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File: 1627943433540.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1621980436021.png)

No. 870373

Ask what you've been afraid to ask.
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No. 870386

Did they notice?

No. 870389

Is it true?

No. 870396

Not really telling, Sonic, please be more specific.

No. 870397

I'm sorry.

No. 870406

Do I have the 'tism?

No. 870428

Will it come back to bite me in the ass?

No. 870470

Will the allergist be able to figure out the issue?

No. 870471

File: 1627951762307.jpg (92.39 KB, 900x1391, dr_sonic_by_tswfcomite_d50dc64…)

Can't wait!

No. 870473

is he the one?

No. 870475

Would life be easier as a dyke?

No. 870477

Is he just afraid to ask?

No. 870491

Was it over?

No. 870562

will we hang out on saturday

No. 870563

Will I die before he does?

No. 870588

Am I ready?

No. 870600


No. 870603

will he come back?

No. 870611

should i keep packing now

No. 870667

Does she remember me?

No. 870703

Will it cease after the experience?

No. 870756

is he interested in me

No. 870765

File: 1627983224600.jpeg (75.36 KB, 828x765, 32752912-3CCF-43E9-B7E7-898783…)

do i have aspergers

No. 870768

Does he think negatively about me?

No. 870777

Should we break up?

No. 870786

File: 1627988135342.gif (2.29 MB, 332x250, tenor (3).gif)

Will Sonic Adventure 3 happen?

No. 870787

i need a better answer, o wise blue one

No. 870788

am I preggeroonies

No. 870791

NOOOOOO it's going to be autistic probably more than likely. FUCK

No. 870838

Will she forgive me?

No. 870841

ok.jpg, but will she tho? After I've apologized

No. 870846

May I stop?

No. 870866


No. 870905

were you lying about that one thing earlier sanic

No. 870912

Will I solve the Uni thing positively?

No. 870990

Well, will they find out then?

No. 871053

Did he really forgive me?

No. 871054

You're being as informative as he is being, Sonic.

No. 871151

Will this bitch finally leave us alone and get her bpd treated

No. 871152

hope it's true sanic thanks

No. 871225

Should I drink some senna tea?

No. 871334

do I have autism

No. 871337

fuck reroll

No. 871338

god damnit alright I'll get evaluated

No. 871343

will i be happy?

No. 871350

Is he going to come back when I’m over him

No. 871352

real answer

No. 871366

will things work out?

No. 871406

Should I do it now?

No. 871542

Will my period come according to schedule?

No. 871543

Does he want to fuck me?

No. 871544


No. 871545

Does he want to be with me, you mysterious dick

No. 871546

I’m done

No. 871548

it's coming though, right

No. 871551

Sorry, girl
I’ll keep you in my prayers

No. 871552

If I just wait will it still happen?

No. 871556

Am I loved?

No. 871562

Will they be able to restore it?

No. 871563

God this one is mean, I am dropping my faith.

No. 871577

is Elvis one of my spirit guides

No. 871582

oh shi-

No. 872194


No. 872196

…Okay please sanic-sama will my package be coming today?

No. 872232

is 4chan making me into a horrid person?

No. 872267

Will I ever have peace?

No. 872490

Will it be hell Sanic?

No. 872505

Is it okay?

No. 872556

Will we get over it?

No. 872822

should I open the text now?

No. 872824

Will it get better in the next few days?

No. 872827

Oh, mighty Sonic, answer my pleads.

No. 873265

ami autistic

No. 873412

Is he still worried about it?

No. 873617

Will I forget about it some day?

No. 873816

should I ask her out?

No. 873818

more importantly, does she want me to ask her out?

No. 873824

Sanic should I lie

No. 873825

O mighty Sanic, should I lie

No. 873828

what you want to lie about anon lmao

also sanic, should i make amends with them?

No. 873848

Sanic is the concept for the book I'm working on actually any good?

No. 873860

will he come tomorrow?

No. 873886

Will I do well?

No. 873991

can I reach out to her or will it be a bad idea

No. 874035

is it time to actually leave the chans?

No. 874129

is my idea a good suggestion?

No. 874134

Is he lovebombing me and faking it?

No. 874136

Ok, is he hiding something?

No. 874150

Sanic, Am I go in to have a good time tonight?

No. 874153

Should I be afraid?

No. 874162

Is he going to leave me

No. 874171

Sanic will I sleep tonight?

No. 874182

should i get alcohol tonight?

No. 874187

will my debut be a big hit?

No. 874207

sanic, am i making the right chioce in not going to uni

No. 874209

sanic, will my tax return show up next week

No. 874210

sanic, will my housemate ever be happy

No. 874212

Will my piece of shit father die anytime soon?

No. 874214

fuck you sonic, I kill you first

No. 874225

should I do an encore?

No. 874226

that answer does not even make sense. should I make those paleo pancakes?

No. 874304

do you tell the truth sonic

No. 874306

ok asking again

No. 874389

Should I try to reconnect with S?

No. 874468

will I get noticed?

No. 874487

will I have a good night, sonic?

No. 874560

Is she okay?

No. 874580

Will I get a job fast?

No. 874597

Will I get an invitation?

No. 874754

am I going to get blacked

No. 874765


No. 874830

Will I get over it soon?

No. 874833

Will I get a boyfriend soon

No. 874847

Will there be consequences for going against your answer?

No. 874870

Should I confess to her?

No. 874875

What's that supposed to mean?

No. 874883

will she wanna date me?

No. 874884

why are you so mean sonic!!

No. 874885

is contacting her a good idea yet

No. 874916

Will they latch onto me?

No. 874928

am I going to make it?

No. 874930

QSB soon?

No. 874973

Should I visit home bargains today?

No. 875023


No. 875218

am I neurotypical

No. 875353

should i fuck the pizza guy

No. 875355

Should I work on it

No. 875356

Should I get it?

No. 875364

Am I getting better at it?

No. 875365

I am asking once again

No. 875587

is it worth it

No. 875611

Will it ever happen?

No. 875686

should i do it

No. 875701

does he love me

No. 875742

is it over?

No. 875856

will it be an interesting day?

No. 875866

will i win

No. 875881

Should I ignore him?

No. 876044

am I mentally a child

No. 876047

Will this week be hard?

No. 876052

Will I find another job anytime soon?

No. 876055

Within the year then? Pls sonic

No. 876058

Will I find an easier, better paying job within this year?

No. 876064

A yes or no, please?

No. 876066

Reroll cause I need this

No. 876086

Does he miss me?

No. 876089

Does he think of me as often as I think of him?

No. 876090

Well if sonic says I can use my vibrator, I must.

No. 876322

Will my friend like my gift

No. 876407

Am I too sensitive and emotional for this website?

No. 876463

Am I fully cured?

No. 876464

No. 876500

Should I be worried?

No. 876514

will my game project go over well?

No. 876515

sanic pls

No. 876517

Will the scrotes stop browsing here soon thanks

No. 876551

will it work?

No. 876615

is he gonna leave in 5 days

No. 876709

Will I have to stay here for another month?

No. 876721

Should I just pack it up and leave imageboards

No. 876724

Will I find a new job this month?

No. 876725

Asking again

No. 876744

should I cancel on him?

No. 876875

Will it always be this hard

No. 877188

Should I do it?

No. 877213

Do I deserve to go to heaven

No. 877228

Are mom and dad ever gonna stop fighting

No. 877258

Same girl, same. We can suffer together.

No. 877310

File: 1628542193690.png (4.04 KB, 185x155, download.png)

Shoot… you actually got suffering awaits too…

No. 877336

Will I be able to live a life in freedomz in the end?

