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File: 1626714608876.gif (661.65 KB, 220x165, 42BFAB7D-32B6-4255-A3B9-3EFE76…)

No. 858006

It’s really dumb.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/848606

No. 858010

File: 1626714864485.png (497.79 KB, 2794x1368, colonizer moment.png)

The concept of going into the celebricows thread, hijacking it and "converting" it into the new dumbass shit thread is really funny to me.

No. 858011

samefag but it was a huge accident I posted it on the wrong page, wasn’t trying to derail or anything I hope the mods delete it

No. 858015

Jesus Christ this pic is unsettling, like I feed bad for the guy but looking at him makes me feel uncomeatable

No. 858016

File: 1626715090991.jpg (24.08 KB, 283x320, shock.jpg)

But anon, I'm not you. U-Unless…?

No. 858017

my brain is sort of foggy sorry anon! lol

No. 858021

File: 1626715433836.gif (3.27 MB, 250x377, tumblr_7c7cf705e6078c20dcd5e31…)

might go around and start shaving beards of hobos

No. 858023

having fun on omegle, too bad i have only come across horny scrotes and girls copy and pasting their kik account and disconnecting. i want a chat? is that too much to ask?

No. 858025

Like… with their consent, or?

No. 858026

File: 1626715916549.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 531x270, 676E4E46-634A-439C-82C7-573D90…)

No. 858029

she really thought this was bragworthy and ~aesthetic~ too

No. 858031

is it wrong to say that I find this shit oddly comical

No. 858039

Ew spoiler this shit

No. 858041

Found a dollar on my way to work woooo. Happy monday.

No. 858048

This is fucking awful
Rip all the retards that got meme’d into liking it

No. 858059

ngl I thought this was gonna be a prelude into another gore wave

No. 858062

File: 1626718417859.jpg (341.17 KB, 2026x2048, wtf am i reading.jpg)

I hate Homestuck so much, I just saw people saying that one of the battle themes in Pokemon ShSw, the one made by the Undertale guy, was basically a remix of a mpreg Homestuck music/fanfic.

No. 858066

OMG I LOVE SCHLITZIE SO MUCH (the man in the OP gif). What a sweetheart.

No. 858068

I think I might've given myself a uti. I've been taking sponge bsths because I have no access to a shower so…yea

No. 858072

File: 1626718842272.jpg (222.45 KB, 493x699, RIP.jpg)

>Musicians will never dress like this again
I hate this reality so much

No. 858079

a leather jacket and jeans? this is like the basic rocker uniform.

No. 858081

I was watching some random clips on youtube and watched the clip of when thor came to Wakanda in infinity war, and it was the reaction in an American cinema and everyone was cheering and clapping, is this a common thing in America? like with big movies? That is so american though tbh

No. 858084

yes, retards that go to see new capeshit type movies are absolutely the type that would cheer and scream in the theater. i remember when i was a kid going to the opening night of one of the harry potter movies and i vowed to never again just because of the sheer amount of autistic verbal reactions to the movie.

No. 858088

have you seen modern rock musicians? It’s all blazers and Beatles haircuts

No. 858091

Even a harry potter movie?! I am British and have never experienced anything like that at the cinema, you would be kicked out, you can get in trouble if you have your phone light on

No. 858104

yeah i guess here it depends on the vibe of the movie if that makes sense? if it's a serious movie or the cinema is mostly empty, you can absolutely get in trouble for being too loud or on your phone.
if it's packed full of loud morons the mob mentality unfortunately takes over and everyone decides it's time to act like monkeys and hoot and clap at the screen every time there's even a slight cue.

No. 858108

I think it's an opening night thing, i'm from EU and witnessed something like this multiple times but only with big premieres; I think it's fine because if someone books a ticket for the very first showing it usually means they're a huge fan and everyone in the room is equally excited for the events and there's certain feeling of unity in getting to just openly react with all the people around you. Otherwise, outside of opening showing it never happens though.

No. 858163

I dreamt I made a new thread on /ot/ but it was so unpopular that it had -1 replies

No. 858168

This movie theater by my house has a clapping ritual that people do. People also verbally react to movies, here, it's considered normal

No. 858199

I'll dress up my band like this when I;m in one for you anon

No. 858204

I love how I saw some men saying Meg Thee Stallion looks like a man, but in the sports illustrated covers, there was an actual tranny and they didn't know and praised him. Even though the tranny doesn't look better then Megan and doesn't even look like the cover irl.

No. 858207

Never fall in love with your favourite youtuber. I can't watch him anymore because i just think of him hugging me while he spergs about Nintendo.

No. 858211

File: 1626725602304.jpg (234.64 KB, 1079x809, mgs.jpg)

It's the racism. Anyway, Meg does need to stop letting weirdo drag queen stans/gay men decide on all her looks.
She's naturally hot, the makeup and tacky outfits just drag her down.

No. 858216

I legit though you were talking about a cartoon character that's a horse because of the name

No. 858223

File: 1626726402320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.52 KB, 620x930, x163483_tk4_00030wmweb.jpg)

Speaking of Sports Illustrated, the yellow swimsuit they chose for Naomi is terrible. She looked cute in the black swimsuit though.

No. 858225

File: 1626726490581.jpg (197.07 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

This troon literally gets lighter, thinner and bigger breasts in every photo they take but Megan looks mtf.

No. 858227

File: 1626726547296.jpg (405.35 KB, 1080x1089, 8272626262.jpg)

Agreed she looks so beautiful with more toned down/natural looking make up. Drag makeup techniques were created to feminize masculine features on males, actual women don't look good with it.

No. 858229

File: 1626726633049.png (789.59 KB, 474x614, k.PNG)

Vs. Megan, they know what they are doing constantly throwing transwomen into the mix whenever they highlight black beauty.

No. 858232

It's so bewildering to see people on lolcow (mainly on /w/) who unironically cape for trannies. Well they'll learn eventually

No. 858238

I thought she had her line? I don't know if it's part of it.

No. 858242

She has such a kind and cute face.

No. 858253

Someone bumped an ancient thread and wtf I have the same dress as this girl >>>/snow/90896 I found it at a thrift store

No. 858266

Ikr? Yesterday I watched her documentary series and I couldn't help but love her lol. She's very sweet

No. 858269

she does! i want to be her friend lmao. she looks like one of those girls that would always smile at you in the street

No. 858273

Thought Katherine Harlow would go the Feebs route and completely ghost the internet but thankfully she's too much of an attention whoring fool to do so. Thank god she's fucking dumb, she's my new favorite cow.

No. 858281

I'm pretty sure I water damaged my phone and I'm really sad about it. I really needed a new one anyway but I wanted to see how long I could go with it. Almost 5 years…
The screen flickers on and off randomly and when it does I can't use it. Thankfully it's usable enough until my new phone comes in later this week.
RIP phone

No. 858283

RIP. What kind of phone are you getting?

No. 858286

I stopped wearing bras but I put medical tape over my nipples because I'm insecure and I don't change it for a week to not make useless waste but when I take it off it gets so stuck I think I take off a layer of skin too. I'm just putting moisturizing cream on now and it burns, I am the dumbest bitch I need to stop doing this

No. 858289

Lol she's going to milk being "stalked and doxxed by an alt-right website" as much as she can. Can't wait until she says she was targeted for her "activist work". Muh oppression and shit.

No. 858290

start using oil or water to get the adhesive loose when you’re removing them. sounds painful as hell.

No. 858291

hope you're having an ok day, scottanon

No. 858293

Thanks I'll try water, I'll try to come up with a way to stick some toilet paper in the tape so it's like a bandaid, sticky on the ends but not in the middle, I just always rush things instead of doing them properly

No. 858297

Why don't you get pasties? I don't think it's good for your skin that you let the tape for so many days, it can't breath

No. 858298

yeah i think you can even get little reusable ones if you’re concerned about waste

No. 858299

A used iPhone 7. It's my first iPhone and I'm so excited! It's cheap, but still a big upgrade from the crappy prepaid Android I had before.

No. 858306

I was going thru some documents and found an old cv from my ex with his number on it that I made a point to destroy months prior. Now I want to call him and tell him I found out the woman his friend dated that he always bragged about secretly liking him was a false truth! He fucked her tranny friend instead! I want him to know that I know, he's a queer cunt.

No. 858308

randomly found out this girl I used to babysit years and years ago is now a barely legal bimbo ??? or has a bimbofication fetish ??? via my tiktok for you page and I want to die.

No. 858312

I just found out the weird furry dude I met on overwatch is a famous youtuber now. IIRC he would try making sexual remarks to the other males in our gaming group even though they all were straight, however he was kind enough so I am happy to see him thriving with his youtube channel

No. 858317

My friend went viral on tiktok wtf

No. 858350

File: 1626734575999.jpg (62.03 KB, 863x500, Screenshot_20210720_004205.jpg)

These posts made me realize that "redpill me on" and "what's the tea on" are basically synonyms

No. 858355

File: 1626735085275.jpeg (17.29 KB, 275x275, 1605044634031.jpeg)

I tried to exercise for the first time in forever and while doing something that required to spin my back I kept hearing a grinding noise in my spine and now I'm kinda freaked out
It doesn't hurt, it's just a spooky sound and I don't like it

No. 858371

i love those anons that keep trying to make joji threads. they're so fucking funny to me. thank you so much for your service joji thread making, real email address using, instantly banned anons

No. 858375

my legs are literally shaking holy shit some dude literally put his boat in the dirty lake near my place, a full-fledged fucking boat wtf scrote lmao

No. 858381

and kpop faggerinos who keep making threads about their fav jungkook cow but are cockblocked by the mods every single time

No. 858384

ppl using their real email never gets old. it's always shit like xXhotgurlXx or crystal_fae_wolf too

No. 858385


No. 858412

Before I used to be like, "Man why can't I sperg out with my tits out?" on here when it came to the "No Nitpick rules", like every once in a while I get in that space.
but after reading LSA, I'm thankful for those rules.

No. 858450

KEK pls that’s so funny, the underaged newbies always get me

No. 858484

how tf do so many anons know ecelebs/viral people or whatever the fuck they're called
>he was kind enough
he sounds annoying and gross, hope he fails tbh

No. 858485

File: 1626747649536.png (164.88 KB, 1345x671, Screenshot (167).png)

Ledtypol users are such fucking retards, Virtue signaling Muslims, caping for Trannies and literally doing nothing to appeal to the working class
how did left wing spaces get made up of entirely coomers and degenerates

No. 858506

File: 1626749958521.jpg (226.86 KB, 467x433, ZpK4t7J.jpg)

I like to re-read my past posts on various threads, is nice to remember my interactions with other anonettes. To make it easier to remember which posts are mine, I also like to use reaction memes, is not much but I guess I just remember pictures easier than text.

No. 858531

Fuck Marry Kill: Shayna, Onision, Momokun

No. 858539

Fuck Shayna, marry Momo, kill Onision ( obviously ).

No. 858540

The only correct answer is killing Onision

No. 858541

I feel like this is the only correct option

No. 858545

80% of the board is trannies.

No. 858547

I fucking hate men including my retarded boyfriend

No. 858563

dump him

No. 858574

I once tried to show my ex the music video for Blank Space (not a Swift fan, but that video is a lot of fun). Once the male model boyfriend showed up, he got all uncomfortable and insecure and asked me to turn it off. What an incredible baby, I think about it often.

No. 858577

I'd say maybe 50% but yeah Unironic Antifa Supporters who revel in their own degeneracy

No. 858583

This makes my blood boil just a little bit

No. 858590

what a faggot

No. 858635

File: 1626766851501.png (1.29 MB, 975x650, Diplomoceras maximum.png)

Just thinking about how I'm related to slugs and grasshoppers and sea cucumbers and I hate that shit.

No. 858637

When I took my bf with me to visit the small town I grew up in he was losing his mind when people on the street recognized me even though I hadn't been back in 5 years. I felt cool kek

No. 858653

File: 1626769817663.jpg (15.52 KB, 480x583, 100050424_118626606517143_2738…)

what is up with anons defending a fucking ugly deformed dog on shayna's thread? get a grip

No. 858654

What's up with anons thinking it's edgy and hilarious to mock some random shelter-mix dog? Remarkably autistic KF shit.

No. 858656

I don't even read Shayna's thread, but damn what did the dog do. The way anons were talking about it was kinda mean, not gonna lie.

No. 858657

it's slightly less autistic than everything else going on in that thread

No. 858660

True, it's so damn embarrassing in there. That thread used to be my favorite one and now it's become a fucking slog to get through. It would never happen, but I would adore a mass unmasking to see the twitter accounts of some of the most dumbass regulars in there.

No. 858664

I really need to buy earphones. I'm watching a 2 hour long vid covering a cow. The person narating it is speaking at a normal level but then the cow is bpd and hysterically loud and sobbing in most of the clips. It's a hot day, I need my windows open but I'm afraid a passing neighbor will overhear it and think that it's me having a mental breakdown lol

No. 858667

You can also put subtitles on if they have them and keep the volume lower. What cow btw

No. 858675

I'm playing the Ace Attorney trilogy for the first time. Is it weird if I'm crushing on Edgeworth? What a hunk.

No. 858681

Not weird at all he is a hunk and a half

No. 858683

Please God save me from reflux while I'm devouring this unforgivibly spicy dish. May it be without consequence. Amen

No. 858686

i will never call trader joe's anything but traitor joe

No. 858687

>is it weird I'm attracted to the handsome, sexy and mysterious young male character with a dark past who was specifically designed and written by a horny fujoshi to attract horny fujoshi?
I don't know anon. What do you think?

No. 858688

clap clap clap clap that ass bitch
shake that camel toe let me see them pussy lips

No. 858690

Someone keeps de and reactivating their instagram account so my follower count keeps jumping up and down constantly. So annoying

No. 858691

my esophagus is on fire

No. 858692

I'm sorry

No. 858696

File: 1626778047115.png (322.22 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210720-114127.png)

It cracks me up that the author of this little bug article is so intent on sassing click beetles.
I'm picturing a jealous and vindictive little ladybird typing this out because click beetles clowned on her in bug school. Ladybird, come to lolcow.farm and slag off click beetles here, you'd be more than welcome.

No. 858703

This is hilarious lmao. Must be personal, she must have had a beetle invasion in her home or something kek

No. 858712


No. 858724

Good friends are the light of my life.

No. 858734

Sometimes I want to know more about anons, I mean we post our favorite music, videogames, fictional characters, clothes but I wonder for each person what kind of clothes, music etc she likes if you know what I mean, I know this is an anonymous imageboard but I think it would be cool to see if there is some kind of pattern overall. For example I wonder what kind of music komaeda anons like.

No. 858739

She already posted her, um, audio preferences here.

I'm also curious about anons.
How old are they, where do they live, are they massively mentally ill? kek

No. 858762

File: 1626785350086.jpg (244.31 KB, 2048x1536, j7h5djmjfup31.jpg)

These were so beautiful and CHEAP. I hate stark white paper.

No. 858773

File: 1626786160834.jpeg (79.08 KB, 786x786, 3D2020BD-3824-4420-90F9-B23248…)

i think it’s so funny that egirls are latching onto tomie, drawing on a fake mole, dying their hair black, then going “she’s literally me” but the point of tomie is that she kills every one of her copycats/clones and would absolutely mog them irl

No. 858775

These are very pretty, where are they from?

No. 858776

nta but you can buy a lot of these in jetpen

No. 858778

Nta but they look like muji ones

No. 858781

I'm so fucking stupid, someone will sarcastically say that I'm beautiful and I'll start to believe it. Why am I so dumb.

No. 858784

because deep down you know you really are beautiful

No. 858792

Or, I'm ugly as fuck, I can't accept it and the first time someone mentions that I'm beautiful (even if they're clearly mocking me) I obsess over it to cope. I'm an idiot who believes everyone anon. I'll believe you too anon.

No. 858801

i want to hang this post in a museum

No. 858808

This gif is ancient but who is this mutated creature?

No. 858814


No. 858816

File: 1626791817499.gif (98.47 KB, 964x912, 3a33d8aace814947d794d81293f07a…)

My hair is finally long and healthy for the first time ever but I want to cut it above shoulder length again, talk me out of it nonas

No. 858827

I have a cold and whenever I sit or lie down my nose is too stuffed up to breathe. I can hardly even swallow or talk. However when I stand up my nose eventually clears without me even having to blow it. I understand my nose getting backed up when I lie back but why does the exact same thing happen when I sit upright? Is it a blood pressure thing or something??
Goddamn it I just want to sleep

No. 858828

It really does have immeasurable artistic value, I wish I could take credit for it

No. 858834

Do it, short hair is superior.

No. 858857

File: 1626794650271.jpg (187.45 KB, 1110x1500, baldies.jpg)

Don't do it. You'll like it for like a day and then start missing your hair.

Can you do like a faux bob hairstyle or something to get it out of your system?

No. 858861

do a hime cute instead

No. 858862

NTA but who the fuck would sarcastically tell someone they're beautiful? Sounds like you're making it up, they probably meant it (if you are beautiful)or are trying to be nice to you (if you are ugly). Can't have been sarcastic unless you're literally in high school getting bullied or some shit.

No. 858864

The key to letting your hair stay long is to not think about it. don't look at hairstyle pictures, old pictures of yourself, don't pout in the mirror. shut down the whole mental operation or you'll choose taking action over doing nothing and growing your hair feels like doing nothing.

No. 858866

I've had short hair most of my life, I do like it and I know from experience it's much easier to deal with which is why I feel the urge to go back now, but I want to enjoy my long hair for a at least a year before doing it. plus I know it makes me more conventionally attractive

No. 858874

File: 1626796263598.jpg (32.54 KB, 400x563, 6d676b5b26ce894cea3a4f0f1ff7df…)

No. 858878

You'd be suprised by how many adult people still act like high school bullies.

No. 858882

File: 1626796734158.gif (658.43 KB, 220x202, 08496.gif)

I can't believe we're in exactly the same condition anon, kek. Grew my hair out over quarantine after 5+ years of pixie cut and it's SO voluminous. I had no idea my hair could feel so thick. But I wanna go back to pixie so bad because I'm short and longer hair really dwarfs me oh god

No. 858904

i didn't cut my hair since last year anon and i'm surprised at how wavy it is when it's long. I was so used to short hair because of how i look in the mirror and I don't like to hassle myself with hair related things. but then I saw a picture of me from earlier 2020 and fuck, i look old with the short hair.

No. 858917

Same here, my hair is currently mid-back length and I’m incredibly tempted to have it cut to shoulder length once it’s safe to go to the hairdresser again. It’s longer than it’s ever been, healthy and I like looking like a mermaid in the mirror sometimes but most of the time I can’t be bothered to do anything with it, and I think shorter hair may be more flattering on me. If it’s not though, it will take me many years to get it to this length again.

No. 858924

Reddit spacing reminds me of when I was in primary school and a girl thought you took a paragraph after every single sentence.

Listen up ignorant nerds. Paragraphs are to separate ideas. Take a new paragraph when you're introducing a new subject into whatever shite you're typing and stop being dumbasses.

No. 858933

File: 1626800819110.png (410.46 KB, 720x952, Screenshot_20210720-025031.png)

This activities my flight or fight instinct's

No. 858951

File: 1626802398340.png (1.59 MB, 1352x1328, 1390954987211.png)

>work at a museum with a bunch of weird body conditions
>Fetuses and rotted limbs and shit
>During covid we had mostly regulars or people genuinely interested in this stuff
>Now mostly tourists who saw us on some TV channel
>there's a corpse right at the exhibit area entrance
>yesterday a guest takes one look at the corpse and faints
>We immediately make sure she's okay
>Wheelchair, water, private rest area, the whole nine
>Mfw she gives us 3 stars on Yelp
>"Should have warned people they might faint"

I hate tourists.

No. 858963

File: 1626803216544.jpeg (78.73 KB, 960x540, 5E333851-7146-4B21-8A71-638862…)

anon got me obsessed with this because I want to fuck everyone in this pic they’re all so hot

No. 858964

What interaction do I have to make to vote for the sexy ass female hyena

No. 858966

wtf is that blue thing

No. 858967

Covid really is ruining niche stuff and subcultures, huh? I'm sorry about the normies anon

No. 858969

File: 1626803623955.jpg (41.68 KB, 400x400, fb278c0ac120d11b29e52c781ca4d7…)

Were these shoes ever popular in your lifetime?

No. 858971

I feel like the internet, specifically tik tok and Instagram, have totally obliterated subculture

No. 858973

I am anon, good to see that I hooked you hehe.

No. 858974

Only with old ladies in China Town

No. 858978

Hahaha yeah! I liked the black ones. I wouldn't wear them now, though.

No. 858979

my future aborted fetus, look at it anon look at it

No. 858980

The way you wrote this with reddit spacing…

No. 858983

what's this

No. 858984

omg yes! In the 2000s they used to (?? it's entirely possible that they still do, idk) sell them anywhere there was a beach and people on holiday. My mom got pairs for herself and for me and my sister, and we used them as beach/pool shoes in the summer. I'm from southern europe for context

No. 858985

I remember them being a thing during middle school in southern California circa 2005

No. 858987

when i was younger they sold them at the weave store and I had a pink pair that I loved.

No. 858989

Lol my ex made an insta post of his proposal to the girl he dated with the same name after me and it looks exactly like the proposal he did to me. God bless them.

No. 859005

I've had like 4 drinks, I'm tempted to text my dad just to say I love him. Neither of us have ever said it enough and I don't have other family.

I'll fight the temptation though. If he randomly gets an 'I just wanted to say I love you' text he'll think I'm about to kill myself or something lol

No. 859006

that sounds like such a cool place damn

No. 859008

Did she expect a trigger warning on something like in twitter?

