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File: 1451006768385.jpg (71.02 KB, 385x393, suzy-da-best-fashion-makeupgur…)

No. 217224

No. 217227

so why is Suzy so interesting as a lolcow?
Her whole problem is her lack of personality and how boring she is.
She doesn't have that much drama even, not compared to other lolcows.
And shes ugly but shes not HIDEOUS, she has bad fashion sense but not PT level.
So we do we -myself included- love to make fun of her so much?
Sometimes I just feel bad for her because she clearly has no confidence and is probably super depressed.

No. 217232

File: 1451007461867.bmp (1.35 MB, 1062x444, greenlipsguys.bmp)

instagram vs reality

No. 217234

I'm not sure either. But I do think it's exactly her lack of personality coupled with her obvious need to be something online. She's not a good gamer but she loves being seen as gamurrrrrrrgurl. She's not great at make up or fashion but she wants to be a fashion icon. And it's just so transparent.

No. 217235


Her willingness to scam her fans, along with her inability to succeed with any bandwagon she jumps on.

No. 217236

Suzy is the Yoko Ono of the Grumps and always will be. Also, what you said about her being boring isn't really true. She tries to be dark, edgy, alternative and gothic. It's the opposite problem of most cows. At least I can say a lot of cows are total characters. Suzy has no character but tries so hard. She's also talentless compared to her husband, even though most people dislike Arin as much if not even more.
It's just fun watching her kind of stumble around trying to get a personality and a stake in things, but never ever being able to do it.

No. 217240

Not so much to be something online, but to be famous. At this point more and more youtubers are achieving legit fame, even if it is in small doses, and she's nowhere close, except by association. I'm not sure why she wants to be famous but she's doing what she can in a very lackluster way.

And really most cows are that, fame-whores. Pixyteri, Dakota, Venus, JNig, Nicole/sheena… it's a weird want in life really.

No. 217241

She looks like she was eating green food colouring.

No. 217250

>She's not a good gamer but she loves being seen as gamurrrrrrrgurl.
It's such a shitty double edged sword though considering how terrible Arin is at games too, but no one gets on his case.

No. 217252

>Fat bitches who shoop themselves but then do videos
Do these people ever think that looking like two different people in person vs photos is dumb as hell?

No. 217253

It's so smeared and bad looking. I wonder what cheap brand she used?

No. 217255

I don't know. I think people call him out frequently (but maybe it doesn't stick as much ) He is a terrible gamer. He has no concept of what to criticize etc.

No. 217256

It's likely a gloss, which in my experience when it's not a normal color and isn't a liquid to matte never ends well. Had she put something else as a base and the gloss on top it probably would have looked nicer.

Then again this is Suzy who doesn't know how to line her lip. Ever.

No. 217259

That's what it looks like to me as well. She should of stayed with a matte green (they exist) but smeared gloss all over it and made it look like a used crayon. Suzy never uses liner either like you said. She's a mess.

No. 217266

Oh my god…she's getting soo big and it's really starting to show in her face.

No. 217275

I think it's mostly cuz she's just a complete idiot with absolutely no self awareness

No. 217276

Whyyyy doesnt she ever wear tights?! It always kills me seeing her shitty outfits and she always insists on baring her stubby flabby legs….she really can not dress herself at all

No. 217277

If it makes you feel any better, anon, I hate Arin so much more than I ever will Suzy and a lot of people feel this way. Given the choice between watching the two, I'd actually choose Suzy for watching Let's Plays. I also hate Danny so much more than anyone else and constantly refer to him as the Game Grumps hobo.

She's dumb, talentless, and has nothing to her persona, but she's kind of… chipper and happy acting generally? I can kind of respect that, even if it's an act. She puts definite effort into her clothing, makeup and personal style and I can appreciate it, even if I don't always like what she does.

Arin on the other hand always acts like it's a fucking chore and it's downright infuriating. He can never mask it. He's also a slob, has some obvious gender and internal issues, his commentary is old, stale, and of course he's always needlessly angry. He has the attention span of a fly which is just awful for what he's does.

Basically, don't just assume all of us hate "Hate her because she's a grrrl gamer!!" and hate Suzy, even if it's it's a Suzy thread. She's actually one of my more favored grumps.

No. 217278

oops, phone
*Basically, don't just assume all of us "Hate her because she's a grrrl gamer!!" and hate Suzy, even if it's a Suzy thread.

No. 217304

The last few threads have specifically included GG in the title as well because the rest of them deserve as much shit talking (and DO receive it).

No. 217307

Well except Barry. The most he gets is not being traditionally attractive and kinda short. The rest though… Dan I can deal with even though that SA guide writer getting harassed was not handled well at all by anyone, but especially Dan who instigated it. Arin is just a dumbfuck half of the time and only occasionally will not talk about something he isn't well versed on. Suzy is suzy. Ross… I feel like wants to move away from grump stuff but knows he can't just yet, and is an ass hole either way. Kevin is boring and a pushover and people like him because of thirst then anything else. Oh and Brian I feel is in a similar boat to Danny, though he hasn't had anyone harassed on the Internet yet.

Holly isn't a grump but she is potato faced, but is so much better then Suzy in that holly is a genuine person while Suzy is… Suzy.

No. 217313

her lipstick looks worse than usual here. is she using a rock to apply it? looks like she smeared a green diarrhea dirty sanchez all over or smudged green frosting on her lips which doesnt help her case since shes fat kek

No. 217316

Personally I hate grav3yardgirl way more than I hate Suzy.
Suzy is just a tryhard with no confidence who needs to constantly be validated, shes plain at best.
I know Suzy have copied grav3yardgirl ALOT over the years but at least she doesn't FUCKING. SHOUT. ALL. THE. TIME!!!!
How does anybody like grav3yardgirl?!
She's super fucking LOUD, making stupid faces on purpose, has a mouth the size of a black hole, NEVER wears any makeup or proper clothes in her videos despite being a beauty/clothes channel, shes super easily offended and cant take critisism, shes a disgusting hoarder with a house filled with legit garbage… shes just so freaking overrated!

… sorry I went on a rant there, I know this is the Suzy thread! I just think people like to compare them alot but prefer grav3yardgirl over Suzy for some reason.

No. 217317

I like Bunny because she's actually pretty genuine, if obnoxious, has creative ideas for videos (I love her "does this thing really work" series) and doesn't bandwagon endlessly? I can see why people find her annoying but I think she's pretty endearing, personally. She's not gross or scandalous and generally pretty true to herself. Also, not a huge scammer whose biggest claim to fame is marrying a game grump. Like there's no contest between them. Bunny has 5 million subs. Suz had 200k. She's a talentless, personality-less void.

No. 217318

As much as Bunny is easily offended by other people, at least she seems sort of self-aware in that she knows she's loud, she knows she looks sloppy in those as seen on tv videos, and can admit that she has flaws. Suzy on the other hand, is boring and tries to fake being everything she says she is even though she's TERRIBLE at everything she says she's good at. That being said, I'm not a supporter of either channel.

No. 217323

Her "does this thing really work?!" series is pretty much the main reason to watch Bunny. I know she reviews a lot of other things and does shoe unboxing and a bunch of other stuff, but I don't follow her for make up or hair advice.

And yeah, she's way more authentic then Suzy is and does take advice and info from her comments rather then just deleting anything she doesn't like or is even marginally critical. And to me it's better when someone is okay with showing their bare face then too scared to. Bunny does it a lot these days, but

No. 217324

But… no one wear make up everyday. Sage because i'm dumb.

No. 217325

I think what makes Bunny likable is her willingness to not be perfect. That series has her admitting she is dumb and sometimes fucks up on trying things out. Her no makeup videos are her showing that you dont 'need' to wear makeup and she is honest about her acne and other skin issues. Its easy to see why most of her fanbase is teenaged girls with the attitude she has.

You also get used to the loudness of her. But it is something she used to be far worse about.

No. 217328

Bunny is definitely that one friend you have who's a bit obnoxious but ultimately you hang out with her because she is a lot of fun and breaks down some of your own inhibitions without being mean about it, at least not knowingly.

