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File: 1435355041020.jpg (109.31 KB, 640x640, 10632296_1647246275531829_1713…)

No. 127911

last thread is saging >>121883

No. 127929

Beautiful photo Aly. I'm so happy to see you getting better. Your positivity is so inspiring. Seeing your instagram and that you can do this gives me the strenght I need. Thank you Aly. Keep fighting. Stay strong. Love your nails. Your eyebrows on fleek too.

No. 127953


"If I chew this good enough it'll come back up real easy"

No. 127961

So sprout wants to be a journalist. I hope she really concentrates on this. She needs something to stop her obsessing with food. I feel bad for her, but she's so fucking stubborn it's annoying.

No. 128042


Sprout doesn't enjoy Ben and Jerry's because it's 'rich'. BUT SHE HAD MULTIPLE PINT PICTURES A YEAR AGO

No. 128053

File: 1435371562679.jpg (15.19 KB, 207x181, aaaaaagh.JPG)

No. 128064

she looks so scared of that weird bread thing she's eating. like you know her teeth chattering in fear inside her mouth.

No. 128136

I've never felt A-Log-ish towards a lolcow, but she is really forcing it

No. 128138

She surely is enjoying that meal! I bet she didn't even know her friend/mom took a picture of her.

No. 128139

File: 1435403166736.jpg (163.94 KB, 971x637, o.JPG)

Aly going to seaside…Are we going to see her in a bathing suit?

No. 128140

What the dang is she wearing?

No. 128143

File: 1435405160486.png (176.14 KB, 516x236, beautifuuuuuull.png)

don't forget the anus mouth, her best feature.

No. 128148

That wrinkly concave bicep

No. 128151

File: 1435406433104.jpg (25.8 KB, 500x438, 1435399501114.jpg)

No. 128158

Swimsuit under a crop top I think??

No. 128159

you're all dang killing me

No. 128165

ha! i thought i was the only one. theory of mind skill right there

No. 128167

File: 1435414984218.png (685.19 KB, 658x953, Asking the unpossible.png)

lol @ Gremlin this morning and the comment on her photo. and no, unlike you, I'm not fucking insane. I ate some food and then went back to bed. but then again, I have neither ~*~plant power~*~ nor the power of Jesus on my side.

No. 128169

File: 1435415307550.png (1.19 MB, 656x1834, Aly 6-27-2015 3.png)

Wow, some of Aly's followers are sure pretty dang devoted to helping her keep up her façade of lies. At least it seems like more and more people are starting to question her; it's just a shame that she deletes all of the "fake" (Aly-to-English translation: "truthful") comments so quickly.

No. 128170

This bitch's pics need to be spoilered, her face freaks me the fuck out jfc

No. 128172

Is Ashley posting her pictures in the thread?

No. 128173

TRUTH. I just settled down with lolcow and a plate of delish pasta salad with HUGE chunks of feta cheese and saw that ugly cunt. It's really put me off my food #triggeredbyfuglybish

No. 128176

wait wait wait - was it SUPERLUSH & covered in OIL sake emooji

No. 128191

File: 1435426244756.png (1.06 MB, 658x1605, SEEK HELP NOW.png)

This outfit is…strange. I'm terrified by what little I can see of her body, though. How is her family taking her on day trips (where I'm assuming she's doing a decent amount of walking around) and to bars and shit instead of back to the fucking hospital?! She's seriously delusional if she thinks she can live a "REAL LIFE," as she puts it, at a BMI of like 10. Ignoring and lying about your ED isn't being "free" of it. It's still there. It's just not being addressed, and every day that she remains that painfully emaciated is bringing her closer to death (or, at the very least, serious health complications).

Her followers seem equally as delusional. I can only hope they're complimenting her to try to encourage her to get better instead of because they actually think she looks healthier and/or good in any way, but I doubt that's the case for all of them. I'm sure she's just walking ~thinspo~ to tons of others. Fuck, man, look at those hands and wrists…

No. 128193

File: 1435426625664.jpg (7.76 KB, 162x119, everything is sake.jpg)

I never needed to notice that! Yuck.

She's so weird with the sake emoji. I don't understand what she thinks it is. She uses the emoji for mayo (!) too.

No. 128194

It doesn't freak me out but the stupid expressions on her face make me legit angry sometimes.

No. 128196

Looks like someone told her to cover up. Or maybe she's been getting messages from instagram due to people reporting her.

No. 128206

File: 1435428429382.png (126.47 KB, 307x620, Raw.png)

I'm guessing this is proof that she weighs her food obsessively. And, raw mushrooms :-x

No. 128208

File: 1435428486043.png (86.79 KB, 336x643, Godisgood.png)

No. 128211

who dat?

No. 128212

File: 1435428856568.png (674.45 KB, 973x569, Screenshot 2015-06-27 at 1.13.…)

>losing 45 pounds will do that (lol emoticon)

She seems almost proud of it.

No. 128213

Of course, it makes her "unique."

No. 128216

File: 1435429502031.jpg (4.59 KB, 259x194, oil.jpg)

it was DANG tasty and the sundried tomatoes were very oily.

No. 128217

veganmingers hands are purple. i think that's been commented on but i don't take much notice of her.

No. 128218

Aly's feet are worse.

No. 128219

really OT but when i'm looking for lolcows on ig using certain tags i find some interesting facts (interesting to me). today i discovered that teen girls who claim to have DID are all into manga/anime.

just wanted to put that out there to take my mind off that cold fucking carrot burger.

i generally try not to look at feet but i believe you.

No. 128224

File: 1435431391976.png (88.18 KB, 336x639, lol.png)

This girl doesn't understand when people are being facetious

No. 128228

I have a theory she wore a bikini top, and someone said, "Oh my FUCKING god, Aly, I have this scarf and please use it to cover up."
Funny how she's no longer mentioning her sensitivity to the sun though…

No. 128234

I guess its true in a way
Her paychotic expeessions are her own facetiousness towards the art of selfie

No. 128253

This is actually kind of sad. She has no idea when she's being made fun of right to her face.

No. 128256

She's just DANG oblivious.

No. 128271

I know someone who made those crazy faces in photos and it was because he hated the way he looked.

No. 128282

If ginger is actually fit shouldn't she be doing better than a 9 minute mile? Any runners here?

No. 128286

Ex-runner. Depends on distance. For longer distances, you want to pace yourself. How many miles is she running?

No. 128301

9 minute mile is pretty average I think, unless you're gunning for sprinting status–and that's probably better measured by beep test.

No. 128314

3-6 miles

No. 128332

Aly is malnourished and probably cold. Most likely why she's covered up in that photo.

No. 128334

She probably covered up just for that photo, so her followers can't see that she's probably losing weight. Gotta keep up that façade! Have you noticed that she hasn't done her OOTD since her hospital stay?
Her family probably wasn't shocked because they're in deep denial.

No. 128338

They're not in denial, their home is probably a living hell like this family's (watch starting around 1:00). If you have to live with that, you're willing to put up with a lot if it means peace and quiet.


No. 128339

Actually watch starting around 40 seconds in to see the start of the tantrums.

No. 128340

She had an OOTD but it disappeared.

No. 128341

is there a full episode of her somewhere?

No. 128345

I like how she calls people who take selfies 'self obsessed' but then at the same time runs a blog about herself and considers her mundane activities and nasty vegan glop meals 'inspiration' for others…
My sister is an athletic, vegan ginger doctor, she's just not self-obsessed enough to turn it into her entire identity and post it on the internet for everyone to be ~inspired~ by her. Mostly she posts pictures of the landscapes where she hikes/skis/runs, if she's in them its for scale comparison like 'look how huge this canyon is and how small we are'
I'm seriously thinking about starting a parody IG called thechubbyomnivorebrunette or something.

No. 128348


Oh, she's totally obsessed. I want an anon to bring up the fact that her body was made in the Lord's image and she's destroying it with her overexercising. Speak to her in her language, quote some scripture, and see what she says.

