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File: 1628611444991.png (153.4 KB, 400x289, tumblr_84322029339c540d83edfab…)

No. 877926

The dubmer, the bedder
Previous: >>>/ot/867968

No. 877927

Daym,I want to sit in the middle of those two.

No. 877940

File: 1628612281424.jpg (13.44 KB, 250x365, images.jpeg-27.jpg)

Women look/ed haggard and old by their late 20s early 30s because they had two kids by that point, that's what ages you faster than anything else, Pregnancy puts a gigantic amount of strain in your body, and so does the subsequent childraising.

A 27 year old woman who hasn't been pregnant wont look much different from when she was 21 unless she has been living an absolute atrocious lifestyle like doing meth or drinking everyday.

To my late 20s nonnies, you girls look just fine don't worry about it, it's not the 70s anymore.

No. 877943

what if I looked haggared since childhood

No. 877948

I doubt you look too bad anon, girls here tend to have such a low and untrue opinion of themselves, me included.

But if you're genuinely ugly that's just ugly genetics, life's a bitch sometimes.

No. 877954

No. 877959

this makes sense, my mom had me and my twin at 40 and she always looked younger than her age (still does tbh). We turned out moderately autistic though so idk if it's worth it putting it off

No. 877968

File: 1628614309768.png (687.41 KB, 1402x1061, 7310295.png)

I had wrinkles around my eyes and bags since as young as I could remember, like around early elementary school, then by the time I was 11 I developed diagonal lines like pic related, then mouth lines in my later teens. I don't do a single thing that would cause all of this, I'm pretty sure I drink more water and use more sunscreen than anyone else in my town, but it all got more prominent anyway

No. 877973

File: 1628614537375.jpg (26.49 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-38.jpg)

Ah those are tear throughs anon! I have them too, it's just from the shape of your skull (the eye socket and cheekbone parts) and they become more prominent after losing baby fat, you can get them filled but eh i don't mind mine since I've had it forever and it's just my facial structure.
Honestly I see it as a trade-off, but my main point is that "the wall" is just having kids, it doesn't have that much to do with being 25 like most anons here seem to fear.

No. 877982

imagine looking like the kid from hereditary and thinking tear troughs are the issue kek

No. 877987

At around the age of 40 the risk of autism goes up by quite a bit. That goes for the age of the father too though and every few years after that it increases even more. I remember years ago scrotes were obssesed with banging on about how 'eggs go bad but sperm is good forever'… no idea where they got that idea from or if they genuinely believed it. An old man making babies with a younger women will still come with that increased risk on his side.

No. 877990

Not to mention sperm is directly impacted by lifestyle.

No. 877992

Don't like having to look at an ugly scrote as the thread pic. Let me hide the image. Now that's the dumbass and vent thread blacked out. Have to say. You summer farmers are shite craic

No. 877998

File: 1628616261428.png (283.08 KB, 500x375, himbo.png)

I don't know who they are, but I enjoy the boobies

No. 878012

No. 878031

I can't stop looking at the dated bag on her shoulder, bringing back memories of my teens

No. 878033

Zero hours contacts and internships are more akin to communism than capitalism. Working for experience and to prove my work ethic, fuck off you communist cunt. Capitalism means a bin man can sell an idea and become a millionaire like a guy I know.

No. 878043

No. 878044

No in communism you would be "paid" all the necessities you need to live like your own place, water, and groceries.

No. 878046

No you wouldn't look at actual communism lol

No. 878048

File: 1628620783028.jpg (48.88 KB, 971x898, O.jpg)

Bitch stick it in already

No. 878054

Nta but you realize communism is an ideal, nowhere has it been applied to full extent and even marx was like "sis, this will never ACTUALLY happen because humans yano"

No. 878060

File: 1628621274089.jpeg (86.78 KB, 600x896, 23Confessore-articleLarge.jpeg)

bye daddy goombah

No. 878061

File: 1628621341359.jpg (74.28 KB, 700x700, a0120513743_5.jpg)

so disgusted by all this shit about jimmy urine but as a side note i feel like an absolute retard for the fact that i have seen this album cover countless times and literally never once realized it's supposed to look like little girls panties… fucking gross and also how the fuck did i not see that

No. 878062

My Gran had a good time under communism for a few years, and then ppl above got greedy and fucked it up for everyone. Maybe it would work in a woman only society.

No. 878064

Please no. Comunism and socialism is bad. Please. I live in mexico and the president is hinting to socialism and I'm fucking scared as shit.

No. 878069

good riddance

No. 878071

i love men with big pillow titties and i hope the next thread will have a big titted man pic too

No. 878072

That's an actual album cover? They can't help but to tell on themselves, can't they.

No. 878089

My mom loved growing up in socialist Yugoslavia even though she wasn't super rich so obviously it's not the same for everyone

No. 878096

Big-breasted men with firm arses and chunky thighs are the only reason I watch rugby, I especially love it when the Samoan lads show up

No. 878099

My first reaction is doubt honestly.
>shit happened in the 90s with no way to prove it, before social media so there's no texts, pictures and whatnot
>using MSI's shock value schtick as "proof".
I genuinely can't take lawsuits like this are a joke nowadays, it's so hard to not doubt it after shitshow like amber heard and houseofeffie.

No. 878102

Imagine thinking something didn’t happen because there’s potentially no pictures or social media posts. The absolute state of lc right now.

No. 878103

Same and also love women with big boobs. It feels like a scrotey thing to say but boobs are wonderful.

No. 878105

I doubt it because sexual assault allegations against minor celebtities are en vogue with BPD-chans with delusional vendettas.

No. 878111

I'm so stupid, I'm finding the logic in Ace Attorney really difficult to follow. The first game was good verging on too easy, but the second game is kinda… Hard…

No. 878130

Can you name like, 3 false allegations toward minor celebrities that happened recently?

No. 878151

Which case are you talking about? 2-3 is completely non-sensical, everyone agrees that this is the worst case in he entire franchise if that makes ou feel a bit better.

No. 878152

I love lidl so much every time I go it’s like I’m having a religious experience. I genuinely cried when I was standing at the bakery section today I don’t even know why it makes me so happy to just walk around the aisles and steal cookies even when my life is falling apart.

No. 878153

I just finished 2-2, starting 2-3 now. I worked out who and why quite quickly, but the how was never properly clued up, so it was really difficult to prove/make sense of. Plus I assumed I'd end up implicating the auntie but it just ended with Maya = not guilty. Presumably that gets revisited but it just made navigating the trial frustrating. Thanks for the heads up by the way, I'm hoping it gets a bit less baffling after this bit?

No. 878158

I tried to avoid Chris-chan related drama for a long time, but with the whole thing concluding with him being arrested for rape and incest, I decided to watch this series. I can’t say how I’ll feel about Chris as the series progresses (aside from disgust about the whole barb rape thing), but rn I honestly feel sad for him. I know he has been established so far as being racist and homophobic, but I think it’s mostly him being misguided. I find it cruel how these trolls manipulate him into thinking that he has a friend or someone that cares about him, and then pulling the rug from under him, especially with the Bluespike situation. The Emily situation doesn’t seem any better either.

I also find it incredibly ironic that these trolls say shit like ‘get a life. Go outside’ yet spend hours obsessing over Chris. Chris’s trolls seem like cows themselves. It’s also ironic how when Chris listened to Bluespike and actually tried to find friends/ a gf irl, he was trolled again and mocked for even trying at all

No. 878165

I want to do this but no guys I know have the tits and I sure as hell ain't dating a scrote, I just wanna know what it feels like

No. 878169

>I find it cruel how these trolls manipulate him into thinking that he has a friend or someone that cares about him
I've kept up with it somewhat. He doesn't connect with people anyway. He wants to either talk AT people because it feels good for him to be listened to (without really returning the favor) or more often he just wants to put his dick in you if you're female. There's a selfishness in him to where who would actually want that friendship and gain anything from it?

That's just typical of male tists though. They want want want and don't give much back..then they whine when they dont magically have a rich life full of fulfilling friendships and super hot gfs. Just my take. He expects good things and great people to somehow flock to him. Shit flocks to him.

No. 878179

I don't want to spoil anything, just keep playing, once you'll complete the trilogy there won't be any loose thread left. And don't worry, 2-3 is trash but 2-4 is a masterpiece and easily the best case in the whole series. It's a bit hard to solve but in my case I was always stuck at a very specific testimony because of some weird mistranslation in my first language.

No. 878189

>put a video game on ebay on my watch list
>a couple days later get a notification that the seller offered me a discount
>accept the discount and pay for it
>a few minutes later get an email that says I requested a refund (I didn't)
>maybe I accidentally hit the refund button, but I don't think I did
>a few minutes later the seller gives me a refund and the reason is "something is wrong with the buyer's shipping address"

I'm not that bothered but it's just weird, I've been using ebay for years and no one has ever said there was something wrong with my shipping address. could it be that they were in europe (and I'm in america)?

No. 878202

Maybe they got a better offer. You could try messaging the seller and asking what was wrong with your shipping address?

No. 878205

yeah that's probably what happened. I think I'm just gonna let it slide because another seller is selling the same game for only $1 more than their offer

No. 878211

Ugh there was a tick on my shoulder and I discovered it in the shower so I had to go to the hospital. I got some antibiotics but I feel so gross now.

No. 878231

There was some random medical soap opera on TV one day and I looked up to see what is was to see the group of doctors walking through the ER and someone says “he tested negative for covid” and they’re like “ok great” establishing that in this TV universe, covid exists. Ok, cool, it’s trying to stay current… except no one is wearing masks!? I get it, masks wouldn’t be practical on set, it’d make things more difficult, and would hide facial expressions, etc. But then just don’t establish that covid is canon in that universe then? Especially since it had nothing to do with the case anyway! Suspension of belief and all that but it just irked me lol.

No. 878262

you can try and explain chemistry to me time & time again but I will never understand any of it so therefore it's fake

No. 878269

I'm lying down and it just feels incredible. I'm so tired. The window is open, a cool breeze is coming in. My duvet is warm. I'm drowsy after my tablets and it feels good and fuzzy. I'm young, intelligent, kind, beautiful, slim, funny, and loveable. Nobody can tell me otherwise right now, because I need to believe that I have good qualities too. Being unemployed and putting my PhD on hold because of my mental health problems doesn't make me worthless. Being single and nobody's first priority doesn't make me worthless. In this moment, I feel like I have intrinsic value all on my own. It's my birthday on Thursday and I'm excited for presents. I hope I feel like this forever. Maybe I went to heaven after all.

No. 878271

File: 1628638318889.jpg (97.41 KB, 461x436, Tumblr_l_286015622023200.jpg)

Tails Gets Trolled is a modern masterpiece and I regret not reading it sooner.

No. 878277

I just don't understand how they know what is happening on such a small scale. so fucked up. is it all just theory??? what the fuck. I know it's real but??????

No. 878287

Soft and supple. I enjoy milking men’s breasts as revenge for the pain they put their mothers through.

No. 878288

File: 1628639588961.jpeg (135.06 KB, 698x1260, E328CB13-0AF4-4CB1-ABC6-41DE23…)


No. 878289


No. 878292

Happy early birthday nona! im glad you're feeling content

No. 878295

Image Source?????

No. 878304

agree but they need to look like that and also be at least 6'2"

No. 878308

I wish I could have baked apple and peach desserts without the fruit getting soft and cooked. I just want an apple crisp and peach cobbler without cooked fruit. Apple pies suck btw.

No. 878310

File: 1628642250128.jpg (36.14 KB, 640x410, calves-2.jpg)

I don't get the appeal, but this is for you.

No. 878316

i want to dominate a big muscle man that's like 2x my size tbh

No. 878323

Everyday I think about the cute butch gf that I don’t have. I just want a qt butch gf who will cuddle me and hold my hand and speak softly to me and call me cute pet names ugh.

No. 878329

File: 1628643789021.jpg (3.7 MB, 4096x2302, 75246788999755332.jpg)

I got both cards of my husbando today and I can't wait to unlock the Devilgram stories. God is good.

No. 878345

Lucky! I keep trying to get SSRs of Levi but i keep getting Mammon too. Gacha games are the bane of my existence

No. 878384

A lot of it is theroy along with crashing and burning kek

No. 878386

Tbh I think the developers pander to Mammon and Luciferfags a lot more than the other brothers. I didn't really like Mammon at first but he grew on me.

No. 878422

my exact feelings, thank u

No. 878428

I'm not even really a radfem, but everytime I go on radfem twitter it always seems like such a shitshow there. Just constant arguments.

No. 878432

Tru. As a radfem it wasn't always like that, but pretty recently they just went batshit crazy, which is why I stopped going on.

No. 878442

I can't be the only one who thinks this looks stupid right. I can't believe this man has mega-muscles and still somehow manages to look like an overgrown toddler. Maybe it's the face.

No. 878459

Yeah, I'm probably gonna stop browsing there since one of my favorite accounts left. Idk how people can go on there daily, just being on radfem twitter for a couple minutes stresses me out.

No. 878464

I am so torn on whether I want to make french toast or some scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese and salsa. I only have 1 egg so I must choose carefully.

No. 878466

I guess it just depends on whether you want something sweet or savory, but I would pick french toast if you want something that will fill you up more. One egg isn't very much.

No. 878470

Nah you're not the only one. Ottermode is the peak male physique.

No. 878489

Split the egg in half (scramble in a bowl) and add milk so you can have enough egg mixture for both.

No. 878496

File: 1628670845917.png (271.32 KB, 1600x1600, Atomic_orbitals_spdf_m-eigenst…)

When they started talking about orbitals was when I got lost. I feel like you need more mathematical/physics background to understand this concept than anyone has at the college freshman level.

No. 878500

Yeah this is literally quantum physics (I mean literally as literally) I don't know why they taught us this in highschool when they could only teach us a little part of how it works and not actually have us understand it

No. 878513

I want to go to a spa right now and get a back massage. I'm literally just waiting for my second vaccine injection before getting an appointment, I don't care about how expensive it is or if the staff will be horrified by my bacne scars anymore.

No. 878531

I just remembered this weird fanfiction I've read a few years ago where a dude visited a circus, gets lost and then has a gangbang with a bunch of clowns. I cannot find it anymore tho but I have memories from reading it.

No. 878549

Orbitals are of practical importence in determining molecular geometry that's why you learn about them in chemistry.
It is not important to understand what an orbital actually is (because nobody actually knows!). Instead what is important is knowing how orbitals are filled, how they mix(hybridize) and how orbitals help in bond formation along with other properties.

Highly recommed anyone intersted in this topic to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPw_LCmyjnI
If you need an introduction go here: https://youtu.be/4YUWHWBrvI4?t=705

I wish i was someone taught me this with more clarity when i was studying chemistry, it took me so much time to understand that atoms can rotate along single bonds, and even more time to understand how stereoisomers worked.

No. 878552

File: 1628680036367.jpg (93.97 KB, 2091x503, VSEPR.jpg)

forgot pic

No. 878573

Sorry anons, I meant to post my original post in the dumbass shit not stupid questions, but it's too late to delete. I got confused because I hid the thread pic for this one. Moving it to dumbass shit to avoid clogging the other thread.

Ya I've been here since 2015 so I'm not old-old guard, but old enough. Yes, I should be clear. I like the big personalities on here and the insanity and rage of some posters. I just hate the boring lacklustre crabby anons who post things like "um I don't want to read that" to anons who shitpost or traumadump or sperg.
I feel like that repels the quality posters more than anything. It's always been bitchy and brutal while I've been around and yes you have to learn that you're anon on the internet and nothing matters, least of all your ego. I'm not saying it was always happy clappy sunshine funtimes, but the board has just been feeling very tired to me lately. The only people who appear to post with any consistency now are just dull and rude for no reason - there's no contribution other than that, if that makes sense. It used to be that if you got called a stupid fucking idiot, it was usually out of genuine concern, justified, or because you needed a sharp reality check. It would usually come with some reasoning.
I think what I object to is the crushing apathy and the disdain for otherness. The lack of empathy and compassion for other anons. I feel like it used to be there, even when you would get dogpiled for idiocy and/or crimes against the hive. There's an anon on /g/ I noticed recently who replies to the mental health posters with a lot of empathy, and they stick out like a sore thumb for it (I see your kindness, random /g/ anon). I got nostalgic because I remember when there used to be a lot of that, even when it wasn't worded kindly, even when it was just short.
Maybe I just have rose-tinted glasses, maybe it was always shit. I tried CC but I hear it's full of trannies, and at a glance it seems very dry. Idk if they're ready for my brand of idiocy yet.

No. 878579

No. 878587

File: 1628685277863.jpg (121.38 KB, 1600x1200, G-man_door_desktop.jpg)

One time I read an explicit G-Man x reader fanfic in which he had tentacles… I wish I could find it again

No. 878590

Um, I don’t want to read this

No. 878592

Too fucking late

No. 878597

maybe people are overdoing it with trying to gatekeep the culture here and are less empathetic to who they might see as someone new. we got rocked this year with the normies becoming aware through various scandals. give it some time. it's also summer so we've got a triple whammy making nonnies even more crotch rotten than usual

No. 878633

File: 1628690826502.jpeg (120.8 KB, 1194x268, 9A8363A5-7ABD-4E63-ADF1-1F16FE…)

I know it’s for accessibility but the descriptions this guy does of his sped cat makes me want to hurl

No. 878634

File: 1628691021108.jpg (44.72 KB, 616x640, steamed kueh lapis 035.jpg)

I want traditional malay sweets so fucking bad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 878635

File: 1628691542424.jpeg (229.91 KB, 1242x945, 8C65122A-03DA-4AB6-BA5A-0E2404…)

I wanted to dream of two of my husbandos of my harem hugging me so I could feel their pecs, not about some random ass basketball player trying to get me to date his eldest son, who yeah, was my type because he was tall, a skinny legend and had glasses, but mister, i didn’t want to feel your pecs, I wanted to feel Diluc’s and Kaeya’s Genshin impact pecs, I feel like I got tricked in a tricky trickery trick by my unconscious, bastard.

No. 878646

File: 1628693383686.jpg (468.01 KB, 1024x1062, RDT_20210811_17494380658231569…)

My otp

No. 878648

Run, Moz! Before you catch a suicide!

No. 878650

>My otp
Mine too I guess, would pay to see this trainwreck playout in real life. Hell, I would read an epic fanfiction based on the idea.

No. 878662

>it is not important to understand what an orbital actually is (because nobody actually knows!)
and thas why it's fake

No. 878671

reading this make me think he is sexually attracted to his cat

No. 878680

I hate the writers of family guy they some of the most retarded scrotes ever

No. 878685

File: 1628696232829.jpg (35.27 KB, 686x386, 0efab9066035ed24edcbb9590b4d61…)

kay so my friend's work put her picture up on their instagram and tagged her, so now this 40-yr-old creep followed her and comes into her work at least once a week to shmooz and call her "sweetie". She is terrified.

Cursory research shows he's a realtor, married, and shows his "direct phone" number (probably a work cell). I already signed him up for scientology info, an anonymous std check, and a free gym pass. any other ideas? I want to tell his wife but without proof it's not worth it, so at least I want to make his life more annoying

No. 878687

File: 1628696344630.jpg (544.67 KB, 1280x1895, 1280px-Vittore_Carpaccio_038.j…)

You're taking a leisurely stroll through Venice in 1459 when a group of medieval fuckboys reciting crude satirical poetry cross your path. The fat one with a misshapen face beings to incessantly stare at your busom while the others then start a debate regarding phallus sizes.
Wat do

No. 878688

sign up his address for gay porn magazines, send his phone number to scammers

No. 878690

did we just enter a shakespeare play or something

No. 878691

Yell nonexistent words and contort my body so they think I'm possessed and hope somebody calls a priest

No. 878694

Tell them that my nether regions are infested by the pox and he who gazes upon them will also be cursed with the diabolical affliction.

No. 878695

File: 1628696740313.jpg (66.93 KB, 499x343, medieval-representations-of-ex…)

Bad end

No. 878696

go to the church, pay off some people and tell them they are committing and act of heresy then watch them getting seized

No. 878702

It's freaky how much walnuts look like brains

No. 878703

tell patrolling soldiers that you saw them sneeze and cough blood

No. 878707

Poison them with Aqua Tofana

No. 878708

I spend a whole lot of time thinking about my exes or thinking about guys I'm crushing on and wondering if I ever enter their minds at all

No. 878710

Politely tell them that I am soon to be married and that I only care about my husband’s unavoidably small phallus’.

No. 878711

Sometimes I'm afraid that I'll come to hate the things I love and I don't know why

No. 878716

With my dying breath I say "kek I was only pretending to be possessed"

No. 878721

Anyone who knows nonbinary identified troons, do they ever get a case of gatekeeping and elitism saying someone who identifies as nonbinary is really cis or are they too deep into their cognitive dissonance to ever consider such a thing? So many of the themlets that I know are also catty bitches that I would be surprised if they didn't try to outtroon each other all the time.

No. 878732

Would it be gay if I gifted my friend a mixtape? Are those even a thing anymore or do people just make playlists instead? (I'm secretly in love with her)

No. 878742

it would be cute

No. 878748

KEK anon ily

No. 878752

Would later out them to the priests for practicing sodomy and have their phalluses end up on the prison floor. They dealt with the wrong wench.

