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File: 1621980436021.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1605495598634.png)

No. 815906

With the thread's restoration you can again ask for an explanation

No. 815908

so new album this year?

No. 815914

Will my fav. band release a new album?

No. 815942

I’m so sad and desperate will I get the job?

No. 815943

Ok well you lied last time

No. 815945

I need this, so re-roll

No. 815950

damn rip anon's favorite band

No. 816200

Will my ovaries heal

No. 816238

leave forever?

No. 816549

Will it go back to normal

No. 816680

I'm going to suffer from my life choices so far?

No. 817731

Is he not texting because he's not interested in me anymore?

No. 817735

damn that sucks but I trust you sanic. Will he change his mind?

No. 817743

will they broke up?

No. 817758

is he bad for me

No. 817764

Will I get it?

No. 817778

should i even bother tho?

No. 817781

i mean god damn

No. 817821

will he ever be mine

No. 817826

should i draw tonight

No. 817838

Is there a heart attack in my immediate future?

No. 817885

Will someone take my case?

No. 817886

RIP my hope

No. 817890

Did I make a mistake?

No. 817911

Was last night thanks to you?

No. 818114

should i meditate?

No. 818433

Will it happen tonight?

No. 818816

Am I dumb

No. 818919

should I fuck him

No. 818920

LOL thanks sanic

No. 818990

Will TND post a new YouTube video soon?

No. 819004

Is it lust?

No. 819006

Is my new crush the one

No. 819007

Hot damn

No. 819033

Will anyone talk to me tomorrow?

No. 819037

Will my project be successful?

No. 819040

Will I get nice hot gf?

No. 819046

will twitter jack get assassinated

No. 819284

should I stop drinking/smoking entirely?

No. 819409

doi i have DENOMS ins ide me?

No. 819418

are californians going to consume contaminated tap water which will result in shitting the souls out of their bodies anytime soon?

No. 819471

Is he just doing this for a chance to fuck?

No. 819554

Will this go ahead ok?

No. 819555

ahem..will this all go ahead without any major hiccups or stress, sir sanic?

No. 819556

Is he going to call tonight?

No. 819651

is the great truth that there isn't one?

No. 819654

and it only gets worse since that conclusion

No. 819656

Is it possible for me to get him

No. 819695

Omg sanic did he delete his profile

No. 819701

Should I go cold turkey

No. 819723

Am I lesbian?

No. 819743

was that a woman under that mask

No. 819827

Should I get the train

No. 819839

Is everything going to be ok?

No. 819846

Will I get fired next month?

No. 819849

sanic oh holy totem, am i actually just a useless lesbian?

No. 819874

Sanic, is it worth confronting them about their bullshit?

No. 819875


No. 819915

Should I draw tonight boss

No. 819916

Right. More Sims 3 then

No. 819938

Am I in dire need of prayer

No. 819953

Will they be mad at me?

No. 819959

I know I should be working on it instead of asking but will I finish my report today?

No. 819960

will I be okay this week?

No. 819970

Should I go there tomorrow

No. 819971

I've been working hard on myself, Sanic, I really have! And I know I still have a lot to make better, but do you think I'll find a relationship soon? I want to be with someone, but I also want to be better when I meet them too. Will I meet someone who falls for me soon?

No. 819973

File: 1622461122436.jpg (18.57 KB, 474x378, aqvwpe.jpg)

Awwww, thenks Sanic you the best

No. 819975

sanic sama is truly prophet, bless you nonnie

No. 820011

Am I mentally ill?

No. 820020

Should I get up and go there tomorrow?

No. 820026

Willi regret going out today?

No. 820029

…this is actually making me hesitate kek

No. 820075

am I gonna lose the bloat in time for beach shenanigans?

No. 820088

Should I get baptized?

No. 820111

Should I ask my friend to do it

No. 820113

these digits scare me

No. 820314

Will I get my husbando in this gacha pull?

No. 820316

Should I have been a professional golfer after today's sweet performance

No. 820318

Def missed my vocation fs

No. 820319

Sanic plz tell me i really want him

No. 820330

Do I reach out to her even though she betrayed me?

No. 820338

Will he like me even then?

No. 820369

Will he talk to me again

No. 820437

Will farmers succeed in killing all men?

No. 820441

i’m just never going to get eula am I you stupid sanic

No. 820454

I would like to report that I actually did get him. Love wins

No. 820480

Is he seeing someone else

No. 820503

Can I do it by the end of the year?

No. 820507

Should I do it?

No. 820528

Will we get back together?

No. 820629

sanic i really want him back will it happen?

No. 820653

Should I stay in and try to do some work

No. 820654

Please can I have a real answer

No. 820655

Sanic this display of your power makes me feel very silly

No. 820854

would my current favorite husbando date a black emo girl hypothetically speaking

No. 820857

well would he

No. 820950

If I stop pushing everyone away will I find a (good) boyfriend?

No. 820951

Omg sanicccccc uwu

No. 821081

hey snacc should I buy some chalk to eat?

No. 821404

Did he try to touch my boobs last night?

No. 821633

Is he misleading me, away from you?

No. 822039

Should I buy this eva pass case?

No. 822045

Did he get tired of me

No. 822047

should I use alcohol as a crutch this weekend?

No. 822048

well yes it is possible, decision lies with me I guess. Imma drink

No. 822050

Should I ask him to do it?

No. 822059

will he be FOREVER ALONE

No. 822067

will they say anything about it? will they know?

No. 822187

Is it going to be worth living?

No. 822190

Will I be okay?

No. 822191

will i pull this off?

No. 822223

Will I be free of her soon?

No. 822226

Should I go there on sunday and will it be good?

No. 822271

File: 1622752979385.gif (1.94 MB, 500x238, original.gif)

Praised be Sanic!!! My finger has healed, he hath spoken the truth!!!

No. 822275

Do I do acid tonight or just smoke?

No. 822278


wtf I shaved my legs for it though

No. 822397

Is this problem going to get fixed?

No. 822459

Is the email response a good one?

No. 822460

Uh, maybe another time. Sadly not the response I was looking for. I hopefully got 3 more email responses. Pls Sanic, I just need one.

No. 822859

will i break out of this depression?

No. 822862

fuck you sanic.
can i break out within the next month?

No. 822881

Should I roll tonight

No. 822912

Am I going to get my shit done and become productive again, great Sanic?

No. 822914

File: 1622834270605.jpg (152.69 KB, 750x934, tumblr_oh9zwbH0ZS1upwzm1o1_128…)

Fuck I'm in danger

No. 822939

Should I just stay home tonight

No. 822942

No. 822974

am i gay

No. 822975

sanic plz answer

No. 822981

Well, am I gay too?

No. 822983

Should I stay at home and wank?

No. 822984

Real answer please

No. 822985

No. 822986

will it be at least alright ?

No. 822987

thank u for the reassurance sanic

No. 822989

Should I go ahead and write it already?

No. 822990

I don't like where this is going sanic

No. 823000

will she fuck my wife?

No. 823003


No. 823027

Sanic.. do I tell his wife?

I’m not that sort of person but she deserves better, I just don’t want to be the karma decider - it’ll catch up to him sooner or later?
I want her to be out of this situation now rather than whenever!

No. 823059

Will I get hired soon Sonic??

No. 823061

do you think it'll happen sanic pls I hope so

No. 823406

should I deposit a shell from one shore to another?

No. 823422

should I set the ultimate distance

No. 823691

totem, will my date tomorrow go well?

No. 823698

will they call me?

No. 823706

he's too weird isn't he

No. 823712

Should I do sudoku?

No. 824188

Did I fuck up yesterday?

No. 824320

Should I repeat the last 3 days?

No. 824322

Should I attempt productivity then, Sanic?

No. 824349

will we meet this week?

No. 824450

am I just getting fat? (I think it's abs developing)

No. 824584

Should I dye my hair magenta and cosplay as Trish

No. 824588

So how about it

No. 824597

Should I find someone here?

