thinking about those two girls forever now. I desperately hope they're okay and got out of that situation.

Something about the banality of the situation fucked me up too - I think they were sitting on a couch in a normal room? Every window in every town could have this exact situation playing out behind it right now. I'm gonna be sick.

On a related note I want to share these two links here, they're websites by Interpol and the FBI where you can try to help solve crimes by helping identify an object. I know it's off topic but the image really made me think of these websites (and of the horror I felt while first scrolling through them, knowing that behind every banal image of a shirt, or bed frame, or patio chair, and every screenshot of a normal-looking man or woman stood a horrific crime). Just thought I'd share them in case anyone else feels helpless and distraught after seeing that image and wants to channel that into something helpful.
This database features images of objects (clothing, furniture etc.) that might help identify victims and perps: https://www.europol.europa.eu/stopchildabuse
This database features images of people, mostly suspects. This one is more disturbing than the object-only one so tread with caution: https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/ecap

No. 723818

I just want to be with someone who I love and who loves me. I’m sick of being surrounded by people who don’t care about me, life is too short to waste with people you don’t care for. I feel so alone.

No. 723822

File: 1611748598657.jpg (Spoiler Image,265.13 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210127_114106.jpg)

I'm in the process of losing weight. I've lost >30 kg so far but I feel like I look no different, just older. A lady described me as "slim" the other day, and a few nurses described me as "attractive" when I went into hospital. I did a double take every time because I still feel disgusting and I'm used to people gliding over my appearance and not mentioning it.
I plugged my pre and post weight loss measurements into body visualiser and am astonished at the difference between the two pictures. So why can't I see the difference in the mirror? I'm sick of feeling intrinsically pathetic and gross. I just want to feel comfy in my skin. Does it get better, anons?

No. 723828

this looks weirdly delicious

No. 723831

Anon trust me, you have to wait at least a year or two of keeping the weight off to truly register how much you changed.

No. 723832

No. 723833

I played in stocks recently and came out with life changing money. Can’t tell friends or family about this. Mentally confused, the stupid mentality the world drills about working hard and getting paid for it seems so stupid now. Anyways prob gonna buy a house and reflect about humanity.

Fuck the establishment etc work smart not hard etcetc

No. 723834

I hate my ex more than anybody in the world. He mentally abused me in so many ways.

And yet… on some days, all I want is to have him back in my life.

No. 723840

thank you so much for sharing those links. Never saw those pages before. Really angry that I didn't recognize any objects, but I will check from time to time.
I wanna bash in the faces of all those pedos. Absolute worthless trash.

No. 723846

meh, it's more a case of right time in right place

No. 723847

File: 1611751633552.png (11.74 KB, 476x123, based.PNG)

Good for Estonia but doesn't it just fucking suck that 50% of world population are women and only one country has women on two top political positions?

No. 723853

File: 1611752390571.jpg (161.57 KB, 1920x1080, geuydtydfytgwscr3w5412r7efcagh…)

No. 723854

No one cares that you have a Kardashian ass that looks like a tumor if the rest of you is disgusting. Bottom tier nasty bitches

No. 723855

i did a dance living vicariously through you
good for you anon

No. 723857

Anon, there are at least 4 female presidents in small eu countries out there.

Also Estonia is a shithole full of nazis, Finland seems nicer.

No. 723859

Signs that you had a bad parent:

When your mom sends other relatives to pressure, shame, and guilt you back into having a relationship with her, they never say things like: "But your mother was so sweet and nice to you!" or "You two had a really strong bond!" Because they know neither are true. Instead it's always "SHE GAVE YOU FOOD AND CLOTHES AND HELPED PUT YOU THROUGH SCHOOL YOU UNGRATEFUL SPOILT BRAT QUIT SHUNNING HER!" Fucking yikes.

No. 723863

Finland is the same but our Nazis are also violent alcoholics

No. 723875

>doesn't it just fucking suck that 50% of world population are women and only one country has women on two top political positions
Kinda reminds me of some graph that I once saw on expecting parents' gender preference in babies. All but one country had a preference for boys, and the one country that didn't did not have any preference at all.

No. 723878

I know lolcow hated reddit but there is a subreddit dedicated to finding those objects and it's genuinely heartening how many of them get recognized by redditors.
The sad thing is that even though sometimes the item is found elsewhere on the internet, it's not enough.
Still insane how people are able to find random places on Earth from shit photos thanks to a calculation of a sun ray angle

No. 723880

i'm starting to believe anybody who seethes at the mouth when someone's trying to debate abolishing the tipping system in america is a government official, or a bootlicker at best.
i had many people immediately call me a cheapskate, poor, and classist because i agreed i don't like how servers have to rely on tips to make ends meet. they all throw the same insults at people trying to defend restaurant owners paying servers $3 an hour, like, what fucking other job is this acceptable? it took someone calling me insults about 15 minutes to recognize "i wasn't cheap" because i mentioned how i used to work in back of house.
what prompted me to believe the government official statement? i heard someone mention once how the tipping system is still here mainly because most sit down restaurants are drug fronts, and the biggest customers are politicians and police officers. "tipping" is an easy way to cover up a deal. knowing this, what other reason would someone immediately assume and screech at someone trying to debate a system literally every other country doesn't have?
anyways, i genuinely want servers to get paid at least $10 an hour, especially during off-peak times when it's rare to see someone come in and they don't have to worry about not getting any tips.

