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File: 1626415311789.jpg (1.33 MB, 3869x1323, IMG_20210716_075339.jpg)

No. 855255

Previous thread: >>843804

>>843817 Amber Heard becomes a mother via surrogate.
>>843814 Hollywood's sexual degeneracy recap
>>843918 Britney Spears' father remains her conservator.
>>843934 Kyle Massey charged with sending pornographic content to a 13-year-old
>>844054 >>853123 Grimes is completing her Musk mandated Martian bimbo transformation, in between degrading herself by defending Musk in TikTok comments >>846408
>>844253 Is Anna Kendrick a mean girl?
>>844390 Zendaya and Tom Holland are spotted kissing, spergefest about Hollywood's beards follows
>>844926 Iggy Azalea blackfishes in a new video, also reveals bad surgery
>>845215 Tyler Possey comes out as gay, prompting important questions like 'who?'
>>845573 Selena Gomez' gains weight, anons lose their shit
>>845606 Angelina Jolie spotted with The Weeknd
>>846051 John Mulaney and Olivia Munn thirsting for attention
>>845756 Chet Hanks' ex leaks text exchange, mommy and daddy issues confirmed
>>846649 Dove Cameron goes wild with Photoshop
>>846891 Is Adam Demos' huge dick a prosthetic? Anons curse us with picrels.
>>847291 Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton get married, manage to misspell her name on decorations
>>848150 Halsey continues to be a try-hard with new album cover
>>848337 Drake Bell wants everyone to know he's happily married and has a child, spices the marriage by being sentenced for child endangerment >>852180
>>848556 LilNasX is attention whoring again
>>849658 Bella Hadid dates within her league, anons are shocked
>>849768 Princess Nokia romanticizes not having plumbing
>>851336 People say Billie Eilish' new song is boring, she takes it well >>852122
>>850818 Margot Robbie spergefest
>>852026 Lily-Rose Depp is looking rough
>>852304 Lana Del Hillbilly takes 10 years off her age by working hard in Photoshop
>>852961 Tik Toker Hunter Echo talks about sex life with underaged Millie Bobby Brown, confirming scrotes are disgusting pieces of shit
>>853352 Demi Lovato and Noah Cyrus are jumping on the queer choo choo train
>>854811 Olivia Rodrigo
>>855196 Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 is diagnosed with blood cancer, anons with experience say it's thankfully curable

No. 855268

Literally obsessed
Seriously all you "x is totes actually gay" are more delusional then the tinfoil thread fags

No. 855270

Lavender marriages and PR relationships have been a thing since the 1930s, sorry if it's hard for you to grasp

No. 855271

KEK love the name and OP pic

>Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton get married, manage to misspell her name on decorations

Probably the funniest shit from last thread. I don’t know why it’s so funny to me.

No. 855277

>ronaldo looks flaming af
>bradley cooper is so plastic as if he's about to troon out
>kanye west is rumored to have fucked jeffree star
>and all of them have dated irina shayk
explain how this is just a coincidence

No. 855288

This isn't the 1930's though, the fact that you delusional faghags can't understand
You never have genuine any proof either, Its always "x has a gay/lesbian energy" "x looks more comfortable around y"
Give me one single shred of proof that camila cabello is actually gay
"he seems gay" is not evidence at all

No. 855295

i agree
fag hags are disgusting and already have a containment thread here in /ot/.

No. 855297

File: 1626421438656.jpg (136.74 KB, 808x867, Screenshot_18.jpg)

>Its always "x has a gay/lesbian energy"
Wrong, a lot of stars have actually spoken about having to hide their sexuality, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne among many others. Also if you look at the dating history of celebrities who are rumoured to be gay you'll see a pattern: they have a tendency to get into a 'relationship' with their co-stars while they promote their movie and they break up a few months after

No. 855298

File: 1626421600190.png (18.54 KB, 737x313, tumblr_8231e177873ae978bcf849f…)

No. 855309

I now see that I just wrote 'Olivia Rodrigo' in the recap and no description. I'm a retard and I apologize.

No. 855311

No. 855312

Don't worry, she's a nobody and has no relevance whatsoever so it figures.

No. 855313

no need to apologize. you did an excellent job otherwise!

No. 855315

No. 855318

File: 1626423365562.png (131.13 KB, 1326x570, gaydar-goes-ping.png)

the most prevalent theory is not that Camila's gay, it's Shawn who's in the closet. Camila's probably just in it for the publicity and the hair-braiding.

No. 855319

Yeah he's been receiving sexually inappropriate comments from gay men since he was 16 and when he made post saying that those comments made him uncomeatable it became a meme on stan twitter to constantly make fun of him and call him gay bottom faggot, most of these comments come from annoying gay men btw
Honestly I get the frustration, I have received a lot of inappropriate about my sexuality by bullies since I was a teenager, It's bullying and I feel for him really

No. 855321

at this point even if he is in the closet WHO CARES. Hes been getting enough harassment from old gay men and creepy fujoshis that even if he is gay he will whenever come out of the closet.

No. 855341

Literally who was this twink actor with big dick in the last thread?? I’m so confused

No. 855349

its timothee chalamet

No. 855352

>poor little shawn mendes getting traumatized by those evil fujo farmers
…dude can dry his tears with 100 dollar bills

No. 855354

This cunt is shooting in all upcoming interesting films. He's not even very talented actor, he's quite average. Why would Wes Anderson have him in his film, for example. His films always draw a lot of attention, there is no need in overhyped tumblr icon. So annoying tbh.

No. 855355

Fujos were barely even mentioned, it was mostly about disgusting older scrotes making inappropriate comments about a 16 year old
what is with Fujos on this site lately, they have been getting so sensitive when anyone even slightly mentions them

No. 855359

I have never had a problem with fujos, but recently I have noticed that recently Fujoshi's have gotten way more fragile, Fujos in 2012 never had these types of reactions

No. 855363

No one even said anything about fujo farmers. That anon clearly wasn't referencing farmers, no one even gives a fuck about Shawn here

No. 855372

except the 3-5 Unironic Mendes Stans on this board

No. 855374

Wes probably picked him because he's so fucking weird looking. His head/neck ratio and neck/body ratio and chin/jaw ratio are all so fucked up.

No. 855376

Also he has a dick way too big for his body, I feel it in my bones

No. 855382

Shawn medez looks and acts like a flaming faggot because he is a flaming faggot.

No. 855384

Can anybody confirm this? I looked it up but couldn’t find anything

No. 855385

true the newfag fujos have been sperging, infighting and clogging up a bunch of threads lately with their annoying nonsense even tho they even have their own thread. And when someone calls them out they whine about it as if someone gives a fuck here that their yaoi feefees got hurt. They should just fuck off back to tumblr or twitter. We should unironically make a fujo hate thread to document their cowish behaviour. There is a reason why they are frowned upon since they are the most annoying femcel spergs kek

No. 855386

No. 855388

What the fuck is a fujo

No. 855389

do you know where you are and how old are you

No. 855391

calm down anon the fujoshis cant hurt you lol

Did you guys see normani's new video with Cardi? Normani is incredibly talented like holy shit and her BODY i was mesmerized throughout the whole video. Even if some of the dancing was sexual it felt tasteful to me idk. Cardi's verse i honestly could do without but yeah I'm pretty sure im gay.

No. 855392

Old fujo cringe thread

No. 855396

the song is ass. no comment on the video

No. 855397

File: 1626438793861.jpeg (16.38 KB, 300x168, 1F7DB2DB-8138-4C3D-A50A-346F53…)

No. 855399

i personally love it. Normani's is an incredible dancer but I see what you mean its kind of a slower r&b song which i dont think a lot of people enjoy on this board lol.

No. 855402

File: 1626439129501.jpeg (81 KB, 634x1024, 54839B6D-BBD8-416D-8D91-660663…)

she’s talking about the eiza gonzalez situation

No. 855406

he is ugly, his body is shaped weirdly and the only reason why he has fans is because he did that fujo ped0-pandering movie where he was making out with a man twice his age.

No. 855408

Imo he looks disgusting on both pictures. How can tumblrinas fangirl over him? Is that the new Benedict Cumbermbatch situation?

No. 855410

one of the few male bodytypes I'm attracted to

No. 855411

And that body type would be…the malnourished prepubescent boy body?

No. 855414

This way of thinking is why straight men never put effort in their looks or won't do basic shit like wiping their ass, the slightest bit of effort and they're suddenly considered 'gay'

No. 855419

Tbh that's kinda their (and patriarchy's) problem, but I agree that anon's take is shit

No. 855422

near deathly skinny boys

No. 855424

how is it pedo pandering. he was 21 not 12

No. 855427

File: 1626441932072.jpeg (85.59 KB, 795x728, anon on her date.jpeg)

>And that body type would be…the malnourished prepubescent boy body?
So true, real men have curves

No. 855428

what happened to this guy any way, I remember him making random cameos in sitcoms after loss and then he disappeared

No. 855429

but his face..

No. 855430

He got Lost

No. 855431

File: 1626442315674.jpg (52.94 KB, 749x696, Tumblr_l_40365340940433.jpg)

No. 855432

File: 1626442328804.jpg (36.47 KB, 785x494, anons bf.jpg)

the image name kekked me up

No. 855435

File: 1626442627540.jpg (224.66 KB, 2000x1326, 01.jpg)

He has already hit the wall, hasn't he?

No. 855436

I love r&b lol I just think this song is bad

No. 855438

what the fuck is going on with his face
is this what chlamydia does to your body?

No. 855442

His face is passable, his skinny awkward body is what I'm attracted too
I wanna hug him and feel his bones

No. 855443

Yes. In a few years he will have a severe case of ass-chin. Also, how can he have so many wrinkles at such a young age? He even has the ana-chan mouth lines. He looks 40

No. 855444

I made the mistake of zooming in and my god is he hideous

No. 855446

He looks 70. He didn’t just hit the wall, he slammed into it at light speed with no brakes like the Flash trying to run forwards in time. He hit that wall so hard it turned back into the raw materials it was made out of.

No. 855447

I guess that's what the parisian diet made out of cigs and coffee does to you

No. 855448

do you know what the movie is about? Im talking about the role in the movie he played.

No. 855449

Wasn't expecting SO much ass kek. I like Normani, she can sing and is an amazing dancer. The song is good, it doesn't really stand out but if I found a version without Cardi's verse I'm replaying it

No. 855451

How tf does he have so many wrinkles

No. 855452

he's always had a weird chin. one of the reasons I could never find him attractive tbh

No. 855453

looks like he's hit it repeatedly

No. 855454

All I know about Timothee is that he looks good as Paul Atredies and if this movie ever fucking gets released I’ll be excited to watch him in it

No. 855455

File: 1626443708735.gif (679.29 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

No. 855457

I must be blind, because he looks fine to me.

No. 855458

Even as a fan this is rough… makes me sad really

No. 855459

Ana-kun probably

No. 855461

Are there any 35+ Ana male celebs at all ?

No. 855463

In their graves I suppose

No. 855472

did you try enlarging the photo?

No. 855473

Okay but I don’t see a hj pic of him looking like a cancer patient anywhere

No. 855482

kek i've made like 3 posts being ??? about straight men refusing to wipe/wash their ass and i'm glad other people notice

No. 855486

stop projecting

No. 855490

salty whiny fujotroons incoming kek

No. 855498

nta I'm not a Fujoshi, I just think skinny are hot

No. 855515

Do you have to keep going on about how much you love skeletal boys though

No. 855539

nta but shes right, he does look like a little boy and the movie was pedo pandering trash. how is that even projecting retard

No. 855540

can someone post an azealia cap i'm bored of this argument over whether or not a normal-looking baby is ugly or a sex god. he's a cute kid, get back to work everyone.

No. 855543

why don't you post one
not with that bicycle seat head

No. 855569

>normal-looking baby
>cute kid
Are you talking about Timothee? He's a grown ass man, wtf

No. 855579

Go get your old ass wrinkely grandpa twink then, anon. We surely don't want him.

No. 855607

i'm 36 he just looks like a kid to me.

No. 855618

>>kanye west is rumored to have fucked jeffree star
Come on, anon, if you want genuine proof that Kanye is fruity, his relationship with Riccardo Tisci makes a lot of more sense than whatever the fuck that rumour about him doing Jeffree Star was about

No. 855624

File: 1626460133998.png (14.48 KB, 602x218, brooks.png)

Yeah I just saw it a few months ago and now it's totally gone. This is the only thing I could find but the original post was a lot longer.

I've listened to her music on and off throughout the years and she has some good tracks for sure but I don't understand why people call her a genius all the time. Maybe I'm missing something because I don't know too much about producing but her stuff seems pretty normal in terms of how much technical skill it requires to make. Grimes stans please enlighten me.

No. 855625

>literally naked and scissoring herself
>it felt tasteful to me idk

No. 855633

i have a crush on normani leave me alone my standards change for her. i want her to sit on my face

No. 855634

save it for your diary then

No. 855635

this video was very hot and mildly artistic, but damn they really had to douse the megan verse / lady caressing with dick-hungry lyrics and a giant cumshot shower. males be quite threaten'd

No. 855636

her stans are all student council/cheerleader types who were popular in high school and were all desperate to fuck majical clouds for hipster cred after they decided to become "alt" around age 20. they didn't do anything creative/try to be "artsy" til they were older so her level of stuff is both accessible and aspirational to them

No. 855637

No. 855639

*Cardi , retard moment

No. 855641

I love Aaliyah and I feel like the song is ok just because of sample. But I'm so tired of sexually aggressive lyrics

No. 855643

cardi was my least favorite part of the song although the "its my dick and i need it now" made me chuckle. Honestly i think Normani would've been fine releasing it on her own. But i understand a Cardi feature helps get more radio play.

No. 855670

There were some cool shots like the sliding part, the red outfit part, and the roof dance part, while some scenes were just too male-gazey and ruined the mv for me. The song could've been so much better given the sample but it just feels so flat and low effort imo. Like album filler.

No. 855678

New Shakira single. I guess this is what she was teasing?

No. 855680

their age difference was actually only 9 years, for female-male hollywood movie couples this would be completely normal

btw has our ana boy ever talked about armie hammer after he was cancelled? i'd imagine that even just working with a wannabe cannibal can't have been normal

No. 855691

This is Rebecca Black tier.

No. 855697

File: 1626467317640.jpg (32.92 KB, 634x390, 37bc8297fbcf97b4ef66134ecf5ae6…)

Stop looking anon, you won't see charcuterie's dick. The handjob thing was speculation based on a couple of pictures where they are sitting like this and it looks like she's holding her arm out towards his crotch, that's all.

No. 855698

I meant to post this on the last thread, but isn't it well known (plus the azealia banks texts leaked it) that hana produced a lot of grimes' music + lyrics?
I listen to hana's music and it's very similar to grimes, in fact I think a lot of times it's better than hers. Kinda sad considering she doesn't get the views grimes does, but does almost all the work on all her music.

No. 855699

he looks like he's about to throw up

No. 855702

lmao if someone showed me this pic without context I'd assume it's a picture of a bored babysitter waiting for her working hours to end while taking care of a special needs kid

No. 855722

she looks so done with him. I honestly feel sad for her

No. 855738

I hate libfems.

No. 855740

it's creative it's not about technical skill.

No. 855744

Excuse me I’m the one who posted it and I’m not a libfem I just have a crush on Normani and it’s been years since motivation. You guys just call anyone a libfem I’m surprised it’s not redtexted yet

No. 855747

most people dont understand normani's appeal but i do wish she would stop associating herself with cardi b and the rest of the whores that are all over american pop/rap. She has real potential

No. 855749

the idea of these two fucking—troonish clackety-boned Jeffree sticking a diseased corpselike finger up piss boy Kanye’s bootyhole—is truly more horrific than any movie Hollywood has managed to shit out in the last 5 years.

No. 855756

What a boring song, why is Normani so wasted? Why didn't they use the momentum from Motivation and give her more bops? She's an excellent dancer so I want to see more of her but this is not it.

No. 855757

All I thought was, "Damn Cardi looks plastic and botched, next to Normani" it's honestly crazy to see someone with so much work done to her body and face, next to someone who seems to be all natural and very pretty.

No. 855762

i hope john mulaney's ex-wife and timothee chalamet get together

No. 855771


*i hope john mulaney and timothee chalamet get together

No. 855779

Kek nonita my fucking sides

No. 855797

Nooo how dare female artists show off their body! Shut up lol

No. 855810

libfem, sexual empowerment is the least feminist thin ever. As much as i love normani and some other modern female pop stars im sick of seeing them shake their oiled up asses

No. 855816

I was expecting this to be so much worse seeing how anons were talking about it. I actually like the song (Cardi's part wasn't good, but she's never been a good rapper anyway) and the video was nice. The only part of the video that I didn't like was the one where she's in the room with the mirrors. The outfit was just ugly, not even necessarily because she was half naked, but it looked cheap. Anyway, I hope she'll start consistently releasing music. I'm looking forward to seeing her live performances

No. 855817

Go back to twitter "lol"

No. 855825

Nta, but since when has "lol" been a twitterfag thing? Even before the recent influx of newfags anons have been using it, and I've never seen anyone say it's something twitterfags do until recently

No. 855829

Kek, fucking broke my ribcage

No. 855831

literally shut the fuck up and get over it, lol has been used since 2018,

No. 855832

Call Me By Your Name is just Lolita for the gays, idk how people haven't caught this yet

No. 855852

how the fuck is showing off your body part of the job description for "artist"? jay-z doesn't strip in every video. julian cope doesn't strip every time he goes on stage. francoise hardy is insanely beautiful and dresses as sexy as she wants and she doesn't strip every time she plays a show. missy elliot doesn't strip in every video.
i hate libfems

No. 855854

nta but calm down, some of you are so quick to say twitterfag to anyone who doesn't go "retard sperging autist tranny do you know where you are??? kek" and it's annoying, you sound like robots at this point. stop gatekeeping lolcow so hard, it's stupid

No. 855867

Cocaine ages people like fuck I can't wait for all the spastics that abuse coke to wake up and see the havoc it does to the face. Celebrities can buy new noses, teeth and tweak the ever loving fuck out of their faces, majority of my peers are going to have fucked up teeth in a couple of years and smashing the wall.

No. 855872

File: 1626485499010.jpeg (86.71 KB, 540x961, 3615415F-1817-4A2E-BE7E-25FCFD…)

none of the texts said anything of the sort, this is the only screenshot i could find remotely applicable to what you're referring to
but i can see hana being the one writing her lyrics. personally i think bloodpop is at least semiresponsible for the production part. either way it's clear that she has help and plenty of it, just like any musician, & it's fucked that she takes all of the credit for herself to feed her narc complex.

No. 855875

the SS's hinted it, but I know for a fact hana has made a lot of her music, I vaguely remember her mentioning her and hana doing mixes together often in an interview. But you can also tell because of the music when you listen to both of them. I think it's fucked that grimes doesn't acknowledge that.

No. 855917

idk anonnymous bosch, i was a cokehead and so was my roommate and in our 30s we do not have that eye shit he has going on. that seems more like a sun damage thing.
a lot of cokeheads look bizarrely young, my theory is that it makes you drink a bit less and you never go out in the daylight so your skin gets a break

No. 855922

kek anon, i think some people are just more lucky than others. drink a bit less though? i'm an ex cokehead too and a big part of the appeal for me was being able to drink a lot more without getting tired. for timothee i'd guess it's a mix of it all.

No. 855948

File: 1626491630245.png (1.24 MB, 1086x944, Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 11.1…)

the state of American politics is just… absolutely ridiculous lol

No. 855954

I'm more concerned about the state of her feet. Black socks and white heels with an ankle strap. Autism activated

No. 855957

File: 1626491944369.jpeg (398.89 KB, 572x1007, 4BD763F9-782A-4027-B66E-ED720C…)

Political theatre and attempt to relate with the youngins as these old war criminals love to do nowadays. American politics is beyond parody, it’s an art form, such as this bitch’s tacky and ridiculous shoes.

No. 855960

File: 1626492032238.jpeg (247.29 KB, 525x413, 50F43F74-062D-4E58-B5BF-5FCD4F…)

samefag but gives me these vibes

No. 855961

This thread is probably the funniest one on lolcow, keep it up ladies.

No. 855965

the whole vibe of this makes me want to blow my brains out. the fact that they have to commercialize politics to this degree to make young people care about anything is depressing.

No. 855966

Here are some confirmed things about Kanye however, he's admitted he likes his prostate stimulated(finger in the butt) watches porn openly even in front of guests and watches specially blacked porn
I don't think he's truly gay though, more likely a porn sick GAMP(a gynandromorphophilic male, attracted to performative femininity rather then sex)

No. 855968

the shoes/socks just ruin it so badly. not cohesive at all, like who approved this?

