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File: 1448652927951.gif (362.13 KB, 475x347, tfw no free binge food.gif)

No. 208348

Ashley Isaacs / ghostxperfume thread #?? –
Eternal Chair grave edition

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
Edgy Tumblr: http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Old thread is dead, so here's a new one.

What ever happened to that Erika thread a supposed ex made?

No. 208350

The OP deleted it, I think.

No. 208357

There wasn't even anything interesting in the erika thread. Literally nothing has happened.

I don't even think it was really her 'ex'. The way they recollected things and the details they spoke of (supposedly years later) seemed really unnatural. I think it was either a troll or creeper or even erika herself wondering where her asspats went.

It honestly might as well have been deleted. Such a dead and gone cow, not even worth a snow thread.

No. 208368

File: 1448655650542.png (3.91 KB, 615x132, li.PNG)

That is literally what she does

No. 208473

I think it was Erika.

No. 208577

File: 1448730174672.png (648.53 KB, 910x593, 54634454.png)

i thought ash wasn't pro-anorexia?

No. 208584

> used to be tight
holy fucking shit even if they were tight they are still chidren's size
thats some fucked up shit

No. 208585

How is she not dead yet? Why isn't she in a hospital 24/7?

No. 208587


this chick is literally fucking bones holy shit.

Inb4 slowpoke: it just hit me looking at this. I don't know why it took so long but oh my god I'm freaking out.

No. 208592

what's more fucked up is the comment section praising her for her skeleton body, especially that kettenwelt nut.

No. 208598

We get this question multiple times every thread
the answer is no, she's not alive, she's just a spoopy screeching skeleton skin-sack piloted by small insects

No. 208601

She's so uninteresting though… she's nothing special or anything to talk about anymore…… just same old redundant bullshit. Her face looks more skelly her skin will push down on her organs soon and kill her. Sadly but hey she wants that… At least I think she does.

No. 208602

why does this atrocity have 500+ likes and why are people calling it beautiful? its borderline gore

No. 208604

Does anyone (else) report her pics? I do. Blatant fucking pro ana.

No. 208608

reporting. this shit is triggering as fuck. I hope her account gets blasted to hell.

No. 208629

I think she gets reported a lot and has had her accounts removed a couple of times. She usually comes back though and gains back her followers but keeps her account private though.

So good intentions you want to report her but she will have a new account by the next day once it's removed….?

No. 208652

I think she deletes her accounts, like she does with tumblr to get a new crop of followers who don't know how she really is.

No. 208702

How much longer do you think she is going to live?

I say less than 3 years, unless she recovers.

No. 208704

File: 1448760563806.jpg (153.35 KB, 773x1033, skelly.jpg)

No. 208707


No. 208708

Every year people say she'll die and she doesn't. I say she'll live another year or two.

No. 208710

I give her 12 months. She'll see her next birthday, but not Christmas 2016.

No. 208712


How much longer are you going to live?

No. 208713


Hi, Ashley.

No. 208715


I'm not Ashley. I'm merely stating that it's a random question to ask of any of us. Who knows when any of us will die. It's called life. It's a crap shoot! Ed or not right? Think about it….

No. 208718

Dude she is literally a walking skeleton, its a plausible question

No. 208719

We should start a pool, tbh.

No. 208721

Not much of a random question in Ashleys case, considering she's literally a corpse lliving in a reclining chair.

No. 208722

Point taken, but still. I don't think it's funny you want to take a pool on it and tbh it's about as sick as her posts are that you even make those comments! So who's the better person? You or her? Wow

No. 208723

File: 1448763732446.jpg (85.97 KB, 499x381, enhanced-buzz-15019-1386109929…)


hey Ashley, just curious. What's your idea body type? Like the body that you wish you had. At what point is a woman considered fat in your eyes?

No. 208724

She'll make it to 40.

No. 208725

File: 1448763816030.jpg (187.13 KB, 518x535, kek.jpg)

No. 208726

I was just about to post this, lol.

Oh noez you guise, we've angered the charigrave queen. Guess when she dies, she can come back to haunt us.

No. 208728


Seriously stop saying I'm her. It's not my fault you're butt hurt cos you know my point is right! You've never complained before to my comments Anon

No. 208729

Wtf are you even talking about? I never said you were.

No. 208731

Sorry, thought you were saying that to me

No. 208732

Even if she does outlive me, I'd be happier with a shorter but more fulfilled life then a longer shitty life where I force myself to throw up everything I eat and then call others fat, have no friends and screech at my mother from my puke recliner all day.

No. 208735

File: 1448764918025.gif (763.38 KB, 108x160, 1420004293619.gif)

Why are you even here if you don't think this type of comment isn't funny?

Also, do you really think anyone posting here is concerned about being the "better" person? Lmao

No. 208737

File: 1448765058536.jpg (27.21 KB, 599x337, 41869.jpg)

Holy shit that was fast. She must constantly have a tab open and refreshes every five seconds for a new post. How fucking vain.

No. 208739

I hope the spirits above do indeed judge me.

I don't think it was an unreasonable question for someone with such a severe disease.

I guarantee I do a lot more positive in the world than all the harm and terrible ana inspiration Ashley has caused, so don't worry Ash, I can sleep at night, no prob. ;)

No. 208740


No clearly not because I can only conclude you are all self conscious (ex: over weight) or bullied in your RL so you come on here to do it to complete strangers so of course it makes you feel better for a moment hiding behind your "Anon" names. Also, I'm guessing you're all under the age of 20.

As to why I come here, cos I can

No. 208741


>that typing style

Did you get lost on the way to Facebook?

No. 208743

Oh! I'm sorry, did my being an adult with a college degree and proper grammar throw you off? I'm sorry.
I'll dumb it down for you better next time!

No. 208744

No. 208745

Omg Trashley, you are so transparent. Give it up.
Anyway, a poll is just getting stats on opinions. It's not like anyone's making money off of it you fucking dumbass.

No. 208746


That was the literal opposite of what I meant. You type like a sped, dude.

No. 208747

It shows! Y'all are as boring as Ashley's thread has gotten

Let's make a pool when YOU'LL die? The odds are better!

No. 208748

Who are you if you're not Ash? Admit it, I dare you.

No. 208749

I mean just one look at her skull of a face should be enough… her body is a living nightmare

No. 208750

lmao, ashley mad as fuck

No. 208751


I think they meant a betting pool.


But yeah, it was obviously a joke. Getting pissed off at that is like getting pissed off at the spooky skeleton jokes that always pop up in Ash threads. No point in coming here to complain.

No. 208752

Can't you read? I am NOT Ashley! You dare me!? Lol! You first!

No. 208753

I'm Sandra.

No. 208754


I can almost hear the sound of you furiously mashing F5 and sobbing to yourself :^)

No. 208756

I know what they meant. Read it from the start. It's not funny. I merely made a point
Everyone else got stupid ..spoiled brats hiding behind a screen

No. 208758


J.J and YES that's my real name

No. 208759

But Ashley you are going to die. Soon. If you don't want to, then get some fucking help. You are choosing this, like it or not. You can chew food and swallow it, if you choose to do so and you wont be the first. You wont be the first to die either. Its up to you.

No. 208760

Ashley, stop raging. You'll burst a hemorrhoid

No. 208761


I was replying to someone else.

No. 208762

You should change your name to Luna.

No. 208763

Yet here you are, behind a cpu yourself :^)

No. 208765

You're joke is oh so not humorous. >>208763
Nah, not anymore! As I said, you've all proven that this site is exactly as I thought it was. A bunch of cows hiding to make themselves feel better by cyber bullying others. Until the day ONE PERSON commits suicide and it's linked to THIS site and YOUR comments.. And you're charged with homicide or at min accessory. Well done!!

No. 208767


No. 208768

File: 1448766515684.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, cyberbullying.jpg)

No. 208769

You must be Jackie. I can tell because you're retarded.

No. 208770

File: 1448766533857.jpeg (73.73 KB, 500x786, image.jpeg)

Ok Ashley pls call the cops then

No. 208772

File: 1448766638693.jpg (129.98 KB, 1280x720, asian.jpg)

No. 208774

See I'm still 99% convinced this is Ash. She has posted stuff like thia before on her tumblr. Maybe it's some masterful troll.
Well she's reading this either way. I don't really disagree but. This thread would probably have been buried without you replying, etc. Whoever you are.

No. 208775

File: 1448766708064.jpg (22.91 KB, 600x450, stoph8in.jpg)

No. 208776

I'm NOT Ashley! Ugh! I simply read it, disagreed and made MY point and stand my ground
Anyone can check my IP if they're soo sure I'm her! I'm telling you to check it! Would Ashley say HEY, Check and see it's me posting this? I doubt it! Ffs I just think joking about when someone will do or doing a betting pool is taking it too far. Whatever her shit..she's still a person no matter what we think.

No. 208777

Do I seriously sound like her! Give me some credit ffs!!!!

No. 208778

No. 208779

Wow your a dumb bitch aren't you?

No. 208780

File: 1448767284607.jpg (38.63 KB, 544x489, 1371228681599.jpg)

stop shitting the thread with petty arguments STAY ON TOPIC

No. 208782


The highlight of a thread is when someone comes on and spergs about it.




lmao I really can't tell if you're a troll or not at this point but keep at it

No. 208783


THERE IS NO TOPIC - This thread is stupid AF! Betting when someone will die? Disagreeing who someone is cos everyone knows everything!

No. 208784


That was one post an hour ago. Chill, Ash.

No. 208786

Lolcow is on the defense tonight. Tables have turned. You all are just butthurt that she didn't write you back or some shit with your little penpal adventures. So you make fun of her here instead of going to her about it. Holy shit lame. Go play Zelda or something. New game out.

No. 208787

Look any toddler can change their IP a gazillion different ways, youtr just lucky most of them are stupider than you. Which is shocking considering how starved your brain must be. Shocking and fucking sad.

No. 208788

Ffs wrong field. I need sleep damnit.

No. 208789


Have fun, Ash.

No. 208793


What makes you think I have an Eating Disorder!? Oh that's right, you ASSUME I'm Ashley, which I'm not! (Again) Go get one of those babies since YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO CHECK MY IP and do it already instead of crying about it! I'll make it easy for you and not change it. I promise ;)

No. 208795


I thought you were going to sleep, Ash?

Also only the admin can check IPs and he probably wouldn't bother doing that just to settle whether you're Ashley or not, so you can piss yourself over IPs as much as you want but it's not gonna do shit

No. 208798

You're right. He's probably mature enough to not bother to do it..then again..he may want to see some satisfaction of watching y'alls reactions when I PROVE I'm not her and you eat your shit for once!!

Who knows!! I prefer not to speak for other people. You'll learn that when you grown up some

No. 208799

Aren't you a 1337 little hax0r?

No. 208800


Why are you so pissy over a few posters thinking you're Ashley? Do the opinions of strangers on the internet matter that much to you?

No. 208801

Ok, I really do believe you're one of Ashley's retarded little followers.

No. 208802

Does my answer even matter

No. 208803

Yes. You matter. You're beautiful.

No. 208804

Did you even read my post Ashley?

No. 208805


I believe you're a retard and her follower

No. 208806

No. 208807

I'm not her

No. 208808

Are you Spewyy?

No. 208811

I'm not her. It's my opinions what I say and I don't like being attacked and passed off cos everyone thinks I'm her. I think this post is wrong. It has nothing to do with the person. No matter who it was said about, it's morally wrong

No. 208812

No. 208813

How did you find this thread?

No. 208816

Not difficult! Scroll down and there it is. I'm not new to the site. No ones ever given me shit before, then again… I've never seen a comment so hurtful either. Like betting on horses. I usually follow Aly

No. 208818


>I've never seen a comment so hurtful either.

Then you're still newer than you seem to think you are.

No. 208819


Maybe, but it's not funny

No. 208820

File: 1448770085486.gif (57.25 KB, 300x100, banner4.gif)

>this thread

No. 208821

File: 1448770121323.gif (24.93 KB, 300x100, confirmedip.gif)

No. 208822

Yes it is.

No. 208823

lol, I hadn't seen that one (or did you just make it? I just did >>208820 because of this fucking thread here)

No. 208824

I actually made it for the Eboni Eden thread.

No. 208825

If it were about you, you'd disagree

No. 208826

No I wouldn't.

No. 208827

No. 208828

File: 1448770388007.jpg (186.81 KB, 600x582, ok.jpg)

Kek where do you think you are bitch

No. 208829

Outside your fucking window watching you shove food down your fat face whore! Don't call me a bitch!

No. 208831

File: 1448770660280.jpg (38.41 KB, 400x346, 1374692754451.jpg)

Nice one TFC.

No. 208833

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

No. 208839

Wtf it's like rima all over again.

No. 208840

This makes me wet

No. 208842


college education.
can't use your or you're correctly.

No. 208844

Shhhhh it's not Ashley's fault her brain is deprived of nutrients…oh….wait….

No. 208845

Does anyone have a link to fordervets thread. Can't find it.

No. 208846

Damn, stfu Ashley. You're so desperate for attention you're pretending not to be herself….. it's sad and pathetic. Seek help. xx

No. 208847

This is (mostly) Ash's new friend, right? Remember her recently met "saviour"? I'm too lazy to find her in the last thread.

No. 208848

She doesn't have one, but she's posted in the Shmegeh thread here: >>>/snow/49394

No. 208849

It's one of her friends for sure.

No. 208850

Someone should email jhufded@hotmail.com and see if it actually exists.

No. 208855

File: 1448773908100.png (190.7 KB, 400x282, thread-derailed-spidey.png)

>thanks, ash

No. 208856

Since Ash is so triggered about my other poll, here is a new one:


No. 208862

Did Jess go to bed?

No. 208864

What does she mean she doesn't have Ana? Does she have bulimia then? Like is she in denial about herself.

No. 208868

She has ~*anorexia*~ not ~*Ana*~

No. 208875

Potato….potato. Same damn thing.

No. 208884

No, no. She has a "life-threatening mental illness". That way she still sounds like a victim. Like it's not her own damn fault.

No. 208886

If you google "life threatening mental illness"… well…

No. 208887

I'm not arguing that anorexia isn't a life-threatening illness. I'm saying that Ash is absolutely using the terminology to make herself seem like a helpless victim.

(And if you're new: the reality is that she chose to throw herself into anorexia, and she chose (and chooses) to not recover.)

No. 208893

Will this work… (trying to link to Ash's "saviour" from last thread).

No. 208908

I mean the link worked, but you got the wrong savior. This is Ash's latest savior: >>203858

No. 208947

Fuck I cannot keep up. Thanks.

No. 208948

>YOU'LL capitalised

>capitalisation of words



has sperged out about being called bitch before

Ashley confirmed.

No. 208984

Additionally, her 'ultimate' insult is calling people here fat– and what is the worst thing someone can be to an ana queen like ash?

No. 208994


Funny everyone is still rambling about this 10 hours later! I'm tired of saying I'm not Ashley. I don't give two fucks anymore what you think and neither should the others you post about. You're a bunch of children with issues you need to deal with. At least I have a life.

No. 208998

>At least I have a life.

Prove it and gtfo off this immature site for immature people which you can't seem to tear yourself away from.

No. 208999

>>Complains about people still going on about it
>>Clearly still thinking of it herself enough to come back into the thread to post about how much she doesn't give a fuck anymore

Sure, Ash

No. 209020

No. 209021

Actually my browser was still open on it when I woke up if you NEED to know. Thnx

No. 209025

So much for "I don't give two fucks anymore what you think"

No. 209026

Holy shit can this retard be banned already?

No. 209028

You having a life is irrelevant. You standing up for Ash, is irrelevant and stupid on your hand. – let me explain. This is lolcow you are basically feeding us more laughter and making this thread more interesting for us. You're making new people who don't keep up with her see this thread because of the way you're replying. You think you're being so smart and standing up for Ash and think we will stop. (Yes, you think we will stop but your attempts are futile). This is lolcow this is the 15-16th thread about her. She comes in here and stirs shit up for attention a lot has been for a long time. You maybe her who knows. The best you can do is leave because regardless of how many times you come in here you just make the thread more interesting and keep it going. We aren't going to stop sorry. It's human nature to watch people like this slowly kill themselves when they could save themselves a long time ago or today.

No. 209029

Show your fat face!

No. 209040

slow down cowboy where's your timestamp and your shoe on head

No. 209044

Man hands in the "proof" pic and completely different ring too.

No. 209047

OT but is there anyway you could make your hands look grosser showing a ring?

Maybe I'm fucking narcissistic or something but I don't understand how people can post such unflattering shit that could easily look better

No. 209048

This ugly tranny has been up Ashley's ass lately.

No. 209050

That thing has god awful legs, jeez.

Lawl@proof pic. So serious

No. 209052

Clearly not Ashley, look at that ham beast hand

No. 209054

Water damaged note pad though. Could be bile though. Could be a blimic tho.

No. 209059

I think there's two people WKing. One is the college person, the other is Ash. Ash always recruits a minion to come here with her. The y'all posts are Ash. The more tedious ones are a "friend".

No. 209065

I'm thinking the other WK is TFC/Joltphotography.

No. 209075

"Y'all" just fuckin' irks me.

No. 209077

Notice how the WK took off when we pointed out her hamfists?

No. 209079

Ash would be embarrassed to have someone with such fat hands defending her lol

No. 209085

I am giggling on a bus. Thank you, anon.

No. 209095

At least they spelled it correctly. Though yeah, it was unnecessary and looked almost as stupid as their arguing.

No. 209098

The fat man hands do match.

No. 209100

What if the WK is Ash and the person holding the sign is Ma Isaacs?

No. 209101

Ma has boney hands though

+doubt she'd defend that skin stain online. She probably thinks the internet is half the problem, considering what she found ash doing pre-ana (she wouldn't be wrong either)

No. 209103

I'm just thinking that that lard grasper looks way too weathered to belong to some 16-20 year old.

No. 209112

so you're a married man who cries onto his notepad

r u hank

No. 209113

It's got to be Hank.

No. 209114

I hope you do.

No. 209116

I thought those hands were man hands. An older man hands. That handwriting is a bit feminine tho.

Can't deny I thought it might be Ma Isaacs. Are her hands skele?

Whoever it is they're a tosser. We're supposed to be impressed that it has a college degree. A lot of anons here have degrees. I do but tbh it just means I was good at bullshitting when writing essays.

No. 209117

He dud "like" both her posts but I was under the impression he was a mancorpse rotting in a tinfoil helmet on his own recliner.

No. 209119

He's probably doing the Aly recovery meal plan where all the fat goes to the organs. Except for him, his hands.

No. 209124

Anyone can say they have a college degree online.

No. 209131


I'm still laughing at the fact she flaunted having a college degree as if it's some kind of prestigious award.

Someone call MENSA

No. 209133

Considering WK types like she's 15, I doubt she has any sort of higher education.

No. 209135

No. 209154

Hank, are you p.s.henriksen? What about Henry from VK?

No. 209188

That's not a Hambeast hand, silly ana. It looks like a granny hand.

No. 209189

The pigeontoe pose is strong with this one. She's not even trying to look like her legs are arranged in a natural manner.

No. 209233

Stop being a fucking retard. This person is obviously obese. Only fatties make comments like this.

No. 209236

File deleted. Kek.

No. 209239

Anyone have caps? I missed it.

No. 209241

It was just some wk ham beasts hand holding up a pad of paper saying "I'm not Ashley".
Ugly ass man hand with a wedding ring on.

No. 209250

File: 1448846913359.png (246.57 KB, 623x625, hank.png)

Henry you are a fucking creep.

No. 209251

This is like the weirdest thing to fetishize. Like poop and piss is bad, but I can wrap my head around it.
Are these men anorexic too?

No. 209252

File: 1448847066843.jpg (637.03 KB, 1920x1080, 1448809322597.jpg)

It's Hank's perv-ass old man hand.

No. 209253

Henry is.

No. 209256

These men are absolute SCUM.

No. 209272

that's a man, baby

No. 209275

Such girly writing for a 54 year old man.

No. 209281

I don't see why jackie would come here considering trashley just threw her ass to the curb and trash (kek) talked her.

No. 209285

I wasn't saying it was Jackie, just that the writing seems really feminine.

No. 209318

This is weird. Not even timestamped.

No. 209351

I honestly think WK is a woman, judging by the hand and their handwriting, and if it is then I'm pretty damn sure it's jackie. Types like a retarded person and looks old. Ding ding.

No. 209353

Girl no. I don't think she is invested in this trash anymore.

No. 209357

Ash wrote the note and made her mum hold it.

No. 209368

Smh. This thread is so boring. Whoever this person is they need to just stop stirring shit and leave. Only making this thread more interesting but it's still boring. Honestly, do we need to discuss Ash anymore it's so redundant. I mean I know she wants us to keep talking about her on here cause she loves attention and shit. But it's so yawn. Same cycle. She's boring. Unless she were to go to ER and document it there's nothing interesting going on with her. Moan and groan on the web. Diss her mother. Make a friend. Lose a friend. Trash talk everyone. Stir shit on lolcow. Trash talk some more. Go places and waste money. Complain. Repeat. That's her sad life. Yawn. At least Aly keeps in interesting from time to time.

No. 209385

Not saying the ashley show isn't redundant, but I honestly don't understand how Aly is in any way more interesting. It's the same already baked OILY shit every damn day. They're both boring.

