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No. 859842

Thread for current NEETs who do not wish to/are not ready yet to rejoin society. Please be considerate of eachother, no shaming.

No. 859851

File: 1626894318130.png (812.9 KB, 1080x1068, 1622329239456.png)

I'm a fucking neet myself, so is this thread for neets who don't want to recover like in the other thread?

No. 859860

Don't want to recover/ don't want to take steps yet to recover. I'm at the point where I just want a long break from trying to recover, and return to old ways. But that would seem anti-recovering so I just made a new thread for neets who don't want to change. Sometimes it's too late to recover for some people. Hope they don't feel too alone, even if it's through a screen humans need community.

No. 859880

Question for neets: if there was no internet, no radio, no tv, no computers, no books, no games no media, etc, would you still be a neet?

No. 859886

Yes, it's called being a hermit in the woods. The sewersidal neets would probably off themselves though, there'd be no interesting distractions to use as copes.

No. 859899

I'm 18 and I'm pretty sure my life is going to be full of neetdom. My crippling social anxiety and inability to get hired in my shitty state is stressing me the hell out

No. 859920

I'm broke as fuck, living with my parents, playing wow all day. Does that qualify me for neet?

No. 859926

Yeah see if it were the case that I had none of the things mentioned I'd probably go to the woods alone and take up witchcraft or tame feral dogs

No. 859927

File: 1626899564511.png (614.63 KB, 543x696, blanket.png)

My anxiety made me postpone college applications until they are closed for kek I don't mind another year of Neet so long I manage my little goals (I'm more or less progressing on them) but I'd like to find a part time job this year tho. Don't know what and how.

No. 859934

Word of warning don't postpone too long if you want to do college I took 2 years off and had to cram to relearn maths. Didn't matter in the end though since dropped out. Neeting rots your brain if you aren't doing some kind of learning.

No. 859935

I hate work from home because now my parents can see what I do all day and are probably starting to resent me for being so lazy while they have to work

No. 859938

No. 859940

The resentment is real lol. My parents get so snappy when they're home and constantly interrupt and snark at me when I'm using the computer/existing outside my room. Or if they don't see me they just come into my room to lecture me. Honestly thinking of playing up my depression just so they'd leave me the fuck alone.

No. 859949

What's the line between neet and just loser? For example, parents who support you but require you to work one day a week at a part time. And the rest of the time you're living like a hermit. Is it actually just "not in education employment or training"? Or is it more of a lifestyle/mindset?

No. 860032

File: 1626906631873.jpg (192.62 KB, 850x898, sample_458ec622aa30a987dcaf028…)

Are you planning to do something with your limitless free time? i am going to start streaming, Vtubing to be exactly.

No. 860033

Well, do you want to find a career? Or go into school? You have a job yes, but if you're not striving to do anything and just exist in your parents house, it's pretty much a neet.

No. 860037

Vtubing is based, ultimate leveling field, don't have to be pretty just have good personality. What kind of persona will you present?

No. 860048

File: 1626908607538.png (506.18 KB, 570x495, 1578262682242.png)

Mostly chill. I want to play retro games like Korone, draw and talk about movies/manga.

No. 860059

How do you guys spend your days? I'm not a NEET but I'm restless even having one week to myself…

No. 860060

play videogames, draw, watch anime/movies, read, shitpost. If it's a cold day i just binge watch yt all day.

No. 860064

Browse internet, watch youtube, read, and do chores nobody else in my family wants to do. I used to watch a lot of movies and shows but I lost all interest a long time ago. I also do 1 hour of exercise because as I get older my body aches badly after just one day of zero exercise.

No. 860089

I'm technically NEET though I spend my time freelancing for crypto-donations and building a portfolio. It's pretty damn hard to get a job nowadays (not just a gig), but if I could detach myself to an alternate society I would. Unless I'm in France, cryptocurrency doesn't buy the basics like food or rent.

No. 860090

File: 1626912622479.gif (24.59 KB, 128x128, 1612963935633.gif)

I've been a neet for about 6 months after quitting my job so i can still buy a lot of weeb shit if i want.

No. 860094

You can buy weeb shit with a job too, silly.

No. 860151

Chores at home, care & play with pet, books, forums, gardening, anime.

No. 860179

Have you ever read Recovery of an MMO Junkie?

No. 860182

but it just feels good to buy jingero merch with my autismbux

No. 860191

Former NEET. I get up at 4am every day for work now. Sleep in for me sisters. My soul is weeping.

No. 860193

Will try. It's warmer at night then it is in the day atm and I'm dying.

No. 860202

My sleep schedule is beyond fucked up. I am consistently falling asleep at 4-7 AM and waking up anywhere after 4PM. The other day I slept in until 7PM for the first time since highschool.

No. 860208

May I post that I’m not a NEET but at this point wish I could be? I work too much and it feels so ridiculous and stupid. I want to pursue things I enjoy and have time. Maybe that’s romanticizing NEETdom, but I kind of dream/am quite jealous. What’s it like for you, good and bad?

No. 860231

I became a NEET out of force, i gain more money by doing 5 furry porn comissions once a year than working 8 to 8 like the wageys in this shithole. If you have any kind of dreams and hopes i do not recommend NEETdom unless you have money to spare. If you are already dead inside, have nothing to persue in life and are ready to kys when the money runs out then it's a great life.

No. 860312

God I wish I had tardbux, but here female autism is a joke unless you're low functioning.

No. 860314

I thought $$$ furry art was a joke, isn't the market over saturated by now?

No. 860318

>I work too much and it feels so ridiculous and stupid. I want to pursue things I enjoy and have time. Maybe that’s romanticizing NEETdom, but I kind of dream/am quite jealous. What’s it like for you, good and bad?
Neetdom is a luxury tbh, your parents have to be nice and rich enough to care for you. It can be miserable or great depending on whether you're depressed.

No. 860327

I've quit every job i've ever had besides like one after a month or two because bosses are just complete and utter assholes. Unfortunately, I have a car payment now and like I could do a delivery app but I'm still terrified of driving and don't know directions for shit. I used to think that people didn't want to be my friend because i couldn't drive, but now i just realize that i really don't have any friends and leaving the house makes me extra paranoid.

NEET life was really fun for me when I was a highschool dropout but after a long enough period of time, the depression gets so bad. It's probably ok if you have rich parents, though. I'm twenty four now, and I don't have that luxury, so I'm pretty much putting off the work life as long as I can because I can't do a 9-5 without having a breakdown. Do any of you live on disability? Is it worth it?

No. 860328

Holy shit how much do you make a commission? How talented are you?

What kind of stuff do you have to draw?

No. 860329

I've always been a socially anxious mess and I was fired from my job at the beginning of this year and cannot for the love of God find another one. I also cut off my friends because I just felt safer without them. And since I'm also broke and dependent on a family member, I cannot even go anywhere

No. 860331

What platform do you post on? Twitter? Or a specific furry site?

No. 860337

I'm technically a NEET but I get away with it because I can just call myself a homemaker or housewife. My husband makes just enough for me to stay home but I don't even do anything because I'm too fucking depressed. I have a Bachelor's degree in a useless field that needs a PhD and I am over being in school so I can't even use it. I'm hoping to get a part-time job soon so I can pay for therapy.

How did you manage to learn? 26 here and terrified to even begin. I feel too stupid to be able to operate a vehicle. Also a high school dropout here as well and the NEET life was so fun then but yeah, feels bad to be my age with only a shitty barista job and sporadic food concessions jobs under my belt. I legit don't think I could function 9-5.

No. 860338

Are you one of those madmen who auction off the "your character here" group drawings? You know the ones.

No. 860347

nta but what does that mean?

No. 860358

I'm not a NEET (work 39.75 hours a week so my employer can avoid giving me full time bennies kek) but I really miss the lifestyle. Now I have a job and a bf, I socialize every day, but when I was a NEET I felt so much more individual and creative. I feel like getting a job and bf were beneficial overall but sapped my sense of identity and individuality. When I was a NEET I drew fanart (I used to get recognized by developers when I would make vidya fanart, feltgood), watched a ton of movies and series, and wrote a lot, too – all things I could do for little to no money.

No. 860366

File: 1626941287102.jpg (111.97 KB, 1334x750, ych.jpg)

nta but big furry artists usually make a pose sketch with characters generic enough and offer you to buy a 'spot' in it. It's a popular format because it's a much faster form of commission.

No. 860379

i got laid off a few months ago and have been neeting since but unemployment is ignoring me and the job search has been futile. i have savings but send me my money goddamn

No. 860383

Why didn't god bless me with some art skills, I'd be fucking rich, that's like 45k in country

I'll most likely lose my job next year thanks to all the crap going on on the resource and shipping market. Don't want to be a neet again but also I could use a break

No. 860385

$7500????? People are fucking insane

No. 860387

Can't stop thinking about bad interview experiences I've had in the past. I had one where the manager berated me because I didn't have experience in the shitty HRIS system they used because I'd never held a similar position before. Even though the person at the first interview told me I'd be perfect for the role. Makes me feel like I will never get hired. Every time I get to the second interview stage I never get the role and it just gets my hopes up. Why do I fail even when I've prepared with notes, rehearsed common interview questions in STAR format, show up professionally dressed? I think it's because I am ugly and have bad social skills (I used to be bullied in school). Who wants an ugly awkward woman working for them? Yeah I wouldn't hire me either. I should've taken the hint when I had so much trouble getting a required internship in college I had to delay graduation by a semester.

No. 860394

I was also teased by a manager once during interview for my useless degree. It was fucking scarring, I know how you feel
>I think it's because I am ugly and have bad social skills
I think it's because they can tell that you hate yourself and that you think very little of yourself. You just need to change your self image

No. 860405

I've been working full time for the last year, but I miss being a NEET so much. Having a full time job killed my spirit. I can feel how much it changed me, I'm a lot less funny or spontaneous, and I have a less energy, I never want to go out because I much prefer getting a good night of sleep. It sucks. And for minimum wage;

No. 860408

Fuck everything I’ve ever done and worked for, I’m going to sell overpriced furry line art starting today.

No. 860410

That was not my intention, I'm sorry

No. 860412

I don't show up like Eeyore I'm smiley and engage with interviewers in a normal way and try and sell myself so your advice just made me annoyed. I was just venting. Regardless you'd have to be high on copium to be content with yourself in my shoes. I won't be satisfied til I'm hired.

No. 860417

I got sick right as I finished high school, was thrown into a rehabilitation facility for some time by my own parents because they didn't want to help me and told lies to the staff to have me admitted, and now I live like a neet because I feel like I don't have enough psychological strenght to work a job I don't like for so much time. Weighing on my parents makes me feel guilty, but at the same time I think they deserve it for what they've done. I make some money with art and I plan to make it into some sort of job. I also take care of my dog. Honestly doing things at my own pace feels nice, and the end results may not even be that different from having a random minimum wage job. I've never had friends even when I was not a neet, so the loneliness doesn't bother me that much.

No. 860454

I swear to god this is pushing me over the edge

No. 860456

what do you mean with a spot in it?

No. 860466

Ayrt, damn, maybe I really should go for the furry buxx. I’ve joked about it a lot, but if it’s that promising…kek but seriously, that’s a good point. To be fair the hopes and dreams I’m working towards are in the framework of being forced to work. Still genuinely appealing to me, but if I could do absolutely whatever I want, I’d live on a commune with some of my friends and just self sustain and sell our art, food, and crafts.
My parents aren’t rich and live outside of their means so that will never happen rip.

No. 860471

There are always customers looking for cheap commissions
I make very little (30-60) depending on complexity but we are talking from the perspective of someone who lives in a country where the min wage is 150 and it keeps decreasing thanks to inflation. I have managed to make around 1500 from when i started back in march.
All of the ones you can find, the more exposure the better
You need to be kinda popular to sell those otherwise your posts end ignored.

I am currently learning animation, pixel art and other skills so i can increase my prices. My goal is to have a 500 dllrs monthly patreon someday, that way i could live like a queen NEET in this country of peasants.

No. 860525

i think it's the attitude. A loser doesn't give a fuck about working, is happy to live of other people's money, but is otherwise a normal person, with friends and relationships.
A neet is more reclusive, imo, either by depression or by choice. But i read neet as it is normally used as a synonim of hikikomori.

I didn't like being a neet, because i hate being under my parents thumb (even though they are getting more generous and patient with age), and i like working if it is something worthwhile. Media bores me.
But honestly, if someone drops a wageslave shitty job to become a neet, and uses their free time to work on something that makes them happy or needed, like caring for an elderly, or becoming a handyman or farmhand or housewife/husband, or working gigs, i can't really judge. Wageslaving in shitty soulsucking jobs is fucking hell.

No. 860577

File: 1626967362759.jpeg (282.8 KB, 1683x2048, 83AD5352-04F3-4470-B0AD-9A00BD…)

I love NEET life. I think many people are just wired for it but society makes us all have guilty complex about such compulsion. I loved school, or rather learning, but I always hated working. If only going to school is a job, if only I could just collect knowledge for money, then I’d consider it. But be it manual labor or white collar, normalfagging absolutely destroys my mental health, by the 9th month of any given job, I’d be zooted at work constantly.
NEETdom is double edged sword though. It is very easy to fall depressive and get stuck in a cycle of misery if mismanaged, you’re also very vulnerable if you don’t have support network.
But with just a little discipline and finesse, it’s the best. I study whatever the fuck I want, I have time to eat well and exercise, to indulge in hobbies and hone new skills. I actually practice time management and goal setting on my own volition.
Luckily I don’t have to struggle for money atm. I draw for spending cash for fun but that’s about it. Although I made decent amount of seeding cash from meme stocks and crypto this past year so I’d like to take investing more seriously.

I’d like to hoard enough money to just fuck off to a third world coastal town and grow old with some friends and cats.

No. 860604

>Having a full time job killed my spirit. I can feel how much it changed me
Seconded I turned into a zombie. Literally lost fat under my eyes so I have a sideways v eyebags/lines. Literally selling your soul so others can feed off of your life force like dementors. I worked in customer service though so maybe that's it

No. 860607

Hmm you've given good ideas, maybe I should save up and just move to a piss country.

No. 860611

The most I want to recover to is getting an online job so I can just stay a hermit. Maybe a spouse, and buy cheap house on cheap nowhere land so I don't have to see anyone.

No. 860634

Funny, I'm the exact opposite. College killed my spirit and I don't wanna go back (unless it's a paid scholarship in another country) but I wish I could get a boring job again, especially to afford my hobbies. I just can't find it due to the economic crisis.

Don't come to a shitty country, the violence against women is not worth it. Maybe Cuba and Uruguay would be the best options if you really want it.

No. 860698

I was thinking about Rwanda since there's lots of women and their country is developing very quickly + decent cost of living. But idk I'm white.

No. 860718

Are you in the US? Honestly, move to a tiny town in the midwest before you move to a third world country. My town isn't even that tiny (~150k people) and my rent is only $550 for a two bedroom apartment with over 1000 sq ft and it has a balcony and huge kitchen. Cost of living here in general is super cheap as long as you rent and don't own a house.

No. 860720


No. 860725

You'll have to sell your soul, first.

No. 860729

does anyone else struggle with an absence of ego? I mean ego in the basic esteem sense. I have no desire to be seen or heard, no desire to speak or be spoken to. no desires at all really. no social media, nothing but anonymity, and even then only a passing interest in expressing a thought coming from an “I”. it’s like by not participating in society, I’ve forgotten my name. even worse, by not participating, I feel I deserve to forget it. to lose my name and lose my mind too.

I don’t know if NEETdom is the cause or if NEETdom is the consequence of these feelings. either way, that’s what keeps me here

No. 860736

Yeah, I feel this. I blank when I have to write my information on medical paperwork. I forget I'm me sometimes. I have no desire for friends or interaction. If I leave my home its to do the same two things and I have no desire to add anyone or anything else to it. Trying to clock social situations and the task of essentially proving your self to others when you become acquainted is exhausting. Being code on a screen or a jpeg in space is much more comfortable than participating irl.

No. 860738

what kind of freelance work do you do?

I'm 24 too. I work a 9-5 and have had breakdowns but I work from home so it's not as bad. It's a boring as fuck admin job but I can afford to live alone in peace, not with my parents. But before this job I was on disability from my old job due to mental health reasons. When I came back no one noticed so I just didn't work, got paid for 2 months (plus the pay on disability) then put in my notice kek. So I was considerably NEET for a few months. It was ok on disability because I was going to therapy in the mornings and in the afternoons I would just watch tv, draw, read, do whatever and not have to stress about work. I don't think I could get on disability again unless I had a psychotic break unfortunately. It seems like a lot of work to get semi-permanent disability, you need paperwork from doctor visits spanning years along with diagnoses, references, etc. and I don't go to treatment regularly. Maybe if you have a lot of professional help in your past and start to keep track of it you could build a case.

No. 860764

Not to get ~deep~ but do we even need a name? Society wants to put us in heirachies and labels, existing outside of that you need to develop your own self from the ground up, not based on what/who society told you you are. If you don't develop it then yes you risk losing your mind because there is no "you" anymore outside of society's system.

No. 860766

>essentially proving your self to others when you become acquainted is exhausting
Yes I never got normies need to constantly prove themselves/strut, even when I was a kid and considered "smart & pretty" I didn't want anything to do with others. Maybe it's the autism.

No. 860768

I'd really rather move out of the west, even if I don't interact with others the culture/energy disgusts me. I don't know how to describe it. Plus the lack of healthcare, gmo'd food, water contamination, etc. disturbs me. It's like a slaughterhouse here.

No. 860773

Me too. Something bad is going to happen and I don't want to be here for it. America is gonna face consequences sooner than later and a bunch of innocents will suffer because of that. I don't want to see that and we can't save everyone. Been a long time coming. You have good instincts to sense its a slaughterhouse and feel the need to leave. I don't care what other people say, take the chance in a country that you think you may stand a chance in. Anywhere but here. It's gonna collapse soon. No point in falling with and for a country that never did anything for you.

No. 860775

You could've been a researcher or something. Just hidden in your lab, studying genes, medications or any other thing of your choice. Pretty interesting and it basically is studying for money.

No. 860777

Oh boy, you're one of those people… tell you what, move to Iceland.

No. 860784

You get exactly the same thing elsewhere but even shittier and not in English. Except worse healthcare and more polluted air. Free doesn't mean good.

No. 860786

You could try some of the European countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria… Central Europe is pretty cheap for Americans, the society there is advanced (sexism isn't stronger than in the US) and people are chill as long as you assimilate and aren't obnoxious.

No. 860793

Every mention of Iceland makes my urge to go stronger. Icelandic people please let this American anon come live with you

No. 860795

>as long as you assimilate
This will never happen, Westerners stick out like a sore thumb and can't learn the language, and being a woman is shit there in case you haven't followed what is currently going on in these countries. Healthcare is abysmal and there is an ongoing problem of companies selling products with bad ingredients here because they can get away with it more compared to Western Europe.

No. 860805

I'm from one of those countries, care to tell me what is going on that makes it shit to be a woman here? Bad products, wtf?
By those two things you mean Poland which I specifically didn't mention because it's the only socially shithole country among central Europe?
Healthcare is excellent here.
Please don't talk about shit you know nothing about, honestly you prove your point about sticking out like a sore thumb with your ignorance.

No. 860807

>can't learn the language
Speak for yourself, I have a family member who moved to Hungary and speaks it fluently.

No. 860808

Um one of what? Someone who doesn't want to die of a tooth infection and wants tasty food?

No. 860811

Why is iceland so great anon?

No. 860813

immigrated to slovakia, pls no.
coutnry is super corrupted and there's literally no money. don't talk about other countries if you don't know shit about them.
Hungary is also going through hell right now, too.

No. 860814

You must be living in a different country than me I guess because that's bullshit.

No. 860818

Sorry but fuck you. If i lived in a decent country, even the USA i would happily be a wagey, here it sucks because the corrupt goverment drowns you in taxes and on top of that the country is very insecure. I dunno why anyone would like to move to a shit country.

No. 860821

If you want "tasty food" then that's your fault for not knowing how to cook, or getting classic cookbooks and learning from them. If you don't want GMO food then grow your own. Dying of a tooth infection is next to impossible here unless you're a slob who doesn't save up money or have a job. You can find dentists doing $100 cleaning specials all the time, and shop around for cheap ones. They want your money and are probably willing to negotiate a payment plan with you. You sound like you just like complaining more than actually doing anything.

No. 860827

Yeah I want to know too. Don't they kill themselves for breakfast?

No. 860851

I looked it up and it's 50% more expensive to live there than where I am, doesn't feel worth it.

No. 860858

These type of people piss me off so fucking much, american brainwashing is a disease.
Our country is about to have a massive fallout within the next 5 years cope with it.

No. 860859

What did you do so far today as a NEET?

No. 860866

File: 1626990145163.gif (1.99 MB, 275x207, 1608566738681.gif)

I woke up at 3pm(15:00) and took a shower, now im going to do laundry and internet surf for the next 13 hours.

No. 860867

Ikr all small buisnesses are getting wreaked in the ass, and people have stopped working min wage jobs because it just isn't worth it, it's better to literally just be a couch drifter. 90% ppl live paycheck to paycheck. And they want to keep dishing out lockdowns to make ppl poorer. Plus no matter if you get the vaccine or not there's new strains and most ppl are going to have long covid. Literal downfall. I guess the american propaganda is still working though.

No. 860869

File: 1626990251445.gif (110.24 KB, 491x431, 4mg1ko.gif)

I cleaned out my fridge and freezer and bought new food at the store. I also took out a bunch of other trash. Showered. Also made phone calls. It's super hot out so I called it a day, might do laundry but probably not. This is a productive day for me

No. 860871

Woke up at noon, chores, vidya, forums, gather raspberries, take care of bunny.

No. 860873

>made phone calls
Anon what did you have to sacrifice to get that superpower…

No. 860874

So proud of you both!!

No. 860877

I have a new case worker at the unemployment place and she's amazing, she had me write out my exact situation, what lead to it and what I am realistically wanting to do and how I am gonna do it. What kind of support I need, all that stuff. I am a NEET due to an ongoing illness that won't be fixed in a year, not even two but I am hopeful for the first time in 3 years! I was so scared that she would just tell me to apply for jobs I just am unable to do even if I wanted to, what an angel.

