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No. 859941

Got stupid questions? We've got stupid answers!
Previous thread: >>>/ot/847893

No. 859950

What is it like to be beautiful?

No. 859954

You won’t give a shit who calls you ugly because you know that it’s based on bullshit. A thread on lolcow won’t hurt you unless they involve family and friends on you. (That’s weak..) you’ll enjoy it more when you wear makeup or nice clothes. You’re likely going to model at some point even though you’ve refused 30000 times.
You’ll enjoy aging because you’re still beautiful, for an old hag.
Ah..how I wish the world would mire me…sadly I’m just an ugly bitch.

No. 859958

The othere thread is not locked yet ffs, stop creating new threads as soon as you see the notice newfags.

No. 859991

Sounds kind of idealistic, anon. Kek. I mean, I'm not even sure beautiful people know that they're beautiful, and how their experience differs from ugly people. I only know what it's like to go from fat to skinny and that's a huge mindfuck. People are so much nicer to you, and more interested in you. They assume positive things about you, and notice you more. They seem to care more about your opinion. Getting more attention is embarrassing and uncomfortable. People ask about your love life. It's like you become an actual person rather than an NPC. I imagine it's even more pronounced when you're beautiful, that's probably why main character syndrome is a thing.

No. 860005

Beautiful will never be the entire world. Whatever advantages they have nature will eventually smother them by the same cruel fate everyone has, either death, murder, age, and isolation. Such is life anon, don’t put as much value on beauty because it’s going to tire you out. You can’t control what you don’t have, you can’t morph into a bombshell no matter what you do. You’re not a commodity for people to consume or to be appreciated by, you’re a human being. It’s nice to imagine and fantasize about being beautiful but I think the problem is that people don’t want to be beautiful, they just want what beautiful people have and are given, which is ultimate love and respect.

No. 860012

Who made this hellsite?? I google it and all I get is shit about gaywi farms.

No. 860108

In countries that use metric, is it common to have a kitchen scale to measure grams of an ingredient? Or do most people just eyeball it?

No. 860113

We do have kitchen scales, yes.

No. 860127

I don't even know but I was reading a reddit thread about the toilets in the Netherlands how they have like a shelf and the comments were about inspecting poo and the concept of shitting onto a shelf thing. One redditor mentioned he takes a big shit and then a few smaller ones immediately after and another redditor was like, that sounds like you're constipated?

My stupid question is, is everyone shitting massive singular logs or do people, such as myself, have a few separate shits at once? Like should my shit be coming out all at once? Reddit has made me feel insecure and constipated.

No. 860128

File: 1626916816832.jpg (113.75 KB, 940x1091, crazy-940x1091.jpg)

Am I doomed to be viewed as a bitch that no one wants to hang out with if I'm good looking and high-functioning autistic? I have internet friends who I care deeply for but people irl are so much harder to befriend. I've done effectively everything to be a Stacy, I'm attractive enough to be compared to multiple actresses, but also told that I have an 'intimidating' aura probably bc of my autism.
All my life I used to get bullied by popular girls and had difficulty making friends. Once I recognized that I was coming off as 'intimidating' my strategy then became to try and disarm myself like "haha guys i'm totes relatable and full of faults but also a crazzzzy gal…totally not intimidating, see?" (picrel). I can mask small talk really well at first but sometimes there are lulls in conversations and is a distance between myself and someone else. Sometimes the 'disarm' technique would work and other times not. But in the last time I tried it I had trouble realizing that the girls were laughing at me and not with me and were eventually making fun of me behind my back with how 'incompetent' I am for instance (undiagnosed ADHD at the time). I mean I get that humor is probably not the way to connect because my actual sense of humor is kind of bizarre deep down. But in a broader sense I think I'm lose other women's respect by trying too hard to lose the 'intimidating' aura. Then again a lot of it isn't even trying but not bothering to hide that I'm a spaz.

No. 860135

your egotistical behavior comes off as annoying if you're ugly as shit, probably

No. 860141

i think everyone has been told they resemble an actress at some point or another lol

No. 860166

Alrighty thanks for nothing

No. 860174

File: 1626920545196.jpeg (27.76 KB, 462x255, AFC71A3E-F2EA-4DC9-BBA6-84982F…)

which of you are actually jannies/farmhands on anon?
i want to call you janons

No. 860177

>Am I doomed to be viewed as a bitch that no one wants to hang out with if I'm good looking and high-functioning autistic?
I don't think people think you're an intimidating bitch, I think they realize you're a weirdo autist. A lot of female autists cope by telling themselves they're disliked because they just come off as soooo intimidating, but in reality they are just extremely weird - and people will tell you this to make you not feel bad about yourself. Hate to be the one to break it to you.

No. 860197

Idk why anons are acting like being conventionally attractive and aware of that fact is impossible or makes you a narc. It is what it is. If you truly are just a pretty girl who is awkward then yeah people will find you off-putting, especially if you don't follow social cues perfectly. Do you have resting bitch face? I think if you try to befriend other awkward or quiet women over a shared interest it could work out better for you rather than trying to hang with the "popular" girls and Stacies. All of my friends have told me they thought I was intimidating or hated them at first because of my quietness, resting bitch face and the way I dress, but they warmed up to me when they realized I'm not bitchy, I'm just shy and a bit of an autist. Maybe don't bring up your comparison to multiple actresses in front of people though lol

No. 860200

it’s not impossible but it’s more likely the autism than the appearance that’s affecting her ability to make friends

No. 860206

Yeah. Anons don't like it when other anons say they're attractive lol. I could relate to some of OPs points.

I've struggled with "fitting in" with certain women. Usually ends up them hating me. Been situations at like events with these people and I'd get approached a few times by other guys and it's lead to being like ostracised. Just petty shit like never including me in photos on nights out, always giving me backhanded compliments. Being called 'weird' when they've intentionally misrepresented something I've said.

I've been told by a handful of friends that I don't seem intimidating, just indifferent to others. Which I don't know what that means in the context I've been told. Like they've said it before they ever spoke to me they'd notice me around but didn't speak to me. But I don't make a habit of speaking to strangers lol? One friend remembers when he first saw me in a record shop and he wanted to ask me about a band I was listening to on the headphones but I didn't seem like I wanted to be bothered?

I've tried to alter how I am in instances where I feel like I'm being picked on but it never changes anything if someone has it in for you or whatever. So best thing is just be yourself and let people accept it or fuck off.

At least your pretty.

No. 860210

>Anons don't like it when other anons say they're attractive lol.
usually people that are hot don't feel the need to assure other people they're hot

No. 860218

That's fair but anon thought it was relevant to her post and no one cares if people post they're ugly. Usually other anons will be like, I bet you're beautiful nonnie. But if someone is like, I'm hot and I don't know if others neg me for it, they'll be told to stfu etc

No. 860223

>Got stupid questions? We've got stupid answers!

No. 860226

File: 1626924850912.jpg (51.75 KB, 680x620, 1625500037106.jpg)

Art anons, how does one build an audience for art commissions?
I'm fairly skilled, not god-like at all but decent, and was thinking about either targeting furries or twitterfags/normies with too much money on their hands. I used to have a pretty large following but it's been years since I put myself out due to depression, and deleted my old accounts, now with Twitter and all this weird new social media stuff I have no idea how to get an audience and then slowly start doing commissions from there. It would never be my main income, but some side money would be really helpful at this point in my life. I see 14 year olds with hardly any skill and getting 20 dollars per drawing, if they can do it maybe I can too in a niche, but I don't understand social media.
Anyone know where to start like this? It's a more niche audience so I haven't been able to find resources through searching online.

No. 860241

DK much about building an audience, but there are lots of discord servers for art commissions. I got a decent amount of them when I was terrible at art lmfao. You don't really have to build an audience in there, just have a pretty chart and see if they'll buy it. Adopts work too.

And well, if you really wanna build an audience, you could start by drawing fanarts in twitter and putting lots of hashtags. It'll attract more people to your account. Then when you've gained a decent following, start doing comms.>>860226

No. 860251

What's the worst confession you have ever received? A guy once listed all the things that made me ugly according to him and ended it with ''and even then i still love you!''.

No. 860260

i worked with a girl that said she put her son's pissed in diapers on her face likening it to some kind of anti-aging skin treatment. but i guess she didn't consider it a confession (and for some reason thought it was normal??).

No. 860263

I was in middle school back then, I was warming up because I had tennis classes, I was listening to some music because I can’t focus on just counting without something else on the background.
The guy was in my class as well, I only talked to him like once and it was only about the Simpsons.
When I was getting ready to run for a while, the guy mumble “d-do you want to be my girlfriend” and I just instinctively ignored him even though I heard him as clear as day, I had my earphones on.
It was so sad, and I would’ve honestly dated him out of pity because I’m not cute at all either, but I felt like that confession was just a “i got nothing else” kind of thing.

No. 860268

I remember being like 13 and having some 12 year old boy whisper "I love you, I love you" when we were in the swimming pool.
Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes I got out of there asap

No. 860269

I never thought about Discord! Thanks anon. I'd prefer to get a reliable audience but this will work too. Much appreciated!

No. 860273

eugh that reminds me of deciding i was mother theresa performing my civic duties at my senior prom and asking the quiet school shooter looking kid if he wanted to dance for a slow song. about 30 seconds in he told me he loved me and i couldn’t process it so he repeated it a couple more times and i was in shock and told him he was crazy and ran out of the prom.
i guess i’m not the only one that has their fight or flight activated when randomly told “i love you” kek.

No. 860276

A guy friend once confessed to me that he masturbated while he was in a call with me and another friend.

No. 860277

It's almost an instinctual fear. It's such a spontaneous but also insane thing to say to some random woman in public.

No. 860279

I hear stories like this and all I can ask is 'why'
what would compel a scrote to tell somebody, anybody this?

No. 860283

In 3rd grade on a class trip. Some guys I didn't know from a different school went to us to tell me their friend wanted to talk to me and pointed to a guy sitting in a wheelchair, who seemed to have autism, downs or some developmental disability because he spoke and moved like a retard. He told me that he liked me, liked my hair and that he wanted to touch me and then proceeded to touch himself while keep asking me, to which I got scared, told him to stop it and when he didn't, tried to kick his chair and then rushed away. Either a teacher or his "friends" saw it and high likely snitched because my class teacher later punished me for it and I had to do cleaning work and do dictations while the others made a trip to the sea.

No. 860286

Low effort bait
Thanks anons, I only said the bit about the actresses bc scrotes are lurking /ot/ like crazy and will invalidate other women's posts. Plus it was to give an idea of what I look like roughly bc I'm not a Stacy IG model type.
I mentioned my appearance because a lot of girls at that age behave differently around those they perceive to be hotter than them. I can tell that among insecure girls I definitely am viewed as more of a threat than I actually am.
Thanks anon, idk why other female anons are so triggered by a woman stating she's attractive? Don't we all get more annoyed when really beautiful women call themselves ugly like you mentioned. I only mentioned it because every person I've consulted also brings up "being pretty" as a reason as to why I'm perceived the way I am. It feels like a lazy excuse and like I need to do something else when trying to make a good impression on others.

No. 860287

puke, the worst part is that they probably did that often to a lot of girls because they knew he was untouchable.

No. 860292

It just sounds like you have an annoying personality and kind of nlog-ish

No. 860295

Yet to read the rest of the thread but you're either a delusional person who thinks they live in a teen movie, or a transwoman. Nobody else has these attitudes about attractiveness.

No. 860298

>anons getting triggered when you say you're attractive
I find this interesting tbh, it's like the men who get pissed off when a woman agrees with his compliment (except I think it's rude to outright do that in any scenario). I don't see the problem with anon claiming she's attractive and we have no way of knowing if it's true or not. Why do so many anons get up in arms even as women themselves? Jealousy? It's kind of cringy I guess but if it were true then it would be like stating a fact, and to her it was relevant

No. 860299

Kek anon is intimidating online too

No. 860300

Samefag, it sounds like your main problem is trying too hard and giving a fuck what other people think.
Literally who cares. Join hobby groups or get a job that enables you to be social (similar age colleagues) and just do what you feel like, people will be drawn to you. Sounds like you overthink everything and try to play a role and then blame being "intimidating" or whatever. You just don't gel with those people. If you really want friends just do things you like to do (outdoors/socially/groups/jobs) and you'll find people to socialise with. It's not some routine to perfect, some people are just not going to get along.

No. 860302

is anyone triggered though?

No. 860303

why do we always equate not fitting in/bullied by other girls = nlog. combined with her mentioning her looks I can see where you get that vibe but what she said isn't impossible. I too think it is her autism and not her looks, but nlog? she literally is not like other girls if she's autistic
yes look how many replies she got, all mentioning that specifically with hostility.

No. 860304

i feel like most of the replies have matched op’s energy

No. 860305

No. 860308

speaking of triggered kek

No. 860309

File: 1626933102310.jpeg (406.94 KB, 1125x1127, 8C830F55-B264-4458-A814-B5013C…)

triggered for pointing out that this is needlessly hostile and comes off insecure

No. 860310

what did you really expect from a post in the stupid questions thread that was basically “will i always be alone since i’m too pretty and autistic?”

No. 860313

>I only said the bit about the actresses bc scrotes are lurking /ot/ like crazy and will invalidate other women's posts


>other women's

Hmmmmmmm (samefag as >>860295 ) Like I haven't noticed any scrotes lurking? Are you the transwomen from /snow with the not-liketheothertrans-monologue?

No. 860316

It's more because of that "other girls hate me because i'm TOO pretty and TOO threatening" shit, like she's writing some shitty mary sue OC
>I mentioned my appearance because a lot of girls at that age behave differently around those they perceive to be hotter than them. I can tell that among insecure girls I definitely am viewed as more of a threat than I actually am.

No. 860319

try to be friends with more attractive women

No. 860321

what did I really expect from lolcow* kek, yeah. I think her being autistic affects her thinking looks are that important and the way her posts were written but who knows. I was just interested in the reaction such posts get
got it, I missed that post at first. the original was not that bad for its reactions I thought. either way, that is probably her autism in the works right there. maybe you are right and changing her viewpoint would help, regardless good luck op

No. 860323

fuck I keep messing up, missed that part* sorry for derail

No. 860326

File: 1626934692954.jpeg (192.01 KB, 1125x1133, 2EE16C57-C652-466B-B857-FC237F…)

How do you cope with a depressed fakeboi relative, privately without upsetting them with your opinion? I guess I'm scared since I know she's depressed and has harmful habits, but I can't change her worldview. She has to realize it all herself. How do you even deal? How can I believe she can get better when she stays in her internet hyperfixation bubble? My efforts to help seem slow going.

No. 860332

Unless you're her parent, you can't really force her to do anything or she'll just withdraw deeper into the bubble. The best you can do is, if she seems open enough to it, have a heart to heart with her and talk about your experiences with this kind of stuff and be a good, supportive female rolemodel for her. If you're not really that close, I'd say just try to get to know her first (if you care about her enough, you'll be able to look past the fakeboi facade). Again, there's not really much you can do unless you're her parent or guardian

No. 860335

Maybe invite her to do something fun outside like gardening. She needs to get out of the bubble first of all. There's no real rationalization you can give her since she's just going on emotion. I think seeing successful women and reading about badass women in history may also help her with the patribrainwashing.

No. 860340

Thanks nonnies. These are good ideas and, to be honest, I have tried similar things a little. We are kinda close and did have a conversation or two about gender. It's weird, she sounded almost reasonable about it, yet she's still using the fake name and gender online, making posts that indicate she is very much believing that. Anyway, the main issue is her overall happiness and lifestyle, so I try to focus on taking her out and out of her bubble. It's just not enough, nonnas, 100% of the rest of her time is holed away. No irl friends and she can't make events or appointments. I can't monopolize her time or force her to always be doing even the fun things. And to be honest, it's emotionally draining on me as well. It's selfish but I wish I could cope better on my own. I wish it could magically all be resolved without any more effort from me, I'm very selfish but after having depression myself I am so tired of grappling with it even in others. Thanks all the same. I just want her to be healthy and happy.

No. 860349

If it's that far gone then maybe just have a conversation about what she dislikes about being seen as a woman. Ppl latch onto those communities because no one talks about this shit irl and so there's no other solutions or connections to make other than follow the T pipeline. Depending on her reasons (past r@pe, being sexualized, etc) you can work from there.

No. 860354

so was lil nas behind that fan account with the weird pedo tweets? last time i checked there wasn't any proper evidence

No. 860360

Is it possible to be blacklisted by a previous employer?

No. 860372

If you were really bad then yea, maybe

No. 860373

I don't want to bump an old thread in /m/ so I'll ask here

Does one piece have any sexist crap in it? I rember watching it as a kid and liking it but child me was somewhat oblivious to the sexsim and misogyny in media

No. 860374

Serious question, is there even anime that doesn’t have sexist shit in it?

No. 860375

Does anyone have the screenshot of that post by an mtf about attending a lesbian meetup then coming home to find out he'd been removed from the group?

No. 860377

Of course, the main beef I have is the difference in male and female character designs - the men are varied, distinctive, of many different ages, sizes and attractiveness. The women are all skinny, samefaced and young with huge tits and a waist the width of their necks. There's a fair amount of annoying pervy ecchi moments too.

That said it doesn't get really offensively misogynistic or anything, I read most of it without getting too pissed off.

No. 860378

Thanks, might give it a try fo see if I can stomach it

No. 860381

What this anon said, all the women are either sexy bikini models with massive tits or straight out monstrous looking because they're joke characers, but they're usually active characters that have real thoughts, backstories and development so it's not all bad. Often pretty strong and powerful too. It's a fun series overall if you learn to ignore the melon tits and cinched waists.

No. 860388

Unironically Shoe0nHead and her friend did way back when, lel.

No. 860392

Ian didn't make the site, he just took it off the hands of the original admin and then appointed shoe as one of the moderators to stalk the IPs of the people posting in her thread. Afterwards Ian left and handed it over to a next admin and at this point it's probably Admin number 4 or 5.

No. 860416

How do you find someone's current social media account(s) if you only know usernames they used in the past? There's an artist/blogger who was active a few years ago and I loved their content, but they had a habit of constantly changing their username and making new accounts. I haven't kept up with them for a while and searching their old usernames/reverse image searching their old art doesn't bring any results, but I'm almost certain they still use social media because their boyfriend does.

No. 860422

What happens to NEETs when there is no parent to fund their lifestyle? I mean, I don't think it can be sustainable when they hit their 40s and 50s.

No. 860427

It's either the kick back to reality they needed and get a wagie job or they kill themselves I guess. Neets are a somewhat recent phenomenon (the internet addicted ones), I think we don't have enough perspective on the phenomenon in the West.

No. 860428

Type in their username in tge twitter search. If the result is several people replies to one person, that's probably her new name. If you don't find anything, she probably deleted.

No. 860432

Guys, what should I do, this is such a stupid situation…I'm financially dependent on my mother who pays my French lessons. My mother transferred a whole month-worth of payment to French teacher's bank account but she went on vacation and directed me to one of her colleagues who's gonna substitute her while she's gone. My mother told me to tell my French teacher to send the money for the substituted lessons to the sub teacher but I feel like that would be so embarrassing. I'm broke so I can't pay the substitute teacher and my mother is not willing to give more money because she says she's already paid for the lessons and that's all of my allowance.
I'm having my second lesson with the substitute teacher tonight and don't know what to do

No. 860437


No. 860440

I don't think that's rude at all anon, especially since your French teacher herself directed you to the colleague. Is she aware that your mother already transferred the month worth?

No. 860448

You think so…? Then I'm gonna do that thank you thank you

No. 860485

My number was blocked by Whatsapp, has this happened to any of you, because I don't think I did anything wrong (I barely use the application)

No. 860486

Like WhatsApp banned you? I know about blocking numbers, but I've never heard of people getting banned before

No. 860491

Lol what did you do

No. 860494

Yeah I have been blocked by the entire app, not by a person. It says I should contact support but I'm pretty sure it will just be a waste of time and nothing will happen

No. 860533

I have a house already so hopefully i can save enough money to eat a bowl or rice every two days or so. Or i will just kms.

No. 860537

So asexuals are basically people who are convinced that having a low libido is a sexual orientation?

No. 860552

basically. i know a bunch of online asexies and they're all the horniest mfers online, but are scared of irl sex because they (think they) are ugly/fat irl.

No. 860565

The couple of "asexuals" I know irl grew up in the same Catholic school as me and I'm convinced they're partially influenced by lingering Christian disdain for sexually active/flirtatious people. They're the type to announce "Why do people jump right to flirting/why do they fuck on the first date, I'll never understand!!!" and somehow don't connect the dots kek

No. 860590

Why does Korean and Chinese pop culture like celebs to have more or less identical faces, bodies and styling unless it's their "thing" to look different? (Then it's wAckY and a defining trait, instead of it being how humans naturally differ). It's not like how the West artificially creates trends for a type like 'blondes', 'exxocticals' or whatever, cos those women will still look different and have unique personalities. I hope I've explained this sufficiently lol. They talk about someone's looks as if it's a personality trait, I find it confusing.

No. 860625

I think there's people who don't experience sexual desire or attraction because of trauma but otherwise yes

No. 860628

Seems to me a result of being homogeneous societies and having very strict and limited beauty standards

No. 860637

i keep seeing a bunch of videos of people living in vans or converting buses into RVs and living in them and i want to know what these people do when there’s severe weather? do they just drive away from it ahead of time? seems like a pain in the ass.

No. 860640

I googled this exact question once kek. Heavy rain isn’t too bad but most of them indeed check the forecast ahead of time and drive away. Vidrel is only semi related but I recommend watching it; it’s a really good breakdown of how much vanlife sucks when you don’t have the fancy renovated type of vans/RVs you see on social media.

No. 860649

is it disordered to eat pretty much the same foods everyday? does it really matter if somethings disordered if everyone eats like shit anyway?

No. 860657

i think it would only be considered "disordered" if you're purposefully limiting yourself like a total liquid diet or only eating celery and lettuce or something. it's a good question though, i'm curious too if someone actually knows.

No. 860660

Is there anything, ANYTHING that might help with keratosis pilaris?

No. 860661

Imo it is because you probably aren't eating balanced

No. 860671

File: 1626975125947.jpg (81.68 KB, 1500x1500, 71kxToKRjSL._SL1500_.jpg)

Use a moisturizer with urea. Exfoliate every day with a wash cloth in gentle curricular motions - don't use those bottles with scrubby bits like apricot seeds or coffee. Get some sounds, KP looks worse if you're a pale-chan. Godspeed.

No. 860673

Fuck autocorrect. *Get some sun

No. 860674

I read somewhere thst glycolic and/or azelic acid can help

No. 860676

second urea cream, I use(d) Eucerin 5% Urea lotion in 2 weeks they faded a lot.

No. 860682

Seconding this. Drink water, use moisturizer with urea and keep the area from getting dry as much as possible. I have really bad KP and I use this gold bond lotion, the ordinary’s lactic acid serum, and dream cream from Lush and my skin likes the combo. But honestly it ‘feels’ better but the little red dots never fully go away for me cause I’m very pale.

No. 860717

almond oil helped me a lot

No. 860722

i'm over dealing with mine and just moisturize like normal and rock it lmao all of the suggestions definitely work but you have to stay consistent with them or it will just come back eventually

No. 860730

File: 1626979909795.jpg (150.5 KB, 1200x1200, coolife.jpg)

This motherfucker. Not even kidding. I'd used a Salux towel and all those stupid creams and lotions, but pairing this thing with a peel is the smartest thing I've done. And I used it on my butt and now my butt is smooth!

