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File: 1439879140862.png (2.34 MB, 1176x1182, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.23…)

No. 25169

stop taking bait and imitating everyone unless you want the thread to disappear.

will jillian release a public statement? we'll see..


No. 25170

File: 1439879198054.png (2.25 MB, 1100x1148, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.25…)

No. 25171

fuck, forgot to number this one. oh well. it's the 2nd one

No. 25172

File: 1439879258385.png (230.43 KB, 503x384, Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 11.2…)

No. 25173

So, what do you guys think the chances are that Jillian's mom was ever in that thread at all?

No. 25174

File: 1439879313432.png (140.1 KB, 453x495, Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 11.2…)

This looks so terrible I'm actually laughing

No. 25175

I was considering capping this when I saw it, but was too lazy.

To be honest, I think she loves the hate she gets, even if she acts like she doesn't. I'm sure it fuels her ego.

No. 25176

Can we not discuss this? people are just gonna imitate her. Just drop speculations until Jillian says something publicly.

And for the love of god, if someone is imitating someone, don't respond. it's not funny anymore

No. 25177

Still not as bad as Jillian's art

No. 25178

fuck i thought it was so ugly too and she had it as her icon for a while lol. the face is hideous

No. 25179

File: 1439879462009.png (29.63 KB, 592x215, Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 11.2…)

Louise's pintrist: https://www.pinterest.com/lightandvision/
>driving my Miata topless

No. 25180

File: 1439879560556.png (1.9 MB, 1078x1164, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.31…)


No. 25181

It's sad because her old insta had pics of her and friends.. now her new one is just selfies.

No. 25182

Who needs friends when you have countless adoring fans in a fashion you abandoned?

No. 25183

Jillian doesn't even look like a magical girl though. For all the spergs about them you'd think she'd actually know how to imitate their style.

Also I really wish tumblr-style art would stop being so trendy. It's a total eyesore.

No. 25184

Yeah, she looked way more like a magical girl when she wore lolita

No. 25185

I think she was, but people started imitating her.

No. 25186

lmao that nose

No. 25187

It's kind of sad really she used to have all of these different interests, now she never mentions any of them.

No. 25188

File: 1439913854000.jpg (381.71 KB, 2100x1575, 2013-Mazda-MX-5-Miata-Converti…)

>driving my Miata topless

No. 25189

… Is it weird that I kind of like Jillian's mom?

No. 25190

is that considered a Rich Person Car in canada?

No. 25191

Idk how but she looks really young and really old at the same time.

Like her features are youthful but she's spent so much time forcing ridiculous facial expressions that they've left these huge grooves on her face.

No. 25192

Not in Canada, but in PEI it's more of an "upper class" car. Not many people there have expensive cars, mainly because the jobs pay less than other areas (most people make around 30k - 60k).

No. 25193

File: 1439926097807.jpg (90.02 KB, 525x244, cars.jpg)

Yeah, this. I think it really depends on what area you live in. I'm from the prairies, and I personally would class this as a fairly extravagant car. Mostly because people here (even people with above-average income) tend to go for cars that are practical and cheap. Granted, I don't live anywhere near PEI, but just based on my own observation, some of the cars I see most driving around where I live off the top of my head are the Mazda 3,4, & 5, Honda Fit, Honda Civic, Kia Soul, Ford Fusion, Oldsmobile Alero, and Pontiac Sunfire.

Just in case anyone's interested, here are the best selling cars in Canada for 2015:

No. 25194

Like >>25192 said, it might depend on what province you're in, but I think just the way Louise is posting about is a pretty good indication that she considers it to be a nice car.

No. 25195

Well.. if thats what they consider a nice car than i'm glad i dont live in canada lol

No. 25196


No. 25197

Canada has long shitty winters tho, and snow is really hard on cars, so most people aren't going to invest in anything nice. I live in a ritzy town in Mass and even the people living in the $8 million homes drive beaters. There's just no point when the winter is long and disgusting and the snow and salt will probably ruin your nice car.

No. 25198

I know people who live in chestnut hill and they and their hedge fund neighbors don't drive beaters. More like brand new bmws.

No. 25199

File: 1439929546213.jpg (39.2 KB, 480x360, BidwARlIUAIcjXu.jpg)

This. Just this past winter my mom really damaged the undercarriage of her car because the ice ruts in the back lane were so deep. I live in MB and we can't even use salt on the roads here because it's too cold for it to have any effect. Also, the constant freezing and thawing creates horrible road conditions even once all of it has melted. Pic related.

No. 25200

File: 1439934563913.png (785.07 KB, 592x589, sail.png)

I think she does the alt tumblr fashion way better than the kawaii crap shes pulling now

No. 25201

File: 1439934681244.png (967.41 KB, 587x591, pic.png)

No. 25202

Yeah, I think she looked cute and unique as a tumblr alt girl. imho, she seemed like she had a lot more personal style in this phase (in that I get the impression she was doing/wearing the things she liked just because it's what she enjoyed). Even her decorating style looks so different now.

I understand that interests change as you grow up, but I find it a little strange that she seemed to be into a lot of interesting things before and now her world seems to revolve around magical girls… Or maybe I'm just overthinking it. I know how it can be to get hung up on a particular thing for a while.

No. 25203

I hate it when people that don't know shit about hair try giving out advise. Using drug store boxed bleach is the worst thing you can do to your hair and if she just wants to be a cheap ass, she can just go to a beauty school and get it done much safer since they use professional products. Another thing that bugs the fuck out of me is how so many "hair gurus" that give advise on pastel hair always keep trying to push the whole, "Use white conditioner to dilute it!" when in reality, all that shit does is coat the hair so the color can't cover the cuticle. Another thing, she used fucking Ion colors for that blue. ION MAKES A SHADE DILLUTER so that makes using conditioner even more stupid. For fuck's sake, Ion even makes a line of pastel colors now so there's no need to dilute them aside from their azure color. /endhairstylistrage

No. 25204

Oh god and the lavender. That shit's used as a toner to get rid of piss yellow. Someone teach this poor child.

No. 25205

File: 1439939354751.png (176.35 KB, 290x400, bangs.png)

a bit OT but someone on cgl thought this was jillian and it made me wonder.. does colored hair+curled bangs automatically make you jillian now? kek.
this hairstyle is actually pretty cute, maybe not for everyday but for pics or festivals.
i actually wanna try this hairstyle, does anyone know how she did it? did she make two twirly buns and leave some hair down in the back, or is the hair pulled through the buns? it looks sailor moon inspired to me.

No. 25206

>dat nose
>those popeye arms

No. 25207


I wouldnt say the curled bangs is now an automatic Jill look, but the combo of the bangs plus crazy hair color seems to be it to me.

No. 25208

There's no point in paying a lot for a car unless you're rich since you have to maintain it and make sure you are parked in a safe spot so no one steals it. Chances are if you dont live in a desirable neighborhood or are making a certain amount at work, you don't have anything more than a clunker to get to and from places.

No. 25209

Ok, miss moneybags.

No. 25210

I wouldn't say all of Canada would consider this a nice car. Its sort of nice for being a convertible, but besides that its whatever. Especially since its a mazda? I know people with way better cars where I live (BC) like camaros, porsches, and I even know someone with an imported lotus. If I saw it out and about I really wouldn't think much of it, or would be like "woah look, what a nice car!"

>canada having long shitty winters
Canada is a very diverse country, we have so many different natural biomes that its not fair to say all of Canada is like this. Where I live we are LUCKY to see snowfall for one day of the year.

>if you dont live in a desirable neighborhood
>are making a certain amount at work
You are basically summing up middleclass to wealthy people. Which would be the target audience for -nice- cars???

No. 25211

Oh god, I know. I was one of those teenagers who dyed my hair like every month and after five years of repetitive bleaching, ended up having to shave my head a few years back because it was so dry, I couldn't brush it and breaking apart. Amateur bleaching videos are my trigger.

No. 25212

It's so shitty. I was a dumb teenager who ruined my hair with bleaching too, but I cut it as well and let it grow back. Luckily I didn't watch youtube tutorials like that either. She should not be allowed to give hair advice when she has NO CLUE what she is doing. Just tell people "Go to a salon"

It's awful.

No. 25213

I also dyed and bleached my hair until it turned fried. I was usually pretty good with spacing out the bleaching, using hair masks to help fix damage, and everything else. Except one time I took some bad hair advice from someone who I thought knew what they were doing, used box bleach (in the back of my head I knew it was a bad idea but I figured that someone who has dyed their hair every color of the rainbow must know something). My hair ended up like hay, and after 3 trips to the salon my hair only then started to feel kind of like hair. It was bad. Just go to a salon. Its worth it in the end.

No. 25214

>all that Muse merch in the bg
I wonder if she still likes them.

No. 25215

The face is so hideous it upsets me beyond any reasonable measure. I really have no to words to express how much I hate this tumblr style.

No. 25216

She kind of strikes me as the type of person who feeds off drama involving other lolitas and probably bragged about going on /cgl/. But the second she's mentioned it's suddenly EVIL DISGUSTING ANONYMOUS LAWHLITA CYBERBULLIES!!

No. 25217


Seriously this. She has NO grounds to tell people how to do their own hair. I'm a licensed cosmetologist and she's a fucking idiot.

If you want pastel hair without it being fried, you have to suck it up and go through the process of bleaching it over a few month's time. We have special additives to add to our bleach that you can only get with a license that helps your hair stay strong and shiny through the bleaching. Also, she's probably using 40 vol, which is WAY too much for her type of hair. I only use it on clients with really tough or ethnic hair. And sparingly.

She obviously doesn't even know what purple shampoo is, or she wouldn't have that gross, brassy mess on her head. She probably didnt even use dry shampoo to compensate for only washing your hair once a week…

It really pisses me off when people give hair advice and have no idea what they're doing. I can't tell you how many clients I've had ask me to take them to silver when they have black hair and black box dye because their friend said it'd be "cheaper that way". Guess what? You're probably never getting the color you want. And you're probably just going to go home and try and do it yourself and fuck it up even more. Jillian would probably be one of those clients. Or ones that made me hesitant to touch their gross scalps. Ugh. Yes I mad, lol

No. 25218


> black hair and black box dye

> never have silver hair

You can just use a color stripper to get the dye out and start there. I'm not even a stylist and I know this. This is why I hate salons/stylists.

No. 25219

Different anon and not a stylist, but drug store color stripper fucks up your hair not much less than bleach. In fact, I'm wondering if there is bleach in it or something, because when I used it, it definitely made my hair lighter than it was before the dye by like a lot.

No. 25220

Same here. That's how Milky Fawn was, too.

No. 25221


The way color stripper works is that it shrinks the dye particles and they wash out of the hair follicle, but since most box dyes have peroxide, they have already lifted/lightened your hair, even if it's black. It's not the stripper itself doing the lightening.

No. 25222


Forgot to add, but the reason your hair might feel fried after is because taking the dye out leaves it porous

No. 25223

Even using a color stripper, box dye absolutely annihilates your hair. You basically have to be white-blonde to get silver hair, and there is no way in hell that a color stripper will get you that light. Maybe with additional bleaching sessions with additives, but by then your hair is already pretty fucked.

The lightest you can hope for with black box dye + color stripper will be a gross, brassy brown. Obviously it's different for everyone, but I've never had anyone lift higher than a 7 or so with black box dye, and that was a miracle.

Point I was trying to make is if you're walking in with black hair with black box dye in it, it's simply not possible to walk out with silver hair that day and have your hair not be totally annihilated. Maybe someone like Guy Tang can do something for you, but I don't have the luxury of spending 12 hours on a client. I had silver hair myself and I'm a natural blonde and it still took a little while because I wanted to do it right.

No. 25224

Her hair is so damaged.
Sorry for being OTT but how can parents allow their teenagers to dye their hair?
When I was a teenager, my mom disallowed me.
makes me upset that these teens can do whatever the fuck they want

No. 25225


Damn, she looks kinda cute in these…

No. 25226

She completely changed from dark/edgy to kawaiiuguu/pinki in such a short time, it's hilarious.

No. 25227

OT, but MF was wearing lolita for years before she got popular. In Jillian's case, she just seems to have hopped on the bandwagon to get more popular.

No. 25228

It seriously looks like a man in a dress, but don't tell tumblr I said that. haha

No. 25229

Yeah. Not trying to whiteknight MilkyFawn or anything, but I feel like Jillian sort of inadvertently became the person MF was satirizing in her unboxing videos and stuff.

No. 25230

Wow, calm down. Most teenagers dye/bleach their hair. It's not a big deal. For the most part, when they are 18/19/20, they usually dye their hair back to a normal color and start taking care of it, esp if they want to enter school to get some jobs. Hair dye is not a big deal. For the most part, you can cut/shave it off and start of. Sheesh.

No. 25231

>She probably didnt even use dry shampoo to compensate for only washing your hair once a week…

even then you shouldn't have to use dry shampoo tbh. her hair is probably so dead that it produces little to no oil. i get my hair bleached+dyed at a salon and although it feels very nice and soft, the bleach really fucks with it and my hair never gets oily.

No. 25232

I meant that MF was very open about being a seagull, but couldn't handle the negativity she got on /cgl/ even though most people on there liked her a lot.

No. 25233

>makes me upset that these teens can do whatever the fuck they want
… since when does dying your hair mean you can do whatever the fuck you want?

tbh it sounds like your parents were needlessly strict douchebags who raised you to be judgmental over really stupid shit.

No. 25234

I hear you, anon. That sort of bothered me about her as well.

No. 25235

My parents let me start dying my hair in junior high. I never did anything totally off the wall and generally dyed it darker, maroon, or crayon red.

I really like her hair here; something about those cute little curls gets me. Her lobes kinda disgust me though.

No. 25236

>Her lobes kinda disgust me though.
Same. I'm going to be pretty chill with piercings and died hair if I have a kid, but gauges are where I draw the line because once you get to that size, they're pretty much irreversable, and I knew so many people in high school who got them big enough to stick a black cock through and they very much regret it. My mom knows someone who hated them so much, he cut his sagging ear skin off himself because he couldn't afford cosmetic surgery for it. Letting your kid do that to their ears isn't better than letting them get tattoos.

No. 25237

You're exaggerating, hers were never that big. They retract fine if they're small-ish like that.

No. 25238

I had a friend with ones that size and they never went back completely. They're not hollow, but thy're big enough to be gross looking and she can't wear tiny ball stud earring because they go right through.

No. 25239

I must admit I'm jealous of her room. Her parents must be wealthy af. But what makes her a lolcow?

No. 25240

Guess it depends on the elasticity of your tissue and how long you've had them.

No. 25241

Plastic surgery for earlobes has actually gone up over 200% in the past couple of years because of people who decide to take their gauges out and realize they're stuck with gross looking holes in their ears.

That's actually a good point. I'm sure those things probably do factor into it.

No. 25242

why do you people call them gauges? a gauge is a measurement! those gross things are called stretched ears/stretched ear lobes/etc the gauge is the measurement of the hole itselfm not the hole.

No. 25243

i dont know why you guys are being so upset.
from where i come from, the parents who let their teens dye their hair are the ones that dont give a fuck about their teens and they can do whatever they want

No. 25244

why do people hate anti-sjw? i mean we have a thread about laughing at sjw logic

No. 25245

They look about a size 00. I only went up to a 0 and mine never went back all the way. I could probably shove a 4 or 6 through them with no pain. I call them my cat-butts.

No. 25246

Oh, sorry. I've never really looked into them that much because I thought they were kinda gross and I just thought that's what people refered to them as.

No. 25247

Not same anon. Actually people do refer to them as gauges :P lol agree with you, it's gross

No. 25248

tumblrinas invade but don't realize majority of board hates them

No. 25249

Don't know about others but I've met some very stupid anti-sjws who were pretty much like sjws but at the other end of the spectrum. Most of them are okay though.

No. 25250

yeah, people who are misinformed. It's not a big deal it's just not the correct word for them.

No. 25251

Yeah, the length of time definitely is a huge factor. I only had gauges for a year and they went back, but my friend who had slightly smaller ones had them in for over 5 and they never completely healed, so she just gave up and kept them.

No. 25252

A fair number of anti-sjw are cringy edgelords who are just as bad as the sjws themselves. You don't have to be either extreme.

No. 25253

how did we end up being off-topic?

No. 25254

i like how she openly admits that she's just wearing lingerie over a top in the description

No. 25255

>lingerie over a top
and yet she want to be a fashion designer? what the fuck?

No. 25256


Oh man, the 'posing' she's doing there is cringy as fuck

No. 25257

lmao @ 1:34

Yeah the posing was really awkward and cringy. I felt that looked especially out of place in the carnival setting where everything is so dynamic and energetic and she's just… standing there.

No. 25258

Tbh that looks like an offensive drawing, like the artist is mocking her nose or something

No. 25259

That fried hair makes her look really old.
The outfit itself is really embarrassing.

No. 25260

Why would she ever think it looks good to dress like this in public? Wearing a baby doll nightie over a shirt… You can practically see her ass. That outfit looks so fucking horrible. There's several ways to dress in pastel colors and not look like an idiot and this is not one of them.

No. 25261

Her ass is hanging out at the end.

No. 25262

Gauge is the incorrect term though.

No. 25263

Exactly. the people who refer to them as gauges are idiots who dont know what the hell they're talking about. It's funny. I used to work as a piercer in a tattoo shop and we had a sign that said "Gauge is a tool in measurement. You want stretched ears, don't you?"

No. 25264

Oh please. Just because a parent lets their teenager dye their hair doesnt mean they're letting them run wild. Head back to church there, Miss Utah.

No. 25265

That outfit is awful. She looks like she's doing some serious ageplay. I'm sure a lot of perverts looked over her.. Is she even wearing bicycle shorts or bloomers under that??

No. 25266

Yeah, I was a pretty vanilla kid in high school (loner, good-grades, stricter parents) and I dyed my hair several different bright colors. Not really a big deal in most places in the US.

No. 25267

File: 1440144533268.jpg (47.53 KB, 501x365, 2014-12-30-17-32-17_deco.jpg)


Besides all the other horrible things with this outfit, I hate how dark she does her makeup?? It looks so out of place when everything is pastel and cutesie. She should have done a fresh faced look

No. 25268

Her brows bother me the most. She needs to lighten them or use a lighter eyebrow brush. It clashes so hard against her 'pastel' hair. Usually dark brows go well with blonde if you're going punk style, but she's trying to be 'cute' and it makes her look old.

No. 25269

God that must have been an awkward thing to shoot
>lets go to a fair Jillian it'll be fun!
>ok but instead of doing stuff film me awkwardly standing in the same pose and uncomfortably smiling in front of these vaguely Hawaii thing while normies wander around in the background

No. 25270

*kawaii damnit

No. 25271

so what did this girl actually do? I tried to read the last thread and this thread but I can't really find anything

No. 25272


So basically she outed LACE before Kate did officially and she made a really long and annoying video about how she -doesnt care- about the bullies on the internet. She bawwwleted the video eventually since Carly did a parody lol.

Did anyone reupload?

No. 25273


Heres the parody if you're curious too

No. 25274

Possible reupload but I didnt watch all the way through to clarify

No. 25275

File: 1440199004611.jpg (68.61 KB, 395x596, image.jpg)

Currently, we don't know anything about Pixielocks as a person, rather than a vlogger into Loli- I mean Larme fashion.
We know that she likes makeup, cute clothes, cats, magical girls but that's it.
We don't know anything about her like her religion, sexual and romantic orientations, or interests/hobbies.I looked on her Tumblr last night, and dug deep into the archives.
I found this picture of her in 2010 when she was merely 12 before her emo/Rock/punk lifestyle and dying her hair colorful bright rich colors.Before her OTT (horribly put together) cords, before she left Lolita and the person she is today.You could see her blog go through emo/punk,anime weeb,Lolita with a few out of place things and now all time cute.

I will make a timeline of this in photo form later.
-Jillian had a very long standing obsession with mcr, muse and other rock emo bands.
-She frequently dyed her hair in colors like green,pink,blue,yellow, purple, and red.She dressed in plaid leather and ripped denim.Sometimes with occasional spikes and anime badges.
-2 years ago she was incredibly skinny and this is because I'm guessing she had anorexia but she went to a mental/eating disorder facility to overcome it and gain a healthy amount of weight.She also self harmed and most likely had depression at this time.
-She was a Buddhist and identified as a fellow pansexual.
-Jillian's room was completely different as it is now.It was teal and was covered in band posters,It had a few anime components to it.
-if you go on to her old Instagram, nishieeee, you'll see that she took pictures with and hung out with her friends often.
Now the only people we see her with is her bf and mom.
-She went through a soft grudge phase.
-Also a sliding into kawaii fashion phase, things like decora and fairy-kei.
-Those horriblly cordinated OTT cords, and replicas, not like replicas are a problem-It was all of those mismatched hair accessories that were.
-Lolita for about two years only to let go off all those dresses that she and/or her mom brought.Not to mention the Dolly Cat OP that she had her bf help her to buy and leaving it all up to him.She also "accidentally" brought some socks and later said that when they were TRYING to buy the socks the computer mistook it and it looked like a Japanese error message to them.
-Larme kei.

This picture is her third picture that she posted of herself on tumblr.You can see that she and her room are entirely different.This is when she was anorexic and 13.

Should you guys seriously be bullying a 17 year old who used to have depression and anorexia?You should be making fun of her weight and her old shoops are wonky, yeah.She is spoiled through, she only mentioned having a job a few times and her mom and boyfriend seem to do too much for her sometimes.I can just sence her boyfriend thinking "Can you stop acting like this on camera already?".I don't understand how she's full of herself though,I liked her a few days ago until yesterday.Now, I'm not so sure.

No. 25276

Nice email btw, cakesbaked4u

No. 25277

She doesn't look anorexic at all. Do you have any proof? Plenty of girls naturally gain weight around age 16, their bodies are changing.

No. 25278

She doesn't look anorexic to me. I had a lot of anorexic friends in middle school and they were much, much bonier. Jillian in this pic still has a bit of fat on her arms/legs and you can't see her sternum. Based on that I'd say she's at a healthy weight in this photo.

No. 25279

File: 1440200486649.png (298.46 KB, 720x1118, Screenshot_2015-08-21-07-16-20…)

She was in a mental and/or eating facility and had self-harmed look at her body now and then.I'm 16 and metabolism is different for everyone, especially girls.I'm a bit bigger than her past self but I'm still small and I would love to have a average weight.I don't have plain proof, but also in her archive there was a reblog that said "Don't judge people with/who had anorexia and she said empathicly "THANK YOU."

No. 25280

On the topic of eating disorder:
I was the anon who found her old deviantart and posted all the screen caps. In her journal she mentioned having an eating disorder more than once. She also mentioned self harm which i think i posted in the last thread.
Also that room in the pic is her moms studio.

No. 25281

Yup i posted this, this is what i was referring to. She talked about it other times too but i didn't screen cap it since i already posted one about it.

No. 25282

I'm pretty sure the only time her weight came up was when she claimed to have a 20 inch waist or whatever. No one cares about her weight. I'm sure anons called her fat, but people here call everyone fat. We care about her shitty pretentious attitude, not her looks.

No. 25283

File: 1440201217266.jpg (291.54 KB, 1876x1084, image.jpg)

Here she talks about why she cuts and she mentions her girlfriend. Tristan is the first guy she's dated. I wonder if her scars went away?

No. 25284

>Should you guys seriously be bullying a 17 year old who used to have depression and anorexia?

You do realize most people who use this site have/had various mental disorders right? I have medicated depression, and I don't really care if she feels attacked. If she just did was Peachie did and completely ignored everything, this thread would dry up from lack of milk. But instead she keeps everything going by talking about it on her facebook, tumblr, etc which only fuels the fire.

Carly said in one of her videos that if you can't handle people making fun of you, don't post online so publicly. If she doesn't like us telling her she sucks, then she shouldn't post. She has plenty of ass-kissing fans to block us out.

No. 25285

Does anyone know what her job is? I'm guessing maybe some kind of office job because in one of her haul videos (I think it was one of those subscription boxes) she got some pencils or pens and said she could use them at work.

No. 25286

File: 1440204641576.png (876.07 KB, 878x794, legs.png)

damn her legs look so stubby

No. 25287

I'm a fan of Jillian and when I first heard about LACE I watched the parody first and I was dying watching the actual video because Carly's parody was spot on and I realized how gloaty and dramatic Jillian was being when she said "I KNOW people are going to talk about me.I KNOW.People talk about me when I BREATHE."

Did you notice that on her last two videos got more dislikes than usual.The one about hair dye was understandable bc she's leading other people into frying their hair with bleach, and her latest one, might be because she decided to wear lingerie out in public over her actual clothes, and it was short maybe?

No. 25288

File: 1440206735033.jpg (322.88 KB, 1000x1334, 1440124941831.jpg)

I don't really know that much about larme, but I think the lingerie thing is pretty common in that style based on what I've seen. (Not that it makes a difference.) Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

No. 25289

File: 1440207587502.jpg (18.39 KB, 183x411, hot-mess.jpg)


I don't know jack shit about larme kei either, but hey, that girl makes the lingerie thing work. It's pretty cute.

Jillian's outfit is a little messy though

Between the fried hair, the makeup being a little too dark, the shoes being a darker pink than the rest of the outfit, the tacky badge and shitty bag, it's sort of a train wreck

I think that's what people are weirded out at

And before Jillian's mum pops in or something, I know she's only 17, but she did post a video specifically to show off her outfit on YouTube for her 'fans', you know? She's getting legitimate criticism here. If she wants to be a fashion designer, she's really going to have to get used to that. She can't send her mum to white knight her against her teachers, classmates, employers etc when they criticize her designs, and some of them will probably be 10x harsher than /pt/ could ever be.

No. 25290

what did peachie did tho?
peachie is dramafree

No. 25291

nobody said that either. go away slut

No. 25292

People found things to bitch about. Her clothes, her face, her voice, her apartment, her family, etc. But she didn't ever mention it even once, so people got bored. It's the best way to handle it, tbh.

Sometimes I wonder if she ever knew. She doesn't seem to be the type interested in checking any sort of drama/mean site, nor do her friends.

No. 25293

Not to get too off topic, but replica debate aside, this why Peachie is my favourite. She's one of the only popular lolitas I don't get efame-hungry vibes from. It really seems like she does the things she does because she genuinely enjoys them, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

No. 25294

I fucking hate her eyebrows

No. 25295

I agree with you.
Peachie seems very genuine and just a nice person. I really think she doesnt crave about e-fame.

No. 25296

Peachie, the hero lolita famewhores need.

No. 25297

I saw this and wanted to cry. She's perfect.

No. 25298

I was the one who said in the BTB comments that her teeth were yellow and vile. I didn't think she would get so upset about it to the point where she felt she needed to mention it several times in a video.

No. 25299

Well, they kinda were. It's normal for teeth not to be perfectly pearly white (imo, it even starts to look a bit strange when they're too white), but hers were to the point where it was actually kinda nasty and unsightly.

I guess she did take it to heart, though because they seem to be a more normal colour in her recent videos. Maybe she got some whitening strips or something.

No. 25300

Call me jaded but if you are constantly whining publicly on the internet about having problems/disorders like this, you probably don't or do it only for attention.

No. 25301

I agree with the main point of if you have issues with yourself, don't share so much online. And the last thing you should do is try to become e-famous.

No. 25302

She works in retail

No. 25303

File: 1440290353305.jpg (26.91 KB, 600x800, 1435279745512.jpg)

I'm way into Larme and Gillian has no fucking idea what she's doing. Hair and makeup are probably the most important aspects of the look, (It's a relatively small fashion based on a magazine so the outfit styling is still evolving) I've never, ever seen an example of unnatural hair colours in larme. The makeup should be soft and bordering more on the natural side

Sorry for slight OT but I can't stand larme itas. It's a pretty easy style to fuck up.

No. 25304


Oh god, please don't turn larme into another "ugh but she cant pull it off!" thing.

Larme is EASY to pull off. It's not even difficult, it's like a soft modern ugu vintage look.

