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File: 1629474811296.jpeg (18.61 KB, 500x336, 59b.jpeg)

No. 887134

previous thread >>>/ot/864401

Obligatory disclaimers:
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 887140

Good job you did it

No. 887147

Kek I love you

No. 887171

People who write that they are vaxxed in their twitter bio are on the same level of pathetic than those who put their pronouns (they are often the same anyway).

No. 887241

I hate saying this but pronouns actually serve more of a purpose. It helps you know what flavour of mentally ill someone is and if you're using twitter in a professional capacity you know how to avoid the wrath of HR. People putting their vaxx status in their bios reminds me of how I wouldn't get my vaccines as a kid unless I got a sticker and a lollipop afterwards. Big arrested development vibes.

No. 887346

I wish white people would go back to making amazing rock albums and stop skinwalking in the R&B/soul/rap genres. I miss the cheesy pop punk bands like wtf are you guys doing? Get your act together I want this again

No. 887350

There's this dumbass argument in the art community that you can point out that a X character an artist did looks like Y character from a very popular franchise without breaking their precious feelings.
As if creativity exists within a vacuum but I digress.

No. 887367

and i wish black people still played disco music

No. 887387

THIS white people were in their lane when they were singing in cursive about checking yes to juliet or whatever the fuck LMAO. they need to go back to their roots. Its funny cuz a lot of new black artists are leaning into punk and alternative rock elements.

No. 887398

Try house music

No. 887453

Ha, agreed. There's something missing when white people sing r&b music.

No. 887455

Rock music was literally created by black people, though. "Their lane" would be classical music, European folk, opera, etc. This definitely isn't hate to classical music or any of those other genres, by the way, I think "white music" really peaked at classical.

No. 887460

>I think "white music" really peaked at classical.
Baroque is where music peaked.

No. 887461

i like this take too!

No. 887465

Ew no, they were all lame except Vivaldi

No. 887485

What about Lawes, Couperin, Charpentier and Falconieri?

No. 887514

i think she means classic as in the classical period anon

No. 887549

>talking about white people music and not mentioning country

No. 887624

You’re right nonny they have pretty much colonized rock music and now they’re trying to do that with other genres.

No. 887639

File: 1629498970817.jpg (190.1 KB, 900x600, 2012LanaDelReyLS02PR230412.jpg)

Lana Del Rey is Jordan Peterson's long lost daughter.

No. 887649

Marina made a song about Jordan Peterson

No. 887655

burgers gonna burger

No. 887666

I was gonna ask if you meant ideologically or in appearance but honestly…both

No. 887681

>burgers gonna burger

eurofags are gonna eurofag because they don’t know that country is a big thing in the states you fucking moron

No. 887686

Isn't country music pretty much American music?

No. 887687

yeah it has roots in gospel and american folk music

No. 887696

I think Victoria is hot. I don't find her interesting whatsoever. I can't believe there's 5+ year of threads.

No. 887707

Boomers don't want to forgive student loan debt because, without it, no one would get into the military or sex trade, and they'd be up shit creek. You'd literally see both of those collapse overnight if student loan debt was forgiven.

No. 887709

Even the un-photoshopped version of her?

No. 887714

Yeah. I know I'm in the minority kek.

No. 887718

Imagine if college was free……..I might actually go.

No. 887968

File: 1629537636254.jpg (27.67 KB, 728x485, best-investment-bags-2021.jpg)

"Minimalist" clean cut bags always look cheap and like they're made of plastic, no matter the price tag.

No. 887975

You're right, it always looks plastic like.

No. 887990

But nice leather has a visible grain whether it's a minimalist design or not, it wouldn't suddenly become a plastic-y texture with a different style. Is that bag considered minimalistic? It seems kinda busy to me, but you're right that it looks like cheap plastic.

No. 888001

People with large platforms shouldn't be held to a higher standards than anyone else.

No. 888017

Winch in turn I think had its basis on Irish/ Scottish folk music, I think. I like Irish/ Scottish music so listening to country sometimes makes smile because of that lol

No. 888048

I don't get how anybody can drink anything other than plain water during meals, it absolutely ruins the taste of the food, especially sugary drinks.

No. 888053

I hate the arctic monkeys. cringe pretentious scrote band. red flag if anyone likes them

No. 888056

The second suicide squad movie was better than the first. Also because I love rats and think they are adorable, bless Sebastian

No. 888061

i hate indie rock

No. 888064

I like some of their early stuff but haven't bothered to check what else there up to nowadays ( I heard they changed their sound though so I'm ehh)

No. 888069

same anon

No. 888076

I liked king shark

No. 888089

Alex started dressing like a rockabilly and singing in a fake deep voice and American accent kek. He always was an insecure beta manlet but at least he used to own it, making it somewhat endearing. Now he's just embarrassing.

No. 888106

File: 1629554782716.jpeg (78.17 KB, 828x729, B129CFC7-11DF-4B01-A355-26072F…)

Same. But people who find him hot are weird.

No. 888152

Ah such disappointment.
Arabella is still fun to sing along with.

No. 888154

I remember seeing this suicide squad animated feature and low-key shipping King Shark with killer frost?

They had a weirdly good chemistry in that movie

No. 888160

I think big butts are gross and it actually disturbs me that 99% of men seem obsessed with girls with big butts nowadays. Usually they’re fake too.


No. 888200

I did enjoy the rat girl and the shark man. I found everyone else annoying though

No. 888203

Oh and Harley was fun too! I'd pay good money to just watch her shoot scrotes for 2 hours

No. 888205

Maybe in the US they are.

No. 888214

Being obsessed with big butts or fake?

No. 888227

I like capitalism

No. 888233

I like girls with big natural butts as well… because girls but like everything scrotes ruin it

No. 888245

Same, I cringe when people hate capitalism

No. 888251

Poop comes from there.

No. 888261

I mean it's the only system that doesn't fall on its own ass completely unlike Hardcore Communism/ Socialism even if one can still be critical of it there and there ( because like any man made system; it's imperfect)

No. 888281

There's no such thing as pure capitalism or communism, every country in the world except maybe North Korea is a mixed economy with more of one than the other. You're not supposed to like either, they're two different extremes and both suck in different ways. Most successful countries in the world are somewhere in the middle with equal parts socialist and capitalist policies.

No. 888297

I like capitalism

No. 888314

Yeah I figured that much myself lol, neither extreme is particularly good but I guess lots of people would rather live in a intensely capitalist society vs communist

No. 888317

Sounds like a you problem babe

No. 888319

Fuck off commie scum

No. 888322

No. 888323

I'm Northern European and probably richer than you lol

No. 888325

File: 1629571681622.gif (667.11 KB, 220x220, AB655110-F4F4-4CB6-BACB-9612A4…)

NTA but no

No. 888327

This isn’t unpopular it’s being hyped as better than the original but they’re both equally edgelord bait.

No. 888328

Manlets should be removed from the gen pool.

No. 888334

I always found nasolabial folds, crows feet and fine lines to be retarded nitpicks. I notice some children literally a decade younger than me can have the most prominent lines and I don’t have any visible ones. It’s largely genetic and anons shouldn’t pretend it’s solely due to ageing poorly.

No. 888336

How is this about JP?

No. 888348

Ehh I think they add character to the face. It doesn't even make one ugly tf

No. 888353

When highly sexual celeb women start a family and give birth to a son you'll always hear men saying they feel soo bad for the son because his friends will make fun of him or fap to his hot mom. His whole life is ruined. Can't think of anything worse bla bla. Someone in another thread just brought up Farrah abraham and I googled her for the first time in years… what about daughters who grow up in a bubble of tit jobs, fish pouts and porn?? Boo fucking hoo if boys are embarrassed.

I feel more for girls who are at high risk of emulating that. Who'll have all sorts of image issues as they watched mom replace every body part through plastic surgery. We (or men at least) concentrate on the embarrassment aspect like that's the worst possible outcome for a child born into that.

No. 888364

Farrah is something else. She posted a sponsored Instagram story of her 12/13 year old daughter with a pregnancy test. It was captioned something like “click up/in bio to see ____’s results.” She even took her daughter to her escort Dubai trips. Daughters of mother’s who are sexual deviants need to be protected.

No. 888373

bulimia is worse than anorexia but anorexia gets all the limelight because everyone secretly envys anorexics

No. 888377

hard to glamorize throwing up bile and blood and ruining your teeth with stomach acid

No. 888378

yeah everyone wants to be on the verge of heart failure, tired all the time, no hair, brittle nails, shitty skin, farts that can kill a herd of elephants

No. 888387

We should just make a gender called "losers" and put everyone in there who isn't a woman.

No. 888409

No. 888415

anorexia gets all the attention because it's effects are objectively most obvious.

No. 888449

Kek there isn't anything attractive about anorexic's that you can identify by looks if you're not anachan yourself. I think bulimia mostly gets ignored because vomiting is disgusting, while anorexia is - I guess for lack of a better word - a more aesthetic way to fuck over your health.

No. 888549

Don t anorexics also puke their guts out

No. 888561

NTA but not necessarily. There is a lot of crossover, but there are some bulimics who aren't anorexic bc they can maintain enough weight, and there are anorexics who only starve themselves and don't puke.

No. 888565

Yeah I heard of it but still I don't think it's the lack of puking that makes anorexia ~glamorous~

No. 888574

Bulimia is sometimes a little glamorized, I see rich/pretty/skinny female characters on TV and movies with it pretty often. Though that may be because it's a lot easier to visually convey bulimia than anorexia.

But yeah it's absolutely disgusting in reality, I'd rather be fat than bulimic. The thought of permanent damage to my teeth freaks me out.

No. 888679

File: 1629600828799.png (72.42 KB, 1200x542, imagen_2021-08-21_215301.png)

I think Chick Fil A is based. I wish there was one of these where I live.

No. 888681

what's your bmi

No. 888682

I think it is based because they are anti troons. I could care less about the menu

No. 888683

Aren't they anti-gays too?

No. 888686

A small price to pay

No. 888724

idk if they actually are, there's one working at the chick-fil-a nearest to me

No. 888856

I’m in the minority here but /w/ actually has some decent and interesting cows, and is an underrated board (manaknight, lori lewd, stefany, pixielocks being a few off the top of my head) that I find much more interesting than most cows in /snow/ and /pt/

No. 888866

Lol I agree and right when you said that I was about to mention Mana Knight, dude is such a fucking cow. Kelly Eden was also a huge cow (she's how I found this website so thx Kelly) but she has been much less milky lately. Her thread is basically dead but man we had some good times while it lasted. sensual scratches

No. 889728

I don’t care about Halloween. A lot of people seem really excited about it every year and just talk nonstop about it, it’s honestly annoying.
I don’t like Halloween because any day is a good day to watch scary movies and dress up IMO

No. 889729

I love halloween season, it's my fav time of year.. I just like the atmosphere and aesthetic

No. 889746

Ngl I'm super jealous of Americans celebrating Halloween the way they do, I'm french and nobody celebrates it anymore nowadays, and when I was a kid my mom hated it, she was losing her shit everytime some poor children were ringing at the door, and she forbade us to go trick or treating with other people because she was scared we might be snatched by a pedo.

No. 889774

File: 1629713913289.jpg (140.38 KB, 1000x666, Dracula-ataud.jpg)

Lugosi was the best Dracula

No. 889776

Hard agree

No. 889781


Getting fat to own men in dresses isn’t the way anon.

No. 889934

MBTI personality types are a good baseline for people's personalities
>ISTJ and proud

No. 889955

File: 1629729968643.gif (216.45 KB, 181x179, bopped.gif)

trannies help erase gender and thats a good thing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 889964

all they do is enforce stereotypes like "Omg, dress goes spinny, so euphoric rn just seeing myself in a bra. Just took hrt, feeling like a dumb bimbo rn, as dumb as a real woman!"

No. 890330

File: 1629757535340.jpeg (206.04 KB, 936x1404, fn.jpeg)

Women with this kind of aesthetic (bone straight hair, lip fillers, strong jaws, big obvious fake lashes, heavy contouring/bronzer) look rough and almost mannish to me. It's weird that they put so much effort into looking feminine with the surgery and long fake nails and stuff, and it all just comes out so…hard-looking.
Danielle Bregoli has the same kind of look. It's just not pretty.

No. 890335

Please nobody jump down my throat, this is not me being a pickme or a bad feminist or putting down other women, but I don't think this look is cute on anyone and I hate that it's become the standard for female influencers. It does look rough (not necessarily mannish) but I associate this look with videos of drunk women having street fights. It's just not a good look, it's like me walking around London dressed as a chav by choice, it just doesn't make sense

No. 890337

They look like that because a lot of their routine takes notes from drag queen techniques. They probably don't know that but that's why they look so mannish and rough.

No. 890341

Agreed. To add to that, this style of pin straight hair reminds of the mid 2000s and gives me the impression that her hair must be really damaged.

No. 890346

It's ok nonna, no one's going to attack you here for being anti baddie fashion kek. I agree that it's trashy and often just not that flattering, but (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I kind of appreciate it these days because it has a certain toughness. Compared to e-girl style, which is fully meant to project a sense of scrote-sanctioned girlish naivety, I almost enjoy the idea of big women who walk around with their ass out looking for a fight.

No. 890353

based take, e girl makeup especially puts a bad taste in my mouth idk why.

No. 890370

NTA, I think for me it's because e-girl=tiktok=pedo haven

No. 890381

I hate when hair is so straight it has no volume whatsoever, makes it look greasy no matter how clean it is. I hate that my little sister won't stop straightening her hair and trying to follow similar trends overall because it doesn't suit her at all and wavy/slightly curly hair made her look way cuter.

No. 890394

It puts a bad taste in your mouth because it’s often infantilizing, and the attitude around it is often very child-like, often performing helplessness and dependency. Not to say that certain cute aesthetics aren’t fun, the Lolita aesthetic (a deceptively infantilizing one) is so purposefully over-the-top that it puts people off — it overcompensates for its childlike qualities by being batshit crazy, rejecting that performed “helplessness.” Plus, e-girl aesthetic famously caters to the lowest common denominator of men online, and you have to be insecure to be dependent on male attention, MUCH LESS low-quality male attention. Now that’s a horror story.

No. 890396

>e-girl aesthetic famously caters to the lowest common denominator of men online
This is why I hate it when people compare it to trad goth makeup

No. 890400

Hot and based

No. 890425

A lack of volume is the worst hair related sin next to damage imo, it's incredibly ugly. Every day I curse my straight ass hair for not holding curls or waves easily.

No. 890432

File: 1629763692258.png (953.43 KB, 800x917, DD752ECA-BEC2-42EE-B28F-74479A…)

I generally try to not judge a book by its cover, but every single e-girl I’ve met has been an awful person straight out of that Ramona Flowers incel song, and the style itself rubs me the wrong way. The pigtails, the overuse of pastel colors, the BDSM chokers, the thigh highs - it’s not even a legitimate subculture, it’s an internet meme identity akin to “femboys”, a Frankenstein’s monster of anime tropes, pornsick coomer fetish wear, and all the worst aspects of 2000s scene culture (minus the cool stuff) rolled into one. Maybe I’m biased because my abusive ex dressed like this (I’m a lesbian, jannies pls don’t ban me) but I can’t fucking wait for this style to die out.

No. 890438

This style screams "I spend a lot of time on social media." A red flag for sure

No. 890445

File: 1629764143814.jpeg (107.61 KB, 750x1086, 4384B12C-B229-403D-AE8B-BFE6EC…)

I’ve noticed that trad goth makeup is starting to become trendy in the last few months and as a trad goth I honestly hate it, I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve started a conversation with someone because I liked their makeup/clothes and then realized that had zero interest whatsoever in actual goth music, literature, or films.

No. 890450

>I generally try to not judge a book by its cover
I do then kek. I stay clear of anyone wearing a BDSM choker. I know they're a cunt. How? They're in the supermarket wearing a BDSM choker…

No. 890469

I totally feel you, they're doing it for clout and they'll just jump right onto the next thing that gets trendy on tik tok

No. 891507

Boob fights are completely retarded since most boobs are sexually attractive (yes including small, big, saggy, uneven, etc), same with vaginas. Very few women have actually unappealing boobs and vulvas and even those are way out there outliers, like one in hundreds of millions. I say this as a lesbian in a college town though who's hooked up with all kinds of women of different genetic variety but I've haven't seen a pair of boobs I wasn't attracted too, I wish we would just drop these discussions

No. 891515

I completely agree with this. Does any one have that one copypasta saved of that one anon who realized she had a cute pussy kek. I used to feel very insecure until that anon showed me the light.

No. 891520

Boob fights are caused by body dysphoric thots. Nobody normal gives that much of a shit about another woman's boobs, nor pussies and asses for that matter.

No. 891554

Pretty sure most women have some form of body dysmorphia or some weird form of reverse body dysmorphia where they think they're more valuable than others because of a random selection of physical features that serve them very little purpose. The only boobs I could imagine being unattractive are legitimately deformed boobs like tubular breasts and even then it's a very very very small percentage of women and even then it doesn't even matter. As for vaginas go I know some women with long labia's will have more discomfort with underwear but it seems some people will freak out over even the slightest bit of labia like God forbid vaginas have generic variants

No. 891683

We should set up a troon go-fund-me for top/bottom surgery and then use the money to sustain this website

No. 891687

I actually feel you and I'm pretty attracted to girls as well, even if I like the look of small tits, big or saggy tits are lovely as well

No. 891691

We could call it
>transfolks milk factory

No. 891693

Just yesterday I tried to check on the feminist scene in my country and two of them (one TERF and one libfem) are unironically attacking each others breasts, like libfem has a bigger rack and thinks that puts her on a higher moral standing but the TERF lady is just as much of a sperg that attacks the libfem for using push-up bras and ended up posting her own breasts. This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 891697

Fucking hell, boob fights will be the death of us all

No. 891705

if there's a way to be anonymous (ie payer can't see your name) let's fucking go, living the kikkomi chan dream

No. 891760

nah, she sounds like a bored housewife that got into normie aspects of radical feminism on a whim. She'd probably reject the overt man-hate present in the SCUM manifesto

No. 891778

Yeah, yeah, "no true radfem". I'd rather not even go into it, because it'll probably end up with 20 people slapped with infighting bans.

No. 891785

i actually really like tubular boobs lol

No. 892293

Most black men who refuse to date/fuck black women are gay in the closest,especially the ones obsessed with having a kim k look alike. They arent fucking women because they actually enjoy it, they're fucking "the best of the best" women for clout. I believe most black rappers and athletes are low key gay.

No. 892302

I literally only use this site because I'm disconnected from whatever's going on and I don't have friends to fill me in on the latest drama. That being said, it's such an energy suck when there's a decent amount of threads on people who are genuinely terrible, but then there's people getting shit on for… what, being successful? Having a mental illness? It's one thing to have a mental illness, not get help, and then explode on people, and another thing when you're honest about your experience while also receiving real professional help. It's also kind of annoying the amount of false info on here about stuff that's already been cleared up. It's like a bunch of idiots on a game show where the answer is right in front of you but you're still throwing out random guesses. Still, I can't bring myself to hate follow cows instead of lurking on here, because their content disgusts me so much and I don't think I'd be able to hold back from cowtipping if I had direct access like that.

No. 892304

>rejecting the scum manifesto
that's called being normal

No. 892340

you're probably right but that won't make me stop feeling insecure about my own body lmao i am trash and will never show my gross body to anyone, man or woman

No. 892363

True, not everyone can be based.

No. 892416

Well, if you believe that rappers have to give sexual favours to higher ups in the music industry to boost their careers, then yeah in a way I guess they are gay

No. 892429

I don't know much about athletes but rappers definitely. Kanye and Future for example are gay. Probably Drake too.

No. 892434

Unrelated but I'm reminded of this episode of Law and Order about a men's sports team that get together to fuck each other in the ass, in a totally not gay way of course. Ice T is even friends with one of them and finds out about it. Pretty hilarious.

No. 892737

I think children need light physical punishment from their parents and especially bullying from their peers to teach them how to be normal and fit in with society.

No. 892746

Bullying doesn't work at all, kids don't bully slightly annoying kids who can do better, they harrass kids for looking physically different, or for being a bit shy which usually gets worse due to bullying, or for being actually autistic which cannot be cured anyway.

No. 892747

Physical punishment isn't needed if you raise your kid with compassion responsibilities and boundaries. Beating is lazy and shitty parenting.
And you weren't bullied as a child were you?

No. 892752

Bullying by peers only has averse affects on their mental health and is sooner to make them "not normal" than to be helpful whatsoever. Not to mention that kids bully others to feel superior, not to make the bullied be "normal and fit in". Nor does bullying help kids who have actual mental health issues or conditions fit in, it's only going to enstrange them further. You won the most retarded opinion of the day.

No. 892758

Don't you think kids who become bullies are pretty abnormal themselves tho? They're lashing out because they have problems and don't know how to deal with them any better. That's not a positive.

No. 892761

No. 892803

The only correct response to that brain fart of a Anon

No. 892820

Fast/restaurant food is disgusting and nothing tastes better than my grandma's cooking.

No. 892931

That's what everyone thinks of their granny/ mom's food. It's still cute you do

No. 892982

File: 1630015945842.jpeg (201.76 KB, 1400x1050, gma.jpeg)

No. 893020

Stephen King is a terrible writer.

No. 893021

Is this really unpopular? I thought all his popular books were those he wrote on coke in the 80s or so.

No. 893025

Maybe it's not. All i kmow is he has a huge cult following.

No. 893026

he literally says that his books are the literary equivalent of a mcdonalds burger. is it unpopular if even he thinks so?

No. 893029

My boyfriend loves Stephen King and idk why. I still love him though and I'm getting him all the Dark Tower books for his birthday. Can any stephenfags please explain why you like them?

No. 893033

I guess not. I was mostly going off of booktube as there are a ton of videos fawning over him by different creators like Daniel Greene. My sister is also a huge fanatic and I hope she never finds out how much i hate him because it would probably hurt her feelings.

No. 893052

Tbh I don’t know much about him or his works other than some emberassing examples of his sometimes retarded writing when describing sexual scenes and particularly women. I’ve read the first three dark tower books a while ago and enjoyed them a lot. The writing style is very atmospheric and If you are good at visualization and like the theme of different realities merging into each other it’s an entertaining read, the world building is nice imo.

No. 893246

Now an unpopular opinion but I never liked my grandmas' cooking, both of them. The paternal was a terrible cook and the maternal was lauded as talented, but her meals were heavily meat based, and even before becoming vegetarian I never liked meat. Everytime I visited my grandparents I would lose weight because I only ate bread and cheese kek.

No. 893256

I think he's decent namely at crafting atmosphere as an anon said and he can write some compelling characters.
Though from what I heard there's a reason his most famous work are his 80s books and it's not just because of the movie/ screen adaptations

No. 893279

I think it's more popular to shit on Stephen King nowadays, especially on his more "wtf" books. Although I think his stories are at his best when they're weird and distubring, I enjoy his short stories and some of his books, but something like long term character drama like in the Dome I think is where he fails miserably (I never finished that so idk). I know I'm comparing fun trash with fun trash, but his stories exist in discussions like the Jojo's Bizarre Advantures of pop horror: WTF, underage orgy?? OMG he cut off her breast with a can opener?? WTF a whole book about a rabid dog?? a monster car??". He's also just obsessed with pop culture references that I don't even always get as an european.

No. 893292

Yes and yes. He's the exception to 'the book is always better than the movie adaptation' rule. There's a sort of dryness to his prose that I can't stand and all of his characters have the same literary voice

No. 893295

File: 1630061486423.jpg (201.59 KB, 900x1200, EJRiPrQXkAE8k0W.jpg)

samefag and he can't write female characters for shit

No. 893300

File: 1630061914308.jpg (1.04 MB, 4032x3024, xzbzj51vfd831.jpg)

No. 893301

Drake is a straight pedophile

No. 893303

I don't think he has a"beautiful prose" but he's definitely entertaining and that's what I search for in a good horror book. Was thinking about re-reading It (I rewatched the new movies last week )

No. 893304

he is canceled for this one

No. 893321

Wait until you read Salem's Lot and get to the part where he describes a fat, middle-aged woman

No. 893354

Calling every woman you see that acts weird as BPD is misogynistic. No one here truly cares about women, they just hate everyone

No. 893363

Yeah he is better as a off the rails coked out author lolol

No. 893366

There's some women that give me stronger personality disordered vibes but I agree it can be a little excessive, like calling every callous person a narc

No. 893374

the one that really triggers my almonds is "oppositional defiant disorder". Who in their right mind wouldn't defiantly oppose this clown world?

No. 893414

Wtf why including the line about her nipples?? I like a few of his books, but I hate this. IT was actually the worst and Beverly was a horribly written and exploited character trope.

No. 893416

Why are so many men unable to write women as normal people that aren't objects or sexualized? He couldn't just write his daughter was leaving for cheer practice? This is pretty disturbing.

No. 893421

>why yes, this is my first day on lolcow, what is that mysterious "shitposting" you radfems are talking about?

No. 893530

Father Ted is not funny.

No. 893533

Because they don't see attractive women or girls as something other than objects that exist for their sexual desires, literally.

No. 893556

Yeah his descriptions are annoying like here >>893295 >>893300
and lets not forget about the super weird child orgy in "IT". I still have a soft spot for Carrie and Misery though.

No. 893558

The key to keeping a man is being pretty and creating chaos. Most men do not like being in functional relaxing relationships. They need drama and bullshit to be happy. They see women who just want to talk out issues, go to work and have cute date nights every Saturday as weak and boring.

No. 893563

I feel like this is especially true in regards to male friendships or being around them regularly in a different setting like work. Being cold or erratic with kindness only makes them pursue you longer. They'll speculate on your life and interject their delusions into all your interactions. My friend's friends say I'm intimidating and find reasons to bring me up as opposed to their nicer girl friends, who they shut out often. I wish men didn't fixate like retards.

No. 893581

It's the key to keeping around a shitty man who doesn't actually give a fuck about you. Who wants to be a clown to entertain men? They should be trying to keep you.

No. 893583

Wiser words have never been spoken but I think I still prefer girls in theory

No. 893612

I'd rather not have any around me. But their minds don't reason any further than their own preconceived notions so a woman existing near them pulls you into the stupid narratives they write. Too many chase and try to keep without your wanting them to.

No. 893617

Most men are shitty though.

No. 893865

I hate noise cancelling headphones/earbuds. I still want to be able to hear if anything happens while I'm listening to music. And it's fucking annoying trying to get a gamer to shut up when they can't hear shit, not even how fucking loud they're being because of their noise cancelling headphones.

No. 893923

Touch some grass please

No. 893984

Kill yourself anyone who says touch some grass needs to fuck off back to Reddit.

No. 893985

No. 894085

Most Jeans look shit, they cheapen outfits and are usually uncomfortable anyway. I wish people would stop wearing them.

