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File: 1616323877562.jpg (311.28 KB, 1080x1580, 1615850600369.jpg)

No. 766227

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit

-Fandom Discourse!



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread >>746147

No. 766236

Why is that nobody the OP picture? seems like unnecesary advertisement for her shit channel

No. 766251

Agreed, not to mention it seriously is a no-issue, OP is a vendetta chan. I'd prefer someone made a better thread and this is forgotten as it deserves

No. 766253


it was just a picture i found in the thread. and thought it was funny the contrast between the two vids.
i was worried about time since nobody was making a thread and i wanted to link it in the last thread before it locked so i just wanted to find something quickly. sorry anons

No. 766634

It is a funny contrast. Nobody coming to this thread is going to take it as an “advertisement”. Why on earth would anyone posting here go out of their way to find this person’s channel. Who gives a shit

No. 766636

make the thread next time if you're going to complain about the img

No. 766722

the person posted only has 1k views on a video, they're probably a friend of the op lmao

No. 766874


it was in the last thread, so their views are irrelevant. someone who browsed the last thread would have seen it

No. 766972

File: 1616401021991.png (87.78 KB, 1101x553, Screenshot 2021-03-21 223858.p…)

Anyone know what happened to jez
the artist who is obsessed with her persona OTP akiham went hiatus because of some drama I missed on. she stopped linking to her main twitter which I couldn't find anymore for some reason.

No. 767010

File: 1616408949045.jpg (105.97 KB, 750x1334, 163222124_3351704778264897_401…)

Sometimes I genuinely wonder what goes through the heads of popular Insta artists. These people have ten- to hundred-thousands of followers and at least ten-thousand likes per post, and still somehow complain about how their posts flop and how nobody likes their art and that the Insta algorithm hates “small artists” like them. What do these people consider to be a successful post if 10-30k likes is a flop? Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 767032

I wonder too, because she is my fave persona artist for many years!!

She explained that she got tired of fandom dramas (and some other ones) and wants to start focusing on drawing her OCs.

She also moved to a different twitter account a month ago or so, and started posting only her OCs art.

No. 767082

File: 1616417084976.jpg (356.32 KB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_20210322_204118.jpg)

The only posts I've seen that is considered a "flop" is the one with the 10k likes. But that doesn't matter since the next few posts had about 20k or 30k. That's a really petty thing to complain about

Also, pic not related to the point but it's from the same artist

No. 767085

Social media was a mistake. There’s just lots of artists getting burnt out because they want to be at 1M followers or some shit, I don’t know how does it even work on Instagram, like, do they get paid for each post or something when they reach an absurd number of followers and likes per post? Because if all you get is the likes of people that are basically on a liking spree, not paying attention to what they’re liking/following, then I don’t get the appeal.
I mean, I think the idea of Instagram is that you can post your virtual catalog and then get serious buyers and shit, right?

No. 767117

Constant whining and guilt-tripping is something that makes me unfollow someone. Some artists are so entitled they think every doodle they make deserves endless applause.

No. 767132

Can I ask who this artist is? I'm genuinely curious if their attitude is so bizarre about likes and followers

No. 767229

File: 1616432751750.png (567.51 KB, 968x1526, 1616432401182.png)

Moonvika_svet, but it's not like she's the only Instagram artist who does this. Still, for the amount of likes she has per post and how much she complains about being fucked over by the algorithm, it just reads as being entitled to me kek. Picrel from her story a few months back.

No. 767242

Christ, I'm so glad I left Instagram, and I probably won't be coming back. It's this mentality that I do not miss that this particular platform breeds. It's never enough to just be an artist, you have to be a "big artist". It messes so many people up, especially if you're learning the fundamentals.
But yeah, IG people make money off of the way they advertise their work, or brand deals. It isn't like it's instantly lucrative or anything. And lately they've been asking too much to even have a shot at being seen/unburied. I figure I'm not getting paid to bend over backwards for IG's algorithm so I'm not going to bother.
Even just scrolling thru IG is a mental chore. It's sad seeing artists get caught up in numbers that don't matter or quitting altogether because no one saw their work.

No. 767245

I'm not saying the instagram algorithm doesn't suck because it does, but the complete refusal to do any self-reflection is what gets me. People always blame the algorithm for every single thing instead of questioning if it's maybe their art that just doesn't do well. And don't complain about it to your followers because they are the ones supporting you?

No. 767247

I'm starting to worry about artists like this. I used to think they were just silly and lazy attention whores, but now I think that social media has created a mess on par with a drug addiction. Because I know they'll never be happy if they hit 1M, they'll be eyeing 5M or 10M next. They're fixated on that dopamine rush they hope their shitty doodles will net them. They feel no real reward, and no joy in the process of creation. By prioritizing likes, they've dug themselves into a lie.

Nope; in fact, you can get an actual shoppable catalogue by switching your IG account to business and going through the (convoluted) steps to make your posts shoppable. I highly doubt these people have stopped fishing for likes long enough to even do that. Even so, if you want to make money as an artists, there's better ways than begging on IG.

No. 767256

You nailed it about the process of creation-
I think artists (of any skill level, honestly) should go through an incubation period where the goal isn't social media recognition, but to get back in touch with what they like about making art, not what they think their audience will like that will give them 20k likes. It's so retarded the way the brain re-wires to prioritize different shit just because a bunch of people randomly clicked a heart on your post

Remember when IG said they took away visible likes to "help with mental health"? Nothing has changed it's all bullshit.

No. 767278

With that kind of art they're getting way more attention than what their art's actually worth.
Why is it always the mediocre artists complaining about the algorithm? I don't remember the last time I saw a proper and skilled artist whine and bitch about it.

No. 767303

File: 1616439739709.jpg (597.71 KB, 1080x1693, Imgg.jpg)

Also lmao that artist has the most boring, uninspired basic ig style. What do they think they should be getting all the likes and attention for. It's always the artists that are already way overrated that cant get enough

No. 767353

I remember that and the outburst it caused. Taking incubation periods is so rewarding. They should back and realize a world where relevancy can last for less than five seconds (as opposed to that 15 minutes of fame) isn't a world worth presenting their art in. There's always been much more to art than IG. Social media cheapens the experience.

No. 767446

File: 1616452116051.jpg (99.44 KB, 900x900, 149404996_1286892858350511_191…)

It's popular because it's easy to consume. Her OC doodles don't require any prior commitment to her world and characters to be enjoyed. It's the visual equivalent of junk food. Say what you want about Lavendertowne but at least her art is genuinely creative and original, not just some botched, poorly referenced Pinterest fashion aesthetics.

Also what the fuck is going on in this image lol

No. 767500

File: 1616457008985.jpg (32.03 KB, 718x171, joke.JPG)

the difficult life of a coomer

No. 767516

Skip to 6:45, TwistedDisaster defends Game Grumps in the most subtle way possible

Michie why are you throwing yourself under the bus like this for a hairy disgusting man baby you don't even know

No. 767646

what's the tea on gamegrumps? i unfollowed them recently after following them since the very beginning of their channel. arin is a great example of someone who managed to turn his art and entertainment into soulless "content" made exclusively to feed an algorithm. feel like a lot of internet artists who only value popularity online end up this way

No. 767673

"real passion for ~erotica~" oh shut the hell up,doesnt this dude draw hyper futa shit? "Erotica"my ass

No. 767676

Allegations, which were already proven false, about Danny 'grooming minors' when what actually happened was as 17 yr old fan contacted him, he said 'We won't talk until you're legal'. She turned 18 a week later, so when she was legal, they talked. 4 years later, when she was 22, they fucked, and now because they are no longer talking, all this is resurfacing.

At most he could have abused his power, but the whole 'he is a groomer and a pedo' is not accurate. She was legal and consented, not her fault he hooked up with a guy that uses groupies for sex.

No. 767714

Sorry if this sounds retarded or makes me sound retarded, but how does one go about such an incubation period? I’m getting to the point where I desperately need to resented myself and what makes me create/why I create art, but I’m not sure how to go about reinvigorating that passion I once had. I’ve been drawing for an audience and likes now for a long while, perhaps out of burn out and not really knowing what else to draw (not having the skill to do what I truly want in my head). What are the solutions?

No. 767741

lmaoing at those hands

No. 767779

A social media detox may benefit you, first off. There are places that exist outside of those platforms that you can utilize as a a resource for inspiration, studies, etc. Do other things that interest you that aren't art so that it feeds your art. That all sounds vague but I hope that helps.

No. 767784

Nonnies what are the canvas sizes you use? i'm interested in making more digital art (since rn i'm a bit broke and can't afford more paints rip)but have no idea what's the standard. i either make it too small and the details end up lost, or make it too big (5000 px+) for what essentially is a shitty doodle.

No. 767795

Personally I always draw small-ish, around 1000px or less. I don't know why I can't get myself to make big drawings, even when I start with a big canvas I zoom the fuck in and end up drawing tiny.

No. 767799

Make a finished piece or something good, and then not post it anywhere at all. You can always post it later when you go back to social media, but resisting the urge to post art immediately for validation online might help you to learn how to draw for yourself and not for others/likes. It's also easier to do this than "think of what you want to draw instead of what you think others what to see you draw!"

I use A4/A5 standard with 300dpi so if it goes well I can make them into prints for sale and if it doesn't it doesn't take up too much space anyway

No. 767826


So I got this idea off a YouTube artist actually, about having a personal sketchbook for your eyes only. It's not for posting or sharing, it's just for yourself. This used to be a lot easier to do before the advent of sharing every little thing over the internet but that could be a piece of advice you could follow.

No. 767853

I usually start out small (1000px) for the sketch and then size it up to much bigger (3000-5000px), but I use a lot of textured brushes and paint characters in landscapes. For more normal stuff 2000px should be fine

No. 767879

I love their liberal use of erotica and "pinups." I think it stops being a pinup when you've got something with hyper balloon tits and an oil tanker dick.

No. 767905

came here to see if anyone posted about the knuckles edit trending but then realized the person who edited the art put "autistic trans woman" in their profile. probably not worth the attention tbh

No. 767948

File: 1616524620116.png (74.41 KB, 496x485, TimhvC0_rLDg34AbLk8iwxorP1OSNL…)

we live in a special kind of hell

No. 767960

Lmaoing at how the head of the guy on the right is larger than the other guy’s head

No. 767967

I like that idea a lot. I might have to try it myself.

No. 767972

File: 1616526562237.png (846.72 KB, 1276x918, 4857347593636.PNG)

Current happening, some autistic trannsfolx took a japanese guy's art and recoloured Knuckles black. Getting shit for it.

No. 767974

File: 1616526777342.png (569.29 KB, 1276x1528, 34589340583598346836.png)

Some more responses. Bit surprised they are mostly against it.

The twitter


No. 767975

File: 1616526933743.png (340.88 KB, 721x510, 9869839563.PNG)

lmao someone blackwashed her own art

No. 767978

god, finally someone calling a retard out. happy to see it.
inb4 this tranny will play 'IM AUTISTIC' card

No. 767984

File: 1616527256527.jpeg (458.02 KB, 750x1099, B1DD4E1E-E9C3-465A-8035-08290D…)

Kek here’s her “apology”

No. 767986

File: 1616527460486.jpg (14.48 KB, 358x245, R93939.jpg)

Holy shit anon. Top kek

No. 767987

how can you objectively be this dumb? Sonic characters are brightly colored animals. Do you risk being cancelled for not following a fan-canon now?

No. 767994

This guy is as dumb as Erin's wk from her thread

No. 768000

It's no wonder Japanese artists are blocking westernfags in droves. I would nuke my entire existence if I got harassed by people who openly put "I'm an autistic trans woman" on their tweets trying to wokefy my art.

Kek you just know he's seething hard over this.

No. 768001

>>767984 Whitewashing?! He's a red talking animal!

No. 768002

I use 11 by 8.5in at 300dpi to start and adjust as needed. In Photoshop, that's 3300 x 2550 px. Makes it easier if you're working with printing in mind.

No. 768012

File: 1616530603450.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2048x2560, E2224D04-A0EF-4395-AB7D-7761F3…)

Lmao it got worse.. just admit you're a racist pretending to be woke and go

No. 768036

File: 1616532753970.png (806.16 KB, 532x1102, unknown-13.png)


Funny how joulejay is against the edits when they edited fanart all the time on tumblr

No. 768041

What's the difference?

No. 768059

Jesus holy shit lmfao, this guy just keeps on digging his own grave deeper.
>Let me reveal all the situations I've been a piece of shit to black people once I've been accused of being a virtue signaling cracker, that'll work out!

No. 768074

does one day pass where this cunt doesn't get themselves involved in some bullshit?

No. 768079

Honestly I'm so sick of seeing that group of people involved in every bit of drama I see on twitter

No. 768086

seeing wokes fuck up and get eaten alive by the very people whose validation and acceptance they desperately crave is my guilty pleasure

No. 768122

I used to run in these exact circles before I left because I got sick how obsessive my friends got over stupid fiction.

Before I left though, the shit they feared was crazy. Like they were very concerned about being cannibalized themselves, and would brown wash themselves to be more "accepted." But attack any white woman that draws poc little bit too much. It's a literal cult lmao.

No. 768158

Someone needs to sit this person down and explain to them how the human eye and brain adjust to different light environments.

No. 768169

File: 1616545251206.jpeg (886.98 KB, 1125x1753, 3304DF63-D9D0-45B6-B173-9AF0E2…)

>my ex gave me no reason for breaking up with me
>literally same sentence, “he said he used me”

Honestly starting to love to watch this dumpster fire get worse lol

No. 768180

>firstly, i once tried policing @cum_binary's use of the term fag

this is a real life sentence i had to read with my own two eyes in this year of the lord 2021 ad

No. 768311

Why do they use twitter as their diary, she said herself in her gofundme that she goes to therapy. What is the point of oversharing, she just got her 30k dog funded too, will the pity party ever stop?

No. 768333

sounds like this was her first boyfriend?? this is the kinda shit you say about the shitty boy you gave your virginity to. honestly i do feel bad for her because men ain't shit, but she needs to go to therapy not tweet publicly about this. this is a really immature way to cope, and looks really unprofessional coming from her art account

No. 768368

A therapist won't throw her a pity party though.

No. 768389

File: 1616575055758.jpg (416.36 KB, 1080x1469, 20210324_093441.jpg)

Do you guys know kenia boko? Her painting style is on a really high level….but her subjects look even more braindead than usual instagram artists.
Its so weird to look at her girl, its like they already gave up on life when they were toddlers

No. 768390

File: 1616575090239.jpg (607.49 KB, 1080x1470, 20210324_093500.jpg)

Same anon, one more pic

No. 768418

>Remember when IG said they took away visible likes to "help with mental health"?
This is only available in some countries, I do think if they removed likes worldwide it would help.

No. 768496

Going to take a step further and say that Knuckles became the “stupid” archetype canonically throughout the sonic series, so saying that he’s “black-coded” makes me absolutely livid but want to lol. These people think loud, stupid, aggressive, clueless, big and hulking characters that don’t have a human skin color are automatically black, holy shit.

No. 768512

fucking kek. I love when 'whitewashing' drama gets started by a white person and black artists try to act like they never do this exact shit all the time

No. 768532

i literally have never seen a black sonic fan do this, wtf are you on about?

No. 768536

not to sperg kek but knuckles didnt become stupid until later on in the franchise. he started out as a isolated gullible islander. theyre saying hes black coded because his character motif was based off the jamaican flag and he was originally going to have a jamaican accent. sonic himself is based off of bill clinton and michael jackson so the creators basing the characters off of popular american/western culture is a common theme. its irrelevant now but…

No. 768556

what's sad (in a hilarious sort of way) is that the OG artist reblogged that Sep post addressing Japanese artists

Which basically means that even though it was made by a westerner, it in some way resonates with at least some japanese speaking people (which basically means… not entirely false from their perspective) and what's even more sad is that pearl matches the bingo of people that post said to avoid.

No. 768587

>theyre saying hes black coded because his character motif was based off the jamaican flag and he was originally going to have a jamaican accent
This isn't even true, the source for this is some unofficial game guide from the 00's.
Knuckles is very explicitly based off Mayan culture, it's delved in to heavily in the first Sonic Adventure where the development team traveled to South America for inspiration. Hell, the only other Echidna character in the series is a ghost girl named Tikal, named after a ruin from Guatemala, which is also what the central ruin in the area of the game where Knuckles' ancestors lived is based on.
Ultimately I agree with your point either way so it wouldn't matter regardless, I've just seen so many people parrot the black coding thing and while I don't think it's a bad interpretation, it's just that, an interpretation. To insist it's canon because it's "coded" is really racist for the reasons >>768496 said.

No. 768589

So Knuckles is probably more likely to be a native mesoamerican? Black ppl can’t ever let us Latinos have shit lmao

No. 768595

If we're going to start talking about coding and assigning non human characters ethnicities then yeah he is native mesoamerican if anything. It's really bullshit that wokelets will disregard an entire character's backstory and history because it doesn't align with the headcanon they want.

No. 768597

Not the worst I've seen from Sonic fandom but still lol

No. 768601

NTA but I think anon just mean in general, not specifically the sonic fans.
I think I've seen black people call out cookie run humanisations

No. 768603

Yeah they say a guy named Gabriel Reyes from Overwatch, who has Mexican mariachi Día de Los muertos skins is in fact African American. I hate life.

No. 768607

This person is pretty well known for calling out people for stupid bullshit and I'm glad she finally has to go through this. At this point she should just deactivate.

No. 768635

Literally only two ethnicities exist to blockhead Americans, white and black. Nothing in between, and everything that isn't specifically described as wonderbread middle class aryan blonde means "black". And even with black characters they're literally colorpicking the skin color to see if they're "black enough".

No. 768665

To be fair there are black latinos, just like there are white latinos and mixed latinos. But I do find it annoying when fans ignore a characters cultural background in favor of a “black” or “white” label and making that their whole personality.

No. 768672

File: 1616606701794.jpeg (218.57 KB, 1448x2048, ExL_U9rVEAAZ8B9.jpeg)

Raiko/megat0nraid/vanillasketches/averia farron /kristia seems to be back full force on tracing kek

No. 768693

anon said african american, not afro-latino. It's a very big cultural difference; twitter seems to push the idea that all black people worldwide are the sames, and there's often discourse between black americans and africans

No. 768697

Hey anon, what's her new twitter account? I really miss her art

No. 768744

Does anyone know what happened to this one persona artist, ubefish? They made that "Fix it for you atlus" of Kasumi's Phantom Thief outfit. I remember they had another name, but deleted it.

No. 768774

It's like a fucking addiction at this point, does she enjoy tracing official art that much?

That one girl acting furious over a gymnast character wearing a leotard and constantly saying that the p5 protagonist was her boyfriend? I hope she stays off the internet.

No. 768783


Girl Twitter isn't your diary stop. I used to do this all the fucking time and it's so embarrassing. People need to realize social media isn't a journal.

No. 768784

When I read that sentence I really reevaluated if I wanted to be on Twitter at all

No. 768796

What did she exactly trace? then again, im not surprised. I'm amazed how people still support her. Even after an account showed her tracing but her supporters just post that one video of her "drawing" haru and be like "lol u mad". When it was sus that it wasnt an screen recording. She didnt confess and just made a new account like nothing happened. god.
I actually liked her artwork, but i didnt know about that? or just a joke? wtf

No. 768814

She moved to Noctilin

No. 768826

File: 1616623116784.png (59.72 KB, 736x706, 4654654.png)

they are right tho
they don't even sound mean, but what do i know


No. 768830

File: 1616623960523.png (121.99 KB, 593x815, christonabiscuit.PNG)

I died of the cringe in this one.
We've all been there but come on it's getting to be a bit much. Take your 30k and GTFO.

No. 768835

Does her therapist suggest her to take social media break? I genuinely think she is not mentally stable to use social media right now.

No. 768847

File: 1616626419143.png (12.76 KB, 629x573, hmm.png)

Zoinks Scoob!
Also god damn it, I wouldn't be surprised if eastern accounts wouldn't be even more inclined to block western accounts now. So many cunts with no careers or talent trying to get some savior brownie points.
Reposted because typo

No. 768897

File: 1616633212740.jpg (42.1 KB, 640x480, 1565297769749.jpg)

holy shit look at her teen army chewing on that poster. Marie really do have her own personal army

No. 768900

File: 1616633526535.png (1.42 MB, 2064x1078, nessa.png)

another japanese artist being attacked for drawing nessa paler than intended; troons using it for free advertisement

No. 768901

File: 1616633549615.jpg (124.08 KB, 1124x1115, apology.jpg)


No. 768904

I think they should've been kinder to the artist instead of immediately getting angry. They didn't make her skin that way to be offensive (unlike what western "artists" did with Nessa and some other dark-skinned characters because they want attention), it was just that they weren't great at painting dark skin. I feel like that's the case with a lot of Japanese artists re: dark-skinned characters. I get the frustration because there aren't a lot of popular characters with dark skin, but not everyone is being malicious.

No. 768914

They're a watercolour artist, and to be fair it's harder to render dark skin nicely in watercolour. People will say "I paint dark skin all the time!" but honestly if you do it poorly it looks splotchy and bad and it's easy to overwork the area and then you end up with a piece where the character looks like crap.

Sure it's an excuse, and requires practice to do better. But the tweens on twitter will have an absolute shit fit if you ever mention that painting darker skin in watercolour is genuinely more difficult because of the medium.

No. 768930

ugh that art is so ugly

No. 768953

>Blames black people for this
>It's literally mostly white people and people who claim to be nbpoc running the majority of this bullshit to try and win the Wokelympics
Go deal with those white people who play the Latino card running these bullshit callouts and "fixes"

No. 768955

I've never laughed so hard in my life.

No. 769005

most of those guides on how to draw darker skin suck. they just darken all the highlights to the point where you can't see the lines and ruin the value system. then they pat themselves on the back for their weird racist caricature and lecture other artists. its possible to paint darker skin and have it look good but all the tumblr tween tuts on it are the opposite of how to do it.

No. 769037

I honestly dont believe there is such thing as a correct way to paint dark skin, unless you're trying to be specific about a certain type of ethnicity. Twatter will try and gossip behind your back no matter how correct it is. People are so high horse about drawing black people correctly, while other poc can give less shit about how your draw them (except when you draw them with an intentional caricature.) Don't see anyone correct black folks for drawing Asian or Latin folks.

No. 769052

There's certain elements you have to learn in terms of how light bounces off darker skin and how lighting affects it. That being said it's a learning process, just like any other thing. But for real, a LOT of the watercolour tutorials for dark skin are crap, and they make the skin look super splotchy and overworked and it's really sad, therefore I applaud artist who can do watercolours of darker skinned characters with ease. It's genuinely impressive!

But when people call an artist out and call them racist for not painting enough dark skin then it's not exactly encouraging them to learn, it's just getting off on being 'right'

No. 769055

You're assuming they've played the video games or that they even know the video games exist in the first place. And you're wrong.

No. 769094

Why do they act like fucking animals? That jpartist probably doesn't even speak English past elementary level and you got Twitter User @bimbomuslim ramming in to tweet "why is she white????" while shilling her own gofundme and another crazy fucker threatening to get them banned. Absolute fucking savages.

What? The best option would've been for them to shut the fuck up from the beginning. Out with this "They should've been kinder attacking him with their retarded American racial politics!". Maybe it's because I'm ESL and not American but I simply don't understand how you become autistic enough to feel entitled to confront someone for painting the skin color too pale.

Seriously, I feel bad for jpartists. This shit is so enraging, in order to post anything online you're supposed to educate yourself on Americentric history and societal rules in order to avoid being dogpiled on. Jesus, fuck all of this. I'm privileged enough to have learned English to the point I can understand and communicate but all of this godawful stupid melting pot racial tension I've had to learn by lurking drama boards, how do people expect some random jpartist to know psycho activits will hunt you down if you're not coloring Nessa's skin with a literal color chart in hand?

No. 769101

>What? The best option would've been for them to shut the fuck up from the beginning.
Nta, but something like, "Hey, isn't this character kind of light?" is a way better approach than attacking them for the drawing. I agree that Japanese people probably don't care about this kind of stuff, and it's bad to push American views on them. Nessa did have a lot of drama surrounding her skin color when she was revealed (afaik, I'm not into Pokemon so my knowledge is limited), so it makes sense why someone would wonder why an artist draws her pale.

No. 769102

What the fuck? If someone colored a red hair too pale compared to the reference picture would you go "Uhhh excuse me random Japanese person, isn't the hair… a bit too light????" or would that sound autistic as hell to you? It was a pale colored watercolor piece anyway which gives a lot of leeway for interpretation but dumbass bitches just had to get their gofundme e-beg scheme out there.

No. 769105

Samefag, but I also just wanted to add that the
>if you're not coloring Nessa's skin with a literal color chart in hand?
Is also kind of dumb cause a lot of artists do colorpick from the original artwork while drawing fanart.

No. 769137

The best thing to do in these situations is to ignore them. These 18yo teens are power tripping and insane. I finally got a taste of these cancellation kids and just went as normal. They kept @ing and subtweeting me for a day and then they moved onto their next target. They’re no different from trolls, they just want attention.

No. 769156

File: 1616667182981.png (441.15 KB, 621x931, index.png)

I'm not even American, but come the fuck on. The issue is obvious. Also, if you think any kind of concrit is an "attack", you shouldn't be on the internet.
In Nessa's case, non-JP people were doing it specifically to be racist. You almost sound like the kind of person who'd try to defend this shit, and then make another post complaining about people "blackwashing" characters.

No. 769165

File: 1616668112560.png (2.55 MB, 1788x2048, Screenshot_20210325-032537.png)

Does anyone have gossip about peachieflame? She starting to show up on my TL because she jumps into discourse. I thought she was black because of her art, but it turns out she's just spicy white. She does insist that shes native, but I have met one too many white girls claiming their nativehood because their great grandpa was native.

No. 769169

File: 1616668738302.png (36.72 KB, 606x285, peachie.PNG)

Idk who this is, but her twitter says she is Nuu Savi/Indigenous Mexican. There are definitely pale people of color out here, but I don't think it would be hard for them to tan if they wanted to which would explain the change in skin color.

No. 769173

Going up to someone to bitch about coloring a character's skincolor vaguely too light isn't "concrit" you idiot. And naturally calling the most cringeworthy, intentionally overblown "muslim headdress black vitiligo fat miku" that's obviously made for twitter clout badly done is excluded from "muh concrit" but is instead altright nazism. Race-obsessed Twitterfags can eat a dick, no exceptions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769176

>?ve done my own community involvement by drawing portraits of several elders now

No. 769186

>you're on my land get out
Oh my fucking god, I know she may be right but that sounds so autistic

No. 769187

Anon, I get your distaste for this individual, but hispanics (especially if they're mixed) can get white yet also can tan really easily. They're some white native chicks out there, but you're right for being suspicious of that kek

No. 769226

I literally said not to bitch. You're insane and arguing a complete strawman. Also, obviously no one likes whatever headcanon you've invented, I'm talking about the mongoloids who harassed a girl for drawing Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service with dark skin.
I'm glad to not be this easily triggered, please get help. You're even more insufferable than the SJWs you hate.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769231

>Vaguely too light
Were we looking at the same pic lmao

No. 769277

Telling the artist that they can't draw Nessa right as a proper dark skinned woman.
But has black Shinobu as pfp kewk

No. 769281

File: 1616684975670.jpg (178.1 KB, 965x1003, ExSyOsJXAAEtO8q.jpg)

A Sk8 the Infinity zine is asking people to take selfies with their IDs showing if they want to apply for the NSFW section.

