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File: 1631163858866.png (87.71 KB, 275x183, imagen_2021-09-09_000159.png)

No. 904837

I don't care what boys like, stop dancing like a retard!

Previous thread: >>>/ot/895055

No. 904854

File: 1631166518737.jpeg (14.51 KB, 236x236, 1CD73D16-3115-4B32-B537-0C36E3…)

I want to stop ovulating I want to not be horny and I want to stop overeating I cannot control it

No. 904857

File: 1631167643415.gif (332.15 KB, 200x200, 6C85A874-9AF8-4AC7-9FFB-A6E520…)

i want to start eating but my appetite is fucked from my anxiety recently

No. 904862

eating is one of the only thing that removes me from my dissociation and reminds me I'm alive. I cannot be the bag of bones I used to be for this reason

No. 904866

i gained a bunch of quarantine weight last year and then lost it and now i’m losing more. literally can’t put food to my mouth and swallow it some days. thankfully i’m getting some more anxiety meds next week because i’m basically a walking zombie. been trying to supplement what few calories i’ve been able to eat with cans of cherry pepsi because for some reason that’s the only thing palatable to me right now. it’s a bizarre feeling not being able to eat when it’s something you don’t normally have a problem with.

No. 904876

I hate, hate, hate astrology! This is such a dumbass obnoxious hobby, it has no value, doesn't give any skills, and only wastes your intellectual potential. Recently in game called LoveNikki there was a new suit added - Aries suit, and guess what? All astrofags were spending about how it's "NoT ArIeS!!!", because it doesn't fit their narrow minded stereotyped view of this star sign. The worst thing is that they consider it to be a valid critique, as if the images they have in their mind are somehow rooted in objective reality and werent changing through centuries, making devs look like hererics for daring to play with suit's aesthetic.
Also hate how when I google "I have astrology", the first thing google shows is " Is hating astrology sexist????" , "Why moids hate astrology so much oh muh godddd???", because it's the most useless hobby you can have that's why, you fucking brainless vermin. Didn't know that I must be a fucking scrote for hating that pseudoscience too. Basically femlets are sperging about their magickal special interest all over the internet and embarrassing all of us by association with them. Fuck them honestly.

No. 904879

File: 1631170497706.jpg (48.27 KB, 828x1033, 0vv2b7k7g5k61.jpg)

I'm home alone right now and there are like 30 fly larvae in the kitchen. I sprayed them and now I'm waiting for them to die, but I don't think I can handle taking them out. This morning there were even more and my siblings helped get rid of them, but this is too much for me, they gross me out so badly. I have no idea where they could be coming from, everything's clean and the trash they initially crawled out from has been taken out. There has to be a nest somewhere else but I'm not searching for it, fuck this shit I can't wait to get back to my small freezing flat. My family keeps getting pests like these because no one cares enough to get rid of flies and such the moment they appear. We have a lot of flies around and every year tons of them get in through the windows and no one kills them and then my mother has the gall to call everyone out and pretend like it's all happening because we're lazy and don't clean often enough and she would if she just had the time! God, I'm so glad I moved out. If these were moths I would've just left.

No. 904883

>no one cares enough to get rid of flies
>then my mother has the gall to call everyone out and pretend like it's all happening because we're lazy and don't clean often enough
God I feel with that, good luck anon handling this until you can move back. Have you tried gloves?

No. 904886

Thank you! Of course, but I get extremely grossed out just looking at them, I could barely hold back the tears while spraying them from a safe distance. I'll try swatting as many as I can stomach and leave them for my siblings to deal with when they get back in a few hours.

No. 904911

it's true and you should say it

No. 904924

Haven’t made the move to ShiningNikki yet?

No. 904931

Pretty sure one of my not so close friends thinks I'm an ana. I lost rona gains and more this year and now every time I see her she's commenting on my weight and how I should stop losing. And in that super pitying concerned voice too. It's really pissing me off tbh, I worked really hard to be where I am now. It got worse when I refused to get take out with her once, but it simply wasn't in my calorie plan for the day. Full disclosure, I eat anywhere between 1400-1800 calories depending on my activity level. How can I convince her I'm not starving myself kek?

No. 904933

I feel you, it's such a cute suit.

No. 904966

File: 1631179988421.png (28.63 KB, 388x470, 4329057024765037.png)

So glad someone feels the same. I don't care if people are casually interested in astrology for fun, like if it helps you reflect on your life or learn something about yourself despite knowing it's just flinging shit at the wall to see what sticks who cares (similar to personality types, psychics, tarot). The women who take it sooo seriously are an embarassment though. I'm probably extra salty since the stereotypes about my sign are literally the exact opposite of my personality, but I do find it hilarious that every time some self-avowed astrology expert has tried to guess my sign they've been dead wrong. The worst part is like you said, you're taken as not being feminist(??) somehow if you're against it. Please let's not hold this idiocy up as some icon of womanhood. Although fuck scrotes for their misogyny and acting like all women are braindead if they enjoy a single dumb hobby. As if their addictions to porn, video games and capeshit are superior.

No. 904977

Great. My sister got married now at 25 because she knew that the elders in our family wouldn’t let her live with her boyfriend without marriage. She did it, out of respect for our culture and grandparents. She didn’t want a wedding ceremony so they just signed the papers and hosted a dinner party to celebrate. Nothing wrong with that. Aaaaand now my grandma, whom we’ve done everything for and love so much, is giving us the cold shoulder. Ever since my grandpa passed my family has put our lives on hold to be with her. I just don’t get it, my sister did everything right. She got married before moving in with her man. Yet my grandma is painting her as a whore who is embarrassing her. I can’t believe this. After all we’ve done for her. After all the love and respect we’ve shown her.

No. 904987


No. 904989

I’ve recently started working in this posh tourist trap town where everything is super expensive and the restaurants are all 5 star whatever. The money is good and I enjoy it but my GOD is it obvious when customers are rich. They are literally so entitled. They will
>hound you for every little request, no matter how small and insignificant, they have to have it exactly the way they want it. Including demanding to take home display models when larger items are online order only. They force you to bend the rules for them with no regard for the consequences
>not take no for an answer
>flagrantly break rules (such as opening merchandise to look at even though I showed them exactly wha tit looks like cos we have unwrapped ones for show)
>interrupt while you talk to other customers,
>make a mess of displays and don’t make any effort to keep things tidy because they’re used to things being done for them
>expect you to come off the till when there’s a very long queue to help them with something they could easily fucking do themselves if they only pulled their head out of their ass for 5 minutes
>have you running around like a headless chicken because they can’t make up their fucking mind or do anything for themselves
>in restaurants and food stalls they will ask for your recommendation and then belittle your choices. They think it’s a funny joke.
>when you make a mistake they straight up laugh at you and patronise you. Or give sideways glances to each other. They don’t know what it’s like to work in crowded retail where you make silly mistakes and forget things because you’re basically multitasking constantly.
>one time a woman came in the shop and was super annoying and picky the whole time and when she left, she brought loads of rubbish out of her bag and asked if we had a bin. I pointed out a public one literally metres across the street that she could clearly see. I later found all the rubbish stuffed in our umbrella bucket
>one time a woman came in the shop and was like, pointing to all the things in the store saying “I’ll take one of those bags, one of those paintings, some of those cushions” so I’m literally like “ok, well why don’t you bring them to the till so I can scan them?” She pulled a stank face and said “actually, never mind” and stormed off
>they expect you to know the answer to everything and will raise their eyebrows if you don’t
>they will waste so much of your time and other customers time agonising over minor decisions and when you come to scan their items they sign, tap their feet, roll their eyes and act like you’re a fucking idiot
>but in the same breath ask you “what’s the difference between goooseberry and raspberry ice cream”
>seriously you better not keep them waiting for any amount of time or they will retaliate
>one time my colleague told some people they couldn’t come in cos the store was closing in one minute, it was literally 9pm, they fucking reported her to the head office. “We should have been allowed in if the store is still open”
>”I’m just going to show my wife, she’s down the road” “no you’re not, put it down and go get her in here. ” “alright calm down, I’m not a shoplifter”
>their children are rude and condescending, one time I made a joke to a child who initiated conversation with me and he took what I was saying seriously and straight up said “you’re stupid” and they all laughed as if it was adorable or something.
>even their dogs are fucking badly behaved and they think it’s cute and will laugh and coo while you clean up the fucking mess it made and they don’t thank you
>poorer people actually seem to care about you, your dignity, time and maintaining the store and upholding the rules for the benefit of others.
>rich people are completely fucking oblivious to everyone except themselves and their families and friends.

No. 904994

File: 1631183992462.jpeg (1.61 MB, 4032x3024, B435A734-1640-491A-8320-4C76F0…)

I’m finally watching the Chris Chan documentary and holy fucking shit I hate scrotes so much. They’re so fucking useless and pathetic. Imagine devoting hours and days and weeks and months of your life to tormenting a retarded manchild. Chris is fucking disgusting too and I’m glad he’s going to jail but none of the fucking wet chins who harassed him are any better. Imagine if there was a rotation of farmers catfishing Lillee Jean or following Shayna around Seattle. But there isn’t, because that’s fucking retarded and a waste of your own time. Men on the Internet are complete fucking scum, no exceptions.

No. 904996

File: 1631184037620.gif (622.33 KB, 383x286, 1600804067467.gif)

so basically they're completely detached from human reality

No. 904997

there is no reason to show respect to your elders if they do not respect you in return

No. 905003

See this is what happens when you give that much of a fuck about """family values""" and let boomers disrespect you like that. Fuck that noise, all the boomers in my family can kiss my ass, cope and seethe if they don't like my decisions, I'm a fucking adult already
Ikr? I thought that i was the only that wasn't really amused by their stupid, psychotic obsession with Chris.

No. 905018

I'm sick and I'm in pain and I don't want to be sick or in pain anymore! This sucks! And I'm the only person doing my job in the office so the longer I'm gone the harder it will be to get back to work and it's making it worse and hard to rest properly knowing the shit piling up in my absence is only growing! and it's painful! and the doctor didn't take me seriously and I'm not assertive enough to talk to them about it so they can take my pain seriously! fuck! I'm a loser and it sucks.

No. 905019

and of course now that the shit has hit the fan and actual criminal charges are being pressed, they've scattered like the roaches they are.
I'd love to see a mainstream Chris Chan documentary one day, but there's no way they'll find any interviewees or subject matter experts because no one is ever going to claim association with this fucking disaster

No. 905020

Anon if I didn't have only 1 other coworker I'd think we were running the same country store/boutique. Your experiences make my heart ACHE. I've also been asked a dumbass "what's the difference between -x- berry- and -x- berry- product" and you need QUICK recovery if you don't take them seriously at first like I did. Also it's shitty but always presume they can't do shit. Some people would hold up an item and say "how much is this" when the price is clearly on the package. The ONE time I decide to point out that the price was on the package the lady says *oh, ok, can you please read it. I want to buy this but I can't see very well and I only have cash." And idk that really sobered me up on assuming with the public. Even if a customer comes in telling you what to grab, and it seems rude, you just don't really know why they chose that route. It's not always coming from a bad place, even if they fail to communicate that.

Sorry for the autism. Otherwise everything you wrote I fucking feeeeel. Fuck entitled rich fucks. The card tapping makes me seethe.

No. 905022

Oh my God, I was just at Walmart and it was crazy busy and my self-checkout line refused to take my card after I had all my items scanned so a manager just cashed me out on a random register to help me leave. Well this random boomer bought something and he needed the security tag removed NOW. He hounded the manager helping me no less than 10 times and stood right up my ass while he was ringing me out. He kept talking and asking for help even when the manager told him, sir, I need to ring her out and I will assist you. It was so bizarre I just assumed he had a mental problem but maybe he was just wealthy

No. 905027


No. 905031

Maybe he just needed to stop in to drop a shit and saw something he had to have

No. 905033

File: 1631187783469.webm (5.07 MB, only instrumental.webm)

Lmao at the CWC trolls being tracked and hounded on, questioned in detail about how they bullied a genuine retard not just mentally but sexually as well, mics being shoved into their faces, pics of them taken when they're about their business

No. 905035

NTA but…Mana-sama…

No. 905053

there was a new social media platform that i was using with for a few months. i was live-streaming multiple times a week and creating lots of content. i was even making a little bit of money through affiliate links. suddenly the platform was abandoned by a lot of people. i stopped making money through my links. people no longer showed up to my livestreams. not many creators even stream on the website anymore.
i’m a little sad because for a moment there it seemed like i might get somewhere with streaming, don’t know where but somewhere. i was hopeful the platform would acknowledge my hard work somehow, like just say hey we see you, but nope, never did. so now i abandoned the platform like everyone else, kek.

No. 905059

File: 1631190761780.jpeg (401.9 KB, 1242x751, 757F1F54-8D2D-45BD-AE91-E162EE…)

bf said i’m not ‘that pretty’

No. 905060

just tell him you like that he isnt “too tall”
men are soooo insecure about their heights. guarantee that will sting

No. 905062

Ask him who tf is then?! That would put me off a bf. In fact one bf got defensive and said he'd been with a thinner woman than me which isn't even ridiculous and in my head I vowed to fuck his life up. Men should worship women that's my opinion

No. 905071

I'm pretty sure there's a term for this type of thing where a guy says his girlfriend isn't pretty so she will feel like she's unlovable and physically repulsive so she'll stay with him but I can't remember it. He thinks he's one step ahead of you, one up him by leaving an egg under his bed then leave without saying anything. No texts, no calls, voicemails, etc.

No. 905073

I’d break up with a man over a comment like that tbh.

No. 905074

dump him and i'm gonna do my best to wish for a stray cat to come piss into his sneakers.

No. 905075

Based mana-sama gif

No. 905076

i love the way >>905071 thinks, im with her, hide some gross shit in his apartment and steal his tv remotes or reset his videogames

No. 905077

I'd say to the scrote 'check yourself in the mirror before you come talk to me because you're fucking ugly and now you're single.'

No. 905079

"…but pretty enough for me"

No. 905086

you know it's bad already when met get used to the whole kim kardashian ass size and think that's the norm, but it's even worse when other women say perfectly normal asses is having "no ass" just because it's not visibly huge… get off the internet ladies. you know i'm talking to you.

No. 905087


i blocked him but we’ve been together for 3 years. i’ve been crying for like an hour i don’t know what to do. who dated someone they’re not attracted to? like i’m a dare or something

No. 905088

Nah leaving an egg out to sit under his bed won't actually create a stink only unless the egg was bad/ rotten in the first place. Eggs usually just ferment and the inside becomes solid like candy but no smell if it was already a healthy egg. I would suggest raw fish/ seafood and hiding it somewhere he won't ever look. Raw chicken livers and hearts are great too, will create an absolute vile stink within a week which gets much worse the longer it's left.
You could shit in his shoes and piss on his hat's and clothes, maybe bake some tempting chocolate brownies with your shit mixed in and leave them there for him on the day you leave and don't come back.

No. 905090

you are batshit insane, azealia is that you ? (ilu)
and the fucker did it over text ? sending you good vibes anon, you can do better.

No. 905091

he didn’t break up with me just said ‘you’re not especially pretty’


i don’t want to date someone who’s not attracted to me

No. 905092

Should've got some revenge and went out with a bang so you can always look back on it and laugh at him. But now he's blocked, don't look back. Time to move on and focus on yourself. I bet he didn't even make you orgasm with his dick within those 3 years. A dildo does it better.

No. 905093

he sounds like a scumbag, a genuine no feelings scumbag. who says that to their girlfriend? their LONG TERM girlfriend?

No. 905095

i understood he didn't dump you, but it's especially low to send it while being away so that he can avoid your reaction to his shittiness.

No. 905096

he just called me and i had the strength not to answer. if i end things i’m going to be so lonely

No. 905097

god i hope you're not the same bpd chan that posted a bunch of other terrible shit in the past about her boyfriend. i'm gonna kick your ass if you are!!! he is terrible how can you not see that? you would be happier alone than with him

No. 905100

You'll be fine. Being alone is very freeing and liberating, you can do what you want when you want and you don't have to answer to some scrote. You should spend time with your family and friends, find new hobbies and interests, work on yourself. You don't need him. He didn't even appreciate you when you were around.

No. 905102

The term is negging

No. 905105

File: 1631194076766.jpeg (1001.58 KB, 1152x1101, C3C7C00B-A718-46B6-A415-DA8B26…)

i’ll never have this

No. 905108

File: 1631194476297.jpg (105.77 KB, 828x828, tumblr_36cdf0d7fce6e9a5a63211b…)

I think my mom might have walked in on or at least overheard me masturbating. I was in the middle of it when I heard her knock and try at the door (it was locked but the lock is shit and sometimes doesn't work) and I said "don't come in" but then she said through the door "never mind, it's ok" so I rushed to get dressed, went to her room and asked what she needed, and she said "it's okay, it's okay." Either way, the act is ruined for me forever

No. 905109

and he won't have his hair in ten years and that double chin will quadruple

No. 905110

he's not the only guy out there wtf.

No. 905113

I recommend salmon, personally. Even if off just a day or two it makes this smell that he won't be able to place. It's an odor that permeates a room so it's going to be hard to locate as well

No. 905114

this is disgusting, spoiler this shit nonnie

No. 905115

he lives 2 hours away so i’m not gonna go 2 hours to do that but i thank you for the suggestions anons

salmon is so delicious and expensive i’d struggle not to waffle it down

No. 905116

yeah for real. i support heterosexuals but i just don’t believe in it, and i don’t want to see straight people shoved down my throat, its just gross. how will i explain straight couples to my children? it’s just unnatural.

No. 905119

I'm at my limit and the two scrotes I've been forced to depend on offer no support. I might as well kill myself to have some kind of freedom in this life.

No. 905120

And why are you with this man exactly? You deserve everything he says to you if you refuse to just dump him.

No. 905121

No. 905122

I love KF because there's more variety of threads and cows there, but i feel like it's gotten too big for its own good, like there's so much traffic lately the site barely loads. It's insufferable.

No. 905123

No instead you'll have yourself and you'll be happier, living a longer more fulfilling life. Where's your strength? You need to be strong.
Marriage was created by scrotes as a form of mate guarding so every other scrote could see the woman "belonged" to some other scrote because there's nothing a scrote fears more than fathering children that aren't his. Marriage was a way to eliminate that risk. It's just mate guarding and control. Marriage is just a another way to control and regulate women and womens' sexuality.

No. 905124

She's never gonna dump him she's obsessed with him. People constantly tell her to do the right thing and she never does.

No. 905126

File: 1631195703851.gif (714.53 KB, 245x245, 0186A9B5-4377-4566-B9DE-E7660E…)

don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown
don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown
don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown don’t have a mental breakdown

No. 905145

I always get those really painful cystic acne bumps on my chin and lower cheeks around the time I am ovulating till my period starts and I fucking hate it. From the end of my period till ovulation my skin kinda clear but then it just goes to shit. It so super painful, they are fucking large and under the skin and it takes at least 1 week for them to go to the surface of the skin and then another week to two weeks to vanish and I fucking hate it so much.

No. 905148

it’s not because of traffic, it’s because they’re getting DDOSed by troons. it’s why the site is also now invite only

No. 905151

i keep seeing fatties crying about how actually muh shein hauls are IMPORTANT and VALIDATING and how they’re not actually destroying the planet, all because they can’t fit their pounds of fat into normal people clothes and have to buy from shitty chinese slave labour shops instead… crazy! almost like being a fat fuck isn’t ethical and is probably actually peak capitalism, considering how you only end up there by being a greedy cunt and gorging yourself! but never mind because miss lizzy needs her size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL shirts i guess

No. 905156

muy god, ntayrt but can you imagine being this in the know about KF? being null's e-gf and having to listen to what's happening to the site? having to comfort him about trannies but then he gets defensive about it and then you gotta act like you weren't comforting him? couldn't be ,me

No. 905177

Sophie was just another scrote that made overrated music

No. 905178

Literally how fat do you need to be that people demand clothes with sizes that are bigger than XXL. I don’t mind chubby or overweight people, sometimes it really is genetics or an illness but if you see yourself becoming a big lump of fat and flesh and stop resembling a person and have to use a scooter at the supermarket it is probably time for an intervention/therapy/diet. People who binge eat so much that they become death fats and do impulsive shopping have the same problem - they hoard stuff they do not need. There is something very wrong with our society that enables this.

No. 905180

Seeing thumbnails for that shit makes me want to puke.

No. 905189

I get your point, but what does this have to do with fatties? Thin youtubers buy plenty of shein garbage, and the extra square foot of fabric doesn't mean much when the majority of the environmental cost has to do with shipping and transportation. Kinda just sounds like you wanted to a-log about landwhales tbh

No. 905195

NTA but I understood the post like: fat people are trying to excuse their wasteful Shein hauls by claiming it's nin the name of self-love/fat activism/social justice

No. 905197

shein fucking sucks. Just piles of stuff so cheap it's beyond fast fashion, some of this stuff is basically single-use. The fact it's so popular with the same breed of "reeee plastic straws are killing the planet!" people drives me nuts

No. 905204

Exactly, I've heard this argument made about buying 7XL size knockoffs of the strawberry dress - it doesn't get made in their size and they have a right to wear anything they want so they excuse their buying SheIn crap with that.

No. 905214

You better not go back to him after he "apologizes"

No. 905217

I guess, but in the same vein I've seen plenty of (non-obese) people justify their shein purchases by saying that they're poor or that they deserve an outlet for their stressful lifestyle. The "shein helps me validate my disgustingly overweight body" defense is just another flavor of the same thing, so it feels weird to hone in on it.

No. 905218

you know she will. heterosexuality is a mental illness.

No. 905234

File: 1631202228425.jpeg (511.81 KB, 2073x3000, B89E3474-BF2E-484C-A4FD-B948A2…)

why god why don't i have a christian bale boyfriend? this is actually suffering please i'll do anything just give him to me

No. 905240

File: 1631202615570.png (200.63 KB, 430x432, Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 10.4…)

what a fuycking smug shit eating grin. I swear the feeling of pure animosity I felt toward this cretin was incredible. I cannot even speak to the fact that he made the same clickpait title with his precious WENDYS being BIG BIG BIG while he SHITS all over some good ass American style spicy TORTILLA TENDIE? Fuckoutofhere!!! I'm not unsubbing AND I'm not clicking this video. fuckj this guy I swear he's got tabs on who writes words about him on every inch of the web. he saw what I wrote and he responded accordingly. faggot

No. 905245

stop being a boring boomer

No. 905250

studying this image closer I notice the "Masks" in the background are now covered by a dark veil. his aggrandization of Wendys may be a nod to Irish supremacy, or white nationalism in general considering he spit on something he deemed POC worthy. he responded to his attacking something that is putting more flavor into the mouths of the masses by shilling a red haired loli's bacon burger? suspicious. sinister, even

No. 905266

i’m the original anon and yes, you’re correct. fatties act as though they’re the only ones allowed to spend thousands on cheap tat and as though they’re exempt from criticism because they can’t fit in anything else, as though that’s not entirely their fault for being such greedy pigs in the first place

No. 905321

I turn 20 next month and I want to stop time. Not because I’m afraid of physically aging, but because I’m scared I’ll end up having nothing to show for it. I’m broke, I live in the ME, I sort of have nothing. Every time I see someone younger than me getting opportunities that I get this feeling, not envy, but like my time has passed me by. I was sure I got over this, that what’s done is done and I really can’t change anything; I can only let my rage and seething at my situation propel me into action…but MAN do I wish I had money and lived in a first or second world country. I wanted to be a musician/writer.

No. 905327

your bit is retarded, please stop

No. 905332

same anon I'm in the same boat but you're only 20, I think we both have lost hope way too early.

No. 905334

I love your reporter of the week spergs nonnie

No. 905338

File: 1631206254157.jpeg (119.5 KB, 563x548, F513AB8B-4E2A-422B-A7A0-958D95…)

20 isn't too old. It's not uncommon in our generation to have careers start later. I know ot's hard to stay hopeful since the world is megafucked right now, but there's still time for opportunities to arise. Good luck anon, you deserve it.

No. 905343

can you not immigrate also? I'm looking into immigrating and I will probably do it soon. Do you live in the EU? Because if you do you can go anywhere you want!!

What sort of musician would you have liked to be? I have always wanted to be a singer. https://singingcarrots.com/pitch-training this website can help you with improving your singing. Learning how to play an instrument is quite easy at any age, but learning how to sing with your voice is very hard. You can look into making songs in FL studio if you want. You can also write. There's no limits to making art really, it's not your fault your environment did not help you become an artist, follow your heart. Most artists are born in families of artists so they are socialized to become that or live in an environment where they can find other artists.

No. 905354

>Do you live in the EU
She literally said she lives in the Middle East.

No. 905370

How can people call themselves pro-choice and say the support women's decision to have abortion for ANY reason, and then in the same breath have a nuclear fucking meltdown if you say you'd abort if you found out the baby was gonna be a tard? I hate twitter

No. 905376

isn't this happening the the unpopular opinion thread? We have a tradthot browsing on here. Yesterday she posted about womanhood being about giving birth and if you don't give birth you are a "failed" woman. Anons made fun of me and called me a scrote and said I took the bait for arguing with her I told her womanhood is not about giving birth. Now everyone is losing their shit over her saying she is pro abortion. It's just a tradthot on lolcow, her brain has been replaced with the bleach she used to bleach her hair blonde to appeal more to the trad types.

No. 905388

Nah I don't know anything about that, I just saw people on twitter being retarded and got pissed. I mean it's twitter so it was a given, but still

No. 905400

I get what you're saying but most first world people who want to be or are a musician or writer don't make a living off it.

> Do you live in the EU? Because if you do you can go anywhere you want!!
Tbh people always say this but it's not entirely true. You've got to be market active (aka make money) to freely move countries within the EU. Although there's options for non-market active people like students or elderly.

No. 905415

Wow you're still seething because some people don't treat abortion like it's a fucking hobby or a walk in the park?

No. 905430

>you're still seething

anon, I didn't even take place in that argument kek. But being pro abortion is still stupid and bad for women, my two cents.

No. 905439

I mean being anti abortion is bad for women*

No. 905445

i love having long hair but at times it can be so fucking gross. i hate finding hair all over everything all the time, getting hair in my mouth makes me so angry and disgusted
is it even fucking worth it?!?!?!?

No. 905446

true I also have long hair. Imagine how dirty beards must be blegh

No. 905453

ME TOO, I have invested in a couple of lint roller because it gets everywhere! I like having long hair because I like the way it makes me look and feel but wow is it a pain in the ass to manage.
I want to get a short haircut but I’m afraid I’m going to regret it.

No. 905476


I have to vacuum the floor damn near every day because of my hair and it sucks. Also, it takes me two/three weeks to get through a bottle of conditioner even though I only wash it twice a week.

I've also thought about cutting it at least up to shoulder length but ngl I like the compliments I get because it's so long and healthy ugh

No. 905485

Nonny are you also shrew anon? Idk just a feeling. Love your work either way!

No. 905487

The fuck? You must be sick to be losing that much hair.

No. 905489

I usually really love dogs but there's this one owner who walks his dog every day at 5am and that little shit always barks at something and it makes me want to throw a brick at both of them. Can't sleep with closed windows either because it's still too damn hot where I live.

No. 905494

wtf, nah, long hair just seems like a lot of it is coming out

No. 905495

No I'm fine according to my doc, sometimes I just shed a lot when seasons change and my hair is almost down to my hips and very dark, so I easily see it on the floor, especially in the bathroom and it disgusts me.

No. 905504

I cut my long hair shoulder length at the start of the year and it's barely falling out anymore, it's great. A ridiculous amount of hair used to come out when I washed it, I thought I must be balding even though I showed no sign of thinning.

That said I regret cutting it, the lob was cute but it's grown out so it's not quite short, not quite long and it's sooo boring.

No. 905533

makes sense. the longer it is, the heavier it is and the harder it will be for your scalp to hold onto it, making you shed more.

No. 905542

My sister got her first teaching job and after 1 month she found out that her male students made a group chat about how they want to rape her. I’m fuming anons!!! Of course they got expelled but now the whole school knows about it. My sister is such an intelligent woman but now all of the students pity her instead, which is the last thing you would want when you’re trying to gain respect from them. She said that she’s not scared of the guys who planned to rape her but that she’s sad about how she isn’t treated as an intellectual compared to the male teachers. I don’t know anons I’m scared for her. There’s been a lot of gang violence in this city, what if a group of men that know the male students attack her as revenge?

No. 905556

I wish my boss wouldn't fucking talk to me as I'm watching online meetings especially because he KNOWS I'M RECORDING THEM!! FOR HIM TO LISTEN/READ THE TRANSCRIPTS AFTER!!!!!!!

No. 905573

Sorry for the sperg but if eggs are left out long enough they become little stink bombs. The gasses locked in during fermentation make it so that the shell will burst open eventually, whether it's touched or gently moved or not. If you hide it well, that fucker will go off in 3-4 months and by then they wouldn't think it was you.

