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No. 1131138

general thread for egirls and eboys, proving to be the most annoying, and chaotic thread. type sage in the email field, read the rules and lurk before posting.

1- >>>/snow/866800
2- >>>/snow/1005403 (created by @babivampire)
3- >>>/snow/1047741
4- >>>/snow/1079162

>Discuss these other cows in their individual threads

Nina Bellucci/Erin Painter thread- >>>/snow/1117932
Dead9irl/666faerie/ Angie Jaslow thread- >>>/snow/1118504

previous thread:
>anons find sug4rfairy's self posts on 4chan >>1079835 and leaks of her nudes >>1079932 including cringy ahegao >>1079855 and Lilith Levisis level of shooped body pictures >>1079780
>sug4rfairy's leaked sex tape with her husband is attached to her legal name Arisa Vurr on scrote forums >>1079933 which exposes her true body and boxy shape >>1079943
>Arisa Vurr has what appears to be shit in her inflamed butthole along with lots of ass acne
>Cowtipper notifies Arisa of the OnlyFans leaks and she spergs on twitter to her orbiters >>1080106 She takes this opportunity to virtue signal and say acne is ~normal uwu~
>Dead9irl aka Fridge9irl makes a sock account @thegothkids1 on twitter to troll Arisa by reposting her acne ass shots >>1080161
>Sug4rfairy tries to make amends with D9 >>1080339
>Babivampire is still consistently lurking and most likely still posts on lolcow >>1080436
>Farmer finds D9's nudes on another scrote forum >>1080496
>Babivampire begging for $20 on her instagram story despite getting aliexpress garbage and a tattoo >>1081287
>Ang3lThigh still won't admit to her waist shoops and depop scams >>1088077
>Erin Painter returns and now goes by Nina Rose Bellucci the Italian loli artist
>Arisa admits to shooping her body and is trying to ~practice self love~ >>1089277
>Pretends that never happens and goes back to photoshopping her box body. >>1090189
>Squidwardthighs shooped picture goes viral in a twitter meme >>1091436 she gets a tiny amount of clout when Billie Eilish reposts the meme on her story. She says her body is all natural with no surgeries which causes minors to feel bad about their bodies.
>Fridge9irl gets jealous of Squidwardthighs' clout and spergs about how she's not emo/scene on her second account >>1091650 >>1091774 >>1091853
>Fridge9irl's hateboner for scammerthighs grows as she interacts with Squidthigh's exposing accounts >>1093139 >>1093142 >>1093148 >>1093151 >>1093158
>D9 continues to sperg about how tiktok girls are appropriating emo culture even though she used to be a normie/prep >>1093141 >>1092311 >>1092025
>D9 licks a toilet for scrote attention on each of her socials to larp as a try-hard Sasha Grey (sorry fridge you will never be her kek) >>1095994 >>1096186 >>1096646
>Scrotes call D9 fat >>1096691 after she made anachan tweets >>1096448
> One of D9's thot friends exposes how she really looks >>1110830
>Haley Babivampire is gaining weight and still being a deadbeat mother >>1111413
>An egirl (@iamdollbb) who called out Ang3lthigh for scamming her but deleted her statement once ang3lthigh replied to her turns out to be a scammer in her own "shop" as well (@dollysdreamhouse) >>1112791 >>1112808
>Retarded ddlg shop feud along with some selfposting
> Dollbb cries rAciSm uWu when called out for having bad customer service >>1113046
>Ang3lThigh still pedopanders with her braces and lies about her height saying she's 4'11
>Also begged her underaged followers to purchase her men's sissy clothing off her amazon wishlist >>11148854 >>1114866 >>11143936

Recent Milk:
>Arisa spergs on twitter about how Haley/babifat is stalking her and is crazy
>Still shoops her waist and cucks her husband by giving ugly scotes attention
>Dead9irl starts a gofundme to get out of an "abusive household" She posts an outofcontext video of her mother screaming at her
>D9 in a poly relationship with her "daddy" and "sissy" barf
>Suicidebaits on her second account
>Ang3lthigh gets an atrocious twilight tattoo and spergs when another girl posted about wanting the same one.
>Babivampire/Haley seems to be MIA but is most likely on a sock account posting her ahegao bikini mirror selfie for the thousandth time and begging for reposts

reposting for the third time because links didn't work, I tried to make it as well as possible, kek. I don't normally create threads

Links to notable people:

No. 1131139

File: 1610606365485.jpg (405.52 KB, 1242x1726, 1:2.jpg)

No. 1131140

File: 1610606413412.jpg (238.89 KB, 1236x873, part2.jpg)

No. 1131143

File: 1610606635238.jpg (739.8 KB, 1242x1574, deadbeatmom.jpg)

Haley is still trying to get scrote attention by larping as a smoll anime girl instead of being a mother to her child

No. 1131144

File: 1610606656377.jpg (178.6 KB, 933x934, babifat.JPG)

No. 1131149

File: 1610606982361.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, igstory.PNG)

No. 1131150

File: 1610607016627.png (2.9 MB, 1242x2208, tattt.PNG)

squidwardthigh's new tattoo

No. 1131244

At least it seems like she doesn’t have custody and can be a deadbeat in peace

No. 1131262

File: 1610628226351.jpg (2.31 MB, 3264x3264, jsnssjshhzz.jpg)

Not the previous anon but here's a screenshot dump I managed to get

No. 1131263

File: 1610628254245.jpg (402.69 KB, 1080x1920, askddidkek.jpg)

No. 1131400

File: 1610640895975.jpeg (231.83 KB, 1242x676, 5F7E2CDC-BDF8-4B27-9F65-705568…)

No. 1131401

File: 1610640934022.jpeg (855.36 KB, 1242x1487, 36B85841-FE7A-4356-B051-807CDB…)

Shoopfairy explaining how she can’t get a real job:

No. 1131411

It’s easy to find nanny jobs right now if you’re good at it and searching kek but she’s a lazy NEET thot, why even complain if you’re going to turn around and say “b-b-but-”

No. 1131511

Ah yes, the only 3 jobs that exist: onlyfans, nanny and working with customers

No. 1131520

Why doesn’t she become a store stocker ? You just stock food and supplies during the night. No customers.

No. 1131871

literally she can work at a warehouse. theres no talking to people and they pay about 10-14 dollars an hour plus its temp work

No. 1132621

Dang, I was wondering where all the milk went for awhile now. Why didn't we finish the last thread?

You guys are giving me job ideas lol

No. 1132645

File: 1610748090124.jpeg (265.29 KB, 750x758, 596F346F-5E8D-44E7-9F5E-11821B…)

glad to be back, finally get to post this

No. 1132768

But shopfairy, we slowed it down like X5… A blind person could see your waist flickering from space. Why does she insist on lying about shit that happened months ago? Is she really that insecure? Bringing it up repeatedly will only drive more traffic to the video in question kek.

No. 1132899

File: 1610766647535.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, D205FC00-3C8C-40E1-8E14-FF1A69…)

Didn’t she self post on 4chan though???

No. 1132965

File: 1610774785158.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.14 KB, 720x720, slboSYa_Z2UwXOuY.jpg)

anything to avoid admitting you ruined your life for insta fame and now everyone with google can immediately find out who you are and see your disgusting fucking ass acne….. kek. but it's totally cause of her social anxiety. oh and also cause she's famous and would get stalked.

pic rel

this is fucked but calling it now that she's gonna get the bianca devins special sometime soon. literally all her simps are robots and autists from pol. yeouch.

No. 1132990

I honestly use to like her and had to unfollow her recently because she won't shutup about this shit

No. 1132992

christ this bitch, so much secondhand embarrassment. her twitter is just rapid-fire projection of all her insecurities and speaking to herself to try and convince herself otherwise. her followers are literal retards if they buy any of it

No. 1133009

that is one of the most horrible tattoos i've ever seen, its only saving grace is that it's not a hentai or flavor of the week anime tattoo like some ethots tend to have

No. 1133325

File: 1610825423473.png (459.7 KB, 1241x908, ss232.png)

Sorry that I keep on posting her but she's been a personal cow of mine for three years now with the whole PULL thing and how petty her attitude was towards it.
But she was never post-worthy because her fanbase is stale and she doesn't share much and lately she went viral on TikTok for her bad Japanese and she's finally becoming more interesting, also she started an OnlyFans but been very discrete about it which I respect, she probably is posting the same content she used to post on Patreon but who knows if she'll eventually slip into porn.

No. 1133355

>seeing people talk about seeing me irl
>4chan user

I don't know why ethots imagine that a fuckton of creeps aren't looking at their content, like you're getting a crosssection of humanity with whatever you post online, and ethots specifically appeal to scrotes. So they will recognize you irl. If you don't want to run across men irl who have seen your ~sexy pics~ don't post them.

No. 1133359

>bianca devins special

Very dark but a genuine risk for all ethots. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. I wish they weren't validated by body positivity and empowerment to literally endanger their lives by posting content specific to the worst, most obsessive, hateful men online, but here we are

No. 1133593

She has been my personal cow too anon!! but linzor went viral years ago with her video talking about the piercings on her cheeks "will it leak" its called.She's just an average attention whore not worthposting went from emorawr to instathot and now egirl OF.Nitpick but i hate how she talks is so lazy

No. 1134294

File: 1610917900698.jpeg (878.88 KB, 3464x3464, 4F118DF5-488E-4B9B-BB2A-484FC6…)

Found another exposing ang3lthighs account. Squidwardthighs follows a MTF meme account

Stop cow tipping dude

No. 1134295

File: 1610917942033.jpeg (849.22 KB, 1242x1679, 555A1D70-EF0B-4305-993E-70D304…)

scammerthigh liking this as if she don’t facetune as well. you’re no better than that griffin kid

No. 1134299

File: 1610918245190.jpeg (680.37 KB, 3464x3464, 1787910C-2583-4EFB-8418-A0134B…)

that Instagram big lip filter though
unless she got lipinjections she is editing those

No. 1134300

File: 1610918303190.jpeg (853.13 KB, 3464x3464, 2B3F5BDF-1168-4F08-A388-5185DA…)

More hypocritical ang3lthigh things

No. 1134305

File: 1610918633061.jpeg (95.1 KB, 531x943, 08106F9A-7062-4E52-BAB2-4AD948…)

Fri9ge showing off her braces. Thought she was poor? How can she afford braces?
Also kek > her finger

No. 1134311

Use this thread anon
Thanks for the post though kek she looks stupid

No. 1134335

Anons in that thread are saying to use this thread. I agree and don’t think D9 warrants her own thread.

No. 1134496

>sooo broke dontae to my gfm to leave my aboosive household/parents even though I’m grown
Got braces which costs at least a couple gs just for initial fitting, not to mention upkeep/ortho appointments. Oh but she’s under 26 so the abusers probably helped since she’s probably still on their insurance!! Fucking scammer

No. 1134498

Sf sorry forgot to sage

No. 1134550

File: 1610934894912.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, 6351D648-125B-43D1-A96A-96E9EF…)

No. 1134627

File: 1610944385474.jpg (Spoiler Image, 240.48 KB, 1080x1080, ew.jpg)

Same I've wanted to talk about her for a while but nobody seems to care that much lol She wasn't that bad lately but since she blew up on tiktok she's been the most insufferable she's ever been

The OF things is not surprising considering she's dating this guy and he has an OF as well. I mean she's been taking pictures that border on porn and then acting all innocent afterwards, at least now she's not pretending to be an uwu innocent baby anymore

simpzor sounds so stupid wow

No. 1134759

probably used her gofundme "moving" money to get them. lol at her starting to skinwalk squidwardthigh now though

No. 1134952

that finger is kinda squiggly

No. 1135124

oh so she's copying angel thigh now. with the pose and everything

No. 1135198

File: 1611007042678.png (8.9 MB, 1242x2208, 3FEF034E-B242-46C7-A8CB-D18062…)

No. 1135309

File: 1611015553689.jpg (314.16 KB, 1908x1263, 1096.jpg)

Her twitter account was suspended

What did she do ?

I still love her eyes

No. 1135337

damn she probably did spend all that money on the braces

No. 1135354

I’m pretty sure someone out there has had a pink black combo of a twilight tattoo long before her lol why do these e girls think they started shit when 98% of the shit they emulate was from 10-15 years ago?

No. 1135359

Maybe someone reported her? OF girls get suspended all the time. Twitter doesn't really like sex workers. Guess its back to 4chan

No. 1135377

File: 1611021278203.png (27.11 KB, 740x348, gross.png)

it looks like she got them solely for coomer reasons too. imagine being a 20/21 year old woman and scamming your following of gullible underage egirls just so that you can pedobait on twitter

No. 1135382

They’re just blue eyes nothing special about them anon.

No. 1135384

Can a dentist even put on braces if the person doesn’t need them?
Tinfoil they could be fake. I’ve seen fake ones.

No. 1135393

The average white American gets their braces from an orthodontist, not a dentist. And yes. If you want braces and are willing to pay for them, you can get them. No one’s mouth is so perfect that they couldn’t benefit from some form of orthodontic hardware; it’s why Invisalign can get away with advertising on Instagram. Yeah she did it for dumb dumb wannabe Belle Delphine coomer reasons, but she could definitely get them if she wanted them.

Now can she afford them? Well… that’s a different matter entirely kek

No. 1135397

her teeth are fucked up to be fair if you saw those pics from the last thread (>>1110830) but given d9's obsession with trying to look like an emo teenager and her ddlg fetish, it's obvious she got them just for degenerate reasons

No. 1135446

File: 1611027716369.png (11.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9E198C16-891D-4B41-850B-1B0959…)

Squid ward thighs explaining her tattoo because it’s so ~deep and meaningful uwu~
I like Coca-Cola but I’m not going to get a Coca Cola logo on my lower back with butterflies on it fucking kek it looks so trashy. She could of gotten a quote from the book or whatever if she really liked it.

No. 1135448

File: 1611028043013.gif (3.04 MB, 640x357, lucille-portable.gif)

No. 1135462

File: 1611029256120.jpeg (63.71 KB, 750x585, 8A50702A-6C42-4009-8BF7-1A0482…)


No. 1135499

Her ass couldn’t be any flatter wow

No. 1135533

ot but i love seeing fellow spanish speaking anons on here

No. 1135559

She's actually trying to be deep about a Twilight tramp stamp? And no, tramp stamps were just frowned upon in the late 00s and 2010 upward.

No. 1135885

File: 1611077424215.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x3464, 1C90752D-D31B-4879-B3A8-72E9B6…)

>incel neckbeards who like to pick apart women
Fucking kek does this retard know this is a women’s website ?? These accounts are all so fucking retarded.

No. 1137362

File: 1611185832826.jpeg (220.82 KB, 827x1027, 840A3F47-9EFD-480A-982C-4EB026…)

everything about this is disgusting.

No. 1137377

Ew those old ass hick man hands look disgusting
How is this cute? Everything about this screams predatory

No. 1137384

It’s like a poster for a PSA about grooming and sexual abuse.

No. 1137413

Don’t feed into their gross delusions, anon. Jew9ose acts like a little girl to get attention from especially gross scrotes because her haggard face and arthoe thing wasn’t enough. Those mans hands belong to an unimpressive ugly manlet not some “daddy dom”

No. 1139348

File: 1611345118060.jpeg (428.95 KB, 750x1073, E50CB903-A362-41F9-953A-A1B1DB…)

babivampire is trying to be this now. i don’t even know what to say but i can’t be the only one who sees this shit.

No. 1139359

She's stealing Lori Lewd's poof pout, she better watch out!
I'm guessing Arisa dragging her ass in front of the entire egirl community has left her scrambling to find a new skin to hop in.
She gets fatter every time she posts, she literally looks pregnant in pics with her belly out.

No. 1139365

What the fuck is that facial expression? Looks like she has double chins

No. 1139372

File: 1611345926433.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1689, F1FB1C24-4C21-4EC9-B2CD-925370…)

Those cankles though kek

No. 1139469

File: 1611351488944.png (384.6 KB, 366x628, babifat.PNG)

>calf edit
>ankle socks
>ski mask on her dirty skateboard
this is a musty ass photo.

No. 1139640

I see what she's going for but this style doesn't suit her at all

No. 1139895

File: 1611388765629.jpeg (199.59 KB, 821x1251, 4BFB7D55-3237-4A1F-9D24-B56139…)

anybody know who runs this scam shop
they reached out to me to be an ambassador but alot of the stuff is from aliexpress they are pricing it up 100 times more than it actually costs

No. 1139898

is this dead9irls store

No. 1139916

File: 1611392233485.jpeg (567.03 KB, 750x1294, 98A5BCC2-71A9-4E01-94C2-71B1C4…)

apparently d9 is moving out soon, who knows though

No. 1139927

Does she still live with her parents? If not, I wonder if her ugly walls made moving harder

No. 1139928

ok but where’s her update about getting a stable income? how would she keep up with rent or provide proof of income?

No. 1139935

The trendy edgy mentally ill teenage girl bedroom is definitely a selling point!

No. 1139949

File: 1611398912543.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 273.41 KB, 750x883, 2765DBF3-A2F1-4030-AFAA-01501F…)

No. 1139957

File: 1611399574264.jpeg (353.35 KB, 750x994, 93D644B0-A94B-45F2-AFAB-B9B6C0…)

doubt it, looks like her parents have conveniently started to accept her once she got close to her gofundme goal. what a scam kek

No. 1140174

anybody know why pixie/usedpet went private?

No. 1140606

File: 1611452503401.png (6.2 MB, 1242x2208, 035043E6-2CF8-4930-97AA-DEEBF0…)

Ang3lthigh subliminally admits she’s trans ??

No. 1140610

File: 1611452703914.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1840, 52D59B31-C639-4B93-B4EC-95E9E4…)


No. 1141819

File: 1611596025384.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3464x3464, 169E2C8B-E23A-4732-B5DD-A41321…)

Another ethot cow who’s bio says she’s a “degen princess”
IG: @nillakkuma
Twitter: @nillakkuma @puppyhentai
> known for her extremely tacky cheap outfits. and mismatched clothes that don’t looks good
>onlyfans thot
>ebegging for money
>gAmEr gUrL
> an overall degenerate
Nilla is begging for money, like fridge9irl, to ~move out of an abusive home uwu~ Even though she has OF money?

No. 1141820

File: 1611596128821.png (2.36 MB, 1242x2208, 6E116CB2-70F8-4C58-B7E4-D05589…)

No. 1141851

How is this milk? at least provide the image she's referring to ffs

No. 1141958

she says as she poses with a baby bottle in every picture

No. 1142138

File: 1611620401709.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 278.02 KB, 828x810, FCACC148-92B6-4C72-A279-0A21AB…)

Hip to waist ratio? 1:1
Looks like someone overstocked the frid9e again…

No. 1146599

File: 1612070883362.jpeg (478.93 KB, 2048x2048, 76E4B9C0-36D7-40F6-A9BF-29B62D…)

Seems like she’s doing more realistic photoshop now lol , she should still stick to solid color background so the photoshop isn’t so damn obvious

No. 1146755

Who is this?

No. 1146826

it's dead9irl, the most recent post from her spam acount

No. 1147105

File: 1612079261391.jpeg (271.39 KB, 828x1207, 7F331A01-1F0E-4895-A004-F9E3BD…)

Definition of fridge body.

No. 1147511

and she has the audacity to be calling other people fat. u would think she would have some sympathy seeing as they are in the sage boat

No. 1147821

File: 1612154717913.jpeg (490.56 KB, 1223x2014, 05C435D6-60B9-4154-9987-AFCA7B…)

Was surprised not to see this here. Has anyone seen said video?

No. 1147826

I’d be interested to see or know the context. Was she singing along to a song or is she being ignorant about it

No. 1147872

Would pay for this video

No. 1147880

File: 1612164646784.webm (103.27 KB, 320x568, sug4rfairy.webm)

No. 1147911

KEK these egirl cows persecute each other over less from shit they pulled even longer ago. And she was still acting high and mighty during previous threads

No. 1147912

File: 1612172411135.png (2.22 MB, 2400x1456, Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 09.40…)

No. 1147917

i wonder if there are more clips like that and them floating around out there are the reason why she chose to pander to robots. you can't get canceled and lose your simpbux if you're just as edgy as the people you promote yourself to

No. 1147976

File: 1612185788426.jpg (562.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210202-002120.jpg)

Apparently so did babivampire kek. Imagine weighing in on this when you went out of your way to insidiously befriend and bully this girl anonymously. I'm no fan of either ethot but this is so tactless I'm astounded.

