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File: 1626893145748.jpg (78.92 KB, 682x452, header-1280x_1.jpg)

No. 859842

Thread for current NEETs who do not wish to/are not ready yet to rejoin society. Please be considerate of eachother, no shaming.

No. 859851

File: 1626894318130.png (812.9 KB, 1080x1068, 1622329239456.png)

I'm a fucking neet myself, so is this thread for neets who don't want to recover like in the other thread?

No. 859860

Don't want to recover/ don't want to take steps yet to recover. I'm at the point where I just want a long break from trying to recover, and return to old ways. But that would seem anti-recovering so I just made a new thread for neets who don't want to change. Sometimes it's too late to recover for some people. Hope they don't feel too alone, even if it's through a screen humans need community.

No. 859880

Question for neets: if there was no internet, no radio, no tv, no computers, no books, no games no media, etc, would you still be a neet?

No. 859886

Yes, it's called being a hermit in the woods. The sewersidal neets would probably off themselves though, there'd be no interesting distractions to use as copes.

No. 859899

I'm 18 and I'm pretty sure my life is going to be full of neetdom. My crippling social anxiety and inability to get hired in my shitty state is stressing me the hell out

No. 859920

I'm broke as fuck, living with my parents, playing wow all day. Does that qualify me for neet?

No. 859926

Yeah see if it were the case that I had none of the things mentioned I'd probably go to the woods alone and take up witchcraft or tame feral dogs

No. 859927

File: 1626899564511.png (614.63 KB, 543x696, blanket.png)

My anxiety made me postpone college applications until they are closed for kek I don't mind another year of Neet so long I manage my little goals (I'm more or less progressing on them) but I'd like to find a part time job this year tho. Don't know what and how.

No. 859934

Word of warning don't postpone too long if you want to do college I took 2 years off and had to cram to relearn maths. Didn't matter in the end though since dropped out. Neeting rots your brain if you aren't doing some kind of learning.

No. 859935

I hate work from home because now my parents can see what I do all day and are probably starting to resent me for being so lazy while they have to work

No. 859938

No. 859940

The resentment is real lol. My parents get so snappy when they're home and constantly interrupt and snark at me when I'm using the computer/existing outside my room. Or if they don't see me they just come into my room to lecture me. Honestly thinking of playing up my depression just so they'd leave me the fuck alone.

No. 859949

What's the line between neet and just loser? For example, parents who support you but require you to work one day a week at a part time. And the rest of the time you're living like a hermit. Is it actually just "not in education employment or training"? Or is it more of a lifestyle/mindset?

No. 860032

File: 1626906631873.jpg (192.62 KB, 850x898, sample_458ec622aa30a987dcaf028…)

Are you planning to do something with your limitless free time? i am going to start streaming, Vtubing to be exactly.

No. 860033

Well, do you want to find a career? Or go into school? You have a job yes, but if you're not striving to do anything and just exist in your parents house, it's pretty much a neet.

No. 860037

Vtubing is based, ultimate leveling field, don't have to be pretty just have good personality. What kind of persona will you present?

No. 860048

File: 1626908607538.png (506.18 KB, 570x495, 1578262682242.png)

Mostly chill. I want to play retro games like Korone, draw and talk about movies/manga.

No. 860059

How do you guys spend your days? I'm not a NEET but I'm restless even having one week to myself…

No. 860060

play videogames, draw, watch anime/movies, read, shitpost. If it's a cold day i just binge watch yt all day.

No. 860064

Browse internet, watch youtube, read, and do chores nobody else in my family wants to do. I used to watch a lot of movies and shows but I lost all interest a long time ago. I also do 1 hour of exercise because as I get older my body aches badly after just one day of zero exercise.

No. 860089

I'm technically NEET though I spend my time freelancing for crypto-donations and building a portfolio. It's pretty damn hard to get a job nowadays (not just a gig), but if I could detach myself to an alternate society I would. Unless I'm in France, cryptocurrency doesn't buy the basics like food or rent.

No. 860090

File: 1626912622479.gif (24.59 KB, 128x128, 1612963935633.gif)

I've been a neet for about 6 months after quitting my job so i can still buy a lot of weeb shit if i want.

No. 860094

You can buy weeb shit with a job too, silly.

No. 860151

Chores at home, care & play with pet, books, forums, gardening, anime.

No. 860179

Have you ever read Recovery of an MMO Junkie?

No. 860182

but it just feels good to buy jingero merch with my autismbux

No. 860191

Former NEET. I get up at 4am every day for work now. Sleep in for me sisters. My soul is weeping.

No. 860193

Will try. It's warmer at night then it is in the day atm and I'm dying.

No. 860202

My sleep schedule is beyond fucked up. I am consistently falling asleep at 4-7 AM and waking up anywhere after 4PM. The other day I slept in until 7PM for the first time since highschool.

