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File: 1629430718052.jpg (29.94 KB, 340x255, 1628543280666.jpg)

No. 886678

It's ok to be dumb… normalize low IQ, stop the stigma.
Previous >>>/ot/877926

No. 886683

File: 1629430889189.jpeg (21.23 KB, 275x160, 8822C620-A140-41BB-9684-D3CC9E…)

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute fishy

No. 886684

I love that fat rat

No. 886687

>all those twitter tabs

No. 886688

She loves u too… Accept her into your heart and you'll find eternal peace in the kingdom of Cheese.

No. 886689

Ty I have brain cancer now

No. 886691

shit wrong pic that was from Yesterday

No. 886693

File: 1629431480150.png (46.1 KB, 574x519, Roman.png)

This is the one I wanted to post
how does your man score ?

No. 886694

37 ♥

No. 886695

samefag I added up the numbers instead of counting how many, guess I really do belong in the dumbass thread

No. 886698

baka temee'll

No. 886700

My man never killed a lion but he did chase away some dogs once for me

No. 886706

I laughed so hard at your response ty for that

No. 886708

I want a pet rat as fat as that one but they would have very bad health issues and I would feel so sad so I’ll just love this rat from afar ……………

No. 886709

It's not immoral to like fat rats… You can take your normal sized rat to get a bbl and fillers. It's just like the real thing + no health complications. Respecting fat rat anons unite.

No. 886710

what species is that juggalo whale/dolphin

No. 886711

File: 1629433000242.png (265.37 KB, 1440x900, 1629430871122.png)

heh i saved it anyway

No. 886712

Hey pakistani nonny

No. 886737

I thought alcohol was a cheat code to being cool and uninhibited, turns out im just as inhibited and uncool, but now my breathe stinks and i trip over everything. fuck this shit 4real fams

No. 886739

do streamers count?

No. 886740

Based, alcohol sucks (I'm drunk)

No. 886744

hello fellow thursday drunks

No. 886761

I miss Kpopp so much

No. 886771

File: 1629440902091.jpeg (27.49 KB, 1417x618, 3E09B165-0E83-4293-A203-AC5F53…)

It’s a vaquita! It’s a species of porpoise that lives in the Gulf of California. They’re critically endangered with only a dozen or so left in the wild. Last I read there were about 9 left, however it’s probably less now. Maybe they’re all gone. They get caught in illegal fishing nets, usually meant to catch totoaba fish (a species which is also critically endangered and big in China’s black market) and drown.

rip juggalo porpoise

No. 886809

I’ve been fighting the urge to pluck my eyebrows ‘90s/‘00s thin for a while now, but I should just go ahead and do it, right? Right?

No. 886811

I would sperg about my husbando everywhere all day but I don't wanna be another komaedachan so I stop myself. But what else can I do to to express all this love I feel? Besides drawing because if I start drawing I just draw all day

No. 886812

File: 1629447602622.jpg (8.59 MB, 1920x4032, 1629447406210.jpg)

It's never too late to atone for your sins

No. 886813

There's dedicated husbando threads on /g/ and /m/.

No. 886817

I know; I don't wanna make basically the same post every day. Actually I think I'm gonna make my own "thread" in microsoft word so I can "post" whatever I like without bothering anyone, hope it works and my mind is tricked into being satisfied

No. 886823

holy moly

No. 886830

4/10 but still love him regardless. Too bad he doesn't know i exist.

No. 886832

Is that your garbage anon?

No. 886834

I really don't get where these anti-capitalist zoomers get their love for communism from. Especially the ones that are mainly anti-work, bitching about 9-5 and corporate and hustle culture. You won't be able to earn a living writing shitty fanfics under communism either. Also my grandparents still worked 9-5s + produced vegetables/tried to earn any extra money they could.

No. 886840

They pull it out of their uninformed and uneducated asses.
They know that communism is to date the only thorough criticism of capitalism, but they don't know what that criticism is so they insert their own wishful thinking.
There's no excuse for that, pick up the Capital and read it, talk to people who lived in ex-commie states, we're still alive.

No. 886843

File: 1629453848433.jpg (44.22 KB, 750x653, FB_IMG_1629082731997.jpg)

I guess it's more of a buzzword to them than an actual ideology, especially considering they'd be the first to go in an actual communist regime kek. I tried to have an actual discussion about communism with one and they seem to think they won't have to work/can get by drawing shitty scribble art. Picrel

No. 886846

That pic is exactly what would happen to them lol

No. 886850

But nonnie, real communism hasn't been tried yet!

No. 886862

I feel so uncomfortable standing around taller people. One time my friends visited and they are both male so they are taller than me and I felt so horrible standing around them even if we are friends. I wanted to kick them and run away. I feel better when sitting or standing far away, it makes the height less apparent

No. 886867

just found out carl benjamin is a turbo manlet. no wonder he's so damn pudgy

No. 886871

How tall are you? I'm on the shorter side in my country so it's a given and plenty of women are taller than me

No. 886893

I'm average female height, 164 cm, so I should be used to it too

No. 886900

can't believe i was so retarded to believe this discord scrote who added me was female at first. and retarded enough not to boot him right away after finding out he was male. good thing i ditched his crazy ass now.

No. 886902

I'm tall and I feel uncomfortable around short people because I worry they'll think I'm disgusting for being so huge kek My pets saw a new vet recently and I thought "Wow this lady is tall too!" but when I stood up I was over a head taller than her and I had trouble making eye contact because of the shame. It's so weird, why the hell am I like this. Cry.

No. 886920

I would think you look like a model… don't feel bad

No. 886923

Nta but tall people are fucking cool and I wish I was tall like you.

No. 886943

lol me, I have problems talking to shorter people because of embarrassment. Back in middle school, I was told to play basketball left and right, and more, it drove me crazy. I felt so unfeminine.

No. 886948

What's your height?

No. 886968

it's actually annoying how men will be attracted to anything on a woman. i have short stubby legs and i literally don't want some moid telling me they're just as sexy as long straight legs.

No. 886969

Yes, fellow tall anon here. I'm 6'0 and don't like wearing heels because I feel huge and it's awkward looking even more down at someone when I'm talking to them.

No. 886977

No. 886980

Whenever I get packages delivered my mailman always thanks me. As in he hands me the box, says thanks first and then I say it back.

You're more than welcome mailman.

No. 886993

File: 1629466576760.jpeg (82.42 KB, 605x798, 7C6D5622-7AA4-4159-845E-73369C…)

>my life is hard because I’m the standard and even though guys say they want small women they still want tall women :’(

oh my god anons I feel so so bad for you that you think anyone in public gives a shit about your existence. get a grip, no one cares go play basketball or buy a ladder so people can climb up to your height or something

No. 887009

what standard dude… men make it explicitly clear that they prefer short women. just let them vent in peace. i'm not even considered tall (5'7) but i'm still tall enough to notice the difference in attitude.

No. 887010

Kek sorry our posts triggered you so much. I do like your projection by bringing scrotes and their perception of attractiveness up though.
Idk about the other anon, but I wasn't even thinking about men when I replied.

No. 887032

File: 1629469992451.gif (322.43 KB, 200x200, C9F5B52E-FC32-4D31-8D51-16862A…)


you need to eat more soy anon, that isn’t good. and yes I’m replying to the right person, eat more soy, yogurt, bananas, avocados, tomatoes and stop talking to men on 4chan and browsing KF because you’re on your way to becoming isabella

>tall woman
>no tall woman that’s attractive would ever be on here trust and believe
>complains like they’re an ostracized minority in society

makes my noggin jog. are you a redditor?

No. 887038

File: 1629470125706.jpeg (49.09 KB, 567x521, BE89C697-BDC5-4944-ABF7-92B6A7…)

>you need to eat more soy anon, that isn’t good. and yes I’m replying to the right person, eat more soy, yogurt, bananas, avocados, tomatoes and stop talking to men on 4chan and browsing KF because you’re on your way to becoming isabella
what in the unhinged…

No. 887041

Seriously. This is the Dumbass Shit thread, not the Absolutely Retarded Shitpost thread. This nonita seems lost

No. 887045

File: 1629470390966.png (324.85 KB, 512x512, E5uDPTrVEAEsQe0.png)

I'm tired and can't concentrate and I'm listening to music. And his voice makes me comfortable, and I think how wonderful the world would be if all men took care of themselves and were stylish. You might not like him but you cannot deny he is tall and muscular, his body is beautiful, he has a cool unique style, I even think his tattoos look good and I hate tattoos, basically imagine a world if men trie d to make themselves look good for women

No. 887047

File: 1629470419531.png (100.8 KB, 600x321, 99B67505-E2A4-4868-A3BE-85F141…)

false. if you want unhinged try reading the celebricows thread it will shrink your brain

No. 887049

none of those anons but wtf is this post. literal gibberish that has nothing to do with what they said. tbh I've been noticing this in a few other threads too, something's in the water

No. 887051

>eat more soy
Why are you encouraging anons to develop breast cancer

No. 887055

File: 1629470929612.jpeg (123.14 KB, 828x533, BC512E86-1AE1-4DDB-98FC-EA4B0C…)

nah i'll just read this if i want unhinged. how do you go on a full blown word salad tangent like this over the word "dude"…

No. 887056

Just remembered that like 10 years ago I was walking through the city with my friend at night. I was out in public wearing a wig for the first time. I'd been ill and kinda looking like hell for a while, newly bald, you can prob guess what I was dealing with. Anyway we both had eggs thrown at us by some guys in a passing car. They had good aims. Got me right in the wig.

I was convinced it was personal, that my wig was the most obvious thing on earth and that's why they chose us. I went back to my friends house and washed raw fuckin egg out of my new 600 euro wig and cried and felt very sorry for myself.

Weird memory for my brain to just randomly shit out 10 years later. I can kinda laugh at it now. Me thinking I was specially handpicked by the guys who somehow sensed my life circumstances as they passed lol

No. 887057

i wish i was a tall woman, 180 cm or so, i would start picking up short people I don’t like by the back of their necks and toss them aside

No. 887064

File: 1629471576457.jpeg (507.09 KB, 717x1058, 227CC1D4-A549-4DA2-98FD-863EFE…)

You should do it so I can live vicariously through you. I literally have been thinking about plucking my eyebrows like picrel for a week now. The only thing stopping me is the fact I can’t be bothered to pencil them in every day if they turn out shit.

No. 887066

I'm thirding the 'wanting to pluck my eyebrows 90s thi'n sentiment. Even though I don't think it'd look good on me (I have a big forehead and I feel like they would just emphasize it even more)

No. 887070

Alexis Mincolla? Anon I love you. Listen to Patriarchy if you like the sound, she was produced by the same guy behind 3teeth.

No. 887073

Idk who this is but his face and hair is extremely ugly

No. 887076

could've just said you wanted to fuck steampunk robotnik

No. 887082

Women that are terrified of low rise jeans are really funny (because most of them are overweight). Just because it's a trend doesn't mean you have to wear it, no one is forcing you to. Omg some kids made fun of you 20 years ago… get over it. Or even worse, you're an adult STILL concerned with what teenagers think of you.
honestly I find fat women funny in high waisted clothing too though, because they're obviously trying to hide their stomachs and it just doesn't work at all

No. 887087

low rise jeans rarely look good, anon but yes it's the fatties problem

No. 887092

I mean, I'm not overweight and i don't like low rises because I've no hips and it just looks awkward

No. 887093

amazing thread pic

No. 887097

Based. Low rise jeans are so sexy

No. 887100

File: 1629474045796.jpg (90.51 KB, 720x404, tumblr_a051391a00094515b18fe9d…)

look at these kittens

No. 887106

File: 1629474189253.jpg (15.45 KB, 296x280, pixel-art-pizza-cheese-salami-…)

No. 887112

File: 1629474368649.png (943.42 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20210609-171307_(1)…)

No. 887125

File: 1629474592594.jpg (4.62 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

Manifesting for all pedos to go to prison and be beaten up to death

No. 887132

I just want to say that I love the OP image

No. 887136

File: 1629474886726.gif (2.66 MB, 380x214, 5626477c5a4c19cfc9986cf38afb44…)

beaten up to death is too fast, let them rot in a cell all alone until the day they die

No. 887144

Is this one anon posting cat pics or did we all decide on cat pics to bump threads with

No. 887145

I posted a duck because I'm not like the other anons

No. 887148

File: 1629475158682.jpg (18.37 KB, 333x320, call-duck-ducks-mummy-and-baby…)

different anons

and for you, other than other anons, have a cute call duck

No. 887149

I will. Thank you very much
I want to fuck steampunk robotnik

No. 887153

Aww…ducklings are the best.

No. 887154

Idk who that is but he is hot

No. 887162

Recently I thought of this commercial again. I remember the first time I watched it was when it came up on my dashboard on Tumblr. It made me feel sad, but then I moved on. I suddenly remembered it again, and just rewatched it and it makes me want to fucking cry.

No. 887181

Bad timing. Use your brain.

No. 887192

No. 887199

I've been genuinely trying to find a pair of black low rise jeans for a year, where the hell are you guys seeing them for sale? I'm so over high-waisted everything I don't want buttons that go up to my bra

No. 887202

im a dumb american and sometimes when I watch british TV if they're talking very fast with a thick accent it's hard to make out what they're saying. Is the reverse true too, and american accents are weird to non americans? I could see a thick southern drawl being hard to understand maybe

No. 887204

hmmmm have you ever tried googling "black low rise jeans"

No. 887208

I watched so many scottish meme videos as a kid that I have 0 issue with anglo accents, that's kinda weird anon. T. Nordfuck

No. 887209

I don't buy jeans online because of sizing fuckery, I should've specified brick-and-mortar stores lol

No. 887210

i wish it were legal to hit jaywalkers here like it is in california

No. 887215

Another issue is that all the ones you find online are skinny jeans anyways

No. 887218

am also a burger with the same issue. when i first watched skins i had to put subtitles on

No. 887221

I'm not american and not british, but I find some american accents way harder to understand than british accents. As an example, until today I can't understand anything while watching Person of Interest when Kevin Chapman is speaking, I just don't know what the hell he is saying and need subtitles.

No. 887238

I'm an ESL eurofag and I have a hard time following a very thick British accent that sounds like a jumble of words but I've never had problem with southern US dialects. US dialects in general are pretty easy to follow compared to British ones.

No. 887239

never understood the hatred against bpdfags until i started using twitter

No. 887250

Okay, my bank's safety precautions for online shopping are officially fucking insane:
Step 1: Order food on laptop
Step 2: Enable purchase in phone app
Step 3: Enter 8 digit safety code in phone app
Step 4: Tap authorize purchase
Step 5: Receive extra safety code in text message on phone
Step 6: Enter said code on laptop on the website
Step 7: They are also asking for a mysterious 'Telecode'
Step 8: Google what Telecode is supposed to mean
Step 9: Find out it's supposed to be the last 3 digits of my bank account. Oh-kay. Enter Telecode
Step 10: Order declined
Step 11: Confusion. More Googling, turns out the Telecode is supposed to be the last 3 digits of the bank account, but when shopping online, it is obligatory to change it to something else, otherwise it cannot be used
Step 12: I fuck around in the bank phone app, hoping to find the settings to change it. The setting says it can only be modified on the website. Said website requires 3 different codes for signing in
Step 13: Fuck it, I'm not ordering anything

No. 887255

Does anyone else have moments where you're taking a hot shower, and suddenly feel a little nauseous and like you're gonna pass out? I've had it happen to me a couple of time and I've never understood why. I would assume it's because of the heat, but this only happens during/after showers.

No. 887264

I sometimes 'see stars' when I'm in the shower or even a hot bath. Always blamed it on a change in blood pressure.

No. 887265

Yes, but that's bc I take 1h long hot showers and I'm anemic

No. 887268

Happens to me when I'm on my period

No. 887270

ANON ARE WE SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED? What is even happening why is everyone experiencing this? I take hot showers and this started to happen to me too, apparently when you take really warm or hot showers your blood pressure can go very low and sometimes you can pass out. I guess it’s a great way to bring your blood pressure down or to feel relaxed? I don’t know how people can withstand saunas.

No. 887272

low-rise jeans make me feel weird and sometimes hurt. I prefer high-rise but honestly I think low-rise jeans probably fit chubbier people because it isn’t too constricting on their stomachs

No. 887273

>scottish meme videos
I'm intrigued, please share some.

No. 887276

We're probably all slightly anemic because we're women of a menstruating age

Anemia gang

No. 887285

That actually makes a lot of sense anon! I wonder if there's anything we can do to prevent this from happening. I've never been diagnosed with anemia, but I'm vegetarian and don't take supplements (unless power water counts as a supplement lol) so I wouldn't be surprised if my iron is low. Not to be dramatic, but it happened to me last night after a shower and I felt like I was about to fucking die.

No. 887288

keep the door open, take a few breaks during your shower and breathe. oh and if you feel like you're about to pass out, sit down on the floor

No. 887303

File: 1629482196819.jpeg (193.62 KB, 750x692, B23485C5-1A0F-4A14-91EF-D12376…)

I’m certainly no doctor or dietitian but you should probably go and get your blood tested just to be sure about your levels. I’m also definitely not a vegan or vegetarian but I found this site that stated some good sources of iron. https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/nutrition-and-health/nutrients/iron
Maybe you can make some delicious soup out of some of these ingredients, especially the lentil?

No. 887307

Same. Happens to my sister too. I think it's the heat/steam and sometimes when I don't eat for hours before showering

No. 887321

Sometimes what you guys argue about on here makes no sense at all. I popped into the Things you Hate thread and all I see is some anons saying another anon has no proof for puff sleeves being bad or something

No. 887324

you have to provide sources to justify your taste in fashion apparently. i hate autists

No. 887328

It's an anon who thinks some puff sleeves are bad but some are good, but won't share the good ones. I want to see the pretty puff sleeves!

No. 887331

this place is slowly turning into Reddit

No. 887332

No way, I'm downvoting this comment.

No. 887337

>keep the door open
can't do that if you live with family, unless they're the hippie kind

No. 887359

Thank you both! I'll keep these in mind and try to get a blood test at some point

No. 887371

My youtube stopped saving my watched videos in my history. Apparently you can only fix this with disabling the ad block but I do not want to …

No. 887375

but the little girl got abandoned by her brothers and or her dad, and they ran away to Europe

No. 887379

I have adblock and youtube still plays ads. fucking sucks and no matter what I do nothing will fix it

No. 887383

The father clearly dies in the video but more importantly, why are you like this?

No. 887385

I have uBlock Origin for goodle chrome and it works like charm on all sites! Just checked it and yes it is the adblock but after clicking on a vid without it, I had all the previously watched vids in my history.

No. 887417

File: 1629486573185.png (74.51 KB, 684x570, jjjjjj.png)

My theory is sperg anon is pissing at your for ruining the "vibe" which is a dumbass sentiment in itself. It's the dumbass shit thread not the happy feels baby jr thread

No. 887421

File: 1629486804046.jpg (183.66 KB, 590x592, _M0_9064.jpg)

I'm normally not self conscious in public bathrooms because it's… a bathroom to do my business, but I suddenly felt self conscious just now in my office's bathroom because someone came in while I was peeing but I was just peeing so much aaaaa. I drink a fuck ton of water everyday at work so of course I have a lot of pee but it just kept going for so long lol

No. 887423

It's because scrotes were posting CP and the thumbnail is of a child.

No. 887424

did you accidentally pause history?

No. 887426

Babe please don't tell me you use adblock/plus?

No. 887427

. . .whats wrong with it

No. 887432

I use ublock
apparently youtube is piloting some impenetrable anti-ad shit for some people

No. 887435

No, it is the adblock tho.
Because this:
>Some people fixed this problem by removing the YouTube ad-blocker they previously installed on their browser or phone. Ad-blockers and privacy extensions are known to interfere with the scripts of the web pages you’re visiting. For example, ad-blockers can block the URLs that YouTube uses for history tracking (s.youtube.com, and video-stats.l.google.com). Whitelist these URLs or disable your ad-blockers and check the results.

Again, I use uBlock Origin and it was working up until the day before yesterday.

I think they want to push their ad-free Subscription that you have to pay for. Got an ad for it on yt but my ad blocker blocked it straight away lol

No. 887436

File: 1629487787130.jpg (399.18 KB, 848x1200, 66270_2_122_1014lo-gthumb-gwda…)

Might be better to stupid questions thread. UK anons, is this a morph? I swear I can see Tulisa's face. Why does she look weird?

No. 887437

*ask in the stupid qs thread. And by weird I mean different, obviously she looks pretty kek.

No. 887439

Cheryl cole?

No. 887441

File: 1629488043212.png (147.36 KB, 483x310, help.png)

My throat is so dry if I talk I'll die

No. 887442

looks like whatever magazine page this was scanned from is bleeding through

No. 887464

ABP still takes your private data and shows you "personalized ads" instead of ads from whatever website you're using. ublock origin does the proper job.

No. 887469

Some spider had babies in my bathroom.

The nerve of her.

No. 887475

They eat other bugs, anon, let her and her kids be

No. 887480

But spiders are the only bugs I mind having in the house lol

No. 887493

You have to be strong, anon

No. 887501

Is that rat from the thread’s pic real? I want to touch it.

No. 887502

i never see anyone sperg about nasolabial folds anymore. what happened

No. 887505

fatty ratty
fatty ratty
fatty ratty

No. 887508

That's only natural isn't it? I bring cold water to drink into the shower with me. It helps me cool down so I don't get faint.

No. 887509

They got old enough to get nasolabial folds

No. 887524

I'm loving lolcow today, all the autists are here

No. 887529

File: 1629492861847.png (219.12 KB, 800x615, d9f8b76590431761c5b592f02848fb…)

we're missing someone..

No. 887531

Finally, the nights are getting cold afain. This means perfect temperature for sleeping but also too cold for the neighbors to have long ass and loud balcony and garden parties until the early morning hours.