- cute blouse

- long skirt

- fluffy heels

- cute bow in hair

- natural make up

- earrings or necklace (keep it SIMPLE)

- cutesy bag

it's not HARD to mess up at all

No. 25305

I feel like she gets her idea of larme from Swankiss and Gyaru brands. Swankiss is an actual larme brand, but it's really OTT and IMO a difficult brand for larme beginners to work with, as too many OTT elements can make an outfit look garish instead of soft and delicate. As for gyaru brands, their shopgirls rarely wear larme, but that being said, gyaru brands' clothing can be used in larme, provided it fits the aesthetic. I feel like larme is a hard fashion for lolitas to grasp because unlike lolita, it revolves arounf the feeling of an outfit, rather than specific brands and silhouettes. It's all about capturing a certain aesthetic, which Jillian is really bad at. That's why she can't do larme. If she wants to improve at it, she should step away from tumblr and pick up a few issues of the actual magazine.

No. 25306


I'm not lolita or anything. I do like larme though, it's very nice and neutral. Sad thing is, it's getting popular and it'll get fucked in the ass like all the other styles.

It's not a difficult style to work though? Honestly, I think it's very, very basic. If you are a simple person, dress simple and just keep it smooth you'll find it easy. But if you're clogging a ton of colours/patterns together then it won't.

Shopruche < has some cutesy midi skirts, blouses and heels. I find my inspo off there, not the same thing but in terms of working with which top to wear with a midi skirt or with high waisted pants to wear with a blouse, it's piss easy.

Just do NOT over do it.

No. 25307

It's not that she can't pull it off, she just hasn't grasped the style at all. As evidenced by her shitty hair - which could be styled nicely as it's cut into something fitting.

Also your description of the style is completely wrong. Cutsews, Turtlenecks and long sleeved jumpers outnumber blouses massively. Skirts range from mini to midi, not just long. Big fat chunky heels are more common than "Fluffy" heels (whatever they are, guessing you're talking about the ones with the pompoms on?) The hair styling should be intricate, not just with a bow, there's a big emphasis on hair. It's about creating an overall feeling, not following a template.

>I feel like larme is a hard fashion for lolitas to grasp because unlike lolita, it revolves arounf the feeling of an outfit, rather than specific brands and silhouettes. It's all about capturing a certain aesthetic,
Exactly what I was trying to say, thank you.

No. 25308

>it's not HARD to mess up at all
>It's not hard to mess up

I think you need to reread what you've posted, anon. You've just said it's easy to mess up, which I don't think you intended.

No. 25309

I think this is how I feel about Pixielocks.

She decided to get rid of all her lolita (did she even actually?) and do "larme" instead or whatever. But it looks like her ideal style is a bit more Swankiss-inspired, more pastel and OTT. So, then, why is she giving up lolita? There's plenty of pieces she could get to work for both, which would actually create a much more interesting look for her. Throw in some Swankiss cardigans and shoes to your otherwise-entirely-AP outfit and you'll get a much more original and interesting look. Add some cutesy lolita accessories to your Larme-inspired look and you'll look creative.

She just… Wants to wear whatever is popular. I don't think she ever really loved lolita. How long was she in it, like 2-3 years? And she's already done? I know girls who followed the fashion before even wearing it for longer than that.

The other thing is that changing your wardrobe is expensive. It seems so frivolous to just swap between expensive imported clothing styles. It really just shows her mom buys her everything… As an adult, I could never afford to do it as quickly as her.

I guess she just seems boring and fake and spoiled. People don't want self-proclaimed gurus to shit out half-assed tutorials or weird rushed outfits. People want to read someone actually talking about her passion. Idk. She seems like she's directly trying to be popular and e-famous. That's all she cares about.

No. 25310

>I've never, ever seen an example of unnatural hair colours in larme
What is Amo

No. 25311

maybe I'm wrong, but that looks more like a motekei outfit

No. 25312

This, honestly.
I myself am younger and admit my parents do buy me a lot of my clothes, but I don't get a lot of clothes. The most expensive thing I own is a Meta lucky pack and I had to beg my parents to let me buy it (they ended up paying in the end, somehow) because they don't want me to do exactly what Jillian is doing now and giving up on the style just like snap.
I am a bit jealous because I want my parents to buy me all of the expensive brand dresses - however I don't like her. Generally I like people who I am jealous of and follow them insanely, she is just annoying.

No. 25313

I agree with everything you're saying, but Jillian looks a bit too big for a lot of Swankiss items. Most of their stuff is tiny in the bust, and if you have any boobs at all it's not going to look good even if you can smoosh yourself into it.

No. 25314

File: 1440355081228.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 9BPllqvf.jpg)

> I've never, ever seen an example of unnatural hair colours in larme. The makeup should be soft and bordering more on the natural side

Stop making up rules for Styles that do not have rules, just stop, just because it's common doesn't mean it's not a thing

Swankiss is a larme brand and a good portion of their shit is bright as fuck. Jillian just looks bad there is no cohesiveness to her outfit and she hasn't grasped the idea that rocking horse shoes do not count as the fluffy platforms she wants so bad.

No. 25315

In my opinion, Jillian hasn't actually done anything that really deserves ending up here. She's just your typical cringey, annoying, e-fame hungry teenager, nothing new or special. Honestly, the fact there's been multiple threads talking shit about her here no doubt makes her think she's the shit even more than she already does. The hate contributes to her unwarranted sense of self-importance.

No. 25316

>The other thing is that changing your wardrobe is expensive. It seems so frivolous to just swap between expensive imported clothing styles. It really just shows her mom buys her everything…
If Jillian sold her lolita, it would explain how she got the money to switch styles.

No. 25317


I feel you, part of me wishes I was a spoiled little shit like Jillian who can buy whatever they want with mummy and daddy's cash

But you have to remember that she's eventually going to have to move out and when that happens she'll have no idea how to handle money and she'll be so used to getting whatever she wants that it'll probably hit her pretty hard.

If she's really planning on going to Toronto to study ~*~fashion design desu~*~ she'll probably have a breakdown between her having to actually limit her spending for once and the fact her teachers and peers aren't going to think she's an amazing stylish kawaii goddess-chan just because she can afford popular brands

No. 25318

Even if she's too big for Swankiss I've seen people work around it, I've seen fat chicks on tumblr pull off the style she is trying to go for better than her and she has more money and less body to work. I just think she doesn't know how to dress herself.

The problem with her outfit in OOTD video is first and foremost her hair, the colors are fine, we've seen chicks wear pastel hair with Larme, it's not common but it can be styled well. Her hair isn't done, she just has a braid, she should have given some loose curls to her hair and curled her bangs to give them volume.
The lingirie top is too short and too form fitting it looks odd against her body especially over a turtleneck. If she wants to wear the turtle neck, that's fine but she should swap out the negligee for a cute sheer skirt, something bouncy and bellshaped. Or if she was dying to wear lingirie in public, then she should have gone for a negligee with more material, something with frill at the bottom and doesn't cling to her body too easily. I'm not going to trash her shoes since it's harder to fit into brand shit but other places make suitable platforms, even with sparkles and hearts on them, if she is hellbent on sticking to the rocking horses, she should give them a bit of sparkle, add some cuter ribbon or make them a more neutral color. She should ditch the pin, I don't see people wear those, maybe I could be wrong, instead swap it for a cute necklace with cherries or flowers on it.

No. 25319

No. 25320

Jesus, the voice of the narrator makes my ears bleed.

No. 25321

Yeah I'm sorry bruv, I hate her so fucking much, I get that the other girl wasn't a native english speaker so they switched her for Misha but Misha sounds awful and make me want to kill something.

No. 25322

It's really interesting though. Someone should show this to Jillian, although I doubt she'd learn anything.

No. 25323

Larme is a japanese style? It looks so elegant and beautiful.

No. 25324

Wait, wait, wait.. she wants to be a fashion designer?? She does know that fashion design is one of the most cutthroat jobs/careers out there, right? She can't even stand legit critique or someone telling her she looks jacked up on BTB, how the hell is she going to be a designer? I guarantee she will not pursue that path.

No. 25325


That's what we've been saying for the past two threads
But as far as she's concerned, we're probably just jelly haters so she wouldn't listen

I'm pretty sure she will try pursuing it though. It's not like she realises she's too thin-skinned and full of herself to go anywhere. She'll probably end up having a breakdown and dropping out or something

No. 25326

kek, she's only doing it because shes to stupid to go the STEM route. she probably had all b's in her classes.
she could just drop out and become a social worker.

No. 25327

*too stupid
oh the irony lol

No. 25328

I kind of feel like she'll be less spoiled and snobbish once she grows up a bit. She's under 18, isn't she?

When you take that into consideration she's not really that bad. I think she's just in a kind of awkward phase.

No. 25329


I dunno, I feel like she's doing it because she thinks she'll have a talent for it, when really I think the reason she had any 'e-fame' for her outfits was because she can afford pretty much any expensive brand stuff she wants, rather than because she styles it well

Although I think her ego and thin skin is the real thing stopping her. Her outfits are often pretty shit but if she pays attention to the stuff she learns in class that wouldn't be an issue for long. Even then, that's just a small part of fashion design and she could always branch off into a different part of the fashion industry once she graduated.

No. 25330

>acting like STEM is the only possible career option on this planet
Stop. The world wouldn't function if everyone went into STEM.
Doesn't mean Jillian's gonna make it though, so there's that. She probably just thinks being a fashion designer is drawing pretty clothes all day.

No. 25331

it doesnt change anything lol whether shes 17 or 18 her personality is disgusting

No. 25332

The point of going the STEM route academically isn't just to get a career in the field, employers like STEM degrees because they often come with other general skills applicable to most jobs. It's a good way to go if you're not really sure, change your mind a lot or aren't really passionate or skilled at anything in particular.

No. 25333

I'm a STEM major myself, and I'm sick of people who have no talent or interest in STEM flocking to it because they think they'll land a great job and just dick their way through it. If she likes fashion and feels like she wants to try a career in it, that's better in my book.

No. 25334


I probably shouldn't assume, but yeah, she obviously has an interest in fashion, but she still seems like she'd be one of those assholes who think stuff like fashion design is just a cushy job where you sit and draw shit all day


I'm pretty sure they weren't saying there's anything wrong with going into STEM, they were just saying it's fucking stupid when people act as if planning on going into a different career automatically means you're a dumbass who was shit at school.

Power to you if you're interested in STEM and pursuing that as a career, just don't shit on people who want to do something else.

No. 25335

OT, but getting B's definitely does not make you stupid, anon.

No. 25336

OT, but getting B's definitely does not make you stupid, anon.

No. 25337

lol bitch check your facts.
Swankiss is one of the bigger brands Larme features and they are huge on colored hair. Even when they use models (in their Dreamy Mook) they are styled with colorful wigs.

Please return to your cave ita. You're clearly drunk.

No. 25338

Salty much? Her outfit was perfect. I would have swapped the shoes for Swankiss's dream memory slipper, Katie's marabou slipper or even Syrup's fluffy platform. But the outfit was cute.
You washed out whores are jelly you can't look cute in the style. Post photos of your wrinkly asses in larme. i dare you.

No. 25339


>Her outfit was perfect

>I would have swapped the shoes

So, it wasn't 'perfect', then?

No. 25340


Fashion school doesn't teach you how to coordinate good outfits. I'm a fashion major and its intuitive. Her outfits aren't even bad. You all act as if she dresses like a fucking bag of confetti.. did the confetti get in your eyes?? Or are you that pathetic?

Stop feeding her need to be known.

No. 25341

I'd sell your soul to satan.

No. 25342

Re: Peachy convo- She did respond to hate, back when old PULL was up she asked for her thread to be taken down (twice, i believe). saa

No. 25343


No shit, I meant she's obviously gonna be looking at a lot more outfits than someone who isn't studying fashion design is going to. You're not born with the ability to coordinate good outfits, you pick it up. I thought being a ~fashion major~ that would've been apparent to you. Jeez louise.

>You all act as if she dresses like a fucking bag of confetti

That is literally what she dresses like though

>Stop feeding her need to be known.

>On lolcow

>OMG stop talking about the person this thread is about!!!11
>Doesn't even sage said post

No. 25344

Someone's PMSing.

No. 25345

Yeah but she never whiteknighted herself on cgl or BtB.
Besides, I think anyone would've wanted their thread closed on PULL, they're fucking retarded.
They overanalyze every detail of someone's life, and Peachie likes to keep her private life, well private.
Sorry for OT

No. 25346

Just because you have no interest in dry, boring, study-grind subjects dosen't make you stupid. And neither are grades a measure of intelligence..

No. 25347

There's nothing wrong with Bs, you supreme faggot.
>muh STEM fields
Enjoy your oversaturated job market and, if you even manage to be successful, not having time to enjoy the little youth you have left because you're too absorbed by the notion of success and having a good career

No. 25348

>thinking you don't need a degree for social work

Oh lookie, a bio major with no fucking clue about what exactly they're trying to diss.

No. 25349

>dry, boring, study-grind
That's, like, your opinion, man.
Agree that anon was being dumb though.

No. 25350

tbh, im glad they did.
there were no drama and peachie is genuine.
PULL wants to "expose the truth!!!!!" about everyone and its pathetic.
plus, a lot of them are jealous (which is why the venus thread was shit)

No. 25351

Lots of gender studies majors in this thread, I see.

Look, just because someone is interested in STEM, doesn't mean they are 'wasting away their youth' or whatever. Some people, as difficult as it is for you to believe, actually enjoy science and math.

Yeah, anon was pretty high and mighty and needs to be kicked in the balls by life a bit more, but just because you think that STEM degrees don'thave any medit, doesn't mean everyone agrees. Some people just like it. Some people want to challenge themselves. Calm yer tits.

No. 25352


I admit I was a little salty there, but holy fucking shit I'm so sick of people coming into a thread to be like "stop talking about X lolcow, you're just giving them attention!!!"

I'm not gonna say "hi Jillian", because I know it isn't her, but it's still fucking dumb

Like, if a lolcow does something interesting or stupid, nobody is going to stop discussing them just to try and spite them. We're here to laugh at people.

If you don't agree with the other posters or don't find her interesting or whatever, just hide the thread instead of whining about it.

No. 25353


Or we could not turn this into an art and design vs STEM debate and just agree that it's stupid to trash-talk other people's career choices because it's obviously going to turn into a huge argument either way


>Enjoy your oversaturated job market

Lmao but in fairness fashion design isn't exactly less saturated, is it?


Yes, exactly. What's the point in turning this into a big debate?

No. 25354


Idk, I'm a pharmacist and I make 300k per year so it's not too bad, I had no problem finding a job either but the west coast has a high demand for lots of medical jobs.

No. 25355

>Enjoy your oversaturated job market
This is what people who choose low paying majors need to tell themselves to feel better, this is not actually an issue for those who go into STEM at all. Where are you getting your info, some art student's blog?

(agree with you about b's being fine though)

No. 25356

Despite what obese Americans like to think, that is a perfectly acceptable and healthy weight

No. 25357

You're embarrassingly retarded.

No. 25358

I totally agree that she looks to be a normal and healthy weight in that pic, but you don't have to be completely emaciated to have an eating disorder.

I actually went to high school with a girl who looked perfectly healthy, maybe even slightly chubby, but she had to be taken out of school halfway through her graduating year to be in rehab for an ED.

I don't know any more about the situation with Jillian than the next anon, but I'm guessing her mom probably picked up on it fairly early on and got treatment for her since they're so close. Obviously bodies change a lot as people mature, but she does seem quite thin in those pics compared to how she looks now.

No. 25359

Her voice is not kawaii desu. If you're gonna be all *~kawaii magical girl~* then at least put on a fake high voice to match.

No. 25360


imo that'd be even more annoying

No. 25361

bumping this because annoying people are posting in the other thread.

>still thinking that imitating people is funny

No. 25362

Yeah, I know.I'm one of those people who are "unhealthy" skinny (for whatever reason) and I was mistaken as anorexic by my own mother.I almost got sent to one of those eating disorder centers, and it was horrible because my mom didn't ask me questions or not if I have anorexica.

I know that people of all shapes and sizes have eating disorders, and don't need to be thin to have anorexia.Anorexic people don't eat or eat very little and are usually very unhappy with how their minds perceive their bodies because whether or not if they're overweight,chubby,average,skinny or empanipated they will see someone who is too obesce to them, and don't eat or eat very little.
Last time I checked I weighed 100-105 pounds, and I lost weight without knowing it.It's not that I started eating less, or anything but it was that my depression was getting to my body.I've never been anorexic and my family still comments on my weight about how I looked skinner a while ago, or if I don't eat or eat a little just because I'm not hungry-it's terrible.I still see someone who is too skinny-like Jillian's old body type.I know two girls who are skinny like me, and one weights about 89 pounds or so.I knew a girl who was anorexic and bulimic and either ate fruit or very little and made it known that she had eating disorders.She never showed her arms either, because she probably cut.I wonder if she's okay now, I hope so.This all happened within three years.

I wasn't saying "Oh Jillian's a tiny swizzle stick she's too skinny.Let me sit in my ass all day and eat sugary fatty foods, in my 10 rolls of fat." I was simply putting pieces together, and imagining a possible outcome,

No. 25363

literally fuck off. no one here called her anorexic, SHE said it herself.

No. 25364

File: 1440723461151.png (1.56 MB, 1000x1397, tumblr_n33npkUCIg1qfdplwo1_128…)

No. 25365

Has she given up on her contest? She hasn't uploaded any entries from the past few days whilst before she did them daily.

No. 25366

>300k per year

The fuck do you work, anon, Beverly Hills? Do people give you 10k tips for handing over paracetamol?

No. 25367

Maybe they live in Zimbabwe, they just said 300K, never said the currency…

No. 25368

File: 1440796090922.jpg (1.16 MB, 1600x2200, d78d209463e45328544bd05a0c4357…)

No. 25369

>Do people give you 10k tips for handing over paracetamol?
Being a pharmacist is more than that.. But a lot of people think that and that's why so many people drop out, kek. They think pharmacy school is easy for some reason when in reality it's extremely hard and competitive.
And I live in the US. West coast. I can't/shouldn't say where I work but it's in close affiliation with the government. And the price of living is more expensive here than someplace like Texas or North Carolina.

I like how she said she made the competition so that people would 'not follow fashion rules' but (last time I checked) the pics with the most likes were the normal lolita ones.

No. 25370

>implying you make 300k
You're free to say what you want obv, but most people with sense will say you're full of shit. 30k, more like.

No. 25371

File: 1440822008672.jpg (499.8 KB, 1280x1019, tumblr_n2hinuv0kY1qfdplwo1_128…)

No. 25372

I'm assuming this is old? I actually got a little excited when i scrolled past because I thought maybe she was hanging out and having fun with a friend (who actually wasn't her mom or boyfriend).

No. 25373

Everything about her reminds me of Dolores Umbridge.

No. 25374

Median pay in Texas is $136k. Also one of the lower paying states, unless you live near the medical center.
No need to be so salty, it's ok to have a low paying job as long as you enjoy it. Most pharmacists live comfortably unless you work at Walmart.

No. 25375

i remember seeing this wasnt it a just another lolita she saw in public? that dog purse is ridiculous haha i kind of want it

no offense dude but thats not cool! im not a pharmacist but my brother is and he works really hard. he doesnt make as much though (only 200 thousand) but he hasnt been working for that long. besides i think pharmacy techs get paid 30 thousand but they dont even go to school that long, my bro was one my the time he graduated hs.

did anyone see her ig post? apparently shes making resin stuff to sell now, i bet itll have a lot of bubbles lol. i dont think her art has sold at all, that must be really embarrassing.

No. 25376

File: 1440896554191.png (581.2 KB, 596x566, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 8.00…)

Yup, $30k is for pharmacy techs. Imagine if you went to the hospital and a pharmacy tech issued your medicine.. protip, you'd be dead. Kek. You think the people who make medicine and save lives would be given such a low wage?

What is it supposed to be? A brooch? It looks really cluttered- like she got a bunch of scrapbook supplies and put them on there. Also she put the pieces on top of the resin and not before, it has weird ripples (you can see them in another pic).

No. 25377

>wanting to post pictures here
you're retarded ad fuck. gtfo white knight

No. 25378

File: 1440897345455.jpg (96.73 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Why do you all dislike or hate Jillian.Like yes, I think that she IS spoiled-getting expensive brand at 17 either by her parents or her own money.She might quit Larme a few years from now, it's fairly a new thing and Abi-pop said 'Oh this is my style, isn't it?I love this style I just don't know the name.'
And she is a bit full of herself, but I think that she's still cute, Especially if she smiles.She does remind me of a aunt though, bc her nose and those red cat eyed glasses.
Aunt Jillian.
Yes that picture is VERY old it's from her beginner Lolita days.

No. 25379

If you read the thread many people have listed why they do not like Jillian. We aren't gonna go through and list it all again for you.

No. 25380

Her being cute is irrelevant to her personality. I think she's cute too… doesn't mean I like her as a person.

No. 25381

File: 1440929945891.jpg (132.52 KB, 587x581, a.jpg)


It's supposed to look like some kind of transformation locket from a magical girl anime so I guess it's naturally going to look kind of kitschy, but I think it would've looked better if she just kept the heart and the gold bits and replaced all the other scrapbook looking crap with something else.

No. 25382


IMHO the reason it looks off is because its not totally symmetrical. If it was, it wouldn't be hideous.

No. 25383


Pfft, she can't pull of Larme at all. Infact I've not seen ANY western girls online yet to pull off Larme successfully. Jillian doesn't have the face for it, her make up tutorial was awful and her body isn't good enough for Larme either. Doesn't suit her, it's a nice style and I hoe it doesn't get fucked in the ass.

Sara Mari is currently the tumblr Larme queen but again, her body nor face suits it. But she pulls it off better than this fat cunt.

No. 25384

File: 1440941311389.jpg (85.6 KB, 500x745, DSC_0028.JPG)

Sara Mari's contouring makes me want to weep.

I agree, it's really difficult for western people to look good in a lot of J-fashion and they just end up looking costumey/clown-ish. I guess it doesn't help that most tend to go overboard, pile on the cheap, costumey "kawaii" accessories, dirty looking makeup, plastic wigs and don't really get the more subtle aspects of whatever style they're trying to pull off.

No. 25385

I agree too, most westerners have very harsh/more masculine faces and it clashes with most J-fashions. They also tend to have fatter or larger structured bodies. Most j-fashions are made for tiny delicate girls with hyper feminine faces.

No. 25386

Oh sorry, I didn't know there was a difference.

No. 25387


Larme can suit westerners but with a more natural approach and the make up done right. Most big jbloggers/jvloggers over do it, wigs and dollywink bloody haggard eyelashes all over the place. It's embarrassing.

No. 25388


Most Jfashion works if you've naturally got a baby face and a slim/average body I think. If you've got those then you're okay.

But if you've got a horse face or some weird face like Jillian and is fat, won't work.

No. 25389

Unfortunately most don't have a baby face, not even a perfect baby face. Western features vary too much. A girl could have a small cute noes but large jaw. My sweet lolita friend is told she has a baby face but she really doesn't. She does have a small face, small chin/jaw but has a prominent nose.

I feel like only Asians have the perfect baby face.

No. 25390

someone mentioned on 4chan that the reason they liked carly so much was BECAUSE she doesn't have the mental issues that so many lolitas have. she lives a busy life but is still down to earth and calm about it, which is what makes her so appealing

No. 25391


It depends, Asians tend to the most but I've seen plenty of mixed girls and guys with baby faces. Some white girls with baby faces. It DEPENDS what you consider a baby face. Asians aren't exactly perfect and I'm getting a little tired of people asslicking them, they're just asian and half the time they never want to interact with anyone who isn't asian in fear of going against their own.

No. 25392


being mind most Koreans get surgery anyway. Asians only ever look dolly when they're babies and most barely look dolly when they're adults.

No. 25393

Speaking of, did anyone see Carly's tumblr post? Someone capped it on 4chan.

It looks like she's gonna parody Kate next

No. 25394

Have you seen Asians in real life? They often have rounder faces, but the rate of people with actual baby faces is comparatively low.

No. 25395


Hardly any asians here in the UK i've seen have kawaii faces lol they're just flat and chinese

No. 25396

File: 1440975723558.jpg (118.8 KB, 460x691, image.jpg)

ikr? The only baby faced Asians I see are the ones who photoshop their pictures to death and they are caked in makeup.

I wish people would stop worshiping Asians like they are some kind of magical beings who look forever young.

No. 25397


Yassss can't wait please let it be a sweet rebel trailer spoof that shit is already so funny

No. 25398

I think rather than saying all Asians have perfect baby face, anon was saying Asians are more likely to have or pull off the perfect baby face compared to other ethnicities??? Idk

I go to Uni with 90% Asians–SE and East Asians and I've seen some ones ugly as shit but plenty of cute as fuck ones too. Like if I could post pics of girls I have class with I would

No. 25399

It's probably because the only Japanese J-fashionistas they see are overly shooped or in magazine (overly shooped + pro makeup done). East asians are average as fuck, there are some cute ones, but not more than among caucasians.

No. 25400

It's annoying as fuck though, they are as bad as those weebs who think they know about Japan through Anime. They see a few pics of overly shooped Asians and then they think they all look like that.

No. 25401



look in this vid at ur everday japanese

No. 25402

I noped out before I even hit the 1 minute mark. What the fuck is this embarrassing asshat doing.

No. 25403


trolling the japanese

No. 25404

No. 25405

when will she get a proper mic

No. 25406

Uneven bangs ugh..

No. 25407

>lovely margarita

oh my god
its cherry marguerite
like cherry daisy

not margarita jfcccc

No. 25408

>still wearing broken shoes
>drinking out of a straw her cat has drooled on

Jillian is disgusting.

No. 25409

Holyshit, that fattie has a literal piggu face.

No. 25410

Most asians aren't very cute either. They pile on the makeup just as bad. holyshit, stop sucking japanese dick. I agree it's harder for some western girls to do j-fashion, but there are a ton of dogs in Japan too who do lolita and j-fashion as well.

No. 25411

No. 25412

File: 1441092637436.jpg (100.4 KB, 1000x842, pig-02.jpg)

Pigs are cute
That fattie is not

No. 25413


At around 13:31 she mentions the app "Kawaii Kitten Craze." But she pronounces kawaii as kowaii

>my weeb-y jimmies are rustled

No. 25414

This guy should be confined to the south sweet jesus.

No. 25415

my cat drinks out of my cup
cat people are weird yo

No. 25416

I cringe every time she says "fuck", and at the way she calls everything "crap". I'm not overly sensitive to swearing, but it just seems to random and forced, it's like watching preteen kids shout profanities because they think it's cool.

No. 25417

File: 1441208700893.jpg (64.78 KB, 640x432, photoshopasian_thumb.jpg)

This. Like for real, how are there people on a Chan site that don't realize the vast vast vast majority of beautiful Asians on the internet are either Photoshopped to hell and back, using so much makeup that they are literally unrecognizable, or both? This is like Internet 101.

No. 25418

there are a LOT of cute/beautiful asians… stop acting liker the entire asian population is ugly. ofc there are ugly asians just like there are uglies in every race. but there are attractive ones too. as in every race. fuck.

No. 25419

I don't get why so many people focus on whether or not the person cutting is doing it for attention and see it as less legitimate if they are. If a person is so desperate for someone to pay attention to them that they self-mutilate, they're clearly just as fucked up and in ed of help as someone doing it purely out of sorrow or anger.

I really hate how people feel the need to turn suffering into a competition.

No. 25420

lolwut. I never said all Asians were ugly, cut the projection. I was just saying that the race isn't entirely made up of the ungodly ethereal angels that Asianphiles think they are as a result of extreme Photoshop. Sorry it offends you when people acknowledge that most of the pictures of exquisitely beautiful Asians that get passed around the internet are heavily edited, but it doesn't change the truth.

No. 25421

This is what I always tell people who say that. Ffs, if someone is cutting their arms open with razors to get people to pay attention, someone really should pay attention, because that is not normal.

No. 25422


There is obviously. But Anon, I've YET to see asians look all kawaii like pictures off the internet. Most asians are see on the streets of the UK are either monotone looking as fuck with blank face, have glasses on or acne faces.

No. 25423

There are lots of cute Asians. There are lots of cute people in every race, yet there are still delusional weebs who think that Westerners automatically don't "suit" Jfash because Asians are all dainty and kawaii.

No. 25424


*Is the brand "Too faced" even any good? or is it just another shit make up brand thats liked cos the packaging is kawaii?

