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File: 1618217539265.jpeg (438.02 KB, 1600x1235, EA1C451C-973E-4157-9EB8-9887E8…)

No. 781585

Start a fight in the comments.
Chaotic and petty squabbling that never ends.
Unbridled autism.
(No racebait allowed)
You’re all silly bitches and I hate (love) you(absolutely retarded shitpost thread 2.0)

No. 781586

The thread pic reminds me of Clerks

No. 781589

What the fuck is Clerks? Elaborate you stupid faggot.

No. 781590

NTA but you literally smell like shit and look like turds. Please kill yourself.

No. 781593

Imagining being this much of an uncultured bitch that you don't even know an iconic indie 90's cult classic. Kys

No. 781594

Imagine being a fatty with no dad

No. 781595

Why don’t you wash the shit out of your nostrils then? Probably because you can’t bear the pungent stench of failure that wafts from your worthless sham of a life.
If I do kill myself then it will be the only thing you’ve ever achieved other than watch your shitty movies and pop Xanax in your mums garage while some peasant scrote sobs uncontrollably outside. Kys.

No. 781600

Oh fuck off, I was on your side until you brought Xanax anon into this. You WISH you could be half as cool as she is.

No. 781621

There's nothing "cool" about abusing drugs you junkie cunt.

No. 781630

File: 1618224059982.jpeg (165.06 KB, 750x638, 35A65370-3FE1-40D4-A92E-CC639F…)

Hmmm, I smell a filthy landlord. Are you going to fix my fucking pipes or what? I’m this close to shooting heroin just to get into a cushy rehab and it’s all your fucking fault asshole.

No. 781640

throws a glass in your face

No. 781655

I love this thread actually and I hope nobody makes it close, cause it is actually genious and helpful

No. 781657

all you anons posting in vent threads need to fucking COPE. always crying about the dumbest shit and usually things they themselves caused. you act like fucking children over nothing.


No. 781658

excuse me but hard working unfairly maligned mr. krabbs who provides jobs for the community would be the landlord, while useless dullard that leaches off others patrick would be the rentoid

No. 781663

A glass? A glass? A glass of what, retard?

No. 781667

Did you really have to call her a retard, you fucking retard? How about you learn some motherfucking manners for once? bitch.

No. 781671

What the fuck was I supposed to throw? A glass is A OBJECT, it doesn't need to be filled, you FAS whore.

No. 781683

It was a consensus that we wouldn’t talk shit about FAS bitches, you bitch! They didn’t want to be born like that, don’t be such a prick!

No. 781686

What thea fuck

No. 781688

*an object

No. 781689

Fuck you

No. 781690

British people are abysmally ugly and there’s no amount of meme magic (I should be killed for typing that) that will make people change their mind

No. 781694

You are tearing me apart. At school I was good at English (capital E because it's a Joke of a language). Yet I'm here making elementary school mistakes all because you are so toxic or whatever. I hope you lose sleep over this.

No. 781699

Tell us where you’re from then pussy’ole I’ll fackin glass u innit

No. 781700

Fuck all Murricans in this site.
I'm going to steals your vaccine and peg your dad!

No. 781711

It's spelled "genius" you absolute fucking retard

No. 781725

Not everyone on this site a fatmerican or a crooked-teeth fuggo you snotty anglo

No. 781728

if you are American you have a cheek saying this, you obese, ugly, retarded, gun shooting, McDonald munching faggot, cousin marrying sweet home Alabama living cunt face on white bread

No. 781730

File: 1618233425192.jpeg (126.35 KB, 1242x764, F6A44AC9-2323-49AA-8CDA-5AC0B3…)

>tfw the ameritards and britshits start a fight

No. 781732

what shithole country are you from then anon?

No. 781733

Y'all if you're ugly it's not cause of the longitude and latitude of your shitty birth, it's your family. You got uggo family.

No. 781734

File: 1618233677845.jpeg (34.81 KB, 275x265, 98F62305-DD3B-4A57-8F68-0A7560…)

Hopefully one we have invaded in the past so they seethe about muh colonisers bwaaAaah. You all deserve it for hoarding all the delicious tea.

No. 781735


No. 781738

Are they still arguing about pegging and prostrates in the vent thread? What a bunch of fucking retards.

No. 781739

it's the unpopular opinion thread, can't you read?

