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File: 1612766989248.png (430 KB, 864x1017, Screenshots_2021-02-08-00-12-1…)

No. 733281

Posted caps from lolcow's server (currently closed) which is all full of milk of various types from white supremacists, weird gore, anons oversharing, multiple very very bad takes etc. Etc.

Do not race bait ITT or cow tip this is for keking at loons

Users of milky note:

> Overtly horny coomer aryan sperg who only ends up on dates with your classic gross /poltard chincels
> Allegedly has been claimed to be babivampire/fake babivampire in >>>/snow/1155445
>even if untrue then babivampire still lurks and reads this which is still kek
> Thinks nazi japanese are based
> Thinks og nazis were good
> Spends an embarassing amount of time tinfoiling over the inner workings of the Nazis when she's not coomin to WWII movies

>self-admitted middle easterner who engages with aryan spergs for whatever reason

Nun two
> Amerifag aryan sperg
> overshares weird shit like wanting to see severed body parts

P(butterfly emoji)
>aryan sperg

as op I don't have the discord so I have limited sauce mostly donated from other oldfags who are on it. Thus my descriptions are likely lacking

No. 733282

File: 1612767239295.png (468.51 KB, 1080x1080, 1612766995486.png)

Cow crossover.

Not sure if actually her and not sure if kek or not that shes dragging another cow into this. Amusing at best

No. 733283

File: 1612767665358.png (128.27 KB, 521x534, babi nef.PNG)

I think this might get moved to ot. Reposting from the Things You Hate thread

They talked about this yesterday. I think Nefeli is a fake babivampire, the way they're joking about it makes me think so.

No. 733284

File: 1612767697714.png (9.54 KB, 329x79, ok armie.PNG)

Reposting caps.

No. 733285

File: 1612767739935.png (132.38 KB, 694x303, ok eva braun.PNG)

No. 733286

I think Nefeli and Gimp Girl would get along tbh on levels of simping although idk if shes racist

No. 733287

File: 1612767851802.png (50.85 KB, 666x359, what the hell..PNG)

No. 733288

File: 1612767952234.png (57.58 KB, 626x453, what nazi thirst will to do yo…)

No. 733289

File: 1612768057596.png (75.14 KB, 722x593, invading 4chan nazi servers.PN…)

No. 733290

File: 1612768216476.png (84.29 KB, 643x524, what.PNG)

No. 733291


Honestly i thought Nef would like someone obsessed with crusades

No. 733292

File: 1612768753964.png (34.6 KB, 408x248, interestingly wild.PNG)

No. 733293


0% surprised shes a pickme

No. 733294

File: 1612769260721.png (64.64 KB, 653x430, duality.PNG)

Weird cause she also posted this lmao. The context is they were stanning for Grimes and talking about how she will take over Elon's company

No. 733295

File: 1612770159216.png (664.58 KB, 500x2000, comp.png)

Ok heres a comp of the Babivampire stuff that was said in the server (at least as far as I've seen). This was before >>733283. So basically, I think Nefeli is not babivampire, but maybe someone cowtipped and said Nefeli was pretending to be her? Idfk.

No. 733296

Yup, she’s obviously not babivampire, but it looks like someone sent screenshots to people on Twitter saying she was to fuck with the real babivampire.

No. 733297

They know about the thread. One of them posted about it then deleted their messages.

No. 733298

Already knew these losers were mental when so many bragged about having schizophrenia and self posted about their cosplays lmao

No. 733299

Which one?

No. 733300

Think it was Cwwissyyy? Wish I memorized the name but oh well.

No. 733301

File: 1612771514189.png (359.53 KB, 1000x500, ok (1).png)

And finally, just some caps of Nefeli being a nazi pick me. I won't post anymore for tonight unless something interesting happens. Nefeli's definitely not the only nazi fetishist on this site though cough cough /g/ cough

No. 733302

File: 1612771679528.png (32.44 KB, 374x259, hmm.PNG)

Samefag, one more of Eldritch claiming to be related to a Greek musician Ξυλούρη. Obviously this could be true, but I'll just post it here anyway

No. 733303


Good collaboration. So are nef and other nazis gonna freak out and delete or just one faggot who likely was milky too rip

Where in /g anon…

No. 733304

File: 1612773410281.png (186.51 KB, 681x499, woooo.PNG)

here we go girls

No. 733305

File: 1612773927309.png (198.67 KB, 444x532, k.PNG)

Sending subs.
The only mod is Yokaipussy so there's no way Nef and the others can delete the server. Look in the fetishes you're ashamed of and uniform kink thread

No. 733306

File: 1612773962236.png (165.93 KB, 416x351, cat.PNG)

No. 733307

File: 1612774056974.png (190.09 KB, 608x535, jojo.PNG)

No. 733308

File: 1612774295103.png (106.46 KB, 414x523, 1.PNG)

No. 733314

File: 1612775701920.png (47.98 KB, 305x459, uh oh stinky.PNG)

Nefeli honestly types like a self hating girl who has the humor of a 12 year old 2edgy4me kid.

No. 733315

I was just thinking this. Now that they know about this thread, will they keep producing milk?

No. 733317

They might just have the right combination of autism and masochism to keep the show going. We can only hope!

No. 733319

File: 1612776630833.png (1.46 MB, 900x3500, antcow.farm.png)

I expected them to go in pm's, but they're talking openly about it. They're talking about nazi propaganda and sex with aryan men so I don't think it'll stop anytime soon. They also went back to the eye color topic

Also want to add, anyone can join the discord right now. I just tried it from a new acc. Just saying this cause I don't wanna be the only one posting caps lmao

No. 733323

File: 1612776946145.png (245.63 KB, 500x1080, No, I will not..png)

Lol ok

No. 733324

File: 1612777010953.png (11.77 KB, 267x117, les equals trans.PNG)


No. 733337

File: 1612777873514.png (782.26 KB, 800x2000, Untitled.png)

Ok so this is more stuff about the BabiVampire thing. I thought "Lee" had already been a use there, but apparantly they joined yesterday? I have no idea what's going on with that tbh.

Just to be clear, the chronological order is this post and then >>733295

No. 733343

File: 1612778079023.png (124.1 KB, 571x403, they called me a white mans wh…)

Last one. This Nefeli girl is just the classic /g/ kink poster

Again, if anyone wants to join the LC discord, it is open.

No. 733346

Thank you for your service and especially your filenames queen

No. 733358

Big oof, I kind of wanted to join the discord but it looks so embarrassing. It's a shame it's closed because it does seem entertaining to see how cowish some users here are, but I'm so glad lolcow itself is strictly anon and we generally can't see post histories on here. Thanks for the caps.

No. 733359


bless u, anon.

I tried to join the discord 4 years ago (because anons were using it to post some of the weirder onision drama) but u had to be approved - this is legit fucking hilarious to me.

No. 733360

god. i just know that some of these cringey lolcow discord nazi pickmes are the same ones who tried to wring out some stale milk from the PULL discord in that dead PULL thread in /snow/.

No. 733362

This thread has to be a vandetta. How is someone saying nazis are hot milky?

No. 733365

Samefag. Pretty sure you are talking about the thread OP and not the Discord users.

No. 733368

The disc should be open! Just click the link at the bottom or top of the page next to /meta/. To be approved all you have to do is send a code to the Valkyrae bot once you join. It'll approve you a second after you send it.
Just to be clear, I don't have a vendetta. This thread started cause a anon said she wanted to join the disc in the "Things You hate" thread and I went in to see what was up since I joined a while ago. I didn't know any of the posters there before today and have not typed a single thing in the server. The fetishizing nazis and domestic abuse is very cringy and gross.

I also want to add that this is a /ot/ thread, not a /snow/ thread. I knew that what would be posted here probably wouldn't be milky enough for snow so I asked a mod to move it. It doesn't have to be milk, just whatever cringy/gross shit the discord users post. That's all. I and other users just want to laugh at the anons in the discord server. tinfoil: you're salty cause you got posted here.

I'm also not the thread OP.

No. 733369

Are you defending yourself? kek
Liking nazis is cringe

No. 733370


just put which discordfag you are in the name field, lmao

No. 733372

File: 1612780970685.png (46.24 KB, 652x351, yo kai watch.PNG)

The mod (yokaipussy) stepped in. She makes it sound like the nazi shit was because of this thread, but that was definitely going on before anyone was talking about it here lmao. Also, nobody here is in the channel cowtipping, so idk what she means by "embarrassing behavior from all sides". Nah, it's just you guys ♥

No. 733377


the cycle of the namefag/unsaged rage

>>733319 'this so funny, those bitches are just ugly regina georges'
>>733362 'it's gotta be vendetta'

No. 733381

File: 1612782099626.png (228.95 KB, 500x1080, 1 (1).png)

1/2 I wasn't gonna post this cause it is incredibly sad and I don't wanna make light of someone being mentally abused, but Nefeli's boyfriend fucked his cousin and left cause she likes military uniforms? Only including the other parts for context.

I'll try to find more users tomorrow so we won't have to talk about the same 3 people over and over

No. 733383

File: 1612782258213.png (296.99 KB, 500x1080, 2 (2).png)

No. 733388


that's a sad fucking christmas, right there

No. 733389

Nazi sperging is some basic bitch shit lmao. Can it be the historical equavalient of hot topic and starbucks fascination ?

No. 733396

No if they're literally talking about /pol/ shit and being very specific with it. I would get it if it was the uniforms or whatever, but they're obsessed with real life nazis. It's cringe at best.

No. 733399

>embarassing from all sides

>traitor of the white race

Nefeli is fucking nuts lmao what a cow

>being obsessed over a moid that left you, on top of being someone that faps to gay porn, fucked his own cousin, forced you to like traps and fendom, etc
Jesus christ how pathetic. Milky ass cow oversharing her retarded shit
>inb4 you would root for her if she was anon!!!!
No I don't like retards

No. 733403

File: 1612784566809.png (75.21 KB, 771x549, play no frauds by nicki minaj.…)

You're on their shitlist now anon lmao

Is it cowtipping if the cows are farmers? Also lol at the mod

No. 733404

It's okay, let them cope kek

No. 733405

I think she was probably lying, but it doesn't make it much less pathetic. You have to be pretty retarded to start out with to even pretend to be this much of a cow.
Getting screenshots in under a minute, miss p? Lurking your thread like this is cow behavior.

No. 733406

It's not cowtipping, if they're putting their retarded shit out there then it means they're cows

No. 733407

I'm never surprised spergs who spent all their days rehashing what another man says and looking up to him like he's daddy are literal faggots. Nothing about these men projects masculinity ever. Not the obsessive long texts of speech or hivemind without independent thought. It's retarded how so many women online find that personality disordered sperg act attractive

No. 733408

Here's four things that have always been true when it comes to online shit:
The loudest are the most retarded
Retards protect retards
People are hypocrites and like compensating for the same things they complain about
What people hate in others reflects a lot on their own personality

Like many threads have said, a lot of posters here would be cows if not for the fact that they don't make their shit public, and a discord server… is public

No. 733410

>the law doesn't protect retards, retards protect retards

No. 733411

File: 1612785698681.png (320.7 KB, 500x800, shadman .png)

Weebs are probably gonna be mad at me for this, but Bill 2 has (or wants?) a tattoo by some Japanese artist who makes rape porn of young girls. Idk, I don't care how talented this guy is, it's disgusting to want to have the art of someone who makes stuff like that tattooed on you. I noticed this user also posts a lot in the vent channel, so I'll see if there's anything milky there
Wdym? What man?

No. 733414

Legit question

If admins banned making and sharing discord servers, why is the lolcow server still alowed? Because it is "official"? wasn't the whole reason that they were banned because 1. there's a lot of drama 2. singling yourself out / making your identity obvious is banned?
In the end I don't care, but I really want to know the reason why this is somewhow allowed. In the end all discord servers are full of spergs and mentally stunted individuals that seek validation so it's obvious the lolcow server would follow the norm

No. 733415

File: 1612785769939.png (38.4 KB, 491x345, if you say so, ma'am.PNG)

No. 733416

I think someone asked about this in the Stupid questions thread, you should look there

No. 733417

Nta but she means that spergs want a big beefy masculine daddy but can only ever find shitty autistic men

No. 733418

two months old milk is still milk girl

No. 733420

God they're coping so hard, it's kinda sad how she's freaking out about nothing.