No. 860878

Grateful if someone could please indulge me: how to NEETs afford life? Benefits? Living with family? A bit of both? I hope this is received in the spirit of genuine curiosity with which it’s asked. Thanks anoneetas, x

No. 860881

Live off parents and spending money from part time job.

No. 860882

Bit of both, also I have always been stingy and have always saved every penny ever since I was kid due to aboosiv household. My dad also drank himself to death so I inherited a house with my mom, so most of my savings went to the taxes but at least I have half a house I guess. I am also anon from above you, so it's a tricky situation for me.

No. 860888

Like >>860881 said, live off parents and go to part time job.Although Im going into trade school soon so i can get a rialiable job faster.

No. 860889

Become a military wife, no joke.

No. 860890

Dad killed himself and left me enough money to buy 2 small apartments (and a shit ton of trauma), one I rent out the other I live in. It's barely enough to buy groceries but I'm extremely good at saving. I'm trying to get a full-time job and rejoin society, so pretty similar to >>860882 I guess.

No. 860893

But if part time job not neet
Am confused

No. 860895

My mom supports me. She buys me almost anything I want because I don't really ask for expensive things. Sometimes I make money on survey/task sites to buy the frivolous things I don't feel like asking my mom to pay for.

No. 860898

I work 1 day a week for medicine $, and am hermit the rest of the time. I don't think that counts as a functioning member of society.

No. 860906

working retail once a week for less than 5 hours doesn't really contribute to society, plus i call out sometimes.

No. 860914

Boyfriend, a few orbiters, trading. I’d work for a couple months, eat rice, collect low income gibs if I really needed extra cash flow that year. Some family …bizniz too where they allow me to skim the top.

No. 860918

saving all my unemployment checks (thanks covid, but like literally thanks covid because i had already wanted to leave that job so bad without quitting or being fired) and being a casual clothing reseller

not being officially employed & having free time instead of all of it being eaten by full-time school or work is legit the happiest i've ever been as an adult and i hope i figure out a good form of self-employment (i have a few plans) while i stretch this temporary phase out for as long as possible. i think i'd literally kms before i work for someone else ever again

No. 860929


No. 860931

>not being officially employed & having free time instead of all of it being eaten by full-time school or work is legit the happiest i've ever been as an adult and i hope i figure out a good form of self-employment (i have a few plans) while i stretch this temporary phase out for as long as possible. i think i'd literally kms before i work for someone else ever again

I feel you, I want to be a freelancer for the rest of my life: work some temporary gigs, have a small candle business, do a lot of art to sell, maybe even get into crypto or stocks. I'm never gona get a real 9-5 studio office job (I'm a graphic desinger), that shit would just make me kill myself.

No. 860935

People that are actually freeters but want to be considered NEETs for the aesthetic or whatever

No. 860950

I don't know how many people fail to get what a NEET is. The acronym literally spells it out, it doesn't mean 'hermit' or 'doesn't contribute to society enough to be considered normal'.

No. 860970

Bc calling yourself a loser who works 1 day a week isn't aesthetic. Not all of us have family that can support us anon. The stuff you do day to day is basically the same, idk call it hikkikomori then.

No. 861030

i got my license last year, and it was basically a matter of nagging my parents to teach me. driving lessons were super expensive, and when i took those i failed because i didn't know how to handle a bigger vehicle than the tiny sedan i practiced in. the best thing you can do is practice with someone you trust or shell out the cash for lessons.

No. 861049

Eh? Its of no consequence to me. A neet gotta hustle.

No. 861076

Exactly, why do these retards want the label NEET so bad? Because it sounds quirky?

No. 861172

which survey and task sites are worth doing? help me out please anonny

No. 861188

I spiraled out of control in a webm thread, then proceeded to watch ero animu for 3hrs. ;_; Now I'm gonna cook lunch.

I'm currently voluntarily neet, but I finance the lifestyle myself. >>860878 I saved up a lot of money, own an apartment and have a good safety net (long term bf, family).

No. 861284

Not sure if i count as NEET… I occasionally draw commissions if i want to buy myself things or travel, but despite being 30 i have no jobs or studies that interest me enough to change my lifestyle… I know every year that passes makes it harder to find any sort of meaningful employment, but i can’t find the will to change things.

No. 861288

I'm a NEET who was occasionally in education on and off for most of my twenties, living with my parents. I don't ask for basically anything ever. I do actually kind of want to leave NEETdom, but I don't feel like there's anything really worth doing it for. If I don't want romance, kids or a job with responsibility… what the hell is there to do in the current times? I don't have concrete goals.
I've been regressed to total shut-in mode the last two weeks playing a video game, but I got bored of it, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. I should probably at least try to get back to working out a bit at home or in the park.

No. 861319

>what the hell is there to do in the current times? I don't have concrete goals.
The worlds in a slow decline. Have fun and don't bother with normies and the outisde world.

No. 861323

>doomer faggotry
"the world sucks and it's failing" is a massive cope for "I feel sucky and I'm scared I'm failing." Like…be honest. You're consoling yourself for not having what you want. And to be clear, i think being a neet can be one of the highest forms of life, in the sense that it's contemplative, like the Desert Fathers. I would much rather be a neet with nothing than trapped in an eh job just to pay for a car, house, bills, etc and running on a hamster wheel like that. I just dont stand for doomer pissy shitty posting…go back to twitter

No. 861324

File: 1627057138939.jpg (94.8 KB, 1000x668, Dumpster-Rental-Service-Benefi…)

Rant blogpost: I quit the part time job I got after 3 years of neeting. My family is having a bitchfest and mom threatened to call "mental health services" for "my unstable mental health" because quitting clearly means i'm having a breakdown, apparently. Fucking ok. Try it bitch. I know you're too much if a coward. I can tell they're at the end of their rope and it pisses me off how they won't even admit to my face that they don't care about a failure like me anymore. Make sewerslide legal and administered by a dr, or let me rot with mental illness that parents caused. At this point I'm only being kept alive to act as everyone's negative energy dumpster. I hate this.

No. 861325

World economy is literally failing bc of lockdown, ppl getting long covid, and basic necessities are getting more and more expensive. Ppl are going crazy I see it at work and on the street. But ok go back in your feel good ~enlightened~ bubble.

No. 861332

Maybe you should just kys
Both of you are coping

No. 861333

Why come to this thread to be a cunt? Go to things we hate and rant about how much you hate NEETs for being NEETs. You reek of bitterness.

No. 861334

Come and off me anon

No. 861337

>a bunch of things that happened in the last year
Oh so you're a fucking child? A literal baby who was just born? Not 30 years ago the world's two superpowers had missiles pointed at each other on a hair trigger. Not even 80 years ago the world was in a literal world war. And covid is so harmless compared to smallpox that covid would genuinely not even have been noticed among all the other diseases. It's only now, because the world is so clean, peaceful, and healthy, that there's one disruption to your literal comfort cloud life and you're like "it's all SHIT now! it's all FUCKED!". You have literally zero perspective, you absolute whining worm. Or baby, i hope. You'll fucking live lmao.

No. 861347

kys boomer

No. 861350

>watching people drop like flies due to capitalist apathy isn't traumatic
>try being in nineteen diggity two when there was a threat of bombs
>back in my day attitude despite probably being 20-30 years old
>Covid is literally nothing despite it's constant mutations and the life long disabilities it leaves people with

You sound like you have conservative boomer scrote brain worms. Trauma is subjective and you can't compare the material reality of now to back then. The world has radically changed. It's still not a cozy place. America isn't a safe or cozy place. If you aren't from burgerland shut the fuck up about it, if you are and you still think like this, unironically neck yourself and do us a favor. Dead weight is dead weight, you're a fucking retard.

No. 861351

Samefagging, I know you didn't outright state it but I know this is coming from a place of vitriol for Americans because our media has complained the most and are responsible for the fear mongering continuing the spread. We literally had the fucking virus leaked on our own people then pinned it on China. Shut the fuck up. Biological warfare is warfare regardless just like asymmetrical social warfare. You took the psyop pill.

No. 861353

My grandmother, who went through WW2 and losing family members to it, her country being a colony with something very comparable to the apartheid, and the violent decolonization process, and who went through all the other events you mentioned and some more, told me that the current pandemic is even more fucked up than all that, so I'd say it's very subjective.

No. 861361

your grandmother is stupid

No. 861374

I guess some ppl don't understand that mental torture exists. Social distancing and isolation severely effects ppl even some prisons banned isolation because of how horribly it effects humans. Plus the constant stress and hopelessness from all the absurdity and fear porn nowadays.

No. 861384

Nta but neets isolate themselves, that's a large part of what being one usually means and throughout lockdown neets were on here saying it's a breeze and actually suits them. Someones granny with a poor immune system and no grasp of the internet would suffer but a young neet.. staying home is mental torture? That is the neet goal lol

No. 861400

I'm talking about normies, who makeup most of the population.

No. 861416

What does this have to do with neets then?

No. 861421

I'm responding to anon's grandma's normie opinion >>861353

No. 861485

All this tells me is that ypu literally have no idea how bad thongs used to be. Literally diswase, war, hunger, violence…literally everything was way worse 50 years ago than it is now. You can say "there are sucky things in world" and that's true, but when you go full doomer like "evrythings getting more FUCKED by the day" you're flat out wrong by literally every measurable metric. I'm not a conservative lmao, you being like "it was better 50 years ago, i wish i could go back to that" is the conservative thing. You are literally a conservative. I trust that things will continue to get better from human efforts. I am a progressive. That's what those words mean. And idk what ypu were going pff about exactly but I am american and i can say that it's literally paradise on earth compared to most of the history of human existence and most of the rest of the world today, and if you think otherwise it's pure cope fot getting the privileges of being american and yet still being a failure.

It's simple: you need it to be true that "the world is fucked" because believing that makes you feel less bad about your own life. be honest with yourself for once and just be sad without needing to pull all this doomer shit. bye

No. 861561

K why are ppl offing themselves so much then.

No. 861565

NTA but it's more nuanced

Life in the west from 1945-1970 was objectively better than life now. For starters, you weren't derided as being a loser for just leaving school and going to work in a factory, people were much more accepting of class differences back then than they are now. There was less obesity, you didn't need a car to function, rent and homes were cheap and people were genuinely healthier and happier. Things were more social. And introversion was reserved for Ted Kaczynski tier assburgers and not for 20% of the population.

In the west now, materially we're better off than most parts of history, but I do think we're degraded due to our cancerous stress inducing lifestyles. Between the internet addictions, shit diets, isolating lifestyles and extreme oversocialization, we definitely do suffer more than the generation before us. It's a new type of suffering we really haven't come to deal with yet.

No. 861569

>She thinks NEETs didn't exist in the form of village idiots and weirdos who fell out of the gene pool by never marrying or reproducing in case their parents never forced some poor woman to marry them (as women had to in order to survive), ignores drastic improvement in child mortality rates, prolonged life expectancies and absolute poverty slowly diminishing and people generally dying less of treatable disease
anyway don't let me disturb your tradthot fantasies

No. 861573

For some reason a lot of people aren’t aware of the food shortages/limits stores had during war times or the fact that most people with mento illness were locked up in psychiatric facilities for decades

No. 861575

>most people with mento illness were locked up in psychiatric facilities for decades
This, most of the people putting their mental illness on display these days would be put in an asylum for the rest of their days to be lobotomized and generally abused.

No. 861623

>Life in the west from 1945-1970 was objectively better than life now.
If you just said the economy was better than it is now, I would agree. But I think the aspects of:
>smoking is good for you advertisement with photos of doctors
>asbestos is fine
>these pesticides are totally safe and not going to impact the environment and linger in human breast milk
>radiation is glowing, healing magic 1000th superhero comic starting with radioactive accident, puts radioactive paint on clock dials, puts uranium in dinner plates, use x-rays for fitting shoes
is a category more insufferable than what we have now. I actually have no idea how boomers can live through that yet have so much trust in authority (at least before Trump drama).

No. 861639

I'm not opposed to this, tbh. The sheer narcissism of these fuckers on twitter…

No. 861649

Even if the economy was good, who was it good for? Not us that's for sure, we couldn't open bank accounts without our husband's permission lmao.

No. 861721

As a NEET do you treat weekdays and weekends differently or do they feel the same to you?

No. 861725

My boyfriend works a mon-fri job so I try to keep to his schedule a bit. I look forward to them.

No. 861745

Weekends are still special to me. I go to the farmer's market since it's only open then, and I deep clean the house every Sunday morning. Plus my bf has a regular 9-5 wagie job so we usually go on a date. I love weekends.

No. 861749

They're no different to me. Everyday blends together since I took the summer off from school. It's kind of bland but I think that may be partially due to the depression

No. 861758

Weekends are busier because family is home.

No. 861772

i hate sundays because my mom is always at home

No. 861909

I'll soon be rejoining society after many years of being NEET. I don't want to but I can't handle the shame of NEETdom any longer. I find it hard to wrap my head around not owning my own life anymore. Someone else is going to control half of my day, nearly every day. It disgusts me.

No. 861949

The only time I'm actually glad to be able to be a NEET.
I can stay up all night watching the Olympics.

No. 861991

Take it slow anon don't want to burn yourself out. In another bout of neetdom now because I burned myself out.

No. 862077

File: 1627146186207.jpg (14.27 KB, 275x271, 1571743157489.jpg)

Friendless neets, do you want to get normie/irl friends?
It's no for me, most ppl act like animals with hierarchy and power plays, and I don't want to waste my energy proving myself to them. (Probably the autism)

No. 862083

Nah, my tastes are too niche and modern weebs/gamers are super obnoxious anyway

No. 862104

I have normie friends on a superficial "work friend" level, but whenever we hang out I just realize I want some lower energy real friends or marry some introverted high-earning man and live a boring married life. I like them as people, but I'm just too boring and out of the picture and don't feel like I can entertain them.
I lost all my childhood friends because I got tired of them witnessing my neetdom and depression. I also thought it'd make making positive changes easier, but I probably devolved instead.

No. 862141

I would, but they care too much about their image to invite me to parties or not hide me out of embarrassment. It's crucial to social climb for them!

No. 862243

I actually do but I have a lot of insecurities that always made me sabotage friendships in the past and I feel like I still need to sort that out. Also my life situation is embarrassing, if they asked me to hang out I would need to use my mom's money and they have to drive me everywhere cause I have no license. Another thing is that I'm not interested in drinking or using drugs which a lot of people in adult friendships seem to do together.

No. 862257

>implying normies would talk to us in the first place

No. 862377

Very true. I signed up for too many classes and I'm gonna cancel some of them. How did you burn out? It's hard to accept you have to take things slow, when it's tempting to go all in to make up for lost time.

No. 862409

File: 1627171668587.jpeg (272.98 KB, 2048x1365, the-quick-guide-to-making-frie…)

Loneliness on Saturday night as a NEET hits different

No. 863012

none of them

No. 863684

Whenever I get a job or something, I realize how incredibly stupid and incompetent everyone around me is, and then i get pissed off because i'm at a lower level than them because either they have connections or they're better wage slaves because they let people step on them… It's really difficult to relate to other people when you have a neet mindset and oppose the current capitalist society. i have debt now because my desire to learn outweighed the annoyance of having to pay for it, but I feel like a lot of people are so consumed in materialism these days that they need like five credit cards just to one up their friends with meaningless purchases.

on the other hand, i can't exactly start living in my car because i, too, have at least some capitalist brain rot and i don't want to give up my dumb anime merch. life is hard. I try to be nice on social media but it's still hard to make friends because i guess my bitterness comes through and i can't really relate to others who were either born rich or have this crazy work ethic but adhd really fucked things up for me.

No. 891978

ive been a neet since covid happened so since im 19. im 21 and im turning 22 this year and im putting an end to me being a neet next week. im applying to jobs, thinking of going to school. i miss having a social life and going outside.

No. 893758

File: 1630123451621.jpeg (57.94 KB, 573x525, AF61843C-0110-45FA-A43D-A2C449…)

I so badly wish I could just neet for a month or so. I just need a break from work/life/everything. ugh.

No. 893769

File: 1630125617670.png (391.45 KB, 728x610, 1625662472386.png)

I posted this on the other thread, but basically I'm living with my brother and his family
I'm actually content with my current arrangement, I help with the housework, help with the kids and the rest of my time I spend on streaming sites, playing games and watching movies
My brother and Sister-in-Law are very understanding and don't ever bother me and I love them both very much, I don't know what will happen in next 20 or 30 years but for now I'm happy like this and I hope we can maintain what we have

No. 895291

Sorry in advance, but I think I'm in route to become a NEET at this point; I have no prospects and my career didn't get anywhere. My only two options is to get a entry-level job that I will hate and will destroy me physically and mentally, while having to live with the shame that I threw my life away, or embrace Neetdom and live a life of seclusion and avoidance. Those are really my two choices, and I hate them both.

No. 898612

Since becoming a NEET I personally could not envision any other way of living. Every day I wake up with satisfaction of knowing that every hour of this day belongs to me. No matter how I decide to spend my time I can say that I spent it on my own terms, not to the rhythm of an alarm clock or a punch card. I'm thankful that I want for little, because it lets me live a life of very little stress with each lazy day bringing its own blessings.

No. 898700

i have been a neet for 5 years now pretty much … after i had a huge mental breakdown in high school and barely graduated, it has been a struggle to get back into society.

i still live at home (which i hate) but thankfully my family is very understanding after i tried to do sudoku some years back. do i even want to be a part of society again? i just want to be left alone and be in my own space doing my own stuff. i just want to be a hermit and be alone.

No. 917218

I'm trying to not be on computer so much but it gets boring, what do you do with your free time? (That isn't expensive)
I cook, read, and garden, but those get boring after a while.

No. 917258

What do you think about embroidery? Materials aren't expensive and you can get designs for free online if you don't know how to draw

No. 917293

Idk I'm an impatient person

No. 923464

One reason I feel I'm meant to be NEET is that I'm just too lazy to participate in life. Even as a NEET just doing the chores and grocery shopping is exhausting. I couldn't handle commuting, doing work and reporting to a boss, making a budget and paying bills and dealing with taxes, getting a car and keeping up maintenance, etc. Just too much bullshit to deal with all the time in normie daily life, would rather rot at home.

No. 923465

same, life is too much

No. 923483

Humans are in denial that doing exactly what you said for the rest of their lives seems like actual hell and it is. Humans aren’t mean for constant work, whoever the fuck made up this capitalist industrial system deserves to die. I’m so tired of living and I’m still young, I never want to work I admit I don’t give a single shit about labor or following my dreams or doing something I would want to do because it will never matter. Work is a scam

No. 923484

>you need it to be true that "the world is fucked" because believing that makes you feel less bad about your own life. be honest with yourself for once and just be sad without needing to pull all this doomer shit

the world doesn’t actually exist, everyone views and interprets the world extremely differently from one another. we are all in one gigantic prison created by demiurge

No. 923506

Nta… but the work I want to do isn't open to me anyway. I can't be creative. I'm not a rich girl who can leisurely get an art education and do photography when not travelling the world and having a condo daddy paid for.

I am not NEET rn but I was for a while. I'm an office drone now and my day consists of typing numbers into excel for 9 hours for low pay. Sometimes in the middle of the day I find a quiet place to just cry and what sucks is that I used to cry alot as a NEET too. I thought that if I'd at least get a job is be happier but it's not at all true. I see my coworkers who got old here and have carpel tunnel and dead dreams and just feel like going insane.

I love you fellow gnostic

No. 923515

>gigantic prison created by demiurge
What does this mean??

No. 923524

>Humans aren’t mean for constant work, whoever the fuck made up this capitalist industrial system deserves to die.
I think it's normal to want to work, but not in the way we work in capitalism. Working back in the day was ok because the rewards were instantaneous. When I went to help on family members farm I enjoyed working and being exhausted at the end of the day, because my efforts were clearly and quickly rewarded. Nowadays ppl (if they're lucky!) sit infront of a box indoors doing super abstract work for their company. If they're not lucky it's lifting boxes in a warehouse until they get injured then fired and homeless. Employers don't even care about paying ppl enough to just survive to keep working. Of course it's super demoralizing and makes ppl not want to work at all. I find lots of neets had horrible jobs, whether it was being super over worked, or mentally abused.

No. 925889

File: 1632884221440.jpg (134.71 KB, 1200x754, 5d3cf7b6e4fac.image.jpg)

I've stayed at home so long as a NEET that I hadn't realized how quickly the place where I live was undergoing development and changing. Very strange feeling when I go outside now, I feel like I don't even live in the same neighbourhood anymore, makes me want to stay home even more now.

No. 925898

Spot on. I just finished a great audiobook called Womens Work, which is about the overlooked history of textiles. It really painted a lovely picture in my mind of ancient women working together to process fibers and weave on their looms, creating intricate cloths & patterns for them and their families to wear. They'd work all day technically but they'd do it on their own terms, often outside while chatting and watching their kids play.
Pre-currency work, when the gap between elite and common folk was much smaller, was when work was most rewarding.

Meanwhile all the work I've ever done has been a meaningless job exactly as described in the book Bullshit Jobs: A Theory.

No. 926158

How to get over the feeling of selling your soul and dreams when becoming a worker after years of neeting?

No. 926161

File: 1632930182465.jpg (36.52 KB, 564x400, e1742b820ccb850be50ff7ee228e6d…)

Focus on the stuff you want to buy? That is the only reason I want a job, I've come to terms that in the field I have chosen, it's extremely unlikely that I won't work with something super vapid

No. 926163

Yes having a personal income to buy vidya is my motivation for life

No. 926168

Once I save enough I can buy a place in the mountains and never see another human again, only my chickens and goat and veg patch.

No. 926176

>They'd work all day technically but they'd do it on their own terms, often outside while chatting and watching their kids play.
The social aspect is huge, at work you have to avoid any conversation except small talk, constantly have to be on guard for spiteful ppl who rumor mill to get you fired (happened to me twice), have to basically spend your whole day around strangers constantly on guard. Constantly waiting for confidence tests and someone to shift blame on you.

No. 926218

Then you should hurry up, all of that land will be bought by the rich the second shit goes down in cities and/or gated communities start to fail.