No. 859017

I started getting public transport at 8am every day lately. I can't believe the amount of people who'll eat a share sized bag of doritos or other crisps/chips at that time, in public, slipping their mask off for each new mouthful lol

I mean I love eating a whole share size bag of chips too but I wouldn't enjoy it as much at that time or that publicly.

No. 859020

My country has a computer with a camera that takes the temperature of the passengers and post them in a big screen. A guy was caught with above levels and his picture on the screen was of him eating a hotdog, it was hilarious.

No. 859022

no worries, anon, it was like this before covid. Things are getting back to normal, clueless tourists and all lolol
It's so neat! Cheesy af but I feel like I learn something new everyday.
It honestly sounds like she does and I can't wrap my head around this shit

No. 859025

Which museum do you work at? Sounds like it's not a place for sensitive fainty people.

No. 859044

> fainty people.
They prefer to be called 'people who faint' their fanting does not define them

No. 859047

Goddammit my already shit joke has a typo in it

No. 859056

I laughed, anon

No. 859062

Yes, am Asian and it wasn’t a thing with my non-Asian friends that I noticed, but we used these as house slippers

No. 859075

File: 1626811606292.jpg (152.83 KB, 877x687, Screenshot_4.jpg)

the best game

No. 859077

I think this a thing for some black families too.

No. 859079

this game actually had some hard levels when i was a kid iirc

No. 859082

Yeah, the Hakuna matata level was super hard. Also, the elephannt graveyard level scared me lol

No. 859108

File: 1626814388647.jpeg (89.75 KB, 933x603, 1572090400778.jpeg)

I was having a chill time in the shower when spotify decided to play two of Sulli's songs in a row, now I'm sad and thinking of her cat

No. 859115

I'm in a usually cold country but we're experiencing 'record' temperatures this week. Since yesterday I've had this almost nappy rash feeling around my ass/where my ass meets my vag. The only mirror in my house is above the bathroom sink and I'm not quite ready to climb up on a chair and moon myself to look at it.. I'm assuming this is some warm weather shit? Holy fuck the fun times I've been missing out on all these years!

No. 859146

prickly heat?

No. 859149

File: 1626818440639.jpg (80.53 KB, 750x937, sulli-heecul-cat.jpg)

RIP Sulli. It's ok, anon, her cat got adopted!

No. 859173

RIP Sulli, but I am so happy yo hear that! She loved that cat so much

No. 859179

why is she holding an uncook chicken

No. 859186

How dare

No. 859194

there you go anon

No. 859211

my 12 year old niece makes dancing vids on tik tok and it looks so inappropriate. I'm concerned about kids these days

No. 859212

I want your job! And that lady is the very definition of a karen. Ugh

No. 859214

File: 1626825227173.jpeg (23.39 KB, 316x285, 1F19CE8D-FBD8-4B2D-99C7-22889D…)

Sorry, Barbie magic genie adventure is actually the best game.

No. 859216

This. Along with Genesis version of Aladdin.

No. 859220

File: 1626825841012.jpeg (50.66 KB, 400x400, B6253A36-8458-4A30-9D73-D1D9C8…)

Need to fuck both of them expeditiously

No. 859225

I don’t understand travelling all the way to Japan and marrying one of the ugliest men you can find. His hair is tragic.

No. 859227

yiff in hell, degenerate fuck. disgust

No. 859230

looks really nice love the 60's anime vibe

No. 859232

Extremely bad taste anon

No. 859237

File: 1626826886876.png (85.91 KB, 1600x900, 1578708120800.png)

My country just bought 10.000 wooden penises, wha

No. 859250

Is it for some reverse trojan horse thing

No. 859253

Why does that one guy who posts his ass on meta always have the decency to spoiler it

No. 859260

japan? they got a penis celebration day thing. don't think that's today tho

No. 859262

Every time I see that shit I laugh

No. 859266

I put my Deathly Hallows pin from 10+ years ago on my backpack just because

No. 859271

I feel left out and didn't know this was a thing.

No. 859276

Argentina. Apparently is to teach sex education but why wooden, why now? and why do they need to commission pink bags to carry them?

No. 859282

File: 1626830701811.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.57 KB, 603x900, 06D48D58-2F1B-49BE-8E3E-6C6DFB…)

I wonder if they were made in Indonesia. Never seen so many wooden penises than I did in Bali. Apparently they make em for the Australian tourists.

No. 859287

File: 1626832087540.png (232.42 KB, 600x600, 1623617123044.png)

Mfw the long-ass reader insert fic I'm reading switches the pronouns of the reader 8 chapters in for no discernible reason

No. 859288

>Open textfile
>replace: he or they with: she

No. 859289

ily so much anon

No. 859297

If you use the google chrome, you can use the InteractiveFics browser add on that lets you replace a word you choose with another word you choose.

No. 859302

Anon I cannot stop fucking laughing at the mental image of this holy shit

No. 859306

He's gentle and a good cook and good with their cats, idk I kinda get it. Plus he was loyal to her long-distance for four years while she was in the air force.

No. 859314

Absolutely hate this thread gif. Will need to hide the thread. No more letting boomers make threads pls

No. 859317

t. a zoomer

No. 859318

I played detroit become human and it was a good game. Idk why ppl bash if. It made me simp for robots

No. 859322

Is it the same person avatarfagging with this lizard thing in like every thread?

No. 859332

It makes me smile everytime i see it, he seems happy

No. 859336

It's cece from crystal.cafe and it's a reaction image, not an avatar. I like it because it's a meme from a female board, I think it's nice for women to have our own stuff instead of using a million ugly wojaks made by moids

No. 859337

Are you literally retarded and lack reading comprehension? I want to fuck both Rachel and Jun jesus some of you are hopelessly dumb it's almost scary how you're allowed any freedom in society.

No. 859338

I think it was a joke anon

No. 859339

they were definitely not joking anon, they are actual autists on this website if you want proof look at shayna's thread

No. 859343

>it’s a reaction image not an avatar
Kek, anon. Avatarfagging is when a poster uses the same image, or style of image so much they become recognizable.

No. 859345

Well I havent posted cece on any other threads so I don't see the problem here. Maybe we should all start using her more

No. 859346

normalize harassing authors who have the greatest decent online stories but rarely update

No. 859347

oh the ironing

No. 859371

You seem nice so I don't wanna shit on your thing but I don't really wanna use anything from CC. I agree with you on not liking wojaks though, I've never used a single one of those.

No. 859416

File: 1626844826550.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1715x1475, cute.png)

I started watching the news again and it made me schizo as usual, now i am scared that my country will nationalize the Internet and i will lose my only form of happiness. I need cute boys to cure my depression.

No. 859422

File: 1626845809746.gif (592.46 KB, 200x112, BC6260AE-4060-4406-B372-58AF25…)

No. 859426

You really are threading the avatarfagging line, nonnie.

No. 859436

My only friend gets jealous if i talk about scott and i need to let the horny out somehow, sorry

No. 859444

He has a girlfriend and I feel jealous of whoever took his first time

No. 859455

that sexy beasts show that released on netflix is going to, excuse my choice of word, breed a new type of furry

No. 859466

File: 1626853448828.jpeg (265.25 KB, 1080x1440, images (3).jpeg)

He strikes me as some kind of sexual predator or deviant. But him voicing children's media characters kind of masks it. Voice actors kind of scare me in general, they always give off such a weird vibe.

No. 859467

Then post it on the 3D hornyposting thread. It's exactly for that purpose

No. 859470

File: 1626854099638.jpeg (22.75 KB, 564x544, 89A29CF6-C40A-42EF-848B-1F45D9…)

I got 161 on the CAT-Q and had to wait to google my score cause psych doesn’t like sharing results (maybe cause I do this kek) and I’m so mad cause I had myself convinced I’m just barely a little bit autistic but nah, I’m basically a potato that can real well.

No. 859478

kek I'm sorry baby

No. 859494

More autistic than most autistics is so depressing but it’s still pretty funny. Still better than being shit-my-pants retarded, right?

No. 859507

File: 1626859413186.jpg (63.06 KB, 600x600, molbaby.jpg)

i have a feeling my friend's gf at least lurks here. she gives me that vibe for whatever reason, and the only other time i've had that feeling i was right. nonnie, if you're here, i apologize in advance for my autism when you meet me for real at the birthday dinner next month

No. 859530

the lolita thread always reminds me of kaka
a bunch of 30-year-olds who don't want to let go of the good old days of the internet, back then being mean was considered a personality
it's just endless sperging of "you're fat!" "no you!" "you are uggo!" …

No. 859537

Since entering my 30s my premenstrual symptoms have changed, I get a few days of fatigue and I turn pale along with it (I do have low iron) Today I woke up pale and now the fatigue is hitting but it's waay too early for this…I got my vaccine last week and read about some women having menstrual changes. Waiting to see what happens next I guess..

No. 859544

Lmao my new home

No. 859549

Which vaccine did you get? You're not the first person i heard saying it effected their cycle. I'm in my mid 30s, been off BC for over 15 years and my period used to always happen when i expected it, maybe off by one day or two. Since getting my second moderna shot, my cycle is like 35-40 days and i can't really see my period coming until the day it happens.

No. 859567

I got the janssen allin1. I mostly read about women having delayed periods after theirs but mine would be early if these symptoms actually lead to a bleed soon.

No. 859582

I found such a great nail artist online and I love all of her work but I can't afford to get my nails done aaah

I know it's not good for your nails long term, useless and you can do it at home but I think it looks really pretty

No. 859584

File: 1626872546715.jpg (492.28 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-07-18-16-35-29…)

I scheduled to go get my diploma today at my uni at 3PM because since entering neetdom due to the rona I was waking up really late, but I couldn't sleep last night and pulled an all nighter so now I wish I had scheduled it earlier to get over with it already. I'll probably be at the peak of my drowsiness at 3PM, ack (10AM right now)

Can't even show up before because they are monitoring each person that enters the building because of covid.

No. 859590

Sonic is really shittin on peoples hopes and dreams today

No. 859600

taking ccc being down again as a sign from god that i need to quit kpop

No. 859604

This was a viral meme song in Pakistan a couple years, am now sharing this part of country's meme culture with you

No. 859617

File: 1626876455547.jpg (567.14 KB, 1080x1326, ew.jpg)

>podcast about being a hypersexual nlog
>deemed "modern feminism"

No. 859637

is choachan down

No. 859639

>Capitalism will destroy feminism from the inside

No. 859645

> personal liberties and empowerment
> stripping the barriers of judgement
So you know nothing, literally not a thing, about feminism

No. 859647

i almost fucking a-logged i fucking hate this so much

No. 859648

i've listened to this before and it's horrible, imagine thinking that acting like a man is empowering

No. 859651

oh shit. M?

No. 859655

File: 1626878654393.jpg (60.89 KB, 634x714, 4549740-0-image-a-24_153792398…)

Meanwhile there is actually a large thriving modern feminist movement out there, taking on real issues.

No. 859662

>putting a modern twist in Feminism

No. 859664

the males that are tptb absolutely love this new wave of ballpalming/nlog/bimbo "feminism". I just know it. kill me lol

No. 859668

fingers in her ass
fingers in her ass
anonita likes
fingers in her ass

No. 859670

Literally one of my closest friends is my dealer,i hope the relationship forever remains platonic and he never expects anything from me. He dropped me off some free goods cause he remembered I was getting my vaccine today. Haven't even heard from my mom yet and I'm her baby

No. 859684

File: 1626882225472.jpg (168.94 KB, 1511x2015, bhgMNj4fLm_Ln-VXzD1hLFPscFKDku…)

I hate you

No. 859695

no one uses " OTL " anymore…

No. 859700

I do with "orz"

No. 859704

spotify is always recommending me retarded libfem shit like this ugh

No. 859705

paging av-kun this instant

No. 859726

File: 1626884879058.jpeg (538.55 KB, 750x935, A09E38B4-E32A-42B5-912E-4143BA…)

Nah he looks very submissive and breedable

No. 859730

File: 1626885047092.jpg (162.06 KB, 650x796, pbs-twimg-com-media-EYUz-yXUEA…)

Nathan Kress(Freddy from icarly) did not age well at all, there are times he looks older then Jerry Trainor who is in his 40's
anon he looks like shit

No. 859732

He looks like a kid cosplaying as an adult

No. 859733

True he looks like a kid with a fake beard but he has the body hair of a 40 year old divorced man

No. 859734

Imagine looking like this on purpose. So many art student type men look like this now. All this look tells me is that the dick is rancid

No. 859737

Every time i look at spencer i'm reminded of radblr. i can't do this anymore

No. 859738

File: 1626885640287.jpg (150.31 KB, 759x1390, nathan-kress-nickelodeons-2011…)

He looks so scrawny there, why's he so honka chonka in picrel

No. 859740

File: 1626885701909.jpg (40.22 KB, 625x415, d382851ace5fc7f84f17d2d281fcb4…)

He's got a nice body though
Every time i look at spencer i'm reminded of radblr. i can't do this anymore
what are you referring to ?

No. 859742

File: 1626886069287.jpg (120.48 KB, 990x1381, sub-buzz-456-1603472909-3.jpg)

This is his wife but it looks like he took a pic with his mom (not that she looks old)

No. 859743

I think he’s hot in a conventional way kek he has a cute face and looks good imo. Just short

No. 859746

does he have a huge ass or is that the pants?

No. 859747

his entire proportions are fucked up and bobbleheaded. plus he looks like he smells.

No. 859749

Definitely a huge ass

No. 859752

Agree that his proportions are weird because he’s short, but I don’t get the impression that he smells like….at all. He looks like a clean cut normie for the most part. I say this knowing absolutely nothing about him so if he’s a creep nvm

No. 859760

he's not smelly but he's like really Hairy, I've listen to his podcast and he mentions that he has to shave his chest every month otherwise he has to deal with annoying Chest hair
>baby face
>weird proportions
>hairy body

No. 859762

are you going to take that sign?

No. 859763

>what are you referring to?
Nta but a blog popular on radfem tumblr. Forgot her name but has a spencer.jpg avi

No. 859769

reminds me how a lot of radfem blogs for whatever reason used a lot Its Always Sunny reaction images, it was something that I couldn't unsee or get out of my mind

No. 859772

Both these bitches is ugly
Yiff in hell anon

No. 859773

I'm super late on this but I just learned that LiveLeak has shut down. Good

No. 859778

No. 859781

Random question but is Tumblr worth getting into at this point? I avoided it back in the day because I don't really do fandom and the porno blogs grossed me out too much but I keep hearing about radblr here and there, kinda curious. Is there a "terf" lesbian community that isn't cringe? I don't wanna doomscroll about trannies but if the community is more about just gatekeeping lesbianism/wlw and celebrating female accomplishment (not girlboss but real shit) or w.e. I'd be so interested.

No. 859783

File: 1626889430663.png (565.25 KB, 529x713, mfwnotennis.png)

sad i'm not a tennis player so i can't wear cute naomi osaka court outfits

No. 859784

Yes! I saw a lot of tumblrs with real lesbians on there. You just have to search, but it foesnt take long with radblr

No. 859785

why did no one care about my post about Charles Martinet voice of Mario

No. 859789

I don't know about the radblr side, but still, yes, absolutely, it's a lot less crowded but getting really cozy.

No. 859790

That's the voice for Mario?!

No. 859796

File: 1626890726479.png (1.12 MB, 1280x719, imagen_2021-07-21_130457.png)

mario, wario, luigi and waluigi

No. 859797

Since we're on the topic of radblr, can someone remind me the name of the terf account with a crying female stature/medusa (can't remember) as her avatar? She's quite prominent and has done a radfem 101 post that gets linked here every now and then.

No. 859799

There are many like that but I think I know who you mean. Sadly I can't help you

No. 859803

I played this for so many hours of my child life. Thank you nona

No. 859818

radicallyaligned! I love her, she's great

No. 859821


No. 859828

Ww3 might start soon because my country wants to put Nikola Tesla on the Croatian euro coins kek

You heard it here first!

As funny as it is, it would be so stupid to put him on the coins, we have other great people who deserve it more

No. 859829

I live in a pretty small village, got talking to a guy lately and he was saying he has some rap songs or whatever uploaded to youtube. I didn't think about it again til I was bored and a lil drunk last night.

I looked them up and one is about how he used to just look for ass and tits and now he wants connection instead. He's done with all the sluts and whores. He sees through those women 'and they can tell he sees through them' he was paying for someones lunch all the time and got sick of it. Dude you started out talking about aiming for really good looking women and using them for those traits. How do you feel so hard done by? He has a strong local accent and kept switching between that and randomly sounding american. We're nowhere near america so that was just an extra level of cringe sprinkled on top.

No. 859831

>and he was saying he has some rap songs or whatever uploaded to youtube
i would have ended the conversation right then and there

No. 859833

yea start with outright radfem blogs and then in the notes you can find other women's personal or aesthetic blogs to follow

No. 859839

It was just some random small talk while we were both waiting on the same bus to come. I've run into him in my local shop a few times since and I opted to ask him about his boring dayjob. Much as he'd probably rather talk about his rap carer that's totally going to take off..

No. 859846

great, nonna, thanks for the helpful reply!

No. 859848

damn anon, chill

No. 859854

You're welcome!!

No. 859857

File: 1626894636522.png (948.86 KB, 1140x702, imagen_2021-07-21_141036.png)

Yesterday I took 3 herbal chill pills for anxiety and sleep and today I feel so good and refreshed, I feel happy. Omg what if my bpd was just being unable to sleep all along.

Also I love emma chamberlain now wtf

No. 859883

Same. He was probably awkward and nervous as fuck, and that sounds really cute.

No. 859888

Oh my god imagine his moans AAA I'm so jealous

No. 859903

I'm so confused, who the fuck is this and why are you thirsting over him

No. 859904

I have the exact same body type and frame as Florence pugh but I’m about 10 lbs lighter

No. 859909

Don't know why anons are thirsting over him but he's Scott the Woz on youtube. He makes videos on Nintendo I promise I'm not one of the anons thirsting over him, I was just recommended his videos recently and put them on as background noise

No. 859918

Scott the Woz, a youtuber. He's cute, funny and an overall really nice person. Hard to find scrotes like that nowadays, don't blame us for simping.

No. 859948

Nta either but he’s genuinely very funny and nerd cute. Wouldn’t thirst, but can appreciate.

No. 859957

Thanks, I checked him out and while I don't personally find him attractive, I won't shame you nonnies ♥
His content and personality seem good. Nice to find an actually decent vidya related channel.

No. 859966

File: 1626901541964.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210721-220137.png)

I thought this was a butthole

No. 859970

My phone autocorrected testosterone to something wild and I want anons to know I'm not that retarded

No. 859971

Since men don't have vaginas all their lips look like their butt holes. Someone tell the kids this so they can torment boys on the playground.

No. 859976

File: 1626902015895.jpg (219.04 KB, 1080x1440, 20210722_001329.jpg)

I want to get a nice soft bomber for the fall, maybe even winter but they're not in anymore so I can't find any as oversized as I would like.

No. 859979

I first thought that was James Charles in a wig.

No. 859983

So you literally have never listened to the podcast. I've listened to a few of them before getting grossed out. There's no feminist theory being taught or shared, only about the two girls oversharing their sexual experiences and obsessing over dick without a feminist lens, just an NLOG I LOVE COCK lens. How the fuck is that empowering? At least know what you're talking about before you criticize me.

No. 859985

The one time I agreed to meet up with a manlet he was 5'0" when he said he was 5'4" (I'm 5'2) He had an extremely attractive face but I was too peeved about the lying to even give him a chance. It probably would have been fun to date someone smaller than me and I kind of regret it.

No. 859989

Maybe try second hand shopping? Online it's pretty easy to filter through bomberjackets with specific filters and it's littered with previously trendy items that are barely worn.

No. 859992

oh god oh fuck

No. 859996

I am too big for that and to have it oversized enough, I also don't wanna buy it outside of eu because charges. Might as well try making one myself, never made a fully lined jacked before.

No. 859999

Scratch that, you made me wanna check out this one marketplace and they have one for 40e!

No. 860000

File: 1626903590634.jpg (23.81 KB, 525x525, k59wS7V.jpg)

Nike has nice ones, but they're kinda pricy.

No. 860001


No. 860002

glad to know i'm not the only one still wearing these

No. 860010

I like small men but the moment they start adding imaginary inches to their height and arguing with me about it (even though I fully embrace it??) I lose interest. A touchy ego or a man choosing to be deluded or a liar… that ruins him. I mean I'm not going to claim I have GG cups to someone who is looking right at them. Lets live in reality.

Ime I'm 5"4 and I like a man my height or even a lil shorter. That's been my preference forever and I'm open about it. Every man I meet who matches that claims to be at least two inches taller than me…As I'm stood there able to see they're clearly not.

>Wah wah nobody wants to date us shorter guys

>Hi I want to date particularly short guys
>I'm not 5"4, I'm obviously 5"8! How dare you

No. 860027

Unfortunately that's short man syndrome for you, anon. I'm sure there's a cute lil guy out there for you who is totally aware and accepting of his short ass. Just gotta wade through the scrotes.

No. 860030


No. 860043

File: 1626908108981.jpg (210.06 KB, 866x1390, abbie-eastwood-uk-premiere-of-…)

British anons this woman, Abbie Eastwood, is the woman who narrates most of our adverts, asda, sky etc. Click the link and listen to 'commercial/narration' you will recognise her voice, I'm certain of it. I'm surprised her face isn't better known considering her voice is everywhere. Judging by her site she's narrated more things than I realised. I don't know why I find this so interesting, but I do! So weird being able to picture her now kek.