No. 128484

File: 1435477278753.png (2.77 MB, 1274x1276, Cousin lovin'.png)

This picture Aly just posted of her and her cousin is terrifying. First of all, I can barely tell by looking at her that she's still among the living. Look at dem cheekbones and skelehands - she's a fucking corpse. I am truly amazed that she's up and walking around, going to the beach, seeing friends and relatives, etc. and hasn't just crashed yet. I wonder if she's constantly dizzy, passing out, having chest pains, etc. but just never talks about it? Does she constantly keep up this "look at me, I'm recovering and gaining weight and it's damn fabulous, I looooove lush oily food so much!" act in real life, too? How is she fooling ANYONE at this point? Second, maybe it's a ~cultural difference~ (stupid American here), but I would feel reeeeally awkward posing for such a romantic photo with my adult cousin. Jus' sayin'. That pic of her "sleeping" with her brother was even more creepy, though.

No. 128503

In Italy t's not unusal to hug and kiss your relatives, especially while greeting them. One or two kisses on the cheek is standard, at least in my family.

It probably looks so weird because it's a forced pose and he's visibly uncomfortable nd she's almost dead.

No. 128511

yay, new thread!

No. 128516


Oh Jesus fuck that makes my skin crawl.
I love mushrooms, but, you know, cooked, and together with actual food.
The thought of biting into that thing gives me nightmares.

No. 128520

>romantic photo
really, yank?
She's kissing him on the cheek and hugging him. In my country that's how you say hello. He looks like her baby cousin too, so it's natural for older girls to do that to their young cousins, male or female.

No. 128524

Okay, sorry - like I said, it's probably just a cultural difference. I barely even touch my cousins or other family members aside from quick-squeeze-and-double-pat-on-the-back hugs, so I'm not used to that level of familial intimacy. The way the photo is composed looks far more like a boyfriend-girlfriend photo than a cousin-cousin photo to me, but again, that's probably just my stupid American perception. People marry their cousins anyway, so whatever. I'm really more freaked out by the fact that the poor guy is receiving a hug and kiss from a skeleton than the fact that it's his cousin.

I still maintain that the "sleeping" photo of her with her brother was downright weird, though.

No. 128531

I think it looks weird because he's grimacing and not really smiling. And sleeping with the bro and posting a online is really weird.

No. 128533

Can someone post the infamous sleeping borther picture? I missed it.

No. 128536

File: 1435497318020.png (2.86 MB, 1948x1282, Cool sheets bro.png)


>Early morning sneaked pic Me and my brother sharing the same bed are we cute, aren't we?

This makes me think of a porno

No. 128537

Oh, and someone in the last thread said he's 13, so it's not like he's a toddler or something

No. 128538

Not sure if I can see it clearly but does anyone notice her left wrist on the pic kissing her cousin. Totally looks shopped. Like she's thinned it out

No. 128539

There's a chunk missing where her arm should be for sure

No. 128541

Pretty sure that is just her tattoo.

No. 128543

>goofy bedlinen

No. 128547


Yeah I see it now, forgot about her ugly poor quality tat

No. 128549

File: 1435499922038.jpg (77.84 KB, 640x429, kissofdeath.jpg)

Aly is fake as fuck. She probably gives zero shits about her cousin except when there's a camera around.

No. 128551

who the hell even took this photo? she's so self involved and bizarre.
i can imagine her taking forever to pose for this photo, getting it just right so she can post it online. so awkward.

No. 128555

What. The fuck. Can you even eat mushrooms like that? It's not even dried or anything.

No. 128556

That's how I feel about the smiling and staring at food pictures. Making other hungry people take pictures of her posing with food while their food gets cold, lol

No. 128558

I want to share with you my breakfast burger recipe.

Half cup of oatmeal
chopped potato peelings
cinnamon, curry powder, garlic powder

Bind all together with saliva, shape into hearts and place between a bun.

Drizzle liberally with Pepto Bismol.

<insert fugly manic photo of self>

No. 128559


grab a relative, drape yourself around him and pucker up your facial spinchter. make sure burger is in shot. caption about it being a "sneaky photo" your mum took.

No. 128563

Pretend to be so happy with joy about life and Christ when really you're miserable as fuck. Wait for comments that you're ~inspirational~ and delete any that hint at otherwise.

No. 128566

Aside from being stupidly oblivious, she thinks she is better than others because her manic expression selfies are "spreading joy" while normal selfies are taken by "stupid and self-obsessed" people.
What a hypocritical bitch. Can't wait for her parents to bring her to the priest to exorcise the shit oout of her.

No. 128567

File: 1435503303272.jpg (123.61 KB, 933x592, love.JPG)

It is the power of Christ that compels you!!!

Meanwhile, Aly's "crappy silly face" is the best photo of her I've seen. She looks better without make up.

No. 128568

Her brother's going to be hot when he's older.

No. 128573

Her bro looks like he's done with this shit.q

No. 128582

seriously, like can i just eat this shit before it melts? he's a little qt too

No. 128593

I really like this photo because it shows the size of her HUGE GIGANTIC LUSH OILY BOWL of ice cream - so many of her "only food" pictures really have no scale or frame of reference and seem to be taken to deliberately exaggerate the portion sizes

No. 128595

File: 1435506432349.png (143.5 KB, 402x312, 1387404874894.png)

No. 128600

She gon' die

No. 128602

File: 1435507167393.png (170.67 KB, 480x800, 2015-06-28 17.58.02.png)

No. 128604

>i'm truely recover…just look at the pics

What is it we're supposed to see?

No. 128608

File: 1435509931639.png (841.55 KB, 657x1168, Aly 6-28-2015.png)

This second comment…this is why Aly pisses me off. I'd feel like shit too if I was one of her followers and was really struggling in recovery. "It's so easy! Just ignore your ED and EAT! Food is amazing!" (Wow gee if only it actually worked like that with mental illnesses)

No. 128609

What, you can't see that she's gained a decent amount of weight and looks WAY healthier already? C'mon, don't be such a fake.

No. 128619

i think it's a tattoo. looks pretty bad there, though

No. 128623

Sooo, does she consider herself ~recovered~ now? The way she speaks like a mental health guru, it sounds that way.

A week in a general hospital and she thinks she's had it rough.

No. 128627

A lot of them are like that. More so on tumblr.

No. 128630

File: 1435513072763.jpg (25.71 KB, 287x231, f.JPG)

I left this. If she deletes, she's a cunt.

No. 128698

File: 1435522023198.jpg (116.15 KB, 634x592, nails.jpg)

That's because, as manipulative as she is, she is somewhat clever with it. The previous photo did provide some hint of how small the ice cream was though.

It was also an absolute nightmare shot for everyone who hates her nail polish. As has been previously said, sort that shit out, Aly!

No. 128707


Not even ice cream; that's sorbet

No. 128719

.. ooookay I'm Italian and I've been posting how we have more tolerance for touchy-touchy with relatives, but this one kinda crosses the line.

No. 128752

File: 1435526202930.jpg (173.45 KB, 1200x675, 1311363059697.jpg)

man it's so hot here and that ice cream looks so good, I'm so fucking angry this bitch probably trashed it as soon as the picture was taken

No. 128785

Sorbet would win the battle of frozen ices. I prefer it over ice cream but so few places actually sell it.

If I had cash I'd send her a home gel polish kit just so I don't have to look at those nasty nails. She has no shame.

No. 128786

Thought it might.

No. 128807

Yeah, I imagined how I would feel if their genders were reversed. I wouldn't be okay with it.

No. 128817

File: 1435535175147.jpg (528.26 KB, 1305x766, thosefuckingeyes.jpg)

Fuck that face, she really looks like some Aphex Twin stuff. No way to restore that shit.

No. 128822

jesus the eyebrows i can't tell if they're worse or better

No. 128824

I just tried to make a "shade" effect on the real eyebrows because her eyebrow color is weird af and strange to look at

No. 128830

I said the same thing about Aphex Twin. She's like the Come To Daddy thing.

No. 128865

File: 1435539670598.png (483.3 KB, 493x491, 21_39.png)

she still looks fucking weird, but i gave it a shot too.

No. 128876

Her eyes are such a horrible colour, like a blind dogs.

No. 128902

I want to pop those pimples

No. 128909

i ship it

No. 128911

I think they're sweat droplets.

No. 128918

File: 1435543834732.png (93.74 KB, 340x274, Untitled 8.png)

decided to create an artistic rendition of my fav ginger selfies

No. 128922

No. 128925

I really hope that girl's parents intervene. She was so cute before she destroyed her body.

No. 128939

yeah it's sweat that was the "point" of the selfie

No. 128980

I haven't seen her post skating selfies lately. I'm wondering if her coach put his foot down.

