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File: 1437101154194.png (2 MB, 1316x708, 1436937221666.png)

No. 138697

Last time, on Aly's li(f)e: Aly takes a picture of her brother's OILY [sake emoji] and LUSH cheeseburger at McDonald's while eating a DELISH plain one, all in the name of #bloating herself for her appointment [hospital badge emoji]. It worked, and now she thinks it's a #recoverywin that she gained 1.2kg (2.5 pounds) in two weeks.

As for lolcow, we've realized that we're lucky that we've never seen Aly's #assholegap.

Last thread: >>131511
First thread: >>101158

No. 138704

first comment

No. 138714

This girl is all types of shifty. I'm actually kind of impressed.

No. 138715

File: 1437103400764.jpg (118.93 KB, 951x615, peenieburger.JPG)


Sooo, any idea about the size of these sausages she ate*? I don't have a very good eye for perspective as do some anons.


No. 138725

D on't forget the instagram


No. 138776

They look like chipolatas to me

No. 138781

They're probably Nürnberger brats, which are pretty small. She's "eating" 5 of them, but 6 isn't abnormal.

And ofc lots of ketchup, because it either serves to: a) lubricate the food, so that it easily comes back up; or b) bury your food, so that it's less noticeable that you've really just pushed your food around your plate.

No. 138783

They're probably Nürnberger brats, which are pretty small. She's "eating" 5 of them, but 6 isn't abnormal.

Oops, sorry, didn't include how big. They're roughly 7cm/3in.

No. 138792

I wouldn't be surprised if the sausages sticking out of the bread are "just the tips".

No. 138798

Shoot, that was a rookie mistake. My bad!

No. 138800

File: 1437114110373.jpg (16.27 KB, 306x102, obsession.jpg)

This comment on her breakfast photo today made me laugh.
Obsession? Dang no!

She just compulsively posted pictures and faked recovery for 5-6 months, but she is NOT obsessed.
(Even if people don't know about her faking recovery since January, how could you not realize that she is a bit obsessed with posting her food to Instagram?)

No. 138803

File: 1437115727009.jpg (28.88 KB, 297x163, omfg.jpg)

I'm going through old posts, and found this statement from a year ago. Fuck this bitch. She may have gained 2kg per week at the beginning, but now she couldn't gain 500gr a week without bloating herself with McDonalds.

No. 138823

She felt uncomfortable because her dad was watching her eat in the kitchen. She doesn't like being watched while eating.

No. 138826


uh yeah most anorexics dont

No. 138828

That's because she doesn't, really.

No. 138830


I know, but it's the first time she's ever mentioned anything that hints at her not really eating and that's why she doesn't like being monitored.

No. 138856

File: 1437132228450.png (838.23 KB, 574x585, ok.PNG)

No. 138857

File: 1437132302896.png (12.42 KB, 287x265, si.PNG)

No. 138860

She might not be lying…
If she's taking pictures of other peoples' food.

No. 138861

But I dang hate eating it more!!(sake emoji)

No. 138863

her life seems so boring, i understand that eating disorders consume your life and blah blah blah. but it must be so exhausting taking those weird OCD photos and monitoring social media to delete and block people. it's exhausting enough trying to hide an ED from ppl in real life, let alone trying to fool your 19k #EDfamily that you're kicking anorexia's DANG butt! does she have any hobbies? does she study? job? or does she just spend her time photographing food to prove to a bunch of strangers on the internet that she is such a STRONG #EDworrier

No. 138874

But no matter how loyal her family and friends are, would they really indulge her in her request to photograph her as she holds her food and fake smiles at it if they weren't expecting her to eat a little of the food? (unless she really is blackmailing her brother and forcing him to do her bidding)
And if she's to be believed, she "eats" at least one meal a day in a cafe. She's never mentioned anxiety over being seen eating in public in these situations.

My guess is that her dad probably stayed there and kept an eye on her until she actually ate her breakfast. Minus the milk. But an extra pinch of cocoa powder later on made up for the milk calories! True strenght.

No. 138877

Seriously. She has little chance of ~real recovery~ if she has no identity or interests beyond her eating disorder. I wonder what she plans on doing with that degree she's working toward. Maybe grad school next, so she can keep being a student living with her parents.

No. 138887

Exactly what I was thinking.

She is in school (I believe for modern literature), but she's on summer break right now. Beyond that, she appears to have no hobbies beyond faking recovery on instagram and shopping.

No. 138899

Why do you guys care so much about what this girl eats or doesn't eat? She can eat ten dicks a day if she feels like it, what's it to you?

No. 138911

becauuuuuuuuuse she's damaging her thousands of followers who are also in recovery, by eating ~*So MaNy*~ calories but never gaining a pound. What does this do to someone who looks up to her as a recovery rolemodel? It makes them feel guilty that they're gaining on far less, potentially triggering a relapse.

No. 138916

File: 1437145626099.jpg (146.18 KB, 640x636, image.jpg)

That chest plate freaks me out, clearly those 2 lush pounds she gained didn't help cover her bones at all. Good try Aly, you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 138922

Her chest seriously freaks me out. Like I wonder if you can see her heart beating right through her skin… I mean, her heart is right there

If I looked in the mirror and saw that I'd be hitting up the nearest burger and pizza joint to get rid of that shit.

No. 138931

The guy in the background is like, "Oh god this family is so fucking weird, look away look away look away."

No. 138932

My fucking sides
He drinks that gigantic mug of beer to forget

No. 138933

She always looks at food as if someone is holding a gun to her head. It's kinda sad.

No. 138940

she looks fucking dead. like a painted corpse, i swear to god

No. 138946

this guys deserves to be a meme

No. 138952


Haha I really don't know why, but I get the feeling it could be option c - Aly prepared and photographed the LUSH snack with FULL FAT! cheese in front of family members, then took it to her room and binned it.

Also it's super weird how she cut one of the sausage halves in half, evidently dipped it in the ketchup as if she were about to take a bite, then placed it back with its original half in a line with the rest of the sausages.

No. 138954


Precisely. I won't even eat dinner with my family because of my ED. I feel like I'm being forced to eat or judged for what I eat and the amount I eat.
Nothing unusual, so I'm sure it's the same for Aly. ://

No. 138956


oh sorry, I get you, and thats a point. but I think maybe she does eat tiny amounts around her family but obviously no anorexic likes someone watching them eat, when they do eat they much prefer it to be alone.

No. 138958

Eh, she probably prepares other peoples' meals and takes a picture before she brings it to them. A lot of people with EDs like to make food up for others. She probably shoos everybody out of the kitchen so she can take pictures, etc.

No. 138962

File: 1437152982006.png (87.1 KB, 186x218, Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.07…)

No. 138969

Id really like to see an experiment where they put girls with eds in situations where there is no food or a very limited amount(like in 3rd world countrie) . I think theyd probably want food if they were being forced to starve.

No. 138974

That guy wants his salad back…

No. 138989

Now I don't know about Italian pizza, but in the states its always pre-cut. Unless you're making a frozen box pizza. I feel like she's probably "eating" those personal pan ones and photographing it before she cuts it so its not obvious that its like, four tiny slices…

No. 138990

gigantic? you haven't been to germany then, anon.

No. 138991

thats a fair assumption. I always want to eat more on Yom Kippur, when I'm supposed to be fasting, and i feel ridiculous for it. most things about being anorexic and older than 25 make me feel ridiculous though.

No. 138994

that's got to exist. how can this not be a thing?

No. 139008

File: 1437159870047.png (73.13 KB, 1180x192, Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.4…)

Stuff like this person's comment (which, depending on Aly's whims, will either get a stupid non-answer like "see my last post! [insert lots of emojis here]" or get deleted and the poster blocked) is why Aly gets on my nerves. She's pretending to be going through the ~*~hardships of recovery~*~ and constantly "winning" because of her overflowing positivity and JOYOUS-(!)-child-ness, and some of her followers are ACTUALLY struggling to recover from EDs and wondering how the hell she's doing it "so well" compared to them. How is she "eating" so much and remaining a spoopy skeleton while they're visibly, rapidly gaining weight while eating less? How does she seem to escape so many of the problems and discomforts that come along with "real recovery" for everyone else who ISN'T magical Aly? What are they doing wrong that she, as an "ED worrior," is doing so right? Oh, yeah, they must just not be being POSITIVE enough! Just snap your fingers and make that eating disorder vanish, c'mon! It's that easy for Aly, so why isn't it that easy for you?

No. 139011

File: 1437160534176.png (2.42 MB, 1278x1282, #realrecovery salad time.png)

By "dressing," does she mean a sprinkling of black pepper? Or did she just conveniently not put the dressing on before taking the photo? Or is it magical, invisible dressing like the magical, invisible LOADS of oil (!) so much of her dry-ass food is allegedly cooked in?

No. 139012


Strange way of holding his glass with his pinkie sticking out. He looks like a man with problems.

No. 139015

Someone commented on a post earlier that her next will be her 1000th. Now she only has 992 posts and the CONGRATULATIONS ON 1000TH post have gone.

No. 139020

Same here. I mean, I can appreciate skinniness but oh god, that's so fucking gross.

No. 139021

File: 1437161026731.png (2.93 MB, 1270x1271, #pizzaporn recovery win.png)

And about that huuuuuuge entire pizza she "ate"…

(psst, Aly, not EVERYTHING is "porn")

No. 139028

I still feel queasy when I remember she said yolk porn. Nothing sexy about eggs.

No. 139031

As a vehement hater of eggs, especially of the yolks (the smell, consistency/texture, and taste taken together is just a big NOPE for me), the idea of #yolkporn truly makes me want to vomit

No. 139035

These kids with these questions just breaks my heart. Most adults know its all calories in versus calories out but young people seem quicker to believe Aly has a crazy fast metabolism and all of her other bullshit. And then the way she treats these younger people when they do get curious.
Her super positive attitude must burn hundreds of extra calories compared to those struggling with recovery.

No. 139036

She looks like a fool because she is the biggest fool alive

No. 139037

I answered them as subtly as I could. Hopefully they see it before Aly deletes both of our comments.

The post I replied to above is why we care so much, anon. Because she's purposely lying to those who are struggling to recover. It's malicious.
I can't blame her for having an ED, but I can and do blame her for bringing others down and possibly causing others to relapse.

No. 139041

Why does she feel so special about her eating disorder? so many struggle with them and even worse diseases
Does anybody know the reasons because of her ED?

No. 139043

File: 1437162675738.jpg (155.58 KB, 627x631, hashtag rawvegan.jpg)

In other news, randomly checked on Ginger. Looks like she took a "fruity fluffy" shit on broccoli and called it oatmeal.

No. 139046

File: 1437162767572.png (1.44 MB, 1000x1004, #dessert recovery win.png)

Yeah, I know. I feel really bad for the people (lots of them seem to be naïve teens) who apparently believe her wholeheartedly, support her in her "real recovery" farce, and think that it's THEM doing something wrong that's causing their recovery not to look like what Aly's portraying.

One more pic. Here's her gigantic, lush, oily dessert. At least she didn't actually claim it was HUGE (!) this time. Fuck these perspective (or lack-of-perspective) camera tricks that she uses to make her portions look bigger than they really are.

No. 139049

FYI thefitveganginger deleted a comment from her "thank you god for another blessed day on earth" post. Someone wrote something like, "Thank God by getting the treatment you clearly need" or something. It was there yesterday & is gone now. Didn't get a screencap, such a bad farmer :(

No. 139050

First off, as we've already decided within this thread, she has no other hobby besides her ED. I have no idea why she thinks that makes her special though. Maybe she just feels special for fooling everyone about her recovery, even though many people are not fooled.

As for the reason behind her ED, she blames her dad. In her story though, she says another reason is because she's a controlling perfectionist.

No. 139055

It seems like there's nothing left to her aside from her eating disorder. Her entire life revolves around it. She's established an online persona based on it. She spends an inordinate amount of time on Instagram obsessing over it. It's ridiculous that she acts like she's in "recovery" when she pretty much IS anorexia personified. I don't think she realizes that it makes her almost exactly the same as millions of other people who have the same disorder - she really does seem to think that it makes her unique, probably because of all the attention she gets because of it. It's her "thing," like how some people are really good at a sport or hobby or subject in school.

No. 139058

jesus fucking christ, how could anyone even look at that bowl of greens and soft-serve shit and consider it anything but disgusting, let alone allow it anywhere near their mouth? and what the hell is wrong with NORMAL oatmeal?

No. 139061

Father and perfectionist?
There are rape victims with eating disorders and she makes such a fuss.
That makes her stupid
she thinks she is the hardest fighting here (which fight?) she thinks her ED is severe.
she doesn't care that others are suffering way more

No. 139063

>she thinks she is the hardest fighting here (which fight?)
>she thinks her ED is severe
This read like poetry

No. 139068

>>139061 couldn't agree more

No. 139069

File: 1437164557668.jpg (31.79 KB, 379x417, beer guy.JPG)

If she's such a perfectionist, she needs to spend more time on her nails.

No. 139070

>>139063 hahaha didn't realize this

No. 139072

>>139069 and her ugly eye brows!

No. 139073

and the eye liner

No. 139079

Everything on her is so imperfect
and her bones doesn't make it better

No. 139091

File: 1437167116377.png (125.98 KB, 1176x364, Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.55…)

And here's our answer. I don't think Aly realizes that she can't have it both ways. Either:
a) the photos and descriptions she was posting multiple times a day, every day, for MONTHS before she was hospitalized were full of shit and she wasn't eating anywhere near as much as she claimed (big surprise - she was clearly losing weight, not gaining), leading to the medical complications that landed her in the hospital, putting her at risk for refeeding syndrome, causing her to experience bloating and GI issues when she started eating more than she had been at home, etc.; or
b) she actually was eating everything she was posting, which would mean that she would definitely NOT have been at risk for refeeding syndrome, she should have actually been gaining weight during those months before her hospitalization, she shouldn't have suddenly experienced new GI issues in the hospital (since it looked like, if anything, she was being served much LESS in the hospital than she had been "eating" at home), etc.

She won't admit to lying her ass off before she was hospitalized (when she was allegedly already in "real recovery"), yet she wants to act like her "New Start since 06.15" was the beginning of her "real recovery." How can she (and her followers) not see this glaring contradiction?

No. 139096

On her McDickles picture she mentions she hasn't eaten there for two and half years and yet if you go back (before inpatient) she posted pictures of MCD hamburgers claiming she ENJOYED them OILY LUSH burgers.

No. 139104

It makes me think of politicians who tell bald-faced lies on camera and apparently don't realize or care that what they're saying can easily be fact-checked and disproved.

As another example, Aly claims she's in a "day treatment program," and then she goes on to post pictures of herself spending almost all day obviously NOT in anything resembling a "day treatment program." Why for? I don't understand…

No. 139113

because the majority of people doesn't fact-check. sheeple want to be lied to

No. 139114

Aaannnd deleted and blocked. All because I said Aly might not detail all of her struggles. Wow.

No. 139115

the italian struggle is real

No. 139118

I heard once that when you don't have real problems in your life, you have to make your own. It's why a lot of rich kids are such risk takers. In Aly's case, she probably just didn't get along with her father all the time. In order to create a real problem, she decided to develop an ED.

(Disclaimer: yes, I know people don't really "decide" to develop EDs, but in Aly's case, I would not be surprised if she had. As in, she started out as pro-"ED is a lifestyle"-ana and then just continued.)

No. 139121

>>139118 yes could be
That's what I thought as well.
This little rich kid never dealt with real problems or she created the ED to get more attention

No. 139132

She found out that an ED account got her some adoration and attention.

She said that her male cousin had recovered from an eating disorder. I thought that was a bit odd having two in one family have the same. Of course we've seen it with the competitive twins, but still.

No. 139134

I wrote a comment in Welsh asking if she'd swapped burgers with her brother. It's still there. She obviously didn't translate ha.

No. 139139

File: 1437171043079.jpg (162.45 KB, 949x617, mucho weirdness.JPG)

No. 139215

Can sort of confirm.
Still in early war games with the ED, sometimes I can't afford food and those are the days I wanna eat the crotch out of a low flying duck.

No. 139219

When I was in IP psych, day program kids were there from 9am to 6.30 pm five days a week. :/

No. 139226

Not ED, but my day care programme after being psych in patient started at 5 days a week, 9am-5pm. Monitored constantly and Occupational Therapy.

No. 139229

Eating your own crap: Twice the taste, half the calories.

No. 139232

Yeeeeeeep. Aly needs to accept that Dr. Google and the Instagram ward aren't really a day program.

No. 139236

>the Instagram ward

Eeee, made me laugh.

She's trying to make herself sound like a hardcore ED recovery person, using all the jargon when she's not really experienced it.

No. 139245

I bet she has 100 photos of her tube on her phone. Such status for the brave worrier

No. 139331

99 problems and bitches taking his salad to pose for photos is one.

No. 139397

B-but…she goes in on some ~days~ to have appointments…doesn't that make it a ~day treatment program~? The appointments happen during the day, not at night! C'mon, sounds legit to me!

No. 139403

Best part about the deletion of posts is that's they were mostly the less positive ones from the last few days. This girl's a real gem alright. Her fake bullshit is starting to eat away at my patience

No. 139422

File: 1437181415178.png (284.46 KB, 343x501, Beer guy.png)

Yeah, her few days in a general hospital was her being "inpatient" and her going in like once a week for a checkup is her being in "day treatment." Right. I wonder if she even realizes that a lot of people who follow her are/have been inpatient in actual ED units for weeks or even months and/or in all-day Monday-Friday treatment programs. They're supervised while they're eating, they aren't allowed to do weird shit like arrange and take pictures of their food to post on Instagram, they're closely monitored to ensure that they're ACTUALLY gaining weight, etc. - not like Aly's version of "recovery" and "treatment" at all. Yet I see so many of her followers comparing themselves to her or gushing over how inspirational and strong she is. She's doing fuck-all and getting endless ass-kissing for it.

No. 139501

See! This is what I don't get, when I was first hospitalized, not only was I not allowed to photograph my meals but a weeks as an inpatient to a general hospital doesn't do you shit. How has no one called her out on this, if she's was as unhealthy as she makes it seem she would have been sectioned a long time ago, clearly the Italian system works differently but anyone can see this girl is clearly in trouble. The whole 2lbs in 15 days in bullshit too, if she was on a meal plan it'd be at least 5. No one on a meal plan even with A high metabolism can stop from gaining at least 5 in 2 weeks. This girl is full of shit.

No. 139510

That's actually not that weird. A lot of people support the idea of EDs having a genetic predisposition.
Of course, with Aly, it was probably more like she saw her cousin was getting attention due to his disorder and decided it would be a great idea to get attention herself.

No. 139512

Nah, she doesn't check old pictures. That's why I was able to leave a comment on her weight gain picture reminding her that a year ago, she mocked people who only gained half a kg a week.

No. 139555

Re: being "sectioned": before stumbling across dear Aly here, I knew nothing about Italy's healthcare system or mental health laws, and I've been trying to figure this out as well. From what I gather, Aly would probably meet the criteria for receiving "involuntary treatment" if a) anyone took notice/cared enough to involve the legal system and force her into it, and b) she was actually actively refusing treatment rather than just faking her way through it. Here's some info I found from one source (http://www.triestesalutementale.it/english/doc/psy_reform_act.doc) about "Involuntary Health Treatment" (IHT) in Italy:
>Involuntary treatment is requested by two physicians. One must be a psychiatrist from the public mental health department. The IHT is ordered by the mayor or by a delegate and it is authorised by the tutelary judge who is entrusted with the jurisdictional safeguard of such treatment.
>Involuntary treatment can be done in the General Hospital Psychiatric Stations and also in the Mental Health Centres.
>If involuntary treatment exceeds 7 days, and in cases of further extensions, the psychiatrist must follow the above mentioned procedure (mayor + judge) and give a written explanation for any such extension.
>In the words of the law, involuntary treatment must be provided if and when "mental condition of the person requires urgent treatment that the person does not accept."
>Anyone may petition the mayor to annul or modify the provision by which the involuntary health assessments and treatments have been ordered or prolonged. In the event of such a petition, the mayor shall decide within 10 days. The provision to annul or modify such care shall be adopted following the same procedure as the provision being annulled or modified.

So, I guess it's kind of like a 72-hour hold here in the US, except it lasts 7 days. They seem to be really big on getting patients to consent to treatment (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that's a bad thing in general) in Italy. I'm guessing Aly has been "consenting" to receive a minimal amount of "treatment," so everyone's hands are tied. Either that, or no one can be assed to go through the legal steps to force her into receiving more (or any) treatment.

Laws aside, though, it's essentially impossible to force someone to "recover" from an ED. You can restrain or sedate them and tube-feed them to make them to gain weight, you can make them take psychiatric medications, or whatever, but if they're mentally resistant and just refuse to even try to change their thinking, you can't step into their brain and make those changes for them. Forcing treatment on people with EDs might alleviate some of the physical issues (which will, in turn, likely alleviate some of the mental issues), but it isn't any sort of guarantee that they'll actually get and stay "well."

No. 139565

>how can this not be a thing
It's called the "Hippocratic Oath".

No. 139568

Loads of awful shit goes on that you don't hear about for decades (if ever) though:

No. 139570

Ha, I saw that just now. Thing is, I posted my comment the day she put it on ig.

No. 139571

That and informed consent, among other things.

In the US and a lot of other countries, though, laws regarding informed consent, healthcare reform, experimental oversight, etc. have been passed in the last few decades to prevent that sort of human (and even non-human animal) experimentation from being conducted. I mean, who knows what's going on "behind closed doors," but if you're going by what's legal, most of those experiments wouldn't be able to be performed today. Unless you're in glorious North Korea or somewhere like that.

No. 139573

File: 1437193307230.jpg (24.32 KB, 315x200, lizard peeps.jpg)

I hope so. I read too much David Icke.

No. 139581

Oh, well I don't think Reptilians care much about informed consent…

No. 139596

I think I finally figured out what makes her chest plate extra uncomfortable to me: it's uneven.
I mean, you look at actual skeletons and they're nice and even, but hers is always crooked and the ribs aren't really lined up. Makes it look extra gross.

No. 139640

File: 1437213694623.jpg (154.02 KB, 637x639, Aly 6-18-2015.jpg)

Here anon, I took her latest photo showing off her protruding sternum and went over her chest once with the burn tool in Photoshop just to bring out dem bones a little more for you <3

No. 139643

But look at that ~*~SOOO INSPIRING~*~ weight gain! She's looking healthier and more radiant every day! SUCH STRENGHT! I wish I, too, could eat whatever I wanted and "gain weight" by losing/maintaining ;_; Aly-senpai, what am I doing wrong? Teach me your magic!

No. 139644

Aly is a piece of shit
How can she say she is real recovering when she loses weight and uses Photoshop and shows her body.
I don't know any anorexic who loves to show the body

No. 139646

Did anybody find out why Aly and her boyfriend broke up? Maybe he wanted her to decided between him and Anorexia but she chose Anorexia

No. 139648

She makes this dumb looking duckface to make her face look (even) thinner. She wants people to see her cheek bones.
Then she shows her boney arm while holding this DANG (!) cup.
And then she wears shirts like that so that people can see her chest
It's all clearly she wants to look boney

No. 139666

Nope, but I would not doubt that's the reason. She merely makes a vague reference to it on February 23 of this year, with her friend giving her a panda cookie and telling her that "cookies are better than men."
I have a feeling she deleted posts from that day though.

No. 139676

>>139666 for me it's clearly that they broke up because she didn't want to get better

No. 139678

why's that

No. 139679

the human body is not symmetrical

No. 139705

It has been said the body is proportioned to the golden number phi.
DaVinci used diagrams to map out the symmetry of the human body.