No. 209453


At least Aly has days where she freaks out before her weigh in. Also, Aly slips and posts stuff from her diary.

No. 209457

Ash sends old men and little girls to defend her on here.

No. 209482

I miss manhands

No. 209501

Me too.

No. 209515

Ashley didn't like that she got too boring to discuss, that why she keeps showing up, she feeds off drama. That makes the threads pretty funny imo

No. 210096

File: 1449082927422.png (162.9 KB, 306x521, huh.png)

No. 210098

File: 1449083240602.jpg (31.75 KB, 500x666, bok bok.JPG)

Chicken scratch, chicken foot.

No. 210099


Her hand is so gross!

No. 210110

At least she doesn't have manhands.

No. 210116

Jesus wtf I want to spoiler that spooky shit

No. 210136

Oh wtf is going on now.

No. 210154

File: 1449100624374.jpg (13.05 KB, 400x286, 182374599.jpg)

Why don't her momma get her involuntarily locked up in a treatment facility? Dis bitch can't be reasoned with while she so damn malnourished.

No. 210162

This topic has been done to death.

No. 210163

>preferring rotting skeleton claws from manhands

No. 210201

I know right? Weirdos.

No. 210202

Because it needs to happen?

No. 210376

File: 1449160004766.jpg (22.31 KB, 526x260, it's everyone's fault but mine…)

Or you grow the fuck up and realize that sometimes people are shitty for no reason (yes, even to family!) and move the fuck on.

Do you really think your family member cares that you're a skeleton now, Ash? Do you really think they care that you have no palms or cushioning fat to speak of? Do you really think they give a fuck that you've fucked up your body beyond repair? Probably not. They said a horrible thing and moved on.
You're not proving anyone wrong.

No. 210380


She thinks she's such a special snowflake and that other people don't experience the same stuff she does. Newsflash: they do. My mom is fat and calls me fat all the time even though I am not. You know what I do? I ignore it and move on with my life.

Ash should too, but nope. That won't get her attention and sympathy.

No. 210590

I agree, all the hostility ash has about her mom may actually be about things Ashs mom said a long time ago. I'm sure Ash starts all the arguments now.

No. 210776

ED girls are always obsessed with their mummies and how family "should" always comfort them and that tough love is soooo cruel. Which is true when you are a child, but these girls are well into adulthood and they expect mummy to do everything for them. I love my parents to death and I'm skelecunts age and I go wekks without communication cause ya know I'm a big girl with a house and a job and mummy shouldn't need to check in on me every few hours, or drive me places, or kiss me self-inflicted boo boos.

I really think EDs are all about getting your parents to treat you like a baby.

I follow this chick on insta (goodbyehospitalbed) and she's another ED bitch screeching for mummy in her 20s. Always complaining that mummy didn't call, mummy won't pay for my food, mummy cut off the money to keep me alive, I miss mummy comforting me. Is ED a reaction to bad parents? I'm talking severe ED here, like full spoopy.

No. 210781

Psychologists used to think so but it's much more complicated than that. I mean, that's the case for some. But for many, it's genetics or a response to trauma.

No. 210783

Wow, winning the game, proving the point. Is that the rationale for all this?

No. 210784

I have had that kind of relationship with my mother until pretty recently, and I'm in my 40s!

Ultimately I realised it was an attachment disorder issue. Then after a while I realised attachment disorder goes both ways (it's her and me both, not just me). What I had been persistently requesting and expecting all those years was never, ever going to come. I felt relief actually, and now I'm free from that cycle.

>Emotional oversharing today due to this Emily drama.

No. 210804


goodbyehospitalbed agreed!

No. 210878

Why don't we have an Encyclopedia Dramatica (or something) page about Ash top stop newfags from shitting up the threads with over-discussed questions?

No. 210880

Probably laziness for the most part. It would be more fleshed out if someone could contribute stuff from her hamtaro chan days too.

No. 210882

>more fleshed out


No. 210910

I'm surprised Ash hasn't made her own ED (kek) page.

No. 210922

Yep. I mean just look at Emily for example. She says one side of her is an evil nasty disordered person, and the good side, her "TRUE SELF" is the 7 year old little girl who loves her mummy and would never ever hurt her. See her post >67712
I mean that's cute and all but no you are not actually 7 years old, you are an adult with some decision making abilities.

No. 210974


I think (and often have heard from psychiatrists and psychologists)
that many ED people have a "special relationship" with their mothers.

It often leads to a kinda symbiotic relationship what at first seems like true "mother caring love" but, indeed, can be very harmful for your own individual development and personality.

(my god I sound like an armchair therapist sry)

For example, my parents broke up and I have been living with my mom til I was 16.
She concentrated on me and I conentrated on her. We both were the only thing we had.
I had friends, she had friends, but EVERY thing would be about "will my mom like it? what would she say? Rahter spend the weekend with her and not with friends, because it´s "safer""

So, I decided to cut that and moved out when I was 17. So many things have happenend and for sure I MISS MY MOM.
But I know it´s better this way.
I live on my own. I can develop MY WAY.
Become an Individual.
It hurts. Oh yes, it does. But it becomes better and I know that it was the right decision.
My mom still is angry and our relationship is not the same because we don´t stay in contact often.
I´m 21 now and love doing all on my own and simply can´t imagine doing the laundry (for example) not by myself.
Cleaning, cooking, all that stuff - I am an adult ffs! I do not know where I would be if I had not made this decision (with help from my therapist!)

My mom still would love to see me as her little girl and would like to sleep in the same bed. But no :( that is not appropriate and please, girls, make that cut, I think that is way more healthy!
Become your own person!

No. 211223

No. 211228

File: 1449379293745.png (442.06 KB, 1276x610, eatingizzy.png)

No. 211229

File: 1449379413938.png (30.23 KB, 298x298, elfsrecovery.png)

No. 211230

File: 1449379468986.png (16.89 KB, 291x149, jackiesnotretarded.png)

No. 211245

Well, any ounce of sympathy or empathy I had for Ash is gone now. Ash, you are a cunt who wants to bring people down with you. Can't wait to see your reaction when your current savior leaves you. I give it before Christmas. Can't believe you'd do such a thing. Fucking hypocrite.

No. 211250

Ash is disgusting
I bet she isn't going to mention that in her blog

No. 211253

as callous as it sounds, I literally wouldn't care if ash died tomorrow at this point. what a waste of resources.

No. 211264

Ash is just a dried up bag of bones and negativity, looking to spread her misery to others.

No. 211265

Holy shit Ash, you are fucking disgusting.

No. 211266

File: 1449392596664.png (16.58 KB, 573x275, disgusting.png)

I sincerely hope that you rot there, you ungrateful swine.

No. 211267

Ash blocked me on Instagram because I told her she would get more free shit if she cranked the pity meter a little more.
I mean, I get finding enjoyment in her literal numbered days, but I feel bad for the the idiots that want to look like her.
She fucking loves it, she loves that she defies death daily. It's all she has. But there's 16 year old girls that want to be a walking corpse and she never addresses that.
Natural selection it is I guess.
But fuck you ashley, you're nothing special. I'm just mad I lost my entertainment, why you block me.

No. 211273

I really hope her new "savior" sees how she's acted towards a 13 year old who's recovering.

But she is sooo fwagile and fwail, and schweet and can never do anything wrong… isn't that right, Ashley? You manipulative ugly-spirited cunt.

No. 211274


"B-but muh mental disorders!"

No. 211275

13 years old? Jeez could Ash be any more toxic?

No. 211279

File: 1449398035834.png (86.73 KB, 300x800, yup.png)


Sorry for the bad cut and paste job, but I'll post it here in case she deletes it.

No. 211281

Lmfao Ashley, you think that's too much food? What about your disgustingly huge binges? You think you're getting all that food out and no calories are sticking to you? Think again.
It's 2015, ref overblown has been pumping calories into the air you breath. And you thought the calories in lotion were bad.

No. 211282

Funny how you didn't include the entire thing. You only copy-pasta'd what you deemed 'fit'.

No. 211283

File: 1449400455326.png (Spoiler Image, 245.33 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Wrong anon. This time it's "I'm sorry for being human!!!"—-play again though.

No. 211284

Stfu Ashley. You add the whole thing you fucking piece of shit.

No. 211285


>Be the bigger person (figuratively)


Jesus christ, though. You can really tell she's still mentally 12 here.

>We all say stuff out of anger!! Sorry for being HUMAN!! GOD!!!11

>She started it!!! You can't judge me!! You don't know what I've been thru!! U dont know my lyf!!!!1111

No. 211286

Ashley is literally garbage.
What kind of grown woman comments something like that on a struggling 13 year old picture? Disgusting.
Even if that girl did "start it" and say something first shes fucking 13 leave her alone you creepy ghoul.
Be the bigger person Ash… Oh wait you can't because you're the ana ~*~ queen ~*~

No. 211287


Nope, I just copypasted what was relevant, I'm not gonna sit here and copypaste every single fucking ass-gap pat you get on your Instagram.

No. 211289

>>"Mind your own business"

You make it -everyones- business by posting harmful comments to people in recovery out in the open for everyone to see.

Therefore you're making it -everyones- business.

Using your "mental illness" as an excuse to rip the shit out of kids is fucking abhorrent, there are plenty of people out there with worse mental illnesses who can't stand doing that shit to other people (because they know what it feels like themselves) and seek help, get help and treat others with far more respect and dignity than you ever could.

And you always seem to act out like this; everytime you're not getting attention - this thread would be as dead as your brain if you hadn't of lashed out at this girl last night.

That's how repulsive, petty and weak you are - you NEED to feel relevant in people's lives, anyone's life, no matter how diseased your mind is.. it's all just to be aware that you even exist.

No. 211318

Show us this comment that was so "attacking" then. Oh wait, you can't because you deleted it. I seriously doubt it was anything more than "You're too thin," which is true, where as "too much food" was simply a malicious, horrible, and purposely triggering thing to say.

No. 211326

Thank god Ashley will never be a mother if this is how she reacts to a child saying something possibly offensive. Actually, thank god Ashley will never be a mother altogether. She would be a terrible mother.

No. 211327

I wish there were a way to warn everyone who follows her, especially the teens and tweens.

No. 211328

i think people who follow her are already sufficiently fucked in the head

No. 211331

I remember she posted one time on Mother's Day that she was all sad and depressed because it finally hit her that she would not get to be a mother. I guess that's a good thing for her though.

No. 211335

Ashley should never ever ever be a parent so yeah, it's a good thing.

No. 211351

I was glad to see Jackie's comments because I was afraid that she was still trying to be friends with ashley even though ashley shit all over her, as is the ashley way.

Maybe ash will hint dramatically on Tumblr that that we have no idea what terrible things that 13 year old has done. Then she can triumphantly post some benign comment the girl left as evidence that ash is the victim.

No. 211356

You're such a fucking idiot ash, you want people's sympathy and you want to be the victim, but you deleted the comment because somewhere inside you know it was a benign comment and you just flipped your shit because you're a paranoid psycho. Well at least the world gets to see how disgusting you are, and that proof stays up. There's nothing you can say to defend yourself from making such a disgustingly cowardly comment. You are one petty, passive-aggressive cunt who deserves every bad thing she gets.

No. 211360

She's 25 now, right?

No. 211362


that means she prob. had an eating disorder when this 13- year old was born

No. 211363

Maybe. My mom has always been obese, so I grew up with all the weight watcher, low-fat, low-cal, diet stuff, and my mom would talk to me for support, about her losing weight and eating less, so I ended up developing a bad relationship with food while trying to set a good example for her; picking out the middle of rolls, taking off cheese, eventually feeling guilty for eating too much and purging. I would never blame her for it though. I also had an alcoholic father, which I hear can play a genetic role in eating disorders.

No. 211368

Almost twice as old as the child she's bullying.

No. 211370

Isn't there direct messaging on instagram?

No. 211375

I can't believe I used to feel sorry for this bitch. Saying that to a 13 year old child.

You're a 25 year old woman. Grow the hell up. Your eating disorder isn't an excuse for being the bitch that you are.

No. 211378

She has thousands of followers, though.

No. 211446

File: 1449445418462.jpg (17.51 KB, 308x297, 1443111160787.jpg)

Oh, Trashley. This is why you'll never be happy.

No. 211454


Jesus fucking christ. Why would someone who openly identifies as ~fucked up~ and ~broken~ and a ~monster~ want to drag a child into that bullshit? Although considering it's Ash she probably never actually wanted to be a mother and just wanted assgap pats and people to feel sorry for her

No. 211463


I never knew why the Ashley thread was so popular too much of a fag to lurk, but reading this…what a fucking cocksucker.

No. 211474

Ash, saying people say things out of anger and not going to apologize for it. Ash, a morally functioning human adult owns up to their mistake and acting immature and apologizes for it! You have proven to us all you are an immature 12 yr old brat – when you should be acting like a 25yr old woman. Ffs. Pathetic. 25 years old. Bullying people on the internet. Living with their mom on social disability. Damn, thank god people like Ash exist to inspire people not to end up like her!

No. 211486

So ash, maybe it's time to excuse your mom for all the ~horribly abusive~ shit she's said to you. Oh jk, pretty sure you lied about that. Also, I'm sure who ever "said" you were fat was just human too! Let it go! Faggit.

No. 211487

File: 1449451893409.png (257.04 KB, 318x424, devilish.png)

No. 211491

You know….Ash is far from ugly look wise, too bad about her awful personality.

No. 211493

>Ash is far from ugly look wise

Lol anon what are you smoking?

No. 211494


Are you having a laugh? She doesn't even look human. All I see is Gollum. I can't even imagine her with kind, warm eyes and a soft oval face. It's just …bones.

No. 211495


What's the facts on Jackie? Rumor is they still email

No. 211506


Ashley was actually adorable in her Hamtaro Chan days, I look at old pictures and simply cannot comprehend it is the same person. She used to look youthful, soft and sweet, but now she looks like a dried up, ninety-year-old hag. Still, I guess now her outward appearance matches her personality.

No. 211509


Got any pics? I'd love to see what she used to look like. Hell even if she was a butter face it would be better than the starving mess we see now.

No. 211514

File: 1449454845447.jpg (9.69 KB, 184x184, image.jpg)

Here are some that have been posted in past threads.

No. 211515

File: 1449454877418.jpeg (10.08 KB, 160x120, image.jpeg)

No. 211516

File: 1449454943030.jpeg (200 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpeg)

And a "then and now" side-by-side so you get the full horror.

No. 211517

hopefully seeing her old self will exorcise ashley from the thread.


No. 211520

File: 1449455747184.jpg (73.94 KB, 300x339, horror.jpg)

No. 211525

That underage titty probably had more fat in it than Ashley's whole body does now.

No. 211526

Quality comment right here.

But hell even her nose looks like it lost weight.

No. 211527

Which is unfortunate because all you can see is that Jew beak poking out of her face

No. 211560

File: 1449468874933.jpeg (167.98 KB, 1242x1059, image.jpeg)

I don't even have words for her anymore

No. 211562

Malnutrition sure does damage the brain

No. 211564

Why is she called Hamtaro?

No. 211567

i'm pretty sure this is in reference to her being terrible to a 13 year old with the "too much food" comment

No. 211568

If you take it out of context she does have a point. Even if you are young, you should be made aware that there are consequences to your actions. Being any younger than 18 does not excuse shitty behavior.
HOWEVER, this is Ashley defending herself after having told a recovering 13 year-old that she is eating "too much food". She claimed that she lashed out at her because the girl "attacked her first". >>211279

Having your recovery sabotaged are not appropriate consequences for having left one non-asskissing comment on the internet.

No. 211569

What a fucking idiot. Did you not just pull the I'm human card!? Don't you always pull the I'm human card!? At this point you have reduced yourself to lower than a piece of shit on the side walk.

No. 211570

She was a b tard hoe back in the day.

No. 211578

C'mon, Ash… tell us the horrible thing she said to you that makes it alright to tell a recovering anorexic that she's eating too much food. I'll wait.

And you're lying again, like you did with Jackie; it was other people defending the girl and saying she's a kid, not the girl herself.

No. 211580

Ash, is in bad light. Time for her to delete her accounts and start over again.

No. 211585

I'm dying to see the comment the 13 year old left her, though. What if it was a class burn? I wanna see that shit.

No. 211588

Being 25 is also old enough to do and be a lot of things but you fail at that too, bitch.

No. 211593

Eugh just…eugh.
Ashley, you are a bad person. Plain and simple. Nothing will changed that, no excuse about 'muh shitty childhood', 'muh ED', or 'cyberbullies!!1!' will make it okay.
You are a bad person. You always have been, and you always will be.

No. 211594

Lmfao noooiiiccceee

No. 211611

She used to be a 4chan camwhore, and she sometimes posed with a Hamtaro plushie

No. 211616

it's kind of fucked up how you even lose fat on your nose

No. 211621

She shriveled up like a prune.

No. 211625

Haha, you called it.

No. 211628

the 13 y/o probably told ash to stfu and eat a can of baked beans so she stops being a screeching skeleton and she took that as an offense kek

No. 211637

That Ash has the potential to be cute with some makeup and some weight on her. Just because she's skin and bones doesn't make her ugly to me. I mean, Erika was pretty darn thin and she is pretty.

No. 211657

I honestly don't think so. I think the 13-year-old simply said something like, "Too thin :(" and that's why Ash won't even tell us what she said.

No. 211658

Erika's face still kept its shape though. That's why she was still pretty. Ash's face looks like someone stuck a vacuum hose in the back of her head and sucked everything inwards. It's disgusting. Everyone's allowed their own views of beauty and all, but don't compare Erika and Ashley because their looks are not at all the same.

Now, I'll admit that certain pictures flatter Ash so she looks decent, but in general, she looks grotesque. She has potential to be cute with weight on her, but that weight is essential and without it, she is definitely ugly.

No. 211678


Oh bullshit. 13-year-olds are figuring a lot of things out. Yes, they're old enough to know when they're being hurtful, but they're still making a lot of mistakes.

That's why the teen years are notoriously brutal.

We're all supposed to be so understanding of Ashley because "we don't know everything".

Meanwhile she doesn't have to do the same for other people, ever, ever, ever?!

I can't believe with all the cartoons and shit you idolize, you've never internalized the moral of the story ever.

No. 211689

Ash would be cute if she gained 40lbs. For real.

No. 211692

Yeah obviously she looks like shit, hell she's worse than ugly - she's like something from a nightmare.
But she could definitely be pretty, like really pretty, with some weight on her.
I'd say at least 60lbs.

No. 211695


> Ash's face looks like someone stuck a vacuum hose in the back of her head

reminds me of Mr Burns

No. 211696

Imagine her sayin´ excellent lmao

No. 211717

She has the mentality and social skills of a 13-15 year old girl. So of course she's going to act like one. She has never apologized for nasty shit she's said about others. Because she doesn't know how to take responsibility of her actions I mean look at her, not the first clue about real life anything.

No. 211719

What I don't understand is… if a 13 year old, according to trashly, should already be aware of consequences/repercussions…then…

what is trashly's excuse for stripping on the internet like a dirty attention whoring slut for old men to tug it too? She was older than 13, so by that logic, she should have especially known better. Hell, she's in her mid twenties now, so you should know better than to try and (hypocritically) put a 13 year old in their 'place', because you are practically double her age, Satan.

but hey, good on you for admitting essentially that you totally deserved everything that happened to you trashley since you 'knew better' than to be a 4chan slut but did it anyways. very mature.

No. 211739

Hey now! Don't go insulting Satan.

No. 211762


Exactly, by her logic, she should have known better when she was underage and getting naked for pedophiles. I know she's sick, but she's an full grown adult. Just because she CHOOSES to act like a spoiled little child doesn't make her one.

No. 211788

Tbh I dont see why this is relevant, who knows maybe she doesn't think it was a mistake or just doesnt care.

No. 211804

Uhhhh, obviously she cared or she wouldn't have tried to kill herself after her mom stopped her from whoring herself out. nice try tho, trashley.

No. 211876

Actually, no proof she tried to an hero. That's something someone made up. It's been spread around, but it's not even true lol.

No. 211877

I thought she told some dramatic story about trying to kill herself and ending up in a coma and shit. What the fuck really happened?

No. 211887

I read she was in the coma because 2 spooky and her body started shutting down even with tpn

No. 211890


No. 211935


No. 211936

this makes me sad.

No. 211937

No. 211939

It's just everything, man. The panties and discarded clothing lay waste on the linoleum floor. The black wad of cloth in the tub. The Hamtaro plush toy. The bracelet. The red necklace. The black headband, innocent, pure. The shine of her hair, the glow of her skin, the soft nose— all of these things have wasted away. Where are they now? And right in the middle, like a tattoo carved into her chest, the symbol of a den of perverts, teenage boys and autistic sperglords– marking this girl as nothing more than a ritualistic sacrifice to the internet hate machine.

I don't like Ash. She's a foul Hagraven rotting in her chairgrave, a screeching wraith who refuses to change. But this picture fucks me up. Everything could have been different. It's a sad sort of portal into darkness.

No. 211945

Yeahhh idk. So she was young and looking for attention… obviously, it wasn't the greatest way to do it.
I was a /b/ slut as well when I was underage… almost 9 years ago now? I got over it.
My pictures are still all over the internet and sometimes old acquaintances message me about it. I ignore it and move on.
I hold a decent job and I'm not mentally ill. I'm not a great person but I'm not anywhere near as bad as Ashley. She has no fucking excuse.