No. 781740

File: 1618233976946.jpg (16.09 KB, 234x285, 41556698.jpg)

It is very likely fellow britanon, I hope you have wonderful day.

No. 781743

>not knowing how to spell prostate
fucking git gud

No. 781744

aaand here's the grammar nazi, took you long to appear. does it make you feel oh so superior to correct anons on how to properly talk like a faggot

No. 781745

kekeke it’s a spelling nazi not a grammar nazi, you fool

No. 781747

File: 1618234616690.jpg (488.95 KB, 1502x2219, fad886b47cdbb5d8d09ddaedf52d4a…)

Sick and tired of verbal fighting. Who wants to fight directly with arrows, I have a powerful ally with me, together we will be unstoppable.

No. 781750

your husbando is shit

No. 781751

Glad we've agreed it's a stupid Nazi in any case

No. 781755

File: 1618234929387.jpeg (211.96 KB, 1200x1200, B9BF2560-35CB-47FA-8001-95776B…)

You’re just salty because latam has a superior weather and other shit. Have fun staying crusty with your annoying ass winters and fucked up summers!

No. 781756

>does it make you feel oh so superior

No. 781757

Shut the fuck up, your waifu and your oneitis hates you.

No. 781758

File: 1618235009540.jpg (2.8 MB, 2412x4000, d74r4qn-3b768c09-b639-4f57-a3f…)

the fuck did you say?

No. 781759

Anglos do not matter and I'm sick of pretending they do.

No. 781760

bitch he looks 10

No. 781761

File: 1618235104973.jpeg (82.54 KB, 615x786, 00CE2F8C-2DC6-4A87-87E0-B1A9B3…)

I fingered your dad and he loved it
Cheeers dahlin! Good luck with Brexshit, hope it doesn’t arse fuck you too hard.

No. 781763

Pls tell us where you’re from nonny, so we have more shitty countries to laugh at and bully ITT.

No. 781764

I'm trans

No. 781768

3/4’s of you are abysmal average IQ BPDfags. Your lives suck because you perpetuate your misery through bad choices and self-destructive decisions. Also what kind of a retard larper lies on the Internet? Do you lie to your tulpa too? Get therapy

The other 1/4 of you are based autist anonitas and I wish YOU a blessed day

No. 781769

You think you sound like some ubermensch, but you sound like someone whose biggest accomplishment in life is getting second place in spelling bee

No. 781772

File: 1618235454152.jpeg (81.75 KB, 556x1344, DB881AE2-85FB-4B0A-805E-DCFE0E…)

Here you go nonny you’ll need it for those bastard little hell beasts you have to put up with everyday. Have fun being hunted to extinction by stray dogs, also.

No. 781773

File: 1618235467991.jpeg (229.94 KB, 1242x1242, AF33396A-2A3C-4ADE-B8BE-3AE54E…)

No. 781784

you will never be a human being worthy of respect

No. 781788

File: 1618236192835.jpg (282.62 KB, 935x900, bjppddfbpjz.jpg)

chin chin mother fucker

No. 781802

File: 1618237050429.jpeg (49.16 KB, 500x426, CE11F02A-595A-4DF9-8A54-4E3298…)

do better

No. 781803

File: 1618237112083.jpeg (20.33 KB, 480x480, 7D73E4C5-D100-4292-8ED8-2170EF…)

Geez thanks, have this thought, you might not want to get burnt standing too close to the windows.

No. 781806

KEK I’m glad you came back, I was starting to feel guilty like I was too harsh or st.

No. 781809

It’s okay, nonnie, tbh, it took me a while to find a good comeback that included a product.

No. 781810

unironically have this, am britfag

No. 781812

Ot, but is it good? I might honestly buy it, my skin is really sensitive.

No. 781817

A really ugly male posted his face stark-white covered in this sunscreen and moaned that, "It doesn't blend!!1" and when I suggested perhaps rubbing it in for longer than 1 second and not using 1/2c at a time like 5 people jumped on me and explained sunscreen application to me like I'm 6y/o and that he used "the full tsp". Nah he looks like he has clown makeup on this sunscreen works fine if you apply it like a normal human being and not a braindead stupid man that thinks he is being funny being deliberately obtuse. Fucking retards

No. 781820

it’s chewsday innit

No. 781821

it is Monday retard

No. 781826

File: 1618238026655.jpeg (27.2 KB, 224x320, FAF582E9-CE08-4ED2-A928-30EF54…)

No it’s Monday u stupid slut

No. 781831

I love it. Doesn't sting, sits nicely under makeup, no oily feeling. I think it works but I always wonder how you're supposed to tell lol. Anyway I didn't get burnt and stayed very white last summer.

