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No. 971272

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues. Keep the borzois in mind.

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No. 971273

I hate YouTube shorts. I swear my entire subscription box is trashed because half of my subscribed channels think YouTube is tiktok.

No. 971275

I hate how disorganized and chaotic 4chan is. There are boards with lots of active users that would have great potential if it wasn't for the retarded scrote userbase. Every board is littered with the same shitty off-topic bait threads that constantly get bumped because every single motherfucker on there thinks that his opinion matters enough to be heard. These males seriously can't shut the fuck up for even a second and contribute to the board instead of picking petty arguments.

No. 971276

I hate modern YouTube in general. What once used to be a great place for entertainment and creativity is just full of complete garbage now. Search results giving irrelevant videos so it takes you way too long to find what you're looking for. Obnoxious clickbait titles and thumbnails. Endless amounts of pointless video essays because they're easy to monetize. It's all shit.

No. 971277

men who describe women that "take it in the ass" like it's a good thing. fucking disgusting

No. 971278

samefag but from personal experience /ic/ has to be one of the most infuriating boards when it comes to this. A perfect mixture of untalented retards constantly fishing for approval on their shitty anime coom scribbles but refuse to take any criticism. And infinite arguments about anything art-related that always morph into the same male talking points and topics. I cannot emphasize enough how fucking infuriating it is to have hundreds of moids trying to one-up each other and prove who knows the most about art but again, refuse to acknowledge that art is not objective and that their opinions do not equal facts.(if you've ever had the displeasure of having to listen to a man explain what he thinks counts as real art you know what I'm talking about). I hate it there but at the same time I don't know any other not dead places where you can discuss and post art and also be anonymous.

No. 971283

/ic/ frustrates me to no end, they have demonstrated their potential so many times with their amassed resources and the community projects that occasionally get organised but the threads continue to be repetitive liquid shit with an incredibly narrow focus. It's got one of the higher ratios of femanons but the board culture hasn't adapted to that.
The cherry on top of the puddle of excrement is that loli/shota is now allowed, too

No. 971284

I don’t understand just what the fuck made them think that the new look was a good idea, it’s shit and utterly annoying to browse, they should’ve stick to the classic imageboard look, it was the only good thing and yeah, the userbase has been even more idiotic than ever, at least you were able to check the latest anime shit or comics, but now it’s exactly just that, unfunny and retarded ass threads about whatever the fuck their protozoan brains makes them laugh about.

No. 971316

I was looking up reviews for a sex toy and every. single. review I clicked on talked about "vulva-owners" "vagina-owners" "female bodies" Fucking hell I had no idea this shit was so wide-spread and normalized apparantly?!

No. 971320

yeah, i've been seeing pregnant bodies and people who get periods and stuff like that very often too. fucking sad. never see penis-havers anywhere.

No. 971323

even though you could say that it triggers fakebois.

No. 971387

whenever people talk about tattoos and they say "oh they look great on other people they're just not for me" it is the most plainly obvious way of saying "i find tattoos gross and judge anyone that has them"

No. 971390

not always. if it's a scrote, then a deformed nerd with tattoos is just adding to their cringe.

No. 971391

Would you rather they told you directly what you're interpreting into it?

No. 971392

You'd sperg if they were that honest though.

No. 971399

I only have black ink and when I see someone with lots of coloured ink I say the same thing "I could never.. but it sure looks good on you" and I mean it.

No. 971402

I think you're looking too far into it. I think that tattoos look cool on other people even though I don't want any at least not anymore. I'm sure some people say it in a backhanded way, but it doesn't have to be insulting. it's the same way you can admire someone's fashion style and not necessarily want to dress like them.

No. 971405

so what? people have to wholeheartedly want tattoos to talk to you? are you 12

No. 971413

no because i don't ask nor care about what people think of tattoos lol. i don't ask people "why don't you have tattoos?" but they sure love to say what i said in my original post completely unprompted. it's completely transparent but i'm not surprised that everyone is saying otherwise.

No. 971418

I agree with you.
>it looks good on you though!
is the fakest statement ever. I will always respect someone that says
>I don't like it
as opposed to
>I like it on you

No. 971426

I don't know why you think people only have two extreme opinions on tattoos. I honestly like tattoos on people, i think they are hot if they are made well. I just don't want them on me because it's a serious commitment and i don't do that.
You can like things on other people and not yourself. That doesn't mean you secretley hate the thing. For example i like dicks on men but not on myself. duuh.

No. 971429

no it's not retard. I probably won't get a tattoo because I don't want to have something permanently on my body but I can appreciate them as artwork and I don't judge people who get them because I don't care about complete strangers like that. You're probably a fake judgemental person yourself projecting on other people

No. 971442

You need to just take people at face value. I think long nails are beautiful but I could never

No. 971445

File: 1637259935106.jpeg (343.78 KB, 750x762, F58A8BDF-555A-4499-B008-0D495E…)

I get that Amber Heard is a psycho but that doesn’t mean that Johnny Depp is this uwu innocent victim that deserves coddling. I hate people that put him on a pedestal ever since that shitshow. It was obviously a mutually toxic relationship. They’re both overpaid celebrities that don’t give a shit about you lol.

No. 971454

MRAs love it when they find an woman to pin the world's problems on, but she's not the one who threatened to burn and rape Johnny's dead body? So it will never be equivalent abuse for me.

No. 971458

"You could never" because you innately dislike it though, and you hold yourself to higher standards than you do others.

No. 971471

Nta I work as a baker, I literally could never either. My life style doesn't fit having luxurious nails as much as I love them.

No. 971481

Nta, but there's a lot of reasons why someone "could never", like their job, or simply thinking it wouldn't look good on them
>t. someone with long nails

No. 971519

>>971458 Maybe because of their job, or a fear of needles, not having the money for it, or just simply not personally wanting one. I love how green hair looks but I don't wish to dye my hair green because I simply don't want to.

No. 971524

This. I've had acrylics before and they're so heavy and damaging and make simple tasks hard. I don't hate girls that have them but I just wouldn't get them myself since it takes forever to make your natural nails look healthy again

No. 971537

File: 1637264824238.png (4.65 MB, 1920x1985, PoppyPlaytimeHD.png)

She's supposed to be a 60's vintage doll but she looks like a 00's doll with these exaggerated proportions (big head and eyes) I know is autistic but it just bugs me and ruins any immersion, she looks like those LPS toys

No. 971546

Exactly, long nails need maintenance and it's such a bitch when they break. I understand not wanting to deal with that

No. 971583

File: 1637266458232.jpg (362.81 KB, 1577x1577, Mattel-1960-Blonde-Pigtail-Cha…)

A 60's doll, for reference. Exaggerated proportions weren't common as "kawaii" aesthetics weren't a trend yet, they used toned color palletes and natural hair colors.

No. 971597

That, and the fact that she's porcelain, which wouldn't be used instead of plastic at the time, and is styled like a stereotypical victorian doll

No. 971601

File: 1637267429438.jpg (63.91 KB, 480x584, dolls.jpg)

It sorta looks like pic rel in terms of proportions, though much larger and with a voice box

No. 971607

File: 1637267542877.jpg (14.31 KB, 236x402, b677e152f24987cfb1e44317bb1de9…)

Oh i didn't notice, thanks for pointing that out anon (vintage doll to scroll cp from frontpage)

No. 971639

job, hobbies like guitar playing, hygiene concerns, discomfort.. there's plenty of reasonable arguments against having long nails despite still liking how they look.

No. 971645

File: 1637269123475.jpeg (117.77 KB, 640x709, 05FA705D-001D-46E1-B797-B7B394…)

>hobbies like guitar playing
You just reminded me of a girl I know who plays the guitar, she got the shortest fake nails ever and went to class, the teacher asked her if the nails were hers are she lied. So when she started playing, all of the nails that she used to play broke and one of them almost jumped right into her eye. It must’ve been terrifying.
I don’t hate fake nails, they’re just the kind of accessory that you can only wear if you know that you won’t be doing absolutely anything until you get used to them. I do hate those “duck” nails, they’re fugly and even more useless than the pointy ones.

No. 971661

>I do hate those “duck” nails, they’re fugly and even more useless than the pointy ones.
Funny you say this cause ime, stiletto/almond nails are the easiest to work with.

No. 971668

I could never because I don't like intentionally handicapping myself to make a fashion statement.

No. 971732

>"you should make the most of your youth by doing XYZ"
Maybe I'm not interested in this kind of thing? And getting old will not prevent me from doing it either.

No. 971784

why does this shape kind of look cool to me but i cringe whenever i see coffin nails

No. 971811

Hate hate hate the sound of people chewing ice it drives me up the friggin wall

No. 971814

crunch crunch crunch

No. 971818


No. 971832

some things really do look better on certain people more than others though

No. 971843

who just crunches ice

No. 971865

me, it makes it easier to suck on. it just tastes good idk why.

No. 971889


>getting my sleeves wet when washing up or washing my face

>existential dread before sleeping
>when there is no more milk
>when strangers are mean
>when i put my head down but i've forgotten to braid my hair or pray
>playing two keys on the piano accidentally
>social media
>youtube shorts, clickbait, reaction channels, spiderman elsa stuff
>when someone plays rap music on public transport
>there is no more cheese
>change, the passage of time and losing innocence and the people you used to have around you
>most family events
>frizzy hair days
>when you drift apart from friends
>getting elbowed in the boob in basketball
>when men yell at you from cars
>windows os updates without my permission
>saying goodbye
>walking out the house with my shorts on backwards again
>swallowing water the wrong way and choking
>mouth noises by other people
>pitbulls and scary dogs
>when earphones stop working in one ear
>growing up and finding out the world is unfair

I saged because I don't know if I'm allowed to go ham here kek

No. 972010

I hate what the the LGB movement has turned into. I want to be proud of who I am along with the community but the whole thing is now a shitfest of people wearing kink gear on public parades and trannies grooming kids.
The whole point of the community was to prove were just normal people ffs

No. 972030

File: 1637292692895.jpg (138.69 KB, 1300x957, upset-young-man-with-backpack-…)

>when someone plays rap music on public transport

with no headphones? i hate that too kek person just blasts their music and everyone else just looks at each other with a look that says "are you gonna say anything or" while everyone just sits in silence and does nothing

No. 972168

God I hate Whatsapp so fucking much, the fact that the images are automatically downloaded to your phone and if you delete them you have to redownload them to see them in the app, that you have to add people to your contact list on your phone to send them just one message… Why is this app so fucking retarded? I have to use it for work, it kinda makes me want to look for a new job just so I can finally uninstall this piece of shit.

No. 972190

I hate it too. I also hate it when messaging apps like this one or Line don't give you access to messages you sent or received if you delete them and download them again, especially when you get a new phone.

No. 972195

You can change the settings in whatsapp to manually download pictures and videos

No. 972197

women who make lunchboxes for their husbands. disgusting pick-me behaviour.

No. 972201

File: 1637322680578.png (1.2 MB, 1000x664, imagen_2021-11-19_055117.png)

is the entirety of japan a pickme nation then?

No. 972203

No. 972206

yes… japanese women and east asian women in general have no regard or respect for themselves(racebait)

No. 972209

File: 1637323060935.jpg (29.54 KB, 620x383, food_tins.jpg)

happens in south asia to an even larger extent, women make their husbands full meals in Tiffin boxes

No. 972222


My mom did all this shit and more and he still resents her in her old age. It's a waste of time and ensures nothing.

No. 972240

Women who prepare the luggages for their husband too, my pickme coworker's argument is "he always forget stuff", well you shouldn't have married a troglodyte and coddle him like you're his mom.

No. 972252

i think moms should also stop packing lunches for their children at a certain age, maybe 12 or 13. my mom stopped around that age so i had to take care of myself and make lunch myself or she gave me money so i could buy something.

No. 972308

I hate scrotes, they're only good for entertaining and working for women.

No. 972310

File: 1637331301852.jpeg (94.93 KB, 750x666, 1635705782313.jpeg)

Bark bark

No. 972317

File: 1637331542317.jpg (770.17 KB, 1280x736, 03-1780_patroclus-HEADER.jpg)

They're allowed to look like this only, the rest can die castrated.

No. 972319

File: 1637331633056.jpg (118.09 KB, 700x772, DELYq6KWsAEphIQ.jpg)

No. 972324

File: 1637331764163.jpeg (28.72 KB, 474x600, images - 2021-11-19T162226.666…)

wrong, it's just ancient husbando art.

No. 972330

File: 1637331859025.jpg (20.08 KB, 219x390, 20200812_093857.jpg)

I've ascended because I appreciate both nona

No. 972336

File: 1637331932061.jpg (80.73 KB, 500x678, Académie_1889.jpg)

I will contribute

No. 972346

that sculpture is a favourite of mine. i like how Lucifer looks both inviting(his right arm), yet has a bit of coy body language at the same time. qt..

No. 972349

File: 1637332198171.jpg (61.97 KB, 640x592, 1635091942327.jpg)

reminds me of this tweet

No. 972364

He looks like he's disgusted by what you chose to wear to church

No. 972385

This is my favorite tweet

No. 972405

This is too real.

No. 972406

Maybe I just got lucky so far, but I feel like boomer men are actually way easier to deal with in terms of sexism than millenial and zoomer guys (don't think I know any gen x, so I can't speak for them).

No. 972453

File: 1637336948078.jpeg (54.78 KB, 720x609, DF5E9D58-E36E-42C4-B5D9-459FBB…)

Voicemail. Literally just deleted 11 voicemails from my work phone without listening to them bc I was out sick, if it’s important they’ll call back

No. 972469

Apart from cringe "wife bad" jokes it's most likely true tbh, age generally humblifies moids

No. 972477

I love it too, he is hunky and has some sexy bondage going on.

No. 972481

I mean they may have some genuinely misogynstic opinions and I know that should be worse but I'm still way more disgusted by younger people who think their girlfriend owes them anal sex

No. 972482

Sometimes they also have a bluetooth speaker instead of just letting it play from the phone. I've also noticed that recently people are using speakers to play their rap music on hiking trails.

No. 972570

File: 1637343834234.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1315x2294, 81BADD4F-1820-4D19-9C7E-F62A5F…)

People who post tiktoks making light of how they killed themselves. It’s obvious attention seeking and I hate the people who comment “you deserve to heal however” These people make suicidal people look even worse. Based off oh how you present online, I bet you the world would be a better place of you did succeed in killing yourself..

No. 972576

Did she kill herself???

No. 972577

making light of how they DIDN'T kill themselves, anon. if they were making light of how they killed themselves they would be ghosts.

No. 972578

This is really sad, this girl needs help.

No. 972589

Suicide attempt*

She just wants attention

No. 972590

File: 1637345042823.jpeg (203.38 KB, 750x696, 52FCA109-EF55-46FE-A7A4-6B6D28…)

The “humans are not meant to be monogamous!” argument. Any push for poly relationships is a red flag to me.

No. 972592

Someone I know is dating a person who keeps posts on instagram every year basically commemorating the day they attempted suicide. Shit is so cringey and weird.

No. 972599

Ah yes because the twitter account “whoresofyore” is the authority on human history. What a fucking joke.

No. 972601

How respectful towards historical women.

No. 972606

This has pickme vibes idk

No. 972703

Tech forums. You can ask a question about your laptop or whatever and they'll be like "hoW ThE FuCk are we supposed to help you without telling us xyz obscure settings only techies know about, the model of your motherboard and the thruth about the universe?!?!" They're so arrogant and can't phantom average people who know nothing about tech beyond normal daily use may want to seek help.

No. 972707

Fucking thank you, I hate when they ask for this shit. You don't need my SPECS you fucking NERD, the issues I have would never call for all that bullshit. It's like they just want you to be like "Sorry I don't know where to find that information or what exactly you're asking for" so that they can give you some snarky response

No. 972711

>>971387 this is a dumb take. i can appreciate different fashion styles too but not personally wear them, doesn't mean im secretly insulting them in my head

No. 972746

Lol what's with you guys? Do you skinwalk everything and everyone you like? Is it really that impossible to imagine liking how something looks, while having your own (different) personal style?

No. 972843

I really hate these "feminine urge" and "masculine urge" jokes that are popular right now. Just reinforcing gender stereotypes again. They remind me of boomer humor.

No. 972852

I like the ones where they preface something absolutely insane with “the feminine urge to xyz,” or something which is all I’ve seen. Idk if I’ve seen them used seriously

No. 972876

the masculine urge to never wash your ass because touching yourself between the cheeks is gay.

No. 972885

No. 972913

This vid and anti-abortion arguments in general
>muh POTENTIAL human lifes
Go cry whenever a woman has their period
>b-but abortion is traumatizing
Carrying a pregnancy to full term and giving birth can also be traumatic
>B-but women need to suffer from the consequences of having sex
Realistically, women are socialized and groomed to view their bodies for men. Most of these people would laugh at PIV critical radfems

No. 972914

KEK amazing anon thank you

No. 972915

File: 1637362718967.png (118.08 KB, 1280x720, shut up.PNG)

Moids' responses to the new Cowboy Bebop live-action series are insufferable. Out of all of the problems to have with it they're fixated on whether they can coom to Faye's actress or not. They're acting like it's about "integrity to the original media" as if her design doesn't stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the cast in the animated series. She can't "just buy a Faye Valentine cosplay." She's not going to an anime convention for 3 days. She's putting on an outfit to wear every single day to run around in and film action moves for months of production that some cosplayer wouldn't have to worry about.

No. 972920

Rest of the cast is still shit tho, especially that one fakeboi.

No. 972922

Samefag but personally my only problem with faye is that whoever's in charge should've chose an actress with sharper features.

No. 972928

Ayrt and agreed anon. I expected Faye to look more like the baddie type while Daniella Pineda looks more like a hipster. The only cast member I thought fit was Jet, but it's weird how she was being attacked for her design instead of the people actually behind the production. Not that going with her og outfit would've been a good choice anyway

No. 972934

I can't blame them tbh I'm mad that Spike is an ugly old man instead of hot like he should be.

No. 972944

if they were going for an Asian American actor they should've gone for Steven Yeun or someone cuter. Keanu would've been the perfect Spike when he was young but he's too old now

No. 972945

I hate when there's a husbando channel in a discord and people post 3d. That's not where attraction to real people belongs reeee

No. 972948

it's all projection because their own relationships failed when they cheated/got cheated on. they'd rather assume it must be "human nature" because they are too irresponsible and immature to take accountability for their own mistakes.

No. 972950

bless your heart anon, I hate this so much too. I want to a-log every time someone posts a 3DPD/realistic moid in the husbando thread in /m/ kek

No. 972957

Agree. They're underwhelming too, no charisma. Terrible casting.

No. 972965

I don’t really care that they desexified the design (although I wish they kept the yellow bottoms as well). But I also don’t like the cast of the show at all, when I look at them I think Halloween costumes not actual representations of the characters. Jet is actually by far the best casting bc he at least resembles the character even if he is another race. Like, Faye is canonically East Asian and the actress doesn’t look anything like her except for the hair. I don’t understand why Netflix productions make so many random racial changes even when it goes against diversity. Don’t even get me started on spike… he’s way too old

No. 972967

jet was the only character that was likeable. i dont remember spike being an insufferable asshole in the anime. i actually was enjoying the show until edward showed up. that shit made me turn it off immediately

No. 973227

i irrationally hate egirl makeup/fashion. it just annoys the life out of me every time i see it, especially in person

No. 973321

>copying is a forced meme
Uh, okay. I feel like this is what a troon who skinwalks women would say

No. 973326

Why are you so triggered by the term? Who cares? Are you new to imageboards?

No. 973329

Anyway, back to the original point: You can like someone's style without wanting to skinwalk them lol. It's not an insult to say "I like this, but I wouldn't wear or do it myself". Sorry if you don't like this xo

No. 973330

>>973227 I hate it too but raionally. Especially when they blush their nose! Why do they think it looks good? They look sick, they look like they have snotty allergies.

No. 973350

We have an angry tranny posting atm. He outed himself in another thread.

No. 973359

the eyeliner and overlining their lips to make it look like they don't have a cupids bow too… i don't even hate all alternative styles but i can't wait for this trend to go away kek

No. 973450

Just get a tall, skinny young asian guy, was that really so hard

No. 973461

File: 1637416315734.jpeg (753.88 KB, 828x827, 87759F5C-7853-4B04-953D-C3D542…)

I hate lash extensions and makeup like this so fucking much

No. 973469

File: 1637417673115.jpg (580.29 KB, 1077x1049, Screenshot_20211120-151407_Fir…)

I hate lash extensions like pic related, it looks ugly on 96% of people and it makes the eyes look smaller

No. 973471

Idc about Valentine's LA version (even though I hoped they would cast some wonderful tall actress) but the fact that they changed one characters race and turned the other into a snowflake is fucked up.

No. 973473

File: 1637418303208.jpg (96.74 KB, 1125x615, tumblr_e22fe86f85fc1ad79891d78…)

It looks so scary from afar and in real life.

No. 973481

The racist "feminists" never quit lmao

No. 973510

File: 1637421088302.png (1.02 MB, 1644x3840, Screenshot_20211120-160954.png)

What is this???????

No. 973551

les boys of course

No. 973574

I watched some history videos about WW2 and Botswana and the yt algorithm recommends me fucking retarded Jordan Peterson misogyny videos, gross.

No. 973580

nice reference

No. 973633

Fuckin annoying ass
>bump omg porn below
Shut the fuck up. Yeah, it’s disgusting by report that shit and move on. You go through and half the posts are oooh watch out. And the cp. good god I don’t want to see ahh cp on a bunch of threads I’d like to forget about it if I see that shit you’re just advertising how often it gets posted and the stupid ~bumps~ don’t do shit really

No. 973642

it at least warns others who haven't seen it yet

No. 973645

File: 1637429714518.jpg (44.32 KB, 720x703, Tumblr_l_654927199472821.jpg)

For real

>Browse on PC

>Have Ublock
>Right click, block element

It's that simple. No need to give any attention whores what they want, running around going eeeek is literally provoking it

No. 973647

i love this image

No. 973649

you're more annoying

No. 973651

nta but I browse LC in incognito mode on pc or duckduckgo on my phone. Neither have those options. It's not a one size fits all solutions. Plus some anons would rather not see it at all than once to block it.

No. 973656

There's nothing wrong with bumping threads to warn other anons and get it off of the first page of boards, stop being dumb. I understand it doesn't really matter if it's regular porn, but it's not wrong to not want to see CP.

No. 973665

You can turn off images/videos for specific sites in your browser. I do this, and I never have to see cp/porn again here. It's not like you really miss out on having images off, especially with all the people who post ugly scrote reaction images.

No. 973680

Lash extensions are ugly as fuck most of the time and completely obvious, they destroy your natural lashes too, what's the point of destroying your natural lashes for the sake of some gross fried bat wing looking lashes?

No. 973692

File: 1637433493422.jpeg (38.59 KB, 462x403, 82BCFC61-E9D7-4949-BDDA-331F94…)

I fucking hate when people use sex and gender interchangeably, no, my dear retard, they’re not the same, I don’t care if other faggots use it that way, the word that you’re using doesn’t mean what you fucking think it means.

No. 973700

I'd agree if pic said "genderroles" instead of "gender"

No. 973722

I've been told that gender = sex on lolcow of all places before

No. 973729

Some anons take genderfandom koolaid for breakfast, anon.
I mean, yeah, but kids nowadays use “gender” as a diminutive of gender roles, because groomers told them that gender roles are how they feel about themselves and their personality, and not a social construct.

No. 973736

if no one stops these kids they'll become the choice making adults of the future

No. 973739

how can gender be changed

No. 973740

You mean gender roles?

No. 973756

honestly idk all this bullshit is confusing outside of biological sex

No. 973798

To be fair, it is usually changed interchangeably and has been for awhile. Only now are retards trying to co-opt it to give what was originally referred to as 'gender identity' some legitimacy by again co-opting a word. I hate genderspecials & handmaidens, but maybe they think of it in the original context of being just a word for sex without the connotation of fucking, and gender identity as the retarded one.

No. 973799

File: 1637440878592.jpg (108.3 KB, 467x770, IMG_20211120_213850.jpg)

>if no one stops these kids they'll become the choice making adults of the future
you sound like picrel

No. 974068

File: 1637455920943.jpg (82.45 KB, 720x812, b345c722ddc509fb37d559d312dd67…)

I hate when men don't have the self awareness to understand the reason of this sort of attitude from women. I have seen a few variations of this posts, and I still don't understand how they can use this as a "clever comeback" without seen the irony.

No. 974072

If a male uses violence as a joke, he can be sure as hell that only a brain dead retard would want him.

No. 974086


No. 974104

Gender isn't a real thing and the whole idea of a "gender identity" or "having a gender" is bullshit concept that immediately falls apart under any scrutiny. People can't use it wrong because the meaning has been changed so many times that it doesn't have a real meaning.

No. 974143

I hate weebs

No. 974163

fuck, me too

No. 974201

People who say cheaters shouldn't come clean to their partner make me sick to my stomach. I've heard way too many people online say that "telling them is actually more selfish because that will just cause them more pain. The right thing to do is secretly live with the guilt uwu~". If my partner cheated, I would absolutely want to know so that I could actually make an informed decision about my life and not be tricked into staying with them.

No. 974305

When people reduce classical art to "fanfiction and fanart" of the bible and mythology, especially if it's to defend their own shitty works.

No. 974307

They're not wrong.

No. 974308

What is it otherwise if not fanfiction and fanart

No. 974310

I agree those are ~transformative works~, but also get OP's point that it's delusional to validate your Sephiroth X Winnie The Pooh gangbang by comparing it to timeless masterpieces of art and writing lol

No. 974319

File: 1637495937224.png (656.63 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211121-0…)

Not all of it was just a "bible fanart"
I went to art school and something I learnt was that most artists were seen in the same vein as carpenters and artesans, they often survived by getting work from wealthy people and churches. The artist = famous person is a fairly new concept popularized in the 20th century. Back then, deviating from the norm of painting anything not related to religion and mythology was frowned upon. There's a reason why in art history, authors who painted common people were once seen as revolutionary in the past. Now we have all kinds of liberties and we think religious art is boring but back then, painting religious art was the only way to paint a nude person or blood. There's even cases where the intention of those pieces are a bit sexual but in a covert way, and people didn't notice but the artist knew.