No. 733421


p still trying to convince everyone she's unbothered lmaooo

No. 733422

Crossing my fingers that our baby neffy somehow gets minor efame so we can one day add her to the tradthots thread with all the other nazi spergs hyping men who'd dump them for traps in a heartbeat.

No. 733423

File: 1612786338346.png (8.43 KB, 996x148, to the right to the right.PNG)

Yokaipussy reacted p's msg with "cringe" lol

Gentle reminder that the discord should be open and the link is right here. Begging you guys to join and post caps cause I'm literally carrying this thread on my back and I don't want the thread to die after a few hours lmaooo (please don't start shit though.)

No. 733424

I'm not one to usually complain about the tastes of other anons here, but the fact that so many anons are like "EWWWW you like this? you filthy scrote" or "ewwww how can you like x if x is bad" etc but then turn around and act like this privately… it's very hypocrital and rich

No. 733425

That's very sad tbh

>Begging you guys to join and post caps
sounds like a recipe to disaster, they'll single the new anons out.

No. 733429

Damn, that's true. As long as no new users post anything then it should be fine right? Also, older users could still post caps and stay under the radar.

No. 733430

What the actual fuck lmao
Not bathing in 5 days and on top of that wanting to bathe with dead jew kids ashes and mentioning dead fetuses

what the fuck is wrong with these people lol

No. 733432

I doubt these are the anon who complain about scrotes and scrote-like behavior here. Screenshot anon even said above that you can find their posts about kinks and wanting to fuck nazis in various threads in /g/.
I'd also say that the discord is actually less private than lolcow itself. Everything you've said previously in there is tied to a username, and anyone can join.

No. 733434


Do these people hear themselves.

No. 733435

>when you can't insult people because they're right and you're wrong so you call them trannies
classic lolcow.farm behaivor

No. 733437

I think unironically, discord servers cause a false sense of privatedness… which is how we can find so much discord degeneracy everywhere. Funny thing is anyone can search your posts there and screenshot them
Also how much of an attention whore must they be to just talk about fucking nazis and dead fetuses in the open like that?

No. 733438

I bet people on the official server are the same ones who complain about driverfags, borzoi posting, and the pitbull server

At least the pitbull server was funny and not this degenerate, but goes to show what kind of people actually browse lolcow

No. 733441

It is anon.

No. 733452

KEK imagine being so repugnant your femboy loving small cock crossdressing totally straight boyfriend couldn’t even love you

No. 733454

The bf of the Nazi lover

No. 733483

Sage for non milk (though this is ot, so does it really matter?), but I went on twitter to look at this tweet specifically. Ironically the user who posted this fetishizes gay, anthropomorphic animals having sex. Wow

No. 733489

> fetishizes gay, anthropomorphic animals having sex
Furries do, unfortunately, exist

No. 733493


they're lucky the op decided this thread was better in /ot/. I never personal post, so I only saw the thread in /snow/ before it was moved, and this shit is absolutely hilarious.

No. 733494

File: 1612792178106.png (175.06 KB, 474x494, just saying shit at this point…)

1. Who's "aryan bussy" is she getting? Nef please.
2. hoes mad.

No. 733520

I think nef is a boy.

No. 733521

Might be an autist too. Not an expert but yeah.

No. 733524

Does talk like one, but if nef was a boy , why would their smalldicked bf need to run off with a trap? Much to think about.

No. 733527

A purple name means they're voice verified

No. 733532

File: 1612795918660.png (6.67 KB, 226x61, if its u-.PNG)

I can't believe discord anons knew about this the whole time and were keeping it from us

No. 733538

Other discord farmers, you don’t have to stay silent… you can post caps of whatever weird shit you want. Doesn’t even have to be nazili, she’ll get old fast

No. 733555

pretty sure anyone can join the server and see it for yourselves it's not like it's private. the link is at the top of the page

No. 733558

File: 1612797095134.jpeg (102.13 KB, 750x420, 5CE486BA-6523-42F8-B44F-5016E6…)

I love this place.

No. 733629


No. 733639

discord fags are the driver spamers

No. 733644

File: 1612803140426.jpg (32.92 KB, 1080x274, 20210208_105026.jpg)

here's the actual name, if anyone is curious about the missing characters

No. 733650

No. 733659

The discord is full of oversharing retards who are obsessed with food. Reads like a bunch of 12 year old pullfags.

No. 733676

>obsessed with food

Y tho?
Probably they are anachans. There sure is a lot on here.

No. 733677

#unbothered uwu

No. 733700

Oh anon please keep supplying. This is delicious.

No. 733708

File: 1612807795532.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 472x5104, longtime_member_captures_liter…)

Had to censor timestamps so they don't track me kek

No. 733711

samefag this is from the verified channel

No. 733718

imagine being dragged like this in a fucking underwater basket weaving imageboard server and still thinking you’re not a full-fledged cow

No. 733726

You posted this twice

No. 733733

File: 1612809432833.png (31.51 KB, 900x585, 20180718-gallon-milk-guzzle.pn…)


lmaooooo, ty anon

No. 733740

are there any other milky posts in the verified channels? keep em coming anon i love this milk

No. 733744

not really, it's mostly stuff that you can find in /g/, /ot/, /m/ but more normal and boring

No. 733750

Honestly while I absolutely do not care for her Nazi spergposting I empathize with her point a little bit, especially seeing as she's a teen, but here's the things she needs to understand

1), ultimately it's a gossip board server and anything posted on it can and will be used against you in the future if posters find you milky enough. I was unfortunate to be the center of this kind of situation when I was on another gossip board in my mid teens. Unfortunately many teenagers don't understand context or personal safety well especially online so they won't catch on that they're laughing at you, not with you.

2, I get that she probably wants a predominately female server to vent on where she probably has like minded interests in because lbr, eccentric social media deviated servers either tend to be scrote infested or the ones with majority women is too centered on celebrity culture/social media. Despite this tho she had to keep in mind it's a gossip board and the tone of it is not a funny poster who will be well known but otherwise liked by the other members vibe but more like a cow ready to be picked apart in waiting.

Hopefully she learns from this and stop over sharing. She's not wrong that nobody really cares but you can make online anonymous people care by challenging them in any way so it's best not to draw any attention to yourself and just to lay low in any circles similar to this for years

No. 733752

>I was unfortunate to be the center of this kind of situation when I was on another gossip board in my mid teens.
can u tell us more?

No. 733761

I just got trolled by a troll group that went around doxxing other people in the website since I had unpopular opinions. Nothing on the level of Nazism or over sharing personal life stories but I could see where how someone would end up there if they're that disconnected from reality.

No. 733764

unbelievably based yokaipussy

No. 733776

personality disordered weirdo like nazi autist but is wiser not to talk about her shit out in the open

No. 733787

What an absolute insufferable sperg, here’s to hoping she and all the other nazi retards leave the server over this

No. 733789

File: 1612814018540.jpeg (36.46 KB, 1536x202, CC13180F-659E-498B-A5A2-37B52C…)

This is the saddest shit I’ve ever read.

No. 733804

id love to see this nazi influenced style lmao

No. 733833

Oh my god the milk floweth over

Also theres a snow thread for this

No. 733836

I think that thread got moved here for some reason.

No. 733874

The mod and other users turning against that nazi fetishizing bitch? We love to see it!

No. 733883

KEK This reads like an exasperated mother trying to explain to her 12 y/o for the 100th time that other people can see her throwing a tantrum in public. I guess all that bad bitch energy runs out fast when her buddies don’t have her back.

No. 733900

File: 1612820111353.png (22.6 KB, 259x191, age.PNG)

Thank you so much for these lmaoo
>caring about a teenage girl shitposting
>especially seeing as she's a teen
Nefeli is fucking 19. Yes, that's a teenager but she's still an adult. I honestly still believe she's serious about the nazi shit. She was doing it for at least a month and everyone can see it from searching her name.

No. 733905

File: 1612820306583.jpg (211.79 KB, 810x2213, 20210208_153750.jpg)


Nef's done hiding in pm's, lol?

No. 733908

File: 1612820383488.png (10.3 KB, 411x66, who.PNG)

Anyone know who Soph is? Context is these >>733905

No. 733918

>You're lucky a multitude of your embarrassing confessions are in verified channels
Someone post confessions! From Nefeli and whoever else is in there

I also want to add: they're all acting like this thread is about Nefeli when it's not lmao. The only reason she's been discussed the most is cause she's the biggest sperg.

No. 733923

File: 1612820859578.jpg (31.87 KB, 1080x355, 20210208_154801.jpg)


no idea, kek

No. 733928

I can’t believe we’ve been laughing at this extremely vulnerable 19 year old baby who simply could not have grasped obscure social etiquette like
>don’t coom over nazis in public spaces
>avoid bringing up the trap fetish you got from your micropenis ex bf who you’re still not over
I mean, how could she have known?
True, but I think the others had a spare braincell and shut up faster

No. 733929

theyre just scrambling to find whos posting screencaps and decided it’s soph for some reason. reality is its probably multiple people who find the current situation milky

No. 733932

I'm the anon who posted most of the caps earlier, and I don't even talk in the discord so idk if they will find out who I am lmao. I think she's trying to say that Soph is the one who posted >>733708 though. First it was a mod, not it's Soph.

No. 733933

I think I’ve noticed at least three different file naming formats. Not a hard science but I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple people were joining in.

No. 733934

File: 1612821423866.jpg (108.47 KB, 1080x830, 20210208_155550.jpg)

I didn't see this posted earlier, but here's from this morning when they stopped verifying.

No. 733938

File: 1612821545588.png (263.75 KB, 1398x1126, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 1.57…)

I don't even know if this confession is "milky" but they're just boring shit like this

No. 733940

File: 1612821669553.png (227.12 KB, 1126x1090, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 2.00…)

samefag one of the mods is against abortion

No. 733941

This is incredibly milky actually lmao

No. 733944


That's only a couple of days deep, too - yokai seems convinced there's milk in them there verified channels.

No. 733945

File: 1612821889749.png (45.51 KB, 500x366, y'all can fight a lil more agg…)

Lol at Nefeli calling other people pressed like we can't see the caps where she was crying over being dragged by us and her discord pals l o l

No. 733948

Personally I don't want to post anymore caps because I'm convinced I'm getting brain rot from looking at nefeli's spergs I wish I could sell off this discord account to you all

No. 733949

File: 1612822133920.jpg (133.08 KB, 1080x1080, 20210208_160914.jpg)

No. 733953

Damage control, wouldnt want anyone else to be able to find the verified milk.
If it’s a throwaway account, you probably could find someone to pass it on to. It would get definitely banned tho the second they figured it out.

No. 733955

File: 1612822260217.jpg (12.65 KB, 300x200, 78022427-56a9b11b5f9b58b7d0fe1…)

I appreciate your service to milk you get honorable discharge

No. 733957

File: 1612822340447.png (16.69 KB, 543x149, suure jan.PNG)

Sure, Nefeli, Nun two and P are totally playing a character and not retards trying to disguise their retardness as shitposting.

No. 733958

Literal tard wrangling. Discord mods reading this pls just let the milk flow

No. 733960

Doesn't the discord mod have milk too? Like someone mentioned some chronic retardation

No. 733961

File: 1612822457682.jpg (42.52 KB, 1080x463, 20210208_161424.jpg)

No. 733963

"w-we're just pretending to be retarded!" kek classic cow behavior

No. 733971

File: 1612822905707.png (322.18 KB, 1694x1294, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 2.20…)

yikes apparently the verification system gets bypassed by trannies

No. 733977

File: 1612823183399.jpg (70.54 KB, 1080x457, 20210208_162633.jpg)

No. 734002

Might be retarded but this is exactly why I'm scared to join. I don't have a voice that would be considered feminine. I'd probably have to verify with my legal ID but even that can't be trusted sometimes.