No. 877370

Will that freedomz be an anarchist hellscape?

No. 877524

Did I just Streisand effect myself

No. 877526

Is he going through that stuff right now and use it against me???

No. 877740

should i quit

No. 877743

should i stay for a month

No. 877747

should i look for a new job

No. 877750

Should I contact my previous employer?

No. 877763

Will this relationship work?

No. 877764

Maybe is not good enough. Should I leave him?

No. 877765

SHould i leave him?

No. 877770

Should I buy the dress

No. 877779

did I make the right choice?

No. 877785

Should I text this dude?

No. 877813

should I wait until winter?

No. 877993

will it be warm in September

No. 878037

is he playing mind games

No. 878297

should I let him in my life?

No. 878300

I know that. but SHOULD I?

No. 878303

Mac n cheese carb load for tomorrow??

No. 878395

Will I have an easy day today?

No. 878396

do they want the same thing?

No. 878397

so should i ask then?

No. 878398

Will I work late today

No. 878399

I KNOW suffering awaits, you useless fucking totem. Just give me an answer

No. 878404

If I gain a following will these messages get leaked?

No. 878406

Should I talk to her again?

No. 878408

ugh reroll

No. 878410

pls sanic say it ain’t so

No. 878434

Does my husbando love me?

No. 878525

Should I talk to my manager about possibly transferring?

No. 878561

am I going to meet someone cool today

No. 878565

Do men deserve rights

No. 878570

You already know the answer.

No. 878578

will I find suitable planters soon

No. 878631

will i do well on that thing soon?

No. 878642

Am I more sane than I believe?

No. 878699

Will I get this job before my birthday?

No. 878704

Should I get bangs today?

No. 878737

Is she here?

No. 878744

am i going to see him this week? i miss him…

No. 878745

Hi y/n

No. 878749


okay ill try again

am i going to see him this week??? i only have friday and saturday free but like we can figure something out pls

No. 878757

Will I meet someone when I move?

No. 878783

oh shit oh fuck oh no

No. 878792

will the next character be the robot thing say yes please

No. 878821

Will my fever ever go away

No. 878882

Will I find my earbuds?

No. 878883

fuck you

No. 878942

Why are boogers salty? Can this be adjusted based on diet?

Semi-related; did anyone else experience a change in nasal discharge texture when masked?

No. 878952

should I quit social media?

No. 878961

should I come back

No. 878963

Will we get together

No. 878964

thinking about entering as many class action lawsuits as possible. good idea?

No. 878965

it's a numbers game, baybeeee!

No. 878972

am I gonna get rich? you know how numbers and I get along, sanic…

No. 878974


No. 879038

Will this bs ever pay off

No. 879039

Figured as much

No. 879103

Anon I have a chrome extension that replaces "y/n" with my name and it's a very unique name and I damn near had a heart attack, thank you.

No. 879143

Is it the right decision?

No. 879182

is he into me?

No. 879183

noooo :(
i'm so sad that ill use an emoji

No. 879188

Are TurtleWoW mods trannies?

No. 879190

Will he leave me alone?

No. 879217

Were you being honest before?

No. 879245

girl should i flick my bean rn

No. 879246


No. 879249

Should I use a facial steamer on my arm-pits?

No. 879255

should I bother with him?

No. 879269

Will I get better

No. 879271

Can I improve as quickly as I expect ?

No. 879287

Am I getting ghosted?

No. 879289

will I ever be content with what I have

No. 879331

What immense wisdom Sanic-sama has!! He's telling you to appreciate your body kek

No. 879429

Will I get my earbuds back?

No. 879434

Will we ever be together?

No. 879436

Alright, Sonic.
Will we ever be together?

No. 879504

Will those texts get leaked?

No. 879505


No. 879683

Should I buy that expensive item I could live without?

No. 879685

Should I go see my friends this weekend?

No. 879688

Will I become a responsible adult before this year ends?

No. 879689

Damn I don't know how to interpret that

No. 879691

r my sigils going to take effect soon?

No. 879692

oh interdasting. okay another one, should i talk about my experience with being homeless in my college essays? or is that too woe is me-sy

No. 879693

hm , completely agree sanic

No. 879712

surely it can't be?

No. 879713

oh thank fuck

No. 879714

will it go well?

No. 879715

thanks sanic

No. 879731

I would interpret it to mean 'yes' since being a responsible adult means having to suffer doing sucky adult things.

No. 879783

should i get into sonic franchise?

No. 879785

come on i need smth more definite

No. 880077

Do they actually want the same things?

No. 880079

Of fuck oh god what does that mean

No. 880305

Should I spy in their server?

No. 880319

damn they REALLY want whatever they do

No. 880323

Will I ever have clear skin again?

No. 880324

relaxing day in?

No. 880363

File: 1628873277209.png (122.99 KB, 723x429, rockstar.png)

Will I return to school within 2 years?

No. 880426

Ohmygod rockstar cece so precious

No. 880547

Is this a good time?

No. 880588

am i going to relapse?

No. 880591

I hope you don't

No. 880617

Be strong nonnie

No. 880875

Animal sacrifice?

No. 881616

should I leave?

No. 881618

has he been bad for me

No. 881646

Should I take the plunge?

No. 881716

god are you sending me signs to leave 4chan

No. 881800

will a wish come true today?

No. 881844

does the government know I'm harmless?

No. 881863

should I start trapping rodents as a side hustle

No. 882009

should i call?

No. 882010

No. 882153

should I post

No. 882158

Come on man

No. 882373

Is this going to go well

No. 882692

will I have a cool adventure today

No. 882810

will you stop hating me if I promise to sacrifice a chili dog next time

No. 882870

Dear diary, will i ever make a friend i've never hurt?

No. 883124

Should I go for it

No. 883125

well, should i?

No. 883190

Is he gonna talk to me again already or what

No. 883365

should I move back home

No. 883370

did I actually capture some spooky disembodied voices in that recording

No. 883375

Will we get back together

No. 883376

Is it time to move back?

No. 883442

will he ever come back

No. 883493

should I reach out

No. 883506

should i wake him up since i’m feeling like an hero or just swallow it down?

No. 883508

Will I get doxxed?

No. 883511

should I run away with him?

No. 883512

No. 883748

Should I just call it a day?

No. 883751

No. 883788

Am I worrying about things outside my control? Is it useless?

No. 883871

sonic should i learn how to code

No. 883872

thank you sonic, i will

No. 883918

am I going to get my period soon

No. 883950

Will the problem be solved?

No. 884070

Is meeting a guy off 4chan always a terrible idea

No. 884078

nttya (not the totem you asked) but yes

No. 884302

Will she ever change her mind and talk to me again?

No. 884609

Should I bother eating rn

No. 884677

…was this the great price?

No. 884684

ok you're a demon sonic I get it

No. 884804

Will my insurance approve the medicine?

No. 884808

Will my shitty fucking day get better

No. 884809

Sanic you always give me the answer goddamn it

No. 884811

Does C still have a crush on me?

No. 884814

Bumping to hide CP

No. 884876

Sanic will I ever get the right medical help and live a good life

No. 884891

I'm wishing you the best anon, as someone who is also struggling with medical care. Sanic believes in you too.

No. 884895

Will the psychiatrists finally move their asses and give me psychostimulants for my severe hypersomnia?

No. 884902

Should I post in /g/

No. 884947

sanic will I finally have the balls to leave

No. 884968

Is he interested in me?