Suzy on the other hand is that person you aren't sure why you hang out with them other then that you have always been kind of forced to. I'm not sure what Suzy would be like if she was actually being genuine about things, but she'd probably still be boring.

No. 217336

No. 217338

File: 1451072893040.png (412.63 KB, 474x960, useless-mask.png)

I'm glad someone else shares the same burning hatred I do about Arin. He had a decent start animating and should have kept up with it. I found him through newgrounds in the beginning but now he's really like a shadow of his former self. Everything I hate about Arin is about him with GG and basically pretending to be this amazing gamer guy when he's shit and below average at everything he does involving video games. His commentary doesn't even save his lack of skills like it does for Super Best friends. Arin is not witty or clever. And he's a not so closet pervert with the way he views women while attempting to say how he's a equalist and humanitarian.

No. 217342

Arin is a huge closeted homosexual and thats probably why he has to overdo it with the pervert talk about women

No. 217343

File: 1451075124069.png (36.62 KB, 589x275, tumblr_nzsbv7aW6d1rcy5pco1_128…)

No. 217344

Honestly I wish him luck if this dream of his actually means that he will get off his ass and do more actual artistic work, get back to writing and animating

No. 217348

cough girlchan coughcough
Probably wouldn't be as popular as Undertale, but still. Tons of folks would be pretty hyped about it, I'm sure.

No. 217349

File: 1451077393126.bmp (1.11 MB, 662x584, 20122015.bmp)

this first pic is from one of her first videos from 2012. The second one is one of her latest from 2015.

Honestly… the difference is not that big. shes always been floppy.

(sorry if its hard to see the second pic… she just wouldnt stand still for a second)

No. 217350

She looks like a bunless hotdog

No. 217352

Personally, I find it really annoying how every female youtuber resorts to this stupid "beauty guru" thing eventually.

It's probably difficult to make money without it but seriously I really don't need to see how every female ever does their makeup, I'm over the age of 12 thanks.

No. 217356

Hate to burst your bubble, but if you watch the video in motion you can clearly see she doesn't looked so puffy in the first one.

No. 217359

I actually like girlchan in paradise and for it's satire - well, no idea if Arin could even make it funny seeing as he dropped girlchan and most of his humor years ago.

No. 217361

I never claimed she wasnt fatter now, I mean you can clearly tell just by looking at her face.
Just saying the difference on her body isnt THAT big as people claim, not that it isnt there

No. 217368

>you just don't understand fashion #beauty #BRANDNAME #lifestyle

but seriously, I agree. I don't really mind the beauty guru make up stuff if people actually have something to offer: proper reviews instead of just unpacking stuff, trying different looks or trends instead of the same fucking eyeliner look 200 times over.

No. 217369

Yes I get what you mean. But I think she has just an unfortunate body so she looks so blown up easily. Plus her face looks so doughy and tired now it's so strange and weird.

No. 217370

Exactly. Especially since it's all sponsored now and has lost all value to me. I'm never going to click on something with those silly titles "haul" "get ready with me" and the absolute worst "my boyfriend does my makeup". We get it, boys are silly and they don't know what bronzer is.

No. 217372

File: 1451084003700.png (336.44 KB, 825x493, man idk.png)

Is it just me, or is Arin actually looking better? He doesn't look as gross to me as he usually does.

No. 217373

Yeah Arin is clearly loosing weight now and is trying to be healthier. Suzy should follow along!

No. 217384

It's just you.

No. 217389

File: 1451088382890.png (506.83 KB, 919x529, Could not even wait till after…)

No. 217390

Her lips look like she ate all the green candycanes from off the tree

No. 217391

Hasn't all her shit more or less constantly been "on sale" for, like, months now? I know most shops do this to drum up interest but it's just kind of amusing to me.
>New Year clearout sale next! Valentine's Day special Sale! Spring Sale! Easter Sale! Somebody please fucking buy my butterflies Sale!

No. 217393

Nope he is wearing a shirt that fits

No. 217396

Nothing in that frame is straight. As someone who sells entomological specimens/taxidermy for a living this fills me with sadness. Way to bastardise such a beautiful creature.

No. 217397

Oh god she really doesn't know much about Star Wars. Silo Ren. Someone needs to Photoshop that.

No. 217400

Oh fuck, you're right. nothing is straight or centered in that frame.

No. 217403

>Dan I can deal with even though that SA guide writer getting harassed was not handled well at all by anyone, but especially Dan who instigated it.
What was this about? SA as in Something Awful?

No. 217404

Sonic adventure. They were using a very old guide and didn't realize the knuckles stages are randomized in the treasure hunting locations so they said the name of the writer, who wad probably about 11 when he wrote the guide, and the fandom found and harassed the guy. Dan made a very half hearted apology on reddit I think and they reuploaded the video with the guy's named dubbed over. They've done similar things in the past, but Barry was always smart enough to cover their butts before anything bad happened. Kevin is an idiot and a horrible editor imo.

No. 217405

I believe they're referring to Sonic Adventure when Dan named the guy who wrote a walk-through 10 years ago wondering about how funny it would be if people harassed him about it now.

No. 217408

honestly not that big of a deal. its not their fault that their fans are fucking retarded. Also they apologized, moved on, done.

Please dont make tumblr grudges where people can NEVER EVER be forgiven over the smallest fucking things again.

No. 217410

meh, I don't think explaining what it was about is reaching tumblr levels of 'wahWAH they said a bad thing once!'

Yeah, their fans a stupid. But they know that. They know they'll turn every fart into a thing.

No. 217411

Actually it wasn't much of an apology and Dan more or less told the fandom that they did a good harassing the guy.

And like I said it's the only bad thing that makes Dan questionable. Arin and Suzy are the worst in the group by far.

No. 217460

Not a big deal up until a few fans dox'd the guy and posted it to the game grumps subreddit and the comments of the original video. Some of these fans are fucking retarded. It was harmless at first but escalated rapidly

No. 217462

File: 1451117163575.jpg (99.52 KB, 500x647, tumblr_n7e1l1P6YP1t3fucio1_500…)

They egged their fans on and never actually apologized. They basically took zero responsibility. also fuck them both for being so bad at an old Sonic game that they had to call out a guy who wrote a walk through because of their own damn incompetence.

No. 217476

File: 1451124201027.png (245.84 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_2015-12-26-11-00-32…)

If someone cares, here is what Danny wrote on the subreddit about the whole "accident"

No. 217477

File: 1451124226692.png (232.8 KB, 611x1634, Screenshot_2015-12-26-11-01-12…)

No. 217478

File: 1451124274637.png (242.43 KB, 599x1637, Screenshot_2015-12-26-11-01-25…)

Sorry, wrong order. I'm retarded

No. 217502

They also played the game cube pet on purpose knowing it would be glitch filled and thus more funny. I'm watching through BrainScratch play the original on dreamcast and it's night and day because johnny is good at games.

No. 217503


No. 217504

File: 1451143283617.png (33.86 KB, 865x244, 9282983.PNG)

Arin's apology was even worse

No. 217520

thats just her fashion. Who cares if she wants to look edgy and gothic? Thats not lolcow material and game grumps was always shit to begin with

No. 217521

Girl gamurs are still shit. Theyre the reason why normal girls who play video games dont get taken seriously

No. 217522

Does she look that bad in the earlier pic? I feel like my body's the same but I'm not fat.

No. 217527

Because saying someone's username is the equivalent of doxxing someone.

No. 217528

Its skinny fat. She's using shape wear and sucking in in the second pic.

They asked their fans to dox. And they did. Imagine being some normal person suddenly getting harassed for something you wrote 10 years ago that wasn't actually offensive in anyway.

No. 217530

File: 1451155784446.png (1.45 MB, 1302x708, 1440759302285.png)

Or maybe she's actually losing weight? I searched back in the older thread from 3-4 months ago and thought I'd re-post this picture. Can shape wear really work that well and hide ALL of that?

Also, the pic shows a better comparison to when she was "skinny" like she was in the galaxy dress vid you posted.