No. 860047

samefag. I would not recognise her voice by her TV presenting clips. Strange.

No. 860057

Kek, see you at the dinner!

No. 860065

But girls will still be tormented by boys either saying their lips look like how their buttholes look too, or they'll miss the point and say their lips look like their vagina looks
This doesn't work anon, the girls would have a harder time with it than the boys

No. 860069

>man choosing to be deluded or a liar
This is the thing that makes short men unattractive. I don't think their height excludes them from dating, but their attitude does. I'm 5'9 and have no issue dating someone shorter than me but the sheer amount of men that claim to be taller than me is wild. Like bruh…I can SEE

No. 860075

Interesting tidbit for the day, I wouldn't have known this was all her even though I recognised many of those clips. Her radio voice is so much sexier than the rest for a start

This kind of work might really reduce now that we use digital narration

No. 860076

she looks like a more attractive Lindsay Ellis

No. 860085

OK tell it to teenagers instead. Men have butt holes on their faces. Women have lips.

No. 860093

File: 1626912951210.jpg (73.19 KB, 640x640, 219879990_313290650522548_7353…)

oh god my mom made me an appointment to get me vaccinated on Sunday, i am a schizo so I feel paranoid as hell

No. 860095

I got my second pfizer jab today. About 11 hours ago. Just have a pain where the injection went in and cause we have a heatwave and everyone was warm, I bleed more than the first time. So the nurse put pressure on it to stop the bleeding and said ill have a bruise. I've got a bruise now but no fever symptoms and haven't noticed anything off with me today. I've been out and about too running errands after it. I didn't get any symptoms after the first dose either. It was two months between my jabs. Had a normal period after the first then the second one came early (I should have been on my period today but got it last week, which is good, because when I got the first shot on my period I thought I was warm and flustered, but I could not imagine being on my period and in this heatwave and getting injected lol.

No. 860099

Is this from resident evil? lmaoo

No. 860100

Would you mind explaining what digital narration is and why it'll change the industry. I couldn't find anything relevant about it after googling lol, I'm not being lazy. I wonder what makes a voice appropriate for this kind of work, what they look for. Some of her accents are a bit dodgy imo.

No. 860120

I got my first jab a few days ago. My arm was really sore for about 2 days and I was tired and achey. My brother got his second jab and he had full blown flu symptoms but only for about a day.
My parents had both jabs too and they’re right as rain.
Personally I can’t wait for my second jab because then I will have an excuse to drink Neocitran and cry. You’ll be fine.

No. 860162

File: 1626919884603.jpeg (27.96 KB, 253x275, 1F0126B2-7888-492B-AC22-628F23…)

I’ve always maintained a pretty openly gender critical opinion on trans issues with my friends, without going into full sperg mode, but we’ve finally had a few drawn-out conversations about the topic and it feels good to know that my friends can recognize how fucked up things are getting with trans ideology.

No. 860165

I’m genuinely happy for you/to hear that in general nonny

No. 860169

NTA but robot voice technology is getting extremely realistic. No point paying an actress to narrate things when you can make a computer program do it for cheap. Vid related, voice is artificial.

No. 860170

What is it about social media that causes people to assume the absolute worst faith from a completely innocuous post?

No. 860173

My favorite personal cow keeps changing tumblr urls and deleting her blog and keeping up is exhausting. I have her twitter but her tweets are protected. I'm tempted to make a twitter just to see them. She's paranoid and only has 11 followers so I doubt she'd accept a random new account anyways. I don't mean harm to her, I just love reading her unhinged thoughts and I unironically love her weird art. I wish i'd archived more of it before she nuked her tumblr

No. 860196

The urge to fight to blow off steam or something probably

No. 860222

Has technology gone too far? yes.

No. 860224

I'm so fucking jealous. Even the last few of my ~kinda~ GC friends are falling for the transcult.

No. 860234

Ego. Everything has to revolve around them.

No. 860253

File: 1626927866944.jpg (215.14 KB, 1280x720, 1443368330100.jpg)

>gets invited to the cinema
>it's to watch boss baby 2

No. 860264

conditions them to

No. 860271

technology scares me and I want to go back before we "advance" any further. fuck I don't care. someone else can have my rights I'm forfeiting to go be a good oppressed little housewife
t. spiritually schizo

No. 860274

When humans are excluded from social pressures they’re more likely to reveal their true nature. Humans are extremely needy, impulsive, and paranoid creatures

No. 860275

I believe every starts off naïve on social media, thinking they can talk with people, chat with friends, and maybe keep up with current events.
But then, as it always does, there's always that one asshole that crushes those innocent thoughts and makes people realize that it's actually a giant ego trip. So they naturally get defensive in everything they write, and become that same kind of asshole; repeating the cycle infinitely.

No. 860280

I will forever be jealous as shit of this exchange. The woman I want to be a farmer also has M as her initial but it ain't this anon. I just…

No. 860284

Report back how it goes

No. 860285

File: 1626930960830.jpg (77.25 KB, 1400x1018, roboanon.jpg)

No. 860350

EVERY time I ask the totem a question I get a fucking 8, suffering awaits. It's not wrong but come the fuuuck on

No. 860367

File: 1626941293342.jpg (96.02 KB, 600x848, BLINK, November 2013, #29.jpg)

I sometimes get literal panic attacks wondering if I have a symptom-less STD. I had sex once like two years ago with a condom on the dude, but that doesn't reduce the chances to zero right? I know I should get tested but I live in an Islamic state and I'd to go through it all alone and it makes me a bit scared plus, tests are so expensive here, I'm in a pickle. I shouldn't have done it in the first place, it wasn't even good.

No. 860376

i know it's likely to be a coincidence where the initial just happened to be right, but if this is actually somehow an accidental farmer meetup, i'll be laughing

No. 860397

One of them has to bring up Dr*ver subtly and watch the other one's reaction

No. 860401

I love seeing nonas work together. When nonA posts a post, nonB replies, but nonA deletes the post because of some correction and reposts it, and nonB then deletes her (now lost) linked post, and reposts again, too. Saw it happening a few times already.

No. 860402

All right, I'm entering absolutely spooky territory but why did two of my best friends have nightmares last night about a person who tried fucking me over way before I met these guys? I never mentioned it in detail, just told them about some guy who made my life hell but that's it. One of them learned the name of the asshole in his dream and the other one described that guy with lots of details.
Idek where to post this but fuck me if telepathy isn't real.

No. 860403

that was me just now, I'm nonB KEK

No. 860404

If it was over in vent, then you were the one who prompted this post kek

No. 860415

File: 1626947684553.jpg (145.16 KB, 1050x1574, a14aa749ba996376d054fb51d8f58c…)

Whenever someone writes saging instead of sage-ing I imagine them furiously waving a sage stick

No. 860419


No. 860425

I've always wanted a long-haired snarky metal head nerd as a bf but they're so fucking rare and always taken by a gorgeous altgirl while I'm just plain as fuck. Why even live

No. 860426

File: 1626948931605.png (752.36 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20210722-115825~2.p…)

Got this random tweet on my feed and the way the translator rendered Varg's name cracks me up (Varg's entire existence cracks me up in general).

No. 860438

Same anon

No. 860444

I imagine tits getting saggy

No. 860446

kek good luck

No. 860450

The topic of trans athletes came up in a conversation with my normie co-worker yesterday and I was fully prepared for the TWAW mantra but it turns out she also thinks troons shouldn't be allowed in women's sports. We had a good convo about biological advantages and the realities of transitioning and she's actually fairly gc despite being pretty woke otherwise. Idk it just felt pretty good to talk to someone sane in this clown ass world.

No. 860458

The verb 'to bake' feels more like an irregular verb. This is my proposal to change the verb conjugation to bake – boke – boken.

No. 860462

Let's see how it fares in a sentence:
>yesterday I have woken and boken
Yep, I like it.

No. 860463

I think 'to wake' is actually the reason why I think bakebokeboken sounds right-er than bakebakedbaked to be honest.

No. 860468

Boke means vomit where I live.

No. 860478

So far, this conjugation is best used by potheads woldwide and bulimics in your area.

No. 860508

"China bans children under 16 from appearing in live-streaming and online video content"

Good on them. Other countries should follow suit.

No. 860510

File: 1626960111097.gif (973.7 KB, 320x320, EDC97EC2-B9A2-4A65-8B4E-2866C1…)

me secretly hating a ruthless female god from a video game because oh noes she’s so emotionless~ but secretly respecting her vibe when I stop playing it

No. 860545

File: 1626964979154.jpg (907.68 KB, 1857x2745, no-skinny-man-has-an-ounce-of-…)

No. 860558

File: 1626966131953.jpg (98.02 KB, 640x960, 1603140054793.jpg)

WTF I love China now

No. 860562

What's "pep"? Sounds desirable.

No. 860564

go to hell anon wtf that looks like an upset stomach waiting to happen.

No. 860585

but skelly is the only body I tolerate on males. and maybe ottermode.

No. 860600

File: 1626969354909.png (1.04 MB, 1028x1024, Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 16.54…)

Never seen a male pose like this in the media before. Took me by surprise. Like those gender flip pics mocking women's advertising.

No. 860603

Pose aside, what a tacky concept both in album and in cover design kek. I looked this guy up out of curiosity, and he's gay and likely markets to gay audiences, so the "vulnerable" pose makes a bit more sense.

No. 860608

There's a sex shop on doordash and with my first delivery I can get it 50% off and within the hour hmmmmmhm

No. 860613

Target audience: Gay foot-fetishists

No. 860614

The forbidden man has an almost identical picture, he's just not grabbing his feet

No. 860617

File: 1626970327057.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.89 KB, 481x750, tumblr_mwcnfbsdkY1rpa5uxo1_r1_…)

DD did it better

No. 860618

What's the forbidden man?

No. 860626

I hate that pic so much, it screams abdl


No. 860651

File: 1626973573908.png (3.37 MB, 2050x1108, Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 18.04…)

keking at the whitening make-up on these vintage hookers

No. 860652

samefag. or is it shitty sunscreen? historical nonnys get in here.

No. 860659


Probably an artifact of the flash photography on normal old timey makeup.

No. 860667

I will never not read WLW as woman love wednesday. And the weird thing is, I don't even know why

No. 860683

I think I'm feeling fatigue form the vaccine lol plus it's very warm. Even all the kids are quiet I assume from exhaustion. Good lord

No. 860706

File: 1626977675050.jpg (14.19 KB, 396x292, summer.jpg)

No. 860708

i'm so glad I bought a fan 2 years ago

No. 860710

So I've been using the same bottle of shampoo for a really long time now (I'm doing curlygirl method and the shampoo costs a lot of money) and I didn't realize shit was growing in it. My scalp has been itching and flaking like crazy and I thought I had lice or something but I just used an antifungal shampoo and all the itching is gone. I cant believe I gave myself a fungal infection of the scalp, I may be retarded. I'm scared to see the extent of the mold inside of the shampoo bottle so I just threw it out.

No. 860714

i wasted a whole day today not studying and just dicking off online, i'll hold myself accountable and do twice of what i usually do tomorrow. i feel so bad.

No. 860732

I'm making a radblr account, so hype! How do I even make friends on there though… I could do gay art but I don't wanna be doxxed.

No. 860735

I'll follow you on my radblr blog nona, we have to be quick though kek.

No. 860747

ok… how do we do this nonita?

No. 860749

followed you!!! you can delete

No. 860751

Wtf that was quick I was here waiting and didn't see anything

No. 860752

i am smooth operator, it is me.

No. 860753

File: 1626981487861.gif (224.12 KB, 200x151, 200w.gif)

sweet, followed back!

No. 860754

My discharge was exceptionally stretchy tonight. We ovulatin

No. 860761

bitch post your blog again no one saw

No. 860820

I'm supposed to get my period in 3 days but I'm not feeling it somehow, my boobs are not sore. I wonder if it's gonna come at all

No. 860824

how does mold even get in there? now I'm worried about my shampoo

No. 860847

nta but i think it depends on the ingredients. like if you're using one with a bunch of natural/organic ingredients they will mold in a similar way to food.

No. 860855

File: 1626988930900.png (1.65 MB, 1792x828, 3CB5B106-4926-4D3A-96F8-15430C…)

I’m 1000% convinced she’s a farmer and the idea of her browsing various shitty threads with us warms my heart

No. 860856

is it bad that i don’t know who this is?

No. 860863

Shes a youtuber named Alizee, her content ranges from dunking on Gabbie Hannah and other people who do dumb shit to just talking about topics she likes. I just think she’s funny and gives off farmer vibes

No. 860868

So I watched a video of a snowflake discussed here on old pro-ana forums and meetups. And she says at one point she got into bulimia when realizing "it tastes just as good coming in as coming out" or some shit.
As someone who has just downed a litre of campari-juice and immediately vomited the last glass out, I can safely say "haha I wish" and "bollocks"

No. 860883

I am 110% she is among us, and I wish she would date me. I can even dye her hair so it actually works the first time around, lemme simp.

No. 860892

It was a pretty big bottle of natural shampoo with really rich and oily ingredients and the top broke so it was sitting in there getting wet and gross for upwards of around a year. The smell started going a little off but I thought since there was honey in it it'd be fine. It clearly was not fine kek.

No. 860896

I am watching a reality show where a woman had a boobjob and the doctor called them "very sexy". Gross, but I can't help to think this man becoming a dentist instead, calling teeth sexy, or an asshole doctor calling someone's colon sexy.

No. 860899

>i knew the one "sans kinnie who got drunk on ketchup" person irl too
please elaborate on what this person was like

No. 860900

File: 1626992611091.png (85.82 KB, 289x810, asdddsadasd.png)

really bad home life, ended up having a lot of drug issues from what i remember. exactly what you'd think of when you think of "hyperactive teenager who kins sans in 2016." no idea what's going on now, hope all has panned out a bit.

No. 860930

File: 1626996476335.png (303.91 KB, 600x600, 143336_ET5ozVhb.png)

Ok bitch damn. I literally just made it today and didn't do anything besides follow some accounts on it yet but i'll post the blog if there is interest.

No. 860936

Yes, post

No. 860937

i just realized.. crack videos are just a modern version of AMV hell videos

No. 860938

Reading through my friend's D&D wiki they've been updating for over a decade is intense

No. 860948

File: 1626997817990.jpg (149.02 KB, 1118x1118, zhsbcpq76od31.jpg)

I think I'm about to enter my first relationship with a guy and one of the first things I want to do with him is to show him Jojo. But isn't that weird? He likes some geek-y stuff but I think the only anime he saw as a kid was Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. He's 28. I'm scared it would be dumb to ask him to watch Jojo with me but I can't stop thinking about it. I think about watching Jojo with him just as often as I think about us having sex. I want to share this important part of my life with him…

No. 860952

Just do it. I showed a normie ex my fav Chinese cartoons before we dated, he probably only watched to keep me happy but he genuinely loved them.

No. 860953

jojo's pretty mainstream, shouldn't be an issue

No. 860954

Do it! Jojo is relatively normie-friendly

No. 860955

congrats queen

No. 860957

Madtv was really ahead of its time….. Kinda suspicious if you ask me.

No. 860958

Hope you're not under 25 sis

No. 860959

My advice: start with part 3, then go back to part 1 then 2 later. 1 and 2 are pretty dated

No. 860964

Thanks for encouragement nonnies!
I'm 25 lol
But how could anyone understand the weight of Dio's defeat without seeing previous parts? I can't encourage part skipping here sis

No. 860968

Part 2 is the best though

No. 860971

This. I think 7 is the best overall but 2 is the best from the adapted ones

No. 860975

What kind of vibe do I give off

No. 860991


No. 861000

I am at my aunts house and i want to leave i am so bored i wanna go back to play New Vegas while curled in a blanked

No. 861002

Cutey patootie

No. 861004

No. 861048

Would you date me y/n

No. 861051

one night stand only

No. 861064

this post gave me a heart attack. i have that one fanfic word replacer add-on, so i have y/n set to my actual name.

No. 861090

File: 1627018132868.png (21.47 KB, 706x669, biglaffs.png)

This gave me a hearty kek. That's what you get for being a degenerate, nonny. It's all love tho.

No. 861091

how in the fuck do anons get in the most random retarded convos all the time? shut up I hate you all

No. 861093

Come here anon Imma give you a hug

No. 861095

we know you're a tsundere

No. 861099

you dont mean that

No. 861107

File: 1627021108696.jpeg (38.95 KB, 574x534, yeahboah_.jpeg)

I want Arthur Morgan to tear my shit up, cough on me and give me TB.

No. 861108

This is why I can never leave the farms.

No. 861118

File: 1627023143248.gif (1.29 MB, 540x406, 5EB8649C-20CB-4F5B-A0F2-FFAACA…)

I feel like I’m going to die off sleep deprivation let’s goooo

No. 861120

Spent time with a troon today in a group setting, they're tolerable and don't try to dominate conversations or insert trans pov into everything but their exaggerated cartoonish body language was enough to make me want to barf. Every move he made was so slow and deliberate and unnatural. Not even trying to start tranny discourse, I don't hate him, but I do want to shake him and tell him to stop

stop looking at screens, take a shower, do some breathing exercises and do your best to sleep. RIP just in case tho

No. 861133

I need to know what this gif is from!!!

No. 861139

I reqlly like watching those "walking through nyc at 4am 4k" videos. It probably sucks to live there unless you're rich but all the neon lights, tall buildings etc are all so pretty to me.

No. 861154

I just remembered the time when I did an internship at that one company and tried to hit on my senior who was 10 years older than me and he just walked away. CRINGE. CRINGE.

No. 861177

You're not alone anon when I was a teenager I hit on a letting agent in front of my dad when we were moving house and I still want to kill myself over it

No. 861182

I had a nightmare someone posted me on the personal lolcow thread. All the info they had written was complete bullshit. And then I noticed the photo they had used was not something I or anyone I knew had taken and it was taken from outside my house. When I woke up I was super paranoid.

No. 861184

What in the hentai footjob
At least as a peasant civilian I don't have to risk trusting photographers to not do this kind of shit to me

No. 861190

File: 1627037566272.jpeg (326.55 KB, 828x958, F536BE4B-BC2B-48DC-9E3E-FDCC3F…)

anyone else think that this guy is going to troon out in the near future ?

No. 861196

No because some of ua aren't thinking sbout troons 24/7

No. 861198

Judging by the state of this site it's just you and me nonnie

No. 861199

He does have the look of a nerdy male trannies have right before trooning out (he kinda looks like that "you might be a transbian" dude), but it's more of a nerd thing than tranny thing. I have no idea who this guy is so I can't say if he has foretelling signs.

No. 861202

he had a rant in a recent video about how trans women are totally 100% real women, fuck terfs and fuck jk rowling. that coupled with him growing his hair longer has me suspicious. i feel like transition is tempting for nerdy men because they feel like they failed at being men so they should settle for being women.

No. 861203

For some reason I think I just hate watching movies regardless of what kind of movie it is. I feel like I should like it because I’m interested in other art related things like literature, music, art etc but I just never feel like watching a movie (or tv show). I’ve barely seen any movies or tv shows and I have this huge list but whenever I decide I’m going to watch any of them (even ones I’ve already seen and really liked) it like gives me this sense of impending doom for some reason and I literally spend the entire day day just dreading it and putting it off and never end up actually watching it.

No. 861206

I've never liked watching most movies and only figured out recently why, because unlike a book I can read at my own pace and go back if I've forgotten something, it's more difficult to do it with movies. I generally have a hard time following what's happening because I confuse the plots and characters (The Godfather was a fucking nightmare). I think the last real movie I enjoyed was The Hateful Eight (because it was very slow, there were few characters and they were individually quirky) and the last time I went to the cinema was for the DBZ Broly movie (because anime is for autists kek). I always feel like I'm an asshole because I tell people point blank I don't like movies and I've never seen classics like Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park.

No. 861221

Well shit homie, Jurassic Park is a book too.

No. 861225

I can relate. For me it's that they are often incredibly predictable which then kills my interest in the plot. You know the good guy is going to win at the end, get the girl etc. Boring.

No. 861260

Olympics is always a time that reminds me I will never amount to anything. What a waste of life.

No. 861265

He's already ugly he's gonna be hideous when he becomes a womyn.

No. 861274

I like making a sheet billow up with a fan and watching my cat launch into it at full speed

No. 861277


No. 861299

File: 1627053266763.jpg (130.82 KB, 1300x956, dfkjsgnesgvk.jpg)

You don't have to be an Olympics' athlete to achieve something or be valuable, anon! Think about all the people behind the scenes that make events like these possible. Not everyone has to be in the spotlight to be useful. Even the public is important! Cheer up.

No. 861301

>Olympics in Tokyo announced with a video of Mario doing stupid shit
>Shoko Nakagawa, the biggest nerd of the planet, holding the flame
>ceremony is literally just people walking with vidya music, especially JRPGs
I never, ever want anyone to come up to me and tell me that liking Japanese video games is an insult towards "Japan's real culture" or some shit.

No. 861307

that's incredible, can it be seen somewhere? Is the Mario in question the vidya character?

No. 861327

Mario showed up during the closing ceremony in Rio. You can check Shoko Nakagawa's instagram and twitter accounts, she posted a bunch of pics and videos of herself running while holding the flame. As for the opening ceremony in Tokyo I missed most of it because I had something planned at the exact same time, but it starts with the Dragon Quest theme, then there's some FF and Kingdom Hearts music, etc.