No. 885444

will I ever ascend

No. 885460

Try drinking sugar free monster during the day (put it in a bottle), maybe with a pinch of salt. It works for me when i dont have meds.

No. 885571

do they feel the same way, and are willing to apply effort like i am?

No. 885606

Will I get a boyfriend soon?

No. 885607

From 1 to 9, how fucked I am?

No. 885608

>It's possible

I still have the chance to change my destiny…

No. 885610

is my bf autistic?

No. 885635

Is it going to get better?

No. 885676

Will I soon experience massive succes?

No. 885678

Am I going to find my comb?

No. 885681

should i curse them?

No. 885706

sorry anon

No. 885727

will cursing them do me good?

No. 885752

Will I get an attractive job offer soon?

No. 885753

Aw :(

How about this year?(:()

No. 885772

Is Brittany Venti still a farmer?

No. 885780

Are they your doing, and a sign to stay away?

No. 885809

Will I have this one for a long time?

No. 885810

Well, if you insist

No. 885830

Sonic, do I actually mean anything to him?

No. 885832


I swear to god I always get 0 when asking here. Guess I'm about to see Sonic real soon.

No. 885877

Should I do it?

No. 885909

will i ever have a child

No. 885952

Will I soon get better opportunities?

No. 885990

should i quit my job?

No. 885992

Is there any hope for me

No. 886041

will i achieve my dream?

No. 886159

Is it you responsible for those TRIPS?

No. 886187

Will she be alright until she arrives here on Saturday?

No. 886204

should i fuck off from my jerb and freelance

No. 886206

well frick

ok should i quit now while i’m ahead and try a different occupation?

No. 886284

will she get me useful contacts?

No. 886285

alright. will she succeed in helping me with my network?

No. 886311

am I going to get this job

No. 886312

No. 886488

is this phone call going to be smooth as opposed to awkward?

No. 886623

will this weekend be a crazy wild epic adventure

No. 886636

Will I ever meet him again?

No. 886646

does he think about me

No. 886651

Will I be able to leave this place this month?

No. 886653


No. 886661

will scrotes receive their punishment

No. 886662

awesome! ty sonic :) much love

No. 886674

should I eat a piece of pizza right now even though I already brushed my teeth

No. 886675

No. 886721

god I would

No. 886730

Should I get my nails did

No. 886731

Fuck yea sonic is going to do my nails

No. 886814

Is k mad at me?

No. 886815


No. 886816

Will I get off work before 7 today?

No. 886824

will i get a decent, relevant job offer soon?

No. 886827

okay. will i, within 90 days, receive a job offer that is in my field with a decent wage, in my region?

No. 886831

Will I do well on the stock market?

No. 887122

Should I go to the event?

No. 887736

Would they do something bad, like use me?

No. 887738

No. 887948

Should I get up?

No. 887983

will it do me good to move back?

No. 887992

Oooooooh sonic will I ever find love? Be honest pls

No. 887993

Ok thanks. Hope my death will at least be peaceful

No. 888012

am i ugly sad face

No. 888181

O great sanic-sama, is this really the end?

No. 888182

well shit, see you guys on cc

No. 888285

will i get an offer within 30 days?

No. 888393

Will i lose weight in the next 2 weeks sonic totem?

No. 888394

How about in the next month?

No. 888395

Pls sonic

No. 889108

Will masturbating help?

No. 889114

I got a plain shirt I want a band shirt should I draw a primitive man design on it?

No. 889118

So how about it

No. 889135

How about a kmfdm design then

No. 889471

Are you trying to say I should leave?

No. 889529

Would my parents treat me better if I was male?

No. 889530

So would they?

No. 889555

so i should drop his retarded ass, correct?

No. 889727

Should I pick option 1 over option 2?

No. 889735

Will she get the job?

No. 889809

should I do IC?

No. 889814

should i just buy it all?

No. 889817

should i just buy all the clothes in my shopping cart?

No. 889822

is he into me?

No. 889826

should I try the new and scary path?

No. 889838

Oh no anon don't get lost!

No. 889857

is that the opportunity I've been waiting for?

No. 889865

should i go to the grocery store?

No. 889873

is this seed going to sprout and grow into a fruitful beautiful fragrant plant

No. 889907

sanic pls, give clear instructions, should I pursue the artsy shit and eventually go abroad?

No. 889949

should i schedule the exam this friday?

No. 889950

Does he still love me?

No. 889951

Smh sanic answer. Am I really what he wants?

No. 889954

so i'd say it's a no, right?

No. 889957

sanic, give me a concrete answer

No. 889962

sonic i'm begging you

No. 889965

do strangers think badly of me when they see me

No. 889991

do I act white

No. 889997

do they know

No. 889998

does he know?

No. 890021

Am I cursed?

No. 890024

will I ever get to eat the unicornio paletas ever again

No. 890180

Should I eat a chicken sandwich

No. 890407

No. 890467

Sanic plz bless me with a master

No. 890536

should I eat a snack before bed

No. 890574

Will I… and also will my stupid acne leave me?

No. 890576

My acne will not not leave right

No. 890577

I fucked up but some other poster saved me thank you nona

No. 890762

Sanic should I buy this porn doujin even if I share a room with my sister

No. 890800

Will I survive the next 2 years?

No. 890801

oh boy

No. 890839

Is it safe to dom this guy?

No. 890847

Will it go away?

No. 890848

will it get done before the end of the year

No. 890912

should i schedule the exam next week?

No. 890926

I'm once again asking you, should I try the new thing?

No. 891133

Am I going to get laid off?

No. 891170

Will I get the better job?

No. 891172

I don't know what the fuck that answer means, Sonic

No. 891185

Did I do it wrong?

No. 891233

Am I a moron (within that specific context)

No. 891304

Asos haul or nah?

No. 891305

Do I order that stuff from asos or not

No. 891451

Should I eat the last of my edibles tonight?

No. 891819

Did it go well?

No. 893145

Should I go to this interview?

No. 893211

Does she know it was me?

No. 893221

Is she actually a jannie in the farms?

No. 893234

Will she do something against me?

No. 893237

Will she ever do something against me?

No. 893271

Should I plan it?

No. 893285

will I find a new one soon

No. 893286

Will it be okay?

No. 893296

is the conspiracy theory true

No. 893336

am i sick?

No. 893337

should I go

No. 893388

should I take an adderall

No. 893398

Should I go back home?

No. 893401

Will he stay?

No. 893569

Will anybody besides me ever look into my notebook of slightly erotic drawings in the future?

No. 893894

yes anon, show us in some art thread pls

No. 893901

Is this a permanent friend???

No. 894259

Will my gap year program work out for me?

No. 894260

Will i work in IB

No. 894272

may I ask what is IB

No. 894319

Is he into me?

No. 894327

Investment banking. Honestly as long as I get into the firm I want ill be gucci

No. 894351

will we become a power couple

No. 894356

Will the LD method work?

No. 894360

are we going to sell quickly?

No. 894398

will my life stay shit as always

No. 894400

Do I go with the 1st option?

No. 894425

Will I see him again?

No. 894432

Will we get an indian summer this year Here?

No. 894449

Will we be able to go back?

No. 894470

should i go to hospital?

No. 894739

will that new thing be a mistake?

No. 894746

Should I stop giving a shit?

No. 895288

will I regret this?

No. 895300

Will they enjoy and like the cake + cream I'm giving them tomorrow?

No. 895343

good luck stopping sonic from eating it all

No. 895355

Will I binge eat today?