No. 860208

May I post that I’m not a NEET but at this point wish I could be? I work too much and it feels so ridiculous and stupid. I want to pursue things I enjoy and have time. Maybe that’s romanticizing NEETdom, but I kind of dream/am quite jealous. What’s it like for you, good and bad?

No. 860231

I became a NEET out of force, i gain more money by doing 5 furry porn comissions once a year than working 8 to 8 like the wageys in this shithole. If you have any kind of dreams and hopes i do not recommend NEETdom unless you have money to spare. If you are already dead inside, have nothing to persue in life and are ready to kys when the money runs out then it's a great life.

No. 860312

God I wish I had tardbux, but here female autism is a joke unless you're low functioning.

No. 860314

I thought $$$ furry art was a joke, isn't the market over saturated by now?

No. 860318

>I work too much and it feels so ridiculous and stupid. I want to pursue things I enjoy and have time. Maybe that’s romanticizing NEETdom, but I kind of dream/am quite jealous. What’s it like for you, good and bad?
Neetdom is a luxury tbh, your parents have to be nice and rich enough to care for you. It can be miserable or great depending on whether you're depressed.

No. 860327

I've quit every job i've ever had besides like one after a month or two because bosses are just complete and utter assholes. Unfortunately, I have a car payment now and like I could do a delivery app but I'm still terrified of driving and don't know directions for shit. I used to think that people didn't want to be my friend because i couldn't drive, but now i just realize that i really don't have any friends and leaving the house makes me extra paranoid.

NEET life was really fun for me when I was a highschool dropout but after a long enough period of time, the depression gets so bad. It's probably ok if you have rich parents, though. I'm twenty four now, and I don't have that luxury, so I'm pretty much putting off the work life as long as I can because I can't do a 9-5 without having a breakdown. Do any of you live on disability? Is it worth it?

No. 860328

Holy shit how much do you make a commission? How talented are you?

What kind of stuff do you have to draw?

No. 860329

I've always been a socially anxious mess and I was fired from my job at the beginning of this year and cannot for the love of God find another one. I also cut off my friends because I just felt safer without them. And since I'm also broke and dependent on a family member, I cannot even go anywhere

No. 860331

What platform do you post on? Twitter? Or a specific furry site?

No. 860337

I'm technically a NEET but I get away with it because I can just call myself a homemaker or housewife. My husband makes just enough for me to stay home but I don't even do anything because I'm too fucking depressed. I have a Bachelor's degree in a useless field that needs a PhD and I am over being in school so I can't even use it. I'm hoping to get a part-time job soon so I can pay for therapy.

How did you manage to learn? 26 here and terrified to even begin. I feel too stupid to be able to operate a vehicle. Also a high school dropout here as well and the NEET life was so fun then but yeah, feels bad to be my age with only a shitty barista job and sporadic food concessions jobs under my belt. I legit don't think I could function 9-5.

No. 860338

Are you one of those madmen who auction off the "your character here" group drawings? You know the ones.

No. 860347

nta but what does that mean?

No. 860358

I'm not a NEET (work 39.75 hours a week so my employer can avoid giving me full time bennies kek) but I really miss the lifestyle. Now I have a job and a bf, I socialize every day, but when I was a NEET I felt so much more individual and creative. I feel like getting a job and bf were beneficial overall but sapped my sense of identity and individuality. When I was a NEET I drew fanart (I used to get recognized by developers when I would make vidya fanart, feltgood), watched a ton of movies and series, and wrote a lot, too – all things I could do for little to no money.

No. 860366

File: 1626941287102.jpg (111.97 KB, 1334x750, ych.jpg)

nta but big furry artists usually make a pose sketch with characters generic enough and offer you to buy a 'spot' in it. It's a popular format because it's a much faster form of commission.

No. 860379

i got laid off a few months ago and have been neeting since but unemployment is ignoring me and the job search has been futile. i have savings but send me my money goddamn

No. 860383

Why didn't god bless me with some art skills, I'd be fucking rich, that's like 45k in country

I'll most likely lose my job next year thanks to all the crap going on on the resource and shipping market. Don't want to be a neet again but also I could use a break

No. 860385

$7500????? People are fucking insane

No. 860387

Can't stop thinking about bad interview experiences I've had in the past. I had one where the manager berated me because I didn't have experience in the shitty HRIS system they used because I'd never held a similar position before. Even though the person at the first interview told me I'd be perfect for the role. Makes me feel like I will never get hired. Every time I get to the second interview stage I never get the role and it just gets my hopes up. Why do I fail even when I've prepared with notes, rehearsed common interview questions in STAR format, show up professionally dressed? I think it's because I am ugly and have bad social skills (I used to be bullied in school). Who wants an ugly awkward woman working for them? Yeah I wouldn't hire me either. I should've taken the hint when I had so much trouble getting a required internship in college I had to delay graduation by a semester.