No. 217533

Judging by how bad her eating habits are, she probably lost weight. Seeing the pics here, she probably fluctuates a lot depending on how many Mountain Dews she guzzles down while being one of the guys.

No. 217534

lol even though this is a thread for making fun of Suzy, I still thought that was a shitty comment of you to make.

I honestly think Suzy has that kind of depressed binge eating. I know it way too well myself, I eat sweets like crazy whenever im in my sadder periods and gain 20 pounds, then when im in a good period I loose it again… which isnt healthy at all no.
But I do think Suzy has lost weight and I hope she can manage to keep it down!

No. 217542

Yeah, I think she really is losing weight. The weight this time around seems to be sticking to her arms and her face. I guess those will be the last things to go.

Also I totally relate to the depression related binge eating. I went from 120 to 155 at 5'5" in a span of 4 months. I've dropped 22 pounds since late September and I should be at my goal weight and fitness level by February or March.

I think for Suzy though, it might be a combination of depression and thyroid. Thyroid related weight gain only really adds 10-20 pounds, not 50-100 like most fat people with "condishuns" claim. I think Suzy has only gained in the 10-20 range, but because of her height it's very noticeable. She's also talked about how she used to eat 700 calories a day when she started gaining and exercised daily and claimed she still couldn't lose weight. If that were true and it were me in that situation knowing nothing was working no matter how hard I worked? I'd probably be demoralized and say fuck it and eat whatever I wanted. She's been posting so much food related stuff, I think she just stopped giving a shit, aka given up.

Just my theory.

Hopefully I'm right though in that she is losing weight and it isn't all just shapewear magic.

No. 217544

They knew what kind of fans they have. Saying someone username does pretty much say "Here, dox this dude for us."

No. 217546

Shapewear can work miracles. I look twenty pounds thinner wearing the right shapewear. I will believer she's lost weight once I see it in her face.

No. 217548

Another binge eater here, though I'm pretty mindful about it and only really overeat during very depressive states on my period.

With Suzy I suspect she also doesn't really know enough about nutrition to know what she should be putting in her body to keep it healthy. Not to mention how much being active plays a role as well. I can control my portion size but it wasn't until I had to be very active at work did I start losing lots of weight quickly.

No. 217551

Maybe that's why he posted that picture of him and Suzy when they weren't as fat. Maybe Arin is trying to fix himself up and wants to go back to that.

Or maybe Arin just doesn't enjoy being married to someone who let herself go.

No. 217554

Seems about right. There's nothing unusual about gaining 5-10 pounds after marriage, but i cannot for the life of me understand people who were average weight and blew up 40+ pounds. that is obesity levels of bad. They both have the money and means to get into shape easily with a home gym and buying better foods.

No. 217556

Arin is a sensitive guy who has had lots of problems with weight himself, you really think hed wanna leave somebody for gaining some pounds? Come on guys

Id more say he should leave Suzy because hes a closet homo

No. 217557

File: 1451162340181.bmp (1.98 MB, 1251x554, urgh.bmp)

Okay so excuse my real fucking shitty screenshot, man she is moving CONSTANTLY and I'm already bad at it to begin with.

I cant be the only one who thinks these boots are the UGLIEST. THING. ON. THE. PLANET.
I know theres such a thing as personal taste but my GOD!!!!
And considering how many times shes worn them in outfits videos I guess they are some of her favorites… urrgggh

No. 217559

No, those boots are really fucking awful. It makes her look stumpy and shapeless. It makes her ankles melt into her shins and it's just…not a good look.

No. 217560

Felice Fawn had those same boots but sold them. I'd actually die from laughter if she bought them from Queen Felice.

No. 217561

I dunno I'm pretty sure Suzy has had these boots for several years now, theyve been in legit every outfit video for soooooooo long

No. 217562

They make her look like she has hooves.

No. 217568

it's like… it's like built-in cankles….

No. 217571

Those first pair of boots are also Jeffrey Campbell and cost 195 dollars on the jeffrey campbell website

what a waste of money

No. 217575

does anyone have screencaps of her modelling for hot topic?

No. 217577


Just went to the J Campbell website, because I was curious (I've never heard of the brand before Queen Snoozi.)

Holy shit, 90% of his products are ugly trash. I mean, the price point isn't THAT high - $100 - $200 for decently made shoes is pretty mid-range - but the shapes and styles he comes up with are just godawful for the most part.

There are a few tolerable designs copied from better designers and / or classic shapes you can't really fuck up (espadrilles, mary janes, stilletos, etc.) But on the whole, they're the type of thing so-called edgy high school girls with no taste and a decent allowance would come traipsing home with. The kind of girl whose clothes are well-made, but none of it adds up to looking put together.

This sounds like Suzy, except she's 10 years deep into this delusion. Did she ever graduate from high school? Without an actual job or an education, I think she's suffering from arrested development.

No. 217587

how new to youtube are you, LITERALLY every youtube "fashion" girl has a pair of jeffrey campbells… the litas were extremely popular a few years back and had a huge hype everywhere

No. 217588

File: 1451169629189.jpg (196.56 KB, 598x571, fugly.jpg)

Prepare yourselves for new shoe videos!
What are those???
Some fugly shoes…. I just hate her style, seriously they look all so, so awful.

No. 217591

File: 1451170218051.jpg (13.04 KB, 480x360, Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Lita-(B…)

Seriously you've seen the lita shoes on someone at some point. I don't care too much about brands but his shit was all over yt for awhile and thankfully it's died a but since they aren't easy styles to pull off. I like studs and spikes and leather, but I hate the fact that his shoes look like fetish heels. That shit ain't comfortable to walk in.

No. 217596

they're so… plastic. They're always so latex-y. I feel like they squeak without moving, jesus.

No. 217597

litas are actually very comfy to walk in. i bought a pair when they were trendy 4-5 years ago and compared to other heels they are very easy to walk in, even run in and they only hurt me feet after many hours of walking. but i bought another pair of JC as well and they were wedges but still much harder than litas to walk in.

No. 217598

I've heard that but I'm still not a fan of that aesthetic. I'm too much of a combat boot person I guess.

No. 217603

I bought some knock offs of the leather/spike ones when they were popular but I wasn't good at walking in heels then :/ Now I can wear them but they're mildly out of style.

I actually like these and would wear them… unlike Snoozy, however, I could make them look okay because my legs aren't stumps. But once again: capable of spending, what? $400+ on shoes but nothing on thyroid medication.

No. 217611


Ha, I'm in my mid-30s and if I want to see what's coming down the fashion pipeline I look at the upcoming season's fashion shows. Using YT for fashion trends might be a generational thing.

As far as this shoe shape, it predates this designer, and was one of the shapes I was talking about when I said that he seems to only come up with a good design when he's "borrowed" the shape from elsewhere.

I just think that for the price point, one could do a LOT better than this designer, who seems slow to follow trends and stuck on wanting to be edgy and coming up tacky.

No. 217627

It probably is, youtubes average viewership is relatively young. Honestly I just Google what the next season's trends are in makeup up and don't really care about clothes. I know what cuts and colors flatter me and I'll be damned if fashion decided 5 years ago that it suddenly wouldn't be "in" anymore.

No. 217649

I don't understand this, surely Game Grumps gets more fanart than Undertale does?

No. 217654

The thing is, Game Grumps isn't his artistic "baby". It was never anything super srs, it was just a way to make money. I think he means he wishes he could make an animation with the kindof charm undertale has(only guessing bc I've never played it.) The only problem I had with this was…. wasn't he trying to find a background artist for animations? It just makes me feel like he always looks for the easy way out and it's going to have a bad impact on his art, imo.

No. 217664

>le gem undertale xDDD
anyway, maybe if he didn't give up his "pipe dream", thanks suzy

No. 217665

> tumblr grudges
funny you should say that when their audience is literally tumblr

No. 217666

what a fucking faggot. it reads like some template apology letter

No. 217667

yeah but arin didn't

No. 217668

no way in fuck she wears those irl. probably why she has such a large collection, i'm sure the public shame would do her taste some good

No. 217670

at least arin has talents.
his animations were great.

