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File: 1432513543358.jpg (33.6 KB, 526x394, 11204874_1083267098353951_6191…)

No. 108478

No. 108481

What the fuck is up with her lips and her nose???

No. 108523

i seen her going off on facebook once with fetsuchan about how shooping is all art and she doesnt understand why hate blogs exist.

No. 108592

File: 1432526412273.jpg (235.85 KB, 731x943, 3287566_in_the_city__angelic_p…)

i remember when she wore replicas lol

No. 108720


Looks like she bought a Liz Lisa replica in her latest haul. Also some knockoff rilakkuma.

No. 108723

Some old videos of her on her mom's channel, if you're curious


No. 108745

it's really unfortunate that she attempts the most infantile aestethic in the world with that harsh nosed, angular chinned, old lady jowled mommy face and BLACK black brows that clash with every sugarycandykawaiiuguu wig she wears.

No. 110536

you guys are just jealous haters because she has a 20 inch waist!!!

No. 110899

She is one of the biggest lolcows I have seen in a while.

We should get some of her bad shoops in here, I'll look em up soon.

Also, while I have no problem with swearing, she curses in that awkward teen-trying-to-sound-cool way in most of her vids, and refers to something jankily attacked to her head as ghetto in vids.

No. 110900

She seriously has an old lady face, bitch looks about 40.

No. 110907

holy shit same it's like she's trying so hard to be elegant and she's then she just throws it all away by saying fuck in almost every vid trashy af

No. 110908

File: 1432659108532.jpg (279.61 KB, 937x871, 3237367_lookbook_sugary_things…)


No. 110912

Her face looks so punchable jeaus christ

No. 110935

Everything about this offends me.

No. 110950


i think her trashy Party City wig offends me the most.

No. 110958

why does her face look like it's been really poorly edited?
everything is just a little too lopsided. The right side of her chin looks like it was liquified/pulled in, her lower lip is bigger in the full-body photo than it is in the close-up, her nostrils don't align correctly with the mouth or eyes (right nostril is weirdly low/dark too) and she looks simultaneously bug and cross-eyed.
wtf, dude. i can understand shooping your pics, but do a better job than this…

No. 110963

The fucking shoes… and that faceshoop is so punchable.

No. 110965

beauty school drop out ~

No. 111133

She gained a TON of weight in a really short period of time, wtf happened?

No. 111139

File: 1432673305401.jpg (109.87 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nmnqtzw0J51qfdplwo1_128…)

>Would anyone be up for a makeup tutorial for this look? I’m really into the gradient doll lip now ahhh


No. 111140

File: 1432673350003.jpg (581.42 KB, 1175x1920, tumblr_nnoolycIsI1qfdplwo1_128…)

Here's the awkward shoop, notice the wobbly wall and smeared jaw.

No. 111142

File: 1432673406418.jpg (80.58 KB, 640x640, tumblr_novaoubDkA1qfdplwo1_128…)

idek what the fuck she is doing to her hair anymore, looks like her hairdresser vomited on her.

No. 111151

Photoshop-san stopped working on her comp.

No. 111154

i noticed the fucked up pink tea parties. damn girl

No. 111170

Yes make a tutorial that there aren't already thousands of versions of jfc

No. 111325

File: 1432688317611.jpg (697.62 KB, 944x762, lawlita-chan.jpg)

she has definitely gained weight in the past year

No. 111873

She did gain a lot of weight (which makes the NO MY WAIST IS 20in!!! all the funnier), but damn wtf is going on with that photo on the left? The proportions look bizarre and her head looks gigantic.

No. 111881

It looks like the camera is too high up. The photo on the right is probably taken with an actual tripod, the one of the left with… something not a tripod.

No. 111917


To be honest, I think she looks cute both chubby and thin so meh

No. 112082

It also looks like the left photo is stretched up and down though, to make her look thinner, because her arms and elbows looks super long and off.

No. 112136

Pretty much the entirety of her youtube content.

No. 112324

i know her in real life, hahah she deff doesn't lol. shes actually a little chubby.

No. 112385

any stories lmfao

No. 112495

File: 1432809908211.jpg (66.73 KB, 720x960, 11245500_10153209259866405_735…)

oh my….

No. 112496

To be fair, the left looks insanely photoshopped while the right picture appears to be more relaxed. She's smiling significantly more naturally, and she doesn't attempt that ridiculous, deer-in-the-headlights eyes and puffed pouty lips. She's actually kind of cute when she isn't being a tryhard.

No. 112533

i actually think she's pretty cute

No. 122144

bad choice of hair colour

No. 122145

lips look so dry yuck

No. 122146

her body looks qt in both tbh
however her sense of fashion was always stupid

No. 122147

the cats like "bitch i never asked for this"

No. 122159

Quitting lolita?

No. 122177

Her teeth are so yellow. Why are they so yellow?

No. 122188

Good, I hope she leaves and take her bff Kate with her.

No. 122202

File: 1434437045810.png (386.39 KB, 718x667, Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.42…)

holy shit you're right

No. 122215

File: 1434440341968.gif (856.94 KB, 450x254, surejan.gif)

>this has nothing to do with the drama I had!!
>I don't want the lolita label
>I'm still lolita don't worry

Also, how old is she now? She seems like she's following in her idoru's MilkyFawn's path and bailing at the first happening of extreme drama. She's probably retiring at the ripe old lolita age of 22 or much younger. I'll never get over how lolita drop like flies like this and bail on their whole identity the moment it becomes inconvenient. Trying to play off her AP obsession as nothing is amusing, at best.

>I want to be a fashion designer

>I like Aomeji kei and "sweet gyaru fashion!"

This is also like another j-fashion girls equivalent of "I want to go to Japan!" Suddenly, she wants her own fashion label after dabbling in some lolita brand with zero experience in sewing! The fashion industry isn't easy, speaking from experience. I hope they chew her up and spit her out. She doesn't seem to be level-headed about anything and it'd honestly be a good wake-up call for her.

No. 122237

File: 1434444915339.png (397.28 KB, 440x716, destretched.png)


Like this more?

No. 122239


What the fuck is with her disgusting teeth. If her mom can afford her so much brand, why can't she take her to a damn dentist or something.

No. 122241

Those look like smokers teeth. They're almost brown…

No. 122242


I think Pixielocks is 17 right now or perhaps shes turned 18. I hope the industry chews her up and spits her at as well anon, I can't stand this dumb hoe.

No. 122244

File: 1434445739132.png (95.18 KB, 281x198, ear.png)


Ugggh I hate the pink on the sides of her wig. Its similar to her flesh tone and I keep mistaking her for having humongous ears.

No. 122251

I think her problem is that she's not in it for the clothes, she wants the attention and e-fame it gets her.

That's why people like her will bail out after a few years: they wore the clothes, tried to gain as much e-fame and attention as possible and once their star goes down or there's a new trend they sell off their whole wardrobe and never think about this again.
I hate these people because they make Lolita look like some costume or special snowflake suit instead of just clothes. AP dresses are just dresses, not your tickets to potential e-fame.

No. 122257



Thing is, people our age in their twenties will be far too old for the 'next trend' whatever that is. I think it's pretty sad people who are almost twenty five or thirty want to dress up in little girl's clothes and give themselves some childish persona/name.

But as long as tumblr/youtube/twitter ect are around and stupid fads then drama with stupid girls is never going to end.

No. 122634

Are you even a lolita? You sound like some middle aged soccer mum trying to speak about lolita without knowing shit about it.
Plenty of people 25 to 30 still wear lolita, and some of them are still wearing OTT sweet. I do agree that putting a childish persona on for your ~rorita identity~ is fucking stupid, but it's no reason to call older lolitas sad because they still want to dress up in lolita.
The next "trend" in lolita will probably be old school, with casual/classic-sweet and OTT gothic making a come back. I fail to see how anyone in their 25-30 age range can be too old for that.

I think a part of it is because lolita is getting more and more popular, it has a larger following than ever. Maybe lolita is just not special snowflake enough for them, maybe they just have to find a new ~unique~ and ~creative~ fashion to go into. These girls can barely dress themselves without a brand full set.

No. 122680

She's literally just trying to be milkyfawn/alanah but a more annoying ugly bootleg version

No. 122754

Some girls on here are so weird about age its actually disturbing. Its like one they're out of loli age theyre old. I never see this kind of shit anywhere but here and pull………I really don't get what is going on in their heads. What the hell are they gonna do when they turn 30, retire? Lol.

No. 122791

Every sweet lolita and their mum tries to be the next MilkyFawn. Too bad they're not buddy buddy with DeerStalker and have a large sought after wardrobe.

No. 122854


but don't you think people should be able to dress how they like, regardless of age? why should you have to become a boring bitch when you get to a certain age? if a 25 year old wants to wear childish pastel clothes then she should be able to. who cares lol

No. 123305

but are we not gonna talk about how this awesome girl RIPPED HER A NEW ONE when she made her lace video

No. 123310

are you the same fag who linked the venus parody because you called her awesome for that too.

she's not that funny. so i'ma say self post.

No. 123311

I would like to think that by the time I'm near 30 I'll have grown out of it, at a certain point it's just embarrassing

No. 123314

sorry if someone posting a jillian parody in a jillian thread offends you, salt-chan.

No. 125208


So she's complaining that all lolita is the same, while copying Milky Fawn and Lovely Lor…

No. 125260

I recently found this girl's youtube videos, but I refuse to subscribe to her cause she has a pretty annoying voice. She also makes really stupid faces while trying to be kawaii, it's childish and unfunny. I didn't think there was much drama surrounding her though

No. 125307

Most lolitas do have issues when it's comes to aging but its most only towards sweet lolita. It is okay to wear sweet when your older if you look super young for your age. Most agree that the older ones should wear classic or gothic.

No. 125313

Lolita is too expensive for most people under the age of 25 but then people over the average of 25 apparently arent suppose to wear it.

Its a lose lose

No. 129385

File: 1435618846612.jpg (51.73 KB, 720x960, 11666089_1439770273013467_4913…)

heard she was at a con this weekend so i searched it up and found this unshopped photo.