No. 139714

Yes, the basis for our forms is symmetrical, but there are always minor variants from 'the ideal human' in that image. That's why models are prized for their symmetry above most other things. I think that's pretty intuitive.

No. 139751

Sweet Jesus it looks like a fucking X-ray.

One of her new things is making sure to mention how deep her tiny bowls are. First the heart one and today the crystal one. They're as deep as her thoughts.

Spontaneous sushi date tonight! Look forward to extreme closeups of her friends' delish food! Maybe she'll even pose with surprised eyes, holding a nigiri in front of her mouth!

No. 139760

Ribs should be even and flat.From what I know problems with lungs will cause the ribs to have a weird shape. I'm no doctor, but it doesn't look healthy to me

No. 139775

I lol'd at her comment about the bowl. Yes, it's so deep it can barely fit two (!) ENTIRE quartered apricots!

No. 139788

File: 1437245701383.jpg (11.84 KB, 289x72, innit.JPG)

she missed this for delete

No. 139790

I always think Ashley's skull is a weird shape. Looks like no skull I've ever seen.

I've been feeling my chest…my sternum is really narrow compared to Aly's.

No. 139798

I'm going to assume a poppyseed dressing, but it can't yeah.. unless the dressing is at the bottom, I'm not seeing it.

No. 139800

In general, ribs tend to be. Hers are fucked up.

Exactly. Hers appear to be staggered. I wonder what's wrong with her that they're not even.

No. 139810


It's not necessarily unhealthy. My ribcage is asymmetrical (the right side juts out slightly and the seventh rib on that side points inward, causing a dent) but it doesn't affect my health.

It could be related to some early-age condition though. If one lung has trouble functioning, that side may develop to be smaller.

No. 139832

i'm fitting glasses to people's face everyday and i can tell you, humans are not symmetrical. eyes and ears on different heights and all that.

No. 139838

I have to get my glasses professionally adjusted because my ears are SO uneven that it makes any eyewear look like it's super lopsided

No. 139839

She posted the sushi she borrowed from beer guy. How many calories is in that shit, because it looks really low cal. Any idea how many calories she's supposed to be on anyway because apart from the miniscule jam tarts, I'm not seeing many.

No. 139842

I just have to look a twat wearing mine because one ear's lower and there's a bump in my nose where it was broken when I was kid.

No. 139844

File: 1437254606028.jpg (22.67 KB, 274x344, beer guy.JPG)

Of course she'll post another photo of the sushi later to pad out her day's food journaling so it looks like she's eaten more than she really has.

No. 139913

File: 1437258763932.png (65.92 KB, 1188x170, Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 3.24…)

Who the fuck looks at Aly and thinks she looks "so healthy"?! Especially compared to the normal-sized girls she went out to sushi with, she's a walking skeleton for fuck's sake.

Poor beer guy. The sushi that Aly photographed is indeed pretty low-calorie. I don't think it could be more than 400 calories at the absolute maximum. The roll is probably around 150-175 calories; the nigiri are probably around 35-50 calories each.

No. 139940

it's about 287 calories

don't ask

No. 139941

eeeeh i'd say more like 215 tbh

No. 139965

Yeah, I was trying to be really generous with the 400. Regardless, it's a tiny dinner. Not "WOW SO BRAVE LOOK AT YOU CHALLENGING YOURSELF OMG!"-worthy at all. She could have gone with a single kappa maki if she really wanted to get ~sushi lite~ and still make it look like she was eating along with everyone else, though; she at least got some fish, I'll give her that.

No. 140013

Why does she have a full, untouched plate of sushi in front of her and it looks like her friends don't have any? Almost like they finished their food and Aly is still sitting there fiddling or claiming that she is full.

No. 140047

It must be so tiring for people she's with when she takes selfies every time she's with food AS PROOF she's eating.

I can't even begin to think what their conversation would be. What could aly contribute except tales of her ~recovery~

Yeah, I didn't think sushi would have many calories. I've had the vegetarian stuff as a snack and it's under 150 calories.

No. 140049

Her teeth look yellow compared to her friends

No. 140060

There's a plate of what looks like fried something - maybe tempura? I can't tell - in the back; I was thinking the photo might have been taken before their waiter had brought out the rest of the food. Maybe the sushi and a plate of some appetizer thing were done first and the other girls ordered full entrees that took longer to cook? I could be wrong, but it looks more pre- than post-meal to me.

No. 140067

It's super rude to cross your chopsticks like her friend is doing in the photo. Fucking white people.

No. 140083

I wonder if it's from complications as a child or if her ED caused it. Her ribs looks fairly normal when she got more meat on her bones

No. 140107

Brendan Fraser has pectus excavatum, or that sunken chest look you normally associate with asthmatic nerds.He put on enough muscle to cover it up.

I think deformities are actually pretty common but they're covered up, like you said.

No. 140126

No. 140144

File: 1437275230038.jpg (39.23 KB, 408x376, jesus.JPG)

The ED fetish needledicks are lurking here.

No. 140148

Fucking gross, but actually maybe this will help keep vulnerable women away from the ED community. TBH the fetishists are way less harmful, life-ruining and disgusting than the girls on instagram and MPA…

No. 140150

File: 1437276585096.png (270.23 KB, 555x533, sense.png)

No. 140153

File: 1437276762556.png (16.66 KB, 377x195, henryknows.png)

No. 140154

Ashley fan has this friend https://vk.com/id119535875

She would deserve a thread if translation wasn't so shit. From her ask.fm I gather her diet is heroin, she's proud of her spoopiness and encourages people to diet.

No. 140155

oh, and her "ideal" is Ashley.

No. 140156

File: 1437276943507.jpg (60.58 KB, 552x604, MUpiZafjGoE.jpg)

God, this just makes me sad.

No. 140158

File: 1437277131786.jpg (45.02 KB, 554x604, hOfjEDXuI7M.jpg)

Nice burn tool tho…

No. 140161

File: 1437277316871.jpg (25.19 KB, 700x360, pft.JPG)

She's proud of her arms.

She's 3edgy5me.

No. 140189

Who is she talking about in those photos? Are those old Ash pics? I thought it was her at first but she seems to be talking about someone else

No. 140270

File: 1437299583427.png (3.04 KB, 689x84, 430970842.png)

nope, it's her. she's a fan of ashley's though.

No. 140277

She looks a lot like an edgy OC I made in like 9th grade lol

No. 140278

File: 1437301625763.jpeg (10.01 KB, 208x208, oh u.jpeg)


easy there, tumblr.

No. 140283

The writing in bold is (badly translated) question from someone on ask fm complimenting her on her spoopiness. The non bold text is her reply.

Better translation than google. Which do you use?

No. 140284

File: 1437302643004.jpg (15.91 KB, 317x159, DEEP.JPG)

Don't forget - that bowl is DEEP (!)

Please god, Aly, ditch those oversize sunspex.

No. 140285

decent bait

No. 140294


I use a fork when I'm eating anything where you're given chopsticks. Same when I'm eating Indian, I use a fork and not my hands. Forks are pretty great.

No. 140295

i have no biceps, so nice

No. 140301

File: 1437308141233.png (139.88 KB, 1212x298, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 5.12…)

"Everything dressed with the meal-planned [book emoji] amount of oil [sake emoji] for sure" - this is new! The meal-planned amount of oil, eh? EHHHH? So now Aly's following her "meal plan," not oh-so-casually drenching everything in the "usual" tons of oil (y'know, like all anorexics usually to do)?

No. 140313

File: 1437313973999.png (418.61 KB, 1440x1602, Screenshot_2015-07-19-09-28-56…)

She nastily replied to this comment, but hasn't deleted yet. Yet.

I'm feeling lazy and my translation is probably completely off at points… but MBR is, I think, saying politely that that plate isn't equivalent to what she eats at home, and she says to not give up, that she knows its hard to eat but that she shouldn't take advantage of this to restrict.

Aly gives her a sick burn, saying that she has ABSOLUTELY NOT RESTRICTED! She ate 10 pieces of sushi(!!) plus some Cantonese rice [WTF is that anyway?], which all adds up to more than she's prescribed in her ~food plan~.

And it's not right to restrict. So there.

No. 140325

In her photo of the white wine you can see the full plate of her pasta in the background. There is only pasta on the left side of that plate. Now the mystery of the huge (!) plates of pasta is solved.

No. 140359

File: 1437322331371.jpg (242.83 KB, 1125x1127, image.jpg)

Can we talk about how beautiful she used to be? Like, damn. Also, the center is the highest weight she was at during recovery, so that may give us a marker for her recovery in the future (especially in her face).

No. 140361



Looks like your average gangly, suburban, white girl to me. Nothing remarkable.

No. 140364


with that face? Honey no.

No. 140365

I agree- beautiful might be a bit much but she was definitely attractive. Nothing wow worthy but still.

No. 140370

I think she's actually ugly.

No. 140385

I think she's ugly now, with her face all caved in and emaciated. The heavy winged eyeliner with no other makeup doesn't help the whole corpse-like appearance either.

She was much, much prettier before. Gorgeous? No, but I wouldn't have called her ugly.

The prettiest she's looked in months is her feeding tube photos from the hospital when she ditched the eyeliner and was actually nourished for a few days.

No. 140389

She looked old for her age even when she was 17 or however old she is in the early shots. She looks like a bad elderly transvestite with a shit wig now.

No. 140394

Her face is unfortunate enough to begin with. Her weight loss only serves to accentuate her jutting horse maw.

No. 140395

I think her body was great pre-anorexia. Face was just average.

On that recent pic with her friends in a sushi bar, Aly looks like an elderly woman compared to her friends.

No. 140408

File: 1437328159757.png (2.58 MB, 1273x1652, DangSuperliciousJoyousChildIce…)

Feeling down? Suffering from a severe mental illness? Just choose not to be! Aly has some SuperRealRecoveryPosiMotivation for you here that I'm sure will turn your life right around!

No. 140412

File: 1437328347637.jpg (58.05 KB, 443x574, little ol lady.JPG)

She looks like a well preserved 60 year old here with the arms/hands of an 80 year old, Even that lacey shrug thing is old lady style.

I fucking LOVE beer guy. Please put him in every photo she posts of herself from now on. I don't think I'll ever not find it funny.

No. 140413

I bet she smells like wee.

No. 140415

File: 1437328665185.jpg (113.31 KB, 619x582, decent.jpg)

These photos were a bad example, I think. The first one is alright, the middle is meh, and the last one is gross.

These two photos were only a year ago, and I think they're the ones where she looks the most beautiful. She's obviously happy with her friend, not trying to over-smile, and not doing that stupid kissy face.

No. 140416

That's her? Holy shit.
She looks so fucking old now.
In this photo she looks youthful and happy– almost.
So sad

No. 140417

Still not seeing beautiful, but then I'm not particularly keen on blondes.

No. 140418


Her body looks atrophied pre-anorexia. She has literally no muscular tone. Where is the ass.

No. 140423

At university I had a Nigerian roommate who explained to me one night over drinks that in Nigeria they prefer their women thicker and chunkier but with some muscle because to "conquer" a powerfully built, strong woman was an accomplishment and that he didn't understand the Western obsession with starved women.

Looking at Aly pre-anorexia, I am starting to understand his point of view.

No. 140425

as a fellow sufferer of asslessness, I find this offensive

No. 140431

No. 140437


Gurl do ur squats.

No. 140438

Yeah but if you had a big butt you'd probably hate it. I don't believe anyone's ever happy with their beehind.

No. 140448

i squat, i lunge, i eat like a pig and yet…

still no ass

No. 140450


I'm sorry, forgive me ;__;

No. 140453

File: 1437332013521.png (161.71 KB, 1188x382, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.5…)

Soooo fucking sick of all of her "who gives a shit about calories?"/"calories only count if you count them!"/"I LOVE eating tons of extra calories on top of my HUGE meal plan [that I'm also following to the letter]!" shit. You're not fooling anyone, girl, and you're insulting a lot of your followers who aren't just able to "shrug off" their anorexia like you [want people to think you] are.

No. 140454

File: 1437332025396.jpg (13.34 KB, 314x302, knickers.JPG)

Fake it with these ass enhancing drawerz.

My own ass is too big for my frame. Idk what's wrong. I', straight up and down EXCEPT it seems to me my behind is big as a bungalow. I'm not sure what exercises I'm supposed to do, although I do clenches at a bus stop if I'm bored.

So assless anon, if possible, I would swap with you any day. (Probably have to work on toning it up or sth),

No. 140455

Is Eleanor her second name or her surname?

No. 140456

Is there ANY REASON why she can't stuff her face with loads of calories? If she's so up herself that lshe doesn't care about calories, why doesn't she eat chocolate and cakes and really huge (!) plates of food?

She was doing this before her "inpatient" … when her "metabolism was crazy high"… so why can't she now?

No. 140457

No. 140460

She fools too many with her shit

No. 140461

She should admit her pre hospital attempt at recovery was a lie, because whatever she says now contradicts whatever's pre hospital. It's too confusing.

No. 140471

I checked her Facebook. She lost friends during anorexia

No. 140473

Her eyes have always looked dead. Even when she's supposed to be having fun, or trying to look alluring…they're dead (!)

No. 140499

too true

No. 140502

>who gives a shit about calories? Nobody, for sure!

especially if you're on a
>meal plan.
It is possible that she was given a meal plan that she's not following (monkey covering mouth emoji), and it could be based on exchanges (which is better IMO) or something else that's not calories, but she always talks like she isn't counting anything… except to defend herself when questioned about her intake or to say how she's gone way over her meal plan #recoverywin.

Are there any anons here who were or who are #edfamily (instarexic speak has corrupted my brain forever), who have been given guidelines or a meal plan by a nutritionist? How realistic do you think this supposed meal plan seems to be? Is there any way that she really doesn't have a very good idea of how many calories are going into that anus-like mouth?

No. 140517

Antone notice her post count keeps going down? Is she going back and deleting old posts to stop it from reaching 1,000 or is it an Instagram based limit?

No. 140518


Was #edfam and my recovery meal plan was just based on exchanges. It worked well, although it took me awhile to actually commit to the full number of servings required of starchy foods/carbohydrates (since those are so calorie dense, or at least they are in comparison to the vegetable & fruit-only diet I'd been ruining myself on). It looks like she might be "cheating" in the same way, especially since anon pointed out the full pasta plate only had pasta on one side.

That's assuming she is actually eating everything, of course. At the same time, those camera angle optical illusions lead me to believe that her portions are super small anyhow. If she was actually eating all of it, it still wouldn't add up to much.

No. 140540

She was over 1000 earlier (1009 or sthing) and now she's deleted some yeah.

>There is no limit to the number of posts you can share. There is no photo limit on Instagram – whether per day or total.


No. 140545

Judging from her giant head id say the friend is sick too trigger warning

No. 140553

was given a meal plan and told that i would be in big-ass trouble if i knew how many calories were in it. Counting the calories or macros of my plan was off limits BIG TIME.

cuz you know, 12 (at the time) year olds can't count… wtf

No. 140573

Eilish has posted

No. 140581

Still pointing the finger at is, I see.

No. 140582

Fuck US*

No. 140586

Hates us even though takes our advice:

> I need to live like a normal teenager, not live an eating disorder centered life…

>I believe that my Instagram being deleted was for the best.

>is it really necessary to surround yourself with people who understand? Is it worth being triggered and getting hate multiple times a day? I don’t think so.

etc etc etc

No. 140589

Honestly, she does make some good points, though. ED recovery communities on social media are almost always a bad idea. Taking pictures of all your meals is NOT normal! Following people who are going through the same thing you are can be a huge trigger, especially if you're actually recovering and gaining weight but they're not.

I really wish the best for Eilish. She deserves a full and healthy life. Did she say something in the past about not thinking counselling would help? I really hope she reconsiders that. Eating disorders are serious mental health issues and there are professionals who can help her to rewire her relationship with food, exercise, and body image.

No. 140591

File: 1437345577882.jpg (50.54 KB, 600x800, Bskm050CQAEV6VQ.jpg)

I mean this sincerely, Eilish.

Those are the points we make here! I'm happy that she's realised it. I really do wish her the best and hope she gets to live the life a 16 year old should be leading.

No. 140636


I'm not convinced it was deleted (I think she self-deleted) but I'm glad that she listened to us, finally. Instagram's "recovery" community is a toxic echo chamber.

No. 140657

Eilish, since I know you will probably check this forum, I want to say that I was so happy to read your blog post! I think it's amazing that you're going back to school next year and that you've decided to distance yourself from the toxic Instagram community.

Yes, we are a bunch of catty, gossiping bitches on this site. But truly, we want all of these girls, you included, to get better. You seem like a sweet kid at heart and I really really hope you can break away from your ED someday soon and enjoy your life and make new friends that don't constantly remind you of body/food/weight/ED issues.

No. 140674

>Is there any way that she really doesn't have a very good idea of how many calories are going into that anus-like mouth?

Not unless she's really, really committed to recovery and legitimately has made no attempt to total up how much she's been eating for weeks now, which I very much doubt. It's totally realistic that an ED treatment program would give a patient a meal plan and not explicitly tell them how many calories they're eating; like others have said, it seems pretty common for programs/dieticians to use "exchanges" and try to get patients not to focus so much on the calorie amount. However, once you've started calorie-counting, it's like you've learned to read another language. All of that information is already in your brain, and it's really, really hard to just stop thinking at all about the calories in the food you eat.

No. 140679

Seconding this so hard. You have a chance to live a full and healthy life instead of becoming a pathetic lolcow or a spoopy skeleton!

No. 140686

File: 1437357215186.jpg (66.52 KB, 585x605, realrecovery.JPG)


Felt the urge to post this pic of Erika. This is what REAL recovery looks like. If anyone needs to be motivated then look at her account. She struggles, she's honest, she EATS, she's looking so much healthier. She has bad days, it's early days still working through her issues BUT fucking hell..idk, I just want Eilish to appear one day and she's doing well and not stuck in a rut anymore.

No. 140687

(must add, I'm not holding her up as a goddess or anything, just am example of however deep into your disorder you are, you can take steps back to appreciating better health and life…and she RARELY posts food - BONUS)

No. 140695

God, she gets more and more beautiful as SHES getting healthier Im so happy for her.

No. 140702

File: 1437360007480.png (663.39 KB, 966x606, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.3…)

have we talked about this girl yet? she's skinny because she has crohns but she posts pictures like this and 99% of her followers are proana weridos and skinny fetishists

No. 140707

File: 1437360949816.jpg (34.46 KB, 711x240, hm..JPG)

Hmm, I can't see because her account's private. I understand she wants to feel beautiful even though she's so skinny because of Chron's, but this comment says she was anorexic. That means she knows what she's doing when she's posting thinspo. Wish I could see her account.

(included blueeyedbarbie comment because)

No. 140708


Feel free to follow, she accepts everybody. She frequently does promos for "recovery" accounts that are total bs and only exist to post pictures of their emaciated bodies. It's honestly pretty strange.

No. 140711

I might because I love Beagles and she's got some. I googled her mckenzie331 username and saw a few of her post photos and this

Interested enough to request a peek. Sounds weird.

No. 140712

Yeah pretty much. Only a year difference too!

That's it, somebody photoshop her as brunette for Picky Anon!

No. 140713

>I might because I love bonespo and she's got some.

No. 140717

File: 1437362438856.png (561.83 KB, 954x606, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.1…)

Apparently Ash is buddies with her too.

No. 140719

Yes, her friend was sick. She actually recovered though if I remember correctly.

No. 140724

Nah, pretty sure if she self-deleted, I'd be able to steal her username.

I don't know a lot about instagram, but when I changed one account's username, I could use the original username with a different account.

No. 140760

Nah, I impulsively self-deleted my account and when I went to remake it a couple of days later I was horrified to find out that I couldn't reclaim my amazing username that I came up with specifically for instagram. Once you delete an account, your name is gone forever.

No. 140765

What is Erikas Insta?
And to Aly: there others on IG who have an intake of 3400.
It's individual At first you start with 800 calories because your fbody didn't know that food for a long time and then they increase
But if you are almost dead there is no time to increase. You have to get 3000 calories or more and if you can't eat it they help you with a feeding tube

No. 140766

No. 140776

We need a directory of everyone ever refercened in these ED threads and their instagrams.

No. 140777

Wow, that's really fucking impressive. I'm so glad she's beating the odds and pulling through. I know it's nosy of me, but I'm very curious what it is that Ashley thinks is keeping her from being able to get any better. Erika had a fucking stroke. She was having seizures and practically dying. Now look at her. Ash, if you're reading this, what gives? If there really is something that makes you much of a special snowflake that you're beyond all help, why not spill the beans? Or, could it be that, oh, I don't know, you don't actually want to recover? Prove me wrong…

No. 140783

It's possible that anorexic's metabolism is boosted with 3000 kcal or more calories.
But then the doctors increase to 4000 kcal and if you lose with 4000 kcal they increase again. They increase as long as you gain there is no thing like >>you get this meal plan and if you lose then who cares because you follow it<< nooope, increasing then and even if you end up eating 10,000 kcal

No. 140788

She doesn't want to recover bc her bones were slighly damaged and she has irreversable problems. Even so it doesn't really matter bc yeah, she'll have some leftover problems but she'll have a much better life than she does now if she decides to recover. But each day she's putting herself further in the grave.

No. 140789

cracks knuckles
opens Red Bill

No. 140801

Like what irreversible problems?

No. 140850

I can vouch for this. I knew a guy (young, still growing, already tall, very athletic) who was anorexic and, in treatment, he needed such a ridiculously high caloric intake (it got up to over 6000 calories/day, and I think it may even have been 8000 at one point) to gain any weight, it was unbelievable. I don't even know how he managed to do it. He was drinking so many supplement drinks every day on top of 3 meals and 3 snacks. I felt really bad for him. Then there were the people who gained weight on less than 2000 calories/day. The whole "you need at LEAST 3000 calories/day to gain weight OR ELSE!" thing that's been circulating the internet lately (see: MinnieMaud; actually, don't - stay far, far away) is just BS. It is very individual.

But yeah. No dietician or ED treatment program would keep a severely underweight patient on a meal plan that wasn't resulting in sufficient weight gain. Some of these treatment programs expect you to gain like 3 pounds/week, and if you aren't gaining, of course they're going to add to your meal plan. I honestly don't know what kind of shoddy-ass treatment Aly is allegedly receiving, but it wouldn't fly in the good ol' US of A. Places here generally want to get you weight restored and out the door quickly so they can treat more patients and because insurance companies are generally gigantic butts about covering extended treatment (and, without insurance coverage, the costs are prohibitive for most people).

No. 140852

What a crock of shit. I got a bone scan and was diagnosed with "severe" osteoporosis (nearly as bad as my grandmother, who's over 60 years older than me) at age 14. Over 12 years later, I still have never broken a bone, excluding the hairline fracture in my hand that was a very minor deal. I was told that, if I lived that long, I'd be in a wheelchair by the time I was 30, that my nerves would become demyelinated, and I would suffer a whole host of other health problems. I might have to live with a J-tube and a colostomy bag. Fuck that. I'm closing in on my 27th birthday, and I don't see a wheelchair in sight. I turned my health around, Erika did the same, and I'm extremely skeptical of anyone who says that they, for some reason, are so special that they can't do what so many others have done in the same or very similar situations.

Yeah, I'm always going to have health problems, and that fucking blows. I wish it weren't the case, but I'm not going to lay down (or sit down in a wheelchair), give up, and wait to die. I don't understand why anyone would CHOOSE a horrible quality of life and, most likely, a very early and unpleasant death over the possibility of a much-improved (albeit not perfect) quality of life. The attention you get from being the #1 Ms. Spoopy Skeleton on the Interwebs can't possibly be worth giving up the entire rest of your life for…

No. 140853

No. 140865

File: 1437387040052.png (1.11 MB, 506x1266, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.56…)

Dear lord. That ultra-padded bra (there's no way she isn't flat as fuck, unless she has implants, which it didn't seem like she did) combined with just about the most protruding sternum I've ever seen is quite a sight. I like that she calls this outfit "quite Moroccan." kek.