Subjects like the saints and virgins became concepts more than characters. They had meaning beyond just the simplified "it's a Bible thing". Pretty interesting if you ask me. Check this out https://www.caravaggio.org/the-magdalen-in-ecstasy.jsp

No. 974330

File: 1637497034499.jpg (78.43 KB, 724x773, d15eetv-165694b1-41b8-4d85-a72…)

What happens if in the far future, only small traces of our current media are left behind, and any surviving civilization is forced to assume that the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fandoms were actual religions?
You can't stop this from becoming a timeless masterpiece nonny

No. 974339

How are future civilizations even find this art piece on the internet?

No. 974341

If we try to archive everything for future generations, but most of it gets corrupted in some kind of mishap, leaving only things like that

No. 974374

They'll find kingdom hearts tattoo samples like the frozen Siberians

No. 974414

"so what did they get from this dig?"
"a few bits of woolly mammoth and two pieces of kingdom hearts yaoi"

No. 974489

File: 1637512931038.png (392.61 KB, 404x590, eat shit.png)

Are zoomers really like this? Holy shit I hate tiktok, please tell me this is actually satire and zoomers aren't as attention starved as this
Please watch it

No. 974492

Tiktok just gives the relatively retarded few to broadcast themselves to a broad audience more than any generation before them. I don't think they're as fucked as people make them out to be, especially considering most of them are still teens.

No. 974495

I mean, I get that it’s supposed to be kawiwi or something, and that tiktok videos are basically what you do at home while singing alone. But do people really sit down and spend hours looking at these 5 seconds videos? She’s literally just putting her hands up and widening her eyes while sightly shaking her head.
At least there’s other tiktok videos of people trying to dance or do some crazy shit, so it kind of makes sense that they’re popular and interesting to look at.
This is so weird, and yes, I also didn’t like Vine when it was popular.

No. 974502

Women who stay with men who cheated on them make me sick. Respect yourself please. He will do it again. Don't play yourselves.

No. 974503

She's just having fun chill

No. 974522

This is lolcow

No. 975188

Workouts for women. Meal plans for women. Basically the majority of shit (especially fitness wise) that is targeted for women is absolute fucking bullshit and I hate it so much.

No. 975193

Oh god. One of my ex friends did this. Fucking loser cheated because… She wasn't paying enough attention to him. She was working on her business after having to work terrible jobs to put him threw college. Hope it works out for her. fucking cunt fed my abusive ex information about me.

No. 975195

That whole generation is groomed. Fucks me up.

No. 975197

"having fun", please. She's hardly a real person. She's living as a doll, being what she thinks other people online want her to be. Look at that pink Hello Kitty tumblr room. I bet she makes traumacore. Her originality has been crushed, she doesn't exist anymore.

No. 975200

I’ve seen worse from tiktok but as a whole zoomer girls are destined to be pickme handmaiden for life. You genuinely can’t turn out normal after exposure to clout at a young age for purely being an object of desire for coomers.

No. 975202

Agreed, internalizing the male gaze in such a way from a young age really fucks you up and social media is just making it worse.

No. 975219

File: 1637594422794.png (6.2 MB, 1640x2360, FA32E4EC-6209-4367-80BB-4197F2…)

Tiktok is full of hypocrites who flip flop on stuff and then most of the trends are about how you look and traumadumping. They get comments from incels calling them fat or ugly or saying that they are wearing too much damn makeup and they will reply with “ well you’re an incel and you’ll never be with a woman” which is such an annoying thing, yes those men will never get with a woman, but it’s reducing us as something to get as a gotcha. they do those incel attractiveness scale morph filter videos. They all say things about their mental illnesses and make quirky videos about it. I’ve seen like 7 girls on this app say they’re a manic pixie dream girl because they’re autistic anyone who says they are on this app is a liar or that they’re like a toes cool man eater like Jennifer’s body because they have BPD. Or how they’re a bimbo, when really it’s just some fat poor bitch in pink clothes.

No. 975231

Same fat no way artists are this self aware right ?

No. 975240

I hate the "autistic" people of tiktok. I've suspected I have autism for a long time (I'm diagnosed as AHDH though) and these people don't make it any easier

No. 975245

File: 1637595435636.png (586.78 KB, 505x810, imagen_2021-11-22_093626.png)

I hate fanfic and fandom spaces. I never read fanfic when I was younger but now, seeing that this shit has somehow gotten worse feels crappy.

No. 975249

That's a very based take in picrel

No. 975259

It hasn't affected my sexuality much because I know how to separate fantasy from reality. Though most of the stuff I read is near the vanilla side. Tbh that pic can also apply to otome games and shoujo manga but no one says anything about those.

No. 975514

God picrel is so true, it's a depressing time searching through explicit fanfiction trying to find anything that isn't clouded in scrotey pornsickness despite having been written by women and girls. I read a lot of reader-insert stuff (I know it's cringe, I can't get into yaoi though) and there's so much anal, choking, and rape casually thrown in to fics all the time. At least with the yaoi fics, this kind of content might just be something they want to be a voyeur to as it happens to men, but it's so depressing in the context of a reader-insert to know the writer personally fantasizes about those things happening to herself

No. 975677

This is such a misguided take. Fanfiction has traditionally been a very female-centric thing and means for women to explore sexual things in an environment they fully control, I would rather be worried about the billions of discord-groomed e-girls opening up an onlyfans account the moment they turn 18 and posting zone ankh videos on Tiktok before I'd give a shit about some nerdy teenager writing her self-indulgent dubcon husbando x reader fic.

No. 975810

I hate when tv episodes aren't the same length. Like one episode will be 58 minutes and the next one will be 1 hour 2 minutes. Usually happens on streaming platforms. It just annoys me when it's not uniform.

No. 975828

tattoos are only hot on hot people

No. 975830

Shits bleak. I have to use tag blocking extensions to avoid degenerate and humiliation shit. Even then, sometimes it's not tagged and they'll pull it out on you during a relatively good story. Bam, choking. Shit's bleak.

No. 975847

File: 1637645542175.jpg (25.07 KB, 513x312, snimok-ekrana-2021-06-02-11525…)

>muh exploration of sexuality!!1!1!
Tell me you are from Twitter without telling me that you are from Twitter

No. 975850

File: 1637646436826.jpg (1.36 MB, 1242x8536, How.jpg)

reminds me of this, even m/m fics introduce many young girls to problematic ideas about relationships and degenerate kings

No. 975854

>nooooo how dare women like degenerate shit they're completely in control of without moids interfering, it's missionary in the dark for all the proper ladies
anyway self insert husbandofags are embarrassing either way, men should only be choking each other but if someone implies it's fanfic that makes someone write shit like >>975850 and not their 30-year old pornsick online boyfriend they're being absolutely delusional kek

No. 975860

what the fuck are you even talking about, all were saying is that fanfic sites sometimes become the introduction of many fucked up kinks and concepts
shit like daddy dom, choking, piss-play, pregnancy kink e.t.c

No. 975875

nta but i don't get why fanfics in particular are being singled out when tons of other things aimed towards girls have messed up shit in it too
isn't twitter the one who gets worked up over fiction though

No. 975881

>isn't twitter the one who gets worked up over fiction though
yes and that's why it's ungodly ironic for anon to be calling others twitterfags

No. 975908

That one hysterical woman during traumatic events. I've watched a lot of those clips and there's always one woman who repeatedly belts out over everyone else OMG WTF OMG WTH OMG OMG OMG WTH over and over again and makes everything ten times more stressful.

No. 975909

Meanwhile in reality most fanfic is pg rated gay slow burn coffee shop AUs. Either way it's SO easy to curate the fic you're exposed to, that shit is plastered in tags and warnings and ratings. Internalized misogyny is a hell of a drug, there's no form of sexual content that is ever gonna totally free of it, but at least fanfic is transparent and predictable and you can easily avoid the more overt garbage.

No. 975911

Why do you watch so many clips of traumatic events?

No. 975917

Yeah hate it when scared women ruin my traumatic event viewing, just let me enjoy my traumatic events in peace, you imbecile

No. 975920

News events, not gore shit.

I don't enjoy them and that's not why I find it annoying. Obv I'd sympathize if they were screaming out of sheer terror but it's clear that they're not. Some people american women just can't stfu ever. It's a fucking reflex for them to make noise. I don't hear that lone women in foreign media anywhere near as often.

No. 975923

>blaming fanfic/fandoms
Most fandom spaces filled with women have very normal content, unless you dig. Stop with the pearl-clutching. And tbh, fiction is the domain for all fucked up shit and impulses. It's a way of reckoning with the unspoken, messy aspects of ourselves. I feel like so many radical feminists want women to be asexual nuns, except instead of God and Jesus, we're meant to worship this amorphous symbol of womanhood and femaleness. A permanent vagina we're never actually allowed to touch if we have the slightest bit of wrongthink. It's just not going to happen lmfao. We're nasty-ass human beings, maybe not as extreme as men but don't kid yourself. I agree there's some shit women could do with collectively unlearning, but that takes a lifetime, and it's also extremely personal. As long as you know the line between reality and fantasy, it's fine
IMO it'd be more helpful to discuss why certain kinks are suddenly popular and trendy over others

No. 975968

As a pearl-clutching radfem I have absolutely no problem with people writing smutty fanfics with extreme fetishes because it's usually experimenting and testing your own borders, female coomerism is not at all enabled by society and women simply do not possess the sexual aggression men do. It's not women becoming serial killers strangling prostitutes to death because mommy didn't bring enough tendies. Fanfics are like the least offensive genre of erotica there is, it's usually content created by and shared between women and in 99% cases tagged appropriately because the community is known to shame authors for not following proper conduct. Generally people acting like fanfics are to blame for young girls being obsessed with being choked and bruised in real life are deflecting hard, from speaking with girls like this it's always been influenced by real life scrotoids who force their twisted fetishes on the girls they groom.

No. 975980

I think it's more on the vein of "children who read fanfic are now subject to fucked up shit"

No. 975987

>Generally people acting like fanfics are to blame for young girls being obsessed with being choked and bruised in real life are deflecting hard
Fucking God no, those fan fics are the ones that are teaching young girls to like that shit these days

No. 975988

This >>975980, I've read some weird shit online, at school, as a kid just by looking up characters I've liked. You can find smug of Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat. I don't know what people are talking about "you have to dig". When I was a kid you just went to fanfic.net and there was nasty shit on the first page of your search. It's how I found out about what being gay meant, and my first exposure to anything graphically depicting sex. And the worst part is that you could obviously tell those fics were written by girls in their tweens.

No. 975999

I don't even think it's a "now" thing honestly, children have always been exposed to fucked up things because like 90% of media is inappropriate and made for adult scrotes' enjoyment. Unless you homeschool your kids and are meticulous about what they're exposed to and when, it's unavoidable. Censorship and parental blocks are a losing game. Seems par for the course that it'd leak into their own self-expression when it's what they're seeing

No. 976019

Not really, idk about you, but during my invader Zim fanfic days, which was edge central because it was written by teens, the worst thing that there was were the anachan tendencies but it made sense because the characters are all skinny doodles.
Nowadays you will find a bunch of fucked up shit like a fanfic that’s supposed to be cute with the top calling the bottom a “bitch/slut/whore” and a bottom calling the top “daddy” like, back then, unless you were looking for incest stories, you never saw a character calling their partner “daddy” and now it’s just everywhere in any fandom.
Chocking, anal, spitting and crossdressing in a gross way, are way too common nowadays, it’s not because of fanfiction on its own, it’s because everyone is pornsick as fuck.
I think porn just got out of hand, but instead of doing something about it, it’s easier to shame women for being into fucking reading fanfiction. So I guess the moral of the story is that no matter what you like, if you’re a woman, you will always be the one who is in the wrong, because you’re everyone’s role model even if you just exist on the internet without a profile of your own.

No. 976022

>if you’re a woman, you will always be the one who is in the wrong, because you’re everyone’s role model even if you just exist on the internet without a profile of your own.
Literally this lol

No. 976049

>Younger and younger girls being sexualized in mainstream media, Billie Eilish taking her top off the moment she turns 18
>OnlyFans being glorified as a legitimate form of work and empowering to boot, people like Belle Delphine doing pornified ageplay and photoshopping herself to look younger than she really is
>Unmonitored Discord servers and social media filled with antisocial adult men creeping on young, impressionable girls
>Tiktok vanilla shaming movement making fun of everyone who doesn't do anal and choking with their boyfriends
>Hmmm… it must be the Five Nights At Freddy's gay incest fanfic that made them all like this!

No. 976056

It's so fucking annoying bc it's obviously being put in there by some scrote who thinks women are hysterical and can't cope with stress. Meanwhile irl it's always men freaking out and being useless during stressful events.

No. 976062

More like those kids being influenced by media are the ones creating the porn fanfics

No. 976065

I don't get it, how hard is it to keep adult fanfics from normal fanfics? If the internet made a distinction between adults and kids nobody would complain. Keep the bdsm omega verse shit out of kids hands

No. 976086

Everyone is complicit in an hypersexualized pornified society.

No. 976090

NTA, but you choose to blame the victims above all? Lol

No. 976093

Who said I am blaming the victims???
I think women who write about porn in a website where there are a lot of kids are complicit too. Women can write it and I support women who write, but please the internet should be kept 18+ only, at least that content should. Children being near porn, written or not, and made by men or women, it doesn't help anyone

No. 976094

Some anons are obsessed with blaming women, specially if we are talking about horny shit

No. 976095

>Some anons
Look above, no one is blaming women
Women can be horny in peace but away from children
Is that too hard?

No. 976099

yeah right, you act like you've never seen the constant shitting on /g/ anons

No. 976109

You ignored the rest of my comment lol
I think people here on lolcow who are pro husbandos are more than the ones anti husbandos. I am pro husbando too. Women can be horny and be creative, let them be!
I just think 18+ content should be kept away from teens and children, no matter where it comes from or what form it takes. All the internet should be 18+ tbh

No. 976114

I mean, fanfic writers have everything explicitly mentioned in tags and such, and fanfic sites got the tagging system exactly to avoid having kids reading weird shit.
If parents taught their kids that they have to stay away from shit made for older people, or that they will get their internet cut off until they’re old enough to read the things they found on the internet, we wouldn’t have this issue.

No. 976118

You know kids don't listen to their parents right?

No. 976123

It's mostly kids writing the porn in the first place, that's why I said victims. I don't think the Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat fandom has that big of an adult demographic to be responsible for most/all of the smut about it

No. 976131

Which is why parents need to make sure that their kids never use the internet until they’re around 18 years old.
I don’t know why is it so difficult to entertain them without it to parents nowadays, like, back then, when the internet only had a few shitty games, kids played with toys and video games and they didn’t bother anyone.
And now a tablet and a PC are that necessary to raise a kid? It’s honestly dumb. If I had a kid, I would raise her/him to be a not like other kids who reads, plays videogames and goes outside unlike the other kids who use the internet to get their stimuli of the day.

No. 976134

>If parents taught their kids that they have to stay away from shit made for older people, or that they will get their internet cut off until they’re old enough to read the things they found on the internet, we wouldn’t have this issue.
Lol I was told this and it didn't help shit. You guys need to accept that children will take in everything around them, it's not just the internet (though it made it even worse). All of this is inescapable until scrotes stop putting sexual content in all media. You don't even have to be on the internet to be exposed to it, it's pretty much everywhere. Even in "clean" magazines, women's magazines, normal ads for food and perfume, movies, TV shows, etc
I don't get how parents finger waggle about kids being exposed to porn, then say nothing about Cosmopolitan magazines that read "BEST ORGASM EVER", "18 SEX MOVES THAT'LL MAKE HIM CRAZY FOR YOU", "9 DILDOS AND VIBRATORS YOU NEED" right there on the rack at local stores, coomer-tier "hidden jokes" in cartoons so parents will enjoy watching too, etc. Adults don't really care enough to stop this (because they're self-absorbed), but they'll still complain about the results of their negligence. Mind-boggling

No. 976188

a lot of times (tho this might depend on the site) the smut that's written by adults will have a huge warning that tells minors to not interact, to not read the author's works etc. and the minors who don't listen usually get blocked

No. 976661

I hate people who get on camera with chap, crusty dry lips ESPECIALLY people who get lip injections.
Like it's like ashy and crusty, i'm just like, "PUT SOME FUCKING LIP CHAP/GLOSS ON, DO YOU NOT FEEL THAT?"
Especially when the outer half of the lips are white and dry, but the inner half is moist and red looking. I fucking hate it! I really do! I don't care what you do to your lips in your own everyday life, but when people get on camera like that, it just fills me with a weird autistic rage.

No. 976734

File: 1637715455349.jpg (164.23 KB, 1068x1600, d89e49c1779b3ef563efa4bcd02cab…)

I hate fat ppl who wear athleisure, it doesn't look good on them and they look fatter

No. 976755

What do you want them to do anon? They're wearing athleisure because they're working out.

No. 976767

I hate fat people but I'll accept this because at least they're working out to better themselves. It only bothers me when they wear something disgusting that has their rolls flopping out and then continue to exercise in a crowd full of people

No. 976768

Have you ever had chapped lips before? It doesn't get healed in a day. Usually through winter my lips will be dry for weeks

No. 976774

I can only speak from experience but this doesn't work because of these reasons
>Most schools will give out laptops and tablets for students to take home, and unfortunately most, and sometimes all school work is done online, meaning students are required to have a laptop to do work on canvas and blackboard
>parental controls only work so much and most kids find a way to bypass that, ontop of that social media is never blocked on these sites either
>going through your children's laptop/ cell phone is considered abusive nowadays, wouldn't surprise me if the same people passing this narrative were groomers who don't want the kids parents to see their embarrassing grooming shit
women aren't all angels though, plenty of women draw porn from things meant for kids, encourage ddlg and tagging it under things that kids look up, go into kids sections of stores or just places meant for kids in general to act out ddlg, expose themselves and talk about sex to audiences that they know very well are young (billie eilish for example). Just dressing extremely slutty in general and then going to places that they know kids are going to be and then sleeping around and homewrecking because it's ~aesthetic~ and feminist and pinkpilled (seriously, I knew a girl who actively tried to sleep with women's husbands and boyfriends because she liked the song homewrecker by marina)
>inb4 don't sexualize them
I don't care if women dress slutty, but who needs to go to six flags knowing damn well toddlers and little kids are going to be there with half your ass hanging out and a shirt that's one wrong move away from your tit popping out? and don't say it's because perverted men forced them to

No. 976776

Fatties wear leggings because it's too much effort to get all clothing tailored to fit rolls and drumstick legs.
t. Fatty

No. 976779

Work out in clothes that aren’t spandex with cutouts or just a sports bra.
Cover that shit up.

No. 976783

this is modest for most workout clothes though, and exercise shorts are fucking tragic on anyone who isn't a track star. Do you want her to wear a trash bag or something?

No. 976787

This shit never makes sense to me. Like who cares, exercise some self control at stop staring at randos. Do you think people with busted/deformed faces should wear masks for your personal comfort too?

No. 976792

Yes fatties bad, you don't have to reee about them every day. It's giving 32-inch-waist-chan.

No. 976794

Was talking about fatties in general not picrel, my bad.

Busted faces aren’t a choice so no.
Morbid obesity squeezed into Lycra with a bare belly hanging out that is touching things in the grocery store should be covered tho.

It’s weird how people think you have to wear workout gear to be able to exercise. It’s just another fashion that’s not flattering on everyone.

No. 976795

That’s what I thought too
>seething about tacky chinese spandex
No one actually skinny would be this bothered. Only heard scrotes say this because an unfuckable woman in their FOV is oppression kek

No. 976798

Most people would call parents abusive for not giving kids internet access. These little shits think it’s a human right.

No. 976799

Skinny women look shit on spandex too. It’s a disgusting fabric that’s only flattering to the physically near-perfect.

No. 976809

something that's form fitting isn't "squeezing into lyrca" have you never seen women of other sizes in workout pants? also lady in the picture you posted doesn't have her belly hanging out

>It’s just another fashion that’s not flattering on everyone.

Great just like how snow-wear is buttugly except on hot people, most dance-wear, swimsuits, work uniforms (chef, crossing guard, mechanic, scrubs,etc) are ugly too. Utility clothes simply aren't pretty and don't look good on people who aren't hot

No. 976810

Maybe don’t be so hung up on looking perfect for the male gaze. That socialization is showing babe.

No. 976816

You missed the bit that said the comment wasn’t just about picrel, clearly.

Why y’all so cut on some chunky randoms behalf? A throwaway comment was made saying some women look bad sometimes and you took it personally kek.

Call it moid behaviour all you like. It’s moid behaviour to think any woman that isn’t acting sweet isn’t a woman.

No. 976829

File: 1637723782932.jpeg (73.55 KB, 540x675, B55355E8-565C-4905-8E18-21E638…)

You could’ve just like, posted a better example from Walmart because that’s the only setting in which athleisure clothes doesn’t really makes sense.
Tbh, I don’t really hate fat girls who are into working out, like, I’m a fatty too and I cover myself up as much as possible, but I think it’s nice when another fat girl wears her workout clothes confidently. It’s kind of retarded how people will wretch and cry for the fact that fat people workout too and that just ~not eating~ Isn’t enough for some people to lose weight. At least let us wear what gives us the will to go to the gym and do something about our health, rattle rattle or something.

No. 976840

>just ~not eating~ Isn’t enough for some people to lose weight
Please explain how someone in a calorie deficit would not experience weight loss. Is this taking place in a world that doesn't obey the laws of science? (Before you call me a skelly I wasn't one of the anons that said the original pic looked bad, I have nothing against heavier women wearing workout clothes. But this is taking it a bit far.)

No. 976845

Idk, nonnie, I tried fasting for a few months and it only made me gain more weight than what I already got. I didn’t workout during that time because I was too tired and busy with other things to even bother with food. I just think that I particularly need to workout to lose weight, not eating only makes things worsen.

No. 976851

NTA, my body’s response to just cutting calories and not increasing exercise is to decrease my metabolism. I once tried to lose weight that way and it took me about a year of eating ~800 calories a day to lose the 20lbs I wanted to lose. I felt awful and had no energy to do anything. Wouldn’t recommend, at least for me losing weight by cutting a moderate amount of calories and significantly increasing exercise is much quicker and less unhealthy-feeling.

No. 976852

Clearly your alleged fast was still more calories than you burn a day.

Or anons could’ve not gotten their gunts hurt over someone on the internet saying the morbidly obese don’t look good sometimes like it was an attack on them.

No. 976853

nta but I think she means that some people have trouble sticking to a weight loss regime that only emphasizes calorie restriction (rather than one that mixes restriction and exercise). Since keeping weight off long term is what's important, something that you can't maintain doesn't work regardless of whether it literally burns fat or not.

No. 976856

It’s healthier to exercise even if they aren’t going for weight loss.
What you’ve said makes more sense than claiming to fast for months and gain. That was so confusing.

No. 976858

Nta, but woah 800 calories is ana tier. You should get at least 1,200 a day I'm no weight loss expert, but I think you can even do more than that, as long as it's not as much as you were eating before. What gave you the idea to do 800 calories? I hope you're healthier now!

No. 976859

File: 1637726158876.jpg (124.87 KB, 736x981, 20ec925487b0d6465455a812107747…)

>At least let us wear what gives us the will to go to the gym and do something about our health, rattle rattle or something.
Don't you know, ugly women should hide inside until they become pretty, or never go outside and pollute ppls eyes

No. 976861

Bc starvation isn't healthy for ppl? What ana logic is this? Unless someone is obese tier or over eating, losing weight is 1000x more involved than eating less.

No. 976862

Or throw a tshirt on over the sports bra. Totally the same thing as being literally forbidden outside, people preferring a belly the size of a sedan trunk be covered.

No. 976863

American food is full of shit and Americans are prescribed handfuls of prescriptions that fuck up their metabolism and Americans get weird diets like veganism and keto that just end up fucking them up even more. While it is simple for most people to just eat less and move more it's a lot more complicated for Americans since they're constantly being poisoned and fed misinformation

No. 976864

Sure, once scrotes start getting shamed for their beer bellies and rattling arms. Be a normal person and just use fatties as motivation to stay healthy.

No. 976865

The person in the picture OP used was covered

No. 976866

I hate when people talk constantly about calories calories calories and never about WHAT you are eating. Living by trying to count every calorie is exhausting and not possible unless you only eat foods that come from boxes. It's a lot more important to learn to like foods that are inherently healthy, like leafy greens. I think a better approach than trying to cut down the amount you eat would be to try to replace things in your day with healthier options one by one.

And in any case, different people have a different "efficiency" at converting calories into fat or energy. So for example, something that says 100 calories on the package may be really 150 calories for you if you are very good at digesting, or 50 calories for someone who does not digest as well. We see this with IBS sufferers, or people who have had a part of their intestine removed, who have trouble gaining weight no matter how much they eat. So there isn't going to be a magic calorie number in any case.

Considering this, a good thing to do is to look at someone in your family who is similar to you in build generally. If they are a healthy weight, eat like they eat. If they are overweight, you will necessarily have to eat less than them. For example my mom has been normal weight as far as I can remember, and does moderate exercise, so I know that in the future I will be able to eat basically one yogurt cup, one salad, one small normal dinner, and one small piece of chocolate or cookie per day unless I exercise a lot more than her.

No. 976867

Y’all are not telling enough men to cover up during summer. It’s not that hot and neither are they.

Quick question for upset anons itt, if having zero reaction to fatties other than a stupid snarky comment or two on this retarded site is basically the same as outlawing women from leaving the house, are people who say that shit out loud doing a hatecrime?

No. 976870

Taken from >>968382
>Food grown in modern farming practice where they strip the earth of nutrients and grow gmo'd freak shit
>Body does not get enough nutrients even if you eat healthily the gmo'd stuff ruins immune system and causes inflammation
>Body sends out hunger signals constantly because even though it's consuming calories it's not getting enough nutrients to function
Everyone's hormones are also being fucked from plastics, stress, and growth hormone animal products. For fucks sake unpasteurized milk is illegal, meanwhile richie's eat imported soft unpasteurized cheese bc they know that stuff is good for you.

No. 976872

It’s been brought up three times that comments are not just about picrel

No. 976873

It’s not like I started at 800, I started high and only slowly decreased it when nothing was happening. I was never underweight in the whole process and like I said, I wasn’t even losing half a pound a week at my lowest caloric intake. It was frustrating.

No. 976875

Who knew, the human body evolved to keep fat when it sense starvation.

No. 976876

Yeah but you’d survive holocaust conditions if you can maintain weight on starvation rations. Anyone else would die

No. 976877

Lol I guess I have that to add to my repertoire.