No. 855969

File: 1626493150736.png (786.64 KB, 592x596, egfvrefgev.png)

Alanis Morissette (my girl), Grimes, Will I am & etc on a new show called "Alter Ego" to premier soon on Fox, "the world's first avatar singing competition"

No. 855971

She looks so bad. Like a bimbo on purpose. God the socks with the horrible stripper heels are so disgusting.

No. 855975

>he's admitted he likes his prostate stimulated(finger in the butt)
I thought it was Amber Rose who said Kanye likes a finger up his butt, and he denied it.

No. 855979

>ALTER EGO is an all-new original singing competition where lost dreams and second chances are reignited when singers from all walks of life become the stars they’ve always wanted to be. However, these contestants won’t perform as themselves. Rather, they’ll be given the chance to show how they’ve always wanted to be seen, creating their dream avatar ALTER EGO to reinvent themselves and perform like never before.
so a singing show for ugly/old/disfigured people?

No. 855980

now that's a new word for me

No. 855981

More like for vtubers and trannies (or both?)

No. 855983

This is kind of worrying ngl, goddamn I hate television

No. 855984

I think ugly and disfigured covers all the bases here

No. 855986

sounds like the plot of a fucking black mirror episode

No. 855991

it looks like fortnite characters kek

No. 855993

>Men with GAMP reported much higher attraction to natal women than to men, although they also reported slightly higher levels of bisexual feelings compared with controls. Men with GAMP were equally attracted to natal women and transwomen, on average. Thus, GAMP is best considered an unusual form of heterosexuality rather than a separate sexual orientation. Indeed, men with GAMP scored much higher than controls on a measure of autogynephilia, or sexual arousal by the idea or fantasy of being a woman, which is also considered a variant of heterosexual attraction.

No. 855995

File: 1626494214125.jpg (13.46 KB, 330x191, Amber-Rose-Kanye-West.jpg)

This was iconic

No. 856000

It looks so fucking cheap like a shelved superhero Barbie movie.

No. 856006

how dare you impugn the scottish deerhound in this fashion, madam. sir walter scott would spin in his grave to see his "most perfect creature of heaven" compared to a retarded plant.

No. 856008

what the fuck is grimes even going for? does she still claim hipster/alt/whatever status? she's proven herself to be a normie/establishment dullard for years now

No. 856014

So this is where Muskrat's connections have gotten her huh. A collection of nobodies and has-beens

No. 856015

No. 856017

imagine thinking young people caring about the government to this degree should be normalized. most of this is to make the older people who feel out of touch with their generation and feel more "connected" with the younger generation feel good about themselves. it only serves them.

No. 856023

This is an absolutely shitshow. Borzoi looking like a high GTA prostitute with a cucumber in her ass. These heels are so ugly and her face is fake as fuck.
Bimbo Muskrat's sockpuppet being in a show.
The oportunities that money can give you.

No. 856025

what? young people should definitely care about what their government is doing…

No. 856026

That just sounds like pornsickness. Honestly I don't know about Kanye being gay, I don't think a man liking his butt stimulated is necessarily gay or even bi, but I recognize that's not a common belief here on lolcow. Anyway I don't buy that story Ninja tells about Kanye putting on porno. That guy is a fucked up blaggard anyway, he's not like a trustworthy source. Kanye playing porno story starts around 7:10. No doubt he's a pervert and pornsick but I don't know about the gay rumors based off of the info we all have.

No. 856028

File: 1626498889694.png (4.37 MB, 2000x1333, imagen_2021-07-17_001428.png)

I just hope it's like the voice x the masked singer and no foolish shit happens (I'm wishful thinking of course)

No. 856029

there's so much wrong with this. I could list everything wrong with this but seriously I would never finish

No. 856042

I never said he was gay but Kanye is undeniably super porn sick, he openly talked about watching Porn on network television on fucking Jimmy Kimmel, at the 1:50 mark, he does this just a couple seconds after telling a cute story about his daughter

No. 856044

he also straight up said he was addicted to porn in a radio interview after that

No. 856045

this instance isn't particularly "caring about what their government is doing", it's non-critical and more of a follow the leaders type of shit. young people should definitely be skeptical of authority.

No. 856047

i wasn’t speaking to this instance in particular. i was responding to
>imagine thinking young people caring about the government to this degree should be normalized.
which as a general statement, i thought was dumb

No. 856069

Kek fucking sellout. Can't wait to hear her autistic, airheaded rambling.
>"that wath like, totally entranthing like I felt like lithening to you like… I wath having kind of a hardcore out of body exthperienth type of like phantasmal moment I dunno it wath kind of wild haha like you're so good yeah"

No. 856157

I like how no one has mentioned the dude who was married to Jessica Simpson, what a Z list celebrity. Does he even do music?

No. 856160

wasnt he in backstreet boys or nsync? He wasn't a z list at one point. Maybe now I guess but…

No. 856197

I have to agree with previous anon, the quality of the humour this thread beats all the others.

No. 856205

He won the most recent The Masked Singer. Not surprising that Fox’s shoving him into this shit too. But yeah he’s had a music career. Used to be in 98 Degrees and then went solo. Not that he isn’t still z-list

No. 856217

File: 1626524929175.jpg (948.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210704-023749_Ins…)

this is from a week or two ago but I love it so here

No. 856221

>lol has been used since 2018,
what is going on

No. 856223

how old

No. 856267

File: 1626530922521.jpeg (87.44 KB, 540x475, F4EDAA54-336E-405E-A573-75CB43…)

fuck anon. anyone else feel like she's faking her lisp? it's gotten way more noticable in recent years. maybe that's just the fillers though.

No. 856275

nah if you watch really old interviews with her from like the visions days it was even worse than it is now

No. 856279

I wish. I was playing Cyberpunk and whose familiar lisp do I hear at a certain point? Sticking like a sore thumb next to such a good voice actress. I hope she doesn't attempt voice acting ever again.

No. 856346

I hate that I know this but he was in a flop boyband called 98 degrees

No. 856347

Well god damn sign me up. Banks & Bernie 2024

No. 856380

I hate that this would literally be my dream scenario for the gubmint

No. 856387

Unironically disabled af takes. Azalea simps are inoperable

No. 856396

my favourite is how they sperg about grimes "looking like she smells bad"(tho i agree she is a retard) when azealia looks like a suburban teenager who bathes once a week and sprays herself with victoria's secret perfume the rest of the time

No. 856400

File: 1626544259608.jpeg (698.89 KB, 2093x3000, story-image.jpeg)

he is an epidemic, how can someone so ugly and bland get beautiful women to date him

No. 856409

"Great dick will produce great art in a woman but Elon's is clearly not as good as she says it is". kek

No. 856422

File: 1626546057685.jpeg (652.74 KB, 750x932, E16438CE-0354-4C69-8425-DF16F6…)

Camila Cabello was hiking in LA, I didn’t even recognize her in these photos. I thought she was pregnant (she’s not)

No. 856423

Same. It would make John secretly seethe if she ended up with “The BOY”

No. 856425

Oh wow celebrities look like actual human beings instead of perfect angels, imagine my shock

No. 856436

No. 856438

Buy some soap from Azealia, smelly-chan

No. 856439

File: 1626547483926.jpg (1.53 MB, 2000x3000, camila-cabello-shawn-mendes-1-…)

Yeah when I saw these I thought she was pregnant too, She's massive

No. 856440

fucking yikes. That massive lumpy ass and still no tits? How unfortunate

No. 856441

Hasn't this happened before where it was thought she was pregnant? The outfit is not flattering

No. 856443

Seeing these pictures and remembering how she and her stans were/are racist to Normani makes me laugh.

No. 856449

File: 1626548706624.jpg (287.43 KB, 1080x1406, IMG_20210717_210401.jpg)

No. 856464

Her acting was SO BAD in that game holy shit it was embarrassing

No. 856466

Guess Normani’s sales are slumping. This is so blatantly attention seeking it hurts.

No. 856498

they keep trying to make normani happen, but she will never happen. she’s destined to make radio music for a few years then fade away

No. 856503

File: 1626553104313.jpeg (77.42 KB, 976x549, _110005786_36c4a874-5e80-4166-…)

Cut down on the nuggets and pizza already

No. 856527

kek it really takes a lot to stick out as being bad in a game as shitty as cyberpunk

No. 856532

bitch that's a borzoi

No. 856535

File: 1626555465105.jpg (289.56 KB, 1000x1500, teen-choice-awards-press-room-…)

she went to that from this

No. 856550

Why though? legit question

No. 856568

Thought that was a picture of me and almost had a heart attack lol.

No. 856575

File: 1626559327139.png (1.82 MB, 828x1792, 4360vfsjbub71.png)

No. 856576

Dw anon, I think that whenever I see a picture of Emma Stone uwu

No. 856578

File: 1626559861908.jpg (29.2 KB, 480x721, 1622161317156.jpg)

i can't even be really mad at her, at this point i'm convinced that's she's just genuinely very below average iq

she looks like she has some kind of midget disorder, half of her legs length seems to be missing, she'd probably still look fat if she weighed 80lbs

No. 856581

>she'd probably still look fat if she weighed 80lbs
You can see that she was skinny in your pic and >>856535 though.

No. 856585

File: 1626560619114.jpg (1010.8 KB, 2670x1493, IMG_20210718_002232.jpg)

only celeb couple in which the man mogs the woman

No. 856589

Stupid, ugly, horse toothed, ratchet weaved, trash-can smelling, retarded fucking man beast looking, midget bitch. Damn bitch so stupid and got no brain, she's dangerous.
Dumb as a box of rocks.

No. 856608

That you Grimes?

No. 856609

she's an attractive girl and he's an attractive guy, I don't think it really matters
but I feel there gonna have really ugly looking kids

No. 856631

Well luckily they’re beards for one another so unless they’re playing a really long game, there wont be little Cabello-Mendes babies with midget tier limbs.

No. 856638

File: 1626564496321.jpeg (24.64 KB, 458x500, Purple-Monster-Adult-Grimace-M…)

>she's an attractive girl
Why are Americans like this? She's built like Grimace lol

No. 856641

>having wide hips and not looking good in shapeless, flowy dresses means you are grimace

No. 856647

>look at me, greentexting shit no one ever said
Sorry if you favor her, but looking like >>856422 certainly does mean you resemble Grimace. It's not a "wide hips" problem at all, she is simply built in a very unfortunate way.

No. 856657

I think it's shitty when pics are taken of people exercising candidly. Yeah, imagine being winded, sweaty, and tired might make you look kinda dumpy. But at least she's out there trying to do something about it? I get secondhand discouragement from shit like this.

No. 856659

Maybe she's bloated? I mean it happens.

No. 856663

at least her fat ass is real and not implants. she still looks better than the ps horrors other pop stars have become

No. 856665

i want some nuggets and pizza

No. 856666

FUCK i'm an idiot

No. 856668

she's really dispelling the stereotype that models are smarter than actresses

No. 856669

those are notttt "shapeless". if doja cat wore those same outfits you'd be sperging about her amazing body

No. 856670

I think her face and chins look like shit too.

No. 856677

idiocracy vibes

No. 856678

>attracted to performative femininity not sex
Pretty sure that's all scrotes tho

No. 856689

Normani stans are batshit crazy

No. 856697

bloated in her thighs and butt?

No. 856700

File: 1626571694336.jpeg (365.86 KB, 750x1106, DFAE33F8-EF5F-4114-B180-0CA3FF…)

looks like Bella Thorne might be pregnant, she hasn’t confirmed anything and tbf it does just look like bloat, the hand placement is a little sus though

No. 856702

File: 1626571743842.jpeg (503.46 KB, 750x1092, DAE18C72-9D3C-408D-828F-BB306A…)

she’s engaged to some italian singer

No. 856706

shes fucking a manlet, her kids are going to be ugly,ill shaped, and short god bless

No. 856719

And dyslexic yet bilingual, the hell zone

No. 856723

File: 1626574469559.jpg (37.48 KB, 448x462, 5886f20796a6ca83a35ecbdfb432b5…)

>Well luckily they’re beards for one another so unless they’re playing a really long game
really still, I bet if they have a baby you'll claim that it's a fake PR move just like with your precious Larry ship

No. 856749

I'm not sure why you would endorse that definition when it describes a male being attracted to females and a certain type of males as 'an unusual form of heterosexuality'. That's literally bisexuality. Putting makeup and a wig on a make and giving him breast implants doesn't make him female.

No. 856761

why is her arm like that?? lost all muscle tone from quarantine?

No. 856762

a gynandromorphophilic male is only attracted to dudes when there crossdressing of wearing even slightly feminine clothing

No. 856781

File: 1626583536833.jpg (2.05 MB, 3177x2298, IMG_20210718_064418.jpg)


No. 856790

>ITT: nonnies who've never seen a pear shaped body before

No. 856797

File: 1626587714886.png (1.21 MB, 784x1260, yikes.png)

nonnies take a good hard look at this unfortunate soul and tell me again that her relationship with Shawn Mendes is non-contractual

No. 856798

File: 1626588140495.jpg (16.4 KB, 250x250, bc952c0939fb0ae828e2efd07d6fa1…)

Jesus Christ, Literally every human being has pics of themselves
is the argument now that she's "supposedly" too ugly, she's just very average looking

No. 856800

I mean she used to have a pear shaped body but now it's just an amorphous blob

No. 856801

i don't think she's the most stunning person in the world but tbf you're choosing a pic where she's in the middle of exercising. no one is really going to look great in that context compared to a posed image.

No. 856803

She got chubby by celeb standards, it's not some mystery and I can't believe it warrants this much discussion.

If she wasn't a shitty person I'd feel bad for her though, I think I'd have an aneurism if I was dating a guy who looks like Shawn Mendez and gained even a lb. He is ridiculously good looking.

No. 856804

Good thing they're not dating, then.

No. 856807

if they get married and have a baby, then what ? are you gonna still cling this to delusion, or are you gonna say the baby was a doll or something

No. 856809

>she gained weight so what, this is what pears look like, she just looks like a normal woman, blah blah
on behalf of lana del rey i'm feeling sulky reading this, where were you when her body was laughed about for entire threads?

No. 856813

I don't think Camila has ever larped about being a smol thin male worshipping sugar baby waifu like Lana has

No. 856815

But she's a racist.

No. 856816

I thought the lana sperging was retarded too though

No. 856820

i feel like there's some anons who desperately need shawn mendes to be hetero, but why tho?
you don't need to be a conspiracy tard to have fun talking about which rich moid might be secretly a fag, don't be so uptight laugh with us

No. 856825

>certain anons are attracted to him and dislike the gay jokes
>certain anons are/were straight masculine who have had their sexuality questioned and so sympathize with him

and the fact that he's been receiving these very graphic sexual comments and "jokes" since he was a 16 years old just sours of even people who might be into this

No. 856827

>i feel like there's some anons who desperately need shawn mendes to be hetero
this can easily be said about anons who desperately need every celebrity to be gay too

No. 856833

So is Lana lmfao let's be real now

No. 856835

File: 1626592076250.jpg (126.09 KB, 580x724, bt.jpg)

Something about Bella Thorne gives me the impression that she barely showers. She looks like she smells like B.O., hair grease and dollar store makeup.

No. 856838

>and the fact that he's been receiving these very graphic sexual comments and "jokes" since he was a 16 years old just sours of even people who might be into this
the very same thing + shaming the way they look can be said about every single female celeb, yet that never stopped anybody either. yourw on lolcow bitch, stop being so selectively protective of only males

No. 856840

he seems to be fine with the gay jokes now

No. 856857

There's no need for comparisons, I can care for girls and young women while also just acknowledging that Shawn has a creepy pedo males as well as some faghags who want him to he gay just because of brain rot

No. 856864

Eh for what it's worth characters and other voice acting in cyberpunk is pretty good. Btw rumor has it that they wanted Lady Gaga to play that role, Grimes wasn't even considered until Gaga rejected the role due to some transphobia accusations

No. 856933

I've definitely seen this body type before. It was on Lena Dunham in the first season of Girls.

No. 856935

only sjws think she is racist

No. 856988

nayrt but why does this person sperg any time anyone itt mentions bearding or pr relationships? just because some teenage girls are fujos doesn't mean bearding doesn't exist nonnie

No. 857005

That my friends is a French man's body. The beauty standards thread mentioned this devastating phenomenon kek.

No. 857008

File: 1626614508768.jpeg (185.59 KB, 1200x675, 4380F35E-30BE-4728-976A-5D5EEB…)

eurofags, what’s your opinion about Måneskin?

No. 857013

dont have much of an opinion on them but i hate how many mentally ill non binary teenagers are stanning them for their gay performances and ~gender envy~ . i see it all the time on twitter and it pisses me off

No. 857042

File: 1626616780130.jpg (108.85 KB, 642x361, 70233_0_wide_ver1516257395.jpg)

ot and I don't really care about her but every time I see this pic it reminds me of Corpse Grinder lmao. picrel

No. 857043

cause 99% of it is mostly bullshit and only retarded brain rotten Fujoshi's are into this type of shit and there's literally never any proof other then "x seems gay"

No. 857045

i like them but they look like they haven't showered in 3 weeks… i wish they'd bring hygiene back as well as rock and roll

No. 857054

Don't insult pear-shaped bodies like this.

No. 857067

the girl is hot but the rest of them look like 40 year old crackheads

No. 857073

It really isn't shitty at all though. The hate bandwagon is so weird

Not just an impression, I'm pretty sure she said that herself. Apparently she doesn't brush her teeth.

I found their Eurovision reaction really sweet, not into their music though. They're so young too, hope all this sudden success doesn't drive them insane

No. 857079


I just wonder what the main guy was snorting off the table in that clip ketamine or coke? most likely coke if he's in the music business lmao


I feel like she'd also reek of weed

No. 857091

I liked them on Eurovision but they seem a bit too tryhard and faux with their glamrock outfits, kissing each other on stage and edgy music videos. It's like they really want to convince everyone they're truly so crazy and so different (like the zitti e buoni lyrics say), it feels artificial to me. The drummer is hot af though.

No. 857092

Enjoyable band, half good half cringe.

No. 857093

He didn't do any drugs, he was officially tested clean. I don't buy they don't do drugs at all though like they said in their official statement, unless they're tue type who don't count smoking weed as doing drugs.

No. 857104

there's no way the lead singer is only 20

yeah they're total posers, nothing more rock n roll than going to the x-factor and eurovision lol

No. 857112

I enjoy their songs and Eurovision show but i was wondering about how honest it all is. Perhaps too early to judge. They seem likeable but if it turns out they're another well crafted fake band from rich upbringing, i'll probably be looking on them a little differently. They're huge in Europe no wonder, idk about America

No. 857115

Exactly, going to x factor and eurovision implies they're really fame hungry

No. 857116

File: 1626623209754.jpg (346.88 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-473095796-1024x102…)

i find it interesting how when Camilla was skinny and in fifth harmony everyone shilled her as being super attractive and hated on the other members for not being as skinny as her.

But now that she has gained weight everyone is acting like she is the ugliest person

she has a petite apple shaped body that packs on the most fat in the stomach area.

No. 857121

File: 1626623442592.jpg (114.16 KB, 683x853, 8a93e86db25ebec9161d8466e32b89…)

They've rebranded and disbanded multiple times.
They've changed their music genre multiple times to see what will stick.

(pic related is when they made indie hipster music

No. 857134

cringey, shit, poseurs.

No. 857137

File: 1626624779935.jpeg (85.19 KB, 764x1200, camillacabellotumblr.jpeg)

Her personality simply caught up with her looks. All is right with the world.

No. 857146

>well crafted fake band from rich upbringing
From what I've read, that definitely seems to be the case.

No. 857148

File: 1626625189537.jpg (44.39 KB, 769x447, mcms.jpg)

Her body looks balanced in your pic, imo. Is that a pear? I thought pears had hips much wider than shoulders and fat predominately on bottom half. Regardless, she's a chubby apple these days. Shame how much weight she's piled on. Keeps wearing high waisted bottoms to give the illusion of a waist.

No. 857150

KEK anon, you've read my mind. Thought the very same thing lmao.

No. 857153

File: 1626625488804.jpg (184.11 KB, 622x932, 29d8d13b-e0a8-490a-be78-e53f56…)

do you know who else is pear shaped? Maneskin's lead singer kek.

No. 857154

Damn that is one unattractive photo. What's the crap on his legs and (ugly) boxers?

No. 857155

I think it's shaving cream.