No. 878755

File: 1628700953614.png (579.78 KB, 656x458, fghhj.png)

No. 878777

idk claim that I'm menstruating and that it is best for them to stay away in order to maintain their health, and they may potentially become sick if they touch me or even stare at me for too long

No. 878788

Give a fake confession to the priest at the church, saying you saw these men practice dark Satanic sexual rituals while giving graphic details of their faces and build, that I was too scared for my life to speak out. Watch as they eventually castrated then hanged.

No. 878811

File: 1628707964347.jpg (58.21 KB, 622x960, 233678030_4260460227337018_861…)

Not trying to be racist, but what the fuck is going on here

No. 878820

I cannot believe this person belongs to the same species as me and moreover probably thinks is the same sex as me

No. 878824

Man moment.

No. 878828

Sometimes I think about making an instagram page and posting lots of cool things so I get followers so people would buy my paintings because I remember erin painter and people buying her shoddy sock toys or this one youtuber who makes horrible ugly jewellry and it sells like hotcakes. But I hate social media and I would hate it if someone I know saw my page, I would be so embarrassed, which is stupid because I wouldn't be embarrassed to share my life with strangers but I would with friends

No. 878831

File: 1628709266091.jpg (46.95 KB, 425x600, 14648948965465.jpg)

>omg you're so prettyyyy

No. 878839

File: 1628709764342.jpg (38.61 KB, 750x687, 95113f2befb0fc3872795e5f75df5a…)

so ugly he's warping reality

No. 878845

Any bets on this hideous creature's reddit posts after this comment?
>Cissies always tell me they're jealous of me because I'm prettier than them!
>I'm stealth and pass 100%
>Someone called me pretty and I got a rush of euphoria. I cried a little and came in my panties. Is this how women feel all the time?

No. 878850

this is clear PROOF of the dimensional merge if I've ever seen it. this guy is straight out the Darwinian horrorverse

No. 878851

A load of thick men around my age have been showing interest. And they're not like spastic dumb just dumb as in they probably won't get the references or things I talk about but some of them have their own businesses and I think I could let myself use these men in the interim of finding someone I actually want. Like men use women, as long as I don't verbally ever say this out loud I think I'm in the clear

No. 878853

tell them you like Pina coladas and that you spilled an entire gallon of milk in your car and watch them bring you little air fresheners and shit

No. 878855

Just be careful and protect yourself anon. The dumber the man the stronger the tard rage.

No. 878856

samgfag the them that your car fucking reeks and that you can't stand being inside it for longer than 15mins sometimes when you think About BEING inside for longer than that you start to gag. watch them bring you little paper lunch bags for barfing into

No. 878860

I don't understand you, but one does own an autoshop.


No. 878862

I'm not sure what you're going for but I like your enthusiasm. I've got one. Tell them that you want to eat a corn dog and watch them bring you corn dogs to eat

No. 878873

Saw a phallic shaped lube in the store and tempted to try it out as a sex toy. It'd be cheaper than one too

No. 878879

Me neither. What is going on here?

No. 878885

Shut the hell up, lesbos

No. 878887

Make the shell and jam filling, add the raw/partially cooked fruit later

No. 878891

Straighties can go suck some piss and smegma coated dicks

No. 878899

ew he looks like an ugly rat

No. 878901

Should I…?

No. 878905

Yeah, go wild and post pics of it, biootchh

No. 878907


No. 878923

No. 878981

i'm team skelesexual

No. 878983

Why aren't women with generously sized inner labia considered 'well endowed' or 'blessed'?

I don't even have any inner labia to really speak of myself so I'm not exactly saying this with personal investment but… bigger boobs is better, bigger butts, bigger peens on men..every sexual body part is usually celebrated when there's more of it on show..except for labia. It doesn't affect tightness so there's no real logic behind why it goes against the trend.

No. 878989

I don't like mine personally because my flaps get rubbed raw when I wear jeans
But I wouldn't tell anybody that irl, so I dunno either

No. 878995

You can be attracted to men without being supportive of the ugly barafag agenda.

No. 878996

The standards for female genitals are those of a child: hairless & small labia.

No. 878998

This just awoke a weird thought. In an alternate universe where everyone is the opposite sex, the size of your labia equals the size of your guy versions dick. Like if you have smaller lips the male version of you would have a small penis.

No. 879006

I don't know why this got recommended to me because I don't watch true crime or ASMR. But this "true crime ASMR" video popped up in my feed.

Because you know, nothing is more relaxing than listening to stories of people getting murdered. Any new way to monetize other people's tragedies right?

No. 879007

I always thought that the alternate male version of me would have a tiny dick and this confirms it. I hope he’s dead

No. 879008

Guilty people are constantly gassing up the ugliest hons to be charitable.
All troons, please note that if you need constant affirmation and reassurance (and if you even get it completely unsolicited) you do not pass, and you're not being treated like a woman. Everyone sees that you're a mentally ill man, and they're just trying to get you to not neck yourself.

No. 879009

I sometimes wonder things like that, but my brother and I are built similarly and I have little labia and unfortunately I happen to know that my brother has a huge fat dick.
I used to reason that because I had little tits and a fairly masculine build, I'd have a big willy and be a natural megachad if I were a man. I used to say that to a gross moid who was obsessed with my breasts and it would make him seethe every time. Good.

No. 879010

No. 879011

Nonas three different mailmen just got into a physical altercation on the side of the road and then sped off in each of their own little mailman vehicles, what do they have to be so angry about? Can't they all just get along

No. 879016

anon, you could have used any other adjectives to describe your bro's cock.

No. 879025

>>879011 mail on mail violence

No. 879029

Ew, wtf, nonna. The word choice sounds like you’re proud of your well-endowed brother and it’s reading as downright incestuous. Please never describe his penis again.

No. 879032

File: 1628725232805.png (267.46 KB, 513x329, who would win.png)

me sitting on the funny little bathroom floor doing my funny little sebderm treatment

No. 879046

I just gaslit a scrote on a dating app and it feels GREAT.
I hope he thinks next time before making generalizations about people based on their vaccination status.

No. 879056

Could have! Chose not to.
Tbh I am just impressed and a tiny little bit jealous.

No. 879061

File: 1628727565842.jpeg (215.06 KB, 1125x1500, B2BCAE28-45BB-4165-9FF0-C79CDD…)

I’m actually very excited to stream the new eva movie this weekend. I don’t care if the rebuilds suck ass.

No. 879080

File: 1628729447536.jpeg (52.22 KB, 466x388, 19973FF4-21EC-4ABE-A200-6153E4…)

>nonnies speaking about how bad it is to make art on the ipad

i don’t know about you but i don’t like connecting 3 different cords in the little space i already have i dont care how bad it looks i desperately need some things to do to cope with my problems

No. 879082


No. 879089

Why would it be bad? Draw on your ipad till your little hands bleed, nonny!

No. 879090

File: 1628730657451.jpeg (150.35 KB, 750x867, 58625182-1B4C-463E-B441-EC07FE…)

I’m definitely mentally ill

No. 879092

I'm not ready for the final show, but i do want to see it. I'm going to have vodka at hand

I will forever ship KaworuxShinji

No. 879095

Oh this is fuckinf sexu

No. 879096

starting to have an intense hatred for lady d even though i thought she was pretty nice at first. the coomers are just so annoying with the way they act with her. i want all of them to die

No. 879097

This is all underwhelming and very normal music anon

No. 879099

Ew are you expecting to get sent to the asylum for listening to Mcr now or what? Everybody look at this anon, she is so unhinged.. she is totally different.. not ok in the head, you must stay away from her.. Wowie! This is literally just normal emo music you retard you're not any special for this

No. 879101

there's another one? or do you mean the one where shinji ends up with mari
well tbf it's not the character's fault, coomers are like that with everything

No. 879105

thank you anon i will!

No. 879109

I know for a fact that you’re a male desperately trying to sound like a woman right now and it’s downright embarrassing. Hope the mods ban you

No. 879117

File: 1628733412603.jpeg (208.55 KB, 1181x1748, 23343F25-5E95-4908-AA53-99DA74…)

Yes the one where he ends up with Mari

Fuck yeah anon. Anno can pry kawoshin from my cold dead hands,

No. 879137

I could have SWORN there was a classical music thread on /m/ but now I cant find it. Am I on crack? Did I just imagine it?

No. 879150

File: 1628737315699.png (519.8 KB, 828x777, AAC6F18D-D1EE-4C48-BADC-577340…)

just came across this 15 year old who seriously has "i love gore" in her bio and 2 messages later she is asking you to add a trigger warning to parent mentions. i love the internet so much

No. 879154

I'm a European in Japan. Yesterday I met this Spaniard with his two kids and was really confused why he spoke to me in broken Japanese (it was pretty bad) instead of just speaking English. Turns out the dude doesn't speak English? And his kids don't speak Spanish? Why make your own life hard like this? I hope he has a community of Spanish speaking friends he can talk to, because he sure as fuck can't articulate any intelligent thought in Japanese.

No. 879156

File: 1628737727045.jpg (92.74 KB, 564x845, be52edab6f043566d363f3768be3c4…)

I went to a big fair in Massachusetts years ago when I was 14 or 15 I think, I still think about it because it was so fun and the weather was perfectly crispy fall air and I ate really delicious popcorn and the atmosphere was just so fun and exciting. I live in the south but I really want to try to go to the state fair here this year, it probably won't be the same bc it will be like 1000000 degrees and full of musty obese people and now I'm in my 20s & hate everything but maybe I will like it? I also always wanted to go to a fair with a guy I was dating which I don't currently have so I need to get on that. Wish me luck ladies in my endeavour to make out on the ferris wheel.

No. 879166

File: 1628739335544.jpeg (505.55 KB, 1125x1161, 7FC0976D-B4FC-4ABF-B36D-7CB763…)

When I was 9, my mom slapped the shit out of me for eating all of her Ferrero Rocher truffles. She regretted doing that and apologized and I’ve forgiven her long ago but I can still feel that slap whenever I take a bite of my own truffles.

No. 879168

How the fuck did he end up having kids with someone he doesn't even understand?

No. 879171

File: 1628740265466.jpg (1.33 MB, 2828x2828, bonnet kitty.jpg)

I spent like two hours making a collage of random shit I like for some reason.

No. 879248

File: 1628754632278.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1431950083784.jpg)

Dry eyes is the biggest bullshit ever. If I get lasik or start wearing contacts it will get worse and I'll be dependent on eye drops forever. Otherwise I have to wear thick glasses. There is no winning here.

No. 879251

Nonita this is so cute. I’m happy to see lenore here

No. 879294

That's so cool, now I feel like making one of my own but it would be all over the place

No. 879311

I talked about Japanese women vlogging about literally nothing in particular in the previous thread and I found on who in some videos talks about her collection of manga and how much she loves reading them and it's a huge collection. If I saw that shit a few years ago I would have been jealous but instead I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Having so much shit is actually annoying, I have a lot of manga myself but I was so annoyed that I had a shit ton of manga I didn't feel like reading anymore I sold most of my collection and only kept what I can't find easily in stores or on scan websites. I wonder if she reads them again once in a while or if she just stores them after reading them.

No. 879314

i love when farmers off handedly mention that theyre pregnant. i hope when their babies are born, they read them snow threads like bedtime stories

No. 879343

When my fiancée gets pregnant I'm gonna start reading troon threads to the bump so I peak them before their born. Then horror cow threads for bedtime stories that double as cautionary tales.

No. 879371

I love you

No. 879373

The sun's about to rise and for some reason my brain is now in overdrive. It's been weeks since I've felt this way where I can shit out coherent sentences on the fly but why now???

No. 879381

File: 1628768481887.jpeg (56.56 KB, 608x750, 80D4E7FB-BF11-4B98-B2A3-7359AD…)

I hope all their babies come out retarded and become cows in the future.

No. 879411

is this Patty Duke?

No. 879414

nta but I think it's Leslie Gore

No. 879416

ntayrt and like other nona said it's Leslie Gore but you're based for even knowing who Patty Duke is. rip bipolar queen

No. 879420

i some some girl on tiktok say "team no waist" about herself and i've never felt better about not having one too lmao

No. 879422

I have been reading the manwha who made me a princess and i am a simp for the dad

No. 879431

Sometimes I feel like all this gender bullshit is so far from me and pretty much made up for headlines and outrage reddit posts, but then I put on a minor streamer for background noise, and people come in and start asking what their pronouns are (it's very obviously a man with facial hair). I really hope this won't become common etiquette as I want to work in an international environment.

No. 879443

Why can't I have a hot good-looking boss reeee

No. 879449

>that purple dangle ronga
i'm judging

No. 879475

>gothic lolita bible
>cute anime boys
I wish we could be friends nonnie you have impeccable taste

No. 879482

No. 879501

“how to make your baby manually disabled in 5 seconds”

No. 879518

File: 1628779607685.jpeg (36.51 KB, 300x255, 12DC0C3E-42E1-4D3B-ACA5-4DF767…)

tonight we dine on the sims 2 inflatable chair

No. 879577

File: 1628784010912.jpg (54.73 KB, 600x440, the_studio.jpg)

Me spending money on textbooks

No. 879580

I'm craving chocolate. Or alcohol. Or anything that's bad for me but tastes good

No. 879645

Same, I marikonded my room and I'm more selective about what I buy now , I also got rid of some merch . I'd rather buy an artbook now than full mangas (I read them illegally now anyway).

No. 879702

I love working out to music like link related. Makes me feel as if I'm preparing for the final battle together with my husbando.

No. 879707

Why can't I find anything magnetfishing?

No. 879722

File: 1628801661539.jpeg (175.03 KB, 1000x563, E3A8FBA8-0E0F-4BBE-915E-7B67A1…)

I can't decide whether thin or thick eyebrows look more feminine on women but I'm thinking thin eyebrows.

No. 879723

I think it solely depends on other features, a bigger nose sometimes needs stronger brows, a softer face may look ridiculous with thicker and angular brows.

No. 879724

Both look equally feminine when they are on a woman.

No. 879726

ok nonnie you don't need to troonify it. some things can and will look more feminine on women than others things

No. 879727

I killed a fly by flipping my laptop close

No. 879728

File: 1628802233394.jpeg (65.75 KB, 400x600, 22CE2BDA-F015-4DDC-8D06-E677F4…)

I believed i was going blind because i have been reading lolcow from my small iphone se for many years so i went to the eye dr and she said everything normal just stress and that i should focus on other things in real life …

No. 879734

No. 879737

File: 1628802590918.png (500.29 KB, 998x723, Screenshot_20210812-114043.png)

For your consideration

No. 879742

thick looks hotter to me idc if it's considered "manly"

No. 879743

Miss January has natural beauty, but Ms. February takes care of herself. I don't know which story route to pick in this otome game.

No. 879748

File: 1628802856801.png (378.12 KB, 767x567, cockhaven.png)

No. 879750

File: 1628803006726.jpg (118.01 KB, 777x437, TfL-Image-lift-to-street-level…)

My favorite

No. 879762

File: 1628803875185.png (136.1 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20210811-095052.png)

chef kiss
male pain

No. 879764

Just what are you browsing anon.

No. 879766

File: 1628804073227.png (56.15 KB, 1080x380, Screenshot_20210811-094919.png)

It's for work, don't worry about it

No. 879769

Are you working as a cockfosterer?

No. 879772

Hehe, no. I'm a volunteer digital content creator who writes semi-regular thinkpieces and essays on cocks and/or balls.

No. 879798

I’ve been trying for the last half an hour to get my boyfriend to play some music because I need to take a wicked shit and don’t want him to hear

No. 879803

If you want to read about men in pain I highly recommend male hair removal cream reviews on amazon. The amount of men that put it on their dick and balls even though it clearly says not to is beyond belief.

No. 879859

despite what google keeps claiming I personally doubt that men have “higher pain tolerances” because of muh hunter gatherer blood memory. these scrotes cry, whine, judge, gossip and literally cause drama all the time but these behaviors are pinned and blamed on women. anyways anon I’m very worried because I don’t know if you’re saying “yes male pain” in a femdom way or “yes male pain” in a based misandrist way,? either way is valid and marvelous

No. 879880

Have you seen those period simulator electro pads? Quality gold, men are babies they never develop any pain resistance bc they never actually experience pain.
And yes they will whine and cause drama and fights just because they're bored, for some kind of entertainment. It's very obvious in little boys, but they get better at hiding it when they grow older.

No. 879925

thank you for including the yaoi paddle at the exact place my eyes first looked so i knew i didn't have to see anymore you urban troglodyte

No. 879937

Im seeing a guy I have a crush on at a party tomorrow night, how can I flirt and tell if he's into me…. agh why do boys still confuse me sm

No. 879961

I hate my mom but God I hope I'm half as cute as she is when I'm 50

No. 879969

I don’t hate my mom but same. She has good facial structure and a nice body.

No. 879999

File: 1628830630178.jpeg (35.9 KB, 477x452, FD0D5908-7476-4DEA-A576-93C67B…)

A chick I knew since childhood showed up in my mutuals pfps and my first thought was “what’s wrong with your face?” It looks like picrel

No. 880008

File: 1628832728188.jpg (70.45 KB, 691x671, c51ce571d699a8e3956ed2f393b848…)

Finally lolcow is back up!
I've been permabanned from crystal.cafe for literally no fucking reason so it's good to be back here to have my women only imageboard fix.
I appealed the ban but everything is slow there.

No. 880013

Wdym anon? When was lolcow down?

No. 880028

The server was down for almost a day.

No. 880029

No. 880032

Maybe it was a regional thing? I wasn't the only one that was talking about it on crystal.cafe
Really weird, though? Legit checked the "isitdownforme" site and everything. Kept getting error 502 lol

No. 880033

I once did it reflexively with a book. I regretted it the second I realized what I did.

No. 880072

I want a chocolate shake and some french fries. As the heathen I was born to be, I want to dip the fries in the shake before I eat them.

No. 880082

who hurt you

No. 880126

File: 1628849317536.png (134.4 KB, 566x691, fml.png)

You know there's a mental breakdown approaching when you start getting nostalgic for the early/mid '10s. Why am I such a retard nonnies

No. 880129

Your life is falling apart, anon.

No. 880144

the depressed boys help me cope

No. 880159

File: 1628853800985.jpg (45.04 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

Hafu characters even in Japanese games with realistic enough graphics (like Kazuhira Miller or Jill Valentine) never look even slightly Japanese. Even Japanese games about Japanese people in Japan have castizo looking protagonists, see picrel. Why are japs so self-hating?

No. 880203

I know no one cares but this video is so funny, gordon ramsay was so sure of himself and thought he could bake a better pudding more than his mom but it was undercooked at the end kek

No. 880232

File: 1628860363501.jpg (49.98 KB, 640x400, default_c2b92c5ae7a2766f83907e…)

Never played Yakuza but that character remidns me of picrel, an actual Japanese person.

No. 880234

It's someone posting the same "self-hating japanese" post over and over, ignore them.

No. 880236


Huh? Uh, anon you know no matter how much East Asians love to pretend they have light skin, a lot of the times they don’t. Stop this racebait bullshit

No. 880237

File: 1628860802488.jpeg (70.79 KB, 412x554, E5C5D21F-2DB2-468E-BABB-2BDD65…)

kek they think a japanese person should look like an extreme racial caricature like picrel, what the hell? probably a kiwifarms scrote or another racist anon

No. 880247

I watched it for the thumbnail alone. What a nob!

No. 880258

Same. The Yakuza one looks like actual Japanese people. On the other hand, the Kazuhira Miller one and Jill Valentine, Imo not so much. They're just vidya characters anyways.

No. 880272

File: 1628863206645.png (4.14 MB, 2612x1172, jmen.png)

I thought anon meant features. These guys look light.

No. 880273

samefag. Forgot to ask. Are these guys unusually light for Japanese then? I don't really know what they look like.

No. 880274

Nta but jesus christ these ww2 propaganda posters were fucking ridiculous

No. 880276

Yeah they're grotesque. I wish she hadn't posted it tbh.

No. 880291

Didn't you already make this exact same post last year

No. 880321

I ate spicy food and now my tummy hurts

No. 880333

File: 1628870887472.gif (2.23 MB, 379x498, 4u.gif)

No. 880346

Kek thank you nona ♥

No. 880353

In a recent episode of American Horror Stories (spinoff miniseries of American Horror Story) the characters are trying to conceive via IVF, and at one point the woman says something along the lines of already loving "him, her, or them," in reference to her future unborn child/children. I saw a tiktok with this scene and the person commentating on it was saying how it was important media representation for nonbinary people by saying "them," but to me it's extremely obvious that "them" refers to twins lmao and people in the comments were saying it too, while the creator was defending their "interpretation." I had a good laugh about that

No. 880378

File: 1628874997831.jpeg (53.85 KB, 560x552, 0A77D48D-4FD6-4542-8295-E068E5…)

Didn’t read the post. Only ogled at majima-san

No. 880386

I'm living with my parents and I have my room but I'm thinking about getting more furniture and I'm not sure where to put some of the ugly shit my parents bought decades ago that are in my room right now. And I need a vaccine pass to go to ikea but I don't have one yet so I dont know if I should order furniture online without checking them with my own eyes first.