No. 723890

Thank you, anon. I'll try to trust the process. Have you managed to keep it off? That's the next challenge.

It's not unexpected, but it feels a little sad that people perceive me much differently now. Not just in terms of appearance; I'm cool rather than cringe now, and people have much more time for me. Even if I don't see much of a difference, I'm not about to give up on staying at a lower weight because it's obvious that it's going to grease the wheels socially/professionally/romantically.

No. 723900

I hate how american users on a lot of websites expects others to be americans as well. It's annoying how many times I have to point out that I'm not from walmart country so their culture and legal systems does not apply to where I'm from.

No. 723917

>i had many people immediately call me a cheapskate, poor, and classist because i agreed i don't like how servers have to rely on tips to make ends meet. they all throw the same insults at people trying to defend restaurant owners paying servers $3 an hour, like, what fucking other job is this acceptable? it took someone calling me insults about 15 minutes to recognize "i wasn't cheap" because i mentioned how i used to work in back of house.
Was it on reddit? Sounds like reddit behavior.

No. 723922

File: 1611759383165.jpg (33.17 KB, 461x578, 5f6e873247c8385a76373b85389a17…)

I'm probably balding at 24. I still have some consultations and blood tests to do, but that's probably it. I don't know how I will cope with it, my hair was always the only thing I liked about myself, it was so pretty, voluminous, naturally blonde. I always thought to myself "I hate my face and my body but hey, at least I've got my hair!" And now it's over

No. 723926

>seethes at the mouth when someone's trying to debate abolishing the tipping system

Or servers who know they're gonna make way less on an hourly wage as opposed to continuing to guilt people to pay them a percentage based on the bill's dollar amount.

No. 723929

Classist bitch

No. 723930

I'm sorry anon, that's awful. I went through this a couple of years ago and thought it was androgenic alopecia and incurable. It's been thin and I have been able to see my scalp through my hairline and parting easily ever since, bloods didn't appear to pick anything up so went through a period of mourning. I cut it short, kept it light blonde and prepared to invest in a good wig, and stayed that way until about two months ago, when I was hospitalised and they checked my bloods again - I had three different types of anaemia (iron, pernicious/B12, folate) and a vitamin D deficiency. Since then I've been on heavy duty medical supplements and my hair is filling back in - my hairline is full now which feels really weird but good.
Bottom line is, don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion, and remember that stress and diet play a huge role. Best of luck to you

No. 723932

Similar to what the other anon said; look closely at blood work charts. Most docs will say "oh you're in normal range" when you're one point away from anemia. The average is just that low for most women. Also some BC pills will cause hair thinning. Both of these fucked me up.

No. 723941

Damn, this gives me some hope anons. I struggled with anemia in high school but I never took a proper care of it, since then I've always been in the norm but pretty low. Now I also have to check my thyroid hormone levels. I will try to eat better and stop stressing about it until I'm done with all those blood checks

No. 723948

It's so bizarre to think I'll be 20 in less than two months. I know farmers on here preach about how we've been tricked into thinking our lives are over after 18, but it's not even that. I'm just reflecting on how much happier it felt to be a kid. My teen years were ridden with unresolved mental illness because I refused to cope and now I feel like I'm ending them out poorly despite my life going well for the most part. I never thought I'd make it beyond high school, let alone 20 years old. Very WeirdChamp is all.

No. 723953

you made it this far and you’ll go on to live a long rich life i’m sure, i believe in you anon!

No. 723956

I wish someone taught me how to work with stocks and all that. I studied economy and I literally have no fucking idea. Where did you learn anon?

No. 723960

Just had my physio appointment. She's treating me for three ruptured discs but today found a fourth disc herniation during her disc compressions.
I just feel absolutely exhausted. I want to be well. I'm taking so many tablets and doing all the exercises. I lie prone and ice my spine. I wear a support belt and I try to be good with my crutches but admittedly I picked up some lazy practices.
It's not the back pain that gets me but the nerve pain, and knowing that this is all because of some scrote. My physio says my nerve symptoms are "unusually severe" and that it's taking much longer than expected to resolve. It feels so fucking unfair. I just want to walk my dog and enjoy the snow but I can't even stand up unaided.

