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File: 1614903162158.png (149.82 KB, 340x169, 82EFC2B6-267B-4B16-9D09-11B5AB…)

No. 754340

Starting off the thread to ask, are they on the way to me?

Previous thread >>674932

No. 754922

Did I lose at least 2kg? I'm scared to check

No. 754924


No. 754932

Are we going to go to Wales together?

No. 754933

Are we going to fall in love?

No. 755266

Should I reply

No. 755473

is it going to be really bad? plz no

No. 755519

We getting a job this year?

No. 755520

Thanks sanic

No. 755688

am I gonna get in trouble for this

No. 755692

oh f*ck. am I going to lose my life

No. 755710

You are falling off of a cliff right now, aren’t you

No. 755758

is it for real ?

No. 755759

fuck off sonic, i suffered enough already with all of this bullshit and now i want peace of mind

No. 755782

Is it going to get better?

No. 755784

You better be joking i’m on the brink

No. 755802

Should I?

No. 755803

Really, though?

No. 755826

Am I going to die this year?

No. 755850

is it a good idea?

No. 755852

Are they ACTUALLY gonna hire or what?

No. 755872

Will you stop being so negative today?

No. 755896

Should I text them right now?

No. 755907

Do I need to do it?

No. 755909

Is he a piece of shit?

No. 755926

Am I shooting too high

No. 755927

Is she still into me?

No. 756155

Will this be a good shit?

No. 756626

Will I get over him soon?

No. 757049

Should I get off social media

No. 757555

Should I ask about it?

No. 757767

Is it all going to work out?

No. 758319

Was this an eternal never or just for the day?

No. 758335

Should I go back to the hospital

No. 758438

Should I go get fries from maccas?

No. 758460

Does he?

No. 758853

will my manifestation come true, godly sanic

No. 758855

maybe? smh u indecisive little bitch

No. 758865

It's already coming true nonny

No. 758868

will i blow up

No. 758869

fame is pain i guess

No. 758872

will i get a good sleep tonight

No. 758877

Will I find my cute white bf

No. 759281

Are you going to answer me?

No. 759336

Should I go buy an energy drink?

No. 759337

Intellectual Sanic strikes again! What energy drink will you be getting?

No. 759341

Idk the brand name but it's banana flavoured. Not sure about the "for all of eternity" part, I guess I'll buy two, that's as high as I'll go today.

No. 759352

Is he still out there?

No. 759356

What…? Did something happened to him?

No. 759366

… Is he okay?

No. 759372

Will I find a boyfriend this year?

No. 759404

He is being held captive you have to pay a great price for ransom
I have this same question not that I care but you know

No. 759416

So will I find a boyfriend this year

No. 759435

Can I really learn to draw?

No. 759448

(Yes you can, Sanic is just trying to make you draw based on spite)

No. 759459

Sanic-sama, do I have a chance to save him? Please give me an answer…

No. 759484

will I succeed where she failed

No. 759485

Should I go?

No. 759526

sanic am i gonna get the sex tomorrow?

No. 759879

Will she ever want me back sanic

No. 759952

No. 759987

Are you looking out for me?

No. 760057

I'm I gonna get a job before the end of April ?

No. 760070

Am I gonna get a job?

No. 760091

Will we get closer somehow?

No. 760099

Start over tomorrow? (today)

No. 760409

repeating this question pls sanic omg

No. 760540

am I just being paranoid?

No. 761332

Do you find me irredeemable?

No. 761406

Am I being stalked online by an old friend???????

No. 761409

Is he trying to ghost?

No. 761548

Will I get employed by the end of the month?

No. 761569

Will I at least be suffering with a job?

No. 761651

will it come to me

No. 761730

Will my relationship work out in the end?

No. 761743

hello sir i am here to ask about whether this bitch will ever start to care about me if i can be honest to her about how much of her time i truly wanna take up. thanks sir.

No. 761745

wishy washy piece of shit sonic you SUCK at your job.

No. 761750

will i succeed in my upcoming classes?

No. 761751

>rolling a 5

No. 761756

Sanic, are you a dumb idiot loser buffoon?

No. 761757

epic checkmate

No. 762039

Will I find the strength to leave today sanic

No. 762053

No. 762203

No. 762634

Is celibacy the answer for me?

No. 762639

Ok, is celibacy the answer?

No. 762641

Kek you're right sanic. Thank you

No. 762941

Should I grow my hair out

No. 763171

should I take a shower tonight

No. 763174

does he really want to marry me

No. 763179

please I'm trying to assess

No. 763677

are my wildest dreams going to come true?

No. 763717

Should I jerk off tonight

No. 763886

will it go well?

No. 764152

Am I ready to join next week?

No. 764622

will i have good sex anytime soon

No. 764816

are you a demon sanic

No. 765444

should i get back into contact with them?

No. 765455

Will I meet him in person soon?

No. 765499

Should I eat another slice today?

No. 765507


No. 765509

jfc is this thread cursed or something?

No. 765538

what do you mean

No. 765564

so many repeating numbers in a row, so all those things will come true at a great price

No. 765566

anon im sorry but i ate another slice and didnt jerk off, im a fat bitch.

No. 765715

It's cause he's a demon

No. 765718

You had dubs, you dumb dumb. Look at the image. Dubs mean "yes, at a great price"
So yeah, you ate the slice and now you'll pay the price

No. 765937

will he ask me out

No. 766926

if I pull an all nighter will I find him in the morning

No. 766928

to be clear I should, yes?

No. 766938

If i stick with it, will it become better?

No. 766939

should i then not start in the first place?

No. 766960

Will my past come back and haunt me?

No. 766968

should i go back to school?

No. 767060

will doing it make things better

No. 767068


No. 767094

Should i send it?

No. 767095

No. 767413

Thank you sanic for protecting me against my stalker, they haven’t bothered me since

No. 768080

will I walk away with no consequences

No. 768088

Will we be together

No. 768163

Does he like me?

No. 768170

will i get into an actual mutually fulfilling relationship this year?

No. 768190

Is it the gut?

No. 768506

will I actually get the job?

No. 768586

Will it come in time?

No. 768613

Will I get in?

No. 768705

Should I never paint my nails again?

No. 768771

am I getting in?

No. 768772

Did I get scammed?

No. 768780

will we ever be happy together

No. 769070

Will I get a bf this year?

No. 769155

Should I move home?

No. 769184

Am I going to fucked up my oral presentation ?

No. 769185

shit, I have to ask again ?! Am I going to fucked up my oral presentation ?

No. 769232

am I unlucky and will continue to be cheated out of life

No. 769380

Should I stop cutting my hair?

No. 770379

SANIC do I leave now

No. 770387

will I ever be noticed

No. 770431

is that going to really happen

No. 770440

Is my manifestation coming true already?

No. 770480

Will everything turn out ok for me?

No. 770779

should i put in my 2 weeks notice today sanic should i quit my fucking jobbbbbbb?????

No. 770780

i refuse to take that as an answer you bitch

No. 771137

Does he like me

No. 771319

Will the talk go well?

No. 771321


Yeah, no. Will talking make it better?

No. 771336

Thanks, Sanic. It went pretty good.

No. 771607

Sanic. Should I go on a date with this cute effeminate younger guy, even though I feel like we don't have anything in common?

No. 772552

O wise totem, should I delete the sim I just aged up?

No. 772803

Should I buy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 today?

No. 772805

Should I let her go?

No. 772844

Will this degree be worth it?

No. 772871

Sanic Totem was right ! It went really well !