No. 880400

I can't wait for it to be autumn and then winter again. I want to wear my beanies again

No. 880404

File: 1628876997772.jpg (21.47 KB, 400x240, tumblr_ngm2mrZ4G41t2dihpo1_400…)

>Woke up in the middle of the night
>Blood fucking everywhere
>Fuck, did I forget to put in a new tampon before I went to bed
>Goes to the toilet and fumbles around to see if I could find the string, still half-asleep
>Looks like I did forget
>Clean myself up real quick and put in a new one
>Kinda hard to push it in, guess I'm at the end of my period and drying up
>Thinks nothing else of it and goes back to bed
>Next day carries on as normal
>Takes out a tampon around lunch, realizes there is a mysterious, bloody string still hanging out after I threw the other one away
>Did I just daydream that I took the last one out or am I developing dementia
>Maybe it's an odd blood clot or hair that somehow got in there
>Pulls it out
>It is indeed a tampon
>Remembers last night's Bloody Stream
>I've been wearing double tampons all morning

I've been switching them as usual but I've been bleeding so much this month I didn't notice anything weird until I saw the string. This is Shayna level of retardation anonitas. I swear to god I'm switching over to cup.

No. 880405

could you sell the old furniture on ebay or maybe on those local ads on facebook before getting anything new? you can wear a mask when the people come to collect it (make sure you specify that the items are collection only if that's the case) or would your parents be offended?

I think as long as you check the dimensions you should be fine. my parents once bought a wardobe, set of drawers and bed all from ikea and it was delivered and all fine. bear in mind you have to assemble all that shit from scratch!

No. 880409

crap anon! at least you realised sooner rather than later. my mum once had a tampon inside her for over a week after her period was finished, she forgot to remove the final one. I don't remember the details other than her complaining about her vag being uncomfortable or something but I kept asking 'are you sure you don't still have a tampon in or something' and she'd reply 'no of course not, I think I'd know!'…. it still scares me to think she could've developed TSS

No. 880412

samefag but also yes to a cup! they're the best, never having to push dry scratchy tampon inside myself ever again is great

No. 880413

praying for you

No. 880414

you should insert an entire punch bowl so we can all share in the fun, nonna

No. 880415

>t. That one in the friend group that wants to join in a group roasting session but then just says something totally unacceptable

No. 880416

kek, I see this was in your youtube recommendations too, anon

No. 880418

that's probably why god gave me thick brows to compete with my nose. thanks god

No. 880419

>Remembers last night's Bloody Stream
I am laffing

No. 880428

another anon made a post similar to this months ago..that or double tampons are a common thing. there's a lot of deja vu today. i still never got an answer as to how two could even fit up there, it seems physically impossible.

No. 880434

My dumbass thought the year 3000 was in 79 years, not 979. I'm kind of crushed I won't get to see it now.

No. 880439

what makes you think two couldn't fit up there? the vagina is designed to push out a baby! it can handle two tampons, anon

No. 880442

but wouldn't the first one get in the way or something or block it?

No. 880445

I'm not selling my parents' furniture, it's still theirs after all. I've never bought second hand furniture because I don't have a car so I usually rely on public transport, I think I'll check ikea's delivery fees first and decide what to do.

No. 880452

File: 1628879681182.jpg (64.68 KB, 739x746, nutella.JPG)

I really want to try these but it looks like no grocery store has them and there are too expensive to buy online …

No. 880465

Blood pretty much turns the vag into a slip-n-slide, and there is just so much blood a tampon can absorb until it's filled to the max and let the next flow through.

No. 880469

i'm flattered that you think i have a friend group

No. 880494

My friend’s sister did it once. She said when she was putting in the second one she had to force it in, didn’t know why it was so difficult but she got the job done. I still cackle thinking about it.

No. 880508

how the HELL am i getting more/better quality work done than my peers when i am on my phone playing hello kitty sweet days for half the work day

what are y'ALL EVEN DOING

No. 880516

File: 1628882115989.jpg (212.52 KB, 1080x675, chonk.jpg)

I don't usually like to bodyshame celebs, but damn Sue the T-rex was chunky..

No. 880518

Midget arms too wtf

No. 880519

I don't like to bodyshame either but were their front legs really that small in comparison to the rest of their body? they look so dumb

No. 880520

Dw anon not much will have changed but we'll live underwater

No. 880523

kek, I want to say nice busted reference but I said that to someone once and they thought it was a jonas brothers original. for shame

No. 880524

File: 1628882498517.jpg (241.99 KB, 1280x854, 1280px-FMNH_SUE_Trex.jpg)

Yes, unless someone just put together wrong skeleton parts for shits and giggles.
Seriously how did these animals function? no wonder they died out.

No. 880525

File: 1628882597436.jpg (32.39 KB, 300x426, f6b807f9210f20bdb70490a373d43f…)

No. 880527

What's this from, Attack on Titan?

No. 880529

Just figured out how to style my hair after getting a big change the other week and I was out and about all day today with a not great style and now that I'm alone I figured it out. Guess I have to spend 24 hours outside tomorrow to rectify. (now I'm happy I got my hair cut I look cute)

No. 880530

File: 1628883044665.jpeg (34.87 KB, 500x695, 4c4.jpeg)

Oh, worm? is definitely a top 10 meme for me

No. 880544

File: 1628884181520.png (103.82 KB, 1080x644, tumblr_1b17fb64bf47ef8b003c0bc…)

I be on my bed, looking like this

No. 880556

I asked the hairdresser for bangs and she gave me surprise layers I never asked for but didnt even do a good job. There's literally a 3 inch wide strip in the back of my hair that's mid-back length and everything else is shoulder length. What the fuck, there goes my long pretty hair.

No. 880557

babe you’re gonna die of toxic shock syndrome please be careful and monitor any symptoms because it can happen

No. 880560

How rude, they can just ruin a stranger's hair so easily, and then you have to live with it

No. 880562

What is it with me and black leather jackets? I can't pull one off, I'm the least cool person on the planet, but I'm always trying them on.

No. 880566

File: 1628885899213.png (214.35 KB, 500x534, tumblr_c3228a71bde77fe8513b447…)

I guess I'll go back to my roots aka being a silent user, I get easily ignored and it's really hard to engage people.

No. 880573

File: 1628886075603.jpg (174.39 KB, 1042x692, 793fba1cad44aa49592e897ac6_00e…)

don't do that nonnie ! sometimes it's just a question of luck, time of the day or if you used a cute image !

No. 880577

File: 1628886215871.jpeg (320.18 KB, 1200x1200, ED7EBE35-50FC-4B02-B880-6CA6F4…)



No. 880578

Noo keep posting nonny plz this site is so slow

No. 880580

File: 1628886330642.png (694.18 KB, 768x768, 885AA27A-9FD6-4F65-8387-CF62FD…)

Just be unhinged, let all your thoughts flow freely.

No. 880581

File: 1628886385321.jpeg (91.75 KB, 1080x1080, 55755C9A-6BA2-4DD4-8182-1D0129…)

Can someone please find out if he’s a pornstar or something, I can’t take this

No. 880583

I will never stop hiding this ugly moids tits.

No. 880584

Based, it looks like he injected cement or some shit in there

No. 880589

his face is ugly, his tits are not

No. 880596

His tits look scary. Like picrel >>880581 looks as if a another man has his ass in his face, not like it's part of his body.

No. 880602

File: 1628887350121.jpeg (88.16 KB, 1242x922, 5EEE6C05-AED5-4446-A4B0-4A714F…)

I think it’s because he smushes them together, his tits look normal now, he might’ve started working out less and eating normally. Strongmen look like this because of their diet. (High sodium, whey powders, etc.)

His Tatas look better here

No. 880604

What mental illness have you got

No. 880606

He looks deformed, gross.

No. 880607

This has to be a selfie photoshopped by some coombrain. A lot of blur in odd places and the 2nd tit is too close to his chin or maybe they are smushed.

Still, someone find an onlyfans, for research…

No. 880611

This mans hairline is tragic. In hindsight, the baseball cap is a dead giveaway.

No. 880613

Omg from the same country as me. This means I could possibly spy him at my local gym and report back about the titties.

No. 880621

File: 1628888206260.jpeg (223.42 KB, 1080x1080, 58CAC432-C4B2-4E6C-9D16-74D18A…)

As long as the hat is on. I’m his.

No. 880623

Is Sweden not that big? How do you know you’ll see him?

No. 880624

I'm pissed about the japanese voices for Final Fantasy XII. I switched to japanese because the english ones sound like they've been recorded underwater but WHERE is Balthier's sexy voice? This sucks man this really sucks. He is not even half a percent as charismatic as the english version

No. 880625

I ate a lot more food than normal yesterday and today, it was my birthday and I had a fresh cream birthday cake from the supermarket so I felt pressure to eat it all. I'm really scared I'll have gained lots of weight or that I'll get used to eating so much, I lost a lot of weight and I'm trying not to get fat again because I was FAT. Anons help I'm sad

No. 880628

The echo goes away when they’re outside, listen to 1:47, sounds crisp
Me too, I keep skipping meals then gorging myself, just drink water regularly throughout the day and start a meal plan. Discuss your issues with a nutritionist if you have access to one.

No. 880630

>How do you know you’ll see him
I don't but I'm pretty sure I'll recognize those boobs when I see them anon.
it's just wishful horny thinking

No. 880635

KEK, if scrotes only knew how much we like their tits and asses as well

No. 880644

haha same

No. 880664

File: 1628891415767.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3464x3464, 365CC60A-D295-4DE4-9504-668E28…)

first time i’ve kekd this hard on tik tok

No. 880666

I love being a woman.

No. 880671

Funny, but kind of awful. I genuinely hope this is fake, hate to see anyone abused physically/mentally.

No. 880673

Stfu plz

No. 880677

Every morning I imagine living with my husbando, every evening I try to draw him. I got a bit rusty but my drawing today turned out fine

No. 880681

Post him

No. 880682

I actually bought a few artbooks before but I sold them as well because they were taking a lot of space. I barely read scans nowadays because nothing recent in particular interests me, and I read a shit ton of manga at the library so I know I can just reread old stuff online or at the library anyway.

No. 880684

Sometimes I wonder about how many Pakistan-chans are on lolcow. I know there are at least two, but I see them posting so much I wonder if there are actually a lot of them or one is just autistic.

Why would anyone stay married to someone they disliked that much? IDGI. I don't believe that female on male abuse is a big deal compared to any other kind, but the memory vitamins one is kind of fucked up.

No. 880691

Yeah, we all know the evils of pissing out unneeded vitamins.

No. 880693

It seems like most Pakistani anons are ex-muslims and middle class from the posts I've seen.

No. 880700

Vitamins lady is based, but I wonder if anyone found a way to solve the whole
>watches videos at MAX volume
Thing, I think that will drive my mom insane and my dad acts like a child when confronted about that.

No. 880714


I like to think its a gen x/boomer thing to hate your spouse
i.e. "gotta get home to the old bag" - husband about his wife

No. 880718

i look like an uglier lindsay ellis it's very depressing

No. 880719

File: 1628894529570.jpeg (37.25 KB, 491x490, D3E2654A-9791-4EC0-96C2-B5FCB6…)

No. 880722

File: 1628894873542.jpg (338.19 KB, 1500x1500, 3420700_01i_0917s.jpg)

I feel like my brain is being mashed with one of these

No. 880733

I can’t stop playing Tiny Tower on my phone. I played it in high school and suddenly remembered it and redownloaded it. Now me and my sister are seeing who can get the most floors. It is fun anons!

No. 880736

I like when we get new threads on ot, but they always die so quickly. Like the Helpful Caps thread, I actually didn't expect that one to die

No. 880740

I played it in high school too, I’ll have to redownload it! Thanks for the rec.

No. 880748

File: 1628897342076.jpg (520.33 KB, 835x914, 1578277259618.jpg)

>post lewd anime girl
>i coomed, good shit, my dick is diamonds, etc
>post lewd anime boy
>ew, kys, faggot, etc
why are men so sensitive towards lewd art of men, is it that secretly they all have a ragging inferiority complex?.

No. 880750

Yeah it'a a shame. Broad, open themed threads have a better chance. I was debating what to do with my oldie goldie thread. I was going to make one specifically on old Hollywood Gossip, but I thought it might just die even quicker lol.

No. 880756

No. 880759

Pls leave moid no one wants you here

No. 880770

not a moid lol i just don't understand your greentext

No. 880776

Whenever i post lewd art of male characters on /ic/ i always get shit on, while when i post generic animu girl i get lots of praise despite the drawing being of the same quality

No. 880786

Yep That sounds like /ic/ alright

No. 880805

I want to feel bad about this, but then I look at global femicide stats, I read what's said in literally any male space, I remember FGM and child marriage exist, and I can't.

No. 880806

Yes, think about it. Would any white man use a random pic of a black guy for his discord server pic? would he use it as Inspo of any sort? he would be gay to do it huh. either that or their racism is about inferiority

No. 880808

I hope your peanuts get doused with cayenne pepper

No. 880813

Sometimes I read replies to posts where the anon is saying something almost completely unrelated to the OP, and I try to reread what the OP said to try and find the correlation (there's usually none).
It makes me want to reply "Wtf are you talking about?", but then I realize it's not really worth the trouble. Probably some sort of infighting bait.

No. 880824

Someone on Tumblr told me to kms over something really trivial but they tagged it #tw suicide and I find that hilarious.

No. 880825

File: 1628911269654.webm (15.92 MB, 576x1030, 3fa379a3d0f70ed4e280878b855a4f…)

This is what needs to happen to men but unironically.

No. 880831

File: 1628911839415.jpg (11.03 KB, 348x394, 11216254_10202819981140787_283…)

Oh man, when an anon asks for advice on something really distressing and another anon goes on and on about some tangently related thing that happened to her. "Anyway I hope this helps you, anon!" Kek, bitch I bet it didn't

No. 880834

dare i say it? tiktok is based??

No. 880837

fucking spicy noodles

No. 880838

i'm surprised by how many burgeoning young radfems I see on there, love to see it.

No. 880850

File: 1628914637289.jpg (78.85 KB, 500x666, 2_d6454286_500.jpg)

I will continue to make sure moids do not forget their place.

No. 880857

I'm kind of jealous of people who have southern accents. I'm southern, but I just have a regular ol' generic American accent.

No. 880861

it's not all it's cracked up to be, people will just assume you're dumb/slow

No. 880868

I’m not American but when I hear an American southern accent it either feels smoother than butter or it makes my ears itch in a really unpleasant way.

No. 880872

omg you guys are so sweet <3

No. 880901

File: 1628924506756.jpg (29.51 KB, 556x551, 11.jpg)

>cutesy Japanese girls in a staged photo
>no weapons
at least post women who actually are badass
I'm posting Arab socialist ladies from the 50's and 60's

No. 880902

File: 1628924541559.jpg (55 KB, 640x724, 12.jpg)

No. 880903

File: 1628924833429.jpg (32.44 KB, 320x426, 13.jpg)

No. 880904

File: 1628924926522.jpg (104.96 KB, 640x689, 14.jpg)

No. 880906

File: 1628925021147.jpg (23.75 KB, 320x404, 15.jpg)

No. 880908

File: 1628925127372.jpg (35.19 KB, 320x441, 16.jpg)

No. 880909

File: 1628925303674.jpg (30.17 KB, 403x456, 17.jpg)

and last one is of Jamila Bouhrid, an Algerian nationalist and socialist who fought against the French occupation.
Arab socialism is dead now, the US helped killed it, you only have the options of liberal "Islamic feminism" or Orthogox Sharia and the US is semi-responsible for this

No. 880918

I once read an article that said Islam was dying out until Mossad/CIA/MI6 thought that they could use extremist muslims for their own purposes. I'll see if I can find it.

No. 880920

I wouldn't say it was dying rather it was viewed as irrelevant in terms of wider politics, people were still Muslim in a nominal way but most of the Muslim world had secular nationalist authoritarian leaders, delusional Islamists did exist, but they were led by molvis and mullahs with no sense of tactical knowledge rather complete blind faith and they were crushed with in weeks, with barely a mention in most newspapers
but cause the US was so terrified of "communism" they funded, worked with and helped spread Islamist ideology, they helped facilitate Jihadist networks and gave them training and tactics and most deleterious gave them the ability to enter the mainstream politics
Take my country for example, the CIA helped remove our elected secular socialist prime minister and put in place a Islamist Military dictatorship, this dictator was not a Molvi or some illiterate warlord, he was a military man, an officer who happened to have Islamist views and he passed laws that any Islamist if given the power would enact

so during this period we had new laws that would sentence people to death for leaving Islam, the blasphemy law which gave death for insulting i.e even criticizing Muhammad or Islam, cutting off the hands of thieves, state mandated rape for women who were virgins before their execution(cause its forbidden to execute women who are virgins in Islam) and many others and even though he died in a plane crash and has been dead for for over 30 years now. most of those laws(the hand mutilation and state mandated rape have gone away fortunately) are still in place and you can't remove them, a politician once just suggested that maybe we should remove the blasphemy law and he was assassinated by his own bodyguard, tens of millions of people celebrated the killer and built 3 shrine's in his name

so there's no hope for us in the Muslim world, maybe an all powerful dictator who reduces Islamist power is the only realistic option, cause Its not going away naturally

No. 880937

In fact the vast majority of Islamist groups today can be linked to the Soviet Afghan war, the CIA set up networks in Madrasas for foreign volunteers to be sent to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, these men were from across the Arab world and even South East Asia, they were trained in irregular warfare, insurgency and formed their own groups in the conflict, one of these groups being Al-Qaeda
when these men returned home they were treated as heroes in their countries and had a great deal of influence, thus they started their own Jihadist groups with in their country for their glorious Jihad, these groups eventually spread and then form their own separate groups in a never ending cycle of Jihadism being spread

No. 880978

File: 1628936666245.png (297.75 KB, 501x496, 1628623694268.png)

Instagram normies are so stupid, I saw 109 replies by someone obviously baiting and nobody noticed the icon was just a white man edit of George Floyd. what the fuck lmao

No. 880980

>the icon was just a white man edit of George Floyd. what the fuck lmao
what the fuck indeed, i cannot even imagine how that looked like

No. 880996

They're scared of being turned on by men (men actually love dicks so this is a real issue to them)and also jealous when they see someone prettier or more handsome than them. Also if you don't post girls you're ruining their male bonding over objectifying women.

No. 881024

File: 1628943578275.jpg (69.2 KB, 654x960, 1628935644786.jpg)

I think this could be a cool reaction image, either about misandry and or demanding scrotes leave

No. 881025

It's weird how cuckolding isn't even really used "correctly". The cuckoo bird does not go and fuck the sparrow's wife in front of his eyes, it's all about laying her egg in a stranger's nest and making them raise it. It doesn't even really make sense to use for situations where the woman deceives the father about the pregnancy, but at least it makes some sense. It makes no sense in the context of making your spouse fuck a stranger in front of you, and I feel bad for the cuckoo bird.

No. 881028

Imagine if we layed eggs

No. 881036

same with Alpha and Omega shit, Wolf and Dog packs are families, the father and mother along with their offspring and maybe an unexperienced younger aunt or uncle and sometimes even grandparents, Canines are family units, this whole Alpha male wolf crap started cause of the misinterpretation of one researcher, who wrote a book about it which became massively popular and a best seller, the originator has spent decade trying to stop the myth to no avail.

No. 881039

thanks for sharing, anonita.
I used Google lens and it showed the image as a cover for this https://www.deferrarieditore.it/prodotto/le-ragazze-la-pistola/

No. 881053

That's what I thought we did until I was seven. My aunt told me she's going to have a baby, I asked to see her egg, everyone was confused, and then I was taught about the body horror known as pregnancy.

No. 881057

I randomly bought watercolor when I was in the store. I haven't painted since elementary school so this is gonna be interesting lmao

No. 881062

My Nephew is just 12 years older and he's already taller then me. Christ the world seems unfair sometimes

No. 881063

ntayrt. Did you know what sex was at that age? Or did you think we just laid eggs randomly? Apparently I asked "how we get babies" aged 2 years old and I was told the truth, but obviously I couldn't really understand it at that age and forgot anyway. Weirdly, I never thought about it again. I learned what sex was from boys joking about it at school, aged about 12. I've just realised how stupidly old I was and how bizarre that is…

No. 881076

i'm completely avoiding incel spaces online from now, they used to amuse me because of how retarded they are but now they just sicken me

No. 881099

Too many of them are playing copycat and killing a handful of random people as if it's going to make the news for more than a day anyway. They think their names will be remembered for years to come but they blend together like 'oh another poorly washed reddit loser went nuts today'

No. 881107

They're all "elliot rodger"-copycats anyway, not even really just simple redditors. He was the one who became really famous for killing after publishing an incel manifesto, and now they all want to be him.

No. 881176

I started iron supplements yesterday because my paleness and fatigue has been getting bad again. I haven't pooped today.. love this part. How many days til I poop again?

No. 881192

Get a natural laxative, it’s less harsh on your system.

No. 881193

It's better for your digestive system to just put an iron fish in the pot when you're making food.

No. 881197

Hello, fellow iron supplement taker and constipation sufferer. I have no advice, all I can offer is my compassion and commiseration. May we poop freely again one day.