Also, does it bug anyone else that Aly's never (or, at least, never that I've seen in the few months I've been keeping tabs on her) referred to having a "bad body image day" or anything like that? I can't stand people who CONSTANTLY post selfies and say shit like "Sorry for being soooo fat, please forgive my disgusting fat rolls!" when they're extremely emaciated, but I also don't trust a "recovering anorexic" who seems to be 100% happy with and not struggling at all with their changing body and body image issues. Even Erika, who seems to embrace her body becoming healthier, has written a lot about her ups and downs. It isn't all sunshine and roses with her like Aly pretends it is with her.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, and, of course, she could just be choosing not to write about those struggles, but it seems kind of odd. She'll sometimes mention some minor "struggles," like that she woke up too early or was feeling depressed for a little while or was "anxious" because she had to go out for a meal with a relative (even though she has done this practically every goddamn day since forever, it's still somehow a major #recoverywin), but they always seem so petty. It's like she's been so insulated in her little bubble that she has no idea what actual struggles are.

Again, I could be wrong, and maybe Princess is really struggling on the inside and just doesn't let it show. She just comes across so spoiled, pampered, and fake. It makes me think of how oblivious some politicians in the US are about the fact that they're completely out of touch with how us "common folk" live.

No. 140866

I agree, first time I've noticed this … Purging or just poor dental care?

Honestly laughed quite a bit.

No. 140867

It's all an act, Anon. If you're honestly fooled by it even a smidgen, then you may be the insulated and oblivious one yourself.

No. 140869

I'm not "fooled" by it at all, I'm just constantly in awe of how many seem to be. She's clearly so fake and full of shit that I don't understand how many people keep eating it up day after day.

No. 140873

Off topic but there is no such thing as targeted weight loss. You can't do butt exercises and expect fast to only vanish from your rear.

No. 140895


Can we all take a moment to appreciate the creativity that Aly has inspired within lolcow? I love you guys. You are all unique lovely lush individuals who are so dang creative and funny. CHOOSE to laugh and smile. Sending oily vibes to you all this morning

No. 140897

She's eating #closeupporn again. Not eating, pardon Is she underfucked or why is food sexy for her?

No. 140909

>oily vibes

No. 140910

Yeah, she ate one whole macaron. Those things are made with egg whites and almond flour. Yeah the inside has some kind of buttercream but it's just a dollop. But OMG #recoverywin

No. 140914

i wonder what % of her followers are just there for the thinspo and don't believe her bullshit. and what % actually believes and supports her in her really fake recovery.

No. 140916

No. 140918

I've never had a macaron. Are they the shit?

No. 140919

not my thing tbh

No. 140920

The bones in her chest and the super padded bra look so weird together. I really want her to have a heart attack or something so she can't keep lying. Though knowing Aly she would spin it as "I was doing so amazing with my recovery and my body couldn't handle this happy child!"

No. 140921

"My heart was damaged from my metabolism being too high"

No. 140923

its a cookie sandwich cookie with the outer part having a little crunch while the inside is soft and melty. pretty good but definitely overhyped lately

No. 140930

I thought they were called macaroons.

Anyway - terrible attempt at making that looks like a bite mark.

Other observations today - ribs sticking out worse than ever, brittle hair, awful clothes, ditch those shades, croissants are apparently her fear food, but at breakfast it was DELISH and made her a happy child.

#fullofshit #somanyfollowerssofewcomments

No. 140931

File: 1437404611810.jpg (20.7 KB, 350x183, claw.JPG)

No. 140932


Macarons are little cookie sandwiches. Macaroons are coconut based cookies not in sandwich forms.

No. 140934

File: 1437405090850.jpg (49.26 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)

No. 140935


This site is always educational. Thanks, anon. I just googled and found out macarons are meringue. Ew. I'm with macaroons. Coconut is always good.

No. 140937

Osteoporosis, infertility, heart murmur, rumination syndrome. Nothing worth giving up on life for.

No. 140939

beautiful and strong woman
gotta be there for her babies
so proud

No. 140948

Osteoporosis: yea, most everyone who developed anorexia as a teen AND is still sick in their 20s or older has osteoporosis. Its NOT even a remotely good excuse to not try to recover.

Infertility: OK?? so? my moms infertile, my brother and i were adopted. just bc she can't be a biological mom doesn't mean she can never be a mother. But not recovering DOES mean you can never be a mom, ash.

Heart murmur and rumination syndrome: those things could be improved if not reversed entirely, especially the rumination syndrome. but the longer she chooses to stay sick, the more difficult it will be.

if those ailments are the reasons ash thinks she's a "special case" and therefore can't recover, she's more delusional than i thought.

No. 140955

She does really ~*~inspire~*~ the creativity in me. She's like my muse, except I strongly dislike her. Or something.

Wow, if that's it, then damn Ash, you're delusional. Those things are common as fuck among people with EDs and they in no way stop anyone from recovering. Recovering might even reverse things like infertility, which isn't necessarily permanent, even if she's never had a period in her life…unless something bizarre happened like her uterus atrophied and had to be removed or I don't even know, then she really would be a "special case," but that still wouldn't be a reason to not even try to get ANY healthier. What BS.

No. 140965

I actually reversed my bone damage but getting to a healthier weight and I have the DEXA scan results to prove it. I'm not at a normal weight, but the resumption of menses (specifically, ovulation) along with the weight is what helped to reverse the damage.

No. 140968

I also had a heart murmor and RBB that was discovered after wearing a holter monitor, but that is gone too (I've had two echocardiograms and holter monitor results that are normal).

There is no excuse for not getting better. Either you want to, or you don't.

No. 140975

I'm one of Ashley's former friends and I dont want to say too much but I'm guessing she told multiple ppl about these sideeffects, but this is the reason she doesnt think she can recover. And it's true that she actually doesnt think she can recover. And she wont. Shes planning to die as the skinniest person in the world. Shes just going to keep losing weight until she dies. Thats what she wants.

No. 140976

I have rumination syndrome and who the fuck cares, I just reswallow it or spit it out. It doesnt ruin my life.

No. 140981

File: 1437414553967.jpg (73.84 KB, 606x738, Screenshot_2015-07-20-12-33-26…)

No. 140983

Nominating for the most punchable face award

No. 140989

i can't

No. 141005

Someone photoshop a cucumber in her mouth.

No. 141017

>Shes planning to die as the skinniest person in the world. Shes just going to keep losing weight until she dies. Thats what she wants.
Fuck, man. That's not an accomplishment, it's just sad. I'm sure she sees it as one, but…wow. She could actually TRY and be good at something, or just live life as a regular person like most of us do. She's not going to be world-famous and renowned for being yet another anorexic who died from their disease. She isn't going to "win" at being "the best anorexic." There's no prize for that, anyway. She's just going to be miserable, die miserable, leave other people miserable, and then be forgotten.

No. 141020

File: 1437418434171.png (668.85 KB, 606x738, SuperJesusRawCukePosiHealthyVe…)

Five seconds in Paint

No. 141023

File: 1437418658519.png (9.25 KB, 624x60, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.5…)

This is what pisses me off about her. She's not five. She needs to stop saying shit like "bloobs." I cringe every time.

No. 141027

thats how everyone speaks in the vegan/paleo/keto world. but theyre all secretly #edfamily

No. 141028


i keep misreading it as "frozen boobs" ._.

No. 141044

oh my GOD i HATE IT when she says "cherry toms," "fresh bloobs," "sliced cukes," "bell pepp," "nooch" like nO NO NO NO

No. 141046

>ugly (both pre and post anorexia)
>constantly take even uglier pictures on purpose and post on Instagram
I don't get why she does it

No. 141068

Your situation and Ash's are quite different.

Most women gain most of their bone density in their early teens, and then start losing it in their early 20s. Your situation was extremely dire, but fairly reversible if you got your eating disorder under control quickly.

Ash has had an ED since her tweens. She's now in her mid-20s. There's no way in hell her bones aren't fucked beyond repair. Even if she started eating like a normal person, she's guaranteed to have the bones of an old lady for the rest of her life, and it's just going to get worse.

Obviously Ash has some weird genetics (otherwise she'd have died years ago), but she will NEVER have anything resembling normal health.

But none of this really matters, because "Muh bones!" is a bullshit excuse. She doesn't want to get better. She's an attention whore, a pity whore, totally unwilling to take care of herself (that's why she likes kid stuff - she wants to be a child).

No. 141071

Not saying I agree with Ash's decisions but I think I would say fuck it all if I was at the point she is.

It would take years to get back to anywhere near normal and she has no real life skills. Sure many have had late starts in life but she would have one hell of a mountain to climb.

No. 141072

you both have valid points

also i would note, it takes the body 7 years to 'regenerate' bones, so techincaly every 7 years you have a new set of bones (kind of).

No. 141106

Fuck that. Macaroons are delicious. Especially when they're left in the oven for that perfect amount of time that leaves the outside slightly browned.

I agree that she wants to die the skinniest person, and I've no idea whether or not that will happen, but if she thinks she'll get posthumous fame for this "achievement," she's sorely mistaken. Her online fans, who are the only ones who might be impressed, won't even know when she dies. If she wants any fame from her death, she and her mother had better start their "skinniest bitch in the world" world publicity tour now, because tick-tock, ashley. If they do enough shitty Dr Phil type shows and newspaper/website health pieces, she could get famous enough for her death to be commemorated in a sensationalistic fashion in the Daily Mail. That's about it, though.

No. 141112

I think her online fans would rather see her alive.

No. 141115

I have a brother that is addicted to drugs and he sort of reminds me of ash. He says the drugs have done irreparable damage to his brain, texts my parents constantly about how they fucked him up, and if he recovered he would be so far behind since he hasn't finished high school.

But dissimilar to Ash is that Ash gets so much attention for being ill and being that good at being anorexic is remarkable. If she gains weight she is just another mentally fucked millenials that can't function properly and they are a dime a dozen.

No. 141116

Anorexics die every damn day, I don't see how it's noteworthy unless there is some medical malpractice (as seems to be implied or other extraordinary circumstance in a many of the Daily Mail articles). The most famous anorexics who have died I can think of are Isabelle Caro (model who was anti-pro-ana), Christy Heinrich (high-level gymnast) and Karen Carpenter. They are all people who had other accomplishments and their deaths were notable for that reason. No one will care about a rando anorexic aside from his/her friends and family.

No. 141120

Thousands already beat her to being the skinniest person (see Ethiopia, concentration camps…)

I doubt even the Daily Mail would bother. As I've realised since these ED threads began, she's really not special (eg heard nothing anywhere about gummibearprincess' friend other than here).

No. 141127

File: 1437432949487.jpg (74.88 KB, 475x626, happy child.JPG)

> unkown calories, quantities and so on can be frightening

No worries here, aly. That salad has less thaan 50 calories.

No. 141139

I feel awkward photographing my own food So i cant imagining aly documenting her own food, other peoples food and other people

No. 141140

> aside from her friends and fam
Well looks like ash has nothing to worry about

No. 141224

We have similar wrinkles. I'm 10 years older and drink 8-13 shots of liquor per day. Think about that, aly.

No. 141226

Yeah, notice she never posted anything specifically about that salad? Because it's obvious they both ordered light-as-fuck green salads and are both drinking water.

No. 141229

why do you drink so much? unless you dont' know what a shot is

No. 141254

That… that's not what anon meant…

No. 141265

File: 1437442245638.jpg (119.85 KB, 602x738, 1437414553967.jpg)

This is what anon meant. Also five seconds in paint.

I mean she's given herself a #cukedick so she obviously needs to be sucking some #rawcuke.

No. 141270

lol I know, I was just being lazy. I took the first suitable transparent-background cucumber image I found and stuck it on her face. Good job.

No. 141276

It's not relevant to the thread. I just wanted to add to the ocean of voices telling her that her anorexia is making her look like shit.

No. 141280

oh no. cannot be unseen.

i was –this– close to starting smoking again the other day. i remembered aly's mouth anus and didn't buy a pack. i'm a lot older than aly, probably started smoking when she was born, and i haven't got those awful lines when she does the kissy face. drink more water girl, ffs.

No. 141282

File: 1437443710950.jpg (52.67 KB, 301x451, 1.JPG)

I notice she's being bitchy to the person who commented how she chooses salad for lunch and not something more substantial.

Also, is this a farmer or someone random calling her out on her use of words describing her delish (!) food

pic 1 of 2

No. 141283

File: 1437443756810.jpg (33.89 KB, 274x254, 2.JPG)

No. 141289

File: 1437444031715.jpg (15.96 KB, 302x105, 3.JPG)

No. 141295

File: 1437444612466.png (29.63 KB, 1182x92, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 7.05…)

LOL, she finds it "different"…I'd say more like "deceitful and obnoxious as fuck," but that's just me

No. 141302

File: 1437444961058.jpg (23.44 KB, 589x139, jfc.JPG)

Growing boobs but chest is still withering away. Has this person never thought it's a padded bra. Jesus.

No. 141342

Padded bra? But… that would be lying! Aly doesn't lie! Those are her real, lush breasts.

No. 141349

Wow, dumb as fucking bricks. I never cease to be amazed by the levels of stupidity and naivete exhibited by Aly's followers.

No. 141366

I've never seen an Ethiopian or concentration camp person as thin as ash. Is ash the lowest bmi person ever. I googled around for a bit and ash looks skinnier than the skeletons that show up.

She should go on a media spree. Lots of money for binge food, too.

No. 141370

Lizzie Velasquez has zero body fat, but not because of an ED.


No. 141372

File: 1437451639501.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.75 KB, 594x390, EmaciatedBodies.jpg)

there really were thousands

No. 141376

File: 1437452282898.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.63 KB, 333x242, Ethipia 50 years ago starving_…)

Still happens today, but let's keep spending on missiles, eh.

No. 141382

Low BMIs are not that uncommon.

"In Denver Health's Acute Comprehensive Urgent Treatment for Eating Disorders Center, referred to as the A.C.U.T.E. Center, Mehler treats the sickest eating disorder patients.

Mehler said, "We take care of patients that have BMIs of 8, 9, 10 that are 40, 50, 60 percent below ideal body weight; so a 40-pound, full-grown adult. These are the patients we take care of."

Patients come from all areas of the country and some are so medically unstable they need to be airlifted by helicopter to Denver Health. The typical patient stay is three weeks. "


I posted this case study of a woman who went to ACUTE whose BMI was 7.7 at its lowest in the Ash thread. She recovered and finished college. http://www.iaed.org.il/wp/wp-content/uploads/The-Refeeding-Syndrome-Pathophysiology-and-how-to-avoid-it.pdf

No. 141384

I was really hoping this person was a farmer joking around to call her out. I guess not.

Dying laughing because you called her breasts lush. But are they super oily?? sake emoji

No. 141386

I don't know why anons who read this thread think Ash is extraordinary in some way. Oh well…

That person's a thicko if they're not a farmer. OMG YOU'RE GETTING BREASTS WELL DONE!!!1 yeah because that's what recovery's all about - do it for a pair of amazing bangers!!!

Super oily, delish (!), HUGE breasts.

No. 141387

Is Ash posting about herself here? I noticed her old thread was bumped. Are people really interested in her still or is she trying to get us to talk about her? I know she still reads here because she knows of aly judging by her latest tumblr comment.

No. 141388

Lol no Ash is not the lowest BMI person ever. She wishes, but no.
As for your google results, you're clearly not googling the correct terms. Look up starving people, not just anorexics perhaps?

No. 141390

"Russian famine" brings up some disturbing images. 1921, but famine is all over the world but generally not used for "thinspo".

No. 141391

Thank you. Ash is not some amazing, unique case. She isn't going to be world-famous for her emaciation or manner of death. Not even close. She's just going to be yet another person who died from complications related to an eating disorder. Many other anorexics (as well as people with other medical conditions and people who are starving due to their circumstances) have wound up becoming extremely thin (e.g., single-digit BMIs) before, and many will in the future. It's pitiable, not impressive. I'd be more inclined to feel sorry for her if she was actually making any attempt to help herself, but she's not. Giving up on life doesn't make you cool or interesting or remarkable at all.

No. 141393


oh my god, how amazing/terrible would it be to start a tumblr/instagram thinspo with only photos of famine/holocaust victims, have it follow and comment all of the cows. "Oily meal looks good, Aly! In my country we use tears instead of oil and shoelaces instead of linguine."

No. 141394

File: 1437454971658.jpg (103.87 KB, 736x489, tube.jpg)

Instagram would get taken down in a flash. Totally get that idea and hope it happens.

#inpatient #feedingtube

No. 141396

File: 1437455388534.jpg (34.53 KB, 419x272, r2hZgkYq7F4szO8AZ633hfR0.jpg)

Binged on some crust I found.

#binge #depressed #fml #fat #crying #secretsociety123 #starve #bonespo #alone #numb #imfine #perfectionist #thighgap #bodycheck

No. 141398

I had a thought about Ash the other day and the anon who posted the ACUTE case study triggered the thought again:

Honestly, even if Ash wanted to recover, I wonder if she could. The insurance system is fucked for people with EDs and we've all seen how Erika, a fully insured person, has struggled to a) be accepted and b) stay in any center. She had to leave ACUTE and the center in FL early because of insurance. It takes weeks for a center to tell her if she can come, and in between she has to make countless (and I'm sure also very expensive) ER and doctor visits to get vitals checked and such. Ash has no income and her mom doesn't make much at all, and at Ash's level she'll probably need to be airlifted out to ACUTE first. If you read that case study powerpoint you can see exactly how much medical shit went down with the 7.7 BMI patient (seizures, ICUs, refeeding issues, 21 days in ACUTE, etc etc). Hell, that Rachael's Road to Recovery girl raised almost $200k for recovery and the other day on her facebook her relatives were still asking for donations.

Then there's the expense of actual long-term therapy once she's stabilized to prevent relapse.

It makes me wonder if a lot of her defeatism and her mom's seeming apathy at intervention stem from this. From her mom's POV, she can't risk struggling to raise the money for someone who doesn't want to cooperate, and Ash is probably not able to find energy to deal with it. Her problem now goes way beyond just starting to eat again.

No. 141402

File: 1437455807585.jpg (15.54 KB, 273x296, 845782553_small.jpg)


Definitely getting my oily boobs back #ootd #lush #newnecklace

No. 141404

File: 1437455975430.jpg (20.81 KB, 436x234, omg.JPG)

>It makes me wonder if a lot of her defeatism and her mom's seeming apathy at intervention stem from this

Not sure. She mentioned trying recovery before she was the emaciated body we see now and she obviously relapsed. I really don't think she ever stopped wanting to do what she does, but I really don't know.

OMG have you seen how much that necklace costs? She's obviously spending her disability checks on ebay.

No. 141408

File: 1437456247223.jpg (95.25 KB, 258x750, image.jpg)

Pic related to comment. Africa receives tons of aide from other countries. That's why their population has grown so much over the last 50 years.

She doesn't look close to as thin as ash.

Ash's face looks worse.

I'm not saying ash is the #1 spooky skeleton, I was just curious because when I googled Valeria and the Lizzie mentioned above showed up. How do you even judge a #1 spooky skeleton contest?

No. 141409

The expenses, even with good insurance, are indeed ridiculous. I'm sure she could find a way to get treatment if she actually wanted to, though - donations, loans, financial aid/"scholarships" from treatment centers or private funds. She's used to attention-whoring it up on the internet, too. If she can convince random people she's never met to send her ~kawaii gifts~, I don't see why she couldn't at least attempt to raise money for treatment. Who knows, maybe her story would even get picked up by the local news like that Rachael woman. She's spoopy-looking enough to garner voyeuristic, exploitative media attention…

Honestly, though, I can't see her just getting turned away if she did seek help. She might have to go to bat for herself like Erika did, and she might come out the other end with a lot of debt, but that's life in the glorious Capitalist States of America.

No. 141410

File: 1437456307039.jpg (21.4 KB, 362x252, relief1.jpg)


Made this DELISH #gruel for my village, look for the recipe in my new cookbook! remember food is a PLEASURE #whatveganslooklike

No. 141411

File: 1437456381132.jpg (39.61 KB, 306x449, delish.JPG)

Been eating this heavy, lush (!) flour and water lunch my mother made for me. I'd already eaten yesterday (!) but calories can go f*ck themselves. Restricting thoughts I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

No. 141412

File: 1437456434194.png (25.29 KB, 628x92, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.2…)

There are 2 types of Aly followers in this world…(inb4 2nd comment gets deleted)

No. 141413

No. 141414

Ha, I love the comments she deletes. I want to send heart emojis to the people who post them.

No. 141415

I definitely agree that she could probably get money through those channels since she's so shocking looking but damn…how fucked up is it that a person would have to whore themselves out as a spectacle to pay for treatment? Did anyone else notice how, after Rachael's fundraiser went viral, people on her facebook page went apeshit when they didn't get updates fast enough? I wouldn't want to accept fundraiser money if I thought every person who donated would feel entitled to knowing about my treatment.

No. 141416

Oh man. If hell exists, I'll see ya there…

No. 141417


I am picturing Aly with her mouth all smeared and a vacant look in her eyes like this kid as she says those words.

No. 141418

It's not mocking the starving. Those people are the ones who should be insulted by people like aly et al.

No. 141420


This thread has really reached its zenith for me.

No. 141421

Rachel's road to recovery is very sketchy. Many people are questioning her story and her motives. There are a lot if interesting comments posted on her fb.

I know that the pics of famine victims are an attempt at humor, but that is true human suffering and I'm having a hard time finding that funny. 3edgy5me I guess.

No. 141424

Yeah, many Africans have spoken out against the aid they receive because it has fueled their corrupt governments and made them dependent on other countries. But people would rather listen to Bono than the people actually affected by the issues.

No. 141426

File: 1437456991526.jpg (19.93 KB, 460x276, Biafran-CHILDREN-STARVING-008.…)

Ugh went way over my #mealplan

No. 141427

More like its nadir.

No. 141429

Bad body image day :( ?

No. 141430


just think about how funny they would find someone like Aly and Ash!

No. 141431

Again, nobody's taking the piss out of starving people. Collar bones, hip bones, etc aren't "sexy" and "desirable" when it's caused by famine and physical illness. Wannarexics are the ones who're being made fun of.

No. 141433

…and Aly's complaining how her cappuccino didn't satisfy her because they ran out of milk #firstworldproblems

No. 141436

File: 1437457435018.jpg (28.97 KB, 485x393, starving_baby.jpg)


No. 141438

I certainly wouldn't want to live with veganginger's god if it inflicts this tragedy on the world.

No. 141448

File: 1437460235385.jpg (13.47 KB, 293x69, is that all.JPG)

No. 141450

No. 141452

File: 1437461996748.png (20.99 KB, 876x48, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.5…)

Should have said "inb4 2nd comment gets deleted or Aly replies with a justification for how little she's eating - it's not her, it's the meal plan!"

No. 141454

Are her followers so desperate to be noticed by her they HAVE to comment things like OMG YUM!!! I LOVE SUSHI TOO!!! HOW DO YOU MAKE FROZEN ENSURE? HOW DO YOU MAKE CAPPUCCINO? I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!!!

They're going to start asking how she slices a fucking banana next. I really do think they're pretty much all mentally retarded. Congratulations, Aly, your 19.4k followers are special needs.