No. 25425

Seconding this. Is it even that good? I have no idea why she goes on about it so much.

No. 25426

Too Faced is actually wonderful. The products are lovely, long lasting, and they don't test on animals which is a plus. Personally, I use their face primer, BB cream, eyeshadows, blushes, and powders. I haven't needed to go to a new brand since trying theirs. I haven't tried their mascara yet though.

No. 25427

I personally use almost exclusively too faced products and they are wonderful. They last forever, both on my face and in the packaging, and always come out with good colors. Not to mention their bronzers smell like chocolate.

No. 25428

I think it's because it's Milky Fawn's favorite makeup brand and Jillian clearly wants to be her.

Speaking of Jillian wanting to wear MF's skin, has anyone else noticed that if you search "milkyfawn" on YT you get some of Jillian's videos. No one else's, just Jillian and DS.

No. 25429


Someone asked her to do a Mon Lily review and I'm praying to the fuckin kawaii gods no.

I don't want this bitch dressing in larme clothes… NO

No. 25430

Alright, so I'm sat here aimlessly just watching her hauls out of boredom and guys… it's bothering me how she waffles on about spending £60-£70 on custom fees, probably £200 on the things she's bought and then when she's going on about them in her videos, she's like "Ah yeah so-" and just throws it fuck knows where. Like… maybe it's me as a person I treat my shit with care. But it just seems so disorganized and a bit childish to fling your new clothes around your bedroom like they're nothing…

No. 25431

I feel like styles like larme, gyaru, otome, etc. are way harder than Lolita because they're so vague and less rules means more potential to do it wrong. Jillian is too new to it to be giving advice or acting like an expert the way she does.

No. 25432


It's just I think there needs to be certain faces/bodies who can pull off Larme. I don't know which Larme she's been looking at but the Larme I look at is mostly on Instagram with Japanese young women. It's LIKE Larme but it's more toned down. They wear brands like Snidel, Samantha Vega, Honey mi Honey, Lilily, Titty & Co. It's like a kawaii vintage doll style? It's very cute! I love it.

But I just feel like Jillian will fuck it up

No. 25433

It's yet another example of trying to be MF, like previously mentioned. MF used to throw her burando on the floor in videos as part of a poorly executed half assed "rich spoiled brandwhore" persona. Jillian started doing it right after.

No. 25434

i wanna burn half these dresses shes buyin

No. 25435

New video!

No. 25436

I like what she's wearing in this, it suits her.
But again with that weird shit underneath her eyes.

She finally bought an actual issue of Larme Kei, does that mean she'll make an actual effort?

No. 25437

*of Larme, whoops

No. 25438

I really don't get how she's a lolcow. Y'all are just jelly a 17yo had more burando than you.

No. 25439

I am indeed jealous of her, but that doesn't stop her from being a lolcow. She does stupid shit therefore is a lolcow

No. 25440

At 17 I had more brand than she did. IMO her combined inflated ego, lack of knowing how to conduct herself on the internet, and poor fashion sense make her decent lolcow material.

No. 25441

damn, you really sound upset lmao
that anon never implied it. you sound insecure as fuck

No. 25442

hi pixie
still mad people talk shit about your nasty attitude?

No. 25443

I actually really enjoyed her ASMR video, when she speaks softly her voice is pretty calming.

No. 25444

>hi pixie
Really? Could you be anymore predictable or cliche?
She's really not lolcow worthy at all. Other than being kind of annoying (in an age appropriate way) and that silly LACE video that everyone got their panties in a twist over way more than they should have, she's done nothing particularly interesting. Better material for this site could be found within minutes between Tumblr, You Tube, and dA. You guys are just pathetically thirsty and overly bitter for no good reason.

No. 25445

If you're so mad just ignore the thread. It's not rocket science.

No. 25446

This person kind of has a point tbh. I really don't like Jillian, so I've been staking this post for a while hoping for some real action, but there hasn't really been anything nearly as exciting as the people in other threads.

No. 25447

Not mad, just pointing out facts.

No. 25448

More of an opinion than a fact. People like things you don't, the will continue to do so. This thread is an example of it.

No. 25449

Don't really see how it's not factual that there's barely any real drama or content with this girl. Please, do tell me the shit she's done to warrant being here besides being ~spoiled~.

No. 25450

It's actually a very pigmented and good brand that smells nice, works well, stays on long and doesn't break me out. Do some research perhaps?

No. 25451

She's only 17? What a spoiled twat. Why is her mom letting her make these retarded youtube videos?

No. 25452

Why is she a lolcow tho? I've watched her videos, aside from copying Milkyfawn and spending dolla on shit she won't need or like still in 2 years time, why is she a lolcow?

No. 25453


Will be honest tho, she doesn't suit kawaii at all.

No. 25454

You see, being an "lolcow" to a lolita is having a lot of brand, especially at a young or ideal age, and just being a Youtube personality. That's it. Lolita's just like to hate on the most relevant girl at the moment and chase them out when it gets too much ala Milky Fawn.

No. 25455

tbh- i kind of get jillian. especially everything with her mom.
like i'm 15 and up until this year i was going to a small private school. everyone there was crazy (as in: "don't read your horoscope, it lets satan into your soul!" aka an actual lesson we had in bible class) and i never had any friends. i had 'friends' that were just table buddies and project partners.
anyway, i guess in a way my mom was my only friend, but i never referred to her as that. but i've been to 30+ concerts, coachella, other music festivals.. all with my mom and never with anyone else. it's kind of sad i guess but i can never find anyone who i can actually be friends with.
i think the weird thing is that she refers to her mom as her best friend. like i love my mom.. but that's kinda weird? idk how to explain it, it just is. but maybe she just has a hard time making friends.

what clothing style do you guys think shes gonna get into next?

No. 25456


>like i'm 15

Fingers crossed you don't get underageb& for that
You're not acting like out of place aside from maybe blogposting a little but man

No. 25457

Okay, but most people don't hate lor or peachie (who owns, gasp, replicas!!) and you know why? Because they seem and act like decent people. Jillian is easy to make fun of, it's not just making videos and owning burando.

No. 25458

Jillian was never that relevant though, and no one actually chased Alanah out, she left the online community because someone was creeping on her. Not to mention that Jill never had that much brand in the first place.

There are lolitas that are more famous than she was, and people generally leave them alone, or at least stand up for them whenever someone tries to start shit. It's not about being well-known, it's about how you act.

No. 25459

MF has said the reason she left was because ~community expectations~ were too much for her. Not just the creeping.

Honestly, MF annoys me so much more than Jillian. At least Jillian is underage and might grow up, MF was 22 at the time of her videos. She also failed so hard to deliver the "spoiled rich brat" persona she was going for that I didn't even realize that was the goal until I saw someone mention it. All she did was throw shit on her floor and complain about not getting her preferred versions of things.

No. 25460

Lots of people hate Lot and especially Peachie, just not as much as Jillian or MF

No. 25461

She's been around for years though, it's not like she randomly popped up and made her own channel for the sake of becoming e-famous. Honestly, considering how people have been all over her after she did the deerstalker videos and her popularity exploded, I can see how she got overwhelmed and left.

No. 25462

Jillian said she got in lolita when she was 14, I thpught? Also, if the online attention was too much for MF, then why didn't she just quit the community, but keep wearing lolita? She's bawwed multiple times recently about "being forced to quit something she loved" when in her very first post about leaving, she said she was just falling out of love with it. Then she changes her tune and says it was all our fault. It's clear at the end of the day, she cared no more about Lolita than Jillian did. Plus, if you ever looked through her blog, you'd notice what a trend hopper she was, which you can kind of tell in the videos too.

No. 25463

Guys, it's not rocket science.

The reason Jillian is a lolcow is because of the content of her videos/posts (notsohumble bragging-mememememeMEMEMEMEMEME-oh this is how you buy lolita eventho my parents buy it all for me-stuffing my face with donuts while rolling around showing off my fat 20in waist-MEMEMEMEMEME-more notsohumble bragging-etc.)


How she handled the hate she got. There has never been a time she handled drama/hate in a good way, her responses only made it worse.

The power of these two factors combined = perfect lolcow recipe.

I bet most of the people shitting things up are from the chans.

No. 25464

The point of lolcows is that they're supposed to be over the top idiots that provide endless entertainment. Jillian is an obnoxious 17 year old who isn't even amusing to watch. I'm sorry, but she's not lolcow worthy and if you really think she is, you're just extremely starvef for Lolita drama where it doesn't really exist. There is a point where the people on this site just get pathetic with their need to rabidly hate on people and this thread is a perfect example. Not to be cliche, but the way you guys nitpick every little thing she does, one would think you yourselves are flawless.

Also, I like how you talk about being from a Chan like its an insult when this site is basically just composed of the most drama hungry Chan goers. Most of the people in this thread are no doubt seagulls.

Seriously though, I welcome being proven wrong. Give me a good example of Jillian acting a serious fool, instead of just being kind of irritating, and I'll shut up.

No. 25465

Honestly, all the hate from here and other sites does is fuel her unwarranted sense of self-importance. It's one thing to talk about her when shit's going down, but just bitching about her general existence the way we are probably flatters her.

No. 25466

You have a point there, anon…

No. 25467

I never said no one dislikes them entirely. My point still stands. Their responses or lack thereof to hate has a massive effect on their relevancy on sites like this, cgl, btb and other "hate sites".

No. 25468

Because that's how it works, you dumb shit. When a stressor is associated with a certain subject continues to overwhelm an individual, they become disenfranchised as a means of protection. She's gotten away from the stress of the outside influence, and now she realizes she still likes Lolita but not the exposure it gives you.

I fucking love how everyone always acts like emotions are more fluid than straight forward; situations and contexts change shit.

No. 25469

This is how I feel, particularly with Kate so I'm really suspicious of any Chans that act high and mighty when they try to claim how terrible someone's personality is. TBH, Jillian rubs me wrong, but that is because I am judging her based off her condescending speech patterns in the video Carly parodied. But, she's also a fucking child and I don't know about you, but I was an obnoxiously toxic shit at that age.

And so-called "proof" never justifies anything. Hate to do this, but look what happened to Kate. Everyone shat themselves because they were so certain they found proof she was shit posting herself… turns out, she wasn't, and the toxic-chans won't even admit they were wrong with the same volume that they gave when they were so certain.

Most of these toxic-chans are fucking jelly, and trying to hide their own disgusting-ness by nitpicking on the behaviors of a little child.

There is a difference between drama-chans and toxic-chans. Drama-chans don't hate for stupid shit, they observe and enjoy when someone makes an unnecessary fool of themselves. Toxic-chans? They hate for stupid shit.

No. 25470

Any association between lolita and her exposure wouldn't be enough to make her quit the fashion entirely if she truly loved it unless she just happens to be an especially emotionally weak individual. FFS she just had to deal with overzealous fans, it isn't like she was gang raped by a bunch of lolitas or something.

No. 25471

Not everyone is strong-willed and acts the way you would like them to. People do irrational shit sometimes when they feel under pressure, I really don't get this attitude. "She quit, so she must have never liked it in the first place!"

No. 25472

I never said she didn't like it, just that she obviously wasn't as in love with it as she acted. What's there not to get? This isn't neurosurgery. If you're truly dedicated to something, overwhelming efame won't be the thing that makes you quit it altogether. Like I said, it isn't like she had something truly traumatic happen, like a close Lolita friend dying or something. The issue was that her association with Lolita and efame is so strong that she couldn't separate the two (which speaks volumes IMO).

Also, regardless of your stance, you can't deny it's pretty shitty and ridiculously thin skinned of her to say she was "forced to quit something she loved" which she has bitched about in walls of text at least twice that I know of now.

No. 25473

Wow, you're really obtuse and truly a moron.

Get some brain cells. I've loved things and I became efamous. The stress of that efame drove me to abandon the social interaction and now it is hard to engage in what I loved. No, it isn't thinned skinned because she was put through shit.

"If she didn't want the stress she shouldn't have exposed herself." oh WOW. No one wants the stress! And very few can handle it. I don't see you lording yourself behind as some ecelebrity. You have no fucking clue what it is like, so shut the fuck up you wild ass cunt.

I have no doubt that the pressure DID force her to quit something you love, because no matter how much you love something, stress can make things break.

Two parents lose a child… the marriage is more likely to fall apart in the aftermath of the death than not. Does that mean they didn't live each other enough? No, because they were under a lot of stress.

No, since you're a little child let me clarify before you try to behave more like an ass: No, what MF went through does not compare to the loss of a child. But, the efame fucking exposed her to enough stress to drive her to fucking trauma–SHE WAS TRAUMATIZED. Get off your fucking high horse.

She wasn't thinned skinned.

She was human.

No. 25474

y'all need to find jesus

No. 25475

Not that anon, but the moron here is not them.

Whether you accept it or not, what she did is thin skinned. I get you're so mad because this is apparently personal for you, but that doesn't change the facts here. It's nice you don't want to think of yourself as weak willed for quitting your hobbies due to them ~triggering~ you, but you are. There are people who are told to kill themselves and receive death threats as a result of their online popularity and they still don't quit the hobbies that got them that recognition because they're too important to them. The solution is to get yourself off the internet, leaving the passion itself is not at all necesarry, even if it might remind you of the bad shit at first. That's life, you feel the pain then you get past it. Sorry, but people like you and MF are cowards. No one is "forcing" either of you to give up what you love. If she really loved it so much, she would just deal with the initial pain caused by her mental connection until she could sever it. Or at least just go on a break from lolita for a while, instead of selling her entire wardrobe and denouncing the fashion.

There's nothing wrong with the fact she left, but saying it isn't thin skinned or a sign of not being very dedicated is just ridiculous.

No. 25476

Jfc the way you're talking, one would think her entire family was mutilated in front of her by Asuka and Maki. Go back to Tumblr.

No. 25477

File: 1442197518570.png (587.01 KB, 1024x560, milkerk.png)

Everyone knows MF was fake as hell, though. She was trying for that AP spoiled princess persona, then was surprised when the community believed her and became a minor lolita celeb. She then backpedaled hard, saying it was everything from being stalked out of lolita to feeling forced to give them away. It didn't explain why she didn't just keep her clothes for herself, though? In fact, one of the supposed stalkers was trying to get some of her old lolita pieces and even resell them because "Milky Fawn used these". All the more reason to keep your lolita pieces for yourself, stay one quietly and not bail so suddenly.

The truth is she and people like Jillian only apply the weak Angelic Pretty brandwhore persona to them because it's their flavor of the moment. They're not really lolitas and they arguably do not even like the clothing that much. In fact, look at MF's cringy instagram now. She's trying for some hipster, weeaboo minimalist image.

>that text description

At least Jillian went with cute clothes and the current big thing in Japan. Larme is at least nicer to look at than MF's fall from glory.

No. 28836

That "persona" wasn't even done well at all. She just threw shit around and made the ocassional joke about things like buying the matching socks to make her friends jealous. She was also a really bad Regina George in that Mean Girls parody.

No. 28850

Well, MF did the right thing.
She wanted efame, she got the fame because the Lolita comm is thirsty af, couldn't handle it so she vanished from the internet and keeps mostly to herself. Just what most rational people would do.
I think she mentioned how she had a serious shopping addiction so it would make sense for her to sell most of her stuff instead of hoarding ot and fill it with more stuff. Aside from that I think she kept quite a few dresses and is still into j-fashion/otome?

Just compare this to girlyhoot, for example. Some anons gossiped, and she threw a huge tantrum, founded the whlole LACE mess, keeps fueling drama with self posting, etc. Suspiciously other people in Lolita who are well known, such as LovelyLor, Peachie, Cadney or deeralice are just fine and certainly not "traumatized".

RE:Jillian: I agree with some other Anons, she's mostly boring. She just seems to be an immature 17 year old girl with a lot of Pocket money. She's just unfortunate enough to be born in a generation where she has a lot more opportunities to share her dumb ass with the whole world, unlike even 10-15 ago.

No. 28943

I feel like a lot of people who have an opinion similar to hers just don't… "get" some things? Like you are either pretty young, have a low IQ (those who do have difficulty understanding sarcasm/parodies), or are super sheltered.

The reason I say this is because since day 1 MF has been nothing more a (let's be honest) cute lolita weaboo. She always acted nerdy/dorky even before she had a major online presence and fame. It wasn't until she started doing vids with DSP that she started becoming really famous because she had a fun personality, was cute, and had an impressive wardrobe. She was never trying for a "spoiled princess persona." It was a parody. She was actually making fun of the idea, which is how a lot of normal see lolitas anyway. She also only did this in the Secret Life of Lolita and Mean Lolita videos. Saying "everyone knows MF is fake as hell" is a bit of a stretch, because if anything she is the ONLY lolita who actually weighed in on controversial issues and was open about using 4chan. She really wasn't fake at all.

She never backpedaled or anything either when she quit. Before drama about her leaving even surfaced she posted on her blog that investing as much into lolita wasn't making her happy anymore and she wanted to do more otome anyway. So she purged her lolita-centric accounts and flists, which… if a bunch of people add you on FB only because you have lolita in common, boofuckinghoo if you get deleted when someone is quitting a hobby. That's the only real beef people had with her originally, but they could have told her they wanted to still keep in touch for xyz reasons instead of crying on 4chan.

She only commented about a random anon or two being a bit weirdly obsessive over her as an aside when she was asked and she didn't draw a ton of attention to it either. She did say e-fame simply wasn't for her and made her uncomfortable, which makes sense because she was getting a lot of attention and comments on her tumblr/youtube. But, as she said herself said, lolita specifically and hoarding lots of things weren't making her happy anymore and she wanted to clean up her life and interests a bit. She also said she wanted leave her more time/energy-intensive hobbies and job, go back to school, move out, and only enjoy jfashion casually.

I originally enjoyed her blog only, then the videos she did, and finally her tumblr, so I have been a fan of her work and pictures for a really long time. I watched all the stuff about her surface on 4chan too. Even though now I don't really care about her since I don't enjoy her content anymore, I still don't think this "MF IS SO FAKE AND NEVER LOVED LOLITA CUZ SHE QUIT AFTER BEING STALKED" in plainly bs. She never had a bad attitude and, as I already said, was one of the more open, honest lolitas who had e-fame. People like Kate and Jillian and even sometimes Cadney just get on their soapboxes or bitch and moan about so much stupid shit that they themselves dig into. I personally feel that lolitas like Peachie, MF, and Lor (even tho Lor still pitches a fit now and then) handle crap much better by not making a bit stink about it.

(Also, your complain that she is now trying to be hipster minimalist is grasping. People go through style changes a lot, especially in their twenties, and some are better than others. Oh well. If you think that's cringy you might want to get off the internet. You can't call it cringy or a fall from glory if she isn't seeking glory in the first place.)

No. 28944

That should be opinion similar to yours

No. 29996

She kept some and then sold the rest off, dream dresses included.
I'm well aware it was a parody. "Persona" is applicable in the context of parodies. She didn't do a good job at it. All she did was make a few subtle jokes regarding it. I didn't know until I read a DS post about it that that was supposed to be her entire character.

No. 30127

Between your typing style and wall of text in her defense, I'm suspicious you might actually be MF. We all know she reads every BtB and /cgl/ post about herself, and lolcow is discussed a lot on various sites she frequents.

No. 30388

Lol at saying you have to have a low IQ if people don't agree with you. Defensive, aren't you?

MF never uses a trip and confessed she goes into threads anonymously talking about herself even, so it's probably her. If it's one thing I can say I like about ol' Jillian, I think she's genuinely sincere about not liking the drama side of the community as a whole and stays away from it. I think she could handled her dislike for it better, but at least she stays away. It's so hypocritical when someone like MF says she's leaving due to drama, but stays in the heart of all the lolita drama long past leaving lolita. She clearly just liked lolita for the attention and drama.

Also, even less respect for her if she's here whining about another e-famous lolita now and reading gossip on her. E-famous types preying on other e-famous types always seemed lowly to me, especially since Jillian is the new AP girl of the moment. Being like Lor and Peachie and just staying away from the nonsense is just so much better for your public image, their mental health, and is a nice way to measure their character.

No. 30400

This was what I really didn't get about MF. She's a self-admitted seagull, but all it takes for her to bail is too much attention? A lot of people act like she had no idea she would blow up so much, but as someone who has been in the community for so long and goes on /cgl/, she would be well aware that flashing her burando for Deerstalker would get her a lot of recognition in the fashion. She also would be well aware how much worse it could have been and that she's quite fortunate the vast majority of it was so positive.

Also, I find it funny that the other poster(s?) on her side are calling us the immature/childish/low IQ ones. I'm pretty sure it's considered far more immature to ditch your favorite things because you associate it with your days of mostly positive efame then blame it on other people. Not to mention the person who said she was TRAUMATIZED. Best laugh I've had in the entire thread.

No. 30406

Also, Jillian notoriously copies MF in not even remotely subtle ways in most of her Lolita related videos. It would make sense for her to be in this thread.

No. 30460

I said low IQ, sheltered, young. Sorry the IQ bit offended you, must have touched a nerve.

If all you can come up is you think I am MF (or even one of her friends), I hate to break it to you but you make it that much more obvious you are grasping at straws about this. I wasn't trying to whiteknight, I just see opinions like this pop up once in a while and finally decided to say my piece because tbh MF never really had that much drama around her when she was in the middle of e-fame. Some people got butthurt that she purged most of her flist and social media accounts and then opinions like this started popping up. Anyone with half a brain can see this drama isn't even accurate. If she actually did something, I would be all for all this "OMG MF BLABLA" stuff because there would be an actual reason. But I guess it doesn't matter to really thirsty lolitas.

Also no, Jillian is not the new AP girl of the moment. She tried to force herself into lolita fame which got her (good and bad but mostly bad) attention. Now she doesn't even AP. MF might be reading this thread, but Jillian makes enough of a fool out of herself to watch for the lulz, whether she wants to wear MF's skin or not.

I find it interesting how there are multiple posts defending or saying positive things about Jillian all of a sudden though. Hmm.

Again, if you actually read anything MF posted leaving, it wasn't just the attention. Being into lolita in general wasn't making her happy anymore. She only commented about the attention here and there if asked, iirc.

No. 30499

Jesus, why are you so angry? Now I'm convinced you're definitely her or some close friend of a white knight. Looking back at your post, it makes more sense now.

Literally the only good thing I had to say about Jillian is she didn't come here, but I don't actually know that. I think that's more cowardice and "drama sites are scaaary" than having character and good PR to stay away from drama sites, though. I can't stand her as a person otherwise. Why would I be here venting about her otherwise? She comes off as a spoiled bratty princess characters with a weak connection to AP and lolita and so did MF. It's easy to not like Jillian if you didn't like MF and vis versa.

MF is not even relevant really, sorry to disappoint you, anon. She's relevant to Jillian because she tried to copy MF's persona a bit and also left similarly to her, totally tossing her AP obsession away at the drop of drama. The two were big ~so funny gaiz~ Youtube lolita personalities that entered and left the scene very closely to eachother as well.

My question to you is why do you follow her so closely? You mentioned all the mediums you followed her on, two videos and the exact titles she did the spoiled princess persona, how you saw 4chan threads about "people crying she deadded them" which comes off salty. (And isn't true for that matter. People were all wanting know what was going on with her) You seem triggered at the mere idea I call her fake and she totally was. She admits to putting on nothing more than a persona and of course it was. Look at how quickly she threw away lolita. I was a casual fan of hers at one time too, but I didn't like her that much. Way to be transparent. You definitely are her, her white knights, or just some angry super fan at some has-been lolita.

No. 32013

I didn't bother giving you a real reply because I had already addressed every relevent thing you had to say in my prior posts, as have others, and I didn't feel like repeating myself for someone who clearly didn't take it in at all. Also, you are clearly pretty mad about this and have resorted to diminishing people's intelligence for disagreeing with you, when the position that efame wouldn't cause a truly dedicated Lolita to sell off her entire wardrobe and quit should be completely understandable to anyone with a functional brain, and no one was making such insults on the other side.

And where are these multiple posts saying positive things about Jillian? There's two insulting her, but saying she annoys them less than MF.

No. 32015

Seriously, I really hate it when people go "hi -insert name here-" anytime someone is being defended, but if that's not MF, it's the most counterproductive white knight I've ever seen. The typing style and even some of the phrases used are the same, the level of mad is truly impressive, and they follow her so closely. Either it's her or a really good example of why she couldn't handle efame.

No. 32018

Oh yeah, in regards to your statement on why she left: MF came out a few months ago and said that the overwhelming attention was indeed her reason for leaving, and that she couldn't enjoy the fashion for herself anymore because she was buying things based on what she thought people wanted to see from her. She also later said on Facebook that she was "forced" to leave even though she loved it so much. You can find this all on RBT.

No. 32544

Lol I'm not even close to becoming angry. It's funny how you have to resort to such basic trolling. Also, still not MF, but I think it's precious that you seem so convinced. :)

Pointing out evidence that actually exists is not being salty or triggered, it's a shame you don't have the capacity to understand that. Yes I was a fan, so I read her blog, followed her tumblr/instagram and saw her vids on DSP. That's it. You think that's following her closely? Okiedokie.

The only thing I can agree with is yes, MF isn't relevant and she is a has-been since she, um, quit lolita? And yet some anon(s) keep making her relevant for some reason for the weirdest of reasons, as seen in this thread before I even posted.

Where did she say she admitted that the whole time she was putting on a persona? You must be the one who follows her closely if you say that, since she never wrote anything like that from what I've seen. But it makes total sense, after all it's totes normal to fake a persona while being in a hobby for 5-6 years. It's funny how Jillian could barely manage one, MF must be senpai afterall.

I bet it's you who has been posting all that MF drama on cgl over the past what, 6+ months? It's the same butthurt posts about nonexistent reasons. Again, if there is actually a reason to bitch about someone please go right ahead, but all I have seen between you and >>32013 is that she quit lolita because of attention and had a fake persona, when there is proof right on her blog that she planned to quit because she didn't like it as much anymore.

No. 32545

I didn't follow/add her on facebook, so post caps then if what you say is true. Seems you followed her more closely than I.

No. 32548

If Jillian's mom had to come on to lolcow and tell everyone to stop due to how much Jillian must have whined and cried about people hatin, it's kind of obvious she comes here all the time. She's beyond fake. Sorry, your one good thing about her isn't real.

No. 32562

You are just wildly trying to defend everything a few anons say in passing about not liking MF and it's just embarrassing. Everything is just pointing to you being her or some crazy stalker. It's funny how ~not bothered~ you are about this though. You clearly care and are deeply offended.

No. 32581

And it's funny how you can't reply to legitimate points and instead try to bring the attention to me and my motives. Keep on trying, poor little basic. Maybe one day you will learn how to troll for realzies since you are trying so very hard (and failing) with such a small fry subject. But by all means, keep defending your slew that is as fake as Jillian not going on lolcow. :)

No. 32630

As already stated, it's on RBT. It is relatively recent, so you probably won't have too much trouble finding it. I'm not going to spoonfeed you just because you're at the point of denying evidence that you were told how to find in the first place. Also, I don't follow her that closely, I just see what gets posted about her on 4chan.
For someone so not mad, you sure have been needlessly insulting people throughout the entire conversation when no one was doing that to your side at first. You also really can't accept the basic concept we've been trying to get across that if you really love Lolita, you won't quit because if efame. That's pretty much all we've been saying and that's apparently so offensive to you, that you feel the need to write huge walls if text in her defence and belittle our intelligence.

Also, once again, as already stated (can you not read?) she herself has said that she really left because of the efame, she just didn't want a big thing of it, so she wanted her departure to look more normal. If you reread her initial blog post, you'll notice the reason given was feeling too much was expected of her and that she wasnt doing it for herself anymore. She later elaborated and said she really loved Lolita, but was at the point of making purchases and coords based on what fans wanted to see. Just like the FB caps where she says she was forced to leave by efame, you will find all this on RBT.

And be less of a gigantic faggot. "Poor little basic", trolling accusations, and smiley faces? Really? It's like talking to a 15 year old.

Honestly, I don't think you're MF just because she would know how to whiteknight herself better. Your faggotry is just making her and her fanbase look bad.

No. 32631

It was already confirmed that wasn't actually Jillian's mom, just a troll imitating her.

No. 32702

who confirmed? Admin?

No. 32826

Both the troll and Jillian. Plus, they were posting at what would have been 2am their time on a weekday, so people were suspicious to begin with.