No. 860731

How long should I keep important documents like medical bills / paystubs / CC account info / etc. ? I'm looking to downsize my accordion folder and I'm wondering if I need paperwork from hospital stays or dental work from like 8 years ago. The paystubs are easier to manage because I have them in separate envelopes w/ the year dated on them and when I do taxes I put my W2 in after I pay. But what's the recommendation in keeping these? Should I still keep the little folders they give you when you open a CC account?

Wish I could go in to parents about this, I feel like such a dumbass lol

No. 860742

How much water are you supposed to drink in a day? I try to drink 3 liters and I feel like I'm peeing every fucking hour. My pee is clear but I've also heard it should be "pale yellow"

No. 860744

google says 2.5-3.5 liters is ideal. i probably way over-consume water personally because it's all i really drink. i think i'm clearing over a gallon a lot of days but yeah i am peeing constantly too kek.

No. 860746

Many doctors that I've seen say: as much as you feel like drinking, and you should never ever force yourself to drink less. When talking about frequent pissing they just shrug reminding you pissing has never killed anyone unlike dehydration.

No. 860800

Does chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost over night? If I chew it in the morning will it be too hard to bite?

No. 860809

Anyone else get chest pains while they are on their period?

No. 860815

>Does chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?
>If I chew it in the morning will it be too hard to bite?
Initially it will be hard but then it might soften up due to your saliva

No. 860817

girl, just get a new piece when you wake up

No. 860819

Brand new gum? In this economy?!

No. 860829

i tried to post on 4chan for the first time in over a year but i gave up after failing the capcha like 12 times. is there a trick to it or am i truly just retarded?

No. 860836

Omg yeah that captcha is really hard for like no reason.

No. 860841

I struggled for ages too and when I finally got it right, on a fluke, I discovered my IP range was permabanned fml.

No. 860845

I find it hard too, but you know you gotta scroll until you find the letter combination, right?

No. 860850

File: 1626987863405.png (12.91 KB, 616x280, captcha.png)

Look at the numbers and letters while moving the slider.

No. 860861

What do you all think about Substack, the journalist migrations and the newsletter boom in general? Do you subscribe to any, and what do you like about them?

This is a v self serving question because I launched my own recently (aimed at girls and gays, not a lot are) and I'm wondering what this demographic actually wants/needs in an email newsletter. I think it's a good substitute for social media scrolling and kind of reminds me of early fashion blogging. Mine is a mix of lesbian terf politics, vintage media and personal stuff (so far) and I've attempted some Sontag style essays. I want to eventually add extra paid posts but I'm not sure how to spark interest in it for this audience (as a lot of newsletters = male tech stuff)

No. 860865

thanks everyone, I'll try out your suggestions. t. kp anon (who is pale)

No. 860875

I'd be interested in yours

No. 860885

this is like an art exhibit to teach children what having dyslexia feels like

No. 860905

nta but most of mine were still frustratingly unclear, some of the captchas are retarded.

No. 860908

It's so dumb but i hope it exhausts the shitposters and newfags enough so they stop clugging threads with bad baits. This captcha is going to murder image dump threads though, rip the reference threads on /ic/.

No. 860910

How do you deal with people that just complain all the time? At work I try avoiding coworkers by busying myself but I feel like lately so many people are negative

No. 860919

I don't know anything about it but I would be interested in something like yours

No. 860926

Just be dismissive of their bad vibes and offer good vibes
>eh, so what, no big deal. let's get a pizza
>well it is what it is. might as well get a pizza
If they continue to be negative, just accuse them of ruining their own pizza experience.

No. 860928

what if they can't digest pizza

No. 860944

I have written it ridiculously, but the truth is nobody wants to be negative, it's just something people fall into. They just need a little reminding to snap out of it.
I have chosen pizza as an example because it's a universal comfort food, but it can be anything else nice.

No. 860981

Does anybody follow competitive figure skating? Any predictions for the olympic podiums next year? The summer olympics is making me excited for the new season to begin.

No. 861010

no i’m just a gymnasticsfag

No. 861019

should I be concerned if an attractive guy is interested in me romantically? I've been called ugly before, granted only once and few years ago, but it was by a complete stranger. I've improved to barely average based on rates i've gotten. Basically I think I'm ugly but in an endearing way? because since been called that i've improved my appearance and my rates are still average and some rate me below average. The guy is attractive with nice body and all and has lots of women flirting with him etc. I'm just wondering why he would like me (he barely even talks to me) based on what i've said about my appearance? how likely is it he has ulterior motives? I'm very quiet at work so maybe that's why but? the reactions i've gotten before by coworkers have been in the vein that it's creepy (if i were attractive everyone would think it's adorable lol). Idk i'm thinking he thinks i'm easily manipulated or something, which him just expressing already has me thinking way too much about him, more than I like. Like yes I'd noticed before he was attractive but nothing more, kinda like rejecting him before he rejected me i suppose lol, and didnt have a crush but now i feel myself slowly developing one since he made himself seem "obtainable" if you will to me. Sorry for the sperg out i'm just confused and don't want to delude myself lol

No. 861060

I love it but with no proper competitons last year I haven't watched in a while.
Hope a proper Grand Prix series happens this years, Junior and Senior.

No. 861061

Does anyone recc starting a instagram/twit to shell out nsfw art to draw in the big bucks from furries and coomers? I've never posted my art online before (am petrified to) although I think it's alright, but will gladly learn what scrotes love if it means paying the bills.

No. 861078

What are the chances I’m pregnant after ~20 negative pregnancy test results and getting my period twice? I had a miscarriage 11 weeks ago, but in the past week I think that I’m showing and I’m feeling kicks. Is it possible I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I’m just so pants on head crazy that I don’t know what a period is?

No. 861081

File: 1627016072401.jpeg (362.25 KB, 553x1433, 778A4227-6846-4F83-B6D1-3BB2DD…)

sounds like it's very very slim if you've been using the tests correctly. if you have around a 5% chance of false negative, to keep getting that 20 times in a row is 0.05^20 which is an extremely small rate. If you are this paranoid I would see your health care provider if you can afford, even if it is embarrassing because living with that much stress is not good.

No. 861087

Ty nona. I’m more concerned ab the hook effect with HPTs but ~1/4 the tests I took were diluted to account for that. It’s hard to find same-day/next-day natal care besides fundie Christian “crisis centers.” They do free ultrasounds but only to talk people out of abortions. Every OB or midwife in the area is a month+ wait, even PP is three weeks wait. I’m a little embarrassed to waste a real OB doctor’s time by saying “my LMP was 4 weeks ago, but I believe I’m 18 weeks,” like they’ll skip the US and send me straight to a psych ward.

No. 861092

i'm not well versed in pregnancy science and struggles kek but with two periods the chances sound slim. I'm sorry to hear about the waits and I relate being to being embarrassed about thinking you have something when you don't, but in my experience better to feel ashamed than worrying so much. Can you ask a friend if they feel the kicking as well who's familiar with pregnancy? And if even after two periods and more time you think you feel kicking trying a fundie center sounds like the route if it's this late. Hopefully you never go back, and you can rope a supportive friend into going with you and help you laugh it off and support you. I looked up when fetuses start kicking and it looks like it varies. If this is your first pregnancy it's even less likely.

No. 861127

How do I get better at finding books to read?

So many books have shit summaries on the back or "reviews" that say shit like "fantastic!" or some crap. Libraries don't have the books that tend to pike my interest so I'd have to buy them but I don't want to waste money.

In the last few years the only books I read were all books that had a game made after them.

No. 861131

When people say they are trying to quit sugar do they mean they just stop putting it into things they could (like tea or home baked cookies) or they also try to avoid it in store bought, prepackaged things which is like…impossible?

No. 861134

The second one, usually. They tend to avoid the most obvious sugary stuff

No. 861144

have you heard about libgen? also, just research books with themes that interest you, read websites about literature like themillion, electricliterature or whatever site deals with reviewing fantasy novels. Read reviews in general.

No. 861168

Do padded camisoles feel as uncomfortable as bras or is it more like wearing a tanktop?

No. 861169

When buying a headset, what should I pay attention to in the specifications if I don't want it to sound 'canny'? I see things in the descriptions like 'impedance' and 'sensitivity' and 'frequency' but I have no idea what they mean

No. 861174

I guess I meant 'tinny'

No. 861175

I can't help but OT 'canny is regional slang for good where I live so I was really confused for a second kek, I think you meant 'tinny'

No. 861176

Any recommendations for summer andro fashion? I easily pull off GNC looks in the colder seasons (mostly men shirts + straight pants) but when it's hot I mostly wear cute summer dresses, which I love but I want to look more androgynous.

No. 861178

kek yes, I'm ESL and assumed that they are interchangeable for some reason. But now I realized 'tin' is the material 'cans' are made of so yeah, today I learned haha

No. 861179

(cargo) shorts and like those hawaiian shirts(idk what the specific english name for them is) They seem to be popular here.

No. 861185

Consider buying a headset from an actual audio company such as Sennheiser or Beyer Dynamic instead of a gaming brand.


Headphones with thinner wire in the voice coil will be higher impedance. Higher impedance headphones require more voltage than current and you will need a dedicated headphone amplifier to drive them. If you're just plugging them into your motherboard an impedance of 8 - 80 ohms is what you should be looking for. Note that your motherboard has a built in headphone amp and DAC, it just isn't very powerful.


How loud the headphones will be at a given output voltage from an amplifier.


Output of audio frequencies from the headphone.

No. 861189

Holy shit, this is super helpful, thank you so much!!!

No. 861197

Has anyone else noticed that staring at their computer screen for long makes their forehead muscles tense up?

No. 861233

What is the difference between being shy, distant and closed off?

No. 861235

Purely personal,
>shy: wants to interact with others but can't
>distant: doesn't want to interact with others but can
>closed off: can, and does interact with others, but less than what would be normal

No. 861236

What's the longest amount of time that you guys spent unemployed?

No. 861239

Where is Donda?!?

No. 861244

20 years. (I'm 20.)

No. 861255

I dislocated my jaw yesterday and realised that only now. My doctor doesn't work until Monday. Am I fucked?

No. 861279

everytime i pet my cat she starts licking the spot i touched.
does she think im dirty?

No. 861280

maybe you're a robot

No. 861295

Let's say you meet a couple whose child seems to have either autism or Asperger's but they don't seem to notice it. Would you tell them? Or ask about it?

No. 861296

How do so many anons know internet-famous people, people who go viral, youtubers, etc?

No. 861302

No, if I was really concerned maybe I'd casually talk about some made up acquaintance's autistic child to try and inform them of what autism symptoms look like.
I'm actually like 95% sure my 21 yo sister has undiagnosed aspergers, no idea how to bring it up to her or my parents though, sometimes I tell her she's acting autistic or I straight up point out that some of her behaviors are symptoms of autism but she thinks I'm joking

No. 861305

samefag, now that I think about I resent her teachers for not realizing and telling my parents, so I will add to my answer, if it's a child that's under your care in some way then definitely do bring it up directly

No. 861309

if not a single other person noticed it at all, all these years, she probably doesn't have it

No. 861318

>Have you heard of Chris-chan? No? Oh, it's just that your son reminds me of him. Look him up, he's an internet celebrity. I think your kid has it in him to follow in his footsteps

No. 861321

I mean not a single person apart from me noticed because she barely interacts with anyone, as a kid she was always quiet and scared of everyone and never spoke with anyone except for me and my friends sometimes (but she threw tantrums regularly at home). I think that if she had been a boy acting that way, always on her own and never interacting with other kids on her own initiative, it would have been more obvious, but since she was a girl and got good grades the teacher didn't notice/care. In high school her only friend (apart from me and my friends who she hung out with sometimes) was a literally mentally retarded girl in her class, everyone knew there was something wrong with her it just wasn't their business. Idk I might be wrong obviously but it makes so much sense with the way she is

No. 861322

File: 1627056803447.jpeg (47.35 KB, 655x527, 715E3E80-433C-4E16-8EB9-B4C6A0…)

I don’t know much about the Uighur re-education camps, but I know there’s Chinese people out there that think the claims about the camps being unethical. I was wondering, what do they think of the testimonies of the people that have said to have been at the camps (and said that the camps had women being raped, people being tortured etc)? Do they think their all lying? If so, what is motivating them to lie? Do they think the BBC is paying them to lie?

No. 861344

I don't want to get too much into it, but the consensus seems to be that "genocide" seems to be too strong of a descriptor for what's happening in Xinjiang in the sense that Uighurs aren't being massacred like the Jews were during the Holocaust. It also doesn't help that Adrian Zenz is a right wing Christian evangelist who used less-than-credible sources in his report and many people, such as communists/socialists, think that it's a ploy to discredit China through American/western imperialism. From my very shallow knowledge of understanding, the Uighurs are being culturally and lingustically displaced to become Han Chinese/Sinicized, where Uighurs are forced to learn and speak Mandarin and to forget their religion and cultural customs. Does this warrant the term genocide? China scholars don't think so, especially so now that many people discredit there is anything going on in Xinjiang.

No. 861354

I got a diagnosis at 30 and this reads like how I was. I spent a lot of time feeling bitter that in a way it seemed very obvious looking back. But then again I got therapy years ago and had to accept that there was some neglect in my childhood anyway. Especially when it came to medical or mental health treatment.

I remmeber one girl in my class was mute. Nobody ever heard her speak in the entire 8 years we attended. No special school, no special classes or assistance that we knew of, this girl didn't make eye contact. To this day I wonder what came of her and whether we just didn't have anything in place at that time for cases like her. Alarming to think of how that just shouldn't fly.. and yet it did. She was almost comatose at times, closed off from everyone. I feel bitter about my own shit but that showed nobody in my class stood a chance of getting what they needed.

No. 861375

Can I get a therapist online if I don't live in America?
I can not get one in the country I live in because I don't speak the language. It is also very expensive country. I can speak English but I am not American and it is not my mother tongue, so I don't know if American psychiatrists would listen to me and take me seriously. I also don't know if online therapy is a scam.

I have no one to ask in real life so I am asking here.

No. 861386

How did she manage to attend school with that condition, did the teachers never ask her questions? I'm assuming it's grade school so oral tests were non existent, but how the hell do you go through all those school years without uttering a single word? Do you know if her situation at home was fucked up?
(sorry for asking so many questions but this is truly fucking me up, I've seen teachers yell at low talking students, I can't imagine what she went through)

No. 861397

She would move slowly, eyes nearly always on the floor, tended to sit in corners or away from everyone. To us as kids she was just a mysterious presence who never gave anything away about herself.

She was pretty overweight so obviously getting fed but being allowed to overeat quite badly at home. She would write when we had to but I don't know if she could read and write well. Only the teacher would know that. The teachers never got her to speak or pushed for it. It's like she was in a bubble where she was there but couldn't or wouldn't communicate or get too involved with her surroundings. I really hope she went on to attend somewhere more suited to her needs.

No. 861404

so essentially they're assimilation camps, similar to Indian assimilation camps of the past?

No. 861408

are there any sites similar to lolcow but in Russian? i'm studying it and don't live in an area where I can practice with native speakers often and I know so many ESL people who got basically native proficiency by being terminally online so i'm trying to do that on myself but so far i've just found subreddits and i hate reddit

No. 861410

idk but I heard that there's a Russian version of /ic/, so idk

No. 861414

I'm pretty sure there are therapists who do online sessions. Google it in your mother tongue and see if something comes up

No. 861417

I come from a small third world country so I could not find anything in my language. I am also sure they wouldn't help me and they would tell me I did it to myself. I was sex trafficked and I don't want to talk to people who might know me.

No. 861420

don't quote me on this but you'd have to have a credit card that they could charge but I don't see it being an issue as far as online services. Most therapists are happy to email so you can ask them directly to set up a consultation on Zoom. Here's a link if you haven't already checked it out:


No. 861423

I'd recommend looking for a therapist that specializes in trauma specifically crime victim advocates or sexual violence. A random from Betterhelp or any of those commercialized therapy groups typically have a lot of under qualified therapists with not as much specialization that this issue would require. I'll look up specific orgs in the states here that have more defined resources if you'd like hold on

No. 861428

That sounds like an apt comparison, though there's a lot more international awareness and scrutiny than in the past with residential schools.

No. 861511

Can you guys give me picnic food suggestions? Preferably things easy to make, but as long as it's good for humid summers and won't go bad really quick without a freezer bag that'd be best!

No. 861521

Does anybody know of actually good, youth magazines that are big enough to not be considered fanzines but also aren't completely corporate? I'm trying to find the equivalent of something like Vice from the mid 2000s, I miss their vibe.

No. 861525

sandwiches, a cheese board in tupperware containers, crackers with jam and/or cream cheese, hard fruit (apples, pears), maybe grapes or cherries, soft pretzels with dip (hummus, mustard) or yogurt-covered, carrot cake is super nice if you feel like it.

No. 861526

When I go on picnics I usually make little sandwiches cut into triangles, pastries like sausage rolls and pork pies, cheese breadsticks and salads.
For sweet things, cookies are always a good and easy choice, or maybe little cupcakes and shortbread. Depending on what fruits you have available, you could also make up some pots of berries.
As long as the food doesn't get ridiculously hot, these should all be suitable for a humid day. Have fun on your picnic nonna! Remember to take a good blanket.

No. 861543

>little sandwiches cut into triangles
Triangles always taste better than rectangles.

No. 861548

How does an appointment for trying to get officially diagnosed with depression/anxiety with the GP go? What do they ask? Are they interrogating you or is it like a "sit down and talk about your concerns" sort of thing?

I'm finally going to go in and try to sort my life out officially either via CBT or medicine but I'm super fucking nervous to go. I just want to be prepared. I live in the UK if that helps

No. 861550

(I swear I'm not humble-bragging) how do I start appreciating my body? I'm an absolute butterface, but I'm very used to hide my body because people called me ugly so now my self esteem is too low to appreciate my "good shape" specially when scrotes keep harassing me, i want to stop taking it for granted.

No. 861551

Iirc the GP won't do that for you, they might give you a script for something like propranolol or sertraline. I don't think anxiety cases with no comorbidities get referred on to community mental health teams for a formal psychiatric diagnosis unless they are severe and life-limiting.
Chances are good that you will instead get referred on to IAPT (improving access to psychiatric therapies or something) and that is a short course of general therapy. They can triage you on to more specialist charities or back to your GP and potentially on to the CMHT if you're very bad and they can't help you.
CBT has a very long waiting list, at least where I am. There is such high demand and so little provision. I know that often there are free online CBT resources which are actually really good; moodgym used to be a good free one but I'm not sure what state it's in now.
Hope that helps nonnie, I know it's dumb for me to say this but try to relax. It's all OK. Well done for reaching out.

No. 861560

Oh yeah and in the appointment they'll just ask how they can help/what's been troubling you. You can start by just talking about your most significant symptoms - I'm experiencing loss of appetite/sleep/whatever and I think it might be anxiety related. Then they'll ask a little more to be sure it's not something else (while clicking on their computer constantly, entering in symptoms etc) and they'll usually ask you what you want to do about it. You can ask what the options are and choose your favoured.
It won't be an interrogation at all. It might feel brusque, because most of them are working to serious time constraints and they're always behind, but it's nothing to do with you or your issues, and it's definitely not because they don't believe you etc.
I have faith in you!

No. 861657

So after looking at momokun’s ass, I got paranoid thinking I got the same weird discoloration or like dark spot and I do have it, how do I make my ass look normal? It’s not noticeable if I don’t spread my cheeks but like, what if I lay down and someone sees my darker insides while I’m at the beach or something? I’m being paranoid, I also wonder, is it normal or do I have some weird disease?

No. 861662

File: 1627090690986.jpg (6.61 KB, 81x293, 116582467_178880666948716_2365…)

Are you talking about the bit around your anus? It's totally normal and genetic to have a dark bootyhole, anon! I promise you're not weird or anything. I used to be so self-conscious of mine and even resorted to bleaching. It gets less noticeable with squatting and shaping your butt too, but nowadays I don't give a shit about hiding it. It's really not that big of a deal

No. 861664

Why are there so many farmers comparing themselves to camcows recently?
Who tf is going to see your butthole to determine you need a bleachin'? Who the fuck cares?

No. 861678

Oh so is this the new insecurity of the month we're supposed to agonize over? Might as well just peel your skin off if you're insecure over this kind of stuff. It's human skin it's not supposed to look like a hentai.

No. 861681

I confessed this in an old Confessions thread but basically I have conditioned myself to need right before I lay down to sleep because I used to use a chamber pot (pee cup) since my bathroom was so far away from my bedroom and I’m terminally stupid.
How do I stop doing this. My body now insists I have to pee before crawling into bed, even if I just got back from the bathroom. Will it get better over time??? Am I doomed to forever be like this??????

No. 861727

Can someone give me advice on how to deal with intrusive thoughts of gore/body horror? It’s making me really depressed, I saw a scene from a horror anime by accident with graphic gore and I have OCD so now I keep thinking of everyone I care about in that situation and it’s really freaking me out. Does anyone have advice for how to deal with this? I don’t know how to get it out of my head.

No. 861738

I have horrible intrusive thoughts too and what I usually do is just distract myself as soon as I get them. I find that if I'm preoccupied with something it makes it easier to focus and those thoughts won't happen as frequently. Basically just interrupt it with a random train of thought you can follow and don't feed into it at all. The more attention you give it, the more it will show up. If it's particularly severe, it might take even a week or two for you to regain control over your thoughts (you have to be very consistent in disrupting them as they happen though). I don't know how much this advice will help you, but it personally helped me manage it better. Remember anon, our neurons are just attention whores who want our brain's attention all the time, but as soon as we start ignoring them, they eventually get replaced.

No. 861779

this is great advice. another thing would be to tell yourself you should expect these thoughts to reappear because you had recently watched something gorey on accident, this way you won't be so surprised if they do reappear. not your fault, but welcome your brain to attempt to act like an annoying toddler.

No. 861791

File: 1627105410121.png (363.18 KB, 498x499, France_Gall.png)

If you could woke up tomorrow looking like anyone you want, who would it be? For me either France gall or hikkichan

No. 861793

Me if I exercised regularly.

No. 861812

File: 1627108002207.jpg (53.83 KB, 474x711, 21498159074921ab584992bd076c8e…)

No. 861815

same, me thin and fit and with good skin

No. 861821

What positions are likely to be eliminated due to automatization in the near future? Some acquaintances told me that they went to Sweden for holiday and the hotel they stayed at didn't have a receptionist at all, they had to check in on a digital platform which sounds pretty cool

No. 861824

A sexy goth betch

No. 861832

Simone Simons

No. 861833

hows asha doing these days?

No. 861840

I checked up on her a few months ago and she still seemed to write weirdly, but wasn't obsessed with whiteness anymore and seemed much more harmless and less gross.

No. 861846

thank you, she seems to be on one right now, god i still feel so bad

No. 861873

I've eaten a little bit more over the last few days because I'd been losing weight I didn't intend to lose, but the scale is telling me I'm up a few kilos and I'm freaking out. Is it really possible that I put on so much weight so quickly? I'm not eating more than 1,700 calories daily.

No. 861874

Water- or foodweight. Fat doesn't just appear out of nowhere, so if you really didn't eat enough to gain, you haven't.

No. 861875

File: 1627121092444.jpeg (84.45 KB, 1246x1124, E67XjKGXEAQQF1P.jpeg)

What is your hangover cure? And shameover/The Fear cure?