No. 1148024

File: 1612192045340.jpeg (810 KB, 828x1059, 9A11B626-31D3-4BC0-85F3-174645…)

Time to compliment bait ! Can anyone remind me how tall she is? She still looks like an overstocked frid9e even with the photoshop

No. 1148030

File: 1612192340906.jpeg (661.49 KB, 828x1090, 28F5FFCA-8F08-4876-9125-E11C01…)

You know your a real reject when you’re the designated big spoon to a grown man. Like damn she must be large

No. 1148035

She is NOT 100 lbs lmao…
Sage for blogpost but i'm 100 lbs and considered very skinny to other people and underweight to doctors… her arms and legs are pudgy and meaty, she is not 100lbs(no1curr)

No. 1148086

File: 1612196491981.jpeg (160.26 KB, 594x598, 298A89C2-2102-4602-A2E2-4E8DC5…)

It’s always the white bitches yelling “Black Lives Matter, police lives kill uwu hello kitty says acab” who turn out to be racist edgy pieces of shit. Kek okay Tana Mongoose. Whatever “clout” Arisa had is gone. She’s irrelevant anyways but now everyone on Twitter has a reason to hate her. ShoopF4iry’s pimpled ass and dirty poopy butthole won’t be making money anymore for her and her neckbeard manlet husband. I would seriously consider starting a new life with a different name and identity if I was her. Arisa’s embarrassing unsexy nudes are leaked all over 4chan linked to her irl name, scrotes are calling her ugly online, a scrote irl is supposedly “stalking” her, she got exposed for shooping her body terribly, and she just is an overall tryhard edgy e-girl with no clout.

No. 1148088

She’s like the obese Walmart version of Layla Shapiro. God damn.

No. 1148093

Angie shaped like a fat twink
Kek Flabbi-vampire really throwing jabs at Arisa when she was the “boo-lie uwu” who created the second or third thread to cyber bully herself and all these other girls she wanted to skin-walk. This is hilarious. Especially since Arisa was acting like she was better than Squidwardthighs, Fridge9irl and dead beat mom hayley .

No. 1148100

File: 1612197346901.jpeg (583.14 KB, 1242x1058, AE201A0F-5145-4C4B-93C4-955A1A…)

Hayley looking like lord farquaad. Take care of your kid tubby.

No. 1148103

File: 1612197525615.jpeg (603.94 KB, 3464x1455, A8B2BA4E-7EDA-45AB-B1CD-29CA09…)

No. 1148423

File: 1612214568084.jpg (211.66 KB, 715x649, 20210201_151310.jpg)

Lena_kistune almost 1 million followers on TikTok, over 200k on Instagram top 1% on Onlyfans makes pornography with her Boyfriend Brakeofficial. Real name Simone Medearis. Confirmed by her sister and her now deleted depop page. Hides her plastic surgery and that she has a daughter. Not disclosing someones personal life is fine but it's clear she isnt talking about her because she wants to appear younger to her largely Male audience. She wears hello kitty and dresses up in outfits inspired by cartoon network characters clearly catering to a potentially pedophile fan base.

No. 1148425

File: 1612214592886.jpg (228.26 KB, 522x715, lena_kistune.jpg)

No. 1148445

Why tf does she have a tiktok? That’s an app for underaged kids. I don’t understand bitches who promote their porn to children. it’s pedophilic

No. 1148446

File: 1612215273651.jpg (383.74 KB, 720x1132, 20210201_153427.jpg)


No. 1148448

File: 1612215340168.jpeg (767.76 KB, 1242x1486, 8CE35627-1419-417D-A776-C2039A…)

That chin

No. 1148450

Exactly it's disturbing

No. 1148451

File: 1612215397108.jpeg (509.25 KB, 1045x1404, B93C7EF8-C261-4917-A8F9-200C74…)

No. 1148466

"Grew into my looks"
Has a nose job and hella lip injections ok girl

No. 1148496

That's a huge transformation for her looks to be "natural" these people must think their fan base is stupid.

No. 1148505

Ehh i mean.. if theyre following girls like these they more than likely are.

No. 1148722

Damn. She's had a lot of cosmetic work done. How old is she exactly?

No. 1148787

On instant checkmate it says shes 24

No. 1148999

anyone have any milk on @astrogyans ? i have never seen more extremely obvious and horrible shooping until i came across her page, and her early tagged photos look like a completely different person.(newfaggotry)

No. 1149231

Obligatory this is an image board, post caps

No. 1149837

File: 1612308747589.png (1.49 MB, 1018x958, astrogyans.png)

Did some digging.

No. 1150538

File: 1612350968186.jpg (643.96 KB, 1080x1440, 20210203_051135.jpg)

Nitpick but elfiemoes editing is probably some of the most cowish ive seen. She edits herself a whole new skull shape its funny. Also constantly posts new pics then deletes old ones for some reason. (Picture shows posts of how her real face is compared to her new editing style)

No. 1150539

File: 1612351026124.jpg (488.93 KB, 1080x1688, 20210203_051146.jpg)

Samefag but she looks like squidward imo

No. 1150773

Yikes this chick has always had bad shoops

No. 1151715

Why was the davida burge thread locked? Shes milky af. Used to have a PULL thread

No. 1151876

File: 1612440752857.jpeg (843.13 KB, 750x1036, 206F5319-B2BB-4989-BC38-FBFAEA…)

Main insta: https://instagram.com/_ani?igshid=1mqjyfag0g6xj

>18 y/o ethot

>well known member of com and has been scamming ppl for years to buy her shitty shopped nudes
>lied about being raped by her uncle
>loves to pedobait
>friends with kylah who is a pedo
>met up with some fat druggie irl to do drugs with and he died allegedly of an OD but some are saying she forced the pills in his mouth mumbling that she was ‘setting him free’
>fakes having an ED, fake weigh-ins and laughably bad levels of shopping
>is toxic to girls she deems to be more attractive than her
>apparently runs a cp site/operation with her friends
>tries to act hood in the underground servers she’s in
>said n word many times but masquerades as politically correct on insta and blocked people who answered trump on her insta poll during elections
>buys og usernames to seem edgy and superior and also bought followers on insta and it’s so obvious when you compare it to the engagement she receives
>basically an all round worthless ethot who scams, lies and is toxic to others around her and isn’t going anywhere in the real world

No. 1151878

No. 1152004

my thoughts exactly. honestly, i feel like her best bet to retain any of her internet fame rn is to just become a nazi egirl or something like astrid.

No. 1152469

File: 1612487609681.jpeg (487.4 KB, 1242x798, 5D822259-ED92-462A-9D13-01BAEF…)

What is up with every thot on IG wanting donations for being in an abusive uwu household? It’s all a scam and it’s annoying that every social media site is filled with panhandling parasites

No. 1153040

sug4rfairy's discord is shut now most likely due to her n00ds being exposed

No. 1153264

who cares

No. 1153542

File: 1612574051647.jpg (915.83 KB, 1080x1513, 20210205_190653.jpg)

Princess bri
>wanna be soundcloud rapper
>makes shitty y2kmusics
>emo/egirl aesthetic
>horrible facetuned instagram feed
>has mentioned she has disordered eating to her thousands of followers
>posts horrible shoops like this of her waist to said followers
>defensive and brain dead like every girl in this niche
>acts like and dresses like a child for pedo followers
>is all around annoying
>is so desperate for fame she'd probably be happy to be posted here

No. 1153651

Ah I remember this Girl. Wasn't aware of any milk but I specifically remember scrolling through her tags on IG because my heart bled for some depressed anon on ridiculous photoshoppers. I believe it was her tattooist that outed her spergy waist shops.

No. 1153680

Yeah her editing is so obvious. Do you know how the tattooist outed her? Like did he do it on purpose to expose her or did he just post unedited pics of her to show the tattoo?

No. 1153693

File: 1612586937274.jpg (158.28 KB, 996x826, 20210205_223626.jpg)

Babygargoyl formerly known as Cwunchie the asian wannabe is now sipping out of bottles and calling herself a baby

No. 1153706

posted un edited pictures. not to expose her

No. 1153759

File: 1612592010398.jpeg (632.52 KB, 1242x2208, FAC3A6FB-B248-40C0-B1FC-AF80FF…)

Squidwardthighs still sucking in that stomach to have a waist. Why can’t she just admit to her photoshopping? She says she does it a little but that’s a damn lie. Also I don’t get why she’s wearing dirty aliexpress lingerie outside

No. 1153796

I’m more annoyed that she keep hanging out with people and going to LA during the middle of a fucking pandemic when california currently has over 3 million corona virus cases and she lives at home with her elderly grandmother.

No. 1153804

The emoji to cover the armpit chub is kekworthy. You can see her fat billowing over her waistband and her thighs indicate she's thicker than she lets on. I don't know why she would out herself like this so blatantly? Also there's like nothing wrong with how she looks. Why can't she accept her chub or like do crunches kek

No. 1153885

you are giving very much say you're annorexic without saying you're annorexic

No. 1154292

oh jesus i thought she only wore this shit to take pictures of herself in her room, this is embarrassing.

No. 1154420


Saged bc irrelevant but wtf is that torso doing there? I don't understand this photo, am I blind

No. 1154755

She used to have her age in her bio. Took that out real quick kek. Probably embarassed.

No. 1154777

File: 1612693473828.jpg (345.18 KB, 1080x1202, 1595911306775.jpg)

Went and found the photo and as the other anon said it didn't seem to be a malicious post, just unedited

No. 1155120

If this chick is this thin already why does she feel the need to edit her waist so small? Body dysmorphia??

No. 1155206

because crazy looking pictures get the most attention

No. 1155236

File: 1612737436912.jpg (676.71 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20210202-215427_Ins…)

No. 1155249

File: 1612738102106.jpg (2.77 MB, 1920x2560, 21-02-07-17-39-51-057_deco.jpg)

No. 1155286

File: 1612741080593.jpg (109.72 KB, 1080x665, 20210207_163749.jpg)

So apparently, babivampire is nonbinary now. Kek

No. 1155315

didnt babivampire fake an accusation against awfultune so she could cash in some followers from the drama? i read somewhere on here that she claimed to have pretty incriminating evidence she wouldnt shut up when she was exposing awfultune but when she was confronted by an anon for not handing it in to the police n just holding it for exposing them she chose to give rlly weak excuses and once someone made her a thread she started replying to it giving even more stupid excuses like holding on to evidence of pedophilia isnt a big deal.

No. 1155334

File: 1612744276599.jpeg (484.7 KB, 1242x1074, 6E639A8B-EA69-4CD6-BA27-D7158C…)

>”can y’all get your own personality”
>copied lana’s whole lizzy grant trailer trash aesthetic

No. 1155335

Everything in this picture is nothing short of embarassing
>dressed like a homeless stripper in clearance rack lingerie
>the ratty sneakers looking as dirty as her
>sucking her stomach in this hard
>the sticker to cover her armpit chub
>the random torso hanging there for no reason

i'm all for dressing in wacky shit but there's wacky shit and wearing aliexpress lingerie outside. squidward looks like some walmart paris hilton bootleg

No. 1155337


Anon this is old milk. All of her evidence was just screenshots of a conversation between awfultune and a minor who was 15. She made it sound like she had mounds of evidence because she's a wellknown clout chaser.

As for the lolcow thread, she kept responding to it because she was the one who made it and was primarily the one posting about herself anonymously.

No. 1155347

Yeah squid looks really cheap and trashy ngl

No. 1155430

not to white night but a lot of people actually do have lanas basic ass life. its called white trash

No. 1155444

File: 1612751050949.jpg (425.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210208-121642.jpg)

All I get from these stories is

No. 1155445

File: 1612751074786.jpg (697.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210208-121802.jpg)


No. 1155495

That wasn’t Lana’s life though, it was a persona/aesthetic before she was Lana Del Rey. If you don’t know anything about this person don’t say anything. Alida was the one to romanize her whole life and made it seem like a Lana song. She is a known lizzy grant skinwalker , who denies being a Lana fan when she copied her outfits and played her music in all her videos. Alida is also a depop scammer like squidwardthighs. She dated and hung out with white self-proclaimed nazis and took gifts from a mentally ill lady who said they were ~soul sisters~ She was milky before I don’t know if she is now. Sage for dumb

No. 1155560

Alidas internet fame peaked like two or three years ago. Shes basically a has been now, which is sad considering shes only like 19? Not surprising though since thats what happens when you base your identity off of looking like a child and catering to pedos who get tired of you once you hit 17. Her face has aged horribly too imo so that probably doesn't help, she has fillers i think.

No. 1155573


Apparently screenshots were revealed of her saying racist shit under another account on discord. I believe they're fake, that isn't how she types.


Late but seeing babi weigh in on it and calling it "karma" is truly kekworthy. I'm getting some strong pot calling the kettle black vibes, it won't be long until someone pulls the 2015/16 archives of her saying some racist shit and she starts suicide baiting again. Kek

No. 1155597

Someone may be cow tipping, caps of the same person (Nefeli) saying similar things are being posted in /ot/ and are allegedly from the lolcow discord. I don't have access to the discord, but if anyone does then they might want to confirm if these are farmers.

No. 1155614

is there any kind of thread on her other than PULL, never really payed attention to her

sage for irrelevant

No. 1155635

Its documented in its own thread for farmer cow discord. Someone proved it wasnt nefeli and someone tipped

No. 1155676

File: 1612774406593.jpg (276.14 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20210208-195122__01…)

My god she's suddenly going by
Is it just me or do anons think she's larping as a they/them all of a sudden as a convenient scapegoat for her "cancellation". Twitterfags froth this kind of thing.

No. 1155870


She's definitely larping it and thats why she weakly argues that her pronouns are valid.

Slight unrelated: those bangs are hideous and so is the photo that she chose for her pfp. Whatever style shes trying to go for, it doesn't suit her at all.

No. 1156080

Could be wrong but didnt she used to always say how much she loved her "mama"

No. 1156172

i can confirm "percy" didnt make that post but i do know it wasnt even up that long before she started replying so she obvs was lurking as if she expected a lolcow which says a lot lol

No. 1158318


it seems like she deleted her account, i wonder if she lurks here.

No. 1158784

File: 1613030155231.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 63xVnJoG.jpg)

anyone got any milk on lacy.lissa? beside the pedobait ofc. Also she vent live some time ago and idk went bat shit insane?anyone has the video from that?

No. 1158785

File: 1613030258982.jpg (254.17 KB, 1242x1105, EoR5VKcXUAINcWf.jpg)

her apology for the live

No. 1158793

walmart belle delphine

No. 1158799

File: 1613031608403.png (Spoiler Image, 879.01 KB, 912x598, sddssds.png)

idk what is worse the photo or the comments

No. 1158843

Aside from the aggressive pedobaiting she types like a literal child. Is English not her first language? Unless she's certified psychotic- "I wasn't on meds so I did a pseudo-pedophila uwu oops" is a pretty piss poor excuse.

No. 1158845

Personally I think she looks a lot more like an actual child than Belle Delphine. That >>1158799 picture is disturbing.

No. 1158848

File: 1613039625455.png (Spoiler Image, 470.66 KB, 554x595, sddssdsd.png)

she's sick in the head

No. 1158849

File: 1613039646860.png (Spoiler Image, 726.95 KB, 549x585, errerere.png)

No. 1158850

File: 1613039787806.png (659.33 KB, 525x568, sddds.png)


No. 1158872

File: 1613044678278.jpg (232.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201202-155100.jpg)

I think she sperged out and self harmed/threatened suicide in her live. I didn't see that actual live do don't quote me on it, although she is a bpdfag, so I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 1158968

Anyone got a recording? Watching this …thing breakdown on live over her own decisions sounds like a good belly laugh. She's so creepy I'm so glad someone finally posted about her

No. 1159051

What does she look without the editing?

Some people do type like that due lack of proper English education

No. 1159637


While it's always good to help rescues, I think you have posted in the wrong place anon

No. 1159642

ma’am this is a cat shelter

No. 1159802

Idk if any pullfags lurk this thread but she used to have a tagged photo posted in a thread on pull. In it she looked like your average petite woman if not a bit older than her age and nowhere near childlike.

No. 1160500

Is that pic from the top right w/black hair and bottom left really her? where's it from? she's so large compared to her shopped pics lol.

No. 1160503

File: 1613203373257.jpeg (925.05 KB, 1920x2560, 281279D0-9BA1-4798-BF0B-8A7B25…)

samefag here. these are from a couple days ago (davida/_ani), she deleted them. she probably got rejected after the guy found out she was a cow kek

No. 1160594

> wannabe asian
she's a native, she has naturally slanted eyes what are you talking about

No. 1160894

File: 1613249459054.jpeg (567.87 KB, 750x1183, 0894B5F3-0A4B-4178-B48A-384D92…)

fangfyres better known as babivampire is NOT percy anymore. “they” are now the cool, chill, non-binary named echo. just thought everyone should know

No. 1160930

kek she has no real sense of identity

No. 1160937

File: 1613253871220.jpeg (892.3 KB, 750x1089, 267BB31B-5AAF-4A03-8756-3ACD05…)

sug4rfairy or arisa vurr posted this yesterday after not posting since the nword incident

No. 1160938

File: 1613253931898.jpeg (191.84 KB, 750x987, 2D74A35C-E715-4BFF-AC3A-03A197…)

the comments are limited and these are the only 4. i think most of her mutuals have left her to fend for herself.

No. 1160954

File: 1613254886433.jpeg (731.4 KB, 1765x2042, B390A804-842D-427E-BAC3-826E6A…)

zoomers are commenting on all of her tagged photos

No. 1161087

File: 1613263907378.jpeg (1001.13 KB, 1242x1533, 799E0330-6B6B-4DB3-8E7E-7830C2…)

@oatchoccymilk is commenting under all of shoopfairy‘s tagged photos kek probably sent a dm directly to shoop

No. 1161109

Anyone interested in/got more info on Blakehomie? Just checked in on her and she seems to be living on her own now + has gotten even more ugly DIY tattoos. Where are her parents/cps? She's like 16 or something.

No. 1161125

>nword incident
She said nigger?

No. 1161129

No. 1161183

She’s been saying for a good 3 years now that her mom doesn’t care about her/where she lives, so it’s crazy not a single person called cps. I wonder if she dropped out of school and has a real job now cause i remember her saying youtube was her only income.

No. 1161185

Black women holding it down like usual

No. 1161266

>>1161183 Blake’s said that she graduated and that she has a job working in retail. If that's true she could have gotten emancipated from her Mother.

No. 1161331

File: 1613296579483.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 874.39 KB, 750x1082, 25279B5C-C184-4094-AFD2-11915E…)

she looks completely different in these polaroids

No. 1161452

That face is tragic it looks like she's pulling her lips over her teeth. Don't get me started on the nose. I can't believe she saw these and thought "yeah this is hot sell them" that's so fucking embarrassing

No. 1161464

Bleak. This looks like a scene straight out of Gummo

No. 1161477

Good God, she should know better by now than to dox her face like this

No. 1161526

Her face looks absolutely haggard and golbinesque in that style of makeup. She should really try softening her features with makeup.

No. 1161539

File: 1613329506619.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3464x3464, 2E2F47C3-FFE5-4C11-BFAC-65E671…)


No. 1161543

File: 1613329818716.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 66FFA674-C645-4B11-BA88-D5C0F3…)

Box9irl kek

No. 1161548

File: 1613330008859.png (8.46 MB, 1242x2208, 9DFE552C-6021-46B4-B3DD-F922F1…)


No. 1161736


holy shit she really is built like a fridge. unfortunate. aside from outing her own face shoops so badly i’m just shocked she looked at her body shape next to the other girl’s and was like “yeah I look good! let’s promote these” kek

No. 1161754

ALL of her features are completely different. Like she's completely unrecognizable. Getting massive secondhand embarrassment from this
Also how is it that absolutely all of her features are undesirable this is so sad

No. 1161887

I don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this but…

There was a thread on 4chan a little while ago where a femanon mentioned the fact she was Asian. This white femanon started attacking her and calling her all kinds of racist shit. She started bragging about being a pretty white girl and how superior she was to Linglings or some shit, then posted part of her face to prove she was such a ‘beautiful Aryan goddess’ or some shit. The girl in the pic had that skunky black and blonde e-girl hair, and a squareish jawline. It honestly looked exactly like sug4rf4iry and someone called her out, which she denied, but I’m certain it was her.

If it was it’s hilarious since she spends her entire life trying to imitate Japanese/anime girls. I will try and find the thread. Looking at her tweets she seemed constantly bitter and butthurt all the time, her personality seemed similar to this anon. She’s definitely a huge closet racist with a hateboner for Asian girls if it’s her in the pic.

No. 1161889

Oh and another reason I think it’s her is because everyone knows she uses 4chan to self promote and shills her OF on there, to the point anons started mass reporting her posts because it was getting too obvious.

No. 1161905

File: 1613356810826.jpg (230.14 KB, 563x530, 1610153406646.jpg)

Here is the archived thread.