No. 895356

thank you sanic, love you

No. 895366

It was dubs, "at a great price". The cake is gonna give everyone diarrhoea.

No. 895468

Will I get an offer within 2 months?

No. 895469

No. 895548

Will my art skills improve quickly?

No. 895575

is my cat going to come back?

No. 895577

File: 1630342967013.gif (3.47 MB, 330x336, tenor.gif)

oh my god. i miss him so much

No. 895627

Should i translate this game?

No. 895628

I know it's possible, but should i do it?

No. 895637

Does he think about me sometimes?

No. 895660

Should i go there tomorrow?

No. 895902

So…….. will it happen before I move?

No. 895903

Aw. How about shortly after?

No. 895913

Is he into me sônico?

No. 895916

Am I going to marry my celebrity crush that also lives on this island

No. 895920

Will it be the same in 3 years ?

No. 895923

Will he and I date?

No. 895981

Will it go higher than 50?

No. 896042

would they actually?

No. 896241

will i be happy there

No. 896242

will today be exciting

No. 896264

Can I have one more bump sonic senpai??

No. 896438

sonic you lied to me you little bitch

No. 896589

Should I buy the dress

No. 897175

can i just ghost him now?

No. 897249

Should I buy the clothing I’ve been eyeing?

No. 897258

Should I travel at the end of the month?

No. 897259

Yes or no? jfc

No. 897410

should i just order thai or indian today?

No. 897411

sonic, please bring me food

No. 898954

will i have kids? WIll I find the man/woman of my dreams? Will I be okay?

No. 898997

Is my trip going to go well?

No. 899060

Will I last longer than 6 months at my next job?

No. 899061

Oh. Okay

No. 899062

Sonic am I going to get sexy and sane this year?

No. 899063

how about just sexy

No. 899064

Are we going to remain friends?

No. 899071

will there be drugs for me at the show

No. 899096

will i get a boyfriend soon?

No. 899879

should I remove the wasp nest with my bare hand like a boss

No. 899905

will I ever get a meat tenderizer-esque back neck and shoulder massage

No. 899951


will anons mom find out shes high

No. 899961

will i make it?

No. 899962

thank you sanic ily

No. 899983

should i neck myself

No. 900011

Is he an ass?

No. 900030

Is it in the cards?

No. 900039

Will I hear from him again this month?

No. 900046

will I find it?

No. 900072

Will it go well?

No. 900076

File: 1630737346831.jpg (17.31 KB, 400x400, 1629579236946.jpg)

nonas, sanic-sama, i don't wanna do it anymore

No. 900077

You can make it anon, its just some random number generator online and has no impact IRL

No. 900091

Should I go for this career

No. 900100

Will coworkers and classmates be shit to me

No. 900102

Asking again don't play w me

No. 900106

Are the initials JC?

No. 900114

thank you nona, here have a kiss on your nose mwah, i'll try my best

No. 900124

did she keylog me

No. 900126

asking again

No. 900156

Should i stop posting on here

No. 900193

Will leaving improve the situation?

No. 900198

will this pizza arrive within 20 minutes, letting me win a bet worth $5?

No. 900440

Should I take the accounting job?

No. 900441

Should I take the research job?

No. 900444

Will I regret taking the accounting job?

No. 900445


No. 900628

I should go alone, correct?

No. 900632

So did they catch feelings for me or am I overthinking shit?

No. 900664

should I do yellow nails tonight?

No. 900673

simple yellow nail like flower in late summer?

No. 900692

I won, suck it Sonic

No. 900695

Asking again: are we going to remain friends?

No. 900941

is he going to tell me he wants to be in a relationship with me or not? i hate waiting and i hate not knowing. fuck asking shit like "what are we". im too old. is he actually going to say it?

No. 900993

will I tell my mom I got high at the show

No. 901020

Will I be miserable in the accounting job

No. 901025


will i lose weight ?

No. 901079

should I go today?????

No. 901100

Would going back to eating meat and eggs benefit my health?

No. 901103

The "great price" must be animal suffering, right? Well shit

No. 901154

Is my knee okay?

No. 901156

Will my left knee be okay in a week's time or so?

No. 901192

will I have to redo them

No. 901299

Should I make a blog?

No. 901722

is this ass fat

No. 901727

Will I have kids?

No. 901754

Do I look my passport photo irl ;___;

No. 901755

Asking again sonic pls be kind

No. 901800

Take the job or nah?

No. 901803

Is the accounting job a good idea?

No. 901840

Will this last?

No. 901853

For the last time - should I stay in the research internship?

No. 902014

No. 902017

It will outlast your last purchased flower

No. 902019

Nobody asks you questions when you say youre an account!

No. 902022

You like whatever you see

No. 902023

No. 902126

did you?

No. 902140

is this degree the right choice?

No. 902160

Will I ever reach the amount of skill to seriously call myself a musician?

No. 902171

is my ass like Kim kardashians

No. 902172

does he still think about me?

No. 902272

I neither jerked off nor removed the nest but I took your question as a challenge. I studied the wasps and waited until they were relaxed and then I tried to smack the nest out of the window frame. it landed in the room but nothing happened. the wasps just flew out the window

No. 902277

Can I get another answer for once?

Shoukd I give up my dreams and die?

No. 902318

Does he like me?

No. 902319

Will my dental issues get better?

No. 902330

should i go to his house saturday

No. 902337

will he contact me soon?

No. 902368

will i hear from her again?

No. 902473


No. 902474

No. 902486

Will I get accepted into the program I want?

No. 902489

does she have a thing for me?

No. 902519

Was it what I think?

No. 902642

File: 1631014689325.jpeg (33.05 KB, 275x186, 1630353796491.jpeg)

Will I finally exercise or will I remain depressed today?

No. 902647

will I pass my exam tomorrow (pls)

No. 902698

will I meet a friend who isn't freaky deaky this fall

No. 902797

will i make a true connection at uni?

No. 902819

Did I make the right choice?

No. 902821

(Planning on it)

Will there be unmanageable consequences for this choice?

No. 902859

Should i even go out today?

No. 902867

will she accept my friend request

No. 902872

Does he think about me sometimes?

No. 902907

does he know about me at all yet?

No. 902909

she did, thanks Sonic

No. 902945

am i doing the right thing by blocking

No. 902947

now will she answer my message?

No. 902962

will i find someone i new

No. 902969

Will Lolcow find a new admin in time?

No. 902998

she did, thanks Sanic

No. 903117

Someone new might just find you.

No. 903753

Sonic you clocked my horny earlier but seriously, do I got a shot with her or no?

No. 903754

Ok what about the other one? I still mostly like her.

No. 903757

will I get enough sleep?

No. 903764

Am i sick?

No. 903765

Am I sick? Answer me sanic.

No. 903801

Is that person lying to me about that other person again?

No. 903860

Sanic oh sanic is staying at my parents place during uni my best option?

No. 903872

u fuckin lied dmto me u stupdi hedgehog
I ask u once more, will I get my way???

No. 903935

I am once again asking, we getting a job this month?

No. 904131

is my dream correct?

No. 904172

sanic your vague answers displease me

No. 904225

did i do the right thing for my pets?

No. 904287

is disney actually making that remake happen?

No. 904452

should I be lazy

No. 904458

well fine ok should I go to the store then

No. 904658

Is she fruity?

No. 904663

is he going to text back?

No. 904672

Should I put in my two weeks?

No. 904690

should i buy it?

No. 904820

Will she win?

No. 904821

what did you mean by this sanic

No. 904853

will she contact me?

No. 906143

should I buy the game

No. 906189

Was 14-18-18-38 a mistake?