No. 824727

should i even care about that shit?

No. 824739

does that mean I gotta "go fast" pecause I'm getting fat though:?

No. 824841

should I quit my job and do a no-show

No. 824847

Is it working?

No. 824848

is my luck good today?

No. 824854

Is it gonna line up?

No. 824856

I need a straight answer

No. 825033

sanic… does he hate me again?

No. 825049

Is it going to happen?

No. 825050

Should I?

No. 825137

is this the right path?

No. 825140

So is the dimensional merge happening?

No. 825143

Will it ever work

No. 825150

should i jack off with these cramps?

No. 825151

???? we gonna fuck sanic??

No. 825153

File: 1623117779177.gif (1.63 MB, 498x348, raw.gif)

omg sanic has consented, have a good time anon

No. 825266

is it gonna rain?

No. 825267

Yes lawd send another flood it's overdue

No. 825281

should i message her?

No. 825298

Will I stay single until the end of the year?

No. 825308

Is he going to bring it up?

No. 825309

Will it work?

No. 825313

do people think I'm pretty

No. 825332

Will I make that bread

No. 825379

Was he annoyed?

No. 825380

will do sanic

No. 825452

should I go swimming today

No. 825454

but what if I'm a good little bitch and clean first

No. 825455

Do cat soda autism?

No. 825480

Should I let it grow?

No. 825495

should i go eat them both?

No. 825500

one of them, then?

No. 825514

I guess I'll Aztec again

No. 825521

Maya-be thy Totem willest answer mine quereie

No. 825539

Mighty Sanic will it arrive in time?

No. 825541

Thy will be done, O blue one

No. 825602

Ok but should I?

No. 825657

Should I buy this case for my work phone?

No. 825659

Ok, what about the popsocket?

No. 825695

Will I be able to get a new battery for my laptop before it dies?

No. 825696

Will my laptop die within this month?

No. 825705

Will I die on the way to the grocery store?

No. 825722

Tell me truth, yes or no.

No. 825726

Am I going to fail my audition tomorrow?

No. 825727

No. 825728

will he still think i’m beautiful?

No. 825737


No. 825738

am I actually in the afterlife right now????

No. 825766

pls sonic will I get to have more mind blowing, knee buckling, exorcism-esque sex tonight please pls pls pls

No. 825775

Has she been reading my tiktok and YouTube comments

No. 825776

Phew! They're pure cringe sanic they should be my little secret

No. 825797

should i buy the cheaper one?

No. 825816

Am I a fool?

No. 825819

File: 1623199965634.jpg (109.62 KB, 640x723, the_fool.jpg)

>for all eternity

No. 826113

Will I go on a fucked up adventure today?

No. 826114

should we buy a glitter beach ball

No. 826119

Omg buy it
This image makes me want to play sims medieval and make a retard king

No. 826168

Should I just kms?

No. 826171

Sanic specifically told you suffering awaits if you kill yourself so please listen to him and keep holding on anon
you can get through this, things can get better

No. 826187

Will I see her before she leaves?

No. 826193

did I make the right decision quitting

No. 826202

Am I gonna be able to handle this?

No. 826438

Will I look worse if I lose weight?

No. 826545

Does he find me retarded?

No. 826582

Sanic you've been on fire lately so tell me: Should I stop doing this?

No. 826751

Is it going to work out?

No. 826908

Is he just a scrote

No. 827056

Will anything happen between us today?

No. 827603

Does she hate me or is she only embarrassed her husband trooned out and I scoffed like it was joke at first???

No. 827837

Will that person invite me over today?

No. 827877

Should I masturbate…?

No. 827923

should i shave my cooch bush??

No. 827929

Was I wrong sanic?

No. 827934

Am I completely alone?

No. 827935

would Jodi Arias befriend me

No. 827937

Are you here with me?

No. 827957

Now ?

No. 828406

Will my bf bring McDonald's home?

No. 828479

should i try it this summer?

No. 828506

Is he gonna die lol

No. 828552

Is this a good decision?

No. 828714

O mighty Sanic should I get the ice cream and the beer that my body so achingly craves?

No. 828715

Please Mighty One, answer your loyal servant

No. 828716

Should I stop?

No. 828847

Will I get a cute bf?

No. 828849

Will I ever have sex again?

No. 828865

did the lake give me a rash

No. 828867

well what the f**k is it aids

No. 828910

Oh great sanic am I going to lose weight before regular classes start again??

No. 829000

Sanic I know I asked this recently, but now should I download Tinder just to browse?

No. 829001

Lmao I know I was thinking the same thing to be honest. Ok never mind

No. 829053

should I ask him for a dick pic??

No. 829054

I need a definitive answer sanic…will he show me his tube steak?

No. 829055

is he even in to me, why would he let me see it?

No. 829059

Sanic will I snipe their men from them

No. 829066


No. 829260

hahaha sanic sm i goint into real life living soon??

No. 829266

Is he going to want me back?

No. 829268

is he actually into me/should I make the first move and invite him out for coffee/drinks first

No. 829273

Am I going to get over my ex or was he just far too gorgeous to have even dated me

No. 829276

Should I make 1 instead of 3

No. 829277

will I ever achieve my career goals?

No. 829279

welp I'm just here to see how this website functions se ye(newfag)

No. 829281

Should I make it big like 25 cm big

No. 829282

Cool thanks sanic for precise and fast responses

No. 829286

Which means I was always his last choice, eh?

No. 829289

Have I got bad karma

No. 829290

lurk more bih

No. 829297

Should I stop talking to him?

No. 829438

Will I see him soon?

No. 829449

should I do it NOW NOW NOW?

No. 829462

will i stop dreaming about him?

No. 829481

Am I being a dramatic retard again

No. 829503

Right now?

No. 829504

No. 829506

I'm shitting myself and crying Sonicu-senpai-chan please

No. 829521

Are you the ONLY one I can rely on?

No. 829659

Sonic, was it all just lies?

No. 829936

will I ever find a place where I can settle down/have friends/be happy in

No. 830015

Does she miss me?

No. 830101

will he let me peg him?

No. 830106

congrats anon

No. 830120

File: 1623692871285.jpg (214.27 KB, 1246x2048, hislips.jpg)

he's so cute, I can't wait to have him in tears

No. 830143

has he seen me, does he know me

No. 830144

maybe is too ambiguous an answer sanic

No. 830147

How long do you think before he eventually Troons out ?

No. 830148

sonic does my narcissist ex who I miss still miss me also

No. 830217

should I make tacos

No. 830236

No. 830238

>for all eternity
guess you're having nothing but tacos from now on, anon

No. 830252

Is this just superstition?

Or will taco anon have to eat tacos for eternity

No. 830256

does he see me and does he know who I am, I'll ask again

No. 830258

should i text him again….

No. 830259

>for all of eternity
okay then is he gonna fuck my shit up or what

No. 830262

>just jerkoff
this is serious business sanic

No. 830266

File: 1623704200568.jpg (26.93 KB, 982x726, lmfao.jpg)

Sonic is trolling you at this point

No. 830273

he would do that when I'm having a terrible day kek
I actually laughed at that, fuck me sideways

No. 830277

will this situation work out?

No. 830288

Will I get an interview this month

No. 830289

So yes. Fuck thanks for the heads-up

No. 830320

will I do well in this course?

No. 830388

Will I be able to move to where I want this summer?

No. 830395

Should I quit

No. 831251

Will his desire to see me tomorrow make him come thru with the smoke

No. 831252

Thank you sanic!

No. 831260

sanic is something like this going to happen again?

No. 831261

No. 831267

should I eat moar

No. 831269

sanic will i get into Boston uni?

No. 831270

>>831269 ok i asked a question yes or no

No. 831272

Is my life over

No. 831274

as a BU alum I hope u dont for your own sake

No. 831279

Should I attemp to make a resume and apply for that job?