No. 129065

File: 1435554018109.png (28.41 KB, 303x584, 100000000hoursinmspaint.png)

I only have a laptop touchpad, but do her legs remind anyone else of cheetos?

No. 129070

If you look at ginger's blog, she always had strange tastes but her earlier recipes were not completely fucked. You can actually see how the recipes get stranger and stranger over time.

No. 129102

they're a little more like soggy hot cheetos but i totally see it

No. 129124

File: 1435559776513.png (992.45 KB, 657x1186, SSDD.png)

Soooo how about that ED day treatment program you were starting today, Aly? Looks like another normal day at home, back doing literally the exact same things as before.

No. 129127

Cappuccino for breakfast? Something that is 90% air? Sure, why not.

I think she's kind of cute, as far as Ron Paul lookalikes go.

No. 129128

>Back home and back to my habits
Kek. Aly speaking the truth for once.

No. 129131

She said she's starting it July 1st. We have to wait a few more days for that lie to unravel.

No. 129133

She fucking deleted it. What a bitch.
Where's the person who asked why we criticized Aly's every move? THIS IS WHY. It's all calculated to make her look good and others look terrible. Fuck your sympathy; this bitch does not deserve it.

No. 129135

Wow … That really does say a lot.

But just to play DA; Are you absolutely certain she deleted it? Viewing ALL comments on an Insta post can be difficult, sometimes they seem to be deleted but on second check, they were there all along.

No. 129141

File: 1435567513450.jpg (296.17 KB, 1058x1512, def.not.fake.jpg)

Wowwww I'm too tired to be indignant about this

No. 129145

File: 1435572692713.jpg (1.36 MB, 1500x1200, Breakfast with Aly.jpg)

Ah whoops, I thought she said it was starting on Monday. Damn. Here, have a collage. Aly's breakfasts since she left the hospital. I should have waited until I had 12.

No. 129181

Where's the jam? :(

No. 129182

guess she doesn't know it has a bad connotation lol

No. 129183

much art

i honestly think many of the #edrecovery food pics could be compiled into some twisted OCD art compilation. its not just aly that posts the same damn thing everyday

No. 129184

Omg she starts by eating 7 cookies and then the next day she has 6… EVERY TIME. The last one started the cycle over because that was her breakfast the day after her beach vacation. That level of OCD makes my head spin

No. 129189

her latest post: "i HATE wasting food!!1!11!"

No. 129200

Like I said earlier, I truly hope she's photographing food that someone ELSE (like her younger bro) will eat instead of tossing it or throwing it up. I'm a frugal/stingy person, and the thought of wasting all that food gives me the sads bigtime.

No. 129206

>have dermatillomania
>those fucking pimples

I wish I could reach out through the screen and pop them, goddamnit. Why do people take photos like these with their pimples visible? I mean, I don't encourage shooping to the max or being fake as fuck abt your appearance in general, but… you aren't doing yourself any favors with these photos, girl. Just stop.

No. 129207

BS detective here. She blocked me as well.

No. 129208

They're not pimples. Why can't you fucks pay attention to anything? They're sweat drops. As she says right underneath the picture and had already been clarified three times in the thread.

No. 129221

Why are you so upset? They sell creams for that itch, you know.

No. 129222

File: 1435592745009.jpg (123.01 KB, 978x644, Capture.JPG)


No. 129225

Bullshit. And this person is dumb. Unless you're an elite athlete, or aiming for a specific body composition, a calorie is a calorie as far as weight gain.

No. 129228

the last one before the wildcard piss me off so much i hate when ally breaks her composition and light my own ocd can't handle this. I'm nervious now

No. 129231

Yup. The post says there's 9 comments, and without b_d's comment and the person's reply, that's the correct amount. Even worse, she did leave the original comment where the person says they feel like shit. So that says even more about her.

No. 129234

Correct me if I'm wrong, but beyond the addition of fruit, isn't Aly eating exactly the same stuff?

No. 129253

I really don't get what makes her tick. Why does she want other people to feel shit because they're struggling with recovery?

She must have some other mental illness because this bitchiness and weird behaviour around males is weird. It's like she wants to ~win~ at everything and doesn't want any competition? I really, really don't like her.

No. 129255

> eating


No. 129269

Her makeup is just awful. Heavy winged liner on the upper lids, but nothing on the lower and no eyeshadow. It makes her look even more sickly (maybe that's the point?) and the fact that she insists on raising her fucking eyebrows in every photo exaggerates the huge gap between her brow and her eye.

No. 129279

thefitveganginger is apparently dealing with personal issues….

No. 129281

aaaand pic won't post

No. 129282

I know, anon. It was hard for me to even put that last pic alongside the others as well, because it looks different ;_;

No. 129285

I hope treatment is imminent. She was upset after dad's visit. Hopefully there is something planned to stop her from killing herself with exercise.

No. 129286

I hope that entails dealing with her eyebrows.

No. 129301

The food she's supposedly eating after her hospital stay is anything but nutrient dense.
the food she photographed at the hospital however was (spinach, green beans,…).
Either way, it's not like any of it reaches her digestive system or stays long enough in it.

No. 129376

Ugh I started going through the GOMI thread about TFVG and it's honestly so sad, she has so many people from all over the country (probably even the world) worried about her and she's just slowly killing herself in front of a public audience while no one seems to be intervening. I can only hope that someone in her real life puts their foot down one of these days and tells her that what she's doing simply can't go on. She's going to have a heart attack on one of her runs or just fall asleep and never wake up. The thing that pisses me off about it, though, is her whole "cookbook" and "TFVG Method" - she's encouraging others to be disordered like she is, which, in my book, is really not cool.

Oh, and girllllll, stevia DOES NOT belong in everything. Her foods are like what I would come up with if I was joking around and trying to create the most disgusting, unpalatable "recipes" I could imagine. I can't believe she eats shit like sweetened, chopped up vegetables soaked in almond milk and apparently thinks it tastes like manna from heaven, PRAISE JESUS. I can't believe she thinks her recipes are worthy of a fucking cookbook.

No. 129379

All of her recipes are silken tofu+vegetable+stevia. Like "radish cream."

No. 129381

File: 1435618748090.png (775.8 KB, 970x639, Fuckingdumbsheeple.png)

Wtf? How can anyone see what this girl is doing/eats and be inspired by her? This commenter is a dumbass.

No. 129382

I agree. Her food looks so nasty. It makes me lose my appetite every time I see it, and I can't believe people compliment her on it.

No. 129387

this girl desperately needs some fat in her diet. i want to feed her avocados :(

No. 129389

I found Sprout's mom on the Around the Dinner Table message board for parents w/ED kids. My question is how she saw a site where 3000+ calories is encouraged for meal plans and still her daughter only eats like half of that.




Proof that matches up exact same date with the last post: http://iconosquare.com/p/944232626489063787_310948517

No. 129393

Hahahah, holy shit. Good work. I'd be so pissed if I found my parent(s) on that site talking about me with other Maudsley cultists. Awkward. I wonder if Sproutling's mommy knows how few calories she's actually eating now?

(Oh, and ex-Maudsley child here - that forum makes me fucking rage in general. I'm now in my late 20s and not doing very well at all, but I'm trying to turn things around on my own. All Maudsley did was ruin my family, drive me develop even more disordered behaviors, and cause me to have HUGE trust issues. Thankfully, though, my parents never wrote about me online, at least not to my knowledge. /coolstorybro)

No. 129400

I've never heard of Maudsley before? What is it?

No. 129403

If her mom is telling the truth, this girl sounds like a gigantic bitch.

>She has been very violent lately. I know it's not really her, but she will hit, throw things, cuss me out, etc. She is so angry and frustrated with everything, I think she doesn't know how to voice it so she'll get physical. I made an appointment with her pediatrician to get labs done tomorrow, and now she's ssying she's not going to eat because she'll weigh more. I desperately tried to get a new doctor (since she loathes this one), but with our new insurance, no doctor is accepting new patients.

>My daughter is very defiant and if I attempted ensure, she would either hit me or flat out refuse to drink it. She is very lonely and does online school, so I don't have much leverage against her. I can't say "you can't see your friends" or "no computer" because she doesn't have any friends and needs the electronics to work.

>She is very headstrong and has no fear of consequences. She knows what to say to really hurt someone (I've been told that she wishes I would get cancer and die, or my job is pathetic, etc etc) and it's not my daughter anymore.