No. 857157

I don’t want to be a dick but I think this is just genes at work, she hit the wall at 23 and has morphed into a Hispanic mom of 4 overnight, it’s all downhill from here.I hate to repeat redpill scrotespeak but she is the boogieman worst case scenario of a someone peaking between 17-22

No. 857159

samefag and boxers are rolled up because of the cream, sorry forgot to type that lol.

No. 857164

Holy fucking kek. Late reply but I cried at how funny your description was, anon

No. 857167

Regardless of ones genes, food and lack of exercise is what makes one fat. She can right it. I personally dislike unbalanced bodies like hers, flat chest with big ass, being fat just makes it worse lol. Even if you like her body type, she has such an awkward, conventionally unattractive face imo, her popularity is puzzling, like the poster girl for the overshilled lol.

No. 857181

It's easier to maintain your weight when you're younger. The older you get, the more exercise you have to do. So anon >>857157 is right, it's her genes at work. She probably didn't behave differently, ate the same stuff and a little bit of jogging. It's not enough now to maintain her old skinny teenage body. She's a woman now with low metabolism.

No. 857185

>big dick
Um yes please

No. 857187

oh wow, that’s an….interesting body shape kek. is he ftm?? just kidding. but his face is sexy, he looks grimy though

No. 857206

File: 1626629564268.jpg (39.17 KB, 800x445, The-radical-change-of-the-sing…)

anon its quarantine and she gained weight, its not that deep.

Now someone who actually has hit the wall i would say is >>857153 dude looks 38 but he just turned 21

No. 857208

I thought they were always a rock band. I've seen screenshots of messages of them floating around where they posted in some sort of facebook group for muscisians in Rome looking to create or join a rockband.

No. 857211

File: 1626629851972.jpg (37.11 KB, 540x304, f5290c6d2dd5839e037bde98f07792…)

Am i the only one who feels like Damiano (maneskin) is cheating on his fiancée with that one female group member.

Theyre way too flirty with each other, there is no way they aren't doing something secretly.

No. 857212

rock also has different sub-genres, they've changed what type of rock music they did.

No. 857213

>hit the wall
he's very attractive, clearly. kind of embarrassing to claim a hot guy has hit the wall just because he looks older… you're taking the stereotype of "woman look old = bad", flipping it on its head, and applying it where it doesn't even work.

No. 857217

He should quit smoking

No. 857219

Well the entire band acts like they regularly have bisexual orgies together.

No. 857220

File: 1626630394699.jpg (139.38 KB, 1200x1800, alicia-vikander-in-a-bikini-ou…)

Alicia Vikander has one of the worst bodies I've ever seen, something I discovered when researching whether her marriage to Fassbender is indeed for PR purposes. I can believe fake het and homo relationships, but fake marriages for heterosexuals? I don't know. (Repost for bigger pic)

No. 857221

> Meanwhile the only bisexual/homo in this band is a woman

No. 857222

Older looking men are unattractive though.

No. 857224

He is prematurely aging anon, if someone looks haggard at that age that means they are going to look brutally bad when they are actually old.
What don't like it when we critique mens appearance too?

No. 857225

imo people who have mature features like that will age very well as opposed to babyfaced people. i think he's hot

No. 857227

who the fuck is this and can you sage

No. 857229

this isnt a mature face.
This is the face of alchohol/cigs/drugs considering he looked fresh and healthy a year ago and now he looks gaunt.

No. 857230

Yeah youthful + 'mature' as in testosterone is attractive, not babyfaced or prematurely aged or an actual geriatric. I hate how "masculine" men in the media are simply craggy.

No. 857231

Because the person who wrote that post is male

No. 857232

She's a big star nonnie.

No. 857233

he’s hot but jesus he looks at least 15 years older than he really is. hard to believe he’s only 22

No. 857235

She looks like she'd be really good at swimming. What a queen.

No. 857236

File: 1626630941831.jpg (33.92 KB, 474x712, .jpg)

i honestly think it's just the stylinh. have you looked at people in their 20s up close? they look the same and even worse.
and millie bobbie brown was called haggard in the previous threads too, just because of her mature features and styling

No. 857239


No. 857241

i never saw anyone call her haggard lmao.
People said the styling makes her older thats the difference.

Meanwhile that dude looks older because parts of his face are gaunt and have wrinkles.

No. 857242

too many young women wearing heavy make-up styles traditionally used by old women to look younger, it's horrendous.

No. 857248

>pee spot on underwear
he looks like as if he smells

No. 857249

File: 1626631517464.png (138.26 KB, 889x333, Untitled.png)

she was called haggard, accused of doing drugs and looking like a 35 year old in some older threads, basically the same thing as with damiano

No. 857250

File: 1626631582400.png (201.65 KB, 497x480, ice_screenshot_20210718-200553…)

No. 857251

lmao at all the butthurt nonnitas in the replies, he does look haggard and he will never fuck you, get over yourselves

No. 857253

Anon she was mentioned in another thread (with no mention of looking old or her actual age), I had no idea who she was so had to look her wiki up, I was flabbergasted to discover she's seventeen. I honestly thought she was late 30s. She really does look old lol.

No. 857271

still would

No. 857275

Holy shit she looks absolutely horrendous in these candids. I wouldn't shame a normal woman for looking like this but Jesus, being hot is like half the job for a pop star, esp one who doesn't even have much musical talent.

No. 857279

she does have a boyish body, but the only reason she looked so ripped in this pic is from doing the tomb raider movie iirc

No. 857284

looks like he's doing his best johnny depp cosplay

No. 857287

I dont think there is anything wrong with her body. She is a normal size and looks healthy. Women have many different body sizes. She is beautiful outside of the coomer ideal. That bikini however is awful kek

No. 857291

knowing italy and the scene he's from, he definitely started smoking at 14-15. rip

No. 857297

She has a beautiful face but her body is unappealing imo.

No. 857309

what transphobia lmao

No. 857310


>doing the tomb raider movie

Who the duck thought it was a good idea to cast her as Lara Croft. Someone farts and she's going to fly away. Action heroes are supposed to be fit like that Wonder Woman actress.

No. 857315

Quar was a year ago anon

No. 857318

Fucking lol

No. 857319

File: 1626635179186.jpg (436.59 KB, 1827x1234, 83d303_07b947f4e89d49e281c4723…)

why so many spaces?
she's as built than angelina was, just doesn't have the boobs and hips.

No. 857322

File: 1626635260406.jpeg (61.76 KB, 601x601, FBDDF705-CF3A-4E52-A366-17B671…)

Lmao anon I was thinking he looks like James spader did when he was in his mid-late 30s

No. 857330

File: 1626635540256.jpeg (847.51 KB, 828x1541, 398EFC8D-1D87-484D-92A6-59154D…)

Those pics are pretty unflattering. She’s definitely gotten thicker but I really don’t think she looks that bad.

No. 857336

the back rolls tell a different story

No. 857342

This thread is just insulting women's bodies and speculating which random celeb is gay
is there any real Milk or Drama

No. 857344

you can feel free to contribute

No. 857349

was lara croft ever fit to begin with? I thought she was just thin with big tits

No. 857350

No. 857352

Why do you care if some random woman has gained a bit of weight?
I agree, there is no milk.

No. 857354

File: 1626636224426.jpeg (523.4 KB, 828x744, 0B2D13ED-C449-46D1-AFE9-F9ECBC…)

She would look totally average if she had tits/if her limbs were longer. She was given an unfortunate lot in life. All things considered I don’t think she looks that bad.
I agree with >>857342, this thread has sucked so far. Jamie Lynn Spears seems like an interesting semi-celebricow. Here’s an offering to the thread.

No. 857358

In the most recent movie she was a kickboxer or some shit like that and there was a big emphasis on Lara being athletic/fit

No. 857363

File: 1626636487093.jpg (151.44 KB, 576x680, E6iOUpFWUAADrwT.jpg)

your pic leaves out a bit, anon.
People think that it's fake.

No. 857365

i wonder how will the court go since he is going against a big company, i wonder if he will be forced to pay a huge sum of money.

No. 857367

it's not the end of the world to have less than a 10" difference between your hips and waist. she's fit and healthy, just not naturally curvy. lots of runners or relayers or swimmers aren't curvy and that doesn't make them "the worst bodies"

No. 857368

File: 1626636529691.png (589.55 KB, 1089x617, Screenshot (151).png)

can we talk about Jameela Jamil, she's cringy and an endless source of good cringe

No. 857372

i think she has an ED. possibly from her shitty stage parents treating her like shit. her face goes between puffy and gaunt ever since stranger things finished and she has that adult skeleton+baby boobs that anas who start young get

No. 857373

you posted this twice

No. 857382

File: 1626637425625.jpg (304.12 KB, 812x1456, Screenshot_2021-07-18_203401.j…)


Bizarre and sort of believable (?) post on radfem-gossip, which usually only hosts infighting. Couldn't post the whole thing but it's about the anon's ex-friend on radfem tumblr.
What are the chances of this being true (and who do we think the actress is? Bonus points, who is the blogger supposed to be?)

No. 857385

LSA has had some excellent threads on her, documenting her lies. Her and her mother are genuinely batshit.

No. 857387

Ah ok that makes sense. Anas do age badly/weirdly. Poor Millie.

No. 857391

I'd post this to L-chat too, they'll have a better idea, sounds as if they already suspect something's up.

No. 857395

I bet you’re a fat american.

No. 857397

based, my friend.i'm so sick of americans kek

No. 857402

i agree nonnies i smell a burger

No. 857408

It's always some American swine putting on their best anachan voice to call extremely fit healthy looking women unattractive. Sure, shes got a boyish body, but not every woman in the entertainment industry is going to have a perfect petite hourglass figure

No. 857411

would be kind of funny if that anon turns out not to be an amerifag though kek

No. 857412

You anons are seriously weird. I am skinny and European. We simply have different views on what makes an attractive body, clearly, please calm down. I posted Camila calling her fat and badly built too btw, I'm just bitchy lol.
If >>857382 post is true that's some evidence fake marriages are possible, but at the same time it's a gay woman, so doesn't quite answer my question. LSA had me convinced, now not so sure, why do so many nonnies doubt it?

No. 857417

i think anons are assuming because americans are fat

No. 857422

ya but not liking muscle bodies =/= fat american (as apparently evidenced)

No. 857425

Not the OP, but you don't have to be some fat American to not like that particular body type.
There are tons of thin women who have defined waists, it's not one or the other.

No. 857430

don't take it too seriously anon, it's just a thing to call burger anons fat

No. 857444

Oh my god shut up, she’s built like a root vegetable and it isn’t beautiful at all. People don’t have to be beautiful to be worthy individuals. Plus I’m pretty sure nobody fucking knows who she is lol

No. 857449

Tbh I just see a really young girl covered in heavy makeup. It's really not that hard to tell when a kid is wearing a full face of makeup vs an adult in a full face of makeup. She is not haggard, a lot of anons are just delusional.

No. 857451

I'm the anon and as I said above, I'm European, Welsh actually. As a nation we're almost as fat as Americans, although I'm personally not. Who cares? Please stop projecting your weird insecurities and absurd hatred for burgers on me, I'm just bitchy lol. I'll drop it after this post, but the sheer number of hateful replies, especially the >>857408 'American swine' comment is so ridiculous I had to acknowledge it. That my silly post had you so rattled that you lashed out like that is truly pathetic.

I'm surprised no one knows who she is, she's definitely well known in the UK.

No. 857462

I'm European too and I think Camilla looks fat and disgusting but the other superfit lady looks like shit too. Its not that difficult

No. 857475

The body sperging blocked my view of all this. Any guesses on who it is? I reeaaally want to know who it could be.

No. 857489

Based Welsh anon

No. 857495

No idea who it could be but the actress must be on a tv show with a tranny starring in it if her career could be ruined for having a radfem gf.

No. 857496

I'm not sure who the actress is myself but I definitely remember a clique of pink pastel Tumblr radfems a few years back, and most were from Germany or the UK (so fits the 'relocation to Hollywood' narrative).

There's something in the anon about how having a terf girlfriend would conflict with a show the actress was on, so is that a clue? Any tv shows with pro trans messaging/notable trans cast where an actress fits that description?

No. 857500

Didn't see this before posting sorry!
Some I can think of: Transparent, Euphoria, OITNB, Pose?

No. 857504

Euphoria is young actresses so not that. Maybe OITNB but it's finished now. Realistically it could be anything with an LGBT storyline.

No. 857505

Also the gossip girl reboot.

No. 857515

Anon also said the actress was currently a Youtuber (implication = not currently working in film/TV?)

So it sounds like the show in question might have finished already or be on a break, or that her character is not a regular

No. 857516

you wish she were

No. 857518

Kate Mara? Sister of Rooney Mara. She’s on Pose and she’s 38, best known recently for Pose and House of Cards but she doesn’t have a YouTube channel afaik. The only TV actresses I can think of with YouTube channels don’t really fit the bill in other ways, or vice versa (Brie Larson, Natasha Lynnone, etc).
Angela Kinsey’s 50 and kinda fits too but she’s not even B list and her channel is just her and her husband baking.

No. 857528

my guess is laura prepon then. married, has an active youtube channel and hasn’t done anything since OITNB in 2019 as far as i can tell

No. 857530

Isn't she a scientologist, would that bar her from an rship with another woman

No. 857536

possibly but as long as she’s pumping money into the organization and putting on appearances that she’s straight (which with the husband and kids that checks out i guess) they might turn a blind eye. no idea and just the only actress that came to mind with the criteria. probably off but kinda fit to me. i dunno!

No. 857541

also being a scientologist would be one huge reason to be closeted but yeah i guess it would depend how seriously she actually takes the politics of it

No. 857550


I wouldn't think so she's been in way more big shows than just 2 and she's been on a lot of celeb based shows since unless that person was specifically talking about acting gigs

No. 857554

“starred in two big shows” just immediately brought that 70s show and oitnb to mind. plus she was with that rapist for years, wouldn’t be surprised if he pushed her toward lesbianism just from being a disgusting scrote.
i have nothing to defend though this is pure tinfoil lol.

No. 857555

Laura Prepon makes sense to me, although calling her A-/B+ list is extremely generous. She and Tom Cruise used to "date" so her being closeted also makes sense. I know she's been in other stuff, but can't name anything other than OITNB and That 70s Show. Age would fit too

No. 857558

i meant the brother of the rapist, my bad

No. 857568

File: 1626655658472.jpg (41.01 KB, 750x423, damiano-david-giorgia-soleri1-…)

he's hot and his gf is cute, but yes, the band is cringe. they come off like a caricature of "rock and roll" and their music is uninspired, typical top 40 stuff. but they're young so hopefully they will get this all out of their system. the music video for their new song is so bad too

No. 857584


>and considering the show the actress is most famous for, a GC girlfriend might be the final nail in the coffin for her career.

the only shows I can think of where having a radfem ex gf would make this actress look bad are Pose, OITNB, Sense 8 and The L word original or reboot they all have trans characters or storylines , though this is so little info to go on the only thing that really sticks out is that they have a youtube channel the only person other than Laura Prepon I think fit it to a T is Jenna Dewan, married had a baby last year, straight(afaik), in her 40s, has a youtube channel, she was in american horror story and supergirl also they added a trans superhero character after she left but I wouldn't consider her A list

No. 857587

Yes, like a parody band kek. She is cute. I thought she was hapa initially but she's too curvy to have an Asian mother and her surname is Italian, so…? I can't find much info on her.

No. 857645

File: 1626667736109.jpg (341.73 KB, 1080x1134, IMG_20210719_060815.jpg)

No. 857660

File: 1626669936812.jpg (126.57 KB, 700x700, adele-and-lebron-james-agent-r…)

This guy, seriously

No. 857679

here they come

No. 857717

He’s sexy. They’re both sexy.

No. 857720

Definitely an upgrade from her ex husband

No. 857724

Good for her.

No. 857728

just google "cyberpunk transphobia" and you'll see. resetera wouldnt shut up about it for years and of course it's completely baseless

No. 857748

>Alice Vikander has one of the worst bodies
Pray for straight women.
Finally dating a guy in her league. Hope her sadsack is seething.

No. 857752

File: 1626690872208.jpeg (53.76 KB, 618x410, C6612850-043C-4CE2-9AC5-8D1AF0…)

Damn they look very good together unlike her grimy ex. Finally has someone that matches looks and finances wise. I hope he treats her well.

No. 857754

she was once in a relationship with mark ronson, but he wouldn't go public as he was embarrassed cos she was fat, even tho he privately liked it. she ended up dumping him out of disgust.

No. 857759

Jfc scrotes are disgusting. Adele has a great personality, is blessed with natural talent, and was still a bombshell even at her heaviest weight. Ronson is lucky she even gave him the time of day outside of business given that he still looks like every wannabe rockabilly weirdo from 2006.

No. 857765

File: 1626691948687.jpeg (301.08 KB, 1536x1536, BC3F54A0-762C-44E7-912F-70639E…)

Actually anon, she is a perfect body type for Lara Croft. Lara isn’t an Amazonian princess or superhero. The core developer actually said he wanted to:
> counter stereotypical female characters, which he has characterised as "bimbos" or "dominatrix" types.
She has the flat stomach/abs that the character design has.
Fun fact: I live not that far the area where Lara Croft was created, like where the core developers worked, there is even a street name now called Lara Croft Way.

No. 857766

Why are people getting mad at Americans being called fat? You are literally referred to as burgeranons on here. It is just a (statistically true) stereotype that Americans are fat. I bet you also call brits ugly in the next breath, despite the majority of American zoomers stanning and drooling over our countries actors.

No. 857777

File: 1626694103380.jpeg (107.53 KB, 962x648, D873EEEE-CB93-4034-9715-B116DB…)

Most of the world is fat, including Brits who have the highest obesity rates throughout Europe. Fattest person itt currently is a Brit lol

No. 857779

nta but kek at red america

No. 857780

>Lara Croft Way
nta, but is that in Montreal? Where is it exactly?

No. 857782

Nope! Midlands, UK. Lara is British!

No. 857785

Oh I'm stupid, I thought you meant where Square Enix created the new Lara Croft, which would have been Montreal

No. 857791

File: 1626695131948.jpg (265.81 KB, 500x334, hiking-in-norway.jpg)

How are Norwegians fatter than Swedish people, they're always walking up mountains just for fun?

No. 857793

I find it funny a lot of her acting friends from a few years give her a wide berth now. There used to be posted pics with other actors she wasn't doing shows with but now I don't see them much anymore.

She's a giant fake. This whole 'sickness' munchies saga and her ED weight shit is stupid and so transparent. She's always been a moderately attractive thin mixed light skinned woman who has faced zero issues in life and got into acting despite being pretty fucking bad at it. The fact she thinks she advocates for some lesser class is just retarded virtue signalling. She's not sick. She's never been sick. She's just a C list actor taking a nose dive.

No. 857794

Hmm, maybe it's because they keep coming to the border to stock up on massive amouts of cheap Swedish candy. They're eating all the sweets for us.

No. 857809

I think it's more the assumption that you have to be fat and American to think Alicia Vikander's body is unattractive. That seems a lot like a cope, not gonna lie.

No. 857816

We are fat unfortunately, but stats are for the UK, meaning four whole countries are lumped together: England, Scotland, Wales and NI, something frequently misunderstood or ignored. Likewise sex. Men are fatter. The fattest people in the UK are Scottish men and they bump up the stats considerably, in case anyone was wondering. That's the only bit that annoys me, whenever the UK is clowned they attack women. But the same happens with the US and other places, it's just misogyny at play. I hope the West manages to sort out our obesity problem, it's really sad.

No. 857819

samefag. Likewise most fat people are middle-aged or over. It's not difficult to find young skinny people in any UK country, so it's a little overplayed imo.

No. 857821

my country is shown as yellow there but the only fat people i've ever seen in person were fat middle aged men. they always look pregnant.

No. 857823

I am worried when she eventually has a kid, woke moms are awful and use their own kids as a means for their own narcissistic means, I remember a couple years ago there was an Indian woman in the UK(had a white male partner, cause of course she did) who was some lib Guardian writer who was the typical Desi diaspora SJW but when she had a kid, she started writing articles about how her mixed child was the future and he represented hope and freedom, but she made it all about herself

No. 857824

File: 1626698426695.png (176.8 KB, 598x407, bongo.png)

Shame these threads aren't in snow anymore, lots of racesperging and bodysperging

Anyway Katie Hopkins known Brittish retard was on the apprentice years ago (who publicly was caught cheating by shagging in a field) flew to Australia for the new series of i'm a celeb immediately flouted the Australian lockdown laws and is now being deported

I don't know what they were thinking inviting a known shitbag like her this is a woman who's only claim to fame is the pictures of her cheating on her husband and her constant need to verbaly shit everywhere, she's also been sued multiple time and lost for libel

No. 857825

Yes another thing is the actual BMI. IME most overweight in the UK are on the cusp and look much smaller than the fat people in US, for example. Then there's ethnicity at play, etc. There's a lot to consider and studies to hunt through if you want to find out the proportion of 'x' demographic. Most Western countries have multiple ethnic groups (many fatter) and lots of elderly too.