No. 861876

If you're only eating ~1,700 a day (assuming you're in the 157cm-175cm range) you should be fine, that's a perfect amount for most people. Scales are finicky and many factors can lead to rapid weight fluctuation, like what foods you're eating, drops in physical activity, where you're at in your cycle, how often you're going to the bathroom, etc. I find that if I'm nearing my period or if I eat dairy the scale always says I weigh a bit more, even if I'm eating less food than usual during that time.

No. 861880

Myself but 10cms taller.

No. 861885

Theanine babeyyy
It's dirt cheap, tastes like almost nothing and it's a food supplement (not a drug). I find it very effective for acute anxiety episodes, especially chemically induced ones

No. 861894

Anyone here watch Zola yet and would recommend it? Reading the wikipedia synopsis makes me really uneasy but if the film itself is more about like, female resilience/connection than it is about watching two women get terrorized by men I'd be interested.

No. 861918

What's my head-shape? I've a very round face, a big forehead and almost no jaw and every hairstyle i try looks like shit on me, I'm supposed to use bangs but it looks awful too.

No. 861920

Pull your hair back, stand in front of a mirror and use lipstick or something to draw your face outline on the mirror. Then assess.

No. 861938

File: 1627133255239.jpeg (227.99 KB, 1150x2048, 0357428b66727952386eeef1294ea4…)

Holy shit, thank you for posting this, I thought I had made this person up in my head or something. I was friends with her on FB in like 2014-16 after she posted photo of herself in an MDE group (I know, I've changed since then) and my gay ass immediately added her and looked at all her pics. I was so obsessed and I didn't even know other people were too until now, she really has natural star power. She had such a weird vague way of talking. I remember sometimes she would comment on my stuff and we later followed each other on IG until she got super into military shit. I hope she's doing well, she's so cute.

To answer your question, I would want to look like either Anna Karina or So!YoON! (picrel)

No. 861950

She's so beautiful. I love a very classic, natural face with dark hair

No. 861974

my animu self-insert, unironically. i don't want to be human.

No. 861993

How long do laptops last nowadays? I want to get one for when I move out since I won't be able to take the desktop PC with me. But idk if I should just drop $700 or save up much more and just get a desktop computer.

No. 861995

Does it count as a garfielf parody video if it's not poorly drawn ms paint

No. 862000

A $700 laptop won't last you more than a year at most probably. If you invest in something nicer it could probably last you ~5 years

No. 862003

File: 1627138670862.png (988.2 KB, 919x758, what is this even called.png)

What do you call this kind of neckline/top? It reminds me of how ballet dancers in movies wear the arms of a top over their leotards. All I can think of is "negative space halter" kek

No. 862007

I think that is a bolero jacket over a sleeveless top

No. 862008

How do I prevent a depressive I can almost taste is creeping up on me? I'm showing the signs as I did a few years back where things were really, really bad. Nothing really triggered this and I'm getting scared.

No. 862010

Huh, didn't occur to me that it might just be two separate garments. Thanks

No. 862016

Seriously?! The fuck only 1 year. Ok I'll save up ty.

No. 862018

Does anybody know of any cute bike helmets? Would horse riding helmets be a good substitute, or would that just look stupid since I'm not on a horse?

No. 862022

someone who can do parkour i want to roll everywhere

No. 862023

Maybe try to do something new or unusual to break monotony?

No. 862024

wat. I've had way cheaper laptops that lasted for years.

No. 862031

Only five years? Sounds like a Dell kek.

I usually dunk on Apple products, but I bought a refurbished 2011 macbook pro that lasted until late 2019 with only one major repair. Right now I have an MSI laptop that still works a dream a couple years in.

My current laptop was about $1100. Save up and buy yourself something nice for a couple hundred more. I think you can get a solid laptop in your price range, with maybe less bells and whistles.

No. 862036

I don't really need anything fancy or high spec, just something that's long lasting and has a big screen. Forums, drawing, and low spec games are the only things I use it for.

No. 862052

Anons with social anxiety who use dating apps how do you get over your panic? Just looking at someones profile makes me anxious

No. 862056

Is "no thoughts head empty" some kind of coomer catchphrase? It sounds like one.

No. 862059

I stick to chromebooks because I only really browse online and watch youtube/netflix, that's all I need it for. They've been about 250 euro each and I'm on my third now. The previous two lasted about 6 years each.

No. 862061

*5 years

No. 862065

Exposure 'therapy' for me. Went on a few dates, found out the guys are as nervous as me and that it's not a big deal. Do it many times and it becomes easier.

No. 862068

kek. no, i think it comes from the smooth brain memes and making fun of people for being stupid and emptyheaded. you're right in that it is coomerish, this sentiment in hypnosis porn.

No. 862082

Hikkichan is very interesting. She's basically a chuuni anime girl irl.

No. 862085

Personally I have no want or need to keep a laptop for more than 3-5 years, I usually trade in or sell once Apple comes out with a new laptop that has enough new features to entice me. I got my current MBP in 2017, it still runs fine but I'm planning to get a new one soon. The only issue I ever have is battery life

No. 862118

I have MBP retina 2017. Battery is fine, but I have constant issues with overheating, a few glitches, it won't turn off properly sometimes. I always have it propped up, browse lightly, don't have much stored and power off every night, still have issues and have done since the second year of owning it. I think the shitty small vents are a huge design flaw in particular, I can't clean it properly even after taking it apart. I do clean it to the best of my ability though. I want to move away from Mac but it's all I know. I like being able to buy online and know I'll be satisfied at least in the short term. New Mac products seem to bust up after 2 years for me. My ipod shuffle 1st gen is still going strong, whereas every other product has fucked up. Tinfoil but I think it might be deliberate.

No. 862124

File: 1627148888824.jpeg (579.72 KB, 677x769, 6D0B1FDE-D633-4348-BD1D-12F835…)

I’ve never had steak before in my entire life, but is it good or does it taste too gamey?

No. 862135

how does it sound coomer?

No. 862159

Nta but it sounds like a brainwash mindbreak hypno porn catchphrase

That said I actually like "no thoughts head empty", it's an innocent phrase for me

No. 862195

If you’ve had lamb, mutton, or even duck, the flavor is nowhere near as intense. It’s more meaty than chicken or a lean cut of pork, but I think it’s a really good middle ground. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular meals

No. 862200

The first time I saw this phrase was on tranny Twitter, it's especially popular with the bimbo/drone/doll fetish community. Since then I associate it with coomer shit, I cannot see it with an innocent meaning.

No. 862207

how do people get so many followers on twitter? it seems like even random personal accounts all have at least 1k or 2k nowadays

No. 862229

What's the difference in board culture between lolcow and crystal cafe? Do farmers and cc users have disdain for each other? I always see farmers shitting on crystal cafe and while lurking on CC I saw a few comments about LC being "basically twitter but edgier", which is weird because it seems like the userbase should overlap quite a bit.

No. 862249

File: 1627155506786.jpg (39.85 KB, 450x450, purin computer.jpg)

What is a generaly safe website to get ROMs of videogames, particularly DS games?

No. 862253

How do I deal with my boyfriend's excessive farting?

No. 862254

why is cunnilingus considered a submissive act among heteros but usually a dominant act among lesbians?

No. 862255

It is, apple got caught a few times, google planned obsolescence apple.

No. 862256

Is posting music on social media cringe?

No. 862259

Embarrassing question: has it ever happened to anyone else that your pantyliner sort of wiggled out of your underwear and fell out when you were wearing a dress or a skirt?

No. 862261

If I text my ex from a decade ago will he think I'm horny for him?

No. 862262

Cayenne pepper. My bfs mom would always yell at him to add it to his food. Something about it makes it not smell kek

No. 862263

Are you a guy that is looking for fap material or something? What kind of question is that?

No. 862267

It happened to me before and wanted to know if it happened to anyone else too or I'm just a freak or something

No. 862268

That's clearly just a paranoid woman, jesus

No. 862269

Almost definitely. Why do you want to anyway? Even if you have a reason, he’ll probably think it’s an excuse.

No. 862270

Just to be friendly. I already messaged him two months ago btw lmao

No. 862271

I meant, "friendly"

No. 862272

Anon this is literally just normal shit that women talk about when amongst themselves. Get some offline female friends or see a doctor about your paranoia.

No. 862277

My bf's glans is pink and velvety. Is that normal?

No. 862278

are his lips and nipples pink and velvety? if not then, no it's not normal

No. 862279

No. 862284

Yeah I have to use a Thinkpad for work and honestly it's hell compared to my MBP. I just don't like the OS. I think it's so clunky and ugly.

No. 862288

I've owned my Thinkpad for nearly a decade. It's not as slim, sleek and light as a MBP but that is because it's built to last. I've dropped it and it's had everything from coffee to breast milk tipped over it and it still hasn't died. It's getting to the point that I wish it would die because then I justify getting something more recent.

No. 862291

File: 1627158791215.jpeg (92.35 KB, 602x421, 1C097A03-5DA1-4D25-8C4F-C0268E…)

I’m technologically retarded. Do tablets generally come with a stylus? If not, are new ones compatible with one?

I’m intending on returning to my studies and want to take handwritten notes on a tablet. Any recommendations for specific tablets and note taking apps would be appreciated too.

No. 862302

Yeah, I'm really confused too. I've had two laptops for <$350 each, and so far they've lasted me from 2011 up to now in total.

No. 862304

I always use romhustler.org, and never had problems so far (but am a 24/7/365 adblock user, so I don't know how it is if you went there unprotected)

No. 862333

How common are lesbian CEOs/ lesbians in very high positions? Asking bc I am thinking about marriage

No. 862340

Considering there aren't a lot of women in high positions in general, I'd say fairly uncommon. In my experience executives level roles tend to be very "boy's club"-y and I imagine it would be hard for a woman, let alone a lesbian woman, to make it in that kind of environment.

No. 862344

This is a tall order. But there was a study where it was shown that lesbians earn more than straight women (not by much but still). Honestly, I don’t think it would be uncommon to find a successful lesbian career-wise, I think it just depends on your location and social circle. Iirc one of Iceland’s(?) presidents was a lesbian. Anyway, I don’t believe in the kweer women cope that majority of lesbians are bum maladjusted strippers and baristas (I’ve seen them claim shit like this lol)

No. 862348

i might be totally off but it might be because lesbians are statistically less likely to have kids. and having kids is usually pretty detrimental to women's careers and earnings

No. 862365

Do Waist trainers actually do anything? (inb4 fattie-chan, I am BMI 19 and just want a smaller waist kek) Heard if worn and done correctly it drastically shrinks your waist without doing any damage.

No. 862367

From what I've heard (which is relatively negligible) is that they don't. You can't 'train' fat to squish a certain way. You need to do body recomposotion. They may actually hurt you. If you don't want to hurt yourself whilst also decrease your wait, you might want to commission a historically accurate corset. Please don't buy a corset from amazon or something, that may harm you

No. 862372

how tf do I get rid of kimchi smell on clothes?

my stupid ass popped a dirty kitchen towel into the washing machine as I always do and now my whole laundry smells like shit even though I tried washing it twice already with shitload of scented detergents

No. 862374

Usually to reduce smell I leave my clothes in the sun for like 6 hours or so, as it kills most bacteria that causes odor.

No. 862375

A thin layer of baking soda

No. 862376

Air it out, let it sit out, preferably not right in the sun for at least most of the day, if that doesn't work, try laundry vinegar. T. I studied this shit.

No. 862385

If the yaoi characters written by women are actually all women & lesbian couples, are the straight otome couples also all women & lesbian couples? Because it would make sense regarding how the princes in the isekai otomes are written lol

No. 862390

do you use it for anything aside from web browsing?

No. 862397

Nothing more complicated than what OP asked for. Drawing, online browsing, and some low spec games.

No. 862399

How are some people overweight yet still have really pronounced collarbones??

No. 862400

File: 1627170497803.jpg (23.26 KB, 342x425, ex.jpg)

They never worked for me. I wore picrel daily for about a month and didn't notice any changes.

I got a corset (not Amazon, a mid tier off the rack one) and it's actually comfier and I'm down about an inch after a month. Plus I can tightlace it to about 4 inches smaller, which is cool.

No. 862401

Is anyone else's scalp pale as fuck compared to the rest of their skin?

No. 862402

Fat distribution, nonny.

No. 862403

Yes, isn't that normal? It gets barely any light.

No. 862404

Different skeleton structures and sizes, different fat distribution.
I'm tall, have big bones and most of my weight is stored in my ass and legs, so even when I'm 100kg+ you can still see my collarbones.
Just like some people that are really top heavy yet still manage to have thin legs or a thigh gap.

No. 862405

sad she messed with her jaw

No. 862411

Who is this?
Is she a K-Pop artist? Don't they all? I don't follow it but I enjoy cosmetic surgery threads and they're always popping up kek.

No. 862438

What are your favorite threads on /pt/ and /snow/ and why? And what are your least favorites?

No. 862443

She's nana, she was in orange caramel

No. 862475

Some do! But if not, just buy any old stylus. They're all compatible with each other, but some are more than most (like a brand-made stylus for their brand tablet). I recently picked up the Samsung Galaxy Tab A for drawing, which comes with its own stylus, and I like it so far.

No. 862490

Whats up with the manhate thread being locked then unlocked then locked again? Whats going on? Are the mods confused? Drunk? Are they fighting? God, I hope they're fighting

No. 862502

Have you ever had a dream s that s that you um you had you'd you would you could you do you would you wants you you could do so you you do you could you you want you wanted to do so much you could do anything?

No. 862514

File: 1627188270001.jpg (100.97 KB, 736x867, ba13acea9fcdc204614ce517fe475c…)

She didn't mess up with her jaw before, he did the eye enlarging surgery and I think a minor nose job, but for her kpop and modelling career she left her jaw natural. She was very popular in China and Japan as well, but I've heard that in Korea people would call her "manly". When she decided to kinda become an actress and distance herself from her idol life, she did the jaw shaving.
I mean, she's still really pretty, but she doesn't have that striking and sharp molesque look anymore.
She looks more approachable, I guess? I believe that was also kinda the point. Shame, though.

Her real name is In Jin-Ah, btw, I think she goes by that now

No. 862522

File: 1627188631172.jpg (65.01 KB, 530x350, AfterSchoolNanaPlasticSurgery.…)

Meant to say modelesque.
Here is her before any procedures

No. 862527

File: 1627189460690.jpg (250.88 KB, 1300x1065, WWAGC3.jpg)

>in Korea people would call her "manly"
Funny when the average S. Korean person looks like this. How do you say "keep seething" in Korean?

No. 862537

Tbh I think it was mostly a small, vocal incel-tier scrote minority that thought so.
Kinda like vidrel. This video is in Spanish but it's some scrote complaining that this idol's (that killed herself, partially cause of stuff like this) arms are too fat for his liking.
Look at the dude saying that kek

No. 862541

Why do some threads stay up even though they were immediately locked and user was banned? I've accidentally posted a reply as a thread before but it disappeared almost immediately.

No. 862558

File: 1627198689358.jpg (30.03 KB, 720x882, burmesekitten.jpg)

Is it weird for a female to have kind of a boyish voice or do any other anons have this kind of voice? I got teased a lot for it as a kid and used to be pretty insecure that I didn't have a more feminine and, as I got older, mature voice- I still get voice cracks sometimes. Idk is this something people look less on you for having? I literally sound like a teenage boy or a ayden

No. 862563

What should I do this boring Sunday? It's superhot and I'm supertired but I still wanna go outside instead of being internet addicted.

No. 862564

My phone's in a bootloop and a forced restart just gets it stuck on the fastboot screen help

No. 862565

Go for a walk/to a pool/or sit on a bench and read a book in some public green space

No. 862567

When did you realized your mom is a lolcow?


No. 862568

File: 1627200932428.jpg (91.76 KB, 540x810, Nana.jpg)

The Korean beauty standards are literally impossible. You could look perfect and they would still find something on you that they don't like. This is a pic from a few years ago and netizens were outraged that she 'looks old', 'strange' and 'tired' lmao

No. 862569

when I was about 12. her fb would be a goldmine for me personally if it didn't hurt me to my core.

No. 862570

A few years ago when menopause hit and she started acting thirsty and letting worn out old men bully her.

No. 862572

I went to cc and it seems to me to have more of a scrote-ish culture. Yes, there are frequently manhate topics but the users behave like guys on 4chan imo, insults and infights, racism, no thread stays on topic and so on. I might have just seen the worse parts though.

No. 862576

Thanks for the reply anon, turns out that I actually have a fever and that's why I'm so tired. RIP myself in the heat. Time to surf a lot then kek

No. 862579

How do you know why she died?
Nana from After School.

No. 862581

CC was made by farmers after ideas for it were talked about in a thread here (that was when lolcow was still completely for drama). It went very well as a "chill" place for about half a year, then trannies and scrotes did their usual damage and now their threads look like a slightly toned down chan board.

No. 862627

File: 1627211784220.png (260.87 KB, 892x878, 1624572175291.png)

What is the origin of the lizard reaction pics?

No. 862630

No. 862635

File: 1627214227203.gif (67.9 KB, 275x275, 1625566962157.gif)

Thanks, I like her!

No. 862638

File: 1627214513455.jpg (67.85 KB, 688x370, camo.voz.jpg)

Yeah, she's had work done, but it's not as extreme or as awful as others. https://plastytalk.com/after-school-plastic-surgery-korea-kpop/ has more pics.

No. 862650

There's a good chance those women have had surgery too. 1 in 3 South Korean women report ever having had surgery, some stats count it higher. I'm going to be accused of sounding like a scrote now by making it about myself, but oh well. As a bi woman, knowing most of them have been so weak to let themselves be carved up into identikit dollies is the biggest ladyboner killer. I don't give a shit how good the end result is, I am repulsed.

No. 862660

Those before (and after) pics are so dishonest. She’s shaved her jaw multiple times going from a massive thing to a nonexistent one

No. 862679

File: 1627219701867.jpeg (6.89 KB, 327x154, descărcare (3).jpeg)

I hate the Korean beauty industry, their standards are so unrealistic. Many of them are already beautiful or above average in looks and can look beautiful with only makeup. They ruin.themselves with the dorito chin

No. 862680

can anyone see this post?

No. 862681

Sure can.

No. 862683

ok, thank you.

No. 862684

No. 862685

Lmao anon are you banned?

No. 862695

idk am i?

No. 862700

Hey who you guys talking to??

No. 862706

what post? i dont see any post

No. 862712

stop gaslighting me

No. 862720

love it when anons are replying to sthg deleted

No. 862721

Are hair dryers regular household items? I don't have one, but now I'm wondering if I'm being a bad host if someone sleeps over at my place and I can't offer them a hair dryer to dry their hair with.

No. 862729

Nah, yeah hotels have them but if you personally don't use one I woudn't go buy one just for guests unless you have an Air BnB. If they care so much they will pack theirs

No. 862730

Not really but you can get super cheap travel ones so it's worth it imo. They're good to use if you need to dry something really quickly (spilling water on clothes or something)

No. 862736

File: 1627222688937.jpg (47.48 KB, 1227x1227, 51FGbb3EbgL._SL1227_.jpg)

>Not really
You mean it's not normal to own pic related? Where the fuck do you guys live.
OP of course shouldn't buy one if she doesn't use it herself. I'm just weirded out because here everyone owns one, just like you own an electric kettle

No. 862743

To the people that get easily sick or got really thick hair that takes too long to dry, yes, it’s a regular household item like a microwave or a phone, you don’t need them but they make your life easier.
But you don’t really have to have one for guests unless you know someone who stays at your home for long enough to wash their hair and who really has to have a hairdryer or they will catch a cold or something.
It also depends on the weather, if it’s too cold on winter and you have guests during such times, you might need a hairdryer for them, but if it’s usually warm, even during winter, you don’t really need to worry about it.

No. 862759

In my opinion it's something that's commonly owned but I don't think it's something that you can just expect to be present in every household. It's not strange if you don't own one. I'm shocked anons are comparing it to owning a kettle or a phone. And I'm not from some piss poor underdeveloped country.

No. 862765

Sorry I'm an autist and assumes everyone knows what I mean, I was referring to the "am I a bad host" part of anon's question, like no not really but they are pretty essential to have for a lot of people
You are not crazy most people do own a hair dryer

No. 862810

On Upwork is it better to offer a broader range of services or specialize in one thing only? Would I be seen as a Jane-of-all trades if I did UX, translation and illustration at the same time? Or is that actually preferable?

No. 862818

Burgerfag here. I don't own one. I don't wash my hair often though. When I usually do I shower at night and let it air dry. My hair always took forever to dry even with a blow dryer so I don't think it's worth the time.
I would let guests know that you don't have one. If you're feeling self conscious about it, maybe ask for one as a birthday present if you don't feel like buying one youself.

No. 862821

very common here in the UK. I'd be surprised if someone here didn't have one, we need them since it's mostly cold here and people can't air dry their hair in winter. I think a lot of women here also use them for hair styling. we have two in our house, one upstairs and one downstairs that we all share. I wouldn't call you a bad host if you didn't have one though, if you did want to buy one they make some pretty cheap ones, nothing special but will get the job done.

No. 862853

I have short hair so I've lived alone/with men for the last 12 years and just never owned one.

No. 862862

Same here. My parents never owned one while I was growing up and I’ve never felt the need to own one despite having long hair, and nobody’s ever looked at me strangely for this. I live in North/Western Europe too and air drying hair in winter is honestly no big deal. Just have the common sense not to wash your hair right before going out if it’s below freezing.

If anon’s worried she can let potential guests know so they can bring their own, but it doesn’t make her a bad host.

No. 862867

Is it worth trying to replace parts of a water damaged phone that doesn't turn on anymore? How do I know what parts to replace? I don't mind ordering parts and taking it apart myself but I need to know if it's diy-able and if so how I know what parts to order.

No. 862878

Is it just me or did the youtube recommendations become awful a few days ago?

No. 862880

Does your man sit or stand when you give blowjobs?

No. 862882

>a few days ago
More like the past few years. YT algorithm used to be actual perfection a while back but at some point it just switched to videos you've already watched or the same 5 videos you've ignored from their recommended.

No. 862886

My ex would lay back 99percent of the time for them. When it was my turn I would be on my back too because I can't come in other positions. I think he was the same way.

No. 862889

I perfectly curated my yt recommendations so no boring ass news channel with shit I already new 1 week ago or anything related to Jordan Peterson, crypo bullshit or sports would pop up there and then a few days ago it got flooded with it for no reason even tho I spend a lot of time telling it that this is not interesting to me. Fuck youtube.

No. 862894

Did you make eye contact during or did you focus on what you were doing? I feel like eye contact would be kind of awkward or porny but I'm personally not sure how it is in the actual moment

No. 862895

Is there a friendlier alternative to lolcow? I’ve never used any other image boards. I’m asking because I love the idea of an all women space, but a lot of ladies here are mean as fuck for no reason. When I ask for advice/help some nonnies are really fucking mean. I don’t have a mother or sisters damn my bad for needing advice

No. 862897

Did you use /g/ or /ot/ for advice

No. 862901


You can diy a repair when you know what's broken like a screen or the camera. Water can damage every component including the motherboard. You'd have to test every component to know if they still work. It's not worth the time and money, you'd better buy a second hand phone.

No. 862911

Unironically Reddit, probably (I am discouraging this). Anonymity comes with people being dicks, take it with a grain of salt, though I have to say I enjoy this more than a hugbox environment. Nonnies say some really fucking funny unfiltered shit sometimes.