No. 141498

File: 1437474639153.png (1.21 MB, 659x1827, Aly 7-21-2015.png)

Damn, what a raging cunt. She acts so offended and taken aback that anyone dare question her. Is it possible that she honestly doesn't think anyone's catching on to her tricks? But now she'll always have the stupid excuse, "I'm just following the advice of my ~*~Treatment Team~*~ that totally exists and that I see all the time."

>First, I drink TWO fortisip a day as you can see from my picture. Then, I'm followed by an ED center with specialists, dieticians and psychiastrists.. Do you really think you know better than them? If you don't know, don't judge

Seriously, raging cunt. She's got this grating, self-important, "Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me!" attitude that makes me want to grab her and shake her by the shoulders. Oh my goodness, TWO WHOLE fortisips?! That's a whopping 600 calories! So…Aly's on a "weight gain" meal plan that consists of what, like 1200 calories/day or something? When others are put on meal plans of 3000+ calories/day? She really does not appear to be receiving proper ED treatment.

No. 141500

And don't forget "That disgusting plate of what looks like a pile of regurgitated pasta looks SO LUSH OMG! How do you make it?! Your food is always soooo amazing! GOALS!"

No. 141539

File: 1437483266634.jpg (121.85 KB, 969x620, emaciated shocker.JPG)

The comments.

No. 141541

File: 1437483455730.png (156.91 KB, 618x409, meal plan.png)

No. 141543

File: 1437483543553.jpg (11 KB, 281x52, liar.JPG)


posting before she deletes

No. 141546

File: 1437483681630.jpg (21.37 KB, 289x165, frightening.JPG)

No. 141550

she is a strange child indeed.
never have i ever met an ED patient who wants to be photographed in front of a child meal, much less with a ridiculous grin on their face

No. 141558

File: 1437484246325.jpg (40.4 KB, 293x327, shes glowing.JPG)

No. 141566

That's because she's better than most people in recovery. She doesn't listen to those stupid ana voices. You can see what a joyful child she is and how she is getting better by the day!

I notice she's started spelling STRENGTH correctly. Even her English is improving!

No. 141571

File: 1437485689997.jpg (40.33 KB, 299x353, 1.JPG)

Will she delete?
How will she respond?
…the tension is mounting.

No. 141577

I reported this photo, I'm sick of Aly's games. She's a mess and she's going to end up dead at this rate. I've never seen someone who is so "positive" be such a right cunt to ..well .. Everyone and anyone. Someone needs to call this bitch out once and for all. So many are catching on, only a matter of time I guess..

No. 141583

Oh my God that photo is BLOWING UP in the comments and so far she hasn't deleted them. She will go on a mass baleeting spree shortly and I hope people call her out on it. She'll of course just say the comments "weren't helpful" which means they werent kissing her ass. This bitch makes me rage.

No. 141584

File: 1437488416160.png (567.22 KB, 944x472, Untitled.png)

No. 141585

oh duh silly me i think ive been corrupted by evil ed thoughts… i better get some strengt from jesus #godisgood

No. 141588

File: 1437488743401.png (357.4 KB, 632x459, Untitled.png)

and some people are still saying she looks healthier

No. 141593

This is just amazing. I hope some of these are her followers and not just farmers. It would be great if all of her followers started turning on her.

No. 141594

I bet she just deleted the whole photo and then her #afternoonsnack photo will be her talking about how sad the mean comments made her.

No. 141595

This is exactly what I was just talking about and it came true , people are finally seeing what's really going on however I anticipate a deletion spree or just the whole post there's no way she can defend your self against that many people without coming off like a rude bitch

No. 141596

File: 1437491379903.png (721.56 KB, 1175x539, Untitled2.png)

I'd say most were followers. I spent too long looking at one of the commentators accounts because she's recovering and her food looked so lush (!)

No. 141599

Wow. I am impress. The tide seems to have turned against her. The sheeple are waking up! ILLUMINATI

No. 141600

File: 1437492089630.jpg (7.41 KB, 242x208, illuminati.jpg)


Why did it take aly thrusting her spoopy ribs in one photo to make them think there might be something off about her #realrecovery?

No. 141601

Deleted thread and blocked.

No. 141602

I think she's usually quick about deleting most unflattering comments so it took a while for more people to start mentioning anything. Anyone who's been following her for a while, and aren't actually pro-ana themselves, sees it and do say something.

No. 141603

She also deleted a Fortimel picture that she JUST posted with the usual sunny bullshit caption. Guess she posted before checking her comments.
Can't wait to see her next photo with a caption reprimanding all of her followers for the unhelpful comments!

No. 141604

I saw that. Lounging on a park bench. Then she deleted one comment from that thread, then the Fortimel pic was gone, then the troof thread was gone. What a bitch.

No. 141606

holy shit this eruption. I hope she doesn't just blow it off as jealous h8rs and it's actually a wake-up call.

also, if the food she posts does in fact fit the "meal plan," that nutritionist has no idea how to make meal plans for people who are going to die if they don't get a lot of weight & soon

No. 141607

File: 1437492938452.png (2.25 MB, 658x5296, Aly 7-21-2015 2.png)

Amazing. It was there a minute ago; I reloaded the page and it's 100% gone. Of course. Too hard to do damage control on like 50+ "negative" comments. How the fuck did she think it was a good idea to post a picture prominently displaying her emaciated-as-fuck chest like that? I mean, dat sternum protrudes more than about any other I can remember seeing, and she's not even trying to cover it up. She sits there grimacing at her meager "real recovery" food (WOW A TINY SALAD SO BRAVE) with her disturbingly protruding bones on full display and still expects ass-pats about how much ~healthier~ she looks and how ~inspiring~ she is?! This is the last screenshot I was able to grab. Not sure if any other comments came in after the last one I have here.

No. 141608

Re uploaded the Fortimel pic

No. 141609

File: 1437493156157.png (960.1 KB, 657x1171, Aly 7-21-2015 2-2.png)

And she reposts THE SAME FUCKING PICTURE! Jaw-dropping. I don't even know what to say. Bitch is insane. Someone needs to get her into a hospital and KEEP HER THERE until she actually gains more than a tiny bit of water/poop weight.

No. 141610

No. 141611

File: 1437493312935.jpg (15.42 KB, 593x120, 1.JPG)

Pretty sure she'll be monitoring that pic all day

No. 141612

File: 1437493733794.png (47.47 KB, 1202x124, Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.47…)

Oh yeah, that comment's already gone, replaced by ones from enablers who tell her exactly the complete and utter bullshit she wants to keep hearing.

No. 141613

ahahaha oh my God I cannot fucking believe she re-posted the same picture. She loves that she looks so disgustingly emaciated in that photo - she can't stand not having it out there for the public to see. Reported. Everyone else report it too. I'm done with this bitch and I want her banned.

No. 141614

File: 1437493845021.jpg (54.03 KB, 590x510, 3.JPG)

such bitchy

No. 141615

She's strong because she doesn't eat? Does this person realise that you can read their comment in both positive and negative ways ?

No. 141616

The ones who believe her shit must be as delusional as she is.

No. 141618

She just told joltography to fuck off in a bitchy way!!! holy shit.

No. 141619

I wish I had no life and could just create accounts all day telling her that she is lying and whatnot. I do like the fact that she will likely be (even more) obsessively policing that picture now.


No. 141620

I really have the urge to troll her. It's painful.

No. 141621

*more delusional

Aly knows she's not eating.

No. 141623

I already had 3 accounts blocked by her and now I cba making any more. Ugly hag. I thought she'd outlive Ash, but nah. She's going to go soon.

No. 141624

If she actually did "gain" any weight since being out of the hospital (it REALLY looks like she's lost weight, but whatever), it was probably either detachable (e.g., ankle weights, rolls of coins in her underwear, whatever) or temporary (water/food/poop weight). I am just in awe that there are people saying she looks better, healthier, like she's gained weight, like she's ~glowing~, etc. Are you fucking serious? That sternum is about to pop through her skin. There is practically nothing left of her, and she seems to love flaunting that fact in her pics.

No. 141625

No. 141627

File: 1437494809676.jpg (54.67 KB, 302x407, c.JPG)

Still the "h8r" comments are coming. Bad translation, but …

I don't believe anything she says about what happened at her check ups.

No. 141628

I'm refreshing so fast, this is amazing.

No. 141629

File: 1437494866151.jpg (31.61 KB, 294x224, woo.JPG)

God damn, even jolty's getting raged!

No. 141630

Holy shit Gummybear_Princess is on there too. This is the best.

No. 141631

This is just amazing. I am going to get nothing done today at this rate.

No. 141632

blueeyedbarbie to make an appearance?

same ha

No. 141633

My prediction: Aly will delete and repost this image a third time.

No. 141635

File: 1437495072871.jpg (29.58 KB, 295x224, woah.JPG)

Gettin serious

No. 141636

>That sternum is about to pop through her skin.

I think that is the part of her body she is most proud of. So many low-cut tops showing off dem bonez.

No. 141637

I was just about to post this screenshot. That girl is 17 and anorexic. Aly, the gig is up.

No. 141638

Yep there goes my productivity for the day!

No. 141639

I hate it most because it leads me to imagine her bewbs and they must look like deflated balloons with one breath of air in them.

No. 141640

And she deleted her account.

No. 141641

Aly? I still see it.

No. 141642

No it's there. She's deleting comments.

No. 141644

Yep, comment count on that photo keeps going down. She's gonna be busy today.

No. 141645

Nevermind, I was logged into my blocked account. I see it again.

No. 141646

This thread needs that Michael Jackson popcorn gif

No. 141648

File: 1437495721034.png (28.96 KB, 284x267, mxJrkHq.png)

More calling her out

No. 141650

I get the impression she's used to being wrapped up in cotton wool all her life.

No. 141654

I like how in every photo she has with food she's supposedly eating, she never has it in her mouth at all. The closest she gets is putting her pouted lips very close to or touching the food. Probably not even that.
Never any photos taking a real bite with her teeth on it. Nowhere near.
Such a fucking fraud.

No. 141655

File: 1437496238407.gif (9.97 MB, 700x509, MJ.gif)

That's me right now. Reload reload reload reload reload

No. 141656

Even though I've felt really hungry even after eating something while I've been watching this photo work magic, if she was sat near me in a cafe I couldn't eat if I had to see those bonez.

Sha-mone EE EE !!

No. 141658

File: 1437496437518.jpg (54.78 KB, 290x412, 666.JPG)

This is translated. Not sure what the person's getting at really. Sthing about witchcraft.

No. 141659

File: 1437496578666.jpg (23.61 KB, 301x179, 000.JPG)

no stoppin no stoppin oo oo oo

No. 141660

And there is another giant comment after those. I don't know why it seems to have all come to a head today but I am enjoying her followers revolt.

No. 141661

File: 1437496760070.jpg (59.61 KB, 283x437, a2.JPG)

It's bad when her worshippers realise she looks like shit.

No. 141662

Maybe they meant "explained badly"? idk that's a really odd translation.

No. 141663

I think it came to a head because, in that photo she posted, her very prominently-exposed sternum seems to be protruding more than ever, and it's undeniably appalling. She might have fooled some people in other photos, like that body shot where she's largely covered up in baggy clothes and wearing a massively-padded bra (although her sternum is still popping out like crazy), but in this pic, it's apparent to anyone with eyes that she's dangerously emaciated.

No. 141665

Deleting of comments has started. And Aly says:

" It's not suspicious: recovery is hard itself, I don't need people who get me down too!"

I think that is the first time she has said recovery is hard. Progress?

No. 141669

her whole account gets a lot of people down. okay, they shouldn't follow, but she should stop whoring herself for followers.

No. 141670

"I'm sorry you had to delete my comment. I must have explained poorly."

No. 141671

File: 1437497894482.jpg (31.36 KB, 285x224, keep on comin.JPG)

No. 141678

Ha, that one is already gone.

No. 141680

It's 7pm in Italy. She really hasn't "eaten" a lot. She eats the amount people on a diet would eat.

No. 141681

omg you lie, she totally made up calories with the little bit of foamy milk in her extra cappuccino! Totally made up for the fact that she didn't have her usual glass of milk with her breakfast. You know, the milk that she has never once taken a photo of.

No. 141684

File: 1437498994047.jpg (29.64 KB, 424x368, 727.JPG)

i was forgetting those calorific plums

No. 141690

It must be so frustrating to be Aly's parents.

No. 141693

Being parents to someone with ED is literally hell. I would put my child down with a pillow if they turned out like ash or Aly. Fucking skeleton armies, man.

No. 141701

Can we make her delete her stupid account? She harms others

No. 141702

Report everything she posts, post her on other forums aside from lolcow with a basic summary of how she harms others, etc. I really want to see her recover, but she's not gonna fuckin' do it and as long as she's on Instagram she's just killing others.

No. 141703

File: 1437502102585.png (44.14 KB, 1216x136, They hate me 'cause they ain't…)

Well, I'd like to think that I'm no Aly or Ash, but I know I'm "no better" than they are. I just don't have a social media presence or take pictures of my food, nor am I quite as spoopy. My mom has repeatedly told me it was a mistake for her ever to have given birth to me (I turned out to have a chronic ED, among other mental and physical illnesses), that I ruined the lives of everyone in my family, that I chose to have an ED to spite and abuse everyone around me, and so on. I'm definitely never having children. I couldn't stand to raise someone like me. It must be hell to deal with a person with an ED in your life - kind of like having a hard drug addict or an alcoholic close to you. I'd off myself, but they've all told me that would be even worse. I try over and over to "get better," but my brain never changes. I've tried to distance and disconnect myself from everyone, but that never works out either.

I honestly think it would have been better for everyone if I had just died or someone killed me before I was ever even diagnosed with an ED. Then they could mourn their wonderful, sweet little child and move on instead of having this monster in their lives. I really am trying to not be a monster. It's just not turning out very well.

No1curr, I know, but I tried to make my parents proud…I'm just not doing a very good job ;_;

Back on the subject of Aly, I can't believe she thinks the people who commented in honest concern for her well-being are "haters."

No. 141708

She is photoshopping herself thinner. I compared her restaurant photo with a selfie from last week. I HATE HER SO MUCH!

No. 141714

Or she might be dropping weight more rapidly. She's dying, so there's that.

No. 141717

She does seem to be "eating" less than ever. Gone are the days of whole candy bars, pints of Ben & Jerry's, and so on. Now it's mini-pastries and biscuits, salad, fruit, and what are probably miniscule portions of pasta dishes, all pushed over to one corner of the plate that she zooms her camera in on.

No. 141721

I do this, but it doesn't seem to get anywhere. I'm running out of accounts tooo

No. 141725

and by "wont stop" she means wont stop restricting, lying, etc

No. 141740

File: 1437506460567.jpg (233.37 KB, 973x596, strenght.jpg)

That's because someone commented on it, calling it a cute little quirk. I guess she doesn't want to have a "mark."

No. 141742

File: 1437507036614.gif (1.14 MB, 300x207, 737561.gif)

>I think she is hypermetabolic and should follow minnie maud

How can people be this fucking stupid?

No. 141745

i think an Intervention episode on Ash would be interesting though. like wtf does she do all day? can she even b/p anymore? what is her mom really like? would ash accept going to treatment? (if her mom actually said/stuck to an ultimatum of going to tx or being homeless, i think shed go) and most of all, what would she look like at the 90 day update if she did go to treatment?
i think id much rather see an Intervention of ash than a Dr. Phil episode.

No. 141750

That's why I think ash is telling the truth about her mom. Someone that looks like ash could get on intervention or dr Phil in a couple seconds. Her mom just wants her to die.

No. 141759

I think Ash is telling the truth about her mom too. I have a little girl and I'd never let her get to where Ash is.

No. 141767

speaking of people who should make Aly feel bad for not even trying:


No. 141769


I'd give my left ovary to see an intervention episode of her. I have so many questions about her daily life.

Speaking of Ash, I gotta gtfo this forum. I had a dream last night that she crashed a car and was homebound and that somehow that started her disease and I was empathizing with her. I WAS EMPATHIZING WITH HER.

No. 141772

Hold up now, this might be true a bit. Have we noticed how all of her super thin/scary photos are "throw backs" to earlier in the same day? She could be using the time to photoshop it. Why not just post the photo soon as it's taken? There's always a long delay, then a "THROW BACK TO EARLIER TODAY!". The photos we get in-the-moment are only of her face usually.

However, i think it's both. She is losing, but also phtooshopping

No. 141773

aw, you guys, Erika can't give her kids a bday party. I just gave her some $$ in her fundraiser.


No. 141777

Like Aly has the skills to shoop anything.

No. 141782

getting skeptical of stuff

No. 141786

Someone once commented that Ash just sleeps all day, and that would not surprise me. I imagine she sleeps 80% of the day and spends the other 20% going on Tumblr, with occasional trips to Target.

No. 141788

File: 1437511792709.jpg (58.01 KB, 302x344, send her cats.jpg)

Erika didn't ask for money for the party. She simply requested pictures for her daughter. No idea why anon said to donate.

No. 141826

where the bp time?

No. 141829

File: 1437514548533.jpg (53.63 KB, 303x433, hater.JPG)

Her followers aren't letting the subject drop though

No. 141845


I just thought it would be nice to donate. Or to send the pictures or whatever! I just like to reward the person who is ACTUALLY trying to recover.

No. 141858

If I sent something now it wouldn't get there in time, but I'd like to send a few things. No idea how to get her PO Box address though because I can't DM on my instagram account.

No. 141866

File: 1437519644188.jpg (41.68 KB, 304x336, ss.JPG)

No. 141906

Poor Aly, there are so many jealous haters who are afraid she's about to die and are therefore not posting "helpful" comments. Blushing sad face emoji.

What is her family thinking? Why do they indulge her in taking all of these "sneacked photos" of her? Does she threaten to not eat if they don't obey her? Is there no sectioning/Baker act/5150 type thing in Italy?

I'd also like to thank anons for your screencaps and updates. I would've been glued to instagram all day if I'd checked here earlier! Maybe it's good I didn't?

No. 141944

File: 1437528371898.jpg (31.09 KB, 295x263, lel.JPG)

"Helpful" recovery commentsL
"You look amazing. You're really glowing".
"Good work, you're looking more beautiful every day".
"Wow, what a difference. You look so much healthier. You're an inspirational woman".

>the recovery community

No. 141981

File: 1437534066496.png (49.9 KB, 287x426, lkcUUFP.png)

More comments on the most recent picture. She will not be a happy child when she wakes up.

No. 142019

Whatever, she'll just block the "haters" and acquire more ass-lickers to fill their places. She really seems to be completely dead-set on continuing this farce, probably until she kicks the bucket. Her levels of denial and delusion are so incredibly high, it's unbelievable.

No. 142027


Anybody interested in the idea of me setting up a small GoFundMe to be given to Erika for her daughter's birthday? If a few people could donate, including myself, she could get her a really nice present.

Erika is like the one real worthy cause I've come across and watching her mother go through recovery and being apart from her must have been difficult for the poor mite. I want to do something nice for her.

No. 142029

Erika already has a GoFundMe.

No. 142030


That was a GoFundMe for her inpatient treatment and I think it's closed now.

I'm talking about a small 5 day one specifically to get her some cash to buy her daughter a present.

No. 142036

How would we get the donated cash to her?

No. 142041

I think more people would donate if she was doing it herself. Just the risk of scams and all that.

No. 142053


Idk, if I set one up could I not like, redirect the donated funds to get bank account or something?

No. 142054


Her* bank account.

No. 142057

Idk how those sites work. I'm all for chipping in for a party. Maybe we could get her paypal address and post some cash there, but I know that's a bit impersonal.

I can't DM like I said, but if anyone wants to get in touch with her and sort something out then post details here.

No. 142059

BTW, Aly's awake but hasn't posted her fucking 7 biscuits and coffee yet. Just thanked some asskissers.

No. 142060

"hasn't posted her fucking 7 biscuits"

i should say hasn't posted her 7 fucking biscuits, ha.

No. 142062

Adding, it's not like she needs loads of cash for what she wants to do because she's really thrifty and makes a small amount go a long way. I hope we can do something. I've got a lot of respect for Erika.

No. 142068

File: 1437542855663.jpg (162.59 KB, 953x618, just stop it.JPG)

Here we go

No. 142071

Is the way she types a symptom of her brain starving to death or what

No. 142072


I'll message her in the morning and post her response when I can.

If she accepts I'll make a thread on /b/ with a donation link or something to her PayPal.

You guys are really good people. I thought I might be the only one up for it.

No. 142079

No no no I read it like you meant it and now I'm just picturing Aly having sex with seven biscuits whyyy

No. 142082


Okay Instagram didn't have a private message function but I left a comment so hopefully she accepts and gets back to me. Thanks guys.

No. 142083

I didn't realise what I'd typed until I read it back, haha. I doubt she'd have the energy.

I bet those biscuits go straight back in the tin after she's taken that pic.

I've never been able to DM, it's a bitch. Ta for doing this.

No. 142084

Good point. And yeah, I agree. She might eat the one she dunks in the coffee just for fun, but the other ones, no way.

No. 142087

I bet she uses the cappuccino froth to style her hair.

No. 142116

File: 1437550482924.jpg (40.45 KB, 303x330, 1.JPG)

and the comments continue.

Nevertheless, she's having her favourite breakfast which is a croissant, which she said a couple of days ago was her fear food.

No. 142117

File: 1437550535185.jpg (17.39 KB, 289x129, 1.JPG)

No. 142154

File: 1437558566029.jpg (261.72 KB, 968x635, look at my collarbones!!!.jpg)

Hahaha of course she has to address the "haters" while showing off her skinniness.

No. 142155

File: 1437558777971.jpg (148.03 KB, 304x744, look at my collarbones i mean …)

Full caption now.

No. 142159

File: 1437559406435.gif (491.89 KB, 215x194, 1410643755068.gif)


No. 142161


If you are inpatient or outpatient care they certainly don't mince their words. They are dealing with a patient that has an illness that is not only making their and their families lives miserable, to have their parents/guardians live in constant frustration and fear but ultimately that eating disorders only goal is to cause another fatality due to anorexia statistic. All the people she is calling hateful are saying no worse than what a clinical psychologist would. Her insta is nothing more than pro-ana. It's anorexia posting when we have another image of food being treated as porn/fetish and ofcourse the starved smiling at untouched junk food selfie.

You can be as motivated/deluded in your recovery all you want but one of these days as you sit unable to get comfortable because your bum and feet have long lost their fat cushioning your heart will pack in, and for what, anorexia? One of these days you have to make the choice to grow the hell up and challenge these thoughts, otherwise despite the bullshit comments here about your skeleton managing to repair itself the damage caused by anorexia physically will not be something you can recover from. Be it symptoms such as not being able to control your bowels/bladder, not having the muscle tone to move, heart failure etc.

No. 142162

File: 1437559868652.png (38 KB, 1182x122, Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 3.08…)

The sheer idiocy of some of these Aly stans blows my mind. That's at least two different people who have used the "they're just jealous 'cause you're skinny and they aren't!" card in the last day. Who in their right mind would be jealous of Aly?

No. 142164

At least I have nice tits and a great ass

No. 142166

Is it only me who HATES her more and more. At first I only disliked her but now I hate her TO THE BONES.

No. 142171

That's superficial hate because her bones are barely skin deep.

No. 142190

"Sandwich party" ffs, goodness ask yourself Aly is it normal to be a "queen" of a certain food or treat something as mundane as getting a quick sarnie to be a sandwich party? Objectification and obsession over food like this certainly isn't "real recovery"

No. 142206

I hardly ever have time to make food, let alone create photoshoots, add filters, upload to instagram, respond to comments, monitor "hater" comments, etc. Aly's life must truly revolve around her instagram/food/her ED. It must be a full time job.