DAMN, Sprout. Getting physically violent, telling your mom to die, wow. Yikes.

No. 129404


Take away privileges and kids have to earn them back by being treatment compliant, basically. Need strong parents and a strong team because in the beginning, the anorexic makes life a living hell for the family. Def. works though.

No. 129407


Sounds like what TW said about Ashley.

No. 129408

From that site:


My d had a severe catastrophic exercise compulsion exactly as you describe. She did not sit for 7 months. Exercising in her closet all night, in the bathroom, in bed as Ed told her she was lazy if she slept. I get it. It is hell.

How did we stop it? 24/7 shadowing and supervision. I slept with her for a year. I sat outside of the shower and bathroom. Doors off hinges. Locks off of doors still on.

If she was caught exercising she got ensure.

Weight gain. 3 meals and 3 snacks every day doing magic plate.

Progressive relaxation and imagery exercises at bedtime….getting her to stop arching her pelvis and squeezing muscles.


No. 129410

OKay, I officially hate sprout now:


Posted March 19 #1
Hello everyone! I'm not a frequent poster but I am a frequent browser of the forums. My daughter (16) has AN and we are in the process of attempting recovery at home.

After many weeks of struggling to come up with motivation, at work yesterday, she somehow got inspired and made a list of motivators. I am very happy as this is a huge step for her.

She saw a commercial of a guinea pig the other day. As background, we used to have many guinea pigs when she was younger and we are big animal people. She pushed away her dogs during the depths of her Ed this past summer (she later told me it was because they got in the way of her exercising), but as her exercise compulsion has gotten better, her relationship with her dogs is improving

No. 129415

Ty anon

No. 129421

It CAN work, or it can go horribly awry. It seems to work best on younger children rather than older teenagers. I know of a number of cases where parents tried to implement it on adult or near-adult children and it was a disaster. If you're talking about, say, a 10-year-old, that's a whole different ballgame.

No. 129423

Good god I can't even imagine a 10 year old with an ED

No. 129431

No. 129432

Thr parents have to be willing to stick it out. There is definitely a period of hell that the families have to go through. The posts from sprouts mom provide a taste of that and she's not even doing real maudsley

No. 129442

Yeah, unfortunately clinics are seeing a lot of kids even younger than that now. I know my eating was already fucked by the time I was 10; I wasn't actually diagnosed with an ED, though.

No. 129454

When I see what she eats I get indigestion. Can't she invent some kind of dressing? Hot sauce! Her stomach must hate her.

No. 129456

File: 1435628912252.jpg (35.08 KB, 286x533, ashghoul.jpg)

The ghoul just keeps getting more undead.

No. 129457

>My daughter is very defiant

Yup. Her whole internet presence screams defiance. I remember one comment where she said she's not willing to gain weight at all. She left school because someone told her "crush" she liked him and they teased her. She's a fucking mess. Farmers can spot these ugly lolcows very well.

No. 129458

Bitch looks like the Smiling Titan

No. 129460

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? FUCKING HELL. I swear she's not going to make it to the end of this year. that's horrific. That's walking dead zone.

No. 129462

How can someone look so decomposed but still be alive????????

No. 129467

Looks like anon edited the photo to make it look worse, here's the original: http://40.media.tumblr.com/0a2e6b33a72802afd6ae97d76bceb9d1/tumblr_nqqgd8MaB61upnbl4o2_400.jpg

but even then she has absolutely no color to her face. It's frightening.

No. 129468

eh, i only removed the glare playing with the brightness levels. the original picture is still extremely frightening.

No. 129473

Ugh, no interest in that dark hole of need
Wait, what?! That's why she left school?! Jeez.

No. 129481

There was a 10 year old when I was in treatment (also 70 year old… What a varied setting…) anyway she was like our baby and we all felt her horrible she was there. Her single mom was a cunt who pressured her to be perfect all the time

No. 129485

File: 1435631144779.jpg (255.07 KB, 900x1602, image.jpg)

Does anyone know if saramonsterkitty is a lolcow?
She looks a mess and has a baby tho I don't know how, considering she looks like she's 80lbs

No. 129488

Are you saramonsterkitty?

No. 129489

No but I just found her today and was thinking "I'm scared "

No. 129498

man the foundation on her nose…

No. 129520

>(Oh, and ex-Maudsley child here - that forum makes me fucking rage in general. I'm now in my late 20s and not doing very well at all, but I'm trying to turn things around on my own. All Maudsley did was ruin my family, drive me develop even more disordered behaviors, and cause me to have HUGE trust issues. Thankfully, though, my parents never wrote about me online, at least not to my knowledge. /coolstorybro)

Maudsley will fuck up not only you, but your family and any semblance of trust in them or anyone else. just. no.

No. 129521

literally how

No. 129526

I think the eating disorder does that.

No. 129533

I really don't want to re-hash this or make a huge deal out of it, but Maudsley is a hypocritical, self-perpetuating cycle that is literally the worst thing for both the patient and the parent(s.) It's inherently designed to pit the caregiver against the patient and destroy any trust that they patient has in the caregiver, as well as any trust that the caregiver has in the patient. Often, the patient's real "life" is never returned to them, and they emerge as adults with gaps in their ability to function, care for themselves, and accurately assess their wellbeing and emotions. Relationships with caregivers are very rarely full restored or restored at all. A novel could be written about the problems and incapability of the Maudsley method, but an anonymous messageboard is not the place for a real discussion about the impact of this approach. /end badly worded rant.

No. 129535

That sounds like the eating disorder at work too. Based on how many cows wear children's clothing, are delayed in terms of maturity, and have bad relationships with parents. See Ashley.

No. 129536

Just to give you perspective, I'm not some bitter ex-patient with an agenda; I was both a caregiver and an onlooker to several cases of the implementation of the Maudsley method that failed catastrophically. It is literally set up for failure.

No. 129540

Not saying that maudsley works for everyone,mor that it doesn't suck at times. But a lot of that misery is caused by the ED too.

No. 129542

I guess my point is that the ED-induced misery is exacerbated by the horror that is Maudsley.

No. 129543

A while back, I was a patient at the only hospital in my state that has an IP program for adults with EDs. There is a child/adolescent wing at the hospital, but there are few ED patients there, because there are better programs all over the state for adolescents.
Anyway. There was one ED patient on the kid wing, and he was 11. He attended the ED groups with us and it always got us choked up. I mean, my ED started around that age too, but being an adult around a starved little 11 year old who says he feels fat? I felt so heartbroken for him.

No. 129545

I can agree with you there. I guess I'm biased since I've seen it work. But it's not for everyone.

No. 129546

I hate to pull the axis 2 card here, but do you think that maybe Aly has narcissistic personality disorder?

No. 129547

I guess my point is that the ED-induced misery is exacerbated by the horror that is Maudsley.

No. 129549

Don't all teens with social media accounts as active as hers have some degree of that? It's not necessarily pathological

No. 129551

I can't get over how much soy ginger eats. It's probably wrecking havoc in her endocrine system. I also don't understand her love of TVP. That's one of the most processed foods you can eat.

No. 129579

File: 1435644848001.jpg (227.34 KB, 1078x1386, NAILS.jpg)

SHE PAINTED HER FINGERS ANOTHER COLOR!!! I wonder if she ran out of that god awful red. Allso: even though this is clearly a fresh manicure she already has a chip in it. I'm beginning to wonder if all the chips are from purging?

No. 129581

imo she prob just wears cheap polish and no topcoat. my nails always chip within like 12 hours of painting if i do that. it's annoying to see tho.

No. 129583

the kek is real

No. 129585

Nail polish is a must when you're that severely underweight. During my lowest weights I constantly wore black polish to hide the fact my nailbeds had all turned a rather horrifying shade of purplish blue. I couldn't stand looking at them otherwise. Freaked me out.

No. 129606

File: 1435652717754.jpg (1.45 MB, 1500x1200, On the twelfth day of breakfas…)

OK, now I have 12. Phew. That pic on the bottom right is really NOT up to par, Aly. Dear god, it's almost 1:30am and I'm making collages of someone else's pictures of their breakfast and watching Pixyteri give a blowjob to a corndog up there in the header and what the fuck have you done to me lolcow.farm WHAT HAVE I BECOME

No. 129620

I know I'm going to get bitched out but I hate these threads, you're just making fun of a mentally ill girl, she's not a lolcow. I think a lot of girls around here have EDs or are obsessed with EDs and weight and that's why this is so popular. It comes across really pathetic imo but do carry on.