No. 906475


No. 906504

Am I gonna wake up next to my husbando tomorrow

No. 906511

Please sanic please

No. 906512

Is the price my life

No. 906541

Should I go to the movies??

No. 906671

is my celeb crush a cuck

No. 906701

yes and a pedophile

No. 906717

should i buy new socks

No. 906746

is he a good person?

No. 906760

yeah probably or he wouldn't be manifesting my desire for him, that nasty old bastard

No. 906766

Does this mean you are a minor

No. 906784

rip you

No. 906792

was there a spark?

No. 906832

will i get rejected?

No. 906833

Is he gonna leave me over this?

No. 906836

Can I get a straight answer, Mr. Blue?

No. 906838

Well damn. Do not question the hedgehog I suppose.

No. 906849

Will the medication work for me

No. 906899

Is it something serious?

No. 906900

Please be wrong, please be wrong

No. 906919

Will she get minor and not serious damage from this?

No. 906920

File: 1631360515738.png (168.02 KB, 348x222, 1.png)

Ok but will the anon above be totally fine after the deed happens?

No. 907136

Am I dying?

No. 907437

does she know

No. 907453

does him saying that stuff is cute mean he's interested?

No. 907457

T-thanks for trying.. This Sanic is so cruel.

No. 907522

Will it all become clear and closed in the future?

No. 907528

Does he want me?

No. 907531

Will he ever come back?

No. 907833

Do I make tacos tonight?

No. 907834

Is it worth going out to get supplies for tacos tonight?

No. 908069

Will he be found guilty?

No. 908074

You sound just like him, Sonic!

No. 908567

should I ghost him?

No. 908578

I hope you made tacos

No. 909756

Will I get a 6’6 sexy hot cute boyfriend soon

No. 909917

will the next hottie I see actually come up to me?

No. 909922

you're getting married to the man of your dreams

No. 909955

will I have some kind of awakening in the near future?

No. 910008

Yo Senic, did my haircut turn out as bad as my anxious-ass brain is telling me?

No. 910011

File: 1631534652589.jpg (44.58 KB, 541x541, d0e426ace881e932b99b253c3066f5…)

No. 910169

Should I go home for Thanksgiving?

No. 910190

will i hear from them again?

No. 910255

is she thinking about me

No. 910331

Will I get some new friends this year

No. 910375

Should I start recovery for my ED?

No. 910377

Hell yeah, skeleton till death!

No. 910395

did i really fuck it up completely?

No. 910396

thanks sanic

No. 910444

Will we work out?

No. 910451

Will I get this government job?

No. 910456

File: 1631568154504.gif (1.46 MB, 498x278, babu-frik-babu-frik-happy.gif)

No. 910475

should I buy the rare ten year old gum on eBay

No. 910534

If you try to chew old gum it’ll be really crumbly

No. 911060


I did, they were delicious. I even made guacamole.

No. 911232

will I ever grow the fuck up?

No. 911304

Will it go back to how it used to be?

No. 911305

I don't wanna ask again, it's gonna be a never anway.

No. 911369

Will I locate the giant spider that ran away and disappeared into my room anytime soon?

No. 911378

File: 1631624700953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.08 KB, 760x596, 8_legs_of_love.jpg)

>just jerk off

No. 911382

File: 1631625012635.png (34.41 KB, 160x258, oh.PNG)

No. 911386

will I stop using the internet for good next year

No. 911390

Will she start using the Internet for evil next year

No. 911397

yeah… will I utilize this tool to commit even more evil deeds

No. 912294

File: 1631671092833.gif (2.59 MB, 540x540, 168546464.gif)

Will this diet fix all my problems?

No. 912296

I'm fishing for a yes bro pls

No. 912309

should i sleep now

No. 912328

did he do it

No. 912423

Was that thing I saw a sign?

No. 912505

do I actually smell good or is everyone being sarcastic? this is really messing me up.

No. 912507

No. 912534

will they offer me the job?

No. 912537

Sonic asked me to rephrase.

Oh, dear and great Sonic Totem, will they offer me the job as a junior designer?

No. 913118

should i drink tonight?

No. 913194

should i study right now?

No. 913205

Should i study later?

No. 913208

Kek get to work now nonny

No. 913215

File: 1631742227151.gif (2.31 MB, 280x498, studying-assignment.gif)

Senic knows best

No. 913314

Will I pass this clas?

No. 913338

do i finish the homework tonight

No. 913339

i knew that im taking it as a probably

No. 913342

should i go to the beach this weekend

No. 913368

Sonic am I a fucking idiot

No. 913369

No. 913503

Sonic please give me a nice fucking answer for once. Will things ever improve?

No. 913724

I'm sorry. Depending on what it is, maybe it's a sign to either go on or give up?

Also, Sonic, will the interview go really well and have a favourable result?

No. 913740

alright, fine, I asked two questions at once.

Will they offer me the internship?

No. 913772

Does she like me

No. 913774

will I become more likable

No. 913796

will I become more likable

No. 913894

o wise sonic totem, will i ever figure out who to choose?

No. 914336

should I go to the store tonight

No. 914337

yeah nevermind I don't want to move into the store

No. 914393

late n8 cheese n ,Mac?

No. 914396

fidget spinners: are they evil?

No. 914399

It's the answer I wanted and expected

No. 914405

File: 1631850272682.jpg (58.37 KB, 618x348, weight-of-corgi.jpg)

Is it worth it to try to reconnect with her?

No. 914407

File: 1631850328077.gif (847.42 KB, 220x153, dog-cabbage.gif)

No. 914431

Is there hope for Josh?

No. 914469

File: 1631859925663.jpg (183.03 KB, 1300x957, Rbf59c106b122f155b5d05e8b8ee4a…)

Will lowlcow.farm live?

No. 914471

File: 1631860031674.png (753.77 KB, 719x719, 1630224997936.png)

Ok sonic, if that's what is required for lowcow.farm to live than I shall do as you say

No. 914501

Do I really have the capability?

No. 914537

O mighty Sanic, will I get the job ?

No. 914592

Will I be able to escape this hellhole?

No. 914593

well fuck you sanic im gonna try anyway

No. 914601

Will they offer me the position?

No. 914602

Yay!! Thank you oh great and mighty Sonic!

No. 914638

Will I be good at doing my own nails?

No. 914639


No. 914647

Will I have fun

No. 914674

Will I run into them and restart our romance from a better starting point?

No. 914679

Okay, I’ll ask one of those questions. Will our romance start again from a better place?

No. 914686

well can we just be friends

No. 914739

Will things get better?

No. 914863

Will I ever get the man?

No. 914873

should i just kms?

No. 914874

answer me you fucking coward, should i kill myself or not

No. 914876

this is your last chance you son of a bitch

No. 914878

Is it all going to work out? Will I get what I want and look years from now on and laugh? Because I keep trudging and I’m not sure where I’m going anymore, and it seems to work out for everyone else but me. I’m starting to think I’m an NPC at this point.

No. 914908

will he ever be playable

No. 914915


No. 914917

Will I get the opportunity to sleep with him anyway?

No. 914918


No. 914945

lol same

No. 914946

oh come on sanic please let me sleep with him anyway

No. 914955

for all of eternity? then let it fucking happen already you damn totem

No. 915302

Should I get back with him?

No. 915307

Just want you to know that you are so loved, anon. We need you here!!

No. 915569

Should I get a nose chain?

No. 915669

Will I regret staying in this internship in March next year?

No. 915672

sonic-sama will she get in touch with me?