No. 781832

Rattle rattle goes the bones.

No. 781835

Why the fuck did you expect a male to behave as a human being? They're all subhuman.

No. 781837

absolute briish cope

No. 781845

Georgie Porgie eats pudding and pies
Tits on the table she seethes and cries
When the farmers came out to play
Georgie Porgie sperged away

No. 781854

Fuck that shit my skins overly sensitive and the only thing that's worked so far is centella green level unscented sunscreen in 50spf.

No. 781865

Actually Georgie Porgie drops the pudding and pies into her ugg boots because she is the best little ana in the world and totally not 400lbs looking in candid photos

No. 781870

I legit wanna go Timothy Leary on you bitches and feed you acid until you love and peace the shit out of each other.

No. 781874

you're all fucking weak for not being able to resist the urge to quarrel with fuckin nons online. i love the fucking thread picture unlike you cock-suckers.

No. 781882

FINALLY. stop setting society and women back with crystal healing and astrology, you retarded cunts. learn a skill with observable results and stop asking me what my birthday is immediately after we're introduced, or kill yourself. either one is fine.

No. 781883

xanax isn't very fun, i think uppers are better. adderall or coke are pretty great

No. 781884

ew gemini energy

No. 781889

File: 1618241353512.jpeg (765.5 KB, 1860x2048, 9C3D42C6-C627-4B4D-BBDC-445F93…)

Fight me, Leo hoe.

No. 781897

Maybe I want to know your birthday to gift you some vagisil for your sandy cunt.

No. 781918

I love you
oh but this is the infight thread uhhh ur fat.

No. 781919

I'm a gemini and I've seen gemini men and women believe in astrology so much. Anyways geminis best sign ever

No. 781921

I haven't had this much fun inside a thread before, luv it xoxo

No. 781922

Which one of your personalities said that?

No. 781923

I HATE to say this but you're actually right even if I read tarot for free lmao

No. 781931

i am tho, it's fine.

No. 781932

how you gonna fight me when you're dying of measles you 3-belly-rolled, baby-bangs-having, septum-pierced fake bisexual tumblr stinkhog? maybe you can use your reiki powers to punch me from thousands of kilometres away

No. 781934

Ikr? They always fucking stink up the damn with their annoying ass boyfriend stories or tragic family shit that no one cares about like go play a tiny violin between your buttcheeks and gtfo. Even the suicide-chans are more interesting than them I love you struggling depressedfags

No. 781935

Who would of thought that the second Revolutionary war would be fought on LC ground?

No. 781937

thought I’d be banned for making it but I’m so happy with how it turned out

No. 781949

Both of them know the FACTS and love themselves so it doesn't matter

No. 781951

the anons venting about their boyfriends are the worst none cares about you or your nigel.

No. 781965

they reek of underage, too. everyone has relationships, you're not special, if he sucks break up with him

No. 781980

based fat anti-astrology anon. I'm failing at this thread because I appreciate all of you… you meanies

No. 781981

Living doesn't matter and life sucks but also FUCK antinatalist chans! Go and get that unassisted euthanasia, doomer bitch.

No. 781982

File: 1618247693272.png (377.91 KB, 321x509, rije62oh2gi31.png)

This is what most people on LC complaining about another group are

No. 781983

I'm the Queen of lolcow

No. 781984

Is your husband dead and you only want sex?

No. 781985

No. 781986

No. 781988

super based they are creepy as fuck with their hatred

No. 781991

File: 1618248269216.jpeg (508.64 KB, 1242x1242, 7A7BE3F0-10F8-4169-B451-B60AA1…)

You better feel the punch, hoe!

No. 781992

go say it to her face and take the ban or shut up pussy

No. 781999

i'm also ugly

No. 782000

Fuck antinatalist fags
“The world and existence is nothing but pain and suffering, everything, including animals are better off dead and the human race brings nothing but destruction. Mass deaths are a good thing. What…kill myself? Me? But then…humanity wouldn’t get to hear my wisdom about how I think they should all die! I’m just far too fuckin valuable. Why don’t you kill yourself?”
Send them all to the gulag honestly.