No. 217688

File: 1451200085105.png (696.8 KB, 932x600, suzy_nomakeup_ish.png)

So I was bored and looked at Snoozy's insta really quick and saw that she posted some shit about her pusheen kigu. More wasted money.

But really, Suzy has a decent eye shape. She's got an okay nose. Her philtrum is fucked and her top lip needs help, but why does she continue to do really horrific make up when something much more paired down is so much better. I know she's still filtered as fuck here, but she could look so much nicer.

No. 217690

>Doesnt apologize for the man being doxxed and harassed
>It's cool guys, we'll edit stuff without affecting our likes and views of course
I hate Arin so much. He's such a piece of shit

No. 217692

>My mom is so cute
I seriously hate this trend. WHy do people on IG and tumblr and twitter say this? I follow some musicians on twitter and IG and so many are gross comments like "Dad!" and "Daddy!"

Bitches need to stop

No. 217695


Pretty off topic but for any other pusheen fans out there, I received this kigu for christmas. Its super super soft and is also my favorite kigu now. The hood is super floppy and rests on the head nicely. My favorite thing about this is that they chose to sew the whiskers right on, instead of how they poke out on the hoodie. Because they never sat properly on the hoodie.

Back to suzy
>her eyes with minimal makeup actually look very nice
>ffs suzy please stop with that double corner cat eye shit

No. 217697

File: 1451203977102.png (776.22 KB, 934x600, suzy_pusheen_kigu.png)

I will admit the kigu does look cozy as fuck, but I think Suzy may have gotten a size too big? I know they are supposed to be roomy, but it looks like she assumed Asian sizes. It's should be that floppy, right?

Right now, this is the most model-y pic of her we've seen in awhile. And she's wearing a shapeless sack.

No. 217698

File: 1451204457420.jpg (52.95 KB, 927x467, ss (2015-12-27 at 12.18.46).jp…)


Unfortunately they only have one size. I find it a bit big on myself as well. Comparably to my other kigus, its definitely the most floppy/large. I think they may have done this though to hopefully appeal to those who are taller or heavier weightscough cough american "average" sizes.

No. 217699

Well that's how most American size kigu shops tend to be, so that's not that surprising. I guess I thought they would at least do a small-medium and a large-extra large. Oh well.

What this really means is that arin will likely steal it to wear from time to time.

No. 217700

One size? that's bullshit. If china can make at least s-xl, so can this pusheen bitch. That's plain lazy.

No. 217706

God, this looks like garbage in real life. Nothing about it looks right. Pusheen must be making their own knock-offs. Glad I didn't shell out.

No. 217730

Is there a specific reason why Snoozy hasn't just bit the bullet and gotten lip fillers yet?
They would fix her entire face and I personally sure as shit wouldn't judge her for it. She needs them.

No. 217744

File: 1451230974056.bmp (1.55 MB, 733x739, snoozysuzy.bmp)

why would she pick a picture where she has her EYES CLOSED?!!?!?
I dont understand some of her choices, I just dont…

No. 217745

let me add that they are not just closed, it looks like she took a mid-movement screenshot

No. 217746

this looks photoshopped in a way, she is NOT that slim

No. 217747

she always takes her photos posing so her lower body looks slimmer… thats why her posing is always so weird.

Although I wouldn't say photoshop isnt involved to

No. 217748


No. 217752

The video was posted in the last thread. She's maintained relatively slim looking legs, which works for dresses like this one when you have decent amounts of stomach fat, but you just have to look at her arms. They still look big and flabby.

No. 217753

File: 1451233187365.png (1.14 MB, 1281x809, birb is a stupid word.png)

I don't think I realized Holly had an Etsy shop? There's only one thing in it (but I'm assuming she probably made a lot of them), and it's a bit more reasonably priced than the stuff Suzy puts out. I can actually see people potentially paying $10 for a hand-made feather necklace

No. 217754

File: 1451233208421.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-27-11-16-38…)

For reference. The other pic of the same dress in her insta. Thankfully snooze isn't kooter levels of dumb where she shops herself looking completely different but her legs arms and waist look consistent.

No. 217755

Holly could charge a bit more tbh, considering those feathers come from her own birds. They made a video together on snoozees channel about selling on etsy and you could tell neither knew about pricing but at least holly is sweet about things since she uses the money to save birds.

No. 217774

that's reasonable. Unlike Suzy's garbage.

No. 217779

you can also see her second chin here so its likely just posing

No. 217782


Snoozy would charge $120 dollars for that.

No. 217784

holly is precious and deserves nothing but love

No. 217788

Yup. I feel like holly could sell a set that has matching earings as well for about 20$. Snooze would say it's 200$ because of an imported chain that's made of nickle.

No. 217792

really guys? that chain looks like garbage quality and its just one lousy feather… 10 dollars is alot for that to me

Still better than Suzys 100 dollar butterfly wings tho

No. 217793

here we go again with the Holly ass-licking.
We all know shes better than Suzy. Most people are.
But please refer your asskissing to her social media only.

No. 217797

Ok, Suzy.

No. 217804

God I hate the word "birb".

No. 217806

It was fun to begin with in joke-relations… but now it's so overused everywhere it's super annoying

No. 217809

Fuck off Snoozy

No. 217815


wait why would that anon be Suzy, does Suzy hate Holly?!

No. 217832

It was cute at first, but now so many GG and Holly fans don't use the word "Bird" anymore. it's always bird. pisses me off.

No. 217840

holly is boring and ugly as fuck

No. 217841

I wonder if you guys could be holly.
I think GG lurks here

No. 217844

File: 1451250847088.jpg (171.39 KB, 935x433, holly.jpg)

Ok since we're talking about Holly.
Weiiiird… all those slutty cosplayers

No. 217845

Ok there's only one Milynn Sarley SORRY MY BAD she's the one who did this awful cosplay with Sheena

No. 217848

call my cynical but I really think GG are actively baiting their dumbass fans with shit like that. All those stupid oh-so-quirky and RANDOM!! jokes, phrases etc. because they know it'll turn into some kind of meme.

No. 217852

Does Holly have some kind of lazy eye? Her left eye just kind of looks weird here and in all the selfies I've seen of her, she's always looking off to one side and never directly at the camera (which some lazy eyed girl I know does to disguise it better).

No. 217863

too bad she's in a jacket.

No. 217865

Her eyes are just really close together, I think?

No. 217866

Holly had eye surgery as a child that causes it. She once deleted a photo because someone pointed it out because she's so self-conscious about it.

No. 217868

why is she though? she seems really out of place in that picture… is that the joke or something?

No. 217869


Oooh my god I see Matt Mercer in the back there. What a babe.

Didn't Holly dye her hair to a darker color? Or am I remembering wrong?

No. 217870

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they're doing considering their fans eat up everything they do with a spoon and ask for seconds.

No. 217871

I think so. She mentioned having surgery as a teenager to try to fix her eye condition but it was pretty severe.

No. 217874

As a teenager? I heard it was like. When she was three. Because she talked about playing some Blob game while she could barely see.

No. 217875


Yeah one of my friends watches them and she constantly talks like them/quotes them.

No. 217877

it's kinda sad, I really enjoyed the channel for a while but now everything just either feels like it's a chore to them or completely forced.

No. 217881

I think it varies alot honestly… they film regardless of how much they want to do it/what mood they are in before filming.
So sometimes they are CLEARLY not in the mood for filming and just shouldnt have, bur forced themselves because of their deadlines… so the tone is super forced and bored like they dont want to be there.
But then WHEN they want to film and they are in a good mood they are super energetic and fun to watch if you ask me.

So its a soso nowadays.. maybe they shouldnt have such hard upload schedules if they cant handle it

No. 217882

true. And I don't really hold it against them if they slack off a bit every now and again. You don't like your job or obligations all of the time. Sometimes you have a bad week and it's hard to be funny on command. I get that.

But to me it looks more and more like they just found a cash cow (no pun intended) that they don't even pretend to care about anymore especially with all the 'projects' going on.

Oh, wanna watch us play board games?…eventhough we haven't really expressed much interest in board games before - but pointless costumes!! And paywalls!