No. 887535

File: 1629493401472.gif (985.82 KB, 244x293, farmer.gif)

I never left, nona

No. 887547

I saw an ad on the subway and it said something like "ready to cure your ED?" with a vague stock photo and I thought "oh wow, they're just going to have ads encouraging recovery for eating disorders? never seen that before!" but I went to the website to check it out (not anachan, was just curious) and it was for fucking erectile dysfunction ugh

No. 887548

How come there isn't a swans lake disney movie yet? First I thought Tchaikovsky did a Tolkien, but he died about thirty years before even the very first disney movie came out, so it's probably not that.

No. 887550

crytyping is fun

No. 887551

File: 1629494221178.jpg (22.42 KB, 212x317, barbie.jpg)

Because they couldn't top this masterpiece.

No. 887562

Made pasta out of scratch today, it was all chewy and probably undercooked because it was so thick. I'm still full though.

No. 887567

Ngl i would love to be a giant if i had that waist. God gives and god takes i guess.

No. 887568

I already don't really like imageboard lingo, but for some reason, recently whenever I see "based" it just annoys me. I get why people use it (hell, I just saw 2 posts I could've replied with based to) but when I see it all I can think is "Ugh, not again".

No. 887572

Internet lingo got on my nerves too. I hate how repetitive it is. I have a friend that has never said an original joke, ever. He just repeats dumb reddit and 4chan memes.

No. 887575

File: 1629495506429.png (131.29 KB, 245x382, Screenshot 2021-06-02 4.54.59 …)

I tried to post on lolcow earlier but it said I was permabanned and I was so sad and confused, but then I realized I had a proxy on.


No. 887582

what's your bmi

No. 887586

File: 1629496525776.png (180.7 KB, 820x690, wtf.png)

I can't watch streamers/YouTubers like I used to anymore. I don't know if it's because I'm growing up, but whenever I try watching a video or a stream I think to myself what the fuck am I doing watching this person sit in front of a camera? How the hell did I consume so much of this shit as a child..?

No. 887589

nta but my bmi is 19.5 and i don't have a waist either…

No. 887591

Why are there so many black people larping on second life and imvu

No. 887605

File: 1629497345351.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, NONNY.png)

I'm 6' tall too! I love heels on other women and even own a few pairs but never wear them out bc too self conscious, rip

No. 887653

File: 1629499739656.jpg (373.9 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210820-194538_Spo…)

I hate that spotify keeps recommending me this shit.
I think this is because I listened to a few tatu songs but I wish it would just go away

No. 887657

ok but no4 from the top is a classic

No. 887679

there’s an anon who keeps typing
everything in all lowercase like this
with line breaks like this
and it just makes me think of rupi kaur
or other tumblr poetry

No. 887688

I was about to eat, but I just saw a pic of Isabella's toe fungus and now idk if I can do it anymore. I don't even know why I was in her thread

No. 887691

File: 1629504410154.jpeg (767.81 KB, 1465x828, 48936446-576F-484F-908F-F8F6DC…)

I started watching some video about the history of menstruation but I had to turn it off because it was so gross hearing about the shit women used to shove up their vaginas as makeshift tampons, such as paper and wool…

No. 887693

File: 1629504486581.jpg (184.25 KB, 900x1163, venetta_by_gillesgrimoin_d3bfc…)

I stumbled upon a summer dress on some auction site and for some reason I really want it, even though it's not really my style. It's pink, in that certain warm shade that sky has at dusk, printed with vintage yellow roses and has a very romantic feel overall. I can't imagine wearing it more than once, but on the other hand it reminds me of some long faded summer evening that never was and will never be, in a world that no longer exists.

Besides, it's kinda frumpy.

No. 887698

File: 1629504810767.jpg (35.97 KB, 450x450, 61KtWsPWqbL._AC_SS450_.jpg)

This reminded me of those sea sponge tampons. I don't get why someone would rather use this instead of a cup. I mean, I get that cups are plastic and eventually need to be thrown away, but it's still so much better than a sponge

No. 887700

Buy it anon, you might love it once you try it on! It's not like you need to buy a bunch of other things to go with it if it's just a dress.

No. 887708

Get it, it seems like you already love it. It doesn't have to go with your current wardrove, having a set stile is overrated

No. 887710

It's wild to me that eight and nine year olds get periods nowadays, usually in Western countries. I got mine at fifteen (normal for where I lived) and it was already shitty, can't imagine how a little kid in second grade would feel.

No. 887713

Just makes me sad that women's health has been neglected and is still neglected today.

No. 887760

Ugh, right? So glad I have my special chair just for freebleeding. Comfortable and good for the environment.

No. 887779

I don't really care about diversity in media but I'm glad that Marvel decided to cast different ethnicities for the Eternals. It would have been weird to have a group of powerful white people defend humanity and help its civilisations flourish…

Also lol at the Iraqis being played by Indians.

Couldn't find a thread for capeshit in /m/ so I'm posting this here

No. 887781

Jesus I read wood instead of wool kek

No. 887783

File: 1629513064629.jpg (78.73 KB, 760x913, 29e41fbedb12dc731fa57fb6722f2c…)


No. 887784

Reported. Do not visit /snow/ if you're sensitive to seeing dead animals.

No. 887787

File: 1629513477547.jpeg (255.28 KB, 850x547, FF16F6D4-49D2-409C-9D95-17A562…)

To get rid of homepage gore until mods remove it (feel free to delete these posts when the gore is gone!)

No. 887788

File: 1629513495052.jpg (659.98 KB, 1024x678, A_frosty_Ludlow.jpg)

Dead humans too. You know I had an instinctual feeling it was there but talked myself out of it. Weird.

No. 887789

File: 1629513498136.jpeg (401.06 KB, 596x921, 126C9E24-C859-4053-AD7A-F8266C…)

No. 887791

File: 1629513561247.jpeg (209.93 KB, 850x547, 1077C5D8-2ACF-4B83-82F6-E99EC1…)

No. 887792

File: 1629513680830.jpg (69.83 KB, 672x1024, da7zw0h-7446ee05-eb31-4ade-b7e…)

Anon wtf is this loli shit. Gross.

No. 887793

File: 1629513706385.png (697.43 KB, 990x657, tube.png)

No. 887796

File: 1629513804567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.94 KB, 250x300, nice cock.jpg)

No. 887798

at least post good idolshit anime. jk doesn't exist

No. 887800

File: 1629513979849.jpg (844.03 KB, 848x1200, 62456929_p0.jpg)

No. 887801

File: 1629513994373.png (494.5 KB, 1280x824, 67097E16-E709-4348-BD29-AE1BD5…)

Don’t call her mean names here is a kirarin if you like tall girls she’s 6’1

No. 887802

File: 1629514049644.jpg (98.45 KB, 1024x976, 20201205_235510.jpg)

No. 887804

File: 1629514092072.jpeg (203.7 KB, 1000x1422, A8B3761A-CEA7-4EDB-85F2-1A4E0E…)

No. 887805

File: 1629514113298.jpg (22.73 KB, 567x400, 20200720_221438.jpg)

No. 887810

Looks as if it's gone now.

No. 887811

File: 1629514438549.png (895.14 KB, 1024x768, 87z53.png)

lol she's ugly

No. 887814

Moid anime

No. 887815

and your waifubait isn't?

No. 887817

File: 1629515604614.jpg (40.85 KB, 526x583, strong but sensitive.jpg)

Is it over?

No. 887819

No. 887826

File: 1629517134097.gif (2.52 MB, 320x218, 5230108D-769C-472E-811A-DC9FEB…)

only state men should be in are tears and excruciating pain

No. 887827

File: 1629517238578.jpeg (282.81 KB, 1400x2048, EoKGYb3UwAMTrs2.jpeg)

No, Kirarin is wonderful.
Keep up the good work, ankiraP.

No. 887828

not gonna lie I rather see the gore than see that loli shit, what the hell is wrong with you anon?

No. 887829

i wonder how many males have jerked off to that

No. 887830

The spam is over, you can stop posting shit anime now.

No. 887833

File: 1629517786382.jpeg (135.79 KB, 1110x1110, E9KV1Y7VUAcxjTN.jpeg)

I know. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate a fellow farmer who likes im@s.

No. 887871

File: 1629524340807.jpg (131.69 KB, 1080x1080, 2938175.jpg)

Keep stalking.

No. 887893

I like cats because they are so weird and funny they never fail to make me perplexed and amused. My Cat Mo used to eat bread and would bite through the wrapper of a loaf so we had to get a special cupboard.

No. 887894

I also think birds r funny lol

No. 887898

my cat does that too. i had to put mine in the fridge. he will eat thru plastic to get to bread, tortilla wrap, everyhing. craves the wheat

No. 887899

i had to put my bread in my fridge I mean not the cat

No. 887909

File: 1629530758728.jpg (11.33 KB, 298x339, 50dda8d0262a1c44d0f84500ee2ba0…)

So I guess this site's basically over huh

No. 887912

It is.

No. 887918

I'm sad. I wish I had the skill or the money to keep the website running.

No. 887920

I didn't think it was really gonna happen. I hate it here with every fiber of my being, but I'm gonna miss this place when it shuts down just because Admin doesn't want to give the site to a farmer or whatever. I don't even use any other imageboards or KF so this will be it for me

No. 887922

do you really think it's over? I don't hang out in the discord or anything, so I was hoping other people might have a better sense of how solid the leads were for the potential admin candidates

No. 887923

they are such bizarre creatures, mine has a foot fetish now out of nowhere, she'll smell my feet with the most euphoric expression on her face and then get up and walk away like she wasn't just being a degenerate moments before.

No. 887928

this sucks. Where am I gonna sperg and ask for anonymous advice on extremely specific and personal things: I'll miss you girls. Meet me at crystal coffee

No. 887930

I think it could be. I don't browse the discord so idk what's being discussed there right now, but it's not looking good. Maybe I'm just dumb, but some of the stuff in the meta post just didn't make very much sense. Like, if Admin has multiple admin candidates, then how is she putting all her eggs in one basket? And if she's waiting till the end of the year to see if she will hand the site over to someone else, then why would she stop paying the server bill now? If no one donates then what?
Sorry, reposting!

No. 887934

how much does the server bill cost? i’m a retard who doesn’t know how to use discord lol

No. 887935

does it mean we will have to manually save all cow threads via archive.is? That's fucking awful

No. 887938

My understanding of it is that this Admin took over because LC needs new site software if it's to survive in the long term. The current site software is based on vichan which is ancient. Most other image boards use much newer software such as Open IB or Lynxchan. Migrating an image board to new site software is a difficult job that requires the ability to code.

Admin was in the process of doing this and even posted pictures of her progress in the meta threads. It never happened because I think she got sick of dealing with discord autists and the hate she got from pinkpill/manhate/gc spergs.

Personally I think she's been the best admin we've had so far and it's a shame that we've lost someone competent because a group of speds couldn't handle to being told to post in the correct thread.

No. 887940

I don't get why admin wouldn't hand the site over to someone else?

No. 887941

Maybe there's noone to hand it over to?

No. 887942

Idk actually. I just popped in there to try and check for you, but the only channels I have available for me are in "Newfag's Haven", so I can't even find any posts about this. Admin has said it's surprisingly cheap before though.
That make's sense, thank you anon. I agree that Admin isn't as bad as some anons make her out to be, but I'm just kind of disappointed this could be the end here

No. 887944

> I think she's been the best admin we've had so far

No. 887949

The update will most likely happen before ownership is transferred.
€90 monthly now
Nobody competent has applied to my knowledge, just cows trying to gain control to delete their threads. I don't mind handing it over whatsoever.

No. 887951

File: 1629535301530.jpg (157.66 KB, 1920x1080, 1572821757973.jpg)

Where do we go now? this is the only place on the internet i enjoy. At least all my cringe-posting will be erased forever.

No. 887955

We will colonize crystal.cafe

No. 887956

Aren't there trannies on CC?

No. 887957

I told you, we will colonize it

No. 887958

CC is pretty much dead which is a shame

No. 887959

What exactly are an admin's responsibilities? How much tech related knowledge one must have? And another probably stupid question but can an admin still post in threads as a regular farmer?
kek there's an idea

No. 887964

It's only dead because the admin keep handing out permanent bans to random users. I'm sick of stepping around it, a lot of people on the site are sick of stepping around it, just let the site die because they're clearly insisting on killing it

No. 887973

Isnt that pic from Happy Sugar Life aka loli anime?

No. 887974

It's really easy to evade bans especially with gore posters

No. 888002

I just overhead a woman discusd the history of her ONS at a starbucks. I kept wondering wtf is she getting out of random scrotes fucking her

No. 888016

You have got to be male.

No. 888026

>Happy Sugar Life
god this shit's even worse than the idol anime based on the premise alone

No. 888028

I'm in love with a local celebrity and idk how I'm going to marry him but I will

No. 888031

I honestly can't blame admin for pulling the plug with the state of this site recently, I'd drop out too.

No. 888037

File: 1629546973155.jpg (710.53 KB, 828x1053, 2014.jpg)

going there and staying I've had enough of this shit hasta la vista nonas

No. 888039

I unironically miss this

No. 888042

File: 1629547435592.jpg (161.33 KB, 719x898, Screenshot_20210821-130233_Mes…)

No. 888043

I absolutely hated all of this. I feel like I'm too old to understand 2010s nostalgia.

No. 888044

This reminded me of the whole ‘pale’ tumblr aesthetic lol, I did like that.. at the time

No. 888050

Remember when the Billie situation in the Onion thread hit the fan in 2018? Those were the good old times

No. 888052

No. 888055

based im@s anon


No. 888057

Thank you

No. 888072

> I think she got sick of dealing with discord autists and the hate she got from pinkpill/manhate/gc spergs

I’m sort of glad that this website might shut down so we don’t have to deal with idiots like you.

No. 888081

File: 1629553073680.png (22.54 KB, 2560x1707, kr.png)

>onlyfans announces it'll stop dealing with porn, causing thousands of thots to lose their livelihood
>very next day lolcow admin doesn't want the website anymore and is trying to find some sucker to hand it off to

No. 888096

Please teach me your witchy way lolcow witches so I can hex my genetics teacher thank you

No. 888097

what does South Korea have to do with this?

No. 888101

You don't think the loli poster's male? I didn't think women would be into >>887791
Gross if true.

No. 888116

Thanks for posting this nonnie you just introduced me to 3teeth and I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. Steampunk robotnik is pretty hot too.

No. 888135

Is it just me, or are some anons using the Woke Journalist thread as an excuse to bait and argue about race?

No. 888144

yeah its definitely a moid. the art is waifu-bait for lolicons, ew.

No. 888148

I think the anon who diagnosed that thread as being hurt white women who got baited by a polfag is correct. I wish it would get locked, but the necessary amount of retardation for making that happen seems pretty arbitrary.

No. 888150

File: 1629560557655.png (5.91 MB, 2048x2048, E4wKdzBVgAI-PXu.png)

Hell yeah I'm glad
If you all want to see more of him you should check his twitter account there's lots of nice pictures. Sadly he has a horrible beard sometimes and is a gun nut. But he's nice he shares all fanart no matter how bad.

No. 888153

To a certain degree, but it's just impossible to talk about them without that popping up. They two are too intertwined.

No. 888155

I stg the next time some idol loli shit gets posted i'm dumping/alternating between komaeda and poopsie pics. hopefully jannies won't mistake me for the OG komaeda/poopsie anon

No. 888156

I mean yeah I agree, but some of the posts (especially the more recent ones) aren't even related to the thread subject at all.

No. 888159

I spent forver the other day looking for tampons in my mum's drawers and bathroom getting irritated that I couldn't find a single one before it dawned on me that she's going through the menopause now. Idk how I forgot kek

No. 888163

very cute but it's in a net? its meant to be in the ocean nonny

No. 888165

I'm british and I've never had a problem understanding any american accents on any movie or tv show as far as I can remember

to me it looks like Cheryl Cole but now you mention Tulisa it looks like her too. I never reaslied how similar they look, wow

well at least your spoilered this cock anon

No. 888170

File: 1629563106308.jpeg (84.5 KB, 933x933, B30D3A98-BEC6-45E8-B8EA-CF24FC…)

my tumtum hurts

No. 888175

me too :((

No. 888177

Yes and they need a months long ban.

No. 888194

File: 1629565058325.jpg (31.54 KB, 486x631, yul brynner.jpg)

Holy shit. Is this it? The cure for my old cowboy fever?

No. 888201

Wow that's even dumber than what I guessed

No. 888271

There's a pharmacy near my house that sells a small selection of baby gifts like rattles, comforters and plush. I bought a lil soft toy as a gift for a friends baby. I noticed it smelled really good. I bought another toy in there again for that baby and it had the same smell despite it being a different brand of toy. It's something in the store that's being sprayed on maybe? Or its picking up the smell?

Anyway, long story short I bought myself one and I can't stop huffing the mystery smell

No. 888272

File: 1629569913468.jpg (3.31 MB, 4624x3468, Wat.jpg)

That's not a potto that's a tarsier

No. 888275

>that one anon still triggered over innocent idol shit pics hours later
it's time to move on anon

No. 888299

No. 888311

I remember seeing this exact image in a book once when I was a kid and it scared the living shit out of me because I assumed that the potto/tarsier? was human sized and it was grasping onto a regular sized tree

No. 888349

File: 1629572969764.jpg (51.19 KB, 399x600, R.jpg)

Sorry for image dump but you can see how large/long the legs are in proportion to body, they can leap 20 feet

No. 888352

File: 1629573044778.jpg (57.29 KB, 474x711, OIP(1).jpg)

No. 888354

File: 1629573161150.jpg (47.55 KB, 474x711, OIP.jpg)

No. 888356

File: 1629573323004.jpg (142.85 KB, 768x1024, tarsier-hand-comparison.jpg)

This one is a Phillipine Tarsier, top 3 are horsfield's/western tarsiers, my favorite. But they're all pretty similar in size and appearance. Horsfield have the least social behavior and are maybe dumber but I like the look the best

No. 888357

File: 1629573436807.jpg (1.44 MB, 1000x1414, DnJR4K4U8AAkdOU.jpg)

I'm sorry I made you upset, anon. Maybe you could give it a try and download Starlight Stage, we have over idols who are over 20 years old. Plus the 6th anniversary is approaching and we're having free pulls!

No. 888368

File: 1629573772986.jpg (65.21 KB, 474x634, OIP(2).jpg)

This one is a potto, they have smaller eyes and are from africa. They are bigger than tarsiers but are still small animals, maybe about the size of a cat or smaller.

No. 888389

Is it worth buying a hoodie that costs 48$? I can't decide. It is really expensive but it looks lovely.

No. 888460

File: 1629580177364.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 949.66 KB, 1242x1487, 1629574827533.jpeg)

I didn't want to derail the actual thread with this, but
>Make Him Feel Bigger
They literally admit what the whole "innie pussy" meme is really about right there, lmao. Men's own insecurity, and the desire to blame women for not babying them.

No. 888470

Yes and?

No. 888474

If it’s good quality, go for it! Hoodies actually get a lot of use, so spending more for a nice one is totally worth it

No. 888478

File: 1629581680260.jpg (61.83 KB, 700x700, HMMMMM.jpg)

Listening to Linkara's Christmas Album, and I can't stop laughing at the cover photo. He doesn't sound bad, his lisp just comes out occasionally and it makes me giggle

No. 888488

This almost looks cute, like a big lancome juicy tube for your pussy. Shame that it’s supposed to make your labia fall off

No. 888492

File: 1629583024112.png (184.5 KB, 1104x221, sdfghjiojgfd.png)


No. 888502

Yes, the quality of the material is top notch and personally I really like hoodies and I wear them often!
Thanks anon, I'll buy it, and if I don't like it, I have 30 days to return!

No. 888543

Cringe. Who walks up to, hugs and selfies with a stranger without asking them first or even talking to them? She doesn't even understand what's going on, but knows she doesn't want to miss out on it. Men's comments predictable as ever. She's adorable! So cute! Whatever lol. If she were ugly they'd rip into her for being an opportunistic bimbo.

No. 888576

all these teenagers bullshitting their daily doings… shut the fuck up we all know you do jack shit just like everyone else, these routines are purely for the camera

No. 888600

in my head board-tan is a delinquent archetype + farm girl at the same time, she says "ORAORAORA" a lot and does slav squats outside the barn

No. 888610

File: 1629594912723.png (1.12 MB, 1600x1200, imagen_2021-08-21_201450.png)

I think spikevegeta is kinda cute, I love his deep voice

No. 888653

I think some rich kids really do live like this

No. 888715

I think I'm having art envy and artblock at the same time. What the hell.

No. 888965

I’m gonna do it! I just want to wait a few days because I have a couple of things to do this week that I don’t want to look like an idiot during lol. I’m so excited to have cool eyebrows (hopefully).

No. 888995

I can't decide whether they are cute or creepy

No. 889048

I was loving the cringe ass "Jerma DollHouse stream" but the sexy maid bits were annoying, mostly because of the chat.

No. 889060

Yay!!!! Tell us how it goes

No. 889086

I'm lactose intolerant and accidentally bought the regular sugar free one. Which I ate just now. Pray for me nonnies

No. 889098

File: 1629644181301.jpg (44.17 KB, 451x451, 6800964e-f3e0-409d-a935-7e8f1d…)

This site deserves to die there's too many butthurt wypipo on this website for it to be funny anymore

No. 889102

samefag lmao forgot an essential info: it's yoghurt

No. 889106

Why do you keep posting this in multiple threads? This site was literally made by two white people (Shoe0nHead and her simp, Ian). Just go to Twitter.

No. 889111

File: 1629644562188.png (192.66 KB, 357x360, 6955C450-F79F-4D47-B719-B3C592…)

no one cares

No. 889116

You cared enough to respond huh
Tf are you talking about this is the only thread I posted this in calm down schizo

No. 889117

I have a shit ton of "what's in my bag" videos recommended on youtube and all the Japanese and Korean ones are stupid as fuck, why would you bring huge pouches full of makeup with you at all time? It's not even small pouches with just one tube of mascare, one tube of lipstick, etc. they always have several lipsticks, their fondation, the entire thing.

No. 889121

Sure it is. Anyway, just go already if it's so unfunny

No. 889125

kek that made me laugh

No. 889143

Your white boyfriends pissed you off again, huh?

No. 889145

NTA but what kind of a read is this kek

No. 889149

A whole lotta pee oh sees who bitch about the white devil end up dating basic mayonnaise men.