No. 772897

Are we going to stay together?

No. 772899


No. 772922

Am I going to fail my classes?

No. 772944

Should I make french toast right now?

No. 772983

What, my health?

No. 773213

Thank you, Sanic. I actually feel a lot better about my situation. I feel more optimistic and less trapped.

No. 773341

Does she see me as supportive? That’s really all I want to be towards her, I don’t want to come off as imposing though.

No. 773448

Sanic should I go to the store today

No. 773705

do i have autism

No. 773796

sanic the hedgehog more like sanic the therapist. beep beep motherfucker, the only therapy i need is sanic.

No. 773803

is what I think is happening true

No. 773826

will they break up

No. 773844

Will I get a stable and a good paying job in 2021

No. 773846

My health?

No. 773847

Will I die in 2021

No. 773848

Do I like him or do I like the attention?

No. 773895

Will I go to uni this year?

No. 773979

Do I have it?

No. 773981


No. 774065

Should I recut my bangs after growing them out for a year?

No. 774066

Oh wow. The truth hurts.

No. 774114

Can I trust my boyfriend?

No. 774116

Asking again

No. 774118

Thank you, based Sanic

No. 774169

will I ever get the validation I want

No. 774289

Does she love me?

No. 774326

Will she and I be together eventually?

No. 774432

should i buy fries?

No. 774437

Is he gonna call me tonight?

No. 774496

Am I gonna get sick on my 2nd shot?

No. 774517

Am I being paranoid with the conclusion I’ve come to?

No. 774522

he’s totally lying to himself about this, right?

No. 774524

Will it fit?

No. 774525

ugh okay maybe I phrased that badly… is he pretending to me that it isn’t as serious as it is?

No. 774526

Sanic, please, will it go in or not?

No. 774546

will i make an actual friend any time soon?

No. 774557

Sanic, will this be a happy ending for once?

No. 774558

I can work with it's possible. Thanks, Sanic. I'm hurt but strangely at peace, knowing this can work.

No. 774756

Should I go to the graduation walk?

No. 775527

is this dude as much of a lame idiot as I'm sensing he is

No. 775543

will i motivate myself to be productive today

No. 775558

Sanic, am I cursed?

No. 775559

Well then, that explains a lot.

No. 775579

uncurses you

No. 775627

Sanic, will I be able to go to Med school?

No. 775709

Do I have covid 19, sonic?

No. 775710

Pls i want to know

No. 775712

Last try

No. 775719

Is my vibrator pushing me away from God

No. 775721

No. 775725

I think Sanic is trying to tell us how to remove the curse

No. 775933

Will I get my period soon?

No. 775948

Would it work if I tried again?

No. 775950

Kek, would it be worse?

No. 775970

will i finally be rid of this dumb bitch now?

No. 776245

did I fuck it up beyond repair?

No. 776501

Will it bring me the peace I need?

No. 776569

Should I get coffee and masturbate

No. 776643

is he gonna respond

No. 776681

should i just say fuck it and stop holding back wanting to express my radfem views on social media?

god tier answer from the totem

No. 776712

Will I win a moderate sized lottery (100 - 500k) in the next five years?

No. 776715

No. 776757

well pls

No. 776805

should i just yeet now?

No. 776834

Are there still things I don't know about him that I should?

No. 776835

Asking again:

No. 776864

will they seriously do it

No. 776865

asking once again, willthey really do it???

No. 776866

thank fucking sanic omg

No. 776939

is she hiding something?

No. 777072

is it going to get resolved soon?

No. 777073

No. 777074

Will this year be my year?

No. 777075

answer my fucking question (please)

No. 777076

i gasped

No. 777205

am i going to make it?

No. 777259

No. 777272

should I dump him soon

No. 777281

Oh totem, should I go up and fetch more?

No. 777297

And should I rent that movie again

No. 777888

Finally time to leave the internet?

No. 777959

What cost? My mental health that's been dependent on mindless scrolling for years?

No. 777966

should i nuke my old twitter account?

No. 778050

am I gonna get my period or what

No. 778051

will i find a gf that wants to play video games with me this month?

No. 778052

Sanic must be answering on the behalf of the baby growing in your stomach!

No. 778053

will I get the job I’m interviewing for

No. 778055

fuck, I was hoping he meant he would kick my uterus to jumpstart this shit pls no babby

No. 778076

I'll play video games with you anon.
sanic will the hydrangeas i planted survive to bloom

No. 778077

No. 778082

Will I have sex this month?

No. 778083

oh fuck me

No. 778099

Sanic got flirty.

No. 778142

will my life ever be worth living

No. 778237

is she gonna go away anytime soon

No. 778623

are the fortunes correct

No. 778664

anon did you just hack the system

No. 778761

Is He near me?

No. 779403

Do I drink too much caffeine

No. 779589

is she lying about not cheating

No. 779653

does she still think of me fondly

No. 779789

Sanic, should I just kms already? I have cancer and chemo sucks shit.

No. 779847

I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that you will be okay, anon. Please stay with us.

No. 779907

okay sanic this IS a test. is he gonna show up tonight after all

No. 779911

extremely fucking unhelpful you binch

No. 779912

will i ever date a wahmen

No. 779915

goddamn bihet it is then

No. 779925

will I find happiness sanic

No. 779926

No. 780379

will i be a lonely bitch forever?

No. 780381

No. 780405

am i doomed to stay single my whole life

No. 780408

will i have to settle for a m*n

No. 780411

>suffering awaits
i'll take that as a yes

No. 780430

Can I learn to be less selfish?

No. 780513

Will I have a good job?

No. 780523

Should I ask them to hang out tomorrow?

No. 780561

Will I ever meet an ADHD King

No. 780564

Will it work out between us?

No. 780591

will I meet my celeb crush

No. 780604

will we get married?

No. 780622

will I ever be able to cum again?

No. 780669

i guess i should ask again

No. 781504

Am I safe from the things I'm scared of?

No. 781505

Asking again

No. 781664

Will leaving this place improve me as a person

No. 781713

Will it

No. 781952

Will I be able to escape by August of next year?

No. 781954

File: 1618246068164.jpg (99.6 KB, 1200x1200, neg.jpg)

No. 781964

will i get the job

No. 781967

will i get the job im going to interview for

No. 782004

will we be able to get back to normal anytime soon

No. 782124

will you just come into my life already

No. 782129

tell me sonic, is my personal conspiracy true

No. 782131

oh shut up

No. 782167

yes? so there's a chance?

No. 782586

Would it let me be able to put the past behind?

No. 782669

Should I take the job at EY?

No. 782672

Sanic pls now is not the time, I have to know

No. 782864

Should I go to that place on Thursday instead of today?

No. 783242

Should we get back together?

No. 783382

Sanic, should I throw my nail polish out?

No. 783384

am I right about this

No. 783406

Sanic, is walloftext-chan in the onion thread actually joysparkles?

No. 783491

Will my prof give me the participation marks?

No. 783505

Will I make a world class black metal album by the time I'm 24 just like markov soroka and dg?

No. 783508

Fug I knew it I have no talent

No. 783591

should I go

No. 783852

Will I pass this course

No. 783853

No. 783854

Will I pass my other courses

No. 783855

Will I pass my other courses

No. 783916

Should I dye my hair black

No. 783917

Oh cool

No. 784128

Should I wait till the weekend?

No. 784134

Will I ever leave this household?

No. 784138

I'm already suffering. Do I really have to wait?

No. 784156

sanic i am lonely, do i wake up my cat?