No. 32850

This thread is honestly so disgusting. It's devoted to mocking someone innocent and a minor, no less. I know Jillian in real life and she is a very sweet person. Hate like this isn't warranted. So what if her videos rub you the wrong way? That's more of a problem with you and you should just stop watching them. She's doing something that makes her happy and harms no one. The fact that you're all butthurt enough to come on here and trash her for fun just shows the sort of people that you are. I just don't understand the point in being vicious; no one benefits from it. If you need to trash anyone, trash someone who's actually been a bad person. I know that this will be brushed off and mocked etc., but I really want you to think about this. Think about how much better you could be doing than this. I know that online communities like this are full of hate and will probably never change, but at least move your hate to some who's, you know, actually done something wrong.

No. 32851

What are you even talking about? Let's infer someone was just a random anon posting hate on /cgl/ for "6+ months" about Milky Fawn, which seems like an awfully specific thing you've been keeping track of again. That means you either hunt down Milky Fawn drama or you ARE her and look yourself up on /cgl/ or white knight her on an obsessive level. On /cgl/, I'd say the "big drama" has been Kate, LACE, and Anime Matsuri type threads, but even those do not last especially long. Anyone who frequents /cgl/ the past six months would know that much.

You are highly paranoid and talk like her in the fact you're bothered. What are you doing seeking out Milky Fawn drama long after she's left? Why do you care? Sure there might be some people on there that still do. How would you know unless you seek it out THAT much?

No. 32859

nah, what happened is that someone began imitating her after it had originally happened and we knew it was fake because of the time and some of the stuff she said. the original one could very well have been her mom. also jllian never said anything about it afaik besides that facebook post that didnt really address it.

No. 32861

Guys, there's a saint in the thread!

No. 32873

I admit to liking gossip and not really liking her, but I don't hate her or anything. I'd say most people here don't. I think she should honestly be grateful enough to be cared enough about to have her own thread like this. It usually means you've become kind of a noteable e-celeb with something to talk about. Boring people don't make it here. I know it's not the most positive place, mostly a place to rant on, but I don't see any harm in doing that especially away from her view. Would you rather us be on her Youtube videos making these comments or on her Facebook?

No. 32876

nayrt but
>I think she should honestly be grateful enough to be cared enough about to have her own thread like this

you're fucking brain damaged.

No. 32886

Oh, we caught ourselves a sensitive one here. Angry your little friend gets talked about? Get off the fucking internet then if you're so made of glass.

No. 32906

Some people really enjoy others talking about them at all, even in this type of context. There's something that appeals to them about having complete strangers care enough about them to follow what they do so closely and feel the need to talk about how much they don't like them in detail. I can see the appeal in the idea, but I've seen shit talking and rumors escalate to literally life ruining levels too many times to glamorize that "no such thing as bad publicity" mindset.

No. 32939

>but at least move your hate to some who's, you know, actually done something wrong.
That's why her thread was moved from /pt/ to /snow/, you silly.

Honestly though, people gossip about others everyday in real life. Even the nicest people complain about individuals who might rub them the wrong way for whatever reason. The only difference in putting yourself out on the internet is that you have a window into all the nasty things people say about you. You must have had someone you went to school with or a coworker who you didn't like just because of their personality and mannerisms.

No. 32945

Didn't you see the way her eyes lit up in her LACE video when she was explaining how the mean lolitas had noticed her?

No. 33035

I'm not her friend, moron. I'm just calling the bullshit out as I see it.

Not a lolita. Bunch of toxic, catty bitches. This thread is further proof.

No. 33049

File: 1442492837496.jpg (55.56 KB, 500x333, 1400949590138.jpg)

>on a website solely dedicated to talking shit about random people on the internet
>Not a lolita. Bunch of toxic, catty bitches. This thread is further proof.

I bet you judge the entire fashion based on what you read on /cgl/ too.

Also, there's multiple lolitas who came in here and said Jillian didn't do enough to deserve a lolcow thread before you did without the holier-than-thou attitude. And you don't really have the right to act so self-righteous when you're branding everyone in a subculture you know nothing about as catty toxic bitches based on what you see on Chan sites.

No. 33051

>didn't see the LACE video
Then your entire opinion is invalid and you have no idea what the fuck you're even talking about.

No. 33651

File: 1442611732936.jpg (129.26 KB, 494x582, unnamed1.jpg)

Drawing her with an ugly man face seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst her fans.

No. 34134

No. 34136

It's the winners of her contest. And apparently she has a job with Disney?

No. 34146

I think she's just referring to the fact that she has a YouTube partnership with Maker Studios, which is owned by Disney. Although it's an interesting way to tell your work that you want more time off to make internet videos.

No. 34794

is anyone else surprised by who won?
the second one i understand, but the other two.. not so much

No. 34796


She obviously didn't want anyone who was either prettier or better at coordinating outfits than her to win.

No. 34838

her hair looks so nasty bitch touch up your roots for christ sake

No. 34844

File: 1442780105457.jpg (189.19 KB, 852x487, comments.jpg)

Agreed. Especially with the first one it was like she picked the tackiest most hideous ones.
lol @ the people questioning her choices in the comments.

No. 34894

Her makeup and hair are absolutely disgusting in that video.

No. 34896

File: 1442788061812.png (535.7 KB, 485x579, tyu.png)

No. 34945


>pixie fam


Does anyone hate how people surround themselves with the most hugboxy fans and get all sappy like this? I couldn't even get to the end of the video because of how she spoke on and on about how she loved how they made ~her~ feel. This is why I hate Youtube personalities and have never gotten into celebrities. The worst thing you can do as one is surround yourself with an echo chamber.

Also, why are her fans choosing her next hair color? Didn't she literally just do this, do a tutorial on it, and say she loved it?

No. 34953

>pixie fam
She isn't even that fucking well known. I had no idea who she was until I lurked more on lolcow. And why is she asking random strangers to choose her hair color? She's so uncreative. Her mom needs to get her away from the computer.

No. 35336

i've only watched the first few minutes, but she claims to have friends yet goes on to say that she only hangs out with tristan (her boyfriend). i feel like she's lying lmao

No. 35475

I'm not sure what kind of idiot you have to be to be this girls fan. She has no back bone, if she did she wouldn't leave Lolita so fast as soon as shit went south. She's unoriginal as fuck just copy-pasta anything and everything. Doesn't fund any of her clothes herself. I'm sure she has friends, but she lives in PEI most of the people who are her friends and are in nearby provinces.

No. 35704

I assume everyone has seen the sweet rebel parody right? Anyone know if Jillian has made any response? She was quick to defend Isucky.

No. 35755

>bleached her hair again

It's like she wants her hair to fall out. I doubt she did a color stripper and just bleached over all the rainbow dye.

No. 35760

She is so fucking annoying, I cannot get past the first 3-4 minutes of this video.

No. 35965

File: 1443030457696.png (376.42 KB, 432x578, Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 1.43…)

i wish she wouldn't shoop her nose like this. it makes her nose look weird and pinched-in. she looks better in her videos than in all the badly edited selfies she takes.

No. 36332

What parody?Send a link to it.

No. 36533

Look up the Carly LACE parody on youtube.

No. 38082

Jillian is proof that as long as you have good camera and editing skills that you can become popular because her videos have no real substance at all, they're boring, mindnumbingly basic and she rambles like is drunk or needs Adhd medicine.

No. 40427

Wonder if she was inspired by k8?

No. 40445

Christ, so basically she wants people to pay for her to go to Japan?

No. 40457

File: 1444354634438.jpg (33.46 KB, 641x960, 12065661_1181114461902547_7306…)

What is with her posture in this photo? It looks just awful and it's really bothering me.

The funny (or sad?) thing is she'll probably get more money and support with this than Kate's 1$ documentary campaign.

No. 41820

Is it just me or is she not that great at walking in heels?

No. 41824

I noticed that too. Especially in that first pair, it looks like she's going to hurt herself.

No. 42252

I feel like it isn't even a haul, considering a lot of things are 2+ years

No. 42301

File: 1444695051469.jpg (66.6 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

what the fuck is that shit in her scalp. it literally looks like an infestation of lice.

No. 42341


No. 42765

Yikes! You're right, that looks nasty. Especially since it's just in her part and nowhere else.

Apparently she was inspired by this video. I'm not a huge fan of the look to begin with, but the way Jillian executed it makes it look like she has some kind of awful scalp condition.

No. 43085

File: 1444862724605.jpg (62.8 KB, 519x810, waytogo.jpg)

Remember the time she accidentally posted nudes.

No. 43087

>just casually looking at swankiss I'm the tub, my life is so larme its not posed at all

No. 43088

It's so forced

No. 44063

>"…at age 17 it is difficult to earn money"
>"…and I have recently taken fewer hours at my job to allow myself to further focus on Youtube (that's you guys!) and fashion blogging."
>that's you guys!

Is she seriously trying to justify prioritizing efame over her real job to the people she's asking for money from? She's 17 and lives with her parents, it's not like she has bills to pay. Minimum wage in P.E.I. is currently $10.35/hour and going up to 10.50 on Canada Day. It really shouldn't be that hard to save up $5000 even if she only takes a couple shifts a week.

No. 44064

Sorry, correction: it has already increased to $10.50

No. 44068

She's kinda of blaming her "fans" and how she feels she has to appease them in a way. It's sad that the internet is a priority to her over her actual real life dreams. If that's how she feels then she doesn't really deserve the money at all. I was trying to like Jillian because I thought her whole kitschy larme schtick would move her in a better direction but nah.

No. 44074

I hate photos like this. I always want the laptop to fall into the tub. stupid idiots

No. 44075

I know she's young, but that's not really an excuse to not know how to properly put on fucking makeup. it always looks so crusty. and that glitty in her scalp looks like dandruff.

No. 44084

Wow, that looks so crusty and sticky. This girl used half her bottle of hairgel. Wtf

No. 44086

File: 1444886630313.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

>mfw minimum wage is more there than it is in NYC
this is why I can barely survive here. Fuck jillian is a spoiled little shit.

No. 44169

No. 44171

I'm almost completely sure that I've heard that Maker Studios is a giant scam that promises you efamez and $$$$ in return for money and complete control over your youtube. lol, good job jillian.

No. 44180

You can see her reflection in the metal thing her feet are resting on.

No. 44215

Looks like Rainbow Brite ran over her head with her bike tire.

No. 44274

Thanks for the genuine chuckle, anon. I didn't notice before, but it totally does look like a tire track.

No. 44393

Quick google of "maker studios scam" validates what you heard anon. Not even going to link because there are literally dozens of posts warning people not to partner with this shady a f company.
>in one comment a person says she even gave them her social security number
>mfw someone was even dumber than Jillian
>mfw i have no face

No. 45560

She's developed her own style now. It's called party-kei, which I guess consists of "kitchsy fun expermental hairstyles, some rosettes, magical girl elements, and (too much) glitter on the part of your hair".

That's fine and dandy but instead of going thrift shopping to find something cute to wear (which is very unlikey) just make something cute, or find it in a actual store?And please don't put a shitload of glitter on the part of your hair bc it will just look like dandruff or WORSE.Jillain's even tagged something as "glitter dandruff" on her tumblr now.

There's nothing wrong with liking fashion, or even wearing that fashion but trying to make a fashion of your own and putting it out there where it's pretty loose and easy to point out what's wrong with it is a bad idea.Yeah, you can do what you want and be happy but don't introduce people to something that looks messed up, like too much cosmetic glitter under your eyes, stars under your eyes that are too big.

I like lolita fashion, larme and fairy kei brands but I'm not going to wear it on my body bc I'm not going to be materialisic, and have my parents spend money on a expensive fashion like I'm a selfish spoiled ungrateful brat when I'm going to let those clothes sit in my closet, while I'm going to want more clothes, and spend time looking at them.

I like Jillian but only bc her family spends so much money on her, the colors she dyes her hair, her personality, and she's cute to me.She does have a huge ego for e-fame, and she messes up fashions like larme and what she's trying to do now, but I don't hate her.

No. 45586

You're not making much sense anon. You'd consider yourself a materialistic ungrateful spoiled brat for partaking in a fashion that your parents finance for you, yet you like Jillian for those exact reasons?

No. 46274

Yeah. Jillian's e-fame hungry and spoiled but I can't do what she's doing.It's not practical.I want to give back to my parents.

Most people in expensive j-fashions don't seem spoiled bc they buy their own dresses but e-fame hungry or not you're still going to be materialistic.You were just fine before you discovered j-fashion, you're not going to die without it.

No. 46275

Yeah. Jillian's e-fame hungry and spoiled but I can't do what she's doing.It's not practical.I want to give back to my parents.

Most people in expensive j-fashions don't seem spoiled bc they buy their own dresses but e-fame hungry or not you're still going to be materialistic.You were just fine before you discovered j-fashion, you're not going to die without it.

No. 46296

>I'm not going to wear it on my body bc I'm not going to be materialisic, and have my parents spend money on a expensive fashion like I'm a selfish spoiled ungrateful brat when I'm going to let those clothes sit in my closet, while I'm going to want more clothes, and spend time looking at them.
You sound underage. You realise this page is 18+?

>j-fashion is sooo expensive only sopiled rich people can afford it!!

>I'm not like those materialistic j-fashion people, I am so much better, duh

No. 46497

What does this even have to do with Jillian though? It sounds like you're just buttmad because you've never been able to afford to dress how you want so you console yourself with faux altruism while simultaneously love-hating Jillian for being able to have what you've always wanted.

No. 46592

I'm not mad, I just don't want to do something useless.I can afford it, but it's not going to make me happy, not even for a day.If I was butthurt I'd be like "I hate Jillian with her stupid face and pretentious attitude SO MUCH!" by now I'd probably just sigh or roll my eyes whenever I saw her do something I didn't like how do with the people I hate.Or do this :)

No. 46702

K but no one cares. This is a thread about Jillian, not you and your inability to enjoy something without being holier-than-thou about it to everyone else. We don't care if you think it's materialistic or useless, we don't care if you can or can't afford it. You're on a website where the predominant people we talk about are in some way involved with fashion, from modelling to youtube, and many people here are involved in it themselves too. So all of this weird humblebragging of yours about how anti-materialism you are is seriously falling on deaf ears. We just simply don't give a shit. It's not on topic, it doesn't further the discussion of the thread, so unless you have something better to contribute, go start a blog or something.

No. 48060

New Video about the Sugar Heart Wand from Sailor Moon.It's 22 years old.It's pretty boring.I kinda want to see vlogs from her, a roomtour, wardrobe..etc.


No. 48144

File: 1445586861939.jpg (26.06 KB, 960x636, kjndfvcnxmjweks gnda..jpg)

What's with that neckline?

No. 48188

WHat's with the terrible glitter make up? This shit needs to stop, or at least be excecuted in a much better way.

No. 48350

File: 1445640347700.png (543.5 KB, 1280x848, tumblr_nwncwxDr0c1qfdplwo2_128…)

I'm more concerned about the awkward fit of her pants, at first glance I thought she had insane camel toe lol

No. 48373

i sorta dig the whole pink hair soft glitter look, just not on her

No. 48452

I saw that too, but the shirt neckline pissed me off a lot because she made it and is going to be selling those. It would be one thing if it was a purposeful cowl neck, but it isn't, which means it's just messy.

No. 48471

Anyone know where I could get fabric like this? I'm not a fan of jillian's fashion, although I do like the material of the top.

No. 48814

File: 1445749163712.jpg (122.91 KB, 485x602, pixiebucks.jpg)

>"Please give me money so I can keep frittering it away on crap I don't need!"

No. 49100

File: 1445805224902.png (693.28 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Captions go so wrong sometimes.

No. 49103


I agree.

I don't hate her, she is spoiled and I think she DOES work. But she's still a brat.

I hate how she messes up Larme, it isn't Larme and she doesn't suit it either.

But you can tell she's desperate af

No. 49121

does anyone else think that big lottes made this post?

No. 49125

I really wish her mom would take responsibility and stop enabling her poor spending habits.
If Jillian really cares about her ~dream trip~ to Japan, maybe she should actually put some effort into saving up instead of posting on facebook about being broke because she blew all her money on overpriced makeup.

No. 49226

Her parents are just going to pay for the trip anyway. Like everything else.

No. 51225

when she says "friends" shes probably referring to the white knight cucks who defend everything she does.

No. 53488

File: 1446496325914.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.32 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

I liked her hair better when it was pink and lilac.Did she shoop this picture?

No. 53489

Whoops I fucked up.

No. 53492

Jeez that looks fried. I wonder if she bleached over it again to get the previous colour out.

No. 53572

Probably.Yeah, that doesn't look healthy at all.

No. 53603

Coming from someone who has managed to fuck up their hair a few times, and I can get not wanting to chop off length but this is short hair. and it's worse than my length has ever been. How can the ne growth of a fringe be so fucked
:( and How the hell can she think it's okay to bleach her hair again and again.. just ugh. She needs to stop.

No. 53628

File: 1446520686163.jpg (107.89 KB, 492x584, pixie1.jpg)

Erm… I have one of those headbands in blue and I use it to hold back my hair when I'm washing my face or putting on makeup. Is she seriously going to wear it out? Is this actually a real 'style'?

No. 53670

I've seen a lot of girls with similar hairbands last winter. They are supposed to keep your ears warm when you don't want to wear a hat (for example if you wear your hair in an updo or want to prevent it from getting messy).

No. 53845

Thanks for enlightening me. I actually live in a very cold climate but I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear this particular style of headband as winterwear. Maybe trends are just slow to catch on here. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them this year.

No. 53916

Yes, I saw loads of knitted/crochet bands like that last year and it wasn't even that cold.

No. 54192

I've seen knitted and crocheted versions of a headband meant to keep your ears warm but this looks like a straight up towel.

No. 54194

Her hair is so dry. I can visually see that brittleness.

No. 54292

File: 1446679361415.png (242.55 KB, 443x553, 989898.png)

Gurl just buy some normal boots and put the rest of that money towards your Japan trip

No. 54370

File: 1446688043830.jpg (92.09 KB, 479x217, pixieboots.jpg)

>picking a pair of velvet ankle boots to wear in the snow all winter
I'm just so absolutely flabbergasted at her stupidity.

2/3 of these options barely even qualify as boots (at least for the winter seasons).

How about instead of searching for kawaii boots online, go out to a store and buy a pair that was actually designed for your climate?

No. 54484

These are all awful choices. I kind of recently just got over my sweet phase and know it's hard to find boots in a pastel color, but you really do need to pick function or anything else. Why not some nice white winter boots that'll actually work? Those platforms would be a hazard on ice if anything.

No. 54821

File: 1446812755216.jpg (147.46 KB, 952x550, 3434444444.jpg)

I wonder what her classmates/teachers think of her

No. 54823


I can't say I'm envious, put it that way.

No. 54862

Looks like fairy grandma in the spa aesthetic.

No. 54884

I like her hair that color, but ffs she bleached it so much. I doubt she uses a color stripper and probably bleaches over the color which destroys your hair.

No. 54885

Dayum she put on a lot of weight since she started trying to get efame. Dem thighs.

No. 54989

This style is just so unappealing.

No. 55108

I was just going to say that… how sad.

No. 55154

File: 1446862077002.jpg (93.38 KB, 502x1000, 61g3vqnv4nL._SL1000_.jpg)

lmao yeah. I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a spa headband, not… whatever it is she's doing with it.

No. 55191

Why is she wearing a fur coat, and a fluffy headband while wearing summer clothes?It definitely clashes.

But yeah, I'd love to know what her teachers and classmates think of her.If I came to school dressed in alternate fashion I'd be a nervous wreck bc the people at my school are horrible.

No. 55275

File: 1446908093427.jpeg (150.8 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

She made it on the local newspaper, somehow. The title though.

No. 55279

>> 55725
Well..she lives on a tiny island in Canada, she dresses differently enough to catch someone's eye.Her fame has been successful bc her clothes are cute and expensive, and her personality is nice.AND DON'T ANY OF YOU DARE 'Hi Jillian.' ME. This is just a theory and it makes since.

No. 55303

>But to 22,000 people around the world who subscribe to her channel on YouTube, she is Pixielocks, a fashion video blogger, known for her friendly, outgoing personality and pastel palette.


No. 55312

I just watched her new video and… she eats her eyeshadow. What.

No. 55322

No. 55332

No. 55334

No. 55357

No. 55367

Goodness, she's awfully homely.

No. 55437

HOLY FUCK, a wild FETUS Jillian appears!!!

No. 55715

Did she just say 'fam'?

also I came here because someone posted caps of her humblebragging about being some important lolita in the LACE/kate thread

No. 55716

>>55715 I forgot to mention how atrocious she looks in that video holy shit I think this is definitely rock bottom in terms of her style

and she's not getting any smarter lmao what a boring fate

No. 55759

Her hair looks so greasy here. What is it with jfash youtubers and not washing their hair?

No. 55821

The question is who told the newspaper about her channel getting picked up? I bet it was her mum.

No. 55834

omg I'm catching it. She's trying to transition into being a colorful graveyardgirl. Everything about this has flavors of bunny (stupid faces, way of speaking, general annoying levels) She's been like slowly getting weirder and I couldnt pin it but I think that's it tbh

No. 55847

aw, this is cute!
>tfw i was never a theatre kid

No. 55848

No. 55849

No. 55852

jillian rocking out on the piano


No. 55883

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so!

Wow, she seems like she's really in her element in these videos. Obviously she was always into alternative fashion, but here it seems so much more natural somehow? Like she's doing things because she genuinely enjoys them -regardless of what everyone else is doing- rather than trying to force herself into a mold.

No. 55906


Damn, I agree with you. I'd love to see Jillian allow this side of her to reflect more in her youtube. I had no idea she had any musical talent at all. It would do her and her channel so much good to approach fashion as naturally as she seems to approach her other hobbies.

No. 55907

She's pretty talented. I'm surprised. I also actually like her punk look more than her current style.

No. 55919

She mentions in one of her earlier vids, the "how lolita are you" quiz one i think? That her mom was trying to get her in the newspaper for being a lolita. Guess momma vessey got her little angel's name in lights after all kek

No. 56280

She quit her job, so I guess her mom is most likely paying for her trip now…

No. 56283

yeah shes okay but shes not super talented, shes not even the main star of the show. she cant sing that well, but she does have spunk about her

No. 56341

Apparently she is friends with gutterface so any scrap of possible respect I could have had for her has gone out the window.

No. 56483

File: 1447191524107.jpeg (30.36 KB, 768x179, image.jpeg)

Jillian NO☁️☁️☁️☁️

No. 56484

So she's just going to full on expect her fans to buy her way to Tokyo, if not her mom? Here I was trying to like her tbh

No. 56501

File: 1447195135140.jpg (77.14 KB, 1024x576, wat.jpg)

not sure if people have seen this, but her boyfriend also runs a twitter called "pixiesays" and it's so cringey.


>"It was good. It tasted like bread, felt like daggers. What did you expect?"

wh-what? why would you make a twitter about this?

No. 56508

>run by her partner, Tristan.
OK, what is up with this? Princess Peachie calls her boyfriend "partner," too. Do they need to feel special despite not being gay or what? Just call him boyfriend, damn.

No. 56512

I think a lot of girls call their bf their partner because they've been together for a long time that they are more than a boyfriend.

No. 56514

File: 1447196773295.png (299.35 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Just a boyfriendo tho.

No. 56515

I'd say there's nothing wrong with boyfriend. Usually older people have an issue with that word and I understand that much, but she's still super young and hasn't been with him that long. Partner is usually a term for a homosexual relationship and makes people think it's something out of the ordinary if you introduce them like that. Is she trying to add some LGBT slant to it to sound more snowflakey? I hope she doesn't go SJW.

No. 56610

Yes, this is what I was implying. It's funny to me. If anything it's ~~appropriating gay culture.~~

Literally never heard of this until these two I mentioned. Most people say "significant other"/SO.

No. 56629

What a great role model.

No. 56630

It's so hard to earn money when you're 17! Especially when you're not even going to make an effort~!

No. 56634

IDK, I don't think it's "appropriating." I call my "boyfriend" of ~8.5 years my "partner" sometimes because "boyfriend" doesn't feel serious enough and "significant other" just feels awkward. I don't think there's a good term for what he is to me. He's basically my husband, but we're not legally married, so I don't want to give the wrong impression and call him my "husband" even though I'd like to.

I read an article a while back on this subject. I don't remember much of it except for the term "fusband" ("faux husband" or "future husband" or something), which sounds fucking awful.

No. 56709

Really? Never heard of that. I'm gay and the only time I heard partner was if you're in a same sex relationship or if you're talking about your partner of a CEO or business partner, but straight couples do have the privilege to say boyfriend or girlfriend without anyone questioning them. I personally don't use partner. I use girlfriend (getting married in a few months thankfully, so it will be wife soon) but in the past I've had to confirm I mean my lover/girlfriend as a lesbian to straight people and it's annoying. They're no real reason for them to use partner to mean their boyfriend.

No. 56710

Maybe you should get engaged or married then? Partner really is a gay term.

No. 56719

File: 1447252208894.png (1.5 MB, 1280x930, tumblr_nxj2rnbxob1qfdplwo1_128…)

No. 56722

I call my boyfriend my boyfriend, if that makes sense. We have a house together, a one year old, been together for ten and a half years. We're in a serious relationship and we will get married someday, but I have no problem calling him my boyfriend.

However it's personal and if you call him your partner, that's fine too!

No. 56742

File: 1447256494529.png (489.14 KB, 1505x807, 1447205871400.png)

Taken from girlyhoot's thread. I have to admit, I sorta of liked jillian(and found her her annoying sometimes) before i saw this pic. Seeing this has made me dislike her. She comes off as a "too faced bitch" insulting someone else she has no problems with and especially for siding with Kate after all the shit she's pulled. This is also hypocritical after claiming she wont be involved in the Lolita comm and claimed to be anti-bullying

No. 56760


okay. i don't like or dislike jillian but what really pisses me off is when she's dressed for winter on the top half of her body and summer on the bottom. how is that outfit keeping her warm?? it doesn't look good, it just looks like she forgot to put her pants or tights on jfc stop it.

No. 56825

It's a popular trend going on in Japan rn specifically with larme.

No. 56828

I agree with you. The fur coat + jelly shoes combo looks really sloppy and dumb. Especially with those socks.

No. 56832

Damn she looks old af

No. 56857

Dem jawls, looks like a grandma.

No. 56862


they might wash their kawaii out

No. 56863

It looks like retirement home attire.

No. 56871

No it isn't, partner is just a gender neutral term for someone you're in a (long term) romantic relationship with. You can say "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" for a same sex relationship too, so that makes no sense. Sage for OT.

No. 56888

Significant other is the best thing to say in any relationship straight, gay, whatever.

No. 56906

She looks like a middle-aged woman who escaped from the psychiatric hospital and is trying to look inconspicuous…

No. 56910

wtf, everybody calls their boyfriend (LTR) their partner in my country…

No. 56911

holyshit, I understand personal style, but that's only if you're not a tryhard snowflake like Jill and this is actually a mess.

No. 56912

Seriously. Jillian is just trying to be different, but she is being a piece of shit really

No. 59266

File: 1447541627811.jpeg (84.56 KB, 768x444, image.jpeg)

This look is not only cute on her, but also cute.

No. 59274

her hair looks so cute in this

No. 59275

Oops I meant to say "This look is not only cute on her, but cool." Lmao.

No. 59297

I liked her sort of tomboy punk phase. This feels kind of like a combo of her current self and that. I like it in this pic as well.

No. 59305


I had no idea looking like an old lady was considered "cute" nowadays.

No. 59310

..what? i like the hair. the clothes aren't cute imo but short+wavy hair doesn't equal grandma.

No. 59426

File: 1447558789586.png (23.78 KB, 485x375, 7498739879873.png)

No. 59429

She's friends with Kate apparently. Do you think the recent drama she's seen made her quit officially?

No. 59501

Hasn't she stopped being/wearing Lolita a while ago? She's been selling stuff for a while now. I can't find it right now but I'm sure the screencap is in this thread; a sales post from her FB where she states she's leaving Lolita.

No. 59608

File: 1447625550640.jpg (88.95 KB, 560x552, U9KDarG.jpg)

No. 59616

… Why doesn't she just find a job that allows dyed hair? Is this hard in Canada or something?