No. 723961

I lose everyone I’m so fucking alone

No. 723968

im gonna be 30 and i care about is anime and fujo shit and i can't make friends my age who likes the same shit at the same amount i like.
i've got my career and a job i just dont care about many things and i wanna share fics and art

No. 723980

Please teach me anon I need to escape wage slavery

No. 723986

Try wallstreetbets on reddit

No. 724013

File: 1611767370841.jpeg (67.67 KB, 750x616, 945779F3-D229-4F76-A5EA-04E554…)

ok so I went to the eye doctor yesterday and on today I saw that I had choroidal nevus ? like an inner mole or whatever im super nervous and keep fucking googling what it is and that it has a chance of turning into something serious and it’s making me spiral out of control does anyone else have this???

No. 724016

What did your eye doctor say? I'm a giant hypochondriac but find that if my doctor says it's nothing to worry about, it really is nothing to worry about.

No. 724018

Fucking dump this hangry scrote and love yourself, girl.

No. 724019

It's essentially a mole on your eye and, like skin moles, it can progress to melanoma. The advice is the same too - to wear sun protection (in this case, glasses) when in sunny weather and get the nevus checked regularly to see if there are any changes.

Most nevi don't become melanoma and most nevi that do become melanoma will show changes in the early stages and can be caught quickly with checkups.

No. 724020

NTA, but this is like going on a subreddit where aliens discuss their technology, and everything they say is translated into English, but none of it makes sense.
How does this stuff work? How do you invest? I'm dumb sorry

No. 724023

My friend group atm is basically all guys. I honestly don't know how pick me's manage because I literally get so fucking annoyed when they talk about sex and porn. I get that the average guy is fucked in the head what with the commodification and degradation of women's bodies via porn, but it's so crazy fucking pathetic to witness it firsthand. I wish I could force myself to talk to my woman acquaintances more but as of right now my self-esteem and anxiety levels are fucking horrible. I wish I could stop being a little bitch and tell them to shut the fuck up or get better friends. Men turn into subzero IQ animals near each other.

No. 724041

they didn’t say anything I was there to get a pair of cute glasses lol

No. 724042

thanks for the info anon

No. 724045

Is it real life? If so be careful of being alone with them or hanging out. If theyre that porn obsessed they are thinking of you in that way

No. 724058

fat people make companies money; that's why it's being pushed so hard. you can use them to make yourself more woke, or you can convince them to buy your product and stuff their fat little face some more

No. 724068

As a gay woman I've been allowed to sit in on too many gross discussions about sex, womens bodies and 'the age of consent being too high' .. I just pull away once I hear that shit.

No. 724075

Is there any way to leave the discussion when it starts to happen? I find scrotes are defensive if you outright criticize their behavior but sometimes passive dissent can make them realize you're uncomfortable and are leaving because of what they're talking about. If they keep doing it in spite of you, then they're not your friends.

No. 724079

anon be careful dont let your low self steem make you a target for disgusting low value scumbags!!!

No. 724093

File: 1611772824333.jpg (225.94 KB, 1200x872, D2_29P-U4AApXM3.jpg)

this is retarded but i was worried that i was losing momentum in uni until i remembered that i'm on my period, and this "low energy, low concentration, etc." isn't just my adhd spiraling out of control it's also my body. i do hate that i probably won't be getting my assignments done as early as i'd like, in as structured of a manner as i'd like, but whatever. so long as they get done the day before at least

No. 724094

I was >>722417. Wanted to say thanks for all the support and kind words from everyone and return to vent some more.

I got a positive today so not sure if I did anything wrong the other day, everything in my head and body was telling me to retest though so I did. I'm booked in for an appointment next Friday and hoping I can just get the meds and take them at home in the same day and hopefully it will just be a really shit weekend I can forget soon.

I told the "dad". I didn't want to but had nowhere else to really turn, my mum's super anti-abortion and my friend isn't doing well at all so I can't dump this on her. He's been lovely about it but I'm insistent I'm doing it on my own if I can, we were never an item but had an argument before we stopped talking a few weeks ago and I was very clear I was just giving him a heads up if I absolutely needed it (ie as an escort). Feel my BPD getting attached because he said he'd help and has been really understanding despite our personal issues and I'm trying my best not to use it as an excuse to get codependent.

Just hate my life so much lol. I've had a miscarriage before and I'm praying this one deals with itself too so everything will be easier.

No. 724109

I want to finally get therapy, but god damn it feels so daunting. I have such stupid phone anxiety about calling and setting up something. If my insurance will really cover it and so on.

I just want to get help and reach out, but I'm a big pussy.

No. 724110

I assume you read the news. Still life changing?

No. 724189

I miss life before the coronavirus

No. 724192

not going into details but my mother did something really selfish and really stupid that caused me to fall into a deep depression for months that I got over it by going through months of absolute insanity, I'm finally better and happy and I think she's gonna do the same thing again. I hate her.