No. 905583

My ex and I are still on very good terms, not really friends but we hang out sometimes. She has a tendency to be pretty flirty and because she's gorgeous and I'm incredibly lonely I sometimes fantasize about her when masturbating. Anyway she booked me for a tattoo and I was like yay it's nice to get customers but she wants it done between her boobs and I'm losing my absolute shit. I'm not sure I can do it nonnies just thinking about it makes me horny.
And the kicker is that she's married and has kids. Kill me

No. 905598

Someone who's better versed in Twitter please tell me what's this sudden influx of extremely confrontative terminally online teenage girls who always have a k-pop avatar, pronouns on bio and self-proclaimed lesbian while posting nothing else but k-pop fancams, picking fights with random people and a-logging with purposefully offensive shit. Their signature behavior is being gross, obsessive manlike simps for female k-pop idols and coomer anime girls and the "manhate" that's more used to attack other women, calling them whores over shit like liking anime men instead of bullying scrotes who would actually deserve it. It's like they come out of a troll factory or something, are they actually a 4chan psyop to fuck with women or am I going crazy?

No. 905603


Yeah, getting your ex to tattoo your boobs sounds a little, sus. I'd leave her where the fuck she is anon, a married with kids woman who's okay with an ex seeing her topless is bad news bears

No. 905610

do the right thing and don’t think like a scrote

No. 905611

missed 2 doses of my antidepressant bc I ran out and now I'm literally ready to kill myself over being so fucking ugly and fat and repulsive and unattractive and pathetic etc etc. Starting to think my depression isn't an imbalance but just a natural response to existing in this form

No. 905613

i'm a bit freaked out because i was about to come here to vent about my ex and i flirting with each other, my ex also being a loner who masturbates to me.
i'm so drained and afraid i don't want to write anything about this anymore

No. 905616

Are you married too?

No. 905620

damn dude im just so depleted as a person and i feel like a skin walker in my own body and i am just deeply bored with everything and this has just been the worst year of my life lol

i feel like i have to act around people and contort my face certain ways to appear like a human being

i am just ready to go now lol

No. 905627

I have maybe 30 minutes total a day i can relax, so of course the fucking second i pull up a movie and get my headphones on everyone in the house wants to talk to me. When i finally cave in and take my headphones off, it stops, then everyone wants my attention again the second i put them back on. It’s obnoxious as fuck.

No. 905630

File: 1631225046520.jpg (66.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

My dentist appointment got re-scheduled for the third time. I have a fucking infection you assholes

No. 905631

i feel like i got saggy breasts basically overnight. i don't know how this happened. i'm only 24. i just don't need yet another thing to be repulsed by in my appearance

No. 905635

Get a better dentist? Why are you still with them, they're not even treating you

No. 905660

I had to go through 3 different dentists, an oral surgeon, and an endodontist because I stuck too long with the original incompetent dentist that let my infection fester for MONTHS and spread and give me permanent TMJ. Act fast and get a second opinion pronto. Not to scare you but I went through a year of suffering

No. 905665

I didn't get any sleep at all because of my family sleeping in MY room since all of their ACs are broken besides mine. It pisses me off when they decide to do just that. It's retarded, but it bothers me a lot knowing someone else is in my room while I'm trying to sleep. I cant even complain cause they'll get mad and go "You arent the only person living here anon". Besides that, I'm an autist who's uncomfortable with the scent of a different room that isn't mine, making me even more restless. This only happens from time to time but it never fails to irritate me to the point where I couldn't sleep.

No. 905669

I've already had this infection for about a year, and my next appointment will be the second opinion. I appreciate your advice though, anon.

No. 905684

File: 1631230625767.jpg (52.93 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

I feel so retarded for having ppl like me and never like them back out of pure fear and anxiety. One of my friends struggles with pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks and was still able to get into a relationship while I've been in one. I don't know what's wrong with me or how to fix this. Worse thing is I know a lot of ppl would like to be in this position but honestly it's the same with everyone, whether they're good looking or not. Shit. Guys that I actually like and feel comfortable around are all taken and all the girls I talk to are straight, dating apps don't work either. I know some anons might think it's better to just be alone but there's a feeling of dread of not being able to overcome this and end up being left behind by everyone including my friends that I lean on. I have pretty bad mood swings too so sometimes I think everything's ok and I do have a good time on some dates and other times I can't even breathe properly without feeling like I'm having a heart attack. I need therapy but I'm too fucking busy this year and gotta pass the bar exam as well.

No. 905688

File: 1631230808574.jpg (38.89 KB, 479x380, you.jpg)

I am sick and tired of you young women uttering phrases like "I hate that as a woman I HAVE to [insert bullshit you totally don't have or need to do].
Do yourselves (and me in particular) a favour, and read Wilhelm Reich's "Listen, Little Man". Because it's talking about you too, Little Woman.

No. 905698

I wish that were me

No. 905701

Many things you don't have to do but not doing them puts you in position of disadvantage.

No. 905704

Amazing you managed to read it in 10 minutes.

No. 905716

Ma'am this is a vent thread, not a book recommendation thread.

No. 905722

True, but the book I recommended IS a vent. It's just easier to do that than write an essay on lolcow myself.

No. 905726

>just don't do it lole
>just read a book lole

No. 905735

Also, I'm not as eloquent and wouldn't provide you with such good pictures. But his vent is my vent too.

No. 905747

Wish I could talk about being ugly without some normal looking bitch chiming in to humblebrag about being weird-cute. I get it, you win, what do you get out of subjecting me to this? This is like beating up the special ed kid, please show some compassion.

No. 905773

Kek fatties aren't any more to blame for fast fashion than anyone else. Their reasons aren't more bad or hypocritical than anyone else's. Either you justify purchasing shit made from cheap labor and unsustainable production sources or you don't purchase.
If you want to call fat people greedy bingers then just do that and get it over with than these shoddy attempts at virtue signaling. At least the fats needing to buy clothes from sources that accommodate their size makes more sense than skellys buying theirs when they have access to better options for their size which you implied. Stupid.

No. 905791

Can I have a prayer for the vibrator that finally died that I lost the charger to months ago?

No. 905799

Sending good vibez your way ahahaha

No. 905802

>partner being an annoying twat to me the second I come home from work
>I don't feel like cooking and it's like pulling teeth to get his whiny ass to agree to anything
>annoying me at the drive thru
>annoying me when I'm distributing the food
>hiccuping every hour since we got home
>pawwing and groping my body since we sat on the couch to relax
>being a whiny attention whore that I'd rather be posting on my phone than watching his boring trash he put on the tv bc just being next to him on the couch isn't enough
>refusing to go upstairs to sleep so I can have the TV for myself and relax for a few hours
>taking up the couch and falling asleep and snoring so I can't relax down here, watch what I want in peace, and just be alone for a few hours until I need to go to bed

I want to commit violence.

No. 905816

Some fat bitch in the store was yelling and cursing at her young kid and he wasn’t even doing anything wrong. I wanted to fucking attack her but I’m too afraid she’ll put out a gun or some crazy shit. Made me sick. I want a kid so bad and can’t have one and meanwhile this bitch has 3 and treats them like shit

No. 905829

Steal hers

No. 905847

Girl, leave him. Sounds like a loser. He will just bring you down

No. 905848

I care way too much about what my professors think of me. In one of my classes today the prof gave me one opportunity to contribute to the class discussion only to quickly cut me off in a sort of dismissive way. The idea that I wanted to put forward was relevant to the material we were looking at, I wasn't rambling aimlessly like an autist or anything. He let the other students speak up several times, gave them space to build their ideas and helped them elaborate in more detail, but when my turn came he shut me down. It sounds immature but I wanted to get the attention and feedback that was afforded to my peers. I know I shouldn't take it personally because I'm reading too much into it but here I am hours later still letting it weigh on me. I just wanna be taken seriously as a student that's trying to learn, contribute and improve.

No. 905942

I keep dreaming about my ex and it makes me angry. It's been 4 years. I don't want him back. But my stupid brain keeps inserting him into the dreams because back than I was happy and he's the only person I kind of "knew". I have no one to replace him with so yea. Wish it would stop, it's starting to hurt.

No. 905982

She wouldn't be fully topless, but shirtless yeah. The flirty comments she passes off as jokes sometimes do cross a line I personally wouldn't cross in a relationship though. I'm 100% sure she does it just for the thrill of flirting and not because she's actually looking to hook up, I'm just still attracted to her sexually like a degenerate scrote. It's been years since we dated.

By god am I trying. Just to clarify I never think these things about my other customers no matter how gorgeous they are and I've tattooed my fair share of boobs and butts.

I hope that my ex doesn't know about me masturbating to her I would die if she did.

No. 905987

I'm very secondhand furious about this. I hope if this happens again you just keep talking over him and finish your thought. Or say "Excuse me." in a very polite way and finish your thought. Now he may hate you for this and try to screw you any way he can. But somebpdy has to teach shitheads a lesson or he will just keep doing this to shy people, as well as to actually autistic people who already struggle to make themselves heard. A single event like this can make a shy or autistic person withdraw and not try to parricipate again for a very long time.

But he may well also just start giving you straight As so he doesn't have to talk to you. You would be surprised how many petty tyrants fold straight away when anyone stands up to them even a little bit. I've learned this through being nuts/autismo enough to nail people to the wall. Dickweeds like this guy have no idea what to do, and either they become very angry at you, or they knuckle under like a whipped dog. It's about 50/50.

Alternatively, for a less public confrontation, go to his office hours and let your autismo sperg fly about whatever the subject at hand was. Just pretend like ypu're super super interested in it and want to discuss it more. Or just keep asking him questions about it for as long as you can think of more things. This will teach him the lesson that if he doesn't let you speak in class he'll be hearing a lot more later. Since he disrespected your time, go and disrespect his time. You can even do this via email, just send him long winded emails about the subject. Professors have to read and respond to student emails so you can waste his time like a motherfucker while seemingly acting totally normal. If he stops responding then ypu have cause fpr genuine complaint to the administration, so he has to talk to you. He doesn't even know that you have a lot more power over him than he has over you. Teach him that.

No. 905999

I feel so inferior to anyone. I wake up and I feel guilty for existing, lately I've been avoiding talking to my friends who have their lives together because I feel like I'm too disgusting to contact them. I'm just a dirty neet and I want to be alone because then no one can see how much of a failure I am. I feel so bad. It's like the universe is telling me to off myself but I'm too stubborn so I
keep sticking around just to be completely useless. My parents were right when they said that I was useless and not able to do anything.

No. 906022

File: 1631262697005.jpg (33.14 KB, 750x508, a106d0685045c1d305d9810cfd83ba…)

i just got an invitation to a wedding and then to a funeral. i don't know how to feel

No. 906032

i wish i could fall asleep sitting normally in a seat. i always need to be curled up to sleep. maybe it’s because im short most chairs are just horribly uncomfortable.
im waiting for my dad at the hospital and its gonna be a long time, i’ll probably end up curled in a ball on a couple chairs

No. 906087

when i left work and was waiting for my bus i noticed the cars in the drive-through weren't moving and i wondered what was happening in the restaurant. then i started to feel sick and almost puked in the bus and now i'm at home in my bed feeling nauseus, dizzy and my head and chest hurts. my ocd ass is trying to convince me that i have carbon monoxide poisoning and that's why the cars weren't moving at the drive-through and i kind of want to text a colleague to ask if they're ill too but i also don't want to embarress myself cus i'm sure i'd be informed if anything was wrong and that my anxiety is just making me feel even more sick

No. 906093

which jobs/careers pay well and are easy?

No. 906101

i feel like most jobs are underpaid tbh but ive always thought being a janitor/custodian would be a pretty chill, easy job

No. 906102

my dad implied he thought I was attractive last night and just typing it out makes me feel ill

No. 906104

i feel you anon, my dad used to slap me on the butt, fortunately it hasn't happened for a at least a year now

No. 906106

i'm so sorry anon. men are degenerates, even fathers. my dad once called me "curvy" while i was shopping for a winter coat of all things and i legit wanted to throw up for the rest of the day. even thinking about it still makes me full body cringe. he's never done anything weird but jfc dude im your DAUGHTER

No. 906116

They really are degenerate. My father used to brag about how his male friends found me attractive and would tell me what jeans made my butt look good at the age of 13. Another man in the family refused to change his daughter's diapers because he was uncomfortable seeing her naked and "jokingly" called her a little slut when she once ran around the living room wearing only diapers. I feel sick whenever I think about it and I'm glad he was eventually cut off from the family. I've also removed all connections to my dad. May he rot.

No. 906132

holy fucking shit I'm struggling to contain my irrational anger at texting people. Can you fucking respond please?? I loathe waiting on an answer when I need it promptly, just stop what you're doing for 5 fucking seconds and answer me so we can end the conversation WITHOUT IT LASTING HOURS HOLY SHIT I WANT TO SHOUT AT YOU SO FUCKING BADLY

No. 906150

thanks anon I think it is a good answer, I find physical work more rewarding than sitting at a desk and being stressed out

No. 906159

I fucking hate teenage scrotes. There's two of them sitting near me in a bus, playing some mobile game. They keep shouting insults at each other mixed with English meme-speak, laughing with a fake-deep voice, I've heard one rape joke so far and I just wish I could punch their faces in. Every sentence ends with 'dude' (or an equivalent in my language) and it's so fucking irritating to listen to.

No. 906170

I fucked up my sleeping pattern about a week ago and can't seem to get it back to normal and it's making me feel like shit.

No. 906174

Samefag but I had a whole week working in a lab with a wannabe funny 'clown class' type scrote and I feel like one more hour with him would make me off myself. Every single one of his joke was some reddit quote, screaming English shit like 'big brain time' 'karen' 'omg the glove made a sign, hahaha that's the meme' 'haha I move my hips like I fuck, invisible rape haha' and so on.
And most of it was painfully normie reddit shit too.
Not a single thing was from his own head, only quotes. That isn't funny, that isn't clever, that isn't humor. Yet most of the five or so classmates would laugh or force a chuckle. One handmaiden would even straight up say 'omg you're so funny, you can think of so many funny things to say about such a boring thing'.
I absolutely hate how unfunny scrotes get praise for embarrassing bad humor and it makes them such insufferable overconfident clowns. Men are so funny, am I right?(don't use emojis)

No. 906175

so my mom was diagnosed with osteoporosis and she has to take a medication with heavy side effects (not hrt), she explained a little about different cures that exist and why taking estrogen is actually dangerous for women because it increases the risk of breast cancer, and is usually prescribed as a last resort. Now all I can think of is that disgusting misogynist philosophytroon's coming out note where he wrote that "post-menopausal women who want it can have immediate access to hrt while trans women who need it can't" (among other female health issues he belittled). It makes my blood boil how he so openly hates women and gets praise for it, fuck you you ugly male i hope your frankenvagina ends up like yaniv's

No. 906183

that was anxiety for sure. i get to live another day

No. 906202

File: 1631284974664.png (1.08 MB, 960x720, 9B7A6EC8-62EA-4DED-88E3-CEDEEA…)

i have nothing to vent about rn but I’ve never been this horny in my life thinking about a scrote

No. 906213

I feel almost sick of my boyfriend. We live together and have been dating for nearly 3 years and yet something clicked recently and I've just realised that hes an asshole. He's a coward who never sticks up for me if people talk about me behind his back, I need to do any phone calls for him, hes hyper critical of how I spend my money and spend my time, if I spend a day just sitting around reading he acts like its a waste of time and I could have been productive. He refuses to see a doctor for his obvious mental health issues, but will call 111 because his ear got blocked after a bath. He's this kind of guy thats like women have it so easy, men have to work harder to get in to relationships and women bully men for being virgins and being a woman is easier. Oh my god, once after I asked him to please get some help for his anger issues and anxiety he was like theres no support for men theres a stigma. I googled it and found a whole ass mens support group and centre near where we lived. I was like holy shit you never actually looked did you? You was just making excuses and his ass never went cos he had a counsellor once 4 years ago and it didn't work so therapy is pointless for him. He doesn't like how I do my makeup, he gets embarrassed if I talk to loud or show any sign of happiness in public, he gets annoyed when I look visibly upset in public because it makes him look bad. He doesn't like me always being around when hes hanging out with his friends, which is fine, but hes too much of a coward to tell them that so I have to make up lies because he doesnt want me to tell them that either. I dont know, I love him, but i feel like im not being treated right at the moment

No. 906227

Anon, your rose colored glasses came off. I'm sorry that you are in a relationship with someone who makes you feel this way but it's important you realised that. I can only judge by what you wrote but sometimes love's not enough and you need to know when it's time to leave before you waste even more time with someone like that. You deserve better.

No. 906228

It’s world suicide prevention day and I just wanna say I love all of you nonitas and hope you’re okay no matter what you’re going through ♥

No. 906229

Thank you, you just reminded me to commit suicide

No. 906231

File: 1631287726006.jpg (154.42 KB, 3198x1799, a.jpg)

Don't you dare anon

No. 906237

File: 1631288480387.png (Spoiler Image,69.66 KB, 2059x403, cringe lmao.PNG)

Thanks nonnie, I love you too ♥

It's been years since I've been suicidal, and this post made me go back to find the post I made right after chickening out of hanging myself in my dorm room kek. Reading that old post makes me feel so fucking stupid, I was so stupid back then. I can't believe it's been almost 6 years now.

I hope anons going through shit right now will hold on. I don't want to get preachy but my life is going so well. Not in super extraordinary ways, actually, it's going well in the most boring and ordinary way. It's peaceful. Every breath I take feels like a blessing. Every moment I live feels exhilarating. I really want and hope that other nonas will be able to feel at peace with the world and their existence as I am in mine. It's been a long journey, but I hope they may look back at themselves and be thankful for not going through with permanent decisions.

also yes I know I'm supremely fucking stupid for getting that worked up over a boy. He messaged me years later to apologize, then still kept blaming me for being crazy and ignoring his role in making that happen. Needless to say, I am now a very happy single lesbian

No. 906241

My period cramps are giving me an ouchie. I honest to god just need a cuddle.

Also don't kill yourselves guys. Anything is better than nothing. God bless

No. 906246

> Also don't kill yourselves guys. Anything is better than nothing.
Its the opposite. Nothing better than sweet peaceful nothingness. Like when you're asleep and dreaming of nothing

No. 906250

you won't have dreams when you're dead though, anon. that requires brain activity.

No. 906251

Yeah but you can't eat baked goods or pet a cute animal when you're dead

No. 906254

You can’t see the people you hate seething over your mere existence, that’s sweet.

No. 906259

more dumb weeb anime rp complaints but basically i've noticed that whenever i gay ship, actual men (not trannies) seem fonder of enforcing who tops/bottoms than trannies and other women. idk it's just funny to me

like i will literally make jokes about my 5'7 character topping their 6'3 dude and men will go "nope he's too small xD" whereas women and trannies wipe my ass about how "cute x3 and healthy x3" it is.

No. 906261

Ok, Ayyden.

No. 906262

nta, lol nona what

No. 906267

The joke is that FtMs are usually authors of gay RP.

No. 906270

God, I hate him so much for everything. I am always saving and protecting myself, always being dutifully chaste and abstinent as it is a personal value of mine. I am always very careful, patient and slow. I was always saving myself and waiting for someone whom I truly trusted and respected before engaging in lewd behavior. I am also quite insecure and generally shy. We had only just met that day and he kept tugging at my underwear. I pulled them back on a few times and expressed my discomfort and insecurity. I didn't feel comfortable with him seeing my privates. It was especially painful when he wouldn't let me see his penis and he wouldn't undress fully. Before I knew it I was completely nude against my will whilst he was essentially clothed. I didn't want him to touch me there but I was scared and didn't know how to say no and he didn't even ask for consent the first time nor did he respond when I pulled my underwear back up and was physically trying to get away from him and I just hate it. He didn't rape or sexually assault me but I had never consented to this and I felt so violated and disrespected. I remember so vividly how he paused the film and turned me around towards him and began to kiss me. My first kiss after having been kissed against my will. Kisses I was trying to preserve… And he began so quickly to just grope at my breasts and then pull off my shorts and underwear and started touching my vagina and I had never been touched that way except for somewhat differently against my will so it was very shocking and happened so so so fast I could barely keep up and react actively, I was just trying to gather my thoughts and process what was happening. Before I knew it my underwear was off and he was performing oral sex on me, and then before I knew it he was done and kissing me again and so forth. It all went so so so fast and I cried myself to sleep. But I have stupid childhood trauma that makes me repress emotions without noticing and latch onto anyone that isn't my mother as I am still living with her and cannot really get out and she is the cause of a lot of my trauma and so I stuck around and whatnot and idolised him and ignored the hurt he gave me and just focused on the crumbs of goodness and then the worst part is that his sexual interest lessened and I had to beg for just a little bit of affection. He violated me so much the first few days and then just completely turned a cold shoulder and manipulated me and fuck I hate him so much I hate the person he is and I hate that I knew him and had him in my life I just fucking despise him and what he did and how he disrespected me so much I deserve patience and comfort I deserve to be insecure and be intimate with someone at my own pace and I deserve attention and to be seen and fuck I hate him and I hate everyone who mistreated me in my past so horribly and cruelly I was just a child and just s young teenager I fucking hate them all and I hate him

No. 906273

I want to cry but whenever I cry my mother becomes angry at me and yells and hits me and so forth so I can go to a place that social care has for young adults like me but it is very far away and I don't want to leave my house paradoxically so I do not know what to do I just wish I could cry in someone's arms and be comforted and consoled and that would already cheer me up so much I could go on with my day and stop dwelling on the past but simply live in the present and work towards my future. I have so much to do and I know what to do to reach my goals but I keep binging and purging and feeling lonely and I despise this weakness and bad stupid behavior and I hate myself and these feelings could be solved so easily but I don't know how right now I just need a hug and some comforting yet constructive words and a little bit of patience to go on I'm sorry

No. 906281

The only local discord server for one of my hobbies was invaded by “amabs” and they/thems a while ago (despite neutral pronouns not really existing in our language) and now they’re unironically owo-ing and uwaah~ing at each other. It has always been a weeb-adjacent hobby but until this point everyone interacted like normal adults, not retarded anime characters.

No. 906328

File: 1631298395471.jpeg (918.71 KB, 4032x3024, 4280D9D5-8075-4891-85EE-D1082F…)

I don’t know how people can go so long without showering. I know depression can be a factor, but I feel more depressed when I don’t shower. Showering and being clean automatically makes me feel better. Same with cleaning my room/desk. I do not understand how people can live like this, especially moids.

No. 906333

Queen. The only reason I won't kms

No. 906334

Even better

No. 906340

i mean this pic is pretty extreme compared to most people’s “depression rooms”. this is like a drug addict den.

No. 906341

i had a mental breakdown because my bank was fucking with my money, i started crying and bit myself really hard. now im super embarrassed, i got the issue taken care of but it was really difficult.
i just hate being responsible for money, it’s the one thing that stresses me out most

No. 906342

that looks like the room of an extremely mentally ill person though, probably a hoarder and a junkie at the same time

No. 906343

File: 1631298888971.jpeg (23.35 KB, 800x800, 48938181-8900-49C7-A4B5-96E681…)

I'll hold you, nonnie

No. 906348

tfw crying and eating cookies in the other room because im not sure if i want to be in a relationship with my boyfriend anymore

No. 906350

I hate egirls. I fucking despise them. I hate what they've done to women as a whole. Of course I hate the men who support them but I just hate men anyway. Egirls make me sick, the ultimate pickme girls. It feels like there is barely any men who dont degrade themselves by simping for these bitches. I would rather have a guy who was into porn that into "sfw" face tuned egirls. They craft these fake personas to perfectly sucker in men but they themselves are also being degraded. They think they're so much better than other women too. Fuck pick mes, egirls and basically all men

No. 906353

>I would rather have a guy who was into porn that into "sfw" face tuned egirls.
literally why

No. 906354

Used to have bad hygiene as a child, it was mostly due to laziness but education plays a big part as well, without a proper parental role you just end up picking bad habits thinking it's normal to be/live like that. Then by the time has passed I wasn't taking care of myself because I was depressed, but I was still somehow much better (less worse) than I used to be.

Now I stay clean with a nice routine and keep my stuff tidy as well, the only time I allow myself to skip shower is during my period when it hurt too much to be able to stand properly. Honestly I wish I learned to at least change my clothes everyday if showering felt such a chore when I was a kid.

No. 906356


they all have the EXACT SAME FACE

No. 906369

>tfw sexually abused and only ever had male partners who were violent in bed
>now with a man who is gentle but still a man and i am completely repulsed by sex with him even though i love him
something something i wonder if i've only ever been with men because i expected myself to be. like i kept perpetuating the cycle of abuse on myself. and now that i'm not being abused i'm realizing i'm not sexually attracted to men. am i gay or am i just broken brained holy shit

No. 906383

This woman whom I was willing to pay for her services and simply asked a question about the reasoning behind her claims blocked me because I have "bad vibes". What a conniving and unprofessional cunt. So much for wanting to heal and help others, lmao. Seriously, medicine and similar fields truly attract the worst kind of people. Manipulative and mentally ill.

No. 906384

I hate it too, I either don't want to check my account for a long time, or just withdraw everything into cash and close it. I'm terrified and paralyzed of dealing with big sums of money.

No. 906388

You’re conditioned by past trauma, see a sex therapist who specializes in trauma. Regardless of what the outcome is you deserve to be free of the trauma which is largely unconscious, and why your body might not respond to healthy people. I’m really happy you have a good partner though who’s not violent, that’s super rare I am jealous lol.

No. 906395

same, i'm extremely repulsed by men who interact with egirl accounts. they should feel ashamed of themselves and I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't date someone with an online presence at all because it brings shame to me if my boyfriend is simping over what are essentially "punished girls"

No. 906414

Besides depression, my biggest thing that makes me shower less frequently is that I absolutely despise wet hair that has fallen out. I don't know what it is. I feel like vomiting and I get goosebumps whenever I see gathered strands of wet hair. I really wish I could get over it.

No. 906429

File: 1631304916147.jpeg (181.09 KB, 1080x1350, 7F92B466-2154-435F-B7B6-6D4485…)

How do I not kill myself over not having a body like this

No. 906433

Delete social media

No. 906434

It's a nice body anon, but i'm sure yours is fine as well.

No. 906435

When you're deep in depression it feels like you have no future, not even a tmrw, and you're very tired, and usually don't go out. So no point in hygiene. Idk how ppl can live like picrel though, I kept my room cleanish because dealing with bugs was too much work.

No. 906436

it's a cute body but sort of average/nothing special, why are you so upset about not having this specifically? you could probably look better if you put effort into excersising

No. 906440

Don't look at it, easy. My femcel level looks obsession went way down when I installed an image blocker and didn't go on social media.

No. 906441

stop talking to pornsick moids and scrolling insta… you're beautiful nona, not everyone has perfect "hourglass" curves! also maybe stop looking at /snow so much, helps me sometimes.

No. 906450

Oh fuck off scrote

No. 906458

??? That's a very achievable, normal body. Are you a tranny or something?
As long as that's not the problem, I'm sure yours is just as nice.

No. 906460

Male, and that body is average(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 906464

Because with porn you at least see a real body in motion. In porn its purely a sexual object. It being explicitly porn establishes at least in the tiniest way that this is basically fictional. The egirl presents herself as a real life person. She presents herself as a girl you could possibly date for real. Men will then tell themselves they need a girl like this egirl. There's a level of parasocial relationship with the egirl that doesn't exist with porn videos

I have seen so many stunningly beautiful women in my life, like really breath taking, and not a single one has had a face like that of the same face all egirls have. Isn't that interesting?

My reaction to guys following egirls is the same as most guys reaction to hearing a girl has had a 16 man BBC gang bang. These men are degrading themselves. Their self worth is SO LOW they are out here supporting women who see them as nothing but a number in their notifications. The worst is the amount of "anti porn/anti OF" men who STILL like these whores "because its not porn" "because they aren't asking for money" You're paying these whores in your TIME and ATTENTION. Most OF egirls don't post porn either! If a guy I'm talking to follows a single fucking egirl I ghost immediately. I won't even be platonic friends with men who support them as it speaks SO much about their character

No. 906470

File: 1631307085365.jpg (16.07 KB, 500x439, 222222.jpg)

I keep having anxiety that I'm going to be fired from my retail job because I got irritated and short with some customers who weren't leaving when we were closed. Usually I'm very cool-headed, but I'd been stressed lately & was irritated that they wouldn't answer when I repeatedly asked what it was they needed. I didn't yell at them or anything, but I was very obviously annoyed and hasty with helping them and simply walked away when the woman tried reprimanding me for being impatient with her.

No. 906474

i’m bored and i don’t want to write my stupid essay

No. 906476

>I'd rather my boyfriend and men in general watch sex trafficking victims and drug addicts getting raped than watch random female influencers
You're getting cucked either way, but this is bad logic lmao

No. 906480

File: 1631307761225.png (1.44 MB, 1058x1729, 1629644957037.png)

I'm not anon, but it also creates a bad stereotype for women and it makes girls wanting to make genuine internet content unable to do so without being sexualized or without being put in the same category as some meitu talentless woman that doesn't even have beauty. In this era having talent or beauty is absolutely useless because some narcissist is gonna be ahead of you by 10 miles using photoshop and manipulation tactics. The photoshopping stuff also creates an unrealistic beauty standard for women. Egirls desensitize men and they enable the idea that women on the internet are there to satisfy some sort of parasocial relationship and make men feel good. There's also eboys, but men making other types of content are never put in the same category as "eboys" and are treated with respect, meanwhile I've observed that absolutely all women on the internet are approached by men as if they are egirls. It's also crazy I've seen beautiful women being called ugly because of the egirl phenomenon. They're being called ugly by the same men that drool over photoshopped pictures of women.
but yeah this anon is right, if you don't support egirls, that doesn't mean you should support the porn industry.