No. 831306

should I try?

No. 831329

does she want to see me again?

No. 831330

Yea true, true.

No. 831371

is it worth coming back to this site?

No. 831372

okay i will try to embrace moderation after a break then, sanic.

No. 831382

Did I ever have a chance?

No. 831395

Will I get fired?

No. 831406

did i catch fleas from this stray kitty?

No. 831425

Is he the one?

No. 831520

condolences on your forver-fleas

No. 831556

It's rest day, but should I go to the gym anyway?

No. 831579

kek enjoy your injuries nonna

No. 831636

Will this ever work out?

No. 831741

does my cat love me?

No. 831803

is that guy with the patch backpack thinking about me too

No. 831828

Am I being unreasonable?

No. 831831

Should I bring my one piece swimsuit

No. 831832

should I grab a lil snack at maccas?

No. 831833

I'm a bad daughter

No. 832197

Should I spend it all?

No. 832215

Will i see her tommorow

No. 832281

Will she ever message me back?

No. 832289

Is next week the week I start dieting?

No. 832294

will it be delivered today, oh wise mister sonic totem?

No. 832295

reroll, please sir

No. 832296


No. 832309

will I do some craZy cleaning up today?

No. 832328

no.. so is it going to be a hot bitch summer

No. 832371

Was it God I felt earlier today

No. 832606

Will he reply today

No. 832691

Do I have to maintain a low weight to even have a chance of looking normal?

No. 832759

Should I delete that post from years ago?

No. 833043

Has my mother always been insane?

No. 833072

am I going to have a wild adventure this weekend????

No. 833075

fuk u. you have been so rude to me late4ly totem bitch

No. 833215

Am I going to hear more about this issue and get points

No. 833225


No. 833231

gg i'm jealous

No. 833255

am I going to finish this paper?

No. 833277

Will I get the apartment I just applied for? insert prayer emojis here

No. 833443

will he get stationed here next

No. 833624

Hi sonic will I be doing That Thing in 2021?

No. 833649

will i draw good today

No. 833666

Will he be mad if I go to the show without him?

No. 833676

KEK holy shit anon, be careful

No. 833678

Will I ever get to be a stay at home wife?

No. 833697

Should I go?

No. 833699

do I let go?

No. 833708

you were right last time so i ask your wisdom again : will my pills be delivered today

No. 833710

honestly, that could go either way

No. 833712

Should I cut my hair to a bob length?

No. 833734

would my husbando like me in real life?

No. 833735

ok. you're going to make me say it.
would nagito ever love me the way he loves hajime?

No. 833736

No. 833927

Ok reroll

No. 834144

Should I call that person right now?

No. 834149

Ok, asking again. Should I call that person right now?

No. 834195

You got doubles on your first post which meant yes (at a great price)

No. 834472

Ok asking again. Will I do the thing this year?

No. 834585

Should I actually try to have that conversation?

No. 834586

Lol. Well sonic, it's my honest feeling about it too. I think it'd go horrible and it would leave me feeling dead inside.

No. 834589

Should I cut my hair?!

No. 834642

will it be delivered monday?

No. 834643

how much longer must i suffer? will it be delivered this week, at least?

No. 834644

i hate you, sonic totem.

No. 834648

Should I go buy a vibe?

No. 834649

Wow ok

No. 834749

Is it bad to do it with my hands?

No. 835437

am I going to have earth shattering sex in the near future

No. 835438

should i just die

No. 835457

Please don't

No. 835459

I'm afraid without sex I will die like the anon after me. please.. tell me will it cum soon

No. 835495

File: 1624303773185.png (Spoiler Image, 509.21 KB, 800x600, summerfun.png)

will it arrive before jul

No. 835532

should I message him right now?

No. 835538

sanic r u a h8r

No. 835674

Do I talk too much?

No. 835698

Should I tell my mom about my big plans?

No. 835699

File: 1624329857159.jpg (235.97 KB, 1920x2715, my bebbey.jpg)

Well that was ominous.

No. 835926

am I going to have an adventure today

No. 835943

No posting and driving, heather

No. 835961

Should I start dating again?

No. 836023

Is sanic evil?

No. 836419

Will we be able to have our dream house?

No. 836555

Did it work?

No. 836624

File: 1624447817197.jpeg (528.92 KB, 800x450, 1CB93416-8A93-40A7-8156-B57879…)

should I buy an icee later? pic attached for manifestation purposes

No. 836653

will we win it?

No. 836665

Am I a whore?

No. 836668

Am I getting better?

No. 836669

Is it really over?

No. 836671

will a job come soon?

No. 836674

Am I breaking out of this depression?

No. 836675

Okay, sanic, am I breaking out of this depression?

No. 836762

Can I survive in this modern world?

No. 836775

One last time?

No. 836800

will he call me

No. 836919

Should I straighten my hair for the trip?

No. 836982

Will eating spinach for breakfast cure my mental illnesses

No. 836984

Will my jaw calm the fuck down today without painkillers

No. 836985

Ok, let me rephrase that. Should I take painkillers today?

No. 836987

Sonic is such a sadist wtf

No. 836989

Maybe he thinks your tough and above pain killers.

No. 836991

I trust sanic and will not take painkillers today. Sanic knows all and wants what's best for all of us. Last question for today, will my honeydew melon last the weekend?

No. 837049

Will I manage to learn for my finals on time?

No. 837553

will it be sunny enough For an icee tomorrow???

No. 837558

should I get one tomorrow? (on the condition that it's sunny of course) chili dog emoji icee emoji spinball emoji

No. 838148

Will I be able to make myself stop picking

No. 838239

should i go buy dessert?

No. 838240

why did i know you were going to answer that sanic….

No. 838264

Will I be in SF within the next two years

No. 838288

Did he find what I said to be inappropriate?

No. 838313

Am I getting sick Sanic? Tell it to me straight.

No. 838414

should i chill on being such a hateful ass, lord sanic?

No. 838419

Okay, doing another spin!

No. 838464

You never answered my question when I asked if I should straighten my hair for the trip sanic

No. 838465

am I getting some good sleep tonight?

No. 838473

plz you dumb blue bitch

No. 838478

Should I go there tomorrow?

No. 838493

should i get shit done today

No. 838495

So are we gonna be friends are nah?

No. 838517

Am I gonna fuck Luke from Gilmore Girls

No. 838591

am i going to like my new coworkers?

No. 838602


No. 838603

Bitch sonic

No. 838618

is this gonna go the way i want?

No. 838619

File: 1624676958110.jpg (23.41 KB, 500x407, tumblr_209fcd55c940bd8bcc5d77e…)

No. 838632

is she hurt by this?

No. 838634

is she ok?

No. 838650

Do they dislike me?

No. 838658

Is he eventually going to make me explote in anger?

No. 838679

will i ever get my shit together?

No. 838680

how did i know that would be the answer

No. 838778

are they gonna goad me into a threesome

No. 838803

Bitch, you better refuse

No. 838811

am I going to have to self defense

No. 838865

Will he remember my birthday this year?

No. 838868

Will I be able to refuse

No. 838869

Ok I've gotten suffering awaits 3 times in a row now, it's a sign

No. 838871

After all this, I'm going to be so disappointed in you if you do it.

No. 838893

I'm not gonna fuck them but I want to hang out with them… Hmm

No. 838894

Just let the sexual tension linger in the air. Be strong.

No. 838895

Based anon, I'm ready for a good and celibate time

No. 838917

do i have covid

No. 838919

yes, its the delta variant. please proceed to the nearest large gathering

No. 838926

Ok coomer

No. 839156

Should I do it?

No. 839158

Is it a good decision?

No. 839458

Was I irresponsible yesterday

No. 839723

should i go get froyo?

No. 839761

am I going to recover from that?

No. 839774

Is my cat going to be okay?

No. 839775

Well, is he?

No. 839794

should i cut my hair?