No. 129623

we expose a lot of liars here, i don't see why people with EDs should be excluded, especially since you say a lot of people with EDs hang around here. seems logical to me. i don't understand why people think people with "mental issues" should be dismissed of the shitty things they do just because someone put that label on them. they're clearly aware of the things they're doing and post everything for everyone to see themselves.

No. 129625

most of these girls are 1. misrepresenting actual ED recovery, 2. seeking validation from followers who enable them, 3. likely inspiring copycats. vegan ginger sometimes tags her shit as "fitspo" and she's obv malnourished. and ashley gets her followers to spend actual real money on food for her to barf up while she continues to act terrible to everyone. she's toxic and iirc was against one of her "friends" recovering. it's gross and deplorable, and mental illness isn't an excuse.

No. 129627

I don't think lying about your personal struggle with anorexia is a massively shitty thing to do, I think if you've suffered from AN you know how much lying goes into it. Of course, mental illness doesn't excuse behaviour, hahah, what as joke, why do you think it's called a mental illness? It's because that's exactly what it does.

I get the Ash stuff, she's actually a cow, the rest seem to just be a reach at laughing at obviously deluded people. Like I said, carry on but it either seems salty as fuck or just petty.

No. 129629

>implying most lolcows DON'T have a mental illness

No. 129633

Yes but these threads are literally focusing on peoples mental health issues and picking them apart for it. It's really weak, you don't see people throw shade at people like them because you don't have to, they have a shitty enough time as it is.

No. 129634

i don't see anyone personally attacking these people on their social media accounts. they're discussed here, like everyone else. you don't need to help victimize these people. i really don't see the difference between this or any other thread here. you can claim they have a shitty enough time as is but many of them certainly pretend like they're euphoric and they have plenty of people to cheer them along in their charade so i really don't know what else to tell you other than minimize the thread.

No. 129636

I was reading the latest posts and was going to post exactly this, then I saw you'd eaten me to it. All the lolcows are mentally ill. Just because it's visible with the ED ones doesn't mean you can't go there.

No. 129637

adding - a lot of people with EDs or in recovery or not post on this thread. They don't have a problem with it. As anon said, don't read it if you don't like it.

No. 129644

I posted a survey asking how many had one. I think it got 30ish responses, majority do, about half/half in recovery and not, and the small handful who don't have an ED. Of course that doesn't represent all who post in these threads, but I was surprised that many had answered

No. 129647

found it. More than I remembered.

No. 129655

File: 1435670722027.jpg (87.33 KB, 1024x512, 20bbb70ba963c56fd4fa120bb4ba9b…)


No. 129656

File: 1435671046166.png (922.43 KB, 658x1235, Closeup porn.png)

>#Closeupporn over here! Are you jelous? Are you drolling?
No, no I am not.

>Already had a whole FREAKIN LUSH homemade Cheeseburger for #lunch made with beef meat full fat cheese and ketchup Waay over the meal plan!

Sure, sure you did.

Seriously. #Closeupporn? That might be even worse than #chunkporn.

No. 129660

lol she says the reason only half is in the pic is because the other is already gone. Okay then, why are the cheese slices fully intact? Oh, because there was only one half to begin with, and I doubt you even ate that, Aly?

No. 129662

If you're on this site, you've lost the ability to claim the moral high ground a while ago.

No. 129666

>Waay over the meal plan
Yeah okay Aly, keep telling us how you're "beating" the meal plan when we all know you mean "cheating."

If you check out the #closeupporn tag, it's all one woman's account. 1. Instagram is fucking weird. 2. Aly invaded this woman's tag uh-oh!

No. 129670

It bothers me that she left a huge gap in the side of her nails. I guess not painting all the way to the cuticle is a thing, but that's a bit too noticeable. (Disclaimer: possibly just a personal preference.)

No. 129674


it's marvelous how her followers haven't woken up to the fact that how come someone who "enjoys" food this much still has an eating disorder and still emaciated.

No. 129677

And that she's been "eating" what, like 2500+ calories a day (I'm not about to try to add all that shit up and take an average or something, so I might be way off, but it's a lot; Aly keeps deflecting questions about how much she eats by saying she "hasn't asked" her dietician how many calories her "meal plan" that I doubt even exists comprises) for months upon months upon months and has only become visibly thinner…it's not like she's claiming to have just started her "real recovery" when she was recently hospitalized or something. This sham has been going on for a looooooong time now and people are STILL buying into it.

No. 129680

>If you check out the #closeupporn tag, it's all one woman's account.
What the fuck, man? These aren't (for the most part) closeups OR porn, I am disappoint. Sheep?! Instagram is like some strange planet to which I am an alien visitor. I do not understand your customs. What does this all mean?

No. 129681


i would understand a dietitian not wanting to disclose how much calories she's eating to someone with an eating disorder, but i can't figure out how come someone with anorexia does not get curious about how many calories she's getting.

No. 129683

Last one make me cry

No. 129687

she miss the seaside that's why it's blue

No. 129689

Yeah, and I also have a hard time believing that an anorexic would be so dang (!) JOYOUS (!) about eating tons of oily (!), LUSH food above and beyond their weight-gain meal plan…if this is all actually happening, I wonder what her dietician thinks about all of this? She really has no excuse for not gaining weight at a fairly decent rate, now. She went on about how her metabolism was magically "fixed" by the hospital feeding tube, so she better not try to use the "fast metabolism" excuse again.

No. 129695

I called her out on the cheese and someone else questioned her intake in Italian. Both deleted swiftly. Seriously, that cheese pisses me off, surely her followers are not that stupid?

No. 129696

Mmmm. Dead cow flesh. Jelos.

No. 129699

It is so infuriating whenever someone comments about how they are struggling and here is Aly lying her ass off. My super oily and lush food is so yummy. I thought about restricting but then I said why bother food is soooooo good my #edfamily.

I don't even get how the person above was trying to defend her. She is really awful.

No. 129709

File: 1435681212826.jpg (105.81 KB, 967x620, hashtag_attentionwhore.JPG)

The tags on her other account tho

No. 129722

Even people at mpa call her out on her lies

No. 129727

currently jealous of all the food she isnt eating while i sit here with a numb face unable to chew shit

No. 129732

Well she sure as fuck isn't pretty anymore the way she neglects her health and family.

No. 129733

File: 1435684426603.png (675.5 KB, 971x639, collarbone.png)

No. 129734

File: 1435684549660.png (371.27 KB, 968x578, Screenshot 2015-06-30 at 12.12…)

>What: the "blendicano" is a low-calorie/low-EVERYTHING (except caffeine, obvs) drink that resembles a frappachino.

>No one is quite sure how many calories are in this drink, but the number is between 10-24 calories.

LOL RECOVERY. Sprout you already confessed you didn't really give a shit in January and it's obvious you still don't. I'm sure that blendicano is going to taste amazing because you're so malnourished you think a 45 calorie brownie is 9/10.

No. 129740

currently jealous of all the food she isnt eating while i sit here with a pollen allergy and a stuffy nose unable to taste shit.

No. 129742

granny status

No. 129746

~mouth surgery~?


Guize - get a NASAL TUBE! You'll get so many followers on instagram with that tag!!!

No. 129748

>God is leading veganminger

he must hate her.

Religion is so full of shit

No. 129750

yea man the taste of food is so overrated!!

No. 129759

Someone ask that bitch if god is leading drug addicts to snort heroin too.

No. 129761

What's messed up is the responders to sprout's mom's post on that ED parent board were telling her that her kid was at risk of death and yet sprout is still not inpatient. I'm wondering if she hasn't put her in treatment because she needs the babysitting.

No. 129765

They'd say it was the person's path chosen by God to learn a lesson, etc.

No. 129769

Treatment is expensive, maybe she doesn't have the money.

No. 129771


If it's a life or death situation and it's your kid, you find the money.

No. 129775

I had some cavities fille… ehem… i mean… surgery

No. 129782



No. 129783

File: 1435692127635.png (86.24 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-06-30-21-05-34…)

Yes, looking great Ashley..

No. 129784

>"good" parents
You're greatly overestimating how much some parents are willing to sacrifice. There's some really shitty people breeding.

