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File: 1637824168083.gif (7.39 MB, 540x400, 03F7BA06-58E1-4AFA-AF35-DCAB38…)

No. 977666

Take out your matches and burn what left of what have been weighting you down.

Previous: >>>/ot/969847

No. 977667

hey OP here, first time making replacement vent thread. Hope this one is sufficient enough

No. 977670

It's good, I like the gif

No. 977672

A new one was created hours ago. But I do like this pic better than the other.

No. 977674

can anyone who has been following or recently caught up on the pixie thread tell me WHY some weird autist has been posting these creepily detailed and identical posts regarding DID for FIVE YEARS

bitch i was trying to read some garbled efagz in my old livejournal feed five years ago and you are posting verbatim shit in MULTIPLE THREADS FOR YEARS????

someone please help them i am so confused and yes she sucks but like girl get a job

No. 977675

WE GET IT DID ISN'T REAL BUT YOUR WEIRD OBSESSION WITH POSTING LITERAL BLOGS ABOUT IT IS SO WEIRD you are a cow who are you i'm sure you orbit her bc no one is this obsessive and weird without being a cow themselves

No. 977677

last rant who is the fuckina nonna who keeps bolding things bitch this isn't livejournal, same with the nonna who keeps spolilering EVERything it's not cute you're annoying

have a blessed day

No. 977678

I love this gif, so powerful

No. 977680

File: 1637825183716.jpeg (54.72 KB, 623x460, BD1EAE94-1F89-4AF8-A50E-2972BD…)

Thank you anon the superior thread pic I can now vent without bad vibes

No. 977683

File: 1637825529885.gif (3.41 MB, 540x300, 024E51F5-3742-4C12-AB89-982333…)

Im always reminded of waiting to exhale when I see a burning car.
I’m mad that I didn’t braid my hair. I washed it and everything but I couldn’t be bothered to braid it down. Now my hair shrunk and it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to de tangle. But I wanted to be a lazy bum and now look at me bald headed and on lolcow

No. 977686

My friend changed so much. She was just a normal (spoiled) young woman being into certain celebrities and all but now she's an obnoxious libfem who is dying to be a ~qweer~ hypersexual goth girl. The only thing that's really stopping her is her insecurities about her weight and all. I can't talk about anything with her anymore. She knows i'm gender critical and she was somewhat respectful of that and i never judged her for her views and choices either but now that she has found herself these overly sexual, attention seeking sjw type of friends she now proudly acts like them. A few days ago she posted something mocking jk rowling for getting doxxed and I was like wow im really friends with these kinds of ppl. It's like she never really cared about feminism in the first place and just wanted the image, it's like an accessory to her.At least now she stopped pretending to care about women. And it's always ALWAYS the wealthy, bored, sheltered middle class young women with a good, healthy upbringing istg.

No. 977688

do twists while you're laying in bed? d

No. 977694

I hate scrotes. They literally make no fucking sense. They generally love manipulative women and even condition women to become manipulative. It's like a weird kink they have. Then they complain women are so manipulative and horrible and take their money away but when you try being entirely genuine with them and honest they start gaslighting you and literally manipulating you into manipulating them. Men cannot put up with uncensored real women that do not hide behind any sort of persona and when they do they become entitled towards the women that drop the facade. They become entitled and force those women to wear a mask and be fake. Then they start complaining about how modern women are ruined and horrible and manipulative so on and so on. They only respect and treat you like human if you manipulate them and keep them under your belt

No. 977698

File: 1637827761332.jpg (72.16 KB, 752x600, 752px-Hell,_California.jpg)

Fuck the Supreme Court's ruling on this. "Prohibits imposing the death penalty for the rape of a child in cases where the victim did not die and death was not intended." Not allowed to kill child rapists. FUCK THE SUPREME COURT FOR THIS SELFISH RULING. I bet not a single one of them has ever been through child abuse, or been molested (or worse). I can't even fathom why they thought the child rapist deserved to have his rights upheld. The world would be a much less hellish place for children if these stains on society were wiped out. But no, according to the court, "[t]he death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child." Fuck all of them.

No. 977701

I LOVE THE THREAD GIF! What film is it from?

No. 977703

I have horrible cramps and I feel like I’m fucking dying I took two Midol and four Motrin I feel like I’m fucking dying help me save me

No. 977706

Hot shower or bath if possible? Heating pad? Anything warm really helps. Stretching and breathing too. Feel better nonnie

No. 977709

File: 1637829995099.jpeg (456.38 KB, 1125x823, E1342892-0458-42FF-8BBA-6302B1…)

Happy to see anons like this gif!
This is from the video / short film "Sweet William" From Brooks Reynolds

Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/353991610

No. 977713

Isn't it related to pedos just killing their victims more if being found out means the electric chair? I've seen an argument like this, I think for a similar case (not 100% sure though)

No. 977738

Yet again I fucked myself over by my own imagination and idealization tendencies. Developed a crush on a coworker, felt like he was interested in me too, then talked to him today and he blew me off after 10 minutes. I fucking hate myself and crying right now. Why the fuck I keep doing this. This has been a pattern for forever. I hype up something in my brain only for reality to slap me in the fucking face

No. 977755

great threadpic OP

No. 977774

File: 1637843392428.jpg (34.28 KB, 567x346, c53080cb2fbfccf2d3d495e81967e3…)

I just remembered that I filled a maths test paper enterily with nonsensical doodles and variations of "I don't know"/"I don't get it" and then gave it to my maths teacher. This was about 11th class, around a year before my A-Level/high school graduation. Back then I barely gave a shit because I was a desperate and depressed mess.
But thinking about it now I can't stop cringing, he must've felt so disrespected and probably told the entire teacher staff about it. I don't know why my memory is bad but when it comes to The Cringe, I always end up remembering.
Kill me

No. 977788

I did very similar things but instead of being embarrassed, I'm disappointed that the teacher didn't care enough to have a real conversation with me about it. If a kid does that it's their responsibility to check that everything is alright and in my case he didn't even try a little. No reason to feel shame or cringe imo

No. 977796

Two consecutive nightmares? damn i should sleep earlier, this is getting out of hand

No. 977809

I'm so sorry to hear this anon! I am in the same boat regarding idealization but I quickly learnt that having crushes never pays off. Better let them come to you and all that, scrotes don't deserve us crying over them

No. 977814

Why again another thread you betches are too whiny about thread pics

No. 977816

I'm so tired and stressed all the time. I'm also losing my hair, every time I run through my scalp dozens come off. I hope for eternal sleep I don't know if I can keep this up anymore

No. 977818

I designed and knit one glove, now I have to sew in like 40 strings and knit the second one and all the motivation just flew out of me like air from a popped balloon. Fuck

No. 977820

i think >>977788 is right, the teacher should have talked to you anout it.
and really, it' s normal to be cringe at that age. i shudder to think of how insufferable i was aged 14-17, and i didn't even have mental health as an excuse.

you were a depressed kid, you did thigs kids do whe they're crying out for help, there's no shame in it.

No. 977826

I’m annoyed, I really want to write those stories I got in my mind, but it’s always wrong and shit, or nobody even understands what I was trying to say. Hell, nobody understands what the fuck I’m trying to say on my daily life. I feel like I’m speaking in a weird language and like nobody will ever want to read whatever I’m writing. And sometimes I’m like, okay, I will write and just hope for it to be translated in fucking human in the future, but I feel discouraged because I’m retarded and I will never be able to be good at anything.
I just wish I was like those bigbrained authors who wrote some cool shit and are adored nowadays, and who just wrote whatever they wanted and that’s it. Maybe I’m not the right kind of privileged person, I never had any particular struggles that I could use as inspiration to write something groundbreaking, I also have a shit memory and a weird way to process shit that everyone makes fun of, so it’s not like I can write about my travels or be properly inspired by them like other authors because again, I’m a fucking retard.
Seriously, I wish I didn’t want to do art shit because I’m shit at it, and I wish I could just transfer my ideas to someone else’s brain so they could just do it and so I didn’t have to think about them anymore, I want to be a normie who only cares about paying taxes and going on funny vacations to some funky malls or nightclubs, and who doesn’t give a fuck about art or cultural bullshit or history.
I wish I was an extreme ignorant and not some soft ignorant.

No. 977840

It's looked at so many times, some of them for months and help people find a thread easily. People who don't care shouldn't make the threads then

No. 977841

I am the same but could never express it properly. I hate liking art, hate wanting to be good at it. Wish I could just give up writing forever and not care anymore.

No. 977857

I've lost eyesight in my left eye again. I'm so pissed that I don't have money for new glasses, but also am I going to go fucking blind in a few more years?? Just stop. I can't fucking see anything without glasses already, they're so thick and ugly as fuck too.

No. 977861

Boyfriend's mom made breakfast… on Thanksgiving when we're eating at 2pm. Makes no sense to me.

Also I'm slightly annoyed. She's a nice woman, very sweet but she doesn't take no for an answer. she wants to help TOO much. Last night I requested we wait for our floor mattress to be laid out and my boyfriend told her to wait too, and she just kept talking and started ripping it open as if we didn't say anything. She's a bit ESL but still have lived here her whole life. Doesn't matter tho like… she just… doesn't listen and it makes me uncomfortable.

No. 977862

I want to get laid but all the men interested via online dating are weirdo uggos and the only other men I'm in close proximity with I work with and I could not be fucked with that situation. I'm so sick of covid and the world. I'm never going to have a one night stand or meet someone ever again.

No. 977863

My abuser just got promoted in a company I initially really wanted to work at. I can't tell anyone that knows him about what he did to me. I know I shouldn't expect anything, but shit is so unfair sometimes. Thinking another girl could be suffering in his hands is what makes me regret not saying anything at the time. I am doing better than ever now, but I still naively hoped some karma would get to him. Oh well…

No. 977872

I remember one of my classmates in Geometry doing this on her math test. I noticed our teacher wrote on her paper to talk to her after class, but knowing that teacher was a nice lady I like to think that girl got the support she needed. I wouldn't worry too much, anon. I think it's not too rare for students to do that now and then.

No. 977881

>a bit ESL
a bit? ESL is ESL forever right lol

No. 977925

Do they play video games, FF14 in particular?

I'm in a similar situation, except without therapy and with a soul crushing dead end job. I hate it and I don't know what to do about it. Working is the worst thing, it saps all my energy and I can't deal with all the other things I should do to become less isolated, but without a job I can't sustain myself.

No. 977951

File: 1637867456243.jpg (45.95 KB, 1023x633, depositphotos_129360468-stock-…)

I finally acknowledged that I have an Internet addiction and been trying to take steps to get over it and I didn't expect it to be this hard. I have been trying to form habits other than just mindlessly scrolling but even if I force myself to go for a walk, I can only think of what I would Google and the pages I'd visit. The hardest thing is just to decide what to do in a way…? Like it's always been an automatic reflex to just browse the Internet and now I actually have to decide and take responsibility for my time and what I'm going to do with it and it's just fucking scary in a way. Also trying to figure out what exactly have I been substituting with it

No. 977990

have been searching for a job for the past 3 months or so, but the job situation in my city is horrible that most places get so many applications that they never even bother to read mine/answer to me. its so frustrating and annoying, i just really want money ok

No. 978045

File: 1637874880187.jpg (32.88 KB, 900x341, the feudal lord relationship.j…)

Recent talk about teachers in here and another thread made me remember when my history teacher asked specifically for me to read my essay explaining the feudal system in front of the entire class. When I refused she asked another girl to read my fucking essay. For context, I was known not only by this teacher but also by others to bullshit my assignments or never even start them and I had really bad grades in her classes (she also taught geography), so this made me think that she did it on purpose to humiliate me in front of the entire class, because I remember after the girl finished reading the teacher didn't even hid her surprise when she went like "huh, that's entirely correct." She probably thought I didn't want to read it because it was wrong.. which she is right, I actually thought it was wrong kek because I did as usual bullshit that assignment, just writing shit I thought I might have heard her saying in class instead of getting the book and reading it before writing that crap, but damn, 10+ years later I still fucking hate her for trying to pull that.

No. 978050

File: 1637875039110.gif (71.95 KB, 250x144, R.a372837196b216e8b47d9ad2009b…)

I still don't get that LoK post.

No. 978052

ah yes, the typical relationship; a handmaiden and a feudal lord. Good meme

No. 978058

File: 1637875859698.jpeg (724.69 KB, 1242x800, 7174E624-8D9D-479F-8759-9E2BF6…)

some toothless crackhead stole my e scooter and is enjoying my hours of labour that paid for it, probably

literally fuck all addicts, subhumans with no morals. they are an underclass who are incompatible with civilised society

No. 978061

File: 1637876115685.png (207.88 KB, 608x1633, spiffingly.png)

i hate aesthetics.

No. 978077

>& one of those days you'll be fluent!

No. 978078

>Learn to raise one eyebrow
bunch of dreamworks looking bitches

No. 978086

I miss when kids used to be emo and just crash the mall

No. 978104

same. i miss when girls wanted to be like complicated era avril lavigne and not like a bunch of performative dumbasses.

No. 978109

The people online bashing others for enjoying thanksgiving can fuck off. No one is celebrating thanksgiving as a day against native people. I’m Ojibwe and just want to spend time with my family and eat good food. It’s 2021 not 1621.

No. 978112

This Thanksgiving my mother in law went into my bedroom and bathroom without permission while I was cooking. It normally wouldn't be such a huge deal except I had a bunch of positive pregnancy tests laying around. I feel annoyed, embarrassed and anxious. My husband and I haven't told anyone and weren't planning on telling anyone until 12 weeks (I'm only 7 now), but now she knows.

No. 978113

Why would you keep your pee sticks just lying around? Put that shit away kek

No. 978131

My boyfriend has a lot of work to do. Tonight I suggested getting takeaway and watching a movie since he has free time this evening. He said no, he cant afford the £6 half of a pizza. Instead, he goes out with his friends to a pub that charges about £5 a pint. I feel bad for being pissed, he hasnt got to see his friends in a while. But he asked me if I wanted to do anything tonight, so for him to bail as soon as his friends want to hang out kind of sucks.

No. 978135

I'm sorry, anon. I dislike the whole guy culture around going out to a pub with friends so I'm biased, but what a shitty thing of your bf to do. If I was your friend I'd offer to come over and buy us a large pizza each and watch whatever movie you'd like. Hope you make it a nice evening for yourself, anon!

No. 978137

so youre just going to let him treat you like that? I know youre not going to dump him, so set something up he's really into it then bail last minute to hang out with a friend. You have to train men like dogs if you insist on being with a low value one

No. 978149

I only do this online but I have a habit of getting a deep crush on men online and talking to them on a deep level until I find another man and do that again. I can't help but find and see the faults in them and I'm instantly turned off. Why do I keep developing these deep crushes? Right now I have a guy that really likes me but I started dislking him because he's a sexist and I'm talking to another guy secretly. I feel so fucked up but I don't know if I can ever hold a relationship if this keeps happening. Fuck.

No. 978166

I feel so sad for my mother in law because she is on a verge of losing her job while taking care of all food expenses and rent, living with a pet, her own mother and a daughter that is the laziest piece of shit you could ever meet. I can't imagine how you can be a 28 year old woman who had a job only for 3 months (hysterically quit it even though it was offered by her own friend), LARPing and claiming that women should never had a job or education while sitting your ass playing video games all the time. My heart breaks out of worry for how the things will go for this old lady. I can't believe it people can be so selfish even towards their own family, it makes me so mad. I remember I had to work as a teenager and my grandmother kept providing the money in family despite having health issues, it only reminds me of that. I wish I could help mother in law because she deserves it.

No. 978179

For the last few days I've I've been super nauseous ever since my tooth broke.i made a dental appointment but it's not for a week. I got sick of feeling like shit to the point where I went to urgent care (plus my tooth started hurting a day later.) I was so fucking exhausted from not sleeping and feeling sick that I forgot my mask. I rarely leave my house other then to take my dog outside so I'm kicking myself. Especially after another person there to see a doctor said they had to have a covid test done. Now I'm paranoid I have it and I can't tell if I'm having symptoms because I actually have it or if I'm just super fucking stressed/dealing with antibiotic side effects. I also live with my elderly mother so I'm really gonna hate myself if I have it. Idk what to do. Might go back there tomorrow and ask for a rapid covid test but I also worry it'll be a false negative since that's apparently a thing that can happen.

No. 978197

Doesn’t sound like covid. Your teeth can fuck you up a lot more than expected and if your tooth broke, there could be an infection and that’s why you’re feeling this way. Nausea isn’t really a huge factor in covid.

No. 978199

File: 1637890121226.jpg (39.47 KB, 640x800, n8annpbznr731.jpg)

are you okay nonna?

No. 978201

felt kinda shit so i ate a shit tonne of chocolate last night and my farts stink so bad now :(

No. 978204

if it's any consolation you've made my dreadful night a bit better with a laugh, thank you nonita. i hope your stinky farts clear up soon and you're free from stomach aches.

No. 978205

I laughed hard and loud at this

No. 978218

File: 1637895320091.jpg (78.51 KB, 577x1024, CE6jJMlUgAAoLHy.jpg)

I wish I were more of 'unique' looking beauty. I get told a lot everywhere I go that I look like someone they've seen/known and it makes me feel like I'm very generic? I guess I should just be grateful that I'm at least average and not ugly..

No. 978221

Every time I ran a Before & After Plastic Surgery Page, Instagram deletes it.

Instagram allows PorhnHUb to keep their page running but exposing IG models is violating terms and conditions? Fuck social media.

No. 978227

idk I'm always wondering if people are lying when they say I'm beautiful even though it happens a lot and when people tell me I'm ugly I accept it as fact. I always wondered how it would feel to blend into a crowd or know that someone thinks I'm attractive because it's a simple fact, not a matter of taste.

No. 978233

File: 1637896837800.jpeg (183.56 KB, 750x794, ur in ur 20s lol.jpeg)

I feel like I've downgraded since 2017. I haven't been in school consistently, I lost contact with all my friends, no degree, and I'm a borderline NEET. I've never been in a relationship nor have I lost my virginity and I'm 25 in a few months. I always thought my 20s would be fun but they've been my most miserable period in my life. Therapy hasn't been much help for me, either.

I think it started when I got kicked out of the IB program in high school, and then I had to repeat the 12th grade. I managed to get to university but never made any friends or got an internship but my mom pulled me out in a failed attempt to get an American visa. I returned in late 2019 and then had serious trouble adjusting to school. I work retail and I hate it. I feel stuck mentally as a teenager while life passes me by.

I want real honest advice.

No. 978236

might be the lactose?

No. 978241


Romantic relationships aren't as important as people make it to be.
Also when you're desperate to find someone to be with while you're down in the dumps you tend to settle for less or it attracts a lot of predatory people.

Early 20s is a transition period for a lot of us. I'd say just focus on your savings and network with as many people as you can. I've started joining local Facebook groups to try and find people who aren't into the same activities as me (hiking, sports, skating etc.) Bumble has a friend making section too where I've met 3 people that I've hung out with in person. There's also Meet-up.

No. 978242


Forget the whole Meet-Up and Bumble suggestion since you don't live in America. But I'm sure there are still other ways you can meet new people where you live. I totally understand how you feel, I'm almost the same age as you but I still feel mentally a teenager. I wasted most of my year when I was 21 being a NEET and it was one of the worst times of my life.

Then I moved to a big city all by myself and things have been steadily getting better. I have no degree but managed to get a job that paid $18 per hour and worked full time. Went on a few hikes and roadtrips with coworkers and people I've met through the internet.

No. 978245

Most of the Meet-up stuff is only online for now, but I can try. I use Discord and Clubhouse, but I'm not very social on either. I kinda miss talking to real people

No. 978249

Depends on your city I guess. I went on 2 Meet-ups that would meet at parking lot and go carpool to hike somewhere. Though I guess most people aren't as comfortable with talking or meeting strangers face to face right away.

No. 978260

I hate that "look" I get when I talk at family gatherings, the too long stare and silence, like I'm doing something so horrible. Fuck you I'm so done with talking. I want to pretend to be mute.

No. 978269

File: 1637902495866.png (4.66 KB, 791x109, dfsdhdykuhgfdsfhk.png)

I'm trying to look up images for a project but google is down and duckduckgo won't display the image tab? What the fuck is going on?

No. 978271

nvm it's not down it's only my firefox browser. Still annoying though.

No. 978275

People with EDs are so insecure it's almost funny

No. 978283

I tell my dad how much I miss him, he tells me about the shit he took.

What is wrong with men?

No. 978317

File: 1637915612626.jpg (13.2 KB, 180x220, 1534518764349.jpg)

had a long vent typed up about the woes of being broke (or rather, having a little over 7k in my bank account, tons of shit i need to buy, and no inward cash flow atm) but i will sum it all out with this: please let me win the fucking lottery

No. 978318

while i'm here: why the fuck didn't i sell my stocks earlier? why did i buy out of gamestop so early? kill me

No. 978323

File: 1637917324831.png (262.67 KB, 534x354, 5476757585874663755635.png)

Had a visit by a nutritionist yesterday and the outcome wasn't what I expected it to be, despite I was weighing every gram of food I ate for a month. Yes I was on my period and my weight can fluctuate like the doctor said and yes, body recomposition is a matter of patience and being constant, but the more I approach myself to healthy lifestyles the more I am disappointed wth my old self for my poor life choices. I am angry because I may have destroyed my thyroid with 10 years of eating disorders, or maybe it's unlucky genetics too since my mom has slow metabolism and early menopause. I'm not even in my 30s, I can't even imagine what would happen after.
Can't stand the fact I have to struggle more in these fields than an average person, it's frustrating.
Apologies for my broken english

No. 978325

Depression fucking sucks.
I haven't been sleeping well, whenever I sleep I have nightmares and wake up in the middle of the dawn, I don't eat well either because food tastes bland, at school I can't concentrate at all and I feel so restless. I often think that I'm gonna die soon. I don't want to die, but I feel like a burden to people around me.
I've told my boyfriend couple times that I've been feeling depressed, and he tries to be supportive but I am certain he doesn't understand at all and just thinks I'm a bum. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I feel like he secretly judges me and compares me to this other blue hair bipolar chick that used to emotional dump on him.
I can't really express my feelings to my therapist either, because when I tell her I'm depressed she either: a) recommend that I talk to the nurse practitioner (the one in charge of prescribing medications), or b) ask what I'm doing to improve the situation.
Fucking hell. I probably am a bum.
I don't want to go on medication because I don't want to raise any concerns with my parents who probably think my depression magically disappeared after a year. Plus I just feel iffy about antidepressants in general because I've heard horror stories about people experiencing extreme side effects from long term antidepressant use.
I'm almost at 1 year mark with my boyfriend and I feel the urge to run away and start fresh new with someone who doesn't know about my depression and won't think of me as some whiny and emotionally unstable bitch, but I know running away won't solve anything and a good guy like him is hard to come by.
Welp, I'll just keep distracting myself with weed and pretend to be happy till weather gets warmer and I actually start to feel okay.

No. 978326

Was it supposed to be a subtle change of topic? That's both sad and funny

No. 978328

There's so much work to do for uni… It's all laid out, so it's not like I don't know where to start, I just don't want to do it. It's so demotivating to think about how there's going to be even more once I'm done with this. It never ends, I just want to relax already

No. 978337

i don't know nonny but my shits have been pretty frequent today.

No. 978343

null simps make me want to a-log

No. 978349

wouldn't go that far but yeah. can't you simp for a fictional unwashed basement dweller? why would you want to blow smoke up his ass

No. 978353

Same. I just want to be done with it already. It started out as hard difficulty and now it's straight up nightmare difficulty. And I also always get sick when I need to study the most.

No. 978354

File: 1637924453264.jpeg (104 KB, 779x900, 1608866459848.jpeg)

I just witnessed my neighbors abusing their dog, and it's not even the first time. They have a tiny Labrador puppy and three young daughters that keep abusing the shit out of it. Just before writing this I saw one of them yanking it's leash really hard, picked it up and dropped it and then proceeded to fucking slap it. Either the parents are oblivious to this or just don't care. What can I do? It feels a little wrong to call the police on like a six year old girl.

No. 978355

I'm still annoyed about yesterday. Just what I needed after all my stress lately a surprise mean girl around criticizing our cooking and traditions and starting weird arguments when I'm just trying to relax with my family. Usually cherish that time but I left early she honestly ruined the vibe

No. 978357

I never know whether it's eating disorder or erectile disfuntion.

No. 978363

I wish I knew how stocks worked

No. 978368

The parents are probably the kind that can't be bothered to actually care and entertain their daughters so they bought the dog as a toy. Definitely report it if it gets bad, they're children but three of them can harm a puppy just fine.

No. 978423

File: 1637936883902.jpeg (10.57 KB, 300x292, images (44).jpeg)

Nonnies, have any of you had to stop playing a game because even though you enjoy it, you just couldn't suppress your rage once you keep losing? I agree, This is severely immature and childish. I haven't played this game for years and I now have it once again. I played it, and my rage hasn't went away. Is it really better if I don't play it ever again? My day was going so great and it got fucking ruined by some pixels.

No. 978427

I ragequit shadow of the colossus because I couldn't control the horse. That was ps2 version. Haven't touched that game since.

No. 978428

This is tragic anon, you have to try to pick it back up again! If you're talking about the times you're looking for a colossus, Agro actually auto steers and you just have to occasionally nudge her in the right direction. She's a good horse I promise, but I understand your frustration.

No. 978429

You're not controlling the horse, you're controlling Wander riding the horse. Once you realize that and act accordingly the horse riding becomes much less infuriating. Also what >>978428 said.

No. 978430

File: 1637938228286.jpeg (287.05 KB, 1236x1684, F3517A8D-C663-4F76-A042-4C5860…)

When I played Suikoden V I really wanted to recruit Shigure but at some point I missed a required interaction. I wound up quitting after I found out he couldn’t join my party and I had already sunk so much time in the game I didn’t want to replay it either.

No. 978431

Kind of hate how expensive hoodies are now

No. 978432

I actually didn't go far, the horse took all my anger
My mom played the game after I gave up, she finished it (she loved it, wouldn't shut up about how amazing and fun it was for months). I'll buy a ps4 next year hopefully and might buy this game and try again.
Ok.. so there goes my hopes they fixed it in the remake lmao

No. 978434

I joined what I thought was a discord to talk about art/for artists, nah everyone there is actually an art collector with shit taste. You know those reddit consoomer freaks with the ugly ass funkopops? Imagine this but instead they're dropping like between 1-20k even at min for some of the fugliest pieces of works I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. And they foam at the mouth when they get released in different colours even, even though they already like own it in 5 different shades. I don't even think they like half the work they're hoarding fucking losers

No. 978436

Your mom has amazing taste anon, just another sign that you should give it another go. Good luck! I spent so much time just exploring the land and catching lizards. It's such a beautiful world that Wander gets to explore.

No. 978438

wow nice legs

No. 978450

File: 1637940058085.jpg (9.99 KB, 275x275, 1637120491195.jpg)

Can an anon kick my ass and help give me the motivation to sort my finances out? I'm in debt and keep spending money to fill a void right now. I keep using afterpay and klarna as well, which is just proving expensive. Can an anon basically just tell me to do get my shit together cause I won't listen to my bf

No. 978454

80 bucks for a hoodie because it has a YTV logo on it, come oooon, gimmie a break!

No. 978461

I quit Shadow of The Colossus bfor the same reasons. Also fighting was tedious, it was not action-filled or anything, you just have to tediously climb shit or tediously run back and forward. The controls were horrid, not responding the way they normally do in games, not precise and exact at all. Ps4 version.

No. 978462

I'm just going to complain here.

Since regular sex with a new guy I keep getting infections. We're sexually exclusive, he's been STD tested, he washes, disinfects, uses mouthwash and showers immediately before sex, along with always using condoms and limiting sex to 2x a day at most. You'd think he's dirty or something, but all my previous partners never caused infections, and they didn't take those preventative measures. I'm sad that I need to consider stopping seeing him due to this. I also got my first UTI I guess from sex with him.

Also, my days are too busy. I work standard hours, no big commute, yet I finish with my days business at around 10pm. I'm not sure if it's because I'm an immigrant dealing with general beaurocracy or because I don't have a dishwasher and need to hand wash everything, but my days after work are taken up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong that my evenings are like this and everyone else seems to watch Netflix shows and be lazy after work. It's taking me 2-3 days to do very basic stuff like shower, simply because the time window isn't there. Everything needing to be done is always overdue and I'm not sure how it got to be like this. The only real voluntary thing is 30 minutes of exercise, even that's cut into my 8 hours of sleep this whole week.

Its all kind of sent me over the edge because I got my second ever UTI today. Not because of sex, I havent had the time for 2 weeks now, but I guess because I had food poisoning last weekend and the diarrhea maybe. So now I'll also be sick this weekend.

I just feel like such a broken person these days, like I can't catch a break.

I'm getting my whining done and out of the way while on my commute back, writing this has made me cry in public kek. I need to book Christmas flights ASAP because I meant to do it last week and they've already increased 200 euros.

No. 978473


No. 978477

Ever heard of typos

No. 978479

nope, never bfor in my life

No. 978482

i'm sorry you're going through this but
>Since regular sex with a new guy I keep getting infections. We're sexually exclusive, he's been STD tested, he washes, disinfects, uses mouthwash and showers immediately before sex, along with always using condoms and limiting sex to 2x a day at most.
makes me glad that i'm a nun. sex with men really should be outlawed. m/m or f/f sex only.

No. 978484

His design was pretty much the reason why I bought Suikoden V

No. 978489

Haha I remember this game and this character. No eyes, but nice pecs, bulge and legs.

No. 978511

Wow I played through that game 13 times and never had problems. I always loved the floatiness of the controls and how riding and climbing worked. Timed challenges were extra fun because you had to exploit physics to reach areas quicker. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Now I want to play it again kek

No. 978513

>makes me glad that i'm a nun.
You don't mean that literally, right? Not that I would have something against it, it would be surprising to have a legit nun on lolcow

No. 978514

I really need to go and take some english lessons. I did a written exam for our equivalent of the highest level under native almost a decade ago, and skipped the oral part thinking I could just go back and finish the exam to get a "complex" rating anytime, but now I realize that even the thought having a casual conversation in english is making me break out in hives. Apparently my pronunciation isn't even that bad according to native speakers, but whenever I have to stop and think about words or use the wrong prefix I feel embarassed and want to die. If only it wasn't so expensive to get a tutor that gives a shit beyond doing the minimum in this country.

No. 978521

Light vent but I really miss having friends who’d hype you up and be genuinely happy that you succeeded in something or are getting ahead in something you’re passionate about instead of undermining it or being obviously envious or bitter about it. Like, you’re not even interested in my passion why can’t you be happy for a friend having tiny moments of success here and there.

No. 978525

Animal abuse is not something normal children do, and it's not wrong to call animal protective services or something when you see an animal being abused. This is messed up and indicative of severe psychological deviance. Most violent criminals start out abusing animals.

The personality structure that abuses animals can also be the result of the child being abused, which wouldn't surprise me considering that no sane adult would let their child abuse a puppy.

No. 978526

I don't know what you've accomplished anon but I'm proud of you!!

No. 978529

File: 1637951255582.jpeg (33.34 KB, 750x540, 5CB09AC8-C157-451F-9B04-B3F4CA…)

Ughhhh 1 hour left of work why did I pick up another shift ughhhhhhhhhh… at least it’s only 1 he left but fuuuuuuuuuck

No. 978535

honestly anon you sound like a nasty person, voluntarily exercising for 30 minutes instead of showering? you're not only getting even dirtier yet but also wasting 30 minutes that can be used to shower quickly. just go in and wash your pits and vagina at least. also ok so you had diarrhea, learn to wipe properly? jfc

No. 978538

gee whiz i sure wish my partner would notice and thank me for the things i do around the house instead of focus on the things i don't/the minor things i do wrong. like i'll do the dishes but then get a slap on the wrist because i put crystal in there and didn't know it was too special for the dishwasher. ok, my mistake, but how about… thanks for doing the dishes? all the time? i work full time too, if you want YOUR dishes handwashed, maybe do those and i do the rest? same with laundry

he asked me to try and get some yellowing out of a white t-shirt but then complains that the apartment smells like bleach. or that i'm listening to the radio while i fold both of our laundry. ok then fix your own damn t-shirt, do your own laundry

i don't pay any bills or groceries so i don't mind doing the chores and helping out, but it's not like it's easy and i could really use some appreciation. i wish i weren't such an agreeable person, instead i just let all of those little things bother me for months until i cry or get angry and tell him he needs to stop being mean when i'm doing everything i can.