No. 839795

well should i?? with the shaved back?

No. 839797

god dammit sanic

No. 839805


Honestly will any of them keep in touch after I move for work

No. 839835

Should I give growing my hair out another chance?

No. 839836

Fair enough lmao

No. 839865

Is it going to be a shitshow

No. 839870

Do I have tetanus

No. 839882

Sanic, do you think one day somebody could love me?

No. 839883

File: 1624833836932.png (326.5 KB, 735x692, 9109_Sad_Cat_Thumbs_Up.png)

Understandable, have a great evening

No. 839885

ruthless sanic kek

What about ne then? Will I ever find someone like my husbando?

No. 839887

Should I ride my bike ?? At night

No. 839889

Are we going to get back together?

No. 839892

Will I embarrass myself tomorrow?

No. 839895

Will I get the offer in July?

No. 839901

Is he interested in me?

No. 839904

will he move back here this summer

No. 839906


No. 839910

Will my friend totally love this game I asked her to play with me and will we have so much fun playing and not quit in half an hour?

No. 839928

Will I finally figure it out this week?

No. 839929


No. 839931

Will I ever meet any of them again?

No. 839932

Will it end in tears?

No. 839965

Mighty Sanic, is it gonna be a problem?

No. 839967

will I ever get my shit together and stop being a raging bulimic shitshow

No. 839972

should I really try to fuck someone ala prank invasion tactics

No. 839983

will I get a job soon? sanic pls

No. 840255

will I find something interesting today

No. 840634

Will this weird crush/infatuation last for more than 6 months?

No. 840637

Asking again. Is this a feeling that will last?

No. 840787

should i collect my money today or do i keep being an anxious coward?

No. 840788

Pasta for dinner?

No. 840793

How the fuck do you suffer by making or eating pasta? But ok, I'll order some shit

No. 840794

No, wait, that was 'at a great price'. But the ingredients are all cheep. Smh it's gonna be pasta and Sonic isn't getting a bite.

No. 840827

should I go to the store? (kinda lazy)

No. 840977

Will we successfully slow climate change enough to prevent more unnecessary deaths in the next 10 years

No. 840978

Jesus ok…

Will I have a successful relationship in the next 3 years?

No. 840986

Will I give up on my plans again in the close future?

No. 840998

Will I get through this successfully?

No. 841000

should I get a good nights rest instead of working on art and going to the gym tonight…sonic chan pls

No. 841031

Will I get a hug this year from someone that's not family?

No. 841036

I'm coming to hug you nonnie

No. 841055

Do I have lyme disease

No. 841060

will i get to say it

No. 841076

Will it happen?

No. 841079

Will he contact me?

No. 841099

meta, but did anon with the ill-fated three way go through with it?

No. 841100


No. 841180

Will we like each other again?

No. 841181

Will we like each other again?

No. 841185

is she going to break up with me?

No. 841204

Will my shit show up before the weekend?

No. 841206

reroll, sonic-san

No. 842149

No! But the dude def tried to make it happen. Had I been more inebriated…

No. 842150

No. 842156

will I feel the VIBRACIONES of ~love~ in the coming week?

No. 842222

I'm relieved. You did well, my child.

No. 842340

Just so you all know, the "great price" Sanic talked about here was 2 days of stomach problems, which have only now subsided. Something in the sauce was off.

No. 842414

Will she message me back?

No. 842416

I gotta know

No. 842428


No. 842434


No. 842476

is my ass really THICC, sonic (in totem form, crafted by arguable genius)

No. 842512

Should I play game now instead of studying

No. 842513

Your judgement is right as always thank you

No. 842520

Am I fucking my life up by being online so much?

No. 842528

Is masturbating a sin

No. 842547

should I ignore him

No. 842641

will the scrotes posting CP go to hell?

No. 842706

will I be able to take it a step further tomorrow?

No. 842713

Should I quit my job?

No. 842715

No. 842717

will I find a clique of Mexicans like the cast of that 70s show

No. 842720

sanic, please. i need to know if there's a chance. please.

No. 842726

Should I work out tomorrow?

No. 842731

Does she fancy me, Sanic?

No. 842733

If I accept her offer to sleep over this weekend, do you think we'll finally kiss?

No. 842743

am I going to have a crazy holiday weekend

No. 842750

will i meet a cute moid this year

No. 842753

sanic cuddling with you might be better than nothing… though my giant teddy bear already does okay so you do have some competition

No. 842764

This isn't clear

No. 842765

fuck you

No. 842766

is it okay if i steal that anons question

No. 842767

will i meet a cute mood this year

No. 842776

Hey Sanic, should I eat my chicken with honey mustard?

No. 842779

Cool. Thanks dude.

No. 842802

Am I finally moving on?

No. 842806

Can't say I didn't see it coming but fuck.

No. 842815

Can it be fixed?

No. 842874

will i make my money back

No. 842875


No. 842876

fuck you sanic

No. 843078

Will they figure out whats wrong with me at the doctors today

No. 843098

is atramentus stygian better than bell witch mirror reaper

No. 843104

Sanic, will I find happiness?

No. 843105

asking again

No. 843114

Should I try tinder?

No. 843115

Don't keep me in suspense! reroll

No. 843116

You are wise as always, sonictotem-san

No. 843125

should i get cracking with my studies?

No. 843126

should i at least do some language practice today?

No. 843127

I knew you were wise, o great one

No. 843140

Why was sanic correct about this, they weren't able to give me a diagnosis because my shits so fucked.

No. 843159

Do I have the coroney

No. 843160

No! >:(

No. 843161

sanic is wise and all-knowing

No. 843171

Am I fat

No. 843224

wtf sanic thats a bit rude

No. 843688

Is it really the end?

No. 843689

Should I call again?

No. 843691

rerolling, should I call again now?

No. 843694

No. 843695

wish me luck anon, it's lame af but I love this guy

No. 843793

Will the girl I like go full genderspecial

No. 843830

Is this it?

No. 843859

Should I look for another job?

No. 843864


No. 843874

Was it wrong to lie about being Irish for the lulz?

No. 843876

bitch tell me I feel karmically conflicted! aye Macarena HAI!!

No. 843882

I need to eat

No. 843953

Does he secretly hate me?

No. 844088

Am I a terrible daughter

No. 844090

So double dubs? Damn sanic, I guess I should shape up.

No. 844115

Help me O Mighty Sanic to make this important decision: should I eat ice cream after lunch?

No. 844117

Thank you for protecting my arteries from all that saturated fat, Mighty One

No. 844207

Am I being too much of a doomer for my own good?

No. 844266

should I stay home today

No. 844268

well shit, hiking sounds nice. if it's at a great price does that mean I'll miss out on something if I do stay home?

No. 844274

Will my period be horrible and painful this month?

No. 844317

Should I stop all drugs forever?

No. 844341

Should I go teetotaller?

No. 844368

He's not actually my friend is he?

No. 844370

is it gonna be a negative?

No. 844371

imma need to ask some actual answers, sonic

No. 844377

is the universe finally aligning in my favor?

No. 844381

Is tomorrow going to suck?

No. 844385

You've fucked us all

No. 844407

too early to worry yet, anon may be the next hitler

No. 844451

Are we in for a cyber mecha Hitler in 2022?

No. 844457

Am I going to be fired]?

No. 844459

Does sanic lie sometimes?

No. 844461

Will he regret it?

No. 844483

Am I meant to stay sober and keep to myself?

No. 844532

will she respond?

No. 844536

Do I have a chance?

No. 844550

Sometimes I think I have BPD because I can read one single thing online about a man having some disgusting opinion and it completely turns me off men ENTIRELY for anywhere between hours and days. Super black and white thinking like that, idk it kinda worries me

No. 844555

Should I sue?

No. 844556

Is it serious?

No. 844583

Did this anon use the wrong thread

No. 844590

looks like sonic will meet you soon

No. 844605

It was negative, praise sonic!