No. 129785

Looking great … for a breathing cadaver.

No. 129788


Her dad seems way from being poor.

No. 129789

File: 1435692599025.png (116.51 KB, 474x617, Screenshot_2015-06-30-21-26-17…)

More followers are going question Aly's "real"recovery

No. 129793

Shit google translate

56 minutes ago
As the comments above in all the English had read .. because l have canceled? Unpretentious, you could say that was not true .

Was it her comment?

No. 129813

I'm the anon who had my comment deleted. I basically said if she wants her followers to believe that it was a whole sandwich she cut in half that she shouldn't have left the intact cheese corners. Hell you can even tell that the ketchup would have smeared down onto the meat and bun if she had drawn a knife through it.

Liar liar pants on fire.

No. 129814

^^ Oh and she blocked me after she deleted the comment haha.

No. 129818

Lols. She'll just come back with some shit about how she brought her own cheese to add even ~more calories~ because FUCK the diet plan~ THis is REAL recover, go WAY over meal plan!

No. 129832

Repulsive cow.

No. 129845

More comments on ginger's collarbone pic:

jenny_fit4life@delia.delicious If you truly care in the LEAST about this girl, you'd be saying the same as @spr2852 Come ON, it is CLEAR Anna has issues with her body. This is NOT fit. This is emaciated. Why don't you take the time to quickly scroll back to some of her first pictures. …she looks NOTHING like she once did. It actually makes me tear up looking at the comparison!!! Out of any of Annas followers. …don't ANY of you know her in real life? Won't ANY of you help her before it's too late. Anna, please. ..deep down inside, there has to be even a small part of you that knows you can't and WON'T be able to keep this up much longer. Your body is so frail. Your lips cracking. Your hair (that was once full and thick) is now brittle and almost non existent. Anna, I know you don't know me. Please trust I'm not judging you. There is just something about you, I wish I could swoop you up and help you. Maybe it's the mother in me. But HOW many comments about your weight do you need to read before you snap out of it and accept that maybe, just maybe they can see something that you're just not willing to accept. You NEED help! If you want to send me a DM, I'd be more than willing to take steps with you to get that help. ….please reach out to someone, ANYONE!
allisonpimm@jenny_fit4life ??? beautiful heart you have! Thank you for saying this
ellemaych@spr2852 While I can understand getting frustrated while watching someone slowly kill themselves and feeling helpless to do anything about it, your insinuation that she "doesn't love God" is very lacking in tact and compassion. I think you owe Anna an apology.
ellemaychBut @jenny_fit4life you said it.
ellemaychAnna, it hurts me to know you're struggling right now. But please, like @jenny_fit4life said, I believe at some level you must know that your body is having a hard time coping with this. I know you don't truly want to die. While "man cannot live on bread alone" is a wonderful sentiment, you have to also realize man can't live on faith alone either when he is barely eating any bread. All the faith in God in the universe will not help you unless you reach out for the help you need.
ellemaychYou are a very sick girl, Anna. It's been evident for a long time. I know at some level, you know that. I admire the strength of your faith. It will be your biggest asset should you choose to go the way of accepting help. I hope you know this is coming from a place of love, not judgment. I just want to see you alive and thriving and happy, that's all. ?
jenny_fit4life@ellemaych I agree. I only think @spr2852 brought God into it as a last ditch effort to shake some sense into Anna. What I can't understand is this: Anna, do you believe that all these ladies, including myself, are coming to your page and make these comments to be mean? I can assure you that is NOT the case. It's because it is as clear as day that you are not well. I don't care if you are eating 500 plates of raw veggies a day. ..you're NOT eating properly to sustain your life. You exercise often, you need to be eating WAY more calories than you are. Lots of healthy fats, protein, carbs. Anna, I'm not even accusing you of having an eating disorder on PURPOSE. I want to assume (maybe pretend ) you're doing this on accident. Maybe things have just gotten away from you and you really truly don't even see it. I'm asking you to trust me (yeah, I know, a complete stranger) that whether you recognize it or not you're unwell. As a certified personal trainer. ..there isn't a DOUBT in by mind about it. Are you skating anymore, Anna? Has your coach questioned what's going on? How about family members? I'm willing to bet a million dollars the answer is yes. Anna, go scroll back to your early pictures. Do a side by side comparison. …can't you SEE what you're doing?! I genuinely feel if you stay on this track you'll have a heart attack or some other complication and die very soon. A body can only take so much, and by the looks of your pictures. …you're REALLY pushing those boundaries. Please trust I'm not a horrible person trying to bully you, but that I REALLY want to help. ….
ellemaych@jenny_fit4life ?? YES, couldn't agree more!! ?
ididntbingeAnna I've never commented on your Instagram before, but I second everything @jenny_fit4life has said. Please, please, please ask for help. It is evident that you're struggling. We are concerned about you. You can do this. Really… Don't lose your life to an eating disorder… We are not bullies who want you to fail. We want you to get better and enjoy your life… Check this blog if you have time www.lord-still-loves-me.com it's the best ❤️

No. 129848

File: 1435701032740.jpg (103.66 KB, 620x470, more lies.jpg)

Nope, she didn't even bother. All deleted.
(Hover-over as proof that the comments were deleted, rather than just instagram being an ass.)

No. 129859

Sorry about the wall of texts but I didn't want to take a ton of screen shots and I just copy-pasted in case she deletes.

No. 129861

Who cuts a hamburger in half anyway? Pfft.

No. 129874

Definitely not someone Aly's age. A child might get half of a hamburger, or my grandma cuts them in half because she can't eat a whole one.
But there is no way that Aly, as dedicated as she is to Instagraming her food, ate half a hamburger before remembering to take a picture. (Plus all the very obvious evidence that it was not cut in half, of course.)

No. 129886

"God made your body for you and you are hurting it. By hurting the gift that God gave you, you are hurting God."

Someone post that. I don't want my Instagram associated with her.

No. 129887

If you cut a bun in half and it's got ketchup on it, the ketchup smears downwards. The burger and the cheese and the bottom bit of the bun would be covered in ketchup.

I wonder how many comments she deletes per day?

I don't want my instagram associated with Christianity!

No. 129889

>For the Christian, eating disordered behavior is contrary to God's ways. First Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us, "Don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God blah blah


No. 129908

Does it bother anyone else that both Aly and Ginger say "delish"?

No. 129909

:c I do. And I'm older than her. I just find it easier and less messy to eat two or even four pieces than a whole burger. Particularly if it's a Kaiser roll one with a bunch of fixings inside.

No. 129916

H-hey, I cut all my hamburgers in half. It's easier to eat them that way. Everyone in my family does that.

No. 129993

there are SO MANY comments on that post now. Jesus Christ. (pun intended)

No. 129995


No. 129996


>for God blah blah

The Bible in a nutshell

No. 129998

tbh ash looks kind of pretty in her last photo…

No. 130003

File: 1435720687752.jpg (3.68 KB, 125x125, 1408766954527s.jpg)

No. 130005

File: 1435720933647.jpg (9.35 KB, 275x183, 1413148413140.jpg)

Top fucking kek. First time this has actually been used literally.

No. 130006

Go back to MPA

No. 130013

Ash pretending to be one of her friends.

No. 130014

Some people like to order everything on the side. The ketchup I can understand because sometimes the preparer just puts a gross amount on.
The scenario would be possible if it was anyone else is all I'm saying.

No. 130048


You can't pretend to be above it all if you're on this site reading it. Seriously.

No. 130053

File: 1435726686374.jpg (372.49 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nqsawxsgxR1upnbl4o1_128…)

skeletons are real

No. 130054


Another Fit Vegan Christian…

No. 130055

File: 1435726764036.jpg (408.83 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nqqgd8MaB61upnbl4o1_128…)

That wig needs to be thrown in the fucking trash.

No. 130056

File: 1435727053787.png (600.5 KB, 731x476, hashtaghealthy.png)

No. 130057

i didn't think she was so bad until i saw this: https://instagram.com/p/0yD3Zss7CS/?taken-by=claireelizabeth_e

holy shit

No. 130059

lel the shirt is worse than her current state of health

No. 130060

it kinda looks like jesus is caressing her dying insides

No. 130061

File: 1435727696234.jpg (1.78 MB, 1280x1932, caterina.jpg)

I wonder if ever these Christian vegan anorexics have heard of Caterina da Siena.

