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File: 1458079837338.jpg (86.18 KB, 480x640, jesus-camp.jpg)

No. 81149

What are your favorite documentaries?

No. 81151

File: 1458080103002.jpg (11.13 KB, 197x255, download.jpg)

No. 81154

File: 1458080631444.jpg (22.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Fed up is great

No. 81157

File: 1458081004948.jpg (56.06 KB, 500x717, MV5BODA2MzYzMTUzM15BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 81158

File: 1458081011188.jpg (19 KB, 284x405, ed6cc9b721cc2d5ca0634d7bc80736…)

No. 81160

This doc was such a fucking wild ride

No. 81161


I watched those back to back like a year ago and had an existential crisis afterwards lmfao

No. 81167

File: 1458084452911.jpeg (28.28 KB, 251x251, image.jpeg)

I love old school HBO docs and docs about drug use like Small Town Ecstasy—-worked better than the DARE program.

No. 81169

File: 1458086040666.jpg (130.15 KB, 831x1110, 28u1j13.jpg)

Don't make fun of me, but this one is very cozy and surprisingly interesting! Some beautiful shots in there too

At the risk of sounding like a shitty person, I'm actually very impressed how she managed to fool so many people for such a long time, it's fucking crazy.

I'll check The Imposter out, thanks anons!

No. 81224

File: 1458099322794.jpg (232.17 KB, 960x1440, image.jpg)

No. 81225

File: 1458100001269.jpg (98.57 KB, 486x720, going_clear_poster.jpg)

I've always been wary of Scientology, but this was so much more enthralling than I expected. It's bizarre people actually believe this bull and I hope the collapse of this "church" happens soon.

No. 81230

File: 1458102781156.jpg (199.61 KB, 992x1422, Poster-04.jpg)

I know Banksy has a rep for being pretentious, but I love how comfy Exit is. The guy it's about, Thierry, is really endearing.

No. 81389

Twilight of the Pornstars is goat

No. 81462

Nothing works here, I hate this place, the medication doesn't work, I've been here for 7 years, nothing works here, I hate this place… (etc.)

No. 81465

I love this one! (Especially like how Cage used it in Stoney Lodge)

No. 81472

This is one part of a multi-part docuseries called "The Dark Side of Porn." This part in particular struck me the most, but there are also ones on Snuff films and a famous bestiality star.

No. 81474


Oh shit, I remember watching the episode about 'Animal Farm' on YouTube ages ago. Besides the digusting shit she did, I actually felt quite sorry for Bodil Jonsen in a way; it was obvious she had a horrific life before and after she made the videos.

No. 81575

"I Know That Voice"

The only documentary that I don't mind watching it over and over again. It's about voice actors and everything that is related to it. I find it fascinating and weird at the same time, to finally see the people who voices my favorite cartoon characters, some of them are unbelievably versatile!

No. 81577

File: 1458201294670.jpg (61.33 KB, 450x650, dig-movie-poster.jpg)

A Cage fan on lolcow? I love you anon.

Anyway, I saw this recently. It was pretty good.

No. 81673

Fat Camp by MTV, Super Size Me, and Bowling For Columbine

No. 81680

"Bowling for Columbine" is a good documentary but it's biased as fuck tbh

No. 81682

>Me finding another Cage fan period
Feelings mutual anon

No. 81730

Adam Curtis makes consistently good documentaries. He's always making interesting stuff.

No. 81827

Haha pretty much. I remember Shia Labeouf was going to make a docu about his time at Stoney Lodge like right when Depart From Me came out. I was really looking forward to it.

No. 82601

The Last Lions.

No. 82609

Toynbee Tiles is an awesome, underrated doc. Loved it.

No. 82612

I want to do thing to Theroux.

No. 82613

File: 1458598085969.jpg (385.96 KB, 1000x1481, new-poster-prophets-prey-a.jpg)

Check out this one!

Also if anyone's got more on religious cults, keep em coming. Love that shit

No. 82614

One of my faves. So great

No. 87257


Everything by Adam Curtis…


The Power of Nightmares especially.

No. 87333

This one is so good

But if you liked it you'll love this one

No. 87357

File: 1461201446379.jpg (287.71 KB, 1748x2480, deliverus.jpg)

this thread rules. i LOVE documentaries. I can't wait to see Prophet's Prey, attached is something I finally got around to watching, it was a tough watch for me but very worthwhile.