No. 889153

File: 1629648355372.jpg (119.98 KB, 489x973, jjhhhg.jpg)

fat people with small feet look so fucking weird it's like they were always about to fall over

No. 889155

File: 1629648385434.png (188.04 KB, 1692x560, lsa.png)

kek they hate us not the men. sometimes they're honest.

No. 889158

samefag before I get omg that's one user! no it's everywhere. We mock you back for 2 seconds and you're losing it kek.

No. 889161

theres been an influx of brownies since the succulentbud drama and creepshow. the board may need a little racism to weed some of the annoying ones out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 889166

No I get that, but without knowing that they're a twitter-tier woke hypocrite it doesn't super make sense. This is lolcow, everyone has a white boyfriend

No. 889176

I'll have you know MANY of us are committed to the femcel lifestyle

No. 889208

neither one of my boyfriends are white, thank you berry much

No. 889218

File: 1629652132357.jpg (127.93 KB, 694x950, had.jpg)

>Iranian propaganda - The 5 races of Iran united under Khomeini
From top to bottom

No. 889343

I love low calorie snacks because I get to go completely feral on them. Gonna take alternating bites out of my two giant handfuls of skinny pop like a cartoon character with two apples

No. 889350

I think only the same 20 people are on here I refuse that there are about a 100+ users here there has to be at least 50 of the same people this is fucking me up

No. 889355

If this was a game I would play it

No. 889361

>fiancée gets recommended a hontrapoints vid by libfemmy friends
>we wonder what the big fuss is about, say that maybe we should give him a fair go as neither one of us have watched a vid of his before
>ok sure, maybe we should be more open minded, we're not gonna laugh because he's a tranny, we'll listen to his ideology and ideas
>put on his latest video
>it's nearly two fucking hours long
>"anon you said we'd be give him a go and be serious about this!"
>ok fine whatever
>press play
>both start laughing the minute he starts talking with that faggoty fucking voice he thinks sounds like a womans
>laughing so hard we can barely hear him speak
>"why is doing those hand gestures? wait, did he just call himself a milf? nah fuck this, anon i take it back, i'm not giving this fucker a chance"
>click off just 34 seconds into the video and return to our natural terven state

No. 889363

File: 1629659298016.gif (349.73 KB, 500x374, 59b.gif)

all of hontra's videos are just him jerking himself off over what a "trap" he thinks he is whilst looking like kelly from the old liam kyle sullivan videos

No. 889364

KEK, my fiancée was saying how his voice reminded her of the shoes song guy and now we've got that song stuck in our heads, it's still a banger tho.

No. 889367

My Husband hates him even more then I do, not cause of the Troon factor but cause he despises that rich pretentious fucker talking about leftism and getting Marxist theory dead wrong

No. 889369

Man, it took me almost a month to forget this song, now I gotta listen to it again

No. 889371

Please do not post my man on the Internet. Thank you.

No. 889376

I'm fuckable but I'm not pretty. There is a difference. I smell nice, I'm soft and fucking me is a pleasant experience but I'm not the kind of girl most people would be proud to show off.

No. 889378

Please love yourself nona

No. 889381

I’ve been on this site for idk how long and I can’t remember exactly what brought me here. I have a sick, gnawing suspicion that it might of been Ember Whann

No. 889389

i am tired of telling yt to stop recommending me his shit videos. I dont't even watch political content on youtube.

No. 889396

I sold a book secondhand on a platform similiar to ebay with the payment going through the payment platform the website uses instead of straight through the bank. I got a notification that the buyer paid but I told her that I want to wait until the money's actually transferred to my bank account ,which should be tomorrow evening at latest, just to be safe before I ship it and that I'll ship it by Wednesday at latest (if the money isn't in my bank account by tomorrow morning I won't have time to go to the post office again untill wednesday). Now the buyer's mad that I've "put her on hold". I don't really see the problem? We didn't discuss any shipping times beforehand nor has she mentioned she needs the book asap so even if I got the payment in my bank account already, she couldn't just have assumed I am actually able to go to the post office first thing tommorow anyway. I have a job and things planned too after all. So it effectively makes no differce in my mind whether I go to the post office on wednesday because I wanted to wait for the payment to come through or simply because I couldn't go to the post office sooner and waiting for shipment for max 3 days doesn't seem unreasonable. Am I wrong?

No. 889422

File: 1629665318865.jpg (10.4 KB, 323x367, hadiths.jpg)

>Mohammed Amin al-Husseini (Arabic: محمد أمين الحسيني;[5] c. 1897[6][7] – 4 July 1974) was a Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader in Mandatory Palestine.

>During World War II he collaborated with both Italy and Germany by making propagandistic radio broadcasts and by helping the Nazis recruit Bosnian Muslims for the Waffen-SS (on the ground that they shared four principles: family, order, the leader and faith). Also, as he told the recruits, Germany had not colonized any Arab country while Russia and England had.

>The Mufti opposed all immigration of Jews into Palestine, and during the war he campaigned against the transfer of Jewish refugees to Palestine. No evidence has been forthcoming to show he was opposed to transferring Jews to countries outside the Middle East.[213] The Mufti's numerous letters appealing to various governmental authorities to prevent Jewish refugees from emigrating to Palestine have been republished and widely cited as documentary evidence of his participative support for the Nazi genocide.

>The Mufti collaborated with the Germans in numerous sabotage and commando operations in Iraq, Transjordan, and Palestine, and repeatedly urged the Germans to bomb Tel Aviv[221] and Jerusalem 'in order to injure Palestinian Jewry and for propaganda purposes in the Arab world', as his Nazi interlocutors put it. The proposals were rejected as unfeasible.[210]

>Al-Husseini's first biographer, Moshe Pearlman, described him as virulently antisemitic,[282] as did, a decade and a half later, Joseph Schechtman.[283] There is no doubt Husseini became robustly judeophobic and convinced himself, using arguments based on Biblical, Talmudic, and Quranic passages, that Jews were enemies of God, engaged in a global conspiracy

My question is why does this mf look like Ryan Gosling ?

No. 889426

Is she still a forbidden topic?

No. 889428

I'm gonna start a new conspiracy theory with this pic by saying Ryan Gosling is a time traveller.

No. 889433

Don't sweat it anon, the customer's just being dumb. As long as your shipping time falls within any guidelines set by your selling platform, you can probably safely ignore this idiot.

No. 889503

This song is always stuck in my head. Fuuuug

No. 889509

No we don’t, racist

No. 889515

Pancakes are HIGHLY overrated. I'm about to go make some though, cause I have nothing else to eat

No. 889519

File: 1629676267954.jpeg (69.59 KB, 650x650, A34FDABB-1769-498F-9490-9E52E7…)

embrace your inner fat american and make a funnel cake with the pancake batter

No. 889525

Good idea anon! I haven't had fair food in so long. If I have powdered sugar I'll probably make it. speaking of fair food, I want a caramel apple so bad

No. 889528

world is mine is 13 years old guys if it were a person it'd be in middle school now

No. 889534

holy fuck when did we get so old

No. 889535

>that rich pretentious fucker talking about leftism and getting Marxist theory dead wrong
they pretty much all are rich and pretentious

No. 889578

I swear the older women in my family are offended that I don't care about male attention. When I was fat they were upset and now that I'm much thinner they are upset because it's a waste to not be feminine. They say this shit all the while I've been in a relationship with the same man for almost 10 years who they see treat me well and obviously finds me attractive.

No. 889579

I just saw Lucinda's face on the homepage and it scared the SHIT out of me

No. 889583

honestly think this site being shut down would do a world of good for many users mental health. sheesh

No. 889590

Cope anon, the pure autism just makes us stronger

No. 889593

I've always found this shit weird, when I stopped shaving female family were constantly ragging on me. Male family was silent. Maybe it's crabs in a bucket mentality.

No. 889594

File: 1629687195792.png (481.04 KB, 599x738, magespace.png)

All these fucking komaeda anons and no izuru anons?? What the fuck??

No. 889597

thank you for proving my point

No. 889600

I don't have any friends left because of the pandemic and i can't visit family neither. I also hate trannies and scrotes, there's no place for me on the internet besides lolcow. If lolcow goes down my main source of socialization will effectively disappear.

No. 889608

it isn't healthy to live your entire life on an imageboard, anon. i actually highly doubt the site will disappear though, purely because there are so many anons who depend on this site as much as you do and will pony up money to keep it afloat

No. 889611

File: 1629688242390.jpg (75.08 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mrpn7en63A1qcmpnao2_500…)

You bitches need to shush

No. 889612

I’m k drunk Can’t find drink thread …..

No. 889614


No. 889618

No. 889621

based, I want it to shut down this place has caused me too much stress

No. 889622

Then leave no one's stopping you

No. 889624

I though Aquaphine was just a skinwalker but unsurprising she's a pick-me. I hate this fucking bitch so much. There's no such thing as a busted pussy like what she thinks. It's scrote levels of knowledge about female anatomy.

No. 889625

no, not until it’s gone for everyone nonny

No. 889636

File: 1629692296909.jpeg (113.97 KB, 871x571, 72A85014-1F19-48C7-A8EF-F2F719…)

The original fujo bait, they were definitely fucking not different from the racist gay men I see all the time online

No. 889647

That sounds like a you problem.

No. 889648

File: 1629694194735.png (1.2 MB, 957x1517, mack_attack.png)

ntayrt but jack and Jill went up the hill to Jason Womack of Oklahoma out On the Oil Feilds catching Feels and. Steels Meals on Wheels. Cast appeals, strange curtails. You know. zJUst one of those things I guess

No. 889649

Motts fruit snacks are the best

No. 889651

I know who you are and I know what you did

No. 889653

I ate like 5 packs of fruit snacks that’s what I did

No. 889658

no I don’t think so <3

No. 889660

Idk if I will understand the trust some parents have. When I was 15-17 I lived in a popular tourist destination and tourists would just dump children into my lap because I spoke English (I was recommended on a local message board for foreigners.) I made so much money babysitting during this time but I was always surprised that people would hand a stranger a 5 month old in a foreign country.

No. 889663

the sad truth is a lot of people have kids and don’t actually give a fuck about them at all

No. 889670

Just curious, how did people find you/how did you advertise? Did the message board just pass your contact details around or something?

No. 889671


No. 889674

My family had a reputable business in the town and the town message board was weirdly popular even with visitors.

No. 889675

same anon - people would ask online for a babysitter and people would suggest me and I even got people who told me their friends visited and suggested me and sought me out. I never advertised myself tbh lol.

No. 889678

Wild. You'd think it'd be cheaper for them to leave their babies in their home country with a relative kek. At least you made a ton of money from it anon

No. 889707

I tried a mango body scrub and it felt nice

No. 889733

I really want to get a tattoo of a quote from one of my favorite songs, but when you say the quote out of the context of the song I feel like it sounds stupid. I want to get it on my forearm. I've never gotten a tattoo before. I'm afraid of people either seeing the quote and thinking it's stupid or asking me to explain it and not being able to without sounding dumb. should I do it?

No. 889736

I was scrolling fast and thought this was spaghetti with whipped cream and a strawberry lmao I was like damn people will eat anything

No. 889737

Was it the Body Shop one? Their stuff smells so good

No. 889740

If you're going to be self conscious about it, don't do it. If you're gonna get something permanently inked on your body at the very least you should feel confident about the idea.

No. 889784

I'm dumb and just realized that the general color scheme in Windows can also be set to dark mode. My weakling eyes are very happy and my laptop is looking really metal right now

No. 889818

File: 1629719349624.jpg (498.62 KB, 1071x1088, Screenshot_20210823-134822_Fir…)

Organic shop, but the same stuff I guess. Would recommend, it's also like 3€ and you don't need much for the whole body.

No. 889829

As a tattoo artist, you really should not get a tattoo if you're not 100% sure you like it. Do NOT trust any tattooist that tells you it'll be fine and not to worry: they just want your money and they'll probably end up being scratchers. You could always consider different placings if your main issue is people seeing it and not understanding it. My fiancée and I have matching lyrics tattoos and we purposefully got them on the side of our torso so it's out of sight most of the time. It is painful there, but I like that it's private. Scroll through pinterest or something looking at lyric tattoos or quote tattoos and see if there's other placements you like that won't be on display so much.

No. 889834

My fat dumpy neighbor does nothing but smoke cigs on his balcony and get his kids on the weekend. He isn't even doing anything to me but I'm filled with rage every time I see his stupid face.

No. 889843

it's because he;'s a fatty fatty failure. if he was a meth user you would be filled with another emotion, maybe fear. the absolute failing of this "man" makes you angry because he has thrown away the only thing that makes him useful, a strong body

No. 889844

I did it in May and have kept them like that. I love them!

No. 889872

Nonnies I am buying a house today and I am so excited! I'm not excited about the $50,000 that's gonna be taken out of my bank account though.

No. 889885

File: 1629725194748.png (522.71 KB, 904x679, rusty.png)

This is a real person, his name is really rusty and he's a gamer and totally not a sex offender

No. 889894

that bucket's been rusting for 30 years? better start scrubbin

No. 889901

File: 1629726175451.gif (5.75 MB, 906x636, tumblr_4226283e854b8715a3ae717…)

Ba dum tss

No. 889974

File: 1629732265486.jpg (152.63 KB, 399x600, jtaggart-1.jpg)

There's this one ice cream shop in my city and I am absolutely fucking bonkers for it. I will not shut up about it to my friends and I will absolutely travel out of the way just to go get some.

No. 889977

Happy for you!

No. 889979

what's your fav flavour? i have similar feelings for a local boba place (their purple taro milk tea sluuuurp)

No. 889987

File: 1629733573326.jpeg (519.23 KB, 2880x2304, 31624922-07c6-4500-a028-20c296…)

Most of their flavors are pretty unusual! I try to not get the same flavor twice yet because I want to try them all and all of the ones I've tried so far are so damn good.

The ones I've tried to far are:

-Ooey gooey butter cake: creamy vanilla ice cream is mixed with housemade gobs of St. Louis-style ooey gooey butter cake.
-Meet me on the long meadow: subtle sweet tea ice cream with black currant jam and lemonade-iced cookies
-Hopelessly devoted to moo: old-fashioned vanilla malt ice cream with swirls of chocolate pudding and rich chunks of Brooklyn Blackout cake.
-The hook: burnt sugar ice cream mixed with salty fudge bites and Dutch stroopwafels.

They do have regular flavors like vanilla, strawberries, chocolate, and cookies and cream, but I'm not gonna get them yet lol. I saw they had a vegan lemon and ginger one but they didn't have it anymore when I was back there this past weekend! I tried their mango flavor and raspberry flavor vegan ones and they were good, but I probably won't get them again lol. They have multiple shops and each shop has their own specialty flavor so one day I'll make the trip out to their other shops to try the special flavors…

No. 890017

i tried taro milk tea for the first time like a week ago and its so good, before that i didnt even know such thing as taro exists lol

No. 890022

oh my god, please beam me up and send me to this place

No. 890060

god how do they all sound so heavenly! adopt me pls

No. 890064

File: 1629740304676.png (272.58 KB, 540x304, hahahaha.png)

I've always wanted a curling iron but I learned how to curl with a $14 straightener instead. After nine years the buttons broke. So I got a new curling iron! But it's way hotter than I'm used to and it immediately burned my forehead. It's been like three days and the burn is pinkish red, and my hair isn't as floofy or voluminous as before..

Yes I ordered a new straightener

No. 890071

File: 1629741051619.jpg (377.6 KB, 2048x1799, amplehillsicecreamjpg-8c94e9b4…)

I'm praying for their worldwide domination so you nonnies can try them too one day!!

No. 890080

Its not Fujo bait though, At that time period upper class royal Greek men did used to fuck underage boys, so did the Persians and other kings of the Near east
raping young boys

No. 890112

File: 1629744648314.png (938.65 KB, 1000x1000, STUDIO Mimmi.png)

I don't remember which thread I read some anon saying that she was learning how to "shift" to meet her husbando, but I remember she was describing that when she tried to do it, she started seeing a lot of crazy colors and that she was twitching/shaking and that her eyes were moving (iirc) while she was in a meditative state and such.
The same thing happened to me once when I was actually trying to do WILD (Wake induced lucid dreaming) because I was tired of having nightmares lmao
So yeah, I am thinking now that ""shifting"" is just WILD for teens that think they've traveled to a different dimension. That's why they cry so much on tiktok when they come back, because it's not easy to induce the same dream twice

No. 890118

File: 1629745174898.png (316.54 KB, 1366x657, 9.png)

it's from the shitpost thread

No. 890121

Thanks, nonnette

No. 890134

File: 1629746020992.png (349.83 KB, 600x600, 399481_XOajKzmJ.png)

its official, i like older men
i hate myself

No. 890136

Don't worry nonny, you'll grow out of it.

No. 890140

How old are we talking, octogenarian or less?

No. 890144

>this entire screenshot
This is why I love lolcow

No. 890145

That's okay anon. As long as they are beautiful 500 year old vampires. Otherwise no.

No. 890146

just slightly older, 30-45, its not that huge but it feels gross
>>890136 i hope so because i don't want to be in my mid 40s taking care of the eldry dilf i fell for 20 years ago

No. 890154

Just don't get married young. 30 is the magic number for abusive older scrotes to lose interest and look for younger women. If you and your old dilf are still together and happy by then, you probably won't mind changing his diapers at that point. And if not then you can date men around your own age because they'll finally be attractive to you. I had a phase like that too in my 20s and I'm glad I waited it out.

No. 890165

My parents cancelled our original vacation plans because it was going to end up being way too expensive, so right now we have no plans for what to do when my dad is off from work for the week. We don't have to do anything at all really, but I'd really like to book a hotel and do something with them because it's very rare that my dad gets paid vacation time off and we almost never have family vacations together. Actually, I don't think we've ever had a family vacation in the US together, only when we go back to see family overseas (which feels less like a vacation and more like a chore because family drama). It just feels like a sad waste of he just uses up his whole vacation sleeping at home in front of the TV.

I'd really like to stay somewhere for a night or two. Maybe at a resort that isn't too expensive, or somewhere by the beach.

No. 890181

File: 1629748838446.jpg (33.83 KB, 488x488, hotgirlstuff.jpg)

this stuff is so good

No. 890189

I accidentally touched my pussy after eating these and I thought I was going to die

No. 890191

I'm more of a flaming hot doritos gal myself.

No. 890195

Omfg my sides, anon I'm wheezing

No. 890215

i did that with peanut butter once

No. 890217

That was my post. I've seen a lot of similarities between shifting and lucid dreaming and TikTokers keep saying that it's not the same thing but they never have an actual explanation for why. They just keep repeating that there are infinite realities out there and you can shift to the one you want or that it just feels way "realer" than any dream so it can't be the same thing, which idk but if you've ever had an LD then you would know that it can feel pretty vivid and real.

Thanks for bringing that up because I've never tried WILD or any other LD method similar to that so I had no experience to compare it to how I felt when I was "shifting." When I used to LD it was spontaneously after doing reality checks.

Still gonna keep trying though.

No. 890282

File: 1629755096833.jpg (643.4 KB, 2968x2650, Dustin-VIP-Ireland.jpg)

No. 890289

My mouth watered when I saw that pic anon damn you now I want chips

No. 890290

File: 1629755355230.png (1.73 MB, 1390x900, dwejfherughe.png)

Cancel him now!!

No. 890324

I just wrote 2k words for a new story I'm working on. My other stories combined are around 100k or something idk, but they're trash and I was stuck for so long so imma just leave them alone.
I'm happy with it even though my writing is subpar and most of what I just wrote are very short and disconnected scenes and some char info. Maybe tomorrow I'll write some more.

No. 890333

You are doing everything right, anon! Keep that momentum going and don't worry about if the writing sounds good yet. What's important is getting all your ideas on the page and keep iterating until they feel right, before you start doing any serious editing. That's how the best writers write! You've got this.

No. 890349

File: 1629758864295.jpeg (269.16 KB, 828x604, 32F63D30-F180-4A3D-A06E-176B2D…)

why must I be attacked with the fact that I am shaped like a fridge at every single turn

No. 890351

Do you guys write on docs online or by hand? Online seems more convenient but sometimes I want to draw what a character looks like and the thought of having things in separate places is a pain

No. 890361

File: 1629759481169.jpg (55.35 KB, 390x350, mixed-breed-dogs-coverimage.jp…)

I've been using this new app called "randonautica" which gives you randoms spots for interesting findings, depending on what you're thinking and your mood, you can find nice or scary things. Anyways, firstly, i thought about something "funny and bizarre", when i got to the spot i found a dog like pic related but older, it was a mutt but with cow-like spots and it was also pregnant so it looked like a brown cow, weirdest shit i've seen in a while.

No. 890363

I write online. It is easier to edit and faster to write all your ideas. Also my cat destroyed my dream journal once so I ain't taking any chances again.

No. 890372

A mix of both for me. I use Word to write and edit documents on both my PC and phone, but sometimes I feel like writing by hand or drawing or diagramming out a little something on paper. I take a picture and add it to my Word document. You could do the same with Google and other word processors, it just depends on the workflow you like. Definitely back up all of your handwritten documents online somewhere, whether you retype your notes or just take photos.

No. 890373

some people recommend wroting longhand and retyoing because it engages your brain in a different way. check it out yourself, or google the topic

No. 890385

What is this template called

No. 890388

In my country one can name their female child Daenerys, Hinata, Khaleesi, Ruby-Rose or Vanellope. They can also name a male child Manshit, Sadman, Semen or Sukhdeep.

No. 890397

Isn't that the app that led some people to a dead body?

No. 890401

Imagine being one of the people who named their kid Daenerys or Khaleesi before s8 kek. Sorry you gotta raise dragon hitler now.

No. 890403

File: 1629762353999.jpg (226.6 KB, 700x700, deltaoptical02-1.jpg)

Secondly, i thought about something "attractive", it took me to this Optical shop with a dude wearing glasses on it's advertisement, which is fitting because i do like guys with glasses (a lot).
I mean, if you think about let's say "death", it's going to get you to something at least creepy.

