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File: 1623147872741.jpeg (509.33 KB, 750x722, 61C2FA9B-B397-4462-992D-3A74E0…)

No. 825301

Previous thread: >>>/ot/818392

the world is burning

No. 825307

My step dad has noticeably been staring at me since I've been losing weight and while I feel more confident to not live in baggy clothes, I feel like I can't wear anything that is slightly tight around him. He makes me very uncomfortable. Like I'm talking about wearing a tank top feels inappropriate which is stupid af but idk how to get over it.

No. 825312

do your best to leave the situation entirely, anon. move the fuck out as soon as possible.

No. 825314

oh god, iktfb. my uncle did the same thing to me when i was a teenager. he had the audacity to comment on my body, too. i still think about that to this day. fucking awful how we can’t wear appropriate clothing for hot weather without men staring at us. please stay safe

No. 825317

I don't live there but when I go visit and stay its weird.

No. 825338

ugh that's so gross, i'm so sorry. do men think we can't tell when they stare or do they just not care? or are they completely oblivious to the fact that they're doing it

No. 825342

Being a webcomic artist today must be annoying, seems like a lot of readers are demanding that you represent every sexuality, gender, race and disability the moment (not ever do anything that is more offensive than pouring milk before the cereal).
At least from what I’ve seen in the comment sections of ones I’m following/followed where there have been an increased number of people that throw a fit the moment the artist doesn’t do things the way they want over the last couple of years

No. 825348

And then try to do one small thing wrong with that representation, the outrage

No. 825352

I hate it when people post reaction gifs on here, especially if they're men reee

No. 825372

I’m so depressed and I’m honestly just thinking of killing myself, I’ve been going through it for years and it’s just reached a point where I want to give up. None of it is fixable, there’s just something wrong with me. I was never supposed to be here

No. 825377

Please do not kill yourself, Anon. What is it that you think isn't fixable?

No. 825387

I keep thinking about the girl in the grocery store whose boyfriend was berating her for wanting the mini bananas, calling them "retarded." I wanted to tell her to not listen to him but I didn't get involved. I saw them later and the scrote had a punchable narc expression and her looking dejected. I had such an urge to tell her to leave that motherfucker and I wish I did! I just hope she felt the energy coming from me, my sympathy, and the flaming urge I STILL have to punch that dude.

No. 825391

Anon please don’t. Things are so bad right now and I understand that it must be tough whatever you’re going through. If this is the worst things can be then they can only get better. If you kill yourself you won’t have the opportunity to see that. I promise whatever you’re going through is not worth it. I hope you manage to get the help you need. Please open up to anyone you can and if you need to phone a hotline please do that. That’s what they’re there for. You are not weak for opening up you are incredibly strong and I believe in you. I’m sending love and good thoughts.

No. 825396

I swear this happens like every 6 months. I end up getting a text or a DM from a rando number or priv account saying my bf cheated on me on some date and that he doesn't love me blah blah blah. Sometimes my boyfriend will get a message saying the same thing about me?? We bother no one with our relationship lol idk who wants to fuck with us so badly. Also the dates and details they try to give never add up so I'm not particularly worried, just annoyed, because they definitely know me.

No. 825401

How dare you not make the polyamorous transexual black character with vitiligo FLAWLESS?

No. 825410

Kek I've seen webcomic artists actually go and change the races of a character mid-story, like for example edit the skin color darker and add black features to already finished pages trailing back years. Or they draw "concept art" of a fat disabled black vitiligo tranny character they will never actually introduce in the story. Also all conflict must be removed from the story and it has no real substance because everything is bigoted in some way. It must get exhausting to keep pandering to goalposts that never stop moving.

No. 825412

File: 1623163170524.jpg (19.92 KB, 400x267, 78467489_XS.jpg)

I hate lawyers.

No. 825417

I am so tired of dealing with bedbugs. I am so tired of dealing with my stubborn dad who has made the entire ordeal exponentially more stressful and aggravating and drawn out than it needed to be. I just want my clothing out of storage. I just want to visit my friends homes and not fear passing bedbugs onto them when I hug them. I'm so tired anons.

No. 825423

You're still dealing with the fucking bedbugs? Fucking slap your dad, how hard can it be to not be a dumbass

No. 825432

Very hard apparently. He wanted to go to court to fight our building about paying it, even after I said I would pay for everything if I got to pick the exterminator. We were issued a letter from the building's lawyer. He wants to do nothing but play victim, but he's already shot himself in the foot multiple times throughout this whole ordeal and even when I point out valid things that they will say if we went to court (e.g. we did not tell them we've had bedbugs for far longer because my dad did not believe it was a big deal so we hid that we had bedbugs, they denied us an extension to prep our apartment even though we actually had months to do it before the first treatment even happened, our apartment is still full of unnecessary things that my dad things is essential, etc etc) he just screams at me that I'm being stubborn. Like, do you think their lawyer isn't going to point any of this out? lol Everything is stacked against us.

Then when he finally agreed to let me pick and pay for our own exterminator, he suddenly says "I'm just going to email them as a courtesy. I'm not seeking their permission." Like, we are SO fucking close to wrapping this up. Just shut the fuck up and get the board's permission and then we will be D O N E with this. Literally every step of the way he has to kick and scream and throw a tantrum and make things 100 times harder. The building will fine us if we get an unapproved exterminator, god knows how much the fine is because they'll probably pull a number out their ass. I specifically told him that we are going to ask for a written and signed letter of their approval to cover our ass because he's so worried they're going to back out on their word.

The best thing that can come out of this is we get treatment and the board stops trying to stick us with a thousands of dollar bill (they are trying to say that we are the source of bedbugs and get us to pay for treatment for the whole building and the office room even though there are other apartments in my building that have them too).

No. 825434

Ugh, I've also had bedbugs fora couple months, and they're such demons. The worst is when they chill out for a while so you think they might be dying off, but then they pop up again. Praying for the both of us.

No. 825437

Anon I'm praying for you!!! It's been almost two years now in my apartment I think. My room has been okay since I treated it with cimexa, but with summer approaching I've seen them again. I literally found 10 freely scurrying around on my parents bed last night and I just wanted to start crying because I'm so sick of this. Thankfully I have not been bitten in my own bed in months but I know they will spread to my room again.

No. 825448

jfc some people on social media need to go outside. i swear, any time someone tries to discuss pedophilia within the entertainment industry and the government, some retard tries to shut down the convo by calling us Q believers. we can't even try to defend ourselves bc they're so fucking loud about it and have flying monkeys by their side at all times.

No. 825473

File: 1623167306780.jpg (28.88 KB, 500x600, 07401-0658_1_500x600_crop_cent…)

It pisses me off what some people get away with irl.

There's a contracted girl at my office who routinely gets away with murder. The second month she started she allegedly broke her foot. She was out of work for a few days and came back wearing a boot for like half a week until she was seen wearing heels like picrel. One of the perks she got? A personalized printer at her desk so she wouldn't have to walk back and forth between print jobs like the rest of us do. Fortunately that personal printer might be getting banished because someone complained about the noise.

A few weeks back she allegedly "slipped a disc" and was out of work and doing remote (aka not really working) for two weeks. Now she's doing half days from 11am-3pm in the office and the rest remote, conveniently so she doesn't have to report to work early and can leave early.
SHE WORE FUCKING PICREL TODAY! Hello? When does anyone call bullshit on this? Do people with back and foot injuries wear fucking stiletto heels only a couple weeks after these things happen???
Cause it seems to me these are just convenient excuses to work half assed days and get shit catered to her. What the fuck.

No. 825475

Eugh I’m so annoyed, I was with my friend group playing vidya recently and we’ve all been having a good time, but then today I find out my friend invited this Twitter type person for my other friend group

Usually I’d wouldn’t mind but Twitter person has openly been creepy towards me and follows me around online, so now I just feel uncomfortable playing with that friend-group

Not to mention everyone in that group has very edgy/dark humour and Twitter person is a they/them bio so it’s just waiting on drama

I have no idea why my friend invited them in the first place, he was there when this person was creepy towards me and stood up for me at the time, men are dense as fuck

No. 825478

tbh while i'm totally on your side it sounds like you're the one that needs to go outside

No. 825483

I'm having such a hard time adjusting to third shift hours I feel exhausted all the time. I love my job but idk how to get meaningful sleep during the day.

No. 825485

It sucked but the only thing that helped me adjust was keeping a strict sleeping schedule and also dark curtains. I missed out on a lot more social things and it made errands more annoying but I didn't feel like death.

No. 825489

I guess she's pretty anon

No. 825490

I don't know what to do with my life anymore. I graduated from highschool with bad grades and started uni but after trying it for a year I think I might not be cut out for this. My main motivation was to get a bachelor's degree and go into accounting or something similar but the way I'm struggling right now makes it obvious that I was being very naive. Should I give it up? I guess it would be better if I did as soon as possible if I am going to quit, but I'm afraid that my bad grades and no job experience will make it impossible to find anything. I'm scared of applying for vocational education/training, a lot of stuff I read on the internet suggests that they're only interested in motivated people with good grades and that the way I went into this major without thought is like a red flag that tells them I'm stupid and irresponsible and unreliable. I'm scared of applying to jobs because my cv is empty and I'm too retarded to write a cover letter, something is blocking me whenever I try. It reminds me that I exist as a person, I can't stand it.
Becoming a librarian would be a little interesting to me, the downsides are that it doesn't pay well and you have to talk to people a lot. I also haven't read a book in years, I just did one internship at a library for a few weeks some years back and really enjoyed the work because it was so easy and low-pressure. But they also want people with good grades in at least languages, which I had especially bad grades in because the teacher weighed mostly participation and I was a depressed emo kid that never talked.
I feel so useless, my parents have paid for all this and for what? I really want to give up on everything. What have I been doing all my life? I'm nearly twenty two, I have no interests, friends or experience. My only motivation is art and I could have gotten into an art school but decided against because of multiple reasons. I just want to have an okay and boring office job that leaves me with enough free time to do whatever and pays well enough for a small flat and a cat but it feels like that's an unreachable dream. I should have killed myself at 14 after all, since then nothing has felt real anyway

No. 825494

A great way to lose all of my respect instantly is by suddenly going off about what a terrible person someone is and listing off everything shitty about them immediately after they end their friendship or relationship with you. Not only does it come across as petty and vindictive, but it's laughably ironic that you're on such a high horse when you're basically admitting that you don't have standards for the people you surround yourself with.

No. 825496

File: 1623170143948.jpeg (45.2 KB, 750x742, 841A0180-C78E-4E40-9998-6ECC6C…)

yesterday I bought a new delta 8 cart and battery bc im tired of using disposables all the time but the cart got stuck in the battery and broke so I replaced the battery AND the cart which sucked. I accidentally left the new vape in the hoodie I brought to work today and put another disposable nicotine vape in the pocket with it. I go to the bathroom and as I flush and turn around to exit, both vapes fly out of my pocket and flush down the drain faster than I can fucking react. I stood in shock at the toilet bowl and stared at myself shaking at the sink when I went to wash my hands. It felt so surreal.

Now I have to go back to the smoke shop for the third time in like four days to replace the stuff that has quite literally gone down the drain.

No. 825497

This is a bit of mental health and self-harm vent/sperg so don't read if it triggers you.
After some very stressful events in my life, I started self-harming again. It's usually just beating myself to not leave any scars but I do scratch or cut very rarely too. But it's always hidden and no one knows, I am very careful about it. I've been self-harming since I was a little kid (9ish, I'm mid 20s now). Aside from self-harm I was weirdly proud when I got injured as a kid.
It's absolutely not sexual - it doesn't turn me on or anything.
For some reason I feel I should be doing it, I don't get any feeling of shame afterwards, I just feel like I did something natural and my head clears up. When I messed up, it punishes me, when I feel too much emotion, it grounds me. I don't understand what is wrong with me. I did get help for some other minor issues like anxiety but doctors don't really think the self harm is a big deal for me because I don't look it and they just won't ever let me even tell them properly. I'm very formal and look calm.
So I feel like it maybe really isn't an issue but I'm not sure. I'm not sure if self-harming is okay for me to do as long as it's a secret, not overly violent and I don't leave any scars because it seems to me like it doesn't have any downside.

No. 825499

I'm sorry anon I laughed. They say bad things come in threes, so maybe brace yourself for a spectacular third destruction? Perhaps this is a sign of some kind

No. 825507

every girl i follow on social media ends up on only fans i’m so over this shit. just saw an artist i really respect had one and i look at some of the captions on whatever she posts and she’s calling herself a “dirty little slut” like come the fuck on.

No. 825511

sometimes it’s hard to escape a toxic relationship or friendship, I had a close friend who was constantly disgusting me with her behavior, but she fed me enough apologies and attempts at being decent that once I finally cut her off and allowed myself to feel all the anger I’d been suppressing, I had a massive list of bad shit she’d done to me. Definitely a good lesson for the future though.

No. 825512

File: 1623171049660.jpeg (280.18 KB, 2044x2308, C1E40844-9546-405F-81B8-AC97C8…)

KEKKK anon I'm sorry but the cannagods are telling you to stop buying smokeshop boof and step up your game. start buying raw disty, fill your own carts. saves you hella money in the Long run

No. 825513

this sounds like a sign to stop smoking lmaoooo save ur money nonnie

No. 825517

god I want to fucking sperg out and have no one fucking care I want to sperg out on someone. with someone. at someone. I just want to be fucked up mentally socially physically emotionally but not spiritually. that is too sacred. I can't sperg like that about those matters. I just need to sperg out nowOwoWOWOWOOWww

No. 825524

Every lesbian I know is now non-binary and taking testosterone

I miss when it was ok to flaunt being hyper femme and it wasn’t a weakness. That or being butch didn’t mean you’re a dude. It all feels misogynistic

No. 825540

File: 1623172958605.jpeg (141.83 KB, 750x1334, 4EE90920-A5C0-466A-A6F6-634687…)

I hate that imageboards have destroyed my brain because this is the first thing that reminded me of

No. 825542

Because it usually is, especially if someone pressured them.

I'm so glad I grew up without all this crap kids have to see today. Was always a tomboy and I even used male pronouns as a kid because I didn't know I was a girl kek. All the women on tv and irl had breasts and I didn't so 5 year old me thought that made perfect sense.

No. 825544

File: 1623173138084.jpeg (83.91 KB, 500x383, E0924134-AB48-4F0B-BC67-9922A5…)

Having a pretty privileged life and being told I'm "special" as a child and growing up led me to lack the necessary character to actually succeed. Gifted kid syndrome is an example of this but imo it is a much bigger societal problem. I always assumed that boomers making fun of participation prizes et cetera were bitter old people but they were kind of right. If you as a child are told you're special and amazing without needing to work for it, or do anything, then you're more likely to not work hard enough or even learn how to. Hey, you're already wonderful whether you do or not, hey, you can coast by like that so it must attest to your wonderfulness!

Obviously the blame is on me and others like me for this, but how you're raised really does set you up. There should be more emphasis to kids on having goals, working hard to achieve them, and how that's what makes a successful and admirable person. Otherwise you can slack off and lack direction in your youth, it's ok because you're still special anyway, and while it feels so bad because deep down you know it's hard to climb out of. Then when you're older you realize that you haven't actually achieved anything and feel like a failure. Thing is you were never gifted, never special, you need to learn to aim for something and achieve it to be that. So yeah, that's what I wish I learned sooner. Trying to be a better person and teach it to myself now that I realized. I'm not an amazing, successful person as I am but I want to be and can try and get there by working and building character.

Anyway I know this isn't a universal problem because there are kids who did work hard, people who built the necessary character. I think they should be considered the real special ones if anyone is at all.

No. 825545

I saw that picture too and my first word associated was "botulism". this is worse tho

No. 825551

I have this coworker that is super slow, never worked in an agency before, didn't realize that YouTube was a website and not just an app, etc. She's so fucking retarded and retains zero information. I don't mind when people ask questions but Jesus Christ. I feel bad because she's in her 40s and clearly doesn't understand technology so I feel like I'm being too hard on her, but she also only got hired because she's the manager's cousin. I wish she'd leave me alone fuuuuuckkkkk

No. 825552

I love being femme but at the same time I hate feeling like I'm playing into conventional standards that women have to fit into because men like it.

No. 825554

this nonna >>825542 is right, it's highly misogynistic and homo(lesbo-)phobic. society has never been kind to lesbians and especially not to young ones. social contagion is a helluva thing currently and it's fucking depressing

No. 825558

Am I crazy or is it normal to grieve for a relationship for an extended period of time?? It’s been going on three months since I was dumped and I’m still reeling and feeling my self esteem is non existent.

No. 825561

You're not crazy. 3 months is hardly long enough for most people to move on. You need more time and more ways to recover from the emotional impact. Your self-esteem is a pretty foundational part of you so any damage to it won't go away so easily. Best of luck, just know it's normal and not something wrong with you.

No. 825565

Took me over a year to get over my last relationship, and it was a short lived one at that. Take all the time you need anon, the last thing you need is to feel bad about still feeling bad and launching yourself deeper into the rabbit hole.

No. 825569

My stupid period brain really wants to message this cute girl and maybe see her but I also know that she doesn't care about me so I shouldn't bother lol

No. 825571

how can you know for certain whether she has similar feelings if you don't reach out? Having to speculate is worse than flat out rejection imo

No. 825573

I double emailed my school's admissions office after like five days of radio silence. She said she sent a response 5 days ago but I NEVER got it. Checked my spam folder and everything. I feel like I look like a fucking idiot but I swear I didn't get the first email. What the fuck.

No. 825576

People that claim therapy is fake and just here to scam you and force you to take pills "you don't need" tire me out so much. They're usually so incredibly adamant that they're right that there is no point to even trying to argue with them, no wonder therapy didn't work for them if they're that thick-skulled

No. 825577

you should message her

No. 825582

I don't project my experience on other, but tbf to them there are A LOT of awful therapists and psychiatrists who are either terrible at their jobs or downright corrupt. I've dealt with so much inconsistency from them that I simply don't trust their input and basically use just therapists as a sounding board at this point.

No. 825587

Then stop going and leave those appointments to people that will actually use them to get better

No. 825591


me too, nonny. wish i had more words of encouragement other than, i too am suffering a lot. it takes up so much energy to pretend to be happy.

No. 825595

I have been tolerating completely unacceptable and disloyal behaviour from my boyfriend, who I adore, for 3 years. Why am I such a spineless invertebrate. I have absolutely no self-respect. I think I might be the most pathetic person in the world. When I think of the inappropriate things he says to his ex, I want to cry and die.

What's wrong with me? I keep typing out messages, hoping I will find the courage to confront him, but I don't have the balls to hit send. I just want him to stop hitting on her. He's been doing this for years, they live in different continents, so why does he bother?

I am such a pathetic piece of shit. Yes, I have begged him to stop and he won't. He has made it clear how little he thinks of me. There is lots of good in the relationship which makes it impossible to just let go.

im the girl in the grocery store

No. 825596

LOL based anon.

No. 825598

A lot of therapists are like that though. I'm jaded as hell from going through the system and being put on fucking SSRIs at 14

No. 825601


lol you ingrate american first worlders really piss me off. i would kill to get a therapist

No. 825604

Been going on and off meds and gone through a number of therapists since I was a teen too anon, jaded or not how you respond to therapy is 50% YOUR choice.
Of course there are going to be shitty therapists, just like there are shitty doctors, shitty lawyers, shitty busdrivers, shitty hair dressers etc. Some people are just shit at their job. Some therapists just don't vibe with you. Some base their practices on philosophies that might not line up with what you need. However, it is your job to help them figure out how to help you. If whatever your therapist is doing isn't working for you, FUCKING TELL THEM.

No. 825610

Anon ughhhhh this makes my heart hurt. My husband and I have been together 11 years and he does this. I'm afraid it wont ever get better, I'm literally going insane more and more everyday.

No. 825611


omgomgomg someone in my exact situation? and people tell you just to 'leave' its so stupid. im glad i finally found you nonny, no one else understands. no one else gets it….

No. 825629

I'm pretty suspicious of the mental health care system too, I was put on SSRIs at 11 and had a licensed therapist tell me I needed to just believe in Jesus and my mental illnesses would go away. It's so fucking hard to find a good therapist, not to mention how costly it is.

No. 825630

File: 1623182578582.gif (296.01 KB, 834x870, 1607450878806.gif)

i'm often depressed that i can't draw. i'm twenty-two this year, i've always wanted to learn how, but i stopped upon entering uni and have yet to pick it up back up. anyway the cycle is as follows:
>get a burst of inspo, go to practice
>am shit.
>get depressed
>stop for another month
i want to break out of this retarded cycle because not being able to draw is killing me. i'm so jealous of artists it's ridiculous and toxic

No. 825632

My boyfriend just backed into something, destroying the bumper on our new car and when he told me, I laughed and said something like "Why would you hit it?" or something and he got mad at ME. What the fuck? Anyway, Runescape time. Men are trash, but they pay the bills and the membership fees

No. 825637

Are you the same anon that berated me years ago in the loser ex bf thread about dating a runescape guy that wasnt mod ash or are there more than two of us?

No. 825638

No. 825641

Buck Breaking is the most homophobic, misogynistic piece of shit "documentary" I have ever seen. Literally just black moids blaming white people for everything wrong in their life. Some hatefuel highlights:

>white people are all homosexuals and pedophiles and tried to turn black men gay

>white women raped black slaves and were more cruel to them than male slave owners
>white women ruined the black family by greating feminism and turning black women into lesbians
>feminism created black deadbeat dads because of birth control (???)
>white people are trying to turn black men gay by putting soy in prison food
>white women made laws against black women wearing natural hair because white men found them too attractive
>white female teachers are to blame for black men doing poorly in school because they preach "toxic masculinity"
>the "transexual" agenda was created by white people to make black men less masculine

This entire documentary is just black male victim narrative and cope. Absolutely ridiculous.(racebait)

No. 825642

Please do whatever you can to leave. My ex was like this too and I stayed for years until I literally had a mental breakdown. I wish that was an exaggeration but no, I went crazy over stupid scrote shit. Being in a relationship with someone who treats you like you’re worthless is never worth it. Get out before he fucks you up even more.

No. 825645


oh nonny, if only i had the strength. it does cause me a lot of pain, but without him i have no source of love, cuddles, sex etc. life wouldnt be worth living.

No. 825646

Bitch wtf I was so close to forgeting this

No. 825653

I don't get how people think like this. I'd rather die alone than have someone who doesn't love me even attempt to touch, cuddle, or have sex with me. How do you not feel nauseous knowing that all the I love you's are fake and he doesn't even see you as a person, just a fleshlight?

No. 825654

i feel shitty, how do you think i feel?

we dont have sex all that often so i dont think im being used for that but certainly i am being used to company, affection etc, but arent all relationships an exchange of that?

i wish i could live like you but sadly i have BPD which means its very hard to let your Fav person go. i know its a pathetic excuse but i just cant. its been years. my friends and family beg me to leave him but i cant do it.

i wish i had your strength, nonna. treasure that bravery, i do not possess it.

No. 825660

File: 1623186831943.png (331.49 KB, 483x1042, Original_OC_pls_do_not_steal.p…)

Seeing sexuality and weird race changes pushed into fanart reminds me of when every autist was making a sonic OC monstrosity.

No. 825662

Oh no the cwinge who TF makes ocs?? Insane.

No. 825663

File: 1623187418849.png (216.77 KB, 500x352, 9DF9D5A0-6641-43E8-8E31-8F6227…)

Yeah, who said creating OCs was cringe?

No. 825666

>without him i have no source of love
How can you say this while also saying
>completely unacceptable and disloyal behaviour
>He has made it clear how little he thinks of me.
What source of love? You're just lying to yourself.

>life wouldnt be worth living without him

You know he isn't the only man on earth, right?

No. 825671

People who complain about non offensive OCS tend to be as or more autistic as the people they bitch about, with no lives obviously

No. 825674

It's almost like…people make original characters based off of their own identity…weird…

No. 825678

I don't mind this >>825660
but this >>825663 is obviously haram

nta but op was talking about racebending fanart of already existing characters, often times who are already "poc" but get changed anyway for woke points.

No. 825679

adding onto this because they also do it to historical figures who owned slaves for some reason

I mean, maybe it's based because those guys would hate it? still absolutely bad taste though

No. 825681

I don’t know if these people are on unemployment, I don’t want to be judgmental but what else would explain the insane amounts of money people are spending on shit like video games, toys and “collectibles” right now. It’s nauseating that I’m working and having difficulty finding another job yet if I were to sell all the books or games I bought as a teenager I could probably pay off my car or travel for a couple months.

No. 825682

Crushing on a 74 year old. I'm so fucking gross what the fuck. I thought he was 60 but turns out, nah. This dude is nearly dead.

No. 825685

File: 1623190095567.jpg (81.76 KB, 626x447, 164548800.jpg)

Take them, you'll feel better.

No. 825686

Where do you even meet 74 year olds that you can get close enough to crush on them?

No. 825687

Fuck it, get that inheritance

No. 825689

File: 1623190243390.jpeg (789.99 KB, 1125x1103, B7C160BB-A063-4CC2-A386-CBA5CB…)

Alright, who is it. It's gotta be some aging rockstar, am I right? Explain yourself to the jury.

No. 825691

File: 1623190407793.jpeg (86.41 KB, 446x400, A80A6197-78B5-4A73-99B5-F84A7D…)

Why nonnie? What the fuck? Make sure he’s rich or that he’s willing to let you keep some valuables when he expires.

No. 825694

we need answers anon

No. 825697

How can I cope with the fact my boyfriend was talking to a really pretty girl before we got together? I saw her on his Snapchat list, but their messages were from before we started dating. Her Snapchat came up on my quick add so I looked up her name and found all her social media accounts. She’s so pretty it actually makes me feel like killing myself. I know my boyfriend wishes he was with her instead of me and he’s just settling for me. I feel crushed.

No. 825700

i had a similar situation with my current bf but you have to remind yourself that you see yourself different than he sees you. while the other girl might be prettier in your mind, he might disagree and also like other things about you much more than her, like your personality, interests, etc. i know its hard to silence that voice in your head but you just have to trust that he is with you because he wants to be.

No. 825701

Stop being so bpd about it. He chose you,you make it sound like he doesn't message her anymore now you're dating so you'll just have to get over it

No. 825710

>>825700 is right. Before I got with my ex, one of his friends had a huge crush on him. She was so beautiful, successful and had a fun personality I almost got a crush on her, ‘objectively’ better than me, yet he rejected her and dated me when we met later on. Similarly, I’ve rejected people who are amazing but I just didn’t feel anything for. Love is weird, as long as he’s being good to you go with it. Don’t ruin it by being upset over nothing.

No. 825713

Hahahaha no, that wasn't me but that made me laugh
I play both but recently fallen in love with RS3 or whatever they call it.

No. 825717

File: 1623192035840.png (52.69 KB, 374x192, 423984732986432523.png)

It makes me so angry my ex was my exact type physically. I have somewhat uncommon taste esp for the type of guys in my country but he had it all right down to the "would be nice" traits. Fuck. Why did he have to have mento ilness he refused to treat and a garbage personality? He could be the perfect partner when he felt like it, those occasions were just ridiculously rare. I can't even hate fuck him now because he was that bad. THE BAR WAS THAT LOW YOU POS NOW WE'RE BOTH INCELS

No. 825725

if he has stopped talking to her then chances are he has already put her out of his mind and only wants you. the longer you are with him the more he will forget her.

No. 825789

File: 1623196521454.jpg (152.19 KB, 1366x767, imageforentry1810.jpg)

He's a family friend. He's super flirtatious and always finds a way to touch me. I'm disgusted by his age but I swear he looks and acts much younger. He's extremely cocky and never breaks eye contact for even half a second, it's like he can see right through you. I just want him for a couple of years. Like until he gets so old he starts becoming frail and shit, because that's gross. He looks similar to pic rel and that is the exact way he always looks at me and it turns me into a cringey giggly little bitch. God I am sorry

No. 825793

I’m so sorry, nonnie, i hope you can develop some taste in the future, who knows? His inheritance might help you out with that.

No. 825802

I'm laughing so hard, please be my friend anon

No. 825803

Wtf I can 100% tell you’re projecting an ideal on a dry raisin.

No. 825806

Oh god anon, I'd probably fall for him too.

No. 825807

Back to /g/ the lot of you!

No. 825812

The worst part about being at my loneliest was going to tinder or bars and the only thing scrotes could do was "muh dick". Like bro I'll give you sex but can you at least pretend to give a shit.

No. 825828

I was going to ignore your suggestions but she just messaged me out of nowhere lol. Guess yall were right!

No. 825845

I understand the concept of milfs and dilfs, but this dude literally looks like my grandpa in the casket at his funeral. Gross, anon.

No. 825847

Even a creepy perverted therapist that causes more trauma than before? or a therapist that wants you to become a tranny? or a therapist that thinks you're possessed by demons?

No. 825849

File: 1623203712682.gif (13.01 KB, 100x100, 19F97A5B-F571-49F5-93DA-118766…)

I got into a car crash and totaled my car, meaning it’s too broken to be fixed. I don’t have the proper insurance to cover it either… it was my first car and I really loved it… forgive the 2008 emo gif but it’s exactly how I feel right now.

No. 825850

>>825372 Chin up. What's unfixable? You've been alive for years and years, and you've been going through it for years. You're here and have a reason for being. Maybe you haven't seen why you're supposed to be here. Maybe you haven't found the key to fix everything. But eventually, you will. We all live for different things. We all have different solutions and fixes. Keep your head up, love.

No. 825852

You might be able to sell it to the people that get it after totaling. I crashed my moms car, after she paid it off, and they paid her 4,000 for it.

No. 825877

Stop calling yourself a nonbinary woman. You are a 45 year old woman. Please god why the fuck does every person I talk to end up like this????

No. 825878


they/thems over the age of 22 or so genuinely have mental problems. I can understand teenagers falling for this shit because they're inherently retarded due to their underdeveloped brains and will hop on any stupid trend to feel cool and special, but a grown fucking adult identifying as nonbinary??? Demented.

No. 825882

I flipped my car over and totaled it texting and driving. Really unfortunate, as it was relatively new and in good shape. But I owed like 8k on it and the debt evaporated thanks to insurance. Sorry about your car anon.

No. 825907

I honestly can't wait to rip the carpet from under my stupid roommate by telling her we're charging her rent starting next month. Tired of her stupid ass.

No. 825924

why do men love talking about how moraly superior they are to fucking rapsists like ok do you want a fucking award? a gold medal? the bar isnt exactly high.

No. 825925

I'm so upset. I realized one of my friends was missing on Facebook. Searched for her sister and found she made a new account last week with only a few people on it and the profile pic is of her with a new boyfriend. Found his account and I'm just lost for words.

She's turning 25 this year. He's 41. She is the sweetest and kindest person you'd ever meet, but she's incredibly naive. Orthodox Christian and homeschooled. I always knew she'd probably end up with a creep (she always talked to me about another guy who was 10 years older than her that was pursuing her) but I'm just so sad that her community and family is encouraging this. She's a beautiful and bright woman and she can do so so much better than some 41 year old uggo scumbag.

I don't even know how to bring it up to her and I don't think I will. She's technologically incompetent and she moved away last year so our friendship is sparse now. My husband and I were always taking care of her when she was here because she was just too innocent for her own good and was constantly lost and getting taken advantage of and now after we've lost close contact this happens. The fact that she had to make a new FB account is really bothering me.

No. 825931

Distracted driving kills more people than drunk driving these days. I see people texting behind the wheel all the damn time. Save it for stoplights, anons.

No. 825933

File: 1623216502597.jpeg (81.8 KB, 1200x500, CB9D6AE4-45A2-42D7-9D58-4E7D6F…)

If my roommate doesn’t stop screeching on the phone at 11 at night I’m going to go roundhouse kick her in the jaw

No. 825934

Men always think they ought to be drowning in pussy just for meeting the bare minimum of being a decent human being (which they usually aren't, except in their own minds).

No. 825935

I’m sorry that’s happening to your friend anon. It sounds almost exactly like what happened to my friend several years ago, she was young, conservative Christian, met older guy in her circle, etc. When they got married, she moved states and never spoke to any of her old friends again, deleted fb, just disappeared basically. It was bizarre and hard to believe some kind of abuse wasn’t happening. I truly wish the best for your friend anon, I hope you’re able to maintain contact with her.

No. 825936

File: 1623216916842.jpg (13.08 KB, 367x380, 1501285475126.jpg)

Is it possible to find a scrote who DOESN'T watch porn?? Someone give me hope please. I know watching porn isn't necessarily the same as physical cheating, and from what I understand of the male perspective it's primarily for just releasing their hormonal urges and I can understand they're not necessarily getting that emotional pleasure that comes with actual sex. In my personal opinion, it's one thing to consume that garbage when you're single, but if you're involved with someone and they're already sending you personal material, why would you go out and seek it somewhere else? Is it wrong to feel like that's a slap in the face? I'll admit I feel insecure, but isn't it understandable when the guy you like is jerking it to some girl who's no doubtedly prettier? Is it expected that girls accept this and be cool with it? I really hope modern dating isn't this fucked.

No. 825943

File: 1623217885046.jpg (35.57 KB, 680x578, madotsukidepressed.jpg)

The newfaggotry that came with admin revealing that creepshow posted on lc make me wanna lowkey put a bullet in my head

No. 825948

Doesn't help that the fucking news of all this is on TikTok. Saw this anon's post >>1250396 and realized a bunch of minors are gonna come flocking here.

No. 825953

Men form parasocial relationships with porn actresses. They don't just watch it for releasing themselves or whatever. For them it is also not that different from actual sex because they don't really feel or seek that emotional pleasure, remember that men will fuck anything as long as it's sexy to them and feels physically good. The only difference is that pussies are warm and they like it more I guess. I would totally see it as cheating if a man watches porn so regularly and insists in doing so.

No. 825958

>Is it possible to find a scrote who DOESN'T watch porn??
No. Most men grew up with porn so most have an addiction.
>Is it wrong to feel like that's a slap in the face?
No, you have every right to feel this way. You don't have to be the "cool gf who lets her bf oogle at other women". Talking to your partner about your boundaries is always good and if he shows any signs that he doesn't want to respect them then break all ties with him. Or else you're going to be dealing with constant arguing and misery.