No. 724232

I hate the nature of the internet. I see all these girls making so much money from just being cute. I'm really pretty and unique looking with a great sense of style, and a super aesthetic room. I'm upper middle class and can afford all sorts of cool stuff and adventures. If I were to try it, I'm honestly 100% sure I'd make it as an influencer.

But the internet is a toxic cesspool and I don't want to put myself out there for people to develop an unhealthy obsession with me. People get so creepy with anyone with any kind of well known online presence. I don't want people to be obsessed with me. I just want people to like my content and for me to make money off it.

I know this is peak 1st world problems, but IDGAF.

No. 724242

> I'm really pretty and unique looking with a great sense of style, and a super aesthetic room. I'm upper middle class and can afford all sorts of cool stuff and adventures.
get out wtf we can’t have well adjusted normal people here!

No. 724243

I have a coworker that always interrupts my work with "i hate to bother you but" NO BITCH IF YOU REALLY HATED IT YOU WOULDN'T BE IN HERE UGH.

No. 724244

>I’m rich I’m cute af wow
I really want to fart on your face to make it look even prettier

No. 724247

The faces tiktok girls make are so goddamn annoying.

No. 724248

I really hate how this shithole school of mine:
forced me to vaccinate when I didn’t want to because I don’t trust them (I’d do it in a hospital or gp centre but not in a filthy classroom).
Forced me to get vaccinated when horny underaged boys (ok they’re 17/18) could peek at me. They also asked me really retarded questions in front of them like if I was wearing a bra under my sweater
Like what
It was very humiliating and if I werent a braindead retard I’d definitely expose them online
Worst part is that the h*jabis outsmarted me and didnt get vaccinated. I hate the world.

No. 724251

LMAO if she's on here she's not well adjusted, there's always gotta be slightly off about all the farmers on here. there's no such thing as a normal person who uses image boards.

No. 724253

I don't get it, what's so humiliating about lifting your sleeve up so you can get your vaccine or answering a dumb question?

No. 724255

i can't even write what i am thinking or feeling here. i'll distract myself again tomorrow, keep trudging along, moving forward, moving moving… don't stop, don't look back, don't wait, don't doubt, don't allow yourself to get swallowed up by things that essentially aren't real. you decide what thoughts become reality. i am not even depressed, sick or anything, i just have these moments. i think it's part of life?

No. 724256

nvm just read the part about hijabis, different world I guess. Tbh even if it was an unpleasant experience, at least you're getting a vaccine and this early too.

No. 724264

I think about this all the time. Bald spots and receding hairlines are disgusting. Some moids try to hide it by pushing their hair over their forehead so remember to check.

No. 724265

This looks so good…like my mouth is slightly watering

No. 724267

I'm much younger but I relate to your thoughts anon. Do you ever think about how lonely it'll be when you're a senior citizen and have no one? I still don't plan on changing my mind but sometimes that thought crosses my mind and shakes me up a little.

No. 724271

there's a show with 5 teenage girls living in an apartment without adults and I hate all of them. I've only watched one episode because a streamer reacted to it.
These girls are dumb af, I can't remember ever having been like them when I was their age. They tried to bake a cake and one girl accidentally threw an entire can of whipping cream onto the floor and under the kitchen cabinets where you can't sweep. That shit ran over the wood into the grouts of an old, beautiful floor which now has to be taken out because you won't be able to clean it otherwise.
They are constantly fucking up stuff and breaking things which makes me so mad.

No. 724274

That's fine? As long as you're happy and don't act like a degenerate retard in public

No. 724277

Not who you're responding to but you can have kids and still wind up alone as a senior like if they die young, if you were an ass to them, or if they're an ass to you.

No. 724280

What is it called? I'll be angry with you anon

No. 724285

My mom is dumb. She's a good person but I'm sure her IQ is very low.
It's so frustrating how she has a hard time doing anything.

No. 724301

Do you think a 20 year age gap in a relationship with a man in his 40s is always a bad idea? I haven't tried anything for real yet, but my mind keeps running towards it and I'm scared I will finally start seeking it. And I don't know if it's just curiosity or some deeper issues

No. 724305

Yes. There is literally a 95% higher chance for people with a 20-year age gap to divorce as opposed to regular couples (and that’s divorce so assuming they even make it to marriage) - https://www.mckinleyirvin.com/family-law-blog/2019/march/divorce-age-what-s-the-connection

Everyone wanna think they’re special or that their Nigel is the exception and he just likes “that I’m mature for my age uwu” but I promise you aren’t and he won’t, men just want easily manipulated arm candy. I know you haven’t done anything yet so all the better, save yourself the future anxiety, frustration and embarrassment of wasting some of your most versatile years with an old dude.

No. 724306

File: 1611794574563.jpeg (191.12 KB, 549x576, B4A8E0E2-9001-4918-B4CF-9EB796…)

Yes, it’s bad 99% of the time and no, your scrote won’t be the chosen exception to the rule.
>my mind keeps running towards it and I'm scared I will finally start seeking it
Bitch please, It’s not like you physically have no control over your body, if you end up hopping on old ass dick, that’s because you consciously choose to, against doctor’s advice.