No. 906484

How is that achievable when genetically I have nowhere near an hourglass figure, literally zero hips and a wide waist not to mention boobs nowhere near as big? Explain to me. Thanks for calling me a man though.

No. 906488

Don't get me wrong, porn is fucking disgusting too. I'm saying egirls are even more dangerous. Egirls present themselves as an actual competitor to real women. Most end up in porn just the same anyway! Porn stars do their job then check out and go home. Egirls emulate real humans. Men believe egirls are real. That is the difference. Every woman they meet or see online will be compared next to the egirl. Men want to marry egirls, few want to marry porn stars. I'd prefer a guy into NEITHER but if I had to pick I'd rather he was jerking to porn than egirls

No. 906489

Any woman who exercises regularly (or is just lucky) has a body just as good as that, if not better. It's not unrealistic. Even a rectangular body shape can look feminine and beautiful when adapted.
>Thanks for calling me a man though.
I didn't, unless you're trying to say that the answer to "Are you a tranny or something?" was actually yes.

No. 906493

>e-girls are more dangerous than the porn industry
All I'm gonna say is, you need to stop valuing men's opinions and what they want so much. Anyway, I think this is a sign it's time for me to close LC for the day.

No. 906495

Okay have fun living on mars where rectangular or inverted triangle bodies look like that lol

No. 906499

The best advice I can give you is: stop clinging, rip the bandaid off. Don't wait until you're six years in with kids and more cosigned assets before you wish you had the strength to leave three years ago when you realised what a jerk he is. It's gonna be a whole hell lot harder to separate then.

You're young, you will find better and fall in love again.

No. 906501

Not even her body looks like that, anon. Her waist is liquified - you can see it on her arm that's been widened.

You're beautiful. If you feel insecure about having a boxy waist, you can always invest in a waist trainer. Also, smaller chests give you a wider variety of cute bralettes. Spoil yourself.

No. 906503

Yeah, I'm at a normal weight and exercise, my body proportions just aren't like that

No. 906508

I get what you mean. Egirls all inherently appeal to nasty pedophilic sensibilities, while there's at least a chance that a moid who watches regular porn is into milfs or something. There's also just the pure cringe factor - if I saw someone jacking it to a blush-nosed retard doing some anime dance, I'd never be able to look them in the eyes again kek

No. 906520

I don't value their opinions but I want to have children and I want my child to have two parents which unfortunately means I need to try and find a guy who'd be a good father and I'm noticing over and over again these men showing these issues. Idk if you yourself are an egirl or friends with them or whatever but egirls are subhuman tbh

No. 906524

The vast majority of men are barely mediocre fathers. I'd say good luck to you but don't expect much

No. 906528

true at this point it would probably bet better to raise children and have families with a bunch of other women together since males are too retarded

No. 906531

A lot of regular porn involves barely legal girls too though.

No. 906536

I realized why female content is so bad now, because it’s always going to be typecasted into a box. Makeup and clothing videos, spoonfed Buzzfeed millenial politics and buzzwords, and even if you are a Twitch streamer your whole personality has to be crafted as one of the “cool girls” or just a softcore porn streamer where no matter what they do they’ll still be shit on by men who are angry at the women making a living off a hot tub streams when it’s the amoeba-brained men making subscriptions to their channels. The internet was never for women to begin with and it’s sad, not even lolcow seems like a welcoming place for women only for crazy sadists.

No. 906549

Sounds like one of my exes he's probably a bpdfag incel. It's great you realized hes not all you imagined he was 3 yrs is better than 10
>I dont know, I love him, but i feel like im not being treated right at the moment
you really aren't. All it comes down to is whether or not your partner is treating you as well as you're treating him? Clearly not. Get some distance from him, even if you feel like you cant break up right now give yourself time to think about if this is what you want to settle for for the rest of your life. He's not going to be there for you in emergencies, he's not going to be a good father, he's not ever going to truly make you part of his social circle or family. If you have even a base level of love for yourself you wouldnt make yourself suffer through this. The more tightly you wind yourself up in his issues the harder it will be to separate later, thankfully you can choose to move on now with relative ease

No. 906562

I hope this e-girl trend will be over in the next few years. I hate how they've popularized the stupid ahegao face. It makes people look retarded and scrotes who are into it need a lobotomy.

No. 906564

I wish my sister just left the house already but she keeps house hunting for a place that doesn't exist please just leave

No. 906566

i hate how i can't talk about being depressed and suicidal without people asking "what happened", nothing happened i'm just depressed and want to die and i don't want to have to repeat it over and over. I don't know why i'm like this, i don't know what would help, i don't know what you can do for me please stop asking i don't know anything other than that i want to die

No. 906589

This room isn't even bad tbh, it's a mild case in terms of crack den. It's mostly just garbage. It's not overly crowded by household items and dusty furniture. Even the trash is mostly bottles, cans, inorganic waste that aren't hosting black mold and maggots. I can clean this picture in under an hour.

No. 906615

my ex boyfriend made me a bit bitter. it made me not want to put effort into relationships. for valentine's day i knitted him a red scarf, i put a lot of time and care into it. when i gave it to him he was just like "oh thanks" and that was that. never saw the scarf again. he didn't even try it on when i gave it to him. i don't think i want to do something like that for a man again.

No. 906623

Imo, a dating protip is for the woman to match the effort of the guy. I don't waste effort or money on a man until I know he deserves it (ie. he is very thoughtful, generous, loving). It probably sounds conceited but I'm the type to really go all out, so I don't want to do that for a retard who won't appreciate me.

No. 906632

nope you should always do this. set the baseline and his expectations lower and then if he’s worth it or putting in the effort, you can match it. we don’t need to go out of our way to impress scrotes, they need to impress women. plus it’ll tell you real fast if he’s expecting you to play some kind of live-in mommy role.

No. 906643

File: 1631321808266.jpeg (188.23 KB, 828x615, BA672AAF-53AF-4F4A-A46F-1D0B2E…)

Spent 6 months waiting for a therapy appointment only to miss it because I wrote it down on the August calendar page… I can’t even call the place because they use a private number, so I’d have to start the whole process again and explain why to my primary care physician, which would be extremely embarrassing

No. 906693

This complete faggot incel I met online has been tweeting about me being a "femcel" for weeks after I ended our friendship. He has charges for CP pending on him, makes constant rape jokes, goes off on how men have it worse than women, but somehow its me whos the femcel for saying "yeah, have a nice life but I don't want to be friends with you anymore cus men are feral animals and they make me sick"

No. 906699

Not sure what else you expected

No. 906702

I know but I'm just venting lmao. I just make the worst fucking decisions when it comes to guys I will form friendships with or date. I'm a complete retard

No. 906703

File: 1631332979187.jpg (159.47 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0017.jpg)

>buy myself dinner
>buy dad dinner too
>accidentally get chicken fried chicken instead of chicken fried steak (mixed the two up)
>dad currently bitching and moaning about it

am i wrong for not giving a single shit? in my eyes it's like holy fuck, you got a free meal, i didn't give you the scraps of whatever it is i'm eating like your fugly sister does, why are you being such a retarded ass baby

No. 906705

nah he sounds like a little bitch and ungrateful as fuck

No. 906777

>fairly close friend of mine really wants to expose a transgender person in a women only server
>said transgender person never told anyone about being transgender which my friend believes is deceptive
i'm feeling really conflicted about this. what she plans to do might be considered a form of doxxing and it feels incredibly wrong to me.

No. 906779

Can't even listen to most metal/rock bands anymore because I just randomly noticed how every band has songs about stalking and torturing the women they once loved/love. What the hell did women do to have to coexist with men on this planet.

No. 906801

Why is Americans schools system a damn shit show?
>Be 22 and have good credit but be from abusive and neglectful family
>No no you HAVE to file as dependent, get your parents tax info and everything else but still have a $2500> a month payment plan after financial aid
>Work study only takes 2500 off my total tuition
>To file independent financial aid you have to find at least 3 people, who will send in pics of their IDs, and explain your shitty parent situation as well as court documents and everything else ???? If you're under 26
>Every single SCHOOL loan needs a cosigner despite me being 22 and having good credit but I can just draw out every other loan type?????
>For a low rated community college

Y'all I fucking can't

No. 906810

what bands were you listening to? not disagreeing since there are probably only few that don't or it's debatable if the lyric is about a woman or another man

No. 906813

If she's right and it's not just wild speculation it's a man barging once again into a women-only space (even if it's just a stupid online chat room), you're being weak nona.

No. 906820

There are way too many to list up here but it's mostly sludge, thrash, doom and death metal and they make it obvious that they're talking about a woman who they're either enamored with or are/have been in a relationship with.

No. 906831

the proof is incredibly damning. this person hasn’t done anything particularly bad though other than hiding his gender identity and i know that if he cries about being "doxxed" due to being transgender, some of the server members will hugbox him which would make me feel bad. my conscience just can't help but see doxxing as a morally wrong thing to do (yes, ironic for me to say considering this site).

yeah, i am definitely being weak here and probably need to get over my conscience. i don't like the idea of biological males in women only spaces and i wish he'd leave.

No. 906842

There is a video I want to find but it won't come up on youtube for some reason.
It used to be a popular meme video and it's like it got wiped from the internet. I can't ask you guys for help because it's omgoffensive. This is going to bother me

No. 906843

I don't get why you keep calling it doxxing. Telling people that so and so is actually a troon isn't telling them his address and phone number.

No. 906847

It' a manipulative male lying his way into a friend group nobody would want him in if they knew the truth. Why are you caping for him instead of your friends as if there aren't millions of people who already do so on the internet, and none who would take your friends' best interests into account? Be a good friend. Out him.

No. 906853

Do you know where you are? it's not ironic since we are against actual doxing. I am not even sure if what you would do even qualifies.
I am scared of what the fucker does with the informations he's collected.

No. 906857

Anon-chan, that's not doxxing and props to your friend for wanting to call a troon IN A WOMEN SPACE out. You don't know what he is like in their DMs, it's one thing being 'nice in public'.

If he was actually a good person, he wouldn't have spent all of his time lying just to get in woman's space.

No. 906877

Pray for me that I can live a normal life and have a normal boyfriend. It seems impossible to have a normal life in this sick world full of porn addicts and narcissists and all sorts of horrible shit. I want a normal life, a career and a significant other. Pray for me please.

No. 906891

I internally still wish my ex would message me after I repeatedly blocked him and told him I don't wanna be friends. I'm dumb.

No. 906917

I've been sitting on my ass so often since lockdown that I need to do exercises to pump it up again but I don't want to exercise ugh I don't even know any ass exercises.

No. 906975

This. I'm not as Anti-Trans as some people here but MTFs will never ever face any struggles biological women have to go through and just simply cant relate to anything other than hobbies, that's of course if you didn't find one that didn't act like a bimbo cariature, little girl, or thinking throwing on a dress makes him a lesbian. I find troons like Blaire white especially funny since they'll harass women for their appearance yet have a laundry list of plastic surgeries and fillers as if cis women aren't harassed to hell and back for the longest time for even just wearing too much makeup

This is my own personal main issues with cis women trying to maintain relationships with trans women
>Inb4 hur dur what do you mean you call them cis/women/ etc
I'm a professional and have to have a habit of referring to people as their gender identity while also making it clear during a discussion of trans if I'm speaking about trans women or cis women. Get over it nonnie not everyone wants to live off their parents and shut out the world

No. 906977

Jw is there any man at all who doesn't have a porn addiction nowadays? The best bet would be anti porn groups but men are such snakes now who even knows

No. 907015

I bit my tongue in my sleep. More like I was chewing on it. It fucking hurts and it's all because of this retarded idiot stressing me out. Probably. Maybe it was just my own fault for dreaming of food and thinking my tongue was a snack. I'm sick of the electric feeling I get when I even so much as move my tongue a little bit lest it rubs against the sharp edges of my molars. why do I have a narrow palate I hate this! even other parts of my tongue are affected. I was really going to town on this thing. Fuck.

No. 907087

Dating apps and chatting in a non-anonnymous setting is so scary.
I forced myself to download a couple of those and make a profile, because I'm very lonely and have 0 social life, but I couldn't take 10 seconds of swaping through profiles.
It's just so nerve wrecking, I can't belive a fucking tinder clone is triggering my social anxiety lol

No. 907110

kek same here, it's terrifying to me as well. I signed myself up for a Meetup today for instance but I can already see I'm gonna call it off and just play video games. Maybe next week

No. 907115

I love both BL/yaoi and otome things (everything that has hot guys, basically) but with the latter I always have a hard time because most of the time the female lead is beautiful but I'm ugly as sin and self-inserting like this makes me cringe and I get depressed. At least if it's two guys I don't have the urge to self-insert and just watch two pretty boys dating and that's it.

No. 907131

i've been wanting more friends bc the friends i have are busy a lot of the time. i made a new friend irl and i thought she was really cool and fun, but now she just keeps sending me edgy things like special olympics tweets to laugh at and now she's texting me racist 9/11 things. she's 3 years older than me, when does being edgy wear off completely

No. 907148

tell her she doesn’t have to talk to you like you’re one of her scrotes

No. 907153

this is why i love reading romance manga with an ugly female lead

No. 907175

i'm feeling super paranoid. a few days ago i finally booked an appointment for cervix cancer screening which i've postponed for more than 6 months. then yesterday i had some spot bleeding between periods which i never, ever experienced before - my cycle has always been very regular. so now i'm a little freaked out. imagine if something is wrong and it could have prevented if i didn't postpone this for so long … the next few weeks before my appointment are going to be long.

No. 907179

>vent about how I've been feeling lonely lately
>"omg anon so many couples are actually unhappy and will divorce in the future!!!"

Idk why but I hate this so much. Probably because it's not really true and sounds like a mean cope. You don't hear often from happy people busy with thwir own shit. Besides, just let me be sad for a while.

No. 907180

samefag, i was just reading up on other symptoms and some of them are a dry cough that doesn't dissappear and extreme fatigue. both of which i have been experienced for months but i assumed it was some new allergies. god, i'm getting anxious, i need to find out if i can see my doctor earlier

No. 907194

This fujo I know is going to lose her boyfriend to dumb shit. I genuinely don't even care about it, because I've tried to warn her, but holy hell I may have to drop the little idiot when he eventually gives her the Talk.

Anyway said 'reasons' are that her boyfriend is really into Vtubers (Mori specifically) and my fujo-friend thinks it's basically like, cheating, or painfully irritating, whenever he calls Mori cute. She bitches under the logic that it's "still a real woman behind the screen!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" despite the fact that there's a REAL woman behind (most) voiced female characters. Her jealously is so weird to me. Are you so insecure in your relationship with dude that an anime character who goes "booba" as a joke (her words, I know very little about Mori) is competition for you? She doesn't want to dump him either (???)

This is too long for what is it but she's been whining about it for a week and I've just been trying to be supportive because I thought she was cool, but now I know better, and it's frustrating now, fuck fuck fuck

No. 907195

Anon, spotting can be caused by a lot of things - ovulation, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues - and it's really common. Worrying will not solve anything

No. 907207

what’s this new thing i keep seeing where girls think it’s cute to not understand how bitcoin/cryptos use energy/electricity? can they not read a fucking book or use google?

No. 907209

i felt this anon. i’ve noticed the same thing when anons talk about how they’re still with their first love or childhood love and are happy, and people fall over themselves to be like ‘MOST OF THOSE COUPLES END UP HATING EACH OTHER ACTUALLY’. it just stinks of bitterness and jealousy kek, it has to be coming from angry femcels

No. 907219

This might come off as conceited and super bitchy. I don’t care anymore because it’s so annoying and I need to vent about it.

Men who are so below your league, that constantly try to peruse you on dating apps, piss me off. I’m not talking about average looking guys. I’m talking about 1-4’s when I’m an 8 (I can push it to a 9 when I do my hair and makeup). I’m into unconventional looks and more into personalities but I’m talking like fat Shane Dawson or bob & vageen men. 45 yr old men with pregnancy bellies or Womack inbred looking fuckers.

I feel like I should give them credit for trying. But then I think, they are probably the type of men who watch cam girls and get gassed up for tips. And their likely low IQ makes them think they’re desirable to highly attractive women. I don’t know.
Even a lesser attractive women would be out of these men’s league. Ugly women are far more attractive than ugly men.

Sorry for being a bitch I’ll see myself out.

No. 907222

how the fuck is it cute that i don't know shit about meme money nonnie?

No. 907224

Scrotes never have self-awareness, even the inbred fatty looking ones. Meanwhile even an average looking girl will have 3784390 insecurities. This society is completely backwards.

No. 907225

>I’m an 8
anyone else just don't understand these arbitrary rating numbers at all? what is a 5? what is an 8? what is a 10 or a 4? i see people use these numbers all the time and they literally don't mean shit

No. 907228

women that rate themselves on a number scale are usually average-looking at best. it’s scrote behavior.

No. 907233

File: 1631378707515.png (355.7 KB, 572x380, furbyugh.png)

I hate how it feels like on the internet you have to justify enjoying anything. Can't I enjoy a subpar series in peace? Just because I personally enjoy it and have fun consuming this piece of media doesn't mean I think It's some impressive high quality art. Let me enjoy my junk food media in peace, for fucks sake.

No. 907235

Kek they’re just numbers.

No. 907236

men are naturally entitled. The ugliest most useless men have been given 17 year old wives throughout history, this idea still runs through the collective unconscious of men. That's why so many of them become incels and have 0 awareness and expect perfect looking women. Ideas deeply embedded in history and society for centuries hardly go away. Men have it easier than women on average yet they are the gender that kills themselves the most. They hit rock bottom the moment life doesn't give them a perfect looking 18 year old bride

No. 907238

yeah exactly. it’s generally meaningless and totally subjective.

No. 907245

5 is average- like how most people look like. Go on the streets and see what the average person looks like
6-is slightly above
7-is above
8-you are cute and nice looking but still not Stacy
10-you are Stacy

anything under 5 is gnome tier but this system cannot be properly applied by lolcow users imo most lolcow users have BDD some of them are probably 6/10 which is slightly above average and they think they are disfigured gnomes from under a bridge

No. 907247

i know anon, but thanks, it does help a bit to be reminded. it's just unusual for me and i have ocd so it's hard not to obsess about such things. i changed my appointment though, so at least i'll get to stop stressing about it a little earlier

No. 907259

I really really hate those that demand to be referred to as they/them. I hate they them. Why has this been encouraged? I guess be or refer to yourself as such, but when you see on Twitter or YouTube comments angrily reply “actually (celeb/person) goes by they/them” I cry a little bit

No. 907260

he/they and she/they confuse me more than anything. why and how are you going by both?

No. 907262

Same anon! Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? I thought wanting to be referred to by they/them means you don’t want to be labelled as she/he or male or female whatever

No. 907268

Partner started his own business recently and talks to his good friend/employee a lot and everything has sort of been about the business. Feels like sometimes we just sit in separate rooms and sit on our computers and never do anything anymore. It feels like there's no time to do anything.

I've noticed some changes in our relationship as well like we don't cuddle in the mornings anymore and sometimes we don't go to bed at the same time anymore some days. I wonder if I'm clingy or something but noticing changes like this really bothers me and upsets me a lot, and sometimes I feel like he wants to talk to his friend more than me when we're sitting in opposite rooms.

I've been thinking about flying home and ending things because I'm actually quite unhappy but I don't want to make him sad and I've done some work for his business too.

I asked him the other day if the business was worth it because he's getting a decent amount of money out of it but it seems he's tired and stressed all the time but I honestly am beginning to think that it will cost our relationship and I would never want to dangle that over his head. I've been quite rude to him I think because of all the pent up stress and how angry I am on the inside and how hyper-focused I am on the little changes.

I'm not sure how to sit down and talk to him about this because I think I'm going to sound clingy and crazy but I am genuinely miserable. I am hoping that this is a rough patch for me because I was okay a couple of weeks ago… but I don't know how long this has been pent up or if this is partially my fault for not speaking about it sooner.

I really just don't know.

No. 907269

there is so difference in my brain between the descriptors "cute" and "average", anyone who is normal looking is automatically cute which is why despite your classifications, it still makes no sense to me. i just don't see how a person can be average but not cute, because average people are still attractive.

No. 907271

no you don't. i can barely function when my anxiety is like that honestly. there was one day where i was too overstimulated to even sit in front of a computer.

No. 907275

I'm an ESLfag and my native language has no gendered pronouns, there's only one gender neutral 3rd person one. I feel blessed and it's why I like to pretend that I don't speak English on social media. I don't have to practice moronic tranny pandering at all and can instead remain a full on cryptoterf kek.

No. 907280

>That's why so many of them become incels and have 0 awareness and expect perfect looking women
This is what I don't get. Most incels just need proper hygiene/grooming and to work out (not even /fit/ levels) and they'll be in the playing field for dating someone even above their league, since women are almost always dating down anyway. Instead they get hung up on that one stacy who rejected them or "led them on" when the delusional tards probably a) mistook human decency for flirting since, you know, treating the opposite sex with decency doesn't exist among scrotes and b) only wanted her for sex anyway.

Even if they have shit personalities, women tolerate that shit too unfortunately. Everything is handed to these subhumans on a diamond plate and they still want someone to spoonfeed them.

No. 907281

For me, it's "neo-pronouns". Fucking nya/vamp/it pisses me off. Fortunately some genderspecials don't respect them either but there are still too many people encouraging this shit. In 10 years you'll be able to proclaim that you're aligned with a fucking Centaur and you'll be uwu valid

No. 907283

I think it might be worth it to bring up some of the little things that you miss first (like cuddling in the morning and doing things together) without explicitly connecting your concerns to his new business, to see if it's possible to work out a solution on an issue-by-issue basis. That way, you can see if fixing some of the more habit-related stuff improves how you feel about the relationship or if your partner's commitment to his business is going to be a more fundamental problem.

I started a business a few years ago, and I've seen a lot of the same issues. There's a real temptation to overwork at the outset while you're seeing a lot of rapid growth, but it's not healthy and definitely contributes to burnout. He might not have a sense of just how much time he's spending on work, so just making him aware and tentatively setting up some workarounds (like scheduled dates or something) could make a big difference.

No. 907285

>I'm a professional and have to have a habit of referring to people as their gender identity while also making it clear during a discussion of trans if I'm speaking about trans women or cis women.
Idgi, you're not at your job, you're on an imageboard. You don't have to be professional here.

No. 907307

>government: we will help all young people by giving them financial help and help with housing!!
>only gives money and housing to couples with children

I understand why that is, but I'm so fucking tired. They're basically saying you're worthless unless you reproduce. I hate being poor.

No. 907357

Agree. I'm not anti trans either (although I'm sure many libfems will call me a terf while farmers will say "Do you know where you are? Go back to Twitter!" if I share my views lol stuck in the middle) but it's a simple fact that while cis women and trans women have difficulties that overlap, cis women also have experiences that trans women will never be able to relate to and cis women deserve to have spaces where they can talk about their lives and struggles without someone who can't relate hijacking that place. Trans women would seethe and claim violence if cis women came into their places while pretending to be trans.

No. 907426

Yeah I love those but there aren't enough!!

No. 907455

I tried taking out my placeholder piercing from when I got it done back in October (super late but it just didn't bother me too much) and I can't. The fucker screwed it on super tight, I tried using small pliers to turn the ball but I only have one pair so I can't get a tight grip on it. This makes me so angry, I'm about to cry out of frustration, I want this plastic out now!

No. 907475

File: 1631391740228.jpeg (49.77 KB, 841x541, C7556811-CEEB-4872-807D-6757AD…)

I spent over 100 dollars on a haircut that shows out how circular my head is and and makes my body dysmorphia worse and I’m scared to express how much I regret it.I feel like raving over this stupid cut I spent 7+ hours getting.I miss my geeky Afro anons..

No. 907476

Aw anon, I'm sorry. Idk if you wear wigs, but maybe you can get one? I hear there are actually some really cheap ones with fair quality on Amazon, and even Aliexpress. Check out some YT videos. Just remember that it's hair and it'll grow. I'm sure you'll have your afro back in no time.

No. 907477

Vegan family on the plane
>overtly rude/dismissive to the slightly awkward but friendly flight attendant
>all carrying obviously genuine leather bags (????)
>when leaving my fiance notices a doll on the floor where their young child was sitting
>he grabs it and I chase them down
>mom either ignores or doesn't hear my miss miss excuse me miss x10 I think your kid forgot her doll
>finally turns around and looks at me like I'm crazy and tells me it isn't theirs but thanks
>leave toy on a nearby seat hoping whoever it belongs to/a flight attendant sees it
>in the bridge connecting plane to terminal I hear the girl complaining that her mom is walking too fast
>Mom says she wants to get away from the lady, which I assume is me
>sorry I can't help walking behind you it's a single file plane exit that's how this works
>I said fuck before takeoff not knowing there was a kid in front of me so maybe she was mad about that, but they were gassing us with their rancid vegan farts so I feel like we're even

No. 907488

No. 907499

Same anon,sorry should’ve specified “cut” as I usually say that whenever I talk about any kind of hair styling.I meant I had it styled.I had gotten braids and haven’t actually gotten anything cut.Nice advice though,I’ll keep that in mind!

No. 907502

File: 1631392555824.jpg (109.13 KB, 1080x698, IMG_1371.jpg)


No. 907503

Vegans are such fucking cunts. I’ve never met a vegan who has any compassionate understanding at all, it’s all just performative oneupmanship.

No. 907505

fucking KEK

No. 907506

It's so annoying to see all of these twitter users suddenly start using the word parasocial just to shut down anyone who's talking about the ongoing john mulaney/olivia munn trainwreck. Like I see you yas kweening a woke celebrity every other day like they're your bestest buddy, stop pretending like you actually give a shit about this outside of your undying need to defend your favorite uwu soft boy comedian.

No. 907554

File: 1631393954948.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.09 KB, 1037x700, tumblr_72f4c0e1b743f18af76d10e…)

Based we need actually hot, good at sex men. Almost every woman is eternally sexually frustrated bc there's only ugly unhygienic men who don't know what foreplay is. I hate how I have high libido yet all I see and smell is shit in the shape of men. Like go to gym, and get a hair transplant, and eat my fucking pussy I don't want to deal with your emotions or interests or demands. I'm not sucking your cock, and only piv once you've shown you can give me multiple orgasms.

No. 907568

Kek anon I feel you, but calm down or else you'll pop a vein

No. 907573

Can't you just cut the plastic? I did that with my helix and then just put a normal piercing in.

No. 907615

File: 1631395072786.png (555.02 KB, 590x590, EWjGGWOWkAEC1qk.png)

No. 907642

this made me sad. God why did you create us

No. 907651

my mom told me today my grandpa was looking at me and I wanna fucking kms in flappy bird

No. 907665

File: 1631395739046.jpg (62 KB, 600x600, 5dd6126bffef0e154348796f63fccb…)

You're an absolute Stacy anon. Queen shit.

No. 907683

Use rubber gloves or try using paper towel/a cloth to get a good grip on it!

No. 907719

Yes. Scrotes like to talk about how women will be invalid when sex bots arrive. Truthfully I can't imagine how much better life would be for women if manservant sex bots were real. Himbobots. Attractive, able to serve properly and give turbo-powered head for more than 2 seconds, actually assists you, isn't a bald reeking schlubby loser like most men in their 30s. Best of all: no ego. At best female sexbots can mimic a woman and the comfort she provides. A Himbobot at it's worst already blows 99% of men out of the water.

No. 907736

I should not have watched the funky town video, Jesus christ I won't sleep tonight

No. 907749

I'm struggling with depression at the moment cos I'm unemployed and its just fucking up all my relationships. Everything I used to enjoy is boring and I'm just going through the motion. Everytime my boyfriend tries to help, I'm incapable of actually improving and he just gets annoyed cos im always sad and he says he can't deal with that. Which is understandable, he has his own life. I'm trying to keep it to myself but I'm so snippy and angry. It feels like I can't even talk about it because I don't want to burden anymore people. I can't afford therapy and the waiting list for nhs therapy is too long. I just moved back to the city where someone who sexually assaulted me live so I'm terrified I'm going to run in to him at some point. What do I even do in that scenario? I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm still alive is because the concept of suicide is terrifying and I'm a pussy. Meds are a no go, they make me either sleepy, angry or more depressed. I've tried several different kinds too. I just feel like this is it forever now

No. 907751

No. 907763

Been trying to peak a family friend of mine. We were talking about the Wi Spa situation and the recent reveal of the "trans woman" being a registered sex offender. I try to explain why transgenderism and self-id is bullshit; he tells me the spa should just have a sign saying you may see penises in the women's section before going in. He thinks the issue is that it was indecent exposure since the guy was getting aroused from it and asks me how it would be any different from a lesbian showing her vagina in the women's section. Fucking seriously? How is a lesbian being naked in the women's section even remotely comparable to a man claiming to be a woman so he can show his penis to little girls? How the fuck can you even tell women and little girls that they "may see penises" and they should just be okay with it? Horrifying.

No. 907765

It's a cartel torture video, don't watch it

No. 907768

we need a sign that we may see penises but men don't need a sign saying they may see vagina?

No. 907771

How lazy do you have to be that the only thing you want to eat is a bagel with cream cheese for dinner on a saturday night.
I could see maybe with some capers, red onions, dill, smoked salmon. But plain? Why…fucking why.

No. 907776

men would flock to a "may see vagina" sign while women would instantly leave if they saw a "may see penis" sign. leave it to scrotes to not see the difference.