No. 926245

By the time shit goes down in cities land ownership won't matter, and no richie will bother to hike to where I am just to set up house.

No. 926250

It's already happenening right now but with upper middle class, but as a trend.

No. 926270

How are you planning on saving for retirement? Or are you just planning on killing yourselves before then?

No. 926274

Is there anyone who wishes they could be a NEET but gets too bored? I hate being bored/isolated, I would rather just work some sort of random job than stay at home all day. I also hate the idea of living with my parents because my mom gets on my nerves and is always asking me to do stuff when I am home. You guys are lucky kek

No. 926497

No that's normie shit, a smart neet knows how to use the time bestowed upon her.
>mom gets on my nerves and is always asking me to do stuff when I am home
What are you, 12? If you're neet then atleast help your fing mom. Or did you watch too much anime with character who never goes out of their room and mom leaves food by their door?

No. 926619

Ok so how do you use the time bestowed upon you?

If I were a NEET my mom would always be bothering to get a job or something like that. If you have parents that don't care then good for you. lmao

No. 926638

If you're not a neet then what are you doing in this thread?
I help my mom with housework, go driving to practice for driving test, draw, garden, code, write, physio exercise, and read.
They only bug me when my progress slows down.

No. 926639

File: 1632978720177.jpg (43.16 KB, 800x533, 1111.jpg)

Any NEET wives here ? I'm a NEET and married to a wonderful man who takes cares of most of my needs, I do a little housework here and there but spend most of my day on the computer or playing video games
If he ever dies I'm most likely gonna take my life though cause I basically have no one else but him

No. 926641

Nonny if you can code, why are you a NEET? Isn't coding the easiest job out there. I heard it's really stress free. Do you have autism?

No. 926642

How do you find a beta orbiter like that to marry? I need tips

No. 926647

he's not a beta anon, I love him very much he just takes care of me and loves me

No. 926653

That’s not what a beta orbiter is

No. 926654

I'm still learning

No. 926655

It's obvious what anon meant though. If someone chose to marry a beta orbiter they would be more willing to support a NEET wife, as opposed to a normal guy with options and self respect. Even if his status has been upgraded to husband it's beta behaviour.

No. 926657

Imagine thinking taking care of a woman you love is beta behavior

No. 926659

They don’t know what love is kek

No. 926660

My husband has had normie girlfriend before, I think he takes care of me out of pity mostly, like he knows if he abandons me I'll die and he's been with me so long he can't simply risk it, plus with me he's assured that I won't ever leave him or be unfaithful
Its a perfect relationship really

No. 926665

This went from cute to pathetic real fast kek

No. 926668

Taking care of a SAHM, ill/disabled wife or someone in the middle of job search etc is one thing, but bankrolling a woman's existence so she can sit around playing video games indefinitely is not 'taking care' of her. It's enabling her.

I'd literally die before slaving away at work to pay for a man to be a NEET, I know it's not quite the same with the genders reversed but it's still not fair or balanced. I'd find a man pathetic if he didn't stand up for himself in that situation.

No. 926671

I'm truly happy in my life, me and my husband never argue, we have similar interests, he takes care of me and we have a healthy sex life as well
what do you have to show for your life

No. 926672

lmao I never denied it's good for you, I simply said he's a beta for putting up with it

No. 926673

I don't think he's a beta cause he could get a normie gf or wife, he just stays with me out of obligation and his own sense of morality
his father took care of his mentally ill mother despite all her problems and he does the same with me, even though he might resent me a bit he won't ever leave me

No. 926674

NTA but don't get salty cause anon clocked you kek
>me and my husband never argue
of course not, you're reliant on him for everything and have no income, why the fuck would you try to bite the hand that feeds you and risk losing anything

No. 926676

what do we have to argue about, I don't ever mess with his shit, take his money and disturb him when he's tired
I only unload my feelings on him when I know he has the energy

No. 926677

jfc anon admitting he feels obligated doesn't help your case at all, at least pretend he does it because he loves having a tradwife and is so rich it doesn't affect his finances

No. 926680

This is me minus the mom thing (since I really love my mom and living with her) luckily I started a job the other day so I can go back to buying shit. I think it just generally takes my mind off of deep depression for a while because it keeps me on somewhat of a pattern.

No. 926681

well your not meant to be a NEET then, you should leave your bf

No. 926682

I just buy videogames and stream movies, I don't need much maintenance
we actually save a lot of money, we don't ever go out, we don't buy random bullshit, I don't shower much so that's also money saved

No. 926683

You sound like a pickme who is jealous she’s never been picked lmao

No. 926685

I don't hate normal NEETs but I find single mother NEETs trashy and insufferable. They constantly complain about how they don't get enough money when I know they're on more than many full time workers in this country.

I find it funny how people will dogpile the single NEETs playing video games by themselves that get $300 a week, these types are at least appreciative of what they get. But the second there's a child involved suddenly there's a total ingratitude to the fact they get free money and don't have to deal with a scrote.

No. 926712

I'm an on and off NEET who only works very part time jobs inbetween to fund a couple hobbies. I do all the cooking (because I like to) and a weekly deep clean but we share all other chores. I would like to get to a place where I can contribute more and offer him a break though. Life is chill and mostly nice but it would be nicer with two incomes lol

No. 926927

This obsession with beta men… Go back to 4chin and seethe

No. 929127

File: 1633274443535.png (428.38 KB, 1080x1221, 1632978735624.png)

I'm a NEET cause I'm utterly terrified of people and the world, see I've been bullied my entire life. I was a victim in Primary, High School, College AND Workplace bullying(I think workplace bullying was probably the worst to deal with). when I got married and decided to be a housewife, for the first time in my entire life I felt truly safe and I never wanted to be afraid again. Im more happier at home then anywhere else and I've improved in all levels by becoming a NEET
I exercise, I read, I practice new interesting ways to make all kinds of food and most of all I'm truly happy

No. 929141

You’re living the dream.

No. 929154

Is this all some weird psyop to get neet women to turn into tradwifes kek

No. 929155

There's so many neets or socially isolated women on here who can't make friends and even get bullied manage to find bfs and marry
Literally how can you be incapable of having any social relationship except for romantic.

No. 929193

I don't know about the rest but I initially never had any plans of becoming a NEET, only after I got married did I end up in the neet style of living, before that I had a job and lived with my parents

No. 929202

I wanna make money off my artwork but I’m too depressed to make a portfolio or interesting art so due to depression induced art block gaining a following can be a real bitch.. I also mainly only know how to draw people and currently trying to practice other things lol it’d be really nice to make money online as a neet

No. 929230

Dress up like a kooky art teacher lady as a disguise, then walk around your town with a notebook drawing whatever weird shit catches your eye. The imagination does not function so well if it is not fed regularly on the weirdness of life.

No. 929234

Because there's a different dynamic: other women will judge you, while the man who loves you, will accept you as you are. As someone who has been somewhat in this situation, women will judge you, from the way you look - the clothes you wear, the makeup you wear, or don't, to what you say and what you do - if it's according to their taste, they like you, if not, they will tear you apart… For some people, it's much harder to establish a true friendship than to find true love. Some women have a whole group of friends, but are absolutely unlucky in finding romance, which is the opposite case. As for having them both, few people are that lucky.

No. 929469

I have OCD so severe that I ended up being a NEET some years ago, I used to go to University and I was pretty good at it; however, 5 years ago I started to go to psychotherapy, hoping to get rid of my mental illness for good, instead, I worsened so much I ended up being a NEET, thanks to my fucking therapists (I visited 3 in this last 5 years). I don't even really wanna recover for my NEET phase, because I hate society so fucking much for having not accepted me for much of my life (I was bullied in middle school, I felt hated by my peers until my early twenties). Sorry for the rant, I'm also a newfag, hope I respected the general rules

No. 929704

there's also the factor of benevolent sexism, its a little more easier for women to stay at home all day and in certain cases its expected of women to stay at home

No. 929711

>As someone who has been somewhat in this situation, women will judge you, from the way you look - the clothes you wear, the makeup you wear, or don't, to what you say and what you do - if it's according to their taste, they like you, if not, they will tear you apart…
How much have you been around women because this has not been my experience whatsoever. I don't think any women or female friend has even pointed out or said anything about my looks besides (rightfully) pointing out orange foundations when I was 13.

No. 929722

Exactly. Try to self improve and get out more see if the scrote will still love you and accept you.

No. 929862

Because men are literally desperate and will take literally anyone. The ugliest woman on earth is still more attractive than the ugliest man.

No. 929863

I was just thinking about how grateful I am that my bf shields me from the world
Being a woman is wild

No. 929992

Ayrt, I meant other women will not make friends with you if they don't like you, or worse, be fake friends and laugh about you behind your back. I'm happy you have good friends, maybe it's harder to make friends as an adult, when time is limited and it's harder to change who you are. It's also true that you have to keep up a persona in certain situations, like at work, and for some people that's difficult, maybe that's why OP experienced bullying in every case.

No. 930178

Any NEETs on disability? Preferably American NEETs? How did you get on it, and how long did it take? How is the pay?

No. 930913

European but I get $2300 a month. Might move to a poorfag country and live like a queen.

No. 930927

jesus christ why am i even working

No. 930934

Is there anyone here who became a neet by pure will AND doesn't rely on someone else for money? Like did you manage to find a way to make money without needing to leave your home? I'm not sure how loose we can get with the definition of neet

No. 930949

Like early retirement? Kek I like the idea that all the startup angel funded exit-by-thirty dudepreneurs living in Thailand on their millions are technically NEETs

No. 930959

I know this comment is gonna get shitted on but unironically onlyfans. Except absolutely 0 nudes bc if you can get a bit of an online following (doesn’t have to be anything big at all just 10k on twitter) you can milk the depraved men with rly shit quality underwear / feet pics and make liveable income. I’ve not had to work or leave my house in two years and I don’t have to post nudes plus nothings linked to my real name

No. 930980

An online following doing what, though? And isn't 10k quite a lot? I used to be so against SW until I got my first job, it made me realize that owning your time is everything. I'd rather fuck for cash than work all day long.

No. 930988

Not all hikikomori are NEET, anon

No. 931011

wtf how?

No. 931157

the worst part about this is that people are gonna treat you like a sex worker even if you don't sell nudes.

No. 931163

Because she is

No. 931270


Okay, so hikikomori are people who make money themselves and neets tend to rely on someone else? I've seen people use the terms interchangeably so I got confused my bad.

No. 931274

Hikikomori is weeb-speak for shut-in, NEETs don't study or work

No. 931280

I love being a neet and never want to return to society. I just hate how my family and inlaws are waiting for me to either a) pop out a kid to justify being a housewife or b) get my shit together and return to the workforce.

No. 931284

I just built one by sharing memes from anime/video games lol I didn’t even make them I would just google them and change some words so they couldn’t reverse search and see I stole them
Yeah that’s true, the other anon saying it’s sex work I mean you could think it is but I personally don’t think it’s sex work just bc people are fapping to your pics, but at the same time after being in gaming community since a young teen etc, I realized no matter how pure I am online or what I do, men were gonna call me a whore or treat me badly so I might aswell make some money while they do it, also people who I was friends with etc don’t really care since nowadays everyone online is doing it.
But yeah it was just a suggestion since it’s how I was able to make money to survive and not have to interact with the real world, it’s not perfect and has a lot of downsides but they still outweigh the negatives of a regular job for me

No. 931296

My NEETness was premeditated. I'm such a lazy sack of shit it couldn't have been any other way, housewife or highway.

Be hot and socially crippled.

No. 931330

NEET is just not being in education, employment or training. Hikikomori is being a shut-in. A NEET can still go outside and do stuff while a hiki will stay in their room for very long periods of time and have difficulty leaving it.

No. 931413

I don't like being a neet because of the guilt. well, technically I am in school so not a neet, but I may as well be one since I've never had a job, still can't drive, and live with my parents. I had hope that I could get better and solve these issues but lately I realized my depression is still bad and I've been in denial. Every day is so tiring. When getting up at all is this tiresome how can I do much more. At least I'm still in school with good grades. I'm gonna hang in for that even though I'm not sure it's a good fit, it's community college but getting an associate's degree is better than nothing I guess. I tell myself I'll work on the license next, but not today (I have a phobia of driving). It feels bad since I believe I'm like this from being coddled. However depression is a pain in the ass I keep underestimating because I wish it weren't

No. 931424

It is sex work and very, very few people partake. I don't know why you think everyone is doing it, honestly it sounds as if the communities you've spent time in may have warped your perceptions a bit. As for why you started… I don't want to be a dick, but to most people you sound pretty abnormal ngl. You will be better off keeping your history of sex work private, or be very careful who you decide to share that info with, in real life people really look down on it. Yes it's hypocritical cos they're all cooming, but looking down on providers is never going to change. Don't be fooled by the current sex-pos bullshit and e-whore cope.

No. 931431

File: 1633477082338.jpg (97.44 KB, 735x1041, 6a62e4c66ccf90c892d67afe56be15…)

The NEET housewives with no kids in this thread are making me insanely jealous. I wish I had a husband who was good to me and a pretty home to take care of.

No. 931435

Right, can't relate to this thread anymore.

No. 931440

I want to know their secret. being a shut-in means I don't meet any men

No. 931529

as already stated idk about the rest of the users but I became shut in NEET only after I got married

No. 931537

Tbh I’m thinking about if things turn sour with their husband wtf would they do

No. 931545

Anyone else have understanding nice parents and you still feel like they secretly want to kick you out to get rid of the burden? I hate being in this situation but I'm too mentally broken down to function outside.

No. 931549

They probably do.

No. 931627

I have been failing out of school for years because I struggle to focus on important tasks and even tasks i actually want to do at times like art or writing. I have been stuck living with my parents and i am nearing my 30s and all I want to do is leave, but I cannot afford it and it's so depressing.

My ultimate goal in life is so live in a cosy little house in a forest away from everybody and surrounded by beautiful things, travel the world, pet cats and eat tasty bread. But I am stuck. I don't know how to make it happen. It makes me unbelievably depressed.

No. 931629

I don't think any of the anons who want to be tradwives really mean it. I thought about becoming one myself, but the thing is, you have to find the perfect man who really whole heartedly wants to take care of you financially and respects you as a human being and this is a very tall order in a world where men look down on housewives and dismiss them for being lazy leeches. I highly doubt these anons want children or to look after a man for the rest of their lives with no escape if he hurts you. They are looking for an easy way out of feeling unstable and a burden to their parents.

No. 931634

I agree but
>look after a man for the rest of their lives with no escape if he hurts you
why do anons forget divorce exists and also why is this situation treated as inevitable? my parents aren't doing too bad

No. 931647

NTA but if you're a housewife with no formal training or job experience there's a huge risk in divorcing since you couldn't support yourself and possible kids. Being a tradwife is a lose-lose situation for women, sure you don't have to go to work but you're fully dependent on your Nigel's money that he can decide to take away any moment he wants. According to statistics 50% of all marriages end up in divorce so I wouldn't take my chances.

No. 931653

we aren't talking about neurotypical women with education and work experience here. We are talking about women who would literally be choosing the streets if they divorced their husbands since they are too unstable to work and barely completed high school in some cases.

No. 931815

Being able to full support yourself seems like an ideal situation tbh but as said before that wouldn't really make you a neet. I know it's early but when this thread is full should we add hikikomori to the title? I know they're different but I feel like there'd be some shared experiences

No. 932037

What country??

No. 932055

Finally I have a job, not even 1 but 2 the other being a small effort job. This will make up for some of my lost opportunity. Still no education because I am waiting for results. Still no friends because no money to join a club or anything. Sometimes I think this is worse than being NEET because despite the guilt, I at least had energy for fun. Now that I come home there is no energy left to watch a video or play a game.

No. 932057

There are definitely women here who do want to be one or are, homemakers that is. But I think that being in or having been in this situation helps you see all its flaws, and you're definitely right about all that can go wrong if you don't find the right person. You raise good points every woman should at least consider before becoming dependent on anyone. Putting all your eggs in one basket is dangerous, especially if you don't come from a solid support system you can return to if shit hits the fan one day. People who act like everyone needs to be a wheatfield tradwife to be happy are just coping and/or probably not even actually housewives themselves, everyone is different and it depends on who you meet. NEET or not, there's no one way for women to live. So many posters on this board and /snow/ recently seem to act like this is not the case, but you are right.

No. 932068

File: 1633540182958.jpeg (186.58 KB, 427x640, B04025CC-86AA-4667-B26B-9DBCD4…)

Same. Literally same. We might be the same person.

No. 932084

nta that's an amazing place and i wish i could live there too. maybe we should make a commune.

No. 932110

Because men get sex. Other people have no reason to put up with you, they're not gaining anything

No. 932116

No. 932126

Not a neet but fuck this hits close to home. Even worse, when I was younger I joined a whole kink scene and for onnce in my life I was a social butterfly! I had never found social situations quite as easy as I did… when I was at a parties pretty much naked lol. Instant popularity.

I'm cringing but it's true.

No. 932780

File: 1633601106762.jpg (42.63 KB, 459x500, smoking.jpg)

Anyone else purposely become a neet? I'm thinking of saving up some money and then just quitting my job. Like taking a 'gap year' but from the workforce. I need some serious time off to work on my mental health. I feel like I get closer and closer to killing myself everyday I wake up and remember how much of a wagecuck I am, slaving away with little enjoyment or fun and no time for myself.

No. 932790

I did this, sort of. I got so burt out after two years on my shit job I just… stopped caring and got fired, so I could get on government pay.

My savings can cover for at least half a year and I don't live on my own so it's not too much trouble. It's been almost a month that I've been out of work and while it's not exactly relaxing, it beats waking up at 4am and coming home at 7pm for minimum wage.

No. 932805

I'd love to do that but not now. I got a nice job recently after working for nearly a year for a call center that nearly burned me out. My current contract is 6 months long and I've had this job for a month. I want to be able to renew my contract for a few years so I can save money, get more exp and get my own place. Once I do these things I'll try to stop working and get some rest or I'll try to move abroad if possible maybe back to Japan.

No. 932882

It's not only about sex, but also men get perks from having a gf like affection and validation just from having a girl who wants them. Women don't get these same perks from being your friend.

No. 932937

I’ve been a neet off and on a few times since I was about 16 (25 now). My parents kicked me out at 18, so my brief stints of unemployment were funded by my own savings and/or whatever guy I was dating at the time. My depression is so bad right now, I want to quit my job and be a neet again but no savings or simp bf. Life is hard, I miss never leaving the house and sleeping whenever I want

No. 933273

And when your husbands leave you what will you do? Off yourselves?
are these even decent dudes? do they watch porn?

No. 933761

Same here. Work has been overwhelming this past week and I am dreading going today because my boss loves to take her stress out on employees despite us not making her make the stupid decisions she does. My wrist and shoulder have started hurting a lot recently too so on top of being a wagecuck who gets shit on, I'm afraid if I have this job for any longer I won't be able to draw anymore. I'm honestly thinking of throwing away my dignity and drawing furry porn so I can quit faster

No. 935405

Stupid question, I know what neet stands for but can you be a neet if you study online (for a degree) and volunteer? cause volunteering is sort of like being in training

No. 935570

no because getting a degree is working towards your future. neets have no future and have accepted it.

No. 936215

Who else here loves to laugh at wagecucks

No. 936225

nta but despite being in the same situation as her, I can't help feeling like a neet anyways. having depression, being a shut-in with no friends, living with my parents never having had a job it's hard to shake the neet identity all the same. it's hard to feel any type of pride or accomplishment until I actually graduate maybe or get a job.

No. 936326

I have to be up in three hours for work. God please let me win the fucking lottery so I can NEET

No. 936329

I've been with my longterm bf for over a decade and I've been a NEET/borderline hikkikomori the entire time, except when I had a job for a almost a year when we first moved in together, but I just couldn't handle it. He's become increasingly resentful, jealous and bitter over the years despite me taking care of all the errands, cooking, cleaning, etc. He has his own mental health issues and shut-in tendencies, and I always try to be as loving and understanding as I can, but I can feel him breaking and he desperately wants our roles to be reversed. I love him but it sucks.

No. 936339

Wagies are getting more uppity and useless. God forbid I actually get service. They have shitty attitudes. Half the time I have to do their job for them. Wagies are halfwitted slaves. Most of them need to learn to shut the hell up and just do what they are supposed to do. Their brains aren't smart enough to handle speaking and other tasks, that's why they mess up so much.

No. 936352

>NEET calling wagies useless

You'd have a shitty attitude too if your fat leeching ass actually had to work for a living. Do the world a favor and remove yourself from it, parasite.

No. 936367

File: 1634027356030.jpg (36.79 KB, 554x554, 1600368919767.jpg)

You better get moving or you'll be late for work wagie

No. 936395

nta thats kinda cute

No. 936664

Nta but someone’s jealous, get a job you lazy fatass parasite.

No. 936670

You are a special kind of loser.

No. 936697


I have HD scrote detection sensors and the troony image, moid aggression and lack of substance, both conversational and comedic, have determined this poster has a dick and deserves urethral sounding.

No. 936704

How do you stop being terminally online? please help nonnies. I need rules coming from the exterior to follow. Anytime I tried to establish some by myself, I just shrugged them off.

No. 936925

Same, I’m tired of being aware of “terminally online discourse" its fun but soul crushing

No. 936926

>get a job you lazy fatass parasite

nta but kek I love it when the measy $9hr slaves think they aren’t parasites as well

No. 936939

check out the digital detox/nosurf thread queens >>837722 godspeed

No. 936961

I just became a wagie at a restaurant and I can't handle it, it's too stressful and I screw up so much, customers and co-workers hate me. Thinking of saving my dignity and just going back to NEETdom.

No. 936997

File: 1634070396306.png (1.03 MB, 964x754, 1784174981794.png)

I purposefully became a neet last july. I had a breakdown, quit my job and been living off my savings since. I really should go back to a normal life, but I'm just too content like this. Just me and my dog doing whatever we want. If you have a lot of savings or have a cheap lifestyle you can do it

No. 937021

I could afford it but I know it'd be near impossible to go back to work afterwards. And living off your savings is kinda like borrowing time from your retirement… better to work when I'm young and healthy than when I'm old and tired.

imo working part time is the best compromise, my current job isn't quite part time but I get way more time off and it helps me deal.