Trannies ruin everything.

No. 734004

samefag but frequently when I would play online back in the Xbox days, people would be like "you're either a young boy or an older chain-smoker woman" that set my self-esteem far back as far as voice chat goes.

No. 734011

Anyone in the discord who would be able to explain what the different colors mean? We know purple is verified, is blue for mods or something?

No. 734019

Pink: basic role everyone gets
Purple: female or at least passing voice; gets access to certain restricted channels
Green: mod
Blue: server owner (yokaipussy)

No. 734021

File: 1612825403813.png (202.12 KB, 1476x900, trannyvoice.png)

This you anon?

looks like they verify people even though they sound like trannies.

No. 734024

This has to be >>734002 lol, same phrasing and everything

No. 734026

File: 1612825868137.jpg (406.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210208-181116_Dis…)

I'm not in the discord

No. 734027

File: 1612825950275.jpg (77.52 KB, 640x640, 62ae6a213292f022473049114d0005…)

Can't believe this thread is more fresh and milky than 80% of the cows right now

Also, this whole discord should be put out to pasture. The whole server kek

No. 734029

samefag, but it's surprising to me that this is not just a singular experience. I know men are pricks and like to tear women down if they don't fit their manic pixie princess preferences.

But really, I wouldn't come here and say "I'm scared to join" if I were already in the discord

No. 734030

No some of the people there are the ones providing this milk

No. 734031

You’re either her or you’re copying her phrasing to pretend to be her, either way it means you have access to the discord.

No. 734033

If being racist, talking about /pol/ shit, showing gore, singling yourself out, being a namefag, sharing/advertising discord servers, and being a tranny are things that get you banned here… why is this discord still allowed? Why is the discord somehow allowed not to follow these rules? Admins pls

No. 734034

kek, you're actually retarded if you think I'm in the discord with me showing a screenshot and saying "I'm not in the discord" but whatever. I have no proof so I'll just go. Fuck me for expressing my concern about joining lmao

No. 734035

Fuck, forgot to tag

No. 734037

That's what I'm trying to say, that these discord spergs are super entretaining and more fun than say, pixielocks kek

No. 734038

Anyone can switch discords and screenshot it. I also have a lower voice and wondered the same about the verification, but your words were nearly identical to hers. I’m sure you can understand the suspicion here.

No. 734040

When I say providing the milk I mean providing the screenshots

No. 734041

I'm just baffled. Why would she randomly come here and say she's afraid to join if she's already in? Also why would I PRETEND to be her for some reason and then say that I'm not her? Think with your brain, anon. You don't think it's humanly possible for several people to go through the same experience of being told they don't have a girlish voice and then being compared to a chainsmoker or a boy?

No. 734045

See my reply here >>734041

You really think someone is going to go through the trouble of saying they're afraid to join a discord they're already in, switch discords to prove that they're not in it, and then post that screenshot. What would be the purpose of doing that if I WERE her? Again, think.

No. 734050

File: 1612826783511.png (104.93 KB, 340x297, d7zf5m4-cf2a7ec0-97da-4618-94e…)

Everyone stop replying to the retarded infight about who is who, they're trying to deflect the attention from themselves. Just post more lol-worthy screenshots so we can laugh at how stupid they are for sharing this shit

No. 734052

File: 1612826953056.jpeg (14.36 KB, 304x212, A8B46D76-3615-47F2-91E0-637A1D…)

Mods, mods, toil away
Wrangling tards
While leakers play

No. 734054

File: 1612827042290.jpg (53.28 KB, 1080x532, 20210208_173105.jpg)


I'm not verified, so I can only post stuff from the unverified channels.

No. 734057

File: 1612827055348.jpeg (14.81 KB, 515x152, 8283B021-0FA9-41CC-A526-64D1C2…)

Finally lmao

No. 734058

TOP KEK imagine being tard enough to think we are "bullying" this idiot

No. 734060

File: 1612827285374.png (2.36 KB, 244x226, 1348764844816.png)

No. 734062

Verified anons, please deliver more milk when you can! I wish I would have thought to get verified, but I didn't realize there were hidden channels lmao
I don't think the discord is controlled by the admin, and anyway it's a different platform so the rules wouldn't be the same. Being a namefag is literally a part of the website, and it would have to be advertised because it's the official lc discord. It's literally linked at the bottom of the page.

No. 734064

go to hand pics and voice then. we made admin hand pic

No. 734067

>Imagine spending time on someone you don't like

Does this retard know where she is, or…

No. 734069

tinfoil but nah admin would never allow this level of retardation unless the discord was just made and then ignored and mods were just appointed. in a previous thread years ago admin said some of her friends are mods but again seeing admins levels of autism on keeping things sane-ish i doubt she would be friends with someone who let lolcow discord be this retarded

No. 734070

File: 1612827628195.png (16.49 KB, 458x109, JrVYhDL.png)

is the invite not working for anyone else?

No. 734071

She could have just deleted the discord account or joined with a new one. It’s not like she was known for much else besides being retarded so why the dramatics over 1 exposed account.

Slight tinfoil but there are 2 other active probable troons in the server.

nta but screenshot anons could easily be doing this on alts so trying to play detective with reactions is meaningless KEK

No. 734072

They probably closed it to keep imposters out. They're also not doing voice verifications now. Good thing there are already a couple anons in there.

No. 734073

File: 1612827795300.jpeg (7.94 KB, 329x107, EC13C4A2-7DC8-4D9E-9835-A0D19E…)

There’s stuff in here I’d honestly feel bad about posting. I have no idea why they thought this was a good idea for a channel or why nef didn’t delete her backlog before leaving the server

No. 734075

post caps anon

No. 734077

File: 1612827873381.jpeg (21.25 KB, 657x202, 3988498E-23AA-420B-961A-B25CE8…)

Actually I just remembered nef is a nazi freak so I no longer feel bad about posting this, cheers

No. 734079

File: 1612827956509.jpg (12.72 KB, 293x172, retarded.jpg)

anon dont give nef ideas…

troons always get in and are likely coomin being in a womans space


damn i wanna see in…. omg post backlog top kek she really is a retard
she allegedly is in a relationship with a scrote rn so top kek that means he cheated on his trad racist waifu neffy

No. 734084

KEK of course if it was her boyfriend he’d cheat on her. This is what you get when you date a grifter schizo who slept with his own cousin.

No. 734086

I'm looking in the vent channel rn to see if there's anymore milk with Bill >>733411 and her bf. She might just be with a shitty guy, but she posts about him a ton

Tbh, even though I love this thread idk if it'll last long just cause they will be more careful. The only way milk will flow is from older posts OR from verified channels

No. 734090

old posts are still milk because it is a backlog of cow behaviors. All cows we farm we do background searches on

No. 734091

tfw can't tell if this is real or exaggeration on anons part

No. 734094


read the caps, lmao

No. 734095

No. 734096

Now that Nef is gone, and since I don’t want to post caps of the regular ppl on there, there definitely won’t be as much milk. Users like the butterfly emoji one are still there tho so it’s worth keeping an eye on

No. 734097

But I mean, if you see milky shit just post it. They're not really regular posters if they're posting weird or degen shit.

No. 734113

Like that isn't a good thing kek
>nooo the meanie lolcow bullies!!!
this is what cows say all the time kek

No. 734116

post it coward

No. 734117

File: 1612829347520.png (5.87 KB, 207x75, fuck.PNG)

Nun two changed her name to Nun Two a while ago, and then changed it back to Mierda today and left the discord. I think P is still in.

No. 734118

Isn't having a lc discord server kinda defeat the purpose of we have to stay anonymous all of time?

No. 734119

>there definitely won’t be as much milk.
Definetely doubt that

No. 734121

File: 1612829467324.png (20.33 KB, 209x286, yams.PNG)

Yokaipussys tags actually says she's a farmhand, so I think she actually mods here? You'd think she would know how to wrangle her 'tards then, but I guess not

No. 734123

giving the meta of the discord the milk will still floweth

No. 734124

KEK the name fits
coward, they probably cried and went to make their own degenerate discord
Agreed with this, having a discord server just sounds contradictory to being on lolcow

No. 734125

admin im disappointed in farmhand choices

No. 734126

What the fuck are driverfags anyway? I keep seeing them and I'm old and don't know what the fuck they're talking about, pls help

No. 734127

A bunch of anons with a passion for Adam Driver >>>/m/122022

No. 734128

File: 1612829735922.jpg (93.16 KB, 1080x838, 20210208_181410.jpg)


yeah, that's why this is funny as fuck


I noticed other names flashing and changing when my app loads - I wonder how many were spooked into changing (picrel - misa turns into snapped tranny)

No. 734129

Nah, we are too autistic to lc server tbh

No. 734132

>names flashing and changing
That’s just discord loading. The coloured names that show when it’s finished are the nicknames those farmers have set in the discord, different from their actual discord usernames.

No. 734133

File: 1612829885044.jpeg (69.7 KB, 667x651, E1A45EAA-20CA-425D-A588-1A7CE2…)

I’m just saying I’m not interested in posting some rando talking about their ex cheating on them or something. Cows of nefs caliber are fair game though

No. 734136

sounds like you're terrified that some anon might post your shit from that discord

No. 734144

What the fuck is this thread? The discord is usually chill and has been for years. Every once in a while there's an influx of new users who sperg for a few days and after a while it dies down. Such is the case of Nefeli, but all the other anons are p cool especially eldritch.

No. 734152

Yeah idk I didn’t realize how retarded these people are until yesterday when they started chimping out to that lee person who joined

No. 734161

File: 1612831739483.png (226.34 KB, 588x573, 1.PNG)

It's old now but I thought I'd give some context to Nun Two/Mierdas fetus post >>733284

No. 734162

File: 1612831765560.png (213.99 KB, 698x570, 2.PNG)

No. 734165

File: 1612831860629.png (62.82 KB, 605x440, 3.PNG)

No. 734168

So is this one of the verified channels or is it just a groupchat with only a couple people? I really just want more caps of what they're talking about here (although I'm sure we'll get them if we're just patient and wait). Also,
>the person who keeps posting is autistic and missing a ton of context
Damn sorry guys, it's hard for me to keep up with all the retardation

No. 734173

>Damn sorry guys, it's hard for me to keep up with all the retardation
So maybe don't try to expose people that aren't even milky?

No. 734176

Nun Two is pretty milky imo

No. 734177

Ayrt, If you got posted here just say that x

No. 734186

point of a lolcow discord is to let users just be retarded so everyone can have a laugh obviously. banning everyone who exhibited milky tendencies would defeat the purpose don't you think

No. 734201

Ntayrt, however I'm in the server and I only joined to talk to like minded women.

No. 734203

Is reacting to a YouTube video what constitutes as milk now kek

No. 734205

As others have said the server is chill. Cows/spergs join and chimp out occassiinally as its open and free for anyone to join. Can't see this thread being too milky tbh

No. 734207

Verified channels got deleted

No. 734210

If you're talking about >>734161, I only posted that because I saw some anons say Nun Two was into gore because of the cap of her talking about severed fetus feet, and wanted to give some context. Also, this is /ot/, not /snow/

No. 734228

This is what I thought too, of all anons eldritch is not milky at all, she just posts about fashion and music etc. OP prob associated her with nef bc she speaks greek. The nazi baiting was retarded af but the server is chill, my tinfoil is that OP is a disgruntled cow with a vendetta against lc but because posters here are anonymous it is easier to go after ppl in the server because they have a handle associated with them. Whatever, nazifeli has been yeeted so that is probably the end of the milk

No. 734240

Idk why you're bringing up Eldritch because she was barely discussed and deleted her acc, but I don't understand why you guys have such an issue with this thread. If there's not that much drama any other time, then so what? The thread will slow down, and whenever there is more milk it can be updated again. I don't think anyone expected this thread to fill up. Also, the origins of the thread was already explained here >>733368 You can literally go back to the Things You Hate thread and see how it started. It's not some vendetta. Discord anons were doing weird shit so a thread was started to contain it

I don't understand these anons who think discord anons are off limits. We literally talk shit about other farmers all the time here.