You can see a 'lesbian/bi' white femanon having a racist flame war with an Asian femanon. I really don't think it's a male anon LARPing as a girl, since 4chan dudes pretty much worship Asian women and there is no reason for a male anon to be that booty blasted.

Pic related is the partial selfie the '''femanon''' posted. Same lips, deep philtrum, upwards curving cupids bows, and face shape as her. And sug4rf4iry also had that chunky ugly piss color blonde and black skunk hair too a while back. Could easily have been an older selfie.

No. 1161910

She's definitely a huge racist. It's also known she lurks these threads about herself.

No. 1161912

Wish she would just come clean about her surgeries cuz damn that's a nice nose job. Wonder who her Dr was.

No. 1162023

she straight up looks like squidward

No. 1162025

File: 1613370209110.jpeg (141.42 KB, 500x562, 50A116A1-98B8-4FE9-9953-E117DA…)

dead9irl looks like the juice girl

No. 1162066

File: 1613378303676.jpeg (533.21 KB, 1764x2047, FF5B6C9D-4681-4BF3-9E1B-26D6C2…)

No. 1162166

That looks nothing like her shopped or unshopped. Sure she said nigger and desperately self promos on 4chan but this is a reach… I actually hoped you were right kek

No. 1162384

im talking sbout the ugly bitch on the left holding the juice…

No. 1162509

Yeah I literally don’t know why she’s so secretive about her age. She wants people to know she graduated from high school way long ago from her stories but won’t say her exact age? What difference would it make.

No. 1162519

This image has some serious Karen energy

No. 1162652

How unfortunate

No. 1162657

holy shit. she's one of the most hardcore shoopers i've ever seen on here, i would feel bad for her if she weren't such a shit person
it's probably a case of not wanting scrotes to shame her because of her age or having to deal with comments telling her she's too old to dress the way she does. it comes off as weird but i don't blame her for it. she's 21 or 22 though iirc

No. 1162826

She's 24 or 25. I remember thinking "shit she's my age" the other day when she answered an age question on her story. I was under the preconceived notion she was much younger from all the big zoomer energy she emits.

No. 1162846

File: 1613471960279.png (Spoiler Image, 4.77 MB, 828x1792, AA776D09-88EA-402A-80D0-25DF14…)

She edited herself some leg tumors for Instagram

No. 1162851

Damn, she must lurk here a lot. The reel and all of the Polaroids have been deleted from her socials. But thanks for documenting them here !

No. 1162970

It obviously is her lol. Same jaw, same nose, same lips, same hair. She sits on 4chan and sperges at Asian girls all day despite trying to wear their skin.

No. 1162980

Your opinion is not milk. Sage.
I for two agree w ayrt I doesn’t look like her. I wish it was that’d be funny as fuck but I don’t see the resemblance. Neither did people in that thread besides one person.

No. 1162995

File: 1613492253954.jpg (147.28 KB, 1200x460, 117818622_724709551426349_2763…)

it does kind of look like her after putting it next to one of her ig photos, but i don't think it counts as proof

No. 1163011

she looks like a tranny,yikes(not a contribution)

No. 1163150

That’s a different angle also right is in daylight, try comparing them at the same angle and indoor lighting.

No. 1163287

Seconding, even with different lighting and and angles, they look identical to me. I guess it's possible there's just another racist egirl who sits on 4chan all day and looks this similar to her, or maybe it could be a man who had older pics of her and used them to larp.

No. 1163306

I agree, to be honest there are barely any girls on 4chan to begin with, and most of the ones who browse are nerdy plain janes and autistic girls. Popular e-girls with instagram accounts, dyed hair and whatever are very rare. The fact Arisa is known to shill herself there constantly and shares that unique home dye job hairstyle and very similar features as that girl is too much of a coincidence. Maybe Arisa is trying to do damage control in this thread?
The fact she’s saying stuff like piss skin, gook, chink, slant eyed whore, etc is very disturbing. Sadly it seems a lot of these liberal BLM instathot goth girls turn out to be huge racists.

No. 1163371

fridge looks awful. the other girl looks cute enough

No. 1163448

File: 1613534796089.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 655.98 KB, 1242x637, 8CBF15E3-3588-4E7D-97B7-D294C1…)

No. 1163449

File: 1613534909430.jpeg (431.04 KB, 1638x2048, D35A4C26-4027-453C-A737-C3CA05…)

No. 1163468

File: 1613537698413.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 269.69 KB, 626x664, F8EA5CF1-E4C1-45BA-A7FD-DF6A21…)

Frid9e or no

No. 1163519

Her shoops are painfully obvious. Why bother if you're just gonna dox your real face on video??

No. 1163531

what lips

No. 1163548

Ntayrt I do kind of see it now, although I don't know how much of that is just generic white girl vs actually Arisa. The lips/jaw do look slightly different to me, particularly the nostrils and (angle aside) the nose which is more upturned. That could all be down to editing on her part but idk how much of a stretch that is? Does anyone have any photos of her from her skunk phase with a beauty mark drawn just under her eye?

No. 1163820

Didn't she have an appt to get lip fillers?

No. 1164150

File: 1613602320224.jpg (82.33 KB, 955x684, 20210217_165003.jpg)

Fatlover69 makes an entire persona out of her tits and it turns out she's wearing a breast plate? Lmfaoo

No. 1164157

i've always found her annoying but you can't say that without posting proof of some kind anon

No. 1164165

File: 1613603171805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.09 KB, 480x640, 50227-z2wpds.jpg)

I posted this picture but the edges of the breast plate are clearly visible. She over contrasts all her pics as well as barely posting with her shoulders showing because that's where the breast plate is most obvious. In pics where she exposed her shoulder completely (without her hair covering) it's extremely obvious

No. 1164175

male attentions a hell of a drug

No. 1164176

File: 1613603450578.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210217-171017.png)

Another close up where you can see the color of her skin contrast greatly with the form

No. 1164198

I dunno anon I scrolled through her media tab and there’s a good amount of cleavage pics and vids with movement that couldn’t be faked with a plate

No. 1164205

File: 1613605120703.jpg (831.12 KB, 800x1067, londons-faux-queens-body-image…)

Can you post examples? She has like 3 pics of cleavage that only slightly show it. The rest of her pictures she's wearing crew neck shirts and stuff. Cleavage is easily faked with breast plates

No. 1164211

Breast forms are jiggly squishy and can feel like a real boob

No. 1164217

i agree that the breast plate thing is probably a reach and it's more likely she stuffs her bra and/or shoops but some breast plates can be jiggly

No. 1164238

I only noticed due to discoloration on her arms as well as her boobs blantantly looking plastic. Most boobs have veins, texture, etc. On top of that her neck looks plastic as well unless she filtered the overloving fuck out of her photos which she probably did

No. 1164284

File: 1613612886163.jpeg (83.66 KB, 931x615, 378C79BB-5338-44EF-A97E-FC7195…)

sorry anon i just think ur reaching. this isn’t what a plate looks like

No. 1164312

1. Plates are advanced nowadays lmao. One cleavage pic doesn't prove anything
2. That's clearly not her

No. 1164375

File: 1613625581716.jpeg (69.76 KB, 1024x622, 7CE7C04E-8679-42F7-8FAE-7F27E9…)

it… is her. it matches her body circa 2019 when she weighed a little more and her doorframe at the time as seen in dozens of other pics

i don’t even care about this chick lol but you’re clearly married to your pet theory that doesn’t seem likely so have at it i suppose

No. 1164378

File: 1613625917362.jpeg (55.66 KB, 960x527, 33F0A6B0-5CD1-4A37-AD7B-461E4D…)

samefag but exact same phone case too. clearly her

No. 1164389

File: 1613627798012.jpeg (728.9 KB, 1242x1712, 338ED0E7-AACE-44A3-AA69-15CF13…)

I guess we made her insecure kek

No. 1164424

Lol they posted a video a while ago and sounded trans. Will try to find video but I just clicked on their video tab and nothing was there

No. 1164430

Found it. Idk, could just be a woman with one of those deep autist voices but something about her (and the boobs) always seemed off to me. In other vids they kind of had a clunky walk like a dude, too

No. 1164567

So she lost a bunch of weight and got fit and her boobs magically got way bigger? Sure showed me

No. 1164678

I think this belongs in a different thread tbh. She doesn't really fit the egirl scene; she's just a degenerate weeb that stuffs the fuck out of her bra or wears a breastplate unless I'm missing something

No. 1164684

Yeah I guess you're right but ik she has interaction with other cows and caters to neck beards and streams. What would exactly define an egirl though? If it's not here then she'd probably fit better in the photoshop and plastic surgery thread

No. 1164713

Does anyone have any more info about her or know where all the stuff exposing her went? It seems like 99% of it has been taken down or something. She is still up to the same shit she has been for years so It'd be awesome if someone could pull up one of the threads about her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1164738

anon there are a lot of explanations for her trickery that aren’t breastplate lol. you’re delusional.

No. 1164747

I suggested a breast plate and already posted the pics of the discoloration (which you have yet to explain). She could be stuffing her bra. Or wearing breast plates in those pictures. Or have gotten breast implants and whatever. Either way her tits aren't as big as she leads on which is funny since her entire personality revolves around her tits

No. 1164782

Anon, there were never any threads because no one gives two shits about this thot.

No. 1164852

she’s my personal lolcow because her shoops are so bad but i think she’s mainly a discord Thot these days and the milk died when PULL got shut down. she’s really desperate in a funny way

No. 1164853

I dread e-girl threads because most of the images make me feel nauseous and all of them look like they smell of tuna and weed. Seriously why do most of these girls look so dirty and smelly. Ugh.

No. 1165326

I cannot believe that she looks like this. I thought she was middle eastern holy shit. Shooping on another level.

No. 1167161

File: 1613891857056.jpg (369.57 KB, 1080x1670, 38379292.jpg)

I'm surprised she hasn't been posted here yet.

Gothbitchvenus, aka according to her, the head, and creator of the raving scene.

"Goth" even though all her clothes are ugly, mismatched, and from Aliexpress. Not to mention her messy, cheap, unbrushed, fake wigs, and disgusting, messy makeup.

Constantly re-uses nasty, cheap lingerie and throws whatever the fuck she can on it to make it "goth".

She acts as if she invented raving and comes for people on TikTok for 'copying' her if they also post TikToks about raving.

Queen of virtue signalling, and racking up woke points by posting videos of her at BLM protests, skipping around in rave get up, and posing… meanwhile she's an avid ambassador for Dolls Kill.

(And if memory serves me right, I think she tried coming for people who support 'problematic' brands like Dolls Kill before, or I could be mixing her up with someone else, but I wouldn't put it past her)

She constantly posts videos and photos whining about quarantine and how she cant go out and "get fucked up", but also still goes out without a mask constantly.

Posts cringey TikToks and videos on IG about EDM with a superiority complex.

Whines about low engagement, yet does absolutely nothing to change up her brand. Still the same mind-numbing, drug-pushing, boring raver girl shit she's been doing for years.

Because of low engagement, she posts stories begging for share for shares and shoutouts, and posts cringey provocative photos with leading captions including questions, in order to have more people comment and thus boost engagement.

I'm also pretty sure she constantly deletes, and reposts photos from the past and/or wears the same fucking shit over, and over.

I can't get over her fucking makeup how has it been like this for so many years, and it still looks this messy, and greasy?

Like someone said above, she fits into the category of just… dirty and smelly looking.

No. 1167179

she looks so crusty

No. 1167188

disgusting, she needs a fire hose bath

No. 1167323

She looks like a young zoomer Vicky Shingles with that corset on backwards..

No. 1167478

File: 1613935883490.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1242x1542, 3776ECE4-1B55-4AD2-A69B-9EC907…)

Fridge9irl is trying so hard to appear to have an ass kek

No. 1167497

the stockings & vans combo is not the look

No. 1167516

File: 1613938259749.jpeg (290.98 KB, 1242x1771, 57FD441C-8192-4D28-BB59-82ABA6…)

Found another “expose” account of Angie I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it herself for attention

No. 1167521

File: 1613938928693.jpeg (486.72 KB, 2048x1536, 6AF31F3B-938B-411C-9AB8-556F8E…)

A really bad belle delphine skinwalker with a deadly case of pig snout. I hope she gets better.

No. 1167522

File: 1613939010017.png (8.93 MB, 1242x2208, FF6EEE60-8412-4265-A768-3AAE15…)

Her underwear is inside out kek it’s the stupid cringe come here daddy “please” panties

No. 1167590

Anon, those are the skirt with the built in shorts

No. 1167647

Oh god, zoom in on her right eye (left to us) and look at her shoopfailed iris.

No. 1167658

lol why does her feet look retarded and crippled as shit. Do men find this attractive?

No. 1167935

why are her teeny patches of eyebrow hair so funny it's probably shopped but I'm just picturing what they'd look like when she's barefaced

No. 1168278

them cankles

No. 1168340

Not gonna lie I always assumed that person was trans ..

No. 1168387

File: 1614048803407.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 186.38 KB, 1242x685, 11C358AF-5871-48E5-A5FF-4F2D0C…)


No. 1168548

She looks miserable. It's not too late to go to school and get a job girl

No. 1168592

File: 1614080013977.jpg (449.18 KB, 1024x1024, 1612295624564.jpg)

It's mix of heavy shooping and plastic surgery. lena_kitsune 's face in all of these photos are drastically different. From the cheek bones, the chin the jaw line her nose and lips and the blur on her skin is over kill.

No. 1168603

In every single p0rno shoot she does, frid9e looks empty and depressed.

No. 1168628

ngl I just wanna know how I can look the way she does in her tiktoks lol

No. 1168813

Angles, makeup and a nose job.

No. 1169057

Have you been on r9k? It's all e-girl pick-mes who are average looking but too mentally ill to keep a normal guy so they go for incels kek

No. 1169273

File: 1614159376096.jpg (650.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210224-203548.jpg)

I have no words

No. 1169349


Either you're a selfposting faggot or filters and shit celebs in clown makeup have warped your perception so much you think this is somehow lolworthy.

No. 1169355

probably a selfpost, but it still looks horrendous

No. 1169453

why are you out here defending a cow with an horrendously shitty haircut? arisa is that you lurking?

No. 1169600


Romulan in front, Risan in the back. What's not to like?

It's still better than a Kiki Kannibal haircut (and I'm not her either).

No. 1169940


Its not really defending the cow, the hair cut is hideous but its not important enough to post. If anything its a nit pick.

No. 1170039

Anon, chill out, it's about the hair cut. Don't you see that the haircut is absolutely horrendous?

No. 1170044

Filters and plastic surgery

No. 1170045

The haircut isnt as bad as the nonexistent eyebrows. Why do people want to look like aliens?

No. 1170075

Wasn't a self post, sugarfairy is literally in the thread image. I'm genuinely interested who hurt you kek?

No. 1170104

She actually worked with Dolls Kill along with her then friend Varsenex (another dramacow), but after people started cancelling the brand, she dropped both Dolls Kill and Varsnex, which was probably her best move up until the rave drama - people liked her a lot prior to that, would compare her to Vars and how much better she was morally.

No. 1170169

Jesus fuck she really wanted the “fuck me up” cut
Lots of girls on tiktok/ig have shaved the ends of their brows to fill them in easier. Idk why she would shave the whole damn things

No. 1170454

File: 1614289632447.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, EB23DF61-2EDB-4A9A-AB5E-69E07A…)

Ang3ltroon posted this

No. 1170744

File: 1614308515838.jpeg (525.73 KB, 828x1036, 1B198846-0B0C-465B-88F0-DDCB85…)

When your authentic self is being an e-thot whore online. So authentic, I’m sure none of it is photoshopped/facetuned.

No. 1170840


Honestly surprised ang3lho3 let this pic slide, there is no way she has a 24 inch waist, she’s at smallest, a 27 inch waist. Which is pretty normal and average sized, anyone who actually thinks she doesn’t shop her pics is retarded. She always has some girl commenting on her post “omg i saw her in real life she’s sooooooo small.”

No. 1170841

File: 1614318805420.png (Spoiler Image, 2.57 MB, 750x1334, C0E218AC-514C-46A8-B17A-E79B53…)


Here’s the photo in question.

No. 1171014

File: 1614344885802.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208, 6ACC8903-7C54-427E-A2E6-0F32FB…)

Ang3ltron reposted about the harassment and accounts exposing her. She is trying to gain sympathy lmao. And get asspats from her underaged followers. She didn’t admit to being trans but didn’t say it wasn’t true either. She never even apologized for scamming her followers or talked about giving them a refund. That’s the main reason why people were trying to find “dirt” on her. She sent out clothes that smelled bad and had stains. Like what kind of seller does that kek. Whatever you say miss p3dothigh, the sissy clothes, the ugly outfits, lingerie in public, obsessed with the sexualization of women and bImBofIcaTiOn. Ang3lthigh is definitely a man.

No. 1171035

File: 1614348334291.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3464x3464, 943AEAF2-1EC9-42CA-8D4F-8920C5…)

No. 1171148

File: 1614358192222.jpg (244.61 KB, 1019x742, 20210226_104328.jpg)

All of these egirls have a lot in common. Almost like there is a phenotype. As for dropping Dollskill it was convenient for them not because they really wanted to. You bringing this up reminded me of this drama. I think the comments explain the fiasco perfectly.

No. 1171159

Queen of projection kek she does exactly this. She criticizes others because she’s a poser lol

No. 1171267

the white girl being like they supported me is hilarious,
i bet they did lena

No. 1171295

Brand steal ideas from everyone all the time. People just are trying to cancel them because they are projecting and want to buy dollskill but they can’t even afford it. Like Shayna for example. Sad.

No. 1171463

The first commenter is definitely projecting, but I think everyone was cancelling DK because it was popular to destroy any brand that wasn't in support of BLM. It gave people a spotlight to talk about how anti-racist they are. These egirls don't have a belief system they just go wherever trends take them. They're the type of people to show up at a protest with a sign and a camera then leave after the photo was taken.

No. 1171658

Dollskill has been cancelled long before the BLM protests last year because they routinely steal small creators' designs and sold Indian headdresses, sold a shirt a few years ago that said "goth is white", etc. I don't think it's really because of BLM but that was definitely the cherry on top of the shit sundae I guess lol

No. 1171752

They took down the product with the words "GOTH IS WHITE" after the backlash but they lost minimal business over that. That was years ago and people who never saw the item or the #boycottdollskill posts wont see that unless they search for it. Dollskill has promoted the use of drugs through syringes, their adds and products have profited off of racism and promoted rape culture with a shirt that said "Dead girls can't say no". The point is the BLM fiasco was what really mainstreamed the boycott of their company. But you'd think with all of the past information about the brands distasteful marketing and products out there these "influencers" would have done research on the brands they rep if they're such human rights activists. It took a black man dying for them to finally ditch the brand out of fear of having their online reputation damaged. But all of the other stuff the brand did was apparently completely fine by them. It's all a fad to them.

No. 1171932

Thanks for writing this anon, i wasn't aware of that. I agree insta thots, egirls etc. don't care about that cause it's hard for them to say no to a chance like this, i mean collab/promo for Dollskill, none of them would deny clout like that. If they want dollskill type clothes however there's plenty of similar smaller clothes brands, often with cheaper and better looking products. It's not a problem to find emo/alt clothes, it's just a case of throwing away Dollskill clout or going against a trend. Dollskill clothes are just things on their insta checklist, same as Demonia boots or obligatory green/pink Monster energy monster drink.

No. 1172027

I thought this was established already? E-girls don't give a rats ass about movements such blm, lgb or even feminism, they just post about it because its "trendy" and gets them cool points online. The same ones who post blm, have no issue dating some white eboy who says racist slurs and will make excuses for him or say they're trying to "change" him.

The ones who try to expose others for being racist, homophobic or problematic are usually guilty of the same shit but won't miss an opportunity to kick another egirl undet the bus to look morally superior and get clout off the drama as well, its never because they genuinely believe these things are wrong.

As for dropping dollskill, none of them actually dropped the brand and are willing to still work with them if the opportunity presented itself. You'd be surprised how many have been trying to "model" for the company for years and used the anti-blm thing as a way to stick it to them because the company wouldn't acknowledge them or repost them on their page or website.

No. 1172423

File: 1614488457679.jpg (559.27 KB, 1080x1529, 20210227_215618.jpg)

This bitch is always short on rent every single month.

Is she that bad at managing her money?

No. 1172550

All very valid points.

No. 1172551

What are they blowing their money on? Some of these girls are so well off. What happens when their looks inevitably fade or the platform their on becomes irrelevant. Imagine not putting that money in savings when they have no real world skills. That going to be a tough reality check.

No. 1172616

No. 1172851

File: 1614542310983.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1332, 1B02F1FB-9215-405B-BB79-16719D…)

Squid ward thighs back again with her badly shooped photos. Her face looks different here

No. 1172857

please spoiler this shit, for fucks sake

No. 1172946

She’s been quite lax with showing her weight in the last two posts that got on here.