No. 129392


I keep saying this, again and again. All these kawaii fashionable clothes look fab when they're in magazines, shooped and everything.. But in person they look tacky as FUCK!

No. 129411

Wooooah what is she wearing? That's not Larme-kei, that's like a taobao top with a nightie and some pink beret. What is she thinking?

People like this need more restrictive fashions like lolita. She cannot put together an outfit on her own.

Only nicr thing is I ironically think she looks better unshooped here.

No. 129416

That outfit is awful but she doesn't look that different from her shoops imo

No. 129448

File: 1435627850800.jpg (134.82 KB, 720x1280, 1559267_114641185540257_891212…)

someone tattoo'd her on them…

No. 130218


"Pixielocks guide to running a successful blog", huh? Is that really the panel she ran? And she wants to say she isn't full of herself?

No. 130220

omg she looks awful

No. 130221

File: 1435772130355.png (26.78 KB, 546x98, rolls eyes.png)

rolls eyes

No. 130254

she looks like a kawaii burn victim here.

No. 130386

*trying to stop asking my mom to buy me lolita

No. 130402

File: 1435797227999.png (788.34 KB, 658x574, dang.png)

those legs

No. 130447

What is she seriously wearing here? Her bodytype is unfortunate for lolita.

I used to be upset since my face was kind of angular, but I feel like that can be worked with with makeup for any girl who worries about that. You can't cover up things like her legs.

No. 130456

File: 1435808126344.png (502.78 KB, 1226x822, lewl.png)

she got her mom to film her kek
"thats my daughter"

No. 130458

File: 1435808563809.jpg (122.13 KB, 1000x668, 11537247_10153298142186405_765…)

another unshopped pic

No. 130463

File: 1435809178689.jpg (97.4 KB, 540x720, image.jpg)

Unshooped she reminds me of Lecy Goranson (the actress who played Becky on "Roseanne").

No. 130464

File: 1435809332161.jpg (70.86 KB, 960x720, 305526_10151293637256405_60032…)

At least she got those gremlin teeth under control

No. 130474

Haha. I was trying to think of who she reminded me of, and it’s definitely this.

No. 130478

File: 1435812584353.jpg (52.33 KB, 500x375, Brainygetspwnedbyhelga.jpg)

oh, boo you whore. who else would've filmed it for her? should she have hired a fucking professional camera crew?
and it's not like her mom shouted that, she said it to the person sitting next to her before the performance started. go back to gurugossiper if you want to complain over senseless things, kek.
that's a really good helga from hey arnold (pic) cosplay, i don't see what's wrong with it.

No. 130492


She should not pull her hair back jesus. She needs that shit framing her face

No. 131409

Obviously it would be either her mom or her boyfriend filming her. Who else?

No. 131461

File: 1435932226330.jpg (67.66 KB, 720x479, 63590_10150107955806405_368972…)

No. 131515

If she does go to Toronto, which is where Cadney is, Im sure she will be wearing lolita there. There is no way she will miss the chance to hang out with an efamous girl.

No. 134521

anyone see her at Animaritime? She posted a super lulzy blog about it
Spoiler: if you've ever wanted to see this spoiled brat cry you'll really enjoy it

No. 134662

You mean this one, right?

I genuinely don't get what she was crying about. The car breaking down seems like more of an inconvenience than anything. I could maybe sympathize if their car had broken down out on the highway or something and they'd been stranded in the middle of nowhere, but this just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

I'm a very sensitive person who admittedly cries a lot, so I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I think it's her spoiled, flippant attitude that just kills it for me. Like when she was talking about how she won first prize, she seemed happy to win but not grateful, if that makes sense. But then again, she's still quite young and probably has a ways to mature. (Although, the amount of efame she's accumulated is probably not the best thing for someone like her at this age in terms of her spoiled outlook on life. It's actually sort of sad now that I think about it.)

No. 134703

I almot feel bad for her in a small way, it seems like she has no friends besdies her boyfriend and she always calls her mom her best friend

No. 134774

No. 136792

File: 1436753227502.png (1.39 MB, 796x1266, Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.05…)

only 12 notes, kek. wonder why.
the other stuff in her shop is good..

No. 136919

nothing makes me angrier more than knock off rilakkumas

No. 136926

Christ I make a bunch of stupid ribbons for a joke once and they were better than these.

No. 136929

What are these things supposed to be for? I'll never understand these ribbons for kawaii, lolita, fairy kei styles. This looks super cheap, but then again, all of them tend to.

No. 137636

A lot of people wear them in cult party but I think they kinda ugly

No. 139009

I think she's wearing one of them in this video.

Is it just me or are almost half her videos some type of haul? I find it kind of funny that one of her first videos was about affording lolita on a budget when she seems to shell out (her mom's?) money for whatever she wants whenever she wants it.

No. 139010

aaand I forgot the video

No. 139017


Thing is, regardless of how cute these clothes are and stuff people who actually dress like this in person look terrible. I've seen it, not as common here in the UK but I've seen people dress #kawaiiugu and it's beyond terrible.

I just… I don't even know.

No. 139018


Rosettes they are and they're just to look more quirky and unique but look ridic

No. 139019


Agreed, you can just tell.

No. 139569

File: 1437192536885.jpg (79.44 KB, 514x303, 1437176277411.jpg)

"There was already screencaps of her rants in another thread that got deleted

she literally bitches about it every day but here is further proof for you delusional pleb"

From an anon on /cgl/. Does anyone have caps of her other rants?

No. 139574

i know that is glitter eyeshadow (that's nowhere near her eyes) but it looks like there is semen on her face and she didn't bother to wipe it off :/

No. 139628


No. 139710


I had to look at the photo closely again. Jesus christ how the hell…this makes me sad. How can such cute shoes be destroyed like that…

No. 139785

Idc if I sound cunt-y about this, but I was watching her Ank Rouge haul and she spoke about how she didn't want to have to alter some of the pieces she bought. Like, why don't you try not buying clothes that don't fit you? Or maybe eating more properly??? Ffff. Biggest pet peeve right here.

No. 139791

Are you fucking stupid? One skirt didnt fit, the other two did. How was she suppose to know it wasnt going to fit without trying it on? She obviously looked at the measurements since other stuff fit her.

You sound like a jealous insecure little rat, yeah. Shes spoiled and weird and i dont even like her but use your fucking brain

No. 140459

It really irks me how she managed to nab the coveted Dolly Cat straight from AP when it was released and then turns around a couple of weeks later and announces she's leaving lolita. Also, in the video of her trying to get it, she 'accidentally' orders a pair of AP OTKs like it's nothing. Maybe it's just a cultural/upbringing thing for me because people from where I live are notoriously cheap, but even the rich people I know don't throw around money like this bitch.

No. 140697

She already sold it, and at a hefty profit ($530 CAD)
Not surprised she went from obsession to 'ugh i dont even WEAR lolita that often', she's still a teenager. It's somewhat amusing that her ~speshul snowflake~ style is apparently stemming from her desire to be a fashion designer though? Fashion school is gonna eat her alive, she doesn't look fashionable, she looks like a hot mess of clashing pinks.

No. 140812

File: 1437368763341.gif (792.19 KB, 245x141, anigif_enhanced-buzz-28585-138…)

I agree, Anon. I doubt she'll have any idea how to deal with it because she's used to getting everything she wants handed to her with relatively minimal effort or repercussions. Admittedly I was jealous of her at first, but then I realized that someday the real world is going to chew her up and spit her out.

No. 140992

yeah I never really hated her but her comment about "accidentally ordering" some fucking pricey ass socks, that would have been difficult to buy in the first place irked me, it just rubbed me the wrong way, like "ohohoho I have so much time and expendable money, I just accidentally tossed 50 dollars to the wind, no biggies" and while it's her money and she can do whatever the fuck she wants with it, she can't honestly make youtube videos and think that people are going to like her or think she's relatable while saying shit like that

No. 143272

Exactly! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so. If she does leave for Toronto to go to fashion school it'll be interesting to see how she fares on her own, considering she doesn't seem to have any concept of how to prioritize her spending and just be generally financially responsible.

No. 143570


What a fucking stupid bitch. I don't understand how you could spend so much money and invest so much time into the fashion and then piss it all away because some anons were being mean to you. She irritates me so damn much in every way

No. 143634

This. I didn't particularly like her but I kinda admired her ability to keep being obnoxious/doing what she wanted despite all the hate. lol good bye to that redeeming factor
tho ngl I would kill to see her in a reality show where she goes to fashion school and gets torn a new one. my uni isn't too far from a really famous fashion school, even the really 'artsy' fashion kids dress somewhat normal bc the point of class isn't to draw attention to urself or ur ~speshul~ outfits, it's to learn and make shit.

No. 143711

Agreed. I actually liked her because even though she came of kinda bratty and socially inept, she seemed to be really enjoying the fashion. Obviously not.

No. 150241

New video up, it's a Q&A.
She seems to have become even less interesting than before… basically her answers to all the questions were "magical girls" lol.
Also I died laughing at her sudden fangirl attack over Abipop of all people. Like, really?

No. 150346

This video made me cringe. The fact that she made a damn Q&A for herself when she's nothing special just proves how full of herself she is.

No. 150370

literally chill, fucking everyone does q&as. they'e good filler videos.

i thought the abipop part was really awkward.. and all the questions she chose were boring and repetitive too.

No. 150576

File: 1438642668351.jpg (369.6 KB, 1600x900, screenshot.jpg)

Her drawing made me irrationally angry.
I can't believe she's selling that as a print. Honestly, my art is slightly better than that and I still wouldn't dream of trying to sell it until I've practiced and improved a great deal.

I guess I sort of admire her confidence, but I wonder if she realizes that her work is mediocre at best.

No. 150583

On a totally unrelated note, she mentions at the beginning of the video that she has to keep it under 15 minutes because she's in trouble with Youtube. What does that mean, exactly? Does having a YT partnership mean there rules about the length of your videos, or is it something else?
Sorry for being OT, I was just curious.