No. 862916

Not imageboards but for specific shit like skincare I use the relevant subreddit. For more general women’s stuff, I use the off topic section of a popular gossip forum in my country. Those places tend to be hugboxes and scrote users are allowed but very rare.

No. 862972

What kind of subject did you ask advice for? I generally find that most anons tend to be friendly and even detailed unless you ask something really stupid. The relationship advice thread is just about the only thread I consistently see unfriendly replies.

No. 863017

They're only unfriendly when the op gets super defensive of their shitty boyfriend despite claiming to want help.

No. 863061

I asked for fashion/style advice! Some anons are so quick to go, you’re a scrote, you’re a tranny, you’re underage, you have a personality disorder blah blah. I didn’t have a female role model growing up so some of my questions seem silly/simple. I’m trying to improve myself and become more elegant, that’s why I ask questions.

No. 863064

Does getting an IUD while also using a diafragm with spermicide sound like a good opción for birth control?
Has anyone here used a diafragm before? How do you insert it by yourself? Do you just use your fingers? Is It uncomfortable with sex?
How effective would It be to use an IUD and just use the spermicide without the diafragm? Thanks

No. 863425

Aww don’t worry nonnete. I don’t know much about style but there are chicks here who do and who will be willing to help. Keep asking ur qs!

No. 863434

Are you the paranoid birth control nonny from /g/? I think an IUD+spermicide would be more than enough, there is no way you're gonna get pregnant with those. If you're really paranoid you should use a condom instead of a diaphragm though, diaphragms are kind of dated now anyways.

No. 863454

I'm not, I'm just genuinely curious because I got a job, I got money for an IUD and I would like to start taking care of myself (I'm sexually inactive but I wanna know if the spermicide + iud is good enough)

No. 863462

An IUD is over 99% effective. A diaphragm seems unnecessary.

No. 863471

Has anyone here gotten a tragus piercing? How painful is it? I'm normally pretty good at handling pain but I heard that they can be brutal

No. 863479

nta, but i think eye contact is a good idea. although feel out for the right moment. i think it’s really intimate and gives me confidence. i don’t know a single guy who doesn’t like eye contact.

No. 863482


Mine was 3/10 on the pain scale. Definitely felt it but not enough to make me wince. Of course everyone is different you really won’t know until you get it and if it does hurt the pain only lasts a second. If you really want it go for it, good luck!

No. 863501

File: 1627271436441.jpg (147.78 KB, 1280x1117, tumblr_8276ec3312b8a2304a9f016…)

Just found crystal.cafe, anyone have recommendations for similar women-only imageboards?

No. 863507


No. 863510

They're 95% scrotes, anon

No. 863513

Ot I really like this picture kek

No. 863515

Why do some skateboarders not wear helmets and other protective gear in the Olympics?

No. 863523

File: 1627274454208.png (665.23 KB, 1026x888, imagen_2021-07-25_234054.png)

Sorry for the late reply, the thing is, my mom has scared me off about any other birth control that isn't condoms or abstinece because she always always tells me about these tales of women getting their tubes tied or an IUD and getting pregnant regardless. So now I'm fucking scared

Here's an example

but then I also saw this

No. 863524

because yolo

No. 863532

Then use condoms and if you’re on a copper IUD, track your cycle and avoid sex during your fertile week. Spermicide is unreliable for its effectiveness, you’d be wreaking havoc on your vaginas ph for just a few decimal points of increased protection

No. 863534

yes, every birth control method has risk of failure and other possible side effects. online of course more horror stories will pop up compared to amount of women who talk about having no issues or it working well. IUDs are still very effective.

No. 863554

How do I know what's my fertile week? Sorry I know nothing of this

No. 863568

Sounds like you're leaning toward an IUD but I got a bilateral salpingectomy and it was one of the best decisions of my life (when I was actually fucking a longterm boyfriend). The relief and relaxation it provided was more orgasmic than the sex itself, and should a man ever be worth it in the future, I'm so happy I'll never have to stress over the risk of pregnancy again. If you're worried about a rare tubal issue (doctor maybe not cauterizing properly) then go with the salpingectomy because that just takes the tubes out entirely. It doesn't affect your ovaries or hormones and is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy because there is literally no more path for the sperm to reach your eggs.

No. 863570

what do you guys think of teal swan?

No. 863573

can't you give your kid a normal name?

No. 863582

lol anon. I actually meant the youtube guru tho sorry for the confusion

No. 863585

What was it that made lolcow stop having munchie threads?

No. 863592

How do I stop being terrified to get my IUD changed?

No. 863601

Good question, I actually was always curious of the munchie threads

No. 863697

Is any anon here selling on Redbubble? How much do you sell and what's your niche?

No. 863709

Rampant blog-posting and self-posting. The threads were full of munchies shitting on other munchies (of course). It went out of hand when Chronically Jaquie died and a power-vacuum of sorts was created in the muchieverse. Very similar to what got the pro-ana thread locked way back when, except pro-ana users managed to keep themselves in check and got their thread back. Munchies just went to reddit to post how UNLIKE THEM WHO ARE TOTALLY REALLY ILL, those chicks are faking.
Incidentally, this got rid of a lot of trans (fakeboi) lolcow users, since there was considerable overlap in munchies and fakebois. They immediately introduced pronouns in their thread titles on Reddit.

No. 863745

File: 1627299154256.jpeg (908.65 KB, 1125x1440, eva.jpeg)

I haven't watched evangelion. Was the message of the show 'reject escapism, embrace reality'? If so, why are so many hardcore eva fans so interested in collecting figurines of the characters, discussing who's 'best girl' etc? Isn't that the opposite of the message?

No. 863757

I've watched Eva and End of Eva, but not the rebuild movies. But as far as I've seen the discussion about this, it is a point of disgust and rejection of his own fandom on Anno's part, and the rebuild movies actually mock the type of NEET/weeb that got stuck licking Asuka figurines for the last decade, when the main message of Eva is that while connecting with people is hard, it's a basic human need to become a person.

No. 863778

When I go on a website where they want me to check one of those 'Yes, I'm human' checkboxes but I don't have to do a Captcha how do they actually know I'm not a robot? Couldn't a robot just check the checkbox as well? Or this is more complex than I think (it probably is kek)

No. 863781

but also Anno/Gainax will get that sweaty fanboy money whenever they can LMFAO. Don't forget that Anno is a greasy otaku himself, of course he's not as against fanservice, trashy merch etc as some fans would like to think. Just read up Moyoco's manga about living with him. He's a huge cringey nerd
>Was the message of the show 'reject escapism, embrace reality'? If so, why are so many hardcore eva fans so interested in collecting figurines of the characters, discussing who's 'best girl' etc? Isn't that the opposite of the message?
You can enjoy the anime you love while living your life, though I'm not sure how many fans do that. Anno may want people to forget NGE as soon as final minute of EoE hits (good luck with that LOL), but at the same time he's okay with shoving more content into people's mouthes, figures etc. There is a middle ground between getting obsessed and dropping your favorite media because 'i'm a grown-up adult living in reality NOW'

No. 863789

They only mock this kind of thing if you really try hard to find this double meaning in them, of you've already been a mindless evangelion waifu fan, they're just hours of extreme fanservice

No. 863791

File: 1627302511217.jpg (30.09 KB, 640x639, face.jpg)

robots don't process images like we do. You might look at pic rel and see a face, whilst a robot just sees a jpeg or ,at best, a bunch of grey pixles

No. 863798

Never watched it but I’ve noticed that the fanbase is a mixture of horny dweebs with very perverted obsession of the young female characters/ or the old female character because of their mommy fetish or its pretentious Lain watchers. I can tell it’s an obnoxious, overhyped anime and has themes that are probably done a lot better in other anime that aren’t “sophisticated” enough.

No. 863799

why does my skin tan so weirdly? my arm has gotten tan but my hand/wrist is still pale? how does that work

No. 863801

from what i can tell the "i'm human" checkbox is not clickable by spambots just blasting themselves at sites using certain scripts to spam and such

No. 863804

File: 1627303767258.jpg (58.67 KB, 640x640, 73f3fafebb6cb6770e97bf0fc8b40a…)

You guys think I could make cookies in a george foreman lean mean grilling machine?

No. 863806

Yeah I've made cookies in a wafflemaker you can try it I'm sure it will work

No. 863808

>I can tell it’s an obnoxious, overhyped anime and has themes that are probably done a lot better in other anime that aren’t “sophisticated” enough.
Someone please point those anime to me, genuinely would love to see them. I don't think they exist though, unless they are also 'obnoxious' and 'overhyped'.

No. 863810

Is this after deliberate sunbathing or everyday, incidental exposure? Natural body position might mean the sun didn't hit your hands as directly as other body parts. Also, I think body fat makes skin in those areas look darker.

No. 863811

its just after i chill outside. my upper arms and forearm get tanned but then my wrist and hand are still really pale

No. 863812

don't forget the girls who love the pairing of shinji/the white-haired guy

No. 863816


No. 863817

Can a person's presence actually make you feel uncomfortable and turn your days to shit?

Eg there's this one person around who I always feel uneasy, even though I am polite towards them, etc. But everytime I meet them I feel like shit for the next few days because I can feel how much they envy me. This time, I had to spend a day around them just to end up having the worst, most unluckiest week possible.

No. 863818

It 100% can, yes

No. 863822

I bet you could make a mean cookie in a George foreman

No. 863826

Hey so did that "tone indicator" thing survive as a seriously-taken concept? I don't have twitter so I don't really know how to check the vibe on it

No. 863828

from what i've noticed, only overtly woke teens use it. sometimes bump into it under tweets that went semi viral.

No. 863829

yes. I have a totally schizo explanation for it so I'll save it, but it's definitely an observable phenomenon.

No. 863834

Is my friend into me? Yesterday a gay dude was talking with one of my male friends and he started trashing me for being masculine and saying he would be "the perfect girlfriend" because he "was super-girly" unlike me, i wasn't even angry tbh just laughing at him for being too bitchy but my friend got weirdly angry out of nowhere and told him he "didn't care i wasn't femenine" and that he "would rather date me because I was more genuine, strong and cool", i thought it was nice of him to defend me but now that i think about, guys tend to be weird about their girl friends sometimes so I'm not sure if that was normal. (I reported my original post by accident, please ignore it mods I'm just too retarded)

No. 863839

Sure sounds like it. The gay guy probably seethed at that response and wishes he could skinwalk you, too.

No. 863841

That's really cute.

No. 863852

The rebuild movies literally pander to that exact group, anno is a giant hypocrite. Eva is one of many shows that tries to "critique"/mock certain tropes while playing them straight at the same time.

No. 863853

File: 1627310069984.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 183x275, 1627151060249.gif)

Yes I've experienced this. Some ppls "energy" (body movements, micro expressions) just shouts danger. We're animals at the end of the day so the lizard brain is probably telling you they're not good ppl.

No. 863869

Is it really an autistic thing to be thinking obsessively where to put your hands and other body language social cues in order to fit in when you talk to other people?

No. 863871

What's the point in having a twitter account? We all know that site is shit but I see anons constantly talk about going there anyway despite that, even knowing that it's shit. Why?

No. 863883

File: 1627312849423.jpg (6.96 KB, 275x183, wbm.jpg)

Does Wayback Machine randomly archive pages from nobody accounts or each saved screencap is done manually?

No. 863885

Because it keeps you updated. FOMO and all that.

No. 863891

Yeah, no idea what it means for OP because I'm stupid with guys too, but her being called genuine, strong and cool gave me a second-hand heart-skip

No. 863893

Imo it’s not inherently shit even though I agree with most anons in the hate thread. I go there because I like reading people’s takes on current events because the actual media is shit. I don’t encounter much of the stuff that is posted here as I don’t follow that type of people. The same for tumblr.

No. 863908

I've used it for over a decade as a mini diary of sorts (and have always had it on private), have minimal interactions outside of my selective friend circle who I've let on my twitter, and I like using the explore page to keep up on news/find interesting news articles to read that I wouldn't have found otherwise. My feed is heavily curated mostly with artists I really like so I don't see bullshit unless I actively seek it out. Somehow it's the only social media I've kept using after all these years, even after getting rid of facebook, tumblr, and minimizing instagram use.

No. 863925

one thing I don't really understand is when feminists talk about how women should be paid (by the government) for the childcare they provide to their children. I understand that mothers do extraordinary amounts of work for their kids, especially compared to fathers, however, I always end up thinking 'but your children are closer to a personal project that you want to do than a government service'. That, and the fact that not all mothers are good, so what's stopping a mother from being awful and neglecting their kids and getting paid regardless? That, and the fact that I wonder if governments can afford to pay all good mothers. I feel unsure about this because this feels like a very basic part of feminism, but I don't really understand it, especially since I sympathise with radfem points

No. 863930

How often do you talk to yourself? I do that all the time. It somewhat helps with my anxiety. I heard that the number of people talking to themselves increased ever since covid lockdowns.

No. 863934

Yes and now. They sometimes crawl the net and search results with the help of the database collection of "alexa internet" as far as I understand, which at times archieves thousands of websites. At least they used to.

No. 863946

Because the government wants women to have children. If women stopped having babies theyd go handmaidens tell.

No. 863948

>The gay guy probably seethed at that response and wishes he could skinwalk you
That's literally what happened afterwards, he started rambling about how "he wished he was a girl" and that "i didn't appreciate my attributes enough", at that point i was just about to beat his ass but we where in a important meeting so i couldn't.
He's a very friendly guy, he's also thin with a big dick and that's why that gay dude was obsessed with him lol
>I heard that the number of people talking to themselves increased ever since covid lockdowns.
My tourettes worsened since covid started, talking to myself helped me with my ticks

No. 863949

> I always end up thinking ‘but your children are closer to a personal project that you want to do than a government service'.
True but it’s also a choice the government wants women to make for the future of the country. If women unanimously decided not to have kids, all sorts of perks would be being offered or a handmaid’s tale type situation would begin, but I’m trying to be optimistic here lol. Governments with falling birth rates like in South Korea aren’t providing more assistance to mothers out of the goodness of their hearts, they’re doing it because they don’t want the country to disappear.

No. 863951

So why haven't you pounced your friendly, thin, big dicked friend who has a crush on you yet sis?

No. 864003

Well men aren't going to step up. And no way are women going to go back to being unable to financially support herself. So how are kids going to be raised? Respect to single moms, but kids need lots of attention and care to turn into decent adults. It's just one solution they came up with. But honestly I say let humanity fucking die already. Or only give birth to women, and when all men die out just do parthogenisis in the lab. Half the population is a dead weight right now.

No. 864033

Apparently supporting government subsidization of childcare means you "don't women to work" even though anyone raising children, much less in a two income household, would welcome the extra money. Funny how they tricked some feminists into being careerists so the government doesn't ever do anything silly like give handouts to families.

No. 864038

how do you know about his dick

No. 864060

Does bloating caused by the birth control pill go away? If so, how long does it usually take to do so?

No. 864071

Never went away while i was on it for me

No. 864074

Does anyone start a drawing on paper then finish it digitally? For some reason I never got the hang of doing digital lineart, it always feels clunky and never turns out how I want. Does anyone else have this problem?

No. 864077

no this sounds normal, doing sketches on paper and finishing it digitally seems like it's part of many people's workflows.

No. 864080

How does one look like a conventionally attractive and well-groomed young woman in this our year of 2021?

I'm tall with cropped/bobbed white hair and I generally wear all black basic Uniqlo clothes with platform Docs or chunky trainers and gold accessories. I wash regularly and exercise moderately. I'm relatively slender. I don't wear makeup apart from mascara and nude/black nail polish.
Nonetheless, I think I give off a weirdo vibe and look creepy next to other women my age (late twenties). I'd like to fit in a bit better and be less embarrassing. What should I be doing differently?

No. 864083

I fix up sketches from irl and finish them digitally sometimes
To me digital lineart is a lot more of a boring task than real lineart so yes I like to sometimes do it on paper then add color digitally. It's something about my strokes not being large enough that bothers me digitally when working on a large canvas vs making a large scan or picture from small irl lineart where I did faster strokes.

No. 864097

I'm not sure if he's that into me, also I'm too autistic and a loner, i just see him as a friend/brother
1) Our uniforms are somewhat skin-tight, it's not that noticable most of the time but yeah and 2) some coworkers saw it accidentally

No. 864102

Maybe film yourself walking/standing around/doing stuff around the house. Your posture and the way you carry yourself may give off those vibes. If you have mental issues get thick rimmed glasses to hide that despair/weirdo look in the eye (not judging, I have that despair/weirdo look in the eye). Also styling your hair with just flat iron and spray, and using a lint roller can help pull a look together.

No. 864112

Anon I'm guessing you are from a country with very poor sex education but an IUD being over 99% effective is extremely effective. Otherwise do what >>863568 suggested or a fallopian tube implant, but keep in mind they're irreversible

No. 864125

You need to download a period and cycle tracker app like Flo and track your cycle. It’s not 100% accurate but it will give you a rough estimate

No. 864156

Trying to get back into art, I’m hoping this will work better for me.

No. 864279

Anyone here have ideas in how to get moids to commit suicide? I fantasize about doing not every day but I am worried about the legal consequences. Anyone have any advice?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864281

Seek therapy

No. 864284

The easiest targets are the insecure 4chin scrotes, but it's hard to not get caught/in trouble anon. Texts would all be easy evidence(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864286

Do extensions get oily like real hair if you don't wash your hair for some time?

No. 864287

Shut up pickme

Yeah I’m trying to think of a way to do it without evidence

No. 864304

Nice try feds

No. 864318

don't play with something like that anon. Men are too egocentric too kill themselves. You break some incel's heart and in 1 year he becomes the next serial killer

No. 864324

Clips ins? Much slower. Maybe cause it's not connected to follicles producing oil. I still wash em every couple weeks. They say it should be after 15 wears.

No. 864327

Incel screenshot bait. Have fun replying to yourself too.

No. 864341

Men kill themselves all the time though. I don't see how it would be that hard.

Encourage them to go to the gun store. A lot of guys kill themselves by being around guns.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864342

are you kidding me?
the suicide rates for men are like 10-20x higher than that of women

No. 864351

How do people hook up with random strangers and not worry about getting murdered or something? Like I wouldn’t let a guy I barely know into my house let alone have sex with him, you’re in a vulnerable position they could easily kill you

No. 864352

most people arent murders and statistically speaking youre more likely to die/get injured in a car accident driving to a hookup than you are getting murdered by said hookup

women should be vigilant but murder isnt what you should worry about when it comes to one night stands.

No. 864358

They could easily kill you, they could lie about having been tested, they could rip the condom, and so on. But still anon, that drunktard’s smegma is too addicting! My high libido DEMANDS that I take part in hook-up culture!

No. 864360

>talk to me about why I’m your dream girl
>that's gonna be a very short conversation

what does this mean

No. 864370

File: 1627346307672.jpg (60.55 KB, 640x472, s1i2m74bkfd71.jpg)

Is it me or does she look way better in the before? Pic is not me, sourced from reddit

No. 864377

Idk. Her face looks rounder in the before (which I like), but she looks more tanned in the after.

No. 864391

Right looks best to me, especially nose. Her cheeks are little gaunt though, I agree.

No. 864394

i agree before is better, like more human?. after looks kind of botched.

No. 864398

God this reminds me of a friend I had in highschool. When we were 16 she confided in me that she would post on soc all the time for hook ups, lie to her hook ups that she was 18, and then go to their house to fuck or fuck in their car. Once I had a missed call from her at like 2am and in the morning I asked what the fuck was going on and that was when she explained to me that she was doing all these hook ups (though I can’t remember the specifics of why she had called me in the early morning). To this day I’m surprised she wasn’t murdered when she was doing that. Even as an adult scrolling through Tinder I couldn’t bring myself to hook up with a rando no matter how horny I got because all that would run through my mind is “what if they’re nasty? what if they have stds? what if they murder me?” My friend was stupidly brave, but probably mostly just stupid.

No. 864437

Anon I'm just like you (and have been since I was in my early teens kek) and the answer is that some women are just willfully ignorant. There's nothing that we aren't understanding.

Regardless of whether or not a moid will kill you, there's no benefit to casually sleeping with moids. since the majority of them are ugly/disgusting and bad at sex. The few scrotes that are good-looking are sluts and the rare scrotes who are decent at sex with no bizarre fetishes take time and luck to find. All of this makes me feel like it's just not worth it and I'm only 23.

No. 864440

Her brow area looks relatively wider to the lower half of her face which makes her browbone more noticeable. Her new nose is also less projected looking and kinda smushed. The chin filler/implant looks good though.

No. 864453

During a night of sleep, how many times do you randomly wake up?

No. 864454

Almost never (if I do I don't get alert enough to remember)

No. 864474

What are some good horrorcow threads aside from Soren and the munchie who picked a nerve out of her leg?

No. 864475

It's not common for me either. Sometimes I wake up because I want to pee or because I'm too hot and I have to change my clothes, but it happens like once or twice per week, not every night

No. 864493

Multiple times, as in almost every time I turn to change what side I'm sleeping on, I'm a light sleeper so that might be why

No. 864505

Hey nonny I'd ask in the MtF thread

No. 864516

Lucinda, she isn't super milky as of yet but definitely a horror show.

No. 864531

I went out with my coworker and we spent like 6 hours together, I'm not sure if you can call it a date, I don't know his intentions. He gave me a really tight hug when saying goodbye, I didn't expect it at all so I went a little stiff but it was a nice feeling regardless. Today at work he gave me another hug. I'm autistic and I don't know if that means anything or is it just a friendly gesture?

No. 864534

sounds flirty to me

No. 864553

When someone applies for an administrative job at the National Security, what does the background check consists of? They already asked me random shit on the phone like do I have a criminal history, what is my degree in, what prescription strength my glasses are, my weight and height but I'd assume they there's more than that? Is it paranoid of me to assume they're gonna check what websites have I registered on with my e-mail address and things like that?

No. 864554

he could be flirting or maybe just gives friends hugs?

No. 864564

Didn't we stop giving friends hugs and kisses because of corona?

No. 864571

What do they need to know things like your heigh, weight and glasses for? That's pretty intrusive when to me there doesn't seem to be a direct tie to knowing that for safety/secuirty?

No. 864580

Would anyone like a YouTube hate thread? We have a Reddit and Twitter hate thread, so I feel like a YouTube hate thread would be befitting. We could discuss YT videos/channels/ trends we hate. However, I don’t really know that many awful channels, aside from:
>Think before you sleep (scrote)
>Ssoyoung (animal abuse)
>vid rel

No. 864581

kek I know, right?? It was the most bizarre job application I've ever had. Also I didn't know the exact numbers of my prescriptions so in the middle of our phone conversation I had to go and fumble around in my drawers to find my contact lenses

No. 864584

Let me guess, is this one of those channels where they film their videos with the underlying agenda of 'women suck'??? I watched one where they interviewed people about whether women and men can be friends and tried to imply the narrative that women only said yes so they'll have 'options'

No. 864592

Is it actually worth it to get into a relationship?

No. 864607

I'd be down for that thread

No. 864619

I have a patch of skin on my neck that feels different from the rest, it's more rough in texture but visibly the same. Should I be worried or something since we had and are going through another heatwave?

No. 864622

Is it like a goosebump-y texture?

No. 864633

more like a nonflaky drypatch

No. 864636

Does tracing help improve your art at all?