No. 825961

I would ask in stupid questions but for me this is pretty personal and emotional to think about. How do you accept the thought of a future without marrying a man?

Whenever I think about the possibility of it, whether that means dying single or being with a woman, I feel terribly guilty and ashamed like I would be a failure not to settle with a scrote. It's not that I have even decided that I never will, I try to keep my mind open, but it disturbs me that the very idea of not doing it is so dreadful. It's not even because I believe I could find one to be happy with, in fact I feel the opposite, like all men disappoint and disgust me. How come I can't let this fairytale go? Is it the expectation from my family? Probably somewhat, to be honest. I already feel like I've disappointed my parents so I at least owe them this future. The thing is I don't know if I really want it for myself outside of how I've been trained. I'm not sure because in order to know, I should have a healthier view of how I'd survive without it. I can't imagine myself without this future without panicking so it doesn't feel like a fair choice

No. 825968

Ikr, tiktok has so many underagefags. Someone in the dumbass shit thread mentioned that someone unironically said "newfriends" and i want to die

No. 825971

I fully expect to be single for the majority of my life, I can't see myself ever settling for the trash many women marry just for the sake of being married. Admittedly I never had fantasies about having a family so I never got attached to the idea, but it still gets to me because I'm afraid of the stigma, people assuming I'm miserable and lonely, practical issues like not always having someone to help me with certain things, etc. It's a tough choice to make and it's hard to tell what you really want in life when so much societal conditioning exists specifically to pressure women into lowering their standards out of desperation for marriage (despite all the studies clearly showing it negatively affects our health, leisure time, finances, life span, career etc while it improves men's lives in all areas…).

Anyway I think it helps to focus on what you gain from being single rather than what you might miss out on. I see it as total freedom and a way to maximize my energy and free time while minimizing stress and drama. As a risk averse person, the security and safety that comes with only needing to trust and rely on myself is invaluable. I don't think I can give it up for a gamble like marriage.

No. 825980

It takes a lot of deconditioning. Even if you don't get an obscene amount of "When are you getting married?" from your family it's what society as a whole pushes, saying a woman's primary worth is being a scrote's bangmaid and popping out children. In media men are praised for being individualistic and heroic, meanwhile women are admirable for looking pretty and being nice. That's slowly changing in some countries but we still have a long way to go. As >>825971 says, I think there's actually a ton gained from being single. I used to look back on my relationship with some yearning for what I had, but all it basically amounted to was some physical pleasure (no orgasms though, that was still on me lol), a person to talk to (not always pleasant conversations though), and occassional help with chores and meals. Meanwhile, the list of negatives was immense. I can take care of those three desires quite easily in ways that won't drag down my worth, opportunities and physical/mental well being. At this stage a man would have to greatly improve my life over what I can provide myself, and that's a tall fucking order. It's a relief not to have a parasite attached to me and do whatever I want without waiting for the inevitable sarcastic commentary, mopey expression or entitled attitude to re-emerge.

Not worrying about a manchild freed me up to truly focus on myself and accomplishing the things I want in life. You need to see yourself as a worthy person and explore what brings you real happiness without feeling the desire to live up to someone else's expectations of you. That can be difficult when you've spent most of your life looking to please others, but it is possible and worthwhile.

No. 825982

Thank you guys, seriously, for your answers. I don't have time to type a full reply but I'm screenshotting them to mull it over further.

Something that bothers me about my problem is that there's almost a moral aspect to my guilt? I almost feel like it's wrong of me to not marry a man, and that I actually would regret it and die lonely. Then when it comes to being with a woman I know I could be happier but I am scared that homophobes are right . Sorry to pack so much in my reply but I think I have a lot of religious trauma to work through as well

I am deathly afraid of being wrong

No. 825987

>die lonely
Most men are terrible company. They have almost zero capacity for empathy and I truly felt the loneliest I ever have in my previous relationship. Because I was technically "with" someone yet he refused to be there for me when I needed him most. The sense of abandonment and betrayal was strong. Funnily enough, I had zero self esteem and was going through a big depressive episode largely because of his emotional abuse, so on top of not supporting me he wasn't supporting me over something he caused. Now I'd say I'm "alone but not lonely" because I have wonderful (female) friends who actually show up for me in addition to self confidence so I don't feel the need for a man's, or really anyone's, approval. If I'm upholding my values and working towards things I find worthwhile then that's enough to feel content.

It's great that you're open to relationships with women. I know that comes with its own set of difficulties and stigma, but in general far more women are capable of a healthy, full love compared to men. Have you ever spoken with self-assured lesbians about your feelings? Honestly I think finding a supportive group of women who have dealt with this sort of thing before would be most beneficial over a therapist who might buy into the whole genderqweer crap and confuse the issue further.

No. 825990

It's impossible to say what the right and wrong decision is until it's been made, but keep in mind that there is a lot of proof out there that getting married absolutely can be the wrong decision. Many women have their lives ruined by marrying and especially having children with the wrong man.

It's ok to just be passive and open minded about it, rather than thinking you need to make a decision here and now. If a great, marriage material man (or woman) comes into your life then you have that option. If he doesn't, you just ended up not meeting the right person and that's fine too. Either way it's not your fault or responsibility, it's luck and chance. Not something to beat yourself up over.

No. 825993

File: 1623225781214.jpeg (244.3 KB, 1170x2199, 2EE0397D-9D00-49D8-8D6C-27E79F…)

I don’t know where to start except that internet is making me hate men a little bit more every day

No. 825997

not to underestmate the work that goes into being a housewife, but how tf are you supposed to teach stuff like 'cleaning' for 12 years to a person? It's relatively simple, except for specific things, unless you want to get technical and learn about what products leave dangerous residue and the like. And I know they overestimate this sort of thing because they're lazy man-children who don't know how to do basic things like that

No. 825998

>modesty classes
>expected to be topless for any random joe who walks in from the age of sixteen onwards

No. 825999

doubleposting but also
>fashion and modesty
just say sewing

No. 826004

Men love proper virgin girls who are at the same time total sluts and cum chuggers, but only for them.

No. 826008

The only silver lining in reading this shit is the knowledge that men are absolutely seething with jealousy at our control over their reproductive capacities, and the fact that many of them will rightfully never have children.

Keep your standards unapologetically high and weed the trash out of the gene pool ladies, it's all we can do.

No. 826023

My bf doesn't watch porn, it's rare but not impossible. Wish his motivation was more noble than "porn consumption makes it harder to maintain erection" but I'll take it; he surely can't be the only one.
With my ex who did watch porn I though I'm a cool girl and I can take it but the disgust I felt seeing titles of stuff he jerked off to was just too much. It is kinda expected that women accept this kind of behavior but I think we should never force ourselves to be cool with something that we find morally wrong.

No. 826025

File: 1623230342607.gif (1.54 MB, 360x234, a942d1dd-34cc-4185-a7c9-f02872…)

>am on period so I'm being extra retarded emotionally
>decide I want to check out ffxiv
>realize it would be the first mmo I'd start without my dad

Fuuuck, I know this will never go away 100% and I'll learn to live with it eventually but I hate it when it hits so randomly. He also hated weeb stuff so he probably wouldn't have touched it but still

No. 826028

Let me make it more clear
>sonic OC people back in the day piling on as many random things onto a sonic character to make it as unique as possible
>people now piling on sexualities and races to make a character more woke,special etc as possible
>both freak the fuck out if their design choices are criticized
I have nothing against regular OCs kek

No. 826032

It's really annoying how watching porn when in a relationship is seen as "ok/normal" and you're the problem when you voice discomfort because "everyone does it" nowadays.

And OF made that shit even worse imo because now you have guys spending money on these girls for things they could find online for free, but in reality they do have some kind of bond with some of them because part of OF is engaging with your subscribers, which means private videos/messages/pics. I previously talked to a couple of guy friends about it and they say that these girls talk to their subscribers one on one daily (sexting, sending private videos/pics,some you can "unlock" for money but they're still tailored to your taste/preference)and these girls will hit you up a couple of times per day.

A friend of mine discovered once that her boyfriend was subscribed to a few of them but he said that "It's just for jerking off, you're the only one I love babe" and she's still absolutely crushed even though they broke up pre covid and lord knows how many trust issues she still has now. I'm sure that those idiots would be pissed if their gf did the same thing with men who are on OF but apparently for men it's acceptable because boohooo they have dicks and are constantly tempted even though they seek out that shit themselves.

No. 826035

Yeah, there are some people like that. The kinds who were charming and flirty in their young age (but not sleazy), and just never really lost it. My dream is to be that kind of old lady someday, if I live that long.
Still gross because elderly scrote, but I can sort of understand where you're coming from, anon.

No. 826041

>I'm sure that those idiots would be pissed if their gf did the same thing with men who are on OF but apparently for men it's acceptable because boohooo they have dicks and are constantly tempted even though they seek out that shit themselves.
Isn't it interesting how most women don't do this, though? I was going to say "Women should do just that in response", but then I thought "Ew, why the fuck would any woman want to pay actual currency for some random man's time and a handful of dick pics?". The closest thing I've seen to it is girls and women who support male content creators like Corpse Husband or Sykkuno, or even erotic audio creators on Patreon (this one's really surprising to me), but I don't know if they get close to their fans the way men do with girls on OF.
Is it just that women are too loyal, or are men just not that great?

No. 826043

My ex used to pay camgirls fpr private shows and somehow didn't understand how that's cheating because "it's not real, I'm not touching her". Men are just dumb as shit when it comes to these things.

No. 826053

Men are not that great + we're not socialized to objectify men like that I think.

OF is the worst; I could maybe understand how some people would not perceive just watching porn as cheating, but subscribing to an individual content creator, especially with OF where creating this "fake friendship" with privately sent content is so common is so crossing the line. I feel bad for women that have to experience having to explain something this obvious to their coomer partners.

No. 826061

I get the impression that most men just overconsume it simply because they can and then they can't get it up in bed because they've death-gripped their dick to death and turned their brain into mush. JFC is there anything they can do properly besides changing a tire? Whether it's addictions, work ethic or other things, it always seems like a woman has to whip them into shape for them to get their shit together. Ofc there are also women who need help from their male partners but I've mostly noticed that with men.

No. 826079

My new hamster is so picky. I look up "hamster safe herbs" and grow some he can eat and he doesn't like a SINGLE ONE. The only thing he likes are salt free ritz crackers and lettuce. He hates everything else I've tried as a treat even fresh mealworms. He's like the hamster equivalent of a guy that only eats chicken tenders

No. 826084

Maybe you can try to disguise the herbs and bugs in his crackers in lettuce? Perhaps he just needs to get used to trying new foods

No. 826093

File: 1623237383114.jpeg (111.01 KB, 405x640, 3B9D6133-33CF-4002-94BF-3B0E39…)

sometimes I really think that I genuinely must be cursed or just not alive or being on this planet right now is like a complex simulation of lie and I’m in purgatory. I’m very sure that I’m probably dead as hell and you guys are real but not actually real, but I’m a phantom because my previous life hasn’t been complete. there is no way life is this shitty let me be optimistic there is no goddamn way it’s this shitty or this has to be a joke or something. i’m so fucking tired of being snubbed, ignored, never acknowledged anywhere and the only way I can really be me is through some gossip anonymous site. does anything really even matter? does it really? because I just don’t even have anything to lose anymore

>you’re too young trust me things get better

they don’t, and in actuality it’s getting worse and even more intolerable. there is no point to this life or this existence, suicidal anons are truly on to something, no everybody is worthy or needs to exist. even thanos was correct like I just wish we could snap the earth’s population away

No. 826095

Told a friend I haven't been able to see ever since a while before the pandemic that I am very sick and gave her a realistic update about it all and it went unexpectedly well! She's very upfront and doesn't get all frilly so I believe her words and I kinda felt silly and mean for not telling her before but that's what worked for me. Now I only have 2 people left to inform but I am not in a rush really.

No. 826102

I don't know if I'm tired because of my vaccination or just because I'm like this literally every day aghhhh I'm fed up

Wishing you the best anon

No. 826132

I'm starting to hate food so much. I wish I could exist without needing it

No. 826161

I'm being told I'm a drama queen and attention seeker for not sharing medical info/diagnosis with some people even though they found out by someone else's gossip which I am pissed about. Fuck you!!!

No. 826175

Not even the stoplights. Save that shit for literally any moment you're NOT driving

No. 826182

I hate the fact we will always have to eat and shit to live. If they made nutrition pills that sucked straight into the body so I only had to piss at most I'd buy them. In my case it's because there's some common ingredients I cant have and I'm not even 100% sure which ones they are due to shit insurance so food is a damn chore for me. Food is pretty much always bland or I get stomach pain with shits.

No. 826190

File: 1623248072283.png (60.25 KB, 254x247, png.png)

Just sent off a job/trainee application that I know I'm semi under-qualified and will panic the interview for. I need to escape neetdom but it's so hard when I'm trying to switch career paths and haven't got anything worthy to show employers that I'm worth hiring. Fuck. Can someone just take a chance on me. Or just give me the confidence to bullshit my way past an interview.

My chest is already thumping and all I've done is send an application

No. 826228

i hate being told to "eat more" or "eat what i want" despite that being an affectionate thing to say. i would eat more if i could but i balloon up each time and suffer from physical health issues above a bmi of 22. in addition to that i don't give a shit about having "curves" and never will because being sexualized doesn't make me feel attractive at all. if anything i want almost none. fucks sake

No. 826229

It feels like my subconscious wrote this post word for word while I was asleep.

No. 826234

File: 1623250859994.jpg (42.5 KB, 453x604, 1538949404155.jpg)

>have a very specific question
>the best place to ask is a forum
>procrastinate for weeks because social anxiety and because posting on anything that isn't an image board is scary
>finally make account
>spend hours reading the rules and post guidelines before making first post
>spend another few hours writing the thread OP
>no one replies

No. 826236

When I feel underqualified for a job I'm applying to, I think about an article I read about how men believe they are deserving of positions they are underqualified from but they send in their applications anyway. Women are more hesitant and more likely to only send in applications for jobs where they fit the majority if not all the requirements set out in the job posting. Apply with the same attitude as men, do not ever doubt yourself. Every interview you don't pass is just practice for the next one, and soon you'll get into the rhythm of faking it til you make it. Someone out there will see your potential, I believe in you anon! It might take a while but I have hope for you!

No. 826259

we should create a suicideanon discord

No. 826263

i have this exact 'male' attitude and have been given jobs im not qualified for. i think in total i've been given 4 jobs i havent been nearly but not fully qualified for.

this anon is right


No. 826266

i would absolutely love to beat the shit out of this guy with a couple other anonettes


No. 826272

lol sounds a lot like finishing school, which was a thing until the 90s.

No. 826285

File: 1623255841833.jpg (118.74 KB, 657x1024, me.jpg)

I am too retarded to communicate my needs like a functioning human being
I'm not even talking about romantic relationships, I'm talking about friendships in which I can't tell the people around me that their behaviour is annoying me, so I just drop off the face of the Earth for a few days then come back when I am not angry/annoyed anymore
I wish I could just stop being like this and address my problems instead of being a coward

No. 826289

my university mentor has asked me to read an almost 600-page book with just 4 days notice.

how do i tell him that he's taking the absolute piss. i can't do that. i have to work and my mother constantly pesters me for favours when im not out at work.

No. 826303

you guys are gonna absolutely rip me to shreds and this may be a long sperg but i dont care i need to vent about this stupid non problem okay!? let me have this!!

As a 2nd gen kpop stan it high key triggers me that kpop took off during this generation. while yes 14 yr old me is salty that when i was heavily into kpop no one cared and i barely had any chances to see my faves. That sucks but who cares because i still got to see some of my faves as a kid.

What i am salty about however is that all of these new groups are literally just recycled carbon copies of the 2nd gen groups. Like they didnt even try to make it subtle. Again this is a non issue and does not impact me in anyway and im actually glad that kpop is more global because there genuinely are good songs and its fun to dance too. BUT i will never get over how 2NE1 abruptly ended all because bom smuggled in some anxiety medication even after it was revealed to be because she literally witnessed her best friend die as a kid. Blackpink is cute and everything and i have no issue with the girls i honestly think they are so pretty and the songs are cute.
But i always get this little pang of jealousy and sadness because i remember watching 2ne1tv as a teen and the girls being excited to work with WILL.I.AM (back when black eyed peas was big as hell) and YG making it seem like they are going to have an american debut. But like typical YG fashion it went absolutely nowhere! I honestly think it would've worked if YG wasnt a fucking misogynist because CL just has so much stage presence and was highly praised by foreign fans. BUT NOOOO. he fucking never believed in 2ne1 because they werent conventionally attractive and is now pushing blackpink (albeit poorly) with obvious songs that were meant for 2ne1.

Also while i understand why BTS is popular (okay i dont) it triggers me that THEY were the boy group to reach this massive global success. Especially since shinee is right there!! I dont get it!!!!! I hate that shinee is considered old and washed up because they literally never missed with albums since debut (dont call me album is so good). But i am glad that someone not from sm,yg, or jyp got to reach success because all 3 of those companies just dont deserve.

I guess im just confused and upset because why tf couldnt kpop be this global phenonomen 10 years ago when I actually cared?? why did it have to take off when i no longer care and all my faves are either disbanded, in the military or dead. Now im left with carbon copies who could literally never compete with their originals.

One more thing before i go and let you guys either ignore this shit or call me a dumb bitch LMAO, IM MAD I WAS MEMED INTO THINKING SNSD COULDNT SING. While yes not all of them were on whitney houston levels, they were fucking good!! Finally being able to watch their old live performances back when there was no backing track these girls literally CARRIED. Its crazy because wehn yuo compare them to like twice (which i fucking love btw leave me alone they never missed since debut either). Twice literally STILL can not sing and dance at the same time without sounding horrible. Its fucking embarrassing. Like how do you expect me to not laugh my ass off when these new gen fans act like their faves now are the greatest thing since sliced bread when they cant even do the bare minimum of singing and dancing at the same time and sounding good.

fucking Wonder Girls moved to america learned a whole new language, learned how to play instruments, and were fucking scrapped after their incredible reboot era because they were "old" and no longer marketable. Okay i sound unhinged now. But i've been carrying this for years and no one cares because its stupid,kpop is stupid, and im stupid. END long ass run on sentence ass rant.

No. 826317

Shout out to you, k-pop sperg, for fighting for your cause
An autistic cause, but a cause nonetheless

But really now, why is there a sudden influx of k-pop related discussions lately? Did the Creepshow thread really attract that many twitterfags?

No. 826320

i didnt know that thread existed because i stay on OT im just an old head who misses the anti kpop thread LMAO.

No. 826324

You’re right you definitely are retarded, but more importantly you must be 18 or older to post here. If you absolutely must kpop sperg without integrating then try choachan instead.

>I guess im just confused and upset because why tf couldnt kpop be this global phenonomen 10 years ago when I actually cared??

Because trending kpop shit in 2012/2011 was electronic noise and uncool sm style shit or shitty bands. 2ne1 would have been the only girl group with a chance and still be niche as fuck with “asian lady gaga” treatment. I don’t know how old (or young) you are but idols weren’t all that back then either. Take off the rose tinted glasses and drop the gen and stan twitter shit, for your own sake since it seems to negatively impact your ability to enjoy kpoop as a hobby.

No. 826332

Can we not have a fucking scripted voice interrupt hold music every five minutes? Bitch I know I'm on hold, that's what the music is for and when you interrupt it I think an agent is about to talk to me. It's like edging but in the worst way

No. 826341

File: 1623260607528.jpg (27.09 KB, 378x384, 45dad87d2809acf5f5f1e90e9af155…)

this happened just now but my bff added me to a group chat with one of her friends and we basically just send each other shitty tik toks. Anyway a couple of weeks ago when we all hung out this guy on the street catcalled me and i know it was me because he waited for my friends to pass and we made eye contact when he did it. So the new friend to me (more so acquaintance lets be real) shares a tiktok in the gc about catcalling in NYC to laugh about the situation. I laugh and say i dont understand what triggered his response because he called me a bitch in like .002 seconds for not saying thank you when he didnt even give me a chance too. My bff pipes up and is like "that guy didnt catcall you he catcalled me" i have no idea why she would try to make claim to that even if it was true (it wasnt) because he was a greasy short fat balding italian man in his late 50s. I told her "i mean we made eye contact when he called me gorgeous and then a conceited bitch but if you want that moment you can have it" Idk it just pissed me off because i notice that she always does this thing of trying to humble me when we are around other people. ESPECIALLY if its someone from her friend group. I used to just let it slide but lately its been irritating me because we are fucking grown as hell now. Like lets say he didnt catcall me and catcalled her WHO GIVES A SHIT why correct it? Like if she said he did it to her i would just let her have the moment because its a fucking cat call from an ugly scrote. The whole point of the other girl sending the tik tok was to make fun of men and she tried to make it into a competition about who got objectified by who. like bitch wtf?? this is why i hate group chats.

No. 826344

im 27 and on a coffee high rn. im just bitter okay not only 15 year old girls are allowed to be unhinged online. But i agree the music doesnt hold up if i really think about it. I think i definitely have rose colored glasses LMAO IGNORE ME I SAID I WAS STUPID

No. 826346

How are Twitterfags looking at us calling eachother "faggot" and "retard" yet still trying to assimilate?

I thought we were hostile and anti woke enough to act as a repellent for their sort of craic to be lingering about

No. 826351

wokeness is only a surface level facade for social points, don't get it twisted

No. 826352

I DONT EVEN USE TWITTER like fuck women who grew up liking kpop are not always associated with twitter. Forums were always my go to. but whatever makes you guys feel better than me i guess LMAO.

No. 826353

So deeply ingrained in the kpop twitterfags that I assumed they'd be clutching their pearls at the mere sight of someone pulling the R Tard card

No. 826355

Because there is no point in calling you out here. There is no culpability. This feels like a rhetorical question.

No. 826358

>whatever makes you guys feel better than me I guess
Girl what are you on about? the majority of kpop fans are complete spergs, of course people are going to be confused about the same group who cancel everyone over anything suddenly coming to a place like lolcow

No. 826360

I love soshi

No. 826366

I hate standing out in online communities. I don't want to be known as 'the girl' whenever I speak up, I hate whenever I use voice and the conversation halts because of it. I hate that they change up their behaviour just because I am there. I hate when they pay too much attention to my actions and most of all I hate that I will never know what they truly think of me.
I just want to find a good online community where I can blend in with others while still being known for my interests.

No. 826368

i said i was a 2nd gen fan so cancel culture didnt even exist back then and even if it did kpop stans had no power to do shit lmao. we literally just listened to groups and argued about our faves on small kpop forums or under our faves mvs comment section. whatever gen this is stans literally are different because its no longer niche and its literally like 10 year olds now. You guys acted like i ranted about how much i hate imageboard culture or something. if saying sperg offended you then im sorry wtf do you want me to do LOL.

No. 826370

sorry i meant to tag someone else whatever remind me to never vent about anything kpop related again because it'll trigger the image board elitists.

No. 826377

Don't worry anon, Kpop is still very much niche and could never ever seriously compete with artists of other genres, no matter how much kpoppies try to spin the narrative that boy groups like BTS are taking over the world.

No. 826379

i'm not into kpoop but i will defend you because i too have made spergy rants before and got accused of being underage (i'm 25 lmao)

No. 826382

This is a vent thread. Leave your Ksperging at the door. The way you react salty to someone calling out kpop Twitterfags is extremely indicative that you are, in fact, a kpop Twitterfag

No. 826385

Im just so disappointed rn, I'm mentally ill

No. 826387

Nona don't take this the wrong way but how have been so into kpop for that long? I've only been into it for a few years and I'm already tired of it and feel like I've seriously out-grown it.

No. 826396

I'm one fucking point away having an A- GPA which I really need to get into a specific master's program and it's fucking annoying. It's all because of one class where I finished with a B+, which would have been an A- if I hadn't submitted one of my papers a day late. I should have talked to the prof about the possibility of an accomodation but I was a bit intimidated by him. It just seems really fucking arbitrary and it pisses me off god I can't wait to finish this stupid undergrad.

No. 826399

Are all you anons forgetting that before mods closed it down we used to have a kpoop thread? guess so

No. 826401

anon I don't listen to kpop but I respect ypur passion on the subject and even tho idk what you're talking about i get the vibe that youre right

No. 826416

File: 1623264425989.jpg (53.46 KB, 800x450, c4a9371e763add4c64780762f9586d…)

my lack of fulfillment stemming from my lack of political conviction and awareness of the last few years is eating at me, finally jumped back into reading all kinds of theory and history just to find myself resenting the circles im in more and more. I'm becoming so much more stern. I have 0 time for idpol and not even a year ago I was convinced by others that I was non binary. It's putting massive walls up between me and the others I know but honestly I can't even interact with them anymore seeing how delusional and rabid they are over fucking nothing. I feel like I have no one yet feel better than ever because I know a mostly clear house means new guests. I'm struggling with deprogramming myself from the neo lib western identity bullshit. So many nights I've felt so much guilt like I was doing something wrong for having thoughts and second guesses about myself and others. I didn't realize how actually scared of retaliation I was until I detransitioned socially and went ghost. I really don't know how I found solace in a fucking circus like that community for so long. I'm so fucked up by it I feel like I'm a terrible person for having natural reactions. I'm so fucking sick of having these nasally little cuck voices in my head telling me that I'm not a good person if I don't let idpol sex pests make me uncomfortable. I'm tired of feeling obliged to be a fucking handmaiden. Am I peaking? Being so deeply steeped in the community has made me so sick to my stomach and I've never felt this anger before. For once I just see through it for what it is, manipulation and pandering and I just do not think any humans should be wasting time congratulating fuckers on their genitals. The planet is dying, children are being melted into busses in Syria and Palestine, capitalism is crumbling in my country and we are fucked but all western faggots want to do is talk about why not sucking girl dick is punishable by sexual coercion and public shaming. Absolute fucking insanity. Porn sick fucking psychos.

God fucking dammit. God fucking dammit. GOD. I don't know how to approach my other remaining friends about these feelings either. They aren't trans or specialgender but align themselves as allies, I feel like I literally can't say anything without risking being hurt for real. The trauma from MtFs following me home from work and screaming at me for saying No to sex has really fucked me up.

For the longest time I thought, no. Not all women. Just because you've had a bad couple of times with trans women doesn't mean you're allowed to be precautious or guarded. That's a microaggression.

But now? I'd rather give an AGP a decora noose than even let them think through my SILENCE that they are okay or should be tolerated. Ban me if you want maybe I'm being too based rn but fuck it dog. If this makes me a transmisogynist then I'm going pro.

No. 826423

It is so hot and muggy here in the uk today. I waited in the car for a bit while my sister went to buy us food. It was so hot I thought I was going to die or throw up or both and literally had to open the door. I totally get how babies and dogs die in hot cars.. I hate heat, it is so sticky and gross

No. 826424

My jaw hurts so fucking bad. I hate having TMJ so so much. My dentist told me that in less than ten years I could lose function in my jaw but it feels like it's going to happen much sooner than that. I wish I could just numb the thing forever but I've taken painkillers and am icing it and use lidocaine and nothing is working. Fuck I hate it so much. I don't have much going wrong in my life but the pain is so unbearable I can't enjoy anything. Of course even though I have excellent insurance they won't cover any treatment for it. I'm so fucking sad and in pain.

No. 826425

I fucking hate summer. We don't have AC's where I live because it was never supposed to get this hot in such a climate and now it's too hot at night to sleep with closed windows.

The things is, you can already hear everyone and their mother at 4am. And don't get me started on screaming children. I'm so close to just throwing shit out of my window.

No. 826426

I'm with you, anon. I still don't know how to cope with mine when my jaw locks open at night. Same issues here too, insurance is useless and nothing OTC works. At my worst points I even thought of street drugs. What country are you from?

No. 826427

i was in it from 2009-2013 and didnt dabble back into it until like the end of 2018 for a similar reason as you i simply outgrew it. The only thing that really brought me back tbh was Jonghyun's suicide from SHINee and then Goo hara from Kara and Sulli from F(X) dying from suicides as well. That shit fucked me up because i was a huge shinee fan and never saw the signs of jonghyun being that depressed. I just figured he was a sensitive cute crybaby. I really wanted to support shinee again because i felt bad for not paying attention to basically their final comeback as 5 members because i felt i aged out. But tbh i mainly just listen out for SHINee and Twice content. And the most i'll do is download the song on spotify and look up lyric videos LMao. Aging out of Kpop happens to the best of us but if you have songs you like you'll probably never TRULY grow out of it unfortunately LMAO.

No. 826436

THANK YOU i know id be called dumb or whatever but everyone is
acting like they dont have cringe shit they enjoy and love to vent about that others would find stupid as hell.
how soon these hoes forget. but Pepperidge farm remembers. lol

No. 826457

One step forward and two steps back with my fucking idiot dad. He has the audacity to tell me "this is the real world" and why it's not as simple as me just sending this letter requesting approval for the exterminator we want to hire and instead have to text the entire board first. Like, text them WHAT? I asked him if he had their emails so we can just CC everyone in, since he doesn't want to play telephone and wait for emails to get passed around, but NOOO it's "not that simple" ??????

I WANT TO SCREAM I'M FUCKING LOSING MY MIND!!!!! WHY ARE MEN SO FUCKING RETARDED??? Don't act like you know how to play office politics when you've shot yourself in the foot at every single turn! Don't act like I don't know how to survive in the "real world" and scheme shit for myself when I need to! You're just fucking stupid, that's why you have to resort to kicking and screaming that you're the victim!

No. 826459

I've always considered just slingshooting ice out of my window at noisy people down on the street but have been too pussy to do it lol

No. 826462

considering the amount of weebs I don't get how the occasional mention of kpop is considered to be taboo. people into weebshit can be just as deranged about their 2d husbando as someone about their 3d plastic moid. didnt mods ban someone for criticizing anime in the past? it just seems like a ridiculous double standard that someone is demonized when they sperg about kpop even occasionally but weebshit is celebrated and accepted

No. 826465

Ice would be such a good thing to use to pelt someone though like it melts so there's no evidence. Genius

No. 826467

holy shit anon your dad is still dragging his ass on taking care of the fucking bedbugs? Is he the only one not being bitten or something? I can't imagine living with someone like that, rip your sanity

No. 826473

You can just come live with me now. It will be ok.

No. 826476

Ntayt, but I think it's because kpop fans have a distinctive way of behaving online. It's not even that they talk about kpop, it's that they act beyond annoying in any space that they infest. A lot of people hate having them around and it's easy to see why when you've observed them on other social media platforms

No. 826479

Anon, it's a VENT thread and she's venting. If she wants to vent about kpop, let her do it.

No. 826482

My coworker unintentionally embarrassed me today and now I kinda want to die.

>started a new job earlier this week and have been training alongside other employees

>Today my coworker and I were assisting an obviously mentally ill male customer
>at some point he turned to me and told me he thought I was "pretty cute"
>I tend to just brush off unsolicited compliments from scrotes so I just said thanks and moved on
>my coworker immediately scolded him and told him he was being inappropriate and that he needed to leave
>He got super defensive and said she was overreacting, that he hadn't said anything vulgar or rude, etc.
>she tells me to go report him and get our manager
>The argument escalated with him yelling and throwing things and calling her a bitch
>she had to get security and all our supervisors got involved

I'm not mad that she called him out for being creepy, but it started so much drama over something I wasn't even upset about! Honestly if she hadn't brought attention to it I would have forgotten it happened within five minutes. After he made the comment she made me go file an incident report with our manager and when I was asked what happened I had to awkwardly be like "Uh, well that guy called me cute?". I tried to say it wasn't that big of a deal but no one would listen. I had to report to multiple people and everyone around me was going "omg I'm so sorry that happened to you anon, are you okay?!" And I wanted to scream: yes I'm fine! I don't care! Stop acting like I got molested! I'm more humiliated over you all treating me like a child than some dude being weird! Just leave me alone!

Even when it was my time to leave, none of the employees wanted me to walk back home alone (I live down the street) so they started insisting that someone either walk with me or drive me home, no matter how much I said I was fine. Eventually I had to agree to let our tallest buffest male employee walk me home like a bodyguard.

Again, I'm not upset that they wanted me to feel safe. Maybe I'm just desensitized to male behavior and should have been more angry. But I hated being in a situation where literally everyone was more outraged about what happened to me than I was. They were all treating me like a victim over something that was a mild inconvenience at best. I got very overwhelmed and anxious and now all I want to do is cry.

No. 826484

He absolutely gets bitten and at one point slept outside in the living room on a reclining chair for 6 months that he covered with plastic sheeting because he kept getting bitten so much. My whole family is sick of it. I'm mostly anxious because I just started a new job and I can't even ask to work from home or take time off to deal with it because there's no timeframe because my dad's fucking stupid. I only have like 7 non-winter shirts (because we packed everything away in like, February) and I'm anxious about my coworkers noticing or pointing out that I keep wearing the same things over and over again. I fear if I say 'I have bedbugs' then they're going to freak because I have to come into the office since I'm new. Having to hide it stresses me out and the idea of bringing them into work stresses me out too.

pls :'((emote)

No. 826490

Can you just go behind his back and do whatever you need to do to get this sorted? Since he's being a controlling little pissbaby

No. 826491

I have been working on myself for quite some time now and I felt better about my looks and thought I became less insecure. But today, I went out and saw pretty girls and immediately started to compare myself to them, it felt awful. It's all because of my ex boyfriend complementing other girls but never me. I hope I'll feel better soon.

No. 826507

I considered it, but I have no real standing in the situation because my name isn't listed as one of the shareholders of the apartment. My dad is also one of the board members and word would get back to him eventually, and he is as capable of handling his emotions as any other man out there. I can't bring someone in when he's away because even if that exterminator successfully treated our apartment, I can't give proof to the board that we've been treated because the exterminator would've been hired without the board's approval and then we'd be subject to a fine (and then we'd still be in our current mess with the board looming over us).

All I have to do now is get approval and then it's treatment time. The goal is so, so close. But every time I think this nightmare is close to being over, my dad has to do some stupid shit to extend it. I tried to be optimistic in the beginning, thinking we'd finally clean out the apartment and get rid of my parent's hoarder mess and maybe even paint the walls and install shelving to make the place look nice, but nope. Now I'm just defeated and tired and want this to be over, decent apartment that I can invite my friends over to with no shame be damned. The best thing my defeated self can take is no more bedbugs and no threat of a thousands of dollars bill being handed to us. Maybe they'll go and target one of the other tenants with bedbugs about it instead because I've read in emails that they are also not cooperating lol.