No. 150601

She got in trouble a while ago for having copyrighted material (her go princess precure reaction video) so I guess she now has some restrictions on her channel

No. 150636

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for letting me know.

On a slightly more positive note, her teeth seem to be a more or less normal colour now.

No. 150782

>glitter on the undereye

No. 150799

File: 1438660132968.jpg (598.26 KB, 1284x782, peachieart.jpg)

Yeah, the Abipop thing really caught me off guard. I was fully expecting her to say Peachie because she'd done fanart for her in the past. (pic related)
I guess she found Peachie to be too much of a cheapskate for her spoiled tastes, lol.

No. 150864

Peachie's real name is Ruth?
oh lord, she lost the genetic and name lottery.

Also, that fanart is hideous.

No. 150876

>oh look another butthurt americ-
holy shit they are

No. 150877

I like her name tbh.

No. 150882

This art is disgusting

No. 150927

Her uneven bangs and dark roots are killing me. Also she seems really overconfident with regards to her art. She wouldn't even make it into a serious artist alley like Fanime or AX. I'm dying to see her webcomic; I'm willing to bet it'll be so bad it's good.

No. 151034

She sold Dolly Cat to a creepy fan girl

No. 151155

god damn this girl is so subtly creepy.
I have to admit tho that I bought a dress off jillian. my greed got the better of me because it was a drea dress and the conversion rate made it like ~$100 less than the normal market price.
It came fine but it had a ton of white cat hair on it. Ick.

Some anon on /cgl/ posted this video, I think it sums up the really uniquely annoying things about this girl….
>unwarranted self confidence
>ugly handmade accessory (seriously wtf is that droopy crown thing)
>i INSPIRE people with my AMAZINGNESS
>i was so quirky always teehee

No. 151168

glad the dress worked out :)

but ugh when people do stupid shit like cuddling pets or riding smelly crowded subways while in loltita. girl you better not try to sell that dress if you're gonna be doing that…

No. 151182

lmao ikr? Although, Although in my opinion, it's at least better than the one in the video (>>150576) that she's trying to sell. At least the Peachie fanart has a somewhat interesting subject and colour scheme. If the head and face weren't so distractingly terrible I'd even be willing to look past the wonky anatomy. On the other hand, the one from the video is just boring and unimaginative with a messy composition.

No. 151186

kek that anon was me, sometimes I get bored and rewatch her videos, I don't know how I missed it at the time but she truly does come across as a brat.

No. 151218

I legit don't understand why we're hating on this chick, honestly baffled

No. 151238


hi pixie

No. 151480

File: 1438728815721.png (878.53 KB, 900x1378, __mikumiku___by_xhellodecember…)

much cosplay, very good

No. 151481

File: 1438728881668.png (414.75 KB, 900x706, __the_b_l_a_c_k_parade___by_xh…)

No. 151483

File: 1438728930117.png (29.43 KB, 1282x148, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.55…)

um.. so i guess she went to a mental health center?

No. 151484

File: 1438728954113.png (25.6 KB, 932x124, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.50…)

i wonder if she's still pansexual.

No. 151485

File: 1438728965356.png (98.65 KB, 727x1099, _s_o_u_n_d_s__by_xhellodecembe…)

No. 151488

File: 1438729000447.png (867.58 KB, 900x1353, black_holes__by_xhellodecember…)

No. 151489

File: 1438729060845.png (984.21 KB, 900x675, colder_winters__by_xhellodecem…)

forever 21 jacket, ~so punk~

No. 151491

File: 1438729160480.png (136.82 KB, 774x1032, i_think_i_saw_you__by_xhellode…)

No. 151492

File: 1438729187147.jpg (40.68 KB, 458x458, im__h_e_r_e___by_x_open_your_e…)

jillian on left.

No. 151493

File: 1438729201470.png (279.04 KB, 727x1098, k_i_s_s___t_h_e___s_t_a_r_s_by…)

No. 151494

File: 1438729239854.jpg (81.13 KB, 640x480, so_this_is_my_life_by_xhellode…)

No. 151495

File: 1438729410732.png (653.19 KB, 900x599, u_n_b_e_a_r_a_b_l__e_by_xhello…)

No. 151498

File: 1438729472079.png (45.56 KB, 1498x116, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.56…)

No. 151500

File: 1438729534566.png (11.77 KB, 354x98, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.58…)

oh, and she called herself a guy/man/dude a lot. not sure if it was a recurring joke or what.

No. 151662

what the fuck is going on with her chin

No. 151663


No. 151708


although i will admit, she seems to have a very nice relationship with her mother. they seem to exchange comments (on both her current and old deviantart). i know most teens would rather die than have their parents see their angsty pics.

No. 151714

Obvious joke.

No. 151717

I mean, it was when she was dressing fairly androgynous/'punk' and had short hair. but i don't think tumblrtards existed back then so she probably wasn't genderfluid or anything, just making a stupid joke.

No. 152060

She's called her mom her "best friend" in multiple vids. Is it just me or does her social circle seem kinda small, with just her mom and her bf? That's kinda sad. It's nice to be friends with your parents and everything but at that age it also kind of points to a lack of independence or socialization…
>inb4 lolita meets
Those don't really count, acquaintances /=/ good friends.

No. 152074

Maybe it's just me, but I've always found it very weird when girls call their moms their "best friends." I have a pretty strong relationship with both of my parents but they're not my "friends." Especially at that her age.

And yeah, I think her social circle DOES seem pretty small. She's not a bad person, but her attitude towards money and her personality in general seems like such a turn-off. She seems interesting but she would probably piss me off quite fast, honestly.

No. 152076

Yeah, I find it kind of weird too. I mean, I'm very close with my mom and it is important to have a good, happy relationship with your parents, but at the end of the day it's a parent's job to be a parent, not a friend.

No. 152077

It's not like cat hair or riding the subway will somehow contaminate the dress forever, you sound ridiculous.
She should have cleaned and lint-rolled it before sending it though.

No. 152198

File: 1438809504261.gif (962.19 KB, 500x250, im-not-a-regular-mom-im-a-cool…)

No. 152373

This is Louise. I am Jillian's mother. Recently she has expressed frustration over pictures of herself being uploaded to websites. These pictures are very old and are from when Jillian was 13. I would like to kindly request for you to not post any more of her photos and to delete this page. Jillian is a very nice girl and she does not deserve to have this hate written about her. I will be contacting the admin of this website to help remove the photos. If this behavior continues I will not hesitate to bring in legal forces.

No. 152379

File: 1438825503101.gif (2.62 MB, 400x327, moss-popcorn.gif)

No. 152381

File: 1438825660127.gif (271.39 KB, 238x179, deer_eating_popcorn.gif)

No. 152390

No. 152391

File: 1438826431852.jpg (20.75 KB, 354x365, 50_cent.jpg)

No. 152394

File: 1438826734162.gif (736.89 KB, 224x253, pqNsiM1.gif)

>I will not hesitate to bring in legal forces.

Okay Cathy, you go ahead and do that.

No. 152399

File: 1438826948608.jpg (58.84 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nkdaf60s1R1rfqu8po3_500…)

you sicked your mom on us?

No. 152401

Yeah because that always works out here. Fucking kek

No. 152403


No. 152412

Good on you for standing up for your daughter. As a mother I can not believe that websites like this exist. I hope everything goes well for you and Jillian. She's a wonderful girl and these other girls are just jealous that they won't ever be able to have half her fame.

No. 152413


No. 152416


Hahahaha oh dear lord this has to be some kind of bait, right?

No. 152417

File: 1438828600508.jpg (94.69 KB, 1504x83, kek.jpg)

Is this for real?
I'm dying.

No. 152419

Toppest of keks

No. 152420

Thanks for proving the top quality laughs, dumbass.

No. 152421

And she left her email in the field kek

No. 152423


Who the hell uses their business email for something like that? Oh my god

No. 152424

Does this woman not understand how much worse she is making this, at first Jillian would probably fade away into irrelevancy but now NOW she has been immortalized as the lolcow who sicked her mommy onto the internet meanies

No. 152425

File: 1438829163877.png (225.27 KB, 500x418, tumblr_m39947dH571rul2mio1_500…)

This whole situation reminds me of someone else we know…

No. 152430

welp, that really goes to show that she REALLY doesn't have any friends. Seriously, she couldn't even find a friend her own age to complain about how "jelly and mean u wwwwwu" we are? lord. at least use your bf

No. 152447

This is so fucking funny because even if she were on anon, nobody talks like this on a chan. Amazing.
This is so embarrassing.

No. 152470

Looks like we dun goof'd.
Consequences will never be the same.

No. 152481

Well, I guess we know where Jillian gets it from.

No. 152492

That art is shit and her makeup application makes me rage. That cluttered glitter goop. And she has done nothing to her fucking brows.

No. 152539

Here's an idea: Monitor your daughter's internet activity more closely and don't allow her to post things about herself? Clearly she is not mature enough to handle it.

If you are actually her mom, do some actual parenting and don't allow your child to do/post whatever she pleases online. She has obviously put things out there with poor judgement that she now regrets, all because she was given too much freedom by you.

Instead of trying to do damage control in a silly way like this, taking away her ability to build an online persona for e-fame would stop the problem.

Clearly this is a case of you not giving proper restrictions to your child. The only way to fix it is to be more involved in her internet usage.

No. 152551

seriously, what a shitty parent.

No. 152556

Well it makes sense.
A shitty child is often the result of a shitty parent.
Baby boomers/Gen X are terrible enablers, especially with the "my child can do no wrong" mentality.

No. 152727

File: 1438867114532.jpg (23.84 KB, 600x450, 1436907743039.jpg)

No. 152728

File: 1438867178219.gif (468.98 KB, 350x500, 1403634317329.gif)

No. 152828

File: 1438880312173.gif (951.15 KB, 500x281, 1437045101654.gif)


I can definitely tell it's you who wrote these posts Mrs. Vessey. It's best for you to stay away and not comment any further before you become our laughing stock.

No. 152831

And no matter what it's everyone else's fault their kid is upset/having a hard time, not their own fault nor heaven forbid their child's.