No. 784157

a bit much but ok…

No. 784170

is he thinking about me

No. 784171


No. 784312

Should I go with pastel blue rather than beige?

No. 784788

Am I gonna pass this course pls tell me yes

No. 784790

No. 784793

Will I get my deposit back from my landlord?

No. 784823

Should I become friends with him again?

No. 784866

Will I ever find a person that will love me as a friend/partner without using me?

No. 784869

Don't be so damn vague

No. 784871

Will he message me back?

No. 784904

Will I pass my huma course and get my credits?

No. 784908

Will I pass my huma course and get my credits? >>784904

No. 784909

Aghhhhhh fuck

No. 785054

Am I gonna pass this course

No. 785055

Am I gonna pass this course

No. 785058

How about this: am I gonna get a good final mark in this course

No. 785064

Am I gonna pass all of my courses this year

No. 785066

Am I gonna pass all of my courses this year

No. 785197

Am I gonna pass the course

No. 785334

Am I doomed to being useless, lazy and passive forever

No. 785483

Will I reach my goal weight this year?

No. 785621

sanic will he come back to love me?

No. 785623


No. 785653

Should I ask if I can interview for the valuations job??

No. 785654

Should I stay at my current workplace?

No. 785657

Should I stay at my current workplace?

No. 785662

Should I reply to her?

No. 785664

Alright Sanic, I won't be a dumb bitch.

No. 785704

will he stop acting weird around me?

No. 785708

Should I purge my dinner?

No. 785709

No. 785795

Am I gonna pass this class

No. 785798

Will I dream a cool dream tonight (please)

No. 785799

I guess I will be having a nightmare, I will report back tomorrow

No. 785826

Am I gonna pass

No. 785847

am I gonna get fucked on the beach by a tan himbo this summer

No. 785859

Will he like me?

No. 785869

can I have a concrete answer though please I'm desperate to know if I have something to look forward to

No. 785888

sanic I love him so, so much. I love him with my life. But is he the right one for me, does he love me back?

No. 785889

>8 trips
>suffering awaits

Sanic pls

No. 785890

do I have a job

No. 785893

will i ever make the perfect hummus

No. 785894

Should I drink water before the fasting starts or should I stay thirsty till tomorrow's dusk?

No. 785896

thanks sanic. now, should i spend $100 on that skirt?

No. 785931

You think I’m pretty

No. 785933

Do I have a boyfriend

No. 785934

Will I pass the course

No. 785935

No. 785940

will I mass debate without staining my sheets, o great totem

No. 785961

Am I going to graduate as expected?

No. 786023


No. 786041

I did not have a nightmare, I had some nonsensical dreams including singing holy diver (otyg version) and everyone admiring me, and being a wizard and holding a gold, silver and bronze disk and my nemesis wizard having them too, and if we had more than one disk of the same material, they would annihilate and explode so he was chasing me around trying to explode me. And I died in the end but it wasn't scary.

No. 786197

cycle path anon is dat u?

No. 786273

Will I pass the course

No. 786623

alright sanic give it to me straight do i have a chance

No. 787590

should i live with roommates next year?

No. 787594

Omg you get to live with sanic. Lucky

No. 787602

will i pass my microbio test

No. 787605

will they call me in for work today

No. 787606

Should I get a lash lift?

No. 787686

if I go will bad things happen

No. 787707


No. 787709

Will I pass the course

No. 787789

Will my pizza be EPIC?

No. 787791

No slice for u Sonic

No. 787919

am I gonna be able to go tomorrow

No. 787922

sonic, you've told the last three of us to jerk off. give me a real answer. should I GO

No. 787923

Sanic, should this anon jerk off?

No. 787925

Will I succeed in these goals of mine, sanic!?

No. 787927

literally fuck youuuu

No. 787930

Should I?

No. 787942

Will I meet anyone new and exciting soon

No. 787949

sanic is not having it today, dang

No. 787950

File: 1618968478723.jpeg (52.45 KB, 800x533, 8CAB74DF-74DD-467D-8E1B-87CC2B…)

I think this post made me horny. Did Anon make me horny?

No. 787959

Is he hiding something?

No. 787964

I'm hoping in my case sonic knows I want my hair to grow because that's when I'll magically mee the one

No. 787965

will I have to wait a long time for my dream to come true

No. 788078

S-should we hook up?

No. 788099

Am I finally going to get rid of my virginity this year?

No. 788100

Wow okay, now I'm scared lol.

No. 788104

Sanic is coming for you

No. 788107

Did I make a mistake dumping him

No. 788138

I hope it's not gonna be an STD or a surprise pregnancy.

No. 788225

is adopting this cat a good idea, sonic?

No. 788241

Sanic should I reject him

No. 788253

based sanic

No. 788295

Sanic do you appreciate my commitment to you?

No. 788304

sanic please can you manifest me a hot steamy sext from papi

No. 788427

Am I gonna pass this course

No. 788451

He still haven't messaged me back even though you said he would. Can you make him message me soon?

No. 788682

Am I tainted forever?

No. 788753

Is today the day I leave imageboards forever and stop abusing my brain with the internet?

No. 788812

Should I quit my job?

No. 788854

will he ever love me

please please please say yes

No. 788857


thank you sanic i understand when you need your time. now, again,

will he ever love me? i need to know this please. please say yes

No. 788858


why you gotta be so cryptic on me sanic? im already distressed about this obviously.

but i understand. i will give it time.

thank you for hearing me sanic

No. 788862

Sanic, do I deserve better than him?

No. 788863

sanic come onnn

No. 788881

is he inlove with me.. pls sanic

No. 788882

No. 788884

Will I make it ?

No. 788887

Sonic will I make it in my dream work field ??

No. 788898

Will we fuck again

No. 788899

No. 788908

Does anyone think about marrying me

No. 788975

will it happen

No. 788978

Am I gonna get everything done on my to do list today?

No. 788979

sounds like a yes to me

No. 788999

It's up to me, right? You've understandably given up on me.

No. 789001

Maybe someday I'll wise up, and you'll forgive me. Everything so far has been empty words and a continuous descent.

No. 789006

Can I leave now

No. 789025

Am I gonna fail

No. 789063

Is the stock market going to crash?

No. 789084

Sonic, you've only had bad news for me today so I'll you a third Thing because I am tired. Is that thing in my natal chart correct

No. 789085

Sonic are you OK? I'm not asking that again because you're just a bitch to me.

No. 789344

Will it work?

No. 789345

No. 789393

am I gonna break this dude's heart

No. 789413

is THIS one going to work out for my plan?

No. 789420

Do I have it in me to change for the better?

No. 789451

Should I take the job at EY?

No. 789453

Should I message him next week if he haven't replied by sunday?

No. 789457

Will I manage to pick up weed today? Will the plug come thru with the food?

No. 789468

Should I be afraid of you?

No. 789472

Will he come back to me?

No. 789481

Does he really love me

No. 789482

No. 789492

Will I pass?

No. 789619

Should I jerk off?

No. 789625

Should I eat dinner tonight?

No. 789626

God, am I doomed?

No. 789634

I'm scared, can you help me if I let you?

No. 789641

Should I ask in real life?

No. 789649

Get the fuck off ?

No. 789652

sanic you're a demon arent ya

No. 789659

Help me

No. 789665

Is the poster above ok?

No. 789672

is it about to be 7

No. 789673

Should I buy something to eat, Sanic?

No. 789674

Will you curse this anon >>785679 ?

No. 789677

Well, are you gonna curse them?