>inb4 dump him

i get it, but also every man is pretty much a jackass in some way or another and he at least feels bad when i put him back in check. just let me complain pls

No. 978540

I’m genuinely proud of you whatever you’re excited about nona, congratulations

No. 978550

I mean you're not wrong even if it makes me feel worse. To be honest I hate showering the past 2 months, I avoid it like the plague, so I guess it's not as high a priority as it should be. Sometimes I'll put the water on to heat up so I can mentally prepare then I just turn it off. Last time I went in, vigorously scrubbed for a minute then went straight into my bed under the covers and lay there till dry. I don't know what's wrong to neglect it this bad. But exercising makes me feel better, showering doesn't. Hopefully as I feel better the urge to shower will come again naturally. Until then it's daily sink washes and dry shampoo with the odd shower. I did wash a lot when I had food poisoning though, it was disgusting.

No. 978578

The age difference between my parents disgusts me so much. My amerifat dad met my southern euro mom when he was 45 and she was 20 and when they had me my dad was 50!! Ugh it’s so disgusting I hate that I came from ancient sperm. It’s so cringe having to tell people that my dad was born in fucking 1949 and is older than most of my peers’ grandparents.

No. 978581

I accidentally scratched the skin of my nose open with a chipped nail. It'll probably take a few days to heal. I hate my life.

No. 978606

>if you want YOUR dishes handwashed, maybe do those
>fix your own damn t-shirt
>do your own laundry
you know what to do nonna. i just went through this with my bf too. now he does all the dishes ♥ (we worked other chores out too but for the sake of brevity i'll just leave it at that)
best of luck, it really is maddening and demeaning to feel the way you do rn.

No. 978622

So put him in check to stop complaining. Better yet stop serving him. He's should be grateful you're in his presence. Not paying for food & shelter and being at someone's beck and call is called being a slave, dumbass.

No. 978623

“Ohhh im so unique actually haha my favorite animes are Evangelion, Lain, and Madoka!!!”

No. 978630

Sigh nobody kicked my ass to do this so I didn't do it at all

No. 978636

I hate you so much you sexist prick. You acted like you cared about me but complain and complain about how I am when you're not thinking of sex with me. You don't care about me or anything I do you just like my body. It could be anyone and you'd be happy. No wonder your exes dumped you. You really are the average man even though you say you want a family and care about children and love. Fuck you. You fucking liar.

No. 978646

File: 1637961789483.gif (3.23 MB, 500x275, 129C674B-225B-4E18-A747-FDCEB6…)

haven’t been on for a few days honestly probably for weeks. great, now I’m back to a bunch of crusty bitches complaining about their coworkers, boyfriends, and passive aggressive reginas being like “UM ANON YOU MIGHT BE A HORRIBLE PERSON” if you don’t shut your fatass up

No. 978648

I’m a little sad that my old car’s going to the junk yard but it’s definitely time. They’re gonna give me $400 which is not too bad at least

No. 978650

why won't my mom just listen to me and gift me $$$ for christmas. i do not need ugg boots. i am never going to use an ancestry.com subscription. i love her so much but i do NOT want another christmas where i open up boxes of useless shit

No. 978652

cause you’re not over the age of 18 to post here go ask mommy next year you’ll be a big girl

No. 978653

My 20 year old coworker drives me up the fucking wall. We have a radio in our office and he constantly comments on how shit a Nicki Minaj or Adele song is every. time. it comes on. Then he talks about how older music is better and generally acting like one of those kids in the youtube comments with "I hate the music of my generation etc etc".

And this country is a bit behind the times, so I can't even laugh at him for it because I guess he really thinks he has edgy and fresh opinions on music.

No. 978655

mine are kaiba, alien 9, and psycho pass.

No. 978656

i'm 21. 22 soon. why did you even quote my post if you were just going to be retarded

No. 978659

i didn’t quote anything bby calm down

No. 978661

File: 1637962893592.gif (414.35 KB, 400x400, jesus-shining.gif)

close your legs, open your heart, sister nonnita.

No. 978671

I think there was a young nun posting over at a /g/ thread, though I cannot remember which one specifically.

No. 978679

I'm 23 but recently I've dreamt of being 28 and even thinking about it makes me incredibly anxious. I can't imagine being over 25. I constantly feel like I've wasted so much time and like I'm running out of time even now. When I was a teenager I was suicidal and didn't plan what to do after school, so now I'm just existing without a clear objective. I want to be 18 again and relive things the right way.

No. 978688

I started the process to become one when I was 19 but tapped out shortly after due to existential crisis and inability to relate to anyone

No. 978692

Plot twist: We're all in debt and none of us can stand to talk up another anon about her debt kek.

No. 978705

File: 1637965659852.jpeg (219.15 KB, 531x470, 0A16A561-68DE-440A-9B0E-5D0228…)

I wish a moid would talk about me like this

No. 978708

Love yourself

No. 978711

lol anon

No. 978720

I think almost everyone feels like they wasted time or they’re running out of time in their early 20s. You still have your whole life ahead of you nonnie, relax!

No. 978741

Hi, Anon. You sound a lot like myself when I was in my late teens/early 20s. What you're going through is nothing that self-control and time management can't fix, you just need to put the work into it and be honest with yourself. It's really hard to break a slob routine but you can absolutely do it, and it'll change your quality of life.

Personally, 10-15 minutes of meditation after I woke up helped me out immensely to help put me in the headspace to manage the rest of my day. For you, this might be exercise. Since you work 'til evening, try going to bed earlier in the day so you have more daytime to do your errands and chores. When you wake up, exercise then and shower right after. If you struggle with depression or laziness, brushing your teeth in the shower will cut down half your time. If you struggle with presenting yourself, getting a shorter razored/feathery/shake-and-go haircut will help you look more put-together with little work.

tldr: generic advice. However, you might find yourself feeling a lot better with a routine – it'll take a lot of work and self-control, but you can do it.

No. 978743

The beautiful thing about life is that there's no manual. Some people start or restart their journeys well into their 30s, 40s, and 50s. If you're really feeling insecure, start with what you're good at. Look at jobs related to those skills and see what they expect out of you. If going to school isn't an option anymore, stick to trade and skill-based jobs. I have lots of programmer friends that learned through programs like code academy and TOP and made careers out of it simply because they stuck to it.

No. 978744

the existence of driverfags is one of the reasons I believe heterosexual women don't have standards most of the time(driversperging)

No. 978746

what would be a good husbando for heterosexual women with standards in your opinion?

No. 978748

and nullfags, kylefags, sharpiofags, the fact that anons in celebricows think simply not being a literal pedo rapist automatically makes a man decent even when he's done several other degenerate things, etc.

No. 978749

red-pilled lesbian still going strong

No. 978750

>talking to husband about news article I was reading
>"The WHO just named the new virus Omnicron."
>he says he's confused, what the fuck am I talking about, what is omnicron
>tell him it's a greek letter of the alphabet just like delta
>he raises his voice "Why is The Who the band making statements about covid?"
>laugh at his face and tell him he shouldn't be getting mad at me because he's too retarded to pick up context and realize I'm not talking about the fucking band
Lmao, I mean is he right or is he a retard? I thought what I said could be easily understood within the context…

No. 978752

Getting extremely emotional because I love my boyfriend so much I can't bring him to the afterlife with me and I have no idea what happens after we die… So what if I never meet him again…..

No. 978754

You pronounce the letters, like "W-H-O", not like the word "who", he's right and I would also he confused if I were him lol

No. 978755

>I want to be 18 again and relive things the right way.
Same, things started crumbling for me then. Even better if I can go back to 16 actually

No. 978762

Start the right things at 23 and keep going until you're 33

No. 978766

>anyone who finds adam driver disgusting is a lesbian
I would just call them a sane minded individual

No. 978768

Omikron is a game by a genius game developer, David Cage

No. 978786

I just went on a date and it was so underwhelming, it wasn't even terrible but we just had nothing to say to each other

No. 978799

based lmfao
Lost my shit

No. 978803

Omicron is a sexy name tbh, kind of like a sexy robot like unicron but less unhinged I think.

No. 978825

File: 1637979267814.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.61 KB, 366x400, D83FEBE5-D826-4715-9948-2BD716…)

Nightmare fuel I can’t get out of my head: the forensic recreations of peoples appearances after their remains are found

This isn’t even the creepiest one

Why am I doing this to myself

No. 978827

File: 1637979870019.jpeg (135.3 KB, 1600x800, 8DB75C81-35D5-4AD8-9F8A-11AF1D…)

Looks like an ooccoo, kind of.

No. 978834

Hello anons
Shit dad, bullied at school, autistic overachiever, cheated on, no friends, had problems with drugs, depression and anxiety etc blahblah blah: In conclusion I don't know how to act normal at all.

im currently miserable as fuck at my university despite getting high grades, I decided to go stay with my nigel bf for a week or so to take a break and feel bettter but it made me feel even worse having to pretend to be happy everyday to not upset him.
Tonight I was feeling really shit and crying but I knew he wanted to go out and drink so I went with but felt awful the whole time and when we got back he put on a film I hate without asking me and it was all just really grating on me. I was falling off the bed and asked him to move over which devolved into him tickling me (I'm extremely ticklish) and I was begging him to stop and ended up slapping him to get him off me.
I don't remember how hard I slapped him because it was instinctual to get him to stop but he left the room and when he came back he was a bit upset and asked me not to slap him again and there was a scratch on his arm because I have long nails.

I was in tears apologising to him non stop and I feel so awful for hurting him I don't know how to deal with it, I have no self esteem in my relationship after being bullied by my 'friends' through all of school and cheated on. Hes asleep next to me now and I can't stop looking at him face and crying because he's the only person who's ever treated me well and I can't believe I hurt him, I was planning on killing myself before meeting him but he made me feel as if I deserved to be alive. And now I can't stop thinking I have to kill myself because of what I did to him, and that he would be better off without me

Feel free to call me a bpd bitch, I know i'm unwell
But i dont know how to rationalise these thoughts and I thought typing it might help

No. 978836

There really isn't one, hetrosexuality in women is just a disease and we just have to pray on it.

No. 978837

File: 1637981350561.jpg (36.85 KB, 655x655, ahhhh.jpg)

tfw critical of the rampant consumerism pushed by our hyper capitalist society but still just as much of a consumer whore as anyone else

No. 978838

It was an accident and without the intention to hurt him. He knows you feel sorry, you've done everything you could to express that honestly. I know you can't simply shut down these thoughts but hug your boyfriend if you want, go to sleep and I hope tomorrow you guys feel better. Shit happens, what matters is how we deal with that shit after it happened

No. 978844

I used to defend lesbians and I was a closeted bisexual that hinted more towards lesbianism due to male rape but ever since I got molested by a female bitch I hate all lesbians but since I hate being homophobic or discriminatory in general I started to show love to men that can’t sexually like women.
Fuck bishits and lesbians that molest women. lick a stinky hairy male’s ass for hurting me and women.

No. 978847

To my loud, obnoxious neighbors
Put your fucking phone down and raise your kids so they stop screaming and running around at midnight on a school night waking the whole building up.
Don't have four fucking kids if you can only afford an apartment.

No. 978849

That’s just cruel to say people with aids can have kids etc…
But jokes aside why won’t you tell them to keep it down civilly instead of posting it on here? Don’t use the same style you’ve been venting on here of vourse.

No. 978850

File: 1637982819718.jpeg (25.62 KB, 612x353, guess i'll take it anyway.jpeg)

so that one, single lesbian molester made you hate all lesbians but the male rapist didn't make you hate all men?

No. 978856

Because non bishit men will never be able to sexualize me, like straight women. Of course I’d like them, they could never do me harm, unlike creatures that can sexualize women.
It’s not that hard to understand, ewy.

No. 978857

Because gay men*
And nah I wish I posted bait, I still have nightmares about that ugly ass fishy smelling bitch that touched me.

No. 978860

>gay men will never be able to sexualize me

oh, bait-chan, you can't seriously believe this

No. 978862

That’s all they do? Looking like ugly women? I guess that’s one thing they have in common with my enemy. But hey, at least they don’t want to put a dildo in my ass since they’re too busy putting it in their own asses. And another reason why I can’t hate the gays is because a gay man helped me cope through my rape.
I hate all beings that sexually love females and I don’t care if it’s not pc, I’m too much still worrying about the horrifying fishy vagina stench one of my rapists had.(take a break)

No. 978863

Le bait le bait, keep on dreaming the ironic radfem dream that a lesbian utopia will salvage us all, or that women can’t be seriously hurt and disappointed by lesbians/bishitters. I was, and most of you lot are just as bad as straight/bishit men.
Gay men and straight women are the answer.

No. 978864

You're boring and weird and no one likes you.

No. 978866

You are gay and have bpd, fuck off from my vent weirdo.

No. 978868

I'm neither, I guess straight women aren't the answer.

No. 978869

the average les/bi woman isn't like the one who harmed you though. the majority of sexual crimes are still done by men

No. 978875

Just ignore the shitty ESL bait.
Anyway, I got bedbugs a couple months (maybe even a year?) ago, and they are such a bitch to get rid of. I feel like I almost eradicated them from my bed thank you to the anon that suggested I get Cimexa, but there's a chair that has been a lot harder to treat so it's been a huge issue. Tomorrow I'm gonna treat it and put it away for a couple weeks, and put more insecticide around my bed. I don't even know where the little assholes came from.

No. 978876

Oh you are most definitely suffering from a personality disorder for being so heartless. I don’t care what you are you bitch. I hate fish to eat and to smell.
Now, fuck off from my vent.
I don’t know anon, I’m immensely disappointed and my body’s full of rage, it happens usually at night like now. You may say that but all of her gay friends said the same things you said, and they told me that they will scold her etc and that they are done with her. Next day? They’re friends with her and analyze the situation as: “it’s not completely your fault totes but u cuda have avoided it hun”. Meanwhile a gay man taught me so much more about how people are. I have few friends so I can’t help but to not hate a group of people who never sexualized me.

No. 978877

ESL baiter here that was just now venting about her lesbian rapist at 5 am haha
>I don’t know where the little assholes came from
They’re your family don’t just shoo them away like that

No. 978879

File: 1637985287222.gif (1.05 MB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_n6g6z8od7B1ra2t3…)

I think I have BPD and until now I've thought ignoring it would make it go away. No one wants to be friends with me and I know rationally it's because I keep to myself and expect others to come to me. I never make the first move because I'm terrified of rejection and being made fun of. Today I was on the verge of a breakdown and I had to go hide in the bathroom and try to not cry but nothing came out anyway. I couldn't stand everyone having fun while I was alone. What scares me is that I was in such a bad mood I couldn't hold in my emotions anymore and if anyone had bothered to ask me if I was ok before I calmed down I would have said something really stupid I couldn't take back. Maybe part of the reason it gets this way is that I never show people my true feelings, I always act emotionless until I can't handle it anymore and have a meltdown. I want to talk about this to a therapist but I'm scared they'll tell me that I really do have BPD kek I'd rather be any other type of crazy. The only reasonable doubt I've had up to this point is that I don't attention-whore, I don't make big impulsive decisions and when I feel like killing or hurting myself I never tell anyone. I'm just very emotionally unstable and I take rejection very badly(and everything feels like rejection to me) and I isolate myself because I'm afraid people are going to hurt me

No. 978884

sounds a lot like me and I'm an autismo. I think many disorders can cause this behavior anon, you don't have to be BPD. But BPD is so overdiagnosed in women I understand your concerns regarding therapists

No. 978885

I want your type of crazy anon. There’s something fascinating about the covert type of mental illnesses…Because I’m the complete opposite. Anyways, if your psychiatrist will diagnose you with it, what does it even matter? Its symptoms can be treated well. There’s far more worse disorders to have that are barely treatable, like schizophrenia.

No. 978888

Really? I've suspected I could have autism for years because I get violently angry over certain sounds or sensations, and I started to have a hard time with social conventions in teenagehood, and I meet some of the other criteria, but since autism is a trendy diagnosis right now I've also considered that I might just be an angry bitch. I did promise my mom I would get screened for autism last year and I never did, so I'll keep that in mind, thanks anon.

No. 978893

File: 1637986591696.png (150.25 KB, 292x453, 9238734.png)

Minor vent: every period I get this (pic) specific type of bloating and it makes me hate myself. No matter how much I rationally know that it's just my period and that it happens every month without fail, I still panic and think I'm gaining weight or I'm going to one day just get stuck like that. Sometimes it's even worse than the pic related and I'll look like a cartoon character swallowed a bowling ball, I seriously can't find pics on the internet that are as bad as it is. I wish I could at least have that normal looking, full, 'pregnant' bloating, that at least isn't all centered at the bottom of your abdomen.

No. 978908

Other anon is right. BPD is treatable so long as you seek mental health care, and put in the effort. Best of luck, and take care of yourself

No. 978921


No. 978937

The only person I knew with BPD was actually a guy and he was the most clingy insufferable emotionally manipulative mfer I come across.. yeah stay far away with anyone with this diagnosis.

No. 978942

Pretend to be pregnant so everyone is extra nice to you

No. 978948

File: 1637996340208.png (760.46 KB, 807x697, thot begone.png)

I am so fucking sick of people suicide baiting in my Discord chat. Everyone is depressed as fuck, do you think you're special? Do you think we want to see you talk about waiting to mutilate your body and then killing yourself? What the fuck am I supposed to say? I don't know you. I can't help you. Now I have to fucking ignore that section of the chat when I just want to post >tfw my cat cats bites me when I'm petting her. You fucking loathsome human being. Repress your anguish and get a stomach ulcer like the rest of us. You left for like the fifth time from the server and this time I hope you never come back. Be someone else's problem.


No. 978954

just don't spend money
it's that easy
just don't do it
when you're about to spend money think and say no
just don't
it's like when you're addicted to drinking gasoline
just stop

No. 978960

File: 1637998222082.jpg (221.89 KB, 1085x800, EoxYPBAWEAEspk8.jpg)

this is really intersting nonnie ( nunnie kek ? ), can you talk more about it? what happenned ?!

No. 978981

I'm sleeping on the couch because my boyfriend yelled at me for waking him up. he doesn't care at all about me but I'm a fucking fool in love with him. unrequited love as an adult in a real ass relationship (like, we have a toddler and 2 month old) really sucks. vent over.

No. 978982

File: 1638003948712.png (174.57 KB, 791x272, FDni-8jXoAgosDy.png)

don't know if i should attend in person courses or not next semester. my major is computer science, so i really don't need to – but fuck, i don't know.

i keep hearing about covid mutations though.

i'm also worried my family may think less of me for doing so, fuck fuck fuck. i'll talk it over with my advisor next week (we're on thanksgiving break right now) and see what they say.

No. 978984

There is this asshole in my class who gets good grades even tho he spends the whole weekend partying. It's just unfair and everyone is always praising him. I bet he is cheating on the tests anyway. I have to study every day and put in a bunch of work to get a good grade. I wish he wouldn't exist. I wish that he will get into an accident, that his gf will cheat on him and that he has a miserable future. I want to get praised too & I deserve it way more than him because I am actually working my butt off. Fuck this piece of shit.

No. 978985

If I don't get diagnosed with ADHD I might just kms because I NEED the medication before I start uni, I've known I've had it before it became a meme so I'm worried I won't be taken seriously because now every high school thembie with a tiktok account thinks they have it. FUCK!

No. 978986

File: 1638005912817.gif (1.13 MB, 271x336, 5HR.gif)

>There really isn't one, hetrosexuality in women is just a disease
I think it's a you problem

No. 978990

Fuck fuck fuck fuck

No. 978991


You sound mentally ill and it's manifesting itself in your confused sexuality. Sort out your mind before trying to find a romantic relationship.

No. 978992

I'm so sick of this. I can't take it anymore. Why won't you just shut up shut up shut up. I just want to hide in my room. I wish I was at home. I can't take being on edge all the time. I'm trying my best why why why don't you go away. Please

No. 978993

Really easy solution anon, delete your discord. Go outside.

No. 978995

This is the longest way to type "I am confused and lost" I've ever seen. I don't get why some anons responded to you with anger or even at all, this is a trauma response and you obviously already know it's not "right"

No. 979000

>you obviously already know it's not "right"
They clearly don't care based off of their other posts. >>978862
Obviously no one is going to give anon sympathy when she starts with shit like "I hate fishy lesbians and bisexuals because they can sexualize me (unlike men)".

No. 979001

tickling is genuinely painful if not downright terrifying though especially if they don’t stop when you tell them to. i agree with >>978838 but you need to tell him if he doesn’t want you to slap him (which you shouldn’t) he shouldn’t keep tickling you even after you BEG him to stop. don’t let him push your boundaries like that.

No. 979002

this is some scrote fantasy.

No. 979012

>you sound mentally ill
And? You’re probably mentally ill too. considering you’re replying to a vent I posted at 5 am or something. Maybe egocentric, like all men are. And no thanks, I don’t want to be in a relationship, I just don’t want to get raped.
I guess the way it manifests in my sexuality is by doing not a single human bean harm, I’m so mentally ill and horrible.
Lol I don’t want your online pity, I wanted them in real life. I guess the real mentally ill people are the heartless anons here after all haha. When I was not angry at my lesbo rapist’s friends they fucking screwed me over by victim blaming me. This happened irl, the hell I care about your online feefees. Just let me be. You’re just triggering me and continue to feed the “bait”.

No. 979018

File: 1638013106133.jpg (309.04 KB, 1138x1439, 20210906_110049.jpg)

Sometimes I just want to be a trashy mean bitch, is that really so bad nonitas?

A celebrity youtuber in Japan got cheated on by his idol girlfriend and their messages got leaked, she was a total pickme and had an affair with a sex friend and said how the youtuber has a tiny dick and can't satisfy her. Now the youtuber is streaming and fishing for pity and I just want to say how he's schlubby, small dicked and got cucked in front of the whole nation. But nooooooo, that's so mean anon!

The moment I make a slightly mean joke my twitter friend jumps on my neck how she's disappointed. Bitch, this is online shittalking that the guy will literally never see. I can only show my trashy side on lolcow and in front of my bf and sister who find it funny because at work I have to be absolutely prim and proper.

No. 979019

who is it nona

No. 979020

File: 1638013299870.png (410.46 KB, 600x600, EF42A608-01C8-476E-9FC6-E96C76…)

Absolutely same, Nonita. I love being toxic and saying stupid, dumb, shit that has absolutely zero real life implications and yet everyone goes apeshit as soon as I open mouth. I just want to let my bitch side out way more.

No. 979021

This guy, he got a million subs. The drama trended in Japan a month ago under "real life NTR".

No. 979022

It's not that there aren't any good lesbians out there but I was molested and made uncomfortable by a few predatory ones to know that they're just as capable of violating me as scrotes are.

But please don't go to the other extreme and root your tongue in hairy man ass either, dear anon.

No. 979023

it's ok anon. go and make him cry he deserves to get laughed at anyways. tell him that he needs to get penis enlargement surgery please. twitter pick-mes can go cry

No. 979025

Clearly you do care. No one is saying what happened to you is ok, but obviously anons will call you out for thinking that only women can sexualize other women and that men do no harm. Also,
>Human bean
Shut the fuck up.

No. 979026


No. 979027

Every single rapist can still stick their tongue in a shit smelling hairy male’s ass.
And I feel sorry that happened to you..

No. 979030

Yet men can make countless small boobie and large vagina jokes and use their wife's or girlfriend's lack of features as grounds to cheat. Also while society superficially condones men cheating they tacitly accept it because apparently only men are the "visual" creatures who need to have their sexual needs met at all costs. Meanwhile women are expected to pretend that small dicks get us off or we're slutty bitches if we ask for toys or oral to make up for what men lack.

More women should be cheating and more tiny dicks should be made fun of. There, I said it.

No. 979043

Agree. I wish more women decided to be horrible. Considering the way men act, whenever I hear about a woman acting like a POS i just laugh and think good for her. It might be bad but I don't really care. it's not like the rest of the majority of women will act in this manner and it's not like men will change in a very long time. So I guess i think of it like a sort of way to even things out in the meantime?

No. 979047

Obviously a scrote bait with the 'fishy vagina' meme. Vaginas never smell like fish unless severely infected or right after having sex with a man without condom (and she was allegedly a lesbian, so…). You would know that if you were a woman.

No. 979058

File: 1638019085134.jpeg (114.06 KB, 750x384, E14A7DD2-C81A-4587-BC78-6C2D9C…)

Bruh I wanna get over my ex. He just genuinely stopped trying or putting effort into everything (including me). He cut off all his friends and dropped out of college. And then he broke up with me when I confronted him about how he didn’t wanna do anything or spend time with me. Now, we don’t even talk or acknowledge each other and I find it so ugly that a year ago we were so close and now we’re nothing. When I confronted him I was so angry about it. I remember I said shit like I deserve better and that he’s never gonna get anywhere in life if he never does anything with it. And honestly it was all just built up anger and frustration from how he just stopped giving a fuck about himself and everyone around him. And he begged me not to leave and that he would change, but ultimately just broke up with me the next day. I still think about how I could’ve worded it differently, and how maybe I was little too hard on him. I just wish I could’ve helped or done something to fix the situation he was in., but it was like he didn’t want help or would purposely fuck himself over. Whatever it’s not my problem to fix him. How do I get over him?

No. 979064

this is the 5th time in a year my mom has broken up with her abusive boyfriend and subsequently returned to him. i can’t take it anymore. i have to move out

No. 979065

Nonie you don't deserve to be some guy's fixer or nurse him back from his depression. Just be grateful you got out of there before you were working full time to support his loser ass.
Focus on yourself, work on your hobbies or get new ones! You're free!!!

No. 979071

do you ever get paranoid that your boyfriend is just supremely good at hiding pedo/similar tendencies and he's not actually a good person? so many men are disgusting it's hard to believe you're with a good one you know

No. 979078

>men that can’t sexually like women
It doesn't take sexual attraction for men to be unempathetic and callous towards women, nonnie. Gay men do the absolute most to commodify and diminish femininity and speak over women every day. They're not your 'precious safe haven gayzz', they're perfectly capable of tossing you aside like trash after you're not useful to them.
Kick vampiric gay scrotes to the curb. Only trust other straight women.

No. 979097

Cringe and pathetic. You are his bangmaid broodmare. Ditch him and kids and start a new life in another city.

No. 979098

He's using adhd meds and a TA is giving him answers. This was rlly common with the rich kids in my uni.

No. 979099

I'm not happy with my apartment. The bathroom and kitchen need to be completely renovated, but I'm hesitant to actually face what renovating while living here entails. I also need to paint and re-do the finish on the hardwood floors. At this point there's so much I need to do I'm tempted to pack all my shit and move but the housing market fucking sucks right now and I really like the area I live in.

No. 979101

Choosing a wallpaper consumes so much of my time and mental stability, is downright stressful for me, my mind makes me think that if i choose the "wrong wallpaper" something horrible will happen. I just want to choose a nice wallpaper without worrying about someone dying or something tragic happening.

No. 979103

>Only trust other straight women.
Don't act like there aren't lots of straight women who will absolutely throw other women under the bus for cool girl points from their Nigels. It's pointless to scapegoat any group of people like this.

No. 979104

Agreed, scrotes are so not used to being trolled/made fun of by women that they go absolutely apeshit. It's pleasing to waste their time and energy just like they waste ours. And I don't even have to put in any effort, just drop a line in a group chat and they go insane for an hour.

No. 979109

Yeah you remind me of my gay friend who goes absolutely batshit in group chat, threatening violence and than rage-leaving when you disagree with him. He's a typical 'I'm gay therefore I speak for women over actual women' type of guy. Very pro-prostitution, surrogacy, anti-female spaces and so on.

No. 979110

girl that sounds like ocd, i struggle with that shit too

No. 979111

I literally had this conversation with my boyfriend the other day and what I landed on is I’m probably insane and paranoid because it’s like… not abnormal for men to want to be teachers or youth pastors or camp counselors and help children. It just sucks because the molesters ARE teachers and youth pastors and camp counselors, and it IS the men you would never suspect.

Basically what I told him, without accusing him, is if he ever hurt a kid I’d have to kill him and bury him in the backyard.

No. 979117

you meant an ex friend, right?

No. 979124

Basically, he's in the same friend group so I meet him frequently but don't consider him a real friend. He's the only guy in this group and he's always dramatic as fuck. Other friends tolerate his bullshit for some reason.

No. 979134

File: 1638026532926.jpeg (97.17 KB, 677x337, 48DD8803-B032-461A-92C1-63F88A…)

>”go back to the Twitter if you’re offended”
>gets reports for offending multiple anons


No. 979137

Straight women have given me more shit and cause me more mental stress than any other group on the planet. I should write a post about this here, it's driving me nuts. I hate these GC posters who are all uwu women are so pure and innocent and everything evil they do is because of patriarchy or some crap. I bet they never worked a day in their lives and had to deal with actual people.

No. 979138

Kek I love the admins ban messages these days. They’re very fair. It used to just be “fuck off retard”

No. 979141

WTF did you do? What's the offending post?
or 'autism'
>Straight women have given me more shit and cause me more mental stress than any other group on the planet
Even more than scrotes? Hmm

No. 979146

Kek I didn’t screen shot but I just got a ban for some 3 day old post with the message “calm down,” so retarded

No. 979159

Stop romanticizing your pathetic life

No. 979163

I got "take a break" kekk, it made me check myself because I really was doing too much on lc lately

No. 979164

My best friend is being extremely dramatic about some shit I vented to her about in regards to my boyfriend being a dick and it's making me want to distance myself from her. She's basically acting like he's a violent psycho and saying he's going to beat me and possibly physically hurt her while she's over for literally no valid reason. The behavior I've bitched about is just him being a bitch, nothing even remotely close to red flaggish enough for her to be freaking out like this. All my other friends I bitched about him to agree she's being theatric for theatrics sake. This is just how she is and I'm suck of it, especially if she's gonna bting my boyfriend into her shit like this.

No. 979167

this happened to me too, I was replying to disagree with an anon in Thing we hate thread. We got into argument but resolved like two posts later. Hours after I received a five hours ban for it, mods are slow and weird at these things.

No. 979169

My bf wants to chat daily and honestly it's getting a bit tiring. We're far apart right now and probably won't meet before Christmas but it's still getting too much for me. And it's been mostly text, now he wants to have daily calls/videochats, I don't have that much going on. Maybe it's just my autism, but I want some distance even in a long distance situation. (It doesn't help that we're in contact basically all day)

No. 979175

Damn, we need to switch bfs then. Mine can go for days without even messaging me.

No. 979177

File: 1638030386154.jpg (57.89 KB, 902x677, 1637181981699.jpg)

Both are shit tbh. I was in male dominated and female dominated places. Scrotes of all ages would gaslight and steal ideas and be disdainful. Women would be constantly down your throat trying to "get to know you" (aka find out info about you to use against you) and play mind games and try to get you fired.

No. 979182

This sounds like something a tranny would say tbh. I’m so glad I have amazing women in my life.

No. 979188

yes speak your mind finally because this shit was killing me!! saying this will get you called a scrote even though you’re just expressing your opinion they just want to accuse you of being one because that’s what karens do to get you banned

No. 979190

I mean honestly, beyond just checking in if the other's alright it's a bit overbearing. Or maybe I'm just not chatty enough.