Anyone got any more lighthearted suggestions? I'm looking forward to that voiceover actor one for less serious nights ahaha.

No. 87359

File: 1461202737511.jpg (20.52 KB, 215x289, 215px-DearZacharyTheatricalPos…)

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

A guy's best friend dies and he makes a documentary in his honor since they loved making movies as kids. Only on the way of making it the guy discovers some shit about his friend's life, how he dies and so much more wild shit goes down during the making. I won't spoil it and I suggest not looking it up before watching it. It's on Netflix btw.

This shit left me in tears and never wanting to watch it again. It's great but it leaves you so fucked up on the inside by the end.

No. 87360

Last night I finally watched that documentary where Louis (forgot last name) stays with the Westboro baptist church people for a week. God damn it he's brave

Super-Size me and Fed Up is good too. I'm also a fan of animal documentaries, mostly on marine life.

No. 87373

File: 1461211514114.jpg (95.82 KB, 713x1000, 5792056.jpg)

Its trashy and I love it.

No. 87375

This documentary left me devastated. I could feel the people's frustration, especially the friend's parents, and when the twist came up, I was like "Damn, I'd be that frustrated and emotionally wrecked too if I were them."

I agree, it is a good documentary, but I don't think I will watch it again.

No. 87376

File: 1461215239126.jpeg (142.62 KB, 630x1200, image.jpeg)

To any of you that enjoy parodies of classic documentary films, I recommend Documentary Now! If you know your history, it's pretty entertaining shit.

No. 87424

File: 1461259920228.jpg (116.98 KB, 300x386, an-open-secret.jpg)

ooh I have another one, going to watch this one really soon, I've been looking for it forever. "An Open Secret" about exposing pedophilia in Hollywood. I used youtube-dl (https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/) to download the videos onto my macbook incase it gets removed from Dailymotion anytime soon.

Allegedly it had to be edited before release to exclude audio of a pedophile confessing what he did.



despite the foreign titles on dailymotion the entire movie is english.

No. 87428

Just might watch this one soon.

Any other anons waiting for the Louis Theroux doc too? It already premiered but hasn't been publicly released yet.

No. 87429

File: 1461261913597.jpg (63.63 KB, 333x500, 24e99e5a-5149-40c0-4c02-2dfcb5…)

Here's the poster image

No. 87438

File: 1461262704956.png (24.29 KB, 238x238, sugarbbs.png)

About sugar babies and sugar daddies

No. 87454

This one creeped the shit out of me. It is 100% true and absolutely horrifying imo. It's short but really powerful, very disturbing.

No. 87458

I think it's hilarious they censor one of the shitty drawings of gore but leave actual photos of legs eaten down to the bone in there with loud dramatic music for shock value. Strange editing choice, that.

No. 87461

Ugggh, this fuckers' whole existence just infuriates me to the core. Pardon my edge, but the fact that hes still gets to live and breath and is considered a fucking CELEBRITY in Japan is truly one of the most despicable things ever. Like, seriously. What the fuck.

No. 87469

They don't consider white people fully human, that's how

No. 87471

Stop race baiting

No. 87477

I don't know if he's still considered a minor celebrity over there. Last I heard he barely scrapes by financially since no one will hire him.

No. 87479

OP here. That is what disturbed me the most. The fact that he became… celebrated. For murdering and eating someone. On top of the fact that he got off scot free, it is mind blowing he became glorified. Also the part where he told the girl he just had sex with (for the porno I believe) that he killed and ate someone is beyond fucked up too. I felt sick watching that.

No. 87482

I just start watching and he already spout nonsense like "I'm coming from planet cannibal", the fuck?? It gets worse as I watch more.

Crazy old man…he should be locked up in mental hospital.

No. 87515

dated but and interesting watch none the less

They have a section about this crazy camp for rebellious kids where they beat them into submission and shit

No. 96167

Leopold and Leob, who murdered a kid to prove that they could pull off the 'perfect crime'. They didn't give a single fuck. They were also lovers.

No. 96176

Pretty fitting as it's june 4th and all. The Chinese government os 1984 style paranoid about this.

No. 96179

jesus christ this documentary
very interesting tho!