No. 864638

what does hearing an unexplained rhythmic ringing sound (kinda like an old phone ringing) no one else in the house can hear mean? we do live in an apartment so it might be a neighbour's phone but it has been ringing continuously for several minutes

No. 864653

It could be anything from a hearing problem to schizophrenia

No. 864657

tech-anons please help. My laptop needs to meet some requirements for something and I need some help. First it needs 1Tb SSD internal storage but I have 952 GB SSD. Is the difference between 1Tb and 952 GB is small enough to be negligible? It's only a 48 GB difference right or am I wrong?
Second it needs "Support of DirectX 12 and Open GL. Minimum 2 GB GPU memory." I managed to open some diagnostic thingy and it says it has DirectX 12. But how do I check the Open GL and 2GB GPU memory?

No. 864659

your ear might be sensitive to frequencies other people can't, I had a hearing test done and they told me I had a 9-year-old's hearing lol maybe you're the same

No. 864676

Tracing is mostly useful when having to design clothes on the same body/pose because it saves time. Copying other artworks makes you learn and improve. Just my two cents.

No. 864681

please help, what is the song at 3:53 it's so familiar but i just cant remember where its from

No. 864684

File: 1627394858477.jpg (226.67 KB, 1067x1533, 20210727_100623.jpg)

Math nonnies help me out plz. English isnt my first language this is simlish to me. I just need to get these questions answered to get this job so I can get away from this scroteeee

No. 864688

The SSD is more than likely fine. Windows calculates disk size in TiB yet displays TB. There are 1024GB to 1TiB, so your actual SSD is probably 980GB in capacity.

You can use the task manager to see how much VRAM your GPU has. Right click on the task bar and select task manager or press control + alt + delete and select task manager. Click on the performance tab and then select GPU.

You can use GPU-Z to display information about your GPU https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/

No. 864689

4. 1568 * 0.07 = 109.76
1568 + 109.76 = 1677.76

5. (15 + 18 + 22 + 45 + 36) / 5 = 27.2

6. 12/24 = .5

7. 0.5

No. 864693

File: 1627395773531.jpg (134.39 KB, 1080x926, 20210727_102132.jpg)

Thank you nonnie and if u dont mind I just have one more question. I dont even kno why they want me to do a English math test when this is a waitress job

No. 864694

No. 864695

($10 10hrs) + ($500 commision 0.1) where 0.1 == 10%

No. 864696

that's horrifying, is your friend okay / more sensible now?

No. 864697

10 * 10 = 100 (hourly wage)
.1 * 500 = 50 (commission wage)
50 + 100 = 150

No. 864698

Er awkward, the asterisks disappeared. But yeah (10 hrs x $10) + ($500 sold x 0.1)

No. 864723

nonnies who color digitally, is it normal for some colors to appear more/less saturated depending on the lighting in your room? like if the room is mostly dark the colors on the screen look kind of darker too and more saturated but if the lights are on or if there's sunlight they look normal. i can't tell which method will give me the accurate colors or if my eyes are just messed up.

No. 864742

What stretch % should a fabric have to be able to make a basic form-fitting dress/top without darts? Is 5-10 okay?

(I'm so sorry, I just realized I accidentally posted in the old thread like a complete dumbass)

No. 864763

Is there a trick for resetting the trial period in Paint Tool SAI?

No. 864779

Just use a VPN and pirate it lol

No. 864800

I just bought an iPad and downloaded Procreate. How tf do I get into drawing on it?

No. 864803

Get a fucking stylus ya dang kiiid

No. 864822

Is there an actual difference, like with the cut or something, between clothes that are called unisex and clothes for men, or is it just a word difference?

No. 864824

Well yeah I have an Apple Pencil

No. 864825

I don't have a VPN but ended up pirating it kek

No. 864829

mostly a word difference

No. 864846

Is it possible to develop autism later in life? I feel like I've become autistic since a few years ago. Can't handle stimuli like noise or brightness, and get weirdly rude & aggressive when I'm around too many people/around people for too long.

No. 864847

you're definitely an autist for thinking that, but no, being overwhelmed/overstimulated isn't an autism-specific trait. real answer, it's super common with anxiety/high stress so that's probably what you're feeling. please don't be one of those tumblr-special speds who shares some boomer meme on facebook about how a normal trait of existence means they have a super speshul disability.

No. 864860

File: 1627412900866.jpg (91.4 KB, 1080x1080, 2_00d6bb1f5b-asket_tee_white_c…)

On a scale of 1 (you could not pay me to wear this in public) to 10 (would love to wear this), how bad/cringey is this design?

No. 864862

Is it normal for shoulders to be wider than hips?

No. 864864

2 I'd definitely wear it in public for money

No. 864885

Yes, that's just an inverted triangle type of body and it's very common. Even most hourlgasses and pears have slightly bigger shoulders than hips

No. 864897

I would wear this unironically. Rise and shine fellow Ted fags.

No. 864900

File: 1627414824430.jpg (37.8 KB, 474x486, mar.jpg)

having shoulders that are wider than hips doesn't mean you don't have an hourglass figure. Almost all women have shoulders that are larger than their hips

No. 864903

File: 1627414948778.jpg (72.68 KB, 570x766, elizabeth taylor.jpg)

No. 864907

It’s a developmental disorder so no. Other anon is probably correct about what it actually is but also may be worth considering if you’ve always had autistic traits in some form. Girls and women tend to be underdiagnosed because it presents differently, they are better at masking, and they’re just considered ‘weird’ rather than overmedicalised like males. I’ve read many accounts of autistic women who were diagnosed as adults and it’s only then that they realise the connections.

No. 864908

I get a lot of spam phone calls and text messages on my phone from scams about mortgages and car warranties, usually I get at least five a day. I have it set so unknown numbers are muted but is there any way to totally stop these calls? They always come from different numbers and I've added my number to Do Not Call lists, but obviously these aren't just telemarketers but just scammers so not sure what else there is to do.

No. 864915

Unfortunately not, it's a terrible problem. I read an article recently (not this one but this one is similar enough) about how phone companies are trying to do something about it but it's just an unfortunate part of having a phone now. https://fortune.com/2021/03/17/robocalls-wireless-industry-stop-spam-calls/

It's really fucking annoying when I'm waiting for a call back for something and forget to turn off call blocking for all numbers not in my contact list, or someone calls from a different number and their call gets blocked ugh.

No. 864916

Only way is to change your number, maybe use a Google number for when you have to use it for stuff like online order contact or resumes. Lots of places sell their users data to spam callers.

No. 864925

Am I the only one who never gets unwanted calls like this? I'm just wondering how they got your phonenumbers in the first place.

No. 864927

When is it justifiable to call a woman a whore/hoe/slut? How many people can you sleep with realistically before you just have to take that insult from people, including loved ones?

Sage for a super stupid question in the stupid question thread

No. 864929

I've had the same number for over a decade and have signed up for shit like store cards and god knows what else since middle school, so I'm not surprised I get these shitty calls. I wasn't the brightest about being wary about handing out my phone number back then.

No. 864930

I would personally never use those slurs, no one has to take insults. Just make sure your sexual behaviour is healthy.

No. 864931

I don't think there is a number, and I wouldn't ordinarily ever call someone a whore or slut because it just reeks of internalised misogyny, except for in situations where a woman (or even man I guess) chooses getting laid over loyalty eg if a friend bailed on me I'm a time of need just so that she could get dicked.

No. 864933

Is there a website out there that shows you recipes, but allows you to filter in ingredients that you already have so that you can make ingredients with stuff you already have?

No. 864934

How do I stop oversharing and being overbearing any time I get the chance?

No. 864935

This site seems to be what you want: https://myfridgefood.com/

No. 864939

I've had the same number for a long time so it might just be that like in >>864929 the records from registration and other things got sold. I do have a pet theory that an ex signed up my email address and phone number for spam somehow because shortly after I cut off contact I went from getting no spam calls to a deluge of them daily. It's annoying but far from the worst, and it's just a suspicion.

No. 864940

Is audiobookbay down ? Why can't I access it anymore ?

No. 864945

No. 864962

File: 1627420164963.jpg (23.87 KB, 634x556, IMG_20201228_154248.jpg)

nonitas, give it to me straight. how popular is pink heart jam among weebs? I've been informed that I look like Kanae and im now afraid that whenever i saw a weeb throw me a dirty look it was because they thought i was a kinnie…

No. 864964

Have you ever ordered only one (1) thing via Amazon? Why?

No. 864967

File: 1627420441621.jpg (5.06 KB, 256x197, bidet.jpg)

For those of you who use this kind of bidet: do you use it after peeing, or just to clean your ass? If you use it after peeing, do you always use soap or just water?
I want to start using it more, but i'm a bit scared of getting fungus again, like i got after using wet wipes to clean myself after peeing.

No. 864969

How to do I research child grooming on gen z girls? All I get is opinion pieces on cottage core and shit

No. 864972

How do farmers in the breadtube thread know that Contra is spiraling and having issues with PT? I 100% believe it (seems natural the way things are going) but I wonder how they know that. He's always seemed tormented and an alcoholic, so did something happen to reveal it's worse? Also did he say something to/against PT? I'm not wanting to watch any hours long videos to get filled in, so yeah I'm hoping to be spoonfed.

No. 864974

I use it when I’m on my period and after I pee. I haven’t heard of using soap after peeing

No. 864975

I've had this shit happen to me every single time I started looking for a ob, and it eventually died down not long after I stopped looking for a job, and it happens again during my next job search. Basically that means that if I expect a very important phone call I know I'll get spam calls from companies that logically shouldn't have my phone number because everytime I create an account on any website I always choose the options that prevent these sites to share this type of info with other companies. The time is always too precise for it to be a coincidence.

No. 864976

Normally I use it to clean my ass+during periods to clean. It's not necessary to use it after peeing if everything's normal with your coochie imo but you can do it of course.
t. has used bidets for all of her life

No. 864977

I use tp after I pee, but use the bidet for poo, with soap. Also when I'm on my period.

No. 864980


Okay, but you guys seem like sensible humans. How much would a scrote shit himself over? Like 10?

No. 864983

Personally I use soap and water for shit, water for pee. I'm a britfag though and bidets are rare, so I don't know if I'm doing it right.
I think generally you're recommended to use as little soap as possible on your vulva. I use soap for poo because it feels too unhygienic not to, but I only shit once or twice a week so it doesn't noticeably disrupt my anal flora

No. 864984

I only use it to clean my ass and when I'm on my period. Douching shouldn't be too often and never with soap. If you already had fungus with wet wipes, you might have problems again

No. 864988

I haven't been following the olympics, so gotta ask are the trannies not a big deal?

No. 864992

Sounds like an issue you need to identify the root of. Analyse your behaviour and pay attention to your feelings and any patterns. It may take a while but it is something you need to figure out. Meanwhile, try coping mechanisms to temporarily help. You could write a diary instead of oversharing with a person, or start an anonymous twitter. In the past I’ve played games with myself pretending that I need to keep some stuff top secret. It sounds dumb but treating my information/thoughts as valuable even though they often weren’t made oversharing seem wrong.

No. 865000

When did you get one? I've only seen bidets in old country homes. I wish they were more popular in the UK. I'd love to use a bidet for when I'm on my period, especially.

No. 865007

File: 1627422204665.png (527.65 KB, 680x556, 8ef.png)

Came with the house, before us it belonged to an eccentric middle-aged woman who looked like Jamie Lee Curtis and made dollhouses for a living.
You can buy portable ones off Amazon though, I know Muslims usually have to carry those ones.
I'd never go without, now.

No. 865020

File: 1627423308662.jpg (541.61 KB, 1000x643, 1530415749544793184509.jpg)

I know colors look different on different screens, but no? Is your screen on a daylight timer?

Tracing only helps if you go into it analytically. Why does this line go that way? Etc

No. 865022

I didn't know you could buy portable ones. I just looked at some. Thanks nonny! Yes, it must be pretty gross for people who grew up washing properly to have to switch over to wiping themselves with paper. It seems British people like to keep clean with wet wipes, but too many are inappropriately flushed them down the toilet. A 15 tonne ball the size of a bus almost completely blocked a London sewer pipe once, taking 3 weeks to unblock with high powered water jets lol.

No. 865023

File: 1627423429915.png (74.48 KB, 367x550, imagen_2021-07-27_170344.png)

Can't I just carry one of these with soapy water inside?

No. 865024

Has anybody here made shifting work for them?

(I originally asked on the dumbass thread but this one might be more appropriate.)

No. 865026

How many videos are in your "Watch later" playlist on youtube? Mine has 3,802. Never gonna watch them, but I will keep adding

No. 865027

currently 42 but apparently 1 has been hidden

No. 865028

No. Illegal. Spray yourself in the face immediately.

No. 865029

isn't that just lucid dreaming

No. 865030

I have this on my watch later

No. 865031

Well, I don't know! They say you sort of enter a mind palace or holodeck where you can Mary-Sue to your heart's content with your husbandos. I never managed it. Would lucid dreaming be better then?

No. 865033

File: 1627423911509.jpeg (133.47 KB, 720x720, 1578789404405.jpeg)

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be alone; why am I so lonely now?
When I was a kid, video games were satisfying; why are video games just another boring thing to me now?

No. 865035

21 but I already watched some of them.

No. 865037

You grew up

No. 865040

Being grown up is sad and boring, I guess you're right

No. 865041

This was in mine.

I have 24 and nearly all of them are accidental adds.

Excellent, nonny

No. 865043

Oh I remember this. Apparently it isn't snoring, just grasping for oxygen

No. 865045

Wanting to be alone as a kid is normal when other kids suck and are annoying and immature
Videogames have changed since we were kids, get better games

No. 865047

Sharing this because I'm lazy to watch it, I want someone else to do it so I can delete it from my watch later.

No. 865049

File: 1627424668016.gif (835.66 KB, 498x364, tenor.gif)

No. 865052

No. 865059

What's a good name for a female Vampire character?

No. 865062


No. 865063

vampira. or vampy ella

No. 865081

nta but those are shit names nona

No. 865095

Where do you go for your favorite fan fics? Preferable nsfw types. I need something to get my horny back.

My sex/porn addicted ex has totally ruined sex for me. I need a jump start and nothing is working. Not even sex with a hot guy helped. Am I broken? Help me.

No. 865105

archiveofourown and tumblr. with the latter i use google's search to find what i want (putting in site:[name of site].com + keywords for what i'm searching) because their regular search sucks.

No. 865109

are you kidding? what about vampirelle or vampearl or vamp dung cluck

No. 865121

Is it normal to randomly have doubts about my relationship even if it's perfect? I have literally no complaints and I'm happy, but sometimes I suddenly think "is this right? would i be sad if we broke up?" etc

No. 865123

File: 1627429431005.png (47.24 KB, 2688x132, cunt.png)

Yeah this one is going to reddit. I hate foids so goddamn much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 865125

Ok. Can I get an answer from someone who's opinion actually matters please

No. 865129

Don’t worry about the moid, nonnie, it’s defective and forgot how to open Reddit, but it’s okay, it will go back to its rightful place at some point.

No. 865131

Lmao imagine being this retard

No. 865132

Ok micropenis.

No. 865135

What exactly could even set someone off about that lmao

No. 865144

Right? I thought it was a pretty innocuous question, I literally asked it because I knew it was a stupid concern that probably everyone has

No. 865153

Retard was clearly desperate for some proof that women are evil whores whose only goal is to ruin the lives of innocent men. Unfortunately for him that's not reality and there are no posts about our love of cucking betas and being hypergamous so he went for the cruelest thing he could find - a girl who isn't totally confident in a good relationship.

No. 865163

What stuff do I have to buy to make sushi at home?


No. 865164

Idk he should check out the femdom thread

No. 865165

Sushi roll mat, rice wine vinager, brown sugar, soy sauce, rice, a fish of your choosing.

No. 865174

And nori
I'd actually advise against the brown sugar cause it can tint the rice, get regular sugar and salt.

No. 865176

I would add to make sure the rice is short grain or something along those lines, so that it's sticky enough

No. 865243

File: 1627440174328.jpeg (110.2 KB, 600x906, Peterson-Field-Guide-to-Birds-…)

What's the best way to learn bird ID?

No. 865245

Do you nonnys read romance novels? Tell me what ones are the best?

No. 865248

what type of romance novels? recently i've been reading some of the cheesy classic ones and they're actually pretty enjoyable

No. 865252

What’s the best way to deal with annoying moids who post edgy racist/sexist etc memes? Insult them, or just ignore them? Been getting a lot of raids in one of my discord servers lately because the mods suck and I don’t want to block them

No. 865253

Always ignore, they want attention.

No. 865255

Even if I try to emasculate them and call them fat or virgin or tiny dicked? It’s so tempting

No. 865256

File: 1627441289564.gif (3.88 MB, 365x250, shoebill.gif)

Start by looking up your regional birds and get to know the sights and calls of the ones in your area. Merlin Bird ID is a great app to use if you ever see a bird and have trouble identifying it. A bird feeder to attract them is really useful so you can see them up close and hear them without resorting to youtube. More than likely, the birds overlap in other zones so by the time you get to know your locals, it makes identifying and knowing different birds easier before you start expanding your IDs.

I love birds so much.

No. 865258

Would you be surprised to know a good number of them probably get off on it?

No. 865259

Oh god. That makes it repugnant. Thanks

No. 865279

I remember I used to be part of a WHTOW discord server sometime back and we'd have frequent Scrote raids, no matter what we did i.e insult them or make edgy counter meme's they'd never stop, only when we ignored them and just quietly waited did they disappear

No. 865325


Your maleness is a disease and every automated gangster modern weapon your kind has created will come and purge you all. Maleness is the number one cause of female sickness and discomfort, cue marriage, economics, war, and most importantly health. High testosterone in women has the potential to nearly kill them and causes an array of health complications and issues. The female is the creator, the female is everything, the female anon gets to complain about her relationship advice scrote.

No. 865331

File: 1627449346981.png (1.49 MB, 1822x1080, 1627329305775.png)

Nonny this is beautiful, I criend in excitement.

No. 865335

sauce on the anime, i want to watch this queen in action

No. 865336

nta but Kageki Shoujo. It's airing right now and it's the first time in a long time I've watched an anime that felt like it actually had women in mind.

No. 865381

File: 1627454943966.png (353.72 KB, 390x600, imagen_2021-07-28_014901.png)

Is he white? or japanese?

No. 865391


it’s a 2D cartoon sis he’s ink

No. 865397

Another anon that wants to recommend this anome, it's really great so far. This is the first show I've watched that get real about things girls face

No. 865399

Old question is old but I'm someone with a very small following (less than 100 on both ig and twitter) and I get back to back commissions. Here's what I do. Tag your shit appropriately, #commissionsopen and #artistsontwitter are great for getting twitter followers interested in commissions. Draw fanart, if you manage get into a smaller niche you get the most passionate customers who are likely to commission you multiple times. Have a clear and concise commissions info sheet as your pinned tweet and ig story highlight and underprice your shit in the beginning, you can hike the prices up once you have more reach. Make sure your communication with your customers is extremely friendly and keep them updated through the whole process, that's how you get repeat customers and build good rep. Have your friends retweet/repost your commissions info sheet periodically. Be active on your accounts, follow other artists to gain mutuals who will retweet your shit. Good luck anon I hope you get tons of customers!

No. 865411

He's a drawing.

No. 865412

thank nonnies, this show is fucking me up in the best way. ive binged all the episodes out so far. these girls deserve everything and more in the world, i do hope the snake among them will get her comeuppance.

No. 865429

File: 1627460404774.png (982.58 KB, 1366x768, imagen_2021-07-28_032010.png)

oh my god I love this already

No. 865446

I am being raped by my ex and I feel nonchalant about it, the better question is how do I make him fuck off without getting police involved? I’ll move out in august and there’s a lobby. Will telling the lobby I don’t take in visitors help?

No. 865447

File: 1627462901437.jpg (174.87 KB, 600x600, 7252cd07-0639-4c6e-9eac-e44eda…)

No. 865448

Literally my face every time he knocks at the door and tells me I’m being childish. I just don’t trust the police and they won’t lock him up forever, I’ll be in danger if I report him. He’s not worth risking my life for that’s why I want to end it ”peacefully”.

No. 865492

How low does your self esteem have to be you feel nochalent about being raped?
No one deserve to be raped!

If you don't want to involve the police, then you can try to move? Or ask help from other students maybe?

No. 865495

It's bait nona

No. 865499

Nah I’m just a mentally ill retard with developmental disorders. Or I was dropped on my head. Either way I’m immune to it I just hate how much time I waste. I do pity other people that get raped though don’t get me wrong. I just have a hard time to pity myself because I am used to shitty things. Makes sense why I’m a stupid schizo.
No I don’t think I deserve to let it continue happen for months or years tbh. I’m just afraid to end up on bestgore because I have no friends or family.
I’ll move out I guess and tell the lobby I guess that plan was not stupid.

No. 865541

Is it tacky to have a husbando keychain hanging of my purse?

No. 865542

No, never

No. 865553

you're in shock. Call the police

No. 865554

NTA. Dissociation.

No. 865557

In which country do you live? Is there a women's helpline you could call?

No. 865579

The self hate is staaank. Get over it and stand up for yourself. Buy a gun. Not many women get a free chance to murder rapists.

No. 865582

Nice try CIA

No. 865583

Does anal even feel good?

No. 865587

For some. It's usually psychological, or you're structured to have your gspot close to the anal wall.

No. 865606

Yeah to some. I explored on my own volition because I don't get much out of vaginal penetration. I'd never recommend women try it to please men.

No. 865610

It is for me, but yes like anon above said it's mostly psychological. Top three things I like about it: I get very wet so the air feels good, it emphasizes the size of the dick, and at times it feels good to be completely dominated. But ymmv, if anal isn't your thing don't force yourself to like it.

No. 865627

If you're in the right headspace, it can do. I like a few fingers during solo sessions when I've read some doujin and I'm busy imagining myself as the uke but most of the time it's just painful and feels like you're constantly shitting.

No. 865638

Fucking lmao I hope you bicthes never change

No. 865647

my mom sent me a chipotle gift card, what should I order nonnies? I've never eaten there

No. 865654

I regret reading this comment.

No. 865662

Why are there sometimes soaps that still make your hands feel soapy even after rinsing?? How do you completely wash them off?

No. 865663

Also I don't think it's a hard/soft water thing, there's a bar of soap at work that always makes my hands feel soapy even after rinsing but if I use the liquid soap it doesn't happen.

No. 865676

You know what? You do you girl.

No. 865681

The burrito bowls are okay. Save it for after a bender.

No. 865685

File: 1627481074942.jpg (13.76 KB, 350x350, 1624526413026.jpg)

Is there a skin product unlike foundation that won't completely ruin your skin if you sleep in on it? Is it CC cream or tinted moisturizer? I don't mind just using a pad with micellar water at the end of the day, but now people are memeing that you need to do a double cleanse to get all makeup residue off the skin. I can't do that. I spent all day being a wagie and come home exhausted, I truly and honestly can't be assed to do a double cleanse on my skin. I can wash my skin in the morning, that's fine.
>just do skincare
pls I legit have no acne but have been struggling nonstop with hyperpigmentation for 3 years even with obsessive spf use. There's a whole life story here
>pic related
It's honestly about the mood for me, have to be really aroused to get into it.
I can't even be mad because I take hot semes out of doujins and weaponize my autism to draw them fucking a girl instead. So I'm thinking you're based.

No. 865689

I can't believe some of you nonas are openly talking about trying and even liking anal, please get some self respect

No. 865693

I don't think there is, but then again everyone's skin is different. I don't really double cleanse with an oil cleanser + regular cleanser, but I use a reusable microfiber cloth to gently rub off most/all of my make up and then just follow up with a regular cleanser to get rid of whatever's left. I don't think it takes as long as a regular double cleanse.