No. 860394

I was also teased by a manager once during interview for my useless degree. It was fucking scarring, I know how you feel
>I think it's because I am ugly and have bad social skills
I think it's because they can tell that you hate yourself and that you think very little of yourself. You just need to change your self image

No. 860405

I've been working full time for the last year, but I miss being a NEET so much. Having a full time job killed my spirit. I can feel how much it changed me, I'm a lot less funny or spontaneous, and I have a less energy, I never want to go out because I much prefer getting a good night of sleep. It sucks. And for minimum wage;

No. 860408

Fuck everything I’ve ever done and worked for, I’m going to sell overpriced furry line art starting today.

No. 860410

That was not my intention, I'm sorry

No. 860412

I don't show up like Eeyore I'm smiley and engage with interviewers in a normal way and try and sell myself so your advice just made me annoyed. I was just venting. Regardless you'd have to be high on copium to be content with yourself in my shoes. I won't be satisfied til I'm hired.

No. 860417

I got sick right as I finished high school, was thrown into a rehabilitation facility for some time by my own parents because they didn't want to help me and told lies to the staff to have me admitted, and now I live like a neet because I feel like I don't have enough psychological strenght to work a job I don't like for so much time. Weighing on my parents makes me feel guilty, but at the same time I think they deserve it for what they've done. I make some money with art and I plan to make it into some sort of job. I also take care of my dog. Honestly doing things at my own pace feels nice, and the end results may not even be that different from having a random minimum wage job. I've never had friends even when I was not a neet, so the loneliness doesn't bother me that much.

No. 860454

I swear to god this is pushing me over the edge

No. 860456

what do you mean with a spot in it?

No. 860466

Ayrt, damn, maybe I really should go for the furry buxx. I’ve joked about it a lot, but if it’s that promising…kek but seriously, that’s a good point. To be fair the hopes and dreams I’m working towards are in the framework of being forced to work. Still genuinely appealing to me, but if I could do absolutely whatever I want, I’d live on a commune with some of my friends and just self sustain and sell our art, food, and crafts.
My parents aren’t rich and live outside of their means so that will never happen rip.

No. 860471

There are always customers looking for cheap commissions
I make very little (30-60) depending on complexity but we are talking from the perspective of someone who lives in a country where the min wage is 150 and it keeps decreasing thanks to inflation. I have managed to make around 1500 from when i started back in march.
All of the ones you can find, the more exposure the better
You need to be kinda popular to sell those otherwise your posts end ignored.

I am currently learning animation, pixel art and other skills so i can increase my prices. My goal is to have a 500 dllrs monthly patreon someday, that way i could live like a queen NEET in this country of peasants.

No. 860525

i think it's the attitude. A loser doesn't give a fuck about working, is happy to live of other people's money, but is otherwise a normal person, with friends and relationships.
A neet is more reclusive, imo, either by depression or by choice. But i read neet as it is normally used as a synonim of hikikomori.

I didn't like being a neet, because i hate being under my parents thumb (even though they are getting more generous and patient with age), and i like working if it is something worthwhile. Media bores me.
But honestly, if someone drops a wageslave shitty job to become a neet, and uses their free time to work on something that makes them happy or needed, like caring for an elderly, or becoming a handyman or farmhand or housewife/husband, or working gigs, i can't really judge. Wageslaving in shitty soulsucking jobs is fucking hell.

No. 860577

File: 1626967362759.jpeg (282.8 KB, 1683x2048, 83AD5352-04F3-4470-B0AD-9A00BD…)

I love NEET life. I think many people are just wired for it but society makes us all have guilty complex about such compulsion. I loved school, or rather learning, but I always hated working. If only going to school is a job, if only I could just collect knowledge for money, then I’d consider it. But be it manual labor or white collar, normalfagging absolutely destroys my mental health, by the 9th month of any given job, I’d be zooted at work constantly.
NEETdom is double edged sword though. It is very easy to fall depressive and get stuck in a cycle of misery if mismanaged, you’re also very vulnerable if you don’t have support network.
But with just a little discipline and finesse, it’s the best. I study whatever the fuck I want, I have time to eat well and exercise, to indulge in hobbies and hone new skills. I actually practice time management and goal setting on my own volition.
Luckily I don’t have to struggle for money atm. I draw for spending cash for fun but that’s about it. Although I made decent amount of seeding cash from meme stocks and crypto this past year so I’d like to take investing more seriously.

I’d like to hoard enough money to just fuck off to a third world coastal town and grow old with some friends and cats.

No. 860604

>Having a full time job killed my spirit. I can feel how much it changed me
Seconded I turned into a zombie. Literally lost fat under my eyes so I have a sideways v eyebags/lines. Literally selling your soul so others can feed off of your life force like dementors. I worked in customer service though so maybe that's it

No. 860607

Hmm you've given good ideas, maybe I should save up and just move to a piss country.

No. 860611

The most I want to recover to is getting an online job so I can just stay a hermit. Maybe a spouse, and buy cheap house on cheap nowhere land so I don't have to see anyone.

