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No. 825059

Previous thread: >>>/ot/809740

>Demi Lovato announces a new podcast, doesn't get the amount of attention she wanted, doubles down and comes out as a they/them.
>More discussion of Ariana Grande's wedding, including new pics released. The question remains: did she fuck Jim Carrey? Anons examine the rich fuckboi tapestry that is Ari's dating history.
>Naomi Campbell announces that she has become a mother at 50.
>Courtney Love shares that she's unhappy about new "Pam and Tommy" series, shits on Lily James. A band of time-traveling anons from the 90s argue about Kurt and Courtney as though either is relevant anymore.
>New documents from the lawsuit filed against Marilyn Manson are published online.
>Nicki Minaj posts her pre-fame (and pre-surgery) mugshot and booking papers on Instagram, waxes poetic about how inspired she is by her criminal past.
>Jodie Turner-Smith, a black woman, is cast in the role of Anne Boleyn, a white woman. Racesperg and redtext ensue.
>Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are in an open relationship, because if your man is gonna cheat on you anyways why not cope yourself into believing that you allowed it?
>Anon posts a long story about a member of the Monkees getting taken advantage of by caretakers… I think? I gotta be real I didn't read the whole thing.
>Danny Masterson's victims share their testimony in court, it's predictably horrifying.
>Twitter sapphics lose their shit when their fantasy projection on Anya Taylor-Joy is shattered by the reality that she has a boyfriend. Downthread, anons discuss her skelly transformation.
>Lady Gaga reveals that the man who raped her at age 19 impregnated her, shares her experience with PTSD and deciding to terminate the pregnancy. How does this revelation gel with her previous collaborations with high-profile sex offenders like R. Kelly?
>Princess Nokia's shift from tomboy to insta-baddie aeshetic is brought up. A deep-dive into her cowish past behaviour follows, including her weird DDLG-adjacent comments/lyrics and her tendency to play up her ambiguous ethnicity for clout.
>Male Midlife Crisis May carries on strong when Taika Waititi is photographed cuddling up with Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson, somehow making the concept of a polycule seem even more sad and desperate.
>Ashnikko becomes the latest pop girl to come out as "pansexual and genderfluid".
>Elliot Page posts a shirtless picture in swim trunks, looking a little different… is it ab implants? Photoshop? BDD? Why not all 3?
>In the least convincing casting move in Hollywood history, Kevin Spacey is announced in the role of a pedophile hunter.
>Summer Walker brags about malnourishing her baby by feeding it mushrooms, hemp seeds, and (very baby-unsafe) honey, meanwhile seems to have no problem smoking hookah or feeding herself fried food out of a literal dustpan.
>The CW's Powerpuff Girls reboot script surfaces online, is exactly as awful as you'd expect.
>Kim K fails the baby bar, meanwhile Kanye links up with Irina Shayk, Hollywood's favourite beard.
>Bam Margera's very sad and very public downward spiral continues.
>Kumail Nanjiani has hit the point of no return with his steroid abuse, looking like a 'roided-out Leonard from TBBT.
>Billie Eilish releases a new video targeted at her coomer/groomer fanbase.
>Is Ellie Kemper a KKK princess? Probably not. Is that going to stop Twitter from calling her one? Absolutely not.
>Dove Cameron becomes the latest celebrity to reveal that she is "super queer", refuses to elaborate or clarify what the fuck exactly that means.

Image credit: >>>/ot/820246

No. 825060

First time making a thread so I apologize if I fucked anything up! I just like browsing celebricows when I'm supposed to be working and have been missing the thread lol

No. 825063

File: 1623107042541.jpg (716.22 KB, 1440x1745, fs3yn9f1ad371.jpg)

No. 825065

I think you did great, nonita

No. 825068

Great summary, thanks for the new thread!

No. 825071

What a perpetual loser. He looks like shit and I'm glad.

No. 825073

Christ, white men age like milk. He looks a decade older than he is.

No. 825075

File: 1623108219088.jpg (225.05 KB, 869x1540, Tumblr_l_44571127344351.jpg)

Genuinely think azaelia banks is the funniest person alive

No. 825081

File: 1623109064030.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 203.46 KB, 1200x1200, E3TnoYPXEAQwGkx.jpeg)

Lorde's new single cover is… something

No. 825082

What the actual fuck? Every time I hear about this man since drake and josh ended, it’s because he’s done something disgusting. This time is no different.

No. 825086

This is…not how I imagined she'd come back after 3 years of radio silence

No. 825092

thanks for the new thread. The summary is great; I appreciate you!

No. 825096

She scorched her. Grimes and Elon just regurgitate terrible interpretations of their favourite sci fi and it makes me cringe into another dimension.

No. 825102

She's pretty based when she wants to be

No. 825103

I was going to plug this in the last thread before it hit bump limit - I made a thread for discussion of popular/mainstream music over on /m/ like anons were talking about last thread

No. 825104

I'm fucking tired of sex and sexual stuff in the media being shilled as artistic or meaningful when people just wanna appeal to coomers good lord free me from this hell I'm not even asexual or believe in aceshit I just wanna enjoy something that doesn't pander to scrotes because I'm sure as hell no woman wanted this

No. 825105

Yeah and even as a woman attracted to women, I'm wondering if this is even supposed to be sexy? obviously it'll be taken that way by scrotes, but it's just really awkward looking to me. I can't imagine going from not being very sexualized to showing your whole entire ass crack to the world??

No. 825109

I like women too and I find it bad because she looks like she's stepping on my face at the beach (and not in a good way), of course scrotes will only think "hhmmm crack and pussy angle, good!"
I want cool concepts, ESPECIALLY if an artist is coming back from a 3 to almost 4 years of silence I expect some serious and well-written concepts, not a eyetoy ps2 camera creepshot.
Lorde, please, don't, I used to like you and you have a peculiar charm, you don't need ass out there.

No. 825111

So he was 30 at the time with a 15 year old, real nice. Wow.

No. 825112

Lorde has had an old woman's face since 16, now that she's not jailbait, to keep moid attention and not get called ugly she has to be her best asset forward I guess.

No. 825113

Has she only got 4 fingers

No. 825115

She's doing the shocker sign to go with the ass crack imagery.

No. 825125

File: 1623113542714.gif (1.81 MB, 280x267, download.gif)

ik moids will fuck anything but in what world would an artist who performed like this for years have a shot at redeeming herself by selling sex?
gifrel for her normal 'style' ~yes queen give us demonic possession!~

No. 825127

lolwut azealia looks like she doesn't wipe. like that is 100% how i would describe her. she looks like the greasy-haired 21 year old girl in front of you in line at starbucks who smells like poop covered in perfume loudly telling her friend about her UTI before paying for her drink with an inexplicably gold credit card.

No. 825129

i audibly laughed in shock seeing this my god
the single itself? its ok. sounds nothing like her

No. 825130

stupid bitch i thought she didn't want to have this type of image? ugh. anyway i'm hype

No. 825133

Not even surprised anymore with what this male does. He's so messy.
What the…

No. 825136

File: 1623115590259.jpg (214.98 KB, 1080x1080, c2eacaf3-76c5-4fc5-810d-9bbd38…)

I'm sorry anon but you are literally retarded

No. 825139

Perhaps you're right, you're entitled to your own opinion but between the two of them who would you rather smell, Azaelia or Grimes? Be honest.

No. 825145

Glad she's back. There are so many ripoffs that have popped up in her absence (Olivia R, Billie) that I'm curious to see what she does.

No. 825147


grimes is just becoming a parody of herself at this point.

No. 825161

make sure to get it right nonnas, its drake ~*campana*~ now

No. 825198

File: 1623126506290.jpeg (112.15 KB, 640x800, D303EBCA-65B1-41FC-A90E-D2FBC3…)

No. 825205

Same, it makes me sad. I had to step away from social media shit because it’s so normalized now but it’s just nasty, can we do anything other than think it’s empowering and cool to be naked and sexy for men holy hell

No. 825218

There’s no way she’s not doing this to piss people off.

No. 825219

cannot believe he is only 34.

No. 825222

at first I thought this one wasn't so bad, the baby is being held slightly poorly but eventually everyone holds a baby like that…anyway then I noticed one titty was out still and I remembered emrata sucks ass.

No. 825237

File: 1623135353399.jpg (172.62 KB, 1024x945, Summer Walker.jpg)

Summer Walker tease.

No. 825262

anon it's not even released yet…

No. 825264

No. 825284

File: 1623145289207.webm (3.72 MB, 1280x720, artCaCEVwje3iJnQ.webm)

Grimes went from dangerhair to bimbo so anything is possible.
Anyway, here's a video of Trump wearing his pants backwards.

No. 825287

That's a whole more Lorde ass and puss I've ever wanted to see. And to think she started her career by presenting herself as a feminist answer to Lana Del Rey. At least she stopped at singing about her pussy instead of showing it kek
>I like women too and I find it bad because she looks like she's stepping on my face at the beach (and not in a good way), of course scrotes will only think "hhmmm crack and pussy angle, good!"
I bet she's gonna justify it with some bullshit about women's freedom of expression, being in touch with yourself and nature etc, etc.

I kinda wanted to give Melodrama a shot even though I've always disliked Lorde (that Royals song is insufferable both in sound and the irony of the whole thing), but now I'm back to wanting to stay as far as possible.

No. 825289

Is that an ok way to hold a baby? It looks like its head is hanging back and the weight is being supported by the wrist held under its neck

No. 825293

Words cannot express how much I hate Demi Lovato.
I grew up with camp rock fans around my school and reading about her made me livid because she always had anything in life.
She says that she was bullied in school, then she says she was homeschooled, then she started cutting, only to stop to get those horrible tattoos, she won awards for songs that arent' written by her (Skyscraper is written by Kerli Koiv, Let it Go…well, you know it) and overall, her song writing abilites are shit like "Really Don't Care" where she tried to pull a Taylor Swift and "Cool for The Summer" which is just her trying to brush off the disney image like Miley did.
She thinks rape is funny, one time she called and paid a prostitute to go up and basically grope one of her coworker's penis in his private hotel room when he didn't want to and she laughed about it on twitter, then she tried to cry about it saying "Waaaa why people are criticizing me!!! I'm so fragile!!! I'm staying strong!!!"
Not happy with her life, with all the money she could go to therapy or rehab, she decides to spend her teenager fans' money on drugs and overdose, then cry again about it.
She gets called out? She has already something ready to swipe that out under the rug.
Of all celebrities, which I don't care much I don't follow them anyway, everytime I see Demi Lovato on the news or trending I KNOW it's because she pulled some shit. She needs to stop being delusional, accept her carreer is over and retire with her family somewhere.
If Kanye is bipolar then everyone shits on him (and its well deserved) but Demi is bipolar too and she has pulled a LOT more than him but she's fragile uwu.
Fuck her.(cool story bro)

No. 825300

Well she got a lot of hate for the way she was holding her baby so I assume it's not.

No. 825306

File: 1623148952739.jpeg (126.82 KB, 750x751, D4554558-C41D-4491-BDAA-E47BEE…)

Has ariana been getting her lip fillers dissolved? Picrel screenshots from some promotional video she did recently

No. 825329

File: 1623152491173.gif (1.35 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

Thanks for the thread, what a summary!!

No. 825339

I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if a professional told her to dissolve them or just give them a break since she she's been getting lip fillers for more than 5 (?) years now and on a recent photo they looked super lumpy and sausage-y

No. 825350


Maybe she's pregnant or trying. She is married to that ratty looking Pete Davidson clone now after all

No. 825356

Fuck no it's not, You're supposed to hold the baby's head when its that young and small.

No. 825358

lmao wtf

No. 825362

A lewk

No. 825388

I feel violated by that intense zoom-in on his crotch

No. 825416

Random but Princess Nokia who I just knew as Destiny went to school with a bunch of my friends and she kind of had the baddie aesthetic going on before she switched to tomboy. I remember she got a tattoo of a mermaid with her face on her thigh and played that up a lot. And she’s just Puerto Rican. Her mom is from the island. That’s all. She’s not “mixed” like that.

No. 825470

File: 1623167160298.png (775.8 KB, 828x1792, 5C88979D-50E5-48E8-97FF-219234…)

latest on olivia rodrigo — twitter people are mad about the comments on her photo (pic incoming) where she does in fact look grotesquely thin

No. 825471

File: 1623167189543.png (2.26 MB, 828x1792, 4694F1E0-B110-4D1E-8DE4-2914C1…)

pic not mine so no worries about the profile pic, dk who that is

No. 825477

Yup, thats a body check if I’ve ever seen one.

No. 825515

Can't win with twitter tards. If you say nothing you're standing by and letting her suffer while promoting unhealthy body images and if you politely say "hey, that doesn't look good, I hope she's ok" you're invasive and mean.

No. 825525

She looks fine. Definitely doesn't have any wiggle room to lose weight, but she looks great.

No. 825526

Agreed, I know eating disorders are extremely prevalent in our society but sometimes girls are just scrawny, damn.

No. 825537

Why don't they comment stuff like this on Anya Taylor-Joy, Zendaya or Grimes' accounts? Why just her? I don't get it.

No. 825557

idk if its just the photo quality but her legs look suspect.
also you can see her chestbones in between her cleavage, thats a bigger tell than just having skinny limbs. at her height she is 100% underweight

No. 825619

it’s the chest bones for me >>825557

No. 825624

Azealia is literally Based

No. 825649

At 18 it's def possible to be super skinny like this but not anorexic. My guess is she's just naturally thin based on her wrist size.

No. 825651

Lol she fucking sucks. She is ugly with no substance except the ones she fucking overdosed on and probably continues to take. I so agree that it was probably a narc Karen rage that drove her smear campaign against the froyo shop. She has no integrity at all. She should have to go outside with fucking tard guards.

No. 825652

Samefag, she also can’t fucking sing.

No. 825661

File: 1623187243717.jpg (20.48 KB, 500x281, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

Nice thread op.
>Dove Cameron becomes the latest celebrity to reveal that she is "super queer", refuses to elaborate or clarify what the fuck exactly that means.
she just means bi. she dated Kiersey Clemons (c-list dyke) in 2017, they have matching tattoos and were very cute.
Gross. I met him at the mall at 14, he kept his arm on my waist long after we took a pic.
Shes just a typical bony teen. She isnt even 20 yet, calm down

No. 825677

>She is ugly with no substance except the ones she fucking overdosed on

Without a doubt the best roast of her I've ever seen, kek

No. 825770

File: 1623194589329.jpeg (263.28 KB, 600x541, 33DC299F-2EE9-47A6-A7B6-BD52FC…)

Immediately thought of this kek.

No. 825772

No, her filler is definitely still in, except the jaw/chin filler that was obvious in the positions music video. Idk then again this is a self-taken picture and is probably one of those Chinese-inspired filters that makes your jaw/chin area really small. Her lips look filled though.
ANON pls tell us more, wb her accent–is it real?!

No. 825777

I've been thinking this for a while. She looked super spoopy flailing around in her "good 4 u" video too. She's as thin as Ariana used to be and she idolizes Taylor Swift, who was also a bonelord.

No. 825787

Support the baby's head, dumb bitch

No. 825800

Not to sound too tinfoily but being a Disney kid I wouldn't be shocked if she's already coking it up, yeah she's young but she looks like a rail. Same vibe I got from Ariana in her later Victorious years, i absolutely think Ari was a cokehead in her early music days and maybe even now from time to time. Olivia Rodrigo reminds me so much of Ariana, the way her music is blowing up outta nowhere. She's like a less slutty Ariana

No. 825805

she almost always uses her baby as an accessory, gross.

No. 825822

Was no one else on this board a naturally skinny teenage girl? It's totally not uncommon for teen girls to be slightly underweight w/o eating issues. Perhaps your tinfoils will eventually prove true but this photo really doesn't suggest anything in particular.

I do think the pic is shooped and strategically posed but I think it's just inspired by the tiktok trend of girls using filters and camera tricks to look like they have super long legs.

No. 825876

looks like armie hannibal got the sequel to call me by your name cancelled. really hoping his career never recovers but he's a rich scrote so that's doubtful.

No. 825911

was his career ever really taking off though? besides cmbyn it seems like majority of his films were flops and he was considered a bland actor

No. 825957

losing a career won't ruin him, sorry anon. he doesn't need money or care about [Calculon voice] ACTING. he'll just be rich without the famous part

No. 825962


Good thing too, why the fuck does a film like CMBYN need to have a sequel. Hollywood is pathetic making art house films into franchises. What's next Shape of Water 2 Electric Fish fucking boogaloo.

As for Roderigo it probably is an eating disorder, lots of child stars develop them really young so they stay underdeveloped and can keep getting 'young' roles, no that she's blowing up online and thin is in again she'll just keep it up.

No. 825989

ok ana-chan(infighting)

No. 825992

Ok fatty(infighting)

No. 826001

File: 1623226666658.jpg (57.46 KB, 749x710, ben.jpg)

I am beyond disappointed
I'd rather have her not putting out new music and keep reviewing onion rings if she's going down this route

No. 826009

This feels like a screen cap from a badly shot amateur porno. Sad shes trying to take the easy route when coomers give no fuck to buy her music or see her live

No. 826016

Seethe jealous fatty(infighting)

No. 826038

File: 1623232075570.jpg (80.34 KB, 1429x211, Untitled.jpg)

>got the sequel to call me by your name cancelled
Wtf I love Armie Hammer now.

Anyway, he's in rehab now. Sending thoughts and prayers to the poor schmuck who has to explain to him that raping, beating and literally eating women is bad.


No. 826042

You guys realize you're just proving everyones point kek go back to your containment thread

No. 826048

You people tinfoil literally everyone is anorexic even if they’re clearly within the healthy range or marginally underweight. It’s as boring and baseless as it would be if people speculated everyone slightly over the healthy range (the majority of people) and binge eating disorder.

No. 826051

Poor pug. He's so cute though
>why the fuck does a film like CMBYN need to have a sequel. Hollywood is pathetic making art house films into franchises. What's next Shape of Water 2 Electric Fish fucking boogaloo.
Anon, the film is based on a book… which has a sequel called 'Find Me'. So in this case you should blame the author, not Hollywood.

No. 826056

Fuck off fatty chan. You’re probably American. If you walked an extra five miles a weak instead of driving everywhere with an XL Frappuccino then you wouldn’t be so seethingly jealosy. Now go HAEs a kfc bargain bucket.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826072

Does she even do onion ring reviews anymore?

No. 826110

Drunk bitch at the beach vibes.
Sad that this is the only way she thought she could bounce back from irrelevance.

Don't know enough about her to pass a judgment, I just know that anachans cream themselves for the body checks that she's showing off here ie. sternum bones, pits, arms, waist, thigh gap, calves. It's a weird pose if it had any other purpose…

No. 826124

olivias music is really annoying and i bet she is but only jealous fatties are seething, she looks good. not everyone likes being chubby or wants to normalize eating all the time, maybe she is happier being (apparently) a little underweight. she isnt fucking spoopy so stop freaking out that ~omg shes ana~

No. 826125

I feel like she wasn’t irrelevant though, I think her album was quite highly anticipated and she seems to have a cult following. This doesn’t really read as desperate to me, but I can definitely understand it coming off that way.

No. 826127

Why has body checking gone from meaning ‘obsessively examining, measuring, and monitoring something related to your body to the point it impedes on your life negatively’ to ‘person who is on the low end of a normal weight or very slightly underweight has posted a selfie’

No. 826129

I suffered from low-key disordered eating when I was like 15 and my lowest weight was 41.9 kg (when I was 5'1), yet still, I looked less skinny than her. I didn't have visible chest bones and my thighs were slightly larger than her's. Maybe it's because she's a little taller than I was and maybe she carries her right differently, but I still feel like she's at least slightly underweight. I'm unsure if she's suffering from disordered eating, but I doubt that she's anareoxic

No. 826130

File: 1623240553640.jpg (65.27 KB, 500x739, 5cn4en.jpg)

No. 826134

File: 1623240983738.jpg (56.95 KB, 800x442, tumblr_33caa6fa2d9060d1ebf32b7…)

thank you ffs. Honestly if you're so concerned about people with eating disorders the best thing you can do is not comment on celebrities weight at all, not even to say they're too skinny

No. 826136

this is off topic but i would just like to commend anon who started this thread. The recap is everything! Petition to make anon the official thread maker LMAO

No. 826138

Nta, but tbh the anons who scream "you're a seething jealous fatty" to everyone are just as annoying. Weight is a sensitive subject on here

No. 826139

yeah, if you're fat(infighting)

No. 826140

Yes I agree! I was thinking as I was reading it it's a really good recap

No. 826142

>Weight is a sensitive subject on here
how? have you read any cow thread ever?

No. 826146

I mean, anons were just sperging about weight above lmao. I just think topics that have to do with weight and bodies can get farmers easily riled up

No. 826149

there she is

No. 826159

I really believe this type of selfie is a body check in itself. The pose strategically accentuates all her bony edges and it's intentional. Just because some of you farmers think her extreme thigh gap is healthy and normal doesn't mean this isn't a body check image anyway (do you honestly believe for a second her Disney team doesn't influence her eating habits and self image? Their beauty standards for young women are horrendous and I'm sure they have huge influence over her appearance). Just because some of you don't think she's "skinny enough" for this to be a body check, I still think it is.

No. 826160

That isn't what body check means though, like even if you're right and she's trying to look skinny in a selfie that still isn't what a body check is. It should be considered tinfoiling for every skinny person posted to be accused of having anorexia.