No. 769296

Maybe I'm dumb as shit for this and I do think that it's too much for a zine, but is it really as unsafe and dangerous as people are making it out to be? (risk of getting doxxed, identity theft, etc) Like what could they actually do with an ID that only shows your picture and birth year? Genuinely asking.

No. 769304

I don't know about to you but to me even asking for a selfie is WAY too invasive. But revealing any kind of personal information to random people and letting them take copies of your ID is really not a good idea, consider you post your ID with selfie to these people, and you have at some point posted some kind of other information about yourself on another site… Doxxers can already get huge amount of data compiled from that and can be used to for various things.

Since this is a zine, they will also get your name since they're most likely using PayPal to pay you (this is a for-profit zine). So this is how they already get your name too.

Also what they're asking is actually illegal in many European countries.

No. 769336

If any minor gets caught lying about their ages and submitting NSFW to the zine it's the organizers who have to take the fall for "grooming minors" and whatever so it's somewhat understandable. You really can't be too careful in today's twitter climate.

No. 769340

privacy aside, I would almost be happy they check age except that if they did want to dox you who better to do it than infighting sjw shippers. that said they probably already get your name like >>769304 said from paypal. what does adding a photo and birth date make a difference though? that info isn't compromising and probably already on their account with selfies and bdays. so basically it's not a big deal

No. 769342

Yeah this is the thing. How else are they suppose to go about verifying people's ages? Is it invasive? sure but these ( >>769281 ) are the best options available for confirming people's ages. Kids lie about their ages over the internet all of the time so the organizers are just trying to avoid a possible shitstorm later down the road.

No. 769344

Who gives a shit about Twitter rage, I'd be way more concerned about my information security.

No. 769347

File: 1616690429456.jpg (178.78 KB, 1014x1200, ER0WAB9UEAAQx8g.jpg)

>Don't see anyone correct black folks for drawing Asian or Latin folks
you can just say men/women
Also, yes there is a way to paint black skin, it involves knowing how light and shade values work and how to apply color. Black and dark skin acts different to lighting than paler or white skin, and that's something quite frankly very beautiful. Twittter shitters just think using brown means it looks good but it isn't. They are never serious about art.

No. 769350

It’s just the ID with everything else blacked out, what will they do with your birthdate and a fugly picture of yourself? Create an ugly Facebook?

No. 769355

File: 1616690952371.jpg (35.2 KB, 1123x289, ExU8EBTVcAMAyZ0.jpg)

I don't know about kids these days, but back in my days it was common sense not to give your DOB to random people, especially not with your photo.

But it's true that people are getting dumber and trust too much. Doxxing has happened with way less information than that.

Mostly it does not make sense to require that in the first place since they already have a way to verify age: PayPal. Why do they need to see an OnlyFans account? It's more legit?

No. 769358

Sounds like you're just shit at watercolor not gonna lie. It's the exact same as painting any other skin, you just use different colors. It's not hard at all.

No. 769367

>>769347 That is actually a beautiful repaint. Who's the artist?

No. 769375

File: 1616692840486.png (3.5 MB, 1876x848, watercolor.png)

NTA Watercolor gets burnt more easily if you use darker colors resulting in a mess devoid of light and life. Watercolor has a different technique than other mediums. That said, practicing makes perfect and painting dark skin is obviously something worth practicing of course. I think that japanese artist just isn't used to it and she isn't as skilled. She mentioned she didn't intend it to look that way so I rather be understanding.

No. 769387

Okolo Oliver

No. 769388


Yeah that’s a better way of putting it than my snarky response. It is a different technique but mostly formulated in picking different colors when layering, using shadows, etc. more complex than I made it out to be. I think it depends on your original skin painting technique if it’s easier to adapt or not. Probably shouldn’t assume that because something was easier for me that someone else is shit.

No. 769390

Who are those artists btw? Gorgeous work

No. 769445

File: 1616700653547.jpg (155.66 KB, 1024x707, kirby brush.jpg)

What is your favorite sai brush ?

No. 769452


All of those are ugly brushes. Just go on Pinterest and look up sai brushes. You'll find a bunch there.

No. 769454


These are cute! I don't use SAI but the little doodles made with these are cute

No. 769461

these look way less appealing than those from the japanese artist

No. 769470

How? The people who drew those are clearly very technically skilled, and the pieces and women are beautiful. The Japanese artist and these artists >>769375 clearly have different styles and different appeals, but I don't think one is less appealing than the other

No. 769488

You're such a weeb

No. 769497

Anon, they’re trying very hard not to say that they just hate the depiction of black women and people anywhere, it ruins their day. Read the underlying tones lol

No. 769505

Those japanese artists are mostly just used to drawing light skin because that's 99% of the japanese population. Sure there's variation even within east asian people but they don't think about black or white people when they draw light skin. But some americans have to apply their black and white race politics to a very homogenous country that doesn't care about either

No. 769515

Yeah I bet if they were drawing a pale person it would have been literally white. It's just a popular style to make everything very light

No. 769516

I didn't say or think that anywhere. I just don't think the artwork looks better. Nice projection.

No. 769657

When did looking like this become acceptable? this looks like shit

No. 769658

>I don't like how real black women look, I only like how fictional black women look
ok weeb

No. 769670

File: 1616716631938.jpeg (105.49 KB, 750x573, 086D1DB2-29D4-4EEA-8C8C-B7AE63…)


started out as a mock art related drama channel and now turned into a boring internet culture commentary. it’s very apparent she’s trying to drift into talking about what’s algorithm friendly because she deleted her older videos especially the video where she talked about the top art community drama

and omg chile this piss poor wig, she reminds me of ready to glare with her weird alternative fashion sense

No. 769677

Nta but I find it hilarious that "weeb" is your only arguement. Please calm down.

No. 769681

I'm unironically a fan, she just wears what she wants and talks about the kind of shit that you read about here and that's pretty refreshing. If you want to watch a polished MUA type of vlogger there are already so many of those to choose from
>the video where she talked about the top art community drama
Anything good?

No. 769684

Tbh I don't think how she looks is an issue, artists have dressed weirdly forever, but she seems weirdly oversensitive in her drama videos. Like getting creeped out by the ethical cannibalism artist tweets seemed pretty performative imo. She does seem like a clout chaser in general but I like her accent so she's fine to have on in the background once in a while.

No. 769687

She looks like a shitty clown, if Pixielocks and other cows can be mocked on this website she can be mocked too.

No. 769692

The difference is that she seems to know she looks like a clown and she isn't trying to promote herself as a model, she looks exactly like someone who draws glamfur should kek
You'd have more people on your side if you nitpicked her art instead of her appearance, or took the appearance criticisms to another thread

No. 769710

I want to ask something. Recently saw an artist getting 2-3k followers in one go from a viral post.. (It was around 100 before) But why are her new posts only getting around 200 retweets? Previous posts actually have double that at least. Are followers on twitter actually useless for helping your new posts get exposure? Same quality and subjects btw.

No. 769711

you’re oddly defensive for some boring australian youtuber, starting to think you have really shitty taste and that you dress and look like her kek

what a poor shame

No. 769719

Who knows but you're oddly interested in arguing with me over someone you just called boring, are we about to kiss?

No. 769736

File: 1616725096590.jpeg (154.64 KB, 750x696, ADA4F96D-D6C0-4309-94FB-6BAE98…)

This is dumb but I find it kind of funny how she’s against this but not above profiting off anxiety disorder.


No. 769742

my guy, we aren't nitpicking a slightly off eyeliner. Chick tries way too hard

No. 769783

yeah she looks like shit and she films it, embarassing

No. 769784

Nta can I kissy you? free kiss muaaah

No. 769785

>people can't be interested in other cultures at all
What kind of shitty argument is this lol
>don't draw day of the dead
Anyone who wants to draw day of the dead stuff I give you permission (I'm mexican)

No. 769786

>business that use japanese words without knowing japanese
I mean she kinda has a point but don't we all use roman numbers without knowing latin or whatever?

No. 769787

But japanese people use english words they don't understand all the time

No. 769788

>you have to learn the Japanese language to use the words SUTOBERI MIRUKU on your meyoco rip off merch!

No. 769789

kek anon I'm laughing so hard

No. 769832

I agree. It sucks because I actually know this artist from way back when they used to make fursuits. I hate seeing her commercialize mental illness so I haven't reconnected. I wish she'd wake up.

No. 769851

Not gonna lie I like how the word gringo apparently triggers the hell out of the twitter crowd now. (The indonesian word "Bule" is sort of gaining the same effect I feel) I don't know how we did it from all the way in south america, but a literal third worlder word is now an ample source of tears and butthurt on twitter
I get what she's going for, but I bet her argument devolves from there.

No. 769883

>used to make fursuits
I’m not even surprised anymore. Did she scrub her past from the internet?

No. 769884

No, it's still out there. Easy to find if you look up their old username (RolePlayWulf).

No. 769910

What a stupid gringa, pedazo de pendeja "ay ay mis ancentros" que venga a mexico y me chupe la concha bien rica ay ay a ver si así si estúpida
Love the way they get triggered too, will never stop calling them gringos in fact everyone here does. I'm fucking mad at that bitch

No. 769914

With land she meant mexico kek
Que se vaya a chingar a su reputísima madre pinche gringa cara de mojón ahogado en vomitada "ay si yo pinto a mis elders eso me hace más mexicana que todos los latinos" ven y vive UN DÍA como yo vivo de pura tortilla y frijoles apenas completando para pagar la luz y ya veremos si eres gringa o no, pendejita

No. 769918

Osea y de qué pinche comunidad habla? Pintar o retratar indígenas lo hace cualquiera, en mi escuela de arte lo hacían todos y hasta yo lo hice. No te hace más "sabia" o más mexicana, te hace una gringa soberbia que cree que hablando con tu abuelita que vive en un ranchito te da un free pass para ser racista y sentirte víctima de opresión. "from my pueblo" y el "pueblo" resulta ser una ciudad cualquiera en la frontera jajaja. Ni si quiera aquí usamos la palabra "pueblo" de esa manera. Mejor en lugar de quejarte de que estás TAAAN oprimida por la gente que te llama gringa, ven y pasa un día en una comunidad de Oaxaca donde hacen que te cases a la fuerza. A sí, ahí no verdad? Ahí te culeas vieja fresa. Hay lugares que ni saben qué chingados es twitter ni tienen computadora y si te ven te van a llamar lo que eres UNA GRINGA PENDEJA, mejor dona dinero a la gente de comunidades pobres mexicanas en lugar de sacar tus pincelitos gringuitos y pensar que con eso eres activista LMAO

No. 769920

esta morra ni indígena parece, es otra pinche morra "whitexican" que le encanta hacer roleplay de que está oprimida mientras que vive en estados unidos jajajaja pendeja jajajaja. Típico ejemplo de que mientras estén en estados unidos ahí si les encanta sacar que son latinos y la madre, y vienen aquí y se portan como mierda.

No. 769931

So this turned into a mexican thread now, arriba

No. 769932

It gets better, she's appropriating George Romero when he is actually European descent lol.

No. 769934

File: 1616744927496.jpeg (718.56 KB, 1125x1333, 1614812224622.jpeg)

I couldn't help but think of pic lol

No. 769936

That was also me kek

No. 769939

All the spicy drama happen once Spanish mode is turned on, a classic Mexican soap opera moment.

No. 769942

It's surprisingly easy to follow, love the intensity

No. 769979

Es que neta se pasan de verga!! Cómo vas a decir que ella muy nativa mexicana y ni sabe qué es vivir en una comunidad sin luz, agua, ni drenaje y sobreviviendo de puras tortillas? Debería estar agradecida de que no vive en un ranchito donde venden a las niñas por 100 pesos y ven a las mujeres como menos por menstruar. De esas en las que los narcos vienen y te piden "piso" (dinero) o te matan a la verga. Opressed MY ASS she's a fucking gringa.

No. 769981

first of all
it's LATINOS idiota
>never ever spoken about indigenous rights
and how do you know that asshole?
>loud enough to speak opver us and call US gringos
porque se te nota que eres gringa y además pendeja, solo un gringo se puede ofender tanto de que te llamen gringa LMAO púdrete gringuita mierdera come caca

No. 770001

File: 1616752931167.png (2.26 MB, 1408x2048, Screenshot_20210326-030048.png)

Why does she have slap fights with nobodies? Insulting their art isnt going to improve ur attitude lol

No. 770002

KEK I love how you can just understand them, it's amazing

No. 770003

I agree that artists shouldn't respond to hate comments, but it looks like they did insult her first so it's completely fair

No. 770043

No pero en serio cuál es el problema que todos tienen en Twitter con la palabra gringo? Lol

No. 770072

Are we going to need a Spanish art salt thread or are yall just showing out at this point.

No. 770073

File: 1616763644746.png (125.85 KB, 1170x480, Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 8.58.…)

These dumbasses really forget that you can be western AND asian/black/any minority. Western doesn't mean white, it just means USA/UK/Europe. It's not that hard. This is just embarrassing at this point. Imagine being so petty and so dumb at the same time.

No. 770090

Funny because the only asians they listen to are westerners. Any mainland asians are ignored by these types.

No. 770110

>Not gonna lie I like how the word gringo apparently triggers the hell out of the twitter crowd now.
same. I feel like there's a class thing with it. Hyperwoke latinos have grown spoiled because their immigrants parents didn't want them to miss anything in life, so they get themselves into stupid vapid shit to compensate, and hate that in-land poor class latinos are calling them out on stupid shit

No. 770275

I feel like those are the same people who think you can't be racist cause you're black. ( they think black people can't be racist)(off-topic)

No. 770337

>what are asian-americans

No. 770342

File: 1616793129760.png (63.86 KB, 588x712, dumbgringo.png)

This chick has some serious hatred against mixed race people? it's so weird, shut up gringo, westerner, bule etc
>hurr hurr decolonize yourself
It's funny, I live in latam and nobody cares at all. You could throw a tantrum about being called a gringo here and cry about being 20% mexican or whatever and you'd get laughed at.

No. 770350


No. 770355

>gringo means "green, go"
KEK everything else aside do people actually believe this

No. 770373

>>770342 I sure hope twitter canibalism gets this one. People of mixed race have to deal with this shit all the time from these kinds of painfully ignorant people (unlike what this miss has said).

Now she's talking about feeling like throwing up and shaking because she can't find her favourite artist and that's just… Eh??? Calm the fuck down?? How obcessively do you need this person's art? (maybe they quit twitter because of how suffocating the website is thanks to people like her. Can't blame them)

No. 770377

latines looks way too similar to latrines

No. 770384

Sí, en México es lo que se dice popularmente
Pinche racista de mierda

No. 770395

>>770377 Better than latinix (sounds like winx) or whatever some people were trying to push.

No. 770432

File: 1616805419957.png (38.8 KB, 536x318, swwwwww.png)

incredibly pressed someone called them gringa

No. 770434


>be gringa

>be a colonizer
>say "get out of my land"

No. 770437

File: 1616806068679.png (1.88 MB, 1904x2048, Screenshot_20210326-174653.png)

Bikensmith, the creator of the transmacartist hashtag was just called out for their lesbophobic tweets earlier this year.

No. 770438

>defending indigenous people
>an indigenous person comes to explain why saying gringo is important and harmless for us
>she shuts them up
what an asshole

No. 770441

File: 1616806400645.jpg (177.77 KB, 1946x2048, IMG_20210326_185124.jpg)

What is with the people who copy the persona 5 style but their anatomy is so wonky? I've seen a few artist doing it by now

No. 770443


My guess is that they want to try to replicate how the P5 style is super dynamic and uses a lot of foreshortening but they don't know how to do it/can't be bothered to learn. So the result is fucky anatomy.

No. 770444

Probably. It made me curious since I see this so often with this specific style. Like they love the rendering of the game but can't be bothered to have good anatomy as well

No. 770447

What is even going on with this pic

No. 770476

File: 1616808810379.png (24.19 KB, 604x226, mental illness.png)

lol this person this genuinely delusional

No. 770478

Wtf is ntv? Isn't that the channel that had Teen Mom

No. 770479


No. 770481

This has the same energy as those white ppl who say that they are 0.004% scandinavian and 0.03% french and so on

No. 770482

Hello brothers and sisters, I too, am 18% native. I guess you can say, Im POC.

Seriously, this girl has shared images of her sad to "prove" that she is POC. I feel like if your friends need photos, they aren't your friends.

No. 770485

File: 1616809370693.png (1.59 MB, 828x1618, destiny.png)

pic rel is what she looks like lol

No. 770488

Wow we truly stan our black queen…!

I am honestly surprised to see how much followers destiny has now. These are the same people that would cannibalize you if you made you're caught race faking.

No. 770492

Did she send them her birth certificate or something because I'm not sure >>770485 would have anyone convinced

No. 770493

Anons,what do you think of Adobe Fresco?how is it?do you like it or hate it?

No. 770494

File: 1616810401960.jpeg (353.96 KB, 1317x750, D2DF753F-0EA1-4218-9551-2A975F…)

A anime girl holding a c*t

No. 770497

I guess anyone can larp whatever race they want to be for woke points huh
She looks like an ugly self hating white girl

No. 770518

File: 1616812995608.png (37.96 KB, 591x247, 1614560082425.png)

I think there's been a push to classify latin people as a nationality and not a race, so a lot of sjw latinos are rushing to validate their POC card right now.

You can see this with>>769165

No. 770535

Ancestrydotcom and 23andme were a mistake, it was good at first but then now you have all these ugly ass larpers in the mix
That's genuinely so fucking embarrassing. Why would any self respecting latino bend over like that to fit what twitter's idea is of a """real latino"""?

No. 770537

File: 1616814306376.jpeg (92.1 KB, 1470x1485, A22BD005-582D-46DC-8442-3E5F60…)

Not milk so sage, but it’s so funny when artists like this willingly ignore the differences in structure between women and men.like,Im sorry Aiden that people want to give tips about drawing basic anatomy.

No. 770589

…but as far as I'm aware, latinos themselves are very aware that "latino" is not a race but rather a nationality? We've always known that because latin american countries are mostly multi-racial by default so it makes no sense to say that latino is a race.

My only guess is that those whiteass latinos living in the USA are pulling that crap for the sake of brownie points. It's embarrassing to watch.

No. 770593

File: 1616820985882.jpg (345.33 KB, 1080x1472, IMG_20210327_125355.jpg)


No. 770601

I've seen this chick grab her "receipts" from kiwi farms with the "Biden blue" theme so people don't clock it right away. She's just as original as creepshowshart or ready2derp.

No. 770603

Agreed, the japanese one has a cuter color palette. The one she posted look muddy and generic, but shh don't express your opinion because it makes you racist apparently.

No. 770615

i smell a self post !
she seems really inspired by jana brike

No. 770629

When will they realize that using foreign words in a middle of a conversation that's completely in english makes them look incredibly retarded and not more poc?

No. 770735

File: 1616850855299.jpg (115.51 KB, 720x714, 20210327_131040.jpg)

Dude I saw a post similar to that on insta yesterday (picrel) and it was so funny because good lord the fag got so triggered by basic advice. Guy from this post literally throwing a temper tantrum on impact font meme form.
At least I can rest well knowing that half of the comments were disagreeing with it.

No. 770741

holy shit i didn't know the gender crowd were getting offended by anatomy tutorials. i guess they now have an excuse for never learning proper anatomy

No. 770812

I never understood the hate these basic tutorials. They're just the basics!
Of course anyone who leaves their house knows that it's not the absolute law. Otherwise humans would be very boring. There's plenty of cis women with broad shoulders and big chins, just like there are many cis men with thin faces and almost princess-like bodies (the most delicate looking person I ever met was a cis guy) no matter what our culture's weird beauty standards are. Like, we know we need diversity! But there's a tendency that artists need to take into account, a somewhat natural conclusion you reach when you study humans. Once you get that, then you go from there.

I'm just trying to say these people shouldn't lose their time complaining about things everyone already knows. Although ironically I'm losing my time writing this on lolcow (of all places), because these people will forever have too much free time.

No. 770827

Art Salt: Spanish Mode is the best mode.
latinx, latine, what the fuck do they mean
seriously who comes up with this shit

I feel like her mixed race hatred is self hate. She's mad her 0.00001% Aztecan princess or w/e isn't enough for her to win Twitter arguments with a selfie alone.

Ah yes my favorite Twitter mess is back at it again.
Why is she so assmad at lesbians
who hurt this fujoshi

God she looks just like her love live "fixes. very telling

It's why they draw everything as weird mishappen blob people that look like they're rejected Steven Universe designs

instead of using that energy to make complaints, they COULD make tutorials relevant to their trans-centric interests. How come solving the problem/being the change they want to see is never a solution to them?

No. 770840

File: 1616863670894.png (3.14 MB, 1536x2048, 06.png)

Are these people really into drawing anymore? Why come into a hobby that is extremely demanding and expect to be accomodated like this for their shit gender ideologies based on fantasy?

No. 770842

File: 1616863745472.png (2.69 MB, 1536x2048, 08.png)

>cis women
Just say women, and no matter how broad shouldered a woman is she will never look like a guy.

No. 770846

Latino is not a race nor a nationality KEK it's just a definition for people who LIVE IN LATIN AMERICA god the brainrot is execptional

No. 770851

This is fucking stupid and from the point of view of offended americans that have nothing else to do than to complain on twitter

Mestizo, criollo, mulato, saltapatras etc were race mixes from like… 1500 a.C. We don't use those words in Mexico anymore. We don't call ourselves latinos like how american gringos call themselves that so they feel special. We're all just mexicans. This stupid shit is going to permeate my country and affect everyone's brain if this brainrot isn't stopped right now. Truly americans never stopped being colonizers, only that now they impose their views on others via twitter.
"I'm mixed from two races and I'm pale" and? I have indigenous, white, and asian but I live and was raised and born mexican, in my mexican town, I do mexican things, I talk like a mexican, I'm mexican. You're some dumbfuck american mixing spanish words in your sentences to appear woke. We're not the same "por favor".

No. 770857

en mexico nos vale verga lo que los gringos digan de ellos mismos, lamentablemente aquí los chairos ofendidos les hacen caso a los gringos y se inventan maromas mentales bien cabronas lol. Osea imagínate que Natalia LaFourcade dejara de hacer música mexicana solo porque una gringa enputada le diga "NO TU ERES BLANCA" looool pendeja. Osea, sí, sí hay discriminación y bullying aquí, pero eso es por cualquier cosa. Ya en el mundo real a todos nos vale verga como te veas conque trabajes y no hagas drama. Al menos eso es mi experiencia viviendo en México toda mi vida kek

No. 770858

What is the image source?

No. 770859

From ImagineFX, a magazine.

No. 770895

File: 1616869338840.jpg (23.66 KB, 318x523, d3d17b4b92922f1ad6fbe4f6e91138…)

I was in an artist salt thread a while back asking what people recommend for a new drawing tablet because I stepped on my iPad.
Came back to say I dropped 2k on a new iPad kek.

No. 770898

File: 1616869582337.png (313.01 KB, 652x759, Screenshot_2021-03-27 marie lu…)

New treatment = anti-psychotics/mood stabilizers.

No. 770899

Here we go again with a "serious" art topic video from Michie and already, she's doing what she always does when it comes to working as an artist.

>It's not bad to get a job while doing art part time.

I notice that she says this a lot when she talks about being a freelance artist and it always annoys me that she feels the need to say that. Maybe I'm just retarded but seriously, do people really shame artists who take up a regular job while doing art on the side to support themselves? I feel like it's common sense that if you can't support yourself as a freelance artist, it's best to get a regular job (be it full time or part time) to help supplement your income and I can't fathom anyone arguing against that. I just can't help but feel like Michie is being a drama queen when she feels the need to mention that. That or she knows her audience mostly consists of teenagers or something.

Then she went on about how she got herself to a point where she took on too many commissions and had to work almost daily to get them done having not much free-time to do other things. I remember this was talked about a couple threads ago with how big her commission queue had gotten and the only thing I can say about that is that it's her own fault for taking too many commissions and that's what happens if you bite more than you can chew. I just can't feel bad for her because she got herself in that hole on her own. It doesn't matter if she's improving and thinking that what they paid for the commission at the time (that's in the queue still) is not worth the price anymore, she made that commitment and took the money. And if she felt like it's not fair, she could issue a refund but nope, she can't do that according to her so it's like, you made the deal.

I dunno. I feel like Michie tries to give what would be good advice for being a freelancer but yet it just feels like something's off every time she does make these advice videos.

No. 770901

File: 1616869876052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.04 KB, 659x650, JBrike-Indignities.jpg)

NTA but oh no not jana brike lol
i haven't made a research so I need to wonder why does she draw creepy art which sometimes involves nude children etc? and god the anatomy is fucked up in her works kek

vaguely reminds me of one local artist who symphatized humbert humbert from lolita since she read the book as 14 year old. also paints eerie abstract paintings of kids at times.

picrel jana brike art

No. 770902

Lol oh yeah remember, good for you
which one did you get?

No. 770903

Honestly art should just be a hobby first and a job second. I think it would suck being strapped to a desk drawing commissions. Especially if it's something you don't even like.

I was at an artist Alley a few years ago and I noticed a guy selling 2B prints and I asked him if he played the game he said "no I just drew it because she's a popular character". You're better off drawing what you want than giving into what's popular.

No. 770907

“Asked for markers” literally what hospital have aesthetic markers lying around? Its gonna be a bic pen and neon yellow markers at best, not stabilo or some copics idk

No. 770909


I had that exact train of thought when deciding what I wanted for a career/college. I figured I didn't want my hobby to become a job- it would rip all the fun from it, so I kept art art as a hobby and went on to pick something else for a career.

Art as a career is soul crushing, honestly. I can barely handle doing multiple commissions, being limited to having to draw what's popular/what others want is just too much for me. Maybe I'm just a softie but that's how I see it at least.

No. 770913

I think she's saying it because of the current climate. It used to be that lots of artists started out as hobbyists and found an aspect of it to monetize w/o compromising their entire hobby. Now, you have people who want to monetize their every doodle on Social media or on a piece of merch without ever having to work for a paycheck ever again w/o really understanding why they like creating in the first place. They don't know how to manage their own time to make it into a feasible option, they get greedy and fuck up their queue.

It's good advice, but it's off because it's projecting too much. Some people may have good business acumen, time management skills, and maintain a steady queue to do commissions full time. Those are the ones who branch out beyond just doing people's random OCs and into solid freelance work.

No. 770915

(Forgot to tag lol)
bought a 12 inch iPad pro and all the accessories I'd need. I was able to sell my old iPad and switch for a hefty price tag so that's how I was able to afford it.