No. 860634

Funny, I'm the exact opposite. College killed my spirit and I don't wanna go back (unless it's a paid scholarship in another country) but I wish I could get a boring job again, especially to afford my hobbies. I just can't find it due to the economic crisis.

Don't come to a shitty country, the violence against women is not worth it. Maybe Cuba and Uruguay would be the best options if you really want it.

No. 860698

I was thinking about Rwanda since there's lots of women and their country is developing very quickly + decent cost of living. But idk I'm white.

No. 860718

Are you in the US? Honestly, move to a tiny town in the midwest before you move to a third world country. My town isn't even that tiny (~150k people) and my rent is only $550 for a two bedroom apartment with over 1000 sq ft and it has a balcony and huge kitchen. Cost of living here in general is super cheap as long as you rent and don't own a house.

No. 860720


No. 860725

You'll have to sell your soul, first.

No. 860729

does anyone else struggle with an absence of ego? I mean ego in the basic esteem sense. I have no desire to be seen or heard, no desire to speak or be spoken to. no desires at all really. no social media, nothing but anonymity, and even then only a passing interest in expressing a thought coming from an “I”. it’s like by not participating in society, I’ve forgotten my name. even worse, by not participating, I feel I deserve to forget it. to lose my name and lose my mind too.

I don’t know if NEETdom is the cause or if NEETdom is the consequence of these feelings. either way, that’s what keeps me here

No. 860736

Yeah, I feel this. I blank when I have to write my information on medical paperwork. I forget I'm me sometimes. I have no desire for friends or interaction. If I leave my home its to do the same two things and I have no desire to add anyone or anything else to it. Trying to clock social situations and the task of essentially proving your self to others when you become acquainted is exhausting. Being code on a screen or a jpeg in space is much more comfortable than participating irl.

No. 860738

what kind of freelance work do you do?

I'm 24 too. I work a 9-5 and have had breakdowns but I work from home so it's not as bad. It's a boring as fuck admin job but I can afford to live alone in peace, not with my parents. But before this job I was on disability from my old job due to mental health reasons. When I came back no one noticed so I just didn't work, got paid for 2 months (plus the pay on disability) then put in my notice kek. So I was considerably NEET for a few months. It was ok on disability because I was going to therapy in the mornings and in the afternoons I would just watch tv, draw, read, do whatever and not have to stress about work. I don't think I could get on disability again unless I had a psychotic break unfortunately. It seems like a lot of work to get semi-permanent disability, you need paperwork from doctor visits spanning years along with diagnoses, references, etc. and I don't go to treatment regularly. Maybe if you have a lot of professional help in your past and start to keep track of it you could build a case.

No. 860764

Not to get ~deep~ but do we even need a name? Society wants to put us in heirachies and labels, existing outside of that you need to develop your own self from the ground up, not based on what/who society told you you are. If you don't develop it then yes you risk losing your mind because there is no "you" anymore outside of society's system.

No. 860766

>essentially proving your self to others when you become acquainted is exhausting
Yes I never got normies need to constantly prove themselves/strut, even when I was a kid and considered "smart & pretty" I didn't want anything to do with others. Maybe it's the autism.

No. 860768

I'd really rather move out of the west, even if I don't interact with others the culture/energy disgusts me. I don't know how to describe it. Plus the lack of healthcare, gmo'd food, water contamination, etc. disturbs me. It's like a slaughterhouse here.

No. 860773

Me too. Something bad is going to happen and I don't want to be here for it. America is gonna face consequences sooner than later and a bunch of innocents will suffer because of that. I don't want to see that and we can't save everyone. Been a long time coming. You have good instincts to sense its a slaughterhouse and feel the need to leave. I don't care what other people say, take the chance in a country that you think you may stand a chance in. Anywhere but here. It's gonna collapse soon. No point in falling with and for a country that never did anything for you.

No. 860775

You could've been a researcher or something. Just hidden in your lab, studying genes, medications or any other thing of your choice. Pretty interesting and it basically is studying for money.

No. 860777

Oh boy, you're one of those people… tell you what, move to Iceland.

No. 860784

You get exactly the same thing elsewhere but even shittier and not in English. Except worse healthcare and more polluted air. Free doesn't mean good.

No. 860786

You could try some of the European countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria… Central Europe is pretty cheap for Americans, the society there is advanced (sexism isn't stronger than in the US) and people are chill as long as you assimilate and aren't obnoxious.

No. 860793

Every mention of Iceland makes my urge to go stronger. Icelandic people please let this American anon come live with you

No. 860795

>as long as you assimilate
This will never happen, Westerners stick out like a sore thumb and can't learn the language, and being a woman is shit there in case you haven't followed what is currently going on in these countries. Healthcare is abysmal and there is an ongoing problem of companies selling products with bad ingredients here because they can get away with it more compared to Western Europe.

No. 860805

I'm from one of those countries, care to tell me what is going on that makes it shit to be a woman here? Bad products, wtf?
By those two things you mean Poland which I specifically didn't mention because it's the only socially shithole country among central Europe?
Healthcare is excellent here.
Please don't talk about shit you know nothing about, honestly you prove your point about sticking out like a sore thumb with your ignorance.