No. 1172949


>what are they blowing their money on

Weed, alcohol, aliexpress clothing, ugly tattoos and peircings. The same things every egirl blows their money on when they aren't getting shit for free online.

No. 1173140

>the torso
That's a man, baby even with the shopped thighs

No. 1173156

Her boobs seem real though. Can mtf teens get implants?

No. 1173378

her mtf friend sophia is 17 and has implants so yes, i don't think squidwardthigh is trans though. it came across like she was being ironic when she was posting memes about it

No. 1175217

File: 1614787348373.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.66 KB, 933x690, B2A4936D-5EBD-4ADE-9EA5-74DEE6…)

Angie Joslow the try-hard edge lord with a superiority complex degrading herself. Fridge9irl makes fun of “egirls” and “normies” like charli and dixie, but last time I checked Charli wasn’t showing her pasty rancid snatch for less than a McDonald’s meal. fridge has an ugly face and has to use photoshop and take off her clothes for a crumb of scrote attention how bleak

No. 1175220

File: 1614787439713.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1245, 1E9EFB2D-4BE2-47EE-AD97-53AE6E…)


No. 1175221

File: 1614787608139.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.19 KB, 750x550, 1E9A8F6D-D93B-4B22-87AF-F1AB1C…)

No. 1175301

File: 1614792062839.jpg (446.92 KB, 720x1280, 68654448.jpg)

>Asks minors not to follow her
>Dresses up as childrens cartoon characters like pokemon and adventure time while overly sexualizing those characters and advertising her onlyfans

You can't have it both ways lena stop exposing children to pornography

No. 1175354

Doesn’t she have a thread in w

No. 1175361

>pokemon and adventure time
>children cartoons
Stop being retarded, the main audience of both of those is millennial and older

No. 1175379

Millenials who have children are now growing up with those shows don't play dumb anon.

Not sure.

No. 1175387

Um there are plenty of children who watch those shows. Just because an older demographic enjoys them too doesn't mean children aren't watching them. That's like saying my little pony is only for adult men lmao.

No. 1175388

Can't wait for her future mental breakdown when she gets abused in one of those horrific facialabuse vids, bet any amount of money she's gonna withdraw from the adult industry dream entirely when she gets an actual taste of what it's like to do porn. It's almost precious how naive she is to think her job is gonna be consensual sex with men she is attracted to and tons of simpbux. Making it requires having less morals and boundaries than she even does, being pretty from all angles, physical fitness at tip top shape, etc. Doing porn in your comfort zone from home will only ever get you where Shayna is. Fat, depressed, disgusting to watch and a literal waste of a human soul. If "trixie" was struggling with her body before this point, she's got no fucking idea what's coming the further she takes this road. Kek.

No. 1175407

Kek “cream” scrotes are stupid that’s a literal yeast infection is it not? barf
Angie I think your “daddy” gave you an STD

No. 1175410

File: 1614799949129.jpeg (48.32 KB, 625x472, 8C4AD2A4-3702-492A-9F8F-90C89D…)

Honestly Angie has a horse face and I don’t think any reputable pornography company would hire her. Maybe a shady one that hired ugly ass Shayna. She looks like (pic related) and she is shaped like a fridge, she needs to work out instead of making fun of egirls on lolcow

No. 1175459

kek this is so fucking grimy, i can't believe she'd post this
she might be able to trick some company with her shooped pictures

No. 1175483

File: 1614804793563.jpeg (154.09 KB, 827x922, 3ADBAB08-923C-4271-A8AE-CA84C3…)

Since the Nina thread is locked, can we post about her in here?(derailing)

No. 1175515

No. Fuck off.

No. 1175543

No. 1175564

no, please fuck off with that shit. there’s no new thread for a reason, it’s a shitshow. don’t bring it here too.

No. 1175650

nta you're replying to, but it's only a shitshow since Erin and her pals insist on aggressively replying to WK every critical post, mods gave up monitoring that thread a while ago. Erin and co are too stupid to realize they still create activity in the thread by replying to everything so angrily and quickly. Imo there should be a new thread despite the morons it attracts.

No. 1175667

Ntayrt but I’m sorry but what the flying fuck are you talking about? When was it ever stated that “Erin and her pals” were posting on her thread? No, the shitshow was the tinfoil and cowtipping that made up 90% of the thread. There’s only one or two anons that actually want the thread back just so they can sperg some more. It was strange as fuck how invested they were in posting tinfoil and cowtipping every day in order to create their own milk. Now fuck off.

No. 1175784

I guess you are one of the angry anons I am talking about, why are you so invested in protecting Erin and why is your language over a thread on lolcow.farm so aggressive? This whole website is a garbage fire (which I like to warm myself beside) so why an issue with that particular thread? Apparently having any thoughts or opinions other than uwu erin is a saint I want to lick her feet is tinfoil, every time someone posted some amusing shit Erin did one of you would appear to screech about tinfoil and complain. And here you are still angry at the thought someone document any of the lulzy stuff your precious Erin does. I'm a lurker, have never followed or communicated with Erin in any way, have only used these boards and seen the shitshow she enacts on the internet over the years. Accusing everyone who doesn't crawl up her ass as being a "tinfoil" "cowtipper" is mighty suspicious and makes me feel like if someone did research on you and the other inordinately angry anons they'd find you were either Erin or one of her followers/friends.

No. 1175896

nta, no one is crawling up erin’s ass. there is a clear tinfoil and cowtipper problem in the erin threads. and if you can’t see that, then you’re part of the problem. you sound like the same anon that wrote paragraphs in her thread every day about how she’s still so milky and we’re all just kissing her ass blah blah blah. if so, honey… get some help. this is embarrassing and sad to watch. it’s not normal to be this obsessed over a cow that’s barely a cow anymore. you have clear separation issues with this cow.

No. 1176128


Do you realise the paragraphs you keep posting are all tinfoil? You’re the fucking problem. And now you’ve moved to this thread to shit this one up now. You sound like a neet, so persistently obsessive over a cow that isn’t relevant anymore. It’s creepy and sad to watch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1176150

Just always a bit sus when people get ridiculously angry when a cow is criticized. If a thread topic is really dead then just let the screenshotters post their stuff to silence, the repeated, immediate and obsessive angry comments as soon as any screenshots surface suggest there's more to the defense than "no milk" and it's just good ol' fashioned whiteknighting.
And you obviously have no life to be living on the thread and losing your shit whenever it's updated, meanwhile normal lolcow users check the site once a day at most to kek and react to new milk, and then move on.

No. 1176178

File: 1614883489340.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 84.48 KB, 933x558, 000E4860-9880-45BF-8B93-995B87…)

So ugly

No. 1176348

This isn't an Erin/Nina thread. If you want to discuss her, make a new thread. Otherwise don't derail.

No. 1176365

They both have literally nothing behind their eyes, zero spark.
How sad.

No. 1176468

someone never had sex before kek

No. 1176598

File: 1614922343495.jpg (305.34 KB, 663x1209, 232749.jpg)

Definitely not bothered or deleting comments calling her reels cringe. "The anime character is supposed to be cringe guys!!!"

No. 1176689

She should go in cosplay g

No. 1176698

90% of her posts aren't cosplay related.

No. 1176701

Okay let’s get some of those that are interesting then. Both posts of her, coming out of nowhere she’s never been in these threads before, are about cosplay.

No. 1176712

she was posted in here a month ago. this is a general thread for egirls from instagram/tumblr/twitter. there has only been one post related to a "costume" not everything that's posted will be interesting to others.

No. 1176891

Most of the egirls that have been posted on all threads cosplay or want to and most egirls outside of this thread cosplay too. I think so long as they don't associate with the cosplay community and they just wear costumes sometimes, they belong here. Doesn't make sense to flood the Cosplay thread with half-ass cosplayers who only do it sometimes.

No. 1179007

File: 1615187288575.png (893.08 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210306-161525.png)

Ang3lthigh's real body with no waist editing

No. 1179345

she looks the same

No. 1179358

Stop namefagging, how do you know how to reply to posts but not to not namefag?

No. 1179384

Looks less edited for sure but I have trust issues with her so I’m still skeptical kek. Also not sure if just weird perspective but one of her arms look thinner than the other.

No. 1179429

have you seen her tiktok? there's literally nothing to prove that her waist isnt real

No. 1179434

No. 1179449

>>1179434 there are ways to upload edited videos to tiktok & in that video her body looks quite different to her pictures. i can’t believe there’s doubt she edits her hips when she makes them look THAT ridiculous. i don’t know why she does it, it’s not cute; she looks swollen

No. 1179597

She literally uses FaceTune video and has admitted it before lol

No. 1180090

File: 1615303804128.png (12.51 MB, 1242x2208, EC42D8EB-612A-482A-B801-4047FF…)

Is this squidwardthighs way of trying to tell lolcow she’s not a troon?

No. 1180130

File: 1615308400986.jpg (713.67 KB, 1080x1748, 20210308_125757.jpg)

Babi vampire ebegging for money and gifts for her birthday.


No. 1180131

File: 1615308433298.jpg (687.67 KB, 1080x1646, 20210309_094519.jpg)


No. 1180153

god shes so fucking hideous and all of her pictures are grainy as shit, i cant stand that chubby bitch

No. 1180265

Anon, you don’t need to be that kind.

No. 1180412


>chubby bitch

Kek, its ok to call her fat anon.

No. 1180416

File: 1615331525616.jpg (741.96 KB, 1080x1870, 20210309_161110.jpg)

She's not even begging now, she's expecting her followers to buy her shit. Fucking KEK

No. 1180435


Does she not have any friends in her personal life that are willing to buy her gifts and treat her to dinner on her birthday?

We already know she's a broke bitch but the fact that she almost immediately runs to social media for these things is weird.

No. 1180443

File: 1615333416329.jpg (645.23 KB, 960x1453, MYXJ_20210309154055345_save.jp…)

Olivia/nemuidoll apologizing for…a makeup style? that she got from a tutorial that was about how to do makeup?
I've noticed that a lot of the more weeby/anime-core egirls are really pushing for "see we care about actual asian people too" which is whatever but…why apologize for this? Who is pushing for this apology, other white girls?

No. 1180459

I had to take a solid 5 minutes to process this one and I still don't get who would find issue in her first makeup. These e-hoes have to permanently log off, the internet brainrot is real.

No. 1180467

File: 1615335384125.jpg (256.54 KB, 720x1146, IMG_20210310_010908.jpg)

Sorry, samefagging, but her entire profile is just her in the most stereotypical japanese fashion (hime haircut, bandaid on nose, hime haircut, hairclips on bangs, loose socks, sanrio), but her only issue is the eyeliner shape? So bizarre.

No. 1180489

It is not relevant to the asian thing but she also keeps changing her story about whether/how much she edits (common response to being accused of photoshop is "I don't use PS I use snow/meitu" like girl you knew what they were saying?)
And she accuses others of skinwalking her but is actually skinwalking other egirls.

I know she was mentioned in a previous egirl thread for being alt right as well? But the anon who claimed to be her friend didn't provide proof.

No. 1180772

This woman is 25/26… Let that sink in

No. 1180778

Isn't the point of makeup to change ones appearance? Armchair activism is so dumb. "Hey everyone I stopped doing my makeup this way to stop racism. Please bow down to my moral superiority."

No. 1180781

A 26+ year old MOTHER who is friends with girls at least five years younger than her and skinwalking them/each other. Its weird.
All of these "bruised uwu gore catgirl anime inspired" girls cry about skinwalkers and stalkers and copycats and gatekeep the things they like but will be literally cut and pasted amongst themselves like Nyabeat etc.
Even her editing style is never consistent. And she tries to say "See, I have videos! I don't look that different!" But the videos she uploads are shaky, her constantly posting to hide her jaw/features and the brightness is up to 200%. She's insecure as hell.

No. 1180782

The best part is it doesn't even looks specifically Asian. She insisted in her sperg she was trying to change her eye shape… Well if that's the case she did a piss-poor job kek. So being inspired by an Asian creator just got made weird by another self-hating white pseudo-zoomer, how surprising.

No. 1180783

What makes it really funny is her current makeup that's is supposed to accentuate her eyes or whatever she claims actually makes them look MORE slanted/"wannabe asian".
It's so stupid either way and it's clearly her needing to say "Guys look, I'm white and I like kawaii fashion but I'm NOT racist, okay!".

No. 1180784

Soz for samefag but I had to mention she previously had a "no snow filter" selfie on her IG that she's since deleted. It was still edited but I remember her at least looking human.

No. 1180785

Legitimate question because she doesn't tag her posts, how is she so popular/how do generic girls get so much following? I wonder if she bought followers.

No. 1181515

File: 1615442920664.jpg (311.66 KB, 1200x838, sanrio.jpg)

yeah, all these egirls are a copy/paste of nyabeat/jusagipon, all look exactly the same

No. 1181525

yea ive noticed a LOT of people skinwalking voidchan too and they don't even show their face in any pictutres really
Jusagipon/nyabeat isn't even original exactly bit it is the right formula for copycats to spring up and copy.

No. 1181594

File: 1615453175342.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 74.01 KB, 750x828, FB11F778-7500-4F2B-9708-779D7C…)

Posting ass in hopes of getting gifts for her birthday

No. 1181601

Kek is that babifat she looks pudgy

No. 1181603

File: 1615453886233.jpeg (690.47 KB, 1068x1168, 9DC5B186-08DA-4DEC-A360-0CD653…)

I don’t know why she would do herself dirty like this kek

No. 1181604

File: 1615453920991.jpeg (576.73 KB, 890x963, 7FFF9C09-2F2E-40E2-915A-2D5BC5…)

miss lord farquaad

No. 1181606

It’s still shocking to me how she has a whole ass child but still does this shit online

No. 1181685

left: normal, cute girl
right: degenerate e-girl with dangerhair and cat-ears

hmm yes, you ruined yourself

No. 1181844

File: 1615483809672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 430.8 KB, 1080x1067, 20210311_102910.jpg)

She's definitely put on weight.

No. 1181847


Samefag but she's the same person who had a whole sob story of her ex being abusive torwards her and her son, but abandoned her kid with him because being a professional e-thot is far more important to her than her kid.

Since she's left and briefly tried to pretend she took him with her, she makes no mention of him at all. Since she lives on social media, i doubt she even tries to go see him or anything either.

Tldr: she's a deadbeat mom and her kid will probably grow up resenting her. Kek

No. 1181863

File: 1615484870100.jpeg (526.1 KB, 1242x1262, B7EB363C-40D5-421C-A313-5F467A…)

The musty plush on her bed just shows how dirty fridge9irl is jfc

No. 1181872

File: 1615485152947.png (Spoiler Image, 7.94 MB, 1242x2208, 8384DF0F-0C28-4BCA-A244-1B9EA5…)

take a bath instead of licking toilets Angie Jaslow from Philadelphia Pennsylvania

No. 1181931

No point in SEO her info is already everywhere

No. 1182031

File: 1615496217080.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1104x1416, 4E60EC28-CF38-4621-BD4C-1CAC86…)

Ex nymphette soft girl turned egirl got fatter kek she will look like Shayna if she keeps eating lunchlady arms(spoiler)

No. 1182040

no idea who this is, but just based on this pic, she's both fatter yet more attractive than shayna

No. 1182173

File: 1615503459377.jpg (559.28 KB, 960x1525, MYXJ_20210311145317878_save.jp…)

So apparently anon is seething because they were calling Olivia/nemuidoll….not racist??
What is it with these retarded weeaboo egirl edgy 4chan bitches and thinking posting smth like this is some kind of own and proves they're "totally not bothered!!" like they aren't all lurking here/talking shit about each other here kek
Not to mention it's an open invite for ppl who see the stories to come here and shit talk/post more milk about them but hey..she did say it makes her more powerful or whatever..

Jusagipon/Nyabeat even replied to it on her story too with "my thoughts exactly" and yet is always the first to cry about it when anyone brings up her anachan/racist edgelord past

No. 1182175

File: 1615503671689.jpg (561.43 KB, 960x1548, MYXJ_20210311145924133_save.jp…)

Olivia u are the literal "how do you do fellow kids?" meme and an offbrand berry tsukasa, no wonder you cant associate with anyone your age and need to fit in and co-bully with other girls five years or more younger than you are!

No. 1182181

She was called out for being an adult internet weirdo who hangs around and can only seemingly befriend teenagers online, and then publicly begs lolcow to believe she’s totally unaffected and fine

this woman simply cannot cope

No. 1182186

tbqh it wouldnt be a big deal if some were teens but most were adults….but its all teens and no adults near her age atall?
mayb bc any adults she could befriend wouldnt give her efame n clout..

No. 1182195

File: 1615506061046.jpg (1.04 MB, 2560x1920, 21-03-11-15-37-52-760_deco.jpg)

will never get ovr the absolute delusion of this girl to say "I don't look different than my pics" like she isnt walking around irl with an ass chin kek

No. 1182202


I almost feel bad for her because she wants to be in hikiwiz/voidchan's circle so bad (putting forkcore an spooncore in her bio) but they always tag each other in posts saying "us" and never include
They also run bully campaigns against their "stalkers" even though they all skinwalk n copy off each other an follow the ppl they complain about
That whole circle, including m4d0t5uki n jusagipon act like generic egirl weeb crap is theirs

No. 1182203

File: 1615506966605.jpeg (489.58 KB, 828x944, 8E268788-A5ED-4851-9613-FE5DD5…)

No. 1182206

Those filters are really working overtime.

No. 1182233

Quick someone repost the images of her real face from the last thread so she can join on the seething and coping!

No. 1182238

File: 1615512013704.jpg (2.06 MB, 1920x2560, 1606073831620.jpg)


she answered a question on insta recently about someone asking if she'd do makeup tutorial videos and said no because she doesn't have any place to film them but would do picture by picture..
girl just say "I look nothing like my IG pics and the snow filters I use would fall off of I did a proper makeup tutorial so I'd rather just edit some pics" and go, dayum

No. 1182246

File: 1615512564925.jpeg (260.66 KB, 1242x829, C769AFA0-690C-451A-83C4-424514…)

Not to mention hikiwiz is a former failed r9k egirl & self poster and m4d0tsuki is a 20 year old grown woman who uses her loli kins as an excuse to bully young teen girls who like the same game as her for “skinwalking” LMFAO

No. 1182254

Sage for no milk but can anyone explain why these girls are all “anti fake hikkineets” but literally all of them have photos of them leaving their houses, hanging out with friends, or going to school?? When did the sudden fascination with being a “hikkineet” start

No. 1182262

Hikkiwiz/Yun was posted by @cainaninamerica. She changed her @ after it.

No. 1182265

Her and her former bff (the fat girl w bad eyeliner who gets made fun of a lot) were notorious self posters just search up their names with “self post” after on desu archive kek

No. 1182270

Just searched it. Absolutely nothing was there. Why would you lie on something that can be disproven, vendetta-chan?

No. 1182293

isn’t this the girl that had beef with Erin Painter years ago? Her username used to be nauseadoll

No. 1182296


Not a wk
Hikkikomori and NEET are two different things. Hikkikomori are reclusive, NEETs are unemployed and not in any sort of training or school. Them leaving the house doesn't make them fake NEETs.

No. 1182304

File: 1615515156981.jpg (1.15 MB, 2560x2560, 1606084581627.jpg)

to be fair who hasn't had issues with Erin in the egirl sphere..but yea her @ used to be nauseadoll among others
She went from "mold mushroom bug sleepy girl" aesthetic to "kawaii uwu anime core weeb girl" really fast too: see the change from nauseadoll to nemuidoll kek
sshe also changed her story w her editing from "I don't edit my jaw/nose idk how I would do that it would be wobbly" to "yea I edit my jaw and things but do do all the other girls into this style and I still look mostly the same irl"

No. 1182316

The funny thing is voidchan was a generic uwu daddy issues e girl a year ago

No. 1182318

File: 1615516263362.jpg (466.06 KB, 960x1453, MYXJ_20210311182615412_save.jp…)

someone sure is having fun sending themselves asks to answer on tellonym
olivia no one would care or find u milky if you didnt decide to give a shoutout to the farms over someone saying its silly for u to think your old makeup style is RACIST just because the guroneetmymelomcdonaldsuwu egirl sphere is big on being overapologetic for non issues under the guise of "solidarity" with actual asian communities being hurt rn. it is such overkill and feels like she's overcompensating…then again that anon back in the last thread claimed she was secretly racist so who knows

No. 1182320

i am trying not to wk here, but i’ve been following olivia for years. she has talked a lot before about having body dysmorphia and admitted many times to editing her pictures because of that so i’m not sure where you’re getting this from? also, she only apologized for the makeup because white girls were blowing up her comments about it. this feels like a vendetta.