No. 976878

It’s pretty impressive. Any other person would slowly lost weight until they were emaciated. It takes more than 800 calories just to be alive for 24 hours. You literally broke physics and should call cern.

No. 976879

>losing 20lbs on 800 calories a day took a year
there's no way this is true unless you're really short and sedentary

No. 976881

File: 1637727939687.jpeg (490.36 KB, 2048x2048, 942139B8-E33E-4D44-91A6-69460B…)

Her design bothered me too so I tried editing her a bit

No. 976888

they should though. Men shouldn't wear shorts too unless they're very very fit. I always express me wanting nasty men to cover up. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen

No. 976889

Who said it didn’t happen?

No. 976894

This. Anytime I eat veggies and fruit from walmart they're so deprived of nutrients and flavor, but when I buy produce from the local farmers market it's usually very filling and a better price

No. 976895

Is it really that hard to click on the previous post?

No. 976899

Previous post said more people should do it, sorry you’re illiterate.

No. 976905

File: 1637730626298.jpeg (217.74 KB, 750x731, ABF3CC6A-2250-49A6-8D88-905068…)

Vanity sizing is one thing but what the fuck is this??

No. 976906

File: 1637730726196.jpeg (221.88 KB, 750x709, 09B52DEC-A59C-45A2-99C7-7F66C0…)

And another one

No. 976909

>Smallest waist size is 27 inches
Tell me you're American without telling me you're American

No. 976910

Where is this from? Why is the smallest size so large?

No. 976911

When a single person takes up group couches at cafes. I'm sick of a single man taking up an entire couch with table for himself and laptop. Go sit at the small table areas. I've sat next to a guy while my friend took the chair across the table and he left. This is the way.

No. 976916

is this for maternity clothing anon? The whole lunar cycle thing feels like it could be related to that.

No. 976918

Maternity clothes are made to be loose around the stomach and don't have a specific waist size due to growing stomach

No. 976922

Lmao size waxing gibbous.. size Neptune..what the fuck are hippies selling

No. 976924

funny that they made the moon wax as the woman gets fatter

No. 976925

File: 1637731814501.jpeg (565.32 KB, 643x983, F6C995EF-5321-42D5-8EC1-C75203…)

It’s from Bisoulovely, who usually makes anime inspired jewelry but she’s had a lingerie line in the works for a while now, picrel is lingerie line. I vaguely remember her getting called out for not offering 3XL sizing or some shit last year lmao

No. 976952

Why do the panties cover so little on the sides of the crotch. My contribution to this thread is that I hate underwear that doesn't cover my whole crotch area.

No. 976964

Okay nitpicking baiter
>they said MOST not literally ALL

No. 976966

same I also have fat pussy lips/pubis area so if I don't wear granny panties my coochie just eats them. Lace panties are especially uncomfy idk how women wear them regularly, I knew a friend who mostly wore 100% lace underwear and I just don't get it

No. 976972

It’s not bait just because you’re wrong.
You’re too bothered over a slight correction.

Panties might as well be made to cover just one labia in a lot of stores. It’s like designers just pretend vulvas aren’t real.

No. 976997

tacky shit

No. 977020

high waisted black skirts

No. 977167

I don't care for the lingerie, but those women are so beautiful that they make it look nice.

No. 977175

Right? The girl on the left is blowing my mind she's so pretty

No. 977186

ugly and uncomfortable

No. 977300

The cumbrain weebs and dnd nerds all over youtube.

No. 977329

Nah, we need to talk about calories. It's not perfectly accurate, true, but there are way too many retards who think 'eating healthy' is the be all and end all of weight loss, then they eat 2000 calories of nuts and avocado and granola bars and can't figure out why their ~healthy diet~ doesn't work.

Nothing you said was wrong but people are dumber than you think and calories need to be the first issue addressed just to ensure they understand the basic concept. From there, they can adjust the types of foods they eat within their calorie budget or move away from calorie counting to a different type of dieting (that naturally results in a deficit). Also you'll find that a lot of people find dieting easier when they know they can eat a bit of junk food, provided it fits into their calories for the day.

No. 977343

Idk where you are but here it's common knowledge those things have lots of calories.

No. 977360

File: 1637793225799.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1640x2320, 87DC808A-5D2C-42BB-841E-9DECD1…)

Probably because one of them trains forever and isn’t dancing for scrotes? Aaaa social media is so dumb

No. 977363

Nobody’s throwing sweaty five dollar notes for a ballerine to crawl for while horny moids hoot and holler cause you’re on a pole with your legs spread to show them all your coochie. How retarded are strippers?

No. 977365

I've seen people unironically try to argue that pole dancing is a sport because it involves body strength or some shit and even make classes teaching children how to do it.

No. 977369

well I think when pole dancing first started out it was just another form of dancing, it didn't become sexualized and associated with strip clubs until later on (I could be wrong)

that being said not all forms of dance are equal, ballet dancing objectively is probably the hardest. belly dancers and tap dancers aren't revered in the same way that ballerinas are either

No. 977372

nta but people who never did any research on how to lose weight will tell you that fruit juice or smoothies are good for weight loss. not even a smoothie instead of a meal or anything, but just their regular crappy diet plus a smoothie. my roommate is a landwhale and eats a bag of chips, a bar of chocolate and giant portions that could feed three or four children every day. but she thinks she has a healthy diet because she also eats half a pound of blueberries or half a watermelon sometimes - in addition to her giant portions and daily bag of chips and bar of chocolate. it disturbs me too but some people genuinely know nothing and don't bother to fact check their beliefs. my roommate also thinks i have an eating disorder because i weigh my pasta or my oat meal, but if i don't do that i easily eat triple the portion size i should be eating.

No. 977386

Pole dancing is cool and I like watching people do it, but stripping and pole dancing are two different things. Strippers aren't dancers and don't have the talent that they do.

No. 977396

Even so, why would you put your children in something that's heavily sexualized?

No. 977401

When people say coupon like "kyoopon"

No. 977409

I hope this doesn't sound gatekeepy or fedora-tipping-atheist (I'm agnostic) but people who say they're a certain religion but "not practicing" are annoying and intellectually lazy. Half my country is "non practicing catholic" which means they don't go to church, pray, follow or care about the bible, and generally don't think about religion at all ever. how tf are you a catholic then? they don't really follow or think about their "god" but are too lazy/shallow to reflect on this and admit that they don't believe in the religion they grew up with anymore

No. 977418

The anons who get offended and moralfag whenever men get shit on because
>that's too meeeeeeaannn!!!!
>that's hateful!
>muh "just as bad"
lol since when was being mean towards men a bad thing

No. 977431

Genuinely impressive pole dancers get plenty of credit for their skills, but there is a big difference between them and regular strippers who just happen to dance as part of their act, but aren't particularly good at it and weren't hired for their ability in the first place. I also think pole dancing as a hobby for regular girls is becoming very normalized with the understanding that they aren't actually working towards a career as a stripper.

Anyway ballet gets more respect than most other types of dance that aren't associated with stripping, as if pole of all things could compare to an actual classical artform which has been refined and perfected over hundreds of years.

No. 977436


No. 977442

Also gets me when they say it helps them get in touch with their "inner femininity." Some women really manage to sound like AGP troons and it's disgusting.

No. 977452

Wow, same. I think a couple of gaming related videos, tech and scrotey meme videos gave me a more male algorithm. And it’s like


literally just a TikTok of an attractive woman being affectionate to a man and the guy not responding/being cold. Is this a fantasy?
>weird footfag videos
Wtf YouTube, I have NEVER looked for anything like this
> coomer anime ‘humour, clickbait
I don’t watch or look at sinful images on my phone, so I wish YouTube would stop promoting that
> le women’s real nature, alpha male stuff
Again, never looked at the sort, also no one wants to be talked about like they’re an animal in an animal documentary. Gross.
> games I DO NOT care about
I have better taste because I’m not a man, DO NOT recommend me animu

No. 977455

Women will never, EVER be as bad as men, no matter how much those anons moralfag other women, i don't give a fuck and they should neither

No. 977471

I know what you mean, I watched some old brosciencelife (fitness related humor) videos out of nostalgia and i got /fit/ tier sigma male redpill gympill peepeepoopoopill content and epic ben shapiro owning libs compilations for a week. it's weird because those videos specifically make fun of retarded overly macho gym bros, my theory is that extemely online autists watch his videos and being autstic they think they are actually supposed to emulate the over the top chad character he plays

No. 977526

Sure it takes a lot of skill and work but it’s still climbing a pole in knickers and giving a full leg spreads to the audience. Pole stand can try and say it’s not sexual all they like but they’re only fooling themselves

No. 977532

File: 1637808165613.jpg (69.91 KB, 695x755, f241940a4e1b8e77c463575da373fc…)

Muh "just as bad" will never apply as there are no women who were like the Toy Box Killer, etc. Even in the news stories thread there was a recent one about a woman kept in a cage and dismembered. Men have no emotional reaction to such stories, they do not care.
There is absolutely no basis for anything but outright contempt to casual disdain at best for men, and any anons here who disagree are spiritual cocksuckers.

No. 977533

I'm not sure what your reply has anything to do with what I said? I never said pole dancing isn't sexual. I've seen some pole dancers dance in ways that aren't sexual, but I'm not denying that a lot of it is sexual.

No. 977560

I’m retarded and read your comment wrong

No. 977563

Honestly deep down I'm one of those "not all men" people but I keep it to myself and I don't give a fuck if women complain about all scrotes being evil because misandry hardly killed anyone, but misogyny kills so many women every day.

No. 977570

Same. Am straight and hope beyond hope, but am not dumb or blind or deluded enough to think women shouldn't be allowed to say it the same way men are. Men are winning the retarded race, even if I wish they weren't.

No. 977572

Thirst traps. I don't see the point of them, all I think when I stumble across one is "Congratulations, you're pretty, get your validation and now get the fuck out of my timeline".
It's the peak of being famous because of attractiveness, except you're not even showing a talent like singing, acting or even telling a lame joke.
It's just a proof the internet is nothing but making jokes about sex and being horny all the damn time

No. 977584

The women who rage at misandrist takes are just attracted to men and arguing from a willfully ignorant place. I think they come in three camps.
>The Bachelorette: Has fully internalized that romance and/or sex is necessary for a meaningful and fulfilling life. Can't comprehend that romantic/sexual relationships are a bonus in life, not a necessity. Will go into a fit of rage if you imply that she can live a meaningful and satisfying life by forging deep friendships, practicing self-care, focusing on her passions, and occasionally masturbating if needed. There's a high chance she seethes about lesbians and justifies her anger towards them by claiming they're hypocritical for getting into relationships while "saying she can't", not realizing that lesbians often have meaningful lives outside of relationships. It's very likely her resentment for lesbians comes from a place of envy, knowing deep down that a man will never respect her like lesbians respect each other. You can't "win" an argument with her, because she won't shut up.
>The Bargainer: Wants to pretend that men aren't generally bad, either because she's inclined to like men more than women, or because the weight of about 50% of the population being shitty is too much for her to handle, psychologically. She wants to live in a world that's exactly as she imagined it, and that means that the vast majority of men have to be neutral or good. Her entire worldview relies on the opposite of the "Great Man" theory–That every man is good and responsible for the growth of the world, except for a handful of very rare "bad men" who are responsible for all the bad things in the world. She requires outstanding amounts of proof to recognize a man as bad, and failing to provide sufficient amounts of evidence to her liking makes any bad thing one could say about a man "circumstantial" and "based on a limited perspective". She won't put up an argument for very long, because she has 0 debate or conflict resolution skills, and ends every argument with the "agree to disagree" mentality. Of the three, she's the most likely to turn around, but don't get your hopes up.
>The Defeatist: She's just given up entirely, and either thinks that "everyone does bad things sometimes" is a good enough argument to handwave the fact that men are statistically more violent/malicious than women, or that men are just naturally predisposed to being shitty, and that it's oppressive or lacking in empathy to try to stop them or hold them accountable for their actions. You'll likely meet this type offline more than online.
I'm sure there's more, and some overlap too, but these are the ones that I could think of on my own. Also sorry for the cringy names, it's easier to categorize the issues this way.

No. 977634

>You can't "win" an argument with her, because she won't shut up

No. 977978

File: 1637869875823.jpg (42.47 KB, 629x931, uh.jpg)

Retards posting things like this on Facebook.
>science is real
>trans symbol

No. 977986

Yeah. The left leaning people who support troons lost all right to refer to the left as the party of science. They just supplemented the rights evangelism with a new religion kek.

No. 977989

Underappreciated post

No. 978006

"feminism is for everyone" KEK

No. 978009

No it fucking isn't, damn this pic pisses me off too much. It's an example of naive kindness that ends up hurting others - like the women's rights movement.

No. 978020

I’ve heard this sentiment a lot but everyone reacts different to a traumatic event unfolding or happening in front of them. It seems weird to judge people’s reactions to something like that and reminds me of moids on liveleak who would always say the same. Like omg stupid bitch why would you be annoying when you experienced a horrific accident and are trying to process the incident! And other people are doing the same but they’re not the ones close to or behind the camera.

No. 978026

Why stop there?
>Black Lives Matter is for everyone
>Stop Asian Hate is for everyone
>Pride is for everyone oh wait, that one already happened
>Make A Wish is for everyone
Excluding anyone is always BAD!!!

No. 978081

File: 1637877668562.jpg (39.7 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2801045822_1k00.jpg)

I'm getting really fucking tired of every farmer saying every woman they don't like/don't think is pretty looks like a troon. Like the nitpicking was bad enough already but goddamn.

Lots of people have a sign that says this right outside of their houses, unfortunately.

No. 978083

Imagine having that in your front lawn, Jesus Christ.

No. 978087

At least there is no trans symbol on this one.

No. 978095

You could even take 'science is real' as a terf dogwhistle, based

No. 978096

I've seen it on a lot of people's lawns in several different states. Its pretty embarrassing, I feel like its a big neon sign (lol) letting everyone know what a jackass lives there and to please come in and rob them because they likely wouldn't do shit about it.

No. 978100

it at least tells me which house to avoid lol

No. 978102

File: 1637879623344.png (156.79 KB, 742x271, jhjhjhjhj.png)

Did this post triggered you? kek, lanafags can't take a joke

No. 978121

File: 1637881612692.jpeg (109.98 KB, 828x400, 5FDDCBD5-168F-45BD-B633-281658…)

i hate posts like this—it’s not that deep

No. 978124

I hate posts like that bc it's just a mentally ill loser that wants something to be mad over

No. 978125

Can someone decipher what this pic means

No. 978132

One minute they're all about being "unbothered". The next its pure contempt for other women

No. 978142

nta but that post has to be some tranny trying to cope and believe that if they can convince some retarded farmers that bruce jenner looks like Lana Del Rey, that means so do they.

No. 978147

no one is triggered by you freaking out about lana del rey on /g/

No. 978214

Agree on the tranny thing.
Fucking pathetic, good thing the racebait rules and general terfiness keeps Tumblr/Twitter kids out

No. 978229

I hate Taylor Swift and think she's a basic, spoiled white rich chick, but what the fuck is racial about "sad girl autumn"? I'm not even sure what that is. Is it just being sad in the fall? That has to do with vitamin decreases due to lack of sunlight, it's literally one of the most normal human experiences.

No. 978235

That thread was full of anons saying women look like trannies long before Lana was posted and it happens in other threads too. I'm not even a Lanafag.

No. 978255

“sad girl autumn” is based off “hot girl summer” which was coined by megan thee stallion. the person who posted that thinks modifying the phrase = whitewashing

No. 978280

Lol wtf. I mean it's kind of unoriginal, but it doesn't strike me as a racial thing. Taylor's real offense is being a wealthy retard with no personality. You'd think these tumblr idiots would relate.

No. 978319

same, i always get those unfunny retarded girls with autism vs boys with autism videos recommended which is basically le girl bad and stinky

No. 978324

I hate the term "sewist" as a gender neutral alternative to "seamstress". it sounds fucking stupid as hell and seamstress just sounds cooler. also I'm pretty sure you could just use the term tailor since it's basically the same thing.

No. 978327

Fucking retards those offended by sad girl autumn are. "Hot girl summer" became a meme, and memes are meant to be remixed, slapped with one another and changed. When they become famous on the net, they no longer belong to anyone in specific (or racial groups). Should we gatekeep memes that were created by those damn whites, Asians etc? Ridiculous

No. 978331

>retards those offended by sad girl autumn are

yoda is that you

No. 978342

The fact that some people, or anyone at all, sincerely want to lick man ass. Even if it was squeaky clean..what's the point

No. 978350

Wanting to gender neutralize words is so boring imo.

No. 978373

"God cursed me by not making me look like these men" no god cursed you by making you a gender retard who thinks finding a man attractive means you want to be him

No. 978563

This just in: Being sad and liking autumn is impossible for black women lol

No. 978580

Tumblr OP was implying that it was impossible for anyone other than black women kek. It's absurd either way, though.

No. 979580

I hate when people patronizingly say "do better" when they're whining about the most retarded terminally online shit you've ever seen.

No. 979587

Trying to find info online about women’s health (eg periods, signs you may be pregnant, etc) and being forced to read shit like “pregnant people” and “anyone with a uterus/ovaries” hmmm I wonder what those people are called hmmm it’s so distracting and gross

No. 979634

Instagram is becoming tiktok lite and i hate that shit.

Also people who stand on the left side of the escalator, people who don’t have their train tickets ready at the gate. People who shove on/off the train. People who look offended when you sit next to them on the PUBLIC train.

Commuting is actual hell on earth.

No. 979746

File: 1638072242015.jpg (68.96 KB, 858x447, Untitled.jpg)

i finally watched that ankha dance thing and i am blown away by the pure autism and cringe coomerism of it all

i hate furries and i hate virgin males

No. 979769

Excessive amounts of desserts, not at all proportional to the food just ate. Like, spaghetti dinner with layered cake and ice cream afterwards. Why the need for both???

No. 979789

MtFs have been infiltrating these sites and it's bizarre. Why would you purposely get pregnant if you don't want to be reminded you're biologically female? And being trans is related to other mental issues and it worries me tbh

No. 979851

It's funny how that the covid thread was originally created to doompost and generally share basic info has become a kooky schizo antivax thread that I have to hide. Why can't schizos there just go on 4chan instead to post?

No. 979875

Because anti vax stuff is all that's going on now related to COVID? I'd rather hear about Pfizer being sued for fraud than the billionth variant and that's why we need to shut everything down and get the 20th booster. It's new interesting stuff being exposed vs the same old routine that we saw with Delta, sigma and now Omega

I also find different trials and studies and stuff an interesting read even if they're anti-vaxx, it's much better than the "everything that doesn't side with me is a lie, new variant! It's gonna kill us all!" Record that's on repeat. Everything just feels like a boring TV show

No. 979878

bumper subreddits are exactly like this, all of them need to always mention that they're ftm every damn post even when it's not relevant which it never is, and all of them have husbands like ??? if all of you are men then why are all of you magically gay as well even though homosexuality is rare in men? the "male brain" logic would make no sense at that point since the rate of homosexuality should correlate with ftms as well. At this point it just seems like a weird fetish or attention whores who just wanted to get with gay men because they're just living like typical white suburban women who need to mention they're actually men for no apparent reason every second. They're Karens who just threw on flannel and jeans

No. 979909

Not only that, the antivaxx spergs are leaking over to almost every thread in /ot/ and I swear at least 80% of them are qanon scrotes who got banned off every other platform and came here to post their obsessive tinfoils. They have that same kind of condescending paranoid checkmate atheists fedora energy as all the big brain gentleman altright youtubers.

No. 979912

Just wanted to give you a (You) nonnie because this post is underappreciated as hell. I feel like these are the 3 phases a lot of women go through starting from the bachelorette in their late teens/early 20's, proceeding to become the Bargainer in their mid 20's and finally either pinkpills or becomes the Defeatist, maybe periodically toggling between the two outcomes.

>She won't put up an argument for very long, because she has 0 debate or conflict resolution skills, and ends every argument with the "agree to disagree" mentality.

I've met way too many women like this, it's too fucking painful to see this happen every time. You could give them endless amounts of stats and proof about male crimes and they would just rather lay down dead than admit that men as a class, being the apex predators, are an inherent danger to women everywhere.

No. 979916

>They have that same kind of condescending paranoid checkmate atheists fedora energy as all the big brain gentleman altright youtubers.
It's true, they're objectively the worst anons to talk to right now. I won't even post in that thread because anything that doesn't fit their rhetoric, no matter how open minded and centrist, instantly gets dogpiled by spergs violently telling you to suck fauci's cock. I'm out, they can have their pathetic echo chamber

No. 979934

I hate it when people compliment art on social media like a fucking weirdo. I made a drawing of my oc one time and i explicitly mentioned she was conceived because i hated seeing "sexy high school girl seductress" tropes in my local art community. But for some reason everyone felt the need to compliment it with "she can kill me and i'd say thanks" "i'm simping for her" "mommy? Sorry mommy? Sorry-" like it always feels so ingenuine. I'd rather people just say they like people's drawings than have to respond with this weird coomer-adjacent meme culture

No. 979936

Libfems and even certain radfems who are obsessed with proving that women are just as sexual as men instead of accepting that a lower sex drive not only doesn't make us inferior, but it makes us superior.

No. 979943

>she can kill me and i'd say thanks
I hate these type of violent comments, and how common they are.
These people can't just say they think a character looks good but have to go on about some exaggerated masochistic bullshit like that.

No. 979968

Getting books for college. I’ve been able to learn from wasting money and go out of my way to pirate what I need, but for a class next semester I found out the publisher makes their books “unique” for certain schools. I’ll probably message the professor but I have no idea if they care.

In the past when I was unaware of IRC I wasted over $300 on a pair of books the professor barely touched in class. They were completely worthless to return after that, too. At the second college I went to one professor was absolutely based and had us all put some money together to get the old version of the math books she was using - I ordered them for the class and it was like $5 a book instead of $150.

No. 979994

I'm very glad social media and the internet in general allows a large amount of knowledge to be accessible. But god damn it gets tiring when every single vaguely historical post gets swamped with akshtsually corsets are not bad or wear gloves!!! your hand oils are hurting the artefacts!!! even when the original poster is clearly experienced and knows what they're doing. What's so wrong with just saying you're not sure if what they're doing is right? Or just express curiosity in what they're doing rather than outright state a comment like you're their boss??? It's so weird how people are increasingly more entitled to push their opinions like they're facts, whatever happened to not knowing things and admitting that?

No. 980048

It's like people are afraid to not know something, like its going to make them look stupid, when you can't know everything and being a "well actually" person makes you look worse. Where is the excitement to learn? Why is it so hard to let other people be good at or knowledgeable about something? Why is everything a competition?

No. 980073

People who can't let something finish before the replenish it. My family is constantly making/buying new food when there's perfectly good leftovers and eventually there's so much food that it has to be thrown out. We have a hoard of cleaning supplies because no one can be bothered to see if we already have a halfway full bottle and the other day I saw a perfectly good roll of toilet paper in the trash because it was low. They drive me insane.

No. 980089

File: 1638114415165.jpg (137.9 KB, 1200x627, comment_1629392721JfFQtruPV1PE…)

Just drove past this abomination, I hate it here. Imagine the galaxy brain who came up with that business brand

No. 980091

Ah let's make a reference to the porn site known for profiting from child rape videos…that will encourage people to come in.

No. 980098

Considering the reaction on the video purge and SISEA, I think it really does.

No. 980117

Bitches who got memed into being anprim/Ted kaczynski fangirls. I don't think they realise how much more fucked women would be if we went back. Especially without BC/abortion. Shitting out a kid after a kid, raped or not. I get wanting to go back when it comes to aesthetics though but cmon, it's not worth it. Besides overpopulation is caused by males, women don't want to have that many kids if any. Let's instead use the technology and opportunity we as women have and decrease male population (or at least make them smaller and weaker, in animal kingdom rape mostly occurs in mammals where the male is bigger, men have been crippling us and selectively breeding us so we are weak and small for ages) through science (a lab made virus that'd affect only or mostly scrotes is one idea). On the topic of the male question, look into selective breeding. Something to consider if you care about womankind

No. 980127

I hate academia. Specifically academia related to social sciences. 90% of the papers published are garbage that will fall into obscurity.

No. 980132

i do lit/cult studies (focused on a specific area/language) and i hate it so much. the break between undergrad and grad school completely disillusioned me but if i wanna find a job related to the language and/or literature i have to get my MA degree. it's not like grad school gives me more skills than i already had after my BA. it's basically just forcing me to write shitty analytical navel gazing papers nobody cares about. i genuinely feel like humanities as a whole shouldn't be so widespread or that people who wanna do humanities should be forced to take useful classes that lead to specific jobs, even if it's positions like tax accountant or HR manager. i'm already 30 so i have to suck it up now and hope for the best, but i always tell people not to go for humanities.

No. 980136

File: 1638120487108.jpg (41.69 KB, 750x651, Tumblr_l_611115967037501.jpg)

No. 980141

When I couldn't pirate, what I did was go check out the book in the uni library, they usually only let me take out course textbooks for a few hours so I quickly took pictures of every page with my phone and then put them together as a pdf on the computer later. It's tedious but worth it to avoid paying $100+ for a book.

No. 980146

Libfems thinking women being legally able to rape men is somehow "equalizing" and empowering when the worst a man could from being "raped" is a sore dick, not even going to mention how a woman can literally fucking die from being raped

No. 980149

I went into a degree that is a bit of a mix of humanities and computer sciences, and other students tell me to fuck off when I tell them we should have even hard science subjects ,but why the fuck not. I started in pure humanities (in a specific language) but I realized that to speak that language well enough for work I do not need to spend my time dissecting literature, and I'd still finish with zero applicable skills.

No. 980153

Libfems seems to think it's empowering to ignore the physical differences and hierchy between men and women. But ignoring it just makes it worse for women.

No. 980172

U could ass rape a man with a fat dildo so technically women can hurt men with rape. But 99.9% of us don't think like that so it'll never be an issue like the reverse is

No. 980187

Exactly. I hate this whole cottagecore "let's all live on a commune" bullshit because its all just trad-lite rhetoric. It's no coincidence that we started making strides towards equality when technology became more sophisticated after the industrial revolution (which brought its own set of challenges). Never trust any ideology led by men, because it is always designed with their interests in mind, with women usually being relegated to incubators for children without many rights.