No. 860807

>can't learn the language
Speak for yourself, I have a family member who moved to Hungary and speaks it fluently.

No. 860808

Um one of what? Someone who doesn't want to die of a tooth infection and wants tasty food?

No. 860811

Why is iceland so great anon?

No. 860813

immigrated to slovakia, pls no.
coutnry is super corrupted and there's literally no money. don't talk about other countries if you don't know shit about them.
Hungary is also going through hell right now, too.

No. 860814

You must be living in a different country than me I guess because that's bullshit.

No. 860818

Sorry but fuck you. If i lived in a decent country, even the USA i would happily be a wagey, here it sucks because the corrupt goverment drowns you in taxes and on top of that the country is very insecure. I dunno why anyone would like to move to a shit country.

No. 860821

If you want "tasty food" then that's your fault for not knowing how to cook, or getting classic cookbooks and learning from them. If you don't want GMO food then grow your own. Dying of a tooth infection is next to impossible here unless you're a slob who doesn't save up money or have a job. You can find dentists doing $100 cleaning specials all the time, and shop around for cheap ones. They want your money and are probably willing to negotiate a payment plan with you. You sound like you just like complaining more than actually doing anything.

No. 860827

Yeah I want to know too. Don't they kill themselves for breakfast?

No. 860851

I looked it up and it's 50% more expensive to live there than where I am, doesn't feel worth it.

No. 860858

These type of people piss me off so fucking much, american brainwashing is a disease.
Our country is about to have a massive fallout within the next 5 years cope with it.

No. 860859

What did you do so far today as a NEET?

No. 860866

File: 1626990145163.gif (1.99 MB, 275x207, 1608566738681.gif)

I woke up at 3pm(15:00) and took a shower, now im going to do laundry and internet surf for the next 13 hours.

No. 860867

Ikr all small buisnesses are getting wreaked in the ass, and people have stopped working min wage jobs because it just isn't worth it, it's better to literally just be a couch drifter. 90% ppl live paycheck to paycheck. And they want to keep dishing out lockdowns to make ppl poorer. Plus no matter if you get the vaccine or not there's new strains and most ppl are going to have long covid. Literal downfall. I guess the american propaganda is still working though.

No. 860869

File: 1626990251445.gif (110.24 KB, 491x431, 4mg1ko.gif)

I cleaned out my fridge and freezer and bought new food at the store. I also took out a bunch of other trash. Showered. Also made phone calls. It's super hot out so I called it a day, might do laundry but probably not. This is a productive day for me

No. 860871

Woke up at noon, chores, vidya, forums, gather raspberries, take care of bunny.

No. 860873

>made phone calls
Anon what did you have to sacrifice to get that superpower…

No. 860874

So proud of you both!!

No. 860877

I have a new case worker at the unemployment place and she's amazing, she had me write out my exact situation, what lead to it and what I am realistically wanting to do and how I am gonna do it. What kind of support I need, all that stuff. I am a NEET due to an ongoing illness that won't be fixed in a year, not even two but I am hopeful for the first time in 3 years! I was so scared that she would just tell me to apply for jobs I just am unable to do even if I wanted to, what an angel.

No. 860878

Grateful if someone could please indulge me: how to NEETs afford life? Benefits? Living with family? A bit of both? I hope this is received in the spirit of genuine curiosity with which it’s asked. Thanks anoneetas, x

No. 860881

Live off parents and spending money from part time job.

No. 860882

Bit of both, also I have always been stingy and have always saved every penny ever since I was kid due to aboosiv household. My dad also drank himself to death so I inherited a house with my mom, so most of my savings went to the taxes but at least I have half a house I guess. I am also anon from above you, so it's a tricky situation for me.

No. 860888

Like >>860881 said, live off parents and go to part time job.Although Im going into trade school soon so i can get a rialiable job faster.

No. 860889

Become a military wife, no joke.

No. 860890

Dad killed himself and left me enough money to buy 2 small apartments (and a shit ton of trauma), one I rent out the other I live in. It's barely enough to buy groceries but I'm extremely good at saving. I'm trying to get a full-time job and rejoin society, so pretty similar to >>860882 I guess.

No. 860893

But if part time job not neet
Am confused

No. 860895

My mom supports me. She buys me almost anything I want because I don't really ask for expensive things. Sometimes I make money on survey/task sites to buy the frivolous things I don't feel like asking my mom to pay for.

No. 860898

I work 1 day a week for medicine $, and am hermit the rest of the time. I don't think that counts as a functioning member of society.

No. 860906

working retail once a week for less than 5 hours doesn't really contribute to society, plus i call out sometimes.

No. 860914

Boyfriend, a few orbiters, trading. I’d work for a couple months, eat rice, collect low income gibs if I really needed extra cash flow that year. Some family …bizniz too where they allow me to skim the top.