No. 937045

Yeah that's actually what happened to me. I had enough savings to last me for a whole year but had a medical emergency that ate all that up. Now I'm trying to re enter the workforce but I'm having a really hard time because of the gap and not really knowing how to handle being around people in a work setting anymore.
Working part time is the best thing you can do if you can afford it tbh.

No. 937049

you seem very passionate about this subject

No. 937052

anyone heard anything about laying flat? Apparently the Chinese are trying to turn NEETdom into a social movement

No. 937054

I'm stuck with paying back loans so I probably forever going to be a wagie unless I win the lottery or something. I wish they'd fucking disappear I'm so tired

No. 937060

I'm getting ready to do that by quitting my 50 hours a week job and just working part time at a library with minimal expenses. Fuck "advancement". My mom was career centered her whole life and all it got her was a lifetime of frazzled fatigue a heart attack one year before retirement.

No. 937071

I was doing some research and I found that before the pandemic it was around 10-15% of young adults in the West who were NEET and now its up to 20%. I'm surprised we don't hear about NEETs more often in the media, even before the pandemic that's still about 1 in 10 young adults who are NEET.

No. 937081

That seems like a really large number. I'd wager a lot of those are normie drug addicts and temporarily laid off wagies.

No. 937107

honestly sounds nice. I've felt existential dread from working plenty, but I've never experienced a highly competitive field which is probably insanely stressful to work in for many years. It seems like a choice between suffering more or suffering less for potential gain, which just sounds rigged to me.

No. 937242

>living off your savings is kinda like borrowing time from your retirement…
Who wants to be 70+ anyway

No. 937244

My savings have run out and I have to work again, there are actually some jobs that I might like but I’m so anxious about applying. Love being mentally ill, rip neet-life

No. 937254

I plan on retiring at least a decade before that and living my best life, like my parents. They retired in their 50s and spend all their time on traveling, going out to eat and enjoying their hobbies, they never have to worry about money and unlike NEEThood it's considered normal. God I can't wait to be retired.

No. 937284

What kind of work did your parents do to retire so early?

No. 937555

Uuhhh I got sick of being a neet so I signed up for college but everything is taught online so I feel no difference… I hate it so much… I want to be normal again

No. 937572

so working for less than the value of your labour somehow makes you a parasite?

No. 942575

File: 1634612025018.png (81.14 KB, 1460x730, linkedin-statistics.png)

Is anyone else horrified by the idea of LinkedIn? Why is it normal and expected for wagies to have so much of their personal information publicly available online? If I ever get a job I will refuse to use it.

No. 942676

I'm disgusted with networking and connecting with people that I work with (because I have a personality disorder and haven't found a job that I enjoy and identify with), so yeah. I also 100% agree with you that putting all that information is concerning.

No. 942681

File: 1634625960139.jpeg (857.38 KB, 2770x1633, D4967E3B-2C98-45DE-87AA-70F878…)

It's hard to enjoy being a NEET when you hate your house.
Environment really is everything.

No. 942881

I hate linkedin, even back when I had a "professional" job I never got on it because it's just so invasive. I also hate how it shows you every time someone views your profile.

No. 943349

every time LinkedIn gets brought up I just want to say that a guy who showed up to my workplace to harass me was using LinkedIn as a tool to monitor me. Never again.

No. 944432

By definition aren't all housewives NEETs?

No. 944434

Technically yes, so are retirees.

No. 944445

Day traders too. And most government "employees" aka overpaid welfare recipients.

No. 947474

>And most government "employees" aka overpaid welfare recipients.
Read Bullshit Jobs if you want to feel better about being a NEET. There was a woman who spent 2 whole years literally just making up tasks for herself and her underlings. They could've all stayed home for 2 years and it wouldn't have made any difference. Jobs are simply kindergarten to some people. You drive to your office and sit there dangling your legs while playing Facebook games all day long.

No. 947480

>making up tasks for her and her underlings

how did she have the money to pay them though, was she just rich?

No. 947484

You are pathetic and defensive. You don’t do shit but just play games I doubt you have a good sex life when you probably talk to felons all day

No. 947516

Why are you so bitter?
Any man who truly loves the woman he's with is happy to support her mere existence. Many straight women don't get this, but to men, the company of a woman they 100% adore means more than money ever will. "Alpha" and "beta" are irrelevant copes
Stop falling for the "50/50" nonsense lol, men don't work that way

No. 947518

Girl I don’t fall for a 50/50 nonsense. I just don’t get how she plays games all day and pretends to talk to her husband. She thinks she’s happy but she’s using him

No. 947698

She had a boss who paid her. Many companies hire more people and make up bullshit positions/titles to make the company look good from the outside. Like if this woman has multiple assistants, surely she must be a really important worker. It's literally roleplaying.

No. 947894

>using him
Yes and? What's the problem? Go back to reddit.

No. 947897

This made my customer service persona have an aneurysm.

No. 952038

late reply but I'm not "using" him in any sense, we live together, he buys me stuff occasionally but I don't ask for much in the first place
Its a partnership and for the record we have awesome mutually pleasurable sex, he just refuses to have sex with me unless I take a shower

No. 952039

You smell like a groom ballsack hi nice evening my lady

No. 952041

Still no tips…

No. 952057

I don't know, it just sorta happened
I wasn't a neet when I met him but I was kinda weird and he was also kinda odd and we just married in six months, I also told him my intentions of wanting to stay at home all day once we got married but also that I didn't want any children and he accepted

No. 952098

It'd be kind of nice and I actually have an offer like that lined up, but it'd require me to move and I don't want to live my parents behind. I love my parents so much I'd rather wageslave and support them in old age than to NEET out but think about them struggling in my home country alone

No. 952670

So what games do you play?

No. 956305

>I also told him my intentions of wanting to stay at home all day once we got married but also that I didn't want any children and he accepted
I'm so jealous. Do you think he secretly resents you for it?

No. 956349

This. Do you think men would ask their dream gf to pay 50/50? If a man does this it's just proof he settled for you. Unfortunately many women don't realize this until too late, like if they get sick or have to leave work for other reasons, their husband resents them.

No. 956590

File: 1635793700271.jpg (25.79 KB, 500x492, 6d2.jpg)

I hate how saying that you're a neet has become the newest fad among zoomer girls, at least in my circle. Bitch, you're in college AND you have a part-time job, isn't that the exact opposite of what a neet is?

On a more positive side, I found out today that I'm eligible for government neetbux. It's enough to cover my rent completely, which leaves more money for me to fuck around and make terrible financial decisions with, I guess. Nonnas, don't be afraid to look if there's any govt financial support like that in your countries, sometimes they're literally giving you free money lmao.

No. 956958

>NEET whie going to college and working
What does NEET even mean to them? That they like playing video games or something?

No. 956968

File: 1635819786293.jpg (10.7 KB, 236x177, 1635026891435.jpg)

Does anyone else kinda enjoy themselves but worry about "waking up" in the future? I'm scared I'll turn 30 or something and realize what the fuck I've done and completely panic over the wasted years.

I panic like that on and off but right now I'm okay because I'm in a phase of not caring about time or existence.

No. 956971

That they watch anime and have a messy room, apparently.
Not really because I dissociate so much that thinking about the future isn't possible.

No. 956974

that already happened to me but i've configured an unusual and retarded 5 year plan towards a sustainable hermit lifestyle
was NEET for ten uninterrupted years and only succumbed to the world roughly a month ago. no stolen valor on my part. just find the recovering NEET thread too depressing.
hope you're all doing alright ladies. godspeed

No. 956976

Mid-life crisises are basically unavoidable regardless of whether you've been wiling away your time or making progress in your career. I think in a lot of cases, having achieved a lot actually makes you feel worse, either because you feel like you have nothing left to accomplish or because you've been exposed to an even more successful class of person to be jealous of.

There are a lot of valid NEET worries, but this type of anxiety is something that's going to happen one way or another so you kind of just have to confront it head on imo.

No. 956977

Do you plan to commit suicide?

You too nonnie. I'm on year 10. Forced myself out there but only lasted a month. Had a massive mental breakdown realizing the world out there isn't for me. What's your 5 year plan?

No. 956982

Only if I lose family support. I've been on and off neet, working min wage jobs until I break down and quit. I don't think family wants to accept that I just can't function irl and that therapy is waste of time.

No. 963893

I was a NEET for most of early adulthood but finally escaped it and was doing ok for myself, even if it was a bit less than people my age. Then not even 3 years later, I developed a physical disability that leaves me housebound and unable to work and now I'm back in the NEET hole, this time not by choice. I want to kill myself every day, not just because my disability makes life unbearable, but just that I had such a short period of success and no chance to get it back. I know I should be glad I managed to do it at all. But god. It hurts so much to look back on. Especially since I can't enjoy the things I once did in my first round of NEET life.

Anons, I don't wanna speak for everyone, but if you wanna recover from being a NEET, it is possible. Steps are gonna be small and seem insignificant compared to everyone else. But you may be capable of much more than you think, if you choose to try.

No. 967131

What about working from home? Do you receive disability benefits?

No. 967657

Careerwomen are cucks. If you cannot find a guy to support you 100% you are being cucked out of the relationship. Only pickmes would say otherwise

No. 967668

File: 1636848069703.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, 53F7ED8C-A5CC-47B8-9EEE-25828B…)

No. 967677

i think a good balance is both people are career oriented and the man still pays for everything

No. 967698

Absolutely this

No. 967714

Deigning to be with a man is automatically being a cuck whether he supports you or not. Staying single and making your own money is for women with dignity and self preservation instincts.

No. 967732

wanting male support. opinion disregarded

No. 967736

I disagree, because personally my art career fullfils me more than any relationship (man or woman) would. It makes me feel alive, so I love making art and will never stop

No. 967738

NTA are you a freelance artist nonna

No. 967740

I'm a gallery artist, not a freelancer

No. 967813

How did you end up getting your work in a gallery?

No. 967860

I'm feeling so desperately lost. I have been a NEET since I was fired then sexually harassed (in that order) in my last job in early 2017. Since then I've tried to work a few times, but was r*d in late 2017. Since then I've been completely depressed. I tried to go for a bar job either this or last year, but only lasted 2 shifts before I had a panic attack & extreme paranoia/anxiety about it, so I had to stop. I just found out about Victims Of Violent Crimes compensation & have been considering it but it's an ordeal to apply for, and I'm only doing that rather than report it to the police because the guy killed himself.
I feel too fucked up to ever be able to work a real job, and my brain has been rotting in NEETdom.

No. 967861

rd = rped, sorry

No. 967920

that's amazing, good for you

No. 993933

When your parents ask you if you've been applying to jobs what do you say?

No. 993968

Yes, and list off the roles I applied to and how so haven't heard back. If it's been one of those weeks and I haven't applied then I make shit up.

No. 994634

is it neet if you know, your stay at home having to babysit two terminally people?
I'd like to atleast get a part time job, but the problem is I am sometimes required to stay up until 2 am in the morning dealing with a possible bathroom accident or having to roll people, I feel guilty because its like I want to work but, to be honest its not feasible until one of the people who have an illness dies.

No. 994657

No, nona, you're a full time caretaker. You're not a neet, and don't feel guilty about it either, if they had to pay a professional caretaker they'd be spending thousands. It's very hard work.

No. 994660

Personally I think that falls under the "working" umbrella.

No. 994663

yeah my payment for it food board and a occasional monthly stipend money, I only need 100 to 200 a month for goodies, in between having to watch them when the other person is out I get to sit on my ass and play videya watch netflix with my cat and snooze. really beats my 40 hour job before, only downside is my room is a literal book closet.

No. 994765

I dropped out of university in 2015 when it became too much for me to deal with on top of ADHD, depression, and dealing with multiple consecutive deaths in my family at the time. Tbh even then I was just taking random courses because of the societal pressure to have a degree in order to be seen as worthy and intelligent. There were a few courses that really interested me, but I still have no idea how people decide on a career path. Nothing jumps out at me and screams "this is something I can see myself devoting my life to."

I've always struggled with just finding jobs I can "do" because of my social anxiety. I know I wouldn't be able to handle a position directly on the front lines in customer service dealing with unpredictable and irritable people, but 90% of entry level positions are in retail and I've never made it past the interview process anyway apart from volunteer positions and one year I helped out at the store my mom worked at bc they needed extra people at Christmas time.

At this point I really need the money and I was almost ready to bite the bullet and look more seriously for a part-time position somewhere, but then the pandemic hit and my mom developed an autoimmune disorder that scarred her lungs to the point where she can no longer breathe properly and even struggles just speaking some days. She's heavily immunosuppressed to stop it from progressing, and if she even got a mild case of covid I don't think she would survive it. So now I'm in a position where even if I did want to go out and get a job, I'm not willing to risk her health and life by going out in public then coming home to her everyday.

I've tried to make money online but everything I've attempted so far has failed lol. I tried designing some KDP notebooks but it's already too saturated with greedy people who just copypaste stock images, I tried selling adoptables on FA but nobody is really interested because they're sfw and I'm not comfortable drawing fetish art, I've made some gaming videos but I don't know if I'll ever be able to make it to the 1000 sub mark to be able to monetize (though that doesn't really matter, I'm just doing it for fun anyway and I don't want to focus on numbers).

I don't really know where to go from here, I don't want a "real" job or to go back to school. I just want to be able to make a small living sharing my art and passion with the world. Especially now there's something I really want to save up 2500CAD for but I have no idea where to even begin to get the money.

No. 994818

I can't work customer facing jobs either. I actually tried one and thought I'd get over the anxiety but after a while there I was still constantly fucking up and couldn't handle the pressure anymore. Another problem with my anxiety is passing the interview. I was lucky with that job because they were desperate so there were barely any questions, but in the past when I had to do a normal interview with questions I failed miserably and it was incredibly humiliating. Somehow Amazon has zero warehouse slave openings in my area right now but if there was I would go for it because there's no customers and no interview in that job.

No. 995015

I'm not technically neet because I have a part time low interaction job so I can live on my own. But I have zero friends and never socialize, even before covid. Someone randomly made plans with me and she's supposed to come over tonight with some other people. I'm levitating out of my body with anxiety like my heart is beating really heard and my face feels numb. I refuse to believe she's actually coming and it's getting sort of late and I'm going to feel really bad but I'm also scared of these people showing up because no one but me has ever been in my house and I won't be able to escape and go home. So I'm just drowning in two conflicting sources of anxiety because it's going to either be a disappointment or a disaster. I just want it to be over so I can feel normal again even though normal sucks.

No. 995045

about to graduate the neet lifestyle, but i really don't want to nonas. the only thing that saves me is that it'll be just two years at max until i can neet for some more months again.

No. 995252

Ntayrt but I feel you on the customer-facing jobs thing. I’ve had a variety of customer service-oriented jobs, figuring working in these roles would help me with my social anxiety. Nope. I maybe learned how to be a little more conversational with strangers, but without fail, I still struggle through each interaction, regardless of how long I’ve been doing it. It never seems to get any easier. At this point I’m just ready to accept the fact that I need to avoid any job that has me work with the public.

Anywho, I returned to neetdom at the beginning of October after managing to work consistently for nearly three years. I haven’t been doing a lot of job searching due to terrible job listings and my newly developed fear of dying at work or on the way to work. I’m trying to work on that. I’m using the free time to get back into drawing so that I can feel productive and possibly open up an avenue for income in the future.

No. 996169

File: 1639620148238.jpg (103.11 KB, 1024x768, CGiRFNUVAAMJvqb.jpg)

I want to be a cool independent career woman but the thought of working every day makes me want to throw up and die. I must acquire a husband. I would be willing to fuck him once a day, clean and cook. I would do it with a smile. 2022 will be my year of approaching men. I am indeed a leech and a parasite and I need a host.

I don't want to do things, I just want to be myself. I want to stay in my comfy Internet bubble and be terminally online or whatever it's called and shitpost and watch cool and funny things and stuff I like. I hate doing boring things so much I'd rather die.

No. 996177

I'm already so tired and I just have a part time job for the past year. I don't know how normal people do this, or do I just have some kind of hormonal illness. Even 3 hours of low stress cashier job makes me into a zombie. I'm scared, in 3 years my parents will retire and want me out of the house. But I honestly don't think I can survive, I do want to get my life together but I'm so socially stunted and easily tired that I think I'm just going to become homeless and die. I hate this so much.

No. 996293

Being a stay at home wife is the only way to be a NEET if you don't have wealthy parents or get welfare you retard. And being a NEET is way better than being a career cuck

lol I wish my dad would kill himself so I could be a NEET

No. 996360

totally feel this, i'm also canadian too. i am a depop seller right now in order to just keep a little income flowing lol i usually make 50-400$ a month (lots of fluctuation as you'd expect) but i'm thinking of just being a cashier at dollarama. reasons: brain dead simple no pressuring sales or begging for customers emails etc just cheap 1-5$ items being scanned and bagged.

No. 996578

Hate to burst your bubble but if you leech of a man he'll resent you and make your life hell. He's going to expect more than a clean house, meal and pussy. He at the very least will want you to pop out kids or do something other than be terminally online. You're going to turn into his emotional punching bag when he has a bad day at work or one of his friends make fun of him for supporting a leech.

No. 996666

Nta but I had this happen. He was so happy to have a gf at first, a clean house when he got home, someone to cuddle and fuck and just hang with. Dude had been single for years before me so I was the thing turning his life around just by being in his house and pulling a bit of my own weight. I was a blessing. I thought he was one too. A perfect pairing, filling in the gaps each one of us needed help with.

Oh how that changed over time. Resentment, being normal one minute and taking every bit of frustration out on me the next. No explanation for the mood swings. No apologies ever. Silent treatment. Shit slid in so slowly it fucked me up and my self esteem was on the floor. I went from being appreciated for just existing in his life to that bullshit. It was a far fall from grace. We always had an agreement on how things would work.. I kept up my part from beginning to end. He just changed his mind over time and thought he'd emotionally punish me rather than get straight with me. He ruined my confidence to a point where leaving was honestly really daunting. The world… facing it alone when he'd slowly convinced me I'm an absolute tard who needs him to function, fun times.

On leaving I went from my lowest point, like should I just rope myself point.. to the weight of the world being lifted off my shoulders. I realised I'd had a knot in my stomach before this, a constant knot. I woke up one morning in my new house with no knot and it hit me how bad I had it before. How blind you can be when your brain is fried from just trying to cope with the loss of control. The fucking relief of waking up alone. He was very purposefully trying to emotionally fuck with and set off muh anxiety because he knew he'd changed the goalposts for what a partner needs to bring to the table and I couldn't be that. I had shakes and developed a facial tic from the mental fuckery. He knew I couldn't suddenly reenter work after a several year gap and a decline in my ability to face people or not shake in peoples presence.

The risks of being a neet. My dad thought I had a blessed life with this guy. From the outside he sure liked for people to assume that.

No. 998403

Hey guys, do you have any idea on how to stay fit as a NEET?

I am waiting for college in September, having finished high school in November (our school system is quirky), and can only get a job post January. For now I will be working (i hope) and getting another qualification, focusing on my instrument for those uni points.

I go to soccer weekly and do bodyweight workouts most days, and walk. Soccer is over until mid January though, and walking is fine, but it’s the same everyday. When you get out of the house, you’re in a busy road. We don’t have gardens, I’m tired of suburb walks, and the middle of town is destitute and unsafe, like half shops are empty and you will get stalked or harassed. I just feel a bit trapped. It was so easy in school because you get a walk by walking to school, you can go to a club, or the gym after school, and you see people every day. And I don’t like just going for walks because men will yell at you from their cars, there are molesters in both parks who went after both women and little boys, and there was a dead body in the pond so it’s ruined for me. It just feels like a bunch of factories, suburbs, and dodgy parks.

I know I’m lucky to have a roof over my head, but I feel trapped in this town. I hope to learn to drive, but mostly, how do I burn off energy and get out when there’s not much to do? Get a manual labour job? Go to zumba at church with old ladies? Should I ask to stay with a relative who lives in a better town? It would be nine months pre university, we get along, and the change would be nice.

No. 998413

Thanks for sharing, that sounds awful and I'm glad you got out nonny. To go from appreciating you to messing with your head and your confidence, women should always maintain their independence for that reason, even if living with a man. Own income, somewhere to walk away to at anytime.
Also you sound very kind so I hope you have good things ahead of you from now.

No. 998416

I mean how about starting up your own business (learn a saleable skill first or pivot your current career to an online one) and then you can be terminally online and free from scrote abuse, win-win.

No. 998437

how about swimming? I love going for a swim really early when the streets and pools are empty. I'm in a similar situation to you, exercising alone just isn't an option for safety reasons, but the pool is pretty safe (especially early) and at least warm in the winter.

No. 998486

Because that's not what a NEET is. NEETs don't do anything valuable and do not support themselves. She even said she doesn't want to do anything other than shitpost online. You're describing a recluse or something. A person who supports themselves but doesn't participate in society outside of that

No. 998520

I think NEETs should play video games like Just Dance. They don't have to leave the house and a lot of them already own consoles. Youtube workouts are good too but it can get boring.

No. 998572

That's a pretty good idea, like biweekly it could mix things up. And swimming early, that does sound pretty tranquil.

I may give that one a go, I love to dance. Also finding reasons to leave like to volunteer or to pick up shopping and walk back with it, or visit a relative.

No. 1000575

Sometimes I seriously think about getting a job because the people I'm with insult and humiliate me often and it's making me suicidal. But then I remember that I had jobs before and I just kept having panic attacks every day. Something about doing the same thing every day for hours without time for anything else sends me into full blown panic attacks (and I also lose appetite/get nauseous) and I don't know how to avoid it. I wish I could just be content with working like anyone else but something's not right and I can't do it. For now I earn money here and there but I can't say it's a job. Any anons with the same experiences?
I've been sick for a long time and became a neet because I was mentally exhausted. I wish I could rest properly but at the same time I don't deserve it, people let me know that and I get even more ashamed. I don't know how to get out of this one.

No. 1001551

Anon I would seriously consider trying for event work. I used to work conventions through a temp agency and it was the best. Different job everyday, and you get free stuff usually. 1-3 days a week usually paid rent. Also, please go to therapy.