No. 980189

A lot of men who claim to be raped are the ones who were coerced into sex and didn't want to say no because of their dumb male pride. Every time you read these "I was a male rape victim" stories they're all the same pattern.
>Were out drinking with my friends
>Woke up to my horny female friend grinding on me
>Had sex with her even though I didn't really want to
>boohoo I was raped
While if the genders were reversed the female victim would risk being fucking killed or beat up by the rapist while the worst the male victim would experience was being called names. I do sympathize with the men who are coerced into sex by women who claim to report false rape if they don't but honestly the odd chances of that happening are so nonexistent next to all the women who drink too much and are violently raped by men they should be able to trust. And the stories of men being legitimately forced to sexual acts under the threat of violence always have a male perpetrator. Always. And usually they were literal defenseless children when it happened.

No. 980197

I feel sympathy for men who were sexually abused as children, but as adults they simply aren't in danger from women.
The stories I've heard have been the same, and from reddit. Never heard of one incident where the woman actually physically hurt the man or forced him to give her oral. Just the same oh no hot woman sat on my dick story.

No. 980198

I knew a guy who always claimed women out of his league were sexually harassing them and would screenshot the sexual harassment to Garner sympathy from other women. One of the women releases the screenshots and it's bizarre he obviously initiates everything and out of nowhere just says "please leave me alone" despite the previous message being a paragraph about her great her ass must taste KEK God men will do anything for attention

No. 980203

Samefag but I forgot to add he claimed women were sexually harassing him by recipicating the sexual relationship back. Like okay but I'm totally sure the model from Texas with big bolt-ons told you about how she wanted to milk your mediocre boring cock out of absolutely nowhere and the cougar nurse totally invited you to her house for no apparent reason then the fact all of these women have a 5/10 fetish

No. 980205

I think men that do this shit are closeted gay or something

No. 980207

same, it's so disgusting. animal crossing is literally the LEAST nsfw game of all time, and somehow men managed to make it weird and creepy. reminds me of how they took my little pony, a show for little girls, and ruined it by cooming to the fucking cartoon horses. "let people enjoy things!!!!!" no you fucking degenerate, go get a job and leave girls' spaces alone.

No. 980217

Closeted gay or mega attention whores, sometimes both like most gay men. This also makes me scared for other women who are dating since your affection towards the man could easily be screenshotted and sent to his friends to brag about how "she's so desperate bro"

No. 980225

I hate online dating culture, all male and female interaction should be irl and in public (in the beginning) so scrotes actually behave.

No. 980243

nta and I haven't even played animal crossing in my life but all I know from that fandom are the weird furry coomers and all the trannies who claim character so-and-so is an important ace trans nonbinary icon and having meltdowns at age 30 over Nintendo banning trans flag ""artwork"" in a children's game.

kek I used to date a guy who did this exact shit. He was an asshole narcissistic playboy who was serial dating and telling everyone else about how "desperate" the girls were for her while conveniently choosing not to disclose the fact that he thoroughly lovebombed them all prior to their messages. Glad I dodged that bullet.

No. 980244

Was your guy from the UK? It always makes me curious about if this same dude preyed on one of you

No. 980372

I hate how a lot of stores have this weird "Marketplace" feature on their website now. When I want to search if something is in Walmart I want to know if I can get it in an actual Walmart, not from somewhere in China

No. 980376

Same, it's like this in my country too

No. 980512

nta but those type of guys are everywhere unfortunately, but serial dater narcissist lovebomber types do tend to get their claws into so many hundreds of women over the years, so I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to run into another woman who had dealings with one of 'em.

No. 980523

what the fuck is with americans and naming their cities or states or whatever the same name as foreign places? georgia, florence, etc… get your own damn names!!!

No. 980526

File: 1638159139426.png (85.4 KB, 634x239, 1.png)

How about you feel grateful you little shit?

No. 980528

Europeans are the ones who named them

No. 980545

I despise boob jobs with every fiber of my being. Tricking women into thinking their breasts are inadequate and getting surgery to make them look larger… Is this really making them happy? Not to mention the physical side effects. Its all so insidious.
Like whats so complicated about this? He should feel a little bad for assuming she's stupid and move on. Is he so conflicted because he just realized women can be intelligent?

No. 980561

irks me too but yeah it's impossible to name a huge fucking country's worth of new towns without any reference to anything european.

No. 980576

Looks like it would literally kill him to admit that he was wrong and a sexist dick to boot

No. 980579

File: 1638168254176.jpg (63.62 KB, 480x480, ead189bf937d8cdc52ed34e478ff7d…)

>she was friendly enough to chit chat with him
Stupid roastie reee probably lazy and dumb!!!!

>if she didn't chit chat with him

Stupid roastie won't even talk to me!!! Stuck up bitch reee

No. 980584

I don't think it's gay men, it's just another way for men to manipulate women. They didn't like that the one thing we have over them is that they can be socially ostracized over a rape accusation so they try their best to take that power for themselves even if it makes them sound retarded.

No. 980650

When anons go "omg you manhaters think all women are perfect angels!"
How the fuck would anyone on Lolcow dot farm think that women are perfect? Women aren't angels just because men are the violent chimp-out sex.

No. 980689

Now that people called you out you're going to pretend it doesn't happen, classic

No. 980757

I've never had sex and not planning on changing that

No. 980759

No. 980766

What doesn't happen?

No. 980767

Ding ding ding

No. 980800

Lmao you retard
If the“manhaters” thought women were perfect angels we wouldn’t have a shoe, trans man or tradthot thread, or any other female cow thread. I swear some of you are genuinely retarded.

No. 980811

Women often fuel misogyny, it’s a known and given fact. Like in the story The Yellow Wallpaper.

No. 980948

falling asleep at my desk at work

No. 980975

There are anons who really believe women don't do harm and have all these weird and puritanical notions about them while still visiting this site, its contradictory but it happens. You're not even that type of anon so i don't get why you take offense

No. 981009

I have never seen it. Screenshots please.

No. 981037

File: 1638210088124.jpeg (78.23 KB, 720x1280, 5C6AE7AA-1BBF-4908-A439-D9EF72…)

this broccoli head haircut. it pisses me off so much

No. 981041

I hate how Netflix doesn't do anything about their hacking problem. I've been hacked multiple times and yes I had strong passwords which I changed each time. I've heard multiple say it happens to them too.

No. 981044


No. 981049

Gay little boy hair lol

No. 981057

At least you can tell they're (mentally) underage

Do the hackers steal card info or do they also want to watch via your account

No. 981061

File: 1638211720807.gif (1.88 MB, 498x275, clean.gif)

I hate the word "faghag". I understand the sentiment, but it sounds absolutely moronic, like something a 13 year old came up with and thought it was really clever. It's like the worst a moid can be (gay) and a woman can be (old) to a 13 year old's boy mind.
All I can think of when I see anons using it is picrel.

No. 981067

I'm esl and living in a country where we don't use English very often, how commonly used is "fahag"? Women like that definitely exist but gay guys are at least just as obsessed with having girly, sassy straight female best friends who will answer yes to everything they say so I'm not even sure they'd use "faghag" as an insult but I could be wrong.

No. 981068

wtf i have never heard of this word until now

No. 981073

NTA but I only heard it in a regrettable Placebo b-side lol. I wish we had a rude name for gay men obsessed with heterosexual women.

No. 981076

A lot of anons here have been using it lately

No. 981119

Pointing out that men are worse isn't the same as saying women are perfect or never do anything bad
It's been around for decades

No. 981130

I think some anons think it means the same as fujoshi, which of course it doesn't cause 2D is superior to 3DPD

No. 981137

AYRT and I only ever saw it being used on lolcow, but I am also not from an English speaking country. Some of the anons who use it sound weirdly homophobic while some give "not like other fujos" vibes. At least they could come up with a better insult

No. 981206

I imagine every sleazy fuckboy begging a girl for nudes so that he can share to his friends looking exactly like this.

No. 981271

File: 1638220647602.jpg (70.67 KB, 801x798, 94f565f84cffafa1e851ef2c4a6f9a…)

Omg it's the jojolion guy irl

No. 981286

kek I love that this haircut is despised enough to appear in two separate hate threads now

No. 981332

File: 1638224115453.png (426.19 KB, 1024x1439, pastella_redesign_by_pastelowe…)

the whole cosmodore situation, the girl was nice and i liked her art, seeing people that still defended him after it all went public out was awful.

No. 981534

faghag is a very old word as another anons have said, and isn't meant to suggest any age. Generally means a woman who is a cheerleader for/hang on her gay male friend(s).
Vidrel represents faghaggery very well.

No. 981659

I hate how any fandom space for gacha games or any cReAtIvE game always becomes oversaturated with some retards posting their "OMG Lucky Pulls!!!" or "Very Original and Creative Entry". God just shut the fuck up, no one besides you cares that you've pulled 848493 URs in a row or that your entry slays. If they don't have a containment space they straight up cover all the important news with their posts. And if they have it they still manage to brag about their shit in some random discussion. I hate them so much arghhghh

No. 981671

File: 1638256113289.jpg (248.64 KB, 720x1280, IRL Tooru from Jojolion.jpg)

No. 981771

Ugly as fuck, punchable face, zoomer garbage, inflamed lips, biggest potato nose, disgusting hair, deserves to die

No. 981803

agreed. NEXT!!

No. 981833

He looks like he thinks axe body spray is a valid substitute for a shower too.

No. 981899

I hate this new trend of pushing roleplaying in every game possible. If before it was just another gaming niche, right now every single game pushes this retardation in your face. Not only I just dislike roleplaying as a genre in the first place, because I prefer to play/observe an established character instead of controlling a blanc self-insert one, on the top of that the choices that are given to the player NEVER actuallt let me choose what I want to do, which simply results in me being forced to choose between different kind of shit.
Tbh this seems to be a manifestation of modern obsession with identity: just like nitpicky character customization is. Everyone just wants to show off how original they are and what unique personality they have instead of enjoying a solid character with a good design. Or just enjoying a game ffs. There is no need for roleplaying in genshin impact or shining nikki (literal dress up game) whatsoever. God, I hope this trend dies out soon.

No. 981912

I don't even like when non-RP games have protagonists of selectable sex, especially when 99% of the time it's obvious which version is canon because the other one is so poorly handled.

No. 982002

Self-obsessed scrotes who take over irl mixed groups and sperg about themselves and feel sorry for themselves and not getting that other people have struggles too but manage to behave. Shuuuut uuuuup fucker

No. 982008

blue jeans. they're just ugly

No. 982018

There's a thunderstorm over my home city right now and it made me realize that I'm not very fond of sunny/clear weather.

No. 982020

File: 1638296768157.jpeg (382.38 KB, 1600x1200, CD153231-F175-4D96-BAA1-1BA6D0…)

kek thank you i am glad there is a shared hatred over this

rude of you to talk about hannah montanas horse like that

No. 982174

File: 1638306863943.jpg (254.94 KB, 1037x1076, IMG_20211130_220930.jpg)

wtf is this retard babbling about

No. 982289

being on tumblr in 2021 is retarded

No. 982357

twitter isn't better kek

No. 982536

Retarded genderspecial girl can't stand people being against shipping toxic relationships (underage, teachers/student, etc.) when the same people against shipping them have a Pun Pun or Aiko Tanaka (Pun Pun character) avatar, since Aiko and PunPun's relationship is toxic.
>tldr; retard genderspecial girl no like hypocrites

No. 982564

Yeah, this is so terrible. It's like they give the choice to play as a woman only to brand it as noncanon later on (in other canon media like books/comics). Pure evil. It's even worse than moid protagonist by default.

No. 983231

I fucking hate the new animal crossing fans. Fucking die, zoomers.

No. 983233

When did people stop losing the grip on reality and think fiction = real life shit

No. 983236

This is why I will never wear my hair short kek

No. 983299

I was recently thinking about how even mental illness is judged on how aesthetically pleasing it is. People who undereat and people who cut or bruise themselves (except on the face) are seen as the peak of mentally ill people who "just need help uwu", but people who overeat, pull their hair, pick their skin, bite their nails, can't get the energy to properly clean themselves, bleach their skin, or overwash themselves are all treated like shit. Neither gets quite the help they need usually, but people are more willing to call the former "victims of mental illness" and try to provide for them, whereas they just assume that the latter group is "lazy" or whatever. The divide between how mentally ill people who are ill in "aesthetically pleasing" ways are treated and mentally ill people who are ill in "ugly" ways are treated is horrendous. Don't even get me started on how people who overwork themselves into fits of rage against other people or dying of exhaustion are treated as "good", but people who can't work due to mental illness (absence of energy/motivation, lack of mental aptitude) are seen as parasitic. People largely aren't valued for being living creatures capable of love and creativity, and are arbitrarily valued for how nice they are to look at, or how much labor they can do for someone else, and I can't stand it.

No. 983305

t. Lazy parasitic fatty

No. 983307

No. 983310


No. 983342

Yeah it’s only accepted when it’s aesthetically pleasing or endearing or cutesy woobie, but most mental illnesses manifest themselves in ugly and painful ways.

No. 983352

For all the mental health talk, society never got closer to accepting/being empathetic to the mentally ill. There's still the unsaid opinion that if mentally ill can't work or raise kids, then they should just die. I just wish they didn't lie and virtue signal about it. Don't regret switching overeating to cutting as my cope.

No. 983386

It's more about physical illnesses but I recently noticed saying you're sick because you keep throwing up is more acceptable than if you say you're sick because you have diarrhea. Even though at the end of the day it's the same thing.

No. 983391

File: 1638431507609.jpg (13.4 KB, 215x349, Screenshot_20211202-002855.jpg)

I hate when a piece of media or artist becomes widely hated and some humblebragging artist or ~Industry pro~ comes in to make redesings or redraws that are either the same or worse than the original, but they have to keep saying how "My commissions are so cheap!" Or "I totes know a lot about art! I have a degree and 20k Twitter followers for my fanart! UwU". Bonus points if the "Fixed" version is made by a they/them wokelet who will add 20+ pride flags and vitiligo, or a male artist whose only complain is "I don't wanna fuck her, so the original desing is bad"

No. 983457

You're right and you should say it. It's absolutely true and I've always hated how it is. A young, attractive person talking about cutting themselves is seen even as sexy to a degree while someone else with less romanticized symptoms is considered a waste of resources.

No. 983463

It fucks me up so badly that cutting is seen as attractive, when not only is it still self harm, but I see it as probably the worst form of self harm. At one of my lowest points, I tried cutting– It's hard. I don't think people realize how hard it is, especiaply considering the depth people consider to be "normal". I'm sure many other people could relate to the sensation of trying to get "release", hearing that cutting works, trying to do it, but finding that your hands wouldn't give you enough pressure. It's like that second instinct where people generally can't force themselves to use their full jaw power to bite down on their finger. I fell back on other methods that got no sympathy from others, and were often reacted to with scorn, but I didn't realize I was self harming because no one would treat it like that. They just treated it as "bad habits" that I could stop if I "really wanted to". People who cut themselves were treated as perfect victims, but the removal of skin on my fingers and soles was somehow never a red flag that I was struggling with anything other than lack of impulse control. I knew a someone who would rub her skin raw while bathing, and a girl who had bald spots on her legs and arms from plucking with her fingers, but people just glossed over them. They were just seen as weird or stupid. But something about self-inflicted cuts is seen as "superior", "normal", or "more worthy of care".

No. 983469

the irony is people romanticize the blood and bruises when they're there but never the scars and effects they leave. also almost never see any representation for or about cigarette burns because it's an uglier form of self injury. that's my most common form of self injury and it looks like zombie mosquitoes have cannibalized portions of my body. like shit is absolutely disgusting either way and i'm ashamed of it.

i know why some people romanticize it, they want to see these things as somehow beautiful and survivable and maybe reflect on it, but it just feels so wrong to only romanticize the prettiest forms of self injury. kind of like how overeating or binge eating disorders and people who have ed's who aren't sickly thin arent seen as the peak representation of ed's

No. 983471

I loved it when basically the same thing happened at the farms. Does anyone have the meme pic with an evolution of a redraw of the DreamWorks smile SU blue blob?

No. 983473

True. And don't even get me started on how differently attractive people and average/ugly people with the same mental illness get treated. If a young beautiful girl kills herself because of depression everyone acts "right" and treats it as a tragedy, but all the poor fuckers who kill themselves while being homeless, jobless, alone, old, or even nerdy and ugly-looking kids? No one hears about it. No news article, there aren't people praying for them or saying how it's such a loss. Some people may even think that it was for the best.
Some illnesses are also glorified by kids and media for whatever reason. Cutting and depression were huge parts of the emo aesthetic years ago. Eds are encouraged by nearly every form of media because to a lot of people looking underweight looks good.

No. 983474

I'm sick of mental illness being treated as a character quirk that can be "pretty" or "meaningful", especially by people who can only muster the energy to do so if it's "clean" or "elegant" in some way. My brain is tearing me apart, and people only care about it when they can objectify me or make me into a feel good story somehow. I"m not a toy, I need help.

No. 983477

>My brain is tearing me apart, and people only care about it when they can objectify me or make me into a feel good story somehow
Or a tragically beautiful one. See comments on female bullying victims that commited suicide. "OMG why did she kill herself, she was so beautiful"

No. 983551

I wish I could go back in time and cover Evelyn McHale's body with a sheet before the media bastards came to pilfer her corpse's image for fame.

No. 983568

I hate comments under every YouTube music video. Always full of the dumbest jokes and the cringiest attempts to sound deep. Pretty sure that none of the commenters would ever pass the Turing test. I straight up defocus my gaze when scrolling to choose the next video just not to see this shit.

No. 983595

>"Does anyone else…"
>"Listening to this in (year)!"
>"omg it's so sad…(explains the most obvious interpretation of the lyrics)"
>"lol it sounds like they're saying (ridiculous thing)"
>"This song explains my life"
>"(loudest or most often repeated line in the song with no context)"
>"(actual fanfic)"
>"This is the song that plays when (unrelated thing)"

No. 983623

I hate zoomers. And I'm a zoomer. And I hate even using the world (yuck) but it's good enough to describe them. Their aesthetics are washed-up recycled aesthetics from the 2000s and 90s. The dainty pure waif with benzos in her bag and diet coke? Girlish neurotic lolita aesthetics? Lana Del Rey, My Year of Rest and Relaxation, the Virgin Suicides? All re-cycled from online pro-ana forums from the 2000s. This is just a new generation of woman playing with performing weakness and feigning weakness, as well as engaging in dependency. It's so fucking annoying, you retards are SO lucky to have grown up in the 90s. Worse thing is, you have the internet added to, which means people continuously interact with these aesthetics and performing them in real life (which is so painful to see, since it's so unnatural – online imported behavior) and these aesthetics just keep spawning new variants from the continuous interaction. Like two mirrors reflecting each other. And you know they're going to move on to the next "big" thing once it finds enough momentum and the dainty pro-ana chick becomes old and tired. At least oldfags seemed to have fun with it. At least they didn't listen to Lana del Rey.

No. 983628

another zoomer here the blatant labeling and hopping from the new cool aesthetic to another is just so fucking annoying, most of these dainty waif pro ana girls would probably have made fun of their current "aesthetic" a few monnths ago
why cant we just be normal

No. 983629

Samefag, but I've been thinking about why this provokes such a visceral reaction in me and a sort of condescending regarding to whoever engages with it, and I think it's because no one engages with anything real or worthwhile anymore. No one tries to put actual effort into into cultivating a self, or a character, or an essence, or whatever you call that thing that when you strip of all of these identity markers away and you take away what you think makes you you still remains. It's not perishable and it maximizes with time, and it's not vulnerable to trends or any external social factors. It's not transient. It's not easy to build it. But that's the thing, the hardship helps, so does the mystery and discomfort and uncertainty and conflict.

Thing is, those girls always tend to be the sort of girls who wouldn't want to go past 30 or believe women become socially irrelevant around then; and so, they must socially castrate themselves from taking participating in anything, actually. And plus, the feigning fragility part. I don't think ever be able to not roll my eyes at that. Sorry, but if I sneeze in your face and you don't instantly fly 50 meters away, then you're not the delicate dainty uwu princess you think you are.

No. 983630

Yeah def. It's annoying. It's hard to take anything seriously when you know it's going to be old and tired and dated in a few months.

No. 983642

>No one tries to put actual effort into into cultivating a self, or a character, or an essence, or whatever you call that thing that when you strip of all of these identity markers away and you take away what you think makes you you still remains.

As a millenial I can't entirely blame zoomers for this, it's very clearly a natural consequence of the increasing popularity of social media, and your earlier point about carbon-copy aesthetics from the 2000's is probably caused by being able to pull up a billion clear images of styles from 20 years ago on websites like instagram and tumblr, you wouldn't see this kind of blatant recycling of styles back then because the internet was still more text based and images used too much bandwidth

No. 983649

Most of these type of comments are bots tho
That "thing" is identity, zoomers lack a real personality or identity, is incredible how a young person can be so boring and conforming, almost disappointing

No. 983659

I like this song and yet furries ruined it for me. Hate it now.

No. 983737

NLOG-chan, everything you described also used to be Tumblr aesthetic which was used by millennials

No. 983748

File: 1638467881806.png (2.85 MB, 1620x1033, KIWDlv9.png)

No. 983752

It was in my youtube recommends because of the furries and I had no clue why, just "oh cool song, I'll put it in my music channel for friends". When I listen to songs I like I imagine blasting them in a car, good thing I never got around to doing that

No. 983754

High heels. It's surely the devil's invention.

No. 983755

No. 983757

Fuck you

No. 983766

File: 1638468804551.jpg (35.78 KB, 720x717, Tumblr_l_747197488042308.jpg)


No. 983767

I hate people who are like"I wanted to be a young parent because having kid later is no fun since you are tired and shit" like yeah, I understand it but who is caring that child while you are studying? Yeah, you old parents.

No. 983784

I hate it when people with veery accommodating parents (and grandparents and a whole extended support system in place) fail to understand that not everyone has that. I remember I was deathly scared of getting pregnant when I was younger. Other girls around me didn't get it because when they accidently got pregnant and the dad fucked off.. well a whole team of people put their time and money together to raise the kid alongside them.

I'm obviously glad to see kids surrounded by loved ones but it's not an automatic thing every preggo woman gets. Not every granny is delighted to childmind 5 days a week. Some are old or sick already and can't or they just deserve their easy retirement without raising a whole new kid from scratch.

No. 983807

Interesting observation but lately I have to say I've seen the opposite. Specifically when it comes to ana-chans. I hang around a zoomer community and they're super into the whole "uwu safe space!!!" thing but the moment you get an ana-chan that's actually struggling and being toxic because of it like mentioning she browses ed twitter etc. these zoomers will forget about the safe space bullshit and bark and rage at the ana-chan until she either gets banned or leaves.
I agree with you on the rest though, especially the overworker part.

No. 983817

Well yeah it's just a pipe dream. Obviously the system needs us working and stuff and no one's gonna intentionally impoverish themselves to have kids young. I do agree though. My mom was 40 when I was born and it's tough making arrangements in my 20s that many people do later on, and seeing her health decline when I was just a teen. If I was like a trust fund baby or just uber rich I'd gladly have a sperm donor and have a kid by myself and be happy and do it while I'm young, as I hate how I don't think my parents will see any of my own future children's life or recognize them. Basically I'd rather be devoting my youth to a daughter than doing the dead end job I'm at now and waiting for the right moment to have kids and buy a house (that will never come at this rate).

No. 983971

File: 1638486909089.jpg (41.31 KB, 275x173, emoscreamo (2).jpg)

Man I'm glad someone put this into words. It feels like everything my generation does HAS to fit within their aesthetic. They do nothing for meaning or the sake of doing it, only to be seen doing it.

Like going to the store just to take photos, skating just for the aesthetic, not finding music you like but selecting music in a particular genre to fit your aesthetic and to play around other people so they think you're unique. I mean politics as an aesthetic facet of your personality too. It's like they think their life is a movie, main character syndrome type narcissism. So many of us have radical political views that we won't really commit to or take seriously because we are not only first worlders, but teenagers, prone to un nuanced opinions and extreme reactionism.

Don't get me started on how many of my female peers are 'nonbiney', even though most of us are 18, because socialising as a girl can be hard sometimes and they feel 'different on the inside'. We're obsessed with labels, ironically, whilst preaching that we are against them. We say 'don't label people', and then put our whole lives online like a movie, call ourselves 'anxious nonbinary mixed race magical girl' and wonder why we are getting laughed at. Literally, achieve something. Go and build something or help out or idk. Just base your identity on what you do not who you are, or how life has victimised you in some way or another.

We have grown up being told that the world is ending and that we need to feel guilty for stuff and that our politicians are imcompetent. That's why zoomers idolise the past, vintage filter, vintage fashion, vintage shows, whereas in the 80s futurism was embraced in fashion and media, embodying the Weltanschauung of optimism of the time. We look for belonging online as society becomes more individualistic, parents separate, life moves online. So of course our values are often from social media. Parents and families need to influence their kid's lives more, and help them find a true sense of self not only in their cultures, but in activities off the internet. Furthermore, the average attention span in five years will be about three seconds thanks to TikTok.

Also, why can't we have a discussion without name calling? Echo chambers need to end, otherwise we will not be able to see other opinions without shitting and crying autistically, and we won't be able to form valid arguments. I remember just a few years back our teachers would make us play football on ice and make fun of lazy students and shout at disrespectful ones. Now, students are literally allowed to harass teachers for accidentally mis gendering them, and teachers have to treat students like they're made of glass. Imagine how paper thin everyone's skin is going to be in five years.

I am a zoomer, and I am prone to black and white thinking, I am occasionally thin skinned and I suck in many, many ways. Also, I know lots of people who aren't like this. But you can understand how our culture, social climate and lifestyle in moulding such a faulty generation.

No. 984036

>My Year of Rest and Relaxation
What's wrong with it? I love the novel as a non-zoomer, had no idea it's a thing among them. How does it even fit into aesthetics?

No. 984074

lol I can't believe the internet made the average teen behave like they have BPD

No. 984080

This mess started almost a decade ago, the pendulum has to swing to the other side so the values that corrupt zoomers finally go away, there's no other way

No. 984164

>"Bi wife energy is a term that was coined on Tik Tok to describe the energy that men like Misha Collins and marshall from himym radiate, explaining it with the fact that he is married to a bisexual woman, Victoria Vantoch. men with bi wife energy are supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, their love for their spouse, if they have one, is strong and people sometimes assume they are queer."

I hate being a zoomer so much

No. 984253

when I shaved my head, my mom was absolutely distraught about it and told me “Now people will think you’re one of those they thems and no one will ever hire you”


No. 984254

your mom is pretty woke

No. 984255

Kek. Based mother.