No. 890404

Lol my 15 year cousin tried to hardcore shame me for reading manga online and pirating old DS games. Do kids these days not pirate anything???

No. 890409

Zoomers genuinely have lost the ability to pirate. Sad!

No. 890417

Wasabi theme is so underrated. My new fave

No. 890420

I'm 20 and i'm used to pirate everything, yet the younger genz think pirating is this awful activity, bunch of pussies.

No. 890421

It's bizarre, there seem to be plenty of anons who don't either. People must be under the impression that torrents are difficult or confusion to use, even though all you do is install software and click links.

No. 890422

I think a lot of zoomers interact with the internet predominantly with their phone when not doing school/work stuff, which means that they can't really pirate anything. All those years of media conglomerates biting their nails, and it looks like the problem solved itself lol

No. 890479

When I was a kid my cousin would always sing Mariah Carey’s obsessed to me but she’d change the words around to:
“why you so obsessed with me, girl I wanna know
lying that you texting me when everybody knows’’
Flash forward to now and she doesn’t talk to me anymore. Guess I should’ve taken that song parody as a warning sign haha

No. 890497

>buy deodorant I really like at grocery store for only $5
>I hate white powdery deodorant, it's clear and aluminum free and lasted over a year
>goes to the same store to buy more
>they don't have any
>look on the internet, find out it's discontinued
>someone on amazon is still selling them for $10 each
>I decide to buy 3 because they lasted so long
>package gets here
>it's the wrong deodorant, same brand (secret) and aluminum free but it's white and powdery, it's also lavender scented when I ordered unscented
>also they only sent me 2 when I ordered 3

I'm just annoyed asf, this is why I hate buying shit online, especially amazon since they have done this to me before with a t-shirt I ordered. can't decide if I should just leave a really bad review or contact the seller. contacting the seller never seems to go well for me so I kind of don't want to mess with it and sending things back is probably a pain in the ass (I've never done it before) but I also want my money back

No. 890498

day old post but racism attracts males. We need to increase manhate and troon hate to weed out average twitter users.

No. 890502

I find that amazon is pretty forgiving to buyers so try returning it. I’d be angry as hell if I paid $10 each and it wasn’t what I paid for, and even more angry that they gypped me for not even sending the correct amount of stuff ordered! Get your money back anon, fuck that seller.

No. 890512

my own personal style goal is to look like a ghost. i don't think ghost kei exists so im claiming it, it's gonna be great what could go wrong

No. 890516

samefag i only just now realised the kkk implications after posting this jfc. i want to look ghostly not like a klansman

No. 890528

File: 1629773733039.jpeg (513.23 KB, 1000x1500, AA67FF55-75E2-4F7E-9710-1227F4…)

Use shironuri whiteface makeup from time to time to look like a ghost, nonnie.
Or try stuff like mori-kei so you look kind of like a hobo or kind of like a ghost or like the ghost of a hobo depending on the colors you use for your layers and the quality of the fabrics.

No. 890567

Affordable streaming services pretty much killed piracy off, now most of it is about cracked software. I can guarantee that if you couldn't listen to every album ever on Spotify for 10 bucks a month or digitally rent whichever movie you wanted for like 3 bucks per piece or download a game on steam with a few clicks at a lowered price piracy would've never died. Back in the 00's a lot of piracy advocates were saying this exact thing, if you made media more accessible people wouldn't be pirating it and turns out they were absolutely right. A lot of the attraction wasn't because it was free, it was because pirating was just easier and more convenient than traditional means of buying entertainment.

No. 890570

people actually like paying?

No. 890573

NTA but yeah I like paying for Spotify, the amount of time I save not having to pirate and save music onto my phone makes it totally worth it. I'm a sperg though so I always had to make sure the song data and album art were correct.

No. 890575

>Hey anon here's the deal, either pay an almost insignificant monthly fee to get an access to all content you want on a platform that's maintained and includes customer service and keeps being updated with new content all the time into all of your devices instead of just one.
>Or, you can waddle through shady torrent sites waiting to step on a spyware mine with your torrent if it has active peers seeding it at all, and if you live in Europe you can bet that your ISP will give out your information to third parties to sue you for illegal distributing if you're unlucky enough!
Like said, it's about the convenience, not the price.

No. 890579

File: 1629781358690.jpg (309 KB, 735x1036, Charles.jpg)

Surprised Charles Whitman isn't talked about more in True Crime Circles, like if your gonna fetishize a psycho killer at least pick someone who was good at it
He Hit 47(killing 16) people from distances of up to 400 yards shooting moving targets, all the while the police and various armed Texas Armed citizens were firing back at him, in the span 96 Minutes
He was a real true Psycho killer, I mean he isn't fetishized as much as Ted Bundy or Ramirez or any of other misogynistic perverts who could only ever kill women

No. 890581

Oh god it's you again.

No. 890584

still shook that I saw a tall hot guy at my workplace two years ago and my dorky kissless virgin dumb ass thought "hmm yeah, that's the dude I'm losing my virginity to", and then this year it actually happened and now he's my bf. That shit's crazy I am not at all used to getting what I want.

No. 890589

Yeah some kids in Seattle were Randonauting and the app coincidentally led them to a suitcase full of human remains.

No. 890592

File: 1629782609566.png (856.13 KB, 828x1024, imagen_2021-08-24_002330.png)

Just finished reading this, couldn't put it down. Chew it up in 3 days cause I was trying to take my time but alas I read it all very quickly.

Convenience store woman Keiko is very happy and passionate about working at a convenience store. She feels at ease with anything that has to do with working at the convenience store and blends in with the ecosystem of the store.
She always was an extremely autistic girl so it was always hard for her to fit in and feel normal. Her parents and sister wanted to cure her autism but never could. The only time she feels normal is when she's working at the convenience store, because she learnt from day one how to be a convenience store worker and as long as she keeps working she doesn't have to deal with anything else.
But having worked for 18 years at the same convenience store, her being 36 now, people are starting to bug her way too much about her age and why she keeps working there and hasn't married and got kids. This is very annoying to her because she wants to look normal but also she loves the convenience store. But these people around her, like friends and coworkers and even her own sister keep wondering why she's still living like this and not the way society tells you to live.

Enter Shiraha, a fucking disgusting NEET jobless homeless and INCEL piece of shit guy who keeps berating her over and over about how her womb is useless because she's not getting pregnant and that he will never fuck her even though he's fucking gross and harasses women. Well Keiko ends up having him in her appartment because she thinks having a guy in her appartment will make everyone else shut up about her not being normal.

Etc etc etc. Well in the end she continues being a convenience store woman because she loves it and the guy fucks off. Good. +1 autistic women -1 incel men.

And no they don't fuck, Keiko is a queen and has no time for that.

No. 890598

He was a Chad, way more cooler then a sexist rapist, a fat faggot clown, a loser who comically failed at killing a woman who was right in front of him or any other loser
Charles Whitman is a god of Killing and his name deserves to be echoed in the entire True Crime Community

No. 890600

>Charles Whitman is a god of Killing and his name deserves to be echoed in the entire True Crime Community
girl literally no one but you cares this much about this shit lol

No. 890601

I'm speaking about only the True Crime Community

No. 890608

>Charles Joseph Whitman was an American mass murderer who became infamous as the "Texas Tower Sniper". On August 1, 1966, he used knives to kill his mother and his wife in their respective homes, then went to the University of Texas in Austin with multiple firearms and began indiscriminately shooting at people.
Nah, fuck your scrote, you dumbass pick-me. Stupid cunt didn't even have the balls to kill his abusive father, but decided the two women in his life who were there for him were open season with some bullshit excuses ("S-She wasn't living her life happily! I'm saving them from the embarrassment of my actions!!" C O P E).

No. 890609

File: 1629786068430.jpg (44.85 KB, 474x768, 9aa794e4992b4941370f1a9076485c…)

Kek sister is half native and has a Naruto similar to this and some lady walked up to us and asked her if they were indigenous symbols

No. 890611

The 3rd and 4th symbols from the bottom look like someone shitting on a toilet

No. 890613

File: 1629786694556.jpg (62.66 KB, 226x164, Charles.jpg)

He literally had a pong ball sized tumor, pressing agents the part of his brain that was responsible for anger and aggression, he wrote various notes about that
>I don't quite understand what it is that compels me to type this letter…. I don't really understand myself these days… Lately I have been a victim of many unusual and irrational thoughts. These thoughts constantly recur, and it requires a tremendous mental effort to concentrate. I consulted Dr. Cochrum at the University Health Center and asked him to recommend someone that I could consult with about some psychiatric disorders I felt I had…. I talked to a doctor once for about two hours and tried to convey to him my fears that I felt overcome by overwhelming violent impulses. After one session I never saw the Doctor again, and since then I have been fighting my mental turmoil alone, and seemingly to no avail. After my death I wish that an autopsy would be performed to see if there is any visible physical disorder. I have had tremendous headaches in the past and have consumed two large bottles of Excedrin in the past three months.

After he killed his wife and his mother. He didn't know why he did this.

>It was after much thought that I decided to kill my wife, Kathy, tonight….I love her dearly, and she has been a fine wife to me as any man could ever hope to have. I cannot rationally pinpoint any specific reason for doing this…

I honestly feel sorry for Charles. If you read his notes, you'll know he wasn't someone who really wanted to murder, he didn't understand why he was doing it. He wanted his life insurance (if he got any) to be donated anonymously to mental health organizations.

No. 890614

Any tattoos with words are something you'll regret. The meaning will probably change to you, and words are not ambiguous like images. Also if it's visible to other people they will grab at you so they can read it. People will ask questions all the time after staring at you scrutinizing the text, and misinterpretating whatever it says. You ever wear a t-shirt with text that was on your boobs? It's like that but 300x worse don't do it

No. 890618

No one cares if you want to fuck a mass murderer. True crime hoes are truly an inferior race.

No. 890621

The last time I voluntarily read a book was 8 years ago but I’m really tempted to read this ty for posting anon

No. 890625

Of course not, tattoos are stupid, you don't need to tattoo your favourite quote to your body, I don't know what that would accomplish.

No. 890626

Yeah, the tumor that was concluded to have no effect on his actions after the autopsy.
>On August 2, an autopsy was conducted by Coleman de Chenar (a neuropathologist at Austin State Hospital) at the funeral home. Urine and blood were removed to test for traces of amphetamines or other substances.[56][57] During the autopsy, Chenar discovered a "pecan-sized" brain tumor,[58] which he labeled an astrocytoma and which exhibited a small amount of necrosis. Chenar concluded that the tumor had no effect on Whitman's actions. These findings were later revised by the Connally Commission: "It is the opinion of the task force that the relationship between the brain tumor and Charles J. Whitman's actions on the last day of his life cannot be established with clarity."[59]

>Following a three-hour hearing on August 5,[61] the commission concluded that Chenar's finding had been in error.[62] They found that the tumor had features of a glioblastoma multiforme, with widespread areas of necrosis, palisading[a] of cells,[59] and a "remarkable vascular component" described as having "the nature of a small congenital vascular malformation". Psychiatric contributors to the report concluded that "the relationship between the brain tumor and […] Whitman's actions […] cannot be established with clarity. However, the […] tumor conceivably could have contributed to his inability to control his emotions and actions",[63] while the neurologists and neuropathologists concluded: "The application of existing knowledge of organic brain function does not enable us to explain the actions of Whitman on August first."[64]

The fact that he meticulously planned out the murders, with lucidity about his actions, removes any "But brain problem" excuse. He knew what he was doing, he knew the severity of it, and in the end, he deliberately chose not to deny himself those urges any longer. He didn't even pick anyone who deserved it, he was a typical selfish moid.
>Whoops, got some nasty impulses while being conscious! Well…best exert them on my loving mom and wife, as well as a handful of strangers! Poor Mumsie and wifey, but what can I do? Target my shitstain, waste of oxygen father that I'm terrified of becoming? Hmm, nah. Better leave the old chap alone.
Might as well give rapists the same excuse if they have the constant urge to rape and they write some sad hoe diary entries about it. If it was so constant he couldn't control it, and he was just a good guy trapped by his own mind, he should've just gone through with shooting himself.

No. 890633

is this pewdiepie?

No. 890638

There was a car behind me driving obnoxiously loud and slow when I was walking into Walmart but I just ignored it. The absolute look of disgust I had when it drove past me and I saw its giant “Pornhub Casting Car” decal on its side

No. 890643

File: 1629789607516.png (400.53 KB, 618x384, ww.png)

Samefagging because I decided to read more about him (this is from Mass Murderers by Time-Life Books), and what the fuck. Grade school children.

No. 890648

Likely made up story for clout, like the thousands of women who declared that met Bundy even though it would have been impossible with his locations, he never talked about children in his notes and there was no Pornography discovered in his house, if it was it would have been more well known as it was more controversial back then

No. 890649

File: 1629790140593.jpg (52.66 KB, 736x736, b28a10809e2ecbf519af2a44a4dfb6…)

Please report back when you try WILD, nonner! I also had LDs before and the one that I was completely lucid (that lasted about 20 seconds btw) it definitely felt like real life, first person pov and full control of my actions and everything. I was even confused in the dream cause usually my dreams are like movies that I watch so I questioned why there wasn't anything happening until I noticed I "was there".
Tl;Dr of my word salad: I can understand why dumb teens think it's something else, but LD can be very vivid and present so they are likely mass WILD'ng

No. 890693

Is this a scrote baiting

No. 890708

Thanks for the rec nonny, I'll check if this is available in my region.

No. 890743

File: 1629791562122.jpg (982.5 KB, 754x582, fu8kIe2.jpg)

I activated the virtualizer in my computer, now I can play my games in the emulator. I feel so smart.

No. 890747

What is a virtualizer? I usually play retro games on websites that have a built in emulator

No. 890751

Something that allowed Bluestacks to run in my computer, I don't know how to properly explain it, kek.
I'm sorry if that isn't the correct term, I am an ESL and that was the closest word to how it's call in my language

No. 890759

>scrote friend wants to create a love story where the characters "are of equal standing"
>cites a literal lolicon as his best inspiration
How. How can you miss the point so hard. How can someone have the intention to go to point A but take all the steps to go to point B instead which is in the FUCKING opposite direction. How did he come to the conclusion that a story where a pedophile diddles a clueless little girl is a good example of a balanced relationship. It's beyond me. There's no way he isn't fucking with me, he has to know what he's doing, that or he's severely autistic or retarded. How do you even have the boldness to tell me about such a riciculous thing, how do you even have THE AUDACITY to show your female friend a fucking lolicon and say that's it's good I swear to god I'm gonna fucking snap one day I'll track this incel fucker down tell all of his friends about his degeneracy and go to his house with my father's billhook in my hand fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
And if you're reading this, come at me bitch

No. 890764

what is the example?

No. 890770

Just snap and let him know

No. 890771

I can't with the boomer logic of my mother. For her it's 'easier' to get in the car and drive for 30 minutes and physically go to a Vodafone store then calling them on the phone or reach out to the online customer service

No. 890772

I understand that, talking on the phone is so mentally exhausting

No. 890844

File: 1629807273755.jpeg (373.25 KB, 828x716, 54EBCE21-CA36-4F87-978A-590E52…)

Why do incels lie to each other like this kek

No. 890850

File: 1629808364674.png (212.56 KB, 393x592, saintmarikon.PNG)

I'm cleaning my closet there's even more clothes I want to get rid of than before despite barely shopping the last 2 years, I hope I'll be able to sell the ones that are cute.

No. 890853

I love how they mention being financially secure as the first priority… and then also just try and kid themeselves into thinking attraction enters into it. Your long term plan is to get rich and in a roundabout way pay for sex with women half your age. Just call it what it is.

No. 890860

Enjoy your games anon! I put doing it off for a while because the BIOS menu was scary but Im glad I did it, my games are so much faster now

No. 890882

What lolicon did he cite???

No. 890884

File: 1629813195181.jpg (578.8 KB, 3024x3024, 696bhbd89nc51.jpg)

I just learned about wabi-kusa today and spent an hour looking at pictures online because it's the prettiest, lushest looking thing. I really want to try planting one, but I want to move out of my apartment by the end of the year and don't want to start anything that will be hard to travel cross-country with.

I've also wanted to do a walstad method planted tank or small saltwater macroalgae tank for a long time now, but having to break it down when I move seems annoying and probably detrimental to any animals living in the tank, and moving is always a possibility with apartments. I've always liked living in an apartment, but this one dumb thing has got me seriously considering home ownership.

No. 890890

Their entire lives revolve around getting laid. How do they not see how pathetic they are.

No. 890893

kek these are the men that are foaming at the mouth whenever they see any picture of a perceived "soyboy" (any young non-hypertrad guy) in a happy relationship with a girl his age. it breaks their MGTOW narrative so bad, they melt down while trying to rationalize it, but sure, they'll all be doctors with the looks of George Clooney, drowning in pussy.

No. 890901

Make one yourself out of fabric. embroider, knit and sew one. I decided to handmake plants after the ones I had died from neglected during the summer when I was away. They don't wilt, travel well and the process and malking them as believable as possible was a great covid craft.

No. 890905

Literally all of my planties are growing tiny fresh babyleaves and I'm so happy!!! especially since I thought they wouldn't even survive a month kek

No. 890914

Should I go to the introduction/orientationday of my new uni? I've dropped out a couple of times lmao and my experience is that they're generally not that important. But I still fear missing out on important information. It's basically 4 hours of introduction to the major, getting to know classmates and "general" information and after that some sort of sportsevent. I just don't feel like awkward icebreakers to get to know people or to playing stupid sports that no one wants to play. I don't know what to do.

No. 890916

File: 1629816953145.jpg (42.56 KB, 610x664, 1623891533654.jpg)

i'm weirdly obsessed with time travel lately. i keep imagining scenarios in which i travel back in time to when i was 14/15 and how i would change my life (basically lose weight and act normal around people and study to get good grades) and how different my life would be in doing that. and how i wouldn't grow up like an emotionally and socially stunted nerd, but like a normal girl/woman. it's so weird because i think about very specific scenarios in which my changed looks/behavior would have a huge impact. for example my first day of 10th grade or our study trip to italy or our school camping trip where i met a guy who actually seemed to like me but stopped talking to me because other students made fun of him for liking me.

No. 890946

oh anon I actually stumbled upon this on amazon a while ago and it seemed interesting. Thanks for confirming that it's a good read, I'll try to find this in my library

No. 890952

> Dr. pepper is actually a blend of all 23 flavors. … The 23 flavors are cola, cherry, licorice, amaretto (almond, vanilla, blackberry, apricot, blackberry, caramel, pepper, anise, sarsaparilla, ginger, molasses, lemon, plum, orange, nutmeg, cardamon, all spice, coriander juniper, birch and prickly ash.
Why even bother? all I taste is cherry

No. 890953

it's cherry root beer to me but seeing the woodsy components make it make more sense to me

No. 890954

friend has a rooftop pool and invited us to a pool party!! not sure if I'll go but I'm excited if I do!

No. 890958

Wow girl, that's a warm sternum you have there.

No. 890960

warum stürm mit dir

No. 890981

I hope you get a floating ball friend one day anon! I enjoy watching tank vids but it does seem like a terrible hobby for someone "unsettled".

No. 890988

I missed those on an accident both times (I swapped degrees once) and it wasn't detrimental. Could give you a head start in making friends though, having a good friend group helped me a ton after I switched degrees.

No. 890996

Thanks for your input. I'm mid twenties when everyone's gonna be like 18-20 so I feel like I'm probably not going to make friends anyway tbf. There's always people who miss the introduction day because of illness/vacation/work so I probably won't be the only one to miss it.

No. 891006

File: 1629823176537.jpg (125.27 KB, 750x500, rug-grass.jpg)

aw, thanks nonnas! I looked at some textile plant crafts, and found people making these really cute moss rugs. They do a good job of emulating the soft springy look of real moss, so I think I might try it out

No. 891008

i thought so too (i started uni when i was 26) but i met some great people and having seen them once helped with my nervousness about my first week of classes. they also made a group chat on that day and since i was present i got added to it and through said group chat i got a lot of information i would have otherwise missed. i did miss another introduction event though and that had no impact at all since it was my minor subject and they had wayyy more students than in my major.

maybe you can drop by and then leave? just claim you have another thing or an appointment to get to.

No. 891017

I swear medical issues are the modern "he was possessed by a demon!"

No. 891022

i want this so bad

No. 891039

>young and attractive
lol, money doesn't fix your ugly or old age, scrotes.

No. 891046

File: 1629827034900.png (4.81 MB, 1812x1998, mooooo.png)

any nonnies wanna go with me?

No. 891051

if I had the money to fly to NYC, sure thing, but only if we would steal the cow in the middle, like that one, would fit on my balcony.

No. 891055

File: 1629827956501.jpg (128.39 KB, 2000x751, CowParade_JenLewin_1036x388.jp…)

nonna from last comment again, changed the plans, I want this one, kek, the Edison cow
I saw the elephant parade in Amsterdam, the bear parade in Berlin, why not steal a cow at the cow parade in NYC, if I win the lottery tomorrow I will annoy all of you again.

No. 891057

I will gladly steal the Edison cow with you ♥

No. 891068

I don't like ribs. They are disgusting. Stop offering me ribs. I do not want them. I want mustard potato salad. BUT NO RIBS

I am serious about this and it is starting to affect my social life.

No. 891081

awww ♥ let's make a gofundme, so everyone who wants can come to NYC, see the cow parade and than steal that cow with us. Don't know where we would put it after that, getting it to Germany on my balcony would be quite expensive I guess, kek

No. 891101

Reading fan gossipy forums is insane (yeah, I know where I am, but when people do it under usernames is even more embarrassing). You have these women, from a wide range of ages, yelling about evil 20 yo something WAGs corrupting 20 yo something millionaire athletes. Why are men babied all the fucking time? If they want to sleep with borderline escorts they are the retarded ones, not the girls lmao. I love the tea though and twitter doesn't want to shit talk people. So.

No. 891115

anytime i visualize fucking my husbando, or any fictional character i can't do it properly, instead of natural thrusting we move like cardboard puppets or 2 barbie dolls smashed together. i guess this is from having a virgin brain.