No. 907800

Blackpill is most men don't care abt transhit ruining women's rights, and infact they like it bc it means they can put on a wig and go into the spa to perv on women and kids.

No. 907807

Exactly this! There's a retarded 40 year old woman that has decided she's non binary on my fb that always crusades for trannies and her new fixation is middle schoolers. Parents have become rightfully outraged that the bathrooms at their local school allow the children to go where they identify and it has of course led to everyone using just the ladies. The 40 year nb finds the parents abusive for being angry about this. Like do people completely forget their highschool experience after a while. Teenage boys will take advantage of anything they can. Every boy in that school is jot suddenly a girl. People are retards

No. 907812

If it's a blueberry bagel that's all you need

No. 907830

I wish.

No. 907838

>women would instantly leave if they saw a "may see penis" sign
Exactly my thought. The spa would just go out of business because women would stop going until there was only men left. He was disappointed because he said this Wi Spa situation was anti trans rights. As if flashing your dick to little girls is a human right now.

No. 907847

I still hold on to the hope that people who get backed into a corner and end up saying insane tranny-related shit mostly know that they're wrong but are currently unwilling to break with the PC orthodoxy. I used to cape for troons when I was a tumblr-addled middle schooler, and I would get into these arguments with my dad where I knew that the stuff I was saying didn't make any fucking sense but still didn't want to admit that I was wrong. I feel like this is what's happening every time someone stops arguing and starts just screeching "trans women are women" at you.

No. 907848

File: 1631400821552.jpeg (21.12 KB, 225x225, ED66E095-DE81-44D6-96C1-C9F001…)

sometimes it’s so boring on here, like I want to hear more about comics or manga where women kill men, spill blood and shit I don’t care if you’re a virgin and asking about sex for the 10th time like everyone wants to know about your sex life. sometimes I do come here purely for man-hate purposes as a coping mechanism because it’s like, where are all the aggressive and loud bad bitches at? give me some good recommendations please for manhate mangas it’s not even political either I just need some good recs

No. 907851

go to /m/ then

No. 907852

tell the disgusting sex-havers to go to /g/ where they belong first?

No. 907856

>where are all the aggressive and loud bad bitches at?
in celebricows? unpopular opinions thread? the farewell thread?

No. 907857

File: 1631401132095.jpeg (315.71 KB, 904x951, 5BBBEF30-0848-450C-84CB-039384…)

Innocent by Shinichi Sakamoto
It's not the sole focus of the plot but this character Marie Joseph-Sanson is badass. Won't give you a list of trigger warnings but be warned it is gory, problematic etc but so fucking good

No. 907858

So go to /m/ and look at the catalogue? Honestly you femdoms creep me out.

No. 907859

fuckkk yes thank you nonnaaaa

No. 907861

No one reply to this because I don't want to be attention seeking. I am annoyed that people have said my foot looks like a man's. I honest to God think it's actually faggot men derailing about my feet being ugly because they went so hard after my beautiful foot. They just want to get a negative reaction. That's how I feel. I really do not think my foot looks like a man's. I didn't think my toes were that long either, at least they are not stumpy but I did take them all leaning back on my sofa. I think the perspective confused some. Anyway. I'm not a man. I'm not a 4chan scrote. I am woman!

No. 907863

How gory it is? I have heard of this manga more than once, but that gore warning is worrisome.

No. 907865

>I don't want to be attention seeking
Way too late for that

No. 907867

The only thing I'll give a heads up for as a downside (since you're in it for manhate) is there is a trans woman character briefly? But the thing with that seems like the author views it how they used to be seen at first, like hsts type before you realize even that is iffy, but otherwise the manga goes hard. The main character is a man who often made mistakes I disliked him for but Marie is usually there to defy him so I liked that lol she's one of the best female characters ever

No. 907870

Pretty gory. It's historical fiction about executioners during the French revolution so the gore is very front and center to the whole thing, sorry nonna

No. 907871

Jesus christ whatever. Sorry to derail the dumbass shit thread. Terribly sorry to intrude on the high brow discussion that wasn't happening. So fucking sorry! Didn't know how fucking sensitive anons are to someone calling their very own feet perfect. Shit if I had a missing toe and said my foot was perfect you bitches wouldn't have said shit.

No. 907873

go get checked for autism please, this is sad

No. 907874

Whatever you are stop worrying about your god damn feet, this is why I hate footfags. I bet their own male feet are atrocious I mean it's feet.
>unironically yet another ridiculous standard for women kek

No. 907875

What's an autism diagnosis going to do regarding my feet you bitch?

No. 907878

omg i've been thinking the same. john made his relationship to anna a big part of his comedy and people liked that, so now people are dissappointed. that has nothing to do with parasocial. that's like if peanuts were removed from snickers and saying people are stupid for having an opinion about it

No. 907884

nothing, you’ll just be a cankled, floor-stomping faggot with an autism diagnosis

No. 907885

Don't give her/him attention anons.

Oh, that's disappointing, maybe someday I'll check how gory it is because art is really breathtaking.

No. 907887

You or 1500x2668-chan, who's the biggest annoying conceited bitch

No. 907890

You have caveman feet. Deal with it and shut it.

No. 907891

I might get killed for saying this, but I found the writing in this manga to be pretty bad. It's too over the top but idk if that's intentional. And that page with the pregnancy thing is just..

No. 907894

What do you mean? What's wrong with them?

No. 907895

provided you're not actually a tranny, if men tell you that your hands or feet are ugly and insist you're a man because of it, they are negging and trying to get you to prove that you are female. It's stupid as hell and don't take it personally.

No. 907908

Tell him that his sentiment of comparing biological males to lesbians is deeply rooted in homophobia and how lesbians have been denied their womanhood for years due to the way of thinking he exemplifies

No. 907958

this sounds like it's straight from some 15 year olds discourse twitter account. he's not going to take her serious with that many buzzwords

No. 907967

If there's one thing that makes me a-log it's the off the charts retarded "well how about all the lesbians in there huh" gotcha. Lesbians at large will not rape, assault or harass you when you're in a vulnerable situation. Men on the other hand might. It's just another way of men projecting their own degeneracy because they believe being interested in women means being predatory towards them. If another woman was turned on by seeing me naked in a changing room I wouldn't feel threatened at all. It would be awkward but not dangerous. However if it was a man I would be terrified of the very real possibility of him attempting to hurt me and I wouldn't even be able to fight him off physically.

No. 907968

I had a mental breakdown. I didn't have one for months. I thought I was happy. But all it took was talking to an old friend. I got paranoid like crazy, thinking someone gets skinned in my garden. I went crying to my neighbors and they are so sweet and let me sleep here. I just want to be normal, I'm so tired. I don't want to be so insane.

No. 907972

I’ve got a $400 USD bill due today, my rent is increasing by $500, I’ve got no money, 187 ignored text messages since July, a $20 deposit due in less than 4 hours, I need to sign up for 3 services within those 4 hours, and today I was supposed to go to the airport to go on a trip but I flaked. Who else is royally fucking up like me? Nobody baby. I’ll be a winner even when it comes to losing at life.

No. 908126

File: 1631409957062.jpg (72.63 KB, 946x1105, 1582310402042.jpg)

I'm in my mid 20s and I've got my first real job only 3 months ago. So I've been working with the same people for 3 months now and I still barely talk to them. Someone starts a conversation and I still struggle to answer. I still forget to look at people when they talk to me. I still talk so quietly they ask me to repeat myself. I still have dissociative episodes. This really makes me paranoid because being around other people like this makes me feel even more autistic than when I was a neet spending my entire days in front of my pc. People have always told me that the more time I spend with others, the easier it will be for me. But it's bullshit, it's just as hard as it was before and it's getting worse every day, I'm mentally drained. I'm never going to be normal. I'm never going to have any friends or a partner. Even though I feel fairly competent at the things I have to do at my job, my inability to function in our team makes me feel like a retard. Every day I'm at the verge of crying and I have to try to hide it. I can't sleep at night. My life is so pointless. There's seriously no point to continue. When I was a neet, the only things that kept me alive were my interests and hobbies, now because of my job I don't have the time for them, so not only I'm not making any progress as a person in a society, but I'm also regressig as an artist. I can't go to therapy because I work abroad and I wouldn't feel comfortable enough to speak to a therapist in a different language, and besides that, none of my past therapists were able to help me. I'm taking two weeks off now and I'm back in my country, I was thinking about going to a psychiatrist, but again, what for? Just to vent? They can't do anything for me except giving me drugs that will sedate me or make me sleepy all the time, and even if they manage to fix my anxiety a little bit, they won't fix my inability to make human interaction. I'm so done with myself

No. 908136

File: 1631410760312.gif (214.34 KB, 274x249, 1554770273457.gif)

>be bpd-chan
>mom is bpd-san
>self-isolate because I'm aware that I'm a monster
>be empty all the time
>always on the edge of chimping out and acting like what I really am
>have to take care mom because it's what she wants
>she is much more experienced in sociopathy; if you don't give her what she wants, she already had options picked out for what she would say if you denied her in order to smash you into complying
>wouldn't teach me to drive, despite being my only family in the state when I was 16
>didn't even get my own bank account until I was 24, all the money I made at work before then went into her account
>tells me how disgusted and disappointing she is by me all the time, but the times that nail me in the chest are when it's over my health getting worse as if I fucking enjoy high blood sugar and knowing their gonna have to fucking cut my feet off if I can't start predicting my hormonal fluctuations better, as if I fucking control that somehow
>know that no matter how hard I try, even if I escape her house, I cannot escape her genes, and I am condemned to be as evil as she was and her father was and his mother was
I am so tired all the time. Honestly, bpd-chans probably should be put down before we can reproduce

No. 908140

File: 1631411760606.jpeg (487.65 KB, 750x728, 833CC2ED-A834-4726-9D9D-566C4D…)

Jesus fucking christ I’m so stupid I posted this incorrectly

I feel really frustrated and angry that I can’t draw at all. I should really stop looking at artists on social media, why won’t things come out the way that I imagine them I hate the idea of being an artist what should I do

No. 908143

even after all of that, bpd-chans are still better than scrotes

No. 908145

I dunno about that but I'll take the compliment since I'm desperate to feed an insatiable ego

No. 908147

I'm PMSing right now so I'm really pissed.

So I've gained weight. I know I have, I've struggled with disordered eating for the last 6+ years. I'm half Asian half white and I take from my white side - I'm 6ft+ tall with a very large frame, my extremities, limbs and bones are large and are bigger than some men my size. I've spent most of the last years crying about how weight can't change these features.

I've been trying to accept myself more and appreciate that a large frame like mine helps to hide the weight I've put on this year. Apart from my new double chin, it isn't too noticeable when I have clothes on.

My Asian mother has Alzheimers and tells me everyday that I need to exercise and points out how chunky my arms are now. Each time I just dismiss it even though it fucking hurts and it makes it so much harder to accept my body when I have to hear what that voice tells me each time I wake up from her. Today I couldn't help but burst into tears when she started trying to "help" me.

She'll never understand how much this hurts me. She will never understand that I have disordered eating because growing up I always compared myself to other women, including the tiny framed Asian women in my family and asked myself "why are my **'s so huge?" She will never understand how much time I wasted hating my body, staring at thinspo, scrolling through forums instead of doing something fucking productive.

I've even been dieting recently and I think I've lost some weight since my stomach doesn't feel as big anymore (I don't weigh myself) but shit like this just makes me go fuck, why don't I just go into that downward spiral again where I spent hours of my day looking at thinspo, drink zero calorie drinks, fast and exercise until I'm about to pass out.

No. 908149

If you have a capacity for introspection and a smidge of self restraint, you can grow out of it. All you need is an environment stable enough for long enough to foster the growth. So leave your mom as soon as you can.
t.recovering bpdfag

No. 908153

>you can grow out of it.
Holy shit seriously? So me acting better on purpose could mean I'm improving?

No. 908154

nta but even being aware enough to make conscious decisions to be better is progress

No. 908155

In my sex life I like to be dominated a bit but in real life I love to dominate men and cause them as much trouble and stress as possible. I'm very aggressive with them. I like torturing them not for any sexual reason but it just makes me genuinely happy. "Femdom" is still pandering to male fantasy. You are still operating within the boundaries of what men are telling you. Whatever happens sexually can never really be dominating a man. You should try dominating them in real life in ways they genuinely hate instead

No. 908158

>implying sex is not a part of the "real life" and being submissive in bed doesn't pander to male fantasy
why are heterosexual women coping like this

No. 908161

I guess what I really meant is like, does this feeling stop? Like if I can train myself in all respects to act like a normal person, would I feel better?
I'm not going to stop trying either way, that's the right thing to do. But I would really, really like to feel better than this

No. 908163

I get her. Men are never being dominated in bed they're getting off no matter what cause they're all degenerate scum. The real way to dominate them is out perform them at their careers and shit all over their egos outside of the bedroom.

No. 908168

Being a sub in bed is still more acceptable by societal standards and that's something that everyone actually expects from women.

No. 908169

I'm saying literally anything you do in bed is pandering to male fantasy so to pretend femdom is any kind of real domination of men is absolutely ridiculous. You may as well do whatever the hell you want. Men are dominant in society and they are free to be dominated in the bedroom and still no one questions their masculinity. Women need to desexualise their domination of men

No. 908173

I'm not pretending it is. But criticizing it while being someone who likes being dominated in bed by men is laughable because it's even worse than "femdom" kek. It's funny how people separate sex from "real life" and think it doesn't define their role in a society in the same way that job does. "Dominating" men in the workplace won't fix shit as long as straight women are willing to live with men (and that will never change for most women)

No. 908176

You keep missing the point "kek"

No. 908179

Feel about it whatever way you want but in a world where men are free to do literally any sexual act I'm not going to larp that being a dominatrix is somehow feminist. I truly dominate men in completely non-sexual ways, I actively work to make their lives harder and get them to do things they don't want for my own gain. I will make a man perform for me sexually whatever way I want, its irrelevant what that act is. He is performing for me. You can disagree but you are not a true dominator of men if you're just a "femdom" rather than actually, truly dominating these men in the real world.

No. 908181

Nta, but I agree. The only way to dom a man in bed is to not have sex with him. Best to get what you want out of it and not bother playing pretend.

No. 908182

We need a Billie Eilish containment thread or a nitpicking thread

No. 908184

I don't have to pretend I dominate men in bed because I don't fuck men by choice. Women give power to men by fucking them and living with them and giving them resources and children etc. I doesn't matter you make men's lives harder at your job or whatever, you still play the heteropatriarchy game so anything you say is irrelevant.

No. 908185

How do moids get power just by simply breeding and existing in a house with a woman? Kind of insinuates the woman already holds all the power in that case? So she should get her sexual gratification however she wants and out perform men at work and shit all over their egos.

No. 908189

You seem to have some serious insecurity and inferiority complex if you think being under the same roof as a man = submitting to him. If you're self assured, have strong boundaries and confident you have nothing to worry about. Not everyone is intimidated by men the way you are. Whether you like it or not babies are born when a man and woman procreate. There's nothing you can do to change that. What you can change is standing up for yourself and tormenting men the way men have done for hundreds of years

No. 908191

NTA but are you seriously confused about how reproducing and living with men gives them the power? Not only do they desperately want those things and 'win' socially and evolutionarily speaking when they get them, it puts women in immediate physical danger. 9 months of decreased mobility and increased vulnerability that only gets worse post partum, with the addition of a child he can use to hurt you as well? Relying on him financially and emotionally throughout the process, potentially for decades? Being in close confines so you can't escape if he wants to hurt you, being socially pressured to stay no matter what, usually legally obligated to raise the child with him?

You are doing some insane mental gymnastics to justify your sex life. The only way to dominate men is by separating from them entirely, because they obsessively desire our company, reproductive capacity, bodies, time and energy. The workplace is the only real exception since it's a fact of life that we need to work together, but anything else is disadvantageous to us.

No. 908192

i arrived to college less than a month ago. the first week was great, i met a bunch of cool people and even found a boy i dated up until last weekend. i knew from the start that he was not good for me, but we were compatible in a lot of ways so i gave it a try. his mental illness is more severe than mine, and i knew this was a big issue but i ignored it. i would do everything i could to help him when he cried, talked about how much he hated himself, how he wished he wasn't mentally ill, etc. then one day, my mental health is pretty bad and i say some things that hurt him, even though they were based in reality…and then he dumped over that. i'm still sad about it just because i'm lonelier than i was before, but i don't think i'll have a problem finding someone else.

anyway, i found his mom's facebook. i know she wouldn't be able to look at him the same if i informed her that her son asked if he could call me "mommy" in bed. i would feel bad telling her but at the same time, it's quite tempting.

No. 908195

A large dog could easily kill you, but it doesn't. Because you've trained them and established you are the superior. Women can and do take control of men. How the fuck do you expect children to be born? Do you think its at all realistic to just exist in a world where men are separated from women? If you have a son are you being dominated by him then too? You have issues

No. 908196

Don't involve his mom, but does she look like you? I think my ex fancied his ma.

No. 908198

not at all. i don’t know if he has a physical type when it comes to women, because when i asked him what his type is he said “mentally ill bisexual girls.” there were many red flags.

No. 908200

so you set yourself up and knowingly dated a mentally ill scrote and now you want to subject his mother to knowing he has a weird fetish? you sound retarded and young, do it

No. 908204

How can you compare a dog to a man? We can't separate from men in a society and we can't dominate them either. We have to aspire to never let them disrespect us, establish boundaries in all aspects, never rely in them, etc but let's be real, I honestly don't believe a woman dominating a man is that much of a possibility. They are very well trained by the patriarchy since they are little boys that they "have the power"

No. 908206

Yeah, I know that's an awful feeling when someone can't take what they dish out but don't involve his family.
This shit reminds me of when my mom tried to tell me fucked up fetishes my dad had when I was only 7 to hurt my dad and I am permanently traumatized by it. Two whole decades later I actually found out my mom was probably lying about it too but that's irrelevant.

No. 908210

File: 1631417635249.png (207.35 KB, 446x473, 3kk9xq.png)

It was a long 6 days but I got my Mammom UR card. I hope the developers don't add another event right after this. I CAN'T TAKE ANOTHER EVENT I WILL SCREAM.

No. 908212

File: 1631417671117.png (1.2 MB, 1074x924, Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 11.3…)

stupid vent but stomach hurts from too much water and lemonheads.

No. 908213

You are pulling some navy seal tough guy shit with that 'just train a bigger, stronger, potentially dangerous and hateful human being like a dog' nonsense. It's cringe.

And no obviously we cannot fully separate from men if we want to reproduce, we're talking about the minority who want to dominate them. The only way to do that is separatism, anything else is wishful thinking and a cope for your desperation to have a moid in your life.

No. 908216

I found out an art friend I'd been talking to was an anti themlet with a 'he/him lesbian' boyfriend, and I feel so betrayed. I spent a year on this friendship and we were getting really close, but she started acting really weird about art and fanfic and then I discovered why. I'm heartbroken. I can't be friends with someone that is so nasty about what people draw or write, because I'm an artist myself. Making friends is so hard.

No. 908217

File: 1631417955257.png (923.25 KB, 1188x918, Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 11.3…)

No. 908218

Men became obsolete since sperm banks were founded. Also scientists made a rat from 2 ovum, kaguya, that was perfectly healthy and had a longer than avg lifespan.

No. 908221

Where are all these men who are willing to do their equal share of house work and child care? Once you have his kid it's over, you can either pick your career or raising functioning kids. That workload of kid and house makes you poorer and if you ever do get divorced, makes it very difficult to support yourself.

No. 908222

fucking jealous i want some lemonheads now

No. 908226

File: 1631419421740.jpg (57.34 KB, 655x623, EQaO3mYWoAATwy3.jpg)

i fucking hate oxford commas but i guess i'll fucking use them. stupid apa formatting.

No. 908231

Sometimes I can’t believe that someone I respected, at some point, and care for chose to date a camgirl. It’s almost unbelievably lol. I’m jealous he’d rather date a camgirl than me, the complete opposite. And I don’t even know why I should care lol pathetic

No. 908233

My ex is dating a girl who murdered her dog on live stream who I'm pretty sure is also a camgirl. A part of you will wish you had that complete lack of self respect to be exactly what he wanted but in time you'll see trash seeks out trash.When you first meet them you build a false image of them in your head so of course you'll look at them positively. You can't blame yourself for it

No. 908234

>My ex is dating a girl who murdered her dog on live stream
wait wtf

No. 908236

File: 1631421313946.gif (279.48 KB, 500x281, received_151313898635931.gif)

A guy I dated at some point fell in love with a girl who ended up being, not a camgirl but one of those girls they obsess about on 4chan. I had this image of her in my head of how much greater, smarter, more mature, more moral person she must be in contrast to me. When he finally found out she was an attention whore and lied to various people about aspects of her personality to various men I got to see the screenshots he had of her talking. I couldn't believe it because to me she was obviously retarded. Talking about her favorite food is sushi and coffee and typing like a tumblrina. I couldn't believe that she was obviously worse than me. So now my OCD eats away at me telling me that a man will never truly love me unless I unapologetically am horrible to them. That fear has disturbed me in the past long before I even met him and I wish it would leave me alone. I don't want to be loved from hurting people.

No. 908237

File: 1631421521256.jpg (28.75 KB, 583x378, 1601059907300.jpg)

what in god's name anon, were the authorities notified??

No. 908243

File: 1631422708137.jpeg (37.7 KB, 392x341, C028A734-CE18-46B2-A013-49D438…)

Excited, nervous, feeling insecure about this first date with this guy. He's so sweet and I love talking over the phone and idk. I'm retarded feeling right now.

No. 908260

I really hate that all the discourse on cow threads seem to be appearanced based. Especially on snow some of these girls are doing absolutely terrible cringey cow shit like Shayna but anons still choose to focus on nitpicking her unwashed hair instead of her behavior. Gets repetitive and annoying.

No. 908265

>When you first meet them you build a false image of them in your head so of course you'll look at them positively.
I didn't have an experience as crazy as other anons but this is so true. It's hard having to reconcile the false good image you had with the reality. Actually pisses me off a lot that I would be so nice to him and compliment him in waysthat put myself down and were the complete opposite of the truth. And he just took it. I mainly don't think about him now but sometimes things remind me and this is one of them. It's the weirdest feeling when you realize there was nothing special about them that deserved to be put on a pedestal, that they were a complete disappointment of a human. But you have to be fair to yourself yknow. For me at the time I only discovered these flaws as I went, and the concepts themselves I had no prior knowledge of. Things that come from porn and 4chan and twitter political brainrot. When you first encounter those things in someone you already formed a good image of, and you know nothing of them, you are not prepared to understand what's happening. Kek I had such ridiculous conversations with this loser where he tried to make me agree with his tankie shit repeated verbatim from twitter, and even then I was like this is insane and goes against my deepest gut feelings. It's good to be away from it all and honestly these feelings of rage and at times insecurity, are healthy because you have to face that you simply weren't prepared for that to happen. The camgirl thing, it proves these guys were pornsick and not respectable humans at all yet you weren't prepared to see that yet when you hadn't known them for that and thought they were good guys who you loved. Over time it will get better I promise and the best thing is to allow yourself to feel conflicted but recognize how biased you were from "love". You can do better and these guys are a dime a dozen these cursed days, nothing special. The camgirls are their own people with their own problems but you should not feel jealous of them at all, believe me and hopefully in time you can come to see that as clearly as possible. Those men were pornsick and simping as a result of viewing it, it doesn't go deeper than that with the reason they liked those girls. Male parasocial relationships basically if that's the term

No. 908300

File: 1631429293416.gif (977.83 KB, 500x281, 5PKk.gif)

>gets nothing but a shampoo for my birthday when all of these people know my hair are sensitive and picky
might as well bought me a cheap booze, would have been more useful. ways to show you hate me now, I guess. yay
i feel like such a salty, spoiled child and i miss my family that i havent seen in years.

No. 908319

relapsed again. just staring up at the ceiling while the blood clots. i don't exist. i'm a zombie.

went what, three months this time. the spans are getting shorter. fuck me. if god is gonna make me ache this much and not give me what i want then he should just fucking kill me. my faith is wearing so thin i could've taken that glass to my throat tonight but i didn't, should've done it. morbid as it is i can't stand it.

what's the point of existence without validating it? i am nobody and nobody is ever going to know who i am no matter how hard i try but i ask for one measly thing to validate my existence and nothing can even give that to me. its been long enough and if it hasn't happened yet doubt it will. refuse to go anywhere near a psych ward again so i just suffer alone and nobody notices what im doing to myself

No. 908322

Anon, what is the thing you asked for?

No. 908325

someone to save me from my shitty situation, but validation from someone who at least pretends to care about me for a night wouldn't hurt either. Kinda disgusting. In a way it's the mildest form of love. I've thought of more specific things than that but it comes down to someone just verifying my existence in a way more than platonic. Not gonna happen. I guess.

Friendships don't count and an uncaring family certainly doesn't count.

No. 908329

If you aren't happy with yourself alone, people don't see you as someone they would like to be around. The pain, the thinking, the suffering, that is the process. You have to think about what really makes yourself happy until you find it out for yourself, and not distract yourself from that search with entertainment, self-indulgence or copes from therapists.

Yea verily, so sayeth Ru: "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell ypu gonna love somebody else?"

No. 908336

I'm good at feigning it. I just hide the fact that I hurt and despise myself from most people that aren't my therapist.

It's cyclical. It happens every few months minimum and then I try and lapse back out of the cycle and I always go back to hating myself. I guess that's not good enough for love. Anyone who sees these scars is going to run away or see me as an object to be used, at least that's my experience thus far. I've been trying to distance myself from this mentality of weakness but isolation made me sicker.

No. 908348

So not to be too gaslight gatekeep girlboss but a lot has gone down in my life in the past few weeks and I thought I'd share because honestly I'm stressed. So a few weeks ago I was hanging out with my cousin, drinking wine and watching movies. I only had two glasses and he had four. Things are cool, we're shooting the shit, I'm kind of buzzed and he's slurrring his words and kind of doing this weird thing where he swayed his head back in forth involuntarily. Then he starts saying how I'm so pretty and I have a nice ass and I get really fucking uncomfortable. I freeze up and try and laugh it off. I started talking about the movie, trying to change the subject and he keeps trying to lean in and kiss me. Like 15-20 times. I kept talking while pushing him away everytime and pretending it wasn't happening. He pukes on the couch and I have to clean it up while he falls asleep on the floor like a stupid drunk baby. I tell him about it the next morning and he apologizes.

But I wasn't satisfied. I couldn't stop thinking it for days and days afterward. It's not like getting drunk makes you stupid and do shit you don't want to do, it just lowers your inhibitions. I wondered how long he'd been looking at me like that for, why he thought it was okay. We've been best friends since diapers. So anyway, after stewing on it for awhile I put on the Gone Girl soundtrack and message his girlfriend about what happened and mention how earlier in the night he told me he was thinking of breaking up with her to fuck college girls (he's been in college for two years starting this semester and she's a senior in high school). I take a nap and wake up to him absolutely fucking losing it on me via text. He's all like "Why are you doing this to me? I was drunk, I said I was sorry, you should have just talked to me instead you didn't have to message my girlfriend, I made a mistake, I wanna kill myself, REEEEEE". I'm not having it. So he shows up to where I live, with my wheelchair bound grandpa I take care of who has no idea about any of this, and I hear him downstairs from my room talking to my grandpa and he's like "Yeah, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I'd stop in and say hi and see if anon wanted to grab some lunch or something". So gramps calls me down and I'm nervous and freaked out and don't know how to say no so I go with him. (1/2)

No. 908350

He drives me out to a Qdoba parking lot and pulls out his phone, going through the messages of me calling him out one by one and tries to debunk him by telling me what a nice guy he is. In this same conversation he compares this to the scene in Promising Young Woman where the rapist is tied up to the bed and Cassie or whatever her name is is calling him out on his shit while trying to prove it to me that he's the guy I'm making him out to be. He's very fucking dense. By the way, I watched that movie with him in theaters last year, he said it was good but it didn't make sense they cast such a bland looking girl to play the main character and it should have been Megan Fox instead. I don't know how I've put up with him for so long but in the middle of the conversation his girlfriend calls and he leaves the car to talk to her. I'm just sitting there listening to the radio wondering what to do now. In the half hour I spent in there I figure it would be easiest just to drop it because he's obviously never going to get it, Thanksgiving would be so awkward if I don't go back to being his friend, and I don't really have any other friends anyway.
After pacing around and looking distressed and I take it its not going so well because who would want to stay with a guy who did that shit? Anyway, he comes back to the car and was like "So she didn't believe what you told her about the basement but she didn't know if the thing about me wanting to break up with her was true but we talked it out and we're still together. Lets go inside and get some food". We go inside and eat, he tells me I should pay "after what I just put him through". Then we go back to my grandpas and watch war movies with him. Again, I don't feel good about this and yesterday I messaged his ex-girlfriend from a few years ago because he's said to me that she told him she was raped by one of her exes but he thinks it isn't true because before they got together she had a reputation for being a slut. She wasn't comfortable letting him past third either cause of what she'd been through but he said she was a bitch for that. Also nonchalantly mentioned he's dated girls before just for sex but that he really likes his current one because she's meek and pure. Gross right? So I told her. He's freaking out again. Not really sure what to do now. (2/2)

No. 908355

Im sorry your cousin moided out on you. Best to cut contact for at least a while

No. 908357

Just accept that someone in your family is an unrepentant scrote and become estrange. He will never change. Tell his gf that too.