No. 142216

the fuck do you mean, second breakfast? this is not even a first breakfast and we all know you're not gonna have a second

No. 142217

pretty much

No. 142220

anon, let's take a trip to mexico together, get some pentobarbital and fall asleep in a nice, colourful cemetery

No. 142224

Hobbits have second breakfast! And the fruit that she might actually eat must be elevenses.

Okay, so this flyingfree85 is all up in Aly's comments. It even said that all of the concerned parties, AKA jealous haters, are fat. Brilliant. It also has no posts, no followers, and follows about 18 accounts. So is this a troll or a sockpuppet of Aly's or one of her most devoted asslickers? I bet she won't call that one a "fake account."

No. 142229

gotta be a troll

No. 142238

this is so fucking stupid. she's not "skinny," she's DYING. nobody in their right mind would be jealous of that. FFS.

No. 142239

hope it's a troll

No. 142240


No. 142242

i'm a hobbit

No. 142253

the way to help africa is to buy african produced products and invest in their businesses and treat them like actual countries with potential not dependent children. throwing money at their corrupt governments is not the way
- ot over

No. 142256

i'm disgusted by her family/parents tbh

No. 142260

Family will look the other way out of "love". The same way a parent will notice money go missing when they are aware their child is doing drugs, and they look the other way. It's so common for family to enable a mentally ill person. Plus I'm sure she's a monster to deal with when she doesn't get her way. Plus plus it's easy to claim stomach issues, or that she ate a lot earlier, or whatever.

No. 142262

File: 1437574487079.jpg (180.72 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Someone calling her out on her itty bitty sandwich. Her followers aren't letting this shit go and I love it.

No. 142263

Oh and it drives me insane that she says she hates wasting food in that caption. She is one of the most vile humans I have ever encountered.

No. 142264

File: 1437574766086.png (37.32 KB, 1196x94, Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.11…)

Hoping this is a troll. 0 posts, 0 followers, 19 following, no real bio. Please be a troll.

No. 142265

B-but…I'm sure she donates the food to a food bank after she poses with it…

No. 142275

She donates the food to a bin because she hates wasting food

No. 142282

New farmer here, I really hate how anorexics call eachother skinny, tiny, small and fragile instead of GROTESQUE DYING SKELETON. I don't understand why they like looking like a dying African child. Don't they have moments of clarity and freak out when they know their organs are failing and their teeth falling out? Why is being a toothless bald dying woman better than having a healthy amount fatty tissue? This shit is scary, yo.

No. 142283

Her fan club piss me off more and more. The same names cropping up - living_for_rap, tatis2194, acceptingtanya (although feel bad for her because she's 13 and sucked in by aly's bullshit), andreja.kampus1.

No. 142285

Some (like aly) have their brains actually removed to lose extra pounds. That's what she meant by being IP.

No. 142288

Are you from GOMI? That fit vegan ginger thread is kind of creepy.

No. 142290

because you must not know what its like to feel like you have no control over the situations in your life

No. 142292

It's like with Ashley's fanclub. Same people. Weird autistics.

No. 142300

Let's shut down all those harming accounts

No. 142301

File: 1437581041568.jpg (408.09 KB, 964x575, tbt.jpg)

speaking of Ash, who else bets that she never posts whatever photo this is? Or that it ends up being one that everyone has already seen anyway?

No. 142305

File: 1437581415426.jpg (651.86 KB, 1329x1289, so sneacky.jpg)

Didn't someone theorize that she threatens them? I agree with that. I think she says, "If you take a picture of me, I will eat X amount. But if you don't, I won't eat anything!"

No. 142306

She has the most fake smile I think I've ever seen. She is dead inside.

No. 142307

File: 1437581725370.jpg (59.71 KB, 291x419, flyingstupid.jpg)

I'm really hoping it's a troll too, especially after reading this exchange. Holy shit, jessicajodi was close, but not quite there: flyingfree85 is all fucking three. S/he's a mentally unwell, pro-ana 5-year-old.

No. 142308

Oh, forgot to mention: top 2 rows are post-hospital; bottom 1.5 rows are pre-hospital.

No. 142309

I know we've already established this, but the portions she shows are not those of someone trying to weight restore at all. Salad, tiny cups of ice cream, maybe a LUSH (!), OILY (!) pastry. I have no idea how anyone could have fallen for her in the first place.

No. 142311

Off-topic, but I just wanted to thank you farmers. After reading what some of you have said about these girls' parents and their lack of action, I've finally been able to forgive my mom for one of the few GOOD things she did for my eating disorder. I developed a severe (and obvious) eating disorder when I went away to uni and there was nothing that the uni would do about it and nothing my parents could do about it; my mom called them and said that I needed to be put on suicide watch. It got me a psych evaluation and brought me home, where I've been attending therapy. I've hated her for this until now. So, thank you. /ot

I agree, I think that she probably threatens her family or makes deals. "If you do x, I will eat a french fry" or "If you don't, I'm going to throw up." ED can make you extremely manipulative and evil.

No. 142324

File: 1437583824777.jpg (123.99 KB, 640x628, image.jpg)

Hate to break up the party, but slightly newer farmer here and wondering if anyone else has followed this girl. Parismelodyraven. I believe I've seen her name come up here before, just wondering if anyone else is sick of her moaning. I'm almost certain that she only uses that account to get asslicks & post the same OCD meals every single day. She's got about 75k in followers, but I don't think half of them are well wishers, but creeping on a spoopy looking girl.. I know it's a tough road to recovery, but it seems like the more time these girls spend worrying about their online image the less chance they are actually committed to recovery. This girl hasn't gained a pound in 3mths and is now talking about losing, but uses recovery tags… Ed accounts should be banned they don't help a person at all.

No. 142336

Glad to hear that. I hope you have since started to recover.

"donut worry"

No. 142337

I've never heard of her.. she has a youtube though

No. 142343

File: 1437586182542.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2035, Screenshot_2015-07-22-13-14-20…)

Perfect time to crack out an old photo of myself puffing my cheeks out! Alyyyyyyyyyy… the troll has already complimented her on looking healthier today, despite Aly saying it's from "some weeks ago."
Her poor brother. His face in their photos… his eyes are always screaming, "get me the fuck out of here!"

No. 142351

Also, by "some weeks ago" she means one week ago. Yes, I'm bored and I scrolled through her pics, and on the day they had sushi, they both wore the same tops as in today's pic. She's got her bases covered! If people say she looks unhealthy, she can say it's an old pic. If people say she looks better (idiots fooled by air in the cheeks), she can tell the "haters" that she really is gaining.

No. 142359

Lol, his half-assed attempt at blowing up his cheeks because she probably suggested it. He looks like he's screaming on the inside.

No. 142372

Aly has no friends at this point, it seems.

No. 142373

this picture looks like a selfie though, the extended arm and she is looking right into the camera

No. 142374

I used to follower her on twitter. She is friends with some brit chick who constantly posts her legs/OOTDs as #thinspo #bonespo etc

She used to seem like she was very recovery oriented but now she just has given up and whines on twitter. She rarely responds to positive comments there too or simple questions like "Where did you get your clothes" but will go into extensive comments if someone asks about her ED

No. 142375

There are others people who try to fight 53687 illnesses and shitface-aly is just a rich kid who uses anorexia to get attention because friends are sick of her game that's all

No. 142376

File: 1437589888614.png (27.23 KB, 1192x86, Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.2…)

Has to be a troll…right? Please?

No. 142379

File: 1437590120949.png (44.24 KB, 1208x124, Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.3…)

Yeah, I don't think there's any way they can be serious with all the BS they've been spewing in Aly's comments.

No. 142381

Why does she blow up her cheeks all the time?? Aaaaah I got it
she wanted her mouth to look like -look I'm so anorexic that my mouth looks like a mouth of a 80 years old granny-

No. 142383

I hate that "she has severe anorexia"
Isn't every fucking anorexia severe? doesn't matter if bmi 10 or 16? there are also ednos who have anorexia but are normalweighed and are about to die, so ?

No. 142384

If this a farmer trying to be "le epic troll LOL XD", you need to knock that shit off

No. 142389

See when I first found her account she seemed fairly committed, now she just whines and whines. I understand that BDD is hard to deal with but when you maintain a weight of 80lbs and you're told that part of you has to know that at that age that shot isn't right, she keeps going on about how people keep saying she healthy looking now but she looks as scarily unhealthy as the day I started following her. She needs to pull a sprout and get off all social media. She is always posting pics of her tiny legs and even pulls her dresses up in selfies if the dress covers her legs. Is anorexia just a pissing contest? Because these girls make it seem so.

No. 142407

This is a little much even by trollolo standards, does Aly not realize what's going on here?

No. 142429

I hate that she's taken one bite or hasn't eaten at all in these pictures. What's the deal?

Aly: Take a picture of me pretending to eat.

Them: Maybe after you've taken more than one bite…


Them: takes picture

Aly: Puts down food and fiddles on her phone for the rest of the meal.

Why are they enabling her??

No. 142435

he's kinda cute. i feel like a dirty old woman lol

No. 142438

I left a comment on her !SANDWICH PARTY! pic, something like: "We will see if your recovery is actually real recovery in a year or two. But if your recovery is fake recovery you'll be dead and won't live till your 21st birthday. Enjoy your instagram fame and #EDfamily."

Deleted and blocked soon after lol.

No. 142440

I think her mom spoiled and coddled her all her life, so now she can't really tell her no.

No. 142442

File: 1437595044646.png (380.26 KB, 638x387, fdafdsafdsa.png)

Christ, she looks like a 45 year old female crackhead Matt Smith.

No. 142455

You and me both.

It kinda is. Social media really prevents recovery imo, seeing each other's emaciated bodies and every morsel they eat, it's just not helpful.

No. 142476

That 20 favourite foods list is really sad. She actually thought about it. I couldn't be arsed to think about food I like. Her main fear food is #4 on the list. Idk if I can even look at her account anymore. Her followers…her face…

No. 142488

File: 1437600796058.jpg (890 KB, 2048x1536, 20150722_134253.jpg)

At the end of the day, or at the start of the day, nothing beats a nice glass of WATER. Sometimes I feel the urge to reach for that bottle in the background but because I'm so STRONG, I never do! I am going to be so HYDRATED tomorrow! #aa #realrecovery #totallynotfullofshit

No. 142492

That looks good, or as aly followers would comment YUMMY

Blueeyedbarbie left a comment that aly should post some videos. Now THAT would be interesting. I wonder if she was implying we should watch her put food in her mouth.

No. 142493

File: 1437601707474.png (50.33 KB, 256x256, smirking-face.png)

sometimes im scared the water will put me over my daily limit, but who's counting?

No. 142497

File: 1437602371270.png (1.62 MB, 1272x1270, JoyousIceCreamPosiRealRealReco…)

Have you had your daily dose of ~*~INSPIRATION~*~???

No. 142498

Great value coffee? yikes

No. 142499

And taaka vodka… you must be hurting

No. 142501

Really, you can't? Is this even normal? Food is always on my mind, then again I'm not normal

No. 142502

Look, I don't have time to deal with haters. You're clearly jealous that my liver is so LUSH so you stoop to personal attacks.

No. 142503

They just hate you 'cause they ain't you. I believe in your real recovery, though! You're my inspiration - I hope someday I can be as strong (!) as you!

No. 142504

Alcoholism should be called Holly. idk what her relationship with Ana and Mia would be, though.

No. 142507

Their haggard older sister who's getting fat from drunken binge-eating.

No. 142511

>So cheff Alice ? made three big plates of delicious (I swear it was ?) pasta

one for mommy, one for daddy and one for baby brother

No. 142512

they probably mean healthy as " not looking like you're dying" Her face looks fuller but I think she just is using better lighting and wearing lighter colored clothes. She so does a lot of poses that emphasise her thinness. She is who I'd image Ash wants to be since she is skinny but has that young, childlike look that people think is adorable

No. 142517

I'm curious myself. this flyingfree85 sent me a follow request, idk why, but I'm curious as to what kind of comments will come of this, if any.

No. 142521

"I wonder if she was implying we should watch her put food in her mouth."

that'd be fucking rich. Aly is a liar, but Sarah is a lying con artist and thief. Maybe Sarah/blueeyedbarbie just wants to see moving thinspo.

No. 142527

>Alcoholism should be called Holly. idk what her relationship with Ana and Mia would be, though.

Drunkorexia: The colloquialism for skipping meals or exercising heavily to “save” or burn calories, making room for drinking at night.

No. 142547

File: 1437607548640.png (2.78 MB, 1274x1274, Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 4.23…)

Anyone else see the Gremlin's latest vegan concoction? I think she should call it "The Shrek Special." Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm going to hurl.

>blend two kale leaves, one frozen nana, 1 cup frozen grapes, one scoop #vegan protein powder, 1 T #pero coffee sub, almond or cashew milk, and vanilla stevia. Sprinkle with #raw cacao nibs and DEVOUR!

No. 142561

File: 1437608516251.gif (74.63 KB, 900x286, ch910418.gif)


Why doesn't she just shove veggies, multivitamins, protein powder and stevia into a blender and drink that for every meal?

If you're going to be pragmatic, may as well go all the way with it.

No. 142580

I'm relieved she didn't take a selfie of this chocolate ice cream almost touching her cat's anus mouth.

Idk if it's normal. I kind of like the same ingredients in different things. PEANUTS are my favourite food. I like chick peas, cherries, lentils, all kinds of salads.

I changed my diet a few years ago, which was mostly junk then, and now I can say I really do prefer more natural flavours over sugary shit. I'm really conscious of long term effects of a shitty diet but no I'm not eating disordered and NOT vegan. A co worker had diverticulitis after a lifetime of the kind of shit I was eating and that and diabetes I want to avoid.

Fuck, I hate that Sally, Debs, shit. Fucking retards, lel.

That's diarreah.

No. 142581

(me again)
I could reel off a load of Indian veggie food I used to eat. That was my favourite, but it's all deep fried, so I avoid it now.

No. 142583

Aaaaand I see her comments are back to pussyfooting around the issue of her emaciation and congratulating her on eating 50 calories.

No. 142585

They always start off sounding okay but then just go wrong
Kale and banana smoothie is sweet and cant even taste the veggies but after that she adds all this other stuff eurgh

No. 142752

File: 1437628680326.png (13.39 KB, 309x79, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.13…)

So turns out im_skinny_beautiful2 is 27 years old and a mother of a five year old boy, yet she spends her time online posting obvious thinspo that teenaged girls are looking at and using as starvation fodder.

No. 142794

Aly seriously thinks the barman (barista?) loves her because he puts a dash of cocoa on the foam of her cappuccino. N-no, Aly, that's called garnish. It makes it look prettier.

No. 142798

File: 1437641741677.jpg (4.77 KB, 261x193, he loves me.jpg)

It wasn't even a heart shaped cocoa sprinkle! I bet she scooped the foam off.

No. 142803

Oh my goodness, this account is marked as being recovery orientated but this poor woman , like Ally posts thinspo after thinspo. How is showing off your caved in chest and starved arms helpful to the edrecovery community, let alone yourself!
(Sorry don't know how to post pics but here's the link)

No. 142854

lel at her thinking that sprinkling unsweetened cocoa onto the top of some milk foam is ~scary~ that shit has like 10 calories per TBS.

No. 142872

File: 1437656312249.jpg (49.93 KB, 640x640, 1389170_1609288559345472_21322…)

No. 142873

File: 1437656376191.png (282.69 KB, 465x313, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.58…)

there is no logical reason to pose like this, other than to show off spoopy body

No. 142876

4 calories if youre into net carbs. plus thats nowhere near a tablespoon so even less

No. 142877

I'm in Costa. The barista put ice in my iced latte. I think he wants kinky sex with me using the ice cubes like in Basic Instinct.

No. 142880

Wow it's pretty evident that she is going for the bonespo look. Disgusting

No. 142883

peanuts are also my favorite food. all forms. peanut butter, peanut sauce, unsalted, salted, boiled, whatever the fuck. i stopped eating junk food (as much) years ago and i can actually enjoy a meal full of fresh meats and veggies now too without loads of salt. i do love my fats though

No. 142886

File: 1437657006743.jpg (1.07 MB, 1456x2592, WP_20150723_14_08_08_Pro.jpg)

Isn't that the 14 year old?

No. 142891

makes me feel better lol

No. 142902


Anyone else ever seen MAMA?


No. 142904

Maren Sorum (talked about in a previous thread) looks to be at a healthier weight, though I know that doesn't mean she's doing any better (looks to still be in hospital, ED is a mental disorder blablabla relapses blabalbla). Doesn't seem to be begging for her mom anymore.


No. 142934

File: 1437664892329.jpg (391.06 KB, 970x629, ashtbt.jpg)

Ash posted her TBT photo, a picture of her at 3 years old.

No. 142936

What the fuck is next to her, an American flag lampshade? Probably the most interesting thing in that photo.

No. 142974

Ashs post has a different tone to it than I'm used to hearing from her. Less indifference to her condition. I wonder if she's finally getting sick of being sick all the time and starting to consider recovery attempt.

No. 142983

No. 142987

I think it's a windsock

No. 142994

Eilish posted some comments from her old personal account on one of Aly's recent photos, but didn't get screen shots in time. Basically calling out Aly on her fakecovery and then the troll comes in. I'm starting to wonder if it's a sock puppet account too, for her to go and be rude to others. I really hate this girl.

No. 142996

Wait, Eilish called out Aly for being a big fake? What did she say?

No. 143001

> I'm starting to wonder if it's a sock puppet account too, for her to go and be rude to others.

Confused. Which is a sock puppet account?

No. 143004

You've never heard of that before? It's when one person makes more than one account, usually after a ban.

No. 143005

I know what a sock puppet account is, I mean which account is the sock puppet account.

No. 143008

I think Aly is reading these threads. Did anyone else notice that she is suddenly talking about "going to work" after we started talking about how she does absolutely nothing with her life other than her ED?

No. 143011

Just reading that now. "We all work together". She did NOT eat that avocado. It isn't fit to be eaten. It isn't ripe. That would taste like shit.

No. 143016

Who would hire her? She looks like she's either deathly ill or a drug addict or both.

No. 143017

File: 1437669164753.jpg (13.09 KB, 278x76, kek.JPG)

aly adores the troll omg haha

No. 143034

Basically just fought with the troll stating that Aly's real recovery doesn't seem so real. She got pretty defensive and I can't blame her (Eilish that is) she must be reading here again. I wish I had gotten the shots

No. 143046

Funny, she has no job listed on facebook

No. 143049

Oh she's lurking here for sure.

It has been brought up here that she only holds her huge, lush, oily food in front of her mouth in photos; she's never photographed taking a bite. And look today! She's pretending to take a bite of her quesadilla (it looks tasty, but not exactly like a quesadilla?)! It looks like she's making quite an effort for it to not touch her lips, teeth, or the inside of her mouth.

No. 143052


She also took a pic with food in her mout . By in her mouth I mean 1/100th of one of the halves of her wrap. She's totally reading here. Gives her more validation for deleting/attacking "haters."

No. 143053

Between her scrawniness and the bizarre poses, it looks like she has no bones in her arms.

No. 143054

>Currently working at mum's office

No. 143055

File: 1437671946694.jpg (22.41 KB, 515x220, bite.JPG)

No. 143061

Oops, my bad, she says it's fajitas.

No. 143065

File: 1437672927134.jpg (50.33 KB, 489x478, 2.JPG)

She was actually engaged to that guy.

No. 143066

File: 1437673013821.jpg (54.44 KB, 498x553, 2.JPG)

She didn't look obnoxious when she was younger.

No. 143067

Hey Aly, you do realize you might stop being disgusting and ugly if you actually did start eating and gained some weight. You are a horrible human being who loves attention. You know you are boring as hell without your ED and that's why you don't want to recover. You're also dumb as fuck if you think all of your lies about the feeding tube "fixing" your metabolism even make sense.

No. 143069

File: 1437673208026.png (16.65 KB, 201x35, fajitas.png)

No. 143070

Why do they all speak in english on these accounts?

No. 143071

it's google translating it

No. 143072

They aren't friends anymore on there

No. 143074

File: 1437673660500.jpg (87.72 KB, 540x720, 184628_1831684161972_6776386_n…)

She looks soooooooo different

No. 143078

she was so cute wtf. im jealous. i wish i looked like this. why cant i be a super cute italian girl

No. 143082

File: 1437674196830.jpg (124.95 KB, 720x540, 188836_1831713362702_8345495_n…)

No. 143083


Wait, what does she mean by her first Mexican tortilla? A week ago she ate some sort of quesadilla… And had posted photos of other wrap/quesadilla foods in the past. How is this her first tortilla then?

No. 143086

She's okay. Wouldn't say she's super cute or someone to be particularly jealous of appearance-wise.

No. 143091

If she tried that at her current weight her bones would snap or shatter.

No. 143092

It was probably a facebook engagement. Lots of teens used to do that here. Like you would have a boyfirend for 6 months and you would put it like you are engaged or married on facebook lol

No. 143094

Not sure about that. They were together a few years and he shelled out $800 on a necklace.

Thought that when I saw the pic. She wouldn't even have the strenght to hang on. Looks like she actually might've been okay to be around before she got ill.

No. 143096

She actually had great legs.

No. 143101

File: 1437674919204.jpg (498.44 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

One week apart. These are such similar meals. The lies are driving me insane. Everything is a first for her, even when it's not… Telling the truth would be an actual first though ..

No. 143103

so would eating the things.

No. 143105

>Not sure about that. They were together a few years and he shelled out $800 on a necklace.

Maybe the dude is just rich. IDK, she was only like 16 back then.

No. 143112

I forget she's only 19, what with her looking like a withered old hag.

No. 143116

i think she was very pretty, but in generic way, which is better than what i look like, so, id be very happy with that.

No. 143143

… is that a hair in the first one? ewwwww, i wouldn't hold not eating that against her

No. 143150

File: 1437679488170.png (2.48 MB, 1277x1967, FirstEverFajitaPosiSuperRealRe…)


No. 143151

That bite she is taking is like when a child doesn't want to eat something and you ask them to take a bite.

No. 143152

Yeah, it's actually pretty hilarious (and cringeworthy). TOP #ACTIONSHOT indeed.

No. 143153

I'm so fucking grossed out by the people telling her that she's "cute" or "adorable". She literally looks like a corpse, who are they trying to lie to? Enablers.

No. 143154

File: 1437679970174.jpg (230.94 KB, 971x622, engaged.jpg)

>together for a few years
No they weren't, not at that time. They had just gotten together.

No. 143156

>to skip whole meals and hide food or throw it away; and I started lieing to everybody.

Straight from the horse's anus-mouth.

No. 143157

Ughhh I hate defending Aly, but she meant first Mexican tortilla as in her first Mexican dish that comes on a tortilla. I know she lies a lot, but sorry, that's super obvious.

No. 143160

Yup but she's trying to claim that was all "in the past." She would never throw away food because she hates wasting food. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes.)

No. 143177

I think she was ugly in the past and now she's still ugly but in another way

No. 143179

i can practically see her hands shaking in that second image

No. 143180

I unfortunately find her cute in the past, though I agree she's ugly now.
However, past or present, she looks like a spoiled, snobby, rich little brat. I've said to before and I'll say it again, I really don't think she's had any real problems in her life ever.

No. 143181

it's not a fucking hair, are you kidding me?

No. 143182

I wonder if she knows that her skin coming into contact with all of that oily food can cause calorie absorption! She shouldn't touch it at all!!1

No. 143193

She never had real problems. She was bored that's why she developed the eating disorder. No friends no hobbys just daddys money. Attention seeking. If you look through her facebook you will see that she lost friends she just tried to make herself interesting. She's enjoying the attention she gets on instagram. But real problems? Where?