No. 96412

Life in a day

People from all over send in footage of what their daily life consists of. It's cut into a 90 min long documentary. Pretty interesting and great cinematography.

No. 96421

File: 1465236099675.jpg (20.79 KB, 220x310, a state of mind.jpg)

A State of Mind. A documentary about North Korean mass games and politics through two young gymnast girls.

No. 96452

that was fucking dark… can't say I'm surprised that the assholes still run free but damn they need to swallow a few bullets

No. 96458

File: 1465263539574.jpg (127.77 KB, 409x608, unbranded-poster.jpg)

If anyone is into p chill animal/nature documentaries, this one is great. It's about a group of guys buying mustangs and riding them from Mexico to Canada. The scenery is fucking gorgeous and you have cute horses.

It's also interesting to see a group of friends basically left alone for like half a year and how relationships change and stuff.

No. 96459

Did anyone else think that Amy (the Amy Winehouse docu) was way overhyped? Everyone acted like it was so good and amazing but I thought it was a pretty average documentary about a musician who had died?

No. 96460

Casting By is a great documentary on casting agents and their history in Hollywood. It's cool because it talks about casting agents, their relationships with different people in Hollywood and it touches on the sexism in the industry as well.

No. 96466

It's such shit that these pedos will never be exposed, and the madams that are pedalling these poor kids too.

No. 96469

Just finished watching this. I'm left with two comments;

How the fuck did people think he was a 16 year old? Like ignoring the family because of obv reasons, but he had a full shadow of a bear, a strong ass jaw and his eyes were obviously that of an older person. Hell, I even thought in the photos and videos he looked fucking 35. And my other comment is the whole sketchy family thing. I wouldn't take anything what he says at face value at all. He genuinely pissed me off the entire documentary and I had no sympathy for him. I do believe the family was involved in the kid's disappearance, especially the mother. I think the sister knew something happened but never questioned it (look at the way she was willing to avoid asking him any questions) and the mom either saw something happen or was an active participant. The brother was definitely involved. I don't think they murdered him, or at least not on purpose or something.

Either way, great documentary that really pissed me off (in a good way).

No. 96474

Here's my batshit theory:

I think that he parents/a family member actually did kill the son. They reported him missing, and played the "sad family" card, and miraculously got away with it. They continue to love their lives, thinking they got away with murder until they get a call saying their son is found. Now, despite the fact that this son has bleached hair and looks 35, they have to play along, because if they question his identity then the authorities would obviously investigate the imposter, and probably dig up some dirt on the original crime.

So I don't think the family ever really believed that the imposter was their son, I think they had to "believe it" to protect themselves.

No. 96484

No. 96485

Isn't that the theory from the documentary itself?

No. 96486

No. 96488

I haven't watched it in a while but I don't think the documentary specifically lays out any theory. They kind of tell the story from a bunch of different perspectives, with a private investigator at the end.

No. 96493

Just watched this, it was really great but it felt so short. I wanted to get in her brain. too bad we probably never will hear about her again.

No. 96498


lol. You can no more "disprove" eugenics than you can "disprove" Mendelian Inheritance.

No. 96529

Soren reminds me of Frederic tbh

No. 96594


No. 96898


>post is two months old, still replying anyways

I like to watch a lot of docos when I'm sitting and working at my desk. I'll put it on and mostly listen and look up every once in awhile. But I literally had to sit and watch this one, it was so gripping.

No. 96974


Just finished this last night. The whole thing was a mind trip. Dude is a master manipulator and attention seeker (just couldn't resist a televised news interview that risked blowing his cover) I find it difficult to believe anything he says regarding his accusations against the family. How the family acted is weird though, maybe they did kill that boy? I don't know. But until they find a body or someone involved spills the beans, there's really no way to know that's what happened.

No. 96980


Watched this today and made me depressed. I'm already vegetarian but seeing how scummy corporations are, always makes me mad. And then sad because I cant do anything

No. 97017

>white man in the intro
Jesus Christ. I'd rather watch the greatest history ever told three times than this tumblr shit (8 hour pro-hitler documentary).

No. 97022

If you watched the whole programme in full you would understand that it wasn't pro eugenics. It was showin the history of the British Empire (mainly) use of eugenics and how America was a huge supporter to the extent where they actually funded some of the original eugenics outlets in Nazi Germany.