No. 152839

this gif killed me.

No. 152844

I will not be 'restricting' Jillian's internet access. She has done absolutely nothing wrong- all of you are the problem. You are bullying a 17 year old child who has done nothing to do, just because you think she's 'annoying' or 'bragging'. Jillian has been posting her own pictures on the internet since she was 13 and she has never gotten any hate, much less an entire website dedicated to harassing her. She is very talented in photography, fashion, and videomaking, and I will not be taking away something she loves. Getting positive comments makes her day and makes her happy. We will not let the bullies win.

No. 152850

File: 1438881526431.gif (123.88 KB, 590x333, 1386318582331.gif)

Lady no one here has ever contacted your brat.

No. 152853

Sorry that we don't think your downsy-looking rugrat is cute.

No. 152854

A 17 year old is not a "child," that is an adolescent who should be learning how to conduct herself on the internet. We don't have to hold back our opinions and criticisms just because you have to hear your daughter throw a tantrum in your ear about them every night. Either she learns to cope with negativity, or no internet.
Parenting made simple.

I really hope this is just an elaborate troll though.

No. 152860

File: 1438882327300.jpg (55.46 KB, 500x322, 1379305088849.jpg)

>implying that we bullied her

Do whatever the heck you want, sweetheart, but this site won't be removed.

No. 152864

If you can't deal with criticisms and people not liking you (because, news flash! Not everyone is going to) you shouldn't try to become popular or gain some kind of real following/recognition on the internet.
Sorry, lady. It's a cruel world and even crueler online. S'just how it is.

No. 152867

>Won't limit the internet use and exposure
>Doesn't expect negative comments and calls people lulzy
Bitch leave

No. 152871

File: 1438882725738.gif (905.61 KB, 500x280, 1438537565449.gif)

>She has done absolutely nothing wrong

There's always going to be people who will love and others will hate, you have to accept that fact.

If you think that your daughter deserves all of the positivity, then you're TOO immature to be a parent.

Take parenting classes for god's sake.

No. 152874

Will the real Mrs. Vessey please stand up, please stand up

No. 152876

Everyone else already said everything important so I'll just add

>an entire site dedicated to harassing her

Top kek.

No. 152877

Oh god,it's like the milk is flowing on its own.
Tbh I think she looked pretty neat as "punk" (>>151489),way better than now.

No. 152880

File: 1438883555429.jpg (72.32 KB, 758x758, 11401461_10153289666806405_658…)

So… her mum took all her lame as fuck photos.

Also guess we know where she got dat nose from.

No. 152883

She's going to flip when she sees this, lol.

No. 152884

The glitter placement looks like she's just using it to cover her dark circles/eyebags.

No. 152886

File: 1438884001862.jpg (66.45 KB, 600x600, go home bitch.jpg)


I love when cows post here and think this is an entire website dedicated to them

Like bitch, get over yourself, you're nothing compared to our dear Queen

No. 152887

File: 1438884155451.png (28.52 KB, 629x318, 234567876543.png)

No. 152904

This. Also, I think this was mentioned earlier in the thread but by this age Jillian should be learning about prioritizing her spending and differentiating between the things she wants and the things she needs. There's noting wrong with having an expensive hobby, but like >>140992 mentioned before, 'accidentally' ordering an over-priced pair of socks is just ridiculous. As a lolita, I know how easy it can be to get caught up in the hype, but I can also tell you that it's honestly a lot more gratifying to hold off for the dresses you really want rather than impulsively pouncing on anything that remotely interests you. This is also a important skill for her to learn for her future.

On completely different note, I honestly think Jillian seems to have a fairly decent sense of humor towards herself, all things considered. That is also important and something I can respect.

No. 153023

File: 1438893407326.png (2.14 MB, 1826x886, Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.33…)

her house.. i guess they don't have a lot of money since her mom is a photographer.

No. 153024

Well, that and there's no dad on the scene as far as I can see.

No. 153039

Are you being sarcastic? Sorry, I genuinely can't tell.

That house looks pretty nice imo. I also live in Canada (in a different province, though) and that house is much larger than the average houses where I live, and I am in a major city. Plus, it seems to be fairly new and the yard looks pretty big. In my city, you'd probably be looking at upwards of 350 000$ for a house like that. (Granted, the housing market is probably different in PEI)

No. 153048

nah i wasn't being sarcastic. im from a metropolitan city, but a house like that here would belong to a redneck probably. i'm aware that things are probably different where she lives but i didn't feel like typing it out.

No. 153061

Okay, thanks for clearing things up. That's actually pretty interesting. Are you from the US? I think in most Canadian cities you'd find houses like that in wealthier suburban neighborhoods.

No. 153065

File: 1438895552807.jpg (50.45 KB, 640x480, 318979_10151275009236405_11802…)

No. 153066

yup, houston. in my area almost every house is 2 story, but we have a handful of (very large) one story houses. of course houston is a large city so this varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. also a lot of the nice houses were really cheap back in the ~70s, but a lot of people are moving here so the prices have inflated a shitton.

No. 153068

"Let's pull ugly faces cos otherwise it'll take us 20 minutes to get a 'pretty' selfie!"

No. 153070

File: 1438895818334.jpg (38.5 KB, 604x403, 1910193_28176046404_8379_n.jpg)

I think this her father

No. 153075

File: 1438896118157.png (328.08 KB, 542x928, twitter.png)

No. 153092

Damn, she really plasters her real name all over the internet. Her mom should have taught her better.
Oh wait.

No. 153181

File: 1438904561827.gif (986.88 KB, 500x255, 1433462890954.gif)

>She sent her mom after us
>Her mom tried to samefag but forgot to clear her name field
>Her mom in general
This is all fucking gold!

No. 153183

remember to block out her mom's name and jillian's name if you decide to make secrets out of these!

No. 153184

don't get too full of yourself. She's not the only person on here, & her thread's one of the least popular ones.

Anyway, I think we've found the problem

No. 153201

don't kidyourself bitch, this entire website doesn't revolve around Jillian, there are far more talented and attractive looking lolcows on this website that were here before her, no one is exempt from this shit. And now you've actively embarrassed the fuck out of your own kid and threw her in the line of fire like the irresponsible asshole that you are.

No. 153209

Guys, what if it's just Jillian pretending to be her mum?

No. 153214

could be, but she does refer to her mother as her best friend so it would make sense for her to show her this thread. ngl, if I were a mother I would be devistated to see something like this about my child. Not excusing their behaviour, but I do sympathize with them in that respect.

No. 153260

File: 1438908890297.jpg (168.18 KB, 800x639, NekoJill.jpg)

she looks like a grandma here. also the filename was "nekojill" kek

No. 153324


Dolores Umbridge

No. 153354

I'm 17, Jillian is not a child any more than I am. She has explicitly stated in a previous video that she knows people talk about her but does not care. When you put yourself out there, you should expect a reaction. You can't force it to be positive or negative - if you want attention, you should accept it when it comes, or stop doing attention-getting ventures like running a blog and/or youtube channel. You can't police peoples reactions. Especially if she is interested in going into a creative field like fashion, not everything she puts out there will get a positive reception…

She seems to have really low self confidence if her whole self worth is built up on what random people online think of her.

The best response is to read what people are saying and either laugh about the inaccuracies in what they say, don't give a crap about it or try to grow from it. Disengage from yourself and try to understand what/why they are saying without taking personal offence (this coming from someone who gets posted to secrets sites like this sometimes) and it makes the experience a lot easier. Now I will admit, people on sites like lolcow are drama-mongering assholes, it's best to just ignore what they say - because the only people who would actually give a crap about the accusations here "her mother buys her clothes" "people suck up to her too much" are just catty jealous bitches.

No offence guys, but it is true.

No. 153423

>I will not hesitate to bring in legal forces

(ngl, I actually think this is pretty cute)

No. 153425


No. 153426

Proof that pink hair doesn't automatically make you look younger or kawaii.

No. 153427

She joined twitter when she was 10? Why are kids on social media that young? wtf??

No. 153431

Not a jealous catty bitch (I have all the brand I want), just sick of fame-hungry people shitting up the lolita/j-fashion community with this famewhore bullshit. It's people like Jillian who are contributing to this trend of only doing things for notes on tumblr/efame. I don't know her personally, but judging from her online persona she seems to just chase whatever's trendy on tumblr, and it doesn't seem all that genuine. I came to lolita for the pretty clothes only to find that wannabe internet celebrities like Jillian, Kate, etc. have turned it into (or at least contributed) a circlejerk-y popularity contest. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with Jillian if she wasn't all "teehee everyone loves me" and took her channel in a less trend-chasing direction and/or if she created more original content and not just "look at my face, look at my clothes". She just seems to exemplify everything I dislike about what the internet is doing to jfash.

No. 153441

She was born in 1998 so I think she would have been 12. Depending on the maturity level of the child, that's still pretty young to have an account on such a huge, open social media platform though. (Although I suppose it also comes down to a matter of opinion.)

When I was that age I was still begging my mom to sign and fax the permission form that would allow me to chat on Neopets.

No. 153444

>Born in 1998
Ugggh… Yeah, I see what you mean.

And yeah, haha. I was on livejournal when I was 17 and Facebook, Twitter, etc, didn't even exist. It was only livejournal and Myspace. And I didn't have a Myspace. I wasn't into social media for a long time because I was too busy hanging out with irl friends like a normal person.

No. 153447

Parents lately really don't know or don't seem to care at all. I see people on youtube all the time commenting with "I just turned 10!!"

Like…what? Holyshit, why are you here? There's so much racy shit online and it's easier to access than when I was a teenager in the early 2000s. Parents are idiots. My mom gave me a curfew and I was only allowed to access certain websites until I was 18. I mainly stuck to yahoo groups and talked about anime and videogames with other people though. Kids today are doing nudes on snapchat…

No. 153451

>internet usage when I was 12

Oh man, I remember getting SCREAMED at if I wasn't off the computer by 8/9pm. My parents would check the history. And back in the dial-up days, there was only one cable in the center of our house next to the kitchen. Not only did I not get a lot of time with the internet, but I was watched at any given time. There was no chance for me to sneak on the internet and cheat around with the rules. And if I did get caught doing something fishy, I was either punished or shamed to death.