No. 860918

saving all my unemployment checks (thanks covid, but like literally thanks covid because i had already wanted to leave that job so bad without quitting or being fired) and being a casual clothing reseller

not being officially employed & having free time instead of all of it being eaten by full-time school or work is legit the happiest i've ever been as an adult and i hope i figure out a good form of self-employment (i have a few plans) while i stretch this temporary phase out for as long as possible. i think i'd literally kms before i work for someone else ever again

No. 860929


No. 860931

>not being officially employed & having free time instead of all of it being eaten by full-time school or work is legit the happiest i've ever been as an adult and i hope i figure out a good form of self-employment (i have a few plans) while i stretch this temporary phase out for as long as possible. i think i'd literally kms before i work for someone else ever again

I feel you, I want to be a freelancer for the rest of my life: work some temporary gigs, have a small candle business, do a lot of art to sell, maybe even get into crypto or stocks. I'm never gona get a real 9-5 studio office job (I'm a graphic desinger), that shit would just make me kill myself.

No. 860935

People that are actually freeters but want to be considered NEETs for the aesthetic or whatever

No. 860950

I don't know how many people fail to get what a NEET is. The acronym literally spells it out, it doesn't mean 'hermit' or 'doesn't contribute to society enough to be considered normal'.

No. 860970

Bc calling yourself a loser who works 1 day a week isn't aesthetic. Not all of us have family that can support us anon. The stuff you do day to day is basically the same, idk call it hikkikomori then.

No. 861030

i got my license last year, and it was basically a matter of nagging my parents to teach me. driving lessons were super expensive, and when i took those i failed because i didn't know how to handle a bigger vehicle than the tiny sedan i practiced in. the best thing you can do is practice with someone you trust or shell out the cash for lessons.

No. 861049

Eh? Its of no consequence to me. A neet gotta hustle.

No. 861076

Exactly, why do these retards want the label NEET so bad? Because it sounds quirky?

No. 861172

which survey and task sites are worth doing? help me out please anonny

No. 861188

I spiraled out of control in a webm thread, then proceeded to watch ero animu for 3hrs. ;_; Now I'm gonna cook lunch.

I'm currently voluntarily neet, but I finance the lifestyle myself. >>860878 I saved up a lot of money, own an apartment and have a good safety net (long term bf, family).

No. 861284

Not sure if i count as NEET… I occasionally draw commissions if i want to buy myself things or travel, but despite being 30 i have no jobs or studies that interest me enough to change my lifestyle… I know every year that passes makes it harder to find any sort of meaningful employment, but i can’t find the will to change things.

No. 861288

I'm a NEET who was occasionally in education on and off for most of my twenties, living with my parents. I don't ask for basically anything ever. I do actually kind of want to leave NEETdom, but I don't feel like there's anything really worth doing it for. If I don't want romance, kids or a job with responsibility… what the hell is there to do in the current times? I don't have concrete goals.
I've been regressed to total shut-in mode the last two weeks playing a video game, but I got bored of it, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. I should probably at least try to get back to working out a bit at home or in the park.

No. 861319

>what the hell is there to do in the current times? I don't have concrete goals.
The worlds in a slow decline. Have fun and don't bother with normies and the outisde world.

No. 861323

>doomer faggotry
"the world sucks and it's failing" is a massive cope for "I feel sucky and I'm scared I'm failing." Like…be honest. You're consoling yourself for not having what you want. And to be clear, i think being a neet can be one of the highest forms of life, in the sense that it's contemplative, like the Desert Fathers. I would much rather be a neet with nothing than trapped in an eh job just to pay for a car, house, bills, etc and running on a hamster wheel like that. I just dont stand for doomer pissy shitty posting…go back to twitter

No. 861324

File: 1627057138939.jpg (94.8 KB, 1000x668, Dumpster-Rental-Service-Benefi…)

Rant blogpost: I quit the part time job I got after 3 years of neeting. My family is having a bitchfest and mom threatened to call "mental health services" for "my unstable mental health" because quitting clearly means i'm having a breakdown, apparently. Fucking ok. Try it bitch. I know you're too much if a coward. I can tell they're at the end of their rope and it pisses me off how they won't even admit to my face that they don't care about a failure like me anymore. Make sewerslide legal and administered by a dr, or let me rot with mental illness that parents caused. At this point I'm only being kept alive to act as everyone's negative energy dumpster. I hate this.

No. 861325

World economy is literally failing bc of lockdown, ppl getting long covid, and basic necessities are getting more and more expensive. Ppl are going crazy I see it at work and on the street. But ok go back in your feel good ~enlightened~ bubble.

No. 861332

Maybe you should just kys
Both of you are coping

No. 861333

Why come to this thread to be a cunt? Go to things we hate and rant about how much you hate NEETs for being NEETs. You reek of bitterness.