No. 1011125

Wanted to join the neet subreddit but its filled with moids who think women have it easier when the richest people are men. Youtubers like pewdiepie screamed on youtube and hes the richest. Moids get rich for playing videogames. Where does the lie tjat women have it easier come from? Female neets have mental issues and trauma whereas male ones just complain about sex

No. 1011473

nonas, any recommendations for good NEET discords?

No. 1012329

>Wanted to join the neet subreddit
They have a rule that says ''No signposting of gender'' (because it ''causes arguments'') I like the sub and it makes me seethe having to pretend to be male just so males won't sperg out. There was a subreddit for female NEETs but I believe it was banned.

I think a lot of it comes from men being retardedly naive about sex work and think that any woman can post pictures of their toenails and earn thousands.

No. 1012332

I feel like I’ll get shat on for starting my studies at 23..

No. 1012346

do NOT give a shit nonny, is your life, do what you need to do with your life at the time you can.

No. 1012355

being a full on neet has officially rotted my brain, i've never been so obsessive, neurotic, sad, empty. i'm mourning all the fun internet chatrooms and friends i used to have years ago, because now the internet isn't even fun and i have no friends anywhere. there's just nothing besides me, alone and ugly in my bedroom, crying, and having no money and credit card debt with no fucking education. i'm a retard and being neet has made it so much worse lol, time to yank my lame ass bootstraps up! but then i'm sure working some shit job will make it worse.

No. 1012410

Same, I stopped having online friends 3 years ago. But I don't think I even want to make more because most online friends I've had weren't NEETs and I feel like I have to lie about my situation to them. Also I have fun talking to them and joking with them initially but then they always ask me to send a selfie or webcam chat with them which makes me uncomfortable and basically ruins it when I refuse. I only like talking to people through screens. But even if I wanted to make more online friends I don't know where I'd go anymore, the internet sucks now. The only person I talk to anymore is my mom.

No. 1012651

You'll be fine. A lot of people are starting late due to taking gap years due to the pandemic. It's also common for some people to work first and study a bit later so chances are you won't be the oldest person in class. I started at 23 as well and it gave me no issues, if anything I felt like I could focus better than my peers who were still fresh out of high school and wanted to just pass and get a degree.

No. 1013476

I never thought it was possible for (young) people lived like this. I never thought I'd ever live like this. Life is funny, cant wait to see what's coming next.

No. 1027861

I almost never play games but I just wasted two whole days playing a very addictive mobile game and I'm feeling intense existential dread. Even though I'm NEET and have all the time in the world I feel so bad for wasting so much time on that. NEET + gaming addiction seems to be a soul sucking combo and I'm glad that's not me because I probably would have roped a long time ago.

No. 1027907

I fucking love being a broke neet. I wish I knew it was an option a decade ago. Respectfully, fuck money and fuck the destructive, overtly sadistic society that it facilitates. Fuck greed in general, actually.

No. 1028263

NEETdom is indeed just one social (or lack thereof) response to capitalism. I feel like more of us are slipping through the cracks and becoming NEETs. How do you make being broke work out for you though nona?

No. 1029029

File: 1642286074131.jpg (32.14 KB, 500x328, 1639187551184.jpg)

>be neet
>only have little ways of making money online, so still have income but of course live (partially) rent free with mom
>my mom and uncle make fun of me saying i'll never move out and they both agree i need to get a "sugar daddy" in order to have plenty of money and i'll need to get a man just to move out one day


No. 1029788

I just graduated but I wish I could be a neet haha. All of you that can live with your parents are so lucky, I live with annoying ass roommates for $730 a month. Would love to not have to spend so much but it's just not an option.

No. 1029819

In the city where I grew up lots of people are paying hefty rents all for the privilege of sharing an overpriced apartment with total strangers alot of the time. I had to do it for a few years.

It makes me appreciate having a solo place now. All those years of overbearing parents, followed by annoying roommates, shared bathrooms, taken up kitchens, strange noises coming through the thin walls. I'd some crazy weird roommates along the way. Life is so quiet now..

No. 1033173

I graduated neetdom about a month ago, but since it's not like I did it because I wanted to, I'm thinking this post is better suited for this thread than the recovering one. Anyways, onto my vent, obviously working takes a good chunk of your free time, but holy shit leaving at 6am to then come back only at 6pm is killing me. Before, I used to just take walks literally all day every day, and I didn't expect I'd miss it so much. I'm so fucking thankful I'm one of those people that work very well on little sleep, I think I'd actually kill myself if four or five more hours were taken from my free time every day because I have to sleep eight hours or something.

No. 1033181

I mean you could prove them otherwise.

No. 1033508

When I had a job I had to wake up at 6 am and get in bed at ~9:30 pm to fall asleep at 10 pm and get 8 hours of sleep. It felt like being in prison having to go to bed to so early and I couldn't even stay up on weekends because I had to maintain the schedule. I've always had problems with my sleeping schedule, for example in high school I was always exhausted and would be late 20 minutes to school everyday. As a NEET I've had so many problems maintaining a consistent sleep schedule too. I believe I have either Delayed Phase Sleep Disorder (natural nocturnal sleeping pattern) or Non 24 Sleep Disorder (constantly shifting sleeping pattern). However for 2 weeks I've now forced myself to maintain a daytime schedule because when I have a noctural schedule my parents start talking about me being disappointment but they leave me alone when it's normal.

No. 1033526

Congrats on getting out of neetdom anon! Im a current neet and you just described what I know i’m gonna struggle the most with once I go back to the real world. Currently I go to bed when the sun is rising and wake up way past noon most of the time and I dread having to go back to a 9-5 especially knowing the hours it’ll take me to commune and being too tired to do any of my hobbies. I don’t function well at all without sleep and before I was a neet i basically did nothing but work and sleep to not be tired for work but was always tired anyways. It’s such a dreadful cycle no matter what.

No. 1036170

No. 1045394

I've been a neet for two days now and I already feel like a fucking lazy loser

No. 1045849

Anyone else's parents encourage them to keep being a NEET?
When people complain about NEETs one complaint I see a lot is that it's likely leeching off your parents, but I never read/hear of others who are a NEET mainly because of their parent who enjoy their child NEETing. Parents can be codependent too. My dad has a job, but he prefers me being a NEET so I'll stay at home with him and be there when he gets back. I've asked for help with getting a job many times and he's always dismissed it. I'm not sure how to feel about it.

No. 1045856

my mom's the same way, she's fine with me not even having a driver's license. The thing is that I hate being dependent on someone else for money and transportation

No. 1045863

Anon if you do want a job, please go search for one. Or take your time figuring out what you want to do or getting the skills or education needed on your dad's support. Neeting is comfy for now, even more so when you have a dad who's encouraging it, but he won't be around forever and that's the dangerous part.

No. 1045865

Yeah if your dad likes helping you get him to help financially with a career if you need to pursue qualifications you could join a course and study at home around him.

No. 1047986

It's either
>oh nonnie i love having you here why can't you live with me forever i seriously would love that it's not usual but it could work out great we could so this and that and redecorate the kitchen together and thanks so much for helping me with stuff youre the only one who cares oh whooa aahhh nonnie its so nice not having to clean because my back can't take it anymore
>do something with your fucking life, get the fuck out of my house. you do realize you're 24 and STILL live at home?

No. 1048018

Don't forget the
>threats you like a house slave and expects you to not have life other than mandatory going to school
>doesn't teach you anything about life or how to function in society
>hit 18, "why are you still here you lazy piece of shit! Make dinner and clean the house!"

No. 1048053

>doesn't teach you anything about life or how to function in society
This is something I could never understand. Parents duty is to teach kids basic life skills, that's how mankind existed all these years. Parents taught their children skills so they could survive. Why the fuck parents don't do it anyomre? If you are lucky, you will figure it out by yourself, but if not, you're fucked.
It struck me when I watched another video where Japanese mom was teaching her daughter how to cook.
I learned cooking all by myself, but why?
Now I'm in the awkward situation where people assume I understand everything as an adult and I'm too embarassed to ask.

No. 1048068

I was in the same situation except my mother wouldn't let me even try to learn about how to do things. I get that she was afraid I would break something because that's what children do sometimes (yet I never broke anything important), but then as an adult she expected me to know how to do everything while she didn't teach me anything and didn't allow me to learn by myself. Because of this I always felt so weird and embarassed, because I felt guilty for not being able to do some things, but what am I supposed to do?

No. 1048079

What I really needed was intervention or counselling at age 12-13 when I started exhibiting signs of mental illness instead of pacifying me with unlimited internet time and hoping everything will sort itself out. My parents thought sending me to university would fix me and start me on the path to normiedom. It didn't and when I got to 4th year suddenly they started asking why I'm such a failure with no job, no life skills, no friends, can't drive, etc. Now they think what I need is to go to a Master's program and that will fix me, when they should know graduate school is highly stressful and I absolutely couldn't cope with that. I was an adult when I went to university so I can't blame them entirely for that choice but I wish I got some help earlier on.

No. 1048084

I don't know, it's almost like they subconsciously want their kids to fuck off and die already. Mine didn't bother to teach me basic hygiene or let me go anywhere other than school because "we're always so busy with work"… Ok what about the weekend? Why did you have time to help me with homework yet nothing else? Did they think they were raising an animal who only existed for studying? It's so bizzare because they did everything normally with my brothers and then did this shit to me. I don't even feel bad for being a neet because like what did you expect?

No. 1048092

Parents nowadays literally just dump their kids at school and give them a screen all day to stare at and expect them to fend for themselves. Everything I learned I learned by myself, even tying my own shoes when I was a kid, because my mom (no dad) was neglectful. My older sister had the same experience and we both learned just from our friends or other people's parents. I'm trying to teach my younger sis life skills because it shouldn't have to be this way, you shouldn't have to learn these things from strangers.

No. 1048567

My mom died when I was little and me and my dad moved in with my hoarder schizo grandma because my dad was working all the time and we couldn't afford a place of our own, so she pretty much raised me. I wasn't allowed to use the microwave or run my own shower water until I was in high school. I couldn't use the oven at her house until I moved out with my boyfriend and I repeatedly told her I knew how to use an oven and not burn down the house. She still freaks out when I'm on my phone during thunderstorms because I could get electrocuted? I still can't tie my shoes.

No. 1048599

no offense because that is just awful and i'm so sorry but given you have internet and have made it onto lolcow, i would suggest you youtube a video on how to tie your shoes, it's a very useful thing to know and quick to learn. learn with the bunny ears method if it helps.

No. 1048624

okay so just found out that this is what i am. i've been putting off writing my undergrad thesis for 3 years now because i feel so dumb and incompetent, i've been trying to tackle that for the last few months but i can't focus, i feel like my brain is mush at this points and thus giving me great anxiety, so i go back to putting it off

i was thinking about the other day about how much i hate leeching off of my parents and if maybe i should kms bc i don't care about anything anymore, but i reached the conclusion that they would be worse off without me because then they wouldn't have anyone to take care of the house and our cats (they moved abroad and i'm living with my sister who is out at work for most of the time). so that made me feel a little less worse

No. 1048644

No. 1048701

I'm not technically a NEET at the moment but I feel like I'm close to slipping back into one. I am working rn but it's not my ideal job and I want to work somewhere Im passionate about. I have a degree but I don't really care about that field anymore and it's too expensive to go back to school again to get the degree I wanted. My social life is non
existent besides people I chat with casually at work but I'm too afraid to spend time with anyone outside of work. Also live at home still and the way my job pays I won't be able to afford to move out and get a job somewhere else even if I wanted to. Shit sucks

No. 1048856

No shame anon. I didn't learn how to tie my shoes or read an analog clock until I was 13. My family moved a lot so I skipped on certain subjects being taught at different times across each different school, and whenever I told my parents I didn't know how, they didn't believe me and thought I was faking it to mess with them. Didn't get fixed until one day my granny gave me a book for 5 year olds on how to tell the time, and I watched youtube for the shoe laces.

No. 1052573

I hate the fucking weekends. Parents are home, I can't just do what I want. I hate living at home even more than being a neet, I have some money saved and might be able to move in with someone loaded this year (and get a parttime job obvs). I know I'm lucky to have nice parents, I just hate people trying to control me. I'm going to get a cashier job maybe, at least send in my resume or work in a warehouse. I can't wait until next year, or two years.. I wish life was a movie and you could just skip to the happy end

No. 1052609

Late, forgot I posted. I don't receive benefit. I'm in the processing of applying, albeit very late, but it's tough to get approved for, even if debilitated. Thankfully I do have enough work credit for proper disability, but my monthly payments are estimated to be only a couple hundred bucks.
I'm learning some skills that could allow me to work from home just to prepare for the inevitable denial, but I expect employers to deny you if you at all imply you need accommodations. Plus, no relevant degree.
With how life has gone I almost feel like being a NEET was my destiny. Always some kind of setback to the path of normie life

No. 1054795

Hey nona, I'm in the same situation as you. Was meant to graduate in summer 2020 but had to retake, and I still haven't submitted my final work. I feel like a failure, but every time I sit down to read/write, my brain just goes blank. Feels like I'm stuck in limbo or something. Don't know whether it's even possible for me to graduate anymore (haven't checked my email in months), or whether I should just get a minimum wage job, or even just kms.
All my friends are moving on without me, and I'm not social enough anymore to ask them to hangout. Haven't had a job in four years, and the thought of having one fills me with dread lmao.
Kinda of reassuring to know that I'm not the only one going through this.

No. 1059487

I think I figured out why I lost interest in watching movies and TV shows and it's because as a NEET I don't relate to most of what they portray. I don't relate to working, going to school, having friends or a relationship, driving, going to parties, etc. I'm totally disconnected from that mainstream life so it isn't appealing for me to watch.

No. 1061072

I want to be a neet but I also want to see the world, but I don't have the money or degree to work abroad.
kinda sucks how the easiest way to achieve that would be kind of degrading

No. 1061101

>With how life has gone I almost feel like being a NEET was my destiny. Always some kind of setback to the path of normie life
Same. I've always felt like an alien outsider. And everytime I've made progress there's been setbacks. Like a damn rubber band I always bounce back to being a shut in NEET. Maybe it was meant to be. I feel uncomfortable and trapped in any other state.

I can get by just fine on benefits - forever. And I'm not sure how to feel about that. My entire life could pass me by so easily. I can sit right here in this dumb gaming chair forever and no one would ever save me or try to get me out. It's just me. Sometimes I think, why not? Maybe I should just let it happen.

No. 1061106

>as a NEET I don't relate to most of what they portray. I don't relate to working, going to school, having friends or a relationship, driving, going to parties, etc. I'm totally disconnected from that mainstream life so it isn't appealing for me to watch.
Felt this a lot lately and have been watching quite a bit of sci-fi and horror.

No. 1061193

I always was drawn to those genres plus stuff like fantasy or historical drama, mangas and animated movies with bizzare plots so far from reality. I always was kinda insecure about this because it felt immature But now you two have brought it to my attention of why i prefer them over typical stuff kek i just don’t relate, it’s a feel good experience

No. 1061208

AYRT. I dunno about you but I never really felt I had a direction in life anyway, and that every attempt was sort of me coping or trying to larp as a normie. Like you, an alien. Every time I would say I didn't wanna deal with people, normies just talked down on me and reminded me that dealing with people was just part of life. Couldn't handle it.
Now I just pretend to be a cool hermit and learn things on my own time. I'd rather do this than be a 9-5 slave honestly.
How hard was it for you to get on disability, if you don't mind me asking? I have a physical condition that isn't easily proved for SSA criteria so I might try to play up the mental health factor.

No. 1062401

It was super easy for me because of the country I live in. Play up the mental health factor, feel no shame about it. I hope you can reach financial security. I had aspirations for a while but when I imagined myself actually doing the whole 9-5 thing I was prepared to literally larp all day every day like an actor. And I realized that's not possible without going insane. My last attempt at working led to this sort of meltdown. Because I had truly realized I can not do it at all and probably never will. My many years long delusion of ''if only I do this and that I can be a normie too'' were completely shattered by reality, it would never happen. Will never be me.

Let's keep doing things on our own time. If you can get on disability, then figure out a way to make everyday life bearable. Still haven't found my recipe for that but working on it. People won't really believe you when you say you don't want to deal with people, they'll always think it's a cope because they can't imagine it themselves. They get enough joy out of it for the negatives to be worth it. I don't and I assume you don't either.

No. 1062502

>be lesbian
>found a woman with a career through online dating
>arrangement where I live with her rent free and just keep her company while she works and spoils me
Is this acceptable for a NEET life?

No. 1062551

Is that not what being a homemaker is, minus the kids?

No. 1062552

The issue that I'd worry about (and get a back up plan going for) is the same as a alot of straight women who get a partner who allows them to live the neet life.. It's great while you have it and you can only hope it lasts but if an unexpected break up happens tomorrow (or down the line) will you be ok or will you be stranded and struggling? Make sure you have something or someone to fall back on and that they don't become your everything. That's an easy trap to slowly fall into when you're neet.

Break ups blind-side you sometimes. I think realistically everyone should feel like they'd be able to manage ok with or without their partner. Be careful not to fall into agoraphobia or a state of worrying dependence over time. I've been in crisis after an ex seemingly changed overnight and secretly had lined up my replacement essentially. In the long run it was a blessing that got me my independance back and made me face my issues but it was rough going at the time. It took years for me to become that dependant on him and then the guy pulled the rug out from under me in a split second. I was far from my home town, out of touch with family, isolated, no income, no plan, most of all no confidence or belief in myself. Hope for the best but also plan for the worst case too.

No. 1063236

Aw you're so lucky. How did you approach online dating while being a NEET? I'm way too embarrassed. Like what did you say when she asked about your occupation? I feel like I don't deserve to date when I don't have anything to offer like a career or education. Like a man would be embarrassed to tell his parents about his NEET gf. I hope things go well for you and your gf.

No. 1074641

Disgusting thread.

No. 1098235

I wish there were female NEET youtube vloggers. The only one I can think of is Kalel Cullen but she barely posts.

No. 1098237

NEETs are too lazy to make content. They just yawn, fart, and consoom content.

No. 1098238

We cry, too.

No. 1098241

File: 1647314003605.png (259.11 KB, 679x486, vids.png)

Nah there are NEETs who make vlogging videos. Just talking to the camera for 30 minutes isn't too much effort for some of them. I wish there were more female NEET vloggers but they probably don't want harassment.

No. 1098275

he's actually attractive. is this another hidinginmyroom situation?

No. 1136254

File: 1650041847398.jpg (22.56 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Mish is a NEET recluse. Most of her vlogs are going shopping, in her apartment or at the gym. It gets a bit repetitive but it's relatable. She was recently diagnosed with autism (although I don't think she is) so I don't see her situation improving.

Kinda motivates me to watch her clean, actually get up in the morning and go for walks and stuff. She seems content with her life.

No. 1136440

Thanks for sharing her channel anon, I have watched a couple of her videos now and find them kind of relaxing

No. 1136700

I see people who get paid by doing nothing - like exchanging emails, doing phone calls and sitting on meetings - not even participating
And making money. Not just money - decent money. And receiving job offers
I don’t understand
I can’t understand
What should I do
I am feeling horribly anxious even browsing job hunter sites
Even when I apply, I receive nothing, which is ok, I am not afraid being rejected a job
But the whole corporate culture, this normie linkedin shit I just can’t bear, I don’t know
I did have various jobs and gigs, but they are so irrelevant, I don’t know if I should put them all in my cv
Just how people are working.
I feel myself so miserable, why I can’t do things I am in theory able to do, but I just can’t
I am feeling this nausea physically

No. 1136716

Nonnie, your first mistake is not putting anything and everything in your CV, think of it as the section of the jobs you’ve had in your autobiography, as long as you have proof of working there, like a note or something from your boss, signed with a seal of the company/business, it counts and work experience.

No. 1136718

What in the troon
Socializing and looks and connections.

No. 1136870

Kek she has her own thread here: >>>/snow/411172
She used to have a video where she lip synced Barbie Girl for her "daddy", lol.

No. 1139515

I want to work but I don't want to work any of the jobs available near me. I don't want to be a NEET but if I am I don't want to be shamed for being a NEET. I hate how many people look down at important jobs like janitors or shelf stockers.

No. 1140094

I wouldn't mind doing those jobs but years of being sedentary as a NEET have made me weak and have poor stamina. It's easy to only take a few hundred steps a day and barely lift anything as a NEET. Which is why recently I've been going to the gym and doing both cardio and weightlifting.

No. 1153201

ive been a NEET since high school, i tried college but went in absolutely unprepared with out even buying books before (im retarded i didn't know that was a thing?) and couldn't really afford it and owed 5k still so dropped out within a week (none of my family would co-sign for loans). i have a lot of half siblings but none of them have ever considered helping me with anything cuz they don't like my mother and i think consider me a drug addict because i smoked pot for awhile (i don't smoke anymore and don't even like it i'm just severely mentally ill and needed to check out of my life). i also dealt with some alcoholism problems for awhile in private but quit that on my own also. i live with my disabled mother who's also been one of my main abusers my whole life and also tries to blame me for the abuse i faced at the hands of my (now dead) brother. i tried working one job at a fast food chain working drive thru but i cried every day and although everyone was nice and the work wasnt that bad it was unbearable and i actually fell physically ill and had to quit after about two weeks. i think im an autist but i've tried looking into getting an evaluation with my case manager but she only seems to be able to try and help me get a general psych eval, which i've been trying to get for months now to no avail. i've also had two different case managers over the last 4 years and neither of them have been able to help me get a job, a license, or further myself any way in life. i was diagnosed with BPD at 19 in the psych ward while in the midsts of some of the worst of my substance abuse issues and i just don't feel like i fit the criteria anymore, and the ones i do i feel like could be attributed to my suspected tism. i also fell thru the cracks my whole childhood, they even somehow put me into special ed in elementary school without a diagnosis? idk me and my case manager are trying to get my school records now because im applying to disability. i also have agoraphobic tendencies and only leave the house to go to two different stores near my house or go see my ex boyfriend. i guess i just wanted to vent and ask if theres any other NEETs on here on disability or applying for it? i also just generally don't understand these system type things i don't even know who diagnosed me with BPD i don't understand how they let me go to college with money owed still i just don't really understand anything in life cuz my parents were really bad drug addicts growing up and never had jobs. it also sucks people just telling me repeatedly i should get a job when if it was that easy i would just do it. i've been struggling for years and years and it just feels like no one sympathizes with me when i really can't help the circumstances i was born in. all my sisters escaped poverty by marrying men with rich families. im in the US and one of my sisters moved in with her now husband when she was 15 and he was in his like 50s. they have enough money they could buy me a car or help me in some way, her husband even bought cars for all my siblings, but i guess i just don't matter to them. my mother also has fairly well off siblings but i guess since she's an addict she doesn't deserve help. please nonas wish me luck with this disability thing it really seems like my only chance to keep surviving and not just off myself.