No. 782002

>wanting to decrease the environmental toil from overpopulation and overall suffering
Breeders sure have below average IQ, innit?

No. 782003

Stop the self deprecation or I'll slap you.

No. 782006

File: 1618249271312.jpg (269.26 KB, 2033x1424, 1385095.jpg)

Please face the wall ma'am

No. 782007

Yes let’s decrease the population. You can go first, since it’s your idea. Or are you just here spread your wisdom to the ignorant masses about how breeding is wrong? Do you think you’re Christ or something? If there’s too many people in the world and you don’t like it, then FUCKING ROPE! Otherwise I’m just going to assume you’re a COWARD!!!!!

No. 782008

File: 1618249481260.jpg (52.26 KB, 1280x720, best_monke.jpg)

You may kill me but you'll never kill MY IDEALS!

No. 782010

Going an hero would cause suffering retarded, not breeding is the absence of action so it won't contribute to it low IQ-chan

No. 782011

File: 1618249813080.gif (285.92 KB, 450x300, 1_500.gif)

>not starting a death cult
Kinda cringe

No. 782013

I can’t wait to get impregnated several times consecutively just to spite you. You’ll never stop my naughty, slutty little womb from harbouring and birthing new life. Seethe.

No. 782021

that’s hot

No. 782023

File: 1618250369092.png (1.12 MB, 546x738, adamorphs.PNG)

I can't believe this site has so many driverfags. THIS?? THIS IS WHAT YOU LIKE??? THIS THING????

No. 782024

nta but raising a herd of kids as a woman sounds like a curse rather than a reward, best of luck to you

No. 782028

File: 1618250490454.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 116.29 KB, 768x1024, B7351AC1-EDC9-4FC7-9E8F-A53EA3…)

Fucking degeneracy(autism)

No. 782029

barefoot and pregnant to own one anon, I think it's worth it

No. 782030

File: 1618250661053.jpeg (144.62 KB, 1030x1029, 5CC1555F-CB8D-45A7-9C8F-53E1E2…)



No. 782033

File: 1618250750489.jpg (203.9 KB, 1600x1139, ainot.jpg)

no need to go barefoot, have some slippers you'll catch a cold

No. 782034

I bet you are projecting, you are probably an ugly tranny yourself

No. 782037

Anti-pregnancy anon is angry people want to have fulfilling families instead of wanting to die so there will be less people buying a PS5 so they can have one and be “one of teh boys”

No. 782038

Ah a relic, also spoiler that shit you retard

No. 782039

Seethe and cope more, it only makes my passion stronger

No. 782041

anti pregnancy anon is probably a troon

No. 782042

File: 1618250887020.jpg (778.55 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-12-20-02-39…)

Shes not you scum

No. 782044

File: 1618250952167.jpeg (19.86 KB, 194x190, 9F48AFFE-CA30-48D9-8A12-B399C0…)

No. 782045

oh no, d-don't slap me anon-senpai, p-lease! UwU

No. 782047

No, stare into the gaping void

No. 782048

Keep coping bitch I bet you’re not even as ugly as a tranny you’re worse

No. 782049

Nice photoshop, "S". I can see the Y chromosome in the lower left picture.

No. 782050

File: 1618251128938.gif (815.71 KB, 220x239, CA90B542-4755-41EE-A973-6F5AAD…)

Cope and seethe with your dildos biatch, she will never notice you at her concerts where she dances like a wanker


jessica, calm down and sip your breakfast wine


No. 782055

you type like you are sincerely retarded, I bet you are actually a troon, did you write this coming around from your gender reassignment surgery you tranny bitch

No. 782057

Just adopt you egoistic bitch.

No. 782059

I wish, if I was I could at least have the power to cancel people and would be taken serious lmao

No. 782062

BECAUSE it's true. You are tranny.

No. 782063


No. 782064

File: 1618251515633.gif (993.47 KB, 220x124, E4A210E7-E041-485E-ADBA-A3EC67…)

Die on her flat ass why don’t you

No. 782065

why are you so suspiciously obsessed with dua peep, calling her a tranny doesn't make you less of one

No. 782066

File: 1618251684819.gif (300.87 KB, 220x212, AFC6196D-1EB1-4E78-91AE-B89727…)

Woohoo, look at her do absolutely nothing on stage, absolute queen

No. 782068

I don't know why I even feel the need to defend her as I am not really a fan, but this was years ago and she has improved loads and has a good stage presence from what I have seen. also she doesn't even look like a tranny, she looks kinda like James Charles in some pics. you are nothing more than a retarded sperg kek.