No. 734250

its pretty obvious that the anons crying about this thread are paranoid that people are going through the discord and might find some of their retarded posts

No. 734252

It was just an observation that it seemed weird to include someone in the OP w/ nazi fetishizing anons when they werent part of it, thats all. And shes gone now as you said, so whatever. Noone is saying that discord anons are off limits, they prob dont even care if theyre posted here, everyone is aware that its an open server and what they post is visible and if anons want to sperg about their private lives then they do so at their own peril. nefeli bit off more than she could chew thinking that her posts would be taken as a joke or whatever but instead she got dragged and doubled down before finally deleting her account.

No. 734264

Do you not realize that Discord allows you to delete old messages?

No. 734267

>these babies discord sperging
I'm too old for this place. Someone get me my morphine and wheel me in front of my moving pictures, pls.(/ot/ rule 7)

No. 734272

Clearly didn't do much for some of them if so much got out
OP doesn't have even access to the discord and this was all started by anons asking what the it was like. You don't need a vendetta to make fun of these idiots, and they signed up for that risk when they decided to give up their anonymity and act stupid.

No. 734281

do you enjoy defending yourself?

No. 734290

did you bitches get it deleted or did I get kicked for never saying anything?
those of us who wanted to wait and see already were, you don't have made this thread

No. 734291

The discord is still up, but bitch that last sentence gave me dyslexia.

No. 734293

Those of us who wanted to watch the tards shit up the discord were already there watching. There was no need to make this thread.

No. 734295

Well good for you, anon. A lot of people here didn't even know about this.

No. 734298

File: 1612845983840.jpeg (256.57 KB, 1009x1152, 1609207264698.jpeg)

Anons who are inside the discord: I don't you should be afraid of being posted, it's not like your accounts have your real names either way. Even if you said something milky who cares? Accept you were cringy and move on. It is cow behaivor to try and take down a thread or discredit it, just calm down and enjoy the ride, don't worry so much. You're making such a big deal out of some silly screenshots.

No. 734299

Nobody cares anymore.

No. 734301

Some of us just don't care. Every server has had cows join anyways, we just sit back and watch the milk flow.
It's not organic milk if it's just going to be vendetta posting and cows are doing damage control and leaving.

No. 734304

How many times does it need to be said that there are no vendettas.

If there's no organic milk anymore, then let the thread die. You guys act like you don't like this thread and it's not good, but keep bumping it to complain.

No. 734305

Are you ESL because I never said there was a vendetta.

No. 734307

>It's not organic milk if it's just going to be vendetta posting

No. 734309

Yeah, I didn't say it was vendetta posting. The inevitably stale future of this thread is going to make it turn out like the PULL one. Sorry ESLchan.

No. 734311

No. 734319

People claiming that this is vendettaposting are just trying to get the thread closed lol. Let it go girls, stop bumping if you can't take it

No. 734330

>Calling people ESL when they can't understand your shitty grammar
Nice. Sorry your discord posts got posted here.

No. 734335

I'm not even verified but if that's what you need to believe nonny

No. 734337

Nefeli got banned, because the creator of this thread is a mod that is trying to cover it up.

No. 734338

What makes you think that? The creator of this thread apparently isn't in the discord
>as op I don't have the discord so I have limited sauce mostly donated from other oldfags who are on it. Thus my descriptions are likely lacking
We're all anonymous though so who knows.

No. 734351

Would love to see caps or proof if possible, I love a good conspiracy

No. 734355

Would not doubt this being true, this shit always seems to start internally after all

No. 734368

I'd place my bets on hex because they had a disagreement. Also I'm sure the mods and admins have secret channels for themselves and just ban anyone they don't like, and of course trying to expose them as a cow

No. 734376

Who cares

No. 734390

Not to be that bitch but it kinda sounds like you all might. Stop trying to start pointless fights.

No. 734481

File: 1612871429488.png (7.64 KB, 280x76, nun.PNG)

Lol @ Nun Two changing her name to this right before leaving

No. 734543

I didn't get a screenshot but I don't think mods are involved beyond damage control. Last night in one of the verified channels someone that was verified changed their name and profile to a guy and said something along the lines of "I'm glad to be here". Then, right after, all of the verified channels got archived and new ones were made. Some mods shared private information so I think it was out of protection for them. Neither of the mods or admins have brought it up and are just making jokes about us instead so they're definitely hiding shit.

I'm pretty sure most of the cows got banned instead of leaving, why wouldn't they have tried to delete messages if they decided to leave? But I think you're right on some level of mod involvement.

No. 734544

Contradicted myself but I mean mods aren't involved with this thread but are involved behind the scenes

No. 734545

i mean she’s a mod so that goes without saying but that’s still a good few steps above being an ugly cucked nazi kek

No. 734546



I just think it strange really

No. 734552

Comparing these two information pieces I'm leaning heavily towards the anon who's saying it's a mod who started this. Panic didn't set in until she realized someone else would start posting caps and then the old verified channels were hidden. You can be involved AND also try to damage control.

No. 734680

>Panic didn't set in until she realized someone else would start posting caps
I was the anon posting the caps at the beginning of the thread, and I'm not a mod and I'm also not the anon who started the thread (although we're anon so my word doesn't matter much, I guess) but I do believe a mod (I think it's only Hex and Yokaipussy? I haven't seen anyone else so far) was posting tbh. There have already clearly been users in here trying to distract and get the thread closed. I think they were probably posting personal info in the verified channels, but honestly why the fuck would you do that in a discord for an anonymous imageboard.

No. 734694

plenty of huge retards post on this site. people already have sperfests over not getting to nitpick whatever they want. you really think all the obnoxious faggots wouldnt riot if theyd get banned from the discord for being too retarded?

No. 734853

pretty sure that not everyone who got banned is that retarded and petty, they may be retarded enough to bait and troll this thread and create more milk but they probably don't care enough to sperg out about it

No. 734907

itt: unverified moids jump on the bandwagon and blow shit out of proportion to get screenshots from the verified and secret channels.(rule 7)

No. 735380

The Arkoid girl from the server is a fat BPD-chan who hangs out with alt-righters from 4chan IRL in her free-time. Heard that she was cuddling with them and shit too. Just look up "Arkoid" or "Ylva" on 4chan and you'll likely find some funny things.

No. 735393

File: 1612954508969.png (60.56 KB, 719x293, cap.png)

pretty sad

No. 735394

why the fuck do whorey /pol/tard bitches like her even come to this site? idgi.

No. 735431

Post caps

No. 735452

Just look up "Ylva" in some 4chan archive, try /int/, she's a "celebrity" in the Swedish thread. She's also attention-whored on /soc/ trying to sleep with older (middle-aged) men. Not sure of her age but she's somewhere in her late teens, probably not any older than 19.

No. 735454

>a moid said she showed her tits so it must be true

No. 735466

File: 1612962107743.png (16.59 KB, 178x297, feeling so high like a g6.PNG)

Yeah, I looked through her chat (only 49 messages, but she definitely could have deleted some) and there was no mention of meeting up with guys, however she did link to a 4chan pol thread, which is interesting.

Also, there's someone named spergbutmakeitaryan that started posting only yesterday and has only 9 messages. I have no doubt they are probably someone who either got banned or left the discord and is now back under a new name. My bet is it's Nun Two.

Does anyone know what V4 is supposed to mean? There's a couple people with that role, pic related. Even the spergbutmakeitaryan person has it already, along with the verified role despite verifications being closed, which just makes me believe they were an old user even more. UNLESS It's not a new acc and they just deleted their chatlogs or chatlogs automatically get deleted when you change your name.

No. 735471

File: 1612962506614.png (25.18 KB, 594x179, coping mechanism.PNG)

Is this bitch serious? Keep coping, Yokai. Learn how to wrangle your tards better and they won't get whole threads made about them ♥

No. 735475

Its very obviously a joke anon

No. 735476

With the amount of damage control they did to prevent more stuff getting leaked, I doubt it lmao

No. 735477

no you’re just very very autistic

No. 735479

Ok, yokaipussy. Stop trying to infight and derail.

No. 735482

nta but that definitely reads as a joke kek

No. 735485

nta but this is peak autism. a screenshot taken out of context with a phrase like that definitely sounds like it was a joke. if I said
>"Wtf /ot/ is full of classy people and there's great discussions, all screen caps are photoshopped" would you take that at face value too?

No. 735489

And to me the
>those screenshots are doctored
did not because, like I said, they were already doing damage control. If it was a joke, then ok I misunderstood. Stop getting your panties in a bunch over it.

No. 735498

this thread is actually full of retarded and autistic goblins. who finds entertainment from what a bunch of literally who anonymous randoms say in the LC discord? probably only genuine aspergers(/ot/ rule 7)

No. 735521

How tf do you know this much about someone with only 49 messages

No. 736206

Anon seems to be Sherlock Holmes

No. 736210

This is a very very obvious joke.

No. 736213

there are dozens of posts that say the same thing

No. 736284

As soon as moids learn of a woman in their general they will post about having sex with her. It happened to me too.

No. 736287

wait what happened to eldritchterven?

No. 736299

She either deleted her account and all the messages with it, or mods/server owner gave her the boot for being involved in the leaked screencaps. Nun Two and Nazifeli are also gone.

No. 736303

She's a thread celebrity on the Swedish thread on /int/. We know she has an account that goes by Arkoid.

No. 736307

Are you from the same thread

No. 736309

I used to frequent the Swedish thread a while ago, yes.

No. 736313

What did she post about there? Is this something personal between you

No. 737144

is there a new official LC discord?

No. 739644

>mods spend what appear to be hours, days, weeks, begging the mentally ill cow nefeli to "please behave" instead of just banning her dumb ass.
Weird, almost as if they could do someting about shitposting attention whores in the community they are in charge of…

No. 774218

File: 1617291285885.jpg (447.38 KB, 810x1902, Screenshot_20210401-103105_Dis…)

kek - is this an april fool's shitpost? i forgot i even still had a discord until i got the notification telling me to kms - the tranny seethe is chefs kiss either way

No. 774219

>The LolCow Farms

No. 774222

File: 1617292284283.jpg (65.04 KB, 1080x615, 20210401_104809.jpg)

going from trans-visibility day to autism awareness month probably takes a large toll on their deregulated emotions

No. 774225

File: 1617292780439.jpg (287.42 KB, 810x1886, 20210401_105822.jpg)


it's copypasta from this, posted a few minutes earlier

No. 774230

Tranny janny

No. 774240

>all i've suffered through to provide for this website in the face of shay's fupa and driverfags

No. 774392

nefeli = wondroid and they gave her a special role, lc discord mods are retarded confirmed

No. 774394

File: 1617308211366.png (23.81 KB, 214x311, retardspecial.png)

No. 774587

File: 1617335352415.png (20.51 KB, 190x301, wondroid.PNG)

No. 774590

File: 1617335600452.png (27.19 KB, 700x200, pot meet kettle.png)

I thought it was funny Hex said this. You can judge regular farmers, but what kind of farmer do you have to be to moderate for the site?

No. 774612

off topic, but have any anons made friends on lolcow discord and is it worth being a part of?

No. 774617

KEK Femcel shit

No. 774657

inb4 I get called hex but she's just a discord mod not a site mod

No. 774660

Farmhands already said on meta that the discord mods are also site mods. I believe it was in the current complaints thread. Either way, she's still moderating a LC discord.
Sidenote, but I think it's weird that the discord users seem to dislike farmers so much and talk so much shit about us when they are also farmers. Being in the discord doesn't change that.

No. 774667

Only the ones with the farmhand role in the server are site mods

No. 774681

Imagine joining a discord group for a website you so called hate. Couldn't be me. What a weird moral ground they've chosed to stand in. Truly cows.