No. 861402

I used to love watching this youtuber named Gina Darling because she was featured a lot with JKNews/JKProductions but then I realized her 'strong bad bitch' image is full of shit. I hate that "I'm not mean, I just tell it how it is!" No, you're just a bitch lol. I used to have a friend who was similar in that regard, who was always mean and said that that's just how she was. I was super young and didn't know any better so I thought that that was okay, but now I don't think it is. I think you can be blunt and you're allowed to be mean and straightforward and put your foot down (especially as a woman), but being unnecessarily mean all the time is just a shitty thing to do. Being a bitch to everyone all the time isn't a very nice personality trait to have. Maybe it's just because I'm not a very confrontational person, but that friend I used to have really wasn't that great of a friend. How terrible it was to always have to watch my tongue lest I get attacked for it. Also now that I think about it, that chick was in her 30s hanging out with me when I was still in highschool lmao what the fuck.

No. 861411

In conclusion, there's something wrong with that bitch. Glad you realized it and stopped hanging out with her. I can't stand bitches that are negative all the damn time. One of my bosses is like that and she constantly gives all of us anxiety with the way she just seems so upset and bitchy about everything.

No. 861426

But I watched this and it didn't have any videogame shit? what

No. 861430

I keep randomly coming across youtube comments where people bitch about 'ThatChapter' being disrespectful in his true crime vids becaause of the jokes. The vids it's commented underneath tend to be on a similar level though. Clickbaity or poorly researched and rushed out vids. Go easy on our mike. I mean he makes fun of the perpetrator for being dumb most of the time. I think demeaning murderers is ok.

No. 861433

So they went with the 2012 olympics route of using iconic pop culture stuff from the host country?

That's interesting

No. 861491

The only time I've ever felt maternal.. was in the chao garden

No. 861500

God, I was kinda sad that Eldena Doubleca5t ended up a transbian. I wasn't very emotionally tied to his content, but it sucked because I thought it was nice to see a GNC man who wasn't a tranny,'uwu femboy' who pandered to coomers, or an annoying gay man

No. 861501

Poor Mike! I think his videos are great. They get to the point. I remember his Elisa Lam video being one of the only videos which hasn’t exploited her death by using it as an excuse to tinfoil and sperg about paranormal stuff

No. 861518

Mike's jokes are never at the expense of the victims and I appreciate the levity in his videos. Most true crime channels go for dramatics and shock factor which is much more exploitative if you ask me.

No. 861524

File: 1627074466660.gif (2.42 MB, 854x481, 1627073348034.gif)

I am starting to teach myself computer animation because I'm bored and some of my ideas might be good. I just figured out how to animate something I drew by hand, yay

No. 861527

Nah, mike does a great job on shitting on the abusers and murders, while being respectful about the victims. You get a good look on who these people were and you can tell that he tries to show them in a positive light so they can be remembered as humans and not just the murder victim. I like his vids and I like that he changed the way he presents his channel because the vids from two years ago have a different vibe lol dark and robotic voice mike wasn't that good imo.

omg you drew this? This looks freaking cute, anon! Great job!

No. 861528

How come summer 2020 felt like a fever dream but this year it doesn't even feel like summer?

No. 861530

I'm going to try and gain weight. I'm 37kg and very short (150cm) and I don't want osteoporosis when I'm older so I'm actually going to make an effort to eat more, bulk up and maybe do some lifting. Wish me luck, nonnies.

No. 861531

I miss the chao garden so much. I wish Sega didn't forget about it.

No. 861533

she twerking

No. 861539

The "e" on my keyboard is intermittently stuck so sometimes when I type "the" it comes out as "thee." Eveerytime I writee it it makees me think of Megan thee Stallion.

No. 861572

I'm so tired of seeing scrotes everywhere saying how women are unhappy because of feminism, as if there aren't a shitload of other reasons like technology, social media, our diets, the economy, porn ruining relationships etc. they seriously think women were happier 200 years ago. like I'll take being broke working a wageslave job over having 13 babies, cooking and cleaning nonstop for a neglectful husband who beats me then dying at 36 from tuberculosis or something, thanks

No. 861579

200 years ago you’d be dealing with all of that plus still being broke with a wageslave job, unless you were rich. I don’t understand where the idea that most women didn’t work throughout history came from but it’s so dumb.

No. 861580

All women worked fucking hard unless they were one of the few percents that were posh upperclass. Scrotes act like women were all some rich Marie Antoinettes eating bon bons while men did heroic stuff.

No. 861597

File: 1627082405061.jpg (756.06 KB, 1165x2934, Albrecht_Dürer_-_Adam_and_Eve_…)

I know that eve and the apple tale is just a way to shit on women and justify why they are worse than men, but the tale itself is kind of… nice? Like, sure, she was tempted by the snake, but it was she that took the risk and broke the status quo searching for knowledge.
Incels and shitty men overall like to say that women are stupid and emotional and men are all about logic and science and progress and shit. But according to the big 3 religions that are extremelly patriachal the first person seeking knowledge and taking chances was a woman.

tldr Eve was literally based and redpilled.

No. 861601

>women 200 years ago were happier than women today

Well the biggest reason they can say that is because most women didn't have the opportunity nor the means to voice how unhappy they were anyway. Women suffered in silent toil while men wrought all the credit and glory. I feel so sorry for them and how overworked and alone they must have felt in their predicaments, not knowing or having the access to something better. What would they have said back then if they knew that men in the future would pretend like their lives were comfortable cakewalks?

No. 861604

Men who say that literally base their entire world view on propaganda art of nuclear families from the 50s. Who needs to learn about women's lives throughout history or even listen to a single word women have to say when you can just let pretty drawings of blonde children and BBQs dictate your perspective on gender roles!

No. 861606

Useless fact: It was never specified to be an apple. It was just some kind of forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
It's not much, but at least the next time some scrote starts beating his chest about Eve cursing man for tempting with the "apple," you can play semantics and troll their lack of attention to detail kek.

No. 861614

My family are my favourite lolcows. My grandmother told me she is angry at my mother because she said she wanted her and her sisters dead (my mom didn't say this, she's just a liar) and my aunt wants to fight my uncle in court, lmao. And i am just here, hearing it all happen while drinking coffee and playing vidya.

No. 861624

Damn, anon, you should read "Declamation on the Nobility and Preeminence of the Female Sex" by Henricus Cornelius Agrippa.

>Woman was created as much superior to man as the name she has received is superior to his. For Adam means earth, but Eve is translated as life. And as far as life is to be ranked above earth, so far is woman to be ranked above man.

>[…]when the Creator came to the creation of woman, he rested himself in this creation, thinking that he had nothing more honorable to create; in her were completed and consummated all the wisdom and power of the Creator; after her no creation could be found or imagined.
>Since the world itself has been created by God as a circle of absolute perfection, it is fitting that the circle be perfected by this particle capable of being the link that unites perfectly the beginning of the circle with its end. That is how, at the time of creation, woman was the last in time of all things created; in the conception of the divine mind, however, she was first of all, as much in prestige as in honor, as was written about her by the prophet: "Before the heavens were created, God chose her and chose her first." Indeed, it is a commonplace among philosophers to say: "The end is always the first in intention and the last in execution."

About sin
>So then the blessing has been given because of woman, but the law because of man, and
this was a law of wrath and curse; for it was to the man that the fruit of the tree had been prohibited, and not to the woman who had not yet been created. God wished her to be free from the beginning, it was therefore the man who committed the sin in eating, not the woman, the man who brought death, not the woman. And all of us have sinned in Adam, not in Eve, and we are infected with original sin not from our mother, who is a woman, but from our father, a man. Moreover, the ancient law ordained the circumcision of all males but left women uncircumcised, deciding without doubt to punish original sin in the sex that had sinned. And besides, God did not punish woman for having eaten, but for having given to the man the occasion of evil, which she did through ignorance, tempted as she was by the devil. The man sinned in all knowledge, the woman fell into error through ignorance and because she was deceived. For she was also the first whom the devil tempted, knowing that she was the most excellent of creatures, and, as Bernard says: "The devil, seeing her admirable beauty and knowing that this beauty was the same that he had known in the divine light when he possessed it, that he enjoyed beyond all the other angels in conversation with God, directed his envy against the woman alone, by reason of her excellence."

No. 861629

(Religion isn't real)

No. 861645

I must have imagined all the places of worship.

No. 861646

I saw some anon apologized to me for a rude reply because she meant to reply to someone else. Kek I'm glad I saw it because I read it when I was in such a shit mood that it was still bumming me out today (when lolcow replies never get to me normally) so ty anon

No. 861655

The video game music plays in the background during the parade of nations!

No. 861660

File: 1627090386542.jpg (8.07 KB, 225x225, 107804865_163318411899379_4432…)

It's 3am fuck this mosquito

No. 861661

i'll zap it with my mind

No. 861670

my attention span is so garbage nowadays that I can barely browse this site anymore without being overwhelmed

No. 861671

Wow you’re so enlightened anon. Not.

No. 861672

My bf is going out of town this weekend so no one can stop me from eating 2 day old Chinese for breakfast tomorrow, I’m excite

No. 861673

True, but it’s fun to make headcanons about it

No. 861675

It's the little things like this that truly matter.

No. 861684

I want to see the olympics but it's too late and tomorrow I have to study like a bitch since the early morning fock

No. 861687

There's this episode of Madeline that scared the absolute shit out of me as a kid everytime I watched it so bad that I'd have to sleep in my brothers bed everytime I saw it. Since I was a teen I've periodically done deep dives online to find it, reading through the plot of literally every single episode of Madeline and can't find anything about it.

No. 861696

Describe it, maybe anons can solve the mystery

No. 861708

Is it the one where they get kidnapped and forced to weave lace? Cuz that one was horrifying (and a movie, not tv episode I think).

No. 861709

I've heard it was actually a persimmon or pomegranate as those are ancient fruits

No. 861711

It was about this shadow of a ghostly figure that had a snout and round bear-like ears that would come into their bedroom in the middle of the night and everytime it made an appearance it stole something. I also remember there was a song in the episode

No. 861712

i went on a date with a guy tonight and i thought he was really nice initially but after he got home the first thing he did was tell me to wear a skirt next time which makes me feel really weird and self conscious, i felt really confident in my outfit and thought it was cute personally i'm still pretty tipsy so i don't know what he really means by that but it gives me weird vibes ladies…..

No. 861718

I mean if that's the only thing that made you second guess then I wouldn't discard him just yet. Maybe he was just trying to say that your legs would look stunning in a skirt. Maybe the man just loves to see a woman in a skirt and his drunk ass had to suggest it. I'd give him a second chance since everything else went well.

No. 861722

Pls let there be no next time, he's scum

No. 861724

Like that other anon said it could have been a poor attempt at him saying he thinks you would look attractive in one. That would be pretty forward for me on a first date though. If it gives you weird vibes, trust your instinct.

No. 861726

That's controlling as fuck, don't go on another date with him. Wish men could shut the fuck up because no one needs to hear their retarded opinions.

No. 861730

Go with your gut and never see him again. That sounds scummy and gross no matter the context

No. 861733

lose his number, if he starts bossing you around right after the first date he's bad news

No. 861744

The only song I ever want to sing at karaoke

No. 861747

Agree with above anons; he sounds like a fuckhead, at least out of context. Did he text you this? Any accompanying emojis? Need to know the vibe of the convo to know for sure!

No. 861754

thank you for your input nonnies i really appreciate it and will definitely think about it more critically once i feel less silly, he made a couple other scrote-y comments throughout the night which stand out more now and there was no accompanying emojis just an ellipsis afterwards which made it seem kinda serious, kinda wish i told him to wear a toupee next time to cover his bald head. say la vee!! thank you thank you thank you mwah

No. 861755

I have huge hands and a weird face and I’m worried I look like a troon. My body isn’t that great either. I’m short but maybe my shortness helps me seem less male. Although I am Asian and there’s lots of short Asian men so I probably do look like a troon.

No. 861756

me but hunger lets goooo
not ana just hate cooking

No. 861760

Yeah, if he said some other scroty things I retract my comment about giving him a second chance lol. Would seem silly to me to dump a dude due to one comment like that but if other sketchy vibes were involved then good riddance.

No. 861771

>your life is a waste unless you're professionally jumping over obstacles and running and shit
stop ew

No. 861782

I hate how men age my husbando is already getting bald and ugly despite being only 24

No. 861790

I can't believe Samantha Prater's thread was 5 months ago. This year is going by too fast.

No. 861792

>kinda wish i told him to wear a toupee next time to cover his bald head
It's not too late! Imagine setting up another date and texting him an hour before not to forget his hairpiece this time, then ghost/block him, kek.

No. 861806

Radblr newbie is back and she is asking for tags to follow that aren't just terven. I think I follow enough terf stuff rn I wanna diversify cause my dashboard is really one-note. Thanks in advance my loves.

No. 861811

Best keks I had this year. Second one is the infighting thread. Third one was when anorectal violence was a novelty.

No. 861814

File: 1627108095434.jpg (1.52 MB, 3024x2406, 20210724_141210.jpg)

Retarded zoomer speech is on my soft drinks now. Just when you think you're safe.

No. 861820

Oh my god, I'm so happy I witnessed all of those. Lolcow history right there

No. 861822

File: 1627110253210.webm (2.3 MB, 540x540, KFC ad.webm)

I found this ad on KFC's twitter page and I felt sick. We need to find a way to stop these marketing departments.

No. 861826

remember when wendy's tried larping as a sassy anime girl or some shit

No. 861837

this may be a bit tinfoil but i think the same anon that revived the fujo hate drama is doing the same thing across multiple boards that focus on women with unconventional fetishes.

No. 861849

Watched a vid yesterday about a murder case where the killer for some odd reason brutally tortured the womans cat too.

A row broke out in the comments because he referred to the cat as 'the cat' throughout and some people thought he was being a snowflake for refusing to just take a guess and call it a he or she. A whole pronoun debate started out of nowhere. I swear anti trans people who make a big deal out of shit like that are about as out of touch as people on the opposite extreme are. They police your words just the same.

No. 861850

File: 1627115416044.jpeg (86.14 KB, 605x591, 98C75807-BC88-4050-ABC9-EADFC3…)

Does anyone else like poems? I’ve been told I’m a good writer and I don’t want to write only for myself anymore. I think of haikus and privately post them every day. Is there still a career in short form writing? If someone approached me to become a seriously published poet I think I would accept it. Of course I’d keep my current job to avoid living in squalor.

No. 861851

…isn't the normal pronoun to use for animals "it" anyway?

No. 861855

I find weird enjoyment in making lousy things good again, when I was a kid I would imagine I had a dragon who was mistreated and kept in a cage so I had to feed it and take care of it and train it so it would be a glorious dragon again. Or I would play the sims and make the fattest ugliest poorest sim in the lousiest house and then make it lose weight and become successful and build a great house. And I love taking old clothes and trying to make something nice out of them (it doesn't work mostly) but at least I also love cleaning very grimy things so at least one thing is useful.

No. 861856

File: 1627115893833.png (458.95 KB, 1290x642, iifjvpoinvpnv.png)

I saw these on dollskill today

No. 861857

It looks like something I would imagine for my originul charucter in third grade

No. 861858

i only think that there are way too many unhinged gay men WKs and 'this man is totally gay' lately

No. 861860

File: 1627116369710.png (481.2 KB, 1300x656, Sin título.png)

there's no zodiac or astrology mention in this item, it just says CANCER

No. 861866

Can you make me not-lousy?

No. 861868

Sure, you just gotta press ctrl, shift and c and write motherlode. Have fun

No. 861869

bestie get off dolls kill it's all garbage
but this is why i never got into astrology accessories as a cancer, it's either a crab, a 69 or fucking "cancer" kek

No. 861883

it is a warning signal for other people

No. 861899

File: 1627128546782.jpg (38.11 KB, 289x480, Bloonies.jpg)

I still want these, I remember all the commercials for them. I might get some

No. 861901

File: 1627129107856.jpg (3.69 KB, 224x225, sunshineboo.jpg)

My arms and legs are all noodle I don't wanna do anything

No. 861902

This pic…

No. 861922

File: 1627132550356.gif (1.83 MB, 500x300, cute.gif)

Crabs are cute, anon! Embrace it.

No. 861937

I went on google maps and went back to 2007 to look at my house and I was very surprised the amount of houses that are now gone that used to be around my area.Is quite sad.
There's like 4 houses in a small section that in 2007 were all abandoned, when I go to current day they are all gone so it's just one big field.
I've never seen anyone use the fields either. Which is weird because it's a nice grassy field.
I've been spending a lot of time looking at places I lived/been back in 2007 (thats as far back as our Google Images go) and seeing how it looked then vs. now.

No. 861940

i love this song!!

No. 861945

Yes. i call dogs and cats it a lot. People are disgusting. i dont condone animal abuse either, but imagine getting worked up over animal ~pronouns~. I hate people.

I have a brainless coworker obsessed with zodiac signs. she literally tried to hunt me down for my sign. Bitch, get a life.

No. 862005

File: 1627139117906.jpeg (121.38 KB, 1908x1146, C9AB9861-7860-43F4-849D-45148D…)

I don’t wear makeup but for the past few days I’ve just been using some highlighter on my cheekbones to make them pop and look dewey. I have a feeling I just look like I’m sweaty as fuck, which wouldn’t be false, but in my delusion I do believe it’s pretty cute.

No. 862006

I call babies whose gender I don't know "it" too tbh, certainly not gonna call a cat "they" lmfao

No. 862012

I've been making some sentence mixed audio clips and I've listened to the spy's voice from team fortress for so long that now the voice in my head that appears when I read words is his voice. I don't want it to ever go away, it is très bon

No. 862014

White guys be like "Americans are offended so easily" and then praise and move to a country where tipping is offensive

No. 862027

After reading the cow yourself thread, it’s no wonder this site is such a shit hole.

>debate over a damn animal’s pronouns

No. 862038

I was waiting for the train where I witnessed some parents shouting at their kid for spending his money on 'some foreign, Jewish book' and the dad threatened him saying that 'if he does something like this again' he's gonna 'flush it down the toilet'. And these are the parents who are gonna be surprised when the kid commits suicide

No. 862044

File: 1627143017552.jpg (35.51 KB, 710x868, 83035417_max[2].jpg)

>White guys be like "Americans are offended so easily" and then praise and move to a country where tipping is offensive
yeah who in their right mind would want to offend someone by tipping when you can get shot over not tipping tips

No. 862048

Except that anti trans people want this clownery to stop

No. 862058

Want to see kitchen organization tips but it's all about aesthetic youtube life shit

No. 862062

I'm starting to get over my social media addiction, very good news for me but not for my followers lmao

No. 862063

I feel like most of my husbandos would either smell very nice or like smegma and there's not in-between

No. 862064

where the commenter's probably men? because that would explain it.

No. 862066

you can be inspiration for them to also spend less time online!

No. 862070

wtf is he/she eating anon

No. 862079

No. 862091

That's okay, real men are like that too. They all smell but some put on deodorant. I can't decide if my husbando would smell so I will imagine not

No. 862099

File: 1627147556644.png (410.98 KB, 399x547, pho.PNG)

God I want to draw. But shit keep getting piled and I'm barely feeling doing them, I want to play Nier already too.

No. 862112

stop objectifying romanticizing glorifying misgendering mr. krabs

No. 862113

Is there a reason why you're so thin? Some hormonal problem, a medical treatment with side effect or an eating disorder? I'm personally skinny because of some health issues related to an hormone deficiency but being skinny by itself isn't a problem. Or at least it was until I caught covid and lost 10 kg in one month, so you're right to be careful and try to do something about your weight now.

No. 862214

The more I research and look into older retro anime series the more I find fanservice (and sometimes loli and incest) shit. I have no clue how some weebs get this idea that seasonal trash, fanservice and other shitty tropes were suddenly invented in the 2000s. most of the 'good', or somewhat less awful stuff that gets recommended are outliers if anything (or in some cases just the same as newer stuff which has me wondering why the fuck was it even rec'd but whatever)

No. 862224

How can a husbando get ugly, the author has the power to make him age gracefully or turn him immortal, why would they turn him hideous. Unless your husbando is 3DPD?

No. 862245

Once a year or so I try to get back into anime again, whether it’s old stuff I’ve never seen or something I remember as being good or something recommended to me, and every time I’m disappointed. There’s coomer shit practically everywhere, including series that are supposed to be deep and intellectual and above that sort of thing. I guess people who watch anime on a regular basis become blind to it and I’ve detoxed back to normie levels. I’m cringing when I think back to my own time as a teenage weeb because I’d show anime to normie friends and relatives and not understand why they’d look so weirded out and uncomfortable.

No. 862301

Ew get rid of it

No. 862378

File: 1627167047050.jpg (30.63 KB, 500x352, guhgeh.jpg)

I want to travel to japan again and go to osaka and okinawa among other places, but most of my friends can't afford going or don't have time/interest so finding a travelling partner is fucking impossible so I'm considering going on my own when the world gets closer to some sort of normalcy but I've never travelled on my own like that and I'm kinda awkward so I don't know if I'd make any friends among the way either

No. 862417

Im so glad I didn’t try showing anime to any friends during my phase. Once I stopped watching anime I went back to my previous state of hating it tg.