No. 1153280

File: 1651142019951.gif (2.23 MB, 275x275, 1648509911840.gif)

Ok, I'm here in the wild giving fake ass CVs to all the shops offering jobs. Actually doing this IRL right now. This is so embarassing. Let's hope something will come out of this. Gimme luck , neet sisterhood

No. 1153283

this is probably more suited to the recovering NEET thread. this one is for people who don't plan on rejoining society

No. 1153328

good luck nonna!!

No. 1153339


No. 1153351

read the OP, and there's literally a recovering NEET thread. maybe check the catalog first before posting retard.

No. 1153379

So you projected this shit on me. Who said I'm ready to rejoin society? I just really need to find a job since my financial situation changed.
Who hurt you nonnie? Maybe some girl with a job?
By the way I wish you a good day, you poor soul.

No. 1153380

She said, step in my transporter
So I can teleport ya
All around my heavenly body
This could be a close encounter
I should take care not to flounder
Sends me into hyperspace
When I see her pretty face
oooh she's just a… cosmic girl
On a job search

Wishing you luck nonna.

No. 1153385

File: 1651145405410.jpg (154.04 KB, 1080x1070, 627427e.jpg)

Thank you nona!

No. 1153404

File: 1651146435078.jpg (63.77 KB, 743x841, IMG-20220417-WA0004.jpg)

I really want to go back, further into my neetdom. When I was at my peak (0 work, 0 college, 0 hang outs) I was the most content with my life. Now I have e-college and a "job" as a "digital marketing specialist" at my dad's friend's business… But also now the idea of HAVING to do something, be it go outside to the store, mortifies me and makes me even more unwilling to do it..

No. 1155879

How did you manage to get a husband? Before I was a NEET I had so much ambition but now all I want to do is have a comfy house and be happily married (idc what people might say about marriage on lc), obviously can't meet anyone when I don't go outside

No. 1155904

Damn can you get me a job nonna? I'm a beer graphic designer

No. 1155922

*Neet not beer

No. 1155927

i might have to go neet, but never done it before, can i ask some questions?

>will it be in social housing only or a normal (cheap) rental?

>is it enough money for food or would i starve?
>is there money usually for saving or for hobbies or is that not possible?

No. 1155933

Uhh anon this is all extremely variable and dependent on your situation to the point where none of us could give an answer…

No. 1157899

I want to unNEET myself and be normal because I can't live like this anymore but there's nothing out there for me, I'm too autistic and socially retarded. The hard work of recovering is never worth it. I tried retail and worked at a cafe and it was just me embarrassing myself and being a cringelord in front of customers.

No. 1158249

kaitlyn get off the site now! mom says it's my turn to use the computer!

No. 1164979

Nothing. I’m a neet. I’m living on meme coin money but that doesn’t count.

No. 1164988

Felling back into NEETdom as agoraphobia takes over my life once again. Boyfriend doesn't really mind since I'm pretty cheap to keep around kek but it does make our make our goals that much farther away and I'm filled with so much guilt. I wish I could do something online for work but shitty internet, a small space, and loud cats doesn't really allow that atm.

No. 1164990

If they’re working they’re not a neet.

No. 1164994

I imagine real neets do have hustles but are not consistent enough to be called jobs. I have survived off government bux, selling weed/ my own prescriptions, invest (gamble), mooching a few orbiters, sometimes if I’ve been a good girl my family gives me some spending money. I don’t eat much, so I can spend it on other things. If there’s a big expense that I really really really want, I’ll actually get a job for a couple months.

No. 1165027

Do… do you know what a neet is?

No. 1165028


I'm officially ending 2 years of neetdom at the end of the month with a new design job. Good money but feel kinda depressed now that the paperwork is signed

No. 1165036

How did you explain the 2 years nonny? Did you have the qualifications for the job?

No. 1165108

my thing was selling cameras online.

No. 1165140

part covid and part I did have the qualifications. Actually took a pay cut from my previous salary for this job, but the life-work balance is much better so hopefully it'll make for an easy transition…

No. 1165166

File: 1651721781221.png (354.63 KB, 691x338, no you dont.PNG)

Kaitlyn!! Kaitlyn!!!

No. 1165171

Idk who that is or why I keep seeing her name chanted I’m so sorry

No. 1165174

A retarded The Atlantic journalist who posted a thread asking us to email her for an article about femcels, could have not been her and a repost, but who knows.

No. 1165176

kek this, not everything is a real job.

No. 1165246

how do you hikki nonnas have the will to live knowing you give nothing and mean nothing to the world? do you still feel like a human being?

No. 1165252

File: 1651727615134.png (329.98 KB, 566x449, image_2022-05-05_151342353.png)

your boss doesn't care about your livelihood, nonny

No. 1165254

not neet but this

No. 1165256

yeah not a neet either, but I'll never understand the "uhm… don't you hate not sucking the balls and licking the taint of your power-hungry general manager?" conviction a lot of these people have.

No. 1165287

There's times where i feel depressed and empty seeing how my friends move on with their lifes while i'm stuck feeling useless that i want to k1ll myself. Sometimes i think about having a hermit phase where no one can bother me, just me and my thoughts.

No. 1165299

I mean… even regular people who work mean nothing and give nothing to the world. Most people's existence is meaningless and will affect no one.

No. 1165304

File: 1651731964339.png (89.57 KB, 426x460, 6953774865776.png)

I feel like I'm regressing. I did actually go to the gym today but after that I wanted to throw up I was so stressed about people potentially watching me. I hate social anxiety the way I deal with it is to just leave the place I'm at but I can't always do that. I hung out with some mutuals (not actually friends, just people happen to be in the same place) but hearing about their lives getting better than mine makes me feel lonelier in their company and want to die. I gave a job I'm tired of doing and want to quit. And a degree I'm not using. Sorry I'm technically not a full blown NEET i just need to vent i feel like I'm cracking. I want to just revert back into my former self and destroy 3 years of progressing from this lifestyle

No. 1165626

File: 1651755891383.png (334.04 KB, 661x688, 1589927180006.png)


No. 1165755

sorry to break it to you but all the ""neets"" we used to have here were just people going through unemployed covid lockdowns kek

No. 1165984

File: 1651769226645.png (744.42 KB, 1284x1772, BD5E4ABE-DA7E-4460-8BCC-89DC79…)


No. 1166001

Even by not doing anything I still mean things to people. I'm a daughter, granddaughter, sister, childhood friend, etc. If I didn't live with my mother I suppose I would stop feeling like a real person at that point, but I still feel like I have a purpose taking care of her.

No. 1166168

i really want to bond with my fellow neet sisters, not these dummies who are on a little 2 month break from work or who are in college. don't mean to gatekeep but it sucks when these types pretend they know what the lifestyle is like.

No. 1166885

File: 1651790955228.jpg (21.34 KB, 392x212, image.jpg)

No. 1167411

File: 1651824734003.jpeg (250.1 KB, 720x960, 6923A29D-A5EC-45A2-9BAA-12CC1B…)

Sometimes I think I want to return to work because the stagnant feeling sucks. But the anxiety is nauseating. All of my experiences in a professional workplace has been abusive as fuck. Why am I surrounded by so many bullies, male and female. What is it about working for a firm or corporate that makes people so fucking soulless and sociopathic. I am unable to mask around coworkers because they are just too different from me, white, conservative, and religious. I can’t pretend to fit in with those people so I just keep to myself and I think that marks me as an outsider and a subject for disdain.
Working grown up jobs has really confirmed for me that normies are malicious and hateful, they are all the same. I want to retreat into NEETdom forever.

No. 1167414

Can we go back to the part where they call us beautiful girls again?

No. 1167426

File: 1651825795254.png (80.85 KB, 820x480, 912091028.png)

same, I can't handle the bullying nature of cooperate spaces, I have been traumatized by the bulling I went through when I was younger and get panic attacks just thinking about them, I love my current living situation, I get to play the vidya , shitpost online and continue to do the activities I'm interested(such as archiving all the media I like) and have someone that unconditionally supports me

No. 1167985

same, hello fellow NEET sister <3

No. 1168027

Omg meee

No. 1168079

same, i feel like a lot of people who i try to talk to about it don't really understand how hard it is for me to get a job and hold down a job

No. 1169705

File: 1651888170615.png (1.04 MB, 960x1202, 1524906378279.png)

Is anyone here older? I turn 30 in July. I'm pretty frightened of the future.

No. 1169751

ill be 31 in august, life just gets worse, kill yourself nows

No. 1169758

File: 1651891309158.jpeg (229.31 KB, 960x1202, F576FAEB-C90F-4175-8867-79C1A5…)

fixed it for you

No. 1169759

Almost 30. I haven't been a lifelong NEET but a large portion of my 20s I was. Now there's no hope left to un-NEET myself

No. 1169768

I'm 30 and at 29 felt terribly afraid of the number 30 however, it just feels like another number nothing different. It sucks being a neet at this age though. I have things i'd like to pursue but my social anxiety, learning disabilities etc. hold me back. And meds and "getting help" don't really help either.I have to fight off anxiety about my future every night.

No. 1169796

What kind of learning disabilities do you have? I know that you can get government help with stuff like housing and all that with documentation in the US at least. Though of course if you've already done that disregard this. I'm trying to work on getting gov help and disability and came across that so figured I'd mention

No. 1169870

Thanks for the input but i'm sure I qualify for nothing. I tried getting assistance but it wasn't granted. I'm someone that fell through the cracks. Despite my social anxiety I come across as fairly normal because i'm self aware and for some reason people think i'm smart.I think I have dyspraxia, I can't do most math. I can never figure anything out on my own and I can't remember anything. My short stint at Walmart went terrible. I was slow,couldn't get anything done,didn't know what to do and it was really hard for me to work in general and I had to rely on my coworkers which I feel really bad about. I tried getting help but ended up with not a single diagnosis they didn't even tell me if I had anxiety or depression,adhd etc. but gave me lots of useless pills. Maybe I just have a low IQ and my life is hell because of it?

No. 1169911

What did you try? Social security and disability? It takes a long time and a lot of denials before you get it and you usually need a lawyer.
Were you in special ed during grade school? That can count for something too. If you can get it through your insurnace maybe you can get some sort of neuropsych testing done to prove what might be wrong. For developmental disabilities or autism you can get help though Department of Developmental Services in the US.
I feel you though…Unfortunately a lot of doctors are just pill pushers and don't really care about diagnosis. It's a lot of work to put in just to get some goddamn help and not everyone is willing to hear you out but having some semblance of security is really worth it.

No. 1170285

I think it was SSI. At the time I was younger like between 23-25 can't remember exactly. I don't have a lot of documentation of my issues because a lot has not been treated and I hated the help that I got and gave up and I take no meds. In like 4th grade I started a special ed class that was like a hour or so but had regular class as well until high school. There were other kids like me who seemed normal but there were also some legit retarded kids depending on my grade/class that year as well. I had to have special help to graduate because I couldn't pass my math tests. Good luck on getting disability anon. I knew a guy that got it at like 25 but he had TONS of documentation,lawyer didn't leave his house for years and weighed 350. My cousin got it to but he attempted suicide many times and is now living in some mental health facility.

No. 1172414

I'm so fucking angry at my parents cultivating learned helplessless in me.

>"What, YOU think you can just apply for a job and people will hire you, it doesn't just work like that. I think you'll find it's harder than you think"

>"What, you think you'll just find an apartment, in this market?"
>"Living in a boarding house? You'll be bullied by niggers (there words) every day, you're living in fucking lala land"

What the fuck was their problem

No. 1172417

What's a bullshit business that makes some money but isn't hard to do? I made some money in stocks and crypto over the last few years and now I'm pretty much cashed out, is there any way I can put it into some business that isn't too hard for an autist to run? I've been not working for almost two years now…

No. 1172418

Cleaning business. Literally just buy a van, the cleaning products and hold your stock in a shed. You can do early mornings and evenings in staggered shifts, that way you're not around anyone.

No. 1172420

anything that doesn't require me cleaning toilets? like can i sell things online or buy a vending machine or something?

No. 1172422

Every second bored housewife is selling shit on etsy, it's doable but it's not easy. You're putting in more effort than stacking shelves at a supermarket for less money.

Vending machines require lots spread around town to be profitable.

No. 1172425

fuck. why can't i just sit at home and do nothing? work sucks.

No. 1172435

Any anons make enough to get by off art/commissions? If so, what's your strat? I'm an artist and too much of an autist to get hired, I don't care if I have to draw inflation porn for some moid I just want money. I've thought about Etsy and stuff too but I don't really have a following

No. 1172438

my sister is all into her dog so for christmas I bought her a painting of her dog off etsy. can you do some commissions like that which normies will pay for their ugly kid or dog to get painted or similar? and yeah since you're familiar with the bowels of the internet maybe there is some niche you could do but that's depressing.

No. 1172442

Good luck to you too nonna. If you need any other advice or directions let me know

No. 1172446

Nta I agree. There are so many normies who even pay people for adventure time artstyled commission. Hell, even family guy or sth.

No. 1172450

>Implying you are more than just a replaceable number

No. 1172452

Yeah so many shitty sites and services on instagram exist too for 'have your family drawn in this popular cartoon style!' and they're all god awful. People really seem to care more about content than skill. It sucks to have to capitalize on trends to get by as an artist but you gotta do what you gotta do

No. 1172482

You're a human being with a right to live your life from the second you were born, regardless of how "useful" you are to ""society"".

No. 1172521


to the tune of…?

No. 1172609

giving nothing and meaning nothing to the world doesn't imply usefulness to society. (or having a job like other equally pressed neets were implying. what are you going to do when the people caring for you die?

No. 1172823

File: 1652080696263.jpeg (51.01 KB, 933x1056, F8640F27-5970-47D2-855E-769CDF…)

I’m happy NEETing, it gives me time to do everything that brings me joy. The only time I feel bad about it is when I get reminded that society doesn’t value my non-contribution.

No. 1172828

What does the average person do for and mean to society? As the working class, we are all disposable.

No. 1173236

Are writing jobs good for neets? What about copywriting?

No. 1173241

I fuckin value you. I value your life and your right to exist and to be a happy person who follows her passions and dreams. Fuck the world. Let's make art and play video games.

No. 1173247

My point is that you aren't any less of a human with a right to live just because you don't work/are otherwise contributing to what ""society"" deems at ""useful"". This mindset is why half of the population thinks they are never enough of anything.

No. 1173264

being a woman and being neet is based

No. 1173265

I agree

No. 1173481

Online assistant maybe? If you know basic shit like excel and sending out emails you may be able to do it. I heard about this a long time ago though, so I don't know specifics.

No. 1173516

Only the truly worthless think they matter.

No. 1176052

That is an awful jobs for neets to do. It's very physical and gross. You would need to have a lot of energy and a lot of neets can barely get out of bed. I'm also a bit of germaphobe and couldn't handle it yet people always recommend cleaning jobs because it's all we qualify for.

No. 1176061

Just wanted to also add that I think most neets are only capable of working from home.

No. 1176158

I'm a neet but I'm envious of other neets who do productive things with their time like draw or learn how to code. Where do you guys find the motivation? Do you do it to keep yourself busy or in hope that this skill will eventually get you out of here?

No. 1176177

I like to draw, it’s a pleasure thing. But I’m also learning a new language and coding, yes I am motivated by the possible future prospects. But honestly most days I’m not thinking about the future, I just enjoy having the mental stimulation. When you’ve been NEET for a long time, you might feel like you’re in groundhog day and learning news things helps keep the depression at bay.

No. 1176189

I learned Japanese so I would have access to more entertainment things. And I'm trying to draw better now so I can draw out my fantasies. It's just for fun, and I wouldn't ever want to actually translate for a living because it's hard work for shit pay and I don't want to draw things I don't like even if I get paid for it.

No. 1176206

Nta but how long have you been practicing and how is it coming along? Comfortable enough to read manga or play a vn?

No. 1176275

I started in 2013 and was reading stuff with a dictionary within a year. I don't really actively practice anymore but I can understand streams just fine and that's all I use it for these days once I realized how lame most vn's actually are.

I probably have the skills to do boring technical translations of things, but I don't really have creative writing skills even in English so I don't want to translate stories and I'm not fast enough to translate real time.

No. 1176890

File: 1652283749282.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x369, 1635964312075.jpg)

>being a woman and being neet is based

No. 1177380

What are your embarrassing NEET moments when facing the general public and how do you usually react or respond? What explanations do you give?
I'm a bit of a sperg so I always feel the need to answer things honestly and I can't hide my emotions when this embarrassment happens. When people try to make small talk with me and ask what I do it's humiliating. Dentists, hairdressers, it's unavoidable. I feel like this kind of nosy invasiveness about life is on-brand for being in burgerland vs other countries but maybe I'm mistaken.
I had a dental assistant who for years would try to fix me with unwarranted advice. Just the usual, how about you do this, what about trying that. I was happy when I lost my dental insurance and never had to see her again kek.
I got grilled by a family acquaintance at some funeral asking what I do for work, and when I answered I don't do anything, she gave the usual boomer reasoning of how everyone has got to do something. Fuck, if only they knew.

No. 1177382

that's so badass. it's like in being a legbeard you have also become a skilled queen, good job.

No. 1177388

I try not to go to the same stores too often or at the same times because I don't want anyone to recognize me. Small talk with hairdresses is something I also dread but usually I just try to ask questions so I don't have to talk about myself

No. 1177409

I give different responses to strangers or family members depending on my mood. I've said that I do freelance graphic design, that I'm an actor and I spend most of my time going to auditions, or that I'm enrolled in online classes. Or I just talk about shitty retail jobs that I've worked before. I honestly have never straight up told someone that I'm a NEET, because I know when people ask for your occupation they're not expecting the awkwardness of you just saying "nothing." I find that as long as you somewhat take care of your appearance people won't guess that you're a NEET.

No. 1177415

Well pre COVID I only went to stores in the dead of night wearing the most stereotypical hikkineet fashion so I’m sure whoever paid me a thought didn’t think I was a functional human being. But hey if they’re working graveyard shifts, they probably don’t have room to be judgy of me. Other than that, I just lie and say I’m a student. I don’t have any contact with extended family so I’m spared of the nosy aunties.

No. 1177416

>neet woman
I mean if you were really rich back in the day, this was the way it was

No. 1177420

I feel weird, I really don't feel bored ever despite not working. I keep myself busy enough cooking/cleaning for my parents that it feels like I'm doing something productive with my life even though I'm not. People always complain they wish they had more spare time for things they enjoy but I barely have hobbies, I don't even watch a lot of TV or movies. I just listen to music, do chores around the house, and occasionally play games with discord friends.

No. 1177443

Going to activities and events alone because I cut off all my friends because they all advanced in life while I didn't and felt embarrassed. I don't want to make any new friends either because I don't think they understand my situation. So if I want to attend an event I just hang out by myself while everyone else is with their group of friends.
I bought hair cutting scissors and have trimmed my own hair for the past few years partly because I got tired of the questions. It's just cutting the split ends off so not too hard to screw up.

No. 1177499

You reminded me of when I'd go to the closest grocery store there was this one employee who would make comments to me asking if it was school vacation or something because I guess I looked young. I felt like she thought I was some kind of truant. I would use self checkout but eventually she would be on standby there and a few times had to fix my transaction. I'd always buy a shit ton of yogurt every time I went too on top of looking disheveled and awkward so I always wondered if I earned a reputation with her or her coworkers as being weird yogurt girl. I should have just gone to another one. I stopped going to stores physically years ago though at least

No. 1183153

NEETbwos who funds your lifestyle? When I used to be a neet I lived with my large family since no one moved out, just everyone splitting the bills. So I guess I "made up" my contribution by cooking and cleaning. Just curious if you guys rely on family or just have neetbux from previous jobs. I might have to go back to being a NEET, college is destroying me and it's too late in the semester to take a break.

No. 1183260

Being a queen is just being a NEET in a big house

No. 1187221

If I'm doing small talk and someone asks what I do, I say I'm studying. Which is true, I do study, but in my own time and I'm not enrolled in any course. But if I feel like they want a good answer I'll say I'm doing an online course in [something I'm interested in] and I hope to get a certification from it and get a job soon.

No. 1187973

So uh I'm back into NEETdom after failing college a second time and then being fired from my part time job. I'm legitimately unemployable. No one would want to hire someone who hasn't gained a qualification or 'proper' work experience in the last 5 years.

How did you guys cope with this shitty feeling? A part of me is relieved I don't have to keep up appearances anymore but the larger part is telling me that I literally can't live like this forever

No. 1187992

I rotate the liquor stores I go to, especially if a clerk starts to get too chummy. I had to abandon a breakfast place I liked because the waitress remembered my "usual". I don't even let people develop an in with me and I remain a stranger. I also no longer develop relationships with neighbors because they are nosy as fuck and it's none of their business what my living situation is like and who funds it. Because in my experience, people do NOT treat you with the same level of respect as when you seem employed. If I have to go to the doctor's or dentist I wear my old office casual clothes and pretend I'm still a secretary so they treat me like a human being instead of a retarded little girl that failed to launch or a loser burnout. Also I feel more confident when I'm more put together and adult looking as well. Additionally I repeat the mantra to myself "I am allowed to be here too" when I feel insecure about doing yard work or running errands during working hours, or when I go somewhere teeming with normalfags and I feel like an undercover monster

No. 1187997

If I don’t have a job right now and I’m in college am I still a NEET like what am I called

No. 1187999

Google what NEET means

No. 1188003


No. 1188018

Nta but it's so depressing. I live in a small town and I can't even change stores/doctors/pubs so much because there are like 2 and I have no car. Can't even make up lies because they will reach my relative's ears and they will start humiliating me for telling lies and not working. The absolute worst is when I see some ex classmate. I was lowkey glad that during the lockdowns I could just say I was unemployed because a lot of other regular people were, so it wasn't so weird. What is even up with people treating an unemployed person like trash? I couldn't care less if a person I know works or studies or does nothing.
Now I either stay inside or go take walks in the countryside where I can only see old ladies or farmers who mostly don't care.