No. 915674

i hate that it's true. i know she won't. i just come here every couple days to confirm what i already know, or get a flash of hope when it gives me something vague/positive. at least i won't bother her, it's either gonna be her choice to talk to me or we never speak again.

No. 915691

A yes or no, please. My career is at stake here

No. 915783

was it selfish to send the apology?

No. 915930

first question will everyone shut up about their lost friends now that I messaged mine like a foo;l

No. 915966

Should I sell that stuff?

No. 916006

should i go back to my old job?

No. 916112

Am I going to kill myself eventually

No. 916506

Will I ever heal?

No. 916641

Will Gabby Petito ever be found?
sage for retardation

No. 916645

Will she be alive when she's found?

No. 916777

I am writing a big autistic post, should I post it?

No. 916885

Is he happy, or at least fine with me moving back in?

No. 916886

awww nooo. Will I at least only live there for a year?

No. 916912

am I pregnant

No. 916918

Ok so do they regret that at all?

No. 916921

do I have sex disease

No. 916925

yeah right liar

No. 916939

do i call out of work today?

No. 917056

Will anything like that happen again?

No. 917287

Might he be interested in me?

No. 917348

Holy shit, I'm afraid to ask Sonic Totem anything else. It was right, she wasn't found alive.

No. 917387

Should i quit?

No. 917391

Damn ok should i actually wait to see if the change from store is too stressful to quit then?

No. 917627

am I gonna draw again for real

No. 917644

Will I get a boyfriend in this class

No. 917653

No. 917755


No. 917840

should i make myself an iced green tea?

No. 917841

File: 1632144097597.jpeg (29.43 KB, 677x425, 335E2D38-8DC5-420D-AB83-CDAAB0…)

please…… what does this mean……

No. 917852

There was no need to ask again, you got dubs, which is "yes, at a great price"

No. 917987

Should i prepare for evacuation?

No. 918066

is it my fault?

No. 918075

Will she contact me again?

No. 918076

Thank god

No. 918107

I know who you are fuck you

No. 918111

no you bloody well don't lol

No. 918232

should I break up with him?

No. 918361

is my brain fucked up

No. 918521

thanks sanic I fucking feel it now? is something bad going to happen to me

No. 918522

thanks sanic guess I'll see you on the other side. fuck me im so stupid

No. 918531

Should I quit my job that makes me cry everyday x3

No. 918592

Am I?

No. 918853

will i become a part of the idle rich?

No. 918866

Will I past this test

No. 918881

Will the accounting job be difficult?

No. 918884

Will I be happy in my current workplace?

No. 918946

uh oh

No. 918964

should i do the worksheet now?

No. 918977

No. 919057

will i get the grant i applied for?

No. 919086

File: 1632249777162.jpg (295.85 KB, 1276x1920, tumblr_p58xva8JyL1qm5xogo1_128…)

Is she going to become a good friend of mine?

No. 919292

Should I fuck a coworker?

No. 919293

sonic really out here doing more than my HR department huh

No. 919774

Will they likely hire me fulltime after my internship?

No. 919775

Will I manage to reach my goal?

No. 919776

Literally what I do to you to keep getting these answers. Fight me stupid totem

No. 919820

will I become famous in life and prosper

No. 919858

famous for getting btfo by sonic totem apparently

No. 920148

will she reply ?

No. 920160

f you sonic, she said she was glad i messaged her

No. 920171

will I get the scholarship?

No. 920180

Will I kick the bucket bc Alzheimer's

No. 920181

U wot m8

No. 920198

grandma anon?

No. 920211

congrats anon!

No. 920242

will i take that WH next year?

No. 920252

Will i get into my first choice of university

No. 920261

will i meet someone new to date?

No. 920309

sonic, pls give me financial freedom within 6 years

No. 920313

will i get a response by any of them any time soon?

No. 920316

IM SO BUMMED LMAO sonic plz be merciful n let me have a WH ONCE pleasee

No. 920322

will i get over him by 2022

No. 920326

ok will i get over him in 2021

No. 920449

Do I have a chance with him

No. 920466

Do I have a chance with my manager!?

No. 920594

sonic will I be able to hookup with him this semester?

No. 920595

Sonic, will I be able to hookup with him? Just once?

No. 920708

Quit job?

No. 921182

should i get a ps5

No. 921232

sonic was right here. there's really no reason to get a ps5 - loading times are slightly faster and for some games, graphics are slightly better, but it's not worth hundreds of dollars by any means. save your money nonnie!

No. 921233

do I buy it?

No. 921238

Was that an earthquake

No. 921302

Will a significant positive change come soon?

No. 921309

Is jj going to happen?

No. 921353

should I cut all my goddamn hair off?

No. 921652

give me an answer you psychopath

No. 921664

Am I actually psychotic or what

No. 921928

Will I get better at this job?

No. 921985

Will I ever get to leave this shithole

No. 922058

Alright you dickhead, you shat on all my dreams yesterday but here I am back for more pain.. Will my love life pick up soon?

No. 922147

is she interested in me in that way?

No. 922190

will I meet a celebrity at the show?

No. 922197

will i ever get to marry a woman later in life

No. 922335

Do I leave?

No. 922889

is Elon Musk interested

No. 922957

Should I be a vampire for halloween

No. 922996

Does james think of me?

No. 923102

This one is killing me

No. 923347

Should I get off my lazy ass and obtain the ingredients to make sangria?

No. 923349

>it's possible
Goddammit sonic totem I'm left where I started off

No. 923352

should i aplly for the receptionist offer?

No. 923372

Will I ruin their relationship?

No. 923374

Okay thanks sanic, is it possible he feels some kind of romantic attraction towards me?

No. 923376

Ahh reroll. Does he have some kind of romantic attraction towards me?

No. 923381

Should I just ghost my family?

No. 923547

is tomorrow going to be really wild and crazy

No. 923549

is the cute spice girl "cumin" over me tonight?

No. 923553

Will the tranny at work ever fuck up bad enough to warrant being fired or resigning? (BETTER SAY YES, DAMN IT)

No. 923555

For fuck's sake.

No. 923560

midnight snack??

No. 923590

Can I fix it?

No. 923655

will I find something cool

No. 924071

will I get my mojo back?

No. 924072

thank god

No. 924158

is she safe?

No. 924191

Will I lose the extra weight?

No. 924192

Thank you sanic-chan

No. 924230

Will I get above a 80 on this midterm?

No. 924231

sanic-chan, you're going to help me on my test??

No. 924363

Will I be able to complete all of my homework this week?

No. 924365

Of course Sonic, I already kind of expected such a result…

No. 924942

Is it still possible to get inside it?

No. 925053

Is the la palma megatsunami happening in the following weeks?

No. 925103

will I get sick?

No. 925171

will i be okay tomorrow?

No. 925488

should I do it again

No. 925490

Will they offer fulltime?

No. 925493

See you

No. 925495

will I be rewarded for it in a way that I find fulfilling?

No. 925497

is the internet really the only way to facilitate change

No. 925540

show me a sign that you're real. this post will end in 0

No. 925542

Should I take the job?

No. 925551

will I attract the attention of a benefactor

No. 925552

will i get to live this year and the next the way i intend ?

No. 925560

Will I be able to make this trip by myself?

No. 925563

make sure you have money on your card and some cash and bring extra water and a blanket. good luck nonnie

No. 925572

will Grimes have a bad end?

No. 925574

will elon have a bad end?

No. 925589

will Azealia get one over on Grimes/elon?

No. 925591

Will Azelia take her neds eventually?