No. 826514

>one of the other tenants with bedbugs
Don't they need to treat the entire building? Can't the bedbugs just migrate from one apartment to another?

No. 826519

She's not venting, shes infighting and acting like a sperg because some anons said they don't like kpop

No. 826522

If you're not in any way on the papers there isn't much you can do, it's not your place. Same as any teen or young adult living at home… your parents might be frustrating but it's their home to run..whether they run it well or poorly, it's still theirs. Look forward to moving out.

No. 826524

I'm from burger world. I sometimes medicate with edibles even though my state hasn't legalized cannabis (and probably never will unless it becomes federally legalized) but when I get a major flare up like today it also has no effect on my pain whatsoever. I have also thought about trying harder stuff but I am scared of developing some kind of addiction. My dentist recommends a combination of Botox, an occlusal guard, and bite correction and that is just to stabilize the problem so it doesn't get to the point of needing major last-resort surgery in order to eat. My insurance considers all of it cosmetic. My dentist doesn't want to give me drugs because it won't solve the issue, and I get it, but fuck I could really use some today. Anyway sorry you are going through the same anon. People minimized my pain and dysfunction all my life and I'm sure you've been treated the same way. I finally find someone who recognized the problem on sight, knows just how serious it is, and wants to try to help, and fucking insurance says nope that's cosmetic you gotta pay out of pocket. It's absolute bullshit.

No. 826528

idk anon this post >>826324 seems more like infighting to me. her original post wasn't attacking anyone

No. 826537

You're wrong.

No. 826542

My boyfriend's anxiety pisses me off. Why are you getting freaked out in the grocery store on a Wednesday? Why are you cringing from an old lady and dodging people like a dog that used to get beaten? I get so mad and he just gets more and more apologetic until I'm almost foaming at the mouth in rage. For example, he is pushing the cart and we go past the water, and I ask him to come back with the cart. At that moment a woman walks around us and he stops and like, cowers against the cart and refuses to move because "there is somebody there" and I'm like, what are you talking about? She's like 4 feet away from us, just bring the cart over, she's not even in your path, what the fuck are you doing? And he gets even more anxious and completely shuts down. I think he needs to be on medication. He's pissing me off. This happens constantly we will be in the middle of grocery shopping and he shuts down/dissociates and sometimes won't respond to my questions, forgets what we are doing. Like he insists on being in charge of the list and the cart even when I offer to help with both multiple times and then he gets overwhelmed like ??? WHY ARE YOU CAUSING THIS YOURSELF. Why are we going down every single aisle of the grocery store? Every time we have a major fight it is because of issues like this. Or like, say there is a crowd of people spaced normally and it would be normal to go "excuse me" and go through, he will take an extremely long out of the way route around them. Or he's the opposite, he will weave ahead of me in a crowd like a little kid and leave me yards behind. I know a lot of it is because of his undiagnosed autism but holy fuck. I am tired of being so angry at him all the time but I can't help it. He makes me so mad. And he is nothing but apologetic so I feel like Hitler

No. 826551

Damn Hitler chill

No. 826554

Don't feel bad, nonna. I'm very, very similar to your bf and I know it's intensely annoying to live with people like us. He definitely sounds like he needs medicating, for me taking diazepam helped greatly. Did your bf have an abusive upbringing though? My mother was basically an attack helicopter - hovering and nitpicking 24/7 - it's made me super apologetic for the most basic shit. Could be something worth bringing up if he ever talks to a therapist or something.

No. 826556

is he me

No. 826557

Yep! In one of my first emails to the property manager (because my dad usually makes me email them for him), I mentioned that. They're supposed to treat our apartment and adjacent ones, but they didn't for whatever reason. The property manager didn't even answer my question as to why they didn't. The other infested units are not adjacent to ours, they're on other floors and other sides of the building (not that it matters since bedbugs can travel very far) so they can't blame us for being the source. The board has been digging their heels in and saying we're the source but I know that's extremely difficult to prove, and (for better or worse) with other infested apartments they'll have nothing to back them. They've been trying to bill us for treating the entire building by saying we're the source but it honestly just seems like they just have no money to pay for treating the whole building so they're trying to find someone to foot the bill. My uncle used to be on the board years ago and said they used to have millions in the reserve but now they're down to a measly one million or so lol. I'm also trying to hire a guy who will come in every three months to retreat after our initial treatments for a heavily discounted price, so even if the adjacent apartments did get infested and infest us again, it should be under control. It'll add up to a lot of money, but still cheaper than what the building has been trying to bill us for.

I sure do anon… I mentioned in an earlier vent that the apartment is my inheritance too, it's selfishly important to me that the board doesn't cause issues when it will eventually be passed to me (not sure how my building handles inheritances).

No. 826561

No. 826562

Jesus christ anon, you don't deserve him. He does need therapy though.

No. 826571

File: 1623273890442.jpeg (114.6 KB, 620x960, 5FF6CEDC-4A44-430B-8495-B2CF0B…)

i’m so afraid why am I so afraid to stand up for myself why am I so scared of change

No. 826573

I got the AstraZeneca shot today, I feel unwell but nothing too bad. Hope I don't die tho.

No. 826576

fly high anon, fly high soon

No. 826585

I am also a burger. Insurance companies love nothing more than slapping the term "cosmetic" on every single thing they don't want to pay for. My mother was told her double mastectomy after cancer was cosmetic and therefore her problem. Her doctors were stunned even by how quickly they dismissed it. This place is a clown town. All of it. I hope you feel better soon.

No. 826602

File: 1623275392535.jpg (128.14 KB, 750x743, luv.jpg)

I'm like that too.
>I hope I'll feel better soon.
You will, anon. I wish you the best.
Okay I see you're losing patience. I think it's time he gets put on medication if he can. Also reassure that you don't hate him.
I don't know if any of this will makes sense or mean anything to you, but I think it's because you're scared of the unfamiliarity of the future. You're used to whatever you're used to right now so knowing that routine won't be the same makes you think you'll feel lost. Ask yourself: Is this really where I want to be (physically or mentally) in another year or two? If the answer is no, then it's time you build up the courage to say/do what you want. You'll be holding yourself back from truly blossoming if you let it continue. The time is now.
Tell me what mutant powers you get if you live.

No. 826603

I've been the super anxious person and I dated the rager who thought I was 'doing it to myself' The relationship was a whole shitshow based on that dynamic and I got worse as his view of me affected my self esteem and compounded the problem tenfold. 2 years after breaking up he randomly emailed me telling me about his very first panic attack just happening… I didn't know what to say after years of being told panic attacks arent real lol

He needs help, more than whatever he's currently doing about it, but on top of that it might be kinder to not be in his life while you feel this way about a disorder that's destined to at least linger for many years of his life even with treatment and effort. If you're at all voicing things to him in a patronising way like the post describes him..that'll make things so much worse. It's beating a man while he's down if you say any of this to him. He needs building up. If you don't have it in you to want to play that role (which is understandable) let him go be independant and work on himself. It might be the thing he secretly needs.

No. 826607

I thought it wasn't recommended for women under 50?

No. 826611

He broke up with me as he did before countless times. He told me all these horrible things as per usual, reminding me how he doesn’t love me, how he can’t stand me and how retarded I am to him. I kept telling him all the people I know only can tell good things about me but he told me that it’s because they don’t know the “true me.
He truly makes me believe no one will ever love me and what makes me most afraid is knowing if I have to find someone again, same shit could happen. Also he knows the most terrible parts of myself and I’m not sure I can’t trust anyone this much ever again. I can’t see myself being this vulnerable with anyone else.
There’s so many moments…of course bad ones but truly good ones too. And right now I can’t stop crying because I keep those good ones on my mind playing on repeat even when it’s making me go crazy.
I don’t want him to become a memory, I don’t want to lose him even when I know he doesn’t deserve me nor my love, I want to spend my life with him because I feel like we could be good. I don’t want to feel these past years with him were for nothing at all.

No. 826627

Random mobile numbers keep calling me. I answer and they're just silent. If it was a scam you'd think they would talk. Most of them when you ring back it says the number is not available and one was a normal network voicemail. I haven't given my number out to anyone. What is going on

No. 826633

Maybe nona is one of our few 50+ farmers

No. 826640

I'm anxious because I have a plumber coming to my house tomorrow. I expect he'll be here for hours given the job he has to complete and I just hate the thought of being here alone with him. I have no choice though. I plan on heading to the one room he shouldn't need access to and staying there most of the day out of his way. The joy of being sexually assaulted and nobody knowing so you have to just adult and not tell people you're shitting yourself over a plumbers visit

I told my dad a few weeks back that I'm dreading this job because of all the men who'll be in my house assessing it before and after as my home is getting some energy rating upgrades. My dad treated me like an absolute tard for thinking that's a scary thought. Dad I'm a woman living alone who has voiced anxiety around men for a couple years now…Do you think you could possibly piece together the puzzle!?

No. 826646

Abusive relationships do the same things to your brain as addictive drugs. You are addicted to the anticipation of the good moments, like a gambling addict anticipating a win. In the same way, the bad times will erode away your other relationships, assets, self esteem, and will to live. Act accordingly.

No. 826651

They're just robot callers checking if the line is still active, you may get more actual people spam calls later.

No. 826663

Yeah, you have no self esteem so you're hanging off the scraps of affection this pig tossed you because they provide a brief respite from feeling like a worthless failure. No judgment implied, I used to be the same. You can find worthiness and love within yourself without having to wait for Scroto Saggins to break off a crumb of peen to keep you going. There will be a day you look back at moments you wrote things like things and cringe. Hard. Read Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft and a CBT book like Self-Esteem: A Proven Program of Cognitive Techniques by McKay. They're both on Libgen. Educate yourself and woman up. Stop being a patriarchy-socialized bootlicker, you can get past this. Countless women before you have.
>I don’t want to feel these past years with him were for nothing at all.
See: sunk cost fallacy

No. 826671

When I lose something that's important I blame it on invisible beings or a force and go "Look, this isn't like a sock, I know you took this item. If you want to stay hidden from my knowledge you fucked up because there is no way I lost this item, it was right where I left it, put it back now. Or else" and get really angry and then I soon find it. I live with elves

No. 826685

Remind yourself that the worst thing they can say is no. I landed a job I was underqualified for and I was totally honest about what they asked for vs what I could offer. This sounds weird, but pretending you're the person interviewing you and you're interviewing someone who acts confident helped me not trip up and be my usual dumbass self.
Good luck!

No. 826689

It should never still be daytime at 8pm!! I fucking hate summer!!! Reeeeeeeee!!!!

No. 826698

I did get a scam one from someone impersonating a police officer a few months ago.

No. 826704

Idk what thread this belongs in but whatever close enough. I don’t want to start a gender identity argument, just need to air this out because my friends are over sensitive. I’d consider myself a tolerant person but I don’t and never will understand she/they or he/they. I roll my eyes so hard. I have no problem with they/them but when you mix them like she/they I assume you’re going through a phase and want to be included but don’t want to commit.

I have friends who use those combo pronouns and I go along with it to be respectful but I just know in 3 years they’ll be back to single pronouns. They combo is just so fucking stupid, even asking to use he and her interchangeably if you feel like both genders instead of neither makes more sense to me than he/they.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.. I don’t wanna start any argument in thread or anything I know gender shit can get farmers heated

No. 826707

If they're in their late teens it's just them being young and stupid. They will likely grow out of it. If they're over the age of 20 then something is seriously wrong with them.

No. 826712

I saw a post saying if your feminism makes men uncomfortable, you're doing great. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I began to follow a lot of radical feminist blogs when I was on tumblr at some point, my boyfriend used to just scroll through my timeline when he was bored. One day the timeline was just filled with radfem content, and he turned to me with anger, "This shit is so frustrating. I can't fix this. What am I supposed to do about all these issues?" And I was quiet for a bit because I didn't expect him to say anything about these blogs. I asked him, "Are you upset because something they said applies to you? Because a lot of the stuff this is about happens to women every day." I don't remember much after that, I think he just stopped and accepted the fact sexism runs deep in society and the systems that are put in place.

she/theys and he/theys are basically "I'm a more masculine woman / feminine man" classic not like the others move

No. 826734

Been waiting a week to hear back from a roomshare I interviewed to join, only to be messaged a few minutes ago that, although I qualify for everything else, they'll be passing on me because I'm not black or indigenous. Never once in the listing or interview did they specify they were looking for only pocs… and the entire housing group is all upper middle class liberal white girls and a white they/them, living in one of the most gentrified areas in the city.

congrats ladies and theydies you fixed racism, here's your ally points!!

Jokes on them, I'm mixed race, just didn't mention it in my interview because i'm not a 16 year old on twitter

No. 826741

Fuck that paranormal thread OP is so creepy to see on the catalogue, fucking hate it

No. 826743

I hate it too anon… I know I can just hide the thread image (and I do) but I also browse here at work on incognito so I still have to see it anyway.

No. 826777

There is this streamer who wronged me in a horrible way a couple years ago who blew up after going on some type of game show and seeing their face everywhere irks me so much. I legit get panic attacks seeing them due to what they did and the fact they gained popularity means I see them all the fucking time and I'm just so sick of it. I lowkey want to "expose" them but I also don't want to be dragged back into their world of fuckery because it honestly does me no well being involved with them what so fucking ever. But yeah, venting because I saw them pop-up on tiktok. Again.

No. 826782

File: 1623299301987.jpg (52.49 KB, 321x571, tears.jpg)

Part of me is jealous of people who are horny a lot. I've always had a low sex drive, but lately my libido is completely fucking dead. I'm so sad, masturbating does hardly anything because my entire vagina and breasts practialy feel numb. Like I'm rubbing my arm or something. I can still make myself orgasm with toys but It's incredibly shallow and weak. Why did I have to be born with a broken pussy & sex drive?

I've been able to experience some really intense orgasms but only very rarely. I'm really starting to wonder if It's something to do with my diet, or maybe some kind of psychological blockage stopping me from having the amazing orgasms I deserve. It never really bothered me that I rarely experience sexual attraction to other people, but barely experiencing ANY sexual desire or sensation sucks so fucking bad.

No. 826788

Do it anon, maybe post them in the personal cows thread or just vent about them here. Change details about yourself if being identifiable in your anecdotes is a problem. In my experience you’ll feel better even if you don’t name them explicitly. Is their name alex?

No. 826790

Anon, if this person is in some way dangerous or toxic to the people around them, you should say something. Not only will it do you a world of good but you'll also be protecting others from inflicting on to others what they did to you

I think this is important because a lot of streamers have a tendency to be abusers and groomers. It's worse now if they're either since now they have access to people who look up to them.

please say something if it means stopping them from spreading more hurt

No. 826792

I don't know anon, personally I think it's unfair to judge you either way. coming out about it can do a world of good like the others said, but it can also put you through a lot so I understand if you don't do it. it's your decision and not something you deserve to feel bad about either way.

No. 826794

File: 1623301970782.jpg (190.22 KB, 1024x749, DwA1O2SU0AAc4ao.jpg)

so lonely.

i love loving parents; i'm grateful for them, but i do want friends. people my age to fuck around with. but i can't seem to make them.
i've talked about this before countless times here and on other ib's but it hit me hard today, when i made an attempt to join a conversation and was more or less ignored by most of the participating parties. admittedly this was over discord, but idk. it happens all the time irl too.

and yeah, whenever i get used to my loneliness i oversee a fun conversation between people that like one another and get sad all over again. to the point that i'm tearing up as i type this.

feel pathetic about it, but it is what it is. why couldn't i have been born a charismatic stacy

No. 826796

>i love loving parents
*i have

No. 826821

I know exactly what you mean, anon. I love my parents and honestly mostly hung out with them (they're "cool" parents) for a lot of my life. I recently moved out with my husband and as much as I love spending time with him I wish I could somehow make friends where I live now. I have no idea how to and have the same issues as you.

No. 826823

I'm on the same boat.

No. 826827

i just got off work a little while ago, and im about to sound so fucking stupid but this shit makes me so mad. i used to be a barista at a different place in a different city, for three years, eventually got into management. i finished college and moved home, worked in an office for a few months and couldnt stand it, had to leave. then covid hit and i wasnt working for a year. recently i started at starbucks and holy fucking shit. i cant believe how absolutely fucking terrible it is. ive been here for like 7 months and im already 100% burned out and ready to go back to fucking reception. i asked for 25 hrs a week, somehow am working ~38 sometimes 40. this week i worked 8 days straight. idk if im a god damn autist or what but im always there, always ready to work and get my shit done. were short staffed as fuck, out of literally everything because productions shut down cause of covid, dealing with increasingly more complicated (and disgusting) orders. if i have to make another no water no ice trenta refresher with a trenta cup of ice on the side, for the same god damn price as a regular one, im going to commit arson i swear to god. call outs arent penalized and half the time im expected to pull the weight of three positions when im still only getting paid for one. i really wish starbucks could be exposed some how for how disgusting the stores are (couldnt tell you the last time the lobby or anything for that matter was sanitized, let alone sanitized every 30 minutes) and for how overworked the employees are. dont even get me started on expectations at "peak".
im done now cause i want to enjoy my cider, but holy shit. stop going to starbucks

No. 826829

i'm surprised this is so universal. even when i do make new friends i wind up losing them because i smother them too much, it was such a pain to make friends with them so i overdo it when i try to keep them from leaving.

No. 826838

>What i am salty about however is that all of these new groups are literally just recycled carbon copies of the 2nd gen groups.
Based. I got into k-pop during 1st gen because I'm an oldfag but 2nd gen was by far the most superior.

>Because trending kpop shit in 2012/2011 was electronic noise and uncool sm style shit or shitty bands.
You go around calling other people underage and then turn around to spew zoomer sounding bullshit like this. Cope.

No. 826839

Lol, not them. Would be hilarious if you were correct though. Ngl, had my heart beating. Hint: It was a dating game show.

I would really have to sit down and think things through. I know personally with others coming forward in dms or on their private twit accounts that they done this to them as well.

And by "this" I mean going behind our backs to mutual friends to say how shitty of a person we were to them in order to get those people to mass unfollow/block. Made a separate discord just to trash others while basically pretending to be the bees knees to a few with a larger following. So maybe expose worthy, but definitely something I would have to work on in a delicate manner.

No. 826845

Well my friend of three years who I talked to daily ghosted me which is funny because they used to go on and on how awful and terrible people were who ghosted others and would spread rumors about them were for it. I mean yeah, they sound like a shitty person so I shouldn't be shocked but they've been my only friend in my life for these three years and I hadn't had any before that. I only know it's official because they removed me from an in game chat. Like I thought maybe they just were busy and didn't respond to my messages but nope. Guess I should remove them from everything now. Should I say something when I do it or go silently? I don't even feel too bad about it, just more anger I guess.

No. 826848

As someone who was also a yes man at my job, all I can say is lower your value and their expectations will go down with it too. You're over working yourself for like, what kind of pay? Remember that it isn't your fault that they can't hire or keep staff and that you have every right to say no to those begging you to come in. I would also start job hunting if able, as you're obviously a valuable asset that can get better elsewhere.

No. 826849

I'm so sorry anon but you need to scale it back a lot. Like you said, you overwork yourself. Let me guess, you were likely a hard working perfectionist and you pride yourself on your work? Well you've effectively become a doormat to the manager or whoever is scheduling and it's gonna continue unless you find a way to get them to stop using you like this. Stop giving them so much of your energy and labor when you don't get paid enough for it. If they complain then tell them that you're now doing the same amount of work as your coworkers or else you should be getting a pay raise. That'll shut them up.

No. 826851

Shinee suck and I'm sick of having to pretend otherwise because their stans put them on such a pedestal as the true artistes of the industry. They can sing, they can dance, they are nice enough kids but their singles are trash and it would have been a national embarrassment if they were globally famous releasing shit like Why So Serious, Dream Girl, Everybody, etc etc.

But yes otherwise agreed 2nd gen >>> and Soshi/2ne1 deserved better.

No. 826860

I'm rarely horny myself but if I use my vibrator I can instantly get in the mood. Can you try getting a sex toy and see if that works? I'm not horny very often myself bc of a medication I take and I often masturbate whenever I'm not on my period just because I'm not on my period, not bc I'm horny.
I grind my teeth (bruxism) and have TMJ because of it. I feel you SO hard anon. I just got a bite guard to replace my plastic retainer instead and I'm hoping it can make a bit of a difference. One side of my jaw makes this clicking/cracking noise and is exceptionally painful, apparently it's because the bones are touching each other and the cartilage between the two bones is gone. I'm only 23 so I can only imagine how bad this will be in the long-run. Ultimately I wanna get Botox in my jaw but I have no money. As soon as I get the chance I'm gonna get it done bc I've heard it's literally magical for us with chronic tension/pain. It's probably years away but I can already predict myself crying out of happiness though I'll be like $300-400 poorer.

No. 826861

God, I have given in my notice in at the call centre I work at because I’ve secured a better paying job elsewhere that is an actual professional role but I am dreading making it through the next two weeks. I’ve only been in this job for three months but it’s been killing me. Do you think if I just fuck around, barely take any calls and chill they’ll just let me leave early? I’m so sick of this.

No. 826863

File: 1623309852031.gif (934.42 KB, 344x174, 77B98118-0FF6-43EC-9E5B-1B9651…)

It fucking sucks but honestly anon there’s nothing you can do. You can encourage him (more than you obviously already have) to get medicated and diagnosed, but you shouldn’t have to feel this much responsibility over his life. The grown man cannot take care of himself in fucking public. What he needs is more than what a loving and caring girlfriend can provide. And you clearly must like him enough, because otherwise you wouldn’t feel so bad about unwillingly having to play makeshift caretaker for an overgrown butterfly baby every time you buy groceries. He sounds like a real pain in the ass. You’re not hitler, you’re just fed up with him causing his own problems and not dealing with them appropriately. Mental illness is real blah blah blah, why can’t he work on it away from a time where you’re doing something important? Why doesn’t he try walking in a park? Why does he neglect himself by not
working on getting better in an effective and healthier way? He needs a therapist or a counselor, and neither of those are free labour.

No. 826877

i'm a dumbass. i'm majoring in something barely useful in the real world and now i have to deal with working minimum wage jobs for the rest of my life probably. i thought i wanted an academic career and maybe even become a college professor one day but i fucked up my application for grad school and now i have to find a job. sucks that i'm not immediately available because i have two classes left that require attendance to pass and another one that i have to study for. i wish i had any talent for math tbh. my life would be so much easier if i wasn't such a big idiot when it comes to numbers. instead i wasted three years of my life with literature studies. at least it boosted my confidence since i got really good grades and cured myself of the belief that i had only a lower double digit iq.

in my country (european) it's extremely common to just hand in your notice and then either take all your remaining vacation days at once or hand in a doctor's note that you're sick. maybe that's an option for you too? or act dumb and be like "do you still want me to come in orrrr?"

No. 826886

well done on your grades anon, i hope you find something you enjoy. i doubt you have a double digit IQ considering you got good grades! i graduated in law last year during the pandemic and have been working shitty minimum wage jobs (like this call centre) since but finally got offered something decent. don't give up and apply, apply and apply would be my advice. i'm in europe too and would take all my sick days but my boss has specifically asked me to work till the end of next week. they are going to get the shittest employee ever till then i suppose

No. 826895

It's too cloudy where I am to see the partial solar eclipse.

No. 826900

The creepshow milk is creamy and all but jesus christ am I getting sick of seeing the newfags it attracted shit up other threads and boards. I hope they'll leave soon when the drama starts drying up.

No. 826907

I've lost 17kg this year and I can't see it in my face, I can barely see it in my body even after taking pics and I am feeling so worn the fuck out

No. 826909

Fucking thank you. Shit is so annoying and obvious. Almost makes me think it's her, but most yt obsessed people are brainlets so who knows.

No. 826912

Hey, 17kg is a whole lot anon! Chances are you're not seeing yourself the same way others do. I don't know what weight you started at but I can guarantee you that losing 17kg is definitely visible. Don't give up, as long as you're losing it in a healthy way, since that's a ton of progress for one year.

No. 826913

I would be anxious too if you were my gf anon, you sound unsupportive and bitter, venting about something he can’t control on an image board. he deserves better than u (and needs some help)(needling in the vent thread)

No. 826919

It's half being sick, half eating better but it's still doing my head in. Can't get therapy soon enough, thanks anon!

No. 826921

You sound like you’ve never had a responsibility for another person in your entire life. Probably an underage zoomer. You get a sense of moral superiority judging and insulting people in the vent thread, which by the way does not reflect their behaviour. She’s allowed to vent and be frustrated when he makes no effort to be a normal human being. Go join the real world for a bit and then come back, sanctimonious lil bitch.

No. 826925

Nayrt but to me that rant definitely sounds like she's being a cunt to her bf. There's no need to be so defensive, especially when you're implying you're not the OP of the rant? She's allowed to vent but people are also allowed to have an opinion about it. It's not a matter of moral superiority or being a zoomer, it's just that freaking out over your bfs anxiety to his face that badly is obviously only going to make things worse. I get that it's tough to deal with an anxious bf when you don't have the same issues, and he should also work on it, but she sounds like she loses her shit over it and deals with it in the worst possible way.
I can't help but feel bad for the bf.

No. 826928

I'm pmsing and I wish I could cancel my plans. I hope I don't act up later lol

No. 826929

Anon it's just your pride being a little hurt because you're think they're treating you like a child and to you that feels demeaning. Give it more time, keep doing you, and in time you'll prove to them you're entirely capable and their opinion of you will change, I'm sure. (As in, they won't feel the need to protect you so much.) Don't feel bad. The only thing you can do right now is give them more time to get used to you and brush this silly situation off. Or try to use it to your advantage, you can get away with a lot of shit when people think you're stupid/incapable/generally useless, if your ego can handle that.

No. 826940

my manager said i was rude and unprofessional lately and mentioned two emails I sent and im so mad because i was completely reasonable and polite in the emails. I dont know if she just wanted to put me in my place or was overly sensitive but it's such bullshit.

No. 826948

What the fuck I'm suddenly turned off of my boyfriend of 5 years. I don't get it I was head over heals for him and now I feel repulsed.

No. 826949

Where???? Because she’s not holding his hand and coddling him while he acts like a fucking retard everywhere they go? Because he can’t so much as walk past another person and refuses to even try? He needs to go to therapy, get meds, or simply get the fuck over himself. It’s extremely frustrating to deal with. I had a bf that wouldn’t even go to pubs because “everyone stares when you go in” and refused to go to therapy and take meds, so I had a completely miserable relationship with him cos all he wanted to do was drink in front of the tv. In the end I dumped him and he was completely heartbroken, but who the fuck wants to be around a person like that? I’m sure he’s still sitting in his mothers box room wasting his life because of MUH ANXIETY WAAA!
Anxiety fags sort yourselves out. No, I will not order your coffee for you, stop being a fucking retard and getting scared of a teenage barista.

No. 826950

What is the best way to deal with it? Should she gently cradle his balls and whisper a sweet soulful lullaby? Should she delicately kiss the tip of his penis and assure him what a big brave boy he’s being just by walking past another human? You anxiety fags are insufferable. Anything to avoid responsibility I guess. You think that “normal” people never feel anxious or overwhelmed? You think we have endless patience and empathy? Seriously it’s like you expect nobody else to have emotions, to put them aside so that we can pander to your every whim?

No. 826951

I feel a little hurt that my boyfriend did not want to cuddle with me after we had sex yesterday. We had sex right before he usually takes me home. When we were finished he was just like come on let’s go, and I begged him to just hold me for five minutes. He shut me down and it seemed so cold. I just felt like he used me. Why couldn’t he just give me those five minutes?

No. 826954

Nta I'm sure it is annoying and difficult to deal with, no one is obligated to do so, she's not her mom, hell I wouldn't do it myself. Still doesn't change the fact the original anon is a cunt tho.
She indeed needs breakup with him instead of complaining on lolcow about it.

No. 826956

Then don't date them. Find another dick with no anxiety.
You sound mad nonna, take a benzo.

No. 826961

Lmao I agree and this is hilarious.

You can tell who's mentally ill on this website based on who replied calling the OP things like a "cunt" because she's rightfully frustrated. You just know the scrote concealed his anxiety issues until anon cared and was too invested to leave at the first sign of smoke too. It's not like scrotes blab about their crippling social problems on the first dates cause then they know they'd never have relationships. Who can't walk past someone in a grocery store without having a breakdown? Absolutely pathetic.

The only shameful part of this story is that women have been conditioned to be loyal through these sorts of things to help "fix" these dudes unless they wanna be called a bitch, and yet ironically they're still called bitches the thought police anyway if they dare go on the internet to bitch about how difficult these men are.
It's a no fucking win situation and I hope she dumps, scrotes abandon relationships for way less.

No. 826962

File: 1623327098080.gif (203.71 KB, 473x206, 54.gif)

sounds like more than one person needs therapy

No. 826966

>until anon cared and was too invested to leave at the first sign of smoke too.
Then anon is just as pathetic she should dump this child instead of retard raging on a anonymous board
>The only shameful part of this story is that women have been conditioned to be loyal through these sorts of things to help "fix" these dudes unless they wanna be called a bitch, and yet ironically they're still called bitches the thought police anyway if they dare go on the internet to bitch about how difficult these men are.
Yes it's pathetic and should be called out.

No. 826972

I keep thinking about my childhood dog that drowned and want to kms. She got out and my neighbors found her dead, floating in their pool (only ladders to get in and out, no steps). Fucking horrible.

No. 826975

I'm going to be flying out and visiting one of my best friends of 8 years soon. She's pretty much always identified herself as a lesbian and when I said I'm coming to visit, she mentioned her long-distance gf is coming to visit at the same time as me and it'll be their first time meeting irl. I was fine with it until she mentioned that her "girlfriend" is a mentally ill "pre-everything" MtF tranny. And they haven't even met before irl??? I plan on just smiling and nodding the whole time but I'm afraid this is going to be a fucking shitshow.

No. 826977

oo la la good luck, babes. sounds like that's gonna suck. also especially shit that won't get the one-on-one time you probably wanted

No. 826979

The latest Creepshow milk actually makes me sad because I can relate somewhat. I had a friend back in the day, she would constantly shittalk her friends but would either delete her messages or send them on voice notes so people wouldn't screenshot the messages and use them as blackmail fodder. It was so annoying when she introduced me to her friends and when we're privately conversing she says "That girl X, she is so lazy and she wastes all her money and her ex did this blah blah" while she would act like best friends with X. I have no idea what she said behind my back if she did, like was she introducing me as "This autist nona, here is her abuse past" to people I didn't fucking know? Or even worse, to people that I DO know??? She would also constantly diagnose everyone around her because if you did something she didn't like that was surely mental illness. It makes me sad when I'm reminded of people who are so addicted to gossiping even towards their loved ones… Then when they're called out it's all "Well I was manipulated by baaad baaaad peoplee!! I was in such a bad mental state :(" which I'm expecting from Shannon herself as she might pull a Tati.

No. 826981

>Dating a pre mtf
Woof good luck anon don't kill anyone

No. 826984

God I wish that were me.

No. 826986

Keep seething, why are you so defensive? It’s an image board so people are going to have other opinions, and rightfully so.

No. 826987

Cancel culture needs to fucking chill, just witnessed someone attempt cancelling lovecraft
Hun, he’s fucking dead

No. 826991

File: 1623331446885.png (35.99 KB, 249x202, 199888229_2955417084716516_339…)

Why the fuck does she delay so much that'll teach me about being dependant on someone over a simple task, my fucking plans.

No. 826992

Such anger, maybe you anons need therapy more than the anxiety bf

No. 826993

My brother canceled our dead grandmother. Anything is possible.

No. 826999

I feel you there, seeing people you're friends with gossip like that about their friends makes you so paranoid about what they say about you. My best friend of 10+ years made two new friends and introduced me to them. All she did after that was shit talk one of the two. Claimed she stalked the other friend and forced them to include her or she'd throw a fit, that they didn't like her, that she was an annoying SJW, and a lot more. She said a few shitty things about the other one too, like that she "looked autistic" but mostly just focused on shitting on one and claiming the other was great. I told her over and over that it made me uncomfortable, but she'd always just claim it was "harmless venting."

Weirdly the one they both shit on seemed ok and the one she said was great was super shitty and took advantage of everyone. Every time we went out she had other people pay for her (despite her making way more money than any of us).Even when we played video games together she'd afk during fights, let us do all the work, then take credit. I snapped when she got everyone to come help her move apartments and then just watched. I told her it was shitty she seemed to take advantage of us and her response to that was removing me and blocking me from everything. "Best friend" said she wasn't going to take sides but that I was kinda mean.

I dropped all three of them after that but damn did it sting. They're all still friends but I often wonder how they'd feel to know what was said about them.

No. 827005

What is even the point of cancelling someone that’s dead? It’s not like anyone is going to gain anything from it lol

No. 827009

On a real note his work is overrated and people need to stop licking his ass so much. He was broke when alive for a reason.

Don't care if he's canceled tbh. Some dead people aren't meant to be continually discussed and allowed to fade into relics of their time.

No. 827013

>You can tell who's mentally ill on this website based on who replied calling the OP things like a "cunt"
But calling someone replying a "sanctimonious lil bitch" for calmly calling OP out is a sign of exquisite mental health, right? Do you expect a hugbox response when the post sounds this unhinged and aggressive?
I hope she dumps him too but people aren't magically in the right just because they have a shitty bf.

No. 827035

I'm so fucking retarded when it comes to this girl. We used to work together and she was my boss, and I ended up turning to her often when I was had work issues because I trusted her. I don't really know if we could be called friends, we were casual and friendly at work and we did hang out and talk on occasion outside of work by ourselves, but that was about it. A lot of other coworkers have pointed out that it seemed like I was really close with her, even though I wasn't there for that long. I've left the company and she transferred abroad shortly after, and we'll only message each other once or twice a year and it's usually just in reply to an instagram post or story. I don't actually know a lot about her, and others who are a lot closer will tell me things about her that differ from the image she's put up in front of me.