No. 770917

Ew what the fuck? this is worse than the alke drawings from the other day. Are you telling me the little girl fucks the other little girl with her weird pig tail??? ughhhh whyyyy what the fuck is this

No. 770918

>Art as a career is soul crushing, honestly. I can barely handle doing multiple commissions, being limited to having to draw what's popular/what others want is just too much for me. Maybe I'm just a softie but that's how I see it at least.
I understand you and you're completely right- however there's more to art careers than just doing twitter commissions or being a teacher

No. 770927

Honestly the fact that she puts some random word in español between sentences feels like overcompensating for having light skin and that's so annoying

No. 770943

There's actually a really good interview where she talks about the origins of her art's subject matter. https://wowxwow.com/artist-interview/jana-brike-ai
>tl;dr: Didn't get to live out her childhood due to post-soviet art training comparable to child abuse and high expectations placed on her, hated the way her body was objectified growing up, is looking to relive her lost adolescence through her paintings but while exploring her body and sexuality by her own means instead of through others' eyes

No. 770948

File: 1616876241146.jpg (353.98 KB, 3000x2425, karel-nepras-great-dialogue-19…)

But why do female artists feel the need to represent their trauma like this. As something delicate and beautifully tragic. Why is it never guttural, like anti-soviet/imperialism/war art often is

No. 770950

it's literally a different kind of trauma, anon

No. 770953

I love that sculpture, "great dialogue", heh

No. 770957

orquidiaarte is definitely following this thread because they changed it again to the disabled emoji and "BIPOC" lol

No. 770958

women are conditioned to value beauty and want to be beautiful

No. 770961

its funny how these old discriminatory and dividing terms are now seen as woke by gringos with a race fetish kek
exactly kek this isnt dora the explorer lmao
agreed, being conditioned to be feminine at all costs is in itself traumatic

No. 770966

As the other anon pointed out, female social conditioning. Also, men love to buy artwork featuring traumatized little girls so it's much easier to make a living that way.

No. 770974

>Honestly art should just be a hobby first and a job second. I think it would suck being strapped to a desk drawing commissions. Especially if it's something you don't even like.

I agree tbh. Unless you actually enjoy drawing a certain something that also happens to be popular, sometimes it's best to just keep art as a side hobby while having a regular job. I don't think I'd say that doing art as a career can't be done, especially with porn artists being thing (Sakimichan lol) but unless you're okay with your hobby becoming a job, it's better to just not turn art into a career.

That's totally fair anon. I'm kinda split. Like I'd love to have my art be my job and I'm one of those people who doesn't even mind drawing pinup smut (just being honest lol) but at the same time, the fact that you'd most likely have to eventually cater to newer modern trends to get attention to your stuff is what is daunting and why I keep my regular job at this time. Plus I do eventually want to branch out and do art for indie games and I know that's a gamble as well. So for now I'm content with having a regular job with doing art on the side.

Ah okay, that makes sense.

No. 770976

I wonder if she's the anon who threw a very personal spergfit over people making fun of black hijabi Mikus.

No. 771008

This one >>769173? Weird, based off that Twitter bio, she seems like the exact type of person to draw that kind of thing. Definitely a hyperspecific combination of things to push on Miku, though.

No. 771011

Anons I'm thinking of taking up digital art for comic work since it'll be easier to edit. Planning to get a laptop and either a Huion or XP-Pen tablet. What are some hardware requirements I'll need for the laptop? Is 4GB RAM enough? Do I need high processing speeds? Should I get a display tablet or a non-display pen tablet?

No. 771016

No, the one who was sperging at anons making fun of the virtue signaling black hijabi mikus with vitiligo and mammy looks. It was maybe in the previous thread or the one before that.

No. 771035

Hardware requirements for art always boils down to faster CPU + more RAM = good times.

4GB is no where near enough. 8GB should be your bare minimum and I would recommend more. Higher processing speeds is definitely a must. CPU wise, try to get a quad core intel CPU with at least an i5.

As for tablets, get whatever you think is best. If your drawing skills suck already, no tablet is going to be useful. Feng Zhu is well respected professional artist and uses a 10+ year old non-display tablet and a lot ass art-tubers use display tablets. Of course there are many great artist who only use display tablets and iPads and terrible art-tubers who use non-display tablets.

No. 771065

I scrolled back through to her really old instagram posts and I'm obsessed with how little she's improved over the years. How does she draw so much and not get better?

No. 771068

If you never force yourself to learn and improve and instead become fully comfortable, no matter how many drawings you pump out the improvement will be near 0

No. 771079

I know they haven't been discussed on here before but I'm bringing them up. American paper crafters - usually middle aged housewives with nothing else going for them. They make things with paper and plastic and then wrap them in plastic send them to someone else who makes more things from paper and plastic to send to someone else. These women are obsessive with having everything from a certain designers collection especially multiples. Harmless mostly but then this one posted a video saying she spends $800 a month on this shit without even blinking. Just really left a sour taste in my mouth (probably jealousy) but to make a video about how you didn't notice you were dropping $800 a month on paper and plastic until you decided you wanted to pay off the mortgage on your second home by next year when so many people are struggling with money right now.

No. 771081

I'm trying to say something meaningful but all I can come back to is my jealously of her wealth and how small her hands are

No. 771086

She sounds like she has a serious problem. Tinfoiling but it almost sounds like her husband forced her to do something to get her habit under control.

No. 771107

let old women be happy doing something for once holy shit.

No. 771141

dont see how this deserves any salt or hate

No. 771150

File: 1616899741929.jpeg (123.22 KB, 828x417, F3F023B8-0AFB-4219-BB97-A86B17…)

It’s hilarious that Tomislav tweets so much about how he supports nfts when his art isn’t selling and he has to beg random nft art promo accounts to promote his listings.

No. 771175

people who talk about losing followers for posting their Brave Opinions are top tier cringe

No. 771196

File: 1616914560836.png (126.88 KB, 1186x668, Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 11.5…)

he's not bothered at all by this

No. 771204

File: 1616916391220.jpeg (239.02 KB, 1242x1088, 07C53C29-7045-408E-BF9C-AFAD55…)

He lost another thousand since then, lots of people (including big twitter artists) saying it wasn’t even the NFTs but him showing his ass that made them unfollow.

Hope the 170 dollars were worth the hit to his reputation

No. 771212

This and his other thread actually come off as extremely pressed about this, he’s salty as fuck, even pulled a “i’m from the balkans i lived through the war” guilt trip card

No. 771229

File: 1616919098026.jpg (224.47 KB, 1071x1731, 1616802073367.jpg)

The hypocrisy

No. 771303

good for them

No. 771334

this was a decision from their manager, one of those super woke white women from London types.

No. 771343

File: 1616939714875.jpg (76.21 KB, 564x707, tfwnoalchemistbf.jpg)

who are some artists that draw cute men, modern or old? i only know of Layendecker, Henrry scott tuke and kaneoya sachiko. please no trap/crossdressing/femboy shit.

No. 771405


Id actually like to know who painted picrel, if you'd please?

No. 771406

Except everyone got very man about it kek

No. 771510

Philip de Laszlo

No. 771763

I mean, when you have nothing to really do it's easy to get wrapped up into one hoby.

That said, not noticing you're dropping 800 a month on something is kinda absured, but it's possible if it is smaller amounts here and there but even still thats roughly 30 dollars everyday on a new paper crafting thing. However, it isn't uncommon w/ artists and crafters to have "spending addictions" on their hobby, especially when buying things makes them happy. I put it in quotations cause it isn't usually a true spending addiction where it is actually compulsive to the point they physically cannot stop themselves, but more so we get unaware of how much we actually spend on a hobby and it isn't like they're buying any random thing that just sits around… Esp when we can't really pad our time out with anything else.

either way, I don't think it is really worth any salt or hate. She just got wrapped up in enjoying her hobby so much she didn't know how much was being spent on it in a month. Just needs better budgeting skills and it can happen to the best of us.

hell ik if my boyfriend didn't give me an allowance every month on what I can freely spend, I would have spent every disposable penny I have on art supplies since I have literally nothing else to do.

No. 771925

Shit. Wish I had a hsuband/boyfriend/partner that had it well enough that I could just do my own thing without having to worry about income. So many 'independent artists' start out that way. But what gets me is when they say"how to make a living off your art" and the first thing out their mouths is that their parents let them stay at home, or they have a husband to support them.

No. 771968

don't care about the trans thing or whatever but how come someone has a good grasp on anatomy, colors, the way clothes move, dynamic poses and all that stuff, but still make the face so fucking derpy… i really like how she shades her drawings but the faces are always so uglyyy

No. 772024

I know what you mean, I’ve seen the opposite of this too when someone can draw a good face maybe can color well too but everything else is wonk. I think it might be because whatever you are drawing the most will come out better vs anything else you don’t put enough practice in.

No. 772031

Do you know Konstantin Somov?

No. 772036

Paul Cadmus' nude drawings are also nice, I'm not into his paintings though

No. 772047

Call me an ass or whatever for this ultra salty rant, but I've always thought people like this were the ones who shouldn't be giving that kind of advice. Or, if they do, they need to really make it clear that they're not someone who's already supporting themselves with a full or part time job. The best advice I've seen has always come from people who were struggling to pull capital together because they weren't from a rich background, had perfect credit, had a spouse with a high-end job, or had a high-end job on their own and were whining about how soulless their six figure income and full benefits was making them feel. They were always grateful for their success, but were also very transparent about fears, failures, and doing their homework to maintain things. That includes emphasizing the importance of connections, which these people who give "advice" from their parent's or spouse's wallets completely leave out beyond the obvious.

These kinds of people are the ones you can also always tell whose talent never scales with their persistence, so it's like watching a Dunning–Kruger petri dish. The assets that they have for their business feel like they outperform what's actually being displayed, ex: a really bad artist who tries to peddle their tons of OC merch, hardly makes sales, but still tables at every con they can with even more new merch because they're from a wealthy family.

I encourage people to have a creative hobby, but it's people like this who seem confused about what an art business entails. A lot of them even get hung up on the idea of not wanting to 'sell out' while having zero clue as to what that really means.

There are exceptions of genuinely talented and business-driven people who make it, but you can tell when they treat it like a toy they can dump vs treating it like work they enjoy doing. They also have a weird sense of entitlement about it.

There are too many bad examples I could list, so I'll close the rant with an example of someone I admire: A local artist who's grown in fame started out caring for her sick mother while her husband worked. She had to quit her job to do so. They were struggling pretty badly and were by no means wealthy or was she tethered to him beforehand, and everyone knows caregiving at home is a 24-7 job in itself. So, in between taking care of house, mom, and husband, all she had was her art.
Now, she's well known to where her husband works for her and they were able to hire a good caregiver for her mom. I admire situations like that, when someone uses their talent to try to take care of themselves and their loved ones and it pays off big time.

But these other people? I wish they'd stay in their own lane when it comes to "advice" on making a living with your work.

No. 772050

It's the standard "practiced my coloring/rendering more than my fundamentals." I don't know about you, but I'm getting exhausted of seeing it. Seeing an over rendered mess with bad anatomy actually looks quite scary.

No. 772061


So true… I would honestly LOVE to be one of the instagram influencer artists who just sits around drawing random girls all day, who posts aesthetic stories of their morning coffee and walks and runs an etsy shop and a patreon. But once I looked into it most of them don't make enough to sustain themselves without the help of family and partners. Once again it's about selling an aspirational lifestyle that is inaccessible to most who aren't lucky enough to have the same background.

Some successful independent artists I've seen come from a studio background and have worked for game or animation studios and then transitioned to doing personal work and running their own business. That seems to be a safe way because if you have the experience, you could always go back to doing employed work. But of course that requires a lot of skill and discipline for practicing etc that a lot of these girlboss etsy artists wouldn't have.

No. 772070

Not that anon but agreed. When you make this sort of art but don't have the fundamentals down every single piece becomes like polishing a turd.
I (partially) blame digital mediums for this. Painting digitally has made it way too easy to apply all sorts of tricks and shortcuts so your coloring and rendering makes your art look nice at first glance, so that learning anatomy with simple sketches takes a backseat. I feel like with traditional art you spend a lot more time practicing sketching with just a pencil because coloring and finishing require expensive art supplies that run out when you use them a lot. At least for me I only started using those supplies once I had the basics and anatomy down after years of just pens and pencils. Even then, I only use them when I like the basic sketch or lineart enough. With digital art you don't have that limitation, since you can use different colors and brushes and textures as much as you want.

No. 772116

File: 1617042772849.jpeg (83.38 KB, 665x461, images (11).jpeg)

Takehiko Inoue

No. 772130

Art anons, any online resource that's great for light studies? Like a large collection of interesting lighting somewhere?

No. 772161

Shotdeck collects movie screenshots and has a really great and detailed search engine, and you can search for specific lighting conditions. I also recommend checking people's boards on pinterest, I've found a bunch that other artists have made for lighting reference.

No. 772164

How can I get better at drawing from imagination?

No. 772172

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

No. 772179

james gurney's drawing from the imagination will help
ive asked a lot of concept artists, and usually they start at barebone materials and how theyre made, then thinking about how it would function in reality

not the thread for this btw

No. 772204

>not the thread for this btw
It actually is, always has been

No. 772239

That's a good point. I'm finding myself leaning back into my sketches because they still feel more dynamic than what the competition offers.

No. 772277

It's so truly hard to start out because half the people you can get advice from aren't actually making money off art - but it takes forever to figure out which are. I've got a day job that pays my bills and locks down most of time away from art, and it makes me be choosier with clients and work that I do. But half the time when people ask me about business stuff, they get disappointed that's my truth - and I find them slinking away to go suckle on the advice teat of the people with wealthy families or partners. Because those people aren't honest about how they're surviving.

Every time I see kids on twitter crying about how they live with their parents and sell art but they're making maybe a few grand a year and they're scared and lost I just feel awful for them. But they need to go get that wageslave job and give up on thinking they're going to morph into one of those rich people overnight. The shitty jobs will teach them life skills that will help on the art side of things anyways.

Twitter mentality fucking sucks, I get told regularly that the day job career I spent a decade working my ass off to get is a "privilege" and that the people whose parents still support their ass at 30 are actually the poor marginalized artists. Everyone seems to have this belief that working for a living in anything but art is below or above them and somehow taints them. It just makes me bitter at the people with rich family/partners because they're the only ones who benefit from that narrative.

No. 772278

Anons do you have any cheap suggestions for sketchbook supplies? I know you don’t need much but I’m tired of using paint and just doing black and white, any good color markers, pencils, pens I could use to give it the usual aesthetic look?

No. 772284

File: 1617056756984.png (3.55 MB, 2744x2137, SZS.png)

I found a Stardew Valley clone called "Super Zoo Story" and had nothing to do so I made a comparison. Anons, do you think this is plagiarism? Surprisingly leaning more towards no now but I'm curious to hear other opinions. Looks like the devs acknowledge it and block anyone who calls them out on twitter lmao.

No. 772286

If you're interested in markers, I would recommend Ohuhu. The Tombow Fudenosuke liners are pretty good and easy to use, and I would also highly recommend getting some kind of Pentel or Steadler mechanical pencil. Don't be afraid to buy different sized lead for your pencils, just experiment and see what feels nice for your art. The Zebra Mildliners are for journaling, but I love using them for coloring and decorating my sketchbook. Washi tape is also something some people use for their sketchbooks, mostly when they're painting, but if you get a cute design you can use it as decoration.

No. 772345

They both look like generic cottagecore sprites to me.

No. 772394

File: 1617065900731.png (607.58 KB, 559x826, szs.PNG)

It's way too similar, to the point of being impossible to tell from a single screenshot it's not stardew valley, which I'd totally consider too close but they are honest about it, and looking through their twitter, they're not hiding comments about it either. ConcernedApe is quiet about the matter so i think he doesn't care. Ultimately it's not going to steal Stardew Valley's money and riding it's popularity is a double edged sword - will get them attention but also will make it easily forgettable since it has no other identity than just being a Stardew Valley clone.

No. 772438

Sage and sorry to back track (catching up on this thread) but oh my god the person bitching about Nessa is a personal cow or mine.

They start shit in the apex fandom all the fucking time. A popular artist (Jocsaii) drew a slightly twink looking Gibraltar and ‘bimbomuslim’ started a massive brigade against her. It wasn’t even white washed, just kinda goofy looking.

Even when the art was deleted and an apology was made, they started tweeting about how twitter defends racist white artists (Joc is a POC). Their whole page is begging for donations, starting drama and nonsensical woke bullshit.

No. 772483

Ni siquiera es que los chairos les quieran hacer caso pero hey enojarse por mamadas del Twitter desvía mas fácil la atención de las pendejadas que hace el gobierno
For the non spanish speaking nor Mexican just some political bullshit, but the consensus is that the gringa loca is full of herself

No. 772498

Kianamai got called out over making a Trixie from American Dragon redesign that looked too butch.

No. 772508

twitter drama like this is literally meaningless and used to further the popularity of other mediocre (not kiana in this case) artists using controversy from some local on twitter

No. 772530

called out by who? caps? i searched this persons name and see most people are supporting them and drawing fan art of their redesign

No. 772542

Also traditional art is expensive, you buy some good paper with good paints and what not, you better know how to sketch well unless you want to waste that nice paper you got. I understand why so many traditional artists use a lightbox, because the fear of messing up expensive paper must be rough

No. 772597

Can't feel sorry for her; just like with Lindsay Ellis, kiana built an overwoke crowd that bit her in the ass.

No. 772607

this thread functions as a general art advice thread right? Apologies if not.

If I'm a beginner artist, would daily practice alternating between anatomy sketching with pencil and digital light studies be the best way to build a solid foundation? I know it takes time but I want to at least make sure I'm investing that time in the areas most important.

No. 772701

Her obsession with making everything black and gay got her in trouble, this shit always backfires.

No. 772728

This is an imageboard, anon. Why is it so hard for twitterfags to submit screenshots?

No. 772730

File: 1617115301853.png (220.36 KB, 489x784, Kianamaiart1.PNG)

Really, this whole callout is insane. It was literally just one tweet and a shit ton of artist all of sudden started drawing Trixie fanart in support of Kiana. This entire thing is overblown.

No. 772735

File: 1617115964659.jpg (12.71 KB, 293x220, trixie.jpg)

Is this like…official art? Is there an American Dragon reboot? If it's just fan art, it's kind of ugly, but I don't care.
I kind of agree with the "negative" commenters, though. The character is a mix of casual and cute. I'm not sure why the artist rejected that for her and gave her a more andro/masc sort of look, but kept everyone else (mostly) loyal to their original designs and vibes, kek. Obsession with "gay-coding"?

No. 772742

File: 1617116523502.png (371.92 KB, 622x761, JimmyNeutronbyKianaMai.PNG)

it's fanart by Kiana. She sometimes redesign characters of older shows.

No. 772746

What's the point of putting in so much effort for a ripoff of another game? Looking at their page it seems like the creators have skill but even if the game gets popular it'll just be known as a blatant Stardew Valley ripoff.

No. 772757

twitter artists are too sensitive, people are allowed to not like your art. kiana is a lesbian so i see why her redesign is appealing to her, i like it too, but others disliking it isn't a callout or hate. just block people who don't like your art and move on

No. 772764


There were people saying shit in the replies of the original tweet though it wasn't just one tweet it was people complaining "dark-skinned black women always portrayed as butch is racist!!11!" even though the original characters whole thing is that she's a tomboy

also one of the people (who was supposedly black) hardcore arguing about it being racist was calling people "coons", "monkeys" and telling them to go back to "being a house n*igger" all because they didn't have a problem with the design

No. 772786

File: 1617119290240.jpg (759.7 KB, 1676x1078, Twitterisafuckingshithole.jpg)


Samefag but here's some of the replies and comments on the design

No. 772800

Kiana is half black too, so I really think twitter needs to chill the hell out.
Why does it matter if its fan art or not? You should think its ugly regardless of its official or not.

No. 772806

I can see how she walked into this one, original Trixie was a tomboy who still wore feminine tight blouses in pastel purple, showed her midriff and enjoyed fashion. Trixie not wearing make up is understandable, she’s 14.
Tomboy doesn’t equal butch.

No. 772808

If it's fan art, I can just close the tab and pretend it never happened. If it's a reboot, I have to deal with it if I want to watch a new American Dragon season, or be forced to see it repeatedly if anyone talks about it and posts caps.

No. 772809

Agree with >>772701 , there's a reason why "you go woke, you go broke" stands true once again. If you dedicate your art to pandering to the crowd best known for causing forced controversy through identity politics it's going to blow up in your face at some point.

No. 772813

She doesn't look that different from the original design, it has the same "vibe".

No. 772816

Sorry, but I just find this fucking funny.
The whole SJW obsession with defeminizing girls/women and ticking every box "POC, gay, non-binary, trans, gnc, fat" is really forced and boring. Nobody really likes it besides people with very low self-esteem who think ugliness is somehow progressive.
There were so many ways to redesign Trixie and keep her tomboysh, but they chose to make her less cute, in baggy clothes like a guy. Nope.

No. 772824

Jake looks like a butch lesbian here

No. 772826

Heeeey, I remember this chick. Got into controversy for trooning out Nick.
Every single time without fail. It's like that one game The Office Type, it got shit deep in drama the moment they revealed their first 6 characters. What's the demographic being sought after here? Insane asylum escapees with an addiction to e-begging? Come on, now.

No. 772851

Nick is a troon in Kiana’s lineup!? Holy shit lol

No. 772874


I never really liked kiana. I'm not gonna lie. I never understood the appeal or popularity she garnered overtime. I mean she's drawing LGBT+ stuff like all the time so of course she's going to attract that crowd. It squares that this would bite her in the ass. Full salt, but I've always wanted to see her get knocked down a few pegs ngl. Her redesign isn't great either. Sucks all the personality out of it, looks like it belongs in the proud family instead. I kinda feel bad for her but also I don't.

No. 772903

File: 1617130124491.jpg (53.93 KB, 680x680, 208.jpg)

>Makes Nick a troon
LMAO I thought she just made him some bishonen but making him a troon is way worse.
Why do these people always feel the need to do this for a character that's even remotely feminine or takes care of themselves? Everyone else looks fine/the same but he's the only one she changed.

No. 772918

I low key hated Kiana ever since she made the Jessie x James from Pokémon ship chart and made the horny levels of James practically zero but Jessie is horny as fuck, threatened by male sexuality much? Then don’t ship Het ships. Also her design of Trixie looks like fucking Sticky from Proud Family, not even joking.

No. 772927

I like Kiana be because she can actually draw, is good at redesigns, and rarely engages in the drama that her art tends to create. I'm disappointed that she changed her art this time. Usually she seems like the kind of person who does what she wants and lets everyone argue among themselves. The Nick thing is weird tho.

No. 772937

she cuts off interactions with other artists that get callouts, but what industry animator doesn't do that on twitter these days

No. 772965


Everyone in animation industry Twitter is so hive minded. No surprises there.

No. 772979

AYRT but what helped me was following the advice of people who discussed how they started their businesses via Youtube or their personal websites. Twitter, I'm learning, is a great place to learn how NOT to behave. Since I wanted to start selling merch of my art online, I hunted for those people specifically. In that sphere, you saw more people who had jobs and did sales on the side, or people who had no choice but to do it after being laid off. They already had those skills developed from their shitty job that they could apply towards their dream.

(That's kind of how I functioned, too. I had skills that got other people rich that I wasn't paid very much for, so I decided to use it for myself while working and renting a room to save money while I grew things.)

I'll never understand that. How can people (claim to) have such a deep appreciation for art, wanting to decorate their lives with art, buy clothes that they love that started out as a sketch, etc. while dismissing the commercial side of art?

Why is some trust fund baby's art, someone who won't even bother with fundies and cries about having "only" 500k followers the ones we should care about and not the people

Who do they honestly believe is out here making this happen?
Twitter at least serves to teach us what not to do and gives us an idea of people who are trying hard to be our competition, but failing.

Ohuhus are nice and they have good sales on their website.
As far as papers go, and this applies if you live in the USA, but Usartsupply is good. Their sketchbooks are sold in pairs and they have free ground shipping.

As long as you're studying foundations, it doesn't matter what you use. But lacking access to the undo function will help you gain your confidence. With good confidence, you build whatever fundamentals you pursue more fluidly.

These same people who've been supporting Kiana have been trying to find a reason to cancel her since that's how they roll, being cannibals and all. They love testing their saviors. Kiana doesn't care, but I wonder how much longer that'll last with how bloodthirsty that base is?
It's funny, yet I still can't help but feel a tiny bit of embarrassment and pity for that entire corner of Twitter.

I remember that. It's silly and made no sense to the extent she did it. I've been trying to armchair psychoanalyze that, especially since it makes her Delia x Jessie art feel like James is being cucked.

No. 772991

Not really, Sofia Alexander and Ana Leonicini from Onyx Equinox are based.

No. 773015

why is it they auto default to the artist being racist when they don't like something? The OP is half black and is usually drawing things with good intentions. It's like self cannibalization lmao

No. 773046

Yeah it's like "oh you drew somehting in a way I don't like? Racist!"
But when they draw racist caricatures they call it woke.

No. 773049

I hate when I see artists go out of their comfort zones to draw other races, expressions, body types, etc. and they’re obviously not as adept at it as their normal, but they’re trying and doing it from a good place, and then these types start to absolutely attack and slander their character. Draw a nose a little off, a skin color too light, a fat character a bit slimmer, and suddenly the racist/problematic accusations will come flooding in by people who need to see the worst in other people to fill their own victim hood complex. Because if people just make honest mistakes out of being inexperienced, not as skilled, etc. doesn’t make them as oppressed as they long to be.

No. 773056

File: 1617143923081.jpeg (413.49 KB, 750x906, 20259F9F-3BCB-4963-89F5-0A6B45…)

How is this woman as popular as she is? Her art is mediocre, I mostly see her complain about how much she is oppressed and needs help, now has a 30k assistance dog she clearly doesn’t need.

No. 773090

File: 1617149219013.jpeg (590.43 KB, 1125x1592, 31B587AB-EE9C-4835-904D-079DC2…)

Looking at the replies and man this is so sad. Apparently because the artist is biracial, she’s not pure enough and therefor racist. Man… this sounds like nazi ideology shit.

No. 773104

I’ve seen bitches on twitter advocate for segregation and no one bats an eye cause they’re black. Black twitter was a mistake.

No. 773112

These people have no right to talk about how bad Butch Hartmans art is when they draw like THIS. It takes a special amount of bad to make art that looks worse than his.

No. 773161

What the ever loving fuck is wrong with the mouth on the person in the middle of that thumbnail? I only got through their intros before closing the video at “I brought in two professionals”… two amateur art students with equally piss poor art.

No. 773165

I have no idea. I don't understand Twitter really. There's some really good artists on there that have a few thousand followers but then I see some artists with say 30k 10k or whatever and the quality of their art just doesn't reflect their follower amount I think. It's really strange.

No. 773203

File: 1617160528818.jpeg (113.5 KB, 1293x849, 2BAA5E03-7A49-4F88-9B1F-137D88…)

This tag is to highlight women who are overlooked and not in the industry yet

No. 773204

Because a dog that costs a single semester at calarts wasn’t enough :)))

No. 773212

According to who?