In Britain we are rarely taught of our historic crimes and racism. In no way was it "pro hitler" but instead exposing the reality of how Britain and other such empires be they American or European had so much land.

No. 97024

The greatest story never told is the 8 hour pro hitler documentary.

>historic crimes and racism

Yep, FUCKING WHITE MALE tumblr documentary just like I thought.

No. 97030

File: 1465634371047.gif (188.37 KB, 420x612, 1435182219201.gif)

This documentary about gypsies:

It has everything:
>Mysterious dog-eaters
>wicked music

No. 97032

BBC actually

No. 97075

File: 1465667695091.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, l6MKUe.png)

No. 97088

The pols are coming

Link - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD80EB68F4CF646AE

It was on the year I moved to Britain, its pretty hilarious due to how they just show the worst people imaginable. At one point they pretend to 'translate' what a Polish man is saying and the subtitles say the opposite of what he says. Pure BBC propaganda.

No. 97231

File: 1465750005548.jpg (45.69 KB, 360x460, Food_inc.jpg)

I just assumed this wasnt posted because it was so popular when it was released?

No. 97587

The mask you live in
It's up on netflix right now and it's a great documentary that really explains and explores some of the biggest issues in our society right now. It's focused on america, but the problem extends into all americanized cultures outside of america as well so it's worth a watch even if you're not american.

No. 97588

As a side note though, some of the things in this documentary should be taken with a grain of salt, as with every other doc ever but sometimes people tend to believe that 100% what they see in documentaries are true. But it raises enough good points for me to still consider it a good watch, even if some of the statistics etc were quite likely 100% bullshit.

No. 98160

File: 1466270694557.jpg (570.29 KB, 750x1112, broken brain.jpg)

This one is on Netflix.

It's about a girl that has a stroke and has to re-learn how to live.

Some of these look really good, I've been looking for more since I've watched most of the ones worth watching on Netflix and Youtube.

No. 98162

>all americanized cultures outside of america

No. 98217

> tfw protested in front of orgs for a year straight as part of Chanology

those were heady times. fun, attractive anons. massive lulz. turned out to be good training for Occupy, which came right after.

if you read books, look for "Madman or Messiah?" online for free. It's a biography of L.Ron and it's a fascinating read because it is so wild. It's about the early years.

No. 98218

File: 1466282390135.jpg (16.1 KB, 182x268, MV5BNDc2MzAzNjI0NF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

> Amish teenagers experience and embrace the modern world as a rite-of-passage before deciding which life they will choose.

it's about Rumspringa

No. 98220

File: 1466282780471.jpg (13.44 KB, 182x268, MV5BMjA5NjM1NjM0OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

> A cinematic portrait of the homeless population who live permanently in the underground tunnels of New York City.

gritty b/w doc about real "Mole People"

No. 98222

File: 1466284280095.jpg (89.39 KB, 624x624, KK-OFFICIAL2-624x624.jpg)

OT but that cover looks so much like my favorite album's cover.

No. 98224

File: 1466285029493.jpg (11.31 KB, 182x268, MV5BMTQxMjMzMTczM15BMl5BanBnXk…)

> Documentary that looks at the concept of the corporation throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance.


I know, I know. You probably think this doc is going to be torture to get through. It's about the history of corporations, how they came to be and how they operate. They examine them like a psychiatrist would examine a mentally ill person, since they are considered a person by the law. This movie changed my outlook on the world in a profound way. It's not super entertaining, but it is incredibly educational and you'll be a better citizen of Earth for having seen it.

No. 98236

Loved that one! You should check out Streetwise & Children Underground.

No. 112119

File: 1476024952970.jpg (75.62 KB, 809x1200, 1437524182053.jpg)

No. 112124

Only know this because the girl wasn't told what her photo would be used for.

No. 112125

>b-but lolita isn't ageplay

No. 112126

That documentary cover was actually a point of rage amongst Lolita because the documentary didn't have shit to do with it.
The girl in the photo was lied to about what the pic was being taken for, too.
Good job showing your ignorance, anon.

No. 112129

why so angry? did daddy forget to change your diaper?

No. 112132

Lolita tends to be a sexual thing for the majority of girls in comms, but that doesn't mean it applies to all of them.