I have this weird mix of emotions about her. I admire her but fear her, I don't like her but always have a small crush on her, I want to be closer to her but also don't think I want a person like her in my life. She's just a really weird enigma. I was one of the first people she told when she was transferring abroad, but she didn't even bother to see me before she left and a friend said "now you know how she really is." She says she's scatterbrained and I know I shouldn't let it bother me because I don't really think we're friends but it kind of hurt my pissbaby feelings anyway lol. She's back in my city for vacation and said if I'm around then we should hang out for a bit but I don't know if I should take her up on that offer. Honestly sometimes I think she only bothers messaging me to make sure I'm not dead because I confided in her that I didn't want to be alive anymore last day at that company lol. I also don't feel comfortable asking where I stand in her life because I'm afraid it'll overstep boundaries if she doesn't view me as someone close to her. She did reach out to me first, but I'm wary of seeing her but have also really missed her and like her attention so I want to see her lol. Why am I such a retarded lesbian ugh.

No. 827042

>But calling someone replying a "sanctimonious lil bitch"
It was accurate and funny and quite frankly deserved.

Too many people defending an inept scrote itt because they're taking what anon said about anxiety personally. She's absolutely correct and people in general either need to be medicated and in therapy or not in relationships if they can't handle a store trip. Pure and simple.

No. 827050

File: 1623338719663.png (Spoiler Image, 347.69 KB, 720x1021, whatelsecanido.png)

> I burnt myself out by working on a personal project for 2 months
> I kept telling myself, once I am done with my project, I can finally create cute art and doodles for my fave content creators and show my support!
> Second month in a row, my content creators keep leaving their streaming platforms…
> The recent one hits harder the most, because I watched her livestreams during a difficult time in my life, for almost 3 years now. She felt like a friend to me (here i sound retarded, but during that time I did not talk to anyone at all, because all of my friends turned out to be using me and my naive ass). Her personality pushed me to not be ashamed of myself and keep creating no matter what anyone says

Anons… I am tired… I am so stupid and tired… But she decided to stop it all and focus on IRL, making herself happy, so I am happy for her. But it still hurts me hard…

No. 827052

>or not in relationships if they can't handle a store trip.
Yes yet anon continues to dating him.

No. 827060

Maybe the anon should leave the relationship instead of coldly ranting about it on an anonymous image board. He obviously needs help, and if she can’t deal with it or feel some empathy then why is she with him? Plus this has all blew up because seething rad-fem, man-hating anons are just furious that a few people on this damn website empathised with the bf due to having anxiety themselves.

No. 827061

If anything nonna is the pathetic one for putting up with all of this from a SCROTE and deserves to be called out.

No. 827062

This is one of my biggest fears, especially if it happened in a marriage or something

No. 827064

Did he do something? Like upset you or change? Or was it just a switch? This is scary.

No. 827065

YOURE a fucking cunt. I hope you get burdened with some mentally ill faggot one day and then regret being such a judgemental bitch to a stranger.

No. 827067

I'm exactly like this, but I've forced myself to hide it and deal with the overwhelming panic attacks I get from interacting with people. If I can do that despite being probably one of the most avoidant and neurotic people ever, he can at least fucking try.

I've also had a similar problem with exes, they retreat or never speak up so I have to be the one to step up despite having really bad anxiety issues. It made me so angry and resentful, like they didn't give a shit about me. And when something truly stressful/grave happens, your boyfriend will probably retreat into his shell instead of helping and supporting you. Imo it's not worth it to be with someone like that. My boyfriend has times where things make him stressed out and uncomfortable, but he is so amazingly reliable and pushes through it regardless. And I do the same for him. We support each other through it. That's how it should be. Your bf should not just give up and leave you to deal with everything because he's uncomfortable.

No. 827069

YOURE the one “retard raging”. This is the vent thread you stupid fucking handmaiden. I swear people like you troll this thread day and night, looking for comments from people when they are at to wit very angriest, burned out from a persistent problem, and use is as an opportunity to convince yourself that you’re not a sallow autistic cunt with no empathy or life experience.
You aren’t as morally superior as you think you are hun. I guarantee it. You come to an anonymous space for “venting” to cast your judgement, you immediately jump to seeing the worst in people. I bet you’re a horrible person to be friends with.
Fuck off to the “I love my boyfriend” thread.(autistic screeching)

No. 827074

Kek seethe harder and you might burst a blood vessel. I can literally visualise smoke coming out of your ears(infighting)

No. 827076

File: 1623341011733.png (265.87 KB, 521x937, 5f0.png)

No. 827078

This is getting annoying nonna you too need to let others vent in peace

No. 827087

I'm scared to go back to school.
I'll be a junior, having been in quarantine since the end of freshman year. I'm scared to see my peers again; I've gained weight, my hair is longer, and I think I've gotten overall uglier. Not to mention I've had a series of dramas with an ex-friend of mine, and I'll have to deal with that every single day. Any advice is welcome, ignoring this post is also welcome. :')(emote)

No. 827088

Your boyfriend sees you as his safe person, but there's a few things he's trying to do himself to test the waters, like being in charge of the list. Honestly, he needs to go the store by himself. He's latching onto you to recluse, and it's obvious it's frustrating you. I'm saying this as someone recovering with anxiety. Purposely making yourself uncomfortable and not avoiding things, diagnosis or not, will help you progress.

No. 827092

Hopefully you're just posting this for attention and your "boyfriend" isn't actually being hurt like this

No. 827093

im so fucking sick of having a soft spoken voice. i constantly get interrupted, spoken over or straight up ignored and it feels like nobody takes me seriously when i speak.

No. 827094

Sounds like it's time for an ultimatum for him to get a diagnosis for his mental health + professional help or you're out.

No. 827095

She probably realized he's just another ugly to average looking scrote

No. 827098

I feel you with this one! I usually keep to myself, mainly to make sure i'm not burdening anyone. When i would talk, everyone else would get super quiet and it would freak me out.

No. 827099

This is such a great response and I totally agree. But honestly, I can just visualize the angry man-hating anons further up itt seething at this reply as on lolcow if you even slightly emphasize with a man you're a handmaiden

No. 827101

honestly i thought i was being harsh by saying he needs to go to the store himself lmao, but i see the way you see it too

No. 827102

i hate feeling paranoid and like people are after me, even leaving the house or using my account with my email feels bad but at the same time i feel like I'm not actually crazy and its fine because i know its irrational so i tell myself its not an actual problem

No. 827106

If you avoid it or put it off, you'll regret it even harder later on anon. You'll have to cross this bridge at some point, so better sooner than later. You can do something about your hair and weight, just think of going back as a hurdle to come over in the grand scheme of things. I suck at advice but I feel really passionate about motivating nonnas going back to school/college when they're too worried to, since it's something I wish someone pushed me to do sooner. I believe in you.

No. 827110

The problem isn't with anon's bf having anxiety, but the fact that he has enough audacity to actively burden her with it as much as he has. Too many times scrotes have issues that they feel entitled burdening the women in their lives with. If he has actually been working on it she wouldn't be screeching even if he has had some missteps. How hard is it to fucking say "I have anxiety and I'll work on it in x way, can you be patient with me?" It sounds like this entire time he has been avoidant instead of actively trying to help himself and her, and that's why she's this buttmad.(derailing)

No. 827111

>I'm not actually crazy
>because I know its irrational
Relatable. I always feel the neighbors are spying on me but logically I KNOW they are not. It's just a weird mood I get in

No. 827120

i hate how my little brother gets praise for literally anything and how my parents give him ass pats each time he does anything? he cant be bothered to fucking organize his closet and room and my mom has to constantlly run after him to keep the space clean? like holy shit dude is almost 14 and cant even tie his fucking shoes or multiply and cant do simple fucking math? when i was his age and even younger i was running around in the fucking house and doing most of the chores while my parents excepted me to do even more?
i hate how every fucking male is retarded and gets ass pats for anything and everything and is constantly babied for not even doing the bare minimum while woman always have to do their best and are still being looked down on.

No. 827124

boys are coddled and women are raised unfortunately this happens in literally every race and culture. its really fucked. I am sorry you have to go through this anon but just take solace in the fact that most girls with brothers experienced their pick me mom's treating their sons like gods gift meanwhile they belittle and shit on their actual capable and smart daughters. Its a tale as old as time.

No. 827137

it gives peoples ages away
no offense but do you have bpd and are splitting

No. 827148

where did i say that

No. 827158

The next place this happens is at university and the workplace. My boss is a misogynistic older woman. I'm held to much higher standards than my stupider, junior colleagues, and expected to be perfect. My mistakes are never forgotten; theirs are instantly ancient history. I've saved their asses tons of times and never made a big deal out of it. The one time I ended up saying something, I was treated like I was bragging or snitching (even though I saved our department thousands of euros by double-checking his work). I've had to start seeing a psychologist to deal with it.

Persevere. Find people to lift you up when bastards grind you down. Don't wait, like I did.

No. 827185

File: 1623349071576.jpg (77.8 KB, 571x813, dafbf29164d3e0a6a34bfe316f6c2b…)

ugh i had my third session with an online therapist and she made me talk about my dad so i just started crying and it didn't stop for the rest of the session and it was so embarrassing! i didn't even feel like it was emotionally difficult to talk about, but physically i was just crying continuously and i couldn't stop and it was humiliating. i wasn't even talking about anything traumatic just typical workaholic absent dad stuff. i wish i wasn't such a big baby.

No. 827204

>embarrassed by crying in therapy

Uhh what else should you be doing in therapy? I think there's only been like one or two times I didn't cry in therapy, it's completely normal to cry. I went into a total hyperventilating sobbing fit once and my therapist didn't even flinch, I assure you they've seen some shit and don't think anything of you for crying.

No. 827206

File: 1623350761997.jpg (13.1 KB, 243x201, i want to kill myself.JPG)

I wanted to subscribe my partner to a stupid grilled cheese subscription four our anniversary.
I wanted it be a surprise so I got his phone to delete the 'confirm email' email. While I was on there my curiosity was peaked and I stupidly snooped on his browsing history which I think is the worst thing I have ever done to another human being other than being born.

Long story short he frequents a subreddit for 'stupid sluts' which is a place for what appears to be mentally ill women and larping scrotes to write about their allegedly unsafe sexual encounters.
This would not be that bad if he had not previously tried to get me to do a bunch of degrading sex acts (which I said no to), I also have a problem with 'consensual misogyny' or whatever so I guess he found a way around that. I feel like an idiot for trusting him after he promised me he was done with viewing that sort of shit.

No. 827209

File: 1623351211413.jpg (86.12 KB, 745x533, sigh.jpg)

I want our comfy and psychotic site back.

No. 827214

>which I think is the worst thing I have ever done
Nope, you did yourself a massive favour. You know exactly what to do next anon, cheer up. Imagine you found out several years later down the line?

No. 827215

Been there but that is the absolutely correct time and place to be crying, but i know how weird and dumb it feels. Like, why the hell can't I stop, I haven't even said anything extra twiggewin

No. 827216

Uhm. This started out cute then became incredibly disturbing, although that's wont to happen when it involves a scrote. (Don't feel bad about snooping by the way, considering men can hide things for years and are often involved in the most depraved shit.) I hope you leave this guy and don't look back, he sounds like utter filth. Definitely don't give men extra chances after they first show their ass with misogynistic behavior, they just get better about sneaking around.

No. 827232

thanks anons. you're both right that therapy is the right place to be crying even if you aren't upset about anything rational. i just need to get over how uncomfy it is to cry in front of other people and the shame i feel afterward, but i guess that's also just part of therapy.

No. 827234

Ugh, I'm sorry anon. I'm glad you had the self-respect to put your foot down when he asked you beforehand about that kind of thing and I hope you dump him.

No. 827240

Do you ever just write an academic paper and you know it's shit, it's total bullshit and you should be ashamed, it'll barely be a passing grade at best but you just can't be bothered and keep writing bullshit in the vain hope of just getting it done because you couldn't give less of a fuck. Your sources are shit and your research is poorly done and you keep rephrasing the same shit over and over just to hit the word count.

God, I just want this over with and I don't even care anymore. :(

No. 827251

That was my entire undergrad career and also my undergrad thesis lol. I somehow passed with good grades and got a perfect score on my thesis (though I heavily suspect my professor didn't bother reading it). A mediocre grade is better than no grade at all!

No. 827256

I feel like I just regurgitated a slightly rephrased summary of several of my class lectures on one paper and somehow I got a 3.8 on it. Most professors have a bit of a narc streak though so maybe he enjoyed hearing his impressions repeated back at him kek

No. 827263

File: 1623354718584.jpg (132.7 KB, 1080x1080, what is this 3.jpg)

Can men stop approaching me to be their emotional fucking support jesus fucking christ, I'm so tired of having to be nice to them, and it's not like I can straight up say fuck you because I study with them, like this guy comes in dumps me his emotional trauma and then proceeds to tell me the emotional trauma of his friend that also used me as en emotional support guide? like what the fuck is wrong with men? I'm not your therapist. Pic unrelated

No. 827264

Men either see us as nothing or their secondary mommies. Sometimes both.

No. 827265

Same anon. You're right, but it's like can't these fuckers afford therapy or something why the fuck would you bother an acquaintance and then tell them your friends problems too

No. 827266

Sometimes I think men get a kick out of it. They enjoy unloading their mental garbage on women, knowing most of us are too polite to tell them outright to fuck off. Therapy is expensive and requires actual effort and energy and a will to get better, versus just sperging to the next best agvailable female for free and without the threat of actually having to grow up and change. Plus most of them just like to hear themselves talk and hope for some pity points.

No. 827267

This is going to make me sound like a bitch but I've accidentally made a friend during covid and now I don't know how to reverse the process. She's really nice but we don't share hobbies and because of her religion our lifestyles are really different, I don't get many opportunities to socialise so if I hang out with her it means I don't get to do the things I like to do that week.
But I'm too polite to tell her that I want to do things she can't or won't do.

No. 827268

Literally why do they do this? There's a time and a place for emotional dumping and talking to a casual female acquaintance is not that time. It's so inappropriate and uncomfortable and they do it like clockwork

No. 827269

im so annoyed that today the stock market sucks. still glad I made a few thousand ridding on leddit's meme.

No. 827270

This has happened to me too, and I really don't think I give off "emotional support" vibes at all. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact they seem to literally think girl = personal therapist and that nobody would ever do the same for me when I was having a rough time myself.

No. 827272

God I remember in my pickme days when I used to be flattered by this. "Wow he's opening up to me that must mean he trusts me and thinks I'm really speshul." Nah, men just see us as an emotional support animals to talk at since they don't want to appear weak around their bros. Still view us as interchangeable and disposable though.

No. 827276

I feel like a fraud whenever I submit assignments for work. I'm a research assistant so I guess it doesn't matter that all I do is rehash shit that I've read but I feel like I have zero critical thinking skills when it comes to the shit I'm putting into my brain. I think I'm only getting away with it because English isn't my boss's first language so anything sounds ok to him if it somewhat makes sense.

No. 827277

>"Wow he's opening up to me that must mean he trusts me and thinks I'm really speshul."
I dated a guy for this reason because he would normally put up a front and I thought it meant something that he would open up to me like that. As soon as he started to feel better he shut himself off again and I was kind of miserable. I stayed in the relationship for way too long out of denial, thinking that he did love me but just wasn't the type to show it. Now I don't think he ever did and just dated me for convenience.

No. 827282

I feel so empty and dead inside all day until I go to bed when I can read fics. I legit just can't wait for the sun to set so I can drink tea and go to bed

No. 827285

Ladies, take this as a sign today (or for the future) to speak up and say "I'm kind of busy right now," or something along the lines of that. You do not have to be a man's healer.

No. 827286

How does one find enjoyment in things when everything feels dull and empty? I force myself to read, draw, work out, etc. but I don't enjoy any of it. My relationship doesn't bring me happiness (except for sex. but we don't have enough for my taste). My accomplishments and my career don't do anything for me. I take nature walks and they don't do anything for me. I wish I had the guts to kill myself. I go on this website everyday to see other thoughts than my own but I don't feel anything. I just wish I could wake up and experience life.

No. 827287

Does she know about you having those hobbies? Maybe she wants an excuse to get out of her religious lifestyle or something.

No. 827296

Hetero sperg: I have an amazing boyfriend. We click in every aspect from hobbies to sexual. Except emotions. I am a pretty depressed person and I never ask him to be my therapist or anything but I'd appreciate it if he put down his social media for a second and replied to me while I'm in a mental crisis. I know he has the "it's a man" disease but I really want this to work out. I'm just stumped at expecting men to be a little more emotionally literate, none of my or my friends' boyfriends are emotionally reciprocating. Just simple things like sending a cute message while I'm sleeping after I had a tough day. Are my expectations too high? I don't want him to cure me or buy me anything, just a message will do. I really want a partner in my life and it sucks that I feel like I will never have a partner that does stuff out of his own devotion.

No. 827300

The worst is when it's a random man unloading on you about how he feels bad about hurting another woman (but is too emotionally retarded to understand that he even does feel bad, he just 'for some reason' wants to talk about it a lot). Why am I helping you unpack how you used to get drunk and punch walls and scare your ex? I don't know you and now I'm on her side! I'm trying to have a nice time at this house party!!!
Thankfully since I grew a spine this doesn't happen any more.

No. 827301

Did you go on/went off birth control recently? I read somewhere once that this can affect it

No. 827302

I'm so not in the "build a man" camp but the vast majority of scrotes have zero experience with empathy so it's somewhat understandable even when the good ones don't have a clue. If he's really that amazing in every other aspect then I would recommend asking him for more emotional support and he'll step up his game if he actually cares. (If he doesn't, reconsider how great you believe him to be.) Explicitly lay out what you would appreciate from him like "hey if I tell you I'm not feeling great will you write me a nice note or send me a 'hope you're doing better, I'm here for you' text" or whatever. They need very clear examples. My ex was horrendous in many ways but he did actually get better about this sort of thing to the point he would ask me how I was doing and say sweet things and bring me little gifts without my requesting it after I bluntly laid out what I wanted

No. 827305

>since I grew a spine this doesn't happen any more.
It's actually kind of fun when they try after you reach this point because they get the whole surprised pikachu face when you respond like a fellow scrote
>man I was so angry and punched a wall and broke my own hand, I can't believe she made me feel so bad
>sucks brah
>uh and then I had to cope by smashing a bunch of beers, I had such a hangover the next morning
When they realize you're not going to spend five hours coddling them and soothing their feewings assuring them they did nothing wrong like mommy would they learn not to try again pretty fast

No. 827311

Thank you anon, I was afraid of stating it bluntly as I don't want to appear demanding, but you're right. It's just so unfortunate when you have to teach men basic empathy.

No. 827315

Never be afraid to advocate for yourself and your needs. Empathy is a very basic desire and we often provide it to men without them having to do anything (as evidenced by all the responses to >>827263) but sadly they're often not expected or taught the same. I think a good partner isn't necessarily the one who knows how to do everything perfectly from the start, but one who is always eager to listen to you and learn the best ways to make you happy

No. 827331

I used to be like this, the issue was depression. Now I can do all the same things and they actually bring me joy, but I had to get past a lot of internal issues beforehand. Have you tried CBT or anything similar to try and help determine what your mental blocks may be?

No. 827345

Scrotes don't get empathy at all. I was on twitter earlier and empathsized with a girl's status and said "yeah I've been there" and gave examples of how it was for me. Scrotes jumped on and said I needed therapy and I'm mentally ill for expressing my feelings. I shouldn't have explained my reasoning because it just kept getting worse.

No. 827347

i rarely post, but one of my sister's died today. i feel so lost even though im completely aware. we werent super close but fuck this hurts.

No. 827352

I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you have a good support system of loved ones and close family members to keep you company and help you through this time of grief.

No. 827353

I'm sorry for your loss, anon. I can't even imagine how you must be feeling.. can't do much on an anonymous site to help but please utilise the vent thread as much as you need to, no one will mind <3

No. 827354

My condolences, anon. I hope you can find some sort of comfort soon to ease this pain. I will be praying for you and your family.

No. 827359

I'm so sorry nonny. I hope you get some time to yourself to grieve and process things. There's nothing that makes a loss like this easier but I'm wishing you the best.

No. 827361

I'm so sorry, anon. Whether it was sudden or expected, please reach out to your loved ones and don't feel like you have to grieve alone. Don't force yourself to feel any certain way, right now or ever; loss that cuts that close can be too much to bear at times and don't ever feel like you have to get over it after enough time has passed. My prayers go out to you and your family.

No. 827379

It guts me to know that my mom slept with the man who sexually abused me even though she knew he did it.

No. 827382

And I'm tired of people giving giving me shit because I should know she was abused by him too. She slept with him after the fact. After we moved out. After I had spent years in foster care due to her neglect and drinking. I just tell people straight up if they question my relationship with her that she fucked the man who abused her children.

No. 827395

I do a lot of DBT. But I don't understand how to make it work in terms of making me feel happiness again. I have extreme emotions, but not happiness. I am now able to manage them relatively well because of DBT. But as I said, I don't feel good. I like external validation, but at the same time I discount it. I've no idea how to cultivate myself because I dislike a lot of media and things naturally.

No. 827404

I'm sorry for your loss.

No. 827425

DBT is definitely great for managing emotions but it doesn't go beyond that in terms of exploring why you want validation or can't connect with the things you're doing. I don't know if you have BPD but it sounds kind of like a similar struggle where it's hard to identify with anything and you both crave and detest other people's validation. When you don't have a very strong sense of self or self esteem (CBT and schema-based therapy can be good for these) it's difficult to feel fulfilled because you feel like you're just going through motions rather than connecting what you're doing to some sort of higher purpose. It's good to develop better boundaries too, because you can find yourself doing things you don't really enjoy for the sake of that external validation, which only results in a brief high because you ultimately feel worse about catering to someone else rather than your own needs. It would be good if you can hone in on the few things you do know you like so far and try to branch out and explore other things from there. Working on mindfulness can be useful too, which I know DBT covers, but being really engaged with the things you're doing even if they seem ordinary can help them feel more "real" and interesting.

No. 827427

wishing you and your sister peace nona

No. 827428

File: 1623366170312.gif (3.18 MB, 320x234, tumblr_6be9e0453d761801dbab57c…)

I'm losing it, my friends either hate me or just don't give a shit about me anymore and it hurts so much I want to fucking commit die.

No. 827501

Not sure what I did to piss off my stupid boyfriend. We went on a STUNNING hike and saw like three rare animal interactions and took cute photos together that he immediately uploaded to his instagram. But then he came home, and without talking to me he made himself dinner and is now sitting in another room eating alone. Peculiar to say the least. He's grumpy as fuck, and I'm convinced that I didn't do anything except have a damn good time. Wish I had female friends. In the new year I'm hoping that teaching art locally will produce nice friendships again because I'm so sick of his miserable ass sometimes

No. 827506

He's attention seeking. Glad you had a fun time nonette

No. 827513

I'm the boyfriend

No. 827515

I know we're not meant to say things like this, but maybe he's just tired after going on a hike and needs to zone out, if he's your bf why can't you just ask him what's up?

I hope you can get out with fun friends soon though

No. 827524

Not trying to start an argument, nonny, but her boyfriend is being a pussy baby. He's a grown man who can speak up if he wanted to.
All I have to say is I hope you get friends, too.

No. 827529

Whatever it is, don't assume it's about you or something you did.
If there was/is a problem you have to trust that he'd confront you about it and not play whiny passive aggressive games forever.

Friends would help because then you wouldn't only be focused on just this relationship. You could go somewhere else while he calms down and gets over whatever it is. It's a great idea either way.

No. 827530

I fucking hate one of my internet friends so much but she’s fucking deranged to the point where I’m scared to cut contact. For example her ex dumped her ONE YEAR AGO and she still constantly stalks him and his new gf, (now his ex from a month ago, yes she still stalks her bc she was “rude to her” ie telling her to leave her alone..) but that’s not even the main issue. She recently got into that whole “anime core” thing, for people who don’t know it’s mainly zoomers using old anime from the 2000s as a tumblr aesthetic. She collects figures from said types of anime (she has a few. I’ll get into this later) despite not ever watching the anime/reading the manga/playing the game where it came from. Now whatever I wouldn’t care about this IF she didn’t constantly talk about how she’s “not like those animecore whores who don’t even know the anime they use as an aesthetic” WHEN SHE DOES THE FUCKING SAME SHIT. ALL OF HER “FAVE ANIME” SHE HAS ONLY WATCHED A FEW EPS OF. Her fucking my anime list has less than ten anime on it (this includes incomplete anime she never finished) and oh my fucking god she CONSTANTLY complains about people who don’t watch anime but pretend to, and she is the exact same fucking way. On that same hypocrisy topic, she DESPISES sex work (not gonna put my two cents in here idrc) any kind of it, is a “proud misogynist r9k girl hehe” type of girl. YET SHE SEXTS AND HAS PHONE SEX W MEN FOR MONEY. And before anons ask no this isn’t scamming, she uses her selfies, just refuses to send nudes so by technical definitions, she is a sex worker. she calls herself a gamer girl but was complaining earlier about how long a game was (it is literally a vn that you finish in 5 hours) and how she hates long games and wish they’d get to the point.. also a massive weeb. she sent me pictures of foreigners meeting Japanese people and wearing kimonos (in Japan at one of those touristy rental places where they dress you in one not as a weird fashion thing) and went off about how ugly and disrespectful they are and how the Japanese would just love her… she then proceeds to show me her outfit she plans to wear to Japan… it is a qipao… anyways…
thank you for letting me vent, if you have any ideas on how I can cut her off without sending her on a sperg fest to me where I’m estalked for years it’d be appreciated
(Another thing I forgot to mention she HATES seeing people happy, anytime I mention something she tries to undermine it, My mom was gonna get a pug from the shelter and I was super excited, she fucking replies to that with ten screenshots of an article on how horrible health problems pugs have are, and a long paragraph telling me how she hates them and thinks they’re ugly and disgusting….?)

No. 827531

My pent up anger just let it self out
Tl;dr I need advice on how to cut off my annoying online “friend” without causing her to seethe over me

No. 827534

Can confirm, my ex would always go from being bubbly and sweet to completely silent whenever he wanted to stir up drama and bait me into asking what was wrong. He was a BPDfag so it was literally always regarding some imagined slight about me not speaking to him with the cutesiest tone imaginable or touching my car keys the wrong way or some shit. Just ignore the fucker back (or better yet don’t tolerate that crap at all and leave, but hopefully this is not such a common occurrence for anon).

No. 827542

Pls update if you find out what it is

No. 827548

I'm >>827513 and can confirm >>827534. BPD is a helluva drug.

No. 827563

I'm sorry I don't have any advice to give you but letting you know this made me laugh my ass off for 5 solid mins when I was high

No. 827575

LMFAO it’s okay anon I’m thinking of just slowly blocking her on everything and acting like I got arrested or smth

No. 827580

is it possible to delete your social media and take a break? then you can act like one of those internet friends who disappeared. I'm pretty hands-off with all that so I understand if this isn't doable for you. good luck my friend

No. 827596

I'm properly done with the gossip portions of this site (pt/snow/w). It's too much being involved in worrying about other people's lives, usually chosen at random. There's too much nitpicking and anger involved when it's not necessary. I know there's the option to see the "content" of each thread, yet it's never filtered properly. And honestly, the majority is poor because the important shit is left out, ignored, not properly researched etc. It's trash.
This site has gone through so many major shifts, particularly with who maybe used to engage in the behaviour of truly looking into an internet anomaly, the type of characters worthy of an audience… The way it is now is not for me. These days, I enjoy reading the discourse between us all within the other boards, discussions, seeing other interests we enjoy or disagree on for a variety of reasons. It makes me realise more what I like about myself around other people, although it doesn't match up 100% of the time, yet without a weird feeling of stress that you can't quite put your finger on. I totally understand old posts years ago to even recently where anons said they had to quit coming here or staying away from threads due to it being too much.
It's like a weight off of my chest. This type of engagement is not a worthy hobby, of sorts. The rest of the boards remind me of old times in a healthier way, which is best at the end of the day. Small things like that can linger in your head, affect your thought processes, and self esteem at the end of the day (depending how/who you are!) So yeah. No offense to anyone else, there are a few original cows that deserve the observational lense; however, the scope had become too large which sometimes lessens the importance.

No. 827598

Yeah I rarely use any social media besides Twitter for anime news (lol…) so it’d be pretty doable, I’ll try that out

No. 827608

It's always horrible when there is an accident like that. Don't ever feel bad for crying. Even if something could have changed it, please don't feel like whatever happened was your fault (or family, not sure if you lived alone). Losing your baby to weird circumstances will hurt. Grieve whenever you need even years on, just don't feel guilty. Your dog was loved and loved you. Remember that

No. 827616

Ahaha I'm so mad that I can't go 2 my bf's place a day earlier this weekend because of some dinner he was invited to (I know and have met the people, too). I kinda want to call it off totally because he lives so many miles away and I'd only be at his place for a couple of days. and because I'm mad. But I know it wouldn't impact him anyway, it's just me wanting some stupid kind of unnoticeable revenge. I hate my brain. I hate being petty. Idk how to not be mad except to stand it, how I hate the way my mind naturally reacts to things.

No. 827620

Lmao it just kept getting worse and worse as I read on

No. 827625

Well said anon.

No. 827641

Agreed and I don't like putting energy in that behavior anyway. I hope it isn't frowned upon here to mainly stick to /ot/ /g/ and /m/

No. 827652

I mean, stalking her ex and his ex girlfriend is petty but angrily following their social media and ranting about it to her “friends” doesn’t sound particularly dangerous. She sounds obnoxious as fuck but largely stupid and harmless. You seem to be getting the worst of it by having continued interaction with her. Just drop her and let her seethe on her own. Also she’s an internet friend on top of this? Makes it easier than ever to ghost. People confuse me by complicating this stuff so much.

No. 827653

File: 1623390709204.jpeg (30.1 KB, 500x501, D8E2364E-8C07-4071-B8C4-3C2958…)

Why am I paying so much in rent when my apartment is so fucking cold and doesn’t even come with AC or built-in heaters.

Fuck you Sydney.

No. 827654

I only ever come here for those three, works for me

No. 827668

I got absolutely fucked over for a job position and honestly it's kinda my fault. I was already at a place for 6 years, but my hours were becoming shit and my roomie suggested I apply at her place. Ok, cool. I apply and instantly get a call back. Interview goes great and they offer me a position and a date for my orientation. So like anyone else, I put in my 2 weeks so I wouldn't be fucked over with scheduling.

Well, roomie got fired for no reason. Legit gave us fuck all as to why and even threw her stuff kn the trash. I never got a callback to confirm again the date and location like promised, and her being fired basically solidified me not getting the job. And starting today, I'm officially jobless and stressed af. God I'm so pissed ay myself.

No. 827675

Plastic surgeons are such blood suckers sometimes
I had a consultation with a surgeon for breast implants and ultimately decided against it

A few weeks later I get a letter in the mail with the "notes" that claimed my perky C cups were "deflated, extremely small, misshapen, with a lot of fat in the midsection"

I literally have abs bruh the nerve of some people

No. 827684

File: 1623397443096.jpeg (106.58 KB, 750x588, ddhsaajFV.jpeg)

I'm watching videos of old ass neglected children in therapy clips for school and it annoys me how much I see myself in some of the milder cases of some sort of RAD. My whole family thought it was cute, grown up and a good thing I never once went up to anyone for comfort when crying or hurt as a kid, how the hell isn't that worrisome to see? My mom straight up lies whenever it's brought up, saying I never attempted approaching anyone as a kid when upset opting to isolate myself in an empty room or a corner when in fact I do remember trying to do just that at a very young age and she would just talk on the phone, possibly just patting me on the head or something, but not even looking. My dad would completely ignore me or scream at me if I was left alone with him as did my sister, like yea a child tends to read the room and act accordingly afterwards.
I'm relatively okay these but still very mentally ill and can't trust anyone to comfort me in any way though I have learned to appreciate whenever someone tries to, so I kinda pretend it's something that helps me.

No. 827685

The midsection refers to your breasts, no? What a fucking weirdo though, glad you didn't get pressured into getting them anyways

No. 827693

File: 1623398618718.png (266.39 KB, 563x551, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

sisters i just checked my chart again and it sunk in that I have venus in gemini and virgo in mars

Pretty sure this means absolutely no one can actually love me because i'm too much of a needling, harsh prick who doesn't know what the fuck they actually want

No. 827696

Kind of tmi but I think I got another UTI from taking epsom salt baths. Really sad because I guess now I can’t take them anymore and they helped a lot with muscle pain and were overall relaxing.

No. 827698

I'm 29yo in august, and I didn't talk to my mother since I'm 17. I don't miss her at all, toxic as she is. But I was feeling bad for her recently because she had a lot of mental health issues, leading to suicidal tendancies. I felt bad because when I'm thinking about it, she was always alone, no one took her seriously.
I feel bad for her but at the same time I don't pardon her one bit for everything she did to me and her stupids reactions. I'm glad I cut ties with her and the rest of my family, toxic as they were. I can't stand my husband family for similar reasons ; I find them quite fucked up. I don't understand how he can still be with them. I guess I can't accept any apology from anyone.
My husband is saying I should pardon and move on. But I don't know how. I just hate his family, I don't like to see them everytime. Everytime, I'm here for him. But I feel like I should kill myself already. Nobody talk to me, and when I talk, because of my stuttering, they don't listen or even start a new conversation without me finishing.
I just wanna be alone.

No. 827701

Yeah those are both tough placements to have, sorry nonny. It could be worse though after all like for example you could have your Venus in Virgo kek. What houses do you have those placements in? Just curious

No. 827719

File: 1623400855665.jpg (25.64 KB, 400x317, n9xv8oCEOL1s2xq89o1_400.jpg)

It's so fucking bad. They're leaking to other boards. Imma start calling them trannies and telling them to die so if actual farmer caught stray bullet I apologize in advance.

No. 827736

I wanted a nice nostalgic trip and was disappointed again… For US anons, TOTP was a music show abundant with unintentionally shit dancing. Which should make for a good laugh, however 90% of the comments below these vids are, predictably, about how worthless British girls are today. "Oh, those 'natural' (KEK) beauties of the 70s!" and "Oh, and how unslutty the dancing was!" Besides the fact they are styled just as much as women today, dancers then and now don't choose how to perform you cunts. The women are bouncing around with no bras on and pushing their arse out, with some moves imitating an orgasm for god's sake. How is that different? I know I sound like a little whiney bitch, but I swear EVERYONE fucking hates us kek.