No. 1188020

>The absolute worst is when I see some ex classmate.
How do you guys handle that? I literally froze the one time I ran into one and had to pretend I was "hopping between jobs". It still keeps me up at night remembering that encounter.

No. 1188030

Usually I leave before they can see/recognize me, but if they came to me and asked I would just say that I'm in the middle of changing jobs and I would make shit up of they ask about previous jobs. I was always the weird friendless kid though, so I doubt they would stop to talk to me even if I approached them first.

No. 1188038

This seems like a very small, dull life. I don’t get neets.

No. 1188074

This small dull life is better than staying at a hospital (or mental hospital) because of burnouts/breakdowns and having panic attacks every other day. I'm bad at dealing with reality like many other people. Trust me I tried very hard all my life and I only got more and more mentally ill. Working a soul-crushing job in some factory isn't going to make my dull life any better.

No. 1188614

You're a student. Can't believe you forgot that word existed

No. 1188621

Most NEETs are the way they are because of crippling mental illness and/or a strong preference for a rich inner fantasy world than reality.

No. 1188833

Some people weren't built to be workaholics and sensation seekers like most normies. Yes it looks like a 'dull life' from the outside and it seems like we don't do much but it's because that's all we can really handle. There is usually a very big reason we cannot hold regular jobs or are so behind in life vs our peers, and it's not just out of laziness

No. 1191259

I go really crazy if I'm not doing something that feels productive to me. I also hope that in the future I'll be skilled enough that I could be employable enough to work from home despite having no work history. Even doing something like freelance work. It keeps anxiety at bay to think I'm doing something to give myself options since working outside the home isn't an option for me. I also find it really fun to study and feel good about myself when I'm doing it.

No. 1191304

File: 1653150595531.jpg (740.19 KB, 1754x1240, fbf8e2c5d40839f1cf5551031ce718…)

Yeah… as a NEET of 8 years, I didn't bother posting because it seems like most of these girls don't even know what being a NEET is. "I'm a neet but I got to my job everyday" shit was just annoying to read. I get being a wagie is probably exhausting but I hate hearing how you're more functional than me in a thread for losers…

I think my family is getting tired of me but if I talk about trying to get on disability for my (admittedly awful) health, they tell me I'm just lazy. They won't let me get diagnosed with autism or depression or EDS because they say I just want a label to excuse my laziness even though I was an overachiever before having a psychotic break and my health slowly deteriorating almost a decade ago. If they throw me out, I don't know what to do. I can't rely on a man, I'm not attracted to them, even after the conversion therapy attempts. I wish I could find a way to exist while being left alone with none of their heavy expectations.

No. 1191313

I'm so sorry you went through that anon. I was similar, right before becoming severely mentally ill I was the perfect kid with great grades and I was supposed to go study in one of the best universities in my region with a scholarship. I'm still so bitter about it, some days I can't cope with the fact that now I'm a completely useless loser (and everyone has forgotten about the things I achieved, of course…). I guess it was humbling in a way though.

No. 1191319

Can you do that stuff (apply for disability, get a diagnosis) without telling your family? It's not really any of their business if you're an adult. Although in my country you do need to disclose the income of the people you live with to get on disability.

No. 1191361

Oh lord this. When I read of a NEET or someone having Agrophobia or extreme social anxiety, then they go, "Well I work" or "I do social thing".
My brain cannot take it or understand. I'm In my later 20's. I have never had a job and I don't think I could even be capable. My brain feels like it's slowly rottening and I'm aware of every single thing going on. I think everyone see's my every single flaw. That I'm just an ugly monster leaving a cave, even though I speak the same language of those around me, I don't understand it the same way they do.
I know it's weird and wrong to think this way, but it's like, "Damn, I'm proud of you. For being like me but being able to function, I don't feel I can" but at the same time i do have some resentment. I guess it's like misery loves company. If you are in the same shitty place as me, I feel more comfortable discussing it because you understand.

No. 1191765

File: 1653175572178.jpg (119.61 KB, 700x543, f8b220179965b58e6386cfe793a80c…)

>I'm still so bitter about it, some days I can't cope with the fact that now I'm a completely useless loser
I struggle with this feeling everyday. My family went from being proud of me to sort of just barely tolerating me. I spend a lot of time almost mourning who I used to be. I have a lot of "I wish I could go back" fantasies. But that me is long gone.

I could, but since I live with them I think it could cause tension and I want to avoid that as much as possible. My NEETing is already enough of an issue, you know? Not like I have any money to my name, still have loans to (eventually?) pay off. I have no other place I could go if they get tired of me since I pushed all my old friends away years ago. I think at the end of this year, if they still don't listen to me, I'll just do it secretly and deal with the consequences. I wish they didn't see it as being weak. It's not like I was lazy before any of this, so I don't get it. Thanks for that suggestion, nonnie.

I could have written this myself. I'm sorry you're dealing with the same feelings. It just feels nice to know someone can relate when I feel so unnaturally fearful of the world compared to most people. I know it's not healthy but other than disability, I don't know any baby steps to get out of this. I feel like I'm too far gone into hermit mode to even try graduating from NEETdom, so I'm just coasting through life.

Thanks for the replies. It feels nice to be able to express myself to people who understand.

No. 1192036

I hate trying to explain why I'm a NEET to normies. I get the usual "Well you have to realize that you have to deal with people your whole life and it's unavoidable" patronizing comments. Like no fucking shit, I'm not retarded. It's just harder for more and I will do everything I can to avoid it.

I have had jobs before but I barely functioned and didn't last. The only one I liked was mostly independent. When I dealt with too many people I shut down. My coworkers would get on my case for it, or if I'd try to interview for jobs and express I prefer working independently, I'd get the same speech. I think people like to perpetuate this idea of resilience that applies to everyone, but some people just don't have it. Like the whole 'bullying builds character' bullshit. Some people just never get used to this sort of thing and they crack under the pressure.

No. 1196090

>I think people like to perpetuate this idea of resilience that applies to everyone, but some people just don't have it.
Absolutely. I'd compare it to expecting an autistic person to just stop flapping their hands, or to stop ''being weird''. Some of us just don't have what it takes. I feel too sensitive for this world.

No. 1208253

Late reply. I hope you are still reading. I am 27 and I try to escape NEET lifestyle. I got an invite for a job. I hope I will make it…

No. 1208269

2022 is going to be my year. I will escape NEETdom, I will get a job in the capital and live in a city with millions of people. I will the weird part of the internet behind, I will quit weird toxic online friendships, I will not feel guilty for not checking Discord. I want to leave the sweet comfort and good and bad memories behind. I will recover from this life style and not remember my sad existence anymore. Please wish me luck nonnies. Thank you for everything. I can not express the comfort I found in this thread. Good bye but not forever. Thank you again. I think and root for every single one of you.

No. 1208304

Love you gorl, hope you make it out there.

No. 1208382

The ppl who go on about resilience usually are well off and never had any real problems. It's just a different flavor of the pull yourself by the bootstraps. Only ppl who have resilience had a middle/upper family, had loving and supportive parents, and were heavily invested in growing up (educational activities, sports, constant encouragement, emotional support, nepotism).

No. 1208386

Yeah it’s very easy to condescend others about how you’ve been sooo strong and “taught yourself” to be mentally sound when your mommy and daddy are just a phone call away when you need to remove yourself from a situation. Plenty of people don’t have the support or resources to “get better”.

No. 1208690

I wish I could leave my home town but I don't think I'll escape NEETdom any time soon

No. 1208761

File: 1654226071907.jpg (137.86 KB, 1796x1647, EYSEFZoVcAEUGn5.jpg)

I don't remember if I posted in this thread so here I go. I'm 25 and have been a NEET for 3 years now. I spend all my time on my computer, playing video games and streaming. Streaming has not been a "real" job for me and I don't earn enough with it to make a living. I used to work and study but it all came crashing down when I had a panic attack and broke up with my ex. I suffer from depression and anxiety since my early teens. I'm just tired living like this. I can spend weeks (months if I'm really down) not taking a shower. It's miserable. I want to have my life together. Do my skincare, wake up at a decent hour, go out, work, travel, get new tattoos, go to the hairdresser etc etc. At least I talk to alot of people in vocal or texts but ye. I'm just exhausted from this existence and this has never been how I imagined my life to be..

No. 1209010

Are you me? I feel exactly the same without the streamer part. But anything else hits close to home… I wish you strength we got this.

No. 1209011

I think your looking for the NEET recovery thread

No. 1209014

>Only ppl who have resilience had a middle/upper family, had loving and supportive parents
Who exactly can afford to be a NEET except those with parents who are at least well off and supportive enough to let them live at home and not work tho

People with truly shit home lives and no support don't get the luxury of not working

No. 1209078

this is not true. i live in poverty with my mom on disability in low income housing. im sure a lot of other NEETs happen to be poorfags who live at home with family.

No. 1209082

File: 1654250525037.png (17 KB, 600x800, 326.png)


No. 1209091

I've fully leaned into my role as the family black sheep and fulltime neet. My little brothers are rude as fuck to me, my parents treat me with kid gloves because they think I am mento, and I have no social media to avoid everyone else possible (that hoe in the confession thread that randomly messaged a girl she bullied for example, I'm not trying to see shit like that it would disrupt my vibe). My goals are lowkey like house chores and finishing manga

No. 1209115

I don't consider people on disability to be true NEETs unless they completely scammed their way into being on welfare, if someone is genuinely too disabled to work that's fair.

But ignoring that, your mother lets you live there, right? Is that not a form of parental support? Obviously not every NEET has a well off family but it's significantly more likely that they do just by virtue of their circumstances. Less privileged people wouldn't be able to afford it at all, their parents wouldn't be able to afford it, they wouldn't tolerate the presence of a non contributing adult just because they have anxiety or whatever. Anon was acting like NEETs become that way because they don't have middle class, loving parents but it's obvious many if not most do and they must or they couldn't be NEETs at all.

No. 1209149

my mothers on disability and im not. im not going to do a whole sob story but shes not a very supportive person and i dont have many people i would consider support at all. im just kind of chilling and rotting. i am trying to apply for my own disability but its for mental health so does that count as "disabled enough not to work" for you? technically wouldnt most NEETs in this thread fall under that category? i do agree a lot of terminally online neets probably are middle class/rich but its not a definitive rule for NEETdom.

No. 1209184

NEET means not in education employment or training and disability isn't any of those. Even if they are disabled and getting the money legit they are still a neet by definition

No. 1209213

This. I have a friend who is not only disabled but her parents are aging and need a lot of help around the house, so for most of her 20s she's had to stick around and help them and hasn't worked. No car to pay off, gets EBT for groceries.
Some NEETs are simply roommates to their family or caretakers for their parents. It's not always a situation of privileged influencer type girl who never needed to work a day in her life, or overly coddled freeloader with a rich family.
Let's not forget thirdie NEETs who marry rich guys online to escape their situations too.

No. 1209866

let's talk to each other nonie, I'm curious ! send me your discord I add you

ah yes sorry, my bad

No. 1211023

>I don't consider people on disability to be true NEETs
Ok so you're a retard

No. 1211714

File: 1654393797237.jpeg (356.91 KB, 1170x1476, 88D20F35-8CDC-459A-A63D-076C59…)

The power of NEETs

No. 1211716

I'm rooting for them.

No. 1212561

Articles like these are so funny to me, all they can do is blame and shame. Neets are just as hated as old people who've become vegetables. Situation in Italy is almost as bad as japan I read, they're socially ruthless there.

No. 1212591

As a former Italian NEET, nepotism is crazy rampant here. If you don't know, or are related to, the right people it's hard to do pretty much anything, even land a spot in a university sometimes. A lot of really talented and smart people just up and leave to work elsewhere because the country's so fucking unwelcoming. And people who DO want to work and escape NEETdom run into a lot of shitty and frustrating bureucracy and in general aren't helped at all, especially those suffering or who have suffered from mental illness. But sure, it's their fault for holding the country back kek.

No. 1212757

How did you overcome being Italian nonnatella?

No. 1212887

I put pineapple on pizza and they automatically removed my citizenship

No. 1212918

Nonas I've had it. Today I'm going to change my cv and I'm going to lie my ass off. I'm going to make the most beautiful cv you could imagine for a motivated and ambitious mid 20s woman that is looking for a career change after being a valuable employee in a small company for several years. I'm going to get a job and no "1 year of experience required for an entry position" is stopping me.

No. 1213112

Go for it anon! Lying is so worth it. Lying got me in the door and legit references.

No. 1213159

Nta but where can we find advice on how to lie on your cv

No. 1213172

If it works for you come back and share everything you did

No. 1213173

Be careful with that, you don't want to get sued.

No. 1213275

stunning and brave, congratulations on escaping italy kek

No. 1213525

super late and NTA but this absolute bop deserves recognition

No. 1213543

nonnies im so tired
i cant be bothered to work my incredibly low-effort, not even part-time job, i dont want to do any amount of hard schoolwork, and ive dropped or removed all of my friends. about 8 months ago i sperged out at the friends because they were all shitty normie women and i didnt want to play the social game and dont have it in me to pretend to like a faggot fucking caricature of a woman. why do they all do that?
this is the first summer i havent had to do anything related to school or work and i cant imagine wanting to do anything after i graduate in a semester or two. ive purposely delayed it in fact so that i can avoid graduating. but im scared my moms going to blow up on me (as she has done previously for a mental health crisis)
i need to figure out how to secure a neet life before i go nuclear about it all

No. 1214628

File: 1654560211708.jpg (63.98 KB, 480x679, in bed with apple.jpg)

how do i get out of neetdom if i dont have a baccalaureate degree ? not sure what the equivalent is in america, but its the diploma you get once you finish highschool/senior year. and there is no GED in my country. am i doomed ? realistically i know i am not since i know plenty illiterate middle aged people working jobs and such but i dont know if they just hire them out of pity or through connections, i know 0 people. i feel so ashamed of myself but i need to pay back my parents, they havent asked for it but i feel terribly guilty and it will keep eating away at me if i dont

No. 1214757

I used to be desperate to get a job and become a normie but now after years this is the only way of life I can tolerate. I wonder if there is a time limit on how long you have to escape NEETdom.

No. 1214819

Where I am there is Adult high school/secondary school at which people can finish their education as an adult and get their diploma. Maybe there's something like that in your country and you can do that? Alternatively ask for advice from a social worker? They could probably help you get in contact with the right organizations to finish your education or get a job. I also wouldn't worry too much on your parents if they haven't actually asked you to pay them back, they'd probably much rather see you get on your feet.

No. 1214916

I feel guilty about not feeling guilty about my NEETdom. Is that weird? It feels like I've been working my entire life (eldest daughter's curse) and after leaving my high-stress job a few months ago, I don't want to return. I have a small part-time job that brings in a few hundred dollars a month for my small bills and little items and I'm supported by my wife who just wants me to be happy either way. I don't even miss the social aspects, it's very nice to stay home and work out and read and draw and write and take care of my pets. The house stays cleaner and I have more time to bake as well.

Maybe I should be striving for more, like going to college or getting certifications/taking classes in my field. I know I should want to go out and make something of myself. But I love my inner world and my hobbies, I love going for a long walk whenever I feel like it, even if it's a weird time of day. Maybe there's something wrong with me for not caring if I have a social life, but damn. This is so peaceful.

No. 1214975

i think some people just thrive as neets. not all for sure but some.

No. 1214996

nona tu peux faire un DAEU, c'est un équivalent au bac et j'ai déjà rencontré des personnes à l'université qui ont fait ça avant une licence.

No. 1215024

File: 1654603646421.jpeg (117.78 KB, 1011x272, 0F9FAA92-5B39-4CA2-B576-A418E7…)

about to graduate from neetdom IF i get a call back from all the places i applied to work at. Getting a job in this city is so hard. Everyone employs their own kids and relatives and if its not the case, the competition is high since ive got no work experience competing with graduates and people who’ve worked like 50 similar jobs and know what theyre doing so theyre likely to be interviewed. But i can’t live like this anymore.

No. 1215029

Vas voir pour les diplômes équivalents au bac, ou essaie de passer le bac en tant que candidat libre. Je sais pas si tu peux prétendre à des aides pour des formations pour la réinsertion à l'emploi ou jsp quoi. Après ça si tu veux faire des études essaie de voir s'il y a possibilité de trouver des alternances ou de faire un BTS ou DUT qui te force à faire des stages, comme ça si tu trouves une alternance ou un stage ça te fera un énorme plus sur ton CV. Idem si tu peux faire un job étudiant en parallèle des études. Même si c'est pas des trucs oufs tu pourrais faire genre t'as obtenu des compétences transverses et des soft skills qui te serviront toute ta carrière. Bon courage.

No. 1215032

Why díd yóu réply tœ hér en français?

No. 1215037

I've been a neet for a few years and my god, lately I can't stand talking to normies. All they talk about is their job. Work, work and more work. Why do they even want to talk about their job? Doesn't it already take up most of their days? Isn't it better to NOT talk about work on your time off? Ffs, it's like their dead-end job is their whole identity.

No. 1215045

Noni it doesn't sound like you're a neet, you pull your weight around the house and still have a part time job. You're doing fine.

Because she saw the word baccalaureate and assumed even though it's a word that's used p much all over the world.

Ugh same. I used to be so nice and charming, nobody really disliked me, but now I can't be assed, I just don't give a shit about their cum trophies or their boring job or the weird self help book they're reading. I can't even pretend anymore.

No. 1215066

Good luck anon, I hope you get a call back! Also your picrel speaks to me because I am also a sped with an old dad who was in his 40's when I was born kek

No. 1215069

humans literally only have two options anymore: neetdom or excessive work

No. 1215237

I am trying to recover from being a NEET and I had a conversation with a guy my age he doesn't know what Steam is and never heard of Discord. Wish I could have a normal conversation without talking about the internet. Fuck.

No. 1215249

some people cant rely on neetdom because they would end up homeless or starve to death so they have to work and get long grueling jobs that leave them with very little free time unlike you.
You are the reason why you cant make a basic convo with people around you and not those normies that have jobs.

No. 1215293

Kek I was waiting for this reply. Good job assuming why some people can't keep a job.
Also I didn't think I had to specify that I don't really talk about "neet" stuff because I'm not a retard who brings up videogames and discord to normal people, I try my best to seem normal myself. People who have hard grueling jobs can still think and talk about something else in a conversation, and most people have a day off at least. I just wonder why they keep talking about the jobs that they fucking hate all the time.

No. 1215299

How are you a NEET if you still have a job

No. 1215307

You have no idea how much I wish there was a happier medium, burnout almost killed me but I am trying to only be a temporary NEET and don't want to be shut out of society like this forever just because I'm a tard

No. 1216487

Your life sounds cosy and you don't have to feel guilty about enjoying it. Also you're not a NEET.

No. 1217233

Did anyone else used to skip school
a lot as a child? I kept faking illness and got to stay home at least one day a week. I had the NEET mindset from the start.

No. 1217237

Same, nonnie. If I wasn't fake sick, I'd sit in a bathroom stall for the entire day on my ipod.

No. 1217239

kek yeah. Didn't help the fact my friend at the time had her own car so we would leave after whatever period that day.

No. 1217242

Samefag I'm retarded you said child. I would fake having a bad throat and then somehow end up actually getting sick every time which resulted in me staying home longer. Was I a manifesting queen?

No. 1217345

I was in a heavily abusive household and by the time I was in high school I wasn’t really fed and I was embarrassed and unable to focus. I showed up less and less and when I did I would just sleep at my desk with a blanket and not even the teachers bothered me because everyone knew what kind of people my parents were but nobody knew what to do about it. I was failing important classes because I was severely depressed but my teachers purposely passed me with the highest grade possible (C-) in those classes and it’s an act of empathy and compassion I still think about sometimes.

No. 1217355

Yep, not as often as once a week but usually a few times a month, mostly in middle school/high school when I was getting bullied. I faked illness but also sometimes my parents took pity on me and let me stay home because they knew my situation. >>1217242 omfg the same would happen to me kek

No. 1218006

I'm 26, never had a job, live in a little house my grandparents own and they 100% enable me bless em. I've written a few books, only for fun, currently trying to improve things by taking my A levels in the hope of going uni next year. But let's be honest if I don't quit this course, then I probably won't go to uni either but we'll see. Ah, I wish I could do nothing forever, and I guess I could, but I feel like being an intelligent young woman I should at least try and enter STEM or do something with my life that isn't being dependent. Idk.

No. 1218014

Oh yeah and I don't even have one friend, but I prefer that really. Would like a girlfriend though but finding another lesbian who isn't a TRA or a normie is impossible.

No. 1218609

>I've written a few books, only for fun
That's still so cool, anon! I have started a lot of books but never finished one, I think what you've done is a great accomplishment

No. 1218717

Starting in middle school if I was really anxious about something the next day in school I'd wake up early eat a bowl of cereal then make myself throw up in the kitchen sink and wake my grandma up going "Look, I'm sick. I feel awful I can't go to school." It would usually work. I couldn't do it as often as I'd like though or I knew she'd catch on.

No. 1218873

File: 1654813757376.png (1.51 MB, 1394x794, Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 3.11…)

Not technically a NEET, but…I got fired last year and I'm REALLY enjoying being unemployed.

I have a degree in Dramatic Arts (lol), and the only non-performing jobs I've had are in customer service, which I learned I absolutely fucking hate.
Whenever I see people talk about going to work, it sounds so bleak and I remember how much I hated it and I just double down into my comfy relaxation. I probably can't even get a job that's not minimum wage customer service anyway, so what's the point?

My boyfriend is paying for my rent and food and everything I need, and honestly it fucking rules. This is what I've always dreamed of. I can just chill, exercise, shitpost and make delicious healthy food all day and I never want to fucking work again.