No. 774691

it's a nice place if you don't take everything in there seriously. the girls only channels are cozy

No. 774702

File: 1617353394964.png (31.59 KB, 509x279, ghjk.PNG)

It is weird

No. 774719

>it would be pog to have tranny jannies
>maybe that way the website will finally die

Uh… okay? Just go back to twitter?

No. 774741

This raging homophobe is a site mod? Bleak.

No. 774770

pretty sure that's a tranny right therr

No. 774773

Ugh I was in that discord server for a little while and hex is such a Stacey larper. She insufferably brags about her life and how hot she is all day long. She said something about how shes had plastic surgery before, and a breast reduction. I think she has a long distance bf in some other country. Like if you’re really that hot why can’t you find a IRL boyfriend? She always struck me as a salty fucking loser tbh.

No. 788813

They talk about how much they hate trannies constantly, but when theres an actual confirmed tranny, he gets ass pats for dressing up. These mods are such hypocrites.

No. 788818

Give us screencaps, anon.

No. 788821

I have a theory that this thread is mainly just one anon with autism who doesn't get very obvious jokes. They're mocking him, autist-chan.

No. 788855

If you don't find it funny to have a retarded moid as a server pet then just block him

No. 788969

post caps

How is it funny when all you’re doing is feeding into some fag’s degradation fetish? Even if farmers reminded him that he’s perma ugly and will never be a woman, again, it’s just entertaining a maladjusted scrote’s desires to get attention, access, and acceptance from women by letting him stay.

No. 789055

You misunderstand, I don't find it funny either that's why I blocked him, nothing else we can do since we aren't mods

No. 789118

What a pwoor wittle teenage gowl, we should all just coddle her uwu

No. 792680

File: 1619483134272.png (15.3 KB, 688x83, oldhabitsdiehard.png)

how do these bitches believe this schizoid posting

No. 792703

well it was common to meet and fuck celebs back then before everyone got autistic and scared

No. 792775

The amount of people mick jagger has inserted his penis into probably a lot

No. 792777

love this new culture cockblocking celebs.

No. 792790

Come be sperging autists from inside the club

No. 794637

tfw just tried to join the server and immediately got banned by that thing, kek

No. 794658

File: 1619715179408.jpeg (18.63 KB, 1026x192, 2681D3AE-2A8D-4F9E-A7D4-45AF02…)


Maybe you should lose weight and pay attention to your SO instead of harassing women online you freak.


No. 794662

File: 1619715631474.jpeg (180.38 KB, 1241x1872, 2FA95490-ED97-484D-AF04-67C37E…)


Also don’t connect your social media’s to discord you retarded faggot.(infighting)

No. 794712

I was banned by hex for being underaged even though I’m 18 kek

No. 794714

I was also told to “get professional help” even though they just had a conversation denouncing the importance of therapy and spreading misinformation that it doesn’t work. The amount of gatekeeping and fake bitch syndrome is unreal(Bpd)

No. 794945

File: 1619737159387.png (69.53 KB, 824x312, DD837242-13B4-47AB-BDF9-9A5C50…)


Dumb bitch you deserved it

No. 794959

These are the ppl getting mad and attacking you by gaslighting insults when you talk about your experiences that affect women, and the ones spewing unnecessary racebait every time non white people are mentioned

No. 795009

File: 1619741230679.jpeg (75.81 KB, 643x506, 30EFBAA9-BFCF-4445-B1D8-135D80…)

Nope. I don’t even want to be there anymore, it’s literally just a bunch of bitter old women talking about stories that never happened to them and switching their opinions quickly when it benefits them not getting kicked. They allow men to stay if they aren’t “harmless” and are too lazy to verify the hundreds of unverified users who could be lurking. And kek, the cherry-picked convos, those were when people were talking about race in the discord

No. 795015

Half right, but you cant excuse the dumb shit you said like wanting to be white and white moms love you better lol keep that shit to yourself

No. 795031

Wondroid brought up a woman who made a video doing her black adopted daughter’s hair. Stop being an autist and acting dumb because I know who you are and I probably hate you.

No. 795033

How do you explain the other messages?
>I know who you are and I probably hate you
….if you know who they are then wouldn't you be more sure about that?

No. 795042

I'm not even on the discord retard. I said stop excusing your over sharing of racial hatred and defending yourself in this thread because it's making you look like a cow. Log off and walk away

No. 795047

File: 1619744574808.jpeg (387.04 KB, 1242x1160, DCA90984-B848-41D4-BC7C-4F6E98…)


This you??

No. 795050

File: 1619744719651.jpeg (138.23 KB, 1242x378, 74992CB4-8935-4539-B588-0B3E72…)


Also take your meds jfc…

No. 795053

Why'd you block out the time/date?

No. 795055

Lmao the lies, if you weren’t then you wouldn’t find any of this interesting in the slightest. Fuck off back to your nitpicking and seething in /snow/(BPD)

No. 795061

>I'm gonna cut myself now
Please don't, take your meds, and don't say this to people please

No. 803662

Meep I kinda miss u crazy ho

No. 803674

super late but it can help stop people from identifying which time zone that the screenshotter is in and from identifying who is posting the screenshots as a result

No. 803676

Tell hex to unban me from the server then lol

No. 803693

Control your bpd outbursts first u psycho attention whore <3

No. 803697

kek anon i don’t think you replied to the right post

No. 803699

Fat fingers whoops

No. 803703

How fat?

No. 803707

Could clog a sink drainage with both in one hole(newfag, learn to reply)

No. 803733


Meep the second alt you made hasn’t been banned.

No. 804531

File: 1620780736287.png (16.84 KB, 745x104, k.png)

wtf is she even talking about

No. 805203

That one has been unfortunately banned.

Unban me pls

No. 807967

Ladies why is Hex such a bitch I just don't understand

No. 811517

She's tsundere with a false princess complex it's cute

No. 849549

File: 1625831006000.jpg (185.39 KB, 848x572, lol.jpg)

>non-constructive comments about this chat or the site
Vague and also pointless

No. 868520

I left the server like 6 months ago because it was cliquey and annoying
Has there been any improvement or is there no point in joining it?

No. 868561

The picture she's using, what is it from

No. 868616

I think as of now the nonnies in the women verified channels are okay a lot of the BPD attention whores left or got banned, the cows-and-milk channel has moids and troons because they're allowed according to server rules lmao. There's this one moid that wants to fuck trannies and he just sits in the channel all day caping for them and being weird. Some people literally have no lives.

No. 868676

that's so fucking cringe. you couldn't pay me to spend my time there.

what is the point of not allowing trannies and men on the main website but allowing them in the discord server? makes absolutely zero sense

No. 868715

they've always been allowed to post as long as they don't make it obvious they're male

No. 868826

I'm in it, but the mods seem passive-aggressive and weird. Not sure what they're suffering from, not really worth hanging around.

No. 868834

What happened to hex? Did she change her name or did she leave the server?

No. 868917

i kinda get that impression from almost everyone not just the mods? i'm not expecting a hugbox but jeez
no clue, i'd like to know as well

No. 868996

Hex left the server and hasn't been back. Guess she ended up being a Stacy after all by not wasting her time in the server kek.

No. 881933

File: 1629038550975.jpg (27.84 KB, 466x335, never.jpg)

>verification is halted indefinitely
>admin is still a sourpuss that only communicates in emojis
>men still allowed
My prediction is the server will be deleted before 2022 because they simply don't want to deal with it anymore without having to hand it over to anyone else

No. 908661

Anything interesting happening there lately?

No. 909179

Read the post above you

No. 909250

Seems like you can still neither verify nor even see the general channel, mods absolutely don't care. It's dead

No. 933115

was i banned or was the server deleted

No. 933122

i thought it was just me and i was kicked for no reason. somethings up

No. 933138

File: 1633635400581.jpeg (638.01 KB, 1170x1074, 72C3F0F8-DC6A-47D0-A5B9-B484A4…)

server deleted …. rip anons

No. 933144

File: 1633635905763.jpg (8.92 KB, 344x342, Tumblr_l_135620367992611.jpg)

me three
where will I shitpost now!

No. 933145

KEK no more discord for you bitches, it was so boring when they started to not accept people’s verifications and let moids on the server

No. 933146

fuck i'm really gonna miss you guys…

No. 933150

Why not start a new server run by farmers? I don't use discord so I don't know how much work that takes.

No. 933155

I got unfairly banned so bye deadass server

No. 933162

what was the reason?

No. 933163

Did Elaine kill the discord or did Admin-chan pull the plug

No. 933166

I dont give a fuck what these bitches say. I LOVE YOU ALL

No. 933177


No. 933180

Everyone get the heck in there

No. 933188

who are you i don’t remember you

No. 933189

fuck off elaine

No. 933191

I never used the discord before, i just wanted to belong to a group, now I'm sad cause the anon deleted it
I feel like it might have been her because I was the only one there besides the anon that made it and now it's gone

No. 933231

What did you do?? You will become admin-chan's cell mate, you’re doomed.

No. 933238

I assumed I was banned because people were starting to get kicked, but now I see the server was deleted. Sad. I liked shitposting with you all.

No. 933245

I can't believe I just threw it all away like that, just to belong, golly

No. 933258

Send us a message in a milk bottle from the clink, anon

No. 933300

why did the server get deleted?

No. 933322

Who is elaine I think I missed the drama

No. 933344

Elaine's thread is pinned in snow

No. 933462

I'll miss all of you unhinged bitches but mostly Santa and Buffangel. R.I.P It was good while it lasted

No. 933609

I've been lurking ever since the oldcord and always found the chat comforting to read. All in all you guys had mostly good takes despite the retardation. RIP

No. 933701

ok but i will miss the meme channel so much. idk where to find good memes now. where did u guys find them?

No. 934154

is someone gonna make a new one?

No. 934369

File: 1633771852232.png (22.29 KB, 1824x233, Screenshot (15).png)

Elaine got the server taken down (picrel is from /meta/)

No. 934448

No. 934482

This server sounds obnoxious kek, thank god i didn't join.

No. 934603

I'm a man

No. 934604

I'm a shemale

No. 934606


No. 934612

Wtf is matrix? sounds like a place for trannies and fags

No. 934613

File: 1633800939336.gif (5.84 MB, 500x281, b8paikknjdp61.gif)

No thnx. I guess I'll doge this bullet.

No. 934615

so is discord kek

No. 934622

Doesn't make it any better

No. 939406

File: 1634313595583.png (1.86 MB, 1607x2107, FBhl8UIXMAMXBEj.png)

Is it just me or is no one talking on Matrix? Or is there some kind of verification I need to pass to see messages just like the old Discord server? Never used Matrix before… I just miss the old server.

No. 939435

Yes, please, someone for the love of God explain how this app works. I've joined the room three times now, and it always disappears like I was never there. When I join, there isn't a chat box so I can't type anything. I'm so frustrated.

No. 939445

File: 1634315699832.jpg (36.86 KB, 640x419, waq1b2egqdn01.jpg)

>doge this bullet

No. 939463

This is it, this is the method with which I will end it all

No. 968566

don’t you have to whine about not being white some more cannibalqueen

No. 968567

hi cannibalqueen

No. 968571

whats the issue? I like her body

No. 968577

To anyone who doesn't know, the person posting this is called Cannibalqueen, who was voice verified in the Discord, started spamming shite memes, left of her own accord and starting spamming this picture of Milky Way, a different verified autist in the Discord. Schizos, man.

No. 968592

no1curr about you or weird bikini girl, fuck off before the lesbian simps start strolling in

No. 968595

she was whining about people ignoring her posts on lc in the server earlier I’d recommend to not reply any further if you wanna break the last straw that’s holding her sanity upright

No. 1025626

File: 1642056961925.png (27.88 KB, 385x329, faggot.png)

Scrote in the Discord talking about how women don't understand sarcasm and jokes, when he's "joking" about liking fat asses and fucking dudes.