No. 1182322

“ Bridget self post “ retard

No. 1182323

M4dot5uki has posted about her classes before, they also all refer to themselves as “hikkineets” not just neets exclusively

No. 1182324

nayrt but weren't you talking about hikiwiz? what does bridget have to do with this?

No. 1182325

Exactly lmfao none of those “mcdonalds frie my melo hikkineet white girl using japanese name “ are original, they all started off as basic ddlg egirls

No. 1182331

You are WKing because she has only kind of admitted to editing recently, see up thread there was a post with some caps of her answering asks and being dishonest about editing, and has tried to pass off videos with filters as "see I'm unedited!"
If you have BD then yes that sucks but don't take it out on your following by LYING.

No. 1182334

File: 1615517435040.jpg (348.54 KB, 1280x987, MYXJ_20210311184605191_save.jp…)

No. 1182339

Kek’d irl anon

No. 1182359

File: 1615518783199.jpg (308.85 KB, 960x1536, MYXJ_20210311191111280_save.jp…)

clearly they're stalking the thread even now, because theyre just sooo unbothered
wouldnt be surprised if any anons coming to anyones defense here is one of them

No. 1182364

>White girls were blowing up her comments about it
O…kay…? And she had to apologize for something white girls and not actual asians dictate as racist, because..?
she could have said nothing or ignored it and moved on or blocked anyone harassing her but instead, as usual she needs to be the victim. which is the same reason why she mentioned lolcow in a story and why she decided "I guess I should share my tellonym" after. No wonder she has no real friends that arent mentally ill teenagers that all steal from and bad mouth each other.

No. 1182384

File: 1615520198346.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 213.32 KB, 2048x1536, BD0BA9F0-49BF-4B8E-838A-B66EAA…)

Sad wh0re is sad

No. 1182396

Nyabeat is definitely working overtime in this thread, super-mad about girls who are into the same contrived aesthetic that she ripped off of Japanese girls she saw pictures of on Tumblr, kek.

No. 1182404

I think she is too. So "uwu kawaii" of her befriending/following these girls while posting them on to this thread.

No. 1182415

Also, nyabeat/jusagipon "kins" a character from an eroge game that's a loli who gets raped lol

No. 1182424

My friend met Olivia once irl and told me that she looks nothing like her photos and it was weird. oh also, she’s friends with facebook community people who are actually into nazi shit.

No. 1182435

File: 1615523905077.jpeg (305.04 KB, 800x600, A09FFEEF-F40E-4499-873F-DC6A77…)

If you’re talking about saya from saya no uta then she’s not really a loli but a blob of rotting meat that gets raped but also rapes an adult woman in the game with her schizo bf

No. 1182442

I only read the description of her character and it describes her as a "young girl" but the fact that the saya character rapes someone is disgusting. Imagining kinning a rapist.

No. 1182445

Nta but she could "really" be 3000 years old, we all still have eyes and can see she is meant to look like a tween. And Saya no Uta is only something a demented edgelord kins from anyway

No. 1182466

there's actually a whole plot about her being a mass murderer eating babies and abusing mentally sick people in some hospital, and the girl she rapes is his boyfriends ex gf that she also turned into a cripple so it's easier for him to molest her. thats basically the whole game kek

yeah, i get it, i just wanted to present her like the game does. visually she's obviously meant to cater to pedos

No. 1182469

you fucking bitches are so weird, and you all look the same. what's weirder is that you all are nice in the facebook comments and then tab over here to make these evil comments. also without your wigs and makeup your heads all look like pumpkins

No. 1182484

>muh evil bitches

No. 1182485

for some reason Olivia lies about her ex being dead when he is still…. obviously alive….its odd

No. 1182486

which ex?

No. 1182487

No. 1182488

File: 1615528258626.jpeg (266.65 KB, 1242x1800, B0260FD8-95EA-4AF0-938A-B813F0…)

of course

No. 1182509

File: 1615530554721.jpg (159.98 KB, 316x803, 20210312_012447.jpg)

I don't know why so many egirls want to copy nyabeat/jusagipon when she looks like this in real life

No. 1182514

File: 1615531469003.jpg (354.66 KB, 960x1515, MYXJ_20210311223526902_save.jp…)

pretty safe say she's still here. Olivia, just leave it alone. You're making things worse by bringing attention to this thread to your following. It was bad enough when you gave the shout-out over nothing. You say "just talk about how I'm cringe or something not accuse me of being racist" when…you had this whole meltdown over people saying you WERENT racist wtffff

No. 1182515

she doesn't look horrible but it's such a contrast to her edits

No. 1182518

File: 1615532277500.jpg (327.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210312-175714.jpg)

No. 1182519

File: 1615532493024.jpg (623.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210312-175731.jpg)

>For months
With her attempt at "clapping back" with known imageboard lingo I'm not surprised she's been with us for that long. Funnily enough I even defended her because the claims of racism were unsubstantiated… Should have left it, maybe we would have witnessed the sperging sooner kek.

No. 1182539

as a poc i do not go to her account, a white womans account at that as a safe space for me(no one cares)

No. 1182549

Sorry you got posted

No. 1182565

true as fuck lmao she tries to act like she is the original with everything it is so sad and pathetic

No. 1182575

File: 1615541110282.jpeg (420.46 KB, 750x992, AA7BE16F-25E9-4F20-B4CA-E39E46…)

nyabeat irl lol

No. 1182577

is she trans?

No. 1182578

No theyre not

No. 1182581

File: 1615541421981.jpg (520.33 KB, 960x1634, MYXJ_20210312012939419_save.jp…)

kek so apparently jazmin edited her to be ugly? I mean I believe it but still kek

No. 1182582

yeah. that 'skin bleach x smooth x brighten' editing hack to appear unrealistically porcelain.

No. 1182584

im surprised she is still even positing about it

No. 1182589

Nyabeat claiming she's still a minor? Didn't she turn 18 already? Especially since she's cosplaying characters from hardcore guro porn?

No. 1182593

She is 17 but i feel like in her brain she can do anything and just get away with it i mean look at her past everyone forgave her for that

No. 1182640

File: 1615547210419.jpeg (868.7 KB, 3464x3464, E681E9C2-5EA6-4FD5-A91E-DF6EC7…)

no clue why people are bothered about that liv girls makeup when this @sminky on ig exists(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1182645

Jesus Christ can these e thots just accept theyre white

No. 1182646

All these girls have the same gross phenotype, they all like the exact same things and edit their photos the same way, they all claim to have the same mental issues, and they're all weirdly racist and thirsty for random Indian men. What gives?

No. 1182650

a white girl trying to look like an asian girl trying to look like a white girl

we must GO DEEPER

No. 1182651

I was waiting for somebody to post about these girls like voidchan, its annoying. They all larp as hikkineets when they have actual jobs and go to school. Theyre all about the age of 20 and will bully anyone they feel is copying them or they dont like. They have no personality aside from their common aesthetic. Imagine being a grown adult and doing this shit

No. 1182657

File: 1615549729742.jpeg (170.25 KB, 1124x852, 7306CAB0-546B-4DE4-89A8-553DBB…)

cant believe voidchan has now become a tranny, she never came across that way to me but its clear that its all because of hikiwiz. she put he/him in her bio recently despite dressing like a girl and now voidchan is doing the exact same and claiming shes always felt this way

No. 1182662

this is the same girl who will cry abt someone having a similar profile pic as her

No. 1182668

Voidchan is pathetic garbage

No. 1182677

File: 1615552372925.jpeg (728.26 KB, 3464x3464, 92BC3416-FF31-4A45-AE6F-B6BBAA…)

No. 1182697

Why are all of these egirls into “asianfishing”

No. 1182698

why are there so many spergs in this thread who don't know how to sage?

type "sage" into the e-mail field

No. 1182710

This entire thread reads like vendettas and underage people. Everytime one of these cows posts about this site it causes an influx of newfags who don't read rules.

No. 1182711

You think they won’t gloss over the rules

No. 1182717

File: 1615557602525.jpeg (524.37 KB, 828x1187, 3A7BBC4B-91E9-45B8-8C45-AE0F13…)

you wanna talk about asianfishing? kek @ bibletears

No. 1182719

Why do these girls even do this shit

No. 1182728

Yeah honestly the sudden influx of the hikkineet girls posts looks like a vendetta to me. The typing style is the same for a lot of posts, using words like "kin", talking about "asian fishing". These girls might be cringe but that's not milk, and I don't think jfashion is asian fishing.

No. 1182736

Is this Abby? Are you gonna drag out the fake screenshots you made too? Quit shitting up the thread with your vendetta. Void posts pics of her room, jusagipon doesn't look like her pics, hikiwiz has been on 4chan before, and madotsuki gatekeeps a game everyone forgot about until this year.

There's no milk stop flooding the thread.

No. 1182737

I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. She admitted her "apology" was fake and she just wanted to go down in a blaze of glory or whatever, but I guess she couldn't help seeking attention from the same crowd again.
I guess the /pol/ neckbeards don't fill the void so well.

No. 1182743

Who the fuck cares about tiktok "cancelling".

No. 1182746

(saged) Ofc its not jfashion but the weeb shit is pretty cringe

No. 1182766

No? voidchan has a job and makes fun of underage girls and doxxes and stalks them. She glorifies anorexia and pretends to be a japanese neet when she has a job and is obese

No. 1182810

I legit though this was a MTF such an ugly face yikes

No. 1182812

So she made fun of you, and that's why you're vendetta posting?
You've failed to provide any meaningful evidence for anything you accuse her of.
Show current proof she has a job. Just cause you saw she had a job once doesn't mean she can't be NEET, she could have always left the job.

No. 1182817

lol sounds like her bf

No. 1182818

way to shit up the thread you fucking retards

No. 1182820

I'm not, I don't even really know her but nice try though. Looks like you don't have any evidence to provide, so take your vendetta and stop clogging the thread.

No. 1182823

im not even that anon, theres multiple of us talking about her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1182824


No. 1182830

Funny how the multiple of you fail to sage your fucking posts lmao

No. 1182859

File: 1615574314779.jpg (771.76 KB, 960x1579, MYXJ_20210312103733345_save.jp…)

jusagipon claiming in a few stories that she "doesn't edit" and even said that she doesn't edit at all, not just her eyes

No. 1182910


The entire little circle of “hikkineet” weeb girls is fucking insufferable. Each and everyone of them glorify crusty 4chan incel attention and mental illness. Not to mention pointing fingers and screeching at anyone with a similar “aesthetic” (aka literally just liking my melody, sugar bunnies and yamikawaii). Fuck off back to ur ig communities and stop shitting up the thread because you’re all jealous & secretly hate eachother.

No. 1182919



I HIGHLY doubt she even happened upon this thread on her own. She's only responding and stalking here because some of these newfags won't stop cowtipping.

No. 1182940

Sounds like projection.

No. 1183010

fuck that shit,

No. 1183011

File: 1615588338950.png (4.59 MB, 2048x1365, 2B3B61B8-ED9C-4D0E-AF78-3DDAD4…)

Babivamp back at it with the Arisa skinwalking. Yes all these ethots look the same and buy the same shitty ali express clothing. But Babivamp buys the EXACT same outfits as Arisa and it’s absolutely hilarious. They’re not the same in the pic but Babivamp even bought the same shoes Arisa bought about a month or two ago.

No. 1183015


No. 1183016

They're both as lame as each other tbh. Look at arisas huge forearm where she's tried to shoop a skinny waist.

No. 1183022

why does chubbyvamp insist on being the fatter mental illness fried hair version of autisma of all egirls? Neither of them are good at photoshop so at least they have that in common.

No. 1183036

Yeah, they are both lame. But it’s funny to watch babifat skinwalk the main person she was anonymously posting hate about.

No. 1183038

why do you grease wads care so much if these cunts look the same in real life or not. at the end of the day 90% of you never even dare to show your face online, you're just as bad. instead you turn to this cesspool to diss on the rest of those bigot uwu bitches, its hypocrisy at its finest and its fucking hilarious. you're retarded if you even think for once anyone online looks the same in person.

No. 1183040

Agreed, this whole thread is pathetic but funny as fuck to go through because everyone hates each other.

No. 1183041

Big words from a newfag

No. 1183043

not a newfag, i just have a brain(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1183044

Then why are you gonna get put out to pasture?

No. 1183046

im not

No. 1183049

Lock the thread, nashi the 21 year old bully of 14 year old girls and hikkineet larper is here to defend herself!

No. 1183050

sage your shit newfag

No. 1183051

Not to mention she openly supports lolis and pedophilia as evidenced by her kins and arts. She also got her followers to doxx and harass a 14 year old girl because her account looked similar to void chans ((even though void chann) isnt original. I dont have proof because she deleted the story on her instagram targeting the girl Abby as soon as she got mentioned in this thread. Hm, backpedaling? Nashi and her 20 year old plus friends harass little girls out of jealousy and try to pander to incel pedos on 4chan. Not milky other than the fact they act like childs.

No. 1183052

No. 1183053

Wtf turns out I was the lolcow all along??? Thanks for the much needed reality check, totally-not-a-newfag-friend!

No. 1183065

Its so embarrassing seeing the kawaii hikineet egirl crowd trying to shit up this thread to get it locked just because anons are talking a little shit about them. You're only making it worse for yourselves, you know that right?

No. 1183068

Sauce on void actually doing this? She seemed pretty ok other being being obsessed with sanrio shit

No. 1183070

Voidchan is 21 doing this shit? Jesus…

No. 1183073

This is voidchans highlight from when she sent all her followers to attack the 14 year old who copied the same stuff as her kek. She literally made art of Abbey as "Skinwalker-chan" because she was seething so hard. Weird considering abbey is 14 and voidchan is 21

No. 1183074

As if we needed more evidence that this group of hikineet larpers are attention starved and mentally unstable. Get a fucking grip.

They are retarded and we are here to laugh at them. Did someone post you and your bestie? Calm down with the moralfagging newfag.

Newfags make this thread pull tier, but the egirls trying to defend themselves makes it reach even higher levels of clownery.

No. 1183075

They should be talking to vampy didnt she start the thread kek

No. 1183076

I feel like she truly believes she is the creator of absolutely everything. Annoying as fuck. How can you act so fucking dumb online at 21

No. 1183078

you hikineet weirdos sure do seem happy and proud to treat your followers, the ones that give you any relevancy, like retards by blatantly lying about your editing and claiming that is how you look irl then!

No. 1183079

File: 1615594969416.png (9.98 MB, 1125x2436, 37BAA08B-DFDF-4485-AC57-DD4DE6…)

I think she could possibly be older than 21 considering the time this post was from, plus I don't think she has ever publicly revealed her age. She looks like she could be around 14-17 here.

No. 1183081

On one hand I feel for nashi because someone making fake screenshot "receipts" about her being racist is insane and thats copying someone's handle/bio and content word for word is creepy.
BUT sending your following after a kid instead of saying "hey this is going on just so you guys are aware" and leaving at that is a better idea. Instead of making a dedicated highlight and how she even follows other people skinwalking her and her friends..

No. 1183083

I mean she interacts with known racists, I doubt she’s a neo nazi but she is definitely racist.

No. 1183085

this, she was also following right wing /pol/ tier memepages, she may still be following one called cringeandbased but im not sure as she blocked me so i cant check.

No. 1183086

File: 1615595967707.jpeg (244.42 KB, 750x1102, 201F020D-08EC-4710-8BC6-35F4D0…)

just found an old screenshot, you can see that she liked this.

No. 1183091

File: 1615596388448.jpeg (477.68 KB, 1242x932, 47852414-1890-4493-AA53-648207…)

here they are bullying a random girl with 7 followers for having vo1dchan’s pic as her header, can’t make this shit up kek

No. 1183101

File: 1615596606161.jpeg (439.55 KB, 1242x873, A865EC6C-7DFF-40F0-A5F6-BA73E0…)

Samefag for second screenshot, just looking through her twt proves how fucking narcissistic they are. It seems vo1dchan tries to seem innocent while having m4d0t5uki and occasionally hikiwiz doing the bullying for her publicly

No. 1183104

File: 1615596649945.jpeg (909.42 KB, 1170x2039, 0F36FD73-3688-4DDC-890E-2A625E…)

wtf just for using a picture? these bitches are mental

No. 1183111

o yea Chloe is definitely the worst of the bunch, telling people to cut/starve/kill themselves. and obviously the other girls in that friend group condone it even if they are too "nice uwu" to say it themselves

Nashi is bad but at least she's not an adult actually telling teenage girls to self harm or commit suicide
in b4 shes lurking and screenshots this for her IG story because she also thrives off of the attention here

No. 1183113

File: 1615597070316.jpeg (505.77 KB, 1242x1614, F317153A-2C8C-40CC-AD6A-F0BDAE…)

I don’t doubt nashi says the same horrid shit about the “skinwalkers” in their private dms tbh, I get being annoyed at someone copying you, but how much she obsesses over an edgy 14 year old is creepy as fuck

No. 1183114

Nashi is just a girl pretending she is Japanese it’s really sad but whatever

No. 1183115

is her real name Nashi? it ltrly means void in jp(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1183118

I hope this is sarcasm because no1curr

No. 1183119

Well yeah, but I feel like saying or thinking it in private and outright telling some dumb kid to off themselves is a lot different. And imo, worse.
I get being annoyed with someone stalking or copying but still.

No. 1183123

>Multiple spaces between each reply
Pick one.

No. 1183124

Her real name is Chloe yet she goes by Kuro? God I hate white people

No. 1183126

definetly isn't, her and her friend group literally all go by fake japanese names despite being white, "nashi" "kuro" "yun/konomi"

No. 1183128

File: 1615598363643.jpeg (431.52 KB, 1242x1177, D01F415D-AF7F-41CD-977B-26BD27…)

Grown ass woman seething and refreshing the thread every four seconds (kek @ her admitting she bullied abbey, a 14 year old while being 20)

No. 1183129

Underage twitterfag detected

An hero Zoomer autist, you don't belong here.

No. 1183130

Sorry Sakura Watanabe born and raised in a white suburb in Ohio

No. 1183131

I feel bad for any 20 year old using their time to get attention from scrotes and an overused unoriginal aesthetic while bullying literal children. Get hobbies and get off the internet, you arent special. You are all the same egirls and will never be japanese.

No. 1183132

File: 1615598595406.jpeg (205.33 KB, 1242x931, 8B63B333-30DA-4BA1-AD69-AA11CC…)

shes not 14 anons she’s 15 (16 in 3 months actually) that makes it okay for three grown woman to harass and bully her over liking the same games

No. 1183133

I don't give a shit about your autistic vendetta I just want underage larpers to quit infesting the thread

No. 1183138

File: 1615598998502.jpeg (443.9 KB, 1125x1138, 17A2E0D8-CD4C-424F-9497-34545D…)

not her acting like she doesnt do the exact same shit LOL. so harrassing and telling people to kill themselves is bad now is it, chloe?

No. 1183139

File: 1615599015308.jpeg (168.15 KB, 828x423, 2BD17801-827F-4161-A8FF-01E051…)

“moralfagging” Bitch uses so much chan lingo she must really be a pickme

No. 1183140

Do you know where you are? The absolute state of this thread.

No. 1183141

What mental illnesses must adult women possess to be so visibly upset about a random 14 year old copying the same outcast tier japanese shit that random literal who rednecks like, to the point where they tell a kid to kill herself? I mean besides narcissism. Is ignoring people you don’t like a lost concept when you become this mentally stunted?

You forgot it’s okay to tell a child to cut vertically for liking a retarded video game because she’s a sophomore and not a freshman.

No. 1183143

Yeah im on lolcow what about you honey?

No. 1183144

Exactly. Who cares if she copied you or made fun of you? Shes literally 5 years younger. Kids do stupid shit. I bet chloe herself was skinwalking older girls and making up lies too. Just ignore it, why harass the poor girl? Laugh and move on.

No. 1183145

This is an imageboard with its users originating on /cgl/ at least try to disguise your retardation

No. 1183148

I highly doubt she uses lolcow, shes a pickme for scrotes so her lingo is chan based. Are you ok anon?

No. 1183149

Hi Chloe! I'm sure you're the one shitting up this thread to try and get it locked but keep sperging out about how unbothered you are about anons talking about you, like you're not in here WKing yourself!
These bitches wanna talk about how pathetic anons on here are…while stalking the thread constantly and responding to what they claim to not care about. Embarrassing!

No. 1183150

Newfaggotry in action.

How do grown women let a single random child bother them this much. The ongoings within the crumbs of the egirlsphere cannot actually be that imposing on your life. Get a fucking grip.

No. 1183151

Learn to follow replies to gain context on what posters are saying before you dribble out your asshole "anon".