No. 908362

>Not really sure what to do now.
idk what you're unsure abou, seems pretty clear to me. Cut him off, go grey rock when you're forced to deal with him due to family. Your RELATIVE tried to hook up with you, the friendship is beyond saving regardless of what happens with his gf. The good news is you're 100% in the right and you could easily humiliate him by telling your family what he tried to do, so feel free to threaten him to get him off your back. Creepy incestuous fuck.

No. 908364

You only hate that what you see as your self doesn't match what you would like yourself to be. You hate that you don't naturally like the things that you see other people like.

You are not in a relapse, you are yourself. You are looking clearly at yourself right now, without some illusion of an identity you're trying to assume to cover up your own.

It doesn't matter what anyone else wants from you or wants you to do. It only matters what you for your own reasons like to do. I felt a void because I didn't know any other people like myself, but only when I was around other people. When I was walking in the forest, by a river, when I was walking on the beach, I didn't think about other people at all. I thought "Ooh, neat crab. Ooh, seaglass."

When I was in college I hated every second I had to spend around groups of people. I like some people one on one, bit in groups they all put on a mask to get along. After college, I knew that having some job where I had to get along with some random boss, some random dillweeds for coworkers and all the rest, would just make me hate every second of my life. But I didn't want to live with my parents so I needed to do something. Luckily I ended up in a solo foodservice job where i didnt have to do anything bit cook food and repeat the same four lines to customers. Doing that for a year was a really eye opening experience. I realized I actually liked being at work just about as much as not, as long as I was alone. All this time I thought I hated working, hated school, hated everything. But what I actually hated was being around people and having to wear a mask of being normal - for me, that meant tbis burning anxiety that I would let slip how weird and fucked up I am. Being that self conscious every second of the day drains you. It took all of my energy just to maintain a thin veneer of not being weird. But i wasn't that good at it anyway. It's not like I had a ton of friends or whatever. So what was the fucking point?

I basically realized I'm not even that crazy. I did the job well enough, I showed up on time and kept the place clean ish, I cooked the food like normal, thats all there is to it. I was like the only normal reliable employee he had, everyone else was some kind of crackhead, methhead, all sortsa heads. I realized that as long as I was alone and busy with something, literally anything, I was happy. I could just play my music, sing to myself autistically, wear literally anything cause people couldnt even see below my neck, and slap pancakes on plates. I did get terrible acid reflux from eating…well all the pancakes I could eat. So idk, bring lunch. Learn from my mistakes.

It's actually fascinating, because when you're in that position, people expect literally nothing from you. If they see you in there spergily singing to billy joel while making pancakes, they love it. They actually tip you more for being just fucking weird and memorable.

Now, it can be hard to find a job where you are allowed to be alone. I don't mean a career or whatever. You can't plan for the future because you don't know what you like to do yet. If you can't find something solo, try to find something with people who are as different from you & the people you grew up with as possible. Like, if ypu're white and work in a chinese/mexican/soulfood restaurant, all white people are about as weird to them, so you can just be who you are. And in the restaurant industry, if you're not literally on drugs, you're a prize employee. I am very much not joking. It's freeing to be valued literally just as a pair of hands, especially when you've always felt the need to justify even exosting. Why do you exist? Idk, to make pancakes I guess. You don't even have time to think about it, you have to make pancakes. I did this for about a year, and a side benefit was being motivated to work on my hobbies and try to make them pay so I didn't have to make pancakes anymore, and I quit once I was making about as much from my hobbies. This too was simplified: it changes your outlook from "What do I want to do with my life?" to "What sucks a little less than standing here making pancakes that I can make $60 a day from?" And that question is much easier to answer. But it had to be alone. No people to worry about offending, no office parties, no quarterly review. Just one old white dude boss man, and all he needs from you is make them pancakes. All I really needed, and all you need if you are like me, was time to be alone and think.

No. 908437

File: 1631445262108.jpg (82.38 KB, 500x400, tumblr_n6tzhqzV7I1qmwe65o1_500…)

I'm so sexually frustrated. All I want is a nerdy twink-looking dude with a future and similar bdsm fantasies as me, is it really too much to ask for?

No. 908442

The other day we went to a dinner with my bf's uncle and it's honestly have been a long time since I was as uncomfortable as I was then.
From the moment he got into a taxi he started behaving like an embarrassment. He is a really fat guy and he barely was able to fit in the car. So he started berating the driver because his car is "too small" and screaming at him that he should be embarrassed to be driving such a piece of shit. It was a Mercedes, so you know, not a small car, but I guess it is too much for his ego to accept that he was the problem. He also was screaming at him for not wearing a mask. After he calmed down a little bit, he wanted to make a conversation with the driver. The driver was a foreigner, so my bf's uncle started patronizing him, like "your english is really good, your family must be really proud of you" but talking really slowly, so the poor stupid foreigner would understand. I am a foreigner too and I am really sensitive to shit like that. I was petrified, but you know, had to deal with it to keep peace.
We got to a restaurant and it was an asian place and he started back on his shit. He was speaking over the manager who came to sit us down. He was asking everyone where they are REALLY from. And of course speaking really slowly and as if he was talking to children. And also he was leering on the waitresses, who were probably 16 years old, like following them around the room with his eyes, almost licking his lips, he grabbed one of them by the arm so she could listen to his "hilarious" joke and expected her to laugh. He also was joking about every ethnic group you can name, Jewish people, Indian people, Muslims, Americans, Scottish people Africans…. I do wonder whether he jokes about people of my nationality too? I bet he does, when I am not around. He always makes sure to point out that I am a foreigner - never lets me forget that i am not like everyone else in the family. I bet he think himself to be gregarious and welcoming, but he is just obnoxious.

No. 908460

>hetties will fuck breed because they're hetties and there's nothing you can do about it
Ok handmaiden

No. 908517

I mean, she's right, most people are ""'"hetties"""" and will fuck and have kids, sorry if that triggers you.

No. 908525

God I feel stupid about this because I don't need the approval of scrotes to be happy, but it really bums me out on the lack of likes I got on a dating app I recently re-made a profile for. My pictures look good, at least I think so, and I put cute responses to some prompts. I've only gotten two matches in 3-4 days, and I live next to a big city so there's tons of people who are using the app.
I wonder if the algorithm isn't showing me because I don't have my vaccination status listed, or if this is a cope and in reality I'm just tall and ugly. I got maybe another 5 or-so likes from other guys, but they were all shorter than me, which I'm not into.
I'm chronically single and I don't mind it for the most part, but winter is coming and I want to find someone compatible I can cuddle with. I'm at the point in life where I'm starting to do big things, but sometimes it can feel a little lonely when you don't have that special someone to share your experiences and bond over them together.

No. 908530

Nta but thank you for this. I am going to screenshot this and read it every now and then.

No. 908537

File: 1631451561803.png (179.25 KB, 500x359, 5ACEABF0-D727-4E72-92DE-F8649F…)

Worrying too much about everything. My mom had a breakdown the other day, said she hasn't been taking her meds, and she's got PTSD from 9/11 (she used to work in the area so she was there when it happened) so I spent the entirety of yesterday thinking about if she's okay.
My friends haven't been doing to great either. I constantly want to help them, but I cannot offer anything besides "I'm here to listen to you."
My self worth is at zero. I want to die so badly.

No. 908597

From what you're saying, it sounds as guys don't see you as an easy lay, that's why you don't get a lot of matches. Your profile probably shows you for what you are and everyone knows guys especially go on dating apps to hook up. Maybe consider one of the shorter guys? Maybe they're frustrated as well from the lack of likes and you find out you have a lot in common.

No. 908599

Our DM transitioned to female and now all the subplots are about Trans shit. Uuuuggggghhhh

No. 908603

It doesn't "trigger" me, just don't pretend like you're doing anything for women and against men if you still give men power by fucking them and giving them resources and children lmao

No. 908627

my roommate stomped home with two other people at 3 am last night and they stayed up talking and laughing so loudly and i could only sleep for 2 1/2 hours. i texted them repeatedly which they said yeah and quieted down but then it started back up again so i had to go out of my room and be like y'all please be quiet. they still were not quiet. also their door was open?? so it made everything louder. they'r STILL laughing and being annoying at 10:30 am. i hate being passive aggressive but i want to start doing laundry because it's also loud. i don't want to ice them butttt

No. 908633

I can't go 5 minutes in the ED support group chat (I know) I'm in without getting into an argument with someone.. people just get off on being outraged I swear, I'm embarrassed to be part of gen z, they literally want to be oppressed so badly

No. 908634

Do our laundry because they clearly don't care that they're being inconsiderate

No. 908644

I'm trying to stop using porn but I've been relapsing lately… I masturbate multiple times a day, I always have creepy sexual images in my mind. The porn I look at is always creepy shit because that's the only thing that gives me a reaction. I fucking hate it, but I keep coming back to it, like a woman possessed. After I masturbate I feel so horrible and disgusting. I hate it so much.

No. 908645

I got rid of a bunch of clothes last year because I never wore them because they were the wrong size and given to me by my taller siblings, or they were damaged because I wore them a lot, or I didn't want them anymore but they were so basic and cheap it wasn't worse it to post them on Vinted. So I gave them to my mother because she supposedly knew someone who could give the clothes to charity. Now I wish I just gave them to H&M to be recycled because I could have bought clothes on sales in exchange. I don't know why I feel so stupid because of it only now.

I also sold a shit ton of video games last year to a local retro game shop and probably should have asked for a coupon instead of cash because the coupon would have been worth a bit more money, but at the same time I don't think I would have spent the whole coupon in that shop anyway since I'm barely interested in new releases and by then I already bought all the retro games I was looking for before selling them anything.

No. 908649

I ate a bunch of pizza last night with my fiancé and it made me gain 5lbs. I promise you I didn’t eat 5lbs worth of pizza but that’s what happens when I eat pizza??? I hate that my body is like this

No. 908650

I'm completely socially/developmentally stunned from abuse. Everyone I know my age is progressing in life but I cannot because of all the things that have been done to me. I don't think I will ever be able to hold a job. Very recently I have been experiencing more negative mental symptoms. I cannot move or talk for hours and after I experience any sort of mistreatment my mind shuts down like that and I cannot move or talk for 1 or 2 hours. Don't tell me I should go to therapy, it doesn't help and in my case therapy is a bit of a luxury. I don't even do bad things like hurting myself/self harming.

No. 908652

okay do you want a liquid or a powder detergent?

No. 908654

You'd have to eat over 15k calories in excess to gain 5 lbs in fat. It's probably just foodweight + retaining water because of the salt in the pizza.

No. 908655

damn I kinda want to die

No. 908656

Start desensitizing yourself if therapy and meds can't help you. The only way you're going to get over the problem is to face it. Start at some minimum wage job where there's not much to lose if you fuck up, call out, or need to quit.

Life isn't going to slow down waiting for you to catch up. All that's going to happen is that your peers are going to get even more ahead while you stay in place thinking about the what-ifs. The fact is most people are mistreated on a daily basis and it's about developing healthy perspective and copes to get you through it. You won't learn any of that by shutting off and hoping one day things are gravy.

No. 908662

I want to kill your grandpa

No. 908663

Wtf the vent thread is still getting derailed by this? There's some interesting overlap between the bullshit you say and the bullshit incels say, please do go on

No. 908667

I'm ashamed to admit it but i never changed my placeholder piercing from my nipple. I got pierced 10/11 years ago. I can't unscrew it too. What can I do

No. 908669

Had a dream about my coworker that I barely talk to last night. I usually wouldn’t have a problem with this, but before every shift that I work with him, I always have some dumb dream about him. I used to go days without even remembering his name, but now I remember it after dreaming about him so much and I’d rather not.

No. 908670

No. 908671

I'm very desensitized, it's just that if something major happens or if it reminds me of some major trauma I had to go through I break down. I live in the same place where I've gotten abused a lot.

No. 908673

but thanks anon I forgot to say thanks so I'm samefagging. I've been looking for a job again too, I got fired from my last one.

No. 908675

I don't even know if I want to break up with my boyfriend because of my anorexia/depression or if I genuinely just don't love him anymore. I know I lost contact with everyone else because of my mental health but this one is hard to see. Maybe it's just a mix of both. I'm so tired of feeling so apathetic to everyone around me. I miss my old self. I was a sensitive mess but at least I felt things instead of just irration and indifference. Still, I wish my boyfriend would get out of my space. I hate him touching me, I hate having someone around me messing up my routine/watching me, I miss my solitude. I know a year ago I would've died of happiness to be experiencing living with a significant other again and I probably would have been the clingy one. not to say he's exactly clingy but it feels like it because I have zero tolerance for anything lately. I'm a terrible a person.

No. 908677

Whichever smells nicer anon. Make sure you wash your laundry real good though, so no quick wash cycle, for maximum cleanliness and maximum annoyance for your roommate and guests!

No. 908678

I assume that you don't list your vaccination because you're unvaccinated. That would be a dealbreaker for me personally unless it was some kond of medical thing (does that exist?), but I think you would have explained that. If you're gonna stick with that whole….thing, you'll have to understand that it's gonna be like looking for a fellow moon landing truther. There's like some but they gonna be weird, and usually not in the good way.

And while I agree that short guys often have complexes, writing off a whole group of people is not a good look. I doubt they were all literal midgets. I mean what's your "cutoff" for height? How would you feel about men having a height limit for women they'd date? In fact a lot of them do, which is probably part of why you aren"t getting likes. Although short guys who try to lift & bulk up (due to complexes) often end up looking like lord of the rings dwarves. But it's mostly because they feel like shrimps around other men, and if you build their confidence a little they will stop all that lifting bulking protein shake pumping farting….stuff, and look like a human again after a couple months.

Here's something you could try: Just lie abput your height. Men give themselves an extra inch almost always, often even 2 or 3 extra inches. So just subtract 1, 2 or 3 inches from yourself. Men usually don't actually care about height if they like you, it's just a meme thing. So if you show up and are taller than them, even though the listed heights say otherwise, they'll think it was cause they were lying lol. Plus most girls wear heels om dates, and a lot of girls be wearing air force ones and chunky filas that give a ton of secret height. So if you just wear birkenstocks or flat thinsoled sneakers like keds/vans you'll kind of "subtract" a couple inches vs what a woman your height in thicker soled shoes would actually measure.

No. 908692

sorry if this is retarded, but what’s a DM?

No. 908694

Dungeon master probably

No. 908703

Why would you replace old shitty clothes with new shitty clothes from H&M?

No. 908739

i really recommend using rubber gloves, it helps tremendously. i get so frustrated trying to change my ear jewelry without rubber gloves, i dont even try anymore. you could also go to a piercing shop and have them change it for you

No. 908740

File: 1631467949606.jpeg (62.92 KB, 500x625, 3062130E-641D-4DDB-8A2E-1EF76A…)

I feel even more detached from reality it’s very scary, I feel like a ghost in a shell or a zombie. Some help pls

No. 908757

I've lost 75 pounds, am at 21% body fat, and I still look fat. I don't know if I have body dysmorphia or if I'm just someone who always looks fat. I have a small chest, so that's not what's throwing me off (I'm triangle shape). I can't really lose anymore weight at this point, my husband is already questioning if I have an eating disorder or not, So I guess I'm just going to look fat forever.

No. 908763

Ignore this anon they obviously don't understand shut down lvl trauma. Getting min wage job just made me have a psychotic break and permanently made me more neurotic.

No. 908782

no offense but that only happens if you had mental issues before

No. 908789

Yeah, I don’t think comparing yourself to your peers and mulling over lost time is going to be helpful. It’s depressing and isn’t going to make you feel more motivated.

I was in a very similar situation a few years ago, and what got me on the right track was finding some work that I could do from home. Getting used to a schedule and being able to make and spend my own money helped me regain a sense of control, and not having to deal with the added pressure of interacting with other people kept me from getting overwhelmed.

Anon, I would look into some online freelancer work as a first step. Try textbroker or callcenter stuff - they generally let you keep your own schedule, and you won’t have to deal with coworkers. I’m rooting for you!

No. 908790

I'm annoyed at the guy I hook up with. He asked to meet today, I was like no thanks, then I thought about it later and was like actually yeah OK, now he's said never mind AFTER I've accepted that I can see him.

The fact it annoys me so much is concerning. I'd stop seeing him nd cut it off before I get (more) emotionally involved but I literally just bought 30 good condoms real cheap because they're expiring in 3 months, which won't be anough time to find and invest in a new hookup (character assessment, STD testing etc etc).

No. 908808

at the start of my previous relationship, when we were dating/just got together i'd suck his dick in the park when there was no one around. it only happened a few times and it stopped once we started going to each other's homes. idk why i feel so weird about it now and beat myself up over it. i don't think it's the act itself but rather HE didn't deserve that type of treatment. doing something like that that's so vulnerable in a public place should go to a guy that's really proven himself to you.

No. 908812

I think she meant well. I have two options, be completely left behind and mentally regress into a 13 year old forever or try moving on with my life. I'm used to harsh advice and I'm not a pussy neither overly sensitive, but I've objectively been through very bad abuse. Also, if I don't get used to having a job I might end up in a very bad place later in life.

Call centers here demand you to go to their office. I worked a small callcenter job not long ago and it was horrible. I live in a developing country so I had to give costumer support to entitled American boomers that treated me like some slave and I broke down after 1 week.

No. 908814

were you a homeless prostitute? who does that?

No. 908817

>i don't think it's the act itself
no trust me, it is.

No. 908821

Did he eat your pussy in the parkinglot in return? If not, eeeew

No. 908824

uh no… it was just too early to be going over to each others houses i guess. we both lived with our parents and it was in the middle of the virus.

No. 908825

There's burger customer service companies that hire Indians and other poor people to work from home, you can try that. Or be a dishwasher, it's relaxing and you don't talk to anyone.

No. 908826

men will ask you to suck their dick when shit is coming out of their ass, don't worry about it

No. 908830

kek thank you

No. 908831

Idk in what world you meet up with a guy multiple times to suck his dick in a park before you consider going to one of your homes.

No. 908832

With "lmao" you mean "no"?

No. 908833

Men must give back.
True couples 69 in the bushes.

No. 908837

kek exactly

No. 908838

It's gay of him to not try to give back. Maybe he likes dick

No. 908841

it was amidst dates lol it's not like we specifically went there to suck dick.

No. 908845

How did you end up sucking his dick with him not reciprocating tho it's the real issue girl

No. 908849

tbh he did finger me. but looking back i should've pulled a power move and made him eat me out.

No. 908851

that’s not a power move, that’s the bare minimum

No. 908854

File: 1631470830550.jpg (42.76 KB, 1072x788, 785e9ffa4927f51b7a482f2db639af…)

i don't think guy eating you out in a very public place is the bare minimum

No. 908855

shows what you know

No. 908859

File: 1631470997734.jpeg (56.17 KB, 750x737, blessed.jpeg)

We learn from our mistakes. You are blessed with you new self

No. 908895

Based. Only 69 in the bushes is acceptable in this situation kek.

No. 908948

I'm lactose intolerant and I accidentally opened my lactose milk and drank it with coffee and cereal.
Why do I have to be like this. Time to take fuckton probiotics and hope my stomach doesn't go apeshit crazy.

No. 908976

I had a super important piece of information written down on something, and now I can't find it. I really, really hope it wasn't thrown away

No. 908984

All my problems are literally solely my own doing that’s the worst part I do it to myself! Like in theory I could fix them all in like a week and be free and feel so much better, and yet! Even taking stimulants barely helps. I don’t get what’s wrong with me.

No. 908998

You are a very easy date. He doesn't even go for a hotel and you're happy to suck dick and be fingered in the park. Sounds like a bunch of damaged 15 year olds. That's maybe why you feel weird. You have no respect for yourself or your surroundings.

No. 909004

he did ask for a hotel amidst wanting to fully have sex but i said no and then we eventually had sex at his place one day. idk why this triggered you so hard, doing stuff in public is a very normie thing.

No. 909031

nta but it’s disgusting honestly

No. 909036

jesus it's just touching each other in public. do you only have sex with the lights off under covers or something?

No. 909038

Idk I come from a cold place and getting fondled in the park doesn't seem appealing and I don't find a thrill of getting caught appealing and I was a degenerate teen that would get fingered in the cinema lol. It's just trashy like how I was trashy. You have to be over 18 here and I grew out of my getting fingered in public phase before 18. Gross

No. 909040

Giving someone a blow job in public isn't just touching each other. That's a full on sex act that you can't do over each others clothes.

No. 909044

doing stuff outside, there are certain settings when it could be really nice and something to remember. i think it's trashy if you barely even know the guy like you suck his dick on the first date and he can't be arsed to take you home, then it's like ok what are you doing you don't even know this guy and you wanna suck him off THAT bad? but having a boyfriend and going hiking or something and doing something like that in a nice spot and both of you being fond over the moment and the spontaneity, what's wrong with that?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 909050

Yeah that's different I've went camping and had sex outdoors but no one was about. I've also had sex outside when it wasn't an overnight trip but it was secluded. There's a big difference between this anon who just started seeing a guy and before even seeing where he lived was sucking him off in a park. And judging that she was going there instead of her parents house it was probably during the day when kids or families are in parks. You don't need to suck someone off so soon to make them like you.

No. 909051

That pic is an awful example lol

No. 909052

Don't post porn, retard.

No. 909053


this reminds me of when my ex tried to get me to fuck him at a grave yard.

Idk some of y'all are wild.

No. 909055

That penis looks fucking disgusting.

No. 909056

i’m disappointed that so many of you are willfully sucking dick

No. 909057

i'm the same anon lmao we went to the park because it was during a date and we were both got horny making out, it was in the middle of the night too and during corona when barely anyone was going outside anyway, do you seriously think i'd suck a guy dick in a park in broad daylight? i thought it was implied that it was during a time when no one was around. idk it's pretty stupid to say this secluded place is different than that secluded place when there's no one around in either of the places.

No. 909059

File: 1631477966139.jpg (34.79 KB, 600x507, 1608504141504.jpg)

>dick in mouth
>just touching
ok zoomer

No. 909063

i don't think amanda seyfried sucking dick is considered "porn"

No. 909065

i sucked dick in an alley one time when i was in highschool. never done anything like that again

No. 909066

Sex is just touching and graphic fellatio photos are not porn. OK retard

No. 909067

my 16 year old me would have agreed to your ex's idea, but my 16 year old me with social media around would have gotten a lolcow thread, kek

sometimes I'm very happy that I grew up before all those instagram and tiktok bullshit

No. 909069

I haven't sucked a lot of dick, but the dicks I sucked I loved. Lol

No. 909070

Then idk why you feel guilt about it then. Maybe you don't like the guy

No. 909072

weird. i realized i could start telling guys i don’t do that and it wasn’t a dealbreaker and i’ve never looked back.

No. 909073

yeah i think it's because of that or just simply we didn't have a strong enough connection yet to do that, you know. it's a regret because it would've felt better to do it in a strong relationship

No. 909074

Oh I genuinely enjoy slobbering over a dick I love. I think I'm more of a giver though. Thinks it's my venus in virgo

No. 909077

It's not a universal thing to not like sucking dick.

No. 909084

Public sex is disgusting and illegal, who tf can stay horny while there's a possibility of some kid/grandma/literally anyone walking by? Oh right pornsick scrotes and handmaidens who get off on visually violating ppl.

No. 909086

Cum literally tastes like battery acid or dusty death, love yourself.

No. 909087

i get that but i’m just trying to figure out what would be enjoyable about putting your mouth on some dude’s dirty dick that he probably had laying across the rim of a toilet seat earlier in the day

No. 909088

All this "aktually I lurvv sucking dyk" reeks of larping men

No. 909090

K. Nothing wrong with it if no one is around. What you're describing is exhibitionism and most people who have sex in public are aiming for the opposite ie NOT getting caught by people. Who knew such a stupidly common thing couples do would trigger so many nonnies?

No. 909093

Are you a lesbian or just closeted? Who knew there are women that like sucking dick and women that don't…

No. 909095

…why is it so hard to believe that someone else might find something enjoyable that you don't? Genuine question.

No. 909096

I have venus in Leo, what does THAT mean? I'm not sucking dick until marriage!!

No. 909098

uh i don't go for the worst possible visual like that, for one, lol. it would definitely be annoying to me if a guy was like "i could not imagine licking vagina she literally sat on the toilet today and wiped the pee off her vag". i don't think most ppl use visuals like that to make decisions

No. 909102

File: 1631479150198.jpg (111.77 KB, 500x362, lioness.jpg)

When I see a tasty boner I get a strong urge to bite it with great force, anyone else?

No. 909103

the sight of cum makes me GAG. on more than one occasion, when i hooked up with a guy, seeing him cum literally made my stomach churn and made me gag so much i had to run out of the room so i wouldn’t throw up on him.
i think im traumatized because one time i dated a fat guy, his cum was literally orange and chunky. i will never recover

No. 909105

i heard a podcast of a girl asking two guys what they do with their dick when they shit and they said they just lay it on the rim usually and it’s all i can think about since. it’s not about the fluids it’s about not knowing where it’s been and the often questionable nature of men’s hygiene.

No. 909107

I went back to my home country to stay at my parents house and it's in such a terrible condition. Every single surface covered in…stuff. No attempt at organisation either. There was no surface that was uncovered. I had nowhere to put my phone down, even.

When I lived there, I used the opportunity of an empty house to clean the shit out of a room, throwing away food and toiletries that hadn't been touched in years. That was my idea of taking advantage of an empty house. The stuff I threw away was never missed or noticed. But now I don't even have the time to do that. I've offered to reserve a day with my mom and we can clean up but it's always met with defensiveness and hostility, no no it's your dad's fault he refuses to bla bla etc etc OR she's going to try and sell something at retail price (as if). Meanwhile there are 15+ bottles of deoderant around the bathroom, god knows how many more bottles of shower gel, for what reason? Why keep buying more? Just use the last 8th of the shower gel up! Why do you ALMOST use it up, then get a new one and never fucking touch it again??

They also have so many damn spiders there because of the mess, with my arachnophobia it just makes me so stressed to stay a night. I'm also a bit worried about what'll happen when they get older (60s now). It'll get worse I'm sure, and if the worst happens I'll probably have to hire someone to throw things out and I hate the idea of that because I'm a sentimental bitch.

I don't know, I've tried to sit them down and have a talk about it, but I guess I can't do anything unless they decide to. My mom has anxiety and I KNOW the environment doesn't help her so why does she fight SO HARD to keep it that way?

No. 909108

> orange and chunky
that is so far past “not normal” that idek where to begin

No. 909109

File: 1631479304688.gif (428.86 KB, 498x498, 1C52193D-D991-48A2-967B-4F242A…)

>one time i dated a fat guy, his cum was literally orange and chunky

No. 909110

just make your bf wash his dick before you suck him? easy. make him take a shower or better yet get in the shower together with him and clean it yourself for fun foreplay

No. 909111

men truly don't clean their dicks tho, thought that was common knowledge
some of them outright let it sit inside the toilet too

No. 909112

no i’m engaged and i established at the beginning of the relationship that i don’t want to suck dick

No. 909113

Oh fuck, I thought I was the only one. I just imagine biting it off like a hotdog sometimes.

No. 909114

>most people who have sex in public are aiming for the opposite ie NOT getting caught by people
tf is this kinda logic, if you really didn't wanna get caught by people you wouldn't do it outside

No. 909115

Too hot to suck dick without being wifed up, duh

No. 909116

If you consider washing your boyfriends blue cheese chunks off his dick foreplay then I have to give you my condolences.

Foreplay is meant to turn the woman on. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, babygirl.

No. 909117

I literally let our a noise like a wounded dog there. Reason 29279382 not to date a fat bloke

No. 909118

>men truly don't clean their dicks tho, thought that was common knowledge
i mean i've never had any experience with unclean dicks lol. maybe it's just luck but all 2 dicks i've had sex with were pretty much always clean, even the cum tasted and looked extremely neutral. i would definitely have some visceral reaction like gagging to a guy presenting me an unclean dick but it's just never happened
>some of them outright let it sit inside the toilet too
idk what else you want them to do with it other than let it hang or sit on the rim lol. hold it in their hands???

No. 909119

I hate that trans "women" seem to be more valuable to this new woke society than real women. I am not worth shit next to a tranny. I want all this genderspecial shit to end already I am tired of it all.

No. 909120

your patronisation is not funny tbh. i just told her to do that because she has a fear of toilet germs. why would i date a guy that didn't know how to clean himself by himself lol. and showering together is fun foreplay wtf are you even saying?

No. 909121

seriously don’t date a fat dude, or an ugly guy, after a while they treat you like YOU’RE the one thats fat and ugly

No. 909122

>no i’m engaged and i established at the beginning of the relationship that i don’t want to suck dick
well that's problem solved then lol why are you complaining about easily fixable "problems" then like toilet germs

No. 909123

Yes, just like a hotdog kek. This is why my bf must be masochistic. I might not actually bite hard but I will def nibble.

No. 909124

>your patronisation is not funny tbh.
yes it is

No. 909125

i’m not, i’m just sharing my personal experience and thoughts on the matter and luv2suckdick anons are getting offended by my points

No. 909128

>why would i date a guy that didn't know how to clean himself
you tell us

No. 909130

Putting a dick in my mouth only makes sense when I'm horny, any other time it's not appealing.