No. 59639

What do you want to bet her coworkers were getting really fed up with her so her superiors just used the coloured hair thing as an excuse to get rid of her?

Not really. I see lots of people working in different retail chains and even restaurants with dyed hair. It could vary from province to province, though.

No. 59641

this bitch will go to montreal
no pls
; _ ; why

No. 59655

Yeah it absolutely sounds like a random excuse made up to fire her without revealing the real motive.

No. 59673

>What do you want to bet her coworkers were getting really fed up with her so her superiors just used the coloured hair thing as an excuse to get rid of her?

It's either that or they started feeling ill seeing all this nasty new hair vomit she has been doing lately. She looks straight up insane.

No. 59753

Wow, she actually looks really adorable here imo

No. 59811

Maybe they just didn't appreciate her glitter dandruff?

No. 59935

Wow that just sounds stupid and impractical.
Why would you quit your job over something stupid like "We don't allow dyed hair"? Just dye it a natural color and stop frying your hair for once, or go get a new job.
And "stay afloat :o"? She's 17 and she does things like buy expensive colors and shoes and stays at a hotel with her boyfriend just for a convention all at her parents' expense.
I could understand if she was saving up for college or bills or something that's going to come soon so she could give back to her parents w/o making them fund things, but why?
And she's only sold 7 items in her store.

No. 59971

File: 1447712365977.png (510.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-16-18-14-15…)


Good luck in the winter like what

No. 60026

She lives in Canada right? Enjoy the broken ankles from the ice/snowdrifts and freezing to the point of being numb toesies. …impractical hahaha.

No. 60042

>stay afloat
Lmao yeah, I agree.
I figure she's trying to paint herself as being super independant and not-at-all spoiled in an attempt to coerce some poor naive individuals into donating to her Patreon.

No. 60153

Platform boots seem to be the thing for tumblr fashion. lol I can already imagine her breaking her heel in the snow

No. 60171

I live in Atlantic Canada too and it is hard enough walking in flat shoes during winter. From what I have seen she seems to always have someone to shofer her around, maybe they carry her to the door too.

No. 60214

the word is spelled "chauffeur" anon
though with winter coming soon and those impractical boots she's gonna need a SNOWfer

No. 60224

i am a white people and these are some srs white people problems and i am embarrassed

No. 60226

you should get that multiple personality disorder checked, man.

No. 60341

awe that is embarrassing

No. 60568

I was always wondering what kind of person actually buys things from dollskill, and now I know: tryhards like Jillian.

No. 60569


You sound poor and boring

No. 60571

>that klingon forehead
Who would upload that?

No. 60574

File: 1447877096600.png (50.46 KB, 172x141, rollin.png)

No. 60580

Dollskill is mostly a glorified taobao seller, sorry that not buying from them isn't edgy desu enough

No. 60628

>glorified taobao seller
they carry stuff like unif lol, maybe a couple things are from are taobao like phonecases but most stuff are brands. a lot of the stuff is ugly tbh but there's some cute stuff once in a while

No. 60649

File: 1447896439590.png (906.04 KB, 987x597, 32.png)

No. 60656

>pixie fam
>pixie squad
God please stop.

No. 60658

The whole pixie fam, pixie squad thing is sort of cringey, but the art really isn't terrible for being from a high school kid honestly, and it's for charity, so that's nice.

No. 60693

Did her art skills improve?

It would have been better with a nice background and better writing/typographie(?). Also the two hair strands next to the face look weird.

She does have some potential, maybe she should focus mre on some actual skills rather than browsing kawaii fashion stores and IG all day.

No. 60703

File: 1447940081492.jpg (116.71 KB, 960x960, 11047941_10153483283648814_531…)

Maybe a bit OT but… What about her "partner"?
I was lurking on CoF and saw his pic. She gave up on lolita, but what about him?

Of course I think she made him do it, but I was just curious…

No. 60712

He needs a new face.

No. 60734

She just was dressed up by him. That thirst with him in it has a ton of likes. Straight lolitas are so thirsty.

No. 60754

They have replica AP bags and such, so I refuse to support them.

No. 61000

File: 1448064180683.png (535.24 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

She doesn't seem to be foud of her bangs lately.

No. 61231

File: 1448159545422.png (521.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-21-21-29-47…)

New video.

No. 61236

God, why does she look like a frumpy twenty something lady? The long hair suited her so much better sigh.

No. 62959

Someone help her with her hair please she's too cute for this bullshit

No. 62961

Her face is sagging already…

No. 63265

this hair makes me want to puke lol

No. 63267

Her hair doesn't look bad with waves but I wish she left the fringe straight. The wavy fringe doesn't look cute.

No. 63393

She sounds stupid complaining about the lolita boots. It's just freaking boots. No need to keep talking about it.

And she is going to break an ankle.

No. 63621


No. 63624

thread for gutterface here >>18928
I'm pretty sure Jillian commissioned him a while back

No. 63701

>"I'm probably going to end up buying the other two because I have no control"

I'll admit that this stems a bit from jealousy, but damn this really pisses me off. She tries to get people to give her handouts on Patreon for her 'dream trip', then shamelessly blows ridiculous amounts of money on makeup and overpriced impractical shoes.

I honestly blame her mother for her dumb entitled spending habits. Obviously she never taught Jillian to have any sort of self-control when it comes to differentiating between the stuff she wants, the stuff she needs, and the stuff that's just a waste of money. This is the problem with having a mum who wants to be a 'friend' rather than an actual parent.

No. 63744

Ewwww that means she owns some of gutterface's period blood.

No. 64045

File: 1448417254040.png (870.2 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

I really don't like Jillian's new look.It's pretty bland and getting less ~kawaii~.
Although I like a few of Melaine Martinez's songs, I don't like her.Some of her song titles, and things that she does makes her seem like a age player shit.

No. 64075

awful post, please don't post here again

No. 64077

You're joking right? Anon didn't say anything bad.

No. 64078


No. 64101

File: 1448429772226.gif (9.74 KB, 95x110, 315bf725e5b07ed04c8e346159ff68…)


nah, was just a pixel thing http://fav.me/d6dwsif

No. 64105

Actually mad about her new look. She was kawaii as fuck and now she looks like a 14 year old tumblr tard who does way to harsh makeup. Fucccccck.

No. 64141

>"I'm a little jealous"
>please don't post here again


No. 64351

Well yeah, some of it IS ageplay/adult baby/fetish shit. She has done shoots with pacifiers and everything.

No. 64389

Damn. She's really giving the people in the "most tumblr-looking motherfucker" thread a run for their money.

No. 64418

I'm mad too! Fuck she used to be cute.

No. 64445

File: 1448489750382.jpg (84.15 KB, 1080x1080, ew.jpg)

>"chilly jilly"
I hate this look and this whole tumblrcore shit she's doing now
she used to be so cute…and now look at this shitty makeup

No. 64450

Her lips are a really weird shape. It's like she has a small cupid's bow on the bottom as well as the top.

And I agree, that makeup looks god awful.

No. 64473

Ugh everything about this outfit and her makeup is awful.
-Too much blush.
-Nose contouring?
-Too much eyeshadow and ott
-Hot pink lipstick
-Fried hair.
-That fluffy hair and she's wearing out as a accessory.
-Her messy up-do.
-Fur coat.
It's just too flashy and overblown, definitely tumblr-kei.

No. 64579

I don't know who I hate more; her or her ass kissing followers.

No. 64580

WTF is that blush contouring?!

No. 64582

Holy fuck it looks like she's added 10+ years onto her face. Also kinda looks like a broke 80's hooker

No. 64689

I think each part of her makeup is tolerable, but put together she just looks like some washed up stripper.
I'm also so mad that she's wearing this towel thing as a headband, get a knit headband, they're comfy enough.

No. 64738

She buys tacky overpriced shoes but still doesn't have even a halfway decent mic. If vlogging is her job now, doesn't that make her kinda unprofessional?

No. 64807

She's on teen vogue now? Is this a result of her signing to maker studios or something?

No. 64997

Maybe. Whatever the reason, her's is definitely the worst looking out of all the examples they displayed. Especially with the condition of her hair and her fading, uneven dye it really just looks like dandruff on her.

No. 65070

Why do almost all the girls have the same stupid hairstyle?

No. 65695

That's exactly why I asked because i'm sure they could have found a better example. The photo doesn't only look low quality/unprofessional but the 'hair glitter' itself is poorly represented so you know, it looks kinda out of place for arguably the world's most respected teen magazine? not even trying to be bitter but w/e

No. 67518

File: 1449198991504.png (623.96 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

New video.

No. 67544

Glitter roots is an idiotic trend. It always looks like bad dandruff.

No. 67545

Because they all follow the same trends and have zero originality.

No. 67556

It's almost unwatchable. Bitch needs a new mic.

No. 67568



No. 67569

bitch was never gonna be kawaii anyway, nose is fucked. this is for the best.

No. 67571

Same exact thing came to my mind….kawaii dandruff desu ^-^

No. 69004

File: 1449572644509.png (559.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-08-06-01-16…)

New vid.

No. 69116

God she looks terrible. That blue makes her mouth look giant.

No. 69126

Are these lipsticks any good? I see a lot of people talking about them as alternatives to things like Lime Crime. I just want to know how they shape up to other brands. I can't stand people like Jillian reviewing because they just fangirl and don't critique it in any way.

No. 69135

Personally, I love them. My experience with liquid lipstick is limited as I just started wearing them, but I like them a lot. The staying power is pretty decent as long as you're not eating anything greasy or sucking dick. But like you can drink some beers without having to worry about reapplying it.

No. 69138

Why would anyone suck a dick while wearing lipstick??

No. 69140

You really asked this?

No. 69143


Ya know, you really do have to be 18 or over to post here…

No. 69165

I just think it's stupid to wear lipstick while sucking a dick, it's a waste of makeup.And money..

No. 69196

She could have just worn a natural colored wig, it's not that hard. But her coworkers probably just wanted her gone

No. 69215

Because they're trashy.

No. 69216

They're definitely good quality for what JS is asking for in price. I hate the comments on his IG; a bunch of impatient 17 year olds who don't know how small businesses and restocking popular makeup works, but other than that, the lipsticks are great. Like >>69135 mentioned, you can eat food and drink from a glass with them without worrying about reapplying every 10 mins. I also like that it's liquid to matte, but doesn't dry the fuck out of my lips.

No. 69275

uptight virgin confirmed

No. 69276


I mean, its not like women go "oh shit lemme put on my lipstick" right before sucking a dick.

No. 69280

Lots of women wear lipstick regularly, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if they were wearing it while giving head. No one's going to put it on especially for a blowjob, but… you wouldn't remove all your make up just for sex, right?

No. 69285

My friend had these and the quality is nice buy don't buy into the "These colors look great on EVERY PERSON!!"Bullshit. Most of those colors are not good for everyone unless you mix them with a muted color. The first purple he released is too blue for most people and makes your mouth look like a fish.

No. 69375


Just watched this and the glitter roots video. She seems a lot more cringey than she did in her previous couple of vids. To me it just seems like she's trying to be quirky and it's uncomfortable to me.

No. 69481

Thanks for the nightmare fuel. Filing this under 'images I never wanted to see under any circumstances ever'.

No. 69520

I'm so sorry.

No. 69669

Why did she have to name her new style "party Kei" like does she not know cult party Kei is a thing

No. 69752

Jenna Marbles confirmed. Not everyone is a whore like you.

No. 69753

That lipstick color is awful.

No. 69811

They have the same glasses and eyebrows are you retarded

No. 69813

she must be, so not only is that name uncreative, but tossing "kei" after a word when she doesn't live in japan is so unnatural anyway.

No. 69841

Do you get off with that big stick up your ass or is it purely for show?

No. 71341

File: 1449887584149.jpg (72.08 KB, 960x960, 12342853_483272095209514_46328…)

Good god. What is happening. She gets worst by the day. That outfit doesn't even deserve to be discussed. On the other hand, look what she did to her actual hair. She looks so bad in every pic and video now jfc.

This is why she did well in a structured fashion like lolita where she adhered to certain guidelines. She should not be taking these types of liberties with her style.

No. 71406

This is so sad.

No. 71462

What did she tag this pic as? I really think this is hardly Larme. Also, she should never be a blonde. It really ages her. At least the random pastels make her look younger.

No. 71463

She looks like someone going through a middle aged crisis.

No. 71467

to be fair, she calls all of her recent outfits aomojikei. as for larme, she basically did a makeup tutorial and bought the magazine and that was the end of it. and by "larme" she really meant swankiss anyway.

No. 71620

Wait- Did I miss something? Did she bleach her hair again and get extensions?

No. 71629

new video

she sends gifts to her vlogger 'friends' who she's never met/spoken to a few times vs no gifts for her friends in her own comm that she speaks to/encounters regularly/has supported her since day 1

(yes, im apart of the comm, no fucks given)

also wtf that cherry necklace for kate is fugly as all hell

No. 71631

that lipstick is so unflattering on her jesus christ why does she need to do this shit to herself

No. 71643

The hair tone washes her out. The lipstick washes her out. If she goes further into the depths of pastel hell, she'll just be a pair of floating eyes/eyebrows. Why does she hate herself this much?

No. 71665

Looking on the bright side, the terrible yellow of her hair makes her teeth look less unfortunate

No. 71675

what the hell are those bangs? holy shit

No. 71690

I didn't know it was possible for someone to keep fucking up their hair and makeup so badly.

No. 71694

File: 1449982336831.jpeg (670.12 KB, 1200x1600, image.jpeg)

A brief timeline of how much she's changed and how she's changing her style even more frequently now. I'll probably keep adding on to this as she goes on. This isn't even her final form.

No. 71701

Ugh she was actually really cute before why???

No. 71754


you're missing her huge fairy kei phase, can't drop pics because she deleted me from fb but every time I met her in person at cons or meets she wore fairy kei. It was probably her cutest style tbh.

She was also really pretentious about being more 'classic hime' in autumn 2014 but i don't know how much her lolita purchases reflected that.

She's the type who needs to have her hands in every jar to prove she's knowledgeable about obscure subcultures whether it be hardcore punk or roller derby or gyaru

No. 71757

i don't know wtf is up with that. at any rate she's begging to go bald, just wear some wigs already jesus christ.
>>also wtf that cherry necklace for kate is fugly as all hell
it's no burando alright, probably some shit she bought when it was in earlier this year and now she's ready to discard it.
imo it's still less jarring than the blue one, but loud-ass lipstick like that is so fucking terrible in general.
the way i remember the outfit with the pompom earrings was right after she quit lolita to be ~creative this year.
i'd say the mid-length rainbow hair was the best by far, too bad she can't stick to a style for more than 24 hours.
she has just gotten worse and worse since then.

No. 71766

>>She's the type who needs to have her hands in every jar to prove she's knowledgeable about obscure subcultures whether it be hardcore punk or roller derby or gyaru

Thing is, she doesn't keep to one subculture for long enough in recent years (bar maybe Lolita?) for that her to have any deep understanding or experience of it. It's like as soon as she has bought the first 2 outfits for the new style to show off on her Insta, she's already "researching" the next style/subculture in the tumblr tags. It comes across as incredibly superficial tbh as playing dress up for a few weeks ≠ being knowledgable about and understanding the subculture.

No. 71780

Fairy kei like this, anon?
I can't really find any other pics of her in ACTUAL fairy kei like this one bc she would mix Lolita replica pieces with other kawaii components, that denim jacket with a
all those badges on them and call things like that outfit fairy kei when it actually wasn't.

No. 71836

File: 1450029463172.jpeg (60.82 KB, 400x600, Chanel_No._5_in_Pumpkin_Patch.…)

Ahahaha, I knew she reminded me of someone.

No. 71868

omfg yes, dumpy looking bitch

No. 71904

File: 1450043958643.jpg (18.7 KB, 320x320, 1.jpg)

No. 71905

File: 1450044030672.png (2.78 MB, 1600x1068, 2.png)

sorry meant to reply to >>71780

No. 72022

Ugh, Jillian should go back to this. Fairy kei works for her really well. It's close enough to lolita that she can navigate it easily for the familiarity of the pastels and frills and shit but far enough away that she can keep up her whole "creativity" thing without having to swallow her pride. She needs to embrace her baby face and stop forcing herself to wear looks that severely age her. Dammit I want to root for this girl so hard but she makes it difficult.

No. 72023

So fat I want to puke, this kind of people should lock their fridges. I don't understand how they dont see they have a problem

No. 72037

relax anon

No. 72130

Goddamn, that bitch out in front with the denim overalls.. So bad. Looks like her thighs are gonna fucking implode. Bet her inner legs looked like raw hamburger for weeks afterward.

WTF's with hamplanets like her thinking they can get away with wearing shit like that..? fuck.

No. 72131


But she looks so happy… I can't even say anything bad about her.

It's not like most bitches in lolcow with their smug faces or acting cute, she looks legit happy doing her shit

No. 72147

File: 1450089699665.jpg (48.04 KB, 517x76, lik.jpg)

chill with the snowflake syndrome pixie

No. 72185

Uneducated white girls like Jillian who are self proclaimes "buddhists" are just one tiny step above the raging neckbeard atheists. I don't want to scream "muh cultural appropriation!!!11" but damn it. The only trend worse is the "white girls who claim to be PoC wear a hijab for attention" bullshit.

>pagan witchcraft

Oh well, yet another trend for her to hop on. Just so that she can post artsy pictures of her crystals "charging enery in moonlight" and wearing strega.

No. 72190

>>Just so that she can post artsy pictures of her crystals "charging enery in moonlight" and wearing strega.
creative means tumblr kei now, these are truly the end times we live in, fuck.

No. 72230

Her body is too dumpy for strega since strega emphasizes your body size with all those layers.

No. 72264

Yeah people don't really announce their next interests unless it's something big like "I'm going to learn how to play guitar". If the interest is solely based on /researching/reading about it, then I don't see why she'd feel the need to come out with that except for ~snowflake~ points. It's a lot of people's religion ffs - at least attempt to act like your interest is not solely aesthetic and because Tumblr is telling you it's cool right now.

No. 72268

now that i think about it strega probably wouldn't appeal to her anyway. she never got into a style that wasn't mega loud and flashy before. (see her "larme" phase)

No. 72389

Tumblr really made me hate "witches" and "Wicca" like this thing isn't real, and it's so tumblr. Can't go 10 or so minutes on tumblr with some f ucktard having some involvement with witches, otherkin and "bun/bunself" pronouns with some stupid name like Silver/Arrow/Vit/Kuri/Ashleigh.
I really hate snowflakes.

No. 72483

>pagan witchcraft
Yes. Like wet rain. Hot fire. Sandy sand.

No. 72488

Wicca as in the religion is a real thing and has been a thing since the 40's. The tumbrite version seems to be purely aesthetic based on symbols of Wicca and other occult stuff thrown in that actually has nothing to do with Wicca.

No. 72492

>> 72488
Do you think I care?
So there's such a thing as kitchen witches, fairy witches/doctors, garden witches spells for snow and love? And all that other
BULLSHIT? Yeah, let me just talk to the
unicorns and leprechauns outside.
I don't care how long it's been around, it's just such a stupid thing to me.

No. 72494

Yeah wasn't saying it was real as in belief wise. Just that it is a thing that exists like scientology and other shit like that. No need to get so defensive.

No. 72502

What are you so ass pained about? Of all the fucked up beliefs in the world, believing you can do different forms of witchcraft through gardening or cooking is probably the least offensive or threatening thing I could imagine. Holy shit, they're baking good luck cookies to help their friend pass a final exam! They're planting basil in their garden! The absurdity!
Ever thought of getting a hobby anon?

No. 72503

I can understand their frustration. It's sad how some people still take things like wicca and witchcraft seriously in 2015.

No. 72505

I mean personally I think a lot of the popular world religions are far more ridiculous and deserving of criticism. Blowing shit up, chopping off people's heads, marrying child brides? Yea, I'll take the witchcraft stuff, thanks. Next to the people who think gay people/-insert race of people-/women/etc shouldn't have rights because their religion says so, people baking fiscal success pies are pretty good in my books.

No. 72527

How about we keep our opinions about other people's beliefs to ourselves since plenty of people believe in Christianity, which is one of the most bullshit religions in existence.

Paganism and witchcraft (yeah you can be not pagan and a witch) have been around BEFORE the 40's and before Wicca, Wicca is not the be all and end all and a lot of people dislike it because it's rules and it's bullshit Mother/Father schtick

No. 72528


Still stupid

No. 72530

She looks SO old in the first row. She gained 10 years alone with all that heavy makeup

No. 72532

Good job edgelord everything is stupid and when she does get into it you'll be all over how she's "Doing it wrong"

How about we stick to her obvious fail when it comes to picking a lipstick or a fucking hair color. Why is she so against bangs.

No. 72537

You are such a pleasure. What a pointful contribution. Can you get your ass back on topic, or does cranky need a nap first?

No. 72549

The two fatties in the front look like retards. Jillian does actually look good in fairy kei though, ngl.

No. 72554

No. 72584

Wicca is legit, its a subset of paganism and has been around since far before tumblr. That said, it's a religion first and foremost - not a "lets make magic circles and say incantations and be really cool and trendy" thing.

No. 72585

Witchcraft is also not inherently wiccan, which is a pretentious notion a lot of wiccans try to spread.

My biggest gripe with this is the likelihood that Jillian is not going to do an ounce of research and will just take a dump on this stuff because it's "unique". She'll go buy a bunch of white sage (which is being over sourced by new agers and is at risk of endangerment), pretend to cleanse some shit, stick all her crystals in the sun (and destroy half of them because they're not meant to be exposed to direct sunlight) to "charge them", and influence her followers to do the same. An army of fluffy bunny pagans will spring forth and make anyone else mildly associated with them look ridiculous in turn.

No. 72588

guys she thinks she's a fucking buddhist

not only does she not adhere to her own self-proclaimed belief system but i guarantee you she has never met a buddhist in her life because she lives in conservative buttfuck nowhere rural canada

and lmao pansexual she's been claiming this for years (her old insta clearly states pansexual) yet only a couple of months ago she made a 'coming out' status on an international lgbt awareness day saying she was 'nervous' about coming out and she got over a 100 likes and asspats telling her she's so brave and original

she is literally not aware that you cannot just identify with anything and everything that you choose just because you're creative desu like that is the definition of a poser

dumb white parents telling their kids they can be whatever they want to be including other cultures, religions, sexualities like at some point there's a difference between an 'interest' or a 'passion' and passive copycat bullshitting

No. 72614

wiccan is a newage thing though

No. 72634

I think that how most religions work is that,
it's a mindset thing based on feelings, and senses.
Like, if you're a ~garden witch~ and give your friend cookie so she can pass the test when she has only studied a little, or none at all and she thinks "My bff gave me these cookies to pass a test, they're sure to work!" and she actually passes it's bc she's remembers enough, and had a positive mindset of "I'm going to pass this test." not bc of some bullshit cookies. It's a physiological thing with how like they sell those crystals and lotions that are for "sleep","energy", etc. You believe that it'll work enough and it only works bc of you're mindset.
If praying doesn't work, then what does baking some magical cookies do? Don't be such a dumbfuck snowflake.

And I'm guessing you're a uneducated fuck as well? You're talking about "religions" blowing up things and marrying children, I'm guessing that you think you're talking about the Muslim religion, when the Quran prehibits those things.
You're also saying stuff about religions thinking that gays/ people of other races shouldn't have equal rights, you must think you're talking about Christanity when the Bible says that everyone is equal, and there was no such thing as someone actually being gay back then, when they said homosexual sex, they were talking bout how it shouldn't be had if the person is underage, without consent, or unmarried which is exactly the same conditions that the Bible prohibits sex with heterosexual sex.

No. 72727

You're that same butthurt little shit from the tumblr thread aren't you?

Stop being such a moron. The Prophet Muhammad married a 9 year old girl. This set the bar to allow child marriage in Islam. Whether the Quran explicitly allows it or not is pretty damn irrelevant. There are also no verses that state burqas/niqabs/hijabs must be worn, but people twist shit to fit their motives. Anyone with a brain knows this and can see it happen. Child marriages are a religiously supported practice that exist today, and if you're going to try to deny that by quibbling over what the verses of a 2000 year old book say, you're an apologetic dumbass. If you're going to seriously pretend like Christianity did not/does not pose the greatest threat and obstacle to gay rights, that Christians were not using the excuse of "religious freedom" in order to discriminate against gay people, that Christians did not refuse medical care to gay people who had AIDs in the 80's-90's, or like the bible doesn't have dozens of verses that instruct on how to properly purchase and trade women like property, like the bible doesn't say women should not be allowed to teach or speak over a man, should not be allowed to speak in church, must submit to their husbands as the head of their lives, then you are a fucking apologetic dumbass.

Stop shitting up these threads with your ignorance. If you think Islam and Christianity are less deserving of hatred and criticism than some fairy loving hippies who use the placebo effect to their benefit, then you've got fucked up priorities and need some goddamn therapy.

If you wanna bitch about how wonderful Abrahamic religions are, take it to /b or go find a circle jerk to participate in on reddit. This isn't the place for it.

No. 72735

And what tumblr thread?
Wicca is stupid bc it's not a normal thing that you commonly hear, the only misconception would be precieving witches as devil worshippers, therefore I don't consider it real. And by that same belief, there is no Christanity nor Muslim religion, since God is only a thing that we think we believe in.
Religion was created so people could "find" ways to be happy, feel safe, and learn moral responsibility. It's just logic and science at work.

No. 72736

Can everyone shut up about their thoughts on Wicca now. People come here to read about Jillian's cringeworthy shit, not what religions you think are bullshit and why.

No. 72740

It was a mistake to bring up Jillian, who is just a white girl, to be a Buddhist. Not only that but she's a snowflake who just goes only with whatever everyone else is doing then gets tired of it, that wishywashy flakey fuck. Jillian, getting into Wicca? Just so that she can do it wrong and make herself look bad?

No. 72746

Where did you get she was brought up Buddhist? >>72147 It says her immediate family are all atheist while she's a lay buddhist - sounds like she chose herself to be lay buddhist.

No. 72751

File: 1450215770026.jpg (706.04 KB, 1211x1257, 15-12-15-16-36-19-308_deco.jpg)

Back to regularly scheduled programming, I shooped Jillian's latest selfie, and tried to make her all kawaii ugu desu. How is it?

No. 72752

she very obviously has no further understanding of anything beyond the buddhism wikipedia page

No. 72753

i love it when people who claim to be into buddhism have shopping as their main occupation in life.

No. 72754

File: 1450216201066.png (621.04 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

The original.

No. 72755

I love when people claim to be into Buddhism to sound ~~cultured~~ and ~~special~~.

No. 72757

Anon, you misunderstood me. I didn't say that Jillian was raised (lay) Buddhist and that's a mistake, I said it's a mistake to bring up Jillian's religion which is werid for her bc she's white and only cares about shopping and popularity and materialism and doesn't act like one.

No. 72759

Spaghetti wig.

No. 72760

Did you elongate her face? Her chin and nose look awkward here compared to the original. Plus too much blur tool anon.

No. 72766

You said "It was a mistake to bring up Jillian […] to be a Buddhist" which sounded an awful like "It was a mistake to bring Jillian up Buddhist" and not "It was a mistake to bring up Jillian's Buddhism" (which is what you meant).

Anyway, to reply to your post with the clarification, she brought up her religion and so, of course, people are on here are going to attack that. I agree though that her claim to be lay buddhist while being this materialistic and superficial completely shits in the face of actual practising Buddhists everywhere. I mean, if she even read one Buddhist text, she'd know that her lifestyle completely contradicts with it. Seems like she just likes the title/aesthetic (no surprise there) and not what the religion stands for.

Unless, she's trolling us all, giving herself labels that she knows she has no reasonable claim to and it's all a social experiment. Or she just lacks that much self-awareness, intelligence and respect for others that she doesn't care who she hurts as it's more important that she's "being creative" and "expressing herself".

No. 72787

File: 1450224210951.png (709.18 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

She's gonna show us how to dye extensions in the next video.