Anorexia mirabilis and the obsession with purity leading many down this path are quite entwined.

No. 130062

Today is aly's first day of day treatment!

Who wants to take bets on them sending her back to hospital because she's fucked her meal plan so bad?

No. 130063


Funny how Aly and Erika start on the same day. My money's on Erika for actual recovery. She wants to be there and she doesn't seem to lie to herself.

No. 130085

File: 1435735371060.png (1.15 MB, 1039x606, WIGWIGWIG.png)

Yet some people still think it's her real hair.

No. 130086

Sooo I looked up reviews on the nailpolish bran that Aly uses (Kiko), and the majority of people rate it five out of five. So either the chipping is from purging, picking at her food, or the people reviewing the Kiko polish simply aren't taking into account quick chipping tendencies.

No. 130087

ashley is literally gollum

No. 130090

left photo
what the fuck is that

No. 130096

her fucking neck tendons are skeeving me out.

No. 130137

She doesn't look as yellow though

No. 130138

Are her eyebrows tattooed on?

No. 130144

When I use kiko nail polishes it chips within 12-24 hours even when I use a good top and base coat.
I never had this problem with other nail polishes.

Alys nails look really nice for her weight. Mine never reach that length even though I eat normal.

No. 130157

Did she pick those frames because they look just like the ones on that My Melody sticker? Bleh. I know frames like that are trendy, but they look bad on everyone, I'm sorry. And on Ashley, they look almost as big as her.

This is the one that got to me. Coupled with that quote. Maybe she's one of those rare anorectics who aren't control freaks. So it's either God is in control of everything… except for my intake and activity levels, or it's God is in control… so I don't have to work on getting better, because God will sort it out.

Maybe they have heard of her, but most of these types seem like evangelicals (who often don't like the catholic church much, "whore of Babylon," etc etc), so IDK. People I've known who are obsessed with St Catherine of Siena are usually more of the academic type than the religious type, per se.

No. 130164

She tags all her selfies #eatingdisorder.

No. 130165

>The last news are that all the blood levels are on point except for my liver which is still a bit suffering bc of the long period of malnurishment

What? But…but she was eating LOADS.

No. 130182


and noone pointed it out, imagine that!

No. 130191

They probably did but she just deleted the comments

No. 130215


anon, meet innuendo.

No. 130217

You used the wrong word.

No. 130234

What a naïve little girl, and what naïve followers. Seriously, how gullible you be? That comment, IMO, completely seals it, and it should for all of her followers, too. I know it won't, though, because she's their fucking ~real recovery idol omg soooo inspiring~.

Unless she was suffering from some sort of severe medical condition that caused her body to be unable to digest/absorb nutrients from what she was eating (which would have been found, I can only hope, by one of these doctors or while she was in the hospital, unless they're completely incompetent), there's just no fucking way she could have become "malnourished" actually eating and keeping down all of the LUSH food she's been posting pics of for so many months. I know her ~real recovery~ act has been going on at least since Christmas 2014, but I can only get her Instagram to load so far back and then my computer starts getting angry with me), so I'm not sure when exactly she seems to have relapsed and decided to call it "recovery." No matter - FAR more than enough time has gone by for her to gain even a bit of weight, even if she is hypermetabolic, and it's clear that that isn't happening.

She has no excuse now. None. I'm sure she'll still come up with some ridiculous explanation as to why she mysteriously keeps losing weight or "gains weight" but looks exactly the same size as before or even thinner.

No. 130278

File: 1435783709379.jpg (55.28 KB, 691x331, Capture.JPG)

What perspective fuckery is going on here?

No. 130291

What do you mean? It just looks like one of the images (I assume the left) was flipped for some reason.

No. 130363

the front camera on iphone flips the images. The photo on the left was probably taken using the front camera so she could aim it better.

No. 130365

Phone cameras are wide angle lenses so things at the periphery of the image sometimes are a by warped. Esp faces.

No. 130366

*a bit warped

No. 130368

She's looking kinda nice in this pic, probably because she's not using the anus-colored lipstick (or doing the fake-sucking-on-straw face).

No. 130387

The close up salad looks like it's in a smaller plate vs the selfie salad

No. 130390

Selfie salad just looks like it was pushed around the plate to make it seem larger

No. 130419

No. 130423

>>those fake diet foods she eats are so much more processed and costly than the real thing.

No. 130424

>>those fake diet foods she eats are so much more processed and costly than the real thing. I think she's having tummy troubles because of all the fake sweetener.

No. 130444

File: 1435804442645.jpg (149.64 KB, 449x510, huge.jpg)

I found Aly's cutlery, guys.

No. 130544

Hmm … Personally, I doubt it, but it's pssible she's actually unaware she has an eating disorder? I never knew I had one for the longest time, I just thought I was 'being healthy', and/or 'just trying to lose a little weight'.

No. 130546

File: 1435825012787.jpg (63.03 KB, 480x480, um.jpg)

That blog entry is uninteresting. Her selfies, on the other hand…

No. 130554

oh god.. poor girl :,(

No. 130579

Dat lazy eye

No. 130585

I think she is totally blind in that eye. She's mentioned it before.

No. 130595

That's like 100 calories more than what Myfitnesspal defaults everyone to assuming they want to lose weight fast.

No. 130599

we should bring that up to her lol
though it will be promptly dismissed im sure

No. 130670

Um which one?

No. 130730

Has anyone noticed Aly deleted all of her ootd posts?

No. 130788

File: 1435873855802.jpg (422.83 KB, 960x1280, gross.jpg)

guess which "poverty-stricken" skeleton got a new prison tattoo?

No. 130805

who would actually tattoo her?

No. 130811

She could die of a heart attack while being tattooed.

No. 130815

sadly some tattooists have a "have money, will tattoo" point of view

No. 130817

Shes getting a nice ass licking on Tumblr over this scratch job.

No. 130820

That would be a shitty thing to do to an anorexic kid. We want to milk the cows, not kill them.

No. 130831

I'm pretty sure it's the same guy from last time. she mentioned she hopped from shop to shop looking for a willing artist but all of them reacted in disgust and declined. i'm guessing this guy is from some back alley or some shit, judging by the shitty quality of the tats.

No. 130833

Looks like a dick without a head. Like the upper part is a small set of balls and the rest is the shaft.

No. 130836

Guess she finally realized that they made her weight loss extremely obvious.

No. 130859

I think she already knew it was obvious. I'd say it's more likely she's been getting reported to IG more and doesn't want to lose her account.

No. 130884


why would she get a tattoo. how can her skin even heal itself. she is 1 infection away from death. her immune system must be like an AIDS patient, completely open to all kinds of disease.

No. 130892

she has more than one? what's the other one?

No. 130909

She should spend that money on treatment so she can live long enough to actually use her glasses and enjoy her tattoos.

No. 130913

- "fragile like a cat" and a doodle of a cat
- gastly, gengar and haunter
- heart with a skull in it
- her eyebrows????

No. 130917

File: 1435883355287.jpg (41.15 KB, 755x1059, the_used_heart__tattoo_cover__…)

No. 130943

Her at looks more like a chili pepper that got a bit smashed up. Unfortunate.

Doubt that it'd cover that, but perhaps it'd cover the cost of a NEW WIG.

If this tat gets infected, it could kill her.

No. 130950

File: 1435884742852.jpg (114.48 KB, 640x640, 925291_307990742729331_1820972…)

No. 130952

File: 1435884830956.jpg (52.1 KB, 518x666, cc.JPG)

monstorsity #2

No. 130953

File: 1435884855412.jpg (52.01 KB, 604x453, 1XJy9PuvwZ8.jpg)

third abortion

No. 130956

White ink. I guess the artist assumed she wouldn't live very long.

No. 130957

Yeah, she needs to develop a more engaging style if she's wanting to be a journalist when she grows up.

A-lie seems to be getting a smooth ride with the day patient thing. Different illness, but after hospitalisation for depressive illness and other mental shit, I had to go 5 days a week, 8.30am to 4.30pm and be monitored all that time and engage in occupational therapy - shit like pottery, woodwork, art etc. She's like ET treatment lite.

No. 130960

She outlived the white ink, but I'm getting death is approaching vibes from her image.

No. 130961

lol, i mean ED not ET … although her face is getting that way.

No. 130962

I just want to hydrate her so bad.

No. 130965

Would that even be possible?