No. 112150

Exactly what it says. Cultures that are under heavy influence of the american culture (usually by movies, music, going to the US for over reason or another, etc).

No. 112151

If this is the one I'm thinking of, take what it says with a grain of salt. A lot of the "psychiatric examination", particularly them labelling corporations as psychopaths, is bullshit. Even the doctor who's work they used to label them that has come out and said that they misused his work, and he doesn't agree with the conclusions drawn.

No. 112156

Anyone seen the Amanda Knox one that came on Netflix recently?

No. 112168

Not angry, it's just that the "lolita is ageplay xD" meme is retarded and needs to end.

No. 117931

Not my favourite, but watched this after seeing it on reddit today. This woman was kidnapped and kept in a coffin-sized box for 23 hours each day. They caught the fucker after 7 years and she got released. She's married now and has a daughter.


No. 117958

I remember this case and had no idea there's a documentary of Colleen talking about it. She is so strong for being able to speak about her experiences and build a new life for herself while helping others who've dealt with abuse. Thanks for sharing!

No. 117961

I was so excited to see that! I've been following the case from the beginning and there were actually a few new details. Compulsory viewing for anyone who likes documentaries imo.

No. 117973


Ha I watched the same thing today. When I was in high school I was pretty obsessed with reading about murderers and crazies like that dude. I'd read up about the case and was shocked how long he had her for. It made me wonder how many missing people are in similar situations.

That said, the interviewer in this doc was kind of weird and asked some dumb questions. Also the music fucking sucked.

No. 118004

this one was good until you realize the director made it making the case that the agent of consent should be lowered. kind of creeped me out

No. 118037

Shy Boys IRL. That incel thread reminded me of this doc I watched a year or two ago. It's about this group of guys from an online forum for incel and loveshy men, who have a meetup. It's quite fitting for lolcow, actually.

No. 118040

The Advanced dude is a douchbag, but he'd be a lot cuter if he cut+styled his hair and dressed himself better.
He's what I imagine most incels and robots are like. Convinced (or try to convince others) that they're so ugly, but they're really just average with a shitty attitude.

No. 118042

File: 1479442001186.png (291.73 KB, 329x360, Capture.PNG)

I just got to the part where they show his photoshopped picture. I am now convinced the reason he's incel is probably because he wants to be a woman and is prob a raging, self-loathing homo.

No. 118044

lmfao that top lip


her advice is good. robots have the worst fucking attitudes and they're some of the most self centered, boring ass people imaginable. take her advice, you pituitary retard. clearly, you fingerfucking your own asshole to how wonderful you think you are and believing you're maligned by "whores" (that are generally smarter than you, lol) isn't getting you anywhere

No. 118060

A+++ response to incel anon

No. 118066

File: 1479448112400.png (318.8 KB, 585x313, timthumb.png)

Divorce Corp is a solid documentary about the fucked up politics of the legal system, and the people it continues to fuck over day to day. Enjoyed that they follow a few different real life scenarios featuring ex-hubsands and ex-wives from different parts of the country.

No. 118068

Available now on Netflix, too!

No. 118087

I love this one. It made me cringe.

No. 118112

Brian makes me laugh. "The medications don't wooork…" He's kinda cute when he isn't screaming the same shit over and over. His voice is so soft.

No. 118155

File: 1479562179714.jpg (65.79 KB, 703x651, audrey-mestre.jpg)


This one is pretty good if you're into a good relationship abuse/conspiracy. It made my heart sink so bad when I first watched this, I couldn't believe it.

No. 118192

Thank you for the recommendation anon. Just started watching it and already it's really interesting.

I do hate it tho when docs have that whole "People think we're crazy but they are just uninformed" montage at the beginning.

No. 118496

you sound mean. why do you make fun of people?

No. 118525

i thought this was really well done! i love the true crime docs bring them on (i'm not a columbiner or anything i promise)

No. 118548

File: 1479854688084.jpg (92.21 KB, 480x342, Where do you think we are.jpg)

No. 118599

Thanks anon! Never heard about this, pretty interesting.