No. 72985

she cut her bangs! impossible to keep up with this shit.
and yay i love all the pink, she's so cute when she doesn't fuck up her hair…but it makes me wonder if she plans on victimizing himekaji next.
i've also seen the same baubles when christmas shopping, of course she already put her hands on some. the one she made with the iridescent things looks cheap but to be fair the ones i've seen in stores were no better.
the tree looks really pathetic on its own but the final bauble is ok.
the star one is shit period.
don't know about you guys but i'm kind of skeptical about jillian's future as a fashion designer.

>>chillin' in the /snow

No. 72992

she's been talking about himekaji for over a year, that was the point of her taobao liz lisa ripoff haul

i'm not optimistic about her future in fashion for reasons related to her choice of schools as I am more than familiar with them. She recently told someone on tumblr that she planned on living back home with her parents for another 2-3 years even if this is her last year of high school. She would have to move out and travel to a big city by herself to attend one of these schools. She also mentioned that it depends on 'how youtube is going' like she thinks her mediocre subscribers will be paying the bills in the future?

No. 72993


which is also why she has that really annoying 'turn off adblock muuuuh' disclaimer in every video description now

No. 73298

File: 1450345283391.png (920.29 KB, 694x942, 12373366_484754958394561_28360…)

No. 73306

OP really picked the best picture of Jillian.

Does anyone think she'd look better with straight or lighter eyebrows?

No. 73310

Yeah, those stupid tumblrina bangs are awful and unflattering.

No. 73328

I actually think this is the best she's ever looked, the yellow/blonde hair really suits her and her make up is less harsh and more cutesy!

No. 73335

She looks 30.

No. 73336

She looks way better in with pink hair/makeup than other colors (like the horrendous purple lipstick, blue, green…) But she REALLY needs to do something about her eyebrows. Just buy an eyebrow lightening product… Pitch black eyebrows with cotton candy hair is not a good look.

No. 73423

i'm actually OP of this thread.. but she looks really cute here! i wish she'd fix her eyebrows though, they're really sparse.

No. 73432

She should do them like so many Korean girls do with their black eyebrows, lighten them and fill in with a light colored eyebrow pencil. It would improve her whole look a lot.

No. 73569

Jillian was made for Fairy Kei. I don't really know why, but her unusual features actually work in this, even the weird hairstyle. I guess she ironically does kind of have a pixie-ish look to her, probably thanks to her face shape.

No. 73571

Guys, I'm calling it: Next phase is celtic themed or highly ~tumblr wytchy~. This girl sheds her phases faster than any former lolita. Kate, Milky Fawn, and all the other phase crazy lolitas could never hope to keep up.

No. 73766

File: 1450498936292.jpeg (82.69 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

I really hope not bc she did this a while ago, and as I already stated I hate witches.

No. 73771

File: 1450501754943.png (100.61 KB, 540x742, tumblr_nz94sd39AF1v1aqh4o1_540…)

I'd love my thighs if they were that thick…

No. 73772

File: 1450502251967.png (353.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-19-00-15-01…)

Another short flim!

No. 73775

So embarrassing.

No. 73800

Yeah people were bitching at her for making them typical/normal sized thighs and calling them 'thick'

No. 73811

This is like when people draw slim hourglass figures for their plus size positivity

No. 73827

I honestly liked this picture. I don't see why every form of body positivity has to be for hambeasts or else it's considered inert. It's cool that she did something for normal, healthy weight girls with curvy legs, since the media still shits on legs like that constantly due to them not being supermodel-esque.

No. 73834

It would have been fine if it didnt say 'thick thighs' Those thighs are in no way 'thick'

No. 73835

A great way to troll tumblr would be to make cutesy "body positive" pics with captions like "Fat girls are beautiful!" and then draw a normal sized girl

No. 73863

Yeah except jillian claims to 'love marshmallow girls' and was trying to represent but she has body issues herself considering she recently got over an eating disorder. She admitted to having those issues before/around the time she started with lolita if you ever wondered why she was much thinner during her punk-esque phase. That being said, she's actually a really small girl to begin with, she reaches other girls' shoulders in flats and so when she began eating healthily again, she was no longer internet 'thinspo' standards and the lolita comm tore her apart for being 'fat'.

I laughed at the '20 inch waist11111!!!!' comment as much as anyone because she was dramatically going off topic about her insecurities but she wasn't really lying. She's pretty tiny.

tl;dr jillian has skewed perceptions of thin and fat, actually thinks that picture was fat positive

No. 73909

File: 1450573188559.png (253.53 KB, 1148x532, Screen shot 2015-12-19 at 7.58…)

No. 73946

P-pee? Foodstains? What the fuck is that?

No. 73948

I usually think she looks alright but.. somehow I think she looks really bad here. I can't quite put my finger on it but I can't stop staring at her ear being pulled by the earring, eugh.

No. 74173

what the fuck are you talking about anon

those are literal snowflakes falling onto her jacket/the shot?

No. 74183

I think they mean the dark spots or the dark edge on the jacket near the buttons.

No. 74549

File: 1450830811569.png (77.41 KB, 720x693, Screenshot_2015-12-22-19-26-20…)

She finally broke up with her boyfriend!

No. 74551

File: 1450830980063.png (751.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-22-19-27-33…)

Did she dye her hair green?

No. 74553


Idk but she's going down the Larme route isn't she? ugh

No. 74555

where the fuck does she even work

No. 74559

She works at shop paper cakes pretty she won't stop promoting her shop on her instgr am nonstop.

No. 74562

Why "finally"? Sorry I'm out of the loop but what was shitty about their relationship? I just know a couple questionable things, like that she made him work so hard to get Dolly Cat with her and then just sold it almost instantly, right?

No. 74564

There's nothing wrong, I just don't like peoplesalways talking about their boyfriends.

No. 74630


Fuck, no, please, don't start propagating bastardized tumblr #666 #coven #witch aesthetic UUUUUGGGHHHH

No. 74656

He clearly stopped being interested in her online life persona and jumping around j-fashions to remain relevant bullshit. He got into ouji (actually bought pieces that he liked himself with his own money while he's in uni) and attended lolita events with her, basically got involved with the comm, and then she bastardized the entire fashion. He stopped appearing online with her after that.

When your significant other claims something is their ENTIRE LIFE1111 and then ditches it within a year you're going to take them less seriously.

Also, imagine dating someone before they ever started to share their life with the world and became obsessed with e-fame. That can totally change a person and thus the relationship.

He was always more mature than her, gave her good advice about her online endeavours and tried to tame her a bit (because she's always on overdrive for no reason) but I've been waiting for him to move on for a while now. He's going to get a government job after university and she's going to live at home with her parents while people buy her shitty homemade accessories (for the foreseeable future).

No. 74657

>it's totally cool and for the better
Yeah, except he was your whole world in almost all your vids and how you talked about him? I wonder what pushed him to the breaking point? Do you think it was her changing of personas or maybe even some of the drama?

No. 74680


I think strega would be too classy for her, honestly. I'm under the impression she's going to go the "goffik tumblr killstar occult symbols on fucking everything" route.

No. 74682


>I'm happy! It's fine! I'm over it, guys!

Oh, Jillian.

Although I think it's for the best, particularly for Tristan, I can't help but feel a little bad for her. Weren't he and her mum sort of the only "friends" she had?

No. 74777

new vid

No. 74860

yeah, in her "don't compare yourself to others" video she mentions that she mostly does things alone except for tristan and her mom.
Tristan might have just gone away for uni, it's pretty common for highschool sweethearts to break up when they're not literally in eachothers faces every day.

No. 74881

He didn't go away, he goes to the school on her island. They still see each other constantly.

No. 74996

Except green hair isn't larme at all, and neither are most of her outfits.

No. 75406

Is it just me or did Tristan never seem really happy in any of her videos anyway? In the dolly cat release video he looked really down - I think Jillian is just so focused on herself that he never got any of the attention. Obviously, I don't know what happened behind the scenes but… do you guys think it could be possible?

No. 75414


Yeah but would it matter to her tho? As long as she has followers and it's kawaii, that's all that matters. So fuck the style concept.

Plus Larme IS getting popular. She'll need a bandwagon to ruin.

No. 75843

File: 1451346052914.jpg (94.61 KB, 843x843, 10300648_489123007957756_47834…)

what is this tumblr core bullshit? bitch ain't kawaii no more

No. 75846

File: 1451346494748.jpg (66.17 KB, 620x400, o4ktxtc6cc02up5ceiyx.jpg)

Reminds me of Iggy a little bit

No. 75848


No. 75851

I have the feeling she's going to lose her following due to being more 'mainstream alternative' and although basic bitches subscribing may help cushion her fall, I don't think that'll replace the integrity of a true alternative following (read: loyal). She's basically competing with the likes of tasha leelyn now.

No. 75853

This just does not compliment her body type.

No. 75881

>>Distances herself from the lolita community because the rules are "too restricting" and "stifling" her creativity
>>Current outfits are nothing, but head-to-toe Dollskill-tier shit that is seen on every try-hard Tumbrina

~much original. so creativity~

No. 75895

i think previously many of has agreed that she was happier in her early 'punk'/alt phase. that was her longest phase too.
it seems now shes gravitating back towards it. she's been wearing clothes from that phase, just in different ways. maybe she really is dressing for herself- poor jillian, she can never please anyone..

No. 75896

*had agreed

No. 76037

She looks like she's trying too damn hard. When you dress for yourself and not jump a new trendy bandwagon every few weeks, you'll look more natural in photos. She looks like she's confused on how to look. She's so damn stumpy looking too. damn

No. 76088

She looks 50lbs heavier in those pants. Sucks she has jowls at her age too.

No. 76089

Dear god Jillian, please stop bleaching your hair constantly. Your hairline is slowly receding from all the breakage, you have two growing bald spots on the side of your head now because you can't into haircare.

No. 76095

This is probably her worst fashion phase I've seen thus far. Nothing she's wearing is flattering at all.

Wasn't she into larme-kei ish stuff like three months ago? what the fuck happened?

No. 76136


She outright said multiple times that she was very unhappy during that phase. She was depressed, had an eating disorder, and was apparently in an unhealthy relationship with this older punk dude (who later got arrested for hurting his roommates' cats). She said lolita helped her find herself and made her happy.

No. 76138

lolita was the light at the end of her dark insecure tunnel, I remember her talking about it like it saved her life in 2013/2014 and it was the only thing important to her

but then she 'made it' as a lolita and passions don't matter if everyone isn't kissing her ass for it so she left

No. 76144

I think she finally is dressing how SHE wants to. Her outfits have elements of her old style, mixed in with her recent pastel styles. Her hair is fine. Why exactly are we hating on her? What is she doing that's SO bad? She just seems like a normal, slightly annoying, highschool girl to me…?

No. 76146


but she WANTED to dress in lolita? why are you implying anyone forced anything onto her or limited her in any way? she always did whatever she wanted? she's always been a spoiled brat and her parents will continue to support her financially for whatever reason she chooses?

She refers to herself as a 'lolita figure' that started the trend of ditching the fashion (which kate and cadney followed suit). But she bitched about milkyfawn being a traitor when she left last year? Because frilly dresses were just SO important to her last year?

Jillian is such an uptight twat that her own comm leader had to shut down kate (and by extension jill) in a rufflechat thread about their stupid LACE drama. Lolitas in general supported the shit out of her, her comm kissed her ass for years. When she turned around and starting spewing vitriol about the lolita comm, she made more than a few enemies.

I can't tell you the things that her comm have done for her as a young girl getting into lolita. She turned her back on them for the likes of Kate, without so much as a thank you.

She thinks she's a real interwebz celeb (to the point where it's going to be her career) and that's all that matters. If you had her personal fb, you would notice that it surpasses annoying and gets into narcissist territory pretty quickly.

tl;dr what's the point of asking that type of question on lolcow anyway?

No. 76163

File: 1451407043541.png (620.84 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Her hair's blue again, but it's really confusing when she puts in colored ones.

It shouldn't take that long for her hair to grow out if she got a nice healthy product that will help her hair grow and stopped bleaching it about every 3 weeks.

No. 76177


>Her hair is fine.

I'm no hairstylist, but if you really think >>75843 is 'fine', I don't even know what to tell you.
I'm not even trying to be a bitch here. Objectively, it's fucked.
She would have so much to gain from just dying it brown and deep conditioning the fuck out of it.

She isn't particularly funny other than her tumblr kei trainwreck outfits and being sort of bratty (which isn't exactly unheard of at, what? 17?), but that's why she's in /snow/ instead of /pt/.



jillian no why

No. 76189

Her hair is a trainwreck

No. 76277

Are you new? Get the fuck out of here.

Again? Jesus christ. She's killing her hair. Mahou prince does this all the time too. Do tumblr people not realize that dying and bleaching your hair every fucking week will ruin your hair?

No. 76371


Why is she tagging this as japanese/harajuku fashion? Isn't she supposed to be all sjw "don't exploit other cultures/abusing tags" or some shit? Or am I giving her too much credit for thinking she actually cared about something other than herself?

No. 76379

no offense but..
>Isn't she supposed to be all sjw "don't exploit other cultures/abusing tags"
>insulting her
>Or am I giving her too much credit for thinking she actually cared about something other than herself?
>also insulting her

so if she's a sjw she's annoying.. but also a good person bc she's caring about something other than herself?
make up ya mind fool

No. 76391

No. 76402

you're the one who decided sjw automatically meant annoying, anon

No. 76413

she's actually posted many anti-sjw things on tumblr and facebook (mainly related to harajuku fashion or other weeb shit)

No. 76445

File: 1451501680289.png (488.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-30-13-51-05…)

New video.

No. 76465

File: 1451506594037.gif (10.18 MB, 718x404, BIG HUNKA HAIR.gif)

>sponsored video
>her tutorial is literally her just putting dye into cups and brushing it into her hair and her extensions
>doesn't show the actual extensions in person but at least describes how thick they were (pic related)

at least her glitter roots vid was at least semi-informative. this is hardly a tutorial, imo.

No. 76468

File: 1451507989080.png (166.86 KB, 636x426, comfy pep.png)

it's sad that she's been dying her hair since the 6th grade, how fucked up of a parent ya gotta be to let your kid do that so early on
Luckily I'm here with my nice thick dark brown hair and I'll never dye my hair to the point of deterioration

No. 76476

File: 1451511840116.jpg (15.38 KB, 190x181, 32inchwaist.jpg)


>Luckily I'm here with my nice thick dark brown hair and I'll never dye my hair to the point of deterioration

Thanks for that interesting and informative post, anon.

No. 76518

Whenever I see pics of her room/stuff I can't help but mentally calculate how much she must have spended on all her toys (if she bought the vintage ones recently, they go for quite a bit of money now), clothes and make up and feel a bit jelly. When I was her age I got $50 from my parents each month, and I had to work for the rest in order to afford my nostalgia Sailor Moon crap or (expensive) Japanese burando.

She doesn't seem to appereciate anything, and, honestly, even with all dat money at her back she still fails to do interesting stuff with it. Why not make room tours/collection videos, show off your stuff, do more reviews, save up for a big Japan hoiday where she can spend hundreds of dollars on Japanese weeb things? Instead she poorly shows off sponsored extensions. Jillian, pls.

No. 76524


I know what you mean, it's like she has tons of random things and just buys it because it's "kawaii" and "in" atm.

I bet she hardly cares for Sailor moon and shit like that. It's all for show and tell.

No. 76527

JUST as I wrote my reply I noticed the video she just uploaded a few minutes ago. Let's see.

No. 76531


Don't lie Jill, we know you got more than that. Probably facing her on the bed as she's filming this and she's thinking "k i dont look as greedy now ehehehe".

I'll be honest, fair enough if you get gifts because everyone loves a gift. Bla bla. But all her videos seem to ever consist of is ego, herself and what she's bought. Yet people watch because it's ugu and kawaii.

I don't mind Jillian, I don't really care because I know in person people who I have seen dressed like this look retarded. It's not fashionable, even the weebs in Japan don't suit this style and if people wear pastel they do it with a bit of style/edge to it so it's not as overly done as Jillian makes it look.

Can't say I'm jelly of any of this. Well done to her for getting and enjoying her presents I guess.

No. 76532


Will be honest though, I'm the same age as her and what is so special about a magical wand?

Plastic one did me well as a plastic without the effects or twinkling lights. Jesus christ, is she having a mid life crisis a bit early reckon?

No. 76533


I'm dreading the day she goes Japan because everyone who is into kawaii atm is wanting to learn the language or go Japan because of cute shit. It's the new thing.

Jillian would just pass out in Takeshita dori from all the weeb. God help her bank account. She'll just spend and spend then make a dumb ass video about her "gook haul" <33333333

"Hey gaiz,

amg im so pissed at how much i bought in japannn buh it was worth it! oh my gawd i had an amazin tyme and my poor bf who didnt wanna b derrrr… fuck him! look at all this cute pointless shit i splurged out on!!!"

I can already see it.

No. 76539

What I learned from this video:

I got tons of expensive shit!
I name drop Kate's name a million times!
OH! I play in a band and it has gigs these days!

What a fake loser.

No. 76542

I will admit, I am jealous. These are hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and clothing. Not that I would wear any of this, but I am envious her mother is so willing to support her hobbies. If I asked my mom for kawaii animu merchandise or J-Fashion items for Christmas, she'd never agree to buy them (especially in that price range), and certainly not as much as Jillian's mom/parents/etc did. What she is recieving for this one Christmas is worth more than my birthday gift and Christmas combined. So as said, I admit this makes me jealous. I am a materialistic bitch.
/blog entry

The problem for me is, in all these videos she never comes off as a sypathic, likeable person. Milkyfawn had a spoiled persona as well, but she could pull it off because it was a persona, and because most people knew she at least worked for all her expensive shit. Jillian just comes off as a smug bragging girl.
Also, it would have been better if she had shown more of the items. Detail shots, different angles… Less of her, more of the things she's showing off.

No. 76544


I know what you mean anon. But think about it, how long will this gimmick Jill is keeping last for? It won't be forever and someday she might not be able to afford all of this when she's got bills and life to pay for.

No. 76546

>she might not be able to afford all of this when she's got bills and life to pay for.

I suppose as long as her parents have money, she won't need to worry too much. But I really don't want to play the 32" waist chan woe is me in this thread.

I am curious what route Jillian is going for in 2016. No more bf, maybe some strong independent women and more tumblr-esque fashion? Has she already completly forgotten Larme? What is the next new trend for her to hop on?

No. 76547


Probably? She'll use the pastel tumblrina feminist loli gimmick to gain more weeby followers. She reminds me of Mermaidens that pink hair blogger? She's gotten SO popular, I used to talk to her on my oldddddd tumblr (back when I even had tumblr) and now she's turned into a pastel weeb too. Cept' Mermaidens is nice.

Please don't encourage her to get into Larme. Please don't.

No. 76548

>> 76547
Ew, no don't sell out, Jillian.

No. 76555

>All her videos seem to ever consist of is ego, herself and what she's bought.

I think that's the primary reason why I dislike Jillian as a blogger/YouTuber. (As for the kind of PERSON she is, >>76146 summed up everything beautifully). She can say "ohhh ohhhhhhhh this video wuz requested a ton of timess! I guess I gotta do it now lol!!" in regards to her Christmas presents and her hauls and shit, but at the end of the day, her videos are centered around her. I notice other YouTubers sometimes give reviews or they talk about their family members and friends, but Jillian always makes everything about herself, her shit, her hair, and everything else. Sure, she'll bring up Kate for a few seconds, but it's ultimately about HER stuff that Kate bought HER while she happened to be in Nipponland.

For me, what bothers me is her lack of appreciation for the shit she gets. Her mom, relatives, and friends all buy her shit, she makes a video, and she'll probably sell it within a few months. (I guarantee that nice coat her mommy bought for her will be in the back of her closet or sold within a year). Fuck, my mom would occasionally get me ~$100 coat or purse as a gift, but this shit seems to be the norm for her. I'm not extremely jealous of her stuff (because I work very hard at my job and like to reward myself often) but I get EXTREMELY angry when there are spoiled children like Jillian in this world.

Semi-long response, sorry. I've been following her for a while but I looked into a few of her videos and her FB page these past few weeks and man, you guys were right. She's an EXTREMELY spoiled cunt.

No. 76670


what the fuck did she actually just throw tristan under the bus?

>'receipt from returning present for my now ex-boyfriend'

> mentioning the breakup in a video at all
> bitter tone
> returning his gift out of spite when everything was supposedly cool and jolly and they were still friends

No. 76679

Why would she do that? I still have almost all the presents from my ex's and we're all typically still on talking terms too. Unless it's been an extremely bitter breakup and the item reminds me that much, I don't understand the need to get rid of items and gifts, even from bad ex-friends.

I wonder who initiated the break-up now, actually. Maybe it was actually Jillian?

No. 76691

Her family has a 3d printer, they must be upper middle class, rich even.
Jillian also has a brother that we never heard of.

No. 76695

File: 1451579039795.jpg (459.93 KB, 1500x1001, image.jpg)

Her brother is pretty fug maybe that's why

No. 76697

They look alike imho.

No. 76705

probably a while, she's said on her tumblr that she may not go straight to college (HER DREAMU FASHION COLLEGE DESU) after her graduation "depending on how well her youtube is doing". Like, really? You wanna justify putting off real life and mooching off your parents for another few years with 30$ a month in adsense and free extensions?

No. 76730

It's also highly possible that her family is actually solid middle class and her parents are spending way beyond their means. My neighborhood back home is filled with white suburban photographer moms (like Louise) and a majority of them have crazy amounts of debt.

Also, does Jill have a dad? I haven't seen much about him. If they have money it's clearly not coming from her mom. Photography doesn't pay the bills.

No. 76785

She's mentioned her dad and has pictures with him somewhere so most likely she is on good terms with him, though she doesn't rave about him like she does with her mom. I assume both contribute to spoiling her but who knows how much her dad makes.

No. 76787

Dying hair doesnt fuck your hair up since most dyes like manic and special fx are vegan and don't contain peroxide or ammonia. Bleaching it does. You're not fucking special.

No. 76788

Spoiled brats.

No. 76804


What happens if her YT fucks up? She'll be cunted then. Jill don't be a lazy fuck and go get a degree, you may actually need it someday when we all get fed up of your greedy egoistical pastel ass.

No. 76868

>Like, really? You wanna justify putting off real life and mooching off your parents for another few years with 30$ a month in adsense and free extensions?

>implying she won't do this when she's at college

Please, it would be just another excuse to ask for more money and gifts from her parents once she's move out. Because living alone and managing money is hard and definitely not something she's used to.

But college would require some acutal work and dedication, and she won't be the special snowflake. I think she's terrified and wants to put off responsibility in the name of "doing my yt channel you guys!". I can't blame her too much, Uni looked scary to me too, but if you wanna lay off getting a degree because of your small YT channel is just pathetic. It's not like her channel takes so much work that she couldn't do it when she attends college.

No. 76908

>Marquee lights to indicate which presents are for whom

Wow, that's really something. I guess Christmas is quite the production at the Vessey's.

No. 76918

File: 1451681596695.jpeg (97.37 KB, 768x702, image.jpeg)

New Video

No. 76928

>"I decided to go hecka on them"

No. 76998

Her brother looks like he could be handsome if he cleaned himself up. That long hair and beanie doesnt look too good

No. 77180

that black dress is so questionable??? i wish she'd stop tagging every outfit as harajuku

No. 77353

File: 1451847204749.jpeg (131.71 KB, 768x636, image.jpeg)

No. 77355

From mobile I thought that pompom was really frizzy, damaged hair… recoiled for a second

No. 77588

she looks so forced and frustrated its awkward
she's stressing me out just watching her her desperation for being original desu

No. 77589

She's just a goddamn mess.

No. 78664

Its not that bad. You sound mad….. Jeez

No. 78928

Lmao that's obviously not Jillian.. Jillian's eyebrows are super sparse and she has cat eye glasses. but nice try i guess.

No. 78930

So this girl popped up in my Youtube reccomendations bc i watch a lot of j-fashion and makeup videos. I thought she was super sweet, cute, and funny. I didn't find anything particularly offensive or lolzy about her and didn't get why she was posted here until I saw the LACE video. Christ.

I know she's only 17 (18 maybe?), which is really young, and we were all kind of assholes at that age. That LACE video made me cringe so hard, though. It seems like she's moved past that though, and aside from disagreeing with her fashion choices I don't think she's much of a snowflake.

No. 78964

>>78930 see >>76146

She's also removed most of her videos from 2014 when she started vlogging. She signed with maker studios and had to delete most of them due to music copyright infringement. I remember the first video that people took issue with was her 'Guide to affording brand' video because more than half of her wardrobe is either directly given to her or financed by her mom. She asked her comm (who are older more experienced lolitas) their advice for affording brand and compiled their suggestions into a guide without mentioning them in the video at all. A bunch of people were commenting that she wouldn't know a thing about saving up for brand since she doesn't have any bills and her part time job wasn't nearly enough to cover the amount of brand she was buying at the time. Then came her Christmas video, which fuelled the fire because she quickly sold the lolita pieces her mom had gifted her.

Then she did an entire vlog on the Dolly Cat release (because lolita was totally her life!!1!) and she filmed herself crying over getting the dress. Only to sell it a month later in her 'leaving lolita' spam. She made a video 'questioning her fashion identity' and being all like 'oh im not bashing anyone here lolita is great im just more creative' when in reality she was talking lots of shit about the entirety of lolitas behind closed doors for months after her departure (aka personal fb caps).

And that LACE video was certainly not the only time that she bragged about BTB or lolcow. Some young girls in the comm didn't even know these sites existed until she was constantly mentioning her popularity there.

She's just some spoiled and lonely little girl but unfortunately her ego got so huge over a few videos that when people tried to keep her in check she threw a massive hissyfit because she really thought she was a prominent and inspirational figure in the lolita community.

At least now she can't claim she's the queen of anything with her constant shifts in style.

No. 78966


Not to mention, she keeps bitching about how she needs to start a patreon to afford going to Japan.

AND THEN HER MOM LITERALLY COMMENTED (at least twice) THAT SHE WOULD PAY FOR THEIR FOOD AND ACCOMMODATION. Jillian wants a pricey hotel in harajuku and her mom was all into it. So literally the only thing she needs to save up for is plane fare….and shopping money?

Jill is clearly embarrassed that her mom is going with her at all because she claimed she was 'going to japan with a friend' and claims her viewers should help her pay for the ride because 'of course its content for you guys uwu'

(ps this has been going on for like two years, she's been talking about going to japan 'soon' ever since she started vlogging and her mom is always commenting like 'ummm you just need to save up a few paycheques from your job since im paying for basically everything'

No. 78972

>and her mom is always commenting like 'ummm you just need to save up a few paycheques from your job since im paying for basically everything'

God, that is so fucking spoiled. It's nice that her mom will help her pay for the trip, so all it needs is a few months of saving up. And it wouldn't even be hard, because since her mom constantly buys her so much stuff anyway it's not like she will have to miss out much. I bet that once in Japan her mom will buy her stuff too.

I think by now her Japan-Trip saga is pt-territory. She doesn't simply want to go to Japan. The trip must prove her "POPULAR so kawaii blogger important desu!!!"-ego trip. Which is why she wants a Patreon and donations. Not because she technically needs the money, but because she wants to fuel her ego with the fact that people (others than her mom) are willing to spend money on her and finance her little dreams.

No. 78979

Can someone get some of these personal Facebook caps where she talks shit about lolita?

No. 78981

Legit question: how the hell did she get signed on to anything with only 26k subs? There are people 100 times more popular than her that arent signed onto anything.

No. 79006


Y'all should know by now that the majority of weebs who are into Jfashion online ONLY go to Japan to prove how kawaii and popular they are. Yet the majority never make it as models or fuck all.

Be less weeb and get job in Japan via modelling. More weeb you get less the opportunity.

No. 79037

File: 1452370876644.jpg (6.48 KB, 259x194, 1448488863098.jpg)

Wow! These bitches looks fucking crazy.

No. 79039

pretty typical western harajuku walk to be honest

No. 79044

The girl in the Milky Planet salopette looks cute though. I think she'd look better without the bear hat…

No. 79055

If you mean Maker studios it's because they just charge money to get signed onto them and take over your youtube.

No. 79063

But she doesn't even want to model, as far as I know? She just wants to go there for a vacation and shopping. Which is really no bg deal, esepecially when you know your mom will cover up almost all of the traveling and shopping expenses.