When Myspace began when I was in high school, my parents didn't give a single fuck about any online drama I had. They would blame me even if I didn't start shit, and told me that if I couldn't handle the computer that they would take it away.
THAT was parenting, and it stopped me from doing a lot of retarded things. Obv I broke the rules when I could and said retarded shit sometimes, but it taught me lessons.

No. 153460


No. 153465

You summed up how I feel perfectly.

No. 153505

Their home phone is under the name Blair Vessey. I looked it up on Facebook and that's her father. I can only see one post but Louise commented on it in 2014. It doesn't sound like they're divorced but maybe they get along well?

No. 153535

but for real, why is it so rampant in the lolita/j fashion community? fucking WHY?

No. 153539

Haha, yeah. You sound like you grew up in the same time period as me. When pcs first became a thing. I had DSL. Anyway. dont wanna get too off topic, but back then we didn't have hackers getting underage nudes off facebook and snapchat like we do now.

Kids need to be smacked so hard. Parents don't know how to ban them from their pcs and give them cellphones/ipads/etc way too young. My niece got a tablet at 4 years old. WHY?

No. 153546

It's rampant in both the jfashion/lolita comm and cosplay comm. This generation is breeding trendy whores and I hate them all. Stupid spoiled shits who never went through a real identity crisis or actual discrimination most likely. They just want attention and found the easiest way to do it.

No. 153785

I'm honestly so glad I've found this. I know Jillian through mutual friends (well, were her friends) prior to her efame, and many said that she always came off rude and snobby, with an 'I'm better than you' attitude. When she had first started YouTube, I actually tried watching some of her videos, but I couldn't stand how she couldn't even pretend that she wasn't full of herself. All I see on her facebook was people complimenting her and giving her praise for being a spoiled brat. I'm just sooo thankful that I'm not that only one.

Also her mom defending her, kekek.

No. 153811

More stories please! It's always interesting to see how these cows act irl. I wish someone from her comm would come spill deets lol

No. 153864

File: 1438972104644.png (151.67 KB, 400x518, PIXIEFIELDBABEPRINT_3F_3F_3F_4…)

No. 153894

i can only imagine the great stuff they have to contribute to society

No. 153896

>pointy shoulder
>wonky uneven eyes

Does she honestly think it's acceptable to sell something like this? And for 15$, no less! Admittedly, I think the background is cute (even if it's just typical tumblr pastel vomit). But for heaven's sake, fix the glaringly obviously mistakes before you try to charge people money for something!

No. 153901

I also meant to add that lots of artists work super hard to get to the point where they can sell good quality art prints. It really grinds my gears when people this this think that they can make a quick buck just because they have passable drawing skills and basic understanding of the adobe creative suite.

No. 153902

just because she put it up doesn't mean anyone's gonna buy it. the stock is still full on both of her art prints.
see, there are some efamous people who could draw a stick figure and still sell tons of prints. jillian isn't even efamous imo, no one buys her shit. except for one fattychan bought a pin from her.

No. 153904

probably spoiled and made mom buy them a drawing tablet and fancy programs

No. 153923

So I follow her on instagram (lame, i know) but I went to the activities page and saw that she liked tooons of posts within 30 seconds and none of them were lolita related. tl;dr i'm pretty sure she buys likes (uses those apps where you like pictures, get points, and buy likes with those points)

No. 153925

i noticed that too! and also her pictures get 100+ likes but little to no comments. like she posted a selfie 4 days ago and it only has one comment.

No. 153950

I just watched this video out of curiosity and for some reason it made me genuinely uncomfortable.

She does mention having a job in it though, so I guess she was making at least some money for herself apart from whatever revenue she's getting from Youtube.

No. 153961

New video up. I guess she's holding some contest thing. She actually set up balloons and shit too.

No. 153970

I actually think the birthday look she has going on here is kind of cute. Obviously it's not something you would wear in real life, but the addition of bright colours is a lot more interesting to look at than her typical explosion of pastel pink.

Also, you can see the reflection of her setup in the balloons.

No. 153972

File: 1438981575517.gif (385.41 KB, 250x188, tumblr_n97a1zXyRF1svt5w5o2_250…)

No. 154102

she held a panel at Animaritime about building a fanbase for your blog/youtube/whatever to be popular. So I guess it went like this
>step 1: buy likes
>step 2: profit
>panel over

No. 154113

Ha. That's sort of funny because in one of her videos (I think it was Confidence in Lolita one) she mentions that she's jealous of Peachie because 'she was able to get so many subscribers just by being herself'.
Did anyone here actually see her panel? I'm sort of curious about it now. I'm actually surprised she didn't record and upload it.

No. 154418

Now I've seen I can't unsee

No. 154587

>had to skip to 1:30 just to find out the point of the video
What a vapid idiot, she loves hearing herself talk.

No. 154669

same here, my parents checked my history and basically interrogate me after their finds. If I posted a picture of myself… game over.

No. 154679

File: 1439073308730.png (308.92 KB, 500x500, ayGWHvE.png)

lmao I was hoping someone would make a secret!

No. 154686

File: 1439073685278.jpg (138.78 KB, 1501x751, whiteknight.jpg)

No. 154725

Confession: while she may be a little annoying, I enjoy Jillian's videos for the most part.

>inb4 jillian accusations

No. 154740

>Jillian has been posting her own pictures

Well, Ms Vessey, I actually wasn't worried about what Jillian did or didn't do until she reblogged one of my pics from my Tumblr, gave me no credit for it and implied to all her followers that it was hers. That showed to me that she was only interested in boosting herself over others at others expense. While I never called her out about it or spoke about it on any of the forums I'm telling you now so that you can see why people have an issue with the things your daughter does.

You'll probably deny that the stealing even occurred and that it isn't that big a deal, but it was my work and my idea. Having someone appropriate it is pretty shitty.

No. 154743

please explain why

No. 154749

link to the post please??

No. 154754

She comes across as likeable (to me, anyway). Her videos seem natural and I find them easy to watch. I know most people hate her but I think she has a nice personality.

No. 154762

I dislike her because she cannot make a video without going on about the little shit in her life that nobody cares about. We want to see the dress you bought, not hear 4 minutes of you talking about how you had a hangnail and how much it hurts. She has no charisma, she's not very pretty, she doesn't have a big enviable wardrobe, so I want to know why people like this droll, self absorbed person. It's not jealousy or blind hatred, she legit irks me because she jumps onto anything in an attempt to be likable.

No. 155136

Each to their own, I guess. I don't mind listening to the irrelevant stuff or little stories in videos so that's where there's a big difference between the majority and I. I don't really care about her looks or wardrobe, I just think she's quite endearing on camera.

No. 155278

you're in the wrong place here because there are lot of people here that are "endearing" but they are still here because they are shitty people or are fame hungry. Jillian is fame hungry and she's an idiot, stupid enough to sick her mom onto an anonymous message board, I can't find anything endearing about that, maybe endearing in a retarded way.

No. 155426

Posting a picture of their house and address is going a bit too far. Have some respect.

No. 155427

except it's literally on her mom's website. she should have had "please call/email/etc to set up appointment" and give them the address then, not just fucking put it up where everyone can see.

No. 156281

Mine didn't do anything like this, but I only lived with my mom once I was 12 and she's never been any kind of strict with me. I'm glad I never got e-famous or used my real name and that half the sites I used are dead now because I did some pretty cringe-y shit.

No. 156283

Not that anon but it's just weird and creepy. It's not like anyone would go there but doing it just to make them uncomfortable is so spergy. I'm a professional with my workplace address public and if someone posted it I wouldn't care, I would just think they were a tryhard.

No. 156376


Agreed. It is creepy.

No. 156816

File: 1439331442509.png (9.87 KB, 489x102, 23456.png)

No. 157182

File: 1439357006903.png (4.36 MB, 3440x4032, doxxing pixielocks.png)


I dont know why you guys dislike posting this stuff about Jillian. People on lolcow dox people all the god damn time.

Also a small chart I made of Jillian near the beginning of her LACE drama in case she became some huge lolcow. She hasn't really but I'll dump it here for fun if anyone wants

No. 159207

File: 1439561995454.jpg (194.4 KB, 750x1131, image.jpg)

About the LACE video.

If it wasn't about "deleting the evidence", then why didn't she just disable the comments?

No. 159212

Ok but how did she even find Carly's post? As far as i know Carly didn't tag it anything that would have popped up on Jillians radar, so either
1) jillian is following the girl that parodied her (not likely seeing how she flounced after the parody got popular)
2) a "friend" showed jillian
3) she saw it on cgl.
I'm pretty sure the last one is most likely tbh, this wasn't responded to too lon after the original screenshot was posted on /cgl. But you know, Jillian's only been on cgl ~3 times~ because its just for ~meanie lolis~
>argue with people who are already set on disliking us
Bitch youtube comments are the cesspit of the internet. If you don't want to argue with people, don't. Ignore it or disable the comments. In fact, arguing with people who dislike you has especially gotten you in trouble here kek.
>hi jillian's mom

No. 159508

Carly's actually rising in popularity now, so it's not inconceivable that jillian would be watching her. especially after she made her look like such a piece of shit

No. 159528

File: 1439592469525.png (75.46 KB, 561x599, 1439583213593.png)

her response was fucking legendary tho

No. 161118

File: 1439759960226.jpg (83.58 KB, 750x561, image.jpg)

She… She really doesn't think she's a part of the problem.

No. 161152

What kind of planet are these people living on where lolita is becoming worse? It's a pretty blatant sign of ignorance to the community. I would love to send these brats back to 5+ years ago back when /cgl/ was a true snake pit and the communities like GTFO EGL and Lolita Fucks were still active.

No. 161167

Super Carly raises a good point that I don't see brought up very often; these people will act so holier-than-thou over their attackers being anonymous and stand by their actions so adamantly, but the second people come off anon, they have no argument. Just look at Isaki, the best she can come up with is saying people opposing her have STDs.