I know I'm going to need income sooner or later but the longer this goes on, the less I want to actually rejoin the workforce. I just want to live like a housecat forever.

Picrel, me today

No. 1218949

File: 1654817140615.png (304.61 KB, 502x377, 1428876967672.png)

>Thread for current NEETs who do not wish to/are not ready yet to rejoin society.
Ugh… Trying to enjoy my last few days as a free woman before I become a corporate drone clocking in and clocking out… But I have to stop being a selfish woman and help the sister I'm leeching off of I honestly feel like she's close to kicking me out if I don't get a job soon kek. I'm sorry, sisters!

No. 1218965

why would you throw up in the sink you absolute lunatic? throw up goes in toilets

No. 1218971


I'm so jealous I hate being a 9-5 drone

No. 1218986

You're living the life and I hope it lasts forever. I want that more than anything. I spent years obsessing over becoming a normie and trying to get a job, then I got one. I quit after a month. Getting up at 6 every morning even when you barely slept is torture.

The biggest realization of my life is I'd rather be rich in time than money. Owning my own time is the ultimate luxury. I could never work 40 hours a week even if that meant designer bags and a luxury apartment. Never. I'd rather die.

No. 1219016

File: 1654820969203.jpeg (148.44 KB, 750x499, 3F4E18FA-C763-4706-AE84-919914…)

I recently got a part time job and while I like having the extra money I cannot wait to quit. I’m tired all the time and barely have time to clean my apartment. Being a NEET is the best honestly.

No. 1219101

so many non neets in the neet thread. be a broke lifeless loser or leave please

No. 1219230

Ye I agree.. If you have a job or go to school, you’re not a NEET.

No. 1219252

File: 1654832919562.jpg (775.37 KB, 2026x1140, 907530_1.jpg)

Any anons have some passive income/neet friendly ways to earn $? Not all of us have eternally understanding rich parents kek.
I've though of some kind of art commissions, write book, Esty shop, anything else? No retarded "sell underwear" shit.

No. 1219354

Thread for former/recovering neets:

No. 1219413

Lol true, when I said I'm doing my A levels what I meant was I've tried twice before, spent about £1000 of my family's money, quit immediately. Third time's the charm though.

No. 1219418

That's kind of you thank you. It's one of the few things I'm vaguely proud of…seeing at least something through to the end.

No. 1219469

depop. it is not just for cringy twitterfag teens like some farmers say

No. 1219697

In the last year of high school I got an email after Christmas break saying I had missed 250 hours of school because I called in sick 2-4 times a week kek. My parents allowed it because they knew I wasn't doing well and my grades were fine. How the government didn't get on my ass I don't know.

No. 1219898

>Not all of us have eternally understanding rich parents kek.
I thought most of us were on welfare. I am.

No. 1219988

It depends where you live. Cost of living and also likelihood of getting on disability or just not being bothered while long-term unemployed. I'm on disability but where I live it's definitely not enough to live on without family support. The cheapest rent possible for a room in a disgusting shared house full of students is more than the entire payment. Then on top of that you have bills and living expenses. And we have a comfy as fuck welfare system, just rent is extremely high.

No. 1220365

I hate when normies tell me to volunteer. They think it's all noble things like women or animal shelters. There's not many in my town and those are full. Most of these volunteer positions on the local website seem like corporations trying to get a volunteer to do what should be a paid position. Why would I work for free.

No. 1222808

File: 1655053619817.png (220.33 KB, 750x721, not.png)

My mom suggested I get on medication. Hate to break it to my mom but there is no magic pill that will make me a normalfag. Sorry toots better luck in the next life maybe you'll roll a better daughter

No. 1222833

Because you can add it to your resume, if you don’t need it someone whos desperate for experience will

No. 1222848

I've done it and while it helped me take things less seriously/not have a panic attack at the slightest social interaction, it really made me hate the outside world even more. The work I had to do was chill and almost fun but all the scrotes employed by the charity left trash everywhere for me to clean up and were so disorganised that everything started to fall apart as soon as the volunteer work-mule (who was a woman obviously, as were all the volunteers) took a few weeks off. If even supposedly well-meaning, woke charity scrotes can act like this towards women giving them their time for free, actual employment must be so much worse.

No. 1222859

They're telling you to do that to improve your CV if you're not capable of getting a job for whatever reason right now dumbass.

No. 1222877

Volunteering is 100000% cucked, why would you work for free. Men sure don't. If women stopped doing all labor for free society would collapse.

No. 1222887

retards. to help animals? because they're non-profits that can't afford to pay everyone who helps out because the money goes towards the animals? they do have paid positions but they can't afford that for every volunteer. money goes towards medical, food, trapping, etc. jesus christ, you people are soulless.

No. 1222889

Be right back going down to volunteer at the animal shelter and get mauled by a dangerous dog to justify my existence. Not

No. 1222894

you can work with cats, hello?

No. 1222918

In my post I said that it would be noble to spend your time as NEET in womens shelter, animal shelter, homeless support, etc. That's what most people think of when they hear volunteer. But where I live there's not many positions like that. The "volunteer opportunities" are basically companies trying to get people to do normal jobs for free.
I just realized it's not even free, you lose money if you need your own transport too.

No. 1223156

this never happens lol. but also sorry you apparently live in pitbull-allowing state, tragic

No. 1223318

I've volunteered and it sucked working full days for nothing. I got all the dirty work while the bosses (who got all the credit and social status from owning the charity) just relaxed and ordered us around like slaves. One of my tasks was MAKING THEM COFFEE. The ones telling you to volunteer probably wouldn't do it themselves. Also I hate some peoples attitude that if you're not working you owe it to society to volunteer. It's like fuck off Jonathan your job consists of sending emails and drinking Starbucks all day. How are you contributing to society?

No. 1223335

In what type of career could I work from home and support a recluse lifestyle?

No. 1223377

No. 1223379

sex work

No. 1223398

medical billing and coding

No. 1224318

Coding, art commissions

No. 1224504

I think it's working, I got an interview and I'm doing a technical test tomorrow. I've been studying for a few days. If I do well then I'll have a job, wow

No. 1224507

File: 1655171798324.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1016.45 KB, 1536x2048, 3B1E7B60-BA1C-4EFA-AA06-0F5E67…)

No. 1226759

When I first read this I was like, ahh I'm not like her I'm a coool NEET, I'm so understanding and neat and I get it when they want to vent about the same work shit for the umpteenth tim-JUST KIDDING REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I HATE THEM STFU NORMALFAG. I'd cut off my pointer to be where you are. You can't complain to me. Get some fucking sense. Holy fucking shit

No. 1226792

I do art commissions, though I can't call it work because I don't make enough to be a normie. It's pathetic but at least it makes me feel like I'm doing something useful, even if I'm not.

No. 1226883

Thinking about this

No. 1228256

File: 1655421977351.jpg (116.33 KB, 1024x768, 000_3844.jpg)

I've become too spoiled by NEETdom, all my ambitions in life are gone and I just want a scrote to enable and support my lifestyle. I don't require much and would be cheap to have as a stay at home girlfriend. I love this NEET bubble too much, I love my dumb little things my dumb little video games and consooming media. If the internet stays as it is now I could remain here until I die. I want to dive into my computer and live there forever. I don't want to accomplish things, I want to be comfortable and relaxed like a pet cat. I've lived like this for so long that my entire brain has changed. I can't go back now.

No. 1229223

The statistics on NEETs interest me. NEETs seem like a niche group. But in the US for example, in 2019 (pre-pandemic) about 13% (or 1 in 8) youths were NEET. NEETdom is more common than I thought.

No. 1229241

File: 1655498786019.jpeg (386.88 KB, 1462x1404, q.jpeg)

I was an extreme NEET from 16-19 (wouldn't leave the house at all for any reason) until I started college.. then the pandemic happened and the forced quarantine completely fucked me up again.
I can longer leave my house and I've given up on trying to make something of my life. I want to die a NEET, hopefully soon, mooching off my parents and doing nothing but browsing the internet and playing vidya all day. That's it.

No. 1229313

Nonnas, can I make a living by playing poker online?

No. 1229349

if you're really good and/or really hot, you might

No. 1229377

How does a 16 year old even count as a NEET?

No. 1229386

I got pulled out of high school and did all my work from home. Had zero friends, zero human interaction outside my mom and image boards, and never left my house save for going to therapy (usually unshowered and disheveled).

No. 1229434

how did it go?

No. 1229435

how was the transition from neetdom to college student? how did you manage such a transition?

No. 1229444

I failed everything my first semester, failed half of everything my second semester. Ditched class a lot. Soon enough I just kinda got used to being around people. Everyone minded their business so it was a lot easier than grade school - high school. But things like group projects still make me shut down. I definitely quit a couple classes because too much interaction was expected of us. I'd also see a school therapist frequently when I was feeling like shit + was going to therapy outside of school.
So basically I just threw myself into it and did it. Also a lot smoking and alcohol eventually. I'm trying to do the same now but I just have no motivation anymore. I feel like I've failed already and graduating this late is just embarrassing so why even bother.

No. 1229448

>graduating this late is just embarrassing so why even bother
The only thing more embarrassing is going through all of that and then not bothering to graduate at all…

No. 1229457

I guess so, I'm still trying. I just feel like giving up rn and wanted to vent.
Eternal NEETdom would be nice.

No. 1229459

Are we living on the same planet? People take longer than the standard 4 years all the time. Some people graduate after decades.

No. 1229468

Lol It's been 5 years anon. I started at 19 and I'm 24. It was meant to be a very basic 2 year vocational degree.
And it's really more so about having 2 older overachieving sisters who I could never compare to. I know I'm the family disappointment still living at home.

No. 1229476

who gives fuck about your sisters or you living at home still, just finish the school and get on with it. Better later than never or something.

No. 1229657

>13% of youths
People under 20 years should not be included. People whose period of unemployment lasts less than a year shouldn’t be included.

No. 1229771

yeah it's fucking weird to see ppl under 20 claim neetdom. where are they getting this from?

No. 1229796

Lack of life experience and the general bleakness of everything right now probably gives them a very melodramatic outlook on their contributions. I think it’s pretty normal for 18-22 year olds to be completely stupid and clueless and very melodramatic about what they think they should be doing until they drop the insecurity and mellow out a bit, it’s just amplified by pandemic and internet addiction.

No. 1230062

Yeah I don't get this, back when I went to university a lot of the others in first year had taken gap years between high school and post secondary if they could afford to. Now I feel like every time someone talks about taking a normal gap year online they are calling themselves a NEET. I mean I guess it's technically a year of doing what a NEET does, but it's not the same thing.

No. 1230231

I thought about posting this in the recovering NEET thread but it didn't quite match. I've been NEET for a good few years, (19-26 currently), my only "job" being to focus on MH recovery. I'm at a point now where I'm doing okay, stable, but NEET and v comfortable with that. I recently got the opportunity to volunteer in MH, which I feel will be a step in the right direction but theres this inescapable feeling that the only reason i'm doing "well" is bc of my NEETdom. Being alone and becoming my own bestie, eating when i want, doing what i want, sleeping when i want. I'm so adverse to structure and routine i'm worried that i'll fuck it up again as soon as i make commitments, but im not sure if im being defeatist/self sabotaging the opportunity before its even started. Like, I really like being NEET most of the time, but i feel it must come to an end, especially feeling the pressure as I fast approach my 30s. I guess i'm worried that all my progress on my MH will unravel when I'm forced to confront the "real world" more, not that i'm completely estranged to that, I just am so comfortable being alone. Restaurants alone, trips alone, gigs alone, cinema alone, shopping alone, everything. Guess this is more of a vent than anything. I'm going to pursue this volunteer opportunity none the less, test the waters so to speak but i'm just so damn comfortable in NEETdom and aloneness (not loneliness).

I'm wondering if any nonnie has been neet as long or longer could share their perspective on this bc even in this thread i'm like wow, im too old to be doing this.

No. 1230955

neet here and i used to have friends but they literally told me that "if you don't have a job by next year it's like not gonna work" (referring to our friendship) this was like 5 years ago. i just remember being truly deeply soulshocked that it mattered that much to anyone else. i dont have any friends anymore

No. 1233024

What kind of mental health issues, if you want to share? I've been a NEET for 10 years (16-26). For me it's social anxiety that I've tried everything to recover from, but I guess this is just my personality. When I stop trying to recover I sleep well, work out, eat healthy and feel somewhat content with my quiet little life. When I've tried working or volunteering it all goes to hell. Binge eating to cope, bad sleep, wanting to die, not exercising, wasting money, apartment becomes a hoarder tier mess and so on. I had a full on mental breakdown the last time I tried to recover. I think we're in somewhat similar situations, as soon as there's a regular normie type routine that has to be followed I just unravel after a short while.

How often are you going to volunteer? Please don't do too much at once. It sucks that you worry your mental health progress might be lost, I hate that "good mental health" is often considered being as functional of a normie as possible.

No. 1233035

The same is happening to me. My friends all got jobs and I could tell they didn't want to talk to me anymore because I didn't have one. It's so weird how normies are so obsessed with jobs, even on an emotional level. I get that some people NEED to work, but I used to work too and honestly I couldn't care less if someone I knew didn't work. I also didn't think about it 24/7 and didn't think my "value" depended on my job. I didn't really feel superior to anyone.

No. 1233041

I wonder if its because they think NEETs won’t have money for going out with them, having their own transport, going on trips together, etc. If you were wealthy NEETs maybe their opinion would be different.

No. 1233055

That’s still not what NEET means. It’s literally right there in the acronym.

No. 1233075

I'm not 100% sure what my issues are, but my diagnosis collection is ADHD, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder. Docs think I have Bipolar Disorder as well (I'm being treated as though I have bipolar disorder but idk if it's officially on paper yet).
Oh and anorexia. On top of a physically ill condition.

Got a job offer recently though, so I guess I'll be taking a break from NEETdom

No. 1233082

The term people like you are looking for is hikikomori or shut in

No. 1233499

sorry for stupid question, but is a housewife without children/elders to care for a NEET?

No. 1233541

I say yes.

No. 1233655

I dont think so. I think being a housewife is a demanding full time job but without the pay. Basically domestic servitude for a moid

No. 1236358

File: 1656004397966.gif (2.61 MB, 498x247, BD3F217B-EE90-40F2-B94C-0BDF8A…)

can you please give me advice for what clubs/courses to look for to get out of the house? i like violence, fighting, and weapons and i don’t like talking to people. i am bored and miserable.

No. 1236361

Martial arts? Or join the army

No. 1236454

Muay Thai and MMA. Go kick some ass nonnie

No. 1237053

Local show wrestling or circus classes.

No. 1237060

streets of the ghetto past 3AM

No. 1237067

Nah the crackhead are mostly asleep then. Prime ghetto is 11pm - 2am.

No. 1252840

any nonnie on NEETbux that lives on their own? like full on leeching off the government? I would like to achieve this, the mental disorder I have is considered a disability so I'm going to apply for it and possibly housing… I lived with my sister but she recently kicked me out for being a suicidal neet so I'm with my mom now figuring out what my next move.

No. 1253446

god i wish. i'm canadian and i don't think they'd give me nearly enough, they'd just force feed me shitty pills and make me work lol.

No. 1254721

I have a friend on disability and in social housing living in Canada and it sucks for her. She told me after all rent and bills she's looking at $90 extra for the month and relies on food banks.

No. 1264231

I lost my job about a month ago, had a bad depressive episode and had to move back to my home town. My mom called me when it was all going down and I had a breakdown and sort of revealed that I'm suicidal. She got so scared and told the whole family. My dad was particularly scared. I spoke to him later and asked him if he would support me if I just decided to be useless (I meant neet but he doesn't know that term) for the rest of my life, and he said yes. I kind of want to neet out forever until he and my mom die, then I'll just slide the sewer. The only problem is socializing. I've been in this state for a month, just playing vidya and surfing the web. It's really starting to hit me how lonely I am. I don't know how to make friends outside of work though. I also just want to be around people for a bit, like maybe go to a bar and get drunk and just be around other human beings even if they ignore me. I don't think financially this situation would be viable though. My dad makes good money but he's not rich. My mom is retired and is traveling a lot after decades of wage slavery, and she deserves to treat herself and not have to support her 30yo daughter. Idk man. Sorry for the wall of text.

No. 1264809

I wish. right now I'm too fucked to keep the little job I do have (just got it and it isn't going too well).
was gonna ask my doc about disability shit but then he ghosted me. my physical issues aren't officially recognized in the U.S. but I'm being treated for a mental condition which would qualify me for disability checks. but idk if a bipolar diagnosis is actually on paper yet. my medication combination is suited for bipolar but idk if I've been officially "diagnosed". the U.S. health system is so weird. I don't understand anything. like, tell me what my motherfucking diagnosis is, don't kill me with a dangerous medication combination, why is that so fucking hard?

No. 1264979

We're in a pretty similar situation, left my job a month ago, bad depressive episode, spend my time playing replaying Mass Effect to forget i exist. I live alone and i have no family, though. This month i took my savings to live, next month i won't have enough to pay for rent.

I feel so lonely, too. Haven't spoken to another human in 2 weeks, and last time was a doctor. But to me it's a good thing because it'll finally push me to suicide, next month i will literally have nothing to live for, can't even be a NEET in peace because i have no support system. Meanwhile i play video games and act in denial.

No. 1265226

back when I was living in the city (the "worst" part at that) I'd get out around 5 or 6 in the morning and the crackheads would still be twitching in empty parking lots. just standin' there. twitching.

No. 1270976

The more the very real reality that i might be leaving NEETdom soon encroaches in me, the more i feel scared. I'm honestly terrified, i want to go back to my safety net and spend my days safely at home. I don't know how to have adult responsibilities and i'm too scared to learn. I'm autistic and i feel like i'm doomed to fail if i even try.

No. 1280677

Anon why don't you just switch to a BTEC? You can still get into a good uni with that or start with a foundation year and get into an even better one, it's so much easier to pass too. I wasted my money retaking first year twice tho so I'm not too far off you.

No. 1287459

The "ew what a pathetic disgusting creature" look from random people just makes me want to never go outside again anymore. I do hygiene and dress up but it's like they smell the neet on you, the disgusted sneer is +2000 emotional damage.

No. 1287484

File: 1659499701860.png (481.94 KB, 628x780, 1627076102130.png)

Bought notebooks, gel pens, fountain pens, went to a half hour zoom meeting (muted and no webcam/icon of course) about the community college starting on the 31st. Still haven't applied of figured out what I want to study lmao. Tempted to wait until next year yet again because I did not do any money financial aid FAFSA shit I should've done months ago. If I don't do it I'll get some minimum wagie job instead and try to put on the normie not socially awkward act. Gonna miss the neet life again but I am too stagnant and I want money

No. 1287489

Hi cece enjoy your notebooks. Anons how will her lizard fingers hold the pens? Should we tell her?

No. 1287491

Former neet here. You don't have to wait until next year if you don't want to. I started community College in the winter. And you don't need a declared major for community College. Most get a general transfer degree, and even if you don't wanna go to a 4 year school and wanna just do a 2 year certificate, the first semester is so generalized you still don't have to worry about a major until later.

No. 1287494

How can they tell if someone is NEET?

No. 1287616

Same. People can always feel something off even if I try my very best to be social, clean and well-dressed. I guess it shows no matter what.

No. 1288362

my mom is telling me I should get a job and when I was like sure I'll start applying, she snuck in "people are asking me if you're special" and I laughed and was like "who asked if I was retarded" and then she was like "no special as in depressed" and them started naming her boomer friends
well ok mom ty

No. 1289507

I need something productive to do when media consumption gets old but there's nothing that interests me so I just sit outside and stare into space

No. 1289663

Tell her those boomer friends are probably able to get you a job connection instead of being rude geriatric fucks

No. 1292348

File: 1659823013404.jpeg (1.07 MB, 750x988, 4651616B-2486-40F6-945B-551B76…)

touched grass today, but it looks gross

No. 1292391

try baking

No. 1292396

Body language
She probably has a weird look in her eyes too

No. 1294115

I'm a neet and people smile at me, I think it's in your head.

No. 1294118

I started a fully remote job recently and it made me spiral back into my old NEET ways.
Being an adult NEET that earns good money was my teenage dream but the older I get the more I realize that I should go outside and experience real life before I die. I am in a constant battle with myself where I want to go outside but I have no drive to because NEETdom is so comfy.

Any other nonnas in the same situation?

No. 1294125

what type of area are you in? I’m lucky enough to live in a place where walking and biking to places is fun, but a lot of the US sucks for that.

do you live with parents? alone? with housemates?

No. 1294127

make an indie game in Godot engine

No. 1294128

I miss being a neet so much. Live your best lifes for me, nonnas.

No. 1294129

I'm starting a new job in less than a month I'm going to miss neetdom.

No. 1294148

You aren't a neet you're just a homebody. I know what you meant but you are using the word wrong. I'm a neet that loves the outdoors so I have no advice for you. I don't have to force myself to go to on a hike or the beach or camping I just naturally want to go

No. 1297852

You're not a neet if you have a job idiot. You're just a shut in.

No. 1297890

I'll take it extra easy today in your honor

No. 1297916

File: 1660213195728.jpeg (43.85 KB, 540x559, 250DD825-3766-4207-BB6D-C4203B…)

I’m fully realizing my neet dreams. My disability is going to increase so now I can create my ultimate weeb room and tell everyone to fuck off. Life is good.

No. 1304693

Sorry for barging in as an ex-neet, but I feel like if I complained about this anywhere else on here I'd only be called a blight on society like it always happens whenever an anon admits to neeting kek. I went from my only human contact being talking to my parents on the phone about once every other week tops to having to talk to 100+ people in a day. I hate everything and should I ever leave the job I currently have I'll try to find something where I work at night and preferably talk to absolutely no one at all. I have no problem living off of savings for a long time, I just have no idea how I should explain the gaps of me doing absolutely nothing job relevant.

No. 1304703

Is it possible to learn this power?
I want my disability scraps so bad but I already know I'm gonna be fighting it for years because mine ain't recognized

No. 1304723

I was a NEET for the better part of 9 years and I miss it so much. Wake up whenever, do whatever, sleep whenever… I can't do this work shit anymore. It's so limiting.

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