No. 143197

I know people say that depression goes hand in hand with anorexia, which I can understand 100%, but the way aly describes the way she blocks out her negativity by the power of thought is fucking stupid. She really does sound like she doesn't experience full blown panic attacks or depression, which I find strange as she should do.

I also can't figure out how she can go out every day and do things. Where does she get the energy and how can she fake being so high on life all the time?

I'm not eating disordered, but when I was a kid (like 7 or 8) I'd stop eating until I got my way with something (although I never did get my way and sneaked (!) biscuits and stuff pretending I wasn't eating. Therefore I can believe her case is truly for attention (only she's better than I am at starving herself).

No. 143215

I love seeing all these ED chicks calling out Aly.

No. 143218

I don't understand it either. Obviously I don't know what's going on inside her head or what her "real life" is actually like - I only know her from how she portrays herself on Instagram. Maybe she really is struggling with depression, anxiety, etc. and is just putting on this ~SuperHappyJoyousChildRecoveryPosiVibes!!!~ act as a front, but why? What does she stand to gain from trivializing problems that a lot of her followers actually suffer from? I'm positive she'd receive encouragement and support if she ever actually admitted that she was having a hard time (more than the "oh yeah, I get bad ~Ana thoughts~ but I just smile them away!" shit she writes about occasionally)…I suppose she probably likes the ass-pats she gets from claiming she's so strong she can just will all of her problems (and serious mental illnesses) away by smiling and shit. I wish it was that easy, I really do.

As far as the energy thing, I have no idea. I imagine her life must be pretty unpleasant in reality. When I lost a lot of weight due to some non-ED health issues (I wasn't even close to as starved as Aly is, but I was pretty underweight and had very little body fat), I could barely even find a comfortable position to sit or lie down in. I had almost no energy and was just dragging myself around. My brain felt like it was constantly in a fog, and I was grumpy and upset (definitely NOT a joyous child) 99% of the time. She's probably cold, in pain, and very, very unhappy on the inside. She probably doesn't even realize how physically and cognitively impaired she is.

No. 143228


It's about time. Sprout may never have her shit together foodwise, but friendwise she's getting better. She realized everyone in the 'community' is toxic and it's best to get away.

No. 143232

even ash?

No. 143241

She's a literal skeleton. That's so disturbing. You have to really have such low body fat to have your frame that exposed… Ugh.

No. 143260

I don't know if she does it for attention. She must be uncomfortable and tired all the time at her weight. Maybe she has BPD or something.

Not that any of that matters, because she's a shit and manipulative person.

No. 143265

I wonder if she's an actual sociopath.

No. 143268


Guys I dont know her or her story but apparently she's survived cancer to leave her the fuck alone… Srsly…

No. 143270

Uh no she's just anorexic.

No. 143283

I do believe that Aly may have anxiety, but I'd say it's all starvation-induced. As in, if she'd get herself up to a normal weight, she'd be over it.
I agree with
that she doesn't experience full-blown panic attacks or depression. She mentions being "depressed," but she obviously just means "sad" since she gets over it in the blink of an eye. As for panic attacks, she's mentioned them, but I have serious doubts that they were full-blown.

No. 143285

"It is not normal to photograph every bite of food that goes through your mouth. It is not normal to live in a whole other little world with hashtags like #edfamily and #2fab4ana like it’s some little special club. I wish I had realized that sooner.

So, as hard as it is to not have my Instagram, I’m adjusting. I will hopefully meet some new, REAL LIFE friends at school and move on. No more having to make food “pretty” or feeling like you have to think of inspirational captions when in reality, you just want to curl into a ball."

HOLY SHIT EILISH I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR REALIZING THIS. This is basically why this forum exists. People here aren't bullying you, they are "picking" at you (and Aly) because of the false nature of the instagram (promoting recovery when really grossly exhibiting and celebrating non-recovery). Notice how everyone around here loves Erika and doesn't "bully" her? It's because she is ACTUALLY recovering. Your instagram was just more disordered behavior masquerading as recovery.


No. 143288

Literally 4 days old but okay.

How would being uncomfortable and tired stop her from doing everything for attention?

>I don't know her or her story
>But here's some bullshit I just made up
Omg I am laughing so hard at this moron

No. 143291

>starting to consider recovery attempt.

maybe starting to consider a pretend "recovery" attempt in the hopes that it will get her more attention, gifts, and ass pats.

No. 143304

Pretty sure this anon is thinking of that skinny beautiful girl with a kid. I think she mentioned she's a cancer survivor, but I didn't read too much of her account.

Eilish wasn't really a cow. It felt painful watching her ig feed and reading her comments. Going back to school will be good for her.

Not sure what I think about Ash's comment. It might be the first non pro ana comment she's made.

No. 143305

Above comment by me and adding that Ash might be seeing her old friends recovery (Eilish, Erika, others) and is pissed off that she's left behind. She didn't want them to recover because she thought she couldn't do it so wanted to keep them on her level.

Armchair psychology, but you never know.

No. 143310

File: 1437692473739.jpg (34.69 KB, 987x261, sb.JPG)

It's not aly, but why should anyone excuse promoting eating disorders just because they had cancer?

No. 143322


I personally find her really fucked up because she claims she's suffering from crohns and is recovered from an eating disorder, at the same time as she's posting really disturbing emaciated photos every day. She obviously loves her spoopy body.

No. 143335

I can't see her because it's private, but I browsed some of her ask.fm. I think "fucked up" sums her up well. The attention must be addictive to some people.

No. 143350

I don't see how being a cancer survivor gives you free reign to run a pro-Ana account. How are those related?? Shitty things happen to shitty people too.

No. 143375

They're not even slightly related. Fuck this bitch. Lots of people survive cancer.

No. 143381

Don't know if this tumblr's ever been mentioned, but the owner posted how i'm_skinny_beautiful photoshops herself thinner. Didn't know she used bonespo and thinspo tags either.

No. 143384

File: 1437702419953.png (465.06 KB, 960x572, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.45…)

is "hair growth" key phrase for "look how skinny i've gotten" now?

No. 143385

I think it's even more fucked up that all these shitty things happened to her and she's still encouraging young girls to stop eating with her ~totally not thinspo~ skeletor pictures.

No. 143388

Whoa, that blog rules. I'm actually going to bring this up in my ED recovery group therapy, lol.

No. 143391

Looks that way.

Yeah I like what there is of it because I'm a PS retard and I like the post that explains how to spot fuckery. Shame there isn't more of it. I can't tell how old the last post is.

No. 143392

She looks like Olive Oyl.

No. 143394

I think that a lot when I see thinspo pics of girls wearing black tights.

No. 143425

Aly is no sociopath. She loves to go out and do party and meet friend if she had one

No. 143426

That doesn't mean she's not a sociopath.

No. 143430

i think you're confusing sociopath with antisocial

No. 143433

Uh, is this Aly…? You need to do more than just use google translate

No. 143440

She is still no sociopath because she is not clever

No. 143442


>You need to do more than just use google translate

kek i love your salt anon

No. 143444

I read old captions and she wrote that she loved her pre ed body and that she was truly beautiful and sexy

No. 143445

Her story is boring I can't say something like -Omg, you went through so much- no, just had a bmi of 19 and that was it. Not special

No. 143451

Most of them have boring stories. Not everyone with an ED has trauma or a difficult past. A lot of the, just don't want to grow up. Like Ashley.

No. 143454

Beer guy is my favorite thing now. Please put him in everything. Haha

No. 143457

Oh my god stop. You clearly don't know what a sociopath is or is not.

No. 143459

No. She has had that exact meal before. Thatcant be the very first time she's ever had a tortilla when you can clearly see she's eaten" tortillas in meals before.

No. 143464

That's not what I meant. I mean that she's eaten tortillas, yes, but perhaps because they weren't "Mexican-style" (in her definition), it was a first.

No. 143479

Sort of on-topic, Demi Lovato is recovered from her ED and looks hot as fuck in her new video:


How do ED girls not see girls like her and think 'oh, I want that, not to look like Skeletor'?

No. 143483

Anorexia or eds in general are not only about losing weight. It's more about reaching every goal you want and having an absolute dominion over the own body

No. 143492

In my mind, she's what makes that body hot. I guess it's as if she owns her space. If it were me on the other hand, I'd just be like a giant, gross amoeba who is unwelcome in that space.
For people like Aly, people who glorify eating disorders and probably collect "thinspo," it's simply that a body like Demi Lovato's is unattractive to them. I mean, she bugged out because she reached a BMI of 19…

No. 143517

Because it's not all about looks.
Because you're saying she looks hot, and many ED sufferers do not want to look sexy.
Because it's so much more complex than how you're seeing it.

No. 143518

And also, if you ask the ED side of my mind, because she looks rather fat in that video.

No. 143533


Generally, recovery from the mental health illness with the highest morbidity rate of them all tends not to be driven by how Demi Lovato looks.

No. 143548

Because that's not how EDs work.
Not to mention that her body is not that amazing, what makes her sexy is the way she presents herself.

No. 143569

First mexican tortilla? Lol wtf it's not even corn.

It's a shame she's ruined her body.

No. 143572

1) no one curr about disney stars
2) its not a conscious thiught "omg i dont wanna look like that"
Its more like "i wish i could look like that and be ok with myself"
I think at some point, ed people realize they are sick and that skeletor body is not attractive, But the ed security blanket is more comfy

No. 143577

File: 1437740223177.jpg (44.09 KB, 640x540, image.jpg)

Mama Ashley took the time to weigh in.

No. 143586

A womanly body like her's is the nightmare of somebody with an ED.
Most of them want to look dainty sick and fragile, not womanly and opulent, sexy, or whatever.

No. 143588

File: 1437742678095.jpg (19.15 KB, 596x118, uh.JPG)

Dear ana_vs_ana,
She didn't. It's all a lie.

No. 143589

Bawwww Aly's having a bad day. She's been reading here and is probably also thinking about "haters" who ask how she never has bad days. Hey Aly, this can also be a time for you to see that when you're struggling, people actually give even more attention!

She woke up to an "anxiety attack" and throughout her posts she has been mentioning how anxious she is (she actually admitted she was feeling weak! I imagine she feels weak every day) and she's self-medicating with food and with that soothing, calming beverage known as coffee.
I think she doesn't know the difference between anxiety and an anxiety attack, which is the same thing as a panic attack. But that's neither here nor there.
She probably really is feeling shit, in more ways than she's saying. Will the power of positivity and realrecovery cure her nervousness by nightsnack? Tune in to find out!

No. 143591

File: 1437743114616.jpg (15.25 KB, 269x84, 1.JPG)

This is exactly what I do when I'm having an anxiety attack. Even though I'm pacing, feeling like I'm going to die, feeling like I'm going to vomit, hyperventilating and out of my mind, I just do a melon smile selfie and I immediately feel better.

No. 143592

I feel so bad for fans like this. :(

Aly said today that for realrecovery, you need WILLPOWER. That's some super disordered thinking. That, or more you choose to struggle bullshit.

No. 143595

Someone please Photoshop a melon smile on beer guy.

No. 143596

File: 1437743505112.jpg (120.5 KB, 965x615, huge.JPG)

> half of this delish big blueberry jam pie

Half of this tiny jam tart.

Makes me wonder if she sneakily shares half her food with whoever she's bravely out with.

No. 143597

The last thing on someone's mind when they're having a panic attack is to take a selfie. This is terrible advice for people who are self conscious and unphotogenic anyway. It's going to make them feel like shit even more.

No. 143600

I'd rather let my ED kill me than look like that.

No. 143601

File: 1437744276923.png (1.3 MB, 709x712, untitled.png)

Not again

No. 143603

File: 1437744879999.png (113.35 KB, 346x389, BeerGuy.png)

I made a shitty PNG of beerguy if anyone wants to make future beerguy appearances


No. 143607

I hope you get the help you need, anon. Demi isn't stick thin by Hollywood standards, but she is not fat. She looks great. Hell, I am thinner than her and I still think she has a better body than me.

No. 143608

i wish i was alys friend so i could eat all her yummy food after she takes pictures of it

No. 143616


No. 143617

File: 1437747788785.jpg (188.07 KB, 396x594, demi.jpg)

she look like a 40 yrs old woman…

No. 143621

creepyyeha: hollywood edition

No. 143623

Maybe if you're a 12 year old? She looks 25 ish to me

No. 143629

i honestly think her body is gross. small boobs on a wide chest, wide shoulders, weird hips and thick thighs. Her shoulders combined with her jaw give her a masculine look

plus she is not aging very nicely due to her tanning (and other factors im sure)

No. 143633

File: 1437750310187.jpg (279.2 KB, 505x634, FIGTHforLIFE.jpg)

No. 143636

how are her hips weird

No. 143640

Anyone else notice how she is always having "anxiety" and bad days when she sees her therapist? How much do you wanna bet they take 0% of her shit and are constantly calling out her lies and threatening inpatient again?

No. 143642

wtf, she looks great.

No. 143645

What one finds attractive isn't necessarily what one wants to look like.

I mean, even outside of the context of eating disorders, I can imagine a lot of people would find her very attractive without wanting to be her.

No. 143646

that outfit isn't doing her any favours but she's got a nice, curvy body. looks around 30 to me. maybe it's the heavy makeup

No. 143647

pls keep using beer guy. am i the only one who finds him kinda attractive (in a sleazy italian guy way)?

No. 143661

maybe its ED demon possessing me but that pic of demi is really -not- great…

those mom arms
no waist
whatever tummy she has is hiding under mom jeans
those shoes ??

No. 143662

Mmmmm. She's not really my type, but I just wanna touch her sweet, sweet thighs.

No. 143664

wat!? You must be a straight chick if you don't see the appeal of thick thighs.

No. 143665

File: 1437754648768.jpg (375.14 KB, 612x595, oldtimes.jpg)

No. 143667

she had a cute body… really cute. i hate my life

No. 143675

File: 1437755384794.png (2.52 MB, 1274x1754, HalfofaHUGE(!)DelishPiePosiVib…)

Apparently I made this at 2am last night. I don't remember doing so. I don't even remember getting up in the middle of the night…3spoopy5me

No. 143678

what is that shiny in her nostril

No. 143679

Thick thighs can look good, I just think it looks bad when it's all combined with the rest of her features i.e wide shoulders, thick arms, small chest

No. 143681

that body is attainable

seek help, or don't so i can continue cultivating strenght from your wonderful edits

where she hid her lunch

No. 143684

Tbh I feel like there's a difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack. They're similar, but feel different. Is that just me?

I agree though that she doesn't seem to know the difference between anxiety and an anxiety attack though.
Either way, she was cured by #lunch.

No. 143687

Nah, I agree with anon that she looks pretty old in that picture. Maybe not 40, but mid-30s. It's not a flattering picture.
(Plus, yeah, tanning and EDs and drugs aren't going to keep you looking young.)

No. 143690

too bad she's sucking in her stomach :^)

No. 143691

Big ol' booger, man.

No. 143694

ok this may sound horrible but seeing how demi looked when she had an ED and how she looks now i think she looked hotter before. I mean she wasnt horribly thin, deathly skinny… now she looks old. I'm older than her and she seems 10 years older than me

No. 143696

File: 1437757510975.jpg (55.88 KB, 286x402, Jeff_Boomhauer.jpg)

Boomhauer is that you?

No. 143697

Why doesn't have Aly lanugo hair?

No. 143698

Prob shaves it.

No. 143701

yeah she looked way better

too bad she can't actually eat healthy to keep off that excess weight

No. 143703

Colloquially, panic attacks and anxiety attacks are the same thing, OR panic attacks are very severe anxiety attacks.

"Anxiety attack" isn't a clinical term. The clinical term is always "panic attack."

Based on how Aly is dealing with this, it's just anxiety, not an anxiety attack. I wouldn't be surprised if she's misusing the term on purpose. She's nothing if not a liar.

No. 143706

please, let us tear apart Demi's body some more! none of us have any flaws of course and it's just so much FUN ??

No. 143707

everyone here has an eating disorder

No. 143709

yeah seriously wtf is wrong with people

No. 143712

She's got that right though, gotta give her that.

No. 143715

we ofc have flaws, i have many flaws, but i just find more attractive the old demi. It's not related to her ed what i find attractive, i'm glad she recovered cause its better for her to be healthy than to be sick. But, as you can have an ed at any weight, i liked more her body when she was thinner. I say this as if i didn't know she was sick then. If i found some girl who looked like Aly I wouldnt like her, eventhough she didn't have an ED. Saying a girl it's hotter only bc before she had an ed and now she's recovered is just pity…

No. 143716

go back to myproana faggots

No. 143717

Kek, that looks as big as her thumb. How much is that, 250 cal?

No. 143718

umh… if it's ok to say that weight =/= beauty and then it's not politically correct to say that Tess Holliday is not hot (eventhough she's clearly, unhealthy) why it's not ok to say demi looked sexier when she was thinner, sick or not?

No. 143719

what if you don't see thick thighs, broader shoulders, proportionally small chest, etc. as FLAWS? what if you can acknowledge that people can look good at more than one size? it's not pity

anyways this isn't about demi ffs let's just talk about our favourite psycho aly

No. 143723

And you're confusing antisocial with asocial.

Psychopaths and sociopaths have antisocial personality disorder.

People that don't like socializing are asocial.

No. 143724

Thank you! I am so sick of people confusing antiosical and asocial. Antisocial people don't respect the law and tend to be criminals. Asocial people simply don't like social interactions and prefer to be by themselves.

No. 143725


No. 143734

do you know where you are right now lmao

No. 143735

because bodies have a shape and the 100lb shape of her body was cuter than the 150lb shape of her body
(idk the real numbers, but just for example)

No. 143736

Agreed. Kudos to her for beating ana, but recovery =/= stuffing yourself constantly.

No. 143740

Aly has a new word. Dang. It's SLUSH

No. 143741


yeah this.she looks like she doesn't eat very healthily.

also i'm not saying omg!11!! shes so ugly and FAAt bc she has broad shoulders or small boobs etc it's just to me, it makes her look masculine so I don't find her that attractive.

however it is OFC IMO better to be a bit overweight/chubby like demi is now than to have a full blown eating disorder. so kudos to that for her

No. 143742


GO forth and stop shitting up the thread

No. 143745

She's not even chubby, are you high? Just average.

Anyway, this is going way OT, back to aly.

No. 143749

Also "engaged" doesn't really mean sureproof marriage is in the works, in Italian culture. it's just a slightly more formal way of saying "I got into a relationship" .. esp. on Facebook

No. 143751

This please.

You're not the only one. If I was in Milan, I'd hope to catch a sight of him in a cafe and not aly.

No. 143752

Those olives in her last pic must be huge (!)

No. 143784

OK, I'll admit, I've been following these threads (and, before Aly, the Ash threads) for months now, and I do indeed have a long history of anorexia myself. I'm not writing this because I want you to care about ~*~my story~*~ and I'm fully aware that, first of all, it isn't "healthy" for me to be following this shit online (sorry, I'm addicted, but I'm trying to quit!) and, second, that I'm just another one of zillions of anorexics whose lives follow the same general pattern. I'm writing this because I want to make a point about Aly's "recovery."

After years of maintaining and being reasonably healthy, although still underweight, I relapsed last fall. I lost around 15 pounds, which put me in a pretty bad place, since I was already small to begin with. I felt like I hit "rock bottom" this time and I knew things had to change if I ever wanted to move on with my life and be an actual functioning adult, so I got in to see an ED specialist, a dietician, and a therapist (there aren't any real ED programs in my area and I'm a poorfag who can barely afford outpatient appointments with insurance). I started to ramp up my intake, increasing by about 200 calories/day every week. I've mostly been eating around 2000 calories/day, with a few days around 2400-2600 because I was so fucking starving I thought I was going to die of hunger (thanks, metabolism). And, guess what? I FUCKING GAINED WEIGHT. Magic, right? In around three months, I've been able to "restore" the weight I lost during this last relapse.

Yes, once I started eating more than my body had been used to, my metabolism did rev up. That's why I gradually kept adding more calories to my intake - so I would continue to gain weight, not lose or maintain. I didn't even have to get up to a crazy high caloric intake, like 3000 calories/day or something, to gain, though. I'm not saying that Aly's body and situation are exactly the same as mine or that all of this applies universally or anything, but really, it's ludicrous to think that Aly has spent months upon months "gaining" weight while appearing to either remain in the same place or possibly even deteriorate further. The chances of her being some sort of mutant to whom the normal rules of biology and nutrition don't apply are essentially zero.

This weight restoration process hasn't been easy, fun, or "joyous" (!) whatsoever. It's been a miserable fight against my own body, having to deal with not only the physical discomfort from starting to eat more but also the body image and emotional/psychological issues that go along with gaining weight. Right now, I feel pretty flabby and disgusting, but now I'm in a place where I can resume a reasonable amount of physical activity and start rebuilding muscle. Anyway, I definitely no longer resemble Aly…I honestly didn't realize until recently, when I looked back on pictures of myself from around the beginning of 2015, that I had ever become so spoopy-looking.

Aly, if you're reading this, you are SO INCREDIBLY FULL OF SHIT. If you actually wanted to recover, you'd be gaining weight. Not like two kilograms or something in a few months, either. On an actual weight-gain meal plan, YOU SHOULD BE GAINING WEIGHT. In a few months, when you still look just as gaunt (or even worse), you're reeeeeally going to have some 'splainin' to do to your followers/idolizers.

No. 143788

And please don't tell me to go back to MPA. I didn't come from there and have no desire to go there. Yeah, some people commenting on these threads have EDs themselves. As far as I know, that isn't ~against the rules~ or anything, so please, calm thine butthurt. It's not like we're comparing BMIs or measurements here or something.

No. 143790


Regardless of how you feel about your body right now Anon all that matters is that you have your health.

Watch out for "ana" stealing ur calcium tho.

No. 143794

It is more about the fact that no1curr about your story. We are here for the cows not your sob story, sorry.

No. 143795

#anabitch #noana #kickana #fightana #biteana #eatana #stopstealingmycalciumana

No. 143797

Hence I stated that I don't expect anyone to care about "my story" and tried to keep it to just the facts. I'm not going to go into shit that would make it a "sob story," like how my daddy never loved me or something. I was making a point about weight gain and the cow in question (although I think Aly is more like a horse, TBH - they milk horses, don't they?). Anyway, peace out.

No. 143801

wow, she looked like a real human being. beer guy is sad

No. 143813

Anon is making valuable contribution though. Yet another confirmation from someone who's been there that aly's lying her fucking ass off.

So much love for herself. She's not even striking that pose to take the piss out of herself as most people do when they're posing in that way.

No. 143815

File: 1437775596468.jpg (14.16 KB, 296x87, ffs.JPG)

Fuck. So much bitchiness. Like a few questions this girl (who's been begging for advice) asks is more triggering than the shit aly posts herself. God, I hate her.

No. 143816

File: 1437775647334.jpg (23.57 KB, 276x270, bitch.JPG)

I'm feeling a bit jealous. What if this is beer guy's lover waiting for him?

No. 143823

Gotcha and thank you. I guess my view slants towards that panic attacks are very severe anxiety attacks then.

She is a liar. I'd love to think it was just another language gap, but no way. She just wants more attention.

No. 143828

forestcat xDDDD

No. 143831

File: 1437777890122.jpg (84.42 KB, 720x960, 10155132_785538994797253_61670…)

Yes, definitely a horse. (Found this on her Facebook, and it might be my most hated picture of her.)

Also, as said on Meet the Parents, " Oh, yeah, you can milk just about anything with nipples."

No. 143832

>Anon is making valuable contribution though.

Yes telling us that Aly is full of shit. Didn't know that already.

No. 143834

yeah, noticed the confidence too.