No. 1025627

Discord tag Cent with a Royal Ordnance L7#0145

No. 1025663

once again i question why tf men are allowed in the discord

No. 1025681

the misandry here is a larp, they all want a bf pretty bad

No. 1025865

I bet some of the mods are men.

No. 1026766

Because the mods are dumb, lazy and there simply isn't enough of them. The new discord is even worse than the last one. It feels like twit and newfag central. They all fall for obvious bait so hard.

No. 1026944

why we even have a discord in the first place I don't understand. We're an anonymous imageboard created for gossip. Why would we need a discord

No. 1026972

Because it’s rules for thee and not for me. Kiwifags are retarded for their namefagging and power leveling site but we’re not if we do it on lolcord! I agree with you, there is zero reason for the discord to exist or anyone sane to use it.

No. 1034285

I swear every single retard there keeps on responding to obvious bait to the point where I think they WANT men there. Men go to that discord to get female attention and they give it out so easily. It's absolutely pointless.

No. 1034291

Idk what goes on there but it's obvious the autist spamming pt was there, it should be nuked for multiple reasons.

No. 1034565

some of the anons were really nice but didn't trust the place wouldn't go to shit. the increased presence of moids sounds catastrophic for the well being of the server. it's not like I should've expected better but cmon.

No. 1034628

is elaine still in there shitting the server up constantly? i went in very very briefly a few months back and she was just spamming stupid shit constantly. was very cringe

No. 1034675

I left a few weeks ago and she was still there. I haven't been back since. I wouldn't doubt she still is there and that's part of what drew the moids in. Problem is there's no convincing her to come down off her high horse.

I truly do feel bad for her as a reformed pickme but she's going to have to learn the hard way.

No. 1051890

Why is the newest server so lame? Where are all the regs from the previous one?

No. 1051954

Newfags. I agree old one > new one. All the new people come across as /g/fags.

No. 1051958

It's even worse if you see them in Elaine's server. i joined for fifteen minutes and everyone was completely insane there. shocking when you see who is who

No. 1055467

Waterflee and Dead Case got into a tiff after bullying the shit out of Mae

No. 1055518

Who? Post caps.

No. 1055535


Eh, Waterflee is the one who started the whole so called bullying of KittyCatMae. This is no anti-bullying campaign, but her being a retard BPD attention whore and trying to fight everyone with her fellow BPD thot piss girl. Almost every day they start tagging a new random person and come up with delusional interpretations of what that poster was saying, so they can pick fights. Waterflee is the same poster whos bikini pics and face got spammed here a few months back for this very same reason.

I really don't care about is it allowed to post her verified channels content, since she herself just today shared someones verified channel vents just to be petty. She got warned by the Admin just yesterday for it and another poster called them both out later as well. She has posted all kinds of stuff on how she has a domestic violence case and is scamming men on seeking arrangement, and then posting their details. She has posted herself half naked, her ex-boyfriends mums contact details, her exes ass and face, and a ton of selfies of herself. Her and piss girl trying to play fight club will end badly for both of them, since both of them have self doxxed in public and in verified channels.

No. 1055742


waterflee/ milky way… the resident cow of the verified channels. people cheer her on to continue being a cumbucket for disgusting, hairy, fat grandpas and she reads it as genuine love towards her, i almost forgot she existed.

No. 1055982

she ragequit the discord after another meltdown. before that she was trying to find the people who post here so she could talk to them. she got told shes a retard and went off randomly at a mod posting dms with her, which just confirmed said mod has a boyfriend. her fellow whore piss girl continues to whiteknight her.

No. 1056386

i should really get around to getting verified. the private channels sound like they're overflowing with milk

No. 1057823


She returned and tried to pretend like nothing happened.

No. 1057825

Who the fuck would join a site full of people like this when they're already unhinged and the only people who are gonna publicly post on a discord are gonna be even more unhinged bc of the radioactive combination of imageboard culture plus discord attention whore?

No. 1057826

*join a chat

No. 1058266

she said she had a manic episode but I think she is trolling us

No. 1058277

File: 1644387085452.jpeg (72.62 KB, 1142x337, 054787BB-BC63-4BF0-AACF-460723…)

there is a regina george wannabe in the lolcord. she is friends with kiwi doxxers and does doxxes herself. she is over 40 and brags about how she doxxes others. there is a mod named sandwhich who doxxed a dead girl in private general. made fun of her edited pictures but deleted them and apologized to the girls friend

No. 1058281

other unhinged attentiom whores.

No. 1058319


were you too retarded to censor your own discord name?

No. 1058320

File: 1644392216387.png (134.89 KB, 536x269, go piss girl.png)

Yes, yes she was.

No. 1058322

okie regina, go feed your kids

No. 1058323


Learn to censor your shit, faggot

No. 1058324

your children hate you

No. 1058325

oh no I didn't realize she had children

No. 1058328

she has two and brags about doxxing people online. i wonder how her kids would feel if they got doxxed. she looked at a users birth record earlier and named her.

No. 1058329


go whiteknight harder for waterflee. maybe she'll give you some of her sloppy seconds from her tindr dates

No. 1058331

I think I talked to her when I was on the actual discord still, I had no idea she was over 40 though. let alone that she had kids, I thought she was some rando in her twenties what the fuck

No. 1058332

> user responds to obvious bait and posts her literal a/s/l
> Regina tells her to take it down because it's not smart to share personal info
> user mocks her
> Regina very gently posts user's first name to make a point, and then takes it down

Not really how you are portraying it.

No. 1058333

regina found this girls fb and posted her information before.

No. 1058337

File: 1644393028689.jpeg (152.07 KB, 1170x932, 655EA4F2-5979-40D9-B589-9FE094…)

No. 1058340

There's no way there's a 40 year old woman with kids doxxing and fighting with randos in a discord server for a bovine gossip imageboard…wow. Is that the future of all farmers?
>who doxxed a dead girl in private general
What the fuck, can we get more milk on this? Was the girl in the discord/an lc user? How did it all lead up to this?

No. 1058341

Samefag, I reposted this like 3 times and kept tagging the wrong anon. Meant for >>1058277.

No. 1058342

user go piss girl posted a urn of her friends friend. the urn had the girls name on it. mod named sandwhich looked up the girls Facebook. she mocked her photos and said how can they identify when she doesn’t look like her filters. said friend of friend died from a murder.

No. 1058344

What did she mean by this?

Not possibly that this is another idiot who self-doxed coming onto the board and all it took to find everything about her was a few clicks and a Google search?

Pretty sure that this is another case of trying to make a point about being safe online. No malice.

BTW it's not clear from her post but piss girl (who outed herself by taking an unwise screenshot) is actually talking about two separate women of a certain age on the Discord.

No. 1058347

>trying to keep someone safe online
>by doxing them in a server where there are scrotes and male kiwifags lurking and mods don't do shit about it

No. 1058348

her Twitter was linked. some users have their socials linked but no name. regina found her name and posted her Facebook

No. 1058349

>some users have their socials linked but no name

Maybe they shouldn't do that? Surely Regina does not have any superpowers to be able to find the name.

No. 1058350

her full name wasn’t on her Twitter so i am not sure how Regina found her Facebook

No. 1058351

she posted where she worked and lived in a public server

No. 1058352

mods are scared of her because she is an ex kiwi

No. 1058353

My point is that >>1058347 points out quite correctly there are other people on that server as well and they could all find the same information. It's not magic. And a lot of people could stand to use a reminder about not linking all their stuff online.

No. 1058354

So happy i’ve never joined the retarded official discord, it sounds like a cesspool of pure insanity. You bitches need professional help.

No. 1058356

>trying to keep someone safe online
>by doxing them in a server where there are scrotes and male kiwifags lurking and mods don't do shit about it
cope Regina

No. 1058357

She’s basically my moms age and i’m trying to imagine my literal fucking mom doxxing 20 something’s on a discord server from a gossip image board while larping as a movie character. That is so embarrassing I don’t even have the right words for it holy shit, the only solution is to rope so her kids can be free of such a vile and failed excuse for a parental figure.(A-logging)

No. 1058360

she created another lolcow wanna be. It’s called burn book. she hasn’t posted on there.

No. 1058361


The shit you pull with dudes on tindr is even more embarrassing. Well, that and the self-doxxing.

No. 1058362

File: 1644394226140.jpeg (387.42 KB, 1142x1859, 49E9DFF5-8774-4CCB-92E7-1C06CA…)

No. 1058363

no way
im literally not in the server??? or on tinder for that matter

No. 1058365

she is referring to go piss girl or waterflee thinking it’s them

No. 1058366


Okay, Waterflee.

No. 1058368

You’re 40 and acting like this it’s honesty sad. Again not waterflee or whoever but it’s not like it matters. Idk you and I can just see how sad your life is where your only joy comes from thinking you were important on fucking Kiwifarms of all places and doxxing people half your big age.

Anyways, anons please provide more caps of this retard for those of us who aren’t in the server. She’s more pathetic than the previous Nazi lover that was the main server cow. Also just generally sadder

No. 1058369

Thank you anon. Not to be dramatic, but that's absolutely disgusting. That person sounds evil. Not to mention posting your friends, friend's urn.
I can't believe it either, crazy and sad.

No. 1058377

who the fuck posts a picture of their murdered friend's urn in a discord like this? it's piss girl's fault for being a retard

No. 1058379

File: 1644395067688.jpeg (280.36 KB, 1130x1451, 4AC6443A-7727-48D6-89DE-A8A6FE…)

No. 1058380

This is so pathetic holy shit fucking kek, that must’ve taken so much time and for what??? literally what does she get out of this? if she seriously has kids does she neglect them in favor of doxxing discord randos? Hold on little timmy just have to go through this 50 twitter accounts and then I’ll feed you.

No. 1058383

I’ve joined previous nonofficial discords posted here back when it was allowed and there were usually one or two people who were unhinged but generally everyone was chill. I only ever see cows like this from the official servers, I feel for the genuinely nice anons who are stuck in a place with someone like this.

No. 1058389

File: 1644396060318.jpeg (168.83 KB, 1170x914, E53DCEED-151B-4D3F-ABA3-FF15C9…)

No. 1058391

File: 1644396151145.jpeg (47.48 KB, 1170x363, 74190725-88F3-417B-93AF-862B70…)

No. 1058393

Her kids being grown makes this sadder because they’re old enough to comprehend that their mom is a giant retard and loser

No. 1058396

she was highly braggadocious about her "accomplishments" from convo 1. her vibes were slippery to a lot of anons, i just figured she was some insecure college girl suckering up to kiwifags and not a grown ass woman with a storied history of doxing and shit

No. 1058398

her oldest son is 17..

No. 1058399

Nta, but I was looking through her history and she said she started popping out kids in her 20s, so her kids must be teenagers. At that point are you even still considered a SAHM, though?

No. 1058402

File: 1644396711261.jpeg (174.27 KB, 1170x735, 805FFC6E-0D35-4EB5-9086-189801…)


No. 1058403

even being college aged and bragging about doxxing people is like genuinely unhinged, like the fact she’s 40 is something else entirely >>1058398
he must resent her, I actually feel so bad for her kids

No. 1058404

This Regina girl feels like a nerd that always wanted to be a popular mean girl but never managed to become one. It's truly sad that she always goes after younger women, whose youth she most likely envies because, like I said, at that age she was just as much of a loser as she is now. I wonder if her children know their mother is doxxing girls their age for petty drama. Also I'm not in the dc server, has she been doxxed or had her own looks exposed? I like to imagine her looking like Regina's mother, kek.

No. 1058406

why are you guys so salty over her?

No. 1058407

I think I remember she said something about female fertility going down. given that she's been weaned on the kiwifarms teat is the tradthottery a surprise at all

No. 1058408

Anon please Amy Pohler is a beautiful woman, she probably doesnt even come close
Because she’s a pathetic middle aged woman with literal children doxxing young girls on discord? Now go feed your kids Tardgina

No. 1058411

I wouldn't say most people are salty, aside from discordfags she fucked w, but it's just kinda funny there's a literal cow in the lolcow discord. Though I can't help but feel sad because she probably is unhappy in real life and uses this platform to roleplay as her dreams of being the shallow highschool mean girl while she's literally a 40 year old married woman irl. She always goes after young girls too so it might just be her insecurity about aging, which is again more sad than funny if you ask me.