But as said, I don't think she simply wants to go there for vacation, but the trip has to be a celebration of her triumph andpopularity, sponsored by her fans. There is simply no other explanation on why she hasn't gone the already.

No. 79067

She considers herself a model. She includes that in her bios and she used to list the shops she modelled for but I guess they dropped her. She still 'models' for her photographer mother.

No. 79276

>calls herself Pixielocks
>doesn't have any locks

No. 79283

aren't you brilliant

No. 79346

Cadney is still in lolita btw.

Its so weird how she is trying to act like Kate and her are friends and that Kate did something nice and special. In reality Kate wanted to get attention for a bit in Japan and publicly offered to be a SS for people on her fb, and Jillian was one of many to jump on it. Those watches? Cheap and there were tons. Enough that Kate bought like 20 of them for a bunch of people who asked.

It sounds like he broke up with her, hence her bitterness.

No. 79353

it's fitting that kate returned the necklace jillian bought her with something equally shitty in the form of that hat.

No. 79356

lol what?

No. 79367

please provide receipts

No. 79496

File: 1452513997081.jpg (186.6 KB, 750x592, lol.jpg)

she's in a band now guys i'm crying

No. 79502


Compilation of gifts that are confirmed to be from her mom (unless noted otherwise):

- Macbook (obviously $1000+)
- Camera (worth $3000+ so I assume it's a hand-me-down from her mom's job but it could have been bought brand new)
- Professional studio lighting equipment (xmas 2014)
- Angelic Pretty Cream Cookie Collection skirt (xmas 2014)
- Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House JSK (xmas 2014)
- Angelic Pretty Etoile Twins JSK (her mom paid for the dress last February)
- Baby The Stars Shine Bright parasol (anniversary gift from tristan)
- Korilakkuma Kigurumi (among other things for xmas 2014 by tristan)
- Two conventions in 2014, one in 2015 (tickets/transportation/accommodation: she's never paid out of pocket)
- Sephora hauls (her mom ALWAYS brings her to sephora whenever they're out of town)
- Ojamajo Doremi wand (old/rare xmas 2015)
- A bunch of dollskill shit (xmas 2015)
- SO MUCH OTHER USELESS SHIT I couldn't bother to watch those christmas videos again so i'm just going off memory

>>76695 there's clearly so many things in front of her that she did not reveal in her 2015 what i got for xmas

also this list does not include birthday gifts as I don't recall her revealing them but it might have slipped my mind

No. 79503

Dollar store Michael Cera.

No. 79506

Moments before this picture Jillian spent 20 minutes trying to explain Grimes to three of the guys. One of them still isn't sure he understands.

No. 79507

File: 1452519244157.jpg (29.77 KB, 350x395, it's pat.jpg)

One is very gender ambiguous now that I enlarge the picture though.

No. 79508

They all look like hipster caricatures. Like, not even real people. They look like characters on some shitty tv sitcom.

No. 79512

kek i get the same vibes

No. 79527

>Ojamajo Doremi wand (old/rare xmas 2015)
Considering age, condition and ebay prices this was at least $200.

But honestly TL;DR she is just very used to getting expensive gifts, and she fails to be sympathetic about it. I couldn't care less about her mom's attitude if Jillian was a nice girl and made interesting content on yt; hell, I'd love to have good videos about her collections, expensive stuff, reviews etc! But it's all about "me me me I'm soooo loved because i get so many gifts and I'm so awesome!!!" She barely even showed her stuff properly in any of her videos, it all came off as bragging. Not to mention she doesn't even really seem to care much as she sells a lot of her stuff withi a few months.

No. 79528

File: 1452533931430.png (359.25 KB, 671x413, birdsnest.png)

the sad state of her hair

No. 79545

its cute in a balding baby troll sort of way

No. 79552

She was probably already in that band, we've seen heard/ seen some of her talents already like being able to play the guitar, piano, and keyboard, also sing. She was also a theatre kid.

Now I just feel like she's someone who likes pastel and cute things, she never talks about her hobbies,likes, interests, or life outside of the magical girl/j-fashion/makeup topic. It'd be nice if we got to know more about her.

No. 79560

Best thing to happen to her honestly. She could use some of her talents for more than yt-fame and some tumblr-notes. I wish she will make more of her art/music skills.

No. 79670

She could have gone to yahoo japan auction or mbok though. That's where I get my "vintage" magical girl stuff from (as I'm from the US and the exchange rate is amazing), but it is Jillian and the girl probably does not know how to do comparison shopping for stuff like that.

No. 79698

Damn she couldn't get these niggas to wear a nice shirt and jeans or nothing?

No. 79705

omg the band is called rainbow valley
it was an amusement park in PEI that closed like ten years ago because PEI is run down af

rainbow valley was like one of the three good things about PEI and these guys are gonna shit it all up

No. 79706

Is anyone else checking out her twitter? It seems like she has found a new boy.

No. 79712

Nah this is like their debut announcement.They didn't exist before. The photo is obviously taken by Louise. Her 'theatre' stuff is literally just school plays. I don't even like tearing her down for nothing but she really doesn't have much of a life outside youtube. She always admits to not having any friends (except these geeks now I guess) and anything remotely exciting she does/has ideas about she'll share them immediately. She's the type of person to have a million projects started before finishing any. She also seeks gratification for all of those projects/ideas.

No. 79717

What do you mean anon, I looked and all her Twitter is just vague random stuff.

No. 79825

File: 1452598303371.png (126.75 KB, 782x394, 2016-01-12 07.29.43.png)

Maybe I'm reading too into it?

No. 79941

Pretty sure the breakup happened around those dates so she might be trying to look like she's over it or make him jealous or maybe she's actually talking to another dude the next day which is pretty thot-like

No. 80529

File: 1452731155230.png (620.31 KB, 702x1057, Screenshot_2016-01-13-19-24-09…)

No. 80546

were those really her best pictures? she looks so forced

No. 80564

new upload

No. 80602

If you don't have 20 or more minutes to watch the video, here's a overview summary.
1. Amaritime invited her to do a panel a s pixielocks , she was in the cosplay contest and won best in show. Was happy bc she represented a non-mainstream anime, precure. Signed autographs.
2. Hates being pretentious and bitchy, and will be there if she gets paid or not.
3. Signed on with maker studios, so she could have things to help her make her content like music.
4. Got her third cat Serena only last year, and she must love that one the most because she always talks about it, bc Serena likes to be around her the most,
5.Talks about her and Tristan braking up. They still talk to each other and are still good with each other. Broke up bc, idk Jillian's changing as a person and wanted to get away from the theater kids friend group.
6. Turned 17, didn't plan anything for her bday. Planning a huge happy party for her 18th, might make a video about party planning.
7. PM pt 1:
Quit her job at PriceMart. Worked there for a 1 year and half, v loyal to PM, always talked about loving her job there. Could dress and have her hair however she wanted until one day they said "…Oh, you went really blue…You have to ask us first b4 you change it, remember?"
Smthing like "I've never asked you." "It's in the contract." "It's been a year, and six months."
It was shitty to her, and they made her look stupid and blamed her bc she didn't ask first.

8. PM pt 2: Had a panic attack, says "Yeah-ok..I'll change it, uh-huh-". Goes up to the cash (register) starts crying, tells herself it's ok. Another girl asked her if she's ok, J says no, G says she can stay up there if she needs to cry. Goes to cry in the bathroom, gets really dizzy and realizes she should probably go find someone b4 she faints and has everyone looking for her.

9. PM pt 3: She can't handle authoritative confrontation.Admits she overreacted, was in the bathroom for a she doesn't know how long, half pulled herself together. Was going to get through the 5 hour shift, but her bosses called her to the offices bc they know that she's not ok, and hey got angrier at her. Says stuff about the contract, and that it's not appropriate. Is a panicked wreck bc she can't go to work next shift with non-colored hair and not cry for whatever reason. Is hyperventilating, and shaking. Both mangers tell her about unrelated stuff. Tells people she left PM bc when she was having a panic attack bc of they were treating her. They said, "You need to pull yourself together before you go up on cash.""You're going to stop crying, right?" Jillian says to us ":) Thanks for the sympathy." They've been nice to her b4 and they've cried about charities at staff meetings, and that's why she was so surprised.

10. They were inconsiderate and shitty to someone with someone who struggles with anxiety, and they knew that. They were going to to get the other girl to go to cash, so she could stay and price. She cries more, and realizes that she needs to quit bc she was happy until that day. She can't come into work with blonde hair/a wig with how they treated her and be ok with it and pretend to respect them.

11. Less than a week later, she got a job at Papercakes Pretty, doing stuff that she loves at a job that she loves and dress however she wants. PcP is cute, alt and sparkly.

12. Joined a band, and has played the piano her 13 years. Is really proud of her talent. Dreams about being at fashion week, and being jealous of the pianist playing the piano in front of her bc she doesn't want her talent to be taken away from her, and would get insecure. Piano was the only thing in elementary school she had the she was proud of, and ppl would ask her to play it during music class. People respected her, and it was the first thing she realized she was good at as a kid.

13. Is in a band with her best friend and 3 other cool boys and explains the Rainbow Valley name. Is on synthesizer and backup vocals. Talks about music videos once the EP comes out.

14. Was cast in the school play as one of the leads in Mary Poppins as Jane. Was Frenchie in Greese. Her school does the plays in the provinces biggest theater. Tried really hard to get Mary, took vocal lessons and trained really hard, improved her voice. Was too invested in the play, didn't get the part, got destroyed. Had to go home from school early bc she was sobbing. Her best friend is also in the play. The experience was valuable.

I liked this video, we got to know more about her.

No. 80603

God, listening to her talk about the pricemart incident makes me think she's seriously immature. She violated the contract, which she should have read/been well-versed on, and then, instead of owning up to her mistake, she essentially threw a tantrum at work. Totally immature and unprofessional.

No. 80607

If they hadn't confronted her before I could understand her frustration. And I can empathize with her being upset even if what they said to her didn't seem that severe.
I used to find Jillian insufferable but I do feel kind of bad for her because she's essentially living her life either at school or work or in front of a computer screen

No. 80667

Yeah, OK, she's young. It's hard to get shot down like that at that age. But I hope she's able to grow thicker skin if she's really planning to go into fashion. I don't know much about it, but everything I've heard makes it sound like it's one massive ego-bruising after another.

It was nice to hear more about her, I admit. But, her explanation for her break-up sounded stupid…"I'm moving on, away from my theater kid friends." Huh? To what? That's a reason to break up? It's more like breaking up is a reason to move out of her circle, to avoid seeing him. I mean, it hardly matters, it's not like high school teenage romances are deep and lasting anyway.

And that's the thing with her. Though I see clearly why people here have this animosity towards her, I can't get as worked up, because I keep reminding myself she's just a highschooler. No, not a particularly mature one, but at that time of life people are all over the place in maturity, and she just happens to be at the lower end, at the moment. Hopefully she'll keep exploring the larger world and growing up more. I wish her the best.

(Now, if she's still acting this way at 23, I'll be back laughing harder than I do at Kanadajin.)

No. 80671

She did Precure? Precure is the lamest mainstream in holy Nippon, kindergarteners love it.

No. 80676

I don't know much about Tristan or the theater group, but I could understand the break up. Jillian probably just grew away from them. She is now heavy into ~fashion~ and all kind sof popular J-Fashion, had this massive fallout with the Lolita community, and thinks her yt-channel is the most importat thing on earth. She was probably a somewhat different person with different priorities when they met. She now wants her yt-channel, e-fame, the band, and fashion and seems to spend almost all her free time glued to the PC.
Also you change so much and so fast in her age, it just happens.

No. 80677

Some of us are also high schoolers ourselves who are laughing because we know better. She's legally an adult in like 2 months? It's going to be great when she finally moves out to the big cities and realizes 18 year olds out here actually lead independent and productive lives. Most people move out/go to university/work 20-40 hours a week because their student loan isn't enough to live by. That's the life of an average 18 year old in the urban centres of Canada. But sure freaking out because old dollar store managers don't approve of alternative fashion is such a hardship, oh my.

No. 80678

段差 (dansa) means "step" in Japanese. Great name to become and idol with.

No. 80681

I guess Price Market was fed up with her bc maybe they were getting more popular, and their costumers thought that having a employee with colored hair and werid fashion was unprofessional.
It probably would've been fine if she didn't decide to cry over nothing. I can understand about having a panic attack bc she was afraid she was going to get fired from her job, bc I have anxiety too.
But having a panic attack because your mangers said "Oh..you went really blue, you need to ask us first."?
They were just telling her that she needed to ask, and that it was in the contract., and they didn't want to seem unprofessional anymore.
There's nothing mean about your manger telling you that you need to get better before you go to work. But, there is something mean about asking if someone is going to stop crying.
They probably only said that bc she had to go make a big deal out of it, when she just had to abide by the contract.
There wasn't really a big fuss to make over the fact that you can't express yourself through your hair color at work.
Most jobs probably don't want to take a person with colored hair, everyone knows that so she just return back to her natural color once she goes to college.

No. 80704

No. 80724

i think that was meant for the aspiring aidoru thread.

No. 80745

Adults working in the back office of retail aren't probably very high up the food chain in life themselves, so it's a bit of a stretch to expect them to be trained in the latest management techniques. And, yeah, the fact they flipped on her meant they probably didn't think she was all that to begin with–she comes in one day with blue hair and they'd had enough of indulging her. She may have thought they were all sweetness and light but the minute she left the room for those 1.5 years they may have looked at each other and rolled their eyes. In fact, it's probably the realization that that was what they really thought of her that caused her to break down–I can understand feeling betrayed like that, you feel very foolish.

While I was listening to that melodramatic story, I just kept thinking, "oh yea, I remember when I thought something tiny like this was the most traumatic thing in the world…" as they say, if only I knew then what I know now…

It's interesting that that warranted some 5 minutes of storytime though, while her friends, or her time with the Lolitas, etc got only a passing mention. In fact she didn't even mention lolita at all. Didn't she just leave this past summer? I'm going to assume the reason is because the balance of power is in her favor with those relationships–rather than her getting screwed like she did with her employer, she screwed everyone else.

I mean, that part about her is worrisome. She does not seem at all empathetic and compassionate. I'm not sure she's good at seeing the world through another's eyes. She comes off as having the capability to be an endless taker, who never gives.

No. 80759

File: 1452794384472.png (148.75 KB, 499x499, kill me.png)

>25 minutes
>about herself

Her entire PM situation is completely immature and unacceptable. I was diagnosed with very very bad anxiety when I was her age and I worked as well. You do NOT question management when they want you to do something, especially when you sign a contract. Dye it back and get back to work. They are fucking paying you. If she had just said, "oh yeah, sorry." I guarantee you that this entire situation could have been avoided.

"Struggling with anxiety" is an unacceptable excuse, and if you want to function in the real world like a proper human being, then you WILL need to pull yourself together in situations that are much more difficult than just dying your hair blue. Anxiety my ass. Grow up. If she can't handle confrontation from authority then ohhhh boy.

By the way, she needs to stop swearing in her videos. It sounds completely unnatural, forced, and I think she's trying to sound tough. Every time she says "fuck" I cringe.

No. 80778

The way she talks about Tristan in her videos is proof of your point that she lacks empathy. I think the last video he took part in with her was in April? And even then he didn't engage with the audience at all. She was just filming herself while he hung around. I don't think he wants to be apart of her YouTube life or else he would have participated much more frequently. He stopped interacting with her on social media months ago and here she is openly discussing their break up in multiple videos and all over her accounts. It's not like he's another youtuber, he's just some nobody that probably wants his privacy but she's using this opportunity to talk about herself a lot (without any interesting story or message) and throwing his private affairs into the public eye and for what? So 11 year olds who wear bodyline can send pixielocks their well wishes? Over something that supposedly doesn't matter? Have some class and stop running his name through the mud? Until I find a public account of his I can only assume he doesn't want to be known on the internet so I find what she's doing pretty inconsiderate.

No. 80813

Yeah, I was actually thinking of commenting directly on her YT to consider watching her mouth. It's not like there are toddlers viewing her channel; we all know these words, but image counts for something. It'd be like if she lit up a cigarette while being kawaiiiiiiiii. Why? It's just out of place and comes off as trashy.

As for her work situation, something tells me she was probably a high maintenance employee who bounced into the office every day all bubbly and friendly while simultaneously asking for exceptions to every rule or last minute shift changes. After a while, people realize you're just jerking them around with that smile, and one day you do it once too often and they put their foot down. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess they didn't weep when she up and quit before her next shift.

I get she has to address it, since she paraded him around, and people will naturally start to ask "where's he been?" But the time to do it was probably a while ago, and once and done. She's mentioned it a few times, and not always positively…didn't she kind of trash talk him during her xmas video?

I would love to see caps from her private FB of all the bridge-burning she supposedly did with her comm. It sounds like she gets even more unfiltered when she thinks the mic's off. That would end a lot of armchair psychoanalysis and let us see what's really up.

No. 80814

Dammit, the second reply was supposed to be to >>80778, not to my own earlier post.

No. 80868

File: 1452811733082.jpg (32.12 KB, 600x225, jill1.jpg)

had to dig forever but these are all I found anon

No. 80877

File: 1452812083144.jpg (129.88 KB, 600x384, jill3.jpg)


>making anime matsuri all about herself when she's not even in the same country

>her actual comment on carly's video: 'I actually laughed out loud at the #suckmytssssoc- you get an A+ from me!'

>reveals she didn't find it funny

No. 80880

File: 1452812640884.jpg (198.07 KB, 600x384, jill2.jpg)

>claimed in one of her videos this summer that she wasn't leaving the fashion?

No. 80881

File: 1452812708645.jpg (27.28 KB, 500x205, jill4.jpg)

>when she referred to her mom as her partner lmao

No. 80884

You can't tell her to watch her mouth because then people will say, "she can say whatever she wants ♥ swearing shows female empowerment ♥ fuck gender stereotypes" etc. But it's honestly so forced.

Tbh, I think employers can make their own rules. They might've just found the blue too deep or too vibrant. But she just had to throw a fit. She had to.

Jillian is damn lucky she was able to get away with coloring her hair in a way that was against her contract, but then she complains and has a panic attack? Boo hoo. Good thing she quit. If I was the manager I would have fired her the moment she became unreasonable. There are plenty of good kids her age who want jobs.

Anxiety is not an excuse for anything when you have a legitimate job.

No. 80889

>100% NOT BOTHERED about being posted to Btb

She and Isucky should be friends.

No. 80912

What size did she say her waist is? Since she's been posting pics in more revealing clothes, it doesn't look that small..

Also she probably got to wrapped up in online life to keep up with her IRL friends.

No. 80916

She said her waist was 20 inches. It's definitely not 20 inches kek

No. 80961

Holyshit. this is really pathetic. How old are these guys even? 15? 16?

No. 80962

Thank you so much for the TLDR. This bitch sounds the most spoiled cunt ever. I wonder what happens when she has to move out and join the real world?

No. 81117

Yeah, another poster said it best: looks like a promo pic for a new upcoming Disney Channel show.

Dude on the right had better be one hell of a vocalist or lead guitarist to live life with hair like that. If I find out he's on rhythm I hope people go to every one of their shows just to scream at him.

No. 81125

Haha, she's definitely 26 or even 27 inches.

No. 81126

lol i have an infected submandibular gland and half my face looks like jillians

No. 81147

I used to work for a super-conservative company that wouldn't let me have bright hair, so I dyed my hair a natural color and made some colorful extensions to wear outside of work.

It's really that easy, Jillian.

No. 81173

she's chunky but also very short so it's not too big in inches - although going from her body type and the fact she's nearing adulthood i predict she will keep packing on the pounds big time in the next few years.

No. 81184

fucking kek

No. 81255

I agree with Jilly's arguement about saying "it's a joke" is no excuse for bullying, to be fair.

No. 81267

do you actually consider carly a bully?

No. 81269

File: 1452881511639.jpg (96.01 KB, 960x960, lol.jpg)

oh no

No. 81282

this is some 90s shit lmao

No. 81283

What Disney Channel show is complete without a funny animal character? Does the cat talk?

Also I take back what I said about hair-dude. Even with a guitar–even a Fender Telecaster–he doesn't look cool.

No. 81284

Oh, and sorry for sameposting, but I just realized they have a genuine 5-man band here:


I'm going to guess Hair Dude with the scowl is the Lancer. Guy in the back is The Leader. Dude with the acoustic (and holding Jillian's keyboard, because she's holding the cat which is way more kawaii desu) is the Big Guy. Now we just have to figure out if the bass player or Jillian is The Chick. Hard to tell, esp. since neither looks like The Smart Guy.

Looking forward to this airing this summer!

No. 81295

What is this?! Is this a band of theirs? It looks like a goddamn TV show.

No. 81296

No, I don't. Jillian is fucking delicate and Carly did nothing but make a video about her. If Carly harassed or stalked her, I'd consider that a form of bullying.

I was just agreeing with her statement that bullies sometimes say "it's just a joke" to be an ass to someone. I don't think Carly ever did anything other than a light-hearted parody.

No. 81322

It was actually kind of interesting to hear more about her life outside the internet. I thought the parts where she was talking about not getting the role she wanted in the school play (even though she did get one of the main roles) and the whole thing about her being jealous of someone else playing piano really spoke volumes about her personality and values.

No. 81352

I go to the other school in our city and I heard that she gave the girl who did get the role a pretty hard time.

No. 81355

More details pls

No. 81362

Why can't she just get a nice lace front wig? When I colored my hair I had plenty of natural colored, natural styled wigs that I could wear. She's got a bunch for lolita right? If her manager said "that's a little too blue" she shouldn't have been like "well i can't pretend to like u now" she should have acted like it wasn't a big deal. I got the impression that she only likes people if they let her get way with what she wants. She was cool with them until she couldn't dye her hair that shade of blue, as if she wasn't going to dye it pink again in a week anyway, so she had to quit.

No. 81363

I'm so glad all I did when I was 18 was go on videogame and anime chatrooms on yahoo and sometimes post music stuff on myspace. She's looking for a fight and cries bullying when she gets a response.

No. 81364

They…all have zero personal style or fashion sense. Dear lord.

No. 81365

the cat is cute at least

No. 81409

I know someone said it before but her forcing herself to cuss is so cringey

No. 81438

That entire 'i'm best at playing piano' segment was unreal. I don't care what skills you have with an attitude like that. All of her stories in that video from the break up, to the job, to the play revealed her to be selfish and tactless about it. Jfc.

No. 81448

it looks like a shitty Big Bang Theory remake where the 4 dudes are a 90's christian Rock garage band and Jillian is the pseudo hippie character who thinks they should play Spice Girls covers instead. They dont look cohesive at all

No. 81452

File: 1452952457057.png (210.14 KB, 1210x278, it.png)

No. 81695

She spends so much money on random crap and likes to go on about how creative she is with everything, but didn't even think of spending $200 on a lace front wig that her boss wouldn't have a problem with? Bullshit!

Like she was working at pricemart, the wig wouldn't just fall off due to the nature of her work if she got a decent one. Also about the "well i can't pretend to like you now" bullshit, the majority of people have to do that for the sake of keeping their jobs: her pulling that line out of her ass showed her attitude towards the job - that she didn't think she needed the money (anyone who needs the money, would try to keep their job in someway). She knew she could afford to lose her job over something that frivolous.

The fact that she didn't 1) read her contract properly in the first place 2) check with her boss first before dying her hair to see if it violated said contract and 3) cried over someone telling her her hair colour isn't appropriate (for most jobs, it's not considered professional) - just shows how spoiled and unprofessional she is. That shit wouldn't cut it in the real world. Like I know, she's still 17, but she should still be using experiences like that to help her to deal with situations appropriately before she ventures out into the real world and doesn't have her mother's safety net of cash to catch her.

No. 81696

These photos are just so awkward. Action shots of them playing live would've been a better way to go.

Is the cat part of the band? Does Jillian play the cat? Inquiring minds must know.

No. 81755

Are you implying they actually play lmao

No. 81761

Warning to other farmers in the area, she's coming down to Montreal for a week


No. 81794

If you live in Montreal and see Jillian, hit me up please.

No. 81802

Uuugggh, that second post is so…full of herself. "efame Lolita 1 left, efame Lolita 2 left, efame Lolita 3 is 'disenchanted,' and me, well, hahahah, ME, I scooted a while ago (non that I'm the same as those three desu lol lol lol)."

AFAIK Miklyfawn and Kate left for two different reasons, which were presumably also different from hers, which she claimed was because "muh fashun eyedentiteee." Only Kate might be able to say she left because "they all hate me, sob" but she's a very special case, I think we'd agree.

I dunno, the more I read, the more I watch her, the more I listen between the lines, the more J seems like she's just a giant self-absorbed egotistical brat–which is what everyone here keeps saying, I guess. It's getting harder for me to just say, "oh, she's just young, she'll grow out of it." I'm worried it's more like, she's just going to turn into one of those golddigging, life-wrecking, high maintenance adults who leaves a path of destruction while bouncing on to the next thing that amuses her. I hope that's not the case.

No. 81866

File: 1453060054163.jpg (29.78 KB, 520x475, jv.jpg)

I wonder how long it will be before he makes a video appearance?

No. 81908

Well, that was… suspiciously fast. Is he one of the band guys?

I'm sure we're in for a yt Q&A video soon! Hopefully he thrives attention as much as Jillian does, and they fit together.

No. 81910

Dumps Tristian in early October/December, with someone else in mid January.
Wow, I can't wait to see how they act around each other.

No. 81914


I feel like I'm nitpicking here, but jesus tapdancing christ, someone new already?

No. 81957

wait wait wait wait
wasn't that guy going out with her other friend named Gillian

i'm like 99% sure she's going out with her best friend's ex man?

like both couples would hang out together and were all good friends and stuff then jillian and this dude go their own way? what a twist

No. 81962

same fagging
both tristan and the other gillian girl liked the relationship status so there's a possibility everyone's happy?

No. 82008

File: 1453073706483.png (162.61 KB, 768x1024, Screenshot_2016-01-17-19-31-56…)

oh my god what

No. 82050

Who names their daughter Gillian? Who is she anyway? Can I see her?

No. 82060

DOUBLE-PLOT TWIST: she was only using Tristan to get to Colin. This Disney show is getting good!

No. 82088

Getting together with someone that quickly usually means she was already with them during a relationship aka cheating.

No. 82125

if Jillian's life was a show I'd definitely watch it.

No. 82187

I kiiiiiinda don't want to post her because she's a random nobody? I took a screencap of the gillian/colin relationship proof but then felt bad about posting these nobodies on lolcow.

Basically, Jillian/Tristan started going out in nov/dec 2013. A few months after she broke up with punk boyfriend. Gillian/Colin started dating in summer 2014. Gillian seems to be the only girl from school that supports Jillian. Always commenting on each other's activities and complimenting each other's couple photos.

All in all, this seems really depressing for Tristan. Imagine being with someone for two years only for them to claim they wanted to be with someone else the entire time. I actually thought they had chemistry but I guess Jillian had her sights elsewhere after all? wtf i'm so heartbroken for this guy

No. 82298

Seems like that's actually what she's saying. She went out with Tristan for two years?? It took her two years to get with Colin?? um why would she even admit that

No. 82362

I feel bad for him too, but, better this happen to him early in life. Some people don't get these experiences with these kind of women until after they've made the mistake of marrying them. Better luck in college, T.

No. 82548

File: 1453150290314.jpg (86.11 KB, 1080x1080, 3fb04b4a-e74a-465d-9530-fe7004…)

It's only been a day, look at how much she's brought already.

No. 82567

Normal low-maintenance haul for pixie. She can't allow herself to slow down now that she's gone from heart broken to sneaky new boy toy. The Japan fund won't spend itself.

I'm more confused as to why her mother pulled her out of school (like two weeks after xmas break) for a week-long shopping trip?

No. 82595

she has all that imported brand clothing and yet chooses to wear the most basic, nondescript, suburban mall tier shit.

No. 82716

File: 1453171922812.png (254.76 KB, 593x665, Screenshot_2016-01-18-22-48-52…)

No. 82780

Don't worry, that's not real dollars, it's Canadian money (considering $1C = .69 US she only spent $137).

No. 82785

Kek. Silly Canadian your money isn't good here.

No. 82786

Don't worry, it's not actually her money.