No. 1183152

File: 1615599565364.jpeg (388.61 KB, 1125x1009, 286EC37F-7E37-4C48-BE3D-2E990A…)

its the fact that shes 14 (or 15 as if that makes it any better) and you're a 20 year old woman, fucking retard

No. 1183153

No one said she was innocent, it's the fact that you are so eager to stoop to the level of a CHILD who is doing all this retarded shit and by fighting it with your own retarded shit that anons here find funny/pathetic. Like is Chloe legitimately mentally handicapped or wat

No. 1183156

Please reel back on the autism.

Why is it so hard for her to realize she looks like a retarded psycho going after a kid while being a grown woman? If child who only exists on the fucking internet bothers you then try the block button. Ignore them like a normal person. Is the concept of being a sane adult that hard to grasp? Is she simply that maladjusted?

And if the other girl is a “neonazi” and this group of people forgave her then what gives kek shouldn’t that make the stalker all in the clear as long as she says sorry? They all look and talk the same so I might be mixing the egirls up.

No. 1183174

Voidchan spam liking all chloe’s sperg tweets kek

No. 1183178

File: 1615602268165.jpeg (615.6 KB, 1242x1923, 3D16FA79-2AD9-46BE-94CB-1AD9B4…)

from this to telling girls 5+ younger than her to starve themselves, how times change

No. 1183179


this facade they have going on is pitiful. this is what happens when the only notable thing about you is your insufferable online presence

No. 1183180

File: 1615602549855.jpeg (414.96 KB, 1125x2223, 8F75F450-7C08-420F-8EF9-21D9FF…)

Further proof voidchan is somewhat involved with right wing politigrammers, although unfortunately all of the posts on this account are now archived, you can still tell that it is one from the accounts it follows and its followers. I'm sure that if her followers knew then she would be cancelled lol. Inb4 she unfollows instantly after seeing this.

No. 1183181

jfc Chloe keeps posting about everything and anything mentioned here
Stay mad Chloe while your "friends" use you like the autistic meat shield you are
Instead of responding to lolcow maybe go wash your nasty greasy hair while youre at it

No. 1183182

Do any of these girls even work or go to school or have any future goals? I guess all they have going for them is sitting inside their dirty rooms and bullying little kids.

No. 1183184

Vo1dchan has a minimum wage job and chloe goes to barista school. Seeing a bright future for these lovely ladies…..

No. 1183185

Seriously I feel slightly bad for her that all her friends are using her to take all the blame

No. 1183186

File: 1615603010751.jpeg (513.09 KB, 876x814, 7AAD20ED-E496-4400-9E5C-0AFFE9…)

she looks like a less severe female version of Brian Peppers ,,,,

No. 1183189

This thread thread is cringe imagine being a whole grown ass women being so asshurt over a teenager liking sanrio. Fucking kek.

No. 1183194

No wonder she suddenly “came out” after being cancelled

No. 1183202

who even is this, it literally looks like it could be any of the wannabe hikineet girls posted here kek

No. 1183204

Who cares that meme is accurate as fuck and most girls pander to sick pedo fucks

No. 1183206

File: 1615605219127.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 782.45 KB, 1242x1377, FEB7D0F4-1B30-4BA5-AA1E-1DDE22…)

Lmao Angie using colored lighting because she knows she’s ugly

No. 1183208

OT but this aged wonderfully kek.

No. 1183209

m4d0t5uki aka kuro aka chloe
no shit, but when she's now claiming to be a tranny and has a following of nothing but gen z for biden 14yo sanrio egirls yet is liking conservative memes it's definetly something she would get cancelled for.

No. 1183211

How is that a conservative meme?? I havent seen the other memes that account posts but it’s pretty accurate. Voidchan seems like an overweight acne covered femcel who likes to bully underaged kids who get inspired by similar things she likes. I bet she smells like BO and stale McDonald’s

No. 1183215

because its making fun of egirls and "sex work" and how they find it "empowering" and don't have proper values anymore. almost any leftist woman today would get triggered over it and call it misogynistic.

No. 1183223

It’s so funny because itt you can see anons go as far as to say chloe is the worst one when vo1d is just as big of a loser as she is. Chloe is being used as the retarded meat shield that she is and because her fellow internet larper fwends are… fans of the same shit as a random kid? And nobody even gives a fuck what that kid did at this point because they’re doing the same shit and sperging about it all over their timelines.

She must be thrilled the thread is focusing on personalities more retarded than she is right now.

No. 1183268

File: 1615610459334.jpeg (458 KB, 1242x1043, 565614AE-29CF-44E4-ABEE-AD295A…)

(Sorry deleted my last post because I accidentally chose a pic of my hamster instead of the screenshots KEK) but, exactly, here she is liking her horrible tweets right now

No. 1183274

“Yuya” is an 22 year old fat d9 lookalike btw kek, why do these grown women love bullying teen girls sm? Jealousy maybe? Considering all their kins are gross loli tropes

No. 1183282

Chloe Hudson is a nobody from QLD, I'm surprised to see her posted here

No. 1183286

File: 1615610964431.jpeg (299.88 KB, 1242x1062, 3EC5FAB2-7797-4447-8E99-959F38…)

Jesus lmfao, one of the first few results after looking up chloe hudson Australia

No. 1183343

m4d0t5uki killed my dog and fucked my boyfriend(genuinely retarded)

No. 1183361

How is it that surprising when she's closely affiliated with nashi and co and constantly lurks/replies to anything being said about her here

No. 1183373

File: 1615621129213.jpg (109.13 KB, 720x471, Lmao.jpg)

No. 1183382

I don't get it. All these girls do is skinwalk other girls and copy actual artists. Why are they convinced they're unique?

No. 1183392

Yeah honestly nashi kuro and yun need to go away they are so annoying nashi acts like the creator of sanrio and anime yun failed r9k girl kuro is just like both of them but worse and its even weirder these are adults doing this

No. 1183393

I really do believe they think they are unique yes

No. 1183397

File: 1615628369013.jpg (379.87 KB, 800x563, lol.jpg)

It's going to be hilarious when all these incels these girls appeal to turn on them, threaten them, say stuff like 'I hope you get raped', cyberstalk them, send them death threats etc and then they'll realise that these scummy pieces of shit aren't worth getting attention over. I was in their place before as a young teen; being cyberstalked and told that they hope you get raped and killed isn't very fun! Considering these girls are full on ADULTS and I was a child when this happened to me and knew not to engage with these creeps anymore, they've got it coming and fully deserve it when it happens. Have fun pandering to the most unhinged, women-hating males to grace the earth and fear they will find you, rape you and kill you, ladies!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1183398

Samefag, but thought I should add that incels are the WORST people you want to pander to and gain attention from. You may think its ~super cool and based~ to get attention from outcasts who have ~uwu based opinions~ on women and society, but these people have NOTHING to live for. If you upset them in any way, they will have no problem tracking you down, making your life hell and raping/murdering you. The people you should fear the most is the people who have nothing to live for, and all these guys want to do is 'show women their place' and rape and murder them. You guys really aren't cool, you're the embodiment of 'I'm not like the other girls' and you'll soon realise going on 4chan and pandering to the mentally deranged isn't ~based~ and ~quirky~. Grow up. I was still a child when I came to terms with this, you should know better, it's embarrassing.

No. 1183400

Yup they really need to just leave the Internet now. Its so fucking sad they are doing this. Why the fuck would anyone want attention from fucking 4chan are they that deprived ?

No. 1183401

If that kuro bitch says im legally disabled one more time

No. 1183402

File: 1615629754675.jpeg (53.23 KB, 1280x1008, N4Y76FNK2JG2TC4BYDMPXQOO34.jpe…)

I feel like they know all this, but they don't care because they like the attention and vibe of being a "groomed 4chan girl". They have porn addictions, and their whole aesthetic is fake trauma, so the "You will get raped" isn't going to deter them.
Like, some of these adult women really put themselves in situations just so they can have a dark, traumatic menhera backstory. They spend their days seething that they're grown-ass white women in their early to mid 20s with boring dead-end jobs instead of like, suicidal 14 year old Japanese hikikimori girls.
It's like if Shoe0nHead was more of a weeb. I 100% see no difference between the two. And all their based, redpilled, cunnypilled, hyperborean boyfriends look like this, or fatter/uglier.

No. 1183403

Couldn’t have said it better. They want to be Japanese so fucking badly real neets and hiki just to get some fucking online attention leave the fucking internet

No. 1183405

A certain demographic of women are fascinated with autistic serial killers. None of these egirls learned from what happened to Bianca? Or do they crave to be as popular as she became in the afterlife?

No. 1183406

Chloe copied Arisa by using the same slurs like a creepy degenerate skinwalker? Gross.

No. 1183409

>Or do they crave to be as popular as she became in the afterlife?
It's this. They just want a story.

No. 1183417

Do they want a story or is something traumatic like dying the ultimate victim status symbol? In most circumstances when someone dies they're put on a petistole because victim culture is so prevalent in our society. No one can slander a deceased little angel, no matter how awful they truly were irl. They desire to be loved and admired by everyone, it's a disease.

No. 1183419

all the underage vendetta-chans in here need to learn how to fucking sage holyshit…

No. 1183421

You can be both left leaning and not autistic anon. I'm only in support of this sleuthing because it gives minor creedence to the possibility of her associating with racist conservative groups. That being said it still isn't hard evidence. The whole "left vs right" smear campaign zoomers seem to perpetuate is pure divisive aids. The world isn't black and white.

No. 1183424

File: 1615634314544.jpeg (586.27 KB, 1125x2083, DDC1DE7E-CD9C-4BB4-9265-B9B4A1…)

look in the following/followers of the account. youll see confederate flag pfps, groyper accounts, trad accounts and much more. id have posted a better example of things she had liked but its the only screenshot i have and all of the accounts posts are now archived or deleted.

No. 1183440

File: 1615636331118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.02 KB, 720x766, Wtf.jpg)

Her being an Elliot Rodger stan is a dead giveaway that shes an altright orbiter. There are multiple pictures of him on her Twitter. Watch her lurk this post and say "iTs JuSt IrOnY pOsTiNg YoU gUyS"

No. 1183445

she's been like this since she was 16; this isn't a new phase for her.

No. 1183470

lol you could've literally made a discord account and put chynna as the name and now you're claiming its her to try and defend yourself, fuck off womanchild

No. 1183471


No. 1183472

File: 1615641026221.png (26.93 KB, 600x166, unknown (2).png)

ntayrt but this is her current acc. same tag, try requesting

No. 1183478

File: 1615641297580.jpeg (159.94 KB, 1125x1186, C0BBFB76-011D-4412-B019-A796A8…)

the instagram account was followed by vo1dchan but yeah, literally all of them are involved with it including hikiwiz too, there was the r9k stuff and she also had "terry a davis & mclovin kinnie" in her bio despite terry being an infamous racist

No. 1183481

File: 1615641446460.jpeg (119.73 KB, 1125x393, 854ABCA7-A6F8-4395-8D0B-662AE5…)

guess you changed your mind about this then LMFAO

No. 1183484

funny how youre friends with "chynna" on discord..

No. 1183485

it's still there on her carrd, lol.

No. 1183486

not my screenshot

No. 1183487

Okay thanks for the info I didn't ask for, nor care about, newfag. It's okay to admit you're new here! Just type sage in the email field and you're all good nonny.

No. 1183488

File: 1615641788613.jpeg (168.48 KB, 955x526, 5D4910B3-F4F6-4634-9361-0D5C17…)

shit you're right, what a fucking retard

No. 1183490

tbqh i just think she doesn't give a fuck anymore

No. 1183493

File: 1615642408906.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3464x2711, 582D54D1-809E-4ADD-BF9D-95A155…)

awww, aren't they so alike?!?

No. 1183495

be quite chloe go back to twitter and seething over 14 year olds for liking the same game as you

No. 1183498

I’m a retard I didn’t know who that was and assumed it was an actor. So he’s an incel hero? I’m gonna have to research this now what the fuck ew

No. 1183499

He did the 2014 Isla Vista shooting, there's a lot of info on it because he wrote an entire fucking manifesto.

No. 1183517

I just looked it up thanks anon. I was 14 at the time and I didn’t really watch the news. That’s so horrible. It’s not cute and quirky to pretend to worship a disgusting incel. God pick me girls are the worst.

Whoever is shitting up the thread is clearly triggered your memes aren’t even good btw

No. 1183527

where the fuck are the mods? end your life, whore. you have nothing to live for. your incels will reject you as soon as you hit the wall, in a year or two. you can never get a good job, because your image has been ruined by the shit you do online. your ~epic trolling~ on here is just pure, unfunny cringe and shows how paranoid and upset you are from being talked about, lmao. you're fucking ugly and a waste of air, nonny.

No. 1183586


No. 1183588

Hey sperg, please go take your medication desu desu you fucking faggots can never talk shit to each other's faces so you have to come here and shit up the entire thread. Just mail each other anthrax like fucking adults

No. 1183590

Lol her body’s fine you fucking ana Chan. Seethe harder darling.

No. 1183591

File: 1615649277935.jpg (40.18 KB, 260x192, 20210313_102756.jpg)

No. 1183604

Kind of seems like someone's either self posting or really mad this girl has a figure, either way what the fuck is the milk?

No. 1183605

its ana chan m4d0t5uki aka chloe posting the girl who likes the same game and aesthetic as her

No. 1183618

she's not thin at all, it's projection of her own body issues

No. 1183622

File: 1615652730862.jpeg (670.52 KB, 2048x2048, Ugly.jpeg)

She's fat plus she's looks like a middle aged woman at 20… Imagine larping as an uwu anime grill when you look this haggard at fucking 20, sheesh….

No. 1183623

File: 1615652771855.jpeg (638.78 KB, 2048x2048, Ugly2.jpeg)

No. 1183626

File: 1615652971708.jpeg (48.45 KB, 387x411, 4E8316DC-2787-4E31-9EBC-C4A857…)


No. 1183627

fucking christ what has happened in here

No. 1183632

stinky catfishing egirls

No. 1183634

File: 1615653919006.jpeg (125.54 KB, 750x750, F8932BCA-E3A9-4DAD-AF09-CF386B…)

heres a better quality version

No. 1183635

File: 1615653942552.jpeg (66.99 KB, 480x600, 25A01367-F167-4639-A3D0-4BA69A…)


No. 1183639

Retards going full retard because this is he first time someone has typed their usernames more than what they ever hoped to see.

No. 1183654

No wonder she hides her fade

No. 1183662

some retard shitting up the thread with memes

No. 1183670

This girl looks like every British weeb ever. Thought this was Fetsu-chan at first.

No. 1183675

>>118367 What makes it even worse is that nashi acts like the creator or sanrio and anime and a lot of other shit. When she herself is not even Japanese

No. 1183696

terry a davis was severely mentally ill which I'm not here to argue whether or not that excused him saying the n word BUT the fact that these girls are really out here looking at people like Chris chan and Terry davis and going "omg" kib is pretty disgusting and telling about what kind of edgelords they are

No. 1183701

Her face is at that point in the uncanny valley between creepy baby doll head and wannabe Asian weeb shoop. Bullshit that's what she actually looks like lmao

No. 1183710

File: 1615661761771.jpg (152.89 KB, 960x473, MYXJ_20210313105000979_save.jp…)

No. 1183711

File: 1615661774322.jpeg (114.9 KB, 749x980, CD2405BF-F7C0-4F3C-BA19-8A6868…)

yeah she for sure edits, this is a pic from when she went by "bunnipaw" and its clearly snow filtered to the max

No. 1183712

File: 1615661805630.jpeg (95.64 KB, 749x985, 96A7B36C-A0D9-4BED-B66E-0E1563…)

another lol

No. 1183721

These white girls really want people to assume their Asian LOL

No. 1183725

She literally shooped her eyelid away and liquified it downward to look ugu japaneesu desu

Racist ass editing is always a treat

No. 1183728

There's no milk on these hikkineet girls besides white girls accusing other white girls of asian fishing because they do jfashion. Quit shitting up the thread with this, or start your own.

No. 1183735

Signing up for that Bianca Devins special. Bianca acted the exact same way, being racist and telling people to kill themselves to pander to simps on 4chan. Look where she ended up.

No. 1183738

translation-"please please stop shitting on me/my friends"
if you've got better milk on other girls them share it otherwise stfu

No. 1183740

What the fuck? Is that really voicchan I thought she was full Japanese

No. 1183741

No there is lmao(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1183748

why are you posting about a dead girl?

No. 1183753

Who bianca? Because its an example of how horrible things can be on 4chan and yet these girls clearly do not care because they want attention so so badly

No. 1183755

Probably because she acted just like these girls before she was murdered. It’s a good cautionary tale, though I doubt these girls will listen.

No. 1183756

based anon I hate white women too

No. 1183761

Common misconception that she was killed by a 4chan guy. She wasn't.

No. 1183762

NTA but that's literally what you guys are doing. Constantly posting her shitty filtered photos isn't milk, it just takes up unnecessary space. Post the actual milk or take it elsewhere

No. 1183764

No one said she was killed by a 4chan dude, but her actions with 4chan dudes certainly helped lead her there

No. 1183767

Her life was already fucked up well before 4chan and no one here actually knows her situation besides stories you've seen online that don't show the whole thing so it just feels wrong to use her like that.

No. 1183769

She actually had some kiwi farm threads about her before it all happened. She was a piece of shit who would send children gore and tell people to kill themselves in gruesome ways. Even joking that she would become famous for slashing someone’s neck and posting it all over the internet. It’s sad that she died and didn’t deserve to go like that, but let’s not pretend she was a good person just because she’s dead.

No. 1183770

She was 14/15 on tumblr when she did that, she already grew past that by the time she was 17. She had BPD so of course she was not a "good" person but she was in treatment and actively working on improving when she was killed. If you want a real cautionary tale regarding 4chan look in this thread instead >>383200 for the men who take advantage of these sick girls and ruin their lives

No. 1183772

You guys wanna cancel the hikkineet girls for their "problematic past" but excuse bianca cause she's dead?

No. 1183773

>she had BPD
what is this Momokun logic? That doesn’t excuse anything she said or did to anyone. Having BPD doesn’t magically atone you for the shitty things you’ve done.

No. 1183774

If there's milk them provide the proof. So far all I see is some ironic edgy jokes. There's no proof they aren't NEET, there's no proof void told someone to kill themselves, there's no proof of bullying. This is all just some vendetta and forced milk. I don't even know these girls, and I was interested at first, but seeing as there's no milk this is just annoying.

Newfags read the rules and start your own thread. Where the hell are the mods.

No. 1183776

Getting on meds and doing DBT to stop those behaviors and have a normal life does, especially if you are now dead and can't do anything about it.

No. 1183784

NTA, but it's probably Bianca was a teen. These "hikkineet girls" are literally old enough to pay taxes and go to bartending school.

No. 1183786

How do you cancel a dead person you fucking retard

No. 1183788

The mods aren't going to give a shit just because you think they should. Girls like chloe actively responding to the thread is plenty milky. If they had left things alone then maybe it wouldn't be.
If you don't like it why don't YOU start a new thread/hide the thread or post things you feel are actually relevant/milky. Otherwise quit bitching because it makes you look like one of the hikkineet retards trying to change the subject.

No. 1183792

>nasolabial folds
why does she even bother anymore

No. 1183795

anon I hope you're meme-ing and not actually serious

No. 1183803

It was 3 randoms shitting it up, Chloe hasn't posted here at all

No. 1183811

Made a general for the "hikkineet" egirls

No. 1183841

Obviously talking about chloe responding to posts here on her twitter retard

No. 1183852


Both these girls are trash but at least arisa is somewhat pretty facially, flabi vampire looks like a big toe in this picture kek. She also photoshopped her picture to death, she knows just as well as we do that she's doughy as hell, guess all the comments about her gaining weight got to her.

No. 1183860

i don't know why babifat won't just work out, her face is sad but she has a nice body shape that would look good if she toned up. anything that takes more time than shooping is too much effort for ethots, i guess

No. 1183880

It got locked but the mcdonald neckbeard femcels are taking up this thread it’s annoying

No. 1183983

File: 1615684289275.jpeg (232.65 KB, 1124x1675, DA035308-97BE-42CD-BDBA-2B8004…)


No. 1183986

File: 1615684390286.jpeg (258.95 KB, 1124x1801, 177D17C4-A924-4968-8DC5-A4AE98…)

an irl who is also close, theres no way she could be a hikki. they probably met up often before quarantine.

No. 1183988

He's a mentally unstable dead meme she's using for edge points. I'd be genuinely surprised if she really hated black/brown people irl. Not to say that isn't a possibility.

No. 1183991

nobody cares, stop sperging newfag

No. 1183997

This thread has always sucked but holyshit the influx of underage retards has made it even worse. Does anyone give but a fleeting shit about these 200 follower nobodies and whether they're ~alt right~ and ~racist~? This is twitterfag discourse, can it at least have some substance behind it?