No. 789681

Am I gonna fail

No. 789685

You paid a heavy price to curse pedo-chan

No. 789687


No. 789688

For all of eternity meaning in this worldly life?

No. 789704

worth it

No. 789705

Will I pass

No. 789722

Should I let my hair grow long?

No. 789742

Should I call it a day and have a drink?

No. 789745

will i get my shit together by the age of 25

No. 789756

I believe in you nonnie

No. 789775

Will he?

No. 789800

Is my dad a psychopath

No. 789815

Will tonight be fun?

No. 789817

Sonic no!

No. 789869

Will I find you soon?

No. 789875

Ok but isn't that a sin

No. 789880

Beloved and wise sanic…
Should I order pizza?

No. 789881

Ok please bring some Peperoni Pizza with you

No. 789899

Will I get MY shit together before the age of 25?

No. 789907

Should I commit to celibacy

No. 789916

am I gonna ROCK my own world tonight

No. 789943

Will I ever become a Mrs?

No. 789964

am i gonna fail

No. 789970

am i gonna fail

No. 789973

snac can i use you as a spit bucket?

No. 789975

can I fuck the niche YouTuber I like

No. 790046

Should I go for it?

No. 790054

do i get all my homewoerk done this weekend?

No. 790100

am I gonna fuck it up?

No. 790101

Will I be done tomorrow?

No. 790103

is god locked in a prism jail

No. 790106

different anon, but does this answer mean god is a draconian alien who will eventually be trapped in a prism jail due to future crimes but due to the cyclical and chaotic nature of time space you must answer this question as "maybe" ????

No. 790125

File: 1619233458815.gif (1.79 MB, 500x500, 44089351-DB9A-499C-ADA4-38BCF9…)

>for all of eternity

as the gods have passed, gnosticism will rise. blessed are you lolcow lord, it’s time for a next step in the evolution of cows and humanity as a whole?

No. 790126

if never then how long will god stay in jail

No. 790127

am I a half-demon

No. 790128

are there supernatural forces in my room rn

No. 790129

last one

will I defeat god?

No. 790130

Kek this one made me laugh

No. 790138

tell me.

No. 790144

Will life get back to "normal" by Dec 2021?

No. 790152

Okk… what about now

No. 790164

Will I pass

No. 790168

Will I?

No. 790178

will the new meds work?

No. 790179

should i roll another one?

No. 790180


No. 790182

will my depression fog clear by june

No. 790203

I hope sanic is wrong queen but regardless hang in there

No. 790247

is God Jesus?

No. 790360

will I enjoy my new ob?

No. 790371

will she answer ?

No. 790374

omg she just now answered. sonic, you're magical

No. 790415

Should I try it?

No. 790435

Will it ever get easier?

No. 790441

does satan really infect people with “the gay”?

No. 790448

are trans women really women?

No. 790450

This anon is asking the right questions
Were humans put on Earth by extraterrestrials?

No. 790458

Is there gonna be a new spyro game in the next 5 years

No. 790537

is this a good idea sonic

No. 790564

am I dying

No. 790565

am I dying sanic

No. 790571

holy shit, an immortal farmer

No. 790573

Is dostoevsky Based

No. 790596

is my husbando cute as fuck

No. 790601

will he text me today? i really miss him and want to clear up the misunderstanding we had

No. 790602


oh my god im so happy thanks sanic i will be waiting

No. 790617

My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?

No. 790621

am I a god

No. 790638

are one of the lolcow mods a tranny/scrote?

No. 790642

Sanic Totem wil he finaly move out

No. 790646

do my room mates hate me

No. 790647

Did I manage to write it better this time?

No. 790650

good, i feel the same about them

No. 790654

Should I snort another line to help me focus?

No. 790657

Sooo like another line or nah?

No. 790658

Thanks Sanic my nasal septum will definitely be greatful

No. 790661

should I transition into a male

No. 790664

Look Anon I'm not here to judge but do you really want to let a Sonic totem made by Chris Chan decide that for you?

No. 790670

No, learn to love yourself please

No. 790673

File: 1619288885299.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.78 KB, 870x1080, 1619124387956.jpg)

will I ever have a nice, caring boyfriend that looks like him?

No. 790675

sanic why maybe come on

No. 790676

Why is sanic so relentless yet so graceful?

No. 790678

does >>790673 anon need to get a life?

No. 790681

File: 1619289220514.gif (114.16 KB, 220x220, 75FC7AB4-4402-4984-AFC0-F067B0…)

when I was half dead last night and a little today was I trying to transition into another realm

No. 790684

As always Sanic was right.
My nasal septum did suffer, but it's a small price to pay for productivity

Thanks Sanic

No. 790691

will he choose me?

No. 790697

Will he love me?

No. 790702

Are we going to fuck?

No. 790703


No. 790713

is sex fake

No. 790718

Fucking knew it

No. 790740

Is this random?

No. 790748

What the fuck does that mean, sanic? Am I gonna meet the totem

No. 790776

one of the mods are a male?

No. 790777

Should I eat some goop

No. 790781

will I have enough primogens to get rosaria

No. 790807

will men ever stfu and die?

No. 790809

will i pass

No. 790812

stop asking that troon

No. 790818

Maybe Anon is talking about her exams?

Not everyone who wants to pass is trans, some are just desperate

No. 790819

will i eventually attempt suicide

No. 790820

Based sonic

No. 790821

i already do that dipshit. probably the best answer i could expect though.

No. 790828


No. 790829

will my first day on the job be decent?

No. 790831

sanic be serious this time, will my first day on the job be decent? damn.

No. 790865

will this be the next best shitpost thread?

No. 790875

Is this ketchup stain I just made gonna come off in the washing machine

No. 790944

will I have a harem sometime in the next 3 yrs

No. 790983

will this person have a harem because they were retarded to ask again

No. 791048

File: 1619334484480.jpg (36.22 KB, 480x360, svg3teeaqjq21.jpg)

But they got an answer it's "yes at a great price"

No. 791058

Should I text him now?

No. 791060

So I should still wait for him to text me?

No. 791061

o, we're gonna text him togther?

No. 791079

Is it reading time?

No. 791129

will I have a good day today

No. 791133

Sonic, you're such a coomer

No. 791134

Is this oatmeal stain I just made gonna come off in the washing machine

No. 791136

Will I be able to get my work done today?

No. 791138

Please is this oatmeal stain gonna wash off

No. 791143

I mean… I can feed you, anon. The amount of money I imagine you spend replacing your clothes must mean you can compensate me for it

No. 791165

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh I'll pass thanks. I'll just eat while not wearing clothes

No. 791166

Can I pass my class

No. 791176

Can you give me the strength to get through this day and make all my assignments?

No. 791177

Thank you Sanic

No. 791212

unsuit yourself then

No. 791213

Sanic, can you do something about this creep?

No. 791234

The way I use the internet is harming my brain, isn't it

No. 791276

am i going to be okay today?

No. 791281

shall that anon be struck by lightning on any given day by the hands of Lord Pastoral-chan?

No. 791282

is this anon’s brain being rotted by looking at fujo porn all day?

No. 791283

is it a different kind of porn then sanic?

No. 791286

I bet it's too much reddit

No. 791292

Will I get a bf

No. 791294

kek i am that anon. I was telling your nasty ass to "suit yourself" but naked since you're a sloppy bitch

No. 791296

am I gonna get rich soon

No. 791320

No it's using imageboards… Sanic will I ever leave 4chan

No. 791322

No leave me alone

No. 791331

Kek you are insulting the wrong anon you're supposed to insult me! I love being anonymous

No. 791337

Is my favorite band's next album gonna arrive by october of this year

No. 791340

go eat wearing your dunce bib, baby

No. 791343

am i ever going to grow out of being a jerk for fun

No. 791476

Did I binge

No. 791522

He's not getting the hints, should I explicitly ask him to fuck me?