No. 865702

I know it's illegal but I sleep with light/medium weight concealer on all the time and my skin is fine. Not every day but at least a couple times a week. The one I use is the Nyx Born To Glow concealer. It's one of the few complexion products that I can truly say I forget I'm wearing, but it covers my dark circles enough to help me look alive. The Physician's Formula double-ended concealer is good too but their shade range is pathetic.

No. 865706

I only masturbate. I don't do it with men because they don't know how to fuck. Regardless, if it's physically pleasurable to a woman aka not "daddy fucking me in the ass" type psychological submission variety then it shouldn't be discounted.

No. 865710

>not imagining you're the seme instead
That's weak, sis.

No. 865711

Idk don't think it counts if you just do it by yourself with toys, some women are depraved anon live with it.

No. 865712

Sounds like we should talk somewhere more privately, anon.

No. 865718

Why am I starting to find men physically unappealing yet I still imagine sexual scenarios with them? I’ve been uncomfortable with my sexuality for a very long time especially with the idea of sex, is it because I don’t really want sex with men? So confusing

No. 865726

This was years ago but does anyone remember which board had the thread where demonology anon was explaining how she does things? She linked some pretty good books and I want to find them again.
I think it was a pretty normal 'how have you improved your life' thread which got totally detailed when this one girl replied 'unironically, demon worship' and its turned into a cosy occult thread where she explained her practice and other anons joined in. I think a hardcore Jesus anon got involved near the end.

No. 865755

double cleansing is for dweebs, cleansing for a full minute is better. Subjecting myself to water fucking everywhere twice is too much for me. Fwiw I don't use makeup remover since I don't do eye makeup

No. 865758

It was “dead inside solutions” thread in /ot/

No. 865767

I blow a kiss to you, and another, you can save it for tomorrow

No. 865773

Men irl are shit so now wonder. But you can't change your sexuality sadly. Buy yourself a dildo and read fanfiction.

No. 865775

No. 865790

I don't get how the name of the image you upload on a thread can be used against you?

No. 865799

Is it possible to make a (pivot?) table that changes the information displayed when you pick a different choice from a drop down on Excel?

I’m an amatuer in Excel trying to learn by doing my own project on it but no guides actually cover this. I’m certain that it’s possible though.

No. 865804

I guess if it's a phone screenshot you can identify the type of phone with the filename and it can be some involuntary avatar fagging (I'm guilty of this because I'm a filthy phoneposter and I can't change the filenames).

No. 865809

Has anyone here gotten over sever body dysmorphia? It’s getting nearly impossible for me to go outside or consume any media anymore.

No. 865810

Does having body dysmorphia (involving the face especially) hinder my ability to draw faces?

No. 865819

did omegle get rid of the question mode lately? i cannot find it anymore

No. 865835

Farmers with 2D husbandos and waifus: what exactly is it you do that makes you consider them husbando/waifu? Do you have both sexual and non-sexual fantasies about them? Or is it just a jokey thing? Not judging you, promise. I have plenty of autistic obsessions with fictional characters myself. I relate far too much to the gross alcoholic guy from Stardew Valley to judge anyone. But I struggle to understand the commitment to characters that makes them husbando or waifu.

I just read this back and it sounds even more autistic than it did in my head, sorry nonnas.

No. 865846

Sorry, I couldn’t find the right thread in /g for this. Why do guys have a hard time staying erect if they are intimidated by you? May it be by your attitude, achievements, or career, etc. And not in a femdom way.

No. 865847

The gross alcoholic guy is my favorite. For me, I am autistically attached to a character, seeing him makes me smile. I don't have many fantasies, most of the time I just think of him, not what I would do with him. Just his presence is enough, I don't have to taint it with mine. I do think of some naughty things rarely, but most sexual things disgust me so I feel disrespectful even considering them. Jeez, I sound like an overweight incel talking about his pure waifu don't I.

No. 865851

for me it's getting strongly attached to the character and liking them both romantically and sexually. so i guess kind of the same way someone would fall for a real person? i don't really call/consider characters husbando if i only find them physically attractive or can't imagine us being together (yes i know this sounds cringe since we can't actually be together but i like playing pretend)

No. 865854

File: 1627492094576.png (2.1 MB, 1024x1195, varric_tethras_by_amoebae-d998…)

It's to fulfill an emotional need I guess. A character who's comforting or you relate to, or you're attracted to (not always tho). Picrel my fictional dad because irl dad is shit. I imagine him calming me down during depressive episodes and it helps.

No. 865856

I consider a character my husbando if he makes my heart throb when I see him and if I keep feeling like I just want to hug him and kiss him.
Then it evolves to the point in which I want to have sex with him and live with him like a married couple.

No. 865875

can humans get "the zoomies" like pets do?

No. 865878

Just look at children!
And runners I guess

No. 865968

Thanks guys! I get it now. None of you sound weird or like incels to me. Varric anon I completely understand where you're coming from, I kinda wish Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza would adopt me tbh. Fictional scrotes are better father figures.

No. 866008

File: 1627501541328.png (763.67 KB, 672x669, hm.PNG)

What the fuck is going on with Blizzard/Activision? All I'm seeing are stupid scrote memes

No. 866014

Definitely, specially after a sugar rush

No. 866033

It's called mania

No. 866047

The California department of fair employment and housing filed a lawsuit against the company after a two-year investigation. They found a general culture of sexism within the workplace. women were subjected to 'cube crawls', which involved males drinking excessively as they crawled their way through various cubicles and engaged in inappropriate behavior towards the women, women being underpromoted compared to their male peers, and there was a specific case where a woman's nudes were shared amongst men in the workplace and being sexually harassed for it, which led to her committing suicide

No. 866058

Forgot to add. In the case of the woman who committed suicide, it was on a business trip wherein a male supervisor brought along butt plugs and lube on the trip. Female employees are subjected to constant sexual harassment and often have to fend off being groped, especially during 'cube crawls', male employees proudly come to work hungover and play videogames during work while delegating responsibilities to female employees, male employees constantly joke about rape and talk about their sexual encounters and openly objectify women's bodies, etc. Activision Blizzard employees plan walkout on Wednesday to protest working conditions

No. 866082

For me it fulfills a desire that cannot be replicated in real life. Because they are not real I can place them in just about any scenario and cater it to my needs, which are companionship with a man untouched by society. With my husbando I rarely have sexual fantasies with him because I can easily have those needs filled by desperate scrotes, but I have never had a deep romantic all encompassing relationship that's pure bliss to the point of not needing to interact sexually with someone except my husbando. There's something special about having a connection with someone where there is no judgement of your appearance, personality, social status. It's almost spiritual in a way? I dunno man I'm just super emotional deep down and have never been able to share it with a person I care about so I resort to a synthesized japanese man voice. Or maybe I've been an autist the entire time. Vid related, it's the moment I genuinely fell in love with a fictional creation.

No. 866083

What threads do you have hidden?
Does anyone actually use that feature? I just scroll by the threads I don't like

No. 866084

Only the paranormal thread because I'm a little pussy and I don't like the thread pic lol

No. 866097

The different lanuage threads and cow threads

No. 866100

Any bait threads where the OP gets redtexted / thread gets locked immediately, foreign language threads, Olympics thread, food thread (threadpic makes me queasy)… Anything that I find disinteresting, really.

No. 866108

File: 1627508510498.jpeg (256.39 KB, 1943x1227, 4E4CF023-E793-49FE-A8BB-1A138D…)

Why do people whose skin doesn’t tan and just sunburns like pic related never seem to learn their lesson and take precautions? I genuinely want to understand.

No. 866111

File: 1627508565395.png (518.97 KB, 584x584, Fai.png)

It's completely serious for me. I am rather picky about lifelong husbandos. It's just like falling in love with a real person, you like their personality, their story, their physical attractiveness. Except 2D love is even more uninhabited, intense, and enthralling. I can feel I want to dedicate my whole life to their vision and happiness, that is something I'll never feel for 3DPD. So yes I do have all kinds of fantasies about them.
I gravitate toward the mysterious type, I want to unlock them. Usually someone powerful and ambitious, at the same time quietly kind and understanding.

No. 866113

Given that girl's foundation on the left picture she probably thinks she can actually tan.

No. 866117

Everybody's skin is different I guess. Sometimes I look burnt at first but have tanned when the redness subsides (although I try my best not to tan at all)

No. 866122

tell me what other husbandos you like

No. 866123

This girl was on an island in majorca when shes from the uk for like 6+ weeks, what ever precauctions she took she'd end up like that at some point. You did see her put on suncream on the show (love island)

No. 866129

From knowing men and women who do this sometimes it's from being hugely lazy, wanting to be out all day but not wanting to fuss with sunblock, taking breaks, mucking up clothes. Also, cultural norms: everyone else is doing it, they grow up doing it, they don't understand the harm. Also, consider what is darkened/tanned skin is culturally subjective (to laypeople) I'm sure it's clear cut to a derm. Some people consider the permanently-darkened ruddy skin-damage look ideal and aim for it, purposely burning over the years to become, in their view, permanently "tan". I agree it's crazy.

No. 866130

File: 1627509576444.jpg (26.87 KB, 406x503, bob.jpg)

What hair type is this?

No. 866134

wavy bob hair with bangs

No. 866135

sorry, but I meant if it was 2A/2B/2C

No. 866136

When you find your husbando/waifu nonnie, you just know. Like you find yourself wondering what they'd think of X and what doing Y together would be like.
My fantasies about my husbando are sometimes about being him, and feeling a sense of kinship (I know shut up, it's the best word for it) in that it makes you feel less alone. To be honest, a big part of fantasising about being the husbando is that my self-esteem is too low to picture him willingly spending time with me.
I don't generally have mundane fantasies about mine, maybe some fleeting ones about how his hair feels or how he smells. Nearly all of them are intimate, like cuddling, hearing him whisper in my ear while I fall asleep, learning his kinks. Most sexual scenarios I like to picture are ones where he's alone and uninhibited - grinding against the mattress and fingering himself, being egregiously loud and licking his own cum off his hands when he finishes. That kind of thing.

No. 866139

No. 866140

id say its somewhere between 2a and 2b

No. 866141

Hot damn nonnie! But I totally do the same thing, I love thinking about being my husbando. At this point, it's been like 14 years, the guy in my head canon is way more developed than the actual character in the show/manga. It's like having my own spinoff in my head, and it feels like I'm exploring his mind and his life. Pretty rad.

No. 866145

Thank you for the hopium anons. I think I'll invest in a good SPF cushion foundation and hope that it won't ruin my skin immediately by sleeping on it and washing it only after I wake up. (that new kill cover from clio looks nice) Been doing skincare and saving money for dermatologists for a good 2 years now and ain't shit change. Might as well cover it up.
Himbos are rare in real life, so I tend to get attached easily to dumb but respectful buff dudes. I mean yes there's lovey-dovey sex but also imagining a guy who's not insecure and ready to be genuinely kind is nice. Even when they're antagonistic, when they have a soft interior it's so nice. So, Alex is best boy obviously. When it's about waifus though I like the eccentric slightly kooky girls. I guess it's the fantasy of being partners in crime.
Most villains are hot though. I'll always go dumb for a good villain spouse.

No. 866157

Try either the career or the coding thread, anon
This is too advanced for stupid questions

No. 866173

File: 1627512260319.jpg (19.83 KB, 155x275, 1627500157818.jpg)

Who is this man I have to know

No. 866175

Peter Steele

No. 866176

Peter Steele, he has a PlayGirl spread

No. 866199

Why doesn't anyone I'm attracted to want to fuck me?

No. 866204

PETER STEELE. Singer of gothic band type o negative. he was a tall as mf and really talented as well. may he rip. one of my fav bands

No. 866209

The better call saul actor man collapsed and was taken to the hospital, my question is: are the few anons into him okay

No. 866210

What's the best way to download YT videos?

No. 866213

Because anon, you're too beautiful and they're too intimidated.

No. 866215

If I haven't had beef in like 5 years do you think my stomach would have any issues if I have a big mac tonight? I eat chicken and fish infrequently (one or two times a month)

No. 866217

can someone link a summary for the movie Lamb?

No. 866222

what is it with americans never giving their name when they give you their postal address??? i noticed this every single time i sent a package to a friend in the states. every single time they'd leave out the name and i have to awkwardly ask about it and they say i should put down whatever. and then i look like a dumb retard at the post office because in my country you cannot just receive/ship out a package to an unnamed person. you also cannot retrieve a package without showing them your id card. americans, why.

No. 866229

We lost touch a few years back, but I did follow her for a while on social media. I saw she dated a guy for a while but they ultimately broke up, and she got a tattoo that symbolized being a survivor of sexual assault but she never elaborated on the details. I really hope she's stopped who knows? since tinder makes hook ups so much easier now.

No. 866246

No. 866252

Maybe it's because you (presumably) already know your friends' names.

No. 866270

most of them use some other name online and even if it was their first name, i still don't know their last name. like in general, do you americans just NOT need to put a first name, last name on a package/letter?? i'm genuinely curious because i'm used to my country caring a lot about not losing mail/not having packages stolen from porches or something/getting packages to the right person.

No. 866273

You just answered your own question.

No. 866278

I don't have a real answer but once I signed up to get a christmas card from an artist I liked and she put my online handle (which is nothing like a name) and it got delivered just fine lol

No. 866284

Which is better, a new york sirloin or filet mignon?

No. 866294

Y don’t we have a Love Island thread

No. 866305

Can you die from drinking too much in one night? I was sipping on some vodka and didn’t realize that I have the equivalent of 4+ shots……I rarely drink if that helps. Sage for being retarded, surprisingly I don’t feel sick.

No. 866307

dw you won't die

No. 866308

Yeah but you would be clammy, breathing weirdly and passing out before dying so you're fine. You could also die from choking on alcohol vomit if you were lying on your back.

No. 866368

File: 1627532913078.gif (1.44 MB, 200x200, 6AD79A8C-5F52-4E72-AEC0-824103…)

What's this from and who is he? took me all these years to notice he is kinda cute

No. 866371

No. 866372

my favourite part is goblin in the trailer

No. 866376

Thank you. This is an experience.

No. 866386


Yes, but not from 4 shots. Alcohol poisoning can kill you. Your body needs to filter out the alcohol because it’s a toxic substance. The quicker you fill your tank with alcohol, the less time for your body to metabolize it and get rid of it. When you keep drinking and your body can no longer properly clear itself out, alcohol poisoning.

And it’s not to frighten you, but it’s easier than you’d think.

Drink, just don’t be reckless.

No. 866388


Filet is nice, and less fatty. But a strip is fattier and marbled more. Just a taste preference. You can get both done incredible, or both done poorly.

No. 866401

What kind of eye glasses do you consider stylish? what kind do you consider ugly?

No. 866404

It really really depends on the person's face shape. It's usually best not to follow trends and get shape recommendations from optometrists. Since they're so prominent on the face and can change your look drastically, it's best for this accessory to be individualized. There's no universal answer. I always think when I see someone whose glasses look cool "those glasses look good on them", never "ooh I want to buy that too".

No. 866405

is there any way to see if someone has seen your messages on discord like there is on whatsapp? a third party extension or something?

No. 866408

I like Buddy Holly and Harry Potter glasses, I don't like rockabilly cat eye glasses or 'smart male anime character' rectangular/oblong, thin rimmed glasses.
>tfw don't know the official name of any glasses styles so have to use pop culture to describe them all

No. 866413

Is anyone breaking out after their 2nd (Pfizer) shot? Coincidentally, my period is also 5 days late, so the vaccine probably tweaked my hormones.

No. 866417

Anons who apply their antiperspirants before going to bed: do you reapply it in the morning?

No. 866418

Yeah, I doubt it lasts all night so I always reapply

No. 866423

Is it unreasonable to think my BIL and his wife are retarded for giving a toddler chocolate milk every day?
I can’t see how feeding a kid a handful of sugar every day is good but everyone seems to think it’s normal?

No. 866424

Nope. Pits stay dry all day. I reapply after I shower in the evening.

No. 866425

Apply at night, wake up, shower, reapply for the day.
Never sweaty. Perfect system.

No. 866427

How much? Like a large amount? I guess it would depend on the amount (for me).
Every once in a blue moon I’ll buy chocolate milk and will give my toddler a bit a day until it’s gone. If the kid is healthy and active then probably not a big deal. Toddlers eat like shit and are picky fucks.

No. 866434

Like a full cup measure every day. At least a tablespoon and a half of chocolate sauce per drink.
I think a wee bit is fine but a whole cup per day seems excessive.

Like he eats well, and it’s not like they feed him exclusively junk, and definitely isn’t an obese child. Very healthy and hitting milestones. Maybe I’m too crunchygranola about sugar for kids.

No. 866444

I don't think you should worry about it. When I was a kid my mom would give me a cup of milk with honey every day. Sure honey may have more nutrients but I think it's equally sugary

No. 866446

Is there a way to induce my period? In the past I tried the Vitamin C trick and it worked then but it didn't this time. My period was supposed to come 4 days ago and I'm having all the symptoms (my tits feel like they are about to burst, I get random stomach cramps, mood: wanting to die) but it just won't fucking appear and it's driving me insane. I have a history of missing out periods due to stress and the job search has been stressful so it might be that but I just want to get it over with ffs

No. 866447

Yeah, figured there’s a good chance I’m the tard.

No. 866449

File: 1627545884788.jpg (309.93 KB, 1220x1639, 65ba00319731a955cb710bda24a551…)

Would you guys be interested in a General Future Predictions Thread? We could discuss the effects of global warming, what we think education would look like in the future, what the job market would look like, possible trends in fashion/art/interior design/music, the gap between the rich and the poor, China, the possibility of another World War and stuff like that

No. 866452

and if yes, where should I create it? /ot/?

No. 866466

Can someone explain the whole carrd.co that genderspecials and stans use on Twitter/Instagram mostly
It just seems like an excuse to tell people fuck off don't follow me??? I really don't get it

No. 866476

only children between 13 - 18 use it pretty much

No. 866491

It's pretty much the equivalent of the About Me/BYF pages from Tumblr, same writing style and same autistic presentations. I wonder what was the original intended use for Carrd.

No. 866514

Why do black women wear wigs
I genuinely don't know there are zero people of African descent in my county
Can they just not grow hair

No. 866526

To look better to men. This is literally the only reason and pretty much anything else you hear is massive cope.

No. 866532

File: 1627554237545.jpg (58.65 KB, 650x650, shrinkage.jpg)

Probably for fashion or so they can style it without damaging their natural hair. Of course they can grow hair anon, what the fuck.

No. 866533

because they were made to feel bad by whites and beauty standards for having afro hair so they wear wigs with straight hair

No. 866534

Wow bitch, what's with the misogyny? Not everything is about the male gaze, some people just want to look good for themselves. Is everything you do to look nice for men? Because it seems like you're the one coping.

No. 866536

Curiously I heard that silk press is the least damaging process to straighten hair because of how important deep conditioning is.

No. 866537

I personally believe the ideal hair style for black hair is those braids, you don't have to wear a sweaty wig and you don't have to damage your hair by going through dangerous straightening treatments, although I would understand why a black gal would straighten her hair since the braids don't allow much hair styling and some straightening treatments aren't that bad

No. 866538

I think the Japanese hair treatment, straightening treatment is the best. I had it done on my hair and it actually made it healthier

No. 866539

There is no misogyny in what I say, just facts. Also lmaoing at "wanting to look good for yourself". Putting on fake hair to look like white women is not healthy,it's internalized racism.

No. 866544

File: 1627554960569.jpeg (111.65 KB, 550x931, 495D5A2C-941A-436C-8A79-24552E…)

>Can they just not grow hair
Black women homogeneously suffer from complete alopecia. All hair is artificially implanted post birth. This also happens to Jewish, English and Asian women. It is a trait not possible in males. Historically, all Korean mothers would pluck their newborn’s hair until they became bald at birth as an evolutionary trait from the need to protect female babies because male heirs were seen as more valuable. This practice is how wigs became a woman-exclusive endeavor worldwide.

No. 866545

Do you even know a black person, anon? There is a lot of reasons to wear a wig beyond wanting to have white person hair. This is such a shitty way of thinking.

No. 866546



No. 866548

One of my friends has decided she’s a system. What do I do? Apart from just block her on all socials and never interact again.

No. 866551

would you say the same thing about a white girl wearing wigs to experiment with hair styles? Beware as the things you accuse others of might be just projections. You have to think the other way too, while what you've said is true in some instances it is also untrue in other instances.

No. 866553

I know two black guys and a black girl yeah. The black guys don't wear wigs and the black girl does. When I asked her why she said it's because she wants to look pretty. Black men not wearing it and black women wearing it suggests to me that wigs are related to beautfy, which being basically hair that black women can not naturally have is a colonialized beauty standard and their effort of trying to look white.

White girls do not typically wear wigs of hair theiir race could not have, if it happens it is an extreme outlier. This is not the case with black women and straight hair wigs.

No. 866559

File: 1627555470105.jpg (44.85 KB, 554x680, 2c3fed6c99407d6495173eb12cacbe…)

Why do cows (both ones on here and my personal ones) seem to like this haircut so much

Do not even once react or respond to her posts or messages mentioning her system. It's 100% for attention. Once she realizes this hasn't made people accommodate or praise her any more than before she'll quietly drop it.

No. 866560

anon, then how do you explain white girls with straight hair that curl their hair or wear curly wigs? How do you categorize white girls interested in asian fashion that straighten their hair to make it look more asian like? How do you categorize white girls that are interested in "hood culture" and rap music that tan their skin and skinwalk black women?
Jut be aware not everything is a one way street. While it is true that some black women suffer from internalized racism and hatred and it is true that some women change their physical appearance for the male gaze these things are not universal. You need to see the other way too.

No. 866564

men don't tend to wear their hair long also. Has that crossed your mind? If you want to grow your hair long as a woman and your hair is afro you either have to put it in the braids or chemically straighten it and if you don't wanna do all of that you will wear a wig

No. 866565

File: 1627555775778.jpeg (249.8 KB, 987x1160, A2C8B18F-4A4D-47F2-BCCF-5CD810…)

>mfw this Black woman is wearing this wig because she wants “white woman hair”
It’s a wig. Black women facing discrimination for their curls and coils doesn’t mean wearing a wig is an act of internalized racism.
>White girls do not typically wear wigs of hair theiir race could not have, if it happens it is an extreme outlier.
Black women can straighten their hair to have hair “their race could not have” without chemicals and wigs though. Just like how white girls can curl their hair to something their race “could not have.” If African women on the majority don’t wear bone straight wigs, does that mean the black women you’re talking about are also an outlier?

No. 866566

Ehm anon, white women can have curly hair, plenty of us do in fact have curly hair. Also not sure what you mean with straight hair asian fashion, how can you straighten already straight hair?

>How do you categorize white girls that are interested in "hood culture" and rap music that tan their skin and skinwalk black women?

I categorize anyone interested in "hood culture" as an idiot regardless of race.


Jut be aware not everything is a one way street. While it is true that some black women suffer from internalized racism and hatred and it is true that some women change their physical appearance for the male gaze these things are not universal. You need to see the other way too.
I might have been too absolute at me previous posts. I sitll think it's like 99% true, but sure i'll concede some women might do it for other reasons.

Sure but how does that challenge the part about the whole proccess being literally replacing a part of you for another one that looks like that of another race?

No. 866567

Wow, you know one black woman, thats a pretty big control group. I don't get how you can accuse people of internalized racism and not recognize your own internalized misogyny.