No. 724309

Like early 20s with a 40 year old man? No, men like that are just fetishizing your youth and probably aren't taking you seriously as a partner and individual.
Late 20s/early30s dating 40? Then that isn't so taboo because you're more likely to be established and seen more equally…if not having the security to be able to leave if the relationship really is shit.

The stability and maturity men have to offer when they're older is tempting. I'd be a hypocrite if I told you otherwise, I'm 29 dating someone 43 and it's honestly the best relationship I've ever had. My friends and family think my bf is in his 20s up until I tell them, and he has a full head of hair and has a swimmer's bod and an academia aesthetic. He's kind, generous, and wants to give me whatever I want and has demonstrated that he will change for me and commit.
I've had men my age treat me like dogshit, even some in their 30s. There's something about the big 4-0 that humbles a lot of men. Maybe a ticking clock? Either way, any man can fuck you over so always have a fuck off fund and an exit plan, just in case.

No. 724312

For how long have you been dating? Did you ask him why haven't he committed to anyone before he met you?
In my case, I meant literally 20 year age gap. I'm 25 and I like someone who's almost 46. But as I said, nothing serious happened.

No. 724313

Writing a paper that’s due tomorrow, written 2000 words so far 3000 to go. I’m so fucking tired I hate myself for procrastinating so much!!!!

No. 724314

Oh he was married for 15 years. I met his ex wife and she didn't have any dirt for me. They were just different with their hobbies and personalities, and she was kind of a mooch for her age tbh. They started off as an online relationship and they both told me that they felt too invested in each other to break it off when they realized they weren't a right fit and escalated it to marriage trying to make it work cause they were young and dumb and needed each other financially back then.

Idk anon, use your best judgement because no one knows your situation and the guy better than you do.

No. 724325

When I first got with my ex she sent me cute nudes. And I wanted to return the favor so I went out and bought lingerie for the first time in my life and I was kinda really excited to like, be pretty or whatever. But when I offered to send her something she was like "no thanks, that's alright" and it crushed my self esteem a bit. I found the bra at the back of my closet today and it made me sad.

No. 724326

My roommate keeps inviting over this really crusty guys and it just annoys the fuck out of me

No. 724330

File: 1611799046380.jpg (396.24 KB, 1440x2384, Screenshot_20210127-205701_Tik…)

It bugs me how women can go through being raped, beat up, sexually assaulted and abused then move on from it without any therapy or help but men get dumped once in 4th grade yet it's so tragic that they had no one to vent to kek

No. 724332

I found my friends boyfriend nsfw account it's full of tranny porn, furry shit (that he draws)and he even retweeted diaper shit from Kevin Gibes.I didn't know how to go about bringing it up or rather my friend knew he was an Coomer or not, so I didn't say anything.

Then some famous onlyfans dude got outted for sucking off the tranny that dated charlie Sheen, Mia Isabella and my friend told me she went on the trans page and saw her boyfriend was following him and when she looked more he was following a lot of trannies and weird accounts.
So I told about the secret NSFW account and she thought I was lying until she found an old tweet going, "this is my NSFW account" on his SFW twitter.

So she confronts him, he takes the pages down and then I talk to my friend and she was just like, "Oh he took it down, it's not a big deal" and then told me her boyfriend was really mad at me.

And i'm like why? He openly linked that shit, thats how I found it and she went,"How would you feel if someone exposed all your kinks?"
I feel bad for her because it's obvious she's not okay with it, like she was freaking out when she saw the tranny porn and diaper shit, but for now i'm just going to be there for her because he's obviously manipulating her and she's dumb and in love.

No. 724333

File: 1611799820559.jpg (83.23 KB, 604x604, r3hi03w95ary.jpg)

aw nonnie, she obviously didn't deserve your cute nudes anyway, overall nudes are kinda dumb/risky so whatever! I hope at some point you get a gf who will properly appreciate you and would love to see you in something more special!

No. 724334

fucking tiktok i swear

No. 724336

I am so triggered by jokes about cocaine and hookers I just get war flashbacks to an old boyfriend

No. 724338

i laughed, imagine finding out your bf is into tranny and furry porn

No. 724342

why are you friends with pickmes? any sane woman would dump their bf if they had a porn account at all, doubly so if there was degeneracy like that on it. you need to give her some tough love

No. 724344

I shouldn't be saying this as a law student and whatnot, but how I wish we would cut all the rapists' dicks off. I'm sure we wouldn't be having a rape per day if we did that

No. 724345

If she gives her tough love the realistic out come is the pick me will cut anon out of her life then tell everyone anon is a crazy jealous bitch who wants her man

No. 724348

I told her everything I could, she knows she's being dumb and it's kind of crazy because we've talked a lot of Chasers, coomers and how disgusting men openly are, but now that she's in the situation I feel like she feels stuck.
She also said that now she's paranoid about what he actually likes and watching his facebook. I think eventually she'll wake up.