No. 984256

At least she told you the truth. kek
Think on the bright side, you can try different hairstyles as it grows.

No. 984262

but I’m not a theythem I’m just a normal woman who likes having a buzz cut… I have no intention of growing it out again and “trying out styles” that’s why I cut it.
>leftist ppl I know won’t stop they theming & he himing me
>conservative ppl I know shunning and shaming me for “not being a woman correctly“
i’m going to kermit nonnies it’s just not fair

No. 984265

One of my friends who always had long blonde hair one day just shaved them completely, sure people were questioning it a bit but since nothing changed in her behavior and the way she dressed, it didnt make her any less feminine than she was before; if anything, it gave her a bit of an edge, though surely some super conservative people wouldn't agree with me.
Anyway my point is, just having a shaved head is not gonna make you a themlet; and honestly it's annoying people jump straight to this kind of thinking when any woman should be able to express her femininity in any way she wants, not necessarily conforming to conservative idea of what a woman should look like. Don't let your mom's backwards thinking get to you too much, anon.

No. 984267

Ah, my bad. Myself and most women I know grew it out and kept it really short.
>i’m going to kermit nonnies it’s just not fair
Just ignore both of them. Maybe correct the pronouns around sexist woke leftists but don't waste time arguing. When similar stuff happened to me in college I just laughed at their face and moved on.
Don't let it get to your head, nonita. It's just hair, you're not harming anyone.

No. 984270

If you had a buzz cut in the time before woke pronouns you would have got called he/him anyway, but in a derogatory way. At least the people they/theming you now are trying to be polite
If you want a shaved head you have to deal with what comes with it, a buzz cut does not exist in a vacuum

No. 984290

Ntayrt there's nothing polite about acting like a woman who has cut her hair is now not woman enough to be called 'she' anymore.

No. 984292

Exactly, it's sexist and homophobic.

No. 984301

Ayrt and I never said it was and that's not my point, my point is that this is the life that you sign up for when you shave your head

No. 984331

I hate weird forced gayness in children's media like Bubblegum/Marceline (out of the left field & stupid) and the Owl House (completely random). Just feels like somebody on the writing staff is rubbing palms/themselves off to it and comes off inorganic

No. 984352

wasn't the Bubbleline thing pretty subtle for most of the time? Plus they are following the old as time trope of pink magical girl X dark magical girl. The Owl House thing is fucking gross and cheap

No. 984357

But forced hetero plotlines in literally every children media since forever are ok?

No. 984360

Get better reading comprehension. It’s not based because woman = long hair to anons mother, it’s based because she is ready to discipline a potential theylet and the tards who they/them anon.

No. 984436

Nta, but what's your problem? Anon didn't say anything wrong.

No. 984447

I mean, if the characters are written as straight since the beginning, is it forced? You would expect to see people just writing whatever they like instead of trying to go for the cheap
>boohoo I’m gay in a fantasy world and even if we got dragons, magic and cool technology, everyone hates me for being gay because i guess that’s how it has to be
It’s boring, people are watching/reading/playing something because they don’t want to think about real life issues. I don’t agree with that anon about Marceline/bubblegum though because it was obvious that they were into each other, even if it was subtle.
People could just write about a character accomplishing the things she/he needs for a plot to be finished, and that the character happens to be gay, is that really so difficult?

No. 984448

Yeah because that's how biology works.

No. 984451

>like Bubblegum/Marceline (out of the left field & stupid)
Lol, ok anon.

No. 984453

File: 1638550581603.jpg (267.72 KB, 1280x1280, huge.jpg)

The font of the Nusr-Et logo. I used to work down the block from one of the restaurants and every time I walked past it, the font would always remind me of a font I'd use on Picnik when editing photos in middle school. Why try to be high end and luxury and then make THAT your logo? I don't care whether their food is worth the price or not, I just can't take people who want to go here seriously. Even if I was enamoured with salt bae and wanted to try his food, I know the second I see this shit logo I'd turn the other way and go to mcd's instead. I don't trust this place based on the logo alone.

No. 984456

File: 1638550924079.jpeg (28.71 KB, 225x224, CEA6F99F-3CAC-4001-B38C-8DF5B4…)

I actually hate salt bae because he looks crusty as fuck.

No. 984461

Forced romantic plotlines in children's stories = how biology works? Are you stupid?

No. 984463

File: 1638551465727.jpg (66.8 KB, 590x120, angelic_war.jpg)

It reminds me of a cleaned up angelic war font which used to be my favorite when I was a ten year old making signatures for other users on the WarriorCats forum. I don't like the font anymore.

No. 984475

Yeah and that’s retarded, which is probably why it’s in the “hated things” thread.

No. 984479

He really does. He's not that attractive and watching the salt just bounce around his arm hairs as they fall down makes me feel sick, covid or not.

Holy shit this is the exact font it reminds me of hahaha. Never knew what it was called!

No. 984548

I hate that so many cool places don't exist anymore. It feels like around the time I was born was the end of their prime, and during my early adulthood is their official death. For instance, places like Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, Los Angeles, almost all of New York City except for a few small warehouse venues in Bushwick. In LA, a few remain in downtown, but they're all crushed in-between new, glimmering, $4,000 a month luxury apartments and have their demolition notices on the doors.

No. 984560

I understand what you mean. I had a little bucket list when I was little that had all these places I’d go when I was older. They’re gone or worn down now.

No. 984577

There are so many men on Reddit and 4chan that want to fuck their moms. And it's not just a "I had an intrusive thought once or twice" but full-blown fantasies or something they actively struggle with. Imagine giving birth to a boy, and not only does he turn out to be an internet addicted loser, he's also posting about how he dreams of fucking you constantly.

No. 984588

They have subreddits where they post pics of their moms/sisters/girlfriends so other men can post what they'd do to them and reddit won't take them down. They are scum of the earth

No. 984621

trisha paytas' fucking lips. ugh. especially without makeup, her nouth literally looks like shrek's but white- oh, i also fucking HATE shrek and all related memes or jokes but i cant compare her mouth to anything else. i dont even dislike lip fillers in general she just has way too much testosterone in her face to make it look good. jesus. i dont think she's ugly even…… actually, i do. i just said that so sound less hateful and retarded.

No. 984623

she just looks squashed!

No. 984629

imagine giving birth to a male and raising him, only for him to be terminally online, resenting women, fermenting in his chair and masturbating all day instead of making something of himself. A tormented psyche at his own hands but blamed on you. You can try your best to make him grow up happy and provide, but at the end of the day he'll likely fantasize about disgusting coomer shit at least secretly and will have passive, performative "respect" for women at best and seething contempt at worst.

I would rather die alone than have a son who shits up the world a little bit more.

No. 984647

same anon, I'll never risk having a bio kid because there's a 50% chance it'll be male. Giving birth to males is like littering.

No. 984682

korrasmi's a better example of forcedness

No. 984909

People who breath

No. 984929

Hate that shit

No. 984935

The only reason a woman should have sons is if she's gonna be a criminal or outlaw and use her sons as her soldiers and enforcers
a lot of famous female don's were familial matriarchs who used their son's and grandson's as enforcers

That's the only reason for a woman to have many sons, to forge a criminal empire

No. 984957

the most based person on this website

No. 985025

fuck yoghurt when you get that watery cum bit on the top andyou have to mix it in to the rest o fthe yogurt so its contaminated with watery cum sepertion seed

No. 985030


No. 985032


No. 985034

No. 985036

but if you dont then the yogurt taste too dry

No. 985038

okag drink the yogurt cum. didnt realise we liked men on this site!

No. 985039

OOOO DONT YOU GET IT? DONT YOU GET IT? THE JOKE IS THAT IT SOUNDS LIKE A PORN SITE NAME!!! AHHAHAHA THATS SO FUNNY!!! OMG LET ME PLAY THE PORNHUB DRUM! OOOOO DO YOU GET IT? ITS PORN!! HAHA PORN!! PORNHUB!! BRAZZERS!! SO FUNNY!! MAN OF CULTURE!! SO FUNNY!! what a bunch of fucking retarded moids i fucking hate this kind of humor. Every time one of them jokes about it to me i pretend like i know nothing about it and their "joke" falls apart quickly. Like what the fuck is so fucking funny about referencing a porn site name?? You don't see fujos making jokes about myreadingmanga every 5 fucking seconds. Retard scrote humor makes me want to a-log

No. 985051

File: 1638600782840.jpeg (809.99 KB, 828x1384, 13D840E2-2E05-44AE-8C97-542D87…)

I feel the same with hentai memes. They all feel superior than Amy Schumer when they're both on the same boat of having terrible, bottom of the barrel humor.

No. 985081

this. unironically i want to be the hitler of this generation who gasses and brutally kills and wipes out every single human being who does this.

No. 985093

I’ve seen tiktok of people exposing girls who would post obvious sexual jokes and sending them to their family. More people should do that to men who make jokes about porn, they really need to be ashamed.
Hahahahah yeahhh I bet your mom thinks it’s sooo funny that you jerk off to “what are you doing stepbro?”

No. 985106

File: 1638609821200.jpg (138.63 KB, 1600x899, 03bookmoshfegh1-videoSixteenBy…)

i havent read it myself but i think it just fits the pale mysterious girl aesthetic, to be honest the "cigarette waif aeshetic" would probably not even be that bad if it wasnt 99% made up of wannabe regina georges, anachans with brainrot, fatties pretending to be anachans and blatant pedobaiters, who probably will never open this book

No. 985108

I never got the vibe that women that girls with the wiaf aesthetic wanted to be like regina georges, I'm pretty sure most would consider her a blonde bimbo

No. 985112

the way surrogacy is pushed and shilled on social media. just stumbled upon a so called professional surrogacy agency here in canada posting stating flat out "women who become surrogates are superior"…..

become an incubator who gets paid absolutely nothing for your painful utterly altered, if not wrecked and destroyed (not bc birth wrecks your vag, i mean there are so many miserable horrifying life threatening/ruining complications) body to be better than other women you guys! do it now!

No. 985115

true, i was lurking some pinterest account with this aesthetic which was pushing the "tehehe im just a dumb girl" narrative so thats where i got it from, but who knows. This whole thing is kinda fascinating, i think it will def have a bad impact on all the young girls who like this aesthetic, its like ddlg tumblr repackaged.

No. 985117

When you ask a basic question about a topic and someone answers using lingo or terms that someone outside that topic can't know. If you can't explain it simply then shut up.

No. 985128

Wtf is the waif aesthetic, I just want to read books
This is some weird "everything is an aesthetic that women fall into" bullshit

No. 985139

It totally commodifies the female body, and disregards the fact that women are supposed to gatekeep life. We’re thoughtful, feel deeply and love other, so we should choose how life comes into the world and who is worthy of bringing life in. And how could you carry a child so long and just let go of it? It’s a mockery of nature.

No. 985153

why, as an adult man, would you have ginger hair? grow up.

No. 985157

ginger men and men with the kind of blonde hair that babies have are demons cosplaying as humans

No. 985162

This is a prime example of why I hate "Stan twitter' at least 4channer are honest with their shit and harassment, hell their even creative with it
but stan twitter is just annoying gay humor and dumb girls pretending that it's funny, you can't even have a conversation with them, they always reply passively aggressively in sarcasm no matter what, funny thing is they are massive hypocrites, you insult them directly and they will get a panic attack and try to Dox you

No. 985172

My husband is ginger and I like it.

No. 985179

I hope you’re not religious because you could accidentally exorcise him.

No. 985185

why, as an adult woman, would you marry a ginger man? grow up. this isn't 2005, he doesnt look like sexy ron weasley.

No. 985199

I'm guessing you aren't Irish.

No. 985212

File: 1638628132887.jpg (47.37 KB, 728x410, rupert.jpg)

tbf Rupert Grint is really unfortunate looking
he was ugly as a boy boy, ugly as a teen and is ugly as a man
he's not even average or mediocre looking he's just ugly and nothing can be done to fix that, like he's so fucking ugly that people would rather ship dobby with Harry cause Rupert grint is uglier then a House elf, he's so ugly that people would ship Hermione with the boy who called her a in-universe racial hair rather then him, he's just so fucking ugly

No. 985216

then why did you choose such a sexy pic of him anon

No. 985217

I think he was cute but he is going bald like all gingers eventually go

No. 985219

File: 1638628561856.jpg (23.05 KB, 402x573, DomhnallGleeson.jpg)

Get on with the times Domhnall Gleeson is the ginger sexyman nowadays
>inb4 he ugly
I didn't say that I stan him personally

No. 985220

Ireland has always seemed like the bleakest place to be single.

No. 985222

I love it. I fecking love it.

No. 985226

Tell us why, O’Nona

No. 985232

based ginger appreciator. They are cute, haters stay mad

No. 985279

gingers look like they eat aluminium but not in a exclusively bad way.

No. 985298

What has growing up got to do with marrying a ginger man? I met someone that was I was attracted to and I enjoyed spending time with them. We fell in love and got married. I don't have a fetish for ginger hair or care that he has the same hair colour as a fictional character.

No. 985329

Look, im sorry you married ginger but you don't have to take it out on me! the aggressiveness has got to stop

No. 985388

I hate when people use "no one asked" as a comeback in an argument. I don't even have the words to express how stupid it is. I've hated it since I first heard it as a kid. If you say it fuck you
>inb4 obvious reply

No. 985397

Why does no one talk about the fact that there are gingers who (falsely) call themselves dirty blond? Why are they allowed to get away with that?

No. 985408

lmao you make it sound like it's a crime. Never seen this btw not sure where you see or meet that many gingers to know this is even a thing

No. 985413

It's a crime, and it's specifically ginger men do it. False advertising and inflation of worth, identity theft, fraud, (future) child endangerment,

No. 985415

No. 985417

I'm honestly so confused about all the hate gingers get, is it ironic or what? I've seen like one redhead in all my life, are they particularly different from others whites (besides hair color)?

No. 985418

My husband is a ginger and he's the best person I know

No. 985423

I think some people just find them ugly so then their imagination will kick in to try and explain their feelings of disgust.

No. 985431

no i've dated 2 and they're just self-hating. blonde men are worse.

No. 985440


No. 985446

I thought colorism only applied to skincolor?

No. 985452

ginger women? beautiful, celestial, heavenly, incredible, perfect & other synonyms. ginger men? pasty semi dipped tampons.

No. 985458

my best friend's neighbour had a feral little ginger sister who said she was strawberry blonde; she got really angry if someone said she was ginger.
fake, ginger men don't marry. they leave the village once they reach adulthood with only a fishing rod and a farmers hat to their name, they burrow off in some corner of ireland and re-emerge into civilisation with big ginger beards and an alcohol addiction, then hang round bars shouting about the bloody english and telling tourists stories about the sea.

or they live in london; loads of gingers there.

No. 985461

NTA, I'm >>983623. It's not the book itself, really. It's the branding around the book. Not the book itself. It shares a lot of the same branding with media like Girls, or Lana del Rey, or any similarly WASP-y, over-performative, overly-dependent, extremely frail and drug-addled, malignantly narcissistic, self-indulgent dainty frail waif. I personally don't think that "everything is an aesthetic that women fall into" – Eileen succeeded and annoying dainty wahmen didn't conglomerate around it like autistic men conglomerate around Sonic the Hedgehog – it's just that some of its themes and branding do align with the pro-ana dainty girly waif aesthetic, which a lot of online dainty girly and slightly narcissistic girls love.

If you like Ottessa's work then you know that her thing is to write these unlikable and extremely flawed female characters, but that's the thing: uwu girls don't care about substance. They're aesthetically preoccupied. That's what happens when the internet becomes a thing and we're bamboozled by images every fucking where, it itches this scratch that some people tend to have. Until they find a new thing to latch on to and a new itch to scratch.

Don't take it personally, Ottessa isn't a bad writer by any means, read whatever you want to read and don't skip any meals.

No. 985462

They're not ginger they're just strawberry blonde

No. 985483

Don't worry, I wasn't offended, just curious! I've liked some of the things you mention way longer that any zoomer could. I don't care that they like them too.
I find it funny how that descriptor means nothing to me personally. By which I mean that I know the rough definition, it's just not a lens that I view media or world with because it's completely alien to me as an Eastern European kek.

No. 985728

Soulmate AUs. They're worse than coffee/flowershop AUs. I hate them all so much.

No. 985735

What's an AUs? Is that what the kids are calling Australians now?

No. 985738

File: 1638669451311.jpg (22.05 KB, 640x427, ffa91c924b400af45cc0df603f9826…)

Gingers are the niggas of white ppl and no one will ever seriously defend them. Blonde whites make fun of them extra bc they are upset that they're statically more rare but if gingers are ugly then so are natural blondes with their germanic man-face, no eyebrows and limp thin hair. Hell, gingers I've seen actually have thick hair. I think ginger men are underrated bc their buttholes are naturally bleached and their potato farmer strength.(bait)

No. 985739

When I'm trying to look up a restaurant menu and it directs me to ubereats or something similar but because I don't have those apps I have to input my address to make sure I'm within delivery range. Half the time I'm not so the menu doesn't even load. Get a normal website goddamn.

No. 985740

File: 1638669737418.jpeg (272.1 KB, 1242x1198, 25838608-5FF2-4254-9BA4-6010BD…)

I just hate.

No. 985741

lmao nta but it means "Alternate Universe". It's a common trope for fanfics

No. 985742

File: 1638669950451.png (31.44 KB, 1245x118, 1 -notification.png)

I joined a server like this with the explicit purpose of reporting it. They opened a NSFW channel and said "no one over 18 will post in the porn channel" WHAT? So i took a million screenshots, collected them all and numbered them and reported them to Discord, only for discord to say "Well the channel doesn't exist anymore so there's nothing we can do!" fucking bullshit.

picrel just one of the screenshots I took

No. 985744

I love the implication that the anon you're replying to hates when Australians fall in love

No. 985745

File: 1638670133980.png (216.87 KB, 657x490, underage in nsfw 2.PNG)

another screenshot of a 13-15 year old posting gaping assholes. Discord should really considering making it an 18+ platform.

No. 985746

That’s just grooming with extra steps, dammit. I don’t even know why I give discord a chance, or social media in general, there’s always some degenerates trying to groom stupid ass kids.

No. 985747

When weebs treat citypop like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. All the comments are all about how 3deep5you their experience with this song is. The more I look into it, the more I realize how pretentious the people who listen to these are. I'm neutral to citypop or all the other youtube recommended songs that mostly trend to weebs/japanophiles, but the patronizing comments are so unbearably cringy. This all started with "Stay with me" or whatever it's called.

No. 985752

File: 1638671033646.gif (478.28 KB, 500x348, 65739.gif)

>people who use he/him, he/they, he/she etc
>and don't identity as male
This entire server and that last tag are complete gibberish oxymorons

No. 985766

Is it just me or are most/all gingers really cruel people. I have a cousin who is a ginger and she was such a controlling bitch when we were little kids, I only saw her every few years but fucking dreaded it. I saw her slap her mom once, too.

No. 985784

I hate how porn addiction is increasingly acceptable or even funny to an extent
>A teenage boy addicted to porn!! LOL!!
It's not funny to see teens addicted to porn it's fucking sad most people nowadays will never experience pure love or develop their preferences naturally

No. 985785

Idk ginger men tend to be sweet people for the most part, ginger women tend to be bitchy and two-faced

No. 985796

I had a ginger friend when I was in school and we traded cookies.. he had really good cookies (expensive cookies) but he didn't like them because his mama always bought the same so he traded for my cheap cookies which were always a different flavor. He always told everyone I had the best cookies and only traded with me. I like gingers. Very generous cookie traders.

No. 985809

File: 1638678758888.jpg (74.69 KB, 510x765, ed-sheeran-27-01-getty-1006083…)

No. 985814

I'm going to get shit for this but I've seen guys way uglier than him, he's generic at most

No. 985816

/g/ just convulsed in their collective pussy

No. 985818

No. 985820

hivemind pussy

No. 985827

the only thing that bothers me about it is that it's like her worst book

No. 985828

should have thanked him for his service

No. 985829

I'm not physically attracted to him but I always got the feeling he fucked like a champ

No. 985830

No. 985844

File: 1638686553254.jpg (38.23 KB, 359x540, 1638685650582.jpg)

speaking of Gingers this is Naz Osmanoglu, 16th in line as heir for the Ottoman throne

a man with ginger hair and skin tone and steppe facial traits

No. 985854

looks like an udmurt, only ginger people i can accept

No. 985864

he's very hot to me, I want his semen so we can make ginger asian babies (I have the ginger gene and my grandfather was japanese)

No. 985868

he's not ginger.

No. 985870

Takes after his Irish side like Rooney. Walking caricatures both of them.

No. 985875

File: 1638692871209.jpg (72.97 KB, 468x599, 468px-Shah_Ismail_I.jpg)

fun fact Red hair is actually prized in the Muslim world, see there are some Hadiths that claim Muhammad had red hair, now this is still contested and Islamic scholars still debate about it to this day but its still wildly believed by many local people, there's an entire sect in my nation who dye their beards and hair red and natural red hair is considered a sing of having the blood of prophet
There were also a tribe of Iranians that claimed legitimately and divine right to rule cause they were descendants of the prophet and their only proof was the fact they were redheads
picrel "Shah Ismail I first of his name, Shahanshah of Iran"

No. 985876

Is this why Lindsay Lohan is an Arab yacht girl even though she looks like a middle aged crackhead?

No. 985887

File: 1638694088295.jpg (92.68 KB, 1024x683, 2bf7e6d607e8f4fdc533e157dc86e1…)

Muhammad being a ginger isn't widely believed among Arabs, its only believed by Iranians and South Asians
The also often cut their mustaches cause Muhammad also didn't keep a mustache

No. 985891

This guy just looks like he put a lot of henna on his hair.

No. 985897

that's exactly what they do, we don't use western hair dye
men dye their hair with Henna

No. 985905

>the Arab pedophile may have been a ginger
Ginger males have been "like that" in every era, huh

No. 985908

There was one third hand account that described arm hair as being red and that's the whole, though many accounts describe him and his family members as being very naturally pale

>Jurairi reported: I said to Abu Tufail: Did you see Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him)? He said: Yes, he had a white handsome face. Muslim b. Hajjaj said: Abu Tufail who died in 100 Hijra was the last of the Companions of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him).

Sahih Muslim 30:5777, See Also Sahih Muslim 30:5786

>Narrated Anas bin Malik: While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: "Who amongst you is Muhammad?" At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, "This white man reclining on his arm." The an then addressed him, "O Son of 'Abdul Muttalib."…

Sahih Bukhari 1:3:63

>Narrated Isma'il bin Abi Khalid: I heard Abii Juhaifa saying, "I saw the Prophet, and Al-Hasan bin 'Ali resembled him." I said to Abu- Juhaifa, "Describe him for me." He said, "He was white and his beard was black with some white hair. He promised to give us 13 young she-camels, but he expired before we could get them."

Also Muhmmad was apparently very good looking in his Youth, he was so good looking that even though he was an orphan and belonged to a minor branch of another clan he still got married, his first wife was a rich successful trader who 20 years his senior married him for his looks

No. 985914

They really do that just to have red hair? My grandmother did this only when she started having white hair, and I've only ever seen old women do this, not men at all. This must be a regional thing, we're from North Africa for reference.

No. 985916

I swear we had this exact conversation like a month ago.

No. 985919

I'm in South Asia, but the one's who do this belong specifically belong to the Barelvi branch, not all people who do this are Barelvi but most who do it are
Barelvism is a sect that focus a lot on Muhmmad, like a lot its insane, they dress like him, the wear the same clothes as him, they tattoo their bodies to have the same birthmarks as him

>A fundamental belief of those within the Barelvi movement is that Muhammad helps people in this life and in the afterlife. According to this doctrine, God helps through Muhammad (Tawassul). Sunni Muslims of the Barelvi movement commonly call upon Muhammad using statements such as ‘’Ya Rasool Allah’’ with the belief that any ability that Muhammad has to help others is from God, who helps through Muhammad. The help received from Muhammad is therefore considered God's help. Sunni Muslims of the Barelvi movement believe that Muhammad is a Rahmah (mercy) to all creation as mentioned in the Quran 21:107. Muhammad therefore is a means by which God expresses his attribute, Ar-Rahman, to creation. Proponents of this belief look to the Quran 4:64 as a proof that God prefers to help through Muhammad.

>They also believe that in the afterlife, on the day of judgement, Muhammad will intercede on the behalf of his followers and God will forgive his nation of sins and allow them to enter heaven.

yeah their wild

No. 985921

and here's here some of us poetry, he was famous for it

>"Today I have come to the world as a Master. Know truly that I am Haydar's son.

>I am Fereydun, Khosrow, Jamshid, and Zahak. I am Zal's son (Rostam) and Alexander.
>The mystery of I am the truth is hidden in this my heart. I am the Absolute Truth and what I say is Truth.
>I belong to the religion of the "Adherent of the Ali" and on the Shah's path I am a guide to every one who says: "I am a Muslim." My sign is the "Crown of Happiness".
>I am the signet-ring on king Solomon's finger. Muhammad is made of light, Ali of Mystery.
>I am a pearl in the sea of Absolute Reality.
>I am Khatai, the Shah's slave full of shortcomings.
>At thy gate I am the smallest and the last [servant]."

another poem
>"My name is Shāh Ismā'īl. I am God's mystery. I am the leader of all these ghāzīs(warriors).
>My mother is Fātima, my father is 'Ali; and eke I am the Pīr of the Twelve Imāms.
>I have recovered my father's blood from Yazīd. Be sure that I am of Haydarian essence.
>I am the living Khidr(rightfully guided ruler) and Jesus, son of Mary. I am the Alexander of (my) contemporaries.
>Look you, Yazīd, polytheist and the adept of the Accursed one, I am free from the Ka'ba of hypocrites.
>In me is Prophethood and the mystery of Holiness. I follow the path of Muhammad Mustafā.
>I have conquered the world at the point of (my) sword. I am the Qanbar of Murtaza 'Ali.
>My sire is Safī, my father Haydar. Truly I am the Ja'far of the audacious.
>I am a Husaynid and have curses for Yazīd. I am Khatā'ī, a servant of the Shāh's"

really believed his own hype

No. 985928

Cute, sweet women in love with ugly, unappreciative beta moids. Hate couple tag vids on mummy channels, reminded of this phenomenon constantly. I always watch them hoping to see something different and never ever fucking do kek.