No. 211948

I'm not excusing her. I don't know if you read
>She's a foul Hagraven rotting in her chairgrave, a screeching wraith who refuses to change
But yeah, I'm not fond of her. This picture is still sad to me. All of the /b/-chan's pictures are just sad to me. A sad cry for attention, yes; but the whole atmosphere of it all is just fucking bleak.

Glad to see you're doing well. Sage for me being autistic.

No. 211956

Yeah, sorry it kind of sounded like you blamed /b/ for ruining her life or something.
Obviously you have to have issues to post yourself naked all over the internet. It is bleak and even small, "joking" memes like "tits or gtfo" can be very damaging to young girls. It's very sad.
I guess it's the "everything could have been different" thing that confused me.

No. 211963

No, I do not blame /b/. As I said, it is Ash who refuses to change. You can't get anywhere in life by blaming your own poor choices on others. Sorry, I am a poor communicator and my ideas are dumb.
You're right, it is very sad and damaging. I guess what I meant by "everything could have been different," is if she was never drawn to doing something dangerous like this; if she had never developed an eating disorder; if her life had been normal, I guess. I just wonder a lot about what she would be like if none of this (the camwhoring, the suicide attempt, the eating disorder) had happened.

I'm not blaming the internet, but I think the attention she gets from it helps push her along her destructive path.

No. 211969

Well, I think she would be a very attractive woman. But she is rotten from the inside and it is a good thing she is not.

No. 211973

That makes me wonder; was Ash rotten to begin with, or did she degenerate into the horrible person she is today? Would she still be rotten had she not taken the path she did?

I'm sorry to keep samefagging up the thread. Just some things I've always wondered about our resident spooky.

No. 211974

All of her antics, well fine shit happens we all make mistakes "we're all human!11" okay I get that. But her absolute refusal to apologize for anything… she is such a bitch.
How cruel and nasty and evil do you have to be to comment "too much food" on a recovering childs' instagram?
That isn't a mistake. That isn't commenting something like "omg you're such a retard" which is mean but sometimes when we are angry, we say things like this.
What Ashley did was different. It's a very deliberate jab at someone that could cost them their life. It's a totally calm and calculated response that is literally meant to trigger that poor girl into a relapse. That could fucking kill her. A 13 year old girl.
Ashley is a disgusting person and I hope she dies soon.

No. 212043

She knows she could just choose to start eating any day now but then she would have nothing left but a bitter personality and a wasted youth. No one would be there to cart her around or give her endless praise online anymore. She would just be a normal person out in the world with no sense of identity, no goals, no talents, nothing but the mundane self she knows she is. Of course, being a mundane young adult is better than being dead. But she's so delusional she won't give up on slowly killing herself, just for that attention, just to "prove herself".

No. 212070

All I could think when I saw that was that I'm really fucking glad that she'll never be able to do that to her own child.

I bet that Ash is reading this thread and going "omg no my reasons for starving myself and acting like a raging cunt to others are, like, soooooo much more complex and sophisticated and I'm like, such a victim here and I'm just so misunderstood by all of these idiots that surround me ;_;"

No. 212073

I don't think so. First, she'd be a huge risk for refeeding syndrome and at this point, I doubt her stomach works properly. She'd need a tube feed for a bit and then work her way up to eating actual meals.

No. 212079

Exactly, all of this.
I'd go so far as to say that she was basically telling the girl to kill herself. So much for respecting TOS.

No. 212087

If this is how she thinks, it's such BS.
I know, no personal stories, but I was in a similar boat as her. Early 20s, no future in sight because my ED became my identity; I couldn't even finish my BS. For some reason I thought that I'd be more of a loser if I no longer had my ED, but I "recovered" and went back to school. Finished later than most people, but at least I finished. Worked my ass off and completed my MEng, too. I'm successful now at 26, and no one cares anymore that it took me this long.

No. 212110

/Sage for OT

Your story gives me hope anon. I hope that I can eventually do something similar.

No. 212279

File: 1449632893945.jpg (112.13 KB, 951x612, chairgrave.JPG)

I notice she deleted the pic.

That girl who thinks she's Spock keeps commenting on cows and snowflakes. Jolty's there saying how she wears baggy jeans so men don't want sex with her.

No. 212281

What girl who thinks she's Spock?

No. 212282

WTF is on the wall behind her?

No. 212289

She's in a changing room at Abercrombie (the kids clothing store)

No. 212291

Jeans that are loose on Ash, Jesus fucking Christ. So they're kids clothes - but how are they long enough? I don't understand…

No. 212292

Seeing her in jeans reminds me way too much of Shmegeh.

No. 212295

She had a thread made about her here but nobody gaf. She comments on Emily's posts as well. Possibly seeking attention.

No. 212323

What I don't understand is how she finds jeans that aren't loose on her…

No. 212325

Same. Anyone know how tall she is? Even kid sizes are built for kids though even if she's really short. Surely she has some hips and her legs are just so disgustingly thin, she would have to buy toddler jeans…

No. 212326

She's 5'0"
I was looking it up, and that means that (by our estimates), she weighs as much as an average 5-year-old, but is the height of an average 12-year-old.

No. 212333

That's probably the only outfit she's worn that doesn't make me cringe in disgust. The obvious ill-fitting toddler clothing she uses regularly is just so disturbing to me.

No. 212337

File: 1449653226545.png (779.44 KB, 951x612, wat.png)

those ARE kid pants though. You can almost see where they end on her mid-calf before the photo cuts off.

No. 212342

Surely, if she has a mental illness she should just not fish for comments at all. She says she doesn't want negative ones but positive ones can be bad too. If you rely on external validation so much, you have a problem.

No. 212368

The fucking nerve of her to say "NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS" on her shit, after she told a recovering 13 year old she's eating too much food and then deleting all the evidence of people calling her out. Fuck you, Ashley.

No. 212374

That's not what gets me. What gets to me is:
>I am battling a mental illness
No, you've pretty much embraced it whole-heartedly, Ash…

No. 212378

She looks like an old man weaing a bad wig.

No. 212384

Dude, are you me? I have almost the same story - but yeah. At a certain point I realized I hit rock bottom and decided I needed to recover if I ever wanted to get anywhere and life/repair relationships w/ family and friends. I went to IP, got my BS, then my MS, and now I have a big girl job and am doing great.

Kudos to you!

No. 212443

How do you know it's a wig?

No. 212445

I know! She's not BATTLING shit, she's completely comfortable with her illness one day killing her. She has not done ANYTHING to try and recover.

No. 212451

You must be new.?

No. 212453

yes just found site trying to catch up

No. 212464


If for no other reason than: It's always the same. Never longer, never shorter. Just getting older and tattier. Plus she can't even grow eyebrows, so I'm not sure how she'd grow a full thick head of hair.

At least the wheelchair is still in the photo. Although at this point she could probably just wear a cape and ride the breeze anywhere she wanted to go.

No. 212466

Oh ok. I didn't know if it was proved somewhere TY Anon

No. 212468

It's easy. There's no natural part in her hair, it looks frayed beyond belief and it's styled exactly the same as it always is. Plus it looks like the same hair she had during her Hamtaro days.

No. 212474

She also commented that she has trichotillomania (called someone who posted about it on insta a "trich sister)

No. 212478

Never looked that close to her pics. Now doing quick rewind in time on site

first I've heard this

No. 212484

>wear a cape and ride the breeze anywhere she wanted to go.


No. 212491

I wish I was just discovering Ash now. ALL THESE THREADS TO READ!

Oh, and I must thank whichever anon posted the Hamtaro/Ash comparison on half chan last November with lolcow link. Since then I've been wasting half my life on here. Yay!

No. 212546

Two Russians are having a bitch fight on Ashley's latest picvture.

Google translated the Russian comments. Some of it doesn't make sense. Wtf is a "mustard paramedic"?

krasnenkai: Horror!

catcyan: @ krasnenkai, she is ahuenna not what you are

krasnenkai: @ catcyan I only have one question for you))) will no longer continue the discussion)) tell me, do you really think it's beautiful?

ketcyan @ krasnenkai, everyone is beautiful in their own way. And she is - especially.

ruru1703 @ catcyan hmmm did not know that walking skeletons is particularly beautiful, and if you understand what her problems as zdorovem- general horror

catcyan @ ruru1703 no accounting for tastes. And about her problem..it is fixable. Not tychte their opinions to me in the nose. Do not like - do not look.

ruru 1703 @ catcyan girl above the nose you do not poke, but you feel the need in my two cents to insert, so I decided to follow your example), it's terrible, a nightmare, you will probably age 14 so you will admire "such beauty" I hope you it will pass because in most cases it ends in tears

catcyan @ ruru1703 Note "do not poke in the nose" is directly related to you, girl. What other fucking 5 cents? Where did you find them here? Phahah what, 14 years? I'm 21, I'm a student medical school, and so believe me, I know about diseases and their consequences is MUCH more than you. Most people recover, even with this shortfall weight. And yes, it's beautiful. I believe that this thinness - it's beautiful. All holivarov enough. I sleep. Bai.

ruru 1703 @ catcyan Where I found 5 cents, and you razuy his eyes, you chtol comment written to you slipped up and insulted that? No ? Then do not dick climb) probably worthless from your honey workers of the future, just think so), come on, baby rest)

catcyan @ ruru1703 not vyёbyvaysya, slut. Learn to write normally for a start. What about "mustard paramedic" .. I actually PhD in the field of TB and pharmaceuticals, has received two grants, so shut up its ugly face and Keeping Mum. You're all in this life nothing is achieved. You want to show off in front of everyone, but nifiga you do not go out, because you're a schmuck. Trying to impose their views on others, sitting in instagramchike, will not become smarter. Remember this.

ruru1703 @ catcyan I eat, little child, and that probably is why such evil)) plus contradicts itself, "imposing your views on others the instance … blah blah blah," and what she is doing not to hurt me , you can continue to stoop to insults, showing his "education"))

ruru1703 @ catcyan and by the way in my life I made some more ("..2 Grant")

No. 212557


KEK - It's : The lousy medic

No. 212558

(All this paragraph with proper translation)

Learn to write for a start normally. About "the lousy medic". I already generally the candidate of science in the field of phthisiology and pharmaceutics, received 2 grants so stop up the ugly muzzle and be silent in a rag. You in general in this life achieved nothing. You want to show off before all, but anything at you doesn't leave, because you the schnook. Trying to impose the opinion to another, sitting in an instagramchik, you will become cleverer not. Remember it

No. 212563


You're incorrect.
ахуенна (translated to ahuenna) = very cool! / great! /amazing! etc. This is an attribute (adjective) to something very good.

No. 212568


catcyan @ ruru1703 not vyёbyvaysya, slut =

Translates to : don't f*ck with me, slut

No. 212574

Ashley's body seriously scares me. How can anyone find her attractive? How did she let herself get so bad? I mean, I know it is a mental illness but she is literally a skeleton with a thin layer of skin stretched over her.

No. 212582

Do you really think anyone wants to bone Ash, though? A rotten personality and she's literally a walking corpse. There is nothing attractive about her.

No. 212584

P.s.henrikson would disagree

No. 212585


What's her mos

No. 212586

Sorry? What is mos?

No. 212591


Apologies, story. I've heard the name, can't place the association

No. 212596

Oh god, sorry for OT, but that translation is hilarious. How did it fuck up so badly but manage to get 'imposing your views on others' and 'you can continue to stoop to insults.'

No. 212601

It's that creepy ass dude that follows all the spoopy skeletons and comments on their pics about how attractive and perfect they are

No. 212606



No. 212873

Ugly muzzle be silent in a rag. Haha, I want to learn Russian street speak.

No. 213391

"Ugly muzzle be silent in a rag" = gag your ugly yap?

No. 213426

File: 1449968292477.gif (288.93 KB, 400x225, diaf.gif)

I don't understand how she thinks she is "battling" an illness. Battling implles she is fighting it, not constantly capitalizing on the attention and bragging about being a skeleton.

No. 213427

LOL right? She does jack to help herself. If she had a legit therapist, or went inpatient and genuinely wanted to get better then yes, she could say that. But she does not want to, so….

No. 213429

just saying: that p.s.hendrikson person is female and a spooky skeleton herself, from denmark.

No. 213435


No. 213439

File: 1449970604503.gif (62.25 KB, 387x291, o rly.gif)



This though >>213435

No. 213442

File: 1449970854161.jpg (22.17 KB, 524x292, uh oh.JPG)

That was me. Quick google found [pic]


No. 213450

File: 1449971431870.jpg (61.99 KB, 602x573, dante.JPG)


Her gallery's all the snowflakes together! Her pics make me feel ill, but look what I found…

No. 213458

I stumbled on her ask.fm account bc she kept sending other anorexics messages like "~your bones are so beautiful~" and shit like that. Then I scrolled through her page where she shared her IG.
I wasnt suprised to see her getting mentioned in this thread; she´s fucked up, in my opinion.

No. 213465

She's alive. So obviously she's doing something. Or are you too daft to understand that?

No. 213468

Bingeing and barfing and absorbing some calories that don't come up isn't exactly ~battling~ you stupid cow.

No. 213473

Occasionally eating safe foods is not the same as battling an illness. Plus this >>213468

Camgirl!Ash as reaction to your sage.

No. 213475

Oh piss off
Yes EDs may cause parents to treat you like a baby but thats not all its about
Growing up fucking sucks and yea we all have to do it, but when you have a mental illness too its literally paralyzing to make simple decisions
End rant

No. 213481

>its literally paralyzing to make simple decisions
For some people.
During the worst parts of my depression, it's not paralyzing to make simple decisions, but it just takes a long time.

Of course, I'll be fair and say that >>210776 isn't completely correct either.
>ED girls are always obsessed with their mummies and how family "should" always comfort them and that tough love is soooo cruel
That's also only true for some people. It seems to be more popular among Instagram ED girls. The ED forums I've browsed had very few people like that.

No. 213485

Shouldn't this be a spoiler image? Isn't this cp..

No. 213487

These fucking 'armchair' doctors like to label what's what. Lolcow is fucking filled with them.
No one has a right above anyone else to say what's difficult and what's not.

No. 213492

She's not naked and she's not in a seductive pose (not really, at least). It's pretty much just a picture of a girl in skin-colored clothing.
If the admin wants to spoiler it though, that's up to their discretion.

No. 213497

File: 1449985124771.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.96 KB, 652x505, AC631B3.jpg)

As a reference, this is the top she was wearing. Skimpy, but it covers her nip-nips, so I think I'm safe.
Spoilering though because… okay this one might be crossing the fine line.

No. 213505

I spy a GameCube!

No. 213506

Cool story, Ash.

No. 213516

Just because she hasn't died yet doesn't mean she is actually fighting. If she was fighting, she wouldn't be spending her time posting vain photos of herself bragging about how thin she is.

I don't know how Ash and her followers don't get it. She is going to have a heart attack and die. She is in a wheelchair because of her own vanity and self-obsession. If she wasn't so vane and self-obsessed, I think she would at least not brag so much and take vain selfies where she is clearly proud of how she looks.

No. 213526


With your logic everyone under terminal care are "doing something" about their sickness since they aren't dead yet. Logical.

No. 213530

By your logic Ashley a heroin addict is still alive so recovering duh. Why do you come here, every single day, probably multiple times a day? What are you expecting to see?

No. 213539


Those pictures aren't her/him. I can name off 3-4 different ig accounts in those photos

No. 213801

lol at Dante
Seriously though, Jesus Christ Almighty, dat facehugger sternum gets me every fuckin' time; even Ashley's didn't look that bad in the last photo where you could see it.

No. 213834

The weird thing is I can't picture her eating anything. Obviously she must be keeping some things down considering she's still an animated skelly, but I just can't imagine it at all.

No. 214189

She mentioned on a rare occasion that her "safe" foods were vegan. She (actually ate) no animal products and that her compulsive cycle is of starving for days, blacking out, then eating to survive.

No. 214194

Really? because she talks about binging on mac and cheese and then there's that expensive Japanese food binge, it didn't look vegan to me. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

No. 214198

File: 1450109339842.jpg (225.63 KB, 473x1280, 1419360639966.jpg)

Not vegan, so she must pick and choose.

No. 214200

Oh I see. What a terrible way to live.

That's all stuff that makes its way promptly into the toilet. Anon is saying that she only lets herself properly digest and obtain nourishment from vegan things.

No. 214205

But what's the point if she eats meat and seafood anyway? how is vegan safe foods different than non-vegan binge foods?

No. 214207

Safe foods are foods that one feels okay with eating and digesting.
Binge foods are those one will eat in a frenzy without thinking. In her case, it's okay that it's non-vegan because she's going to throw it up.

If you're mistaking Ash for being vegan, don't. She's not. Vegan foods are just considered "healthier," which is probably why her safe foods are vegan.

No. 214208

I know what safe foods are. I'm just saying that it makes zero sense. Usually one either eats meat or doesn't, not both.

No. 214211

I was giving a description to add emphasis, not to lecture or educate you.
But look, the short of it is: Ash eats meat.
It doesn't matter whether it's only binge food or not, Ash eats meat. She's not a vegan, even if she chooses the vegan alternatives sometimes. (Just like eating gluten-free doesn't mean I can't eat gluten, or drinking diet soda doesn't mean I'm on a diet, etc.)

No. 214232

Yes, she does. So it makes no sense her safe foods are vegan if she eats meat and seafood otherwise.

No. 214234

As I said, it's probably because vegan foods are considered healthier. That's all there is to it, really.

No. 214236

Eating meat and throwing it up is so wasteful. Not very vegan, since so many of them adopt a vegan diet because of sympathy with animals.

No. 214237

People eat things during binges that they wouldn't otherwise eat. I've seen a fair number of people online say that they normally are vegan/vegetarian but when they binge, they sometimes end up just inhaling animal products regardless. People eat food out of the trash, uncooked food, too-old food, etc. and then feel awful and disgusted by it afterward. I can easily see someone only wanting to digest foods they feel are "pure" enough or whatever (i.e., not meat), sometimes binging on meat but not letting themselves keep it down. I don't know if that's what Ash is doing, but it doesn't seem that weird to me at all, it's just "ED logic."

No. 214240

Haha, that's so not true. I have to eat vegan sometimes because I am allergic to eggs and a lot of desserts contain them. Vegan foods are just as processed as regular foods most of the time.

No. 214244

File: 1450116367825.png (381.36 KB, 400x590, thelmandlouisekek.png)

No. 214247

Completely agree with this. I've heard this a few times also.

No. 214248

Her new fried has to be secret_livez. Not only did she like the picture, but her profile pic is also of keroppi.

No. 214249


Anon she didn't like the pic she was tagged tho

No. 214252

Ooooh, sorry. I'm not that IG savvy!

No. 214261


Remind me WHY we care she has a possible friend? We all know it's going to play out like the others. Boring topic rerun -Que: Erica, Jackie

No. 214270

Exactly. It's not like any of them will last. They all wise up eventually, stop putting up with her bullshit and then she throws them under a bus, and tells people how some woe is me sob story. She is a master manipulator and even the last one who I believe is a bit "challenged" for lack of a better term saw right through that shit.

No. 214276

So we can watch it crash and burn like Erica, Jackie, etc. Duh.

No. 214282

You don't need everyone here to hold your hand and watch with you do you anon? Unless lil ol Ash scares you

No. 214292

No…it's for the lulz.

No. 214294


When it happens - not the boring before before

No. 214318

Personally, I'm amused to see the outcome of this failed relationship. I wanna see what excuse Trashley comes up with, and how it won't be her fault.

No. 214342


You really need to ask that?

Remember the hand holding video she made with Erika. Jus' sayin.

No. 214345


I think it's the pic angle there's nothing there

No. 214481

File: 1450156235633.png (53.61 KB, 484x484, lookhumanclothing.png)

The savior of the hour should've gotten this tshirt instead of that watch.

No. 214490

>considered healthier
Not actually healthier, haha! I absolutely agree with you. There's so much unhealthy stuff that vegan people can eat.

No. 214497

Is macrobiotic still a thing? That always seemed like a better option than veganism to me. Like, if I inherited stacks of cash I'd have my own macrobiotic chef because I love pulses, would love to do away with dairy but I'm too fucking lazy to learn to cook.

Veganism's a trend right now amirite? I hate when that happens.

No. 214501

Shit. I also wanted to ask about @betsey11onnie

She comments really over gushing comments on some of our snowflakes' igs. Does anyone know her? Not being rude, but is she a bit retarded?

No. 214503

I think she's a lurker who uses this site to find fucked up people to interact with.

No. 214795

File: 1450247933298.jpg (23.2 KB, 524x217, bpd.jpg)

Well… at least she's aware of this flaw in her personality. Even if she laughs at it like it's a joke.

She's misinformed about lanugo too. She thinks only certain people have a "gene" to make it…

No. 214807

Who is she kidding? She's covered in lanugo, all you have to do is zoom into her photos shudders to see it.

No. 214814

File: 1450255131995.jpg (12.57 KB, 230x230, hypertrichosis.jpg)

Yup, she's talking about the genetic mutation Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa where people grow hair all over their bodies. NOT the lanugo you get with EDs, like YOU got with yours, Ash.