No. 894087

Corduroy for everyone. More flares. I'm going to wear jeans on top of jeans. I will wear a Canadian tuxedo.

No. 894100

It's impossible for dyed hair to look good for more than one day because of the roots growing out.

No. 894145

I wish I had noise-cancelling headphones because I live right next to a busy road and the noise makes me want to die

No. 894163

I don't understand how anyone can find jeans comfortable in any form, every time I have worn them I just couldn't wait to take them off because the material feels awful

No. 894220

Sages on /ot/, /m/ and /g/ are kinda stupid, I wish the function was disabled.

No. 894221

objectively wrong. Sometimes I don't want to bump the thread with my austistic shit

No. 894222


No. 894231

Doja cat's voice sounds awful, like she has laryngitis/should clear her throat and ruins every song she's in.

No. 894238

But I want to be informed about and read your austistic shit, don't be shy.

No. 894268

I feel it would depend on brand and quality of jeans imo but on one hand you can have a sensitivity to certain materials (can also be a side effect of shit like autism; I was very sensitive to all sorts of shit as a kid even if I evened out)

No. 894463

Nicotine is not addictive/people exaggerate the extent they find it addictive

No. 894465

bumping threads feels so intense though.

No. 894644

I feel the opposite with Weed

No. 894656

Tell that to literally everyone in my country so they stop screeching about it and blowing smoke in my face indoors.
Good fucking god fuck Greece, bitch can't draw a decent breath these days.

No. 894704

MCR sucks.

No. 894708

I get why Anya Taylor Joy is having a "moment", but she really is not a remarkable actress in any sense.

No. 894716

No. 894732

OMG yess, this 100%. I have smoked about 20 cigarettes in my life and I could stop just fine, do not even miss it. Genuinely wonder how people get addicted to it

No. 895584

It’s impossible to be racist against white people.(racebait)

No. 895585


No. 895602

whenever someone says they can’t figure out how to orgasm I just assume they must be retarded

No. 895618

For real, i've frequently gone from smoking a few cigarettes every day to smoking none with ease, I don't get how it gets so bad that people smoke several packs a day.

No. 895623

Some women don't have the privacy to experiment what feels good growing up, some were raised with no touchy conservative ideas, some were made to feel like they're broken because they can't orgasm from jackhammering like in porn, some are too sensitive and get over whelmed when masturbating. Don't be an asshole anon.

No. 895625

Highly insecure people are selfish. The types that always compare themselves to others and are obsessed with talking shit about themselves in public. Spending so much time whining about yourself instead of getting a hobby is alarming.

No. 895726

Others just don't have a high libido so they barely masturbate. Others went through sexual trauma so they can't masturbate either do to physical reasons or psychological. Some chicks like having sex or orgasm with their partners. Tons of reasons why women and girls don't get off solo as stated by this anon

No. 895741

No same or I think they must be lying for some reason

No. 895749

Unpopular for this site but if there's any type of trans person to befriend you'd have a better time befriending a trans boy/ man then a a trans woman/ girl.
I wound up befriending 2 of them on accident ( although I have the luck(?) Of being a magnet for those types in the past. None of the experienced were particularly unpleasant and I had a good time chatting with them.) and I do genuinely like them so I always get ehh around Terf/ GC stuff. Pretty middle of the road.

No. 895754

Honestly I feel like that would be a popular opinion here but I disagree. I have found trans men super annoying and have had really good experiences with trans women.

No. 895755

I just think they are lazy. It can take practice and hard work to learn how to orgasm, I dont think everyonr realizes that

No. 895756

I’m a lesbian and I literally would never agree when people would always complain about like threesome drunk girl party bisexuals and how they don’t actually like women or are doing it for attention or whatever and still don’t and I hate any and all lesbian discourse, but omg the “comphet/masterdoc” people are where I draw the line. I don’t even think most of them are consciously lying but I do think they are pretty much universally very obviously mentally ill, stunted, too online, and straight/bi.

No. 895758

yep. i was personally blessed to have “talk sex with sue johanson” on the oxygen channel when i was like 12 kek

No. 895763

I have never actually interacted with a trans woman on a one or one and all of the trans guys ( one detransed and is just a lesbian as far as I know and the ones I lost contact with I have no idea ) were really sweet and nerdy winch suited me fine and I'm still friends with 2 of them.
I guess it's a bit like a gay best friend type of deal if there gay/ straight?

No. 895764

The trans men I knew were just annoying to be because they were like edgelord types, but also we were quite young I’m sure they’re more normal now and I’m going off a pretty small sample size, I don’t think it really means anything. I’m sure there’s nice people in both groups.

No. 895766

Personally I always thought that the comphet stuff was just a fancy term for a beard. I wouldn't mind it being used to describe bisexual women experiences when it comes to feeling attracted to women since it's not quite the same as experiencing love and sex as a lesbian even if experiences can overlap. I don't think it's the devil or anything even if it seems ehh to me from what I saw

No. 895769

Oh I see, that does sound annoying, I did meet some of them when I was under aged but they never acted edgy or mean to me. I do sort of hope that my first friend detrans or if they do I wouldn't be shocked, but the second one is quite a bit older and nearing their 30s so a bit less likely but who knows, either ways I wish them well.
I'm still cackling being a tranny magnet but at least it hasn't fucked me up yet and I gained good chat buddies

No. 895771

I guess it depends what you mean by comphet, like either as described in the Adrienne Rich essay or the masterdoc because they actually have barely anything in common but I’m talking about the latter and it goes way way beyond just meaning “beard” the way those people use it

No. 895773

where are you finding tolerable transwomen? the only ones i’ve ever met were when i worked in a women’s clothing store and they wanted me to “dress them” which felt like i was being roped into some kind of fetish play for them

No. 895774

Idk, nonnie, trans people in general seem to be quite full of annoying issues and don’t seem like the best people to befriend, being trans is like a redflag to me because like, they hate themselves to the point of wanting to be the other sex and are probably so deep into the gender fandom that they make it their personality. That can’t be healthy.
And I have talked with a few trannies before finding this site and kind of believing in what they preach, but putting trannynism aside, they were insufferable, always being a victim, always trying to be the center of the group and constantly hoping to get babied by everyone.
It’s really tiresome.

No. 895777

I meant comphet as in " I feel forced to perform feminity or if I'm naturally feminine that I must be with a man and any attempt I make to be with a man has been like walking on glass and I barf if I try to have sex with a man or refuse to but I'm still compelled to do it because of shame or societal pressure "
If a woman feels like this she's a certified lesbo to me even if they may not be good star. A bisexual may still feel pleasure being with a guy but in my personal experience it will always feel a bit depressing or restricting and now I'm sorry of looking foward to potencially having a life long female partner.

No. 895779

I'm not saying that every trans people is a angel or like the boys/ girls I've meet through the years. Think it more like not every depressed mentally ill person is an absolute drag to be around. I pity the ones who are just vibing and are innocous and just wish that they find some form of acceptance or relief of their personal issues. The rest can go suck my clit for all I know

No. 895786

This exactly. Every tim who I knew before they trooned out was a horrible person and often times severely mentally ill. They still are but use being trans as an excuse for their bad behavior. In general I try to avoid people who use their mental illnesses as a personality trait (mostly women who think depression or bpd are part of their personality) and transgenders fall under that umbrella. If you think your mental illness is so integral to your identity you will never treat it.

No. 895789

Idk, how anyone else identifies is obviously not up to debate by me. I just feel like this crisis so many women recently seem to be having of like “am I bi or a lesbian” is extremely unrelatable and hard to understand and there seems to be a lot of people who feel a need to identify as a lesbian for some kind of retarded morality/political thing and/or out of a dislike of men than any real love for or attraction to women. I also found the masterdoc very unrelatable and even though I think some of the points would very obviously mean you’re a lesbian, some of them “Liking masculine/feminine guys, you wish you weren’t attracted to men etc” don’t at all and were presented with zero basis to back them up, I thought it was weird to see this kind of thing mixed in with like “you literally cry and scream and thrown up at the thought of touching a man” type points.

No. 895791

I mean they literally are treating it, it’s an objective fact that the recommended treatment for gender dysphoria is to transition. Whether you agree with that or not is irrelevant.

No. 895799

To be fair how you are treated as a woman can be defined by what kind of sexuality you identify with so I can understand it being a big deal as you are figuring yourself out. I do think a masterdoc directed at lesbian and one for bi girls could be useful. Both have a right to have resources directed solely for them rather then having both sexualities muddled. I am not a lesbian, I'm not interested in dating man; it may change or not but doesn't undermine my feelings for girls or the fact I can see them romantically and sexually as well as platonically. I want to be proud of sexuality withot being a male gaze porny thing or a lesser straight / lesbian person.
You do have a point. I don't know if I see Trans stuff going away any time soon but I could even see big pharma pushing alternative means that Don't involve transition as it is now. I only think transition as is would only really benefit serious cases that can't seem to be able to stave off dysphoria even with many conventional types of therapy/ physchiatric help.i could see resistance from TRA folk but who knows

No. 895800

*meant to clarify I'm not interested in dating man now but felt attraction towards them in the past and have potential to become infatuated with moids lol

No. 895801

No, treating it would be getting actual therapy to realize that their "gender dysphoria" is really just their autistic desperation to be close to a woman and understand that they will never be female.

No. 895805

It's also an objective fact that transitioning is worth tens of thousands of dollars per person in surgery and drugs, and there is massive social pressure on all industries to concede with troon demands lest they be cancelled. Wonder if that could factor into it.

No. 895806

To be less snarky then the other anons they are treating it in the best/ only way they know and doesn't have solid verifiable results. It can work to at least mitigate the worse to some but to others it doesn't fix shit. I do wish that the standards were gargantuan just to scare off enough misguided suckers into something that can be Bordeline snake oil depending how you view it.

No. 895807

Doesn’t have anything to do with what I said. They said they refuse to treat it, which is just objectively wrong because the current recommended treatment is to transition which is all I said. Not going to go back and forth about your personal theories on why that is/whether that should be the case etc which I said nothing about.

Again, no one said anything about the results. Idk why you spergs always have to try and start some pointless debate. Regardless of what you think, that is the treatment. They are doing the treatment. Therefore they are “treating” it.

No. 895808

Is this really unpopular here? I think anons on lolcow generally favor FTMs over MTFs for obvious reasons, FTMs are still female and not a bunch of creepy incel men in dresses preying on young lesbians.

One of my best friends is a trans man and the only person I use "preferred pronouns" for, mostly out of an old habit as I met him before peaking. However I still don't consider him a man. He still has his female socialization to the point the people who haven't been able to clock him based on his looks start suspecting it out sooner or later due to how he behaves. But despite this I still love and respect him as a friend because he's a good person. Terfs don't hate individual trans people (except the horrorcow status AGPs) and realize there's a a brainwashing ideology behind them, they instead hate the movement for tricking broken people into transitioning instead of fixing the societal issues that lead people to mutilating their bodies and spouting misogynist agenda.

No. 895811

Given how some anons responded they Don't particularly fancy or had the best experience with male trans so yeah.
But you sort of share my feelings. I feel more pity then anything especially for Trans man.
I also respect all the pronouns of my friends so I'm sort of in the same boat as You, anon. I'm more then happy to drop light GC talking points if they are in doubts but otherwise it's usually a thing they have to figure out for themselves unless you are slick enough to argue with em lol

No. 895813

That's True apologies for beating a dead horse even if I wasn't being snarky or trying to start a debate

No. 895817

>Again, no one said anything about the results. Idk why you spergs always have to try and start some pointless debate. Regardless of what you think, that is the treatment. They are doing the treatment. Therefore they are “treating” it.

Nta, yeah I guess it's "treating" it but when you say "treating" it kind of implies that it actually fixes them when a lot of the time it doesn't as the suicide rate after genital surgery is really high. It's like saying Victorian doctors treated mentally ill patients by putting leaches all over their bodies or bloodletting or whatever.

No. 895819

very good post anon

No. 895821

A better term is "handling" it Or coping with it, but I get what anon is aiming at now

No. 895828

How many ftms are women with autism who believe they have gender dysphoria simply because they have felt different from other women their whole lives … how many mtfs are just incels who have been tricked and taken advantage of and been made to believe that becoming a woman is their only good solution? And then they go to a doctor who tells them that yes, because they don't feel right in their bodies they can start taking hormones and getting various parts of their bodies lopped off and sewn on instead of treating the origin of these "desires." I feel bad for these people, I really do, because they aren't receiving treatment or addressing their mental illness - they're succumbing to it

No. 895846

I'm detrans FTMTF & indeed I did realize my "dysphoria" was my 'tism and OCD acting up. When I stopped disociating and realized what I did to myself, it felt like waking from a bad dream - I think a lot of people in transition succumb to the sunk cost fallacy, even when they realize transition isn't fixing their problems.

Since the informed consent model has been pushed, there is going to be a lot more of detrans people like me. The old "gatekeeping" model was strict for a reason. It helped ensure only the most gender dysphoric transsexuals had access to HRT and surgery, which are huge medical commitments.

The self-ID, informed consent model is frankly horrifying, as someone who saw the inside of it. "Dysphoria" is being pushed in the same way as "hysteria" used to be pushed in medicine. It is a real form of distress, but the reasons for it need to be analyzed, and it isn't something that can be solved with this one-size fits all gender transition shit. Online communities are also rabid and they don't like to hear dissenting opinions, even when it's trans people discussing medical complications.

I still have trans friends and it's hard to hate them as individuals. A lot of them are like me. Just depressed and lost. I hate the medical system. I hate how gender nonconformity and homosexuality are being pathologized and medicalized. It's fucking sad.

No. 895851

Took the words out of my mouth, I'm sorry you and your friends have/ are going through it.
I hope for the sake of our friends that they find happiness

No. 895855

i don't get the appeal of podcasts

No. 895859

liking gossip girl past the age of sixteen or so is a red flag for being an immature drama-thirsty attention whore

No. 895864

While posting on lolcow is not a red flag for being drama thirsty?
Some of you, I swear…

No. 895867

kek point taken. but I'm not drama thirsty within my peer group, that's the difference

No. 895875

Or it's just nostalgia for a TV series you enjoyed back when you were 16. I don't know anyone who takes GG more seriously than as a fun trash show letalone has a personality that reflects it.

Anyway those of us with culture and taste are more into The OC.

No. 895892

I know Mary Kate and Ashley are like the poster children for “ageing badly” but I think they look good lol. Not even in like a feminist Let Women Age! Everyone Is Beautiful ♥ way just like in a normal way. I just find them striking.

No. 895899

Ashley is aging fine imo, Mary Kate's ED affected her looks a fair bit but honestly either way they both always look cool af. They don't need barbie doll faces for that, they're too stylish and their vibe is not reliant on aging well.

No. 895900

I actually hadn’t noticed that but looking at pictures I do see what you mean but yeah what you said is exactly it like I just feel like their look suits their overall vibe

No. 895915

People always talk about Vincent Cassel and his hot young wife being "goals" but I get weird vibes from them that I can't explain

No. 895917

Same. Both from them themselves and the people who say that. Tbh I feel like I can explain it, but not in a way that doesn’t sound like…problematic in various ways.

No. 895947

You get weird vibes because it is weird. A 30 year age gap is not normal. He also seems… violent.

No. 895980

Beyond the age and race difference I really dislike couples that flaunt their relationship on social media like that.

No. 896001

File: 1630376715262.jpeg (17.26 KB, 318x159, 75199FB7-3E93-4D9B-ABE4-5C03FD…)

If you don’t like mixing your food, maybe it’s time for you to go back to preschool like the big baby you are, mixing food makes everything taste better than when you eat everything separately.

No. 896011

People who say they're funnier online and boring in person are boring on every front.

No. 896018

Idk, mixing food is yummy but I like going back and forth between flavors and textures.

No. 896032

I literally love reading people’s carrd/byf/about pages for some reason. I think they’re kind of silly but I do always read them and sometimes find them interesting.

No. 896038

I kinda have to agree here. I used to be one of those people who thought it was weird/gross to mix ur food. When my brother would mix his rice and beans I'd be like WTF ru doing that's nasty but as I've gotten older it tastes fire. Before I mixed my food I'd take a bite of rice then a bite of beans right after it's better to just mix it lol

No. 896045

Its not that I think there are no problems but I would still rather be alive now than any time in the past earlier than like, the year 2000 max.

No. 896049

People who think they'd be better off in the past are delusional. Instant access to information is a convenience that trumps nearly any other aspect of our existence, google maps alone is worth it.

No. 896052

Early 2010s tumblr was good. I don’t get why people act as if it was like the worst thing ever. At least it produced some actually funny things, I feel like tiktok and twitter have the worst elements of it but none of the good. There are way more iconic early tumblr posts I can think of than tweets/tiktoks.

No. 896056

This is kinda how I feel too. Im bi (Leaning towards women and wasn't even attracted to men till I was 18 so everybody knew me as a lesbian before then) and was HEAVY involved in my local lbgt+ community growing up. I would cape for all the gender specials (cus almost every single friend of mine was lesbian/gay/bi/trans/ace/nb) but 2 years ago I had to distance myself because of how much they coddled transwomen. I have not met a single transwoman who even remotely tried to act like a woman. The one tranny I did kinda believe it with was my ex. He wanted to get back with me (he's bi) tho but after I rejected him he started spreading all types of rumors about me being born a man like he was kek. He would mimic shit I told him in confidence about my rape when he announced on fb the SA he went thru (I'm glad he spoke up about it but he verbatim used language I used to talk about my own sexual abuse) it made me feel like he didn't give a fuck what happened to me he just wanted to study a real woman's emotions and how we describe our trauma. 2 other TW I know of are RAPISTS. One raped a former friend of mine in HS (tranny was 21 friend was 15) but since my former friend is bi and is trying to normalize what happened to him (blaming himself I guess? He says he doesn't care he was raped and still fucks said tranny) people in my group were COOL with this fucking weirdo. It made me sick. The less vile trannies I've met (some who are considered "good"by others) are extremely sexist and homophobic (some of them racist). It blows my mind how we are supposed to see these creatures as female when they are almost even more fucking masculine than macho men. Transfemininity is a bullshit concept it's just a diff form of toxic masculinity. Painting a mask on ur face to look female and being obsessed with talking over "cis" (even in my TRA days I never fucking used this retarded word) women and dominating our spaces is literally as fucking male as it gets. Because women don't need to put in the effort to look like women and we sure as fuck aren't insecure about BEING women cus we just ARE. Minus 2 fujos turned transmen I know most transmen I've been friends with are literally trying to escape their sex based oppression (most were dykes before transing) while literally every single transwoman I met was a gay male who was jealous of women and had a straight guy fetish or a straight man who watched way too much fucking porn. Bi trannies I've met were a combo of the 2 (wanting to fuck their ideal woman and also be her). All of them think being a woman is "easy" though. I do view misogynistic and homophobic TIFs as traitors I guess u could say. But most TIFs I know aren't trying to correctively rape gay men. While it seems every TIM I've met wants to break somebody's boundaries and get rid of women's rights alltogether

No. 896063

Frenemies was bad. I feel like they had a reputation for being like “real” and transparent but Ethan and Trisha are both extremely disingenuous and calculated. It should have just been her going on the podcast once or twice it became boring and repetitive.

No. 896073

Agreed I would find it so much harder to stop drinking redbull than stop smoking. I think there may be a genetic basis to how addictive nicotine is to you.

No. 896077

I don't feel bad for men who are robbed by prostitutes (or women posing as prostitutes). Paying another human being to use their body for your own gratification is sick and I think women who rob johns are God sent. I didn't get the rage men had for cardi B robbing men when she was a stripper. So many prostitutes are murdered, raped, and even get robbed by men so why is it a big deal if a John gets robbed? We're supposed to be ok with the horrible living conditions and abuse SW/trafficking victims face but a pervert paying for rape should get all our sympathy?

No. 896080

I agree, I’m not even against prostitution but I don’t care about these men getting robbed and it’s very suspicious to me when men go on about Cardi B and act as if she’s some serial killer or something. I would not want to have a man in my life even as a friend who viewed it like that.

No. 896088

play stupid games, win stupid prizes: moid edition

No. 896093

that's not an unpopular onion here but I still feel worried for the prostitutes, men kill each other over small grievances, I'd be worried about getting killed
If I was gonna rob a scumbag due I'd like to have a male partner to help me if things get hairy or maybe I'd carry a gun and just kill them all

No. 896095

>20 cigarettes
that's nothing

No. 896096

i think some neovaginas actually look like cis ones which is kinda scary. idk if it feels the same for men, hope not

No. 896099

I agree but idk why that’s scary

No. 896127

Anons are giant pussies, it's like everyday they post about being scared of their own shadow.

No. 896133

If they end up feeling the same good riddance, most scrotes don't deserve any better than a grotesque degenerate knockoff of a woman anyway

No. 896141

>20 cigarettes
I hope you're a teenager because you sound retarded. That's like saying I get drunk every week but I'm not an alcoholic tee hee alcohol must not me addictive!1! I smoked a couple a day for like 6 months last year and I didn't get addicted to it either. People who do smoke all throughout the day for years. Regardless almost anything can be addictive

No. 896144

This is embarrassing and makes you sound jealous and threatened which doesn’t even make sense. Idk why you’re doing this “well, we didn’t want you any way!!”/the other anon is talking about being scared lol is there a shortage of men?

No. 896157

>"Men are trash and don't deserve actual women, I hope they succeed in becoming each other's replacements for us and go away"
>"Umm u sound jealous and threatened sweaty"
NTA but this sounds like a big cope lol

No. 896162

It’s in the context of the post that it’s in response to like “oh I hope they don’t feel the same that’s so scary” like why? And then reacting to that in that way just seems weird. I feel like it’s a weird thing to think or care about at all honestly.

No. 896198

I've never seen one that looks real and I've been exposed to all types of horror in the mtf thread. Are you sure you know what a vagina looks like?

No. 896240

It is. Especially if first point comes from a lesbian lol

No. 896268

I know that this will actually be a popular opinion on here, but if I shared this sort of thought with the average population they would disagree.

Women are painted like the irrational ones or the gender most likely to have psychosis and please don't misinterpret the word "psychosis" a lot of people think it refers to aggressivity or to cluster B personality disorder traits, when in fact it mostly refers to holding magical and irrational beliefs. It is true that a lot of women do hold beliefs that could be categorized as magical and could meet the criterion of schizotypal personality diagnosis such as believing in the power of tarot cards or believing in magic, but here comes the fun part. Men do that too but in other forms and usually their magical beliefs are more rampant and extreme. Men are way more likely to be schizophrenic or schizotypal. I've seen it in culture, I've observed this phenomenon very very closely. In the mental hospital most psychosis sufferers were men and they had these complex philosophical system built around their psychosis and you couldn't argue with them, meanwhile women were more likely to suffer of PTSD symptoms or cluster B personality disorder symptoms from abuse.

Male autists at around the age of 40 turn into schizotypals such as modern popular examples. Chris Chan and Varg, at around 40 their beliefs went insane and they began having these magical complex philosophical systems such as the diiiimensional merge. This rarely happens to female autists. History is also full of this expression of psychosis beliefs that comes from men. A lot of male writers of the past, psychoanalysts and philosophers experienced very brutal psychothic beliefs. Two examples could be Hegel or Carl Jung.

No. 896290

At this point, I don’t really care, like, so what if they somehow manage to get real-looking vaginas? They’re not women and they will never be women, and if a moid wants to delude himself into thinking he’s dating a real woman, then that’s his problem, not ours.
Tbh, this is just a way to make it easier to discard the males that are not worth of our time, if he praises trannies, to the trash he goes.

No. 896401

Basically if a woman believes in magic stuff she's less likely to be full on batshit and more so quirky

No. 896449

ive always found blue eyes on a guy to be kind of effeminate so ive never been attracted to a blue eyed man. recently ive realized that ive lost the ability to feel attracted to pretty much all white guys for the same reason, there's just something effeminate i can't quite put my finger on. it really perplexes me when my mixed friends claim to ONLY being attracted to these guys. seeing them worship at the feet of some 4/10 manilla envelope type man…. i want better for them nonnies

No. 896468

All men are awful regardless of eyecolor or race.

No. 896484

Honestly it may be a reason why I think blondes of either gender can look ethereal as I like anything coded feminine it seems. I still like red head girls and strawberry blondes a twinge better

Also my dad's a blonde with blue eyes but I don't want Freud smiling from the after life but quick side not lol

No. 896485

Nta but I think OP is only talking about appearances.

No. 896490

They don't feel the same and even if it looks like a vagina it's in the wrong place (neo vags sit higher) and it's literally an open wound, it smells like shit (sometimes neo vags do shit), and they're no pussy walls/muscles so they will never be able to grip or self lubricate like a vagina. Also it has ball hairs on the inside. Maybe pick up a book on anatomy lmfao men will die trying to turn their dick&balls into a vagina. If a tranny is able to take ur man it has nothing to do w them being indistinguishable from a real woman and everything to do w the fact that ur man is a faggot who loves the smell of ass during sex (most keep their genitalia anyways cus dilating is painful and sometimes their neo vags like fall apart kek). Women are not in competition for men w other men. Cus most women don't want gay dudes or gay leaning bi dudes.

No. 896491

Interesting, I have seen the same rhetoric but with regards to East Asian guys(and even sometimes with black guys) are you ever attracted to East Asian men ?

No. 896503

>we discussed in the previous thread
Every thread it gets at least one mention

No. 896505

we discussed in another thread, it has less to do with looks and more general awfulness of other races of men, black men are broke delusional thugs who cheat constantly. Asian men are manlets who think they are better then all other women. Brown Muslims men all believe that a pedophile warlord was the greatest human being who ever existed and try to be like him, so White men win by consolation by being the least awful, I'd say Hispanic men come in second

No. 896507

I'd brown beat and fuck a twinky Asian manlet but that's it. There female counterparts are still prettier by a long shot though

No. 896518

File: 1630429324972.jpg (226.03 KB, 1600x1155, 777.jpg)

I'm "brown" as well, I don't know what you might consider feminine or masculine but in my experience white men tended to have the bodies I'm attracted too, actual muscles, well proportionated bodies and no Moobs with guts coming out, facial hair that wasn't just a patchy mess and also height was a factor
99% of the men I see daily are just "pudgy" their bodies are a crime against nature, all of them are so horribly unfit, so can you really blame after seeing these types of men every day

No. 896519

>There female counterparts are still prettier by a long shot though
that's an objective fact for literally every race

No. 896521

Hispanic men are mama’s boys who just want to get coddled, they cheat and gaslight you to the point in which you either act crazy or go crazy.
T.Hispanic woman living in Hispanic country.

No. 896523

samefag the males of my generation look ever worse, just so many fat tubby bastards with bodies that men shouldn't have, imagine living in a country where the average male physique was Seth Rogan

No. 896527

True but not to sound like a Asian fever driven moid but a lovely east asian girl is something else. Fml

No. 896530

ntayrt but can i ask you which country anon?