No. 161252

100% agreed. Anyone remember when Caroline's nudes were posted on /b/ with her personal info? Anyone remember the private lj posts bitching after meet ups? Anyone remember girls flaunting their hard-to-get brand and insulting anyone who wore Bodyline? The community is nothing like it used to be, it's much more watered down and newb-friendly. In some ways I think it's great, but to see these girls (Stephanie Christina is Cadney btw) who have been in the community for, like, 2 years complain about negativity makes me so bitter. Everything is easier, and everyone is nicer.

Idiots like Jillian and Kate/girlyhoot are the ones ruining things and making them negative. I'm happy over here with my modest wardrobe, friendly local community, and non-popular tumblr. It's the girls who need constant attention who make everything negative. It's the girls who throw huge hissy fits over someone disagreeing them who make everything negative.

No. 161381

naw this is a nice house. probably three bedrooms. Comfortably middle class. How else could she afford the stupid shit she has.

No. 161382

im from houston too wtf yikes

No. 161433

new video, still has the glitter covering her eye bags. she basically fried her hair with box dye and put some colors in it.

No. 161482

I really haven't been able to stand Cadney lately. First she turned a blind eye to all the shit AM/John Leigh did because she wanted to keep her KA position. Then there was her being all self-righteous about the whole sugar hearts thing, which she wasn't even involved in. Also she blew a few anon comments about her smile way out of proportion and bawwed about bullying for about a week. And now she's on tumblr bitching about bodyline sending her a blouse in the wrong size, but she doesn't want to file a paypal claim because that would be mean. As if passive aggressively posting about it on tumblr isn't.

No. 161484

I like wearing subtle glitter in my makeup too, but she literally just smears it under her eyes and it looks SO BAD. Why doesnt anyone tell her how bad that looks?? How old is this girl?

No. 161486

omg bitch used box bleach. Drug store box bleach is literally the worst shit you can use on your hair. There's no way to control the formula and the fews times I used them as a dumb teenager, I ruined my hair and had to chop it off from frying it.

This girl should not be giving out any hair advice. And she didn't even color strip her hair. She just bleached right over it.

No. 161488

How does she manage to have gross roots after just dyeing her hair?

What do you want to bet she doesn't even use proper cosmetic glitter?

No. 161490

You're probably right. It's so dangerous to use anything non cosmetic eyeglitter.

No. 161493

File: 1439783968331.jpg (85.77 KB, 521x470, baww.jpg)

From Jillian's Tumblr

No. 161496

>Says to white use conditioner as the pastel base
>Uses pink colored conditioner

This bitch can't even do basic dye mixing.

No. 161501

>How does she manage to have gross roots after just dyeing her hair?
That's because she used shitty box bleach on dark roots. Usually you have to bleach dark roots and then tone or even bleach twice and tone once with purple shampoo/conditioner. She has no idea what she's doing and her hair is so dry and destroyed. She didn't even do a bleach prep base.

No. 161503

I'm laughing so hard because she didn't understand why the lavender didn't take when lavender is used as a toning base for blonde hair. jfc She's clueless.

No. 161504

File: 1439784671586.jpg (44.42 KB, 708x356, ugh.jpg)

Why does she have fans and why are they so stupid?

The OP was obviously talking about the box bleach dye, not the manic panic.

No. 161527

>I always somehow mix it wrong and fry my hair all crispy n nasty?????
>mix it wrong

lolwut? Is she just trying to save face? Or does she honestly not realize that bleaching her entire head of hair to hell and back over and over again will result in massive damage? It really doesn't take a genius or even a hair stylist to figure that one out.

Apologies for being OT, but why is Cadney even a Kawaii Ambassador in the first place? As far as I can tell she doesn't really do much?

Also, I saw her post about bodyline as well. Is she sure she didn't accidentally choose the wrong size because she clearly states that she was drunk when she ordered it?

No. 161545

god, she should just go to a salon. her hair always look SO shitty and splotchy. and her roots ugh.

like i dyed my hair pink at a salon, and with bleach and everything it was only ~$250 ( i also had a student discount tho). we all knows she has enough money for that.. and salon dye is so nice too, my pink stayed for 5 weeks. she'll be doing her hair in a week because that cheap dye doesn't stay.
plus, if you want pastel hair, DON'T DYE IT PASTEL FIRST. dye it brighter and let it fade. start with pastel and you'll go right to the fading stage.

No. 161619

I have no beautician training and I bleach my (super dark and super thick) hair myself all the time… I bet you anything she gets Volume 40 developer and leaves it on for half an hour so she doesn't have to do multiple sessions.

No. 161623

Probably. So many idiots think leaving it on for more than an hour means you don't have to tone when you're just frying your hair so much for no reason. I use 30 and I always tone and use coconut oil after. It isn't that difficult.

No. 161633

I realized 30 minutes is on the side of normal, I imagine she does what you said. What an idiot, a conditioning mask is like, what, $2 at Sally's? And toner is like $10 including developer, I even get a kawaii uguu rose-tinted one.

This girl bothers me so much. And her trying to teach her underage "fans" how to do stuff like this when she just doesn't know what she's doing… Girl, please, just take a break, reflect on yourself. I want you to succeed but you're not gonna do it like this.

No. 161684


Damn, that… "blonde" is just kind of disgustingly yellow. She really should've at least tried using silver shampoo or conditioner.

Also loving how her roots are still kinda visible so the hair color looks really dirty.

No. 161784

yea her fans r fuckin dumb as a rock. i got a little salty about her once on fb and one of her ~"friends"~ saw it and threw a huge fit and basically demanded i apologize or we'd have to "stop being friends". ffs a friend of 3 years would rather protect this gross ass child and risk damaging a friendship rather than just admit she's crap. deleted & good riddance, lmao.

No. 161832

bitch you said yourself you left lolita, why are you trying to act like you're still one of us?
smh she needs to figure out if she's in or out, her constantly trying to act like she's still part of the club (talking about lolita, complaining about not buying dresses, etc) while actively shitting on it is getting irritating.

No. 162139

Ah, I see what you mean. When I first read the comment I thought she was talking about the drug store box dyes like she used in the video, but now I realize she was probably referring to the Manic Panic developers and the like. So yeah, you're probably right. lol

Still, 'mixing' is probably the least of her problems. The idea was cute, but her hair looks pretty grungy and nasty.

No. 162144


What is with e-famous Lolitas becoming whiny little shits lately and either they stop posting their coords or they leave all together over some petty bullshit? Reminds me of MilkyFawn when she left for Otome. Cadney can just up and leave, nothing stopping her. The Lolita community would be greater without these drama whores ie. GirlyHoot or Pixielocks lurking in every corner, but no.

No. 162222

File: 1439845094550.png (25.56 KB, 596x112, Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.57…)

jane commented this on her insta, kek.
also jillian only gets 3 to 10 comments whenever she posts a selfie lol

No. 162225

Dumb bitch probably doesn't even know what Joico or Shimmerlights products are.

No. 162238


PastelCutie trying hard to keep relevant by being BFFs with anyone well known or currently popular on Tumblr I see. Thirsty.

No. 162239


what ever happened to milkyfawn anyway?

No. 162248

File: 1439846409825.png (49.95 KB, 482x596, milkyFB.png)


Couldn't handle the efame, wanted a new job, go to uni and realised she actually has to be an adult and pay rent + bills instead of funding her Lolita lifestyle courtesy of mommy & daddy letting her live at home for free.

No. 162250

She seemingly suddenly quit lolita immediately before/during a trip to Japan (despite buying like 8 bags worth of AP?)
She cites that she was being stalked/had a weird obsessed fan online, and I think that person was outed and it was proved MF was telling the truth. Afaik she's been pretty quiet about leaving lolita.

Aaaaand you posted this as I was typing. It does seem like she was being treated really strangely online, to me her videos/the Deerstalker videos kind of made jokes about e-fame and people took it too seriously and viewed her that way?

She never really bothered me tbh, it's that dude in Deerstalker that drives me crazy.

No. 162258

She also recently came out and answered a few questions about it. One of the major factors was how creepy some people were being. She was getting anonymous gifts and letters that were very "emotionally charged" as she put it, and has no idea how the person got her address. She also had to deal with that crazy girl who resorted to online stalking and harassment when she didn't want to be friends with her, and another person threaten to kill themselves if she didn't become their best friend.

No. 162273

File: 1439848147663.jpg (32.27 KB, 500x281, 11831784_676562035810910_24466…)

If she loved lolita, but it was becoming such a chore for her because of her online persona, why didn't she just… oh, I don't know… keep wearing it, but stop having a presence in the online community? I can't help but seriously question why these girls were even in lolita in the first place if they jump ship when they decide they don't want to deal with e-fame? Unless your main motivation for wearing it was to impress strangers online, why do you need to be part of the cyber community to wear it? It's so annoying how these girls baww about having to quit something they love, when they don't at all, all they have to do is not post pictures online or blog. There you go, problem solved. Obviously, they weren't that dedicated if they cant be in the hobby without the asspats. Good riddance. I like MF, but I can't stand this kind of attitude.

No. 162300

>If she loved lolita, but it was becoming such a chore for her because of her online persona, why didn't she just… oh, I don't know… keep wearing it, but stop having a presence in the online community?
I always thought Jillian and MF were basically one and the same here. They're both so completely fake because they strove really hard to become lolita icons but act like they didn't ~want that~. Jillian wanted to be a sweet lolita Youtube personality and MF loved being Deerstalkers little darling. The moment they saw the downside of being e-famous (being criticized on anon boards, not being as private as an individual and people approaching you on the streets, some people getting clingy), they both freaked the fuck out and threw lolita and the community under the bus.

Like, what do you expect? MF exaggerated a few cases she had because she's a "shy" individual (don't become a fucking Youtube personality then) and Jillian takes every opportunity now to call us all bullies. They should be grateful lolitas aren't the type of common Youtuber that sends death threats or rape threats. Literally, all these types ever have to say are lolitas are "stalkers" and "bullies". These boards just call out your stupidity.