No. 214938

File: 1450293630997.jpeg (931.34 KB, 1096x1920, image.jpeg)

Is it just me, or does this woman look very similar to Ash, perhaps as she was in that middle period of developing anorexia? I did a double-take when I stumbled across it.

No. 214942

Even though this girl is clearly very skinny- if ash managed to get to this size she could live the live she says she wants to.

No. 214943

YES, seriously. People shriek and moan about how recovery from anorexia means you have to have a 'healthy' BMI.

No, most long-term anorectics become just at a very low yet functional weight. BMI 12, 14, shit. You can live like that for years while still being able to walk, travel, anything. It obviously isn't a healthy ideal but you'll still be visibly very ill, yet not rotting alone in a chairgrave. Fucking hell.

Man, Ash could look like that girl if she gained as little as 10 lbs, maybe. She could probably walk and get even more attention from horrified passerbys. Give it some thought.

No. 214944

That does look like Ash. I think it's mostly the hair, but if you told me that was her before she went full skelly I'd believe you

No. 214945

Is that Peter Coffin's sex doll wife?

No. 214960

A BMI of 12 isn't functional unless you are happy with hikikomori status or on disability

No. 214963

12 strikes me as the extreme lower limit. I'd put Ash at around 9 or 10. I think even that would make a huge difference in her functionality considering how long she's spent the way she is. Kind of irrelevant I guess, though.

Haha, Ashleigh was the other person I thought of immediately when I saw the picture… It's the way she tilts her head and the glasses, and those sharp beady little eyes. The Jew nose is all Ash, though. But I would actually 100% believe is was either one of them. It's like lolcow pareidolia.

No. 215086

I always thought it was weird how they are no, um "progress" pictures of Ash.

No. 215096

I think that's because we've only seen her at ages 16/17 and 24/25, and they're basically polar opposites. One's a bulimic, but healthy-weight girl who showed off her body to strangers, and the other is an emaciated, whiny corpse who requests presents from strangers instead.
Makes me wish I knew what happened in the years she was gone.

I mean, we've put the pictures side-by-side to see that they're the same person, but that's as far as it goes.

It might also be because people who use her for thinspiration often don't know about her past.

No. 215102

Can anyone re-post this? I'm curious, why was it deleted?

No. 215105

risque pictures of underage ash. just search motherless for hamtaro chan or something.

No. 215108

This was the picture I posted: http://cdn.images.motherlessmedia.com/images/AFB4433.jpg?fs=opencloud
I'm hoping admin just deleted it because it wasn't spoilered, and that I won't get in trouble for posting the link.

No. 215123

I knew it was something like that, but I was curious because of what anon said about it being sad.

Ah, thanks! That's one of the pics I found on google, thought the one posted was a different one I didn't find.

It's so eerie to see how she used to be versus what she's like now. I can't see her getting better. She's pretty much dead already, all that's left is for her to properly collapse & be buried.

No. 215127

you can sort of see her "progress" in her old youtube channel. she posted a pic saying "lol anorexia" and in another shot she's walking outside of a 7/11 and the camera pans to her legs and you can tell she's clearly emaciated. there's also a video of her mom taking her to Disney and she turns the camera to herself and smiles and you can tell her teeth are starting to rot.

No. 215348

File: 1450446514088.png (21.3 KB, 541x512, hh0543.png)

all ash wants is a binge/purge buddy. she has no intentions of surviving.

No. 215350

Any ideas where the video can be found?

No. 215360

No. 215364

Gonna have to download that and enhance some screenshots. Her face looks pretty spoopy in the 7-11 one. Pale as death in the Disney one too.

Funny that she sits in the backseat. How old was she there, 18/19? Fuck.

No. 215368

File: 1450457031662.png (1000.15 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 215369

File: 1450457787981.png (17.49 KB, 640x480, 142225704023.png)

No. 215385

More like 7. People with anorexia can keep on going on autopilot with work and school, long past the point that they should (see Vegan Ginger) but they always end up crashing and burning.

No. 215506

File: 1450482900540.jpg (63.23 KB, 743x436, wat.jpg)

what the heck does she mean by this?

No. 215521

No. 215529

Lmfao, death is definitely promised if you have life. You're not a vampire Trashley. And time doesn't do a god damn thing. Actions, doing shit, making things happen, that's what makes events happen.

No. 215531


She basically means she can't be bothered to put the effort into recovery.

No. 215556

She's saying these are the cards she's been delt in life and so she's playing them. It is what it is, good or bad
Some things don't need to be over analyzed guys

No. 215557

>>215556 The thing is she could be trying to help herself out of this situation and she's not. So that 'life's done this to me boo hoo' crap really falls flat.

No. 215559


>She's saying these are the cards she's been delt in life and so she's playing them.

But they aren't. I know eating disorders aren't exactly a choice, but at the end of the day, she's actively choosing not to recover. It's not as if it's something beyond her control.

>Some things don't need to be over analyzed guys

She literally said that she "would never force recovery upon herself". I don't understand how that's over-analyzing, but alright.

No. 215573


>>oh you know, just go with the flow and ~let things happen~


Same bullshit excuse so many anas use, *"but if I'm not ~ready~ for recovery it won't work anyway!"

It's a known fact that improper nutrition can impact the brain in a way that makes so many people unable to make sound, rational decisions like that, to even be able to imagine that they would want a different state of being.

No. 215934


this is totally ash lol

No. 215935

No, it's manhands.

No. 215936


i cant believe she is so bitter towards a kid.

No. 215963

File: 1450596936109.jpg (96.36 KB, 525x556, wah wah wah.jpg)

I will never understand her preference for looking like a dumb bitch rather than just explain shit.

I do get that she doesn't owe us an explanation, but honestly, why let yourself look stupid for no reason? Especially when you clearly think you can explain yourself but are just choosing not to?
(Note: Please note the wording. I realize Ash can never explain herself away because at the end of the day, she is a stupid brat who is not battling shit, but she seems to truly and honestly think differently.)

No. 215964

File: 1450597260725.png (122.61 KB, 500x297, andjapanesetakeout.png)

No. 215965

>seriously consider therapy

that's quite rich coming from a skeleton

No. 215980

Lol, the reason she's gripping so hard to this romanticized "mysterious origin story" of hers is because, in her mind, that's the only thing she can claim as her own. It's all about control and power. She thinks that by "hiding" important information that can change things she is powerful and can manipulate the course of her life and other people. I'm willing to bet this is why therapy hasn't worked out for her. If she's not willing to open up to people who are willing to help her, she will never recover. Ash is 100% convinced that recovery will never make her happy. Because of her prolonged state of decay, what's left of her has decided that the only way she can gain any sort of happiness is by exploiting her illness as far as she can. In her eyes, Recovery not only will "make her fat" but take away her fabricated delusion of happiness. It's such a petty thing, but to her dying, rotting brain, it's all she has.

No. 215982

File: 1450613879249.png (100.59 KB, 612x380, screen-shot-2012-10-30-at-1-24…)

This is all I see from that image.

No. 215983

She does it on purpose so she can get away with saying she's trying really hard, and that's why you should buy her binge food.

I thought everyone knew this by now considering the exact same move in her asks has been done countless of times in her previous threads.

No. 216004

No. 216020

We know this from our speculation, not her confirmation. As I said, why let herself look stupid for no reason? Even if she didn't want to tell the truth, she could easily lie and say she binges to go against her ED. This is clearly about more than just binge food.

I think >>215980 is more on point. It's her way to claim power and control, not just to get binge food.

No. 216277

She doesn't realize she's starved her brain beyond all capacity for rational and lucid thought. Therefore any and every thought she has is irrational or incoherent.

End of story.

No. 216302

This. I don't know why people even try to interpret her text posts. It is sad that she's given up on life, though.

No. 216310


She's not Asha. Her posts are interpretable even if they're fucking crazy and illogical.

No. 216315

Yeah, I agree with you on this actually.. but like you said, it's just our interpretation in the end.

I used to think she was an interesting and fun pet-psychological "project" to examine for the first year I was made aware of her, now I just feel the same way as >>216277 about it all.

No. 216337

Maybe you're just too 'incoherent' yourself to understand..?
Everything she's said has made sense to any human with basic understanding.
Yeah, we may not AGREE with anything she's said, but that doesn't mean that it's beyond comprehension..

No. 216353

No. 216425

File: 1450750726727.jpg (35.24 KB, 400x400, has_anynoe.jpg)

>>216337(i love memes xD)

No. 216447

Go for it lizard-boy.

No. 216496

Good god your typing style is so fucking obvious that this is just pathetic at this point. Just go enjoy your Gengar plush before it reeks of vomit or ammonia and stop trying to whiteknight yourself.

(As a note though, being readable does not mean something makes sense. A human with basic understanding knows what you are saying, but they also will realize that you're out of your damn mind. Like anon said, every thought you have is irrational. For example, defending yourself for attacking a 13-year-old and telling her to commit indirect suicide? Not exactly a rational response to anything.)

No. 216518

File: 1450769109194.jpeg (349.53 KB, 992x1927, image.jpeg)

No. 216519

File: 1450769173671.jpeg (290.61 KB, 1239x1708, image.jpeg)

No. 216520

File: 1450769207238.jpeg (338.8 KB, 1285x1840, image.jpeg)

No. 216521

This poor girl has no idea what she's in for. I wonder how long she'll last until Ashley is done with her.

No. 216532

How old is she? She talks about having abused her body for "20+ years" on her insta, so unless she's like Erika who claimed to have had an ED at 3 years old, she must be at least 30, maybe 35?

>>yet still talks about how many days she's been fasting for, and has pic of IV in her arm as her profile pic.

No. 216539

File: 1450777720996.jpg (66.1 KB, 1001x357, 121.JPG)

pic related posted 107 weeks ago, so she's 39 now.

No. 216561


She had surgery it was mentioned in another post. Can't find it now

No. 216572

She's probably 28-30, since most ED attention whores claim that their ED started around age 8-10.

No. 216573

>>216572 here.

Nevermind, didn't see this: >>216539

No. 216605

Sure you had, but that's still no plausible reason to use it as a profile pic like a badge of honor.

No. 216619


Kek! Relax anon

No. 216742

No. 216748

Skellies in love..

No. 216800

Someone posted Ash on /r/wtf today, prepare for a new wave of gifts sent by new concerned followers.

No. 216801

No. 216857

You realize there are more ways than this board to find Ashley, right? Like… Ashley was around before a single thread was made about her, as these things usually go.

No. 216880

At least someone gave them a quick rundown of her halfway down the comments. So hopefully, there won't be a pity party on their way any time soon.

No. 217526

File: 1451154399007.jpg (162.94 KB, 1080x1080, 12394217_935203209893312_52762…)

I enjoy how Ash blurred out the lanugo on her face in this one. Particularly evident on her upper lip.

No. 217545



No. 217946

File: 1451285610379.jpg (283.39 KB, 1080x1080, spoopy_shoop.jpg)

30 min in photoshop later…..

and as a side note, she has literally no eyelashes left. I had to give her transplants.

No. 217949

File: 1451287588464.png (76.12 KB, 1880x636, spike.png)

That thread created quite a traffic spike.

No. 217950

whoa, nice dude

No. 217953

best photoshop i've seen in awhile.

No. 217954

dang, if I didn't know that was ash I'd think it was just some cute girl

No. 217955

shooping fat back ONTO a person is a really strange endeavor that I have never partook in until now.

No. 217959

>15,000 visitors to lolcow daily

Fucking what

No. 217983

Um. It's a sore on her lip..

No. 217998

That's about reddit, not lolcow.

Yeah sure it is, Ashley.

No. 217999

Yes, she has that skin irritation and sores you get from purging there as well as lanugo. What's your point? :^)

No. 218001


Wow ash, would it help to alog you?
Cause I'm your age and in Japan right now enjoying the new year….except for the five seconds it takes me to check this thread at 1am, jap time :^)

No. 218002


Wow ash, would it help to alog you?
Cause I'm your age and in Japan right now enjoying the new year….except for the five seconds it takes me to check this thread at 1am, jap time :^)

No. 218003

Ash was cute even when she wasn't spoopy. Too bad about her rotten personality.

No. 218005

It's actually from the weather. Happens yearly.

No. 218008

What? she lives in Florida where it's warm year round.

No. 218033

It get dry in the 'winter'.
Just because it's still rather warm, the humidity is lower.

No. 218040

I don't know where in Florida you live, but that is not remotely the case down south. It's a goddamn swamp year round. I'm pretty sure it's the same in Orlando, that's only like three hours away by car.

No. 218041

File: 1451337108180.png (58.96 KB, 718x363, Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.11…)

No. 218048

File: 1451340678684.png (270.88 KB, 555x643, ensurequiche.png)

that post made me curious, so i googled vegan nutritional drinks, found this disgusting ensure recipe

No. 218050

Taking advice from ash is the equivalent of taking advice from an active junkie. I bet she gives awesome tips on how to vomit and getting free puke food.

No. 218054

This is going to sound gross but the more you purge, the more you eff up your insides and there comes a point where you can get a hiatal hernia. If it is big enough the food will come out in huge chunks.

No. 218056

File: 1451342219179.png (48.22 KB, 259x238, florida's always muggy you cra…)

This is a "low humidity day" for Florida…Face it fam we're in the swamp zone.

No. 218059

>3 large eggs
oh fuck that. I don't understand how anyone can live and be vegan.

No. 218064

I don't live in Florida but in the SE and mine chap from allergies spring and fall

No. 218065


>3 large eggs

It's fucking gross, but it's not vegan.

No. 218071

Shit, you're right. haha Vegans use that fake egg mix in a carton.

No. 218173

when Ashley inevitably dies, how will we know? radio silence? no complaining for over week?

No. 218181

No only that, but she'll remind you when your beans are too much food! She's like an external form of the ED voice some people hear in their heads.

No. 218190

No, that graph actually is for lolcow. There are normally 15k daily visitors, and there were over 40k when the reddit thread about Ashley was made.

No. 218240

Okay, my bad.

No. 218241

Lmfao, same anon. Merry cams to you, hope you are thoroughly enjoying this amazing country!!

No. 218249


Of course that was 100% PR for any redditors that found her because of the recent post.

No. 218250


Someone will find out and word will trickle out - probably by the time we realize she's been quiet for too long.

No. 218300

? Did you mean to reply to me?

I still can't believe there is that much traffic on this goddamn website.

No. 218478

File: 1451453625441.png (68.99 KB, 684x394, Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.3…)

Ash is having a bitchfit in the comment section of her latest Instagram picture. Posts this Tumblr post in response. Classic Ash.


No. 218480

>>Ash, why you so skelly?

No. 218489

Jfc, this is one of those times where I just want to hit her and tell her to shut the fuck up. I know it would break her bone(s) and I don't care. She is not making a good point at all, and she's throwing a fit just for the sake of throwing a fit.

No. 218500


Ash, that's because 'skinny' isn't necessarily regarded as an insult whereas 'fat' is. Maybe if you actually kept some of your $70 Japanese food down, you'd have the brain power to realise that.

No. 218508

It depends on how it's used.

No. 218509


Hence why I said "necessarily".

No. 218510

Point exactly.
And >>218500 if you understood the context that the word was used in, maybe this might not be so difficult..

No. 218511

You already assumed you knew the situation, assumed you knew Ash was in the wrong, blahblah which is why you posted here in the first place lol
To be regarded as funny for bringing up the Japanese food, as if it's even related. Your thinking process is broken, sorry :(

No. 218513


Ash pls

I was replying to the post and the post alone, not the instagram situation. Objectively, the word "skinny" is not the equivalent of being called "fat". Try and twist it however you want but that's the fact.

But since you want to bring the "situation" up, I read that too. Look who's assuming now.
Some innocent bystander wondered why you were so "skinny" (omg trigger warning) and got caught up in your bullshit web of BPD as a result. There is absolutely no way for you to play the victim here. Go back to throwing up.

I'm not even "trying to be funny" here. I genuinely dislike you. I can't even feel sorry for you anymore.
You do nothing but rot in your chairgrave, leech off your "abusive" mother and followers while going from person to person and hurting them as much as you possibly can once they've outlived their usefulness.

You lost your right to any kind of sympathy the moment you took your mental illness out on other people and still refused to get help for it.

No. 218525

Even IF saying "skinny" carried the same negative connotations as "fat" (which jfc, it obviously doesn't - something like "scrawny" would be more alike) then she's still being all proud and defensive of operating on the "BUT SHE DID IT FIRST! TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT!" level.

Can you imagine being delusional and pathetic enough to post proudly about functioning on the maturity and morality level of a 6-year-old?

No. 218537

Thats the point I was trying to make, pls.

The fact that society allows 'skinny' to be accepted, when still used negatively.
IE: 'why is she so SKINNY?'
But oh ho! If fat replaced that word, do you realize how many white knights would be all over it?
IE: 'why is she so FAT?'

You know perfectly well where I am coming from.

No. 218539

Ash stfu and just get off the internet. You're obviously not mature enough for a 25 yr old girl to ignore the Internet. Like. Girl. Grow up. Bye. Can't. Deal.

No. 218560


Someone can say it in an insulting manner, but it's still not the equivalent of calling someone 'fat', which is why people would give you a lot more shit for calling someone fat than they would for calling people 'skinny'.
You can bitch and whine about how "unfair" that is all you want, but you won't manage to change anything.


You're being pretty generous by actually calling that shit you just spewed a "point".

The problem here is that you're taking a harmless sentence ("Why is she so skinny?") and you're placing the emphasis on the word "skinny", which would make it sound insulting.

But, over the internet, there's no way of knowing if the person who asked that meant it in a bitchy way or as a genuine question. There's a lot more chance that they meant it as a genuine question, and in fact, the person who called you skinny added "I'm asking out curiosity not insult btw" so you're pretty much guaranteed it was a genuine question, but you automatically get defensive when there's no need for it.

>You know perfectly well where I am coming from.

No, Ash. No, I don't. Because I don't starve myself to the point where I'm not capable of thinking straight anymore.
Your thinking is fucked. That's not even me trying to be insulting, that's basic science. Fuck, it's basic common sense, actually.

Also that's not how you sage

No. 218592

>You know perfectly well where I am coming from.

Well, I can guess - an extremely compromised CNS, lethally malnourished and only partially functional as a result.

Seriously, what you're saying is this:

People shouldn't comment on the physical appearance of others! It's WRONG and people SHOULDN'T do it! EXCEPT anyone who fucking feels like it as long as they have justified it to themselves with ridiculous arguments like "two wrongs make a right" and "she did it first, waaaah!" THEN it's totally okay to do!

You can't cherry-pick only the justifications YOU like, though. There can be many others - for the greater good, to educate more people, to give tough love in the hope that it's the kick in the ass someone needs to get their life in order. Etc. Etc. Etc. Anyone can make any comment about appearance then, as long as they have self-justified with any version (including shitty, childish ones) of "logic" they want to employ. You want to use your rule of "she did it first" then you have to deal with the fact that anyone else can use equally shitty justifications to do what they want and then not be "wrong" at all.

Besides, that person who asked about you being so skinny can at least get the benefit of the doubt - there is a chance they asked innocently, even if it ended up being a bit rude. They might not have realized it was rude, they might have had no idea why it would be triggeirng to you - I'd assume that's the case anyway, otherwise they would KNOW you suffer from anorexia and wouldn't be asking about your physical appearance.

YOU, however, did it in retaliation, with malice and intent to hurt. You have clearly stated you think people should never never comment on someone's appearance because it's hurtful. So you 100% intentionally aimed to do something hurtful to someone. PLUS you said in your post it was someone who also had an ED so… You know full well for most with an ED skinny is a goal, fat is a fear. You took it a step further, trying to hurt even more by picking at the fears of someone with an ED. God damn, that's cold.

If you want to be a cunt, dude, have the fuck at it. But don't go on and on about "kindness is endless" and talking about how people should behave and how it's SO bad and pathetic that places like lolcow make fun of people and are mean. You CLEARLY enjoy being a cunt. You skip the high road in favor of being nasty. You invent playground-level logic in order to pursue hurting someone. You fucking love it.

No. 218594


Nailed it.

Even if it was an insult, which it wasn't, that doesn't excuse getting down in the mud with the rest of the pigs just because "they did it first".

But obviously from the context it wasn't an insult. Is it an insult to ask why someone's in a wheelchair? Is it an insult to ask how someone got a particularly noticeable scar? It's just a question.

Of course, as established, Ash is incapable of thinking clearly AND she doesn't answer questions honestly, so it's no wonder one small question caused such a clusterfuck in her brain.

No. 218606

File: 1451498983375.jpg (73.47 KB, 528x778, yeah okay.jpg)

Funny how when someone does sarcastically called Ash fat, she just agrees with them (even if indirectly). Rather than going on a tirade about how offense the word is.
So much for skinny being as insulting of a word as fat.

(Though apparently she's prefers the word "thin" as shown here: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/post/122953843926/whats-wrong-with-being-fat But honestly fuck her preferences. :) )

No. 218607

She isn't thin, though. She isn't skinny either. She's emaciated. That is simply the accurate descriptor. Calling her 'thin' is like calling a 600-pound landwhale 'curvy,' or 'chubby.'

No. 218609

Yeah. Any bmi under 16 is considered emaciated, medically. And Ash is clearly well under that. I would estimate her bmi to be 10 or so.