No. 724350

The GME stock thing makes me so mad. Why do scrotes get so much money when women have to sell their bodies on OnlyFans? Life is not fair

No. 724351

File: 1611801868572.png (287.91 KB, 1280x1097, tumblr_4576888f16a215db2c3fcc6…)

Samefagging. I found pic related, it helped a lot.

No. 724353

…What? Literally anyone can buy stocks

No. 724357

>literally anyone
Not that anon but surely you mean people with expendable income that they can risk losing while being involved in circles with the insider knowledge to participate in trading schemes that aren't traditionally female?
Then sure, "anyone."

No. 724358

I'm not someone who is into stocks, but having watched a video by someone who simplified them, it seems pretty easy. They recommended the Robinhood app, and said stocks are a longterm investment and that you have to invest in the right companies at the right time (for example, investing in pfizer during the start of lockdown would've been smart cause they developed the vaccine). The video was super easy to understand without any special, confusing words, and it has me considering getting into stocks.

I would link it, but the youtuber is kinda "controversial" so some people may think what he's saying is bs, plus there is a small part of the vid that is tinfoil-y. I can link it if anyone is truly interested though.

No. 724360

NTA, but link it.

No. 724361

Just because you guys have low self-esteem doesn't mean the rest of us have to.

No. 724362

Here you go, it's a very long video. Maybe I'll watch it again later and add cliffs for anyone who doesn't wanna watch this whole 1 hour long vid. Again, I personally barely know anything about stocks, so maybe some of what he's saying is bullshit. It definitely simplified something that seemed so hard and confusing to me before though.

No. 724363

Same anon.. It's been such a mess and it's hard to keep depression under control. I just want to go out, have picnics, go camping and to concerts again.

No. 724365

>I don't want to put myself out there for people to develop an unhealthy obsession with me.

Sorry to say, but that's the tradeoff deserved for making money off living out your life in front of a camera. Can't have it both ways, you either value the money or the privacy more and there is no in-between.

No. 724366

im sorry anon just be with her but not too much like fake empathy? because she's the only one who can change her situation.Also lol at the furry tranny porn we really need to make a blood pact with all the womans in the world to NOT fucking allow sick men to be degenerates i can't believe u can be a sexual deviant so openly and no one bats an eye fuck this clown world and FUCK YOU BILL GATES.

No. 724410

fuck my dad for giving me eczema

No. 724426

I doubt men care about anything besides looks and the Madonna/whore complex when it comes to women. I want to believe that there are guys who would like to talk about common interests, do our hobbies together, teach each other new things, and love each other for what we do. I really want to be appreciated for what I do over looks or how few people I fucked. Are high class educated men even different? I doubt that too because I heard so sexist comments and jokes from them too. It sucks that despite this I am still attracted to men and want to have a family eventually. I wanted a family for so long, but if I'd only ever get one as long as I look young and pretty, then what is the point? My children might not even appreciate me. My husband might look at porn and cheat. That is not the love I longed for.

No. 724440

>are high class educated guys any different

Nope. They want you to be able to talk about what they like. They dont care what you like. If you are really beautiful and stupid they will still marry you then down the line resent you because you dont share their hobbies.

I started to realize on dates I could sit there in complete silence only smiling and nodding my head and guys would still want a second date if they find me cute

No. 724443

Samefag also I've been told by men I talk too much even though I'm barely saying anything. So yeah if you're on a date theres no point in even saying anything about yourself.

No. 724448

Men do want to ~share hobbies~ with women, but by that they mean they want women who like the same things they do and agree with them on everything. And not so they can enjoy quality time together, but because they are so arrogant they think their taste is the best and therefore any woman who shares it is also the best. If they wanted to bond over hobbies for real, they'd be equally likely to get into our hobbies as we are theirs… but it never happens that way. Back in the day I was always letting men talk at me about video games and cars and sports and guns, and I always made a genuine effort to pay attention and develop an interest so we could have better conversations, but I never even considered that maybe they should get involved in my interests too.

No. 724449

File: 1611815557673.jpg (138.09 KB, 1242x988, teddycat.jpg)

i snooped and i found that my disgusting boyfriend, a few years back when we were still friends, sent a secret common art project to the girl he then had a crush on.
i was so vulnerable back then, i feel betrayed. people are dogshit.

No. 724455

File: 1611816302043.jpeg (51.29 KB, 500x500, FE088B09-038A-4350-9EC0-937684…)

I’m sorry anon, I’m glad you got away from that asshole though. My ex did a ton of terrible shit behind my back as well. Happy that you don’t have to deal with anymore of his idiocy although I know it’s hard reflecting on how you were used.