No. 979191


No. 979192

that’s not what they were even talking about you bragging booty bitch get out of the conversation

No. 979207

That’s great, but not everyone does. Gross to be like “lol tranny!” to women who have suffered at the hands of other evil women and need to express that to begin healing. I hope you don’t do this irl.

No. 979209

I've been thinking about awful stuff all week. Keep remembering awful stuff, having nightmares. A couple of nights ago I had to drink myself to sleep, keep thinking I should throw myself into traffic so I could stop having these thoughts. I feel so detached from everything, like that penguin in the Herzog documentary that just wanders into the the horizon and never returns. I feel trapped, is not the first time I've felt suicidal, but it's the first time I've wanted to do it as a way to stop feeling like this. I've considered being in a psych ward before, but I've always heard awful things about it, and I don't know if I could endure it. If I don't post here anymore, keep hating on scrotes for me nonnies.

No. 979213


Same boat here nonnie. At this point I'm so desperate I'm thinking of contacting the other victims of my abuser and doing a collective denounce or something. His life's gonna get ruined? Good

No. 979218

Once you learn to love Aggro theres no turning back bonita. I understand the feeling, but as the other nonnie said, just need to understand you're not controlling Aggro per se, and get used to it

No. 979219

This is one of my worst nightmares as someone who's is avoidant but really wants a relationship

No. 979223


Same here nonnie, I can hear my neighbours screaming at each other all night. They also make running noises at 4 am. I've been this close to call the police, cause I swear at some point it sounded like domestic abuse. I'm so tired of hearing their retarted bullshit. If isn't the kids yelling, is the teenager yelling and hearing some cringe tiktok music. If isnt that, is the parents screaming at them, or at each other. Who the hell cramps so much people in a department anyways.

No. 979225

Don't know about you nonnie, but I'm hoping I get an hysterectomy soon. My hormones are so unbalanced, and it is killing me, and I got tired of scrote doctors ignoring me. I don't want to have kids either, and I hate having to go trough the pain of despairing every moth for my period (I'm iregular) they said that having your uterus removed changes you, but honestly I'm totally tired of dealing with this.

No. 979226

>Even more than scrotes? Hmm
I have no social life and work in a female dominated field. Most of my coworkers and bosses are women. I have many male and female online friends who are perfectly normal people, but I've met maybe hand full of women IRL who weren't gaslighting mind gaming backstabbing spiteful lunatics. I feel like I'm going insane trying to figure out what their current plan is, I just want to have a pleasant time and do my job and not second guess everything everyone says and get passed over for a promotion because someone pretended to be my friend while telling my boss I'm a lazy retard even though I do half of her work because I thought we were close and I like to help my friends out. I just can't deal with that shit anymore. It makes me so paranoid about everyone.
It's insane, I go to the male department and the scrotes sit there and read books and listen to music and banter and I go back to my department and it's Lord of the Flies and if you don't keep up appearances you can be sure someone's filing a report behind your back and you'll never KNOW which of the smiling faces it was.

The scrotes I work with are mostly in a different hierarchy in the same organisation, so there's no competition with them, it's actually really comfy. You walk in and people smile at you and are helpful and you get things done and are on your way again. I know they're gross goblins when no women are around but whatever who cares.

No. 979227

Also thank you for your support, sometimes it feels like everyone on this site has a bizarre view of both women and men and I'm insane.

No. 979228

File: 1638034126519.jpg (579.01 KB, 1048x1593, Screenshot_20211127-122748_Fir…)


Anon, psych wards are not fun places but it might be medically necessary right now for you. There will be people there who can help you. Have you felt like this before?

Try these Crisis Survival Skills from DBT too.

No. 979230


He deserved it, dipshit really thought he could have a girlfriend looking like that and having a small dick, needed a reality check

No. 979234

Thanks for elaborating! I'm sorry for the shit you go through, it's true that women can be incredibly toxic to each other.

No. 979235

My job is tiring me mentally because of dumb office politics. It's hard for me to deal with extroverted, conflict seeking people who show their feelings easily, but I still try to get along with everyone since I just want to do my job well. When I'm asked for help, I do it. Yesterday an older male co-worker lashed out at me in front of everyone because apparently I'm being arrogant and annoying for not participating in this stupid drama. I have no idea what I did wrong except just mind my own business, anyway I've already started looking for a new job because I can't take this anymore.

No. 979238

>what I did wrong except just mind my own business
That's the thing. In their eyes it's just an opportunity to other you, just tell him to f off.

No. 979244

Just left a voicemail and forgot to leave my number

No. 979247

I'm the one who vented about similar issues earlier. I'm sorry you're going through a similar thing. It's really the best to look for a different job.

I thought I could just stay neutral too, but nope, if you don't join any faction that just means you have no allies at all and everyone will fuck with you on a whim.
There's also this "if you don't support me that means you're with those other people who are against me". I earned the undying hatred of one coworker by not narcing on people she doesn't like but ofc she never said anything, just raised an eyebrow and a couple weeks later I hear that she started to manipulate things behind my back after I get closer to some other coworker who also doesn't like her, which explains some things.

Truly, thank you.
I was already bullied by some girls in school because I didn't understand social things, and only hung out with girls open about having sex with their boyfriends and those who smoked weed and did other drugs (very conservative place, so those were outcasts), even though I'm a bookish autist myself, which is funny in retrospect.

No. 979250

Going to turn 22 next month and I feel so worthless. I've wasted the past 8 or so years of my life doing nothing but school, no extra activities, no jobs, no volunteering, nothing. Can't even drive. Used up my free time on worthless obsessions that I now hate. I feel mentally stunted. I haven't had a friend since I was 9 years old. Anytime I try to make connections it never works out. Even my own cousins stopped associating with me ( I don't blame them). Grew up with parents that kept me extremely sheltered and never allowed me to express myself in any way. Restricted from doing anything and everything kids around me did were which fucked my self-worth up bad. Not even allowed to go to anyone's house by myself. Bullied by the girls in my school. Now I'm crippled with social anxiety and that prevents me from doing anything on my own. Have been depressed for years and used my depression as an excuse for myself to be a loser. Now I regret that but I don't know how to change. I don't think I have it in me to live life but I'm too scared to die. I feel so alone all the time.

No. 979255

>it feels like everyone on this site has a bizarre view of both women and men and I'm insane
More like unrealistic and immature, if they keep going through life thinking this way a lot of evil (and smarter) women are going to take advantage of them. Ironically they are stripping women of their humanity by refusing to accept they are capable of reprehensible behavior. They deadass think every woman has the same morals, goals and priorities, what a boring world to live in.

No. 979256

Bullshit and you know this anon.

No. 979258

nta but i've only seen gay men sperg about "fishy vaginas" nonstop

No. 979263

>Ironically they are stripping women of their humanity by refusing to accept they are capable of reprehensible behavior.
Yes, exactly! Well put!

No. 979266

Imo vaginas smell more like bread at most

No. 979268

I was about to ask you how in the hell they even know this, but then I realize my rapist used my toilet and I could smell the smell of even in my bathroom…It’s not that weird for a female rapist to smell. And just because she was a lesbian doesn’t mean she hasn’t molested little boys.
I’ve noticed that men smell like feces when they’re unhygienic, which isn’t any better, I know, but when I get raped by a man I promise I’ll vent in the same style here.

No. 979269

Oh yeah that’s what mine smells like and I love it because it doesn’t smell yucky. But the fish scent is just a scent I’ve come to hate because I associate it with her. Anyways I rant comical and full of rage so I’ll stop, though I’m at lost where I can seek help for my problem because it seems I tried all I could to find help.

No. 979276

File: 1638036793828.jpg (64.51 KB, 1200x1149, 1614190061589.jpg)

There's this girl I was thinking I was on friendly terms with and we got on the same class project mainly so that I could avoid being paired with any of the annoying guys still remaining. But she's a terrible project partner, she leaves everything for the last second. In the beginning she'd at least usually do the public speaking since she doesn't have stagefright like I do. She gets equal credit even though she does basically none of the data gathering, studying or editing (or just something very minimal like adding visual flare to a .ppt while I did 99% of the work), and she didn't even do the public presentation on that last one because she couldn't even be bothered to look through my notes. Now we're in a group of three and I just communicated that I'm ready with a really early draft for our assignment, and asked what else should we add and she just said "I don't know" and left it at that. I'm already a bit late to work on this because of other stuff and this bitch hasn't even looked up what our topic covers, I bet. I'm getting tired of this shit, I thought I was finally making a friend and I just got someone who's using me.

No. 979294

>And just because she was a lesbian doesn’t mean she hasn’t molested little boys.
>I’ve noticed that men smell like feces when they’re unhygienic

You sound unhinged.

No. 979303

I'm finally getting my boyfriend to break up with me instead of doing it myself by acting unhinged and unlikable. He dangles putting private information of me out there so this is the only way I can get out of this relationship. Ladies, if you want him to break up with you act unhinged and unstable.

No. 979304

I am married soon, which already fucking sucks during covid, but we want to have the paperwork done with at least since we don't want to wait anymore until it is "over" since it will probably never be over. But today my dad told me that he won't come because he is too afraid of covid. Even tho he is already tripple-vaxxed. He would rather not walk his own daughter down the aisle where everyone in attendance will have a negative test and wear a mask. I am real fucking sad and angry.

No. 979308

I always blamed my loser state of self on my time-wasting online obsessions but for the past couple of years the only hobbies I've had are reading, a little bit of drawing and crocheting, and staring at my cat and I'm still a loser. Guess it's just me.

No. 979310

>He dangles putting private information of me out there so this is the only way I can get out of this relationship.
wait, what? if you break up with him, he'll release private info, but if he breaks up with you, he won't? what's stopping him from releasing it anyway?

No. 979311

Wait, is this the same anon that made >>978844 ?

No. 979313

File: 1638039534353.jpg (41.3 KB, 709x709, E6BOiv4WQAIiruh.jpg)

just got back from urgent care and it turns out i have the flu. can't go back into work until thursday which also means i'm going to miss the caroline polachek show that i've been looking forward to for literally months. perfect timing

No. 979316

they will always blame female-to-female relations on scrotes, just smile and accept that they have an imageboard addiction that has melted their capacity to see reality for what it is

No. 979318

Girl what the fuck is this entire post
>And just because she was a lesbian doesn’t mean she hasn’t molested little boys.
And where did this even come from

No. 979327

The fuck, the post you're replying to is about 'vaginas smell like fish' meme. How do female-female relations, perception of reality and imageboard addiction plays into it.
So much schizoposting here today.

No. 979328

I’m merely just quoting stuff some of the replies I’ve gotten.
See >>979047
>>>or right after having sex with a man without condom (and she was allegedly a lesbian, so…). You would know that if you were a woman.

No. 979330

Aw that sounds so bad anon, I hope you get to go to another show sometime! Get well soon!!

No. 979335

You’re not following the discussion or you’re refusing to.

No. 979336

Samefag, but I'm only asking because
>when I get raped by a man I promise I’ll vent in the same style
>I was a closeted bisexual that hinted more towards lesbianism due to male rape

No. 979339

File: 1638041039480.jpeg (37.58 KB, 550x404, 5FE0A6B7-3300-4A48-A6A3-45AA42…)

Oh you try to sound so smart, but I’ve done so many times at 4 am in these threads. It’s just that my last rapist was a chick (though she barely looked like one lmfao).
Here your cookies, you’re such a phoenix wright!

No. 979343

I'm not trying to sound smart dumbass, it's just confusing. Other anons referenced that part of your post too, so if you weren't raped by a man I don't get why you wouldn't correct that.
>I’ve done so many times at 4 am in these threads
What does this even mean

No. 979344

She's refusing to, is what anons do when confronted with this topic, act completely obtuse and deflect

No. 979347

I’m confused by your post. I probably meant to post “when I get raped by a man again I’ll sperg about it here in the vent thread”.
I’m just rambling about men and women because I’ve been raped multiple times by men and even very recently by a woman. Because they aren’t in prison I am fueled by rage and I unleash it here in the vent threads every once in a while. Therapy won’t help. I don’t get why everyone takes me so seriously and I don’t get why it upsets anyone that a loony rape victim/loser is whining about it here. Let me just hate everyone in peace.

No. 979354

she's just malding because she doesnt have a mom who buys her useless expensive stuff

No. 979393

Tfw the roommate/apartment finding process is not going so well… My friend fucking dipped out because she is not ready and now I need to find a place and roommates fast! I hate it since either only men message you to room with them or that you never get a response back! I hate here!!!

No. 979404

Nta but I don't get it either and don't see what it even had to do with the OP's original post (about hating every lesbian because of one bad one or something). Then OP kept going on about "fishy vagina" in multiple replies like it's some important detail, idg that either so it seemed suspicious.

No. 979434

My grandpa makes a really disgusting fish pie and I feel some sort of social obligation to eat it. Help? I tell him I don’t like certain foods but he doesn’t accept it. It’s a generational thing, I think. He’s shocked and horrified every time I tell him I don’t like to eat raw tomatoes. He’s even more horrified when I try to remind him that I don’t really like fish. I never want to eat this shit again, I do everything in my power to get out of it and make sure I’m out of the house when it’s being made but he will seize an opportunity to serve me the leftovers, which are even worse. God help me it would be easier to fake being anachan than to tell sweet old gramps that his fish pie sucks. I should just do what my mother does and monopolise all of the cooking and read about recipes on fucking Pinterest all day but I’m too much of a retard to do anything but bangers and mash or sketty and meatballs.

No. 979445

this is hilarious. would you say you have a toddler palate?

No. 979451

OK, one, there are so many messed up coincidences happening like numbers keep appearing. I think I have a schizo tendency to notice this shit. anyway two: I am just a

No. 979456


No. 979457

I have a health concern but I can't go to the doctor because it's only for extreme emergency's now because of covid patients. Fuck this shit and fuck the government for prioritising covid patients over absolutely everything and all without question.

No. 979465

Yes and no. I’m very particular about food in the most random and contradictory ways that even I can’t explain, which I would say is toddler esque, but then I do like lots of different and new flavours and I don’t mind spice and enjoy very hot food. I don’t like fish and tomatoes but I love anchovies on pizza. Ketchup makes me fucking gag but I like bbq sauce. I wish I could just woman up and chow down but I’m a spineless millennial who didn’t grow up during a world war.

No. 979492

This happened with measles too, more ppl died from poverty and not being able to access healthcare, then the actual pandemic.

No. 979498

File: 1638053143695.png (1.07 MB, 1323x673, 42B104F8-E2C3-4E94-BFBF-67C197…)

pic says it all really since I don't want to elaborate. scam and burn

No. 979517

I'm such a careful driver, but today as I tried to stop at the lights my brakes failed at the end and I rolled into the back of the car in front which had an older couple in it. The man got out and was nice, he said there was no damage and everyone was ok. But his wife started screaming about her neck and demanded a medic be called. They came and checked her then came over to check me out and I said I was fine but the woman was saying her neck hurt and he just rolled his eyes and said "of course she is" and told the older couple to go home.
The annoying thing is because she called the medic the cops came too and gave me a $140 ticket which wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been trying this shit. I gave the man my insurance and he was ready to leave but she demanded we call a fucking ambulance. I'm going to contest it but I'm so fucking scared she's going to sue for neck and back problems. Why do people have to be like this? Even her own husband knew she was faking it so I'm hoping he tells her to cut it out.
Having my brakes replaced next week, the fine is just really getting me down.

No. 979520

what even is the point in credit cards? i only have one and it only has a stupid $300 limit and they refuse to give me an increase despite my credit score being 709 because “i don’t use the card often enough” but any time i spend anything with that card, even transactions under $20 that i pay off immediately, my credit score drops a point or 2 so what’s the point of even using it? i have no incentive to use the card if they just punish me for using it and i can’t get a higher limit so i can stop getting punished because i don’t use it enough. literally the stupidest shit on earth.

No. 979529

if your health concern is that important it will be prioritized too? The only people I see bitching about this kind of thing are the type that go to the Doctor for everything

No. 979534

wtf I couldn't even get a card when my score was at 706

No. 979545

Don't pay it off immediately, let the bill come, then pay the full amount immediately and you won't be paying interest. When you let it hit the billing cycle, that shows utilization. Utilization (under a certain percentage of your available credit, not too much) ultimately raises your credit score. Don't focus on one point rise and fall of your credit score. It's a long term game.

No. 979549

I so tired already, why the fuck are people hosting some stupid ass parties nowadays? It’s so fucking tiresome. Bitch, we’re already having issues with money in the whole ass country and you do a fucking 100 guests’ party? With a pandemic? Are you fucking retarded?
I hate having to go somewhere and be utterly disappointed with whatever I find.
>wants to buy dress
>nobody has the right size
>has to buy literally whatever
>looks like shit
>ok, let’s focus on the makeup, nails and hairstyle
>makeup is some basic bullshit that costed me fucking 35 dollars
>nails are okay
>hairstyle looks nothing like what I wanted
Seriously, why even try? I’m so mad that the covid test was negative, I would’ve had the perfect excuse to not go to a boring ass party where I’m going to be sitting there, eating from time to time and drinking whatever the fuck is around.
I honestly feel particularly more suicidal today than any other days, going to parties is always the same bullshit and now even my stupid ass game isn’t fucking updating because my retarded brother has to play his fucking stupid ass games when he can just come here whenever he wants when I can’t, because I can’t drive, because I’m never allowed to go outside on my own as if I’m going to jump off a bridge.
And while I would do so, I’m not doing so yet.

No. 979578

It depends on the context. Does he act like a creep around young girls?

No. 979585

I fucking hate working every time I get a new job I seem to attract the most toxic fucking women, who act very nice but play mind games. I was telling her how my computer was in repair so I couldn't do shit, and only later when I check my banking stuff did I see they didnt pay me fully for my first paycheck. She said they'll fix it in the second pay. But the second pay date passed and I still haven't gotten paid, I get their system is fucked bc of a hack but that shouldn't impact my fucking pay?? Especially since other ppl got paid on time? Fuck you!!!! I'm going in tomorrow and throwing a Karen tier "talk with your financial person", why am I always the one who gets fucked like this? Why can't you just fucking leave the ugly girl in peace? Why torment me with these mindgames I'm already fucked, you're better than me, so leave me the fuck alone. Give me my fucking money.

No. 979588

Now I do because it happened with my last bf and he didn't have any red flags

No. 979593

I'm getting consumed by anger, I feel miserable

No. 979599

I can’t take a repeat of 2020 (re: the COVID variant everyone is hyping up to be the worst ever!!!!!!) I will quite literally off myself if I’m forced to experience 202(2): electric boogaloo. Plus I made the mistake of reading the tinfoil thread and now I’m depressed and feel like the rest of my life will be spent living under the perpetual stress of ever changing covid restrictions. This shit makes it impossible to meet new people and make friends which I so desperately need right now because it’s been a week and the only people I’ve spoken to have been waiters in restaurants or cafes. I have a long distance bf but even he’s started to piss me off lately but I have no other friends or anyone else to socialize with so I can’t tell him to fuck off. Im scared of dying from Covid or the vax (I’m fully vaxxed but I have to get a third shot soon) but idk sometimes I find myself thinking that maybe dying is better than living in this absolutely hellish world.

No. 979600

>Gay men and straight women are the answer.

i know compartmentalizing might be easy but the reality is there are shits of all sexualities, genders, and so on. That's like me saying
>redheads and 5'5" women with 2 previous ex partners are the answer
Just because one gay man helped you doesn't mean they're all good, same as one gay woman attacking you doesn't mean they're all bad. That one specific man is good, that one specific woman is bad. You can't reduce people to labels for the simple reason that things aren't that simple.

No. 979603

Love only hurts you in the end. I hate it. I want to move far away and never talk to anyone again

No. 979606


It's important to remember this isn't normal, think of all the crazy shit that happened in WW2. It went on for years but then it was over and things got better. We're just in the crazy shit phase right now

No. 979607

Do it bitch

No. 979637

>I want to ditch my friend and I'm trash talking her behind her back because she's worried about me after I kept annoying her with my trash relationship stories
This is why I don't bother with anyone's relationships. Bitches waste your time whining about their useless scrotes, and when they get advice, they go " I-It's actually not that bad, I love him ". Fuck off

No. 979642

When your solution to any problem is "break up with him NOW", it's not really that good of advice.

No. 979647

do people actually enjoy movie nights? like holy shit these are the same people telling you to “go take your meds” “go outside” but they really wanna watch a pirated movie with a bunch of strangers online? how embarrassing and hypocritical.

No. 979655

So venting, shitposting, and infighting on /ot/ is ok, but watching some movies with farmers is where you draw the line?

No. 979656

So you admit anons frequently tell you to take your meds and go outside. Wonder why

No. 979661

>they really wanna watch a pirated movie
>pirated movie
is this a lost Disney CEO posting on lolcow?

No. 979663

I didn't say anything about break up. But if you keep whining about your relationship every fucking day, what else do you expect people to say?

No. 979664

also weird how that complaint was posted roughly after the movie night concluded

No. 979666

> these are the same people telling you to “go take your meds” “go outside”

They’re not telling me that kek.

No. 979673

I'm slowly but surely stopping to give a shit about the virus. I gained a ton of weight during quarantine and my sanity was gradually draining. At this point and now that I got vaccinated, I will take my chances with the virus because if there's another lockdown where I live I'll go legitimately crazy

No. 979681

I'm this close to become a thief. My shithole of a country is going through an unemployment crisis and I can't get a job. Being poor is so fucking frustrating, there are some days I literally cry about it.

No. 979682

zoomers can’t into torrenting

No. 979686

>I got vaccinated
There's a new variant. It seems the Earth is trying erase us as much as it can, and I don't give a fuck anymore

No. 979688

Take your meds and go outside, only mentally stable bitches invited

No. 979693

Fuck it redistribute that wealth, just don’t jeopardize your options by being dumb

No. 979694

Just had one of those days where I didn’t go outside and spent eight hours refreshing websites. Why do I do this to myself

No. 979705

Saw some old roommates who ended up getting together after I moved out and the scrote confessed he used to let his alarm go on and on in hopes I would come to his bedroom door to let myself in and possibly see him naked. He said this in front of my other ex-roommate who is his longtime gf at this point and they both laughed it off??? Wtf that's so fucking weird. It was at the end of the night so I didn't bother confronting anything and just left.

No. 979726

File: 1638070313997.jpeg (66.73 KB, 904x637, 9EAB4490-DF13-45E8-8210-9AEC54…)

Love you, Dad

No. 979729

maybe stop illegally downloading content that isn’t yours go back to playing your ukelele millennial <3

No. 979733

File: 1638071105841.jpeg (103.2 KB, 695x459, 36544A57-D1FC-4292-B420-4263F2…)

Abandoned paintings intrigue me. I imagine the hours dedicated to that work; time that could’ve been better spent on family or friends. I lose myself in those canvases. It’s a comedic tragedy to think of the likely dead men and women who made them. I laugh at their stupidity. They’re dead, yet I’m still here with the immortalized hours of their life. When I was younger, my grandmother had this beautiful painting of a flowered trail framed by trees. We didn’t have much, most days we didn’t even have food or water, but we had that painting. Needless to say, I burned it. I loved every second of it. I hope the artist rots in his damned grave. His time is gone.

No. 979736

What does this even mean? Torrenting was popular before zoomers.

No. 979738

I know it's weird but he will get mad if I break up with him. If I give him a reason to do it he will feel satisfied. I know it doesn't make sense but so far it worked.

No. 979743


No. 979748

>implying pirating content bad
ok, this is sarcasm or bait, right

No. 979754

xbox denied my refund request for this dumbass game that will not launch/keeps crashing. I only got to play for maybe an hour before it started fucking up. I'm pissed.

No. 979755

Kek is this that same anon that called me granny and went "go play the ukelele and do your taxes"? I think it is. Whats the obsession with the ukelele?

No. 979756

Murder them.

No. 979757

I like that the zoomer mental picture of millennials includes a ukelele, not accurate at all (ukeleles were a bit of a meme/joke if anything) but I'll take it.

No. 979768

Samefag, this was seen as a joke at the time but now seems super cute to me in its representation of hopeless romantic millennials.

No. 979770

Here's the ukelele one for ukelele anon

No. 979774

my ears are bleeding. can u shitty commie millennials stop this nonsense? it’s not cute or funny to steal content from hardworking actors and business ceos you guys are so cheesy and corny ew! disgusting!

No. 979797

File: 1638075132037.jpg (70.94 KB, 674x898, FDZHXO4XIAEtl8X.jpg)

insanely terminally online issue but: i like pretending to be a femboy in mmo games. ff14 most recently. what i generally do, is use the female model but call it a dude…and usually, i have no issues outside of the occasional weird dm that's like, someone desperately wanting erp, or a trans person trying to recruit me to an lgbtqagfx+ group. one guy tried to debate gender shit (?) with me but i just ignored it. moving on though.

this gay dude i met in game, let's call him j.f., went from speaking to me every day to not talking to me at all after we voice chatted and he found out i was actually a woman. on one hand it's like, okay. i'm not that concerned. on the other i'm seriously trying to figure out why it even matters? we made it clear neither of us were looking for some weird digital relationship. he's playing a female character himself. so what the hell.

i guess i'm thinking about it now because this is the second time this has happened to me, and idk, i feel a little bad?

but at the same time though it's like i'm living through irl bullshit all over again, as a gnc woman. it's kind of funny but it also makes me ???

No. 979809

this guest at my job took this whole attitude with me and wanted to know why check-in isnt until 4pm if check-out is at noon, saying they should be at the same time otherwise "why are you charging for a full day?" woman……2 things:
1. housekeeping needs time to actually clean rooms b4 we can put new people into them
2. you dont pay for days at a hotel, you pay for the number of nights you sleep in the room
like, please just think, for two seconds, before you open your mouth to get rude about something that is super fucking simple if you just THINK about it

No. 979813

this sucks nonnie, its literally them losing interest because now that they know youre a woman they cant see you as a complete or interesting person anymore. theres no other way i can rationalize that, especially if he was RPing as a female character himself

No. 979814

I'm posting here because I don't want to derail the Celebricows thread, but it's the stupidest shit when people say "Pete Davidson has a big dick do that's why women get with him."
What sane women would ever get with a man simply because he has a big penis? If the sex is good, then the penis isn't actually big - it's probably above average.
There is nothing worse than having sex with a man who has a big penis. It hurts and he has to be careful to not get too into it or else he'll thrust too hard and bang into your cervix. Then you can't enjoy sex after that happens because you'll be worrying the entire time that he'll hit your cervix. Truly big dicks are awful.

No. 979816

i mean…. dumb women exist, i can believe that there are a few of them out there that would sleep with a guy just b/c they heard he was big. and if she's never had an experience with a guy that was too big before, she wouldnt kno its not all its cracked up to be. i want to believe women are better than that, but a truly dumb woman… I wouldn't be surprised

No. 979824

>>>dumb women exist
Falsehood, we simply are great actresses

No. 979828

What are you on about, size queens are a very well established thing and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize different things feel good for different people.

No. 979829

falseflagging men maybe?

No. 979834

women are fucking insane in social groups, they are sociopathic. Most humans are shit from my own experience. I've gotten bullied and harassed by women and gotten taken advantage of by men. I don't know which one is worse but the conclusion is that both are shit.

No. 979839

Hope you find positive female relationships in your life soon

No. 979840

File: 1638080066630.jpeg (570.09 KB, 828x1123, AE9118C8-22A1-4A66-9221-015AFC…)

shitty sister is bringing her bf with her when she comes back from uni. how am I going to ignore both of these scumfucks at the same time

No. 979849

File: 1638082886221.png (247.03 KB, 500x411, 1586969804955.png)

>suddenly became extremely sensitive to alcohol
>haha I must be getting old (I'm 23)
>finds out liver enzymes is abnormal
Honestly fuck my life I want reroll

No. 979854

>the stupidest shit when people say "Pete Davidson has a big dick do that's why women get with him."
What sane women would ever get with a man simply because he has a big penis? If the sex is good, then the penis isn't actually big - it's probably above average.
There is nothing worse than having sex with a man who has a big penis. It hurts and he has to be careful to not get too into it or else he'll thrust too hard and bang into your cervix.

we are just not built the same, you do you

No. 979855

stop fucking trying to evade the main point of what they said you’re insufferable


you’re pretty much proving their point go fuck yourself

No. 979858

I’d say ignore him, as interaction may encourage this behavior to begin again

No. 979860

what is your job anon?

No. 979861

>and even condition women to become manipulative.
i know men condition us into being a lot of things but how do they do this specifically?
sorry for autism, i'm sitll unlearning male influence

No. 979862

wtf just get rid of the chair?

No. 979866

I feel like this stupid wedding has made a fool of me and has exposed all my friends for who they really are. I have one month to go before I get married, I am a doormat of a person and paid for everyone's lodgings and food and fun at my destination wedding.

I am just being ripped to shreds by those who are attending, side chats where people are calling me selfish, my sister is throwing a fit because the attention has veered from her for a few days at a time. My mother suddenly guilt tripping me over the most inane shit. I bought her designer shoes, designer dress, and a designer scarf to appease her and I realize that in my attempt to stem criticism I've only welcomed it.

It's in Europe in a few weeks and omicron came out today after I found out 4-5 out of my measly twenty guests have been talking shit about me behind my back for months.

I hope I can be strong enough to follow through with throwing a wedding, anons, I am an introvert and even this tiny wedding is driving me into a panic.

Send vibes

No. 979869

I wasn't really coerced into sex, at least I feel like what I went through can't really be called that. My first sexual experience was shit, my partner did not stop when I asked him and even tried to constrain me once. I cried and we went for a walk. Yet I kept dating him hoping it'd get better. A d it was usually decent, but he demanded it at least two times every time he or I visited each other. Needless to say I never got off. After a while whenever we slept in one bed, I'd just wake up and pace around crying for an hour or so, and I still don't know what I was feeling then. We had another incident later where he was forcing something very porn-like on me and I absolutely hated it and refused, so he screamed "wtf is your problem, were you raped or something??" at me. Our relationship fell apart soon, but I can't even say the highs were that high, I was just clinging to him because he was a lot ofmy firsts.

I thought I was mostly past it, but then I started talking to a guy on the internet, and the chats got a bit sexual,which was fine by me. But yesterday as we were writing ERP, he wrote some kinda disgusting porn-y thing that reminded me of that one act my ex pestered about not doing and I broke down crying in the middle of the chat. I don't know why it affected me so deeply, it was 8 years ago now.

No. 979871

I can finally go to sleep, I swear the quarantine only made me even more of a hermit than I used to be, my feet hurt and I barely danced for a few minutes.

No. 979874

Ok dud anger is valid uwu

No. 979876

I wish anyone that has ever drugged someone’s drink a short life of chronic, infected hemorrhoids and ass cancer.

No. 979877

Amen to that

No. 979879

Good luck, tell the people who are against you that they don't have to come if they have any complaints

No. 979885

I overslept and I don't want to do anything today. I want a real break from everything, but it all keeps piling up. I'm so exhausted

No. 979891

I have no personality, which makes me not want to approach people, but I am also so uninterested in most things nowadays, I can't even begin to develop interests I could actually talk about. I just want to unalive.

No. 979894

>I just want to unalive
I relate to what you are talking about and I'm sorry, but this isn't tiktok. You can write normally

No. 979897

this stupid ugly meme i made in february is still making its way around and everyone is using it including artists with 20k followers. I get no fucking credit or anything because it used my old signature i want to delete myself

No. 979898

>tiktok invented swapping words for a different effect

No. 979899

I think the other anon was talking about having to change/censor words so your videos or comments don't get flagged.