No. 862437

Yeah he's a 3Dpig and it sucks to see him age

No. 862440

File: 1627174824912.jpeg (126.64 KB, 1024x576, BC4B8E26-3B07-42BA-B03C-D12E3A…)

Is it Tonga time? It’s Tonga time

No. 862442

The dude's straight white teeth freak me out, but good job on that body oil

No. 862444

my sister loves tonga guy, and jason momoa

No. 862446

File: 1627175192068.png (33.95 KB, 300x194, n5i4hrS-300x194.png)

I was looking for a photo of kate upton to post to anon asking about apple shaped people, saw kirsten stewart fappening photos. I never knew her shit was leaked too and i feel awful but

No. 862448

File: 1627175489994.png (901.01 KB, 1366x768, impressive thing.png)

It's weird to me that an admittedly enjoyable mediocre fast-food-tier anime has so many people denying that one of the major mysteries going on in the background is a thing because it would be too "problematic" somehow and their favorite needs to stay pure. Do people really expect the dead idol anime to not have anything that they would be upset about? Are people seriously holding idol anime up to any good standard?

No. 862456

File: 1627177395233.png (5.07 KB, 274x78, call them out.PNG)

is it fucked up to be this mean to my scrote? sometimes when I think he's doing something sneaky, I do this.

No. 862457


No. 862458

It's fucked up to be on discord with a male, yes

No. 862462

We live in the same house, but I was on another floor. We'll be alright

No. 862466

File: 1627179117784.gif (2.01 MB, 320x275, 1597175349468.gif)

I fixed the dishwasher so now I won't have to tell my bitch of a landlord


No. 862468

nta but I think that's cute as shit. Sometimes I send my boy weird memes even though his room's next to mine

No. 862474

That reminds me, I (obviously) live with my husband but i sent him that gru shit that was on the bad art thread on messenger because I wanted him to suffer too

No. 862489

This is my favorite gif.

No. 862515

File: 1627188358947.jpeg (230.04 KB, 600x600, 56d7be078031ba1e078e9909-large…)

there must be some sort of psychological explanation as to why I love tiny things (especially tiny food) so much. I just want to buy all of these things, unpackage them all, line them up, and look at them. so badly.

No. 862518

That photo has too much going on and that seems like way too much effort.

No. 862521

it's a photo showing stock, also shut up

No. 862523

Anyone watch the skateboarding olympics earlier? Not to sound like a mom but why is no one wearing helmets? And a bunch of them were wearing airpods even?

No. 862525

i watched it for a few minutes and was laughing because their phones were literally flying out of their pockets and shit kek it seemed really laid back but i guess that’s kind of the nature of the sport

No. 862539

File: 1627192592189.png (93.15 KB, 220x346, 345676543.png)

These guys are so cute and I love them. I've never even finished a Final Fantasy game all the way through but they're so sweet and cuddly looking and I wish I could cover my entire house in moogle merch without looking like a retard lol. I had a dream lastnight that they released a line of Calico Critter style moogle toys and playsets and I'm so sad it wasn't real.

No. 862540

Do it! I travel alone all the time. My last trip, my friends were busy with work and shit, so I just went and explored by myself. One time in Berlin, I made friends with a group of Aussies and they paid for my drinks after showing them around clubs and helping them get in.

No. 862543

I grew up watching anime from the 90s and 2000s as well as some horribly localized 80s anime and I never cared about the fanservice. I watched NGE when I was 10 and loved it, if my parents were there and there was an awkward scene I just changed the channel for a few seconds or minutes. I read way more manga back then and honestly most of the ones I liked didn't have fanservice or the few sex scenes weren't too obvious or/and were part of the plot, like in Nana. Manga has more variety anyway so it's the best option between the two but these days I don't read or watch new stuff.

This actually reminds me of how many American teen shows had unecessary sex scenes or weird sexual fanservice stuff, it was WAY more embarrassing to be caught watching Gossip Girl or Glee or Sex and the city (liteally just because of the title alone) or Desperate Housewives or some other popular normie shit on TV by my family than the French uncut version of City Hunter (as opposed to the censored French dub) or Ranma 1/2 or Gravitation since it was most likely them who'd yell at my sisters and I to turn off the TV first.

No. 862549

File: 1627196256373.jpeg (163.1 KB, 999x1300, FCAA63CA-F523-4236-A83B-29E595…)

Males should be legally obligated to foot the bill when on dates with girls/women. No I won’t expand on why (y’all know why kek) and no I won’t change my mind.

No. 862550

moogles are war criminals anon

No. 862555

true they can be glad and thankful that some women still put up with their crap. The man footing the bill is just basic courtesy. If he wants to waste my time and wants me to listen to his bs he better pay for the meal

No. 862575

I remember once telling my (now) ex that I could go the rest of my life without sex and not be too bothered by it. We had a sex life, I don't dislike sex when the circumstances around it are right but what I said is still true. I go years without sex whenever I'm between relationships and its nothing. His reaction bothered me. He huffed all condesceding like and kept insisting I was talking shit.

I think this week is my third anniversary of no sex, no plans or urge to have it anytime soon

No. 862578

I hate them their noses are really ugly. The birds are cuter.

No. 862582

That's considered completely normal in my culture, even when I was a very young libfem uni student, guys were insulted if I tried to pay my share. Then I dated a male feminist/sociology PhD (8 years my senior) student and he still ended up treating me to a lot of things, it's just that unlike the other guys he was very obviously resentful kek

No. 862585

File: 1627205359358.gif (944.07 KB, 500x311, tumblr_inline_moc84mqfMD1qz4rg…)

I'm about to go full Karen and start calling the cops whenever the neighbors around me think they can be loud af during the weekend. Just last night the young couple that moved inside the flat across my bedroom had a party, they sat outside until 5 am, just to play loud shitty music and vape while screaming for whatever reason. When this shit was over, another neighbor decided to clean up their garage at around 6 am and throw around their shit to the ground to make it extra noisy. I want the lockdown back jesus christ, I just want to sleep.

No. 862594

File: 1627207160540.jpg (100.3 KB, 640x640, zahzg20goxd41.jpg)

Just learned about the existence of the Potoo birds and can't decide if I find them cute or scary. They look like something out of a Jim Henson movie

No. 862596

Are those the ones that are so lonely and rare they’ll try to mate with your head given the chance or is that another creepy bird?

No. 862598

File: 1627207410620.jpg (4.94 MB, 2500x1648, BT2_Output3_Adjusted2-WM_WEBSI…)

They look fake, like movie props. Nature is so weird. I saw some dinosaur reconstructions today and I can't believe these beings existed. Sure it's partly the artist's vision but damn dinos are wtf, especialy the longneck ones.

No. 862599

> I want the lockdown back Jesus Christ
I share that sentiment with you. Understand completely that for some people it was really hard but fuck it… no one out, no traffic, crime rates plummeted, didn’t have to worry about much, idiots weren’t partying until dawn. Call the cops. You deserve to live comfortably as well.

No. 862600

Artist definitely took some liberties here I don’t think that anatomy is physically possible kek

No. 862601

File: 1627207707273.gif (843.83 KB, 382x338, kakapo.gif)

I think you're thinking of the Kakapo.

No. 862602

As a rural kid with limited supply I binged on peanut butter and juice powder

No. 862603

I don't get why people living in apartments or flats have these all night long, loud as fuck moving in parties. I've been stuck overhearing enough of them and it just means everyone hates you right off the bat. And then you're on the managements radar right from the start too

No. 862604

File: 1627208181683.jpg (82.27 KB, 613x766, 5c83b88ec4edb530c7c956f7b45829…)

They're related to frogmouths which have the same weird puppet mouth but are way cuter and more dorky looking.

No. 862605

Holy kek yep that’s the bird I thought it was!! The names were similar to me I guess. Thanks for the reminder… that video is hilarious (but kinda sad).

No. 862606

File: 1627208228991.jpg (1.08 MB, 2100x1200, Tawny-Frogmouth-i.jpg)

Samefag. Look at this grumpy little shit on the right.

No. 862607

I mean they’re a lot of things but I don’t know if I’d necessarily call them cuter

It is interesting though how birds as a whole have such varying species! Birds are actually really neat.

No. 862608

File: 1627209367081.jpg (16.71 KB, 400x400, fatpigeon.jpg)


No. 862609

File: 1627209435728.jpg (68.06 KB, 1024x857, 1024px-Brachiosaurus_mount.jpg)

These dinos truly said, fuck you I'm going to be impossible

No. 862610

these genuinely look like props from some fantasy movie haha

No. 862614

We have giraffes, how is a bachiosaurus any less believable?

No. 862618

File: 1627210075327.jpeg (35.69 KB, 600x600, EB785E86-49EE-46F8-A8CB-3E4634…)

Giraffes at least are in proportion and structurally make sense.

That dino looks alllll sorts of messed up kek

No. 862621

This! Lockdown time was such a blessing for me personally. I finally had the chance to sit on my balcony in the evening and not being bothered by drunk tards, the traffic, soccer fans, more drunk tards on electronic scooters and huge balcony or garden parties around me. Sure, I miss going to concerts and stuff like that but I also enjoy my comfy time and good sleep.

Kek, after I made my post I heard one of my neighbors on the outside telling the other one about the loud party and how they plan to call the cops as well when they do it another time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates those people now lol.

No. 862647

whenever i think about vegans the image that pops into my head by association is dasha/itsbabydash. its been this way for years and i'm just realising

No. 862648

my coworker thought 9/11 happened like 5 years ago. in fact he didn't even know it happened on september 11th until i told him lol

No. 862651

Anyone have a "Finding out the homophobic dude who was always making gay jokes in High School/Collage, turns out to be a flamboyant gay dude" moment?
I just did, I was looking through an friends social and I saw his name, clicked the profile and he has lip gloss, wearing crop tops and talking about his boyfriend and his "Throat game".

No. 862658

Definitely had the lesbian equivalent, ie went to an all-girls' school where the popular ones bullied ugly girls by calling them lesbians, now one of those populars is dating another girl and posts their PDA all over instagram. I wish both her and your obnoxious gay classmate happy lives

No. 862672

i calculated birth chart compatibility with one of my husbandos and it more or less said he would make a great daddy dom for me. well he is pretty fatherly but that's not the point

No. 862688

I was just testing my kvlt knowledge of how many icelandic black metal bands I can name from memory. It's 17. I'm sure this knowledge will be very crucial one day when a black metal qt challenges me to a competition of naming black metal bands from memory and I win and he falls in love with me. Which is going to happen totally am i right
I wish I knew my husbando's birthday

No. 862690

What age is he?

No. 862693

we're both 23. in his defence we're eastern european

No. 862694

One of the popular girls from a few years below me in school asked me out a few weeks back. I was shocked I thought she was straight. I am a straight but was extremely flattered. She thinks I'm cute lol

No. 862696

Fair. I was 10 when it happened and live in Ireland. I remember I convinced myself I could tell the flight patterns of the planes overhead afterwards yet struggled with knowing right and left. Was a weird time. I got out of school early.

No. 862697

further in his defence i first found out about 9/11 from sonic the hedgehog deviantart tributes

No. 862699

You're blowing my mind.

No. 862702

further FURTHER in his defense I thought 911 was a south park joke for a couple years.

(for context i'm french and it happened when i was 2…. does that help me seem like less of a dumbass?)

No. 862707

Not necessarily a "dumbass shit" thing but doesn't really fit in any other threads. Does anyone else here have CAH?

No. 862711

Yes kids are allowed to live in blissful ignorance.

No. 862761

I went to the cc friend finder thread and I don't know why but I found it so pathetic. I know that's not nice of me

No. 862763

No. 862771

No, I'm sorry. I know everyone is just trying to find friends

No. 862773

I was just swiping around on a dating profile and almost liked a guy who was really cute, but he was my height, which I'm not into, but he was pretty cute so I was debating.
Thank Jesus at the end of his profile he said he was a huge anime fan. Easy decision after that.

No. 862791

File: 1627226762648.jpg (29.09 KB, 835x229, Screenshot_20210725_171825.jpg)

my exact thoughts at every one of you horny bitches' husbandofagging posts

No. 862796

but it's a drawing of a man

No. 862801

The very fact that they're not men is part of the appeal, nonny. Keep up.

No. 862806

bruh if i had skin like this, i would never harm my skin with makeup but then again these celebs can afford the best skincare and treatments

No. 862807

this lmao

No. 862808

Stay mad

No. 862832

This is actually funny. You know how lolicons are always like "It's just a drawing!!!"? All husbandofag anons who dislike IRL men should just start saying "It's just a drawing" whenever scrotes seethe about them liking fictional males.

No. 862835

nona I'm not mad, just confused and maybe a bit fascinated

No. 862856

I don't get the whole 2d thing so this made me laugh

Find joy in whatever you like though, me 'not getting it' isn't me shitting on it either.

No. 862860

gave me a heart attack

No. 862868

where are the pics

No. 862872

File: 1627234860575.gif (901.39 KB, 432x333, tardism.gif)

I've vaguely wanted a Chao plush for something like 20 years now. Toy ranges weren't great in my country growing up so lots of characters from shows and games weren't available here. We were kinda poor too so I think my parents avoided toy shops and pretended some things just didn't exist when maybe they did, bit of both lol

Fuck it, I ordered one from amazon at the grand ole age of 32. he's coming on tuesday but I've already named him 'baba' I've been suddenly dwelling on alot of bad childhood shit lately so I'm indulging the kid in me to balance that out I guess.

I just realized that's probably how abdls rationalize their lifestyle… shit, send help.

No. 862874

File: 1627235094043.jpg (129.37 KB, 800x800, L_g0152904466.jpg)

want to buy cute kitchenware

No. 862875

I feel like whoever asked the other person out on a date should foot the bill, thoughts?

No. 862885

File: 1627237193709.jpeg (789.21 KB, 1200x1700, 2411ECBE-6A10-4B3D-BAFF-99CE3E…)

I want to go to a ceramics place just to make stuff like that

No. 862888

File: 1627237297722.jpg (14.96 KB, 206x275, 1610209243387.jpg)

I want to get a tattoo but I can't get over the anxiety of doing something permanent to my body.

No. 862892


It's not so bad, I have 3 kind of shitty ones but I usually forget I have them anyway

No. 862896

Don't get your first tattoo in a visible spot, and wait 3 months to see if you still want it. If you still want it in 3 months, then go for it! I have 3 on my upper arm and I forget I have them because they are out of sight (I'm not the other anon who just replied something really similar)

No. 862899

I feel like this too. I've asked a guy out for coffee before because I wanted to take the initiative but I also knew that being 'the asker' it's only right to foot the bill or to offer. If you do the asking then imo you should pick a date that you can afford and be ready to pay.

The first time I did that the guy bought me a gift in a store before the date had ended. I was broke at the time but it was a cheap date and he paid it back and more which was nice.

No. 862908

File: 1627238872018.jpg (479.83 KB, 1265x1900, 1487281352046.jpg)

I feel like I'm the only one who knew Nano had a fakeboy phase and sometimes I feel it was all a fever dream
>Tfw after her confession she falls off the face of the earth and rises from the ashes as an actual signed singer

No. 862914

I was googling for a toga like the roman garment and all I get is some dumb anime blonde bitch

No. 862915

To add on what you said, also be careful where you put tattoos depending on your career. My coworker’s getting a new job and has to wear a sleeve on her arm to cover her tattoo

No. 862951

Period. Where are you. You were supposed to come today and take away my premenstrual blues. Come soon. I'm waiting

No. 862956

Everytime I see another youtuber moving to south korea to find their oppa bc they watched one kdrama and are bts stans and then make the exact same "dating experiences" video about it I kek they also all look the same

No. 862963

Enjoy your chao plush! They were so cute. and chao garden was my favorite part of Sonic adventure 1 and 2

No. 862965

I had to call the cops on 5 or 6 people outside my house. they were laughing and screaming well into 2am. i hate people so much.

No. 862981

File: 1627246824641.png (131.55 KB, 792x364, news.png)

Finally some good fucking news

No. 862984

File: 1627246897899.jpg (11.19 KB, 291x173, Leone-marino.jpg)

look at this dude

No. 862988

So I purchased a top from a second hand seller but she ended up cancelling the transaction after a week. As reason she said "Unfortunately I can't ship it anymore". But she relisted the damn the thing immediately after cancelling my purchase. She has a 5/5 star rating on over 250 sold items so she seems to be a good seller, I don't get what's going on here?

No. 862992

He's beautiful

No. 862999

File: 1627248485801.png (115.1 KB, 281x345, link.PNG)

I agreed to help someone with weekly lessons for her language class I already regret, I should've sticked with "give me your homeworks I'll give you the answers"

No. 863001

File: 1627248704802.jpg (20.81 KB, 552x368, EqA2mamXYAEutVA.jpg)

some cunt is spamming my fave characters' ao3 tag woth a shitload of garbage-tier reader-insert fics. i hope she keels over

No. 863005

I've been learning guitar very slowly and finally started getting some nice callouses on my fingers and I was able to tune my low E string without a tuner (I used a tuner after to check), bitch I'm getting musical!

No. 863009

congrats! record yourself for progress measure

No. 863019

File: 1627250492400.jpg (37.88 KB, 474x474, 8b4771a2e7ad100fe4d3c6721a8ebe…)

I couldn't give less shits about scrotes not finding me attractive past my 20's but I'm way too concerned about other women and their opinions. When anons make fun of women in their 30's dressing in youthful way or generally liking things other than yoga or changing baby diapers I feel so anxious, why must I be like this. They're probably coping with their own mortality and the inevitable progress of aging.

No. 863021

I was looking through the album art thread on /m/ and saw a cool album art, with a reply commenting on the anon's great taste. Naturally, I looked up the album out of curiosity and it's literally just noise, it sounds like screaming static. The genre is noise music/Japanoise, am I just crazy retarded or do some people genuinely unironically enjoy this?

No. 863024

samefag but I'm not shitting on anon's taste or anything I just can't figure out if it's supposed to be genuinely good or "ironically" good if you get what I mean

No. 863027

Found and started following a nonalcoholic drink brand on instagram. I don’t really like the taste of alcohol and it also makes me really sick so I don’t drink it, but I really do enjoy it when restaurants have mocktails. What I hate is people popping up in the comment section of this instagram’s posts saying “well what’s the point if there’s no alcohol?” or “non alcoholic drinks are stupid!!” and it just makes them sound like people who have a problem. Nonalcoholic drinks aren’t just for kids! I want to enjoy mixed drinks too!! I’m sad whenever I look at drink menus and the descriptions are full of flavors I really like, but I know I can’t have it because it’s alcoholic and will really mess me up. God forbid an adult having a nice night out without alcohol.

No. 863035

I had a friend who "unironically enjoyed" Merzbow, an artist similar to the one you linked. I don't quite understand the appeal, really.

No. 863039

File: 1627251920967.jpg (799.02 KB, 1080x1081, nose bug.jpg)

The Gnostics considered Eve a hero for eating the fruit, which was gnosis, the hidden knowledge that the God of the garden was in fact a false and blind God. In fact, the snake is not Satan in Gnosticism – who sometimes doesn't exist as we know him since the Demiurge, the God of the Old Testament, kind of assumes his role – but was in fact a per-existetant Christ working on the behalf ultimately of the true Unknowable God from whence Sophia emanated and caused the flawed God of the Old Testament to be born, ignorant of his own lack of pleroma.

No. 863052

hot garbage

No. 863444

It makes me cringe so hard when people online lament how something that's already extremely popular is getting popular or becoming a trend. Like, I saw some girl on tiktok complaining about The Strokes "blowing up" and how she wishes people wouldn't find them. I hate to break it to you but they're already extremely popular and have been for years. They have 9.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. I know it's mostly teenagers with individuality complexes and it's part of growing up but it's just painful to see kek

No. 863445

Kek so who’s going to tell her The Strokes “blew up” over a decade ago? Bet she still thinks Julian is the minor mess he was in 2006 and not the washed up mess he is now.

No. 863456


No. 863461

File: 1627262473570.jpg (299.45 KB, 1920x1080, 92m5i6h7zfo41.jpg)

ugh take me back

No. 863464

I impulse bought a different brand of ice cream than I usually get and it's so bad. Now I have a whole gallon of ice cream that tastes and feels like the ghost of toothpaste past.

what did she mean by this?

I used to enjoy similar music unironically as a teenager, but that was only because of my commitment to being edgy.

No. 863467

I feel your pain nonna, I accidentally bought sugar free ice cream the other week and didn't realize until I started eating it

No. 863469

better than cold garbage tho amirite lmao!!

No. 863473

File: 1627265778304.jpg (275.23 KB, 667x1012, chinchan.jpg)

No. 863477

I used to be so anti-waste, and well I still am but not so much with food anymore. If you’re full, it’s just as much of a waste to eat the food than to throw it out because it’ll just get turned into fat at that point. I guess what I’m saying is that you should throw out the gallon and buy a better dessert that you can actually enjoy, since it’d be just as wasteful to eat it and not enjoy it.

No. 863481

my sense of humor has really gone to shit this has no business making me laugh

No. 863484

If you have a garden you can always make your own compost with left over food.

No. 863488

File: 1627269541179.jpeg (178.69 KB, 1242x910, CE37CD47-1AE0-45E2-95CB-D4C2BB…)

It’s probably not that funny but this review on a princess dress-up gown sent me

No. 863499

My boyfriend is half-Korean and I want to dress him up like a K-pop star. I think it would be so cute :)

No. 863512

haven't watched the second season but you mean how the manager resucitated the girl in pic or something related to the tranny shota?

No. 863520


No. 863557

>find merch at a local store that isn't overpriced
>mens wear only

I wouldn't be bothere of it wasn't wasy too big on me and I can't be fucked to get it fixed

No. 863574

File: 1627280825498.png (204.57 KB, 480x713, 14729fee82294e84f530f321307bdb…)

I'm moving pretty soon and the thing I'm most excited about is having more room for my cats. I've always felt kind of guilty for having two cats and a small apartment. I take them outside regularly to walk and explore but I wanna give them more, they bring me so much damn joy.