No. 891149

File: 1629836244880.jpeg (708.78 KB, 2093x3000, 3EA6D49E-428C-42CD-97D0-B47706…)

Can someone explain this pic to me? Saw it the other day and it’s haunting me. Who are these people? The man looks like a young boy who has been dead in the water for months.

No. 891153

File: 1629836414398.jpeg (358.94 KB, 640x723, A5718D30-BD81-4FDF-BCBE-67B40A…)

Look at how horrifying it is. He looks like a cross between the ice age baby and that claymation homeless guy from the music video Bedshaped by Keane

No. 891154

i'm pretty sure thats timothee chamalet or smt (teen heartthrob in the movie "call me by your name") and his girlfriend, i wanna say lilly rose depp?

No. 891156

File: 1629836499465.jpeg (93.15 KB, 1280x720, 338B7124-94B2-408B-8FE5-E6CB27…)


No. 891157

It was from some guy called yamamoto, I don't recall the name and I don't want to look it up

No. 891158

timmy chlamydia

No. 891160


No. 891163

No. 891165

Oof I honestly agree with your mother, you're a chad for thinking talking on the phone is easier tbh. If I force myself to a location then the chore is getting done whereas phonecalls are so easy to put off or just give up on if I get put on hold for a minute or don't get called back quickly enough, etc.

No. 891199

1800 seems like a bigger number than 2000

No. 891237

My female professor (of my now favorite class, love the subject too) is very chill, educated, nice and never lets down an opportunity to highlight and talk about women. This is truly something I didn't know I needed it

No. 891249

I'm so glad you have her! Men shouldnt be allowed to be in the field of education tbh

No. 891280

Thank you anon! Yeah honestly, this field (I'm doing law) makes evident the historic injustices women face, so it's great to have feminists (or feminists leaning idc) teaching

No. 891295

Why can i spend hours on lolcow (like 2+ hours straight) yet reading a book for 15 minutes feels like a struggle? Smartphones were a mistake

No. 891351

Sims 3 takes so long to fucking load. Sometimes I wish EA just released a version of Sims 3 that's exactly the same, but faster. Anyway, I'm going to go masturbate while I wait for my game

No. 891355

i think my ex boyfriend might have been secretly into asians (maybe one touched his peepee when he went to america idk) and he never told me. i feel disgusted that i was ever with him.

No. 891364

Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I feel like it started to load up so much faster after using a FPS limiter along with nRaas ErrorTrap and Overwatch.

No. 891398

I do have Nraas/Overwatch and it may have helped a little, but I think Sims 3 is just one of those slow, kinda buggy (sometimes) games. I don't have Errortrap or an FPS limiter though, I'll look into those!

No. 891400

Do you like custard, ice cream, or frozen yogurt best?

No. 891405

They are all pretty good, but on a scale it'd be
custard >>>>> ice cream > froyo

Custard is just the most tasty and made to be that way. It's also served at a warmer temperature with more rich ingredients so you can taste it better.
Ice cream can have really watered down ingredients if you don't go out of your way to buy quality ice cream.
Froyo is for people pretending to be on a healthy diet when people should just buy it because it has a unique tart flavor.

No. 891408

File: 1629858679448.jpeg (98.27 KB, 600x394, B2152E26-996A-4645-B6C0-56CF76…)

why is it becoming rare to see women without stuff done to their nails? i think this looks much nicer/feminine compared to manicured nails. nothing beats clear polish tbh…

No. 891414

Because drag queens dictate fashion now and they take clues from US inner city culture.

No. 891419

File: 1629860364315.jpg (84.34 KB, 636x477, a675781031a90890b8f122664120c5…)

My acrylics go clickity clack while typing this message to you: suck my feminine ass (insert banned sparkle emoji here)

No. 891423

I disagree, custard is yum but it always tastes the same and is only truly worth eating with other things (in a pastry, on pie, etc). Ice cream can be shitty but when it's good it's amazing and it's perfect by itself or with other things.

Of course froyo is peak mediocrity and should only be eaten if there's no other option.

No. 891425

File: 1629861469970.gif (1.17 MB, 360x225, 1614016414152.gif)

Remembering more stupid shit I did as a kid: I fucking loved the movie Smart House so I signed myself up for every internet sweepstakes I could find. Probably downloaded a ton of viruses. My house phone was spammed so much after that and we started receiving a lot more spam in the mail too
>No I didn't win anything

No. 891426

why do you care what women do with their nails? kek

No. 891430

File: 1629861843188.jpg (47.77 KB, 960x640, buldak-bokkeum-myeon-t.jpg)

the only thing that can make me happy tonight is making fire noodles with eggs, idfk if my sodium levels are off the charts and give me a heart attack. if i die, i die.

No. 891433

I like choachan. I mean I don't listen to kpop but their board seems pretty comfy and active. Good for them.

No. 891434

Fuck you froyo reigns supreme

No. 891448

>get bad acne during pandemic
>use online dermatologist because I dont want to have to go into an office, past experiences with dermatologists have been shitty and I have subpar insurance coverage for specialists
>they prescribe me 3 months of oral antibiotics and tretinoin, both are mailed to me separately
>do the 3 month course of antibiotics, they make me nauseous everyday even if I eat, but reading online it says that's normal and you just have to deal with it
>have evaluation after 3 months, say I don't want to do another course of antibiotics
>online derm says they have no record of me being prescribed oral antibiotics, only tret, and insist on me doing yet another 3 month course of antibiotics
what the fuck have I been taking for the past 3 months then

No. 891483


sorry goodnight anons

No. 891501

File: 1629869403153.gif (625.49 KB, 220x220, 1628913896197.gif)

Finally found a cute guy to peg but he fucks trannies. Should I still fuck him? We are compatible in everything except the fact that I am a turbo terf

No. 891508

No. 891510

You're both filthy degenerates so why not.

No. 891518

File: 1629870493399.jpg (24.05 KB, 321x375, 1614651834913.jpg)

Like the other anon said you have no standards, so why not? Did you really think a man into pegging wouldn't fuck a tranny. Imagine willingly entering a man's poophole.

No. 891519

>Did you really think a man into pegging wouldn't fuck a tranny.
This lmao.

No. 891523

Fake nails are fucking ugly and tacky. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

No. 891525

So how much bacteria is lodged underneath those uwu sparkly feminine nails? Please do not touch me you gross bitch kek

No. 891528

No. He's gonna skinwalk you.

No. 891533

Acrylic nails look borderline funny to me, like a clown's nose. That looks equally fake, plastic and stupid. Sometimes I see girls wearing these way over the top claws and it's hard to believe they're wearing them unironically.

No. 891534

these sum up my feelings

No. 891545

Literal mini poop shovels. No thank you.

No. 891551

File: 1629875019529.gif (7.86 MB, 600x337, 543ebb56b2a2.gif)

No. 891588


No. 891590

There are so many mental disorders and addictions that affect like 2-5% of the population that I think every person must be some type of mentally ill when you add it all up

No. 891621

My taste in men is on par with Nemu. Possibly worse, at least she stuck to fictional characters mostly lol

No. 891647

The retirement thread on /meta/ is full of some top of the shelf autism

No. 891709

File: 1629897736517.png (179.52 KB, 242x288, byleth.PNG)

I'm seriously considering training be ambidextrous, idk being right handed just seems easier to take note

No. 891710

Not that hard, i did it in high school

No. 891714

File: 1629898045391.jpeg (99.95 KB, 736x736, 278B3533-E170-48B2-88F4-2BEAE0…)

mad that you are stuck on this stupid website?

No. 891717

This is great, how long does it take to adapt? Are you still using you non-dominant hand for writing?

No. 891798

Do it and wear a hazmat suit

No. 891841

It’s so fascinating to me to see people describe the gerblin person as a smol bean soft boi type when to me they are so obviously an anger issues/abusive type

No. 891842

File: 1629907346744.jpeg (180.97 KB, 1009x1372, F38C8E39-F3B8-4726-BF25-67D3EF…)

It’s been more than almost 10 years I quitted the fujoshi world.
But boy, these two makes me go back so hard. I can’t help but scream from the top of my lungs.

No. 891849

File: 1629907942838.jpeg (173.71 KB, 852x1390, 7DBE3282-F84F-438F-B78E-90A65E…)

I miss when guys used to dress like this so much. Mens fashion these days is such a fucking joke… metrosexual skinny jeans and graphic print T-shirts/polos are vomit inducing.

No. 891852

File: 1629908089775.jpeg (131.35 KB, 821x1390, 1F5666CC-E622-4BDF-A0B5-9FF189…)


No. 891855

>I miss when guys used to dress like this so much
Wrong pic? Please say wrong pic

No. 891856

Nope. Anon I actually like it when men dress like they're heterosexual.

No. 891858

No. 891859

If that’s your standard for heterosexual men, they are even more of a plague. Yikes.

No. 891861

File: 1629908637760.jpeg (78.43 KB, 400x610, 1AC19A42-AD75-4526-8234-9C2EE5…)

Whatever your loss

No. 891865


This is how every boy in middle school dressed

No. 891866

>trashy slob=hetero
No wonder the majority of men are ugly..coincidentally that's also unironically the reason they give for not washing their ass. Anyway 70s-80s clothes look better.

No. 891867

I agree 70s/80s looks good but it's more realistic to bring back 00s clothing for men than stuff from 50 years ago.

No. 891869

it's more realistic, but 00s dirtbag fred durst clothing takes a chubby man to pull off. If you put a skinny guy in those clothes, you just get every small-town meth dealer

No. 891873

mens fashion is pretty much nonexistent now. you know those giant elaborate garments women used to wear in the 18th century? there were equivalents for men too. men were actually expected to dress themselves stylishly, or at the very least somewhat a la mode up until 10ish years ago. even the early 2000s had certain trends (like the one in your picture) that men would put effort into emulating.
i literally get grossed out looking at the way dudes dress themselves these days. the bar for everything has never been so low for men as it is now. it's partially not their fault, since mens fashion is in such a low state that they aren't being force-fed anything good, but they also aren't being shamed for the shit they decide to wear and take upon themselves to declare as "good enough".

No. 891875

>the gerblin person
the what

No. 891886

File: 1629910843723.jpg (177.14 KB, 736x1004, montgomery-ward.jpg)

I unironically love 70s male fashion, especially the tight pants and long (compared to today) hair they had. Alt fashion back then was nice as well

No. 891891

As if this lazy ass ugly outfit is not a joke

No. 891892

File: 1629911869536.jpeg (129.41 KB, 700x954, 98DD63A8-14BA-4962-8611-E29EE4…)

Me too. I think it went well with most men aesthetically because it balanced feminine and masculine in a weird way that just worked. Same with mid/late 60s fashion (even though it was different styling).

No. 891922

I keep my tv on youtube home page a lot and I keep having this weird thought of-
>What if one day I refreshed the home page and I see a picture of me with some shit like, "The disturbing death of Anon" or like all the thumbnails become pictures of me sitting on my bed and everytime I refresh it updates to whatever postition i'm in.
I don't know why.

No. 891927

Men's fashion went downhill after the 80s, that ugly ass low-effort outfit you posted is part of the problem.

No. 891939

Theres something really cool about this ad but I can't put my finger on it

No. 891945

It has BDE

No. 891974

I think my neighbor stole my package, which was a hypoallergenic body pillow cover. Please I just want to hug my husbando without fucking dying, thats like the lamest thing a person can steal.

No. 891976

Porch pirates are the worst. I'm sorry anon.

No. 891984

File: 1629920853185.png (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 1356x3612, the scrote saga.png)

unironically the best board on lc

No. 892001

No. 892006

File: 1629922840583.jpeg (226.41 KB, 2159x1683, 106931894-1629743782371-Apple_…)

Starbucks has a new apple crisp macchiato and I want to try both the hot and iced versions but I'm also trying to not eat/drink unnecessary calories. I'm not a pumpkin spice person and have never tried or cared for the PSL drink but I love apples and apple pie so I want to try this one ugh

No. 892009

It’s good. It’s really good. I only drink Starbucks on special occasions because it’s literally no better than a milkshake, but I decided to get one today. Try it with the vanilla salted cold foam on top because then it tastes like apple pie with ice cream

No. 892018

Did you get it cold or hot anon? Aughhh I also very rarely get Starbucks so maybe I'll treat myself to it this week… maybe an iced version since it's hot as fuck this week in my city. I hope it tastes alright with milk alternatives! Thanks anon for the suggestion!

No. 892022

I just wanted to check on cc and… blergh. I hate moids so much.

Idk if I saw actual CP but fuck. I've been too lucky recently I guess.

No. 892037

Second from the right looks like a great value Fred from scooby doo after he had to settle down a get a real job and it's killing me.
But I totally agree that men's fashion should have a 70-80s revival (maybe they'll fucking groom regularly) Early 2000s fashion should really be left for middle/ high schoolers

No. 892039

Can't you just fuck him, but not date him?

No. 892079

File: 1629932765528.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.9 KB, 1194x834, E0L3SQcVoAI9B7y.jpg)

I just finished watching Invincible and I know Omni-man is supposed to be an asshole or whatever, but I would let him fuck the dog shit out of me.

No. 892086

File: 1629934090697.jpeg (408.14 KB, 1242x1832, 1EE039DA-5459-4AC2-9334-59B1A1…)

From the creepy moid that runs marilynmonroecollection and hoards her personal items….

It’s dumb and makes me laugh because he gets so heated over little things like this when like, it’s just a shitty recolor chill kek There’s a lot worse out there. He says it’s stealing yet never himself credits the photographers.

No. 892087

I thought the one on the right was dojacat at first

No. 892091

saw gore for teh first time. i've alwyas been fuckin lucky on LC but the minute I check out cc i see gore and some other vile shit.

No. 892092

christ there's some optical illusion going on that makes it look like she has the world's meatiest neck

No. 892095

Sometimes I wonder if my hands would get clocked as male if anyone ever asked me for a hand pic online. Theyre spindly and I also have eczema so they're not really smooth. I'm also a nailbiter.

No. 892100

What did you see? My first gore pic on here was a bloody human skull, but the first fucked up pics I've seen during a moid raid was a naked woman getting hanged and scat porn.

Kind of unrelated but I've been using twitter lately and there's so many kids, around the age of 12, posting gore pics on each other's posts and bragging about not being affected at all when seeing humans suffer but they immediately lose their shit at animal abuse. Whew. I was an edgy kid too but it only took me one video of a woman being hit by a train to get over myself. Sad to think they've already fucked their brains.

No. 892102

Try it while you can, nonny. It’s seasonal so it will probably be gone in a few months. Maybe sooner, because of the covid shortages + Tiktok orders. They are having supply troubles so many stores run out of items very fast.

No. 892106

tbh i'm trying to repress whatever memory of the brief glance i caught of it. but from that quick flash; i saw splattered blood, a dog's head, and a high heel. jesus christ… i need to bleach my brain brb. they also had a pic of a mtf jacking off his neovag wtfff

also to add; i just can't transfer over to cc because the lesbian presence there is so faint compared to here. rip to my tolerable online lesbo haven. :(

No. 892115

the first time I saw gore was a few weeks ago on /g/, someone posted a picture of what I'm pretty sure was a woman's rotting corpse I was so fucking traumatized

not a lesbian but I feel so sad for lesbians right now with every lesbian space being taken over by you know who, I hope you guys can find a safe haven

No. 892124

File: 1629937523111.jpg (35.84 KB, 400x400, 05c6a375619f42075d12adb6855067…)

Gore is traumatising and all but why does twitter think I'd like these people? The shade.

No. 892131

This reminds me of a time I was browsing Pinterest and clicking through a bunch of pictures and ending up seeing this gross image of a teen(?) Male standing in the street and holding the hand of a little boy who was wearing lingerie, it was so disturbing to find stuff like that on pinterest of all places and the fact that lingerie that small exists. Hopefully it's meant for little people.

No. 892132

Forgot to add that I reported it but don't know if it ever got removed.

No. 892137

Damn, youre right… Maybe I’ll get one on Friday as a end of week treat hehe

No. 892141

File: 1629940170682.png (220.33 KB, 750x721, not.png)

No. 892170

File: 1629943446745.jpg (34.56 KB, 583x438, Ex_ysytXAAYSFva.jpg)


No. 892173

kiss me through the phone
kiss me through the phone
see you when i get home

No. 892180

File: 1629944438397.jpg (135.22 KB, 800x450, bibble.jpg)


No. 892239

I saw a surprising lack of flies this summer.

No. 892247

File: 1629948237834.jpeg (439.31 KB, 828x647, 271CCCBC-8EB9-48F1-9E01-5771A1…)

it constantly surprises me how fried korean womens brains are… they find new things to obsess about concerning their appearance like it's their day job. it's like literally nothing else occurs in their brains except how they look to others.

No. 892248

It's been fly city here. I had to buy fly traps for the first time. They are so sticky, if you touch one even lava soap struggles to remove it from your hands

No. 892249

File: 1629949008710.jpg (25.07 KB, 334x400, everybf.jpg)

what i see every time a straight girl shows me pictures of her boyfriend on her phone

No. 892251

bad froge.

No. 892256

South Koreans are incel level nitpicking apart apperance. I wonder if the average sk woman thinks about this shit though? Wonder if it's just the Sk beauty gurus or is everyone that far gone.

No. 892259

That account is chinese

No. 892268

File: 1629953340085.jpeg (83.33 KB, 1280x720, 341DE1F5-0E38-471F-A3EA-D22567…)

The twitter kids are fucked beyond belief anon. I’ve seen people on tiktok talking about how they would browse goatse and rottendotcom when they were in middle school and how nearly ten years later their brains are still fucked up because of it. Back in the day you used to have to be looking for that stuff for the victim of a raid to see that shit, and now 14 year olds are sending it to each other for dissing their favourite KPop idol. It’s really sad.

On another note I wanna fuck picrel so bad.

No. 892275

File: 1629954784310.jpg (113.62 KB, 1241x1561, E9la_stXEAYk2Ia.jpg)

>now 14 year olds are sending it to each other for dissing their favourite KPop idol.
teen kpop fans are so fucked honestly, I guess they're making deepfakes now.

No. 892278

you know this reminds me, even though I saw weird shit on the internet as a kid I didn't feel bothered by it, but the one thing that did traumatize me was seeing a dick pic for the first time on a medical article. like unironically shaking and feeling nauseated, and having to lay down for the rest of the day. up until that point I had no idea what dicks looked like and when I first saw the image I thought it was some deformity or something edited.

No. 892279

Why are you acting like this is new? At least they have a reason for sending that shit, when I was a kid people sent goatse and lemon party to people just to fuck with them because they wouldn't know what it was and would just click on it. That's how that stuff even became well known. It's was a "prank".

No. 892282

Deepfakes of the idols? I'm pretty sure that's super mega illegal in Korea, and that they would get sued pretty badly. Are the deepfakes porn or some shit?

No. 892283

Agreed, the first time I saw even a diagram of a dick and balls in health class I wanted to cry bc it looked so ugly and I was so upset that I was going to have sex with one someday.

No. 892295

And remember when blue waffle and 2 girls one cup was a thing. Being traumatized by internet shit was a fucked up rite of passage.

No. 892310

I wonder bug caused this itchy ass welt on my shin that has been bugging me all

No. 892312

No. 892313

I have a twitch in my left buttcheek that woke me up this morning. I'm at work and it's still there

No. 892352

that's pretty standard middle schooler shit though, at least it was for me back in 2008.
The kicker with the current kids though is that they'll look up gore, be obsessed with serial killers and shit and then they'll have "dni: cishets" in their twitter bio or something kek

No. 892362

I tried to explain what ASMR is to my mother and I've never felt more retarded/insane in my life.

No. 892377

Anon's point still stands.

No. 892461

How did you explain it to her and what made you feel retarded?
t. fellow ASMR watcher/listener

No. 892465

I was looking through board-tan's thread I'm trying to make a sim of her and saw that someone named her Elsie! I probably wouldn't like the name in any other case, but I can't help but feel like it's cute for her. It feels like such a farm girl name.

No. 892479

File: 1629982256637.jpg (79.66 KB, 500x500, darktimes.jpg)

>cranial high top
soooo basically a manual bumpit?

No. 892487

Anon same, he can get it whenever I watch that show

No. 892490

I thought I'd have some free time today but I remembered I have to get labwork done today. I kinda miss being a NEET with untreated medical problems but I also really don't.

No. 892499

This really changes how you look a lot tho, and women everyhwere wanting more volume has always been a thing, there just wasn't a name for it.

No. 892500

I'm doing something similar but named her Tina, does our board-tan even have a real name?

No. 892503

He’s cute though.

No. 892504

lalo is superior, sorry nonnie.

No. 892521

Don't fight nonas, that way each one of you can have their dream BCS man

No. 892559

File: 1629990622871.jpg (54.6 KB, 500x678, 0a83a6d1edeca3b82752f398c25d06…)

I had a dream about him a few days ago and I still haven't stopped thinking about it

No. 892567

hey anon i totally get what you're going for here but don't ever fucking insult steve again.

No. 892573

Saw a photo of my mum in her highschool uniform. And thought, yeah she would have definitely bullied me then I remembered she was physically and mentally abusive to me when I was a teen so she kind of did. Touché mum lol. She gives me money now it's fine

No. 892596

Honestly, I don't. Can someone explain to me? Is the joke the bf being a slightly more attractive CWC?

No. 892613

Every time I see Trisha Paytas, my brain reads it as Trash Potatoes. I don't know why….

No. 892615

He was so hot… too bad he aged like milk.

No. 892642

I hate that her family name sounds like "pétasse" with an English accent because I can't talk about her irl to friends without sounding like I gave her a stupid nickname.

No. 892646

Somebody is doing powertool work outside and every time they do this one thing it sounds like breaking dirt in minecraft. It doesn't bother me I find it funny

No. 892671

it only looks good from the side imo

No. 892692

File: 1630001020449.gif (321.65 KB, 245x165, giphy.gif)

I managed to get my period a whole week earlier than it was supposed to come with the Vitamin C method

No. 892700

What made you want to bring it forward?

No. 892702

So I could just get it over with lmao Can't stand the moodiness and the breast pain. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach already

No. 892713

I have to read conspiracy theories for work and it's boggling my mind the mental gymnastics people do to come up with this shit.