People also forget that there are cameras everywhere. I got caught sucking dick in a car park because while no one was around, there was still CCTV.

No. 909131

It's just a fun thing damn. Spontaneous and it gives you a rush since you're not doing it in a closed space. Nobody is around but you two anyway. It literally hurts nobody. Don't know why people are acting like this is so bad when 1) it doesn't degrade or hurt the woman in any way 2) both of the partners get a kick out of it and something to remember. I'd spend brain cells arguing against women doing shit like anal, or BDSM, not normal sex outside.

No. 909133

i never have so….? what now?

No. 909135

damn anon, did you get in trouble?

No. 909138

I think it just seems a little inconsiderate anon. Like if the whole premise is that having sex where someone could possibly catch you is exciting, doesn’t it inherently mean that someone could see you boning without wanting to? In that sense, it’s almost like flashing in that you’re potentially subjecting an unwilling participant to your weird sex stuff.

It’s also hard to gauge just how alone you actually are. I was once awake in my hotel room at like 4 AM, and I saw a boomer couple having sex in the jacuzzi outside my window. I wasn’t too pleased kek

No. 909140

In uni I walked in on a couple fucking in the bathroom and it was traumatising. It was the most stiff-hipped thing I have ever seen in my life, like two stick insects fighting for their lives. I think public sex has the same issue as nude beaches where only the people you'd never want to see are up for it.

No. 909142

Lolcow once again reminding me to be grateful that my husband doesn't expect nor wants me to suck his penis.

No. 909143

I agree it's bad if someone catches you but it just depends on you're THAT unlucky that you're gonna get caught I guess. If you ask a bunch of people whether they've done it outside somewhere most are gonna say yes but how many times have they actually seen someone else having sex outside? The problem is couples like the boomers in your story (kinda based that they're old and still in love but w/e) and >>909140 where some people are just so retarded that they pick THE most public and inappropriate places.

No. 909145

File: 1631481154686.jpeg (96.64 KB, 680x680, 13CDCD19-0BCB-40EE-9A15-A254AC…)

take your sex lives to /g/ I’m tired of reading this shit

No. 909146

I got a warning letter from the gym telling me that if I did it again I would be banned. I still remember how much I wanted to fucking die when I read that letter. I've never done anything sexual in a public urban area again.

No. 909147

>kinda based that they're old and still in love but w/e
old people banging doesn't mean they're in love lmao are you 12? there's a reason STD rates are astronomical in retirement communities.

No. 909148

>i think im traumatized because one time i dated a fat guy, his cum was literally orange and chunky. i will never recover

Christ anon, I hope you'll recover one day. That's awful. Should've sued him and demanded monetary compensation.

It's a shame that genitals are unappealing in general. Vaginas are okay but they're not really nice to look at either. At least I'm not disgusted by them though.

The first time I saw a dick however, I was simultaneously disgusted and horrified to the point of almost crying and I'm neither lesbian, joking nor exaggerating. It was clean and all, it's just the fact that it was a dick. And dicks are ugly as hell.

No. 909149

>there's a reason STD rates are astronomical in retirement communities
K idk what shithole you live in, I just said that because in my country if boomers are gonna have sex it's most likely they're married to each other, if you're getting put in a retirement home then you're literally over 80 at that point and too old to function.

No. 909152

it’s the US and extremely common

No. 909155

>it's the US
How are things so bad over there in every single way lmao

No. 909156

old people having sex is a national emergency?

No. 909157

Now that I think about it I don't think the dog actually died but animal control were called and took the dog off her. She's infamous and I'm so sure she has a thread on this site. I'm pretty sure she tried to get her dog to hump her on stream. She also falsely Me Too'd a few guys (like she live streamed what happened, then turned around and lied about what happened on that stream, purely to generate entertainment) She is an absolutely abhorrent person and to think someone I dated is now hanging around her after things with me makes me feel ill and hate myself big time. I just have to remind myself I larped who I thought he was before actually getting to know him so whitewashed over his true self. Hope he enjoys killing dogs on the internet with his new bitch

No. 909158

I agree. I think any references to cocks should be a ban-able offense and any fans of cock should disperse from /ot/ immediately.

No. 909159

>STD rates are astronomical in retirement communities
STD's aren't normal anon

No. 909160

Gj queen

No. 909162

They're common though. That's a sad fact.

No. 909163

I found that funny too tbh

No. 909164

>you're literally over 80 at that point and too old to function.
Imagine calling other countries shitholes when yours is full of people that can't have fulfilling lives in their old age.

No. 909166

nobody said they were normal? what is this reading comprehension? i’m just saying old people like to engage in unprotected sex! they don’t bang just cuz they’re in love. what is happening here?

No. 909170

How was the letter worded? kek

No. 909171

What is a fulfilling life according to your expertise? Old people here don't get put in retirement homes typically, they actually are happier than in countries where it's normal to stuff people in retirement homes. The ones that do get put in retirement homes usually have no other choice or are too old to function like I said but/and have no one to take care of them.

No. 909175

just wanted to point out that when i said "retirement communities" i wasn't referring to nursing homes. there are legit little towns in the US that only allow people over 55 to live in them.

No. 909176

Okay obviously there are things that are common in the US that aren't in other places.

No. 909182

I don't know why everybody's jumping down your throat. STDs do go up in retirement communities and homes in LOTS of countries, not just the US. Every country that has done a study into it has reported a rise in infections in the elderly. They're of the age where pregnancy is not a concern, condoms can be difficult to use for women post-menopause and old people didn't have access to the same sex ed as the younger generations. They come from a time when the main "consequence" of sex was pregnancy, which is no longer a risk for them.

No. 909186

Do old people not have sex where you're from?

No. 909188

I'm from Serbia and I've never heard of this phenomena happening in large numbers to boomers. But then again there aren't boomer-centric "retirement communities" around here. And most boomers are actually married and not having sex willy nilly with other random boomers. So, I don't know what to tell you. Most old people are just old people here kek they're sitting in some random restaurant drinking or going outside to buy produce from the market, not fucking like they're still 20.

No. 909189

It was something like "Regarding the incident that took place at time and location, it violates whatever rule and if you do it again you will be banned"

No. 909191


This is no longer the old people fucking thread

This is now the Balkan thread(derailing)

No. 909193

No. 909195

File: 1631483049217.jpg (49.37 KB, 680x455, 1631428479662.jpg)

I don't really hate women, I hate society and men for allowing them to do whatever they want.

They're like children, they have greatly diminished mental capability compared to men on average and if you let them freely do whatever they want they will destroy your civilization.

Islam is right about women and when I saw the Taliban rightfully take back their country and restore order so women stop learning toxic western whore mentality I was happy for them.(moid)

No. 909197

No. 909200

Aw hell naw get that shit away from my mouth. I’d just wanna get some big ass scissors and cut that shit up 9 feet away.

No. 909203

glad someone appreciates the work i’m doing

No. 909204

That's a completely valid feeling too anon, kek.

>Even the Serbian old folk be fucking
This vent thread really went places.

No. 909205

>The study included 174 patients
>Among men, 23.3% had an STD, and among women 20.8%
>Adults over the age of 50 consistently represent around half of the population of those living with diagnosed HIV in the U.S.
Sure there might be some old people fucking but case in point that's really nothing compared to the point the original anon was making about how common STDs amongst along people in some places

No. 909208

>There's some interesting overlap between the bullshit you say and the bullshit incels say
There's some interesting overlap between the bullshit handmaidens say and the bullshit moids say
>haha you're so insecure about men, what an insecure man-hater are you!
Implying it's not natural for a woman to hate men or be insecure about men in the patriarchy lol

No. 909212

>Adults over the age of 50 consistently represent around half of the population of those living with diagnosed HIV in the U.S.
Well…yeah? People get older. With medication preventing some new infections, eventually the majority of HIV positive people will be over 50.

No. 909213

File: 1631483780828.png (116.62 KB, 440x348, tumblr_87d77ad3951e0a5223b1583…)

Got my PTSD legitimately triggered for the first time in a while watching a popular TV show for like the DUMBEST reason because a major character who shares my name was SA'd and I remember it being super controversial around the time I was SA'd so I had to hear the phrase "my name got raped" all the time and it was really upsetting and I completely forgot that was even a thing until I saw the character onscreen doing something completely inconsequential during the first episode so I didn't even see it happen on screen like kill me

I didn't even think I was capable of feeling like that since I wasn't even a fan of the show at the time but just something in passing that happened to coincide with the incident but DAMN.

No. 909214

How did you miss the point that bad? 50% of people over the age of 50 don't have HIV in Serbia anon, or anywhere close to the number of other STDs…

No. 909216

Probably because they died. Serbia's a shithole.

No. 909217

Yeah okay, cope. Have fun with your STDs.

No. 909220

i never knew a simple comment about old people not having sex because they're in love would have some anons legitimately triggered over STD rates kek just wrap it up, we'll all be okay

No. 909224

>we'll all be okay
Not me. I'm 83 and feeling flirty. Catch me at the clinic.

No. 909226

Aw, anon, I'm sorry you experienced that. I hope you have a good support system and I hope whoever hurt you gets what's coming to them.

No. 909229

gotta take your own advice anon and not
blame yourself. you moved on and know better.

trash really attracts trash yikes

No. 909230

iPhones are such a scam. What's the point of owning a 64GB+ phone when you only give me 5GB of iCloud storage to back up everything in? It's so evil.

No. 909232

File: 1631484914900.jpeg (62.78 KB, 375x500, D867BC6E-2975-4628-9129-1471F7…)

No. 909235

I hate fat people. So sick of going out to eat with my obese family and getting comments on my eating normal sized person meals (aren't you hungry? Why are you dieting?) while they shovel thousands of calories of food down their gullet. Sick of fatties taking offense when no, I don't need a piece of cake after a heavy meal, so they sit there eating cake by themselves like the fat retard they are and feel bad. They look disgusting and all have lazy slob personalities to match. Not being able to go for a walk in the park with my family because they're wheezing after a few steps, not being able to plan a day trip without accounting for frequent stops for food because these fucking Jabba the Hutt looking motherfuckers haven't eaten in an hour and are LITERALLY STARVING, the absolute selfishness to destroy your body in such a hedonistic way and then blaming everyone else for not accommodating it or finding it attractive. I absolutely fucking hate fat people with every fiber of my being. My own mom sees me as a threat and started sending me calorie dense foods once I got thin in an explicit attempt to fatten me back up. I fucking hate fat people. I can't believe we've gotten to the point where if you're a normal healthy weight you are in the minority, where I live 40% of people are obese and an even larger percent are overweight. Disgusting people. We need to bring fatshaming back tbh

No. 909237

>We need to bring fatshaming back tbh
it’s still alive and well, there’s just more fat people to be vocal against it now. the non-fats are becoming outnumbered.

No. 909242

honestly based. don't let them get to you, deep down they're incredibly miserable and want to drag you down to their level too because they know you're the one who's thin and better looking while they have to deal with people giving them the side eye at any chance they can get. you're way better than that obviously. the way they keep expecting you to eat the same amount as them is so disturbing when it's clearly unhealthy and just a heart attack waiting to happen

No. 909244

File: 1631485743110.jpeg (22.48 KB, 236x212, A322CAE2-D391-44EE-B244-111791…)

Pretty sure I just walked in on my boyfriend looking at a huge Instagram models ass I’m gonna cry

No. 909245

Same thing is happening with drug addicts as with food addicts.
>waah waah stop vilifying us
How about no. Your addictions are your problem. How I react to them is my problem.

No. 909248

you know what to do. time to break up

No. 909251

File: 1631486036806.png (135.3 KB, 2000x2000, download.png)

But then you think to yourself "how awful of a person must I be to not even keep someone as bad as that" He also cheated on me twice with the same girl (not the girl he's now with, even that girl left him after a few months apparently)

No. 909253

nta but I wonder if it's even about dragging you down. It feels more like a social code. I am fat but I also keep a 1500 calorie count a day and exercise and my family/people thinner than me act like I'm really weird for it and incessantly mock me. So even if you are already fat they will act that way. It is American culture.

No. 909256

File: 1631486141342.jpg (62.54 KB, 640x480, elmodrowns.jpg)

I saw a crop top that I really want, but I'm overweight and self-conscious of my stomach so I know it would just be a waste of money

No. 909258

I hate how like, every kind of female birth control method has awful side effects and has a chance of killing you.

Meanwhile the only male version they never want to use because they’d rather experience a nut inside than wear a condom or pull out because all they care is how THEY get to cum. Then tell women to close their legs if they don’t want pregnant when they’re the biggest whores in the universe.

No. 909259

Why not buy it and work towards losing the weight that you feel so uncomfortable with? Don't be a hostage to yourself nonnie.

No. 909262

I am losing weight right now, it's just that I already have crop tops that I don't wear for the reasons in my OP. I just don't wanna buy another one when I could buy a top that I can feel comfortable in.

No. 909263

i just pay 0,99 a month for extra icloud storage, idk how much extra it is but i haven’t had any issues and i take a looooot of pictures

No. 909264

Retards like you are why scrotes think they deserve easy access. Obviously the scrote is scum, but dumb, easy bitches like you enable this.

No. 909265

How is she easy? You never have sex with your boyfriend? You sound like a scrote yourself.

No. 909268

nta but she said when they JUST got together. That's different. I wouldn't be as rough as the anon you are replying to but it's a valid point.

No. 909270

It's still really sly to offer such a little amount of free space, but yeah I'll probably have to buy it

No. 909271

I've never begun a relationship without first seeing if I'm sexually compatible with a man. Tradthots go back to Twitter challenge.

No. 909272

Sucking off someone you barely know in the park when all he did was stick a finger in you is testing your sexual compatibility? Jesus christ have some standards

No. 909273

And it would've made a world of difference if she sucked him off in her apartment how?

No. 909274

Most people do not fuck people before deciding to be with them. Accept you are in the minority.

No. 909276

You've got it backwards. Most people fuck before they're "together". If you weren't a stinky femcel in the actual minority you would know this.

No. 909277

No. 909278

>missing the point this hard
Try rereading >>909264 and >>909272, this time with a little better comprehension. Come on, anon. I know you can do it.

Changing your writing style doesn't make it less obvious btw

No. 909282

You think its easy access because she gave him a blowie outside as opposed to giving him a blowie back at her place despite it not making any difference… Or you think it's easy access that she gave him a blowie at all? Make up your mind. Or just say what you really want to say, you think she's a whore because she didn't follow your arbitrary rule of waiting however long you think she should've waited before sucking him off. You sound like a moid.

No. 909284

I highly doubt this. I like to believe the world isn't that disturbed.
Man, I'd like to laugh at MGTOWs mocking women for the "argument of the holes" but some of you guys will even use it on other women. "You disagree with me so you must be an INCEL."

No. 909285

Nta but I love when anons use this because that's when you really know they've run out things to say kek, even fatties somehow land a scrote

No. 909286

I'd like to believe you don't have a cock between your legs but sadly that isn't the case

No. 909287

Why is there so much infighting in the vent thread???

No. 909289

some dude/nlog found the thread and now he's/she's sperging over people having sex

No. 909290

The really ironic thing is the anon herself essentially admitted doing it was a horrible idea. It made her feel awful and she learned a lesson and yet you are trying to argue the thing she wished she didn't do was right. Even the person you are defending doesn't agree with you. I don't think she's a bad person even. If it made her feel bad it's fucking bad.

No. 909291

handmaidens don't like when someone reminds them of their nature

No. 909293

i'm so annoyed with the state of advertising sometimes. i'm watching the packers/saints game right now (don't accuse me of being an nlog please i just watched football growing up with my dad and it's still my comfort) and they had a beer commercial a moment ago that said "this one goes out to the people watching the game that had to explain to someone every part of the game" and it just pissed me off because the assumption is that hurrdurr a man needs a beer because he had to explain the football game to a woman. like your covert misogyny isn't slick, bud light.

No. 909294

I read the thread and she said she regretted it because they didn't have a "connection" yet or whatever. So she wished she waited longer before doing something like that I presume. What you're saying is a completely different thing, you're just slut shaming her for having sex with him at all and calling it "easy access". I had sex with my fiancee on the second date but shit I guess we're all easy access to you.

No. 909295

The thing I hate is that I was trying to actually make a point that thinking that's a bad thing to do is valid but shouldn't be approached with such hostility as is clear by the poster herself saying it made her upset and ended up getting called a man. And now I will probably be banned for infighting lole

No. 909296

File: 1631487992582.jpg (122.05 KB, 415x497, 990.jpg)

>Most people fuck before they're "together".
nta but I thought this was a meme and studies showed that people were actually having less sex and hookup culture was exaggerated? if it's actually true then I have yet another reason to avoid men. why can't they just wait

No. 909298

Kek why are you pretending you even care about the original poster or how it made her feel or even better, not approaching with hostility, when you called her a bitch, and easy?

No. 909302

Men are having less sex but people in general are having more casual sex than ever. That 80/20 meme that incels spout has some truth to it.

No. 909304

Post stats or gtfo with your incel statistics

No. 909305

I wasn't the anon who said that. There is two of us. I don't know if you realize you are talking to two different people.

No. 909306

ntayrt and that was me. And you're right, I don't care about someone like that lol

No. 909308

From what I have read everyone in college is having less sex but men are having slightly less sex than women.

No. 909311

>500 college students in which 65 percent of women and 45 percent of men confessed that during their last hookup, they were actually hoping the encounter would lead to a steady relationship. In fact, 51 percent of women and 42 percent of men said they openly discussed that possibility with their lover after the hookup despite its supposedly casual nature

No. 909312

Lmao I don't know where you live but around here dudes only fuck when they don't plan to date you.
Either way its a gamble imo

No. 909313

Why does it personally offend you if people in a relationship are having sex, or even if they're not in a relationship yet? Maybe you need to find a job or something

No. 909315

Oh thank you for providing your sample of 500 students in the entirety of North America. This is a great representation of men and women in general!

No. 909317

You can literally Google "Are Americans having more or less sex?" and find study after study. You don't need us to write you an annotated bibliography.

No. 909318

Do you not know what statistics are you fucking retard? Why ask for it? And the link is just a summarized cultivation of dozens of different research papers done on the topic with thousands of young people in the US, I highlighted a relevant part with one survey.

No. 909321

Gotta love internet debates, someone always posts some irrelevant stat that doesn't even support their argument.

No. 909323

Actually that perfectly supports what I said about people fucking before they're in relationships, what are you even saying?

No. 909326

I need to take a shit, but I really don't feel like it.

No. 909327

This is the second anon today just talking shit without having the faintest idea about statistics. The other one was the anon who thought 50% of aids patients are X meant the same as 50% of X are aids patients.
It's just morons flinging shit. Enjoy the show but don't try making any sense of it.

No. 909329

Yeah but it takes a certain kind of idiot to ask for statistics and then just… see the statistic and yell at you for giving them the statistic. The AIDS one sounds like an ESL maybe lol

No. 909330


No. 909335

Yes, she was esl, but from my country. I was slightly ashamed…

No. 909340

I just did it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be, came out pretty smooth, little residue. 10/10 dookie. Thanks for your encouragement anon.

No. 909341

if you're talking about the aids stuff from earlier in the thread, the anon wasn't saying 50% of X are aids patients, she was saying: in her country, 50% of aids patients are not X, as opposed to another country where 50% of aids patients are X. that's how i understood it and it seemed straightforward albeit could've been worded better

No. 909343

File: 1631490108255.png (186.24 KB, 400x400, large_ec46f89a-dfa0-412e-b908-…)

I want chips so bad rn

No. 909348

And stop making me re-live second-hand embarrassment

No. 909349

statistics anons making me feel embarrassed that i never learned math. i can’t even see or process numbers in my head, it all goes in one ear and out the other.
i never learned how to multiply, divide, fractions, statistics, none of that.

No. 909356

It's never too late to learn!

No. 909357

if you take into context what she said before about adults over 50 representing half etc etc then its obvious what she was trying to say anon she just fucked up the wording i think. the context is important.

No. 909358

i appreciate that, anon. i’d like to get an education someday

No. 909359

Don't blame America for your incompetence this time. You were probably the "why do we have to learn this?!" kid in school.

No. 909360

that has nothing to do with it being america, it sounds like you have a legitimate learning/mental disability kek

No. 909364

"context" does not impact statistics.
You're just another shit flinger.

No. 909368

Teach yourself if you can

No. 909369

I could maybe get being confused by a statistic, but you really never learned all of that other stuff? I'm American as well and I feel like that's really basic stuff to know. I hope you get the chance to learn it if that's something you're interested in.

No. 909371

maybe they live in one of those rural hillbilly mountain towns in west virginia or kentucky where the illiteracy rates are high

No. 909372

anon you're ESL too right and i promise you you're just not understanding what she was saying because it wasn't very clear lmao

No. 909374

I'm from a southern state that has a fairly high illiteracy rate, and idk, I still feel like it's common to know that stuff. Perhaps she is from somewhere in the deep south though.

No. 909375

Math is a universal language.

No. 909378

i agree, just trying to give the little brainlet the benefit of the doubt

No. 909380

but… okay whatever you've made up your mind it seems. there's no point arguing this when the whole point is semantics, not the actual math

No. 909381

It's not up to other people to "correctly" interpret your ramblings. Just don't ramble in the first place. Learn how to string words together or fuck off.

No. 909384

What the fuck is going on in here

No. 909386

My boyfriend made me literally bawl my eyes out in the car in front of him bc he wants to play video games instead of spend time with me. He said “everyday before I met you I would spend all day playing video games” it made me feel like he wishes he never even met me just so he could play video games all day.

No. 909391

it might be that math dyslexia thing, i forget the name

No. 909394

Apparently it's okay to be an easy whore now

No. 909396

Imagine someone you treasured told you this about their bf? That shit should be ex-boyfriend now. There's nothing worse than dating a gamer

No. 909398

>blowing your boyfriend makes you an easy whore

No. 909402

it's fight night baby, get ready to rumble

No. 909404

File: 1631492616662.jpg (26.77 KB, 500x333, imagedb-500x333.jpg)

nonnies should i become a born again virgin and save myself for marriage? i don't want to be an Easy Whore™ like that dirty anon that had sex with her boyfriend outside of bedlock

No. 909407

I am so absolutely annoyed that people from all over the country continue to flock to my state and ruin the housing market and drive the COL up so high I can’t even afford to live in my hometown. I am looking for somewhere to move once my lease is up but everything is so fucking expensive and I can’t find a roommate. Sigh.

No. 909409

lmao clever

No. 909410


Getting married as a woman in this modern day dating situation is the biggest L you can possibly take unless you luck out and meet one of the few lesser scroty males.

ride the cock carousal

No. 909413

File: 1631492962249.jpeg (Spoiler Image,306.98 KB, 1920x1362, 1991_GigerSorayama_3.jpeg)

I don't really see the value in art like this.
>Sorayama states, “I think my work is an acceptable expression because I am Japanese. Overseas, robots in the shape of humans cannot be made due to religious restrictions. I think that sexy robots have been highly evaluated because they are drawn by artists of the yellow race who are not religious and punishable. Giger was a Swiss and exposed taboos such as internal organs and bones to the world. I thought he was a real pervert. My artwork is more socially acceptable than his”.
>“My life work is to express light. I also have a desire to oppose social norms in my work. Depicting things which are supposedly taboos is an important motivation in my creative activities”.
Isn't a subjugated woman just a hyper-expression of social norms?

No. 909417

kek seriously… i can't believe people think getting it on outside is so scandalous. what a weird hill to die on. i'd be more outraged to hear "i give anal and let him slap me during sex" than "i blew him outside on the grass"

No. 909423

I used the wrong phrase for a specific thing in a comment, got a single rude reply, and deleted my entire account on a website in a span of fifteen minutes because I couldn’t deal with it.
Why this? Why am I like this? I literally made a typo.

No. 909425

File: 1631493706570.jpg (42.11 KB, 680x368, matete4.jpg)

nah, become one of those cloistered nuns

No. 909430


Because you need to go outside and touch some grass tbh

No. 909437

you're not wrong about marriage but the cocks aren't good either so it's all pointless

No. 909440

Some of us like sucking cocks in parks after getting a dry finger though

No. 909442

Why do anons date moids that don't like them?

No. 909462

File: 1631494767597.png (81.41 KB, 418x213, received_128166694422737.png)

I have a mom who tells lies about me a lot. I am pretty sure she really believes the lies about me too because she shows genuine emotional distress when recalling "things I did." I didn't realize until about a half of a year ago when I finally talked to her side of the family out of her supervision that she had been telling these lies to the family. They were really huge tales about me joining a gang, being promiscuous, and physically harming her. It turns out my family had been distant to me from all these constant lies. Just a few days ago I found out she told them I convinced someone to kill themselves on Skype with me when I was younger. Someone did kill themselves on Skype with me but I tried to talk them out of it and stayed so they wouldn't die alone. Because they were an anon I couldn't call the police or anything anyway. I was devastated and cried till I puked from watching them die and my mom was there. I actually dedicated quite a bit of my time to trying to help depressed people online and she apparently spun this into me "helping people kill themselves" and that I approached it very "cold." I even held onto this value so much I ended up getting a degree in psychology to continue to help people. Even though I am now able to correct these stories in my mid twenties I can't help but have this sadness that the impression my mom gave them of me will never fully go away. I don't think they believe her anymore I just feel like first impressions hang around and it wouldn't be their fault. I am just sad thinking over all the people I've known from childhood that got close to my mom and started hating me. It feels like by just trying to make it out of my abuse and look the other way at what my mom did that my mom's extraversion combined with lies has poisoned an entire area from ever connecting with me. Sometimes I want to move away from my city just because my mom knows so many people. I also feel that it's all my fault sometimes, thinking of all the little wrong things I did like not cleaning up after myself enough as a kid or just being too socially awkward. I know it isn't my fault but I just feel really bad right now and worried that I can never escape what she did to my reputation.

No. 909470

So, break up? We're not here to coddle your shit choices

No. 909482

So fucking tired of women with subpar bfs crying about it, unless your country doesn't give women basic rights then shut up and keep it to the "women with subpar bfs/husbands" private groups. Just hearing this kind of pathetic shit lowers my own self esteem just by exposure.

No. 909496

are you a female born after 93?

No. 909513

My shitty neighbour is still being annoying with her shitty music, should I buy a gun and shoot upwards? I can say I didn't know the gun was loaded and I'll never, NEVER do it again

No. 909533

File: 1631496518397.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Mairimashita! Irum…)

I love my friends to death and back, and I'm truly blessed to have met people like them in my shitty life. But sometimes I really wish they shared my main interest. Or that I had a different circle who shared that interest, but too many anime fans are freaks of nature, exclusively enjoy weebshit so they look down on anything non-japan or want to do weird shit like cosplay/RP (no offense to the handful of anons who are into that). All I want to do is discuss and play/watch shows and games we like or hate.

No. 909640

I found out this month that my parents lied to me my whole life. I was raised very in a very strict environment, and had to be a straight A, straight edge girl.

This week I found out my father was a drug dealer and loan shark before they had me and that's how he met my mother. In fact all my uncles were in on this racket.

I'm still processing this, I found out inadvertently this week.

No. 909643

I had similar issues. Do you feel angry about how you held yourself to such high standards because of how they made you feel and now realize you lost your youth trying to be perfect? Not trying to force that on you if it isn't how you feel but I used to have tantrums about that.

No. 909653

File: 1631499538138.jpeg (112.14 KB, 533x533, AC78FCFD-ACDC-4A10-9DC5-8C82BD…)

Cosplay is so fucking tiresome, I don’t know if my autism just acts up when such things are presented to me, but I always feel like there’s no way to have fun with cosplay shit unless you actually like to/know to sew shit.
I can’t even fold a piece of paper, but my best friend always tells me to do closet cosplays with her of the characters she ships.
But I’m so fucking autistic, I can’t ever find the right clothes, I always feel like I need a wig, I’m shit at makeup and I hate when a character doesn’t have the same skin tone that I have.
Like, yeah, have fun and all, but the moment you go out, everyone judges you and takes pictures of you to make fun of you afterwards because you wanted to dress up like a funky cartoon girl, I don’t like that.

No. 909688


Yes! Exactly this. Even now I am struggling with this perfectionist mindset, and for what reason?

No. 909695

I get these extreme hankerings to absurdly self destructive things like be slutty or go get in a random fist fight. I think it's a combination of other life experiences with it that make me feel so vengeful though. Like I am angry that everyone else just won't try as hard to be good and you glimpse this "if you can't beat em, join em" mentality.

No. 909696

No one ever gives a fuck about a lonely woman. A woman is barely a human to humanity, just imagine her with no association. I really am not like other women

No. 909701

There are more lonely women than you think.

No. 909703

i disagree. i think you're in a really low place in order to be thinking that. a lonely man is one that no one gives a shit about by default. as a lonely woman myself (no friends no boyfriend) you only need to reach out and people are generally willing to mitigate the issue. the problem is when you have no way to actually meet those people… or you're not outgoing enough to just brute force yourself into random strangers lives…

No. 909705

i cringe whenever i see my dads body and notice how much i'm similarly shaped to him. what the fuck gives. how could a biological woman be shaped more like her fucking rather than her mother

No. 909715

are you the oldest or oldest daughter? if so we tend to look more like our fathers than mothers and the resemblance filters out after each child.