No. 827741

American and British men always pull this shit like they aren't obese manchild retards with receding hairlines and low sperm count. Reason why women looked so good back then was cause their men did too and they were worth looking good for you retarded modern scrotes

No. 827743

Oh my god TOTP. Thank you for the nostalgia, fellow britanon! Kek, I swear it’s a trend or bandwagon to hate us.

No. 827745

File: 1623404863074.jpg (5.5 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

Plenty of young UK/US women are skinny. However, I've been rejected for being too thin with a BMI of 19. Yes, they complain about that too! Go to any Girls Aloud video and find the "god they need to eat a sandwich, they're going to break in half". Also, the oompa loompa fake tan, heavy make-up look is a regional phenomenon, restricted to certain subpop. It's not difficult to find a natural looking UK girl. They then proceed to complain these women don't make an effort… I simply don't recognise these caricature of British girls, but they seem hellbent on making our reputation as piss poor as possible. When did they become so bitter?

No. 827746

File: 1623404905727.jpg (25.93 KB, 610x343, msne.jpg)

Anons I'm retarded and cant shake off bad feelings coming only from a stupid nightmare, how to deal?
For some reason for the last week I keep having very vivid dreams about my boyfriend either cheating on me or leaving me for our mutual former friend; she doesn't live in our country and we haven't been in touch for 3 years now so there's no real risk of it happening; but for some reason vividness of these dreams hangs heavy on me and I cant shake off the negative feelings, it's in the back of my mind all the time and ruins the day. Any of you has an experience with something similar and some way of dealing with it?

No. 827749

Anglo men are just evil and make french, meds, Slavic, and Baltic men look better in comparison

No. 827751

None of these men are "evil" ffs. Take your thinly-veiled Brit hate and fuck off. One last funny vid for nostalgic britbongs.

No. 827752

No I just hate american and English men for being cancerous and unmanly.

No. 827753

File: 1623406032470.png (207.8 KB, 1600x980, Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 11.03…)

I have to vent again, sorry… they are so full of shit.

"tattoo soaked weapon carrying skull themed hair pulled into a bun pseudo biker chick look" is the norm? Fucking where? KEK.

No. 827754

Old men asking old women whether they were happy when they were younger. That is called nostalgia, not being trully more liberated/happy than the current generation. I hate their stupidity

No. 827755

File: 1623406987193.gif (60.38 KB, 220x145, D3D866C5-AB28-42E0-A9BD-09FAE8…)

>no one cares about your life story
>wtf do you expect us to do that you want to kill yourself? this is a gossip board. haha btw did you know we are better than 4chan?

but I do anon, trust me I do care about your blogposting. this might be a really shitty imageboard with aggressive people and horny college to middle aged women who haven’t heard about journaling, but I will always appreciate your derailed blogposts which is basically this whole entire thread. i might not even respond because my advice will go ignored/ruin your life even more, but you may be useless, ugly, a karen, a /meta/ complainer, insecure, or insignificant, but your story will always stick with me.

No. 827756

is this a comment section from one of think before you sleep’s videos

No. 827757

Their wholesome women. Apparently 70s women were like retarded yogurt eating ad women of today, always grinning maniacally and dancing down the streets kek. 1:54-1:59 is particularly wholesome imo… I'm guessing the wholesome part is the retarded pat-a-cake handclap? That's another thing that pisses me off kek. Men secretly liking women who behave like 5 year old girls, directing them to do so for their profit/gain, then pretending its innate and using it to justify shit treatment of us.

No. 827759

This is under every 70s music video on youtube and I hate it. They think women should go around in babydoll dresses and with wide smiles plastered on all the time. Tattoos and butch or andro styles bug the absolute hell out of them.

Middle aged and old men.. you look like total crap to me too in case that thought had never occured to you. You look and act like shit. Shitter than any woman I've ever seen regardless of her style choices.

No. 827761

Night club culture of the 70s was probably a better indicator of how women were back then as opposed to these shitty scripted TV shows

No. 827762

Retarded cause andro styles were big in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. A lot of women didnt look like that cheerful preppy Miss Universe type back then

No. 827785

I mean yeah they look at women on stage in outfits designed for performing…and then cry that women passing them on the street don't look like that. Its beyond retarded to cry about it. Especially when old guys are the lowest of the low in terms of looks and effort. Those young 'horribly tatted' women don't want you looking at them anyway my guy.

No. 827805

people who loud-whisper need to fucking die. do they really think i can't hear them?

No. 827832

Is it the autism that makes me not out effort into how I look (and not care about it for that matter) or is it the fact that I should've been a lesbian and am 100% more comfortable wearing masc clothes? Hmmm

No. 827842

>I should've been a lesbian
It's the autism.

No. 827855

I figured

No. 827880

He wanted to originally do a fat transfer and then ignored my questions about the risks since I knew fat transfers are more risky and lipo is easily botched, despite this he started squeezing around my stomach and hips and stuff despite me telling him im bloated from having endometriosis and my period and then claimed if I were to get implants he would personally go several cup sizes larger than what I asked for

No. 827907

I'll never fucking have friends. I've been a weird, ostracized loner since middle school. I want to at least half-blame my dad for making our family move a thousand times during my developing years. All I've had now during my early 20s is male "friends" who either used me as a sex doll or tried to have me as an ugly backup gf to also use against loneliness. I thought I was being appreciated for me! I'm so intimidated by women, aka the only people who would make actual lasting friends, that I default to male attention/companionship. I'm unattractive and autistic so the men who do entertain me are like me at best, usually worse. So they'd tolerate me in case they'd get to fuck.

I don't want to go insane from loneliness. I don't want to be a prostitute that gets paid in "friendship" either.

Why the fuck am I in this NLOG phase, I feel like an alien. Women always seem to sniff out my autism immediately, so I do kind of hate them for that sometimes. It's mostly just sadness at being rejected, and reduced to scrote dick for companionship.

No. 827910

>horny college to middle aged women who haven’t heard about journaling

Based and this is me. Thanks for the reminder to journal

No. 827917

Yes, it used to happen a lot. Maybe there's small pieces of insecurity you have in the relationship that weirdly manifest in your dreams? I had it happen constantly, but it was with an abusive ex that would highlight the good in other women to tear me down so I could become like them (and he did end up cheating lol). If you're not typically disrespected, it could be a comment here or there that throws you off, jealousy, or just your brain trying to find something wrong if the relationship is too good? I have dreams such as those with my current partner like, "see? He IS actually awful, don't trust him!" Brains are weird, don't let it stress you out and definitely don't take it out in him throughout the day. Find a distraction first thing in the morning after one of those dreams and the memory of it can fade a little.

No. 827928

I mean one dream in a blue moon is easily shaken off, if it is happening over and over he probably is cheating, maybe not with the girl in mind but every single woman I met who had cheating dreams was always getting cheated on

No. 827931

I failed getting into the masters school again. I fail everything I do. My parents whom I'm financially connected might get violent at this point, I'm so scared.

No. 827933

Find fellow autistic friends

No. 827939

File: 1623427628394.jpg (40.13 KB, 640x622, pain-agony-if-you-will-memes-5…)

I wanted to go the beach today because I have a day off and I'm getting my period soon. But of course, this is the only day out of two weeks the weather decided to be shit. Why can't God let me have even the smallest of pleasures. On top of this, my wisdom tooth suddenly got inflamed 2 hours ago. Everything hurts, and tomorrow I'm back to work talking to customers for 8 hours.

No. 827942

I can't do anything right. No matter how hard I try I'm always a piece of shit that doesn't achieve anything. I have no worth and no matter how much I surround myself with amazing things and people, I will always remain the same shitstain. I'm literally nothing without the things I do and even those are always bad and worthless. I want someone to hurt me so maybe then I'll understand that I'll have to be better and I'll try harder. I feel like I deserve punishment or just to be beaten because I'm just such a disgusting, ugly and intolerable thing.

No. 827946

Anon I hope you can find a place to get away from them and be safe. You're not a failure, we're all doing life at our own pace. Do you have anyone to turn to if they do get violent?

No. 827948

Fucking hate double spacing newfags who


like this

after every

sentence. Go back to twitter.

No. 827959

>taste in clothes = lesbian
Ok retard
I keep reporting them but doesn’t seem like they’re getting punished because they keep doing it and it drives me crazy!!

No. 827972

I wish I knew how to be a normal functioning human being. To wake up early in the morning and do tasks for the day even if I don't want to. My stupid teenager mindset fucked up my discipline and now I'm paying the price. I want to be a child again. I want friends. I just want to feel like a normal human being again

No. 828004

I'm in my early thirties, my dad is retired and he moved far away when he retired. I'm at a point where I have lots of adult stress, I have my own home, mortgage, improvements being made on the house. My dad is hours away and all he ever texts me about is how bored he is and how bars are still closed and that adds to his boredom. Meanwhile I'm up to my eyeballs in work and then trying to get my home improvements done while working long hours and having a back problem on top of that. I'm injured right now from working my arse off today and I'm drained from dealing with all these strange men coming in and out of my house to do small jobs.

It feels like my dad just fucked off the moment his job ended and my mom died. I see other single and even non single women my age with parents nearby helping them or just being there to still see regularly and it stings. I've had the most stressful week and when something put a real spanner in my house plans..Neighbours stepped in and brainstormed with me to fix it. Not my family. I have one neighbour in particular who has almost taken on the dad role at times. I'm grateful but it's strange at the same time.

Dad you wouldn't be so lonely and insanely bored if you just stayed within reach of your family members. You're bored and lonely and I'm struggling from having a lack of support from any fam nearby. It sucks

No. 828005

Same, I just keep reporting them but nothing, or no redtext at least. Also the ones who post like this:

some dumb post

No. 828016

That's not the only reason I said that, "retard". But I'm not gonna make a list of other reasons I feel I may be a lesbiam

No. 828042

Just wanted to say I feel you anon and I'm sorry we both couldn't have more supportive parents, particularly fathers.
Neither of my parents helped me with my home due to our estranged relationships, if it weren't for my husband's help I would've been completely screwed.

No. 828084

File: 1623438961927.gif (866.66 KB, 240x180, 48320974032423.gif)

>wow it's been so nice this summer I might as well take a staycation and save my trip points for when it's shitty in fall
>forecast shows cold and rainy weather the entire week I've taken off

No. 828087

I want to cry in someone's arms and I want them to tell me that everything's fine as it is, that I'm good and beautiful enough and that there will be no pain anymore. I've been unloved all my life, no one's ever told me that they really loved me or that I'm beautiful. I've always been the ugly fucker in the corner that everyone barely tolerates. People once threw rocks at me just because I looked at them. People would insult me out of boredom or look at me like they were going to deck me. I'm tired. No amount of kindness on my part seems to help. I want to be loved too and I want to cry tears of relief.

No. 828091

Sending good vibes your way, I have a staycation booked the first week of September and am scared of the same.

Let’s hope the forecast changes

No. 828101

File: 1623439864081.jpg (50.41 KB, 394x360, 066.JPG)

The literally ONLY board on 4chan that I could visit and have some fun at, is absolutely ruined. The last few days are nothing but a barrage of memes about how having gay sex with black males is not only totally not gay, but also something to be proud of. I can not deal with this anymore, if I have to read another anon's post about this shit I am going to lose my mind. Even sneed was better than this.

No. 828110

It's because of that movie anon, hopefully the moids will drop it soon.

No. 828123

which board?

No. 828129

I know anon, I know, but this has been going on for almost a week now and I am at my wit's end, got I hate these idiots so much, but they are the only really fun place there any more. Thankfully the mods stopped the WHOLE catalog from being just buck breaking threads, but they still post it in every thread, repeatedly!


No. 828151

Which movie?

No. 828160

File: 1623441451475.jpg (116.91 KB, 612x1236, 1623436158327.jpg)

Literally on their front page right now.

No. 828175

my mom is rarted. we went into a store and she really told the employees "your prices went up! when i came here in january it was cheaper." the secondhand embarrassment she gives me.

No. 828186

Thanks anon, doing a sun dance right now and trying to soothe myself by remembering the forecast is wrong half the time. Hope your trip turns out sunny as well!

No. 828237

I'm so bored and derealized from my life I cut myself because it's like the only thing that gives me excitement. It's visceral. Sober living is shite.

No. 828253

tv is filled with pedos how do you have fun there

No. 828259

Well, yeah there are some pedos, but most of the threads are clean of them. I like their humor, movie discussion is fun, shitting on capeshit is fun, non /tv/ topics on /tv/ is fun, I really like that board.

No. 828266

File: 1623445554364.jpg (70.51 KB, 720x699, 20210611_230116.jpg)

No words. I am sick of this shit and his hamsters

No. 828270

Hoping this sign was put up April 1st

No. 828271

My boyfriend's dad keeps trying to get him to apply to Birthright before he's too old and I know one of the reasons is because he wants my bf to marry someone Jewish so that's cool. Like I feel like it's such a big deal for his family that my bf would get cut out of some inheritance if he chooses to stay with me. My bf doesn't give any shits and happily shows me off every family function but I can feel the pressure getting stronger on him from his family.

No. 828274

so many of my clothes look terrible on me. comfy? yes. flattering in any way? no.

No. 828295

my aunt converted to judaism to marry a jewish dude, but i assume he was in a reform/liberal or w/e congregation if they allowed conversion like that. I assume there was some studying required but i dont think she had to like, learn hebrew. i should say, though, she probably wouldve lied about/faked anything if needed. she and her husband are both unhinged creditcardsmaxed crossfit-republican dentists so i would not be confident in saying it was all above-board.

No. 828342

I can't stand when (usually white) leftists on twitter will put shit like "occupied apache land" in their location tag. You're not a native american, you're from fucking phoenix you clown. If I were native I'd be insulted to see some virtue signaling, "woke" white idiot going on about how they're currently living in a place that was violently stolen from it's original inhabitants and never returned. If you tards feel so guilty about what happened to the natives go back to fucking England or wherever instead of crying about how the land you're living on isn't actually yours. If you don't live on a native reservation put your damn city in your location, not a tribe. Fucking morons

On a similar note I get irked whenever someone calls a white American a colonizer/settler. How many of them are actually descendant from the fucking pilgrims?? Very few. My ancestors came here to flee from famines and wars, how are they any different than Muslim immigrants fleeing from similar circumstances? Never seen one of these woke retards call nonwhite immigrants colonizers.

No. 828356

File: 1623449929232.jpg (93.41 KB, 1280x960, ADVFRAdmvl2FV4ptOUKJeSqVPROZCj…)

I feel exceptionally loved when foreign ladies at my job like me and get along with me well.
I've noticed older German coworkers tend to like me best. I think it's because I'm friendly/approachable, plus I'm not a backstabber and people can tell. Our newest hire who is an older German woman said she could tell I was the sweetheart of the office.
Warms my greasy burger heart.

No. 828373

I have a policy of not cutting people off until I’m completely done with their shit, kudos to anyone who can do it straight away but I would just end up romanticising people. So I’ve been distancing myself from ~the only man I’ve ever loved~ in this way and Jesus fucking Christ I never noticed how annoying he was before. Tonight it was:
> how far is (place) from (my hometown)
> idk I’ve never even heard of that place, why?
> just wanted to know
> it’s not even a famous place, why do you want to know?
> it’s not important, sorry I’ll leave you alone now

Etc, like that would take 5 seconds to google so why are you asking me? I assume to strike up a conversation but then you get secretive and don’t let the conversation go anywhere?

No he’s not hinting at anything, and he’s done this exact thing several times at this point as well as the general tactic of asking me a very random question then refusing to engage in further conversation. I have no idea what the point of this shit is, just going to assume he’s retarded and move on I think. Funny the things that become so frustrating when you already feel negatively about someone.

No. 828389


Kek my classmate put a line like this in his thesis. Except it was in reference to where our university is located even though all his research took place in a different country 5,000 miles away.

No. 828392

dog died last week, dad is slowly dying (also has no fridge, freezer, oven, shower or anything hes like a caveman), my ex betrayed me, im thick as shite in the neck of a bottle for caring, im piss poor, my stalker literally left this week so I can finally at least breathe, but to top it all off my phone broke watching that cursed pizza frenemies episode kek

No. 828393

File: 1623452681125.jpeg (165.67 KB, 750x750, 15ABE307-B64D-4BB5-9045-AA6A2C…)

>feels insecure about my stupid fucking stomach and feeling bloated and fat
>was going to kind of starve myself today
>decided to order delicious food instead

I love to eat vegetables and complete meals but sometimes my brain doesn’t want that

probably not even healthy for me at all but I don’t give a shit anymore, this world isn’t healthy to be in

No. 828395

>has no fridge, freezer, oven, shower

No. 828397

Anon's dad is Varg

No. 828398

File: 1623453728480.jpg (322.71 KB, 640x640, there is now nothing.jpg)

This is all that there is to life. This is it. And I am wasting its entirety. Yes, even my youth. I will die alone, looking at a computer screen, distracting myself from my festering flesh about to die. This is all I do, it's just to avoid the reality i live in.
I have these short bursts of self-realization in between my massive hours of brainless scrolling that really hurt. At some point during the middle of the night, I'll get so tired, my eyes will completely glaze over the computer screen so that in a moment of dull clarity like a diamond shining in the rough I look at the lifeless computer screen and realize I've been looking at it for my whole life, essentially. Almost every waking moment in my life has been related, or involving a bright, cold screen. It is not my friend - a frind gives back what it takes. I give it my whole fucking life. It has given me nothing.
I want to quit this, just to see how rich life can be. How I can grow. I've grown to like l.c and all the other sites i visit, but it's literally an addiction. I don't think i can quit though. My life and personality is so, fucking, pathetically tied to staring at a screen like a brainless zombie imbecile.
Please, I just want out of this hellhole. I want to feel something. I feel like my ancestors would think twice about having kids if they knew this ungratefull useless bitch was just going to sit on her ass and do nothing for society for the rest of her life.

No. 828419

anon you should throw your computer in the trash. And your phone, destroy any connection to the internet. Look for work in a different town or city or even move to another country, there are always opportunities to relocate for work. Even if socializing is hard for you the fear and anxiety it will give you will make at least make you feel alive. There's always more to life, you just can't see it when your living in a box.
This is basically what I'm in the process of doing myself, I've wasted so much of my young adult life on the internet and it's starting to dawn on me how behind I am for my age. I really want to live and feel even if I just have a simple life. Anything is better than this.

No. 828423

I figured out how to turn off all notifications on my phone and it is hands-down a beautiful feeling. If people have to wait for my reply to something, so be it. My mental health is better without all these popups and icons.

Do you think you can take a step like that? It really helps get out of the cycle of checking stuff.

I also abandoned FB last year and that too was a good decision. I felt like the entire site was making me stupider and angrier and more pessimistic.

No. 828434

Boyfriend of 9 years and i called it quits today. Feel lost

No. 828449

File: 1623459136316.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3024x4032, 41EB277A-D478-4DAE-8D0E-2EAC0D…)

I'm sorry anon. For now it's okay to mourn it, but I hope you feel better soon.

here, have a fluffy cat

No. 828457

I think >>828419 is right anon. I genuinely like lc and some other communities too but the internet in general is addictive and can cause so much harm even as it offers many useful things. I'm pretty sure there are programs you can use to block your browser access for part of the day. Try little steps like spending even 15 minutes going outside for a walk now and then. Just be fully present in those moments. Take in the real world. Feel yourself existing naturally rather than staring at a screen. You don't have to be connecting all the time, you can turn this around.

No. 828462

File: 1623461268189.png (139.17 KB, 1559x265, 389745304375034.png)

You'll find yourself again. I divorced my husband of 7 years about 2 years ago. Doing better than ever now. It's really hard at first but you're strong and eventually things have a way of leveling out. No pressure to get over it right away but try not to let the negative emotions overwhelm you either. Someone gave really good advice here a while ago and I saved the response. It was regarding an ex who was cruel and I'm not sure if yours was abusive, but whether it was hurtful or amicable, she still had a great way of explaining how to weather the emotions. Hopefully it might help you too.

No. 828463

i think my fiance really is racist after all and i don't know what to do with myself…i remember him asking when we first started dating if i had a preference for white men or a fetish, which i was like wtf at, and then he said what about slavic men (he's polish) and i said i didn't care about the guy's race, like, he just happened to be white but i didn't go out of my way to get to know him because of it, and this upset him. I shook it off as him wanting to feel desirable and that was all. Looking back, it wasn't like i didn't compliment his looks. Now he's really gotten into talking about impregnation since a got my implant about a little more than a month ago but since around a week ago started saying racist things mixed in, like how he couldn't wait to "colonize" me, that he was going to "bleach" me, and would ask me to tell him i loved his bwc. I wish I was making this up, when told how that stuff dried me up he said he was just joking and that i am "mixed for a reason". I'm mestiza. I don't know if he was always like this or what has changed, i don't even know how to put into words what i'm feeling. We've been together 3 years and he NEVER showed any signs

No. 828464

>he NEVER showed any signs
When you first met he asked if you fetishized his race and was upset that you didn't. What kind of sign were you looking for, a fucking billboard?

No. 828465

This is really horrific anon, I'm so sorry. One of my exes was racist and the great irony was that he himself was mixed. Lots of internalized self loathing I guess, in addition to just being a shithead. He always managed to explain it away as being ironic or "jokes" but that was just a cope. I was much more naive then and eventually it become too much. I can't imagine how much worse it is when it's something that's mostly come out of the blue like this. It goes without saying, but his behavior is disgusting, cruel and dehumanizing. You shouldn't tolerate him, and I know walking away after a good amount of time and commitment is very hard, but he is sadly not the person you hoped him to be.

No. 828466

I have a cluster of 4 tiny bruises on one forearm and another small bruise on my other forearm. They look like track marks.
I know how I got the one, but I have no idea how I got 4 tiny bruises in one spot. I seriously hope no one thinks I'm a junkie. How else would one get bruises like this without knowing?

No. 828468

do you toss and turn when you sleep or ever incidentally bump into things? do you cross your legs over one another when you're sitting? sometimes the smallest things can cause bruises, I think some of mine are from the fact that I move in my sleep

No. 828470

Thank you nonny, i would die for that kitty
Thank you for sharing your story. I really cant see the woods for the trees right now but im hopeful. The breakup was amicable, but so incredibly sad, as he was basically my family as mine are sort of estranged. He was very depressed however and i think he just stopped loving me. i never stopped loving him.
Thank you for sharing your advice too. It makes me feel a little hopeful.

No. 828475

Good thing you're only engaged and not married.
I couldn't even look my fiance in the eye again if he talked about wanting to "colonize" my body. That's so disgusting, and it sounds like he wants to baby trap you too. I've had exes who were really pissed off about my implant for the same reason, cause there was no way to tamper with it or pressure me to go off it easily so they could saddle me. Get out of there asap anon, he disguised who he was.

No. 828477

Sounds like a typical 4ch scrote.

No. 828495

File: 1623466285668.jpg (105.33 KB, 392x446, 44 - 0DWC3gI.jpg)

this is 100% going to come off as a "I Am very Smart" moments. I promise I'm trying not to be obnoxious.

I just played Secret Hitler with a bunch of my bf's old college friends. I literally had big brain deductive reasoning and people observations but every time I said anything, they ignored me like literally ignored me. I'm annoyed by this because my boyfriend (who was Hitler) seemed to also kind of ignore me. He made no attempts to even reason or argue back with me (in the sense of the game, not irl), he'd just listen and move on to the next thing he wants to say.
I really hate men, you could literally be a rocket scientist and they'd still try to teach you something about it. They don't care if you are smart or making sense with a good theory. Your 1000IQ strat means nothing to them. Holy shit why are men like this.

To be fair, it's game night and everyone is probably tired or having drank something so i get it but still.

No. 828498

You played what now?
>my boyfriend (who was Hitler)
This sentence is sending me

No. 828500

There is.. a lot to unpack here.

No. 828501

Just watched my brother in law throw a fit and huff because he had to clean his own dinner dishes. Literally threw them and was mumbling to himself until his sister got up and started doing it so he could go watch Basketball. What a fucking spineless little retard fucking cockroach HE IS 27 YEARS OLD IM GOING TO SCREAM. He woke me up by throwing a glass in the sink because there was a plate in there instead of the dishwasher which was full of clean dishes I ran………….. This faggot literally wants women to do everything because he's a useless waste of flesh. I don't know how he is related by blood to my husband because my husband is a saint.

No. 828510

What is Secret Hitler? How do you play it? never heard of it before

No. 828524

my cat was recently diagnosed with feline asthma, and while it's treatable, i'm so sad and feel so guilty…she's been having what i now know were asthma attacks occasionally for a while but she was also having hair balls a while ago so the vet figured the coughing was just from that. i did more research after she had a coughing fit once every day for the past week and that prompted me to bring her to the vet. she's being treated for it but i'm so scared that it'll eventually get worse and kill her. i love her so much i'm so worried

No. 828525

Damn this made me worry, my cat has lately been coughing. No hairballs, and she used to never cough. I hope your cat is alright and has minimal asthma attacks.

No. 828528

definitely bring your cat to the vet if you can. coughing is usually not a good sign. i found out it was likely asthma attacks based on the sounds she made and way she moved, she would get low to the ground and crane her neck out while coughing and wheezing. it was super sad to see. i hope your kitty is ok!!

No. 828530

File: 1623470903313.jpeg (3.72 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpeg)


No. 828533

I feel terrible. After reading up on it, I think maybe the litter I've been using (pine pellets) might be the culprit. But it seems like many types of litter can cause it. Another factor which makes me feel the worst is that I smoke, and though I only smoke outside, I leave my smoky clothes in the room with her and she as a result does smell like smoke all the time. I'll definitely bring her to the vet when possible. I hate it that I smoke tbh, I just can't quit. But maybe if it's related to my cat, I can.

No. 828535

im sorry for posting this but its true

No. 828537

yeah, i've been using the same type of litter and am changing it as soon as possible. i had no idea until just recently that could irritate my cat's airways! i'm sure the smoking doesn't help either… i don't smoke but one of my roommates does (outside) plus she burns incense so i gotta ask her to stop burning it inside unfortunately. i also have a neighbor across the hall who smokes inside and i don't really know what to do about that. i believe in you that you can stop for your kitty!

No. 828545

people who laugh smugly at their own egotistical comments are the worst people and i hope they hate themselves as much as i do

No. 828592

File: 1623487510497.gif (363.82 KB, 500x375, hmmm.gif)

This man that I've been talking to for a while lurks here… I just know it. I saw a meme he uses I rarely see outside of our conversations once in the troon thread and on C.C I don't want to bring it up because then he'll know I'm here and over there and will probably try to connect which posts are mine. Saging………….

No. 828607

I'm so fucking scared of aging.
There are so many dreams I have, things I'm interested in or are a fan of, things I would like to do or accomplish in life, but all of them only sound appealing if I were to do them at <30/35, I can't imagine myself after that age at all.
I wasted my university years being anxious and depressed, and now I feel like I only have like 5 years left to have fun in life.

No. 828611

I feel like I'm leading a double life, almost everyone around me would end me if they knew I lurk here.

No. 828632

Clay litter and pine pellets are very bad for the cat, try and see if you can switch to a sawdust-based eco litter. My kitty used to cough when he used the litter box even when there was just a bit of clay litter in it but now he's doing great and the new litter is also flushable. No need for smelly plastic bags or anything.

No. 828634

I want to buy a stand for a laser printer but all the ones I’m finding are ugly

No. 828635

Things like what? If it's something that's only possible when you're young, maybe it's not worth doing. If you don't wanna do it just because you think middle aged people are gross and lame, well that's all on you.

No. 828646

Please elaborate.

No. 828647

My online best friend just told me that she doesnt know what she wants to label herself. She has been a TERF since forever and hates enbies/trannies like hell but struggles with her gender identity. She used to live in the same county as me (we never were friends irl tho) but her parents took her with them to one of the poorest and most horrible districts in Russia. Her happiness and mental stability literally vanished. She went from normal weight to severly underweight with raging BDD, with each day she becomes less and less like herself. Her family is really toxic and abusive, her older brother is literally insane and probably suffers from psychosis as he consumes chemical substances that are making him see crazy shit and the ''underworld'' and fuckign ghosts and shit. She texted me today and told me how she doesn't know how to label herself and how she hates anything thats feminine and hates being called a female or feminine pronouns and completly hides her body underneath clothing. She doesnt't want to label herself as a fucking tranny or enby because she hates them. She told me that she was unsure If she was a tranny or a tomboy. I really don't know what to do because she has been in such a bad place for the last 5 years and its becoming worse and its probably affecting her wanting to change herself desperatly. She is on the brink of going insane and I can totally see why but its making me really worried for her. She often talks about suicide and the desire to finally die and resting in peace, away from her family and the abuse she has gone through. Nonnies how can I help her out? I am really fucking worried.

No. 828652

It's funny how people need to label themselves nowadays. Just live?

No. 828656

It's really easy for women in Russia to turn into a FtMs, because living as a woman there is nothing but your worst nightmare. She shouldn't label herself like an idiot. She can always wear or do whatever she wants while still being a woman… I do not understand what's happening to people anymore with all of this gender shit. There are also LOTS of GNC / radfem communities on ru social media, even on twitter. Russia used to be dominated by gnc and radfem, NEETs and pickmes went 'libfem' and 'tranny uwu' mode only few years ago because they believe that anything that's from US is better than everything else.

These weirdos care about some american twitter dramas or 'someone being misgendered' instead of caring about actual problems in Russia, such as domestic abuse, victimhood, economics and more. RUSJWs are nothing but NEETs who leech off their parents money.

No. 828661

She struggles overall with her gender identity and doesn't want to be perceived as a woman or with any feminine attributes. She is unsure of what she really is as she's uncomfortable with being feminine (but doesn't want to be a man aswell?). I think that her insanity living in this fucking horrible country is getting in her head and is truly messing with her.

No. 828667

Being uncomfortable being a woman because because of how society perceives and treats us is not the same as not identifying as one. I don't see the problem here.

No. 828680

A girl I know is annoying the fuck out of me by being miserable. Shes an online friend and shes the type who posts about positive vibes but then murders everyones vibes. The only things she talks about is dick, how much physical pain shes in, how mentally ill she is, and that she's fat. That's the height if conversation with her

Every month is a fucking drag because when she gets her period she makes an event out of it. Now, period cramps are normal. Really really bad period cramps are normal. Theres no right way to have a period. But this girl literally can not function as a human being when shes menstruating. She does to the ER and they turn her out with painkillers saying shes fine. They've actually checked her for a ton of problems and theres literally no endothermitis or anything.

So draining to talk to. I'm always there for a friend in need but I spend almost every day trying to support someone who says they're fat but claims they eat nothing, who refuses to get help for her mental state, or stop fucking guys who are clearly using her for sex and winging when they turn out to be using her for sex

No. 828682

That's how most of the women feel in Russia (not counting the normie ones who are brainwashed by forced gender roles). It's okay to feel confused about it, but that doesn't make you a troon lmao. Just because you may not seem "normal" for not doing things such as makeup or dressing in skirts doesn't mean you are no longer a woman. Ive always been a "tomboy" type and did not give a shit about anything, even though people judged me a lot because they see women as nothing but pickme incubators.

Your friend needs to calm tf down and browse normal places, instead of hanging out around whatever gender special place she's spending her braincells in.

This. I always felt uncomfortable about the fact how hated women are in Russia (which of course would make people think that it's easier to be a man, when you'd still be treated as a woman regardless kek), with a mix of neverending gender stereotypes, but at one point you just need to grow up and stop giving a shit about what media and people are trying to brainwash yourself into. It doesn't make you less of a woman for not wanting to be 'feminine', and I genuinely hate over how people are trying to turn gnc, tomboys or just normal women into men even for basic shit such as liking blue colour and wearing pants (my irl friends new friends are convincing that she's a guy because she loves wearing checkered blue blouses and doesn't feel comfortable wearing skirts).

No. 828687

I can’t sleep if I see the sun. I’m so mad because I woke up at 5:30am for what I thought was a brief period and then BOOM it’s almost 9am. I want to die

No. 828720

Hoping my period starts soon. It was late last month too after being like clockwork my whole life and I really feel out of whack (and terrified of possibly being pregnant)

No. 828741

I just woke up from a nightmare that I cheated on my boyfriend, and apparently had a history of cheating on him too. I went to visit my folks and met this random guy from their building. Then I found out he was a former classmate. I found him attractive, we started to flirt and then snuck off to fuck in my family's guest room. I left him there to clean up himself and then after coming back, my mom opened the door to the guest room for a different reason and said "There it is…" with a very like So this is the reason you came to visit, isn't it? tone. She was clearly disappointed in me, I didn't even know what to say. I was disappointed in myself.

Then my boyfriend drove miles to pick me up and I couldn't even look him in the face. My mom was being super nice to him because she knew but obviously didn't say.

Goddamn it. I am very distressed about this dream because I would never do something like that in real life, he's super sweet and wouldn't deserve any of that.

It doesn't help I also woke up hours before that dream from another nightmare where I had somehow sent porn to everyone in my contacts, including his family as they were sitting across the table from me. And they were all shocked and show ther phones to me and I didn't know what the fuck to do. I think I wanted to throw my phone or something but fortunately I woke up.

No. 828746

Why are you friends? Is she just better than having nobody at all to talk to?

No. 828755

I haven't talked to anyone new in years. How do you even do that? Most people are so annoyed and busy that they can't be bothered to talk to strangers and get to know someone knew. I would love to get that feeling that you get when you get to know someone and you can tell that they may even be interested in you. It won't happen because I seem to exist only to be degraded and used, but it would be nice.