No. 896531

The notion that parents always try their best with their kids and kids are wrong to criticize their decisions is absolute bullshit and gaslighting.

No. 896534

I think even that's the case, the maxim of your best isn't always enough should still apply.
Just because a parent "tried" it doesn't mean the consequences of their actions get to be swept under a rug

No. 896537

>Not to sound like a yellow fever
>Continues to act as if asian women are a whole different special species
Do you leave your house or have you ever met Asian women IRL?

No. 896545

I see both extremes happening. Childless people can spend alot of time blaming their own parents for their shortcomings while also knowing they'll never personally get a taste of what the challanges and pressures of parenthood are like. Then the example you gave aswell.. like other anon said even when it is 'our best' it isn't always enough and it's ok to say when it was lacking.

My dad at the grand old age of 70 mentioned to me lately that he questions his parenting choices.. I never thought this day would come where he'd see that huge mistakes were made. He's old though and frail so I weirdly just brushed it off. Guess I'll save it for my therapist lol

No. 896562

>Childless people can spend alot of time blaming their own parents for their shortcomings while also knowing they'll never personally get a taste of what the challanges and pressures of parenthood are like.

I feel like people choose to remain childless for precisely knowing the reasons and not wanting the burden for themselves.

No. 896574

Women of other races also hot different because I'm a disaster around women anon lol
Though there's not many Asians in general in my third world African country so point taken

No. 896592

This isn't really an opinion, it's just a fact that people like to deny because they were personally blessed enough to have semi-decent parents.

No. 896595

I had one somewhat decent parent in spite of that parent being the man and I still agree strongly with this notion. I'm still frustrated some people lack the empathy or gumption to comfort those that aren't as fortunate

No. 896599

>hildless people can spend alot of time blaming their own parents for their shortcomings while also knowing they'll never personally get a taste of what the challanges and pressures of parenthood are like
Yes, that's why you don't have children: so nobody ends up fucked up because of you

No. 896609

Better safe then sorry as they say. My sister was parentified and will unlikely to have children and I'm most likely going to settle with a woman if given the chance so neither of us are having kids anyhow. Both of us had a abusive mom

No. 896646

didn't you say you were brown ? are you the same anon who would sleep with an Asian manlet

No. 896658

>Childless people can spend alot of time blaming their own parents for their shortcomings while also knowing they'll never personally get a taste of what the challanges and pressures of parenthood are like
Due to my parents I was forced into being more like a parent to my younger sister because the only other option was for both of us to be taken by social services. I can still see the errors my parents made and I'm confident that I did a better job at caring for my sister than either of them ever would have. I don't regret that I had to do it. I love her and I've got the reward of seeing her grow into a successful adult because of what I did her for. Even if the outcome was eventually positive my parents should have taken some responsibility and not allowed it to happen.

No. 896664

File: 1630437225717.jpeg (32.77 KB, 640x480, 43ACAD6B-16D1-4CC2-9C73-A6CB27…)

I like Courtney love more than Kurt Cobain. Her music is better and it’s punk rock to have so many songs written about you/being referenced in songs.

Did she kill Kurt? Meh I don’t care tbh

No. 896670

She beat up a woman who just criticized her for drinking when she was pregnant

No. 896691

Me too nonita. She ain’t a saint but at least she owns up to it. Men have gotten away with much worse.

No. 896709

File: 1630439002481.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.14 KB, 610x652, da948763bef7bb4bc46862c24966e3…)


scrotes who love love nirvana are annoying as fuck. they usually hate courtney love cause shes ugly to them and blame her of everything for the past 30 years. kurt was a diagnosed mentally ill drugaddict, but ive seen nirvanafags arguee that he was actually super happy and his bipolar disorder would have been cured if courney wasnt there or some shit.

im not saying courtneys a good person. she has done plenty of shit things, shes a damn drugaddict. but scrotes dont dislike her for being a dick, they dislike her cause she doesnt look like what their dicks want her to look like. rock n roll scrotes are usually rapists or pedos but nooo courney is worse cause she was a junkie dating a junkie and ofc the female junkie is the real bad guy when theyre both shit parents.

spoiler: kurts killer

No. 896730

I'm not the brown/ South Asian? Anon. I'm actually white even if mom's mixed.
Though I am Asian manlet anon I'm afraid lol

No. 896734

Oh, anyway I mean I'd gladly and happily trade all the Muslim Arab worshipping skinny fat scrotes of my country for the white men your not interested in, I'm sure they'll suck the same way most men do but at least I don't have to worry about anyone throwing acid on me or assaulting me cause I'm not wearing a niqab and best of all no more seeing short pdugy men as the norm

No. 896736

I don't really discriminate with race in a sense when it comes to finding men and women of other ethnicities sexually attractive 9r aesthetically pleasing.
I still would probably take on a eureopeon guy.
I'm not the Anon that's not into Scandi/ slav? guys either

No. 896737

I'm sorry you stuck on that shit hole though, yikes

No. 896751

oh sorry, I thought she was you, but again is she's reading I'll gladly take your place
Its a literal death penalty to leave Islam here, I will be murdered by the state and 30 years ago I would have been raped before being executed, cause its illegal to execute a virgin woman in Islam, so Islamic jurists had a nifty solution, I get "married" to an official, then get raped and then I get executed
I would rather be a woman in Mexico or Brazil then here, any time an some western first world radfem spouts that all men are just as bad and there's no point in me trying to escape cause I wouldn't be escaping to patriarchy it makes me literally seethe
you cannot understand or comprehend that is Islamic patriarchy and how fundemtally awful it is compared to every other religion or culture on the planet

No. 896761

damn anon I'm so sorry, I hope that you can leave that hellhole and start somewhere new, where you are treated as the human being you are and that all your dreams come true.
seriously, with all that afgahnistan jazz these days, I wish that we get the women out of there, the men can marry, rape and kill themselves then.

No. 896765

It's ok anon, a image board can get confusing

Nope. I'm not even from an Islamic state or part of Islamic Africa ( I'm from a Catholic country; not to dox myself since I doubt many people of my country go here) and I still think those kind of comments are tone deaf and I'm relatively privileged, but still hasn't shielded me from the horrors of moids because my mom's family is the equivalent of the American Ratchet. Shit load of misogyny and abuse a lot coming from the women of my family as many anons can attest
I pray that you are ever in a position to leave though

No. 896812

File: 1630444795801.jpg (45.81 KB, 534x402, rhinoplasty-woman-1.jpg)

There is nothing wrong with big noses/noses with prominent bridges and I think people shouldn't get plastic surgery to reduce their size or to reduce the bridge. Big noses are more unique and societal preferences change over time so what's the point?

No. 896817

I feel the same about Eye surgeries some Asian do. It's a feature of the face that doesn't bother you, so why should it change

No. 896864

I mean, left will get judged as an ugly buffoon and right gets to be treated like a normal person. Which would you choose?

No. 896878

How the fuck is left an 'ugly buffoon'? And who the fuck cares what others think? There are millions of people in the world with similar noses.

No. 897107

she also got new lips, new eyelashes and whitened teeth

No. 897109

I know what you mean, western radfems really do make it seem like that Sweden is just as bad as the Sindh region of Pakistan, where thousands of young non-Muslims are raped and forced into marriages with Muslim men and again once your a Muslim you can't legally leave the religion
I don't like using the term privileged but western radfems have always been privileged and don't offer any realistic solutions for us suffering in the third world
"just organize and be violent, show men your not weak" we get beaten with sticks and get stones thrown at us when we try something, we literally get beaten publicly

No. 897116

it's ok they are too busy arguing with and making fun of trooners and justifying women doing horrible sick things because "men do worse" to actually help other women. Fake activism.

Most feminist women don't involve themselves with actual charity to help women in need or to change the world for women in 3rd world countries that are pressured by extreme misogyny. Feminist activism is dead, nobody does shit for women, not even other women.

Join any tumblr rad fem group and you will see what sort of people they are. Most of them are rich white girls that spend all their time arguing with troons and lib fems on the internet and if you dare suggest them they should involve themselves practically in changing women's lives they will immediately suspect you are a troon or scrote.

No. 897121

File: 1630471228118.png (180.56 KB, 499x250, 298272718288474.png)

Welcome back.

No. 897128

I hate you, you literally ignored the entire point of my post which is very sad and dramatic to post this stupid shit because subconsciously you feel called out and attacked because you fit the exact description of what I posted and instead of reflecting on yourself, your actions and beliefs you have to indirectly attack me. Just like a pornsick scrote that hears that the porn industry is abusive and cannot bring himself to question himself since he is too proud to admit something he is doing is wrong or hypocritical, he just attacks you.

No. 897130

That sounds like an outside problem, not the person who has that nose. You’re projecting really hard.

No. 897131

Calm down

No. 897132

File: 1630472242298.jpg (38.4 KB, 450x450, 282761516171.jpg)

Oh tsundere-chan, you're so easy to bait.

No. 897140

>"you're being dramatic"
>replies to bait post with I HATE YOU

just pop a xan

No. 897164

>yall bitches just like genderswapped incels for pointing out male privilege!!!
not this again

No. 897181

you have my vote for "worst troll" if we have lolcow awards for this year

No. 897201

You hate her because she speaks the truth. Western feminists are useless and completely impotent with no political power or influence.

No. 897207

I did not say that, I just commented on the lack of female solidarity and on the lack of actual real activism and action to improve women's rights and status in society coming from white 1st world rich women that parade themselves online as feminists. Which is a very sad and real issue in our society. While you are arguing and making fun of troons women in islam get beaten and have 0 rights. I'm not even trolling, how could I be trolling regarding such horrible social issue regarding women's rights and well being? There's nothing funny about women getting beaten, raped, having no rights and other women that are in good life positions call themselves "feminists" and do nothing to improve the world for women in bad positions. I think that we all have the collective duty of improving the world for oppressed ones and that duty should become even stronger when you associate yourself with a movement for human's rights such as feminism. I think you are projecting your sociopathy on me or you are simply too stupid to understand the horrible issue I'm commenting on if you think this is "trolling". Or maybe you simply cannot accept that you are not a feminist, but someone egoistical that has associated themselves with feminism for their own well being and not to fight for the rights of oppressed women.

I live in a third world country and I tried to get involved with the women's shelter, I gave them 200 euros that I literally made off prostituting myself on the internet. The shelter takes care of women with children that are beaten and raped and stalked by their ex husbands and many of them end up getting killed because police in my country is very misogynistic and if you were raped and report it there's a chance the men working in police will make fun of you or ask you if you want to have sex with them too(it has happened). But guess what I found out the woman that runs the shelter has become extremely rich off of it and takes like a 30% not needed commission from the donations. She has 3 expensive cars 3 apartments, 1 huge house and goes on vacations non stop while she posts feminist propaganda on Facebook. The group is also full of women that just post male hate and whine and refuse to actually go work at the shelter or donate although they are rich and have time. In our world it has become impossible to even help others because most of these charities are ran by capitalistic hypocritical pigs.

Our world is collapsing and people egoistically associate themselves and profit off movements made for human's rights. Change the world or shut the fuck up. We live in a present where everyone talks talks talks and argues but nobody does anything, we need PRAXIS not only words and theory. We live in a world with more activism towards abandoned and hurt animals than towards humans

No. 897220

Keep on sperging as I (and many other feminists) work in an NGO aiding women worldwide

No. 897230

very good if you do honestly and I hope other women do it too, but the reality is that the vast majority of women involved in the radical feminist online community refuse to help women and go on stupid internet quests of arguing with troons and lib fems. I wish we were the majority. We're just a minority.

No. 897253

Do you have any stats on that? There are many feminist organizations around the world, and men aren't in them. It cannot be so bad.

No. 897264

Who the fuck cares what a scrote thinks more so. There the ones that start dumbass beauty trends that woman then follow and keep up with

No. 897266

Just leave already, jesus fucking christ. You, too, could spend your time helping the women around you instead of crying about "muh rad fems" for fucking days and shitting on- and all over the very same website you seek attention and validation from.

No. 897274

Extreme hypocrisy.

No. 897288

File: 1630497271088.jpg (100.31 KB, 1024x768, 26232221.jpg)

I'm neither shitting on lolcow while excessively posting on it nor am I a feminist like confused anon seems to think everyone on here is, because we hate men and tranners. I still try to help the women around me though.

No. 897300

Birthday cakes usually suck. They taste like paste. If someone wants a birthday cake, they should either get it homemade or get a specific type of cake (like a Victoria sponge cake or Victorian sponge cake)

No. 897304

I was surprised at how some countries see "birthday cake" as a type of cake. Here most kids get chocolate cake for their birthday, with a yogurt/vanilla cake (which is closer to what we understand as birthday cake I guess) in backup for kids who don't like chocolate.
In my family we always had tiramisu or apple cobbler.

No. 897307

Losing weight is literally so easy, its easier than gaining weight. You literally do nothing, while to gain weight you have to do something. No sympathy for fatties, just put down the fork goddamn its that easy.

And low calorie foods are so stupid. Just eat high calorie in smaller amounts and you'll lose weight and feel satisfied. Low calorie foods are just binge eating foods, not healthy or good for actually losing weight. Yeah you can eat more for less, stretching out your stomach making you more and more hungry, while also not satisfying you making you eat more later. Wow, such a bright idea.

No. 897309

A community of terminally online ppl don't go out into the world and improve it? Who knew kek. Anon most average women are too busy trying to keep up with school work kids and dick to give a shit about women across the globe. Women barely have resources and time, why should she do something that won't benefit her immediately.

No. 897310

What's with these types having superiority complex over having a healthy metabolism. Hope you get PCOS/endocrine disorder and realize what a twat you are.

No. 897313

The problem is that fatties are basically addicted to sugar, often since they were children, combined with overall shitty eating habits (eat even though the kid feels full, guilt tripping if the kid doesn't finish the plate etc) thanks to clueless parents and most of the obese ones use food to deal with underlying psychological issues. All the knowledge about healthy foods doesn't help if your psyche is the actual issue.

No. 897315

I hope you know anyone could also say "Skellies can just eat more of their favorite foods/snacks, what are they whining about? It's so easy to gain weight, you gain weight just by having an extra portion or a snack. Literally eerything is high calorie, sugary and designed to make us fat. There's no excuse, they're just whining and humble-bragging".
You need to increase your appetite beyond what's normal for you in order to gain weight, and you need to decrease your appetite beyond what's normal for you in order to lose weight. Neither are easy, though both are ultimately doable (and you've probably seen more fat people complain because of addiction, learned helplessness and poor education).
I've been both overweight and underweight, and I don't get why this is so hard to accept. It's really simple. Even if you can't imagine being on either end, have some empathy.

No. 897317

I agree that losing weight is easy for the most part. I lost 10 kg recently and the neighbor stopped to ask me what was my method and I told her I ate the same, just less, and did like 4 hours of cardio a week, and she was disappointed I didn't discover a new secret to weight loss other than CICO.
But saying to "put down the fork" to people coping with trauma and addiction is like saying "just get happy" to a clinically depressed person.

No. 897326

Losing weight is literally so easy for me, its easier than gaining weight for me. I literally do nothing, while to gain weight I have to do something.

There, fixed it for Katie Hopkins over here.

No. 897353

>In women with PCOS, particularly those with insulin resistance, the average BMR is only 1,116 calories compared to the BMR of 1,868 calories in women without PCOS.
This is actually significant. I guess "muh genetics" is true sometimes.

No. 897377

My sister has diagnosed issues with her thyroid and she can't really loose a substantial amount of weight Even if she eats healthier then me and has a record of being physically active ever since I knew her

No. 897382

Genetics are true in many cases, it's a fact that for some people losing fat is easier than for some. However the differences are fairly minor, a beastly deathfat can't really blame muh genetics for their 7000kcal intake of grease and sugar making them morbidly obese. But sometimes someone who's trying to desperately lose that last 10 pounds to be inside a healthy BMI range can, and likewise someone who keeps bordering on being underweight despite eating plenty might also have a genetic issue. It's all relative.

No. 897384

nayrt, but hate her all you want, hobgoblin bitch still went to obesity and back, she definitely has effective advice to give.

No. 897392

I have never been obese, but I have always been a little overweight due to comfort eating and overeating in general. I come from a family with 5 children (I am the oldest) and as the oldest it was expected of me to share everything with my younger siblings and basically be a live in babysitter. I have always been resentful towards my parents for that - I love my siblings but there is just no need to have 5 kids when you don't have the money or time to raise them. When I got candy or any other kind of food that I liked, I knew I had to share it immediately, so I had a habit to just eat everything on the spot, no matter how big the thing was. I remember running to the backyard and downing an entire maxi pack of chocolates my aunt gave to me because I knew that my mother would rip it out of my hands and toss it to my siblings so they were occupied, or my father would binge on it and there would be nothing left for me later. My father is the obese one in my family - he would raid the fridge at night so I would hide snacks in my room. It is very hard to get out of these old habits but I'm trying.

No. 897393

File: 1630507055224.jpg (320.34 KB, 1440x2216, 4BBTCLRXFQWLFLCDAEVPNBQCJM.jpg)

I had to google who she is because I'm an ESL-chan and I refuse to believe she's 46, this person looks at least 20 years older than that. wtf??? does she have a drug addiction or something?

No. 897396

Yeah I have never seen someone so prematurely aged in my life, it's crazy. Not even former anorexics or drug addicts. She's mocked for it all the time. Normally I'd feel bad, but she's a cunt kek.

No. 897402

Yes, because they were starved to death.

No. 897404

There werent any fatties with thyroid diseases making then unable to lose weight in concentration camps tho

And I have hypothyroidism and insulin resistance lmao and I'm slim. Just stop eating

Yeah? Skellies just need to eat more and more calorie dense foods, whats your point?

No. 897405

See? They didn't eat as much so they lost weight. Literally apply that but not as drastic and you'll lose weight, simple as. Point proven

No. 897412

>There werent any fatties with thyroid diseases making then unable to lose weight in concentration camps tho
This is so retarded oh my god

No. 897419

>if you put fatties and people with genetic issues under heavy working conditions for every hour they're awake and feed them nothing, they loose some weight (and die)!
Wow anon, groundbreaking discovery. Obesity is finished

No. 897424

Anon, the concentration camp ones were nearly starved; anyone would turn skelly in that environment on top of the force labour shit.

No. 897430

The issues is trying to actually straddle the line between keeping yourself healthy and not engage in like, disordered eating. There is some light differences in metabolisms may not matter much or can't compared to psychological issues that give people shit eating habits and certain illnesses can make weight lost ( and gain) a bigger struggle then it needs to be

No. 897431

Um excuse me, but did you know, like, when people got put into concentration camps where they were worked to death, allowed to contract disease, and starve under the threat of immediate death that they lost weight? Like HELLO fat people!

No. 897474

File: 1630512795716.jpg (11.17 KB, 213x236, download (4).jpg)

I am incredibly impressed by what she achieved but most people who are fatties began as fatties in childhood and have fucked metabolisms, they're never going to lose weight and keep it off at the same rate she did.

Pic related explains it pretty well.

No. 897491

Me on the top 4th

No. 897499

This is what I have trouble with. I want to lose weight since I'm getting a little too chubby for my taste, but I'm afraid of becoming too obsessive about counting calories and weighing myself if I start doing that again. I know it's something I'm vulnerable to because I've struggled with disordered eating before. I never want to go back to obsessing about food and my body like that ever again. It was all I thought about and it made my life miserable.

I need to keep track of my eating and weight loss without it instantly becoming the main focus of my day, and I don't really know how.

No. 897505

File: 1630515228891.jpg (53.4 KB, 563x446, 98d1fb6915ce371c34a296872c2d68…)

just bumping the thread cause some scrote posted NSFW image that at least for once seems to not be CP

No. 897507

Looking to lose weight? Doctors HATE Hitler for this one single trick!

No. 897524


Yall are literally proving my point but keep seething fatties, it shows that anyone can lose weight and yall are just too food addicted to put down the fork

No. 897530

>Yeah? Skellies just need to eat more and more calorie dense foods, whats your point?
You must be trolling, I explained my point in the same post.

No. 897531

I'll eat a cake in celebration to your great scientific accomplishment

No. 897533

>what is a balanced diet?
>just don't eat to loose weight
>keep same eating habits
>gain everything back or continue not to eat and die
most people when they set out to get healthy and build new sustainable habits - not get in binge restrict cycle and chronically feel like shit

No. 897544

Lol we're just taking the piss because you're a stupid vapid bitch. Cope.

No. 897552

Proving how? They're doing the exact opposite.

No. 897568

No. 897572

We know anon, that nobel prize should arrive any minute now

No. 897575

I guess all I can advise is to go to a nutritionist and strive for food that feels delicious and is healthy. Some people avoid scales and measure themselves with tape to resist the urge to binge-restrain
I heard the term intuitive eating being thrown around so may be you can look into it? Maybe stressing less about calories and getting in tune with what your body needs will stave off disordered eating patterns if you allow yourself some wiggle room in your diet?
I'm not you nona and I'm only planning of taking dietary measures out of the house.

No. 897577

The anons shitposting with their gross shit in scrote threads are cringe as fuck.

No. 897580

cut my life into pieces

No. 897595

*based as fuck

No. 897602

I guess you have to compliment yourself because no one else will.

No. 897619

Nta but I was thinking of posting that the anons shitposting were funny kek keep going ladies

No. 897621

It’s Better than posting underage girls

No. 897625

Report and ignore is too much of a difficult concept for some. Giving any scrote that comes here for attention what they want is only going to encourage them.

No. 897637

That's the only kind of female attention they can get, truly pitiful creatures

No. 897824

People only have an issue with gold diggers because the standard to be a gold digger has risen.in the 70s you could buy a girl a microwave and take her out to eat once a week and she would be impressed. Now men have to work harder to get gold digging women. They like women using them for money they just cant afford it anymore. Its much easier to get people to love you for money and shelter than it is to get them to love you for you. This is why dating sucks now because men have no idea how to deal with women outside of the context of paying them for sex. They're confused.

No. 898058

Really, people don't like gold diggers because they are women. Nobody calls men gold diggers. Since the majority doesn't like women to begin with, any trait that comes off as dependent is frowned upon. Men have always been stingy and cheap. Throughout humanity, men have always been cheap and opportunistic entitled pieces of shits. Today more than ever, they expect pussy for no effort because they believe it should be given freely just for being scrotes. The media panders this even more. The whole sex positivity put this mindset on crack.

No. 898070

I don't encourage gold digging cuz it can too often be dangerous for women. But literally men are just mad they're too poor to even be glanced at by very polished hyperfeminine women. Successful gold diggers are glamorous, crafty (intelligent) and motivated. Rich fucks obviously don't give a damn that these women love the money above all. It's poorfag men who piss and cry since their Irish Springs selves feel entitled to Chanel scented pussy.
Middle class men who lose their assets during divorce taken to call themselves victim of hypergamy are pathetic as fuck. Bitch, your wife digging for salt???

No. 898072

Hypergamy helps the human race, honestly. Ugly and stupid men should not be able to reproduce.

No. 898075

I think gold digging is dangerous and objectifying and it teaches men they can buy women with money and it's generally harmful to women. There's men that get a taste of gold diggers in their first world countries and then they go to 3rd world countries and look for desperate women that are satisfied with way less than western woman are satisfied with. It breeds misogyny and commodification of women.

You can pick a beautiful and well off man without being a gold digger. There's no justification for gold digging. Most gold diggers are also prostitutes and they are notorious for enablig and putting up with old ugly scrotes just because they are rich. It just plays into the male fetish and is overall harmful to all women.

No. 898081

This. It's like reeeee gold diggers are evil, then as soon as a guy gets rich
>hmmmm, time to find a harem of super hot models half my age

Men only have a problem with gold diggers until they can afford them. But aside from the minority of rich men who deal with actual gold diggers, the men who complain are just average income moids who resent their wife (and kids) getting any share of 'his' money that he earned while she ran his household and raised his children. Not only do they have no gold to dig, the woman is usually completely entitled to that money in any fair system.

No. 898116

I dont think the hard work is worth it tbh. I'd rather have sex without an orgasm than try super hard to get one and just end up with both me and my partner feeling frustrated and insecure.

No. 898131

This. Gold digging is never respectable. Being dependent on men's money is not respectable. Having to literally prostitute yourself to a bunch of disgusting moids is not respectable because that's what it is, prostitution, no matter how you try to twist it around. I know it's tempting to think that it's based as fuck to make a man spend money on you but you're setting yourself up to be trapped in a dangerous situation that can turn bad really fast and only giving men what they want. They know you're after the money and they're essentially paying you for degrading yourself for them.

And of course in addition to being pathetic, it's also harmful to all women as a class. As long as men know they can buy a woman, more young women will rely on that to survive instead of progressing in life in a dignified way, such as earning her own income to lead a life of freedom.

No. 898151

I'm wary of people who rely on Spotify to listen to music.

No. 898152

I agree with you, but being rich doesn't exclude moids from being ugly and stupid. I think women as a whole should be filtering for kind, generous, confident, and attractive men, not just looking at money. But as long as we have women being taught to have the worst self-esteem possible and settle for aloof or abusive men that will never happen.

No. 898153

why though

No. 898169

>There's men that get a taste of gold diggers in their first world countries and then they go to 3rd world countries
I can guarantee you those kind of men neither had the mindset nor the money to even get a taste of that. Also welcome back

No. 898171


yes they do they realize the hack in the system, women can be bought with money

No. 898179

men are such morons and liars about muh foreign countries lol
>muh american women get offended at sexist jokes
but then move to japan where tipping, being fat, not knowing how to use chopsticks properly, is all offensive
>muh american women are gold diggers
but then go to poor asian countries and persuade random women to depend on them for money
>muh american women are whores who are ugly without makeup unlike my beautiful pure russian/japanese/ polish/ filipina women
anyone who knows any women that live in those countries… kek

No. 898190

It's not gold diggers who taught them this lmao, this mindset already starts with "I paid her a whole mcdonalds menu therefore I'm entitled to her body and attention" that you find in any class and poverty level. Scrotes gonna scrote, they think they are entitled to praise and consolidations for acting like normal human being to women instead of murderous violent rapists. And a good chunk of them doesn't have anything worth to offer for all the effort and work women put into relationship dynamics either, just their money. I'm sure gold diggers would love to settle for those "beautiful and well off men" but those are often young and not that well off and gold diggers value money over looks.

No. 898193

No. 898210

You hit the nail right on the head. Also add Eastern European women… men still like to say they are submissive housewives unlike greedy American women. Lol k! Good luck with that!