No. 1184000

not to mention they never fucking sage or post milk, mods need to actually enforce the 18+ to post rule

No. 1184004

File: 1615685401702.png (83.94 KB, 470x459, D5BFA669-4C3C-44C0-B5E0-E4B2F5…)

>i’m an e girl look at me o look i will self post on lolcow blah blah blah
this thread it shit
who the fuck even this this chick(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1184095

It sounds like YOU need to leave the house more.
Nobody gives a fuck if someone is "faking being a hikki" and kinning people isn't fucking either milk, it's just cringe.
Your age is showing.

No. 1184119

File: 1615699213170.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1762, 9D935216-EDAD-4401-8499-0879EA…)

Is there a separate thread for Belle Delphine skinwalkers ???
@cowbellemilk has returned and won’t stop larping as belle even when belle came back after her “hiatus”.
Belle is a cow herself but at least she was semi original
These girls copying all her outfits and shitty pink wig are mentally ill(no one cares)

No. 1184141

She's so basic I don't even care about her milk, I don't think most people do lol

No. 1184441

File: 1615746127041.jpg (526.88 KB, 1080x1519, 20210314_121943.jpg)

Her face looks really odd in this picture.

No. 1184546

File: 1615752032534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.17 KB, 720x960, 145733.jpg)

Heavy skin smoothing photoshop and blush makeup on her ass.

No. 1184706

Her face looks blurred from photoshop. Definitely a below average looking girl.

No. 1185234

File: 1615837397013.jpeg (179.69 KB, 1078x720, 356BD81C-9F4A-4E87-B887-47191A…)

this is nashi n her retarted friend who are both white LOL trying to asian fish n be men also theyre nazis, theyre insta @s are @vo1dchan n @hikiwiz(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1185242

who gives a shit about a bunch of edgy weeb clones
Get a job anon

No. 1185250

>posts autist collage with lolcow link in the photo
>posts it here
Are you okay anon?

No. 1185307

nobody cares about your vendetta anon, go do your 9th grade homework

No. 1185340

Can the white knights in this thread at least TRY to integrate? Nobody is forcing you to be here. If you don’t like it, hide the thread. It’s that easy.

No. 1185342

File: 1615843947134.jpeg (107.92 KB, 1242x1078, A8A42081-5859-48C3-9D6B-569F2F…)

She’s so ugly inside and out

No. 1185413

Her hair really doesn't suit her face. The bangs make her look so angular and blocky plus it's absolutely fried. She would look better with a more flattering cut that compliments her features. She only looks haggard because she's trying to be a soft, round baddie with egirl same face. Doesn't suit her in the least.

No. 1185496

agree, plus it's not like the thread is all that active otherwise kek

No. 1185549

>Learn to integrate
>Doesn't tag ayrt
>Defends pulltard discourse

No. 1185591


You're right anon, she would look better with lighter hair too. The dark hair doesn't look good on her and those bangs are hideous.

The e-girl style just doesn't suit her in general. She needs to lose weight, condition her hair and go back to her urban outfitters/American apperal style she had a few years back. Not only did she look way better but her pictures and old ig feed looked better too.

No. 1185848

File: 1615912336961.jpeg (471.89 KB, 828x1240, 787349D4-5785-44A2-8030-17281D…)

The sperg in here has created accounts for the sole purpose of cowtipping.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1185851

integrate newfag

No. 1185853

The sperg in question

No. 1186035

This thread went to shit kek

No. 1186055

Shouldnt she be taking care of her child?

No. 1186173

This is exactly why I hate zoomers

No. 1186273

File: 1615941596013.png (4.37 MB, 2048x1365, 682E0707-E394-43DA-B3C6-B2549D…)

D9 doxxing her real face will never not be hilarious.

Please view at your own discretion.

No. 1186295

her face drupes like an english bulldog

No. 1186388

she needs to be thinking of jaw reduction surgery instead of thinking about lip fillers. the audacity she has trying to call other people ugly and fat when she looks like that gross

No. 1186590

She looks literally nothing like her shops, but the more pressing matter is I've now seen her piss herself…

No. 1186757

File: 1616003518724.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 552.06 KB, 1242x1200, F8E5BFB6-B91B-4FC2-9074-99E67B…)

She had the beadiest tiny eyes kek
Shayna 2.0

No. 1186760

File: 1616003758766.jpeg (976.66 KB, 3464x3464, F13C9904-144C-401C-8619-085EB0…)

No. 1187089

File: 1616029566652.png (553.81 KB, 750x1334, 4D5D4D72-65F5-4B52-82AA-434FD3…)

someone is cowtipping, they basically regurgitated this post >>1186388

No. 1187090

File: 1616029656373.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 04A6BC06-211F-4419-8965-372CAC…)

in other news frid9e is more of a degenerate each and every day and i feel sorry for her mother.

No. 1187100

Isnt that what Fridge9irl does? She literally talks shit all the time. She’s so ugly and retarded

No. 1187127


Whatever happened to moving out? Lol all those people got scammed. Expected that but I’m surprised no one has said anything about it

No. 1187159

Now that's a Luna Slater ™️ face if I ever seen one.

No. 1187224

File: 1616048073723.png (7.89 MB, 1242x2208, 64FC7CEB-F130-4869-9574-B36B32…)

E-thot crossover
Sage for no milk

No. 1187229

Kinda late to this but i saw olivia king/numeidoll mentioned LOL so funny how she looks exactly and edits just as much as one of my friends she bullied in the comments before for editing or just her appearance when shes like 6 years older than her and has such a similar style….projection much? i dont care if you edit but dont be a hypocrite(no1curr)

No. 1187233

File: 1616050114068.jpg (72.9 KB, 1080x1788, oliviaking.jpg)

found the old screenshots of it crossed out their face

No. 1187236

File: 1616050142082.jpg (67.21 KB, 1080x1924, 26yearoldwomanwithchildren.jpg)

No. 1187263

why did you even post this

No. 1187315

this is what you consider milk? lmao

No. 1187369

>yulia onielar

Yet another one of her friends that are into nazi shit but pretends they’re not

No. 1187371

File: 1616073535962.jpeg (611.24 KB, 828x953, 529DC94D-9F13-4868-A77C-8C392C…)

I’m not sure why you censored it out but this is the girl they’re making fun of. I’m not sure why they would have made fun of this girl considering she does the same makeup and editing as Olivia

No. 1187375

nemuidoll and this girl are friends. these are really old screenshots lol. her insta is cats9thlife. this is not milk.

No. 1187377

Olivia didn’t mention editing anywhere?

No. 1187380

because they made up after olivia made fun of her publicly tbh she’s kind of a doormat for being friends with her again after that

No. 1187383

Two year old facebook community drama that’s been resolved for literal years isn’t milk. Take your personal issues elsewhere vendetta-chan

No. 1187491


Literally no one cares.

No. 1187863

File: 1616118954425.jpeg (281.41 KB, 828x1792, 444685FE-C705-4C52-889E-BB162C…)

this is nitpicky but this girl will forever annoy me with how badly she edits her photos because of her “body dysmorphia” and how she holds the phone like her hands are so big and fat yet she still holds her phone like that lmao

No. 1187873

File: 1616120693188.jpg (594.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210319-132412.jpg)

Anons said this literal months ago… Did she re-read the threads or something?

No. 1187913

Oh, so it had nothing to do with the slimming filter on your vids staying in place so it wouldn't flicker noticeably? Gtfo here with that uwu victim tier excuse, sug4rlump.

No. 1187918

File: 1616128039870.jpeg (898.68 KB, 3464x3464, DF7A1F44-07E6-45B4-92F4-47DEC9…)

>IG ruined the quality uwu

Where the fuck is his nose
Nah squidtroon it’s because you filter the fuck outta your pics

No. 1187922

File: 1616128872324.jpeg (755.47 KB, 1242x1430, 6AF2A5A1-906D-4D99-88B3-7F0F1E…)

No. 1187923


That’s fucking terrifying. I’m lay in bed and this made me jump

No. 1187928

Is she going to blame this on being neurodivergent too?

No. 1187929

File: 1616130061961.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 479.47 KB, 1800x2048, AD4EB060-7DEA-44FF-9279-E36C0D…)

Fridge9irl is a furry now
Idk why Angie thinks she’s better than all these other egirls on this thread. She’s just as haggard as squidwardthigh

No. 1187930

>idk why
Not that the cows in here are huge stunners but fridge is/was a rampant poster and she’s the fattest and ugliest egirl in the thread. Her main claim was that the other egirls are “posers” when she’s one too. She’s a textbook insecure and jealous hater.

No. 1187931

Cmon anachan
Her and babi tied

No. 1187948

must be nice to have such a easy life that the biggest thing on her mind is strangers think she dances bac

No. 1188030

Yeah davida burge is fucking insane. shes been doxxed so many times and is hated in the league community for scamming guys and using her child porn for blackmail. a lot of milk on her but nobody wanted to discuss it

No. 1188368


So do you actually have milk on her? Because this is coming off as somewhat vendetta-ish.

No. 1188513

She looks so unhappy and bored. She at least looked happier when she was pissing herself lmao

No. 1188527

Of course she did. She's probably still seething. God forbid she admits she's a white girl with no meat on her bones or rhythm. That's why she dances like that.

No. 1188778

File: 1616223663538.png (7.7 MB, 1242x2208, CD4E59E5-B2A1-47DF-809A-2B47DF…)

That waist looks so fake but I haven’t seen her irl so maybe it’s real?

No. 1188784

"maybe it's real" lmfao fuck no?

No. 1188818

I cannot believe she thinks this looks good, let alone a waistline to photoshop into her photos. reminds me of those weird pointy jaw shrunken heads some asian girls photoshop into their selfies.

No. 1188890

Kek, yeah it's real anon, she really has a waist that looks like that.

No. 1188892

File: 1616249693020.jpg (5.51 KB, 194x259, violin.jpg)

SA-I'm 120% she's shaped like this irl, it's not photoshop at all

No. 1189113

File: 1616270668122.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1284, ED0E125E-B1D7-4C97-A1E8-2B1690…)

No. 1189138

Oh, anon…sweetie darling…no that's deffo shooped.
A photoshop anon can correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldnt the best technique be for squidwardthigh to take a picture of the background she wants to be in THEN one with her in it so she can use the layers to hide wonky lines n shit? I read that on a photoshop tips forum but a longggg time ago. I'd love to know how such fuckery is done.

No. 1189167

I mostly don't understand why anyone would go through the trouble of shooping themselves this way. It looks awful. Like horribly botched implants kind of awful. kek

No. 1189177

whats going on with her panties or whatever that is? Looks like she has a diaper on or a dick.

No. 1189230

it is the best option and the most real looking but there’s plenty of apps that can just find an outline of your body and can tweak it for you. the biggest one i know about is snow. it’s pretty damn good at editing your face and body without you having to do anything.

No. 1189250

Anon think about it— have you ever seen a person in real life that is shaped like this

No. 1189275

I swear it's so cringy to me that she's just a-ok with trying to pass off her love handles as hips. Like, it's very clear that's not her hips, but just sloppy ass side fat.

No. 1189286

File: 1616297639231.jpeg (423.32 KB, 1646x2048, 91823648-8A13-4FFC-9F57-DB0B6A…)

It really does look like love handles

No. 1189299

Oh god. Yeah, I'm 100% sure those are just love handles. She should get some lipo to fix that.

No. 1189305

i didnt know i wasn't supposed fo think those are love handles. did ahe say they are her hips?

No. 1189307

From the way she wears her thongs I figured she was trying to make it seem like those were just her regular degular hips. Though I'm also sure she's said it before. Maybe in the previous thread or further up in here?

No. 1189343

It's definitely love handles + the weird thong strings pulling them in and then edited on top of all that. Still looks dumb as hell though.

Dos she live at home? That carpet looks old and musty. The sad mattress on the floor situation too. Even Shayna's room looks better than this now.

No. 1189455

Of course she lives at home. Idk how her dad could walk in there.
Reminds of fridge and her uwu aboosive parents that let her just stew in her room and write dumb shit all over the walls.

No. 1189777

File: 1616361337806.jpeg (905.94 KB, 3464x3464, 6E38452C-A919-4B02-A206-5F0477…)

The tone deafness in this. Jfc. The first story was about stopping Asian hate and then she had the audacity to sell her aliexpress shorts….

No. 1189778

File: 1616361496534.jpeg (251.84 KB, 1242x981, 4C39A604-423C-4A3C-AEF2-ACF4EA…)

Someone cow tipped
I have a feeling it was fridge9irl that commented on her love handles

No. 1189872

>“So how do I get my body like this”
Zoomers are so retarded. They wanna look like they have lymphadema?

No. 1189942

File: 1616375263938.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, 720CD205-CBED-4684-A7B8-E1A00E…)

Squidwardthigh responds to the comment about her sexualizing kid stuff

No. 1189944

File: 1616375315193.jpeg (96.75 KB, 1242x272, D304BF2C-B582-47AF-9899-0F2C89…)

Squidwardthigh respond her the love handles comment kek

No. 1189947

File: 1616375383430.png (8.67 MB, 1242x2208, D0D05E00-EE16-4EB6-AAA6-8847B4…)

Scammerthigh trying to get zoomers to send her money for paid promos

No. 1189948

File: 1616375486884.png (8.39 MB, 1242x2208, E9854EF6-E2FB-4368-B99B-632558…)

No. 1190048

She did her few slactivism posts, that's enough to get the rampant hordes to not cancel her. Although I don't agree shallow SM posts are representative of how much someone truly cares/is effected by tragedy, I'll agree this does come off a shallow. That's social media for ya

No. 1190584

File: 1616447111158.png (1.69 MB, 2056x1446, e-girl.png)

The owner of E-girls posting their L's account decided to give the account to an actual e-girl in a genius move.

It used to be a funny account to follow, but now it's just the e-girl attentionwhoring.

No. 1190657

the account was originally run by an egirl who posted her face a couple months ago, but it was quickly deleted. it was always an account for pick me misogynists to dunk on other pick me misogynists, it was never a funny account. half the content was "lol this woman has an onlyfans" or "lol this woman doesnt want to have children one day"

No. 1190734

File: 1616456931540.jpeg (458.21 KB, 750x996, 80081F11-8054-4F9E-BE8B-B23E34…)

babifat is becoming more and more overweight kek. i wish she would doxx her real body as often as frid9e

No. 1190743

she takes the cake, most ridiculous waist shoop i've seen recently. i mean it's not tragically badly made, but it's just so obvious it's fake. no body looks like this, not even very tightly laced corset. like elizabethan era corset exaggerated ads. worse than lilith shoops. the room looks super depressing

No. 1190803

Christ, how unfortunate looking. oink. what the hell do these girls think they're achieving when they pull shit like this?

No. 1190890


She looks like one of those thumb monsters from the spy kids movies. Kek

She's gained weight and she probably thinks its making her face look softer but combined with those bangs, it just makes her face look longer, pudgy and weird.

No. 1190949

Gimmick accounts posting their L's

No. 1191063

File: 1616501195580.png (15.56 KB, 525x101, ExJDP6gVoAITjyp.png)

E-girl anon's jimmies are rustled. Do you know where you are? This thread is literally dedicated to dunking on e-girls.

Sex-work is not work, cope and seethe whore-chan.

The e-girl got removed as a mod cause she couldn't stop making the gimmick account all about herself.

No. 1191082

she should be taking care of her kid instead of posting her ass on the internet.disgusting

No. 1191090

Aka- "i'd have no issue with the Misoygny or "transphobia" if I'd stayed a mod! I'd felt bad about it tho!"
are people supposed to feel bad for this idiot?

No. 1191109

File: 1616507388831.png (1.2 MB, 1490x1544, egirlw.png)

She made a new account where she posts "e-girl wins" and advocates for trans rights.

I really fucking hate zoomers.

No. 1191112

taking so many W’s that she deleted that tweet about her amazing eggs because so many people replied and said it looks like ass, kek

No. 1191123

she just wants attention.

No. 1191126

like i said she'd be fine with everything if she was still modding. The sad thing is because she's shilling for trans nobody will call this fake shit out.

No. 1191306

im coping because i think egirls dunking on other egirls is lame pick me shit? have you even seen the type of misogynistic incels who follow those accounts dedicated to “women posting L’s”? that account was “dunking” on people just for being rape victims.

No. 1191427

File: 1616539844492.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2506x3315, D5575F9A-7638-4412-807B-801CFF…)

Why do all e girls pretend to hate dollskill but still fucking wear their clothes?? This bitch: don’t support dollskill!1!1!1!1! Posts pic two hours ago in dollskill… it makes no sense they just want woke points but are hypocritical. Sage for no milk

No. 1191573

File: 1616554311832.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 737BEC4D-6859-45FA-9A93-40A47F…)

Arisa shilling herself on /r9k/ again

No. 1191581

File: 1616555224385.png (7.4 MB, 1242x2208, ED9045B0-179F-49CC-8CC6-B538CC…)

Such a self post
She’s so ugly her husband is a cuck for letting her show her nudes to scrotes

No. 1191602

She looks like Ariana's long lost sister >>1190228

No. 1191611

Her hair is terrible and so is her attitude but she's not ugly

No. 1191668

I agree, she's not ugly but that's still not an accurate representation of what she looks like. Zoom into one of her streams and you're looking at a completely different person.

No. 1191699

ngl this sounds like 4chan speak tbh, like they're making a meme of it. Not saying it's not her, but she fits right in lol

No. 1192144

File: 1616618396216.png (2.01 MB, 828x1792, 69D0832F-3BD1-46CC-A30C-5A48E9…)

this girl

No. 1192229

File: 1616623266386.png (1.63 MB, 1082x2048, Screenshot_20210324-145827.png)

That blur on the cardigan, left side. Kek. Also her face looks entirely different.

No. 1192272

File: 1616627582308.png (Spoiler Image, 5.83 MB, 1242x2208, D46E8223-16F5-4941-BD25-870F07…)

God damn this bitch is busted

No. 1192275

File: 1616627738606.png (Spoiler Image, 7.26 MB, 1242x2208, A7DF90A1-BEEA-4E24-9534-E2F8C6…)

Why do her lips curl like that?? They look so thin and ugly.

No. 1192276

File: 1616627819495.jpeg (763.87 KB, 1065x1331, 774D87D0-9A64-46EA-B6A0-964355…)

D9 is selling her stinky old sneakers for money
Sage for no milk

No. 1192380

This is a fetish thing where you specifically mention how "well worn" some of your old shoes are so shoe fetishists can buy them and jerk off to them. As I discovered one day on eBay, wondering why there were listings for "well worn" shoes with descriptions very similar to this one.

No. 1192623

File: 1616674333551.jpg (336.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210325-231144.jpg)

This is straight up retarded

No. 1192708

File: 1616681330524.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 235F5297-BF16-4F65-8B6D-DFAEA8…)

get the fuck over yourself babicunt this thread isn’t even popular anymore

No. 1192991

File: 1616700250230.png (172.99 KB, 600x526, 042B0FAD-CA59-40D1-8634-D12050…)

>>1192623 she edits herself to look like a fucking RCDart character and it’s so stupid

No. 1193003

my fucking sides

No. 1193147

No. 1193589

File: 1616753150114.jpg (215.57 KB, 720x566, Onlyplans.jpg)

E-girls really spend all day making porn with a methhead looking transtrender rather than taking care of their children.

No. 1193628

Between the content of that post, that sorry excuse for a scrote I'd kms if I were her. Please tell me these degenerates aren't raising children.

No. 1193654

Well Lena apparently has a child so I'm guessing they are

No. 1193668

File: 1616762742841.jpg (326.03 KB, 720x889, 51340.jpg)

His 'equality' tattoo is sending me

No. 1193764

Lena the plug and pedophile adam22 are degenerate parents with a baby so anything is possible ffs

No. 1193769

File: 1616770568041.jpeg (301.78 KB, 1242x1089, D5FD3F0D-3E8A-4DD6-B39E-D65141…)

Whatever you say

No. 1193793


uploaded the full video it’s so cringe I warn you don’t watch it

No. 1193795

Spot on comparison KEK

No. 1193893

That greasy hair part, jeezus angel

No. 1193908

File: 1616778571853.jpeg (74.74 KB, 1280x670, sesame-street-the-count-124371…)

No. 1193919

Not clicking that. upload here

No. 1193949

are you new?

No. 1194183

Obviously, it's just a Dropbox KEK

No. 1197597

File: 1617120582395.png (114.75 KB, 831x481, Screenshot 2021-03-30 9.05.37 …)

>tfw even /r9k/ incels are getting tired of your shit

No. 1197683

I have a feeling Arisa will continue to provide slow steady milk flows for awhile. These posts are so gross and transparent, if it wasn't her or her husband she would have wah'd all over her socials about a creepy stalker posting her everywhere on 4chan for victim points just like she did with here. She seems pretty dead set on being a internet hot girl as a career so it's likely the teen posting will continue into her mid twenties and possibly later. Kek.