No. 866568

File: 1627555959768.png (15.12 KB, 360x360, png-transparent-persona-5-vide…)

They think it'd make them look like a dainty animu girl

No. 866570

idk who that is but you will not tell me she isn't some fashion victim

No. 866576

File: 1627556518332.jpeg (55.76 KB, 555x800, D74E160C-80AE-4736-8E1A-5ECECB…)

>literally replacing a part of you for another one that looks like that of another race?
Are loose afros a racially internalized black hair thing or a jewish hair thing? I personally think they’re samoan.

No. 866577

File: 1627556694640.jpg (31.33 KB, 590x330, a56fada624124cab87f3ba2a20c5e1…)

Yes but in your initial post you said, assuming that you are the same anon, you used black women desiring straight hair as an argument for internalized racism, but if you want to use this sort of rhetoric. What about white girls with straight hair that curl their hair? What about white girls with curly hair interested in asian fashion that straighten their hair for it to appear asian? Is it because of the male gaze too? Is it because of internalized racism too? Or is it simply an aesthetic choice?

>Sure but how does that challenge the part about the whole process being literally replacing a part of you for another one that looks like that of another race?

If you are so eager of accusing black women of LARPING white women, think about the white women LARPING black women and about the white women LARPING asian women too. Also, look at how asian beauty standards are basically about getting more white looking features. Or think about the asian women that grow up in America and become interested in hood culture too and take inspiration from that. You put way too much blame on racism and too much blame on black women and you accuse them of racism which is quite curious because from your posts you seem to be the one suffering from internalized racism and misogyny, so you have to question yourself "aren't my words just a projection of my own insecurities and short comings?" Sometimes our aesthetic choices are influenced by something that goes beyond racism or the male gaze, our aesthetic choices can be inspired by what we purely find aesthetically pleasing and what aligns with our values and symbolisms without the existence of a hateful factor such as racism or wanting to please men.

Pic related is Korean rap artist Jessi that grew up in America, it could be argued that she appropriates black culture, but I don't think it's out of ill intention like racism. She just found herself in that aesthetic expression as an artist and individual.

Stop acting like your little observation of reality is the universal truth, all these other things are true as well!

No. 866589

Ty anon, ignoring it completely is actually pretty good advice. It certainly is for attention.

No. 866593

File: 1627558522828.png (623.22 KB, 1080x2925, Screenshot_20210724-193358.png)

Which cow should I kin based on my D&D alignment?

No. 866604

>Pic related is Korean rap artist Jessi that grew up in America
I thought she was a lightskinned black woman holy shit.

No. 866607

File: 1627559435156.jpg (180.63 KB, 892x1200, Di_uMxyV4AA5k_S.jpg)

Anons…? I think it'd be fun

No. 866625

what was the name of the insane asian american artist who was drawing all those edgy comics and had something gross like "serving the small pussy asian geisha realness" on her website? She had a comic about a father and a daughter in victorian or edwardian setting (idk) and also was posting edgy comic shorts

No. 866626

File: 1627560479933.gif (1.39 MB, 500x274, c60404d982121141098e58cb2ebbfb…)

I JUST GOT IT GUYS!!! Thank fucking God. Literally just after I finished a job interview kek

No. 866658

Congrats on the non-pregnancy anon!

No. 866671

thank you thank you kek

No. 866687

What’s with the vent thread pic

No. 866688

it's hot, don't worry about it

No. 866689

> a system
What does that mean? Apologies if stupid

No. 866690

I agree and okay, thanks anon ♥

No. 866691

File: 1627563413297.jpeg (503.58 KB, 2560x1707, EC8A75E1-3242-4FB4-9764-AC5E22…)

What were you anons vaccinated with? How old are you, do you have any risk factors and did you experience side effects? I'm trying to make up my mind.

No. 866692

Pfizer, late 20s, no side effects other than some arm pain

No. 866693

samefag, no risk factors

No. 866698

30, no preexisting conditions, had both jabs of pfizer. Had a sore arm for a day after each dose. No complaints.

No. 866704

for how many days you have sore arm? i had it for a week wtf

No. 866706

After the first jab, my arm was sore for about a week, after the second one 3 days maybe? I was really surprised because everyone around me kept saying that the second brings out the worse side effects in people but it was the opposite for me kek

No. 866730

31, Pfizer. Got a sore arm both times and was really tired for a couple days, some sore muscles the second time. I have a lot of allergies.

No. 866739

File: 1627566819682.png (265.11 KB, 594x652, use this please.PNG)

hopefully this isnt a racebait question but white anons do you not use lotion after you shower? because im noticing a lot of people's excuse for not showering everyday is that it dries their skin out but like lotion was literally designed to be used after a shower to put that moisture that you lost back in your skin. Is it because you can't physically see that you are ashy so you dont think you need to? please answer because every white person i talked to has all told me that they dnt like to shower everyday because it dries out their skin. But like when you wash your face don't you put moisturizer on it after because the products stripped your skin of moisture? So why not realize that soap does the same with your body and that's why you need to use lotion, butters, or body oils to get that moisture back. please im really not trying to racebait im trying to understand.

No. 866746

Shower everyday and use exfoliating glove + lotion every other day. Not every day because it irritates my skin.

No. 866749

My skin doesn't get dry after showering every day, wtf. Is that something that happens to amerifags? Why would I want to put something sticky on my skin? I want to dry ASAP and wear my clothes

No. 866750

Not white but tbf if you aren't doing much physical activity you really don't need to shower everyday. It's a lot better for your skin and your body gets use to it very easily. But anytime I take a shower I always make sure to follow up with body oil.

No. 866751

thank you anon!! i was scared i was going to get yelled at lol. tbh certain lotions irritate my skin too but i found that that cocoa butter vaseline one doesnt irritate me at all. but i feel like lotioning every other day is still better than never ever lotioning lol.

No. 866761

This is the most retarded excuse for not showering I've ever heard; I can hardly believe anyone would say that. I can understand not showering if you stayed at home all day doing fuck all, but otherwise you gotta wash at least the strategic parts.

I recommend lotions. I used to use almond oil after showering and it works well, but the oil residue really fucked up my sheets and some clothes. I had to throw out my favorite bathrobe and I'm salty to this day, lol.

No. 866765

I use lotion and exfoliate, but I also live in a cold ass climate where showering daily isn't recommended. America is a tropical country compared to a lot of places in the world and not everyone online is your neighbor.

No. 866772

I have hyperhidrosis (I sweat like a pig. Every day. All day.) so I shower everyday, sometimes 2x a day. I use lotion every other day

No. 866773

I've never heard another white person say the reason they don't shower everyday is because it dries out their skin. I don't shower every day because it simply isn't necessary. Where I live is cold for most of the year so I don't sweat much. Showering every other day isn't a hard rule. I sometimes have more than one shower a day when it's hot in the summer and I shower after exercising.

No. 866785

25, Pfizer, no risk factors. First jab I had slight nausea and the arm pain didn't set in until a few hours later and last about a day or two. Second jab I only had arm pain.

Both my parents, in their late 50s, also had Pfizer. They have a whole slew of medical conditions between them (dad has heart and blood pressure issues, both have diabetes and probably some others I don't know of) and came out fine. On the first jab my mom said she was fine, and my dad slept the whole day after he came home. On the second jab both were fine again, dad didn't even sleep a lot like he did the first time.

No. 866786

The exfoliating irritates my skin, not the lotion. And I have to exfoliate beforehand or else the dead skin and dirt just gets trapped in with the lotion.

No. 866788

My best friend (who is white lol) does not shower every day, usually every other day, and uses lotion after her showers and just frequently overall. Still doesn't help but she has terribly dry skin and a lot of eczema so she's probably an outlier. Showering everyday, even with her current frequent lotion use, will definitely fuck her up.

No. 866808

should i make a tumblr? i deleted my years old account last year but i kind of want the feeling of saying stuff into the void again

No. 866811

19, Moderna, not sure of any risk factors but I have mild asthma without complications. I only had a sore arm for a day or two and no other symptoms.

No. 866818

I use lotion/oil every few showers in the winter (when my skin is drier) but not in the summer because tbh I just can't be bothered to wait around for it to dry.
Same!! I used almond oil every day for years and while it worked very well, it also soaked into my clothes to the point that years later the pajamas I used to wear back then still smell of it

No. 866828

Am white with dry skin and my best friend is black, she taught me to use moisturiser after every shower and have avoided any skin issues since. Your post reminded me fondly of her because she used to say the same thing, that because white people can’t see ashiness they think they don’t need lotion!

No. 866834

unless you're
1) doing A LOT of sweating
2) exercising every day
3) fat
you don't need to shower every day and you shouldn't. it's much for you skin if you don't anyway…

No. 866837

I'm considering doing the same thing but I feel like I'm looking back on tumblr with rose tinted glasses. If any nonnies can lemme know how it is now though it'll be appreciated.

No. 866849

Larping that they have multiple personalities.

No. 866866

radfem/swerf anons how do I convince my sister not to get into sex work? More specifically sugaring?

No. 866867

If you microwave food that has ranch sauce in it and then eat it, can that make you sick?

No. 866868

Why do people constantly do this to me?
>Omg we haven't caught up in ages! Let's catch up!
>Set a time and date
>Cancel last minute
>Postpone for the next day/week
>Cancel with another weak excuse
>Set ANOTHER date and time
>Let that date pass without comment and not talk to me for ages until the next "OMG MISS YOU!"
I understand if I'm the one pressuring you into hanging out, that you'd cancel. But YOU are initiating it, and initiating the specific reschedules instead of just saying "it'll have to be another time…" and letting it fizzle.
Are they getting off on rejecting me or something? It's bad enough to set time aside your day to do a video call, but these people would do this to me with real life meetups to, usually cancelling right when I'm dressed and about to leave.
Feels bad.

No. 866872

No. 866878

Read the Pimp State by Kat Banyard, it's got so many different arguments against prostitution from a lot of angles. All of my friends I've peaked regarding prostitution/porn I owe to talking points out of that book.
I can't find a proper summary of it, but it's free on Libgen if you're broke.

No. 866909

Thank you anons, hopefully something will get through to her or at least give her pause long enough that she loses interest in the idea

No. 866911

Do long sleeve coats with fur ON the shoulder part(or something similar) exist? I am making a character design

No. 866912

>I am making a character design
It exists if you want it to exist bb

No. 866916

Straightening/lengthening of hair predates contact with Europeans. They used hot stones.

No. 866917

I just want to get good character references

No. 866922

Sorry I don't know, but you could try posting in the help me find thread too >>>/ot/861432

No. 866926

Dermatologists recommend people do not wash everyday, especially those with dry/sensitive skin or live in areas of hard water. They also recommend you do not overuse lotions as it interferes with the body's own mechanism. People are over-washing, especially with hard chemicals and it's purely market driven and is contrary to medical advice. Chronic skin complaints like eczema have sky rocketed because of this. Also, NEVER douche. Please do some research nonnies.

No. 866937

32, Pfizer. After first jab I felt really sleepy, but nothing else. After second dose my arm was very sore after a few hours and I felt kinda faint for the next several days, but nothing serious. I have some heart and genetic issues, but nothing flared up after the vaccine.

Is douching an American thing? Never heard of anyone doing it in Europe.

No. 866955

Yes it is and I'm European too. When I used reddit, American women were always complaining about vaginal issues and then going "I don't get it, I make sure I douche everyday!". Americans in particular have damaged microbiomes. Kutcher and whatsherface are doing the right thing with their children imo. Children have such sensitive skin.

No. 866971

Could you be thinking of Yudori? I swear I've seen the "serving geisha pussy realness" thing before, but I can't quite recall when or who it was. I'm thinking of Yudori caue she's done some nasty, edgy shit that was posted in the previous art salt threads (like the pedo art she made, and saying that a teenage girl should do sex work)
OT, but why the fuck are so many old art salt threads missing a previous thread link in the OP

No. 866972

Am white, shower everyday. Never had any problems with dry/flaky skin except for winter, but that's because of the cold and not because of the water. Maybe it's something about the region/water quality or so? Not sure about it though… I don't use lotion because products of any kind never seem to seep into my skin and I dislike feeling sticky.

No. 866977

can anachans with autism ever fully recover given the routine orientated nature of autism?

No. 866978

Lol I know I can’t speak for everyone since I’m sure it depends on the person, but I’ve had insanely sensitive skin with bad eczema for my entire life and if I don’t wash up daily (especially in summer time) it gets a 100 x worse

No. 866979

Anon, humanity didn't have to wait 200,000 years until modern skincare science and technology started producing lotions in plastic bottles for us. I don't use lotion because my skin is normal and balanced without it. You're abusing your skin with soap. Most people don't even need harsh soaps on a daily basis when all they do is sit at their desk all day and then go home to watch netflix, you can wash away sweat, dust and oil after a mudane day with warm water and something lightly abrasive like a washcloth.

No. 866983

Mind your own business darky(racebaiting)

No. 866991


I gotta shower at least twice a day, I sweat for no reason. I'm low-key jealous of people who can get away with bathing every other day. My ex's mom used to bathe like every three days or whenever she went to work, never smelled her once lol.

But I also find a hot shower very relaxing,so even if I was one of those people I'd probably still shower at least once a day.

I also get really dry skin sometimes. Cocoa butter works for me.

No. 867000

self-serving? self-indulgent? self-centered? entitled?

No. 867002

Nonas, what word am I looking for? It's when you do something for your own gain without being considerate of others. I'm not looking for selfish, but I think it starts with self-, too.

No. 867003

Self-serving was the word, thanks!

No. 867006

File: 1627588443202.jpg (504.24 KB, 670x426, Inspirational-retro-futuristic…)

So is noone interested in this?

No. 867013

We did have a 2020s prediction thread, can't find it right now but I think it'd be fun. Go for it, anon

No. 867022

Jesus yes! That's her. I also remembered her website stating you can read her name multiple ways, but I didn't know how to phrase it. I just checked her twitter and her hand is Yudori_canceled and her domain is for sale for over 3000$. WTF happened

No. 867023

File: 1627589549563.jpg (101.09 KB, 1905x845, jfcgirl.JPG)

No. 867033

why do glasses make someone look less attractive? is it just social conditioning or does it have something to do with glasses emphasizing/minimizing certain facial features?

No. 867044

File: 1627590944432.jpg (39.17 KB, 800x533, thoughtful-chinese-asian-woman…)

Glasses obstruct your eyes, which are meant to be your most noticeable/striking feature, and are associated with being nerdy or geeky. Sometimes they can look attractive though, it depends on the person

No. 867047

That seems subjective. Lots of people like people with glasses more. Personally, I wear glasses and they make me look so fugly, I think it's because they are just there in the middle of your face and take attention from your features, like the eyes

No. 867048

I think it's the opposite for me. Glasses always make someone more attractive to me (unless their eyesight is super fucked so their glasses lens are thick and make them look bug eyed). I think I look like a dead fish without my glasses kek

No. 867052

Heh I made it!! here: >>>/ot/867049

No. 867100

How to take a selfie in which I look as good as in the mirror? Also, are there any (snapchat? Meitu? Something else?) filters that don't paint you a new face, but just clear up your complection?

No. 867110

When using the front facing camera, I've read that holding the phone far away from you and then zooming in towards your face will help mitigate the fucky distortion. If you have new iPhone I think there's a built in sort of feature, especially in portrait mode, that will help you look nicer.

No. 867134

File: 1627598620419.jpg (86.76 KB, 900x1125, staple-long-sleeve-crop-grey-t…)

Where can I find an outfit like this but cheaper?the top alone is 60 bucks

No. 867139

Idk about the thread but I love these pics you’re posting

No. 867144

rob luna slater

No. 867156

Can any plant anons please help me? I have a mint plant in a self watering pot that is doing pretty well, and I refill the water reservoir everyday because I read that mint likes to be kept damp. I don't water from the top aside from when I first repotted it into its current pot. I realized today that there are little white spores on the surface of the soil and it's probably fungi or something, most likely since the soil is constantly damp and my city is very humid. The plant is kept on the windowsill, just off to the side so it doesn't sit in direct sunlight. What can I do about the fungi? It's probably thriving from the dampness but my plant likes the dampness so what the fuck do I do???

No. 867157

How do I get a big-booty Russian boyfriend?

No. 867162

>step 1
Consider suicide.

No. 867163

If scrote tits can be posted, so can Pam’s

No. 867165

nta, no they can't, kill yourself(a-logging)

No. 867167

Russian men treat women as trashy as arabs do, they don't believe that women are humans anyway - they consider women to be nothing but a sex doll who will clean, cook and do everything while not having any life interests other than homemaking. They will start beating you up daily and will never pay alimony. They think women owe them everything for just existing.

Are you someone from America by chance?

No. 867169

why the fuck would you want to subject yourself willingly to them

No. 867186

Do the ticket collectors on the lirr have a really good memory or a system to sweep each car for law abiding citizens?

No. 867188

What is the deal with the practice of dipping food in salt in Korean food, like in kbbq? I can't describe this any better and googling "dipping in salt" is making me feel stupid

No. 867205

Wtf does Foodie Beauty mean when she says "beeze"?

No. 867206

I think it's just the equivalent of sprinkling some salt on your food for seasoning for us, except they dip. Unless the meats been marinated, most of it still needs seasoning.

No. 867208

Try fashion Nova, ASOS, pretty little thing

No. 867209

Going wild, doing bad things ig. As the kids used to say it: “wildin’ out”

No. 867229

I just realized the men I genuinely find attractive and the men I am /attracted to/ (as in, would want to sleep with) are completely different. Is that normal?

No. 867235

I’m ashamed that this term is in my internal vocabulary now

No. 867236

I'm the same way, I think it's normal

No. 867281

File: 1627619812523.jpg (345.12 KB, 1200x764, Charles-Schridde-motorola-adve…)

Retrofuturist art has some nice pieces indeed

No. 867322

Any medfags here? Several months ago I accidently cut my finger and even though the bump has gone down (it was swollen for a long time) it still goes numb sometimes (mainly in the morning) and it still feels weird to the touch…will it ever go back to normal? Did I cut into a nerve or something?

No. 867327

Sorry anon, you have to amputate it. Give lots of thumbs up anons, you never know when it could be your last…

No. 867343

File: 1627628833921.png (250.86 KB, 570x544, 6596549165.png)

I'm sure this is a dumb question but how do I know the difference between love-bombing vs. showering my bf in genuine love????

No. 867344

File: 1627629080600.jpg (89.14 KB, 518x679, Dr. Bitch.jpg)

Medfag here.
If you promise to mail me your chopped off thumb I will gibe you the answers you seek.

No. 867347

Intentions. Love-bombing is, essentially, trying to manipulate or use someone. Telling you’re boyfriend you love him frequently and showing your love other ways because you actually love him without trying to get something out of him would not be love-bombing.

No. 867349

Isn't love-bombing supposed to come after you did something abusive/shitty? If you're just in love with your bf and want to make him happy do whatever you want. But if you're trying to make him forget and forgive a fight without working out a proper solution then maybe it's love-bombing.

No. 867355

File: 1627629786206.jpg (38.29 KB, 532x525, 4864354867.jpg)

Thank you for replies anons! My bf and I are very communicative and healthy…I'm just so so blessed to have him now after growing up in an abusive environment…I'm convinced there has to be a catch. I just want my bf to see my "I LOVE YOU AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH" messages and feel happy and not manipulated! And you know what, the best part is that I know he does. Ty anons for making me feel better!

No. 867365

my question is.. what is kik?

I swear, a long time ago, there was a website called kik (it might have been an app, but I didn't have a smartphone back then) it was kind of like twitter but where you would post short videos instead of tweets, kind of like vine or tiktok… but now I discovered there's a messenger app called kik. were there 2 kiks, or am I remembering the name of the website wrong?

No. 867366

There was only one kik and it was an instant messaging app like twitter if you couldn’t tweet but you could do everything else.

No. 867368

ok, maybe im thinking of a different website then

No. 867371

File: 1627631071569.jpg (3.64 KB, 225x225, keek.jpg)

Holy shit anon, you just unlocked a memory. It was Keek!

No. 867373

omg, thank you! it all makes sense now

No. 867374

What's it like wearing a nightguard for teeth? My dentist recommended I get one, I don't know why I'm even stalling. How easy it is to get used to? Did you have trouble falling asleep with a mouth full of plastic?

No. 867376

It was easy for me. I grind my teeth and it lessens the impact of it. I actually got so used to it that I have trouble falling asleep without it for example when I travel somewhere and forget to take it with me

No. 867509

Materials for making night guards are better than they used to be. Mine is so thin I hardly notice it.

No. 867519

Dae find that their second day of menstruation is the heaviest one? I always hear that the first day is supposed to be the heaviest but I find that to be untrue for me

No. 867528

same with me.

No. 867534

Yup, second and sometimes third

No. 867549

Anons, do you ever hear a loud noise randomly, like an explosion or firecracker in your head? That's normal right?

No. 867560

No. 867570

I'm on day 2 right now. It's always the heaviest and hurts the most.

No. 867576

This happens to me a lot as I'm falling asleep or waking up. Otherwise no

No. 867593

Exploding head syndrome? This has only happened to me once when I was half asleep and I hallucinated a loud scream.

No. 867602

Why the fuck are there suddenly danganronpa tweens on this site

No. 867611

File: 1627655786755.png (116.67 KB, 941x305, komaetard.png)

Ah, you've met the local Komaeda tard. The danganronpa shitposting can be kind of annoying but they contributed this delivery of hearty keks so I'd say it evened it out a bit.

No. 867638


No. 867660

Now THIS is screenshots thread worthy

No. 867737

Same. When I was still in school I always prayed I'd start my period on fridays.

No. 867751

What makes an actor good?

No. 867765

File: 1627664631210.jpg (Spoiler Image, 308.04 KB, 1242x1228, 1531678461707.jpg)

Do anons really hate chestlets that much? from what I remember all the goal body threads were skinny and fit girls with medium to small breasts like picrel and now lolcow and CC is a weird cesspool of self-hating small boobed girls and large boob girls swearing up and down girls with small boobs are second class citizens or something. What gives? it's only been like 3 years

No. 867767

I don’t know, but it’s getting lame. Apparently if you think picking on small chested women is bad you’re a raging chestlet and vice versa. Who gives a fuck?

No. 867769

Lmao, where are these retarded debates happening? I swear, out of everything, insulting breastsize is the one thing I'll never fucking get. Unless they're those illegal huge implants.

No. 867774

>a weird cesspool of self-hating small boobed girls
I'm a rare self-loving small boobed girl then I guess, I wouldn't want them to be any bigger. Size 34A btw

No. 867775

CC has been especially obsessing over boobs but it happens here and there too especially if billie eilish is brought up. I assume it's because most anons are lowkey pickmes as much as they don't want to admit so they believe if they insult body types that aren't theirs enough then men will see it and go for their body

weird conclusion but I agree 100%. Boob size is like bottom of the chart when it comes to attractiveness. Most boobs are nice anyway if they're on healthy women so what's even the point of placing so much value over something so mundane?

No. 867784

Men have infiltrated. Isn't it obvious?

No. 867793

That makes no sense either since most normal men have a long list of porn stars, celebrities and models with small boobs they are extremely attracted to. Emma watson, hayley williams, emily browning, daisy ridley, even most of the bond girls, which are usually on the top of mens lists in terms of attractiveness have small to medium boobs. Either way, men or women who try to convince anyone that the whole world only has eyes for large breasts and nothing else is completely off their rocker

No. 867800

What's the worst thing anons have done purely for male approval? Maybe I just want to make myself feel better

No. 867806

No. 867808

Have you seen men on imageboards? They either want huge perky anime breasts or they want children. They also get off on "breast envy" and pitting women against each other. Men are also autistic about their preferences and will hate on anything outside them.