No. 863576

the people who make women’s pants are incels

No. 863587

It's funny to see that LinkedIn is becoming the 2nd Facebook. People are posting all kinds of shit there that is irrelevant to their jobs (like photos of their kids, posts about their hobbies, etc)

No. 863590

>Barnes and nobles
They should’ve thrown in Borders too.

No. 863591

Tuck it in or cleanly cut it off

No. 863602

I am following the trend of complaining about clothes, I don't mind that band shirts are shapeless but they are so long and I have one where they printed the album and band name on the bottom so to show it it has to be untucked but it looks retarded because it's so long and if I tuck it in the letters are not visible or worse everything but the top quarter of the letter is cut off. This sucks

No. 863613

Xs fits my shoulders and hips but there's way too much space in the middle so no point in cutting anything off and altering it would cost as much as the shirt so meh

No. 863616

Legit. The deepest pockets I've ever had are on my Dickies 874s which are unisex. Couldn't believe how far they go down.

No. 863617

We get it you’re a smol bean

No. 863621

uhh not watching zombie land but I know some spoilers is it about possible romance between the main girl (died as a teen) and the producer (adult but childhood friend of MC)?

No. 863639

File: 1627286250846.jpeg (16.69 KB, 540x183, FAD40537-A3F4-4E49-9F06-8D0774…)

im high

No. 863641

I never used to feel bad about buying books until recently when a bunch of booktubers made videos about how buying books is mAtERiAliStIc. that being said sometimes I also feel guilty for using the library, like whenever I check out a book I'm taking it from someone else. I guess the only alternative would be to buy e-books, but there are a bunch of downsides to that as well. fugh

No. 863649

We get it you're trying to bait

No. 863651

>mfw I spent my youth looking down upon girls like these and thinking I'm better than them instead of joining them and enjoying my weeb cringe phase because I never realized that in 15 years kids would be either straight out nazis or genderspecial TRAs
I wasted my life

No. 863656

Same, I wish I just joined being a dorky teen with manga kids instead of trying to fit in with normal kids

No. 863661

seKAAAAAAAI de ichiban o hime saMA

No. 863671

>I also feel guilty for using the library, like whenever I check out a book I'm taking it from someone else
lol what? If they want a book that badly they can just sign up on the waiting list and get it when you're done.

I don't even feel guilty pirating every single book I read, wtf are you feeling guilty about using the library as intended or actually paying for books to support authors and the industry. Save your book money for a therapist to figure out this unwarranted guilt issue you've got.

No. 863676

Booktube culture is materialistic as fuck, so I assume they’re referring to people buying hundreds of books which they’ll never get a chance to read just to make aesthetic book shelf tours and braggy haul videos. I wouldn’t take it personally anon. If you like buying physical books and can afford to, go ahead. You could introduce some rules if you don’t want to hoard - for example, I always donate or pass on books that I disliked, enjoyed but wouldn’t reread, or bought on impulse but wouldn’t read, so others can enjoy it instead. If you buy secondhand you’re lessening the environmental impact as well as saving money and helping a good cause if you buy from a charity.

Don’t feel bad about using the library! It’s more likely to help than harm as active library users make financial cuts less justified. You’re helping to keep the service open. Waiting for books to become available is expected.

I love ebooks despite agreeing about the issues. Until last year I hated them but have been completely won over. I got a kindle for my birthday which is so comfortable to read on, and the highlighting/notes features are cool. My library also uses the BorrowBox app which is handy. Audiobooks are something I never thought I’d like either, but are actually fine with the right book and narrator.

No. 863679

What about second hand books? I never feel remotely bad about buying those, there's so many

>pirating books
Tell me more, do you put them on an e-reader? Where your favorite place to download

No. 863688

File: 1627291473211.png (9.49 KB, 688x98, d.PNG)

I start to hate comments like that
Like not the logic behind because common sense but it's just annoying to see them talk this way

No. 863691

No. 863698

What are the downsides of ebooks that anons keep bringing up? At the moment I'm reading a physical book, an ebook and an audio book so I've been thinking about the differences a lot. The cons are pretty minor for me, mainly that it's easy to lose my place and forget what I'm reading by accidentally closing a tab. The physical presence of a regular book is good to ensure I stick with it, but they're so much less convenient… can't read in the dark, can't sneakily read at work, can't read one handed, generally takes up too much space and isn't very portable. Ebooks win by a large margin for me.

>Tell me more, do you put them on an e-reader? Where your favorite place to download
Nah just my tablet or phone. libgen is the best source, pirate bay is good for more popular stuff and bulk downloads.

No. 863699

I want to thank a person I follow that talks to me for posting behind the scenes things of a certain global event that’s going on right now because they’re there but I’m afraid I’ll sound like the corny recluse that I am

No. 863702

nta but search the book you want & then 'vkbooks' and you can find a pdf 90% of the time

No. 863713

100% free-range reddit speak, curated to get the most updoots.

No. 863714

related to kotaro and sakura, staff and really upfront stuff in s2 implies that a large reason that the project aside from "save saga" started was just to realize sakura's dream and that he's still in love with her, and that everything had been in the making at least since she died

No. 863722

Reddit is full of men patting themselves on the shoulders for not being absolute coomers. Go on any female-centric subreddit too and there'll always be some guy saying "As a man, I just enjoy coming here and learn new perspectives and read female thoughts" with a thousand upvotes. OK, man, you can do that in silence.

No. 863731

but what if it's a joint decision. then who pays? do you have to keep tabs on who of the two of you specifically said' let's do x thing?'. I'm dating currently and we just kinda decide on where to go/what to do next during the current date. I'm not keeping track of who suggested what. this is confusing help me

No. 863734

same. I've wanted tattoos for a while but the idea of having something permenently etched into my skin is kind of scary. what if I wake up one day and decide I don't like the tattoo anymore?

he's so rotund and handsome!

I don't understand how people listen to music categorised as 'harsh noise' or that kind of thing, like this. I listen to a lot music like sun 0))) which I believe is drone? but there's a line where music becomes pure noise and nothing more and I don't get that. I don't understand how a sane human could listen to this

No. 863735

*sunn o))) I'm such a fake fan

No. 863741

If you’re already second guessing, don’t get one. Tattoos are ugly anyways.

No. 863746

File: 1627299203150.png (90.55 KB, 259x426, Screenshot_20210626-210414~2.p…)

That's why I am going to get tattoos of retarded shit that makes me laugh, because I'll always think this is funny

No. 863750

NTA, don't know which camp you're in, but if doing what you're doing right now works for you two, why not simply keep at it?

No. 863755

File: 1627299658604.jpg (841.48 KB, 2041x3061, a2f75876-9224-4690-b400-69d85c…)

Anon you gotta be who you wanna be and not give a fuck about what someone else is thinking. If you're not harming someone else or yourself, it doesn't matter. You're not making a fool of yourself for dressing in your 30s the way you did in your 20s. Anyone shaming another woman for such petty shit is doing exactly what you said, coping with their own aging. Everyone is going to get old, I'm not going to stop wearing animal backpacks, they'll get over it.

No. 863756

It's so condescending. Like a friendly form of sexism or something. I also can't stand it when a man would butt in on a dispute, support the women's side or a more progressive point of view but make it clear that it is a MAN writing (if it's not obvious) like "see? even a MAN agrees", which only implies that a woman's point has to be supported by a man to become valid. Even worse when some women start praising them or other guys join in only to interact within this little male club of "feminists that are a bit sounder because penis" and high five each other.

Damn those closing parentheses in their name always kill me as an east slav kek

No. 863758

sunn o))) it's all smiles and sunshine

No. 863767

It's basically
>Not to worry poor femoids, I, as a man give you the permission to do this thing and think this way! How do you like this validation I'm giving for your completely sensible demands like it was a huge progressive take instead of the bare minimum?
How about instead of coming to pat the head of a woman speaking up you go fix your own shit sex and their stupid attitudes that caused this debate to even exist?

No. 863768

A thousand upvotes for treating women like people. The bar is so low it’s barely off the ground.

No. 863870

File: 1627311969883.jpg (140.33 KB, 550x365, homoerectus.jpg)

This homo erectus statue is so badass. We don't see enough depictions of prehistorical women as hunters. They were, there is a lot of archeological evidence for that.

No. 863889

Most tattoos are hideous af and usually can just be made into t-shirt designs.

No. 863912

I'm not super into harsh noise but I fuckin love music with heavy noise influence like The Body or TERRITOIRE. It's cathartic and it's one of those "feel it in in your chest and bones" type of release. I imagine harsh noise is just for fuckers who eternally feel like static and need to feel something without going postal kek

No. 863921

Men will never improve. There will always be an army full of women willing to pat them on the head for the most basic shit. (No, I am not blaming women, just acknowledging their part)

No. 863927

I've never heard a Lana Del Rey song in my life and I don't want to either.

No. 863931

You're not missing out. Every song sounds like an alcoholic rambling on their death bed.

No. 863945

No. 863972

File: 1627320923583.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20210315-202048_(1)…)


No. 863986

Pirating talk in another thread reminded me. I'm finishing up uni and I share some classes with younger students and they all have Netflix subscriptions and such or at the most stream some series on an online platform for free, but they seem to never torrent shit. I don't know if it's just not popular anymore or like some lost knowledge between generations.

No. 863999

One of my close friends went on a date with someone I used to be friends with and it makes me feel so weird lol. We didn't stop being friends because of a fight or anything, we just weren't really close and drifted apart, and also I have a meh image of her. I can't stop thinking that if they start dating I'll most likely have to interact with her again, but I'm just gonna hold my tongue about it.

No. 864008

Definitely lost knowledge, there is an oversaturation of streaming platforms and so much content on youtube, and then there are streaming sites that use pirated mirrors. I guess there is really no point in torrenting because everything is more available than it used to be and way faster than ever. It's only useful to torrent if you want to actually own the piece of media.

No. 864011

Can't wait for ironic weebs to sperg all over twitter about how pROblEmaTiC!1!1!1 it is

No. 864014

File: 1627324050879.jpeg (72.42 KB, 720x902, AAAE11E2-950E-4A3B-8A5A-65E40C…)


No. 864029

File: 1627325192347.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 161.7 KB, 800x925, F4F3F376-9C62-42BC-B834-ED963A…)


No. 864105

New order as president of the world: all indian men get shot

No. 864109

My ugly pickme friend is going on and on about her new boyfriend. What a shit show. I can’t wait until he breaks it off with her and it turns out he was just using her for sex. To top it off he is short and half Asian. Why do pickmes have the worst taste in moids?

No. 864122

The AI is acting out again

No. 864124

>Why do pickmes have the worst taste in moids?
>pickmes, women known for catering to men because of internalized misogyny + low self-worth
I hate to sound like a twitterfag, but what's not clicking?

No. 864127

Header gif reminds me if Finnish bae.

No. 864131

Short Asian guys are so gross(racebait)

No. 864145

my cat woke me up at 4 am this morning so i could let her come into my room and hide under my bed because she was afraid of the storm outside. i'm pissed because i never got to go back to sleep and now i feellike i'm dying >:(

No. 864151

Nta but on one hand I see what you mean, on the other I can’t imagine acting like that for low quality moids. It would be slightly less embarrassing if they were doing it for half-decent men.

No. 864153

File: 1627333504066.jpg (646.98 KB, 800x800, apron2.jpg)

I hope mods don't get rid of the black girl problems thread. I feel like it can be genuinely good. Pic unrelated

No. 864161

nta but that's the thing, you're coming at this from a perspective of having ANY confidence and a normal self-esteem, people with low self esteem will see even slightly more attractive people as something they don't deserve. Why do you think we bully pickmes so much? I had my pickme phase, I used to think that if a scraggly-bearded 4chin loser didn't like me, I would die alone. Now, if i had to respond to his "feel suicidal today [sadface]" dms for the gazillionth time, having the strong inner core and wisdom that comes with age that i have now, i'd link him to a gun shop and tell him to hurry the fuck up.

No. 864180

File: 1627334867475.jpg (178.84 KB, 999x1163, thinking-bull-statue-barcelona…)

the terf thing doesn't make sense to me.
Radical feminist means someone who defends/advocates/beliefs of females, people who were observed female at birth, AFAB. If TRAs say gender and sex are different (until they don't), why are they mad that people that defend the female sex (including transmen) don't include AMAB?
Like, it's like complaining that BLM doesn't advocate for white people.
It should be MERF, not TERF, and even that is redundant.

No. 864184

File: 1627335250302.png (1.11 KB, 228x25, bptfp.png)

god I fucking hate anachans

No. 864194

File: 1627336072298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210525_191156.jpg)

(don't open the spoiler if you're squeamish, I just thought it was neat)
It's nuts how the body can heal flesh wounds like this into little scars like that all on its own.

No. 864205

i feel bad that i dont even register this as a human body part any more. i hope wherever coldness is she's found peace

No. 864210

who is coldness??

No. 864216

coldnessinmyheart was an extreme self-mutilator

No. 864217

coldnessinmyheart is the person that arm belongs to. supposedly she's dead (presumably suicide or bleeding out) but i don't think it's confirmed. i don't want to look it up either way, because she's known for very severe self injury like op's post, and the pics make me sad

No. 864226

oh sorry for the confusion! i'm sure you and her would get along great, perhaps you should acquire a ouija board and discuss the many intricacies of self mutilation. not entirely sure lolcow is the best place to gorepost though? i hope you don't end up with infections anon

No. 864230

File: 1627338285784.jpg (10.2 KB, 225x225, 1566ba60488e9278d720d8c801635d…)

My crush said every time he tries to watch Lord of the Rings he falls asleep, and he tried like 11 times. I'm afraid this is a dealbreaker for me.

No. 864240

Tell him to 2x speed at the beginning until it gets good. I also have a hard time committing to things with slow starts because I have a zoomed brain

No. 864241

That beefy pec gif got me thinking, what does a 10/10 man look like? I feel like I've seen a variety of 10/10 women objectively but I'm not sure I can imagine "the perfect man" visually exclusively. Young Leo?

No. 864244

if that's really yours how are you still alive

No. 864252

Body can survive stuff like that easy pips as long as you don't have prolonged arterial bleeding. You can lose a litre of blood and barely be affected. It's wild.

No. 864260

What was the post?

No. 864263

After a month of my hair looking like shit from my home bleach job on my roots, I finally managed to balance everything out using a very weak bleach bath on my dark yellow roots and toning with shampoos on dry hair. There were some icy blue patches after that, and I've been walking around looking OK but not good, with a very obvious home job. But tonight I've given it a really thorough wash with the Bleach London pearlescent shampoo and it's finally the nice soft pearly pink platinum I like! So satisfying. I feel like a beautiful princess anons. It's weird how bad hair can affect your mood and self-image so much.
I'm too lazy to find the mundane shit thread, though this post is probably better in there.

No. 864267

an anon said the cut arm posted above was hers

No. 864271

File: 1627340471151.png (830.74 KB, 1200x675, imagen_2021-07-26_175928.png)

The newest anime iteration of hunter x hunter is 10 years old (2011)

No. 864272

Give him an energy drink when he starts to get sleepy!

No. 864277

Insane how blood genuinely looks like ketchup

No. 864280

File: 1627341337470.jpg (107.9 KB, 1200x630, unnamed.jpg)

Left is female, middle two are male, but what is Yang? Serious question.

No. 864283

Right is male too

No. 864285

My pickme ass sat through several seasons of this contrived shit to try and make a guy like me. Sitting next to him in the dorm common room. Not speaking at all, just watching together. I also told him to come over one weekend when my flatmate was out, specifically because of that reason. He said 'no thanks'. It didn't get through my thick pickme skull. So I just kept wasting my time watching several anime I didn't enjoy as well as watching him finish several videogames. I'm mad at myself just remembering this.

No. 864289

Thank you!

No. 864300

I already suffered through this image once today in the shayna thread you bastard

No. 864302

Depends on your taste really. But fit, full head of hair, and clear skin are all requirements.

No. 864307

ketchup's brighter than that

No. 864312

I cant believe 2011 was actually 10 years ago. damnit, HXH is so good. I want more of the anime so badly already.

No. 864322

I'm happy for you, anon! I think it's solidarity in home bleach jobs, but there is nothing better than getting the color you want, while having softer, manageable hair. Sending positivity

No. 864329

Solidarity, chum! Thank you. May all your future home bleach jobs be bodacious ♥

No. 864367

I am ugly but I sent a dorky selfie to my friend and she said I had the features of an Italian model.
I know I look like hot garbage and she was just being nice, but it still felt good so I'm going to let myself enjoy the glow a little while longer.

No. 864409

My boyfriend went out to run some errands and told me to text him if I wanted anything but this dumbass forgot his phone!!! Please hear my prayers! Bring me falafel!!

No. 864411

Astral project to the store and tell him anon

No. 864412

File: 1627350202562.jpg (56.03 KB, 851x847, heywhatsupyouguys.jpg)

Making a radblr was a good move. One thing though… is everyone on that website a child? I have seen only one other person over 25 in the wild.

No. 864418

File: 1627350559017.png (102.59 KB, 235x275, 1578091976475.png)

Radblr got boring tbh, the same stuff over and over. I wouldn't bother, just sub to rf's on WordPress.

No. 864420

They definitely exist, they just don't share that they're 25+.

No. 864424

Used to hate my arm hair but now I like petting it, I'm sorry for ripping you out arm hair never again. Plus I'm pretty sure it makes me more aware of my surroundings bc I haven't bumped into as many things. Maybe I can pick up the flow of air better?

No. 864426

I was going down the stairs too fast while wearing flip flops and fell on my butt now it hurts

No. 864434

Hang them with their own strap you must get justice

No. 864439

I just followed some non radfems and the feed looks ok now, at first it was a bit too much. I don't care about curating an aesthetic but I did want a more diverse feed, some art, some humor etc. It's alright but for conversation I don't really wanna interact with people too much younger than me.

I do agree though the radfem posts are all quite similar. Still I do enjoy reading most of it as long as it's not the only thing on my dash.

No. 864444

wht's the context for that pic? also yang is def a guy

No. 864461

File: 1627354033077.jpg (33.93 KB, 425x425, 78af9ac8-ee11-11eb-b683-cf7af9…)

Nonas… I'm in love (context: she just won gold in women's weightlifting)

No. 864469

I love this thanks for sharing

No. 864476

I'm at work but I want to go home and play Sims! It was a bad idea to sleep at 4am.

No. 864515

I've been rewatching 3rd Rock From The Sun. I finally made the revelation about the three male main characters names. The creators literally used the phrase "Tom, Dick, and Harry" for their names. I feel dumb.

No. 864517

I watched some recently, it was surprisingly horny

No. 864527

I loved this series of ads growing up (this one is my favorite.) The "What's Your Thing?" commercial is ingrained into my brain though

>My things sound effects here's a T-Rex HHNGHRRR

>MOM MOM Aiden cut me in half again
>Trombone sounds

No. 864528

Never thought I'd consider a 400 page book "short". Then again even 1000 pages wouldn't be enough if the book is good

No. 864570

File: 1627380653828.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, 1592277044906.png)

I have no idea if I posted my rant post on the wrong thread or haven't posted it at all… If you found an off topic anon with the 911 microwave pic sorry it was me, where the fuck did I post..

No. 864591

I had a feeling that my substitute French teacher wants to fuck me. This was our second lesson together. He constantly diverts our conversational topics towards romance and love life and last time he ended the lesson saying 'it was a great pleasure'. He also stared at me in a weird way and asked me in a hopeful voice if I live nearby. Thankfully he got weirded out by my bizarreness and today at the end of our lesson he abruptly stood up and left.

I have emotional intimacy issues so I hate opening up in general and talking about my feelings or relationships and anything relating to that so I tried to avoid answering these questions and sometimes I passive aggressively stared in the distance for minutes while I pretended to think and I think he was really fed up with me by the end kek

No. 864596

File: 1627383763849.gif (339.14 KB, 112x112, 1611657976704.gif)

Does anyone else fantasize about taking in a man who is less than presentable and fixing him up completely?(Both looks and personality). And I don't mean it like I would be his personal therapist/mommy that does everything for him, I mean like I'd make him obedient and forever in my favor as if he were a stray dog that I cared enough about to take in.

No. 864603

Are you an adolescent? Then yeah, he likely wants to fuck you, cause he’s French.

No. 864637

No, because I've done this several times in several ways, and they weren't grateful, and I was ultimately their mommy/therapist/bangmaid. The fantasy dies a painful death if you live it, and I'm pretty sure it's a figment of our collective internalized misogyny that makes us think it's desirable or even possible to do.
I guarantee taking in an actual stray dog would be a way better option for both obedience and emotional fulfilment.

No. 864644

Taylor R is a high brow influencer. I trust her over other bitches and that's just a fact

No. 864646

Life isn't some K-Drama, nonnie

No. 864648

>And I don't mean it like I would be his personal therapist/mommy that does everything for him
there is no other way, retard

No. 864649

I don't follow her that closely, but she seems like the kind of middle-class wannabe-rich person who follows every boring influencer trend that pops up because she thinks it will make other people think she's rich. She's a profoundly plain person, I don't see what she does that every generic woman on Instagram with more then 5000+ followers doesn't already do.

No. 864650

Hey, let a nonette dream!

No. 864662

In regards to personality no, but I do want to play stylist with boys I date

No. 864663

File: 1627391708022.png (25.12 KB, 724x670, 1627376405991.png)

Just found this interesting.