No. 861334

Come and off me anon

No. 861337

>a bunch of things that happened in the last year
Oh so you're a fucking child? A literal baby who was just born? Not 30 years ago the world's two superpowers had missiles pointed at each other on a hair trigger. Not even 80 years ago the world was in a literal world war. And covid is so harmless compared to smallpox that covid would genuinely not even have been noticed among all the other diseases. It's only now, because the world is so clean, peaceful, and healthy, that there's one disruption to your literal comfort cloud life and you're like "it's all SHIT now! it's all FUCKED!". You have literally zero perspective, you absolute whining worm. Or baby, i hope. You'll fucking live lmao.

No. 861347

kys boomer

No. 861350

>watching people drop like flies due to capitalist apathy isn't traumatic
>try being in nineteen diggity two when there was a threat of bombs
>back in my day attitude despite probably being 20-30 years old
>Covid is literally nothing despite it's constant mutations and the life long disabilities it leaves people with

You sound like you have conservative boomer scrote brain worms. Trauma is subjective and you can't compare the material reality of now to back then. The world has radically changed. It's still not a cozy place. America isn't a safe or cozy place. If you aren't from burgerland shut the fuck up about it, if you are and you still think like this, unironically neck yourself and do us a favor. Dead weight is dead weight, you're a fucking retard.

No. 861351

Samefagging, I know you didn't outright state it but I know this is coming from a place of vitriol for Americans because our media has complained the most and are responsible for the fear mongering continuing the spread. We literally had the fucking virus leaked on our own people then pinned it on China. Shut the fuck up. Biological warfare is warfare regardless just like asymmetrical social warfare. You took the psyop pill.

No. 861352

Ikr my parents literally told me they were much happier and less stressed when they worked their shitty little farm in a shithole country without internet and "modern comforts".

No. 861353

My grandmother, who went through WW2 and losing family members to it, her country being a colony with something very comparable to the apartheid, and the violent decolonization process, and who went through all the other events you mentioned and some more, told me that the current pandemic is even more fucked up than all that, so I'd say it's very subjective.

No. 861361

your grandmother is stupid

No. 861374

I guess some ppl don't understand that mental torture exists. Social distancing and isolation severely effects ppl even some prisons banned isolation because of how horribly it effects humans. Plus the constant stress and hopelessness from all the absurdity and fear porn nowadays.

No. 861384

Nta but neets isolate themselves, that's a large part of what being one usually means and throughout lockdown neets were on here saying it's a breeze and actually suits them. Someones granny with a poor immune system and no grasp of the internet would suffer but a young neet.. staying home is mental torture? That is the neet goal lol

No. 861400

I'm talking about normies, who makeup most of the population.

No. 861416

What does this have to do with neets then?

No. 861421

I'm responding to anon's grandma's normie opinion >>861353

No. 861485

All this tells me is that ypu literally have no idea how bad thongs used to be. Literally diswase, war, hunger, violence…literally everything was way worse 50 years ago than it is now. You can say "there are sucky things in world" and that's true, but when you go full doomer like "evrythings getting more FUCKED by the day" you're flat out wrong by literally every measurable metric. I'm not a conservative lmao, you being like "it was better 50 years ago, i wish i could go back to that" is the conservative thing. You are literally a conservative. I trust that things will continue to get better from human efforts. I am a progressive. That's what those words mean. And idk what ypu were going pff about exactly but I am american and i can say that it's literally paradise on earth compared to most of the history of human existence and most of the rest of the world today, and if you think otherwise it's pure cope fot getting the privileges of being american and yet still being a failure.

It's simple: you need it to be true that "the world is fucked" because believing that makes you feel less bad about your own life. be honest with yourself for once and just be sad without needing to pull all this doomer shit. bye

No. 861561

K why are ppl offing themselves so much then.

No. 861565

NTA but it's more nuanced

Life in the west from 1945-1970 was objectively better than life now. For starters, you weren't derided as being a loser for just leaving school and going to work in a factory, people were much more accepting of class differences back then than they are now. There was less obesity, you didn't need a car to function, rent and homes were cheap and people were genuinely healthier and happier. Things were more social. And introversion was reserved for Ted Kaczynski tier assburgers and not for 20% of the population.

In the west now, materially we're better off than most parts of history, but I do think we're degraded due to our cancerous stress inducing lifestyles. Between the internet addictions, shit diets, isolating lifestyles and extreme oversocialization, we definitely do suffer more than the generation before us. It's a new type of suffering we really haven't come to deal with yet.

No. 861569

>She thinks NEETs didn't exist in the form of village idiots and weirdos who fell out of the gene pool by never marrying or reproducing in case their parents never forced some poor woman to marry them (as women had to in order to survive), ignores drastic improvement in child mortality rates, prolonged life expectancies and absolute poverty slowly diminishing and people generally dying less of treatable disease
anyway don't let me disturb your tradthot fantasies

No. 861573

For some reason a lot of people aren’t aware of the food shortages/limits stores had during war times or the fact that most people with mento illness were locked up in psychiatric facilities for decades

No. 861575

>most people with mento illness were locked up in psychiatric facilities for decades
This, most of the people putting their mental illness on display these days would be put in an asylum for the rest of their days to be lobotomized and generally abused.