No. 925616

will I become famous in the next five years

No. 925667

ms. banks, please

No. 925834

Will it happen in the early morning tomorrow?

No. 925836

So Sanic, will it?

No. 926032

well will he??

No. 926036

is Azealia posting on lolcow?

No. 926039

kek, alright then

No. 926048

will he ever like me

No. 926121

does this scrote even like me?

No. 926240

will I be rewarded?

No. 926293

should i just go home?

No. 926409

Do they still think of me?

No. 926845

will I receive military training

No. 926846

well fuck!!!! guess I gotta watch some kung fu movies

No. 926848

File: 1633004036899.jpg (19.8 KB, 640x360, cqc.jpg)

That's right. Take matters into your own hands, I'm proud of you

No. 926863

Will it work out?

No. 926923

would my husbando be repulsed by me if he were real?

No. 926930

does my husbando hate black people Sanic?

No. 926932

>i'll see you soon
do you like black girls Sanic?

No. 926933

No. 926949

Do I like black girls?

No. 926950

Damn…he's right

No. 926971

How about my husbando, would he like me?

No. 926973

Oh my god oh my god oh my god sonic thank you bless your divine power

No. 926984

Is she mad at me?

No. 926985


No. 926993

Should I go to a psychiatrist

No. 927002

give me a straight answer sanic you faggot

No. 927019

am I about to tumble into a wonderful situation?

No. 927021

File: 1633018286023.png (707.48 KB, 834x484, FC7292DC-1E40-4B83-92DF-292505…)

don't mind if I do then

No. 927028

should I go check it out

No. 927116

will I find something fucked up if I go?

No. 927117

mint chocolate banana cream pie sundae twizzler rad and rizzler

No. 927605

will I get a soda stream soon for homemade energy drinks because I want one sonic please tell me my dream is coming true

No. 927607

liar. hater. villain.

No. 927615

is a gun necessary for social media

No. 927616

Should I make a horror movie YouTube channel for fun

No. 927650

am I a lesbian in denial?

No. 927654

will i get money while i study

No. 927662

should I cancel my therapy sessions

No. 927713

No. 927732

are lolcow anons able to save the internet all by ourselves

No. 927735

should i post it

No. 927744

Are we gonna have fun?

No. 927745

Please, sanic, I'm devoted to you buddy. Are we going to have fun???

No. 927746

I hate you so much

No. 927780

what does this even mean. should I do my best to date a girl this time?

No. 927781


No. 927835

Should I stop being a fucking retard for once?

No. 927837

Sonic doesn't want me to do better in life

No. 927917

Will this celebrity notice me?

No. 927929

File: 1633117793047.jpeg (956.84 KB, 4032x3024, 4CF2CB91-6B0A-42D3-A7EC-CA08B4…)

is my life going to burst into color in 2022?
(presents chili dog as offering)

No. 928085

will it happen tomorrow?

No. 928212

Sonicccccc~~~~ willllll iiii have a boyyyyyfrienddddddd?????? Next yearrrrrr?????? Pls tell me yessssssss~

No. 928323

meet someone?

No. 928324

do they secretly find me annoying?

No. 928328

do they?

No. 928334

Will I have some suitors

No. 928626

Great and mighty Sonic,

I know it may seem petty and bitchy, but I do feel left behind…

Will I be wealthier than all my current friends in 10 years time?

No. 928629


Thank you, o graceful Sonic. My heart is at ease!

No. 928703

Does he like me

No. 928751

I want to meet him Sanic!!!

No. 928836

Sanic are you playing with my feelings?

No. 928838


No. 928905

No, they're all hacks.

No. 928907

Does he like me?

No. 928928

Does he still have feelings for me

No. 928934

is his dick big?

No. 928935

sonic is his schlong long??????

No. 928943

so sorry for your loss.

No. 928945

i'm fucking devastated.

No. 928946

Should I kms

No. 928948

Oh. Well, okay does that mean I’m going to hell?

No. 928949

Holy shit. Holy shit

No. 928980

Will they offer me a fulltime job after my internship?

No. 928982

Will I lose weight before the end of the month?

No. 928983

Sonic pls bless me and make them do so

No. 929005

Will it work out?

No. 929135

will I get rich in 2022

No. 929137

Will I die in the near future?

No. 929144

will I die in the near future?

No. 929151


No. 929344

Will 2022 be my year?

No. 929437

Is he attracted to me

No. 929467

Will they break up eventually?

No. 929522

Should I leave my house to get a soda?

No. 929534

Will he propose to her

No. 929537

Sanic pls

No. 929538

did he read my message

No. 929548

does this mean we'll end up dating?

No. 929557

Will there be romance in the near future?

No. 929558

I hope so Sonic!

No. 929888

Should I nap before class

No. 929931

for the entire earth, right?

No. 929944

will I save the world?

No. 930068

Will their breakup happen anytime soon?

No. 930163

Does James think about me still?

No. 930183

Are they the ones whom the suffering awaits?

No. 930621

will they get the memo?

No. 930643

will he ask me out first?

No. 930957

does redbull really have bull urine in it?

No. 931003

should I go to the [redacted] store?

No. 931009

Do they like me?

No. 931019

will the humiliation ever stop?

No. 931031

Will it work out as planned?

No. 931043

would a collab between my 3d waifus sound good

No. 931061

is apple ever going to support webm formats

No. 931071

Am I ever going to feel truly included somewhere?

No. 931082

will a fan club emerge from the shadows?

No. 931099

should i go back on dating apps?

No. 931100

No. 931159

will my 3d waifus ever collab

No. 931160

Am I going to finish both my drawings tomorrow please

No. 931167

Will I buy my own place in 9 months?

No. 931170

Will they?

No. 931171

Is she LITERALLY me?

No. 931173

Sonic, please, this is like the 3rd time and I've yet to see you. Why do you only visit me when I sleep?

No. 931190

I agree, this is unfair sonic. I want to hang out with you and you keep saying you'll be here soon and I still haven't seen you show up once.

No. 931351

Should I tell him?

No. 931354

Am I going to get over this relapse soon?

No. 931357

No. 931367

Will he be at the hangout tomorrow?

No. 931384

Should I go full anachan

No. 931397

Please sanic I want to know

No. 931527

If I change, will my life get better?

No. 931841

Do we have a romantic future together?

No. 931842

Holy shit sanic. Will we get together during the next year?

No. 931844

Hanging out with Sonic would be so dope. I hope he shows up soon

No. 931845

…well, this year then?

No. 931854

What. Should I just give him up then

No. 931858

Will it be better for me if I force myself out of this crush/feeling in love, sanic?

No. 931860

Is she the one whom the suffering awaits?

No. 931864

Yeah, I deserve that for pestering you so much lol. But still, please, last thing - will I be the one to suffer?

No. 931868

Sanic, I’m beginning to think you like talking to me. Will suffering await me if I force myself to fall out of love with him?

No. 931932

Should I ask her out?

No. 931975

Do they know I like them, and that I like being there?

No. 931981

Aweeee. Will they at least keep me on for longer?

No. 932259

should I go for a walk to get ice cream

No. 932273

You could just do both, I'm sure sanic won't mind

No. 932463

Will the friendzone last forever?

No. 932496

did Elon Musk delete my dm

No. 932504

will I kill myself?

No. 932565

Am I going to do well on the test?

No. 932573

Should I do it?

No. 932647

Should I make a move to end the friendzone once or if they fall apart?

No. 932654

That doesn’t really answer my question. Will my actions make him like me as more than friends?