No. 892732

why did you sign up to work for Alex jones then nonny

No. 892742

What do you work?

No. 892749

At a news company kek. My boss wants a summary of 9/11 conspiracy theories but the rabbit hole really runs deep.

No. 892790

I wonder if my supervisor realizes how routine based I am, and if he thinks I'm weird for it. There's my lunch time of course, but then there's my "refill my giant water cup" times, and my "eat some sort of small snack at my desk" time, and honestly even my bathroom breaks are always roughly around the same time every day. The only things I try to do at the same time every day is my lunch break and my snack (which is only on a schedule to avoid hunger nausea on the way home) but the rest of it just always happens to fall around the same time kek.

No. 892800

The great but toxic thing about being black is I can use being black as an excuse/cope for being a failure and get over things quickly. Oh that guy rejected me? Its probably because hes not attracted to black girls. Oh that job didnt work out? Oh it's because I'm black. If you are a white girl you have to really think deep into why people dont like you. Its more personal. Like if a guy rejected you have to think about "maybe I'm ugly" "maybe I'm annoying". I have the privilege of brush it off as me being black because I've seen men reject totally beautiful women for just being black. Maybe I'm not a failure because I'm black but it's a good comfort because i can always pretend that I'm not the problem.

No. 892804

I'm the same at work but it's on purpose for me. I drink a lot of water and get hungry really fast so I set myself a schedule to delay peeing and eating, that way I'm not doing them literally all the time kek. Like pee once an hour, eat or have a coffee every 2 hrs, etc. It must seem weird but the alternative is weirder.

No. 892813

me with being asian

No. 892819

Of course the guy I'm talking to has a string of anti social write ups in the paper. Why does everyone I find cute have to be a dick

No. 892822

I'm still attracted to him I just can't ever let anyone know

No. 892823

Sounds like an easy way to get a complex.

No. 892831

File: 1630012831120.jpeg (28.11 KB, 600x600, 0001145_medium-san-x-jinbei-sa…)

aaaaaaaaaaaaa do not scroll down there's cp

No. 892844

File: 1630013190897.jpg (132.13 KB, 1600x900, 15896422_1448287591878098_4606…)


No. 892849

File: 1630013279095.jpg (5.4 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

pls tell me it's just the moid bumping that thread and one of you nonnies cannot be that retarded. i want to believe

No. 892861

File: 1630013459838.jpeg (19.27 KB, 600x600, 0006082_san-x-jinbei-san-mr-wh…)

u cannot stop me. this is MY spot

No. 892873

File: 1630013633206.jpg (48.89 KB, 400x400, Jinbei_Mochi_Cushion_2_400.jpg)

I feel like I should've kept these posts in the retarded thread but now it's too late to stop posting jinbeisan here

No. 892879

File: 1630013756826.jpg (93.2 KB, 564x1015, f8758a4d5ec72db37e82c4706604f1…)

I should've paid attention to your warning instead of just mindlessly scrolling thinking that this whale was cute.

No. 892887

File: 1630013874768.jpg (64 KB, 400x400, hinonnie.jpg)

Fucking retard moid scrotes. What is the point of doing this? What are you accomplishing? Have fun when the FBI or local police force is knocking on your door next week.

No. 892917

File: 1630014255434.jpeg (53.26 KB, 600x600, AA2059F5-F824-4D34-AAD8-50D4A9…)

a fellow woman of taste i see

No. 892934

File: 1630014560371.jpeg (62.54 KB, 960x641, F8EC07B5-F815-41F4-AFC0-490EE5…)

well its gone now but now i have all these jinbesans in my phone

No. 892972

I really need one of those, otherwise I might not have a pleasant rest of my life.

No. 892984

File: 1630016006202.jpeg (27.18 KB, 600x600, 12507887-5B3A-47D3-AB8F-4D805C…)

I won one from a UFO catcher but it’s definitely not as soft and squishy as the ones you buy. I’ve seen some where his mouth leads into an open pocket in his body and I want one to hide stuff in kek

No. 892988

File: 1630016138642.jpg (110.86 KB, 960x960, image.jpg)

Yes, i'm having a big bowl of banana with chocolate, and yes, i'm constipated

No. 892993

File: 1630016425457.jpg (108.64 KB, 650x362, d8b1f6ff-ec10-4e6e-ae67-80583f…)

gl anon! I'm having apple slices with pb

No. 893023

Veep is a very underrated show

No. 893031

File: 1630018399195.png (64.45 KB, 2212x186, knjo.png)

I'm not really sober but I read this in the shoe0nHead thread and I thought "What makes inspired nudes, though? Less "normie" sex acts? What if she had her tongue out while pissing into her own mouth or something? Then everyone would call her PissOnHead" and now I'm laughing like a retard

No. 893056


No. 893064

I fucking love veep

No. 893079

Why do I still always think about this one friend I had when I was literally 13 and even then we were only friends for like a year? She’s also the only friend I’ve ever had a “fight”/ended on bad terms with is it just because of that? I think it’s weird how much I think about it since I have zero contact with her and haven’t for many years now.

No. 893080

File: 1630025729311.png (256.79 KB, 599x686, 550.png)

>tfw one of your favorite reader insert smut blogs deletes fucking everything
but why. the blog itself is still technically there but the stuff on it is all gone. it's been a while since i checked it until today so idk if some drama happened or what.

No. 893083

Nah, I don't think so. Elsie never caught on, it was just used by one anon. She's always been board-tan or lolcow-tan

No. 893085

I wish she had a name tbh
We need to start a new name poll

No. 893088

Elsie = LC makes sense to me

No. 893092

I've started to copy my favorites onto word documents exactly because of that. I've amassed an embarrassingly high number, and about 15% of it seems to be deleted already, and each time another one gets deleted, I thank the heavens that I had this idea.

No. 893105

File: 1630029871873.png (1.18 MB, 1012x559, satan my beloved.PNG)

Got this on my third pull, hell yes

No. 893107

File: 1630030063381.jpeg (85.7 KB, 604x453, 13A306A9-876C-43FC-975F-828ACD…)

one of my prof is such a wokie but so fucking cute wtf.
stop trying to sound woke and date me already

No. 893108

File: 1630030262318.jpeg (36.18 KB, 550x550, BBC5C501-8096-4257-820D-5647EC…)


No. 893112

Anon your crazier than hell but I love you for it.
I wonder how many instructors actually consider how many of their students are googling the hell out of them.

No. 893122

File: 1630032499646.gif (9.38 MB, 350x233, fe91a3dc38b1981226c5c025fc7596…)

No. 893127


I thought my microphone was muted but i think it accidentally unmuted. anyway im in a law class and my professor was talking about a case about a gay couple and this professor is quite old so he was trying to explain which one was the more submissive "woman" of the relationship if you will.

i said to myself, ah he was the bottom. anyway turns out my mic was unmuted and the professor was like "what, did you say something" and i just exited the class. so i hope he just thought my internet died or something and he didn't hear exactly what i said. the only problem is im fairly sure the rest of the class heard what i said. now i can never show my face in class again. im just not going to attend any more classes after this. or maybe i should pretend this never happened and keep going. im not sure what tactic is better but im thinking of just ghosting. thank god this class isn't being recorded and uploaded to my class website. i hate zoom. i swear my microphone was muted this whole time.

how do i live this down. thank god i am graduating in 2 months time. i never want to show my face again.

No. 893134

i am currently imagining alternate scenarios where this never happened and i hope if i do this enough the fake memory will replace my real memory of the event. learnt this method in effy's therapy in skins.

No. 893136

I think you're greatly overthinking it. Wasn't what he was saying more offensive, inferring a gay man was the "woman"? You just clarified and said he means bottom. Just act totally cool-headed and people won't even know you didn't intend to say it unmuted. If you show vulnerability and overexplain yourself or laugh it off nervously, the class is going to make fun of you. Just coldly brush it off, or even go the social justice route and just say "Bottom is a better term to use than 'woman'."

No. 893151

File: 1630036187554.jpg (18.87 KB, 269x269, 22763_mild_sauce_packet_269x26…)

Best Taco Bell sauce. This shit on a chalupa makes me see stars

No. 893159

Lol I don’t think most people will care that much, it’s something someone would say to be funny in back of the class. Zoom accidents happen all the time

No. 893170


No. 893174

I almost spit out my coffee laughing anon thanks

No. 893193

I'm just not gonna fuck him in the ass but I'll also crossdress him. Praying to God he doesn't Troon out after a while.

No. 893194

I also saw the scat raid and I was eating a delicious belga chocolate cake when it happened. f

No. 893312

It's so stupid how people have such a hateboner for summer. Summer is my favourite season and people react like I'm crazy because how can I love sweaty insomnia and scalding heat? Damn. Apparently, summer is just defined by heat, winter by snow and christmas, if you like autumn it's because of halloween and spring is pollen hell. Seasons have more to them than that and this is erasure of all the great things about summer. I can't stand the heat at all but it's still the best.

No. 893324

On the topic of ASMR, it’s so weird how I can talk about it to people now and they know what it is. Like 8 years ago I was trying to keep it a secret because the majority of people thought it was weird and didn’t know what it was, and now people who used to make fun of me for listening to it are listening to it themselves.

No. 893331

Yes! The boom of ASMR also kinda surprises me. I remember back in 2012~2013 it was considered "that weird side of YouTube" and just a fetish. Same thing with mukbangs.
Irony it is that it's so big now that it actually has much more fetish videos than back then when people would look at it weird.

No. 893338

File: 1630068723188.jpg (251.83 KB, 750x1333, c3da195bdcacdd9a8af54d91072626…)

I'm straight up addicted to coffee/energy drinks and at this point it's not even for the energy. I just get such a wave of optimism after my 4th of the day that I start feeling like life gets better. It prolly doesn't but the feeling's nice.

No. 893340

File: 1630068952655.jpeg (35.84 KB, 250x250, 28054306-2F7A-48E3-8EF6-9E9893…)

>gets banned for rightfully calling out a disgusting anon

sometimes I hate the mods here jesus

No. 893347

Don’t worry, nonnie, people are getting banned left and right for no particular reason, just appeal the ban and it might be lifted.

No. 893399

I'm bad for this too, more so coffee than energy drinks because it's cheaper to drink that all day. If I had money to waste I would be in trouble because I feel like coffee is at least the lesser of two evils. I don't know how but the caffeine in monster hits you different.

No. 893402

Maybe it was seen as replying to bait?

No. 893408

I hate all the non-heat related things about summer too tho. Hate the beach, hate the holidays, fireworks, etc.

No. 893436

Ugh same nonny, at my worst I was having 2-3 cans of monster ultra a day. Down to 1 every other day but the withdrawals are still shit

No. 893454

File: 1630081984033.jpg (106.8 KB, 720x1150, Tumblr_l_141745194219781.jpg)

Should I work 8 hour shifts on tue-thur-fri-sun or tuesday to friday next week

No. 893462

File: 1630083150347.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.5 KB, 1600x1600, DA399AD9-C52B-4F6B-86C0-E6D633…)

I miss her so much, I just want to have a taste of that delicious, sweet flavor of hers and I want to go “ahh” after I drink all of her during a really hot day like today.
Why is she so unobtainable? I suffer because she’s not in my country and making her come here would take months.

No. 893469

I love not cooking and ordering delicious food online.

No. 893483

File: 1630084931198.gif (704.64 KB, 496x360, excellent.gif)

when a 35 year old man starts arguing with me on reddit and then deletes all his comments and account after i verbally castrate him

No. 893492

File: 1630085375826.jpeg (57.67 KB, 389x287, 2BF3E2C1-B1CD-4867-B339-568A50…)

I’m going to save this cow from its misery

No. 893493

so proud of you nonnie

No. 893506

thank you. just doing my part to demoralize men across the internet as much as possible.

No. 893508

File: 1630086277894.jpeg (18.92 KB, 305x165, 0A55D4BE-20E4-411A-8E4C-E05CFA…)

I’m proud of you, anonita.

No. 893517

Nice. Feels good!

No. 893525

I know you don't wanna give out what you posted to tie in but I'm super curious as to what you said ahh

No. 893536

I would love to shop at thrift stores but I live in a rural area and the only things in our thrift stores are from obese grandmas

No. 893543

Learn to sew then alter the clothes to fit you/make something new from the fabric. Duh.

No. 893606

File: 1630096587924.png (253.57 KB, 764x713, Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 16-27…)

Lmao they added a new feature to filter western picrews, absolutely based

No. 893608

holy fuck, amazing

No. 893611

Hell yea

No. 893613

File: 1630097694115.png (101.68 KB, 500x372, 3nkh17.png)

No. 893618

That is all I ever wanted

No. 893625

It's so freaking rainy here that the next time I go outside I'm pretty sure there will be an old man building a boat with pairs of animals going onto it

No. 893629

I promise to always be the one friend who vocally expresses my disagreement with a friend who is considering selling nudes.

No. 893637

Very good

No. 893654

I can physically feel the nostalgia

No. 893667

Kek found this video where a drift driver pretends to be a car sales girl and innocently suggests to men to go for a test drive then proceeds to scare them shitless (except for one who was enjoying himself).
It was very satisfying to hear their screams lmao (especially the guy's who implied that it is a 'man's car' and she shouldn't be driving). Thought I would share it, enjoy nonnies

No. 893706

In hs this girl told her "friend" her breath stank after telling everyone a week or so before, the girl never brushed her teeth when she stayed over her house and her boyfriend, breath also stank. The girl was scared of her and embarrassed, so she started shit with the teacher to take out her anger (IMO). She got up to do something without asking and when the teacher told her to sit, she started to spazz out. She ended up crying and standing against the wall like a baby refusing to move while her "friend" giggled and told her to calm down and sit.
That was their relationship, but I still think about it.

No. 893714

Love how the dude who hit on her screams the loudest

No. 893715

File: 1630111783657.jpg (18.01 KB, 387x468, 1613268904925.jpg)

kek I bet they got tired of seeing all the ugly western ones. If only it were that easy to filter out on other sites.

No. 893723

I’ve been channeling my manic phase spending to charity this month and have donated ~$250 to cat charities, $150 to teacher wishlists, and $500 to women’s rights because women’s equality day was this week.

No. 893726

can you donate to my dumb bitch fund, it’s for me and other dumb bitches

No. 893728

the eastern ones look just about as generic and boring as the western ones, not sure what’s your point here?

No. 893730

the western ones are usually way uglier and shoves gender autism in it. generic is not as bad as a complete eyesore.

No. 893731

at least the eastern ones don't have gender bullshit, hijab/vitiligo/deathfat crap, and deliberately ugly art styles

No. 893735

who cares? it’s literally a dress-up game, plus you think that your precious weeb art isn’t as degenerate? it’s rife of fetish porn and female objectification, stop praising japan for being the ALMIGHTY GODS OF ART they are just as slimy as you guys.

No. 893737

Wtf does degeneracy have to do with it? Woke western art is hideous and cringe, the moral highground has nothing to do with it. We simply don't want to see fugly shit and neither do Japanese people.

No. 893739

>who cares its just a dress up game
>proceeds to get on a high horse about art styles in said dress up game

No. 893742

Shhh I’m not there yet

No. 893743

a guy i'm talking to keeps talking about putting me in a small box i'm so confused. i like him but i truly believe his brain is filled with rocks

No. 893752

File: 1630122869348.jpeg (18.19 KB, 275x184, 7A838C31-6F2E-48BB-A4D2-4D74A9…)

Run and don’t look back.

No. 893754

I love being back on my college campus and judging, checking out, and objectifying my male peers. yummy yummy, show me the sexy nerds. One dude in my group project I kept looking at his chest, too bad he's in a frat.

No. 893755

let me fill his brain with rocks for you

No. 893757

Based. Most western ones are garbage.

No. 893759

File: 1630123652155.png (196.5 KB, 740x276, srgggeeg.png)

the difference is abyssmal

No. 893766

File: 1630125257601.png (122.4 KB, 340x340, 1F1F3896-8CF9-4D75-A8DC-1697C7…)

There’s a picrew/general dress up thread here >>>/m/139245

No. 893776

File: 1630126808320.webm (2.6 MB, 899x508, 1630122356831.webm)

I kinda feel this scene

No. 893792

God, Jucifer is so fucking good. Amen

No. 893814

Yeah it's deepfake porn of both female and male idols, I've only seen one account on twitter that publicly posted them

No. 893825

File: 1630131437888.gif (66.79 KB, 249x283, me.gif)

I'm going to learn to love the dishes after my hangnail stops hurting every time I use that fingie to type

No. 893826

Just cut the hangnail off with nail cutters

No. 893827

my skin around it is all swollen from washing the dishes, anon. I'm truly suffering for not wearing gloves. I think that's the key to loving the dishes

No. 893853

I just (finally) quit my old job after months of moving on, I just go back in the middle of saturday afternoons to help out and they needed me because no one else had my skillset but it was honestly annoying as fuck because I have to keep cancelling on my friends. The boss is scary though so I said I would come back to help but it's gotten to be too much! I have yet to receive a reply to my quitting text. I am nervous.

No. 893858

File: 1630137502565.png (Spoiler Image, 460.45 KB, 734x967, no.png)

The ad for this coomer bullshit kickstarter keeps showing up in my feed, I always laugh it off with how the title makes it sound like lesbians are some sort of elusive fantasy race and then I decided to actually skim through that bullshit out of curiosity and…

No. 893869

My ideal coomer game:
>marketed like pic in your post, baiting all denegerate anime-brain coomers, targeting lolicons especially
>very big crowdfunding campaign that is hugely successful, many supportive coomers
>many censored snippets of teasers implying fucked up fetishes (nothing actually shown) and gathering the most bottom of the barrel coomers
>marketed as being "REALISTIC" and you really have to woo the girls and "your efforts will pay off"
>actual game releases with 10/10 graphics
>slow start to the game, only coom content are dream sequences to blueballs and bait coomers into continuing
>the truth is revealed that this is actually not a coom game but one designed to disappoint and anger coomers
>none of the coom snippets are actually in the game, all of the girls in game hate and looks down on MC and will never like him
>all interactions and endings lead to bad ends where the male lead gets socially rejected and made fun of or suffer and dies
>on top of this the game has stolen all player's data and doxxed them publicly
>coomer outrage everywhere, creator gets final kek and disappears with all the money, never to be seen again

No. 893873

>makes it sound like lesbians are some sort of elusive fantasy race
That's how AGPs see it kek, to them lesbians are the ultimate pure virgins they need to conquer.

>none of the coom snippets are actually in the game, all of the girls in game hate and looks down on MC and will never like him
>all interactions and endings lead to bad ends where the male lead gets socially rejected and made fun of or suffer and dies
Based anon, I would back this project immediately

No. 893874

I think the only reason why I "prefer" to have guy friends is because I feel so inadequate and weird around other women that it just feels safer if I'm around men so I can't compare myself to them and make myself feel worse. But I learned the hard way that men (especially straight men) are not good friends so I need to overcome my anxiety and fuckedupness and treat myself the way I deserve

No. 893881

I was the same for a long time, I didn't make friends with women because I kept thinking I wasn't on their level and that I'd just make them and myself uncomfortable by being such a loser. Found out later this wasn't true at all, I just had to come across women who were more like me and didn't practice intimidating social games. Now I hang around with almost exclusively women, men only in a mixed sex group.

You can't trust moids at all so it's absolutely futile to rely on them, the only reason they would ever help you out or even pretend to like your company is to get laid. In the case you start dating someone they all scatter like cockroaches never to be heard from again.

No. 893887

That's based but there should be gay ends too, for the humiliation of male players and perhaps the enjoyment of fujos.

No. 893889

why would a dress up game be degenerate. get better at drawing and maybe people won’t want to filter your garbage

No. 893890

Ty for replying nona, hoping I get there like you have. As dumb as it may sound this site and all the mysterious ladies here really help me out and make me feel less alone even though I'm mostly a lurker. Wish it was easier to find like-minded women in the wild but I'm still trying my best and putting the effort into the few female friendships I currently have

No. 893902

Are you talking to Steven Wilson

No. 893906

File: 1630143084023.jpg (78.29 KB, 500x701, 6920015.3.jpg)

More like Cameron Hooker. I didn't know he has an access to the internet in prison

No. 893907

They sure market it differently on itch.io. But you know what? I want a game like that for women. With 3D graphics, gameplay and interactive porn scenes. We deserve that.

No. 893908

Anon, he sounds like a psycho.

>The movie follows a surgeon whose growing obsession with a woman leads him to amputate her limbs and hold her captive in his home after she suffers a car accident.

>Nick Cavanaugh is a lonely Atlanta surgeon obsessed with a woman named Helena, with whom he had one intimate experience. Nick is in love with her while Helena holds disdain for him. After she suffers a high grade tibial fracture in a hit-and-run motor vehicle collision in front of his home, he kidnaps and treats her in his house surreptitiously, amputating both of her legs above the knee. Later, he amputates her arms above the elbow after she tries to choke him.

No. 893919

Nonnie what's your reason to live? Please i need to understand why the fuck would anyone find pleasur ein living

No. 893921


No. 893922

I miss the first higurashi anime it was so soulful

No. 893925

Experiencing my dream life in the sims 4

No. 893928

My first gore pic was a photo of a mutilated scrote with his cut penis on his mouth. I used to visit a webpage about true crime that posted the photos lmao.

No. 893929

It has gotten two new seasons now, Gou that was released earlier this year and Sotsu that is being released now. The studio bamboozled the fans by first marketing it as a reboot when it is actually a continuation lol

No. 893930

I am planning to start the VN eventually(someday) so i haven't watched it but the designs are buttugly.

No. 893939

Yeah the new designs suck, but you get used to it (WHY ARE THEY SO SHINY THOUGH). Gou and Sotsu are completely new and doesn't exist as VNs (maybe Ryukishi07 plans on turning them into VNs later, who knows) so they're really throwing the entire fandom in for a loop.
The new seasons are really different from the original show, not in a bad way imo just that you can tell that the writer has grown in how he likes to write his stories since the original creation. I tend to tell people that if you liked how the original show/VN ended then you don't need to watch the new seasons, but if you want more or wasn't too happy with the end result like me then they're a good watch and seem to hint towards tying in Umineko among other things

No. 893976

Yesterday I met the boyfriend of a family friend and he's one of the weirdest guys I've ever met. They stayed at my mom's but came over my place for dinner.