No. 861623

>Life in the west from 1945-1970 was objectively better than life now.
If you just said the economy was better than it is now, I would agree. But I think the aspects of:
>smoking is good for you advertisement with photos of doctors
>asbestos is fine
>these pesticides are totally safe and not going to impact the environment and linger in human breast milk
>radiation is glowing, healing magic 1000th superhero comic starting with radioactive accident, puts radioactive paint on clock dials, puts uranium in dinner plates, use x-rays for fitting shoes
is a category more insufferable than what we have now. I actually have no idea how boomers can live through that yet have so much trust in authority (at least before Trump drama).

No. 861639

I'm not opposed to this, tbh. The sheer narcissism of these fuckers on twitter…

No. 861649

Even if the economy was good, who was it good for? Not us that's for sure, we couldn't open bank accounts without our husband's permission lmao.

No. 861676

Hey nonnie sorry you survived Vietnam or whatever, it's time to take your anti-psychotics and log off. You can't argue your way out of a paper bag let alone have a nuanced discussion about the west. You're very black and white in thinking, are you a BPD fag or just triggered that people are suffering and don't care what you think constitutes real suffering? You're really embarrassing.

No. 861721

As a NEET do you treat weekdays and weekends differently or do they feel the same to you?

No. 861725

My boyfriend works a mon-fri job so I try to keep to his schedule a bit. I look forward to them.

No. 861745

Weekends are still special to me. I go to the farmer's market since it's only open then, and I deep clean the house every Sunday morning. Plus my bf has a regular 9-5 wagie job so we usually go on a date. I love weekends.

No. 861749

They're no different to me. Everyday blends together since I took the summer off from school. It's kind of bland but I think that may be partially due to the depression

No. 861758

Weekends are busier because family is home.

No. 861772

i hate sundays because my mom is always at home

No. 861909

I'll soon be rejoining society after many years of being NEET. I don't want to but I can't handle the shame of NEETdom any longer. I find it hard to wrap my head around not owning my own life anymore. Someone else is going to control half of my day, nearly every day. It disgusts me.

No. 861949

The only time I'm actually glad to be able to be a NEET.
I can stay up all night watching the Olympics.

No. 861991

Take it slow anon don't want to burn yourself out. In another bout of neetdom now because I burned myself out.

No. 862077

File: 1627146186207.jpg (14.27 KB, 275x271, 1571743157489.jpg)

Friendless neets, do you want to get normie/irl friends?
It's no for me, most ppl act like animals with hierarchy and power plays, and I don't want to waste my energy proving myself to them. (Probably the autism)

No. 862083

Nah, my tastes are too niche and modern weebs/gamers are super obnoxious anyway

No. 862104

I have normie friends on a superficial "work friend" level, but whenever we hang out I just realize I want some lower energy real friends or marry some introverted high-earning man and live a boring married life. I like them as people, but I'm just too boring and out of the picture and don't feel like I can entertain them.
I lost all my childhood friends because I got tired of them witnessing my neetdom and depression. I also thought it'd make making positive changes easier, but I probably devolved instead.

No. 862141

I would, but they care too much about their image to invite me to parties or not hide me out of embarrassment. It's crucial to social climb for them!

No. 862243

I actually do but I have a lot of insecurities that always made me sabotage friendships in the past and I feel like I still need to sort that out. Also my life situation is embarrassing, if they asked me to hang out I would need to use my mom's money and they have to drive me everywhere cause I have no license. Another thing is that I'm not interested in drinking or using drugs which a lot of people in adult friendships seem to do together.

No. 862257

>implying normies would talk to us in the first place

No. 862377

Very true. I signed up for too many classes and I'm gonna cancel some of them. How did you burn out? It's hard to accept you have to take things slow, when it's tempting to go all in to make up for lost time.

No. 862409

File: 1627171668587.jpeg (272.98 KB, 2048x1365, the-quick-guide-to-making-frie…)

Loneliness on Saturday night as a NEET hits different

No. 863012

none of them

No. 863684

Whenever I get a job or something, I realize how incredibly stupid and incompetent everyone around me is, and then i get pissed off because i'm at a lower level than them because either they have connections or they're better wage slaves because they let people step on them… It's really difficult to relate to other people when you have a neet mindset and oppose the current capitalist society. i have debt now because my desire to learn outweighed the annoyance of having to pay for it, but I feel like a lot of people are so consumed in materialism these days that they need like five credit cards just to one up their friends with meaningless purchases.

on the other hand, i can't exactly start living in my car because i, too, have at least some capitalist brain rot and i don't want to give up my dumb anime merch. life is hard. I try to be nice on social media but it's still hard to make friends because i guess my bitterness comes through and i can't really relate to others who were either born rich or have this crazy work ethic but adhd really fucked things up for me.

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