No. 724461

This is such a common thing and scrotes are so far up their own asses. I swear I’ve been on a ton of dates exactly like this. I actually called a dude on it once after listening to him blather for over an hour about himself. I was like, “So are you interested in knowing anything about me, or…?” and he got all startled and said, “Oh well I was just expecting you to share naturally.” Kek. Like you bro? That would’ve been a trick, we’d both just be monologuing at one other from across the table like a pair of psychotic theater majors.

No. 724462

thank you for the hug anon, it's kind of you. i hope you heal to from whatever he backstabbed you with.

No. 724489

i'm sorry you're going through this, anon. i started balding in my late teens, so i know how self conscious it can make you feel. i still struggle to this day, often.
i have PCOS and a handful of stress related mental issues i'm recovering from so my fate of having a voluminous head of hair again has been out the window for years. i tried so many cover up formulas and thickening ointments, but the porosity of my hair is so low, it won't soak anything up. it just sits on top of the strands and throughout the day it only got all over my hands.
the best thing to do with your hair is to get it cut more layered. a shaggy style can give a great illusion of volume. i had a feathery pixie cut for about 2 years and my scalp was nowhere to be seen, however i'm lazy and i've been letting it grow down to my shoulders, but the layers definitely make all the difference.

maybe only on the days when it's busy, which is only friday and saturday, and they'll be lucky if they get to work both on nights.
which also makes it kind of funny that you mention them "knowing", when i told someone i once worked back of house for $10.50 an hour, they said I was a slave KEK.

No. 724556

Whenever I see someone say they have a personality disorder I feel a little bit of disgust. I highly suspect my mother has one (or more than one. it's fucking bad), and I can't help but think of her. I feel bad because I don't like to make generalizations about whole groups of people (especially with something as complex as mental issues) but then I think of how my mother treats me and other people, and of posts I've read by people who are narcs or have bpd (including posts from here) and then I'm like, "fuck those guys, they don't have space in their hearts for anybody else. They don't want to improve and be better, they are selfish and want to keep fucking people over. I don't treat anyone like shit because of my mental disorder" but I also recognize they are human like the rest of us. I just feel so conflicted cause I don't want to hate them at all, but I also know they don't care and if I ever entertain one they will treat me like shit as fast as possible.

No. 724565

File: 1611830277667.jpeg (91.32 KB, 500x624, 27FDE368-D376-46A1-846F-C16001…)

realizing my family esp my dad engage in what could be referred to as covert incest, also known as emotional incest, has made me want to rebuke them. i'm barely talking to him with the realization that he sees me as an emotional crutch instead of having normal social relationships. my mother has the same problem. i am a trainwreck who can barely deal with myself and this disgusts me.

for those not informed: covert or emotional incest is when a parent uses their child as a source of affection, though not of a sexual or physical variety.

it's terrifying, my mom used to ingrain in my head the idea that my father was going to sexually abuse me if i lived with him to avoid me leaving her abusive household, i realized after living with my dad for years that he gaslights me too, and also uses me for emotional support. i cannot live with these soul sucking demon family members much longer before i go unapologetically insane. i am hurting so much due to other existential factors. please please someone get me out of here

No. 724569

People in the shoe thread are retarded, on one hand "she's not old" but on the other hand "she should act her age"? Here's the thing, the moment you lose the freedoms you had at 20 is the moment you become old. 20yos don't have to settle but 30yos do? They're old, stop coping.

No. 724571

My mother acted like this, it really fucked me up.

No. 724572

No. 724578

yeah. emotional dependency in lieu of an actual romantic partnership is awful and not a good coping mechanism. no idea why my father can't get a girlfriend, my mom was a serial dater but would always fall back on her daughters when her main on off again would leave, only to return. somehow one day i stumbled upon talking about a seemingly mundane celebrity topic and ventured into the territory about how i didn't find a specific celeb attractive and i wanted to vomit in hindsight realizing that my willfulness to overshare to my dad is not normal at all. why did it take me so long to realize this?

when he's not being weird or gaslighting me he's a workaholic. pre pandemic would go on weeks long business trips. I wish he'd return to that and leave me to my own devices.

wish he would get a goddamn girlfriend, part of me thinks he's asexual or that broken by a toxic relationship with my mother post divorce. it's not my problem regardless and i should not have to replicate anyone's emotional support. this has fucked me up so bad.

my entire pandemic mood has been wrought with frustration, of every kind; emotional, physical, and sexual. a lack of ability to meet men and women my own age caused me to project onto an older celeb and I think it's made me even more paranoid and angry towards my parents who are in the same age range. at this point I blame myself for my increasingly unhealthy emotions, and sink more into reclusion, I'm happier sleeping than when I'm awake. this isn't living

No. 724595

I fucking hate lockdown. It made me so anxious about interacting with people. I have just said something that could be understood in multiple ways and I'm scared people will think I'm a bad person.