No. 1058412


don't be a pussy and go into the discord and tell her that. or is that why you're posting anonymously?

No. 1058414

salty would imply I gave enough of a fuck to actually care for this to last, life is meaningless and the brain will move onto the next thing. she's still shitty for what she did, though. and continuing to do it over and over. the definition of insanity

No. 1058416

I know she's beautiful but in the movie, she does kind of play the stereotype this woman is playing. Old but cool mom, still a meangirl at heart.

No. 1058417

Im not going to join a discord server full of retards to tell this grown woman that she’s a loser, it’s obvious and i’m sure she knows. We’re on an anonymous shit talking image board? Im just using it how it was made to be used.
>Tell her
I think you meant “Tell me”

No. 1058418

regina or laywarden

No. 1058419

Valid anon, but it’s sad to see how the cool mom has devolved into a discord using tradthot, the bar is so low

No. 1058420

what's the matter, you can dish it but you can't take it, eh?

No. 1058422

File: 1644397509154.jpeg (26.88 KB, 256x256, 12743955-7D6C-44F8-A75D-0879BD…)

oh no im so scared!! what is she gonna do? doxx us? consider my timbers shivered

No. 1058424

I left the discord weeks ago because all they did was talk about sex and waterfrees tinder/degenerate escapades in general. The older one was a lot nicer.

No. 1058425

Wasn't there a mod in the old discord called Regina too? or am I thinking of the Regina from this actual site?

No. 1058426

File: 1644397654418.png (147.57 KB, 665x290, so much nicer.png)

>The older one was a lot nicer.

No. 1058427

An ex lolcow admin was called Regina

No. 1058428

this Regina's name is literally "(not that) Regina" because she is not that Regina (or that other Regina.)

No. 1058429

>waterfrees tinder/degenerate escapades
Care to elaborate? I don't want to join the discord but want the milk

No. 1058430

nta but at least this anon was just a retard and not really being malicious towards anyone unlike this bitch

No. 1058431

that larp was an edgy joke
it was definitely in bad taste but it was clearly a joke for some users engaging in it
they were also kicked and not invited back subsequently, mods at present aren't doing anything about regina

No. 1058432

seriously, why are there so many nazifags on lc, unironic or not? i thought people left edgyshit in middleschool.

No. 1058433

I joined when the new one was made and left after a few days because it was sad. People taking bait from male shitposters and otherwise it was dead and boring. The topics remind you just how young a lot of the userbase of this site is.

No. 1058434

So the mods are really letting this woman roam free doxxing random members? What the fuck

No. 1058435

Is this unironic? If so anons into this, why? Internalized racism?

No. 1058437

Not when you put it like that, no. There's a little game that a few people play with people who link their socials to their Discords, particularly if they are moids or trannies, but yes some girls/women too, to see how much information people are giving away. "Doxing" is a really strong term for this, in most of these cases it's at most doing a Google search or two. People are talking like there is something illegal going on, or even something complicated.

No. 1058438

It's just typical attentionwhoring
Ooh look at me ~posts attention grabbing shit~

No. 1058439

you sound like vendetta-posting, just saying. that user isnt doxxing " random" members or anything, not like waterflee tried to do with one mod yesterday. why arent you posting about what waterflee did?

No. 1058440

Regina we see you("hi cow")

No. 1058441

Because i don’t know who that is since i’m not in the server.

No. 1058442

Nta, but why don't you post it.

No. 1058460


The dreaded Nefeli incident. That bitch was there for a few weeks and has left a shit stain forever. There wasn’t much drama after that.

She would post all the men she saw on tinder for attention and validation in the general channel. She also shared messages she sent them trying to “own” them but they just made her look retarded. A lot of the anons cheered her on because they thought it was funny someone could be that retarded. All the things >>1055535 said were posted in general. Other things posted by waterfree consist of talking about the things she let men do to her feet and sugaring. I don’t remember must else past that my brain was saving me from trauma.

No. 1058462

what about what she did to the one mod yesterday?

No. 1058502

You're 100% right. The new people are not only boring but retarded and cannot resist replying to bait and moids.

No. 1058512


Go Piss Girl, you left your tag in these posts. You have been samefagging, a-logging and spamming this thread enough for me to warrant exposing you. You are also pretending to not be you, hence breaking
>Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.*
As a farmer you should know, this kind of behaviour will result in your posts being tagged.

No. 1058527

File: 1644407691489.jpeg (83.09 KB, 479x812, milky.jpeg)

I like this thread's milk. I like to know I'm posting with retards. It makes me feel less retarded.

No. 1058624

>literally have nothing to do half the time
Idgi why don't these people you know, get a hobby? It's not hard.

No. 1058638

The doxxing screens are out of context. I was not involved in these conversations, but I am verified and a lurker.

The discord has had mods multiple times warn users about linking their socials. A bunch of users were tagging posters that had their socials linked and warning them, in context those were replies to people saying they can't be doxxed because their social media has only pictures of their pets and other such explanations. This Regina poster and others were replying that those are doxxable things and they should be careful. All of the "doxxing" was following people's profiles linked to their discord profiles.

No one was doxxed, people were opening links people had on their own discord profiles. One of these girls whoms "doxxing" was posted here even acknowledged she was uncomfortable with having them up, but that she was a professional artist so having her pronouns and socials was unfortunately essential for exposure to get paid work. So piss girl here is making a victim out of someone said she knows the dangers and doesn't mind people clicking them.

The only person who commented about the dead girls fillers and them making her unrecognizable, was go piss girl her self. So she is attributing here the insensitive comments she herself made to another poster, mind you; from a funeral of a friend she was herself blogging.

No. 1058716

Go piss girl isn’t involved. Screenshot is stolen and posted by me.

No. 1058725

I didn't know we had a thread like this. I'm glad I never got into the lolcow discord y'all girlies are unhinged af. Time to catch up and laugh at farmers instead of cows

No. 1058733

Can't wait until mods tag you waterflee.

I will take my hi cow ban now with grace.

No. 1058734

Farmhand getting busy being distracted by meaningless discord drama instead of doing their jobs kek

No. 1058741

Thanks for stating the obvious doll

No. 1058771

not you mini-modding the mods lmao okay

No. 1058992

I have been informed by admin to correct the record. This was another poster using screenshots of someone else, this mistake was on me. These were posted by piss girl's friend, waterflee.

No. 1059132

Lol doxing is the hobby.

No. 1078952

File: 1646194327299.jpeg (63.23 KB, 526x993, fuckingstfu.jpeg)

Can mods just please ban kittymae once and for all? All she wants is attention and keeps posting bait

No. 1078961

Context? What else did she post

No. 1078962

What is she doing? What bait is she posting?

No. 1079290

File: 1646223440286.jpeg (14.91 KB, 128x792, wantsafuckingbabybutgotnothing…)

Where do I even start tbh… if this girl had any following, she'd be a bigass clowny cow. If you're any curious, just join the server for a couple of minutes and check her post history. She overshares about her messy life, her retarded bf and has baby fever. This is what led to yesterday's meltdown.

No. 1079299

File: 1646223693117.jpeg (19.91 KB, 143x793, wantsajobbutspendsallmoneyonwe…)

Samefag, posted the wrong pic. That one is to exemplify her retardation. This one is the context of yesterday's meltdown

No. 1079303

We literally can't read these

No. 1079306

File: 1646224103401.jpeg (746.97 KB, 1242x7706, kjsdhaskld.jpeg)

fucking hell, soz

No. 1079309

File: 1646224180435.jpeg (781.55 KB, 1242x6870, dslkfjlskf.jpeg)

there we go

No. 1079314

>5k so we can afford to buy everything and still have savings

No. 1079618

I-is she over 18? She sounds 15

No. 1079639

she’s over 18… 21/22 I think

No. 1079642

I don't know jackshit about life but she somehow makes me feel better. Someone please ensure she doesn't bring a baby into the world

No. 1079655

You know that’s exactly the type of person to bring one kid after the other despite having no conditions to do so

No. 1079669

>having weed and nicotine is so important to me its how i cope
> i cant raw dog life
l. m. a. oooooooooooooo

No. 1079732

some of us just cut ourselves instead no harm no foul

don't doom that prophecy into existence

No. 1079750

>some of us
Nah, you're as mentally ill as her too. To the looney bin, all of you.

No. 1079897

File: 1646241369674.jpeg (257.8 KB, 1242x1395, B49C88F3-CAEE-4806-B3C1-B102A4…)

y’all just mad she got a fat pussy and y'all don’t KEK

No. 1080159

Tfw your ugly bf turns you into sahara desert and this is how you cope

No. 1080189

this is lc, you're in the looney bin too
let's have a looney bin party

No. 1084929

What does any of this mean?

No. 1084956

It means she loves oversharing about her dryness.

No. 1084972

Sounds more like a weird humblebrag about not having any discharge

No. 1084977

I hate that I'm saying this but that last bit.. I spent years wondering what the hell daily panty liners are for. I was about 30 when my body left dry mode.

No. 1084980

yea shes humblebragging about that and her fat pussy but it just sounds like she's dry lmao

No. 1084982

>panty liners
how about you just change your underwear daily and wash it…

No. 1085003

I wasnt saying I use them.

No. 1085017

Anon, I’m pretty sure ‘daily panty liners’ are panty liners made for everyday use, rather than periods. So they’re not as absorbent but you would still change them multiple times a day. I can’t imagine they’d be sold in place of new underwear, silly.

No. 1085026

File: 1646430090869.jpg (282.65 KB, 784x1280, tulip.jpg)

Random scrote talking about his tulpa today.

No. 1085037

Can anyone explain to me why the discord seems to be filled with insane people who may as well be cows themselves? Why did they let this schizo scrote in the discord and why do they let him post? Is the discord just a petting zoo for lolcows? Like you just hang around to talk to crazy online people? I don't get it.

No. 1085141

Basically, yeah kek it’s a chill place when kittycatmae or scrotes don’t speak, though. I like it overall and I can’t wait for them to be banned. They completely lower the average iq of the server to room temperature digits.

No. 1085160

I hate people who overshare online kek this is how cows are made.

No. 1085192

File: 1646436798840.png (16.28 KB, 771x113, Untitled.png)

He's banned now. This was his last post, which is fitting.

It seems like it's filled with psycho people because they're exciting to talk about. All the boring times when we're just talking about the latest gossip isn't noteworthy.

No. 1085206

>My tulpa…agrees with me

Convenient that this person you made up agrees with you

No. 1086588

Kittycatmae literally admits to being there for attention. Idky its taking so long to kick her, even that girl elaine during her "come to jesus" moment got kicked out right away

No. 1087102

File: 1646537246474.jpeg (780.22 KB, 1242x9788, AW1xzDu.jpeg)

mods i beg of you

No. 1087127

File: 1646539455386.jpeg (232.04 KB, 1242x1337, 19A95863-8614-404B-BBE1-2D0048…)

It’s a wild day on lolcord today

No. 1087141

I'm not in the discord but I hope she never gets banned so that anons in the discord can continue screenshotting her most retarded moments and posting them here. These are funny.

No. 1087149

File: 1646541017045.jpeg (255.08 KB, 1242x1675, 6BB99A0D-0435-425F-8514-3B99B6…)

Nonna what did we ever do to you to wish that on us

No. 1087154

File: 1646541356350.png (574.65 KB, 1832x928, Untitled.png)

shitty disoraganized mae compilation

No. 1087155

god sometimes I wish I were still in that shithole just to see this go down

No. 1087158

File: 1646541659297.jpg (46.31 KB, 397x477, a weed.jpg)

Mae been thriving a long time

No. 1087162

God, I can’t believe she’s been there for MONTHS

No. 1087167

Whatever keeps the milk flowing, nonnies.