No. 782070

Because Dua passes why better than him

No. 782076

File: 1618252467677.jpeg (26.03 KB, 429x417, F547DB5E-2884-484D-AB45-C25338…)

Ruined the fun you stupid PULL faggot.

No. 782078

y'all niggas retarded

No. 782084

File: 1618253145185.jpg (284.39 KB, 981x1564, IMG_20210412_204130.jpg)

Fucking idiots, lady gaga is the real tranny she's a complete degenerate and even turned into a man for a music song
I bet she has a penis

No. 782090

i'm 30, bitch. and it's the fucking VENT thread. you don't get to gatekeep what other anons vent about.

No. 782091

I don't want to see Tuberculosis Chevrolet in any more movies

No. 782092

Fuck masks and fuck sheeple

No. 782094

No wonder why she's working with this motherfucker then >>782023

No. 782099

Most of the hate transwomen get is because white transwomen are obnxious

No. 782100

I literally can't reply to this without getting reported for racebaiting

No. 782101

those cats are cute though

No. 782102

Trans identified males of all races are horrible, obnoxious and deviant. That Indian Alok is the one who said “little girls are kinky” you stupid ignorant Twitter tankie

No. 782112

File: 1618255277891.jpeg (87.18 KB, 640x794, EMjQWdQXkAAjFWR.jpeg)

No. 782117

Idk why they're booing you, this is a quality meme.

No. 782119

would like to think driverfags can laugh at themselves too

what if OP of the meme IS a driverfag

No. 782134

I am a driverfag and I posted this meme originally in his thread
Bitch just fucking stole it to get some points with the AD haters crowd and the mods

No. 782141

How's it feel to stan discount Keanu Reeves?

No. 782143

imagine being a retard that uses a cute driverfag meme to shit on AD

No. 782147

Imagine stanning an actor so shitty he can barely enunciate his words and is just relevant due to memedom

oh no I feel bad

No. 782149

No. 782153

File: 1618257978942.jpg (38.94 KB, 600x600, 6356856865.jpg)

Anon you don't need to be a Reeves stan to know that Driver looks like his fugly twin brother. Keep seething.

No. 782154

Transwomen are coomer men, so of course, they exist to be hated by normal people.

No. 782177

Cope harder because someone as ugly as AD has more talent and money and awards than the washed up shitty cyberpunk guy.
Or you for that matter, although I don't think it's possible for anyone to be as ugly as your stank ass

No. 782178

File: 1618259506982.gif (158.91 KB, 220x221, 1857FFDA-42A2-430E-8391-4B0A57…)

Perfect deterrent for antinatalist spergs

No. 782185

>taking an attack on your hideous celebrity bf THIS personally
KEK now I know why the mods forced you into your little containment thread.

No. 782190

mods gave us a thread cause whiny piss babies like you couldn't stand us having fun. seethe some more

No. 782191

oh driverfags, at least you have each other!

No. 782195

Unlike the lonely, sad, depressed hoes like you

No. 782197

true, but I don't feel the need to insult them, too busy trashing on Harry Styles, Timmy Chalamet, and the other popular dudes at the moment

No. 782201

Hey anon? Fuck you.

No. 782205

I knew the schizos were going to come here flocking to shizopost anytime when this thread got created

No. 782210

driverfags go back to your own little thread and sperg there

No. 782212

She's just some rich bitch that was on mtvs boiling point before she was lady gaga. Shout out to the real ones that first saw her on mtvs The Hills

No. 782217

>your hideous celebrity bf
Thanks for manifesting this for me schizo chan xoxo

No. 782222

boring bait loser you couldn't think of anything better? or maybe too autistic to contribute to more interesting fights

No. 782227

i need to be shamed and berated for dming the guy who plays the coach on a popular cw series

No. 782230

ah, the mark of the pussy-ass bitch. break up with him u baby

No. 782238

OP why did you make this thread when meta already exists

No. 782247

File: 1618263579780.jpeg (247.33 KB, 1242x1242, DAC4E05A-CA95-440E-B2F8-92546D…)

Look at this fucking idiot texting some retard into some boring ass bullshit nobody cares about but his autistic ass.

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