His girlfriend has to do everything (packing clothes - including his-, ordering the plane tickets - they are flying to Italy tomorrow -, change their kids diaper, etc because these are 'not a man's job'). Except for cleaning, with which he's allegedly obsessed with and he does the cleaning at home and here after dinner he immediately started to pack the dishes into the washing machine and even instructed their 3 year old son to help him. She's also the one who buys everything they need (groceries, clothes for the kid, etc) because she earns more (she's a doctor) and he also only works 32 hours a week because 'he likes his Fridays off'. They shared their plans of him going on paternity leave because of financial reasons but when I asked him if he can cook he said no, he's never cooked in his life (he's 36 years old btw).
I literally don't understand why she's with him. My mom thinks he's using her for financial security only which I'm inclined to believe. There was also something strange about his body language in general but can't really pinpoint what exactly. He has this uncomfortable feeling about him, he seems like a very insecure guy I guess

No. 893981

Oh and one thing I forgot: while they were here he pestered their kid by asking him constantly who his favorite parent is and when the kid said 'mom' he seemed upset and kept asking until he said 'dad'. After that he seemed satisfied and remarked that 'men should stick together'. It was really weird. My mom told he gives off pedophilic vibes but I'm not sure because she's got a wild imagination and also she's usually wrong. But he's still a weird guy, that's for sure

No. 894062

File: 1630166703489.png (78.34 KB, 220x200, guessing.PNG)

I was searching about Posca earlier and an artist on my video feed just released a video about them, what a nice coincidence. I also spend the whole afternoon on Jetpen

No. 894072

just sounds like the typical insecure, lazy, leeching moid that sucks the soul out of a successful woman. i feel bad for her and the kid.

No. 894081

File: 1630168280267.jpg (49.63 KB, 1400x701, Higurashi-Gou-Demon-Deceiving-…)

I feel like everyone is gaslighting me by saying the original anime was anything other than garbage. The anime makes it seem like a campy, trashy b-movie, completely ignoring the sincere and earnest tone of the VN.
The new designs don't suck but they are off-model like 90% of the time (pic-related is on-model). I like that Watanabe actually draws noses and lips on anime girls unlike the majority of anime designs.

No. 894095

I like all of em equally for their own unique qualities. Maybe I'm just easy to pleasy but I'm just happy with a title I like being used to make stuff.

No. 894096

File: 1630169779411.png (Spoiler Image, 656.34 KB, 1813x391, Screenshot 2021-08-28.png)

Why on earth is this recommended to me? I've never searched anything nsfw or figurines or anything like that before. It annoyed me.

No. 894098

I refuse to watch the new one solely because the art style is similar to Monogatari, which I hate with a passion. It gives me this lingering feeling that it's gonna turn into coom shit at some point (and the stuff shown in the official art doesn't help).

No. 894102

You just described my parents but instead of Fridays off it's 6 hr work days, and with cooking and cleaning switched (my dad's never cleaned anything in his life but he has a weird obsession with cooking, he does roughly half of it but thinks he's a god at it (he's not) and constantly berated my moms cooking. Even though she did all of it for the first 10 years of my life while he didn't even eat with us, but I digress). Everything else is the same

No. 894103

It's by the same artist. I love Watanabe and his style but it only works for very cheerfull and moe shows, not for darker stuff.

No. 894105

Fair enough, I didn't like Monogatari as a whole but I loved the art style and direction.
Monogatari has a lot of dark moments, but the artists also do a better job of staying on model and not letting all the characters turn to featureless blobs like in Higurashi. Shaft would have done a better job than Passione I think.

No. 894106

>guy friend is gay
>gal friend is a lesbian
>best friend just said that she might be bi
Am i… the token straight?

No. 894117

I think your life is a sitcom, nonnie.

No. 894151

File: 1630177183629.png (172.59 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210828-135846.png)

I just saw a freaking black widow on my front yard

No. 894165

Fucking set it on fire before it gets into your house

No. 894209

I am a dumb dumb and put my box of pasta away upside-down. It was annoying to clean up.

No. 894216

Did you call pest control?

Happens to the best of us, anon

No. 894232

File: 1630185793455.jpg (12.51 KB, 500x281, God.jpg)

If you think about it, himbo is just the 21st century take on prince charming

No. 894233

Pest control for a single spider that probably won't hurt anyone unless they fuck with it?

No. 894236

Until it lays eggs

No. 894239

Meh, spiderlings will eat each other and then survivors leave the area, a single spider really isn't an emergency

No. 894241

this man is a treasure.

No. 894244

I don't think he even had a personality tbh

No. 894246

>mfw I live in a country with virtually no dangerous or poisonous animals
>mfw I realize that shit like black widows and cougars and crocodiles are real and exist somewhere in the wild
I'm never traveling abroad jesus christ

No. 894249

This happened to my absolute favorite writer + story and I still think about her. Only found 4 chapters through cache, tried contacting old readers but nothing. Since then I've been downloading all my favorite fics.

No. 894256

I'm convinced my ex was gay cause he fucked trannies, I suspect this specific man and I found grinder on his phone. But the true irony is that we watched kuwtk together and he loved it. Probably because as I rewatching it now with all my profound wisdom all the men in kuwtk are gay (apart from Rob and Scott) and the karjenners are beards. My ex ate that shit up. What a buffoon I am.

No. 894285

File: 1630192125885.jpg (234.18 KB, 1200x1800, lucy-hale-shows-off-her-toned-…)

Is it just me to do modern cameras seem to not do anyone justice? It Seems like every single person looks almost twice as wide as I can remember, is it just my screen or? Also the mega HD now seems to hate everyone and then especially commercial cameras that are used for family events and fun times are like some weird negging scam that makes everyone look awful like wtf canon no one wants to see the entire families every pore on vacation as well as making them twice as wide who ever thought this was a good marketing idea?

No. 894292

People need to learn how to shoot a camera. You need to tilt down for flattering pics,everyone is too use to their damn phones is my assumtpion

No. 894314

Gonna rant. This just made me realize why I rarely let anyone take pictures of me anymore. When people ask me to take their photo, I always make sure to raise my arms and tilt the camera down to take a more flattering picture. I'm short, but even if I can't see the screen as I'm taking the picture it always turns out nice on the first or second try. Meanwhile others will just grab the camera, do a bunch of rapid taps at chest height, hand the camera back to me and say "I took 17 pictures so you can choose the most flattering one". Thanks, now I have 17 blurry ass unflattering pictures of me while you have two great ones of yourself. Why offer to take a photo of someone if you're not gonna put a tiny bit of effort into it?

No. 894317

i'm so mad and all i want to do is get my homework done but i can't focus on it because i'm so mad so i come here to laugh at people worse off than me but i can't enjoy it because i'm so mad

No. 894335

Yeppers. I also saw myself as quite petite but some cameras make me look WIDE at some angles, like almost troon territory. Lense size also has a lot to do with it because some lenses can make you look more compressed and thus wider

No. 894347

That was excellent. Thank you, anon.

No. 894407

No I didn't call pest control, my mom just killed it with a broom and then she stomped on it. Sorry it took me a while to respond because I was kinda baffled by having seen one of those irl

No. 894416

I'm in sort of an opposite predicament. People constantly ask me to take pictures even though I tell them I can't shoot for shit and am not interested in learning.

No. 894427

Prince Charming aboustetly has a personality

No. 894492

The way Americans talk about 9/11 is so unhinged and annoying

No. 894498

how is it talked about and what about that bothers you

No. 894501

I dunno how i managed to get forehead wrinkles at 19 but i want to die

No. 894504

a little secret botox will fix that right up and nobody needs to know

No. 894507

If i had money for surgery i would use it to fix my nose first

No. 894516

botox in the US is like $25 per unit

No. 894517

You probably just have dehydrated skin. Try layering 50 decent moisturizers and wear a noncomedogenic oil as a night mask

No. 894528

>how is it talked about
in an unhinged way
>what about that bothers you
it’s annoying

No. 894535

thanks for nothing

No. 894537

File: 1630220081750.png (303.71 KB, 451x336, Capture.PNG)

I love like fake food shit, even in video games, I'm about to buy picrel and make cute chocolates.

No. 894540

i hope they keep talking about it in your presence

No. 894549

I live in a shithole
How is it possible to have the greasiest fucking forehead and the mf still feeling dehydrated.

No. 894566

do you smoke? I have 19-20 year old friends with slight wrinkles and they're all smokers. They're all very subtle though, I noticed bc of my own body dysmorphia but other people probably don't notice or care

No. 894568

File: 1630224874336.png (508.34 KB, 500x486, this-can-be-rebuilt-pren-this-…)

No. 894587

File: 1630227773679.jpg (80.53 KB, 880x587, 1626477027052.jpg)

I'm glad I finally broke my debilitating lolcow addiction, but I do miss you bitches. smooches

No. 894652

File: 1630239007260.jpg (41.39 KB, 640x425, Height.jpg)

In my country I have always been the "tall girl" in my group of my friends, I didn't make it part of my identity but that's how most people recognized me and I always knew It was a big deal for people, people would make comments that I wouldn't find a proper husband cause of my height but then I went to Germany for my masters and I never felt more tiny in my life
For the first time in my life I was the short one in a single group and the women were taller then the average man in my country
My brother is considered exceptionally tall in Pakistan but he's only 5'10

you people are way too Huge

No. 894660

DONDA DROPPED BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 894661

What's your height then?

No. 894663

straightaway making a playlist of the album minus that intro 'track'

No. 894664

Yea that's a def skip lol

No. 894666

I'm 5'7

No. 894668

Thats so cute! I kinda get you lol

No. 894670

what's donda? link?

No. 894672

It's Kanye West's new album

No. 894674

I feel like Kanye had me in mind for jesus is king and now Donda. Praise God!

No. 894675

File: 1630241705519.jpg (97.15 KB, 600x600, kanye-west-donda-v-work-Cover-…)

I wonder why the cover just ended up being blank?

No. 894676

That cover is amazing now that I'm listening to it. Anyway, I had to use a night light for the first time since childhood because I kept thinking about aliens. I'm spooked to the hills

No. 894683

I'm with you anon, every time I go down an internet rabbit hole of spooky shit I genuinely can't sleep properly for days and have huge anxiety at night since I have a dumb fear of the dark naturally.

No. 894688

Lord I need you please be about Kim

No. 894689

File: 1630244647360.gif (845.49 KB, 500x280, confused_lion_king.gif)

>Kanye fans on lolcow

No. 894694

Bet I'm more old skool than u tho

No. 894760

My mum is being a mega bitch so I flaked on visiting her yesterday so I had to come today and it's the day Donda dropped so I've been high af and I don't know what to say now I'm here like i can't blame everything on hay fever I want to party and she wants to tell me. How busy she is because she went to a shop

No. 894791

do regular people actually have perfectly smooth foreheads? like if you move your eyebrows or express yourself at all obviously there will be lines and movement. even young kids are wrinkly.

No. 894793

I hope all me German anons know I inspire myself to learn German so I can read the German thread on ot here

No. 894805

If only the guy didn't EAT THE FUCKING BAT

No. 894810

I'm taller than every man in that image, rip. Though I'm on holiday rn somewhere with a lot of German tourists and for the first time in my life I feel normal kek

No. 894817

File: 1630257966362.jpg (379.02 KB, 700x800, 1468032910396.jpg)

Tbh lolcow-tans name should be Sage.

No. 894843

i’m crying so bad from laughing he really needs to be put on meds god I love it

No. 894846

that's the "average height" someone whose slightly above average height in those countries could be your Ideal partner

No. 894849

I'm still favoring Elsie but Sage would be cute as well

No. 894865

I like Elsie

No. 894866

My favourite song off Donda so far is believe what I say. Also shout out to ariana who is also on the album. Kanye gets it.

No. 894867

it makes more sense

No. 894868

people really listen to this overhyped over-promoted shit?

No. 894870

No bitch I'm faking it for lolcow points

No. 894871

i'm moreso questioning your taste than accusing you of wanting points

No. 894872

Like I give a shit

No. 894875

everyone i hate, together at last

No. 894876

well you keep responding back so

No. 894878

Moon,Heaven and Hell and Praise God are also personal favourites. I love this album. I think it's going to make people love Jesus is King more too. God bless!!!

No. 894881

File: 1630263677269.png (565.95 KB, 778x1200, my-meiker-1630033124150406.png)

Why wouldn't Sage make sense, though? Less of a farmer name?
Do we even have any more options?

No. 894884

elsie (LC) is cuter. i can only read sage as being pronounced as "sah-geh" which sounds ugly to me.

No. 894892

File: 1630264612762.jpeg (13.99 KB, 225x225, 2D55D787-42FB-49E9-A991-369CA6…)

Why are milka choc bars so big? Is this an American thing? I swear I saw smaller ones while traveling through Europe.

No. 894893

How much do they weigh? They weigh 80 g in europe now. It used to be 90 g not long ago, and 100 g a few years ago. I think they're just being stingy

No. 894894

There's both big and small ones, big ones are family sized and often given as a present.

No. 894895

true, but also tfw no 1.90 Dutch bf

No. 894896

Dutch men are assholes, you're better off unless you like getting negged

No. 894903

File: 1630265373478.jpg (11.91 KB, 275x181, 1585051254053.jpg)

My retarded third world country approved of a law called free womb that forbids you to make exams to discover the babies gender. Abortion is still forbidden and you can be arrested for attempting it. Fuck me I guess. If I get preggo I'm still aborting fuck that

No. 894913

>My retarded third world country approved of a law called free womb that forbids you to make exams to discover the babies gender
Isn't that a good thing? Now baby girls won't get aborted for being girls?

No. 894927

I just now got Elsie = lc, that's brilliant!

No. 894928

I think they did this to prevent killing more female fetuses, but man not knowing if your child will be male must fucking suck

No. 894952

File: 1630268692354.png (1.02 MB, 2012x1230, 1627775921580.png)

Just like Cece the lizard (c.c = crystal.cafe), Elsie for LC makes a lot of sense

No. 894976

How come jojolion has ended already and how come I haven't read any of it since that plane door started flying towards yasuho? I'll be remedying that right now see ya in a bit

No. 894977

Maybe Sage as a surname?
Elsie Sage

No. 894980

elsie dotfarm

No. 895010

File: 1630272794860.png (180.57 KB, 544x463, Untitled.png)

Danger romper? In my jojolion?

No. 895018

I'm too scared for tomorrow because it'll be my first day at my new job I can't sleep, I'm reading some trashy yaoi instead of sleeping.

I stopped reading in the middle of the beetle fight because there weren't any more chapters back then, if you read the rest tell me if it's good enough for me to read the rest.

No. 895033

It's been a long time since the beetle fight, I think it was really good since then, but I'm one of those who loves jojolion. If you liked it up until then, the rest is good too. The ending was not very spectacular but I liked it. If you don't want to read everything, the last two chapters are a nice conclusion. They are here

No. 895048

Honestly it's been so long, I might as well read Jojolion from the start. I do remember the characters and what the big mysteries were at that point in the manga but my memories of the manga kinda vague now that I think about it, I read Jojolion in 2014 I think and waited until more chapters would get released. I'll check it out next weekend so I can binge read it.

No. 895077

File: 1630277751513.png (402.03 KB, 482x666, shit.png)

a local museum posted this wojak poster

No. 895107

Girls don't really get killed here. >>894928
Brazil. It was done BC apparently babies have no gender and are neutral. You can't gender babies anymore. It's just more tranny shit.

No. 895110

File: 1630282136549.png (259.87 KB, 401x576, 1566402177203.png)

I suddenly remembered when I was really into Black Butler when the anime was really recent and popular, I still like it, I remember my high school female friends and I loving it for the story and art and characters, nobody even knew about sebasciel being a thing, none of us shipped it.

For some reason I know a few gay guys irl who also liked the series back then, we not too long ago we talked about it and they all sperged about the good all days when they wanted Sebastian/Ciel to be an official couple. I never want any MLM fakeboi to complain about fujoshi fetishizing male anime characters EVER again, these guys were 100% serious when saying this shit.

No. 895111

A tranny on tumblr called me homophobic because I saw him making jokes about watching 12 year old anime girls have sex with each other on someone elses post and I said it was disgusting. I didn't even realize he was a tranny and now he won't stop posting about me and it's kind of scary

No. 895112

I should add that he's posting about sexual fantasies involving me too for some reason

No. 895115

File: 1630282541072.jpeg (18.71 KB, 180x211, A818B1DC-9EED-4841-868B-1B87D7…)

Ew, what the fuck? Is he just posting to the void or is he getting any likes and such? Anyways, you should probably block and report his ass.
That makes me want to alog.

No. 895118

I blocked and reported him. No one's liking his posts or anything but it's making me feel ill, I should've known he was a tranny just from the original comment ngl

No. 895125

File: 1630283114275.jpg (190.29 KB, 600x891, 806075.jpg)

Oh wow. I'm thinking about going to Germany for my masters, but I'm 5'2. I hope I don't look like a literal midget.

Elsie Dot Farm

Elsie's my grandma's name, so I like Sage better, but I get why other anons like Elsie.

No. 895132

Elsie reads like a knockoff Elsa kek sage is way cuter

No. 895136

I'm so beautiful my face is so great why did I let my grease ugly ex convince me otherwise???!!!?? I wanna kill past me

No. 895139

Women purposely take bad pictures of other women they're jealous of and men take bad pictures of women to ruin their self esteem. If it seems someone is almost purposely taking shitty pics of you then they probably are. That and cosmetic related industries will often Photoshop their before pictures so they customer feels more ugly and ends up getting whatever they're offering.
I'm friends with someone who works at a plastic surgery office and they told me they Photoshop people "before" picture to purposely make them look fatter and their boobs look smaller and saggier, I also feel like dermatologists do this as well

No. 895154

>Women purposely take bad pictures of other women they're jealous of and men take bad pictures of women to ruin their self esteem.
What kind of atrocious people do you hang out with?? I've never seen or heard of anything to make me believe this. People literally just dgaf about how anyone in a photo looks except themselves. And we are our own harshest critics, the person taking a photo of someone won't think the shot is as unflattering as that person might.

No. 895155

people can be shit anon, there are plenty of men and women out there who act like this is high school, I've had plenty of female friends who would purposely try to knock down other women and then just claim "well II think it looks good!" when the outfit is a damn trash bag lol or something of that nature

No. 895156

It's funny seeing people who I know don't believe CWC is a womhan go back and forth between calling him "he/she" , but they keep slipping up and calling him a "he" more.
I kind of wonder what their KF name is, because it's obvious they don't believe that shit and frequent spaces where people don't play along with CWC's Pronouns.

No. 895165

>Women purposely take bad pictures of other women they're jealous of
so is this the reason why one of my ex-friends would always take shitty candids of me even though i told her i didn't like having pictures taken of me

No. 895191

Good luck tomorrow you got this!

No. 895200

I had a daydream that the lolcow mascot was making out with that white haired hobo somebody always posts.

No. 895224

I imagine her to be taller than him. She seems tall in general I think. I'd put her around 178cm/5'10".

No. 895236

File: 1630298155838.jpg (65.4 KB, 680x505, 1f55h8621q69w03.jpg)

Does anyone else have a problem where you can't get horny over things that are supposed to make people horny (like reading erotica/smut, looking at pics of "attractive" people, fantasizing about someone etc) and instead arousal only happens randomly when you don't want it to happen or when you're literally thinking about nothing? like it's involuntary. In my case it only happens if I'm feeling ill or don't eat for a long time, I can't just 'turn' arousal on just by thinking about/seeing things. I also have trouble visualizing sexual body movements, like if I imagine fucking someone our bodies move stiffly and I can't picture a dick going in properly.

No. 895239

they call me doctor love they call me doctor love they call me doctor love they c call eat doctor love

No. 895241

oh my god I forgot I wrote this already and got scared when I saw in text what is stuck in my head

No. 895249

This is petty but the stereotype about how students who drink and party all night is dumb as fuck, I get shitfaced every weekend and all 3 of my roommates stay in but I'm still making better grades than all of them and participating in school activities much more than they are

No. 895263

They call me Dr Worm

No. 895297


No. 895342

>Khomeini is the second of Iran
>a man of deep thinking, a man of deep words

>we have seen when Khomeini was among friends

>he was soft, softer than a petal
>we all have seen he was just like a mountain
>and solid like a rock when in a battle

No. 895409

I've definitely had a bitch always take horrendous photos of me and sneak photos of me to upload on her nights out albums. She was definitely being spiteful her own brother called her out one night when she just had it in for me on a night out. Bitches do exist.

No. 895448

Anon keep doing whatever makes you happy. I'm going through the same, realized we'rein a weird position in history, we're women with education and independence, born in a digital era with a million of discourses being showed to us everyday because we ran free on the internet when it was lawless— anyway what I'm trying to say is that we're a brand new type of individuals that have very little in common with the generation before us and all behind, so don't hold to be like they were, or the life they told you you should have.
The possibility of growing up at our own peace and keep ourselves true to our interests is a gift anon, don't let baby-family-monocrome interior design obsessed losers influence you

Idk what I say anyway be yourself anon, enjoy your nice life

No. 895449

Came back to 204 emails at work after vacation and considering that selling feet pics might not be so bad

No. 895455

Thank you, I deleted my post like a coward, but I appreciate your reply all the same

No. 895474

I'm pretty much a nobody artist but some random tranny schizo made up a bunch of shit about me last night and posted all these off-the-wall accusations and it makes me not want to post my art anymore if people are going to just pull claims from their ass and spread it around for no reason then blame their "psychosis"

No. 895484

File: 1630333270584.jpg (293.55 KB, 987x1200, EUaq7arXkAAqx__.jpg)

NTAYRT but your response helped me with a perspective shift so ty, bless.