No. 773217

Kelly Sue Deconnick, who made the hashtag originally to find new female comics artists after someone said ‘there arent any female cartoonists out there to hire’. For the most part I don’t care if already established people use it, whatever, but puccanoodles just comes off as so needy, desperate, and attention starved all the time

No. 773234



It’s primarily for comic artists, there’s supposed to be a format, and it’s not necessarily for “new” artists either. It’s for highlighting women in the industry and for helping them get work. People with big numbers on Twitter still need to find work, especially freelancers. She’s doing it wrong either way.

No. 773275

Honestly, I don't know. When I first saw her stuff I was like… this is what made her popular? I don't know if it's the fact that she has storyboarded in a few popular shows so she has clout from working in the actual industry but her skills are so, so subpar and something you'd expect from a hobbyist. And she's got a nasty personality she's incapable of hiding. So I have no idea, becoming popular on Twitter seems to be a matter of luck.

No. 773312

I’m friends with someone in her circle. I’ve been told she literally got lucky being there at the right place and the right time. This is unfortunately how even mediocre artists, like her, “make it” in the industry. As to her twitter clout, I’m not even sure how she managed to get a 130k following even with her studio jobs. The demo reel she had on her profile for ages is unimpressive but it must be great to impressionable wannabe animators who see her crap and think it’ll be easy for them too.

No. 773345

File: 1617189085588.jpg (58.04 KB, 1080x364, 20210331_181106.jpg)

Somebody told that Yueko supports NFT in her visible women tweet, any clues this is real?

No. 773346

Learn to sage, newfag and go check the previous thread.

Also, you could have literally just found info about it on twitter by searching 'yueko' and 'nft' because twitter created a shitstorm out of it.

No. 773349

All this NFT hate solves itself in a very funny way.

>artists have a way to make extra income now

>it also gives them real opportunities to interact with bigger galleries at a grand scale
>but people hate cryptocurrency because they're holding onto the value of their dollars
>the massive scale of how many artists there are, specially hobbyist artists, that will jump into cryptocurrency just because it makes money and not because they want to get into the gallery business
>so how can we stop this?
>oh I know
>use the current generation of autists that get offended at everything to cancel this shit
>so then we can discredit any reason to use NFTs
>ok but they're legit good so make up a reason…
>… uhhh internet is bad and global warning?

Don't come at me with "it's killing the planet" because it isn't. Selling an NFT has the same carbon inprint as scrolling down social media and watching youtube videos. And how many times do people scroll to social media a day? How many times do you watch youtube a day? Don't be hypocrital, if you want to cancel one thing, cancel the other too. This is just like when zoomers say they dislike fast fashion but still buy tons of makeup and shit from aliexpress.

No. 773351

Just saw this post while scrolling by, but I had to ask; isn't the argument that cryptocurrency farming kills the environment, not that buying an NFT does? The bigger of a thing NFTs are, the more people get into cryptocurrency and the more computers they have running and farming shit and therefore bad for the environment. That's what I usually hear, not that NFTs themselves kill the planet.

No. 773353

If you want to support cryptoart then fine, but what's the point of denying the effect it has on the environment
>selling an NFT
Im pretty sure it's mining that's causing the issue, not selling.

No. 773372

it's the effort required by machines to crystalize an image into crypto that consumes and enormous amount of energy. Crypto is not eco-friendly for sure, but NFT pushes it next level.

No. 773386


As long as you can’t buy your groceries with cryptocurrency, it‘s a dumb idea to invest too much hard cash into it. It‘s its own micro cosmos that doesn‘t transfer well to the every day real world.

No. 773388

I have her blocked. It's frustrating to see her get literally everything she wants with zero effort. I'm so sick of cronyism, nepotism and incompetent people in the industry. Personally It makes me want to quit trying. None of what you know means anything if you don't know anyone. It's pointless. All Marie has to do is whine and she gets followers, views and money. She doesn't actually need a studio job at this point.

No. 773390

You know you can immediately turn crypto into dollars right?

No. 773393


I wouldn‘t call it immediately. Takes some time and more steps than just going to a currency exchange booth at the train station.

No. 773406

Same steps as buying something online too, and as far as I'm concerned, buying something online with how massive the server has to be, not only for users but also for sellers, and then the fact that they have to use big delivery trucks (and airplanes, and boats) to deliver one thing you got from China to your place has a very big carbon imprint, more than images on a computer. You might be suddenly ecologicaly saavy now, but you still buy stuff from China (a big emissor of enviormental waste) that comes from big nasty shipments that have to be delivered to stores and even worse if it's to your own place. Even buying takeout gives you a massive carbon imprint, and everyone loves buying takeout, imagine being so selfish. But people will hate on NTFs because that's trendy right now.

No. 773416


I think people hate it because it means MORE emission added on top of all that.

No. 773418

File: 1617197774081.png (417.86 KB, 1262x880, Mike Hill.png)

Does any Anon understand what Mike hill said in his shizo sperging on his insta story?

Fyi he is worked in bladerunner 2049 and major AAA games as concept artist.

No. 773423

Then why not just not add any more emission to the enviorment at all? In the future we'll have even more shit that adds emissions and people won't care because it makes their lives easier.

No. 773426

it's a Bill Gates vaccine conspiracy that has made the rounds of facebook and /pol/ for a week or so. The vaccine passport has made people even more paranoid. I don't get it, cellphones are already the reality equivalent of the skin microchip dystopian concept

No. 773439

Damn people still going on about this? She expresses vague/soft support of it at most… it isnt like she's just trying to shill everyone into getting into it.

No. 773468

I feel like we already had this conversation

No. 773475

pretty sure that's bait. either that or some bitbro that's impossible to reason with.

either way it's better to ignore.

No. 773489

What's the conspiracy and what's with the passport?

No. 773573

Imagine attempting to spread lies like these when all the information needed on nfts is already out there and easily accessible and everyone by now knows that for most people it's a scam.

No. 773665

I hate that I've been getting so many yandere sim redesigns in my YT recommendations. We get it, you hate the character, think they suck, think the game sucks, thinks the dev sucks, thinks the characters are too sexualized, the storyline is dumb, that it is ableist or whatever else.

I dont understand why people have invested so much time into something they obviously only enjoy the idea of and then get clout off of badly redesigning the characters just because they didn't like them. It's tiresome and obnoxious and I hate that so many people eat up mediocre redesigns.

No. 773743

I agree. If people like the base concept of the game but don’t like yanderedev or whatever then they can just… make their own game… He doesn’t own the rights to the entire concept of yanderes. (I think some have actually tried but it never went anywhere lol, like with that whole love letter thing)

No. 773843

File: 1617226767574.png (100.92 KB, 601x837, Screenshot (934).png)

I'm sorry, I just wanted to rant about this because this thread and the amount of people agreeing with it upset me on a personal level.
It stings to work long and hard on art few people will even be interested in because it's not nsfw, only for fetish artists to act like they're sooo hard done by because a few people pointed out that discrepancy. Even my friend who is relatively popular gets completely ignored when she does sfw art, regardless of how good it is or how much "real passion" was put into it.
I know if I were comfortable putting massive fetish boobs on my characters I would make significantly more money, that's just a fact. It has nothing to do with being able to translate erotica onto the page or whatever. Not to diminish the struggles of other artists, it can be stressful for everyone but I find this rather hypocritical.

>NSFW isn't easier money

>I'm afraid of losing my livelihood if major platforms crack down on NSFW art
So you agree. You think SFW artists have a harder time generating income.

No. 773849

I agree. In my experience it’s incredibly easy to gain followers through nsfw art. Especially if you know what’s trendy at the time and can draw basic anatomy. Horny people are easy to appease. Bonus points if you know how to animate well or hit a niche.

No. 773850

Samefag but porn also has the addicting element to it so I’m sure that helps too.

No. 773885

Proof-of-Work cryptos are very taxing. This is why Proof-of-Stake cryptos are being developed. They rely on validating who owns the currency through the networks instead of redundantly mining and burning through equipment
Even Ethereum is in the process of moving into Proof-of-Stake because gas fees are so high.

No. 773890

That's really it. When you get into the porny half of NSFW (as opposed to erotica, which is MUCH more widely accepted) you're catering to addicts who want their next fix. You're catering to a world where anatomy is so out of control, the people look less and less human with each iteration until they're nothing but indecipherable blobs. The artist becomes addicted to the low effort:high payout ratio and a loyal following that will protect them.

The only "hard" part is if they ever decide to go serious. You can actual tasteful pinups featuring a boob, ass, or normally sized dick (erect or flaccid) and be okay. Once that boob and dick is on the same body and are both ten times their owner's size, that's when you need to stop and question where you want your art to go.

No. 773912

File: 1617234627527.jpeg (411.52 KB, 1125x1044, 37A069F2-5A1E-42BE-ABA9-617B5E…)

Pucca is constantly subtweeting her ex and gets her personal army to attack him but then says stuff like this

No. 773913

File: 1617234680061.jpeg (551.2 KB, 1125x1300, 4C12D876-E636-4E14-8293-725AB4…)

It’s so sad, he just wants to make shitty YouTube videos and now he’s getting ratio’d lmao

Never date a munchie i guess

No. 773950

She won't even outright say "don't attack my ex-boyfriend." She wants them to do this.

No. 774143

He looks cute but douchy, didn't expect pucca to date a guy like this. He doesn't deserve this bullshit though, Pucca sounds unbereable to live with

No. 774161

File: 1617280248218.png (2.87 MB, 2000x2000, 1617273464550.png)

>Post about how your wrists are fucked up and you can't update your webtoon because it would cause you too much physical pain
>Immediately follow up by posting three lengthy comic strip posts of OC backstories of another story project, all within the same week to milk that sweet, sweet Instagram algorithm
>Only express an interest in posting writing content after Wattpad has been acquired by Line Webtoon and there's an opportunity that your shitty basic stories will get adapted into live action
>Post mainly in English because you think it'll bring you more followers than posting in Spanish, then whine about constantly having to translate using DeepL
>Open up a second account in Spanish but never post anything because you have less than 1k followers there
>Constantly talk about quitting art forever and about how your efforts aren't worth it despite raking in more than 10k likes effortlessly with every post
>Delete any and all comments that don't treat your mediocre art and your shitty Netflix teen drama tier writing like complete masterpieces, because only vehement worship is allowed for your generic content

No. 774205

you sound salty af anon lmao who cares what any artist does with their own projects

No. 774207

Man, I do understand what upsets her and made her mad. After seeing her mediocre art that got 10k or more likes then complaining it's flopping annoyed me as she gaslighting, guilt tripping her fans for not supportive of her low effort "masterpieces". IG fame isn't worth it, true she has over the top ego kek

No. 774316

Why aren’t artists allowed to draw ugly people or even ugly things? I think anons here need to stop confusing amateur skills like the art seen in the bad and hideous thread in /m/ and accept that maybe the artist was intending for them to be ugly? Not everyone has the luxury of being conventionally pretty or proportional and sometimes an artist wants to express that reality in their work.

No. 774320

k. they're still ugly tho

No. 774323

so excited for you to discover literacy so you can read the title of the thread you’re in next time

No. 774352

> I think anons here need to stop confusing amateur skills and accept that maybe the artist was intending for them to be ugly?

Take your own advice anon, sometimes art is just ugly, no matter the “technicality” and “purposefulness” of it being ugly, no matter how you twist it.

No. 774356

Why is nft art always some weird tryhard "conceptual" abstract 3D/animation garbage? I don't wanna get into the 'wahwah nft bad' territory i just wanna know why is nft art Like That.

No. 774375

I know this is a bit old but,
> female artists feel the need to represent their trauma like this
Overgeneralizing, huh anon?

No. 774376

It's not but it's what's most promoted because pretentious tryhard aesthetic is what techbros resonate with the most.

No. 774413

Ugly is ugly, people don’t like ugly things.

No. 774439

Some anons in this thread aren't actually artists. You're right about there being a difference between the art in the bad art thread and an artist purposefully drawing ugly/unconventional people.

No. 774458

Eh, she gave off more of 2000s skater punk vibes, than just vague tomboy vibes. Sort of like Lindsey Lohan in Freaky Friday.

No. 774471

File: 1617318492778.jpeg (54.8 KB, 400x600, B1283163-A208-4096-8B7D-C0C3C7…)

strange seeing anons that hate puccanoodles art while liking this show that literally has pucca’s art style

No. 774479

Nobody was talking about Infinity train. Also, you can like a cartoon and not like it’s art style.

No. 774480

File: 1617320099593.jpg (99.47 KB, 1280x720, pingeth and pongeth.jpg)

People can like ugly things, they just have to be stylized in a way that works. Ping Pong is considered ugly as sin by a lot of people, but it's still considered a cult classic and the style works for what it's trying to get across. ONE's webcomics fall under the same umbrella. Ugly reality (or even lack of technical skill) has its place, just do it well/have other elements that balance it.

No. 774481

And you’re mad for what? I was clearly making a comparison, this is why autistic people seriously shouldn’t use the internet

No. 774484

relax, not that serious. pet a dog or something.

No. 774493


people don't generally like infinity train for the art dummy, they like the story/characters

No. 774523

Where’s the wheelchair

No. 774534

File: 1617328306939.jpg (630.76 KB, 660x784, YdrKegp.jpg)

didn't she get called out for this odin sphere art specifically for copying the theme/pose from another artist. why would she use still use it to promote herself.

guess it doesn't matter since people in the comments seem to love it and either don't know or forgot about her copying other artists.

No. 774599

I genuinely believe pucca has munchausen with how much she pity posts. The sheer amount of pity posting and crying she does just screams munchausen

No. 774623

File: 1617338830516.jpg (81.7 KB, 463x640, s-l640.jpg)

Even though ones character art sucks, he actually does really great compositions and backgrounds tbh.

No. 774680

She did it because she knows she’s at that level where no matter what scandal she gets into, she has diehard fans that’ll support and rabidly defend her. Also “copying” a pose is a kinda stupid concept and can snowball real quick.

No. 774710

File: 1617354425886.jpg (118.88 KB, 451x640, mp14.jpg)

I actually love ONE's art quite a lot, it adds to the humanity of MP100 I sometimes forget how much I really like his covers. I think people forget that wonk can really add to the charm of things.

No. 774722

File: 1617357848780.jpg (2.9 MB, 4972x3898, 1530126151158.jpg)

people love compassionate ugly. It's the ugly to be rebellious that comes to people as artificial

No. 774748

File: 1617365136707.png (1.68 MB, 1178x1160, Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 8.03.…)

The fact that their ValiDate game was on par with April Fool's Jokes says more about their game than about the jokes. I've seen plenty of good dating games and visual novels. It honestly feels a little like they're trying to blame the backlash they received on other people making jokes, as if visual novels and dating sims haven't been an established medium done several times before to great acclaim.

No. 774751

isn't her game makes racist stereotypes about black and latinos without being funny about it

No. 774780

File: 1617371604924.png (281.26 KB, 680x383, tumblr_3dbe607a8418f67b0a4fef6…)

That game is/was a joke. The devs just have yet to realize they're the punchline.

No. 774789

File: 1617373191396.png (83.31 KB, 220x188, dtXeh8s.png)

you're telling me you DON'T want to go on dates with the most insufferable people to ever be created?

No. 774796

File: 1617374924608.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1080, 82CECF59-D8CF-4776-9DD7-3F0B02…)

I remember that they made it a stretch goal, that they would add a white guy in the game. Then became upset when people made art of him

No. 774797

Didn't they had a successful kickstart campaign? They should be grateful theres weirdos out there that want to play this game at all. Ofc no developer will want to waste money on something most people wouldn't play.

No. 774800

File: 1617375631272.jpg (310.22 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210402-115733_Twi…)

I mean with marketing like this, do you really expect to be taken seriously?

No. 774805

>if youre catholic we'll smash a bottle of pinot on your head
lmaoo what the fuck
why do these type of people love violence humor so much

No. 774813

File: 1617377333973.jpg (288.9 KB, 1920x1090, Tumblr_l_57133391324287.jpg)

Everything about this game is ugly. And it was discussed long time ago, when they acted as obnoxious as possible, people even proved that their backgrounds were just filtered photos.

No. 774824

to be fair to them, they said it was just stand-on till they could replace with actual backgrounds, a common practice in early game development. Too bad the character art is final (I do like how Malik looks though, it's mostly the girls who get it the worst in this game)

No. 774844

>bro we met our goal and on god we making this game
i want them to fail just because of this sentence alone

No. 774853

File: 1617380265750.jpg (247.83 KB, 1920x1080, ETuaLy0WAAAbyxe.jpg_large.jpg)

This game has one (1) good chara design. You can throw the rest in the trash

No. 774861

You sound like your history of female artists isn't very well known. The art world seems like it only dials into female trauma. Even when a female artist is making fairly innocuous work, her biography is very quick to mention all of her trauma before anything else, while bios of male artists, their hardships might be glossed over (i.e. a brief line about the man growing up in the middle of a war vs. details about the woman's sexual assaults). They do the same with artists who have a pronounced/diagnosed mental illness.

At this point, some (but not all) of it could just be playing to a crowd since the fine art world eats it up. One example is w/Louis Wain, there's only just now evidence that he may have been dabbling w/psychedelics with friends when he made his crazier cat pictures. They write it off as his schizophrenia degrading his mind. In reality, he remained pretty competent up until his death, still working while living in the asylum, having visitors, and so forth. But tripping balls in a higher-end asylum while painting cat pictures isn't marketable.

Though, said psychedelics could have come through cat shit, which makes the story a hell of a lot funnier and fucked up. But, I digress.

No. 774865

the art looks like it was done by two different people

No. 774869

>boob window and the pecs look like an actual ass

oh definitely. the chicken-scratchy linework on the left vs crisp and bold lines on the right, the way there's soft vs hard shading, the choices of color undertones, different approaches to texture. if the same artist did both i'd be very surprised and kinda impressed at their range kek

No. 774870

That's because it is. lol

No. 774937

File: 1617388256764.png (749.46 KB, 540x1914, 1617388147793.png)

It was done by two different people. The devs consist of like 10 different artists and one coder.

No. 774942

bring me examples of the contrary, then. I don't take joy in seeing other women glamorize their suffering, it's not healthy.

No. 774944

This is me having a retarded sense of humour but I tought it was funny the one white guy was italian lol imeatly made me think of this youtube clip

I haven't seen the other people but great galaktyca strikes me as extremely unprofessional both in this and in her light novel or whatever it is. She'll make random tweet doing jokes about the characters and then the official account will retweet that. Their advertisement imo depends way too much on le quirky jokes about the characters and it's just kinda cringy (again, imo)

No. 774948

File: 1617391277322.jpeg (17.21 KB, 506x606, images - 2021-04-03T031959.464…)

Hwo do you even make it big on twitter. I always see my mutuals getting a good amount of rts/likes on their drawings but i cant barely make it past 5 likes. Does the algorithim hate me? Or am i just too unlucky?

No. 774952

She's mad because this looks like something I'd actually play AND she's been treating ValiDate like a fucking meme.

They did! And it was mostly for merch. I think the game itself will be free.

No. 774954

I'm salty af because I entered a mini painting contest and while there is one I believe could beat me, the same scrote that won last month is having people mass vote and his looks like shit. It's a glossy finish and he didn't even do a base. The colors are muddy as hell. Idk I'm just bitter. I put a lot of work into mine.

No. 774955

are you participating in all of these hashtag challenges, or utilizing bigger artists engagement posts? (like 'post your latest work in the replies' or so on)

No. 774956

Ahh these tend to be major circlejerk, especially if win is determined by amount of likes. "'Eavier Metal" is a cool facebook group for mini painters where afaik most (if not all) of the contests have a proper jury so you'll have more chance to win over some lame attention seekers.

No. 774962

No…not really. I always feel like my art isnt good enough if i did something like that but i did try once(hashtags) and it never got any good amount of interaction.

No. 774992

File: 1617396505724.jpg (125.67 KB, 700x542, promises.jpg)


This literally has the same energy that that fake Brony dating game Sam Hyde scammed people with

how sure are we that this is a legit thing?

also the artists/devs were caught running random images off of google through a filter as backgrounds


not super bad but still sketch


>using Kickstarter

>whilst also shilling a patreon
>asking for $32,000 to add a white character
>asking for $80,000 for voice actors

this absolutely REEKS of a scam 90% they'll take the money and run

No. 775112

> You sound like your history of female artists isn't very well known. The art world seems like it only dials into female trauma. Even when a female artist is making fairly innocuous work, her biography is very quick to mention all of her trauma before anything else
“Don’t know the History of female artists and trauma” then references socialmedia bios
> One example is w/Louis Wain
(I can’t even begin with this one because it seemed unnecessary)

… anon, you went into a whole other topic. Are men’s trauma often overlooked in media, yes. The op’s post was about female artists glorifying their trauma through art, not the fact that some people choose whether or not to share their life experiences.

No. 775122

File: 1617413441847.jpeg (244.89 KB, 1800x1800, 005527CC-8803-4172-B8F3-1B2E96…)

Top is female, bottom is male. Same concept, idk why some think male trauma/experiences with mental illness doesn’t exist In art or can be made “beautiful”

No. 775238

File: 1617432052800.jpeg (48.81 KB, 640x360, images (48).jpeg)

I blame this guy

No. 775242

name one artist who wasn't either mentally ill or a pervert

No. 775286

I'm that anon, thanks, I like these.

No. 775315

late but it looks gory to me anon, like they got mauled alive I don't see anything poetical in this pic.

No. 775360

It might be a question of who you know rather than how good your art is. I only have about 400 followers but I usually get a lot more interaction/likes/retweets because I have a lot of supportive friends who I also support. My 1000 follower friend gets a lot less interaction and had a meltdown about it a few months ago. You might just have to make friends with more people and hang out with them more. Just dropping by to say hi and dump some artwork isn't enough, you have to actually integrate into the group. Failing that, just get better at art. My friends can only do so much but I worked hard and have been improving so I think naturally I just get more followers that way, I only do original art but right now I get about 50 new followers a month. If I did fanart I could get more, perhaps doing fanart is something to consider? Another factor is luck I think, some of my friends went up by a huge amount of followers in one day because a way bigger artist retweeted him. The surest way I think is to kiss the ass of bigger artists on twitter, I'm too dumb to be like that but it will definitely grow your account the quickest I think.

I think the main takeaway from this though is that getting big on Twitter is not the primary concern, it should be bettering yourself and your art. Sometimes my stuff gets 10 likes sometimes it gets 100 likes and 20 rts or something (not a lot to some people but to me it feels like a lot). I don't let it affect me though I just power through. It can be demotivating but if it demotivates you to the point of getting depressed over it you need to realise that you may have an issue and take a break for a while.

No. 775457

File: 1617463640023.jpg (7.33 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210403_17224000…)

Guys, what do you think about Happy D. Artists progress?

I feel like even if her anatomy always sucked, she still somehow managed to make her art dreamy unique and she put a ton of details into it.
But nowadays her anatomy still sucks, and she seems to got so lazy. Her current art seems so uninspired and dull.

(top row old, bottom row new art)

No. 775464

i like the way she renders, it reminds me of tattoo art in a way because of the airbrush look? i don't think "wrong" anatomy means it's inherently badly drawn art, none of the bodies she's drawn here stick out as unappealing

No. 775476

I like her old work better. I'm camp idgaf about anatomy as long as it looks pretty though.

No. 775478

File: 1617467269394.jpg (741.95 KB, 728x960, orchid nymph sm.jpg)


Best example for her bad anatomy, but somehow even this is so much better than everything she created over the last year

No. 775507

>Automatically thinking biography means "social media bios," certainly not published works in books, journals with citations, or even fucking Wikipedia.
>Also has no idea about how the fine art world monetizes trauma in general

Holy fuck we really are in Idiocracy. The other anons are right; most people here in this thread know fuckall about art beyond Twitter. This is so fucked up. Not saged because this needs to be witnessed holy crap.

No. 775611

Holy crap Anon, stop sperging and take your pills already. Op was talking about females of the art community and its portrayal of their said trauma and mental illness. If you want to sperg on about how men’s mental illness isn’t taken as seriously, go on ahead

I hate how this made me laugh. completely forgot that Van Gogh existed/was a much better example

No. 775619

Sorry, I forgot I can't use moids as an example in these parts since it's automatically taken as trying to defend men over women, even if I'm just trying to cite how silly the art world is when it comes to glorifying shit.

No. 775714

lmao she knows, the thing ism kane has been like this back in her DA years too.
>got caught many time
>A bloo bloo woe is me
>pretends nothing happened a month later
she knows she can get away, but at least this time she's blacklisted for sure by the animation industry.

No. 775753

Why do so many foreign cunts that call themselves "queer" make yaoi and claim they are doing a service for the gay community? Like what is honestly wrong for them? Just call yourself a fujoshit landwhale and move on, stop thinking you are fucking Harvey Milk with a vagina.

No. 775785

Late but she posted a statement on her Patreon. TL;DR is that she thinks it could be a good new way for artists to make income but won't fully be in support of it unless it becomes both sustainable for the environment and a sustainable source of income.

I doubt she'll be blacklisted by the animation industry. Every allegation against her, even the ones that are proven true, get swept under the rug so fast that people forget it like a week later. She'll still get professional work because people won't remember or won't know that she traces/copies.

No. 775792

She's from New Zealand, dipshit.

>Also, men love to buy artwork featuring traumatized little girls
Source: dude trust me

No. 775798

File: 1617492804747.png (276.31 KB, 535x717, sadfasdf.png)

>>775785 Her concerns for the environmental impact sure didn't last long

No. 775801

Because they cannot joke about anything else without being cancelled by their Uber woketard “friends”

No. 775804

File: 1617493112087.png (470.25 KB, 652x775, tb_choi.png)

TB Choi has joined the crypto art movement, losing about 2k followers since announcing their first auction… They made 16k on the sale.

No. 775808

poked too deep into past threads and found the chick that wants to get her clit removed and now i'm feeling ghost pain. fuck you for letting me open that picture

No. 775811

I'd say live and let live if she wasn't so obsessed with spreading her clit removal ideology to other people. She reminds me of that other degenerate cow who tried convincing her underage followers to get nipple piercings and buy dildos off of her.

Also we know she lurks here. Probably to get off on the shame.

No. 775818

File: 1617494819768.png (122.92 KB, 584x635, Ex5hXihXEAE-B2Y.png)

Fucking kek'd. Luckily her fanbase is massive and she has lots of clout, so none of this will hurt her.

No. 775822

File: 1617495317604.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1831, A5C06EE2-57A4-4CB1-95F3-8729F6…)

Three posts for Marie coming up. This cow has upped her milk since that break up.

First one.

No. 775823

File: 1617495373537.jpeg (752.34 KB, 1125x1877, B52A82BD-9F9A-42B8-BA6F-D7152C…)

This and the next reply post are related. She goes off on an obviously that happened rant about being disabled…

No. 775824

File: 1617495519722.webm (1.08 MB, 576x1024, IMG_0166.webm)

And then proceeds tom less than 24 hours later to post this..