No. 881207

I had to google what an iron fish is and I didn't expect it to be so literal, pretty cool

I'm taking one that dissolves in water, has vit c in it and at least says its 'easy on the stomach' so I'll see how this goes. Years ago I took a cheap mutivitamin with iron in it and a week into it I had to almost give birth once I finally went again. Genuinely thought I was fucked and going to need a professional lol

No. 881224

I feel like the last heterosexual tomboy on earth. My two other friends from high school that weren't "femenine" and or were into "male" media trooned out and became genderspecials. I don't get it.

No. 881253

Tomboy girls I grew up with became hyper-feminine parodies out of self-consciousness. It sucks.

No. 881259

File: 1628961959157.png (458.88 KB, 728x485, 80685.png)

sometimes when i go a few days without looking at art/videos of my husbando i start fantasizing about real life women. is this a bisexual thing or some other thing

No. 881272

It probably is! I think you might be attracted to your husbando and also women in general. Have you ever liked anyone else besides your husbando irl? or any other past husbandos you've had?

No. 881274

It almost happened to me too, I'm a bisexual tomboyish kinda girl, although I do still like girly stuff sometimes, I'm very very tomboyish
I did fall for both the hyperfemenine and genderspecial trap at some point though. It sucked

How would you define your own tomboy stuff?

No. 881276

File: 1628963371223.jpg (31.56 KB, 429x606, 614sUERsCoS._AC_SY606_.jpg)

get psyllium husk seed powder, nona, and read the instructions carefully (as in, make sure to drink enough otherwise you'll get even more constipated because those seeds work for both diarrhea and constipation). it does wonders for me and i usually have a bm within an hour of taking it when constipated due to iron supplements.

No. 881291

I guess for me it's a mix of you attitude+your clothes+your hobbies. I have very autistic male hobbies like building airplane models and obscure videogames. I am also very dominant and assertive and i always get confused as a men online. The clothing part is the only thing i am flexible about, i mostly wear "male" clothing but sometimes i wear femenine stuff like an overall dress which is my favourite in summer. I despise overly femenine things though, like the color pink, lingere and frilly clothes. I am glad i am not retarded enough to consider myself genderfluid or some shit like that.

No. 881295

>Have you ever liked anyone else besides your husbando irl?
nah. no one personally at least, but tbh i don't socialize that much. my crushes on real women were those on social media and youtubers, and even faceless posters on certain sites, but i never actually knew or met them. as for real men i don't feel anything at all, even if they're the nice ones.
>any other past husbandos you've had?

No. 881318

File: 1628967412730.png (308.6 KB, 1091x1091, imagen_2021-08-14_135439.png)

Ok, here's mines:
I like sitting with my legs open, I'm not dainity at all, I like taking space and I don't give a fuck sometimes lol, I'm also not really girly in that regard I guess
I like dressing comfy most of the time. I don't usually like skirts, but cottagecore-ish dresses have been growing on me (not the ultra frilly, transparent or over the top ones, something more like this, very simple and easy to throw on your body for summer). I do like the color pink and lavender though (not hot pink) but I like them because I see them just as pretty colors that fit my skintone (I also like pale green), I wouldn't get everything in pink-kawaii color though.
Animation (includes anime), videogames, and I've been getting into reading a lot, really enjoyed it.

No. 881319

Bumping to get cp off page 1

No. 881323

I think it's gone now

No. 881325

Something seems off

No. 881327

Very vaguely. My parents never told me since I never asked (or they did, and I can't remember same like you), but my friend in elementary school brought the topic up once, and I just went along with it like "Uh-huh yeah sure I know what you're talking about, yes, of course". I learned through fanfiction that he rubs his thingy on her thingy when I was like twelve, but only with around fourteen or fifteen I knew that one thing is put into another one lmao. And laying eggs happened when both people wanted to and talked about it is what I thought.

No. 881345

i forget to turn off my shitty free vpn sometimes & i find it fascinating to see other people's bans. 99% sure the anon who's ban i saw was a kiwi scrote, too

No. 881362

I wish the nitpick anons could point out exactly what’s wrong with every feature of my face because I know I’m ugly but I just can’t figure out exactly where and how the ugliness is coming from

No. 881382

File: 1628972368631.jpg (70.38 KB, 1300x865, 34671387-junge-attraktive-gesc…)

this entire cp garbage that is happening these days really ruins my enjoyment of visiting this site. Fuck that and fuck those fuckers who do that.

No. 881392

I don’t understand it honestly. Posting CP is the biggest self own anyone could do. If it’s a moid doing it he’s only proving anons right that men are subhuman.

No. 881412

i made a tinder out of boredom and i already regret it, everyone is ugly and i hate the photos i have to use

No. 881419

Do you any of you anons use crystal cafe? I don’t like it

No. 881438

I lurk. Why don't you like it?

No. 881442

File: 1628976840383.jpg (25.25 KB, 540x540, 10532019_1.jpeg.jpg)

I was looking through my old things and I found a notebook, I remember that I bought it for my friend a few years ago. I mentioned that I was giving it to her, she just said that she "already had enough of those" and it made me feel shitty since I picked it out just for her. So it just sits totally empty in my bedroom. Man I feel bad again now. Picrel it's the notebook

No. 881444

this is tacky as hell tbh

No. 881445

I went on there once and saw a bestiality pic on the front page. clicked it and it was attached to a "normal" post. never went back

No. 881450

File: 1628977153677.png (9.87 KB, 225x225, download.png)

CP has been posted to CC.

No. 881453

What? It’s cute.
Your friend is quite mean, I hope you can find something to do with that notebook, nonnie.

No. 881457

i deleted it omg. how demoralising

No. 881459

ew thanks i don't get why these moids post that shit. Aren't they scared of getting caught?

No. 881461

the book is cute and all but she probably was careful about clutter, kinda sad if she knew anon already bought it tho.

No. 881463

I've had a headache for 6 hours now. I'm a fan of waiting to see if headaches pass… I'll then try shit like water, caffeine or whatever I guess might help it. Why am I so slow to take some fucking paracetemol? Why have I just mildly suffered for 6 hours and counting?

No. 881468

I find it quite intimidating lol, maybe I am just retarded though

No. 881473

Donate or regift it so you’re not reminded of that shit again.

No. 881474

I think I need a break from LC, this website always makes me feel negative and drained when I spend too much time on it. Plz give me the strength to stay away.

No. 881476

Those vintage makeup/clothing/hair videos from like the 1940s-1960s are really nice to watch. A lot of the stuff is so relevant when it comes to your physical appearance, like the actual fit of your clothes mattering more than anything (2021 and people still focus on their shitty aesthetics rather than if the clothes they're wearing are actually flattering). Ofc some stuff is a bit outdated, like "deep cleaning" your face twice a day with bar soap lmao.

No. 881478

You and me both anon, I’m too sensitive for this website yet I always come back lmao

No. 881487

I asked jannies to ban you for a week for a detox, do you think that would help? (Genuinely trying to be helpful, not a knobhead.)

No. 881489

My room is clean. The dead woodlouse that has been living down the side of my bed with my sex toy stash has been hoovered up. All the bloodstains and lymph fluid in my bedding and mattress has been zapped with peroxide. The spider that's been living behind my curtain long enough to make a dense web has been chucked out the window. I've put my laundry away, put my dirty laundry on. Everything is antibacced. I feel pretty good. It's long overdue. I get to rest in clean bedding tonight, friends.

No. 881490

Nta but it's super easy to bypass bans, seems kind of pointless tbh

No. 881491

Samefag but I also finally put my pillowcases on a boil wash. I had a bad ear infection which kept leaking bright green pus onto any surface I rested on. But I didn't want to change pillowcases, because I knew it would just keep happening for a while, so I had one very crusty pillowcase which definitely needed a wash.
Also I needed to wash a bunch of clothes which have horrible gooey burn discharge all over them, which have gone in a hot wash with antibacterial laundry cleanser. It's just a relief to get all the grotty stuff out of the way.

No. 881493

>burnt discharge
ko-nonna what the fuck have you been doing

No. 881495

File: 1628981161908.jpg (19.69 KB, 400x300, 3f038341cfd39054c6366df6be54b8…)

Congrats on yeeting the flubber

I hope at least one other anon here knows what flubber is

No. 881496

Tried messaging a guy I liked back in high school, asking if there are any bars available and that faggot left me on read.

No. 881503

File: 1628982083872.jpeg (18.32 KB, 416x400, flubber-the-lime-blob.jpeg)

Samefag but I just came across the disney stores official plush of this guy..

No. 881507

It would be cool if glasses had like, a binocular option, so I could look at stuff that’s too far from my silly human eyes.

No. 881508

using another dating app to gain attention from boys and im giggling like a school girl. can't wait to wake up in the morning and feel anxious and delete everything

No. 881510

Honestly if someone gave this to me I wouldn't know what to do with it either. It would just collect dust in my room lol

No. 881522

File: 1628983224808.jpg (350.7 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20210815-011546_Ins…)

i need a raccoon bf

No. 881526

Those girls are living the dream.

No. 881528

look at how happy they are, they have reached peak satisfaction in life

No. 881530

Is that a guy? He/she looks about 13 and the one in the middle looks MtF. This post has me so uncomfortable. Who are these people?

No. 881531

unironically, touch grass

No. 881532

holy fuck some of y'all need to go outside

No. 881534

Go outside and talk to some real people for once.

No. 881535

Men don't know how to flirt, they just demand to drive to your location and get into your bed.

No. 881546

Are you interested in some reddit tier jokes instead?

No. 881548

i've been taking so much ibuprofen for my period (and the week before) for the past 2 weeks i'm afraid i'm gonna overdose and die someday. i already almost fucked up my hearing over it but it's the only way to function

No. 881553

as a kid and as an adult I've been seen as "Weird" because I laugh at stuff that is unfunny and then laugh harder when no one laughs at it. and there were a lot of times that I would keep laughing for like minutes on end and piss people off. they would sit there scowling and I wouldn't stop. it was so much funnier then. my laughter is a self contained contagion.

No. 881554

I don't even know why I'm bothering tbh.

No. 881557

i haven't used lolcow on my laptop in frickin weeks, it feels so much more "involved" to type on a keyboard, then relying on my stupid cracked phone. wish jess from gilmore girls would kiss me

No. 881569

And they're so nonchalant about letting a random woman into their house! Start a trend of stealing mens pc's graphics card & jewelry after hookups, they're too comfy around women

No. 881572

I'm a deeply antisocial sperg but deep down I wish I was a streamer and people would talk to me in my chat

No. 881574

Shit, that could be a good con and I haven't done enough silly things in my life.

No. 881588

File: 1628989686740.gif (1014.43 KB, 220x391, 9D007E67-0CD0-4775-B019-E45626…)

No. 881592

i've got sleep apnea and reflux disease and i'm scared of dying in my sleep although i'm depressed and suicidal

No. 881602

File: 1628993683278.png (35.97 KB, 300x209, thefuq.png)

why the fuck does bumble limit profile descriptions to 300 characters? that's not enough for anyone to get an idea of eachother. how the fuck do you make yourself NOT sound bland and scripted as fuck with that little room? no wonder everyone has the attention span of a fish these days. jesus christ.

No. 881608

same but I wanna be an adored instagrammer

No. 881653

File: 1629004897466.png (96.96 KB, 983x665, Screenshot (39).png)

I truly don't understand these people, have these girls neve had IRL friends, they can't see normal human interaction without believing it be romantic

Also Lauren Jauregui who often gets shipped with everyone on Fifth Harmony talked about this. She is a bisexual girl and she said that people seriously shipping her with former member of fifth harmony makes her very uncomfortable to the point where she felt as if she's a predator and that she can't get close to any other women or else people would speculate or those women would feel uncomfortable. The interview was heartbreaking yet I'm grateful that she said it because it's too much.

No. 881657

I honestly feel bad for the people that seriously ship IRL people, like, imagine being so sad that you have to vicariously live your dreams through some famous person.
And I will never stop feeling bad as well for the artists that are getting lots of, basically porn, made with their names attached to such content. Like, at his point it should be something that their managers and stuff should deal with by copyrighting the names of the artists because the fact that some random people write their long ass fantasies about them is not only embarrassing but creepy as hell.

No. 881659

I think Shipping reveals a lot about our society and about just how lonely and unloved people often feel. I think its this loneliness and emptiness that fuels the need to experience romance and love at least vicariously. Shipping is an emotional investment in a relationship between two people or two fictional characters. The basic, fundamental reason for why people would ship is because these people are emotionally deprived in some way and they want to see others attain happiness through companionship. however they can't ship straight pairs cause they have hang ups about their own sexuality, so they ship males and now ever increasingly they are starting to ship women

No. 881664

File: 1629006291411.jpeg (228.8 KB, 1071x1000, B80C0FC6-2516-4511-A4D8-92F071…)

Ugh I’m hornyyyyyyy. Putting in effort to find a scrote to push my shit in seems like a high risk low reward endeavor though so I guess I’ll just masturbate again…

No. 881665

The only "shipper" I tolerate is when it comes to fictional characters. and only if they ship both gay relationships or straight relationships,

No. 881667

So, all relationships..?

No. 881687

I got fucked so good. I know it’s bad but I loved getting fucked rough and I don’t think it’s misogynistic because I pull my boyfriends hair and grab him too. I need this shit everyday.

No. 881692

That sounds like a really sweet gift, nona. I hope you conveyed she kind of hurt your feelings like that. Maybe just resell it on eBay.

No. 881747

Same, but I'd like that so I could meet people I could get along with, and not just to be watched.

I only use instagram to show pictures to my siblings and friends, yet I sometimes get notifications from people I don't know and who have several thousands of followers despite never using hashtags and captions. Maybe I should post more often to get closer to being a popular instagramer, just out of curiosity.

No. 881753

personally I just don't like the dynamics in most het pairs. it's rare to find something where it's equal. the girl always has to be the "soft" submissive one, or the one who "fixes" the broody guy, I've always hated stuff like that.

No. 881813

File: 1629030496369.jpeg (60.15 KB, 443x486, 0D2B7B65-9B4A-41C6-BB52-5BA3D1…)

I have an irrational fear of bugs crawling up my vagina while I sleep

No. 881821

There's this one NLOG acquaintance (that unironically made "other girls/me" twits), whose twitter I check once every six months or so, and she always writes the same shit. She's a bit younger than me yet her page is full of boomer-tier jokes about leftists, snowflakes and covid, and she would always dump on fat people (especially women). What's really funny to me is constant criticizing of girls who post their nude photos, not only because she's obviously pissed and thinks about it a lot, but also because her best friend does (at least, did) exactly that lol.

I'm amazed that people like that don't notice how repetitive it gets and don't think how ridiculously salty they look.

Also lately I've started getting sicker and sicker of people acting caustic all the time as if showing that you can have genuine and positive emotions were cringe. And it doesn't make anyone seem more interesting, "intellectual" or witty - just boring and sad.

No. 881822

I'm unironically watching twilight because I saw someone mentioning it here last night

No. 881835

File: 1629031724618.png (316.88 KB, 590x676, 221C6C37-023F-4E82-8FB1-8A5D5B…)


No. 881845

File: 1629032393769.jpeg (545.67 KB, 750x895, 39B463A5-17DA-4F33-895D-3D64DE…)

she’s lying to herself and when she gets older and hits an existential regret she’ll realize that she had a kid with a sex she wasn’t even attracted to in the first place lol

No. 881847

Literally who ?

No. 881849

I hope I’m not confusing her and the transformed midwife or however you call her but her name is caitlin midwest and she was in the tradwives thread in /snow/ but could have sworn that I read that she talked about falling in love with a woman or something and then suppressing it to later find security with her ugly pitbull cop husband, such a shame.

No. 881851

Honestly this obsession with wanting women you dislike to be secretly lesbians is pretty fucking pathetic, she seems like just another average white woman who creates a fake online persona for money, its not that complicated

No. 881852

I used to have this when I was a kid

No. 881855

nta but she did talk about having a crush on a women in the past, are you a scrote ?

No. 881859

that guy's a cheater and a devotee. he's got that Chris Ulmer look in his eyes

No. 881864

File: 1629033437860.jpg (196.5 KB, 1000x1390, womengun1.jpg)

thank you for all those images nonnie

No. 881865

File: 1629033496150.png (549.44 KB, 640x800, 3E7F3456-8FB5-4703-95A2-C53F65…)


Who said I disliked her? I feel slightly pitiful for her now that I know that she has to larp as a heterosexual especially since she recently had a baby and now has to care for her mistake for the rest of her life. No way this woman is fully straight.

No. 881866

File: 1629033553151.jpg (15.28 KB, 728x121, BWZtcmp.jpg)

No. 881880

File: 1629034303537.gif (1.73 MB, 268x199, tumblr_3e6d74fec1ed4c15dae3b69…)

I can't stop saying "fucking guy"

No. 881906

thanks for making the op look stupider, falling in love with a woman and lying to herself my hiney

No. 881925

constantly caught between wanting to be more kind and wanting to be more intimidating

No. 881928

File: 1629037823840.jpeg (764.84 KB, 3464x3464, 1D7F93E7-C441-4050-B791-5457DB…)

>With Maybelline, even eyes like these quickly and easily become elegant eyes
Literally what the fuck is wrong with her eyes before lol

No. 881930

>elegant eyes
They're just eyes

No. 881931

I want to look cute but intimidate people when I speak. Kek.

No. 881932

good evening i hate men(surejan)

No. 881938

File: 1629039231562.jpeg (187.63 KB, 1041x1200, 97F42D04-F230-4DDA-9A31-0A4E27…)

i’ve lived here for years now and there do, in fact, exist quite many good looking and well mannered gentlemen in england but like 80% of them are immigrants

No. 881942

File: 1629039355522.jpg (78.91 KB, 512x337, unnamed.jpg)

Kinda funny when two really ugly people have good looking kids, sometimes there bizzare genetics just cancel out their ugliness for e.g Skinny guys with bad jawlines who marry stout overweight women usually end up having good looking children

No. 881944

File: 1629039527407.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x1329, 11.jpg)

Really ? I literally live in Pakistan, the vast majority of the males here have bad barely grown in beards, are skinny fat and wear nothing but shalweer kameez and polo shirts

No. 881946

File: 1629039616801.jpg (108.18 KB, 680x901, 336.jpg)

No. 881948

All three guys I've been chatting with on tinder stopped replying at the same time so in my mind they're now dating each other and it's beautiful

No. 881949

Tinfoil, but I'd believe uglier parents are more likely to raise their children in such ways to enhance their looks because they know the pitfalls of living life ugly.
I know you're talking about genetics more specifically, but even children destined to be 'cute' can have their looks be utterly ruined by neglectful or stupid parents who don't give a shit and pass on their bad habits.

So the stout mother might encourage her kids to have better diets and go outside more because she knows how worse the experience is of being overweight. Or the father with the weak jaw might look into getting his kids braces or practicing better posture. It can go too far when parents try to live vicariously through their kids because they regret how their childhoods were, but it makes sense that parents would just want the best for them too. /2c

No. 881953

The newfags that the cwc shitstorm brought in have really made it noticeably more hostile here. Not that it was ever completely friendly but you could make jokes without someone literally going “ACKCHYUALLY” and acting like every conversation has to be 100% serious 100% of the time.

No. 881960

It'll settle down once Chris gets processed and sentenced in September. I can't wait until we never have to hear about the spoiled fat beast again and all the autistic fanboys go fuck themselves.

No. 881966

That's not been my experience. Probably confirmation bias.

No. 881970

I’m upsetting about 2D men not being real again

No. 881971

Seconded, my parents were naturally very good looking when they were young, they didn't bother to get me braces (have mouthbreather face now), and told me to just put rubbing alcohol on my pimples (have wreaked skin thats ageing prematurealy).

No. 881972

In my experience fat parents and parents with shit teeth because of lifestyle just pass on those habits to the kids.

No. 881976

I bought a new phone today and i already forgot the password.

No. 881977

They’re not integrating well at all either. Real quick to jump in with “back to twitter1!1!” and calling you a scrote… it’s like they saw an anon say it once and now think they can use it as a reply to anyone they don’t agree with/doesn’t agree with them.

No. 881982

That can not come quick enoigh. It’ll be a huge relief not having to read about the situation in unrelated threads anymore.

Saw one get told to go back to Twitter because they said “y’all”. v odd times right now.

No. 881983

Anons i am freaking out i have tried multiple times i though my password was like a snake thingy but i tried it and it says incorrect. Fuuuuuck i really don't want to go to the samsung store to get it unlocked i really don't want the employee to see my phone background of naked Dante with giggly titties but i can't find anywhere to unlock it otherwise

No. 881987

>and told me to just put rubbing alcohol on my pimples
My mom took me to the dentist a lot because she was majorly insecure about her buck teeth when she was a child. But oh man, she failed me in other areas. She has adult acne to this day. She passed her shit skin on to me so clearly it's genetic. When I started to get acne as a teen, instead of getting me real help, she just bought me memes like Proactive and insisted I was dirty and not bathing enough. She used to attack my back with fucking rubbing alcohol which made it worse. My acne didn't go away until I addressed my hormonal imbalance as an adult with medication. I remember struggling with this skin issue and being overweight as a teen but all she could say was that Jeebus loved me so it didn't matter. I half believe it's because she didn't want to face her parental inadequacies and didn't have the energy to put real effort into fixing my problems. She had this weird judgmental attitude towards kids with bad teeth but selectively skipped over how other people were judgmental of kids with weight problems and zits.