Or: we're doing streams for our fans! Unless you have to work or don't live in the US. In that case - well, fuck you!

Sorry, bit of a rant. I totally agree with you about the schedule.

No. 217927

But all they have to do with say shit, suck at playing video game and wear dumb costumes.

No. 217932

everyone hates their board game trailer things they post, because their going "haha pay for it or you can watch it in two months!"

No. 217961

Kinda OT but does somebody know where Suzy bought her cats? They look so adorable and small

No. 217964

>buying cats
ishigiity digitty

No. 217965

File: 1451297404180.jpg (47.46 KB, 471x361, image.jpg)

Godammit, I love you CG.

No. 217966

just adopt, faggot

No. 217968

have fun with those genetically fucked up breeds, anon.

No. 217975

go adopt a cat.

also, they need to clean mochi's tearducts. they look disgusting in the thumbnail.

No. 217980


woooow so this entire board is filled with GO ADURPT OR UR EVUL faggots?
You CAN buy a pet and be happy with it you know. Adopting a shelter pet is a good option but if you want a specific breed you sometimes need to buy it from a breeder.
Its just important to know what breeder youre picking to avoid bullshit or puppy/kitty mills.
>but all clean breeds are genetically bad and/or fucked up!!
some of them are yes, I do agree, but not all of them have to be.
I have bought a bred cat and I've never had a single problem ever, health related or anything else.

Nowadays if youre "famous" youtuber you cannot buy a pet in the fear of all those adopt faggots are gonna burn your house down.
Go adopt a shelter kitty yourself if its so goddamn important to you. There will always be unwanted pets unfortunaly, no matter what you do about it.
Just be happy you dont live in a country thats overrun by sick streetdogs like some places.

No. 217982

You don't choose to adopt over buy because they don't have specific breeds at the pound you cunt, you adopt because buying animals from stores only encourages and supports that business. If you want a specific breed you can always contact specific breeders, sure it's more expensive but that's what you get for a cat that's been treated properly and raised properly rather than a mistreated animal that is being shilled.

No. 217986

Thats excactly why i said you need to know what breeder youre buying from, and make sure its not shady bussiness. I dont support puppy/kitty mills if thats what youre thinking i said.
Always do your reaearch before buying.
But there IS such a thing as a good breeder you can buy a good healthy happy pet from, regardless of What shelter fanatics say

No. 217987

Oh wait do you think im talking about STORES?
Buying pets in stores is illegal in my country so i didnt even consider that. Oh well in that case i agree!

No. 217990

Holy shit, you guys are insane. CG was referencing drama in the Lolita community, when Kate/Girlyhoot bought a thousand dollar cat while she was on vacation in Japan.

Learn to take a joke every once in a while.

No. 217992

File: 1451311743549.jpeg (31.02 KB, 446x422, image.jpeg)


can we PLEASE not shit up yet another cow's thread with this? It's not that big of a fuckin' deal and it's not even relevant.

No. 218020

I believe they are from a breeder. Considering how they talk about mimi, I don't think the breeder was entirely reputable.

No. 218021



No. 218025

File: 1451330797339.png (1.41 MB, 619x1597, egofaptor.png)

that's the face of a broken man

No. 218026

File: 1451331002870.jpg (46.1 KB, 720x437, 1416172789047.jpg)

>professional cosplayer
>deserves nothing but love

No. 218027

Their skin looks so bad in the second and last photo, she really needs to fix her lighting so she looks less shiny!

No. 218031

from a breeder because suzy is a shitty person who wants a cat that is small but is going to have a lot of health issues and won't live as long as average cats.

No. 218032

It's like they got greasier and fatter over time.

No. 218035

Stop shaming her for just wanting a cat as inbred as she is

No. 218036

>professional cosplayer
Pretty sure she does youtube for most of her time. unlike Jnig

No. 218038

File: 1451335170648.jpg (513.03 KB, 923x599, kek-.jpg)

Ok, i laughed hard.

No. 218074

File: 1451348534023.png (25.98 KB, 564x128, theendisnigh.PNG)

Oh no! A whole day without opening boxes and wearing shoes for 1 minute? Heaven forfend!!

No. 218087

Americanairlines? Is she talking about package delivery or taking a plane? Either way, no one is missing out Suzy

No. 218099

apparently there were some plane delays and they had to get a hotel room for one night or something. Which sucks, admittedly. But I feel more sorry for the 'normal people' who have real jobs to get to. She's really been milking it on her twitter.

No. 218103

That's all?! Yeah, it sucks a lot harder when your job isn't basically playing video games and opening boxes whenever you want. She sets her own schedule and can probably do two videos a week and be fine with all her ass kissing followers. Fuck suzy. she's just a whiny cunt.

No. 218108

totally. She's whining about wanting refunds for the hotel stay and extra parking(!?!) and her cats. The asshats who can afford to go to Japan for like 2 months leaving their cats fuck-knows-where now have trouble affording parking fees?

No. 218109

Fuck I mean airlines have delays and shit happens all the time. I get it's inconvenient but she's not gonna loose her job or anything retarded. Did she even go to customer service or do you think she just chose to complain to her twitter followers.

No. 218113

I doubt it. I mean I get the urge to complain about stuff like that on social media, I do it to when my train doesn't show up, but it just looks like she got a lot of attention and support (their fans made fucking fanart about this!) so she just kept going on about it like it's the worst thing that's ever happened to anybody.

No. 218134

tbh her legs aren't bad, a bit stubby but not tree trunks or anything
most of her fat goes to her face and arms though

No. 218135


>(their fans made fucking fanart about this!)


No. 218140

File: 1451362533033.png (2.66 MB, 923x9482, getsnuzyhome.png)

I hate people

No. 218144

>fans made fanart


No. 218148

HOLY FUCK? DID SHE TRY TO START A HASHTAG TREND? should've kept her in the fucking airport lmao

No. 218151

Ok. I am a flight attendant, I work for a pretty big airline. When people complain about flights being canceled because of weather, they really have no fucking idea. This drives me insane. I get the pain of having it be delayed for two days but like chill the FUCK out, no airline is going to pay you for missed work, especially if your job is fucking youtube.
This shit pisses me off. Fuck ups happen. Chicago had a melt down today and has been causing delays that back the entire system up. Plus just because weather where you are is ok, does not mean it isnt shit over where you are flying.
Pardon me, I hate suzy and I hate when people complain like this.

No. 218156

It's because they're egotistical fucks. They just care about their shit and the weather, all other people, technology, world events should cater to whatever they want. Like the shit about the pilot being late: it's probably someone who had to unexpectedly end their holidays early so they can fly ungrateful assholes home. Unbelievable that things don't run smoothly. Nevermind that your husband can't even seem to figure out how to run a youtube channel properly.

No. 218158

>flight was cancelled because they didn't look at how much airspace was available

that's…. not how flights work…

No. 218159


I don't even understand why she and Arin are so upset.

It sucks I guess, but it's not like they'd struggle to afford a hotel, and it's not like their employers would get angry with them.

I'm pretty sure there's no way to get fired from unboxing shit and calling it 'omg amazing~', so what's the bfd here?

They strike me as the kind of people who feel the need to bitch and whine and kick up a fuss whenever something mildly inconveniences them.

No. 218160

>but it's not like they'd struggle to afford a hotel

This is what's hilarious. Oh no, are they going to have to bunk in some 4 star hotel for another night? Tragic
On top of that, miss another taxing "work" day of her making an unboxing video or another shoe haul.
Must be tough.

No. 218161

>itchy tasty

No. 218162


They have plenty of money, and I doubt they were staying at a cheap, shitty little hotel.

If they weren't such miserable cunts they could have just made a day of it, but instead they spent their time bitching on twitter about what an injustice it is. No wonder they're always gloomy.

No. 218165

I was seriously just going to say the same thing (minus the flight attendant part since I am not one.)
That going out during the busy ass holiday season– and FLYING no sense, then complaining about extreme delays is the dumbest shit. It happens every year and yet people still act surprised. I hate people like Suzy. If you don't want to get trapped in an airport, DRIVE OUT or stay the fuck home.