No. 898218

but women enabling it does not make it better, very many women in modern society enable men and literally take women's rights back by 2000 years by getting naked on the internet and perpetuating this social idea that women are commodity that can be bought with money. Each individual's action contributes to the collective outcome. Gold digger is not very different from prostitute. And a lot of them accept being with fat ugly and entitled men that give them money and are rich and even the pretty ones end up being abusive. Perpetuating this role of women in society is bad for the entire collective of women. Stop saying scrotes gonna scrote when a lot of women contribute to the opression of women actively. If we don't take action, they're gonna keep on abusing us and using us. Men would like for women to be gold diggers more than they would like women being lawyers, doctors, artists and so on because they want us to depend on them. If scrotes are abusive that does not mean we have to enable it.

No. 898341

Hasan is genuinely one of the weirdest looking people I’ve ever seen and I’m not saying it like he looks ugly or bad but there’s something off putting about it he has like. lil miquela vibes in his pics it almost looks uncanny valley to me he looks like some algorithm created sim

No. 898346

I would hate to be a housewife I would rather do literally any other job. Also for years I have always see people say like “I see so many feminists demonising stay at home moms but we should support their decision both are valid” even from other feminists but I literally never see that, even from extreme people? And like I actually think so many criticisms of various feminist discourse are fair and I agree with them, but I sincerely just have not seen that to be a thing but I honestly kind of think it should be? Like I think sometimes when I see girls talk about it they’re not fully thinking it through and I think if anything there should maybe be more discussion on the risks like you can end up with no qualifications, no work experience, years long gap in your resume, no way out of an abusive relationship etc

No. 898363

Yeah I don't see any mainstream radfems 'demonizing' SAHMs, they just rightfully bring up the very possible consequences and how the patriarchy relates to it and influences our choices.

No matter what people say about feminism brainwashing women to not want children, having kids and getting married is the norm and you will be judged and questioned and demonized worse for not doing it. There are many hardships and difficulties in motherhood and homemaking but social stigma has gotta be the least of them by far, I can't take them seriously feeling victimised when they're taking the most socially sanctioned life path in existence.

No. 898365

i hope every single moid who says this shit gets hitched to some based 6ft svetlana who bosses the shit out of him, beats him up and then leaves him after draining his bank account

No. 898368

It’s not even radfems like people say it about just normal mainstream feminists. I feel like by far the people I most see belittle the work that sahm/housewives do is men. And it’s not like people don’t say disparaging things about women who chose to work after having kids as well. Also this “feminists are brainwashing women to not have kids!!!” being framed as if it’s some major problem is so stupid, I know so many more women who obviously would not have been in the relationships they were in and had kids if not out of financial need (and, especially with women around my grandparents age, from being unable to access bc/ unable to get an abortion) than women who didn’t have kids who regret it.

No. 898372

I don't like Into the Spider-Verse. I don't hate it, and I see everything that's great about the movie, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason.
I tried to watch it a second time to see if I had changed my mind but I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. Ngl, I'm bitter that I can't love it considering it's supposedly better than the original Spider-Man 2 lol

No. 898398

I really love the Catcher in the Rye and it’s one of my favourite books. I hate saying that though because I feel like people really hate it and also it makes me sound like I haven’t read a book since high school but I read a lot. But it obviously is a popular book so I can’t tell for sure if this is unpopular, but it seems like it is? Most people I see mention it irl or online hate it.

No. 898408

Conditioner is a waste of time and money

No. 898410

I live with people with curly hair I don't think that's right

No. 898496

File: 1630572577274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 11.19 KB, 354x354, images.jpeg)

These specific nose rings look like boogers dripping down your nose. It looks ugly on anyone (picrel).

No. 898512

she's vile.

No. 898519

Nta. What do you mean by 'take action'? On what? As I see it, it's too late, we will never have equality as we see it. The internet has destroyed that.

No. 898520

Have you been to these countries? Most young women are pathetic pickmes. It's embarrassing how anons think they're based, conniving and strong. They are not.

No. 898588

I actually really enjoy Laci Green's content. Less her old Sex+ videos, but certainly her more recent podcasts. I think she's one of the few people who manages to balance her majority-leftwing views with a curiosity about the opinions of those she thinks she might disagree with and a nuanced, balanced look at moral politics and us-against-them social media mentality. It might be because she's gone through a similar journey to me ideologically; started off as a shrill sjw and became disillusioned by the cruelty and irrationality of sjw bullying.

No. 898590

Who, Piker?

No. 898595

Yeah, same with Korea, a minority of English speaking radfems online isn't a good picture of the average Korean woman
I don't know why anons don't get this, they can keep on saying that Korean women are based and Pinkpileed when its like a couple thousand people online at most

No. 898598

Ironically I think you may be able to find those types of women ( based and conniving) in the West on more developed nations.

No. 898600

I don't really look at her content anymore, but I agree from the few videos I've seen. She was also raised mormon gone full tumbkr SJW to being canceled for dating some edgy anti-SJW youtuber. But I don't dislike Lindsay Ellis that much either, I think she has potential to be more critical of her own ladydick-sucking, especially after being witch-hunted.

No. 898615

the boyfriend she was ‘cancelled’ for dating was some nerd ass 5’7 uggo hispanic known for agreeing with white supremacists bc of his own self hatred and being openly misogynistic, so idk why people are treating her as though she’s uwu based queen when she’s just as much of a sad pick-me as any other one of these terminally online leftist yank women she wants to distinct herself from so badly. they’re all cows

No. 898634

>>be Lefty sjw tard
>>Also date a self hating manlet that isn't even a soy boy that's harmless.

They really say opposites attract huh lol

No. 898643

I mean I don't know anything about the guy other than his online username. I thought he was your run-of-the-mill "rational" white guy youtuber.

No. 898690

"Donda" has to be one of the weakest albums I've heard in all my life, I'm actually surprised that people liked it that much, even saying is one of the greatest of the year/all time. Besides "Off the grid" and "Moon", the rest of the album is mediocre and everything sounds half-assed and tryhard, like it's going nowhere.

No. 898718

Ah Chris Ray Gun, he was truly the epitome of early 2010's Anti-SJW culture, he ended up deleting some of his former videos and just does boring Video Game Commentaries with 2-3 Month gaps

No. 898722

I always felt like he was an inferior and less funny version of iDubbzz

No. 898724

samefag I unironically used to watch his videos once

No. 898729

I fucking hate the “get into it yuh” her voice sounds like a fork scraping a ceramic plate. And I hate her in general every time I see a video of her being “sooo funny” and ~an icon~ She is just saying shit I’ve already seen in tweets and tiktoks. She’s not relatable her ass is the size of a planet and she’s rich. Also she got to the top of the music chart by promising to show her boobs, no that not an epic girl boss queen moment it’s some thot bullshit

No. 898730

i thought she was cancelled for not pandering to trannies or something?

No. 898744

She was canceled during her "let's approach and talk it out with the redpill guys" saga first (and dating >>898718 ), then she catered less to troon sensibilities and tweeted something about hating Trump which made 4chan troons and /pol/fags fall out of love with her. I don't know who her audience is now since she's not sensitive enough for twitter sexposi/troonhuggers and she's not a tradwife bait either. I think she probably mainly works offline now.

No. 898773

File: 1630605149114.jpeg (105.11 KB, 1300x866, 39B7F12F-4DCA-4816-AB2C-189A8F…)

Mashed potatoes are not a side dish, they’re a dip for your food.

No. 898774

>They're a dip
What the fuck???

No. 898787

Mashed potatoes are a main dish
>t. poorfag

No. 898791

Plus who wants to eat mush as a main part of the meal, what am I, a toothless granny? That's a dip.

No. 898823

You can dip your delicious food in the mashed potatoes to make it even more delicious. It’s not that difficult, anon, come on, join us.
You get it.

No. 898847

Kek I see you cannot cook to save your life or else you would know that you can only use hot/warm mashed potatoes as a dip since the process of cooling down makes them stiff and clumpy. Even cream cannot save this fact. Plus who the fuck uses mashed potatoes as a dip… like seriously? It tastes basic. It's like eating noodles with bread - disgusting. You're better off with something spicy like salsa.

No. 898867

File: 1630614312932.jpg (27.62 KB, 400x290, large-361223-mash.jpg)

Yes I dip the banger in the mash

No. 898872

I like dipping buttered buns into mashed potatoes with ketchup

No. 898898

I hate that fucking song and it's all over TikTok

No. 898923

You don’t get it, because mashed potatoes are basic, you can turn them into anything you want, they end up becoming the ultimate dip because you can add anything, like blue cheese or some really nice basil.
You just don’t experiment that much, anon, maybe try following your heart instead of tiktok recipes.

No. 898933

I didn't think this option existed, but now that I do, I agree with you.

No. 899186

File: 1630662186524.jpeg (182.3 KB, 1080x1080, E4E426B6-CC0D-4093-A131-A4729D…)

Yeah, there’s something sim like about him. he looks uncanny valley to me

No. 899209

TIL that anons cook some soggy ass potatoes

No. 899216

Ugly people aren’t generally especially funny or interesting and beautiful people aren’t especially boring or mean compared to the average person

No. 899222

I feel like people forget that everyone has a diverse personality regardless of attractiveness. Although contrary to that people who are legitimately attractive tend to be more easy going and less toxic and I assume due to less insecurity. I've seen unattractive people have amazing personalities though, I guess it's all about how you view yourself. Not to mention some people will draw attention to their looks by acting out or being narcs which usually gets them called ugly and then they body shame other people and so on

No. 899227

The ugly thing seems like cope in a similar vein to ‘my trauma made me funny’ which if you’ve ever spoken to the people who say that it very clearly did not

No. 899232

Tbh I'm not sure many people legitimately believe this. It seems like a very black-and-white and immature mindset to have

No. 899257

They do. Here's a video that explains how people come to think there is a correlation and why it's wrong.

No. 899282

i agree with both of you. it does needs to be said though, that ugly people can be unfunny and unintelligent as well as beautiful people witty and bright, because ugly people and especially ugly teenagers (i know i did) delude themselves into thinking the world is fair and that they have an automatic intellectual advantage over beautiful people, when really, anyone can be any combination. the mindset fuels insecurity and stops you from growing or getting to know other people.

No. 899320

No matter how many times people say One Piece is a great manga I refuse to read it because literally every character looks like a fucking retard. I don't even care about the supposed fan service, Luffy's ugly mug is enough to deter me from ever getting close to the series.

No. 899338

This was super interesting and i like her voice, thank you for posting!

No. 899342

Ugly people are insecure and usually have a victim complex.

No. 899349

I agree with you for the most part but the fact of the matter is that halo effect is real. Regardless if an attractive person is really no different than anyone else, the issue is that they get away with a lot more for being mediocre and get way more promotion for when they're successful. Always has been, always will be this way and it (in fairness) pisses ugly people off. And can you blame them for their copes? They know their looks aren't going to allow them to slide by so doubling down on trying to have a semblance of personality or a talent is really all they've got. Looks are everything–and while that isn't right–it's a necessary truth to highlight about society.

No. 899362

nah white guys are pretty awful, misogynistic, racist and entitled. they all fucking suck its just different flavors of suck. Its literally pick your favorite flavor of poison.

No. 899363

also a lot of them dont really have top lips so they are at the very bottom of the list for me just because of that. im a big lipped bitch LOL.

No. 899366

I agree and tbh I actually always felt like if anything felt like that kind of seething incel hatred of women to the point it becomes an identity/they’re making like entire theories of it and literally viewing you as subhuman was way less common with black men, but I guess now it’s increasingly common even with them bc of like Kevin Samuels types, but I still definitely don’t think on average white men are better. I think there’s obviously problems with misogyny among all of them.

No. 899368

THIS no one has empathy for overweight people (overweight women lets be real here thats who y'all and everyone else is usually referring to when they talk about how disgusting and lazy fat people are. ) Its crazy because all it takes is an illness that leads you to be sedentary, your metabolism naturally slowing down as you age, or needing a medication that helps you but also makes you gain weight and BOOM the shoe is now on your foot. People really think that since they are skinny now as teens and early 20 somethings they'll be skinny forever…..see you in 10 years lol.

No. 899372

!!! they are literally all horrible!! I hate the notion of people saying oh so and so race of men is worse then THIS race of man (9/10 they are claiming its a white man that just so happens to be the best eyeroll)like no. go into a corner of the internet dominated by x race of men and you will see that they all have the same fucking talking points. they all suck and are evil some groups just have the "privilege" of acting on their evil deeds and getting away with it. I dont care if his name is Doug, Deshawn, Deji, or Daichi…all are misogynistic freaks who if they had it their way would own at least 100 sex slaves each and most of them being children probably. It's my life's purpose to shut down any claim of men suck but insert race men are the best option it just sets women up for false hope and failure.

No. 899377

No one is saying that white men are perfect, we are all aware they can be awful but the reason certain WOC fetishize white men is cause we've experienced a level of misogyny thats on a level you'd go mad if you had to deal with, with excessive femicide, open domestic abuse, an epidemic of child marriages and inbreeding
Please don't do this, I have heard the whole "the west is just as bad" argument from liberal feminists' way too many times, I would pretend to a Christian my entire life rather then live in my country, I would prefer right wing Christian patriarchy over Islamic patriarchy
because it is much much worse, to pretend that it's equal is insulting to those who suffer under Islam
I ask you, would you trade places with me in Pakistan ? a nation where you will be killed for leaving Islam, a nation where you are not allowed to criticize the religion or you will be killed

No. 899378

Beauty determines a worth of a woman, no one is more worthy because they’re beautiful, or are they? All of this doesn’t even matter, everyone is going to die and look like a bony anachan in the grave.

No. 899380

Huh, I'm from a non-white country and pretty much every here also has thin lips, its a more caucasoid trait rather then white people trait
like Arabs, Indians all have thin lips

No. 899384

I might be wrong but am I the only one who felt like she was unnecessarily dunked on during the skeptic anti-SJW youtube era? To me she seemed like a really sweet person, the death of her online career was dating some has-been leprechaun who talks about wanting to be dominated by a fictional character that has been plaguing Twitter for months.

No. 899386

I’m >>899366 and I am black myself. It’s very reductive to act like what you’re saying is the only reason woc here fetishise white men. I think it’s very obvious the original anon was talking about black men/moc in the west and not saying “the west is just as bad”. I also think you know that full well, and were just foaming at the mouth to be like “Pakistani anon here” as you always are.

>a nation where you will be killed for leaving Islam, a nation where you are not allowed to criticize the religion or you will be killed

Literally has nothing to do with anything. Please get a blog or something instead of derailing every thread.

No. 899390

Its just infuriating to see western women act like all men in the entire world are equally just as bad when I for fact that certain are just so much worse, seeing an awfulness I wouldn't dare wish on anyone

No. 899391

Again, no one was saying all men in the world are equally bad. You can clearly tell from the context and based on the stereotypes she was using that she was talking about men within the west. But you know this already.

No. 899419

thank you i keep forgetting that i have to expressly state this is from an american standpoint because people can't read between the lines lol. Anyway it's just weird to me how white men are still so pedestalized in every country to the point of if you say anything disparaging about them even a nonnie from a middle eastern country will protect them . Its terrifying how much power they have and how no one seems to see that the reason why they think white men are the best men (they arent none are) is because they've been brainwashed and conditioned to believe so. People also like to forget that dudes from america (white and otherwise) join the military, go to these middle eastern and or "third world countries" (i hate that term) and enact some of the most grotesque and violent acts on the women that live there and then get rewarded with medals of honor and shit. Listen American men are doing nasty shit too they just put on a military uniform before doing it.

No. 899420

>Beauty determines a worth of a woman.
It's sick but true. Not to say that's everyone's attitude and belief, but that is the current state of most societies.

No. 899421

just google what the boomers were doing over in vietnam sick shit.

No. 899423

Instead of dunking on western women maybe start a "hating islamic men" trend. Don't misdirect your anger onto ppl that have nothing to do with your struggles.
Whether or not certain men are just as bad doesn't matter, they all have the y chromosome that makes them mentally retarded and dangerous if given enough freedom. If the taliban came to america, white men would just lay down and accept it bc it gives them an auto female slave. They only really sort of contain their depravity because they outsource it with porn/going to poor countries to enact their depravity. And because they're still seen as the "top dog" in the world so they have more to lose if they let it all out. I've read tons of black men straight up write that they don't care about hiding their depravity because they have no status/assets to lose.

No. 899427

I feel like people who say this need to identify what part of the world they're from, because this is definitely not true in all countries. Yes, you'll get treated better if you're attractive, but in western countries you can get educated and have a good career and a family even if you're plug ugly (trust me, I see it all the time). It's easy to get sucked into this doomery "is it even worth being alive if I'm not pretty" sentiment, but that's fundamentally just a very myopic way to think.

No. 899431

the accuracy of this! when i tell you i get more nice gestures, warm smiles and compliments when i put time into my appearance vs if i wear no makeup and baggy clothes people will either ignore my existence completely or are rude.

thank you!!! like i was saying before all men in every race have the exact same talking points. They all just want women to be their slaves. I will never try to discredit the atrocities that happen to islamic women/women in poorer countries. But like seriously, men in the west are becoming more and more radicalized by the day and it's literally ALL of them!! They all have this grudge against women because we have more rights in this country (america) then we ever have, women having autonomy was cute on paper for like the first 10 years but we are in real time starting to see just how much it makes men seethe with jealousy, rage, and feelings of inadequacy. They no longer have the same authority their forefathers did. They no longer get to go to war every 4 years and rape women in poorer countries to get their rocks off as much, can't flaunt their wealth because most women already have their shit together and if they don't are on their way to. They have nothing but their little circle jerk forums, misogynistic youtube channels, and shitty video games/anime. Girls with each passing generation are starting to see just how unfortunate the male gender is and the only thing they have over us is their disgusting levels of testosterone and authority, The more women gain equal rights the more men retaliate by shooting up schools, writing stupid manifestos, hitting women and shit.

No. 899434

I always worry about this because I feel like as more and more women work and out earn men, without money to leverage over desperate women a lot of men will never have a partner or kids and I don’t think they’re going to just accept that

No. 899435

>Yes, you'll get treated better if you're attractive
That's the entire point. I never said anyone ugly was doomed and I wish people would stop replying as if I've exaggerated.

No. 899441

The big bang theory is funny

No. 899446

I like it too it just attracts annoying scrotes

No. 899453

>Beauty determines a worth of a woman.
>that is the current state of most societies.

That's literally what you said though - you're implying that ugly women are doomed to be worthless in the world's eyes, ignoring the fact that proving yourself intellectually, financially, or as a solid member of your community all increase the esteem with which society views you, regardless of attractiveness. There are plenty of highly respected women who aren't pretty, it's on you if you choose to ignore that in lieu of crying about how only hotties get to be instagram famous.

No. 899454

Men stil own ~98% of resources worldwide, to put it into perspective. Unless you're white collar all it takes it getting into an accient or falling sick to lose everything as a woman, especially in america where healthcare is insanely expensive. If anyone idealizes western countries, let me tell you they're starting to decline right now with womens rights. The right wants to take away abortion and job opportunities and make it so there's no safety nets so women have to depend on men again. And the left wants women to be raped and perved on and "cancelled" out of their jobs using the twans agenda.

No. 899456

It's okay I guess. But I hate it because everyone compares me to sheldon because I study physics. I don't think he is funny, he is annoying and ungrateful and the worst excuse for a character on that entire show I don't want to be compared to him.

No. 899460

Yeah I don’t even necessarily mean in my life time it’s more like I don’t think women being equal to men under capitalism is possible and neither is some kind of socialist pipe dream because I feel like a lot of women would not have been in the sexual/romantic relationships they are if there was no financial element and many men would never have wives/families and I can’t see them ever accepting that? Like I think fundamentally women would rather be alone than with a significant amount of men but the same isn’t true for most men. I guess it’s possible that would change though but I just find it extremely hard to imagine.

No. 899481


People who think like this should be transported back to the 50s.

We're in 2021 and bitches are still crying about being seen as ugly and how people treat them like they're "invisible" when they aren't dolled up like that's all there is to life. Get a fucking talent, learn some skills, go to school, value yourself for something other than your looks because they're the first thing to go. Who cares if scrotes don't treat you special when you're wearing no makeup and baggy sweatpants? If you want to make money of your looks so bad go be a sex worker and let women with standards and self esteem get actual jobs and careers. Being "ugly" is not a death sentence. You don't have to be dolled up everytime you leave your house.

No. 899489

Agreed, the "I need to put on makeup to be treated well!" types are just crying that they have to put in some effort to get superifical good treatment from others. If your mental state depends so badly on strangers approval then something is wrong. Unless people are sneering/spitting on you in the street due to your ugliness, then it isn't a problem. Coming from a fat woman with mouthbreather face. They should get used to feeling invisible or they'll be in for a shock when they age out of beauty.

No. 899500


I actually find it more relaxing to be "invisible". I don't like being cat called, patronized,harassed or offered "a job" just because of my looks. Blending into the background is much safer and more convenient for a woman to actually be able to move around in peace. And they make women who wear makeup and doll themselves up all the time because it's actually their preference look bad too. That's where stupid men get the "you guys only do xyz for attention" argument from.

Work on your self esteem instead of slathering your face in makeup, forcing yourself into your Sunday best on a Tuesday target trip and spending hours on your hair ladies. I promise you'll feel better and the fear of judgement from strangers will go away. My mom's in her late 50s and hasn't figured it out. Makes me sad until she tries to push that shit on me.

No. 899502

This was why I liked masks, I loved being able to be invisible

No. 899503

sometimes I intentionally make myself uglier so I don't get the fake "nice" treatment from scrotes or I don't get sexualized/objectified because it literally makes me mentally break from how degrading it is and it gives me flash back of sexual abuse/grooming I had to endure and all the scrotes that did it to me when I was underaged would approach me with compliments about my looks or being overly nice to me. It just feels so manipulative and gross for a scrote to be nice to me when I can see right through it, he is not being nice to me because he is truly a good person or he sees the good in me, he is being nice as a way to try manipulating me into having sex with him. I'd rather have manipulative scrotes be repulsed with me. And I don't say this to be condescending or be like "wow I'm such a beauty " I'm not that beautiful, but I am naturally cute. I think a lot of women on here are mentally ill too and probably think they're uglier than they actually are, objectively speaking. To be "pretty" or cute you don't have to be 10/10 you literally have to be a little bit above the average population when it comes to looks (and the looks of the average person are extremely badly represented on the internet). Go out and you will see what the average person looks like.

That being said, truly good and genuine people will be nice to you either way, no matter if you're ugly or not. Those that have sociopathic tendencies are literally nice only when there's something in for them. They use niceness as a form of manipulation. Also, being pretty or too invested in your looks can attract people that have ill intentions even women that are jealous of you secretly and wish to bring you down because they see life as a competition where they're competing for scrote's cock, money and attention(most women are pick me's). Society is horrible for women and the average women feels like she is in a competition with other girls.

No. 899507

Tbh I highly doubt you genuinely regularly “make yourself uglier” and even if you were actually doing that I don’t think it would have that effect. This is beginning to sound a little like “ugly women don’t get harassed/objectified/assaulted/cat called” which they do and those things happen regardless of what you look like.

No. 899511

I've tried to do something similar by just not "performing femininity" as much (no makeup, baggy clothes, not smiling or engaging w/ anyone) and I still get scrotes bothering me. Honestly we're fucked either way, if you look especially attractive by mainstream standards then men blatantly drool and yell at you and if you're trying to be low key and incognito then they tend to think you're shy and have no self esteem so the predators chat you up.

No. 899512


Yep. I'll definitely be wearing my masks for a good long while. Even after I'm eventually forced to be vaccinated. I don't like people up in my face, plus I'm always breaking the fuck out no matter what I do so I can hide my ugly under the mask.


>sometimes I intentionally make myself uglier so I don't get the fake "nice" treatment from scrotes or I don't get sexualized/objectified because it literally makes me mentally break from how degrading it is and it gives me flash back of sexual abuse/grooming I had to endure and all the scrotes that did it to me when I was underaged would approach me with compliments about my looks or being overly nice to me.

This is the part they don't wanna talk about. Most of the attention you get from looking good in public is negative and predatory. I was 18-19 waiting for the bus one time when a man drove past me, saw me, reversed his car and got out to try and hit on me. Another time I decided to be ~cute~ and wear this wig I had dyed outside to the bank instead of my usual unbrushed ponytail (again, I'm walking to the bank as an errand, I'm not gonna spend more than 5 minutes getting ready). Got followed to the bank by one guy, followed to my fucking apartment by another because he just had to have my number.

If this is the type of attention some of y'all are whining about not getting when you dress bummy then… your life must be bleak. Keep all of the attention, all of judgemental opinions, all of the "you never know who you could run into on the street" ass memes. I don't want any of it. I want scrotes the fuck outta my face. If I want a job I'll dress nicely for an interview and if I only get hired off my looks I'm quiting as soon as possible because that's definitely not a workplace environment that I want to be in.

No. 899514


Everyone gets harassed but the chick who's dressed like she wants/needs the attention will get it more often than one who isn't. Which sucks because sometimes some women just want to look/hot/sexy/cute/whatever because they feel like it, not for scrotes to bother them.

No. 899515

Idk if I agree with that because my hijabi friends get catcalled a lot, but even if that were the case just being dressed casual isn’t “making yourself uglier”

No. 899530

Your hijabi friends are being cat called because they're hijabi and men are gross. They're fetishizing those women. And yes, simply dressing casually isn't making yourself ugly. Making yourself "ugly" is dressing and conducting yourself in a way that is completely opposite of what society seems attractive. Women who purposely dress to offend the male gaze, instead of trying to avoid it like hijabi women, women that get cat called because of their perceived innocence and submission to men.

Male harassment is about power as much as it is attraction, sometimes even more. Women can't do shit about the power tripping of scrotes, but we can try to avoid the male gaze by dressing in ways that offend it. Sometimes that also backfires because scrotes are gonna scrote and some of them get personally offended you aren't trying to please them visually and harass you in different ways. All in all, it's a losing battle we're fighting, and women who dress for the male gaze and the attention it brings because of their unresolved daddy issues/low self esteem just make it harder for the rest of us to even cope.

No. 899540

>simply dressing casually isn't making yourself ugly. Making yourself "ugly" is dressing and conducting yourself in a way that is completely opposite of what society seems attractive.
Kek now I'm imagining a scenario where I'm wearing a mask, sunglasses, a giant bonnet, four layers of sweaters and cargo pants with rain boots to see if that will get men to fuck off. Made me laugh at least. Sad we have to go to such extremes because I do like looking nice for myself but doing weirder shit might not be such a bad idea

No. 899548


You'll probably trigger one of the scrotes who gets offended when women don't dress nice. But he'll probably post about it on some incel forum/Facebook if he's a normie coomer instead of actually ruin your day by talking to you so this might be the winning strategy.