No. 857826

ugh don't!!!!! every single brit hates her, i wish they would deport her to a lone desert island

No. 857828

File: 1626698754388.jpg (444 KB, 1320x1142, jamil.jpg)

God she is one of my favorites to hate

No. 857829

samefag. Likewise in much of the US it looked as if many young, healthy weight people were right at the far end of the BMI scale, close to becoming overweight, very few truly skinny people (18.5-21 BMI) especially past mid-20s, but this is not at all uncommmon in the UK, in fact something like 6% of young people here are underweight.

No. 857841

Take your cope bodysperging elsewhere jfc

No. 857844

Calm down, the conversation started because an anon commented on Alicia Vikander's body. So seethe.

No. 857846

One anon samefagging over and over about their countries weight problem isn’t a conversation, let alone one that belongs itt

No. 857847

I don't know why but the dead sea lion claim is especially funny to me

No. 857848

kek at her having multiple bee attacks

No. 857852

didn't she describe herself as a "sexual mattress" or something and said something about how all her previous partners allegedly described her as the "best" they've ever had

No. 857856

You missed the best part, her visa was revoked because she posted on social media that she likes or liked to wait for a hotel employee to approach her door before leaping out entirely naked without a mask when she was told the procedure was to wait at least 30seconds after someone's dropped her meal to open the door and retrieve it. In the current climate it just beggars belief you'd put that on social media even as a joke. I guess she'll get a story out of it but loses her tv spot and potential payout so lol, whatever. mostly mad I was made to think about the idiot again

No. 857858

>adult skeleton+baby boobs
What do you mean? There are women who have small breasts which is perfectly fine. This is an imageboard, so go ahead and show a pic if you mean something else

No. 857859

what kind of arrested development shit is this? Imagine being a grown woman and thinking that's hilarious. This lady has some type of retardation, personality disorder or humiliation fetish.

No. 857866

File: 1626703344178.png (42.05 KB, 791x337, LilnasX.png)

Today is the day of the LilNasX nike court hearing, I personally think the whole thing is kinda dumb but it's funny seeing how many of his zoomer fans don't understand the difference between some random selling custom shoes on Etsy and A public figure trying to sell them as part of his brand

No. 857886

Idk I feel like the U.K has a lot of fatties. Definitely not as bad as the U.S. Mexico and Saudi Arabia are also notorious for having high obesity rates. Sage for being irrelevant.

No. 857887

there is nothing wrong with her body? she is toned and in shape. I bet you also complain about women getting bbls to try to achieve an hourglass shape too huh? I hate people like you why cant women be celebrated for all body types we come in. NOt everyone is an hourglass or pear and that is okay. fuck off.

No. 857894

is there really so little celebrity milk
90% of this entire thread is "x celeb is gay" "x celeb is fat" and now "comparing obesity rates"
who the fuck cares, this isn't milk

No. 857896

i personally hate camilla and even i can say that she looks fine. Who cares if she put on weight. she always had a really big ass even when she was petite. She probably jsut put on quarantine weight like the rest of us. But like other anons said at least she is working out. She has a nice figure when she is fit.

No. 857899

i love adele i hope she is happy. she seems like a sweetheart and is funny as hell.

No. 857900

i was gonna say that she looks just like lara croft to me her body is cute its toned and normal. I'm glad they went the reboot root and decided not to sexualize the character

No. 857906

File: 1626707296177.png (120.77 KB, 425x544, Capture.PNG)

noo i was hoping he'd just get fined. I get why he is getting in trouble but damn thats unfortunate i like lil nas hes cute

in other news someone tweeted at jk rowling that they hope a pipebomb gets mailed to her. kinda messed up.

No. 857911

I can't wrap my head around how it's possible that no one on his team stopped him from doing this. It's tanacon levels of naive retardation except he's an a list celebrity who most definitely should have known better

No. 857915

I’m out of the loop, what happened?

No. 857920

he was joking about going to jail, dummy. it's a civil lawsuit, not a criminal case. the worst that could happen to him is having to pay a lot of money. and nobody cares about what random lunatics tweet at celebrities, this thread is about what celebrities themselves do or say.

No. 857933

What a shit thread.

No. 857934

Ugh as if he's the only gay guy on twitter. He could fall off the face of the earth and no one would notice. I bet a few years from now he'll end up in some of those "where are they now?" kind of videos.

No. 857941

He put a Nike logo on some satan inspired shoes in his vidoe, now they're suing him.

No. 857949


He was trying to sell them though and from what I can find he did profit he was selling them for $1,018 a pair


No. 857950

I've said this before already but gay men are the single most unfunniest group of people in the world, there are funny males, there are funny women, but gay men are so fucking unfunny and cringy I want to literally bash my head against the wall, listening to gay male "comedian's" should be considered a form of torture

No. 857958

File: 1626711949290.jpg (245.4 KB, 1080x1334, E6rAxd6VEAMKdDQ.jpg)

She got her kid. Twitter calls it now Halsey's "milf era" ew.

No. 857966

The fact that she obviously did that to her hair just so she could racebait and try to enforce the one drop rule again, kek.

No. 857975

isn't halseys hair naturally kinky?

No. 857979


Honestly cute!! He's hot and she has to be feeling herself since she lost weight. This is a massive upgrade.

No. 857980

File: 1626713377055.jpeg (244.84 KB, 750x852, 33E02E38-591E-46DE-A2E5-6C8688…)

Halsey is clearly biracial.

No. 857981

True, his popularity is literally just from him being gay, extra points because he is black too. gay and black and she/he/they zoomers go crazy. I bet he would have been a one-hit-wonder with that old town road song if he hadn't come out

No. 857982

Not this again. It was literally posted in the last thread, she is 1/4th black. "Biracial" the same way Obama's daughters are. Give it a rest.

No. 857988

i love this!! i'm going to start saying this because there is no way in hell malia and sasha can claim their white ancestry lmao. Halsey is white with some black and thats fine. I like her first album and just wish she wasnt so cringey.

No. 857992

haha green zone represent! take THAT, fat farmers. too bad china's going to nuke this whole island tho

No. 857993

i think their booze is slightly cheaper

No. 857995


No. 857996

what forum is that? sounds fun

No. 857999

where are you from anon? i guess being skinny doesn't matter then if you are going to be nuked

No. 858000

i don't think the point is that he's gay, i think he was talking about how the ubiquitous disgusting prison rape jokes that burgers love to make would be dialed up to 11&even more horrifying if a gay man was the one they were joking about

No. 858003

kek fuck no. she's got like, curly scottish girl hair basically. not even corkscrews

No. 858005

hong kong. i was joking about the nuke. they'll probably just replace all elected officials with mindless beijing agents FUCK WHY WON'T ANYONE HELP US

No. 858024

File: 1626715756975.jpeg (86.55 KB, 750x751, BF46F4E1-A0F8-4A37-B55F-EB4947…)

yeah i didn't exactly remember what type of curl it was. you would still be really hard pressed to find a fully white person with hair this curly though

No. 858033

"milf era"? ew, what a bunch of weirdos

No. 858034

i really want a britney thread. i know it's wishful thinking but the drama around her conservatorship is A. extremely fucked up and B. extremely milky, especially because jamie lynn can't shut tf up with her cringy attempts to save face. she's releasing a literal autobiography in the middle of this mess and the title is a line from baby one more time. video is the awards show britney was talking about, the discomfort on her face is palpable.

No. 858037

>Black man with a literal blackcel hatelust for white women watches blacked porn
Whoda seen it coming

No. 858038

her hair isn't even that curly imo, I know plenty of Italians with curls like that and tighter

No. 858044

isn't she a gender special? i thought something gendered like milf era would be offensive to them kek

No. 858045

samefag, linked wrong video

No. 858046

I know many non-binary woman who are married with children, their mostly just overly online weeb women in their late 20's

No. 858050

are you serious? have you never met an italian or jewish person lol

No. 858054

i said white

No. 858055

are you serious anon

No. 858056

Anons in this thread genuinely have brain damage holy shit

No. 858061

No. 858065

Stop trying to use American racial categories for other countries and continents I beg you

No. 858067

we're talking about halsey and she is american, more like stop using other countries' racial categories for america

No. 858070

God why do people sexualize motherhood so much lately. It's fucking disgusting and it isn't quirky or cute to think porn is a personality trait.

No. 858074

Burgers can keep their fucked up one-drop rules to themselves, but are you telling me it's near impossible to find people that are considered "fully white" in America with curly hair? The US truly are an alternate reality

No. 858076

thankfully it's only a loud minority on the internet that actually say shit like that in the US

No. 858087

File: 1626719631420.jpeg (257.62 KB, 1080x1440, 9BBC020E-F995-4F5E-81F0-D9BCD3…)

i’m curious to know how many of you anons knew who pete davidson was BEFORE he started dating ariana. i know he was famous before but he’s really everywhere now
maybe it’s just bc i’m a stacy but i had no idea who he was

No. 858094

are these the same person? and if so, are you underage or just retarded?

No. 858095

I didn't know who he was either

No. 858097

Yeah, I didn't know who he was.

No. 858098

I’m surrounded by normies who still watch SNL, so that’s how I knew. Also his “I’m one of the few famous ppl who’s parent died in 9/11” schtick

No. 858101

i posted the pete question but not the JK rowling one kek
not underage but i’ve never watched SNL because im attractive (and maybe a little bit retarded)

No. 858105

I never heard of him before that. God I want to punch him so bad just to get that stupid look off his face.

No. 858111

kek that's fair. I guess I'm fucking ugly because I did know who he was from watching snl clips on YouTube (not a burger). I always thought he was deeply unfunny, he has that pessimistic, self-pitying "muh mental health" sense of humor that works for memes but gets old and annoying immediately in actual comedy

No. 858119

The second photo in that slide is her breastfeeding because of course it fucking would.

No. 858126

File: 1626721710603.png (480.24 KB, 1113x710, Screenshot (80).png)

Is she gonna emphasize that her son is actually black as well

No. 858128

I like them. Their music isn't really for me but they seem very nice personality-wise.
Was shocked tho when they said that the singer is the oldest at only 22.

Imo them winning so high (and the other band plus Hatari in 2019 also ranking quite well) and the fact that so many were immediately so protective over them for getting accused of drugs, shows that people just desperately want a band to make it, feels like rap and pop have been reigning for way too long already
Also, going on tv shows doesn't have to mean that they're desperate for fame, it's just kind of the only way to get some attention? Especially if they really were only teens back then, how else are you supposed to start out? By youtube?
And changing your style? also normal for young people. It's not like old rock bands were any more authentic either, gay fanservice and acting as if you're drinking and doing drugs 24/7 has been a thing since decades. The ones who actually lived that way didn't survive for very long.

No. 858132

File: 1626722164578.jpg (167.77 KB, 1214x1715, them eyebags.jpg)

eyebags looking like the penguin

No. 858138

>Also, going on tv shows doesn't have to mean that they're desperate for fame, it's just kind of the only way to get some attention?
This, it was such a weird post accusing them of being fame hungry because they went on tv, don't all artists want to be seen, to have an audience? I don't really like their music except top two songs but it's heartwarming to see these kids make their dream come true

No. 858140

To this day I still don't know who he is beside Ariana's ex

No. 858141

If they weren't doing drugs then what was that stuff they snorted off the table?

No. 858148

i found out about him like literally 24 hrs before it was announced that he was dating ariana. I was watching childish gambino vids when i stumbled upon the snl barbie skit and unironically thought he was cute as hell. And then boom the next day he's dating ariana lol

No. 858149

It's not clearly visible, it really could be some random motion like they explained (glass falling off the table). I'm not inclined either way as to whether they're using generally, but it would be exceptionally dumb of them to do it at Eurovision of all places, way too much at stake. They're representing a whole country, there's a big media machine behind them and dozens of potential contracts ahead, they surely had some handlers who would have had a talk with them beforehand about doing anything stupid.

No. 858150

Is the entire SNL this painfully unfunny?

No. 858155

>don't all artists want to be seen, to have an audience?
>it's heartwarming to see these kids make their dream come true

it's so weird how so many people claim to like bands or claim to like rock or metal or whatever, but every single time some kids try their luck they get accused of not being genuine ("trve"…), simply because they don't happen to be born 30 years earlier. nobody ever does that shit to pop or rap artists

you should watch the vid, they broke a glass and he bent down to pick it up, his face hovers above the table for only a splitsecond, there's no way anybody could snort that quickly, some assholes simply took a screenshot right at that moment and even made slowed down gifs

No. 858156

and nobody would have dared to accuse girlie and fag pop singers in eurovision of doing drugs either

No. 858157

yes and it always has been

No. 858159

I am ethnically German and my hair is this curly lmao

No. 858160

Peep the adonis belt, that’s a troon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 858164

muscular women can develop an adonis belt retard

No. 858166

kek that's obviously been done up a bunch for the event she's at anon. tons of potato europeans, italians, and jews have that hair. i've seen dutch girls with wild clown hair too

No. 858169

Late to the party, but I'm pressing X to doubt on that. She said she only ever had relationships with men, she's probably as "bi" as Doja and Demi.

No. 858170

i assumed she's talking about camila, not lana. camila is the one who regularly said the n word and tweeted "black is okay but beautiful is pushing it"

No. 858176

Found the red zone anon

No. 858183

File: 1626724583933.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3072x3072, EFE7F9A8-8AD7-465A-A7D6-FBB2ED…)

The curly short hair suits her so much better. I kind of love the tooth brushing picture. Very cute.

No. 858184

so are cameron diaz and cara delevigne troons too then?

No. 858205

This came up on a playlist because I assume I listen to a lot of early paramore. Literally thought this was Hayley Williams before I saw who was singing. Also Travis Barker is the biggest sell out in punk, he was always the worst member in blink 182.

No. 858209


Lil Nas isn't an A-lister babe

No. 858233

Isn’t she a quadroon?

No. 858244

>I’m a Stacy
>because I’m attractive
Bitch really? on an anonymous imageboard. Please don’t post again

No. 858246

he looks like harvey weinstein on that picture

No. 858249

whatever, he's famous enough that he shouldn't be making mistakes on the level of a retarded teenage youtuber

No. 858250

File: 1626728497244.png (92.25 KB, 186x182, hasley dad.PNG)

Her dad is biracial, this is him with his mother. Halsey has more white in her than black, she's more mixed than she is biracial.

No. 858251


you mean annoying

No. 858275

>milf era
>breast feeding
>happy to be pregnant

So what does identifying as nonbinary even mean in this context? As in she's fine being a woman but wants different pronouns just to feel special?

No. 858295

I think what happened is that she told her PR team she wanted to make an album about being female (pregnancy, breastfeeding, periods etc), and they told her to kiss her career goodbye then. Halsey's audience are the uber woke (bisexual, mentally ill, mulatto etc) so they would either call her a TERF or a tradwife, hence the trooning out as damage control

No. 858315

idgi she looks genuinely happy here?

No. 858336

File: 1626733737038.jpg (249.41 KB, 1242x2688, c2a7gkfo27c71.jpg)

Someone posted in the last thread about the bachelor girl Bekah Martinez who told a story on her podcast about how she breastfed her child while having sex with her bf and now she's claiming she has something called Pedophile OCD which makes no sense to me. Isn't the point of intrusive thoughts that you don't actually act on them? She originally played it off like it was this quirky story not expecting any backlash and I guess this is supposed to be some sort of fucked up justification? This is stuff you should be talking to your therapist about not your followers. This whole situation is disgusting and I feel bad for her children who have to grow up knowing your own mother has those kind of thoughts about you because she blasts all this stuff on social media.

No. 858339

As someone who grew up with America’s sweetheart Britney, I’m kinda enjoying the more sailor mouth, feisty Britney. Go off, queen.

No. 858344

what does this even mean? why are people okay with associating with the word "pedophile" in any context?

No. 858347

same, I adore her. even sailor mouth Brit is strangely wholesome and adorable. keeping fingers crossed for her

No. 858349

I really fucking hate it when people compare a real life event. It reeks of “I’m 14 and this is deep.”
It’s cringe but compared to the shit that happened in the last four years, I’d gladly take this over that any day of the week. I’m sick of hearing about her though.

No. 858351

My thoughts exactly.

like what is she attempting to do? avoiding a backlash by saying she sexualises children?? and she's so scared of the idea of it that she will stop interacting with the child altogether, so she has had sex while breastfeeding as some type of weird aversion therapy??? Someone tell her to delete the post. You can't come back from being a pedo. Never go full pedophile. wtf

No. 858353


so this massive Nonce is saying she finds breast feeding arousing? that fact she's publicly admitting to this would be a call to CPS if I was a friend or family

No. 858358

File: 1626735314477.png (404.53 KB, 491x875, wtfbitch.png)


samefag but she's crying on her story about how her Nanny quit due to "personal reasons" and saying that she "really loved her" and when her son asked id the nanny was comming she started crying? also she's now trying to say she's not a pedo even though she just admitted to being one this woman seems like a huge mess

No. 858360

File: 1626735400430.png (167.92 KB, 493x871, wtfbitch2.png)

No. 858362

no I meant cute.

No. 858378

based positivity

No. 858397

File: 1626739199933.jpeg (311.92 KB, 750x1027, 7760083B-E0E5-43C0-BBFB-36D8D9…)

apparently the whole thing was just troll marketing for his new song

No. 858400

File: 1626739557326.jpeg (231.63 KB, 828x555, 4D630161-63FE-4269-8146-C03A75…)

I love her coming out and saying fuck you to her fam and people who weren’t there for her. I hope her sister gets more shit for being a bold two faced liar. Britney thread when

No. 858401

Nanny probably saw her IG story and didn't want to work for a pedo.

No. 858406

god i love her. my queen always. when i shaved my head people would always compare me to her and i agreed because there's no shame in it

No. 858407

I love how scrotes can shamelessly famewhore because they can't get buzz from their talent, but women get treated like shit and nitpicked for this.

No. 858409

File: 1626740131221.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, 3839C6ED-7E0B-4F3F-904A-E0D9C6…)

Anyone know if Jaime Lynn Spears had comments turned on before? If so she turned them off on Instagram after Britney came for her throat. She also hid how many likes her posts are getting

No. 858413

anons he's not even being serious, why seethe this hard over this tweet

No. 858414

I think I am getting what she’s trying to convey, but she had a very poor execution. And honestly, it’s really not something you should be talking about on social media. Talk to a therapist.

No. 858422

I don't get what point she's trying to make. Afaik people with POCD don't actually act on their thoughts, and they don't willingly have sexual thoughts about children. She made the decision to involve her child in her sex life, so it wasn't just intrusive thoughts for to her.

No. 858424

Britney is very stupid and Jaime did nothing wrong.

No. 858439

Katie Hopkins is the biggest fountain of bullshit ever. Remember when she got in trouble for calling an autistic 9 year old girl a fat pig? Don't be surprised that shes running around flashing her pussy at hotel staff the woman is a walking nightmare. She went on TV to say she hated children that were named after places and her child is called India

No. 858440

NTA, but why defend a scrote that made countless misogynistic jokes, rape jokes, pedophilic jokes (including some vile joke about Beyonce's infant daughter's vagina), etc?
What's cute about that, and what would be so wrong with him getting a taste of his own medicine with people throwing some prison/gay jokes? I can't wrap my head around people favoring this guy.

No. 858462


Nta but for context he’s making those jokes himself and encouraging his zoomer fans by retweeting/liking their prison rape jokes

No. 858487

How is it defending him to say, he's joking and not to take it seriously. You can't see through all that seething to understand I'm saying you are wasting your time getting mad at it cause it's not a real situation or thought of his he's voicing. Calm down.
Exactly what I'm saying. He's encouraging this and joking about it. If anons want to go after him yeah do that, but don't waste your energy on tweets where he's obviously joking and pretending to be upset.
Christ as much as people joke about the /s on reddit being needed half the anons here can't even read text without seeing red.