No. 979905

I'm watching girl from nowhere and am at that episode where there is a killer in the school. It's ONE girl with a KNIFE. Just run outside?? Get her?? She can't fucking kill 7 people with one knife jesus come the fuck on

No. 979911

It's okay nonny I want to sewerslide too

No. 979914

If you're looking for reality in girl from nowhere you're watching the wrong thing
But also hysteria is a crazy thing anon groups of teenagers are especially susceptible

No. 979921

Nah, the show is great but that episode just seemed stupid

No. 979952

File: 1638108196615.jpg (146.5 KB, 1703x680, unalive.JPG)

keep the retarded slang to tiktok, integrated adults are talking here

No. 979959

I agree with you but holy fuck you're embarrassing, it's an imageboard not a council

No. 979984

ok newfag

No. 980032

Unalive has been used long before tiktok, newfags

No. 980074

Still a zoomer mating call, just say kill myself or commit suicide like a normal person. The cringe of "uNaLiVe" is palpable. Oh so quirky

No. 980077

Okay cringe police

No. 980100

i get what you're saying but why are you on a women-only site focused on gossip then

No. 980123

I don't have any advice anon, but I just wanted to say that I am going through something similar. I've experienced a degree of social anxiety since I was in middle school. I've been isolated from my peers and never fully learned how to develop close relationships. Will be 21 next year but don't know how to drive, don't know how to talk to people, and have only really spent time focusing on school since I've been too afraid to get a job.

Maybe you can start by writing down all the things in your life that you'd like to change? Then you can write out a sentence of how you can accomplish that. Then you can just start to tackle each thing one by one to make it more bearable. Maybe something as simple as cleaning your room or getting a haircut, making a doctor's appointment, or whatever. Whatever helps you feel more put together.

I wish you the best!

No. 980155

File: 1638123027950.jpg (331.81 KB, 1000x1000, 9a114f0d72a0500702e00af3dae12d…)

I know you will probably think this is nothing serious to vent about, but for me it is. I'm 26 but I look much younger and people usually assume I'm 18-21. The only men than hit on me are 20-21. It's like I don't exist for older men. Last 4 months I've had three guys seriously hitting on me, and two of them were 21 and one was 20, and all three were sure I was their age or younger. Every guy that tries to smalltalk me is the same age. I have literally one 30 year old guy talking to me, and he's my coworker and it's just a friendly talk, he's taken anyway. Like, maybe I wouldn't have anything against being with a guy 5-6 years younger than me, if he was mature enough and financially stable, but I've yet to meet such man. They either jump from town to town from one shitty job to another shitty job while not having any savings and their own apartment, or they have a stable job but they smoke weed like crazy and aren't that serious. Meanwhile, I have my own apartment and around 50k of savings, yes; I didn't achieve it by myself because I was "lucky" because I inherited the place after my mom died, and a certain part of my savings is insurance money, but I still earned a big chunk of it through my hard work in a blue collar tier job, and I had to seriously focus on that job, so I never had the time to go to uni, even though I wanted to. I sacrificed myself for that job. I was quite poor as a kid and I really respect money, I would never spend in on useless crap like weed. I don't want someone who doesn't have anything to offer in terms of financial stability. Sure, if a guy had money and his own place, but didn't impress me intellectually, didn't have the sense of humor I dig, I wasn't physically attracted to him enough etc., I also wouldn't want him. But a young guy who's funny and charming but totally irresponsible, doesn't take saving money seriously, smokes weed, doesn't read, doesn't have any interests or hobbies, will never ever pass because he simply doesn't have enough to offer me. Besides, I'm very, very inexperienced when it comes to dating men, I was never in a relationship, pretty autistic and isolated myself. Now I feel mature enough to start dating but I can't fucking imagine my first time with a fucking unstable 20 year old. Men my age are usually taken, and men around 30 don't even take me seriously, are either protective or patronizing. What am I supposed to do? Sometimes I want to scream at them "I'm actually 26 years old, fucking go out on a date with me", but I just can't. I'm too shy to talk to them. Honestly I'm afriad that because of my lack of experience, long term isolation from society, autism that sometimes causes my very emotional responses to stimuli like noise or sudden touch, lack of organization skills (except saving money), doing paper work and formalities, inability to express my needs and communicate like an adult should, and other things, I simply wouldn't be mature enough to be with one of those guys. I feel trapped, like I have no options.

No. 980161

I’m sick of my grandmother she has dementia and she’s just getting worse and worse and more horrible and aggressive every day.

No. 980165

Last spring my sister divorced her useless fat scrote of a husband. This 40 year old manchild now lives with his mother blaming his anxiety for not being able to get his own apartment. He constantly makes excuses to visit my sister and sleep in her apartment and hinting they should move back together again. He makes jokes about women and has referred to his 3 year old daughter as a little whore for running around naked and calls us all sensitive when we don't laugh at it like he does. When he comes for a visit with the kids he will plop himself down in a chair, ask when's dinner and expect any women who's in the room to babysit for him. My sister has too soft of a heart to deny him coming over to see her. He even threatened to kill himself last weekend because she had gone to a friend's party and didn't want to leave to take care of him. I'm done, so I made it clear I wasn't going to come to family dinners or christmas if he was going to be there. My mother lashed out at me and called me a selfish brat for not being able to be calm and accept his presence like the rest of them. She told me that she does everything in her power to keep everyone happy, and that me refusing to come over when the walking failure is there is an insult to her and my sister who is going through a tough time dealing with him. I told her it's not our fault things are uncommfortable, and if they would just tell the fucker that he's not welcome we wouldn't have to deal with this, but no. Apparently because the guy changes a diaper once in a while or helps my mom fix the garden fence, I'm supposed to treat him with respect and just listen to all his horrible racist and misogynistic jokes without getting angry.

I'm so tired of being surrounded by pushovers catering to a horrible man's needs. I'm tired of being called selfish just because I don't want to be nearby them. I cut off my abusive, alcoholic dad years ago because of what a horrible person he was. After blocking him and moving away to an adress he could never find me on, he started harassing my mom and sisters with calls and text messages begging them to make me talk to him. Instead of telling him to fuck off, they're telling me that I'm being selfish for "putting them through this" and how it's my fault he's acting like this. I'm so fucking done with these men and I'm almost about ready to cut off my mother and sister too for putting more blame on me for having standards than the men that are doing this to us.

No. 980166

>It's like I don't exist for older men.
KEK you think olde men wouldn't fucking LOVE to get a girl who they think is 18?

No. 980170

Holy shit, anon. I'm a 24 year old shitty NEET (I've had jobs before though) but when I return to the world this is a situation I really fear. I don't have any real advice but it makes me think have you tried styling yourself to look maturer?

No. 980175

I've got a similar problem, 27 soon but last three guys interested in me were all 20, but I don't think I look that young. Mostly guys seem to not care you're older as long as they find you attractive.
I'm not against dating younger guys because they tend to look better than guys my age. But I just know it's not gonna last. I want to marry soon and feel stable and those guys, even if they think they're mature and would commit, they will absolutely eventually feel the need to explore the dating world more and break up with me. I don't wanna waste my time on them.
Guys my age aren't any more responsible than the young ones like you think though. They're all struggling financially and still act like children. At least they're ready to settle down, but yeah most are taken. On the contrary older guys want their partners to immediately birth them seven children. What a shitty age to date.

No. 980179

why are boomers so rude to customer service workers lmao

No. 980181

I'm not reading this entire thing because you don't understand the concept of "paragraphs" but I relate to the whole "looking younger than I am" thing because of health problems and I feel like this is one of the biggest things that prevents me from having a normal social life. I'm a 27 years old virgin because the very few times men hit on me they're either pedos, they're younger than I am and think I'm their age, or they guess my age correctly based on specific context. It affected me during previous jobs as well but right now I'm working with women around my age and they've never treated me like a little kid so that's great. I kind of gave up on even thinking about having a boyfriend, I feel like I'll never be treated correctly by a man because all of them judge others based on looks first and they all think they're hot shit. Good luck to you if you're actively looking fora stable relationship, stay strong anon.

No. 980184

Accomplished men in their 30s aren't talking to you not because you're a uwu teen larper, but because you reek of narcissistic navel-gazing autism, and intentionally isolate yourself from meaningful experiences and conversation that would allow you to run into and meaningfully conversate with the type of men you want to meet.

No. 980185

The kind of men you're talking about are most likely not the kind of men anon is into. Who in their right mind would want to attract degenerates? Normal men don't pay attention to teenage girls and women who look like teenage girls.

No. 980190

People are rude to each other in general. It's got nothing to do with age or job.

No. 980191

>I'm not reading this entire thing because you don't understand the concept of "paragraphs"
Tbf to anon that's the way most people post on the site. Who cares about formatting on an imageboard? It's either people complaining about walls of text or people complaining about reddit spacing.

No. 980199

I legit can't read her whole post though, I can't focus on the entire thing even though I usually can. Maybe it's because I'm tired but it's annoying to read that kind of wall of text.

No. 980213

I have severe anxiety and depression and I cannot get treated because my parents are my only extra income source and they don't believe me. I can't fucking live like this.

No. 980219

I'm 28 and it's awful to date at this age. Younger guys are too immature and won't stick around, older men try to pressure you into popping out kids as soon as you've met and try to trap you, or they already have kids and want a free babysitter. Guys my age are either taken or sleazy, balding fuckboys. I'm also a student and everyone around me is still in their early-mid 20s so there's no opportunities to meet new people. Dating apps are terrible now and you have clearly older men saying they're 25 to get with girls my age.

No. 980223

I feel like I've permanently fucked up my body. When I was a kid, I never worried about eating well or exercising because I was always skinny, so I thought I didn't need to since I wasn't "fat." Now this has all come to bite me in the ass because even though I'm still quite thin (BMI between normal and underweight for my height/weight), my hormones are so fucked up (with painful periods, horrible cystic acne, hair falling out all the time) and I have PCOS that I've recently had to start taking bc pills for since the symptoms became too unmanageable. I'm convinced this is from my years of eating unhealthy food and not exercising. I'm trying to walk more and attempt to eat better food, but its hard when everything that's recommended for a "healthy, all natural organic unprocessed etc" diet is either inaccessible or way too expensive and even if I could buy this type of food, I would have no idea how to cook or prepare it for myself. I'm also constantly tired and can barely concentrate on my school/work tasks and want to sleep all the time and it all makes me incredibly depressed. I feel like I'm doomed.

No. 980227

"kms" is way more of a zoomer identifier. If zoomers pick up "anhero" will it erase its history too?

No. 980229

File: 1638128155508.jpg (12.51 KB, 600x549, 1636222278359.jpg)

Nta but how did this happen? I'm 26 and I stopped dating men (and in general, girls don't like me kek) because of exactly what you wrote. What surprises me that this is happening all over the world and on all apps. Like wtf

No. 980239

I'm a grown woman and I've been upset all day because I had a dream I had a boyfriend and when I woke up I didn't. Also I resent my mum. I'm just having a really weird off day and I'm behind on sleep

No. 980240

File: 1638129758944.jpg (210.07 KB, 480x360, 20211118_205449.jpg)

After seeing an indecisive moid for a year, I had to break it off with him. Officially we're on a break, (no contact). Giving it another chance isn't a good idea considering he has too much bs to sort for himself. His insecurities just ruin the whole thing. He's not even that great, but that was comforting in it's own way since I could feel superior in a way lol. Rip good dick. It's gonna be a pain in the ass to find another one… not gonna bother for a long time probably.

No. 980241

I wanna die right now. I took a covid test this weekend because I haven't been feeling well and I did go outside to pick up meds. I'm being precautious since I live with my elderly mother but holy shit she is guilt-tripping the fuck out of me. "oh you can't take my dog outside to use the bathroom; guess he'll just have to piss in my room then!" (not my fault he doesn't listen to her on the leash because she's never once taken him out on the leash once.) My siblings refuse to take him out because they say he doesn't go to the bathroom for them; but they are impatient and expect him to piss as soon as he steps outside. Then when I told her I shouldn't even leave my room except for bathroom trips just to be safe she got really annoyed and told me she didn't give a shit. Then when I FINALLY CAVED TO TAKE THE DOG OUT; she guilt-tripped me about "if you have covid, you realize your brother just started his new job right?" LIKE EXCUSE ME? Do you think I literally went around trying to get infected? I'm so tired of this sort of shit she always makes me feel like I'm at fault for stuff.

She doesn't want to get the fucking vaccine for some reason and I have no transportation to get it myself even though I really want to. My siblings act like complete shitheads when I ask for them to drive me anywhere; even though they always say all I need to do is ask for their schedule so I can schedule it around their work hours. But when I do that; theres so much whining and carrying on that I just…have stopped making doctor appointments and dental appointments unless its an emergency and even then they give me shit for needing to go. Legitimately had a tooth break and they told me to suck it up (I wasn't in much pain but I was worried about an infection till I could get to a dentist to get the tooth pulled.)

No. 980242

Pain and death
The longer I live the bigger the shadow they cast.
And I too, and all whom I love will succumb.

Shit. Fuck. Shitfuck.

No. 980250

Men realized they could try to game the system and fucked it up for themselves, as usual. Now they complain there's nothing but single moms on Tinder when they chased off all the normal women. It was very different a few years ago, there were lots of guys with normal shitty selfies talking about their hobbies and interests. Now it's the same photos, same copypasted jokes and same tricks they all use.

No. 980264

File: 1638131283477.png (457.46 KB, 944x960, 1621335638504.png)

i can find people sexy, and i enjoy sex as a means to get an orgasm, but i find the actual act of sex really gross. the noises, the smells, the cleanup, the awkward moments. maybe it's because i have never had a partner i've been in love with and could look past any flaws? idk. i'm not asexual for sure but some parts of sex really gross me out.

No. 980266

File: 1638131392914.jpg (31.41 KB, 530x489, 20210324_115950.jpg)

>scrote wanted to play with me
>conversation is going awful
>im mostly monologuing
>im done and go silent
>"why arent you talking"
why am i forced to make the effort when its you who wanted to play in the first place? blocked

No. 980279

How into meaningful experiences and conversation that would allow me to run into and meaningfully conversate with the type of men I want to meet then?

No. 980280

This reminds me of coworkers who say WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET to someone in the middle of a silence where everyone is working. I take great pleasure in ignoring them since I always have my earbuds in so they look even more awkward. But really shut the fuck up bitch no one wants to talk to you.

No. 980282

I didn't fucking do anything but here we are sitting in a dead fucking silence when we could be chillin. Apparently it's only okay to take one's mental illness into account when it's convenient for you, no one can possibly understand what you've been through. Are you even capable of true empathy? Do you have any idea what I've been through? If it was half as easy as you think it is, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT ALREADY. LOSER.

No. 980285

Ayrt and I'm a student too. It sucks because all the school events are full of 20-22 year olds. Guess we're doomed.

No. 980287

absolutely pointless but I feel the need to get it out, it was such a weird moment

>thanksgiving, cousin is drunk w/e

>the turkey is between him and my dad
>asking for turkey, white or dark
>cousin (to my dad): I'll let you get that since you're white lmao
>???????? my dude, you're white
>cousin: r u sure

clearly it was a drunk joke but it was still really weird

No. 980295

Not her but I wish I could do that too. Or rather, I do that too but my coworkers will try to talk super loudly, bang the desk or straight up snap fingers in front of my face if they want to talk to me while I'm working and I have earbuds on. Even if I'm actually listening to something important for work. I wish a strict lockdown will be announced so I can work from home and be more productive in way less time because these bitches are really wasting my time.

No. 980301

I hate men. I was on a dating app and a guy was very interested in me and then when I showed interest back he emphasized he was looking for YOUNG women, and I was like??? I'm 22 you're 27 how young do you want me? And then he mentioned 16-19 and I was like oh so it's not that I'm not young you're just a pedo and I used the anonymous tip to the FBI site and reported. Dumbass used his real name and everything

No. 980305

Brown rice and beans give you a majority of the nutrients you need and are dirt cheap. You can supplement with inexpensive vegetables to get complete nutrition. Billions of people have learned to cook and eat inexpensive nutritious food before you, and you can do it too.

No. 980320

I don't get how FTMs are ok with their breasts being amputated or destroyed with binders, I got a biopsy on my left breast if that's how it's called in english this Friday and I tried not to throw up today when I changed the bandages and saw that the two holes weren't closed up just yet. And it still hurts a little.

No. 980323

Good on you, anon! That's really gross!

No. 980328

I've been busy with life recently. Uni, studying, new friends, meeting new people. I'm actually approaching people I think look cool now. And I've met new eight people last night. I haven't been able to shitpost here as much or catch up with what's going on after being a NEET and spending all my days on here.

Thing is, I kinda miss it. Scrolling through imageboards between classes or on public transport isn't the same as witnessing infighting going live and wheezing about it, or sperging at 1 A.M. and being redtexted. People in real life are really cool, but I miss the fun that I had here. And the discussions I had here as well. It's pretty much the only place where I could write a 1,000 word argument and have someone respond to me in matching zeal. Would an irl nonny meetup be the same? Or is it imageboard culture that simulate conditions in which this kind of interaction can be achievable?

No. 980333

I almost just drunk drove but I stopped myself. I am clearly kind of drunk. I will wait 3 hours and if I still want to go I will go. I feel so ashamed even though I didn't go. I prewarmed my car and got dressed but I took a second to realize I'm just not fit to drive. I need to chill

No. 980339

Trying to date an autistic guy since I thought he's "like me". I have to tell him basically case-by-case how "joking" about bringing another woman, even if it's for me, isn't hot and kind of hurts me, but at least he seems to understand and really never repeat the same thing again, but then we run into a pretty similiar problem of him not understanding that repeating shit that came from his workplace "bros" aren't funny to me. If he wasn't genuinely apologetic and devoted to me, I wouldn't take the time to even get offended, I'd just leave him on the spot.

No. 980341

That moment you took might have just saved a family’s lives and your own. Fuck yes nona, fuck yes. You made the best possible call and someone’s proud of you for that.

No. 980345

Dispute the charge with your bank

No. 980351

I am frustrated by the trends in romance/porn targeted at women. Part of me wants to start drawing an erotic series that finally caters to my tastes but
>how am I gonna do that once I have kids
>I have a job and won't quit it for an arts career

No. 980353

needy ass coworkers are the worst. i want to tell them to grow up and manage whatever anxiety they have with silence, don't rope me into your bullshit when i am trying to just work and go home. try employing your resting bitch face more. and give them an annoyed look when they try to get your attention. they might stop.

No. 980356

Autistic men are at least too stupid to keep secrets well. Idk if they're worth it, unless they stay quiet and actually practice hygiene.

No. 980364

But seriously, how do you stop reeking of autism?

No. 980370

You don't. Trying to hide it will make you look even more weird and you'll be unhappy trying to larp as someone you're not. You just embrace it and hope to run into a guy who's into autistic women.

No. 980377

File: 1638141883210.jpeg (246.15 KB, 1536x2048, EB4E440F-7EB1-47FE-AC4D-021664…)

I’m so scared of being “average” or even just bad at things in life. I can’t let go of the need to be “special.” I’m just a loser and I should accept it.

No. 980392

File: 1638143572026.jpg (38.35 KB, 911x1016, wom.jpg)

I ordered something from this store, had to e-mail the owner to ship out my order after 8 days of nothing. I noticed there was no tracking number though I paid for shipping that had tracking, so I waited a day or two. Still nothing, so I asked him to add the tracking number, and there's been no response after 4 days
I don't what to do. Is this seller trying to scam me? Should I email him one more time tomorrow, or say nothing and get a refund? I'm sad and pissed because I thought the clothes were cute but the owner seems like a flake

No. 980396

I feel sort of similar, anon! I like romance media, erotica, etc. but I fucking hate the idea of sex. I don't even like porn with real people. Penetration makes me feel physically sick and I get no pleasure from it, and the idea of sex with a man makes me nauseous. I have no interest in having sex with women either. I'm pretty sure I'm asexual or at the very least sex-repulsed, but i have no interest in "fixing" it. It's not because of trauma or anything, either.

I don't necessarily find people "sexy" but I do have a deep aesthetic appreciation for people, generally women. I just don't desire sex at all. I hope you are able to sort things out, nonnie.

No. 980398

i feel pretty content with just masturbating but i also have to wonder if i'm missing out on something or if society just places way too much value on sex when it's… just another activity. again i've never been in love so maybe that changes it but. the human body just kinda grosses me out despite me def not being sex repulsed. just like, some aspects of sex are such a turnoff lol. dudes have it easier.

i hope you are also content.

No. 980399

I genuinely don't see a future in my country anymore. Things will only get worse from here, every bone in my body tells me that. I love my city and my northern half of the country, I love the people who I grew up with and who I see and meet every day. But if things get worse, I don't feel like it's salvable. I don't even know the right words to explain to my family how I feel without them calling it overreacting, rolling their eyes and branding me as a conspiracy nut. I don't know how to ensure their safety and I don't know where to go either. I feel defeated.

No. 980401

NTA I'm not asexual but I dislike most stuff involving body fluids (cum is especially disgusting in every aspect), but I do like penetration and other sex acts as long as it's gently and I feel in control. But porn-raised men want to take me and fucking bend me like a pretzel or jackhammer away. The only thing that is even somewhat alluring about sex is erotic touch, passionate kissing and being so closely intimate and men treat is like a fucking race. Most of them want to dominate too, even though I think men should basically never be dominant with their monkey strength and porn-based fantasies, they completely ruin sex, even if I'm attracted to their bodies.

No. 980405

yeah… that's another problem. romantic, erotic, beautiful, caring men do not exist except in fiction. that's why i never judge women for having husbandos. men with waifus are disgusting pathetic little faggots but i can understand women being repulsed by real men.

No. 980416

Nobody likes me and I get excluded. It’s been like this since I was a little kid and now I’m well into adulthood you’d think I’d be used to it by now but I guess it doesn’t go away.

No. 980421

I still occasionally use male ocs in mmos and such myself, so that's really odd why he would just ghost you? Probably insecure or some bullshit. I love your image so much btw. don't know where it's from. I wish Terra and Aion were still popular, because i miss playing those.

No. 980426

Yeah, I have a somewhat low sex drive so masturbation is all I need (as lame as that sounds lol). I see it as more of a technical thing. I just do it to satisfy any urges that crop up and that's it.

I don't think you're missing out as long as you find other things that fulfill you in life! I personally have lots of hobbies that occupy my time, plus I'm a student and I'm pretty content with where I'm at. I've never had an interest in relationships, even when I was younger so I guess I'm just used to it all at this point. Wherever you're at, I'm sure you'll figure things out.

Ooh yeah I think bodily fluids have to be one the biggest eugh-factors for me. I find even tongue kissing to be gross. I'm so sorry you've had such shit experiences with men. I wish we as a society hadn't normalized porn, because with it we've normalized so many gross and dangerous sex acts as well. It's sickening, and I feel for women who are attracted solely to men. You guys have it rough.

NTAYRT but true! Probably why I prefer fictional men over real life ones lmao. They are in every way much more appealing to me. They feel a lot safer, too. I rarely feel comfortable around actual men anymore. Too much normalized misogyny, and they always try to call you crazy when you call them out on it.

No. 980433

Something is wrong with me. I’m unanchored. I’m questioning all my values and beliefs and friendships and thoughts and actions and everything seems unreal. People seem unreal. I feel like time isn’t ever real and I’m watching the world through a jar of black treacle and I’m exiled from my own self. I wish I was a retarded 2D dimensional husbando.

No. 980446

I'm broken and not worth of love. I let him treat me like trash, abuse me mentally and physically that night. I got so wasted I got sick he punished me beating the shit out of me. I hate men. And the worst is I legit think I don't deserve anything better.

No. 980448

Anon that's exactly what he control freaks in charge want. Don't forget you're part of your country, what you say and do effects you family and friends, and your neighborhood, your town, and eventually the country. Being a woman & also this whole pandemic is demoralizing, please take a break from negative media/ideologies.

No. 980463

I feel so bad because I switched japanese tutors. My first one was really nice and sweet but she was $40 an hour and she was always taking calls during our timed lesson and rescheduling last minute lessons that she had on her confirmed schedule… I still feel so guilty.

No. 980466

Taking calls during a time session is really unprofessional. You made the right choice to drop her

No. 980470

America? Cuz same here. And I'm thinking of getting the fuck out.

No. 980493

Anon you deserve to be loved, and you don't owe it to anyone to stay broken for them.
Don't try to take the blame for what someone else did to you, but it's time to start looking out for yourself. You can start and restart at any time, you will always have yourself if you will just accept yourself

No. 980499

I wish the terms "pick me" and "NLOG" would just be eliminated from our vocabulary. Apparently any girl who doesn't fit the norm is now labeled a pick me or NLOG even if they don't exhibit those behaviors. A lot of modern feminists like to act as though women are allowed to have choices, but when they make a choice that opposes their own then they have "internalized misogyny" and are trying too hard to be dIfFeReNt.

I dress in a vaguely alternative way and get shit for trying to be what people perceive as "quirky" and get told that I should just learn to embrace being feminine. I can't just fucking exist, can I?

I don't want to dress slutty. That's not empowering to me. I don't want to sleep around. I don't think sex work or plastic surgery is empowering, and quite frankly, I'm tired of our beauty obsessed world. And no, this bimbo trend is not doing women any favors. I'm getting really fucking tired of the modern feminist movement. I hate that it's just been reduced to "Women can do whatever they want and that's feminism!!!1!" "Critiquing women for any reason means you're misogynistic!!!!" Whenever I disagree they want to equate me to conservative tradwife types when I'm far from that. There's no middle ground. No space to disagree. It's exhausting.

I like a lot of radfem ideals, but find a lot of radfems insufferable. Can't win lol. I'm starting to just separate myself from feminist movements as a whole. I don't want anything to do with any of it. I think I'm just ready to retire from this political climate once and for all. I really hate this "radical centrism" thing, and I don't think I'm that but advocating for myself and other people is too much. I just need to start taking care of myself.

No. 980505

How did a hypersexual edgelord like me end up with a low libido soyboy

No. 980506

I've seen mostly libfems defending bimbo shit, casual sex, plastic surgery and things like that, not radfems unless you mean something else.

No. 980509

Because that's what you deserve.

No. 980510

File: 1638157048631.jpg (18.44 KB, 268x324, Lemme see.jpg)

Husband proves time and again he isn't ready for actual children because he can barely handle the new puppy we have.
He's willing to buy the right necessities to make sure the puppy is really cared for like expensive dog food, but he's really bad at planning the entire picture and certainly hates when the puppy imposes on his time.
He threw a hissy fit tonight and whined about having a headache because I was trying to tire the puppy out with his new squeak plushies that he LOVES! He yelled "You're the type of parent who buys those annoying horns and noisemakers for their kids!!" All because I was playing with the puppy and not watching his pretentious documentary on The Velvet Undeground. Give me a break! He got up to go watch upstairs in the bedroom. You know it's actually really fun to play with the puppy but husband's so geriatric that he wants nothing to do with the horseplay. It's weird because guys usually love dogs, I'm starting to think he was a "cat person" because they were independent and can be ignored (although that certainly showed in their antisocial behavior). I felt like snapping at him for being so low energy and never doing shit besides watching tv. He blames his job but honestly I'm tired of him taking out his job on me, he should be more ahead in life for his age than he is yet he's got no one to blame for himself. Anyways.

It's not like I'm riling up the puppy for no reason, unless he expends some energy he'll be stressed out in his crate and not sleep well.
So, husband wants babies–although I think he is in denial about his fertility cause it should have happened naturally by now and I've been pregnant before sadly. This is probably a blessing in disguise as much as it saddens me. Doesn't he realize babies make way more noise than a few squeaker toys 1-2 hours a day? Baby cries are even fucking worse because they're incessant and we're biologically programmed to find them super distressing, and babies will require so much more attention. He's not ready. He's older than me yet it's so sad he's still this immature. Idk fam, it's saying a lot to me.

No. 980511

Oh yeah, I know. I'm just a dumbass and didn't clarify my point correctly. What I meant was that the libfem movement doesn't vibe with me, but neither does the radfem movement. I've just found that the people I've encountered in both movements are very frustrating to deal with.

No. 980517

File: 1638158175800.jpg (53.01 KB, 692x501, sad-reaction-picture-reaction-…)

>Be me
>Found a song by a female singer
>Began to listen more of her songs
>Look at what other people are saying about the songs
>Full of theylets
>Look deeper into the singer's social media
>She is a they/them

No. 980518

File: 1638158563857.jpg (110.91 KB, 1279x719, 1637373998759.jpg)

me too. it hurts the same whenever it happens; keep trying to get used to it these breakups but it never, ever gets easier lol.

No. 980519

I’m very sorry nonny but it sounds like you’re just looking to pick a fight with him. He may very well deserve it but it sounds like you have a lot of resentment and insecurity and are being a bit critical where it may not be needed. Perhaps having kids is just very important to you and you’re worried he’s infertile and can’t have them

No. 980533

>it sounds like you’re just looking to pick a fight with him
Where did you read that I fought with him about anything? I'm just observing that if he had a problem with squeaky toys then he's really going to lose his shit when it comes to loud ass kids and their obnoxious toys too.

No. 980534

Can I ask which artist?

No. 980547

File: 1638160217512.gif (1.04 MB, 220x392, pooh-no.gif)

>four day holiday time off is over and it's back to work in ~8 hours
I'm not ready and nothing makes this okay.

No. 980552

>I wish the terms "pick me" and "NLOG" would just be eliminated from our vocabulary. Apparently any girl who doesn't fit the norm is now labeled a pick me or NLOG even if they don't exhibit those behaviors.
This is completely unrelated to your vent but I feel like "normies"/twitterfags have watered down what pickme really means, now it's "woman i don't like" = pickme

No. 980553

Solidarity nonnie, I hope you find your place in the world and some love.

No. 980554

Sounds shitty tbh. I couldn’t deal with a low energy scrote as it is, let alone having to parent with one.

No. 980556

File: 1638161136511.jpg (15.49 KB, 480x172, IMG_20211128_224225.jpg)

The scary jokes.

No. 980557

Mom says she's "all fussed out" regarding my depression and self-destructive behavior. Except I never asked her to yell/lecture at me about that shit. I never ask for advice, except rare moments. I think what she really means is she's tired of hearing about it.

I'm hurt.

No. 980560

It sucks that I feel the need to background check stuff now days because its so hard to separate the art from the artist because the artists cant do it.

No. 980562

Kek, name checks out. These people really are scary jokes.

No. 980563

File: 1638161927868.png (40.77 KB, 614x448, FFTdelZX0AElvBV.png)

God, I can't stop feeling lonely and wanting a relationship again. I'm trying to super "based" and pinkpilled and remember how marriage is where fun goes to die and men are shit, people are shit but I can't stop myself! I keep wanting someone to love. I need to break free from the shackles of society

No. 980565

I fucking hate my mother so much EVERYTHING is a fucking competition with her. I feel like im living with an overgrown teenage girl stereotype. I used to be fat and she would make me compare legs with her and she’d say “wow your legs are pretty big, mine are a lot smaller” ever since I lost weight (im not even thin im still a bit chubby) she has gotten so fucking bitter, says I hate her and I’m mean to her because I got fucking size large pajama pants instead of an XL like her and that im “trying to show off” it’s fucking exhausting I just want a real mother. She also used to make my roided up addict brother pin me down and scream in my face to “teach me a lesson” when I was in middle school lol.

No. 980566

Juniper is CYELATM tumblr “artist” and is also a TIM sexpest to make matters worse. Liz is a brainwashed handmaiden.

No. 980567

I’m currently projectile shitting hot liquid out my ass for the 7th time in an hour for colonoscopy prep, and still have half a gallon of the prep drink to get though tonight. Pray for me

No. 980568

File: 1638163197373.jpg (30.35 KB, 500x330, f31fb605925500235563b00323bc05…)

I hate working so fucking much, every attempt gets shorter and shorter and I just want to go back to being a neet. "High Functioning" autism is hell. This pandemic has sucked out my soul and there's nothing left, I can't feel my emotions and I don't have any will left. Please just let me sleep forever I'm so tired of everything and everyone.

No. 980587

My heart keeps beating fast. It's been going on for days and it's making me miserable. What the fuck is wrong with me, I feel panicked all the time and I can't be sure that what I feel is serious or not.