No. 791524

Alright then, wise Sanic. I'll wait for a little longer.

No. 791570

If I kin sanic totem does that make me sanic and give powers?

No. 791580

File: 1619382819163.png (1.35 MB, 873x988, sanictime.png)

No. 791588


Dubs and trips = Yes, at a great price

No. 791591

will i ever meet “the one”

No. 791592

holy shit lol

No. 791593

will I ever come across that incredibly cute blonde guy that's a piece of shit ever again?

No. 791594

did the girl think I was hawt

No. 791602

I was meant to send that dubs and trips message, Sanic sama chose me

No. 791605


truly, anon. bless you

No. 791607

Will it work?

No. 791610

Do I have your blessing to leave?

No. 791614

have i already met “the one” and don’t even know it

No. 791615

have i???

No. 791624

sanic why do you suck ass so much

No. 791625

sanic is chris chan a man or a proud transgender female

No. 791659

Is my prof gonna give me the mark for my essay

No. 791660

Uh.. well is he gonna be a petty little bitch and not give me my marks

No. 791661

No. 791676

will autistic people be annihilated

No. 791694

will 42 year old anons finally stop finding harajuku fashion cute and get a life?

No. 791701

Dear Sanic, will all the nonnies in this site finally accept that taste is subjective and people won't ever agree with each other that X or Y celebrity is pretty/ugly?

No. 791703

stfu please your favorite celebrity is so hideous. get better standards

No. 791708

I was talking about the discussion at the unpopular opinions thread.

Dear Sanic sama, will this anon ever get the sand out of her vagina?

No. 791745

should I go to the store

No. 791749

if sanic manages to kill all men

No. 791753

will i get all of my homework done by midnight

No. 791754

damn you sanic

No. 791781

Will I get it today, Sonic?

No. 791795

will i pass today's exam?

No. 791796

File: 1619395203424.jpg (77.72 KB, 246x811, 1617724076123.jpg)


No. 791806

sanic will twitter ever stop being shit

No. 791807

seriously? nice

No. 791868

Pls tell Me if I’m gonna fail

No. 791874

hav ei already lost my LIFE?!

No. 791875

have I already LOST my LIFE?

No. 791897

You know what I'm going to ask so answer me

No. 792009

The prophecy came true. All hail Sanic. Or perhaps Sonic.

No. 792034

is moving soon a bad idea?

No. 792035

should i move soon?

No. 792053

Am I too obsessed with my hair

No. 792093

will I sell my soul for some peace

No. 792117

Should I continu learning, will it be worth it?

No. 792120

Are you more trustworthy than tarot anons, dear Sanic?

No. 792156

My decisions are mine to make in the end, aren't they?

No. 792277

Will I graduate next year

No. 792461

Is BL content for degenerates?

No. 792464

Based Sanic

No. 792471

Will I succeed

No. 792472

Aw yiss

No. 792494

more berries

No. 792497

more berries

No. 792498

more berreies

No. 792501

Will I be happy after this?

No. 792503

Ah I love you sanic I knew I could feel my luck changing

No. 792513

Should I call him?

No. 792527

Does she miss me?

No. 792598

am I gonna get too drunk

No. 792617

Did I do to many drugs today?

No. 792618

Will I drop the weight?

No. 792619


I mean I did just ask a sonic totem that so yeah definitely possible.

Bless be sanic

No. 792627

Should I spend less time with my ex?

No. 792634

Should I forget about her?

No. 792642

will men ever know how to properly use their dicks for sex

No. 792653

Will you ever be nice to me sanic?

No. 792655

So, should I?

No. 792670

did i get the job?

No. 792682

will I ever be reborn as a white person

No. 792729

will girls be impressed with my taste in films

No. 792768

Can I pull off this lie?

No. 792809

should I sleep, my prince

No. 792810

sanic that is really not the solution you coomer. should I stay up?

No. 792818

Do I have a good future in consulting?

No. 792828

Fine, then should i move to EY?

No. 792830

Do I have a chance at mckinsey if I stay at this job?

No. 792831

Sanic that make no damn sense wtf. I'll ask again: do I have a chance at mckinsey if I stay at my current workplace?

No. 792833

sanic stop being mean to this anon

No. 792836

thank you. I will pay the price for her now should she move?

No. 792916

I know I'm dumb to think…but when? If ever.

No. 792924

Should I attend the zoom lecture? I can never concentrate anyway and I learn everything from the notes later

No. 792927

should I do it

No. 792940

am I starting my job today

No. 792947

Will I be able to get a good nights sleep today?

No. 792990

will I be successful

No. 793009

Should I stay at my current workplace?

No. 793011

Well, should I????

No. 793021

Should I message him later?

No. 793024

Will he stop stalking me?

No. 793028

Same question but let's add his death to the equation because I'm full of rage

No. 793051

Is he going to try to keep me?

No. 793065

do I really want to be an investment banker?

No. 793073

Has he learned his lesson?

No. 793080

Should I go to the coffee shop to download it?

No. 793083

Will he ever have the nerve to respond to me?

No. 793105

Will I pass my class

No. 793174

Am I finished with the net now

No. 793189

I repeat my query

No. 793214

Will I get a good final grade in this class

No. 793232

I am asking

No. 793246

Should I stop consuming hateful ideology?

No. 793273

Are politics and world news meaningless?

No. 793414

K but will I at least pass

No. 793506

I am asking again

No. 793594

Hey sanic, am I an autist?

No. 793627

No. 793629

Imma need a yes or no answer

No. 793697

Does anti-gravity exist? (please don't tell me to jerk off)

No. 793718

Should I stay at my current workplace? Last time, I swear

No. 793724

will it be OK financially

No. 793735

answer me pls

No. 793791

should i try longboarding ?

No. 793801

Will I reinvent myself in May?

No. 793817

will this summer be even more interesting than the last?

No. 793821

is he over it

No. 793917

does she want me or are we just fucking around

No. 793936

Are we gonna get it together

No. 793956

Are we going to get back together soon?

No. 794065

You need to cancel it. Do you not have an account you can log into to see if the membership's still running? If not, suck it up and call them to figure it out. I have anxiety around things like this too, I know how it feels but you really need to take charge!

No. 794071

Is there a chance this will work out?

No. 794082

Will I pass this semester?

No. 794083

…thanks Sanic

No. 794111

will my meeting go well today

No. 794123

Will I start getting my shit together tomorrow

No. 794125

Am I going to pass this class

No. 794129

Should I just buckle down and start over, start trying again?

No. 794144

Did I get a b

No. 794153

No. 794157

Gonna ask again

No. 794167

Are we still friends

No. 794172

Am I still friends with her

No. 794237

should I get ihop for dinner

No. 794242

will i get to fuck him

No. 794243

Will the elevator be repaired tomorrow?

No. 794249

will my dad ever come back

No. 794251

will I be able to lose 20 lbs

No. 794253

will my enemies die

No. 794258

Will anon stop spamming

No. 794259


No. 794261

was my bewf chewt the last straw for admin-san?

No. 794270

will our new admin be based?

No. 794298

Did he even mark my essay

No. 794305

Did I fail

No. 794494

should I stay awake

No. 794515

Should I fuck off and leave him?