No. 881990

They usually give you a secondary code (PUK). Or is that not a thing with smartphones anymore and I'm showing my age?

No. 881992

No idea my mom got it for me and she is on a trip till tomorrow, i truly dislike mobile phones so i don't know much about them

No. 881994

tbf it's weird for a non-southern american, and non-americans in general, to say "y'all"

No. 881996

I has become very popular since a famous youtuber started using it as his catchphrase

No. 881997

I feel you anon. All I want is for my husbando to be real

No. 881999

Couldn't last 24 hours browsing OLD sites. Felt depressed. Can understand the incel situation. Such an abundance of ugly men and they complain directly in their bios about women and no one messaging them. I guess that's what happens when the men of yesteryear were allowed to rape their wives. Excuse me while I go kms over the dating pool

No. 882001

who? I only noticed the increase when aave speak started becoming popular

No. 882002

But how do you know they aren’t from those places on an anonymous site? You don’t kek

No. 882004

because some people state the country they're from? one of them claimed to be irish

No. 882005

Tbf you have no clue if the person is black, southern, or American so why basically call them a Twitterfag for using it properly in a sentence? That was the original point.

No. 882006

what does OLD mean?

No. 882007

Okay? But not all do? You can’t just assume when it’s normal context.

Honestly this is a type of comment I was referring to originally.

No. 882011

Scott the Woz. Some other people use it as a gender inclusive thing.

No. 882013

online dating

No. 882019

I thought OLD was a specific dating site people were talking about this entire time. I haven't dated in 8 years

No. 882022

I'm Southern and I don't even say "y'all" on here cause I know it'll get me accused of being a twitterfag. It's not cause of the recent scrotes/newfags though, I've seen anons try to call out everyone who uses y'all ever since I started using this site

No. 882023

>Some other people use it as a gender inclusive thing.
cringe. In that scenario I don't see why they can't use "everyone" or "you guys" (which has always been neutral despite what some say). But that doesn't matter here anyway since lc is women only.

No. 882027

I'm Eastern European and I use y'all all the time. It's short and gets the point across, as opposed to just saying you and being subject to autistic screeching because the person I was replying to felt attacked and singled out because I couldn't be bothered to specify I meant plural you. I'll keep using it, I don't care what it makes me sound like or whose 'culture' (lol) it appropriates, they can stay mad.

No. 882029

>tbf it's weird for a non-southern american, and non-americans in general, to say "y'all"
why is it weird? people around the world have internet and learn english by imitating native speakers. stop gatekeeping your own language that you force down people's throats.

No. 882030

That's even worse, you are from a different continent and speak like an american twitterfag or redneck.
>stay mad

No. 882034

And? At least I speak a foreign language.

No. 882035

This is the type of new random hostility I was talking about

No. 882037

The thought of hearing someone with an EE accent saying that is bone-chilling… Idc about "appropriation" it just sounds off and cringy.

No. 882038

I didn't say that other people couldn't use it. I just don't want to have to explain that it's Southern/AAVE slang if someone on here decides to be bothered by me using the word y'all.

No. 882039

I'm pretty sure a lot of ESL people simply don't realize 'y'all' is specifically Southern American and not an universal (American-) English word. From my personal experience as an ESL-user, that's just what happens when you use a second language online a lot. You pick up words you don't know the origin of.

No. 882040

I don't speak words out loud when I type, if you do it sounds like something you should bring up with your therapist.

No. 882042


No. 882044

Language evolves nonitas

No. 882047

bone-chilling? lol anon you're so weak

No. 882048

I was talking about those who know (like anon.)

No. 882051

I'm from California and even I naturally picked up y'all because it's just convenient to use. I don't know why people have such autistically passionate opinions over this one simple abbreviation.

No. 882052

This. When i was 15 and was learning english i used to call everyone the nword because it legit though it meant friend. Y'all is really catchy and cute too.

No. 882053

I'm not american, I wasn't trying to be hostile like that.

No. 882054

I started saying y'all ironically and know it's apart of my texting vernacular I can't help it y'all

No. 882055

I'm trying to improve my French so I put on a random French true crime Youtube video but the girl who was speaking is from Quebec and I immediately got discouraged because I understand shit lmao. Canadian French is something else kek

No. 882056

You are lucky I'm far away, I would chill your bones and enjoy every second of it

No. 882060

moooom, the slavs are appropriating our verniculaaaar

No. 882062

File: 1629044698399.png (232.03 KB, 677x395, 044.png)

No. 882072

>naked Dante with giggly titties
Kek, good luck with remembering it but please update us if you have to go in

No. 882074

do you imagine they code-switch and let out "y'all" in a goofy voice with a southern accent mid sentence or something?

No. 882076

OLD will always be the bottom of the barrel, fuckboys that probably carry new strains of STDs and the few normal people that can't get out to socialize. In my late teens it was my stress reliever to register and annoy ugly men texting me, I hope I didn't create the next incel supermonster.

No. 882079

Saying "hey everyone" to a table of people sounds stupid and you know it, and "hey guys" is a gamble these days
I wish instead of whining about gender inclusive language nonos the twitterfags would give us some alternatives to actually use

No. 882080

I've heard of bara titties, but what are giggly titties?

No. 882082

post the background pic nonni

No. 882083

That's a good phrase

No. 882087

Ah reminds me of when my phone broke and I had a wallpaper of trump photoshopped with an eyepatch that said "Punished Trump" because I thought it was hilarious for some reason. Also I had a lewd pic of Naked Snake saved so I just let it stay broken

No. 882088

I'd never dare to set my background image to anything that I'd have to worry anyone catching a glimpse of. I don't know if I should worry about getting killed and the police finding the few yaoi images I have saved on my phone, but I probably shouldn't care at that point.

No. 882089

so this is what we're doing desuka? i'm gonna post with weeb slang from now on senpais and it's all your fault. baka

No. 882090

Sure, using Americanisms here is punishable by deportation. I look over my shoulder for the gardaí every time I write “store” instead of “shop”

No. 882091

Nta, but store is an American word?

No. 882093

They get really pissed about Americanisms because it makes them seethe how much they enjoy and benefit from our culture and how much it influences theirs despite us being the newer nation

No. 882094

You could use this as a description, it has only 247 characters and I personally would be tempted to message you.

No. 882100

This is so stupid, Sandy is a scientist, she'd know better than to wear high heels, and especially better than to wear high heels while pregnant.

No. 882101

Not necessarily. Might be trolling. I've told farmers to go back to twitter before because I know how much it winds them up…

No. 882103

Usually over here people would say shop (or supermarket for large grocery stores). I don’t know about English-speaking nations elsewhere though.

Not at all, I just find the assumption that non-American English speakers wouldn’t integrate on an American-centric website stupid. People change the way they speak depending on who they’re speaking with all the time.

No. 882106

Don't worry about it, native French can't understand Canadian either

No. 882111

oi you fookin pardners i deadass soo ah neko ootsyde meh rollinghams. sis wuz mucho choonkyer than uh dang ol' sudey pop en deh mille of fiahball ohn a bohling pot ne~. PERIODT

No. 882113

u wot m8
Poor neko been eating been fed too much chips

No. 882114

that's very nice dear. eat your Benadryl pudding like a good old nonny

No. 882115

No. 882117

dant ell me waht tah do kusobitchi

No. 882118

Why are the anglonnies so mean?

No. 882120


No. 882123

I think my boobs look really pretty atm and it makes me sad that I have no one to show them to

No. 882128

File: 1629048971245.jpg (1.77 MB, 3088x2320, image.jpg)

There's a bong on 4chan's /trv/ who's currently on holiday in Kabul. Holy fucking shit lmao

No. 882130

File: 1629049184802.jpeg (476.42 KB, 828x747, A328AE0F-8E58-4DC2-A2CA-3CD011…)

LMAO holy shit

No. 882135

this dude doesn't have a care in the world. Later in the thread he tells people to add him on facebook so they can see his livestreams, lmao. This might be the best thread that 4chan's ever had.

No. 882138

But…why? I thought pretty much every government has had it under "Do not travel/Leave immediately" for ages, do they even do commercial flights there anymore?

No. 882140

i downloaded an app that lets you add animation to an image, i just added the 3d animation to his pecs so everytime i move the phone his tits bounce

No. 882141

>bong scrote
Can't they stay home? What's this obsession with going to random places? Hope he gets merc'd.

No. 882143

This is such a moid thing to do, he's just being so nonchalant about the literal fucking taliban. I feel bad for all the afghan women being basically treated like cattle

No. 882150

I hope he ends up dead.

No. 882152

They're back in fashion, nonny.

No. 882154

Can't stop laughing at this. East Hills Mall Commercial but it's backwards.

No. 882159

File: 1629052006415.png (29.13 KB, 684x263, play stupid games win stupid p…)

Who would've guessed Afghanistan isn't all fun and games at the moment.

No. 882165

Scott says "hey all" not "hey y'all"

No. 882168

dammit nonnies all i want is a cute skinny guy with a midriff why do they all have to be fat as fuck

No. 882170

File: 1629052840515.jpg (401.35 KB, 1224x1209, 1574944034018.jpg)

i am retarded ESL, please anderstan

No. 882171

Sounds cool kinda

No. 882181

File: 1629053600417.png (169.05 KB, 2782x330, Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 1.53…)

He's just another 4chan misogynist. I hope he gets beheaded.

No. 882185

Darwin's award.

No. 882189

Good, perish.

No. 882190

File: 1629054643075.jpg (92.16 KB, 640x720, i-am-a-genius-oh-no.jpg)

This guy wanted to gain some internet followers by visiting Kabul before shit goes down. I honestly won't feel bad at all if he meets a tragic end.

No. 882191


he looks like the type of guy I expect to use 4chan. Can't wait for the Internet Historian episode on this one.

No. 882193

Will he die or nah? Put your predictions in.

No. 882198

I just lost 2 hours of my life skimming these threads and now I feel stupid, I had actual shit to do

>catholic britbong lad goes to warzone for bants
>Is sure he will get his exit flight before the city is descended upon
>Adventures include getting food for 1$, doing a really big poo and explaining that he has legally faked being a lord for further bants and perks >>882130
Also has a white saviour complex about the skinny dogs roaming the area
>oh the city is being descended upon
>Can't get help at embassy
>Hikes out to airport in a burqa but can't get a flight
>Instead of staying in airport he holds up with a Turkish resistance group (?)
>Safe enough to livestream and talk to journos but later posts a status that he's actually having a mental breakdown after all the dead bodies he's seen >>882159
That's all we have so far

No. 882200

>I've seen too many dead people
Yeah no shit. What did he expect?

No. 882203

That would be a real treat for the Samsung employees to randomly see kek

No. 882204

The posters who were like "haha absolute madman best thread ever xdd" in this thread annoy me a lot after reading that post. Reactions I'd expect from scrotes who don't take anything seriously unless they're crying about how they're licherally being genocided because they can't get a girlfriend.
It's stupid and shitty either way, but on top of that, you just know if he was a woman visiting Afghanistan, all those posters would be calling her a dumb whore who deserves to get raped/murdered, especially after posting >>882159.

No. 882208

So the tits are jiggly, anon, not giggly kek
Giggly is when someone does a little laugh

No. 882209

File: 1629055832791.png (576.44 KB, 719x1183, 4chan.png)

No. 882212

A woman would never do this.
It's both misery tourism and thinking he is some invincible main character. Like lol life is just a funny game, including people fleeing war lords. Really aggrevating. I certainly do not feel sorry for him. If he survives I hope he would learn something from it, but it's unlikely.

No. 882213

Boots and pants and boots and pants

No. 882219

Males are the biggest attention whores of all honestly.

No. 882220

>goes to a literal warzone against all advice
>"I've seen too many dead people"
imagine my shock. literally what did he expect?
>I just wanted this whole thing to be a little charity thing
literally how can you be this retarded
yeah expect no sane woman would travel there because if it's bad to be a man in afghanistan right now, it's a hundred times worse for a woman. a woman would probably not make it as far as he does, she would be killed, raped or kidnapped

No. 882221

I don't think Taliban have ever killed random civilians who are simply visiting. As long as he doesn't have ties with the old government he'll be fine.

No. 882224

One of the replies:
> I look forward to seeing your execution video on realgore in the coming days.
Kek. Why do people go to dangerous places? Even before this recent chaos I wouldn’t dream of visiting there

No. 882226

literally what is wrong with this man

No. 882227

No. 882228

I wore 4 inch heels today just got shits and giggles and was taller than most of the men I saw. It was fun.

No. 882231

Everything about the existence of Tana Mongeuax or whatever she's called disagrees with you
Women aren't a monolith or else pickmes wouldn't exist

No. 882232

OP here! He invited me to come see him dj’ing at a bar no one really cares about in our faggot corner of town, I came with my sister as my wingman and we started talking; catching up and mentioning many times that it’s been 12 years since we’ve seen each other and muh nostalgia (he was playing early-2000’s music). He hugged me twice, TWICE before closing time. I think he was really happy to see me, guys, or tryna get laid idk. He djs there every Saturday, so how many times do I need to go to finally “get some” w/o not obviously looking desperate? He hasn’t mentioned a gf nor has he friendzoned me yet…

No. 882234

I don't know who she is, did she travel near the Taliban and post about it on 4chan?

No. 882237

>how many times do I need to go to finally “get some”
Don't be a cuck, just message him asking if he wants to get a drink or a coffee so you guys can catch up without him being busy with DJing at the same time

No. 882239

Jajajaj you are right sorry i can't english when i am anxious

No. 882241

NTA Tana "just" filmed a dead body, but she wasn't even trying to be edgy like the Jake/Logan Paul guy when he intentionally went into a suicide location, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not like she's not a cunt for filming it, but it's not really comparable.

No. 882251

Polish Power

No. 882254

What happend? Haven't heard of it

No. 882258

I would like to, but I’m worried he’ll be like “I already have a gf, I’m busy, let’s be friends” and shit. Plus, he already has plans with his friends today.

Honestly, this is my first time trying to communicate romantically with a guy without some scrote desperately asking “can we go out? You’re so pretty!”; a guy who has rejected me in the past.

No. 882260

No. 882262

She came across a man ODing while hanging out with her friend. Got some backlash for making it into content, but since she's a mess anyway, everyone forgot about it in a few months.

No. 882268

Thank you anon. Was just about to click and you saved me the trouble

No. 882355

File: 1629066780064.jpg (33.07 KB, 1124x165, uwu2.JPG)

shit went downhill for him real fast

No. 882360


No. 882389

I'm kind of jealous of people who have long, spacious nail beds

No. 882401

I just came home from a week long holiday and at the lake I saw a really cute guy that looked like Jesus. He was a with a group of friends and one of his friends was also cute. I just love guys that have long dark brunette hair and a nice thick full beard. I'm fucking furious that I'm never gonna see him again lmao I'm actually so mad, if I had at least gotten his first name somehow I'm pretty sure I could've stalked him on social media with just a first name. Apparently when I got up to leave they were checking me out but it's all dust in the wind now. HOW DO I MEET A CUTE SCROTE LIKE THAT AND MAKE HIM MY BF REEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 882410

Lmfaooo I had a crush on one of my old camp counselors and he looked exactly like Jesus. What does this say about us

No. 882411

File: 1629071249126.jpeg (36.43 KB, 301x301, E72EF953-B8F0-4DDC-B166-121366…)

It says we have impeccable taste in men nonners. Bonus points for brown eyes too

No. 882427

File: 1629073117775.jpeg (667.37 KB, 1170x652, B2C45942-96A6-41A8-B66E-46F997…)

This show has the scrotiest scrotes in all of fiction, and they’re all sexual predators, why do I love it so much
Fucks sake

No. 882435

It's good because all the characters are bad people, and they all get themselves into terrible situations. They aren't supposed to be relatable

No. 882438

God I know but I’m split between “Don’t make RL scrotes think their scrotery is funny” and “goddamn it, their scrotery is so fucking funny”
Well, props for making Sweet Dee as scrotey and disgusting as the the rest of the cast at least.

No. 882439

File: 1629074969030.jpg (25.58 KB, 400x350, jesus_on_cross_crucifixion-ful…)

I would love to dom Jesus ngl.

No. 882441

File: 1629075021059.jpg (100.39 KB, 1200x900, 39-jesus-anomoly.jpg)

he'd make a great dad too.

No. 882447

why did they make jesus hot

No. 882449

File: 1629076258561.jpeg (61.04 KB, 738x929, 28F79D83-8DB6-4141-BBBA-33C49A…)

>american twitterfag or redneck

Enjoy your terrorist attacks, flavorless food, high taxes and american skinwalking you ignorant eurofag.

No. 882450


No. 882456

as opposed to the constant shootings and plastic-tasting food, and I say this as a burgerfag myself

No. 882460

Comedy is about people being shitty. It's why SJWs are considered humorless, they drastically limit the range of human shittiness people are allowed to laugh at.

Hope they pick you.

No. 882467

I touched my pussy with jalapeno fingers and now I want to die anons

No. 882468

idk what my post has to do with pickmes but ok

No. 882473

Oil, nonnie! Water won't help and neither will milk.

No. 882505

File: 1629083899227.jpg (67.42 KB, 640x852, n0003nrsmxj21.jpg)

Cope, redneck

No. 882531

quick, someone post a pic of either a fat or an anorexic-looking old european wearing a speedo in public; I don't care enough to google Euro Disneyland

No. 882532

I thought this dude was in his 30s. Turns out he's only 20/21. He's so ugly and annoying and the fanboys there are annoying too. At least this is vicarious fun. Wish I had popcorn.

No. 882533

No. 882538

I got my dog from craigslist five years ago, she was already about 2 years old then
I used to smoke weed a lot, and I didn't want to make her sick or something, so I would always go in the bathroom and put the vent on to pull the smoke out, I was already doing that anyway to get rid of the smell
Well, I dunno man, this dog is apparently a huge pothead too. When I would get my lunchbox with the weed and grinder and stuff in it as quietly as possible, she would come tearing through the house no matter where she was to try to get some. She sprints to the smell of weed.
I stopped smoking because I felt bad because she would bark at the bathroom door the whole time and then act upset I didn't give her any, like she would look at me in that expectant "treat?" way, and then sigh and pout
Well I picked the habit back up lately because now I've got gastroparesis, so I'm nauseatous all the time, and she still wants my weed bad, and I feel weird and bad and guilty and shit
Was someone seriously blowing smoke in her face as a puppy? Why does she like it so much? Feels bat man.

No. 882557

Would a male asuka work in a genderbent evangelion or would "he" just come across as abusive? A friend and I were arguing about this, and I think maybe bpd-chan asuka just wouldn't work as a dude but, my friend thinks it could if you just tone down certain traits. But if you did, would it really be a "male asuka"? Wouldn't you just get asuka lite?

No. 882561

I mean they're 14, they should all be stupid irrational assholes, forget genders all together

No. 882571

Genderbending eva is ridiculous. Every character and relationship between characters is fixated on their gender. How do you genderbend Gendo? Or Shinji for that matter. Everything about Gendo is being a horrible man. Everything about Shinji is being a failure of a man. Really, everything about all the female characters is about how they relate to Gendo and Shinji as horrible/failed men.

I mean are you going to have a girl Shinji masturbate over a comatose boy Asuka? Does that seem thematically fitting?

No. 882576

If you like Evangelion past the age of 16, you should not be allowed to have a place to live in or food to eat, you should be respectfully locked up in a prison and unable to see daylight.

No. 882591

File: 1629097404899.png (43.66 KB, 537x538, 1629093352888.png)

>was told to stop posting and delete his social media for his and the other people he's with safety
>still fucking posts online, and tries to spin it as if this wasn't just an edgy meme trip
>possible livestream but "can't rn bc everything's so hectic"
I hate saying this, but he deserves whatever fucking comes to him.

No. 882593

I don't see why people are so mad at him he's obviously a psychopath who isn't afraid to die.

No. 882596

it'd be a different story if he was just going to get fucked on his own, but he's endangering the lives of all the people he's dragging through this completely avoidable situation.

No. 882598

Sometimes I want to be social and join random discord chats or something like that. But I’m already tired of talking to two scrotes that text me from time to time, like, i don’t even want to try anymore, talking by text is annoying.
I can’t wait to be able to start a nice postgraduate course so I can talk to people in real life, maybe i could make some friends so my best friend can also make more friends so she’s not bored.

No. 882600

Again, he's a psycho. Getting mad at a psycho is pointless, they don't feel shame.

No. 882607

nta, I thought that but then I rewatched it at 23 and it actually holds up decently. I noticed a lot of things in it that I just didn't understand when I watched it when I was 12
It's rare for anime to deal with not just messed up teenager issues but also adult issues as well so I think it's still a really decent anime as far as psychological anime goes

No. 882610

I can't tell if the way I have my tablet set up is giving me pain in my arm or if my arm is just getting fucked somehow, I can't draw for more than 2-3 hours at a time now when before with my old set up I could go 5-6 hours without issues. My old set up was abysmal for my neck/back though so I thought I'd prop the damn thing up and now I have a sore arm and can't draw for as long? I'm retarded and this is annoying.