No. 858492

christ she looks like rumer willis here

No. 858496

>Christ as much as people joke about the /s on reddit being needed half the anons here can't even read text without seeing red.
the ones getting mad/that lack reading comprehension probably are from reddit and can't handle not having the sarcasm pointed out to them directly

No. 858498

anon when you date people in real life youll see them from unflattering angles. you see them sick, youll see them tired. youll see them when they dont look 100% camera ready, but you still love them! i know this is hard to believe, but one day youll understand that people are capable of being loved and being in relationships even if they arent 100% perfectly stunning 24/7.

No. 858501

>I honestly thought she was late 30s. She really does look old lol.

you genuinely thought that millie bobby brown, the kid actress from stranger things, was in her late 30s?

No. 858520

I can’t believe she’s only 30. She looked old af even as a teenager.

No. 858522

She looked pretty old in that picture of her with blonde hair

No. 858523

File: 1626752662117.jpg (264.69 KB, 2048x1024, 80a98d5238ba4f0aa59ba7bff57875…)

Anon said she didn't know who she was, she wasn't basing her opinion on her Stranger Things role.

tbf she pretty much does look her age in Stranger Things, not super baby faced but nothing dramatic. It's only when she's plastered in makeup and adult styling that she looks so much older.

No. 858525

File: 1626753167593.jpg (608.65 KB, 1800x2592, descargar.jfif_873240457.jpg)

No. 858526

I think she looks age-appropriate but has a strong rbf in that picture

No. 858528

Damn, for a second I thought that was Drew Barrymore

No. 858534

I think it's this retarded 40 year old white woman hair style. Plus the pink lipstick which no doubt makes people look elderly.

No. 858542

Her people have her looking like a single mother of four coming home from a second job. If I'd never seen Stranger Things, I'd believe it.

No. 858543

She looks just like Kylie Minogue here.

No. 858544

He looks like a limp fish, what a thrilling experience this surely was for her

No. 858550

I thought he was wearing underwear over trousers, nope he's just shaped like a triangle

No. 858551

He literally looks exactly 38, I need to see this man's birth certificate. How can someone 21 look so jaded and have such a mature facial structure.

No. 858555

No. 858572

that is a rough 21 by any nationality standard.

No. 858604

File: 1626761513000.jpg (573.56 KB, 1080x1833, IMG_20210720_080908.jpg)

He already looks rough at 17.

No. 858624

You're not alone, i think he's actually really hot (but i have a thing for scumbag looking dudes with huge lips and crippling emotional baggage)

No. 858639

this still looks like a kid in makeup to me

No. 858649

Sigh. I'll never get this. What's wrong with just being straight? Why do they have to pretend to be bi? I want a female celebrity to come out say "fuck you bitches" loud and proud. I want a unashamed heterosexual QUEEN.

No. 858680

>gay performances
kek I recently saw russian review on youtube where a guy praised them for being 100% heterosekshual on gay eurovision, I actually laughed. Those dances, costumes and makeup indeed give off this strong unmistakable straight energy. Freddie Mercury is probably 140% heterosexual in his eyes.

No. 858694

>knocked out by a dead sea lion

No. 858695

Anon called them "horrifying" lmao. I'm asking why you are defending him and why you like him, not referring to what he said there. Can you stop deflecting and sperging about reading comprehension?
It's like you guys really are possessed or something. Gay Nigel.

No. 858697

Hasley ?

No. 858700


Can you read? I never said I liked him I was giving that anon context

No. 858701

>that space
Can you learn how to post?

No. 858702

No. 858705

Nta but what the fuck is with LC's new grudge against "reddit spacing" or whatever retarded thing you guys call it? I've seen posts like these before and only recently they're considered a bad thing. Genuinely confused. Sage for OT

No. 858706

nta but some anons really hate reddit but also because it causes the anon to stick out like a sore thumb

No. 858707

How about Maneskin getting their own thread?

No. 858711

There's literally nothing to discuss, everything interesting about them has already been said.

No. 858717

File: 1626779532208.png (73 KB, 305x395, escaping.png)

Kanye Is making a song about his divorce, the way he used the term "escaping" was strange didn't kim and her family try to get him help for his biopolar? unless he's saying it like he escaped the family, it always seems like whatever team he has enable his refusal of treatment for the "art" I guess, considering he's said he gets hallucinations,paranoia and has suicidal tendencies it seems like a massive risk

No. 858718

Fellow Derbyshire anon! I used to live near Lara Croft Way kek

No. 858719

I recognize Camila and Zendaya but whole the woman in the right

No. 858720

Kanye knows that people will shit on the kardashians no matter what so he is making the diss track.

Anyone who has followed Kims and Kanyes relationship from the beginning knows that Kim was so supportive of Kanye and kept trying to get him help.
Also its so funny how Kanye is the one who is acting like he escaped when Kim was the one who divorced him.

If the genders were reversed everyone would be on Kims side and people would be calling Kanye a mentally ill golddigger.

No. 858725

Kek anon!!I never thought I would find another fellow midlands anon amongst all of the burgers!! Maybe we have walked past each other lol

No. 858726

He's already had a few lyrics that basically call the kardashians out for being controlling.

Since he got into gospel and reconnected with his dad etc even on kuwtk you can see a rift formed between Kim and Ye. Especially after all the twitter stuff and running as a candidate for presidency.

I wish they weren't getting divorced though. I loved them together.

No. 858732

Now that you've said that, I won't be able to keep myself from looking out for fellow farmers next time I'm in the city. It's a small world! ♥
This reminds me of the time Angelina Jolie said "ey up mi duck" in an awards speech.

No. 858768

ok lou, jail time is coming.

No. 858796

In this case I would guess it's because the band concept is about being "different", they had to have someone play the good ol' "Ackshually I'm bi" card.

No. 858818


You just reminded me of how desperate she was to be "Super quirky and unique" she used to describe herself as tri-bi (Bipolar,Bisexual and Biracial) back in her fake edgy tumblr "I was homeless UwU" phase, when she started getting backlash for it she claimed it was a label fans had created for her and she "hated it"

No. 858838

there are a shit ton of eurofags here

No. 858850

File: 1626794378166.jpeg (283.07 KB, 1241x1269, A52CB6C4-E22E-4671-A1F8-573D8F…)

she's been clearly panicking and trying to act unbothered kek

No. 858872

Also NTA but when you post using a small screen or with the website scaled up (for easier reading at night) the posts feel like a wall of text so the urge to break it up into paragraphs, visually, wins out for some. I've ended up with "Reddit spacing" posts before and I only realized it looked that way after posting and seeing it later in the thread on a different device. Not everyone is a redditor/scrote/pickme/etc, tired of seeing this shit constantly.

No. 858880

multiple line breaks under the quoted post is not the same as breaking up paragraphs. come on now.

No. 858887

it would just turn into hornyposting from discord users like the driverfag thread.

No. 858888

you must be very young, most 38 year olds don't look that shit. that is a dude in his late 40s

No. 858889

prison rape jokes are horrifying though, that anon wasn't wrong about that

No. 858902

File: 1626798107530.jpeg (81.01 KB, 828x711, EdyQZk8XYAAhqrD.jpeg)

Yeah, and so's this and all the other shit he said

No. 858907

Wtf, link? I actually never heard about this, google isn't yielding anything about it

No. 858911

Speaking of Maneskin, they got their first cancellation over this cover of Black Skinhead by Kanye West, where they censored all the N-words but kept "coon" because they didn't know its meaning. And of course Twitter is gonna be Twitter.

No. 858912

You have to be kidding

No. 858914

I'm sorry but how retarded you have to be to not see he's lying about his age to appeal to younger audiences. Not even constant exposure to the italian sun does that to your face, he must be 25 or 26

No. 858918

File: 1626799120183.png (198.57 KB, 585x360, Halsey1Dstan.png)

all this retardation because sometimes Anons don't hit backspace

Her faking being homeless or the Tribi thing?

here's her saying the label she gave herself was given by fans


As for the homelessness it was talked about in a old thread on here and on her Pull thread but the time peirod she was claiming to be hiomeless she was posting pictures of designer bags and her room at her parents house on her tumblr iirc, seems the old tumblr has been deleted since then and I'm still looking for an archived version

No. 858921

File: 1626799601733.jpg (65.92 KB, 749x749, cringe.jpg)


samefag here's the Tri-bi thing

No. 858925

File: 1626800087056.jpeg (103.11 KB, 750x803, E6rFo-JXIAg68F7.jpeg)

Irina Shayk
Yeah, the vocalist apologized. I didn't see it blow up that much tho, the fans were anal about them apologizing so they wouldn't get cancelled~ and it seems it worked

No. 858941

random but why did kourtney kardashian think "poosh" was a good name for her brand? all i see is "poo" every time and i can't shake it.

No. 858944


It could be literally human shit and the retards would still buy it.

No. 858953

kek, reminds me of in hs when we had a japanese exchange student who called a literal racoon a coon and everyone flipped out. but is coon even racially charged/used as a slur outside of the united states (and the uk possibly)? regardless it's ridiculous to expect everyone to have an intimate knowledge of what is and isn't offensive in other cultures/languages, especially for slurs that are only slurs with context

idk, i've known a lot of italians who look 10-15yrs older than they are even as teenagers. smoking and drinking from a young age can fuck you up

No. 858999

maneskin have been famous in italy since 2017 from x factor and they started playing in rome in 2016 as a high school band, there's no way he's been lying for so long, and for what. I was never a huge fan but I'm pretty sure the band wasn't even known for their looks until eurovision, I didn't even know the singer's name despite liking some of their songs. And what the anon above said is absolutely true, I know 20 year old Italians with wrinkles and they're all heavy smokers, it's really unfortunate

No. 859093

who the crap needs to fake being homeless? it's so easy to become a couch surfer/floor crasher(which is i assume the type of homeless she claimed to be) if you live in a major city where businesses suddenly fold on a regular basis. i think everyone know was a floorbuddy at least once in their 20s.

No. 859094

poosh out a poo

No. 859109

holy shit I forgot she had a 1D tumblr. I was on there at the same time, I was like 13 so pls no bully, but I remember she had all of these cringy songs about harry styles including this one that also disses taylor swift lmfao. also I think she tried to start rumors that she was dating harry at one point iirc

No. 859117

It's in the image, dork

No. 859118

for the ~*aesthetic*~ Anon, no really at least that and for asspats


>"My friends were picking out decorations for their dorms, and I was debating on whether or not I should let a stranger inside of me so I could pay for my next meal.”

>" I was carrying a gray duffel bag,” she said. “Sat down in his office, at his cubicle, and he asked me, ‘What’s in the bag?’ I looked him dead in the eyes and I said, ‘This is my house.’”
>"when I tell people that story, they go, ‘Oh my gosh, you went from being homeless to being a pop star, that’s amazing"
>“I know better than anyone how important having a creative outlet is when you’re in a time of need, but this is so much bigger than arts and crafts. This is life or death, and I hope that you take it very, very seriously. I really do.”

No. 859126

I'm already annoyed thinking about all the think pieces and moids that are going to be crying over poor Kanye during his next album cycle.

No. 859136

omega cringe omfg

No. 859139

I like it(I'm here for the pop-punk movement) know it's the in thing to be doing music-wise, but it's nice seeing more young girls/women take an interest in it.

You aren't wrong about Travis.

No. 859180

god i hope we get another pop-punk movement, i dont even mind if willow is a industry plant as long as we get away from seeing cardi shake her ass every 3 months

No. 859201

File: 1626824259143.png (884.49 KB, 632x732, pale waves2.png)

i get what you mean anon and i want rock to be more popular again but i think this resurgence of pop-punk will be awful and disappointing in a lot of ways. it will be just another vanity project of pop/rap celebrities suddenly jumping on pop punk train and ending up embarassing themselves even more. imagine whoever radio popular in pop or at least once upon a time popular, Miley, Ariana, Camila, Ed Sheeran, Bieber, Shawn, whoever you want, suddenly dressing as hot topic mall punks and recording imitations of 00's pop punk, just to dump it two years later for pop/rap and ass shaking again (i'm very curious what Willow will do those 2 years later lol). as for new rock bands, it is happening, record labels try so hard to make it happen. all gen z female fronted industry plant rock bands try their best to dress like Avril Lavigne, copy her first album sound, down to every detail, even copy pasting her live guitarist (see Pale Waves band lol.) nobody who tries to use this trend does anything cool with pop punk, they don't have their own take on it, they just try to look and sound identical to Avril.

No. 859204

Yeah I love pop punk, but I don't want a rehash of what I've already listened too dressed up in a sparkly new punk uniform. I'm so bored of music atm or maybe I'm just ignorant to where you find new music, I could be out of the loop.

No. 859205

Kek anons, lol'd at both of these

No. 859228

File: 1626826212719.png (355.47 KB, 648x396, 543ea1d4b37d9efd19af821139d4b9…)

>Pale Waves
I guess cosplaying like The Cure before didn't work out enough for them

No. 859240

Well put anon. It will be very try hard and embarrassing and tbh I’m more excited for THAT than the music itself

No. 859274

I wonder if the kid on the right even knows that his label had him dress up as Avril Lavigne's former guitarist kek

No. 859292

>let a stranger inside of me so I could pay for my next meal
god she really thinks she's special for doing what literally every girl with a drug habit has done? shit i've done that when i was at a club on the other side of the city from my house and trains weren't running anymore. it's a highly common party kid thing to do jfc

No. 859304

pretty decent though tryhard at times, especially when it comes to their english songs. i'm certain though a bubble's about to pop with one of the members, or even all of them, being cancelled hard. dunno if we're gonna count >>858911 but there was also damiano wearing a britney shirt
no i'm sure victoria's said a few times in interviews that she's had at least a relationship with a woman before

No. 859370

I have the same question. I kinda agree that Normani will never happen, but I'm not sure why?

No. 859382

Samefag but wow, I had no idea who you were all talking about until you said the India thing. She is indeed a C.U.N.T.
Vidrel in case anyone's not seen it

No. 859408

I wonder if her entire personality is a cope for being sinfully ugly

No. 859521

nayrt obviously but I'm from the midlands too! nowhere near lara croft way but I do wonder where the closest farmer to me is…

I assume she was going for a word similar to 'posh' which makes me think of high end luxury crap but I agree, poosh sounds dumb. even dumber than goop

No. 859536

calm down bippie

No. 859558

File: 1626868321437.jpeg (148.72 KB, 700x558, 1_C59qHl2Ds1Z1RDzarOcmTg.jpeg)

nta but I'd still prefer corporate pop-punk over rap/pop any day of the week
even in it's most corporatized form rock Music promoted some form of rebellion and anti-consumerism, it had authenticity
Rap and new Pop Music was selected as the new "It" genres by the Bourgeoisie cause its promoted vulgar consumerism and hyper femininity

No. 859569

wouldn't say it's that authentic, a lot of pop-punk musicians are massive hypocrites

No. 859570

I was talking about the effect it can have on the masses

No. 859573

File: 1626870697582.jpeg (50.16 KB, 400x384, s-l400.jpeg)

When did corporate pop punk ever have an anti-consumerist effect on the masses? It's the opposite, if anything Kek

No. 859578

while at worst they buy products related to the artist, it doesn't make them wanna buy Rolexes, The latest phone or other latest fads

No. 859587

this is the pop punk im looking forward too

No. 859592

File: 1626873940495.png (1.6 MB, 1096x1178, avril phone.png)

>the latest phone

No. 859593

File: 1626874030902.png (1.12 MB, 1400x805, avril tablet.png)

the latest tablet

No. 859597

>but there was also damiano wearing a britney shirt
What's wrong with wearing a Britney shirt?

No. 859602

still doesn't compare to the Vulgar and in your face materialism of rap and pop music

No. 859606

File: 1626875613446.jpg (81.15 KB, 621x1024, E6Wu7MnWUAYbrn0.jpg)

cause he wore this one around a few times and people got mad

No. 859614

based lmao

No. 859618

File: 1626876573992.jpeg (62.07 KB, 547x699, 0adbeb8ec3a914f3a9349359e08882…)

This, lmao. All these mainstream corporate people encourage their listeners to consoom.
Not sure why anyone would fool themselves otherwise. Rap music is/was never inherently consumerist or hyperfeminine (and neither was rock, which was literally invented by the same people who invented rap), but obviously, mainstream corporations want to make money, so that will leak into who/what they make popular.

No. 859621

tbh I hope Americans and woke european zoomers do cancel them and stop imposing their retarded standards of political correctness on him. Even very progressive Italians say the equivalents of retard and faggot and make racial jokes all the time, I bet international fans would piss themsleves if they could understand a normal conversation among the band members kek

No. 859623

>Rap music is/was never inherently consumerist
kek, the vulgar consumerism in rap music is so fucking on the nose, it's imposable to avoid
every rap music is some faggot bragging in his mansions rapping about his cars, his "hoes", his money, his gucci pants or some other shit

No. 859624

ayrt there were millions pumped into pop punk and millions made on fake "anti-system" attitudes of pop punk, there's a reason it's pop punk not just punk. and sure there will be millions made on people who are waiting for pop punk return. think of fashion industry alone. it won't have good effects, it will attract more opportunists. but i agree anon it can't compare to pop and open bragging in rap

No. 859632

>Every rap music

No. 859633

Oh so you only listen to woke rap

No. 859635

I think you misread my post. Obviously, mainstream music is that way (much like the mainstream rock music you keep defending). The roots of the music, much like rock (which, again, same creators kek), were never about that. There's still indie/underground music of both genres that isn't consumerist, too.
What you keep saying is sort of like arguing that fast food represents all actual food because that's all you personally have ever eaten.

No. 859636

Not really, it just sounds like you only listen to shitty zoomer pop music and think it defines whole genres lol

No. 859640

Rap music is rarely good though

No. 859641

are you the same retard who keeps shitting on britney? you know, the one who keeps calling her stupid and deserving to be her dad's slave?

No. 859642

how did the celebricows thread devolve into a debate about music? there's another thread for that nonnnies

No. 859644

to you. Anyway when rock and pop punk inevitably makes its resurgence these same anons are going to be crying about how they miss rap and how this isnt THEIR rock and punk music they grew up with waaah and blah blah blah. Music never dies it just get reinvented. There is good and bad in all genres. get over it.

No. 859661

his retarded fans are defending him for this saying that he is a britney fan and spoke out about free britney. But if he was a fan then why would he wear that shirt lmao

No. 859669

cause it used to be "edgy" to wear bald Britney with cringe captions. i remember a couple years back some instagram girl (Plaaastic?) wearing hoodie with Britney mid shaving hair. what year is this photo? if he wears this still in 2021, it is ignorant. i thought after learning what exactly happened to her, people would be past the phase of jokes at her bald days. i think Britney would feel hurt if she saw these shirts.

No. 859679

From a quick google it looks like it was at the start of this month

No. 859729

he wore this last month so yeah 2021.

No. 859775

men are so cringe and unfunny

No. 859902

Hahahaha 4 fucking bee attacks. Thank you for this list, I'm dying (of mercury poisoning from my fillings that caused me to trip over a dead sea lion and upset a hive of angry bees)

No. 859916

File: 1626898591498.jpg (90.43 KB, 880x480, kris.jpg)

Didn't he call Kim's momager Kris Jong Un? She was very controlling and didn't let them divorce even though their marriage was over for years.

No. 859955

>let them
Is he not an adult man? If he could pay for his own lawyers this wouldn't be an issue

No. 860071

File: 1626910779893.jpeg (2.24 MB, 2017x3026, Sydney_Sweeney_2019_by_Glenn_F…)

who is this bitch fucking in the industry/at hbo because she ruins every show I try to watch with her absolutely horrible acting! 5 minutes into the white lotus and she's already made it unwatchable. she must be truly deluded to think she's booking anything for any reason other than her tits

No. 860073

I liked her in the Handmaid's Tale

No. 860077

I remember the pop punk moment of the late 90s early 2000s. It had a massive effect on trends and consumerism. Skate punk and ska too. Everyone was buying skate clothes, chains and styling themselves appropriately. I remember before all the emo and scene kids and political groups people use to fight over who was being trendy/a poser and who was authentically punk etc etc. People would tag their school bags with band names. I remember when these older girls on the bus sat and quizzed me about AFI and these other bands cause I had them on my bag. "do you even know what AFI stands for anon?" Total cringe.

No. 860088

Pop punk is ugly and considering there are a lot of wokerinos into it already worries me. I hate that fashion, that "fuck you mom!" attitude, it's gonna be hell.

No. 860091

NoFX front man has been singing about cross dressing since the 90s or something. But like Fat Mike and Kurt Cobain in a dress is kooky and fun. I dread to think of pop punk having some fucking tranny revival and all the gender specials ruining it.

No. 860096

Oh trust me, pop punk ALREADY has a tranny revival. I was on a discord server for a bit and all the people there were trannies with neopronouns and a taste for pop punk music.