No. 794526

Does he want to respond?

No. 794535

Marriage material?

No. 794556

Did I fail

No. 794621

Will I fail

No. 794622

Should I date people or just stay single for the rest of my life?

No. 794623

No? That's tight

No. 794698

Screw everyone, I'll only listen to you Sanic. Should I get the covid vaccine?

No. 794699

So is it a yes then?

No. 794701

…. you're making too much sense and you're scaring me Sanic

No. 794707

Will they unban me from the discord

No. 794708

will joe biden die

No. 794710

among us in real life?

No. 794757

does she like me or am I looking too deep into us RPing our d&d characters fucking

No. 794759

SHould I cut my mohawk thinner

No. 794772

take it from me I knew a friend who would rp with another woman with their characters fucking and now they're dating. of course, you're going to have to ask.

No. 794838

should I draw furry porn so I can become rich

No. 794846

Would my music career be semi-successful?

No. 794847

Awesome!! Go be semi successful

No. 794848

Damn, Sanic. We got a legend in the house.

No. 794852

will this anon never reach fame and fall into obscurity?

No. 794853


No. 794855

am I dead

No. 794857

am I immortal

No. 794863

No. 794871

>haters already praying on her downfall
Anon's going places for sure

No. 794914

Will I keep up that goal I’ve set myself ?

No. 794915

will I ?!

No. 794968

kek anon, I'm hoping sonic meant suffering for Biden. did you, sanic-kun?

No. 795115

Will this faggot watching me die?

No. 795116

Sonic please, I've had enough

No. 795117

Will continuing this end badly for me

No. 795190

Can I use this as a restart?

No. 795227

Should I dye my hair teal again it was really pretty but it limits my choice in outfit colors

No. 795242

Is this the day I leave every imageboard and don't look back?

No. 795254

Okay, how about next week?

No. 795256

Tonight then, sanic?

No. 795397

How bout me?

No. 795509

Am I gonna pass

No. 795593

will i die from the vaccine

No. 795598

will he fall in love with me?

No. 795603

No. 795604

Should I text him?

No. 795605

Come on gib me answer

No. 795685

will new admin be better?

No. 795687

am I having a panic attack

No. 795703

Should I read some Dabi smut?

No. 795742

should I go

No. 795886

will my bdd and ptsd ever get better pls i beg

No. 795895

Will men be trash forever?

No. 795922

Welp. Time to move on?

No. 795936

Is this corona thing gonna be over next year, I wanna go to concerts

No. 795937

Oh? Based if true

No. 795997

will I find out more info today

No. 796007

Did I fail

No. 796045

is it a scam

No. 796052

Should I wear the denim shirt thing tomorrow

No. 796053

How about my flying whale shirt?

No. 796234

Should I get boneless wings for dinner?

No. 796235

I said should I get boneless wings for dinner…bitch?

No. 796236

A-logging Sanic rn.

No. 796238

Will I fail

No. 796239

Does he love me?

No. 796244

Does she regret it?

No. 796245

Are we going to be together soon?

No. 796251

Should I go to that cinema club place on wednesday sanic?

No. 796287

Is it time for toast…

No. 796310


No. 796370

Should I try online dating

No. 796448

Will I be able to assemble my desk by tomorrow

No. 796467

Should I just go for it, helpp

No. 796618

Do I?

No. 796619

Is that a yes or no sanic

No. 796958

Should I change careers in the near future?

No. 796963

Great Sanic am I going to succeed this time?

No. 796964

Will I and azealia banks fuck

No. 796970

am I going to go there in June

No. 796973

Does she hates me?

No. 796977

Come on Sanic give me an straight answer

No. 796981

Will I complete my final project on time?

No. 796985

Sanic you're a lil bitch fuck you

No. 796991

am I going to find the perfect young man to WHIP into my little BITCH hahahaha just kidding.. unless?

No. 797016

Will he try to contact me?

No. 797039

I know you’re reading this

No. 797199

Am I going to die alone?

No. 797202

Appreciate your honesty Sanic

No. 797205

What do you think the great price will be, anon?

No. 797226

will making him jealous solve the problem

No. 797251

sanic was she always a cheater or is this new

No. 797265

Should I renounce sex forever

No. 797276

Yes. I support you <3

No. 797284

Will he like me?

No. 797287

No. 797292

Should I text him?

No. 797293

Will I get a proper job this year

No. 797295

will i finish the project tonight?

No. 797343

will I ever be free?

No. 797348

is crying a sign of weakness

No. 797350

Did I do the right thing?

No. 797370

will I always be ignored

No. 797386

there really is no god, is there sanic

No. 797394

will I sleep until 10am

No. 797433

will I sleep until 10am sanic

No. 797440

Will I find a love interest this year totemhog?

No. 797443

you're getting married to Sanic

No. 797449

sanic is a male, why do we ask questions from a male

No. 797452

am I losing my mind

No. 797453

you were right I didn't sanic. I'm so fucked rip

No. 797464

is there a demon looking at me right now

No. 797468

is there a demon looking at me in my room sanic be honest I feel it

No. 797475

is it getting closer to me

No. 797483

Holy shit hope you're safe nonnie

No. 797489

thank you anon sadly nothing interesting happened but it was probably just my instincts

is the demon gone

No. 797490

Is he suggesting some kind of scare tactic now? Sanic is truly demented.

No. 797493

love you anon

No. 797530

Should I leave my room today?

No. 797610

would going be a waste of time?

No. 797612

Is he going to come back to me?

No. 797613

Does he at least love me?

No. 797618

Am I a slut?

No. 797628

Are we going to be together?

No. 797653

Do you not even intend on going to the kitchen fridge or bathroom? I hope you have a strong bladder and not piss bottles.

No. 797656

Can I be redeemed?

No. 797923

am I going to meet that person this year?

No. 797977

will i get to be happy this year?

No. 797988

Is he schizo?

No. 797990

will it turn out okay in the end sanic pls

No. 797992

Will he talk to me soon

No. 797994

will I be ignored forever and ever just to be drowned out by the idiots on here

No. 797999

Is God here right now?

No. 798003

Is the sanic totem 4 smaller than the last? I swear I can barely read the text

No. 798004

No. 798008

Should I do it?

No. 798010

Will Visual Novel Reader ever fucking show the damn translation?

No. 798022

I know it’s not coming sanic…

No. 798056

Should I let him into my life as a friend?

No. 798057

Sanic should I give him the vayayay?

No. 798058

Sanic will I become hot soon?

No. 798059

>suffering awaits
Sounds good to me

No. 798101

if I kill myself can I get a do over

No. 798102

Should I download tinder again just to browse?

No. 798112

Is she going to write to me any time soon?

No. 798115

Is it over?

No. 798126

Are they going to regret their decision?

No. 798137

Is that purse better than the other one?

No. 798147

sweet sanic, i'm willing to pay the price if it means i can be happy

No. 798148

Sanic should we listen to you?

No. 798194

will i get good sleep

No. 798201

has it been long enough

No. 798202

holy shit thank you sanic i will stop being a little shit and make it happen

No. 798205

how will it go?

No. 798349

Should I message her?

No. 798437

should we get back together?

No. 798440

will it be soon?

No. 798445

but will it lead to happiness?

No. 798450

are you sure sanic?

No. 798459

Would he?

No. 798542

Is it finally enough?

No. 798574

am I going to get married?

No. 798707

Should i go for it?

No. 798717

Is "manifesting" satanic?

No. 798726

she says it's just flirting but it's definitely something more, right?