No. 775827

Saw this today too and just found it hilarious. So many people on Twitter complaining about all of the artist they unfollowed due to NTFs just look stupid. All of the big name artist are either in support of NTFs or they don't care, this campaign against the rise of NTFs is a clearly losing battle.

No. 775832

Thank you for the recap. I was just going to post the video.
> self-proclaimed ambulatory wheelchair user
> can walk for "a bit" but needs help
> dances and jumps around for tik tok in her spare time

Tomorrow's forecast: "im out of spoons"

No. 775884

Dont worry she said afterward her legs were sooo tired

No. 775895

You should see the cringe shit where she and her roommate dress up in costume as elves and witches to walk around Los Angeles “just because”

It’s just worse that it’s during a pandemic lol

No. 775937

ot..Can I easily add NTFs to my video media?

No. 775943

SUPER petty but is anyone else just annoyed with all of the short video (tiktok, ig reels, whatever) format going around right now? It's all I see nowadays, people doing these ridiculously stretched out art reveals (bonus points if the art isn't even good), bad tutorials or doing cringy memes like "what people think digital art is" or "drawing hands so hard lol".

I get that people do it to please the algorithm and understand that but it still annoys me, wish we could just go back to posting our art as IMAGES or maybe process recordings at most.

No. 775972

Yes. I prefer written and static image content over videos. I've muted most IG stories and Fleets.

No. 775976

honestly, it really is because a lot of people that make a show about unfollowing only really show how ignorant they are. Other than the environmental argument, a lot of them are accusing artists of just being greedy, selfish, etc. as if numbers in a following = profit. Most artists on social media, even those like Yueko, Kawanocy, Ilya, Zeronis etc. (they aren't involved in NFTs other than Yueko and maybe Zeronis, I'm just listing popular artists) are probably upper middle class at best. Above poverty, but certainly not "rich". Then again, a lot of kids on social media think being rich is having 100 - 200 bucks disposable income given the amount of crying i see over "rich people buying things during a pandemic" and it was something that was like 200 bucks.

not saying nfts aren't bad for the environment, but a lot of them are just like "All the rich artists just getting richer" only really say that cause they see that those artists have a large following… lmao a large following doesn't equate to an income. Not to mention, it's kinda ridiculous to expect people to exchange a potential living just for the environment when the data for NFTs specifically is kinda shaky/mixed. Is it the NFT itself that is causing the emissions? or just the mining of the bitcoins used to purchase them? Not to mention, you have to see how those compare to sending out the same value in prints, merchandise, etc. as well as the manufacturing of that stuff too.

people even brought up in the qrts that she did like, 5k vtuber commissions to buy a house and it's just like… yeah to buy a house… like functioning adults? Like, even a month 5k can be eaten up quickly with food, bills, taxes and savings. Not to mention, these people act like VTuber commissions are easy to do. Some artists I've seen have at well over 30 folders of cut parts, emotes, and other crap. But then again these people are so used to seeing vtuber commissions that aren't any more than maybe 1k at most.

all in all, I don't really care whether someone is in support of NFTs. It's up to them whether or not they use it. All I care about the art theft which may get fixed to some degree or to what degree as possible since with or without NFTs people would steal artwork (and sell stolen artwork lbr, NFTs isn't bringing anything new to the table with the art theft argument) and how to just make it safer for the environment rather than discounting it completely.

No. 775999

File: 1617520741243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 310.99 KB, 1080x1072, 20210404_091715.jpg)

I always wondered what type of people buy Relms art….now I know

I blacked her face because its just an example not an exposure.
But thats her instagram feed open for all

No. 776002

Yueko got shit on over her house because she was bragging about how she paid it off in 2 weeks and acting like that's normal. Yes, it was her hard work that got her there and it's impressive that she's a homeowner at such a young age, but it was her "see? it's easy. the rest of you aren't trying hard enough." attitude that threw people off.
Anyways, I agree with the rest of your post, especially the part about vtubers. There's an expectation that people will do work for cheap to get exposure via the vtuber's streams, but $5k is normal for models of Yue's caliber, particularly because she works with Iron Vertex, who are highly sought after riggers. In her vtuber streams, she talks about how her vtubers can have 300+ layers just so they can move as smoothly as they do. Her turnaround time is extremely quick too, at only 1-2 weeks.

Ew wtf. My eyes. Spoiler this shit.

No. 776003

spoiler that shit

No. 776004

It's still a scam and people are not even selling art, technically they are buying a hyperlink which points to a file on a server. If that server is gone, so is the file. The link/NFT serves as a transactional coin, so just a way to exchange large amounts of bitcoin in one transaction essentially. Getting all these mainstream artists involved in an obvious scam is, I guess the onlyfans for the art community. It makes all the artists involved look like shitheels for knowingly selling essentially nothing for thousands, promotes the scam to smaller artists and pushes bitcoin into the mainstream despite its many problems.

I don't blame artists for grabbing some money while it's on offer but it's still a shitty scam to take part in.

No. 776005

>If that server is gone, so is the file.
there are already people pulling this scam, so it's not even outside the realm of possibility.

No. 776016

Imagine all the small artists getting in on it and losing money because the costs are high and if you're not popular no one will buy anything from you. I've only ever seen artists with a big following and with money to spare doing this shit successfully.

No. 776116


YouTube just released a "shorts" feature which is fucking annoying, people don't come to YouTube for short video crap. They pushed those people away yrs ago and now they want em back?
Fuck that.

No. 776138

The only thing I can find on the house thing is her talking about getting the deposit for it or how she only got it from stress and overworking herself when MAMETCHI brought up that she got a house deposit from doing commissions. Granted, i can understand how it can be offputting but people were basically just like "Didn't you buy a house? rich artists are greedy smh" or saying that she could just live off of commissions. Someone even brought up the average price a home for her area of NZ to say that she may not be rich, but she isn't poor either on her subtweet about people thinking that she was rich and citing things like her having a large following, doing vtuber commissions, owning a home, etc.

idk. it feels like it is just grasping and straws and it is both gross and annoying to witness that people think that working and doing commissions to get a basic living commodity, even if expensive, is a sign that you're one of those Rich Artists and if you can afford food, house, bills, etc. then you must be RICH as opposed to just, average? It's like the only thing people know on social media is either impoverished and constantly e-begging or having so much money that you literally never want for anything and live in a mansion with 10 cars. Idk why people need to hyper analyze someone's income just to prove that they're "rich" when their idea of rich is being able to live a comfortable life and not worry about getting evicted or how you're going to afford food for the month.

Even artists like Zeronis have mentioned not wanting to live off of commissions and having done commissions myself, I'd choose NFTs over doing commissions if I could. Though i don't get commissions regular, I can imagine that they lose their galore once you start getting them regularly and have to deal with clients ghosting you, chargeback scams, payment processes like paypal being able to hold thousands of dollars and not give it back just because they thought it was "suspicious" you got too many orders at once (Which is what happened to Minnie Small) and having zero legal obligation to give it back at all, etc. So i can fully understand the appeal even if they are bad for the environment and you are a larger artist who could probably make a living an alternative means.

OFC I think it is a scam and that if you don't have money you can risk putting into it, I wouldn't recommend it. But I'm not gonna knock someone if it works out for them. We're all stuck in a rat race… As long as someone isn't doing something that is just obnoxiously dangerous or stupid for money not really gunna blame them for chasing a bag.

No. 776142

it's a pyramid scheme, to be exact. Have you noticed how the sellings that start with a strong number, do so because another nft artist has bid on it before it went public? When you join nft you're expected to buy other artists' work before expecting someone to buy your own. You can take aside the enviroment argument, this is predatory to artists trying to make a living. Honestly you get much less headaches simply selling prints and charms, which was already a market that gave digital art proper value.

No. 776274

File: 1617567022035.jpg (362.92 KB, 1080x1449, 20210404_220750.jpg)

Does anyone here is patreon of Lioba Bruckner? How comes she have 480 patreons? Her cheapest tier is about 5$, her art ist maybe mediocre at best, her youtube views are not that great, and the same for instagram likes.

So what is it with that patreon success?

No. 776275

well maybe it's just a bunch of those 5$ patrons

No. 776283

But if you compare others from the same league, like Happy D. Or Lena Danya, both cheapest tier it 1$
And Lena has about 350 and Happy only about 200 patreons.

I would love what lioba does different, but I dont want to spend the money on her

No. 776318

File: 1617572622625.jpg (201.84 KB, 745x1433, Jn2OhRO.jpg)

She's American herself, her parents might've been born in S.Korea but she was born in America and doesn't even know korean aside from common phrases.
I don't understand why people who are korean-american, etc are not "american" when it's convenient for them. She was born and raised in America on an American diet. heck she complains about gaining so much weight since all she does is sit at home playing ffxiv and complaining she lost her full time job at some shady start-up gacha game company that got sold and let go of all their employees last year.
sage because she's become pretty irrelevant since she got addicted to ffxiv but was somewhat popular in her tumblr days when she was in school.

No. 776343

File: 1617574607085.jpeg (245.11 KB, 1125x686, F4A60DA6-E34E-4F15-95E0-BF4C63…)

Creepy pucca is getting into MMA now when her ex loves it

No. 776359

lol princessxemnas, they're as much of an attention whoring wokescold cow as anyone posted in this thread

No. 776386

I dont want to derail the thread but children of immigrants tend to have pretty unique experiences compared to maybe a 4th gen korean american. I dont think it's an issue to compare asian versus korean snacks anyways. This artist doesnt seem milky at all, considering most people I know got laid off because of the pandemic.

No. 776408

File: 1617585801149.jpg (730.89 KB, 1280x1691, o8OGKyA.jpg)

I remember this artist. idk if her addiction to that game caused the style shift or her laziness but I like her art alot more when she wasn't drawing characters from 14
image is her art from like 2016 vs now ( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ExThonPUYAIIROc?format=jpg&name=medium )
but yeah shes not milky, pretty average anime art and boring personality.

No. 776410

Picrew must be living rent free in my head cause more than half of these look like randomized picrews.

No. 776487

that isn't how it works, anon. fungible tokens function as a link to one unique specific location its just a new form of URL. it can lead to literally any digital thing so some artists use it as a form of trading digital proof of ownership for money.
NFTs cant be put "onto" digital things or "made" by an artist or any of the brainless shit other people are saying ITT lmao.

NFTs are auto created by hashers in blockchains through proof of work hashing every 12 seconds and so are FTs regardless of if they get used by someone or not. it is impossible to stop the validation process of a blockchain and miners are going to keep solving blockchains by running super computers until the final amount of all ether is mined. The energy problem is not caused by internet artists and even if every NFT seller literally stopped tonight it would not cause more or fewer NFTs/FTs from being hashed.

No. 776502

File: 1617602437168.jpeg (239.57 KB, 1242x478, 04768535-1E8C-41B3-B50C-06B9AF…)

Sssssure girl, whatever you say

No. 776518

Is it me or is this guy really mediocre? I have no idea how he is living as a professional artist.

No. 776521

I thought those skulls made me laugh out loud but then he he hit me with that Emilia Clarke portrait. Oh man.

Anyways, the answer is supportive rich parents. Or connections (through said parents).

Sometimes I get jealous of these types and wonder how much better I'd be at art if I had gotten family support instead of PTSD but then again I'm glad I don't get complacent like this dude.

No. 776542

I don't know about this guy in particular, I've only watched two or three of his videos and don't follow him beyond that but I think that pure skill (or having rich parents) isn't all there is to making a living as an artist. Strong social media presence and marketing, flamboyant/magnetic personality and broadly appealing or unique style. Every average joe can market himself to a large audience with the power of social media.

No. 776544

File: 1617613450925.jpg (17.52 KB, 640x480, 1449358033496.jpg)

>"All the rich artists just getting richer" only really say that cause they see that those artists have a large following… lmao a large following doesn't equate to an income
Unfortunately I believe this is true when it comes to first worlds artist in most cases. Most artist who buy into the NFT I've seen are industry level and established artists. I won't question whether them getting into NFT is sincere or not, but judging by how it requires you to be invited by another to actually have an account for nft minting really paint the portrait of classism through premium exclusivity. Furthermore, I see popular artist (most of the time it's the invitee) bidding for other artists to set the initial pricing, so there is hint of premeditated procedure happening among the big name artists circle.
I honestly dont think NFT is a permanently thing, and artists are just being opportunist merchants. People talk about social justice, saving the planet etc, but does the exact opposite when a bag of money is in front of them. It's human nature so I won't criticize them because I know I might do the same.
Twitter mobs are a lost cause, they hold their pitch fork over whatever "enemy" they can bully on in unison, but when it's their own idols who are doing the act, the whole group collapse.

No. 776555

how insulting that she milks her use of a wheelchair as Muh Disability when she has two functioning legs that are strong enough to let her jump around like this. She jumps with the same intensity as the girl beside her. If i was in a wheelchair i'd be angry, how is no one calling her out for this. What does she need a service dog for again

No. 776567


Holy shit Marie is 100% a munchie and as an actually disabled person trying to work in industry and can't it really fucking pisses me off. I don't want to blog but I'm disabled with fibromyalgia and other shit, who the fuck cares.

Anyways I know for a fact that if she is as disabled as she claims and needs a wheelchair and a service dog and is in the ER all the time then she sure as shit shouldn't be dancing around like that! That would hurt like fuck. That's a flare up for at least 3 days, you wouldn't be doing that if you actually had mobility issues and have a fulltime job, that's so stupid.

No. 776568

So is she a munchie7 He always made it sound like as if she is completely disabled and cannot move her legs at all, maybe once in a blue moon and for a few seconds. Wtf.

No. 776576


Also the fact that she crowdfunded her service dog she probably doesn't need? Marie works at Disney, used to work at CN etc. Clearly has industry experience and a good network. I have a few friends that worked at CN and other guild studios. I know for a fact that they get paid A LOT and have really good job security. I'm talking story artists get on average 80k a year as a STARTING salary. Plus all of the other benefits while being in the animation guild. Marie if she pays her bills on time probably has good credit. Good enough credit to take a bank loan out to get her stupid dog if she really needed it like she claims. (she doesn't, she's a munchie). Or she could have saved up the very good salary that Disney pays her and you know act like a grown up and pay for it herself, you know with the job she has.

She didn't need to fucking E-beg. There are actual disabled people out there that need stuff to aid in their mobility, need healthcare, therapy etc and live below the poverty line. Where remote working and freelance art like posting their shit online is their only option for income and they don't get any help. Then you get spoiled, munchie brats like Marie E-begging on twitter and getting tens of thousands when she doesn't need nor deserve it. I get that the world is unfair etc etc but just fuck her, honestly. She does not need that dog and did not need that money.

No. 776579

You don’t draw don’t you?

No. 776592


it's not just that. when she first started begging she claimed charity orgs rejected her application which is why she needed to get a dog from a breeder.
she also claimed it'll be a puppy that will need to be trained and will be ready in 2 years but then she got a clearly grown dog sooooo?

No. 776602

Sorry for tinfoiling, but could there be a chance that she just adopted a random a dog and lied about the service dog to get 30k?

No. 776604

80k isn't that much when you consider cost of living in LA but it's definitely not poverty level. She could've saved up for a dog in a few years. She has a gigantic following and used that to get a dog for herself. I don't know why nobody seems to have a problem with her selfish behavior, I guess her audience is majority people who kiss her ass and hoping that'll somehow get them their own dream disney job by proxy

No. 776619

he draws realism, which is not particularly intriguing, but impresses normies a lot. i don't like his art but his advice is solid, it mentions a lot of things I learned in art courses

No. 776631

File: 1617634680264.png (168.32 KB, 619x593, jdskf.png)

It's real fucked up to see people try and dox/out LGB artists that literally live in Middle Eastern countries on some basis of fandom cartoon rights. Like, literally what the fuck do they think they're accomplishing?

The person calling them out? She's a they/he fakeboy American, to boot. Truly remarkable. Twitter has been beyond fucking insane lately but this is basically the worst case I've seen in a while, especially because while I'm not much of a stan I haven't even seen Columbo do anything notably obnoxious. Truly wish somebody would just call these deranged, privileged childrens' parents and get them off the internet for a while, it's giving them brain damage.

No. 776640

COLUMBO is one of those classic artist from the old internet days who genuinely just want to have fun with her fandom , like how most fan artists used to draw purely out for the sake of being in the fandom wihout the intention of catching up with worldly social media promotion. It's bound to happen but still sad.

No. 776644

File: 1617638692707.png (44.13 KB, 717x321, EyMLlTZU4AYiZ2Z.png)

American moment.

No. 776648

I'm afraid that might be true as well honestly. She could have taken a normal dog for emotional support (which is probably the same as a service dog to her) and kept the money for other stupid shit.

No. 776649

File: 1617639474702.png (942.32 KB, 763x858, Screenshot_1.png)

That sneaky AM hidden next to armenian… Paired with being named fucking Becca and being a he/they lmao. It's giving pure boring white girl. She's either not getting called/hiding those pronouns or her armenian heritage consists of a great great grandparent who would be deeply disappointed by now.
I legitimately feel like forcing this sort of puritan American shit on people from third world oppressive ass countries is some form of weird modern e-racism. It's at the very least horrifically intolerant and the epitome of colonist attitudes.

No. 776655

teenagers lack empathy, you need to become an adult and actually experience life to gain some. i hate that adults and kids are forced to share the same space on social media. things used to be more separate before

No. 776668

this isayamasucks person is a AOT stan. Attack on fucking titan, the blatantly pro-fascist show. How can you be superwoke and watch/support/obsess over attack on titan????

No. 776673

I'm so confused, becca called Columbo out for being lesphobic because he said it's fucked up how a lesbian character was forced to become pregnant? That's so backwards, I can't wrap my heard around this
I hate twitter, hope it gets nuked soon like tumblr did

No. 776675

>Attack on fucking titan, the blatantly pro-fascist show

No. 776685

you've clearly missed the point of AOT. Go complain about it on twitter.

No. 776694

what did anon mean by this?

No. 776696

lmao, not going pro-fascist is the reason why righty 4channers jumped on its hate wagon in the first place.

No. 776704

From what I’ve seen, a lot of people who are still on tumblr think no one should be allowed to like AOT because it promotes genocide and Japanese colonialism… or something like that. As if these same people don’t watch Marvel movies which are supported by the US military.

No. 776708


smth smth "AOT is antisemitic and promotes genocide and militarism and is nazist because german names"

typical twitter nonsense.

the writer of AOT got accused of some shit once also but i don't remember what anymore.

No. 776730

Last time I saw twitter woketards talking about it I think it was anti-korean racism that they accused the author of (I don't know details tho)

No. 776731


She calls on the disability card when it's convenient for her. I don't know I feel like she may need her own thread on here.

No. 776749

Idk if she has enough consistent milk to keep a thread going though

She is definitely a snowflake though. if anyone remembers, Marie’s last boyfriend cheated on her. Marie and her industry friends accused some random girl, viv?, of being the “other woman”. They even came on here and called her a home wrecker and subtweeted the fuck out of her. Turns out Her bf did have a crush on viv, but multiple other girls too. Viv of course didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but Marie attacked Viv without evidence or asking Viv about the situation and then never apologized. Girl boss tho amirite?

Also don’t get me started on Marie’s girl boss hate men I’m gay but love dick sex worker roommate lmao

No. 776768

File: 1617651195486.png (173.03 KB, 711x236, p.PNG)

God how doesn't anyone here know basic history. SnK is set in the 1920/30s, the storyline blatantly mirrors imperial Japanese war history. The eldian characters are of a Japanese German fantasy military able to transform into giant sapient supersoldiers, vs the race of giants outside the walls who are a brainless race of monster cannibals whos only function is eating the sentient race.

The eldian army is organizing a siege against the kingdom across their border to literally exterminate the world of every cannibal and occupy the kingdom to expand their small colonial rule beyond the confines of their walls.

The author has made many clear references to the Japanese Korean war, denied the raping of Nanjing, and is a huge WWI/WWII fanboy on twitter. A character is literally designed from a war criminal, picrel.(derailing)

No. 776784

As someone who has read the entire series up until the current (2nd to last chapter), this is the biggest amount of bullshit I have ever read.

This spiel sounds like some Tumblr copypasta. Actually read the series sometime and it becomes pretty clear that the overall message is anti-war, 'racism bad' and 'blind hatred destroys us all.'(derailing)

No. 776787

>The author has made many clear references to the Japanese Korean war, denied the raping of Nanjing, and is a huge WWI/WWII fanboy on twitter. A character is literally designed from a war criminal, picrel.

He himself posted so much of this shit on twitter that there have been petitions to get SnK banned/removed from markets and libraries in at least SK and China, idk about other countries.
kek he’s a genuine war criminal sympathizer/colonization apologist, it’s a shame people including anons itt sum up disdain for him as woketard twitter & tumblr nonsense.

As someone who has been reading it since 2012 until now, it doesn’t matter what your interpretation of the author’s intent is. He has made his inspirations clear enough. Cope. Google is your friend.(derailing)

No. 776788

I don't know why it's a surprise that Isayama is a nationalist

No. 776794

File: 1617653970051.jpeg (869.91 KB, 1242x1287, F1F867D0-3CB2-4173-99E9-80826A…)

DC beastboy artist picolo is currently being exposed for scamming his half a million dollar crowdfunding backers by being 2 years late and underdelivering/not fulfilling project promises (the post is old but there were new developments so most of the traction is from today)

No. 776799

What’s the deal with her roommate? Amanda? She and Marie have the same thing going on where their engagement doesn’t correlate with how shitty their art is (probably just LA clique bullshit)

No. 776830

As a Korean migrant myself, while I do see the influences of world war and imperial Nazism, but I dont really see it as political statement. A statement within the context of SNK, yes, but as a tool of real world brainwashing? a bit too much of a far cry. I mean the final arc is doing the literal opposite.
>denied the raping
he did not said this, he stated about the contribution of Japanese colonization. Which was a very bad wording and sentiment, even if it was unintentional or not. The context was more about what happened from the Japanese record pov rather than picking a side. You can say he was inconsiderate for not mentioning war crime from the victim side, but he decide to dance on neutrality instead. He'll get in trouble regardless, Even Miyazaki personally avoid talking about it then just end with the typical "War is bad" note.
Most of you guys are probably from the west so I don't expect you guys to understand Asian political affairs'. When it comes to Asia, the word war-crime is not something that can be dumbed down to just by its plain definition. Between China, Korea, and Japan, an apology for said war crime is not just a series of apology bill and education training to acknowledge war crime like how German paid they their due. Both Chinese, Korean and Japanese government are using said war crime for ulterior political motive, this whole drama has been ping pong'ed around for generations to the point you really question if they really care about the actual victim of the war crime or not. Most older Korean generation knows about this, and ,most younger Korean just want to move on and not be burdened by their ancestor's grudges, but it's not happening right now especially with tension going on in China CCP. Japan isn't the only one to apologize for their past deed, but they are the most popular choice when you need to find someone to blame on.
And no I'm not sympathizing with the Japanese government, and do hope they acknowledge it, however, I'm not expecting an obligation. I cringe every time I see westerner speak about the warcrime in such light weighted sentiment, boil down all context, then turn it into a competition of guilt shaming and who should apologize faster.
Knowing basic history is half the truth, understanding it is the other, and how you use it for the future is another. Using only the information and not understanding is weaponizing falsehood.

Fun fact: anti-Japan or anti-imperial Japan is completely legal in Korean film, it's fine to use Japanese people as caricature or test subject, but who care because it's the "right thing" to do lol.(derailing)

No. 776849

Iseyama got accused of being a WW2 apologist because he tweeted about thinking a warship is cool and it just happened to be one that was used during WW2.

>omori 2: electric boogaloo

No. 776860

File: 1617662285141.png (196.97 KB, 1768x716, caps.png)

I remember being sad because I missed the indiegogo campaign. Dodged a bullet, apparently most of the panels were already on his Instagram and the story was lacklustre. That's a bummer, I really thought the characters were interesting and I actually wanted to buy the Teen Titans series he's been putting out

I'm really curious where this is gonna go, I've been reading the comments under his campaign and they recently received their digital copies (through a link that was only available 5 days lol)
Picrel is part of the thread (it's really long though)

No. 776873

Im always surprosed to learn how well gabriel has been doing in his career. Back in his deviantart days, someone called him out for tracing a significant amount of art that trended on the front page. But his fans bullied the call outter so bad that they deleted the post and deactivated. He never owns up to it.

My Brazilian friends also hate him because hes quite right leaning. He keeps his reputation pretty clean, otherwise.

No. 776874

isn't it weird that superwoke teens are into a manga that makes free use of nazi symbology, tho? I thought this kind of thing would be unacceptable for them, since they get bothered by a lot more mild things

No. 776880

I think at least some of them got into it before they became woke and got too attached to denounce it

No. 776882

It's more like "if you consume this series, you're a freak" but when they consume it "psa you can love series and still be critical of its themes!"

It's very hypocritical, honestly. But, unlike the annoying woke crowd, Im not going to cyberbully people over some random manga?

No. 776933

File: 1617670541223.jpg (149.06 KB, 742x1190, 30xZ4z4.jpg)

what do people think of stealing compositions/poses/photobashing? or is it possible to even "steal" an idea like that.

I guess what they are talking about is like what kaneblob did with the photobashing/compositions, but it seems not alot of people cared about her taking heavy reference of others as long she didn't outright trace the artwork and even argued that it's something like her take on the theme/idea.

pic related, also looks like they deleted this while I was posting though. For context they were angry that a RT was using their composition from 2020.
It wasn't that interesting I'm more just curious what people think of that whole idea of stealing compositions and themes I guess.

No. 776946

He’s fairly wildly disliked in the br scene for multiple reasons, one of them being using a reactionary catchphrase during the bolsonaro election (one that was only used by his voters/right wing leaning people). Then trying to stay apolitical (which is frowned upon, considering the mess Brazil is in rn) and only clarifying the situation (through a non-apology) 2 years late when the bolsonaro administration started getting really ugly. Suffice to say Brazilian twitter has been having a field day dragging him, although he still has a lot of defenders and will likely come out virtually unscathed.

He actually made an announcement regardinng this situation… in portuguese, when most of the people complaining are foreigners, and his tone was extremely curt and pissy (like, annoyed people are bringing up the issue) and even telling people to go fuck themselves for continuing to bring up the bolsonaro thing.

No. 776967

File: 1617674269877.jpg (108.02 KB, 589x658, crash.jpg)

That was fast.

No. 776970

pfft, I agree, that was fast as shit.

No. 776990


Holy fuck I though Lexxy Douglas with 80k she got from the cloud factory was bad, holy shit half a million? How the fuck do these shits get away with this?

No. 776996


Anon said it was an 80K a year starting salary, meaning that number goes up. By the look of it on Glassdoor it goes up by quite a bit and 80k is a pretty accurate number for a starting salary for story. Especially at Disney, but that number could be for feature and not TV. Because Marie has previous experience and has a network she probably gets more than a starting salary at her job though.

Also LA is as grossly expensive if you have roommates and split the cost which Marie has, meaning she might have more disposable income than one would expect. Point is, Marie is far from being poor and you're right to say she's a selfish cunt. Then again she goes to the ER to do her Munchie attention seeking shit a lot so those bills probably add up quick. Wouldn't be surprised if Marie was a woman child who couldn't manage her own finances and lives way beyond her means.