No. 860097

She is actually insufferable. Uggh

No. 860102

Yeah after I wrote that I immediately remembered some of the older online friends I made through punk communities are either trans, trans allies or nb. Guess it just means they were the posers and I was the real deal.

I miss when you could just call people trendy, wannabes and/or posers. Like, you have to buy shit and wear it like a token to prove something? Lame! Punks from the soul, man!

No. 860110

She was so lackluster and slow in Euphoria. I thought it was just the character. If she's like that in multiple things she must be horrible.
Great body though

No. 860114

her and jules/hunter are absolutely insufferable, one loves to go around showing dick and the other one tits

No. 860116

Kek I was such an Avril fan when I was a kid. These pics bring back memories. <3

No. 860117

File: 1626915625796.jpeg (331.85 KB, 817x1222, sydney-sweeney-alexandra-dadda…)

and what the fuck is this look, she needs to fire her stylist. i'm pretty sure I wore this exact dress to a bar mitzvah in like 2009. and the hair dear god

No. 860121

anon wtf are you talking about this looks cute

No. 860125

looks like it fits the theme

No. 860129

The hair looks dated, like a clipped side bang? There's something off about the eye makeup. The eyebrows look too heavy or the colour is the wrong shade, and then the eyes look weak compared to the strong brows, the eyes need to stand out more. Like a thicker line on the top lashes and maybe a bit of tightlining on the bottom lash line. It wouldn't look out of place in 2009 lol

No. 860133

I feel like the dress isn't god-awful, just outdated. It would look better without the black lace/doiley shit at the bottom.

No. 860136

File: 1626917905470.jpg (15.3 KB, 546x325, E1KCI85WEAAELcX.jpg)

oh my fucking god the nitpick

No. 860139

Is celebrity styling now too controversial to discuss?

No. 860171

this thread is so frickin dull I welcome nitpicking

No. 860205

how do you nonnies even notice these details, she looks normal to me.
but that's what makes it dull

No. 860237

File: 1626926188112.jpeg (39.16 KB, 660x371, 069C9EBE-25AF-4781-8DDB-858056…)


What makes her insufferable is that she was crying on live because someone on Twitter called her ugly. How vain do you have to be?

No. 860343

dark liner on bottom lashline? In 2021? you shouldn't be criticizing anyones makeup if you think that's a good idea.

No. 860423

Why does Irina always beard? Doesn’t she want a real bf for once? Is she gay?

No. 860429

Ok amanda seyfried anon

No. 860439

File: 1626951047614.gif (985.74 KB, 500x275, tumblr_dd0cbb66c765a5acc1141ee…)

Amanda is a queen and like 10 times more gorgeous than whoever this generic bitch is.

No. 860467

File: 1626954319843.jpg (341.28 KB, 1079x1623, kek.jpg)

Eesh I wonder who else was there

No. 860469

What ever happened between charli xcx and marina after the whole Froot call out thing? When was Just Desserts, was it after? I want Marina featured on a charli xcx track Omg with tove lo and petras. Please!!

No. 860470

Samefag but I forgot how much I loved this.

No. 860487

File: 1626956387547.jpg (483.4 KB, 1080x2126, Screenshot_20210722-071539__01…)

Halsey is throwing a fit because a magazine she interviewed for didn't alternate between she and they pronouns for the article, kek

No. 860488

Has she given birth yet?

No. 860489

Yeah, someone posted her with her baby further up itt. It was only a few days ago, can't believe she'd make a big deal over pronouns when she's literally just brought a child into the world. What kind of fucking priorities are those?

Apparently she made a ton of angry tweets about that article and declared that she's never going to do an interview again but has since deleted them. What a drama queen.

No. 860492


i like her she is really pretty and cute to me. And of course has a nice body. But i love her doe eyes.

No. 860493


yeah i despise halsey she gives me rachel berry vibes. she isnt even that good of a singer or songwriter to be this fucking pretentious. I wanted to like her because i loved her first album. But she is such an insufferable cunt holy fuck. I never seen someone be so cringey so unironically. Her and poot probably share the same lineage. What with their butt chins and irritating personalities. Is she an only child? Because she gives me that vibe

No. 860522

If u are talking about Shayk -
shes an attention whore, liar and a cow in her own countries community kek
she would have had a thread if she was actually popular in eng communities

No. 860524

You can't get any more embarrassing than this

No. 860549

Yes, I’m talking about her. What kind of other cow stuff has she done?

No. 860583

bruhhh I want to like her for nostalgia reasons but god damn she's annoying

No. 860647

Of course superspreader Dua Lipa was there too

No. 860656

is it me or are zendaya, timothe chalamet and tom holland lately everywhere? i really wonder who they're fucking/getting pushed by…
zendaya is such a tall girl and the others are turbo manlets so they just look like a joke when paired up, and it's also weird that (at least as far as i know) zendaya has never been paired up with old scrotes. most actresses her age already had to play alongside 40/50-year-olds a couple of times, yet she completely lucked out of that. good for her, but i nevertheless wonder why.

No. 860666

File: 1626974841232.png (118.71 KB, 569x308, D572DD7B-FE12-4A04-B623-1F4454…)

What’s the fuckin point of baby trapping a billionaire if he’s not even gonna fund her “art”?

No. 860672

she just had a movie released with an older guy though? praised for being so corona conscious with filming and what not

No. 860686

because even if he might not fund her 'art' (which I doubt) she'll always have some money for the baby that she can use for other shit for basically life?

No. 860726

She’s so defensive lmao; I do love her music but the fact that she acts as if her relationship with Elon is separate from her artistic/professional life is sad. She doesn’t want to believe she lost her relatability. You’re a standard ass pop star now bb

No. 860806

File: 1626984757328.gif (998.42 KB, 500x281, 2HujQZ2.gif)

this hoe is impossible to defend anymore

No. 860826

she really peaked in 2012

No. 860833

I think the reason why I hate her more than Elon (only slightly ) is because she’s a sellout. She turned her back in her fan base and became what she was against. At least we always knew Elon was a piece of shit

No. 860837

yeah she has essentially gone out of her way to prove herself as the fraud she secretly always was time and time again sadly

No. 860853

I can’t decide if I like this or not. It feels like she’s going through that phase when someone starts smoking weed and suddenly base their entire personality around being some sort of spiritual hippie goddess

No. 860857

i think it’s boring. it’s the same snoozeworthy jack antonoff production from lana’s NFR! album.

No. 860864

relatability? she's a rich trust fund kid from Vancouver.

No. 860903

Wait, people listing multiple pronouns actually expect you to alternate between them? It's not a list of pronouns that are acceptable but a mandate that you actively switch between them every time you mention the person? That's the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard and would make any article ot conversation involving multiple she/theys or he/theys completely unintelligible.

No. 860925

File: 1626995498834.png (179.54 KB, 551x582, lana-lorde.png)

Ever since NFR Jack Antonoff has been attempting to turn everyone he works with into Lana. Taylor and now Lorde. I don't think it bothers Lana as much now, but remember when Lorde first came on the scene and she liked this? Kek

No. 860962

No. 860965

>All the beautiful girls will fade like the roses
This is such a boring cliché cringefest holy shit

No. 860966

I don’t really keep up with Taylor but I heard her Cardigan song on the radio and I literally thought it was Lana. Now I understand why.

No. 860974

>Halsey and poot probably share the same lineage

my sides

No. 860985

Her head voice (might be wrong here, correct me if so) is so annoying and nasally. Song is ok, I guess but not captivating enough for me to listen to the whole thing.

No. 861117

Wish you could tell who goes by she/they and he/they irl so I know to stay away from them. Why are these people always so goddamn annoying.

No. 861122

Lana needs to go back to fucking Rick Nowels and Emile Haynie. Especially Haynie. They gave her some edge vs the boring monotonous whatever Antonoff gives… but then again she was incredibly boring when going by May Jailer so this is probably how Lana is going to be for the rest of her career.

As manufactured as her “gangster nancy sinatra, lolita lost in the hood” persona was, it was at least fun.

No. 861130

I understand wanting to try out a different aesthetic but this is so not her style lol. What made Lorde unique is her lower register, her witchy persona and the fact that her music has a touch of non-mainstream vibe to it, like Florence and the Machine. Turning into one of Antonoff's stoned hippy muses was a bad step and it couldn't be further away from her original persona Idk what she was thinking

No. 861147

As soon as she said kitchen I heard nothing but the indie girl vine.

No. 861226

Lil nas x new music video…

No. 861231

Thanks, but no thank you.

No. 861245

he has beautiful skin and i like the song shrugs. Its time for men to be sexually objectified so im down for it.

No. 861249

Gay men are so disgusting. Why do they make their entire personality about being gay the minute they come out?

No. 861254

i think its because people make it their personality so i feel like with lil nas' case all people say is that he's gay so he might as well play up on it.

No. 861262

He's always been like that long before he was popular. Why are you WKing him?

No. 861272

Gay men being sexualised is hardly groundbreaking though. Marina and the diamonds How to be a heartbreaker is a good objectification of men. Lil Nas is just a whore.

No. 861276

he has nice skin thats it and thats all.

No. 861285

i also just love the video and song
good i want more male whores on my screen

No. 861294

Didn't mind it, not as catchy as Montero but it's not bad just a simple "I did better than you thought haters" song. I do kinda wanna see a Nicki collab but that's just because Nicki's verses are art.

No. 861311

I hope he does mature and branch out eventually but I’m kinda glad he’s not letting people forget it for right now. Has there ever been an openly gay black male artist this popular before?

No. 861314

This would have been good without that scene where that female officer is flashing her ass and instead this stayed as a strictly gay song without women being sexualized

No. 861346

I kind of agree but it was just there bc of Jack Harlow, otherwise people would have assumed he's gay or cried queerbaiting.

No. 861363

what the hell? she gets grants like crazy, what is she spending them on

No. 861365

all men make their entire personality about who they fuck

No. 861385


"Gay men are disgusting" - I smell either closeted or had your closeted mans stolen by a gay lmao. He's pushing homophobic buttons like yours since everyone chastised him as an attention whore for coming out. I'm here for it, black culture is notoriously homophobic and, sounding like a cringelord, I think the visibility is important.

No. 861390

>"Gay men are disgusting" - I smell either closeted or had your closeted mans stolen by a gay lmao.
Your disgusting gay man wishful thinking is showing

No. 861394

ok polilez

No. 861405

File: 1627064917835.png (528.27 KB, 900x900, So_04ad5e_5956839.png)

How come the only "sexualized men" we get to see are ugly gay scrotes, though? Why does everything have to come down to appeasing some sort of male gaze?
Sorry, but he looks like a living version of this racist meme and I can't unsee it. Appalling that black women in the industry are made to bleach their skin and get retarded ass implants/nose jobs/etc like their natural features are unacceptable, but then we have our eyes assaulted with ugly goblin moids like this and we're expected to just accept it because "penis-in-ass stans need more visibility!".
Not even just him. This guy, Ed Sheeran, Timothee Chalamet, Lil Wayne. I just want to know what women did to deserve this shit. Or are all men just ugly?
>gay scrotes from LSA LARPing as women (and all Twitterina faghag slaves to gay scrotes) do not interact, thank you
Anyway, are there any popular (open) lesbian rappers besides Young MA?(global rule #7)

No. 861422

Syd from The Internet

No. 861425

Coen/Koen (pronounced coon) is a common male name in my country. I had three of them in my class in high school at one point. Hopefully none of them ever want to visit the US or, idk, use the Anglophone part of the internet or something.

No. 861468

i fully accept men being seen as and treated like pieces of meat

No. 861506

imagine giving free pussy to a fucking ugly billionaire who can afford to pay whatever outrageous demands you have for pussy access

No. 861532

Snow Tha Product has some bangers and is a lesbian. Not sure how popular she is though

No. 861600

anon just say you're racist

No. 861616

cyberpunk is a really cool game thought, not as good as the witcher but sill

No. 861632

You are the only one making that association and his only qualification for being ugly is because… he has unabashedly black features? and in the same paragraph you complain about black women getting white washed for there features? make sense.

No. 861633

i feel like she's losing a bit of her identity, it's feels like she peaked in melodrama

No. 861638

Yeah but I can understand the sentiment on lolcow that gay men being sexualised for the male gaze is hardly shocking or controversial. Like majority of media is pandering to the male gaze and male gay artists are hardly a rarity. George Michael was out in the 90s and only got more popular.

No. 861644

She seems like she genuinely loves him which is way more depressing than if she was dating him for the money.

No. 861651

>gay scrotes from LSA LARPing as women (and all Twitterina faghag slaves to gay scrotes) do not interact, thank you
Being an ugly male is not "unabashedly (being) black" and it's actually racist to think that, lmao.

No. 861666

>everyone who doesn't agree with me must be men LARPing as women or twitterinas!!!!11

No. 861674

Money for music videos? Her videos are completely amateurish and she reuses props like her dumb weapons over and over. There must be another reason she's signing to a label. Maybe her music doesn't have as much reach as it used to and she needs staff to help with that and her destroyed indie image.

Like other anons said, it can't be about money because she's in a relationship with Musk. She just lies so fucking much.

No. 861720

probably arbutus crew&related scenes don't like her anymore and she has no one to do label things for her anymore

No. 861734

Go back to your fujoshit thread. Or fucking LSA for that matter.

No. 861742

The reality of Grimes and Muskrat actually having sex is fucking me up. Seems like it would be such an awkward experience for both of them.

No. 861746

guarantee you he's in the top 3 most attractive dudes she's fucked. hipster culture was a godsend for ugly men. beautiful, well-dressed women went crazy for guys who looked like either homeless ZZ Top or homeless&anorexic ZZ Top, as long as those guys were wearing an oversized ironic christmas sweater and a dirty-on-purpose pair of white converse

No. 861818

curious how anon mentioned 2 white guys and 2 black guys yet shes being accused of racism kek

No. 861854

Not wrong though, you need to go back.

No. 861891

File: 1627126560873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.6 KB, 636x900, E7Drpf9XMAEd9u7.jpg)

Brit just posted this on Insta

No. 861896

Oh god whyyyyy she's making herself look unhinged

No. 861897

I bet Elon whimpers when he orgasms and his melted face crumples. Grimes just gets crushed underneath him fake moaning probs

No. 861900

I mean, considering the shit she's been through I don't exactly blame her.

No. 861904

Watch them revoke her application for freedom again, and use this picture as "proof" she's too unstable to be trusted on her own.

No. 861916

She is. If she wasn't unstable before the conservatorship (i disagree) she is way too damaged now.

No. 861929

Maybe Britney is going big brained and if her posting a covered up suggestive photo of her makes he unstable then is society unhinged? Because just scroll through insta, fb or twitter and you will see more suggestive photos than that. Chrissy Tiegen posts worst with her kids in the photos and no one is vying to take control of her assets.

There's so many people online posting mental bizarre videos and no ones coming for their income. Leave Britney Alone!

No. 861948

I don't think Britney is actually the one posting on her social media accounts… allegedly her social media manager, Cassie Petrey, is doing so. It is speculated that Britney has little to no control over what is actually posted.
If you do some digging, you will find that Cassie's typing patterns and emoji use are eerily similar to Britney captions. I could be wrong, as it's all speculation, but wanted to throw this out there because it could be part of her team's plan to keep her in the conservatorship.

No. 861958

not liking them and saying they're the worst are two different things nonnie

No. 861975

ffs nonnie, she is not clinically retarded or a danger to herself or others. There is no excuse for the conservatorhip. She may be unhinged and having meltdowns, but that is no excuse to take away her freedom.
This free britney debacle is ghoulish.

No. 862013

agreed. i think this photo is pretty old too. if you scroll through Brit's insta you'll see they (whoever controls her socials) always posts same fucking photos from this exact place in her garden, in same clothes, same hair, etc. it's old photo, they're just trying make her look unhinged. also the way she types… scroll to 2018, 2017, Vegas times. she typed in a completely different way, without odd spacing and thousands of emojis.

No. 862021

Men getting offended are finally getting a taste of their own medicine. How men react to this is exactly how women feel seeing the exact same shit being done by women.
Yet we are supposed to suck it up because it's "empowering" yet it's "emasculating" when a man does it, funny that.
Apparently sexualizing and debasing yourself is only ok when women do it. How convenient. All male music videos should be like this, maybe men will start REEEing about sexualization and objectification and we might get somewhere.

No. 862043

Exactly, there's so many people living fucked up lives and they don't have conservatorships. She only has one because she's a cash cow.

No. 862053

It's especially funny to me considering it's not even explicit or demeaning, they're pixelated and shot from afar, no creepy zoom shots or simulating sex acts, just dorky dancing. Even UK pop music, which is far more conservative than the US, is OK with this lol. Vidrel male pole dancers 2mins onward. Some more examples off the top of my head:
Sugababes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuDsacuWGH8 (men as literal props, sub undertones)
Sugababes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo07t6XjNO4 (male submissives in bondage)
Marina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKNcuTWzTVw (men in the showers)
Kylie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHGaW8lBlSk (topless, dancing gay males)

No. 862054

File: 1627143352088.jpeg (506.13 KB, 1242x921, DC3F9E34-931B-4BD2-97EF-F515A9…)

i have to explain this every time, but no, at the moment britney does not have direct access to her instagram. according to her team, she writes posts, uploads them to some sort of cloud, and her social media team basically goes through and rewrites, edits and censors anything conservatorship-related or anything that doesn't mesh with jamie's desired image of her (https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2021/02/britney-spears-instagram-social-media-manager-explains-free-britney-conspiracy-theories). personally i think lately she's been given some leeway lately, as she's already openly condemned the conservatorship. but her recent henna post was fucking weird – another weirdly written rehash of a 2020 video, pretending it's recent, in (social media manager) cassie's signature style. i fully believe the brand-new topless pic, with no caption, is her subtle way of undermining that post.

No. 862080

Weird pic aside… she really is very beautiful. I wasn't really a Brit fan when I was a kid but she looks prettier now than she did back in the day. Though I know a bunch of dudes say 'oh she hit the wall blah blah she was hotter at 18' but I honestly don't get that. At 18 early 20s most girls still look like really childlike imo.

No. 862096

File: 1627147488536.jpg (25.88 KB, 313x425, tumblr_pf7sdhQjY21wwg68qo1_400…)

>At 18 and early 20s girls still look really childlike
Disagree, most women at that age are grown and look it, some baby-facedness might remain at best. Anyway, Britney has always looked mature and womanly. Picrel aged 18. Most hitting the wall comments are misogynistic bullshit, but Britney really has aged abysmally. Lindsay Lohan is another. They've had tough lives.

No. 862098

File: 1627147551870.jpg (122.65 KB, 1037x1390, britney-spears-1999-photo-by-j…)

Oops sorry she's 20 there, 18 in picrel. I meant to post the other pic.

No. 862102

And still the video has to include a moid rapping about how straight he is and how he slaps women's asses. No thanks.

No. 862110

Yes, the reason she was sexualized so much as a teenager is because she looked older. Fucking sucks. Mentally she was a child and probably couldn't process it. We know better now but Britney was seen as fair game because of her appearance

No. 862147

Yes, that's what I think people can get wrong about the sexualization of late teen/early 20s women, they look mature but aren't mentally (usually) and don't have much life experience. Men exploit this shit by saying "she's obviously an adult" meaning her body. I'm glad I was a slow grower, I got much less shit than my better developed friends. A developed body + childlike-mind is what a LOT of scrotes want, not the other way round.

No. 862447

File: 1627175278589.png (1.34 MB, 1030x1374, Untitled.png)

Reminds me of picrel. Everything about it is embarrassing.

No. 862459

File: 1627177536865.jpg (153.63 KB, 602x752, main-qimg-7e4f9288dfcc3fc59531…)

Americans would accuse Lindita Idrizi (Albanian) of cultural appropriation due to her hair.

No. 862461

>tfw American and live near Albanian Americans so I already know they can have very curly hair

No. 862467

i dont know if you know this but there are plenty of people in america that know that anyone can have afros. Keep pushing this narrative though im sure it'll catch on eventually

No. 862471

File: 1627179547108.jpg (120.16 KB, 768x768, xtDFtmZ.jpg)

You haven't met many 16 to 21 year old Arabs then.

Yeah, I'm sure flexing in hip hop is an evil plan hatched by the bourgeoisie and not a result of the fact that many influential artists actually grew up poor.

My god you sound a like an edgy 14 year old scoffing at her normie class mates for listening to "mainstream" music. Again, Flexing and materialism in Hip Hop have socio-economic roots. There aren't nearly as many artists with a working class or poor background in rock as there are in hip hop.