No. 985951

It's hard to feel bad for women like this, just seeing the thumbnail makes me cringe, how pathetic

No. 985984

Literally all my friends. It occasionally makes me seethe too but at least they seem happy.

No. 985996

For some reason I doubt the couple who's proud of their ~childhood sweetheart~ status would dare publish a video where they seem unhappy. It comes across as performative and like a double down for validation.
However I admit my opinions aren't high about people making public spectacle of their so-called healthy relationships.

No. 986026

still uggo
/g/ is leaking again..

No. 986061

File: 1638720456614.png (288.57 KB, 1200x628, Suburb-1200.png)

I hate how people now refer to any house or architecture that they don't like that will likely be inhabited by middle class white people (although suburbs are increasingly diverse) as "gentrification." I saw a video the other day of someone complaining about "gentrified modern plastic" with examples like picrel. Sure they aren't the best looking but it has literally nothing to do with gentrification - it's urban sprawl. Another term rendered into a useless buzzword by chronically online people.

No. 986066

Kek that is really stupid of them to say.

No. 986096

>although suburbs are increasingly diverse
It's almost like wanting a nice house and garden is universal and not limited to white people but I guess we're not allowed to acknowledge that because that would be problematic.

No. 986153

File: 1638728563766.jpeg (106.82 KB, 842x555, Quintessential-60s-ranch-house…)

Yeah I mean suburbs have always been seen as white flight destinations (granted, they once were) but communities like this often serve as a good starting point for young couples and families of any race or ethnicity. Just look at election results from North Carolina, Georgia, etc from the past couple of years and you can see how drastically the landscape has changed.

Personally I think that as far as suburbs go, something like the photo I originally posted would be preferable to an older suburban house like picrel. If you're buying a house that you plan to eventually move out of, why not buy something new that won't require pretty extensive repairs and updates? They're not the sturdiest or the most stylish but they make a decent home for a 4-person family.

No. 986163

I agree, tho interestingly, research has shown minorities tend to favour urban settings and generally don't want gardens. That's partly why burbs and rural settings are predominately white, something the buzzword tards don't seem to understand.

No. 986169

yes it's great and wholesome to move out to the infinite urban sprawl & to live submerged in the bliss of white mediocrity. just like our parents did.

and it doesn't harm the environment at all, or turn green nature into yet more hideous tract. i love white suburban america! truly there couldn't be a better place to live. after all, we have costco, panera, chipotle, and cheesecake factory, and who could ask for anything more?


No. 986172

Who even eats at Panera Bread

No. 986180

The soups are so good

No. 986233

I know you're being sarcastic but I truly don't see what the problem is besides the environment thing (as if the city doesn't also have environmental issues..)

No. 986301

I hate Clannad. It's ugly, boring, and every character is obnoxious. Everyone both looks and acts like they're legitimately retarded. At the same time I also hate 'deep' series because most of them is just self-wankery from the author about how ~sad~ he is for a million episodes/chapters.

No. 986427

Anon who originally posted about it and you completely missed my point and went on a tangent about white people bad like what I was originally saying I hate, kek, and I never said living in the suburbs was desirable. Just that it's not gentrification, nor is it a fate worse than death, and that it's the best option available to many middle class people. It's completely understandable to me why people want to live in a new build suburb over a house that hasn't been updated in 40 years or a shitty apartment.

There's plenty to criticize with urban sprawl but the fact of the matter is that infrastructure in the vast majority of the US is built around cars and until that changes (spoiler alert: it never will), suburbs will continue to exist and expand. Seriously, what do you realistically think is the solution to this, ms urban planner?

No. 986459

True. The only deep anime I like is Pop Team Epic

No. 986699

NFTs, people who make and sell NTFs, people who buy NFTs, people who encourage NFTs. You're all beyond retarded.

No. 986709

AAVE is cringe and stupid

No. 986727

i wish more people thought like you so theyd stop using it.

No. 986749

Anime, i don't understand how anyone likes it and its popularity, i can't stand a single anime episode no matter how "deep" it is, is all so autistic and insufferable

No. 986751

I don't think it's stupid but imo right now its exaggerated to certain extents but no one is willing to admit it and a lot of woke activists are spreading false historical narratives around it

AAVE doesn't the sound the way it does cause of any african influences(that is simply untrue) AAVE is a sub-dialect of Southern American English and the reason Southern American English dialects are the way they are were cause most Southern Settlers were Northern Britons and Scottish whose dialect evolved over time to what they are today and that's why black americans speak the way they do, during the great migration many african americans moved to northern cities where their southern origin dialect of english was considered odd and since they were segregated off to Ghettos they linguistically didn't get assimilated
as of now many african americans overexgrate and make it seem like a completely different lagnague, they try to make it seem more unique then it is

No. 986759

I blame its overhype on african immigrants who took it over and started spreading it around on social media, those fucking tethers cant come up with anything original once they come over here

No. 986837

File: 1638808018665.jpg (205.44 KB, 1080x1316, 17333659_1867366173501508_1870…)

Are Russian women actually as based as he describes? He seems to rope in black women as being misandrists too for no reason

No. 986842

super off topic but this art is really cute

No. 986851

Calm down, nobody wants to fuck your obese, greasy Kyles with diabetes, gonorrhea and an unwarranted sense of superiority. Please keep them actually, sexpats are pathetic.

No. 986857

nta I don't think she's referring to russian woman wanting american men cause they look better but cause they have money, a lot of eastern european countries are poor and certain women are willing to market themselves to rich western business men or athletes
its more about money then pickmeism

No. 986861

I'm not American and it's pandering pickmes that I hate, not Russians. I certainly do not give a shit about the menz, unlike Eli. She certainly knows who her fanbase is.

No. 986869

Russian women don't want American men and vice versa. I'm complaining about how she's willing to pander to sexist western men and how she degrades her own women too with this Eastern 'feminine' bullshit, all to blow up her enormous ego and get views, she does this subtly but you'd have to watch her videos to know that.

No. 986872

>Russian women don't want American men and vice versa
that's also what I was saying, most eastern european probably don't and the few that say the are likely are only it for the money

No. 986889

>he recommends Kevin Samuels
Jesus. I thought only black incels watched him, didn't know he was an important figure for all types of nasty American scrotes

No. 986902

I tried watching one of his videos but I don't have 5 hours to waste, can someone explain his schtick to me
Is he a Jordan Peterson type i.e a daddy figure for insecure men

No. 986929

You mean Plastic Love?

No. 986954

He's much worse than Peterson, he guides men into manipulating women and discarding them. For example, for young men who have met girls hesitant to do something sexually, he advised them to withdraw completely and when she asks what's wrong he's supposed to say "I feel like you don't trust me enough to connect with me completely" and gaslight her until she puts out. Then he is supposed to discard.

No. 987256

File: 1638831498342.jpg (65.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i hate the lack of kpop thread on lolcow

No. 987260

Choachan, anon.

No. 987293

File: 1638833804957.jpg (32.3 KB, 765x430, anime-girl-annoyed-face.jpg)

Infighting is annoying but anons who obsess over the person they got into an infight with are even more annoying and worrisome-level unhinged, within the past week I was wrongly accused of being like 3 different anons in threads I've never once posted in before and I swear to god the anon who is doing it has the same typing style and is just here for the sake of getting off to lolcow infights. I already reported this to mods but this seems to happen on lolcow a lot and it's unbearably annoying and borderline psychotic. I just don't understand how someone could get in a fight with someone one a fucking imageboard and then never shut the fuck up about the anon and accuse everyone of being them for days on end. I swear to god I wish people can get sent to psych wards for showing signs of instability on the internet.

No. 987313

File: 1638835217059.png (748 KB, 944x534, Screenshot (311).png)

Drag and its "fandom" of women who are obsessed with it

I just don't get it, its just gay men acting annoying and ride and imitating a shallow display of femininity, as well as a shallow imitation of bourgeoisie decadence
Its cringy more then anything, but if gay scrotes wanna see that shit that's fine by me but what I hate is seeing women who fucking praise those losers for no reason

who in gods name wants to be like shit smearing mongoloids, these women have only proven they don't deserve to be allowed to breed

No. 987326

Basically what >>986954 but he is a million times worse than Jordan Peterson. At least Jordan Peterson's message from what I have seen is mainly focused on what men do with theirselves. Kevin Samuels is essentially a grifter who started off making content geared towards black women as "self-improvement" content and bashed black men a lot. When he realised how much of a gold mine it was to bash black women since their self-esteem is horrifically low out of every woman demographic, that's the direction he took. He doesn't just have incel fans, plenty of black women internalise the shit he says and call into his show asking to advice on how to change only to be roasted in front of his audience. It's so upsetting to watch and I can't take his content. I am not surprised he has white fans since he always puts white and Hispanic women on a pedestal. I honestly believe he is part of the reason why there is an increase of violent crime against black women from black men.

I think drag race is entertaining, but seeing drag queens who troon out leads me to believe that a lot of gay men literally think that becoming a women literally means that you live like you are Beyoncé on stage 24/7. There was also a scandal on dragula where a woman who was a contestant received a lot of sexism. I think women forget that a scrote is a scrote. They keep thinking these males are one of the girls, when in reality, plenty of them are woman haters and are highly jealous of women because of their access to straight men. There's also a not surprising number of drag queens who are violent assholes and straight up sexual predators.

No. 987327

>I think drag race is entertaining
opinion discarded, don't ever have kids so your bad taste genes don't spread

No. 987334

maybe read the rest of what i said anyways. Sorry i find psychotic gay guy being attention whores entertaining. Learn to be less retarded.

No. 987339

File: 1638836848144.png (94.93 KB, 411x468, unknown.png)

bless you

kpop was one of the proverbial horseman of lolcow. im glad your ilk have finally migrated

No. 987381

File: 1638840308596.jpg (25.43 KB, 322x479, https tumblr_inline_muc3sfQ5kj…)

Obsessive drag fans really took a win here.

No. 987397

Omg I’m dying at this image the eyes. This man is is soooooo ugly

No. 987423

File: 1638843395453.gif (570.25 KB, 434x250, 850B05FE-9A99-4645-A7C1-9814A9…)

Whenever I click on a Jodi Arias pfp thinking it's another woman who's a fan of hers, but it ends up being a faggot. We can never have anything…

No. 987426

>Jodi Arias pfp
fucking where

No. 987432

Kek great idea. This is the next step for all the junji ito Tomie profile pics

No. 987433

You can't be fat without being at least mildly retarded, so that explains most of them.

No. 987452

I just hate anything youtube recommendation- core in general. Like they might be nice songs but the fact that algorithm shills them to everyone makes me irrationally start to hate them. Including the city pop genre like you mentioned.

No. 987484

File: 1638851533124.jpg (173.89 KB, 1080x1068, my_sides.jpg)

>The Slytherin poster
>The Drag Queen Funko pops
>The Cheeto Nails
>The Fatly expression

Is the the female version of the soyboy

No. 987516

When people type like this??????

No. 987520

ff14. I fuckin hate that piece of shit game, it's absorbed all of my online friends, it's like they're fuckin addicts. I don't know where they find the time to have their entire life revolve around some shitty mmorpg, I tried playing that shit and it seems fucking impossible to do if you have a job or a social life or hell, do ANYTHING at all. The gameplay is boring as fuck and the writing is nonsensical engrish bullshit.

No. 987582

File: 1638867070557.jpg (42.44 KB, 620x620, db88314b5754d017cda2c9433e0f59…)

Long, plastic fake nails, picrel. They look so fucking disgusting, painful and like your hands are crippled, they feel like hell if someone touches you with them, the little plastic noise they make when hitting against a surface is gross. These things are nasty beyond belief and I can't believe how popular they are. Fuck these things, why are women's fashion trends always so inconvenient and ugly?

No. 987589

I already hate the type of man who lives his life in seperate compartments and basically abuses every women he meets but passes as a stand up guy to his family, friends, workmates etc. The abuse happens in some far away land that never affects other parts of his life. All very handy for him. He's the nicest guy.

What I hate even more is that when well known men get outed for this shit people will scream to give them their privacy again, that it's none of our business and it's 'between those 2 people and nobody else' Nobody ever seems to say this in relation to a guy treating his male pals badly. It's so specific to girlfriends and wives and anyone you sleep with.

I saw Gus johnson is already back posting and the people defending him are parroting "so what if he was a bad bf" What a downplay of something that'll stick with the other person for life. They're saying women/gfs are disposable and all normal standards are just gone when you're fucking someone. If you do much less to your friend or omg your brother they'll certainly care about loyalty and any hurt feelings you caused. There's only a handy lil compartment of 'this just doesn't matter to anyone else, it's not our business' when it's a gf getting mistreated. No matter how serious that abuse gets. Short of killing her you get a pass. I've seen rapist bfs reduced to.. uh so what if he's a bad bf? too.

No. 987590

I use to have acrylics often and I swear to god they're a weird scheme to keep women down. I can't do a lot of things normally, I literally had to get my boyfriend to do things such as pick up cards off the ground, unhook things, open certain objects etc. Not to mention the maintenance it needs and how easily dirty they get. Just what everyone needs right? An impractical fashion trend that is expensive to maintain. When did we start convincing women that every little thing about their natural form is bad?

No. 987592

No normal nonretarded woman gets them. It's obvious you're gonna be crippled and no one is convincing otherwise. It's also such an ugly fashion that only the bimbo type of women get it, it's not really popular and men in general hate it too. Usually women who get them want to be inconvenienced and 'hopeless useless damsels' so they will seem more like airhead bimbos to their scrotes.

No. 987603

File: 1638872120533.jpg (85.65 KB, 640x742, z2v0769kga831.jpg)

I grew up in the hood so most girls around me wore them regularly, it's usually just pressure from other women and plenty of lesbians get them too

No. 987606

I'm the original fake nail hater and I never thought about it that way, I guess it makes sense in some cases but a lot of the women who I know have gotten them are just the kind of overly vain bitches who have a literal neurosis over being dressed up from head to toe at whatever cost or were memed into creating ugly "nail art" by youtube influencers. I'm not talking about those short-ish fake nails but the nasty fucking drag queen style talons no sane person wants to put on.

No. 987671

I hate when receptionists or people with a typing-based job have them and I have to wait while they stumble over entering simple information. Why would you get something that actively makes you worse at your job for the sake of aesthetics?

No. 987672

What kind of bootlicker would make decisions about their body for the sake of a slight improvement in work efficiency lmao. I dont like those nails either but if I did I wouldn't be sacrificing them so my boss can wring a bit more data entry out of me

No. 987676

I actually like them aesthetically and I like that "plastic noise" but I could never wear them myself, too uncomfortable

No. 987680

What kind of dipshit intentionally handicaps themselves just to look like a drag queen?

No. 987694

You'll understand when you turn 25 and have to work a real job.

This, maybe the anon claiming that the women getting these things put on just want to be helpless bimbos was onto something.

No. 987750

I hate the lolcow's caps thread. All "jokes" there are so dumb. I can't believe I am sharing this board with such unfunny people.

No. 987773

Privacy and the right to be left alone are male only, silly!

No. 987774

Wouldn't the paint be bad for the vagina anyways? What's the point?

No. 987777

under normal circumstances it's not gonna melt in the vagina tho

No. 987778

I've never been with a woman who wears this stuff and I'm wondering how I'd react to it. Even with those shortened nails I don't want that in me. It's offputting.

Probably not something I'll ever face anyway, no point in worrying about imaginary sex I'm not actually having. I'll leave that to the scrotes lol

No. 987783

nail polish isn't like paint anon, it hardens and doesn't rub off. Especially gel polish

No. 987789

Same, i was posted there but i don't think my post was that funny or "iconic", there should be some kind of quality control but comedy is subjective so i don't know how we could make it work

No. 987804

Maybe you two hilarious and iconic queens should start self posting

No. 987859

Watching youtube videos about history and then suddenly
>queer folks
>other genders
Make it stooooop

No. 987863

She seems unable to say the words lesbian, same-sex attracted and both sexes. Pisses me off.

No. 987867

>no point in worrying about imaginary sex I'm not actually having. I'll leave that to the scrotes lol
I just wanted to tell you that I lost breath laughing at this zinger nona

No. 987871

I wouldn't want to deal with woke crowd just waiting for an opportunity to cancel someone either

No. 987892

This just makes me sad. I don't think Karolina avoids saying "lesbian" and "homosexual" because she believes they're offensive, but she just needs the woque crowd to get off her back in order to talk about things she really wants to, like >>987871 says. Praying that she gets off Twitter and peaks.

No. 987974

I agree with you nonnie. it feels like she's doing it just because the historical youtubers are typically expected to be somewhat woke (to offset the sexism of the actual past i suppose). But maybe this is just me being hopeful and biased kek i like her in an awkward boomer aunt kind of way. She feels way older and more mature among popular costubers. I gotta say sometimes trying to please that kind of crowd makes you easier to get cancelled though…

No. 987995

>the historical youtubers are typically expected to be somewhat woke (to offset the sexism of the actual past i suppose)
Except current wokeism is sexist and homophobic so it doesn't work. Queer is a slur and I hate seeing them label random gnc/LGB people with it.

No. 988152

Definitely not the first person to say Anime. I've started multiple series with an open mind and really enjoyed the plot, style, voice acting etc. But the second a female character appears it destroys any positive feeling I could have. I could list the exact scene I stopped watching every one.
- For NGE, the scene where Shinji falls over and just happens to grab Rei's tit.
- The episode of One Punch Man with mosquito girl. Every shot of her was so porny.
- Throughout Cowboy Bebop I was uncomfortable with everything about Faye's design and character, but I remember there being one scene of her sunbathing that pushed it over the edge
Etc etc etc.
It's so frustrating because I love animation and I love the style, atmosphere, and stories of all three of these shows but it's so off-putting when this shit happens.

No. 988243

File: 1638930068243.jpg (11.91 KB, 280x356, Alex_Vause.jpg)

this bitch's FUCKING eyebrows

No. 988244

File: 1638930304064.jpg (51.73 KB, 720x406, whatthefuck!!.jpg)

look!…. grrrrr….

No. 988246

File: 1638930380496.jpg (380.12 KB, 2509x3345, qofr4uwtz2711.jpg)

It works for Alex. I'm so used to how it looks that I think Laura Prepon would look weird with normal eyebrows.

No. 988255

File: 1638931083330.png (2.02 MB, 1136x1342, Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 02.37…)

this works? this?

No. 988259

i think you're overwhelmed by the hotness of her face, try covering up her face and just looking at the sperm brows

No. 988260

It only works for Alex because they look like janky prison brows kek

No. 988263

File: 1638931642353.jpg (144.13 KB, 1800x900, rbr5ors3zzc31.jpg)

Ok, maybe she would look better with normal eyebrows. I still like her fucked up brows though. She's always had them.

No. 988265

relatedly, things I hate include: this incredibly smug tweet. I would bet anything that a. the clueless straight girl posts she's referring to don't really exist and b. this retard has never fucked a woman in her life.

No. 988270

The full force of scientology couldn't get her out of the D-list. That's the power of bad brows.

No. 988281

File: 1638932399635.jpg (65.37 KB, 400x518, 7c7.jpg)

i hate christmas music and as a minimum wager listening to the same 10 annoying shit songs on repeat for 2 months straight is a special kind of torture. the worst thing is i cant escape them even when im not at work because they get stuck in my head and play on a loop, especially when im lying in bed trying to fall sleep. i cant wait until january for this shit to be over. this is just one of many reasons im beginning to legitimately hate christmas and the whole holiday season

No. 988286

she's so hot as a redhead!… the brows make sense though.

No. 988291

You'd think our retail overlords would expand their retail musical arsenal considering there's a massive amount of Christmas music, enough to cover an 8 hour shift.

No. 988323

Idk what it is but I feel like a coomer bc redhead women make my chimp brain go crazy.

No. 988325

I swear it's some form of inventive torture. My brain feels chock full and fuzzy by the end of a shift

No. 988329

It's sad because a lot of the songs are nice but they got played so much in ads and retail settings I associate them only with consumerism now.

No. 988416

they used to do a mix of Christmas and regular music and this year it's back to 100% Christmas

give me back my regular music

No. 988450

Fat men.
Literally why would any woman choose to be with a fat moid? They're male, it's so much easier for them to be fit and build muscles so they have no excuse. Fat men always look greasy and disgusting too, how can you like something like that? Women can look great even if they're a little bigger but moids are just ugly as fuck. The worst are the men who are kinda tall but still fat, like can you imagine the shit they eat to keep being fat while tall and male? Never go for fat moids anons.

No. 988452

Fat men don’t deserve to live. I hate how three try to compensate by being “funny” and all they do is make themselves the butt of the joke. They have no fucking dignity. Kill them and redistribute their fat to the kardashians

No. 988479

Reminds of when I was watching a documentary about glam rock and the voiceover qualified Bowie and others as "queer" because of their fashion, I shut down that shit immediately.

No. 988497

Whenever I ask men who don't want children "why did you cum in the one place that creates a child?" they always deflect and never take responsibility for their actions and choices. In my years of online life I have yet to meet a man who can answer this without deflecting with a legitimate non-bs answer

No. 988503

That's because they love the idea of ruining, scarring and chaining a woman to them with their dick, but are too cowardly to take the actual responsibilities that come after. They're too retarded.

No. 988506

I would actually prefer if they said 'because my dick, which controls my life and my choices, told me to'. It's true so why not admit it? So much for being the rational sex lmao

No. 988577

An anon recommend her as a decent booktuber and so I went to her channel and Jesus fuck, this is the cringiest bitch I have ever seen
Its like someone who speaks twitter IRL, Its disturbing and her book descriptions are also the cringiest shit I've ever heard, Its depressing thinking that people like this exist IRL cause I can't emphasize how much she speaks like a twitter user IRL

No. 988581

Thank you for reposting with a video, because I wanted an example kek

No. 988594

I had fun and laughed at her jokes, I'm sorry I let you down

No. 988601

what is the appeal though ? she seems like a shitty person who will lecture you for being "twansphobic" but also make passive aggressive racist comments about you

No. 988604

File: 1638975736585.jpeg (85.45 KB, 828x378, C3E3A3B4-40A5-496C-8A37-CD39A9…)

Her bio kek

No. 988606

Sometimes she’s funny and witty but also she acts like a twitter using gay man

No. 988609

The first video you linked was pretty goofy and she made a lot of jokes so I had fun watching it. But it's literally the only video I've seen of hers so far kek

No. 988610

the cowboy emoji was a good choice

No. 988614

her entire channel is just a salty dyke being bitter about innocent romcoms for teen girls
if she was hetero i bet she'd be one of those asian twitterfags who only date white moids

No. 988618

File: 1638976516191.png (19.53 KB, 595x186, 1588381665927.png)

She has the problem that most twitter users have i.e everything they do is layered irony and masked by sarcasm, cause the worst thing you can be on twitter is genuine
take tweet a like this for e.g she can't just say that she likes white dudes, she has to make it ironic, cause being genuine for the twitter user is "daoky straight white people" thing
wait is she gay ? she seems like one of those straight women who call themselves queer but still only ever date men

No. 988620

Watched her a while back and iirc she's not gay.

No. 988623

she and her commenters wanted the catfisher to be a woman, "why do i always make eveything gay?", that's why i figured

No. 988625

She's not gay but she makes a lot of "lol straight" people jokes and is into shipping same sex characters with each other over the canon pairing(male and female)

No. 988631

Her video with her friends are probably the most cringest, she insults them constantly and makes passive aggressive remarks against them and her friends are like "So True, were so boring and bland"
Is this how white libs live their lives

No. 988644

File: 1638978538261.jpeg (171.56 KB, 1200x1200, 670A66D3-C152-41B4-8567-7093E0…)

i didn’t DESPISE the performance of the actor for Vicious in Netflix’s cowboy bebop, i just really prefer sexy brooding anime sephiroth over the bulging bug-eyed albino thing he had going in the new one? really hated the face on that moid. the changes to Julia’s character were welcome and i liked her trifling around.

No. 988646

All of the actors that I've seen from that show look terribly unattractive. Is it as bad as it looks?

No. 988647

Disgusting. Same way they turned Light Yagami into an incel

No. 988654

Everything women are expected to do is a weird scheme to slow us down tbh, long hair, long nails, makeup its all schemes to keep our attention on trivial things.

No. 988655

Same with Spike who is played 5'7, year old John Cho
I mean would it have been that to get 2 young, tall and fit dudes to play them

No. 988670

>the changes to Julia’s character were welcome and i liked her trifling around.
Eh I don't like how she looks either, the actress's face looks like she got way too many fillers. Nobody in this adaptation looks good.

No. 988675

yeah, i think the women on the show suffered from “lets make them ~girlboss~ so they don’t have to try to hard to be ethereal anime goddesses” + faye’s weird LGBT lay halfway through the season and all suffered as a result. the actresses were both soso (faye’s actor was worse) and i didn’t like Julia’s casting.

No. 988682

What I don't seem to understand is why seems to have an issue with a white female character being attracted to other white people, why is she acting like this makes a character akin to being racist and thus ok to make fun off

No. 988738

No, she's only ever dated men before but she constantly drops hints how gay she is and how she simps for female characters. But she never says it straight out, she's acting like she has to hide her sexuality and only drop hints for some reason. It's annoying as fuck.
If you're bi, you're nothing special and no one is trying to solve your sexuality like a puzzle, just say it and get on with it.

No. 988858

"its the toxic household for me!"
"not me not learning the message of this movie!" "oh my gaaawwhhd"

She seems like someone who would, without irony say, "that's a yikes from me, bestie" Also why does she choose the most horrendous trash YA movies?

No. 989029

>pure breeding as white
hi, /pol/

No. 989156

File: 1639007145536.png (869.8 KB, 1214x933, 3641638-screen shot 2020-03-05…)

bring pelly and phyllis back or I'm making a pair of slippers out of her

No. 989162

File: 1639007871241.jpeg (85.38 KB, 427x640, 6377B8F6-2749-4C37-8699-013026…)

I’ll eat anything except this dish: nopales are fucking gross and taste slimy. Why did my people consider this as food? I will never know.

Cacti is great for aloe vera and it’s benefits though, just not as food.

No. 989163

kek, nonnie I'm having a shitty day but this comment has cheered me right up. phyllis was based

No. 989165

The song Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. A lot of pop music fans treat it like a god-tier pop song but the lyrics are creepy to me.