I've been there anon, it'll be over soon. Don't overdo it with the prep drink, you can slow down once you see that you shit clear enough.

No. 980602

I have a state exam in three days, absolutely not enough time for me to study, I've been quite heavily sick for over a week now which caused me to totally lose my voice (and I need to study out loud or else I just space out) feel feverish and cough violently all the time, couldn't sleep because of the coughing and also I got some kind of follicular cyst rupture because I've been randomly bleeding last two days and my stomach hurts.
Is this the nightmare dimension?

No. 980610

Dump. There’s nothing worse than dating someone older and they turn out to be more immature than you are. You get the worst of both worlds.

No. 980615

File: 1638178472562.png (266.89 KB, 780x650, tumblr_ptdiaj3Ph11yqszmco1_128…)

I fucking hate myself so much. I slack during lecture time and then I have to cram everything in the week before an exam because I can't get over myself and just do it while I have time. I feel so jealous of everyone that had the entire week to do extra exercises while I'm stuck trying to get through the basic material before the exam tomorrow. Even today I spent two hours in bed before getting up because I don't want to do anything. Why can't I just get over it already, it doesn't fucking matter what I want to do, I have to do this. I'm glad there's no one else forcing me, but being alone like this just shows that I'm totally incapable of living like a normal person. I wish there was a career or even major I was actually interested in, it's like there's nothing for me in this world. I'm just going with something that's supposed to get me money, at this point I can't even imagine doing something I enjoy. I just want to be a shut in neet and focus on my hobbies.

No. 980622

Sry for the covid sperg but I'll try to keep it short. We're in our fourth lockdown where I live right now and I just can't fucking take it anymore. I've always been more of an introvert but since most of my friends and family live in another state, I've just been feeling so incredibly lonely ever since the pandemic started and I can't go and see them often either. Sure, I can keep in touch with them over the internet and on the phone but it's just not the same as seeing them in person. I miss the get-togethers and feeling like life is enjoyable.

I feel like I'm wasting my "best years" and I was really looking forward to my uni experience but I've never felt worse. I really, really can't take another lockdown after this one. Neither mentally nor financially. I feel so damn hopeless because no one knows when this shit will end.

No. 980627

So my country has imposed a 10 day mandatory quarantine, even for the fully vaccinated, if I travel back from the UK. I booked my Christmas flights in Friday. I didn't get to see my mum and dad last year because of covid and I was really happy that I could this year.

On top of that, my friend that I spent Christmas with last year for company is going to his home country, so I'll be completely alone.

My mental health has been on a downturn since October and this is what was keeping my spirits up, I really want to look on the bright side but I'm filled with bitterness and resentment.

No. 980630

You can bet that if you have children, he's gonna act like this too. Screaming he has a headache and you should silent the baby somehow, not wanting to play with them and so on. Pets usually are a good test to see how your partner will act with children.

No. 980631

Genuinely wish lolcow wasn't infested with on the fence twitterfags but this is the way the site is going now I suppose. I feel crazy for saying this but I feel like the board culture has changed and taken a nosedive just from the last few months alone. reeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 980640

What's an on the fence twitterfag?

No. 980648

File: 1638182359073.gif (277.28 KB, 270x200, 1619137455395.gif)

>I dress in a vaguely alternative way and get shit for trying to be what people perceive as "quirky" and get told that I should just learn to embrace being feminine. I can't just fucking exist, can I?
And yet, if you did dress hyper feminine, you would still be cussed out and berated. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you're a faithful amish housewife, a turbo bimbo stacy, or the most average jane smith ever to walk this earth, the world will constantly criticise your existence. That's one of the many, many reasons feminism is actually needed in the real world

> I just need to start taking care of myself.

Please do. you really need to stop thinking twitter "sexworker" she/theys are the forefront of feminism. or that literally anyone on twitter affects you irl. Trust me, if you stop taking random social media retards' opinions so seriously and just do/dress however the fuck you want (the point of feminism) you will be much happier

No. 980654

by my definition, an on the fence twitterfag is a twitterfag who is on the fence about various political issues like gender identities who thinks twitter's "correct" opinions are too extreme and yet think lolcow's general attitude on the same issues are "problematic". They stick around lolcow anyway because at least they won't get cancelled for speaking their mind here and enjoy gossip. Usually unironically have pronouns in their bios and have difficulty integrating because of their reluctance to use words like fag, retard, autism, etc

No. 980658

I see, like the one calling Ellen Page a they/them pussysexual.

No. 980659

God, I hate mentalillnessfags. Every other fucker on earth is mental, you're not cool or special for making edgy jokes about your """"crippling """" mental illness online. I know I'm not explaining it well but the 'lol its because im mentally ill' types. Like, big fucking deal. You're just like the rest of us. Those who try to make it seem like they're chill about it but they're so transparently are not, 'my mental illness said-' whatever the hell else. I hate that it actively enrages me, but it does. They're so fucking annoying and grating. They're also extremely egocentric and will never miss a chance to talk about themselves. Also, I've begun to loathe the word 'trauma' now. It's so fucking overused and meaningless. I hate this mental illness fad, we need to taboo-ify it again.

No. 980664

Why isn't anyone talking about this post?

No. 980667

go to /m/ for your deep thoughts of paintings from dead people, this is a vent thread no one cares

No. 980673

what does this mean are you okay

No. 980675

Let her be, it was an interesting post.

No. 980676

Anon I loved your post and it is very cool. That painting is very contemplative.

No. 980678

people here are psycho. think of that next time you watch moomin with them and you all squee over how cute!! omg saw kawiwi

No. 980682

No. 980686

KEK true though, fucking hypocrites

No. 980688

I should be happy rn but I’m not. I’m at a job that doesn’t give me anxiety, I finally moved out and being independent. Why am I so sad. I just feel lonelier than ever when I should be excited. Why am I just broken.

No. 980690

Cool, gonna watch some more Moomins

No. 980692

>people here
>you all
Dilate and go back to where you came from

No. 980693

I’ll never be able to afford therapy. That’s why I haven’t been doing Medicaid because I know I’ll either get declined or it won’t be put to use because I know I won’t be able to afford it. So what’s the point of trying to get Medicaid if it won’t be of any use. Lol. Can’t I just die lol. It’s just so much easier. Idgaf if it’s an easy or cowardly way out. It just sound so appealing to not exist and to not be able to feel emotions anymore. I just want out.

Also I’m probably too beyond repair right now that it would be pointless. It’s just too late. It’s too late there’s nothing what the fucking point I just quit. I’m done. Idk his I’ll do it but I know I’m gonna go over the breaking point and kill myself somehow. I don’t know

No. 980701

There's really no point in celebrating festivities with family when every other day of the year they hate each other and me. My mother's already organizing the food and the decorations, but for what? You're going to scream at people randomly the moment christmas is over, like you do literally every year. I'm tired of sitting there at the table pretending to be happy and relaxed when in reality I'm just waiting for this shit to be over and walking on eggshells because the first thing that mildly upsets her is going to make her scream and insult me. I wish I could spend christmas alone in a cozy room, without pretentious meals and people pretending to care about me.

No. 980702

>Watch Turpin House of Horrors interview
>Cry and want to kill God, and the parents.

How? I feel so sad that we've somehow failed that family.

No. 980703

You know that it's dumber to turn a blind eye and pretend there aren't psychos and npdchans/bpdchans between us right? You think you can watch uwushit together and pretend every other farmer is a good person when clearly there are plenty of crazies here right? People with no empathy and no braincells too. That includes the stupid race-baiting bitches. You can pretend everyone is nice and happy but that's really not the case here. People who use imageboards tend to be unhinged, do you think that people who use LOLCOW of all places wouldn't be unhinged too? At least embrace being an unapologetically unhinged woman instead of this YASSSQUEEEN KAWIIWIIIII hypocrisy.

No. 980705

File: 1638192128169.gif (3.09 MB, 384x216, 903FF013-93C2-4CF3-9D28-C6AD9D…)

No. 980708

>blablabla I hate it here, I hate posters
Then go back to twitter

No. 980710

File: 1638193318786.jpg (36.55 KB, 448x511, 778.jpg)

I keep forgetting about assignments for this stupid student development class and I don't know why. I don't forget assignments for my other classes, just this boring unnecessary shit.

No. 980715

Not to tinfoil but this sounds like menarepigs talking. Retarded typing style, bait and all. Sorry that farmers relaxing and watching a cute show together made you this upset. Go dilate and leave us alone.

No. 980718

Seeing farmers being friendly makes me uncomfortable. I am half expecting some in house drama when someone accuses the movie night of being infested with scrotes because someone called an actor ugly or when someone accuses the movie night of being infested with bitter lesbians because someone called an actor ugly

No. 980720

Ngl but the discords, friendfinders, movie nights, gift exchanges, etc on lolcow always felt like honeypots and opportunities to collect dox by scrotes and mentally unhinged bpd chans. But if people are getting legitimate fun out of it, then so what? Let them take those risks.
In the years I've been here I've never done it but it's not gonna make me ass ravaged that other people are having fun.

No. 980729

I am sorry nobody wants to watch extreme decapitation gore with you, maybe go ask on 4chan or kiwitards?
LMFAO you and me, anon. IDK if it's truly menarepigs or not, but some anon (or anons) is seriously pressed by the streams.
>Ngl but the discords, friendfinders, movie nights, gift exchanges, etc on lolcow always felt like honeypots and opportunities to collect dox by scrotes and mentally unhinged bpd chans.
As someone who first proposed movie nights during the townhall, it's weird to see conspiracy takes on what is purely harmless fun to me. You may be right in some way — but contrary to discords and gift exchanges, movie nights are anonymous.
of course, you don't have to believe me
This isn't against you, but I fucking hate the idea of farmer honeypots like we are some pedophiles to be hunted. Or more precisely, the community in the shadow of constant surveillance by an imaginary scrote. Oh no, don't share a personal experience with other women cause a scrote may get off to it. Don't talk with other farmers off site cause it may be a scrote gayops… etc. JFC this kind of life isn't fun!

No. 980731

It makes me uncomfortable too.

No. 980741

The movie nights are anonymous and it's the same 10 people in the discord. We just had a movie night and streamed Moomins all day the day before that with 0 incidents. Use throwaways, don't tell people your name. It's up to you to be able to tell the difference between an LC user and a scrote and it's not that hard to tell.

No. 980742

Samefag but when it comes down to it, no one is making your participate. There is going to be infighting on the site regardless of what happens offsite, it doesn't really matter, let farmhands deal with spergs. I don't get the paranoia when nothing has happened.

No. 980743

>Nothing has happened
Except that now there's this new Boogeyman that you call me are pigs or whatever
It's always a Boogeyman on lolcow

No. 980746

Menarepigs isn't a "boogeyman" it was one person who was overly passionate about a movie and was offended we didn't get the "symbolism". Nothing happened.

No. 980748

It literally is a boogeyman if you are blaming everything on one single person like always. It's a cycle on lolcow
It never ends.

No. 980753

it's a running injoke more than anything LMFAO.

No. 980754

What are you talking about? The only time they were even around was in the chat during the movie and then they were gone. If you're saying that I'm accusing them of that shit, then you're being hypocritical. I'm not every LC user itt and I didn't say any of that.

No. 980755

This ^

No. 980761

The only 'drama' so far is people who aren't participating complaining that the movie nights are a thing

No. 980762

>it's a running joke you are hypocrital
then what is this:
>Not to tinfoil but this sounds like menarepigs talking.

No. 980763

If I recall everyone was calling a movie "pedo movie" that's drama for me.

No. 980765

The most I can think of is personalityfagging and clique-iness. The 'kek are you (insert nickname here)?' and the non-movienighters would be a little confused and the frequent movienighters will know what's up and giggle about it.

No. 980769

This. Shaydmin pls don't take away our movie nights because of these speds.

No. 980771

>If you're saying that I'm accusing them of that shit, then you're being hypocritical. I'm not every LC user itt and I didn't say any of that.
I feel like you're being retarded on purpose just to piss me off

No. 980772

I really really hate and it creeps me out the "omg positiviy! uwu" aura that the movienights have when everyone calls each other retard on these threads. The "is insert nickname here" shit is grating too. The personality of everyone will eventually show and everyone will be able to figure out who each other is by typing style. This is so stupid, it's like namefagging with extra steps. Pretending each other is a friend is so stupid too.

No. 980773

I don't get what people having criticism about the movie is drama worthy? We all sat there and watched it and joked with each other. We finished the entire movie and talked about how we liked the soundtrack and camera work. It wasn't even close to being drama.

No. 980774

Then. Don't. Go.

No. 980775

Accusing others on the thread of being pedos is drama though?

No. 980776

Why. Are. You. So. Pressed.

No. 980777

You sound like a retard. Go watch movies with the other retards who want to namefag/personalityfag then. Pretend to be "YASSQUEEENS LETS WATCH CUTE MOVIES TOGEHTER UWUUUUUUUU" while turning around and saying shit behind your backs on threads.(infighting)

No. 980780

Not even part of any of this but it was LITERALLY just one anon accusing you of being it and anither one agreeing. You're hilariously overreacting and they were probably right.

No. 980781

They said the movie was scrotey? That isn't accusing another user of being a pedo. This discussion is causing more of an issue than menarepigs did during the entire movie.
Why are you? Are you really surprised people act differently offsite? Why does it bother anyone that users are being friendly with each other while they watch a movie? It's so bizarre to me. The discord has been a thing for ages, people communicate offsite all the time. What pissed you off?

No. 980782

"There's no boogeyman"
>they were probably right. YOU ARE MEN ARE PIGS!
literally what.

No. 980784

>Are you really surprised people act differently offsite? Why does it bother anyone that users are being friendly with each other while they watch a movie?
This is called hypocrisy lmao

No. 980785

It was probably a joke, but go ahead and keep stirring it up. I think this conversation has run its course.

No. 980786

We didn't like the panty shots in the movie. We still had a good time and enjoyed watching the film together. Get over it. Your posts itt are obvious, same as in the previous movie thread.

Your bait is obvious and weak.

No. 980787

This was my only comment on this whole discussion >>980765 and I was trying to convey that the most that might happen is lukewarm at best but maybe still annoying. I would join too, but I can't watch a whole movie at once lol.

No. 980788

>how dare people be different! You’re supposed to be exactly the same even if you’re in a Mongolian basket weaving anonymous imageboard!

No. 980790

so which one is it, pedo movie or not? girls keep the story straight!

No. 980791

I don't see the point of arguing over "movie night bad it's making people forming cliches" when a whopping lolcow discord server at top of the page everytime. Is there anyone really want to conspire against farmers in here over Lizzie McGuire movies please enlighten me

No. 980792

What are you even trying to convey here? this makes no sense lol

No. 980793

No one would be this fucking buttmad and sperg out over being accused of being some chat rando by a single anon, unless it is the said chat rando.

No. 980795

I am aware of and accept the fact that the girls I hang out with on the stream will probably disagree with something I say on LC. I call my own friend a retard when she says stupid shit. I don't hate anyone on LC and I'm sure movie night would be even better if you participated you stupid bitch.

No. 980797

Did you forget there's a whole thread for the lolcow discord drama? forming clickes on lolcow was never a good thing

No. 980799

And yet the discord, matrix and friendfinder thread all still exist with admin permission.

No. 980801

Some people don't like the hypocrisy of being called a retard somewhere and then being like "uwu lets watch movies!" a second later lmao. Accept you are hypocrites, own it and move on

No. 980804

Doesn't make it any less retarded though

No. 980805

I don't know what to tell you, it is running joke before anything else. It's true that there is someone sperging about movie nights with a distinct writing style, but who cares honestly
JFC it was a discussion/movie criticism. Aren't we allowed to have that? Anons disliking a streamed movie is a community-ending drama now? LMFAO.
If you don't want to participate than don't and maybe wait with the bitching untill the streams are shut down due to ~horrible boogeyman drama~. Until then shut up and keep your shizo fears to yourself.
>reee why are anons having fun streaming movies and not tearing each other down every second reeee stop that i'm uncomfortable
Pure projection
>Go watch movies with the other retards who want to namefag/personalityfag then
Wow thank you, can you shut up now?
>Pretend to be "YASSQUEEENS LETS WATCH CUTE MOVIES TOGEHTER UWUUUUUUUU" while turning around and saying shit behind your backs on threads.
Why do you have problem understanding that anons on site aren't interacting with each other but with pieces of text available at the moment? It isn't that personal. I am not interacting with you, I'm replying to some bullshit argument ATM. I don't know you. I don't hate or like you. If you write a post I agree with or something funny, I will write a nice reply instead. I don't know anything about anons on the movie chat beyond the opinions and comments they drop at any given moment. If one anon is nice to me during the movie chat and calls me a retard here for my opinion, I would never hold it against them LMFAO
You had to be there, participate next time
IDK but I remember the 'you fucking whores are insufferable' comment (made by another noname, mind you). Someone was bothered by the stream as it happened, very likely the same person posted 'do people really enjoy movie nights???' post 20 minutes after it ended
Seems like a you problem

No. 980808

Lmao you must be very pressed about your stupid movie night hypocrisy and drama if you felt like replying this much. The autism of this post is on another level entirely
This is why we can't have nice things on lolcow.

No. 980809

It's not hypocritical, if I fight with my friends or family it doesn't mean that my love for them is fake. We're a bunch of anonymous girls on the internet, if your feefees get hurt when someone calls you stupid and you hold it against the whole user base, that's your own problem. Other people just want to have fun and relax sometimes instead of doubling down and "owning" how much of a cunt they are. You're not righteous because you didn't watch Moomins.

No. 980812

Holy shit, calm down. You're more autistic than the other pressed anon.

No. 980813

Alright ladies, no more positivity thread, no more shitposting together, no more supporting each other in vent posts.

No. 980816

>It isn't that personal. I am not interacting with you
Calling someone a pedo/scrote is a big accusation though, just because of some dumb movie lmao

Sorry that your entire family is hypocrital then, must suck to be you. But again, some people get uncomfortable by being nice to each other on chat and then calling someone a pedo or retard on another place at the same time.

No. 980817

You're just baiting. Go finger your ass hole to your favorite movie Tag.

No. 980821

>no more supporting each other in vent posts
If you go to past vent threads a lot of people in distress who come and vent are called retards instead of being helped. This is something we all know, and something everyone complains about. Again this is hypocrital
And you're club member #1 it seems
Wow what happened with the positivity and niceness? I suppose that's over now.

No. 980822

My depression is so bad lately, I can't focus on anything. I feel disabled. I can feel the hours of my life I'm wasting between the same three websites and it makes me want to kill myself.

No. 980823

Good job for us keeping this bullshit saged, we are such good lil farmers.

No. 980826

I'm right there with you anon, trying to motivate myself to do simple things like get food for myself has become this everyday struggle. I don't even know what day of the week it is most of the time. I feel trapped.

No. 980827

>Seems like a you problem
believe it or not there's more people in the world who dislike hypocrites than people who do not

No. 980829

What bullshit?

No. 980831

Let's really commit to it and get the cows to watch movies with us

No. 980832


No. 980835

Everyone who uses the movienight and friend finder thread is a cow tbh

No. 980840

You could even argue that people who browse lolcow have cow behaivor themselves.

No. 980844

>>Go watch movies with the other retards who want to namefag/personalityfag then
>Wow thank you, can you shut up now?
That's literally against the rules though
maybe those threads were a mistake? idk

No. 980848

Can the thread devolve into shitposting and husbando posting already

No. 980850

This is a vent in the vent thread. I'm feeling feelings so I must vent them, in this, the vent thread, where vents happen. As I vent I really feel the weight of the thing I'm venting lift off my shoulders, it's like venting helps me vent all these emotions that need venting. Here in the vent thread.

No. 980853

How many people would see this as hypocrisy, though? I, for one, don't. Hypocrisy would be if I called your very same post genius here and retarded in another thread. The closest to your example would be if I enjoyed movie nights while trying to to shut them down here. If someone cannot handle the way anonymous interactions work, then they need to avoid them. This isn't tumblr or twitter. It isn't about building personal connections, but about having fun with like-minded individuals. It's about reacting to each other as strangers caught in the moment. What happens at movie nights, stays at movie nights.
I genuinely don't know what you mean. Nobody is namefagging (or 'personalityfagging') on the farms. The movie chats are offsite and we could namefag as much as we want, but it's been decided against that i.e. because most anons specifically like anonymity and the freshness that comes with it.

No. 980858

This is the post with the most sense.

No. 980859

I make a bitchy reply blaming you for problems out of your control, call you a retard and then reeee about 'uwu kawiwi fake nice bitches'. I see a moomin picture in /ot/, smoke pours out of my ears and I piss my pants then tab over to liveleak, sighing as I find respite away from the hugbox that's become lolcow. All is well.

No. 980861

Sorry about that nonnie, this sucks so much. If you know any of his victims it could help you to also have someone to talk to. I feel so lonely about this. People who know about it tell me it's better to just let it go, but I still feel angry. I lost hope of ever getting justice and there is nothing I can do, anything I could try would most likely harm me more than heal me. But I hope you the best, that your abuser gets what he deserves.

No. 980862

ayrt and same, me too. Like… How do you even dig yourself out of this hole when you can barely get out of bed in the morning? I feel like every three or so days I text everyone I know desperately asking for help, and all I get is "aww, that sucks :(" I don't even know what I want people to do for me, it's not like they can fix my brain or anything.

No. 980863

I think the real issue is that some of our very autistic anons don't like change and seeing movie nights pop up and anons chatting makes them rage as much as Sega changing Sonic's arm color.

No. 980864

>What happens at movie nights, stays at movie nights.
Does it though? it's seeping all over here

No. 980867

his arms are not fucking blue his arms are not fucking blue his arms are not fucking blueeee

No. 980868

Aaaaaand SCENE

No. 980870

>but it's been decided against that i.e. because most anons specifically like anonymity and the freshness that comes with it.
then who is menarepigs and why does everyone keep mentioning them?
Again if you can tell who that is by personality alone, you will be able to tell the personality and typing styles of everyone else who becomes a regular on movie nights.

No. 980871

Seriously just, I'm not a moviewatcher but it's not like any ~drama~ is really happening right now. If it happens then you can bring out the essays and the 'we were right all along's. Let the lonely farmers have their movienights till then.

No. 980874

Definitely this, and bpd-chans who can't handle when others are happy.

No. 980877

I'm just an attention whore who wants people to react to my thoughts/validate me, otherwise I'd just get a diary and burn it later tbh.

No. 980878

You know what? I'm not gonna text him. He sounds disinterested in everything I say. I'm already sad and miserable, I don't want to keep "bothering" people and feeling that they don't want me. He has other people and things to keep him company, I will have mine. I'll seem like an asshole, but it's the best thing to do.

No. 980880

>there's no boogeyman
seconds later
>it's the the bpd-chans

No. 980881

Menarepigs showed up once for one movie they were very into and they became a meme. It's not namefagging, it's literally a joke. As has been explained multiple times.

No. 980883

But then why is everyone on this thread menarepigs?

No. 980884

Because people bitch at movie nights happening. Nothing was seeping before those autistic posts lol
>then who is menarepigs and why does everyone keep mentioning them?
A meme
this is fucking hysterical

No. 980885

Seconds? Girl that was 40 minutes ago and you're still trying to bait people.

No. 980887

I don't think you know what bait means

No. 980888

[This space is meant for people with actual problems]

No. 980890

>A meme
Is it a meme? Is it a poster? Is it a pedo? Is it a movie night enjoyer? what is it now

No. 980891

I knew this was going to happen when the movie night thread was created KEK this is so milky

No. 980892

What's the movie? Is men are pigs the title?

No. 980893

Menarepigs was an autist who showed up at movienight and said some crazy shit like "pantyshots are artistic"

No. 980894

That anon is just trolling and baiting at this point. Can you guys let the depressed people have their thread back? Movie nights will continue anyway.

No. 980899

It’s not like the vent thread has been super useful or helpful to me since bitches be bitches but for all it’s worth can anyone explain to me why I want to slit my wrists? I feel super sad but I don’t think I have any reason to do so. I do feel I’m a waste of space and that the world would be better off without mr.

I’m just a super easy course at school and I am flunking, it shouldn’t hurt because I chose to do a class at the lowest level on purpose. Perhaps, I suffer from school’s anxiety and a learning disability or 4. Oh welp. There’s no real suicide plan other than stacking anti depressants on a monthly basis. Gotta love yurop’s health care. I can’t wait to fucking die. I fucking can’t wait to die.

I guess I know why I want to die, 0 friends and family, mom and bro are using me financially, draining me emotionally, they don’t love me. I have 0 daddy either.
I can’t even get a boyfriend. I don’t need one but it just adds up to the reasons why I feel like a complete waste of space.
Can anyone fucking murder me!

No. 980900

>but for all it’s worth can anyone explain to me why I want to slit my wrists?
because you're menarepigs and you're ruinning movie night!!!!!

No. 980901

The movie was Sion Sono's Tag. It's good, don't spoil yourself though and sit your ass until the end

No. 980902

Not good, clearly a pedo movie with too many panty shots that only a pedo groomer like menarepigs would enjoy. This was obviously the consensus in move night when everyone wanted to stop watching the movie when there were too many panty shots going on.

No. 980904

Oh wait I can get one night stands and I’m able to be a man’s side chick so I can technically have sex, but I can’t wait true love I guess because I’m unloved forever alone etc…
I know this is pathetic to read, but with the fact I’m considering suicide as a definite option when things get too rough what do you even expect?
It just sucks to be me it just sucks

No. 980906

I'm only replying so >>980900 this retarded reply isn't the only one you get. Go get therapy or meds or both, anon. Drink some water and get some sleep.

No. 980908

What’s going on? My tears make it hard to see the screen properly. I want to see the movie too, I have no feiends anyways. Link?

No. 980909

One night stands only make you more miserable tbh

No. 980912

I know I don’t need it I just want to be somebody else.
No therapist likes me so I can’t successfully, I can function better off meds.
I don’t know what to do, I’m just feeling worse and worse as years go by.

No. 980914

I went off all my medication cold-turkey and I am in agony. I went off an anticonvulsant, a pain medication and a mood stabilizer, then did LSD. It was really uncomfortable but I still had fun. My body is rebelling today though and my dystonia is fucking up my neck and hands today. I can't wait to not be detoxing anymore, you have no idea. I can't sleep or eat right now

No. 980915

Log off, sis. Play some silly game. I know the feeling of deteriorating each passing year, don't know what can help you with this but I hope something does.

No. 980916

why are you risking your safety to let moids use you? All of you need to learn to love yourelf a little bit. Would you let your sister do this shit? So why are you doing it to yourself, dumbass? You're making excuses >>980912 because you dont like yourself so obviously no therapist does etc. It's a cycle and you're doing it all to yourself.

No. 980917

Why did you go off an anti-convulsant? That sounds like a bad idea.

No. 980922

I think that's why my hand and neck locked up. Honestly the side effects of the medication heavily outweighs tremors and seizures, and it's been about two weeks and I haven't had a seizure so I don't think I will.

No. 980923

My managers at work keep taking their frustration out on me and i can't take it. I'm not getting paid enough to deal with their passive agressive bullshit in this stupid ass job that offers no mental stimulation whatsoever. I feel like I'm wasting my life and potential working here and I wish I could afford to live as an artist hermit and never have to deal with managers and retail and corporations again.

No. 980926

Therapists run away from me without explanation. I have slow processing disorder so they don’t have the patience for me. Also have feral child brain like symptoms due to severe negligence.
I dont have one night stands. I just know I can get them because men ask for sex and when I flirt I realize they’re taken etc…but I don’t care about it it’s just a small fraction of the bigger problem. I think you’re projecting tbh. No offense. I am crying because I’m a tard, mosty.
I have no sister btw only a brother and mother and they both hate me.

No. 980929

Yeah gaming and isolating myself helps a bit. I just deleted my whatsapp account because of my adhd it just distracts me and rereading the logs and my friend begging kind of hurts.
I’ll be selectively mostly mute again (also online or else i wouldnt have deleted whatsapp) everyone misunderstands me anyways.

No. 980930

Sometimes I want to shoot my boyfriend in the head when he's asleep because I feel certain I'll eventually be abandoned and that way he will go to sleep, loving and thinking of me, and then that'll be that. He'll be mine forever. I don't have access to guns because I'm more likely to commit suicide first than that, but occasionally it crosses my mind. I just want to die knowing I was loved forever by someone who is perfect.

No. 980931

Reading comprehension, she never said she wanted one night stands, just that she can get them and men will consider that worth something or whatever because they're retarded

No. 980934

Isn't it interesting that everyone I know that has bad covid with symptoms is an anti mask anti vaccine wanker. Anyway our Xmas dinner got cancelled and the country probably going into another lockrown because spastics that sniff street drugs don't trust the credentials of the vaccines.

No. 980937

Tragic anon back at it again. This son of a bitch is really skin walking my boyfriend after I let him hit once. Look you had a chance to shoot your shot and it was a fuckin brick not my fault you're too scared to speak up about wanting to have sex again. Even your supposed best friend said you're acting weird about this. I legit don't understand the tard rage at me being affectionate with my boyfriend way to ruin your own fucking party punching holes in shit kek

No. 980946

Almost had what felt like a panic attack at the grocery store just now because I had to wait a while in line and caught a glimpse of myself on some reflective plastic covering. It made me feel so sick and lightheaded and my heart started beating faster, I'm just glad I could somehow calm myself down. I want off this fucking ride I don't want to live with whatever fucking mental illnesses I must have

No. 980949

Some of you bitches are so fucking miserable literally who cares if someone is buddy buddy for a movie night I thought it was commonly understood nobody is safe from shit talking on this site. If you get talked about later on for being very obvious in chat that's on you. I hope anons get more obnoxiously positive from now on just to spite that one anon.

No. 980957

Someone said they were watching Cuties. Some weird shit going on

No. 980959

We didn't watch that at any movie night, wtf?

No. 980966

Cried on the way to work because I can't believe how ugly I am. It be like that, Nona.

No. 980967

I'm curious if anyone else here has felt a similar way

No. 980971

That's pretty mental. Kind of upsetting how neurotic and crazy some of you are and you have boyfriends.

No. 980974

that's how urban legends are born, wait a week and everyone will know that scrotes were streaming cp on the first movie nights and menarepigs was the only brave hero to stand against that kek

No. 980978

Yeah, it's insane because you always know you are not worth it. My boyfriend is literally perfect and I'm such a shit person. I have made some life choices that are better than him, but he's just a nicer person. I worry all the time he'll find some chick who isn't crazy and he'll fall for them.

No. 980979

I felt like that about my relationship with my pedo groomer when I was 13. I sometimes wanted to kill him so he would be mine forever, but mostly myself so I could live on perfect and untarnished in his mind

No. 980983

Interesting. I also felt insanely jealous of the man who abused me as a child. It is such a gross feeling. I feel more tender about my boyfriend though, he never has abused anyone and part of why I also feel the way I do about him is because I feel certain that part of him will change and he'll start being a drastically different person. I can't bear to think of him like that, I'd rather him die perfect than him become something grotesque. I'm convinced I'll be what makes him ugly, too.

No. 980988

File: 1638206077796.jpg (218.21 KB, 1080x1080, ewRZpaDsYUrrHTCvvR7upBQl0nles4…)

It's ok to take a break, I'm similar and I just get tired after a while of trying to larp as a full human and not some neglected unsocialized creature.

No. 980989

Take it to covid thread sperg

No. 981004

We’re not hypocrites, we just don’t like you. Retard.

No. 981008

Why the fuck would you do that?

No. 981025

Same here anon, hope one day we can both make a comfy living from our art. Keep on trying!