No. 828784

File: 1623514473952.jpeg (35.15 KB, 360x450, CA7B55DD-7679-4C18-AD24-FFC2A6…)

I don’t understand why my friends insist on coming over to my apartment first before we hang out like? Why can’t we meet at the place like they do in sitcoms. It just irritates me because they always go through shit in my apartment and are always making snide remarks. Like bitch mind the business that pays you. Last weekend my friend came over (mind you I just moved in and it was messy so I was not expecting company because we were going to the park) she gonna be like “when are you gonna get a rug for the living room so it doesn’t look so industrial?l” like bitch when you buy me one tf. We didn’t even end up going to the park because she was too lazy to walk. So she just came over to judge and then leave. They also always be like “you pay too much for your apartment I only pay 1500 between me and my bf” well that’s because you live in bumfuck with your bf so you have the luxury of getting a 1 bedroom and splitting the cost I do not because I rent with my sister. When my friends do shit I’m just happy for them and I don’t make backhanded compliments but I’m getting fed up and will start to do the same.

No. 828785

My apt is really nice though so I’m starting to believe that they are haters even though I never wanted to think that because why would my friends hate on me if we are friends!? But I guess I was too naive

No. 828787

File: 1623515267728.jpeg (204.17 KB, 828x987, 9F08CB83-A41D-4035-B591-F2197A…)

Cultural appropriation and damage to marginalized groups is real, I’m fucking tired of these so woke they’re asleep fake activists trying to protect shit like corporate tie ins under the guise of “muh culture”. Liking a boy band and chicken nuggets isn’t fucking culturally significant or distinct.

No. 828788

Hey wtf, one friend did to this me pre covid, especially the "why do you pay so much". Bitch, I live in smack dab middle of the capital, because I can and I want to. I just ghosted them, idk what else to tell you.

No. 828789

anon i think the tiktok user wasn't being serious

No. 828794

I was really hoping it was a troll but kpop stans can be this fucking insufferable so I wouldn’t put it past them

No. 828795

I fucking hate summer, for some reason it always brings back memories of my ex even though we broke up 4 years ago and I don't miss him… but I miss the stuff we used to do. I'd kill to feel calm and cozy again as we used to lay in bed, watching shitty movies and snacking after a shower. But instead I get shitty anxiety when I go to the mall where I used to go with him.

Not wanting a relationship and being childfree in a small country isn't helping with any of these.

No. 828798

BTS stans should be marginalized and scared to come out

No. 828806

It really irks me when people who are financially stable or well off call themselves poor. There was a guy who was well known for donating lots of money to multiple streamers for a video game I play and the stupid fuck would always be in the live chat unironically calling himself poor. Bitch my entire family used to live in a one bedroom apartment and I had to sleep on the floor. You are not fucking poor if you have the disposable income to throw thousands of dollars away to strangers on the internet every month. Go deepthroat a cactus.

No. 828812

Is Russia as a woman really that bad? That's one of the places I've never really heard stories about for women

No. 828815

domestic abuse was decrimininalized so yea

No. 828827

someone already asked in stupid questions, it was answered in one of m threads
mentioned in one of the old tradthot threads too

No. 828868

File: 1623524275551.jpeg (215.32 KB, 1200x1122, A7F03301-48D1-49E2-88F9-74B4D2…)

Sorry but I seriously have to vent about this, I’m definitely not this big jug of spoiled milk but goddamn everything about this bitch seemed to ring alarms in my head while it didn’t to her unsuspecting kid fans and YouTube colleagues. The way she talks, the emotional immaturity, the false sense of superiority over other lolcows despite being one herself. This is peak white trailer trash behavior and I bet everyone where Shannon lives is just as fucking unhinged and psychotic that could make New York seem like a gated suburban community. I sincerely feel really bad for West Coast anons who live where she lives

No. 828869

My stepdad accused me of stealing his razor and I denied it becaus I didnt. He refused to listen to me and just shouted at me so I pulled up my pants leg to show him that it definitely couldn't have been me cuz I'm lazy af and haven't shaved in weeks. Then he yelled at me for being indecent and doubled the cost of rent. Jesus christ. The power of my hairy calves.

No. 828874

I hate my friend's bf so much and I genuinely hope he fucking dies. All I can do is hope she's able to leave him and recover from the hurt that bastard has caused her.

No. 828878

yer dad sounds like an ass

No. 828883

File: 1623525663389.png (206.63 KB, 640x335, 7xshqnzscle51.png)

Monday and Tuesday are my next days off and then I have a 6 day workweek, followed by one day off and five more days on and I really wanna spend those two days off alone working on my hobbies but I feel obligated to go to my cousin's graduation party on Monday and also obligated to hang out with a friend who is moving away on Tuesday. I just want a fucking break from people ARRGGGH I miss being a NEET so much sometimes.

No. 828891


Im in my bed crying but reading the first line of this post made me laugh inside. thank you for sharing your hate anon

I feel like shit, like i want to fall through the floor into blackness. I just want to cry and feel sorry for myself but the other half of me is trying to tell me to get the fuck up and salvage whats left of today.

No. 828892

Why you do this retarded spacing nonnie

No. 828895

Because i am indeed retarded

No. 828900

What are your hobbies anon?

No. 828937

File: 1623531559145.jpg (382.45 KB, 1080x776, Durrrr.jpg)

I ordered delivery against better financial judgment just because I was too lazy to go out to eat or go buy groceries.
Now the delivery man is awol and late despite giving good instructions and I'm reeling. It wasn't worth delivery if it was just going to get lost and become more trouble than what it's worth.
Good grief I'm such a lazy dumbass but I get what I deserve tbh but I hate this so much.

No. 828939

my birthday is next week and I was supposed to have it off, but my coworker asked me if I could cover for him that day because his girlfriend's sister's funeral is that day. I agreed because I'm used to working on my birthday but I lowkey regret it. he didn't know it was my birthday but I could have told him that and they probably could have gotten someone else to cover it for him. it's a short shift and it's earlier in the day but still, now I'll only have 1 day off this week. ugh

No. 828940

Anon, late food isn't worth beating yourself up over. Love yourself and file a complaint.

No. 828941

I lost a large amount of weight but am still overweight yet I have already noticed how people stare at me less, no one has been nasty to me like they were before and it makes me feel weird. Sad shit.

No. 828945

Yeah, the delivery guy delivered it to the wrong place or something cause he marked it delivered and it never came. Now I'm playing a game of telephone trying to get my $35 back, it's become a 2 hour ordeal and it suuuucks.

No. 828946

File: 1623533136465.jpeg (203.82 KB, 720x716, A0646D95-BD30-40B3-BA43-457957…)

What the hell, this is bullshit.
>be me
>go with my parents to another country
>had to get into online classes
>my GPA starts looking amazing after flopping a lot at the previous career I picked
>platform is very old fashioned but it’s okay
>new platform
>but It’s actually okay because i keep everything in my trusty cool and new laptop
>I also have a copy saved in my mom’s external disk
>because of the new platform, my final grade for one of the courses I’ve already seen isn’t appearing
>”Okay, i just have to wait for them to upload the grades, it always takes them a lot of time”
>next semester
>remind the director that there’s an issue with one of my grades
>”don’t worry, anonita, we will solve this!”
>go on a trip to yurop with my family
>have fun, take my laptop with me so I can send my last homework and get myself into the new semester
>get my laptop and my mom’s external hard drive stolen with all of our baggage
>it’s actually okay because my teacher had my homework and grades saved
>after 3 years of bitching I get my grade
>it gets removed by the system
>teacher asks for the invoice of my inscription
>I have absolutely nothing because everything got stolen
>the administration needs it
>write a whole ass manifiesto with screenshots of the conversations I had with them because they forgot it was their own mistake
I hope the person that stole my shit gets an explosive diarrhea simultaneously with the flu and an hemorrhoid infested asshole.
I also hope the laptop i got stolen from me blows up in the middle of the house of the retard that has it now.

No. 828955

Reminds me of Shane Dawson.

No. 828961

I'm a delivery driver and shit like this happens from time to time, if they have trouble finding where you are they're supposed to call you and confirm where you are. that sucks anon and I hope you get your money back.

No. 828963

wtf anon, that's horrible. Besides getting your laptop stolen, 3 years is an insane amount of time to wait, I'm glad you called them out.

No. 828969

I hate my ex so much. Hope he rots in hell with his smug face and ugly haircut. Hope he gets stuck in a boring administrative job and fucks his coombrain with cheap alcohol and gets food poisoning from the bad food his mom still cooks him because he can't even make his own food at 25. Hope he gets fat from it too.

No. 828981

Then he falls down the stairs and breaks his hips!

No. 828989

I wish I could have my daydreams about marrying my gf without feeling disgusting for being gay. I don’t know why, I know my friends aren’t homophobic but the idea of them knowing I’m a lesbian makes me really uncomfortable. I’m estranged from my family because they were abusive and I know they’re homophobic as well.
I guess even with regard to that I’m always afraid they’ll somehow hear it from someone else, so I never talk about my personal life with anyone, even my best friend. I just feel so alone sometimes even if it’s my fault for not saying anything.

No. 828994

He absolutely will get fat and I'm hoping for your sake he starts going bald soon too

No. 829037

I wish I never stopped drawing.
I loved drawing so much as a teen even if it was weird shit I never showed anyone that knew me in person, and writing stupid super hero stories. I was so bad at writing but I had so much fun. I wasn't that great at drawing either, my drawings were and still are stiff af and anatomy is quite bad at times but it was something I genuinely enjoyed and wanted to get better and felt that given time it would get me somewhere.
Depression messed it all up.

Sometimes I feel a spark and go back to drawing and writing but it's just so frustrating that you know what's wrong with your work but you just don't have the skill to fix it!
I wish I could go back to practicing but it lost all the appeal. I remember it being fun but I just don't feel it anymore and when I do, it's short lived

No. 829041


I was the same as well. I used to love drawing, I am good at it. I was the best in my school. College. But I just got tired and less motivated. And doing everything on a tablet is just… hardwork.

No. 829047

I swear its getting harder to find relationships as you get older. Im 27 and legit wish I was with someone. I feel like it aint ever gonna happen :(

No. 829057

I'm 26 and in the same boat anon. This is probably a retarded question but is it possible to hit a point where you're simultaneously too ugly and too hot for dating apps? I'm not even average, I just have a bangin body and a big fucking nose

No. 829058

File: 1623546802092.png (290.94 KB, 750x366, 1457039183077.png)

I stopped drawing after my mom passed away 9 years ago and i miss it so much. I've been carrying around a little sketch book lately and drawing little doodles here and there. I think you can do it too, anon!
It feels frustrating to have wasted my small amount of talent, but it's never too late to pick it up again. You got this, anon!! Seriously, you do

No. 829074

File: 1623548016627.jpeg (84.77 KB, 749x562, 411491E4-AB1C-418D-9D9F-D94B9A…)

Of course it’s a worst time to post here when my retarded ass randomly clicks on a recent posts and sees a bunch of anons gushing about how “sm3xy” women are while I’m dealing with weird bouts of body insecurity that I haven’t had in months. Man sometimes I really think the hanging around women also isn’t as good as thought

No. 829078

if this is tam did you delete your gmail? you disappeared suddenly

No. 829079

I went outside to water my plants today and there was a tick just chilling on the side of the pot waving its arms in the air. I blew on it and then went inside to get more water and came back and it had already clambered around to the other side fuck I hate ticks

No. 829080

wow i relate to this too much, i was the same before depression (or just laziness?) made me lose interest in everything. i know practice is the only way to get good but i think it’s depressing when you draw something and it just doesn’t look good

No. 829081

No, nonnie hanging with women is good. Keep at it. Sometimes these threads are hard to read as someone who also deals with body insecurity. My face is good but my body is wrecked rn due to poor eating and depression atrophy lol. You’ll hear a lot more people bragging about how sexy they are than all the averages coming out to state that they are average.

Only a woman could read what u just wrote and come to the rescue. Scrotes would only try if they for some ulterior motive.

No. 829083

I really needed to read this stuff. I’m decent at drawing but my real passion is guitar. I’m never motivated nowadays.
Also, social media is a blessing and a curse. I used to post videos of me playing music, started a little following then took a “break” that has lasted two years.. now I feel too old at 27 to try to get back on SM like that again, even tho it’s my passion and I have literally no other plans for my life rn (I know I know, it’s sad)

No. 829086

The guy I had a crush on said a disgusting thing and now I no longer have a crush on him.
>talking about if we were back in the body we were in back in highschool (was talking about a movie)
>ask what he'd do
>"I'd use my current knowledge to take advantage of highschool girls hehehe (he even laughed in a sarcastic way like he was being funny)"
Even as a joke what the fuck I now fucking hate you

No. 829088

you sound really seriously depressed and angry. I want to try to help you and listen to you and care about what you go through and offer support if you'd like. if you have a skype or discord or email or something and want to talk or vent or make a caring friend I'd love to help you

No. 829099

god same I want someone to bemoan life with, I wish it weren't against the rules

No. 829100

File: 1623550433434.jpg (444.43 KB, 1600x1125, Untitled.jpg)

ik its a meme to hate these milennial white people baby names but holy shit my cousin just named her baby BRYNLEE and i am so fucking mad. what a stupid fucking name.

No. 829101

I'm not sure what's worse, the awful handwritten lettering for the names on the chalkboard or the names themselves

No. 829102

File: 1623550604964.jpg (212.8 KB, 1280x720, svend-sved.jpg)

i love that it's summer now but i always sweat so much in the face, especially when i'm working. i just started a new job, so it's kind of embaressing that i have to deal with this when i'm new there

i don't deal with sweat to that extend on the rest of my body, i don't even have to use deodorant, so why does my face have to look like a damn greaseball? i switched to a mattifying sunscreen recently and i've tried different sebum controlling powders but it doesn't matter, half an hour of work and i look like picrel

No. 829106

girl. Stay away as if ur life depended on it. I know u know this lol.
Were u hoping y’all might be on your way to a relationship or something? If so that’s disheartening af to hear some shit like that.

No. 829109

Those names all suck ass. My baby daddy wanted to name our daughter Braighleigh. Makes me homicidal just thinking about it.

No. 829111

is that not the sound a donkey makes

No. 829112

you deserve good things anon

No. 829119

HAH. Yes you’re right. Donkeys bray (sp?)

I prevailed in the end and she has a cute not retarded name. Though it is also the name of a certain cowish celebrity and I hate when she’s compared to them.

No. 829121

lotion? dryness can cause excessive greasiness

No. 829123

them? is it demi?

No. 829125

i do have a skincare routine, so no dry skin and i wouldn't call it greasiness, it's literally just sweat from the heat. but thanks anon

No. 829127

The more I think about the shit I went through after being "bffs" with this one bitch and how I still suffer to this day, the more and more I get upset. Nerve to say our friendship was one sided when I went out of my way to help her so damn much when she had issues. DMing people and fixing her problems for her. But yeah, I'm a bad friend because I asked you to not talk shit about my bf at the time. Hope your camwhoreness career burns like all those bridges you had.

No. 829128

There is nothing wrong with cultural appropriation.

No. 829147

I literally cannot imagine myself being seductive in any way. Even watching and recognizing the basic concepts (giggling, whispering, eye movements etc) I literally can’t bring myself to try them because I look too ugly and goofy and ridiculous and Im gonna get laughed at. Maybe I really am a massive autist.

No. 829148

i cannot imagine any man ever genuinely enjoying my personality or presence and instinctively take any smile or laughter directed at me from them as mocking, or pitying at best

No. 829152

File: 1623558582641.jpg (23.54 KB, 356x360, E2HBlXGWYAIaEsi.jpg)

so many fuckin new fags from the creepshow art threads, just unholy amounts of twitter concentration there

No. 829156

Clogging up the thread and posting their own like this is 4chan. Annoying af.

No. 829158

My best friend of over a decade is now an enby, just like I suspected she'll become. She's not out, I just saw her pride pin thingy, and enbynism doesn't even make sense in our language grammatically, so I guess she'll keep it this way (except for social media maybe?). Surprised she went enby and not full FtM, since she's been spewing so much vitriol against women (Only As A Joke, Of Course!) for these past few months, but maybe this will come sooner or later, too. I'm really, really, really trying to be patient with her, because I know I did a complete 180° in my views just shortly after reaching my peak with handmaidening and misogyny, and I hope it will be the same case for her, too, especially since our views always started to align after some time, even if we initially disagreed. The more time passes though, the more I think this won't happen because a) I disliked males from the get-go, while she elevates them to a podest and b) my misogyny stuff was internalized with things like begrudgingly accepting my role as a pretty thing and incubator and maid, while she actively extends hers to the other women in her personal life. We have completely different starting points in these aspects, so I really don't think we'll come to the same conclusion like we always used to do. I'll give her time, but it hurts. oh god this got so long i'm so sorry

No. 829165

What country are you and your friend from?

No. 829167

That's what you get for naming your child Grimes anon smh

No. 829168

I wanted to join this community outreach resource because they were calling for cooks and I'm pretty damn good at it, but then I read that this organization has a strict vegan-only policy for the food they give to people in need.
I'm sorry, but the fuck? Can't possibly be for ethics because they accept a bunch of donations from places like Wal Mart (second layer of irony is that they stan for anarchy…lol). I could understand vegetarian if they want to try to keep shit cheap/healthy because at least there'd be access to eggs and dairy still. But why are they giving vegan food to homeless and vulnerable people? These are the people who need the calories, fats and proteins. It's just fucking dumb. These people are stupid woke queerballs.

No. 829173

Southern European for both. I won't get any deeper into this, since I'm shitting my pants right now because I'm scared you're her, as unlikely as it might be. Do you ask because it seems familiar? kek

No. 829175

No, I'm not European, I was just curious.

No. 829252

File: 1623580694907.jpg (41.31 KB, 763x315, 089.jpg)

No. 829301

I've come to the conclusion that I'm completely unable to form an attachment with people. My friends cut me off months ago and while I think about them regularly, there's this feeling of relief not having to hang out with them (despite the fact that I enjoyed our time together). I think I lived like a hermit for way too long and in the mindset that any form of intimacy = danger and I ended up being damaged

No. 829319

that is simply cruel of these people. i'm sure some of the homeless in the area might appreciate it if they preter veg food but who knows exactly how often these people can eat?

No. 829336

I feel this. But I'm the one always ghosting people because I like the security of being a hermit. I really want to try to be a better friend to the few people who will still have me though. But I really am more calm alone.

No. 829366

I am so tired of getting hacked or having passwords leaked. I changed all my passwords to "very strong" (unique long strings of random characters) and Google is still telling me that my gmail password got leaked. Sometimes it feels like someone is targeting me tbh.

No. 829369

Google will keep giving you a leaked password notification for some sites even after you change the password so maybe that's what's happening

No. 829377

I hate alt people. I'm saying this as an alt girl who has attempted to befriend alt girls. Why is every goth/punk/metalhead/etc a fucking BPD riddled woketard? I don't understand it. I don't get it at all. The whole scene is full of Luna Slater personalities and it's so annoying. Everyone is faking multiple personality disorder and tourettes too like what is happening in the alt scene

No. 829385

I'm the same way to an extent, and my own vent is that I kind of resent myself for only enjoying the company of my bf. I could hang out with him all day and not get tired of him but hanging out with friends zaps my social battery quickly. I get envious of other people who have very close friendships and love their friends even though I draw people in pretty easily and have had many opportunities to make friends. I had one best friend in high school but she was toxic so I cut her off and I haven't had another close friend since.

No. 829386

tfw you’re in your late 20s and everyone still calls you “cute” because you’re short and baby faced. Just today my parents casually said I looked 14-15. I wish so bad I looked old enough that it wouldn’t be weird to be considered hot. God usually I easily accept this fact about myself but tonight it stings for some reason. Maybe because I’m lonely

No. 829389

I hate being anxious and awkward all the goddamned time!! I had to call off work on Saturday last minute because of medical shit and now I'm scared to go in on Monday. I feel like shit calling off even when it's for a legitimate reason, but everyone else calls off at the drop of a hat! Why do I feel so goddamned guilty???

No. 829394

my life sucks. i married a woman thinking she was a lesbian like me, but she was bi and left me and our kid for some 10 year younger dude she met on instagram. now im constantly working and never get to spend time with my kid and i hate my fucking shit job (i devoted all my time to raising our kid so i have zero work exp for a long time). now im trying to maybe date again and its impossible to find my type. maybe im too old and have a kid but just.. i hate my life and i wish i could punch my ex in the fucking face for doing this to us.

No. 829401

>she was bi and left me and our kid for some 10 year younger dude she met on instagram
Wow that's such bullshit scrote tier behavior, I'm sorry you were deceived like this anon. It sounds like you're doing your best granted the situation. Is there any way you can gain more custody or was the divorce and custody situation settled 'amicably'? She sounds like a toxic person to have around my child and that alone would scare the fuck out of me.

I knew a fake bi just like this, but fortunately she fucked off and finally married a scrote instead of continuing to break female hearts and third wheeling them in her weird but totes consensual poly situationships.

No. 829403

our state doesnt allow it and she is a good mom, despite her insanity now (poly relationships, bizarre fetishes, spending a lot), and she makes more than me so I'm dependent on her child support to help since i make shit tier. im constantly terrified of what shell say around my child but fortunately, kiddo is more bonded to me and tells me everything. im the first and last woman shes ever been with so that shouldve fucking tipped me off.

No. 829407

File: 1623605877867.jpg (210.49 KB, 600x589, 3iwhfnqqgsr11.jpg)

>be in ring shaming group
>someone posts a marquise stone
>people keep repeating this as a pejorative statement
>me, the person who doesn't see a problem with a shiny vaginy ring

It took me awhile to even realize that some meant it derogatorily and that they weren't just shitposting.

No. 829414

i miss jenna marbles so much

No. 829430

>ring shaming group
wtf kek

No. 829439

File: 1623608627876.jpg (39.34 KB, 600x600, marquise-v8.jpg)

They don't even really look like vaginas tbh. Also, what the hell is a ring shaming group, lmaoo

No. 829446

File: 1623609419640.jpeg (20.73 KB, 350x235, 1903E51F-526F-47E0-9233-46C556…)

I made friends with some scrote who said he was in an underground band I know of, I’m not a clout chaser or a groupie so even though I sometimes listen to the music from said band I don’t actually know who their real identities are. I didn’t care if he was in a band or not, they eat and shit like the rest of us, I treated him like I would any other human being and was so happy we had similar interests and got on so well… that was until I got suspicious things weren’t adding up and he got caught up in his web of lies after several weeks of talking.
>“I told a little white lie, anon, I am not in the band I said I was but I do make music and everything else I said was true I don’t want to jeopardise things because I like you”
Worst thing is I actually liked him too because he seemed he was a down to earth person I could shitpost with, we rarely ever even mentioned his “band”. Now I don’t know what to do, I just feel sick. It’s not the fact he isn’t in the band, it’s the fact he said he was. I want to smash his face in every time I think of how his stupid smug little face must have looked whilst telling me lie after lie and I was just lapping it up like a spicy R word. I cant even listen to that band anymore without thinking “kek remember that time you got catfished ya schmuck”

No. 829451

A bunch of salty nonettes of the internet gather to post memes and reactions to really bad engagement jewelry. It's a riot

No. 829459

I hope you cut him off asap.
It's proof he'll lie when it suits him to and that doesn't for good friendship nor relationship material make.

No. 829463

lol, my favorite ring is an onyx piece cut like this. Abyssal coochie

No. 829476

tfw no abyssal coochie gf
how would that even taste

No. 829486

Got a surgery coming up and can't eat solids, the shits are killing me and my asshole. I hate this gay earth

No. 829491

I hope your surgery goes well and you and your asshole are gonna be okay!!

No. 829498

I feel sexually frustrated lol. The only men that hit on me or pursue me are coke heads and I can't blame them because my ex was a massive waster and I appear to be too even tho I don't touch coke or do hard drugs. I'm just depressed and broken. So I don't want to even entertain the idea of speaking to these men let alone fucking them. No one decent approaches me it's very sad.

No. 829499

This is fucking sweet, anon thank you! I'll surely come whinging about it once I'm out of the operation kek

No. 829502

I literally JUST got into the shower and my dad knocks on the door and says he has to poop, so I tell him to just go poop. I don't care, it's gonna stink either way, and I have places to go. He REFUSES and tells me to hurry up so I have no choice but to get out of the shower and now sit and wait for this fucking idiot finish. What is so hard about taking a shit while your daughter showers?? We have an opaque curtain. We're not a weird incestuous family??? Just take your shit and go, everyone knows I take long ass showers.

No. 829526

Going to parties for my sister’s family sucks because everyone (including her) ignore me but they make amazing food

No. 829556

I don't know if it's just the location I live, but I'm so sick of interacting with other women, even my mother. No I don't care that you're on a diet/tried new skincare/cooked this/your husband washed a dish/you've met a new guy he's special. No, I don't want to do grueling unpaid labor as some form of weird bonding exercise. When I refuse it's like "how DARE you you think you're above me? I'm going to put you back in line".

Especially my mum, who seems to make up chores just to keep me as tired as her. Leave me alone! I'm not some battery for your tired ass, maybe don't have a bf/husband/kid leeching your energy in the first place.

No. 829572

for the past two months everyone I care about is disappearing or ghosting me for no reason. I can hardly take it anymore. I haven't wanted to kill myself in years. my mother is drinking heavily and facing eviction because my father stopped supporting her, and my maternal grandfather died suddenly and left my grandma alone, she has dementia, my cousin stole all of their money, guns, and their accounts got shut down for fraud. the only person who has any income to support them is my uncle who just recently got put into a coma under mysterious circumstances. he was found unconscious and bleeding from the nose with a clear head wound, naked in his own home. he was out for days until a wellness check was called. I don't have a single family member left who isn't a complete psychopath. I can't support any of the half-decent ones I have left. I am currently between jobs, broke, and the only stable roommate and long term friend I have left is threatening to leave. I always get overworked into oblivion at jobs, and an old place I used to work at told me, literally, that they'd hire me and I had the position basically on the spot. it's been two weeks and I'm still being told they're waiting for some bullshit to clear HR.

about a month ago my then-partner wakes me up in the morning telling me she's going to kill herself because her ex got hit by a car, I spent about 7 and a half hours straight breaking down crying, begging and pleading, and desperately trying to get help for her until I realized it's impossible to call emergency services in a foreign country. I called every police station, number, international call sign and area code, I begged everyone I knew and posted for help, and then tells me I'm "making a scene" after she admitted she was using me to move on when I asked her why she could just leave me like that, when just days ago she tells me she's in it for the long term and not going to leave me and wants to stay forever, that her ex is firmly "in the past", when I originally had told her I don't even mind just having a trial relationship to see if she can be happy and get away and move on, and that I don't even need to date because we actually connected deeply, and would make good friends. she immediately cut me off and ignored me the second I expressed how I felt upset, and then blew it off like it was nothing. it's been like 4 weeks. how do people spend months and weeks of their life and all of their spare time attaching to someone just to blow it off like it's nothing. I feel like I am the only person who actually values anyone at all anymore.

just a few days ago I finally got to reconnect with the only person I've ever genuinely and seriously loved, completely adored and connected with on every important level, we talked for hours like we used to, after I apologized for everything I did wrong in the past relationship and we finally have some stability. I've realized I don't carry nearly as much baggage and handled a stupidly stressful and hurtful situation without being harsh or mean, and I am so glad because I can finally trust myself not get angry over unintended drama. I am so excited to have her be a part of my life again in whatever way possible, we talk for hours and later in the evening she tells me she needs to work, and tells me she'll be back and we can text or call each other, I say okay and that I'm waiting cause I am deeply alone and genuinely love this person with every part that's left of my heart and soul. we have fought and spent time apart for multiple years and always been able to reconnect or grow and not abandon each other, no matter how awful things got. And what happens? she suddenly deletes her only method of contacting me a day and a half later. completely without any reason or even a fucking goodbye. I cannot even ask her what happened. Am I being targeted? We didn't fight or do anything wrong to each other. she initiated most of the conversation, and, suggesting talking again later, just gets to disappear? Her ex-fiance would abandon her and stonewall the shit out of her, for YEARS, and here she is doing the exact same thing. No one believes me when I try to love or care for them. I can't even bring myself to move on because I completely see this person as my OTL and soulmate, and I would wait as long as it took if it meant being a part of her life and her happiness.

all I want in life is someone who will actually care about me. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I'm being told by people in entertainment industry to get into runway modelling while I still have what's left of my youth, I was born intelligent and I'm tested to be in the 130+ range of IQ, I'm the most caring and giving person I know of. I've achieved or overachieved nearly everything in life I've wanted to do. I've dreamed of helping people and being a therapist, I've taken in homeless people off the street, I donate money and try to help people who need it as much as I can, I've saved lives before, I've helped many people become successful and happy, I'm always emotionally supportive and try to be as understanding as possible. people tell me all the time I'm this amazing person and I'm so attractive and smart and kind and there's someone out there for me, and yadda-yadda. WHY AM I CONSTANTLY BEING TREATED LIKE DISPOSABLE FUCKING GARBAGE? I would be so happy and fulfilled in life, everything I've been through would be okay if just one reliable person would give a shit about me and not just torture me with my own happiness and abandon me the second they feel inclined with zero consideration for my feelings. I feel completely nauseated and sick and alone, I'm hollow and empty and I have nothing left in life, and anything I try to do is destined to fail. I feel like I'm living in hell. I have no purpose being alive anymore and all I have to look forward to is more misery and emptiness and abandonment. all I want is one person who will actually be there with me in my life

No. 829577

It feels so fucking good to not date someone who's so jealous and controlling, oh my gosh. I don't have to tell lies and hide what I'm doing even though what I'm doing isn't wrong in the least. I can hang out with my friends without someone throwing a fit and having to comfort him for HOURS. I can also hang out with my friends infront of him and it's so so nice and talk and about whatever and not get interrogated afterwards. I can't believe I ever put up with my exes bullshit.

No. 829582


>I've taken in homeless people off the street, I donate money and try to help people who need it as much as I can, I've saved lives before, I've helped many people become successful and happy, I'm always emotionally supportive and try to be as understanding as possible. people tell me all the time I'm this amazing person and I'm so attractive and smart and kind and there's someone out there for me, and yadda-yadda. WHY AM I CONSTANTLY BEING TREATED LIKE DISPOSABLE FUCKING GARBAGE?

Sorry anon. Most likely, you're a doormat who has no boundaries or gives too much to people without expecting anything back. People don't appreciate people like you, they just see you as an easy workhorse and free therapist. They'll keep praising you if they can get you to do free labor for them. I know because I used to be like that. The only people you should care for so much are your (good) family. Of course you'd feel worn down, if you constantly give and support without anything in return. Use all that energy and money for yourself and look out for yourself first, no one else will.

No. 829583

I’m really sad. My mother told me that she’d only consider letting me have certain things if I act happier. I feel like I can’t tell anyone anything anymore…my mother and father blame everything on electronics, my brother is bigoted, and I don’t trust my sister to not say anything to our parents…

No. 829588

NTA but this was difficult to read. Thanks for putting it this way. Fucking sucks to be like this. I'm probs not as bad as OP but I've experienced my share of bullshit. Luckily I've gotten a lot better at this but still….

No. 829590

If your family doesn't already do that kind of thing then I kind of get it tbh. Shitting is alone time.

No. 829591

the word “cheugy” that zoomers keep trying to make happen makes me want to blow my brains out

No. 829592

samefag but wanted to clarify I'm not shitting on (kek) anon's vent, getting out of the shower midway through cleaning yourself is very annoying.

No. 829594

File: 1623625292137.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

I need to leave my job. We changed management three months ago and the new GM is horrible. Just rude and unprofessional. I felt singled out since he cut my hours and refused to listen to me. I took a 10 minute break today during a 6 hour shift and he literally came to get me and yell at my in the office for not 'doing my job.' i'm exhausted. I hate this man. there's no reasoning.

I'm going to call HR tomorrow. For now, I cant wait until that place burns down (because everyone else is also quitting)

No. 829609

The sweet relief of period cramps that make me want to hurl, there really is no winning kek

No. 829613

I'm in my late 20s and I'm sad because I spent the majority of them working on various creative projects that turned into nothing. I studied writing, music composition, drawing and 3D modelling because I wanted to create an interactive digital graphic novel, but as I'm getting closer to my 30s, I feel like it's all been a waste of time and I'm too old to get excited about my own characters and stories anymore. I still have a ton of inspiration, but in the last year I've gradually become worse at everything, to the point where I've lost and skill and talent I acquired.

I don't want to be the 30 year old woman who still writes about her stupid OCs and the great project she's never gonna finish. Life ahead is just a bleak path down customer service and retail jobs because that's all I'm qualified for. I'll probably try to study something that'll land me a more secure and steady job, but I feel sad because I don't think I'll ever find something I'll be as passionate about.

Growing up sucks.

No. 829620

I quoted you anon because it started this vent but it's not directed at you specifically, I've just seen a lot of posts like this and need to vent too. Yes, once you turn 30 you are no longer allowed to do things just because you enjoy them. Everything you do must be a contribution to society. The only thing left for you is to cook meals, do laundry, and make babies. From 30-80, you are forbidden to try new things or discover new passions. Heaven forbid you do anything you did before you turned 30. You've wasted your life and now it's time to spend the next 50+ years dying and suffering. Do you really believe this? Life doesn't end at 30. You have plenty of time to fuck around. It drives me nuts how many women were memed into believing that it's game over once you hit some magic age number like 25 or 30. This isn't fucking medieval times, some people live over 100 years but we're supposed to give up on fun and dorkiness when we hit 30? Please. Work should be something that funds your fun. You still have plenty of time to explore your passions and interests. You can make time, even if it's just a few minutes a day, trust me you have the time if you look for it. Fuck, if you don't keep having fun and learning and trying new things for the next 30 years what the hell will you do when you're ready to retire? Just sit around with your thumb up your butt like you did back when you decided to give up on life 30 years ago? Who cares if it never becomes anything or makes money, at least you spent your time doing something. If you give up now you're going to become the most boring fart of a person. Do something cringe and childish, try a billion new things and suck at all of them, you got one shot at this shit and you're going to spend it dreading 30 and waiting to die when you could be living?

No. 829630

NTAYRT but I was just coming here to vent about this. I AM that 'cringy woman over 30 who still talks about her OCs' but shit sucks because I can't find anybody sane to talk about my shit with. I just want to hang with people my age who love creating and writing, but they're fucking impossible to find because 30 is somehow middle-aged and a sin to be enjoying anything that isn't some boomer-tier hobby.

Shit sucks because I also do art but have never wanted to get into the industry. But there are no hobbyists my age who are just normal, rational people. The only place of refuge I've found for sane people (especially women, and 30+ women who don't buy in to all the gender bullshit) is literally fanfiction.