No. 776999


What disability does she even claim to have anyways? Is it like one or does she have an alphabet soup of 'diagnosed illnesses' like your average twitter artist retard?

No. 777019

at least omori was a good game (with shitty people working in it kek)

No. 777026

Its listed on her gofundme
Her second one actually, she had one before this

No. 777047

File: 1617683134675.png (1.57 MB, 899x1165, aa.png)

I guess it depends what's being stolen, but I got pissed when I was vinne art stealing mmmbcnn_'s idea/composition. The original was very memorable to me and I recognized the influence from vinne's pics instantly. It felt bad seeing vinne get praised for the idea that people weren't aware was stolen from a smaller artist. I guess praise and numbers don't mean much, but I hated seeing it

No. 777055

Is the one on the bottom the copy? It looks better imo, it would suck if it's stolen.

No. 777061

Nta, but yeah, the bottom is the copy, and while it looks better, it’s just pretty. The top one is more unexpected while the bottom one is just two kinky girlfriends on a date.

No. 777068

yeah, bottom is copy
Vinne's lacks a lot of charm for me. I think the original is a lot of fun!

No. 777091

Wasn’t the cloud factory kickstarter just for the artbook though? Not trying to justify her immediately dropping the comic, just wondering if she actually fluked out on promises for the backers

No. 777098

File: 1617688712957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.4 KB, 694x879, FB_IMG_1617687718763.jpg)

unrelated but lol this design is for $350, no additional art or some shit

No. 777144

It needs to be a VERY specific thing, otherwise it can be simply inspiration.
People think it's easy to spot when it's plagiarism or not, but it's actually a pretty complex thing. So complex that each country has their own laws on it, so it's near impossible to find a definite answer to situations that fall into a grey area. I believe compositions/poses/photobashings can be considered copies in certain cases, but each one is different. So many people are ignorant in the subject and use words like copy/tracing/stealing without knowing anything and it ruins every discussion on the subject.

Like >>777047, I remember this and people played the "you can't steal a pose" argument, but it's not simply the pose, it's the idea, making 2 images in the exact same composition.

No. 777193


She did fluke out on rewards for backers etc. Her promise was pretty much complete the comic and launch it as a book Stand Still Stay Silent style and rewards were like sketches and stuff. The initial funding goal was something like 15 grand so it went way over funded and she probably got swamped with work to do. Still doesn't excuse her just bailing, she should have refunded the people for rewards that she couldn't do on her own.

No. 777225

I would say this is more inspiration rather than stealing. Otherwise, anything that was inspired by or referenced from something else would be considered stealing.

both images carry different vibes from each other so I'm less inclined to call it theft in a genuine sense.

No. 777237

I think this is saved from being theft solely by how much more soulless it is. It is truly remarkable how they couldn't make the Goth Sexy Kinky GF carry the role reversal vibes whatsoever. It's like they saw the point and then missed entirely on the execution solely to channel Aesthetic WLW Vibes.
I will say that it's definitely a different image because of that though. Kind of a weird mixed situation, though, I also dislike it.

No. 777245

sure, it might be expensive for you, but that's what the artist though was fair for their work. art is a luxury after all. if you can't pay it, don't buy it.
getting tired of people gatekeeping artist's prices, saying their drawing are too expensive, they cost to much etc etc. seems like selling fully finished pieces for $10 really fucked up people's perception of how much art costs huh

No. 777257

I think issues like these wouldn't even be issues if people simply credited the artists they're taking inspiration from. It's common courtesy, it makes you look good by being transparent, it shows appreciation to the original artist, people can't accuse you of stealing… There's no downsides to doing it. Unless what you want is for people to not find out you referenced from someone else's art.

No. 777268

When you really think about it, it's not a lot. The artist is going to hand over any rights they would own of that character once its sold. So its actually a fair price.

Adoptables is really where it's at, and you can even make more if you do furry adoptables. Its weird but can be really profitable if you are creative.

No. 777293

its kinda a lot for non commercial Disney copy cat look tbh

No. 777349

I don't get better vibes from the bottom, just different. Both are skilled. The top just seems like he manage to insert nearly every one of their fetishes into a single pic, and you know what. Good for them I guess, lol.

No. 777357

File: 1617729805655.png (138.66 KB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_20210406-191212~2.p…)

>comes across a seemingly cool project
>ofc it's tranny inclusive
Why has troon shit infiltrated all the art places? No I don't want to see Venus with a dick dingling between her legs, she's a prime example of female goddess ffs. And seeing who participates in this project it's mostly lesbians (and fakebois by extension) and fujoshis, it's just virtue signaling at this point, male troons just stay in their furry coomer corners anyway.

No. 777359

It looks like some genderspecial high schoolers' DnD character

No. 777364

Oh, I wasn't trying to say the top is bad or anything, but I just personally like the bottom's style more. The straight femdom thing does nothing for me, and if it were just the first photo I wouldn't have looked twice. I can agree that it is more expressive than the bottom though.

No. 777374

Wow lol how is this a cool product? You get what you ask for anon. Ofc some stupid shit like "making history gay" is going to have troon shit in it

No. 777376

I'm just tired that tranny shit has to be included everywhere in gay spaces, can't even look at f/f content without seeing random dicks. It looked nice to me because the artists are actually competent, it's way above the average tumblr kweer zine project.

No. 777382

it's not just the troon bullshit that is dumb, acting as if famous works of art have no gay men or "POC" is also dumb af.

No. 777415

>>777357 Can't they just take actual lgbt art history and show it (because yes, that exist)? Or is it just too much work for them?

No. 777429

they just want to be woke anon. it's a lot more woke (and attention-driving) to pick "BIG EBIL CISHET NORMATIVE HISTORYY" and make it troon shit "to anger the HETS" than to give actual lgbt art history a spotlight.

No. 777446

Straight femdom? They're both women in the top image anon.

No. 777451

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the characters. The one on the right looks male to me.

No. 777495

This might be a bit out of topic and spoonfeed, but how are they shitty people? You mean by the way they did the kickstarter?
I also remember people getting mad at Omocat because he was dealing with the kickstarter so shittilly that people were starting to think he was just scamming people as a way to advertise his clothing brand lol

No. 777539

While the copy looks better on a technical level, the original has a lot more going on in terms of dynamics, and yeah, it's a lot more subversive.
If I was the original artist I would be pissed.

No. 777556


To me that's what makes it even more upsetting. Instead of LGBT+ art history finally getting proper recognition and the attention it deserves, it gets pushed aside because the wOkEs!1! are too busy trying to bait angry heteros and get brownie points from the Twitter community. It's fucking sad because if this was an actual LGBT+ art history book I'd be pretty interested in buying/backing it.

No. 777571

yea i agree who wants to see venus with a dick, disgusting. lots of trans art just feels like fetish art to be honest

No. 777572

the fact that vinne has 200 times more followers and influence than mmmbcnn makes my blood boil. Being a small artist and having your art and ideas ripped off by someone with that much more reach must feel frustrating. What even is the point of trying if popular Instagram aesthetic artists are just gonna steal your idea and get hailed an artistic genius while you scrape the bottom of the barrel?

No. 777653

That's what I was just thinking. Calling it theft is a compliment. It literally looks like fanart of two cosplayers who tried to emulate the first picture but missed the entire point and all the context. The first pic is amazing and engaging. The second is fishing for IG likes.

This is them being lazy because giving a light to artists who fit this bill would require effort and research. Photoshopping Mona Lisa into an Aiden Lake is less effort for them.

I miss those days. Reminds me of y!Gallery allowing transmen in the main gallery. Sure, there's a filter, but that's not yaoi.

No. 777851

idk what you're talking about anon. there's no charm, there's no soul, boring and they can't draw hands

No. 777958

File: 1617799656071.png (82.79 KB, 594x806, bully.png)

Imagine being proud of bullying someone off a platform because you don't enjoy their art.

No. 777970

context? who is kinokorp

No. 777973

File: 1617801522434.jpg (191.39 KB, 800x566, tumblr_pau3bt9lEF1qhv8w1o1_128…)

I don't know the characters either, but the character with the braids has massive tits and long eyelashes if you look closely.

Isn't this the same person who ran that tumblr blog under the name joulejay who would harass people for not drawing characters dark enough (usually extremely minimal skin tone differences) and would edit their art to "fix" them? I remember they did it to a popular Splatoon artist and people kept trying to point out what color theory was because the other characters were super washed out too (the lighting was very bright) and it was referencing the official splatfest artworks which had a similar palette.
I remember her being nasty as shit too and spamming reblogs trying to start fights with artists over it all the time.

I'm not shocked at all that bullies don't change, for people like this their entire social circle consists of fellow bullies so they just keep harassing others because it's how they pass the time.

No. 777977

File: 1617801667030.jpg (339.07 KB, 1163x1920, tumblr_a19d6651624da42351724c8…)

French (white) artist who draws old school guro. She drew some asian girl among others and twitter is seething now. French art twitter is super angry now

No. 777980

This is cute as hell.

No. 777981

File: 1617801813095.png (153.69 KB, 484x821, KinoKorp.PNG)

Some added context in picrel.

No. 777985

File: 1617801935466.png (3.08 MB, 540x6134, swl42uiyiip21.png)

Found a better pic that has more of the drama.

No. 777987

I think this has already been posted

No. 777991

Eh? I'm after having a skim of the thread just now and didn't see it. Regardless I was just elaborating context to the artist that was posted in the thread.

No. 778017

People who do this, who say “not dark enough” to an aesthetically pleasing art piece, should always burn at the stake imo

No. 778043

guro girl art isn't new and i have seen asians depicted in these types of art more than any other race but what does the artist being white have to do with it. will these pearl clutching twitter kids go after asian men drawing the same shit??? i doubt it

No. 778047

Jeez this fag again? Does he never get tired of this?
Can't wait for him to accidentally make a tweet with the word "kill" in it so someone reports it and gets insta banned by twitters bots like his girlfriend was.

No. 778074

File: 1617809491624.jpeg (267.89 KB, 828x588, 2C28A5B9-BB51-4B32-AF95-3FD7BC…)

Their gf is the same person as destinytomoon who crusaded for fat black trans miku. This is perfect. Cows collide.

No. 778093

>>777571 We have the greek god Hermaphroditus for that, but I guess these people just really care to change existent pieces of art even when what they want is right in fucking front of them. I mean, he was son of Aphrodite and had temples in pretty proiminent places. These people just don't he exists because they don't do any research, it's infuriating

No. 778097

awful witch hunt. they always go after random artist but never against real disgusting porn shit.

No. 778102

Speaking of other artists like Jay, I notice a reoccurring artists in the thread, ddawnniee who joins in with these cancellations and bitch a lot about things, she's of course a 19 year old white lesbian who preaches and tries to harrass artists off sights as well. It's hilarious how after that tweet and her angry tangent she just goes on to bitch about how she's losing followers and how it's causing her 'anxiety'.

She's also connected to a lot of cows and her art isn't really that good which I can see why she decided to clout-chase and join the horrible witch hunt. It's also a good news some people are actually shitting on Jay and realizing how fucked up it is.

No. 778112

nnnnoooo I loved her art

mmhh maybe people are extra sensitive atm because of the asian hate crimes that happen right now?

No. 778120

To me the artist seems like a huge weeb with the username and depiction of asian girls. And yeah considering the raise in hate crimes against asians which have also been happening in france it's not a good look.

Might be an overreaction from the woke crowd on twitter, I don't think it's something to cancel someone over for. Just cringy. But as a half asian in europe the comments from the french crowd piss me off even more. Typical european reaction is getting offended at any criticism or whenever racism is being brought up and refusing to acknowledge that racism isn't an american only thing.

No. 778172

File: 1617820663073.jpg (70.1 KB, 377x679, EyY4BhBWEAEycBc.jpg)

any french anons here?

No. 778175

File: 1617820712156.jpg (74.95 KB, 395x680, EyY4Bg7XIAMPBsF.jpg)

No. 778176

File: 1617820761071.jpg (75.82 KB, 521x680, EyY4BhCXMAI6tGl.jpg)

No. 778180

Not a native french speaker, from what i can read she explains the history behind the name, venomous mushroom and a MHA character. She also mentiones the hate is coming from Americans who are accusing her of being racist. She explains her inspiration comes from ero-guro style. She also says thst the hate crimes are happening far away from her and that she made her pieces long before the asian hate crimes started. She also says that her attackers don't want her drawing poc cause she she is white.
That's all I got, maybe another anon could pitch in and do a proper translation.

No. 778185

This person is either dumb or they are intentionally only addressing their french audience because they know that they are already on their side.

Hate crimes against asians have been happening all over europe too. I'm not someone to cry cultural appropriation but it reflects very poorly on her to take so much inspiration from another culture and be oblivious or ignorant to stuff literally happening in her country. Asian people have been telling her what they find wrong with it and she blocked them.

I didn't think it was that big of a deal but this response is just dumb, french people need to stop acting like racism only happens in the US. The most amount of people pulling their eyes and yelling ching chong at me happened in france.

No. 778187

Honestly it looks like the artists has been drawing like this for a while, but because of the american movement of “stop Asian hate” catching wind of her art (guro art never being welcomed and it being particularly aimed around female Asians)- it just seems like a bad combination. I pity the artist

No. 778189

File: 1617823619929.png (270.73 KB, 1552x760, translate.png)


I put the pictures into onlineocr to get the text then put it into translate, and that's basically what they say

No. 778192

File: 1617823831817.png (87.28 KB, 963x598, speedy translaty.png)

Speed translated this sorry for typos

No. 778195

Idk where the Asian influence is in the art- minus drawing females who are Asian. All it seems to me is guro art with Asians that is the most unsettling.
Also, hate crimes happen everywhere, but American media make it the most polarizing (YouTube, primarily YouTube drama channels are the best example of how toxic it can be). Its another reason why a lot of non-American artists/people block American media it can be hella toxic with jumping on the bandwagon

No. 778200

She specifically says she is inspired by a japanese art movement and has a japanese username. And I don't see what about hate crimes is polarizing, as far as I can tell they are universally condemned.

I don't think she should be bullied off the platform, at all. But the response is stupid and so are the responses by her whiteknights

No. 778204

It's the trending topic of the week and they want to be perceived like they truly care about it, so they go on a witch hunt online to pretend they can do something about it. It isn't about the crimes, it's about their egos. Either they are too dumb to understand they are making everything worse by bullying some random artist, or they don't care and simply do this shit cause they want to feel accomplished.

No. 778212

KEK I don’t even care for this shit but she really didn’t defend herself well at all.
She basically said “I love Japan and I love Japanese artists and a Japanese character so I used a Japanese name” which worse weeb shit could happen but it’s still pretty retarded. She should have left out the “I love x country I have no relation to” bit because they’re going to easily use this as evidence she’s a fetishizing degen.

The real “wtf” moment was this shit “I drew Japanese looking school girls all bloody because I like the art when they’re in erotic-gore.” How is she not cringing to death at writing this. Is drawing French children too boring or something? I’m not accusing her of anything, but people’s tendency to draw specifically Japanese young women in a school uniforms experiencing violence, almost like that’s the default subject, is weird to say the least.

>reality of Asian violence

>It’s American!
twitterfags are gonna have a riot with this one KEK she lives in France ffs

No. 778293

This is so fucking retarded. Yeah a random French woman being edgy weeb is responsible for racist men. Scrotes who make erotic guro aren’t held accountable for violence against women. Twitterfags gtfo.

No. 778304

For once twitter fans are kind of right, isn’t it really fucking weird and fetish like to only draw Asian school girls being abused and beaten?

No. 778342

File: 1617839050801.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 311.13 KB, 976x1200, AC2B086D-D666-4C81-8591-D92D5A…)

What the hell
Her art is so fucking cool! What a fucking shame she got chased off the platform by retarded twitterfags.

No. 778349

I genuinely see nothing wrong with this art, this is such an overreaction, who cares if she's a weeaboo

No. 778376

Peeking at her art all she draws is cutesy girls + blood gore horror shit. Artists like this are literally a dime a dozen. Everyone is overreacting lmao

No. 778417

File: 1617850704828.jpeg (788.47 KB, 2048x2048, CF841D64-7EAC-434A-AFB4-C0B9B0…)

if you look at her twitter it's mostly monster girls and general horror woth a few guro pieces, it's not like her entire output is violence against asian girls

Sure she draws a lot of japan-inspired stuff shit but that's every weeb, including the artists calling her out (none of whom is japanese either)

No. 778418

Let me hit you with one: Is it a fetish to only draw one thing or an aesthetic? No

No. 778437

Fur babies would like to have a word with you

No. 778452

Isn’t it weirder still that women have been taught to find their own violent suffering erotic? To the point that women themselves are creating artwork that both pornifies and romanticises violence committed against girls, fucking gross

No. 778455

Eh, there's a screenshot going around of her saying that she'd rather talk to a Nazi than an Asian person, which just underlines the whole 'fetishisation' argument. She doesn't care about the people, she cares about being able to draw her brutalised japanese girls and being able to go by the name kinoko. it's cringey weeb shit, not to mention France has a history of being very racist, so claiming that this isn't a French issue is just a bit stupid.

No. 778457

I think an issue that people have is that she's not depicting her "own" suffering so to say, but that of asian women. Which just feels weird tbh. The whole violence thing adds a weird taste to the fetishization.

No. 778462

Giving her shit for using a japanese name is fucking dumb though, how many japanese artists use an english, russian, german… artist name? Also it's not like she's calling herself Yuki Tanaka or something, it's just a harmless pun.

No. 778464

>there's a screenshot going around of her saying that she'd rather talk to a Nazi than an Asian person
And of course no proof is to be provided, we're just supposed to accept this as it is laid at our feet.

Anyway this whole "callout" is bizarre.
>A woman inspired by Japanese well-known ero-guro artists creates art inspired by their aesthetics, including Japanese schoolgirls, also username is a Japanese word
>People decide that she's racist and calling for the genocide of Asian people because she's drawn bloodied Japanese schoolgirls and colonized the whole continent with her Japanese-language username
>She scrambles to create a post in her defense to please the frothing SJW masses attacking her over a non-issue and says that "the IRL violent crimes against Asians are horrible but my art is far removed from those actions and created from a place of admiration, I'm French so I don't follow current issues in America"
>The movement is driven by that e-begging untalented tranny who dates destinytomoon
Is this really what you've become? And people in this thread agreeing with the sentiment and abusing people over nothing just because you have a hate boner for weebs? And don't give me any of that "W-well I'm not saying the crowd didn't go overboard, BUT I think she……" shit, I'm not 15 and you don't need to state the obvious. She didn't deserve what she got just for weeb crimes. Touch that fucking grass for once.

No. 778469

Also let’s not forget that right now there’s seems to be more backlash heading towards the idiot dating destinymoon, Jay seems to had have his face leaked and now crying about it on twitter by promoting his ko-fi.

The comments under it is hilarious if you ignore the ass kissing and people dissing french.

No. 778474

lol because the screencap got deleted and I'm not about to spend time trying to dig through whoever deleted it.

"Abusing people over nothing" as if this isn't a literal salt thread lmao. The artist is a weeb who's into ero-guro and posted some bad art at a bad time. Then in her apology says that she doesn't know about anti-Asian hate. She's acting pretty stupid.

Jay is the sort of guy who seems to revel in 'taking down the man' or whatever. This is small potatoes. It's an artist with a weird fetish in her art. The number of white artists who like to draw vulnerable young japanese or asian school girls is numerous, and it's still weird.

No. 778481

Stop acting like you legitimately believe this shit you're spewing, you're literally saying "lmaoo but this is the artist SALT thread!!!!" and then acting all politically correct being concerned for those poor Japanese schoolgirls. At least be honest and admit you get a kick out of the powertrip of shitting on someone who doesn't fight back and go. The twitterfag levels on this thread are off the charts.

No. 778486

File: 1617868964354.jpeg (168.59 KB, 828x980, 7ED08405-F33A-445B-920D-F6E0F6…)

christ she just draws edgy stuff that includes the occasional nosebleed, it's not like all of her art is just shades of bruised schoolgirls. half the time it's just monster girls (picrel) or surreal body horror. And it's not even horny art.

if this is so objectionable maybe start canceling all the scrote weebs who draw violent pornography? kinoko is small potatoes compared to most of the shit coomers get off too.

No. 778487

Her art is fucking great and I'm not even that much into guroshit, and to nobody's surprise the people calling for her head on a platter are hacks who couldn't draw to save their lives. It's always driven by jealousy, always.

No. 778491

i think there's something particularly heinous about a female artist who uses her art to deal with trauma being accused of wanting to see asian girls suffer. they know they can terrorize a well-meaning twitter artist more than they can big name scrotes who draw weirdo porn.
well, at least she's back on twitter now and she's been replying to people who draw her support art! i hope americans "cancel" her and stop paying attention to her.

No. 778492

darn finally, that guy gets some karma. I was getting tired of him and his gang always going unchallanged. Take notes anons, if we need to someone to have an ego check just trick them into angering french people.

No. 778499

lmao how is this her dealing with trauma? She draws this art because she likes it and panders to other weebs, and she uses brutalized asian women as an aesthetic. I don't think she wants asian women to suffer, I think she didn't think much about it at all and just draws this because she likes the eroguro aesthetic.

Not really hate worthy but don't make this deeper than it is, I swear some of you guys swing the pendulum too far in the other direction because you just want to hate on twitter sjws

No. 778504

i'm saying that because that's what she said before any of this even happened, a month ago or so.
my main point is that these retards accuse randos without knowing anything about them.

No. 778505

you say this
>lol because the screencap got deleted and I'm not about to spend time trying to dig through whoever deleted it.

and then you say
>Then in her apology says that she doesn't know about anti-Asian hate.
which can be very easily confirmed to be a blatant lie by just rereading an apology few posts back, where she says the exact opposite.
Why are you like this? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

No. 778507

>I swear some of you guys swing the pendulum too far in the other direction because you just want to hate on twitter sjws
Ah yes, the other extreme of "she's a cringey ass fetishizing weeb who wants to see Asian women in particular brutalized and killed" is "I don't think she gave it that much thought". What's the middle ground between those two polar opposites? Humoring the twittertard delusions that of course her art can be interpret as violent racist attacks costing people their lives but choosing not to tweet death threats at her?

No. 778510

This kind of edgy guro-light art has been around forever and I'm kind of weirded out the twitter people can't "read" it. Like usually it's an exploration of ~vulnerability, contrasting purity with anger/violence (which is a reflection of Japanese society and history also) and just like, angsty teenage feelings. It's not about wanting to brutalize Asians like in some jingoist caricature because the weeb artists who draw it usually identify with their subjects. And people being weebs is a reflection of Japan exporting lots of cultural products due to how their economy developed after WWII which is overall related to colonialism ofc but if you view it through a nationalist lens young people consuming culture from a US-occupied or "inferior" culture is more like the enemy besmirching the minds of the youth than "yay we're appropriating them even more".

No. 778511

Whiny bitches on twitter really see this, decide that it's problematic and go on to cancel the artist and then turn around to compliment aggy-like child porn and destinytomoon's racist caricatures. Nice.

No. 778546

Istg there will be big bruh momment when the Japanese art community find out about this.
99% people who speak up about this doesn't understand guro art in general.

No. 778558

Underrated post. I am tired of double standards. They go after small artist who they can bully and never after people they know won't listen, like abunch of scrotes who draw real pedo and much worse guro. Their stupid crusade is superficial and egotistical.

No. 778566

File: 1617881048135.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x2048, EwTtH_RWYA46SyW.jpg)

you keep talking like alls he obsessively draws is traumatised asian women lmfao looking through her twittermost of the distrubing content is jsut body horror and thare'a lso a lot of random sfw art

and it so bad that some pieces should be distrubing? why don't you cancel junji ito next lmfao

No. 778575


i really like her art ( i draw similiar stuff myself) and i think it just shows the horrors of what women live through and in most cases it's not pretty. and i think she wants to just show how in japan young girls are disgustingly sexualised and go through horrendous things.

No. 778589

Y'all I really don't think it's that deep

No. 778595

it really ain't. not everything a female artist draws has to either be a depiction of trauma or just pandering to coomers.

Sometimes people draw body horror because they like the aesthetic. It doesn't mean they have to either be depicting violence as a fetish or violence as trauma.

people can just like horror.

No. 778644

^^^^ this. Some anons here become really delusional- or are Twitterfags themselves- and can’t read what they wrote because they’re “beyond hypocrisy”

No. 778646

Gross. Crawl back to Twitter

No. 778653

File: 1617892524875.jpeg (142.44 KB, 750x378, 8864BCE0-397E-4D6F-A372-0F5899…)

Fear thy French nobody-artist WHITE WOMAN

No. 778656

She's drawing ero guro that's an actual style and it's not drawn with a propaganda intent. At this point drawing weeb shit makes you have yellow fever or what kek.

Honestly the shortcut to asian violence happening in real life is just a disgusting weaponization; idk if I'm talking clear about that but she's using real life incident for twitter gain that's rich.

Can Webtoon drop her for targeted harassment? She openly admited it.

No. 778657

*in the sense that initially it was just a call out "u fetichize asians" but it back fired and used the violence against american asians card as a back up.

No. 778659

I mean, the person didn’t start this “Asian crusade” until the new movement “stop Asian hate” came out, despite news of racial hate against Asians started/increased once COVID-19 started. It’s nasty because , at least to me, it proves that the person doesn’t care about what the movement means, only that they’re apart of it.

No. 778662

I don't know who this is, are they referred to as a different name normally or is there a reason why they're important?

No. 778671

Jaynder is pretty much the poster child of the
"artist who sucks so bad at art that the only way they can gain clout and followers is by calling out other artist for problematic behavior." He spends all day retweeting other artist and complaining about white people. He went by Joulejay on tumblr.

No. 778691

Hush anon, they can't understand anything beyond "white ppl put on kimono bad" and it must be presented with a k-pop fancam attached in less than 100 characters. You're wasting your time trying to explain the nuances of cultural exchange.

Is this bitch really even Asian? Someone post that facepic, it has to be a white anglo-saxon.

No. 778744

I'm not following the "discourse" on this but are Americans tuning out that the current bout of anti-Asian hate is specifically anti-Chinese and anticommunist? I mean I get that this means all kind of asian-looking people get targeted but there's a reason it's happening after COVID.

No. 778773

I mean nothing screams Asian to me. This could be a Hispanic chick for all I know. The artist should have never said anything about being a weeb. And Twitter fag are retarded for assuming that the characters are Asian for just having black hair. How very racist of them Kek

No. 778820

File: 1617910033174.jpg (92.54 KB, 720x1280, EyVKTdMXEAAZaSE.jpg)

French here. Here is the screenshot you're talking about.
She's not saying that she would rather talk with a Nazi than an asian person, but that she would rather deal/argue with a nazi than a sjw.

No. 778823

File: 1617910224447.png (3.7 KB, 270x59, pip.PNG)

small derail but i gotta know, why SJW are pipou in French?