No. 909716

nta but reach out where? Where to reach out when you're a 30 yo unemployed autist

No. 909721

Nta but would explain why I am a goblin with beautiful sisters

No. 909726

Having a really hard night nonnies. A man who sexually exploited me online when I was a child keeps trying to contact me, he sent me a friend request and I blocked him a week ago, now he left a comment on one of my public profiles and deleted it before I saw. My PTSD is acting up really badly, I don't even care what he wants to say and I never want him to contact me ever again. I'm shaking so hard just thinking about the fucked up shit he made me do. Any support would mean a lot to me right now

No. 909729

i am the eldest daughter yes. well that just put a dampener on my day

No. 909731

Perhaps you should report him to authorities/get a restraining order.

No. 909741

I hate how celebrities are just strippers now, do people honestly watch that around their families? Is the endgame to eventually have no difference between regular celebs and porn stars. It must be like watching soft core porn at this point with your kids or your parents or your partner

No. 909748

File: 1631505956517.jpeg (354.17 KB, 344x899, C3BEEB40-DF8B-49E1-B868-951751…)

it’s been like that for a looooong time, anon.

No. 909749

Man you always get the short end of the stick when you're the eldest child. This explains a lot.

No. 909759

I wish I could delete the “daddy kink” from the history of mankind. Unless you’re some underaged zoomer who spends too much time online with no idea of what internet security/safety is, which is another problem by itself entirely, there’s no reason why you should be getting off to calling someone your dad like an infant. Fucking embarrassing seeing fully grown adults encourage this shit.

No. 909760

Cuz that’s how the men running the industry taught women to sell themselves as

No. 909763

Lemme give you a tip nonny: cock sucking can give you oral cancer!

No. 909766

nona this makes so much sense, im the youngest child and practically a clone of my mom when she was my age

No. 909767

Women can’t wear this in a world full of men, never. This outfit is so cute but of course whatever a woman wears is contextual to what a man could do to her, that’s how society always views a woman who doesn’t cover up like an ugly ass grandma. The only way to dress like this is if there was total female sexual liberation from men altogether considering almost women are heterosexual.

No. 909768

Get a knife and fuck that bastard up, he doesn’t deserve to laugh, cry, or feel anything but pain and torture.

No. 909773

where im from fucking before officially being together somehow solidifies the man just using you for that. like they lose respect (stupid) and wont date you if you sleep with them beforehand

No. 909776

You know they'd never fund/allow it to be published but I bet most cervical cancer comes from not using a condom and being exposed to semen constantly. Mens immune system doesn't touch their balls so viruses and shit just migrate there to hang out.

No. 909778

File: 1631507790272.jpg (204.14 KB, 1242x1218, 1559755580561.jpg)

Wow, your mom sounds like a gigantic piece of shit, and the fact that people would even take a mother saying these things about her kid at face value is outrageous. I don't think anyone here would fault you if you cut ties and moved to a different city; moving can be a great opportunity for a fresh start, too.

No. 909781

After watching the vmas I've realized how annoying an artist opening with a more interesting/vocally unique sound and after a bit a basic beat drops in and they begin talksinging to it for the rest of the song is. I know it's a medley and this isn't new but just hearing a good song end after five seconds is upsetting.

No. 909792

File: 1631508523412.jpeg (17.79 KB, 275x183, 1629308149610.jpeg)

I hate the retarded "life isn't fair" take parents do when their kid encounters any setback or injustice. It's not training your kid to be strong, or whatever, it's just teaching them learned helplessness young.

No. 909797

And that being said, I want to reiterate >>909741. The stripper image has to be sold with the voice all the time and I'm tired of it.

No. 909807

I wish that was true with my brother tbh. I feel like he was my parent's "trial and error" child. He partied a lot without telling my parents where he was and when he'd come back home and never really cared about grades. My parents were definitely a lot stricter with my upbringing though. Could also be that daughters are held to a higher standard.

No. 909809

Wtf the beginning was so cool and her vocals are insane, but I lost interest afterwards. Sad.

No. 909812

if ayrt is from the US, 45% of people are unvaccinated. it's not as hard to find them as you're making out. and the advice about height is terrible. no woman should have to settle for a man shorter than her, ESPECIALLY a tall woman. OP nonnie, don't settle for less than 6'4"

No. 909819

If you think the same people wary of the vaccine are flat earth types you'd get quite a surprise. Most people wary of the vaccine aren't even wary of other vaccines. Also >>909812 short qt unvaccinated boy supremacy.

No. 909820

File: 1631510889292.jpg (51.88 KB, 480x480, f3b6ed8af602726cc640589647dacc…)

My dad has recently been obsessed with researching narcissistic behavior ala YT because of his relationship to my mother as she and him are not in the best of conditions now. But its like he's imagining me or compares me to my mom in his head and so when I respond to him in a less than polite tone he says shit that vaguely references what he's learned from his YT vids. Its funny because he acts like such an asshole to me and expects me to take it but I'm not a fucking pushover so I say what I need to say because I will not tolerate shit like that from any man INCLUDING my male family members. He seems to take that as being a "Bitch just like your my mom" and so he'll be say shit like, "Take responsibility for your actions" or he'll point out my standing up for myself as talk back to him while completely disregarding his douche actions to me that made me tell him off. He is so misogynistic too and he'll make offhand comments about women or my mother that are so disgusting. My mother isnt the best person to be with but my father certainly isnt better. Its fucked up and he doesnt do this to my brother who is actually disrespectful and rude asf to the whole family. I feel like Im being attacked by him and I know its not in my head because it goes on constantly and I cant confide in others irl cause Ill know they'll tell me otherwise.

No. 909824

I'm so sorry you have to go through that, and I can't imagine how painful it is to have to relive that by having that freak try to contact you again. I recommend talking to a therapist about this because it sounds like you may not be entirely over what happened to you. If you can't do that I recommend talking to a crisis hotline to just vent about it, sometimes it's good to be able to talk to someone who is supportive about it, even if it's completely anonymous. The people on there are genuinely more knowledgeable about what/if can be done in your country as well.

You may want to look into what can be done in your country about a stalker/harasser because there may be some kind of protection you can get from him if the behavior continues.

Look after yourself, nonny. Practice some self care, meditate, draw a bath, light some candles, read a book, do whatever you normally do to de-stress.

calling a suicide hotline/mental health hotline just to talk about it because this sounds like something you should talk

No. 909825

I hate my sister-in-laws dog so much, the mutt is untrained and she always makes excuses for him every time the dog attacks or jumps someone with "Oh you riled him up"

he's bitten my partner, mutilated 3 farm animals and has a humping problem

No. 909827

I’ve been forgetting everything and misplacing things and forgetting what I’m saying mid sentence for a few weeks now and it’s scaring the shit out of me. My dad had early onset dementia so I’m terrified. I want to just go ahead and ask my doctor but I’m only 24 so I know she’ll just brush me off. Fuck I don’t want to end up the way he was. Not now, nor when I’m old

No. 909830

is it possible you have thyroid dysfunction or maybe another metabolic disorder? i wouldn’t jump straight to dementia.

No. 909865

Get checked for B12 deficiency

No. 909886

Unless you have some underlying learning disability or other problem that prevents you from learning.. you have the internet at your fingertips, try teaching it yourself. You can probably find elementary school level material just by googling.

No. 909889

Definitely check that out.
My mom was taking some meds for gastrointestinal issues and it caused this. Same symptoms.

No. 909894

No one should be more than a "casual" gamer, and it's funny that some guys use this as an insult. I like gaming, but it's not my fucking identity, but it's hard to talk to any guy that does play but it isn't his fucking identity, down to constantly making references or hyping titles of series that should've died a decade ago. If you "live to game", you're not a sane person.

No. 909905

I was literally about to vent about the same problem. Same age range too, I've been especially struggling to find words and finish sentences. People in my life started to point that out too, so I know it's not just in my head. It's really scary.

No. 909916

ayrt I’m sorry you’re going through that but so glad I’m not the only one. I know what you mean, my partner and friends keep making jokes about how out of it I am but it’s not funny to me. I feel like I’m losing my damn mind

No. 909921

I'm also 24 and dealing with the same thing, early onset dementia runs in my family (mothers side) too. Are you sleeping okay? Stressed about anything recently? Because lack of sleep can cause that kind of memory issues, mine has been improving a little since I've been sleeping more (it's still pathetic 7 hours) but I'm hoping I can get 9 hours a sleep a day eventually. Another issue is your vitamin D levels, start taking a supplement if you haven't already. I don't know if you're in lockdown/working from home but vitamin D deficiencies fuck you up in so many ways including cognitive function. Everyone should be supplementing for vitamin D imho, that's something that I feel like everyone who takes it can vouch for.

Another thing that can be relevant is if you have had COVID. Some people develop long COVID (even some who were asymptomatic) end up developing cognitive issues afterwards for a period of time.

Definitely get your blood checked at least, a lot of things can cause your memory to be not as well. Improving my sleep and getting vitamin D through a supplement + actual exposure has helped me a LOT.

No. 909929

I feel the same. I used to self identify as a gamer pretty openly, mostly because I wanted to meet other people with my interests and find groups for co-op. After spending several years in those communities, I've realized it's full of addicts (of all types), misogynists, NEETs, freaks and people who have no identity aside from beings fans of whatever title. Now I don't even mention I like gaming until I've known someone for a good amount of time, and if they (mostly men of course) try to gatekeep, sperg about me not being like other girls or start turning the conversation toward gaming every time we talk, it becomes very easy to drop them. Video games are literally just technologically advanced toys. It's not that fucking deep.

No. 909937

i noticed this happening to so me and so many of my friends too. there's something in the air fr. or in our foods, but this isn't the tinfoil thread so whatever

No. 909941

Midwest people are the worst. Passive aggressive shits.

No. 909958

My mom has taken it upon herself to drown all my houseplants.

No. 909963

WTF just WTF is going on

No. 909964

Anons, should I tell my s/o about his sister's new e-bf? He is a massive douchebag and the biggest red flag I have seen. He even went crazy and started spamming shit like 'where are you, etc every second while talking shit about her friends on VC, all in less than 2 minutes of her being AFK - talking to us IRL in her room.

From his Twitter and the way he acts, this guy is a control freak with incel idols (even such cow as Vaush) and is obsessed with his pedo religion. The same month he made her ditch close to all of her old friends and delete Discord server in hysteria, telling her to take care of it instead. Sister is a really mentally vulnerable case, insecure, and jumps on any guy that would give her any attention so she is easy to fuck around with and manipulate, especially with her chronicle depression.

I am worried about my s/o's reaction because one of their friends started inviting them to play games online together.

No. 909970

You should voice your concern privately to your s/o, he'll probably listen to you if he knows you're genuinely worried and care about his family. You could try to be there for his sister too, listen to her, ask her a select few important questions and make sure she understands that she can seek you out when she feels like she needs help. I'd avoid openly antagonizing an abusive man because it can turn against you or her or your s/o very quickly, but don't bottle it up either. If you're worried about a woman who struggles, that's more than enough reason to offer your shoulder for support. If she needs positive affirmation and a sign that she's cared about by people beyond this one douche, you could be one of the people to give her that crucial signal.
You can do it. I hope she also finds the courage to establish better personal boundaries.

No. 909976

I have to try and force myself to stop looking at the pro ana thread in /snow/. At first I did it to try and feel better about my own mental health issues and after that it became a habit but the constant skelly sperging has kind of convinced part of me my own behaviour is normal and not a problem. My own BMI is under 16 and I just keep telling myself it’s normal and not a big deal and I eat a normal amount and use that stupid thread to encourage those thoughts. I never agree with what the other anons in that thread say and find the way they obsessively hate on 18 year olds with a normal BMI to be really creepy but of course I never say anything. I’ve been offered an opportunity irl that involves working more hours and I can’t risk it all by losing more weight. Of course that thread isn’t the main cause of my issues or anything but I think it’s past time now for me to hide it.

No. 909990

nooo why??

No. 910042

File: 1631538245832.jpeg (140.72 KB, 600x553, FAF8A4D0-B5EC-41D8-B91D-F123E0…)

I feel even worse coming on here and I have nothing else to do

No. 910049

This is a neat picture. Just block the website or something, anon.

No. 910059

Meet me in tinfoil thread anon

No. 910060

based, probably gonna rn thanks nonny

No. 910063

Also, something that helps me stop using the site is playing a game or basically doing anything else. Going out for a walk is great for disconnecting.

No. 910065

I hate that I care so much about reputations. Like I look down on others and I'm a lazy and work shy but I somehow manage to get away with it. The only person that calls me out is my mother and she has said since I was little I'm nasty in the worst ways in like sneaky ways. I get away with shit because I look non threatening. Not that I'm truly mental I'm just lazy and can be very sarcastic and blunt which pissed people like my mum off. Either way I don't know why I'm like so snobby towards others. And the thing is I'm always attracted to men with reputations of being shits or basically being lazy too. I'm not materialistic but I have always been comfortable so finding a well off or well to do man isn't important to me but my parents are well to do and idk whet the fuck this vent is lol. I have a crush on a man and I think I'm going to reach out. I don't think he can drive. I've no idea what he does for work but he's cheeky and he makes my heart and pussy flutter. The only thing making me hesitant is what everyone else will think and I'm sick of always being the one to drive. This is dumb lol

No. 910121

cringed yesterday saying and bringing forth from others canned small talk. when I have uncovered something big that our world leaders are hoping we never find out. it's all happening literally beneath us, and they're people just like us that are doing it. deformed people talking in reverse are underneath. but I have to cringe while we repeat talking points and canned responses and I feel it shake the earth I stand atop.

No. 910135

There are a bunch of reasons why this could be happening that aren't dementia-related, including chronic stress and a number of medications. See your doctor ASAP and get a referral to a neurologist or a second opinion if she brushes you off; while the cause probably isn't anything deadly, certain underlying issues like >>909865 can cause long-lasting or permanent damage.

No. 910138

Put on a stream as background noise and someone sent a message saying how they're grateful to the streamer because they have no friends, and the streamer went on all this tangent on how they must have friends but do not realize and are not grateful for their connections, there's no human that truly does not have friends. But some people just simply… do not have friends. I have zero friends, I'd have to really stretch the definition of "friend" to be able to name anyone.

No. 910174

My throat and lungs hurt, when I breathe I want to cry, and my fever is worse now,I hope I have pneumonia or something so at least I know what is wrong with me and I know I have to rest at home and I know how to treat it, I have had a fever for half a year but no other symptoms except on some days slight pain in my throat and lungs, I've been to all sorts of doctors and nobody could find anything wrong with me, but now I remember when I had pneuomonia as a child I also went to the doctors so many times and nobody could find anything wrong with me. But why did it get worse now, I have an exam tomorrow, and another one in a few days, and then more next week, now I'm sure I'll fail them. I tried to take the exams a few times but since I'm sick my performance is bad. I never cry but now I'm trying not to cry all day because it hurts, at least I am alone now I can cry. It's funny, I dont cry a lot from my eyes but water droplets fall from my nose. I wish I didn't have responsibilities I wish I could stay at home until I was better. Sorry for stupid boring vent about disease

No. 910175

I really regret starting to use other image boards or social media when i was younger and going back when i was in crisis because besides poisoning my brain with those dudes ideologies i had no concept of web security and came across some creeps who even got my ip when i was a teen. Seeing unhinged people act the worst they could just to appear edgy truly messed me up and made me almost agoraphic, i couldn't help but imagine any person i met could be doing those fucked up things online.
And it got worse when this trans thing really took off. I didn't see the issue at first but i almost got memed into thinking i was a trans man or had some testosterone disorder since because of dysmorphia i felt so masculine in comparison to those photoshopped guys. It got so bad i had a breakdown at some point because to the surprise of no one i didn't feel like a man at all and i thought i was just doomed to be a hulking, disgusting woman.
It took a lot of therapy and seeing real women to realize i'm not even big or ugly… i'm 5'2", i'm not muscly or fat and my bone structure is not like a mans at all. My body is just average. This may seem stupid but i even thought having body hair meant i had a hormone imbalance or something after hearing all the bullshit about hormone therapy leaving men completely hairless.
I am more resistant to bullshit nowadays thanks to this but all things considered i really regret using other boards. I wish i had chosen any other online community to cope with abuse irl, or at least known lolcow was there before i was too far gone.

No. 910208

what a huge slap in the face that must have been for the person who sent that message.

No. 910308

Have you been tested for Covid?

No. 910310

I hate this mentality but I see it everywhere now. Nobody wsnts to humble themselves or admit someone else may not have it as good as them, so they have to convince the other person they aren't as bad off as they are.

No. 910347

File: 1631560195692.jpg (8.32 KB, 355x341, 71a4oDdx6-L._AC_SX355_.jpg)

As an American I fucking loathe how uncommon bidets are. All my friends who hear about those Japanese toilets with built in bidets and say "eww" like shut the fuck up you morons.

Anyway I just had to shit at work and it wasn't the cleanest job ever so I had to leave the stall with toilet paper stuffed in my crack, wet some paper towels (and hope to god no one came in), then go back into the stall and clean myself because I was NOT sitting in soiled underwear for the rest of the work day and wiping myself with dry toilet paper made it feel like I'd sooner clog the toilet with how much I was using before I got clean enough to leave. If we had bidets? Just clean myself in two seconds then done. Fuck this country, give me bidets.

No. 910349

gross. what the fuck are you "people" eating that you need bidets that bad? my poops always come out clean with nothing on the toilet paper

No. 910353

My poops are usually fine but I must've eaten something recently that upset my stomach

No. 910355

File: 1631560609675.jpg (121.76 KB, 720x712, original.jpg)

i moved to uni a day ago and i already hate it. i feel like an ugly little gremlin next to the other girls. i haven't been flirted with since i was 12 years old. that was my peak which fucking depresses me. i just cant socialise with anyone without thinking about how disgusted they must be by me.

No. 910361

fair enough… shouldn't baby wipes be enough for any extra cleanup? i associate bidets with muslims, seems really unnecessary if you eat fairly healthy and carry baby wipes if need be

No. 910362

I randomly had one of those poops today where I was not about to feel remotely clean again til I'd had a whole shower. Thankfully I was at home. I feel you anon.

No. 910365

>i associate bidets with muslims
lmao what

No. 910366

I hope you'll be able to settle in anon! Maybe since the semester's just started everyone still has the energy to look nice and pretty, but maybe as the semester goes on everyone will let loose and also look like a gremlin leaving their cave to go to class (in my experience). I don't know where you are or how covid has affected your school, but maybe join some clubs or volunteer if that's available to you! I made friends through clubs in my uni. Best of luck nonna, I believe in you! Make some friends and enjoy this time in your life.

No. 910367

ntayrt but, I love using baby wipes. Nothing beats showering, but they really keep me cleaner than just tp

No. 910405

Does she mean how Muslims keep a pitcher of water by the toilet to wash with after they dookie?

No. 910414

So, we applied for a flat we really like and now we are waiting to hear back from the owner. I know that our chances to get the flat are like 1%, but damn, we need to move, I don't want to live where we live right now any longer. My neighbours are loud assholes, it stinks and there is nothing nice around here. I just really want to move somewhere nice, where i can sleep at night and where I'm not woken up in panic in the middle of the night because some idiot is throwing stuff on the floor. Right now I'm preparing myself for the negative reply in some days and I don't know how much I'm able to handle anymore at the moment.

No. 910415


My friends mother was a janitor and she used to clean up after Muslim men in the toilets and they have a bottle of water or a jug at the side to wash their ass

No. 910419

some muslims I knew had a watering can at their bathroom

No. 910423

Literally fuck my stupid fucking annoying ass insufferable fucking asshole professor. He’s so fucking cringe first of all. It’s literally so obvious to me that he enjoys the power trip of being a professor. “Life isn’t fair” you’re literally a narcissistic piece of shit.

No. 910427

File: 1631565614203.jpeg (59.61 KB, 678x452, EEF3DB97-325F-482E-A925-E48036…)

just use a water gun

No. 910436

i've basically never received male attention. i'm sick of people saying "oh you're lucky" kinda half condescendingly. yes i am so lucky as a heterosexual woman that i am unable to attract the opposite sex! fuck you. facially ugly women have it so hard. being in a normal weight range will NOT help you in this case. you can't just coast through life like every woman with a conventional looking face and any kind of body that isn't fat or generally gross. your face just ends up making you completely invisible and there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 910441

I mean it's not like there's nothing you can do. Get a good job, get plastic surgery or if you don't wanna do that, be a little more slutty. Society is still plastic and shallow, but being ugly isn't really stopping people these days.

No. 910442

that is the worst possible advice you could give someone who wants a long term healthy relationship

No. 910446

Oh nonny I'm so sorry you went through that but I am so glad you could heal and understand that you were being manipulated. It's not stupid that you believed those things, these people know how to get into people's heads, find their insecurities and exploit them, they're predators, and destroying women is their lifeblood.

No. 910461

The most insecure and toxic people dump their retarded shit in the celebricows thread. You’re ugly, get over it, some of you are so fucking annoying and insufferable

No. 910464

nothing is going on in the celebricows thread…?

No. 910483

xfinity is such a shit fucking wifi company i wish i could switch but it's the only company supported by my apartment. the last two weeks i've been trying to get someone to come in and see why my modem isn't connecting to my wifi and they have been so fucking useless.

No. 910492

She's either talking about people going against Megan Fox or the anons nitpicking bodies.

No. 910505

Most people are just saying she acted cringy in that video, said cringy stuff in the past or that she went overboard with surgery, I don't see the problem.

No. 910508

I have no issue making fun of Megan Fox she’s a certified pick-me no matter her PR interviews trying to make her seem feminist, but sometimes it gets so annoying when you see the same nitpick pictures of some celebricow’s hips or something.

No. 910660

Thank you so much for all the tips anon! I am in therapy for my PTSD thankfully so I can talk to my therapist about what happened next session. I just got terrible thoughts that he was going to find me and hurt me somehow. I feel a lot better today though, I had a bath like you said and it helped me.
So far he's only tried to contact me those two times, there was no police intervention and I'm pretty sure all the proof of what happened is gone now. I could look into getting one but I don't know if it's worth it
I really wish I could, any anons that live in Kansas willing to fuck a pedophile up? kek

No. 910731

File: 1631577169398.jpeg (428.44 KB, 3264x2448, 1630846505062.jpeg)

this will be the most retarded vent but i'm so hurt. the only thing i asked of my bf for my bday was to not drink and spend the day with me but he got piss drunk of course. i painted him stupid ass detailed art even tho i'm shit at drawing it took me a fucking month and i spent like 100 euro on his bday gifts but he couldn't even stay sober for one day. i'm so sick of this man, even my bitchy coworker gave me some nice chocolates but my own bf just treated me like trash. sorry ik im immature and stupid just needed to vent.

No. 910747

This is not immature, and if you feel so I think that maybe your boyfriend is unironically gaslighting you

No. 910755

Same every day

No. 910761

Happy birthday Anon. I hope one day you will have the means to do what's right for you, even if that means leaving him behind. You don't deserve that neglect.

No. 910782

yeah idk i just feel stupid.

thanks anon you are very sweet, really appreciate the wishes

No. 910785

You gave him such a beautiful gift! You seem like such a sweet, thoughtful person and you really deserve better. Genuine question, what do you see in him?

No. 910789

I need to write a specialized resume and finish a project to put online for it but I feel so anxious about it that all I can do is sit here sobbing like a retard

No. 910800

My self esteem went down just reading that. What's with all the anons with shit bfs?

No. 910815

thanks anon i was happy with the painting too!
>Genuine question, what do you see in him?
i don't know, he just seemed different from other men, he was calm, kind, feminine, but idk i feel like i was tricked now. maybe it's just my emotions speaking through me rn but that wasn't what i signed up for.

No. 910826

That's surprisingly common. A lot of men try very hard to get women and then simply stop trying, reverting to the slobs they really are. It especially works well when you've dealt with other horrible men in the past so you think that the facade is truly a catch.

I'm really sorry you have to deal with him. As corny as it sounds, the best birthday gift you can give yourself is putting yourself first. I hope you can leave him soon.

No. 910875

I hate how I started the year out toned and fit working out but surviving solely on water and 2-3 protein bars a day all in a while being desperate for male attention. Now I got out of wanting attention from men, I ballooned 12lbs and started eating regular meals 3 times a day while having a better mental state. But now I'm pretty chubby and stocky looking. I don't know if I should continue to stay like this since most of my friends treat me the same, I'm doing better at my last year of uni, and my mom keeping the same kind attitude towards me despite wanting me to lose weight throughout my childhood. My clothes still fit as well, but I guess I'm venting about not being deceive enough to accept my body right now.

No. 910881

first day living alone in a foreign country and i'm already overwhelmed… i know nobody said growing up is easy but if this is what i'm supposed to look forward to for the rest of my life then idk if i have much to look forward to

No. 910887

File: 1631581871581.jpg (181.74 KB, 706x1000, yande.re 109760 sample chii ch…)

one of my profs this semester has such shitty organization skills i hate him so damn much

however i know that hating him and whining about how shit he is won't help me, so in 5 or so minutes [i have pomdoro timer up] im gonna mow through this assignment i should've done days ago for his course and pray for the best

fuck me in the ass

No. 910894

I want sex but I don't want a relationship but I don't know anyone to have casual sex with. Damn I'm horny (sorry for horny posting to those rigorous /ot/ anons but this is a vent!)

No. 910926

It takes a while to adjust to a new country, even if you're just moving to a different anglo one. Life is hard in different ways, but this aspect should get easier for you.

No. 910994

Why why why WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH HIM? Some of you need to start adding that you're a masochist at the end of your posts unless you've simply forgotten that your partner is supposed to actually respect and love you.

No. 910999

Apparently people can't just be degenerates. Oh no, they have to be "mk ultra-ed." Ugh. My mother has so much brain rot. She needs to get off FB and all the other crap. I hate this timeline.

No. 911067

My mom got diagnosed with metastatic cancer. I feel like someone punched a hole in my chest. It says she will respond well to treatments due to being Estrogen+ whatever the fuck that means. But I’m just so scared and fucking upset. I’m so upset. I’m so fucking scared for her. She’s all I have in this stupid poo poo world. I feel lost and hurt and hopeless. Stage 3 or 4 or whatever it fucking is. Awful. I’m so scared.

No. 911084

File: 1631589610859.gif (1.97 MB, 500x389, 1ca498e76d639974068fd7d0a5e960…)

i'm not normal and never will be. everything feels too hard. i feel hollow and nothing is enjoyable anymore. i'm tired of being disappointed. i'm tired of being fucked up.

No. 911085

go nuts, go absolutely bonkers, go absolutely crazy

No. 911086

Damn I really really really really feel that way too.

No. 911087

I've been scouted for modelling a few times when I was teen and now I fucking regret not doing it and making that bank. Wish I could go back in time and do that. Now I'm poor and too old to model

No. 911091

If it makes you feel better, the chances of any model 'making bank' is miniscule. You'd get a your fair share of low self esteem for sure though.

No. 911093

She's not gonna find a healthy, long term relationship with anyone until she gets over her self image issues, anon. If someone thinks they can't find someome bc they're too ugly, their options are to either change their face or accept it and find a way around looks to make people like them, that was the advice.

No. 911134

yeah honestly it probably would’ve been a couple catalog ads and that’s it

No. 911136

happy birthday, nonna. Try to treat yourself to something nice and maybe think about the reasons why you are still with your bf and if you can't find enough good reasons consider leaving him. Most times being on your own is way better than having to endure all this bullshit and hurt.

No. 911139

moving is always hard, I've moved to different parts of my country and even that took some time to adjust. The feeling of being overwhelmed will stop one day. Maybe go for a walk in your new city and find nice spots and stuff like that.

No. 911141

I feel the same, don't know what to do, maybe, hug something, smash something, don't know

No. 911161

It actually makes me feel better lol. Im just in a very tight money situation rn and it's been hard to deal

No. 911208

I wish it were socially acceptable to just like, pop an antidepressant without being diagnosed with anything. I'm behind on work but I can't bring myself to do anything because I feel like shit.

No. 911212

That’s what sam-e is for, nonnie

No. 911220

Since my mama died last year nobody cares about me anymore. At least not in a way that goes beyond the surface level. I do really well at school and in my career and I have a lot of high expectations and feel a lot of pressure as a result. Most people think that I don’t need any help because I seem really well put together. But the truth is I am lonely and I really do wish that I had family or friends or a lover to come home to. It just makes me wish my mom was here even more. When she was here, we would talk all the time and spend a lot of time with each other. Nobody has any idea how lonely I am because I don’t talk about it. I would just be embarrassed to admit that I don’t have anybody in my personal life. I really hope that one day I can find people that I can have genuine relationships with. It just feels like being successful doesn’t matter if I have to be all alone.

No. 911223

NTA but woah I’ve never heard of this! Is there any affects on like periods or breast changes? Asking because when I eat like shit my boobs hurt and periods suck due to the hormonal changes

Have you tried it? How well does it work?

No. 911225

You know you cannot just "pop" most (if not all) antidepressants and get instant results, right? I'm glad you have to get diagnozed to get meds, even with that I've been hearing my whole life how people who take medication for mental illness "just want a magic pill to fix all their issues", that they are entitled and spineless etc.
If there's something wrong with you, talk with a doctor. If no, find a different solution.

No. 911227

im so pissed i wanna fucking cry. no matter what i do i cant get my bangs to lay flat. they fucking stick straight up and out no matter what i do. i feel so fucking ugly. im not even trying to wear them like bangs just trying to get them not to fucking stand up straight!!!!! fucking kms

No. 911236

I don't know how my neighbours can walk so fucking loud. They live in the flat underneath mine and every time they walk I can here exactly where in their flat they are and I can nearly "feel" how they walk because they are stomping so extrem. Can they finally suffocate on their cigarettes, I hate them so much and I hate how angry they make me.