No. 218166

That's what kills me too! They can afford a very nice hotel and probably just vacation out for those two days. Even buy some new shirts for the flight home. They are so rich and spoiled. It's why so many hard working people do hate people like snoozy and Arin who make jewtube money and still want to complain about something that is barely a burden to them.

No. 218193

People who are saying that they can afford another night at a hotel:

you obviously don't realize that they CANNOT afford it!! They can't even afford Suzy's thyroid medication :( Seriously though, I can imagine that they can't actually afford it since Suzy spent like $1000 on MGS busts and other random shit over this past year. Honestly, I don't think Arin and Suzy have as much money as you think they do; they seem like the kind of people who think having a credit card = free money.

No. 218199


>Honestly, I don't think Arin and Suzy have as much money as you think they do

They may not be Bill Gates, but they clearly have enough money to afford thyroid medication or an extra night or two in a hotel. If they didn't impulse buy so much frivolous shit, they'd be able to afford it, no question.

If they can afford MGS busts, human skulls, G.I.A clothing, LUSH toiletries, ugly Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and god knows what else, they can afford the stuff they're bitching about being too poor to afford.

No. 218201

Yeah, now that I think about it I'm sure Suzy was only complaining so hard because the money for the extra hotel nights/meals/whatever she was bitching about cut into her frivolous purchases fund.

…I dislike people like that, who get up in arms when they think they have to spend money on (needed) expenses but don't bat an eye at dropping large sums on bullshit. Where the fuck are their priorities??

No. 218207

It's just something they have to pay for, versus someone else paying for it. Hurts so bad.

No. 218272

I have only felt justified to complain about a delay for a flight because the plane I was on was not properly checked before take off and had to turn around about an hour after being in the air. Had the airline done their job, I would not have been a day late for my grandfather's funeral. I was traveling to the other side of the world too, not a fucking 2 hour flight or some shit.

Granted they did comp hotel stay for the delay but I didn't take it because I lived close enough to just go home and sleep on a familiar bed. They can't comp me missing my grandfather's funeral.

No. 218336


I tell you:
wherever I go, I never see someone as ugly as Suzy WITH makeup on. She really has the most unflattering kind of makeup I've ever seen, as she's looking like a pig girl.

Each single 13 year old girl knows better how to enhance their face.

But as I thought: she doesn't look that bad without makeup (or let's say subtle makeup)

No. 218372

>refund my work

No. 218378

Bitch is so self absorbed.

No. 218383

I thought Suzy hated refunds.

No. 218404

Who is stuck for days anywhere major? Aren't there 100 other flights she could take?

No. 218419

I think it's funny when Drag Queen's call each other "mom".

No. 218445


Nah, I get what you mean, anon. I suppose it's kind of poor phrasing.

I think when most people in this thread, myself included, talk about Suzy and Arin being "able to afford" things, they mean "they would be able to afford this if they didn't spend their money on stupid shit instead", rather than "they're so rich, I bet they can afford this as well as the stupid shit they buy".

I believe Suzy when she says she can't afford thyroid medication or a hotel room, but she sure as fuck could if she didn't constantly blow her money on bullshit.
I don't want to exclude Arin from this, either, because he's pretty much just as bad.

No. 218460

not suzy related but how is bunny easily offended? I've only ever seen her "does this thing work" series so idk much about her drama.

….also BOO I hate suzy. there, now it's relevant.

No. 218462

whups, fuck, wrong post. I meant >>217318

No. 218469

File: 1451450897420.png (225.43 KB, 660x405, crybitch.png)

No. 218470

That picture is fucking great topkek

No. 218486

>it would make Suzy angrier.

Don't do it American Airlines!

No. 218497

This is glorious.

No. 218667

New Table Flip video with OneyNG (Chris) and Spazkid (Cory)
Is it just me or does Chris look like he doesn't wanna be there? Also Cory is a Nick Bate looking reard

No. 218668

theres just too many people in this video, its hard to follow whats going on!

No. 218682

I just watched for Oney and he looked so bored the entire time omg poor thing.

No. 218712

Re the whole Table Flip thing (and I might sound a bit tinfoil conspiracy grumps here) but I always felt it seemed like a vehicle for Suzy to wear fancy costumes and be the 'center' of something more than anything else. It's all such superfluous fluff. You don't need a fucking studio and costumes to play a simple card game.

No. 218716

I mean it probably has something to do with it, but I think the whole costume thing and the fact that all guests also wears costumes to the theme is kinda neat.
I like the whole setup and idea behind table flip!
I just HATE that stupid fucking sling bullshit!

but yeah Suzy defiently likes being center of attention and controlling tableflip, sometimes shell legit interrupt a joke because its her "turn" to speak

No. 218717

Ugh, I hate Spazkid. He's so gross and definitely one of those 'nice guy' types.

No. 218721

Am I the only one who finds Table Flip a snooze fest? Nothing really happens in them, it's like going to watch people in a store shop or something.

No. 218726

yeah, I don't know. I guess they tried to do something a bit different which is commendable. But, at least to me, it's just so unnecessary. People being funny, smart, entertaining, witty, whatever is what makes watching a board game worthwhile. People wearing costumes doesn't warrant my attention for 40 minutes.

No. 218729

remember the gg "double date" episode where we got a sob story from suzy on the hardships she faced at school
y'know, the bullying that she only mentioned after holly explained her own experiences
y'know, after she already stated how everyone found her hot and hit on her relentlessly

No. 218730

Yeah like >>218726 said it's more dependant on the people there and if they make it interesting. Like the one that had The Completionist and ProJared on was a lot of fun to watch, mostly because Jared was very adamant about taking down Suzy (and his bromance with Ross was amusing). I couldn't watch the one above, mostly because I didn't care much about the people at the table and the intial interactions weren't… interesting.

I know Wil Wheaton does a table top show, and ProJared has been doing D&D stuff all this month, but it's not interesting to watch unless you have interesting people. Suzy is fucking boring and… Barry doesn't shine in Table Flip as much as he should. Because I think Suzy uses it as a vehicle for her flabby self so much.

Teal Deer: Table Flip could be interesting but Suzy ruins it.

And yeah, sling is horrible. You can just watch the dislike count rise on each video promoting it.

No. 218731

Oh god I could not stand watching this ep. Considering that the Steam Train ep with Ross and Holly was super adorable.

No. 218743

Suzy is weird. She's like that creepy friend of yours that will tell a sad (or triumphant) story as if it happened to themselves even though you know for certain it didn't.

No. 218782

File: 1451529381128.jpg (34.05 KB, 617x462, snooz.JPG)

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have noticed her product placement right as the center focal point, staring at me

No. 218784

Time stamp on where this happens?

No. 218786

>>218782 hahaha. The same cheap-ass blue-butterfly aesthetic? Oh yeah! It's so unique!!!

No. 218788

even holly was like "well which was it lol"

No. 218800


Around 30:13

No. 218802

She also tells this bullshit story about some guy getting a tattoo on his chest of a drawing she made.

No. 218835

Ross and Holly are such a cute married couple and it's super obvious Suzy is really envious of that. She totally comes off as that kind of girl who only befriends guys and wants to ALWAYS be the center of attention. Notice how Holly has a life and friends outside of GG and just Ross. Suzy is pathetic.

No. 218853

Oh God…her stuttering after they start calling her out…cringe.

No. 218868

File: 1451555510580.jpeg (155.28 KB, 1199x845, image.jpeg)

Did Suzy tell people she was Japanese or do people think she's half Japanese because she's a weeaboo?

No. 218870


Considering she's obviously not half Japanese (a picture of her parents was posted in an earlier thread, as if anyone needed proof), the first person is remembering stuff wrong. I'd be willing to bet the second person is, too.

No. 218871

Anyone seen her most recent video? Ffs Suzy, please stop with that lip color..

What's with her new backdrop? I feel a migraine just 10 seconds in.. Are her videos just getting worse and worse?