No. 778828

I couldn't explain very well since my english is quite limited, sorry about that anon. It's because "sjw" really wanna have a safe place, and since it doesnt translate well in french, the world "pipou space" or thing like this where used in some forums. It's a bit of a reach.

No. 778833

I see! Thanks!

No. 778836

"pipou" was originally a word to describe something cutesy so it's to make fun of the uwu crew

No. 778838

I'm fucking seething over that anon saying "she totally said she'd rather talk to nazis than asians!!!", then refusing to provide any proof, and in the end the "proof" was an intentional, malicious mistranslation and misunderstanding of her French tweet like everyone predicted. Twitterfags make me gag, how the fuck do you live with yourself just ruining peoples' lives over the pettiest, stupidest shit? Are you that jealous over not being talented and lacking a high follower count?

No. 778841

The manipulation man…. Twitterfags are a disease.

No. 778845

Bloody monolinguals. So many jump to conclusions and yell rubbish slang to communicate to non-fluent english speakers.

I didn’t see it immediately either. Black hair & yellow toned skin equals asian to those ignorants.

No. 778864

Google translate is shit, they translated "mettre une droite" as "give them a right" when that actually means "punch them (with the right hand/fist)", and they're using it as a source?

No. 778866

B-but anon, who cares if they’re a non-English speaker or is from another culture, they’re WHITE

No. 778915

Who is the person in the top tweet?

But anon, accusing people of being racist is just salt! it's a salty thread! /s

No. 778916

No. 778918

File: 1617917862905.png (162.54 KB, 598x581, pucca.png)

No. 778921

File: 1617918215818.png (60.59 KB, 598x719, pucca2.png)

No. 778941

I'm getting really sick of these retarded cunts coming in with their shitty takes

No. 778948

Can you even imagine using brutalized murdered asian girls for things like promoting your gofundme for a dog you didn't need? woow imagine THAT. INDEED I fucking wish people could have the same energy to support victims as they have to bully randoms.

No. 778958

File: 1617922526490.png (65.15 KB, 590x711, muhfeelings.png)

don't worry she's back to sad posting about her breakup lmao

she's trying to frame him like a clout chaser but he's clearly crushing on some random content creator with 50 followers. It's not about clout pucca, maybe you're an unbearable munchie.

No. 778966

>"wE nEeD tO bUlLy"

it's so funny to imagine what these sperging cunts are probably like irl, they're all so tough and scawy online but they probably piss themselves crying the moment someone is even slightly rude to them.

No. 778974

>if this is so objectionable maybe start canceling all the scrote weebs who draw violent pornography?

They don't because they're the ones who fap to it.

No. 778976

they don't even look japanese to me, they look like black haired white girls lmao

No. 778980

kek seriously. i feel like twitterfags saw a few asian tropes in the illustrations and just assumed the ethnicity of the girls being drawn.
i also doubt any of this would be an issue if the stop muh asian hate crimes campaign or w/e wasnt in full force. seems like everyone is being really sensitive about the subject (please dont turn this into a race derail; its just an observation on current social justice trends).

No. 778985

not to mention there are maybe like 3 or 4 illustrations we could maybe categorize as guro, the rest is not; and people talk about her like her gallery is full of brutalized Asian women, I suppose majority of them didn't even bother to look.

No. 778986

I really want all these people to fuck themselves off. The only thing I'm happy about is that this bullying will be called out in the future and they'll fall.

People just love being outraged for the sake of it, to give more attention to themselves

No. 778987

File: 1617927559735.png (16.26 KB, 595x131, fff.png)

does this freak ever stop complaining

No. 778991

File: 1617928303675.jpeg (705.85 KB, 1125x1574, 5529EA0F-8DDA-4D72-8F2A-FC3B54…)

I guess not, even if there’s still tons of people calling him out for ‘cyberbullying’ and also bringing up many situations from his pasts about how he did something to a rape victim

It’s gotten to the point where his fans are getting tired of his tweets as well and as mentioned, he’s losing some followers. Blind cow of course crying about how he doesn’t know why he’s losing followers but complains and whines to other artists about skin colors and asians as a moral compass.

No. 779011

I don't think I've seen those mentions of him doing something to a rape victim. Sorry for spoonfeedfag but could you explain more?

Btw I find it interesting none of the other people from that "gang" (even his gf) seem to be comenting so much on it, at least that I have noticed.

Maybe that's why it's not working, cuz their brigading only works if they have a bunch of different big players ganging up together.

I just went to check on some of them to see what they're up to by now, Teachiko is locked idk context, greatgalaktyka's account doesn't show up, angelface just had another thing going on (long story short: she made a post for unpopular opinions and someone joked all artists are pedos and she didn't like that very much), melonyn/moonwave tweets and retweets random shit way too much for me to be arsed to scroll all that way down, she's had at least 2 or 3 rants on different topics in less than 24 hours

No. 779017

File: 1617932661537.jpeg (129.01 KB, 1125x405, 5C2C4402-58EE-4175-BF11-753661…)

I haven’t seen much besides comments from when Jay had called out the artist and a few other dumb tweets that got featured.

The only thing I got was from comments like the one shown below. Apparently Jay got a rape victim fired from her job.

Also finding out what happened to Teachiko is pretty easy, the first thing that showed on twitter was people shitting on them due to Tea deciding to shit on the artist Sakimi’s art style. The heat was too strong and they decided to try to DFE’D/Hide.

No. 779036

File: 1617933887183.jpg (34.44 KB, 621x587, yikes.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging, but to add on, Teachiko went after the artist for her not looking, 'Japanese' enough and tried to send their followers after them which of course backfired not only due to Sakimichan's fanbase, also sorry for the wrong information but it seems like this happened in 2019, people are just now digging their past up from 2019-2020 and talking about how shitty they were.

Teachiko's many callouts or due to: Them making fun of hazbin hotel characters and fans, the sakimichan situation, the whole 'anti shipper' and moral compass they have according to others, but the sakimichan is still relevant today due to the fact that #Stopasianhate is trending and still a thing..

No. 779037

File: 1617934051502.jpg (249.27 KB, 1080x1194, 383893923774839w9293838388393.…)

I love how Jay act like Asian Jesus Savior in this situation while back then he had a beef with Yueko(Chinese Artist) because of her following lmao

No. 779038

File: 1617934123180.jpg (172.63 KB, 1080x1248, 283735282835352882356382929292…)

No. 779055

they look japanese. do you expect her to draw a Japanese woman with slit eyes and buck teeth like a ww2 disney cartoon? it’s very obvious she uses references of japanese women

No. 779058

File: 1617937583215.png (34.01 KB, 680x380, ew.png)

Lmao. What art career is Jay talking about?
The art career of being special needs and crying about situations and being shit to their friends?..I think I seen this guy cry more than draw if anything, notice how the artists who often do this makes shitty art compared to artists with basic anatomy even if this is a meme, it seems like a meme a 13 year old would draw.

No. 779061

File: 1617938732304.gif (1.05 MB, 334x250, AccomplishedKeyKentrosaurus-sm…)

holy shit, we're witnessing an internet juggernaut. I'm fucking laughing my ass off right now.
I hate both Yue and Megan, but seeing these crazy mofos grabbing at each others' throat is making my sides flying in orbit.

No. 779062

Reminder that race obsessed woketards are not welcomed here. Please kill yourselves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779063

looks like the same anime proportioned girl that the entire internet draws over and over again that everyone with dark hair and light skin self inserts as tbh

No. 779067

I lowkey wish Jay has internet authority so they can just destroy other artists that I hate. This person seems to have beef with everyone, and their rage is unstoppable. cows collision are the best thing to witness.

No. 779095

her apology/explanation is retarded in so many ways. yeah, her drawing exclusively asian girls is kinda fetishistic and weebish, but she can draw whatever she feels like because we're supposed to live in free societies.
i hate how most people have become spineless and ready to bow to the mob.

No. 779124

This stupid bitch should get a therapist instead of taking out her mental illness online on other people she doesn't even know.

No. 779167

>her drawing exclusively asian girls is kinda fetishistic and weebish
Ah yes, because everything drawn in an anime style automatically becomes asian.

No. 779267

Does anyone know what brand of brushpen does the guy use in the beginning?

No. 779271

comments under the video say it's Pentel Fude Brush Pen

No. 779272

Omg I'm stupid, I didn't see. Thank you!!

No. 779279

advice but how do you get into the damn furry community? i want to make 5k off of my half-assed character designs

No. 779281

Imo the ms paint crap looking style works well in the comics he makes, but it sure as heck won't give him a art career if that's literally the only thing he draws especially when it's almost impossible to find his recent work because 99% of his feed is just woke crap and creating beef with other artists and he doesn't even have a art only site and the only thing he links is his koffi

No. 779283

make a furaffinity account, start posting furry content on it and on twitter, built a following, make friendships. it's like getting into any fandom.

No. 779287

…And? Anon never said anything about anime styles

No. 779292

File: 1617972097929.jpg (298.42 KB, 720x705, 20210409_133533.jpg)

Did acatcie finally realise how embarrassing her actual 'improvement' posts look and just make one up instead? Comments are still 90% asskissers but some people seem to be realising this is blatantly clickbait kek

No. 779293

File: 1617972277339.jpg (522.45 KB, 720x924, 20210409_134414.jpg)

Here's how she actually drew in March, these types of accounts always look so soulless.

No. 779294


They just traced the old drawing and put more effort into it. This looks more like they drew both on the same day but purposefully put more effort in the other to make it seem like they improved from one month to the other.

No. 779306


Exactly this. One is literally just shaded. She realized these posts are popular and she's milking it. Why has no one called her out yet?

No. 779316

Why tf do we need to call her out? By social media standards she’s playing the game right. You have to be lazy, sometimes untalented, cut corners, and appeal to the terrible attention span that people have. Don’t be a snitch anon

No. 779321

I recently googled a girl I used to go to high school with and found out she earns a ridiculous amount of money by doing this…We live in a ridiculous world

No. 779332

These accounts always scream "I'm the only kid in class that knows how to draw so I feel special about it, come here and give me a participation award as I draw the most uninspiring things ever"

No. 779333

Agree with this, what exactly is unethical about this? Most of them are just redraw challenges/memes and not actual "improvement" comparisons. If you're so jealous of her hustle then just do the same thing, it's not hard. It's pretty inoffensive to me.

No. 779334

Go back to twitter please.

No. 779335

NTA, but that's not Twitterfaggotry at all, kek. She's an obvious weeb (and doesn't deny it), she takes inspiration from Japanese guro artists, etc. Those aren't random French girls she's drawing, lmao.

No. 779336


>do you expect her to draw a Japanese woman with slit eyes and buck teeth like a ww2 disney cartoon?

how isn't this shit something a twitterfag would say?

No. 779337

I've never seen a Twitterfag say that, they'd probably get cancelled for even mentioning slit eyes and buck teeth in relation to Asian people.

No. 779338

Nah I think she deserves it, it's shitty.

No. 779339

You would be surprised how over the top twitter shits are in regard to stand on top of their moral ground though. I think they just look like anime girls or w/e I don't care if she's a weeb. They don't look a certain race imo, just animeish.
>b-but anime is japanese
Yeah whatever it's just cartoons

No. 779340

I have to agree with the other anon, this is basically just tracing and shading with ‘extra steps’ to give it the impression that she improved slightly.

She knows what she’s doing for sure but is taking the easy way out by not putting effort. This is just an example of some lazy artist following trends to build a career out of successfully not for the passion but just for the money or clout from it.

No. 779341

NTA but literally who cares about that anyway? It's such a non-issue that shouldn't even be debated. I'm pretty sure she never thought about it that deep like
>Hmm, time to draw specifically a bodyhorror piece with an ASIAN girl! god I hate those fucking japs!!!!
But instead
>I like the characters this Japanese artist draws, I want to emulate them in my work because they inspire me and coincidentally happen to be Japanese!
Without even paying mind to the race aspect. Twittercunts really whining for more representation and when le evil whitey draws characters resembling something else than a white Instagram bitch it's fetishization and wishing violence upon them.

No. 779356

Sometimes I feel like the only people who may be impressed or enjoy this style are Young teens/children, those who want a big following and want to show they follow big artists, those clicking/scrolling through their feeds mindlessly, and just those who thinks the person may have special needs and feels pity.

I know the last part is a bit of a stretch but can happen a lot of times, I forgot what artist I was looking at with awful art styles and taste, but I only remember seeing a comment that straightup said: "I think she is special…So I wanted to follow and show support :3"

Drawing like a child/as if you are still in your early teens sells a lot when you paint a narrative or get a big following at a young age.

No. 779368

Lmao right? People falling over themselves to defend her they start making up the dumbest arguments, the characters look japanese, stop assuming white is the default and every POC needs to have super exaggerated features. It's fine for her to draw asian girls no matter her own race, as it is common for this type of art

No. 779371

Posting that in the bad art thread fits more than here, kek

No. 779372

Yeah okay, but the other anons were claiming they "look like white girls", which…kek.

No. 779375

>she gained 1k followers
Based. I ended up following the French girl too. Her art is neat.

No. 779376

Im' sure those who support her are literal retard teens/kids who has little to no fundies

No. 779378

File: 1617979783921.jpeg (62.45 KB, 641x729, af1eb418ddeec14b9a3d8423feefaa…)

Don't really care about the controversy about guro/body horror or whatever. It's just clear it's a weeb artist copying their favorite nip artists. It's practically ubiquitous on the internet for weeby girls to draw guro at this point and has been for years, I guess the outrage here is because of current events and that's unfortunate.
I just thought it was funny to see anons pick apart the obvious weeb part claiming "n-not even Japanese!". Like…please. You can talk about how/why you disagree with this without veering into delusion. We all know the aesthetic she was going for, it's been floating around Twitter and Tumblr forever.

No. 779395

It’s obvious that the retards are mad because she’s good at doing her art and that she’s rightfully proud of her progress. If she was drawing pretty Instagram girls, she would be getting cancelled anyways, so I don’t really get the need to discuss this any further.

No. 779402

File: 1617981839758.jpeg (118.98 KB, 1125x1301, 085EB55A-D71D-4AC5-AB5F-D794BB…)

So big take away of this conversation that lasted a long time is the fact that a popular artist has been ‘cancelled’ (very loosely since let’s be honest, in about a week or more, sure she’ll have people still being petty towards her but she seems to have a lot of fans and people against those who even tried to throw a fit over her) for her art that reminded people of the unfortunate event.

In other news, it looks like one of the ‘artists’ who so called her out and was mention in the art thread before due to her art of an oc being drawn in an ‘offensive style’ (quoting what she said) and happens to be friends with a lot of cows, deleted her account. I tried to look into it and double checked if it was twitter fucking up, but her tweet that originally brought up the artist and this account is dead for maybe about 1 day? It seemed like she deactivated either two or one day ago.

Seems like the people who made a fuss about the artists are dropping or having full mental breakdowns.

No. 779427

>I like the characters this Japanese artist draws, I want to emulate them in my work because they inspire me and coincidentally happen to be Japanese!
This exactly, she probably watched Midori the Camelia Girl or whatever and liked the art. Very normal. It's like if I liked Gravity Falls and started drawing in that cartoon-esque style. It's just things that inspires us as artists.

Who cares about the "current world issues", like, she has been drawing this for years before the covid shit started and etc. If people are so outraged why not go help irl asian people? they just like screaming at women and seething at pictures. God these people have no lives

No. 779430

Nobody here is saying that you need to draw something in a racist way to be able to identify it as a race itself. This is so immature.

No. 779431

Elaborate on this? Sounds interesting but who is this literal nobody? kek

No. 779435

What's the instagram of the kinoko girl so I can follow and make this piece of shit seethe even more?

No. 779451

Omg her freaking hand. I don't even know wtf is supposed to be going on there.
Why is her wrist a literal 90 degree angle in both of them? What's with generic artists and being so freaking autistic about putting any tiny amount of effort into drawing hands (or just using a darned reference)?
Also, notice how even when purposefully faking the old drawing on purpose she still ended up making the "newer" one way less expressive.
At least people in the comments are finally picking up her nonsense.

it's @kinokorp

No. 779465

God her art is so good. And she has barely any followers, how the fuck does some American piece of shit decide to randomly attack someone like her minding her own business and doing nothing incriminating? You apparently get on a crazy troon's hitlist just by bad luck I guess.

No. 779469

You freaked out, anons. I don't mean like call her out to end her career because she's evil, you'd just think her fans would notice that she's lazy by now. You're making things out, like you're the jealous one. Very weird way to react to things

No. 779474

File: 1617987160760.jpeg (55.95 KB, 598x680, 729E85E8-95F2-4C00-B800-BADC7E…)

She’s basically the girl you see in the first set of tweets that called out the girl who ‘brutalized asians’.

I would say she’s a nobody but a cow at the sametime, she was friends with a big artist before named Cheebster/Chibi who drew fanart of her character Lettie who would soon be spread around and attract more followers.

She gained clout/likes after a troll bustingshirts drew her character darker and gave her nigger lips and she cried on twitter angrily about it. Sadly since she deleted her twitter, I can’t find any proper art pieces that aren’t blurred except for this one right now.

She even jumped on the mikusona and spread awareness about the artist that drew the black Miku getting their account shutdown. God I wish I had the tweets, but she would always bitch about something and more, she’s also the whitest bitch ever and of course, like any 19+ Age person, likes to shout black lives matter and call out the ‘white people’. She was friends with that one girl Loved113 that was in discussion 27, the black girls that always complained and bitch about art and more. I would say she’s just like Jaynder, always bitch and makes alt accounts to target people but then cries about followers after. She seemed like a good cow for a bit, but nothing too big. I’m just surprised that after the whole asian situation she didn’t ride the clout like Jay is doing.

No. 779480

People probably still think she's a child, not to cause a major stretch but with that art and the fact she doesn't have age in her description (Which is normal a lot of times but she doesn't even specify how old she is in any posts or more, not trying to say she has to but that raises up questions and a point).

It's like having a child show you their drawing, most people are going to try to awe at it and excuse it as them trying to learn.

People have called her out in the comments or got tired from it and it does show with other pieces she did where people ask questions on how did she degrade and try to motivate her to draw a different way..But not necessarily a whole post yet and I can see why, if you give criticism to any big artists people will attack you for it.

No. 779495

Ok that makes sense. I thought she was older. Attacking her wasn't on my mind, more like push by her fans. I guess she will grow out of it some day.
The worst thing artist can do is to become uninspired, and people praising you for the same thing over and over again isn't the best inspiration to do something else.

No. 779497

>she's a weeb and she imitates japanese artists and draws in an anime style that MUST mean the subjects of her drawings are asian too!!
Yeah because we all know that asian people look like anime, and anime style never gets applied to white or black characters and they totally don't all look nearly the same feature-wise. The thought process of some of you I swear. You don't fucking know what the girls are supposed to be unless she states it specifically, and even then who fucking cares, whether you like it or not white people can draw poc.

No. 779507

She made a reel with that "my name, my age, my favourite colour" song and she said she was 18 at the time.

No. 779542

What year was this?
Now I’m curious, I mean 18 is still young but if she has been drawing for a while and a few years and still draw like that I consider that questionable.

No. 779550


No. 779552

I just checked again and it said 15 weeks ago, so about earlier this year

No. 779646


No. 779657

The bustingshirts situation was shared in a previous thread >>694280 , and imo, she didn't do anything wrong. He was stalking her and and a couple of other artists iirc.

No. 779658

No. 779666

File: 1618001000088.png (4.41 MB, 750x1334, 9EB90CE9-3ADD-413C-B48B-15939F…)

look at the grease it looks so fucking greasy like him

No. 779684

men be greasy

No. 779695

What’s the milk with this dude

No. 779700

???? What are you on about anon?? I don’t see any fingerprints or “grease”, are you talking about the games that he plays??

No. 779703


Marie honestly pisses me off so much. Her munchie, attention seeking bullshit does so much more damage than she will ever realize. She isn't just taking money from gullible bastards or lying to doctors and an audience for attention she has an entire platform that she has to take responsibility for. I hate to say it but she has the ability to influence thousands of people in her retarded hug box and has the capacity to fuck up the lives of so many people just by spreading misinformation. Like how someone who has such bad chronic pain that requires a wheelchair and service animal for daily life can hold down a full time job at a company who is known for long hours, brutal crunch time and harsh deadlines. It perpetuates this idea that if disabled people just 'tried a bit harder' then they could also be like Marie and be 'contributing to society' (if that's what you would call Marie's shitty excuse for 'professional' work.)

Because poor Marie is the 'uwu cutsey wutsey innocent girl' in a wheelchair and she got to her place in life by sheer 'hard work and determination' so 'you can do it too! Because Marie is in a WHEELCHAIR, we can actually see her disability and see how bad it is, so yours can't be that bad, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do x, y and z and be a NORMAL adult.'

And this is almost always said in response to actually ill and disabled people asking for accommodations so they are able to work or just get through daily life. Marie is cruising along fine because there is fuck all wrong with her and she's still receiving help. She's playing on easy mode. And little white knight dickheads wouldn't even think for 5 mins and consider the possibility that their precious little princess could be fucking lying and not be an accurate example or representation of someone who is actually disabled.

No. 779706


I believe they’re talking about the youtuber Ethan Becker with clickbaity titles and more.

Last time I checked, few discussions back mentioned that he allegedly started a cult and mostly people disliking the way he drew women I believe.
But those were short/small at most, people speculated it was true due to how when someone asked about it he just hesitated/seemed really suspicious with how quick he shut it down.

No. 779719

File: 1618003297363.png (398.59 KB, 720x748, Screenshot_20210409-171748~2.p…)

wait is this person in a relationship with him, or are they roommates or? i can't imagine how insufferable they are irl with all their virtue signaling. they might one day end up cancelling each other

No. 779738


"The best I can do is erase everything and move on"

But she isn't going to is she? Because she'll milk the 'woe is me I broke up with someone' until she can no longer and then find another thing to sperg about so people will feel sorry for her and give her attention.

God the meltdowns this girl goes on when life doesn't go exactly her way is both abysmal and extremely entertaining. Absolutely ridiculous that these are the 'professionals' that work in industry, where they both feel the need and feel comfortable enough to post this garbage in front of their own colleagues and stand by for validation. Her sheer narcissism makes me want to throw up and is using up my bandwidth. Also for fucks sake what age is this bitch? She sounds like a spoiled 14 year old.

Also the pure irony of "the other party will never realize how much they have hurt and violated me". Yeah Marie you will never realize how much you have harmed disabled people by you know getting a low supply-high demand specially trained dog that you really don't need. Or conning people out of thousands of dollars or speaking for disabled people when there's absolutely nothing wrong with you.

No. 779751

They’re in a relationship.

No. 779763

Yeah they date. Both of them are virtue signaling af but I don't think they'll cancel each other.
That girl actually has a thread on kiwi farms btw She's pretty infamous for makinga bunch of wlw fat positivity hairy woman positivity buncha other stuff positivity really woke type art. Anons are constantly throwing her art on the hideous art thread

No. 779779

Don’t forget her many call outs and the main thing she draws which is: lesbians and how even to this day people talk about her fetishizing lesbians.

No. 779784

File: 1618005946984.jpeg (550.58 KB, 750x982, E3BDCC3A-4EAF-42C5-AD9E-8AAF71…)

I can see why she has a kiwi thread.

No. 779817

Why are all the replies saying this is beautiful. Why does mediocre shit like this get so much love. Are peoples eyes fucking broken

No. 779823

wow, i went on the insta and the numbers are pretty crazy, she's posting every day though, sometimes multiple times a day so algorithm must love her. this + woke subjects and being active on many other platforms, I'm not surprised by the engagement anymore. This just proves numbers really mean nothing when it comes to value of art.

No. 779828

completely out of topic, but how do you see the number of likes? is it a regional thing? I stopped being able to see them many months ago

No. 779830

Either updates/people haven’t updated their instagram sometimes to not get to that update or regional, for United States I believe you can see the likes still.

No. 779836

i looked at her drawings and i'm all in favor of more lesbian art but something about her drawings feel so inauthentic and fake to me? maybe the amateur cartoon style is the reason for that vibe but it's like she's a fujoshi but for girls instead of guys. i follow a few wlw artists who only draw lesbians and none of their art felt so cheap. sorry i'm too stupid to articulate myself on these feelings. she's dating a guy so why is she so obsessed with lesbians

No. 779841

It's because she can't draw natural/candid looking poses and can only draw two girls blushing and standing next to each other covered in pride flag colours. At least fujos usually draw the characters interacting and are actually passionate about their art.

No. 779845

You know, that’s actually a lot of people’s concern and question and why that’s bothered a lot of people. She ironically also used to have many names, I forgot a few usernames but its all in the kiwifarms thread, she developed an anime style for the longest of time to hide her identity from her first account that was under fire and soon deleted by her.

She just mostly draw wlw and art of obese/fat women and sometimes pair them together, I think she also has a few nsfw pieces if I’m not wrong.

No. 779851

File: 1618013936119.png (233.29 KB, 719x563, 1617062697006.png)

Kek,she drew yaoi with more passion than all of her lesbian art combined,probably a closeted fujo

No. 779852

why are all these supposedly BIPOC artists "white passing" every time, oh wait, I think I know why

No. 779857

File: 1618015807810.jpeg (367.2 KB, 1125x1173, F49DFFEE-837C-41D1-8088-7D2332…)

Oh I almost forgot the best part, she doesn’t ship straight people.

Her and Jay belong together. They both use the word cishet and call each other genderfluid/boygirlfriend weird petnames too.

No. 779858

File: 1618015970814.png (215.8 KB, 1145x612, huh.PNG)

Tell me to fuck off if I shouldn't ask this here, but is twenty-two too late to start learning art? I'd be satisfied just getting to iniro's level (eskbl on twitter). Don't need to be some insane painting master.

Pic related is some stuff I doodled recently.

No. 779861

Anon, it’s never too late to learn anything, unless someone is in the verge of death and you’re just learning how to stitch an open wound in the middle of a catastrophe, then it might be a bit too late.
If you wanna learn how to draw, go for it, have fun, it will be nice, and if you don’t like it? You can pick anything else you want to learn.

No. 779862

It's never too late anon, and 22 is stil very young.

No. 779905

these look nice anon you've got potential

No. 779958

Not too late at all! I think you've got a pretty decent basic understanding of proportions and the foundations of a really cute style, especially for a beginner! If you haven't already I'd suggest looking at the links in the OP; some more in-depth knowledge of anatomy will definitely help you develop more.

Best of luck on your artist journey, nonny!

No. 779963

Age isn't a problem for art. The real threat is having to do it as an anon instead of a college art major since the library at /ic/ is vast with a good chance of walking out empty handed

No. 779977

Oh crap, isn't that a fakeboi girl who kept baiting people into thinking that she is a man who loves dressing up cutesy, just to end up being a they-them woman? Lol

No. 779989

I’m sorry for egging this on or being clueless, but can you elaborate?

No. 779998

Isn't Heartmush still doing the "I'm an AFAB boy but I dress up like a girl" thing? Don't think she ever lied about being cis, she's been very open about being a genderspecial.