No. 899549

*Deems attractive

No. 899552

and yes it is true women get harassed either way but maybe you could understand being conventionally pretty or wearing sexy clothes or stuff that drives the attention on you will make men more inclined to sexually objectify you. They think you're doing that shit for them. Pretty privilege ain't shit. Privilege is found in skills and having money. Being pretty is like 20% of privilege. If you're born in a family that socializez you into having a lot of skills and that has money and influence, then you are privileged. People are so blinded by this "pretty privilege". Even yesterday I saw a post on here where a girl said she can cry on command but she's too ugly to be an actress. There's plenty of ugly actresses, the real reason to why you cannot be an actress is that you lack the skill, money and connections to become one.

No. 899557

Exactly, pretty women who don't have skills/$ are just easy prey for traffickers and abusers. Beauty is a multiplier not an addition, if you're mentally ill then abusive scrotes will swarm, if you're pretty and rich then it's very hard to fuck up your life.

No. 899558

So much of the “feminism” on this site is so surface level and useless and honestly misogynistic
>Male harassment is about power as much as it is attraction, sometimes even more. Women can't do shit about the power tripping of scrotes, but we can try to avoid the male gaze by dressing in ways that offend it.
If it’s about power, which I agree with, do you not therefore think men would also very much desire to undermine this supposed defiant act of “avoiding” the male gaze? I don’t understand why you think this is something that can not be/is not frequently fetishised as well? It very obviously is and I don’t think you’re superiority complex over it is warranted.

Also, If you’re actively dressing to try and “offend” the “male gaze”, you’re still dressing for the male gaze one way or another and it still centres the thoughts and opinions of men.

Also the “male gaze” is a cinematic term, it doesn’t make sense to say real life women are doing things “for the male gaze” and the way you are using it shows that you do not actually engage with any feminist theory outside of tiktok which is where this current mass misunderstanding of this term seems to be have originated.

No. 899574

I think you're just a salty pick me honestly kek you're coping, if you pick your nose and don't brush your hair you're not doing it for the male gaze and it's not a cinematic term and actually most women are doing what they're doing for men, an extremely small portion of women disillusioned with men start doing things only for themselves. I assure you that 80% of the girls on this website were pick me's before getting radicalized. Women are pick me's by default, get angry at me or call me a scrote, I don't care and it's true.

Since our childhood we are groomed by society into doing everything we do for men, into becoming pretty for them, competing with other women for them, accepting them watching porn and cheating on us and treating us like shit. Most women, the average woman is fine with her boyfriend watching porn and she puts on this costume everyday just to satisfy men. Men even get off when other men find their girlfriends pretty because to them women are just accessories that they're showing off to the world, the prettier she is the better.

And no I am not one of those feminists that think we should ban makeup or pretty clothes, but the truth is that dressing sexy and so on will increase the chances of being sexualized/harassed because men are fucking entitled and yes it might happen either way but what I said is that it increases the chances and the reasons of why men approach you/cat call you and so on.

(not even the anon you are replying to)

No. 899577


Did you ignore the part of my post that said
>Sometimes that also backfires because scrotes are gonna scrote and some of them get personally offended you aren't trying to please them visually and harass you in different ways.

Or are you mad that you're one of the women that dresses up for attention and to be "treated nice".
And yes, if you dress a certain way to attract or avoid or offend the male gaze, you're still dressing for others. That's very true. But if you dress in a certain way for your own personal comfort, I'm all for that. I just know that no matter what a woman does a scrote is going to find some way to fuck with her. Pick your poison I guess.

The male gaze is a very real thing for people who live outside of the internet. That's what cat calling, being followed to your house, being followed on the street, men cursing at you because you don't respond positively to their cat calls and general harassment come from. The male gaze. The male desire for conquest and power. Male entitlement to the bodies of women they don't know.

>Pretty privilege ain't shit.

Looks are fucking fleeting and a pretty, dumb bitch is just that. A pretty, and dumb bitch. If you aren't born into money or smart enough to make your looks work for you (outside of sexwork which is an entirely different story) you're just going to end up a baby momma or something like that. And then your looks won't even matter as much because the men you want to appeal to aren't interested anymore.

No. 899583


You better fuckin preach to lolcow on a Friday afternoon. I was pickme as fuck, because like you said, women and girls are brainwashed into it. We view other women as competition, but since we can't read minds we can't compete intellectually as easily as we can physically. And we don't compete for better opportunities in life, like scrotes do. We compete for the scrotes. The male gaze is definitely a real thing and I hate that Twitter feminists bastardized it to the point where on Al Gore's internet we have women saying it's a meme. It's one of the most real and most predatory things women of all ages have to deal with.

No. 899585

In the end it doesn't matter why men do it, it's a waste of time to try to pick their brain- there is no brain to pick. Unless you're in a big city or very sexist place then men will mostly leave women alone. I've found that being overweight, looking "haggard" (dark circles, no fancy hairstyle, no makeup), dressing boring and practical, good posture, and acting like no one else exists on the street, drastically reduced male attention. You shouldn't try to dress in a way to "stick it to them" you dress in a way that their eyes glaze over you.

No. 899598

Not going to keep going back and forth on this so this will be my last post. Bare in mind this whole conversation requires us to just blindly accept the premise that women doing something to be seen as desirable sexually to men is inherently harmful/a moral failure/ evidence of “daddy issues” which is obviously very contentious in and of itself.
1. It is a cinematic term. This isn’t a controversial or debated idea either, no one feminist critic disagrees with this or uses it any other way. At least like, read even just the Wikipedia page or something for a term before you talk about it. It is not used in regards to real life women, and would make no sense if you actually know anything about what the term means and have actually read any feminist literature about the male gaze.
2. Not brushing your hair has is not a feminist act of resistance by any definition and will likely just make your own life harder unless you’re trying to get dreads or something. Neither is picking your nose.
3. It’s not a “radical” position that women can just choose to not be sexualised and objectified by making the right clothing choices.
4. There is no actual evidence that dressing “sexily” increases your chance of being harassed or assaulted and this idea literally stems from the sexist myth rape victims are asking for it and from a desire to get women to act/dress modestly and to be chaste. People on this website often exclusively focus on women being “groomed by society their whole life” to act explicitly sexual but seem to never acknowledge the long history of how female sexuality is demonised, how chasity and modesty are seen as virtuous etc which are ideas that are still very present today
>The male gaze. The male desire for conquest and power. Male entitlement to the bodies of women they don't know.
That isn’t what “male gaze” means, by any feminist definition in any literature ever. I genuinely don’t know what you’re talking about so can’t really respond.
No one is saying it’s a “meme” or “isn’t a real thing”. I’m saying it’s a specific term with an extensive history that has an actual meaning and it isn’t the one you’re using. It is a term with a meaning that refers exclusively to cinema, and is only ever used in that context in all academia and feminist writing. This is just objectively true and not like, my opinion. It’s embarrassing to be older than like a 15 year old on tiktok and not know this.

No. 899605

Thisssss, before I acted like I don't see anyone else around me in public, men would literally run into me or expect me to move out of their way when they're walking towards me. But now in public I basically act like a male, I keep my head up, eyes forward focused on nothing, no eye contact with anyone, act like I own my space because I do. Also wearing headphones in public even if I'm not listening to anything, people see that and assume I'm not paying attention to my surroundings so they move the fuck out of my way.
I hate that men think we need to move out of the way for them, rude ass fuckers. Just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm less of a person.

No. 899617

fuck you bitch kill yourself honestly you ignored all my points just so you can use your pretentious ass vocabulary and try to intellectually dominate me, your arguments are not better, just your words. If it's not the male gaze then reformulate it, but I don't know what term to use for "satisfying men with your looks and putting in effort into your looks to satisfy men". I don't know where the fuck you live but just put on very pretty and sexy clothes and you will see what happens.

And stop acting like women's issues are actually getting researched in the academical field you sound like an obnoxious redditor, that thinks they're smart because "muh wikipedia article". I read a lot bitch, but not all truths can be found in science and literature, maybe, take a look around you and try using your own brain and reasoning skills to see truths. Of course, women don't get sexualized because they want it, but as simple as that is dressing in a certain manner will increase the chances of one getting sexualized . The average woman also does 50% of the things she's doing for men.

>chasity and modesty are virtuous female sexuality is demonised


I want to slap you in the head with all the "feminist books" you have read, you are as useless as a modern liberal leftist reading Karl Marx. Books are for nothing if you don't naturally have good reasoning skills.

And you are literally accusing me of something I have not said or implied. You're acting as if I'm shaming women that are getting raped and saying it is their fault.

Saying that dressing provocatively will increase the chances of you getting objectified is just like saying dropping acid will increase the chances of you developing psychosis, it is not a certainty, but an increase in the possiblity.

No. 899618


I'm glad you're not going to continue to make yourself look like an idiot.

>Bare in mind this whole conversation requires us to just blindly accept the premise that women doing something to be seen as desirable sexually to men is inherently harmful/a moral failure/ evidence of “daddy issues” which is obviously very contentious in and of itself.

Who the fuck said that it's inherently harmful to want to be desired and sexually attractive to men? Most women are straight so of course they're going to want to be desired by men. The bad comes in when the attention is UNWANTED. The bad comes from women who feel the NEED to present themselves a certain way for attention, at all times. That's where shit gets toxic. Women who feel the need to be objects of male attention and affection, and men who think all women feel this need at all times and get offended when they find out that this isn't always the case. The bad also comes from judgemental assholes of both genders condemning, shaming and labeling people because of their fashion choices. "Mini skirt means slut who wants it, hoodie and baggy pants is a dyke who I must harass".

I'm not even going to get into you trying to accuse the rest of us if victim blaming. Because we're all smart enough here on lolcow.farm to realize clothing does not equal consent.

No. 899628

You need to be more empathetic to other women ffs, no one wants to be treated like shit on regular basics and most women realistically wouldn't stand it, get real.

No. 899634

I feel like a lot of anons don’t realize that for some women looking presentable can literally save their life. As a black girl I have to make a conscious effort to dress a certain way when I am in stores because if I dress like a bum or wear baggy unflattering clothing and head to my local CVS I will be followed around, harassed and even asked to leave. People don’t realize that some women can get away with “uglyfying” themselves and still make it in society while a LOT of women especially in marginalized communities HAVE to look and dress a certain way just to be treated like a human being worthy of buying trail mix.

No. 899640

100% hate those types of "I read 100 feminist texts and use big words" useless fucking feminists. My ultra religious traditional grandma is more feminist than these types. She helped some women escape their abusive husbands, not sat on her ass in an air conditioned room talking holier than thou on the internet.

No. 899648

Ok anon, we believe that you're the superior student of feminist theory. Now will you stop trying to recast casual conversation about unwanted male attention as rigorous debate just so you can flash your credentials?

If you're not going to cite a specific piece of writing, no one cares if you think that someone's using a term wrong or referring to an outdated concept - it's a literal anonymous imageboard, everyone's just loosely trying to get their point across. This isn't twitter, you can't just allude to a totally real, evidentially supported, universally reconciled group of feminist works that say that the other poster is a retard and expect people to believe you. Your condescension isn't fooling anyone into thinking you know what you're talking about.

Even if women who dress to avoid male attention are technically thinking about men when they do so, it obviously isn't of the same magnitude as actively catering to men's desires. It feels reductive to call both behaviors "male-centering", when most anons were describing something closer to putting on sunscreen before going out. Does taking pragmatic measures to protect yourself from the sun mean that you're "centering" the sun in your thought processes?

No. 899649


I'm also black and 99.9% of the time im in a hoodie, sweatpants or leggings and I've never had to deal with being followed/kicked out of a store for my dress.

I have, however, been sexually harassed when I dresses outside of my norm and "looked nice".

Do you live in the bible belt or something nonnie?

No. 899650

I think it became funny around the time Bernadette and Howard become parents (though I despise this particular choice).

No. 899653

File: 1630702867417.jpg (50.62 KB, 510x680, En4OwySXUAEuOKt.jpg)

Nta but calm down wtf, your post really reads like a copypasta/a-log.

No. 899655


I'm not going to sympathize with the type of woman that dresses "nice" so men treat her "better". Go be insecure somewhere else. It's not the end of the world to be invisible, you're not that important.

My sympathy is reserved for women who are being abused by scrotes. Women who have to dress a certain way or else men feel like they can physically or mentally abuse them, women who feel the effects of misandry everyday outside if dudes ignoring them. Y'all weak bitches who blame your lack of progress or love on your looks can go somewhere.

No. 899664

* misogyny


No. 899665

No I lived in a suburban majority white area most of my life so that could’ve been why. I’ve gotten followed so many times and asked to leave stores it traumatized me greatly to the point where I put makeup on to go to the store still. To be honest though since I moved to a predominantly black community in a city I can get away with dressing casual to go to the store because everyone is black so you can’t really racially profile like that. Honestly since moving to the city men do say things to me when I dress up but it’s usually really sweet like “you look beautiful have a nice day” or “you match my vibe” (Idk what that meant lol). I’m not trying to discredit other experiences though but it shocked me how sweet everyone was I was expecting to get called a bitch left and right but most people just compliment and go about their business

No. 899686

>No I lived in a suburban majority white area most of my life so that could’ve been why.

Sorry to say it but that's definitely why. Being black and daring to dress casually? Clearly a nefarious character who is up to no good. I'm sorry you experienced this, and this is also why I'll always go hard for normalizing women in casual, comfortable clothing with no makeup on. The assumptions, accusations, and frankly trauma you experience when you dare to step outside of societies perfectly manicured standards. This doesn't mean that a woman (or man) can't hold themselves to a higher standard appearance wise, (because that's what makes them happy, not for reasons like you and a lot of the women in my life have… Trauma.). I feel as long as you're not stinky or flashing anyone people should just be able to wear what the fuck they want.

Ideally no one would be bothered about how they dress and only the people that know them personally would comment or approach them based on looks alone (and not in a harassing/weird way) but, we don't live in a perfect world. I get this, but can we all at least acknowledge that men approach women they're attracted too more often than they approach women that don't catch their eye? And that when men approach women in a dominating, intimidating fashion like cat calling, women usually don't like it?
Hell, even if you're nice 9/10 I don't want to hear it.

No. 899690

>That's literally what you said though
No I didn't.
>you're implying
This is the crux of the problem, you read into something I didn't say and you've misrepresented my point.
>ugly women are doomed to be worthless
I did not say this. I did not even say that everyone thinks this. I said mainstream society perpetuates giving attractive people more advantages than disadvantages. Do you think this is a lie?
>ignoring the fact that proving yourself intellectually, financially, or as a solid member of your community all increase the esteem with which society views you
Again, the point is: An attractive person doesn't have to "prove themselves" as much to that degree, and if they want to have intellectual or financial pursuits, then opportunities are given to them easier. For some reason, you blew over all that.
>There are plenty of highly respected women who aren't pretty
I didn't say there weren't, I said it's harder.
>crying about how only hotties get to be instagram famous
Way to exaggerate what I was saying, again. Sounds like you're the crier and made it personal for some reason.

No. 899692

Ok but could you stop writting like that? this is not reddit, and stop infighting over feminism while calling anons bitches, you hypocrite.

No. 899696

You're right but of course you're going to get your head bitten off for having feelings and a different experience.

No. 899700


are you gonna report me to the mods because my typing style is triggering to you? Also, I'm not a feminist so I'm not a hypocrite. I'm just calling out retards.

This website went so fucking soft y'all are getting worse than the tumblrinas of 2014

No. 899702

Nta but some people would just like to have discussions without getting pounced on by some high test femoid who's gotta prove to everyone how hard she is. Nobody is impressed that you're bitchy as anonymous, oooooooo

No. 899708

I hate the idea of therapists. Why should you pay someone to listen to your problems that they don’t even care about? It’s just a job to them. Just legalize weed and reduce work hours, pay people more and mental illness rates will go down exponentially

No. 899713

Mods have banned people because of reddit spacing, anon. It's called integrating.

No. 899714

No she's right. You're all fragile as fuck. This is not a safe space and we don't give a fuck what kind of discussions you "like", nobody's here to please you.

No. 899717

No one itt is going apeshit besides that anon, she needs to integrate, she doesn't get to act like a retarded tryhard just because she's anonymous.

No. 899718

I genuinely can't tell if you're being dense on purpose. Do you genuinely not understand how, given the propositions that 1) beauty determines the worth of a woman and 2) ugly women have no beauty, it follows that ugly women have no worth?

If what you meant to say was "actually beauty isn't the only factor by which a woman's value is determined but rather a dominant metric among a myriad of other qualities that are often intrinsically tied to attractiveness", that's what you should have said. No one here reads minds, how the am I supposed to know that you meant to convey a whole host of things that you didn't fucking mention?

No. 899722

Crying over this gold, this is the kind of impassioned combo of feminism and autism that I come to lc for, thank you anon

No. 899723

File: 1630706625896.gif (56.05 KB, 220x146, 8F5142C3-A211-43A7-8661-AB343F…)

No. 899724

I don't understand what's happening in this thread and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
Did that anon just say "high test femoids" ???

No. 899725


Do you know where you are? Do you know this website was created for bitches to be bitches and bitch about other bitches that post embarrassing pictures of themselves for money and clout?

No it's called having a shit mod staff that will ban you for reddit type posting but can't seem to keep up whenever a random scrote randomly decides to post CP and gore on /ot/ and /g/. But sure glad double spacing on lolcow is the problem.


At least not everyone is crying because I said the "b" word.


Apeshit? I'm not even mad.

No. 899726

File: 1630706672742.png (247.05 KB, 597x242, D19319DD-AEA5-41A4-93A8-6ACD7C…)

No. 899727

Idk tbh. I think they're arguing about whether or not a woman can get treated bad if she doesn't dress well?

No. 899730

>beauty determines the worth of a woman
Patriarchy says this. Most societies are patriarchal. Why are you denying this? I, and others, don't personally believe this. As I've said numerous times by now. I made an observation of how things are and it has extremely upset you.
>ugly women have no beauty
I did not say this and repeatedly accusing me of having said this over and over will not make it true.

I said what I said and you can take it or fucking leave it but you're wasting your keystrokes.

No. 899731

At this point, i'm almost sure you're a scrote tbh

No. 899733

You need to stop using "integrate" when you're just doing typical peer pressure. Not everyone is insecure enough and desperate for approval to fall for it.
Integrate means not using reddit spacing, yes. Integrate does not mean become one with the hivemind.

No. 899737

>Nobody is here to please you.
Go say this to yourself in a mirror you tool lmao.

No. 899740

This whole site has been invaded by men, don’t be surprised if you start to see extreme imageboard autism. I doubt anyone typing up their spicy takes is a woman and the mods have completely given up on making this a female-only space.

No. 899742


It's really sad when you accuse someone saying something you disagree with as being from x group. Just stop replying when you run out of shit to say.

This shit is why I normally just lurk, some nonnies are almost as bad as the cows posted on here

No. 899743

and the person calling anons bitches and femoids and reddit spacing is definitely male right? or am i crazy

No. 899747

""She"" was literally writting in all caps/reddit spacing while also being a tryhard
Get out

No. 899748

They are

No. 899749

I honestly don't know wtf is going on. I think the reddit spacing anon is the one who said unattractive women don't get treated worse (?) or some shit. I'm inclined to believe anyone who says femoid is a male, but I don't like to accuse random anons of being male. I think it's a little unfair.

No. 899751

>Did that anon just say "high test femoids" ???
I meant this to imply anon's being an aggressive edgelord similar to how males post on imageboards. I don't think it was unwarranted.

No. 899755

File: 1630707444758.jpg (42.6 KB, 540x540, ac0.jpg)

I'm so sorry nonnas, I think I accidentally started this by saying that unattractive women can still be socially respected and now everyone's mad. Please take this cat-shaped cake as an apology for the current state of this thread.

No. 899758

I know anons get angry sometimes but the combination of "bitch/femoids" with their deranged attitude in their replies is really suspicious

No. 899759

File: 1630707508787.gif (2.24 MB, 380x214, 4f6113d714713dc3d74e37a69e6b2b…)

Welcome back, once again.

No. 899760

>everyone's mad because I actually said something neutral in a non aggressive way teehee~
Lol, not what happened and not what you did but sure.

No. 899762

File: 1630707583031.jpg (36.76 KB, 640x454, 06496034067d25c12b0fccac93ad92…)

No. 899763


I'm not male but idk about the high test femoid poster. You guys are dumb. Calling someone a bitch for being on some weak shit
>I-I have to dress a certain way or else I'll be ~invisible~ and I hate pretty bitches
Makes you male? Stop being paranoid and assuming everything you don't like is because the poster is male. Go outside and touch grass

No. 899766

Derailing and infighting needs to be bannable again. Why's it gotta get to the point where the thread is unreadable for mods to step in

No. 899769

Are you going to ignore >>899617
this or what? lmao that's a man

No. 899771

To be clear I'm not the same anon pulling aggro by calling everyone bitches, I just wanted to call that anon a femoid. Guess I didn't realize apparently that's incel nomenclature.

Forgive me nonitas for I have sinned.

No. 899772


So what? We can't be bitchy on lolcow.farm, a website to nitpicking and tearing down other women without being accused of being male? The fuck?

No. 899774

I'm delivering truth through comedy.

1.You have no right of telling me to "calm down". I know "calm down" is a real term but if you actually READ literature you'd know specialists and PhD graduates in board culture look down on this "calm down" phrasing. It is only used by tiktok users. If you actually read LITERATURE on how to use imageboards you'd know that.

2. It is not that I am a-logging, you simply just do not understand. You see, I am a superior imageboard user and I have actually researched on how to use imageboards by reading a lot of books on imageboard manuals and analysis literature on imageboard behaviors. Acting offensive and even passive aggressive towards other imageboard users that disagree with you to the point where you are even inciting them to suicide is to be expected from an imageboard user.

3. That reaction image you posted of some wine is just not what a fellow imageboard user would do. You see, after I have thoroughly read literature of specialty on imageboards I can tell you a veritable imageboard user would post pepe, not a picture of a wine bottle.

4. There is no actual evidence to your claims. Where is the Wikipedia article or the author that supports these claims of me "a-logging" or having to "calm down"?

inspiration by

No. 899775

Don’t shove me in with your nitpicking ass peasant

No. 899776

You are not good at this at all

No. 899779


Again, do you know where you are? You're still using lolcow you're not less of a loser for only using half of the website. It makes you slightly sadder actually. But not by much, if that helps.

No. 899782

I think that real lesbians aren't attracted to men in any form, including 2D/fictional men.

No. 899783

File: 1630708007297.png (13.43 KB, 770x107, a.PNG)

Samefag but,
>There are plenty of threads filled to the brim with derailing and infighting, and as long as it's saged I don't see a problem.

No. 899785

File: 1630708075377.gif (245.1 KB, 275x155, 1630521062641.gif)

No. 899787

Good at pointing out the culture of this whole imageboard/website is based off of women being mean and saying mean things about other women? Where did you snowflake anons come from anyway

No. 899788

Idk there's a trend of lesbians I know liking their 2D pretty boys, usually white haired ones too, it's a very strange trend.

No. 899789

I wonder if Komaeda-chan is lesbian

No. 899790

To gain weight costs more money, to lose weight costs less (if we're purely talking about portion sizes)

No. 899792

yea anon you're calling me out, you are showing me by posting the same gif of this woman rolling her eyes! Can you please post the same gif next time? It would be like the 6th time, I know you love me deep inside and just want my attention.

No. 899794

> imageboard/website is based off of women being mean and saying mean things about other women

Makes me wonder why there are any feminists here in the first place because of this reason. Anons here have internalized misogyny and a superiority complex over other women where they feel the need to dissect their bodies and humiliate them aggressively. This is the most “feminist” anti-feminist website ever and that has been the most retarded thing I’ve ever said all day, but it’s true because this place was never for any of this filler crap, just mainly about internet lolcows.

No. 899795

To me, even if they're fictional, they're still men therefore lesbians won't be attracted to them.
Though you could argue it depends on how serious someone views fictional characters.

No. 899796

This. Oh gosh this. Anon I love you.

No. 899797


No. 899799

To be fair not everyone participates in the stupid nitpicking of the bodies and legitimately just enjoy a good train wreck or spergout.

No. 899800

Because people can hide saged posts. It makes sense.

No. 899803

yaoi is made by women and emulates an idealized romance between women even tho it is about males that's why lesbians like them i guess. Also there is the safety of not being there and getting objectified yourself. Also Komaeda looks kinda like a lesbian if you don't know about the voice kek

No. 899808

To be fair those 2d boys are either written well (aka written by women) so women can get into their character, or they ship the 2d boy with another 2d boy. You can get into the "are 2d pretty boys really boys since they have better personalities than 99% irl men and are so pretty they could be considered butch women" but I don't have the energy for it rn.

No. 899809

>emulates an idealized romance between women
Anon I don't understand it's between two men what are you on about

No. 899811

what you want to say is that he looks like an underaged boy not like a woman
they have cocks and fuck each other in the ass, that's not very lesbian of them

No. 899812

I think if you let trannies/scrotes/anyone ruin your interests, you're weak. I'll continue to like cute anime girls no matter how many scrotes/trannies like them also. I won't let strangers ruin my interests just because I don't like them.

No. 899813

>Also Komaeda looks kinda like a lesbian

No. 899821

Of course I can, I'm glad you finally realise our feelings are mutual, but what I actually want is for you to flourish and stop wasting your time shitting up this board

No. 899822

the characters in yaoi are created by women and also act like women a lot of times even tho they are clearly depicted as males so at the base they are still female. It feels different from something a man would create, the focus is entirely different (I'm sorry I cannot explain it better, I don't have a degree in media psychology) I cannot blame lesbians for being into it since a majority of media is created by men and men are largely into an objectified version of women (male gaze).

No. 899823

I actually struggle with this and I agree but sometimes a bitch has a weak moment and they can't listen to that anime opening because suddenly all trannies claim host club was a tranny animu

No. 899824

File: 1630709383525.jpg (79.43 KB, 1024x1150, bf84084d12ad811853c9ebe5792974…)

My theory? The first people were women and men were a genetical defect, like retards. The first boy born was albino and this imprinted in womens subconscious. Lesbians are closer to the original female existance so those subconscious pretty boy albino led to a trend of lesbians liking albino pretty boys.
Anyway anon not everything is deep, lesbians like pretty boys bc they're like butches and nice personalities. As for the dicking down, idk most of the albino pretty boy liking lesbians I know just read fanfic exploring his character, or like to gush about him like he's a son.

No. 899826

Honestly anon, stop trying to associate yourself with labels such as ''feminist'' or ''radfem'' or whatever. If you want to help women, go ahead and do it out of the goodness of your heart.
People are inherently selfish and like to virtue signal online. Stick to helping people around your community in the ways that you can. As someone that was involved with radical feminism since 2016 The radfem community online is a joke and is full of borderline femcels and catfights and constant hypocrisy. Focus on what you can do as an individual instead of circlejerking the same arguments online.

No. 899829

Yaoi has a female gaze which appeals to women (focus in interpersonal relationships, build up of feelings, complex plot).