No. 218623

Lol these are such obvious self-asks

No. 218637

But you are skinny Ash. Go ahead and call actually overweight people fat, that would be fine. Calling normal or underweight girls fat is not, because it isn't true.

No. 218644

is this bitch superhuman? i'm seriously marveling at how she isn't dead yet. on one hand i expect her to literally drop dead in days because she's so sick, and on the other since she's made it so far i feel like she'll keep this up for another decade

No. 218659

File: 1451510284620.png (301.35 KB, 512x386, mwK5X.png)

As much of a piece of shit this girl can be, I still feel so awful that her life is terrible and will be cut short. She never personally did anything to me that really makes me angry, and I've refrained from giving my $0.02 but I really wish she could delete her online self and nourish her poor brain. I doubt her mother is as god awful as Ashley makes her out to be but I couldn't imagine being in her moms place. My mom is a very sweet and generous woman, but being up against someone else's mental illness in the same house every single day turned her into a stranger. Stress does strange things to peoples personalities. And I know that she's some awful cunt to/for a lot of people, but man its honestly upsetting to take a step back and lool at this chick and realize like fuck man, she is dying. And it doesn't change the fact that she's dying even if its her own will and actions that are causing it. Maybe its my drug use talking here but I'm very sad for her. Carry on though folks, I love reading this thread and anger fuels me.

No. 218661

how is getting called skinny an insult? what other word would you use for that? thin? underweight? or is that too triggering too?

wtf is her problem? if she didn't want to get called skinny or any other 'triggering' word she shouldn't have starved herself to become such a spoopy skelly

No. 218665

Aah screams "don't judge me based on my appearance!"

Ash, your whole fucking disorder is based on appearance.

No. 218666

Best post.

No. 218669

Ashley, people don't hate you because of your mental disorders, people hate you because you're a massive, insufferable cunt.

You don't plan on making things better, you always sum up your life in some lameass attempt at nihlism and treat others like dirt… don't you see the contradiction there at all?

You are a horrible person, that's why you're a lolcow - your brain is so malnourished that it's been turning on itself to survive. That's not a fucking feat or milestone in recovery, it's not even a "battle" or "struggle" anymore… you lost the game, your existence isn't helping anyone or anything, not even yourself.

No. 218688

Ash's "outrage" is complete bullshit anyway, just an excuse to kick up drama and call other people fat. We all know she loves nothing better than being called skinny.

No. 218706

Yeah, she's super proud of her destroyed body. Why else would she post shit like >>208577 and NOT be pro anorexia?

No. 218854

File: 1451546034747.jpg (21.69 KB, 526x260, xox.jpg)

Remember this?
Yeah, shut the fuck up Ashley.

No. 218855

Same, fam. Same.

Except you have to realize that Ash is jut a shitty person, too.

No. 218860

>I still feel so awful that her life is terrible
Honestly, as a generally empathetic person myself, why? She did it all to herself, and she's not trying to make her life any better.
Now, if she were genuinely trying to make her life better and shitty circumstances just kept happening, I'd understand and be right behind you (or even ahead of you) in feeling bad for her. But as things stand now, I have no sympathy for her. It's good that her life will be cut short because it's going to be shitty 'til the very end, because that's how she wants it to be.

No. 218861

She's the worst kind of borderline, she let her ED take completely over and she has a live in enabler. She is nothing without her ED, now her brain is rotten. I can't believe she's documenting all of this; Ash this is how you want to be remembered?
Have some fucking pride, don't die in your mothers apartment.

No. 218879

Lolol I just got caught up with her latest drama. Her outrage over someone asking "why are you so skinny" is the most manufactured thing I have ever seen. It's like trying to be angry if someone calls you a cracker. No one care.

Also the fact that she posted a list of words people shouldn't use with each other, when just last week she was telling an anorexic child that she ate too much. It's all too rich.

I'm actually at the point where I wish she would die already. This is coming from someone who once sent her shit off amazon because I pitied her. If shes not going to actively work to be a better person then she's just contributing nothing to anything. She doesn't participate in society, she drags down her family, she actively seeks to harm others, and she possesses zero self-insight or motivation to change that. Things really would be better if she just died. I mean hell, her life could have meaning even if she were advocating for ED recovery or better mental health care or something, but she literally does nothing and all she does do is harm individual people in her life.

No. 218901

File: 1451581403228.jpg (39.55 KB, 495x657, lol.JPG)

Fuck this.

Having people point these things out can be positive. Like if someone stinks because they don't use deodorant, tell them they smell bad so they use deodorant.

You can't LIVE through life without getting comments at school. It toughens you up. There's NEVER going to be a time when people don't pass comment. It's life. Like war, it's part of life that's always going to be there.

No. 218908

I never thought I'd defend Ash, but I can at least empathise with her on this.

I have a bad burn scar on one of my arms. It can get irritating answering questions about it, especially from total strangers on the street which feels sort of intrusive and rude. The thing is, people aren't to trying to be rude. They're concerned/interested/shocked and trying to understand. I would much rather answer a few badly worded questions than deal with people who are disgusted and avoid me. Gotta put it in perspective Ash.

No. 218917

File: 1451586669270.png (16.7 KB, 284x155, lolz.png)

Ahahaha, she really does fancy herself as a Nihilist.

No. 218918

If people find out someone's diabetic or epileptic or w/e (something not physical) they ask questions. I think they want to understand. If you see someone like Ashley you're shocked/concerned/feel bad and it's natural to want to understand what's going on.

Tbh, physical flaws or deformities only register with me for a second. Obviously there's an illness or been an accident - none of my business.

Scars here from decades of cutting, but keep them hidden. I cba to explain what it's about and it's boring. I could understand people wanting to get their head around it and wouldn't feel offended if it was mentioned, just really bored.

>fresh start


No. 218919


WTF, but it's OK for HER to do it as long as it's in retaliation for something someone said to her.

So basically, she can do whatever she wants, no apologies, and everyone else should walk on eggshells around her.

Fuck this bitch. She hasn't earned the right to be treated like a diva.

No. 218945



Good to know Ash. Some earlier than others.

No. 218960

>"you have no one to blame but yourself"
>literally blames everyone except herself

No. 219023

I hate it when people who are fucking mentally ill or suffering from some addiction, etc. and acknowledge they have a problem but yet they give life advice like Ash. Like stfu you're acknowledging you won't get better for an ED but yet you're giving advice on life. Like stfu. Just stop. It's not cool. You're not a role model, Ash. You're a damn skeleton who is the type of person people look at it because they don't want to end up like you. Like seriously stop this gay bullshit advice thing you do about how you may not get a tomorrow or you never know what happens. Ash, if you want to give advice like this and be inspirational go get help. Don't be this fucking hypocrite skeleton. Ffs. The amount of bullshit a person can throw on to themselves is amazing. I wonder if ash could get acknowledged by Guinness records.

No. 219052

File: 1451669515004.jpg (40.12 KB, 720x494, IMG_20160101_112926.jpg)

Hey Ashley, maybe you should stop being a leech and take care of yourself. You ungrateful twat.
Work that through your underdeveloped mush pile that is your brain.

No. 219060

Unrelated; I fucking love Moral Orel. First season is pretty silly with some dark undertones, but by time the third season hits, it's fucking feels to the wall. Speaking of walls, it makes me want to bash my head against one since it got canceled and I'm left with viewer's blue balls.

No. 219078

File: 1451677463891.png (382.41 KB, 512x512, avatar_95db354604b3_512.png)

I don't understand why she freaks out so much and whines like a little girl whenever her mother leaves her if she hates her so much??? Like, wouldn't she celebrate instead?

No. 219079

I hate to join the crowd but… bpd.
"I hate you BUT don't leave me!"

No. 219093

her wig is slipping in this pic

No. 219124

I noticed that as well.

No. 219126

Holy shit, those forehead veins. I'm gonna puke.

No. 219158

I bet her mom isn't enjoying the holidays either.

No. 219254

The difference between you and Ash, though, is that you're not purposely flaunting your scar. It's there, it's never going away, you probably don't even notice it, and you certainly don't do things to draw attention. On the other hand, Ash is doing exactly that. Where you get uncomfortable and annoyed with unsolicited comments, Ash goes out of her way to post photos that would make people ask questions. She wants people to comment on her body so she can rip them a new one, and then bask in the attention from her followers, because that's all she has going for her in this life.

No. 219264

i wonder if Ash is able to wipe her own ass. I'd be bitter too if i had to wipe my 25 year olds ass while she screamed in her vomit smelling breath that she hated me.

No. 219268

Ash doesn't eat enough to shit, she posted a while ago about her infrequent and painful bowel movements. So at least her mother is spared that daily anguish, instead enduring more howling every 7 - 10 days from the toiletgrave she is the female Elvis and will die on the toilet after an altercation with a burger

No. 219286

No. 219304

jesus christ she looks like ET

No. 219340

File: 1451797738563.jpg (60.1 KB, 820x420, et_glowing_finger.jpg)


Except she uses her finger to purge

No. 219348

E.T… all… bone.

No. 219393

I'm not supporting her or anything but if (or when) she dies, what do you guys do? Parade around like "Ding dong the witch is dead" -style? Or do the good ol' you can't talk ill about the dead -move and start writing good things about her?

Another thing that really baffles me is the fact that she craves for attention. It has been stated on these threads multiple times as a bad thing. Yet this exact thread gives her the attention she needs. She really doesn't seem to care of the attention she gets is good or bad. If you say that this thread is up so she would eventually wake up and see what she's doing to herself an and other people … well. For me it seems like she doesn't even moderately try to think what people are trying to say to her so that's months of good duties in vain.

No. 219394


I'd imagine her thread would die down and she'd pretty much be forgotten about.
The banner of her might be taken down, but that's pretty much it, I would imagine.

The thread isn't up to try and 'teach her a lesson'. We're not PULL, and she's way too far gone to learn any kind of lesson at this point, anyway. The thread is only really here because she's interesting to watch in a morbid kind of way.

No. 219396

I obviously can't speak for anyone else here, but when she does die, I wouldn't feel a thing as I'm just an observer… the comparison would be similar to how I don't feel a thing about any deceased celebrity who had no redeeming qualities, hasn't contributed anything to society and led their lives not giving a shit about anyone else but themselves.

There would be no rejoicing from me, just apathy.

Her friends will do the mourning for her… I personally don't mourn or celebrate selfish people.

No. 219397



It's really fucked up to celebrate someone's death, so I don't think anyone except maybe the biggest edgelords would do that, but as much as I'd want to feel bad for her, she knows she's killing herself, she's a shitty person who abuses anyone close to her, and she's never contributed even a little towards anything at all.

As harsh as it sounds, I really don't think there's anything anyone could miss about her. If there is, she keeps it a very well-kept secret.

It depresses me when I think that maybe if she'd gotten help back when she was Hamtaro-chan, things could've been different, but it's basically a living death she's experiencing at this point and she clearly doesn't want to change that.

No. 219399

One time I went on a diet to shift a few pounds, I was on 1000 calories a day and felt like shit. I had absolutely no energy and felt cranky constantly. No motivation to do anything. I used to get home from work, lie on my bed and be too tired to move. It was miserable and really affected my mood, I gave up after 3 days.

Ash on the other hand must be existing on 200 calories a day at the very most. I had a healthy BMI and just ate less than normal for a few days and felt like death, so god knows what a spooky skeleton feels like every day. I don't understand how she has the energy to even use social media or anything… it's almost impressive how she's still going. How isn't she severely depressed? Her mood must be rock bottom. Why hasn't her mom put her in an institution yet? If this was anyone I cared about there's no way I'd let her get so bad.

Also if she died I wouldn't be sad because I don't know her personally. I'd probably think it was a shame nobody helped her but it's like what anon said, it would be like a celebrity train wreck dying.

No. 219400

>>"If you say that this thread is up so she would eventually wake up and see what she's doing to herself an and other people … well. For me it seems like she doesn't even moderately try to think what people are trying to say to her so that's months of good duties in vain."

The majority of people who cared and pitied her came to a standstill by the second thread made about her. Sometimes there's an odd anon that will appear at times (usually those who are new to her history and present state) now and then - but it doesn't take long for them to learn about her if they're interested enough to stick around.

Occasionally, she will have one of her new and disposable friends check this topic out and blindly white-knight her, but they're few and far between.

Otherwise, I think the majority of anons here are just in to observe the trainwreck, they know her patterns and idiosyncrasies well enough to know that nothing is going to change about her, so they're past the point of trying.

No. 219412

In the beginning it might feel terrible, but eventually you get used to it. Some anorexics even feel happy and high because of restricting.
Actually, most eating disorder sufferers that get close to Ashley's size, eat around 1000 calories. You'd think that they'd eat 200, but apparently not. When you get to such a low weight, it gets more difficult, it are mostly the heavier people who restrict to low numbers like 200.

No. 219414


Wow, thanks for the info. That's crazy. Although I guess even if Ash ate 5000 cals it wouldn't make a difference, her body would probably just absorb the food to keep functioning.

No. 219423

I'm an asshole but I wouldn't be happy she was finally dead….more like, breath a sigh of relief. It's one more toxic person out of this world. And her mom would get to be burden free, even though I'm sure losing her child would suck.

No. 219424

Yeah, it'd be like "Welp, you got what you wanted, I hope you're happier being the ghost you always wanted to be."

No. 219451

I have a feeling, for her mom, she already lost her child a long time ago.

No. 219454


I feel her mom would be absolutely devastated, having to wait so long for her only child to find some peace.

I've always believed her ma thinks the world of her, the surroundings they live in, the constant hand and foot, the fun trips out whenever she can afford to from her shitty jobs.

I think her mom will be grieving the most out of anyone in Ashley's whole fucking small world.

No. 219464

Yeah, but it's also just polite to not say things like that about people. But I'm just a complete pussy anyway tbh.

To be fair, some people can give advice but still not be able to help themselves. But everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

Probably just shake my head and move on. There's nothing good to say about her or her death.

This is really sad.

No. 219512

Ehh… I (dis)agree to a point. I do think you're right that her mom cares about her, but I don't think she "thinks the world of her." I think, if anything, she thinks the world of who her daughter used to be.
At this point, she's just trying to recapture a daughter that she lost a long time ago. That's why she tries to take care of her and take her out and all that. And I believe Ash that they probably fight a lot, though of course it's probably all initiated by Ashley herself.
Her mother is already grieving, and she will only grieve harder when Ashley dies.

No. 219530

File: 1451854509367.png (14.19 KB, 547x296, 885496.png)

uhh, i don't think anon meant take more naps, ash…

No. 219553

How old is she? It's like somebody mentioned a year ago (?) that she was like 24. Or did I dream that?

No. 219554


Like 25

No. 219562

To be totally honest it depends how used to caloric restriction you are. I'm working on fixing this shit cause its retarded but I run off about 350-900 depending on the day and cannot sit still for more than half an hour max. Caffeine helps, especially when you drink six double shots a day. I'm pretty sure I survive because of the coffee and the anxiety. This all probably feels bad but I don't recall what it felt like before.

No. 219571

Please get help. 3 healthy meals a day keeps the chairgrave away.

No. 219664

I'm working on it, and will never let myself rot into 'night of the sorta- living ashley' levels of decrepit. I can smell her wigs from here and its good reason not to be an anachan faggot.

No. 219695

Go bawwwww on your blog or something.

No. 219712

File: 1451901888018.png (23.11 KB, 632x354, hangry.png)


No. 219718

You're the one crying fgt.

No. 219733

Um how dare u and that anon not respect that ASH is BATTLING A MENTAL ILLNESS. BATTLING SO HARD.
Sure its hard to find time for this battle in between harassing children, screaming Into the night and passing out on her vomit slathered toiletgrave but she totally is.

No. 219734

You forgot keeping up with penpals, always the penpals… her one true contribution to society!

If her fucking lazy mother would just pack her bones into the back seat of the car and take her to the post office.



No. 219738

She had been in the bathroom for hours now. The last rays of sunlight slipped below the rooftops and darkness has settled across town like a diseased fog.

Hours, pressed against the edge of the bathtub, futilely pushing back as though she could sink into the grout.
She could stay here a thousand years and never find the strength to turn on the lights despite the creeping shadows and what they could contain.

Her mind keeps playing back the same awful scene over and over, no matter how hard she tries to shove it out. The hollow clacking sounds.
That face.

The silence is shattered by a screech, followed by a high keening wail from down the hall. A moment later it is joined by the polite alarm of a fridge door left open.

The kitchen. She knows where it is, and that it won't stay there long. She quickly lurches forwards, snaps the lights on and slams the door then slides down it to the floor, panting, to listen.

The wailing has quieted to croaky sobs and sniffing and soon fades back into silence.

She strains to hear more, pressing her ear to the wood and begging her heart to stop its thudding. Its almost imperceptible at first but it slowly picks up volume.

Scraaaaaaaape clickclickclickclack

Scraaaaaaaaaaape clickclackclick

Definitely getting louder, closer. She cringes away from the door as the monstrosity draws closer.

Scraaaaaaaaaape. ClickclickclickclAck.

Ragged sobs catch and tear her throat and a low moan escapes her as she hears dry bony fingers scrabble at the door and the acid smell of bile drifts beneath the door as the foul spectre without unhinged its cavernous jaws.

"Hey, take me to target. I want to buy some candy and fritos"

Ash's mother begins to sob.

No. 219739

Yeah, it seems like Ash has more or less been maintaining her weight for a while (at least I didn't see any drastic shifts in pictures from the last couple of years), so she must digest a certain amount.

When someone digests only 200 cals, they obviously lose weight, because it's way under their BMR, and the body has to get a LOT of energy from other sources, which in the case of lack of body fat will come from muscles like the heart.
When you have enough fat and muscle storages and are generally pretty healthy, you can survive on 200 cals for a while, but someone in Ash's condition can't.

No. 219741

File: 1451913289817.gif (1.38 MB, 250x184, mysides.gif)

No. 219742

GTFO Junji Ito, you're not allowed in here!

(That was morbidly hilarious, well done!)

No. 219744

File: 1451914833072.jpg (41.98 KB, 400x400, 3241v4t091uvc.jpg)

No. 219748

She binges and purges, so she retains some of what she eats.

No. 219752


An angry but commanding voice sounds out;

"Can you just shut the fucking fridge door after you?"

An unearthly and guttural tone sounds back with "NO MOTHER! I HAVE A RIGHT TO, I AM DYING HERE! I DON'T TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!"

No. 219753

Like most asinine and stubborn, lonely Tumblrinas she posts about shit that never happens.

"A little boy came up to hug me today! Omg, it made me so happy!"

No parent in their right mind would let a kid hug her, not cos of her appearance but the fact they could be sued for breaking a fragile bone and watching as it happened.

Gotta try harder, Ash.

No. 219757

Well she binges and purges, right? When you're that size binges can get pretty bad (the body wants to repair itself), so it isn't that surprising that she probably digests just enough to sustain herself. No matter how good you're at purging, you always digest some of the food.

No. 219758

I was terrified of regular old people as a kid, including my own grandparents once they started to deteriorate. There is no way on earth children who see her aren't terrified beyond belief.

No. 219759

I lost my shit, well done anon

No. 219760

Yeah, she does. And from what she's posted in the past, her binges are huge.

No. 219761

I'm sure no one cares, but I hated sleeping over my grandma's house because not only was she mean, but we'd sleep in the same bed and she wore a wig so I'd wake up and see her hair on a stand and freak out.

No. 219768

Yes, Ashley eats something. But eating only safe foods and leftover binge calories does not count as "battling" an eating disorder. It's just living (well, dying) with it. That's my major problem with her saying she's battling an eating disorder. Safe foods do not count in recovery, which is the true battling of an eating disorder.

No. 219771

She doesn't see proper doctors. She doesn't try to change herself. So I agree, she's not battling anything. But our spoopy chairgrave queen wouldn't get sympathy if she admitted that.

No. 219774

File: 1451927105566.jpg (145.09 KB, 524x751, IMG_20160104_110406.jpg)

No. 219775


>I'm not being 'polite' and a doormat in 2016

Because you were practically a fucking queen of etiquette before that, Ash.

No. 219779

>you've made no progress over the years
>well you're just jealous since you're probably overweight :)

Must suck being an adult with the mentality of a 14-year-old. She's such an embarrassing cunt.

No. 219780

Every time I check the front page and see the flying skull, I think she's finally dead.

No. 219794

This is probably the worst thing I've ever said in my life, but in Reading her reply, and reading about her bragging about still being alive, and obviously bc she has a disgusting soul…tbh I just wish she would die already.

No. 219822

>you're probably a jealous fatty lolololol
Wow, such wit.

No. 219848

It's funny how she thinks the most ultimate insult is calling someone fat.

No. 219859

All I come here for is to see if she's dead yet.

I won't be happy or sad when it happens, just another data point.

I speak from experience when I say that I think her mother will be relieved. Sad, but relieved. Her child has never thrived, has only been a burden her entire life.

No. 219906

What is there to be jealous about in the first place? She's so delusional. She's ugly and disgusting, inside and out. She's way more unhealthy than most fat people. She's a glutton, binging and purging and calling 'not dying' battling an eating disorder. She's encouraging eating disorders in others and fatshaming everyone who unlike her still has any fat. She's one of the worst attention whores ever, always being on the brink of death for fucking sympathy. If she does ever die, we should certainly ignore her, other wise we'd only do her a favour.