No. 118889

documentarys suck and are for losers

No. 118919

File: 1480134513636.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, lowqualitybait.jpg)

No. 118925

prove me wrong then, they're not good and only losers watch them

No. 118981

File: 1480192265634.png (116.11 KB, 312x345, fuckingstockphoto.png)

Ayy pessimist anon documentaries are a huge part of the movie industry you'd be a fucking idiot to think "losers watch them" you're a loser for holding a nihilist, apathetic view of them. Documentaries can be entertaining, factually accurate and provide social commentary on important issues. A good documentary is a catalyst for critical thinking.

Critical thinking is for such losers doe I mean who would want to think rioght?

No. 119256

Louis Theroux? I love all of his work. The Westboro ones are amazing because he did it twice even.

No. 119258

Yo anon (and other Louis therox fans) have you seen his Scientology documentary yet? I wanna see it but I feel like its been done to death lol

No. 119263

I've been wanting to see it but I can't find it anywhere. I've also been too lazy to torrent it.

No. 119306

I want to but I'm like >>119263

No. 119311

Saw Holy Hell on Netflix and find myself coming back to it for a lazy watch. It was a good insight into how normal it can seem to just fall into these cults, thinking its a group of friends.

No. 119320

When i was searching for documentaries online to watch, I accidentally came across one about a cannibal who shot a woman and ate her starting with her ass and got off free and they showed pictures of her corpse and I feel sick and kind of put off from looking for documentaries now

No. 119323

was it the vice documentary?

No. 119331

I bet you're talking about that disgusting Japanese cannibal who became a celebrity… How and why I will never understand.

No. 119332

omg clinton get your shit together man, learn how to eat that pussnyan

No. 119334

Yeah that guy. He's seriously fucked in the head. I understand why he got off with no repercussions (government refused to give papers) but I definitely don't agree with it. He's dangerous and even admitted it and should be kept away from the general public

No. 119338

Issei Sagawa (sp?)
He's so gross and such a dumbass narcissist. I wanna see him old, weak, with no teeth, and stuck in a home being looked after by women who taunt him with the fact that he can't do anything to them anymore. Feed him vegan mush so he can't enjoy taste, stuck with himself grown old and pathetic and hating it

No. 119438

oh babe don't worry he's almost 70

No. 119441

I'm so happy he's old it's actually weird. He's just such a new level of gross and twisted like, prison is better than he deserves and he got a cook-book deal out of it instead.. Ughhh

No. 119477

Empire of Dust [2011]

No. 119623

File: 1480549292062.png (470.07 KB, 680x319, jenniferintervention.PNG)

Don't know if Intervention counts but I've been binge watching them since the season premiere last night. Watching Jennifer struggle with spitting out her food and injecting pain meds in front of her children while her daughter painted a tea set was horrifying.

No. 120126

I always liked Intervention.

If anyone is in Canada look up The Fifth Estate and DocZone put out by CBC. They're all 40ish minute investigative documentaries and can be found on Youtube. I like them for background noise while I'm drawing.

I've attached one of my favourite Fifth Estates but there's tons of good ones in lighter tones. This one is pretty fucked up and frustrating to watch.

>CAS fails Young Child back in 2006 and then hides behind a cloud of secrecy

>When Toronto emergency workers arrived at an east-end Toronto home early on the morning November 30, 2002, the house was dark. They knocked twice before a woman, Elva Bottineau, answered the door and directed them to the kitchen. What they found there was shocking. Lying on the table was the emaciated, lifeless body of Bottineau's five-year-old grandson Jeffrey Baldwin. Firefighters and paramedics tried in vain to resuscitate him.

>More than two decades earlier, another child had died in Elva Bottineau's care and both Bottineau and Kidman had convictions for child abuse. Despite the fact that this information was contained in their own files, the CCAS failed to check them before they endorsed the court-ordered placement of Jeffrey and his siblings with their grandparents.

>In fact, the CCAS had intervened off and on in the Bottineau/Kidman family for decades. The CCAS had removed two of Bottineau's children from a previous marriage from her care in the late 1970s after the Society discovered they were being severely abused in her home by Kidman. And yet, remarkably, only a few years later, Bottineau was working as a CCAS-supported day care provider.

Secrets of Sugar is lighter in tone and about sugar obviously. It's on Youtube. Another one I liked was the Boy Who Should Have Lived, about a 12 (or maybe 11) year old boy who ended up hanging himself after the mental health system spectacularly failed him. I wish social services were better funded here in Canada. It happened in Ontario which is surprising.