No. 1197745

m4d0tsuki strikes me as a really REALLY bitter hag. She's probably seething that she's wrinkling and takes it out on younger, cuter girls

No. 1197746

>barista school
kek it's always the same with those types of girls they always work lowly dead end jobs it's pathetic. That or they're actual NEETs and a burden to society where they do nothing but age away in front of their computer

No. 1197747

just curious what do you do

No. 1197765

she honest to god looks like this potato they put makeup on

No. 1197821

depending where you work, you can make livable money doing coffee. third wave places can pay really well. can't judge the barista route just yet.

No. 1197827

nta but she’s right. The occupation itself isn’t the problem. The cows itt just about always have shitty slavewage jobs (probably because they’re retarded and lazy?) and then spend the rest of their waking hours to go online and sperg about sanrio and non-issues like high school kids wearing the same clothes as them. Either that or they’re NEETs whose biggest contribute to society is being a self proclaimed cyberbully on instagram. They’re the definition of maladjusted.

No. 1197906

dead end jobs is usually what most people that can't afford college get. most likely even your own parents and you

No. 1197945

if they stopped spending all of their money on overpriced sanrio shit maybe theyd be able to afford college

No. 1198001

how adorable

No. 1198032

Sage for no milk but ang3lthigh blocked me today

No. 1198647

File: 1617218517880.png (1.68 MB, 1475x2048, Screenshot_20210331-121628.png)

Guaranteed nobody asked. They all do the same jobs anyway, food service or retail. If they don't do that they do sex work. Babi is 100% not a career woman, photoshopping yourself to shill whatever is trending isn't a living. The only people who make actual livings modeling aliexpress lingerie and fast fashion are asian women who are plastered on every e-girl/harajuku clothing website. Buying discounted dollskill doesn't make you a model, it makes you an ankle biting chump LARPing as a model.

No. 1198856

File: 1617232809657.png (4.8 MB, 1242x2208, 2992D656-01B1-489A-A588-F34BDC…)


No. 1198946

Wow! I thought that Luna Slater dyed her hair.

No. 1199113

File: 1617252702572.jpeg (567.86 KB, 2048x2048, 4C9321E6-82FC-4953-81C0-1794BA…)

No. 1199115

Sometimes I’m genuinely perplexed as to why she allows these unedited (as in her face of course) to be posted kek

No. 1199599

so fucking ugly its sad

No. 1201467

File: 1617519099034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 448.21 KB, 720x1042, 3685416817.jpg)

Lena's ass crack is disappearing so much photoshop it's almost a unibutt.

No. 1201576

yo what happened to nyabeat or jusagipon or whatever where did she go ( sage for noncontribution )

No. 1201605

File: 1617549946983.jpeg (256.13 KB, 1242x647, 378B7DE4-4BF2-4AEA-A521-D9D568…)

Nobody wants to see your ugly ass have sex in public, Angie. I hope you end up on the sex offender list

No. 1201966

I just checked anon she's still there under jusagipon, her last post was 4 days ago

No. 1201981

File: 1617590751885.png (3.27 MB, 1242x2208, 7B54ECA0-CDE6-46B7-9CEE-404E06…)

Does squidwardthigh buy her hoodies in extra small so it squeezes her fat stomach to give the illusion of a waist

No. 1202217

sage bc irrelevant but I just want to know who the fuck would choose that username for twitter/literally any website ever??
i know im an idiot for actually looking it up but it only showed actual bestiality and now feel like I'm on some kind of watchlist

No. 1202458

File: 1617664882384.jpeg (161.09 KB, 827x1434, D63CF286-0DC1-429D-8EC2-539588…)


No. 1202535

File: 1617677376255.jpeg (124.27 KB, 828x282, 78E39F9E-26D7-4589-A6BE-9EC1F7…)

resorting to hashtags kek down bad

No. 1202536

just poser things

No. 1202539

File: 1617677658371.jpg (64.83 KB, 1080x575, 20210405_225108.jpg)

Jusagipon/nyabeats says it's okay to use her as thinspo which is encouraging ed behaviors. Proves she hasn't changed at all.

No. 1202545

File: 1617678626262.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1734, 85088C81-AA4A-4CD2-994A-1195E3…)

It was a like on a post…. you pathetic loser. They don’t even know you exist. I’m glad they’re booting off nudity on Instagram tired of seeing vagina and tits on a social media app

No. 1202547

File: 1617678728596.png (7.45 MB, 1242x2208, 9664C66F-7103-4AFD-9FCC-00B4F1…)

Keking at fridge9irl puffing out her lips and sucking in her nostrils to look like her shooped photos. She’s so ugly

No. 1202586

KEK wtf is this shit. I cant believe these kids believe this is a real waist

No. 1202588

Probably from harassing minors constantly for not being as “ alt” as her and posting porn lol

No. 1202596

Did she edit this or did someone else? She looks so weirdly disproportionate here

No. 1202807

what platform is that?

No. 1202884

It just looks weird cause her jacket is resting on her love handles and start of her, it looks unedited and poorly lit.

No. 1202928


No. 1202988

File: 1617742874397.png (8.27 MB, 1242x2208, 385CAAB0-E234-47E2-93ED-312A59…)

There is no way ang3lthigh isn’t a troon
>The discolored dirty white top
>lingerie in public
>thong hiked all the way up to form a waistline on her love handles
>the pedopandering

No. 1202989

File: 1617742957722.png (8.42 MB, 1242x2208, 9071E534-9233-4512-9E73-57208E…)

No. 1202994

File: 1617743338977.png (5.36 MB, 1242x2208, 3974F7AA-7039-403B-958D-080685…)

Ang3ltroon was also in a music video
Sage for no milk

No. 1202996

File: 1617743385316.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1242x1650, 60E42A54-6840-42B5-B6B2-254D49…)

No. 1202997

File: 1617743470658.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 949.44 KB, 1242x1432, 4C8D27EE-1C44-4E21-B9CB-32498C…)

This pathetic “photo shoot set” is something Shayna would do

No. 1203009

this is shitty but this is way to much effort for Shayna she's had the same exact background for years

No. 1203011

her feet are fucking filthy

No. 1203090

i agree with its giving me very much shayna

No. 1203169

did she walk there barefoot?

No. 1203235

nothing celebrates the resurrection of jesus quite like a thot in a bunny costume. these women are so tastless and classless.

No. 1203276

File: 1617796308208.jpg (894.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210407-214550.jpg)

The Zoomer side of social media is an absolute shitfest kek

>Literally don't trust any white influencer

>t. a white influencer

No. 1203543

File: 1617829724298.jpeg (342.53 KB, 1721x1363, DA320485-DCA0-43B4-B6C0-50F076…)

> jus got my lipz done <33

Where though? She looks the exact same - if not uglier. Damn, her lips must’ve been virtually non existent before this.

No. 1203548

File: 1617830743488.jpeg (500.22 KB, 1164x544, A2FDAEB9-C5D1-4410-8D4F-759CD5…)

Kek it literally doesn’t even look different? She looks exactly the same. It kinda looks like she has a mustache. Angie you need to wax that off ASAP. Blobfish lookin ass

No. 1203661

Lmao who even is this bitch

No. 1203727

needs a refund or more filler and why is she trying to show off her lips with a filter on

No. 1203744

Random egirl who's delusional sperging is mildly hilarious

No. 1203864

Her beady eyes and unfortunate face shape are just made worse by the lips. She's like if Tuna had a stroke and was also deflated like a bike tire. So fucking ugly. God damn.

No. 1203866

everytime i see her i'm astounded that she looks like that but ISN'T british

No. 1203878

anons keep saying this, brits must be ugly as fuck then huh

No. 1203895

How do her lips still look smaller than mine after filler

No. 1204034

File: 1617907842876.jpg (2.4 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20210408_134608649.j…)

I guess there's a very minimal difference, but assuming the pics she posted were right after getting the filler done, shouldn't they be at their biggest due to swelling? So they'll look pretty much the same once the swelling goes down.

Of course, that's assuming the first pic isn't edited, which it probably is

No. 1204039

What the hell does any of that have to do with race? So poc can't be arseholes? God I fucking hate woke zoomer bs and the whole babying brown people, it's actually offensive at this point.

No. 1204074

File: 1617909560125.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1134x1426, 2A23CF5D-43BD-4725-8713-84BFA0…)

Fridge9irl got her account back

>the lip facetune edit kek

No. 1204099

File: 1617911064287.jpeg (159.55 KB, 827x1466, 839FCBA1-9A6B-488C-B2A5-CFC835…)


No. 1204102

So that's where all her gofundme money went, fucking scammer

No. 1204174

File: 1617916921818.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 3PtbYnKx.jpg)

Her mouth looks like picrel

No. 1204198

Did she move? We don’t see her childhood bedroom with the ~aesthetic~ paint all over the walls

No. 1204223

File: 1617920455727.png (424.57 KB, 765x722, fridge6irl.PNG)

fridge9irl be like:

No. 1204354


I’m pretty sure she takes pictures at her boyfriend and girlfriends house. Not her own, she spends weekends there sometimes.

No. 1204448

Accurate as fuck kek

No. 1204633

At this point idk if the insanity is funny anymore or just racist

No. 1204839

File: 1617995744141.jpg (415.39 KB, 1370x2048, IMG_20210409_112045.jpg)

Is looking like a mentally challenged amputee supposed to be attractive?

No. 1204887

the way she's holding her crotch makes her look like a toddler who has to go to the bathroom.

No. 1205112

weak nitpick

No. 1205450

eh op is right ahegaos are inherently retarded. her hand is so far up her snatch shes going to pull a rabbit out if it.

No. 1205475

I'm guessing lena will be adding nub worship to the forever growing list of fetishes on her onlyplans

No. 1205873

File: 1618156801598.png (184.81 KB, 720x1119, Screenshot_20210410-021520~2.p…)

gorrrl why

No. 1205874

File: 1618156849771.png (132.5 KB, 720x1116, Screenshot_20210410-043526~2.p…)

gremlin ass hoe

No. 1205945

Sage your shit vendetta-chan, this is not milk.

No. 1206160

laughing at the usage of a filter over a makeup tutorial that ends up blurring everything out. what is the point, why do a makeup tutorial then? girl just post your shitty egirl shoops, lie about having BDD & and go!
I know her milk is pretty minor compared to other girls posted here but still kek
inb4 "hi vendetta-chan"

No. 1206305

I'm always intrigued to see how different she looks from her photos

No. 1206355


Not trying to WK here but I think it was just an eyeliner tutorial? She posted the full video on her tiktok.

No. 1206588

File: 1618253893179.jpg (1.52 MB, 3464x1757, Vo1d.jpg)

Vo1dchan's real face has been leaked and people are shocked that's he's white

No. 1206600

File: 1618255304317.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2208, 0880D814-D6CE-47DB-B22D-EF07CE…)

Here u go

No. 1206623

File: 1618256566002.jpeg (277.44 KB, 1242x1151, 56165C91-750C-4B8D-96DA-37DF03…)

Hasnt this bitch been called out for the same shit a year ago? For accusing people of copying/skinwalking? When he was @hurtpaw

No. 1206992

File: 1618285479938.jpg (178.43 KB, 2048x1012, wapanese.jpg)

She's sperging on her story desu

No. 1207006

File: 1618290046987.png (1.75 MB, 1242x2208, F151BD01-D58E-47D0-A420-8E4FFC…)

No. 1207007

File: 1618290074374.png (1.41 MB, 1242x2208, E67341DE-7975-4B28-842A-D59228…)

No. 1207079

File: 1618305414938.jpeg (143.25 KB, 750x1320, 44B7B308-1F46-4CFD-803B-484274…)

Looks like Olivia deleted her account. She also got rid of tik tok too. Guess comments about her eyeliner got to her kek.

No. 1207089

KEK I hope you're not honouring a delusional yaoi fan's pronouns… that, or this is a convincing troon

No. 1207117

She’s as convincing as an ftm as she is Asian KEK

No. 1207142

File: 1618316206470.jpeg (571.33 KB, 1172x2010, 52068F61-5709-4CA8-A1B8-21D957…)

Fake as shit. Just go to the imgr link and save one of the light mode screens and play a the brightness and you’ll see the obvious editing she did. Notice the areas where the pfp is off from the rest of the chat lol regular ss don’t do this. She really went full retard as a last resort, she should’ve done better editing

No. 1207187

Anyone still have the deleted elf picture of hikiwiz? Shit's funny

No. 1207191

i think she deactivated again i cant find her account anymore

No. 1207209

her instagram is literally still up

No. 1207278

wat is jpeg artifaction

No. 1207295

this is really ironic since she's still friends with chloe who is genuinely racist and wishes death upon literal children but go off vo1dchonk keep pretending that you're morally superior and above this

No. 1207321

File: 1618331328483.png (52.17 KB, 131x154, hikiwiz_id.png)

hikiwiz's id photo, lol.

No. 1207328

shes so pretty why does she overexpose n filter all her photos to death

No. 1207343

Basic greasy white bitch but not ugly. Def not cute uwu Asian girl tho

No. 1207354

>ID photo looks bad
I've not met a single person who looks good in their ID, even hot people

No. 1207415

Learn to sage anon, it’s obvious ur the same person that said all of these

No. 1207602

That’s not hikiwiz, that’s Chloe Hudson (M4d0t5uki)

No. 1207830

File: 1618362247944.jpeg (74.27 KB, 771x582, 3506567A-A157-450E-A7E4-75855F…)

There’s a giant blur on her face and nobody says anything lmaoo looks like she has no nose just holes in her face

No. 1207898


Her nose is literally blurred out of existence KEK

No. 1207909

File: 1618369692971.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 546.01 KB, 1242x1180, 897CFF73-85DD-43DB-AA59-021021…)

Fridge9irl exposing herself again

No. 1207911

File: 1618369771965.png (5.76 MB, 1242x2208, 9FDC5A2E-C7A7-42A6-AD54-4E2AD5…)

No. 1207913

File: 1618369901786.jpeg (997.51 KB, 3464x3464, 0E1685CC-CB45-41FB-BCE1-711BCD…)

She made a TikTok

Her selfies vs her in video

No. 1207936

yep, you can even see the outline of Australia. She's looking rough.

No. 1207997

File: 1618379721375.jpeg (768.88 KB, 1242x1227, BCB9FB6D-A06B-4EEF-8CD8-091D85…)

her face looks droopy and old here

No. 1207998

She’s trying way to hard to convince people she has dsl

No. 1208068

sage for no contribution but what has this girl done? this seems like a nitpick to me

No. 1208088

well, did you? did you sage?

No. 1208117

Fucking KEK

No. 1208198

first off, learn to sage tard. second off, no one will spoon feed you. get off the thread

No. 1208238

File: 1618415716359.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1568, F1A66DF0-0701-48D9-9E0B-4C7B89…)

No. 1208242

Wasn't she supposed to be a neo-nazi? Kek.

No. 1208266

Based Nashi

No. 1208357

File: 1618425633001.jpeg (234.92 KB, 1284x2055, 284F01DA-CDE3-472E-B50C-0D893A…)

No. 1208462

sage this is stupid

No. 1208920

plenty about her has been posted up thread but she tries to pander to teens when she herself is mid 20s with a kid. she's cringey but not necessarily the biggest cow here

No. 1209018


Why didn’t you just post this in the thread that was made for her?

No. 1209194

File: 1618507988340.jpeg (560.15 KB, 828x1276, C8CA54F6-4295-4D5E-AD37-1EE400…)

I haven’t seen anyone on here talk about the vivadrag situation going on yet. She got called out for being a homophobe and for giving underage girls drugs and grooming them kek

No. 1209239

Are you retarded there’s a whole thread about it

No. 1209241

Yes I am

No. 1209397

File: 1618521959453.jpg (757.45 KB, 960x1524, MYXJ_20210415142223875_save.jp…)

Olivia, since I know you're going to be lurking despite saying you won't address it further:
You are lying. You lied, you are still lying and you keep lying. It's gross. Even back then (it wasn't 2 years ago btw) you edited just as much just in a different way and tried to pass it off like you didn't. And any time anyone called you out you would accuse then of being your stalker or try to bring it up for pity. You are a grown ass woman with a CHILD, why are you trying to pander to teenagers online and pretend you're one of the fellow kids? Not saying you shouldn't have hobbies but how bored do you have to be to cry about how you have BDD while making your entire image what it is and lie to other who potentially have the same disorder as you?

No. 1209398

File: 1618522005235.jpg (785.44 KB, 960x1495, MYXJ_20210415142256353_save.jp…)

No. 1209401

File: 1618522256804.jpg (554.64 KB, 960x1515, MYXJ_20210415142312632_save.jp…)

No. 1209405

File: 1618522419441.jpg (622.76 KB, 960x1502, MYXJ_20210415142330581_save.jp…)

No. 1209423

Wish I had the cap but on tellonym she claimed she was pregnant when she was a teen, and she's 26 meaning in 2019 she would have been 24….She really can't keep her stories straight

No. 1209430

She's always been my personal cow. The milk between her and "mUh StAlKeR" was always so sweet. I didn't really have a life back then but I'd catch her changing stuff (icon, bio) to match Aislinn's (her stalker, lil.mold on Instagram). Both of them were hilariously copying each other and it was so fun to watch sigh

No. 1209445

samefag as >>1209430 but
anon, she's got two kids. the little girl she had when she was a teen and then she had a baby boi around the time that you're referring to.

No. 1209452

Since when? She's only mentioned her one kid, saying it was her son who she had when she was a teen on tellonym. Again I wish I had caps because she went on this huge thing answering a bunch of asks about it right before she deleted
Though tbh her behaving the way she does with not one but TWO kids makes it more hilarious that she's trying to be an uwu edgy egirl and appeal to/is mutuals with girls ten years younger than her.

No. 1209522

This is confusing because, the asian girl she showed is so obviously not her? She’s digging her grave sm deeper kek

No. 1209524

She went by pawchaco on her vent and sperged on some 13 year old for making her username pwochaco and said “no one else liked pochaco until me” LMFAO sage for no caps, it was around a year ago

No. 1209526

Hikiwiz is australian

No. 1209618

well either way it's chloe hudson's face

No. 1209724


Nigger, who the fuck cares if some white bitch makes her eyes look slim? dumb asian niggers get eye widening surgery. who the fuck cares. post actual milk. a dumb ethot whore doing egirl makeup isn't milk lmfao. you sound like you're some mentally ill efaggot yourself. the only thing remotely milky is the stupid bitch trying to appease mentally ill faggots like you instead of saying who the fuck cares lmaoooo. god damn all you niggers are gay as fuck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1209744

No. 1209751


damn bitch who hurt you you sound bitter as fuck

No. 1209822

Found the australian e girl, which one of you pissed her off? KEK

No. 1209824

Not possible. Didn’t say “mate” or “cunt”.

No. 1209843

ur ass needs to stfu, SOME asians get that surgery because for plenty of years they were told their eyes are ugly (you erased the existence of asian countries where people naturally have large eyes such as India). So white bitches doing it to look trendy is annoying as fuck, grow up and stop talking like a 13 year old xbox fag.(derail)

No. 1209873

>this entire post
Better hope your mom doesn't see that post when she confiscates your phone, you little faggot, lmao.

No. 1209875

go back to instagram

No. 1209880

looks like nashi deleted her insta and twitter, seems she's broken her hiatus on tumblr tho. wonder if she thinks it'll just go away if she stays deleted for a while lol

No. 1209881

There's something so much worse about her being a 26 year old mom and doing all this shit.
Hikkineet single mom on IG fighting with 14-16 year olds and trying to copyright a contrived aesthetic. Take care of your baby, for fuck's sake.

No. 1209886

This isn’t voidchan you’re confusing two different people

No. 1209887

My bad. All these women are so unique that they look exactly the same.

No. 1209915

Yeah to be fair olivia helped nashi and co when they were bullying kids online and desperately wants to be in that group of girls lol

Same group of girls that kept reposting PSAs about Asian disgusting and how important it is about people into japanese weebshit to talk about Asian hate crimes when….well you see what's happened lol

No. 1209916

*Asian fishing

No. 1210132

File: 1618612667354.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2003, 45FB23C9-C5D3-4C16-A685-3B1804…)

Oh you’ll be back honey, you always do.

No. 1210175

File: 1618616615017.jpeg (480.06 KB, 1242x1732, 8F3CBEE8-A38E-4280-8EE9-8C86D2…)

She won’t admit why she’s actually leaving. Olivia King, sweetie, you were caught supporting pedophile Layla/Awfultune right before you deactivated.

No. 1210183

That’s not an Asian girl at all. That’s voidtard

No. 1210188

more like natashatard