No. 844697

Should I take the day off?

No. 844699

That's a yes.
Should I take the week off as well?

No. 844706

7 curse I am so sorry nonas

No. 844743

Will my pills show up today? You were right about the last order getting cancelled, amazingly.

No. 844782

Is short hair in disagreement with g-d

No. 844832

Did I change last night?

No. 844917

will a garden breakfast give me the power of the maddest of lads, therefore granting me the power to conquer the possibilities of timespace ahead of me, sanic?

No. 844919

Should I eat the instant noodles

No. 844969

should I go?

No. 844989

Will I ever heal from this

No. 844993


No. 845012

Do I get up and do something?

No. 845028

Can I decide to be worthy of you at any time?

No. 845070

Should I escape into books instead of the internet

No. 845107

Is there a chance for me to ascend?

No. 845115

when will this shit ENDDDDDDDDDDdd

No. 845127

Did 4chan curse me?

No. 845158

Should I go to sleep

No. 845286

Will the novella I'm writing be well received?

No. 845314

should I go to the fireworks tomorrow

No. 845346

will i get a job by the end of the month?

No. 845350


No. 845355

Sanic, am I being punished for not staying home?

No. 845356

Then why am I being subjected to listen to the crazy crap of the conspiracy theories?

No. 845392

should i talk to him?

No. 845406

You better listen.

No. 845422

Is he going to answer?

No. 845436

Do symbols I keep seeing have significance?

No. 845439

Is The Wall real

No. 845443

Is there music in this world that I haven't heard yet that I will love more than my favorite music right now

No. 845444

Was it enough? Am I going to pass this exam?

No. 845445

Triple 4's…

No. 845456

Will I ever be loved?

No. 845474

File: 1625400933958.png (1.14 MB, 1108x947, unknown (11).png)

Will I ever know the taste of his delicious gift?

No. 845488

will he fall in love with me?

No. 845492

File: 1625402770824.png (464.84 KB, 524x577, inspectiontemp.png)

Will I ever know the taste of his delicious gift? (again)

No. 845497

Sonic is wise as ever. Now you can stop posting pics of this Black Veil Brides tier faggot.

No. 845525

should I go to the fireworks tonight

No. 845534

if you want to risk death yeah

No. 845535

Am I going to hell?

No. 845538

you're telling me that is not andy biersack??

No. 845549

Sanic will /ot/ stop being so fucking weird by the end of this month?

No. 845553

Don't ask me, I wouldn't know.

No. 845555

Is fasting good for me?

No. 845564

Uhhhh ok is that bad or good

No. 845570

Will I ever see anything of the money?

No. 845574

Congrats nonny

No. 845587

will the weird leg thing go away

No. 845615

Is it going to doom me

No. 845638

Will I find a guy who’s right for me?

No. 845724

If I try again, will it be successful?

No. 845752

Well, will I?

No. 845801

I feel like shit, do I have rona Sanic?

No. 845802

Well fuck. I'll report back after I get tested.

No. 845839

Will he be ok?

No. 845844

this is serious, you rude bitch

No. 845876

Is he a fucking narc

No. 845897

should i keep paying for his broke ass

No. 845899

Am I a disgusting glutton?

No. 845920

Should I?

No. 845927

Should I never talk to him again?

No. 846011

am i dumb for not listening to your answer, sanic?

No. 846024

should i go

No. 846026

ok asking again

No. 846179

Are my shoes or earrings being used for a spell?

No. 846181

I'm good?

No. 846188

Will I get better?

No. 846195

Is my life going to be normal again?

No. 846206

Will it heal?

No. 846227

Will i be able to get a visa this month?

No. 846253

Am I leaving the country?

No. 846377

Should I drink tea?

No. 846401

Am I Okay?

No. 846413

should I accept the kpmg offer?

No. 846419

Do they know I lied?

No. 846420

Will my previous employer contact me?

No. 846421

Fuck you sanic I need an answer

No. 846446

Can I escape 4chan?

No. 846498

yes, start a new hobby that doesn't require so much internet use. If there are any community events start going to them and interact with real people. You can do it

No. 846611

Should I stop speaking out?

No. 846644

Based sonic

No. 846675

Will I be able to do it this time?

No. 846676

kek seems about right

No. 846677

Is he still alive

No. 846679

Am I a whore?

No. 846683

Should I give up on this?

No. 846686

Good advice sanic, should I stay celibate and repent then

No. 846687

I will succeed, right?

No. 846692

kek sanic has sent this anon to the convent

No. 846708

Sanic is based as usual, you jinxed it though so he might be sending me to hell instead

No. 846709

File: 1625525155318.jpeg (66.76 KB, 1024x1024, EAEF5B18-15AD-48B2-A1E8-0C5DDB…)

This is all your fault

No. 846736

should i be more of a desperate bitch? talk to those moids first if they're FINE as FUCK?

No. 846746

Should I join a dating app again even though I’ll be moving at the end of the year anyways

No. 846788

Should I leave this job?

No. 846791

Should I stay at this job?

No. 846800

should i just give up and block?

No. 846802

No. 846806

Should I off myself

No. 846809

will I ever finish my work on time for college this month?

No. 846814

will it end the way I want

No. 846816


No. 846882

Am i gonna get the SSR?

No. 846883

File: 1625548910168.png (324.63 KB, 1133x937, 212674736_828666091353536_8487…)

No. 846885

is tomorrow the day?

No. 847160

should I buy an icee machine if there's ever another stimulus check

No. 847179

Is he ever going to change?

No. 847194

Should we?

No. 847196

Sanic plz

No. 847213

Did I get scammed?

No. 847219

Sonic Totem, you keep saying "maybe" and it's not helpful!

No. 847220

Will I get a content writing job?

No. 847221

Will I be contacted by my former employer?

No. 847226

Is he within reach?

No. 847237

did i just catch corona? please say no

No. 847239

is it a no possible?

No. 847349

Should I stop drinking alcohol?

No. 847697

am i going to finish this assignment tonight?

No. 847718

is anybody ever gonna connect me to the retarded shit i post on here

No. 847719

File: 1625624108311.jpg (63.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 847721

I'm getting really hopeless sanic is it gonna happen or not

No. 847766

will he come back

No. 847770

Will he change his mind?

No. 847776

Should I even bother with baloto?

No. 847778

Seriously. Do I have a chance?
I'm desperate.

No. 847780

Am I going to win the lottery?

No. 847796

Will I keep postponing studying what I want for much longer?

No. 847851

well blessed sanic if you say its going to happen then I believe you. I truly believe I am getting closer everyday

No. 847985

Will they get here before Sunday? sonictotem pls

No. 847986

File: 1625661228527.jpg (2.94 KB, 200x158, IMG_20210312_141222.jpg)

It's been over a month… I can't keep doing this

No. 847992

Should I throw away all my sex toys lol

No. 847994

Sonic knows best, anon.

No. 848014

You lied you piece of shit. Alright then, should I spend some money on myself today?

No. 848184

Is this going to be resolved by Sunday?

No. 848186

No. 848272

is it coming home soniclad

No. 848335

If I start sewing now will I finish before I get too tired

No. 848406

Is it over?

No. 848426

will it work the way i want it?

No. 848477

Was he into me and did not at all think i was pathetic and desperate?

No. 848497

Would I be able to build a following if I joined that platform?

No. 848527

did the g-fuel I drank not caffeinate me because I made fun of the guy on the can after I crushed him and threw him in the recycling?

No. 848604

should i make rice to have with my gyoza?

No. 848623

Should I ask him?

No. 848644

Am I gonna get forced to get the vaccine?

No. 848722

Should I get my wisdom teeth removed

No. 848758

am I too much of a Stacy for him?

No. 849216

Will I succeed

No. 849571

Will my life soon play like a pre-code film?

No. 849572

will the water be cold today

No. 849957

Do you love me?

No. 849962

SOnic I really wanna dye my hair teal again should I??