No. 219911

Mama Isaacs picking out the epitaph for Ashley's headstone. "Fucking finally"

No. 219973

If only Ash could pick it out:
"You're fat and jealous : )" or
"I proved my point"

No. 219976


who would feel jealous of a dying sack of bones anyways?

No. 219977

You just want to see her gain weight tbh. Just so you can make fun of her for THAT instead. You all need therapy.

No. 219978

Chunky monkey?

No. 219979

Well howdy there, Ash!

No. 219981

Pay for my therapy, skeletor.

I don't even care if you gain weight, you'll be disgusting either way. You really are just like a zoo display, a train wreck, a temporary amusement.

The only reason I'd be upset if you 'recovered' is because there'd be less to laugh about. It doesn't make me feel bad to know I'm finding amusing in someone who made herself the pit of the joke. Over and over and over again.


No. 219982

I'll just spend $70 on Japanese takeout for Instagram and the toilet if you don't mind.

No. 219985

Holy distorted reality, batman.

No. 219986

She's here pretty much every day ("Sage").

No. 219987

Hi ash, your shitty/delusional personality is what we make fun of. Literally no one makes fun of you for the way you look, well, except for your cheap ass haggard wig.

No. 219988

Sure, if it makes you feel better to call a normal fit person fat, cool. But at least I have enough of my health to have just come back from living a month in Japan. Too bad I didn't puke any of their $70 meals

No. 219991

Did u like my story Ash :D
I'm thinking of turning it into a miniseries.

No. 220005

Literally no one would make fun of you for gaining weight, Ash. That's incredibly, depressingly sad that you think that way.

No. 220006

Uh… No, Ash. We would be sincerely happy for you if you gained weight and made an effort to actually battle your anorexia through inpatient treatment – and to most importantly treat your BPD so you can understand how distorted your reality truly is.

I keep wishing you'll really try. I know you feel like you can't, but we're all rooting for you.

No. 220011


Talking about yourself in the 3rd person is a very weird custom ash

No. 220027

Yes Ash, people are clearly jealous of you - we would all love to stink of vomit, feel our own organs failing and and sleep for over 16 hours a day, just screeching at teenagers on the internet in between.

So jealous of you.

No. 220028

It wouldn't matter to us if you gained weight or not, nothing is ever gonna change your shitty personality and aura of hatred.

You're a lost cause.

No. 220033

Everyone here has given up on the possibility of you recovering, but I think most of us want you to deep down. Yknow, if you actually did get help and gain weight, the overwhelming majority of people would praise you for it. Even here, we may still criticise you for the horrible things you've done and continue to do but I can't imagine anyone in their right mind making fun of you for genuinely recovering.
If I didn't know the kind of person you are I'd suggest that you delete all of your social networks and stay away from anywhere that talks about you so that you can pick up the pieces of your life. However in your case you might actually benefit or at least get enjoyment from the attention you'd get from getting help through something like dr phil.

No. 220047

File: 1451993340250.gif (1.88 MB, 370x208, tumblr_nfmaggg3QG1qf0x4io2_400…)

>those ironic smileys
>ur probably fat lol :)
>u jealous :)
>stop obsessing over me!!! :)

No. 220083

It doesn't matter how much you gain, you'd probably still be a terrible person. That's why you're made fun of.

No. 220084

Have you even read all your threads, Ashley? We WANT you to recover so you stop being a rotten skeleton cunt. Most of us will be HAPPY you actually did something positive in your life and actually took the initiative to better yourself. Sure, there are cunts here that will make fun of your personality either way, but guess what: THAT'S reality! You need to accept that not everyone is nice, and brush it off!! You're batshit insane because you have 0 nutrients in your brain, that's why you keep fucking up- time, after time, after time. If you would recover, you would have SO much energy. You would have more clarity in your mind. You will be less hangry. You could go out for longer periods of time, you could walk, you could even go to Japan without fucking exploding in the plane. You are literally wasting your only chance at getting some sort of positive change in your life on baseless fears that you'll be made fun of because you recovered. Newsflash: only rotten ana cunts would do that. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH HEALTHY PEOPLE! If you stay surrounded by mentally ill and suicidal people you will wish nothing else for yourself but that. You need a complete life overhaul, not only for yourself but your surroundings too. Stop being so afraid of change. Lolcow isn't an excuse to just stay there stagnating on your chair grave. Ashley, you ran out of excuses.

No. 220085

You know, I love the term chunky monkey. It's cute and endearing,and the name of a delicious ice cream. It's sad that you like to torture yourself with such a cute word, Ashley.

No. 220087

You guys sure do love flipping out over nothing. Sure it may be Ash since she says dumb shit and has posted here but it's not like we don't have our very own rancid cunts who like to stir shit up. Dumb shit + sage doesn't always equal Ash.
I take anything posted here with a grain of salt unless proof is provided.

No. 220098

This isn't Cracky-chan right, she was just dressed as her right?

No. 220107


>Dumb shit + sage

I think you mean Sage :^)


Nah, Ash was Hamtaro-chan.
I wonder if Cracky ended up more or less fucked up than Ash is now.
I don't think I know of any -chan who hasn't ended up fucked up

No. 220113

Jessi Slaughter ended up fucking destroyed too. It's a sad fate, really.

No. 220117


Yeah. Kids being left unsupervised on the internet always ends up tragically.

Jessi Slaughter is a tumblrina with gender identity issues, Loli-chan from the OC/unichan threads is a bipolar camgirl, Kiki is… well, Kiki.

sage for OT

No. 220118

This is a good-ish interview with Loli Chan. It mentions Cracky Chan and Boxxy.

No. 220311

Jessi Slaughter wasn't unsupervised though. Her parents added fuel to the fire… well, were the main source of the first if anything. (Tbh I was glad to hear her dad died.) She's indeed a Tumblrina with gender issues, but with a household like that, the internet exposure might have actually helped her since she was taken away from her parents for a while. She could be doing worse, imo.

No. 220313

*of the fire

No. 220332


Yeah, fair point.

Her parents should've made sure she wasn't doing dumb shit on the internet, though.

Although, yeah, I'm sure her dad was the biggest problem. I'm glad he's gone, too. What a piece of shit.

No. 220333


Sorry for samefagging but technically Kiki wasn't unsupervised, either. Just not supervised in the way she should've been.

No. 220364

Parents definitely have to step up and watch what their kids are doing on the internet more. The unfortunate thing is that the internet is so easily accessed everywhere now and kids can be sneaky little shits. After reading that article about Loli-chan it just hits the point home even more. She was doing shady shit on the family computer in plain sight but was sneaky about it. It's tough being a parent in this day and age.

No. 220570

>we're all rooting for you
lol that's what I said the last time she seemed to be behaving like a normal human being, and then she went and did yet another shitty thing, though I can't remember which horrible thing it was. There is literally no point to rooting for Ashley. She will always come through to prove that she's a terrible person.

No. 220595

Rooting for her is more than useless. You root for her and she deliberately acts out and does something harmful to herself like binge-purge or restricts. Its her little haha fuck you ill do what I want kick because she thinks its somehow effective.

She belongs in a hospice.

No. 220603

File: 1452167637046.jpg (128.9 KB, 1024x768, home sweet ash.jpg)

>She belongs in a hospice.

She'll get there too. Her mom has been building up self-esteem with her breast augmentation and other things we probably don't know about. Imagine finding a nice enough man but being terrified to let him come over because of the grim specter of chairdeath lurking right around the corner.

The sad reality is that she can't help Ash. Ash resists all help after all, this would interfere with her internet asspats and eternally being 12. She has to go for her mom's overall happiness.

No. 220703

File: 1452201568981.jpeg (104.93 KB, 700x1000, image.jpeg)

No. 220717

What was the sneaky shit she was doing

No. 220719

Kek. Bless anon.

No. 220727

File: 1452208328840.png (66.6 KB, 275x224, 1450511908735.png)


>the grim specter of chairdeath lurking right around the corner

No. 220735

I want to know too

No. 220755

Wow, when you google lolcow, "lolcow Ashley" is the second result. #sage.

Anyway, I have a question that I hope someone can answer with a medical background/degree. Why do people with EDs especially Ash, drink a lot of coffee? If Ash or other ED sufferers were to NOT drink coffee would they be at a higher risk to die? I'm trying to slowly figure out how Ash has stayed alive this long. (Don't worry Ash, I'm not spending all my time thinking about you staying alive. I just do it when I'm bored and like to make myself feel better that I'm not like you.)

No. 220761

Coffee suppresses appetite, is calorie-free (as long as there's no added sugar/milk), and makes the drinker feel like they have more energy. Of course, it's also very dangerous to people who are severely undernourished, but I don't think most anas are too concerned about that (or they wouldn't be starving themselves to begin with).

No. 220792

People with ED's also drink lots of iced coffee/iced beverages,the cold beverage boosts metabolism.

No. 220798

For the lazy-anons out there Loli-chan was using the family computer to cyber with "fans". She would obstruct the view of the monitor from her family while she was doing this since the computer was out in the open. This was all while she was underage too.

No. 220801


>I'm trying to slowly figure out how Ash has stayed alive this long.

People with personalities like her live solely off of hate.

No. 220804

But how? Hating is exhausting. I would be dead.

No. 220807

It's different for cockroach-powered skeleton sacks. Cockroaches can more easily convert hate into useable energy that is capable of powering chairbeasts indefinitely.

No. 221004

I would love for you to gain weight, Ash. So that you could survive.

No. 221007

File: 1452362962386.jpg (272.92 KB, 529x506, okash.jpg)

Caption: I just want this year to end, tbh.

No. 221014

She's looks so much like her mom in this pic

No. 221019


it's not halloween yet

No. 221032


She draws those eyebrows on, so she has a choice: put them on her face like a normal person, or tilt them down to the sides for maximum sad effect.

Everything about her is so manipulative & contrived.

No. 221033

I wonder how she gets her selfies without shaking and blurring them to shit.

No. 221039

You sure they're drawn on? Thought they were (shittily) tattooed

No. 221040

Looks like a crappy tattoo to me as well.

No. 221053

Really? Could you post a pic of her mom? I'm curious

No. 221054

Sorry, my post was misdirected, was meant for >>221014

No. 221055

No. 221063

That's a general pic of her but I think the best one is the one where they are at Cheesecake Factory celebrating Mother's Day….at you know, the place where she gets so ~triggered~ But has the audacity to beg for gift cards for there

No. 221067

This one?


[Sorry, my comp has an issue with right clicking and saving photos]

No. 221070

Yessss anon.
Now that I think about it, I conjure up the skeletal image of her father (definitely due to drugs) and see how she is an even blend of the two.

No. 221075

Daddy has never been posted

No. 221079


Yes he has, she posted a pic of the 2 of them together when she was younger

No. 221080

>correction– I look cute.
I guess so, if looking dead is cute.

No. 221111

Ah! You're right, anon. I thought you meant there was another, more recent photo.

No. 221143

bless you, anon

No. 221144

samefagging but do you reckon daddy getting to close might be the reason she's so fucked ? this probably has been discussed on other threads but i cbf to go back through them all

No. 221157


Maybe but I think it's mostly her mom that fucked her up.

No. 221159

hmm….. ashley?!

No. 221241

She is still alive?!!!!!!

No. 221244

What is dead may never die.

No. 221255

>correction– I look cute.

What a fucking shitrat. I can't imagine how cruel Ash is to her mother at home.

No. 221266


Jesus tapdancing christ, you're right.

I don't even know the woman and I feel pretty terrible for her.

Seriously, what is Ash actually doing with her life other than spewing bile and making people miserable? Fucking pathetic.

No. 221267

No, it's her personality and poor life decisions that fucked her up.


No. 221271

File: 1452468688997.jpg (107.69 KB, 999x607, daddyo.jpg)


There ya go.

No. 221279

Stfu Ashley. You know it's the absence of your father that made you crawl into the arms of strange men. You know you blamed your poor mother for being the one that "pushed" your dad out of the picture….even though he apparently beat her while pregnant with you.

No. 221280

She really has a strong resemblance to her dad. They almost have the same face.

No. 221281

I wonder what it would feel like to punch a skeleton in the face.

No. 221285


That was me and I'm not Ashley and I'm not defending her. Obviously, her bad choices, idiocy, and bitchiness fucked her life up. I was just saying that based on what she has told us (which is probably lies), her mom seems worse (to her, at least). She constantly bitches about her mom and I haven't see her mention her dad anywhere except >>221271, I assume she hates her mom more and blames her for her eating disorder.

No. 221289

>even though he apparently beat her while pregnant with you

woah, when did she mention that?

No. 221297

Multiple stuff has been brought up in earlier threads about her early life with mom and dad. No idea what's true and what's real you never know with how Ash loves act really manipulative and play around with words. Id say 5% of the things she says about herself are true. The rest purely exaggerated.

No. 221299

Her mom seems worse to her because she was the only one around. Her dad bailed out so she doesn't have any recollection of him. Of course she's gonna blame it on the only person in her life.

No. 221301

I agree. I take everything Ash says with a grain of salt. You really can't believe anything she says.

No. 221312

Her father kind of looks like Heath Ledger.

No. 221360

it's fucking uncanny

No. 221367

He really kind of doesn't.

No. 221437

File: 1452544181116.png (31.82 KB, 303x334, jackie.png)

Poor Jackie.

No. 221442

Well damn, that's terrible. Jackie didn't deserve to get taken advantage of.

No. 221444

There's more you didn't include.

"i_miss_lacey_2009@never2old2recover I just don't know who my true friends are, that actually want to be in my life, and those who only want to be in it for a brief time, Ashley @ghost.in.my.pocket wiped me out of so much money, I tried so hard to help her recover , she only wanted me to be her friend , and nobody else's"

No. 221448

This is probably exactly how Becky feels about Ash-chan too.

No. 221460

Who is Becky?

No. 221481

Ash's mom Rebecca.

No. 221482

Never heard of her referred to as Becky before, lol. But that poster is right. What Ash does to other people is no different than what her mom has to go through.

No. 221484


Fuck me!

I like Jackie. I often want to get in touch with her and be nice to her.

> I tried so hard to help her recover , she only wanted me to be her friend , and nobody else's

It's obvious this is how Ash operates. The thing about when she sperged out because Erika had to drive home and she was all OMG SOMEONE WAS WATCHING ME/STALKING ME AND YOU LEFT ME ALONE!!!11 was all because she wanted to keep Erika for herself.

People are NOT possessions, Ashley.

Fuck, when you think you've heard it all and Ash couldn't be more disgusting there's MORE.

No. 221487

Jackie is way too innocent. That other person is manipulating her too.

>I'm your friend at least

Sure you are.

No. 221519

Wait, what's wrong with never2old2recover? I think she's participated in the boards before, but I don't remember any drama about her.

No. 221531

I'm pretty sure she's a farmer, but idk anything about her either. Maybe anon took issue with the phrasing.
>I'm your friend at least
could be interpreted in a manipulative light, if you're seeing it as her way of implying that nobody likes Jackie but her. That's a little reaching imo, but maybe i don't know the whole story.

No. 221534

>he wanted little to do with me

gee I wonder why
just look at how do you treat your mother, Ash.

No. 221549

I have no idea who she is tbh (nor do I really care), I just found that comment a bit odd.

>Trust me, Jackie, you can trust me.

No. 221559

I'm sure she posted stuff on aly's IG (not trolling, just pointing out the truth).

No. 221562

She probably is milking Jackie for answers and dramu, but look how quickly we've lapped it up.

No. 221572

Jackie seems really harmless. And the only reason she's been brought up was because of Ashley. On her own, Jackie doesn't seem like a lolcow.

No. 221573

I would donate to a gofundme or indegogo if she would just did like the one woman did and go to the treatment facility in South America(?) I cant remember the details but she was near Ashley's BMI and picked out a place in another country specifically for how they dealt with re feeding syndrome, came back and made the news for how healthy she had grown and is now an advocate for ED stuff. If Ash would just fucking go I wouldn't mind helping supporting it.

No. 221574

Ahhh, Rachel Farrokh. Wasn't the center she went to sketchy?

No. 221575

I mean >>221573

No. 221577

Also, I miss Erika's crazy ass. She provided so much lulz, moreso than Ash.

No. 221578

not sure, having trouble finding information on it

No. 221590

It was in Portugal and the dr who helped her was Dr. Miguel Duarte.

No. 221591

This is a long but interesting read about Rachael. I don't know how reliable it is, though.


No. 221600

Jackie is really sweet. She also has insider information about Ash. Jackie, if you're reading this, we're not laughing at you. We're laughing at Ashley.

No. 221603

Jackie reminds me of a lost little kid. I can't fault Jackie for wanting to be friends with Ash. I know the rule is not to intervene with lolcows but IDK, it doesn't seem right to let people get taken advantage of.

No. 221606

And I would totes donate money to Jackie for getting ripped off by Ash because I am sure Jackie didn't know any better.

No. 221609

Convenient how Jackie doesn't mention hat Ashley spent equal amounts, if not more on her in return gifts. I will not let someone be seen as innocent, when they are not.

No. 221613

Hi Ashley you piece of shit

No. 221616

Jackie does have a bit of a victim complex herself.

No. 221617

Oh really Trashley? How could you spend that much if you're always ebegging for shit? Always complaining that your mum would rather go out to a bar than buy groceries for you to purge. Always begging for panera gift cards and shit. You know you took advantage of that woman, just like to take advantage of all your "friends."

No. 221618

Prove it then.

No. 221619

And yet you always play the victim. Take your own advice.

No. 221620


But doesn't have money for food. Right.

No. 221621

Bahahaha you're such a joke. You can never prove anything but want everyone to drink your bullshit flavored kool aid.

No. 221626

Ash, you know your mom controls your SSI for the most part. All those Dollar Store gifts for your IG giveaways? You're in no position to splash out on others.

At best Jackie got a pack of Lisa Frank stickers and strong whiff of your puke breath.

No. 221639

Pretty sure her mom had no control over it. Have you seen the amount of money this bitch spends on Crappy ass shit? And then still has the audacity to spend on shit she purges?

No. 221640

File: 1452637944423.gif (1021.16 KB, 200x113, 1415554682210.gif)


So, guys, do you think Ash will ever learn how to sage?

No. 221641

You could at least try not to be so fucking obvious, but I guess you don't have the brainpower for my any more.

No. 221644

Kek as if she ever did.

No. 221646

I've never wanted to fight a skeleton so much.

Ash's mom must have practically zero self-esteem. Her shitty daughter blames everything on her, but stills has the shrivelled balls to demand to be taken out and bought things, and then insults and belittles mom when she's trying to have even a little bit of positivity.

Fuck you, Ashley. I hope your vomitchair swallows you and no one hears your screams.

No. 221659

If Jackie has a cognitive or developmental disability then taking advantage of her or manipulating her for her own gain was straight up abusive. No matter how pitiful Ash makes herself look she's a manipulative psycho.
Rebecca should put her in a care facility and try to salvage some kind of a life.

No. 221663

The consensus was that Jackie was a little mentally slow, which makes the situation a hundred times worse. That's a new low, evne for Ash. I guess she's hellbent on using people until the day she dies.

I wonder what Rebecca thinks of her daughter.

No. 221664

Rebecca probably tries not to think about her at all. I know I would.

No. 221665

It's hard to ignore a screeching skeleton that clogs up the toilet and demands to be driven everywhere.

No. 221668

Tbh I'd love to send Rebecca anon links to care facilities and hospices in the area if only in the hopes that ash sees them on her computer and freaks the fuck out.

No. 221672

I don't know how it is in the US but in Canada Ash would totally qualify to live in a long term care facility.. aka a nursing home where most residents are over the age of 80. At least her poor mother could finally have peace and attempt to rebuild her life.

No. 221674

I feel so sorry for Rebecca. Can you imagine being abused by Ashley's father and raising this child alone, only to have her grow up to spit hatred back in Rebecca's face? No matter what anyone says, we will never truly know the full story, but the entire situation is so depressing to me. I come here to read up and see if she's even still alive.
I know she's a hateful being, but I can't even fathom what type of feelings you could possibly hold inside to be such a bitch day after day. I drink the milk just like the rest of us, but it's a sad situation all around and it saddens me to see things like >>221055. Sometimes I wonder if Ashley just wants to kill herself but is too chicken, so she maintains and instead spreads her hatred all around since that's all she feels inside.

TL;DR The life of this cow and those around her must be unbearably depressing.

No. 221684

I remember at some point in one of the threads, it was brought up how she had a fear of pooping and that when she was inspected by the doctor there were signs of trauma? I forget how young, but I wanna say like 5.

No. 221686

Like 2 or 3 but I'd put my money on 2 because I remember seeing that on her sns (forget if insta or tumblr) and being like wtf…2!

No. 221690

Hey Trashley - If your mom has an Amazon wishlist, please share the link so I can buy something nice for her! I'm sure she deserves it.


I hope this is the year, farmers.

No. 221694

Isn't Peggy Claude-Pierre a part of that clinic? That alone would make it shady. But hey, Rachel's doing better, so.

No. 221868

I hope Jackie doesn't read lolcow.

No. 221872

That's what I gathered as well. But I guess if Rachael can improve, there might be hope for Ash IF that is what she wanted, which she doesnt.

No. 221873

Aww yeah, I think it would upset her and she might get the idea we don't like her. Which isn't the case.

No. 221875

Im sure she is eligible for a skilled nursing facility or nursing home already.