No. 143836

Well, this picture makes her look like a cross between a horse and a beaver; She's a heaver!!!

No. 143839

File: 1437778959110.jpg (17.68 KB, 236x356, edaba3d4430f38f5ec74eda61d3a6e…)

This really is a disgusting picture. I don't get how she thinks she's so hot.

No. 143840

Hahaha I see the beaver. And to think I was one of the anons that said she looked okay back then.

No. 143841

File: 1437779153181.jpg (141.75 KB, 606x220, aly.jpg)

No. 143843

She's making that gesture you make when you eat something disgusting but are pretending to like it and turn your head to the side to muster the strenght to swallow it

No. 143844

File: 1437779514973.png (397.83 KB, 1440x1661, naturallythinwtf.png)

Did anybody catch this interaction the troll had with some poor girl? Troll, who has claimed to have severe anorexia" itself, is now dropping mad science: severe anorectics are NATURALLY SKINNY. That's why it's hard for her to gain weight, jealous haters.

It's definitely got nothing to do with stress and mental anguish over things like food, eating, exercise, weight gain, physical discomfort, losing a coping mechanism, control, and so forth, or due to lack of resources or complications like gastroparesis. Nope. That stuff is all just from a lack of positivity, willpower, and melon smiles.

I'm starting to think that troll is a fetishist.

No. 143849

I don't understand why people are still saying she has a high metabolism when she's SAID IN HER COMMENTS that the hospital put it right.

Or she'd caught sight of aly and was gagging.

I hate when people in front are taking a pic and you KNOW that you'd be on the pic as well. I'd feel so self conscious if I went to the same places as aly because you know there'll be a photo session.

No. 143856

Or she is reading something on the side there
But i agree what that other nonny,
that she saw aly and she laffin

No. 143864

File: 1437780858477.jpg (31.52 KB, 595x184, ig.JPG)

Looks like it's true she doesn't bother checking comments on older posts

1 of 2

No. 143865

File: 1437780875827.jpg (59.87 KB, 594x555, igg.JPG)


2 of 2

No. 143867

Lol I'm sitting here and look down and realize I'm pulling an aly, down to the chipped polish (except it's not a mini size)

No. 143869

File: 1437781104636.jpg (945.31 KB, 1520x2688, IMAG2046.jpg)

Whoops pic helps (10)

No. 143871

Can't even imagine what green tea flavour tastes like. Refreshing?

As you posted that I was peeling off last week's nail polish (the gel stuff that comes off in one but fucks up your nails). It's green too, but darker.

No. 143873

File: 1437781258241.png (404.85 KB, 1440x1574, ImTooEgotisticalToAdmitImWrong…)

No. 143875

…also going to demolish (!) a tub of pineapple. Not going to do a pineapple smile selfie though. Too depressed for that shit and not got aly's strenght

oh fucking lol. Brend. So sick of that acceptingtanya

No. 143876

I am all over the mint green everything this season

Super refreshing, yes! Like a sweet tea in ice cream form. #LUSH

No. 143877

I might try that. Not really into ice cream because I like sorbet.

Speaking of seasonal fashion (kinda) I'm looking forward to aly gaining a dress size so she'll bin the clothes she's wearing now.

No. 143878

Wait wtf does aly mean "ensure is a word in English"?? Does she think ensure is an English word for protein shake?

No. 143880

File: 1437781901337.jpg (1 MB, 1520x2688, 1437781818145-1675918153.jpg)

Lol just realized this pretentious description is on the pint>>143877

No. 143881

Yeah, describing ice cream the way they do a perfume doesn't really work. Still sounds damn sexy to me. It suits my intense yet delicate character.

No. 143882

Whenever she posts a :) after a comment she's being a bitch. Not sure what point she thinks she's made here though.

No. 143883

Is she still even around? I lost track. Well, she was never really on my radar in the first place, TBH. (Yeah, I get you're for some reason implying that I'm her, which is pretty dumb. Nice try, I guess?)
Just wanted to add my empirical evidence wrt: Aly's rate of "weight gain." Sorry.

No. 143884

Lol this is my face when I open the camera on my phone by accident

No. 143892

i still wanna know why this troll added me on IG. i accepted just out of curiosity, but it hasn't said anything yet.. id add them back but they haven't made a single post. its just weird. are we sure its not an aly sock puppet?

No. 143903

I did password reset and it displayed part of the email associated with the account.


Thanks! Please check (py@o*.c*.uk) for a link to reset your password.

No. 143904

File: 1437786030905.png (8.36 KB, 531x167, Capture.PNG)

No. 143912

looks like pridiculouslylongname@orange.co.uk

No. 143913

ok, protected it's an orange network user in the uk

No. 143914

>I'm too egotistical to admit I'm wrong
Yeah pretty much.
Holy fuck she's dumb though.
Just stop calling it Ensure when it's not. Pure and simple. No need to pretend like you know everything about English when you clearly have a lot of learning to do.

No. 143933

I don't need help but thanks.
I'm on top of it, and I don't need help because I'd hate to be as unfit and unhappy as she looks. Past issues or not, she is chunky/thick/needs to exercise. I'd rather be toned than look like a poorly aging hooker in that awful bra thing she's wearing in that photo.

No. 143943

> I'd rather be toned

Yeah, but obviously she's not bothered about being toned.

No. 143947

File: 1437795495921.jpg (106.73 KB, 944x575, 3edgy.JPG)

This #inpatient pisses me off. Brags about sneaking alcohol into the hospital, exaggerates her bones, had a heart attack using cocaine but still does it occasionally. Prefers to drink vodka rather than eat. 25 looks 55.

No. 143951

I think anon just said that because you said you'd rather have your ED kill you than look like that. I agree with anon a little bit, though I also would not want a body like Demi's.
It's good that you're working on it though, and I hope you can have a body that you're satisfied with rather than dying to avoid a body like Demi's. Stay as safe as possible, anon.

No. 143955

File: 1437796694879.png (2.48 MB, 1271x1537, StolenSeafoodSaladSuperRealRec…)

It's pretty funny. I don't know why she's so insistent upon calling it "Ensure." It's not like it matters whatsoever. Why not just call the dang (!) thing what it's actually called? She does seem to be just incapable of admitting that she's ever made a mistake (or lied).

And here, have some more Beer Guy.

No. 143956

I have a bad habit of speaking hyperbolically, what I think I meant is she looks just as miserable and unhealthy as when she was actively bulimic, although if I think about it a lot I can't genuinely decide if dying or being unhealthy and miserable on either side of the fence.
Thankyou for your your concern though.

No. 143957

Damn, she's haggard. I can't believe I'm older than she is.

No. 143958

Edgier than a rubicks cube.

No. 143959

You broke my heart. That bitch IS beer guy's lover. FML.

No. 143962

Beer guy has so much to say, which is why he must always be in the background.

No. 143969


yes, sleazy italian guys are my weakness ♥

No. 143972

You're fucked up, anon. Go get help or die already.

No. 144015

(anon you replied to) No problem. I agree that she looks miserable and unhealthy.

No. 144071

File: 1437812462949.png (50.93 KB, 1068x152, Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 1.03…)

The user my_name_is_not_ana replied to recovery.ann and said something like "Of course she eats - ?" I reloaded the page about a minute later and Aly had deleted that comment. I wonder if she blocked the girl, too. Weird.

I remember Aly mentioning that she went from drinking one Fortimel a day to two, but aside from that, has she ever mentioned her "dietician" increasing her "meal plan"? Like a real dietician would do with a severely underweight anorexic who seems to have gone on for months without gaining any weight whatsoever? Nah, I'm sure that "day treatment program" at the "hospital" is happy with her "weight gain" on her current meal plan.

Funny how, now that she's in really real Real Recovery, she seems to be eating less than she was in not-so-real Real Recovery. In a few months, will she be hospitalized again and announce a "new beginning" of her really-for-realsies-this-time-I-promise really real Real Recovery?

No. 144099

Go be fat somewhere else with Demi.

No. 144129

File: 1437825064917.jpg (20.54 KB, 287x175, such a huge gain.jpg)

Aly doesn't like people talking for her, from what I've gathered. Plus, she needed to point out that OMG she eats over her meal plan ofc!

She did mention that they decided not to increase her meal plan because they were so happy with her 1.2kg gain in 15 days.

No. 144146

of course she's happy. her meal plan (if that's what she's taking pictures of) is garbage. she's obviously not actually gaining. water weights 1 gram per mL so how much of that 1.2 kg is actual gain? and not strategically timed water drinking?

No. 144155

To add to this, a standard 16.9 oz bottle of water is roughly 1.1 pounds

No. 144172


It's "a work in progress," not "a working progress." Dregs of humanity, man.

No. 144175

I was hoping it was an intentional error/pun (although I wasn't sure what meaning she was going for or what she was trying to imply), but I'm afraid it really might be one of those things like when people think "Alzheimer's disease" is called "old timer's disease." Cringe.

No. 144191

File: 1437844229131.png (2.35 MB, 1276x1595, GinormousSecondAfternoonSnackF…)

She did it again! STOP STEALING HIS FOOD, ALY! You're driving him to alcoholism ;_;

No. 144204

crazy conspiracy theory time

what if Aly's not real? there's obviously a real girl being photographed, but what if she's not the one running the social media account(s)? to me it would explain all the photos of her holding food and looking at it like it's dog shit

No. 144205

I wanna know what's going on with Ashley. Anyone have any screencaps of her latest Instagrams?

No. 144207

How would that explain anything at all?

No. 144208

File: 1437846045830.png (838.96 KB, 976x640, MFW.png)

MFW her eggs look like my face :/ after reading her captions

No. 144209

Lipstick tooth
Not the first time

No. 144211

Would explain her stupid mood and lies

No. 144212

Seriously how is someone so obsessed with how they look so bad at such basic things. The way she paints her nails and doesn't go near the cuticle and the constant red lipstick teeth. Aly blows at basic girl shit.

No. 144214


don't worrY about it

No. 144215

really, aly?

No. 144216

File: 1437846738876.png (369.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-25-12-51-27…)

someone called ginger demon unhealthy & she lost her shit

No. 144217

File: 1437846853907.jpg (44.42 KB, 442x1022, Screenshot_2015-07-25-12-52-35…)

She seriously looks like a sick old lady.

No. 144219


She looks like she's around 50 with some weird auto immune disease. Even the way she's standing makes it look like she's about to crumble.

And has anyone else noticed how the straw in Aly's "well freezed" fortimel seems to go in easy? I'm not sure I could push a flimsy straw all the way through a frozen milkshake, and how does she drink it frozen. It's almost like she's lying about the whole thing…

No. 144222

I wish that people would spoiler ginger's photos when uploading.

She's nightmare fuel.

No. 144224

File: 1437847836527.jpg (295.67 KB, 539x959, 2015-07-25-14-08-52.jpg)

I found something rare. A black pro ana attention whore. Looks like aminyan.

No. 144228

No pro ana shit here

No. 144232


Oh god it does look like ami… kawaii chocolate ana-chan

what is the world coming to

No. 144236

File: 1437848373723.png (67.46 KB, 1208x198, Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 11.1…)

I know this comes up multiple times a day, every day, but I'm still baffled by it. How the fuck do all of these people think they see a difference in how Aly looks? Or am I the delusional one in thinking she looks exactly the same as she has for months? Her lack of (and deletion of previous) OOTD photos is quite noticeable. I wish I could line full-body shots of her up next to each other and compare them like I used to be able to, just to confirm that it's her followers who are crazy, not me. I'm sure that's why she took them down and stopped putting new ones up, though - so people can't as readily tell that she's just as emaciated as ever. Damn you and your selective camera angles, Aly!

No. 144254

Gimme more of beer guy

No. 144281

It's been confirmed that she lurks, and you sound just like her, but who gives a shit honestly. As long as you're not telling Erika how full her face looks, you can do what you want.

No. 144286

They know she doesn't look better, but they're trying to be encouraging or helpful or something. It's extremely unhelpful and they're contributing to her death.

No. 144327

It's raspberry seeds.

This. In my fantasies I call him Dante. I think it suits the Italian stallion.

No. 144330

File: 1437852837468.jpg (11.57 KB, 174x118, ew.JPG)


No. 144338

What was/is theforestcat's deal, anyway? All I remember is that she was/is Ashley's friend or supporter or ass-licker or something. The only active account I can find that seems to be her is http://theforestcat.deviantart.com/ (barely anything there, but ouch, dat Tumblr vibe - "skoliosexual," are you fucking kidding me?). Did she change usernames or just try to delete herself from the internet? I'm embarrassed that I apparently sound like her. mebbe i shud rite difrent frum nao ons.

I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of sad that the Ash drama seems to have peaked. I'd like to find some new lolcows, ideally as active as Aly is…

No. 144345

File: 1437854181119.png (22.52 KB, 154x146, Come hither, Dante my love.png)

Oh Dante, you sexy beast. What's going on behind that furrowed brow? Here, let me take your mind off of your pilfered food…
>mfw Beer Guy fanfiction

No. 144355


She's here

I wish we knew who he was. He's in my mind and I can't get him out of there.

No. 144358

No. 144362

she must be so hungry to come up with this shit.

No. 144374

File: 1437855484551.png (91.99 KB, 532x253, Untitled.png)


I think the porn is working for acceptingtanya. She sounds like she's having an orgasm when she comments on the pics.

No. 144377

No no
Its a thing
Along with #chunkporn

No. 144383

the calories from that lipstick is probably the only thing keeping her alive right now

No. 144389

A couple of nights ago I was on instagram and I started browsing photos with tags like #realrecovery, and @acceptingtanya is all over, commenting on so many accounts with the same types of comments. She must spend a lot of time on IG. I give her a pass for being annoying because she's only 13, but I also feel pity for the girl because she's only 13.

No. 144395

E.Coli outbreak in corpus christi, isn't that where sprout lives?

No. 144408

No but how would that explain how she looks at her food?? It might explain why her optimism contradicts reality but…
actually, good point.

No. 144415

She's not eating raspberries (seriously there are no raspberries in that dish), but more importantly, she doesn't eat. It's fucking lipstick.

No. 144419

Yup. She knows to boil her water though.

No. 144454

this troll started following me… which is strange bc i don't follow aly neither comment on her IG. I've just entered to this troll IG account bc i was curious but i didn't follow.

No. 144491

Forgive me, but I'm really curious: is your instagram account private? Is it an ED account, and if so, recovery-oriented or no? Does your user image feature a thin looking person (presumably you)? Or if your account is public, do you have selfies in which you look, um, "eating disordered?" I'm just trying to figure this troll out.

No. 144503

American Bistro sternum selfie has been baleeted. Again.

But sternum selfie with beer guy is still up, thank god.

No. 144504

I wonder how she decides which pics to delete?

She has 19.9k followers but rarely has a dozen comments on one pic, unless there's a shit storm going on. When she's doing all that GOOD MORNING #EDFAMILY thing I can't imagine many people actually read it apart from us and her fangirls.

No. 144506

It's a reference to a pic where she blamed lipstick on her teeth on raspberry seeds in some ice cream which she hadn't even started eating (and never did).

No. 144507

Yeah, there are a few people who seem to be very enmeshed in the ED community who comment on every ED account. There's someone with an account that begins with a v (can't remember) who comments on literally every account. Blueeyedbarbie seems to be everywhere too.

No. 144527

This is apparently her t-shirt shop:


It's made of Tumblr memes.

She annoys me because she's Ashley's friend, but she doesn't advertise her ED or anything.

No. 144528

Sprout's gonna be fine, although I bet she'd be in severe danger if she got e.coli.

No. 144530

Blueeyedbarbie is a known scammer.

No. 144531

She hasn't got an ED. She just hangs around online with anorexics.

No. 144533

Why though?

No. 144534

I'm sure she weighs the options heavily in her mind before deleting anything.

No. 144535

File: 1437873997618.jpg (89.46 KB, 818x607, 1.JPG)

Maybe she wanted to get infected with one. She seems a bit pissed off that her psychiatrist didn't give her an ED diagnosis in her last tumblr post.

This #inpatient has a suicide date. Fortunately dyeing her hair stops her doing it.

No. 144536


No. 144537

File: 1437874070931.jpg (64.47 KB, 629x614, trauma.JPG)

She also isn't too depressed to do traumatic post selfies.

No. 144538

No. 144539

I think she sounded pissed off that she was diagnosed with BPD or w/e because of feminism things.

You can't kill yourself if you have kawaii purple hair!

No. 144540

I don't know, she looks cute to me there in a really strange way. Reminds me of this one French harpist.

No. 144541

im not the other anon, but the troll also started following me (but i did comment on alys IG/got into a little argument with them..and then they still added me. weird) and yes, my account is private and my user image is me.. I'm not spoopy, but I guess i probably look eating disordered.
someone else mentioned they think this troll is one of those fetishists, i seriously hope not.

as for recovery oriented or no..kinda neither? i never really mention my ED, i may have a long time ago when i was considering going to a residential program, but i haven't said anything ED related in 6+ months. i like to pretend I'm normal.

please do share if you figure this troll out.

No. 144542

What kind of person do you have to be to think that posting a video of yourself crying is a good idea?

No. 144543

That joint should also be helping

No. 144545

Helping to discolor her disgusting fingers.

No. 144547

she looks like your average pathetic tumblrina who glamorizes mental illness and goes to the doctor with an aim to get diagnosed with a -special snowflake disorder- so she can feel unique or whatever.

Fucking hell, people who roleplay mental illness and treat it as a fashion accessory piss me off. This isn't one of your anime fanfictions.

No. 144548

It's not even worth watching if snot isn't involved.

No. 144549

maybe this is silly, but i actually tried to bait the troll today by posting an older, spoopier pic of me. if they commented anything positive about my body there, i would've been convinced its a fetishist, but they haven't liked or commented on anything.

No. 144550

Blair Witch Project style.

No. 144551

Plot twist: It's Aly's sockpuppet.

No. 144553

File: 1437874750842.jpg (27.05 KB, 318x603, heart.JPG)

I googled flyingfree85 and it came up with a person on rottentomatoes called but they weren't in the UK. Still bet it's a farmer.

I love to see old familiar images on #inpatient

No. 144554


No. 144555

File: 1437874851726.jpg (14.35 KB, 381x111, or.JPG)

There's one in the uk

No. 144556

Careful with the people search thing. It's never accurate or relevant.

No. 144557

Olzenxx isn't theforestcat, that's some other tumblrina.

No. 144558

I know. That's why I put her in a separate paragraph.

No. 144560

File: 1437875188314.png (254.31 KB, 316x664, trollaly.png)

No. 144561


This person's food actually looks amazing.

No. 144562

OOOO, she s/he comments on other people too.

bad reason for recovery though

No. 144563

Oh I agree. It's a terrible reason to recover. What's going to happen when they break up?

No. 144564

why does she all caps LUSH like it's the store brand? why does she use so many fucking emotes? I want to punch her in the throat.

No. 144565

Because she's a JOYFUL CHILD, duh.

No. 144567

File: 1437875565375.jpg (48.11 KB, 610x471, nope.JPG)

Exactly. Imagine being him and the emotional blackmail there'd be if there were problems in the relationship.

The fetishist on vk who uses ashleys photo for his profile posted this. This is supposed to be the thinnest person. Um…

Be careful. You'd cut your fist on her windpipe (!)

No. 144568

She's pretty spoopy, but definitely not the spoopiest.

No. 144569

No. 144570

Lmao. Beer Guy is some charming guy to captivate all the farmers.

No. 144571

I have daydreams about him. In the last one, as punishment for stealing his food, I tie aly to a chair and force feed her the HUGE (!) chunks of feta cheese.

No. 144572

Her fingertips are blue. that's horrifying.

No. 144573

Possibly the dye

No. 144575

The dye just highlights how gross her fingers are.

No. 144576

ooh, you might be right. Did she just bother not to use gloves then?

No. 144577

She's too suicidal for gloves.

No. 144581


No. 144587

Hahaha. too bad most hair dye is made of vegan and vegetable stuff.

No. 144607

Has anyone else noticed that Ashley's eyebrow area is always covered in scabs? Maybe she has trichotillomania.

No. 144609

I wonder if she knows the biohazard symbol sort of shorthand HIV. She might sell more if she labeled it POZ instead of raver.

No. 144610

Maybe off topic, but anorexia stock photos are hilarious:


No. 144611

File: 1437880616567.jpg (50.42 KB, 338x450, girl-vomit-ugly-illustration-a…)

No. 144613

File: 1437880970927.png (11.34 KB, 302x147, spooky_skeleton_secrets.png)

She's answering some anon questions about herself on her tumblr and recently posted this picture >>142934 on instagram. Not much activity or lulz these days, she says it's because her family is "dying" (but I'm pretty sure it's just her dying).

No. 144614

Ash will die in September or October.

No. 144623

Is she still dragging out her grandfather's death?

She's fading fast, can't deny that.

No. 144625

Gotta milk her dead grandpa for all he's worth.

No. 144626

File: 1437883168154.jpg (82.73 KB, 410x230, 3spoopy5me.jpg)

Right-o, Miss Cleo. IMO, all bets are off when it comes to Ash. She seems to have turned into some sort of undead mummy-creature. Who knows, maybe she'll out-"live" (I guess that's a relative term) us all and go to Japan via air ambulance! Or maybe she'll trip and fall tomorrow and all her bones will shatter and that will be the end.

I really don't understand her. If what she wants is attention, she should make a vlog about her daily life or go on Dr. Phil or something. But instead, she acts all ~mysterious~. Does she actually want to continue living in the condition she's in? If not, why doesn't she either make some fucking lifestyle changes to improve her situation or get it over with and commit sudoku (not that I'm encouraging that, jus' sayin')? If so, WHYYYYY??? I can't imagine her life being anything other than complete agony at this point. And what on earth does she even sustain herself with?

Oh, and I just checked out her blog for the first time in a while and had a chuckle -
>Obsession: health/ nutrition

No. 144628

File: 1437883402178.jpg (44.57 KB, 400x400, weight-loss-bulimia-anorexia-d…)

Dear lord that page is fucking hilarious. Look at this shit.

No. 144630

File: 1437883537372.jpg (102.91 KB, 1015x1300, anorexia-eating-disorder-young…)


Imagine posing for that photo. Why, stock photos, why?

No. 144636


-claims to be "working on" gaining weight
-gratuitous food pictures
-most of said pictures are of junk food
-forced smile
-ugly face
-disgusting fingernails

No. 144637

Oops, my bad. Sorry anon.

No. 144638

Ben & Jerry's

No. 144639


I wonder if her mother was able to go to her dad's funeral. Didn't Ash say he lived thousands of miles away? Would she be able to go if she's got the living mummy to look after? Fucking selfish if she was complaining about not being able to afford the fare to see him before he croaked when his own daughter wasn't able to say her last farewell.

No. 144640

File: 1437887584073.jpg (23.19 KB, 318x508, aaaaaaaarggh.JPG)


No. 144643

1 How old is she? She's got that old lived in look on some pics but I bet she's only early 20s?

2 I'm jealous of all the Lindt chocolate she claims to eat.

3 What is is with heart shaped bowls and anorexics?

She throws in the Quest bar for #anapoints but I'm not seeing any real nutrition in the stuff she eats.

No. 144687

File: 1437908034988.png (602.54 KB, 1325x567, stock.png)

thank you anon this is great

No. 144691

File: 1437911884161.jpg (211.26 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Aly is definitely stalking this thread with her comment about the man behind her. Does she not know we are bashing her or is she really that desperate for ANY kind of attention?

Oh and side note, she's having a panicky day because she has a sore throat and te doctors told her she "CAN'T" get sick in her condition.