I would love it if I could somehow just find a chill group of like-minded ladies that love to do shit like make props/outfits for cosplay, or write fanfic, or RP, or just fucking write and draw their own content for comics or whatever. It's feels so impossible and I hate being around terminally online kids in the arts, they're insufferable.

No. 829645

Babe please just organize a meet for local 30+ women (or whatever age you want to draw the line) who love fanfiction, roleplay, cosplay, etc. I'm sure there are others near you who feel the same way, who think they're alone, who would be ecstatic to discover there are like-minded people around them. You don't have to do anything fancy, meet for lunch or book a room at a public library or something, come up with a few topics or activities you could do if you need to break the ice, that's all there is to it. Sure, you may meet some weirdos but with a bit of luck and persistence you're sure to find some people you vibe with. My childhood friend is a RP fanatic, and she was about to give up on it because she had no one to really share her hobby with irl. She was always welcome to talk to me about it ofc but since it's something I couldn't get into it felt very one-sided to her and she wanted more. She started organizing meets in her area and now has a bunch of friends to rp with and share writing with each other. Yes she had to deal with munchies and gender specials in order to find those people, but what's a few days of discomfort in exchange for long-term friendships? You don't have to keep meeting with people you don't like once you get what you need out of it, just pass the torch onto one of them so they can find their crew. You can do it nonna! Someone has to start it, why not you?

No. 829661

my boyfriend doesn't really express tht he likes me very much. he's kind of socially strange but i see him interact with his friends and he smiles and responds to them and asks questions. i'm a very nervous person and i like to feel like the person i'm dating likes me and i like having indicators that they do. i've kind of progressively gotten more and more withdrawn because i'm tired of trying to pry a conversation out of him and he thinks i'm autistic now. which is fine, like he has some points there but i just feel so lonely when i'm with him.

i was at his house nd i started crying (which is admittedly weird and bad) while he was having a nap and he woke up, saw, and went back to sleep. i just want him to show he cares? in some way? i bake him things and try to make sure he feels loved and i guess i could be trying harder but i don't know if that would make him try. this was a while ago but i specifically asked him if he wanted to do valentine's day and he agreed to and then he just didn't do or buy anything? i made him a quiche and brownies and a stupid card. i don't know what to do because i love him terribly but i don't want to feel like i'm always doing something wrong.
should i tell him directly how i feel? he also has something going on resembling autism. i'm just at a loss

No. 829664

File: 1623634214727.gif (60.63 KB, 305x338, 8545090E-C9CB-4DD6-A053-09AD8E…)

I’m descending into madness and there’s nothing you or anyone can stop me.

No. 829669

At this point I don't know if it's larping or are straight women really that pathetic. Break up with him he doesn't love you, never will no matter how much you 'communicate'.

No. 829674

I completely respect myself and have expectations I put on other people for reasonably equal treatment. when there are problems I talk about them and I tell them when they're doing something wrong. I've physically kicked out people who were uninvited or overstaying, and called the police before, I've used guns, I'm not a stranger to self defense. I'm talking mostly about relationships. I don't really have a problem with anyone else.

I don't expect 100% of the charity I give, I just expect someone to see a valuable person who cares about them and actually treat them properly. Many of these people were also big givers and similar in terms of kindness, they had gone through similar problems and face being taken for granted or used and abused by people around them. I don't have 'good' family, actually I don't have any real family left, at all. By half-decent I mean decent only half the time or they're messed up severely in certain ways.

How is anyone happy in a relationship if no one is looking out for each other? Seriously? I look out for myself all the time, it's not hard. I was not always a good person. How can people even have functioning relationships if no one is actually caring for each other?

What were your experiences like? Would you like to talk more? I could use someone who 'gets it'.

No. 829681

babe i wish i was larping i am miserable. i've had a very isolated past year and being around other people more recently has kind of made me realize how bad it is. i think i'll be giving him a chance to improve due to being a pathetic straight woman, but you're right.

No. 829686

Youtube some boyfriend asmr and buy yourself a vibrating dildo ffs

No. 829689

My issues came mostly from having no boundaries and being a doormat, so I think our situations are different.

I'm just throwing ideas out there, but lots of people have been acting weird during the pandemic, ghosting is a trend now. Maybe the ppl you care for have very low self esteem/abused mentality of "no one will ever love it" and get scared of love/attention?

No. 829704

I just want to be happy fuck why is it always the nights that get me the worst

No. 829713

scared of love/attention definitely seems likely, y'know I really wish any of these people would just say their peace before leaving. I'd really like to talk with you more if you'd want though. I'm not a complete doormat but I have doormat tendencies, I guess. Or doormat problems? I'm not sure how to explain it exactly.

No. 829718

it took my family member finding mtf porn on her bf's twitter to finally break up with him after months of him being a POS. i hope she finally moves on because the whole family thought he was shit pretty much since the beginning. she also admited she was into mtf with a woman but not mtf getting fucked by a man which both made me kek and disgusted me to think of a real troon fucking a woman. something like that would haunt my nightmares.

No. 829722

Maybe they just want to completely erase it from their memory, when I had those tendancies I was so embarrased that someone knew me personally that I never wanted to contact them again, because I was so ashamed of myself & being vulnerable.

What do you mean by doormat tendencies? Like do extra stuff for ppl without being asked?

No. 829723

File: 1623640157767.png (458.16 KB, 600x928, 8fcbf43c23034a3f8e655de1685da9…)

My friend has eaten herself into near immobility and it's making me frustrated. I try to have empathy for her since she's very depressed and unfulfilled in her life but I've started resenting her. It inconveniences me heavily since I end up having to always accommodate for her. We can't do anything fun together. She can't sit on my furniture without it breaking so I always come to her. I feel like half the time we talk she is just complaining about her body hurting and how fatphobic society is and I just feel myself biting my tongue. I really am trying my absolute best to have compassion but the anger keeps coming up. I want to just scream at her to either lose weight or never complain about what she has done to herself again and live with the consequences. Of course the deepest feeling I have is this anxiety about her health, that she's at a state where she could honestly die. It makes my blood boil when she talks about how it's "fatphobic" to worry about an obese persons health. It just completely undermines my absolutely real feelings about her and silences me for her own comfort. I'm trying so hard to be patient.

No. 829727

Stop being patient. Life's too short to waste on some fat fuck who wants you to kiss her massive ass. The fact that she complains about society being "fatphobic" and then expects you to sit there and nod and agree proves she's a shitty friend. She wants you as a yesman, not a friend. I bet she's never reimbursed you for the broken furniture, has she?

No. 829731

NTA but I've been thinking about setting up a meetup group for creative writing in my city forever but I'm a very shy and awkward person so I'm worried I will fuck this up. I so want to meet other wannabe authors irl!! im nearing 30 too.

No. 829742

honestly, that kinda makes a lot of sense, but jesus, like I am the most secure person on the planet to be pathetic and vulnerable around. I'd walk through glass to help my partner, and gladly. I guess that's what I mean when I say I'm partially a doormat. I definitely do stuff for people because I completely enjoy being kind and supportive. I love seeing people smile and happy and especially if they're in pain. I'm a healer and a giver. To me having a lasting impact on someone and knowing you're a source of guidance and light and love is the most important thing in life. I would go on in more depth but I'm not super comfortable on a forum, would you want to talk somewhere else? I need more friends who can really understand what it's like

No. 829747

File: 1623644656078.jpg (167.16 KB, 938x1621, wp5120664.jpg)

I loathe my job so, so much but it's the only job I've ever had with a decent pay. I've been looking for a better option so I can quit before stress kills me but I live in a shitty country so this is as good as it gets.

I finally can pay all my bills and pamper myself every now and then, I can even help my folks out a little but I'm absolutely miserable. I work fucking 13+ hours per day just to be able to catch up with all the tasks I'm assigned, I can almost never take my breakfast/lunch hours, I have to speak in English 24/7 and do everything I can to hide my accent just so I don't get shit for it. Thanks to that I'm always in a constant state of stress and just generally exhausted. Lately I keep praying I will get a fucking heart attack while I'm sleeping and I'm genuinely disappointed when I wake up.

No. 829749

i feel like there’s so much love pent up inside me, i can barely contain it, it’s just waiting to spill out all at once when i meet somebody. i’m very scared of that happening.

No. 829752

File: 1623645719714.png (410.89 KB, 382x600, whYrQVE.png)

I think I've known I was gay since I was like 14. I'm 29 years old now and I still struggle to accept it. I'm not sure if I ever will, even though I know deep in my heart I could never truly love or be with a man. I wish I was asexual, I'd feel more normal and less like an abomination.

No. 829758

I really want to die, sleep and never fucking wake up

No. 829759

I really hate lgbtiefhhfhf bullshit I want it to end already it's all so fucking tiring and fake and corporate and I fucking despise all these fucking stupid people who want to look like "the good guys" just because they wear a rainbow flag from fucking wallmart instead of you know, helping homosexual and bisexual people, im so fucking tired of all of them

No. 829761

I just want to fucking vent about how much I fucking hate some people

No. 829767

I'm very tired and even though I feel better than some months ago I guess I'm still too fucking tired and not "there" yet you know? I do feel less suicidal and I can see myself in pictures now but my mom is still declining in health, I still don't exactly know wtf I'm doing with my life, and I need to lose weight ASAP and just, life is an interminable sequence of to-do lists, and it's fucking insufferable to live like this knowing things aren't "there" yet

No. 829770

My brother’s psycho bi-polar ex refused to get an abortion and now I have a nephew that I want to keep far away from her. I just don’t want this kid to end up as fucked up as she is.

No. 829772

I know he might be fun to hang around, but he's a liar. Cut him off.

No. 829773

how can I find a group like that? sounds super chill

No. 829774

I get you. It’s super hard being bombarded with success cases under 30, and being surrounded by people who succeeded in the normie way (relationships, marriage, high paying career and babies) and are rooted and occupied and uninterested in any fun nerdy shit. I think where I live isn’t helping (youth and image obsessed SoCal) doesn’t help either.
I’m constantly thinking of all the creative writing and stuff I want to do and as much as I logically understand I can do all these things past 30, I feel like I’ve waited too long and I never will, I’ll always be planning on doing something and then getting more tired and busy with my uninspiring job, I wish I’d completed something in my 20s but I was working nonstop to survive. Dunno, I just seem to enjoy art less and have no inspiration at 30. I wanna give up and resign myself to my fate.

No. 829777

30 is just a number, I wish you could keep trying to make stories and stuff. I'm rooting for you both

No. 829782

I just want to die honestly

No. 829785

I feel crazy because I have pain in my lower leg and I jump to conclusions lime I have deep vein thrombosis. I have no swelling or redness, or warmth, though. There is pain, though. My Seroquel is making me more paranoid something will happen. I keep on compulsively checking but I need to sleep. I wish someone could reassure me or tell me if I'm somehow making sense. I hula hooped today a bit and went for a light walk.

No. 829790

Randomly crying because lowkey my parents have ruined my life because of their incompetence, semi neglect, and emotional abusive shit that I keep remembering in my head

Sucks that I have to unfuck every single thing they did to me alone by myself but hopefully I am not the only one

No. 829804

I want to die and stop thinking, stop feeling, stop crying. I want someone to hold me and never let go

No. 829805

The hardcore manhate political lesbian teens with k-pop avatars on Twitter piss me off because you know they're the kind that are gay only as a fuck you to mom and dad and will settle down with a man in their late 20's and turn full pickme, leaving the lesbian community damaged after throwing their weight around, attacking other lesbians and screeching like a retard. Men don't deserve rights but their cope is so transparent. I'd much rather read feminist manifesto anon's wall of texts dissecting male fragility than underagefags trying to be edgy by calling the mass murdering of gay men.

No. 829807

i'll hold you

No. 829809

Thanks nonner

No. 829810

Hey anon, I'd be happy to talk to you if that anon falls through or you'd like another set of ears. I'm in a similar boat so I understand how it feels.

No. 829813

you don't always have to do it alone, honestly having someone who can help you struggle through and progress is one of the healthiest and healing things. at least in my own experience. if nothing else, you have someone you can fall back on and support and understand you. if you want I'm here for you.

anytime, if you want to talk and vent or distract yourself I'm here and available I am also running 100% off e-hugs due to the pandemic

ah, sure I'd love to. I dunno where to talk to you though, do you have a preference?

No. 829825

I found out a really good friend of mine had sex with some disgusting scrote who is good mates with her partner when things were rough between them. Her bf is really close with my bf and I and during that rough time he was extremely depressed and we did everything to get him through it. Apparently she fucked this guy during a break in the relationship and the bf has no idea. I get it isn't technically cheating but if I went on a break to sort myself out mentally as she claimed she did I wouldn't be fucking mutuals. It makes me sad for her boyfriend and also for her, I don't understand it but I know if this got out it would be extremely messy. Idk what to do, but literally everyone but the guy in question knows and I feel really horrible for him as he is talking to the guy she fucked on a daily basis having no idea it happened.

No. 829828

Mind your business. You dont have to be captain save a scrote.

No. 829832

You are right thanks for bringing me to my senses

No. 829840

ok, thank you.

I'm looking forward to talking with you and hearing your woes, too.

No. 829843

Hes a grown man. Sometimes we all get into these mind sets where we treat men like precious babies we need to protect. If a woman was in the same depressed situation we would just see her as over dramatic n

No. 829849

Some girl my boyfriend's friend introduced him to is being obnoxiously annoying according to him. He's helping an online friend with some programming stuff; and guess the friend introduced the two of them. He showed me the discord messages between girl and him because he doesn't really know what to do about it plus he wasn't sure if he was misreading what the girl was saying but. MAN

She's asked him to vc multiple times (when he told her he was in the middle of a game and was hoping she'd get the hint.) Said how nice it was in vc with him before, just spammed him with messages to try and get him to reply? (legit just started sending him links to pc parts out of nowhere.) He even showed me one part that was weird as fuck which was "oh if I get this company off the ground, you can build a pc; because you are a part of my dream! and without a friend like you I don't think I could do anything!" Then he informed me he's only been talking to her for a few days and that sort of stuff was making him uncomfy. She also tried to invite herself to a session of his DND campaign he's a part of but he's gonna talk to the DM about it so that she wont be able to join because he said he really doesn't want her company. I'm so frustrated for him because he sounded genuinely distressed the girl wasn't getting the hint he isn't interested in being friends and he's too nice to say it outright.

No. 829851

I learned my best friend wasn't my best friend when she tried to turn something dumb and cringey I did as a joke to make my bf laugh as a reason why I'm a loser (and tried to kiss him) and he should leave me and then when he didn't care and asked her to leave she thought he was a loser too lol and then I never talked to my friend of 5 years ever again

No. 829853

And I'm only venting because she's 30

No. 829855

I'd like to talk more too, but how do you post contact info here without having it invaded by trolls?

No. 829858

just use a throwaway email, and maybe get to a better platform. idk who the trolls are but I'm honestly just here to be friends and listen to and help people. you all deserve someone who will listen and care and relate. i put mine in the email field if you want

No. 829861

I wish I could pay someone to do some of my work, but all of my friends have better jobs than me so they wouldn't do it. When I was a student with days to waste I would have loved a set up like this though, this sounds exploitative but I need to find a broke student who will do an hour's work for beer money kek
Work sucks

Nta but if you both put a temp email address you can use that to then verify your real email addresses or discord handles to each other
I recommend you don't start talking on your main social media accounts for a while because it will be awkward if one of you does turn out to be a total handful. Speaking from experience.

No. 829862

I knew a guy who worked in finance who hired people from overseas to do jobs for him. For a rate he felt was worth it he could get graduates in various places in Asia to do things.

The downside is that it often takes time to explain a task adequately to get it done right and you have to manage them.

No. 829885

use crystal.cafe friend thread, anything else can get you banned

No. 829910

I feel like our friends look down on me and my bf and think we are boring/second-class friends, they are always confirming plans with us last minute like they are waiting for better options or some shit. They act like asking them to come camping is a horrible chore well I'm not asking again and now they can't fucking come even if their other plans fall through they can just go fuck themselves. I think it's really fucking rude to be treated like this all the time. I need better friends

No. 829926

My eczema is literally so fucking bad it's all over my body and everything hurts and I can't stop scratching it in my sleep, I wake up with skin and blood under my nails and my neck all cracked. I have an appointment next month but I'll probably have to be referred to a dermatologist which is going to be an even longer wait.

No. 829929

just fyi, theres cp raid on crystal cafe right now

No. 829934

File: 1623672381427.jpg (37.77 KB, 480x720, 2ceda3472764d901b64767f6fb38c5…)

I bought a d-ring belt online (not picrel but same kind of belt) but it only has a pattern on one side, the other side in plain black. so when you thread it through the d-ring itself it's just the plain back of the belt without the design. who designed this? did they not consider this? frigging idiots. I want my money back but it was ebay… I think the seller sold it for this reason tbh

No. 829935

Wear gloves at night

No. 829949

do you use lotion after you shower? Im finding out that a LOT of people dont lotion their bodies after they shower and its disturbing lol. you should also try hydrocortisone.

No. 829954

File: 1623674867152.jpeg (115.08 KB, 1500x1500, 6095A72E-917E-4937-AF49-3EC187…)

try this, nonnie. I use it every day and it helps a lot. I don't have that dry, flaky, itchy feeling anymore and my skin glows! it's not red and splotchy anymore. truly a miracle product

No. 829963

CC seems to be raided with some frequency, why is that? It's so slow

No. 829969

I deal with intrusive thoughts that keep telling me that I'm a piece of shit, I'm ugly, I should be beat up, I should die, nobody likes me etc. Violent and hostile thoughts that keep coming to me out of nowhere and I can't stop them or even argue with them. It's exhausting. I've been working remotely all year (like everyone else) and I've barely seen people, my work is already pretty solitary but I've become a full hermit and I'm all alone with my brain every day. It doesn't happen every now and then, it's constant. I can go for like 10 minutes tops without thinking "I should just disappear, everyone hates me and I'm a horrible person who doesn't deserve good things". It makes me want to cry even describing it, how the fuck do I get rid of them and give myself a break? I'm not even a teenager anymore but a grown ass adult, I shouldn't be dealing with this anymore.

No. 829970

i hate that my guy friend likes to complain that his life is in "shambles" because it aint even complain worthy. Like he's upset that he works at a dead end job but i've been telling him for years that he can find a decent paying job just off of having a bachelors degree alone he just needs to stop applying to fucking movie theaters tf. But he doesnt believe me. Like it pisses me off because as someone who actually couldnt even afford to finish school and who has been turned down from jobs that i am qualified for becuase i dont have a bachelors its like a slap in the face. I think he chooses to "struggle" so he can have something to complain about and have one of those "rags to riches" backstories. Like dude you grew up in the suburbs you are not poor. Its irritating

No. 829971

I have this one friend that I've known since high school and the only time she ever hits me up is when she needs a place to stay. All year around it's crickets and then she suddenly hits me up with a "hey, how are you?" and after I respond she's like "Are you in town? Can I sleep at your place? I really want to go to/visit x". My place is not a fucking motel you cheap idiot.

I remember the last time she was in town and asked me to go out for a few drinks with her and some other mutual friends but she was only supposed to stay for a few hours and then take a bus home. I didn't end up going because something else came up and I remember her drunk texting me at 11 pm if she could crash at my place. The nerve.

No. 829973

I'm aware you know this, but she's not a friend. Ghost her the next time she asks to coach surf lmfao

No. 829979

Yeah i know, it just sucks that we have so many mutual friends and it makes get-togethers awkward because I'm not gonna put on a nice face around someone I don't like but I don't want to cause a weird vibe.

No. 830000

File: 1623679496306.jpeg (62.5 KB, 500x624, 90A43149-5542-4F44-864B-D19B74…)

I’m only 18 and I’m seriously considering becoming a stripper because my last job that I recently quit really left a mental toll on me and always has me wondering if it’ll be the same thing with every job I manage to get in the future (if I even get one). What if it doesn’t get better and I just end up homeless and with no money, it just seems like it’s going down that bad and there’s no way to control it at all because it’s fate.

No. 830003

bitch do you really think CATERING TO SCROTES is going to be less of a mental toll than dealing with customers? get a grip and don't let this become your life

grats on the 830000 get btw

No. 830004

I wish white people moving to hot/humid Asian countries would learn that picking up the first shitty deodorant they find at some random drug store is not going to cut it. I’m so sick of living in a big city and having to exist near people who smell like spicy wet dog while trying to run errands.

No. 830005

they don't sell secret and old spice there?

No. 830007

What is it with spicy deodorants down there? I do not wish to smell like cardamom and spicy hot nuggets when I'm sweaty and gross but that was like the majority of deodorants you could find in South Asia. I brought my own but what gives? In my equally hot country there's sweet coconut scents at best, but even then it's mostly minty and soapy.

No. 830017

File: 1623680854511.jpg (29.59 KB, 600x337, lotion.jpg)

Oh yeah, I use lotion and seal the moisture in with aquaphor multiple times a day and use prescription steroid creams once in a while too. My skin is just a fucking wreck for like no reason. The idea of someone stepping out of the shower and not using lotion makes me feel like I'll faint, I don't think I'd be here if I wasn't sliding in lotion 24/7
Thank you for the suggestion anon, I'll check it out next time I go for my skin cream-hoarding trip kek. It looks nice and thick and has oatmeal which is good

No. 830023

Lol it's genetics, some gene factors make sweat more pungent to others. I feel like I can smell mine sometimes I want to get that arm injection thing but I don't know much about it.

No. 830027

My boyfriend had to put his cat down this morning. i never got to meet him because were long distance and im feeling intense feelings about it. My boyfriend had the cat for 15 years, so most of his life, and is obviously very devastated, but i am feeling so much guilt and sadness myself about it because i really cant deal with animals dying and im a bpd-chan. I dont want to burden him with my feelings but i just need to put it out there, rest in peace little guy, youre in a better place now with all the fish you can catch, free of pain and suffering, running around chasing birds… man pets dying is hard even though he wasnt my pet and i never got to see him. I think part of why it bothers me so much is because it reminds me that my pets will also die someday and I cant imagine going on living without them. its not fair that animals die so much quicker than us.

No. 830030

LMAO ANON this made me chuckle i think that other anon's recommendation will work too because my sister has eczema and she uses that too and she doesn't have intense breakouts like she did when she was younger. GOOD LUCK!!

No. 830037

Checked my burner instagram I use for following digital artists… despite me never interacting with this kind of tiktok level content, I go to the search page and spot this video of 3 schoolgirls (could be middle school or younger) in uniforms, dancing for the camera and one of them has cat ears? I can't help being disturbed wondering why the hell this weird boring shit is being promoted, like it's gotta be pedophiles, I feel kinda sick. Sure enough I checked that page again now to be sure it was called the search page and see another video of an alt-styled chick with her thighs out and her age is not clear, just looks really young like high school. I feel sick wtf is this shit going around for on the internet

No. 830038

Wait, this made me curious, what brand of deodorant are they selling there that smell spicy? I googled 'Asian deodorants' but all I got is articles about how Asians don't smell

No. 830046

fenugreek will make your BO / Sweat smell a bit more pleasant.

Apparently they don't really sell deodorant the way we think about it in US/Europe. its meant to go on while your sweating not preemptively. thats just what i remember from a while ago, i might be wrong.

No. 830047

The heating system in my house is being replaced and it's being done in stages with one company replacing the oil tank and another doing the rest of the job. I'm halfway through it and wasn't due to have anyone turn up again until tomorrow… I was looking forward to a rare day of being undisturbed at home. The oil tank guys just showed up today?? Didn't ring. Didn't check first. Changed the day and never communicated it with me.

I'd bought a nice dinner and I had it half cooked when they took over my fucking kitchen with extension cords and wanting access to the taps to fill buckets. I managed to get my dinner out of the oven and had it up in my room in semi-peace but fuck me, a heads up wouldve been nice. I was also in my pjs and braless while one of them clearly gawked at my chest.

No. 830057

File: 1623687454638.png (172.12 KB, 331x260, 1621790712291.png)

I've been going through a certain legal process that impacts my life in a very, very major way for approximately seven years.

Today I get a message from the bureau that handles these issues that I never needed to go through any of these issues after all, due to certain rights I have, and could have resolved them in 2018, had they informed me that I had these rights in the first place.
I've paid thousands in administrative fees just to be told I never needed any of the clownery I'd been dealing with. If only they'd let me know what my rights were back in 2018, I could've been a free bird.

Words cannot express how much I want to punch walls right now.

No. 830061

when I eat fenugreek I smell like it for days. it's horrible lol

No. 830071

Whats the point of having money to pamper yourself when you don't have a moment with yourself? The job sounds unsustainable 100%

No. 830080

Cc seems to be safe rn, I'll link you friend finder tread where I posted https://crystal.cafe/b/res/88862.html

No. 830095

I feel crappy

No. 830097

me siento de la verga

No. 830102

Hope it will pass soon!

No. 830113

God I hate poor fags on second hand sites
I already said the price is firm goddammit

No. 830121

arent second hand shops meant for poor folk wtf lmao

No. 830124

IBS and chronic anxiety/bipolar aren't a good combination, my mental breakdowns are getting worse than before and is affecting my bowels giving me mild diarrhea nonstop. I feel so weak and dizzy, God please have mercy, this is just too much.

No. 830134

Due to a dumbass mistake i might fail my first year at uni. i feel like dying

No. 830145

Why do I have such retarded anxiety? I’ve been goofing off at my call centre job today because I start a new better-paying job and my boss reprimanded me this morning. It’s kinda farfetched but I’m weirdly anxious my new employer will find out or they’ll retract their reference. It was a professional reference they gave, not a character one but idk, I am a retard and get worried over everything.

No. 830162

lmao anon are you me? I have constant diarrhea for half a year now because of IBS/anxiety combo.
I'm quite sure that most people develop IBS because of mental/emotional problems btw.

No. 830170

I have such an annoying crazy coworker. I just started a new job as a restaurant hostess, but the busser is always on my ass for the most retarded things. She's doing shit like seating people without informing me (while there are still people on the waiting list), saying that writing isn't part of my job (so how am I supposed to record customer information), and always yelling about bussing tables regardless of how many people are coming in or when. She also has such a smug creepy smile.

The weird thing is she claims to have a law office yet she is 51 and working 60 hour weeks as a busser. Like wtf that makes no sense

No. 830184

life tip advice for any nonnies thinking about college, dont go to a community college. despite it being cheaper it is literally so shit and trying to transfer out is impossible i am so fucking annoyed and i feel so trapped in this fucking run down shit hole school i just wanna move on and go to a better college but they keep ghosting me on transfer appointments. if i have to do another semester here i will kill myself i cant take being there anymore everyone is so fucking retarded

No. 830193

I was feeling like shit, at least I'm not alone on this thanks for sharing anon. I've been suffering of pretty hardcore mental breakdowns, just yesterday my sister had to calm me down because I was literally roaring like a batshit dog and hitting things/making weird movements, it makes sense my ibs was triggered. Doctors only suggested I could be bipolar so i don't know what the fuck is going on with me anymore.

No. 830201

I'm friendless and so fucking lonely but adding/talking to random people feels like sandpaper to my brain and I get such an urge to ghost. Not to mention my rancid personality means I barely get along with people anyways. Fuck.

No. 830202

I disagree as a graduated 4 year university student. I know many cc and transfer people who are very happy and given my experience and from others' experiences, I would always recommend people to go to cc. I'm sorry it's difficult for you, anon.

No. 830214

There's one way I want to end up dead, I've already planned that out in my head. If it happens, it happens, it's very unlikely it'll happen. I don't want to feel like I accomplished nothing in life, I want one thing I scratch off my bucket list before I die to be the thing that finally pushes me to say I don't need to live anymore.

At least one thing off my bucket list and then I can have a right to kill myself, is what I keep saying. Until then I don't feel like I'm entitled to, or that I deserve that one thing before I die to bait me into living.

If I don't end up having what I want happen, I'll probably commit suicide. If I don't have a career, life, or family by 35, and become an irrefutable loser in life, then I will die. Its years away, I'm still thinking about it.

I'm honestly giving myself two years max with the way things are going. 35 is a ten year away fever dream.

can't stand to be alone anymore. I constantly am alone. Even when people are around me. I can't stand being frustrated and angry. Everytime I lose something it's like my bipolar ass kicks into overdrive and I revert to doomer mode. I've tried to undo the cycle, it's useless. I have tried channeling my anguish into projects, make my agony beautiful, it never suffices. I can never finish anything, and that is why I doom myself to the idea of failure.

I will never be happy, my life is an endless collection of using things and people to fill the empty space where my soul is supposed to be. I feel like a burden.

If I don't find a fulfilling purpose in my life in the next two years, if not earlier than that, or fate doesn't hand me the right cards and let me do what I want that will enable me to kill myself, then I'm going to kill myself when all else fails. I know no one will really miss me, and I will no longer be a liability. by the time it's over and done there won't be anyone left to care.

Isn't it sad that you've already doomed yourself to an idea even though you could try and aim for self improvement and stray from failure? I'm in such a bad place, I don't feel like I can do this anymore. And then people are like "why don't you just end it now?". Because that teeny granule of happiness in the gaping wound that is my existence says that I should hold out for some miracle? Fuck my small hint of optimism.

No. 830224

I thought I got a rash ALL OVER MY BODY from swimming but then it turned into these purple BRUISES like wtf why and what even is this. No one I've showed it to has even seen it before. inb4 infected w alien virus

No. 830227

"one more round of radiotherapy" yeah, I've fucking heard that one before, doc. Fuck! My life is going so good right now and then this. Idk what I expected, this positive mental attitude stuff is fucking bullshit. I kept positive, I meditated, I visualise, I fucking bullet journal, I do yoga every damn day and guess what? Still got cancer! Fuck every single person who ever told me to keep my head up, you're all full of shit, you have no idea how this feels.

No. 830237

i'm really sorry anon its fucked up how people tell everyone to just work out or write their feelings out and they'll be cured. But sadly life is just fucking cruel sometimes and no amount of positive thinking will change that. I really hope that everything works out for you but even if it doesn't just know that it wasnt your fault life is just fucked and people need to stop preaching positivity to people because its more harmful than helpful. I really hope your doctor is right though and that this is your final chemo session. And its okay to be angry in fact its a completely justified emotion.

No. 830239

Thank you, nonita, ♥

No. 830245

Yikes that sounds weird. A low blood platelet count can cause abnormal bruising, hopefully it's nothing that serious though and you're just transforming into an alien mermaid or something kek

No. 830250

When my mom had cancer she cried to me because her friend had just discovered the book 'the secret' and she blamed my mom's cancer on her own negative attitude.. said she had manifested it and she basically manifest it away again, like damn. Positive thinking is cool if you find some help in it but sometimes you just need to feel your feelings ..all of them. And to talk about them and feel heard. Some people take positivity too far and it becomes denial.

Pretty sure I've seen you post before, sorry this is so ongoing for you. Cancer's a stubborn dick.

No. 830261

Thank you, nonny. The positivity stuff is a very pervasive line of thought, unfortunately. The people I've spoke to when getting radiotherapy have mentioned similar situations like what your mom dealt with (glad it sounds like your mom is better), idk how it's 2021 and people still think that being fucking moody can literally kill you. Positivity is good, don't get me wrong. I was lashing out in anger in that vent but some of that stuff does help get me through the day. It's just.. exhausting sometimes. You probably have seen me post before, there is another anon with similar issues though, cancer bitch if you're reading this ily ♥

No. 830293

Literally so fucking stressed about DMV shit. I’m starting to think someone is in there purposefully fucking with me. “We can’t find proof of insurance so you better not drive or you will get arrested teehee” I’m sorry what? Do you guys just get paperwork and wipe your ass with it? What the fuck, I’m literally wanting to a log these assholes.

No. 830297

relapsed. why did I relapse. why did I relapse. just cleaning off the blood from my legs like it's nothing. gonna go out and buy myself dinner like nothing happened. I hate myself so much.

No. 830298

I might actually not fail! but now it depends on whether or not my prof will think the doc visit was important enough… ahhh anons wish me luck

No. 830303

I relate to what you're going through so much. hope is always the one thread tying you down and keeping you in waves of misery. sometimes it's complete torture and other times it's the last grain of truth leftover when your depression is consuming you utterly and it's impossible to tell. I think it is reasonable to want to try your hand at life and give it your best shot before giving up. I don't know your life but depression will convince you that you don't matter to anyone. I've lost many friends to suicide this way and people grieve, hard. It is not sad to doom yourself but it is sad that you don't have anyone you feel connected to. It is tragic you're feeling what you're feeling and have no other course. I beat my depression some years ago and I've still not truly found happiness in life, but the misery has faded over time. Have you been diagnosed as bipolar? anti-psychotics and other mood stabilizers can help immensely, especially if it's not an external source of misery. You are incredibly strong and stalwart to make it this far and have this much resilience in the face of your suffering. depression is the worst thing anyone can go through, it ruins every aspect of a functioning and happy, motivated life. you are very, very strong to be making it this far and even if you do not fully achieve your goal always remember that. I think loneliness is the worst part of suffering, especially loneliness in the company of others. Do you think you could be happier with better people? Someone who understands you and respects you? Someone who cares?

No one should be telling you to end it now, they should be encouraging you and giving you what you need in life. These people sound uncaring and abusive. I've met and helped a lot of people in life, the ones who succeed despite the circumstances and suffering, and I've seen many who have finalized their life. You don't strike me as someone who is going to fail, non. You may be cursing this last shred of optimism but I think it's there because you may be too intelligent and strong for your life and your suffering to beat you. You may not like it, and I surely did not like my own, I hated it to my core. The happiest and most relieved I've felt was when I was dying from a suicide attempt. It feels weightless and comforting, like a sleep that repairs all of your life and soul, as if everything you've ever felt is evaporating through your skin and out of the weighty hole in your chest. I'm still alive, obviously so you can guess it didn't go as planned. I do have to say that over the years I've finally slowly forgotten most of the pain and the lows I feel now are nothing comparatively. Life does not always get better, but we do get stronger with time. I know that sounds like a platitude, and I would never minimize your suffering. I know many people, too, who have gotten a handle on their life after going through it all. for what it's worth, if you want to talk, vent or any advice I'm here if you want.