No. 895496

File: 1630335014813.jpg (103.74 KB, 1024x683, Pak.jpg)

Chinese and Pakistani(Kashmiri) border guards

No. 895517

File: 1630337131852.jpg (61.19 KB, 800x533, broken-terracotta-flower-pot-s…)

God, I hate myself so much. This morning my curtain rail fell off, because those ornaments on each end fell off because I opened the curtains with a bit of too much energy. Put the curtain rail on without it because I did not have the time for it before work.
So I came home and wanted to fix this shit when I lost my balance, I managed to knock over one of my plants, which end up all over one curtail and the other one full with wet dirt. So I had to put the curtains into the washing machine because both of them got dirty and now I sit here inside my too bright room and full exposure to my neighbors because I'm too dumb to put some stupid curtain rail back on fml …

No. 895519

File: 1630337231249.png (1.02 MB, 800x600, fr4e45.png)

A rural chinese Tajik family with Mao's portrait on the wall

No. 895527

File: 1630337684069.jpg (21.95 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

My dog is not the most affectionate, but I love it when she really wants her head rubbed and chin scratched. She starts leaning forward and will sometimes almost fall over while I'm rubbing her silly little head. God she is so fucking cute and I love her so much.

No. 895539

File: 1630339536585.jpg (17.75 KB, 274x612, istockphoto-1133534193-612x612…)

I would love an autist online database where we submit data on men who have admitted to visiting prostitutes, having a porn addiction, any abusive behaviour or whatever, ideally backed with screenshot evidence. Names, photos, social media accounts etc.

No. 895543

That would be honestly quite helpful, it could be organized either alphabetically or by nationality of the moid.

No. 895552

That's been done, I think it was called don't date him sis, but it got shut down bc scrotes fweelings

No. 895554

Lets do it

No. 895558

They need to bring this back omg

No. 895564

Don't Date Him Girl. Database of cheaters. They were sued and condemned as a hate site and shut themselves down kek. Just Don't Wife Her was made in retaliation to help men avoid gold diggers lmao. I'm assuming it's a legal minefield.

No. 895569

That is fascinating because I doubt most of them had any gold to be dug

No. 895586

I have a job interview today and I'm so nervous. It's a really great opportunity especially because I'm a glorified NEET rn. Wish me luck nonas

I ship it.

No. 895591

Remember that website ran by a bunch of men where they would expose them being onlyfans “thots” and basically dox them because they weren’t precious pure virgins? We should have that for men and put them on public blast.

No. 895592

Fingers crossed for you, anon! Good Luck!

No. 895597

> They were sued and condemned as a hate site
That’s so shitty, but it’s okay to have databases of women’s and girl’s nudes for males to share with each other, I guess.
I really hope that database of shitty scrotes gets created again, it could have some sort of
>this is all a meme lol! It’s not for real wink wink it’s a joke, not a dick! Don’t take it seriously!
Message everywhere or something like
>this is a hall of fame of hot guys into daddy doming, cuckolding, “hard kinks”, and so much more! With screenshots so you can’ll think of these hot bachelors on your lonely nights!
I think giving it the second twist could make it less prone to getting shut down for being a h8 s8 m8, since anything that’s viewed as porn is basically under any sort of radars.
The screenshots could be compiled so you have to download them in a zip folder to make scrotes doubt before opening them.
And it could have a voice confirmation sent to the admins before something is uploaded on the site.
It could take most of work but maybe it could be useful.

No. 895604

File: 1630344986953.jpeg (74.49 KB, 938x1075, E7DqskNXMAQ8jm3.jpeg)

Sexually frustrated because I can't stop thinking about Captain James T. Kirk's tiddies.

No. 895614

File: 1630346070115.jpg (318.6 KB, 2048x1272, pickle girl.jpg)

I don't think I like the smell of perfume. All perfume smells like perfume and I don't know how to describe it

No. 895616

do you have autism? might just be a sensory thing.

No. 895620

Alcohol? Cheap perfumes smell awful. I don't know what it is either.

No. 895622

the chris chan documentary is boring tbh

No. 895629

Me neither, even the most expensive perfumes just reek like chemicals.

No. 895636

File: 1630347250628.gif (2.24 MB, 480x368, 5840D4F2-0B55-4146-8E38-995BF4…)

I love this video, it’s the video that made me want to play tf2.

No. 895638

Samefag, but why is engimiru so shit? Even the pissmiru is nice to listen to.

No. 895693


No. 895695

YES. They all smell like alcohol first, then their "supposed" smell second. This is why I don't own any perfume, and I literally work in a store that sells a lot of it kek

No. 895699

God, the maplestory bgm always has, and continues to fuckin slap after all these years. El Nath and Ellinia themes are my favorites. After all these years I can't get into another MMO like I did with maplestory, that game has a stupidly special place in my heart.

No. 895724

I'm so happy with my casual hookup situation. In relationships i'm codependent and jealous af so I've really surprised myself here.

The guy is good in all the right ways to make him a trustworthy fuck, eats me out at length every time and hasn't even hinted, suggested or gestured that I blow him the months we've been doing this. Is super receptive to feedback and does his best to please. He's also handsome as shit, and a hot body.

His habits and traits out of bed are annoying enough that it puts me off the idea of anything serious with him, and thats fine by me. It feels good to know I'll be fucked well tomorrow, and whatever day I choose in the near future. I would also be fine with ending it. I don't want to because why would I? But I could. Saying that as a codependent person, I don't know. I'm just proud of myself and my life right now.

I think it's too dumb to put in the positivity thread, and I just wanted to get it out.

No. 895740

I was severely constipated the other day and having the most disturbing constipation nightmares. I'm good now and back to the usual. Was playing snooker again with the aliens to save some children today. Just wanted to share.

No. 895743

I have two research assignments for work and my boss wants me to interview people for both of them, and they're both unrelated topics. One was easier to research for but finding people to interview will be difficult, the other one is difficult to write up all the research but finding people to interview is a lot easier (I already have quite a list of people I want to contact). Ughhhh my brain is fucking mush right now!!!

No. 895750

ALSO I feel like I spent all my brain power this morning finishing up one research assignment and now I don't have the attention span to read anything for this other one ughhhhh

No. 895794

slavic men are based because 99% of them don't have yellow fever at all in fact they pretty much hate asians, men or women, think asians are ugly and recognise that asian culture is incompatible
ban me for racebaiting idc it's the truth

No. 895796

I'm sorry anon but I've never heard the term constipation nightmare and it gave me a giggle

No. 895803

My dad randomly asked me if I find Jeremy Meeks attractive and now I’m paranoid the mgtows got to him

No. 895833

Ironically Meeks 3/4 and profile is butt ugly.

No. 895847

watching hrh collection and someone unironically recommended estee lardass podcast in the comments. lol

No. 895850

Lmao, there seems to be an overlap with hrh and scarethots so I guess it’s one of them

No. 895928

I feel like weirdly plastic surgeons are actually the least scrupulous and most caring genre of doctors I’ve ever met. When I was 18/19 I desperately wanted a nose job and went to consults with 6 different doctors in the US and UK and they all told me either not to do it or I didn’t need it and really encouraged me to take more time and to truly be sure I was so unhappy that I felt I would never be able to come to terms with it. Then recently I wanted to get cheek fillers and got turned away by the two places I went saying they didn’t think I should. And when I got lip fillers a couple of years ago they were always so hesitant and never pushy.

No. 895939

Do you think if you were a little or way more older they would've put your gown on and took you to the surgery room?

No. 895940

I feel like it’s so easy for a post to blow up on tumblr compared to other social media which is surprising to me because I didn’t even think it would be that active these days? Or maybe the smaller user base is why things blow up so easily?

No. 895942

Genuinely no, I mean I’m 23 now and my recent experiences where still hesitant, but obviously I can’t say for sure. Maybe I just got really lucky. I remember being pleasantly surprised back then though because I was so worried they were going to point out other things wrong with me and if they’d started picking apart my face or like recommending things I 100% would have taken it to heart

No. 895945

I'm glad they didn't take advantage of you, anon.

No. 895950

I generally don’t like those things where it’s like (random innocuous seeming thing) is a red flag/male manipulator thing but I’m curious if there are any examples that anons here truly believe? Where some seemingly benign things is something to be wary of in your opinion?

No. 895952

i don't trust any men but especially not men who hate cats

No. 895954

Men using specifically the word “vapid” to describe any woman, even if it’s true. I think just that word is extremely gendered like I’ve never seen a man describe another man as vapid ever. I also feel like that word specifically is used a disproportionate amount by incels online. Other synonyms like shallow, superficial etc themselves are fine, obviously it could still be misogynistic but I don’t view it as a red flag just in and off itself in the same way.

No. 895957

seconding this. I also kind of feel this way about people who “hate” animals just in general but I do get what people mean with the cat thing specifically.

No. 895961

Which cow thread has the most self posting in your opinion? Is it leftcows? It’s so weird to me how much they talk about it but I don’t follow many other general threads so idk if that’s the norm

No. 895962

Anachan thread has always ruled supreme when it comes to self-posting… except when we had the Munchie thread, they're the only ones that ever surpassed them.

No. 895963

I suddenly feel disconnected from the human experience because I’ve never been in a fandom or eaten pasta or made a playlist and I’m now worried im not real

No. 895964

Oh yeah I didn’t even think of them I never use that thread but that does not surprise me at all

No. 895965

My mom used to be very controlling and tell me if got a job young and didn’t focus solely school I’d spend the rest of my life asking “Do you want fries with that?” Well jokes on her because I barely graduated, also graduated late, and never got a real job and only started going to university in my mid-20s.

No. 895966

What makes some people more inclined to be parasocial? I feel like some people are naturally inclined to it like the girls in school who would be like deeply obsessed with one of their female friends or some of the posters here/kiwifarms where it crosses into borderline stalking. I wonder if it’s related to autism or something else.

No. 895968

It’s actually one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t wait until my early/mid 20s to go to uni. I feel like the decision was so rushed and I hadn’t fully thought things through and I would have had a better idea what I wanted if id waited.

No. 895969

Maybe for facial work since facial work is generally harder and easier to fuck up, every plastic surgeon experience I had for breast implants seemed weirdly forceful even though I don't think my boobs are even small at all and have a nice round and perky shape

Some takes included a plastic surgeon who sent me a long weird note about how my boobs are deflated and looked like a B cup, actual measurement size I'm a 28F but in normie bras I fit into like a 34D, the plastic surgeon who photoshopped my what would have been "before" pictures into almost tuberous looking breasts even though my boobs are nowhere near that. Mind you the girls in my city with plastic surgery are weirdly extreme and their BBLs look like diapers and their implants look like rocks lol

It wasn't just me either most other women ik have similar experiences, usually if they're nicer they'd get more business I don't know why so many feel like they would thrive by making women dysmorphic about their bodies

No. 895970

I love Mariah Carey

No. 895974

That’s awful omg I’m sorry you had that experience. Yes maybe they’re more hesitant with facework, I know rhinoplasty has one of the highest regret/revision rates and I think breast implants is less so that might be part of it. In America I went to Miami & LA and London in the UK so I feel like they are quite extreme plastic surgery places so maybe I really did just get lucky. Back then I was almost a little disappointed none of them were just like “your nose is deformed and hideous and no one has a more ugly nose than you” or whatever because I wanted them to like validate the extreme hatred I had of it but nowadays I would be so skeptical and put off by anyone seeming forceful or if they seemed like they were trying to make people insecure

No. 895975

File: 1630374315668.jpeg (335.93 KB, 1242x431, AD666EED-431A-4F72-BC33-AAA2E6…)

No. 895982

They wouldn't do it to random strangers but in my experience it all depends on who you hang out with. American and UK men are notoriously cruel to their girlfriends and wives about their appearance and it's been such a common thing that some Western women now take certain forms of insults about their appearance as flirtatious teasing. That's not to say men never do this other places but western men are weirdly viciously outspoken over every possible flaw they can find in women such as not have triple D cup tits to not having lips and eyes huge as fuck.

Western women can be shit about this but it's mostly pickmes who tear down women they know are better than them so they can convince themselves, in their heads, that they're better than Ivy league Stacy cheerleader model just because their tits are like one cup size larger than hers. Insecure people infiltrate the west if you look hard enough

No. 895984

You know when people are like “they must be miserable in their own lives” about haters or whatever. I feel like that’s not true. I think if anything I’m a hater specifically because there isn’t really any negativity in my own life and I think I would still be a hater and read threads here even if I was the richest and most successful person in the world.

No. 895986

Do you think things like music/art/writing are more just a natural talent or gift someone has or more a learned skill? Or both?

No. 895990

I think it’s more a natural talent

No. 895991

Yeah, it's a cope. It's easy to understand where it comes from.
Similar to Aesop's fable of fox and grapes, they pretend they never wanted your approval in the first place. You are their sour grapes.

No. 895993

For visual arts I think it's both. Some people are naturally more creative, perceptive, and passionate about art, but everyone still has to practice to be good at art. Some people do get better and learn more quickly than other's though.

No. 895994

Does anyone else find their birthday, Christmas and NYE genuinely depressing, like it makes you feel hopeless/tearful? I love the buildup to Christmas and but the actual day always feels kind of hollow and sad. I guess maybe it’s because of the pressure to have a good time or something. I would rather not celebrate NYE and my bday at all but I know that would seem weird to people and I think people would think it was about a fear of ageing or something which isn’t it.

No. 895995

Was anyone on MySpace around the time Jeffree Star was big on there? Was he well liked at the time?

No. 895997

No. 896002

i was. he was popular but a known bitch, very full of himself. same as know but with a lot less money.

No. 896004

Yes and yes.

No. 896005

No. 896006

Do you remember Kiki at that time? Was she well liked? I always found it confusing how they got their initial popularity, were they just considered lolcows immediately or did people initially like her?

No. 896012

I'm the second anon that replied, but I don't remember her well at all, Jeffrey was a much bigger phenomenon. But this was a different time, people have not yet fully realised the monetary potential of internet drama.

No. 896014

I didn’t know of him then so I have only heard about what he was like through other people talking about old drama and it’s interesting with him that he doesn’t seem to have really changed much or reinvented himself at all? I’m surprised he still has such a huge fan base/is able to attract new fans

No. 896020

I feel like it’s weird and sinister in a way that people are always expected to smile for pictures why can’t you just be neutral

No. 896022

I don’t get why reading about true crime is viewed as more morally dubious than reading about like, a war or slavery or something. Or literally just reading the news.

No. 896034

Yeah, it's actually fascinating how he didn't change at all, but the entire Internet, his bread and butter, changed drastically, and he's still riding the wave. I guess he's an OG natural Internet Personality.

No. 896037

Do people obsessively read about slavery for fun??

No. 896041

Actually idk if people do maybe not. When I said that I was just imagining that’s what those renaissance fair types of people do for fun. I think it’s more common for people to obsessively read about various wars for fun.

No. 896043

>I’ve never […] eaten pasta
nona the fuck

No. 896046

Probably because it's less personal. When reading about the deaths and cruelty in war and slavery, you're reading about a collective and rarely about an individual, while with true crime you're focussing on a single person and how they lived their life maybe not even ten years ago.

No. 896047

There are inappropriate and exploitative portrayals of slavery and war too ofc, especially the latter is often glamorized. But the scope of those topics are much wider, they have appeal/messages/storylines beyond a particular tragedy, and they often don't focus on specific real people. War and slavery impacted massive groups of people on a global scale, true crime is like… a girl gets raped and murdered and that's someone's entertainment, regardless of how her currently living family might feel about people deriving enjoyment from something extremely painful and traumatic for them on a personal level.

No. 896048

Because by now everybody knows hybristophilia is a thing
Why the fuck have you never eaten pasta?

No. 896053

damn so I'm the only one with this broken pussy then..

No. 896057

I feel like there’s going to be way more drama with Shane Dawson down the line like this feels like barely the beginning to me. I think he’s going to come out as neurodivergent or non binary. I think he’ll break up with Ryland within the next 5 years. I think he’s going to have a drug addict era. I think he’ll probably have a prison era for assault or something. I think he’s going to have a made up chronic illness era.

No. 896058

He’s probably also going to have a dating Jeffree star era unfortunately imo

No. 896059

Also probably will come out as c-ptsd or something or did caused by trauma and link it back to his old characters or something

No. 896064

I hate hearing about Kanye West

No. 896067

File: 1630381239983.png (282.98 KB, 375x331, 2ECC2E5D-D968-4B34-B0F5-08495C…)

She was literally just having fun it’s weird how actually angry certain kinds of people get over it. Kids/teenagers are one thing but it’s weird to see 35 year old men be genuinely defensive like ‘she’s not a TRUE le epic random quirkerino like me’ or whatever. Also I feel like when ugly men take deliberately ugly “comedy” selfies it’s the male equivalent of this and it’s extremely annoying.

No. 896082

it’s not a “baby name” you fucking retards it’s a NAME, it’s just a normal fucking human name. you realise people still have their names when they grow up right?? they don’t stop having names. so why is it baby names this baby names that? who even gives a fuck about babies, they’re fucking lame

No. 896086

This exhilarated me as if I was on a rollercoaster.

No. 896091

Because you get the name when you are a baby. It's a name you pick for a baby.

No. 896097

File: 1630384374926.jpg (146.26 KB, 1125x1396, woigo5dq4jk71.jpg)

Track and field Olympian Tara Davis and her Boyfriend Hunter Woodhall who is competing for USA in the Paralympics!

No. 896098

I love humans that make me proud of being human

No. 896100

File: 1630384666689.jpeg (396.74 KB, 1242x918, A0C0A8FB-3EF2-411E-A13D-640235…)

I stood by in silence and let everyone qt this like “lol what that isn’t a thing who does this” but I literally did this. This genuinely was me when I was 14 and watched pretty little liars for the first time and decided I should try out a new “mysterious” personality.

No. 896103

nta but I kind of get their point, like why do people differentoate between what names they like in other adults and what's a good "baby name". I do feel like mommyblogs one-upping each other on "Best Unique Cute Baby Names 2021" has led to the midwest's mckeayleigh problem.

No. 896106

Because it’s fine for an adult man to be called like Gary but it’s obviously sick and twisted to suggest calling your baby that? They’re two different things. It isn’t hard to understand.

No. 896110

File: 1630386563293.jpg (36.83 KB, 600x372, 405.jpg)

>it’s obviously sick and twisted to suggest calling your baby that

No. 896115

>go to bed at 06:50 pm
>have nightmares all night

I'm so tired

No. 896118

I hope this is a joke lol? You do understand that by "baby name" people mean the real name they will give their baby? It doesn't mean a nickname just for while they're babies? They will have this name their whole life. I know in some cultures people have a "baby name" that's like a nickname for them just while they are a baby. It doesn't mean that in English.

No. 896121

It's called a baby name cause it's the name you want to give to your (usually unborn) baby. Usually people don't even call it a baby name once the baby is born, it's just a term pregnant mothers use. You guys overthink stuff

No. 896128

File: 1630389747451.jpeg (20.25 KB, 720x242, 1591500188023.jpeg)

NTA but the difference between an adult name and a baby name is that the names of current adults were popular decades ago and will possibly be dated now, while the latter should seem current. Not necessarily Mckayleigh or whatever but modern enough that you won't peg them as an 80 year old if all you knew of them is their name.

No. 896136

What part of the world do ypu lice in where this is true? Is this some British shit again? A baby name means the real name you give your baby where I am.

Maybe don't try to give your baby a "trendy" name? Your baby is not an accessory for yourself. They should have a name that will be dignif9ed and serious as an adult & that is the only thing that matters. Who the fuck on earth cares if it's not some cute kiddie name when they're 6. Mommyblogger shit. Stop thinkong about yourself and stop planning your child's life around your instagram. Gross & narcissistic.

No. 896139

I'm from America. Have you seriously never heard an expecting mother say things like "These are my baby names" or "I haven't picked out a baby name yet"? It's just the name they want to give to their baby.

No. 896151

File: 1630394594148.jpg (56.75 KB, 474x693, rental.jpg)

I downloaded a snes emulator on the PC my nigel gave me and it's so funny how memory works. I looked at a random cover of a game while looking for my favorites; it was an Addams Family game that I remember seeing at our local rental video store and it was very "fresh" because the movies had recently came out, I even remember their merch and prizes for cheetos bags and stuff. Anyway, the smell of the paper case immediately came to my mind as soon as I saw it. Very nostalgic, I remember being a little kid and picking the games I wanted while my dad would pick movies for him. That store also had a giant Gizmo statue (it was like, 150cm I think) that I was a bit scared of lol
I think I rented that Addams Family game once, but it was either too difficult or too boring because I never rented it again and I'd get Yoshi Island for the 489327329th time.

No. 896152

>Maybe don't try to give your baby a "trendy" name? Your baby is not an accessory for yourself. They should have a name that will be dignif9ed and serious as an adult & that is the only thing that matters. Who the fuck on earth cares if it's not some cute kiddie name when they're 6. Mommyblogger shit. Stop thinkong about yourself and stop planning your child's life around your instagram. Gross & narcissistic.
What a psychotic overreaction. Have fun calling your baby Agnes or Gladys or whatever but 'baby name' lists are almost entirely names that aren't trendy or undignified, they're just not absurdly out of date. I literally said 'not necessarily Mckayleigh', tf more do you want?

No. 896163

He must have wicked core strength, also their kids will be genetically blessed

No. 896164

You’re such a weird freak and all of the other normally named infants are going to laugh at and make fun of your creepy babies Mortimer and Dolores

No. 896170

thank you for sharing this

No. 896171

I think those names are better than calling your child Jimmin or Goku tbh

No. 896172

If I had a girl I would call her Celeste or Charlotte

No. 896173

I can't follow the baby name argument because I literally don't know what point either side is trying to make anymore but I think there's miscommunication.
One anon thinks "baby name" means a name for an unborn child and the other thinks "baby name" refers to cutesy names people give to babies not taking into account that Poppy, Missy and Ollie are gonna grow up and be adults one day.

No. 896183

The kpop guy? What does he have to do with it

No. 896187

people call their not korean babies Jimmin because of him

No. 896200

File: 1630402622482.png (10.4 KB, 295x188, Screenshot (89).png)

Oh shit I never thought about that, poor kids

No. 896206

I searched "pear shape" on twitter and the first thing that came up was furry porn. Knowing furries are doing that weird shit makes me not want to be a pear.