No. 882615

that anon is just rageposting about pedos
eva discussion is imageboard sperg catnip

No. 882638

File: 1629103299227.jpeg (42.29 KB, 451x679, images (27).jpeg)

I hate Ian Something's face so much, sometimes he looks straight up demonic to me

No. 882643

What kind of english do you think is native to Eastern Europe? Speaking someone else's language necessitates speaking like them, there is no shame in that.

No. 882645

I'm Eastern European too and I used to use y'all, but once I became aware it was a regionalism I stopped because I thought it was cringe AF to continue doing it

No. 882647

File: 1629104682064.jpg (9.38 KB, 168x300, c4386a2033a6303f6b831eb4f2ea82…)

he looks funny to me like the caricature of what an attractive man is supposed to look like. Like a "chad" meme

No. 882648

God he's so close to being incredibly attractive but something is intensely uncanny about his mouth in combination with the rest of his face

No. 882650

I agreed up until recently because I'd only ever seen him in photos, but I've been watching Lost and tbh he is gorgeous in motion. Admittedly I did think he was Chace Crawford for the first few eps kek. I think he also is aging badly, pretty boys often do.

No. 882656

and this is why I hate enbies claiming Rei as 'nonbinary they/them' when everything about her arc is tied to the fact she's a woman. She starts out as a symbol of female objectification and (depending on your interpretation) gets better later on (or doesn't really). Look how different Rei and Kaworu are despite having similar backgrounds. And yet those idiots tell me that sex of the characters doesn't matter.

No. 882659

File: 1629107914538.jpg (1.02 MB, 3072x2304, McKeag.jpg)

>Stephen McKeag (1 April 1970 – 24 September 2000), nicknamed Top Gun, was a Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary and a Commander of the Ulster Defence Association's (UDA) 'C' Company in the 1990s. He is responsible for many killings of Catholics and a few republicans. He is also have thought to have shot the most Catholics in Northern Ireland


>drug dealer
>philandering womanizer with multiple kids out of wedlock
>EDM enthusiast
>he killed ONE (1) member of the IRA out of the 12 "confirmed" people he killed(he likely killed more people)
>he killed a random 17 year old catholic boy as revenge for an IRA attack
>was injured when his motorbike collided with a UVF car
>generally just went around shooting random people who were catholics
>With his face heavily bruised and a crossbow bolt embedded into the wall nearby, it was initially assumed that he had been killed; however a post-mortem found that his death was caused by a lethal combination of painkillers and cocaine.
This man is an Ulster community 'hero'


No. 882664

Lol where is this derpy ass gable and is it still there? Most of these things have been painted over by now

No. 882669

File: 1629110032919.png (168.9 KB, 547x509, portefeuille.PNG)

this shit costs 350€ but it's so cute, what do?

No. 882670

can you find a replica or something inspired by this design? it's not worth that much money, even if it's made from a real leather

No. 882671

Buy any other pink wallet thing for way less.

No. 882673

I havent looked for replicas just yet, I just remembered finding it cute long ago. I did find one abroad last year but I didn't buy it. I'm gonna look for replica though.

No. 882674

File: 1629110273755.jpeg (247.4 KB, 1080x873, 718D96BF-6028-4971-B5AE-79C8ED…)

I think performative femininity makes women feel good but also being able to take a break from that also makes them feel good. This should probably go in the unpopular opinion thread tbh

No. 882678

I like the envelop idea though, I'm gonna look for replicas instead of random pink wallets.

No. 882681

Check ebay or other online second hand shops in your country as well.

No. 882682

File: 1629111116654.jpg (244.96 KB, 613x1024, gettyimages-1199585065-1024x10…)

Yeah I'm surprised by the pretty boy comment, he's like a walking chad meme to me too. I don't find him attractive, face to wolfish and harsh, but I understand why other women go nuts for him.

I think he's ageing fine. Picrel 41. I skipped through some 2021 interviews, he's a year older, and looks even younger imo.

No. 882683

Wow his skin looks very good. What a shame about the disgusting hair and beard. I wish humans would evolve into not having any hair anywhere already

No. 882684

Find a Chinese knock off, good chance it's the same quality anyway kek.

No. 882685

I'm just grateful when men over 35 have hair tbh lol.

No. 882687

Because of you girls Komaeda shitposting in the scrote thread, I had to stop myself from engaging and posting some NSFW content of him. It's just not worth the ban and givin the scrote attention

No. 882690

Can I see the NSFW content please?

No. 882698

i want cheesy eggs but im too lazy to make them

No. 882700

nevermind imma about to make it

No. 882703

Crazy. A personal cow had some social media accounts banned and I haven't seen anything from them in months. I accidentally found their Reddit account today browsing a hobby sub and the profile is unhinged. Bless.

No. 882709

I haven't had an unmanageable UTI in a very long time, but I had a really uncomfortable and painful day yesterday, and this morning when I pissed, there was that really strange, foul odour that means you've got a pretty nasty infection. I don't know how it happened, I don't have sex and I haven't masturbated much recently. I use a bidet whenever I use the bathroom and wear clean underwear.
I have to be careful because I have a bladder capacity of about 1000ml, instead of the 300-400ml it's supposed to be. I go for a really long time without needing to pee so once an infection is in there, it has a lot of time to propagate I think.
I've just taken a bumper dose of d-mannose and I'm letting it sit in my bladder for a bit to attract all the e coli in there. It usually works, but the day it doesn't is the day I'm fucked because antibiotics don't usually work on my UTIs I think because of global over-prescription. Also they make me super sick. I'm already nauseated and sad.

No. 882711

File: 1629114229392.jpg (168.81 KB, 1241x931, IMG_1270.jpg)

good because you inspired me to eat some too

No. 882713

File: 1629114474897.webm (1.83 MB, 500x375, the-badnotes_charles-whitman.w…)

So cause of nonnies Insane ramblings about Mass Shooters yesterday, I looked up Charles Whitman just out of curiosity and I came across this song about him by pure accident, this feels like this came from an alternate Universe where pop-punk became the dominant mainstream genre of music and random edgelords use it to express themselves

No. 882714

There's no way this is not a form of suicide On 4chan he said that he'd also love to go North Korea

No. 882717

I'm honestly thinking that shit was a psyop. better not fall into it and talk about the opposite of things like that nonnie

No. 882719

File: 1629114933483.jpg (204.99 KB, 1542x1227, PAY-halloween-creepy16.jpg)

Bring back scary Halloween costumes

No. 882726

I don't know where you live, but I had a very bad UTI some years ago (like pissing blood and stuff) and what helped me while I had it and after it, more than the antibiotics I got prescribed, was this https://www.angocin.de/ (sry, only German, but maybe Google translate works) and garlic, eating raw garlic helped so much and every time I feel some inflammation coming up I will eat raw garlic, it's just an natural antibiotic and it works without the stupid side-effects antibiotics have.

And as a precaution you should try cranberry pills, the proanthocyanidin seems to build a layer on the walls of your bladder to hinder the bacteria to settle in there.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

No. 882727

>I'm honestly thinking that shit was a psyop
LMFAO please take off your tinfoil cap

No. 882733

Good. Perish

No. 882739

My cat is all tucked up next to me, I am on the sofa with a blanket and he is snoring gently, like making little crackling sounds. I love him so much anons.

No. 882740

I'm surprised for the lack of empathy those scrotes are showing to one of them (unless sarcastic F counts as sympathy at /pol/?)

No. 882746

awww he sounds so sweet

No. 882749

I've been so constipated for so long. Iron supplements, tramadol, gabapentin and others for 9 months are really ruining my digestion. It takes days even for laxatives to work. I'm trying to enjoy a fat shit right now but it's so hard and dry, everything hurts so bad. My gut spasmed so hard that my back clicked a second ago. And I have a UTI. This is embarrassing and sore nonnies. How can I soothe my ravaged nether regions after this?

No. 882772

Have you tried prune juice? I remember my grandad telling us to use this when we were young

No. 882786

Please post a photo anon. I miss my kitty.

No. 882794

Soak 1/4 cups of chia seeds in water or any kind of milk for an hour and enjoy.

No. 882803

People say shit like oh ariana grande doesn't enunicate, but what the fuck is your man in tame impala fucking saying

No. 882829

I am genuinely perplexed that you would feel the need to defend Ariana grande's pronunciation so much that you do in not just the celebricows thread, but the dumbass shit thread as well. Truly dumbass shit

No. 882843

Sorry about your small mind

No. 882845

i cant stand her or sza's songs because of the bad pronunciation

No. 882855

nta but i always felt that it wasn't as deep or unique as it was made out to be

No. 882885

I love an underdog. I support you!

No. 882913

I've had this too, for about a year, where absolutely nothing helped. Sounds obivous in hindsight, but I realized I drank way, way, waaaay to little in a day (about 1L max). I'm forcing myself to chug two liters a day now, and even if I feel like dying afterwards, my bathroom visits are finally fine again. So maybe try watching your water intake?

No. 882991

I'm watching The Love Witch right now. Why the hell is nearly every single male in this movie ugly as shit? The lead actress is so pretty and then the men are just absolutely hideous.

No. 883013

Reflective of real life kek

No. 883016

Ugh I love that movie. I kinda like the fugs guys, they have the same vintage look the rest of the movie does if that makes sense? Like their faces fit the time period the movie gets inspiration from

No. 883020

Using the program blender to make backgrounds is genuinely giving me motion sickness because the camera keeps flipping around

No. 883041

I hate seeing komaeda being mentioned everywhere while knowing he is a white haired ugly anime kid
I wish I could go back to weeks ago when I thought anon was thristy over a weeb internet 3d moid
Ignorance is bliss

No. 883050

I don't see how the second one is better lol

No. 883063

If anons memed a white-haired husbando who is actually hot it wouldn't annoy me so much, but instead we're stuck seeing this little faggot with a micropenis everywhere.

No. 883070

>If anons memed a white-haired husbando who is actually hot
Do you have anyone on your mind?
> instead we're stuck seeing this little faggot with a micropenis everywhere.
oh no, you are gonna summon her

No. 883071

I don't understand why certain men get "offended" when they know women get cautious around men, that its somehow misandrist and enforces sexism, I'm sorry dude but Its an evolutionary adaptation
I mean think about it, the worst damage a violent psychotic woman could is to her own self and maybe small children(usually her own) but violent psychotic men(either daddy or disturbed teenage son) can just waste their entire families with their bare hands and then maybe kill the neighbors and you wonder why women are scared

No. 883075

If I wanted to live, if I were confident, I'd probably be an absolute force of nature. I could probably rule the world if I wanted to.
I'm really smart, I'm talented. I'm slim, tall, and attractive. I'm funny as fuck. My determination is extraordinary. I'm supernatural. I am not afraid of death or pain. I'm only ever well-intentioned and kind beneath the thorns. I know that fate has a plan for me, to keep pulling me between universes just to keep me alive.

No. 883076

Being that much into a fictional character is not normal and she kinda reminds me of a girl I met in deviantart who had pages and pages of picures of herself and her husband, Sonic the hedgehog, drawn over them. They had birthdays, weekends with Sonic's friends, she baked a cake for Sonic's birthday, they even went to japan for real.
No human friends in sight.
I hope both komaeda anon and Sonic the hedgehog's wife, Sarah are ok.

No. 883080

unironically sounds fun and cute, I might do the same

No. 883089

I thought it was a (forced) meme and multiple anons posted about komaeda?

No. 883091

Sorry, I'm not playing today. You already know my stance on the matter.

Thanks, nonny. I have a few friends and I get out pretty regularly considering I'm still recovering from the coma/spinal injury combo. I hope your friend Sarah's doing well. She sounds cool.

No. 883096

You are right, I think the other anon is kind of tinfoiling

No. 883098

Iirc it's just ko-chan who spergs at length about him. A couple of others play along to humour her or provoke her. She guessed about 90% of the posts about him are hers.

No. 883109

>tfw i do most of those things for my long dead celebrity idol / crush, including planning to visit her grave to leave a letter / art
is this more or less acceptable

No. 883145

I got out of hospital about ten days ago and I still feel shitty. I feel fuzzy and don't want to eat. I keep getting infections and my nerve pain wakes me up at night. How do you like to distract/look after yourself when you're all messed up and sick?

No. 883151

File: 1629146924841.webm (4.36 MB, 640x360, iUoV-apW6e8WWiV7.webm)

So this clip is being shared a lot on twitter in the last couple of Hours, it shows Taliban members dancing to music at some sort of a festival, basically to show how hypocritical the Taliban is or something, but this is misinformation it should be noted that these aren't Taliban members, these are regular Pashtuns at a wedding, them having guns at a wedding is normal in Pakistan, it would be out of the blue for them not to have guns

No. 883153

in comparison this is a regular Pakistani Pashtun wedding, its just what they do

No. 883154

>having guns at a wedding is normal in Pakistan
How come, anon?
Thanks for sharing your insight.

No. 883158

Tbh, I kind of want to consider doing such things if I ever stay in love with a character for long enough.
It’s nice to have a hobby, I can’t wait to be able to buy the body pillows I’ve always wanted, custom made, hopefully with a second cover in case of the first one getting ruined or dirty.
But okay, think about this, is it possible to make a protective cover so the original isn’t damaged too easily? Like some sort of clear but soft cover so it doesn’t get stained, maybe with organza or chiffon.

No. 883165

well its a very long history
see basically gun laws in Pakistan allow for the wide ownership of firearms. you can get any sort of fully automatic firearm if you live in Punjab or Sindh, and in tribal areas of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa it permits the ownership of heavy weaponry including the use of rocket-propelled grenades, short, medium, and long-range rockets, anti-aircraft guns, mortars, etc.
see our government is fragile, coastally trying to appease all the ethnic groups who hate each other so we don't end up in a Civil war, they know if they take away Gun rights they will end up with a Pashtun rebellion and then every other ethnic group will also rebel and Pakistan will collapse

Any where here's a cute Kalash boy speaking his native tounge

No. 883182

Do you anons think that /pol/ traveller is alive? The last update was 14 hr ago, and Afghanistan has officially fallen.

No. 883185

wanna pee but I won't until I drink up my tea

No. 883191

I honestly care because it would not be surprising if he got murdered or if he’s being used as cannon fodder, like, who would’ve thought that going to a war zone is dangerous?
What I’m wondering is if there’s any more idiots that did the same and are now crying because they’re not living in a movie.
If he does go back home, I hope he goes home traumatized forever.

No. 883228

I'm curious about that too but I don't want to spend time on /pol/, would be grateful for an update here if theres anything known!

No. 883258

Op, still no Facebook updates

No. 883266

I don’t go on 4chan, anyone got a screenshot of the OP?

No. 883269

File: 1629155865202.png (30.04 KB, 697x271, bong update.PNG)

Not sure about the other guy but the brit from /trv/ is still alive, it irritates me how he always says "as" instead of "because"

No. 883399

I was just about to get out of my car to go into the grocery store, when I went to take a sip from my water bottle (gotta pre-shop hydrate). Im not really sure what happened, but basically I'm a fucking stooge and I dribbled water all down my front. Like, I didn't even get my mouth. Now I'm sitting in my car desperately willing my body heat to dry my shirt off, so that I can go into the store without looking like a fucking slob who can't even hydrate themsleves without a bib (which would be fair, but still). Now there's a homeless dude shuffling in ever-decreasing concentric circles around my parking spot. Honestly I might just go home at this point to try again tomorrow, defeated by infant-level fine motor skills.

No. 883402

I love watching internet drama in real time. Currently watching two fic writers accuse another fic writer of being a terf and hating "nonbinary lesbians" (not even sure what that is tbh) because she said bi-lesbians aren't real

No. 883409

you could turn the heat on in your car anona

No. 883416

you know nonnie this is the time you can be grateful for two things. one, you got a cool post number. two, you didn't spill it in your lap

No. 883418

Not gonna post caps cause it's too much shit, and I honestly don't think it would be that interesting to anyone here. It's only entertaining for me because one of them gets into a lot of drama, and sometimes I like to check and see what they're up to. It's really just basic tumblr shit. I would also feel a tiny bit bad if I posted caps and if this got back to them, but if you really care I can try to sum it up

No. 883439

I'm meeting up with an old internet friend in a few days. We e-dated briefly like 16-17 years ago now but have always kept touch and occasionally skyped and whatever. I'm excited to give him a hug. Idk he's been there through some pretty intense events in my life and I've always been grateful for his support. We're dragging along our partners too so it should be fun.

No. 883449

File: 1629176594717.jpg (299.06 KB, 850x782, 1627402032773.jpg)

I'm still banned on crystal.cafe for literally no fucking reason, this is so annoying! It's been like 4 days since I've appealed and admin dindu nuffin.
I wanna terfpost

No. 883453

maybe you got banned because you're racist

No. 883455

File: 1629177153108.png (89.71 KB, 500x501, 317.png)

No. 883463

Unrelated but I love these bait memes. They're so wholesome and silly. I'd love to see more of them.

No. 883469

File: 1629178493495.gif (619 KB, 540x305, 3c094731-bcd9-48d6-8a23-f6a11c…)

>go to bed at 9:30 pm
>shit night club starts playing music at 10pm until midnight
>go to sleep at midnight
>1 am, thunderstorm, super loud
>okay, try to sleep again
>2 am, fucking earthquake
>2:15 am, thunderstorm gets louder and doesn't stop until 4:30 am
>have to go get ready for for at 4:45 am

I want to fucking die I'm so tired

No. 883474

File: 1629179133101.png (20.88 KB, 326x326, Any of the bait memes would be…)

I also love them, anon! The sillier, the better

No. 883480

File: 1629179933274.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, baaaaait.jpg)

No. 883481

Anon, do you know this anon?

No. 883482

File: 1629180051956.png (627.39 KB, 1597x1600, 562.png)

posting a few

No. 883483

File: 1629180083795.png (416.47 KB, 1022x1024, fc8.png)

No. 883484

File: 1629180189758.jpg (80.98 KB, 1962x1362, 7d1.jpg)

No. 883487

File: 1629180846471.jpg (32.92 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

Yay anon!! Thank you so much, I haven't seen these!
I think my favourite of all time is picrel

No. 883509

We must live close because the same happened to me. My head hurts I hope you survived your day

No. 883520

File: 1629186296641.png (10.17 KB, 555x117, louise our savior.png)

Thank you Louise for gatekeeping people's feeling about animal suffering, only TRUE and HONEST vegans are allowed to be upset! No normies allowed in our club!

No. 883545

File: 1629188270155.jpg (37.69 KB, 400x400, eWjQ7ZSV_400x400.jpg)

she fucking did it, she did it for those of us who are too afraid to risk it

No. 883547

Is this a scrote trying to bait again?

No. 883559

No. 883573

I can't wait for Lizzo to pull a Adele, lose weight and all this fake self love shit to end with her. There's fat women who have high self esteem and who are confident. Lizzo isn't.
As soon as she drops some pounds, get some work done, she's either going to
>continue being overly sexual with her new body, gushing about how much better she feels/looks. Big girl twitter is going to hate her

>Say her behavior when she was bigger, was because she had low self esteem and wanted to prove the un-needed point of "big girls being sexy" and calling out "fat phobia". She lost weight for her health and she feels better.

Either way, it's coming and it's going to be a melt down.

No. 883576

im looking forward to the 2nd option, im sick of american celebs shaking their ass all over the place

No. 883577

and when I say "un-needed point", I'm saying people know that bigger women can and are sexy. We don't need Lizzo or the media to tell us.

No. 883580

>Say her behavior when she was bigger, was because she had low self esteem and wanted to prove the un-needed point of "big girls being sexy" and calling out "fat phobia". She lost weight for her health and she feels better.
This would be the best outcome for her. I like her music a lot but it takes a special kind of trashy to make cardi b look classy by comparison kek

No. 883644

File: 1629197176860.png (173.79 KB, 682x553, sliders.png)

queen shit

No. 883649

File: 1629197611496.jpg (104.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Lizzo has a very nice face, she could be a knockout. I tried to find pics of her shooped thin. Couldn't find any. But look at whatsherface picrel. Everyone looks better slim, we need to stop pandering to the fat.

No. 883663

File: 1629198239846.png (375.91 KB, 501x587, 11.png)

>Modern Iranian anti-makeup cartoon
The cartoon is showing western and eastern women as the scientists and researches who make these makeup products, while the shallow Iranian woman simply just use them
also its meant to be read from right-to-left

No. 883669

File: 1629198431687.png (342.6 KB, 1200x1056, 12.png)

>Iranian Pro "proper" Hiab Propaganda
Both women are wearing Hijabs but the girl on the left is wearing a hijab in the Cosmopolitan Iranian style. The Cosmopolitan Style came out because of the compulsory hijab rule. Some woman didn’t want to wear it but didn’t want to get arrested so they wear a looser from of the Hijab

No. 883674

File: 1629198554636.png (324.78 KB, 512x357, 13.png)

>"I now pronounce you two same-sex terrorists as a couple."
Iranian anti-gay, antisemitic, anti-Sunni Islam, anti-ISIS propaganda poster

No. 883680

Iranians are delusional re what that they look like. I would have assumed the poster was some rightwing criticism of 'conquered' Swedish women without your explanation kek.