And Ash goes on and on about her poor, horrible mother and her poor, horrible life yet Rebecca hasn't kicked Ash out or sent her away.

No. 222040

Her sister mentioned lolcow when she commented what a cunt Ashley is on Ash's ig, so Jackie probably knows.

It was good to hear that Rebecca left the whiny bitch at home over Christmas while she went away. About time she had some respite.

No. 222043


I'm glad nobody is letting Ash drag them down with her. I'm pretty sure that's her only goal anymore. She doesn't want to get better, she just wants to bring people down to her level.

No. 222060

What about Secret Livez? Pretty sure she's deep in her ashhole.

No. 222072


No she's not and never has been

No. 222077

Yes she is and has been for a while?

No. 222079


I am NOT and NEVER have been up her asshole. I've seen her a couple times, yes. I've seen lots of ppl. Doesn't put me up their assholes either. This is a dead topic anon

No. 222083

No. 222084

I was using a figure of speech, honeybird. I didn't mean that you'd literally traveled to the inside of her anus. Clam down.

No. 222085


No, I know. I don't want to be associated with the whole Jackie, Erika circle and mental drama

No. 222087

I'm too drunk to know if this is bullshit but either way, it's hilarious.

No. 222089

You don't want to be, but you will because Trashley always tries to manipulate potential friends and then fucks them over. Everyone has had the same fate.
When so many people disappear just to keep their own sanity intact, do you really have to ever wonder why this bitch is "lonely"?

No. 222090

Don't care WHAT you THINK, STOP associating my name with this group. It's that simple

No. 222091

Stop licking Trashley's asshole then?

No. 222092

Don't ever fucking reply to me again unless you're contributing to the thread

No. 222094

You have serious issues annon! Maybe you should check out AA and Anger Management Therapy

No. 222095

Isn't AA alcoholics anon? Is this bitch an alchy? Lel

No. 222096

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm shaking in my vomit filled boots.

No. 222097


No I don't wonder why and I'm well aware but as I said it's been taken care of

No. 222098

>taken care of

Holy shit, this bitch killed Ashley!

No. 222099

No. 222103

Why are you such a shitty friend? All Ash wants is a BFF.

No. 222104

>ig name is "secret_livez"
>no personal identifiers anywhere
>STOP associating my NAME with this group

you literally have no name. what, are you scared of your fellow anas finding you here?

No. 222109

Why? You think you're better than Erika and Jackie? Because let me tell you, you're not.

No. 222110


KEK! Yes, YES I do

No. 222111

What I want to know is how it took you less than an hour to realize you'd been mentioned here. Do you lurk? Do you post horrid things about your supposed "friend"?

No. 222114


Anon, I've been mentioned before and was once again notified by others I was mentioned now. Don't be such a dumbass. You know how it works

No. 222116

Haha! Of course you were. Was it Ember?

No. 222118


Wouldn't it be nice if I gave you that answer and all my Ashley milky secrets too? Sorry farmer, you don't place nice kek

No. 222121

It's ok, I know who it was anyway and she'll get what's coming to her soon enough.

No. 222134

What does Ash smell like? Can you even smell her over the stench of your own bulimia breath?

No. 222139

KEK! I'm not bulimic you tell me

No. 222140

Please stop saying "kek".

No. 222146

No. 222203

I don't understand what's going on completely because I'm so tired, but thank you for reviving the discussion in this thread to produce actual lols.

Also, in b4 Ashley.

No. 222205

Whatever happened to Erika?

No. 222206

Stop trying to divert the attention away from yourself, Secret Livez

No. 222236

Anon literally contributed more to the thread than you did lol

No. 222306

learn how to sage retard

No. 222308

File: 1452893564749.jpeg (82.85 KB, 989x624, image.jpeg)

Check out Trashley's latest self ask!

Poor creature still hasn't grasped the concept of subtlety.

No. 222322

Too bad she wrote it herself

No. 222323

Sorry, no. I should stop sending anon messages altogether since they're always claimed as self asks! Anyway, i meant what i wrote to ash. lolcow is getting painfully embarrassing, not cause of the "cows" alone though. sorry fellas

No. 222324

im not stupid! ashley is a saint!

No. 222325

Find somewhere else to go then.

No. 222329

Well howdy there Ash!

No. 222330


but like. you're wrong. I'm sorry. I am so sorry that you're so wrong with what you sent to Ashley. It's honestly embarrassing how wrong you are, and I'm kind of upset for you and hope you realize how wrong you are so you never do this again. I am just so sorry, for you. I guess, you don't like fucking read this thread correctly and need the skill of actually understanding what we are saying.

The cycle of being friends with Ash, is just an old cycle that's been happening since she got her threads on here. Ash, fucking abuses her friends. Yes, abuses them. She mistreats, uses, bullies, and does a whole lot of other shit to them. I mean it is honestly pathetic. No other words to describe it. These people out of their own heart and kindness come into Ash's life, and try to bring her happiness and joy. How the fuck do you bring that into Ash's life though? Have you not read her posts? She let's a fucking eating disorder and other mental disorder(s) dictate her life. She let's her eating disorder and mental disorder(s) define her meaning of existence. It's sad. Because, eating disorders are curable. (GASP?!?! WHAT THEY ARE?!?!) Why, yes they are. A simple google search can tell you how and show you living proof of people who overcame it. Ash, doesn't want help and she wants to be miserable/depressed/sad. (Sorry, Ashly-cakes yuh do). I mean I would love to be friends with Ash, but I don't have time for her to go purge after we eat $70 of Japanese food together. I mean doesn't purging take like a lot of time, but she's probably an expert can set a world record wtf do I know. Plus, why do I want to sit around and watch one of my friends die and abuse themselves. (Yes, Ash abuses herself I'm sorry to inform all of you who think Ash is a saint, but Ash abuses herself by simply existing. Not seeking treatment when people are literally screaming and yelling at you on here and tumblr that you need to is kind of abusing yourself. Especially, when it's obvious Ash sees how worst she is getting. Can she get any worst though. Lol, sorry for my long parentheses). Anyway, so these people come into Ash's life with GOOD INTENTIONS. I'm sure the conversations they have will eventually lead to them asking, Ash to get help. (I mean you'd have to be fucking blind not to realize unhealthy, Ash is.) Ash, of course probably freaks out and throws a tantrum. (Sad, for a 25 yr old WOMAN… who acts like a 8 yr old girl to throw a tantrum. Okay, I need to stop with the parentheses I sorry.) Then, she probably cuts them off and starts stirring shit up about them on her social media accounts. Making herself look like the fucking Pope himself….. but honestly…… no one's believing it. I mean after the first time it was probably like, yeah, alright, fuck them Ash fuck them! Then, after it happens a few more times we were all like, uhhh…… maybe it's Ash's fault for not being able to hold a steady friendship?? >.> Am I right or am I right?

I mean no one wants to watch their friend die. No one wants to see their friend in pain. These people came to her! Out of their own free will! Not judging her for her skelly appearance!!! They did. Then, Ash fucking shits on them and let's them go. Then, they will post about how horrible Ash can be, and Ash of course thinks she's Mother Teresa and a victim to everything so she's gotta blast them back 1000% worse with lies and other fable shit. I mean, she isn't fooling no one anymore. We see through you guys. So Secret_livez/Ash's new victim (I mean friend) I pray for you. (Though, I think you have an ED like Ash so I'm praying extra hard for you). To see the light. I know you'll eventually ask Ash, to get help. Because you don't want to see your best friend fucking die, do you? I just hope you understand it will end badly. To this new anon defending Ash. Use energy to go help people at an eating disorder clinic or somewhere else with people who are honestly looking into getting better. Don't waste it being on here trying to convince us – because we know the truth about her. Ash, is an open book – left open by mistake for the world to see. You just choose to see something else.

I want Ash to get better and have friends, but this girl has let her words and whatever else effect her past the point of her wanting recovery. It's a ticking time bomb to death. It's sad. Because, people always try to come into Ash's life one way or another, but it always ends bad. The only person who can put up with it is Rebecca. #FreeRebecca2k16. I doubt she'll put up with it much longer. (Please, don't yell at your mom tonight Ash when she gets off. Give her a fucking break.)

Okay, alright I'm done typing all this. I honestly was just bored as hell and needed something to do while my phone was charging lol. Sorry, for the long semi-essay, y'all. I use parentheses way too damn much. I need to stop. I honestly don't even know what I wrote makes sense I zoned out so many times. Ahh, being bored and waiting to go out at night and see your friends. No, shade. I mean I got the friends who recovered from their ED and go out at night and not locked in their apartment all fucking day and night. BUT HEY what do we know, right? We just live outside in the real world unlike some people. Fuck tumblr. Okay, I am honestly done now. Excuse me if this wasn't relevant. Bye.

No. 222336


Thank you! Well said! Nobody seems to mention the real relationship between Rebecca and Ashley as a scam team and not the victims everyone places either of them to be

No. 222337

Secret Livez deleted the post where she said she didn't want to be associated with Erika and Jackie but none of her other posts. This has nothing to do with Ashley. She legitimately does think she's better than them.

No. 222340

Only posting once. Then leave me alone.
I'm not associating with ANY of the 3! They're all adults acting like they're in grade school imo. YES I know what Erica is doing right now and I don't agree with her scamming ppl out of money with several false accounts which were proven, NO it's nothing personal to Jackie she just needs to let it go, NO I'm not Ashleys bff ..YES most of the info you have on Ashley is pathetically wrong but whatever..keep grasping at straws. NO I don't plan to see her anymore..Anything else?

No. 222341

not being mean but you are a really confusing individual.

No. 222342

Why, what do you need clarified?

No. 222345

Wait, was is Erika up to these days? more gofundmes or something?

No. 222347

The way that ash lies and manipulates people makes me severely doubt that you know fuck all about her. Do you really think you're that special that she'd be real with you?

No. 222348

She's off all social media but she's still taking advantage of ppl that she pulled in close while she was on ig

No. 222349


LOL I honestly don't care what you think.. Ashley and I know the truth and I also have the text proof you crave

No. 222350

Wait what

No. 222351

Then why the fuck don't you post your "proof" instead of yammering on about how wrong we are?? Put up or fuck off for gods sake!

No. 222354

agreed, i feel like we are being trolled.

No. 222355


Cos of CUNTS like YOU who are no better than her!

No. 222356


No. 222357

Oooooh, the old "I'm right and I can prove it, but ya'll are such big mean poopie heads that I won't!" story.

You are full of shit.

No. 222358


that made no sense….. what. are you just fucking with us?

No. 222359

Can you provide proof? Erika is a very screwed up person and I could see her still trying to do it, but I'd also like to see proof before I fully believe that.

No. 222360

Have you ever thought about not being an asshole and maybe you'd get what you want? Instead you act just like the person you trash. Makes you her EQUAL! Good luck with that and playing the same immature games as them. Cya

No. 222364

Will you visit your friend in hospice? She likes Olive Garden gift cards and cheap plastic toys as you know.

No. 222371

And nobody cares what you think you insufferable cunt. Literally nobody cares what you have to say without proof. Now go worship Trashley at her chair grave.

No. 222377


>>*~I'm only posting once~*

>>continues to post 21938 times
cow confirmed

Jesus, woman, you are 39 years old, and you act like this?

No. 222380

File: 1452915733239.jpeg (37.94 KB, 336x406, image.jpeg)

Well, bye-bye sugar! And not a minute too soon…,

No. 222403

She isn't"off all social media". Idk if this is someone trolling, but I'll be waiting (not too long) until Ashley pisses all over secret_livez so I can do the smug We Told You So face thing.

No. 222443

Holy fuck you are no better than any if these girls. You're pulling the same bullshit that Ashley does. "I can prove I'm right but I won't out of sheer stubbornness!"

Wait, she does the two-dot ellipsis just like Ashley too. Is this Ashley pretending to be secret livez?

No. 222461

File: 1452966805746.jpg (115.38 KB, 1024x1046, 1451018026778.jpg)


ayy lmao this powdered milk just got tastier.

No. 222463

No. 222467

when you have pizza on a bagel
You can have pizza anytime ??

No. 222474

And this is?

No. 222534

File: 1452989995248.jpg (198.5 KB, 524x840, IMG_20160116_181844.jpg)

Nobody taking credit?

No. 222536

>>"tamagotchi friends"
>>only actual friend

No. 222540


Daaaaaaamnnn!!! that hurt me a bit!

No. 222541

How the fuck did these things become a fad again? They were dull af the first time around.

How long until she casts it aside for being too needy and she feels like its carer? It won't buy you binge food, Ashley.

I'd those pixels have any sense her "friend" will an hero after only one poop pile.

No. 222543

>How the fuck did these things become a fad again?

90s nostalgia

No. 222546

What can I say? I saw the opportunity for a joke and took it.

No. 222581

>That other person is manipulating her too.

uh what? the fuck i am. I'm nice to everyone until they give me a reason not to be, and even then, I'm usually too tired or just don't care enough to be that much of a bitch. Obviously you misinterpreted something.

No. 222584

File: 1453003781882.png (288.89 KB, 620x372, e4a829e2-502a-42d4-898f-f31694…)

go away, fag

No. 222600

because some anon said so? sure, ok. ill get right on that.

No. 222611


Well guys, how long until the vomit demon dies? Is this year the last? Or is her hatred enough to fuel her "life" eternally?

No. 222612

She is alive out of spite, I'm sure if she didn't have social media and this site to keep herself engaged she'd have no brain function at all.

No. 222613

'Vomit demon' is pretty harsh,
and thats a pretty fucked question

No. 222619

File: 1453012065387.jpg (36.79 KB, 545x353, image.jpg)

You must be new.

No. 222629

No, "vomit demon" is pretty accurate.
And also no, that's a pretty reasonable question, considering how shocking it is that she's made it this long. She's the living dead at this point, so of course we're all going to wonder when she's going to be just dead.

No. 222632

She should moonlight as an extra for zombie/horror films so she can have some extra cash for pukey-pity-parties.

No. 222654

man I saw this as "puke parties" and got all excited

No. 222674

That's hard to say. Sometimes, it's the stubborn people that live the longest. My grandma was a terrible woman and she smoked, but she lived to be 87.

No. 222675

I remember her talking to some bulimic on Instagram who had just relapsed that they should form a binge club. I think the post is around the old threads but Ash's dream friend is someone she can kill herself with and have puke parties.

No. 222718

wow. you're probably the one who should leave.
How many times, and over how many years, has that same exact question been asked? and she's still alive. be funny or shut up.

No. 222725

I could've misinterpreted something, sure. I hope I did.

No. 222763

i promise, i have no desire to hurt or use jackie. I'm quiet 99% of the time, but as a social worker, its really hard for me to stay silent when i see someone vulnerable being taken advantage of.
i know i can't do much, but if she just wants a friend to talk to, id much rather it be me than ash.
i didn't realize how bad it was until she gave me those dollar amounts, that made me sad/mad, but at least they've cut ties now. (i hope it stays that way).

I'm really tempted to show ash's IG to my clinical supervisor at work. Idk how i'd explain how i know of her, but i want to know why/how she's not involuntarily hospitalized (duh, we all want to know that). We hospitalize people against their will in much less extreme situations here in NY, so wtf?
i think its because the majority of involuntary admissions are for psychotic disorders, like schizophrenia, psychotic disorder NOS, etc. the patients are considered "psychotic" and "lacking the capacity and insight needed" to understand their situation, or make appropriate choices regarding their care. But EDs are often seen as a choice, at least on some level, and if the patient is able to explain that they understand their situation and the consequences of not accepting treatment, its hard to say they "lack capacity".
ok, sorry for the rant, i've just been thinking about that for a bit. ill go back to my laundry and lurking now.

No. 222771

>involuntarily hospitalized

The basic answer is that Florida is really lax about this sort of thing. Even if she posed a physical threat to others it would take a miracle of red tapey ducks arranging themselves in a perfect row for anything to happen.

No. 222773

>Florida is really lax about this sort of thing.

see that confuses me because it seems like its pretty easy to Baker Act someone in FL. I know that only lasts for 72 hours, but a doctor should have no problem getting a judge to court order her to treatment in those 72 hours.

No. 222776

Please do show it to your supervisor. I really want to know why no one will help her.

No. 222777

I got that impression as well, that getting Baker Acted is pretty easy to do.

Plus Ash's so called therapist/psych could involuntarily commit her.

No. 222779

Hey, how about you like.. Read older threads and realize that you shouldn't just think 'calling someone' on her is going to miraculously fix everything? Stop trying to quench your thirst for control. It's her life, why do you keep obsessing over it? Sage because she just needs to me moved to snowflakes ffs

No. 222780

Hi Ash

she doesn't have one

No. 222782

That's why I said "so called" :P

No. 222783

So what's the deal with secret livez?
Did she leave Trashley and not the other way around?

No. 222784

File: 1453063244158.jpeg (24.81 KB, 356x437, 1449165976977.jpeg)


>Sage because she just needs to me moved to snowflakes ffs


Oh, Ash. When will you learn to sage?

No. 222793

Has anyone ever contacted Ashley's mum on facebook?

No. 222795


They're a team reliant on each other

No. 222796

>how about you like.. Read older threads
>you shouldn't just think 'calling someone' on her is >going to miraculously fix everything?

I've read every thread, and i never said i was going to "call someone", i just don't understand how it was allowed to get this far. Does FL not have mobile crisis units? ACT teams? (assertive community treatment), AOT/OPC orders? (court ordered assisted outpatient treatment/outpatient commitment). or is it that nobody actually cares enough to call them for her/you. Note I said for you, not on you.
And i don't think anything is going to "miraculously fix" ash/you, either.

No. 222797


Anon they have been called by fellow farmers

No. 222798

i know APS has been called, but maybe they are too overwhelmed considering how many elderly people are in FL, and its probably not the type of call they're used to. The Dept of mental health, or whatever FL calls it, might actually respond.
But no worries ash, I'm not calling anyone on you. i make enough calls.

No. 222799

basically when i want to get shit done, and I'm dealing with gov't agencies, if 1 doesn't do their job, i'll call another. If APS didn't follow up, mobile crisis can, or an ACT team will.
Fortunately or unfortunately, ash is not on my caseload, i guess it depends how you look at it.

No. 222801

FL has piss poor social services or so I've heard.

Honestly I'm not convinced Ashley's problem is solely ED. I've wondered if maybe she has some sort of medical condition causing malabsorption/physical wasting and she's using the ED angle to gain notoriety??

There's always been something about her situation that just doesn't add up, so that's my conspiracy theory for the day. It's hard to believe that no one in this girl's life will get her inpatient and onto a feeding tube. additionally, most ED girls I know love the attention and sympathy they get from being in hospital/on tubes. Just look at jnstagram….they plaster that shit all over it. Idk. Something is just way off. If anyone has any other theories I'm all ears.

No. 222805

who even sends her gifts?

No. 222807

a Baker Act done by law enforcement lasts UP TO 3 days. I've ba52d suicidal people and they're back out before I get off shift. Doctors are even less likely to ba52 people unless they end up in the hospital of their own accord. So unless she's seeing a doctor, she's not going to get involuntarily committed because Rebecca sure ain't gonna fill out the court paperwork for an exparte… As a side note, Floridas DCF is so overworked and busy, its a joke. So while Ashley may need help, she's never gonna seek it, so she's never gonna get it. She's so perfectly happy being a miserable fuckwad.

No. 222808


Ash, quit jerking yourself off. Nobody wants to 'call anyone on you'. We all know you'll never get better. Nobody gives a shit anymore because we all know you're as good as dead.

It would be nice if you somehow managed to maintain a healthy weight, got a job and learned to develop and maintain healthy, stable relationships, but you can't be bothered putting in the effort. You'd rather bitch and whine and play the victim until you eventually rot away.

The only benefit of getting you into some kind of care would be that your poor mother wouldn't have to put up with you anymore.

No. 222811

Maybe you should be funny or shut up :^) because you're not doing either or them, pukelord.

Yes, we know that we've tried to get Trashley help before. She still needs help. Even admin himself says she should stay on pt.

No. 222813


Why would she when they both rely on each other? It's a sick, twisted relationship

No. 222818

>they both rely on each other?

it will be interesting to see, when Ash does die, if Rebecca can still afford to live where she does. If she can't, she was collecting disability $$ from Ash. Or maybe she'll finally be free to move in with a guy and won't need that apt anymore.

>I'm not convinced Ashley's problem is solely ED.
>Something is just way off.

i've always thought the same, something just does not add up/make sense. Though if you starve and puke for long enough, your body might not be able to absorb nutrients properly, which is why i think the palliative care theory is plausible. I don't think we'll ever really know the truth.
Hey Ash, since you're responding tonight, what do you want to be remembered for most?? or do you want to be immediately forgotten? Have you and mom discussed what you want for/on a gravestone? I'm not being sarcastic at all. If i was as close to death as you are, I would make my wishes for my funeral and gravestone known.

No. 222820


she doesn't get disability they both rely on money from others

No. 222824

how can you prove that? and Rebecca may rely on others for money, but she also has a job, something Ash will probably never understand.

No. 222826

agree Rebecca has a job(s) she's not as innocent as you anons make her sound

No. 222829

>>222826 As a side note, how long has ashley had her ed and been this gross? rebecca should have been investigated for child neglect at some point. failing to care for your children when they are that ill could fall under the statute kek

No. 222833

No. 222867

Aside from forcing her to go in to inpatient what could she do. She can't make Ashley eat. It's like a rebellious that keeps skipping school the parents can drop the kid off but if the child can still ditch. After a while of this happening the parents can get fined or jailed.