I ironically hate some of the saltier nature of lolita, but I DON'T put myself out there. I don't go plastering myself all over CoF and tumblr, ignore drama when it gets to be too much, and just enjoy the hobby as it should be. Why is that so hard for these whiny attention seekers?

No. 162328

>implying cyberbullying exists
>implying Jillian doesnt insult other girls and isnt a cunt
>implying shes talented because she buys clothes

No. 162330

Anyone that lives in a house has enough money lol

No. 162333

>calling yourself an otaku

No. 162342

i love carly

No. 162344

Just because I don't want to fuck up hair, can you direct me to some places to learn toners and shit? Don't want to derail the thread, don't wanna fry my hair like hers

No. 162370

>jillian and himezawa
lolcow summit 2k16, if only we could get pt and venus there too

No. 162371

File: 1439853639272.png (154.34 KB, 1254x624, Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.17…)

fuck dropped my pic

No. 162385

File: 1439853981494.jpg (64.03 KB, 400x604, 1923780_28176091404_2418_n.jpg)

No. 162426

No. 162516

Honestly, the only way to do it without killing your hair is to get it done at a decent salon. Maaaybe if you were at a professional skill level or close, you could do it yourself, but I'm guessing you're not since it sounds like you don't have much experience.

No. 162568

please go to a salon for your first time bleaching. please. it will never turn out right your first time

No. 162573

File: 1439865144164.png (12.69 KB, 484x137, Capture.PNG)

No. 162574

its pretty shitty for you guys to go after her weight and pull up old photos of her… maybe shes done some dumb things but shes a kid, what do you expect. its immature to pull up pictures of her when she was like 12, considering its for no real reason

No. 162577

honestly i think her legs are really cute, and she had a nice body shape

No. 162583

File: 1439865758338.png (896.89 KB, 782x585, Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.4…)

honestly her princessy magical girl look is cute, but i frickin loved this

No. 162586

This. I hate Jillian as much as the next person, but let's not get middle school about this.
New to the drama, where is anyone bringing her mom into it? The closest I ever see is people who say her mom probably pays for her brand.

No. 162611

>going after my mom
lamo, her choice of words is hilarious.
We didn't 'go after' your mom, she literally came to us.

No. 162615

>They should be grateful lolitas aren't the type of common Youtuber that sends death threats or rape threats. Literally, all these types ever have to say are lolitas are "stalkers" and "bullies".
I can't stand how much these people inflate everything into stalking and cyber bullying when they don't even know what it truly looks like. There are girls receive rape and death threats, have everyone they know IRL fucked with, have their jobs gone after, get hacked, have private nudes leaked, get told to kill themselves, and more over nothing that remotely deserves it, and often times they deal with this on a very large scale. It's completely insulting to those who truly have their lives effected by real online harassment and stalking for these girls to act so victimized and baww about how they had to quit their beloved fashion because of how awful we all are, when pretty much all the hate they get is only on BtB, /cgl/, and here, and everyone else loves them and gives them constant asspats. They're lucky that all the negativity toward them is contained almost entirely to those three sites, all known for drama and saltiness, and it hardly leaks outside of them if at all.

No. 162628

Her mom selfposted and told us to stop bullying jillian. Then she forgot to clear her email and name fields and responded to herself pretending to be another supportive mom.
In order:

No. 162630

>If you think that your daughter deserves all of the positivity, then you're TOO immature to be a parent.
Not to whiteknight Jillian's mom, but it would be pretty fucked up for a parent whose kid vlogged to actively think they didn't deserve any positive reaction they got, what is wrong with you? Y'all need to stop acting like you know the right way to raise people's children when from the sounds of things you clearly would raise a kid with mad mommy issues yourself, most likely.

She's not even whiteknighting Jillian that hard, especially considering she's her mom. Her fans go way harder. She's just defending her daughter because people are talking shit about her, only an absolute shit parent wouldn't be upset by seeing a page like this. Yeah, it would be way better to keep her mouth shut, obviously, but all of you guys acting like you have all the answers to how to handle the internet as a parent are fucking clueless and wouldn't know the first thing to do with a kid.

No. 162633

yes, all of us are posting her old pics. all of us. every single person here.

her old deviantart stuff was all posted by one person, and >>162385 was posted by one person. that's two people in total.

No. 162645

No. 162649

I wonder if the person pretending to be another concerned mother was actually her or someone pretending to samefag as her for the lulz. Top kek, either way.

Honestly, if I had a kid and they wanted to be a vlogger or whatever, there would be an hour long talk where I drilled into their head that not everyone is going to like them and if they wanted an online presence, they had to accept that. We're all talking shit among ourselves, Jillian doesn't have to come here and look. Its not like we're actually contacting her or getting up in her business IRL.

No. 162654

holy shit the first 5 you mentioned are from the aforementioned Deviantart person. add two more, now you've got 4 people posting her old pictures. oh noo! of course everyone knows that there's only 5 people in this thread, and anon-chan is the only one not being evil and posting pics from 2 years ago!

No. 162658

She posted about it on FaceBook so of course someone came to defend her.

No. 162659

It really depends what you're mom is like. I've seen a few relationships where the mother and child were best friends and it was a nice healthy dynamic, but most of the ones I've seen where really fucked up. Either the mom was really controlling or in arrested development like Regina's mom, or the kid was extremely socially crippled and/or didn't trust anyone besides their parents.

No. 162661

Anyone have any other lulzy caps of Jillian whining about being bullied on FB or elsewhere?

No. 162663


No. 162666

>Go cry somewhere else

>On our own image board

>Types in all caps and calls us babies

>Says we are jealous

ok sweetie

No. 162667

Someone said that Jillian was posting on FB that we're 'doxxing' her. Can someone please post screencaps of all her posts about lolcow?

No. 162674

Funny coming from you, Mama Jillian.

No. 162676

File: 1439871275358.jpg (31.78 KB, 320x320, avatar.jpg.320x320px.jpg)


No. 162679

>go cry to your mom
no thnx then i'd be jillian

No. 162706

You do realize her address was already out in the public already? She has shown it in a video before, and didn't bother to blur it out. Her mom has a home business and used her own work email to post on here. If Jillian was worried about her address and such getting out, she probably would have made the precations.

No. 162719

I have contacted a lawyer about this website. I will not tolerate this. I am currently finding the IP address of everyone in this thread. Internet law is very serious, but I have no other choice.

No. 162721

Here we go, guys!

No. 162729

The admin has 24 hours to shut down this website or I will be calling Comcast.

No. 162731

I genuinely don't know whether to believe this is a troll or real. I'll bite, anyway.

There is absolutely nothing you can legally do about this. There's nothing illegal about us reposting pictures your daughter publicly uploaded and making fun of her. Don't you think that if that were the case, the millions of others who get shit online would do the exact same thing? What laws do you think we're breaking?

>calling Comcast.

Christ lady, what do you think they can do? Even if we were breaking laws, Comcast itself can't take down the site, the most they would do is tell you to call the cops. They don't have the authority to shut down websites.

No. 162732

… you know, you didn't have to put your e-mail in the e-mail field. Bad move, now we all know what your email address is. I won't do anything, but I doubt everyone else will be that considerate…

No. 162736

Oh god, I want to see this so bad

Is it true someone posted her address? I scrolled, but didn't see it.

No. 162737


I think this one is a troll. The other one could've easily been her mom, taking into consideration the time of day etc. This is way too late for a mom to be posting. And the Comcast part lol. Plus her other posts were longer than this.

No. 162738

someone posted her house on google maps and you can see her address in the corner

No. 162739

Anyone can do this, guys.

No. 162745

File: 1439875423046.gif (26.41 KB, 443x190, internet_police.gif)

You can't pay for stupidity like this.

Call fucking Comcast. Please.

No. 162746

guys that's a troll stop responding to them. you're just gonna make us look stupid now lmao

No. 162747

File: 1439875547882.jpeg (123.22 KB, 1036x720, 1343013286336.jpeg)

No. 162749

What makes you say that?

No. 162750

>This is way too late for a mom to be posting.
My mom stays up past midnight, usually, just because. Also, that depends where exactly in CA they are. It's as early as 10 in some parts. Plus, if they see this as a ~family crisis~, she might not care as much.

No. 162751

File: 1439875816136.jpg (66.93 KB, 637x800, I-want-to-believe-X-Files-UFO.…)

No. 162752

It's 2:30 AM on Charlottetown right now, so it does seem kind of late… Although, like you said, it is possible that she's just up late.

No. 162753

It's 10:30 in all of CA the entire state is the same timezone. What are you on?

No. 162755

Not that anon, but I was assuming they were referring to Canada. Or is her mom traveling right now?

No. 162757

I am on the line with my lawyer now, he specializes with cyberbullying. You cannot do these things in America, and Jillian is only 17 years old, still a child. We are tracking your IP Addresses and finding your identities. Bullying is not a joke.

No. 162758

Jillian woke me up.

No. 162760

if this is a troll it's the GOAT bro

if it isn't, it's still the GOAT

No. 162761

>in America
They're Canadian, though? Really Starting to be convinced this is a troll…

No. 162762

because it's nothing like her other posts. the other ones were long and drawn out. and its 2:30 am where she lives.
you're in canada..

whatta troll

they're not trying hard enough lmao its kinda lame

No. 162763

At least you tried to troll us.. It's the thought that counts I guess.

No. 162764

dang, and my popcorn just finished up in the microwave

No. 162765

ugh this thread was so much better before everyone and their mom decided to act like Louise. We probably won't get any more funny reactions from Jillian now because we just look like a big joke. oh well

No. 162766

File: 1439876663585.jpg (537.01 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

wait if you're supposed to be jillian's mom why did you spell your own last name wrong

it's vessey not vassey

No. 162768

Because its not her. Somebody already brought that up >>162762

stop taking the bait yall are lame

No. 162769

&… your lawyer enjoys discussing business at 2am?