No. 1087172

File: 1646543226424.jpg (41.69 KB, 366x344, PREGNANT.jpg)

No. 1087271

File: 1646555092118.jpg (63.07 KB, 946x666, gigantiadave-johnson-harvard-m…)

the baby will come out looking like this and speaking in tongues

No. 1087509

What the actual fuck is that? also, KEKK

No. 1087515

Nta, but it's a telescopefish

No. 1087575

Kek can't believe someone is using my Kikomi shitpost drawing as their pfp

No. 1087620

Nonna post the original omg

No. 1087681

File: 1646583855429.png (Spoiler Image, 377.54 KB, 500x500, kikomi.png)

It's pretty shit but here lol

No. 1088031

I love you, it’s so good. One of my favorite posts to date. Hope you don’t mind, nona

No. 1088532

i love it, thank you

No. 1093371


That's Mae's baby, don't be rude

No. 1093394

someone show mae how to use the faceapp baby function

No. 1093575

for a second I thought you meant those type of websites that use pictures of two people to combine them into a baby and I was about to tell you to stfu cuz he’d spam that shit on the server when talking about bobbo

No. 1093590

Kikomi is a cultural icon

No. 1093599

Shayna is in the discord server and farmers like her/ treat her nice

No. 1093606

Anon you gotta be fibbing.

No. 1093624

I'm just curious if she'd actually do it or not and whether it would be with her moid or a celebrity

No. 1093719

that's not really shayna stupid

No. 1093983

i dmed her and two other people who all said it was her and you can clearly tell from the typing style.

No. 1094175

Why does that thread seem like not only the most unhinged general on the entire site but like the posters are the ones doing raids on here and crystal.cafe? What is wrong with swedes? I could bet some of the moids here are sverigetråden regulars.

No. 1094570

File: 1647033619733.jpeg (112.15 KB, 1170x865, 03AD127F-C870-4BAC-856D-72B6FE…)

Villianess is a mod from the old server. Elaine doxxed her.

No. 1094600

No one cares

No. 1094602

Sometimes I love posts like this because it makes me feel a lot less retarded.

No. 1094878

wait Elaine is STILL in the lolcord?

No. 1094902

File: 1647060908525.png (7.24 KB, 330x47, wtf.png)

wtf how many cows are in there ???

No. 1094905

apparently you do

No. 1094947

>wtf how many cows are in there ???

everyone on discord is a cow

No. 1094968


No. 1095316

No. She's banned and she's never doxed someone in her life.

No. 1095714

It’s a personal message from inbox from her and she did Doxx one of the mods on the lolcow discord sandwich

No. 1095761

what is a discord sandwich

No. 1095795

no, she did tf not lmao go away, elaine. i'll gladly take my hi cow ban now, thank you.

No. 1179776

File: 1652454816851.png (55.46 KB, 365x449, Capture3.PNG)

No. 1179778

File: 1652454913760.jpg (323.4 KB, 1080x2220, wojak spotify.jpg)

No. 1179781

why do they allow men on the discord?

No. 1183917

File: 1652727826038.jpg (94.29 KB, 726x1067, HQC6KjU.jpg)

who would've guessed: the junkie moid had more brain cells than kittycatmae

No. 1200062

File: 1653726397457.jpg (220.17 KB, 790x930, mae17.jpg)

Imagine getting dumped by this
what a mess

No. 1200074

No. 1200134

this looks like a MtFtM

No. 1201160

File: 1653808337604.jpg (247.26 KB, 992x734, mae18.jpg)

Bubbo's last """"gf""""""" was a heckin valid transwoman. He was the bottom. Kittycatmae got dumped by a faggot that took troon dick.

No. 1201162

did mae actually post pics of him? what a tard

No. 1202226

these two have already broken up and gotten back together twice in a span of a week. the discord has absolutely gone to shit and it's only kittycatmae constantly blogposting in the verified channels about her retardation. it's not even entertaining, it's just sad and it's frustrating how some idiots keep giving her so-desired attention. i don't understand why mods coddle her and allow her continuous sperging, she literally brought this moid there

No. 1202235

I thought this guy was a FTM troonie first, that's how fucking gay he looks lol

No. 1202240

are mods/admin completely absent or something? everything I hear about the discord blows my mind kek

No. 1202249

i may be misremembering it but i think she also posted his dick. at the very least his fucking bulge. no, i will not look it up kek

No. 1202286

Mae seems like a grade C cow with fresh and easy milk and the Discord people are not spilling tea on her every day in this thread. Sad. I almost feel like joining to screencap it myself but Discord is icky

No. 1202368

Please do so

No. 1202655

It's a lot like here but with less moid raids and more blogging

No. 1202950

You don't want her milk, I can assure you. It's pathetic and she's already said she blogposts for attention. It's basically her showing up every day and going “guess what fucked up shit I did todayyyy”. She wants to be a cow but she's really just a social problem

No. 1204308

File: 1654027871054.png (38.52 KB, 558x182, kittycatmae11.PNG)

have a sip hunny

No. 1204320

this is just really sad

No. 1204324

peed on it too hard?

No. 1204335

piss jet so strong it breaks plastic

No. 1204451

this wannabe cow sounds like fat white trash, i puke inside my mouth when i imagine what she looks and smells like

No. 1204742

I have a friend that sounds exactly like her, she's almost definitely fat white trash

No. 1204775

I’ve seen pictures of her. Can confirm, she is indeed fat white trash

No. 1204793

is that the person who showed her own body pic in the discord a few months ago? yeah kek, she’s not fat you’re just hungry and anorexic

No. 1204806

File: 1654053269133.jpg (3.8 MB, 2316x2895, bw2uADs.jpg)

nah, she fat

No. 1204807

File: 1654053292676.png (10.38 KB, 409x49, fgddg ryry.PNG)

No. 1204811

why can't people resist posting photos of themselves on discord, I get such bad second hand embarrassment from it

No. 1204813

Why are you friends then lol

Also do you guys have other cows on discord? Kittykatmae is more annoying than fun

No. 1204814

This is honestly not what I expected her to look like

No. 1204818

Looking at her now, I can see why she’s baby crazy. She already got that mom of 3 look at 21

No. 1204839


the anon in the bikini who showed her body was waterfree.

No. 1204885

no, thank fuck. whenever kittcatmae shuts up its actually a pleasant server.

No. 1217754

File: 1654783735099.jpeg (532.58 KB, 828x1528, 3C82F408-6DD8-4229-B9BF-E0E975…)

literal autism. she didn't even butt into a personal conversation or anything kek she just asked what was going on about ELAINE on the cows channel

No. 1217762

zoomer behavior

No. 1217767

People in the discord are really insufferable. Maybe the culture over there is just different, but who gives a fuck about introductions if it's a cow channel? You can see her name, what else is there to know that would be important.
Maybe they're just used to every dummy there sharing every bit of personal info about themselves.

No. 1218110

It’s because no one with brain cells would use discord with the security risks. You’re only going to get the low iq or mental illness anons who don’t understand actual anonymous communities and posting.

No. 1218306

you do realize it's hella sus to go into the server asking about "important events", especially when an elaine account had just gotten outted? at the very least, asking to be spoonfed is stupid. the server isn't your intro to farming

No. 1218329

>introducing yourself in a discord adjacent to a vietnamese basket weaving forum

No. 1218355

>Why are you friends then lol
Used to have a friend like that, I should have said. She was nice enough, and I like having a variety of friends that are very different from myself. Recently though she became a gender sperg and I didn't go along with it so I don't think she likes me anymore either lol

No. 1218674

you're a braindead no lifer. seriously get a life, it's a cow discord, why would anyone ever introduce themselves when the whole point is to stay anonymous? freak

No. 1218695

To be expected when you’re trying to remove the anonymity from an anonymous imageboard. Who the hell in their right mind would try to make friends on an imageboard.

No. 1218697

Admin should get rid of the discord or at least stop being affiliated with it.

No. 1218735


The discord using farmers are a different breed I swear

No. 1218872

How come the farmers in the previous pre-Elaine discord (with a few obvious exceptions) generally seemed much more likable then the farmers in the current one? What happened?

No. 1218979

I wanna say the general age range has changed

No. 1219106

The age range of the Discord is I think definitely younger than the board as a whole. Some of the younger girls are great don't get me wrong but you can tell.

No. 1219996

File: 1654880495372.png (1.31 MB, 763x831, drtryjsry.png)

Since the official lc discord is so horrible, are other servers originating from discord as bad too? What about the closed channels on the official ones? I have not wanted to verify myself and expose my voice to someone who will not talk back.

No. 1220088

discord server mod talked back with me when i verified, just fyi

unrelated PSA for newfags thinking about joining the discord instead of integrating on the board: don't.

No. 1220092

File: 1654884881137.png (307 KB, 364x439, tuykdftyuk.PNG)

Ah I see, I was on the discord only a short while since it was shit, and just heard rumors. Thanks for clarifying, I'll ease my tinfoil a bit.

No. 1220470

Kek im in a similar situation but I dont want to verify my voice because I sound exactly like Elaine (same demographic) and I hate it

No. 1221430

Their very first message was "what's going on with Elaine?" as if a massive dox attempt isn't happening right now in conjunction to Elaine/Mike/Regina in /snow/. Not to mention there were a few idiots that joined just to troll. They barely said a word before trying to jump in to the conversation that was previously being had, and asking to be spoonfed. If you aren't in the lolcow discord then just say that you don't understand the gravity of the situation.

No. 1231103

File: 1655635750143.jpg (150.31 KB, 1080x513, Screenshot_2022-06-19-11-47-06…)

No. 1231382

"my comfort thong" i-

No. 1235726

I’m usually not one to alog but kittycatmae11 really brings out the worst in me

No. 1242434

Weird circle jerk tbh. Who even talks that positive about another mod unless they are their friends? Why is this discord server even related to this website when it’s absolutely not the same?

No. 1246655

File: 1656625986728.png (56.89 KB, 938x223, anon.png)

Who could this be?

No. 1246689

Is this on CrystalCafe? Doesn't look like Lolcow. Anyway, it sounds like Nefeli that was being posted about in this same thread. Just scroll up.

No. 1247054

lmao she's the one who posted information about herself in the first place, no one had to do much work.

No. 1278432

Retard. Also, the post right above that literally says who it is.

No. 1278447

Do you realize what site you're on? Also, who says that anon controls the discord server or is even in it.

No. 1278453

This thread is to make fun of the discord users, you're so stupid kek

No. 1278470

is this nefeli or sealfag?

No. 1319622

File: 1661729909800.jpg (270.65 KB, 1080x1119, IMG_20220829_001731.jpg)


No. 1320208

No. 1321072

what is this even about? the keffals/kf drama or smth else?

No. 1329440

Just the troon bullshit. It's a wise call. The Discord has been pretty dead lately and people kept showing up there being weird and pressing people for info.

No. 1348547

File: 1663924234542.jpg (256.11 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20220923_050818.jpg)

She is still at it trying to normalize that bpdchan life.

No. 1348553

so is the server still alive…?

No. 1348596

If you can call it that. It's closed off and basically nobody uses it. The plan was to delete it a few weeks ago so idk.

No. 1349113

I wish it wasn't closed. I'd like to make some online friends, but I guess if it's dead anyway it doesn't matter.

No. 1349215

It has one active thread anyway, maybe try the friend finder thread? (be careful tho obviously there's been some documented moids in it)

No. 1349219

channel* not thread

No. 1353542

welp this saga is finally over

No. 1354062

reopened or deleted for good?

No. 1354719

It's not deleted so idk what that anon is talking about

No. 1494662


No. 1494693

The admins said they were shutting it because there was no control over who could join.

No. 1614586

ngl i miss the server

No. 1615146

Anyone want to share the milk on Bib?

No. 1615752

she stole my OTC cocodamol AND my Jimmy Choos!

No. 1659380

that's so sad, I wish I could enter in a server that is just like the lolcow one

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