No. 798729

will she let me smash

No. 798740

Am I capable of change

No. 798781

Is meditating being close to you?

No. 798929

Should I avoid sex

No. 798930

Great answer.

No. 798940

will we marry?

No. 798973

congrats on the future wedding to sanic himself

No. 798977

is he crazy?

No. 798981

I only attract the crazies. I should know better by now

No. 798982

Will he come back before I go?

No. 798987

will i feel bad tomorrow

No. 798995

Am I going to finish my project?

No. 798996

am I curse to be homeless in the future

No. 798997

Will I finish this story any time soon?

No. 799007

Was the tiktok lying when it said tomorrow will be the best day of my life?

No. 799029

will i find a place with everything i need in time?

No. 799033

not helpful at all

No. 799042

Is something bad going to happen because of what I did?

No. 799043

Should I keep doing it?

No. 799060

Am I gonna get into uni?

No. 799061

I hope we can be roomies

No. 799117

time to end it?

No. 799146

sanic do i get good sleep tonight or not

No. 799147

i just asked about tonight but damn. guess i better get my ass in gear

No. 799173

will I get a bf this year ?

No. 799188

should I just get the exam over with now even though my emotions are shredded

No. 799208

are we going to keep drifting apart?

No. 799209

No. 799218

will I rule the world

No. 799229

Will I do well in these exams?

No. 799259

Will I get zhongli from this stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid unfair genshin impact game

No. 799311

am i going to be happy when this is over

No. 799466

will i stay at my current job for a year?

No. 799505

will i be able to afford getting my car registered and getting the battery changed this week?

No. 799520

Will I see him irl this year?

No. 799543

Should I go out tonight sanic?

No. 799558

Is he tryna fuck

No. 799561

move out of the way bitches do I get zhongli soon tell me sanic TELL ME

No. 799562

congratulations on your new videogame character

No. 799566

Am I ever going to get better Sanic?

No. 799569

Will I qualify for job rehab services

No. 799601

Is he thinking of me?

No. 799617

i asked you about my crush, you were kinda hesitant to answer at first. but you ended up saying it was going to turn out fine and they were going to text me back. but they didnt, sanic. they ghosed me, sanic.

i am very lonely sanic, and you know this, you cant play me like that. its not right. lets talk like adults here. okay? i want to know if im going to be in a relationship by the end of the year? yes? no if its next year. you know i dont want to play games with you or people anymore, sanic. lets get real

No. 799618



No. 799619

will i feel better later today

No. 799622

don’t have enough wishes anon, we’ll see

No. 799654

Should I dye my hair black?

No. 799655

No. 799656

No. 799679

Should I go buy an energy drink?

No. 799692

should I stop talking to my dad

No. 799739

will i get botched?

No. 799741

Does manifesting work

No. 799742

Sanic knows

No. 799743

Could it be that sanic is just guessing at random and we are seeing patterns where there are none just like people into manifesting?

No. 799744

would you ever lie to us, sanic??????

No. 799750

Sanic say it ain't so…

No. 799757

she's going to be this way forever, isn't she?

No. 799993

Will I still be sick tomorrow?

No. 800016

Fine sanic, I got some medicine. Will I at least get a decent night's sleep tonight?

No. 800359

God please help me stop using the internet so much. Can I stop tonight

No. 800525

Should I just accept dying single?

No. 800528

Should I have another glas of wine?

No. 800530

I'm already suffering can I at least suffer with a glas of wine?

No. 800531

I'll wait for you with a glas of wine then.

No. 800533

will i be prepared for the group meeting

No. 800537

is there anything going on between us ?

No. 800613

Should I take a walk right now?

No. 800775

should I get some pretzel buns

No. 800793

Bean burrito?

No. 800796

Should I ask them to hang out this weekend

No. 800831

will i stay at this job for the rest of the year?

No. 800837

what about March of next year?

No. 800840

should i break up with him by the end of the month?

No. 800852

will i ever get fucked by a cute nerd

No. 800854

goddamn. time to buy a dildo then

No. 800856

It's been a long time coming anon

No. 801070

will i find another job this year?

No. 801084

Does he love me

No. 801144

will this job get easier?

No. 801145

so does he or what

No. 801198

will this job get easier?

No. 801200

am i going to quit my job this year?

No. 801201

will i ever get a man to subsidise my life while i stay home

No. 801202

thank you, blessed sanic, this is the best answer you've ever given me. will it happen in this year or the next?

No. 801203

within the next two years then? sanic pls i can't take working so long

No. 801549

you lying little bitch sanic, I didn’t get zhonghli on my last wish roll

are you lying to everyone now?

No. 801559

Am I too old and too me to go to parties?

No. 801588

Should I spy their Discord server?

No. 801596

Is he regretful?

No. 801648

Should I ever tell him about it?

No. 801649

Should I reply to his email?

No. 801662

is this going to pass?

No. 801688

Will I be better off leaving and never looking back?

No. 801703

Will I pay the price today?

No. 801724

should I make my omelette now

No. 801767

should I start reading it

No. 801783

should I even make an omelette? It's probably gonna be healthier than any thing else I eat

No. 801786

fukk yu sanic i hate your dumb blue ass. I'm eating omelette and there is nothing you can fucking SAY ABNOUT IT

No. 802424

Is my cat actually magical familiar?

No. 802426

No. 802514

is he going to try to get revenge

No. 802521

please tell me he is too stupid to get revenge. is he going to try

No. 802524

Should I follow through?

No. 802525

No. 802899

sonic am I the shittiest person ever

No. 802900

ouch but thanks for confirming

No. 803088

Should I do a bit of stretching before I go to bed

No. 803168

Will learning programming pay off or did I just waste 6+ months of my life?

No. 803236

Will our relationship survive this?

No. 803264

do I keep going

No. 803265

well, do I?

No. 803380

will i pass this exam?

No. 803381

will i pass the exam, specifically not the writing one, but the micro one

No. 803384

Will I finally get off my ass and do the work?

No. 803385

I take it that's a no?

No. 803396


No. 803558

will there be a positive resolution with her?

No. 803560


No. 803600

will he ever get his work done

No. 803608

Is it wrong to miss her?

No. 803610

Will I get GF soon

No. 803916

will they visit me tonight

No. 804021

Is lolcow past its prime

No. 804025

will I let myself leave?

No. 804027

Ruh roh. Wouldn't that mean Sanic's going to out of a job if everyone dips though?

No. 804101

Is my country doomed?

No. 804105

Does worrying about it change anything?

No. 804106

Sanic is it lame to wear a band shirt and have a different genre band patch on my bag?

No. 804109

Should I go to the hardware store and the second hand clothes today

No. 804136

Should I go consoom today

No. 804179

Should I keep pursuing him?

No. 804181

youre probably right but if I did would I still have a chance?

No. 804281

does she want me?

No. 805019

Sonikku should I write my paper today

No. 805020

You frickin coomer I don't want to do that I want to do something productive. I'll go write it just to spite you

No. 805277

did they lose my package

No. 805775

will my future be free of sin

No. 805822

will I go to hell

No. 806188

Should I continue asking for relationship advice oh great sonic?

No. 806191

Well in that case was cutting him out of my life the best thing I ever did?

No. 806194

Thank you sonic. I knew that fucker didn’t deserve me.

No. 806361

Will it happen in the early morning?

No. 806372

Sanic, will I make it with my art thingie?

No. 806384

is he into me

No. 806400

will term grades end up okay?

No. 806406

should i drop that friendship?

No. 806407

Will he call me today?