No. 981045

nonny, where is this drawing from? I like it

No. 981064

File: 1638211891142.jpg (200 KB, 1100x1007, 1631428206702.jpg)

I was over the moon a few days ago from having gotten a certain license that would allow me to work in a not so shitty job and even increase my chances of working somewhere not shitty at all after having worked only shitty jobs for the last few years since high school. I was feeling stuck since I'm still in college and thought if i'm going to be a wageslave in the meantime I might as well do something i don't hate as much/enjoy a little more along with slightly getting better pay. It felt like a small step ahead in the right direction and like my only accomplishment so far, because I still only have a high school diploma, so I was happy about that, my only regret was not having thought of getting it sooner. I don't remember the reason but I looked at the requirements to apply a litte ago today and saw a highschool diploma is not required at all……….. I feel really demoralized and alot of things make sense now, like why people are condescending (not excusing them) or why some of the license holders i've encountered in the past don't seem all the way there. I'm still going to work in the field because i need to but i don't seem able to override this train of thought that i'm useless and I still haven't accomplished anything worthy, I think I would have been able to enjoy my job before but now I'm not so sure. I guess I'll have to wait and see. It just sucks because this was about the only thing that made me happy in a while now and now I'm back to square one.

No. 981072

samefag, idk how I missed it the first time, i guess I would have still applied for the license and taken the test and everything had i learned that, wouldn't have deterred me, but at least I wouldn't have let myself think I was accomplishing anything.

No. 981088

File: 1638213702610.jpg (3.17 MB, 4032x3024, PXL_20211129_132827822.PORTRAI…)

>when people ask me why I'm kicking out my roommate

No. 981092

this on and off of my anxiety being so bad i can barely eat is going to give me a full-blown ED at this point and it's infuriating. klonopin give me strength through these trying times.

No. 981103

I told myself I just wouldn't weigh myself after this Thanksgiving break to save myself the trouble and unnecessary screaming at myself, but then remembered I'm going to my doctor for a physical today so they're gonna weigh me fuuuuuuuck.

No. 981104

Is this a real pic? they should clean their messes wtf

No. 981107

I kicked mine out because she'd hop up and piss in the kitchen sink instead of walking to the bathroom

No. 981110

Was she a fucking caveman

No. 981111

wtf anon

No. 981121

i wouldn't even be able to look someone in the face after seeing them do that

No. 981122

File: 1638215689119.jpg (160.13 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20211129-135414.jpg)

No. 981123

Do you ever doubt your own abuse? I do and sometimes don't consider myself abused or neglected but I think I was

No. 981126

Ugh my mom would get drunk and do that

No. 981131

My life has been so shit and there's genuinely no way for me to express myself or do the things that I would like to do. I'm so angry at the world. Why don't I deserve to be happy? Why don't I deserve to express myself? Why don't I deserve having money. I think I deserve all of that, but everytime I try to achieve any of those I get harassed, bullied and misunderstood. Most people are inherently cruel and evil, they lack empathy and the only moment in which they have it is when it makes them feel good

No. 981152

This is real. My roommate is a scrote who is low-key an alcoholic and every weekend I walk downstairs to be greeted with this. He's like, "I'll clean it up don't worry" but it just sits there until Tuesday or when I clean it up. I've blown up at him multiple times over this, it gets better for a week, then back to this. I've had the talk with him to leave and now he's looking for apartments.
My roommate blows his nose in the bathroom sink and halfheartedly washes it away. In the kitchen sink, he piles up the dishes because he uses 10 dishes/pans/pots to cook one meal. There's a dishwasher right next to the sink.

No. 981196

The worst part about jobs is getting bored. I just want to not be bored.

No. 981198

My old friend is a massive munchie and it makes me sick. I love her outside of that but it's fucking disgusting. Should I just tell her the truth?

No. 981208

File: 1638218370597.jpg (161.13 KB, 1838x802, Screenshot_8.jpg)

I came to the realization that the person whom I thought liked me was actually just being a friendly coworker, nothing more and my socially retarded and sheltered womanchild ass mistook it for romantic interest. I want to bash my head against a wall a million times. I am dumb dumb dumb

I also pondered on whether this is something that I took after my mother, who also has a weird sense of attachment. Like she will cut off a family member in a minute without warning but she will randomly confess to a person working at a clothing store how much she likes them and how they are the reason she goes to that store after meeting that person for the second time

No. 981252

File: 1638219649806.jpeg (93.33 KB, 600x325, 815551CA-1D9D-4A39-8DA3-6F6012…)

The cost of living just keeps getting worse and worse every month, at what point does this shit stop?

No. 981270

>senior citizen husband
>he should be more ahead in life for his age than he is yet he's got no one to blame for himself
>lazy as fuck and taking it out on his wife
>cant look after a simple pup
This wont last. I hope he doesn't bring a child into this world, and I bet there were a bunch of red flags that you also ignored.

No. 981289

i'm so tired of plastic clothes!! i'm so tired of seeing nice clothes only to find out that they're made out of synthetic fibers. i just want clothes that aren't made out of four different kinds of plastic reeee

No. 981297

part of me wants to stay with my bf forever, have a child, move back to my hometown, have a bit of a career and live this small, cosy life. and then part of me wants to break up with the bf, move to Ireland, work shitty jobs, never have kids and just read books in my free time until I die a happy hermit. the shittiest thing is, I feel like regardless of which option I end up choosing, I'll still regret not choosing the other one, from time to time at least. sucks to want your life to go in two separate directions simultaneously.

No. 981311

Same anon. Every designer/status item is either 100% polyester or rarely silk, which isn’t a practical everyday garment. It pisses me off to see a $1200-$1800 dress and it’s literally made of plastic. What the fuck am I paying for? Aside from some male designer’s ego.

Madewell has more natural fabrics like cotton linen hemp tencel and wools than your average brand and their sales are rly good (70% off sale today for cyber Monday.)

No. 981316

Doomsday preppers are psychotic and I would never want to live in a post-apocalyptic world with them I'd rather die.
Like how they say that if you dont learn how to cook meals w/o making smoke you'll regret it bc someone will come to your house and gun you down for the meager meal you've cooked for yourself. They are legit just talking about themselves. They know as soon as they run out of supplies they'd take their gun and go hunting for some poor sod who just has a can of beans to their name. No thank you. I'd rather see you in hell

No. 981319

half the time they're fucking carbloading fatties can't take it seriously one bit

No. 981321

I've never understood why anyone would want to survive the apocalypse. If society collapses I'm gonna get it over with and go starve in a closet or something.

No. 981322

Had a rough week at work last week, got through it but cried from exhaustion more or less all Friday evening, weekend was not enough time to recover, period kicks in Monday morning with the shits and nausea whole shebang, called in sick relieved to have another day to myself to regroup. Monday evening now, still feel like shit, randomly gets this song in my head, listens to it and just cries and cries and cries. I don't even know what the song is about it just hits me right in the PMS.

I want to change my life, I hate having a job that i love for many reasons but management issues and the constant unforeseen changes that happen daily just keeps draining the life out of me. I'm killing my brain with stress and anxiety on the daily and I'm not even well paid. There is no great reward. I recently learned that my annual pay increase is barely higher than the inflation rate. It's all such a scam. Work hard, get paid more NO. NO ONE KNOWS HOW HARD YOU WORK. NO ONE CARES. Put in the bare minimum of work that you are paid to do, do it well and that's it. Working harder than you are paid for will never make you more well paid. I'm so sick of keeping it together during the work week, only to fall apart at home. I hate that I was just recently diagnosed with autism at 30+ because all my life I thought I just wasn't trying hard enough. I spent my youth completely burning myself out trying and trying and trying and I'm scared for the damage it might have caused my brain.

Maybe I should just quit my job and try to learn photography or something. I just want to be happy and enjoy my life rather than endure it. Fuck I wish I was born rich.

No. 981333

That's reality though, when the panini started scrotes all went to buy guns. I think in the covid or tinfoil thread someone posted a dudes first hand account of societal breakdown when their area was completely quarantined. The women just stayed inside or only to the wall guarded places, and scrotes went out to trade/get info. But idk if that would happen bc scrotes are a different breed nowadays.

No. 981342

Add onto that, most are just fear porn inducing tards who stock up on shit not learn skills. What happens if their base gets flooded? Raided? They'll have nothing. They act like they're going to be a one man show, when the only ppl who survive big events are the ones in groups.
Unless the whole world gets nuked then it's possible, you only need to survive long enough to get to a better place/establish connection and trading with a better place. I don't think they plan for the forever apocalypse.

No. 981343

Dont forget that fatties can still use a gun and they most definitely would get food rage when their high blood sugar levels drop.

No. 981345

File: 1638225036991.jpeg (28.35 KB, 452x678, A51975A9-2B47-4FA3-8431-53ACD7…)

i would love to own a sandra mansour dress all beauty and threat

No. 981347

Well the doomsday women seem to have a more positive view of it all, like they'd just end up becoming self sufficient, learning permaculture and subsistence farming. Where as the guys are like, "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU HEAT THAT CAN OF CHEF BOYARDEE? SOMEONES GOING TO SMELL THE COOKING FUMES JUST EAT IT COLD BITCH"

No. 981352

Definitely and that's why I'd rather die then live during something like that. You'd have to be one heartless person to live like that, and that's not me

No. 981356

I really love one of my dearest friends but she’s an nb/trans and has even done stupid shit like posting a tiktok ranting against JKR. More than me agreeing with JKR, I can’t believe she’s fucking dumb enough to do that and NOT expect to be bombarded with people who also agree with JKR/will defend HP to their graves. She’s also nearly 30 so I really don’t know why the fuck she did that kek. I rarely get to see her and I adore her and her company but the mental illness from being perpetually online of it all… I feel like I can’t even talk about wanting to live more simply and romanticizing my mediocre life to make it more enjoyable for myself because she’s super depressed and hates living so fuck me for having some moderate amount of will to live. I don’t think she’ll ever snap out of it. I just smile and nod.

No. 981358

retarded ass aliexpress bot store using my art for some shit uuuugh

No. 981359

you don't have to answer but…how the fuck do you like or enjoy the company of a person like this? Are they not as unhinged as they are on the internet and are actually nice? the constant negativity doesn't bother you?

No. 981360

I was in the same boat as you during senior year and I was on the verge of repeating due to me failing english. My English teacher was super chill and made my grade passing by giving my final presentation of the year an a. She said that we didn't have to present them to the class (which I hated)if we didn't want to and could just present to her instead. On the flip side of that I became an edgelord in my ap art class and got my art teacher to hate me. He even chewed me out in front of the class. At that point I'd stopped caring and just wished it would all end.

No. 981364

Your friend sounds almost exactly like mine right down to the NB/trans thing, spending too much time online, and seething over JK Rowling. I used to have a good time doing things like playing board games and cooking with her and her friends. However, when the pandemic hit, my friendship really changed with her since she refused to meet people anymore out of fear of getting COVID, got more depressed, and grew even more fixated on twitter TRA stuff. It got to the point where I stopped talking to her because it was unbearable hearing her sperg about JK Rowling and other gender stuff. I still feel bad though for disregarding her last texts to me because we used to be really good friends.

No. 981375

I'm tired of listening to my best friend and her boy problems. She finally broke up with her douchebag of a bf 3 months ago but now she constantly calls and messages me to complain about a) not meeting enough men with bf potential or b) hooking up and falling for randos that she meets at clubs. She even has the audacity to complain about how her "life is in shambles" because she's never been single for this long and wants someone to go on romantic dates with. Wtf is wrong with her, she never used to be like that but she's pulling all sorts of dumb shit now. This kind of desperation really revealed some of her ugly traits.

No. 981392

Sounds like it's time you set some boundaries and tell her you don't want to listen anymore.

No. 981400

Yeah I know, I tried to hint towards it a couple of times but then she hits me with the "pls don't tell me I'm annoying you because apparently I'm wortless and no one likes me and I only trust you with my insecurities" and I let it slide because she never pulled that shit before. I know I'll have to do it eventually though if she doesn't get her shit together soon.

No. 981421

She’s actually very sweet and normal irl! We only have a handful of common interests but our personalities mesh together really well. I can depend on her emotionally, and while I try to offer the same to her, she doesn’t really lean on me that much for emotional support. It’s very rare that she mentions gender stuff when we hang out, I just see it on her twitter a lot. Her negativity does bog me down but since we no longer are around each other constantly (used to work together, that’s how we became friends), when we see each other it’s usually very light and happy. I know it seems really weird that we’re good friends but she’s just one of those friends where you just get along so well with each other naturally, it’s effortless to have a good conversation when we’re with each other in person. I try to take it as just one of those “annoying habit your friend has that makes you fucking loathe their existence even though you actually love them” things even though it’s a nasty rabbit hole and probably really doesn’t help her mentally.

I’m sorry about your friend nonna! I hope they’ll snap out of it. I’m not a confrontational person so I usually redirect the conversation or avoid it altogether to avoid conflict or voicing my real concerns so we can stay friends.

No. 981422

File: 1638229746815.jpeg (189.05 KB, 523x737, tumblr_msfk0ackq81qiqzu8o1_540…)

I'm so tired of this covid ordeal. I hope next year gets better. This year was worse than the last. At least last year we were able to buy food for the entire month. This year my family even had to get new clothes from the trash which ok, I don't mind, they're just clothes, and they fit which is more than I could've asked for, and I also stayed an entire year without shampoo nor anything to use on my hair and had to cut it short so it would be more bearable, no biggie, but I'm tired that even without spending a dime on superfluous shit like clothes and basic hair products we don't ever have enough to make ends meet. Food never lasts till the end of the month, and when we get something special to eat, I'm always afraid of eating too much and having nothing by the end of the month, so I never eat enough to be completely full. I feel like this mindset might fuck me up for good in the long run and I'll end up like the people that were poor when they were younger and got obese due to being afraid of never having food again or be one of those crazies that spend money on absolutely nothing and live miserable because they're afraid of experiencing poverty again.
Then I see cows like luna crying they're so hungry and poor while never losing even a bit of weight and taking pics with their new videogames, phone, clothing, makeup and whatever, other retarded useless expensive crap like tats and piercings. Like wtf. I'm so angry. At least this month is soon over, so I'll be eating well again and hopefully for the entire month. Fuck this, fuck the "poor" cows, fuck luna, fuck covid, fuck this new variant, fuck the president, fuck 2021, fuck me.

No. 981424

I’m sitting in bed after midnight and I have uni and I’m freaking out because I barely did any studying yesterday and today. I know I’m a lazy piece of shit but it’s okay, I’m working on it, I’m working on getting my shit together. I know it’s counterproductive to dwell on time wasted and deeds done. Plus it’s fucking annoying. But I’m going rapid right bow thinking Im a failure and my friends want to hang out tomorrow and on Friday and I keep thinking that I could study in that time. Even though it won’t make much of a difference. What’s even happening. I need to go to sleep.

No. 981425

Third world?

No. 981426

i wish id killed myself in my teens when i actually had the drive to do it so i wouldntve ended up an ugly washed up neet in my 20s who knows ill never be able to do it now

No. 981429

Damn right. Imma cry. I just want to be one of these gringas that go complaining about their huge ass phones or how we can't fuck tinder males or go to events. What a beautiful life.

No. 981430

Yes, get some sleep. You can’t worry about it now. If you struggle to get things done (which is normal if you feel overwhelmed, don’t sweat it), then you can find a friend to hold you mutually accountable with. Also, if you feel like doing nothing, NEVER just give up, read at least one paragraph . If you feel yourself getting bored or fidgety, always work a little more than you feel like doing before taking a break.

No. 981445

>pls don't tell me I'm annoying you because apparently I'm wortless and no one likes me and I only trust you with my insecurities
Manipulative much? Tell her she needs to tell a therapist these things. I despise these types of women personally, they want constant soothing and someone to enable them staying with their shitty bfs. It's like someone who has an infection that needs antibiotics but won't take them, instead wanting you to listen to them moaning in pain.

No. 981446

I feel this. My best girl friend IRL became "nonbinary" the last few years and is extremely online on Twitter. She's normal when we hang out and I love her but its sad. I feel like I have no girl friends left. All my geeky girl friends are opting out of womanhood. Or trying to.

Trans shit is so cruel to autistic girls. I find it really hard to use they/them but try to humour her because she is a good friend. But they/them always indicates a lack of information when used as a pronoun. Feels clunky as fuck to use constantly. I don't bring this up to her because she's very attached to these ideas and rigid in her thinking.

I feel like I can't talk politics with her either because she just drinks all the Twitter Queer Theory Kool Aid and doesn't actually read any theory; or she is familiar with only hacks like Judith Butler. Bleh. This wave of feminism has become such a disgusting, unfunny joke. I don't believe in any "gender identity" shit. It's all fucking made of queer theory bull fucking shit that has leeched in psychology - the quackiest, most useless soft science - and now into our actual medical institutions and public discourse at large.

So fucking depressing. I don't know where to find other cool lesbians anymore. Everyone is so fucking insane from this queer theory shit. I feel like everyone around me is smoking crack. I used to be like them too. Feels like fucking Plato's Allegory.

No. 981449

Why is it her thinking and ideas are rigid and unchangeable, but yours are? I understand you want to do right by your friend, but where is her understanding for you?
I see these stories a lot and I don't understand it. I've had friends drink the koolaid and I've just told them it's sexist trash and I'm not going to respect it and they've left me alone about it. It's only when you let these people lecture you and talk down to you they will. The best thing you can do is shut them down.
It's cool that your friend thinks she can opt-out of womanhood, but point out to her that's an incredibly bougie and first-world thing to be able to do. I bet the girls in Afghanistan wish they could just opt out.

No. 981452

Damn it's fucked up how in movies the leading actor can have an average unfit body type but the leading actress always has to have a perfect body with barely any fat or anything. As if it's just an expectation that women are supposed to look that way even though I'm sure most actresses have personal trainers and nutritionists. Not saying that there's anything wrong with being fit as a woman, but I wish women could have a bit of fat on their stomach or on their thighs and have that be considered normal just like it is for men. Makes me sad that women are basically conditioned from childhood to constantly monitor their bodies when the 'average' body they see depicted in media isn't even one that is achievable without plastic surgery or strict dieting and exercise (obviously eating healthy and exercising are important but you know what I mean).

No. 981462

It's because of the strange victimhood rhetoric tied up in trans shit. If I tell her I don't believe in gender identities, and that they're sexist trash, I'm an evil transphobe. You have to keep in mind she's in DEEP with the online discourse. "Cut off people you misgender you, question you" blah blah blah. There's no room for healthy discussion there. I don't want her to put me in the out group because gender disagreements aside, we are good friends aside from this one annoying thing.

Somehow this ideology has latched itself onto the LGB community - so not believing in it is basically me being the equivalent to a homophobe, or some shit. Which is a real gag as a lesbian. She isn't gay, so I wonder if that's why she hasn't figured it out sooner. She has a boyfriend but considers herself "queer" because of the gender shit that no one can see at first glance. I try not to roll my eyes. I began to question all this when "genital preferences" were posed to me. So maybe that's why she's slow on the uptake. She really is great this BS aside so I feel like a cunt talking behind her back, but I needed to vent. Bleh…

Essentially, in her mind, she is the morally righteous, correct one. This gender stuff, especially the NB crap, reminds me of being raised Christian, where ignoring logical inconsistencies that would make the house of cards tumble was a good, pious thing because it spoke to one's ability to be have "faith." I'm supposed to have "faith" in this gender BS and ignore what my eyes see. That my friend is female and that internal gender IDs don't exist in a meaningful way. It's all made up.

I guess what I'm saying is navigating her belief feels like on my end, like I'm navigating interactions with someone who is devoutly religious & does not want to be challenged. If you get what I'm saying. Come to think of it, we met another NB at a mutual friends place and the way they started talking about gender stuff sounded like they were reciting scripture at each other. It's all so odd.

No. 981466

>point out to her that's an incredibly bougie and first-world thing to be able to do. I bet the girls in Afghanistan wish they could just opt out.
Using their lingo against them is very effective

No. 981469

Think about it this way, if you didn't escape you wouldn't have gotten where you are now. You can help them now because you're in a better place, if you stayed with them then you'd all just be powerless. By going away for a while you got the power to better help them.

No. 981526

I have fish odor syndrome, tinnitus, and odd 24/7 chest pains that began late 2017. Nobody believes me on any of it. Not even my mother, who's an insane bible-thumper and believes I'm making it up so I don't "feel bad about not attending church with her".

Everyone. Everyone I meet. They think I'm trying to be anti-social when I refuse their offers to go out because they don't understand I am literally incapable of going to clubs/movie theaters for fear of my tinnitus getting worse; they don't get that I have days where I don't want to go anywhere and feel miserable because my chest hurts 24/7 and sometimes I can't ignore that; and they think I'm unhygienic when in fact I bathe every day and can't fucking help that my body is this messed up.

Tired of this. I want to reroll. I want to leave my body and have one better.

No. 981537

I wish people with progressive dementia/alzheimers would at least leave a medical protocol for their families if they don't plan to off themselves. My husband's mother has advanced alzheimers and she's getting to be too much. There's so much responsibility thrusted upon us as working adults to go check on them every week and sometimes more. To put her in a home for full time alzheimers care would cost more than several thousand dollars a month and his family is convinced the lack of care she'd get at these facilities would accelerate her decline anyway.
Tonight she's trying to escape her house again, and my husband called me upset from work because his family calls him to get him involved. It stresses him out because he can't do anything at work besides be a soundboard for their panic. His grandmother and his aunt call and hassle and hassle, and heaven forbid if they don't pick up the house phone because then they blow up my husband's phone as if everyone there is dead. His older brother gets out of dealing with this shit because he lives on the opposite coast and has a disability himself.

His mother doesn't recognize anybody in her family anymore including her husband. So she's extremely agitated as anyone would be if they were confused and thought they were someplace they shouldn't be with people they don't know.
She's no longer there. She's reverted to some adult-toddler who sometimes has moments of clarity but mostly lives her life in a state of perpetual confusion.

I hope if they take her to the hospital tonight that they just give her heavy sedatives. At this point she can't even live comfortably because she's in so much mental and emotional anguish 24/7. I understand that by the time stuff like this is diagnosed that people with dementia already aren't in their right minds, but it's still such a high burden for their families. Her condition is only going to get worse and worse and even over the past year she's deteriorated astronomically.

No. 981544

For the last week I've been sleeping at random times and for random hours and got nothing done. I feel like crying. I can take a sleeping pill and wake up in 2 hours and be out of all day tomorrow and not make any of the half dozen calls and appointments I need to make. I can stay up for another couple hours and watch youtube videos but then I'll sleep through business hours tomorrow AGAIN. I want to throw up. I don't feel any emotion but I'm crying. I'm so tired but I haven't done anything. I NEED to do things but my brain doesn't work.

No. 981545

My grandma is in her 90's and has been getting progressively worse over the past few years. It has gotten so bad that she doesn't really recognize most of us anymore. They finally put her in assisted living which she hates, but it was getting too hard to take care of her at her home anymore. Her son, my uncle, took her over to his house for a visit. She thought he was her husband (who died 10 years ago and was also very senile) and that he was cheating on her with his wife. She gave them a really hard time over it and said they were going to hell and stuff. My mom (her daughter in law) and my siblings were just laughing about it. Personally I find it horrifying and sad, tragic even. I seriously kind of hope she just passes away soon because she clearly doesn't get any joy or fulfillment out of life anymore.

It's fucking painful and sad to watch. My parents are already in their 60's. It fucking scares me that that might happen to them too. It makes me really fucking sad actually and want to kms.

No. 981552

> This gender stuff, especially the NB crap, reminds me of being raised Christian, where ignoring logical inconsistencies that would make the house of cards tumble was a good, pious thing because it spoke to one's ability to be have "faith."
Hit the nail right on the head! I don’t bother to fight with them. I’m very fortunate that I have a lot of women friends who are not nb/trans even if they do support it. My best friend is a lot more supportive of it than me but we will agree on how ridiculous and performative some of this shit can get between ourselves. Honestly, I don’t even know how I didn’t fall into the fakeboi hole because I used to buy into a lot of that shit. A close friend came out as nonbinary and for a few days I did genuinely question my gender but I came to the conclusion of “my clothes don’t define me, I love and enjoy being a woman and celebrating my femininity, wearing men’s clothes when I want to doesn’t mean shit” and that was that. It also feels like a really top tier stupid first world problem sometimes too.

I will admit that I am kind of dumb and I tend to never argue with my nb friend about anything because they’ll go on and on about stuff and my slow brain really needs time to process a well thought out response.

No. 981566

I think I have sexuality OCD (or something like it) and it's driving me fucking crazy. My fixation on my sexuality is stressing me out so much that I'm scared to go to sleep. When I'm on the cusp of sleep, or when I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm half asleep, I will have the most insane ruminating thoughts about my sexuality. It's like "I think I'm attracted to men, but I am not attracted to men, but I could be, I might be attracted to men, I think I am, but I am not attracted to men-" on fucking repeat OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I am a lesbian and the thought of having sex with a man makes me physically recoil and I can't even think about it for more than a few seconds and my fucked up freak brain decides that I have to do these "tests" where I have to think about sex with a man to prove my sexuality (like groin checking) but it still does not satisfy my fucking brain and now it just feels like I am becoming more and more unrecognizable to myself due to all this scrutiny I am putting myself under. God I fucking hate this and I wish my brain didn't do this demented shit.

No. 981568

I started having chest pains abt 3 years ago that turned out to actually be really bad surges of acid reflux/GERD. Didn't feel like that at all, like normally with acid reflux it feels kind of like you just vomited, but this was just like stabbing chest pains.

I went to the hospital and made them xray & cat scan me but they didn't find anything and told me it was probably acid reflux/GERD. I didn't believe it at first but I started eating a milder diet and it did go away over time. Later I talked to my mom and she was like "oh yeah GERD but it feels like you're having a heart attack, I get that now and then" like thanks for the warning mom, would've saved me a lot of hospital money.

In my case changing my diet was easy because I was working at a waffle restaurant and eating waffles 3x a day. So I just stopped doing that and it went away. But as my mom has it and eats reasonably healthily it may be in my future. She is quite prone to stress though which also contributes to it.

As regards stress also, my partner developed tinnitus last year during a crunch period at work, and it did go away slowly after stress was reduced. A big thing that helped was turning off all sources of droney noise - heater, A/C, fans, etc - and wearing earplugs when that wasn't possible. Took several months of that to go away totally. Kind of like the ear equivalent of having a strained muscle in a brace.

No. 981569

Alzheimer's always terrified me it's like a living hell. If I ever get it, going to take a long walk in the woods.

No. 981570

Anon it's the female socialization brain worms. Smoke a blunt and go to bed.

No. 981574

Fish body odor could maybe be caused by your gut biome, try eating more fermented stuff, I had really strong smelling sweat before I ate more fermented stuff. And my gpa took cod liver oil to help with tinnitus. Good luck anon, the "you're just saying you're sick for attention" trope is such bullshit.

No. 981585

I used to drink chlorophyll water and it would get rid of my BO and made my poop not smell. I'm not sure how it works, so it might not help with the fish smell but it's something you could try. I switched to chlorophyll capsules instead of the liquid concentrate and took too many one day and it fucked up my stomach for a while, so I'd suggest sticking to the concentrate (you mix it with water, it doesn't have much of a taste depending on how much you water it down).

Idk about the tinnitus or the other things though. I hope you can find a cure.

No. 981602

File: 1638246004020.jpg (150.15 KB, 828x1018, FFIOviRWQBsqDCB.jpg)

I want to be beautiful so badly. Or at least: pretty. I have complained on this before, but I will never understand how my parents were so gorgeous at my age but I am ugly. Do I not have their genes? Maybe not, for I am not pleasant to the eye. Lopsided face. Terrible skin. Ugly profile. Been teased for being bad-looking all my life.

So dramatic, I know, but if for one day I could experience what being lovely is like I would be happy.

No. 981606

ive lost more weight the in last month while im sick than i ever did while trying to diet in the past, while i like being thinner is this not super concerning? i've gone from 158 to 138 and this only started in late october. i mean i do eat less because it's painful for me to eat, but on days i do decide eat i still eat normal calorie amounts (~1200-2000). ive only had 5 days where i ate nothing at all due to pain but i dont think that explains a whole 20 pounds of weight loss. i also drink a lot of protein drinks to help with nutrition since they dont hurt me as much as solid foods

dont know actually whats wrong with me yet either and neither do doctors apparently so i guess im fucked lmao

No. 981611

This is scary anon, this much weight loss means somethings so bad your body is cannibalizing itself. Hope Dr finds out what's wrong. In the meantime pls try to take some supplements like bee pollen to get more calories & nutrients.

No. 981617

Yikes anon that sounds dangerous. What kind of symptoms are you having besides nausea?

No. 981624

Go to your obgyn, make sure it's not ovarian cancer

No. 981625

Why the fuck is keto so difficult?! Recipes always have tons of meat or require specialty expensive ingredients or have nasty ass cauliflower. What tf am I supposed to cook?!

No. 981629

its lower left abdominal pain that never goes away and worsens with food and the worst diarrhea ive ever had, no intense nausea but thinking of food can make me feel sick to my stomach sometimes but i havent thrown up at all. ive also had a few episodes of cold sweats and a fever that comes and goes. complete lack of energy any time the cramps get really bad. CT scan with contrast came back with nothing and i am suppose to see a gastroenterologist soon
i was also misdiagnosed with a hernia in the beginning by a doctor that didnt even physically look at me because i mentioned i had seen a bulge in my lower left abdomen a few times that warped the appearance of an old scar on my abdomen but who knows what that was about, it's obviously related to whatever is wrong with me but the CT obviously showed no hernia. if it were colon cancer would also be visible in the CT i believe? no idea wtf is wrong

No. 981631

I’m sad. I like drunkenly hooked up with this guy I’ve known for a while last week and we are supposed to go out of town together this weekend and now I really don’t want to even go anymore because I don’t want to have sex with him again. I’m going to just tell him this but I’m worried he’ll moid out and be a dick about it, I don’t even care about the stupid concert anymore because he already made like everything super inconvenient and awful for me. Idk. Stupid. I have been like not having sex because I’m trying to like find someone worth a shit and start a family or whatever but I’m not getting anywhere because the dating pool I live is such hot garbage so I was like yeah why not I’m drunk let’s just do it but I always feel unfulfilled and disgusting after I do this dumb shit. I’m so annoyed.

No. 981648

I'm trying to keep my anger from getting to me just after one of my friends have messaged that there's a possibility she might not be able to come to our trip just after I bought our group's tickets REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 981650

File: 1638252139641.gif (148.98 KB, 250x254, e765e06eb21f7bdd41eb6605222c4f…)

I started a new job last month and I can't stop thinking about one of the security guards there.
He's super tall and his shoulders are so broad and he keeps smiling at me. Honestly, I think I'm a bit out of his league but I'm hoping I can use that to my advantage and get him to talk to me.
I stood behind him in line for coffee the other day. He smelled really nice and my heart was beating so fast.

I've been in a relationship for 12 years and I think I'm just bored with my life.
But he looks cute in that stupid uniform and he has a stupid motorcycle fml

No. 981662

you're supposed to just eat steak because keto is an excuse for moids to just eat steak like they already wanted to.

i assume you're referring to cauliflower rice which is indeed bad but if you're looking at recipes that are subbing rice for cauliflower rice you're miles from anything sensible.

consider perhaps, eat half as much rice, instead of trying to sub it for weird stuff. also consider, eat half as much meat, which will reduce the expense, as you noted.

also consider, eat green vegetables. even if you only shop at walmart/$store this means frozen broccoli, frozen peas and frozen spinach. do not say some dumb shit to me like "but vegetables have carbs" or I will come at you like a spider monkey.

repeat: keto is not a real diet, it's an excuse for moids to gobble meat

No. 981677

File: 1638256558483.jpg (28.75 KB, 256x400, 7c192782855f796a1f7421056f1c1d…)

I keep getting stupidly mad irritated at small things online. Like anything someone posts ticks me off. For some reason, this doesn't happen on lc at all, even the pure underage retard tier posts don't irritate me but on another imageboard or another website something innocous gets me angry and ticked off. And it's happening much often now. I can control the urge to reply very rudely but I still seethe on the inside over incredibly minor things like someone coming across a little young or sheltered. I need to touch some grass lmao

No. 981682

File: 1638256973756.jpeg (97.29 KB, 1029x672, 0BFCF153-96EB-4624-8BC2-39B41C…)

all I feel is just primordial feelings. i can no longer laugh or enjoy things, sleeping on my bed fucking hurts and is so uncomfortable, pretty sure my thyroid is about ready to burst and i always have some kind of weird infection feeling in my chest and swelling of my neck and i’m super lonely and detached to the point where i can’t even distract my rage anymore my brain refuses to put up a fake wall anymore. i’m going to rip god from his holy fucking balls out of the fuckjngsky and tear his heart apart for making me suffer like this

No. 981683

File: 1638257573306.jpeg (41.5 KB, 512x512, 1637878892578.jpeg)

Started taking antidepressants and actually have a lot of energy from them. I'm still feeling lazy but hopefully it goes away soon, I've only taken 2 doses so far.