No. 780004

File: 1618041995078.jpeg (313.14 KB, 1065x1185, CFC75CB3-23D8-4B64-851A-B58233…)

Yeah, that’s her.
She’s a he/him transboy who also traces and paints over references.

Two days ago she talked about wanting to support asian artists and how important AAPI, one day, posted about her ocs, posted about a tablet review, and now she posted about how she’s too ‘stressed’ in the whole situation.

In other news, ddawnies account is back just after a day or so of that post stating her deletion and of course along with Teachiko just unlocking hers, I’m just wondering whose the next person to try to run between their legs, granted a lot of them are nobodies with their only following being from twitter and low tier art, but it’s fun to see their next moves, what they’ll cry about, and wondering if they’ll delete deactivate their account.

No. 780021

From what I've seen Jay is all but a fakeboi, so Destiny calling herself a lesbian is not too farfetched, but they are probably just internet girlfriends, I don't think they've even met. Her art is so performative though, there's nothing organic about it. It's speculated on KF that she's just straight but she's so embroiled in the woke twitter art scene that she's memed herself into being gay (see also her obsession with her parents' and her skin color and how white passing she is).

No. 780074

>>779857 This is the weirdest shit I've read today

No. 780160

the only think that's milky is the allegedly starting the cult.

Also the 360 was released in 2005… Of course something that is over 15 years old is going to look dingy af. this is literally non milk about your personal cow.

No. 780177

not just in the lesbian point of view but other people have also questioned her other portrayal of other minorities.
People on kiwi farms, including people claiming to be jewish, mention being very weirded by her drawing big star of david necklaces on characters whenever she wants to make them jewish (comparing it with the golden patches from the 40's) and also one time she drew "scar girlfriends" in her positicity stuff except it was very obvious she didn't actually even use reference so she's doing positivity larping for a thing she didn't even actually bother to research by drawing completely unrealistic representations of it.

No. 780215

Honey and Absinthe said they would give away their Cintiq Wacom sent them in a video they posted last Wednesday.
They said this Thursday they’d pick a winner but they never did and I’m doubting they will

No. 780227

they probably noticed the giveaway didn't get them much following and closed it. They're DESPERATE for a notoriety boom.

No. 780243

File: 1618064734295.png (397.86 KB, 592x504, rip-to-disney.PNG)

not milk but have you seen her NFT? fucking hilarious, some basic (decent) drawing with basic shiny_particle_effect.mp4 and royalty_free_music.mp3, I guess a desperate attempt to make it more "multimedia" lmao

No. 780316

File: 1618069716910.png (166.64 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210410-114408.png)

10% of sales will go to the creator!? there's also a service fee. lmfao that's such a shitty margin she could make more money selling prints or the original sketch. what a waste of time

No. 780371

Does anyone else here hate when artists keep desperately plugging their artworks on Tweets for like 0 reason?

I was scrolling down my TL and found a Tweet about how you gotta practice to improve yadda yadda and in the replies there was a bunch of randos just shoving in their works with bs stories like "look how much i improved in x years with nonstop practice this advice is valid also you all should check out my work". Like I know you gotta show your stuff to the world but stuff like that feels just so shameless to me.

No. 780375

It's cringy but at the same time with amount of different content everyone posts daily you must grab every single opportunity to be seen if this is what you care about as a creator, so I kinda understand.

No. 780384

I do think you need to be somewhat shameless for marketing especially if you don't come from money or already have connections but it's just rude to hijack posts that are about something else and imo makes you look too unprofessional to be worth it.

No. 780389

Creators get 10% of ALL sales of one piece, so when (or more likely: if) somebody buys this and sell it again via rarible, she will get 10% on top and the previous owner only keeps 90% of the agreed price. It's a pyramid scheme with extra steps.

No. 780397

is that why people buy NFTs, so they can resell them and make money for themselves? i would think only NFTs from already famous artists or celebs would be able to be resold, art from randos have no guarantee of increasing in value. seems like the only winners here are the middlemen websites

No. 780402

Did rei_17's twitter get hacked? They keep posting a weird rayban glasses frame ad while tagging a bunch of people.

No. 780404

Yep, not to mention if they go to a different site that sells NFTs, they won't have to pay the 10% fee. So that "always get a profit when there's a sale" isn't even true for most people that do sell anything lol

No. 780426

Looks like it serves her right lol

No. 780439

Did I miss something? What did she do for you to say that? I don't know her very well besides knowing her art style, I saw the weird sunglasses ads too just now.

No. 780451

Rei’s infamous in parts of the chinese-speaking art community for talking a lot of shit and insulting other artists, sometimes about some that work on the same games as her. She did this on weibo usually, so her non-chinese speaking audience knew nothing about it for a while. To the chinese speakers though it was known she was a nasty piece of work and really egotistical. When she drew an illustration for FGO a lot of people called her out because she insulted a lot of artists who work on the game, and the characters. I recall people saying she even wished harm on some artists or some psycho shit like that. What’s sure is that she’s really two faced.

No. 780505

i've seen inactive tumblrs get taken over by that raybans bot but not twitters. weird

No. 780541

Adding on this, she really hates the FGO artist for arjuna/karna and has openly shit talked them on multiple occasions, she was called out when she did official art for these characters. Notoriously nasty and unprofessional, but only in the weibosphere, keeps her image clean on twitter/pixiv.

No. 780580

she bitched about the official artist(s) and still got a job for the licence kek, so like career suicide on her to ever have a chance with FGO again or they didn't care?

No. 780586

File: 1618098142707.jpg (372.63 KB, 1771x1417, ExN05KMW8AE9kn4.jpg)

amazing that someone could amass almost 19k followers in a short amount of time with such a viscerally ugly, low effort tumblr sjw art style. i am truly in awe.

No. 780741

File: 1618114153798.jpg (215.75 KB, 1242x1641, 1611487642786.jpg)

Why has clone high become such a huge autism magnet?

No. 780743

i'm pretty sure this was discussed about in the previous thread.

No. 780751

Literally word for word from the last time this was posted

No. 780758


It's especially stupid because Dahmer was a massive alcoholic and it probably got him caught.

No. 780779

That was even an art salt thread picture.

No. 780808

Yes it's tacky and makes me want to not check out the artist at all. And it's usually the bad artists that do it anyway which makes it even more embarrassing.

No. 780970

>she probably watched Midori the Camelia Girl or whatever and liked the art. Very normal.
Kek anon if you tried to say that on Twitter you would be dogpiled for supporting literal paedophilia and snuff films!!!1!
I agree with you of course, but logic and reason can't reach these people. It's like arguing with a child.

No. 780978

>"scar girlfriends"
I googled this to find out what it means and got nothing. Is it something to do with top surgery?

No. 781020

File: 1618148288346.png (3.02 MB, 1535x1535, 1607599624823.png)

Nah, it's some unspecifies scars that I don't think anybody would have irl.
This is from December tho, so it's old

No. 781026

File: 1618149663850.jpg (120 KB, 1080x1080, 129738797_3340145159441966_781…)

Speaking about the latter, she did a representation about "non-curvy" girlfriends which had a woman with top surgery that was from her "body positive" saga months ago.

Most of her drawings, if not, that involves scars in their character design, often end up looking unrealistic; to the point where she doesn't bother using references at all. Kinda irritates me to see that, along with the not-so obvious easter eggs for bonus brownie points.

No. 781049

what kind of accident would leave you with gigantic scars like this?? reminds me of that anime aesthetic where people draw eyepatches on characters just because it looks cool without any thought to why that character would have lost an eye or what that disability would entail irl. all her diversity art has that same superficial energy

No. 781085


The only thing I can come up with for the one on the left would be burns, but real burn scars aren't sexy or aesthetic. They're just adding scars for the hell of it.

No. 781285

File: 1618173676244.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 497.67 KB, 1800x1800, 2454F791-FEF6-4087-B712-A0D10F…)

And people think her art is “Inspiring”. Lowkey, I thought anons were over exaggerating, but looking at her insta, it’s either a fetish for her or an obsession because even people fishing for brownie points wouldn’t constantly post shit like this

No. 781323

"I never found Shego attractive or interesting"
wtf shit taste

No. 781378

Shego was Asian?

No. 781387

First Dobson with inflation art, now babyfur Labelle, how long should it take until we get this person's secret fetish account?

My bets go towards weight gain.

No. 781391

File: 1618186124281.png (58.92 KB, 583x346, Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 5.08…)

of course there's no way jay could be hemorrhaging followers because he's a whiny cunt who constantly stirs shit. it has to be because of racism!!!

No. 781399

when she was know as Destinytomoom she had a nsfw twitter call Destinyafterdarck were she post "catgirls" porn all of them have dicks and were fat

No. 781400

i wish someone archived this lol

No. 781401

thats a fake boy lmao, also is not the fist time she attacs randome """poc""" artist for doing something she doesn't like, she was knowing for harresing ppl becase they didn't draw a character black as charcoal

No. 781405

No. 781406

I really absolutelly cannot wait for this shitstain to finally fall of for real from his high throne.
This time he was literally harrassing an artist for making Hendrix fanart to harrass her into giving of money to his friends or whatever.
This bitch thinks he's the IRS

Can't wait for kf to make a thread on him

No. 781407

its always a trip when someone calls themselves a "wlw artist uwu" and draw nothing but dicks

No. 781414

for being such a hero with high morals and principles he sure cares a lot about mundane petty shit like follower count lmao

No. 781460

File: 1618196610565.jpeg (166.75 KB, 750x541, 7F931560-C370-4D65-A681-D8AE76…)

Kek they’re still playing out that situation as though it has been “traumatizing” and eyeopening. For a person who “loves horror” they’re really sensitive to tropes and really sickeningly misinterpreted everything

No. 781539

I don't know how they can be this stupid.

No. 781541

OK cool, does that mean this neanderthal will actually do something possibly meaningful or constructive and discuss real psychos like the “racial trauma fetishist” freak that draws fgm porn instead of some random weeb lady?

No. 781544

This person is just gonna quit enjoying things and go live in the woods once they realize every genre and style of media has problematic parts. Culture IS society, of course it will reflect both the good and the bad.

It doesn’t mean bad things should be challenged and analysed, but imagine quitting being a fan of X because part of X has (to them) distafeful things? Go watch baby shows if you don’t want to ever be challenged by the media you consume. Honestly think that’s why a lot of these people obsess over kids shows exclusively.

No. 781558

His tweets really reek nothing but jealousy.

No. 781574

They really do. I follow a big chunk of the “”respectable”” side of art twitter, lots of professional illustrators and industry artists, and he’s followed by 0 of them which I’ve never seen in an “art” account with that many followers

No. 781603

Why would a reputable artist follow this bag of misery? She doesn't post art and the rare occasions she actually does it's literal MSPaint chicken scratches and so relatable comics any teenager can churn out. The only thing she's known for is causing controversy other nothing, e-begging, dating a huge lesbian fetishist cow, harassing artists better than her and claiming to be Asian while milking it and no photos to prove it. I would not want to be caught dead associated with her unstable ass.

No. 781642

>Irrationally angry """""Asian""""" male screaming at women over very minor things.
>Twitter catching up with Tumblr's villian arcs.

… Jun, is that your Twitter twin?

No. 781651

Worse. It's not even a male, it's a woman larping as a male. She's very open about being trans.

No. 781669

all her porn includes someone with a dick wow much lesbian representation UwU looks like she has a fetish for futas not lesbians

No. 781672

I'm mutual with some woke LA animators and not even they don't want to be associated with this misery. Will Bud ever become self aware of how bitter they come across?

No. 781748

Bahaha I was thinking the same thing last night. I follow a shit ton of artists (around 90) from industry level illustrators to niche asian fandom artists and none of them follow Jay. Which is indeed pretty uncommon for an art related account of this size. But I mean, his account is 80% whining or cancelling someone and 20% posting minimal effort, badly drawn comics. And seeing the unstable climate of Twitter, I'm ready to bet that he'll be cancelled before the end of the year.

No. 781754

Being extremely optimistic right there anon

No. 781780

I’m surprised that Jay hasn’t been “canceled” yet. The fact that he’s onto another artist to harass/stalk/literally extorting them is all vile, especially since he claims to have done this in the name of the “black community”

No. 781782

File: 1618236003647.png (21.36 KB, 1317x734, EyvmqivWEAMPr16.png)

Posting this here because I think it's funny being posted by Jay

No. 781811

File: 1618237404244.jpeg (218.89 KB, 750x457, E2398423-67C8-417A-9721-A50D8D…)

Sage since it’s old shit but did anyone ever save a screenshot of the post this person talked about? Surprised it never got brought up since it’s teachiko and falsely accusing someone of pedophilia is pretty serious, but it might’ve gone unnoticed due to the Javi drama going on at the time.

No. 781814

it's gonna take a big slip for Jay to be publicly cancelled, but he gets shittalked on anon spaces like these and /co/ and private discords/convos all the time. I'm in 3 different artist groups and when people like him get brought up everyone agrees to block or mute, never interact, and warn other artists to do the same.

No. 781828

>>781782 What is this even supposed to mean?

No. 781851

off topic but some invites to artist discords?

No. 781852

i think it says they doesn't feel like a woman but would become housewife for a fanart?? because that's all women are doing i guess

No. 781855

Maybe I'm retarded but I re read this 5 times and I still don't get the pun too

No. 781871

Because being a woman means that you have this strong will to be a maid and if you don't feel like being a maid then you're not a woman. I wish this was a joke but people really think like this.
Also are we going to keep calling an obvious fakeboy "he"?

No. 781877

Such misogynistic joke for someone so woke :^)

No. 781879

File: 1618240717214.jpeg (868.34 KB, 1242x1781, 36F78EC1-4E5B-4333-AE48-D1F48F…)

This was his explanation. Still sounds fucked up idc

No. 781887

This fucking bitch is so retarded. I can only hope for her to get herself an abusive boyfriend that will treat her like how she wants to be treated.

No. 781898

That shit explanation by itself sounds misogynistic.
“As a genderfluid person, I feel like a boy by myself, but I instantly feel like a girl when I see a hot guy, and like to objectify myself as a “hole” and domestic housewife for them”

This person really needs help- this is gross

No. 781925

>>781879 I don't think that's how genderfluid people work, but whatever I guess. It's still misogynistic as fuck, which is so freaking hilarious coming from such an insuferable twitter dweller.
My god, the hypocrisy of these people. Who knew all you needed to excuse this stupid shit is throw a ''oh, I'm a genderfluid special bean! So it's finee!!''

No. 781926

the gender fandom sees men and women only as a list of stereotypes and fakebois tend to be misogynists with a lot of self hatred what else is new

No. 781929

>>781898 Now that you say it, anon. It does sound like some weird fetish bulshit. Maybe that's what the special gender is really covering up.

No. 781936

>I'm a woman only when I want to be a hole to fuck and a housewife, you know, because only women are holes and want to be maids! I'm a guy otherwise uwu
What the fuck?? And people listen to this misogynistic bitch when she tries to cancel some random girl drawing weeb shit. She really can't fucking cope with wanting to be submissive and being attracted to men can she.

No. 781943

What do you guys think of Artfol? A lot of artists I follow are joining it

No. 781957

that's so fucking sexist wow lol and she is the one calling out others. bitch wtf

No. 781958

>I identify as a male when I want people to take me seriously and consider me a real person, but when I want to be fucked and used as a hole for men I identify as a woman because that's what they're for right?
The state of woke in 2021, ladies. This is the person allowed to bully artists over non-issues.

No. 781970

File: 1618246976974.jpeg (166.09 KB, 1069x610, 69FDBF0C-2A50-447E-99AB-E0A395…)

there's a new gender everybody!! sexistgender. pic related is the flag, so heckin valid rite?

No. 782018

she could easily headcanon her friends ocs as gay and problem solved for her. i get it's a joke but calling herself a hole for men when "changing into" girl is so fucking dumb, you can't explain that without sounding retarded

No. 782052

This. That’s why I don’t believe in the diagnosis of genderfluidity or nonbinary- there’s just not enough evidence to prove that it exists besides the “I hate being my gender because I don’t fit the following tropes” that most merks go with.

No. 782054

This is pretty much exactly what’s going on. I’m amazed at how much self awareness these people lack, yet they think they’re so righteous compared to everyone else.

No. 782169

That's what gets me, it's not like she's saying she's ready to be submissive as a gay guy, she specifically says she changes into a woman when she wants to be fucked as a hole and seen as a good obedient slave because in her head women are just that. It's like she's going out of her way to say that women are just holes for men to fuck. And it's not even a joke, fakeboys are always misogynists and icky cis women can't exist in the woke mind.

No. 782172

File: 1618259190392.jpeg (875.81 KB, 1242x1438, 12F61BF7-EBA2-4917-A709-1A6B64…)

They’re already back pedaling kek

No. 782173

File: 1618259224737.jpeg (523.18 KB, 1242x1145, E29610D1-D7E9-4C4E-91E8-8D0827…)

No. 782176

File: 1618259343317.jpeg (790.8 KB, 1242x1411, D2245119-6924-46D5-9729-353710…)

No. 782182

>I-I didn't mean to make fun of womanhood.. I mean women as a man! I mean, I just meant to say that sometimes I identify as a woman when I want to be subservient and used like a hole! I hope we're good now, peace out!
Someone get the shovel off this sperg's hands, she's digging herself even deeper. This is both insanely hilarious and sad.

No. 782183

unstoppable, this cow has the potential to kill twitter, just that he lack grace and power.

No. 782188

"Being a woman with a nuance" No Jay, you literally drew yourself in a misogynistic maid outfit saying your a hole SPECIFICALLY when you're a girl, stop backpedaling. If the people you cancelled can't go consequences free even with an apology, you cannot too.

No. 782192

we need to start harrassing jay to pay to the kofis of random women now, he just traumatized us with his misogynistic retoric. Very uncaring of the systemic opression we face everyday smh
C'mon Jay, pay up bestie

No. 782198

Jay deserves a thread tbh. She's dating pucca right? make a thread on both.

No. 782204


She's dating Destiny kek

No. 782206

Lmfao you could totally use this on Twitter against them. Imagine the heart attack they would have lol

I think jays dating the person from this post >>779719
They’re both cows. They have a kiwi thread, but I wish there was a thread here because the kiwi thread is just full of people poorly attempting to “correct the ocs and art” with grade school levels of skill

No. 782207

Let's make a Jay thread then. Someone make a summary please

No. 782269

Can’t stand this patronising ass typing style

No. 782272

It’s funny how she wants to be forgiven for drawing a misogynistic caricature just because she’s sexistgender. And let me guess, everyone is going “yass kween” in the comments.

No. 782275

>>782192 Yes! Pay up, Jay! ''fumble a lot with my wording'' my ass. It was less then ten words and they were all loud and clear. The least you can do is repent the same way you obnoxiously decree to others.

No. 782280

File: 1618266277977.gif (1.36 MB, 306x178, ypxo2_400.gif)

What a fucking retard I hope her followers hound her for this nonsense

No. 782285

I took this from kiwi farms if anybody wants
"Lets not forget about Jay sending his followers >to attack a black, lesbian, minor who was victimized by destiny (kyskeqing)
>To bully and make fun of a sexual assault victim because she was ~antiblack~ (meganroseruiz)
>Harass an arab/south asian artist for venting how american centric the media is (javidraws)
>To making fun of a Chinese Kiwi for considering nft. (Yueko)
The list goes on, but these are incidents from january-march 2021"

I personally only know much about javi tho (and that was a group effort)

Whoever makes the thread can't forget the tumblr past of being obnoxious about blackwashing

Either way if nobody wants to make a thread for her but you also don't want to be constantly putting jay nonsense in this thread you could also send that to the art cow general thread that technically exists but isn't very active

I suck at writing + I don't actually know all his drama so this probably looks like shit but if anybody wants to pick this up and improve it and add stuff then it's all yours

> philipino-latino non-binary genderfluid he/him "malewife" with autism and adhd

> every single one of these labels used as a victim card play up their status in the woke circle
> girlfriend is a body positivity artist with history of faking labels for clout
> technically an artist, even tought he rarely stops his woke tirading to draw, and the only thing they draw is ms paint tier comics
> will literally use any excuse to e beg and drop his koffi, will also often harrass people for not paying for his friends' kofi
> constantly getting into or creating woke drama

Some of his adventures include:
> being extremely obnoxious about fanartist "blackwashing" characters back when they were joulejay on tumblr >>>/ot/777985
> being part of the horde against Javidraws
> triying to "cancel" a french artist for drawing anime/eroguro inspired gore art because the subjects looked asian >>>/ot/777958 wich failed epically when that got track on french art twitter and frenchies were not taking their shit >>>/ot/778991
> harrassing an artist for drawing stylised fanart of Hendrix. Later complains about loosing followers for "calling out anti-blackness" >>>/ot/781391
> making a genderspecial comic about how they don't feel like a girl except when they see a hot guy that makes them want to become a house wife >>>/ot/781782 later including an extra panel with the phrase "I'm? hole? for men?" (wich they deleted after 16 hours when two or three of their followers called them out) >>>/ot/781970

No. 782329

not to go too OT but i've noticed a lot of genderspecial fakebois tend to be very submissive women. like they're almost ashamed of their tradwife inclinations and very strong sexual attraction to men bc being straight isn't woke. if your desires come from a gay boy's perspective no one can label you a boring straight slut! anyway

No. 782355

File: 1618272799118.jpg (88.4 KB, 540x658, 20210411_120935.jpg)

On the topic of Destiny, reminder that she's totally of black and indigenous descent but magically came out white :o

No. 782378

The app itself seems crap and crashes every time I try to use it, but the concept is nice. I miss having an art only platform

No. 782413

Can we point out that there’s only one pic but it proves that sir Jay “who speaks for all minorities” is just as translucent as his woke gf

No. 782414

it's funny how much emphasis she puts on being part "native!!!" and "totally black!!" as if the overwhelming majority of the chilean population doesn't have native heritage. like yeah, that's how colonism works, most of us could be considered "mixed". you're not special sweaty. also iirc she lives in like, the wealthiest part of santiago, the capital city of chile, which by itself has most of the country's resources lmao

No. 782431

Wasn't there a leaked selfie of Jay?? Maybe I'm out of the loop but i totally missed it lol

No. 782433

I mean he defenitelly isn't brown but if you look at his eyes I think you can see the phillipino features so I think it's worthless triying to call him "not real poc" now

Javiera on the other hand is just sad lmao, apparently her dad literally tells her he's just tan and she's like "nu huh you are dark skinned" and then uses that for minority points. Afro native my ass lmao.

There's two of them on kiwi farms, it wasn't even really leaked they were just public instagram photos that had him tagged (he's wearng a face mask tho, so you can't even see the full face)

No. 782441

Tbf, the loudest wokes are 3/4 of the time privileged bourgeois that happens to be LGBT or not white lmao. Technically speaking fitting in a minority, but in reality, more privileged than most of those meany whites and cishets. And I mean, seeing that Destiny and Jay are neither working on projects and rarely doing commissions and doesn't seem to be working on the side, i wouldn't be surprised they are the daughters of some upper middle class families and getting all their expenses paid by papa and mama

No. 782443

jay and destiny are perfect for each other. Both of them are absolutely insufferable, I doubt anyone can socialize with them outside of reply threads on twitter, they are indeed your average pasty Hispanic person. Jay is part filipino I think but Destiny probably heard the One-Drop Rule rhing and took it literal, it's crazy how she hasnt been called out for racefaking yet lol

No. 782447

For Destiny, that's the thing lmao. Yeah, she probably have indigenous blood but she's like what? One quarter at best? Definitely not the half black half indigenous person she want her followers to believe she is lmao.

No. 782449

apparently it's having some trouble loading cause of the sudden influx of new people. but thats generally kinda expected on a new launch.

No. 782462

She doesn't even have black/indigenous features. Where did they go.

No. 782463

File: 1618280521273.jpg (453.99 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20210412-211946_Twi…)

How do yall feel about this?

No. 782469

Stupid fucking shit. So we can't have any non-white coded characters? How is a character being coded as asian/native american/african default offensive? What?

No. 782476

Only thing I'm confused about is why Native American people can't be cute ponies, kek.

No. 782484

I think my only issue with it is that the world of MLP is very I guess pony-centric, lol. Everything seems to be run and maintained by the ponies, from the weather, to the environment to even the sun and moon rising and setting. It makes all the other races just seem lame by comparison.

No. 782485

yeah there were horse people all over the plains, how come they get a stupid buffalo? you're right anon, everyone should get to be a cute magic pony

No. 782487

File: 1618281755560.png (Spoiler Image, 245.21 KB, 1051x599, 1618272470007.png)

Fucking hate when Jay has light skin asian feature and abuse the brown/dark asian minority card

No. 782493

Horses aren't native to the Americas, which I guess is what they were going for, but it's still sorta dumb. They could've used deer though. Deer are cute, no offense to the Bison lovers.

No. 782498

What does this mean? There aren't even any other species in MLP except for like, Twilight's dragon and I guess that Bison

No. 782499

Jesus Christ, she says she's Filipino and Puerto Rican but looks fucking Chinese. She looks like someone who would get shoved into a locker.

No. 782503

Nah there's like 10 different species but I can only remember griffins and zebras rn

No. 782513

>she says she's Filipino and Puerto Rican but looks fucking Chinese
No shit lmao, like half of Filipinos have some Chinese ancestry. The issue is Jay brown-larping.

No. 782529

LMAO i remember when she was after splatoon artis for drawing Marina a little bit lighter saying she was "black", i haven't seen people call her out for race faking

No. 782541

>she says she's Filipino
And drew herself as a MAID in her "woman" mode? Kek

No. 782565

This could definitely be used to "cancel" Jay kek

No. 782575

Omfg I can envision the tweet now. Poorly cropped ss of the original comic then of Jay's follower count, insert some bullshit about muh small black/trans creators, 'as a filipino ..' complete with copious gofundme and stop asian hate carrds in the replies kek

No. 782597

i think she still doesn't get it. her only explanation is that she's nb/bigender but i'ts doesn't change nothing about this comic and how everyone sees it

No. 782605

I want to make the thread, don't wanna use the art cow general (this thread is already like a nu age art cow general). Thanks for the summary attempt nona

No. 782606

so "women in general" are holes for this bitch?
and why being """"genderfluid"""" would make it any less misogynistic? ugh

No. 782608

holyshit I never thought I would hear that word ever in my mind

No. 782609

Could someone please add to this summary? We have a milky cow here

No. 782614

It's kind of dumb because they are ponies anyway? Nothing about them is white coded in the first place

No. 782615

Of course anon genderfluid cute innocent babies can't be misogynistic because they're oppwessed uwu!!! And they're not cis so they're automatically good people!!

No. 782623

File: 1618298694694.jpeg (29.28 KB, 739x415, 76978D8E-FCB1-4518-9E91-38A5B1…)

This is going to sound fucking retarded, but there was pony supremacy going on in that show, every other race was seen as lesser, had hardly any land and resources, and needed to be “studied”. The worst racial coding was by far the Yaks, there was even an entire episode revolving around the mane six giving their Yak student to be more like a pony. It’s a show for kids with really insidious xenophobic undertones in a lot of episodes tbh