No. 867811

>Lmao, where are these retarded debates happening?
in celebricows

No. 867812

File: 1627668148133.gif (496.73 KB, 312x205, 1419202286844.gif)

a threesome

I was totally pressured into it at the time

No. 867815

>They either want huge perky anime breasts or they want children
girl have you ever been to /s/?
a current active thread is
maybe like one coomer on /b/ or something but it certainly isn't widespread. Please leave your house and talk to an actual man
>They also get off on "breast envy" and pitting women against each other.
r/breastenvy still has a lot of commenters admitting they prefer the one with small breasts if she's more physically attractive. Please talk to a man for once

No. 867831

>talk to men
why would you willingly subject yourself to that

No. 867833

This might be a stupider question than most, but has anybody here made good progress with weight loss and what lifestyle changes did you have to make?
I'm getting really disillusioned with trying to lose weight: I've got a new job so I'm more active than ever before, I have the healthiest diet that I can manage for now (around 1,200 calories per day on average), but I'm still not seeing any progress.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore!! I only want to lose around 15kg, nothing drastic. Any advice?

No. 867834

>men akshully do this
>no they don't
>don't talk to men

I'm so confused, you can communciate with men or go into male spaces and tell what your supposed observations of those things if it means lowering their self esteem, but women can't talk to men to get their actual opinion and not from people who are sought to destroy womens self esteem? actual anti moids would have said something like "moids fuck everyone and everything who cares" not "moids exclusively like big perky boobs no doubt about it I am the holder of information don't find this out for yourself uwu"

No. 867839

>actual anti moids would have
What the fuck is going on with lolcow, is it really all men and trannies now

No. 867841

So, the sperg in celebricows? The odd nitpick lolcow comment and the bait thread on CC full of larping men? Lol. It's confirmation bias. Anyway, the anons of three years ago aren't the anons posting literally right now, that should be obvious. It shouldn't be surprising they might have different opinions. Nothing has 'changed', we're not a single entity lol. I hate to be presumptuous, but I'm not entirely convinced you're not the troll larping again. This being an attempt to continue the retarded bewb fight over here, possibly a scrote. What makes me suspicious is your decision to post an underwear pic (typical scrote behaviour) and a typical bait pic too (skinny shooped asian). You should know this lol. Also you're not replying to comments, which is typical troll bait behaviour, just dump and leave. Anyway, in case you are sincere, my boring answer is farmers like to (and will find a way to) complain about literally anything and they love to trigger. It's not that deep. You shouldn't take any opinions expressed here too seriously.

Loser pol types are not the average man anon lol.

No. 867842

that's the thing. why would you talk to males about your attractiveness if you know they'd fuck a rotten coconut if desperate enough?

No. 867845

Because the whole argument about how "men think your body is wrong, trust me and don't ask" is stupid. It's not so much to talk to moids about your own attractiveness but to find out most men have diverse taste. It just rubs me wrong how the anon feeding us information about how men find most women unattractive can talk to men and go into male spaces but nobody else can because moids are stupid

Like it's okay to talk to males if it means hearing them talk down on our bodies? That sounds really unsettling

No. 867847

i went from 265lbs to 165lbs years ago (over the course of 2 years) but ballooned up to 200lbs again during lockdown because i got severely depressed, started binging and because most of my activity stemmed from hanging out with friends/walking around a lot for hours. when i lost weight, i weighed my food religiously, tracked calories, stopped eating chocolate/candy, etc. are you weighing yourself/taking measurements (belly, thighs)? you are not going to see any progress in the mirror immediately. in fact, i only noticed how small i had gotten from 265 to 165 because i compared pictures. i still saw myself as the fat girl even though everyone thought i was just a little on the chubby side since i carry my weight well. maybe there are also hidden calories somewhere, like in cooking oil. i only use one teaspoon of cooking oil (roughly 50 calories) while my mom just pours it in the pan which is probably 300 calories she's consuming without noticing at all.

No. 867848

i see, got you wrong then, sorry about that.

No. 867852

File: 1627671003269.jpg (153.91 KB, 768x1024, katya_lischina_by_akkkira_d7ri…)

Not even pol exclusively obsesses over big boobs, most of their queens have had small or medium boobs

No. 867870

I have that scarf. It quickly became one bobbly fucker. I was duped.

No. 867871

I lost around 30-40lb (so around your goal) over the course of ~6yrs, most of it was in the first 2yr, and the most important thing for me has just been constant experimenting. Try eating less than your target calories some days and more on others–something that really helped shift my mindset was to think about the average week's worth of calories moreso than every individual day. I've also tried out different diets like vegan, intermittent fasting, low carb, etc (might help if you have PCOS or certain intolerances). I've heard that getting consistent light exercise throughout the day is more important than getting a lot of intense exercise within 2hr, sounds like you're already doing that. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny adjustment to make a big difference, so try things out until something kicks your progress in gear!

No. 867877

For anyone still interested, that CC boob thread has research papers compiled. The take away was, globally, men prefer a medium boob size/so-called C cup. D or B following. Depending on geographical area, D then B or B then D, A-cup was most disliked everywhere. (Yes I know that isn't how breast sizes actually work, men weren't asked to give a size they viewed manipulated morphs). Northern Europeans were outliers for preferring bigger breasts overall, but medium (C-cup) was the average preference too. British men were outliers for preferring fairly large breasts on average.

No. 867887

I like Mitski, but why the fuck do these zoomers pretend there's this great "gay longing" in her songs? All the imagery in the videos and lyrics in the songs refer to heterosexual relationships. Has she actually ever baited them or are they all making it up in their heads?

No. 867893

…and who cares what men prefer?

No. 867894

File: 1627674272015.png (260.75 KB, 345x305, Capture.PNG)

Is it legally possible to be induced into a coma in order to avoid work/responsibilities/life? If so how long could it last? Would you have to be hooked up in a hospital to do it under constant supervision?

No. 867899

Most heterosexual women…

No. 867902

Really wish I could free my Russian farmers when I read shit like this

No. 867903

>Most insecure heterosexual women

No. 867904

>Please talk to a man for once
Has it gotten this bad? Have mwn infiltrated female places to beg us to talk to them?

No. 867906

Your fat is probably just being replaced with muscle now, it will take a while to see results until you get under a certain body fat percentage. Just keep going, maybe add some weights to speed up muscle growth so your body uses more calories when at rest.

No. 867907

Is it normal to not want a relationship? Like, at all?

No. 867910

I mean, no, but it’s probably fine. Do you

No. 867911

It's normal. Most men don't contribute anything to a relationship other than money (but then they guard it like a miser). Just get a female roomate if you want to save on bills.
Blogpost but my dad's like every other scrote, but atleast he's useful. Can build a house, do electrical wiring, hunt, grow crops. Most men nowadays aren't just scrotey, but useless.

No. 867912

Medically induced comas are a last resort for severely injured or sick people anon. Some coma patients are allowed to stay in non-medical settings but would still need medical care. It would be expensive. Waking up time would depend on a lot of different factors but there’s also the risk that you would never regain consciousness which is why no responsible doctor would induce a coma unless medically necessary. I guess you could always take a case to court like people who want to legalise euthanasia lol.

No. 867932

Who is that dead musician with the word bussy in his name?? I saw someone post him here the other day but I can't remember where. I laughed because of the bussy part of his name but I looked up his music and only had time to listen to a little bit and really liked it but I can't find it again

No. 867936

[edward cullen voice] it's… debussy

No. 867941

It wasn't debussy was it

No. 867948

Yes, that's him! Thanks anons!

No. 867954

File: 1627678037594.jpg (415.09 KB, 1306x3220, NINTCHDBPICT000003357232.jpg)

>I swe'er on me nans grave love if she unt hv teats outta lundon she outta knock out like a fag onna wanka

No. 867957

This must be the language the gods spoke

No. 868030

I'm pretty sure I have ADD. every teacher I had in elementary school recommended my parents get me tested but they were anti-medication and didn't. I'm an adult now have an extremely hard time focusing on work, starting work at all, keeping deadlines. recently a friend with ADD pointed out the many symptoms I have and suggested I see a doctor. but I'm stressed that they'll think I'm drug seeking bc I have "no history" of ADD and bc I had an eating disorder as a teen (so they might think I want the drugs for weight loss, even though I'm recovered). I also really want to go through my PCP and not have to get with a psychiatrist, bc that would be an additional level of paperwork shit that realistically I'll never do (I'm terrible at chore type tasks and never do that shit). i'm a burger but have health insurance lol

has anyone else here been dx'd with add or ADHD as an adult?? or have any tips for making myself go through the hassle and not psych myself out? I just want to be able to actually get things done and give a fuck lmao

No. 868046

How long until we find out Onision has/had sex with his mother?

No. 868050

Does anyone else hate their first name? I’ve always really despised my name, I just don’t like it. People never understand when I say I don’t like it. They’ll say “ohhh but it’s so pretty!” And? I don’t fucking like it. Do people actually legit like the names they were given?

No. 868052

I don't like my name either. It's so granny-like

No. 868053

I have a long, white trash trailer park name. It has way too many letters and rhymes with a lot of other common names. Whack.

No. 868061

File: 1627685289468.jpg (316.26 KB, 1174x1166, 20210731_013200.jpg)

I can't find the cow thread, I saw two beautiful cow arts on twitter. Can someone link me the cow thread?

No. 868065

I used to not like mine, and I still think there are a lot of prettier names, but I've grown to like it.

No. 868070

My name is pretty boring and neutral, don't love it but I'm just grateful it's short and easy to spell. I feel so bad for people whose names are hard to fit on forms or for other people to spell/pronounce. No matter how pretty their name might be, practicality should come first.

No. 868075

It's okay, there are better names, just annoys me when people call my name "old fashioned" like fuck off sorry my name isn't Ashleighhn

No. 868076

No. 868078

this is autistic and hard to put into words but here: I don't like my full name because since it's pretty uncommon I'm the only one with it in almost every environment I'm in, especially in school, it was always instantly associated with me if that makes sense, so it's like over the years in my mind it became a synonym of "weird quiet girl". It's like I associate it with all the worst parts of myself that I'm embarrassed of, to this day it makes me cringe to be called by my first name instead of a nickname. This probably doesn't make sense but idk how to explain it better

No. 868081

i have a fashion/fad name, aka people can vaguely pinpoint either my year of birth or my mom's age based on the time period when my name was insanely popular in my country. little girls don't have my name these days. oh and everyone i introduce myself to usually replies 'omg all the XXs i know are such bitches!' i hated my name for the majority of my life and only recently, when i started higher education and heard how people pronounce the name in a different language, it began to grow on me. i still don't love it but at least i don't feel like my tongue is refusing to say it when someone asks me about my name.

did or does anyone else experience this? this absolute awkwardness of saying your own name? i remember having a teacher who had the same first name as i and i always wondered how she could say my name without cringing.

No. 868097

Yep, my name was popular when I was a kid so I met a few girls with the same name, and there was this girl, she was kinda cool but I could never call her by name because it was so awkward saying my name, so I avoided her a lot and when I had to interact I still tried avoid calling her by name, lmao
I don't like my name very much, I hear it's old lady name kek

No. 868118

Non spanish people can't pronounce my name it just ends up sounding like flour or floor. I hate it.

No. 868126

File: 1627691408118.jpg (164.35 KB, 640x1137, e810789e064e7d9d88b12a3ba99638…)

Are you named Flor?

No. 868128

my full name is unique and i hate it but only because if you google me literally all the results are directly relevant to me. like fucking hometown newspaper articles from when i won a track meet and shit.

No. 868136

I don't hate my first name but I don't like that it alliterates with both my maiden name and my married name.

No. 868137

I’ve liked my name for a long time, but no matter what’s the language, not how I try to make my pronunciation of my name as clear as possible, nobody understands what I’m saying, which makes it quite annoying.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the issue isn’t my name but the majority of the people that seem to have hearing disabilities.

No. 868252

what cheaper wireless earbuds do people like? maybe like $150 max, prefer under $100 dollars. hoping for something with more battery life.

No. 868255

File: 1627709292289.jpeg (2.07 MB, 3024x4032, 0632D36E-A3D2-44CB-8DD4-F8F4B9…)

Maybe I’m remembering it wrong but I don’t recall “Spencer’s” being so kink and coomer centric. I remember they had like gag sex gifts but they have full on harnesses and dildos and shit now . Was it always like this?? It’s been a while since I’ve set foot in one but wow.

No. 868257

Idk where you’re from but they basically had a mini sex shop in the back since like 2009

No. 868259

Taotronics. Been using them since 2013. Max I spend is 35 on them. And they're really great with great sound blocking

No. 868265

damn youtubers also mentioned them, here's to hoping the shipping works out before i go on vacation

No. 868266

I always associated it with dildos

No. 868302

how does one stop acting BPD and control their impulsive behavior before it is too late

No. 868303


No. 868305

Limit relationships and hopefully even out around 30 (get therapy)

No. 868313

File: 1627721537643.jpeg (47.23 KB, 333x500, A52688C7-3B67-499F-B952-62C8AC…)

If you can’t go to therapy right now a starting point could be to learn about bpd from the experts, pic rel is academic but written in an accessible way as it’s aimed at patients. Learning to view your feelings, thoughts and behaviour from this pov will help you realise you’re probably a textbook case, like the case studies described then analysed. Try to apply this mode of thought to situations when you’re about to chimp out and you should begin to understand the patterns and what’s fuelling them. Once you understand, it should be easier to stop as you realise it’s not about [complicated situation] but about how your brain works and why it’s become that way. Not stopping this behaviour will just lead you to repeatedly wasting your time and energy over shit that doesn’t matter. Having a look at case studies of old people who’ve never recovered should depress and motivate the hell out of you.

Also, help yourself by staying out of drama caused by other people. Keeping yourself in a stable situation as much as possible will help your mind remain more stable. If you have a boyfriend who is a serial cheater (for example) then that would be a good excuse to chimp out. However, it’s an even better excuse to break up and give your mind a rest. Don’t fuel the fire.

No. 868339

Thanks, I see I was ruminating over nothing. I have finally called and scheduled a date for taking an impression of my teeth so that they can make a custom night guard.

No. 868348

I don't get why people seek to "recover" from this stuff. You will not get a reward FYI.

No. 868350

Yeah. It's very common and old fashioned but in a bad way, not in a "nice classic name" way. Peasant name lol. I like my middle name more.

No. 868357

Anons have you measured your underbust, if so what's the measurement? I was surprised to discover mine is 28" My best friend measured 26 and two more friends measured 30. We don't look particularly small or anything. Apparently most women are wearing the wrong size, but is there any solid research on avg band size? I'm not interested in cup size or anything. I've been wondering whether 28-30 is in fact average.

No. 868361

>not understanding why someone wants to improve their life

No. 868403

Is there a way to hide videos? Sometimes the image is gross.

No. 868424

I collapse the whole thread until some time has passed and there are more replies hiding it

No. 868440

File: 1627738181054.png (506.03 KB, 661x473, Capture.PNG)

Does anyone else talk to themselves constantly? I do it a lot when I'm walking. I am able to think and articulate my thoughts much greater than when I'm sitting at home. Unfortunately people have caught me doing it which is kind of embarrassing to explain

No. 868447

I don’t but could you try pretending to be talking on your phone while walking? Even putting headphones in to save the arm ache. If I see someone talking to themselves these days I normally assume they’re actually speaking on the phone.

No. 868462

I fdo it at home. I assume my neighbors can hear me and it gives me anxiety sometimes.

No. 868480

Slav men are trash. All of them. They're ugly inside and out and have literally nothing going for them.
t. Slav

I only talk to myself at home and I don't think it's a bad thing. I have a terrible habit of reading stuff I find amusing or interesting out loud for myself though and I know people find it bizarre.

No. 868484

I switched from a Samsung to an Apple phone and now I can’t watch videos here on the farms and over on Kiwi some videos work some don’t? Can’t seem to find a fix on Google, anyone know what the issue is so I can find out how to fix it?

No. 868514

I do it and I don’t even care anymore if anyone thinks I’m crazy, everyone in my family talks to themselves so it’s not like It’s unusual, and it helps me keeping me focused on stuff.

No. 868516

The issue is that it's an apple product lol. it's literally built that way on purpose in the os, there's no way around it.

No. 868528

why are British men so unappealing? even the "hot" ones are somewhat fucked up looking. Not the heritage itself but men who actually live in UK.. they're extremely stupid as well, cheat a lot, randomly try to start drama for no reason, and are overall not very well kept, plus they tend to be misogynistic . What gives over there in the UK?

No. 868530

anon, every country has ugly men. Not all British men are ugly lmao or why else are British celeb men thirsted and stanned so hard over on by both British and American teens? Harry styles, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, TOM HARDY!!!

No. 868531

My name is one of the only things I like about myself

No. 868532

Slav men seem very trashy and scary

No. 868533

why did so many anons respond to this obvious scrote post. or did they not see the pic?

No. 868534

this is just like the trend of saying all burgers are fat

No. 868535

File: 1627747452265.jpg (26.72 KB, 680x237, bd6.jpg)

No. 868536

File: 1627747534533.gif (430.2 KB, 426x200, 4B22EE7E-F7FF-4978-9EB3-A8A956…)

I beg to differ

No. 868537

>Why are celebrities attractive
Yes anon I'm sure the average Brit looks exactly like members of one direction

No. 868539

No. 868541

yes, that’s my point, not every Brit is ugly or the Brit celebs would be ugly too.

No. 868543

File: 1627748115320.jpeg (182.82 KB, 1033x842, D0F21146-FE6F-4D38-BC65-E0ED28…)

Are you telling me that British men don’t look like this?

No. 868546

nta but Tom Hardy

No. 868547

i am Brit and i can confirm every male looks like this

No. 868549

File: 1627748294382.jpg (45.84 KB, 640x480, 9272726616262.jpg)

Harry is only somewhat cute when he's not terrorizing us with his British teeth.

No. 868550

>Harry styles, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, TOM HARDY!!!
All hideous, especially styles. I don't understand why they're popular.
Also ugly

No. 868551

That’s your opinion anon, but they are all conventionally attractive

No. 868552

>calling that gif ugly
who would you consider attractive nonners

No. 868553

Mines 28-28.5 and I hate it lol I feel absolutely wide and disgusting m my waist is 25, hips 37.5 and bust is 33.5. I look so gross and straight up and down and I hate myself too much I also just dropped a ton of weight because I got COVID so that had something to do as well

No. 868554

imagine calling that gif ugly

No. 868555

Isn’t it strange how the cutest child stars grow up to be ugly adults?

No. 868556

Tom Hardy is literally the only attractive one in that list. who are you gonna name next, Benedict Cumberbatch?

No. 868557

File: 1627748678212.jpg (38.05 KB, 473x520, 399bd716ea1bc210c5dac30caafb29…)

I like black guys

No. 868559

are you the anon that called Tom Hardy ugly?

No. 868563

File: 1627748939292.jpg (284.91 KB, 1110x1796, 86654578876.jpg)


No. 868565

he was attractive in the gif without a beard, I find that a lot with celebrities of all nationalities when I google them they tend to have ugly facial hair now

No. 868569

this dogface >>868549 is conventional?
he looks like a Neanderthal nonnies

No. 868573

I mean if what it comes down to is a racial preference (which is fine) then it makes sense why we can disagree because there are attractive people of every race but some people have preferences anyways
he doesn't but agreed on harry styles and the rest. I've seen some cute british actors with less fame but I'm not british so the ones I'm most familiar with are the famous ugly ones

I mean also in america, actors are uglier these days in general. I think from nepotism

No. 868574

aw his teeth are fine, I know non-british people with teeth similar to this (w long canines and big central incisors) who are insecure about it but I always thought it was cute

No. 868585

>why are British men so unappealing?
I'm sorry to say that British people are ugly in general. Men are the ugly sex by default, so it shows double on British men.

No. 868589

How many people is it normal to have sex with?

No. 868597

I can't believe I'm defending them but I know half of this is bullshit. Data is collected on things like global intelligence and cheating. Brits have one of the highest men IQs in the world (105) and one of the lowest infidelity rates (and prostitution use).

No. 868603

No. 868606

Yes anon, despite your opinion, he is conventionally attractive. Google that term

No. 868609


I do not get his hype. I guess it's because he's not hideous but not cute either. He's obtainable and the 14 year old girls love it

No. 868610

Kek why are burgers so hell bent on saying brits are ugly. I’m sorry but British celeb men are much better looking than American celeb men. British are much better actors hence why so many American films including marvel movies have American characters played by British actors. Fight me

No. 868611

File: 1627752643909.jpg (55.62 KB, 850x484, 87655678.jpg)

Okay maybe it's not his teeth per se but there's just something about his smile that makes his face look wonky kek. He looks okay when he's not smiling.

No. 868617

File: 1627752905249.jpeg (69.43 KB, 540x740, A34916A5-6AA6-4A5B-9337-D97581…)

He was really cute in Dunkirk. I think one big off putting thing about him is his tattoos

No. 868619

He gets hype from a lot of suburban american white girls, whom are surrounded by a lot of obese kids, and the men that get hyped up as being attractive are often beefcakes who look like 40 yr old roid heads, He's completely normal looking but to a young girl who's only ever seen guys her age that are obese, greasy, in oversized wrinkly monster energy tees and ugly cargo shorts, a guy that looks somewhat well kept and clean will do it for them

also not to mention, a lot of gen z males act like complete retards all the time, the fake ghetto thing, most of them are bullies, and act very obnoxious and trashy, so when they see a guy who isn't making fake female sex moans and making fun of their looks they automatically think he's a god
RIP american ladies

No. 868620

Both American and Brit men can be ugly. This argument is tiring and annoying.

No. 868622

Ok maybe I'm wrong, I can't be bothered to follow your links so I'll take your word for it. With regards to IQ, 100 is still high. World IQ is 85, unfortunately.

No. 868623

your source looks very reliable anon

No. 868626

it's average, 85 is considered low average but that is also because most of the world is under educated because of third world countries

that being said averages are iffy in the means of that everyone can be completely stupid but a handful of people are super smart and even if it's like 3 people out of 100 it can increase the average by a lot. This is just my experience

No. 868629

It doesn't improve your life. It's all a big struggle and a headache. It makes other people happy but not you.

No. 868635

idk, but i’m 20 and have had sex with 10 people. Seems to be average or below average for people my age. I did most of those people when I was a teenager, haven’t gotten any action in like 2 years.

No. 868642

yes anon I am so sorry there isn't a 40 page harvard essay on what countries cheat, why don't you show me some good ol hard reliable academic sources then?

No. 868645

>average or below average
out of curiosity anon where are you from? I'm european and that sounds really high to me

No. 868648

wtf if that is the average then I'm just stunned

No. 868649

I’m from a really poor part of the USA so yeah it would be average or below.

No. 868650

Isn't the average like 4 partners in a lifetime? No shame since my sexual partners are also in the double digits but I need someone to cross reference this, seems pretty high

No. 868657

It's all the incest bruv.

No. 868660

I heard somewhere it's around 7 or 8.

No. 868662

were you abused as a child?

No. 868663

if you nonnies think 10 is a high body count don’t ever ask a male what his body count is kek. men are SO vile and put their dicks in everything.

No. 868665

were you? fucking weirdo.