No. 826163

Every newbie solo female pop artist is so unoriginal these days. It's like she's trying to be a sexy edgy Avril Lavigne, with an slutty Ariana expression and pose. I wonder if she'll push Billie outta the way since it seems Olivia R wants to be some kind of shitty pop/alternative princess amalgamation. I watched her SNL performances and she did a good job but goddamn, she has that insane fame obsessed taylor swift energy you can see it in her face and mannerisms. Maybe she'll be a future cow

No. 826179

File: 1623246229739.jpeg (57.36 KB, 432x640, A77F977B-7462-400D-97BB-990BBB…)

This is from the same post and the pose is just so odd and stiff. She has other pictures that look like she’s purposefully accentuating the smallest parts of her body.

But then again almost everything on Instagram is carefully posed to make people look their best so it’s really hard to tell if it’s a bodycheck or just a ”regular” photo.

No. 826180

>it’s really hard to tell if it’s a bodycheck or just a ”regular” photo.
what a utterly pointless thing to speculate about

No. 826183

>But then again almost everything on Instagram is carefully posed to make people look their best.

Guaranteed this is from a set of about 400 photos that someone from her IG team picked then shooped it to hell. You're absolutely right, I don't understand why people trip over themselves to examine IG photos in general. They're so contrived and fake and clearly she wants everyone to know how sm0l she is so.

No. 826224

I don't understand how any of these images are bodychecks. What's supposed to be the 'normal' way for a thin person to take photos?

No. 826232

They aren’t. Body checking is repeatedly monitoring some aspect of your body to the point it affects your day to day functioning but for some reason this trend started online where people just started to use it for any picture of a skinny person (that they have decided is anorexic) they think is trying to “show” their skinny-ness/look skinny and then people just kept repeating this definition without looking into it I guess.

No. 826302

File: 1623257690581.jpg (593.04 KB, 1079x1481, Screenshot_20210609-115207_Chr…)

Not sure where else this would go since I don't think there's a drag queen thread. Here are the injury photos and they are BAD.

No. 826304

File: 1623258183290.png (1.74 MB, 1385x857, onion.PNG)

AYRT and yes she does! She actually revived her onion ring Instagram account recently

No. 826323

Watch this get memory hole'd because it doesn't fit the narrative. Yet if the shoe was on the other foot and the bf attacked "her" it would get way more coverage. Fucking scrote deserves to rot in jail.

No. 826328

File: 1623259770452.png (513.19 KB, 722x407, lorde from an alternate dimens…)

They really are related, huh

No. 826330

From what I've seen of people talking about it (in rdpr spaces anyway) they're blaming Widow because the actual details of the attack are disgusting, there's no way Widow could get away with a self defense claim when he was bragging about beating him up.

No. 826335

It’ll get memory hole’d because they’re a literal who. Also your post seems like thinly veiled racebait, i’m not sure what ‘narrative’ you think this goes against? Out of the two people in that relationship, the one who committed the assault is the one from a demographic where the narrative is being widely stereotyped as violent.

No. 826339

The tranny narrative. Calm down, not every criticism of a non-white person is racism.

No. 826340

The person isn’t trans though?

No. 826343

My bad then, I apologise. The articles I've read on it used she/her pronouns so I assumed he was trans. Idk why journos would use she/her if they're not trans, to cover their ass I suppose.

No. 826354

This cover doesn't surprise me. Lorde always seemed up her own ass.
You're not wrong, but it's definitely not a new phenomenon.

No. 826359

People often use she/her for queens, even outside the context of rpdr

No. 826372

>This cover doesn't surprise me. Lorde always seemed up her own ass.
what an accurate assessment of her personality

No. 826376

She's also looking less tan than before. Her new boy toy must've changed something in her

No. 826381

No one gives a shite about Billie's new song. If she keeps up this sexual image with "poc" as her background props, I don't see her having another year like 2020.
Those legs look shopped

No. 826386

She looks like a bobblehead

No. 826388

A JLo/Reviewbruh crossover would revive her career better than Bennifer. Also I would love it.

No. 826389

Are those boobs real? Pretty big for someone so skinny

No. 826391

He cried racism while being arrested and people are still defending him because of that

No. 826407

Jlo? Wtf are you talking about, lorde runs the onion account.

No. 826418

Pushup bra and she’s pushing them even higher with her arm.

No. 826454

File: 1623266927070.jpeg (310.75 KB, 816x870, 03037A1C-75A1-4678-8CF7-4EFF43…)


semi OT but also related to celebrities, does anyone wish there were more reliable sites for blind items. All of them are BS nowadays. CDAN has resorted to this long winded fanfic bullshit, blind gossip is slow to update, LSA is hellish, is there any good gossip site left? I'm banned from CDAN for telling enty to fuck off with the vendettas, but sometimes I check his hellsite, can't believe what he churns out

>Testimony directly from a survivor. The first rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club – The same applies to Rape Club. Some people still believe that attractive people can’t be rapists or pedophiles. This label applies to our "A+ list" actor, as he was often among the sexiest men in the world. We’ll call him "AA". I didn’t want to believe it, but it seems that at a certain level you have no choice. You either partake or you won’t advance further. Our "A+ lister" recently divorced, and they use that to explain his alcohol abuse and depression. It was the pain of his dear friend’s murder what tortured the actor.

"Rape club" kek. complete manure

No. 826489

Lmao I'm a spoop myself so I know when I see a fellow one. I never said she looked bad either, we're just speculating. Enjoy your ban!

No. 826527

I really disagree with this, not bc I give a fuck about her but the pose in the original pic and this one >>826179 are clearly serving a purpose. To me it seems like she's trying to look above it all, over it, bratty, full of attitude, assertive. Like a teen pop star who has an image to project. Do y'all autists understand that she's trying to communicate something with her body language, a weird pose is not automatically a body check.

No. 826533

Anons think a skinny person merely existing at all is a "body check" unless they wear a trash bag.

No. 826567

File: 1623273703812.jpg (79.16 KB, 1023x755, 20210608_221320.jpg)


Ntayrt but I do blame the author, not bc he writes shitty books but because he's a literal pedophile and openly admitted it in an interview

No. 826610

The second bending forward pic is a classic ana pose.

No. 826621

Have the "she's not anorexic, you're just fat!" anons actually spent time in pro ana spaces? You don't have to be Eugenia Cooney thin to be anorexic. It's pretty clear to me looking at pictures before this year that she is losing weight rapidly. You don't get arms like that from being naturally thin, I'm sorry.

No. 826624

File: 1623277751380.png (334.53 KB, 600x345, 53bfac92280edb74b7497caf8e093f…)

for the nonnies in the last thread who insisted that Irina Shayk's lips are all natural

No. 826625

But what makes the pose itself ana or a body check? I genuinely don't get it. How are her pics different from anyone else's?

No. 826626

File: 1623277870915.jpg (99.87 KB, 750x1334, roc0vr2aq7471.jpg)

Azealia attacking Nicki and Meg thee Stallion

No. 826628

File: 1623277905543.jpg (77.48 KB, 750x1334, 2wfa5r2aq7471.jpg)

No. 826630

People seriously think shes not skinny enough? What do you think the average weight of the people on this website and how often they go outside and see real people for comparison is?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826634

Literal Queen.

No. 826645

Have you spent time on pro ed sites in the mid 00s? Bending forward to create a bigger thigh gap while keeping the feet together to show you're a Real Ana and not a faker is a staple body check selfie.

No. 826647

File: 1623279482708.png (2.31 KB, 225x20, mailtime.png)

No. 826658

File: 1623280154471.jpg (22.6 KB, 400x600, irina-shayk-younger-days-640.j…)

Not sure tbh

No. 826667

Kek this rant was very onision of her
still based

No. 826687

File: 1623283131195.jpg (386.87 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20210609-185518__01…)

idc about marvel but this is tragic lmao. It looks like someone photoshopped a terrible candid pic of him onto a Thor screencap

No. 826688

I mean… this is exactly what happened anon

No. 826690

i used to watch her stories and it seems she looks up her name on twitter everyday lol

No. 826693

This is a screenshot of matt damon as loki in the talking picture, anon

No. 826695

Whyd hiddleston get scrapped in the first place?

No. 826700

Probably has something to do with the new show and Matt Damon only plays an actor playing Loki in a play.

No. 826716

damn this actually makes me sad because she was one of the only contestants i liked on that season

No. 826727

Jesus. Matt Damon has aged like milk.

No. 826728


James Woods is a douche and a hypocrite but he had a point about the age difference in CMBYN. Broken clocks….

No. 826732

File: 1623289429152.jpg (625.33 KB, 3840x1608, tom-hiddleston-arrested-tva.jp…)

It's a screencap from Thor Ragnarok, its a comedy. Matt Damon plays Loki in Loki's community theater production of of Thor 2 while Loki is faking his death (as his dad). Loki really died in Avengers Endgame, so Matt Damon will likely be him in a play in Love & Thunder.
Hiddleston can only be Loki while traveling the universes where he's not dead, but its actually because he's badly aging out of the role. We should expect to see Kid Loki being casted sometime soon.

No. 826747

Man I'm still upset Azealia killed her promising rap career but at least she's still providing delicious content for the farms

No. 826780

File: 1623299012530.jpg (32.78 KB, 500x333, Banks.jpg)

>What you lookin' at? You all a bunch of fuckin' assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and say, "That's the bad guy." So… what that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me?, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. There's a bad guy comin' through! Better get outta his way!

No. 826798

idk about her lips but her whole face looks really different to me the past 2 or 3 years. like wayyy sharper than it used to be until very recently. am i imagining it??

No. 826833

I feel like they should have made Loki spin-off many years ago. He really looks like a "funny" middle aged man now, I am not sure who still finds him hot.

No. 826856

>enjoy your ban!
Kys you smug little cunt
>I’m a spoop myself
Fuck off back to your containment thread and take your non-milk with you. What kind of autist calls themselves a spoop? You bitches just HAVE to rattle your bones and announce yourselves in every thread. Normal healthy, fit or thin people don’t call themselves spoops, clearly your autistic, hangry brain just HAS to bring anorexia in to every conversation and humblebrag, when it isn’t wanted, needed or relevant.
Bet you’ll cry and report this comment now, like you did the last one.

No. 826857

She really is a female tony Montana. I fucking love her kek.

No. 826859

I think you’ve spent too much time on ana sites, so that you obsessively think that POSES mean things they don’t, and you have to bring up your ana status when nobody gives a fuck.
Go rattle your bones in the pro ana scumbags thread.

No. 826866

Enty used to be very accurate according to people but something changed iirc. I think LSA has a user (Perched I think?) who is notoriously accurate about celebrity gossip ahead of its release. I don't lurk LSA myself bc obviously if you're not black then your presence is unwanted there. But apparently the gossip is good there, I wish the people who were leaking the tea could put it on some other site so you wouldn't have to actively use LSA to find it.

No. 826874

Anyone can use LSA

No. 826965

KEK I love this. Thanks for the laugh, nonnie. I can actually imagine her saying this, god I love her. If I wasn't already engaged I'd propose to her, we'd be a schizo power couple.

No. 826982

Accidentally put a question mark in one of the sentences, but a voiceover would complete my post.

No. 827166

found a leak of the lorde song, saging in case it’s not relevant . also gonna post it in the pop thread

No. 827182

New Lorde sounds like shit. I'm so mad.

No. 827196

…do you actually believe that or

No. 827200

There's apparently a forum called Celebrity Dark Room on there where new gossip is posted but you have to be an active poster and request access to the forum. I wish someone who had access would say if there's anything good on there or not. I believe the Perched user has been rumoured to be Perez Hilton, although I'm not sure if that's serious or just a meme.

No. 827210

Take your meds anon

No. 827244

I've heard of celebrity darkroom but I've yet to find someone who can give me access to it. LSA can be good, even though it's got some looneys, it's that my favored subjects for rumors tend to be higher level stars so they tend to have less gossip about them overall. Doesn't mean it's accurate and it's a pain to browse because it's a forum though

Enty's old blinds seem more reliable, I scrolled back through the allgossipcelebrities archives and it's evident in the last few years he's gone downhill, likely sold the site to q shills, and posts outright fanfiction for clicks

No. 827290

To get into the celeb dark room you have to go to a thread and @ the admin, then prepare to wait forever until they accept you.
The CDR and Sex Alley aren't all that interesting.
It's mainly posts about women with botched bodies from surgeries, usually Instagram models, pictures of random celebrities in bikini's/nude, every once in a while, we'll get some gay rumors, trannies exposing usually rappers (or lying on rappers), Dick pictures from usually rappers, Lizzo, Meg Thee Stallion ass/bodies pictures and just random shit.
Sex alley has a poster who spams micro penises with titles that are Song lyrics or random bullshit.

No. 827360

ugh all i want is decent a-lister tea, i could care less about rappers ugly scrotums

No. 827364

The talking about herself in third person
She needs to monetize this content gold. Better yet turn these into lyrics why isn’t she making music there’s so many underground artists she can work with she doesn’t need anybody

No. 827366

i’m in celebrity dark room and basically what’s posted there is the same as on the trending page, they’re just more explicit photos like bikini shots, it’s not that juicy

No. 827411

Late to the party, but I just watched the Pete Davidson standup and I laughed so hard when he was talking about Ariana shit-talking him and said
“Can you imagine if I did that? My career would be over tomorrow if I spray-painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started shitting on my ex”

No. 827421

god scrotes always get so butthurt over the one, MAYBE two things in life where women have the "advantage"

No. 827440

sounds like typical butthurt scrote backlash.
same energy as "she was ugly anyway!"

No. 827451

>shitalking ex about how they shitalked ex
We need to do deeper

No. 827477

File: 1623370495406.jpg (204.75 KB, 500x626, FaceApp_1623370477370.jpg)

No. 827484

File: 1623370995411.jpeg (138.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2)2111.jpeg)


this faggot will not stop rewriting history. she wrote thank you next and she took him as a diss track. but literally at the beginning she's saying its about all her exes. and its such a dumb simple song about "im so coooool single!!" not "fuck pete davidson". this faggot has been making comedy shows about ariana "shit talking him" for years. he's delusional. ariana is a pretty vapid, but she just broke up with him. he talks as if she did some old school taylor swift to him. nah, her album hardly talked about him and the only song about him was also about every single of her exes.

she hasnt mentioned him in years but lives free in his manic episodes. stay seething butthole eyes.

No. 827486

kek no you gotta use a pre ps photo for her

No. 827507

Old butthole eyes probably deserved some shit-talking but I don't remember Ariana saying anything negative about him. It was two years ago dude get over it

No. 827569

summer walker did it better LMAO

No. 827581

the weight speculation kinda made me sad because isnt she like a teen still? i feel bad that all the comments are speculation that she may or may not have an eating disorder. Imagine if she doesnt and she finally feels comfortable in a dress and takes cute poses and everyone is thinking she is the next eugenia. I feel bad for teens on the internet today celebrity or not.

No. 827710

he's absolutely one of the most revolting looking human beings ever
how he ever got and stayed famous is beyond me

No. 827731

I don't remember her shit-talking him either. On Thank You, Next all she says about him is that she's thankful for what they had. Unless there was some interview or other that I missed - but I won't shed any tears if she in fact did trash him.

No. 827758


>gay rumours

Shit anon - I JUST stumbled upon gay celeb gossip forums by accident for an actor I like that has had lots of girlfriends throughout his career. And god - it's really mean and misogynistic. Catty gay dudes keep saying they're all beards and insulting their looks and personality. Their evidence he's gay is because he once said he was 'sensitive' and the actor made a Disney musical reference once on Snapchat so he's somehow really deep in the closet? Because liking musicals is just a ☆~~~gayman~~~☆ thing and there's not seriously a ton of straight dudes who like musicals too?

The 'must be gay' celeb gossip forum stuff is wild and autistic. I would imagine normal celeb gossip is less spergy, hopefully, but I've never come across this stuff before. Most of it reads as wishful reaching and only proves men, even gay men are sex obsessed cumbrains. The amount of comments about what the actor's asshole and dick must look like was legit weird.

No. 827763

Please spoiler that image, it's offensive and obscene

No. 827784

He looks like he has shit in the corners of his mouth with that mustache. He looks like he's in his mid-late 30's already

No. 827894

So Doja put Grimes in her new music vid and you can see Elon’s bimbo aesthetic really coming in. When is her nose job scheduled?

No. 827896

File: 1623422575992.jpeg (85.45 KB, 1242x664, 94EC956A-1206-47EA-9046-EB6B0C…)

No. 827899

i bet she did that to piss off azealia after she made that weird ass video calling her fat and disgusting while juicy mv played in the background. nice play

No. 827902

i actually saw that comedy special and i dont think he was trashing her either. He was basically making fun of the situation. I think he was just upset that she kept saying he had a big dick because she just has tiny hands LMAO. So now women will forever be disappointed with his dick size or whatever he said. I dont get the pete hate hes cute to me. (dont beat me up)

No. 827912

File: 1623423812028.png (1.51 MB, 1910x801, grimes.png)

why does she look actually retarded, like she normally looks stupid but something about the way they did her eye makeup is making her look extra weird lmao. and I cant tell if she's supposed to be constantly looking into the camera or ???

the concept of the mv is cute though, reminds me of cyberpunk 2077 (which grimes was also retarded in)

No. 827913


Thot music video but with aliens and 2000s hair. Oh and more chord progression than your average MTS/other rap girls song. Groundbreaking

No. 827914

I'm gonna beat you up

No. 827920

>I dont get the pete hate hes cute to me.

No. 827925

This music video is great, but wow this song sucks. I usually like Doja's music, so hopefully the rest of the album will be better.

No. 827926

lmao the uber product placement. i have a feeling elon and grimes are trying to snatch doja cat into their threesome since azealia isn't available anymore

No. 827952

She looks so incredibly awkward, it's like she was a fan who won a contest to be in the video

No. 827956

Yep I can see it. Grimes is one of those who "allows" a third as long as the other girl isn't white

No. 827958

yes this exactly thank you for putting it into words. reminds me of this video

No. 827974

File: 1623431425665.png (179.97 KB, 573x570, 82376375634.png)

Billie eilish posted an ig with the caption
"I love girls" and now her fans all think that she came out. I actually won't be surprised if she comes out as bi since she's been getting some backlash for queerbaiting, pretty sure she has a boyfriend right now but here's hoping she and Jojo Siwa get together for a brief PR relationship!

No. 827975

File: 1623431478136.jpg (1.97 MB, 2500x1519, 181203-pete-davidson-al-1358-2…)


he's handsome anons!! he just looks horrible with blonde hair thats it!! there is nothing wrong with him facially!!. And i know for a fact some of you anons think fcuking ted bundy and he who shall not be named is hot so let me have this!!

No. 827976

I doubt Doja chose to put her in it. More likely her management team and the director of the video.

No. 827979

File: 1623431725048.jpg (5.03 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg-18.jpg)

Grimes' fat nose and pointy ears are giving me early 90s troll vibes.

No. 827984

Oh my god I can see it wtf

No. 827985

he's a bug eyed, potato nose having, weird lipped, chinnus maximus mf.

No. 827986

i almost spit out my water anon. But imma stick beside him ♥

No. 827987

I actually love this song lol, will go into one of my many music folders

No. 827994

I like the bridge and the rap afterwards. The vid is fun too

No. 827995

Has billie gotten called out for using ~poc~ as her own visual accessories? Or are all the woke fucks wishing they could be used as props too?

No. 828000

What a boring and one-dimensional song
>will go into my many music folders

No. 828003

After listening to the same boring shit Meg Thee Stallion put out, the song actually sounded decent.
it's ok.

No. 828006

Yeah Meg got boring really quick. Shame because I really liked her early shit

No. 828015

KEK I love this video
ASAP is so cute

It's the opposite for me, TS is similar to other Megan songs but they're all good so it works. I love it. Meanwhile I usually like what Doja releases but this one was meh.

No. 828024

Oh yikes Dr Luke produced this one too

No. 828029

The Doja song? I don't really know what to feel about this whole Doja Cat-Dr Luke thing, apparently she signed a contract before Kesha came out with her statement. At least she doesn't outright defend him like Troon Petras

No. 828035

no seriously he is fine as hell he has nice bone structure and pretty teeth. its a shame he is a raging colorist though telling dark skinned black women they shouldnt wear red lipstick becuase they wouldnt look good in it headass
same! doja's song new song isnt my favorite release from yet. But she hasnt missed since say so so i can't be mad. Meg's new song is gonna be fun to dance in the club too, i hope with her 2nd album she does more features with other female rappers instead of ugly ass dababy.

No. 828074

KEK. I am so not on her team anymore but this vid reminded me of why I can't help loving Grimes.

No. 828075

ASAP Rocky is legitimately one of the hottest guys I have ever seen, and I want to die when I look at him.

No. 828077

I’m with you nonnie, I think he’s cute in a way. Reminds me of the kind of guys I wanted to get stoned and fool around with in uni. Very “sleeps on a mattress on the floor in his parent’s basement and only talks about music” vibes.