No. 883685

File: 1629199668980.jpg (128.84 KB, 1000x707, 14.jpg)

I think its just the art style, the artists frequently uses a cartoony (ironically very western inspired) art style for his characters
see this one which portrays British Media as a Trojan Horse that will attack Iran from the inside

No. 883691

File: 1629200473025.png (305.12 KB, 500x340, 16.png)

>"Protect your goods"
This is the worst one btw, the message(for men) is that instead of fighting/arguing with other men who harass your wife, you should instead control what she's wearing, so that she doesn't dress "provocatively"(which in the Iranian context is Loose Hijab, dyed hair and make up)

No. 883697

Looks like a cartoon about how annoying and violent moids are.
>control your scrote, put him in a burka today so he can't pick random fights

No. 883698

The guy on the left is a harasser and the moid is confronting him, this is portrayed as a bad thing and its blaming the woman for dress "provocatively" and causing conflict

No. 883702

This girl I know got a really bad haircut, and her friend is like "Omg you look sooo goood!!".
Women are not each other's allies lol

No. 883706

men will harass women regardless of what they are wearing. muslim men just unironically don't want women to exist, they are all gay for each other

No. 883709

this post smells like waxy scrotum

No. 883713

what even is this perspective?

No. 883717

Nah, it's just that they're just pick-mes who parrot "Trans women ARE women" so I can't really take their words seriously. Addicted to lying to each other and themselves for social reasons.

No. 883720

i'm so tired of being active in film communities because they're so full of men whose favourites are like american psycho + some tarantino + some scorsese + some kubrick (likely a clockwork orange, the shining or 2001). or really anything with mainly male characters that's on the imdb top 250. the worst part is they have no self-awareness about it, they act like they're superior to most people because they know some shit about films when their taste is so predictable. then they watch one tarkovsky and it gets even worse from there. the number of times i've talked to men about film and they've gotten intimidated once they became aware that i knew more than them, kek

No. 883721

I mean scorsese and kubrick fanboys might be a bit pretentious but not awful, tarantino fanboys are mostly all awful, along with scrotes who don't the meaning of American Psycho

No. 883737

I tried to read a shoujo manga
>main character has no friends
>main character kicks the wrong dude in the face
>"haha MC-chan you're such an interesting person for kicking me the most popular guy in the school in the face"
>"hey MC chan let's hang out at this party"
>"No, I don't have friends, they disappoint me".
>MC chan sees some other girls talking to the dude and gets jealous, stalks him at the party
>"why are you stalking me? what would you do if I went home with that girl?"
>"I don't know….. when I think about it my chest hurts…………………….."
>"that means you like me MC chan"
>dude kisses mc chan
>"you're my girlfriend now"
>How did I, who have no friends and have never had a boyfriend in my life, become the most popular guy in the school's girlfriend????, she thinks to herself.
I'm not even making it up. Shoujo manga never again

No. 883740

the lack of empathy exhibited by men directly affects their ability to understand and enjoy films. they just can't, their taste is flawed down to the core. there's nothing inherently wrong with most of the PrObLeMaTiC cinema from scrote directors but men will latch onto weird themes and misinterpret shit to fit what they want it to mean, whether that's because they're too stupid or they're projecting some harebrained, half baked notion onto the film.

No. 883742

KEK I love shoujo manga but it really has the most retarded, autistic plots. Characters often have 0 agency and just act as walking dramatic stereotypes. Chemistry between leads and actual communication is so rare.

No. 883749

I find the manga gets even worse as time goes on kek I think it's the weird mix of the author trying to stay realistic in some aspects (especially during their college time) but then doing (admittedly, shoujo typical but kinda not fitting for the vibes of this one) stuff like drama with omigosh his ex-but-not-really was a moderu and now he's working with her again and school-wide beauty pageants that force the winners on a amusement park date and the like.

No. 883761

Ahh good I will not read the rest then. It's fun to read manga sometimes because of how bad it is but that sounds just infuriating

No. 883784

Knuckles had the best goddamn music in SA2

No. 883786

i hope null's diet fails so he stays cute and chubby

No. 883795

File: 1629208499335.gif (23.54 KB, 300x200, diglet.gif)

that's pretty good

No. 883800


No. 883806

He's not chubby he's obese, he'll be chubby and questionably cute at 90-95 kg

No. 883820

>questionably cute
He'll never get even close to that, c'mon nonnies. Even if he went full ottermode there's no saving that downs syndrome baby face.

No. 883906

I was watching a yt video of a bride talking about how she included a "transparency letter" in the "bridesmaid proposal box" she sent to her friends. Ok, transparency is good, but I was kind of floored by the extravagance of it all. I didn't know there was such a thing as a "bridesmaid proposal box" with its own printed card, adornments, and goodies. To each their own I guess, but it sure made me grateful that my sister had a COVID style wedding where it was just her, the groom, our immediate families, and her best friend. We had a short ceremony then ate fancy food at home and it was nice.

No. 883920

File: 1629214945179.png (178.72 KB, 277x470, Capture.PNG)

Ignore the retarded hat, retarded existence and in general retardness, I do think Null has a cute face. Funnily enough he shit talks Brittany Venti, but they both have spaced out pretty eyes to me. Null is still a shitty scrote though

No. 883921

idk nonnie that's the kind of face I would love to abuse

No. 883922

File: 1629215053895.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 60.91 KB, 583x565, BF70E543-BFC3-4A32-82CB-BB5132…)


No. 883926

File: 1629215207654.gif (1.8 MB, 320x240, with facial hair.gif)

No. 883928

File: 1629215301025.jpeg (192.98 KB, 576x1024, 1D374A69-24E4-44E4-84C6-4F2B77…)

No. 883930

When I see online all the websites about weddings, there is so much work to be done about them, and even then people are trying to make women do even more; have a "wedding journal", pick out every single detail about the party, every single flower; have a photoshoot, have props for the photoshoot, pick out a wedding color scheme??? Does it even matter. It's all just so more people could have a job as a wedding planner and to sell more things. I'm not going to get married, but I wish weddings were not such a big deal

No. 883931

If he became trans he’d be one of the ones that easily passes at least face wise

No. 883933

File: 1629215458379.jpeg (250.5 KB, 1242x2107, 1AB0936C-C60D-428F-99EA-1D42ED…)

I get it, he does have a nice face.

No. 883952

File: 1629216263139.png (511.45 KB, 490x616, image_2021_06_13T11_07_12_377Z…)

He'd just look like creepshow art

No. 883983

Math rock is the bessssst

No. 883987

Late, but she doesn't know me at all, she probably just said I'm racist because of le 4chan frog wp meme because she is a twitterfag. Either that or she was gratuitously baiting

Kek I just posted the two first, these are great

No. 883992

File: 1629218729422.jpeg (303.16 KB, 1242x1388, 792BE795-E320-4651-A806-53515D…)

I made a new one.

No. 883993

She said you were racist because you said "dindu nuffin"

No. 883998

I'm pretty sure the venti shittalking is just a very strange cope to keep telling himself all mixed people must he ugly in spite of all evidence. She is objectively good looking

No. 884003

Yesterday I couldn't access lolcow for a few hours. Everytime this happens I'm afraid that one day I'll have to go to cc and stay there forever

No. 884012

File: 1629219649304.png (11.96 KB, 875x656, spectrum-1.png)


No. 884015

It’ll be a dreary day for
me if/when this place gets shut down. I can’t stand any of the other active imageboards

No. 884019

ayrt, i'm glad you know what i mean. i don't agree with most of his opinions and i find a lot of his beliefs retarded, but if you divorced him from that and you just had his physical appearance & the fact that he likes to garden and raise pigeons & pet autists, he'd be my dream guy. i watch his streams a lot while i'm trying to sleep, i do find him attractive. i know it wouldn't work out between us, though - i don't like to travel and i don't want my face out there (which would inevitably happen with his level of infamy). i can resign myself to just imagining. then again, i've had nightmares where i accidentally made a kiwifarms account and had to message him to delete it & confessed love to him, so maybe i should imagine less, kek
damn it anon, are you trying to melt me?

No. 884028

IDK people do it here too, she does looks like she smells but she's not unattractive at all. She's just dirty.

No. 884029

I watched some of his streams and I find his retarded voice and manner of speech cute, but I don't find anything attractive in his looks. His laughter is 10/10 moe.

No. 884038

Ayrt, and wtf
I just googled it and I thought it was a joke on the muffins? Like the top kek muffins. I feel like I hopped realities, I had no idea, but I also feel gross

No. 884041

>calling other anons twitterfags when you dont even know what dindu nuffin means

No. 884043

Yeah, my bad. I fully admit my fault here. I am latamfag and I saw these memes without the original context scattered around 4chan and such and just didn't look to its deeper meaning. Since the pepe thing got big worldwide I jumped to conclusions because the summer here has been tough
Good thing I'm already in the dumbass thread and not a main thread

No. 884097

Which manga are you talking about? Because it seems like Hana Yori Dango from the first sentences and then it's a bunch of random cliches that are too common to pinpoint.

No. 884101

>Rouge had the best goddamn music in SA2

No. 884103

File: 1629225118744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

They should get married, imagine the children!

No. 884104

I don't know what type of stupid parasocial relationship this is, but when I come across an images that I think some anon from here will like I save it. I never know when to use them though so there are just sitting in my computer

No. 884105

File: 1629225176283.jpg (463.44 KB, 1284x1239, gus.jpg)

this is for gusanon kek

No. 884106

File: 1629225231822.gif (726.13 KB, 400x300, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

and this is for the all the grievousanon

No. 884110

Found a blog about overcoming maladaptive daydreaming some nonnie linked once, and I saved it. Now I'm reading it and apparently people even make up friendships in their daydreams. All I do in daydreams is just fuck anime boys, ever since I was twelve.

No. 884119

She's right though.

No. 884121

No. 884125

No. 884128

This is actually so cute!
I wish I had a "personality" here to get a cute image from you hehe but I prefer being mostly anonymous though

No. 884146

literally who

No. 884158

you're telling me humans used corsets for support for hundreds of years but couldn't think up bras earlier even though bras are way simpler and actually properly support breasts? hell naw something weird is going on here

No. 884175

File: 1629229584960.png (957.66 KB, 649x853, Twitter.png)

Don't quote me on this because I'm not a fashion historian, but the thing about corsert = bras is just a quick comparison of how people viewed it back then and it's not supposed to be a 1:1 ratio thing.
The thing about corsets is that they'd support the breasts but also the back and lower back (having a good posture has always been considered attractive) and yes, I don't doubt that were a lot of women that liked it because it shaped their waists better, just like there is a lot of people that buy bras thinking about the shape it will give to their breasts alongside the support.
I think that the discussion that corsets were purely a beauty thing or that they were just a practical thing are both kinda wrong, since it has been used for both purposes.

No. 884182

oak what about 99% of other women, you know the lower classes

No. 884183

nta but women that aren't born with an hourglass figure already are shit out of luck, corsets won't help them in any way. i don't understand the mass cognitive dissonance the invention of corsets gave people, it literally doesn't accentuate anything unless you already have a small waist. it helps more with that silhouette to add more bulk to your hips and breasts/shoulders than attempt to make the waist itself smaller.

No. 884185

File: 1629230311378.jpg (8.05 KB, 256x197, crst.jpg)

You've never seen the effects of prolonged corset wearing?

No. 884189

Nat but That specifically refers to tightlacing, not general corset use

No. 884192

corset =/= waist training. 99% of women that wore corsets did not have any actual physical change to their waists. also, you should watch this video if you are unaware about photograph editing in the 19th and early 20th centuries

No. 884196

They didn't use it, simple as

No. 884198

gusanon loves you girl

No. 884212

Corsets were mostly for fashion/just another form of support. There's been plenty of bralike cloth strips, and even going braless, throughout history. Anyways corsets are dumb bc they weaken the back muscles.

No. 884213

This is adorable, anon, it's so sweet you do that

No. 884217

File: 1629232279340.jpg (31.59 KB, 500x548, cat.jpg)

that's nice nonnie! I can only offer you this cat picture kek
love you too gus!

No. 884219

I want to start weightlifting. I hate it when people chastise me when I say I want to do it because they think that I can't. Yeah I have noodle arms right now but a bitch has to start eventually right? I was over at a friend's house the other day and she was showing me proper lifting form and letting me play around with her equipment and it was fuel to the fire. It just seems so fun and I love the idea of being physically strong. I'll also admit that I want to use it as an excuse to also eat some more too.

I'm in a weird situation right now so I can't go to a gym and start (I live in an apartment so creating a home gym isn't possible), but in the mean time I've been doing yoga in the mornings to establish a routine of just working out.

No. 884224

Nayrt but I love it. Thank you, anon

No. 884239

Why not both?

No. 884245

ayrt and this is so adorable!! I love the babushka cats, thanks anona

No. 884274

I just got a tornado warning, but those don't even exist here.

No. 884324

nta, sukitte iina yo i think

No. 884328

Me too anona, me too.

No. 884333

I actually genuinely liked Sukitte Ii Na Yo when I first read it and thought the MC was great compared to other shojou MCs, but when I went to reread it a few years later I found her to be absolutely insufferable lmao

No. 884379

File: 1629244041412.jpg (15.31 KB, 439x329, 1518721010771.jpg)

It's so embarrassing when a single moid can derail a thread in /ot/ for a whole day because nonnys are obsessed with pwing scrotes

No. 884387

I want to kiss whoever made Yum Yum sauce

No. 884407

Scrotes pwn themselves by existing anyway.

No. 884417

>yum yum sauce ingredients include mayonnaise, sugar, butter, paprika, ketchup, rice vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and mirin.
anon, I…

No. 884418

I feel kind of bad because they were leaked but I cracked myself up thinking about Olivia Munn's sexts

No. 884432

File: 1629250542059.jpg (298.21 KB, 1000x742, The-Nanny-TV-Series.jpg)

Watch the nanny, nonnie. It's an order.

No. 884443

man no wonder anons keep getting utis when some of you talk about putting soap right up the hooha (yes actually inside not the outer lips). and a fucking towel too apparently.

No. 884448

Seconded. She’s such a fashion icon.

No. 884463

File: 1629253836849.jpg (75.68 KB, 828x732, E83fXYBWYAEubWz.jpg)

This is literally every early 2000s fujoshi horror story.
People like this often bash fujoshi, but they themselves are fujoshi pt. 2: "my fetish is a gender identity" edition.

No. 884465

Why are fujos obsssed with writing gay fan fiction of real people, I mean this is just disturbing and pathetic in how much they literally fetishize male homosexuality

No. 884470

>>I mean this is just disturbing and pathetic in how much they literally fetishize male homosexuality
I think you took a wrong turn from twittr. No one cares and BL isnt fetishizing gays

No. 884471

File: 1629254398463.jpg (81.68 KB, 750x750, x1hvnqynmav51.jpg)

honestly yes

No. 884473

This isn't about "uwu gay men" I'm just saying that Fetishizing anything is always wrong and can lead to self degeneracy

No. 884479

File: 1629256462195.jpg (623.31 KB, 1074x1118, 1591050344377.jpg)

No. 884484

Its a dumb fetish, stop pretending like your some oprsssed minority

No. 884493

File: 1629257961661.jpg (571.31 KB, 1080x1190, cat scale.jpg)

i'm gonna save this thread. i'm a mix of 1 and 5

No. 884497

File: 1629258181753.png (224.62 KB, 575x323, B9CA6B6B-B4DF-4549-9212-280A05…)

Nta but you’re being quite retarded thinking this is about oppression.
What’s there to fetishize if 3DPD gay men are 3DPD? Their relationship dynamics are not something to dream about and also remember that a bunch of yaoi shit is made by gay men themselves.
Most oldfag fujos just create their content and roll with it, only newfag aydentards are the ones that think a hobby is part of their identities.
So go back to Twitter and cry about it.

No. 884498

i feel like a 6

No. 884499

I’m a 4.

No. 884501

Its not about "gay men" themselves, its the fact that indulging in a fetish is unhealthy and leads to brainrot

No. 884504

3 and 2, intermittently. or should I say…… interKITTENtly

No. 884505

Unlike scrotes, most women don't let their fetishes and sexuality take over their lives.

No. 884509

>disturbing and pathetic in how much they literally fetishize male homosexuality
There's a fujo cringe thread, go back there and stay.

No. 884511

No. 884513

glancing under table thumbing through miniature novel of all the komaeda posts hmm yeah nonny you're right. scrotes really take it too far

No. 884514

komaeda isn't real though

No. 884515

Why do you keep going on this autistic crusade? Literally nobody fucking cares, go back to sucking mediocre dick on kiwifarms or something if you’re so worried about precious fictional men being “fetishized” by 1% of the userbase. Honestly I even doubt that you’re female and supposed to be here, begone.

No. 884519

File: 1629259615625.png (67.61 KB, 862x396, kjn.png)

Yes, they do.

No. 884523

That the saddest shit I've ever read without feeling bad for the person who wrote it

No. 884525

Incels should just face the wall, no one likes them we really need to stop making redemption arcs for these idiots kek

No. 884526

Look at the whole ass board on 4chins about my little pony and compare it again.

No. 884528

There was an anon who told me Mateo from Jane the Virgin was the worst and I was like "what he's just a baby???" but turns out anon was right.

No. 884536

Ngl this is hilarious, they've run through all the porn, and now they covet the only thing that isn't shown in porn.

No. 884546

File: 1629265848526.png (513.62 KB, 500x437, 1E3CB548-F8F0-42D9-B4F0-99847B…)

They’re gonna take down all the translations on the Enstars wiki and there’s still so much shit I haven’t read. Hold me nonnies.

No. 884566

Why are they taking them down? There’s no way an archive won’t exist, but you can still save the pages you’d like with internetarchive while you still have time. Maybe organize with the enstars anons so you lot can distribute the work even though it’s just clicking links.

No. 884588

File: 1629270575249.png (6.49 KB, 685x194, C976EB05-55DE-4676-BAFE-7FD193…)

It’s at the request of Papa Happy Elements. There’s an explanation about it here. https://twitter.com/enstarseng/status/1427640420507471887?s=21
There will be an archive fortunately but future translations will have to be posted discreetly. Godspeed to us.

No. 884590

Isn't that the game where twitters decided to proclaim one of the characters a tranny?

No. 884616

>reserved for Chad and Chad alone
Y'know that'd make a great tramp stamp. If I ever go back to tattooing I'm claiming that as an original design.

No. 884661

File: 1629280505510.jpg (33.92 KB, 550x385, 6796c091d1402f4965e1e7b2f94e2f…)

No. 884664

File: 1629280705747.jpg (28.14 KB, 509x302, CugNxT5WEAAiwjs.jpg)

No. 884666

Sadly it's canon they made the flamboyant gay annoying man a "women inside uwu" in the later chapters but yeah twittards made it worse.
Not that interested in the game anymore but hopefully for some it may hint a global version..?

No. 884678

>men: literally rape and murder animals, children, women and each other as a fetish
>women: being cringe on the internet and larping as animu boys
Clearly the same. Anti fujo spergs are retarded pol shits every time, no exception.

No. 884682

File: 1629282528462.png (534.24 KB, 569x614, post this cat.png)

I think I could fix him in two years.

No. 884732

You’re a bitch, stop reminding us

No. 884741

Other women not wanting to read your masturbatory fantasies in unrelated threads does not make them /pol/tards. Get a fucking grip on your life and go outside.

No. 884743

Tell me about your 2-year plan

No. 884776

i'm sorry you got offended because your ugly husbando isn't real

No. 884790

>They themselves are fujoshi pt. 2: "my fetish is a gender identity"
that was a sick anime, hope it gets a third season

No. 884818

File: 1629292388843.jpg (88.09 KB, 540x540, tumblr_81409e57e38feb2fb714d50…)

No. 884824

File: 1629292619053.png (5.63 KB, 60x44, 1625108431886.png)

i fuckin hate scrotes

No. 884841

NTAYRT but I know you're the salty samefag from /m/, and I know what you're referring to. I post them in the hornyposting husbando thread, what's so hard for you to understand?
I'm not engaged in any of these fujowars arguments, by the way, but go off I guess.

No. 884842

File: 1629293814194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.17 KB, 2160x1620, 320d5ddxswj51.jpg)

Don't call anons bitches in Komaeda's name, nonny. It's very not cool, Hajime.

No. 884847

Jesus can we please shut up about them then? I come to female spaces to get away from men and all women ever do is talk about them instead.

No. 884852

I think this is about the CP spam, nonita

No. 884863

File: 1629294813242.jpg (48.85 KB, 519x650, 1625609887149.jpg)

You're OK nonny, have a nice picture

No. 884865

File: 1629294873725.jpg (57.66 KB, 828x828, 79238215_2514248952156754_5997…)

Oops, thank you.

Sorry nonita! Here's a beautiful cat.

No. 884872

File: 1629295289213.gif (1.51 MB, 300x214, cat.gif)

dumb cat gif for anon

No. 884886

I love it when cats try to jump up onto something that can't support their weight

No. 884904

Trannies really ruin everything. All I wanna do is look at cool old web styled pictures and gifs and they always infect the tag with "kill all terfs" sparkly gifs. Can they go away forever and leave the planet lol

No. 884911

No. 884914

File: 1629298856984.gif (804.36 KB, 160x200, itlldo.gif)

Samefag, couldn't find the exact one I wanted but this will do

No. 884961

I hate when threads disappear between pages. It's as if they've fallen into the cracks of a couch

No. 884982

I just dropped $255 on boots because I'm insane.