No. 864664

File: 1627391744939.png (24.02 KB, 711x588, 1627376437843.png)

No. 864666

Does anyone else get a little nostalgic over the old critical k-pop threads? And I mean the first few ones, after the tenth one or so they really started going to shit. But those early ones were honestly so much fun and i kinda miss everyone ranting and shitting on k-pop idols and the industry kek.

No. 864668

File: 1627393155997.jpg (712.26 KB, 1947x1454, IMG_20210727_153200_279.JPG)

"chrome gold yellow" It's frickin tan

No. 864669

Yes and now you've reminded me, I'm going to go read them now!

No. 864678

Sand yellow

No. 864701

File: 1627396451868.jpg (67.86 KB, 700x466, sadmone.jpg)

i feel so bad for simone biles after she pulled herself out of the team competition today. she's clearly not in the right headspace and the pressure has gotten to her. it seems like covid and all the usag drama has really affected the team.

No. 864708

Im sorry but
Has me in tears

No. 864710

They taught me so much about the kpop world. I still don't care about the actual songs or talents but the way the industry works in such a dark way fascinated me and now I never know where to read that same type of discussion

No. 864713

I wish they were allowed again

No. 864716

Some schizo at /g/ I wonder what is going on

No. 864727

I was craving pasta so I made spaghetti but I only had Chinese vermicelli noodles so I used those instead. I am now enjoying my spicy Chinese-Italian Frankennoodles

No. 864729

I post my lame husbando and summoned a schizo I can't believe it lol

No. 864739

I feel like I don't tell my friends and family that I love them enough. They know I love them, because I always already tell them, but I'm scared of the possibility of dying suddenly and not having told them again recently. When I die I want to make sure the people around me know that I love them so much, I don't want any doubts in their minds about how much I cherish them. Even when I leave home every morning I tell my parents and my dog that I love them out of fear that I won't come home for whatever reason that day.

No. 864745

File: 1627401021572.png (723.37 KB, 1480x687, samuraisverige.png)

Farmers have you seen this? A project to draw all the country flags of the world as bishie samurai guys.
What do you think of your country?
Sweden is cute, and ultraviolet rays are definitely our weakness.

No. 864756

So a couple weeks ago I learned that my grandfather married my grandmother when he was 15 and she 23….
now it's obviously better then her being 15 and him being 23 but it's still really weird, when I asked her about why she married a 15 year old she claimed he already had a job and was more of a "man" then males these days

I'm 25 and the Idea of marrying a 15 year is disgusting to me

No. 864759

Is your grandfather still alive? If so, what'd he say?

No. 864760

died 4 years ago, he was a good man

No. 864762

That reminds me recently (like about a week or so ago) new york raised the age of marriage to 18. Now if only the other states would catch up.

No. 864764

The art for most of them is tragic. I can't stop laughing at USA with his fucking cowboy boots and deformed face. I like Nicaragua, and Myanmar, and Latvia.

No. 864768

File: 1627403408807.png (6.67 MB, 2836x2216, Untitled.png)

That's so cool, I can't find the one for my country he probably doesn't exist yet. I really liked these ones (Hungary and Republic of Nauru). Most designs are bad though

No. 864789

File: 1627405763340.png (265.24 KB, 1366x657, World Flags.png)

shut up he's PURE. Nicaragua's face is ugly imo

No. 864793

>says while probably being anglo

No. 864794

I got home and played the sims for hours straight in the sim creator and then as soon as I actually started playing in build mode I got hardcore motion sickness and had to stop. Nooooo

No. 864796

I have a terrible addiction to this place and I keep coming back knowing that it’s horrible for my mental state

No. 864799

It is intresting, it applies more to sciences like psychology and sociology not sciences like physics and chemistry etc

No. 864801

Me too. I become so aggressive. There are some miserable bitches on here.

No. 864809

You're both pathetic.

No. 864823

If you have to spam your fucking OF link every 2-3 stories I'll assume you're not doing that well lol

Seriously tho, I really like this womans posts but fuck me the OF spam is annoying

No. 864842

The fact that there are venezuelan anons here really shows the pure squizo energy that grows from this country

No. 864845

File: 1627410786418.png (728.83 KB, 580x1024, 7e2fe4293cd3ac240e663d08026d51…)

Imo my country's design is… questionable, it has too much shit going on and is all over the place. Also he apparently has a "happy personality" which is absolutely ironic considering this place couldn't be more miserable, depression rates are in their all time high.

No. 864849

It looks like he is wearing rainboots, is it raining a lot where you live?

No. 864850

File: 1627411931978.jpeg (570.98 KB, 750x1143, F48A65BD-2372-4C8A-8BAD-78E70E…)

He looks pretty stupid, and Alain is an extremely dad name in an unsexy way. Gotta appreciate their attempts to integrate elements of a Napoleonic uniform into samurai armour but the end result looks retarded

No. 864851

File: 1627412158258.png (198.67 KB, 536x1195, 033d641528f7850530849105d207b8…)

Leaf is ugly. Wtf is that design?

No. 864865

Haha Sweden's name Ingvar is also an unsexy elderly man's name.
He looks like a villain. Like he is plotting to kick USA's ass.

No. 864866

File: 1627413195478.jpg (132.21 KB, 1280x777, alaindelon.jpg)

I'm guessing it's an Alain Delon reference, with those bright blue eyes and messy light brown hair.

No. 864871

Here's me being a fucking dumbass. I don't use the beauty filter or any beauty mode on my selfie camera because I'm confused enough and thought most people were like this but I have been cat fished by a man that is not as handsome as his beautiful photos. Fuck me. It's so subtle too. Technology has honestly gone too far

No. 864872

Circle K, IRA!

No. 864874

File: 1627413501154.png (524.38 KB, 768x1078, c1e66e7e31e7c4197fa0b2de627972…)

The brazilian one is good at soccer, likes churrasco and is called Neymar/Neimaru
I'm not even mad

Italia has a pretty face

No. 864880

I'm tall but I have very tiny hands and my boyfriend's feet are slightly disproportionate
he was the length of a man with size 9 feet but he has size 11 width

No. 864899

File: 1627414754202.png (903.01 KB, 1440x810, imagen_2021-07-27_143902.png)

I wish he could lose weight, he would be so much happier that way

No. 864912

File: 1627415946343.jpg (100.24 KB, 500x487, Tumblr_l_98877956484884.jpg)

my emotional support sports team is rumoured to be signing up a racist asshole and a guy with +7 rape allegations how do i cope with this anons

No. 864914

File: 1627416017187.png (218.14 KB, 741x1195, 57A27403-4DFE-4C9F-92B5-E919A3…)

My country’s not there but Mexico is super cool.

No. 864921

which team?

No. 864924

File: 1627416538722.jpg (6.58 KB, 128x128, Tumblr_l_3584565199256.jpg)

carolina hurricanes

No. 864942

I feel like blogposting but then I remember this is an online imageboard, not my personal blog. Gaaahhh I'm gonna go blogpost in wordpad

No. 864947

stay strong nonna!!i'm into another sport but if my team were to pull something like that i would be so stressed and upset. how are other fans reacting? if there's a big fan outrage maybe they'll change their minds (if they are planning to sign these degenerates)?

No. 864955

I can't tell who the schizo in the hornyposting thread that anons have been referencing is, because everyone in that thread sounds equally retarded to me (not in a bad way)

No. 864963

There's far more outrage about Virtanen, the rapist, for obvious reasons because no one wants him in the league and it's difficult to defend a guy who has so many allegations behind his name, plus he's just a shitty player who turns up after the summer break being overweight, so no one liked him anyway.
With the racist dude it's kinda split, a lot of people are defending it because he's somewhat a good player and/or their racists themselves who think he got culture-cancelled, but most people also hate the idea.
Hopefully the team changes their mind because many fans are threatening to not buy any tickets and merch if they sign either of them, but I dont have too much faith after everything that's been happening in the nhl lately.

No. 864995

Hetalia did it better
their posts got deleted

No. 865006

It's a shame. I like reading nonnies' blogposts, for the most part.

No. 865012

File: 1627422836206.png (433.84 KB, 1506x2072, 0D4E4BC6-4CFA-4BF2-952B-8D9F67…)

I was watching the Chris Chan YT documentaries this morning and then later went to a ketamine therapy session. My hallucinations were filled with nothing but sonichu, and the first coherent thought I had as I was coming out of it was “this was a mistake.”

No. 865018

Are your initials L.S.?
Anyway this is hilarious, but now I'm thinking of taking ket to visit Jabberwock Island since it turns out all those teens on TikTok were bullshitting about shifting.
(Has anybody here actually made shifting work? Every time I try it just ends up in a hasty wank and a nap.)

No. 865019

don't ignore the sign, he was reaching out to you

No. 865021

it's the dimensional merge anon

No. 865044

It's raining rn but is not a particularly rainy region.

No. 865057

File: 1627425932898.jpg (178.29 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20210728_004417.jpg)

>listens to 100 gecs once

No. 865068

File: 1627426591014.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1150x1350, 2B165BBA-D495-4F7F-BA91-0C8E3B…)

Stretch marks are pretty cool. They’re like puberty tiger stripes. When I see my stretch marks I admire them.

No. 865075

Based. Stretch marks are beautiful.

No. 865079

I told my boyfriend I want to go to a nice park tonight because it's been a while and I want to sit by the water. I really asked because I want to take nice pictures of his long hair at sunset since he's cutting it tomorrow. RIP

No. 865080

File: 1627427322382.jpeg (11.03 KB, 189x267, download.jpeg)

>Watch Russian Classic movie (Irony of fate (1976))
>Expect a wholesome christmas/new years movie
>Guy barges into woman's apartment, eats her food, beats her boyfriend up in front of her and then basically rapes her

Russians explain

No. 865092

Mine look like slug slime! Pale girl problems I guess

No. 865110

File: 1627428757258.jpeg (49.88 KB, 600x878, 0E2008E3-F656-42C1-819B-666861…)

Im glad my horny posting of Tonga guy has struck a chord with farmers. The thirsting waters my crops and the overblown hatred fuels me

No. 865119

you could channel that into a cool swamp witch kind of thing!

No. 865127

Oh, thank you! I wish! Unfortunately I look like a blancmange crossed with an elephant's scrotum naked, can't really picture myself as something cool like a swamp witch. Even slugs wouldn't touch me I think.
My body only looks good in moonlight. Sometimes, to hype myself up, I imagine myself as Hecate, pale and glowing and wretched and hideous, but still strangely alluring and powerful.

No. 865143

I saw so many anons talking about Komaeda's dick these past weeks and only now I realized Komaeda is not a real moid like I imagined but some fugly anime boy
I feel so stupid but at least I'm not into ugly 2d dick so I'm good

No. 865149

yes his character design sucks but his storyline does strange things to otherwise logical and sane women. play the games and report back.

No. 865150

male pattern baldness is kawaii too, i guess

No. 865152

Sometimes I'm like "Not again…" when I read see a Komaeda post, but then I remember Discharge-chan and it just becomes funny. I enjoyed the penis debate.

No. 865160

Who's Discharge-chan?

No. 865166

>America looks stupid
>Canada looks like he wants to kill him
>Mexico's hawk will swoop in on both of them when they're a broken down mess
Yeah, that's about right

No. 865167

When you said "slug slime", I immediately imagined someone with iridescent, Lisa Frankian stretch marks. Pretty cool!

No. 865173

That makes them sound rad! They are the tiniest bit iridescent actually, in some angles they look blueish and in others they're bright white. Not quite cool Lisa Frank rainbows and glitter, but that makes me feel weirdly better. Thank you anon!

No. 865180

i got my blood drawn for the first time. while i was on the edge of passing out on the third bottle i had this playing in my brain. i am glad telepathy isn't real

No. 865181

I don't feel like looking for the post but, it was an anon who confessed to eating her own bodily fluids, and what it was like to be in a coma. I don't remember when they were revealed to be one of the Komaedafags though.

No. 865185

she was the poster in one of the old confession threads who confessed to kinning him, then a few posts later she said that she's also the discharge poster

No. 865186

Once I legit almost passed out from drawing blood, but tbf they were like in the 10th (small) bottle and I hadn't eaten anything for 12 hours. It was very movie like; a dark vignette closing, everything seemed to be in slow motion and the nurse's voices were super distant calling out my name.
They gave me a small dose of powdered sugary juice and I was almost immediately fine, but still had to rest awkwardly in a small vacant room

No. 865209

It wasn’t till I got to the part where you mentioned a nurse that I realized you weren’t talking about the act of illustrating bottles of blood.

I passed out after ~10 vials of blood too once. I felt like I was waking up from a nap, then I realized there was someone standing there and I started to panic thinking I was intruding by napping in the wrong place, then I remembered it was a nurse and I was giving blood. They didn’t give me sugar but they made me lay down to do the rest.

No. 865227

Having a cow interact with my blog on tumblr is certainly something, I guess.

No. 865229


No. 865233

I wish I could remember more of the blogs I used to be friends with on tumblr back in 2010-2012. I remember there was this one girl I followed who I thought was so cool and she was obsessed with ted bundy kek

No. 865240

No. 865264

File: 1627442406686.jpg (311.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I remember in my comparative religion class, the professor explanting the concept of the "Alpha and Omega" and its interpretations and meanings
whether or not it meant Jesus Alone. The Father and the Son or two separate Individual Prophets but all my then Fujo brain rotted brain could of was A/O mpreg fics and was giggling like an retard at the back of the class
I wanna kill myself every time that memory comes up

No. 865265

File: 1627442611355.jpeg (41.76 KB, 625x545, Cmpqe3LWgAI0Lm3.jpeg)

ngl that sounds like it would be hilarious and Id have a giggle fit too

No. 865275

File: 1627443643195.jpeg (27.41 KB, 333x500, 41p6sd1sfYL.jpeg)

1. why did amazon suggest this book to me
2. what the fuck is a hucow
3. what is a small body princess

No. 865277

My ear has felt muffled and painful for a few days. I got some ear drops and tried to syringe my ears, but I think that made it worse. It really hurts now and is leaking a colourless salty liquid all the time. I just itched the inside a little with my finger and a clump of something fell out and a stream of fluid came out.
Honestly, I'm kind of enjoying it. I get a perverse pleasure from being ill, and the catharsis of having fluid pouring out of your congested ear feels p. good. Don't really know what's wrong with it though.

No. 865281

well i looked it up for you and it's a lactation fetish (hucow being the woman who lactates) idk wtf a small body princess is but i think looking it up on google put me on some sort of registry just now

No. 865282

>why did amazon suggest this book to me
Probably because you're a degenerate who reads other degen shit, so Amazon thought you would like it.

No. 865283

>and then she died from an ear infection

No. 865285


You may have an ear infection which means going to the doctor and not an audiologist. Audiologists don't diagnose ear infections so you'll just be referred to a doctor. Just because I'm paranoid, if you lose hearing, DO NOT GO TO THE ER OR DOCTOR. Go go an ENT, they'll give you a round of steroid shots in the ear. Just call and tell them you lost your hearing abruptly, they'll fit you in.

No. 865286

Maybe because lolcow sounds like hucow?

No. 865288

It sounds like swimmer's ear. You probably got it from being in the water or picking at your ears too much with q tips which allowed bacteria to multiply. Go see a doctor so they can prescribe you the right ear drops.

No. 865300

File: 1627446324816.gif (1.01 MB, 500x271, 3624F693-F579-4CE8-A96B-FE9A57…)

Allergy doctor told me I’m allergic to cats and I need to keep them out of my room at night. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT IM GONNA LOCK THEM IN AND SNUGGLE THEM EVEN HARDER

No. 865317

they tell me I’m a god

No. 865330

Glad to help, anon! Keep sparkling!

No. 865333

when anon comes to a thread to give a review of the cow and be like
>i dont like this one its kinda boring
why does she do that? why can't she shut the fuck up?

No. 865422

I think I've been memed into wanting to fuck Komaeda. I hate this website.

No. 865426

I bought nude nail polish thinking it would be like regular polish but it's so watery and has a slight brown-ish tint to it making the nails look dirty. Fml

No. 865427

i swear the anons who come to a thread to say it is shit… ok, the thread ain't for you. it gives me the impression the anon is connected to said cow or something.

No. 865430

File: 1627460542397.jpg (111.02 KB, 640x749, 1621082056227.jpg)

I wish I had more lolcow farmer friends. I have like, 3 friends, but we barely even talk.

No. 865438

File: 1627461838294.jpeg (53.08 KB, 710x408, 4AE52C92-2196-4BFC-90ED-63915B…)

It feels weird to see my posts in the copypasta and lc cap threads. I’m glad nonas find the posts funny.

No. 865440

Same, I'm happy other anons liked my degeneracy lol

No. 865455

I hate how there is no way to try out products before you buy them. You just have to trust that it's good and buy it and if it's not it's wasted money

No. 865457

File: 1627464399202.jpg (146.9 KB, 812x1200, DoIFE09W0AAi3Jd.jpg)

Can you imagine being Emma Stone? She is so beautiful and she seems to have a nice, chill personality. I don't know anything about acting but I think she's talented too. I liked her in The Favourite.
>tfw you'll never be as beautiful in your best posed and styled photograph as Emma Stone is in a mid-mouthful action shot with shitty brassy hair

Also she looks literally ethereal with white blonde hair. I can't describe how pictures of her with that hair colour makes me feel, anons. I could look at her all day. I don't even think I'm attracted to women, but look at her. Everything about her is evidence of intelligent design: slender, shapely, pale legs; her creamy flawless complexion; her big eyes and her smile; her neotenous facial features which simultaneously seem ageless (she's even going to be a cute old lady if she looks after herself well); her delicate figure.
I think she probably smells like the perfume that every single girl and woman you looked up to growing up wore. Elizabeth Arden's White Tea, maybe.

No. 865461

Is this how skinwalking starts?

No. 865468

File: 1627465330219.png (480.96 KB, 500x625, de7758f7555e8e820946697a6a5cc9…)

Oh no, I would never skinwalk her, that would be that naïve and arrogant. I couldn't even hope to be a poor imitation of Emma Stone. The thought of trying to match her in any way is just embarrassing and shameful.
Actually, looking at her kind of makes me want to kill myself. Something about the way she's put together resonates with the vibration of all the atoms in my body.

No. 865469

Yes. Yes it is. Also crimes of passion.

No. 865473

File: 1627465627055.jpeg (62.11 KB, 827x641, 66FD0053-AE4B-483C-80AE-1481A9…)

For the rest of the year, I’m going feral and only worrying about myself and my kittens.

No. 865476

Welcome to the flock kek

No. 865477

The site I was swindling men on during the pandemic suddenly cares about “safety” and wants everyone to be verified by uploading their IDs…. mother fuckers NO! That is the complete opposite of safety. My face wasn’t even on the damn site so how are you going to “verify” anything? Now I gotta find a new site.

No. 865482

File: 1627466779217.jpg (69.48 KB, 664x1000, download.jpeg.jpg)

I know what you mean, anon. I used to feel this way about Kaya Scodelario when I watched Skins as a teen.
That effortless, natural beauty they both have is so ridiculous. Like damn, leave some for the rest of us plebs.

No. 865518

File: 1627471149658.jpeg (74.58 KB, 750x750, 1597328175238.jpeg)

Anons, I'm going to do it.

I'm going to gather the coworkers in my department and say I think we should be nicer to each other, point out a few messages and say this passive aggressiveness isn't necessary, this work environment is what we make it and if we have something to say we should say it nicely. I'm tired of walking on eggshells.

This is my first proper job and I'm wondering if this approach will work. I'm sick of constantly being on the defense or feeling like I need to go on the offense just to live my life and do my job.

I mean what are they going to say? No? This is one of those corporate jobs so it feels like using direct communication may shock them into actually listening.

No. 865521

Were you the anon in the vent thread? Either way I wish you good luck, I wouldn't know how to deatl with that. It should be the higher up's responsability to make sure there's cohesion in teamwork.

No. 865524

I have to be honest, I doubt people will take that well unless it comes from a manager. They may just redirect their passive aggressiveness to focus on you specifically.

No. 865526

Oh god, don't do that. How do you think that people are going to positively react to treating them like idiot children. A condescending newbie, just what they need. You will be obliterated.

No. 865532

I think so, thank you. I've tried to go to the manager but we're more or less left alone to our devices. I do think there should've been disciplinaries for their behavior, but managers just don't want to get involved so long as the work is done.

I'm doing it! Honesty is the best policy and I've tried just looking the other way and only adressing the objective points and being professional but my passive behavior emboldens them. I'm already the scapegoat of the group. I'll say my piece and continue to desperately look for a new position.

No. 865534

Ok. Never say you weren't warned. Live and learn I guess.

No. 865538

aw she looks a bit like a young Jane Birkin here.

No. 865539

Good luck, nonny. Report back with how you went.

No. 865555

Go back to incels co

No. 865584

File: 1627477400356.jpeg (48.6 KB, 504x391, D9B6949C-D9FB-440C-813D-6EDD83…)

>neotenous facial features which simultaneously seem ageless

Men never cease to be incredibly retarded and incompetent are everything they do, that is why they die younger than women. Taking risks isn’t smart or intelligent, it’s a checkboard of criminal and impulsive behavior. Did you know that men in general are so fat, ugly, misshapen and weak without a woman around? It would be impossible for them to survive without killing each other and turning into homosexuals for sex. Men start as women as the womb, and develop a genetic disease that turns them male, flattened breast, narrow hips, disgusting and unbalanced body structure. Even a female with the most fridgedaire refrigerator looking body still triumphs this world sprawled with diseased men. Komaeda, a roach looking 2D moid, has more worth than you. You have a failed clit hanging inbetween your legs, get the fuck out. You can’t give birth or sustain life, isn’t it odd that with these facts that women are still second class citizens? Crazy right?