No. 828086

THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING!! obviously he's not someone you'd marry but he is definitely someone you fuck and get high with. and thats what makes him cute

No. 828094

File: 1623439546005.jpg (494.22 KB, 2048x1504, E3k9VbPVoAEE4-V.jpg)

megan looks so damn good in pink wtf

No. 828099

Trannies are so easily clockable…

like you cannot make me think for one second that this 6 feet tall faggot is a biological woman LMFAO

No. 828106

Are you talking about the bald one? I don't think she's a troon

No. 828107

ngl i have no idea which one is transgender. but the main character black girl is beautiful as hell wtf

No. 828111

Anons use your fucking brain kek

No. 828114

ohh the tallest one. yeah that person doesnt look transgender to me. looks pretty good that i wouldnt have noticed if you didnt tell me. tall women exist too anon

No. 828118

Looking like an old frail man kek

No. 828119

I watched half the vid and didn't clock anyone. You can just tell us who it is

No. 828122

It's not about the height as much as it is about the bone structure, which is the first thing i noticed. Just screamed fag to me

No. 828125

zion moreno, you can tell tbh
this looks trash but ill be watching

No. 828126

I personally couldnt but it could be because i was mesmerized by that pretty ass black girl who is she?

No. 828128

They really expect me to believe that a girl with a shaved head is one of the most popular girls in highschool?

No. 828131

File: 1623440821084.jpg (534.37 KB, 1916x3100, Is-Zion-Moreno-New-Queen-Const…)

Oooh, I see now. Ty anon

No. 828134

Samefag, those shoes are ugly as shit.

No. 828135

File: 1623440868668.png (1004.21 KB, 640x797, whitney.png)

Whitney Peak? shes adorable, the bald girl is also a cutie imo

No. 828137

the styling is pretty weird

No. 828140

File: 1623440977712.jpg (79.88 KB, 800x1129, 3bc72ad10c1c286eb61bdd8dcc4899…)

looked him up and yupp, it's a man.

No. 828146

i know you guys dont like transgender people but this person is attractive to me i'd have to stare for a long time to clock them tbh. >>828135
yes her and the bald girl i couldnt stop looking at. everyone is attractive in this imo. except that white boy with the curly hair they couldve gotten hotter.

No. 828149

Did you find lolcow through shannon, by any chance? Just asking

No. 828152

He looks like a gangly dude, but you are allowed to have a shit taste in men, it's ok newfag.

No. 828153

eww absolutely not! dont ever try to play me like that lmao. i just think that ive seen worse ftm that is all.

No. 828154

they don't "don't like transgender ppl" they're transphobic anon

No. 828156

nta i saw him on the front page of lolcow and clicked within 2 seconds to see if everyone was talking about him being a man in the tranny snow thread so "have to stare for a long time to clock" is not true lmaoo

No. 828157

This person definitely did lol

No. 828158

God, this is so fucking awful

No. 828159

That's a yes then

No. 828165

yeah the chin is what convinced me.
jesus remind me to never call any trans girl okay looking on this hellsite otherwise the gender crit spergs will accuse you of being new. like shutup.

No. 828167

Lmao I thought somebody with a vendetta shooped emrata to be more manly

Well even though you're apparently half blind, if you put him next to a woman in a bikini even you would be able to tell

No. 828168

File: 1623441575458.jpg (237.25 KB, 1470x2209, Zion-Moreno_-Opening-Cocktail-…)

Once you look below the chin it becomes pretty obvious

No. 828169

are you retarded? all women have an adams apple, some even bigger than men, go study or sum

No. 828170

Gossip Girl powered by tumblr and gen z loves it because everybody is gay. Yawn, next.

No. 828171

That's a MTF though, what do FTM's have to do with this?

No. 828172

What? I'm not talking about the Adams apple. Everything below the chin includes his body too

No. 828174


my bad i always get confused by the lingo. i see it now okay anons jesus they were barely in any scenes sorry for not clocking within .002 seconds.

No. 828177

Lmaoooo TRAs found /ot/

No. 828179

i don't see it anon he just looks like an ugly girl that got ps like all zoomer celebs

No. 828180

File: 1623441755132.png (235.79 KB, 301x351, ll.PNG)

Am I the only one who thinks they look like one of the spourse brothers in the face?

No. 828182

you have to admit THOUGH its not the most heinous trans person they couldve casted a philosophy tube type LMAO.

No. 828185

Anon this is HBO. They haven't reached netflix type levels quite yet. Have some respect

No. 828187

I don't think u know what TRAs means

No. 828192

File: 1623442035953.jpg (132.47 KB, 493x684, evan-mock-skateboarder-model.j…)

LMAO stop im old i only stay on ot
anyway the bald dude is hot as hell.

No. 828193

I think they look fine, just weird. I've seen worse. For me it's that troon from that show with Zendaya who people always hype up to be so passing and attractive. All I see is a dude, not even an attractive dude.
I can at least see why people would think this guy is okay.

No. 828194

Can we get back to posting celebrities again?

Anyways, Grimes now has a discord. this is a recipe for disaster make your predictions now

No. 828196

>or sum
what in the twitterfaggotry


KEK are you aware of what TRA means? the people you are talking about found /ot/ like… 6 years ago

No. 828197

Fuck I can't stand these internet faggots making everyone gay and I'M gay. It isn't about grasping for representation, I'm convinced it's a fetish these people have to out straight-appearing celebrities. See also the weirdos who are obsessed with proving that Taylor Swift is gay

No. 828198

does she actually mod in the discord? is she an active member?

No. 828199

So obvious
Bet she will say or show something questionable to minors and shit will blow up

No. 828200

speaking of whatever happened to that disturbing movie where one of them wore a dress and was going to fuck an old man or something? i never heard anything about it after that little clip

No. 828201

my thoughts exactly i honestly think people over the age of 18 should NOT use discord its filled with too many minors now. its a recipe for disaster.

No. 828202

if u watch this and focus on grimes she looks so out of her element its really uncomfortable

No. 828208

File: 1623442484109.png (46.62 KB, 1414x196, Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 4.13…)

from what i've gathered by sifting through the first messages, there weren't mods at the start, which was at 1:51pm today. then there were 5 by like 3

100% something to do with minors

No. 828212


roles are: Infinite Assassins, WarNymph, and Etherialists

No. 828216

speaking of minors, i remember when she was cancelled on a small scale on twitter for having an interest in loli hentai. she had just collabed with loona yyxy and either loona or grimes had hinted towards another collab so the kpop stans were trying to stop it from happening because they genuinely believed she was a danger to the members

No. 828220

oh my god i remember that. she said she has a fake account to look at that stuff too, to make it all better

No. 828224

Elon is going to be heard saying something deplorable in the background of a Discord call. I will place any amount of money on his aspergers ass dropping the gamer word without thinking

No. 828225


Can lolcow just let me a-log for a second i promise i won't do it again

No. 828228

File: 1623443299756.jpeg (920 KB, 1242x1249, 9BC06C95-C876-4558-8BFB-A3CC3D…)

Impending divorce?

No. 828229

File: 1623443329170.jpeg (346.43 KB, 600x715, B8270A6D-A470-4ECE-B245-7CCD50…)

She is looking rough af recently

No. 828231

Noonie, are you literally blind..? Also this man makes the same face expressions on every picture, along with having really tiny roles, where he would make the same "sad" expression all over again, because he assumes that makes him look more feminine.

Also please don't forget that all of the photos with him are photoshopped, I don't know if you know that photo editing exists.

No. 828239

Who is this? They look botched

No. 828243

no but literally. let me sperg once
lol chrissy teigan

No. 828246

I remember when they were so lovey dovey

No. 828250

That's what I thought kek

No. 828254

File: 1623444629482.png (378.75 KB, 599x583, mhmm.PNG)

This is a reach, but I find it funny she talks about "reclaiming" the word "hoe" but uses "Hoes" multiple time in the song to address her haters.
"you hoes said this, you hoes are rats, you hoes were happy for me now you hoes hate me, hoes taking shots,You hoes won't say it to my face" etc.
It's not the drag men think it is, but you are using the word negatively to describe people you don't like.

No. 828262

THANK YOU for putting this into words. Idk why but it fucking irks me. Her face is beautiful but there’s no way she should be playing Blair if she’s going to have a shaved head.

No. 828268

This dumb shit..every time. Songs full of lyrics shitting on other women, talking about how you're the hottest and those bitches are just jealous of you for stealing all their men..and then they pretend to be all about other women and repecting them. And idiots fall for it

No. 828272

Right, you can tell she just tacked that last part on. The "I'm really just talking shit" is the true "Inspiration" behind the song.
I bet she'll be on a song with a man screaming about hoes and bitches in a few months anyway.

No. 828275

What ever happened to Frank Ocean? He ok?

No. 828279

hes called that because he composes while on long voyages. Bach did the same thing, and i can see how the solitude and isolation allows concentration and honesty. Frankness. He'll sail into port when hes ready…

No. 828281

He dropped a mini album with 2 songs last year, but a couple months later his younger brother died (I believe it was a car crash?).

No. 828299

I'm looking at his album credits, does he write as Chris Breaux and produce/compose as "Frank Ocean"? For what reason?

No. 828310

Yeah it was a car crash he was only 18. I think both him and his friend passed. I feel so bad for frank I can’t imagine losing your younger sibling and so tragically too

No. 828312

It's going to be hacked and/or raided soon. I remember Soulja Boy had a discord and it was hacked, they kicked him out of his own admin role. Now imagine what they will do to someone on Grimes' level. They'll shut it down quickly.

No. 828314

File: 1623448258224.jpeg (31.79 KB, 462x462, 931809AB-EB98-4A9A-B303-0693F2…)

His brother so sad

No. 828315

right lol. i was hesitant to post it here bc tippers

No. 828318

Who tf styled him because this is heinous

No. 828336

His fly-faced looking wife.

No. 828380

Wait, she’s supposed to be Blair?! Lmao this whole thing is the complete opposite of what Gossip Girl was all about. It’s about rich white kids being awful to each other, and that’s it. Not everything has to be woke and inclusive ffs

No. 828408

File: 1623454377349.jpeg (127.4 KB, 634x889, E32FC9F6-6ECC-4346-80D7-6EFE49…)

billie was with her grown ass boyfriend at disneyland yesterday. a 29 year old barely employed man following around a 19 year old girl. i’m glad she’s past the ugly neon phase but she kinda looks pregnant here

No. 828410

Pretty sure she's just fat, nona.

No. 828415

Thinking about how most of her fans who are sheep are going to think this is acceptable and want an older boyfriend themselves. Another LDR situation basically.

No. 828421

Yeah it’s going to be awful. I doubt the younger generation that they’re pandering to will even watch it.

No. 828427

doja is so trashy

No. 828431

not true at all most fans absolutely hate him and spam his ig comments with hate and death threats bc he’s ~problematic~ lol

No. 828438

what an unattractive couple. Their shite outfits paired with her clutching on to her food is tragic

No. 828483

Lmao what is this shit. This is just like the failed Heathers reboot when they tried to make us believe that a bunch of genderspecials would be the most popular kids in school. The appeal of Gossip Girl was watching a bunch of terrible rich kids do terrible things to each other. How are they gonna make these characters terrible human beings without being cancelled?

No. 828485

People need to shame these age gaps more especially when the younger one is in her early 20s/late teens. I hate how this is brushed under a carpet because they're technically an ""adult""

No. 828493

in what realm is this the upper east side of nyc?

No. 828515

I always found Chrissy boring as a cow. And I still do. But instead of feeling mostly indifferent to gossip about her, I'm starting to think that she is so pathetic and annoying. She's irrelevant as a celebrity, so she doesn't have any interesting things happening in her life that would at least give some variation to the constant headlines about her being stupid on social media. So at this point she is known for being John Legend's wife and an idiot online. She should just have kept her mouth shut, stayed off social media and been just John Legend's wife, and she could have lived a comfortable life being rich. But now she has to live with the fact that she is an embarrassment and that so many people hate her

No. 828603

wait what did he do? usually fans shill their idol's significant others and talk about how cute they are together

No. 828610

Just watched the Doja Cat video and it actually kinda slaps. Grimes looks cute yet awkward around the other performers and models though

No. 828705

File: 1623504123210.jpeg (247.42 KB, 828x792, A0F3D568-DE2B-4E8B-87C9-0E371F…)

he has some old facebook posts from 10 and 5 years ago. also his ex has been talking about how he cheated on her for billie and was seeing them at the same time basically. she’s been making subtle posts about how billie should “be careful” and to “protect her money”. & he’s also 29 years old.

No. 828707

One of those is a Bo Burnham lyric tbf. What a creep though, no 19 year old should be fucking around with a 28 year old.

No. 828708

File: 1623504745310.jpeg (35.15 KB, 834x342, 527585E1-927F-4B76-AC6B-792486…)

nvm his girlfriend also said this but she keeps shading them and talking to 13 year old fangirls

No. 828719

File: 1623507056779.jpg (230.2 KB, 1242x1300, E1xJd5RUYAE6_Ee.jpg)

here's the most recent on chrissy, i know i'll be keeping up with her antics. she cyberbulied 16 year old courtney stodden (groomed into marriage by a 51 year old if you didn't know, and publicly hated by america) on twitter in 2011. chrissy was 26

No. 828722

They are indistinguishable from midwestern white trash. It looks like they're carrying Subway bags and are walking out of a Walmart, not Disneyland

No. 828727

File: 1623509113300.jpg (324.06 KB, 1080x1721, IMG_20210612_154526.jpg)

And the media has forgotten bisexuality exists

No. 828730


Apparently it’s all non binary and demo sexual enbies

No. 828733

File: 1623509548783.jpeg (641.91 KB, 1138x1206, 1D09BB37-FE90-43F6-AAE0-59D47E…)

Damn I was a fan of billie’s when we all fall asleep where do we go. All the songs were listenable and I really liked the whole creepy aesthetic she had: the black tears, the spiders, the creepy demon creature she turned into. This whole new aesthetic just seems so try hard I mean the edgy persona could be debated as try hard as well but i felt like that fit her better. She looks likes a middle aged mental patient in this video. I don’t get it. No one who’s her fan can relate to this new aesthetic but of course they worship Billie so they will defend her. Just comes off as disingenuous and I don’t like how she panders to coomers. And what’s up with the I love girls uwu shtick like I don’t get it, she could be bi I don’t invalidate that, she just is always with old men and it’s annoying.

No. 828735

She's selling sex appeal when she's got that strong back big legged working gal body.

No. 828736

LDR is a grown woman and didn’t make her career off of being uwu different and covering her body because of slut shaming than taking off her clothes as soon as she was “legal”. Lana doesn’t pander to coomers, just depressed teenagers and gays

No. 828737

She should just wear the baggy clothes if she isn’t going to maintain a diet and exercise. It goes with her look.

No. 828743

And honestly her body fat distribution is not that bad so if she lost weight she's probably have visible muscles with big boobs.

No. 828744

As long as those retards can hate someone, they will bend everything just to make that person seem bad.
Also, it’s kind of funny how it’s impossible nowadays for the people to make a difference between reality and fiction, she could perform a whole ass lesbian erotica in an album, but that doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian, she just did some acting while singing and got her money so she can go out in dates with her ugly boyfriend.
People are retarded.

No. 828747

A minimizer bra would do her wonders

No. 828750

not her fault she has giant mommy milkers

No. 828756

She literally has zero muscle tone that’s why this is happening lmao, look at her legs. She needs a fitness routine or a stylist, preferably both.

No. 828773

All the money amd resources and she looks like this.

No. 828779

oh shit. coming out as NB to escape criticism in 3…. 2…. 1….

No. 828781

I definitely feel like she's the next one to do this.

No. 828790

File: 1623515453558.jpg (70.62 KB, 738x577, ufo.JPG)

Wondered what Demi is doing these days. Sounds like her career is really going places after coming out as nb.


>In “Unidentified with Demi Lovato,” the music superstar and actress, her skeptical best friend Matthew, and her sister Dallas attempt to help uncover the truth about the UFO phenomena. While consulting with leading experts, the trio will investigate recent eyewitness encounters, uncover secret government reports, and conduct tests at known UFO hot spots.

No. 828826

>Sounds like her career is really going places after coming out as nb.

I hope this is sarcasm. She's getting gigs that internet personalities and podcasters do.

No. 828840

forgot the jk at the end bc yes it is. I feel like she thought she would score some big music and movie gigs after that but nope, looking for ufo's lmao

No. 828846

Sounds like a scrote, gross

No. 828851

Literally nobody asked for this.

No. 828853

lmao when I thought she wouldn't be involved in any more stupid headlines…

No. 828935

Yes, but I meant there were a lot of underage fans back in her prime who fell for the whole "daddy bf" thing, I wouldn't be surprised if some retards this generation repeat the cycle again with just a new singer.

No. 828942

File: 1623532869722.jpg (74.78 KB, 934x625, 20210613_001726.jpg)

Maybe Azalea had a point when she said "you need bone marrow sis" Even in the photos she looks so stiff like just pose somewhat damn.

No. 828954

i used to think if grimes had lip fillers she would look less troll-like now, I realized it's her bulbous nose that's taking up all the space kek

No. 828960

File: 1623535218706.jpeg (77.8 KB, 500x500, 29782200-291D-4601-A424-816A32…)

Yeah but it would give them a smoother appearance

No. 828967

kek i used to be in a groupchat with the green girl, wtf

No. 828968

meg is so gorgeous, even in her most natural state. and her freestyle skills are honestly incredible. sage for mini worship post

No. 828970

Imo even the baggy clothes didn't flatter her body type anymore, it made her look short and stocky, in same cases even accentuated her chicken legs. If you're trying to market your sex appeal and this is the fat distribution you're working with, why wouldn't you try to get in shape

No. 828972

this could have been you nonita, lapdancing with doja cat

No. 828974

dodged a bullet, she was absolutely nice though! good for her i guess

No. 828990

File: 1623539779629.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 27.22 KB, 474x832, CF09DBB8-EBF7-4651-859B-F9CBC5…)

lmfao grimes looking like picrel

No. 828992

This whole thing makes me appreciate how much talent it takes to really sell 'hot girls having a great time' in a video. The contrast between grimes and everyone else is like a cold shower

No. 829003

>attempt to help uncover the truth about the UFO phenomena
Imagine if they actually solved the mystery of extra terrestrial life though

No. 829004

File: 1623542933386.jpg (210.98 KB, 1080x1052, IMG_20210613_010601.jpg)

She's so brave!

No. 829011

File: 1623543410517.jpg (90.5 KB, 768x576, presentation2-130419150950-php…)

The before photo it's just horribly photoshopped, her philtrum-upper lip area is airbrushed,in the full pic you can see her usual lips reflected in the mirror.

No. 829020

I hope her forehead can somehow recover.

No. 829026

i think billie's old aesthetics fit her better too but i don't understand why some of you think it's a bad choice because it doesn't appeal to her fans. her music is super mainstream, yes? her fans were probably already listening to both her and taylor swift or smth, i doubt anyone will refuse to listen to her now just because she changed her clothes

No. 829046

tom felton's little sister

No. 829048

It’s because she’s leaning forward to make her legs look skinnier because she’s insecure she’s less emaciated now

No. 829049

Every time Jojo Siwa pops up in the news again, I remember all the times she was getting dragged for her hairline and adamantly saying it wasn't because of her ponytails. Like we don't all know what tension alopecia is. Lmao. I wish her luck with her future Rogaine sponsorships.

No. 829050

Every girl that looked like her in my highschool came out as a lesbian. There's something about them sporty girls.

No. 829067

Yeah she looks like a total softball lesbian. She just needs to post some selfies wearing a backwards cap.
I'm happy for her though.

No. 829085

She’s 19 and has wine mom body because she eats nothing but junk food. I know that’s a superficial drag but you have to really be trying to have that unhealthy of a body. She can be overweight I don’t think people care, her body just looks so so neglected and legitimately deficient in vitamins. She has a bigger bust but no hips or waist to give her a shape, so a single mom giant T-shirt gets slapped on some ratty jeans, and the bleached mom shag isn’t helping fucking anything.

No. 829110

With all the celebrities "coming out" it's nice to see one that seems genuine. She had nothing to gain from it given her fanbase. And the world needs more lesbian celebrities as most of the major ones have trooned/enbyed out

No. 829132

I’m in a mom group on Facebook, and someone posted a candid shot of JoJo out in the wild. And she was wearing just casual tshirt and pants and then this super obnoxious bow in her hair. And other moms posted their candid photos of JoJo…same shit. Just a big, ugly rainbow bow like something a 7 year old would wear. I felt bad for her. She must be contractually obligated to wear those god awful things.

No. 829134

Fucking kek I just choked on my drink

No. 829135

Why does he sound like that one guy we all went to school with who never left his hometown

No. 829137

Sage for super OT but I wanna say that there's no correlation between being into sports and being a lesbian
Idk as someone who often got "accused" of being a closet lesbian just cause I was gnc and gave "vibes" I feel like these stereotypes are fairly harmful.
Also anecdotal evidence but most of the "sporty girls" In my MMA group were also overwhelmingly straight, I mean there were like 2 lesbians as well(deraiiling)

No. 829146

File: 1623557707252.jpg (89.33 KB, 1009x530, before&after.jpg)

it's not natural for your top lip to touch your nose when you smile

No. 829186

One thing I hate about HW is that all the women get PS no matter how naturally beautiful they are. Its retarded and creepy

No. 829303

File: 1623593260935.jpg (43.04 KB, 500x500, a0daf0e27a4bc79d1b9f91bc8b768a…)

like zendaya who is definitely straight

No. 829314

File: 1623595062886.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1678, 9371A1E3-C98B-4C6C-BB8B-579757…)

Emrata strikes again

No. 829320

this is so depressing. Does she need IG coomer bucks to pay for an addiction or something like damn!