No. 981685


What happened to the old me that wasn't afraid of talking to strangers and making friends?

No. 981695

I need sane friends. I'm tired of people who gargle tranny propaganda and self DX with 10 different mental illnesses and scream about how oppressed they are for being lgbtq+ whilst being a straight woman with a boyfriend. I don't want to cut off my friend group but I need to find new people sooner or later, but how the hell do I find women with the same interests as me who aren't infected with twitter brainrot. I wish we cound rewind the internet by 10 years, I wanna go back to not having to deal with this shit.

No. 981697

How old are you? Srs question. If you’re young it could just be people your age in general are dipshits.

No. 981701

Early 20s. Everyone in my age range and interest group was raised on Tumblr, it feels like.

No. 981703

Yep sorry, just about everyone your age is a dumbass. The good news is maybe about half of them will mellow out and become normal by their 30s, the other half will become even worse.

No. 981707

Consider moving states.. or maybe even a different country.

I'm really over American culture and politics at this point. I know there's no place that exists without problems, but it would be a breath of fresh air to travel or live somewhere else for a while.

No. 981712

It was rec'd for my PCOS, idk what to tell you anon, other than your post didn't help at all.

No. 981714

I cut myself yesterday for the first time in like 6 years. It's such a stupid teenage thing to do, but I'm just so tired. I'm stuck in a place where I'm unwanted, I have no one to talk to. I'm stupid, ugly and sick, cutting at least brings me comfort for a while. There's really no need to endure suffering over and over like this, especially if it won't lead to its end.

No. 981718

Keto makes you tired and fucks with your hormones, especially red meat. That sounds like an awful combination for PCOS

No. 981720

I too left the tumblr-minded people and pretty much just make internet friends from other hobby-focused forums. Finding new hobbies are great too, the one I'm especially fond of right now is the trekking community in my local area. People blogged about their routes and gave tips on their favorite stops and such. Even geeky community like gunpla or game restoration projects are filled with older millennials as well.
I think my initial problems with them were that they might have set rules to weed out troublemakers and resource beggars. They may seem strict and intimidating at first too, but they have more patience than the younger generation when it comes to drama. (At least that's what I think).

No. 981721

Eat some ice cream , you will feel better.

No. 981725


Lol are you aware male on male sex has the highest rate of STDs and anal prolapse?

No. 981735

Yeah, even my IRL friends are pretty unbearable. They keeping coming out as enbies or troons one after the other, and then bitch non-stop about getting misgendered by randos.

That sounds like a good idea. I'm primatily an artist and unfortunately all online art communities are very brainrotted. I hope exploring my other interests more could help me find new friends.

No. 981739

Aw man, i lost 5% of my overall grade because i didnt inform my lecturer and try to make up for an assignment of mine. I hope 5% isnt affecting my grades too much…

No. 981751

Sometimes sexual repression can be a good thing. As an ex-Catholic I really don't regret being celibate or being a chronic coomer for most of my teenage years.. I feel like "exploring" your sexuality can open up a whole pandoras box of degeneracy. Seems like a lot of people base their whole personalities on their "kinks" now too…

I think even many non-religious people -especially women , regret sexually exposing themselves to a bunch of people at a young age.

No. 981752

Meant to say *NOT a chronic coomer

No. 981762

ayrt, yes i am aware. scrote problems don't concern me.

No. 981763

I had 6 interviews today and I'm so tired of this shit. 2 of them were a complete fail and I know I'm not getting a call back. Another was a fucking MLM. Another was you are your own boss the limit is you. Where he openly attempted he work like 50 hours+. The best one was a start up company but it wasn't even an interview it was more like this is what we do and you explain why you'd like to work here. The last "interview" wasn't really an interview either, they just ask if i had x experience and if i could start tomorrow.

I feel pathetic constantly applying to places.

No. 981769

Is this some American catholic thing to only consider either "puritan abstinence" or "terminal coomerism" as options for sexual behavior?

No. 981772

File: 1638270033741.jpg (80.31 KB, 877x1171, tumblr_ccc70b3b4a011b9d373b1ae…)

my painting hand is so fucking raw from dehairing all these dolls that i was gonna make for christmas gifts but now i cant paint them for like another week because my hand is so fucking sore from spending hours tweezing hair out of these god damn dolls

No. 981778

Glad you turned out okay for it anon, but Catholic sexual repression and guilt did me and others absolutely dirty–namely women.
I'm not sure if I buy that religion causes less instances of kink and sexual deviance. How effective could religion really be for this when its tenet states that one can be forgiven on Sundays for literally anything if one asks for it? Even Catholic priests can't resist temptations well. I'd predict that religious shame causes more people to develop sexual complexes because they don't know how to process what they're feeling and develop weird philias around it. There's no one they can talk with to work out what's genuinely normal and what isn't until they stumble upon other deviants looking to keep secrets. Any belief system that causes people to not be forthright with themselves–not to say the extreme of cooming is the answer–isn't a good thing for personal development.

No. 981791

My coworker is completely retarded about food and it's driving me crazy, she spends the entire morning eating biscuits and candies, and when it comes to lunch, she eats half the meal until she goes "I'm not hungry anymore" and instead of saving it for the next day she just throws it in the garbage bin, and she does that every single day, she should have realized by this point to either stop snacking all day long or bring smaller portions for lunch.

No. 981795


You should ask her if you can have the leftovers if you care so much anon

No. 981797

I agree with you way more than with OP, I'm an ex-muslim and I'd say it fucked me up so much that I just can't see myself ever having a love life despite being a virgin in my late 20s. I worry way too much about it in general to the point where the very few times I found men even just slightly attractive I'd avoid them like the plague and make sure they'd fuck off on their own.

No. 981804

I love my cats but they will not leave me alone for a single second. They need to be in the same room as me at all times and one of them will climb on my lap the second I sit down, and then complain loudly when I get up. The other will meow loudly and paw at my face to get my attention. They sleep with me, they shower with me, they come to the bathroom with me. They're cute and I love them to bits but it's like having two clingy af toddlers. Sometimes I'd like to have some peace and quiet to myself. They're not even kittens, they're 10 and 15 years old. I play with them and pet them but they just can't get enough. The only time they leave me alone is when I have guests over because they don't like other people so they'll go chill in a different room.

No. 981811

File: 1638277732742.gif (9.42 KB, 220x220, tuzki-stickers.gif)

A spoiled rich guy that kept sexually assaulting me throughout the entire HS and almost raped me works as a teacher now. I hate it so much. I hope the staff and students will be okay. It's horrible.

No. 981845

I need to leave soon to catch a bus to my exam and it's cold as fuck and raining, but it's still better than driving by car and worrying about parking. I'm so nervous, I need to be there on time obviously and I will have to take a new bus at a certain point and I'm afraid I might miss it. I'm over worrying about the exam itself at this point, it feels like I don't know shit even though I pushed everything else back the last week to focus on studying for this as much as possible (as much as possible for me at least). The grade can be corrected afterwards, but I'm just so scared of having a blackout, I wish it was online so I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting small definitions…

No. 981876

Why the fuck did my doctor order the wrong allergy shots? He legitimately ordered the shots for everything except the thing that gives me daily hives, swelling, and overall severe allergic reactions and is the entire reason I came to the allergist. It's been 6 months god dammit I'm tired of this. And now I have to wait even longer.

No. 981877

File: 1638287314643.jpg (61.88 KB, 1093x885, image2.jpg)

Hell. A friend and I had a bit of an argument weeks ago and since then, we didn't really contact one another. I think it was mostly to let things cool off a bit but in not talking to him, I realized over that time just how good I felt not being around him. I feel so awful saying that but I mean it even after serious contemplation, and I could simply do without him at this point in time. He changed my life for the better and I'm definitely glad I met him but like… idk. We hung out so much (every day type shit for months) that I actually don't think there's much more to gain on either end if we were to continue being "besties" and all. He reached out to me a couple days ago and I think he only did so because he's trying to get himself in my good graces since I'm hosting an event soon w/ some other friends and fuuuck I just don't want to invite him. In my ideal world we'd naturally drift apart (while still being friends loosely) but he's a clingy person so I know it won't be like that. Ughhhhhh.

No. 981879

My credit card expired mid-august while I was moving to another country. I contacted my bank and had my address changed. They sent the new credit card to my old address twice. It's almost December and I still don't have a fucking credit card.

No. 981880

I hate my job. I’m right next to these grown men who keep talking about dick and pussy all the fucking time and I want them to shut up. I could technically go the sexual harassment route but it’s not even worth it, I’m leaving soon.

No. 981897

I don't know why I developed such a shit taste in men, I'm genuinely attracted to trannies and femboys and men that look like close to trooning out and nothing else. The things that I like on men are dyed hair, makeup, nailpolish, feminine clothing, submissive behaviour. Nothing turns me on as much and the sad thing is I live in an area with bunch of regular looking men, macho men who are still very traditional and my heart for some reason goes crazy over coomer scrotes who like manga and anime and their greatest hobby is playing vidya. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise but I feel very lonely. My parents think I'm gay because I've never had a bf.

No. 981902

I broke up with my last boyfriend last year during the pandemic and haven't met anyone new,apart from one guy who I met online dating and he turned out to be just not attractive to me. Anyway I got a new job and was so happy to be surrounded by what I deemed nice men, but they're not nice men. They're men at work who act differently cause they're at work. Outside of work they're coke heads, womanisers, dead beat dads and just not very nice. Literally the best man I know is a decade younger than me and not attractive and was raised in a house full of women, which leads me to conclude that I'm going to die alone. And it's sad because I feel like I am a great catch. I know I'm an attractive woman I have had this verified by many sources. I know I'm smart and capable as verified by my masters and good job. I know I'm funny because it's how I've handled a life worth of trauma etc, so why aren't any nice men interested? I am sick of only having connections with scumbags and deadbeats. I blame my father.

No. 981907

>and was raised in a house full of women
do you think that's a bad? makes me think he's less likely to be sexist and more likely to be respectful

No. 981909

Ohh no. Sounds like a disaster.
Are you into the actual gross balding skinnyfat coomers, or just the mental image of a 'successfully feminine' (for the lack of a better way to express it) male? Does he have to have a straight up troony weeaboo scrote vibe or do you just want a soft pretty boy nerd?

No. 981913

That's one of the reasons I think he's the best man I know cause he's socialised well, he's just not hot, but he's also only early 20s and could develop himself lol

No. 981923

I had a bad dream about him taking control over my life so nobody else can have me. He was abusive and keeping me gross so I can stay with him. He always tells me to move in with him and move to his country. Are dreams a good indicator of how we truly feel? Are they a good premonition of the future?

No. 981926

I feel you. Fucking sucks that all the men with those traits nowadays are bottom of the barrel coomers. I wish feminine presenting sane men were more common.

No. 981934

>Are dreams a good indicator of how we truly feel?

No. 981935

nta but same, i want a sensitive, soft-spoken, slightly 'feminine' man but i'm afraid they don't exist.

No. 981938

> soft pretty boy nerd?
This would be a better description but with a strong emphasis on being very feminine and submissive. Like long hair (even wigs would be okay, I'm that desperate), makeup, cute outfits, the whole package. So a femboy or a crossdresser, even a troon would do.
Yeah, me too. I'm really not attracted to manly men. It makes me want to vomit. Beards, body hair on men, guts, muscles. It's all yuck to me. The problem is I'm well into my mid 20s and my taste hasn't changed and I fear it won't and it will prove to be disasterous for my love life. Feminine men are rare and it's even rarer to find decent feminine men.

No. 981977

I have no friends. Everyday I think I’m okay but go to sleep forlornly. I’m exceptionally incapable of connecting with people and maintaining friendships. I’m not blaming anyone but myself.

No. 981979

since you didnt say "rec'd by a doctor" I'm going to assume ypu meant rec'd by some rando, in which case as another rando I rec that you do not do that.

if you need things to have a name, so you can be on "the x diet" instead of just eating well like a normal person, I hereby prescribe you "the green diet" which is as follows: eat green vegetables. if you don't like them, go find recipes that you do like. you dont have to like every vegetable (i hate string beans and brussels sprouts) but you have to find a couple that you do like (i like kale, arugula, broccoli rabe).

yes you have to keep trying. it's literally part of growing up. prior to the age of 22 i didnt eat shit for green vegetables and now that I do, I wish I always had because the health, digestive & skincare improvements are insane.

No. 981980

hehe cute

No. 981983

Me too, I'd ask to be friends but I know I wouldnt be able to keep it up

No. 982006

File: 1638295836584.gif (97.69 KB, 220x220, 4F2C11CF-2C4F-4F43-9422-1C661D…)

me coming back into this thread hoping I would get a lukewarm “it’s gonna be okay anon!” with a generic cute animal that’s clearly bred to fuck all where it’s eyes are bulging out but it’s just bitches replying to each other like why!!! why!! WHYY!!! where is that anon when you need them?

No. 982010

File: 1638296216505.jpg (32.25 KB, 640x480, its ok.jpg)

Whatever is your problem, it's gonna be ok anon

No. 982012

File: 1638296433061.jpg (138.86 KB, 1024x1024, CicPXTwXEAAuOOv.jpg)

I got you, based TP babe. I hope you feel better soon!

No. 982013

Not even going to read your post or the thread. Just saw your pic and I want to say nice tarsier.

No. 982015

can any of you kind anons give me advice for what I should do to make money or maybe if I should attempt to get a degree or what sort of job is relatively easy and makes good money. I just don't get how some people make money and manage to live relatively peaceful lives with seemingly no stress. I've been poor pretty much my entire life and have very little social skills and I will soon turn 26. I want to immigrate since my country has bad pay. Is it too late? Should I kill myself? I just want a normal job that is up to my skills and standards. I can fluently speak 3 languages and I'm not that bad at completing tasks, I'm just quite bad at networking

No. 982016

File: 1638296572102.jpg (51.52 KB, 720x720, kitties.jpg)

That happens to me, too. It's because you're a bad bitch and everyone in the thread is intimidated by your aura
I'm jk. Everything will be okay anon, no matter waht

No. 982017

I haven't had friends in years and I really miss it. I wish it was more possible to have friends without the expectation of constant back and forth communication since my eventual failure to keep up is what always ends my friendships. I don't depend on my friends for constant support and I don't want them to depend on me either (I'm too flaky for that), I just want someone to talk about weird stuff with every now and then.

No. 982024

There's jobs where employers will pay for your training and potentionally even pay you a salary while you're in training (usually on the condition you'll stay with them for x years). You'll have to google it since I imagine it differs from country to country.

No. 982029

I don't believe in sexual repression to that extent, it does more harm than good, but I wish really fucked up porn wasn't so readily available, during quarantine I got depressed/bored and started viewing some stuff I really shouldn't have, now I have weird fetishes I'm ashamed of. I wish I never had an internet connection

No. 982034

File: 1638298158399.jpg (25.44 KB, 500x375, catt.jpg)

I had a schizo episode the other day. Nothing really too bad but I still have that underlying feeling that everyone hates me & shit, I'm crying constantly and can barely function, but I'll eventually get over it. To make things even better, my mother got a call today saying we're getting kicked out & to be out by February. I literally feel like killing myself. My mothers a hoarder so it's going to be so hard to pack, I don't even know where we'll move, prices have only been going up. We have some friends that can help us find a place and move, I'm really hoping they pull through. I just feel so hopeless, I was hoping for something good to happen this Christmas since my mother been sober for awhile but I don't think she'll continue. Everything's just so disappointing, an endless cycle.

No. 982079

File: 1638301305920.jpg (22.82 KB, 400x288, EX2igRtXsAIus5E.jpg)

I know that this same vent is repeated every day ad nauseum and it's basically a dead horse, but I get so annoyed whenever I read or watch something that boils down gender relations to "if ony women just stopped worrying and learned to enjoy the game that is love and sex", the positivity would just mend every problem. I don't want to hear men comment on sexual relations ever again. You're not worried about physical harm, you're not worried about pregnancy (apart from being "forced" to pay for your own child). Anything sexual I say to a man he'd basically agree to, because they can't imagine a scenario where I do actual harm to them, and when they suggest something really off-putting and dangerous, they'll call you frigid for getting uncomfortable and pulling out of the situation. They do not depend on the hope that the woman is "reasonable" whenever things start to get unpleasant. And I only had "mild" bad experiences compared to other women, and yet there isn't an "epidemic" of female shooters.

No. 982081

I'm still mad about the Psych assessing me for schizophrenia telling me not to call my auditory hallucinations that because it "scares people" and saying that since my ADHD wasn't hyperactive it didn't matter and discharging me after saying my issue wasn't hallucinations but instead that I was replaying conversations in my head that I'd heard that day.

No. 982097

And even after this realization, I cannot stop thinking and fantasizing about him. This morning I got off to the the idea of him bending me over and ramming me on the dining table

No. 982102

File: 1638302890974.jpg (95.59 KB, 1080x1211, FDLvcXpXEAAOBzL.jpg)

lc, please PLEASE give me advice. just quick advice, i need to know if i'm justified in my feelings or not or not.

anyway: one of my professors this semester does NOT tell us what we need to do for class outside of his lectures. at best, we get the title of the assignment on blackboard, something vague like "make food."

am i wrong for being annoyed by this? for not being enthused to do the work when i barely know what's going on? i've never had a professor this lazy with assignments, usually we at least get a short summary: e.g. "make cake in oven."

now the course is abuzz with a project we were supposed to have done over thanksgiving break, and it seems most everyone else has at least started on it, whereas i haven't because i flew out of state that week to see my relatives and just assumed this teacher would toss a notice up on site, but he didn't. i did not attend the lectures. i haven't yet bothered to watch the recordings online, either, so i take responsibility for that.

i can take the late penalty but holy shit i'm annoyed right now. trying to figure out how to tell this guy, "hey, was focused on break and i'm a little foggy on the details of this project; do you mind telling me what we're meant to do? i know it's due today xD but lol haha"


No. 982107

File: 1638303353902.png (203.31 KB, 700x394, so_tired.png)

I got a true crime video recommended to me and it sounded like an interesting story, so I put it on but the first few seconds put me in a ruined mood. I stopped watching them for like a year because it just started being depressing listening to every video be about scrotes hurting women and children in worst ways possible over and over again. I think I'm too aware of the pattern to ever go back to watching them. I thought I got over it but I guess not. Now I gotta find something else to watch, maybe I'll go back to dollmaking youtube…

No. 982108

I bought some ksalol but my package has been tracked at the airport for a full day now.
Fuck. I was hoping to receive them today and have a nice chill night after so many insomnies but I don't even know if I'll get them tomorrow.
I don't care if I look like a junkie, I'm so disappointed nonnie.

No. 982114

You’re not in the wrong to be annoyed by it, but ultimately all you can change is your own behavior. Make a point to check all assignments ahead of time (if he posts them ahead of time), or as soon as they get posted and ask for clarification whenever you need it.

I’ve worked with one particular teacher like this for years and I’ve just learned that you have to be diligent about sticking up for yourself when it comes to assignments, and don’t wait for the prof to connect the dots for you.

No. 982151

I love my boyfriend… The silliest part of all of this is that he is extremely obsessed with me, I simply don't allow myself to accept it. Just yesterday we were lying in bed and he was playing with my hair, saying: "I love you, [my name]… You're such a special girl, I'm so lucky to have found you. You're the girl I choose." He really does love and cherish me. He has supported me when I was sick and emotionally distressed. He has seen me cry so much, and of course he does not mind. He does not think I am ugly or bad or crazy. I know that is the bare minimum, but he genuinely thinks I am beautiful and knows how lucky he is to have me. He wants me around, he always says how happy he is to see me again, how I take his breath away whenever I open the door to let him in, how it fills him with warmth and happiness when I smile and look up at him. He says he loves me and he loves me so much. Yesterday before bed we were brushing our teeth together and he said that I looked so cute, and he held my face like a doll's, and when we returned to his bedroom he held my face again and looked at me and he was clearly emotional but composed, and he smiled and said that he will really miss me when I leave (I am moving and we have to break up), that it all suddenly hit him at once in that moment. He really loves me… He loves me! I can feel it, I can tell, I just know it in my heart. He loves me

No. 982152

File: 1638305928993.jpg (47.28 KB, 854x480, Someone mentioned proportions …)

being skinny is stupid and a scam. It seems like every time I have a depressive episode where Im too sad to eat and thus lose weight is when i receive the MOST compliments on my body. I lowkey noticed this when i was younger and really depressed, customers would compliment my body unprovoked when i was clearly underweight. It triggered me because they always did it while shitting on their own bodies which doubled my uncomfortable feeling. It also sucks that when I gain weight I tend to gain it in my face first so i always lose the bone structure of my face. But the fucked up thing is im so used to my emaciated face that when i see it sort of plump it triggers me. I dont even have an ED i just grew up really poor so i subconsciously view food as a luxury and not a necessity. Ive gone to bed hungry so much growing up that its second nature to me in my adulthood. Thats fucked up. I just want to be healthy and build muscle. Im tired of looking like a fragile bird. I fucking weigh 98 lbs at 27 years old thats fucking embarrassing> im lucky that i dont lose weight in my boobs or butt for some reason. But honestly i wish i did because then i'd feel more pressure to maintain a healthy weight so i dont lose my booty or butt. But because they remain relatively the same that pressure just isnt there because i barely notice when i lose weight until i feel weak as shit OR PEOPLE START COMPLIMENTING ME. Anyway this sounds like a humblebrag post but i can assure you its not. If you want to look like a clamp character in real life then be my guest and switch bodies with me LOL.

No. 982156

not booty or butt i meant booty or tits LMAO

No. 982164

No. 982175

You could translate official documents?

No. 982178

> every video be about scrotes hurting women and children in worst ways possible over and over again. I think I'm too aware of the pattern
One of my main pet peeves with comment sections or true crime boards is how men will never stop being offended if you point out how yes males are obviously the vast majority of people committing the absolute worst criminal acts in terms of violence and sexual violence.. but then men also love to act oh so shocked when women are involved in a particularly violent crime.
>Um women are just as bad as men when it comes to the disgusting crimes they commit, some people are assholes and it has nothing to do with sex
>Omg it's so much worse because she's a woman and you'd never expect a woman to harm someone!! It's so extra shocking!!
So they're constantly admitting that extreme violence is mainly some scrote shit and that when women join in it's the exception.. it's stands out as rare and blows their minds. But then they also just deny that fact whenever it suits them.

No. 982179

Stop the anachan "omg I'm so skinny ppl compliment me here's my exact numbers" humblebragging it's pathetic.

No. 982181

i'm taking the GRE tomorrow and i’m seriously afraid i’m going to fuck up. the time they give you for the essay portions are way too little and all the GRE practice problems i’ve done vary too much in difficulty depending on the source. i went through ~200 math problems from leaked powerprep plus tests recently and they seemed way too easy. i seriously wonder if i wasted my time on all those problems. fuck standardized testing.

No. 982202

I fucking hate men. When I genuinely like a scrote he goes from hot to cold as soon as I begin to warm up and ditches me only coming back when I’ve lost interest completely and seem “hard to get” but by then it’s too late, to me the chase is over and I block them which is probably the point where I’m most desirable to them. Now I’ve completely screwed things up by gushing over this moid acting cutesy now I’m stressing it’s way too late to salvage despite now trying to act cold. Why can’t things be straightforward??! I don’t want to play games.

No. 982208

File: 1638310478364.jpeg (36.05 KB, 480x342, 3D52305F-67C6-449F-92F9-6BBB9D…)

I can’t do this, anonettes. I can not spend the next 50+ years slaving away at a job I hate just to be barely able to afford the basics. I don’t want to be famous and I am willing to work but fuck. this. shit. I don’t know how but I’m going to positively change things for myself. I have to.

No. 982209

Be me. Feminine, bleach blonde, thin but skinny fat.

Loses my fiancé because they cheat on me for fakeboi death fat with ugly faded pink hair..



No. 982211

to humble you, fatties win again

No. 982214

Because you’re both different sides of the same basic coin

No. 982215

same tbh. lets start a rebellion

No. 982216

Because you space your posts like that.

No. 982219

The fatty sages. Your fiancé knows.

No. 982223

It's bc you reddit space

No. 982238

No. 982245

Because you don't know how to format posts on an imageboard
>skinny fat

No. 982259

Ew? Lol. At least I can see my feet

No. 982261

You're breaking up….anon, this is a mistake. I want to feel sure of my boyfriend's love the way you do. I'm crying at work thinking about you. Please know what you have is very special. I wish I could feel that surety you do. Maybe it is more precious to cut a love short than for it to spoil.

No. 982263

yeah but youre going to be fatfat when your metabolism finally kicks the bucket

No. 982265

I imagine this all time. I just want to be enough for one man.

No. 982266

I knew you guys would say that I’m not looking for ducking compliments on lolcow wtf I’m venting. No one should comment on anyone’s bodies in my opinion. This is why a lot of women struggle with their weight issues alone. Because if you’re overweight you can’t complain because you shouldnt eat the way you do regardless of if you are taking medication. And if you are struggling to gain weight people think your humble bragging. Who tf wants to brag about being underweight. I’m black. In my community being this skinny isn’t cute or attractive. I mention my boobs and Butt because it’s hard to see just how skinny your becoming when they remain the same. I only brought up my actual weight because I was shocked and disgusted and because it’s embarrassing that I’d ever get to this point at my big age. JESUS

No. 982271

File: 1638315593963.jpeg (84.9 KB, 622x622, 46B00B73-E83F-46A5-8E49-3B5047…)

And the fact that I mentioned I grew up in poverty aka having to go to sleep with air and spit to hold me over. and you stupid bitches want to compare me to privileged girls who CHOOSE to not eat fuck off

No. 982277

Thank you for the message anon, I know that what we have is special. But it isn't an abnormality. Anybody would be lucky to have me, and I'm sure the same is the case for you. I love him so much, and it does break my heart to have to leave him. I love holding and being held by him. I love his scent and his skin and his hair and his eyes and nose and mouth and hands and arms. I love his entire body and being. I love who he is and I love what we have. But life has something else in mind for me and I know it. I have to make decisions and I won't become who I was meant to be if I don't take these leaps. I don't regret one bit of what I have with him either, even if I know it won't last forever. He told me I'm the girl he wants to marry. That he's always been looking for me. He knew he could stop looking when he met me. He told me this, and I know he means it. He fought to have me and keeps fighting. He knows what he has to lose. Maybe one day we will indeed meet again, and perhaps I am mistaken in believing we are destined to be together only now. But for now this love is serving its purpose and soon will have to end for me to blossom further and progress in life. You completely deserve to feel certain of your significant other's love for you and it isn't a high demand or rarity whatsoever. I have value, I see why he loves me the way that he does. You have this value too. I'm going to miss him so much. I hug him extra tightly each time I see him. We only have two weeks left… I cherish each moment with him and I know we both feel the horrid tension leading up to our inevitable separation. He holds me so tightly, he holds me so often. He always greets me, turns to me, asks me how I am, sees me, hears me, waits for me, comes to me. He loves me. He truly, fully loves me. It is magnificent to feel and know this and to have this. It is bittersweet we are meant to separate, but I know that is how life is meant to be right now. I have a life to lead elsewhere.

No. 982278

Ignore them and close the tab, I'm srs. There are plenty of anons who read your post and didn't think it was weird or anything but didn't reply. You know how lolcow is, don't take those regards too seriously. I've posted really mundane things in the past that lead to me being called a tranny or just other dumb names. It's just words on a screen at the end of the day. Don't let it get to you

No. 982282

File: 1638316666910.jpeg (39.35 KB, 480x315, 08B7686B-D3CB-4682-8694-85FBCF…)

My sister’s a bitch for stealing my Pokémon socks. Like, bitch; fuck your “lesson” gimme my fucking socks back!

No. 982285

I'm fucking sick of my grandma trying to contact me. she used to yell and hate us, she treated us like shit everytime she would visit just because of her hatred towards my mom. at least my mom worked her ass off to get what we needed while being sick with cancer. my grandma would send us used shit while our cousins she did like got new toys or gift cards. she would only send presents to just my dad too. now that my mom's dead and her own health is declining she decides to contact us a lot more. fuck you witch! I am never talking to you again since the 6+ years ago that I dont have to. you are not my family, you never treated us like grand children, my other family acted more like a grandma with baking or parties than you ever did.

No. 982286

when i was little my sister took my jigglypuff figure from me and threw her in the toilet. i saved her but i feel your pain

No. 982291

File: 1638317446235.gif (938.14 KB, 400x225, 1632142210369.gif)

i get that 'not all men' are bad, yeah, and i also get that things like depression and social isolation and mental scars from bullying are not restricted to women ONLY, so i want to abandon my man-hating mindset. dgmw i am not going the pickme route. i will always distrust men.

i am just going to try and stop silently seething at the men that happen to join my like, obscure niche hobbies on the internet, because it's silly. we're all nerds here. even if one of them is a moid

No. 982304

Why won't he stop watching porn? I told him it was a dealbreaker for me. He says he doesn't want to lose me, but he won't stop watching it. Nonnies I am so sad. I love this guy, I really do. But I can't deal with porn anymore, no matter how unfrequently he says he watches it. I don't want to break up with him but I feel like he's leaving me no options. Please give me the strength to keep my boundaries before I talk myself out of it.

No. 982324

It's literally addiction, modern moids are broken.

But please break up with him. Sticking to your guns like that is something to be proud of, but it's good for the part of you that wants to stay as well- if he accepts it, he well and truly chose porn over you. That makes him pathetic and unworthy. But, if he's not total shit, it will be a wake-up call and he will choose you. You have to show that you're really willing to end it or he won't take you seriously

No. 982337

Good! She doesn't deserve contact now! Leave her to face the consequences of her actions.

No. 982340

no one else had a good reply so, assuming you're non-US but speak english, here is something:

Find some things that are locally made near you and sell them on Etsy (scroll around Etsy frontpage and top selling until you find something that's close to something you can also get & sell).

Dried herbs & plants are good for this - target the spirituality/witchcraft markets. They will buy basically anything that has a good story. I have sold literal beans on Etsy by making up a story about how they were used for fortunetelling. It's not hard.

Local woodcrafts & antiquities & handmade objects are also good to sell on Etsy.

There are also a lot of Indonesian sellers who (I assume) go through the clothing that gets donated to 3rd world countries (there's a lot of it) and sell it back to the US on Etsy. LMK if you have any questions about these enterprises as I can assist.

No. 982346

Why is my mom such a retarded handmaiden? I can explain clearly and concisely why transgenderism is retarded, and harmful to women, children, and gay rights, but she doesn't want to hear it. Every time I talk to her about it, she tells me to shut up once she realizes she can't refute beyond "but aren't their feelings valid". I get that she's concussed and autistic, but she gets actually passive aggressive with me and refuses to hear me out when I tell her how harmful the movement has already been, even just to me, personally. And then she has the audacity to turn around and tell other people I "can only think in black and white" because I'm autistic. I'm not the one completely refusing to have a conversation here, she just doesn't want to hear the truth. And she won't even tell me why! I show her statistics, I tell her my personal experience, I show her documented evidence of the insanity, the treatment of women and children, the degradation and abuse towards gay people, the immoral medical practices, and she just doesn't care. She sees it, and hears it, and tells me to shut up, because it's easier pretending nothing is wrong and that she's being totally open minded and "based".