No. 218875

I'm actually pretty sure told people in a video shes NOT asian in any way, and its something people have asked her about her whole life because of her eyeshape.
So for once this isnt Suzys idea for attention but just fan-nonsense

No. 218877

it's like watching someone's youtube career in reverse. Usually people start out in front of a shitty shower curtain with a desk lamp and then learn that setting up your camera and lights properly, having some depth of field etc makes videos look so much better.

I imagine she'll be filming her videos in a closet on a 240p phone camera in a year from now.

No. 218881

She does like to lead people on in thinking that she might be, like when she posted that image of her and markiplier's school pictures saying they look soooooo alike, like they are siblings even though they aren't at all, and mark is actually half korean. Suzy's features are def European in design it's only the fact her eyes are so fucking tiny that racist people think she must be part asian.

I still feel she's technically using studio lights, she just has shit bulbs in them. Who knows what she's thinking anymore.

No. 218883

It's one thing that her camera doesn't have dof for that glittery mess to no be to focus of her videos
It actually makes NO sense for her goffick fashion sense.

Just in the thumbnail it constrasts her "dark" look so much and sliver glitter?? It would be way more fitting for a girlier person. What was she thinking when bought this?????

No. 218884

Mark doesn't even look that asian wtf are you talking about.

No. 218888


At least when she first started out her videos were okay. With all the tech she'd have available from the Grumps you'd think she'd have better quality vids.

Also notice how she keeps using her hand to "focus" every product. Despite.. us not being able to see shit anyway. Nice one, Suz'!

No. 218889

No Anon Keanu Reeves doesn't look that Asian. Mark looks like a hafu.

No. 218891

Mark looks and is half Korean. Even if he didn't look it, all of his rabid psycho fans know he is. So when she posts pictures of them together going omgggg don't we totes look like siblings???!!! she's feeding into that "I'm half Asian guise" bullshit.

No. 218904

File: 1451583439552.jpg (57.88 KB, 600x600, CXh6XPzUMAAPHER.jpg)

Suzy decided to post a receipt of someone paying for her dinner because they were a "big fan" by just saying "Thanks stranger!" Also, steak n shake….way to battle that weight loss. I want to roll the eyes into the back of my head.

No. 218911

>$24 at steak n shake
I hope she had two other people she paid for, otherwise idk how the fuck you spend that much. how many shakes did you eat snoozy?

No. 218929

File: 1451595059000.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x375, 1449862854537.jpg)

"I've never seen a bag that's not rectangle or square shaped"

is she fucking retarded?

No. 218938

She's gonna shit her pants when she realises you can get bags shaped liked animals, stars, clouds, etc.

No. 218941

she keep's "uhh"ing and I can't unnotice it

No. 218950

She might be referring specifically to the bags from Ipsy.

No. 218953

not that anon, and you might have a point, but it is kind of funny to laugh at the strange things she says sometimes.

>I run out off face masks all of the time >I have a bucket of samples of face masks

No. 218964

She doesn't know how to pronounce mauve. I can't.

I think so too. Also this month's bag is really cheap and tacky so go figure she'd like it.

No. 218967

It'd be fucking hilarious if she made this up for asspats.

No. 218968


Jesus christ suzy.

No. 218969

That green lipstick is disgusting. Bitch. stop.

I wonder if her new year's resolution will be to drop 25 pounds? fat bitch

No. 218970

WHAT THE FUCK. She's whitebread as fuck. I hate Suzy so much. She's the worst kind of try hard.

No. 218971

File: 1451614061168.png (21.79 KB, 503x124, i am so creeped out right now.…)

Nothing says creepy like cutesy cat drawings of yourself and holding up mass produced crap in front of a glittery background.

No. 218972

Suzy, you're not creepy. you're not goth. Stop the bullshit

No. 218976

>"mwuahvee color"
oh god my sides

No. 218979

concerning GameGrumps in general: does anyone else think some kind of backlash has started? Even the main subreddit seems to accept that the new animation and Table Flip episode didn't go down well for legitimate reasons. And there seems to be some kind of consensus that GG in general is a bit stagnant now.

No. 218983

File: 1451621032192.png (660.03 KB, 811x594, b434689588e0c3c931552bdac7dee0…)

Is it too much to hope Snoozy learns how to dress herself in the upcoming New Year?

I really love the shitstain colored socks, Suz'. The color almost fuses with her boots. It really is a tragedy.

Not to mention her jacket looks like something a hotel bellboy would wear.

No. 218984

It's definitely too much to ask for.

No. 218990

nobody gives a shit about ugly ass pets. stfu

No. 218991

both are shit tho

No. 218992

File: 1451629796389.png (349.48 KB, 1660x564, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 218996

How do they get so much viewership?! they make as much money in a month as I do in a year. fuck them

No. 218997

He has a vneck on + neckbeard + its black, all things slimming from the tits on up. Most of it comes from the fact hes wearing a shirt that isnt super funny and tight and sleevles and funnyhaha

No. 218998

the estimated yearly earnings is such a huge range lol

No. 218999

I always figured that she just had downs syndrome

No. 219002

Damn, this outfit is almost actually okay. At least she wearing shit that actually flatters her stumpy body

Jesus christ this shit. She is NOT creepy. Wearing black does not make you creepy, it makes you lazy at matching. I'm not even judging, I tend to do the same, but thinking it makes her all cool and gothic just because she wears black is irritating as fuck.

No. 219013

I remember she threw a big fit when Willam included her in her beatdown videos.

No. 219025

Guess you're confusing her with graveyardgirl

No. 219026

guess I'm dumb… fuck me

No. 219032

FUck, I'd love Willam to do a beat down on her.

No. 219034

She did? Anyone have a link?

No. 219035

No. 219036

There is a def instagram filer on this making the colors more unified and blended. What she does seem to be learning is fit and proportion, but she's still shit at it.

Also Suzy of you're having sales all the time your etsy isn't a "thriving business".

I know what I'm gonna watch now.

No. 219047

I have no idea what you're so fucking salty about anon. I think Suzy's clothing are incredibly hit and miss at times, but this is really cute. She doesn't look like something tumblr vomited out for once.

No. 219067

Different anon, but the pieces just don't mesh well together. Black tights/solid beige or brown skirt to bring in the scarf color (hell, maybe even black)/something with a heel to try and elongate her legs would be better. Even the jacket with a pair of skinny jeans would be better… or the skirt with a cardigan and a different scarf.
I actually like the jacket myself, but she seriously can't style herself for shit.

No. 219069

now if only he'd do one for suzy.

No. 219071

she'd try to get it taken down because it hurts her feefees..eh..I mean 'It's totally monetized uuh guiise'

No. 219072

That outfit is a mess. it fits nicely on her fatass, but nothing goes together.

No. 219073

File: 1451677011902.jpg (36.29 KB, 559x414, wut.jpg)

Is Arin attempting to animate again?

No. 219080

I thought anon was talking about bunny?

No. 219082

Stop derailing.

No. 219086

god she does that hand thing to show off what she got but she doesnt actually put her hands closer to the screen so the viewers can see it

how fucking dumb is she

No. 219087

Didn't mean to, I was just confused.

As much as Suzy wishes she was important, she's still only popular at all because of her husband. Until she finally does something hugely stupid, she's just too much of a nobody to get beatdown, although I'd fucking love to see it.

No. 219088

I like how when she holds it up to the screen, she just kind of half-heartedly jabs the bottle forward about half an inch and then waves weakly behind it. It's like physical evidence that she only puts in the smallest amount of work possible into her videos.

No. 219092

It's because holding stuff up is hard and takes muscle that she doesn't have.

No. 219094

File: 1451679869971.png (4.06 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-01-01-12-22-51…)

Sharing some awful screencaps of snoozy from her latest whogivesafuck makeup show off vid…

No. 219095

File: 1451679934223.png (4.08 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-01-01-12-23-03…)

This fucking angle and lighting is so bad I can't even… She looks likes Mars Attacks gone goth and weirdly Asian looking FAS.

No. 219096

File: 1451679991328.png (4.04 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-01-01-12-23-21…)

Wow snoozy thanks so much for showing me what that brush head looks like

No. 219098

Oh god. None of these are good. And all three are close to being decent.