No. 82802

You'd have a point if Canadian currency had always been shit compared to the US dollars. But within the last few years, we've gone from having the stronger dollar to the weaker dollar. Meaning two years ago, 137 US was 137 CAD. So we're still spending another real 60 bucks that we didn't have to spend before. It ain't monopoly money.

No. 82805

I'm sure the new boyfriend will send his support for her very real panic attacks poor child

No. 82839

Jillian's life is litterey just "Look at my bedroom with all this cute expensive stuff, and my clothes winch are so cute and expensive. Not to mention my makeup collection which is from Sephora most of the time.This is MY money."
She's 17, and if I were her I'd be saving up for needs instead of spending them on luxuries. But Jillian is fortunate enough to have literally whatever she wants, not matter what the cost is. Her parents really need to show her how to control her spending habits, bc she's not gonna die if she doesn't get that makeup or clothing.

No. 83016

>It ain't monopoly money.
Ah, it might as well be to her.

No. 83043


I am a Lolita so I follow a lot of people who regularly buy quite a few expensive things, and some other lolcows/snowflakes I follow do so as well.

Yet Jillian is the only one that I actively dislike for her spending behaviour and her spoiled attitude. I don't know why, but she is the only one that brings my blood to boild whenever she posts her hauls, or how much she spent, or all the great gifts her mom gave her. There's something about her that makes me rage, but I can't exactly pin down what's so special to Jillian that makes me dislike her the most regarding this.

No. 83120

It's the fact that she's ignorant and oblivious to any sense of reality. She thinks materialism is the be all, end all of life. If she succeeds at buying things, she wins the life game. There are obviously tons of lolitas and average normies that have similar mentalities but she also has complete lack of self-awareness. When those habits and personality traits become your career (sorry but she refers to blogging as a career), you become a self-imposed delusional narcissist. Also she speaks with authority when it comes to lolita and other jfashions which is infuriating because she rarely knows what she's talking about.

No. 83201

She kinda reminds me of Dudley from HP bc she's spoiled, her parents give her whatever she wants, and think that she can't do anything wrong. She also gets her presents then just gets bored with them really fast.

No. 83288

Is her brother like Harry?

No. 83311

Probably not, but maybe. Jillian's so spoiled and she only mentioned her brother about two times, he's basically ignored and probably not that spoiled.

No. 83429

I have veeeery little milk about him for those of you that are curious. He's currently going to university but also apart of the hippie festival drug scene in the maritimes. I think Louise does spoil them both but you'll notice she only has like 1 or 2 photos of him compared to hundreds of Jillian. Maybe he's closer to his father, who knows. I think Louise always wanted a real live barbie doll for a daughter. Their entire mother-daughter relationship is defined by shopping. During Jillian's punk phase, Louise was upset that she never wore makeup and wasn't girly enough.'Luckily' she changed and Louise was really into lolita. So if I had to guess, Louise prefers Jillian because she's also into superficial and indulging habits. I can imagine that she does love + support her son but since he's probably more 'woke' and 'free spirited' or perhaps even has a history with drugs (just speculating based on his friend group) she might have a more strenuous relationship with him.

Sauce: I am mostly quoting Louise directly from facebook. She constantly reveals her thoughts on Jillian's fb activities. Or she will tag Jil in her private photos where you can see her talking about her family to other suburban parents.

No. 83430

Some of you anons were wondering exactly how well off they are and what type of house they have since Jillian denied that they are rich. By Canadian standards they are upper middle class but I think these photos speak for themselves.

No. 83431

File: 1453293491037.jpg (69.82 KB, 720x479, ya.jpg)

dropped my fucking pic sorry

this is louise and jillian's photography/vlogging office

No. 83432

File: 1453293529409.jpg (65.21 KB, 720x479, 65.jpg)

No. 83434

File: 1453293588281.jpg (79.64 KB, 720x479, loli.jpg)

basement area

No. 83435

File: 1453293638779.jpg (106.55 KB, 900x598, yuujj.jpg)

dining room

No. 83438

File: 1453293834461.jpg (121.3 KB, 800x532, oldjill.jpg)

Jill's old room on the second floor (her current room is in the basement which used to be her 'creative crafty' room)

>>76695 living room here

No. 83439

File: 1453294245443.jpg (130.53 KB, 800x532, hm.jpg)

No. 83446

File: 1453297819053.png (903.62 KB, 720x640, 2016-01-20 09.48.14.png)

The outside of the house
Pretty fancy for the maritimes ngl

No. 83450

different anon idk where you got a pic of the outside but I forgot to mention all the interior pics I posted were public on louise's profile

she also had pics posing with her convertible lol what a vanilla mom

No. 83479

Where was that "Night Before Christmas" video shot that she did with Tristan two Christmases ago? That place looked really, really nice. Nicer than this. I thought that was her house, but I guess not.

No. 83492

I'm also a lolita and know quite a few other people that have expensive fashion related hobbies. I guess it's because she's such a child and is very unaware of reality, like other anon said. Even if she has a job/had a job, she still feels incredibly spoiled and unaware of how hard things are.

I think it's partially that everyone just loves and yokes her on, like her mom and the people around her, totally supporting each of her unrealistic and wild endeavors. When she changes her mind, there is no consequence to her. It's like her Sephora haul where if she finds out she dislikes them, she'll make a video like "Eh, didn't work out so well! :)" and act like spending that much was nothing.

No. 83517

She can get a natural looking lace front from ebay for $50. I agree on how she needs to learn from things like this instead of just jumping into the world and expecting things to go her way. most 17 year olds understand how the world works, it just seems like she doesn't want to.

No. 83547

Nope that was Tristan's uncle's house if I remember correctly? Tristan's family was also well off

No. 84392

I love that lor basically calls out people like Jillian in her new video. Jil was so obsessed with the community loving her and being a committed lifestyler with a huge wardrobe and then she quit because it wasn't realistic to achieve all of her lolita dreams within a year or two. Jil comments on lor's videos a lot so it's funny to see she had nothing to say here but probably watched it nonetheless.


No. 84393

samefag forgot to mention that she would sometimes snark/shame other lolitas for not being lifestylers even in some of her videos (though a lot of lolitas tend to judge others by how frequently they wear the fashion so that's not an unusual sentiment in the community)

No. 84483

I used to like Lor until she got all edgy after the breakup. I guess she's doing better now though? Wonder what Jillian thought about that video.

No. 84626

File: 1453506409274.png (886.11 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

No. 84628

who cares about another bath bomb

funny enough the picture she posted before that was ….an 'open' sign of a convenience store? not very glam or kawaii, guess our country girl is easily impressed

No. 84631

File: 1453506780674.png (784.69 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

I should've waited for the milk, she must be bombarding us with pictures she meant to post throughout this week.

No. 84640

Why do people do this? It's like showing you enjoy bathing in a sea of artificially colored substances and also enjoy blowing money on expensive Lush trash.

I always thought of bath bombs as a "you have to be there in the moment to appreciate it" kind of like fireworks. It will never not look like you found some melty ice cream in a puddle.

No. 84657

the point of lush is that there isn't any artificial substances?

No. 84660

She literally took a week off school and work to pay lots of money for a muse concert and to take selfies in victoria secret aka spending any money she could use to go to japan again

No. 84815

>She literally took a week off school and work to pay lots of money for a muse concert and to take selfies in victoria secret aka spending any money she could use to go to japan again

Wait what? Where did she say she took off a week from school? Did she have any other explanation? How the hell did her mother allow this?

No. 84976

She was in montreal from monday to friday? That's like a 20 hour drive away from her hometown. Her mother obviously paid for the trip and the explanation was that they're both big Muse fangirls duh.

No. 85062

tbh.. i love muse so i understand. but a whole week is crazy tho, just two days wouldve been enough.
>tfw the setlist sucked but dom handed me a drumstick so everything's ok

No. 85115

>missing a whole week of school to see a band
>paid by mommy

Amazing. My mother would have laughed into my face. Even if she is the biggest fan ever!!1, a whole week is ridiculous.

No. 85227

File: 1453666063794.png (716.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-24-15-01-02…)

She's back.

No. 85234

She's back and in a bad mood already with negative 587% self-esteem. Living on PEI must really bring her down.

No. 85235

i like that room she's in

No. 85252

That's where she works

Having low self esteem must really suck when all the odds are set against you and your family is unsupportive and oppressive and you can't find any boys to appreciate you and you can't find a job that accepts you and don't have any followers that pat you on the back constantly and you're impoverished to the point where you don't know if you can eat or pay your rent and school is so stressful you haven't taken a vacation all year and you hate your appearance to the point that you can't manage to post public images of yourself on the internet and you didn't get casted in the big play you wanted oh wait

No. 85255

I think she had an ED (anorexia?) a few years ago so she still might suffer from Body Dismorphia or something similar.
But she should probably rather visit a therapist and not blast about "le negative self esteeem!!1" on the internet. That's no healthy behaviour, especially when it is clearly used to gather attention.

No. 85306


oh my fucking god that poron at the beginning. that goes for like 300 dollars. I collect ojamajo doremi stuff and its all extremely expensive. I bet she doesnt even know what doremi is. it is not fighting for justice, or empowering anything. wow fuck this girl.
she didnt even pronounce it right.
are you fucking kidding me.

No. 85319

File: 1453685207669.jpg (112.5 KB, 720x960, 5b4de990-a55d-4b1d-a865-03c821…)

Another one of her fans drew her.

No. 85337

how is this #japanesefashion

No. 85361

>you didn't get casted in the big play you wanted
She didn't get the LEAD in the big play. That's got to be worse than not being cast at all; it's like, taunting you, every day, that you're just not as good as some other girl…

No. 85362

kek so good

No. 85364

What? Where did you hear that? Lush is loaded with synthetic fragrance, dyes, glitters, and things like that. You can simply see it in the bath bomb picture she showed.

No. 85370

Fame-seeking is a way of getting one-sided attention, like this fishing for compliments from faceless people. She doesn't have to do anything for them and her followers should feel "honored" she loves the praise. Cows have no idea how to have normal confidence and how to be satisfied with normal social interactions like friendships. Notice all of her friends have always been other e-fame girls she has some sort of weak bond with because "We both have 'haters' and are 'famous'! You go girl!"

That's as close to real friends as she gets. Notice how she cut off her old group of high school friends because she "outgrew" them. To me, Jillian has this desire to hang out with only other people that are famous (other big Youtubers or j-fashion figures) or fame-seeking (her weird new band members trying to make a name for themselves).

It's like she can't comprehend some people do not need to be well-known to be loved.

No. 85385

I watched her anime haul last night and couldn't get over her blatant wiki knowledge of sailor moon to justify all her purchases. Everything she said about the show was basically just textbook memory. It's just obvious she only wanted cute things. She forced me to question whether she's actually watched any of the 5 seasons or read the manga at all?

I also rewatched her 'what i got for xmas' from last year and completely forgot about the little fortune of gifts that tristan got her. I can't believe she threw away that guy the way she did considering how much he supported her. Jfc.

I haven't watched her old videos in a long time and it's sad to see her deterioration over the last year. Some of her old lolita videos still have some charm to them but she turned into a cow within a very short time span.

No. 85420


What is it with every e-fame weeb and their need of Sailor Moon? Quite frankly, I'm tired of Sailor Moon. I bet half of these weebs never saw it until tumblr. Some probably ever watched it vaguely as a kid unlike some people who were fuck obsessed with it.

I see Sailor Moon as a scapegoat for weebs to grab some fame because it's magical, girly and kawaii. Ugh.

No. 85421


How did she even get e-fame anyway? Apart from Youtube/tumblr/having money ect.

No. 85433

The first time she was prominent in the Lolita community, she made that "Lolita on a Budget" video, which I never saw bc she deleted it but got to know about by btb. She's always acted like she's spent tons of money then never uses it/throws it bc of that milkyfawn persona thing. She also made that "How to put together a Lolita coordinate" video, even though she had only been in Lolita for two years at the time and had made many mistakes in Lolita fashion several times. Basically, btb and cgl dramu and telling us how much money she's spent.

No. 85434

She was a lifestyle Lolita and got posted on behind the bows pretty much as soon as she started posting videos because she was pretentious as shit. She really blew up on cgl over her LACE video and ever since then has been known as an lolcow along with Kate. That situation is what prompted her to quit Lolita.

No. 85587

>I bet half of these weebs never saw it until tumblr. Some probably ever watched it vaguely as a kid unlike some people who were fuck obsessed with it.

>I see Sailor Moon as a scapegoat for weebs to grab some fame because it's magical, girly and kawaii. Ugh.

Exactly, there you have it. Magical girls and their aestethics are kawaii and "in" on tumblr, and since Sailor Moon is the most well known, it is the easiest to gain fame from.
I fucking hate it because I am a Sailor Moon fan (like, a ~true~ one), and the Sailor Moon fandom is flooded with idiots posting shitty fatt acceptance/poc/trans/headcanon bullshit, every attention whore blasts about muh Sailor Moon nostaliga!!1 and people like Jillian use it for easy attention and weeb attraction.

Conveniently it's also recently been the 20th anniversary, there's a new anime and Bandai is releasing shit tons of expensive merchandise you can show off on the internet.
And what do you think her merch is worth? If she bought it recently secondhand, chances are she spend hundreds and hundreds on dollars. The original moon stick and cutie moon rod alone are worth ~$300-600 depending on their condition. And another anon told us the Doremi stick goes for a similar price range. It's the perfect mixture to show off how ~geeky and ironically weeaboo!~ you are, and show off your or your mom's money.

Sorry for th elong rant, but this has been pissing e off to no end for a while.

No. 85804

>In Lolita for two years at the time

She was not in lolita for nearly that long. Interested in the fashion perhaps, but not actively participating. Before summer 2014, she had only ever owned three lolita dresses (some ita tier Anna House dress, Milky Planet replica and Surgary Carnival) that she wore very occasionally for cons. She bought Whip Showcase (the dress in the coordinate guide video) the very same month she started her blog.

It was only in August 2014 that she went ham on the ~lifestylu desu ne~ as she began putting videos on youtube. Her lolita bedroom and wardrobe was pretty much non-existent until that time. She officially quit lolita in early summer 2015. So she was a lifestyle lolita for less than an entire year and she acquired 90% of her wardrobe between September 2014-February 2015.

Timeline of main pieces:

July 2014 - Whip Showcase JSK
September 2014 - Rose Toilette skirt
October 2014 - Romantic Rose Letter skirt
Christmas 2014 - Cookie Cream Collection Skirt
Christmas 2014 - Sweet Cream House JSK
January 2015 - Dreamy Girl JSK
February 2015 - Etoile Twins JSK

And that's it, folks.

She also bought toooons of brand bags, blouses, cardigans and other accessories within the same time frame. So you can see why she created a bit of a storm in the lolita community when she started uploading videos.

>16-year-old uploads high quality video guides about 'How to afford brand' and 'How to coordinate' when there have been resources on these subjects by experienced lolitas for years.

>girl is so hungry for e-fame, immediately gets excited about being posted on Behind the Bows.

>video content is almost always related to wardrobe purchases and snubs girls who aren't lifestylers

>discovers kate/lace and claims it's our only saving grace

>the communtity disagrees with her and she leaves bashing lolita forevermore

No. 85845

Don't forget about her Dolly Cat, which she made a huge deal about both buying and loving,(and dropped a ton of money on) only to sell less than six months later.

No. 85864

Can someone point out where she bashef non lifestyles specifically? Never seen her do this.

No. 85876

She said all the time that girls who only wear lolita to conventions are not actual lolitas. A lot of lolitas have that opinion. And it's kind of understandable? A lot of newbs consider it cosplay or con-wear which is embarrassing to the community. When she quit lolita she admitted that she was insecure about the size of her wardrobe and felt she could never be a 'real' lolita because I guess 'real' lolitas have never-ending wardrobes. The reason she became a lifestyler was because she thought there was no other option. Casuals are shameful. She had this idealized version of a loyal all-brand lifestyler and wanted to be an Angelic Pretty model to the point that she un-stretched her ears to meet the requirements. She explained all of these things when she had her little breakdown about leaving lolita.

I don't blame her for leaving when her expectations were so high. She put a lot of pressure on herself and it would be exhausting. But the only person she has to blame is herself and instead she blamed lolita as a whole for being such a restricting lifestyle.

No. 85884

The point of lush is they do a lot of charity events and are vegan friendly. other than that, their products have glitter and fragrance. i cant use it since it irritates my skin like nothing else.

No. 85898

lmao she sold it in less than three months

No. 85918

File: 1453839379045.png (843.23 KB, 1283x515, 3243433243.png)

No. 86049

File: 1453858421189.png (982.65 KB, 1230x1428, surejill.png)

No. 86050

Lol she is so spoilt.

No. 86052

Which is all so very much a shame for her because she looked so much better in lolita than…whatever this…stuff is she wears now. Or maybe it's just her fried-to-hell hair that trashes her look.

No. 86059


>I will also be visiting Bunka Fashion College where I hope to earn my graduate degree after studying fashion in Canada.

Forgive me if I sound like an idiot, but I have a ton of questions.

Getting her graduate degree at a Japanese fashion school sounds kind of expensive, and I'm assuming she'd have to know a little bit of Japanese to get by.

What's the point in putting in the money and effort to go there? Is it a big status college as far as harajuku fashion goes? Wouldn't it be more understandable to aim for somewhere like Parsons or Central Saint Martins?

If she's planning on developing her own label rather than going into the industry, wouldn't her designs matter more than the college she went to, anyway?
Or does she just not care because it's kawaii nipponland?

Either way, as the image points out, it sounds like a fun trip, but if she really wanted to go that badly, she should just stop buying frivolous shit instead of begging for money on the internet.
Imagine how easy life would be if all you needed to do to save up $5000 was stop buying Lush, Sephora and Dollskill shit every day. I think she has a problem with spending. I think she's going to end up like Charms.

No. 86067

What are you actually being realistic about this shit? Do you think she has any sense of strategy and long-term planning? No she just jumps straight to Bunka because it's the weeb thing to do. She would need to be entirely fluent in Japanese and attend actual Japanese language school besides getting her bachelor degree in Canada. Beyond that the application process and acceptance rate are extremely cutthroat. The one thing she won't have to worry about is the expenses as her parents are going to pay for her school no matter where she chooses to study.

She originally claimed she'd be going to Ryerson in Toronto but realized the cost of living would be ridiculous because she refuses to live with room mates or within a dormitory. She seems to be settling for Lasalle College in Montreal which frankly is a terrible school. She'd be better off attending the art university in the nearest province that has a solid fashion + textile department but she wouldn't bother because it's not the big city gurl life!!1

She admitted that she won't be going to college or uni for another 2-3 years at least to focus on her youtube. So considering that she'll be 18 when she graduates this year. She'll be 21 when she starts her fashion degree and 25 once that's done. Then it'll take her however long to settle in Japan and get accepted to Bunka. By the time she's finished that degree she'll almost be in her thirties. She's not thinking this through and nothing she says can be taken seriously.

No. 86073


>What are you actually being realistic about this shit? Do you think she has any sense of strategy and long-term planning?

Lmao, you're right. My mistake.

Realistically, learning to sew and growing a thicker skin would be a million times better for her 'fashion career' than an expensive kawaii holiday would be.

Fucking hell, she's going to be so screwed a few years down the line if she doesn't do some maturing pretty fucking soon. I know she's only 17, but she's soon going to start making important decisions that'll impact her future and she can't seem to keep her feet on the ground whatsoever.

Jillian is seriously the most airy-fairy, head in the clouds person I've ever witnessed, and it's kind of depressing that her mum would rather throw money at her and be a "cool mum" rather than teaching her how to grow into an adult. What kind of parent lets their child take 2-3 years out of education to focus on making YouTube videos?

No. 86076

Does anyone know how much she even makes on YouTube? Or at her job

No. 86079

She gets paid directly from Makers Studios but obviously nobody knows how much. Minimum wage in Canada is at least 10.00$ per hour though.

No. 86153

new video

1. i don't think i could suppress laughter if i saw somebody with her oompa loompa hair, it would catch me so off guard.
2. she bought two way too large skirts that she can't even take in, brilliant. also congrats AA for making something that nobody even plans to wear 1,5 years from now out of leather, good thinking.
3. the stripy shirt is completely out of character, if i saw that on jillian i'd think she was an impostor.
4. the h&m sweater is very nice.
5. there are moments where it seems almost like she knows she has a problem and she's crying out for help. i love how the video makes it seem like she can't go into a shop without buying something too.
6. i actually really like looking at her lush things despite the waste of money they are because they look like confection.

No. 86158

>almost 200 dollars in AA
christ, I know it's an expensive store, but what the fuck
when I was her age I would spend less than 100 dollars at shitshows like H&M if I really needed the clothes

No. 86161

That stupid hairstyle is actually pretty popular with the girls at my school, and I hate it. It just looks so dumb to leave your hair down and put a bun right on the top of your head.

No. 86170


the fact that she supports urban outfitters is so disappointing. she even admits that she's aware of how shitty they are both morally/overpriced and still supports them?

No. 86182

Dude urban outfitters is really great company to work for and they support local/independent entrepreneurs and artists which is more important than anything. They're probably one of the only fast fashion companies that ALWAYS promote from within and offer tons of opportunities and programs to their employees. They're really strict about promoting those who work full time and give them amazing health benefits. Every 2-3 months stores have local events such as farmer's markets, artists exhibitions, local clothing pop up shops or DIY workshops. They carry tons of collections from little independent brands. Their Urban Renewal line is also the most successful 100% recycled clothing line in all of the mainstream fast fashion chains. They make amazing profits from the recycled line that goes right back into funding and growing the collection. I've also worked for F21 and H&M over the years. Urban is by far the most ethically and morally sound company. You can literally go in there and buy only recycled clothing or local crafts that directly support your community. My location even sold organic beverages that eventually became a staple in grocery stores here. You should consider a little more carefully before claiming there's nothing to support.

No. 86190

oh wow that's actually really good to know thank you for the information anon it was a very long time ago that i read about that and didn't question it's truthfulness but i'm happy to know that i was wrong

No. 86191

well that haul was unnecessarily long and unexciting and it seems like she's getting lazier and more boring with her vids

No. 86197

She mentioned her new boyfriend at the end of the video without actually explaining it's her boyfriend? 'for my…. colin' and she kept using gender neutral pronouns and got him a purple glitter bathbomb so I guess colin is uh basically tumblr? which I guess goes well with her proclaimed pansexuality

No. 86219


She looks like the cowardly lion

No. 86234

File: 1453915511006.png (87.54 KB, 310x464, 1417630250266.png)

>50 dollars for a T-shirt
>it's plain af
>it doesn't even fit with her aesthetic

Seriously? That's it, I'm out. This spoilt brat has broken me. I know it's catty, but part of me wishes for her to crash and burn someday. Although, that will probably never happen so long as her parents are around because her mom will continue to encourage and enable her spending habits.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to be able to spend money on things you really like, but something about the way Jillian openly throws money around like it's nothing just irks me.

No. 86238

I really liked her (I know…) but seeing this recent video and how she's spending so much money on this stuff, and then making it obvious that she didn't even buy everything she wanted because of not having enough money (ugh). I et that it's nice to spend money on yourself but it just feels like she's bragging and it annoys me because I work my ass off and I barely have enough to live on, yet she gets all this shit handed out to her by her dipshit mom.

No. 86239

Well I wonder if that softens the blow for Tristan then, knowing he wasn't cucked by another dude for 2 years but rather some "genderfluid" person who may very well have been a full-fledge girl until a month ago. Can't wait until she drags him/her/they/xir in front of the camera!

No. 86242

I think that Colin's in the birthday picture that was posted a few weeks ago. As far as we know, Colin's a skinny biological male.

No. 86244

File: 1453917847643.jpg (75.72 KB, 720x960, 229001_3268071718358_204928174…)

No. 86251

File: 1453919461682.jpeg (126.9 KB, 768x828, image.jpeg)

She just uploaded a new video.

No. 86258

>All her videos are 10+ mins long
How could one bitch talk so much about herself? damn. Also, i'm mad cuz i wanted that palette for a while now, but you know– bills and rent and such.

No. 86259


She needs to rename herself as "Me, myself & I" so badly.

No. 86261

A++ post.

No. 86272

another whole palette of high-end eyeshadow she won't wear but bought just because it's fucking pink. if i blew 2x $50 for crap i knew i wouldn't use i'd want to strangle myself.
also, jillian, i'm done watching you self-deprecate about your lack of self-control as if that does shit, learn to take responsibility for yourself.
having seen her and her mother's mentality i wonder how long it is until the vesseys are ruined. between her regular splurges, ignoring prices and sephora addiction, jillian could bankrupt a family all on her own.

No. 86273

Momma Vessey's precious baby Jillian who can do no wrong ends up bankrupting the entire family.
I can't help feeling a sense of schadenfreude at that idea. She sort of reminds me of Veruca Salt.

No. 86274

Well from that it seems he's a little older (says he studied at college) and he appears to get a lot of female attention whenever he posts a pic of himself. Maybe this is Pixie's idea of a trophy bf?

I mean, good luck to them; I just find it really crappy she made that comment about "finally after two years!" as if this was the real prize she was waiting for, while she had to console herself with that poor substitute Tristan. Whatever, I'm sure he's glad to have her out of his life. Or he should be.

No. 86275

Colin is a male that used to go out with Jillian's best friend in a cis-relationship. I don't think it changes the fact that Tristan and Colin grew up together and were at least friends throughout high school. It's still weird even if he recently went from full dude to a little less dude.

No. 86276

Is he actually nonbinary? Where'd he say that?
I really hope that Jillian didn't want to have/had more than one gender as a bf/gf/s/o just so she could "prove" that she's panromantic. She's had a girlfriend, a boyfriend, and now I guess a nonbinary person for a s/o.

No. 86279

Hahahaha I can confirm she's never had a girlfriend. Did she actually claim that? Because it would be a complete lie. The only person she ever dated before Tristan was a punk kid in their community which is how she got into the punk scene in the first place. He was recently wanted by the police for animal abuse actually. Kind of a weird twist.

No. 86282

where you getting these deets? are you this anon >>81352 ?

No. 86289

Not that anon. No clue who that would be. Just another anon close by. There's a very small population around here, let alone in the 'alternative' fashion scene. I have an embarrassingly large amount of mutuals with that ex. I was friends with Jillian on Facebook for years before she started youtube. I'll admit I've contributed quite a bit to this thread but at least I'm a bit of an inside source.

No. 86290

I 100% support this post but I have one question. Wasn't there some tumblr debacle a few years back about them stealing a necklace design from an etsy shop or am I thinking of someone else? (I don't shop there often because I hate going to the city because parking is a nightmare and that's where the closest one is.)

No. 86291


She doesn't seem to realise that saying "OMG LMAO I GOTTA STOP SPENDING GUIZE" and realising she's developed a bad habit and taking steps to break it are two completely different things.

No. 86297

Honestly I feel kinda sorry for her. All she defines herself with is money, and things she spends money on. She seems to be unable to trust herself enough to gain attention with anything else but money and showing off her stuff.

She claims to be an artist, yet do we ever see much of her drawings and art? Why does she rarely post any of these? She is even somewhat decent, at least not completly horrible for her age!, and surely good enough to get praise from her fans.
She wants to be a fahion designer, yet do we ever see her post any "desgins" by herself? Is she learning how to sew? Did she ever publish any original designs by her? Why isn't there more, if this is the profession she wants to learn?
She is in a band and play theater? Yet we almost never see her play or post much from it aside from artsy pictures.
She has a decent collection of clothes, make up and merchandise, why does she never really present the aside from hauls where she needlessly brags about how much money she spends? No wardrobe posts, no close ups, no collection videos. Sometimes maybe a review, but that's it.

All we ever see is stuff she spend her mom's money on, and mostly presented in a spoilt, bragging attitude. We never see any of her other claimed talents, like the aforementioned art or fashion design. And since she had an ED, meaning an addiction, it seems she just traded it with a shopping addiction, defining herself solely via stuff.
It's so sad to see her abandon any real life talents for needlessly expensive shopping hauls and a "youtube-blogger carrier". She could do a lot better, and she has all the time and resources to do so.

No. 86406

File: 1453947372894.png (329.59 KB, 501x615, 6555.png)

This is really ugly.