No. 865591

File: 1627477667961.png (185.35 KB, 500x281, tumblr_365e7a8b82493394f5a263d…)

I love these bastards so much

No. 865599

Oh my god I love you

No. 865603

No. 865611

look up worthikids anon !

No. 865618


No. 865625

KEK what? Did I use a trigger word? Sorry, anon. A moid I know described my features as "neotenous" and it stuck in my vocab. My clitoris is very functional and I wouldn't mind Komaeda looking down on me, for the record.

No. 865629

>a moid I know described me as neotenous

Don’t listen to them pls, forgive me for my rant then I’m just really fucking tired of the weird male intrusion going around lately. Men who rave about neoteny just want to fuck an adult child.

No. 865635

Girl you about to get bullied outta your job lmao

No. 865651

Now that's an otter

No. 865653

Your gspot is up your ass

No. 865658

Did Hermione Granger write this?
Lmao I know you made up your mind but I'm going to say dear God, don't do this.
>my first proper job
Yeah no shit, you're trying to control everyone around you with kindergarten methods
>I mean what are they going to say? No?
They're going to look at you like you're crazy, then they're going to ramp up the bullying and alienation until you cry in the bathroom every day
>this is a corporate job
Awesome, you're already at disadvantage for being young and female and a dork (probably why it's easy to scapegoat you) so you're giving them extra ammunition to say you're a victim-minded zoomer who's difficult to work with and thinks she can lecture adults about how to be polite.
Deep down you know this won't change anything, just admit you're angry and want to cause some drama and make them feel guilty for treating you like shit. Then be a big girl and stuff those feelings down, put your headphones on, do your job, get your paycheck, and look for something better.
You're not the main character in this workplace comedy anon, there's no neat resolution to this storyline. Just power through and then forget about them the second you leave that place.

No. 865661

anon give them a break they're probably a young adult like me, probably 18-24? their brain probably hasn't even finished developing and that's why they probably think it's a good idea. i agree though >>865518 you should go full gus anon and just ignore everyone, sarcastically play by the rules, keep your hatred deep deep down and leave it for alcohol for a couple of months or a year and then leave. don't take work personally unless they personally make it their mission to make you feel worthless. as much as I hate people and humanity they're apart of the capitalist machine as much as you are, the only """"smart""" way is to play by the rules to get your personal goals out of it. use people, manipulate people without them knowing and then leave

No. 865668

Oh ew OK I'm sorry. Didn't realise it was such a loaded term, shall refrain in future and avoid the moid

Anon, if you know where my g-spot is then please help me find it, I'm begging you

No. 865675

lol I don't mean to be harsh, I made my fair share of retarded workplace mistakes in the first few years of my career so I guess I'm passionate about it. Only years later did I see how my "uwu don't do office politics just be honest" attitude fucked up my career progression and honestly my quality of life as well. I'd make enemies and be so stressed out about what other people were up to. Things opened up for me when I got a mentor who pulled me aside and said "Work isn't supposed to make you happy, nobody cares how you feel, just work. The rules are dumb but you're not changing anything by swimming upstream, just wasting energy."

Just trying to save OP an ulcer or two since she clearly has no one IRL to give her advice.

No. 865677

does anyone have the meme about reddit banning all feminist subreddits and then adding "may i interest you in some rape porn"?

No. 865684

anon they get off on this shit already, just sage and ignore

No. 865691

Ik you're probably a waifufagging scrote, but I just want to say this particular actress grosses me out. I feel a weird revulsion when I see her that I don't get with other celebrities. She just gives me evil vibes.
>I liked her in The Favourite.
Nvm, didn't see this part. Now I'm sure this was actually a crushfag post all along. Remove yourself.

No. 865696

File: 1627481577813.jpg (196.99 KB, 1078x783, tumblr_46c387ff8d04c4a267a86d6…)

No. 865701

No. 865707

God anon, please don't do it. Please do not do it. Your work place is not the same as a classroom setting, and your coworkers will not change or care. That is just the very, very unfortunate truth of the corporate world- no, every work place ever basically. Everyone wishes they could sit in a circle and sing kumbaya and distribute the work load evenly so shit gets done, but that's not how it works unfortunately. People will not care unless it's HR or someone else higher up the food chain coming to get them, some random coworker will mean nothing to them. It's a game you have to learn to play, and I'm guilty of sucking up to higher ups because I know I have to in order to protect myself in the future.

No. 865719

Ordered some takeout food at a burger joint, asked for their bbq sauce because they make it themselves and it's delicious with their fries, and one of the two waiters gave me their number but not the fucking sauce. Is that my worth as a single woman? I'm seriously having an existential crisis right now, I can't believe I'm a 27yo kissless, handholdingless virgin and one guy who's probably attracted to me wont give me the sauce I payed for. I'm too tired for this shit.

No. 865724

Luna is so a-loggable. Please stop exisiting on the internet.

No. 865733

Do NOT do that anon. People win't appreciate being lectured, especially by someone who's young and new to the workplace. They're all gonna laugh at you.

No. 865745


No. 865753

Going feral is the first step towards becoming a queen, or goddess if you aspire.

No. 865754

Honesty is the best policy towards people who deserve it. There is a high chance your job is not that place.

No. 865760

This statement is always warranted no matter what the context is. If this isn't a copypasta, it will be one, now.

No. 865761

File: 1627485652213.jpg (16.72 KB, 500x499, 0a04d033413b66adce16c137f954a4…)

>Or what? You'll cancel me? I cancelled myself months ago schizoposting on main. My name is dirt, I have less than nothing to lose but I'd still give it all away to defend my husbando.
Will I ever find someone who loves me as much as Ko-chan loves Komaeda, nonnies?

No. 865765

What astounds me is that they tried to be slick, but still fucked up. Stupid moids can't even impress anyone by doing their job right.

No. 865832

File: 1627490297756.jpeg (365.13 KB, 720x701, 713F8C3B-72EB-4FF5-8265-9684DA…)

I found a pic of anon’s boyfriend the one with the nice butt, wow he does have a nice butt good job

No. 865838

This looks glued on

No. 865881

KEK this post is great

No. 865887

i love reminding incels that they have to go for women in their own league if they ever hope to have a gf. it makes them seethe so much

No. 865889

Lots of fit black men have bubble butts anon

No. 865907

That butt looks like it is made from silicone

No. 866088

so gross

No. 866109

Poor guy, he isn't even sleeping on an actual bed.

No. 866148

some scrote just sent me a chat request (??) on reddit, is this normal? How rude would it be if I didn't reply but kept commenting on the subreddit he (probably) saw me on? I hate dming with strangers, it always ends up being forced and cringe. This is why I should stick to imageboards im too autistic for this shit

No. 866159

You owe him nothing and he’s a scrote from reddit of all places. He’s going to waste your time. Ignore him and do what you want.

No. 866167

File: 1627511818706.jpg (7.1 KB, 228x218, IMG_20201102_033330.jpg)

>me, reading steamy hot smut
>"pomeranian puppies"

I guess it's better than "click here to watch sakura haruno getting raped".

No. 866172

Sure. When I used reddit it was before the chat feature though. Things might be more informal now and ghosting not so awkward. I would PM people if I wanted to discuss something off-topic or discuss something in a way that would break a sub's rules. Any person who didn't wish to talk would politely decline with a made-up excuse "thanks for your message, but I'm afraid I don't know x". blogpost The only bitch I encountered was some South Korean girl from the gender critical sub who would complain how US centric the sub was and how we MUST talk about SK, but when we did, she'd rant and rant about how STOOPID our takes are, more or less accusing us of racism too. We were trying our best and she was zero frickin help! Anyway, stupidly, in good faith, I messaged her encouraging her to start posting on SK, saying we'd appreciate it, it will correct misconceptions. She blocked me and proceeded to passive-aggressively comment on all my fucking comments in the sub, regardless of topic kek. Thinking of her still annoys the shit out me. Such a little bitch!!

No. 866185

I heard my upstairs neighbour's vibrator fall on the floor during sex. The hollow thud still echos through my soul

No. 866192

how are you so sure about what occured in that moment

No. 866196

lmaoo literally same, we must be on the same site. I get cheered up whenever I see those puppies though, their little outfits are so cute.

No. 866218

It's like playing Cluedo: Sex Edition
There's nothing more real that your neighbours vibrator at max hitting a wooden floor at 1am in the morning

No. 866231

Truth hurts. If they stayed in their league and learnt a fraction of self-grooming skills, they'd have no reason to be the laughing stock of society.

No. 866265

Anons I’m not entirely sure but this evening I grabbed a glass of wine and went to my room to masturbate. As far as I’m aware the cat was definitely not in my room when I started but she definitely is in my room now. Which means while I was masturbating someone opened my door and let her in because she is very annoying when she’s locked out only I must not have noticed because orgasm and my fan is on and really loud so I can’t hear when my door is opened. Also I live with my parents so it was definitely one of them.

I’m not even going to live with that shame fuck the idiot who opened my door without knocking they deserve to live with that

No. 866268

one time my dad opened my door after I had masturbated, I was just laying there with my pants off listening to music, apparently he knocked first but didn't hear me. he knew what I was doing and just shut the door immediately and we never talked about it. literally want to die thinking of it.

No. 866287

I also want to die over it but I’m trying to be brave.

And I finished my wine so I have to go downstairs and get some more, please pray for me

No. 866288

File: 1627523066139.jpg (163.54 KB, 736x912, b2772b6585916731b71c79a6599d66…)

I wanna learn how to read tarot just for fun, because I really like the aesthetic and a lot of card designs. We have some at home cause my mom also like them, but she doesn't know how to read it either lol I just need to find it. But tbh I don't even know where to start to learn it.

No. 866339



>neotenous facial features
>evidence of intelligent design
>Elizabeth Arden

Just to let you know you sound creepy as fuck. I bet you're at least about 50 years old, fat, balding, and you probably smell like a mix of old sweaty socks worn at the gym and rotting eggs. Lmao and who the fuck wears elizabeth arden? Get your cringy sagging ballsack shitstain headass outta here

No. 866347

File: 1627530533113.gif (332.69 KB, 220x205, E938C1F3-F975-4B38-837D-EBAF13…)

>feeling horny
>hm let me browse ao3
>searches genshin impact fanfic
>finally finds one that seems good
>every single one of the chapters are rape or forced sex
>gets to next chapter
>”amber is trans”

why why why why whyyyyyyyy

No. 866350

Why do people who don't wash their rice love telling people that they don't wash their rice

No. 866361

Green tea and white tea are bangers to be fair, nonnie.

No. 866364

It's not hard. Start with the rider-waite deck, or any deck where the pictures correspond with the card meaning, and not random art. This part is really important and helps you gain a connection to your deck.
Oracle cards can be a good place to start, too, but they can be hit or miss for people.

No. 866369

Learntarot.com has a free course. Hundreds of books have been written about tarot and there are plenty of resources available online.

No. 866381

I'm not wearing concealer today for the first time since I started with makeup. I thought I'll look a lot worse but I only look a bit more tired.

No. 866391

Rider-Waite or Marseille tarot? The former is A LOT more common in the English speaking world but the latter is the traditional one. So if you want to try Marseille, I'd recommend Alessandro Jodorowsky's book on tarot.

Also beware the people who genuinely believe in this. People will lump you with them if you're not careful. I do readings for fun at parties and I've met some really stupid people. Doesn't help that I am in a scientific field and they always want to present me with their latest theory on how love is due to entangled photons.

No. 866392

>love is due to entangled photons.
really? but why?

No. 866393

lmao wtf is that gif

No. 866402

why are my english skills like this
>written english is great
>pronounce like a true yankee
<forget the most basic words when actually talking
why does this happen?? ow my ego hurts every time my mind goes blank

No. 866403

I think i should quit drawing and stick to something else. It's been a year of drawing everyday and i managed to make almost no progress. It doesn't matter how much i try i can't understand something as simple as construction.

No. 866433

File: 1627544069925.gif (4.7 MB, 141x142, tumblr_20e397cec41be394070ed08…)

FUCK telling someone else about your problems and asking for help; wallowing in self-pity is so much more fun

No. 866456

It's not lol don't trust these theories that take scientific facts and make up their own bullshit interpretation. Entangled particles are just particles whose quantum states are not independent of each other, no matter how far away they are from each other, even if they do not interact. It's cool and useful but I swear the quantum state of a couple of particles does not cause love. Whenever one of the entangled particles interacts with anything it becomes disentangled anyway

No. 866463

File: 1627548171736.jpg (13.76 KB, 300x244, 300px-Pleased_Sulley.jpg)

My friend finally came to the realization that she has pick-me tendencies and is currently trying to unlearn those habits, so proud of her!

No. 866485

I'm so ugly that I could definitely pass as a femboy or a transwoman. I could fool Twitter and get simps and money.

No. 866488

File: 1627550202337.jpg (221.49 KB, 1366x768, do-it.jpg)

No. 866499

I get read as a tranny a lot because of my height and fridge body. We could team up for authenticity, tell people we met on a psych ward to make it believable. I've actually considered doing a GoFundMe before to see if I could get away with it kek.

No. 866503

File: 1627552031702.jpg (104.6 KB, 1242x1146, faggot little monkey.jpg)

This is your chance to create a GFM about how you're in a abusive and twansphobic household, nonny. The troons go as far as pretending they've been kidnapped, kicked out, or their "abusive ex" is literally outside their door about to kill them so I don't see why you shouldn't.
>my height and fridge body
Same. I even have large feet and hands for a woman. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time and I don't know what's stopping me, but I could really use the money, kek.

No. 866509

Do it.

No. 866531

What’s worse is when you accidentally play the videos and the free source music tney have in the background takes over your headphones in the middle of the chapter!
You know what you must do.

No. 866542

If you got big feet there's plenty of footfags into that. Footfags are a special kind of autist I swear because I've had multiple men approach me in bars and ask me what size they are and if I'm a "foot model". They're fucking rabid, no wonder there's so much money in selling feet pics.

No. 866578

We could be a brave and stunning agp (but not really) couple anon

I wonder if feet pics sell well though. Is it just a meme or what? They'd be easy to do and you don't have the risk of someone recognizing you.

No. 866583

Ooh good idea, the AGP power couple route could yield more money. We just gotta say that we're on the run from twansphobes or something and need money to move before our heads are on pikes in JK Rowling's garden. And it's purely anecdotal but I met a few, well, the politest term I can of is "e-girls" in my old job and a few of them were telling me there's big money in feet pics. One girl made more off her feet than tit pics. I'm so paranoid I could never do it though, I'd be worried some autist would magically identify me kek.

No. 866584

File: 1627558042954.jpg (297.91 KB, 1878x734, Screenshot_1.jpg)

I'd think you'd have to market yourself aggressively, as the market is really saturated. Especially since pervs can look at pics of celebrity's feet for free

No. 866596

Hi I'm a covid denier and I don't trust that in the UK drinking water comes from the tap. I think there's a sinister reason they have made it so easily available. Think about it. There's probably nano robots in the water. I'm never drinking h2o again unless I have personally distilled and filtered rain water and even then it most likely has been contaminated by satellites!!

No. 866603

Think about those 5G particles flowing through your body as you browse the farms, your best bet is to dig a hole and bury yourself. But then again, the soil is full of chemicals from Monsanto

No. 866610

File: 1627559635742.jpg (177.23 KB, 1200x1040, diogenes_waterhouse-1200x1040.…)

You get wi-fi in there?

No. 866616

Wifi makes humans infertile, I prefer to use my pineal gland to log on!!

No. 866643

You have to pin down exactly what are the areas that you want to improve and do more studies. Practice with the intention of improving, not just out of habit: (https://fs.blog/2021/04/deliberate-practice-guide/). The most important thing when it comes to drawing is to think in 3D

No. 866719

File: 1627565849675.png (30.53 KB, 645x234, Screenshot_2021-07-29-08-33-04…)

Some anon called me old in a thread and it bummed me out. Feeling sensitive about my age lately bc I'm about to turn 29. I want to smooch the anon that defended me, tho. Zoomers on here are so rude for no reason sometimes.

No. 866736

NTA and I'm late to this but I ran my friend's GFM for her and it's unfortunately not as easy as it looks. It's kind of a popularity contest most of the time–if you're a pillar of the online trans community because you have 100k twitter followers or run a big instagram meme account or are a popular DJ/video game maker/artist or something, that's the only way you'll break into $10k+. That and having close friends who know/like you enough to donate 100-500 $ each. I know because my friend falls under a few of the "popular" categories and any time her non-popular friends shared the link on social media, I noticed almost 0 donations coming from those links.

Sharing this mainly for reference because I keep seeing girls mention this idea on here. I would just really suggest making sure it can't be tied to you, so no larping as trans with your masculine bone structure kek. Even 100% real GFMs have sparked vicious drama in that community and gotten accused of being false.

No. 866781

Go back to reddit

No. 866784

File: 1627568702251.png (738.32 KB, 690x900, 1624293530417.png)

I love going to the "we post as moids" thread on c.c to post stupid shit that only I think is funny.

No. 866789

It's the entitlement and sense of importance because their parents were too lazy to discipline them. I think that was my comment anon, don't feel bad! I bet you look lovely and have a good life ahead of you. Enjoy your best years.

No. 866804

File: 1627570689596.png (266.29 KB, 521x768, 3D0F6129-AC92-42AC-B2A7-891A71…)

>muh discipline and obedient child

Gen X chan is that you? You just wanna grill just like your parents? Wanna pull a zoomer up on their bootstraps like your parents? Beat them like your parents? Do cocaine like your parents?

No. 866805

good, you’re too old to be here. only young people should make the impulsive decision to post here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 866810

Go seethe on twitter about it, make a carrd or something idk
Imageboards are for grown ups

No. 866813

She's so cute who is she

No. 866816

You have to be over 18 to post on here.

No. 866819

File: 1627571475568.gif (414.27 KB, 512x512, 1625566962157.gif)

Cece the lizard aka the better Pepe.

No. 866821

I am over 18, bitter old woman. <3 Stay mad and die with regret(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 866823

You're gonna need to try a bit harder next time, newfag-chan
Maybe when you get a bit older you'll learn to bait better

No. 866825

I'm literally 23 you retarded zoomer. Shouldn't your parents be monitoring your internet connection? Do they know that you're getting groomed in a hentai discord server by a 45 year old man named Ted?

No. 866826

File: 1627572160287.jpeg (10.57 KB, 225x225, 64367.jpeg)

you're gonna get old too sweety

No. 866830

Boomer mother trying to help me with my job search:
'I was passing by this store and there was a notice that they are looking for an intelligent person, you should send them your CV!!'
'…that's the requirement for the job? Intelligence?'
'Yes, it said IT! That means intelligent, doesn't it?'
Jesus Christ

No. 866832

stop replying to painfully obvious bait

No. 866835

on the bright side she thinks you're intelligent

No. 866839

No. 866840

Every time I see a comment from Kat Blaque on a random youtube video I roll my eyes

No. 866841

same oh my god

No. 866846

Same, whenever I see an anon say “I look really masculine but people always can tell I’m a women straight away” I can’t help but get annoyed. I probably look more troonish that I’d like to due to my height and large rib cage, and I’ve been misgendered even after speaking with my clearly female voice, solely because I’m not shapely and have short hair (and was wearing a mask). Shit, I’ll be wearing a supportive bra and I’ll still get misgendered. At this point I’m getting tired of trying to identify masculine/feminine features in people because it only seems to fuck with my self esteem.

No. 866850

I don't mind aged-up fanart in theory but I'm so fucking tired of almost every artist giving every character the same hideous undercut like do they not know any other hairstyles? do they really think this is the only way to show that a character has changed or something

No. 866851

God I know, he's such an attention seeking cunt. His videos are cancer as well.

No. 866856

AYRT, I recently had two women question me in a public bathroom. I was on my way back from hospital and was incredibly drained and it was so fucking humiliating and infuriating. But of course as I'm sure you know you can't show your anger in those moments because they'll take that as proof you're male. I laugh it off normally but some times… some times it fucking stings.

No. 866877

I feel your pain. I can't tell what's worse:
>Large fandom, but fanfic content is all the same rapey/trans shit
>Small fandom (mine), but fanfic content is all the same rapey/trans shit

No. 866879

Love to see it!

No. 866883

Do it, but have an exit plan. You can "detrans" to burn bridges as soon as you get what you want.

No. 866884

Ok, consider yourself smooched nonnie. Love you ladies.

No. 866885

Disobedient zoomers need a week in the woods

No. 866893

I remember being in black feminists FB Groups years ago where he kept promoting his shit or coming in to farm emotional labor for whatever bullshit he was on at the moment. A few people called him out but a lot of people were afraid to speak up because of some trans pity card. I have no idea if they're still quietly tolerating him now.

No. 866895

File: 1627578595188.jpg (117.21 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-cats20.jpg)

i have this theory that there are maybe 1-2 anons who create fights in random threads. last week there was this big arguing about omegaverse, this week it is vaccines. they usually don't even bring up reasonable arguments (on either side), they just post random shit to continue the fighting
i wonder which thread will be next lol

No. 866898

The baiter from above calling the other poster old was one of them for sure. After a while you can just tell they're saying things to push people's buttons and most of the time someone will be stupid or pissed off enough to fall for it.

No. 866910

Lol. You're probably right, to be fair. I was having a rough go of it so I took the bait and at least kept it out of the thread.

No. 866939

I've never douched, and I'm not going to because I'm too scared of having an air embolism, plus we don't need it but I wonder how it feels.