No. 829335

File: 1623597010579.png (284.31 KB, 731x702, baby bar.png)

No. 829341

Knowing that there are countless scrotes who have jacked off to a photo with her baby in it disgusts me. How could you do that to your child? Her degeneracy knows no bounds

No. 829342

This is old shit, anon

No. 829343

No it's not. She only just revealed that she failed for a second time.

No. 829346

I apologise for being a cunt, anons

No. 829353

Half the girls in my school dresses like this, like this is reaching

No. 829356

Shit, where are you from anon? Need to move there

No. 829358

Just take a photo of your tits and go. Leave your poor baby out of your need to sexualize yourself. This shit makes me rage.

No. 829362

Anon I was op and am a sporty girl and still straight. People have thought I'm gay too I just think it's funny there's a type.

No. 829364

zendaya doesn't seem like the type to be in the closet either if she was actually gay

No. 829513

File: 1623614849650.jpeg (752.46 KB, 1242x2015, 444D1DB1-B910-44DF-9F2A-2B1271…)

courtney posted (and then deleted) this. my guess is that grohl has a lawyer on speed dial. i have no problem with believing reznor slept with underage groupies, but courtney clearly is saying this due to her personal grudge and not for any type of justice.

No. 829517

sorry for double posting but frances has the publishing rights to nirvana’s music, the only money kris and dave make is from merch and concerts lol. allegedly court tried to kill france’s former husband over a guitar but she of course failed

No. 829518

File: 1623615128413.jpeg (237.29 KB, 750x1246, 7142B79E-6306-40D3-80B9-2634E1…)

billie eilish’s instagram comments are a mess. she’s getting accused of “queerbaiting” because of her recent mv & because she said “i love girls”. her fans also seem to be mad about her new, older bf because they think he’s racist & homophobic and too old for her

No. 829519

File: 1623615160377.jpeg (243.01 KB, 750x1270, 31DDFBCC-5150-4F51-A70C-AB6994…)

No. 829528

Well the queer baiting accusation is dumb but it’s better than blind worshipper fans

No. 829532

I bet you 99% of these girls are straight as well, it feels like somewhere around the 2010's being a "saphic wlw" became a trend and now every 16 year old girl on twitter is some type of kweer shit these days

No. 829552

File: 1623619591056.jpeg (738.09 KB, 828x1159, 60744B21-F775-46AF-AF92-D7DB73…)

No. 829575

Why are her fans so fucking corny. I cant recall stans acting like this when I was in hs which honestly wasnt even that long ago

No. 829584

>I can verify that I was very confused
No shit. Even the cut footage couldn't hide the fact that Grimes is stiff as a board and can't dance. Even though this is a relatively innocuous statement on its own, I get the impression that she has the IQ of a piece of toasted bread whenever she talks. Like not just autistic as some people suggest, but a proper fucking dolt. It's like her and Muskrat are so legitimately stupid that it triggers my fight or flight response.

No. 829602

She's said stuff like that before about Grohl and Novoselic, and worse. She seems to be having flashbacks to when she sued them over the band's post-Kurt finances.

I kind of get how the years of people accusing her of killing Kurt have worn her down but I'm not sure that Grohl and Novoselic have really done anything wrong over it.

The Reznor stuff has legs but I'd like to know if any of Hole tried to intervene at the time. Shame she tacked it on to coke ramblings.

No. 829622

There’s also a conspiracy theory that Kurt’s body had to be cremated because they took a blackmail video mutilating his body in really horrific ways, and Courtney admitted to this sort of happening on old Hole forums that were verified to be her when she had a sleeping pill problem. There’s stuff on youtube, it’s pretty gruesome and sounds like bullshit until there’s all these details that she provided. The private investigator she hired while filing false missing persons reports also worked to make a documentary called Soaked in Bleach that makes things pretty clear, and he was there throughout all of it. It really just sucks how many hundreds or thousands of actually suicidal kids from then until the foreseeable future have been and are still influenced to kill themselves because she didn’t want to be divorced. She’s not some “feminist icon” just because she’s called out like three people when like someone else mentioned, what the fuck did she do to stop any of it while it was going on? She was around child rapists, but killed her husband and set off a wave of teenage copycat suicides because she didn’t have enough self esteem to just be divorced, which only deepens a stigma that shouldn’t exist with marriage. With the platform she retained after the murder, what did she give back to kids with real mental illness or girls/women in music? Sorry for the rant I want to like her so badly because of her drive to escape fucked up childhood circumstances and a male dominated industry, but this isn’t it.

No. 829623

lol what about Courtney's and Grohl's grand reunion on R'n'R Hall of fame a few years back?
I understand her being done with people blaming her for Kurt's death but the rest of that post is just plain bs. ridiculous she of all people accuses Dave of "gorgin on Kurt's money"… Dave and Krist were fighting in court for years to be allowed to release Nirvana's final song + home demos cause Courtney didn't want to let it go (Worth noting it eventually happened on her terms). All money goes to Frances these days.
Kinda weird reading her ramblings on underage girls on NIN backstage when you remember that story where an underage girl claimed she was raped backstage at Korn show and Courtney blamed it all on her & told she just wanted fame/attention or something. Doubt she minded young girls at NIN shows, all she cared about was boasting about fucking Reznor and being forever spiteful he left her. That's grand she shits on Trent but protects Marilyn Hamson.

No. 829624

File: 1623629854759.png (735.59 KB, 926x578, billiepants.png)

Kinda agree but i think it's also because Billie Eilish's fans are done with her shit in general. It just accumulates. First people got pissed cause she shills 300$ for tour tickets AND 200$ for horrible, plain beige hoodies with boring font and just as plain and ugly pants (no way this shit's worth whole 200$ just cause "billie eilish" brand.) that's a lot compared to old stuff, the parents wallets will suffer lol. As for queerbaiting, people are more inclined to believe she's bullshiting because of that tacky new video, this released during pride month etc. I mean it's obvious she uses the whole lesbian thing just to look "sexy" in the video. It definitely has those coomer-targeted "lesbian mc mansion porn" vibes. Aside from her grinding with the chicks on the bed, there's a few seconds where Billie's standing close to the blonde fringe haired girl and shyly looking from her lips to her eyes and back to lips again which imo feels so fucking forced, as if they tried to make a point. i think it's just there to make headlines but this resulted in outrage not praise. If she's bisexual for real, then she could literally eliminate the outrage by just logging in and posting "yes, i'm bi" or clear this up saying "in that post i mean i love girls as friends/soulmates only" or something like that and stans would shut up.
She's side eye her now cause she claims to be such an ally and sjw all for black ppl and lgbt, but she dates that grimey old guy with racist, sexist and homophobic opinions. (btw it's hilarious how she sings "you have no job" but dates literal nobody actor).
Ah, and the newest reason why they're mad at her now is because she liked someone's post on insta saying "her fans are so embarassing".
I don't care very much for this but i have to say i kinda dislike her just for her smugness. plus i don't remember where but i read once the reason she gets those Grammys all the time is because she and her brother are a part of some Grammy program financing young artists or something (?) and because they pump money into this thing, they are paid back in Grammies.

No. 829628

billie’s ex was also an older guy…does her family not care or? he was black too so her new boyfriend being racist is random

No. 829631

Not the Kurt and Courtney spergs again, christ. This thread is for current celebrity gossip, not stale conspiracies from 30 years ago involving a dead person who's been dead so long he's not even dust anymore. At least utilize the rock cows thread.

No. 829632

i also don’t understand why she doesn’t just fucking log in and clear shit up. its not that hard to type some instagram apologies…..she’s literally damaging her own reputation by sitting down like a fucking idiot i don’t get it. it’s like she’s self sabotaging

No. 829634

I guess she must be immature/naive and believes his shit. her parents couldn't care less as long as she brings money. her whole life this entire family was preparing her to become a star.

i guess they're fine with teens dating older guys. Billie and Finneas have an unreleased song about daddy kink. it's called "Daddy" (surprising isn't it), her brother posted a snippet on IG in 2017 which means Billie was 15/16 at the time. that's when she dated her previous older guy.

No. 829642

i was skeptical but damn. her creepy brother posted a snippet of this shit right after she turned 16.

No. 829643

File: 1623631656070.jpeg (274.94 KB, 531x1050, 50FCBF31-7CF8-4057-A669-D66234…)

forgot the image
"you got me on all fours" ew ew ew ew

No. 829648

It would actually be interesting to see her career tank, not because of Billie as a person but because her brand rests on this not like the other pop stars marketing scheme of fake authenticity. Always felt like the buzz around her was just over-inflated manufactured hype. It would be kinda milky if people stopped buying it and her record label suffered the L.

No. 829649

she is actually fully within her right to just write “ i love girls” and not explain her sexuality to people ironically telling a 19 year old girl what she is and isn’t allowed to even allude to regarding sexuality. if it’s a benign statement, she doesn’t owe anyone a press conference just because she wrote a very basic sentence. if she liked an instagram photo, she could’ve just liked the person posting it or was doing it to spite people that watch her every stupid move, like liking an ig post. it’s been super clear her and every other female star’s career isn’t at all in their hands, but her fans have the freedom and knowledge to not be invasive assholes to a teenager who is contractually bound to not make her own decisions. the system that creates these plants is never going to go away, but attacking the individual star they’re using doesn’t help anything and is all they want.

and all they’re doing is giving engagement and outrage to whoever knew writing “i love girls” would blow her shit up. how many people watched that garbage because of that, and are now legit attacking a teenager into maybe outing herself (or being forced to pretend to be bi for more publicity based on prolonging this reaction) instead of clowning on her team and the grown men controlling it?

No. 829670

"I love girls" is a very neutral statement. In the context of the video it's typical straight girl "I love my girlssss sm" pretending to be flirty for the male gaze. These dumb fucks played themselves and I think they were looking for any reason to start hating Billie.

No. 829676

It's her overall image people are calling out is fabricated and manufactured af and she looks clapped.

No. 829685

it's literally just an attempt to get media buzz for her upcoming album, u don't need to think about it this hard

No. 829688

that’s. my entire point. of course it is fabricated, people have the most insane expectations of someone who has never seen a melon cake in their life precisely to capitalize on both body shamers, body positive people, and their role switching as long as they react. she’s still a teenager being used as a prop, and that sexuality is still a bargaining chip even if it’s “woke” white girls who are trying to hold her at gunpoint via social media to disclose her sexuality or perform it. it doesn’t matter what the social performance is, her team is just playing on what’s demanded of her socially and it’s stupid as fuck when women get manipulated into hating a plant who will never have the perspective to understand what is going on, or the freedom to actually be released from that cycle.

she’s also fucking 19, has a right to explore her sexuality, and shouldn’t be suffering women projecting sexuality onto her basic captions. the music video was dumb but actually so much tamer than things in the 2000s and what the actual porn industry is targeting young women for, but even other women instinctively know socially taking down a grammy winning rich white person that happens to be a teenage girl is easier than holding a single man who actually has power accountable.

No. 829690

>are u fruity or what
Lmao, this one was funny.

No. 829692

>There’s also a conspiracy theory that Kurt’s body had to be cremated because they took a blackmail video mutilating his body in really horrific ways, and Courtney admitted to this sort of happening on old Hole forums that were verified to be her when she had a sleeping pill problem. There’s stuff on youtube, it’s pretty gruesome and sounds like bullshit until there’s all these details that she provided.
Details on this? What forums did she post on? You can post in the rock star celebricows thread >>436372 if it's OT for here.

No. 829724

I don't think it's that deep. The mv played a dual purpose of appealing to men and possibly alluding to being a uwu marketable queer icon. Both of those things are good for business, that's all there is to it. I highly doubt she even writes all her own instagram captions, especially for promotional images. I agree that people shouldn't be raking her over the coals and trying to get her to definitively come out, but I think there's room for critique.

No. 829736

That was Clove attention whoring as usual. More info with sources here:
>inb4 gtfo with that blog
sorry but that's the only source on Courtney's bullshit lmfao

No. 829746

Unfortunately it’s not that and has to do with the funeral home. I’ll post it in the musician thread linked a couple posts above rn though

No. 829754

industry men are shit but billie is a part of this garbage, she directed the video and was seemingly very satisfied with the idea/outcome.
she's not exactly some caged up defenseless teenager that's been cornered and captured in the streets one day and then forced to be a millionaire singer. her family chose a very specific way of career for her, seemingly wanting big and immediate results only, without building her fanbase slowly first. if she wasn't ok with big industry conditions and couldn't stand the nfluence, pressure or direction, she would have chosen a lower tier career & independent/smaller labels. if she doesn't like what she has, she can switch labels, management, even delete socials to ignore fans. she may not be able to choose her music style, look & promotion steps etc. but it's not like she's entirely powerless. even if she wanted to quit label early, she has enough money to settle this in court & enough fans to be successful nonetheless. she could be more in control if she quit interscope but maybe she's fine with how the things are. i have an impression she's not their fallen victim, she was into twerking and sexual behaviours/looks way before so i think she's actually quite fine with the label's ideas? if she had more freedom, maybe she would've chosen exactly the same current path, or even entirely skipped tomboy phase?

the "embarassing fans" outrage is more understandable. she can think her fans are stupid as much as she wants, but she could've kept it to herself. her embarassing fanbase is the one who fund all her expensive clothes, vacations, studio equipment, her supply of potato Lays, you name it. it's just ungrateful.

As for i love girls, i agree she's not obliged to reveal if she's straigh, bi or whatever. i don't think she's suffering because of instagram comments though, she can always ignore them & that's exactly what she's doing now. her new video clashes so much because of that old anti-sexual look described as "real" while Billie was praised worldwide as absolutely "honest" and "rebellious" artist & showered in compliments even by rockstars as the girl who "revives rock'n'roll". now the facade is broken & people are shocked it was fake all along, so they say that this new era is fake as a way of cope. they don't want to accept that all illusion from the start, not just now. the anti-pop "rebel" label eventually didn't work in her favour. maybe she should've introduced the change slowly (2-3 years) like Avril Lavigne.

No. 829775

i just think its shitty that her song is ripping on the person for not having a job when the US unemployment is what it is right now

No. 829781

>>829513 Man, I want to like this bitch but she is fucking crazy re: NIN and always has been. Trent had the balls to cut Manson off 20+ years ago, at the height of his fame, instead of pulling a Seth Rogen and standing idly by for decades watching Manson abuse women, only to distance himself when accusations finally come out about his buddy. No, he saw the writing on the wall like 20 years ago. He also distanced himself from psycho-ex C-Love.

Since then, Reznor has been happily married for years, has five kids, a booming music career (including a band he started with his beautiful wife, who is in her 40's), just won his second Oscar for composing the score for a Pixar movie, Soul, and is just generally living his best life. He's come out in support of ERW re: Manson and mentioned that the final straw for him personally was Manson's autobiography, in which he bragged that he and Reznor had pissed on and sexually assaulted an unconscious, underage girl. Even Reznor's mention of the incident focuses on "how fucked up do you have to be to make up that story and BRAG about it?" instead of "I dindu nuffin!!!"

Not saying my fave ain't problematic, and sorry for sperging, but I feel like part of the reason Trent Reznor hasn't been "me too'd" is because, y'know, he's busy focusing on family and his music instead of desperately trying to find progressively-younger, knock-off versions of Dita Von Teese's to abuse. Manson's groupies have their own thread lol.

No. 829794

ok we get you love trent reznor, i like NIN too, but you’re on lolcow you don’t have to go this hard for a male

No. 829802

this is so fucking disgusting and gross
and damn. She never was the tomboy I thought she was, she always was very sexual and this makes me so fucking uncomfortable. She lied. She's fucked up.

No. 829803

Grimes doesn't even look like an alien here, she just looks like she's in her normal attire. Boring, predictable.

No. 829808

hahahahahaha omg i love u

No. 829818

ah, if courtney love was defending manson at the peak of when shit was really going down recently and now she’s saying trent was with underaged groupies, she’s probably just falsely corroborating manson’s bullshit. why even bring him or any of this up? her and manson’s relationship is weird, wonder why they never got together and stopped killing and raping other people idk.

No. 829821

I kinda of feel sorry for Grimes. I liked her music, and she seemed like a creative, interesting girl (don't know about her intelligence).
But since she got together with musky it's like she lost her spark. She seems so dull and forced, even her music sounds more processed(?), more like a product than something artistic. She wasn't a beauty, but she was cute with an interesting face, and now she is just botched with fillers. Tragic.

No. 829823

She looks gorgeous though, she just can’t do makeup. I hate that she gets people hating on her because of Elon’s actions, like someone has to blame a woman even though he’s MRA and abused all his wives.

No. 829835

Trent Resner is a degenerate coomer, or thats what's been said lately? I thought it was in the last thread but it might've been on the redscarepod subreddit. (Don't listen just read occasionally). Apparently he fucks 20 year olds all the time and might get metoo'd soon. If anyone can find it post please cause I'm looking and can't find it. Or its possible I'm thinking of Dave Grohl.

Anyways Courtney is kind of fascinating because shes so fucked up and yet always seems to control the narrative or come out on top somehow. and like just this milk, that she's such a attention whore making up stories that they carved fag in to his leg and cut out his heart and made his corpse dance, about the man you supposedly loved? such bad vibes so fucked up. I wouldn't mind a thread on her for like research purposes if any other autistically inclined persons wanted to make one.

No. 829845

i too would love a thread on her or specifically women in music like her and stevie nicks, their lives are far more interesting. the musicians thread is just which male midlife crisis is going to get the longest jail sentence. courtney is legitimately fascinating, i don’t think anyone could begin an OP, just going to her wikipedia and reading what she did before even legally being an adult is unbelievable. she was given acid as a kid by her deadhead dad, (mis)diagnosed with schizophrenia at nine from a therapist who sexually abused her, ended up in new zealand getting repeatedly expelled, was a stripper in thailand, learned social skills from drag queens at a gay club she djed at, was taken in by the drummer for echo & the bunnymen in england sometime after that all before turning 20. and i am missing so, so many things.

No. 829846

I'm sure there was a thread here about her once, I remember an anon linked to a popular exposed type Tumblr, but she's hard to actually discuss because there's so much vague misinformation about both her and Cobain. Crazy obsessed stans and antis have been putting out their fanfics for years and Love contradicts herself at every turn because junkie logic

No. 829852

I'm sorry but grimes is ugly as fuck

No. 829854

I think you have a short memory. Stans have been like this for decades. It’s just more visible now because of social media.

No. 829857

It seems to be kind of divisive. I definitely see a lot of people find her pretty but an equal amount of people seem to think she’s hideous.

No. 829863

File: 1623661390795.jpeg (143.02 KB, 885x1559, E3yIN3wUUAEekAX.jpeg)


No. 829864

It’s just a copy pasta

No. 829865

Imo she used to be really cute and would have aged about as well as an anachan could hope to if she hadn't fucked around with her face.

No. 829866

I really don’t think whatever she’s done to her face is that extreme or even looks bad. I think she looks her age or younger if anything tbh.

No. 829874

She already looked young with her original face, and her features were more balanced. Thinner lips suited her just fine but blown up they just overwhelm her face.

No. 829879

most of it is bullshit she (and sometimes her family) came up with for PR. She was THE Nancy Spungen skinwalker (to the point of playing one in the Sid & Nancy movie lol), of course she supposedly was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Courtney also claimed to be a poorfag as a child while she was anything but according to her mother's memoir. Hate to say it as I used to be a brainwashed fan who believed her "unfairly victimized feminist queen uwu" narrative, but after I found out about so many lies I side-eye most of what she says.

No. 829953

the black girl to the right of her is stunning holy shit.

No. 829956

That's Ryan Destiny

No. 829961

thank you anon i was gonna say is that her but i didnt want to be wrong. Ryan is stunning as hell. she needs to blow up because she is talented too.

No. 829974

Who's the celebrity that criticized Billie for hanging out with older guys/rappers? Lana Del Rey?

No. 830011

File: 1623680081900.jpeg (501.56 KB, 1368x828, 2A84981C-4630-4585-BB23-657BF3…)

timothy heller

No. 830014

I'm both people. Sometimes I find her kind of ugly, others I think she's cute. I really don't know. She's polarizing like that.

Underboob area looks quite pixelated.

No. 830036

How does she still not have abs? With all the dieting youd expect her bf to be lower..

No. 830042

I'm no fitness expert, but I'm pretty sure dieting is not what gives you abs.

No. 830051


Pretty much all people have ab muscles, it’s just a matter of whether or not they’re visible under your stomach fat. Your abs can be jacked but even if you have a smallish amount of fat on your stomach they won’t really be visible.

No. 830058

genetics, not all women get visibly abs easily.

No. 830064

What? Nobody gets abs easily. You need to be under a certain body fat percentage to get visible abs which is a result of having a strict diet and exercise.

No. 830072

No. 830108

Some women can achieve visible abs at a higher body fat % than other women. Others will never have visible abs without being unhealthily underweight, and skeletal everywhere else. It's about the individual women's body fat distribution.

No. 830131

She is an idiot, but she also did so much speed and meth with her underground musician friends in Toronto that she’s permafried. She says she has “akasthisia”, but the way she rambles and moves is exactly like former meth heads, even if they get clean their nerves are still fried.

No. 830150

File: 1623695558832.jpg (207.26 KB, 1242x1542, 20210614_143039.jpg)

>Hi everyone Shinji Ikari here, can't find the fucking robot

No. 830152

Her hair pisses me off so much. I wish she'd just shave it all off.