No. 982348

File: 1638321065009.png (709.63 KB, 680x1024, give.png)

Give him here, anon.

No. 982352

I get your frustration, I've had similar arguments with people who will parrot whatever opinion is the wokest even when it makes absolutely no sense. Sadly there are none so blind as those who will not see

No. 982360

No. 982362

I just don't get it! She insists that I should treat them with "decency" because they "truly feel the way they say they do, even if they're not actually what they say they are", but gets pissed and stops talking to me when I tell her that that's just an unhealthy indulgence of delusion snd mental illness. One time she even compared it to her own mental issues. It's making me wonder if her mental health has tanked, and tgat she thinks people who fall into narcissistic and paranoid tendencies should be responded to with absolutely no scrutiny and never be stopped from doing what they want to do, even if it's dangerous to them and others. Maybe she feels like she wants that treatment, too. Maybe she's always wanted it. She's always been terrible with communication, even before she hit her head, and the ways she responded to my mental health when I was young were always either super indulgent of overly strict. Early in childhood she forced me to take ADHD medicine I didn't need (I have never had ADHD), even when I became moody and depressed while medicated and begged her to stop making me take them (she didn't), and in my teens she would just let me hole up and not do anything for weeks. Neither approach was beneficial, and was ironically super black and white treatment.

No. 982368

It clearly isn't a dealbreaker if you're still with him. He doesn't love you anywhere near as much as you love him if he can't quit porn of all things. Cut your ties and stop wasting anymore time you'll just regret not doing it sooner in a few years when your fog has cleared

No. 982377

Don't listen to his words, listen to his actions. It's not even hard to not look at porn, he's just being selfish.

Definitely set the ultimatum, guys who watch porn regularly just aren't worth it. The effect compounds over time. Guys who don't watch porn often don't have any of the effects and it's instantly recognizable, even just in the way they talk.

No. 982382

Actually distressed after discovering Chris Brown produced Disturbia, my favorite song from Rihanna, fuck i hate that mf

No. 982388

it's genuinely like a drug addiction. in the sense that there may well be someone worth saving, underneath it all, buried in the slime. but they have to want to be free of it as well or there's no point. and in any case it's not your responsibility to save them, but if you can't make yourself leave, it is possible.

i think one inportant step is that it's not "ok so from now on never watch porn ever again." But rather just every time ypu decide to do something else instead of watching porn, that's good. Like instead of watching porn drink a beer, instead of watching porn call me, instead of watching porn smoke a blunt, instead of watching porn go to the store and buy snacks or a video game or whatever tf small indulgence you want. Get slapped drunk and go to the movies.

Anything else, just to break the habit of "ok about to go to bed, time to open pornhub". The habit has to be bucked.

No. 982389

I was just thinking about him not even 15 mins ago, weird. Fuck him fr

No. 982392

this is quite thoughtful, nice advice. I was going to tell OP to kill him but that ain't bad. I feel bad for straight women. Even have moids in my friend group, they are so broken & don't "get" women. How people can stomach watching porn is beyond me.

No. 982411

File: 1638326740319.jpg (62.89 KB, 940x788, meh.jpg)

I hate makeup
I don't want to buy it
I don't want to waste a bunch of product finding the "right" ones
I can't apply it correctly
I hate that at my age I probably look really childish for going without it
I'm starting to show signs of aging making me self conscious about my appearance, but I still don't want to wear makeup
I'm half convinced I'll never not have acne and I should just suck it up and wear thick foundation everywhere, but I don't want to

No. 982414

I don’t wear makeup either. I hate how it feels but I do apply sunscreen and take care of my lips. You should hit up a dermatologist for advice.

No. 982421

rewatched 13 Reasons Why again from Season 1 to show my boyfriend, and not to be a total faggot but I absolutely can relate to Hannah Baker and cried a lot when she described her feelings of depression and suicide. They did it so well. It never shows itself as sadness. It shows itself as nothingness.

The worst part about all of this is that I'm not a teenager that can do all of this crazy shit when life sucks. I'm a grown woman with a job and bills to pay so I have to push through it. It's the worst feeling ever.

I feel so dumb for relating to a retarded 17 year old but god, do i. I have so many reasons to kms but I obviously won't because I'm a coward.

No. 982423

At least you have a bf

No. 982425

is that the same show that did some retarded dance routine when the school shooter showed up lmao

No. 982428

I wasted so much time and money on makeup in college, wish I'd never done that. And ironically my skin only cleared up once I stopped doing a very complicated skincare routine.

No. 982429

I think so. The one where the guy who shot himself in the head trooned out, right?

No. 982430

But the majority of women are happier single, because men are miserable people

No. 982432

There’s a massive fucking raccoon outside my apartment and I can’t get it to fuck off. I’m too pussy to scare it too bad because it’s acting weird and I’m afraid it’s rabid but I need to take my dogs out and i can’t bc if it hurts them I’ll kms . I fucking hate living by the woods why is nature so scary

No. 982441

I've been looking up someone I've briefly interacted with online. I thought she was smart because she graduated with an Economics degree from a top 50 school in the US. But then I see that she's been working in retail for the last 10 years? Like not even as a manager, just a "produce associate" for a grocery chain. (Not even a mom and pop store)

How could someone do enough work to graduate college and yet end up in this position? It just makes me nervous too because I'm about to graduate soon with an Econ degree. Maybe my degree is actually really easy and anyone could get it. Fuck.

No. 982444

I appreciate your perspective, anon. I don't think it is that my partner does not love me. Upon reading your responses, I think it is a problem with how I view and value myself that prevents me from feeling valued as you do. I cannot see why I would be valued whereas you can see that for yourself. I am proud that you are making a decision like this. I am not sure I could make it the way I am presently. I wish you well on your next chapter of life.

No. 982452

Turns out one of my friends is falling for a guy I had a small crush on for a while. Now I feel like a bad friend because I'm slightly jealous even when I never thought about making a move, and low-key I don't want them to be together.
She seems really into him tho, so I'll take my secret to the grave if it goes well for my friend I guess, but damn I used to fantasize about dating him

No. 982469

If it makes you feel any better, taking microeconomics from the worlds easiest retard online school tanked my perfect 4.0

I think it’s mostly about being proactive and making connections with people in the job sphere you want to enter. Waiting until you’re done with school, have no safety net or regular peer interaction, and just blindly applying to places online is what’s going to get you stuck in a shitty retail position for 10 years while you’re “looking for something better”.

No. 982475

C's get degrees
She could also have personal issues you aren't privy to

No. 982477

Sometimes I wish I could delete my past posts. I don't particulary consider myself a good person, but I have changed through all this time, so I still hate myself for some things I have said here. Even the posts that just so happen to have grammar errors because I posted them very late at night keep annoying me.

No. 982491

My grandma possibly had a mini stroke and I got kicked out of the ER because I’m not fully vaxxed. Now she has no one with her and I have no idea what’s going on because phones don’t fucking work there and the phone number they gave me just keeps putting me on hold. Trying not to go apeshit right now.

No. 982493

I don't think she would be the type to cheat, Chegg didn't exist back then, and I also have C's. (My GPA is like a 2.7 right now) I guess it helps that I have some work experience.

I lucked my way into some work experience before the end of college. But I felt like I worked really hard at my major too and I had to take an extra semester to graduate. I just feel like that diminishes the worth of what I studied. But I also studied Economics abroad and the classes were way easier there and didn't even use calculus.

No. 982495

Just don’t post while you’re splitting and you won’t feel bad later

No. 982502

This is my personal experience but a lot of places where degrees are required have been paying much lower wages and offering less benefits with no job security than retail. It's insane how many "degree required - 11/hour" jobs I see on indeed when the grocery store down the street is paying 15 an hour with PTO, sick days, and insurance

No. 982513

No. 982514

Because those women stay with shit moids who make them unhappy

No. 982533

File: 1638338850068.jpg (24.65 KB, 373x360, sFigot2.jpg)

I want to get out either my seven iron or pitching wedge and beat the shit out of something. I'm angry and on edge with so much pent up anger. The problem is I have neither club near me and it's too late to get them from the storage unit. Fuck. I was forced to play golf when I was younger. I hated it except for using the driving range. kek

No. 982543

I can't tell what's wrong with me but I feel like a fucking idiot. I just started dating this guy who 'wants to take things slow' and despite my retarded ass never being in a real relationship I agreed because I think I like this guy and I want to do whatever to make it work. So for the past few weeks, I've been patiently waiting for him to plan dates, and the first time I try to plan a date he cancels on me. I think no big deal because I canceled on our first date but I am hurt a little. He quickly offered a different date to meet up and I agree. It's our third date and I thought I was going to spend the night but he sends me home because he has a headache. I know I'm overthinking this but he felt distant? Our first two dates he seems super interested in me and was super open about his feelings and I haven't been able to do the same because I don't know how to express myself. I was going to try to open up about my emotional constipation on this date but the timing felt weird. We had been talking for a few weeks but it was only our third date but now I again feel like I made a mistake. I'm literally a buffoon I've never had a boyfriend and I don't know how this shit works. I want to tell him but I'm scared I lost the spark because I don't have the patience or maybe he really is over me already. I want to enjoy the 'courtship' stage but I think I need to be more open? but I don't know if I'll have the chance. And now I'll have to wait even longer to see him again because he's going on a trip and the holidays are coming up. I feel caged in and I just want to be set loose

No. 982547

I found out my sister knows someone who knew or at least met chrischan irl and I feel somehow tainted

No. 982550

File: 1638341758470.jpg (871.89 KB, 2048x1922, 20210907_115416.jpg)

I have always enthusiastically supported my friend in talking about her interests and not censoring herself on twitter, even though I know JACK SHIT about japanese rappers I would join her in listening and like her giddy outbursts of joy.

Today this bitch makes a huge "apology" to her followers how she will never ramble about that stuff again and bitches how no one cares about her favourite rapper so she should just stick to talking about art and anime. Seems like some other person she is trying to suck up to called her boring and annoying so she's bending over backwards. Uuuh, ok, your loss sweetie if you want to bend over backwards instead of talking about stuff that brings you joy and having friends that care about your interests?

The kicker is that she's not even some huge online personality to be making an apology like that, it's just a small circle of friends.

No. 982558

i moved across the country to live with my s/o who is amazing but god damn do i hate the west

beautiful mountains but no anything green unless i huff my fatass up two hours up the mountains. fucking @450k for houses that would be $60k in the midwest. no friends, no way to make friends because who the fuck lives here. making 10k less than my last job and the cost of living is 203% higher


No. 982559

also i hate mormons and i'm not sageing

No. 982560

fuck i saged on accident, I HATE MORMONS
come at me tradwives

No. 982562

love, you did not nothing wrong. men are idiots and if he is breaking plans with you and wasting your time, he's not worth it. no one who cares about someone does that unless they have the shits or something comes up.
he might be scared of his feelings for you, he might be a dick, he might just have had IBS but who cares. i know it seems super important right now, and it is because your feelings are important. but i want you to know that if it doesn't work out the fact that you care so much about things means you will find someone who cares about you even more.
walking helps with the caged in feeling

No. 982567

Why would you do this are you guys married? never uproot your life for anyone especially if you are still young. Maybe you just have to wait it out but also I couldn’t imagine willingly making 10k less for anyone and living in a place I don’t like unless we are married and they wanted to be closer to their family due to an illness or their job calls for it and they make more than enough to cover for me making 10k less. And even THEN I’d side eye it because why am I sacrificing my career for yours. Be more selfish nonnie

No. 982572

Also breakups happen everyday because of this shut due to growing resentment. Just be careful, save and make sure to have a back up plan just in case. I hope it all works out though and you make friends and enjoy yourself.

No. 982578

File: 1638344163029.jpg (3.08 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

I love my bf but Jesus Christ he says such stupid shit sometimes that makes me wonder how anyone can be so ignorant or unaware of the realities of life. We were watching Arcane and I commented on how intricate and detailed the animation was and said it must have taken such a long time to animate. He responds "they release 3 a week so it clearly doesn't take that long." WHAT. How could you ever think that and not call yourself out on the stupidity before saying it? And I had to explain and convince him of how wrong that statement was. Sounds like a stupid example sure but this extends to many other real life situations like him thinking he was going to earn literally 10x the average starting salary at his first job with a low level science degree, or that pharmacists write your prescriptions not your doctor and many many others that are more relevant but I can't remember. I just hope he doesn't say shit like this in front of my friends and family or god forbid his work colleagues/supervisors and it affects how they view his competency.

No. 982586

Low IQ without the innocuous charm of a cute himbo, NEXT him.

No. 982595

I have two short presentation to give today at university,and I think I might have ADHD that keeps getting worse ever since the lockdowns and etc. started. I've been up for nearly 4 hours and barely got anything done, my mind is racing at 180 km/h and yet I had like 20 minutes worth of work done in all this time. Just kill me, Lord, why can't I just be a normal

No. 982602

The sunoco nearest me had a sign on the door that was like "hiring anybody" basically. And they really are.

The guy at the register was talking really loudly on his airpods about whether or not the person on the other end should sell nudes on onlyfans or w/e. Like not subtly. "Yeah but theres gonna be naked pictures of your boobs out there for all time!" Oh and he had a face tattoo. So I asked what they were paying to starr and he said $13. Like damn five years ago I was working for $8, and if I worked at a chain place that drugtested I wouldve made like $9. And I doubt this guy is peeing clean.

The disparity you point out is actually really funny. A lot of people would rather have an unpaid internship in an office than deign to work a service job tbqh, especially a more gritty one at a drugstore/grocery. Understandable if it's career oriented but a lot of office jobs aren't even.

No. 982604

I have a goodish degree but I have never wanted to work in an office or typical work environment. Hate it and won't do it. I've worked a number of random things unrelated to my degree but idgaf what I'm doing. Much prefer stocking shelves to anything where I have to act like I want to be there and love the work. It's shelves, stock them, be grumpy & it's fine, it's low stress. It's very relaxing when people's expectations of you are a lot lower in low paid work vs academic environment. No one else knows you're supposed to be smart so you don't have to give a fuck about coming off as retarded anymore. Liberating.

No. 982608

I tried… I am not really sure we've broken up actually. We had a long conversation. Ultimately he sees porn as a vice he engages in from time to time, and doesn't understand why I want to break up iver something like this because it "doesn't impact me". He also says I'm welcome to try to make him change his mind. It makes me feel really bad that he's taken this stance. He offered no solutions because the status quo suits him quite well. A part of me still wants to try with him, that it is stupid to break it off becquse I used to watch porn barely two years ago, that I am being controlling. But another part of me has higher standards for a relationship that I want to be serious. And I know, from experience, that if you let a behavior run wild at the beginning you can never curb it afterwards.

No. 982611

File: 1638348177023.png (470.91 KB, 767x788, elrjerw.PNG)

~perfect pretty stacy~ cousin graduated magna cum laude + is married, at 22, and my parents won't shut the fuck up about it. she's going on to graduate school too.

i'm happy for her, and i don't mean to devalue her accomplishments, but she majored in like…social work and i'm going for mech engineering. okay i'm sorry but i think her 3.7 was easier won when put against the like, 3.3 i have now?

can't even say this because it's gonna make me look like a bitch but holy hell, leave me alone. i am not going to get married i do not like men and while i regret taking a few semesters off (one during the start of covid, one immediately after graduating highschool) i do not feel that bad about taking five years to graduate. get off my back already

No. 982613

i have unmedicated and half-diagnosed ADHD. my hyperactivity makes it so that i constantly get up from my chair and pace around my room and drift off into daydreaming about dumbass shit even though i have work to do. during the first lockdowns it was especially bad and i cried every day because i thought i had brain damage or was mentally stunted or something, until i went to a therapist who confirmed that she's 99% sure that i have adhd. due to lockdown regulations i could never complete the second part of my assessment which consisted of having to talk to another therapist about my issues and have him say as well 'oh yeah, that sounds like ADHD.'

so here's what i did (all of these):
-go on a walk, walk briskly, listen to music, tire yourself out, you should think 'i wanna go home already, i'm EXHAUSTED' towards the end of your walk
-wear outside clothes including outside shoes. basically pretend to be going to the office or to campus and that you have to look presentable
-set a timer for 20 minutes and start working. tell yourself that you'll only work for 20 minutes and if it sucks you can take a 5 minute break. do take your 5 minute break after your 20 minutes. then get back to work for 20 minutes, take a 5 minute break, work for another 20 minutes.
-put in earplugs or listen to something like rain sounds. something that's just white noise, but not music - that shit only makes me pace and daydream again.
-take a longer break after you did this for 2-3 hours.

idk if this will help you for today, but maybe it will in the future for other projects. when i wrote my BA thesis i did the same thing, only that i forced myself to adhere to a strict schedule of morning walks, working until lunch, and then relaxing for the rest of the day. since my brain moves so fast i can get away with only working half of the time that other people need for their stuff. so i still had the rest of the day to dick around and i even felt good about myself because i already worked the first half of the day. good luck, anon!

No. 982617

I feel you, I always feel like the moon to my sister’s sun and it hurts just a little. Have you tried telling your parents that it makes you feel insecure? Do you have any things to make yourself proud with, do you measure yourself by the same metric of success such as husband, uni, or do you have other ways to accomplish ?

No. 982620

maybe you should stop wasting time seething about your cousins accomplishments and start studying more

No. 982633

Guess who had to put their rent on credit because they didn't have enough money. This sad bitch. I want to die. I hate being this broke and feeling like a leech to my bf.

No. 982634

Idc what you wanna call me but I absolutely hate the direction where Disney’s going in terms of style and animation. Why are all the character designs like purposefully ugly and everyone has bean mouths and collapsed heads. I want 90s Disney back so badly. I want the tumble millennials they hired fired immediately.

No. 982638

At least I’m fixable and have started weight training to trim this fat. Meanwhile the bitch with her own gravitational pull will die sooner of organ failure or heart attack before I do. I just dunno i could lose to someone who is fatter, uglier, with no clear future. Like fuck. Was my fiancé so insecure that I was the more attractive and successful one in the relationship she had to downgrade to the human equivalent of slaughter house scraps formed into bologna? We were like a hairs length from starting a life together and suddenly goes “I don’t love you anymore” after 6 years. Then find out they were cheating on me for a full year with this “my 600 pound life” looking ass hog. And here I was thinking dating women was better but I guess in the end both genders are fucking shit.

No. 982642

Listen, I get that your wounds are fresh, but can you not take it out on the "other woman"? It's really not about you or her. It's his fault, and he's the only reason that he cheated. It's not about who's better or worse, he just has no sense of commitment and is probably seeking the "high" of a new partner. He'll probably cheat on her, too. And he'll cheat on the next woman. And the next. It's not a good look to blame the next victim in line when a scrote acts up, especially if you're going to judge her worth by her appearance.

No. 982643

Similar thing happened to me except my cousins are losers who couldn't even graduate from a community college or have healthy relationships. They were just always liked for being more "normal" and social than me because they were extroverted bar flies. One in particular knows especially how to manipulate my narc mother by kissing her ass because she just wants the bitch's will money when she croaks lmao.

My point is that there's very little you probably could have done differently to sway opinions in your favor, dear anon. People choose favorites. Just make sure you're always doing your best since that's exactly what you owe yourself.

No. 982644

She is allowed to fatshame that homewrecking heifer

No. 982647


Short answer: Because men can when the opportunities present themselves.
You sound so pathetic making it about the other woman's looks, you don't know men at all lmao.

No. 982649

He cheated because he's a cheater, not because a woman convinced him to.

No. 982650

Why does it even matter? OP wouldn't feel better if the woman he cheated with was hot and accomplished. She'd still be here venting all the same about what a terrible liar her ex fiance is while insisting hot bitch is somehow ugly or flawed anyway.
You people let the actions of men define your value so much that you forget who you're supposed to be angry at. I'd imagine OP's ex fiance is some insecure and desperate loser that she could be plenty angry at, but that won't happen because then she'd have to reflect on her choice of husband and not dunk on another woman's looks to feel better.

No. 982651


Anon is dating a woman

No. 982655

It doesn't matter, let people cope how they want in the vent thread. People taking issue with it sound fat

No. 982656

She sounds no different than other pickmes getting wrapped up in blaming the "other woman." It doesn't make a difference.

It didn't help that the original post played the pronoun game by using "they" and using "fiancé" instead of fiancée. Not a gotcha, sorry.

No. 982657

They're fat and right about it tho.

No. 982660

Lmao right? Anons using ‘he’ sound like they’re projecting when they’ve used women pronouns this entire time. Even the last line said they were dating a woman. Lol. Sounds like women who can’t accept that women can be cheaters to other women.

No. 982664

I’m just pissed because I spent the last 6 years of my life supporting this dumb bitch. And then they go off with some fat whore they met within the last year. Like okay. Hope this porker has a decent job to support your neet fucking ass. I hope they have money for when you over spend on stupid shit that I let slide because it made you happy buying bullshit you did not fucking NEED you twat monger. I hope they end up fucking destitute and in the streets.

No. 982666

>they used she pronouns the entire time!
They definitely didn't in their OP which is what people read into.
Fiancé means you're engaged to a man. This must be bait.

No. 982667

Let me hit with you a few reality checks:

You should not be paying thousands of dollars to get a degree just so you can make gay ass connections with people you don’t want to associate with just in order to get a job and be able to survive. It’s almost ridiculous to me that people have to “earn” the right to not be fucking homeless and dying on the street. Second, a college degree does not guarantee someone getting a good job into the field they chose, that is sadly not how this big sim simulator life goes, the economy does whatever the fuck it wants and in burgerland especially they lowball wages for people who have a degree or don’t even hire them because they’re afraid they will want to move on to something better. If you would open your stupid fucking trifling ass ignorant ass eyes and notice what the fuck is going on with the state of labor, you would realize what is going on.

No. 982669

Anon… would you believe… that typos exist? Also ‘they’ doesn’t always have to mean gender ambiguity. Y’all drinking that kool-aid? Lol

No. 982670

Is there like something in the air here why is everyone itt so bitter right now?

No. 982672

No it wasn't. Also please sage your obvious samefagging.

No. 982676

I hate when I wake up several hours too early and I’m too wired to fall back asleep but too tired to do anything productive. Can’t really turn the lamp on and read or something without waking the bf up.

No. 982678

why are you 'explaining' to a person who just said she is graduating with an econ degree how the economy works? and then calling her ignorant. go outside.

No. 982682

The ramen I made tastes like soap because I didn't rinse the pan enough

No. 982689

I will if you accept that some women are equally as trashy and fickle as men.

No. 982692

File: 1638366804961.jpg (231.98 KB, 720x829, 1630271290678.jpg)

I just found out that one of my professors got their graduate education from a diploma mill. The school he got that degree from folded because it could not comply with the state's standards. Apparently that institute has been regarded with scrutiny for a while because it's just so questionable. He currently instructs courses which have almost nothing to do with either of his degrees (he is not a PhD). This is especially questionable because I've had other courses where the TAs (not even the profs) were masters and PhD candidates. All of the other profs I've had were pretty much experts in their respective fields, which makes for a very glaring contrast between them and him. I've also found his pages on a website for rating profs and it lead me to believe that he's writing his own reviews. All the reviews were 5/5 stars and had the same recognizable typing style. It's honestly so strange. Who the fuck is this guy?

No. 982694

Never, scrote falseflagger.

No. 982696

my ex just made $2k on nfs, I'm honestly just considering making them.

No. 982701

Clearly he knows someone there and put in a good word for him. Charming people get away with a lot. Girl at my job started as a contract hire for menial work underneath me, but within several months got promoted to a technician position with no actual experience because she started dating a dude from that department. Now suddenly there's an 'ongoing' Harvard degree and prior tech experience on her new resume she submitted. Professional bullshitter. Charming liars get away with a lot as long as someone vouches for them.

No. 982714

So fucking weird… Hope these people get what's coming for them.

No. 982715

What does he make? Weird 3d renders?

No. 982720

Why don’t guys get the fucking hint? Or maybe they get it but think they’re so charming that a girl will be smitten by him once he forces an interaction with her. This due I have classes with has been annoying the shit out of me since the beginning of the semester. I never talked to him, smiled at him or in any gave the impression I want to get to know him. I was forced into group work with him and had to give out my contacts and now he’s harassing me with messages non stop. I reply coldly so he gets the fucking hint but he doesn’t. I had to block this scrote. I’m so fucking angry like where do you get the audacity from?

No. 982724

don’t be a snitch and take a person out of a job, don’t be that person anon lmao

No. 982753

Someone I followed online commited suicide last march and I still think of it regularly, because I closely related to the things she wrote. I keep comparing the amount of time since she has passed (9 months now) to myself, I guess. It could've been me who passed 9 months ago but instead I spent these last 9 months doing x and x things and generally improving in many aspects of my mental health and life. I've seen spring go, I've seen summer come and go, then autumn, winter is about to set in. Every moment since feels like extra time, time I've won. And time's gone so fast too, it feels like it was maybe three months ago since she passed but in reality it's been three quarters of a year.

No. 982755

She deserves to be taught by qualified professors though. If he gets fired then he gets what he deserves.

No. 982756

Never intended to do anything, tbh. Just thought it was weird. The people who should raise any concerns about him are those who have to deal with him regularly.

No. 982765

I've been trying to accept that I will always find myself ugly. I get some relief thinking that way. But then I feel fucked up in relation to my boyfriend. If I don't value my appearance at all, why should he be attracted to me? Attraction and desire are my primary goals in a relationship so this really breaks me. I feel like him not watching porn is stupid if I find myself ugly. I get a lot of compliments by strangers and whoever, but what matters is that I will always perceive myself as unattractive. I feel like I should tell him that he should watch porn and such because there is no point in not watching it anymore since I'm ugly. He hasn't watched porn for a very long time, but now since I find myself ugly, during sex, I just imagine myself as girls I remember that he used to watch. I feel like I'm self-harming my brain or something since I'm not allowed to physically self harm or be ana anymore.

No. 982808

I know this a dead beaten up horse but I just saw this girl posting about non-binary rights and how important they are, she's a "she/they". Like first of all, we don't have these gender neutral pronouns in our language, way to go being all westerned up. And second, woman… in our country, we have families still burying alive their female infants because they are female, I think non-binary shit can wait while we sort out acid attacks and child marriages, hm?
I'm just infuriated we have this shit seeping in our country's feminist spaces, I hate it so much.

No. 982815

I know this is morbid but I'm glad in a way you've done that and wrote it, because I think it's good for others to conceptualise that time really does heal. My uncle committed suicide and I know of others that have and its such a sad thing. It solves nothing and it's one mistake you can't come back from
When you end it that's it. Even in 9 months you've noticed so many different changes and self growth. Hope others read and take it in too

No. 982821

Glad you didn't do it anon and this is why I reserve suicide for a legitimately "no way out" type situations. Like a progressively worsening terminal diseases with no cure and no hope, alzheimer's, etc.

I even tell myself that if my debt keeps climbing and I continue to not have work willing to pay me my worth, then I'm just gonna say "fuck it" declare bankruptcy on everything and bug out to go live in the woods or on some hippie commune where they won't ask questions. If I felt uncared for then I'd just go off to live on my own like a proper hermit, I've learned to enjoy my own company. I'm convinced that society is what makes a lot of people miserable with imaginary problems, or at least making mountains out of molehills for not performing in certain ways.

No. 982825

Lol so I’m a scrote because my FIANCÉE (there’s your two e’ you grammarly correctly faggot) cheated on me with another women. Nope. Women are just as capable with living with the morals of a man.

No. 982826

I have a shit ton of stuff to do before I leave for my trip but I'm so unbelievably horny and it's distracting me. I don't have time for this!!

No. 982829

no, he just bought and resold a few.

man I'm really pro-environment but I can't see how nfts are any worse than cattle farming energy costs.

No. 982830

Please anon, you just want ​him to watch porn to vindicate how you feel so you don't have to work on it. Men like what they like and you don't need to overcomplicate it. If you want to believe you're ugly then you're within your rights but it's pretty shitty to drag others in on it so you don't have to feel as guilty or face your emotions. If you were hideous he'd already be cheating, watching porn, and fixing to leave.

I can see why SHE cheated on you, you're a raging bitch who blames others for your own mistakes kek.

No. 982831

Azalea wouldn’t stand a chance. She would screech for 2 days straight on live whilst smoking crack after a 2 word put down from old mags.

No. 982892

Yeah, I haven't told him because I recognize these thoughts are pure malice. I wish I didn't feel fucked up. I wish I could move on from his past sins, they are far away, 2 years ago, but I still am fucked up over them. I'm fucked up by things he said. He acts genuinely apologetic and sad over his past actions, and he clearly cares that these things hurt me and he has changed his behavior. I know I'm lucky. But my pride and ego are terrible, I feel like because he did x in the past, that must mean he doesn't find me that attractive, or he wishes he were with someone else.

No. 982905

I'd rather listen to an Indian accent over a Bri'ish accent any fucking day. England has some of the lowest class behaviours of pretty much any country, it's like a rule to eat with your mouth open, add random letters into english words and never brush their teeth. They're actually more entertaining to watch than the average low-class Amerifat. I love that the UK has no etiquette and that they have these seedy shows about child murderers where nobody has a right to privacy. It makes for good TV, but goddamn if their accents don't make me want to feed their offspring to wild dogs.
Plus their houses are like.. wet with mold. It's like a game of I Spy when they show off their grimy cave-houses for big patches of mushy drywall, or foggy windows inside.

No. 982918

File: 1638385594557.jpg (26.79 KB, 690x400, persona-emoji.jpg)

I feel like shit, i'm having headaches, my boobs hurt, i'm also having cramps and i feel very dizzy, i barely can write this post, i just want to sleep and rest but I've to finish this fucking essay

No. 982963

Period or pregnant

No. 982972

Not everyone is privileged enough to take in an unpaid internship though, I'm struggling with finances because I'm a full time student and can't work full time, I couldn't even imagine an unpaid internship to take up even more of my time especially during the hours when most jobs are hiring. It's basically impossible to succeed in most fields with just a college degree since you're expected to have unpaid internships, clinicals, etc all after that and adding several years before you officially start your career

No. 982985

>thanks to jilliebean, creepshow and lucinda the farms are now full of twitterfags who tell people to stop being twansphobic and stop bullying cows
Thanks, I hate it.

No. 982997

lolcow is going mainstream and it's awful.

On the bright side soon I will be able to use the word scrote in normal conversation without people tracing it back to an obscure transphobic drama forum

No. 983015

Again with the same old shit, I don't know why I keep trying.

No. 983016

thank you nonnie ily

No. 983025

Don't you want to date someone who really likes you and is really interested in getting to know you? Don't aim for any guy you find cute enough to give multiple chances, especially someone who is so flaky this early on. Move onto the next one.

No. 983028

i slipped and called my friend a scrote and he said "do you read r/femaledatingstrategy LMAO suuuuuuuureeee lets say that lol.

No. 983029

Tranny told my community I was homophobic for calling pupplay gay men degenerate. I am a lesbian and previously rejected its advances so it holds a grudge against me. I feel so lost because people believe and support men over women every fucking time even when it gets to "gay men shouldnt wear dog masks and wear leashes in public where kids can see" because a trooner getting his rocks off matters more than kids I guess. I told him he would never be a woman so I'm openly hated on now. rip my anger management

No. 983038

The trash is taking itself out, see it in a positive way. And you know you're the one who's correct here.

No. 983041

I accidentally almost call my bf a scrote too! it just slips out sometimes. Same thing for "troon" when I want to say that there's a tranny around.

No. 983063


No. 983071

Fell down the stairs at work, got home and fell down the stairs again. Then got up and tripped and dropped my key down the grate so I’m locked out. Literally do I have a brain tumor

No. 983076

>I told him he would never be a woman
At least you ended on a based stacy move anon.