No. 850015

will an actually hot man introduce himself to me tomorrow?

No. 850032

that sucks nonnie

No. 850050

right.. maybe he thought I was retarded because of my phrasing. I will ask again. sonic, will an attractive man, one that suits my tastes, introduce himself to me tomorrow?

No. 850066

Will I kiss him in 2021?

No. 850294

omg the attractive man is going to be sanic

No. 850408

Am I gonna find something interesting things today?

No. 850409

I'm going to have light blue children…

No. 850420

Should I accept the kpmg offer?

No. 850422

Let's try again. Will work be easier at KPMG?

No. 850423

Will it be a toxic work environment?

No. 850424

Will I stay there for more than a year?

No. 850425

Should I stay at my current workplace?

No. 850446

nonnie why are you tying your prospective employer to this site

No. 850505

Should I shut the fuck up?

No. 850523

Should I go out?

No. 850527

Will doing it doom me?

No. 850529

can the neighbor hear my br00tal music

No. 850530

So it's best to never do it again?

No. 850535

Did I just do something awful?

No. 850909

Will I have a boyfriend this year

No. 851081

Should I buy the denim shorts?

No. 851175

I appreciate your concern, but in my experience all big 4 firms are shit, it's just a matter of degree

No. 851178

Will I see him again?

No. 851184

am i going to hear back from her?

No. 851186

asking again

No. 851189

will my calves ever tan to match the rest of my body

No. 851195

Is this punishment for doing the thing again?

No. 851199

Will I stop pulling out my hair?

No. 851214

Am I eating too much?

No. 851217

should I go out today?

No. 851218

Tell me am I a glutton

No. 851220

Does he suspect that I like him and have been trying to skinwalk the girl he orbits?

No. 851223

will his opinion of me ever reflect reality?

No. 851225

give me a real answer. this faggot has known me for ten years, why is he suddenly acting like a hater. Will he ever stop thinking like that?

No. 851252

Does he suspect that I like him and have been trying to skinwalk the girl he orbits?

No. 851254

Are we making anything tonight?

No. 851255

Alright, asking again.

No. 851273

Will I manage to have a normal conversation with a cute person soon?

No. 851283

Will I get my old job back?

No. 851285

Am I in the wrong line of work?

No. 851314

Is it coming home?

No. 851316

Is football coming home, Sanikku-sama?

No. 851352

Is his dick big

No. 851356

mask off?

No. 851365

Well shit, sanic is a confirmed anti-masker

No. 851369

File: 1626025180623.jpeg (46.71 KB, 600x667, 6D9A2D66-953A-4595-8DD6-5CED63…)

m-maybe he isn't that way maybe he means something else

No. 851745

should I eat ONE piece of candy even though I brushed my teeth. it will soothe my soul, which as you know is currently tattered, shattered, etc

No. 851884

My condolences.

No. 851962

will I find my next hot-ass lover today??

No. 852049

Should I spend $50 on that password cracking tool?

No. 852050

Wtf sonic…Will it help me pass my exams?

No. 852051

Please sonic, I'm desperate. Should I buy it?

No. 852083

Will I get unbanned

No. 852085

Will I get fired

No. 852096

Are my neighbours shizo

No. 852104

Should I quit

No. 852115

am I going to break up with him within the year

No. 852190

Do I still have a chance at it?

No. 852213

Will they ship it this week?

No. 852271

No. 852286

Is it serious?

No. 852302

Will i ever stop having hyperfixations on a different seiyuu every month

No. 852311

Will the con this weekend go well?

No. 852343

Am I in total control of my day to day life?

No. 852406

Am I being paranoid?

No. 852729

Will I get a bf soon?

No. 852732

File: 1626172836076.png (2.09 MB, 1077x803, brqv9.png)

Okay sonic totem, I resign myself to your wisdom

No. 852735

kek, savage, Sanic-san

No. 852769

Am I actually retarded?

No. 852770

I'm going to assume that means yes and I need to cope

No. 852780

do I have legitimate brain damage

No. 852782

wow evidence of the dimensional merge that is totally happening soon, thanks sonic

No. 852789

I think sonictotem-san is telling you to not worry about labels and to just be your (maybe retarded) self.

No. 852795

That's beautiful anon, bless you

No. 852847

will my big debut be local?

No. 852859

Will this person actually pay at some point or just continue to waste my time with stupid questions?

No. 852895

will i get any interviews for the writing jobs?

No. 852897

fine, will i get any interviews for the other job, at least?

No. 852905

will it work out?

No. 852908

will he marry me ?

No. 852925

Is it psychosomatic?

No. 852933

is it withdrawal?

No. 852937

is my acne going away :(

No. 852938

yes or no specific plz

No. 852939

Nonononono reroll im sorry

No. 852984

Will I start the new job in August?

No. 852985


No. 853002

Reroll 2.0

No. 853031

does he miss me

No. 853166

Am I going to have fun tomorrow?

No. 853337

will I also have fun tomorrow

No. 853366

Are SSRIs the devil's work?

No. 853374

should I go to target? kinda wondering if I should

No. 853403

Should I bail

No. 853435

Will Cuba's government be toppled this week?

No. 853526

Will I be able to make new friends?

No. 854183

Was it really you I felt earlier tonight?

No. 854371

I’m gonna go tomorrow. Will something interesting happen there?

No. 854373

Will I ever get to Japan so I can do a parody Chris Broad series called Dumping a Load in Japan

No. 854374

I will be subscribing and clicking that bell

No. 854390

Will this anon go to Japan so I can watch her video

No. 854482

Please do it I would love to watch that

No. 854692

Will this anon surpass chris in subs

No. 854696

should I trip

No. 854700

fuck yeah syd barrett time

No. 854896

Oh mighty sanic, will I make it until the pizza guy arrives?

No. 854898

File: 1626376041237.jpg (42.23 KB, 600x706, 3gwevf.jpg)

No. 854911

I cut too much off of the shirt of my favorite band should I cut the print out and sew it to another shirt?

No. 855034

Is doing it sick? Unhealthy?

No. 855113

Should I wait for the procedure?

No. 855118

will it be okay for me to shift to this?

No. 855120

Will I find someone who is perfect for me?

No. 855214

should i pick up that extra shift?

No. 855215

should i pick up an extra shift this weekend

No. 855242

will i buy a steam deck?

No. 855244

will we go to saturn?

No. 855256

Will he die a painful death soon

No. 855263

Are they going to suggest ECT

No. 855356

Is it better to live celibately

No. 855417

Will they break up?

No. 855433

is it a good idea to contact her yet

No. 855440

should I change my phone number

No. 855464

Should I shit on my diet and eat an icecream?

No. 855465

Should I?

No. 855469

please sonic, will it ship out by next week?

No. 855471

omg thank you sanic

No. 855475

File: 1626445847588.jpeg (21.25 KB, 326x326, 96CFC7FA-D4DB-4CAF-992D-8B4A49…)

will my cleaning day facilitate an extreme power-up in conjunction with the arrival of my sports equipment?

No. 855477

No. 855485

Should I approve it?

No. 855507

Will I ever change?

No. 855562

Is my husbando cringe

No. 855587

will I get literally anything fucking done today

No. 855597

do i start today

No. 855601

Is he going to come back?

No. 855608

Be wary

No. 855788

will it get here tomorrow

No. 855931

Are they in a better place?

No. 855973

Will I be able to make some new friends this year?

No. 856336

Should I have a drink?

No. 856558

asking again sanic. should I contact her?

No. 856573

Block and delete?

No. 856712

will I happen upon $100 free of charge no strings attached

No. 856717

Will I get a cute terf gf?

No. 856741

Will the job interview go well?

No. 856744

should i invest in marijuana ETFs

No. 856755

would Steve fu*k me

No. 856808

Did I really fucked up my nervous system?

No. 856811

Will I get better eventualy?