No. 222868

Ash went inpatient at least once, when her mom found out she was hamtaro-chan and sending underage nudes. Ash tried to kill herself afterward and went inpatient for a bit.

No. 222875

Tbh if she lived where I live, she'd first be sectioned by the ER and be held for three months. If she filed a complaint it would get reviewed by a mental health board and they'd reject the complaint and keep her there. If she wouldn't eat, they'd tubefeed her. They'd keep her on one on one for long periods of time if she tried to tamper with the tube or purge. Then if she wasn't getting better after three months they'd continue to keep her and review her case every three months up to a year. If she filed multiple complaints and they continued to be rejected the case might go to court and she'd lose and continue with court mandated and involuntary treatment for so and so long. If she got out of the hospital, she'd continue to be on a treatment plan that stated that if she dropped below so and so weight, she'd be hospitalized, and if she dropped further, she'd be tubed again. Happened to a girl I was in psych with several years ago, and happened to me a couple of years later.

No. 222882

She sounds like a nightmare child.

No. 222919

She's going to throw it away soon just like her other friends. That thing cannot buy her binge food or kawaii trinkets.


apparently 90's is back

No. 223015

>rebecca should have been investigated for child neglect

are you new or are you ash? no she shouldn't have, ash was put in IP at about 17? after that, theres nothing else rebecca could do without getting guardianship over her, or reporting her as a disabled adult who can't care for herself in the community.

No. 223119

File: 1453161909178.png (456.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-18-19-02-36…)

says how much she lies and hates her
randomly on ig

>>then wants to go with her to lush

No. 223149

i'm pretty sure ash just sits by the tub watching the bathbombs fizz away instead of actually taking the bath.

No. 223155

I wonder if she's actually a lesbian, or if she could only con women into "dating" her

No. 223156

Because people born in the 2000s have nothing else to do, so they go back the 80s and 90s hoping for some kind of excitement.

No. 223158

someone of her severely low body weight would not be able to take a "normal" temperature bath. Hot water effects blood pressure and can cause even the most healthy of people to feel faint after a hot bath. She would have to take a lukewarm bath (if she can even handle that).

No. 223160

BDP in action.

No. 223164

Wasn't she born in 1990?

No. 223172

Yeah, but I think anon was just addressing why Tamagotchis became a thing again, which doesn't involve Ash.
But I don't agree. I think people from the 90s are in a weird era where they can see all of their old toys on the internet, and remember the carefree feeling of childhood, feel nostalgia, and want to try to regain that carefree feeling. Thus, old toys are brought back into fashion.

No. 223190

These chicks could be used to define borderline rn.

If hot water could give ash dangerous blood pressure, how long do you guys think its been since she bathed?

Could she still sweat?

What does she smell like?
I mean I know it would be vomit-based but how bad is it?

Does she have her own teeth or rotten stumps and dentures?

What's under that wig?

No. 223208

also the fact that she believes lotion and beauty products make you "fat"

No. 223213


I believr she smells like old people. You know, the smell that is somewhat "sweet" but yet revolting, some people have described it as the smell of lingering death as it comes from the old people's bodies giving up and (reeallly) slowly decomposing already.

No. 223223

No like an old attic full of furniture and things untouched for decades

No. 223234

Where did she shit talk McKenzie at?

No. 223240

I can answer for the teeth. She just has rotten stumps and gaps. As far as I can tell, they haven't given her dentures. When she opens her mouth in videos, you can see the hollowness indicating she has no side teeth. Her front teeth are extremely curved from purging.

No, it was the other way around.

No. 223241

That's not true. She mailed Ash gifts. She's never talked shit about her

No. 223247

You have no proof of her teeth tho.
Hell, I could come here and post she smells like cotton candy and that wouldn't make it tru.
Also >>223241 Mckenzie and ash haven't ever fought?? Once again, proof is nice

No. 223249

Proof of what?

No. 223258

Um have you not seen a video of her? Look closely, you will see.

No. 223260

It's also obvious in pictures when she smiles. Obviously her binging and purging has wrecked her teeth but lbr, Ash is not the pinnacle of health to begin with.

No. 223261

The fuck are you talking about? Whenever she opens her mouth, you can clearly see she's lost her top molars… even before she went total-skelly.

No. 223267

File: 1453224480286.jpg (97.52 KB, 1415x1061, teefs.jpg)

I was the anon who asked about Tamagotchis.

Yeah, it's weird to me that the 90s are a "thing" atm because I'm old and it seems like only a blink ago. Of all the decades though, the 90s were piss poor. Those tattoo choker plastic things, Tamagotchis, Furbys, awful films…

I imagine she smells of piss. Her kidneys must fail and she pees the recliner. The Ash lvl bulimic I know smells bad, but it something I can't place. I imagine it must be vomit and cheap soap. She pees her bed every night so there's a hint of ammonia.

No. 223268

Hi get the impression you guys want her to die

No. 223272

Trashley, no one wants you to die. YOU want to die.

No. 223273


look at pics and video or in person! she has the 4 in the front top zero in the back

>>223241 no Ash trash talks Mckenzie all the time. If I post proof then I might as not be an anon

No. 223274


it's very true!

No. 223275


I want her to hurry up and do whatever she's going to do. If she really doesn't want to recover and wants to die, this has to be the most melodramatic, drawn out suicide ever.

If she can recover, I wish she'd just stop fucking around and get to that.

Just fucking do something. This isn't life.

No. 223277

Never heard about the trash talking. Show proof or it didn't happen

No. 223278


She won't ever recover. That's not an option. She even wishes for other illnesses to plague her so she can get even further attention from her followers

No. 223279

I think you're right about that.
The thing with borderlines, she will never run out of ailments to claim and never run out of people/situations to blame.

No. 223280

No. 223281

File: 1453227155980.png (441.85 KB, 510x563, aerbreb.PNG)

No. 223284


Exactly. She calls herself a "spoonie" yet there's no way she uses the spoon theory since that would require putting an effort into recovery

No. 223286

she has a sugar daddy that sends her money and gifts

No. 223287


she'll return it like everything else and exchange it for a food gift card

No. 223288

No. I want her to stop treating vulnerable people like ATM machines/shit.

I don't even care if she chooses to rot or recover. I don't know Jackie or any of the other "friends" she's used, but nobody deserves to be treated the way she treats them just because she thinks that being on the verge of death excuses her from her shitty behaviour.

No. 223291


i heard secret lives had some nasty words with her and ended the friendship but she wont accept my request

No. 223292


i don't even think it's that. I think she believes as a person in general she is entitled to everyone owing her something and it's completely not acceptable that they don't. Being so thin is just an added bonus because she also gets the pity factor she craves and plays off of

No. 223293

Hello secret lives

No. 223297

Hello Ash!

No. 223298

File: 1453229336786.jpg (39.88 KB, 600x600, we told you so.jpg)


Her new minions never learn, do they.

No. 223299


reunion? kek

No. 223323

Ash is getting better mentally.

No. 223331


umm no you're not Ashley

No. 223363

File: 1453237779358.jpg (16.4 KB, 275x220, image.jpg)

Fucking wat
Ash you literally can't eat better mentally when you're this malnourished. You can't improve your brain until you feed it.

No. 223364

Get better. Not eat better.
But do eat better you crazy fucking bonelord.

No. 223378

LMAO, someone who doesn't see a doctor/therapist/health care professional cannot get better mentally. Nice try, Trashley!

No. 223379

Can we just take note that Ash still uses an AOL email address?

No. 223388

That email address is linked as HER MOTHERS on a search. Plot twist, Ashley really is mummified and Rebecca can't accept her daughter is dead.

No. 223392

Some reverse Norman bates shit. I'm into it except I'm pretty sure Rebecca would be more relieved that Trashley moved on and she doesn't have a vomit filled grave in her living room anymore.

No. 223393


prob cos she opened it when she was a minor. It's Ashley's personal email

No. 223394

It's so sad Rebecca's only 50. She's spent her late 30s/all 40s looking after Ash. Hasn't been able to have a proper relationship with a man, hasn't been able to see bands, hasn't been able to have a life.

Duh, I didn't think she'd need consent for an aol account. Sticking to her first email address is Ashley all over. She hasn't changed at. all.

No. 223395

File: 1453242701424.jpg (30.32 KB, 554x426, sass.jpg)

kek we all know what a liar she is

No. 223396

Remember when she denied that account was hers? Kind of wish she'd written more. This gap between hamchan and spoopy ash kinda fascinates me.

No. 223399


Joking right anon? Do you READ the posts or just new? Rebecca doesn't take care of Ashley. Christmas in Vegas, has a boyfriend

No. 223400

Okay, Ash.

No. 223401


I'm not Ashley

No. 223402


Count your blessings.

No. 223403


every day! lol

No. 223404

Good to hear rebecca's treating herself to vacations, new bewbs etc with her inheritence anyway.

No. 223406


She's got a man too. Personally I think she has a little sugar daddy on the side but I don't have proof

No. 223412

File: 1453244287043.jpg (57.74 KB, 314x438, image.jpg)

Grown daughter has tantrum because her mom has a boyfriend and took a holiday.

Wow, she's at an age when most people are getting degrees, getting married, having kids and buying homes, am her entire life is social media and hurting herself to punish her mother for not babying her.

No. 223415


Thing is she isn't punishing Rebecca. That's what Ashley wants us to think. They can't be without each other irl and can't go an hour without each other

No. 223416

Rebecca obviously can if she had fun away from Ashley at Christmas.

No. 223417

The emotional incest is strong.>>223415

No. 223418


They were calling each other constantly

No. 223419

Hmmm. Who dis be making claims without the proof?????
Fucking put up your proof then if your gonna keep bragging about it.

No. 223421

cough secret_livez cough

No. 223422

You can't always give visual proof idiot!


No. 223426


>>gonna keep bragging about it

I wasn't bragging just giving you facts

No. 223434

shut up Ashley! Why the fuck would I care if you deleted your email address?

No. 223435

File: 1453248076419.jpg (10.76 KB, 728x87, ash2.jpg)

Oh you did??? So you can lurk right Ash?

No. 223436

File: 1453248128158.jpg (21.3 KB, 759x91, ash7.jpg)

Right, NO WAY you're sneaky kek

You just get caught cos you suck at it

No. 223438

Gosh I have SO much info Ashley I can post here and I don't give TWO FUCKS about your SO CALLED CONSEQUENCES but YOU SHOULD since I have every text, email and photo we ever shared and that means every secret you regretted telling me can now be public! What your shit bitch! I'm NOT in the mood! Text me again!

No. 223439

Not Ash lol, I just witnessed the whole thing and that's the logical conclusion

No. 223440

the plot thickens…

No. 223441

Again not Ash I promise.

No. 223444

File: 1453248638977.jpg (10 KB, 275x173, image.jpg)

What is going on here

No. 223445


I don't even care! So tired of this shit! I can't give proof of things I saw, heard and was told in person. I'm so tired of being associated with this mess of a sad creature and tho I didn't get fucked over like the others THANKFULLY she's still managed to fuck me socially

No. 223447

Is Ash threatening you that consequences will never be the same?

No. 223451

No fucking clue, but it's juicy as hell.

No. 223452

I was responding to a post which is now DELETED

No. 223455

So give proof of some things by screenshot, then we'd also have reason to believe you about other claims about what you saw in person.

wtf did she do to you? are you okay?

No. 223456

Okay. Shitloads of posts were deleted. What did I miss?


No. 223457

I've given you her email, Imskinnybeautiful, a heads up she has a secret ig she's lurking on, you need more?

No. 223458

Right now the one I remember but don't see is where Ash said that secretlivez was busted and she deleted the atticusweirdo128 email address.

No. 223460

Why aren't you friends anymore?

No. 223461

I work in a forensic mortuary and perform autopsies. Severe anorexics smell like strong ammonia and a squirt of cheap perfume which is what decomposing bodies smell like. I've had a "fresh" one before (died in ICU, put in hospital morgue, transfered to my morgue, therefore no decomposition) so the smell would of been very close to what is was in life.

PS the Coroner will order an autopsy an Ash when she dies (unless the US law is vastly different) as they need to determine what she died from be it renal failure, infarction, seizure etc. Anorexia is never a cause of death medically speaking.

No. 223463

File: 1453249511396.gif (647.7 KB, 500x275, yup.gif)


No. 223464


That's the one >>223438 was in response to

got tired of her 2 year old baby tantrums

No. 223466

Well they only order an autopsy if either their are suspicious circumstances or the family request one. That being said the family can request an autopsy not be preformed or if Ash has a living will that specifies that she doesn't want one done then it'll most likely be upheld.

No. 223467

Autopsies in America are only done under suspicious circumstances. Also sometimes the family won't consent to one for religious or personal reasons.

No. 223468

Oh? Do tell.

No. 223470

I don't know how you do it. It would freak me out to work with dead people, especially children.

No. 223471

I'm not kenzie

No. 223472

File: 1453250855985.jpg (145.36 KB, 700x500, 1453091025247.jpg)

Who is this? What posts were deleted? What's going on?

God dammit, now I smell old people.

No. 223474

i'm worried about secret_livez now tbh. what the fuck is going in here?

No. 223476


go fuck yourself

No. 223477

If you post Ashley's texts here that makes you an untrustworthy bully. What kind of sick freak does that?

No. 223478

My boyfriend went into an apprenticeship at a funeral directors after leaving school, but had to give it up because he couldn't deal with the children.

Sage for OT, but moar of this plz

No. 223480

I think that person would be doing an excellent service to the whole world community tbh.

No. 223481

She could put Ashley in the hospital. That's how bad it would stress her out.

No. 223483

So? What she does to herself every second of the day WILL put her in her grave.

No. 223484

Hi Ashley. Maybe you shouldn't be a triple A cunt to people and you wouldn't worry about people selling you out?

Again, if she weren't such a nasty chair skelly she wouldn't push people from friends -→ enemies so constantly, frequently, and effectively. She does it to herself. She deserves it.

No. 223485


Really? Thanks for standing up for poor Ashley. I'm sure she will get through it since she's TEXTING ME NOW bitch!

No. 223486

Do it. Maybe Ashley will learn a lesson and stop being a giant pile of shit to people and her "friends".

No. 223488


>223435 had an email Ash sent, and the rest were just weird, "I have so much shit to say, I have every email and text saved!"

I haven't refreshed my browser, so I can still get all the pictures, kek.

No. 223489

File: 1453252135342.jpg (42.92 KB, 739x223, Untitled.jpg)


No. 223490

what would ashley know about being better than anything lol

No. 223491

Just stop. This is so nasty.

No. 223492

>untrustworthy bully
>backstabs imskinnybeautiful
>fawns over taking imskinnybeautiful to Lush

No. 223493

Guilt tripping, Ashley?

No. 223494

Youre the nasty one Ash. Don't you believe in karma? You drone on and on about it. Maybe this is some good ol' karma for all the poison you try and spew, and I don't just mean your vomit lmao

No. 223495


Haha, go purge bonelord. You belong in a hospital.

No. 223496

BPD is as BPD does.

No. 223497

Does it hurt, Ash? You reap what you sow; you've managed to get away with hurting people for so long, but it wasn't going to last forever.

No. 223498

kek no way!

guilt trip or factual karma?

No. 223499

It's funny, you'd think Ashley would produce nothing but powdered milk, but she is easily the cow that keeps on giving by delivering gems like this to us. I love that she visits us, and ruins friendships so that they come in here too. A truly high quality product.

No. 223500

Dang, lady. That's some venom. She must've done something really cruel to you.

No. 223501

Phoning Erika and calling her too fat for recovery tier cruel?

No. 223504

File: 1453252557688.jpg (13.64 KB, 706x73, Untitled2.jpg)

No. 223505

In Ashley's infinite wisdom -
>Being 13 years old is old enough
>To understand ‘right’ from 'wrong’,
>to understand what harming someone’s feelings means, and to understand that there are repercussions for your actions.
>'Children’ these days flip the 'BUT I’M JUST A KID!’ card too easily. You know very well the things you have done.

Except replace 13 years old with 25 year old chair skeleton and she has a point. About herself.

No. 223507

Lmao, fuck off, Ash.

No. 223508

Posting photos of someone who didn't want them posted and then refused to take them off and then boo-hoo'd and played victim in the situation even though she was the one being a super cunt level of cruel?

No. 223509

wait what the fuck is going on in here? The closest I'm gathering is that Ash and SecretLivez (who is named Jamie, maybe?) had a fight and now they're both in here threatening to post emails that they sent each other? Is that close?

No. 223510

I'm definitely not Ash, just a drinker of this delicious milk.

No. 223512


secret_lives told ashley off days ago but today leaked out ashleys email which ashley deleted her shit

No. 223513

You'll see soon enough Jamie.

No. 223515

I love when doubters finally discover farmers are correct about the cows.

No. 223516

Are the emails that are being posted current or what? It says they were sent twenty minutes ago, so I'm guessing current, unless she was screenshotting them as they were talking.

No. 223517

She'll see what? That you're a filthy hangry hobgoblin? Too late. We all see that.

No. 223518


love when farmers finally believe the other anons

No. 223520

No. 223521

As if hospital isn't exactly where trashley belongs under lock and key lel.

No. 223522

Ashley, you're fucking pathetic. I say it a lot con earning you but I really, truly mean it now.
Get the fuck over it, you fucked up too many times and pulled the victim card. Now what, you don't want people to see the real you? You don't want people to realize your victim bullshit was just that: bullshit?
You've had this coming for a long time, so don't you dare threaten this girl for your own doings.
Also, maybe you'll learn to stop burning so many bridges and treating so many 'friends' like shit? Cause this was waiting to happen for a long time with the way you treat people.

Secretlivez, or Jaime or whatever your name is: you do you girl. More power to you. If this is how you believe you should react, then do it. Clearly shitlord Ashley wronged you in a way to push you to this. You've got support from all of us who have been sitting back and watching her shitfest go down.

No. 223523

IF this is Ashley, keep digging your (chair) grave deeper cause that's all the more reason to spill the beans about you. (:

No. 223525


oh I love threats!

No. 223526

As if Ash can do anything to anyone. She blames lolcow for taking away her friends. That was when some anons revealed how shitty she was on a tumblr account. Now she has new followers who don't know how vile she is so spilling her bile would warn them off again.

No. 223527

Ash will never change. She is incapable of change, at least right now. She doesn't want to do anything to better her life because she'll stop getting sympathy from others.

No. 223528

File: 1453253660647.png (443.11 KB, 700x700, 1453155631647.png)

This thread is beautiful.

No. 223530

all she can do is get her white knights to attack you on ig

she'll never change. In her words "No one held a gun to your head. You choose what you want to believe."

No. 223535

File: 1453254544502.jpg (164.81 KB, 573x640, hay ash.jpg)

We're gonna have to delay that threat, Jamie. Ash dropped her phone behind the toilet and can't reach it. Sorry about the delay.

No. 223536

No. 223537

File: 1453254669361.png (508.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160119-174925.png)


Lol (last comment)… Is that a reference to when ash attacked that 13 yr old girl?

No. 223540

LOL love it

No. 223542

karma?? lol

No. 223543

holy shit.. that's her ARM??

No. 223544


yes her arm

No. 223545

jesus christ that lanugo

No. 223546

I think she just went private on her ig.

No. 223548

Bundle of twigs wrapped in poorly decorated leather in the vague shape of a human limb and powered by hate and cockroaches.

Same dif.

No. 223549


she'll be back off by morning

No. 223566

File: 1453256917837.png (202.54 KB, 499x499, image.png)

>tfw your post started this shit storm.

No. 223587

That is nuts. In Australia they are done on all unexplained deaths not just suspicious or homicide. But we do get A LOT of babies since all SIDS babies get autopsies.

No. 223590

File: 1453259774712.png (324.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-19-21-07-06…)

Looks like Jackie is looking for a new bff lkfhcbpxgddudufogdf lol


No. 223593

I wonder if her tamagochi had an ed

No. 223609

She probably would feed it to death so she wouldn't feel fatter than it.

No. 223635

More texts and emails need to be posted!!!

No. 223725

Ugh, SIDS. There's always new theories about what causes it. Poor little babies D:

No. 223734

I just missed everything. What got deleted? Did the secret lives woman post the ash secrets already?

No. 223738

No, just a leaked email with Ash's aol address.

No. 223741

File: 1453298963190.png (220.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-20-09-07-25…)


No. 223743

Always the victim, never the antagonist. Proof is proof, there's always been proof Ash is a horrible human being. Remember when she said she was afraid of black people?

No. 223745

Lol, who could forget? I think that was discussed in her first thread??

No. 223746

Yeah I know. I'm just pointing out that Ash has always been a terrible human being. Nothing changes.

No. 223747

now now, it's not her anon, it's everyone else. She's the victim

No. 223876


>>that lanugo

she doesn't HAVE THAT

No. 223882

File: 1453315744216.jpg (37.12 KB, 555x521, definitely not.JPG)

No. 223886

What? it's clearly lanugo.

No. 223887

Here's how you get free stuff
part 1

No. 223888

part 2

No. 223889

What a load of crap. Although, we always knew Ashley was always all about people buying her things.