No. 899830

Hmm that makes slightly more sense but I still think if the girl is attracted to the actual male characters then she isn't a lesbian.

No. 899831


If you derive enjoyment from watching a woman fuck her life up you're not exactly a nice feminist either. I guess you're slightly less bad than the regular posters so, congrats?

>Makes me wonder why there are any feminists here in the first place because of this reason.

Because people keep cow tipping and bringing in Twitter retards who just hate one person in particular but have managed to convince themselves that they're somehow morally superior to oldfags and people who recognize what this website was created for.

No. 899836

I forgot to quote your post

No. 899839


No. 899840

No. 899841

ok I swear I never do this but this has to be tsundere anon right? I'm not a radfem, but I don't think it's really fair to keep judging radfems in general by a small number of immature teens you knew on tumblr. Focusing on action instead of discourse is all-around good advice though.

No. 899843

No, the one she replies to is.

No. 899849

Ironically the worse behaviour I have seen have been from ''radfems'' who are older and grown women. Seeing a ''radfem'' in her 30s pathetically trying to defend her cheating scrote was one of the tipping points for me. Some women have good intentions but many radfem spaces get so convoluted in petty argumemts and stupid drama like Ovarit banning women for speaking against the Taliban.

No. 899850

yaoi boys also look like butch women a lot of the time lmao. I don't really care for bara or the super buff dudes with "tiddies" (tho sometimes I feel like it goes too far and you just have dudes with legit breasts so idk).
I'm not really into the sex part of yaoi or fujoshit as a lesbian, I just enjoy sperging with other women about fiction, and yaoi/bl/whatever is the best place to do so. Lesbians are attracted to women only spaces. There's so few of them anyways

No. 899851

yeah i also think there is the appeal of not being objectified yourself. a lot of women are used to it with porny shit about naked women everywhere in media pandering to scrotes and they like that the men are the objectified ones in yaoi. Not only lesbians are into it, it is women in general who only want to see the men. There are preferences ofc not every woman likes the same kind of stuff but there are a lot of yaoi shippers just look in any kind of fandom.
I think it is more about wanting to see the characters together and not self-inserting with yaoi. When there is a woman on woman romance for the lesbians or an otome type situation for the straight women you will find one of the characters hot and then self-insert into the other one I guess. There are also people who don't want to self-insert at all and might find it uncomfortable. We shouldn't judge each others preferences they are all very female.

No. 899852

I'm not radfem, I'm not in any social group for it because most communities turn into circle jerks and my opinions are very versatile and I hate feeling censored or punished for speaking my mind. I have helped a lot of people in my life (particularly women).Coming across radical feminist points has helped find more value in myself. It's very easy to lose yourself as a woman in a world that tells you getting naked for men is empowering and feminist or that I should focus my being around pleasing men. I don't like all of these online labels because they are used by the wrong people and they loser their meaning, just like words do too, but that doesn't mean you cannot find valuable lessons in a lot of these ideologies. I think some rad fem points are good in any woman's life universally.

>being against porn and not accepting porn sick moids and being aware of the abuse inside of the industry

>learning how to value yourself (but not in the fake wokeist sense of showing your titties to strangers)
>not accepting abusive men in your life
Women are socialized into accepting all of those listed above by default.
>helping other women and supporting their efforts

I never said I was feminist in my post though, or in any other post I've made.

No. 899854

>If you derive enjoyment from watching a woman fuck her life up
I don't have to like every woman to be a feminist. Most cows posted on this website are entitled, nasty, selfish, and lazy. Those aren't feminist issues, those are being a shit human issues and I will sit back and watch those women get what they deserve. Nice try & thank you.

No. 899858

Do what works for you. If radical feminism points have helped you then apply them to your life. I still apply many principles of radical feminism in my life too. Focus on yourself and your actions instead of trying to fight anonymous people online because it's just a waste of time.

No. 899861

They probably only say that because Haruhi’s dad is arguably a drag queen but he only does it to support his family, could be wrong because I haven’t watched that show in a hot minute but this means that he’s more of a man that any escapist tranny could be. Haruhi is not and will never be canonically transgender, they always say this about women who don’t look “female enough” even though her being a man is a plot device. Sorry for sperg

No. 899886


You don't have to like every woman, but you're on a website dedicated to bashing women. They're bad people yeah but they're still women and you're contributing to hating on women. Just get off your high horse and take him to the stable, you're done.

No. 899893

>it’s just a human issue despite 99% of cows are a woman

really gets you thinking

No. 899909

You're full of shit. I dare you to list any of the most nitpicked cows and list what horrible things they've ever done. Even in Onision's thread lainey would get way more shit despite being groomed at the age of 17. These same anons give more sympathy to grown women they identify with before a abused cow they personally dislike. Same scenario with Venus. Yes she's in a pathetic state but her life is extremely fucked and for anons to nitpick every aspect of her life is just picking at low hanging fruit. Shay hasn't really done anything other than being a nasty stinky bitch but from the way other camgirls talk about her you'd think she had actually done some vile shit. It's not my cup of tea but I can't imagine reading dozens of Shay's threads where anons are downloading her porn to post and entertain themselves to. But I'm not going to act like I'm above everyone else because I'm here for similar reasons as the rest of you. We all know there's a reason threads on men like Yaniv aren't popular here. I personally wish they were but they're not. The same radtards acting like they're morally superior just nitpick random trannies in the MtF thread.

No. 899912


It's definitely an older vs newer user issue. I doubt half the posters that get accused of being male on here are actually male, just oldfags sick of this fake, pansy cutesy ~uwu~ lolcow the new users are trying to make this into place to justify spending so much time on a chan board (let's face it, this place came from /cgl/ and that rose website) dedicated to talking shit about obscure weebs and camwhores. They can literally dish it but can't take it.

No. 899919

>but they're still women and you're contributing to hating on women. Just get off your high horse and take him to the stable, you're done.
Meanwhile, anon mere days earlier

No. 899922

She's so fucking unhinged, i don't know why anons are even agreeing with her. She scolds other anons about feminist issues while being absurdely missogynistic herself, wtf is her problem?

No. 899923


none of those posts are mine so please take your schizo posting elsewhere.

No. 899927

Is this confirmed the same anon or…?

No. 899929

File: 1630714611708.jpg (21.92 KB, 600x600, acacia-wood-floor-mirror.jpg)

No. 899930


No. The newfags are just flaunting their mental retardation again.

No. 899931

They have the same autistic typing style, and also keep calling women insults even tho she tries to sound feminist

No. 899932


ok moron. None of those are my posts, are you of age to be posting on here?

No. 899933

Same writing style and errors, same autistic overreactions, exact same topics etc. Anon has been on hyper shitposting mode for a whole week now.

No. 899937

Do you know you're targeting your own posts by reddit spacing, right?

No. 899940

nta but I think it makes sense that most cows here are women, and it's not really a misogyny thing. Other anons are right when they say that cows aren't being nitpicked because they're morally reprehensible; this is pretty obvious, because it's not like dictators and mass murderers get threads. What actually makes someone a cow that people want to criticize is just being infuriatingly annoying, particularly in a way that's subtle enough to make voicing your complaints seem overly petty or salty when you're not anonymous.

That's the reason lolcow users mostly talk about other women - you have to have a certain proximity to someone to know when they're discreetly being manipulative, self aggrandizing, or playing the victim, and it makes sense that the site's female userbase has this relationship with more women than men. The apparent vehemence of the criticisms has to do with the site acting as an outlet for a lot of pent-up annoyance, and I wouldn't assume that farmers think this way about most women (or even cows, people say a lot of things when they're irritated). It's a lot like bitching about your parents - most people complain more about their parents than they do about hitler, but that doesn't mean that they think their parents are worse than hitler.

No. 899941

Is this is a back-and-fourth between 2 anons who hate each other for some reason?

No. 899942


Idk I'm on mobile and it gets hard to read my own posts as I comment unless I space out my sentences. Sorry that's so triggering to you guys but its literally the most autistic complaint I think I've ever seen.

No. 899943


Idk and I'm the anon they're trying to pin the sexwork sperging in the last vent thread on. I guess we're all just bored on a Friday night.

No. 899944

I think the big butt thing really took off after Nicki Minaj released her Anaconda music video. It's been years tho so someone should make a music video about muscular calves

No. 899945

>Just get off your high horse and take him to the stable.
Practice what you preach you insufferable twat.

No. 899948

Pretty sure she does it on purpose, same as writing "rad fem" as two words.

No. 899950

And be been posting exclusive via mobile for years and never spaced my posts out like a twat

No. 899952

Is this really an unpopular opinion? I'm sure it factored the trend a lot.

No. 899957

good for you. It's still a retarded thing to get butt flustered over.
After you m'lady
Do you guys think everyone that says things you don't like is the same person?

No. 899971

nta but possibly in the sense that the song got a very negative reception when it first came out and as a result still kinda gets put down, even though the big butt trend it helped to popularize is widely accepted now. I definitely remember some pretty hilariously serious discussion at the time about how the skinny bitches part of the song was deeply problematic lol

No. 899991

Are troons claiming host club now? I would think they hate it. The crossdresser dad is a campy gay drag stereotype, stubble and all kek

No. 899996

I can never tell wether an anime will be claimed a trans icon or the most transphobic ever. A thousand years ago on tumblr i saw someone saying Lady Oscar was transphobic, I don't recall the reason

No. 900000

so many songs are ruined by unnecessary vocals.
seriously, if im enjoying a track already i dont particuarly care to hear words on top of it. i like songs with vocals but tbh i think often theyre just not adding anything of value

No. 900004

No. 900009

The lyrics aren't there to add listening value, they're there to fit the current buzzword trends and as a way to attach specific phrases to the music that quickly identify the song so that you remember it and and can sing it, and they are written to be sung by a marketed personality which adds more brand value to the product.
The music industry isn't about music it's about marketing

No. 900013

Those numbers holy

No. 900015

>Ovarit banning women for speaking against the Taliban

No. 900016

File: 1630725932337.gif (888.36 KB, 500x489, tumblr_n3mtprrgjb1qbvovho1_500…)

Madoka isn't for males.

No. 900018


No. 900021

Kinda in the same sense that lots of SNS users condemn(ed? I have no idea how they're recieved at this point) the Kardashians and act appalled if somebody dared to say they shaped and influenced a fuckton of trends but then go on to like the next insta baddies picture.

No. 900034

It's a fact that it was made with a male audience in mind and it's kind of cringe to care so much for an anime about little magical girls.

No. 900040

i will never understand the thinking or desire to "rehabilitate" anyone who has committed a murder. seems like showing way too much mercy to someone who showed their victim absolutely none

No. 900042


No. 900043

NTA but instead I say madoka shouldn't be for males. fuck it

No. 900051

File: 1630734788964.png (215.37 KB, 400x439, 31F280A5-8064-469D-8763-9D0632…)

In a way worrying over whether something is "for men" is its own way of obsessing over men and letting them rule your brain. I used to be like that until I recognized it's basically a form of neurosis. and there are tons of women creators enjoying these things for themselves… pic probably not related

No. 900059

bara tiddies are overrated

No. 900067

apparently women can’t enjoy anything anymore, everything has to be an exhausting feminist pursuit like damn I’m pretty aggressively feminist myself but I like some downtime once in awhile

No. 900070

just enjoy the things you like, and you can always still be critical of them if that's your thing. I think aggressive opinions like that largely come from women who don't have those interests which is fine but I'm just gonna live my life.

No. 900073

I like it and I'm a woman so males can't enjoy it

No. 900075

I know this isn't what you're talking about but what I hate is when I like something and someone (usually a guy) claims it's a "guy thing". Like men are so fucking solipsistic it's beyond them that a woman might enjoy the same thing. For example people always say LotR is a guy thing but all of the LotR fans I've ever met were women. I also saw a really long reddit post from a guy saying he thought liking Richard Wagner's music is also a guy thing. It's just annoying as fuck and feels like pointless gatekeeping.

No. 900081

>For example people always say LotR is a guy thing but all of the LotR fans I've ever met were women.
They really think they can gatekeep one of the most successful, influential and mainstream works of all time just because they can't imagine a hot stacey doing it lmao. That's their metric for judging how likely it is that a woman would enjoy something, whether it fits the image of a stereotypical cute girl that rejected guys like him in high school.

Ironically it just proves how little they know about the subject to begin with. There are so many retards who think anime is for men, do they realize Japanese women have been creating, consuming and driving manga/anime subcultures for decades? Chances are they know what josei, shoujo etc is but still completely forget Japanese women because, as always, they've zeroed in on imaginary Stacey's tastes as representative of all women.

No. 900131

Growing up all my friends were girls so I didn't even know video games and anime were considered guy things (by guys) until I made a reddit account at like 19 kek

No. 900145

Same here, anime more so. I think it's because I was involved in fandoms and the general community, which males don't really seem to have an interest in building (except for when it comes to the coom) for, so all the other fans I interactes with on a daily basis were girls too lol.

No. 900153

Male gaze was coined to describe male photography/cinematography. The "gaze" part is literal, in a movie shot by a man, you are looking at what the man is looking at. It's not complicated. Internet feminists have bastardized the term to the point that it has no definition, like they've done with a hundred other terms, like "objectification" or "emotional labor". Male gaze is whatever might be done by women or to women or about women that might be directed at pleasing or placating men sexual or otherwise or both sexual and otherwise at the same time. The concept as you use it is soup. It might "feel" like it describes something real and you can articulate how you feel about what it might describe, but your interpretation is entirely subjective, and only maybe sort of vaguely accurate.

Like how emotional labor originally meant how a waitress has to be nice to a rude customer, but then someone will say she asked her husband to take the trash out and he didn't do it, which made her do the "emotional labor" of feeling upset(I read a blogpost that actually said this).

The reason basing your ideas and thinking in formal theory and clearly understood terms with firm definitions is because otherwise conversation turns into an incomprehensible flame war where nobody has any idea what anybody is actually talking about.

I can read every single one of these posts about women dressing pretty and have no idea what the "feminist" course of action should be, or even what the options being presented are. This is why feminism has basically died as a social force, again. Nobody knows what they're supposed to do or think.

No. 900218

based quints

No. 900219

I grew up in 3rd world so all the kids consume whatever is available. Boys and girls read the same manga and watched the same anime. It was comfy tbh, to be 8 and arguing with classmates about who would win in a fight or who should win the heroine. Not a lot people had home computers so everyone used net cafes which all had the same 5 online Korean games installed lol. Well I suppose not a lot of women played Counter Strike. Tbh I think because nerd culture enters our country kind of late so men didn’t get to claim the interest first so they weren’t as toxic to women in the community. Everyone is kinda just equally excited about that stuff. It’s different now sadly.

No. 900231

I forget how long ago it was on lolcow but some faggot poster kept insisting that Madoka was for males and I remember that annoying me. I hate most anime but genuinely enjoyed Madoka, there were very few instances where I thought it was pandering. Most guys who didn't know what Madoka was beforehand who I introduced the first two episodes to were actually bored because they thought it was too girly. They often didn't make it to the third where the story picks up.

No. 900248

File: 1630765631434.png (78.9 KB, 235x196, 90BDEA2D-0AB8-4C45-81DC-3401A4…)

Kuromi and My melody as a ship is retarded because Kuromi would have a one-sided crush for My melody who is just kind to everyone.
The whole “uwu goth gf and soft gf” trope might be kind of cute at times, but it doesn’t go well with my melody and Kuromi, like, it’s like falling in love with a classmate at uni because she talks with you from time to time, it’s kind of pathetic.
I also feel the same about Madoka and Homura, Homura likes Madoka because she’s kind, but Madoka is just nice and likes to make sure everyone is having a good time, it’s almost shitty as a ship because Homura is kind of pushing the kindness and naivety that Madoka has so she can get her taco wet.

No. 900290

Bruh me and my boy classmates use to sperg bout my mermaid melody. Fond memories since that's a very girly anime

No. 900293

Wasn't Kuromi super mean on my melody? Only watch first season because they never dubbed the rest but she was kind of mean lol.

Though visually they look cute and I'm a sucker for black and pink personally as a color combo and that's kind of enough. Shippers Don't need a lot to latch onto a ship especially if they visually just look good together as shallow as it sounds
( though also reminds me of bubbline visually with the black and pink combo- weirdly I don't like the ship in a canonic sense and only lole fan depictions)

No. 900301

people ship sanrio characters? Pls say sike, they're cartoons for babies they don't fuck wtf

No. 900308

People ship the sun and moon as lesbians. Sanrio somehow isn't as weird.
It's still fucking weird lol

No. 900310

A small nitpick: in utilization, male gaze isn't confined to just photography/cinematography but rather can be used to describe how male creatorship influences all kinds of media (including non-visual forms, like literature). There's certainly a history of using the phrase in analyzing film, but the application of male gaze to other types of media is pretty well attested to these days.

The anon you're replying to sounds a little deranged, but I think context is important here. She was responding to someone who was being overtly patronizing and making oblique claims about male gaze being a concept used solely in the domain of cinematography, all without providing any actual explanation of or source for their understanding of the term. If this person did have a substantial piece of knowledge that everyone else was lacking, it's pretty clear that they weren't making an honest attempt to share it but rather wielding its existence as a cudgel to win an online slapfight.

I think this instinct to bemoan the ignorance of other feminists is one of the biggest existential threats to the whole movement. Lolcow is actually an interesting experiment in this regard, because it brings people from many different countries and walks of life together in an anonymized format. What we've seen when it comes to discussion of feminism is pretty dispiriting - condescension, impatience, and hairsplitting tend to rule the day. This isn't a good sign, because how are feminists going to share their ideas with politically oppressed and impoverished women from the third world when they can't even peaceably bridge the gaps between themselves and other feminist-leaning women on the anglo internet? If it's a sad truth that many women are denied educational opportunities, is it really feminist to criticize other women in an international anonymous forum for being ignorant?

Sorry for feminist sperg, it's just depressing. If you know of any scholastic material that's relevant to a current discussion, just share it! In my experience, the response is usually better than you'd expect.

No. 900327

I still don't know where this need to tear each other apart comes from? Female socialization? Us being smarter then most guys? What gives

No. 900334

I think women have the ability to pay attention to very fine details, so minor areas of disagreement tend to stand out and irritate us more. This leads to nitpicking, which often devolves into a nasty argument. Being particular is both a blessing and a curse lol

No. 900339

I'm highly unimpressed by JK Rowling's TERFness, I know most people are probably into it because it triggers the fuck out of trannies rather than because of her opinions, but it just rubs me the wrong way that what pushed her over the edge was some article raising awareness to how difficult it is to deal with menstruation during the pandemic. Among all the things TRAs do, what ticks you off is someone trying to be helpful on female reproductive health? Especially when so many TRAs themselves try to shut down any mention of it. Ok, saying "people who menstruate" might be stupid, but it makes sense for a text of that nature to go out of the way to try to be inclusive. She deserves to be mocked for saying "I've ignored porn tweeted at children", first, WTF, second, yeah that sounds like some strawman to anyone less familiar with how degenerate troons can be and what she is bothered with is something way less criminal to say the least. Also, she fucking pandered to the woke crowd by trying to be inclusive in the laziest way possible, oh dumbledore is gay? Cool, what a shame that is never actually state and is utterly irrelevant, and we all know Hermione was originally white, does she think people are stupid?

No. 900343

She's just A woman that doesn't suck tranny dick. There's nothing particularly based or outstanding about her and even after being cancelled she's still going to die a very rich woman lmao

No. 900360

Solid theory

No. 900371

She isn't even a terf, all she did was saying biological sex is real.

No. 900372

Really highlights how fragile tranny theory is. You can't deviate for even a hair.

No. 900382

Handholding is overrated.

No. 900395

This is unbelievably retarded, wow

No. 900396

if she was a terf and cared about women’s rights she would use all of her harry potter clout and wealth to donate to women’s shelters or do anything that was proactive rather than sitting her ass on twitter and kissing up. she’s still a woman and no doubt she’s been affected by patriarchal forces because she’s getting more of a backlash while I’ve seen men who have more power than her say and have done much much worse things but she’s still an ivory tower elitist, she has the ability to talk about the truth without the consequences of financial loss and becoming a tumblr radfem who blogs about random crap all day anonymously. she will always have the advantages that normal women will never have, and she will never use her own power to empower women like us. she seems like a nice person but I don’t think she’s ready to realize that yet

No. 900400

To be clearer, I know she's not really a terf (I think very few people could actually be called one), nor trying to be one. I used the word because that is what she gets called and because I have no respect for it. I think it is super stupid for someone to unironically call her one and think she is based and like her because of it. Some people seem to forget that she proceeded to validate "trans women" shortly after (even if she remained adamant about biological sex), even tho the ones who should be the primary "victims" of her tweet were TIFs, but they are super low caste in the queer hierarchy so who cares, I dunno if she ever addressed them at all

No. 900416

anon a lot of radfem's don't do that, there's actually a very small amount of people involved with charity and that donate their money. This argument could be applied to most radfems, you don't even have to be rich to volunteer or donate 10 dollars every 2 months. But the way people are socialized to relate to money and charity it makes them not give money but get involved in useless discourse. If every person donated 200 dollars or more to charity per year we could change the world. So, I don't see why this author should be criticized for not getting involved with charity when most people involved with movements related to human rights don't.

No. 900427

You ok there tranny, maybe make some tea and take a breath. She donated most of her wealth to charity, literally went from a billionaire to a millionaire. She helped Maya forstater win her case against letting trannies into women's bathrooms too. Why are you salty that she's rich, having rich women stand up for us is a great help.

No. 900430

JK Rowling literally donated so much money she lost her billionaire status

No. 900434

In which sense is it overrated?
Because if you’re talking about handholding as a romantic gesture, It’s extremely underrated.
But if you’re talking about it as something you can just do with a friend so you feel reassured or you just don’t get lost, yeah, it’s overrated because the nuance gets lost and everyone goes apeshit because you’re holding hands with another woman.

No. 900442

Ayrt, I meant as a romantic gesture, I think it's obnoxious, it reminds of parents holding your hands. I also don't get why the handholdless is emphasized with the kissless virginity, it's really not that big of a deal.

No. 900450

Whenever I see a schizo-sounding post I CTRL+F the following:
>rad fem
>pick me
>third/3rd world
>first/1st world
And sure enough, whenever I come across one of those words it's a reddit-spaced, psychotic mess written by the same BPD-chan who's been hanging around here for weeks now. What a coincidence!

No. 900460

okay skelly fucker

No. 900462

File: 1630780262917.jpg (82.96 KB, 800x533, tinfoil.jpg)

put it on your heads you mouth breathing retards

No. 900489

Yeah, add these in combination with prostitute(s), gold digger(s), narc(s) and going on and on about various variations of "akschually lolcow posters/feminists/rad fems/twitch thots/everyone who disagrees with me damage women's reputation/are hypocrites/hate women/do nothing for women", "akschually lolcow should just stay a gossip board", "something something tumblr feminist circles", and writing in caps and loosing it over simple shitpost replies and when someone "ignores her point".

No. 900512

Tsundere-chan just has a hard time processing her feelings. I can't wait for her redemption arc.

No. 900516

>I can't wait for her redemption arc.
Maybe she can use her powers to derail the annoying moid threads next time.

No. 900527

I did it kek and I didn't derail this one. I did make some posts and this anon you think is me is literally not me. My post is the one that got posted in the copypasta thread and 3 other ones. I have nothing to do with the other posts you think are made by me.Anyway, that anon sort of deserved it for being incredibly condescending and other nonnas called her out on it too. Talk about derailing when you've made all these posts tinfoiling about some anon that is not me being me. I'm reading the thread now and there's already 3 anons that are not me criticizing rad fems and posting about being from 3rd world countries. I've also witnessed you 3 times this week accusing some nonna of being "tsundere chan" or posting the eye rolling gif to someone that wasn't even me. If your criteria of finding me is using "pick me", complaining about "3rd" world country criticizing radfems or using reddit spacing, then you are having bad luck because there are at least 10 other anons doing all of those.

No. 900529

It’s not like they were being any less patronising and the people that person was responding to weren’t talking about “other forms of media” they were talking about real life so that isn’t remotely relevant. They were completely off and honestly if you just start using terms because you saw a teenager say it on tiktok and begin attributing extremely wide ranging social dynamics to these terms, but don’t even bother to look up what they mean, as in not even doing a quick google search, that’s beyond lazy and embarrassing and you probably shouldn’t be talking with authority about feminism.

No. 900533

File: 1630787884845.jpeg (76.55 KB, 750x532, 5f3f1aa458967.jpeg)

stop derailing the thread just because someone disagreed with your friend. Point still stands. A lot of women dress for men and wearing certain attire can increase the possibility of you getting harassed.

No. 900534

I think this pressure to be excessive polite and infinitely accommodating that is places on women is sexist and that it’s sexist to frame disagreements on topics like feminism and politics between women this way. I don’t think women are “tearing each other apart” on these issues any more than men do, if anything the reverse seems true, and the that idea women are supposed to be a hive mind/ this “greater male variability hypothesis” thing is sexist. Criticising another woman and attacking their arguments is not misogynistic in and of itself.

No. 900538

Sorry but factually it doesn’t. No one is just going to just baselessly accept your personal opinions on anything when there is nothing to support it, no matter how many epic chad/wojak memes you spam lmao.

No. 900544

I sometimes think that we all want the well being of women as a class alongside our own well being but everyone has an idea/ opinion of how your supposed to do that. Combine this with many waves and branches of feminism, it means the movement can feel annoyingly descentralized or sparse. Feminism being everything and nothing at all depending on who you ask.

No. 900549

people only ever ask for sources in an internet argument because they want to throw you off and want to seem intelligent. Most of those retards won't even click on the sources you listed they just want to seem intelligent and throw you off. You probably waste less time by just saying something offensive.

No. 900554

File: 1630789526036.png (111.03 KB, 508x376, 1474837777469.png)

Anon please. I'm not sure if you're aware, but just googling your spelling errors all point to third world ex-camgirl turned to twitch streamer and other personal info, over the span of 7 months of posting, together with your usual statements. Like, just take a break. It's just an imageboard, you can drop out at any time.

No. 900561

File: 1630790357864.png (64.67 KB, 512x512, unnamed (2).png)

So why didn't >>899598 source any academical papers? She just said "woaahh I've read theory" "woahh my Wikipedia page" "woahh source source" without citing any actual source. I could state the same, I've read feminist theory and I've seen the phenomenon of performative feminity explained which could be correlated to the "male gaze". Also, feminism is not a science, it's very hard to support your opinion as being the factual and correct one when feminism is not even a science, we are not discussing maths or quantum physics. Plus not everything is to be found in books especially when it comes to such a niche subject as feminism. Feminist literature is pretty much dead and what has been written so far has nothing to do with Sociological study. Anyone could become a feminist writer. You cannot tell me you want "research" about something most people don't think about such as "Does wearing certain type of attire increase the possibility of you getting sexually harassed?" which was my premise and which is actual an observale empirical truth. This would be a sociological study. I can do it for you tomorrow, doing sociological studies is very easy. I will dress myself in booty shorts, wear a pink wig and a very short and tight crop top and heels and I will pass by groups of men. Then, I will walk on the street dressed in normal clothing. In the end I will compare the results. When did I get cat called more? When I was dressed in normal clothing or when I was dressed very provocatively.