Louis Theroux is also really good. I'm sure you guys are familiar with him already, but if not check out his LA Stories. I loved City of Dogs.

Speaking of dogs, The Champions on Netflix made me cry. I fucking love dogs. It's about the pit bulls that were rescued from Vick's fighting ring. For some reason I also like the British series Dogs: Their Secret Lives. Light hearted and sort of like… dog intervention for dogs with behaviour problems. Like separation anxiety, obesity, and all sorts of strange behaviours I've never seen before. One doggo would shake every time she left the house. There was a super fat lab who would eat literally EVERYTHING. Her rescue family had to watch her closely all the time because the crazy old thing would even try to eat dirt.

Guilty pleasure of mine is also Animal Cops. It's on Youtube, about humane society workers rescuing animals from shitty owners. Lots of animal horders in it. I remember one poor German Shepard was so neglected his claws had grown into his footpads. It's sad because a lot of the animals are so sweet, but there's usually happy endings… Usually.

I love documentaries, I'll try to think of some others I liked later since they're all I really watch.

No. 120127

Also sorry for double post but seconding the suggestion for Dear Zachary. That one mindfucked me.

I'm not sure if it's still on there, but I watched How to Die in Oregon the same night I watch Dear Zachary. Very depressing night. Anyway I highly recommend Oregon as well.

No. 120174

tragic this one
could it be the parents who done it? kepts me awake at night.

No. 120204

File: 1480964570683.jpg (182.72 KB, 1234x925, ci.jpg)

I've watched Intervention since it first started way back when. My mom and I would always watch it on Sunday nights, the episode that always stuck out for me was the one with Christy, she seemed like the craziest person they had. I wonder what she's up to these days, last I heard she has a baby.

No. 120205

File: 1480964729781.png (209.38 KB, 600x334, chicken.png)

Just watched "Food, Inc." last night on Netflix.

Warning: the film contains some pretty disturbing images but I still recommend you watch it so you know the truth about your food….

No. 120215

Thank-you for sharing this one, watched it last night.

No. 120226

this seems to be up to date on her antics, since she has been silent on her fb.

there was also this:
talking about the aunt's post about the baby.

Basically, she's not doing good and hasn't since the show.

No. 121046

File: 1481681921964.jpg (19.78 KB, 500x372, tumblr_nbkfynmHwY1sm4ngio1_500…)


>"Mr, this has NOTHING to do with a religious persecution. What this boils down to, is your desire to have sex with little girls"


No. 121056


really wish she would have ended up in jail honestly, i know she didn't do anything illegal but still. i'm not american so i don't get most of the "never forget" mentality, but this made feel so sympathetic to all the survivors…

No. 121073

File: 1481711649549.jpg (27.79 KB, 420x280, Screenshots_from_Heartbeat_in_…)

I was reading about lost media and found something interesting about a lady named Amanda Feilding, an English Countess who advocates trepanning as a tool to achieve higher consciousness and performed one on herself as an art piece entitled "Heartbeat in the Brain". Some of the footage can be seen in this documentary: https://vimeo.com/120924327

No. 121074

Next time she'll do a lobotomy and die. Hopefully she doesn't pass on her genes beforehand because she's obviously a dead end.

No. 121075

Your tone seems rather pointed right now.

No. 121123

Holy fuck, is this shit legit? Only just started watching. I mean, I've heard of trepanning as a part of medical history but this looks insane. Only a few minutes in so I'll continue watching and see. How did you find this?

No. 121124

So I just watched some more of this and…this is a mockumentary, right? Jesus Christ, I'm so confused. The monks' tonsure comes from trepanning? WAT

No. 121135

if I remember correctly it's a form of enlightenment and also I think a way of "getting high". I remember her describing that she had to do it precisely otherwise she would kill herself.

Whatever man, if you'd rather drill a hole in your head than take drugs, be my guest.

No. 121144


sadly, not nearly as good as Going Clear.

No. 121145


i feel so much rage. damn. that crazy motherfucker

No. 121149

She believes the brain is suppressed by the bone there and that releasing the blood creates greater consciousness or something. She was an artist and advocate of drug reform as well so it seems she was an all-round wacko. Couldn't find a doctor to drill into her head so she did it herself.

No. 121332

Hey guys, there's a new documentary series on Netflix called Captive.