No. 989168

looks like it's just about being in love

No. 989203

Someone who understands me

No. 989316

I hate those long ass pseudo-intellectual YouTube video essays with 'woke' takes. It's usually about the dumbest stuff too like 2000s chick flick movies or fucking kids cartoons

No. 989337

File: 1639028036153.png (355.9 KB, 1063x673, Screenshot (316).png)

I blame Lindsay ellis for starting this shit, buy yeah its fucking awful

No. 989386

I enjoy some of the long takes to listen to in the background when I'm cleaning or cooking. Sarah Z is quite insufferable though, especially in the videos where it's her 'co-writer Emily' who writes most of the script. He's always using these long moid nothing-saying sentences.

No. 989390

>anon goes to vent thread to vent about her mom sexually harassing her
>only one person cares to help her, which was me
>the only other person to put input asked if she was an anon who posted about kissing her mom's boobs

What in the unholy fuck happened to this place? This shit happens and you wonder why anons keep saying 4chan has showed more empathy? They're probably taking screenshots of this shit right now and whining about "see wimminz are evil"

No. 989397

that response was kind of weird but there's been way worse, more hostile and unsympathetic responses in those threads before

No. 989406

And that's the issue. Is that there's even WORSE and none of you seem to care that this site has become a breeding ground for psychopaths. If I didn't know any better I'd assume this site was filled with people pressuring others to commit suicide. That is completely inappropriate to react like that and the fact there's even worse is mind boggling. Get your shit together and seek fucking therapy. All of you.

No. 989449

seek therapy as well. you really don’t know how dead it is here

No. 989453

Deadness is fine but if the only responses anons are capable of putting out are horribly inappropriate then there's an issue. It's also funny how this place magically livens up when there's a fight on boobs, vaccines or white girls

No. 989455

>white girls
anon we are jealous ur white

No. 989458

? I was just giving an example

No. 989470

Everyone relatively well meaning left after certain people became obsessed with exiling anons who were allegedly not being dramacentric enough…

No. 989483

There’s like a hundred people here and every one of us is some kind of social or emotional reject. It’s like asking asylum inmates for help. You’re gonna mostly get shit thrown at the wall

No. 989490

Vain traditional artists who consider digital art """inferior""", just because it's easier. Sorry, but wasting your money on expensive art supplies, that you can run out from in any moment, dirtying your arms and being forced to start painting from scratch in case you make a significant mistake dont make your experience superior. It just makes you a dumb masochist, who fancies themselves better simply because they enjoy suffering more than others do. All those "just traditional art" things are unrelated to the drawing process itself and just exist to make your life harder.

No. 989493

do you guys think it's actually easier, or just more convenient? i think it's actually easier to conventionally paint and draw, but of course, much more convenient and less of a waste of materials to use digital. people are just always wanting to shit on digital artists.

No. 989499

File: 1639047584667.png (288.69 KB, 587x548, animeagp.png)

Going on twitter and being forced to look at this shit in "trending"

No. 989507

travelling and vacations are horrible. i love having all my things i need, being safe, having access to water, shower, toilet, food, and things i need without having to pay insane premiums or feeling uncomfortable in space that i do not have actual possession over. travelling is so uncomfortable and feels so unstable to me.

No. 989515

ffs please let this shit help them realize they never wanted to be actual women but anime characters instead

for real get these fuckos out of women's spaces and confine them into their retard vr chatrooms online, never ever let these fuckers out in the public ever again

No. 989520

"Aro ace pride", not only is it completely the inverse of what pride stands for, and being an autistic weirdo is nothing to be proud of.

No. 989523

I dislike how normalized it is on modern internet for people you never interacted with to block you. I remember when you had to earn that block, smh

No. 989529

File: 1639052235866.jpg (64.58 KB, 497x507, 0300d6588fabc0bc6ed953340ef681…)

This is actually hilarious and great, I'm not mad because it just confirms what we've known lol

No. 989532

>none of you seem to care that this site has become a breeding ground for psychopaths.
But no I agree with you. The vent thread has nice/supportive anons, but there's also a rash of weirdly hateful anons there. It's the vent thread specifically, too, not sure why. They're probably edgy underagefags whose brains haven't developed proper empathy yet
The ones who are actually adults probably discovered Lolcow 3 months ago and think it's the perfect opportunity to LARP as the virtual mean popular girl/female Tyler Durden they never could be IRL

No. 989535

Way to peak more people I guess - just look at this video.
Content warning: Ugly moid laughter, agp cringe

No. 989544

>says something sexual
>calls it a joke nd laughs hysterically
Jfs, these guys haven't emotionally matured past the age of 12

No. 989546

Men wore frills, makeup, long hair and dramatic silhouettes better than women did tbh

No. 989552

Women honestly look so good in gentlemen's clothing too. Men and women should switch fashions but not in the troon way

No. 989559

Please not shit again, I do believe that a lot of clothing styles is arbitrary and stupid and people should wear what looks good on them but the FACT is most female clothing doesn't look on males, it doesn't compliment their physical or facial structures, don't get me wrong certain make ups, tights and even styles might work on male but most don't
What I hate is anytime I see someone say "x looks better on men" It doesn't, even the most beautiful man looks disgusting next to a woman

No. 989568

There's been a scrote lurking around and he's not been banned yet idk what mods are doing they need a better scrote detector. I report but they don't redtext them. That one in unpopular opinions who kept going on about how women are all dumb and men are smarter.

No. 989569

>assume this site was filled with people pressuring others to commit suicide. That is completely inappropriate to react like that and the fact there's even worse is mind boggling. Get your shit together and seek fucking therapy. All of you.
Clean your balls.

No. 989570

I hope men hurry up and all turn into tranny chasers so they leave women alone. Let them fuck eachother to death, instead of women.

No. 989572

File: 1639058485362.jpg (159.87 KB, 968x1200, unnamed (1).jpg)

Decorative and frilly clothing looks good on men more than cargo shorts and star wars t-shirts ever will. I'm not putting women down by saying men should start dressing like this again. And in my opinion, women look nicer in more masculine styled clothing.

No. 989573

why lie and so flagrantly?

No. 989577

Where is the classic era where women could be stylish and handsome-like (in a masculine way), i miss the old times sigh

No. 989586

Op here, I find digital easier, but it depends on a person tbh: while some find digital convenient, there are others who can't hold the pen properly, don't like drawing on a tablet instead of paper or find it hard/uninspiring to work without texture and materials (and manage in a library of brushes/choose hues). Ctrl+Z is overhyped, because trad artists can also fix their paintings if they want to - acryl&oil&gouache are ridiculously easy to fix and watercolours can be washed out in the sink (just carefully in order to not to peel off the paper), pencil&pastel are also decent enough to manage. Generally speaking I would say that trad is more bothersome but more concentrated on the process itself, many artists may find it inspiring, while digital is more about the result - if you want to get it fast and without any distractions, like dirty hands&table and needing to buy materials, it would be better than trad. Also painting's complexity can also influence this: more elaborate ones look better in trad, whereas digital can't show them in the best light, they end up looking lowkey ghetto tbh.

No. 989588

Unironically would love this. I like masculine clothing and I like seeing men in more "feminine" styles (not in dresses, but elegant frilly shirts, low-heeled shoes, decorated and colorful clothing overall).

No. 989600

File: 1639060307476.jpg (103.21 KB, 1024x1024, ugly-man-face-1024x1024.jpg)

Imagine the average man wearing this kek. My eyes bleed. Only young hot men should wear this stuff, otherwise it's just an elaborate clown suit. 25+ or fatso's should all wear niquabs.

No. 989602

If more men wore more heels, they would complain about them being being too uncomfortable to walk around and get them banned or some shit.

No. 989604

Woah the cope here is too hard here

Now they're celebrating the "transabled" and "transage", as if everything must be related to lgbt somehow.

Clothing are made to fit a certain group of people, even if anyone can wear them it accentuatea certain features such as hourglass, broad shoulders or not-so defined waists. Especially women and men have fundamentally different body structure, some clothing are geared towards women and when a man wears it it would be jarring af.

There probably is a moid uprising here, along with 4chan supporters. If this nonny was harassed (which likely is the case), condolences to her

Finally THE clothing that looks good on both men and women alike

>let them fuck each other to death
kek this is gold

Which one are you referring to? I came across a scrote but it seems that more moids are posting before him

No. 989607

File: 1639060490321.jpeg (52.54 KB, 828x335, 52A39B21-18ED-404C-B4E6-83082F…)

His bio is cringe.

No. 989610

I think it would be perfect. Ugly men pride themselves of being able to make women laugh. Now they can do it without making us uncomfortable.

No. 989613

Correction: It really is ridiculous in practice/public, I have been swayed by the picrel description

My crush is a fairly manly man, problem?

Right, why are all AGP moids so uncreative? It's so cultlike they keep enforcing femininity

No. 989615

Kek of course, I wasn't even thinking of ugly bald moids when I made that post, they're like roaches to me.

No. 989622

I guess the right term should be, I like seeing men in more "classic" clothes

No. 989627


Oh my god look what I replied to. I'm talking about 1600s-1700s styled clothes or 1980s type of clothes. Why are you people on here so fucking autistic?

No. 989629

Yeah this is what was I was talking about. Imagine being so brainrot from troons you think im talking about their ugly asses in clothes and not the historical way men used to dress until being boring became the norm for them

No. 989633

Men literally talk about how dressing nicely is gay, pretty sure if cute men started dressing like that pic, men would turn gay. It's a legit fear for them they say it themselves.

No. 989639

They trolled themselves with thinking they'll be gay if they even try to care about their appearance. It got so bad we reached the point that any man who does try to care for his appearance beyond the boring aesthetics forced on him as "manly" become troons or some non binary queer shit because he legitmately thinks he's not really masculine if he looks good or wears nice clothes. Reversing the trend would get rid of that shitty mindset.
Through history men taking care of their appearance and showing off themselves was seen as manly until the 20th century happen and that became gay for some reason. Men used to have bolder colors and more striking detail in their appearance than women's wear which tried to do the opposite. Obviously bold and dramatic outlines can look good on both sexes but what I'm saying men look better with being the "peacock" gender as they were in virtually most cultures pre 20th century. Not saying they should wear feminine 21st century clothes that is literally designed for a woman. I don't think it's good that women have to show off their appearances more than men despite looking naturally more softer/attractive and I'm confused why almost no one understood this despite me replying to a fucking history video…

No. 989642


No. 989644

File: 1639062603006.jpg (171.31 KB, 1204x1200, 46488.jpg)

This image, its been stuck in my mind for weens now
I know there is probably more degenerate and vile content but this specific picture is a manifestation of coomer degeneracy in one form, cause the amount of coomerism a human being would need to make "femboy garfield" is just beyond sanity

No. 989645

Men are so fat nowadays that the only “fashion” that can reliably be mass-produced are Star Wars t-shirts and cargo shorts. I want this back. I want to feel what Jane Austen felt.

No. 989650

too bad it's kinda cute and they couldn't just be fucking normal and call it girl garfield. god i hate men and what pornsickness did to their already troubled minds

No. 989651

I will keep saying this extreme coomerism of virtually beyond everything beyond the point of what's understandable Twitter created is the worst thing to happen to online art communities and non retarded digital artists

No. 989652

I don’t get femboys. Why obsess over something that looks womanly, but doesn't have the powerful celestial life bringing portal (vulva) or the hips of a woman? A femboy’s womanly voice would sound high and nasally as it’s unnatural for them to speak at that pitch, and have to wear clothes to push their body into the right position. A woman is already feminine without this, soft and curved, and has a clearer, softer voice.

It seems as though these ‘femboy’ lovers really crave women, but hate women too much to admit it. Or don’t feel like they can get a woman, so resort to effeminate men and pretend it was a choice. And the feminine enby/ftm girls know that society hates women, so try to exude womanly traits, but be ‘a guy on the inside’ because women aren’t worthy of womanhood.

It makes me this that the femboy and enby obsession of recent years has roots in misogyny and general autism. Sorry, no one asked for the sperging.

No. 989659

People that believe that DID is a diagnosis any serious therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist would give. DID is extremely rare and there aren't any conclusive studies on it, it's unclear if it even exists. Something resembling DID may develop as a response and coping mechanism to really severe trauma in early childhood, and even then it doesn't always manifest. To think that some sheltered kid with middle class parents can even have something similar to DID is ridiculous, and there are people who genuinely believe them too. Like I once read here of an anon unironically saying that a cow (it was an artist) had DID and no they fucking don't, I assure you no popular artist on twitter posting ocs and sperging about videogames has DID.

No. 989660

I fucking hate how people call pretty boys "femboys" now (no the Garfield pic is not related kek). How are characters like Aculard (CastleVania), Richter Belmont, or Séphiroth femboys? I've seen these idiots even call glam rockers or even classical dandy types femboys, fuck. I thought fem boy was a very specific type of man who goes out of his way to dress in women's clothes and act like a "sissy" instead of just a man who has flamboyant clothes. It kinda implies men who are like that are automatically gay/submissive sexually like femboys are and this triggers me because it's like the retarded homophobes from the 2000s "won" by pretending to be woke thanks for reading my useless sperging

No. 989669

I thought I was the only one, I notice this a lot on twitter as well
It seems like any male who isn't uber masculine is now somehow a femboy

No. 989673

Because they don't actually like women or real femininity, but only enjoy the performative and pandering aspects of it. Slutty clothing and mannerisms and fetishes and such. They also hate how women have needs and expectations of them. Femboys are basically living fleshlights for them, without having to deal with the pesky standards/emotional connection/relationship aspect that a good amount of women want.

No. 989674

Bishounen is so much nicer sounding (and without the retarded twitter connotations) than "femboy"
Femininity as a social construst is "slutty clothing", mannerisms, and fetishes. Femaleness does not equal the performance or shackles of femininity. That's the kind of shit that tradwives say.

No. 989679

You’re 100% right, femboys, enbyshit, and all the other gender discourse shit are just homophobia with extra steps. Hell, femboys begin because they were used for the “I-it’s not gay if he wears a skirt” shit, and the reverse traps with the “she looks like a guy! I’m not a lesbian!!”.
It’s impressive how everyone is wokier than ever by enforcing homophobia.

No. 989680

Anon men have always wanted to fuck young boys, even before Greece. They're missing a chromosome and are too retarded to connect with women on a human level, but they also have a desire to fuck warm holes. So they fuck and romance young men, and think women are only for babies and cleaning/cooking.

No. 989718

More we are going back to ancient Greece rather than just continuing the pattern since then. Literature, music, or any type of thing you can get your hands on from the past 20-500+ years praises women's sensuality in ways the current moids don't do because they're turning more gay and pornsick. The new generation of women have been robbed.

No. 989724

>I want to feel what Jane Austen felt.
Feeling devastated I'll never have this.

No. 989725

i fucking hate obsessive figure collectors. i bought some nendos (husbandos) years ago and am now trying to sell them on my country's version of fb marketplace and it's so annoying. people message me and ask for faults or defects on the nendos, i tell them that i can't find any, and they trip over themselves to try and get me to lower the price while accusing me of not having their discerning eyes and expertise in nendo connoisseuring. do they really think i'll cut the price of a nendo i'm trying to sell for 70 bucks down to 10 bucks or something? give me a fucking break.

No. 989742

I don't hate them, anytime I see people like of them I just get a feeling of sadness
like christ, how much a society has fucked up to product people like that

No. 989752

My mom would always get nopales and roast them on the oven with only salt as the seasoning. I dont understand either how you could get past the texture its so gross and bitter. My little brother loved them though.

No. 989761

That is all of FB marketplace, not just figurefags. The type of people who shop on there treat it as one big garage sale. You're wasting your time trying to sell anything there unless you'd already planned to throw it in the trash and just want to see if you can get a couple bucks for it.

No. 989780

i hate girls with clearly 3a-4a hair claiming that they have 4c hair and shitting up the searches. They do this shit on purpose because majority of black women have 4c kinky hair and would really like to see what products work for us. They know their looser textured curls are not what most black girls possess but WE are the ones who watch these natural hair care videos. Its fucked up when i see a girl with fucking shirley temple curls using the 4c hashtag or "does this work on 4c???" in the title. You can argue and say "its all natural hair" but no not all hair works the same. A twist out on 4c hair will not look like a twist out on 3a or even 4b hair. Its majorly fucked up because young girls who are discovering their natural hair usually think that their hair is going to be curly and not coily so if they see girls with clearly not coily hair saying she is 4c and telling you to buy this leave in so your hair can be curly too when it dont work like that it just ends up causing unnecessary self esteem issues in young girls. im sorry i know most of you nonnies dont know wtf im talking about but i just feel bad for the little black girls starting their natural hair journey and being bamboozled by these stupid idiots who just want cheap clout.

No. 989790

Kek I sympathize nona. Admittedly not as annoying, but I think our equivalent would be the clickbait pale skin foundation attention whores where the woman has a normal, caucasian skin tone and would in no way struggle to find a matching foundation or concealer in an average drugstore. She spends thirty minutes or more talking about the problems she's faced as a speshial porcelain pwincess.

No. 989798

I agree that this is annoying. Although I know that 4c can look a lot different than what most people seem to think and I hate when people say "that's not 4c!" because it doesn't look the way they expect, sometimes it's really obvious when someone actually doesn't have 4c.

No. 989814

>finding a safe space on the internet

kek i guess thats the only safe space they have and even there not really. as a society we should all be taking mental illness more seriously…

No. 989823

im getting so tired of watching animal crossing builds/lets plays (of all things!) and then related to nothing at all the creator starts taking about a certain agenda to warn you not to have the "wrong opinions" and such. i cant believe that this behavior is frequent enough i could probably give you a short list of videos/streams where it happened. this last time someone i was subbed to started in on this tangent so i skipped ahead like, 5 minutes? he still wasnt done talking about it

No. 989827

I don’t understand how can someone be playing a cute animal game, while bringing up some stupid ass politics bullshit.

No. 989831

im crying i didnt know that was a thing why do people prey on real problems and insecurities just for cheap views. I know the answer is in the question but its so played out!!
OMG i hate those people too!!! or the girls that watch videos of women with clearly looser curls writing "i dont 4c this working on my hair" it just makes them look bitter, sad, and jealous. Its not funny. I think all hair types are beautiful in their own right I just wish they were all equally loved because hair is fucking cool!

No. 989837

wtf lol how do people manage to bring that into animal crossing anyway? i think animalk crossing was ruined when normies and enbys or whatever other communist/libtards started to play. its just a game about building a town and talking to animals no one cares about politics kek

No. 989838

>makes a video about which white colored ac villagers are the best
>but first let me stumble around awkwardly to explain that i'm not a racist!!!

unsurprising though given that ac's fanbase conists of annoying twitter/tumblr weebs

No. 989840

Men who are either begging or whatever they're looking for.. thinking it's okay to approach women walking home alone in the dark. Why would you think that's ok??Could you maybe put yourself in a womans shoes for one minute and think about how it'd be way less worrisome to just ask a man instead. Anyone but a solo woman.

Happened to me on my way home from work tonight, has happened other nights too. I never stop to find out what they're looking for but ffs go ask a man. Also just give up the moment it's clear you're being ignored. Inconveniencing strangers is one thing but shit's different at night

No. 989844

>white, cream… light beige

trying real hard not to offend anyone kek this doesnt warrant a video anyway, just go write a post about it or something why would anyone actively seek out these vids

No. 989853

Game gatekeepers. Yes I'm still a fan on this franchise even if I don't know every tiny detail or played every title available, because guess what, I like this particular title about this franchise so that makes me a fan of the franchise. No, no one cares if the title you like is darker and edgier and more difficult and somehow that makes it better, some people like more simple and lighthearted things and you'll have to shut the fuck up about it. I swear every person acting like you're not a "true fan" for not knowing or playing everything is a literal autist.

No. 989864

Most of you were perfectly capable of handling anons going through trauma without insulting them or giving inappropriate responses years ago. Now all of you just magically turned into empathy lacking psychos because?

No. 989879

Yeah seriously, even when I first started posting here 2 years ago I never saw as much immediately psychotic responses as I do now.
>"I hate my job, I'm afraid to ask for a raise because xyz"
>"anon you're a fucking coward and no one at your job propbably likes you, grow a spine"
Literally nobody asks but someone is always responding in a terribly rude way in /vent/. Mods should start coming down on that type of stuff more often like they used to. No one is expecting a hug and a kiss, but they're also not expecting to be shat on for no reason and bull-rushed.

No. 989882

I actually think there’s probably way more than that just lurking, but the people that post the most are probably the social/emotional rejects you describe.

No. 989893

Tbh I thought it was worse a while back. It all just depends on who is online at that moment. I'm GMT time and the later in the day it is the more crappy 'sprread the misery' posters pop up. That's a pattern I've noticed for a while.

No. 989909

Seconding the previous anon, I also thought it was worse back then. Just try to lurk the threads, they were full of baits and dumb assholes.

No. 989968

Still awful and we should really do something before lolcow becomes a meme of female sociopaths. It's weirdly predictable for me anytime I vent because I know that if I open up about personal issues at least one anon will turn it on me or just insult me. At least back then you get cold responses and anons who wanna help, now it's cold or ignored

No. 990028

And I hate it when men act like it's not a big deal.
>I just followed and approached a woman alone on a dark street late at night to be friendly, why was she so startled??? Women are such drama queens, I just wanted directions!
Sometimes I feel like it's just a power trip for them and they like seeing us scared.

No. 990039

Basically this. Femboys are genderbent e-girls, young people with daddy issues pandering to the lowest of the low coomer scrotes who broke their dick over straight porn and had to proceed to a new taboo to be able to get an erection again. I feel bad for the young gay guys who are so desperate for validation and attention that they agree to the degenerate brain worms older groomer trannies on discord implant upon them because some of these boys are as young as 14. Femboys are nothing but the pornified idea of a perfect woman with the fat cut off, i.e. only the hollow shell only existing to please and pander to men. The fact that it's specifically a male is what makes it so exciting to the moids, they get off on the thought that a depressed gay boy is so desperate for their smelly cock that they're willing to do anything to get some of it.

And not only that, it's also the ultimate fantasy of controlling female sexuality by showing a woman what "she's missing out on" by denying her the glorious microdick and instead giving it to another man so that she'll be humiliated and left begging. Similar to the incels' smooth brained "your pussy privilege will be over once robot sex dolls become a thing" cope.

I hate this. The worst fucking low effort hons and neckbeards are calling themselves "femboys" just because they're fat or ultra skelly losers who are not confident gym visiting chads.

No. 990297

But the thing I don't get about femboys is the fact that it doesn't look even vaguely attractive

its just a shapeless male with his saggy balls dangling wearing schoolgirl outfit, or unfitting sexualized female clothing, it just cringy more then anything

No. 990312

>it doesn't look even vaguely attractive
It does make me kek heartedly when there are "femboys" looking for women as if that's something they'd be into. The Y chromosome was really a mistake.

No. 990315

The first step is fooling yourself into believing you or the femboy of your choice looks like an anime girl no matter how far from the truth it might be

No. 990321

I think what (partially) happened is that women online are getting tired of reading venting stories from other women particularly about their shitty scrote boyfriends/husbands, so they lost sympathy for those situations and don't want to coddle them anymore and are telling them to take responsibility for their situation. However now people are being rude and not having empathy for other situations that aren't the persons fault.

No. 990325

I hate grimes with all my soul but "flesh without blood" is my anthem ugh.

No. 990350

She's not that offensive she's just terminally retarded. I love her music and just laugh at how dumb and disappointing she is, it's fine.

No. 990389

Not every artist can be as intelligent as Azalea Banks

No. 990392

File: 1639120707670.jpg (243.66 KB, 1072x881, ~20211210_021424.jpg)

hate when they just be flavoring one processed food like another processed food. this is low rent even for applebee's

No. 990394

That sounds so bad

No. 990401

omg same. also im so sick of the hot cheeto craze

No. 990403

They have no flavor. What in the world is it about them that people like?

No. 990425

File: 1639125810425.jpg (40 KB, 564x559, 170c0d0c3e55d67540ed13d9be8545…)

I sincerely hate the trend of people dropping tell-all google docs every time they're having the slightest amount of petty beef with their peers. What the fuck possesses you to construct a 40-page document with endless amounts of jumbled screenshots from private discussions with no context at all besides some ridiculous "here's them being transphobic!!!" or "here you can see them being ableist!!!!" introduction? Dropping logs of private convos is schizo behavior in the first place, it makes me paranoid to have discussions with people because you never know if they turn out to be crazy bitches willing to dish everything out to win an argument 6 months after it happened. The main problem is that nobody reads all that shit and instead takes it at face value just to join the canceling crowd. People need to learn to settle their stupid drama in private.

No. 990430

I don’t like them but they’re actually addictive. Something in them legit makes people addicted to them, especially the lime ones. My local schools had a ban on them at one point it was so bad lol

No. 990431

>endless amounts of jumbled screenshots from private discussions with no context at all besides some ridiculous "here's them being transphobic!!!" or "here you can see them being ableist!!!!"
I see this in my hobby communities, like how am I supposed to know who this is about or care about this, this is irrelevant to everyone else

No. 990447

For some reason I can't stand the word "cute" to describe somebody over the age of 18, it sounds childish to me. When somebody says they have a cute partner I can't help but think it sounds lame.

No. 990449

'cute' applies to so many things though. and some people are genuinely 'cute' though too? selena gomez is obviously over 18 but is it weird to call her cute? she's the perfect example of someone who is just very cute, not exactly sexy, not classically beautiful (though she's obviously very attractive). some people are just cute.

No. 990452

I personally find neotenous features ugly so I wouldn't call her cute, but that's just me having weird standards I guess.

No. 990454

What other word would you use to describe someone who's attractive in a nonsexual way in a casual discussion? I feel like just saying 'X is attractive' sounds too stiff

No. 990665

I hate it when there's a new piece of technology like 3d rendering, robots, or whatever the fuck, and for some reason the prototype models are either non-humanoid robots or this idealized "sexy but cute" woman. It feels so fucking creepy and i can't unsee how frequent this is. It's like everyone who makes artificial recreations of reality HAS to begin with making retarded looking sex bots. Complete with soft pink lips and fluttering eyes and everything. Wtf.

No. 990693

I read this much
>I hate it when there's a new piece of technology
And I knew exactly where you were going. Agree. Everything quickly becomes about pleasing dicks/attaching more technology to porn to make men coom harder.. better.. faster.. stronger.

No. 990699

Takis and Cheetos seem to be pushed so fucking much

No. 990702

When vr started appearing I knew right away it would be used for pov pron.