No. 862472

File: 1627179568351.jpeg (29.34 KB, 640x335, 15563AFD-3FE9-4011-AFB6-A9A7F7…)

Crusty scrotes representing the Americas and Oceania during an Olympics opening song, what a waste

No. 862473

File: 1627179732611.png (1.57 MB, 1642x958, Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 10.2…)

this is unhinged.

No. 862476

I think that’s the point. Can’t be having the cash cow getting out under her conservators thumbs

No. 862478

File: 1627180056549.jpeg (46.56 KB, 485x304, 5CB1DCEA-56B0-41C3-BECD-7837AF…)

No. 862480

Did they drug her and take all these photos of her? What is going on?

No. 862484

welp, rip her legal case.

No. 862485

This definitely has the vibe that the people who run this account on her fathers dime are trying to ruin her image especially since they’re old photos

No. 862487

Ikr. For the last time the internet is not a representation of the gp

No. 862488

There’s a lot of drama with the olympics, a lot of people were freaking out about Cornelius (very famous Japanese musician, also a giant asshole) and he resigned from the committee that created the opening ceremony

No. 862491

Nta, but what does this have to do with Lil Nas X?

No. 862492

I heard they basically fired him a week before the ceremony. The whole opening ceremony was a fucking joke and so boring, it made me sad to watch. Everything was somber and white, which I understand with the whole covid thing but we're trying to find some joy in our lives again, not a stupid John Lennon song and 5 people dancing onstage.

No. 862494

I didn't even bother watching it

No. 862495

He resigned himself after first refusing to, but yeah. The opening ceremony has been cursed ever since the Covid committee came in last year, there were a lot of women who were big names in Japanese entertainment involved (Sheena Ringo, MIKIKO), but they all quit after the old CEO guys came in and fucked everything up, a few of which were later fired for sexist comments towards women, among other things. It's pretty tragic considering how cool it should have been. Instead we got… this >>862472

No. 862507

I've loved Snow for years. She's truly underrated despite rapping circles around the majority of those in the industry

No. 862508

She very clearly has access to her instagram now, she's probably not entirely well but that doesn't mean she should have no freedom and be a workhorse for her useless family.

No. 862516

anon, have you even looked at her instagram? she has never posted a selfie. there are no images of her holding her phone. everything is shot by someone else and seems intended to make her look as bad as possible. there was even a post where "she" bragged about burning down the home gym. come on now.

No. 862535

Sage for not really milk but is it just me or does this intro where Ariana is trying to use a loop station sound awful? It starts off alright with the first few layers but becomes muddled.
Also the description for this video made me cringe.

>If our Official Live Performances of “pov” and “safety net” reveal anything, it’s that Ariana Grande excels at her job because she’s so passionate about the results. You don’t hit the high notes, you don’t exude candor, and you don’t make pop music as moving as she does without crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. A very cool Cali session with the look and feel of a cozy little meadow was a perfect place to turn some of the best tunes on ‘Positions’ into utterly memorable performances. Go Team Ari. In a typically inventive move, our hero chose to loop her vocals when it came time to perform the album’s title track. Watch her augment the band’s moves with a little layering of her voice. As she references both the kitchen and the bedroom in her lyrics, the sound stacks up, taking on its own internal rhythm. Beautiful.

No. 862544

File: 1627194127495.jpeg (64.45 KB, 587x750, CA54F54F-D14E-4F11-BE6E-F67781…)

Also not milk but this made me cringe so hard. 28 year old woman and shes still pulling the uwu tiny bb bullshit, embarrassing.

No. 862547

File: 1627195131228.jpeg (69.09 KB, 443x443, 988318AE-0B79-48AF-852B-B0EEF9…)

Lol okay Ariana. Keep living that fantasy that you’re anything but a regular sized 5’2/5’3 fully developed woman.

No. 862553

bruh her head looks so weird on her body there. As if they don't belong together kek

Also is she still vegan?

No. 862556

she looks like a crackhead

No. 862557

File: 1627198412229.jpg (46.19 KB, 535x541, Screenshot_8.jpg)

She looks super skinny and the skin on her head looks super tight

No. 862559

This is either an old pic that was posted by her handlers to embarrass her and make her look like she actually needs the conservatorship or she posted it herself because she's genuinely unhinged and needs the conservatorship

No. 862561

It is either raining or it isn't raining today. Thank you for your input anon

No. 862562

kek you're welcome. I mean in the end it doesn't really matter since she's fucked either way unfortunately

No. 862574

She needs to leave the fillers and braids alone, I thought this was Alicia Keys

No. 862587

Thanks for explaining, I just watched the ceremony and was surprised at how boring it was, not just because of COVID restrictions, but also because big names were basically missing? I would have loved to see Sheena Ringo. The performances were so bland and the "big names" like John Legend were not even there, but only shown on video. Lame.

No. 862589

Imagine his flabby Hank Hill ass and weird thighs thrusting in and out of her ana chan legs, wheezing like Squidward on a respirator, while Grimes cries out not in pleasure but for the gods to let her continue to secure the bag. Bleak. Sage for nightmare fuel

No. 862624

File: 1627211403792.jpg (191.37 KB, 590x399, 34.jpg)

Hate you nonny.

No. 862640

Doesn’t being vegan make you look older? It would be hard to tell with Ariana because fillers and all the filters she uses on her selfies but afaik if you miss out on some of the nutrients in non-vegan food you get more fine lines?

No. 862664

cannot believe the amount of women on here who consider a half-naked photo on instagram grounds to continue an extremely abusive conservatorship. even "unhinged" doesn't mean disabled

No. 862677

It's not just the photo it's everything she does.

No. 862705

I feel she's had much more access to her IG since the Ronan Farrow article came out. She's been much more outspoken and direct, it's not far off from her old "letters of truth" she used to post on her website pre-conservatorship. I think people who are calling those pics "unstable behavior" and suggesting they're being posted to make her look bad don't want to accept that Britney is probably suffering from some mental illness(es). She clearly shouldnt be in that conservatorship though, she just needs continued mental help and probably someone in charge or her finances given how she was easily influenced by bad characters during her 2008ish era (the creepy pap she dated etc.)

No. 862770

File: 1627224671342.jpg (405.37 KB, 1100x1375, dua-lipa-VF.jpg)

This is how billie eyelash tried to look on that vogue cover

No. 862774

they're both bulldogs

No. 862780

this one looks better imo, and better than dua's usual styling

No. 862785

What the fuck anon. How high are your standards.

No. 862788

she looks awesome and cute in that styling. Esp. her hair.
Billie Eilish would look like a redneck next to her.

No. 862790

Pretty low actually lol. They both have a dappy, slow look to the face that I personally hate tis all.

No. 862792

some of you chicks are wacko. they are two traditionally attractive women who just so happened to be famous so we’re more inclined to nitpick

No. 862794

oh i think i know what you mean. The forced "sensual model facial expression" that they always do, right?

No. 862797

oh god shes so cute

No. 862814

She looks so pretty with this hair. Whoever's been making her have straight, always slicked-back dark hair really didn't want her to prosper lmao.

No. 862890

Right? Have we not had plenty of jewfro jokes in media and did we forget about Bob Ross?

It's LC what do you expect? Anons ITT constantly say shit that are just conservative scrote arguments verbatim. They just wrap it in a new package and pretend it's because they care about women being sexualized.

Dua Lipa actually looks good here though unlike the outfit Billie was wearing where it didn't even fit properly. The coloring here also doesn't make her look super washed out.

No. 862900

File: 1627238413413.jpg (59.49 KB, 854x480, madonna-in-dessous-3.jpg)

The state of madonna in the year 2021

No. 862903

Megamind ass head

No. 862904

File: 1627238594665.jpg (25.85 KB, 680x583, 0152 - xeFHyag.jpg)

when will the fillers trend end

No. 862920

I felt so sorry for the young men having to rub up against her in that cringy video Girls Gone Wild. A couple flinched lmao.

No. 862930

File: 1627240473790.jpg (180.92 KB, 634x792, 41769836-0-image-a-16_16184397…)

She is 62 and photoshopping herself to look like she is in her early 20s. Who would believe she has zero pores, no shaggy skin and wrinkles at that age? Who is she trying to fool?

No. 862932

Omg move over Kris Jenner!!

No. 862934

File: 1627240812960.jpg (271.84 KB, 1908x1146, Crusty.jpg)

Reminds me of when she photoshopped her face over a fans and tried to blame her managment, she seems a little unhinged

No. 862935

File: 1627240855996.jpg (43.97 KB, 760x380, Pop-Exzentriker-Pete-Burns-ist…)

same energy

No. 862936

File: 1627240857478.jpg (201.32 KB, 480x834, Azealia1.jpg)

Screenshots are not mine

No. 862937

File: 1627240899383.jpg (158.15 KB, 482x780, Azealia2.jpg)

No. 862941

I love the Grimes and Banks feud. I think it's all completely in Banks head but I hope it never stops.

No. 862945

>everything I do is out of natural swag and genius

please I’m crying, she’s so fucking funny

No. 862950

this is more sad than it is funny.
Hollywood has made its female actresses and singers so insecure about aging they they pump themselves with filler and facelifts and some end up looking like >>862935
she looked very pretty in the video to be honest

No. 862961

This is so creepy. I bet she's made deep fakes of herself and sent them to people privately.

No. 862974

It must be difficult to age after a lifetime of being sex symbol superstar. I bet if she didn't shoop herself people would go eww she's old and wrinkly now, grossss.

No. 862975

File: 1627245960800.jpg (52.66 KB, 700x549, madonnanyebutt-thumb-700xauto-…)

Not because of her looks, but the age difference. What 20 year old man or woman wants to be sexual with a 60 year old? That's why they flinched kek. Sorry I should have been clearer. Anyway, Madonna has always been all types of desperate, I would never have expected her to age gracefully kek. Did she ever confirm the BBL?

No. 862983

no fucking way, lmao. is that picture real? like no one photoshopped her ass?

No. 862985

I agree. Her behaviour is the result of being a product of the entertainment industry. I'd almost feel bad for her except I don't feel bad for millionaires.

No. 862991

You're acting as if there haven't been a thousand celeb men who did the exact thing before her.

No. 862994

first of all, the definition of indie music is that it's independent = not tied to, funded by, or released by a record company. she can't even type a single sentence without managing to come across as an absolutely retarded bimbo.
second of all, her brother already makes all her music videos for free, why would she need support from a big label? oh wait she doesn't, she's just a sellout and a hasbeen who desperately tries to stay relevant as something other than a celebrity housewife, despite making the choice all by herself to become just that. it's painfully evident by her grasping at fame by bringing up years old controversies, like in >>862936
third of all, checked demonic trips.

No. 862997

what a stiff, sterile, and awkward cover. they've also photoshopped her into more of a drawing than a photo. fashion photography is such crap now. look at covers from the 90s, which wasn't that long ago, and see how much mor alive they look

No. 862998

kek "racists on discord" you can't say the word "butch" while being a lesbian without getting banned for slurring lesbians by the fat greasy bdsm horrors that mod every server

No. 863000

>What 20 year old man or woman wants to be sexual with a 60 year old?
No, I'm not.

No. 863053

Jennie from Blackpink & Grimes met and did autistic selfies in front of space rocket

No. 863056


No. 863071

It's like she can't relax. She always feels like she needs to do this and try to look "hot", even though there's literally nothing left for her to prove. It's actually depressing.
Just think. In an alternate universe, she's cool and low-key, has a tight-knit group of friends and they all spend their days chilling and eating chocolate while silently judging new, young pop acts.

No. 863418

>Who would believe she has zero pores, no shaggy skin and wrinkles at that age? Who is she trying to fool?
You'd be surpised the amount of people who look at an obviously photoshopped picture or even thumbnail in a video and choose to accept that as reality even if they KNOW the person doesn't look like that irl.

No. 863431

KEK i believe her

No. 863508

Same energy as her “go girl give us nothing” performance

No. 863528

File: 1627275513753.png (120.95 KB, 383x600, 1418798251264856070.png)

Lmao this ugly faggot nigger is in no way "feminine"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 863531

homophobic men view gay men as feminine regardless of how he looks/acts.

btw dilate

No. 863535

cope and seethe

No. 863536

Men can never be feminine. They will never have the organs and chromosomes to do the most feminine thing on earth: childbirth.

No. 863537

Go back to kiwifarms dumbass

No. 863540

what the fuck are you talking about

yeah he's not feminine but how is the torture that is childbirth "feminine" we literally shit as the baby is coming out

No. 863541

I forgot how retarded this thread is for a moment

No. 863542

Whoa she actually looks pretty.
This is pathetic wtf..
They can't blame AB for starting it this time.

No. 863545

Feminine and female are not synonyms.

No. 863547

Couldn't agree more. Whoever is calling the shots at VF chose to set the bar for creative direction super low. Everything about this from the styling to the set design and colour palette falls flat. They took the most overstated elements of mid century aesthetics and made it look cheap and costumey. Reminds me of those terrible "100 years of beauty" videos. The hair is particularly amateurish looking, seems like they were going for some kind of glamorous bedhead/Veronica Lake inspired look but the execution just lacks artistry. Dua lipa is pretty but she has a reputation for being a bit awkward and it really comes through in her pose and facial expression here.

No. 863548

File: 1627278259368.jpg (332.56 KB, 1440x2018, DEPVOIAJMAI6LBP3WAQRGYECEI.jpg)

similar vibe

No. 863549

If you’re female, you hold feminity. Not my fault you think feminity equals frivolous things like makeup.

No. 863551

Do you think feminity is dresses and makeup? Doesn’t matter if a woman defecates as a baby comes out: childbirth is uniquely feminine. Some of you are so brainwashed. You really think “ew poop! that’s a boy thing!” Grow up.

No. 863552

i honestly cant tell if youre another schizo tradfem or a troon but chill out. Do you think butches are feminine?

No. 863555

femininity is purely a performance for the male gaze if it isn't something that is purposely done to appeal to men in some form it isn't feminine. damn

No. 863558

I’m very clearly neither. Yes butches are feminine because once again, feminity does not equate to frilly dresses and makeup like tradthots and others try to tell you. If you’re a woman, you’re feminine. Obviously you’re one that thinks it’s frivolous things and weakness when it’s teally just the female brain/reasoning/things unique to us.

No. 863559

Sorry you’re misogynistically brainwashed

No. 863563

omg hahaha

No. 863564

… anon relates femininity to being a female biologically, NOT things like skirts, dresses, etc. like troons do yet you want to call her one? Damn some of you are so caught up in that bullshit that you’ve become lost and are turning against your own. Sad really.

No. 863575

Mensturation, vulvas, uteri, breastfeeding, childbirth,double x chromosomes, are all feminine and parts of femininity. By your logic all emales biologically are for the male gaze only.

Hopefully you see how stupid your doomer logic sounds now.

No. 863577

Not my fault that femininity has turned into a product people can buy,
even if what youre saying is true, men obviously act accordingly of what they see. Men kill rape and torture us if we give or deny femininity(ourselves) so maybe being female is a horrible thing. cope with it

No. 863586

Men also rape and torture each other, animals, elderly people, babies and dead bodies.
The whole world is horrible with men in it, it's not women's fault for existing lol.

No. 863589

File: 1627283161497.png (64.73 KB, 1322x1210, 827261781.png)

Right, because femininity has never been associated with performing sexist gender roles at all. It's not as if women have ever faced backlash for not conforming to the socially constructed feminine archetype.

No. 863594

Yeth, fuck my puthy, drive it into my garage like a Tethla, Elon.

No. 863596

you're right anon kek. there's no such thing as a uniquely female way to reason and these others are retarded

No. 863597

Telling women to cope with… being female? Because men exist? Praying for you anon.

No. 863598

>these others are retarded for acknowledging biology

No. 863599

Gender roles =/= femininity. I’m not talking about gender roles and stereotypes at all. Either you’re trying to set up a strawman or don’t see where I’m coming from at all. Can’t make you understand but going to say it again: femininity is being female. It is not about gender, stereotypes, traditional roles, etc. It’s about being biologically female.

No. 863604

>so maybe being female is a horrible thing. cope with it
This reeks of scrotal posting but also could be a self-hating woman. If the latter, seek therapy. Women don’t have to “cope” with men being rapists just because they are women.

No. 863610

File: 1627285148033.jpg (166.4 KB, 1080x700, 82726262882.jpg)

You can keep repeating that but literally half the world and all of history that has pushed traditional gender roles onto women disagrees with you. The words femininity and masculinity have always had these connotations attached to them.

No. 863618

How to be feminine:
Step 1: refrain from performing involuntary physiological processes.

No. 863620

All the dumbasses saying all women are feminine sound autistic. femininity implies being submissive and the rest of the misogynistic shit scrotes and handmaidens say. Not every woman is feminine holy shit. The whole point of feminism is to make society realize womanhood isn't a stereotype or look. Its a biological fact.(wrong thread, retard)

No. 863625

File: 1627285673652.jpeg (726.64 KB, 828x1351, 02AD611B-AA33-4146-AA87-2C6F31…)

Grimes’ bimbofication continues

No. 863628

>All the dumbasses saying all women are feminine sound autistic.
>The whole point of feminism is to make society realize womanhood isn't a stereotype or look. Its a biological fact.
are you autistic by any chance?

No. 863642

Literally who the fuck. Has she had a brow lift? Looks less heavy.
She's def had more than just filler at this point.

No. 863646

No but if don't understand what i mean you might be

No. 863663

File: 1627288513807.jpg (51.84 KB, 800x800, askeletons.jpga0dc2849-ef5f-4c…)

Yeah I'm sure that one is not more feminine than the other.

you are the only autist here

No. 863672

>femininity implies being submissive and the rest of the misogynistic shit scrotes and handmaidens say.
Exactly but they think their special definition of femininity exists in a vacuum with no social or cultural connotations attached to it. The fact of the matter is that most people associate femininity not just with biological female things, but the gender roles that are imposed on women. That's why feminist theory makes a distinction between femininity (socially constructed) and actually being female (biological)

No. 863682

File: 1627290759245.jpg (164.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

damn she really looks like modded skyrim chars

No. 863690

File: 1627291652809.jpg (10.24 KB, 360x360, unnamed.jpg)

This image legit creeps me out. She doesn't look human anymore ffs

No. 863695

File: 1627292395608.gif (2.87 MB, 360x360, 2rqv0i.gif)

No. 863701

>they think their special definition of femininity exists in a vacuum with no social or cultural connotations attached to it
Women are fighting to erase that like anons here in this thread. You want femininity to mean be uwu submissive housewife in a dress barefoot pregnant in the kitchen forever? You’re part of the problem.

No. 863703

>The whole point of feminism is to make society realize womanhood isn't a stereotype or look. Its a biological fact.
Literally what anons are trying to do itt but you morons are so caught up on patriarchy defined terms that you won’t accept women taking them back.

They’re trying to say femininity isn’t just outward shit and more complex but you keep trying to push outdated definitions on them. You’re not going to change shit doing that.

No. 863721

more like you're all acting like your terms mean the same thing worldwide, for feminists it does mean anything female orientated but for scrotes(and most of the world) it implies a certain behavior or look

No. 863723

What don’t you understand about taking back a term? You let scrotes do it all the time but when women actively try, you shoot them down. Everything has to start somewhere.

No. 863732

When did this become about "taking back a term" because I'm pretty sure it just started because anons were assmad that a gay moid got called feminine, not understanding that the word is commonly associated with traditional gender roles and the rest of the world doesn't abide by their definition.

No. 863738

You’re all assmad that women aren’t sitting back and accepting a term being associated with traditional gender roles. That’s why it became a discussion on taking back a term. You really expected everyone to just drop it because half the world thinks it’s XYZ? You really want being feminine associated with being submissive forever? You all really are backwards. Just say you hate women speaking up.

No. 863740

Lol so you’re admitting you accept and abide by outdated misogynistic stereotypes just because it’s widely accepted?

Imagine getting mad at women for not accepting misogynistic stereotypes. Couldn’t be me.

No. 863743

>Just say you hate women speaking up.
Why are you being so melodramatic over a semantic argument on a Mongolian goat herding forum? Jesus Christ. YASSSSS kween, call that black man a racial slur in the name of women's rights.
>>863528(enough derailing)

No. 863770

>Not because of her looks, but the age difference. What 20 year old man or woman wants to be sexual with a 60 year old?
And yet grandpa scrotes are considered sexy and desirable to young women (by society and the not yet pinkpilled). Go get it Madonna
Except Bruce WISHES he looked as good as Dua Lipa there. It's true that her pose is a little stiff, but she looks gorgeous there. That hair really fits her, she should stick with it

No. 863775

I don't really understand why we need terms like femininity and masculinity at all tbh. What could they mean outside of all the stereotypical stuff or something regarding the looks?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 863792

Holy shit anon please open a book.