No. 724610

Was looking for something in my messages and found an old convo from 2017 with my ex girlfriend and it made me sad and pissed off. The one sentence replies unless it was about her, the sad emoticon spam if I ever voiced out how she seemed distant or like she didn't give a shit. I still don't get it, why always be so passive aggressive, till the other one confronts you, even softly at that, then suddenly you are just overreacting. While she did actually get pissy and reply with one word or sentence because oh no, I dared to have friends and did stuff with them, just like she did. Such stale drama but I still do not get her, it all ended up in her acting super clingy yet distant so who the hell even knows.

No. 724615

A minor cow is directly making my friend's life shitty right now and there's nothing I can really do about it. Ugh.

No. 724619

My stupid animation isn't working it worked alright yesterday after so much tweaking and then I enabled some addon and now it's BROKEN my projectile isn't even flying straight down from gravity it's going sideways even though gravity is normal and if it hits the ground it DOESN'T it just goes right through it god damn it why did this happen I was so close to finishing my homework now I think I'll have to do it all over again I think I'm gonna cry

No. 724620

Lockdown got me feeling depressed af. I just want to hibernate or die.

No. 724625

i hate how every cool artist has drank the gender koolaid. it makes me sad when i find some cool art on tumblr or ig and the person who made it has "terfs choke and die get off my page" in their bio or some shit. every time i start looking up to a cool artist this happens

No. 724627

get wrekt 3d anon
2d animation supremacy

No. 724628

the banner with all the cockroaches scares the SHIT out of me and i cant look at it fuck. the jumpscare looking one fucks me up too i hate this

No. 724629

Best post in this thread

No. 724631

File: 1611841227417.jpg (22.13 KB, 300x519, RWS_Tarot_09_Hermit.jpg)

Ever since I was fired from my job all I do is lie in bed, eat and watch Youtube videos. I am not depressed but looking for a job feels impossible, especially because I recently realized that objectively, I am a worthless employee. I don't have any unique skills, I have zero social skills, I am unenthusiastic about work and afraid of connecting with people. I couldn't integrate at my previous workplace and I was fired after 3 months.

The other thing I wanted to vent about is that I always had this huge gap between thought and action. I always just think about doing things, but when it comes to taking action, I jut can't make myself to do them. I've been planning to take up new hobbies, find a therapist, get into a relationship for literally forever, yet I just can't do them. I'm not sure if this is because I'm afraid of change or disappointment or I'm just a lazy piece of shit.

The worst thing is, the older I become, the more impossible it seems to change my ways

No. 724633

I hate that men think that sex work liberates a woman and makes her truly happy. How can you even believe that? No way someone can be happy by being an object.

No. 724640

You sound depressed to me.

No. 724655

I doubt they care if they're happy or not. Or they think they're happy because a mans dream would be to lay around and get paid to fuck women all day so they assume we feel the same about them.

No. 724657

I'm tired of having long days at work. Instead of the usual 7 hours of work a day with a 1 hour lon lunch break I've been working 8h a day or 9h a day for three weeks. I'm tired and just want to sleep but I can't get some rest at hom during the weekend either because everyone is bothering me.

No. 724660

my mom had three kids with three different men and as a result i have two half brothers (me and one of my brothers are mixed race so ppl assume we are "whole" siblings). i'm the only one who doesn't know my biological father but luckily i had a great male role model in my grandfather. now my mom is married to a butch woman and living her best lesbian life i guess.

does anyone else have kinda messy family backgrounds? growing up everyone in the area i lived in had like, normie backgrounds and i used to be so embarrassed of mine. especially because my bio dad is black like it's such a stereotype ugh.

No. 724663

Yeah I think there's people with messier backgrounds, they just don't talk about them openly. I have 2 half siblings (we all have different dads), and my mom had my sister when she was like 16. She was also pressured not to raise her and basically gave her up to her father (my grandpa) and his girlfriend. She's also a huge bitch to my older sister for no good reason. lol I'm one of the only people in my whole family who had a decent dad, so a lot of them treat me like shit out of jealousy and don't help me with anything. Also 2 of my cousins have been on drugs and one died in prison.

When I studied abroad, people were shocked to hear my parents were divorced so god only knows how they'd react to more information.

No. 724664

i was on discord with two male friends and one of them began talking about how he wishes JKR was arrested, how transphobes aren't human, how "she literally believes you're only a woman if you were born that way". i couldn't say anything cause I was so scared that they would turn against me too so I just muted my headphones and went quiet until the discussion was over. i hate it here.

No. 724666

File: 1611846147490.gif (207.58 KB, 600x338, aaaaaAAAAA.gif)

I need the 3d program sadly because I'm just wanted to make a physics simulation without having to derive all the equations and write a program myself BUT I installed the new version of blender and not only does it work but works much better a