No. 856852

will i get burger

No. 856865

does this e dude think i am stupid and ugly?

No. 856874

If I do it will my consciousness completely die this time?

No. 856876

Reroll. Come on, Sanic, tell me. Is fate real?

No. 856925

Should I never talk to him again?

No. 856944

will we be together?

No. 856948

Sanic, will my scam be successful?

No. 856951

rip anon

No. 856954

Is it better to have no friends than to have friends that don't care about you?

No. 856996

Am I destined for suicide

No. 857021

Are you wrong sometimes sanic

No. 857338

Do I start eating less tomorrow?

No. 857526

should I try to get laid after my period ends

No. 857562

Will I succeed in this inner goal of mine ?

No. 857569

Does he still have feelings for me?

No. 857577

Heh, dumb bitch

No. 857589

should i go to the interview today?

No. 857591

Will they reply by tomorrow?

No. 857600

Will I ever leave this country?

No. 857669

Will i find a romantic partner within a year?

No. 857672

Rip anon..

No. 857681

Should I be alarmed about my weight loss

No. 857685

Sanic do I have cancer

No. 857686

Ahh thank you sanic you have blessed me

No. 857706

Should i buy an exercise ball to sit at the desk?

No. 857707

Will I ever get a boyfriend?

No. 857729

Should I keep learning?

No. 858399

Should I apply?

No. 858587

Is tomorrow going to go as badly as I think it is?

No. 858804

meet hot guy today??

No. 858825

will i pass

No. 858833

will I meet a hot guy today, sonic-kun?

No. 859145

Will I fail the class

No. 859223

will I pass the fuck out at my appointment tomorrow

No. 859242

should we exchange numbers

No. 859259

Did the boy who winked at me think I look cute?

No. 859261

I think I got an idea sonic is it going to work out

No. 859270

you know why I'm here

No. 859272

Sonic, is anyone ever going to ask me out this year

No. 859273

Guess I'll just keep growing out my hair and being a virgin.

No. 859300

Should I let em pay my hospital bill and own my ass or take on the lifelong debt myself?

No. 859301

Should I break up with my boyfriend and try to get my life back together alone

No. 859311

good luck, nonnie.

No. 859333

>i'll see you soon

ngl that made me laugh pretty hard

No. 859410

Are cats better than dogs, objectively?

No. 859429

i have one of each and i feel like they’re 50/50 although the dog requires more baths but idk

No. 859447

Anon wasn't asking you, she was asking Sonic Totem

No. 859511

Is tinder useless for relationships

No. 859515

Sonic are e going to get back together and be happy again?

No. 859548

Should I buy another pair of skates?

No. 859557

am I gonna get Ainu traditionalist bf?

No. 859580

Will they break up?

No. 859581

lmao yes or no, I want them to be happy

No. 859603

Is there hope for me?

No. 859613

Will I rebuild my life into something respectable and sustainable

No. 859654

Will make a lot of money?

No. 859673

Will I get this degree

No. 859690

Will I ever reach the skill level of raised musicians?

No. 859708

am I truly based?

No. 859716

will i get ripped

No. 859718

Is lolcow finally dead?

No. 859728

Am I retarded?

No. 859735

Is he going to marry me

No. 859736

Eternally Swole Queen

No. 859758

Am I in dire need of a crash diet?

No. 859776

Ok I'll do it!

No. 859780

Yes at a great cost to society.

Sonic is showing wisdom here. Online dating is soulless and people just judge you by arbitrary little boxes and if they don't want to take the time to see if you are a good fit, they're browsing for the next hook up.

No. 859804

Is it really over?

No. 859814

Ok, asking again. Is it really over?

No. 859823

Holy hell, asking again again lol. Is it really over?

No. 859836

Changing the question then, should I let it go and give up?

No. 859845


No. 859872

uh oh nonnie lmao

No. 860119

will I end up loving plasma donation

No. 860155

You’ll be jerking off to all the money you make.
I tried to donate plasma but they wouldn’t take me because they need at least two big accessible arm veins and could only find one on me.

No. 860161

Is he going to clarify how he feels soon?

No. 860243

is he a murderer tho

No. 860245

Will I at least be the next victim

No. 860247

sanic should i go to sleep

No. 860267

will i find a cutie this year

No. 860344

Should I quit

No. 860345

Sonic pls

No. 860348

Should I keep going?

No. 860355

Will my horniness ever end?

No. 860359

Am I ever going to find a job?

No. 860433

am i deformed

No. 860434

Sanic is mean

No. 860435

Will bitcoin finally go all the way back up again?

No. 860436


No. 860457

No. 860465

do i have lolcow potential

No. 860523

Will I pass the business finance module?

No. 860560

Will it show up today?

No. 860575

Sanic will my cough finally stop by the end of the week?

No. 860578

Will the bitches in the Shay thread ever shut the fuck up?

No. 860597

Will they ship it out tomorrow regardless?

No. 860872

will this center be better??

No. 860960

Will I get a response within this month?

No. 861125

Will I pass the finance exam tomorrow?

No. 861128

Will I pass the finance module this semester?

No. 861129

Wtf sonic just a yes or no PLEASE

No. 861137

Should I buy a dildo

No. 861162

Can a slut like me be redeemed

No. 861166

Time for a little starving?

No. 861186

Am I exiting the flop era

No. 861191

have I been cancelled on my old server

No. 861214

Will all men eventually die off completely leaving the world to the women?

No. 861216

I SAID will all the men eventually fucking DIE so the women can live in peace, bitch?

No. 861217


No. 861218

thanks sanic

No. 861259

Sanic will my boyfriend actually change his ways by being threatened with breaking up (and did I look cute in my dress when I did it?)

No. 861263

File: 1627048520540.png (434.92 KB, 800x600, dbe7pd2-1cbcb277-47ff-414f-940…)

No, you dumbass.

No. 861266

should I go on the water today??

No. 861271

Sanic, will you go out with me?

No. 861273

Omg, I’m so happy

No. 861275

is the great price dangerous? I only wanna go if it's not going to kill me or bring on great suffering for me or my loved ones

No. 861287

Sanic should i go back to school

No. 861310

could my life be worth living?

No. 861482

Is my UTI really gone?

No. 861486

No. 861546

Am I cured?

No. 861626

Will they respond in time?

No. 861680

in case any anons were curious about the price I paid.. I lost my sunglasses and ONE sandal. not both. just one

No. 861808

Will i be able to sleep before 3am?

No. 862032

Should I give up on trying to sleep and play games?

No. 862033

Is Donda getting released today

No. 862034


No. 862050

Should I stop drinking coffee

No. 862051

Should I talk to them tonight?

No. 862173

Was that the sign sanic? ;_;

No. 862212

Will Coronavirus deaths in the world pass the 10 million mark by the end of this December?

No. 862215

will judgment and lost judgment ever come to steam?

No. 862218

Am I focusing too much on my loneliness and making it much worse?

No. 862242

Should I grow out my hair like that girl from ajin

No. 862247

will I actually make money without being dehumanized

No. 862280

is it a blessing in disguise?

No. 862282

Should I cut my hair?

No. 862327

will corona ever claim some people I hate?

No. 862336

Sanic if you're wrong about Donda are you wrong about everythang

No. 862337

Do i have any chance of passing this friday's exam?

No. 862343

should I call that one guy a suggestive name

No. 862346

should I call that one guy an explicit name?

No. 862347

should i get a tattoo?

No. 862354

Will this work out ?

No. 862422

Sonic-sama, should I go?

No. 862424

Nice. Should I go to breakfast tomorrow?

No. 862427

Damn. Reroll.

No. 862548

should I get up and try to clean a little instead of crying myself to sleep?

No. 862971

Will I be able to continue my schooling

No. 862973

Should my new default hairstyle be pigtails

No. 863458

Do I sleep now?

No. 863505

is 2021 the year of the Stacy for me?

No. 863506

fuck you blue bitch

No. 863509

is it ok to wait?