You also have to consider science or academical studies are not everything and you cannot find all truths there plus "psychology" and "sociology" are hardly to be considered sciences. Don't forget you're on lolcow, stop finding any excuse to gasligt me, nobody posts academical sources here in the unpopular opinion thread. You didn't post them either, although you redeemed yourself as the "superior feminist theory consoomer" "superior opinion holder". You did not even use any sort of argumentation technique. Everything you did was say "I'm smarter than you because I read and therefore my opinion is incorrect and yours is not" exactly what a redditor scrote would do.

That's not me. Thank you for making fun of me for being a literal child sexual trafficking victim you radfem, then you're going to make fun of me for being "mysoginistic" because I say "pick me" when you're literally making fun of me for being abused by men my entire life and being poor. Very feminist of you. Those posts are not mine, take your meds.

No. 900563

When'd you start spelling radfem without the space

No. 900565

>Those posts are not mine, take your meds.
>Thank you for making fun of me for [exactly what was mentioned in said posts]
Either way, is there a reason why you gave up the thing with the website blocker?

No. 900671

This is only an unpopular opinion actually on imageboards, but I think the average IQ of imageboard users is probably significantly lower than the general population

No. 900674

Same anon, when I posted this I hadn’t read the posts above me, this wasn’t meant to be related to any of that lol. I just feel irl I frequently come across people with interesting and well thought out ideas, even from time to time on normie social media (compared to imageboards) but I almost never do on imageboards. I feel like people seem so stunted and like they didn’t develop mentally past like age 15.

No. 900686

I think it seems that way because people put more effort into their social media posts, and also because most normie sites have some kind of content amplification mechanic (upvotes, likes, retweets, etc) so you end up seeing more of the good stuff. Comparing imageboards to other less-manicured spaces like youtube comment sections and that deranged bodybuilding forum, I think the average IQ is at least comparable lol

No. 900690

I think that’s because it’s easier to be dumb or air out any brain farts you have anonymously with no repercussions .

No. 900742

I don't understand all the bitching about Gwyneth Paltrow. The only time I hear about her is in news articles complaining about her. Just ignore her and problem solved.

No. 900770

That’s largely how she’s marketed and clearly what she wants. It’s like a love to hate thing, similar to why people read threads here. She’s like a lolcow for people who don’t know what a lolcow is.

No. 900944

I don't trust atheist men. Atheist women are fine, obviously, and still have morals, but atheist men are all weirdo coomers who stopped believing in religion because it threatened their narcissistic egos to believe in something bigger than themselves.

No. 900949

Strongly disagree, I think this may also be factually wrong too because I feel like I’ve seen multiple studies that religious areas have way higher porn rates (Bible Belt/Middle East) and religious people have higher incidence of porn addiction. It also has definitely not been my experience that religious men or women are more moral.

No. 900966

Anon said nothing about porn

No. 900975

nta, she specifically mentioned coomers though

No. 901017

Ain't that the truth. Atheist men can't groove with us who are going to the place that's the best. The atheist man is a lame who will be damned to an eternal hell (a world without boogie) for his denial of all things out of this world

No. 901023

While people who have sex with people of both sexes for whatever reasons do exist, the idea of bisexuality as a sexual orientation in itself is an inherently homophobic concept. Gay people suffering from internalised homophobia should not be lumped together with straight people with gay sex kinks. This only contributes to homophobia by validating the victim complex of the latter, allowing the former to distance themselves from the gay community or gatekeeping them from resources they need (aka "gold star" mentality).

No. 901027

Here we go again, for the millionth time.

No. 901028

>the idea of bisexuality
It's not an idea, it's a literal sexual orientation, you idiot.

No. 901030

Agree. They also find weird ways to justify really fucked up shit like incest or bestiality.

No. 901084

I wonder why some people really want bisexuality to be fake. It's like religious people who claim that no one is actually homosexual.

No. 901094

Most gay people were raised under heterosexuals, even if they’re homosexual or lesbian they still base their understanding of love and relationships on only liking and being attracted to one sex. So imagine how hard it is for human beings to under that someone can be sexually attracted to both sexes and some who are bisexual but may lean more attracted to women.

No. 901230

Twilight wasn't that bad and I still can't get over the hate it got just because it was popular and pandered to teen girls and their self-indulgent fantasies. Scrotes literally seethed over it and could only cope by making fun of it. Same with the "the shape of water" movie.

No. 901234

It used to be really common for gay people to call themselves bi to make themselves more palatable to homophobic straight people. I think that's why a lot of older straight people believe that bisexuals are just gay people in denial, but younger people of all orientations typically hate bisexuals for being transphobic, in my experience

No. 901237

I respect bisexuals for making troons seethe kek

No. 901238

>hate bisexuals for being transphobic
I don't understand…

No. 901240

It was basically, those teenage girls are horny and it's not for me… how dare they

No. 901249

if you have any other sexual orientation than pansexuality (being horny for men, women, genderspecials, troons) in this time you are apparently transphobic because bisexuality (being horny for men and women) and homosexuality (being horny for the same sex as you) excludes troons and genderspecials because those morons believe that genitals aren't real and that you can choose your gender

No. 901250

Idk some retards redefined bisexual to mean that you are exculsively sttracted to cis men and women (and some other ones took it mean that you are exclusively attracted to two genders but no one can seem to agree on what it actually means) Now we all know how pissy troons get at the thought of someone not wanting to fuck them, and this is where pansexuality really took off (pansexuality - the attraction to all and any gender, including scrotes in dresses)

Disclaimer: I've since developed a brain and moved away from identity politics so my knowledge is coming from early 2010's Tumblr and I may be outdated on whatever rules people are coming up with today. Shit was stupid back then, and it's stupid now.

No. 901257

I agree. The only thing that was wrong with it (or at least borderline) was the fact that it was a 200 y/o in a teen's body dating another teen. I loved the atmosphere of the first movie.

No. 901263

Most 2010's fashion wasn't that bad and 2020's fashion so far certaintly hasn't been better.

No. 901264

I find it kind of stupid that so many younger lgbtq people are harping on asexuals for wearing black rings when that’s been a thing associated with asexuality longer than they’ve been alive.

No. 901269

why are they harping on it for?

No. 901271

Who fucking cares? asexuality isn't even real

No. 901276

Some people don't have a libido anon.

No. 901281

nta but the confusing part for me is why not having a libido is a unique sexual orientation. You can be straight or gay or whatever and also not have a libido or like sex

No. 901288

If you're not horny enough to masturbate to your imagination, you don't actually need to do so and are just bored.

No. 901342

LDR's are not real relationships.
The person you're talking to shows only a part if their image, and you interpret it as your wishful thinking tells you to. You've also never seen each other's character in real life situations. It's a recipe for disaster if you ever meet.
And yes I am old and out of touch with the modern dating scene. But I'm also right.

No. 901365

Literally anything geared towards teen girls is immediately shat on by the masses. I don't think any girls considered it to be a work of art (just cheesy, fun entertainment) so why did boomer men and pick-mes feel the need to critique it like a work of art?

You'll notice that cheesy films for men like John Wick or Die Hard are never criticised and are just accepted for what they are, cheesy films.

No. 901372

wouldn't that also be asexuality? You're still romantically attracted to a person, so you'be be gay, bi or straight in that sense, but you still wouldn't be interested in having sex with them because of low libido or repulsion, so you'd be asexual?

No. 901382

File: 1630875829433.jpg (226.73 KB, 650x1484, apbd1.jpg)

Pitbulls are misunderstood and demonized. You guys are just overemotional and overestimate the ""danger"" they pose

No. 901390

no no, people are too dumb and retarded to be trusted with owning them. 1% of people who get their hands on any kind of dog CAN be trusted, but with something like a pitbull the retard majority has ruined it for everyone else. ban bully breeds because dog owners are retards.

No. 901395

When you're really young usually video games and anime appeal to both groups, then for older kids it's literally just the marketing that's different, video games are video games, and there are so many different successful shonen and shojo manga that anyone who actually likes manga will try reading both at some point.

Speaking of which, I remember having a copy of either Minnie Magazine or W.I.T.C.H. Magazine from the late 90s or the very early 2000s about how video games are also for girls and all the recommendations were mainstream games that appealed to everyone, like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Pokemon, Kirby, Metroid, etc. based on the cutesy aesthetics or the cool female protagonists. I can't believe an old magazine for little girls was more open minded than today's game journalists and parents.

No. 901413

I’ve never actually seen anyone who owned a Rottweiler but every other asshole has a Pitt Bull

No. 901418

It's always the bad owner's fault, never the dog's. All of these supposed "dangerous" breeds are usually owned by lazy scrotes who think they look cool but don't bother training them or people who get them as "guard dogs" and leave them outside 24/7 with no positive interaction with humans, no shit they're going to attack someone when they've never been socialised properly.

I hate that dogs are put down for their owner's shitty behaviour, I wish we could put down humans instead.

No. 901429

they're just ugly tho

No. 901439

I read a bit of the 1st book earlier this year just to check it out, the writing wasn't great but decent, I was expecting it to be complete trash like everybody claimed but it's fine.

No. 901456

>pitbulls aren't as dangerous if I put more dogs that barely have aggressive tendencies or resemblence into the group
Lmao, unironically a cope

No. 901457

The general rule is that if you own a dog that is bigger than a toddler you are probably retarded & white trash. You don't need a big dog unless you are a farm owner. Big dogs are pointless, if you want a fat annoying beast to dirty your house go and adopt a neckbeard.

No. 901465

In what way does owning a golden retriever or dalmatian make you white trash? lmao. There are plenty of large dogs that aren't "farm" dogs.

No. 901466

Lol what a cope. There are bad dogs out there. Doesn’t matter the breed or how good the owner is. You’re also ignoring that certain breeds 100% were bred to hunt and kill. They’re animals, not angels.

No. 901469

I really wanted to believe this anon, I really did. I spent my teen years hating on twilight because I was a dumb nlog. I decided to go watch it for the second time a few months ago, I watched the first movie when it came out and I didn't remember anything. I couldn't get through it. It was so hard to watch. The soundtrack is absolutely banging, but the movie is just so painfully cringe and not in a good way. I can see how someone that used to like it can watch it now with nostalgia goggles on but the movie is so awkward.
I don't criticize things because they're "for girls" anymore and I think I matured a lot as a person. I enjoy cheesy stuff and I don't feel ashamed to say it. But twilight is where I have to draw my line kek

No. 901472

I've seen it for the first time with fresh eyes last year. It is absolute garbage, you can tell it was Mormon fanfiction. I grew up in a shithole where it wasn't popular so I didn't know people hated it, I only learned about it after people started defending it in recent years. I'm sorry, but it just sucks. It's awful.

No. 901490

I don't think this applies to relationships where the people met offline and one had to move abroad or something. but yeah it is retarded to claim you're dating someone you've only known through a screen kek.

No. 901504

sorry nonny. twilight was bad, the only people who shill it as some misunderstood work of genius now are the same people who say that criticising taylor swift or beyonce is ~internalised misogyny~

No. 901509

I agree, but I don't consider those LDR's. Maybe I've misunderstood the terminology but I was referring to exclusively online "relationships".

No. 901510

Why do you always come back to try and shill asexuality? it doesn't exist, get over it
Anywas, good thing shitbulls are prohibited in my country.

No. 901514

you sound insufferable. having a bad day? bad life?

No. 901517

Are you the shitbull anon or the asexual anon?

No. 901520

online asexuals always try to tell you 'u might be asexuak too uwu" and it's isufferable. go back to tumblr

No. 901522

neither just an anon with functioning eyes

No. 901523

go. back

No. 901524

this you >>901520? maybe being terminally online is not good for your worldview

No. 901526

lmao that's not me, fuck off already

No. 901527

nope different anon. just tired of uwu types making their sexuality a personality trait.

No. 901529

maybe you should "go back" to real life and stop getting worked up over perceived internet groups

No. 901532

I think some anons here purposefully give bad advice sometimes, like reading the problems of others is a science experiment to them.

No. 901536

wtf are you doing here? don't you have twitter/tumblr for this "asexuality" bullshit? jeez

No. 901537

that sounds like youre conflating online dating with a long distance relationship. theres a big difference between meeting a stranger online and communicating primarily over text versus being in a relationship with far away, the latter requiring frequent video chatting and meeting IRL regularly with plans for the future.

An LDR without
>solid plans for a future together
>frequent, consistent face to face communication (not text)
>IRL chemistry

probably won't work out

No. 901553

>that sounds like youre conflating online dating with a long distance relationship.
Exactly, I was confused. The first one is not a real relationship, the second one is a challenge to an existing relationship.
In my unpopular opinion.

No. 901573

big mouth is nowhere near as bad as everyone says. the character design is ugly af yes but I actually like the way they portray teenagers dealing with puberty in a more realistic and unsanitised way. people screaming about it being borderline cp are weird. depicting sexual awakenings in a comical and fairly true to life manner =/= trying to titillate the audience. admittedly some of the jokes are hit and miss but most are quite clever and at least it's not as pretentious as rick and morty or as mind numbingly stupid as family guy

No. 901608

I've never watched the show before, but I was always thought the premise was weird for a series aimed at adults. Like I get that puberty is a strange and impactful time and everyone has a lot of strong memories from those years, but does there really need to be a whole show about middle school sexuality? It feels like a topic that's normal for a movie or a few episodes, but the idea of people sitting down to whole seasons of sexual 7th grade hijinks is so weird to me.

No. 901709

Here’s mine.
I don’t enjoy listening to music. I prefer to chill in silence, if I do put on background noise I like chill/funky instrumental type stuff. I can’t stand being around people who need to constantly drown out their thoughts with loud music. Being alone with your thoughts really isn’t that bad.
IMO most music is just noise pollution, I can’t concentrate or get things done when music is playing.

No. 901711

>I don't enjoy listening to music
>I can't stand being around people who need to constantly drown out there thoughts with loud music
>Being alone with your thoughts really isn't that bad

yeah we wouldn't get along

No. 901715

File: 1630911780982.jpg (19.08 KB, 296x428, wade summerlin.jpg)

Maybe you don't understand how music works for others. I can think most vividly when listening to music. Music is very stimulating for a lot of people.

No. 901729

No. 901745

“I hate everyone” types and their ilk are a big part of the problem

No. 901759

At the same time, people who claim "I love everyone" give me the creeps. There's a manipulative and/or narcissistic vibe to that attitude.

No. 901761

I agree. I could never put on music to study or concentrate and I think people that do so are just making their work take longer honestly. If I'm listening to music I am literally drunk or partying with people. It's a racket and distracting to me otherwise

No. 901771

I see your point definitely, but I think it actually tackles some interesting and important topics. rest assured none of the middle schoolers are having sex kek, but I think the main problem it suffers from is not really knowing who its demographic is. there's no ambiguity about it being intended for adults, but it largely takes a sex-ed kind of role for a lot of episodes, which is kinda strange for a show aimed at people who already know this stuff. either way I unironically think the second season is great and rewatch it quite a lot.

No. 901783

of which problem ?

No. 901788

The very problem they claim to hate: negativism

No. 901810

I think you severely underestimate the amount of lovely dumbasses on this website

Jesus confirmed for being a creepy narc

No. 901947

Conventionally attractive women do not get treated better in the dating world. The difference is the amount of time it takes men to show thir shitty side. For ugly or average women, men will just start sexualizing you and treating you like shit from day one, there wont be any love bombing. With pretty women guys will be on their best behaviour and then gradually get worse and waste a lot of that womans time. The ugly and average ones get out early if they're not stupid, while pretty girls experince abuse longer and are naive.

No. 901973

I understand that nonnie/nonny is board culture but I haaaaaate when people use it.
I prefer fag over nonny even if (insert word)fag sounds more 4chan scrote-ish.
I'm not fond of chan, probably because I don't ever use it, but its fine in comparison to nonny.

In order of preference-

I can't work out why nonny gives me the ick. Maybe because it reminds me of Yoni which is the new age word for a fanny

No. 901992

-fag was my favorite too

No. 902042

I dislike fag because of the 4chan/scrote connection.
My unpopular opinion is that I don't mind nonnie.

No. 902047

My favorite is when I told pretty friends about how their male is shifty/abusive and they just go "stop trying to sabotage me/stop being jealous" or some other weird shit. When their male eventually revelaed themselves they either ghosted me or came looking for "it's not your fault there there" comfort.

No. 902052

the most popular pet animals should be birds that often lay eggs, tasty eggs
co-living with someone that can feed you is based

No. 902055

>I understand that nonnie/nonny is board culture
I don't think it is in a broad sense, before only recently here I saw the word "nonnie" very often on livejournal but nowhere else.

No. 902057

Honestly, nonny sounds twitterfag'ish. I don't like it but it's been rubbing off on me and I've used it once or twice when I'm being nice with anons on here. "Sis" on the otherhand… I want to bitch-slap whoever uses it to another dimension.

No. 902059

I like nonna, but I don’t love nonnie or nonita because I think they sound a little precious. I think -fag, -anon, and -chan all work well in different situations and should all be used. Komaedafag sounds better than komaedachan, and schizochan is preferable to schizofag.

No. 902061

Sometimes anons are a little precious though

No. 902062

Chicken is superior pet got it omw

No. 902070

Sometimes I think about the tons of boomers who will need assisted living, and I hope that the vac really does just off them. No one's going to want to take care of them ubless they're very rich or were good to their family. And I'd rather they not get abused everyday in care homes.

No. 902071

I would definitely agree except for the fact that you have to be really gentle with birds to not hurt them, which means that you can’t hug them. Also you can apparently get salmonella from handling live chickens, which really kills my desire to own one for the purpose of touching its weird little head bits.

No. 902083

you do realize that this is also the future of our generation unless we all kermit sudoku or get wiped out by a virus

No. 902099

I had a depressing grown up discourse with myself earlier with how I'm extremely worried that I'm not putting enough away for a pension and I'm in my 30s and wondering if I can even afford kids at this point because I can barely afford myself

No. 902105

We're more likely to die from global warming and pollution than old age at the rate we're going, anon.

No. 902118

I wouldn't bank on it anon. Even the most pessimistic forecasts predict relatively few effects for first-worlders within the next half century.

This might be optimistic, but I think it's likely that we'll see massive reforms to the elder care sector in the next ten years. People are living longer and are more healthy and lucid in their later years now, so it'd hard to imagine that they won't be pulling hard legislatively for better funded and accommodated elder care facilities. Boomers have proven themselves to be a much more reliable voting bloc than younger generations, so I think they'll get the resources that they need.

I don't think this is going to make life any easier for young working people though kek.

No. 902120

>you do realize that
idk what you're discussing but this is my least fave way for someone to start a post. I seethe on sight of these words lol

No. 902128

Compared to my grandmas generation ppl are way unhealthier and just get Alzheimer's or some stuff for years before dying, idk what you mean by more lucid in their later years, it's the opposite. Even though they live long quality of life went down.
There's already skyrocketing rates of cancer and autoimmune diseases in young ppl, and our IQ levels have started to go down too. I wouldn't be optimistic tbh.

No. 902129

Build mode in TS4 is overrated

No. 902141

I despise the sims 4 and the entire community. Drooling over the cottage living pack with it's saccharine Disney bunnies and birds straight from Cinderella. I can't believe it was made by the same company that gave us the running with scissors playset. The sims used to be the perfect blend of dark and humorous. Now it has neither and is completely soulless.

No. 902158


The rising rate of old-age cognitive impairment is kind of a misconception, mostly related to the fact that a greater number of people are living into their 70s and 80s in general. The linked study is relatively limited, but it concludes that Alzheimer's and dementia incidence rates have actually fallen slightly in the US within the last few decades. Idk about overall quality of life, but the fact that there's a huge number of boomers overall combined with their likely being at least slightly less senile than the previous generation means that boomers are going to have a lot of power to vote in policies that benefit the elderly.

In a lot of ways, I think this is actually a good thing. A lot of the retirement/social security/pension schemes we currently have are not designed to accommodate the modern lifespan, and most countries are going to have to eventually deal with populations that are becoming increasingly senior-heavy. The changes that need to be made aren't necessarily going to be popular, but in the long term they're necessary unless everyone agrees to start letting the elderly roam the streets or something.

No. 902168

>I'm sorry you feel that way nonacita nonnaquita banananonna estebanona nonjulio anoncardo anontoya de la nonnarosa anonamírez

No. 902211

File: 1630960231040.jpeg (17.69 KB, 240x210, 73AA77E6-7901-4565-B877-DACD7D…)

Call me insane, but People shouldn’t have sex unless they can afford a baby (or at least enough for an abortion). Sex isn’t a need. Exercise some self constraint

No. 902222

tbh they should either just get rid of labor day or put their money where their mouth is & close all retail locations, all fast food and restaurants, etc. im tired of labor day being treated like a day to honor, you know, laborers, when all it is in reality is another day where people who already get every holiday and 2-weeks paid vacation can just faff about while regular workers do their normal 8.5 hours on labor day like any other day. just throw it in the trash if you're gonna be so fake about it

No. 902289

Can't wait until all men are castrated at puberty and this over sexed world moves into a more civilized era. No more war, rape, and abusing women's ability to reproduce.

No. 902298

That's what really bugs me about reddit types who are super obsessed with "male abortion" (the concept that men should get to disown a child and not have to pay for childcare because they "didn't have a say in whether the mom chose to keep the child or abort it"). No one forced you to have sex or ejaculate, pretending like the mother was the sole decision maker because they gave birth is so fucking transparent.

No. 902301

I agree, but it's a dangerous thing to say. I don't agree with the abstinence only" approach that apparently exists in America, but even suggesting just doing oral and other shit is apparently offensive, even if I'm talking to grown adults on reddit in the context of being afraid of abortion/pregnancy but still dating a man for some reason.

No. 902324

You're very dumb if you think that's all it takes to stop men from fucking things up lmao

No. 902338

I'm still playing Sims 2 solely because I can't be bothered learning how to use a new build mode. Too much effort.

No. 902369

it's weird when couples point out to each other people they think are hot or point out peoples breasts/asses/whatever, kinda screams cope and pickmeism. you can't convince me otherwise.

No. 902374

Agreed. It's a pathetic cope and anyone with self respect would refuse to do it themselves OR let their partner do it.

No. 902380

Agree. Like yay let's window shop humans together for some reason and then hate each other later.

No. 902426

TS4 is overrated in general, but I just found out how to crack origin and get all of the expansion packs so i'm having fun playing all the stuff I missed

No. 902443

TS2 is my favourite build mode out of the four games. The features it added over TS1 were actually useful, it doesn't lag and it isn't overly complicated. Once you know about the build mode cheats creating good looking lots is easy. TS2 also has the best build mode CC available.

No. 902515

I hate young beautiful women who date ugly or old men for money or they "only care about personality". Because of you bitches it makes it so much harder for women who want cute bfs because you set the standard low.

No. 902520

Someone finally said it. It's pathetic and cringe, I hate when some couples act like it's normal. Just because they're self loathing and don't care about each other doesn't mean I'd accept the same in a relationship. Even my useless ex managed to make me feel prioritized and like I was the most beautiful woman to him, and I genuinely only had eyes for him at the time. It's the same type of couple that jokes about having a celebrity exception list, like their partner could bang such-and-such star if they ever got the chance, but of course it would never happen so we're jk! Barf. I get it, you both watch porn and settle for each other.

No. 902525

it’s not hard to get a hot boyfriend but they will most likely be stupid as fuck

No. 902619

I think most posters on the femdom thread have memed themselves into this fetish. Pegging is just weak and disgusting. It's only pleasurable to the male like most other forms of heterosexual intercourse. Gay.

No. 902623

I think acknowledging that a celeb is hot and that you've had a crush on them is different than objectifying some random at the park or restaurant though. I would feel patronized if my gf pretended that Brooklyn Decker isn't beautiful in Grace and Frankie for example.

No. 902643

Genshin Impact husbandos are the most generic anime dudes ever created (some even downright lifted from other franchises) and I refuse to believe there are people thirsting over them over 18.

No. 902645

Me too somehow I feel bad for the anons posting them. I feel like they've never played a videogame in their lives so they go crazy for the first guy they see

No. 902657

Haha yes. And they have no noses apparantly.

No. 902660

I'm into femdom and I think pegging is gross. I bet a lot of those into it are ex-fujos. Def not somehow memed ourselves into wanting to be in charge over men sexually if that's what you're saying however.

No. 902663

Yaoi is for fat girls.

No. 902666

lol why?

No. 902675

true the only people i know that liked yaoi in college are fatties and rejects

No. 902676

Based, the artstyle is so unnattractive too. IDK how you can stan those generic animu 3D models. Get some taste
fat bihet (mostly straight) girls

No. 902680

i had this weirdo in my class who would draw naruto x sasuke porn and then showed it to everyone. she was also fat and claimed to be bisexual. the worst thing was that she sucked at drawing.

No. 902686

can confirm, am fat fujo.

No. 902689

File: 1631019718018.jpg (106.32 KB, 928x522, 205590-screenshot-1-orig-1-art…)

Seriously who is attracted to this?

No. 902693

Really hate those generic anime faces that make everyone look forgettable and childish

No. 902705

people who watched black butler as teens, simped for the characters and never recovered from it

No. 902711

It's annoying when people say this because you can get clitoral stimulation from pegging. At least regular sex doesn't feel good for me, so I consider it more of a meme than pegging is.

No. 902718

Nta but I've had all sorts of sex where PIV was off limits for me for a long time. ime with strap on play yeah you can get clit stim from it but actual decent clit stim comes from a partner… just stimming your clit. Getting a clumsy rub here and there while using a strap isn't generally going to do much for you. I spent a small fortune on toys to maximise the stim I get as a giver and it's still nowhere near an even amount of pleasure being shared across both partners.

No. 902722

Am fujo, am underweight, your opinion is wrong you sack of shit (ily tho)

No. 902726

yaoi makes you fat just like anime makes you gay

No. 902727

Most of them are ugly and typically if they aren’t a 5-star character they are never popular enough unless they’re Bennett who’s loved because of his good gameplay mechanics. Sadly enough the waifufags are funding miHoyo enough to supply male characters, it’s the waifus who are the only reason why they can make male characters despite most of them bombing.

No. 902729

>Getting a clumsy rub here and there while using a strap isn't generally going to do much for you.
I didn't mean that, but stimulation from the pressure from the base of the dildo pressing against your clit. A huge thing is also getting a strap-on that sits at the right spot. Too many harnesses are high up and sit on the mons pubis, which of course is going to feel like fucking nothing for the woman.
Dunno, maybe I'm just sensitive but it's always felt really good for me. I've orgasmed from it a couple times (which is more than my boyfriend has from pegging, kek) and if I don't he always finishes me off after. I think pegging is only crap if the guy pushes an unwilling woman into it. If the woman pushes for it first it's way better. Like all fetishes.