> Netflix returns to the genre with their new series “Captive,” from two-time Oscar-winning producer Simon Chinn (“Man on Wire”) and executive producer Doug Liman (“The Bourne Identity”). The series examines the most challenging hostage situations of our times, from the highest-profile cases to those kept hidden from the public around the globe. It explores the viewpoints of every party involved: the victims, their families, experienced negotiators and the kidnappers themselves. (http://www.indiewire.com/2016/11/captive-trailer-netflix-true-crime-documentary-hostage-doug-liman-simon-chinn-1201745132/)

I saw the first episode last night and really enjoyed it.

No. 196812

just finished watching trophy kids on netflix. literally thought people exaggerated these types of parents but my god are these people fucking assholes and in denial. makes me extremely grateful my parents were pretty chill when it came to extracurricular activities.

No. 196818

goddamn, I'm watching this right now and the parents (especially the black football dad) are such narcissists. Emotionally abusing your kid in the car and talking about how the son owes him a reward for pushing him etc… the fuck.

No. 196829

I just finished watching Mommy Dead and Dearest the other day. If you wanna get mad at munchie parents and how they fuck up their kids, this is one wild and fascinating case.

No. 196830

So what I didn't like about this one was how it kind of got confusing when they were talking about deedee, deedees mom and the step mom. And the buzzfeed girl was grinning in every clip. Also feel like the father doesn't look like gypsy at all

No. 196839

This one is really weird but I like it for some reason. Is about a recluse guy and the longass storybook they found in his house when he died, he was obsessed with little girls with penises for some reason

No. 196873

idk the worst to me was the dad of the girl golfing who kept muttering "little bitch" under his breath…like….SHE'S 8

No. 196874

Different anon but that dude pissed me off the most.
Because he's nothing but poor trash who lords the money he spends on lessons and training over his daughter. He seems like such a god damn loser, at least the other parents don't rub off as such desperate poorfags.

No. 196902

Thanks for linking this, anon. I've known about Darger for a while, but never did more research than reading his Wikipedia page.
Honestly, I wish his books(s) were public, I'd love to read all 15,000 pages of it. The subject matter, in theory, is both haunting and compelling with its themes of innocence and the characters' fight to keep hold of it. It's almost like Peter Pan meets Alice in Wonderland (or Lolita?) with a dash of extreme violence. I can't tell if it was his way of coping with the abuse he himself suffered as a child, or if it was his own method of dealing with some not-so-nice paraphilias he had in a way that allowed him to feel "clean" inside (combined with going to church several times a day). Probably both.
There's something very anime about the horned girls, too.

No. 196906

i mean i get that he wanted the best for his daughter and allocated lots of time and money to do so but there were just so many better ways to go about it.

i hope now that the documentary is out he was able to see what he was doing wrong. there's a big difference between disciplining your child and making them strive to do their best and being a literally did and mentally abusing your kid by forcing them to do shit and then blaming them for wasting your money when its something you made them do in the first place.

No. 197530

So… if the Heartbeat in the Brain documentary was thought to be lost because it was rarely screened, then shown at London in 2011, who the hell has been holding onto this "lost media" all this time? And why is it rarely screened? Is it too graphic because it actually shows her drilling a hole in her head or what?

No. 197539

File: 1499399472508.jpg (107.17 KB, 567x800, posterMaxi.jpg)


american family adopts 3 kids from russia
came out of it with mixed feelings because the parents clearly had the best intentions but they pulled stupid shit like never learning a lick of russian so they could actually communicate with the kids and changing their names to more american sounding ones

No. 197575

Link? I can't find it and it seems to have been taken down from YT.

No. 197582

This is just the trailer, but if you can find "Tickled," it's a fucking wild ride.

No. 197661


This one was pretty great and very different from what I expected when I read the subject

No. 198100

File: 1499873416806.jpg (36.25 KB, 468x340, article-2068622-0ED3D932000005…)

just watched the ultimate guide to penny pinching. i thought i was a cheap ass but dear god some of these people are a bit much. i did think it was nice that the couponing lady gave all the food she bought to a potluck for charity. and i liked the dude that collected roadkill and cooked it because you could tell he was familiar with nature and not an idiot just grilling whatever was on the side of the road.

No. 198534

>Dick Swaab

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