No. 830153

She looks like a teenage boy that has one of those rapid aging conditions

No. 830155


Had to look that one up, thought you were just making fun of her lisp lol

No. 830156

she looks like she's about to cry in every picture.

No. 830157

I didn't even reconize that was her, she's very beautiful

No. 830158

I really like Billie, yeah if she was bi I think she would outwardly say it? But it seems and it presents as straight. She’s def using ‘quirky queer girl’ to shill her shit. Shame, I’d you’re mainstream sell to the people you make music for.

No. 830159

she would look more manly if she embraced her hairline

No. 830163

Those dead eyes, so much for living her best life. Also she looks like a divorced middle-aged mom here, not a man at all.

No. 830165

File: 1623696286408.jpg (95.54 KB, 1076x807, 20210614_144443.jpg)

>Implying she wants to look manly and not like a 12 year old

No. 830168

those shoes look bombass on Shinji. Bet he stole them from Kaworu
Literally looks like one of many corpsedolls of Anatoly Moskvin

No. 830173

are you having a stroke

No. 830182

She genuinely looks closer to 41%ing in every new picture/appearance. I feel bad for her ex-wife, cannot imagine how hard it must be to have your partner go through that while you're powerless to try and stop it because any pushback is immediately labelled transphobia. Tinfoil but I reckon Shinji pulled the "you're not a lesbian now 'cause I was a man all along!" card as not long after Ellen came out her wife posted something online like "don't speculate about my sexuality, gender or pronouns".

No. 830255

File: 1623703788477.jpg (153.72 KB, 600x776, 0e8.jpg)

Congratulations "Elliot", this will definitely solve all your issues.

No. 830323

No. 830337

sage for ot but the ginger on the right reminds me so much of pre-lip injection nika

No. 830347

She looks like a kid with progeria, tragic.

No. 830360

Look it's Ellen Page, a girl.

No. 830370

Her hair's unwashed, therefore she's a scrote in my book

No. 830373

File: 1623715024627.png (284.81 KB, 1546x1528, Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 7.55…)

Chrissy Teigen released an apology here:


Pic is not the full apology, but I CBA to stitch the entire novel together in one screenshot. Apologies for any inconvenience, anons.

No. 830376

She's mentol.

No. 830380

Even that opening line is telling of what the entire passage is going to be about. She keeps digging herself into a deeper hole kek

No. 830406

im still waiting for her to say exactly what she did and to who. i wonder if she unblocked courtney stodden yet

No. 830502


No. 830517

meth is unlikely, probably adderall or dex if she was into speed. definitely coke and acid. acid was really popular when she was hanging out in toronto, but she mostly stayed in montreal.

No. 830601

Jesus, what a pathetic looking person.

No. 830605

File: 1623743179744.jpeg (331.41 KB, 1200x1200, 6826D770-F9E3-456F-9900-8ACF66…)

She is so fucking sinfully ugly. She is a straight 4/10 how the fuck is she famous for her looks?

No. 830689

File: 1623753554779.jpg (291.5 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20210615-112620__01…)

Michael Costello (a designer who was on Project Runway) posted this on his IG. There's more pics of a text where he explains how he's wanted to off himself so many times over the years and it all stems back to Crissy Teigen messaging him abuse and blacklisting him, because he made racist comments (which turned out to be a lie).. so I'd imagine loadsa more people will come out about her too soon.

*Also sorry for the repost, I never blocked out the pfps of people who liked the post.

No. 830690

File: 1623753655105.png (236.31 KB, 640x1136, 21DE14F2-6A62-4443-9C5F-F2F117…)

lol im so glad this woke holier than thou cuck has been taken down a peg. she told cpurtney stodden - a literal child at the time- to kill herself. imagine being jealous of courtney stodden, a teenager who had to marry an old man to escape poverty.

all her empty wokeisms are completely devoid of any real values. Chrissy Tiegen is such a hypocrite. absolutely pathetic esp for someone who is so active in cancelling others and denying them redemption. she should delete twitter after this embarrassment.

No. 830692

this is so fucking pathetic. she was nearly 30 and harassing a child over what? what a fragile woman she must be to be jealous of a child. im barely 20 and couldnt even dream of speaking to a kid like that. appalling.

she is profoundly immature. she needs therapy.

No. 830772

even her apologies are obnoxious and annoying. The biggest truth in all this is how much she hates confrontation?? How is it not confrontational to harass people lol? I still get ptsd from formspring and those anonymous question sites that were so prevalent on tumblr. And no one ever went as extreme as Chrissy lol. Worst was getting told your outfit looked bad. Chrissy was in DMs literally bullying people. She's absolutely unhinged. So weird it was overlooked for so long.

No. 830816

no offence but

>ptsd from formspring

you need to grow a thicker skin

No. 830823

Let this be a wakeup call that "love and light" positivity bitches are ALWAYS covering up shit like this

No. 830835

She is one of those people who just looks better underweight. Gaining weight made her face look super round. When she was skinny she had these striking cheek bones that have no blended in with her face fat.

No. 830878

NTA and no offence but I have a better sense of sarcasm and I'm a raging fucking autist. Sage your retardation, newfriend.

No. 830883

Tbf she used to be pretty when she was younger and pre-fillers.

No. 830899

File: 1623771378789.jpeg (39.31 KB, 449x530, 420120A6-257B-4EE7-8046-E8F79A…)

She was average at best.

No. 830910

File: 1623771960898.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1515, D1C3FFEE-9DD4-4E51-9790-81405D…)

Before that, like around 2010-2013 she was pretty imo.

No. 830917

File: 1623772272588.jpeg (39.13 KB, 384x384, 0CB51F6E-9491-4AF6-99BE-DEE7B4…)

This is genuinely some of the worst cosmetic work I’ve ever seen in my life. She doesn’t even look like the same person? With all the money she has to go to a top doctor I don’t get how whatever she’s had done looks this bad.

No. 830937

She married a gay man, maybe she is intentionally trying to look like a tranny to appeal to him.

No. 830948

Was this pre breast implants or is the difference just from weight gain? If this is before she did them then I honestly think she looked better without them l

No. 830960

wow this mtf really passes well

No. 831017

She’s clearly had work done in this photo. Lips, tits. She’s plastic free here , >>830899
But yea I’d say she looks better here. She should have just left her face alone. The lips were enough.

No. 831022

she was a swimsuit model, the audience is men. they don't care if she's pretty they just see boobies

No. 831114

I think her issue is not her weight but the fact that she got tons of filler and probably something else done her face and she messed it up. She used to be pretty

No. 831130

File: 1623787515647.png (Spoiler Image, 441.3 KB, 447x490, Capture.PNG)

This is a bit of a rant, I know Lizzo probably gets more hate then love, but if anyone else walked around with ill fitting clothes that OBVIOUSLY don't fit their body, people would call it out.
I don't want her to get picked apart, it just comes off as pandering. Like, don't tear her down, but damn, she purposely wears the most tacky revealing shit and everyone "Yasses".
Even some threads on LSA always have comments like "She has beautiful skin" or "her face is 10/10", like people feel they have to compliment something. Knowing that if this was a insta-thot or someone else, they'd be talking about how they can't dress and other kinds of shit.

No. 831133

This is so fucking sick. How do normies even excuse this shit?

No. 831139

She looks like the fat Kardashian. I can't be bothered to look up their names but you know the one I'm talking about

No. 831141

Someone needs to fit her for a bra her cleavage always makes me sad when I see it.

No. 831142

File: 1623789215506.jpg (575.96 KB, 2048x1511, Khloe-Kardashian-Photoshop.jpg)

No. 831147


No. 831154

were her cheekbones just filler that spread out and made the rest of her face puffy or something? i don't understand.

No. 831160

her body is weird too, there's plenty of models/whatever with weird faces who are tall, skinny, long legs, long neck etc. but chrissy has never been skinny, has stubby legs and and a bland forgettable face. she's top-tier escort material sure, because rich coomers don't need anything interesting, and that's the only way i can think of that she managed to get a career.

No. 831183

I think she’s pretty and if she wants to be fat, then go for it. But good lord, she does not dress for her size. If you’re gonna wear a bikini, at least get a top that properly supports your boobs.

No. 831206

thats my main issue, to be honest I think she's average. I see fat women like her all the time. Not bad looking at all. She just dresses Sloppy and everything she wears does not fit her body.

No. 831209

am I seeing things or did she lose some weight? she looks a little slimmer than before

No. 831222

Give it a break with the 'I know BUT', 'don't tear her down' shit. Just be honest: she looks fucking horrible.

No. 831246

Yeah this is what I dislike about body posi discourse. It just reinforces the correlation between self worth and sexual attractiveness which isn't progressive at all. I don't see what the end game is in trying to convince people that this looks good, it's a fake inclusivity motivated by pity and peer pressure.

No. 831253

I'm hoping she pulls an adele and loses the weight.

No. 831296

File: 1623808545562.jpeg (586.27 KB, 1600x2400, 05-lizzo-best-looks.jpeg)


If I was Lizzo I would be going full glam and drama like this all the time. This is something only bigger women can pull off better than skinny women.

No. 831302

i think it’s shitty because it objectifies and dehumanizes her, they treat her like a token and that because she ticks the identity boxes of female, a person of color, and a heavier weight that people do it as hollow performance. there’s nothing wrong with her, but she’s styled wrong; she has every right and freedom to be sloppy and that’s cool too, but it’s fucked up to treat her like a charity or something.

No. 831303

this is perfect.

No. 831307

File: 1623810933084.jpg (70.85 KB, 594x640, s-l640.jpg)

Her hair piece is looking like a mesh shower sponge though

No. 831318

Who cares, her make-up and outfit are too good to notice

No. 831336

She's always reminded me of a rat or horse with buck teeth. Just lumpy all over.

No. 831346

she looks great, hate her name though. sorry for being synesthesia-chan but it's floppy and shiny and gross

No. 831363

Why does she feel the need to be naked all the time. Literally go through her Instagram and 80% is her basically nude. Like we get it, you’re fat and proud

No. 831365

come on, that barely warrantees criticism , its her account, whatever

No. 831368

holy fucking shit she looks amazing like this

No. 831387

File: 1623824393790.jpeg (498.54 KB, 627x984, 2620831D-CA95-45A2-9B76-5EA048…)

No. 831475

did nobody read that buzzfeed about his career its called like ten years of trying to make armie hammer happen or something. hes a rich pathetic fuck up

No. 831494

I know everyone wants to be woke now but she's not attractive, no one but homos and fat people say she's hot, she's fat and fat people will never be attractive

No. 831515

Why do we always pretend fat fetishists and the guys who like obese women don't exist? You know women are the most confident about being fat in the countries where the most bbw chasers live in right? You never see it outside of the Us and a few other countries for a reason

No. 831516

File: 1623846190123.png (311.32 KB, 650x603, Untitled.png)

you feel sorry for a person who has publicly supported elon musk's horrible treatment of his employees and 1%er capitalism? fuck off

No. 831519

File: 1623846466282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.59 KB, 726x539, Untitled.jpg)

No. 831521

Lmao damn muskrat has more old man tittay than she does. For someone who is so rich and narcy about appearance/already had work done you'd think he'd have had gyno removal

No. 831522

ot but her bellybutton is so far up wtf

No. 831524

Tf at first I thought must be a shoop error but it's like that on the other pics too. Can't say I've spent much time staring at belly button anatomy but I've def never seen that

No. 831527

File: 1623847238813.jpg (442.68 KB, 2325x1575, c132ca46aaa7b999da8403b177fed6…)

Yeah she bought herself a new face. Eery

No. 831531

lots of male million/billionares look like shit. they have no societal pressure to lose weight and tone up like women do

No. 831532

I'm so weirded out by her bellybutton wtf

No. 831533

Grimes was hate worthy back in 2011/2012, don't act like she's all that

No. 831536

File: 1623847605586.jpg (58.72 KB, 571x425, grimes-elon-1.jpg)

she's an ugly, dirty-looking pickme who decided to voice her pro-capitalist views once she was in the safety net of a racist billionaire

No. 831542

calling her 'one of the most beautiful women in the world' at any age is so bizarre. she looks like she's grimacing because she smelled her great aunt's fart

No. 831552

File: 1623848774236.jpg (255.1 KB, 1200x1500, 1200px-Christine_Teigen_2012_S…)

i never find this type of face attractive. it's very round and squished-looking, lacking real definition. her eyes are pretty but everything else is just plain to me.

No. 831554

Yeah her face reminds me of that last cinnamon roll in the tube that's always near the pack of icing and it's super squished out of shape.

No. 831558

girl you must not frequent LSA enough they rip her a new asshole everytime she posts a tik tok.

No. 831569

Imagine caping this hard for a guy who probably hasn't interacted with her for more than 5 minutes since the birth of their child. Azealia Banks' texts really revealed how special needs Grimes is. I'll never forget her responding "at least I'm not fat!" after Azealia unloaded a poetic tirade about her smelling like nickels kek

No. 831587

>lots of male million/billionares look like shit. they have no societal pressure to lose weight and tone up like women do
Thank you for writing that so I don't have to. Why should he work on himself when he's rich as fuck and ana-chan Grimes, as well as plenty of other women, gladly jump on his cock because he's rich AF? His societal worth isn't inherently tied with his looks because he's a scrote. It goes double for billionaires.
>Someone has to blame a woman even though he’s MRA and abused all his wives.
Read that again. WTF is this 'feminist/socialist queen' with a well-known woman and worker abuser in the first place? She's not being kept captive by him, and it's not like it was some secret that he's using women. I'm sorry, but you have a stan brainrot.
Why does LSA hate Lizzo? Is it because she gives their demographics a bad name? Or are they jealous she got famous despite being fat? I don't get it

No. 831593

fucking slayed me anon, it's so accurate

No. 831597

LSA is basically the same as lolcow in that they both hate fat people particularly fat women.

No. 831601

i also think they dont like her because her lyrics are very corny and she is very try hard but i personally think she is cute. We need more corny black girls not all of us are baddies OKAY!? lmao

No. 831605

LSA doesn't like anyone except for Chris Evans

No. 831607

no all black women must be baddies, dark skinned, with long weaves, afrocentric but not too afrocentric enough features that also fit perfectly the taste palette of a wealthy older white american male

No. 831610

Literally why tho

No. 831619

because of that video of him flirting with a black model in like 05. I guess also because he just seems sweet and friendly idk lol. he has such a hold on my people LMAO

No. 831627

lsa literally hate everybody thats their thing

No. 831641

File: 1623857837397.jpg (119.12 KB, 828x1792, E38UnvdXwAQG4px.jpg)

lsa and lolcow are one in the same imo just lsa is way more funnier about dragging people.

Anyway. Some of you guys might not know her but Ari lennox is a really talented r&b singer and is extremely funny too (watch her live stream compilations if you can the girl is a riot). But anyway people keep calling her ugly whenever she is wearing her natural look but for the past few months she lost weight, cut her hair and started wearing wigs and people were singing her praises and calling her beautiful. Now that she is back to natural everyone is bashing her. Its really messed up and i feel bad that she is always in the middle of a debate about looks. I love her. Anyway here is the most recent pic that sparked controversy. She doesnt even look bad especially for someone not wearing an ounce of makeup. I feel bad for her.

No. 831642

I agree she looks fine and I think it's awesome even when she wears make-up, she still looks like herself. Based AF

No. 831643

File: 1623857954638.jpg (321.26 KB, 1364x2048, ExdIkm9U8Agguoy.jpg)

vs when she was wearing wigs. Personally i love that she is open and honest and will record herself with no makeup on hair not done just vibing and singing. it breaks my heart that she as a black woman can't be her authentic self without being a topic of a debate its fucked.

No. 831644

Big tittied tall man with himbo energy, that's why

No. 831649

Why did you put a photo of James Charles on the left??

No. 831650

File: 1623858313533.jpg (196.86 KB, 797x1390, ariana-grande-2010-photo-by-ru…)

hm, possibly. Her natural lips (picrel). She looked so much better before the surgeries and weight loss. More womanly.

No. 831651

Your icon is showing
But I really really hate the over stylization of black women lately. It’s unachievable to non rich black women. But bc the wigs are popular that’s what society perceives that we all look like that. It’s sad to see her just existing in her own skin and having her be called ugly

No. 831653

File: 1623858632158.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, R1PeJZ_Q.jpg)

also he's the perfect white male ally, no one likes some annoying woke feminist dude who reads advanced theories of obscure black french radical feminists from the 1970's, people prefer guys who are aware of the racial and misogynistic injustices and try to help but still treat you like a normal person and that's what Chris Evans is for most people

No. 831654

fat fetishism is extremely, extremely rare. she's an industry plant, that's all there is to it. almost no one gives a shit about lizzo, especially men.

No. 831656

thats not me anon its a screenshot! i found lmao
but thank you i almost had a heart attack!!

Its messed up women should be able to present themselves however and it not be a whole fucking think piece.

No. 831657

this picture is my sleep paralysis demon LMAO

No. 831665

This imagine called me his chocolate princess
Oh okay. Sorry for the mini heart attack nonnie!

No. 831667

Samefag but yeah. I was trying to find words but you nailed it. Most guys get fetish-y when they try to be the “woke white guy” and end up alienating block women. Chris is just not socially inept

No. 831670

File: 1623859539433.jpeg (571.55 KB, 822x932, B905AFF3-D6A9-4DAC-9266-3F34B2…)

I’m not one to normally claim that a celebrity posting a photo of themselves fuels anorexia in children but this pic Ariana just posted disturbed me. Like I get it’s an outfit pic (the outfit is horrible sorry ) but it’s weird that it seems the main focus is on her bony chest. Idk I know some women are just naturally that thin but I don’t think ari is she always had a little meat during victorious and didn’t slim down until newer seasons. I just hope she is okay.

No. 831672

Popularity of bbw category in the us says otherwise but sure. Don't know why so many of you idiots come off as low-key pickmes who think men mysteriously get high standards when it comes to women you don't like

No. 831674

All white american men are ugly to me unless they look like a very young johnny depp.

No. 831680

i really wish i understood the hype with johnny depp. maybe im so used to bloated binge drinking johnny lol. Was he in nightmare on elm street?

No. 831681

Aghh yes the epitome of high class, desirable men is Muttmericans, keep coping.(infighting)

No. 831684

Shifting goalposts, you said it never happens not it only counts for high class men. Typical mentally ill sperg who never leaves their house lmao(infighting)

No. 831687

Yes and he was pretty. I wish that would come back in style for men

No. 831695

File: 1623861057967.jpeg (56.9 KB, 512x336, 089AE878-2730-4F44-8D25-CA679A…)

No. 831698

I feel like she's always had prominent chest bones even at higher weights, I think they're just more noticeable on some people.

No. 831700

holy shit that side by side imagine dating a guy that looked like pic on the left and then having to wake up with pic on the right for ever. i would cry
honestly now that you say that she probably does. I feel mean now for pointing it out. but she's rich and hot so whatever

No. 831702

Can’t wait for a new pirates of the Caribbean movie tbh.

No. 831704

anon please say sike. how many times can you watch a drunk play a drunk.

No. 831708

her face looks 50 pounds heavier then the rest of her body

No. 831717

File: 1623864562752.png (139 KB, 1000x740, pornhub-insights-us-top-viewed…)

Cope more. BBW doesn't come anywhere near the most popular category or search term in the USA.

No. 831718

nta but their fun and the aesthetic is nice

No. 831726

File: 1623865074704.png (286.1 KB, 480x318, 1495469245-jack-sparrow.png)

I swear this isn't racebait, but the fact that Johnny Depp is considered "white" in America is weird asf, in fact most this is what most heroin addicts in my country look like

No. 831734

File: 1623865325787.jpg (261.77 KB, 990x517, drug-addicts-1420128311 (1).jp…)

and these are the average heroin addicts

No. 831739

File: 1623865545804.jpg (54.05 KB, 400x600, gabi.jpg)


It's not ~the~ most popular porn but its up there, you literally can't deny the fact there's a growing issue with people idealizing obesity in America currently. Men praise women for eating fast food as being "cool girls", all fat girls have a hoard of men worshipping them, skinny women get hoards of comments nitpicking their ass and tits but fat girls get praised. Plus sized models are a thing to the point where they have butt ugly hideous girls who get praised for being fat and a model despite the fact if they were thin and had to do normal modeling their face alone would never make it (pic related) Either way it's very very stupid to just ignore all of this and pretend like there's only like 3 people in america praising fatties, especially since a lot of women are struggling with binge eating disorder that is encouraged by the media and men around them, like the model who got hate for going from morbidly obese to overweight

also NTA(derailing about PornHub)

No. 831747

the teen and ebony is making me want to murder all men. especially since i remember when i used to watch porn and seeing how absolutely racist the titles were when i would try to watch cute black girls kiss. anyway this has nothing to do with anything.

anyway that james corden and ariana grande music video is so tone deaf and stupid.
I hope we go under a lockdown now so i never have to see ugly james corden again

No. 831748

C'mon anon, you should know what kind of internet poster they are. You're completely right but the mentality of "I don't like it so it never happens", the unnecessary aggression, abuse of "cope" let's me know they're the big M

No. 831750

File: 1623865898726.jpg (93.56 KB, 824x1195, johnny1.jpg)

That's because in the USA, they understand what a costume is…

No. 831751

Horrible image

No. 831756

File: 1623866325137.jpg (55.11 KB, 768x384, TTP.jpg)

He's still less white then the average Hindko mountain peasant in my country

No. 831757

File: 1623866349297.png (118.43 KB, 620x794, 1-pornhub-insights-2019-year-r…)

The search grew by only 400,000 in TWO YEARS. Men are degenerate, there are all sorts of niche fetishes (exacerbated and encouraged by porn usage). BBW/feeder fetishes are niche. There are simps thirsting over any woman just because they're simps. We look at the most popular searches because that's how we can extrapolate the average man.