No. 863514

do i deserve life

No. 863533

tell me

No. 863561

o mighty sonic, will it be fixed ?

No. 863571

are they dating / are they gonna date

No. 863572

God fucking dammit. I knew it

No. 863643

Will I be happier if I move?

No. 863644

is it possible for me to recover

No. 863647


No. 863667

Is today the day I leave?

No. 863696

Will I get fired this year?

No. 863739

Will China take over the world?

No. 863759

will a rich man enter my life and shower me with money in 2021?

No. 863763

I think sanic wants you to be a camgirl don't listen to him

No. 863786

have I still got enough time to pass?

No. 864046

I'm working so hard on my masterpiece shitpost video should I only post it to lolcow since I don't havea youtube channel?

No. 864094

will I be less horny tomorrow?

No. 864095

will I?

No. 864098

will lolcow appreciate my work

No. 864103

Will I ever make friends?

No. 864128

Should i show the farms to my sister?

No. 864139

am I surrounded by haters

No. 864178

do you mean that everyone I think is a hater is trying to eff me?

No. 864348

Sanic are you gey for amy?

No. 864350

Will the burgers ever escape the covid?

No. 864408

will I ever get over my fear of hot men so I can talk to them and you know.. copulate

No. 864464

Should I give them the letter?

No. 864465


Oh mighty Sanic, is it a wise idea?

No. 864507


Eh, gonna do it anyways.

No. 864567

Is my exam grade gonna be better than 2.0?

No. 864587

Will he die?

No. 864612

would I have luck finding a sugar momma?

No. 864613

what if I worked with every fiber of my being to find a sugar momma

No. 864772

will my tasks today go smoothly

No. 864881

will we go out on saturday?

No. 864890

Should I take the exam that's on thursday?

No. 864893

… should I take the exam that's on thursday? I'm not leaving without an answer

No. 864894


No. 864895

This thursday, should I take the exam?

No. 864950

Should I just rent a hotel and run away?

No. 864951


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 864965


Don't rent a hotel unless you wanna be real depressed. Long term hotel residents lead shit lives

No. 864987

will i ever be better than this

No. 864994

Is my husbando thinking about me too?

No. 864996

Rolling again, Sanikku-sama

No. 865001

My baby!! ♥

Sonic, will I ever put my life back together and find a life worth living?

No. 865510

Will my brows turn out good?

No. 865511

Yes or no?

No. 865872

will the internet thing go smoothly today?

No. 865890

Should I get another job?

No. 865892

Bitch should I get another job

No. 865923

You lied about Donda, what say you

No. 865927

Am I meant to be alone?

No. 866174

is this retard going to dick me down good

No. 866207

do I really have to respect moids? ugh… fine
will that guy fuck me good

No. 866261

is he gonna write back?

No. 866298

is he gay, sanic?

No. 866300

right but is he gay tho

No. 866306

yes or no is this guy retarded. because apparently he can fuck

No. 866409

Will what I have in the pantry be enough pasta?

No. 866410

Why do I even ask you anymore? According to Sonic, it's always the same in my life: suffering awaits so just jerk off.

No. 866421

Sanic will I ever meet someone irl who's like my husbando?

No. 866422

File: 1627542371996.jpg (42.42 KB, 578x412, IMG_20180512_064140.jpg)

Thank you based Sanic.

No. 866435

Will I stop breaking out goddamn

No. 866437

File: 1627544372549.jpeg (196.92 KB, 887x642, 1622140213546.jpeg)

No. 866579

will I meet a cool new person today?

No. 866677

am I going to rise to fame as a map maker

No. 866712

Sanic should I do both

No. 867458

Am I going to be okay?

No. 867459

Wtf, you're just saying that to bug me you fucking troll. Fuck you Sonic.

No. 867487

Will I manage to fucking study and get through all the relevant material?

No. 867526

Will paypal finally let me withdraw my money in the rest of this week?

No. 867537

will I leave lolcow today

No. 867556

will a new favorite food come to me today

No. 867734

Did he really do it?

No. 867735

Ya know what, I don't wanna know

No. 867743

No. 867761

No. 867762

am I still cute?

No. 867763

knowing him
yes he did

No. 867805

will I ever have to kill someone in self defense (asking out of paranoia)

No. 867807

thank you for not being a bitch sanic. huge relief

No. 867817

Should I have a beer?

No. 867922

should I let him smash

No. 867943

Will I dream of him

No. 867980

will i ever have a long term gf?

No. 867981

sorry sanic i'm gay, but thanks for the offer

No. 867983

will it cost me my reputation?

No. 867988

can he move his hips

No. 867992

Sahnic totem said no you thirsty bitch!

No. 867994

I got dubs both times. I think this guy's gonna get me preggerz

No. 868011


No. 868015

will it be the antichrist

No. 868017

Is Chris going to prison?

No. 868041

will chris get barb pregnant

No. 868048

>its possible

I can't fucking believe it

No. 868055

Please tell me, will I get accepted into the place, Sanic?

No. 868057

First I was irritated because I ALWAYS get #5, but this is a double, and now I'm scared.

No. 868063

Is it time to retire the sanic totem?

No. 868067

Will I have to move?

No. 868069

Will I get a reply back from my landlord before Monday?

No. 868077

should we sacrifice this nonnie to the totem?

No. 868086

Will it be sent back?

No. 868089

Is sanic totem evil?

No. 868116

is the sonic totem of evil origin

No. 868166

Will I pass the test?

No. 868201

Will the next saga be even more deranged than this one, O Mighty Sonic?

No. 868205

Is divorce in the cards for me for 2022?

No. 868269

will my order come in time

No. 868285

Will I pass my first year of college?

No. 868286

Is he cheating on me?

No. 868487

Fucking liar

No. 868492

Is it coming in the next five days??

No. 868500

Will i find love this year?

No. 868501

o damn….

No. 868591

Should I get drunk tonight

No. 868703

Yeah man it’s Saturday, chug that beer

No. 868923

am I the most beautiful girl in the world

No. 868924

good answer sanic

No. 868929

Am I gonna puke tonight

No. 869104

Will I stay at my new job for at least a year?

No. 869105


No. 869107

Reeeeee fuck u stupid sanic why must you shit all over my parade

No. 869112

Will I have an ok first week at work?

No. 869129

did cwc crush barbs g spot

No. 869183

will next weekend be filled with new experiences

No. 869187

will a man like vent thread op image fuck me senseless in 2021

No. 869261

Will I be framed for a crime in 2065?

No. 869267

Oh shit

No. 869296

Should I ask her out now or do I wait?

No. 869298


No. 869374

Should I get the fuck off lolcow and order a pizza?

No. 869411

Am I going to prove you wrong, Sanic?

No. 869594

Will it be appreciated?

No. 869596

Well will it? I think I'm gonna go for it

No. 869600

anon non nonnie can I have a little sliceroo, oh pretty please??

No. 869642

Will I regret trying it there?

No. 869898

Is it about money?

No. 869914

Is it time, right now?

No. 869915

I won't reroll because I never get a sensible answer on this once we go beyond a "maybe". I'm going to do it tonight, Sanic. I hope I can trust one of your previous answers.

No. 869916


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 869929

Will I get a better job soon?

No. 870056

Will I pass this godforsaken exam tomorrow?

No. 870685

O cursed totem, will he ever get married?

No. 871780

should i snort ritalin

No. 871782

uhm what, reroll

No. 871784

No. 872766

should i masturbate? im bored

No. 872836

Will I get off work on time today?

No. 872837

Will I stay at this job for 2 years?

No. 873005

will i find something to fulfill me within the year

No. 873006

die totem die

No. 873182

Will I stay at this job for a year?

No. 874251

Will I find a better paying job within this year?

No. 888719

should i start with my build right now

No. 888735

ok how about now

No. 898682

Should I text him (as opposed to waiting to see if he doubletexts)?

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