No. 902738

File: 1631024222782.png (730.19 KB, 1080x1920, 85409-Albedo-Plush-from-Genshi…)

I actually like the game's character illustrations, I think they're very well made and some character designs are pretty, but yeah the models are generic. Are some of them really lifted from other stuff?

No. 902743

>I didn't mean that, but stimulation from the pressure from the base of the dildo pressing against your clit
No that's pretty much what I was talking about too, that or toys with the womans stim in mind. Like I said I've spent a fortune on em and then at one point I had a job where I got toys for free in exchange for reviewing them so I had a fair go at most of the options out there. I just think it's similar to say taking turns giving oral… one person is being given way more pleasure during the act so taking turns being pleased is more ideal than trying to say get equal pleasure from strap on play, again just generally. Of course there's always exceptions who can get off on things where the average woman wouldn't get even close.

But I think if a guy is receiving that he should be aware that you are owed your turn in getting his full concentration on getting you off too. Too many of those toys try and make out like you'll reach heights that you just won't. As long as you get your turn too that's what matters.

No. 902754

Yeah, that's true. I have also seen people who use vibrators during it and it is still kinda meh for them. I guess in my case it's hard for me to see the inequality because I like pegging more than my boyfriend does and I get more pleasure out of it. But I guess for most women they do it because their partner pushes for it but they don't particularly like it. That's why I mentioned pretty much any fetish is shit if the man brings it up first or pushes for it. Especially with femdom too, really pisses me off that all of this stuff is forced on the woman most of the time.

No. 902763

stay mad while I enjoy my well-written, charsmatic bishounens with plot relevance and no degrading datingsim shit nonna

No. 902768

>Anons sperging about genshin husbandos being ugly and stupid
>Anons baiting to say fujos are fat and ugly
>Anons caping for pegging fetish
I see it's Scrote hours

No. 902775

>Anons sperging about genshin husbandos being ugly and stupid
It's called having good taste, anon. I prefer my 2D men looking like adults with noses.

No. 902785

Kek this is the first time I'm getting called a scrote here, sorry I don't like generic animu bishies.

No. 902788

Same, I take it as a compliment for having impeccable taste.

No. 902789

>t. triggered fat fujo w/ a genshit fetish

No. 902840

> charsmatic bishounens
> genshit fetish
One of these days I'm going to pick up what these terms mean. Tbh I'm usually lost whenever this cartoon fap talk comes up on otherwise normal threads

No. 902850

Ignorance is bliss Nonita

No. 902865

It's just ugly animu dudes anon, don't bother.

No. 902971

File: 1631034494639.jpg (167.86 KB, 640x800, 7ee69d_800d5b0ab2e34d31a8e6ef9…)

It's impossible to be overweight and happy at the same time. They're just coping like pic related.

No. 902973

that's not overweight, that's being a literal landwhale kek. You have to admit that there's a huge difference between having an extra 15 lbs and not being able to see your own feet.

No. 902977

That's true but if one becomes complacent, they can slide down this slippery slope easily. Food relieves stress, that's why being a fattie is so prevalent in western countries.

No. 902978

That's morbidly obese, and no I don't think those people are happy.

No. 903045

Pegging is great, both psychologically and physically. I like it as much as regular PIV, it makes my clit go crazy.

No. 903078

File: 1631040199095.gif (205 KB, 800x600, wildclit.gif)

>makes my clit go crazy

No. 903389

No. 903489

ground turkey > ground beef

beef is for literal plebs

No. 903492

Based. Ground beef tastes so weird and minerally, and not in a good way like steak does

No. 903499

We call it 'minced beef' where I am, and I don't think we have a turkey version of it

No. 903505

Yeah. I never got it. If I'm feeling dominant I just want to tease their cock and make them squirm and whimper and beg. Also I kind of like sounding. If it's more of a vitriol feeling I want to just beat and ride them. Shove a gun in their face, make them feel afraid. Pegging just feels like you're trying to be a man. Although startling someone by massaging their asshole/fingering it is a little cute.

No. 903506

Low iron borderline anemic hoes be like

No. 903507

I hate these memes

No. 903520

Go back to tiky toky

No. 903521

File: 1631056088883.jpg (250.61 KB, 1440x1440, 15741886745dd436829ccae.jpg)

I will have you know that I'm actually a patrician shellfish enjoyer and that my blood is coursing with powerful marine minerals

No. 903565

this was funny anon live your truth

No. 903580

>I can't be happy with myself, how can other women?

No. 903613

People eat shit food and sit on their asses all day and are then confused by the myriad of bodily and mental problems they seemingly have out of nowhere.
You are your body. If you're not feeling right, check how you're treating it before anything else.

No. 903634

So true. I see all of these people in their mid 20s joke/complain about having senior-tier health issues from their horrifying diet, and it makes me foam at the mouth. Don't they realize that their health is only going to get worse, how the fuck are they treating this so lightly?

No. 903854

Cats should stay indoors
>cue “but muh poor cat cooped up in a studio apartment”

No. 903882

i like gore, ive never even seen any on here. i see anons saying DONT SCROLL DOWN THERES GORE!!!!!!! all the time, but have never seen any actual gore

No. 903885

you're so edgy

No. 903886

That means jannies and admin are doing their jobs. Why the fuck would you want to see violence committed against women? Go watch any horror movie from the 70s you weirdo

No. 903887

Mmmm…because mods (fortunately) delete those posts fast? Why would you be so excited about seeing some dead woman?

No. 903889

No. 903891


No. 903893

Garlic is overrated! Garlic in pasta sauce especially sucks.

No. 903897

This reeks of edgy obese 12 yr old who thinks being mentally ill is sexy. Take a bath nonnie Nigel isn't gonna simp because you told lolcow you like seeing guts

No. 903898

File: 1631093733576.gif (7.3 MB, 600x450, no.gif)

>i like gore

No. 903906

Woah we have a tough one here guys so cooool

No. 903927

File: 1631096003762.jpg (133.29 KB, 944x941, mental illness.jpg)

No. 903930

As someone whose digestive system gets fucked up from it, I wholeheartedly agree. I avoid it as much as I can

No. 903937

The 'gore' posted lastnight was just something you'd see every now and then out in public, think roadkill. I don't enjoy it but I'm not terribly affected by it either. I mean I saw something worse than that in person a couple days ago.

No. 903938

Nta, I think they are referring to the gore that was posted here an hour or two ago. Not sure what it was as I was warned about it but I think it was a dead woman. I have also seen murdered women posted here multiple times.

No. 903939

I missed the second round. I was wondering if it was a cat again tbh. I feel like with all the cat love on here they'd affect more anons with animal themed pics.

No. 903964

Look at the fucking edge on you

No. 903968

I'm not going for edgy. I said I don't like gore but that roadkill is something people unfortunately see from time to time in person too. I saw some upsetting shit in person that same day. What's edgy?

No. 903997

I can't stand 8d music! It makes me want to claw my eardrums and brain out! I just hate the way they constantly send the audio around and around, it wouldn't be so bad if it went around slower or in different patterns, but the ones I've listened to have been just awful.
I love binaraul beats and isochronic tones though.
Have you guys ever listened to 8d audio that you actually enjoyed?

No. 904082

I don't think it's annoying but I also don't know why you'd want music to go around your head like that, it adds nothing to the song.

No. 904127

I've been living under a rock and haven't heard of that until now. Jfc, do people really listen to music that sounds like a 12 year old is messing with the audio outputs? I don't know what I was expecting, but I thought it would be more creative than that. Interesting in theory but poorly executed.

No. 904140

Thats blown out of proportion

No. 904153

In fairness people have different levels of sensitivity to these things and that's just to be expected. Any time gore is posted it's followed by anons berating each other for either reacting too strongly or for admitting it didn't hit them all that hard. You can't win. All takes on gore are wrong lol

No. 904158

wrong, exposing people to unwanted gore is always wrong

No. 904159

Aren't a lot of grown ass women kinda of chunky from old age and pregnancy? I don't see it being a deterrent to their happiness either after all.

No. 904161

I don't know how you misread my post quite this much.

No. 904166

>All takes on gore are wrong lol
The correct take is that it's horrible when flashed and that's it. Also victim blaming people for being affected is disgusting

No. 904168

File: 1631117421815.jpeg (143.02 KB, 1919x1498, fusigidane.jpeg)

Bulbasaur is the best Gen1 starter for the sole reason of being the only cute Pokémon in every evolution stage.

No. 904169

idk…. how is venusaur cute? it has ugly mug. i wish it was more frog like

No. 904177

File: 1631117804944.jpg (82 KB, 578x600, IMG_20210908_171622.jpg)

All grass starters are the superior starter in each gen. The Chikorita evolution line is adorable

No. 904178

It has its grumpy charm, like a pissed off Totoro.

No. 904179

File: 1631117963585.png (387.24 KB, 803x1022, IMG_20210908_171910.png)

This is making me want to restart Crystal

No. 904181

To reword then, what I meant
> People here will tell you off either way so it's as if no reaction to it is seen as correct
I'm not commenting on whether the gore poster is right or wrong because of course they are wrong. I'm talking about anons telling others off for reacting strongly. I'm purely saying it's stupid to berate people for how they react to seeing it.

No. 904186

I played pokemon go for about 4 years and by the end I started to hate any grass or bug pokemon. Don't know why.

No. 904191

Grass pokemon are my favourites. I feel inspired to make another grass team but of grass starters only.

No. 904194

I think I must've OD'd on pokemon because grass ones used to some of my faves. Be careful not to OD anon!

No. 904205

Replaying crystal a couple months ago was the only good video game experience I've had in five years. Got a 3DS off ebay for like $70 (the purple and red colors are cheapest idk why), and crystal is $10 on the virtual console store. Worth it over emulating imo, can play in bed and not be distracted by other stuff on the computer. And the wireless works fully for multiplayer etc. It's actually an insane contrast how much more beautiful, more fast-paced, more difficult and spookier crystal is than any game from DPPt onward.

You can't play emerald on the VC yet and I genuinely think it's because they know everyone would start playing it and stop buying the new crapass games. Best way to play emerald is a GBA micro/SP (idk price but probably not much, I have two slightly beat SPs just from randomly finding them at thrift stores) plus a GBA flashcart (like $10 max). It's also 100% legal to download the emerald ROM and use a flashcart if you ever owned a copy of emerald btw.

No. 904209

File: 1631120535293.png (848.95 KB, 472x772, anyataylor.PNG)

I don't want to start the anya taylor-joy sperging again, but I hate the overly feminine, almost draggy way that she's been styled lately. She looks unique in a good way when done up correctly, but the mermaid hair and conventional starlet clothing choices make her look like a russian oligarch with a genetic defect.

No. 904227

I don't see the point in unravelling possible childhood traumata that the subject successfully doesn't remember anymore. Even if it's just a powerful cope, if they managed to live their lifes relatively peaceful like that, why should they uncover it and make themselves miserable? Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

No. 904234

I started to go into my childhood in therapy years ago. Shit hit the fan. I couldn't cope and I was crazy for a while. I feel like I might still be married right now if I hadn't even gone there. I dunno if the therapist was ill equipped or if that's typical. Never again. Shit's frightening.

No. 904254

Agree with this so much, the blonde looks brutal on her

No. 904279

uterine transplants are a horrible retarded idea even for actual biological women. it's not like you can't live without a uterus

No. 904283

that sounds terrifying, what is the point of uterine transplant anyways? like i get liver/kidney/lung transplant, those types but….uterus?? fuck. i wish people would just adopt kids instead of doing horrific ungodly shit to try and create them

No. 904297

I don't get couples that date for years on end without getting engaged and actually making something out of their relationship, getting married and seriously thinking about kids. People that don't get married after 4 years max of being together (given that they're not super young ie younger than 23 lets say) just seem like they're not actually serious about each other at all. It gets progressively worse when you see 30+ year olds that have been together for 7, 8, 9 years… what the fuck are you guys doing? Definitely one of the persons in that relationship is dying on the inside and just going along the other persons lack of commitment.

No. 904301

I'm in a 7 year old relationship and we didn't marry yet because we don't want to deal with the beaurocracy, the money of doing so, etc. Also we don't want children, not every couple does. I personally think 4 years is a bit too early to get engaged, but that's me.

No. 904302

You sound like my bf's family lol. We've been together 10 years and even own some property together but because we're not married or have kids they're like "hm doesn't seem like a real relationship to me." Also common law??

On the other hand I have a coworker in a 10+ yes relationship who still only sees his gf on the weekend and they're not even long distance but they seem happy and sweet shrug shrug.

No. 904305

"if he's not proposing after 2 years then he's never going to" is a common saying for a reason. You learn if someone is marriage material for you by a year or two of knowing them. Tbh do what makes you happy and obviously not everyone wants kids but there is definitely something wrong or missing if you're getting hung up over small details when it comes to actually solidifying the relationship (commitment issues)

No. 904306

I think you're probably projecting, anon. Not everyone cares about marriage.

No. 904317

It's kinda become a meme at this point to just accuse people of "projecting". Again, do what makes you happy, I wasn't expecting people to respond kindly to me speculating the integrity of their relationship. Also I'd say this isn't an issue at all if both partners have discussed that marriage is out of the question.

No. 904318

I don't want engagement or kids or tbh to even live together full time but then I'm divorced so that's my reason. Imo the concept of marriage loses its magic once you already have one marriage fail on you. Divorced people can approach dating like that sometimes.

Younger people who want kids though.. I kinda get what you mean alright. More often it's men stringing partners along and buying time while keeping options open.

No. 904320

It would be insane to have not discussed it at that point in a relationship so I agree with you there.

No. 904321

What reason is there to marry? For some cases in my country, it can be more lucrative not to marry, because of tax hell.

No. 904323

File: 1631128388850.jpg (93.46 KB, 634x951, 39830474-0-image-a-20_16144187…)

Is that unpopular? I haven't seen anyone say she looks good lately at all let alone specifically her styling. The blonde doesn't suit her and neither does being so gaunt. The only look I've liked on her recently is this,

No. 904324

pro choice teenage girls have the most heartless, thoughtless takes on abortion

No. 904325

teenagers are heartless and thoughtless as a default though, it comes with the lack of life experience

No. 904327

Obviously? They're children. They don't need to have children, either.

No. 904328

what? they are based

No. 904329

The red from Queen's Gambit suited her so well, I wish that was just her every day look honestly

No. 904337

Nta but I had a moment years ago where it hit me that expecting a romantic relationship to last forever maybe shouldnt be the goal we all seem to strive for. I know so many people who go on to hate their objectively ok exes just because shit ended and it ripped apart their dreams to be retired together… dreams they thought up at like 20. They admittedly look back on decent relationships with all this resentment tainting it. I almost think it's nutty to approach relationships with 'forever together' as the expectation. What else in life is expected to last forever?

Kids obviously complicate it but even when you have kids, splitting is often healthier than staying together if you've any type of real conflict going on.

My first relationship was 4 years long, 3 1/2 of them good and I hate that for ages I couldnt just appreciate that for what it was worth. It was temporary but I should still value it as a good relationship and not a total fail or waste just because it had to end. I hate the rush to try and snap up your forever partner.

No. 904342

have you ever considered that a lot of people aren't happy experimenting and being with loads of people and it actually makes them happier to find someone they can be with permanently? jesus

No. 904343

not saying they need to, would be nice to not have some retarded 16 year old giggling about killing babies and calling foetuses parasites

No. 904349

I got married at 20 and divorced 6 years later when my ex started being a whiny, slovenly incel and insulting my family for the pettiest reasons. I'm kinda glad I got it out of the way because people don't nag me about marriage and finding The One anymore. I've been in other relationships after but eventually I just get bored when the guy stops trying. And they all stop trying after a while.

So why haven't you considered the opposite? Why does marriage have to be the end goal for everyone?

No. 904353

still better than the pro-life teens, those exist too.

Recently I was reading comments on a news article on the abortion law in Texas (am not from the US) and there were all these men in the comments saying how women indeed shouldn't be allowed to have abortion including when raped. And I thought I was living in a progressive, open-minded first world country ffs. There's literally men walking amongst me who firmly believe that after going through the traumatizing experience of getting raped, I should still birth the baby of my rapist. Disgusting and deeply unsettling.

No. 904354

>considered the opposite
but you are the way you are due to past failed relationships, correct? that's what getting bitter does

No. 904362

>seriously thinking about kids
Speaking of unpopular opinions, it annoys me that kids are almost always the end goal of a relationship. I want someone who dotes on me and who I can do the same with, not someone who only dated me with the ultimate goal of me giving him children eventually.

No. 904363

I'm not bitter, I just never cared for men in the first place. Even when I got married I did it because everyone was hyping it up in my religious community but I would've wanted nothing more than to be left alone and play video games if I were given that option. I never wanted a boyfriend pre-marriage, I just want sex a few days before my period and then the sound of a male voice starts to sound annoying. Get it?

No. 904368

File: 1631130256062.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1265x1745, 6140EB44-A904-4164-9BF0-678D6E…)

A kady from a small town I grew up in and I had on Facebook would make posts about how “pibbles are just so misunderstood” One of her dogs mauled her 3 year old daughters face. Thankfully the little girl is ok. I think it’s sorta ironic.
Picrel is her new dog I like how it has to wear that thing makes it look even more like a snarling poorly trainedbeast. I can’t believe she got another huge dog. And she still defends pitbulls

No. 904369

It's human nature. People who don't want kids are frankly either mentally ill or too narcissistic. I've never met a normal childfree person, they're all weirdos.

No. 904375

you probably have multiple baby daddies

No. 904376

ah so not wanting to spread your shitty genes and family history further and literally giving birth to a small copy of yourself is not narcissistic. Not wanting to spread your shitty genes and cause more suffering on this planet is narcissistic. Makes a lot of sense.

No. 904377

Teens are too young to have a strong opinion on the issue either way. Being able to form a nuanced opinion on a serious and complex issue like abortion takes maturity and life experience. Both sides have a serious issue with empathy. Pro-lifers don't account for how the mother feels in cases such as rape and incest and the pro-choice side is repulsive and beyond psychotic. I say this as someone who is pro-choice.

No. 904378

Japanese candy is not that good. Most of it is shit

No. 904379

sorry the opposite
- you want to procreate= not narc
-you don't want to= narc
Giving birth to a little clone of yourself is the most narc shit ever

No. 904380

I’m also tired of weebs who shill it.

No. 904381

I'm happily married and expecting but sorry to hear you failed at life and being a woman. Sucks to be ugly.
Don't care about the planet and my genes are not shitty, it's called winning at life.

No. 904382

Nta, this one idiot you know doesn't know how to train a literal animal, wow so surprising that something happened. It's not the dogs fault, it's the owner. She's the one getting a large dog she doesn't know how to train properly. I am just as angry about people who shouldn't have pitbulls having pitbulls as you are, but I'm not going to blame the dog. I've grown up with pitbulls, rottweilers, dobermans, and I've watched them grow old being bffs with cats and laying under the picnic table at barbeques without ever once having a single incident of any kind. But I met a poodle once who bit a kids face. It's the owner.

No. 904383

I guess I'm selfish, but I wouldn't call myself narcissistic. I just want to have a fun life filled with all the things that make me happy and share that with someone I love. I have so many hobbies I want to master, too. Once you have a child that means dedicating your entire life and all your energy to it. I just can't see how that brings a woman fulfillment and happiness, especially.

No. 904385

you don't care about the planet and you have the opposite mindset. You're probably a narc that's so up her own ass. You don't have good genes, you sound extremely stupid. Most good people and smart people have low self esteem and stupeeds have super high self esteem and suffer from the dunning kruger effect

No. 904386

Two based ladies here

No. 904387

File: 1631130997698.jpeg (53.11 KB, 266x400, E0BA3F55-02AC-49FF-B91F-A51E1D…)

the childfree spergs have arrived…

No. 904389

Nta but Girl what the fuck are you talking about

No. 904391

Ayrt and yeah I get wanting to be exclusive, I'm definitely not talking about people experimenting. I don't know why you thought that tbh.

I just think there's alot of pressure on the whole 'forever' thing. We've all had relationships where we talk about how you'll always love them.. and then a year later they're gone and the love is too. Long term is a nice aim because it's worth building something together. Forever is (for me personally) a high aim that I don't know if I want to chase.

No. 904394

Parents can be some of the biggest narcissists, especially when they try to force their ideals and dreams onto their kids because they want to vicariously live through them. It often starts at pregnancy already. The whole world has to know. I mean look at all those family bloggers, kids' talent shows etc. Pure exploitation.

No. 904395

bitch what's wrong with you, you sound like a fucking pick me "failed at life and being a woman" being a woman is not about popping out babies out of your gina for your scrote. You are delulu.

No. 904398

People I respect post pictures of their tiny children online and it's like, why? Why why why? Put that in a photo album weirdo.

No. 904399

Enjoy everyone feeling sorry for you while I am happy with my beautiful family.

No. 904400

File: 1631131276707.png (42.37 KB, 625x626, 891.png)

No. 904401

sorry jesus christ if you want to have children you are narc and if you don't you are selfless and good what that anon said makes no sense. She also called women that don't want to have children "ugly" and "failed at being a woman". Womanhood has nothing to do with giving birth! It's also true most narcs and bad genes people have children while the actually intelligent ones have too much self awareness and are too worried to have children

No. 904403

For the asspats ofc. It's all just for them, the kids get nothing out of it because they care fuck all about comments and likes.

No. 904411

I’m glad you’re child free anon because you’re fucking retarded for taking that obvious bait. Also you existing alone is damaging the planet already ffs. If you want to help get out there and contribute.

No. 904420

if you’re really a such a happy selfless person, it’s pretty fucking sus of you to so adamantly justify to random people how you’re happy and totally not a narc. kind of a narc thing to do.

No. 904427

most people that "contribute", don't contribute anyway. If you work in a corporation or even a store you're probably contributing to the downfall of earth, humankind and contributing to capitalism even more. Most stores/corporations pollute the earth and support production of stupid useless consumeristic shit and usage of resources to keep up useless industries.

No. 904428

Nta but I love how you keep replying to people by exclaiming
> jesus !
Reminds me of a song

No. 904429

Everything about the stupid infighting ITT reeks of newfag.

No. 904434

Uhhh tomatoes are bad. They're only good for salsa. Get them out of my burger, off my sandwich and away from me. I swear to God if I find a tomato in my salad I am going to SHIT

No. 904435

we should be allowed to fight people in this thread

No. 904436

Sounds like a cope from a woman who is terrified of having children, or has no purpose in life outside of birthing children.
Hopefully if she has a girl they have other aspirations and life goals than birthing a child, unlike her momma.

No. 904439

Canada Dry and Schweppes are both made by the same manufacturer and that just really grinds my gears. Canada Dry isn't even maaaade in Canada. There is no real ginger in your ginger ale, ladies. Big daddy soda pop has his hands in your pocket.

No. 904447

I love them but anything more than say a slice or two will upset my stomach like nothing else. Cruel world.

No. 904451

Anons are kind of unbearable when they start fighting about having kids tbh. I just start ignoring the posts.
Tomato haters are so immature. I could literally eat a tomato with nothing but salt. They are so refreshing, what is there to not like? I don't like salsa though lol

No. 904454

Cherry tomatoes are really good though even though I also don't like the big ones.

No. 904455

I don't know, man, everything about them puts me off. I like cucumbers with salt way more than a tomato. And cherry tomatoes make me wanna punch a wall.

No. 904456

Samefag but I can't stop laughing at
>tomato haters are so immature

No. 904463

Nta but people who pick the thinnest slice of tomato off their burger… for years I've secretly judged them cause I don't get how it's that bad. There I said it.

No. 904475

File: 1631133451152.jpg (45.44 KB, 640x359, 1630977204997.jpg)

Begging you not to respond to the retarded scrote. They've had the same shitty "muh genes" bait a month or two ago, but mixed in some sperging about lesbians.

No. 904477

I think eyelash extensions are gross and look strange most of the time. If they came in different colors it would be more unique and naturalish looking.
Personally, I would never get them. I hope lash extensions stop being so trendy because I’m sick of hearing so many people talk about them, and seeing so many people with these nasty extensions.

Don’t get me wrong, I think women should do what they want and what makes them happy, not judging anyone for having lash extensions.

No. 904478

Anon we're now trying to talk about more serious issues, tomato issues

No. 904481

Anon, I'm an adult, I request that there be no tomato to begin with. I requesteth yond th're beest nay tomato on mine own burg'r

No. 904485

The absolute worst people in any restaurant are those who request to basically reassemble the entire dish.

No. 904487

File: 1631133948802.jpeg (11.68 KB, 228x221, images.jpeg)

No. 904489

i hope you have a still born. your dusty uterus has probably miscarried a bunch of times already.(calm down)

No. 904494

Asking for no tomato or something is fine, it's when the person orders their sandwich "deconstructed" or needs to know what other sauces we have and if we can use a different bread and can you not use this cheese can you use that cheese

No. 904497

Yes that's what i meant. Like they want a certain burger without everything that makes it this specific burger,so it just looks like a bun and patty in the end.

No. 904498

Agreed, they're done badly and overkill 99% of the time, and even when they're perfect they look like shit a week later when bits start to fall out. And you have to buy special $60 mascara on top of the cost of lashes. So glad the trend is dying because I think lots of eye shapes look worse with falsies especially thick bushy ones like NikkiTutorials made popular.

No. 904500

Nta but there’s no need to be so mean to a brainwashed idiot, the things you said will be the fuel and excuse of her idiocy.

No. 904501

nta but you sound psychopathic for this which only supports her argument

No. 904503

i used to work at starbucks, where all the food is frozen, prepackaged shit, shipped into stores from factories. customers would be like “ can you take off the cheese from the bacon gouda, put it on the sausage one but take the sausage off, put it inside the panini but pick the tomatoes out, cook it three times as long, cut it into 6 pieces and put each piece into a separate bag?” like uhhhh? no?

No. 904506

but anons if she cant pop out babies shes a failure as a woman!

No. 904512

I kinda judge people who ask fast food places to serve their burger without the vegetables and condiments so that it's just a bun and a patty. Like I get doing that at a steakhouse or something so you can taste the meat, but choosing to make the already mild burger at mcdonalds into a joyless dry meat-bread stack seems alarmingly picky.

No. 904542

Kek my dad is on the carnivore diet and he does this shit. And if you were wondering yes he learned about it from Jordan Peterson.

No. 904557

no they're incredibly based. fuck them kids we need more people like that around

No. 904588

Hopefully he doesn’t die from severe malnutrition. He’ll probably become deficient in many vital vitamins and minerals in a couple of weeks