No. 831758

Depp is almost entirely of European descent, "almost" if you count that time they dug up his ancestry to justify him playing a Native American character and finding a very, very distant ancestor who was actually Black, not even Native. Sometimes Europeans and South/Central Asians can look like each other, I guess this is yet another proof that race is a social construct and just not as set in stone as many people think it is.

No. 831761

400,000 is a lot anon, not even mentioning people who already look at it regularly, go to other sites, etc. Either way, it effects women and definitely has been taking a toll on americans health, so we should be able to speak about it without you coming in and screaming "but but they're so niche!!!"

No. 831762

all i got from these posts is that a lot of you guys dont want fat girls to be seen or heard. when will we keep this same energy for fat men. i am so tired of seeing ugly ass james corden!!

No. 831763

It is, I mean word for White People in my country doesn't come from a European origin rather it was meant for people from the Gorani region as that's what Anglo people looked to us

No. 831764

not sure how you got
>you all hate fat girls
>people need to stop fetishizing deadly body types in women

you'd think someone who loved and cared about women so much wouldn't be okay with the fact theres hundreds of thousands of people out there who fetish and encourage women to have a body type that's literally killing them, but female empowerment i guess

No. 831766

>that doesn't happen
>and if it does it's not that bad
>and if it is it's your fault
>and if it isn't then you just hate me
textbook crazy-making

No. 831770

either way this has nothing to do with celebricows talk about it in the deathfat thread.

No. 831777

So women can't talk about unhealthy things being fetishized because it's not as big as you decide it to be? I'm failing to see how it not being AS popular somehow means it doesn't happen

No. 831780

File: 1623867678869.png (71.59 KB, 620x663, 1-pornhub-insights-2019-year-r…)

400,000 search growth in 2 years is a lot? Sure. Sure. Compared to these porn stars who receive almost 300 MILLION views on their videos a year.
Are you seriously suggesting the popularity of BBW is what's driving the obesity epidemic? Come on.

Who WANTS to be sexually fetishised through popularity in porn?! If Lizzo is an industry plant because BBW is popular with scrotes (which is how this started in the first place), it's disgusting and offensive. Not flattering.(move on)

No. 831785

>Either way, it effects women and definitely has been taking a toll on americans health
If you're seriously going to suggest a niche fetish (when pornstars, popstars, influencers are all overwhelmingly normal to underweight) is causing the poor health of American's, yeah I'm going to refute that.

The body positivity movement is about capitalising on women's insecurities (virtue signalling is a money maker), not pandering to men. Some men with fetishes may get off but it's a by-product. The average man is already well catered for through the billion-dollar porn industry.

No. 831787

I hear women say they feel pressure to look certains ways that I've never experienced or saw, you know what I did? I shut up and sat down because it's not my place to tell women what they do and don't experience, why do you feel it's okay to tell women that they don't actually feel pressured to be overweight

I mean most women I know stay obese because people in their life encourage it so…

No. 831798


She acts like the peons beneath them building this shit don’t matter. The actual workers who make this happen, not the bank roller. She should humble herself.

No. 831805

File: 1623870048024.jpg (131.49 KB, 1000x1000, 20210616_145900.jpg)

Ed Sheeran is releasing new music making us wonder if covid isn't enough punishment for the world already

No. 831809

I had to confirm that this was the real cover art because I thought you must have shooped it. Is this a Halloween album for autistic children? I don't understand the vision.

No. 831810

File: 1623870692269.jpg (160.41 KB, 1080x1020, 20210616_151131.jpg)

who the fuck knows

No. 831812

wtf I love ed sheeran now????

No. 831819

why does he have sukuna nails i don't like this

No. 831824

I mean, he has the complexion of a vampire, so I guess he's playing to his strengths.

No. 831827

called this, I told you guys last thread that we'd be seeing mainstream pop stars doing some sub genre of rock music, looks like Ed is going down the Emo Pop rock path
True pale complexion is a must

Now who will be next, I think maybe Ariana

No. 831834

It just occurred to me after reading your comment, she reminds me of a pug wearing makeup

No. 831838

“You don’t even have bone marrow sis” lives rent-free in my brain

No. 831878

lmao this is so specific, ily synesthesia chan

No. 831887

Why tf does he look like Gordon Ramsey

No. 831897

wow only took him a decade into his career to learn how to style his ugly ass

No. 831912

You think this is style? I literally thought he'd given up on how he appears and just accepted his life as an ugly ginger man. He might as well get weird with it. I am immensely proud how I have avoided his and Taylor swifts music for over 5 years now.

No. 831930

File: 1623883824880.jpg (41.2 KB, 626x469, shokku.jpg)

he actually looks good

No. 831934

no he doesney get some standards

No. 831954

he’s giving very much old, albino harry styles

No. 831965

I kinda like it. He looks cuter as a weird little vampire emo than as a chubby neck bearded 11 year old looking motherfucker.

Unrelated but why do normies hate on Ed Sheeran? His music is too bland to inspire any vitriol and he’s not notorious for anything as far as I remember

No. 831967

He's a weird looking ginger, mates with Taylor swift and has shit banter.

No. 831970

He looks like a gnome yet sings songs about girls wanting him, which is enough for me. Pitchfork also ran an article calling him a raging misogynist and "nice guy" which didn't help. His song "Don't" was rumored to be about Taylor Swift at a time when she was a media darling and that probably also soured his public image.

No. 831971

It's weird, because Ed Sheeran's music is really popular but I NEVER meet anyone who likes him (or admits it). I almost never see anyone online who likes him either, and many places actively hate him. I find that the hatred is more about what he represents, rather than him personally? Like, he shows how unfairly successful an ugly white guy with middling talent can become.

I quite like him tbh. He has plenty of bops, and true, he's ugly, but he stayed in his lane romantically. He married an age appropriate girl who liked him before he was famous and isn't that much better looking, which is more than you can say for most ugly male celebs.

No. 831972

i thought so too at first but we are just used to how fucking ugly he usually is kek

No. 831977

lol this. he’s not hatable nor extremely likeable, he just exists. seems normal enough compared to other male celebs.

No. 831979

That’s what I don’t get though, he’s so bland inside and out. He’s certainly not attractive but he’s not ugly either, just extremely plain/dorky. All males are misogynist, I’m just wondering why someone so seemingly harmless and bland gets people frothing

No. 831988

Bias against gingers. Not even joking, I think that really elevates how ugly people perceive him to be.

No. 831989

Nah he's definitely ugly. He was doing a live performance and my mum who usually says nice things about everyone just went "what's wrong with his face? His eyes are weird…" She just went on this tirade of hate and I joined in lol

No. 831992

Yeah, he broke the record for the highest grossing tour of all time and has 50 million monthly listeners.
I remember that tweets making fun of him and shitting on his music started going viral last year and now everyone says the same stuff about how no one listens to him and etc. I guess he's well liked in Europe and US americans hate him. It's funny to me, like other anons said, he's just there existing, making bland pop music and some people actively hate him meanwhile we have known abusers, just as ugly and musically bland and they don't even get occasionally clowned

No. 831994

The baddie nails look so bad on his ugly gnome hands, I hate it. If these people are going to milk this tired old gender bending trend they could at least try to do it in a remotely flattering way. This reminds me of that time Kid Cudi wore a dress on SNL and it looked completely awkward and out of place.

No. 831996

"Don't" was actually rumored to be about his ex Ellie Goulding cheating on him with Niall Horan, not T. Swift

>"I was seeing someone for a bit of time, and then they ended up physically involved with one of my friends in the same hotel that we were staying in, while I was downstairs. And I feel like: Treat people how you want to be treated."

https://www.who.com.au/ed-sheeran-ellie-goulding-complete-history(integrate better)

No. 831999

I dislike any mr. niceguy in the industry tbh plus it also makes me mad to know no "ugly" woman would ever have the hype and respect he has

No. 832006

File: 1623894190725.png (23.53 KB, 598x324, vs.png)

How do you think this is going to go down?

No. 832011

Because he's constantly shoved everywhere despite his blandness and ugliness. I'm tired of hearing/seeing him.

No. 832014

Omfg I'm floored finding out this botched pedo bitch is only 35 fucking years old. I thought she was mid 40s, Jesus christ!

No. 832015

File: 1623895484092.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

You are a true writer, anon.

No. 832017

honestly the more I read about this, it just sounds like he was being a fucking idiot and trying to force a relationship out of a possible hook up or two and Ellie wasn't into it after some time. She probably told him she didn't want to be in a relationship but he's a beta cuck and decided to lie and act like they were dating. If she did fuck someone else, she 100% did it with him knowing they weren't in a relationship. SO typical of these /r/niceguys and he's the epitome of it.

Even if you look at the photo of them in that link you can tell she was already lowkey disgusted by him as she's leaning away from him and has almost her whole body turned to rita.

No. 832025

File: 1623896133209.png (2.6 MB, 2112x1584, CF214674-B321-45DD-B910-8C63AE…)

remember when he was shoehorned into a game of thrones episode for some reason???

No. 832026

File: 1623896155425.jpg (103.56 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-200729102655-1024-…)

This is giving me Lost Boy vibes and i'm kinda here for it. Vampires are the new zombies of 2021 it seems.

No. 832028

jfc, gingermen really are hideous and should be bred out of existence.

No. 832032

You know what he should go for it, being alt might increase his appeal by like 30%

No. 832036

Unpopular opinion but Ed Shareen is better then the Cuckqueen Beyonce

No. 832040

Remember when he performed with Beyonce and looked like shit next to her lol.

No. 832044

Yes and he's still a better person then her and not a loser cuck like Beyonce

No. 832045

if this is """""""alt""""""" then so are my shits

No. 832051

No. 832062

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 832067

This is so unexpected and weird and it makes me uncomfortable. Ed Sheeran makes music for minivan Karens. I can see this flopping hard and I hope it does, I love seeing male pop stars fail.

No. 832068

Yeah this. He’s been super bland for a while. This looks kinda fun.

No. 832070

“It’s a new one”

I hate D&D so goddamn much.

No. 832073

File: 1623900488581.png (450.31 KB, 584x623, Nikki tweet.png)

Kek I don't know why it surprised me seeing Nikki in this when she was going to obviously make an appearance at some point in the video.

No. 832080

aww the credits text under the title fuckin ruins the look. it would be a good cover art otherwise!

No. 832081

haha what? this is fun ngl

No. 832082

this makes you realize how talented and likeable nikki blonsky is in comparison, also a much better dancer

No. 832083

how the fuck did a jonas brother score priyanka motherfuckin chopra as a wife

No. 832084

He still looks like shit, but I must admit that this is the best he's ever looked

No. 832089

File: 1623902136715.png (173.33 KB, 300x300, album.png)

I kind of like him. + will always be his best work imo, but we'll see how this >>831805 >>831810 turns out.

No. 832091

No. 832107

some say she's his beard

No. 832111

How the fuck did a rich pop star
dreamboat score a Indian actress with a bad reputation whose career is ruined in India

No. 832114

Rich white dudes will always be able to score a far more attractive woman than them.

No. 832115

Chris Brown and John Mayer get ragged less for being racist woman beating shitheads then Ed does for just being a little faggotty ginger gnome

No. 832116

good thing I dislike all of these moids for different reasons

No. 832118

I would expect no less from a farmer, you should hate all males.
I was just musing on what draws more ire from society at large: dorky frog man on Game of Thrones vs say, hypersexualized gore and violence on Game of Thrones.

No. 832119

honestly. These two attention whores are a good match, don't see how anyone could be surprised.

No. 832121

Yeah but priyanka is hated in India at the moment, she's hated by both the Indian right wing and the Indian left wing

No. 832123

speaking for normies, I think he simply was too overexposed and the general public got annoyed when there wasn't anything groundbreaking about his act.
plus once you become a meme there's no turning back with them

No. 832125

Honestly your right, not Just Ed Shareen but I remember when the entire Internet hated Justin Bieber(all this when he was an underage kid)
Is the sin of singing okay-ish but not that deep songs and being sorta average(i.e boring) really worse then being an actively misogynistic and abusive shithead, I mean there's something to be said about the amount of energy people spend to make fun of artists like Ed Shaeen and not actual horrible people like Chris Brown

No. 832127

what about the Cuckqueen though ? she's over exposed as hell and her Music is shit

No. 832129

No. 832133

Anons he's just ripping off The Weeknd, it's not that deep

No. 832149

tbf it's kind of hard to make jokes about abuse

No. 832156

india-chan please explain, i did not know she suddenly became unpopular. she's still a-list where i live

No. 832160

what? Bad rep and ruined career in india? Can you explain>

No. 832168

yeah! why ginger looks so beautiful on women and awful on men ? I really don't understand the science behind this kek

No. 832175

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeh. I unironically loved VS shows because I always used them as body ref for art and loved their bras. Sucks I guess. Time to watch this brand turn into shit

No. 832181

nta she's still popular with Normieies but she's gotten unpopular among politican Indians of all sided
Feminists and left wingers hate her cause she's spent years prompting skin whitening creams(there's currently an active and ongoing backlash against skin whitening by Indian feminists) as well talked about giving support to the Indian army in their occupation Of Kashmir
Right wingers hate her and call her a traitor cause her character only ever had sex with white guys and ended up marrying a white guy, they see this as a betrayal by Indian rightwingers

No. 832186

serious answer: excessive prenatal estrogen contributes to development of red pigment (pheomelanin). Females are 3 times more likely to be red haired, as a result. It's the most sexually dimorphic variant. Some studies suggest red haired women have greater fertility and reproductive success. Downside, it might cause health problems later in life for some. They're overrepresented in reproductive illnesses. It wouldn't surprise me if, on avg, red haired men have lower T, poorer fertility or worse health generally. I don't know of any studies, tho. Oh, and redheads DO have greater pain sensitivity, that was confirmed. Not exactly desirable in a man. So, red hair is disadvantageous in males and this is subconsciously picked up on?

No. 832194

I'm pretty sure that men rank redheads lowest for attractiveness as well though, according to some studies I saw on Vindicta. It seems like there are plenty of guys who like redheads but it might be a vocal minority with a niche fetish. Normie guys don't seem to be fans.

No. 832195

i like ginger men, but i know that's uncommon. there was a photographer who tried to increase public sex appeal of ginger men with a campaign and book. it's called "redhot100" for those who like gingers and want to check it out kek.

No. 832196

who doesn't? I would too kek.

No. 832200

sheerhan and bieber are despised because teen girls love them. mayer got it too for that reason

No. 832202

oh, yes, i'm not saying red hair is desirable generally. just it's a "feminine" trait, so can be attractive to males in the way it's not to women.

No. 832210

Since when did teen girls like the muppet gremlin lmao. girls are into pretty boys, not whatever shareen is

No. 832211

I didn't say that. I said they like his music.

No. 832214

Really? I've never seen them talk about his music either. He's certainly not bieber levels of popularity.

No. 832219

If he uses a vampire schtick I'm interested in how they will pull that off for him because the usual 'I can't control my urges to consume you' storyline isnt exactly going to be a cute 2021 woke look on a man
I expect it's going to be a kitsch comedy type of thing, maybe with some tired Twillight parody, but it's funny to imagine Ed Sheeran becoming the bad boy of 2021

No. 832228

From what I've seen Its mostly moms or teen girls who like his music, not his looks

No. 832234

Kinda interesting cause where I'm from red headedness in males is sought after, specifically by the Brelvi Sunni sect, see there are some accounts that state Muhammad had red hair and Barelvi are a Muslim sect that believe in being like Muhammad as much as one human can, and So natural born red head males are considered to be blessed with a prophetic essence by Brelvis

No. 832235

to be fair GoT was full of random little celeb cameos so I dont find it irritating

No. 832238

right, but they don't have the underlying genetics/hormones. it's not the same. I'm struggling to explain this well, but there's probs a subconscious aversion to natural redheads due to poor fitness.

No. 832243

Same, the vampire lore really needs some refreshening…neonpink, glittery discovampire is an interesting idea, wonder what the underlying concept is

No. 832244

This is beginning to sound like weird incel-science shit, It just looks a little wierd but there are tons of ginger guys that I found attractive and tons I don't
I also I don't agree that the reason women and girls find red headed males unattractive is cause it's a "feminine" trait, cause tons of feminine males are considered attractive by girls and some don't the way ginger males aren't

No. 832405

File: 1623942203153.jpeg (125.25 KB, 1440x600, BB26C11A-EC8F-4875-A887-612513…)

Ginger dudes can be attractive but if a ginger dude is unattractive it’s perceived as twice as bad as an unattractive non ginger. I think ginger is just associated with children somehow, especially with freckles.
Pic not really related but hilarious

No. 832409

No, its considered ugly because it was associated with Jews and red hair was considered ugly in women for centures except recently in the West. It has nothing to do with "biology" its just opinion, cause keep in mind men grow denser hair longer eyelashes tend to be skinnier yet all of this is considered more feminine in our society lol

No. 832414

Not everyone is American, I've never heard any connection between red hair and Jewishness, why does everything have to be about race with you people?

No. 832417

It's adderrall, she used to talk about locking herself in a room and popping pills to make music.

No. 832418

Im french you fucking tard

No. 832419

File: 1623943279445.jpg (137.04 KB, 480x480, TheUsualIrishWayofDoingThings.…)

Cause there was actual pseudo-scientific racism against Red Haired people, mostly trying to make out them out to be filthy violent apemen

No. 832422

File: 1623943382035.jpg (113.28 KB, 430x392, 484092993.1.jpg)

and women as well

No. 832423

File: 1623943474805.jpg (4.08 KB, 99x76, Screenshot_11.jpg)

Jesus lol

No. 832426

It's inaccurate for a woman but I've seen Irish men with faces like that.

No. 832429

File: 1623943761815.jpg (171.66 KB, 804x580, 54.jpg)

really like this

No. 832430

I am le sorry

No. 832432

File: 1623943857455.gif (147.87 KB, 502x435, irishmonkey.gif)

and last one(derailing)

No. 832454

Pheomelanin is pro-oxidant. Red hair is negatively correlated with physical health… endo, parkinsons, more frequent heart and vascular system problems, metabolic problems, cancer problems, fertility problems, genitourinary problems, psychiatric problems, musculoskeletal problems, and sexual function problems, learning disabilities, phobias and anxiety disorders.

There's been an aversion to red hair literally everywhere throughout history. It's not recent nor an "anglo-saxon" thing to find it unattractive. It's been selected against over the last few thousand years, and has been effectively wiped out in most countries where it existed.

You can dig up isolated examples of funny historical turns (Irish/Brit propaganda being an example in the thread) regarding literally anything, but it's not the root cause of finding red hair unattractive/

Please nonnies read some fucking science.(derailing)

No. 832462

Literally what the fuck is your problem, like this is weird thing to care about, most people find it an odd trait and some are Into it and some really don't fucking care
I don't know why your so obsessed with this shit

No. 832464

My ex was a handsome ginger. He'd call himself a dark ginger because his hair was more auburn than the gross bright ginger. He had loads of health issues so this makes sense. I wish he had an entire different personality and was healthy because he was hot.(derailing)

No. 832642

File: 1623959837575.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 283.65 KB, 1080x1669, tumblr_7ae6e4e10a0d510e7b59409…)

I just stumbled upon this and thought, "the girl on lc needs to see this." Here you go…

No. 832648

The only, singular girl that there is in lolcow

No. 832659

sorry for my retarded english, i meant "that girl who made this one very specific post about lorde's album cover"

No. 832669

Your English is fine! I think the point was that more than one anon would be interested

No. 832727

This sounds… vendetta. Like who with red hair hurt you

No. 832750

File: 1623971493258.jpg (608.68 KB, 640x889, ew.jpg)

Billie Eilish appealing to the Footfetishism community with her new rolling stones shoot

No. 832754

yeah she used to say she made her album Visions in 1-2 weeks in her room in the dark on "a speed binge". now she acts like as if she never does drugs. girl u used to do raves and shit! "i dont smoke" my ass claire

No. 832758

IIRC, she once went on a spergy Twitter rant in which she complained about people "claiming that drugs fuel my creative process" (she said herself that they did…) and said she was tired of people "accusing" her of glamorizing drug use. At one point she admitted that she'd been trying to edit her Wikipedia article and remove any quotes and references that discussed drug use. She's said several times that she hates drugs, talked about how it's an epidemic and has taken the lives of so many people she cared about, and yet continues to write songs about her drug use to this day, not to mention the texts Azealia leaked.

No. 832808

well yeah she’s allowed to have her own life and use drugs, and still want to try to deter others from developing the same habits.