No. 830322

Rationally I hold a very liberal approach towards body hair and only shave whenever I feel like it. But due to summer as well as an intimate appointment with a male approaching, I still feel too uncomfortable with my body hair and want to remove it. I was looking at making an appointment to be waxed, but at quality salons it is so expensive. Imagining my butt being waxed by a stranger for €60 is so absolutely degrading. Having to pay so much money to remove something so natural… And for what? For whom? What hell! I still want to get waxed though, kek. I like the smooth feeling and I want to look like it. But where in the world do I get money to waste on this? Maybe I should look for cheaper options after all…

No. 830340

File: 1623711179924.gif (241.77 KB, 250x240, E2BEF622-B9E4-431F-9735-E8A08A…)

>people can ship whoever they want!!!

oh anon if only you knew how much of a degenerate you are. your brain has literally turned into coomer, dopamine-seeking mush looking for the next high. god bless you honey hope you make it out of your struggle alive.

No. 830363

Based as hell.

No. 830364

coworker is such an anal ass bitch. we were taking an assessment and i got one of the question wrong and his bitch ass had the audacity to be all 'number 1 was obviously the answer' when he hasn't been answering shit and waiting for other people to say the answer. as if he hasn't gotten a shit ton of other fucken questions wrong. he bitches and complains when other people get something wrong but when he gets thing wrong, his mouth is glued shut with shit. i wanted to be a bitch and just go 'well since he obviously knows the answers why don't we ask him'

No. 830366

What is this on reply to?

No. 830368

This whole shipping stuff should be considered bait already, it only makes people sperg like retards for endless hours.

No. 830372

File: 1623714994833.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, F8E15F81-8849-4BA4-A84E-F00952…)

People shipping anything and everything + hyperfixation on sex & everyone beyond gay is weird as fuck, I’m not a pearlclutcher but what’s going on with this generation

No. 830375

I despise how everything has turned into an identity.
>likes tomatoes
>oh so you’re a tommaloev!
>likes shipping a character with another character
>this is muh comfort ship1!!1!
>likes a random character
>I’m literally this character!!
>likes a random person
>I’m literally this person!!
How is that not alarming at all?

No. 830377

No anon, you're absolutely right.

No. 830383

Especially the creeps who keep shipping scrotes who have a friendly relationship and would never border into romance territory, no matter how much their freak brains have told them that it seems right in their heads so they can flick their beans. I wish shipping also included shipping characters platonically and not just because some coomer in the fan base desperately wants to see some 1,000 year old little boy get fucked by other adult men who resemble and even act like adults it’s just so fucking weird. Tired of being called a twitterfag for being weirded out by people’s time-wasting kinks and turn-ons they keep oversharing on here. We need to normalize that it’s seriously okay for characters to have a deep, meaningful relationship without drawing them with oversized sock dongs lol

No. 830385

hey nonny, ive been there. it sucks but sometimes those bad coping mechanisms reel you back in. dont blame yourself or be angry with yourself, youre probably under too much stress to be able to figure out a better way to cope. you can move on from this and find a better way to cope. i believe in you!

No. 830393

File: 1623718201130.png (1.33 MB, 534x1839, Capture.png)

Some choice snippets an artist I (used to) follow proudly shared to her story of her "calling out an art nonblack"… I don't think I need to explain why I'm posting this here.

No. 830399

I've had diarrhea all day long but now that I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago again my lower back REALLY hurts and I don't know what to do to fall asleep again. It's worrying me in general too.

No. 830409

File: 1623720089939.jpg (160.64 KB, 836x922, 20210614_180946.jpg)

I wish people would stop telling me I look so much like someone they know or saw. I know they don't mean it to be offensive but it kinda hurts knowing that I probably just look very generic lol.

No. 830412

Shit like this is what sets us back 50 years and causes people not to take actual anti-blackness seriously.

"There are black asians" there are tribes in Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia who have similar features to west africans but guess what? They dont claim to be the same as you, they're not culturally, linguistically or genetically the same as you. These hoteps love to claim EVERYONE is black, including melanesians. "Blackness" and "whiteness" are both just concepts that people can't agree on like are Kurdish people with blonde hair and blue eyes considered "white"? Are aboriginal Australians "black"?

Which brings me to another vent; most people who "study" anthropology are usually racist asf who parrot terms that are outdated from an old European guy from the 1800s who decided to name all of the people with the same skull type after a region called Caucasus, "caucasian" never originally meant white. Armenians, chechens , dagestanis and Georgians are the true caucasian. We need to stop thinking the whole world views race the same as Americans do.

No. 830415

File: 1623721263582.gif (480.73 KB, 499x315, shrug.gif)

it's just fun, that's all there is to it. I don't understand the issue (assuming we're talking about lc, not social media). Also it happened in previous generations too.

No. 830431

stay hydrated anon, and maybe a heating pad to relax your muscles if they're cramped from sitting in one position for so long? I hope you feel better soon

No. 830435

I am under a lot of stress and I tend to guilt myself when these things happen. I feel like I'm running on fumes right now. going to get ice cream, maybe that'll help

No. 830443

Why do you have to wait for a transfer appointment? I’m assuming you’re an American, in which case the appointments with the advisory admins are literally just them googling up your colleges of choice, comparing classes and saying “this will probably transfer”. Sometimes they even use a publicly available, online sheet to reference against. Just compare the classes yourself and estimate your remaining credits. If your CC is accredited it’s probably fine.

No. 830449

I'm bipolar and bpd and I've considered going on antipsychotics, I just need to get into the psychiatrist again to talk about it. Antidepressants weren't helping anymore, they'd waned in effectiveness after years of usage, antipsychotics might be the next best thing. Am already on a mood stabilizer. I upped the dosage of my mood stabilizer during covid in hopes it would help, then I had a wave of shit drown me in my personal life. Whenever it happens it's me trying not to be submerged in my own misery

I think I would be happier with better people, but I need to find them first. I have to move away from my family for sure, I know they're part of the main drive of my misery.

My last real attempt felt like I was actually going to die, and it was not pretty. While part of it felt enlightening, there was a state of horrific despondency. I hallucinated everything around me was happening as usual in a different setting as I lay trying to deal with the concoction of drugs in my system, and there was something so cutting about the standstill. Then I fell asleep, had some horrible nightmares, and woke up with the urge to puke. Somehow the worst overdose I'd had, didn't need my stomach pumped, just a terrible trip. I've self harmed multiple times since. I think the problem is that I fear death as much as I say I want to embrace it, but life is so painful that sometimes I wish death came to me incidentally. So I wouldn't have to force it.

I want to believe one day I'll find my purpose, right now is not an ideal time to. Right now I am in pure existential crisis mode. And manifesting. Lots of manifesting that things will improve. I hate this so fricking much

Thank you for reading such an unyielding and sad post and responding so cohesively, I'm glad that you've beat out your depression and are coping, anon. I'm sorry I see an end, not really a solution, to my problems, maybe one day I will be happy enough to live for myself, and not hate myself

No. 830463

File: 1623727154874.png (450.69 KB, 1024x572, 8r3221356v80.png)

>barely eat all day because stomach aches + diarrhea
>finally a fucking meal at the end of the day
>oh boy this'll be–
>shit it all out in liquid form after only eating 1/3rd

No. 830473

NTA you responded to but as a bpdfag antipsychotics helped a lot. Can't speak for everyone, but they did work for me well.

No. 830475

ayrt, I'll ask my psychiatrist about them the next time I go, tell her I've been having a rough time. thanks for the input

No. 830490

I recently got a fuckbuddy because i've been out of a relationship for over a year. Fucker keeps thinking i'll fall in love with him. I don't know why I keep going back, because everytime he speaks i feel like committing arson. Ig the attention from sex just feels that fucking good.

No. 830496

Have you tried lithium?

No. 830497

He's projecting lol

No. 830504

borderline personality disorder really complicates things and having the other bpd on top of that makes it even harder, I am truly sorry for you farmer. the current state of psychiatric medicine is deeply flawed.

If you want a new e-friend let me know. I kinda suspected you didn't have a good home life. between what's already been given to you and your family I can't imagine you're being treated particularly well. try not to think of right now as the "I should be here, living my goals" time of your life, that is ridiculous and absurd to expect of yourself. You need to understand yourself as someone who is fighting a much harder battle than others. You have your own life problems to deal with and conquer first before you can even begin to start worrying over your success in life. It simply isn't fair to think that way, you are being far too hard on yourself.

Did you have an NDE? I've had one before and it was kinda similar to what you're describing. They're fascinating and also terrifying beyond words, like a dream that feels real in a way dreams do not. It is normal to fear death even when you're seeking it and are so distraught over life you can't go on. I haven't met or heard of anyone who truly did not fear death when faced by it. It's a subconscious and primal thing to fear death even if you'd rather be dead. Incidental death is always the big dream isn't it? No having to worry, mustering up the courage and motivation to actually end it, or suffer through failed attempts.

I think you will find your purpose when you've cleared yourself from the nightmare you're living in, farmer. It's a step-by-step process. You can't grow in the same environment that makes you want to die. I can help you in a lot of ways if you are willing, and the whole thing is entirely up to you, if you want. I feel your pain and I've experienced everything you've said first hand, even the overdosing.

Honestly? It's my pleasure. I'm always happy(I can't think of a better word, fulfilled maybe) to listen and share advice and stories and give honest sympathy and attention. I'd be really happy to talk with you more, if you'd like. we can exchange contacts if you want.

No. 830522

File: 1623735688145.jpg (21.35 KB, 331x282, yaoihands.jpg)

there, there, nonny. everything will be ok.

No. 830528

File: 1623736269566.jpeg (101.06 KB, 1200x675, 91764060-8E5F-41B1-9EE4-90F694…)

just realized that I took my birth control in the wrong order so the last time my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he came inside me twice I was actually taking sugar pills

No. 830529

it would be so much easier sometimes to live without empathy

No. 830545


No. 830556

Who shipped your comfort character husbando to his best friend instead of your self insert girlcrush kek

No. 830564

You shouldn't let a scrote cum in you pill or no pill, ffs

No. 830565

Plan B now anon. Go to the pharmacy. It's really easy to obtain. At least in my country. Don't wait. Do it now.

Don't believe the people who say pregnancy doesn't happen that easily blahblahblah. It only takes one time

No. 830573

File: 1623740092005.jpeg (319.71 KB, 640x766, F8D4A30F-0546-4A85-BCC5-EF7B9A…)

I hate people like this. Why the fuck are they trying to get us involved in the fucking Israel Palestine war? Nobody cares what side you are oh you fucking retards. I’m not joking I hope they all die.

No. 830609

I dont know how to explain it but over the years I've come to be very afraid of confrontation, even to the point calling for appointments is nerve wracking even if I know that in reality it probably won't be as bad as it seems. I just have this fucked up conception that it will blow out of proportion and be like pulling teeth. I'm kinda nervous especially with psychiatric and therapy appointments since my tone is flat and word choice tends to be subpar. I have to be reassessed but I don't want to come off as I'm being a hypochondriac or schizophrenic about it. It just stresses me out to no end, I know its something I have to bite the bullet on and will do it just feels as if I have a looming pressure on my back.

No. 830612

I'm really tired of being surrounded by smooth philtrum autists, shithole entrepreneurs and shallow, one track minded people. I don't want to do this anymore. I didn't see how bullshit this was before. They don't even know what they have, so what's the point?

No. 830615

I don't understand whyd people do that while being in a complete different country unless they are originally from Palestine

No. 830623

>reeee why do people give a shit about genocide happening in other countries??!1
gee, I wonder why people would want to damage a drone factory

No. 830631

My period is going to get me fired sooner or later (it's happened before.) The first day of my period is so bad and it's impossible for me to function. Yesterday I spent all day pacing, barfing, and standing in the shower. I'm glad my boyfriend takes me seriously about this at least, I had to skip a family thing and his mom and sister told my bf it's always convenient I can't do anything on my period. He told them thinking they would be understanding I guess. My doctor wants to get me tested for endo, the pain in my back and thighs is unbearable, worse than my uterus.

No. 830639

Signed the contract for my new job and I want to just walk out on this call centre bullshit. I have genuinely hated my time here so much and just want it to be over. I feel like a failure because I can't/don't enjoy a simple "call centre" job but it is absolutely soul sucking. The place I work for has a weird cult-like energy that's been cultivated there. Point out that we just about get paid minimum wage (even though we do tons of overtime for free), your co-workers will shun you and act real shady. Fucking retards, how do manage to care so much for a job that pays just about minimum wage? They suck up to our higher-ups but the truth is, barely anyone makes over 20k here unless they are friendly with higher management. GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE!

No. 830657

My best friends' long-distance boyfriend tried to commit suicide last night because she broke up with him. I'm quite familiar with depression and suicidal thoughts myself but I'm so on the fence when it comes to seeing what he did as a cry for help or as attention seeking, even though I usually disagree with people who claim that suicide is selfish because these people are obviously not in a clear state of mind to truly realise and care about the repercussions when they do it.

I tried to talk him down the entire afternoon, telling him to ask a friend to come over when shit hits the fan and when he feels like he can't take it anymore because there is absolutely nothing I can do for him (except for texting but he expects me to be on my phone 24/7 when he's feeling down). Around 11 pm I told him that I have to sleep because of work and around 2 am I was woken up by countless messages he sent me while trying to commit suicide. Idk if I should feel sympathetic but I'm just pissed because I was worried sick and haven't slept at all even though he promised he wouldn't try to kill himself. Yeah I know, it's more complicated than that but what the fuck else was I supposed to do.

I talked to my best friend today and she told me that he went on a frenzy last night, sending these messages and self harm pics to everyone he knew. She also told me that she already wanted to break up last year, but he constantly threatened suicide and told her that she'd be responsible for it. I'm just so damn angry with him because this sort of manipulation is absolutely not okay and made me lose every ounce of sympathy I had for him.

I realise that sometimes people with depression will try to reach out to someone but texting him whenever he was in a rut was so damn draining because I have my own shit to deal with and can't play therapist whenever he wants it. I guess I was also too scared to be seen as an asshole if I brushed him off because dude was a ticking time bomb. I get that people with depression are often misunderstood and stigmatized, and I can relate to that quite often, but you have to make the first step to pull yourself out of this. It was like talking to a wall. For months.

He just texted me that he's doing fine now, that he realised that there's so much to still live for and yada yada but I'm so done with all of this. Idc if this makes me look like an asshole but I ended up blocking him because I have absolutely no time to try and help someone who doesn't even want to help themselves anymore. I shouldn't have been such a pushover in the first place but I was always on edge, worried that I would "fail" him when he needs someone, if that makes sense? Because after someone commits suicide, you keep asking yourself if there's anything you could've done to prevent it or if you didn't try hard enough. Sorry for that wall of text but I really had to get that out.

No. 830658

got i hate it here. you all are great, but this place is just the fucking pits

No. 830660

My anxious ass cannot find peace. I have been without a job for months and my decreasing savings make me anxious. But the prospect of having to look for a job also anxiety inducing. Whenever the phone rings I feel like I'm having a heart attack. I also have massive anxiety just reading through job ads because I feel like I'm not qualified for any of them and even if the hired me they would find out that I suck and they'd fire me

No. 830664

So…are you breaking up with me or not

No. 830667

What the actual fuck? That scrote is bad news. Fucking shame that his BPD ass didn’t actually complete suicide, if he even honestly attempted, because he is a manipulative, emotionally abusive piece of dog shit. You shouldn’t have exhausted empathy and emotional labor on him. He never intended to listen. Some people wield their “depression” as a weapon and it’s so effective, why would they ever change? You just have to step away. Women are too socialized to get all bleeding hearts over broken men. You and your friend need to cut him off forever.

No. 830671

I'm too mentally unstable for my emotionally unstable boyfriend

No. 830676

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Shipping Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Hide The Thread Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha(infighting)

No. 830685

File: 1623753194957.jpeg (82.11 KB, 500x648, A7229A95-65A1-4350-B9C2-48BBF0…)

Is that you, Hockey anon? I get off to one RP slash fic every time you post btw

No. 830698

>not age restricted

This shit is so normalized now and I fucking hate it. This oversexualization of women in the media everywhere is getting worse every single day and a certain kind of woman is definitely the main proprietor of it.

I just want to vomit seeing this. It has trannies in the music video too.

No. 830700

File: 1623755066461.webm (2.62 MB, 320x568, twerking_toddler.webm)

And this is what we get from promoting this shit in mainstream media. These women are cheering on a literal toddler twerking in the middle of NYC

No. 830708

Lemme guess, then they gaslight anyone who thinks this shit is fucking disgusting as being pedos because whY wOUlD littLe girLs twerkiNG be sEXual

No. 830717

I don't have any friends or family and my mother is ruining my dog making it impossible for me to take her with me when I can finally move away from her. She always behaves like an autistic retarded little child and she refuses to do anything about the dog's constant barking at every person and every little noise. I clearly can't live in a noisy apartment with a dog like this and she is ruining the dog I adopted for myself. I'm pissed off that my cunt mother gets my dog which she doesn't deserve at all with her disrespectful inconsiderate behavior towards me. My mother urinates everywhere and leaves piss and snot and other crap all over the house, she is the most disgusting unsanitary pig in the whole world and I can't stand to be around her because of that and other shitty behavior of hers. She doesn't fucking deserve my dog and I don't fucking deserve that I don't get anything in this life.

No. 830718

File: 1623756505267.png (339.01 KB, 1506x786, pedopeet.png)

No. 830720

God, I hate these bimbo caked-in-makeup women who are trying to sell mindless sluttery to women. I understand we’re all victims of the patriarchy or whatever, but these bitches are genuinely so harmful for young women to look up. Sickening.

No. 830726

File: 1623756899996.png (631.15 KB, 692x910, thot_bus.png)

Apparently they drive around in a bus twerking all over Los Angeles to promote this song. Honestly LA is hell on earth and I wish it was swallowed back into the ground.

No. 830730

I actually don't hate this, I know at the end of the day it's still a twerking music video but the way they filmed it with it being a nightmare fever dream of a man being scared by oversexed women is funny to me
I hate the ending with the mouth thing, to me that feels like a put down about pussies, but maybe I'm missing the point. It's nice to see something a little bit different from the usual twerking video

No. 830747

It's still a music video where 90% of it is asses directly in the camera meant to arouse men. Literal soft-core pornography and you enjoy it because of "the story". Retard.

No. 830756

File: 1623758733569.jpg (139.95 KB, 900x1200, Ben_Shapeeno_the_farmer.jpg)

>not age restricted

This shit is so normalized now and I hate it. This oversexualization of women in the media everywhere is getting worse every single day and a certain kind of woman is definitely the main proprietor of it.

I just want to vomit seeing this. It has trannies in the music video too. Guys, this is what feminists fought for. This is what the feminist movement is all about. It's not really about women being treated as independent, full-rounded human beings. It's about shaking ass. And if you say anything differently, it's because you're a misogynist, you see.(avatarfagging)

No. 830767

Back to your containment zone Shabibofag.

No. 830769

I have no patience or ability to cope with anything anymore. I fly into a frenzy of anger or panic. It feels like something is coming to a head. I'm dreading it.

No. 830777

how do i grieve after breaking off an important friendship?

No. 830779

I’m on vacation with my partner and my parents and I fucking hate it. Everything sucks. The house we stay at has no internet so my mobile data is almost used up. The area we’re in has nothing to do. I’m constantly fighting with my mother because she’s insufferable. I wish I could just go home and be alone

No. 830780

Having mild memory loss from being high all day yesterday. Boss thinks Im crazy

No. 830783

men are so scared of fat asses and big ass titties. they cower in fear of these things daily.

No. 830784

> she doesn't know about the british mandate of palestine
your country is always involved in wars nonnie

No. 830785

>thinks they have nothing to do with the israel/palestine conflict

You are a retard.(infighting)

No. 830792

some idiot in the shay thread asked if she might be "grey-asexual" and i had to put my phone down for a few minutes

No. 830794

Hope you reporter her kek

No. 830795

You're being facetious but you know too that men actually are afraid of women who own and wield their own sexualities or at least they hate them, it's the Madonna whore complex
I know that doesn't remove the fact that it's a tits and ass video, but things aren't always just made of one single take away concept

No. 830800

whats with megan always putting trannies in her videos kek

No. 830804

Imagine trying to read a deeper meaning into a tits-and-ass softcore porn music video.
You are literally buying into the "this is female empowerment" meme. Cringe.

No. 830810

Found out that the southernmost part of my country has only a 42% vaccination rate against measles. Great part is that it is a tourist hotspot with thousands pouring in each summer, so they might have an outbreak in the future, lol.

Just proves there's no correlation between vaxxes and brain damage, some people are just plain retarded.

No. 830820

mistaking hatred for fear is dangerous, especially in men.

No. 830838

>Being this dumb(>infighting in vent)

No. 830849

Fuck I thought about getting heating pads and went outside, and I realized I forgot to buy them after going back home. I'm drinking as much water as possible though.

No. 830850

>Acknowledge this is another softcore porn video but that think it's funny to see the man running scared from the hypersexy twerk cryptids
>State it's still a tits and ass video in every single post
And yet
>You are literally buying into the "this is female empowerment" meme.
I've never said this video was some empowering iconic moment just that I liked something in it, and in a separate comment that men are scared/hate women who have control of their own sexuality.
I didn't realise we aren't allowed to enjoy things on the bad problematic nono media list. What is this complete black and white thinking, have I accidentally posted on Twitter?

No. 830864

nta but she probably feels comfort in them. She's a tall meaty woman who always gets called a man. Might as well hang out with them right?

No. 830868

No wonder I'm so fucked up. I spent most of my childhood feeling like a sex object to my dad. I felt like that was the only reason we had visits together. I felt like just an object.

I remember riding in the car with him to his house, 8 years old, listening to very vulgar music. I remember being on the edge, I WAS SO CLOSE to literally just crying and asking him "Are you going to rape me?" My heart was racing, I wanted to ask him so badly because I was scared and I just wanted to know. It's incredibly difficult to think back on it now but… man… that's really how it was huh?

He would spend so many gifts and things on me whenever I came to visit, I felt like a prostitute. Letting him feel me up in bed in the hotel rooms, where I would literally beg him to get a two bed room so that I wouldn't have to sleep in the same bed with him but he would still sneak out of his bed in the middle of the night and make his way into mine…

No. 830877

jfc anon, I have no words for this. Just want you to know I hope you'll find happiness and peace in your life moving forward.

No. 830890

File: 1623770663189.jpg (53.31 KB, 528x606, 1621714571449.jpg)

The worst part about the creeps how art thing is that now many normies are being exposed to lolcow, it was bad enough with the pull users, cows coming here to defend demselves, and 4channers coming now and then, and now this

No. 830892

Meh, I bet all the cartoon husbando thirst threads and such will scare them off.

No. 830893

I just saw a tiktoker speak about it this morning actually. She even pronounced it "el oh el cow".

No. 830902

I’m glad we autists can be of help, nonnie.

No. 830913

>el oh el cow
I'm fucking triggered

No. 830921

File: 1623772519393.jpeg (58.87 KB, 400x540, 7155968A-B108-4DD3-B8D3-D8A4FD…)

vent thread has been officially ruined, all of the celebricow sperging should be gatekeeped into its specific detainment thread. go there to whine about sexy billion dollar bread and circus music videos or shut the fuck up, lolcow isn’t going to shut down the patriarchy and magically make men wash their ass and be civilized, ugh go away(rule 7)

No. 830925

How dare people vent in the vent thread

No. 830927

go away anon or I’ll slap your ass!

No. 830929

No. 830930

I'm triggered too. Pronounce the lol you fucking twats! And stop namedropping the site good lord

No. 830933

I want to kill my dad.

No. 830940

File: 1623773833912.png (833 B, 181x19, mail number655326890.png)

start with someone else first

No. 830943

i’m so incredibly sorry for what you went through. processing your feelings like you’re doing now is the first step to healing, please make sure you get therapy to help you through this so you’re not alone. but if you can’t access therapy remember you’re still not alone, even random anons on a shit-talking site of all places care about you and are coming through to support you right now. always remember your trauma does not define you. sending you love.

No. 830946

The amount of newfags is actually crazy. Hell, there's an idiot who created a thread for her vent post and put a name on it. Wtf is going on

No. 830949

> this generation
deviantart autists were freaks and you know it

No. 830953

kek anon PLS

No. 830971

That's actually tragic. I hope the mods are lenient enough to clean up any actual self doxing by actual children, I think a lot of us can remember fucking up on 4chan as kids and it can really get out of hand

No. 830978

I HATE, and I mean HATE, people that are all like all "OMG yess! LGBTQ+, BLM and FREEDOM OF RELIGION! YASSSS" Like I get it that you support them and shit, but then you go ahead and bring it up in every conversation and harass people who tell you to stop bothering them every hour of the day?? I had a girl like that in some of my classes and she would always fight with the non-white kids or like people with different sexualities and whatever and she would tell them like "You should be thankful im protecting you" and "Im speaking for you and everyone else so stop telling me to stop".

She wasnt white either dont get me wrong, she wasnt that white girl in your school. She was so obsessed with it that the first time I spoke with her she was like "Hi there! Whats your religion? You have to worship god right?" Like I would get it if she was curious or whatever, but when I said "I dont really have one". Next week or so, (This happened so long ago I barely remember) I start hearing rumours that I was using drugs and smoking cigs after school, and that I was "unholy" or some BS.

So my friends paired up and started tracing the rumours back and we found out that she and her friend group were the only one that havent "Oh I heard this from ___" and the ___ confirmed it. Sorry am I making sense? She was just a bitch, thats what she was. Shes a fucking dick. Im so glad I was a shy kid cause otherwise I wouldve punched her next time she started her "Manifesto of why you Should Change Religions to Make Others Feel Inclusive"(namefag)

No. 830979

are you trying to get someone doxxed or harassed?

No. 830981

You have to be over 18 to post here.

No. 830986

I lost my bracelet and I really wish I didn’t. If I could attribute all my “worst luck” to losing it, I would. How could I be so fucking stupid? This was the worst weekend of my fucking life. First I unknowingly meet a controlling and abusive loser, then I potentially left my bracelet at his fucking house. However upset I could be about the first part doesn’t amount to how shitty I’ve managed to feel over the bracelet itself. One of the most important women I’ve ever met gave me that bracelet. Even if it was just a piece of leather and brass, it felt like it really protected me like she said it would. I needed it so badly and it’s when I don’t l bring it with me I feel unsafe and retardedly in danger. I’m certain all the shit that happened was because it fell off at some point. But I haven’t been in contact with her for about 4 years. I don’t know if she’ll be receptive of me trying to initiate contact, but keeping the bracelet was one of the most important things for me. I’m so fucking pissed off at myself. I’m so desperate to find it that I’ve been praying to things I don’t believe in. This was also due to her influence. She helped me to believe in something again, and I fucking do this. I don’t want to accept that I’ll probably never see the bracelet again. Even if she agreed to meet and brought me something else, it’d be so hard for me to accept it. I don’t want a replacement, I want to turn back time and stop that night from ever happening. That specific bracelet is important because of what she said to me and how she impacted my life when she passed it down to me. It can’t even be replaced. I feel depressingly scared and paranoid over a fucking bracelet. I need to go outside. I can’t shake the fear I let her down and she doesn’t even know it. She’s a reasonable and sane person so I doubt it’d bother her, but I still feel like a piece of shit. I hate myself for being so stupid, for letting all of that happen. Even if I miraculously found it I don’t think I could ever forgive myself for this.

No. 830988

Is this just bait when >>830940 just happened?

No. 831003

File: 1623777966601.jpg (72.75 KB, 1280x720, aaaaaaaaa.jpg)

so many newfags….making this place a living nightmare…

No. 831013

I'm a bit happy that bars and restaurants are opening up again but I gained 10kg during lockdown and my pussy looks like chewbacca fml

No. 831016

i stopped wanting to buy myself clothes cause i feel like a beached whale

No. 831020

Maybe you lost it because you needed to break free from that thing and you can manage without it now

No. 831021


Don't feel bad anon, a lot of people gained weight during this period.

You'll be moving around more, so the pounds will surely go down.

No. 831030

File: 1623779290628.gif (350.45 KB, 368x450, D01052F4-BE05-49CE-B8E8-93B54E…)

>she's a they/them nonbinary
>but she also makes me blush and feel weird and autistic
i hate this

No. 831049

Divorce was finalized over a year ago and I can't seem to let go of the anger that I have towards my ex husband. He was emotionally and financially abusive but I got him sober and he turned into one of those unbearable people who makes everything about their sobriety - my mental and physical health be damned. He got heavily into his AA group and friend circle which led to him cheating on me with one of the women from his meetings (whom he is still seeing to this day). I channel my anger into my workouts but I haven't been feeling better afterwards lately. I wish I could find a way to channel this anger into something productive for myself.

No. 831064

realized i have reasons to feel sad even if my life isn't the worst. i'm so retarded

No. 831074

pinkpill her with the power of your pussy

No. 831083

File: 1623783255407.jpg (49.08 KB, 750x739, 7b71fec39d2e82d97c57f5951255b9…)

If I think about all the horrible shit going on in the world I'm going to spiral, better to just ignore it. Are the good things in life even worth it compared to the bad?

No. 831117

Yes, otherwise people would have risen up by now and started rebellions. Most people live pretty comfy and satisfied. At least in the west. You will get out of the slump again one day, Anon.

No. 831131

I hate the 30 minute limit on deleting posts.

No. 831134

I just told my brother I'm going to need surgery and will need him to give me a ride.
His response was to mope that he thinks he has an ear infection.
Men are such useless little fucking babies their entire lives.

No. 831140

File: 1623788963174.jpg (51.14 KB, 640x480, original (1).jpg)

I just cheated on my diet, and I feel like such a failure. It was just one of those fiber one brownies, so I didn't fuck up the entire thing, but I still feel like shit for it. I feel like I will never have good self control. This diet shouldn't even be hard for me. I'm going to try and move forward and ignore that this happened, but that brownie wasn't worth it at all.

No. 831143

Nonnie those are like 150 calories tops. You're fine. Like you said keep going forward but don't ruin your day for a fiber one bar.

No. 831149

Just set the password to something you won't forget

No. 831151

The fact that I couldn't resist eating it is what's bothering me the most, tbh. Not the calories. I was holding off on eating it for like 2-3 hours before I finally did it, but I wish I didn't cave in.

No. 831157

Ah ok I feel you, I feel you. Idk if this will help you but punishing myself and feeling bad over food only led me to think about food more which made dieting harder in general. I hope it gets easier!

No. 831159

Doesn't the 30 minute rule still apply even then?

No. 831163

I don't know. I'll tell you in 15 minutes

No. 831164

Of course it does apply. Otherwise retards could backtrack easily

No. 831167

my boyfriend and i got into an argument and i’m just in bed crying. he said i’m selfish and he hates being around me and that he wishes i would vanish. he was screaming at me to get out of the car but when people start yelling i freeze up, so i was just sitting there frozen and crying. he said he would hit me if i didn’t get out but i literally couldn’t move. thankfully his dad randomly decided to pop by today, i think they’re talking right now and he’s probably calmer, but i’m just so sad. i wish he didn’t say those things to me because i don’t have anyone to turn to when i’m upset like this, i just internalize it instead. i want counseling but my insurance doesn’t cover it fully anymore. idk. i want to disappear sometimes i know that’s what he wants.

No. 831170

anon, the fuck? he threatened to hit you?

like, i know people say shit they don't mean when they get mad but wishing you'd vanish and threatening to hit you sounds UBER abusive. get rid of this asshat.

No. 831171

jesus nonna you better dump his ass no one should ever even think of hitting you let alone say it out loud

No. 831173

yes, he goes immediately to threatening me when he’s angry. i wish i could just leave but he took me in because i was on the verge of being homeless and had nowhere to go, so i’ve been here for a little over a year now. my chest hurts so much, he wouldn’t even tell me what i did to upset him. i feel awful but i can’t apologize because i don’t know what i did wrong.

No. 831175

>he said he would hit me if i didn’t get out but i literally couldn’t move.
leave his ass asap he is a massive piece of shit. i hope you can get counseling soon anon you deserve better than this.

No. 831180

Sadly, it does not.

No. 831186

File: 1623792943198.jpeg (16.59 KB, 275x129, 27D53E43-3FAF-49E0-87AE-109A04…)

Anon I know it’s not easy but sooner or later you’re gonna have to think out a plan for yourself. It’s probably gonna be painful and difficult but it will be worth it in the end. There’s help out there.

No. 831188

Too prideful to do what I can. Too slothful to challenge myself and leave my comfort zone. Someone should kill me already for being a waste of space, air & resources.

No. 831190

Being single at 30 as a straight woman is infuriating, the dating pool is so fucking ugly. Moids keeps claiming that women “hit the wall” at 30 but they obviously haven’t looked in the mirror since they were 25

No. 831202


not defending but to play the devil's advocate I've lived in NYC all my life and you see black girls on the playground/street/whatever do this so many times, so often and so randomly and so seamlessly inbetween practicing other trendy dance moves like moonwalking or whatever you literally stop noticing it and your brain just perceives it as dumb kid shit trying to imitate adults, like girls walking around in their mom's high heels "but for black people". Why did it become this hot topic issue of oversexualization only when retarded millennial woke brain rotted white parents started to have kids?

No. 831203

I know it's hours late, but I wanted to thank both of you for your words of kindness. <3

No. 831205

I'm a lesbian and even I can see that moids age like milk and hit the wall at 24 latest while women take care of themselves and stay stunning for years to come. Their bullshit about women being past their prime at 25 is just a big fat cope to deal with their receding, greying hairline, saggy skin, flabby arms and beer gut.

No. 831208

Also nta, and I get what you're saying, but that might have to do with young black girls being over sexualized, and exposed to sexual things early on. I don't think kids twerking should be normalized and it shouldn't be considered normal if the kids are black. Also, wearing heels isn't as inherently sexual as twerking. I'm not pearlclutching btw, I like twerking

No. 831210

True. Literally every 2nd moid over 30 looks like fucking Alice Cooper.

No. 831219

Perhaps, do you think we do that because we take actions to age gracefully? (ie. taking care of our skin better, using lotion when needed, sunscreen, etc.) and men don't bother with shit like that? Or do you feel genetically, we just age better?