No. 911237

I was going to wait until my mum dies but I honestly don’t know if I can do this much longer. I honestly want to just off myself

I’m so fucking tired

No. 911245

im upset over something stupid but i cant tell anyone because they’ll belittle me and tell me its a dumb thing to be upset about.
yes i know its stupid that makes it even more upsetting

No. 911249

I'm getting bloodwork tomorrow so I need to fast for 12 hours and I haaaate it. I'm so hungry. I still have like 5 hours to go. I'm working overnights now because COVID so I'm nocturnal so it's not even just not eating after 10pm and skipping breakfast, I'm missing the lunch/dinner I usually eat overnight and I can't fall asleep so I'm gonna be so fucking exhausted and cranky and hangry by my appointment. And then I might end up stuck in the waiting room for 2 hours because COVID is retarded. I need to get a new job.

No. 911250

The most common anti-depressant, SSRI, won't really do anything to you if you aren't actually depressed and would take a month of constantly taking it for it to do anything and you'd be miserable before you were better. Just elaborating on what >>911225 said.

No. 911251


I actually waited until my dad dies and he did pass last year. Holding on seems pointless now.

No. 911256

File: 1631610810708.jpg (90.69 KB, 1280x720, wild-ride.jpg)

My sister has made bad decisions all her life and was never made to deal with consequences. She had a kid at 18 years old and now she's having another kid with an entirely different man 10 years later. It's the most cringe thing either. My mother (when she was alive) was fine with this and so was my dad.

Meanwhile i have a career, my own house and live with my wife of 12 years. I never got any praise or 'congrats' from them. I feel very seperated from my family. I'm married and happy, but i dont want kids, (difficult in a lesbian relationship too) but it's wild that my sister can fuck men, have babies and get praised because …?? no idea really. It's so bizarre and i dont want to deal with the aftermath of her breaking up with this guy she isnt even married to and dealing with her.

No. 911259

I can relate anon. My family shits on me for no reason when I’m doing well and do the most for the family. Meanwhile my sister gets worshipped when she’s doing awful and making retarded decisions.

I will never understand, but she was the favored one even when we were both little, so maybe it’s just carried into adulthood.

No. 911266

Missed work yesterday because I couldn't sleep at all that night. Didn't wake up till like 11. Coworker liked a picture I posted that weekend but sent no message. Supervisor on vacation so I didnt call off and figured if coworker was worried she would have messaged me. Spent the day thinking I'm going to do better, take control of my life, and learn how to better manage it instead of all the self destructive behavior I do to cope with my stress.

Come in at 5 am like we were told to do all week. None of my coworkers are here. Someone told me they said they'd knew I would come in at 5 so they said they'd come in at 7. Blocked that coworker. I have endless stress and high expectations from this shitty job, these boomers expect me to do all the demanding work everyday for 10 hours. Im not doing this petty shit with these 50 year olds. Maybe it was stupid of me not to message the coworker but them magically changing the schedule for themselves to purposely fuck with me is shitty too. I'm finding another job and moving on with my life.

No. 911268

After spending day after day working late at a food place I accidentally overslept one time and was fired. Glad it was my first real job I guess because now I have really low expectations for employers.

No. 911272

Some employers are stupid as fuck

I got fired last month because I didn't put 2 invoices into the system. No one noticed until I fixed the error on my own. It wasn't even a high amount of money orimportant invoice.

Hope we both find something miles better.

No. 911300

I hate to be one those shaking and crying anxiety babies so much but my bitch ass literally can’t sleep before doctor appointments

No. 911311

it's frustrating because so many jobs expect you to be robots. i wake up for my job at 6am and get there by 6:30 or 7 and i'm exhausted. but i'm immediately expected to b e happy and deal with customers who are angry at me for no reason. i hope you find something better

No. 911317

File: 1631618134629.gif (1.87 MB, 500x256, britney-spears-glitter.gif)

Stay strong nonnie, I'm sending huge powerful positive and lucky vibes toward you and your mom!

No. 911328

I don't know if I just don't care for relationships/sex or if I just "haven't met the right one yet" and it's driving me crazy. I feel the need to find someone to be with but once I do I lose all interest. Being in a relationship removes the need to find someone so it calms me down but I've never felt particularly happy about being in one. It just something I do to feel calmer. I wish I knew how to feel calm and content single.

No. 911341

I never heard of this too. I tried more SSRIs and was a ad experience. I live in Europe so I could get this prescribed no prob! Thank you a lot.

No. 911344

And, from experience, it takes a lot of trial and error with different medications before you even find one that does something at all for you ( usually with bad side effects… like really bad. I had to stop one before the 1month kicking in period beacuse it made me so nauseous I could not function, another one did nothing for me but highly reduced my libido , finally I found one that did something but it only fucking helped my misophonia and it slightly reduced intrusive thoughts but it if I only forgot to take it for ONE day I would get fucking strange and painful "brain zaps"). They take forever to tamper off too.

No. 911391

File: 1631625751354.jpg (67 KB, 750x715, sigh.jpg)

I just started my first semester of college. It's basically my second since I had to drop out very suddenly due to someone in my family dying out of the blue and some health problems I had. I took it as an opportunity to focus on other aspects of my life and then hopefully do amazing this semester.

It really turned out better in theory than in practice because I just ended up really miserable. My life has gone from horrible to fucking worse with more things in my life spinning out of control. I've gotten more and more depressed and I find it so hard to focus on my studies. I envy the person I was in the first half of the year where despite taking medication that made me so lethargic I was able to adhere to a semi decent work ethic. Now I struggle to get through even half an hour of work without getting distracted, and concepts take forever to sink in. I stopped seeing my therapist since I'm now broke and the wait list at my college's counselling is endless.

I had extensions granted due to the recent shit that life decided to throw my way, I managed to catch up to all of my submissions thanks to that which made me feel a bit better. Then I talked to the people in my group for our project and they're both light years ahead of me. It seems like these two have everything together and they've truly gone above and beyond what's expected while I was commending myself for getting into a groove but what I've done isn't even a fraction of what these two are doing.

I feel so out of place. I'm getting my ass kicked by these submissions and I really wish I could go back in time and redo things and not be depressed. This year has been such a tremendous fucking shit show, failing all of my classes would be the shit cherry on top.

No. 911399

I've been disappointed in a friend I have lately. When he has any mental/social problems he would vent to me and I would talk to him about it for hours until he calms down and feels better about it or knows how to start fixing it. And I'm fine with that. I like it when people can trust me to be supportive.

Except when I had a real ass crisis earlier this summer, and I needed someone, anyone, to do the same for me all he had to say is something along the lines of "That sucks". Well thanks for letting me know, bud. Wow.

Now I managed my way through it cause I'm a boss ass bitch, but he barely talks to me at all and I have a sneaking suspicion it's because I have an expectation that friendship is give and take. Tbh it's on me for trying to befriend a scrote.

No. 911402

Well there’s your problem right here anon

No. 911405

>Then I talked to the people in my group for our project and they're both light years ahead of me. It seems like these two have everything together and they've truly gone above and beyond what's expected while I was commending myself for getting into a groove but what I've done isn't even a fraction of what these two are doing.
>I feel so out of place. I'm getting my ass kicked by these submissions and I really wish I could go back in time and redo things and not be depressed. This year has been such a tremendous fucking shit show, failing all of my classes would be the shit cherry on top.

Anon, I know it's hard but don't worry so much about how everyone else around you is doing and just go your pace. College is different for everybody and there are plenty of people who struggle just like you do. There's no use worrying about the past, shit happens. The most important thing is to finish it in the end.

I know it's easier said than done, but don't put so much pressure on yourself and try to make this college experience as pleasant as you can.

No. 911447

I just looked in my bank account for the first time in a few weeks. I thought i had 1k in it, i have less than half that, and after two upcoming bills, i won’t have anything at all. I’m out of work right now, so this is actually pretty devastating news. I didn’t even spend it frivolously, it was chipped away gradually by bus fare and food. I feel like puking.

No. 911466

You should tell him (barf) exactly how disappointed you were in his behavior. Scold him like the selfish child he is.

No. 911467

This is giving me secondhand panic. Been there… are you qualified for any assistance?

No. 911522

Those ppl are popping adderall, get the assignment & test questions & answers from corrupt TAs, they had tutors and advanced private high schools that taught them college level education so they already know everything. They're usually not smarter or better than avg, they just had more resources.

No. 911549

You've either never met a smarter than average person or you're deep in denial. Putting down others won't make you or anon soar any higher. So toxic.
This is actually good healthy advice.

No. 911576

File: 1631638862571.jpg (56.66 KB, 827x573, lisa simp.jpg)

>meet a guy from my school who used to go to elementary school with
>'oh, that's cool. We can catch up on stuff' ,I think
>he brings his switch and says we can play Splatoon 2 in between classes
>he turns out to be a coomer, talking about hentai and much porn there is of marina
>whenever I'm mean to him, he just takes it as a joke

I might just 'befriend' him so I can play his switch sometimes, but not talk to him more than I need to and ''''jokingly'''' make fun of him every chance I get, without overdoing it. God, I need some female friends

No. 911583

Anon don't talk to him he's going to fall in love with you and be absolutely nasty and creepy

No. 911586

Nona, playing switch for 20 minutes a day can't be worth it. And if he's that shameless already it could tarnish your reputation just by association too, so other women would maybe start avoiding you.

No. 911588

lately i've been upset about how my parents never communicate with me. i 24/7 feel guilty for existing bc i feel like a burden. i know everyone feels like this from time to time, but i'm literally never calm/can relax because i always feel like i'm in trouble for being alive.

i start to tear up when i remember that my parents never tell me they're proud of me. my dad just texted me a photo of a flyer he got in the mail for my graduation ceremony in december. i just wanted him to say something like "congrats! proud of you!" or show some excitement toward anything. all he did was ask if i was going to my ceremony

No. 911589

>I might just 'befriend' him so I can play his switch sometimes
Not worth, because will it be good quality switch times? Probably not. really feel you about female friends, when I started college kek

No. 911602

I'm proud of you, anon. Graduating is a real achievement and you have to remember that. Don't let them stop you being proud of yourself, giving yourself love and approval that you deserve. They may never change but the cool thing about growing up, is being able to give yourself the things your parents couldn't give you.

No. 911605

the celebricows thread is like my favourite thread but people incessantly bitching about billie eilish's completely fine body is really getting to me, and i dislike billie eilish!

No. 911610

they're sperging about her "fine lines" now kek

No. 911618

It reads like a bunch of scrotes trying to convince us that 'the wall' hits at 18. I mean the amount of wrinkle/fine line talk that happens about women who haven't even left their teens yet… it's nutty sounding.

No. 911620

some parents aren't able to show feelings or communicate properly with their children. Mine are the same, it still hurts sometimes, but you get used to it and learn to be proud of yourself. And that being said, congratulations on graduating, like nonna above me, I'm proud of you and I hope you go to that ceremony on celebrate yourself.

No. 911632

What's up with the anon(s) who claim that horny farmers posting about husbandos and bara titties must be men? Tinfoil but it makes me think they're men who don't understand women's tastes.

No. 911633

I don't get why they keep posting pictures of her just to point out her skin texture. The Billie spergs are annoying, half of the complaints about her in that thread are just about her body.

No. 911646

You watch too much tv. A lot of people were just drilled into being overachievers and or were sheltered enough to be able to focus on studies, thus making school feel more effortless because it’s a lifelong habit. Or they developed a liking for school at a young age. Yeah some people manage to like school, the reward and points system tickles the monke part in some of us. Or they’re just motivated and not depressed.

No. 911653

I’m convinced there are a bunch of fags and underage pickmes in there. Celeb culture shit rots brains. They’re constantly exposed to the most processed version reality.

No. 911654

I want to fucking drop dead. My boyfriend blew up on me last night and basically said if I don't immediately go into recovery for my ED that he's going to break up with me. I've been struggling with this for years now and he doesn't understand that I can't just go straight to recovery. It's so horrible because I have so many other severe mental disorders and in general I start to wonder if I should really be with someone rn but I love him, and also, we live together. I don't want to lose the love of my life AND be homeless but I know I'll be even worse if I try and recover rn

No. 911656

Did you mean to post this in vent?

No. 911662

Zoomers seething their boyfriends think Billie or Doja or whomstever current it-girl is hot

No. 911664

I knew a girl whose mom had connections and was a former teacher. She was also groomed from a young age to be politically active, had multiple videos of her go viral at political events and had a massively inflated resume from "jobs" she did for various organizations through these family connections. Because of her mom's pull she was able to test out of multiple classes the rest of us were forced to slog through like Health, dissection, etc. She drove without a license, basically had free reign of the school and she treated people like pawns, proudly. She's currently involved in my state's politics. You can deny that these people don't exist but they do

No. 911665

They are men. Every time.

No. 911669

Yeah. They're dumb. One was going on about how women "should be better than this" when anons were hornyposting. As if liking manly chests was a terrible unladylike sin.

No. 911673

Thanks for the anecdote about that one girl in your whole life. Whatever helps you feel superior to A-B average students.

No. 911679

You can only try your best, say that to him. You can take steps to recovery but you can't just cure yourself. He needs to wise up. Tell him to read my post.

No. 911680

You must be the man who doesn't understand women's tastes if you honestly think any woman (not counting the fakeboys LARPing as gay men) is into barashit

No. 911682

>Women have to be sexless unless they are performing sexiness for a man (not just any man, a nice man like me!!).

No. 911684

Ah, found one.

No. 911687

File: 1631642476868.jpg (16.18 KB, 403x312, 1409777140439.jpg)

Always happy to help

No. 911688

Fuck off and seethe chestlet.

No. 911693

Some girl’s spoiled ass isn’t the reason you flunked out of school

No. 911695

Anytime I read something complimentary about lil Nas I think it's a fag or he himself

No. 911706

I literally saw it with my own eyes but ok. Chinese dude in my group assignment literally just brought up the step by step answer sheet on his laptop for our in class assignment. 3 times over heard ppl asking to borrow Adderall from friends. Probably like 20% of college students are actually above avg intelligence, the rest of the ppl with good grades get by with drugs and connections.

No. 911739

So why get mad when you can also make good grades just by having friends lmao
Anon acting like doing well in an average American state college involves high level corruption and Bad Genius cheating schemes.

No. 911746

File: 1631643983162.jpg (30.2 KB, 370x578, 1604561690349.jpg)

When on a gossip site, always remember that a huge proportion of the userbase is there because tearing down a given cow props up their own flimsy self-esteem for a handful of moments. That's why the threads featuring women who are top of the game in mainstream culture or whatever shitty subculture they belong to (e.g. belle delphine, billie elish) or people who are absolute fucking losers that other losers or former losers can easily identify with (e.g. shay, anachans) have the most passionate and hateful regulars. Billie isn't old-looking or ugly or w/e, but the people who nitpick her depend on that idea because it makes them feel less shit about themselves.

No. 911751

agreed but everyone should shit on belle delphine always and without any regard

No. 911766

hard agree that she's a cow, but the way that some people talk about her is so bitter and hyperbolized that it's p clear that they have a personal stake in trying to convince themselves and others that she is the ugliest, most evil creature to walk the planet.

No. 911771

I know you're trying to strawman here, but that's pretty much how normal neurotypical female sexuality works. Various studies have proven that women get more sexually aroused by being sexy for a partner than by their partner themselves.

No. 911784

Clean your room

No. 911788

>Various studies have proven that women get more sexually aroused by being sexy for a partner than by their partner themselves
lol i'll entertain it for a second. what does this even mean? i get turned on if the guy is turned on by ME? because i have never once been turned on in my life trying to do ANYTHING performative

No. 911790

I'm literally having panic attacks due to stress and physical pain and this scrote bastard tells me that he's depwessed because his crush looks distant but two minutes later he says that she asked him out. I feel like dying and all this bitch has to worry about is that the girl he likes doesn't think about him every minute. Fucking hell, why can't my life be as simple? Why do I have to deal with this?

No. 911792

You’re amazing, anon, I can’t believe you can type while being so retarded.

No. 911794

Basically yes, most women would much rather have sex with an unattractive man if she feels sexy than with an attractive man but she feels ugly. Have you never worn lingerie for a boyfriend or anything? Sucks for you.

No. 911796

File: 1631645723591.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

Lots of this recently

No. 911800

no i don't need to because i get turned on by my hot boyfriend, not me looking at my underwear. sucks for you though

No. 911801

you're on a roll, tradthot nona

No. 911802

and then 10 low-IQ anons that for some reason can't tell unintegrated users apart from the normal userbase take the bait and rile the autists up. it's kind of exhausting to read.

No. 911807

i'm losing it. i have pain in my shoulder that feels like my muscles are being ripped out. most of my arm aches and feels weak. i hope it's not related to the vaccine and it's just strain from using my left arm more.

No. 911809

Sounds like AGP tbh.

No. 911825

>Various studies have proven that women
Quoting studies on how women feel sexually… just another day on lc lol

No. 911839

it’s all they have to reference since they don’t interact with women irl kek

No. 911847

Scrotes are always mansplaining to women what we should and shouldn't like sexually. For some reason what they think we should want is exactly what benefits them.

No. 911854

Ahhhh stop doing these "invisible tests"!!!

No. 911860

i am so fucking stressed out, nonas. i wish i could find an end in sight for this shit. please pray for this random anonymous farmer.

No. 911867

I had an exam today but I didn't go because I had a fever of 38.5°C so I got a bit scared that it would grow higher (I feel very sick also besides that) and then later I took a sleeping pill and measured my temperature after sleeping again and it was only 37°C. so I felt like a lazy loser and like I could have gone to the exam. Even though I know that is stupid and I probably would have done horribly on the exam but I still felt bad but now my temperature is above 38°again and now I feel justified even though I know that is wrong and stupid and I should not be happy that my temperature is growing. I wish I was dead really but not in a depressed way I just don't want to be sick anymore all I've done today is lie down and cry and look at the rich people in crazy dresses on lolcow
Me too and I don't wanna be a slave to the "here is a piss poor photo of my child in poor light can you paint it?" people either, I want to sell my own original paintings
I pray for you

No. 911906

I'd be so happy if I could get rid of horniness, without meds that fuck up my whole hormone system.

No. 911916

Cold shower. Now.

I stayed at the YMCA and it was loud and turbulent, like an elephant learning to tap dance. I'm sorry that your situation isn't as temporary as mine was, but earphones or plugs will save you, and if you're brave enough, talk to them about it, or get your pet moid to do it for you.

No. 911917

well, i broke up with him now. had a serious talk and whatnot, of course he started lying and got drunk right away. it really hurts now but i hope it'll get better.

No. 911928

File: 1631651683126.jpeg (118.16 KB, 600x602, B1739835-06D8-4C0D-858A-A3008D…)

>most women would much rather have sex with an unattractive man
Possession of military grade copium is illegal. Can’t believe incels necking themselves when all they need to do is type ur so secksi at the nearest female.

No. 911940

talking to them won't fix anything, we tried it and now they are twice as loud and annoying, they are just assholes and I think about putting butyric acid under their doormat when we move one day. The other neighbours aren't any better, so everyone deserves to suffer.

Anon here you answered to. It's been the right decision. I'm drinking way too much myself, but if my partner would ask me to stop for one or two days (or seek help or something like that), I would and could do it. It will hurt for some time, that's for sure, but you will be better off without him, an alcoholic as a partner isn't fun for a serious long-term relationship. And now, buy yourself a cake and eat it while watching something nice and uplifting.

No. 911945

I feel like I’m going to barf every time I sit down at the computer. Come on worthless body, I got shit to do!

No. 911948

I accidentally liked my ex's friends old fb status in some group because I was stalking around in a fit of nostalgia. I just want to fucking kill myself. The guy sent me a friend request right away. I'm so embarrassed. I'm sure he's gonna tell him and we ended up on bad terms, he's gonna feel so superior that I'm still thinking about him. Never doing shit like this again. Fuck me, I feel really terrible about it.

No. 911949

File: 1631653041461.jpg (105.96 KB, 1024x898, 1610967985930.jpg)

I wish my voice was louder, there was this girl in the afternoon when she was crossing the road a car honked at her and she went "IT'S STILL GREEN!" and her voice was clear and loud. Mine is meek in comparison even when I'm mad, is there voice training?

No. 911950


No. 911952

Seriously considering commiting sudoku

No. 911965

Honestly, chances are he won’t tell because he’s trying to slide in your DM

No. 911974

File: 1631654740989.jpg (579.33 KB, 1280x1209, tumblr_mu2sn29FEc1sdplbho3_128…)

this guy i know is like a master coder (he has a popular game up on steam that he's the main dev for – to the point of being the main bug fix guy) and he's the same age as me. i'm so fucking jealous

we're both 22 by the way. why did god curse me with a dumbass brain on top of chronic laziness/apathy/add/whatever this constant brain fog is

No. 911976

I’m so tired of cleaning up vomit and poop please kill me I just want to lay down

No. 912004


No. 912055

Yeah, we learned how to project our voice in choir. It's actually helped a lot as a teacher so I can speak loud without needing to yell.

No. 912082

I miss the guy who molested and stalked me when I was a teenager and I hate it. I never felt like this when the trauma was fresh 7 years ago but over the years I've started to miss the stuff he would say to me. He was the only person who ever said they liked me and he was the only support I had when my parents were both at their worst mental state and having marriage issues. I used to have dreams after hurting him but now if he's in them I tell him not to leave me. I feel so awful for feeling like this because I fucking hate him so much he was such a typical 4chan degenerate scrote with no redeemable qualities at all, he would abuse me all of the time, make me feel like shit, never respected me when I said no, would humiliate me in front of his friends, he did so much creepy shit so why the fuck do I feel like this? I've been in and out of therapy since it's happened and I feel so hopeless that nothing will feel better. I can't stop being obsessed with how I was as a teenager, I just wish I could go back to when I was 14 so I could make sense of it all before everything went to shit and so I could feel loved again. I wish this would stop I hate him for making me feel this way it's disgusting

No. 912127

I had a similar experience, my family was abusive and I was bullied in school and the man who molested me seemed like the only person who cared about me. He moved and I was obsessed with getting his attention back because it was the most “positive” attention I had known. I would cry all the time wishing I could turn back time so he would still “love” me, getting older made me feel worse every year. Nowadays I still feel agony over this and hate myself but it’s less than in the past because I’ve learned to occupy myself reading, doing silly quiet hobbies, and maintaining even one friendship. It’s difficult to break out of that dark place but I hope you’re able to find some peace anon and know that you do deserve better, it’s hard when you are already alienated and that becomes your standard of love but it isn’t and you shouldn’t settle for that, he is a disgusting creep who took advantage of you and it’s not your fault you feel this way, it is the design of grooming.

No. 912129

i never get to be fucking happy it always gets taken away from me and im so fucking sick of it this the worst i've ever felt in my life and i pray that something fucking takes me out soon because im in pain daily and i just feel nothing not a connection with anybody i hope fucking covid takes me out or something

No. 912143


also just to follow this up im pretty sure my boyfriends going to leave me soon because im genuinely so depressed and i dont want to get out of bed i dont want to eat i never feel like talking anymore im sure being around me is super annoying and i also just feel very ugly and probably look ugly all the time too

im sure he looks at other girls all the time and thinks to himself "oh shes cute and she likes to talk" like im sure he's just going to fuck off and find someone else lol

No. 912185

File: 1631665184842.gif (2.16 MB, 540x300, seeing this scene was so eupho…)

god I love women, and not in a TikTok-faux-wlw-bisexual but in a women-are-such-complex-beautiful-individuals-whose-humanity-has-been-discredited-for-centuries-and-yet-we-persevere-and-this-beauteous-world-of-womanhood-continues-to-unfold-before-me-as-I-learn-to-love-myself-and-my-innate-womanhood-as-well-as-my-sisters-around-me-and-our-unbreakable-bonds type of way

No. 912195

Anon you forgot to post this on your tumblr blog

No. 912214

Same and my bf hit me up recently with how even couples at the grocery stores depress him because I never want to do anything anymore. God I need to pull myself out of this.

No. 912225

File: 1631666758143.jpg (248.75 KB, 707x712, IMG_20210908_094230.jpg)

it seems like we're always out of painkillers when I need them the most, guess I'll pray myself to sleep

No. 912237

Aww same nonny

No. 912263

kek no my kid has the flu so I’ve had a fun day

No. 912305


No. 912338

I work at the local library in my town and sometimes we get prank calls. Normally it's just some dumb kids trying to be funny, they're very annoying but whatever, I just hang up and move on. But today when I answered the phone, a guy with a really creepy voice started asking me questions that were clearly thinly veiled sexual innuendos. I got grossed out and hung up immediately. I kinda feel really violated, I know it was probably just some asshole dude who thought it'd be funny to see how I'd react, but idk the idea that there's a guy somewhere getting off by calling businesses and asking unsuspecting women gross stuff makes my skin crawl. I wish I'd told him to fuck off, I hate scrotes.

No. 912340

I know that feeling all too well. The only person in my life that isn't IRL is my dad.

No. 912341

*online, not IRL, damn it

No. 912342

Maybe whoever did it, did it so they weren't "cancelled" or fired for discrimination or whatever. I am solely a crypto TERF because you can't be it without scrutiny

No. 912347

I empathize. When I worked at a call center there was a notorious scrote who would call late at night to get female agents on the phone, and ask for complicated but specific items and itineraries just to hear the women talk. It was sexually motivated, not some lonely old man wanting to annoy service workers for company.

I never got that infamous call, but bets are if I did I probably would have gotten in trouble for telling him to neck himself kek.

No. 912360

now I can't tell someone to fuck off or similar sentiments on YouTube or IG without their bullshit warnings. are we pandering to 12 year olds now or am i just old?

No. 912361

ugh this happened to me when i worked in a women’s clothing store and i didn’t realize what was happening til i was in too deep. this man called early in the day to ask if someone would help him find women’s clothes that fit because he was embarrassed or something? and my naive ass felt bad for some reason and was humoring it until he asked if he should wear women’s panties and i hung up the phone and was super creeped out. hopefully he never actually came into the store afterward but who knows.

No. 912386

then i must be autistic for not wanting to fuck 60 year old scrotes who get the boners for me
thanks for enlightening me anon

No. 912391

12 year olds shouldn't be on the internet to be honest
gross! he wanted you to think of his genitals for some perverted fantasy. "yass kween youre still a real woman even with the wrinkly penis and balls! embrace your femininity!" the underwear talk clearly shows it's a bimboification fetish for them.
can they still get boners past 50? lol

No. 912398

lolcow has always been full of anachans, fags pretending to be women, and underage girls. But yes, it gets exhausting. theres nothing wrong with how she looks.
I never understood the "only fags like bara" meme either.

No. 912399

i hate men, fuck men honestly, fuck trannies too

No. 912419

File: 1631680705967.jpeg (66.16 KB, 314x400, 0DE3538F-2219-41A9-A25C-3075EC…)

so my family is probably going to test all positive for covid, the weirdest thing is that I’ve been near them so much and I only got the first dose of the pfizer and I don’t feel anything yet, maybe sometimes I feel icky at night but I felt fine. they don’t seem to have severe symptoms as well, not that I know of as of yet especially my own mom who is probably more vulnerable to getting serious symptoms but she still has a sense of taste. i’m kind of scared even though I’m 19 but yeah, I feel slightly asymptomatic but I’m getting tested

No. 912421

I knocked my reusable starbucks cup off my desk and now the inner lining has a crack and water has seeped between the two layers and UGHH I’m so upset. Yeah I can probably buy another water cup that’s cheaper and I might in the future (this one still works as a water cup since the crack is inside and not out so no need to throw out yet), but I’ve had this cup since college. I’m a sentimental asshole and it reminds me of the mornings I spent in my campus starbucks with friends, sleepily eating starbucks food and talking shit about the cows in our life. Sigh. I’m so fucking mad at myself for knocking it over ughhh

No. 912422

if people ignored it and moved on then it will be fine but people keep fighting and that's why drama keeps insisting + Billie eilish body shamed her fans after crying for months about being body shamed, I have no sympathy for her being nitpicked

No. 912467

I am so pissed on the emphasis on ftm dilemma in Y the Last Man. Boohoo hooooooooooo I am out of testosterone at the end of the world waaaaaaaaaaaa I have to tell people I'm actually a woman and that's why I survived

I was in high school when the comics came out but I don't remember that part of bad plot

Like bitch women can't shovel drive ways, work a power plant or drive a damn truck to deliver food. Maybe I just hate it now that I'm in my 30s and I'm not remembering women represented so shitty?? I was hype to watch no I'm mad

No. 912468

i have an ed and i'm dealing with something similar right now and your post hit close to home.. unfortunately people without eds usually don't get that forcing recovery doesn't work, they try to because they mean well by it but the decision to recover is a tough one and it needs to come from within yourself to truly take. i would try explaining this to him and telling him that you do want to get better, but it's not that simple and it's certainly not an overnight process. also speaking from experience if you recover just to keep somebody around and you part ways for a different reason later on, you're a lot more likely to relapse (another reason why doing it for your own sake and not to appease anyone else is important)
i hope you're able to salvage your relationship as well as get better whenever you're ready to, i'm sorry this is happening anon.