No. 863800

File: 1627303460336.jpg (233.68 KB, 1492x791, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Emma's publicists are desperately trying to make her relevant again

No. 863802

File: 1627303619606.jpg (230.35 KB, 550x708, madonna-president-1.jpg)

I dont see the problem with this when hollywood pairs up young women with old men all the time or old men are showed in our faces as ''hot''.
I think she would have aged gracefully if she didnt go overboard with fillers and surgery, she looked fine in her 40's and early 50's before she decided to get 10 facelifts.
(pic related when she was 54)

No. 863807

i had a feeling that the lil nas x spergs here were racist and guess i was right.

No. 863837

File: 1627308182691.png (2.04 MB, 1465x962, 16tjRU9GHg7574hhHh.png)

jennifer lopez and ben affleck got back together

was surprised to have not seen this posted yet, not because they're particularly interesting or milky, but because this photo is so fucking funny

No. 863838

File: 1627308396659.png (776.56 KB, 656x690, is he incapable of feeling hap…)

No. 863844

it's sad, loads of older stars who didn't go this route are still seen as icons, having their old and new photos posted to instagram every day, and no one is blaming them for not looking like they used to, instead they are only loved more if they age with grace and have a great personality. carrie fisher was adored until she died. fiona apple has a solid fanbase not because she was beautiful when she was young (she still is - but she isn't trying to look like she is in her twenties) but because people like her down to earth personality and music. everytime i hear or see anything about madonna lately, it's because people are making fun of her attempt to look young and fit into todays standards of a beautiful, young woman. she is making herself look like a fool. when she dies, no one is going to look back at her life in her sixties and talk about how great she was and looked, they're going to look back at the 90's and either ignore how she was behaving now or make it an example of how hollywood destroys a person, when she could have done like carrie or fiona and be respected as a woman who didn't want to give in to that shit and instead set a good example for young women.

No. 863854

the ugly manlet da bitch baby brought out his midget bestie torey lanez who shot megan in the foot out at rolling loud and everyone booed them and someone threw a shoe at him. I hope whoever threw that shoe has a blessed life. I hate male rappers so much omg they are so ugly and get away with abusing and torturing black women. i want to fight.

No. 863859

File: 1627310661706.jpeg (527.86 KB, 828x1070, BC26F550-5472-4B87-BA79-8DD48E…)

here’s the guy who threw it. i wish he threw a brick instead

No. 863865

For the most part I agree but
>set a good example for young women
No younger women are looking to older retired pop singers as role models.
Cher's full of plastic and people love her, people just hate Madonna

No. 863875

File: 1627312363009.jpg (52.91 KB, 576x568, kanye1.JPG)

No. 863876

File: 1627312423562.jpg (92.01 KB, 510x680, E7Gui3dXoAAgRBR.jpg)

No. 863877

Because Cher isn't a tryhard, she's been looking like a lizard for decades but she's never desperately trying to be cool and down with the kids. Madonna was beloved well into her Hard Candy era, now she's just sad to watch.

No. 863888

File: 1627313374574.jpg (Spoiler Image, 388.02 KB, 600x862, NINTCHDBPICT000594032051.jpg)

Agreed. She could've endend her musical career there and let it rest in peace and with respect but she had to show people that she is still "trendy and fit". Her latest albums barely sell, instead she makes headlines with stuff like pic related.

No. 863892

…what is he wearing on his head?

No. 863916

I think he took one of those stockings you put on your feet to try on shoes and went “Yes this is it”

No. 863920

not to be that type of person but it always grosses me out when couples act intimate or horny in public.
its great that in real life people hate these talentless biches like da baby because the internet is such a echo chamber that you start believing that people actually like people like this.

No. 863924

ANON LMAOOO I almost spit out my coffee. I’m going to need a stiff drink to get this image out of my brain

No. 863932

File: 1627317383632.jpeg (423.82 KB, 2048x2048, 15208444-5CA7-4A5C-9B2C-7234B1…)

She looks like a completely different person, why does her face/jaw look so long?

No. 863935

She looked so much better before, just as her music was better until the Art Angels.

No. 863937

She really went from looking like a unique little elf-girl with a heart shaped face to a dime-a-dozen Instathot trying to look ‘alt’

No. 863942

age and drugs. she had mad bulimia cheeks in her earlier days but these days she just looks haggard and pumped with filler

No. 863947

>She really went from looking like a unique little elf-girl
she never looked like an 'unique little elf-girl', though I'm sure she would love to. Always seemed like a smelly troll. The only thing she had going for her was her ana-chan body.

No. 863955

File: 1627319515957.jpg (69.09 KB, 822x345, Screenshot_20210726-111335_Tik…)

trying to be ~cool and relatable~ when we all know she's has more than just lip fillers

No. 863959

We need to normalize being a straight up ugly broad. Some women are ugly. They aren't cute or elf like or whatever. They genuinely look like Neanderthals AND THATS FINE. It doesn't change their various other talents. Whether Grimes is talented or not is up for debate but she is a truly ugly woman and should just embrace it

No. 863961

god i hope some of that is focal length. she had a cute face naturally (hipster styling may not be your preference but she was considered hot in her subculture) but this pic looks like caitlyn jenner and jocelyn wildenstein got into a telepod built by a raver in 2003

No. 863963

what the fuck is that pose? "please mr director make me more famous uwu"

No. 863965

he seems like such a crazy drunk

No. 863969

cher knows not to take herself too seriously. she makes fun of herself in interviews all the time and i don't think she even calls herself a musician anymore

No. 863985

File: 1627322176284.jpg (86.16 KB, 602x443, jaw.jpg)

Maybe she's getting jaw fillers like Elon does

She's clearly had her cheeks filled too

No. 863987

I agree with this. Some people will say "she's not ugly that's too extreme, she's just average looking," and I get it, but that's besides the point. Like you said, not everyone needs to be beautiful. Physical beauty is coveted because it's rare, it's normal to be a bit ugly. Makes me think of the hypocrisy of the body posi discourse that disingenously claims that all bodies are beautiful or whatever. People are capable of contributing more to society than just a sexually attractive image, the entertainment industry would never promote that message though.

No. 863992

off handed, I can tell she had nasolabial fillers (they go on your cheeks/temples to stretch the skin), eyebrow lift with botox, chin fillers (you can see it hides the shadow on her chin) and she might of gotten either cool sculpting or buccal removal surgery on her jaw/under cheeks.

Outside of the obvious lip fillers of course.

No. 864013

I was literally about to say buccal fat removal. I think she might have gotten less invasive stuff like a thread lift and nonsurgical nose job too.

No. 864018

Idk, reads more like Seth's publicists to me. I think he realised that if he kept defending his pedo friend James Franco and allowing for women to feel uncomfortable of the set of his films, he would get cancelled. So now he larps as woke so he can stay relevant, as if anyone but stoner dudebros with shitty humor cares about him anyway

No. 864025

I don't think she's touched her nose at all. Maybe if we see a more clear picture but even in doja's music video her nose still looks the same. But you might be right about the thread lift, it's hard to say.

I have a feeling she's going to probably do something about it soon though, it's her most harsh and obvious feature.

FYI, for nonnys who aren't aware, these are all relatively expensive. For someone who's needing money for music videos etc, and claims that elon isn't paying for things, I highly doubt he isn't funding her cosmetic surgeries. For example, the nasolabial fillers she got alone range from $2500-$3000 alone for one session. I recently had mine done and it was $2800, and there are sometimes two sessions (one for the stretching area, and another to fill the gap if your folds are specifically bad)

With her lips (250-600), chin (700-900), nasolabial folds (2500-3000) buccal fat removal (8000-10,000), eyebrows (1000-2000) we're looking at about $12, 450 on a LOW end. Keep in mind she probably went to a more expensive place too so it could be a lot more.

Does she really expect anyone to believe muskrat isn't funding this? While talking about needing money for music videos? What a fucking liar lol.

No. 864028

File: 1627325132275.jpeg (48.8 KB, 1000x661, Grimes-Discord-1627069279-1000…)

why I think it's a thread lift.

No. 864031

File: 1627325355469.jpg (182.8 KB, 452x630, Screenshot_20210726-144246.jpg)

another recent one looking totally different. I hope this means she got her teeth fixed and took out the dumb vampire teeth.

The reason I said nonsurgical nose job is because she used to have a bump midway up her nose and I think they used filler slightly above that and below it. Her nose is as wide as ever but the bump is less prominent.

No. 864034

This is a dumb take. Why do anons always speak of beauty and ugliness as some objective thing? If someone thinks Grimes was or is beautiful, you can't chime in with "No she isn't" as if it's fact. I think you need to disconnect subjective beauty from beauty ideals. Ideals change from place to place and from time to time. Someone considered the ideal today, might be considered ugly by the general public in 50 years. I think it's true we don't need to be beautiful in EVERYONE'S EYES or according to contemporary ideals, but that doesn't mean we are not allowed to call someone beautiful because they don't fit those ideals or to feel beautiful in our own bodies if they don't fit those ideals. And as stupid as body positivity activists can get, I think they're not wrong in saying everyone is beautiful, cus they aren't saying that everyone has to be beautiful according to others, just that people as individuals don't have to think they're ugly cus the world around them are saying so in this exact moments. They can change the way they are seeing themselves and learn only to surround themselves by people who don't give them shit for their looks

No. 864039

Samefag, at the same time people are also allowed to not care about their look or feeling beautiful at all and I agree that should be normalised more, but I don't think the way to do that is agreeing with current ideals and saying we should just accept them

No. 864040

File: 1627326048346.jpg (80.93 KB, 542x823, E7KlwwKWQAMaSjG.jpg)

No. 864044

File: 1627326117062.jpg (63.06 KB, 720x511, E7KlqpeXsAUDH3u.jpg)

No. 864054

two untalented mediocre biches.
One known for being a lazy dancer and having her ceo favor her and the other one being a wannabe communist and only getting relevant again because of her billionaire boyfriend.

No. 864055

Wtf her face looks painfully tight
Beauty can be measured, it’s not as subjective as people make it out to be. Of course you can have facial flaws and still be considered attractive to other people, but there are specific ratios and proportions that make a face beautiful. A lot of women who are considered beautiful (without shilling ofc) won’t magically be thought of as ugly trolls later on. Grimes is ugly but that’s not a crime, it’s just bad luck.

No. 864059

>A lot of women who are considered beautiful (without shilling ofc)
They have to be shilled in order to be considered anything in the first place

No. 864082

Ayrt I have no idea how you managed to make my post most horrific, well played.

YETH! ooh oooh yeth Elon, gimme thath gianth humongouth penith

No. 864091

NTA, but you've never seen a beautiful woman just walking in public?

No. 864199

File: 1627336244953.jpeg (46.92 KB, 620x350, 73FDD30F-5885-4EF1-87ED-E57F5C…)

How much more pathetic can you get? Trying to recreate something you did decades ago is just desperation. Wonder how much alcohol he’s currently consuming before noon in order to tolerate being around her?

No. 864207

File: 1627337326673.png (84.87 KB, 475x264, Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 17.0…)

reaffirming they look fire lmao, the malnutrition got into her brain cells

No. 864209

It's not that deep

No. 864223

Didn’t say it was. Do you know what thread you’re in kek?

No. 864254

70iq take, kek.

No. 864269

File: 1627340367533.png (543.97 KB, 1008x853, 85E974A9-2FD4-405C-A8D6-CD4B39…)

The article is basically implying that HIV and AIDS is exclusive with being gay

No. 864276

It's probably more to do with his comments later on:

"Fellas, if you ain’t sucking d**k in the parking lot, put your cellphone lighter up.”

"DaBaby just attempted to explain why he went on an anti-gay and sexist diatribe during his set at Rolling Loud … by now saying his gay fans don't have HIV/AIDS because they're not "nasty gay n**s" or "junkies."


And don't forget the blatant misogyny and overall not understanding how womens bodies work

“Ladies, if your p*y smell like water, put your cellphone lighter up."


No. 864296

>Ladies, if your p*y smell like water, put your cellphone lighter up.
what did dababy mean by this

No. 864298

File: 1627342373197.jpg (41.41 KB, 396x500, claireno.jpg)

she looks like madame here

No. 864301

kek what's with anachans always claiming they eat sooo much hahaha i know i should stop but its just so good, i totes ate the whole bag omg

No. 864334

Basically water smells of nothing so he's saying support if you have an odorless puss, because men refuse to acknowledge that organs smell.

No. 864337

the only time a pussy is gonna not smell like anything is several after after showing, same with penises, these moids definitely know that their dicks don't smell like roses after a day
if your pussy smells even after showering, go to a doctor or learn to clean yourself properly jfc

No. 864346

I mean, he's a piece of shit, but the HIV/AIDS epidemic was rampant in mainly gay men because of how often they have unprotected and casual sex. It was the lowest percentage among Lesbians. Random anti gay stuff to say though.. Why are rappers always trash

No. 864359

a little OT but it was because gay men have unprotected anal sex. It's actually difficult to get HIV/AIDs through regular sex, it's specifically about blood to blood transmissions, and since anal sex often gives you micro tears, it's fairly easy to infect/spread through it. That's also why lesbians had the lowest percentage. So he's kinda not totally wrong, it's why medically a lot of places don't allow you to donate blood if you're gay (but that's changing in a lot of place in the world obviously).

No. 864371

Thought she was bi? she does have some bangers though.

No. 864389

It's scary how close she's looking to 6ix9ine in this picture

No. 864390

the next r kelly

No. 864393

>Slaps a woman
>Makes misgynstic music
>makes a immature comment about "Pussy smelling like water" that nobody would've cared about

>Brought out the man who Megan said shot her

but when he makes a comment about gay men and HIV people are like, "Whoa, whoa thats TOO far!"
He's disgusting and been disgusting, but it's crazy what it takes for people to trulys see that.

No. 864399

You're probably right, I just assumed lesbian since she's engaged to a woman but now that you mention it her lyrics do mention going both ways

No. 864447

We love educational anons! And yes, thank you. It was specially spread through anal sex because of blood to blood and fluid with blood.

Yup. Gotta protect the fags, but shooting and slapping women is fair game.

No. 864510

File: 1627367079286.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3205x3214, 35378AA1-4BDF-4AC0-AB77-8B33E7…)

No. 864511

when you get your inspo from caricature drawings

No. 864512


No. 864513

She used to be cute :(

No. 864521

Man, she looks so ugly in that music video. I wanna say they did her dirty compared to the other girls' looks but I am 98% sure she styled herself.
The poorly applied makeup speaks for itself.

No. 864522

File: 1627368791269.jpg (75.6 KB, 635x622, ben.JPG)

Is she releasing a new album soon or something? Why does this all reek of PR stunt.

No. 864529

Idk how familiar you ladies are with mainstream rap but everyone hates DaBaby. He’s got shit bars, he did a ft. with Tory Lanez right after he did one with Megan thee Stallion post foot shooting fiasco, he’s been caught up in many petty rapper beefs, and he just fucking sucks.
Some dude threw a shoe at him at the Rollin Loud set and the shoe thrower owned up to it on Twitter and he’s now an internet hero.
He’s like a less hated 6ix 9ine but that’s only because he hasn’t been caught in a courtroom ratting on ops yet. Everyone hates his goofy industry plant ass

No. 864543

Hopefully not. I hope they're happy or whatever but I just don't care about them. Idk why celebs do this. Just go be rich and be quiet about your life.

No. 864545

File: 1627374115280.jpeg (39.89 KB, 283x542, B8B09FF3-B14A-4C47-A71A-A10B99…)

She literally looks like that pillow face filter from ig now. It’s going to be such a shitshow when he leaves her.

No. 864547

Sephora was giving away a 7” single with some skincare samples so uh, if she’s releasing something soon that’s a really bad sign.

No. 864558

I feel like Megan being cool with Da Baby (calling him her Work Husband and defending him) kind of made people somewhat soften on him for a bit. You'd think after he slapped a woman she would'nt want to be cool with him, but nope. Now he's shown her what we all knew, that her friendship meant nothing and he does not care about her or the violence she faced because, HE'S VIOLENT HIMSELF and he never hid that.
The way Da Baby is acting, is the way he's always acted but Megan thought for some reason, that a man that can't even be a good man to his baby mothers or girlfriends, would treat her better.
I'd say this is a lesson to Megan and women in the industry but nothing is going to change. The industry is ran by men.

No. 864562

Unpopular opinion but I always thought she looked cute and interesting in a good way, hollywood perfection is boring. Now she botched herself to look borderline grotesque.

No. 864575

Yep, this. Grimes was unique and even cute before, some anons here are wack. I fail to understand why anons think she's SO ugly.

No. 864611

Don't forget you also had cheek and chin fillers and either a brow lift or excessive forehead Botox, grimes

No. 864618

Same reason people in europe went bananas over BLM instead of women losing right to abort in poland.
It kills me how little people care about women.

No. 864624

I'm ESL, what does she mean by a doll shape? Like she deliberately wants to look like a blow-up doll?

No. 864645

File: 1627389489653.jpeg (20.57 KB, 554x554, images (18).jpeg)

Not a blow up, like a model doll. They usually have narrow and plump lips with a high cupid's bow. Although hers don't look like that, just like every other Instagram thot's.

No. 864658

File: 1627390735238.jpg (43.94 KB, 580x580, 594b01343812fbc91ba1e1133b3263…)

so cute uwu
people care more about scrotes than woman AND the whole world is too busy brown-nosing USA to care about societal issues in an eastern european 'shithole'.

No. 864728

am i retarded or is she implying that she has spaghetti-related ptsd?

No. 864744

madame doesn't deserve this (also anon, you're based af for knowing queen madame)

No. 864750

File: 1627401759031.png (36.85 KB, 784x262, sick.PNG)

speaking of abusive rap demons that still get heralded. Lil uzi vert literally saw his ex girlfriend minding her business with another guy and he literally put a gun to her chest and started beating the shit out of her. So much so that she had to be hospitalized. Im telling you these rap dudes can do no wrong as long as the people they are abusing are black women because no one gives a fuck about black women famous or not. We are treated like subhuman trash for daring to exist.

No. 864752

File: 1627401963219.jpg (151.04 KB, 980x653, attachment-Brittany-Byrd-Lil-U…)

people in question in case some don't know. He also beat the shit out of JT from City Girls but no one cares. As long as you are a "rapper" you literally can rape, torture, and murder women and the world will still love you so long as the woman is black. sick.

No. 864761

post traumatic spaguetti disease, yes

No. 864767

File: 1627403289112.jpeg (860.96 KB, 1121x6282, 481B4B45-ECB0-4587-8475-5A8BE6…)

jamie lynn spears accidentally photographs her husband looking at britney's instagram post and tries to cover it up like nothing. not to mention the post is sandwiched between brit's topless pics

No. 864821

It looks more like a full version of the image, wouldn't be surprised if these two cunts had some invovement with running the account

No. 864834

This is really sad

No. 864854

this is just a shit photo nonnie, she's not a conventional-looking celebrity but acting like she's objectively hideous (pre-bimboification) is absurd

No. 864922

Goddamn it anon, kek

No. 865042

as long as women keep hanging out with scrotes or associating with scrotes in any way this will keep happening and nothing will change. i just wish all women realized how truly evil and disgusting men are, and stopped fucking associating with them! Trying hard not to a log men right now.

No. 865054

Samefag, blackpilled feminism manifesto when?

No. 865060

File: 1627425999932.jpg (212.18 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_20210727-234548_Twi…)

god i can't stand this 'man'

No. 865064

i can’t wait until someone throws a brick at his irregular shaped head

No. 865067

Based dababy

No. 865070

File: 1627426679621.png (1.23 MB, 1142x824, sfhjh.png)

Paris might be pregnant.

No. 865074

There was some interview Grimes did years ago where she was talking about how she liked to melt butter on a plate and soak it up with toast, and how for a while she was eating just spaghetti and felt sick because she wasn’t eating vegetables, who knows if it’s true. But if it is, you know there’s no way in hell she would ‘allow’ herself to keep eating like that if she wants to keep Elon’s attention as his uwu bimbo anachan.

No. 865077

>years ago
Wasn't that last year when she was pregnant? I don't feel like watching it to check, but I'm pretty sure it was vid

No. 865087

God it's Jarring to see how much more she's had done to her face since then, Her eating is so disordered why did they bother getting her to make a video when she's lowkey bragging about how little she eats