No. 932657

Please, wise blue one. I’m an idiot pining for him hard.

No. 933235

Will i have a sex dream about my husbando tonight?

No. 933237

Will i have a sex dream about my husbando tonight?

No. 933250

Will i have a sex dream about my husbando tonight?

No. 933251

Don't flatter yourself sir

No. 933266

No. 933294

should I buy medicated cream?

No. 933298

will I ever figure out how to not be a miserable piece of shit?

No. 933302

Is there any romance in sight for me in the near feature

No. 933331

Am I going to give in to my urge to relapse?

No. 933332

will I successfully an hero this year

No. 933334

Thanks a fucking lot you spiky blue cunt.

No. 933347

will I get my dream perfect gf?

No. 933400

Will she be civil until she moves out?

No. 933401


Wunderbar. I hope the heavy price will only be my discomfort. Follow up question, is it for my personal best to move out a week before the original date?

No. 933469

Will I burn the popcorn?

No. 933496

will I finish the project tomorrow?

No. 933508

am I gonna play in Texas (with a fiddle in the band?)

No. 933526

Should I kms?

No. 933579

You shouldn't!

No. 933583

will my stupid ass feelings go away

No. 933600

will anything actually come of this tinder convo or am i wasting my time like always

No. 933603

should i contact my ex and tell him i'm lonely?

No. 933627

Will I find a job before the end of the year?

No. 933716

will I find a sugar mama?

No. 933746

was he the best i was gonna get

No. 933799

Will she be nice, polite, and easy to deal with when my dad is present?

No. 934117

Hey, Sanic, me again. Should I talk to this guy?

No. 934126

will I get the card?

No. 934860

Should I kiss her tomorrow

No. 934862

As much as I am honored to be blessed to be visited by the great blue one.. pls I need a legit answer

No. 935047

should I go to the mall today?

No. 935072

Will she leave us alone?

No. 935073



Will she at least not cause anymore trouble?

No. 935076

Will he talk to me today

No. 935106

should i finally tell my parents now?

No. 935110

Will i make it in time?

No. 935159

Does he want me

No. 935163

will doing those stupid exercises make me more attractive

No. 935165

also, will getting a haircut at a proper salon help my appearance at all….

No. 935251

Will I get laid some time in the next year?

No. 935265

Will heather ever find a spoopy boy

No. 935266


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 935379

will i actually leave him this time?

No. 935473

kek, to no one's surprise

No. 935476

should i do ketamine tonight?

No. 935477

No. 935480

are me and him connected

No. 935503

do I risk it for the biscuit

No. 935507

Should I make popcorn?

No. 935514

are they going to turn the light off

No. 935593

Will things be calm now that one of them has moved?

No. 935594

Sonic, please make it so.

No. 935672

Sugar daddy coming soon??

No. 935732

Should I just move this weekend?

No. 935753

am I obsessed with him sanic

No. 935927

should i purge

No. 936067

should I prostitute in the furry comm

No. 936069

Should I become a titty streamer

No. 936070

I'm not sure true camwhoring is right for me Sonic, but I like your enthusiasm

No. 936243

Should I lay down?

No. 936334

Will packing go smoothly?

No. 936375

do i deserve life?

No. 936393

Will I do well at my new job?

No. 936405

Will it be worth doing all of that for him or will I regret it?

No. 936409

Jesus christ no

No. 936412

sanic is a hedgehog, of course he wants your ass, don't listen to him.

No. 936416

Should I move again

No. 936418

Should I give it a chance

No. 936420

Should I off myself

No. 936485

Should I update my blog?

No. 936554

will i pass this year Sonic

No. 936610

am i a strong person

No. 936624

Am I on the right path?

No. 936688

No. 936943

am i balding, sonic?

No. 936949

Ok then, but should I create a new blog on tumblr and shitpost to my heart's content?

No. 936954

Rerolling for thatanon slshe can have her shitpost blog

No. 936970

Gonna reroll for that anon rerolling for that anon to have her shitpost blog because ask again

No. 936971

Now I'm afraid, I think we went too far

No. 936980

Is he a fuckboi Sanic? give it to me straight.

No. 937000

Well, fuck. That'll teach me, thinking about going back to tumblr.

No. 937048

Will i be accused for the assignment

No. 937094

Will she offer me a fulltime job this month, or next month?

No. 937097


Will I be offere a fulltime job at my current internship while interning there?

No. 937104

will i get all my assignments done tonight?

No. 937105

sonic please will i get everything done tonight?

No. 937147

sanic will I EVER get my packages??

No. 937148

No. 937476

will I have the courage to talk to the next cute guy that lingers around me??

No. 937682

Did he notice it?

No. 937707

will he appreciate it?

No. 937708

Should I wait until December?

No. 937711

Will I get there?

No. 937728

Am i getting it tommorow?

No. 937730

Does he want me?

No. 937811

will I get a tech job?

No. 937920

Will it go wrong if I develop a crush on him

No. 937921

What did you mean by this Sonic

No. 937934

No. 938317

Is there romance in sight for the near future

No. 938319

will I be safe?

No. 938333

am i gay?

No. 938344


No. 938847

will I find all my craft supplies tonight?

No. 938897

Does he see me as attractive?

No. 938915

Will I ever have proper medication?

No. 938916

>>938915 ooooooof straightforward

No. 938923

Will karma ever bite back her crusty ass?

No. 938924

did I make a mistake?

No. 938925

did I?

No. 938926

I can't believe sonic is fucking sassing me in the sonic thread fuck you sonic

No. 938980

Would he be a good husband

No. 938982

You keep saying you'll see me and you never will I don't get it Sonic
You're just another moid

No. 938986

am I really sexy and an aquarius in a Leo’s body

No. 939006

Can I recover from this?

No. 939015

Sshhh, no tears, Sonic is your new husband now.

No. 939024

am I just the female version of him

No. 939061

Did I get close?

No. 939068

Are you telling us the truth sonic?

No. 939070

I'll never question you again.

No. 939075

Will anon die?

No. 939136

Woah, can I also be immortal??

No. 939138

File: 1634281564622.gif (332.17 KB, 245x184, 318.gif)


No. 939315

Is he into me?

No. 939368

Will I get the job?

No. 939371

Are they going to at least call back?

No. 939384

does he thinks about me?

No. 939389

will he suffer from karma?

No. 939588

Is this the end for him?

No. 939589

will i be offered the job?

No. 939700

Should I go see the opossums tomorrow?

No. 939704

i guess sonic is actually an oppossum… have fun seeing them!

No. 939711

Am I selling my soul?

No. 939733

Am I making him uncomfortable?

No. 939757

am I the female version of him

No. 939758

Should I paint my nails?

No. 939814

is there a fourth cup?

No. 939815

did she take my cup?

No. 939827

damn sonic doesnt fuck around

No. 940018

is it going to be easy?

No. 940026

will i pass

No. 940027


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 940080

will i finish on time?

No. 940138

Will I ever get someone like that in my life?

No. 940512

Is tmmrw morning going to be pleasant

No. 940846

Should I buy it?

No. 940899

will I move into my own place before september 2022?

No. 940924

Should I take a nap?

No. 940931

I’m really sleepy. Should I?

No. 940986

will we get married and have kids?

No. 941162

Will they like my designs?

No. 941232

Will we have sex?

No. 941258

should I ghost the sugardaddy

No. 941833

Is the premonition right?

No. 942017

will I come into some money in a harmless way?

No. 942468

should I move?

No. 942469

will I find myself in good company?

No. 942602

did I do the right thing

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