No. 884990

Kek, same. I always think: Fuck, did I scroll past them or did I not pay attention? Where is it???

I like to see how they look like!

No. 884995

Better be some damn nice boots

No. 884999

Please show me these boots, I need to see the boots anon

No. 885013

Bring back flip phones reeEEe I’m an adult who can afford fancy Japanese shit now pleaseee

No. 885023

File: 1629306168316.jpg (507.74 KB, 1800x1198, S20-BK-ZIP-G_01_1800x.jpg)

They're these boots made by Solovair. I'm excited to receive them

No. 885030

Well if you make them last 5 years that's 45 a year which is far more cost effective than buying a new pair of like 100 every year like many people do.

No. 885031

I love being called stingy for asking a little bit of money for something I sold to my little sister by m parents when they're the ones who think showering daily is a waste of money and forced me to have extreme acne in my teenage years because they'd beat my ass if I showered more than once a week. I also love it when my sister says this even though she broke or damaged so much of my stuff that I had to waste money rebuying the same things over and over again.

No. 885037

I love both cats and dogs, is this because I'm bi?

No. 885038

No. 885043


Underwhelming for the price but I bet they're a good quality material and they'll last a long time.

No. 885045

You’re animabiphilian.

No. 885048

Nice! As the other anons said, after all you will prob even save some money with some quality boots for the next years instead of buying new ones every year.

No. 885052

I stopped tracking my cycles because I felt like I could just remember it in my head… I have no idea where I'm at in my cycle right now.

No. 885057

Am I the only one who does not track it whatsoever?

No. 885059

No, me too

No. 885061

I didn’t either but now I have to do it because I’ve been having issues with my cycle, I haven’t been menstruating like usual.

No. 885073

If only they were a little shorter because sometimes it can get really hot and sweaty in boots depending where you live but nice taste anon!

No. 885078

I only started to track mine in my thirties because I noticed the length between cycles was dragging out longer, that and I'm lighter. I think I got it into my head that I was peri-menopausal at like 31. Thanks google lol

No. 885079

File: 1629308060136.jpeg (107 KB, 500x499, 3EA21AE6-532C-4E56-8C1C-94D4D0…)

Maybe I'm not a fridge and I just have bad posture

No. 885083

While her upper back is better she seems to be arching her lower back too much in the second picture, that's not great.

No. 885087

I've never been more relieved to experience cramps and vaginal bleeding in my fucking life.
I'm in pain and this bus ride is bumpy as fuck but goddamn do I feel good.

No. 885088

i like when dead boards have posts that stand as digital epitaphs for like 7 years

No. 885089

File: 1629308497569.jpg (256.26 KB, 1328x1861, muhneckmuhback.jpg)

I caught my reflection from the side lately and I have a lil humpback going on. Like I have a legit spinal problem in my lower back and I know that's there to stay but my neck is a lil like quasimodos one and I never even knew

No. 885095

File: 1629308888198.jpg (829.87 KB, 1139x1428, ron teeter hangup inversion ta…)

yall need ron teeters hang up inversion table in your lives

No. 885098

My 10 y/o sister was telling her friend that she's gonna be an aunt soon because I'm having a baby and her friend was like "but your sister only likes girls! how can two girls make a baby?!" and my 5 y/o sister interrupted to tell her that we steal a bit of a mans soul to mix with our souls and that's how you make a baby with two women. Technically she's not wrong, we do need something from a man but it's not a piece of his soul, kek. Because men don't have souls, duh.

No. 885104

her body makes no sense to me, i'm 5'7 and 55kg but i have a 29 inch waist

No. 885108

kek your sister is so precious

No. 885115

I'm always a lil curious myself when I hear this, mostly because I'm not up to date on what options are available to lesbians now. Years ago when I was a teen I watched shows about stuff like this and couples were using turkey basters and a friend. I assume there's less of that now.

No. 885119

haha she's so cute

No. 885133

File: 1629311341790.jpg (9.69 KB, 251x397, hgh.jpg)

I'm puzzled.
Woody Harrelson has been haunting my dreams for some days now. Last dream I had with him he was kissing David Duchovny. That was months ago I think. He ain't kissing anyone now but he is there, telling me nonsense in that weird way he talks, you know? I can barely understand him but dream logic translates whatever the hell is coming from his lips and it never makes sense anyway. Last night he told me I had to win a snooker game against the alien overlord because something big was at stake, I don't remember what though.
I can take the alien overlord because the aliens are in my dreams since I was kid, they're kind of my friends at this point, but why is Woody Harrelson here? He had long hair like when he was in the hunger games but he is always wearing a stupid red beanie to hide his bald and for some reason he has this big, clunky earring dangling on his ear and making this annoying noise everytime he walks, like 'ding, ding, ding', and God, he is always walking, circling around me like some half dead cockroach. I want to rip that earring off his ear everytime he tells me to do something. He is always telling me to do something, always looking so smug.
I don't know why he keeps coming back but it makes me think of the dreams I used to have where the Doctor was a recurring character and he helped me during many zombie outbreaks till I left him to rot somewhere in time because I choose to rescue someone else and our elevator time machine only had space for two (which was weird because I remember that elevator carrying up to five people before). Before we left I told him that he was old and Amy was dead. He never appeared in my dreams ever again.
Will Woody Harrelson suffer the same demise? I wonder. He looks kinda hot with hair though.

No. 885138

I hate when I forget the most basic words. I just forgot the one for when you don't drink enough water. Why does shit like this always happen

No. 885142

(It's dehydrated if you still can't remember)

No. 885164

Aw excited for you and your girl anon

No. 885169

Yeah I know a few turkey baster kids from my older lesbian friends. It's all very clinical now though, you go in when you're ovulating and they stick a plastic tube through your cervix into your womb and fire off a few rounds man muck into you. Alternatively you can have IVF treatment, which we're considering so we could do sex selection as we're unsure about raising a son.

No. 885170

File: 1629313023513.png (126.8 KB, 681x470, it's happening.PNG)

It's happening!

No. 885172

The word is thursday

No. 885173

I'm watching too, anon! so excited

No. 885175

I love this loading screen and music, It's amazing!

No. 885183

Hey anon heres some stuff you can do to avoid getting a son: eat lots of citrus to kill the son making sperm (that sperm dies easier in acidic environment), eat low calorie vegan when trying to get pregnant (male fetuses need lots more nutirents have female fetuses), and do the procedure 3 days before ovulation because son sperm dies in 2 days but daughter sperm lives longer.

No. 885190

Oh shit, thanks for the tips, anon! I had no idea you could naturally encourage female sperm.

No. 885191

File: 1629313923611.jpg (45.4 KB, 425x459, 960.jpg)

oh god jermafags are back

No. 885194

I feel like I'm gonna regret asking but here I go: what is a jerma? An anime boy?

No. 885197

some 3DPD streamer

No. 885201

Ok, I looked it up. Ugly as a sin. Well, at least now it's a real boy, eh?

No. 885204

unfunny e-celeb #7,001,030,666

No. 885205

nah I prefer Ko-chan to jermafags

No. 885207

Komaedafag pls come back.

No. 885210

I think she left us for the danganronpa imageboard maybe

No. 885211

Np, this stuff is censored bc ivf is such a big industry.

No. 885217

there's an imageboard for that?

No. 885220

Is there any data on how happy couples actually were in arranged marriages? I know this is a thing some men are trying to push/revive.

No. 885221

File: 1629315144548.jpg (42.06 KB, 500x375, 0d575ec4-e878-4932-beae-e5905d…)

My mother is the spitting image of 1994 Pioneer Barbie. I am shook, as the kids say. She even used to wear long Laura Ashley dresses like that kek.

No. 885224

File: 1629315201100.jpg (195.24 KB, 779x1024, 21783342556_5c6f77dffd_b.jpg)

Wish my country had Pioneer Barbie.

No. 885236

Am I the only autist on earth who doesn't obsessively enjoy animated media like cartoons and video game characters? Am I even a tist?

No. 885248

Do you like trains?

No. 885249

What the hell I went to check it out because he's cute, it sucks and I have no idea what's going on. Why do people watch this

No. 885250

The fake sims music is pretty good I'll give em that

No. 885255

I don't. I'm not a real tist am I?

No. 885263

File: 1629317911486.jpg (186.97 KB, 750x422, mrratburn_750x422.jpg)

why was mr ratburn's wedding called a "gay rat wedding" when the other mr ratburn is obviously an aardvark? interspecies gay relationships are so imporant and should not be erased.

No. 885264

>eat low calorie vegan when trying to get pregnant
Do not do this unless you want a deformed/dead/retarded child. Lack of folic acid (folate, vitamin B9) has been proven to cause neural tube defects which are lethal deformities and low levels of B9 during fetal development have been linked to autism.

No. 885265

File: 1629318002849.png (219.71 KB, 557x411, 1403708727694.png)

oh nonnie your mom must be so cute

No. 885266

I think that is the point

No. 885273

LSA is so cringe about Italians.

No. 885276

The effects of folate deficiency are not male exclusive. More female than male fetuses are born with anencephaly for example.

No. 885280

kek nonnie im high af and this sent me. thanks for the laff

No. 885284

What do they say?

No. 885285

You probably obsess over something else, like the cows on this site.

No. 885288

Eat like that just until you get a confirmed fetus, after that eat how you want.

No. 885294

I’m getting really bored of all the youtubers reviewing children’s movies and disney-coms all the time.

No. 885298

By the time a woman is aware she's pregnant the neural tube has already closed. Folate and B vitamins in general are crucial for the early development of the baby because they are needed for metabolism and DNA synthesis.

No. 885305


Lol what thread are you lurking?

No. 885308

File: 1629321908933.png (455.68 KB, 1580x1272, embarrassing.png)

Misconceptions, thirst and obsession. They have to be the nonblack nationality that is mentioned the most on that site, it's weird. As for misconceptions, too many to mention, but most commonly said is Italians look "ethnic" as in mixed-race. The men are macho, extroverted, dominant, passionate and love black women. Obsession is v. noticeable, littered within unrelated thread topics Italians will be brought up and associated with random things or they'll put thoughts in their heads "Oh you know Italians love x". Threads about Italians will get loads of replies too. It's not always unflattering what's said, but it's wrong. And some of it is nasty like "Italians are racist, horrible people" etc, but they do that with everyone kek. And if someone refers to Italians as white some fonts will jump in and argue they're not "white white" or "basically not white". Or that Italians themselves do not consider themselves white and don't want to be associated with YTs, they find it offensive. What?! It's like they've claimed them or something. I was reminded of this, as they're all in their feelings atm because geriatric Robert De Niro, who was married to a black woman, is now possibly dating an Asian woman, picrel.

No. 885311

*I meant to say, I know it's not unflattering what is said, but it is wrong.

No. 885315

samefag. And I know the De Niro thing is about his ex-wife and dating history. As I said, I'm reading that thread atm and it reminded me of their general Italian obsession. I have not formed my opinion based on that thread.

No. 885316

>They have to be the nonblack nationality that is mentioned the most on that site, it's weird
I haven't used LSA since the update, so maybe it's a recent thing, but I never saw Italians being mentioned there. What board was this?

No. 885317

I recognize the third one. She is either a troll or a cow, she makes really weird threads about race/skin color.

No. 885319

>a woman completely unrelated to me who dated a now old celebrity happens to have a similar skin color to mine
>that means I won
What am I even reading here? I thought the girls on LSA were only sperging like this over Chris Evans

No. 885327

I read randomly, so I can't tell you. Unless you're asking about the DN thread? Celeb news.

Not me. But I think I know that troll too.

Yeah there's some oddballs. But I understand what picrel is about. What I do not get is the Italian thing. They're automatically fond of any Italian woman too. It's amusing.

No. 885331

Also, not sure if you're implying it or not, but discussing cows that happen to be black is not racebaiting. We discuss white weebs and for good reason kek. I think I know the troll you mean though and agree he/she is a baiter.

No. 885346

I don't have any use for one, but I want a surgical scalpel

No. 885348

I would use it to shave my brows or something

No. 885351

pls dont try to shave your brows with a surgical scalpal anon

No. 885355

What’s the worst that could happen? I’d wear an eye shield so my eye doesn’t get stabbed.

No. 885357

Op here, surgical scalpels are super sharp and cut easily lol. It's not the same as a razor. You would definitely cut yourself.

No. 885384

theyre very, VERY sharp anon
their only purpose is to cut open bodies

No. 885386

Watching little kids fight is so entertaining. I see why those teachers set up that daycare fight club

No. 885400

Do they place bets to see who starts crying first? Because that sounds like a great way to turn something annoying into something nice.

No. 885407

Daycare Fightclub sounds like an amazing forgotten newgrounds flash game

No. 885410

anons I just made some amazing mashed potatoes, I keep sneaking bites of it while waiting for the rest of dinner to finish cooking hehe

No. 885441

Hehe, I had a good day with a lot of self growth and also a new love interest.

No. 885445

nice, wish I had some taters to mash. sounds so good

No. 885463

Is it me or most 15-22 yo only talk in memes?

No. 885475

File: 1629337929592.jpeg (100.14 KB, 820x1040, 4303CC10-8176-48E5-8F78-09517E…)


No. 885479

File: 1629338199697.jpg (131.74 KB, 957x1300, 1577130856196.jpg)

$18 in my checking account but I found $59 in my venmo

No. 885480


No. 885483

he looks like a mix between a bulldog and a human

No. 885485

File: 1629338737715.jpeg (739.25 KB, 750x944, ABAD6598-5A96-45D1-A695-477333…)

Selling vegan cruelty-free maxi pads, $50 each

Product is going fast, order now

No. 885487

nice, I love it when that happens

No. 885491

I want 30.

No. 885548

File: 1629348168576.jpg (60.32 KB, 960x960, making-food-fun4.jpg)

I've been estranged from my parents for almost five years, and while it was definitely the right choice (they used to beat me and refused to own up to it), I occasionally get pangs of longing for their house that hurt terribly.

It doesn't help that I moved to a very unsexy rust belt city. I can't stop thinking about how some places can just be better than others, more stimulating in every way. I miss the giant nectarine tree and the chilly pacific wind coming through my window at night. I realized that my incredibly furry dog's going to die in a couple of years, and I won't get to see her before that happens. It fills me with dumb impotent anger. It's so retarded, nonnitas - why can't my parents just say sorry? It's all so pointless.

No. 885640

Should I make a pink vanilla cake? I think I should. It's almost 4 am, but I'm not tired. I'm ready to fucking bake!!!

No. 885642

Good luck anon!

No. 885669

I wish western games made up character stats like a lot of Japanese games do. I want to know all of my husbandos birthdays and heights and ages.

No. 885683

I have hyperhidrosis and it's almost comical how much I sweat. I went to the gym today and there was another girl who went through like 5 different machines and also lifted weights and she didn't even have pitsweat stain on her shirt. I on the other hand literally couldn't see after 10 minutes on the elliptic trainer because the sweat from my forehead was pouring into my eyes and my shirt looked like I walked through rain

No. 885732

Is that a fucking watermelon skin…

No. 885735

No it's a vegan cruelty-free maxi pad. Can't you read, nonna?

No. 885744

Sameee, I've been looking into iontophoresis already, but it's so expensive. and those masks for the face scare me

No. 885749

Someone rung my doorbell and I nearly pissed myself out of fright. Maybe it was a delivery or someone offering repairwork, didn't go answer.

No. 885792

File: 1629380867977.jpg (32.38 KB, 680x450, dd0.jpg)

Man, some anons in the dog hate thread sound really unhinged.

No. 885800

I want to know about this too. I hear it's because they don't have any other choice and both parties try their best to make it work instead of divorcing and remarrying again and again.

No. 885805


No. 885807

God, I know right? Only a psychopath would hate an entire species of animal, or pets in general. I get disliking a thing, but the excessive hate of the animals and their owners is literally disturbing to me.

No. 885811

Nta, I heard it was because they were both vetted by their parents so dislikes, hobbies, personality, etc are taken into account. Matches are much more likely then, and usually (unless in a very strict, conservative area) the couple can say no to the match.

No. 885812

not from that thread but i have very little respect for dogs
or any creature that comes to me every time without fail when i call it
thats why i like cats
you go "cmere kitty kitty"
and they look at you for a second, then go
>yeahhhh… maybe later
i respect that

No. 885819

Scrote thought pattern

No. 885820

Both of my cats come when I call them because they knows they'll get something out of it. Treats? Cuddles? Wrestling? They're smart little boys who know their names and know words like "snacks" or "bed time". Why would you not respect an animal who has the mentality of a child for coming when you call it's name when there is something in it for them?

No. 885821

How? Men fucking hate cats because they aren't as obedient as dogs.

No. 885826

i prefer arbitrary defiance over simple-minded obedience
sue me

dogs are fine, and ive lived with them before
i just dont ever want one

No. 885828

I like cats because they can and will spend time by themselves but still provide cozy companionship. I like dogs but they're so needy they're a 24/7 chore.

No. 885833

File: 1629383680250.jpg (10.73 KB, 269x275, 1606488998587.jpg)

I got horny once and now my vagina smells like bread all day

No. 885834

Imo that makes it all the more meaningful when a cat chooses to spend time with you. Like they could be out there somewhere ignoring you but they'd rather be with you. That's sweet.

No. 885839

File: 1629384683483.jpg (58.16 KB, 700x466, iStock-1139108800-1577213844.j…)

I used to think people shilling yoga were full of shit but then I started doing light yoga (following videos on youtube) during lockdown and still do it now in the mornings and it's actually helped me out a lot. I don't want to be one of those yoga shills because I know it's not a cure all, but it sure has helped me in the morning and makes me feel good. I'm a lot more flexible and my posture has improved, which is great considering how I have a fucked up back. I don't know if I'd ever take a class, the youtube videos in my room are too convenient and much more comfortable. I kind of want to start meditation to see what it could do for me, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

No. 885840

these gals get it
for how cold and calculating cats can seem some of the time, if somethings really wrong with you, they sniff it right out and will come right over on their own accord and try to help. even if its just giving you some sandpaper-tongue kisses or warming up your toes
cats are good people imo

No. 885843

File: 1629384852618.gif (975.25 KB, 332x332, tumblr_pib90zhZGJ1vnhma6_400.g…)

The Green Knight torrent is up!! See you bitches in three hours

Yoga is lovely and relaxing in the morning for sure! When I sit down for work I feel clear-headed and ready for anything

No. 885844

im going fucking insane!!!!!!

No. 885845

Are you single? hmu

No. 885846

not all dogs are clingy and needy (im talking entire breeds, but also strays), idk why catfags always pretend like it's a fact. I'm pretty sure some cats are clingey and needy too.

No. 885847

lets share a ride then!!

No. 885849

I want a reverse road trip movie. You know how typical road trip movies always start with two people hating each other, then they gradually learn more about each other on the trip and slowly fall in love then by the end of the movie they have the big kiss and get together? Well I want the complete opposite to happen - a couple happy in love together, then during the road trip they slowly start hating each other and by the end they split up with utter loathing for each other lmao

No. 885851

File: 1629385395292.jpg (1.16 MB, 2777x1600, oldman.jpg)

My oldest cat demands attention, as soon as I get home he is all over me and he is very vocal. He will head butt, tap your leg with his little paws, lean against your legs, and meow and meow in his little old man voice until he gets some prime, grade A, fresh from the farm pets and cuddles.

No. 885854

In contrast to that, my dog is very independent and is not, and never has been a cuddler. I have to basically sit there and beg her to come to me, because she will take two steps in my direction and then sit down while looking at me because she knows kek. She demands attention on her own time and will cuddle on occasion, but never for very long. When I go see friends and play with their dogs it's like "oh wait this is what dogs are like" kek.

No. 885857

dogs are psychopaths with a handler and sometimes the handler can't keep their psychopath contained but the handler is insane too or fooled by "man's best friend" propaganda into a stockholm syndrome situation so they will just find it extremely humorous that their psychopath snarls and chomps at you and claim that it's just being protective, just wants to play, wouldn't hurt a fly, but to calm the psychopath down you have to either throw a rag so the psychopath can let it's psychopathic tendencies run amok or overload it's brain through cuddles
inb4 "there are no bad dogs only bad dog-owners", dogs get aggressive with you when something is bothering them in the same way an abusive boyfriend would and dog owners will defend them the same way a victim would
also barks will never not be annoying from the sub-woofers to the rat-yelps, just grating vocalization across the board that your body involuntarily responds to, i would rather listen to a medley of babies crying than hear another bark

No. 885860

They just need a lot of constant work and attention, you can't deny that. Dogs can't be left alone for more than a few hours tops, they always wanna be around their owners, they need owner-guided excersise every day and always having to bring your dog or making sure you can bring your dog is a bother. If there are breeds that can be left alone for whole dayparts then congratz ~you got me~, but it's a fair statement that in general dogs are clingy and needy. Yes there are cats who're clingy but not to the level of dogs, regular European shorthair cats especially aren't which is what almost everyone has (where I am anyway). There's catbreeds who're described as being dog-like but people deliberately choose to get such breed and are uncommon. I didn't think I needed to add generally speaking because that's like saying humans are social creatures but disclaimer there's hermits too!!

No. 885861

Thank you for proving my point, please go back to your containment thread.

No. 885862

File: 1629385947110.jpg