No. 832809

File: 1623979482847.jpeg (223.63 KB, 640x632, 21CFA64F-72FC-4015-82CE-4D6446…)

Eesh, it’s also some relatively recent stuff from her Instagram lives

No. 832811

No. 832821

I watched the clips and to me it sounds like she's saying "kaching" but the "ka" part was cut out by editing. however, the asian accent part is undeniably inappropriate and not cool

No. 832837

i blame the parents

No. 832839

no she's just covering her ass because she's a foreign national trying to work/live in the USA

No. 832840

i say "chonk" all the time, i don't see how it's racist. she was probably just talking about how fat she got

No. 832841

It just looked/sounded like she was babbling nonsense talk to her dog. All kids do it lol

No. 832844

Double post but billie eilish fans are upset and don't want to support her anymore now that she changed her style and everything she stood for. But instead of admitting that they'd rather nitpick every aspect of her life to have her "cancelled" to justify dropping her. Weirdos

No. 832848

File: 1623985533257.jpeg (53.02 KB, 640x141, F942D9C8-1D62-4704-AD7A-7AA7CD…)


A lot of them are still defending her though

Also I’ve seen people saying they hate how obviously manufactured she is since she’s some rich girl who got into the industry and then borderline had everything handed to her on a silver platter, so I’ve seen a lot of people who think she’s “fake” and doesn’t deserve her fame because “she didn’t have to work for it”

No. 832849


No. 832858

Yeah but why do they suddenly have a problem with that now and now from the moment she got famous?

No. 832871


She got rid of a lot of the “uniqueness” of her look/style, immediately sexed herself up via vogue pics and her new music video

So I think it’s turned a bunch of her fans off because to them she’s now just another celebrity

No. 832880

Shit, I thought this was the momo thread for a split second

No. 832882

I don't think they mean feminine as in pretty, but feminine as in low t.

No. 832900

This is not her year kek. Did someone curse her? Jesus.

No. 832918

No such thing as "bad" publicity probably. 2006 female celebrities flashed their vaginas to the paparazzi, 2021 female celebrities get pseudo-cancelled online to stay relevant and star in headlines.

No. 832925

Ah, that makes sense.

No. 832970

reminds me of jolie making out with her brother on multiple occasions until it made headlines, really a sad state of culture that dancing around incest made her an A+ lister

No. 832981

adding to this for whoever cares:
she's also hated for excessive PS, a lot of indian actresses get the same criticism. your regular old actress may be well and good, she may do everything by the book, she could work the best roles bollywood may give her, but as soon as she has any kind of work done that's her legacy for life.
she also has an old reputation for homewrecking. she's been associated with multiple married actors who are known profligate cheaters but who the fuck cares, they're men and hence we'll just excuse their infidelity with the cute 'playboy' tag
it's also rumored that many actresses including said actors' wives (and certain bitchy producers) have made it difficult for her to find work in bollywood because of usual bolly actress cattiness.
tl;dr she doesn't have the best PR in india

No. 833010

File: 1624004658510.jpeg (351.2 KB, 1080x1440, B6F425FD-A3E5-45A0-AE10-EE9DA3…)

It’s actually Marissa Jaret Winokur aka the Broadway Tracy Turnblad. Nikki is way cuter but both of them would have been better choices than James Cordens boring ass. Him and Ariana sounded like they were asleep the entire song and robbed it of its charm

No. 833014

Oh kek thank you for correcting me, nonny. I agree. There's just something that makes me not like James much and I can't pinpoint what it exactly is.

No. 833070

anon he’s fat and annoying, of course you don’t like him, same as most rational people

No. 833134

my fucking sides

No. 833319

Gross, don't give Billie any ideas

No. 833470

incest porn is basically mainstream now. it's a normal thing to watch after work for men born after 1990 who can't cum from sex and have to jerk themselves off in front of their girlfriends every night

No. 833482

File: 1624061928694.png (1.01 MB, 1044x1170, Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 8.18…)

No. 833494

Lol this bitch. She just can't be humble when apologising. Downplays it as being so long ago and she's apologised more than enough publicly! Can't everyone just get over it already she has cookbooks to shill, people have no heart!

No. 833498

I recently found out James Corden is not gay and his career makes even less sense to me?

Anyway the ridiculous comments saying how this is "extremely disturbing" NK-level propaganda are hilarious. Sure the video is cringy but it's not that serious, Q tards. No one is forcing you at gunpoint to get vaccinated before you go fuck your cousin.

No. 833513

File: 1624064727318.jpeg (148.37 KB, 750x1334, E38Ks2oXwAQuK2d.jpeg)

chrissy is annoying as fuck but the guy is a huge cow. leona lewis also said he was a douche to her bc she wasn't a sample size and he said she's an opportunist for bringing it up now. he has also ripped off a black woman's (Maxie) designs and confronted her in a fabric store where he called her slurs and broke her phone, she apparently filed a police report. there are other claims of racism floating around on twitter too, including that the racist comment he made on IG was not in fact photoshopped. (screenshot not mine btw)

I'm sure chrissy said rude shit to him but he's a despicable opportunist and it's all going to blow up in his face now, he should have taken the apology she offered up and fucked off back into obscurity.

No. 833516

He sounds like a literal nobody and I haven't heard Leona Lewis get mentioned in a long time lol.

If Chrissy is relying on a nobody for her redeneption arc she would be better off making no further statements.

No. 833520

File: 1624065469792.png (219.75 KB, 1102x1098, 84853976.png)

it's a bunch of d-listers riding each others coattails at this point, kek

the dms are very clearly fake, though

No. 833546

File: 1624067852816.jpeg (651.7 KB, 828x1279, 422899BF-7CA7-4FAA-9074-F2F38B…)

Her brother kind of already is making out with her, kek. Old milk but his girlfriend looks too much like her. It's creepy.

No. 833549

He's a closet case. You cannot tell me that big loud annoying theater gay is a straight man

Didn't he date another Billie lookalike a while back? Their family dynamic is so creepy

No. 833561


aside from washed out sunlit eyes and the starter pack nose + lips every girl in Hollywood has I'm really not seeing a resemblance here

No. 833573

File: 1624069335449.jpeg (625.11 KB, 828x749, 8A119783-C238-4984-BDEB-E2E3BA…)

Really? I've never seen her before. He gives me the creeps. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Billie comes out with a story about him.
I don't know she just has that same look to me. Like Claudia and Billie could be sisters.

No. 833583

File: 1624070901157.png (306.76 KB, 1200x900, billieeilish.png_1908385937.pn…)

I feel like their faces are in the same "category" if that makes sense

No. 833586

Both women look retarded I think that's the similarities and the hairstyle and bug eyes. They're def different in the tits.

The brother gives me the creeps either way. I cannot fathom being able to write sexy songs with my brother and have him produce them. He'd make me leave his room.

No. 833593

They definitely resemble each other. Like they could be very close cousins.

No. 833608

who cares about all that when she is LYING and acting like she never has done drugs. ive been a fan of her music for years and she used to be pretty open about drug use, now she clams up and acts like shes never done any. i watched a livestream on YT when she was pregnant and someone asked "u ever smoke?" and she simply said "no." like duh you're pregnant! but we know you USED TO…
i dont blame azealia for making fun of her constantly. claire has an embarrassing personality and life. too bad i like her art.

No. 833611

it would creep me out too if people were suddenly writing songs about how important getting my annual pap smear is… this is annoying and creepy as well. i dont want to hear stupid songs about stuff that is someones own private decision

No. 833613

wouldnt be surprised if she has some stories about her whole family. bad guy was playing hard to pedos, but daddy is so much more blatant and there's no way their parents werent aware of it with how badly they needed billie to be their goldmine

they dont need to be twins for that to be an eerily similar resemblance but like… if they were playing sisters in a movie i'd be giving the casting director an award

No. 833627

Are you really comparing vaccinations to something having to do with a person's genitals? Were you not encouraged to get your flu shot every year growing up?

No. 833628

High key thought this was Billie and her bf

No. 833634

have you ever been texting your ex from the bar being like "oh yeah but WHY did you do [x] then??" months after you broke up? and then your friend goes "stop poking it" and then the bartender goes "yeah stop poking it" and you're like "meeeaahh" but you put the phone down and even though you keep thinking about it for the next 2 beers at least you did stop poking it?

chrissy's gotta stop poking this.

No. 833636

File: 1624079380495.jpg (43.72 KB, 640x480, robotdevil.jpg)

kek you can't make your career "twitter celebrity" and then get butthurt when twitter stuff happens to you.

No. 833637

NTA, but You still get the flu even with the vaccine. So it’s kinda dumb. I’m fully vaccinated with everything besides the flu and corona vaccine. It’s annoying how celebrities and big pharma are trying to push this down our throats makes me not trust the vaccine. But if questioning it makes me a “qtard cousin fucker” so be it….

They look similar (not in this pic because of her makeup) but yeah idk white people look a lot alike tbh i agree it is a little creepy if Billie is recording sexy songs with her brother…. she should have stuck with the alternative shtick, more relatable to the tweens

No. 833639

>big pharma

No. 833642

Cant imagine my brother helping me write and produce a song about seducing old men or being on my knees for someone. Like thats fucking disgusting, idk there's definitely something wrong with finneas and billie. Although i think we chalk up billies gross pedo pandering to her being a lana del rey fan at a young age or her not experiencing actual child predation/predatory behaviour. Like only people who have never had an older person abuse them willingly seek out those experiences for the aesthetic of being the special snowflake the pervert picked out,very cliche gross middle class white girl pick me behavior. But finneas… idk maybe he listened to lana del rey and instead lf wanting to be dolores he wanted to be humbert? Hes fucked.

No. 833662

You guys literally refuse to see the writing on the wall, lmao.

No. 833665

Rewatching Ariana Grande's response to the donut licking video. I didn't know she said "hurtful things about americans" (starts at minute 2:16)

No. 833667

gross on so many levels, fuck footfags

No. 833668

She posts body checks all the time, it was more obvious a few years back (thigh gap, collarbones, and waist side view) but it’s still a thing I notice. I’m not even that influenced by that shit but even then it would make me want to skip a meal at times so definitely I’d say some percentage of her fans have body issues due to that. Kinda sick, thought she’d be over that by now but maybe she wanted to look skinnier for the wedding.

No. 833669

File: 1624085673904.png (3.23 MB, 2011x2560, imagen_2021-06-19_015420.png)

Ginger dudes ARE attractive, he's just ugly no matter what haircolor he might get

No. 833670

File: 1624085914163.png (1.15 MB, 1500x1000, imagen_2021-06-19_015828.png)

Kek, I've heard before that sharp cheekbones and sulken cheeks are heroin addict traits, so I understand where you come from.

No. 833672

Get new glasses please

No. 833673

You're right, she had gained weight when she collabed with gaga but you also need to keep in mind that she blatantly photoshops her photos.

No. 833701

she says at the end of the donut video she hates america, also lol at her apologizing just to advertise her perfume

No. 833909

Anyone seen Chloe Baileys feelin good performance? I cringed the whole way through. For the love of god tone it down. Like, i feel so embarrassed for her. TEW MUCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prSmIsof6fU(embed youtube)

No. 833957

Just watched it. I'm not familiar with her, so I don't know if there's context that I'm missing, but I also thought it was really over the top. However: Jesus Christ what a fucking voice. Honestly incredible.

No. 833963

Seriously. Her voice is gorgeous but they really have these girls pulled off from youtube covers writhing around like strippers. I'm guessing her sister is never present in these anymore because she's disney property now. Two sad sides of a coin

No. 834047

a great song to sing for juneteenth and she literally twerks to it lmao wHAt A iCoN

No. 834271

Explain anon

No. 834440

When people praise Ariana Grande on how "humble and nice" she is and how good she is to her fans I cringe so hard, she's very fake

No. 834449

Yeah I don't know how people buy her nice act. She has the same PR as Justin B anyway.
Who seriously thinks an entitled celebrity willing to lick food they haven't bought as "genuine and sincere".

No. 834450

File: 1624161638833.jpeg (166.67 KB, 750x745, E2A537FF-6DFF-496C-A255-582417…)

Just saw this on instagram and uhhh… how much does this bitch edit her photos bc she looks really busted here.

No. 834458

Idk why but her face here reminds me of Mads Mikkelsen kek.

No. 834475

Nobody really knows any celebrity to make a determination if they're actually "nice" so whenever I hear someone overly praise one I know I'm dealing with a gullible sheep person.

No. 834479

File: 1624164151689.jpg (825.42 KB, 2236x3353, ariana-grande-pete-speech-1534…)

Wow she's fucking bald. Also peep the ribs. Seems like she's relapsing on her ED after a brief period of healthy weight gain. Picrel

No. 834482

I'm almost certain that's not her real hair

No. 834497

She looks sick and anorexic

No. 834499

it's from vid related

No. 834501

Her chin is longer than her fucking neck. Christ.

No. 834504

File: 1624167524473.gif (11.83 MB, 520x293, No_Lockdowns_Anymore_w_Ariana_…)

she's not looking very good… (also interesting because when she enters the song she says "look at my hair" as if it was a good thing to see)

No. 834509

File: 1624167872452.gif (11.97 MB, 520x293, No_Lockdowns_Anymore_w_Ariana_…)

she looks VERY unhealthy and tired, this video makes her look like a true skelly anachan and it's disturbing

No. 834524

File: 1624168776503.jpg (75.79 KB, 502x514, Screenshot_4.jpg)

lmao I see it
She definitely used to be a stuck up bitch. She might have changed since then, Idk

No. 834527

She's still a bitch, anon. She would keep having. Breakdowns on twitter which she would still delete, and even once sent her army on a random fan because she didn't like his silly banter

No. 834541

>A band of time-traveling anons from the 90s argue about Kurt and Courtney as though either is relevant anymore
Lmao no one cares about Courtney but Cobain is still relevant as fuck, zoomers love Nirvana, there's still a lot of of kids who pick up guitar because of Kurt, Nevermind will have its 30th anniversary in september and people will be talking about it even more

No. 834543

If only black America kept their legends alive (outside of MJ and Whitney) so I could hear even the most autistic nerd faggots on an imageboard argue about Earth Wind and Fire and the Bar kays

No. 834554

She looks so different. Small eyes, sternum bones showing, flat chest, thinning hair and receding hairline. Corpselike. Maybe this is why she always uses filters? I prefer these candid looks but really she needs to fucking eat. Rich people starving themselves on purpose is offensive.

No. 834555

Damn, that anachan shit really doesn't look good on everyone. Makes you age ten years, too.

No. 834556

lmao this is the kids "goals" though. Tragic.

No. 834565

File: 1624177008334.jpg (70.58 KB, 437x594, fa18ad0cbb6863881d9e23f9806f93…)

Oof. She should have stopped her surgeries in 2014. I remember thinking she was so cute around that era. BDD is one hell of a drug.

No. 834566

I feel like she had way too many plastic surgeries way too young

No. 834569

Never thought she was pretty. Im tired of female celebs getting heavy plastic surgery it feels like cheating to me and like their beauty is some fake, shilled product

No. 834573

The padded shoulders in this outfit really further the anachan look as well

No. 834580

Her not wearing her usual eyeliner makes her look more scary. Is she going through it or something?

No. 834627

Jazz Jennings lost a lot of weight

No. 834654

She looks like a sick chihuahua

No. 834796

File: 1624207948395.png (455.77 KB, 601x528, Capture.PNG)

Nice secret message from Amanda Bynes this morning. She has been on a downward spiral on Twitter lately though so take that as you will.


No. 834813

100% believe her. no one goes on a spiral like that unless they saw and endured fucked up shit. fully believe he messed up sam from icarly too and that's why she refuses to come back.

No. 834832

wtf she was born extremely pretty. why did she knife her face into a totally different one? she was cute and had great hair and now she looks like she's been stuck in a toaster since 2013

No. 834833

this video makes her look like not a good actress. at all. i mean damn

No. 834834

i'd go on that internet

No. 834835

kurt cobain didn't play guitar.

No. 834854

1000000% agree, dan schneider strikes me as a creep and always has. watching his shows on nickelodeon especially victorious and icarly as an adult is horrifying. like genuinely so much sexual stuff is barely hidden behind “lulz so random!!” humor, it’s absolutely disgusting and i hope he gets his comeuppance

No. 834865

She never was a good one anyway, maybe during Disney days sure, but all she does now is does fakegirl act and her character lasts 2 episodes at best, or she gets a cameo where she just sings

No. 834867

she looks like an addict full of fillers

No. 834869

File: 1624213751732.jpg (277.61 KB, 1800x1200, GettyImages-2225156.jpg)

are you autistic? also wrong, see pic related

No. 834879

Nice photoshop anon.

No. 834901

What's next, are you going to accuse this video of being a deepfake?

No. 834904

Nice deepfake, anon.

No. 834916

File: 1624218454459.png (620.26 KB, 756x1136, nick.png)

No. 834920

Lmao, he's such a scrote. Isn't he pro-life as well?

No. 834921

Does he really have the money to be everyone’s baby daddy? What has he done in the last 5 years besides wild n’ out? These ladies make me so sad.

No. 834928

Ngl, September and Easy Lover slap (granted, I know the latter is technically Phil Collins but still)

No. 834939

Hope he gets his comeuppance and honestly the parents who thrust their children into child stardom like that. They should be ashamed of themselves and realize the damage they’ve caused upon their own children. Every child deserves a normal childhood and not one surrounded by Hollywood creeps who take advantage of them.

No. 834945

File: 1624219802672.jpg (101.21 KB, 1080x1080, blacktwitterfeeds_162421968918…)

You should have posted his baby names lmao. One of his daughters is also named Powerful Queen

No. 834947

hating fans and clingers is valid tbh, as long as they're nice in public young celebs should be allowed to complain abt the job it might make them turn out normal

No. 834963

damn he's got Alec Baldwins breeder fetish beat

No. 834983

I know mixolydian is a musical mode but it sounds like an antibiotic medication

No. 835002

these kids are gonna get bullied by Aiden and Maylee

No. 835013

Yeah I literally had to Google it lol, poor kid

No. 835015

Every day I come on here I read things I wish I never read. Fuck this shit, I'm becoming Amish.

No. 835033

Her entire existence is cringe. Hated her since she dropped that silhouette challenge. And the obvious lip syncing here is making me kek

No. 835035

7th child?? with how many women? men are so gross. This is why father's day is a god damn joke

No. 835060

File: 1624231637339.jpeg (380.29 KB, 1101x1956, 48FE888C-2B4F-4A3A-9DF9-62E1F2…)

is she saying he’s fucked a ton of girls and then bragging that she is the wife?

No. 835061

Gross. Scrotes like this should be castrated.

No. 835062

God he's ugly

No. 835064

Fucking this. I hate turning on a new series and having an opening sex scene. It's a telltale sign of a shit storyline. I hate "method actors" who actually have sex in the movies. Those movies are now literal porn. I hate shit like big mouth where it acts like a funny family-guy type show then the humor is a 6 year old humping a toy doll… Why the hell is everything so disgusting these days?

No. 835075

emrata's so insufferable that she had to essentially marry the safde bros uggo drug dealer and couldn't land an actor

No. 835090

I wanted to be on this chick's side after I heard her story about the photographer that assaulted her and then got rich off the images he stole from her, but her behavior is just so pathetic. Of course that still shouldn't have happened to her, but she just doesn't have any redeeming qualities or talents.

No. 835106

so what, just cause you can hold the thing doesn't mean you can play it

No. 835109

more like assault. get him off that poor thing

No. 835112

any black man who dated iggy azalea is certifiably mental, so probably.

No. 835115

what the hell is that thing

No. 835124

The vast majority of comments for thin models are compliments. The only thing that changed about beauty standards is people not posting how grotesque and ugly fat girls are or they'll be banned. Just because a bunch of gov supplemented companies control the narrative, ban divergent comments, and say fat girls are hot doesn't mean they're actually hot. They're still not attracting men that don't specifically fetishize them.

No. 835130

when can i travel to this dimension

No. 835151

Kek is this just the same anon filling the thread with sperging about how kurt cobain doesn't meet her personal guitar skill standards? i'm not even the anon who posted that video nor do i really care for this, but out of all men of this thread guitar-chan anon's got such a specific hateboner for him it's ridiculous. time travelling anons from the 90's probably have gone to other thread already, it's just you dragging it and becoming this edition's Emrata anon. We get it Kurt anon, you hate him.
Damn there's no way to call him out once and for all… would ex Nick stars still be blacklisted from entertainment if they started speaking now? unfortunately Amanda won't be taken seriously. Ariana's stupid enough to even be in good contact with dan schneider, chatting with him on twitter a few years back etc. (yuck) i'm afraid it'll be long long years if not decades before someone finally outs him and shows strong evidence (as if his shows and photos from the shooting studio aren't enough)

No. 835154

Brooklyn 99… for some weird reason… and the Masked Singer as the host who says “I kNeW iT” after every unmasking

No. 835156

you know… Alyssa Scott looking awfully white as a baby mama for a guy who said white people are savages with no souls

No. 835165

That's a line from the original song, this is a parody of Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray. I do agree though, her hair looks terrible. Should have gelled down thicker strands at the front to hide her hairline.

No. 835171

one of those was me so i can assure you they're not literally all the sam e person

No. 835172

I can’t get over how he seems to have no eyebrows in this pic. Weird photo to use for bragging kek.

No. 835229

try to find a good photo of that guy
i don't know how rich he is but he's ugly as sin and has an underbite asshole mouth

No. 835232

File: 1624269157855.jpg (6.68 KB, 189x267, index.jpg)

i guess that's him ?

No. 835239

he's hideous.

No. 835335

>I hate "method actors" who actually have sex in the movies
That’s a thing? Ugh I didn’t think I could hate gratuitous sex scenes more than I already did.

No. 835383

I would like to hear of films containing such scenes. Not for cooming, just to satisfy my curiosity and to side-eye those actors. I think Lust, Caution apparently came dangerously close to having real sex, but I've never seen it so I may be wrong

No. 835397

nta but I remember that the movie "Brown Bunny" with Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny has real sex scenes.