No. 130970

IDK. She has no muscles to hold the water.

No. 130978

I wonder how much she actually keeps down. She's obviously worked out how much she can eat to stay barely alive.

No. 131033

I don't think she's worked out anything. I think she's only alive right now through sheer luck and possibly strong genetics.

No. 131036

File: 1435888461987.jpg (35.5 KB, 300x300, thused.jpg)

it looks like she copied the album art for 'the used'..

No. 131040

oh shit just read the filename of the drawing lol. disregard me.

No. 131046

Man what tattoo artist agreed to work with skeletor
I would be afraid the needle would puncture some important blood vessel

No. 131054

Her tattoo doesn't make sense without the heart hanging from a tree.

No. 131060

So done with Aly's "Restriction after [x]? OFC NOT!"
To quote another anon in the last thread:
>She makes brief allusions to her alleged struggles, but she "overcomes" them so easily that they seem trivial, even though they're the type of thing that would completely consume many other anorexics, "recovering" or not.

I just don't understand why she needs to fake overcoming her struggles like they're nothing. Every struggle she has appears trivial, and it makes her seem shallow. Like she literally has no depth, and I think that's why her online persona pisses most of us off so much. She's fake in that she's putting up a front, but also, she doesn't even come across as a person.

No. 131066

Probably had one of those warning pics put up instead seeing how people here are reporting them.

No. 131112

honestly, this might be her actual problem…I wonder if this is less a front for others so much as a front she actually puts on for herself. She may really believe that she needs to downplay her own pain to herself as well as others. She never lets herself feel sadness/uncomfortable feelings but intellectually distancing herself from them, and thus never actually deals with them.

I don't have an ED but my therapist has pointed out that I do this…dismiss my true feelings but rationalizing them intellectually. Then I get "stuck" and can't get out til I basically give myself permission to feel bad when I need to.

No. 131128

Has anyone even commented on the disappearance of so many of her old pictures? I haven't seen any comments about it, but I don't know if that's just because Aly's been deleting them as usual or if none of her followers have noticed or care or what…

And her "day treatment" program is a fucking joke, if it even exists, which I'm not convinced of. If she just goes in for a few appointments once or twice a week or whatever, that's "outpatient" (just like her hospital stay wasn't "inpatient" in an ED unit - it was just a regular medical admission). I guess it pisses me off because I've seen so many people go through legitimate ED treatment programs, and it's not a fucking walk in the park like Aly's making it seem. There are - or at least SHOULD be - people monitoring you and holding you accountable to make sure you aren't doing exactly the kind of shit Aly's been doing all along in her stupid fucking "real recovery."

I just can't stand how she has so many people calling her ~inspiring~ and kissing her ass while, with her constant "Food is a joy! Just say 'no' to Ana and EAT! It's so easy! Look at me, I eat constantly and am still a spoopy skeleton!" shtick, she basically shits on other people with EDs who are in actual treatment programs and/or struggling with recovery.

No. 131135


Very astute observation.

No. 131153

people who say "ana" are not my people

No. 131180

Most tattoo artists are fine with doing white ink as long as the client understands that it will always need regular touch-ups to stay visible.

No. 131201

Well, if Aly was "your people," I'd hope you wouldn't be in this thread

No. 131221

File: 1435900452754.png (13.53 KB, 509x285, honorrroll.png)

She talks like she's still in highschool. Did she graduate?

No. 131222

>if only he could see me now
implying anything has changed in the week since he died

No. 131232

lol @ GOMI folks finding lolcow via TFVG: http://getoffmyinternets.net/forums/healthy-living-bloggers/the-fit-vegan-ginger/page-103/

>tfw "super edgy teenage girls"


No. 131233


No. 131243

as a GOMI person and a farmer, i find reading this very unsettling

No. 131246

it's like listening to mutual friends talk about each other behind their backs and having to pretend you don't know what's going on

No. 131252

>jlswoo: Hi just wondering, why do you call those chips? Those are just sliced vegetables.

jlswoo, i think i love you

No. 131254

File: 1435901724192.jpg (65.83 KB, 400x547, image.jpg)

That's a really good question. Did she even ever go to high school?

God, Ash has to make everything about er self and her pain… She can't even answer a question about her day without replying sarcastically in turn.

The Melancholy of Ash-chan the Skeleton.

No. 131257

I don't know enough about the GOMI demographics. I'm getting a "somewhat catty early middle-age moms" vibe. Am I close?

No. 131264


Start here: >>21279

There are twelve (12) threads leading up to this one. Ten threads starring Ashley Finch and two about Aly_Realrecover.


No. 131344

Her fucking arm, it looks like a white meat twiglet! I forget how fucked up she looks after 2 weeks of not looking at her photos. People in hospice look healthier.

No. 131345

File: 1435907533425.jpeg (24.19 KB, 332x443, u2ZKg5Yh_qxElwPgwbwvg4C6XcX_6m…)

Twiglet for reference

No. 131391

No. 131399

I ventured on gomi a bit myself… It does reek of 'more mature' women…

No. 131446

>thank goodness we aren't as bad as lolcow!

Meanwhile, those posters have referred to ginger as "hideous," said gingers food looks like "cat vomit,", one poster made a side-by-side comparison pic of one of her selfies with Aphex Twin, the members, have left unwanted concern-trolling messages on her Instagram ("Get help!"). That site is cognitive dissonance and moral relativism at its finest.

No. 131447

And I'm wondering if that person bragging about trolling is racist grandma-chan.

No. 131448

Her mouth looks like it REEKS.

No. 131449

Also, there are more than 100 pages about ginger on that site…why would that farmer point ginger to lolcow when gomi is obsessed with that kid?

No. 131450

And I'm not suggesting that anyone give her the link to gomi. I don't see the point in upsetting her and there's noting anyone could do or say to make her get better until ginger decides to do so mor her parents do something.

No. 131458

idk. i never got sick when i was underweight. i have a theory that the starving body is not a suitable place for bad bacteria to thrive. but that tat will prob never heal either

No. 131459

It's amusing how they can't figure out how anon IBs work. Maybe GOMI is a place for people (generalising) who never visited any of the chan boards because they consider themselves soooo politically correct.

OR possibly the one who was here the other day HOW CAN YOU POKE FUN AT A SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL PERSON OMG!!!1

No. 131462

like her other ink scrawls, it'll still look fresh in 5 years if she lived that long.

No. 131464

They are incredibly dumb and naive. Some of them have their personal IGs linked to their GOMI accounts.

No. 131466

spot on

No. 131468

File: 1435932708403.jpg (20.74 KB, 596x59, moral high ground.JPG)

Like this? Yes, GOMI member, keep telling yourself that. You are better than us.

No. 131469

lolcow is so ~*edgy*~ guize

No. 131473

So edgy that some of us actually dipped into our own pockets and helped with a friend of a lolcow's hospital fund.

Kinda like being thought of as teenage seeing how those years are a distant memory. Rather be a flat out bitchy gramma chan than a two faced, bored, condescending stick-up-my-ass old cow.

No. 131485

File: 1435934131722.png (17.76 KB, 608x55, Page85ofGOMIthread.png)


Look at all that concern from a GOMI user

No. 131487

Good Christian attitude there.

No. 131496

Evangelicals are the first ones to put a knife in your back.

No. 131502

I actually found lolcow via someone posting about Ashley/Erika on gomi back when the first Ashley thread was active, and pretty much stopped posting there after finding lolcow. Can confirm it is mostly moms/housewives with some kind of superiority complex, not 100% though

Source: was a bored mom/housewife when I used to post there

No. 131504

No. 131508

Where does Ash get money for tattoos if she had to beg for binge money?

No. 131512

new thread as this is sage

No. 137671

I bet that quesadilla she is eating doesn't like her.

No. 203019

She's very public, I think it's pretty horrible for someone who is emotionally fragile as well as physically fragile to cope with alone. The internet has tormented so many people, being a focus for attention comes with a lot of problems. Some people thrive on criticism though, where it's coming from and the people hiding behind their computer screens are not in the limelight. How screwed up might some of her critics be. This is a jovial/social platform though, anorexia is a serious problem.

No. 203024

No. 203027

Hi Aly, how's your mealplan going?

No. 203029

Why reply to an old thread, newfag?

No. 203030

That's sorbet, no fat and barely any calories, especially for that kind of serving

No. 203037

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