No. 806423

Do I just have to trust in you?

No. 806522

is he??

No. 806740

Should I wear my black turtleneck tomorrow

No. 806993

are mods afraid to ban me

No. 806994

am I gonna get that hot dick

No. 806999

am I going to acquire that warmed sausage. sorry for asking so soon. I am just curious, that is all

No. 807001

will I be able to get the job?

No. 807013

does he hate me lol

No. 807014

will i become his gf

No. 807015

come on sanic..

No. 807026

am i going to be okay when i wake up?

No. 807028

okay sanic I'm trusting u with this one, you better be right

No. 807030

is the scrote being a WoMaNiZeR right now?

No. 807031


No. 807040

Think I can get some action tonight sanic?

No. 807041

God not from you I meant from my scrote jesus

No. 807042

rip nonna

No. 807061

Just thinking about you Sanic, will you see me soon too?

No. 807062

Should I cut my hair super short?

No. 807228

Will I ever have a normal life?

No. 807230

omg im so sorry anon

No. 807261

are things going to work out

No. 807299

Was the last book the real one

No. 807579

is this it? for good?

No. 807581

no but really

No. 807617

Does he actually want me?

No. 807622

Should I eat it now?

No. 807633

should I just say fuck a diet and eat intuitively and ~Mindfully~

No. 807715

Should I roll a fat one then sleep?

No. 807716

No. 807737

did the demon beur visit me last night (last time I’m using this piece of shit thread)

No. 807740

I rolled a skinny one, was that wrong of me

No. 807767

whatever gets ya high

No. 807926

Is he thinking of me right now Sanic?

No. 808400

should I buy it?

No. 808401

does that mean yes?

No. 808512

did I fuck up my wrist climbing up those rocks

No. 808517

am I going to see that jack Nicholson guy again

No. 808545

am I gonna get to fuck the jack Nicholson guy

No. 808546


No. 808547

Should I change my hair?

No. 808576

am I gonna die

No. 808813

Should I practice speaking up

No. 808828

Should I?

No. 808845

Should I dump my Nigel?

No. 808847

Is being hateful driving me away from you?

No. 808978

Should I start tomorrow instead?

No. 809242

God I'm so fucking tired of being like this, can I find something else to do?

No. 809557

am I going to get a (good?) reply?

No. 809721

should I join tik tok

No. 809743


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 810135

Am I still banned Sanic?

No. 810142

will I get eula you stupid fucking wannabe genie?

No. 810149

are you capping sanic or will I really get her you cheeky bastard

No. 810151

answer honestly this time

No. 810162

will I get her

No. 810163

ok will I at least get beidou?

No. 810172

Will this actually work?

No. 810174

Will he stay even after this?

No. 810178

beidou or eula

No. 810202

did he actually agree with me

No. 810203

Would I look retarded with short hair?

No. 810206

Do I look retarded with long hair lol

No. 810207

Guess a chop wouldn't hurt then, thanks sanic

No. 810246

confirm that I got beidou and rosaria (yes and I did and I’m so excited and I don’t give a fuck I’m spamming this thread)

No. 810247

Should I quit my job?

No. 810249

Should I apply there again?

No. 810286

will I get the opportunity?

No. 810294

do i draw tonight

No. 810299

No. 810334

will I be continually invalidated in that way?

No. 810346

Will I ever get my diet under control, Sanic-sama?

No. 810392

Is it going to be an issue with hiring me?

No. 810539

Do I need more struggle?

No. 810541

Stealing this one

No. 810587

Are you sure? Because it's kind of getting worse.

No. 810741

will I get eula during her banner

No. 810804

Is it sandwich time

No. 811025

Is he just being nice?

No. 811037

will we actually clean the attic

No. 811092

Should I start going to the gym at night again?

No. 811146

Edibles tonight?

No. 811158

Will I get over this?

No. 811325

Do you love me?

No. 811328

Is it because of how I am right now

No. 811331

Does he have a crush on me?

No. 811365

will I recover

No. 811367

Is he gonna like me?

No. 811373

Can I fix it?

No. 811374

Will the 2255 be granted?

No. 811477

help me

No. 811538

Will the post vaccine symptoms go away by tomorrow?

No. 811539

No. 811610

will i ever be at my goal weight ?

No. 811701

does everyone ignore me

No. 811851

will I succeed

No. 812011

Am I really going deaf?

No. 812015

is there anything wrong with me?

No. 812155

will it happen again?

No. 812157

will I do good on my first day on the job? pls sanic?

No. 812255

that was my sign to cut him off, right?

No. 812429

Should I get close to her again?

No. 812432

i should drop it?

No. 812435

is he gonna try to fuck

No. 812458

Am I past the worst of the stress relating to this situation?

No. 812459

Does J still love me?

No. 812492

Should I eat something now

No. 812889

will i be able to get it this week?

No. 812890

sanic pls it's important

No. 812962

Will I pass the economics module?

No. 813084

was it something that happened a few years ago that made me ignored for my own benefit?

No. 813141

Should I nap?

No. 813177

was it something that happened a few years ago that made me ignored for my own benefit?

No. 813185

Does he actually care about me?

No. 813186

Should I go solve the extra assignment

No. 813200

will he reject me

No. 813205

is expressing my feelings worth it

No. 813231

Will my finger ever heal?

No. 813372

Is he going to contact me like the tiktok proclaimed

No. 813373

Thank god

No. 813377

Will my crush and I meet and be in love

No. 813381

sanic be honest- am i ugly?

No. 813382

ugh fuck this sucks

No. 813385

Am I also ugly?

No. 813386

No. 813395

is it over for good?

No. 813403

was I a chick fil a paid customer?

No. 813641

Am I meant to be completely celibate

No. 813675

including "me-time"?

No. 813690

will I get eula

No. 813891

Does he like me?

No. 813893

File: 1621802975472.jpg (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, dd8a0tb-ed42237d-bbab-49a4-a62…)

Will I ever in my life experience a romance with a handsome alien please sanic (I will accept virtual reality experiences)

No. 813900

Do you mean I will have to make a virtual reality game myself

No. 813937

Will I die in my sleep tonight

No. 813954

Should I break up with my fiancé

No. 813960

does she think of me?

No. 813968

manifesting eula

No. 813994

Dear Sonic, will it be easy?

No. 813996

Okay Sonic: will it be easy?

No. 813998

Nice, thank you Sonic!

No. 814051

Do I look good?

No. 814199

Is it a bad idea?

No. 814246

Will I see him soon?

No. 814256

will I feel better soon

No. 814359

yassssssss qwin

No. 814370

Will we become closer friends?

No. 814371

Haha you're welcome here anytime dear Sanic.

No. 814474

Am I fucked?

No. 814475

Am I in trouble aka fucked?

No. 814538

Will I die very soon?

No. 814541

Will I get better and live a full life with a great quality of life soon?

No. 814542


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 814659

will we bang when we meet?

No. 814660

fuck you sanic

No. 814673

will I pass this year?

based sanic

No. 814674

can you be more specific?

No. 814676

will i pass this year, sanic?

No. 814770

Is he the one?

No. 814788

Do you reckon I should leave this site forever?

No. 814789

I guess the price is not getting to watch Shayna fuck up her life

No. 814864

was it all faked?

No. 814881

asking again, did they fake all of it

No. 814929

Should I get my nipples pierced?

No. 815187

will i get a new job this year?

No. 815212

is he a loser?

No. 815297

am I a loser?

No. 815361

should I quit my job?

No. 815795

will I get all the goodies I can dream of in June

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