No. 144694

literally does this girl even have a personality outside of her anorexia

No. 144699

1. A wrinkly 23-years-old.
3. Because they LOVE food.

No. 144702

File: 1437913462662.jpg (319.15 KB, 639x598, poorbeerguy.jpg)

No. 144703

Lindt Chocolate is not a luxury brand, anon, especially not in Switzerland.

No. 144705

lmao perfect

No. 144707

In Canada, the small dark bars are available in dollar stores. I don't know about the US, but here it's "fancier than Cadbury, but still affordable"

No. 144715

File: 1437918143100.png (186.85 KB, 1184x442, Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 5.51…)

Wow. She's actually admitting to being so sick (with anorexia) that's she's severely immunocompromised? Does she not realize how much that contradicts her whole ~I'm totally in Real Recovery and have been eating tons and gaining weight for months~ story? She should NOT be in that fragile of a condition by this point, and it's frankly ridiculous, IMO, that she isn't being kept in a hospital. WTF is this "clinic" (I'm still doubtful as to whether it even exists) even doing?

I know next to nothing about Italian laws and shit, but here in 'murrica, Aly's situation would be a massive lawsuit waiting to happen. This is exactly why outpatient providers, day treatment programs, and even fucking residential programs have minimum weight criteria: so they don't end up taking on patients like Aly who really need more intensive medical monitoring (i.e., being inpatient in an ED unit, watched around the clock during "refeeding" - I hate that word) until they're at a weight where they're stable enough to participate in treatment at a "lower level of care." It would be a huge allegedly issue for an outpatient or day treatment ED treatment program (or whatever Aly's supposedly in) here to take on someone like Aly, because she could just fucking drop dead one of these days.

No. 144719

File: 1437918462639.gif (1.42 MB, 360x360, Alyface.gif)

And damn, going back through her account, she really did delete a TON of photos of herself. I had a hard time even finding pics of her face to turn into a gif. She almost completely purged (pun intended) all of the full-body shots. I had a bunch of screenshots of her OOTD photos, but unfortunately I deleted them before she took them down. Fuck.

Anyway, still, you can DEFINITELY see how much healthier and more beautiful and LUSH she looks now! Pics are, in order, from 22, 18, 16, 13, 10, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 week ago, and then from 5 days ago and from today.

No. 144720

I wonder what excuse she'll come up with if her followers start questioning this. Really, you're so ill that a flu might kill you? What happened to #realrecovery?

No. 144721

File: 1437919005587.gif (1.68 MB, 360x224, icovery.gif)

Annnnd while I'm at it, here's a gif of another spoopy, icovery. She's not a lolcow, but she's been mentioned here before. I feel really bad for her because she's only 14 and, from her captions, it's clear that she's really struggling, but damn, dem thinspo poses…

No. 144722

Seeing these girls and knowing the frustration that I put my family through, I really don't think I should have kids. Not just for "Oh man, I really don't want to pass on my shitty genes," but also because I just would not want to deal with them. Sounds really selfish, but it puts it into perspective for me and makes me so sorry for my parents. At least I'm not as mad manipulative as Aly, I work for my own $$, I'm going to school despite poor health, I don't keep an instagram/tumblr/facebook etc, and I pay for my own crap.

Basically, Aly's anus mouth and her pooping fake rainbows has convinced me to get my tubes tied.

No. 144723

File: 1437919663546.png (64.11 KB, 835x570, SMILE.png)

It's science. When you're in Real Recovery, all of your motivation, strenght, and posi- (goddamn, that will always make me think of being HIV+) vibes, along with the calories you consume, go straight to your smile. Since Aly smiles so much, her body's immune system isn't able to function properly. It's a good thing, though, because smiling makes you Really Recover. If Aly wasn't such a JOYOUS CHILD (!), she might have a heartier immune system, but she wouldn't be Real Recovering as fast as she is, and she wouldn't be able to serve as such an amazing inspiration for so many thousands of other poor ED sufferers! She's very selfless.

No. 144729

I think that most of us here, and probably most of her non-fangirl followers know that she's near death's door, and now she's basically admitting it, Yet she only goes to ~Day Hospital Control~ badge emoji every two weeks? How irresponsible are the people at that hospital? No wonder she chose this one over the other ones.

No. 144742

she had 3 cups of coffee, a bowl of about 30 small raspberries, two "ensures", and a portion of dry noodles and dry chicken with eggplant. that does not seem like an intake of someone in recovery should be eating

No. 144744

how many calories would that be? i assume not very much, especially if you exclude the nutrition drinks

No. 144748

i guesstimated around 500? but not including the supplemental drinks. how do people even calculate calories! that took almost half an hour! ffs!

No. 144749

File: 1437927568972.png (479.65 KB, 1200x1448, Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.09…)

That's what I'm curious about. She's legally an adult, so she can, to some extent, refuse treatment. But:
>In the words of the law, involuntary treatment must be provided if and when "mental condition of the person requires urgent treatment that the person does not accept"
For a very brief period of time, Aly had her BMI in her Instagram bio, and it was in the 10s. I really doubt she's gained enough weight to even put her past a BMI of 12. That alone seems to clearly indicate that she "requires urgent treatment," and now she's mentioned being immunocompromised…she's obviously very sick. Sick enough to where, in the US, she'd be turned away from any ED treatment facilities (like residential, day treatment, or outpatient programs) that weren't inpatient for liability reasons. Some inpatient programs might not even accept her (again, for liability reasons) - she might have to go to a specialty hospital, like Denver ACUTE, where they're equipped to handle severely underweight patients.

Anyway, she's allegedly, nominally "accept[ing] treatment," but all signs point to her not improving as she should be. She may be faking a bit of weight gain with sneaky tricks like waterloading, carrying weights/rolls of coins/whatever in her underwear, etc. but it's been 41 days since her "fresh start" in "Real Recovery." I don't understand how any professional could look at her case and think that she's actually making decent progress. So why is no one stepping in and pushing for involuntary treatment? Again, the only thing I can think of is that either no one cares or that they can't be bothered to go through the legal steps to force her into treatment, both of which are pretty shitty.

She's been approximately this spoopy for many months now, and, in addition to allegedly having an ED "treatment team," she seems to be close with at least her mother, a few other relatives, and some friends. It's quite surprising to me that no one seems to have stepped in and intervened. Or maybe they have, unsuccessfully, and she just didn't write about it. But damn, if Aly was my daughter, even if she was an "adult," I wouldn't just be letting this stupid act go on and on and on while she could drop dead any day. There's no WAY she can be fooling everyone in real life when she's sporting a sternum like that - although I notice she seems to be trying to cover it up in the pictures she posts now, in addition to wearing a massively padded bra. I had to go back a ways to even find a picture where that terrifying chest is visible.

While I was going back through her account, I found this entertaining exchange between what I guess we're assuming is a troll (a farmer?) and another commenter. I saw the beginning of it when Aly first made that post, but I hadn't seen that the two had continued their convo. Maybe Aly really will stop calling her Fortimel "Ensure" now.

No. 144762

I was going to post this screen shot past night, but fell asleep, so thank you anon. And since those comments (or at least in today's posts) she's stuck to calling it what it is. Which I'm happy about because that shit was driving me crazy.

No. 144766

fucking gross.

No. 144767

Never2old2recover is a farmer too. Stop engaging the troll, hun.

No. 144769

I'll be very generous here and give her the benefit of the doubt. Let's say she added an entire cup of 2% milk (I can't imagine her drinking whole milk) to each of those cups of coffee. That would be around 360 calories. (If she's just having espresso or brewed coffee, the total would be under 10 calories; if she had three 12-ounce cappuccinos made with skim milk, the total would be around 180 calories; if she's using even less milk, it might come to like 90 calories.)

She claims she had an "unpictured" glass of milk alongside her morning cappuccino, so that could be another 90-120 calories.

I'm not finding info on the specific type of "Mais cookies" she had for breakfast. They look pretty small, though. If each one is 25 calories, that would be 175 calories total.

30 raspberries would be around 30 calories.

The pasta dish she had for lunch is kind of an unknown. It's unclear how much (if any) she actually ate, because of the way she takes close-up pictures of only part of her plate. If she had a cup of pasta, that would be around 200 calories. The amount of chicken looks pretty minimal. If she had two ounces of chicken (which I doubt), and it was breast meat, that would be around 100 calories. If she had an entire tablespoon of olive oil (which I also doubt), that would be around 120 calories. If she had half a cup of eggplant, that might be 30 calories. So, let's say 450 calories for the whole dish (again, I'm being generous and don't believe she actually ate that much).

The Fortimel Compact Protein drinks have 300 calories each, so that's 600 calories. She added some crushed-up cookie and chocolate chips to one of them, so let's add in 50 calories for the toppings.

She just posted a "second afternoon snack" consisting of a popsicle that contains 55 calories.

Her dinners are also hard to figure out the calorie content of, since, again, she takes deceptive pictures of things like those pizzas to make them seem larger than they actually are. Let's just say that she had a 500-calorie dinner (which, once again, I doubt).

360 + 120 + 175 + 30 + 450 + 600 + 50 + 55 + 500 = 2340. I don't think I botched my math there.

If she did actually eat all of that, it would be a decent intake, although I'd hope that her "dietician" (still not convinced they exist) would have her eating more like 3000 calories a day to get her to actually gain weight (and not at a rate of like 1 kg a month or something) so she gets out of the fucking danger zone. But, let's be real. The chances that Aly's actually eating and keeping down over 2000 calories a day seem about as slim as she is.

No. 144782

if Aly never calls Fortimel "ensure" again, it was worth it, hun.

No. 144783

calling all shakes "ensures" is like calling all hamburgers "big macs"

No. 144784

You've miscalculated on the coffees.
She's drinking a tiny cup, not 12-ounces. Her homemade cups are 4-6 ounces at most.
So, even being generous, her first cup is 60 calories.
She always gets soy cappuccino when she goes out, which is 64 calories per 12 ounces, but since she has 8 ounces at most in that cup, it's only 42 calories.
Lastly, the third coffee she had was Fortimel with coffee and milk added. Fortimel is 6 ounces on its own and that might be a 12 ounce cup. So let's say she added 2 ounces of coffee and 4 ounces of milk–that's 65 calories at most. (Not counting the Fortimel because it's separately calculated.)

So her coffee total is… 167 calories!
Also she has not had pizza today. That was last night.

That brings her total calories for the day (if we trust your other calculations) down to… 1647!

No. 144785

File: 1437933733708.png (2.68 MB, 1282x1278, Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.5…)

Well, she just posted her dinner. Hard to estimate the calories on that, especially since the "salad" isn't even really shown. That green stuff looks more like seaweed than salad to me…anyway, I don't think it could total more than 500 calories, unless those FRIED (!) croquettes were really, really, REALLY dang oily (sake emoji) or the salad had LOADS (!) of super oily (sake emoji) dressing on it.

No. 144787

88 calories in a potato croquette, according to FatSecret.
So 176 calories.
120 calories for bread.
76 for 3 ounces of sliced turkey.
3 calories for 1/2 cup spinach(?).
And for once, it does look like there is oil on that salad, so 40 calories for 1 teaspoon of oil.

Total: 415.

Total for the day: 2062.

No. 144788

Ahh, right. I forgot about the soy milk. And yeah, they're tiny cups, I just have no idea how many ounces they would even hold. So yeah, I'd guess that she's probably eating quite a bit under 2000 calories. Her "meal plan" might be around 2000 calories, which is really not that much for an extremely underweight anorexic who needs to gain weight ASAP. Unless she actually has a very slow metabolism, she shouldn't be gaining much weight on that amount at all, so her "dietician" should have increased her "meal plan" by now. If she really had been in ED treatment for over a month, it would be reasonable for her to have had several meal plan increases already, and, by now, she should be up to more than 2000 calories a day if she seriously wants to gain weight. Which I'm sure she doesn't, so it's kind of a moot point.

No. 144789

If this really is the "dietician's" "meal plan," that dietician has no idea how to treat people in Aly's situation. ~2000 calories/day might be enough for someone Aly's age and height who is sedentary and of normal weight, but that's NOT enough for Aly to actually recover.

No. 144793

File: 1437934750664.jpg (21.93 KB, 394x295, afraid of the leaf.JPG)

I'm the anon who is jealous of the Lindt flavours. I know it's not luxury, but here in the UK we don't get many flavours. I like how smooth it is and the dark chocolate has a high cocoa content. Cheap chocolate that tastes nice, unlike Cadbury's like >>144707 said. I like the bunnies as well.


I never had kids. Mostly because I don't have a maternal bone in my body, but also because they look like too much hard work. I see no pleasure in dealing with all the shit they bring to life (myself included). Get a cat instead.

Why are her followers suggesting she eat licorice and honey etc to help her sore throat? Lol, like she'd actually do that.

No. 144796

File: 1437934975953.jpg (21.42 KB, 393x296, the horror of the apple.JPG)

Aly's really progressing conquering her "fear foods". She eats them, realises how DELISH (!) they were and she fears them no longer.

Her cheekbones are starting to look spoopy again in that new coffee mug photo. She isn't even doing a kissy face.

No. 144798

It's a shame Jodie Foster's career hit such a low point she's posing for these stock images :(

No. 144799

I think it would be enough for her to recover if she was able to keep herself alive for the months and months (years?) of weight restoration it would entail.

No. 144808

grass is greener

No. 144841

File: 1437942956822.png (2.86 MB, 1276x1273, #christianvegan mealtime with …)

I don't know how Gremlin manages to choke down her concoctions, let alone find them appealing or worthy of being in a fucking COOKBOOK. I hope (but don't really believe) that she's actually just trolling everyone and purposefully creating disgusting "recipes" for "meals" that she throws out as soon as she's done photographing. I've known people who liked to eat some pretty weird shit, but nothing even approaching what this girl claims to enjoy.

No. 144848

I mean for me, everything tasted good when I was starving myself. I counted down the minutes til my carrot sandwich LOL

And with that kind of weird vegan restriction on what you eat I'm sure she is just desperate to have some semblance of a good meal. Really though whatll happen if she has to travel anywhere? I guess she just won't eat. Is she vegan for jesus?

No. 144858


Wait what is this from?

No. 144863

File: 1437946263603.jpg (54.81 KB, 640x480, That's not oatmeal.jpg)

>carrot sandwich
Ehh, that doesn't even sound all that weird to me. I'd eat it. The shit I don't understand is putting stevia in/on EVERYTHING (including things that are supposed to be savory, not sweet) and substituting vegetables in for things that are already vegan and healthy (e.g., oatmeal - putting zucchini and stevia in a food processor does NOT make oatmeal). Sickly-sweet veggies? Sickly-sweet veggies in ALMOND MILK? Dear lord. And speaking of the lord, I figured Gremlin's veganism had to do with being "healthy" (AKA restricting), but it might have something to do with her religious mania. I'm not sure. She does reeeeally love the Jesus.

No. 144865

GingerGremlin claims her weird diet cured her crippling migraines.

No. 144867


Ahhh right. Maybe the excessive consumption of stevia helps keep them at bay, too!

No. 144870

Definitely the stevia. Stevia is fuckin' magic, dude. https://youtu.be/VObaisj0P7g

No. 144880

I wonder if ginger realizes that she's a huge liability. If I had ginger in one of my classes, I'd be emailing student health services ASAP because of how awful she looks right now. Everything about her screams eating disorder.

No. 144883

omg I'm dying here, this shit is golden. how did I never even know who Dan Quinn was before now?

No. 144884

Jesus, Mary and Joseph…

No. 144886

>but here in the UK we don't get many flavours.
That's because Anglos can't make proper chocolate to save their lives
>inb4 muh Shitbury
>inb4 muh Shite Kearney's
Moving to the mainland was the best decision I'd ever made in that regard.

No. 144888

>3 What is is with heart shaped bowls and anorexics?
As someone who has trouble eating (not an ED, just really picky and easily disgusted from years of being force-fed as a child, thanks ma), it makes the food look cuter and more appetising.

No. 144892

My cousin went to the same Uni as ging and it was her track coach who finally reported her ED to the school/her family (not sure what the order of that was). It was immensely helpful because the coach kicked her off the track team until she got help so even though she was still in deep denial, it hastened being able to hospitalize her. So maybe her ice skating coach will be the one to blow the whistle on ging.

No. 144897

I thought she was on the skating team and taking online classes at liberty until recently when she transferred to Delaware?

No. 144898

Also, it seems like her weight kiss has been consistent; there hasn't really been a period of weight restoration…and if she has an ED that her parents know about, her parents must be trying to kill her if they're letting her move away

No. 144899


No. 144918

Ugh, this whole calculation thing bothers me, who cares. She's just starving herself to death, no need to go full on anorexic psychobabble.

No. 144941

File: 1437962752114.png (91.04 KB, 314x318, fucking emojis.png)

If you don't care, why are you here?

No. 144949

File: 1437963624047.png (286.39 KB, 309x477, mature.png)

Pretty sure most of the farmers on this thread have some sort of eating disorder.

No. 144959

File: 1437965288620.jpg (17.78 KB, 520x234, mfw.jpg)

I feel like a moron but I honestly can't tell if this guy is kidding or not. The video is listed on Youtube as "comedy," which I assumed it was, until I looked the guy up (I know nothing about MMA) and found that he was not, in fact, a comedian. I was convinced he was just acting and I was laughing my ass off watching videos of him ranting and raving. Now I'm reading articles about him that seem to imply that he's actually nuts and really believes the shit he was going on about. Can someone truly be that mentally ill? I don't understand…but I happen to have some stevia in my cupboard…should I blend it? I'm not sure I can handle pure H2O.

Annnnd now I seem to have wandered into the Illuminati section of the internet. Thanks, anon. I think I'll just skip the snorting phase and go right to shooting up stevia.

No. 144970

>Mature female blond beauty with anorexia
pls stop i am crying

No. 144972

I haven't. I'm only here for Dante.

No. 144985

yeah, my cuz went to UD. Not sure if ging's skating team is an official one of the school?

No. 144998


How does she still have such nice hair??

No. 145004

Idk, but her insides won't look so pretty.

No. 145026

File: 1437974578908.jpg (33.88 KB, 614x151, oh noe.JPG)

Aly still has a sore throat, but she's super detertiminated not to let it affect her recovery!!!!! ~inspirational~

No. 145067

she probably saw it as him having a crush when in reality he took one look at her and though "damn, this bitch need some calories" and threw the chocolate shit on it
why would a fully grown woman purposely show thinspo specifically to young teenage girls in order to make them relapse??? is that a specific fetish or something? what the fuck, i know its possible for adults to get EDs but she doesn't seem to target anyone older than 18. that's fucked up

No. 145083

File: 1437986000071.jpg (148.27 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 145084

File: 1437986045154.jpg (185.77 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Pt 2


No. 145088

IDK how she can drink that koolaid, she's not 14, she should know better.
This is also her account:

Her editorial. Sounds like ED treatment sucks in Denmark, too.

No. 145092

File: 1437990588224.png (2.51 MB, 1276x1278, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.43…)

I really do wonder if Aly reads these threads. The Joyous Child seems to have stopped showing off her popping-out sternum as much in photos. She keeps putting shit in front of her to obscure it. I'm assuming it's purposeful; I guess it could just be by accident, but maybe she finally realized that showing that shit off was a bad idea while simultaneously claiming to be ~Real Recovering~, gaining weight, and leading her #edfam of #edworriors to the magical land of Motivation and Posi-Vibes and Calories-Don't-Count-Unless-You-Count-Them.

No. 145098

Maybe because she looks like an overweight greasy whore?? idk??

No. 145105

Aly is probably her favourite thinspo, and this level of ass-licking (with tons of oil!) is a way to get noticed.

I couldn't translate the article on mobile, tldr?

No. 145119

File: 1437998066899.jpg (76.67 KB, 593x530, barf.JPG)

She's started eating cat sick with a giant fork.

No. 145121

I had an appetite and was just about to go grab something to eat.
Not anymore.

No. 145125

whore and greasy ill give you but shes not overweight

No. 145137

Looks like something from the bad food porn thread on /b/.

No. 145143

File: 1438005464454.png (647.27 KB, 600x601, beer.png)

No. 145145

File: 1438006513201.jpg (520.16 KB, 2304x1094, overweight demi.jpg)

Sorry to continue this conversation, but pretty sure she is. I mean, I'll give that she's got some alright features, but her body is overweight.
She's 5'3, and anything 141+ pounds is overweight for her height. So let's do some comparisons!

No. 145147

anon, your ed is showing. yeah, some of these girls are chubby but if they don't gain any more, they're still at a healthy weight

No. 145150

and with "some of these girls" i mean, that some carry it better than other or have better muscle definition. anyway

No. 145151

omfg how many times do fitphobic women have to be told that composition counts way more than #, thats why some of these girld look lile shit and others look fairly slim

girl on right in pencil skirt looks great tho wtf why are you even using her as an example

No. 145157

> girl on right in pencil skirt looks great tho

It's just a coincidence that she's also showing the least amount of skin.

No. 145159

The ED projection in this thread is astounding.

No. 145169

my accounts isnt private but it isn't ed related, neither pro-ana nor recovery. My profile picture is an illustration of an anime character… and i have selfies, but i don't think i look anorexic, i'm at a healthy weight… and have a sporty body

No. 145171

Who cares? You actually made a graphic with body comparisons? Demi, as annoying as she is, isn't the cow here.

No. 145174

This thread has turned into a MPA offshoot with old anorexics discussing/bragging about the golden days of their EDs and calculating calories of…I mean, it's somewhat interesting from a psychological perspective but it's mostly pathetic. They're no better than Aly

No. 145194

and yet, you're still here.

No. 145204

Lol did that sting? Go drink an ensure.

No. 145206

did what sting? I've never used MPA, and I've never counted calories in my life. All i said was "you're still here," even though, apparently, you don't like this thread.

>it's somewhat interesting from a psychological perspective

its very interesting. except, I'm actually a licensed mental health professional and, I'm guessing, you're not?

No. 145210

File: 1438018261901.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2006, Screenshot_2015-07-27-13-06-52…)

Superfan is trying to make her account like Aly's, but even though she posts in English (larger potential follower base), all of her followers and commenters are Danish. She does the "good morning my #edfam! I'm sticking to my #mealplan because restricting isn't an option" emoji emoji emoji thing, but she's not over-the-top fake positive and she doesn't seem fake? She's idolizing the wrong damn person. I do really really like that she hashtagged
Aly should start doing that, she'd flood the tag.

I miss the good old days when Aly wished people a FABntastic day! Royal is boring.

No. 145213

mmmm those baked goods look… SO GOOD

No. 145214

File: 1438018669503.png (65.18 KB, 1440x279, notmyfavoritealice.png)

Direct response to this

No. 145215

Jesus Christ, the way she phrased that is actually terrifying
Everytime favorite ALICE

No. 145220

sore throat=
>unfair life.


No. 145222

File: 1438019263315.jpg (186.07 KB, 1018x1078, Screenshot_2015-07-27-12-44-07…)

ginger is fucking ridiculous. why do your six baby carrots require their own serving dish? why is there cayenne on everything? why, Jesus, why?

she's eating cayenne protein pudding with cucumbers.

No. 145247

jeez (oh no im taking the lords name in vain #sinner ) hot pepper on every thing screams eating disorder.
she make look like a manic psycho in her pics but i cant imagine her face eating this stuff…

No. 145248

Not really, I don't have one. Most of us were just here for the Ash drama but after the whole aly thing an influx of anorexic crazies ruined the threads.

No. 145251

What exactly is protein pudding?

No. 145252

anorexic detected

No. 145254

seconded. i'm out. this isn't lulzy anymore, just sad. I miss the old ash threads.

No. 145266

Same shitty nails. Ew you can actually see her claws under these fake things.

No. 145268

If you want an ash thread, make a new one.