No. 835405

not looking good

No. 835409

Ewww get that thing out of my face

No. 835412

more on this pli

No. 835415

Chloe has always been over the top when performing. Honestly it’s refreshing to see someone who loves to be on stage rather than it being an obligation.

No. 835416

In the Realm of the Senses, if you like Japanese movies

No. 835417

Emrata's husband was rumored to be a coke dealer, particularly to directors the Saftie bros (directed Uncut Gems and other movies).

No. 835423

almost the same hairstyle as the one in the james corden video, shes probably gonna stay with this hairstyle for a year like her past ones. also very boring performance

No. 835429

Her voice is great as always but the song is not very exciting

No. 835446

These current singers dont know how to feel emotionally connected to their music nor change their voice depending on which word theyre saying

No. 835449


Kylie Jenner is subject to embarrassing scandal after embarrassing scandal, from being for extreme exposed photoshop and catfishing to being an unmarried mother. The 'open relationship' is by far the most humiliating. How can one woman cope with so much public humiliation?

Why not just log off, Kylie?

No. 835454

File: 1624300082794.jpg (369.4 KB, 1102x1653, Irina_Shayk_Cannes_2018.jpg)

>Kanya west starts dating Irina Shayk

nigga talk about falling from grace god damn

No. 835458

THANK YOU for saying what you did about Big Mouth. Let me put my tinfoil hat on and say it's a psyop by whichever industry head is behind it to ease people into being okay with pedophilia. I remember watching one episode with my ex that involved one of the cartoon children preparing to have sex with his cousin. He thought it was a riot. What is wrong with people? /endsperg

No. 835460


No. 835469

Come on, give us your Billie tinfoil or whatever you're hinting at here

No. 835484

An unmarried mother, the horror!

No. 835485

File: 1624302827351.jpg (203.11 KB, 1079x808, Screenshot_20210621-151306_You…)

isn't this the account that tried to get ppl (like slo4n on YouTube) to send them money? iirc it's not Amanda behind the account but a gay guy, picrel is a comment from the slo4n video

No. 835486

here's the video that I was talking about. I find slo4n to be annoying af but there's good info in the vid to support the idea that it's not Amanda

No. 835488

Isn't Irina like the most well-known beard in the industry?

No. 835492

Nta, but the writing on the wall is probably incest

No. 835493

yes. it's an open secret. her exes are Cristiano Ronaldo and Brad Cooper. there have been a ton of blind items about her contracts with them.

No. 835543

File: 1624309054205.jpg (66 KB, 547x543, 10223d65971d4926b97ad0613e340c…)

Imagine being a multi-millionaire and wearing Nikes and a crop top, of all things, to meet the president of France. Just… why? What prompted this meeting to take place? What the fuck did they talk about???

No. 835553

why are all these born-cute girls getting so much PS? i'm not attractive myself but these people are born above average and they're all getting that awful instagram low-poly look

No. 835558

File: 1624311283933.jpeg (131.71 KB, 1237x1204, 3a977b4ccbab97369050005ecc104c…)

the funniest part is she claims she's never had anything done

No. 835564

sex scenes have no place in shows, tv series or movies. I'm so tired of it all. And of course i get called a prude if a i say this to my coworkers. I dont want to watch strangers on tv have sex. it can usually be done with implications and not showing graphic scenes, but GOT is the worst offender and now all shows have to be basically porn.

No. 835575

Ugh that's something I'm not looking fowards, this hairstyle is so ugly and it ages her up. Worst one since the red hair imo.

No. 835577

>instagram low poly look
kek I love you for this

No. 835579

>Guess everyone has a fucking cuck fetish these days
kek so true

No. 835581

anon why did you delete this post

No. 835584

File: 1624315009588.jpg (106.84 KB, 634x588, 23_1624292596747.jpg)

Why did she choose an outfit to show off her cupping marks too? Celebs are so weird.

No. 835587

File: 1624315436225.png (652.52 KB, 758x412, hefty-and-trashy.png)

back as broad as her husband's smh

No. 835590

fuck yes i've been missing her and hoping we'd hear from her, i'm so ready for dan schneider's takedown especially since icarly is being revived

No. 835600

I really don't see a problem with a woman having broad shoulders, and I think it's kind of retarded to suggest that she's "hefty" as a result, but her body fat percentage is really high for someone who frequently talks about how her modeling career isn't where she wants it to be.

No. 835610

Those shoes makes him look like an autistic kid that got lost while roaming around his parents’ workplace.

No. 835648

how did she and her sister become runway models while being so large?? i mean she has a great body and pretty face but she's bigger than me and i never got out of shitty catalog jobs

No. 835663

two words: nepotism kid

No. 835670

If my husband dressed like this to a fancy event, he wouldn't be my husband anymore.

No. 835688

i never got a flu shot. im not an anti vaxxer but not all vaccines are the same reliable shit. imagine getting a flu shot every year like a good sheep lmao. my mom and i both work in healthcare. lots of people dont think flu shots are necessary at all.(derailing)

No. 835689

ok get your jab and move along then, weirdo pusher

No. 835691

File: 1624327900850.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, 30C81521-E406-4E6A-995E-84DB2A…)

Billie Eilish addressed the videos of ger saying “chink” and her doing an accent

No. 835694

Because she’s a literal Baldwin and has Hollywood white people nepotism literally built into her DNA? Either you’re retarded or being facetious

No. 835696

I swear it's like everyday that a woman/girl is cancelled for something that is ignorant/disrespectful but seldom actually harmful like some of the shit male celebrities are proven to have said/done which they don't care enough for bc men are always making comebacks and bouncing back.
I'm tired of people (they're usually self-identified feminists too kek) cancelling women when we have literal pedophiles and rapists walking free STILL getting jobs. Why can't the twitter mob redirect their energy to that instead and actually bring about some justice with their ruthlessness.

No. 835700

i feel bad for her for having such retarded fans that push her to apologize for those meaningless things, who cares what a literal 12 years old says

No. 835702

Because most of the people going after her are just jealous pick mes(newfag)

No. 835724

Man it sucks that she had to put out an apology over such dumb shit

No. 835737

rumer willis has hollywood white people DNA and she went nowhere

No. 835738

this nutjob is checking all the boxes for anti-vaxx retard alert

No. 835752

Isn’t that because she tragically malformed in utero and was born with 97% of her body being chin?

No. 835927

File: 1624363861485.png (1.12 MB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20210622-221010.png)

Why does Selena Gomez look so different in the new Vogue YouTube video?

No. 835947

she either has too much filler or gained 10kg

No. 835960

Looks like she packed on some weight

No. 836016

there's so much width compared to length though, her cheeks are like
<- - - - - - ->

No. 836019

I can't figure out what's happening, like her shoulders seem small but her head is all fat, and what in the fresh hell is that chin-neck situation

No. 836021

File: 1624372145397.png (4.05 MB, 1800x1200, cobaine.png)

>>825059(take it to the rockstar thread)

No. 836037

hasn't she always had a chubby face? what am I missing here?

No. 836066

exactly. her face is just round, she looks good in the video imo

No. 836071

she’s bloated like she always is bc she’s an alcoholic drug addict, what’s so shocking about her face?

No. 836083

File: 1624381533135.png (435.54 KB, 480x588, hbz-may-cover-hailey-useforweb…)

Careful, she may sniff you up her larger nostril.

No. 836086

doesnt a certain medication you take for lupus cause your face to develop a moon shape. Thats what i've heard.

No. 836087

File: 1624382169437.jpeg (89.49 KB, 539x671, DpPdGS0UwAAzvBc.jpeg)

That man has no shame, here he was doing a key bump of coke in broad daylight.

No. 836099

That style doesn't really fit her

No. 836100


What the fuck are those? Pajamas?

No. 836122

Silly anon, he’s a Good Christian Boy™️ and he’s just using his nasal spray to keep his sinuses clear /s

No. 836128

Lmao weird flex Emrat, but ok.

Also why does it always look like they live in a warehouse

No. 836136

Theres a pic somewhere of Grimes and Elon leaving a party at 6am after his SNL episode and Grimes eyes look like she’s rolling hard on E lol

No. 836137

No. 836141

File: 1624387504932.jpg (70.69 KB, 800x500, Elon-Musk-Grimes.jpg)

this one anon?

No. 836160

Elon is so damn chonky. How his fanboys can praise him?

No. 836173

all his fanbois are also big chonkers, anon

No. 836181

while he is chonky, anyone would look chonky standing next to skeletor grimes

No. 836201

nta but I also remember a pic of Grimes leaving the SNL afterparty looking fucked up. she was in the back of a car iirc. then she claimed to have been hospitalized for a "panic attack" days later.

No. 836203

File: 1624392277967.jpeg (353.17 KB, 1908x1146, hapsburg.jpeg)

He looks like a member of a decaying European dynasty

What the actual fuck is going on here lol. I don't care about respecting the institution of the French presidency or whatever, these outfits are gaudy and unflattering for any setting. I also noticed that Hailey's face is always frozen in the same stretched out and bored looking expression, it's a really unpleasant sight.

No. 836204


Nitpick but look at her obvious extensions that extend down below her fried hair, it looks so weird

No. 836220

File: 1624394473413.jpg (70.34 KB, 634x423, grimes.jpg)

look at them here

No. 836233

Isn't she on some sort of medication for an autoimmune disease? Prednisone fucks your face up.

No. 836242

what a shitty picture

No. 836244

i like that crazy-looking shirt. i would wear one of those.

No. 836247

File: 1624396190146.jpg (224.55 KB, 1670x1743, you think i'm strapped in for …)

No. 836316

File: 1624403871440.jpg (261.47 KB, 817x1222, justin-bieber-hailey-bieber-br…)

Kek, she looks do done.
He always look like shit next to her.
Wonder if they'll ever break up or if she'll pull a Kainey and stay with her ~celebrity dreamboat crush~ to prove the haters wrong

No. 836323

She looks like the female version of that one actor with the sunken cheeks.

No. 836325

Samefagging, MADS MIKKELSEN. That's who I was thinking of.

No. 836345

This looks like a pic of a rich older woman going on a lunch outing with her crackhead son that she's disappointed in

No. 836348

That's elon? I thought it was a fat body guard

No. 836350

Probably coke bloat + bulimia bloat + botched fillers

No. 836355

god justin looks terrible these days, does he actually see himself and think he looks good? it's such a sad degradation and he's not even 30 yet

No. 836361

This thing horrifies me. What do you do, strap the kid in until he poops?

No. 836391

does she only do abwork? i would have expected her back to be way more toned…

No. 836399


There's no way she actually has any autoimmune disorder, she's just a drug abusing alcoholic, and is then uwu surprised her body isn't thrilled about it

No. 836400

nitpick, but she's rich, can't she afford some moisturiser for her elbows? it looks like a butthole. this really isn't a good angle for her

No. 836403

What's "E"?

No. 836407


No. 836411

jennette mccurdy could just take one for the team and publicly say what the nasty foot man did to her and others, it's not like shes serious about acting anyway. i dont think its blackballing nick stars are afraid of, i think dan and nickelodeon is probably threating to actually kill them or their families. that's the only reason i can think of as to why this obvious pedo hasn't been outted yet

No. 836412

isn't that why Victoria Justice doesn't get much work nowadays? She was one of the girls who openly refuted Dan the Foot Man and then got blacklisted for that reason. Not that the other nick girls are doing all that amazingly (coming from someone who liked a lot of their shows and them despite dirty dan) besides ariana but victoria was explicitly the one in blinds who was said to have refused dan's creepy advances

No. 836415

bro looks like a sped here

No. 836416

aww i thought the red hair was cute. or at least, the style it was in, without the colour. the wavy long one

No. 836423

Scrotes are usually horning enough to fuck a woman of the race/ethnicity they’re racist/prejudiced against.

No. 836469

Old Hollywood actress Shirley Temple wrote books on her early abuse in Hollywood. She stated that young girls who were not compliant to the sexual advances of people like Dan Schneider or Harvey Weinstein were listed as "difficult to work with" on paper, which is basically code for "will fight back/likely to speak out".

Considering sexual harassment is as prominent as it is in the Hollywood industry I am not at all surprised that Victoria Justice would be marked like that for protecting herself. Miranda Cosgrove was less compliant to Schneiders advances but was careful enough to not be a trouble maker in order to maintain her career (and even with that she still isn't doing particularly well)

No. 836473

I'm curious now, do you have the titles of her book/books about this? considering what I've read Shirley went through on a surface level regarding early abuse in Hollywood I have a lot of respect for her and would like to read more into it

Haven't seen the icarly reboot yet, I can't believe with jeanette not coming back the cast majority returned. I know the actor for Gibby claimed he never saw anything happen on set, I don't think I believe him though. One of Schneider's major "protectors" Summer Redstone died last year, you think his victims would be more willing to come out now. Guess he holds much more power than we all think

No. 836485

There really hasn’t been much change since the MeToo movement unfortunately, sexual assault claims are still highly scrutinized and it never looks good for the accuser. I have no doubt a lot of actresses got “favors” and don’t want to speak out now because it could look hypocritical.

No. 836496

File: 1624429996833.jpeg (434.26 KB, 828x1384, 3A433860-EAF5-48B2-BED4-584075…)

just because Weinstein was outed doesn't mean there's not a thousand more men behind him who haven't done worse. lost my faith in entertainment men after all ive read. The whole lot are scum who'll forever get away with their misdeeds and abuses until they die because they're a man in the entertainment industry, nothing less and nothing more, bonus points if they're an attractive man. It always seems like the ones who eventually pay for it are the uggos, lookism is fucking real in impacting peoples perception. Fun fact: Leo DiCaprio's current PR agency is the same one that Weinstein was using for awhile.

On the topic of abuse, and uncancellable men, Chris Brown is battering women again, to the shock of nobody. Now this is a prime example of a guy who always manages to escape cancellation. How in the fuck has it been over ten years since he beat Rihanna senseless and threatened to kill her and people can still ignore this guys repeated pattern of woman beating?


No. 836500

as much as I think the #metoo movement is a good thing and bound to happen, I also think it had a bad ripple effect. Men are more violent than ever. Some men are uncancellable. But women are judged on anything and driven off the internet for absolutely nothing.

No. 836580

>hanging out with a man who's known for beating up a woman
Dumb bitch. No sympathy for any woman who rides his dick knowing what he did to Rihanna. Getting involved with men who are known abusers is so fucking disrespectful to their victims.

No. 836609

I'm a retard and genuinely thought it was a pic from a hospital bed until this post. I think it's the curtain in back.

No. 836618

Wait, this isn't a pic from a hospital bed?
Well, you are not alone anon.

No. 836738

File: 1624460774452.jpg (75.83 KB, 708x708, 286047612aabf934b6d5337a730648…)


She actually looks kinda good here. Idk if it's the hair or just the styling in general, but she kinda reminds me of popular 70s movie actresses.

No. 836741

Does she? Or does she just have curtain bangs

No. 836743

This picture + the caption is traumatizing

No. 836789

No. 836792

"smacked her in the head hard enough for her hair weave to fall out"

Is it awful I laughed?

No. 836875

kek anon

No. 836908

File: 1624476723277.jpeg (613.62 KB, 1290x654, 20F83E05-F519-4F2F-A911-E4701F…)

anon he’s literally been publicly violently and abusive multiple times since rihanna left, karrauche tran didnt get a restraining order against him for lols, dunno why you’re wk’ing for him but you’re completely retarded lol

No. 836923

I hope you catch a beating next

No. 836925

> Rihanna was the aggressor, beating him savagely
okay then where are the photos of his injuries?
> that was their first violent altercation and their last
and you know this how? were you with them 24/7 while they were together? you can't make claims like this authoritatively without sounding like a dumbass. for all you know, there may have been other instances of violence that were never reported.

No. 837051

is anyone keeping up with the current hearing for Britney's conservatorship? it's worse than I imagined it would be. she wasn't allowed to hire her own attorney, and Britney has alleged that they've sex trafficked her, purposely messed with her medication, and have forced her to have an IUD that they won't let her remove to stop her from having another baby. it's really atrocious.

No. 837053

File: 1624486546947.jpg (83.18 KB, 800x493, E4mXoOxXoAITqA0.jpg)

samefriend but here's a screenshot from one of the accounts livetweeting the hearing - cameras aren't allowed iirc but several twitter accounts and publications are updating live as the hearing continues

No. 837067

> Britney has alleged that they've sex trafficked her
> she wasn't allowed to hire her own attorney
she definitely as an attorney representing her. his name is Samuel Ingham III. do you mean that she wasn't allowed to choose her own attorney? because that's entirely different than what you've claimed

No. 837076

>britney has alleged
maybe illiteracy is the real pandemic. there are a bunch of different sources posting live about the hearing, both on twitter and in terms of online news publications, which has already been stated. feel free to unclench whenever though

No. 837080

lol, pedocore

No. 837099

File: 1624490158882.jpeg (102 KB, 828x690, 8ri6fmw1dg671.jpeg)

grimes pregnant again?

No. 837103

none of the sources I've come across have mentioned sex trafficking at all, and I've read a few different ones now. it's quite an outlandish claim so it's weird that you're outraged when someone asks you to back it up. this is an imageboard after all.

No. 837106

File: 1624490964982.png (396.08 KB, 1114x630, log-off-twitter-dumbass.png)

by all reputable accounts, she COMPARED herself to a sex trafficking victim, you absolute dunce. she didn't say she was literally sex trafficked. you're right about illiteracy being the real pandemic though kek

No. 837123

I hate to say this, but she is looking more and more like Elon's personalized sex-doll

No. 837136

This hairstyle is just very popular again. Women in the 70s looked far better with it though because there was an emphasis on natural beauty. Selena can't compare with her blown up lips and dubious jawline

No. 837137

are you blind anon?

No. 837154

File: 1624498603521.jpg (233.73 KB, 1080x1368, 20210624_033514.jpg)

Idk if this is the right place to post, but rip you druggie lunatic I guess lel

No. 837155

I think she's just severely arching her back for whatever reason. Iirc she said she was drunk or high during the filming of the video

No. 837160

File: 1624499988522.jpg (101.82 KB, 844x348, bfsSgego.jpg)

The actual resemblance unnerves me.

No. 837173

Oh hell no

No. 837201

Why so mad? It seems interesting what some of artists will do as a cover but from the looks of it everyone want to do Nothing Else Matters.

No. 837226

Black album sucks they can have it.

But next time put this in the rock star thread.

No. 837237

Not asking to be spoonfed or anything, I’ve read a bit about Britney’s conservatorship but I still don’t get it. Why did the court appoint her dad of all people to control all of her money and assets indefinitely? I know she had some freak outs and checked into rehab, but that was in like 2007-2008. It’s just bizarre they’ve kept this going for so long.

No. 837246

Full audio for Britney's testimony is up

No. 837256

the person recording really couldn't mute their notifs for 23 mins huh…

No. 837261

No. 837350

I didn't know much about him aside from the fact he made the software and went crazy after some point but I was surpised for some reason.

>Earth successfully uninstalls McAfee

this was kinda disrespectful but lol

No. 837351

I don’t get this. Was he killed in Spain because of tax fraud in the US? Why??

No. 837353

from what I read it is assumed he commited suicide when he learned he would be sent back to the US

No. 837373

I highly suggest the Britney doc on the YouTube channel deep dive. It’s 5 parts and long but so worth it.

No. 837430

I followed him for a while on twitter and I can assure you from what I've seen is that he would laugh about this shit too.

No. 837462

Huh. I find it interesting that Britney says she doesn't believe Paris Hilton's boarding school abuse story and that's why she'd been quiet about her abusive situation.

No. 837478

RIP McAfee. I hope hookers are pissing on you in hell.

No. 837489

And any rich men they delude themselves into thinking they can " secure the bag" then be complaining they have been scammed by the "School of Affluence" and how racist white women prevent them access to rich men KEK

No. 837494


Spoken like someone that has never been to LSA, the Women are all 10's earning 6 figures that are well travelled and cultured and most of all they have no issues with attracting any man especially white men. The people on Jane Doe Alley complaining about not being able to get a man are actually just bitter white women using digital black face as all white women are black fishingand jelly.(racebait)

No. 837496

Lizzo is a highly acclaimed flute player though. did you see the pic of her twerking with men dousing champagne on her, it reminded me of when they hose down elephants I legit was expecting them to bring the sweeping brushes along kek

No. 837502

File: 1624542622155.gif (899.02 KB, 300x264, ConfusedRareDoe-max-1mb.gif)

>it reminded me of when they hose down elephants
I love you anon

No. 837507

is this Jessi Colter?

No. 837545


No. 837547

File: 1624547730954.jpg (68 KB, 489x486, Blacklisted.JPG)

nta but most of the artist who worked on that are garbage to begin with. The only covers worth checking out going to be the Dave Gahan and Royal Blood one. This is for people who pay 100$+ just to see "Nothing Else Matters" or "Enter Sandman" live, because I can't imagine somebody else sitting through twelve different versions of one song in a row. I'm just surprised that they didn't get Gaga to do a cover since both sides swooned after the grammy disaster to do something together again, but then again they prob filled that place with Miley already kek. Overrated af album to begin with.

No. 837549

Here the miley version for anybody who wonders how it sounds like…

No. 837559

AFAIK Biffy Clyro is well loved among certain type of scrotes, though I never listened to this band

No. 837576

Rodrigo y Gabriela's would be good too since they have done pretty good covers of Metallica songs before