No. 162770

pls calm, I didn't see the other replies before mine because I was typing my post when theirs went up.

also would like to mention that there is no Comcast in Canada >>162719

No. 162771

Yall are fucking stupid lol

No. 162772

Wow guys, I'm not really sure what to say. First of all, that person is NOT my mom. I'm truly at a loss for words that you feel the need to bring her into this and pretend to be her just to make a fool out of her. Pretty fucking pathetic, even for you. Also, can someone please explain this bizarre obsession with me? I get that it's because you don't like me for a variety of reasons, but that's the part I'm confused about. Why invest this much energy and emotion in someone you don't even like? What do you have to gain besides feeling better about yourself temporarily for bringing someone you don't even know down? It's one thing to casually mention you don't like them and why, then leave it at that, but to have a page like this up, where you dig up old photos and discuss me like this is TMZ and I'm one of the Kardashians, or something. I will admit it's been flattering, but now it's just getting sad. You can try to justify it by saying it's the internet and to be expected all you want, but that doesn't make it okay or any less depressing. I guess I can just take solace in the fact that I'm happy, and don't need to spend this much of my time hating on some random teenager I'll probably never meet.

Welp, I guess that's all I have to say. I know this won't change anyone's mind, but I just needed to say my piece.

No. 162774

File: 1439877219583.jpg (10.04 KB, 329x281, 1405246340568.jpg)

>I'm one of the Kardashians
Hi Kiki

No. 162776

Please do not imitate my daughter.

No. 162778

top kek

No. 162779

File: 1439877398268.png (158.42 KB, 318x322, 1308970020005.png)

No. 162782

I agree. I think she's just an honest-to-goodness ignorant mom on the internet that saw her pastel baby getting shit talked on a website. It's kind of fun to watch, but I prefer the drama stay in the lolita sphere. I'd like to know how many of your parents even understand the concept of anonymous trash talking boards like this. I'd be surprised if even a handful of your parents would be okay with it or wouldn't have some form of repulsion to it.

I don't really like pulling unrelated people into lolita drama and roasting them unless they're really related to the drama at hand (boyfriends/girlfriends, family members, coworkers, etc.) Since they're sort of normies, of course they'll be shocked.

What I really want is for Jillian to take a stand for herself on what's happening here or see her reaction to all this. I feel like she keeps dodging it or is actually scared to. Maybe she's cried to her mom about it multiple times if this is what her mom is doing? I wouldn't be surprised since she called her up over the Cat's Tea Party dress and probably more minor things.

No. 162783

>all these trolls
>actually taking the bait

i give up. this thread has gone to trash

No. 162784

Why do you, use so many, commas? I'm pretty, sure, Jillian doesn't type, like that.

No. 162787

Let's do this:

Assume everyone who is Louise or Jillian is a troll.

Jillian has most likely talked to her mom and she won't post again. And Jillian will release a public statement- afaik sh's never posted as herself on an anonymous board. Please, I know most of you are stupid as hell but try to think a little.

No. 162789


No. 162791

b,cus, panic at,ack

No. 162792

File: 1439877722490.jpg (259.82 KB, 1280x720, 1332802270707.jpg)


No. 162793

Plot twist: one of those posts is real but we don't know which one

No. 162795

How do you prove which posts are yours? I posted >>162729
I want to fess up because I agree that it just makes us stupid since it's obviously fake.. Help? I'm going to sleep since its 1am but I'll respond tomorrow.

No. 162796

File: 1439877973150.png (745.62 KB, 882x696, 1330573511265.png)

No. 162797

There's only one sentence with too many commas, and people type worse when they're emotional
So, you'll call out people supposedly imitating Jillian, but not yourself. At 2 AM. Curious…

No. 162800

oh my god can you stop trying to convince evryone that it's not louise? seriously its fucking annoying

No. 162801


No. 162804

You're mad that people are imitating your troll Louise? Nice.

No. 162805

nice try, kekk

No. 162807

Yeah, it's not even her.

No. 162810


No. 162811

lets make this a thing

No. 162812

You add what we call a tripcode, which is when you put # in front of what you want your password to be right next to your name in the field. You'll have a number next to your name that one you have, like the sample name I gave you.

… I'm teaching Jillian's mom how to Chan. This is an interesting night.

No. 162813


Nah son I'm not actually Louise, I was pretending to be her in those two posts and I want to show people that I was trolling. I wasn't the original Louise though, Idk if that was a troll or really her.

No. 162814

Thank you.

No. 162816

My daughter is a cool kid, please be nice to her.
Thank you,
ps my butt itches

No. 162817

I put on my robe and wizard hat.

No. 162818

You forgot her email

No. 162819

Please take a picture of yourself so we can confirm you are the real Louise and not a troll.

No. 162820

Not really Jillian, just wanted to bait her or her mom in here. Sorry for the annoyance, but it looked like it worked.

No. 162821

forgive english, i am Russia.
i come to study clothing and fashion at American university. i am here little time and i am very hard stress. i am gay also and this very difficult for me, i am very religion person. i never act to be gay with other men before. but after i am in america 6 weeks i am my friend together he is gay also. He was show me American fashion and then we are kiss.
We sex together. I never before now am tell my mother about gay because i am very shame. As i fock this American boy it is very good to me but also i am feel so guilty. I feel extreme guilty as I begin orgasm. I feel so guilty that I pick up my telephone and call Mother in Russia. I awaken her. It too late for stopping so I am cumming sex. I am very upset and guilty and crying, so I yell her, "I AM CUM FROM SEX" (in Russia). She say what? I say "I AM CUM FROM SEX" and she say you boy, do not marry American girl, and I say "NO I AM CUM FROM SEX WITH MAN, I AM IN ASS, I CUM IN ASS" and my mother very angry me. She not get scared though.
I hang up phone and am very embarrass. My friend also he is very embarrass. I am guilt and feel very stupid. I wonder, why do I gay with man? But I continue because when it spurt it feel very good in American ass.

No. 162822

Or at least have Jillian mention it on one of her pages

No. 162823

so you are not really her.

No. 162824

ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ
ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ
ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ
ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈلຈ༽ノ

No. 162825

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 162827

guize stop acting like your my mom. its not funny fuk off. i have a whole army of weebs and i will not hesitate 2 doxx u and give them ur info. i have at least 23 stationed in california at this moment.

No. 162828

Sometimes when my daughter is asleep I go into her room and bend down next to her and short on her pillow

No. 162830


No. 162831

i won a cosplay award at some con that i cant even remember the name of do you know how important i am? i have like 2000 instagram followers and i get like 150 likes on my photos. i have a huge online presence and i will not hesitate 2 use it

No. 162832


No. 162833

I like that email.

No. 162836

File: 1439878800039.jpeg (398.98 KB, 1440x812, MFW.jpeg)

No. 162837

>I'd like to know how many of your parents even understand the concept of anonymous trash talking boards like this. I'd be surprised if even a handful of your parents would be okay with it or wouldn't have some form of repulsion to it.
This. If my mom knew I went on sites like this, she would be so disgusted with me. She'd probably be less ashamed if I was a prostitute.

No. 162838

Ugh you horrible nanohynmous people! How could you do this to a poor innocent child!
You are pathetic and you have chlamidya and probably had sex with a lot of men too, you disgusting slutpigs.

No. 162839

You're welcome.

No. 162842

thread is sage

No. 162843

jillian, we're in this together.
we. are. not. bothered.

No. 162845

Kay, can we stop imitating everyone now?

No. 162846

I have contacted my lawyers and they shut down your thread - it will not be "bumped" anymore.

No. 162849

Little late to the party. Imitating Jillian's mom stopped being funny.

No. 162857

new thread >>162848

stop imitating people, it's not funny. go to sleep.
and if people are still trying to make it funny, ignore them.

No. 162992

What is wrong with you guys? If you don't like her, don't watch her videos and certainly don't stalk her Facebook. She's not going around telling you fat shits how ugly You are, you're being a bunch of bullies. You're why LACE exists.

No. 162995

go home jillian

No. 163000

File: 1439895340092.jpg (59.17 KB, 960x531, 11889513_1150561138291213_1441…)

is nobody gonna talk about this weird as fuck chin shoop

No. 167185

deez nuts

No. 167193


If you're gonna shitpost, at least use sage or do it in the other thread >>162848

No. 169557

No. 169561

File: 1440550690427.jpg (118 KB, 907x634, ss (2015-08-25 at 05.57.09).jp…)

I dont know if its just me because I come to lolcow, but when I google Pixielocks her lolcow page is on the front page of the results


No. 169799

Box bleach isn't actually too bad in itself if you're careful. Not sure about what she's using but the livexl blonde has served me pretty well. What I'm cringing at is her bleaching already processed hair and thinking she has any right to make a video about dying hair.. jesus

No. 170653


well yeah, that would literally be a video about dying hair.


No. 172840

>>162273 She wanted to move on I saw her recently in lolita tho..

No. 172841


No. 172843


No. 173480

Pops up in the same exact place for me, too. Makes sense, it's not like there's lots of discussion related to her other than on like 5 websites.

No. 217138

You guys are all big jerks because you're making fun of someone who you don't even know so shut up. Plus everyone is beautiful in one way and that's on the inside and you will never be kawaii if your mean?(lol)

No. 217160

Go on…

No. 217162


Thanks for the chuckle.

No. 217169

A lot of people that self-dye their hair claim to be self proclaimed experts at it and never are. There's plenty of people that can do it right, but the worst ones are the ones that think they're somehow better than a professional with schooling.

No. 217171



i think its past your bedtime, piss off otherwise santa wont be bringing you any presents!

No. 217201

actually they don't really teach much about hair dye in beauty school unless you take a special course, so a lot of beauticians don't know how to do it, but still do.

No. 217220

Unlike something like getting a degree from college, beauty school experience is not that impressive. Some schools really are there to just get you the hours you need to do the test and rely on you figuring it out yourself. Most of the time people start by doing their own hair anyways so you just learn by practicing.

It also does not help that people who go through schooling use that as an excuse to fuck their hair up. Charms is an example of someone who does this but a lot of hairdressers are the same way.

No. 217261

We have two Jillian threads going now. Admin sama in the spirit of hell week could you lock one?

No. 217263

This thread is old. Please use >>>/snow/25169 instead.

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