No. 990723

I hate christmas gifts, both giving and recieving. I hate how it's become such a stress factor to many people and to see friends and family worry and complain about not finding the right gift for someone or running out of money. I've told everyone who asks me that I don't want gifts, but if they feel like they have to, I'm more than happy with a bar of chocolate or something simple like that. Still, my mom got very passive aggressive with me today and told me that 'I'm just giving you money, but it's not gonna be much, just so you know' and kept reminding me to not expect anything else from her. I told her that I didn't and I was more than happy if she wants to keep it. I regret even telling people that I would be happy with something small. Next year I'm just straight up gonna tell people not to get me anything. At least my friend group don't buy gifts for each other and we instead decide to have dinner or go to an event together as a treat that everyone can enjoy. I wish christmas gifts could be more about things like that.

No. 990733

File: 1639152362404.png (16.29 KB, 853x557, let me in LET ME IN.png)

i hate how addicted i am to mindless browsing. seeing the statistics every day and knowing that i waste like ten hours just bouncing back and forth between websites feels bad man.

No. 990804

what is this app nonnie?? does it work for you?

No. 990805

I FUCKING HATE THE TERM FEMBOY SO MUCH IT'S SO FUCKING RETARDED STOP CALLING EVERYTHING FEMBOY! fuck even just typing this makes me want to vomit. Absolutely hate how popular "femboy" has become even in mainstream fandom spaces. One of my friends (a woman) is super into it too and constantly talks about femdom mommy femboy dommy mommy shit.
It's always hilarious how femboys are portrayed as this boobless young boys with the voluptous hips and ass of a woman. None of the irl femboys have that. They all look like what they really are, twinks with a sissy fetish. I fucking hate femboys and i hate the retarded femboy jokes and the femboy fanarts. Sorry i wasn't sure whether i should put this in this thread or the vent thread.

No. 990806

NYA but I use that on my phone. It’s called Freedom and it blocks apps/websites, it has a subscription but if you get it on sale it’s worth it

No. 990808

File: 1639157324955.png (36.24 KB, 855x335, 7c67fca3dda14d9bbf0aedd5da1047…)

they're called insight, limit and pause! pause was alright, but i quickly got annoyed when i opened multiple tabs at once and i had to wait a few seconds until the pages finally loaded, so i'm not using them anymore. limit is good and lets you set a limit for the websites you want to block after a certain while, but the block can be undone easily. insight basically monitors your browser behavior and how much time you spend on each site. it also displays a little timer in the top right corner of your screen so you can see how much time you spent on the site already. i think they're helpful in that they make you reflect on your usage and give you the brutal truth about your browsing habits. also they only track "active" usage, so when you click on a different tab but still have the site open, it won't track that as actively browsing the site. they sure make me close lc and over websites more often and only check in periodically though because knowing that i spend so much time here makes me want to do other stuff. i think it's best to just try it out and see how it works for you. they're all free on the firefox addon store thingy.

No. 990817

File: 1639157707558.jpg (9.72 KB, 236x238, 6a00d8357f3f2969e201b7c9228f68…)

Christmas gifts should only be for children. I've witnessed grown middle aged men cross their arms and have an attitude about their gift. It's ridiculous as adults to act like this and not just buy whatever crap you want. So many gifts are useless, returned, or just in landfills before spring. The Christmas magic works on kids and they don't have money so we should just leave the gifting for them. But to do be pressured into performative social gifting when most would rather not waste the time or money is so aggravating.

No one understands that I don't want gifts and I don't want to give. So I have to say "let's do a baked goods exchange instead".

No. 990840

I went to a very young niece's birthday last week and helped her unwrap her gifts. It makes me weirdly sad or cringe whenever people give shitty plastic toys to kids. She got a lot of those chinese knockoff barbie with 10 pieces of "clothing" (basically just a bunch of fabric sewn together by some sweatshop worker) i know not everyone in my family can give insane expensive gifts but idk, i hate it when people give kids shitty toys that's not gonna last them a day. I feel like it's less insulting to give a high quality gift, or if i have no money, i make something myself.
My mom does this to my sister's daughter as well. She'll see the absolute shittiest knockoff plastic toy and say "oh we should get this for your niece nonnie" what? why would you waste what little money you have for shitty toys that aren't gonna last a day? what's the fucking point??? i think the consoomer behavior is what pisses me off.

No. 990850

I still gift consumables because I'll be a fucking liar if I say I like spending money on fancy groceries lmao.

Unfortunately I'm still stuck with guilt trying to figure out what to do with my friend's cheapo Shein and Aliexpress junk hauls they dump on me every year as a gift. They need to teach people quality and not quantity, I'd rather have $20 in a decent bottle of wine or a snack than $20 of Chinese fast fashion and accessories I don't want and won't wear.

No. 990853

I keep seeing these kids mystery toys that you dig out of sludge or take out of a mystery capsule.. they're made to be more exciting to open up than to actually own afterwards. You're buying a minute of entertainment and they're not even cheap.

No. 991093

File: 1639176773833.jpg (188.76 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20211210-234114_Twi…)

I hate when people announce on social media that they got their booster shot, especially if they try to be subtle about it but it's painfully obvious that they crave their fellow twitter NPC's approval

No. 991109

i can't wait to get my booster shot too!

No. 991200

shitty thing is, femboy originally basically just meant bishie. so a lot of gay men who were effeminate bit not troons used femboy, as did straight non-troon men who were going for a bishie look (rare but exists). Originally, femboy had nothing to do with hormones and nothing to do with crossdressing. It was just about a softer male aesthetic. At most there was some basic male makeup but not even james charles level.

But then, because trannies have to get their snail slime on everything, a bunch of discordtroons started calling themselves femboys instead of trans because trans is starting to be seen as cringe even by them. But they take hormones, are nasty, and crossdress nastily the way troons do - and they have the same "call me pretty even though im fat & gross" thing that troons do. Theyre not even femboys, because that included being clean groomed and slender, but theyve taken over the word so badly that theres no use.

You see basically the same rhing with twink where cumbrains of all orientations will be like "im a chubby twink uwu" as if thats a thing and they arent just a normal fucking man. Its just larping nasty coomer trannies ruining and debasing every god damn positive word by demanding compliments 24/7 and being unable to let anyone else have anyyhing.

No. 991211

i've never seen a bathtub before (we don't have them in houses here, just hotels mostly), but how big is this guy's bathtub? is he sitting in the sink?

No. 991223

I googled something about being paralyzed and landed on quora because they answered the exact question I was looking for. Scrolling down to related questions and answers because why not. Word for word, just copied: "My girlfriend has recently became paralysed from the waist down. How can I end our relationship without making it seem like it is because of this?", "My wife is paralyzed from the waist down. Would it be wrong to ask her if I can find another women to help out where she can't?", "How can I respectfully break up with my girlfriend who is now confined to a wheelchair?" jfc we need a quora hate thread, though it'd probably overlap with the reddit one quite a bit mentality wise.

No. 991236

The older I get the more I literally cannot understand people who date freshly teenagers. Males and females. I'm 23 and I literally feel sick at the idea of dating someone under 19, even if someone was 20 it's still kinda weird. How would someone in their 20s be able to remotely relate to any 18 yr old at all?? There's literally no planning together and it's a big risk for the younger person. As for looks there's literally not a lot of looks difference between an 18 yr old and a 23 yr old unless the person just neglects themselves. Most of the people I've been friends with since high school look exactly same outside of weight gain or loss, although I feel like with the obsession of glow ups a lot of them look so much better after high school and styled themselves better and take care of themselves better

No. 991240

I agree and as god awful as this is to say it doesn't even make sense to me unless these men were so lazy they always had the girlfriend do everything. Aren't men supposed to be the one moving their hips? As long as the girlfriend is consenting and she hopefully actually gets some form of enjoyment out of the sex why would her legs even need to move? Bet it's just men looking for any excuse to get a different gf as if they deserve 'better'

No. 991246

Plenty of people are very sweet and caring towards their disabled SOs though. I can't lie it is entertaining though to see incels rage when it's disabled men with beautiful girlfriends willing to care for them like "how does he get a hot gf and I can't?!?!?" like idk brad maybe he doesn't ghost her for days on end and send a "you up?" text at 1 am, doesn't talk about other women constantly or nitpick women over stupid things like boob size and skin color. These men actually have to put in effort towards their significant other and treat them like human beings they are in love with, not just little objects for them to use and criticize whenever they want

No. 991251

Wow she is so pretty and stylish damn

No. 991253

File: 1639195100858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 756.1 KB, 2048x1536, EcB-LfPXgAIWduT.jpg)

so in Manhattan, they decided to set up masturbation booths for men called..'GuyFi'. in some parts of the UK, parliamentary members spent taxpayer dollars well and set up public urinals, especially in party districts, which only men can use.

why, fucking why

No. 991254

It's time to commit arson

No. 991255

sorry picrel for the first one too

No. 991256

File: 1639195295039.jpg (115.14 KB, 2000x700, spending money well.jpg)

forgot to attach the pic sorry nonnies

No. 991258

I looked it up and the booth was in 2016 and doesn't exist anymore. Apparently it was a "one-off" just to advertise their sex toy company

No. 991261

ohh, sorry, thought the qz article i read was recent

No. 991268

File: 1639197092574.jpeg (30.58 KB, 600x600, dark-walnut-del-hutson-designs…)

I really hate useless decor. Specifically, useless decor sitting on useless shelving, (or worse, sitting on a perfectly useful end table, rendering it unusable). This picture, it just makes me confused. The objects are too non-descript to be truly loved or cherished by anyone. It's not even something you could look at for a while or admire, it's just nothingness. The lorem ipsum book underneath the fake plant fills me with dread. Put ANYTHING else up for display: a scented candle, a model train, a vintage bottle, a weird thrift store clown you got for $3, a record you love, ANYTHING. Or just use a shelf for what a shelf is for; have it be a useful place that adds storage to your house where you can put jewelry, keys, pens, etc. If you decorate your house like pic rel and it truly fills you with love then power to you, but it just feels so uncozy and impersonal to me. I used to think this kind of thing was only in airbnbs (the kind the owners don't ever live in) but I recently went to my cousins house and everything was decorated like this. Iron basket full of wicker balls, empty vases of varying heights, and of course the framed picture that just says "FAMILY".

No. 991276

my sis decorates like this, NPC-brain word art everywhere. I got her a gag gift, hobby lobby had a decorative canvas with BASIC written on it

No. 991283

File: 1639199832941.jpeg (138.89 KB, 736x974, 7F06179F-9F3A-4D7A-8FBB-04D801…)

I call it Hobby Lobby home decorating.

No. 991286

My genetic double chin

No. 991326

I dislike how many people online are very extreme about their likes in general but one thing that's always bugged me was on the topic of beauty. Its too common for someone online to have a beauty standard he/she fixates on to an abnormal degree where they start to only like very exaggerated examples of that thing they like. Like for example someone who likes muscular dudes only liking extreme macho types, or someone who likes cuteness only thinking kawaii subculture standards and hyper neoteny fits that mode, or someone who likes sexiness but likes plastic surgery bimbo types since it's the most extreme, ECT. It tends to bother me cause a) it's usually a sure sign that the person with this worldview is some mentally ill loser who has self loathing tendencies for whatever reason or b) a complete coomer but also I'm not really sure why more medium or balanced options tend to not be favored on a lot of internet discussions or communities at all. Also it's even worse with people who got their beauty standards from anime/fiction or plastic surgery models on social media.

No. 991362

Dude, yes. Like I already have everything I could need. I don't want anything else.

No. 991438

This video was recommended to me randomly and I've watched it out of interest and to make myself more knowledgeable about the right amount of junk food to eat and what do you know, ana-chans are sperging all over the comment section. They're such attention whores, I hate them so much! I wish they'd just stfu and keep their needless whining to themselves.

No. 991451

only partially related, I get annoyed when girls on tiktok and shit describe guys as "so skinny and pale he looks like he's dying" when its just a regular ass dude whose just slightly thin, no where near being anorexic and just having a normal white skintone
just cause he isn't pudgy or a steroid freak like most scrotes doesn't make him anarexoic and its normal to be attracted to thin, good looking guys of guys but their no where near that thin as tiktok and twitter users make them out to be

No. 991457

Same. I feel so hyper conscious of it that my eyes immediately go to someone’s chin(s) when I meet them.

No. 991475

Yeah, seeing these stupid preteens who think EDs are trendy are so disgusting, I wonder how many people they've made relapse just to brag about how "skinny" they are

No. 991499


Did I ghost write this?

But fucking same right up to the shitty mommy dommy bullshit. I fucking HATE how any well groomed man with nice clothes is considered a "femboy" now like femboys aren't obviously males who engage in a level of crossdressing, purposeful deceitfulness about their gender with implied sexual submission (to gay sex). I don't fucking like any guy being called that if he doesn't look like a macho freak. If he's pretty, but still looks like a guy, just wears better clothes than most men instead of outright women's wear, and usually is at least straight or BI at best, then he's NOT a fucking femboy. reee stop turning (many) straight girl's wet dreams into gay fetish / mommy dommy gender reversal shit ree

No. 991502

I think a lot of that choir Christmas music is solely responsible for seasonal affective disorder. Most Christmas music is depressing as fuck. Winter is depressing. The only good Christmas songs are up tempo fun ones like Paul mccartney and the darkness and some others but the ones there are so many mind numbingly depressing ones.

No. 991510

Online mom lingo like kiddos or hubby and all the Stepford wives acronyms.

No. 991527

You mean like 'DS' darling son or 'DH' darling hubby. That stuff?

I remember ending up on some mommy message boards before because I had a urinary infection and I was looking up tips on how to have sex but not die afterwards. Lots of women were talking about their hisbands having horrible hygiene, initiating sex whenever they wanted without foreplay, using you as a hole, no lube or warming up etc. Calling them darling hubbies while talking about how little a man will do to ease your suffering if his shitty sexual behaviour is infecting and reinfecting you.
> Been on antibiotics 5 times in the last 6 months, running around after the baby, barely have the time to collect my prescription, meds gave me yeast overgrowth, feeling sick from them too, hubby refuses to lay off sex or even be careful to help me out, haha such is the life of a mom, still love my darling hubby

No. 991541

same, I also hate the term "boymom". Somehow online mothers feel superior being a "boymom" the same way a pick-me feels when she says that she is "not like other girls". Fuck all "boymoms" who cream themselves over having a male child tbh your scrote-babies are the new bullies and will develop mommy issues.

No. 991543

the recent rape cases and total uselessness of the police force in Indonesia makes me hate this country even more. What an absolute shithole of a country kek

No. 991546

File: 1639235869758.jpg (65.92 KB, 1078x1081, Tumblr_l_515705819980668.jpg)

Daily reminder that pregnancy is an infection, both physically and mentally, and marriage is negotiated Stockholm syndrome

No. 991553

seeing kids become obsessed with femboys, catboys, or anything that launches them into liking sissy femdom type shit makes me lose faith in the next generation. fucking zoomers and their obsessions with sex jokes and fetishes when they are having less sex than ever is cringe

No. 991560

File: 1639237669452.png (321.32 KB, 735x571, Screenshot (337).png)

people unironically spend money to see a chubby 20 year old male in badly applied make up and an ill fitting maid dress

No. 991561

File: 1639237678261.jpeg (59.9 KB, 615x773, tard.jpeg)

No. 991562


No. 991566

File: 1639238435725.png (515.81 KB, 810x450, the-childrens-place-grahpic-te…)

Parents who make their kids wear shit like this

No. 991572

'Future heart breaker' 'ladies man' 'all the girls want me' anything along those lines pisses me off. It's creepy.

No. 991575

People who write their dumb sob stories in the youtube comments even tho the actual video is completely unrelated. Under any kind of song some dumbass writes: "x family member or friend died and he or she always liked this song." Or under any kind of animal video: "Humans are bad! Animals are better than humans!" Or the comments of any kind of yt influencer: "Your videos help with my depression and anxiety and x-mental illnesses!" No one gives a shit about your dumb sob stories and moralfagging!

No. 991577

same but with the wannabe surfer people

No. 991578

These are only ever acceptable on one being, and that being is Kermit, Jenna Marbles' dog.

No. 991581

moids who think they are patrick bateman and the joker. they missed the point.

No. 991604

I try to have empathy for people but I can't stand this shit. If you want validation, talk to a therapist or a friend. YouTube comments aren't your hug box. And you just know they are only doing it for likes. Wouldn't doubt these stories never even happened

No. 991614

>Your videos help with my depression and anxiety and x-mental illnesses!
This lol. I watch certain small youtubers who stream alot and I can tell a good portion of viewers must be on the lonely side.. but don't announce it.

We're all losers with little to do or we can't work etc if we're investing hours into the type of content I'm talking about. That goes without saying. If everyones trying to cheer up a lil and pretend they have company and then you superchat a long depression based personal sob story.. you're only reminding the rest of the viewers of theirs. Keep it light.

No. 991806

Any recs for streamers? I ragequit everything online except lolcow bc it was too much. But I need some voice in the background while I do chores (that isn't radio).

No. 991824

File: 1639253581595.jpeg (452.56 KB, 1638x2048, 5A70F93D-AE9C-415E-A890-8138DA…)

Nta but I really like Maya Higa. She's a real animal lover and even runs her own sanctuary called Alveus Sanctuary. She does keeping and desktop streams if you're into that.

No. 991873

Loving nature/hiking is a basic bitch hobby most people get into because it looks good on instagram and their tinder profile. How convenient that being in nature takes minimal skill, money, and time, but provides plenty of scenic locations for photographic evidence of being there. You can go for a quick bushwalk once a month and pretend it's your life's passion, nobody can prove you wrong.

I know there are people who are genuinely into hiking and take it seriously but there is NO WAY that could apply to the sheer volume of people I've seen on tinder claiming to love hiking.

No. 991959

File: 1639264669250.jpg (134.95 KB, 1108x606, Untitled.jpg)

disney adults gross me out

No. 991962

i love hiking genuinely, i don't have any social media or use dating apps i just find it so calming and nice to get out and smell the clean air, see beautiful plants and trees and sometimes animals. but i fully agree i hate "hiking blogger" types. last time i went on a hike some group of girls was going thru the trail playing music on a speaker… like what the fuck is wrong with you? no one wants to hear your bullshit out here

No. 991963

Imagine being their kid, probably have some dumb name like Aurora if she was a girl and Flynn Rider Smith if he was a boy

No. 991985


No. 991986

wow, that sounds awesome. good for her.

No. 991988

I thought these people were usually childfree

No. 991995

no, a lot of them have kids.

No. 991996

File: 1639266381660.jpg (69.67 KB, 540x720, e1b74802ba51c78b9e05a708cd0d31…)

Disney obsessed women tend to be a few of the following:


>wear LuLaRoe and other ugly MLM garb
>hate media that has too much complexity, subtleties or realism (omg that way too saaaad! Or omg this show is so boring??)
>choir or theatre kid
>gummy smile

I have also observed that the Disney Woman tends to overlap with Bath and Body Works Hoarder Woman, pic related

No. 991999

File: 1639266531060.png (48.45 KB, 588x222, o978.png)

There are a million things to attack Nancy Reagan over, but the fact men always jump on the fact that she was promiscuous says so, so much. Fuck breadtube/leftists who just hate women but get the social pass of being ~totally feminists~. Hasan's biggest donations I'm pretty sure have all been to pornstars. I don't know who falls for these guys being feminists. Vaush constantly calling JK Rowling a bitch for example, him verbally oggling Abigail Shapiro on stream. Also Vaush (and all of lefttube) saying it's transphobic to have genital preference. They all just hate women, deeply and viscerally.

No. 992005

the reason why this caught wind is specifically because Classically Abby tried memeing Reagan and Madonna, claiming Reagan was classy conservative woman and Madonna is a dirty dirty whore, only to have it turn out that Nancy Reagan was known for being promiscuous and giving lots of head. it's pretty funny tbh. suck all the dicks you like, who cares, but the idea that she nancy was a modest classy woman is untrue and it's funny. she was also a huge bag of shit.

No. 992018

I know, I saw the original tweet and the notion is preposterous but I still don't get a good feeling at all from any of the replies. I'm not trying to defend Nancy Reagan either but it's just gross to read all the "GLUKGLUKGLUK" "throat goat" "succ queen" comments. It's this gross fixation on the action in a sexist and objectifying way. It is 100% the case that male politicians who are notorious for getting their rocks off (in actual degenerate ways) do not get the same scale reaction.

No. 992021

i agree to an extent, definitely. the OTT, too descriptive nicknames are unfunny though for sure. i think in this specific moment a fair bit of the mockery does come from abby's stupid tweet but yeah men don't receive as much criticism, if barely any at all. the most recently notable imo being katie hill. she got a lot of shit for her sex life and lost a suit that she should have won. it was absolutely revenge porn and yet SHE had to pay the daily mail. so totally fucked. she shouldn't have resigned out of principle as well.

No. 992040

File: 1639269724947.jpg (70.91 KB, 1075x1095, 1b01836bde1e7f21b7812d776b3d00…)

lmaooo this is so accurate

also they're always tinkerbell stans

No. 992045

And Ariel skinwalkers

No. 992047

You sound sweet nonnie

No. 992051

It's fine to not like anime, but people who complain about it constantly on imageboards I'll never understand. It's been a part of imageboard culture and always will be.

No. 992061

It's been like that for literal years, I used to post in vent threads years ago and every reply was something aggressive or some form of 'you're a dumb bitch and it was your fault'. Why are you surprised anymore?

No. 992097

do you mean re: hair color? somehow all the girls/women who dye their hair bright red are crazy and obnoxious. i wish i knew why.

No. 992104

It's even worse recently though

No. 992154

File: 1639279613538.png (324.46 KB, 720x710, nonbinary1.png)

Kate Leth comics

No. 992168

you mean this is not a parody???

No. 992170

A woman can't buy a power drill without legally being pronounced nonbinary

No. 992186

It is truly so funny that you're mad about this

No. 992212

I hate how "cheese pizza" became a euphemism for cp, I work at a pizza place and now every time someone orders a cheese pizza it immediately makes me think of child porn

No. 992234

Where on earth do you hang out where that's a common euphemism?? 4chan? I've never heard that aside from references to pizzagate.

No. 992278

I've seen it used on lolcow more than a few times

No. 992357

People who don't understand that small, meaningless lies and half truths are a part of life and who morally grandstand over little white lies and inconsequential, unimportant lies as if it's the biggest deal ever. It's a part of life and there are tons of reasons why people have to do it. Do you guys ever encounter these type of people? These "WELL, I NEVER lie" people are so fucking annoying.

No. 992359

I hate these outfits and I also hate the opposite spectrum of kids clothes as well where they dress them in terracotta, sage, mustard and neutral greys/beige. Which is fine once on a while, but these parents refuse to dress their kids in anything but neutral and hate colourful toys and clothes. They say its a Montessori thing but its super obvious its because they are fixated on an aesthetic

No. 992360

I hate even telling white lies but unfortunately you have to sometimes. Like when people ask "how are you". Do customers and my coworkers really want to know I was just having a mental breakdown in my car less than an hour ago? I don't think so

Kiddo and hubby have been around long before the internet.

No. 992371

It just means they're sheltered and never had to lie to survive.

I've lied about being a different nationality than I am so many times it's not even funny. Did I want to? Hell no, but I like being treated like a human being more than I like where I come from so lying it is.

When some of my friends from Western countries found out, they chided me and said it's sad and that I should be proud of my roots. Bitch, do you think I'm doing this out of shame and not because I'll get shunned and told the nastiest shit to my face? Crazy.

No. 992410

I fucking hate children and feel no empathy towards these annoying little fucks.

No. 992411

My white lies are basically always about saving feelings, being considerate, not boring the hell out of someone by genuinely telling them 'how I'm doing' I'll put a positive spin on things so as not to drag the mood down. I think that's what most others do too. I've known (usually actual tists or mentally ill people) who are so far gone that they lose that filter and insult people and are painful to make small talk with. Like I'm ill too but the day I get like that just lock me away in solitude.

No. 992432

Oh my god yes, I know both of those types so well. The shitty graphic tee moms are a little less annoying imo because at least they won't chimp out if you buy their kid a fun plastic toy instead of a boring wooden one.

No. 992433

File: 1639313528588.png (505 KB, 1185x699, Screenshot (343).png)

Does she not realize how fucky cringy this is, also why do they have to make racial discussions weird

No. 992455

When people screenshot and share funny inside jokes that their partner messaged them. Keep your chats private. It takes all the funny/cutesy energy out of it when you have to show other people like 'look guys we joke around in texts'

Same with people who create a display of all the gifts they got and the card and the flowers and who thank their beau through a public post. You live with them… they're right there to thank lol

No. 992470

This is how you get Ted Bundy'd.

No. 992476

When people do this it just makes me think that it's a cope and their partner doesn't care about them that much. I never see this from normal happy couples, always girls trying to win over their fuck buddy who clearly isn't into them or women with awful husbands. Both the gifts and the screenshots.

No. 992495

I think when I was 19 I took a pic of my valentines day roses. It was the first time I'd ever gotten flowers from anyone.. Funny thing is I don't like flowers at all. I have weirdly strong feelings about flowers. I don't automatically love them just because I'm a woman. I'm pretty sure I told him that early on too. I still took a pic and was all gushy but it's weird to look back on now. I didn't even own a vase to put them in because.. why would I? We were living together. He knew this stuff already. Later in the day I think he picked up on me being quiet and he remembered. A last minute teddy bear was then bought.

No other man has bought me flowers since, in my eyes a man who knows not to get me them is more tuned in to me and I appreciate when men don't just grab 'lazy default female gift' and forget what you actually like.. and dislike.

No. 992500

No matter how pretty, they always wilt and rot, why would I keep a dying thing on my counter? Creepy.

No. 992505

I feel the same way. My mom always loved them, she'd feel all cheerful and appreciated when she got them so I've gifted them to her before but I'll never feel all fuzzy from flowers myself.

No. 992522

I agree. No one is laughing at your inside jokes. Trying to show them off makes you look insecure and desperate for validation

No. 992523

File: 1639323267472.png (225.04 KB, 732x698, Untitled.png)

'ate men, simple as

No. 992533

i never heard this term before but slightly related: i always feel weird when japanese artists have "CP" in their bio, it stands for character pairing - so ships - but i'm always taken aback for a second.

No. 992543

Men: It's so important that you be attracted to your partner, like soo important that they be exactly what you want in terms of looks, it's the only way you'll work out, sorry that's just how biology is, natures way, can't argue with that, me wanting all this is purely nature, blah blah

Until a woman says she wants her man to be tall or still have hair on his head. B-but men can't help those things… Yeah women don't get to choose our genes either ffs.