No. 219099

The first outfit is terrible, all those things don't go together and are cute in their own way but just need to be with something different
outfit 2 isn't too bad, but it's so boring same with 3

I feel like the first one was a try hard at those winter outfits you see on instagram, lot of scarf and coat, but with skirt and booties;

also the faces she makes while posing, can she not.

No. 219100

LOL yep, either that or I sometimes think she just sees other people do these things in videos but lacks the intelligence to understand WHY they do this.

No. 219101

Don't insult asian people or aliens.

No. 219102

gurl cannot model to save her life

No. 219103

…But what do these have to do with video games?

No. 219104

They are pieces for nerds. The scarf is for the witcher, the jacket is portal, and the coat for assassin's creed.

No. 219105

My main problem with the second outfit is that skirt stops just under her butt.

No. 219107

Yes, this too.
For some reason I don't find it super unflattering, but it does make it look weird. Maybe because her butt looks big, but it's flat?

No. 219108

I just noticed, but every time she models now she does a little… "kick" with one of her legs like SO KOWEI

No. 219109

When she turned around I thought for a second she was wearing shorts, but then she turned again and it was clearly a skirt. It shouldn't be that short on anyone who's not a 90s pop star.

No. 219125

I hated the gun finger move she did with the second outfit.
She switches between faces so often, feels like one second she's trying to be cute, then sexy, and then funny; it just doesn't look good.

She's so twitchy too, she never holds a pose and it's so awkward to watch.

No. 219128

yeah that first one is flattering on her in shape but the colors are a little off.

No. 219131

Musterbrand isn't cheap. It's not hugely expensive as far as high-end clothing goes, but it seems like a waste to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing she'll probably never wear out of the house.

No. 219135

Well the sweater thing in the last outfit she could wear to a convention but the other two… she lives in LA area right? It doesn't get cold enough there for a knit scarf and a puffy winter coat.

No. 219140

"Suzy is like Rob Schneider. Not funny and everything is built on another man's success. She lacks appreciation, because she never had to work for what she has."

Read that on rantgrumps today, accurate as fuck.

No. 219141

A lot of her skirts are always just an inch or two from her butt, I guess she never crouches or bends over when she actually wears her outfits.

No. 219146

Seriously. Only clubbing outfits are supposed to be that short, for good reason.

No. 219147

I just watched a few minutes of the latest KKG video and good ol' Suzy doesn't know how to pronounce 'cicada' (2:00 minutes in). Doesn't she fancy herself as some kind of bug expert given all the taxidermy shit?

No. 219148

… I'd like to think it might be because it's a word she's only ever read and not heard, but Suzy doesn't read.

No. 219151

and Holly pronounced it correctly about 20 seconds earlier!

I know it's a bit of a petty thing to point out and I'd usually give people the benefit of the doubt…but she's just dumb.

No. 219160

This is worth reading til the end, because use your brain, brainless sheep I mean youtube fandom I mean: internet folks


No. 219170

Tone down the salt anon. Those socks are kawaii as fuck.

No. 219186


Not them but you have poor taste.

No. 219187

Who the fuck east 24 dollars at Stake and Shake. Like every full meal is 4 dollars if you add drinks (which the bitch should be drinking water) it could be 6.

No. 219192


They look weird with those boots though.


imo it's a pretty poorly co-ordinated outfit, but she looks like some kind of top-tier fashionista when you compare it with her other outfits.

No. 219213

it depends on the youtube network you are apart of fam

No. 219260

Fun fact: Suzy got fat because she ate all of Arin's remaining shreds of self-respect.

No. 219262


She's always been considerably shit when it comes to dressing herself.
It seems like she just tosses on articles from whatever fashion item is currently trending and announces it as an "outfit".

I still can't get over that monstrosity she concocted in order to compete to win an all expenses paid trip to London Fashion week.

>Black Milk dress

>Forever 21 top
>Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes

How do you spell basic bitch again.

No. 219263

Ugh. They should spend some of that money on acting and modelling classes.

No. 219271

Glad she didn't win.

No. 219279

gym membership, makeup lessons, and a dictionary.

No. 219280

literally high school girl tier

No. 219290

>those ana poses in the thumbnail
she could at least try to act like she loves her ~*gorgeous curves*~

No. 219314

why does that 'The Witcher' scarf look like a neck brace on her?

No. 219336

>Don’t mind how haggard I look- here are the finished sunglasses. #diy #sunglasses

No. 219337

File: 1451796817202.jpg (115.66 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o0czcx8s6L1qils0po1_540…)

Dropped my pic. Sorry!
What do you bet we get a tutorial out of this?

No. 219339


I wouldn't be surprised if she seriously bothered to make a tutorial for them. Gotta get that ad money.

>Buy dollar store sunglasses

>Hot glue a bunch of shit to it
>~omg so amazing~

No. 219346

These are hideous. Wow

No. 219370

I'm so fucking sick of her shitty tutorials omg SHE IS NOT A GURU

No. 219385

Holly no

No. 219430

And yet another thing we'll never see her actually wear.

No. 219443

Good riddance, I really hope she doesn't.

No. 219445

No. 219455

File: 1451838507694.jpg (41.32 KB, 600x900, full.jpg)

I found a bunch of Suzy pics that look like soft porn?

No. 219456

File: 1451838516395.jpg (63.91 KB, 600x899, 73.jpg)

No. 219457

File: 1451838566952.jpg (36.13 KB, 600x400, ik.jpg)

No. 219458

File: 1451838604726.jpg (70.79 KB, 600x900, jd.jpg)

No. 219459

whew.. she looks exactly like a girl I went to middle school with who had fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. she was ok socially, but not very bright otherwise.

No. 219461


What the hell is that arm doing emerging from her head?!

No. 219462

What is going on in this picture my god Suzy…

No. 219463

I thought this was her foot my god

No. 219465

her arm looks like a snake oh my god

No. 219468


why would they even release that photo to her. Don't photographers usually delete the horrible photos taken at bad angles etc etc? I would not want to be shown photos of myself that look like that, and I don't understand why the photographer didn't just delete most of these.

No. 219473

More proof that she looks better with paired down simple make up.

On her old da profile she said her dad was her photographer… I just hope that he didn't take this one >>219455. The ones in the plaid dress look amateur as fuck.

No. 219477

iirc, she has a lot of these posted on her Myspace? Though if you just type 'Suzy Berhow MySpace' into Google images, you get a lot of them.

No. 219480

File: 1451844088889.jpg (19.72 KB, 300x450, 300x300YU4CCNOU.jpg)

Like, she even looks sort of cute in this one… and behold: simple make up.

No. 219482

Omg, the vast nose-lip gap is barely there in her old photos. Does her nose shrink with age?

No. 219483

Suzy looks 10 times better with BANGS! in the videos where she has bangs it helps her so much, even in older times!
BANGS suzy, A FRINGE! get it back please!

No. 219484


Oops, never mind

No. 219496

File: 1451848806547.jpg (19.86 KB, 300x450, 300x300.jpg)

Smiling also helps her… she looks so much better in >>219480 than she does in this one… and they were taken really close together, I would assume.

No. 219498

Wow, her legs look so stumpy and odd here…

terrible angle. How can this bitch call herself a model?

No. 219529

oh my God…she looks really really good here. This hair suits her well, along with the simple makeup. Poor Swoozy

No. 219534

File: 1451855018157.jpg (57.86 KB, 604x666, fuckinghell.jpg)


Well, they ended up on this bastard. I hate his hair. Do people like his hair unironically? it's a frizzy mess.

No. 219535

Do you think Suzy is worthy of her own ED page? Currently she's just a footnote in Arin's

No. 219536

I like it, this is just some bad lighting. Danny is a good guy for the most part and pretty attractive too IMO

No. 219539

Looks like a discount Howard Stern.

No. 219544

Anon… how the fuck does "bad lighting" explain this nightmare hair??

No. 219545

I think Dan is pretty attractive as well, but his hair is ridiculous. Idk, he's in his thirties, I think he should at least keep it short if he doesn't want to take care of it.

No. 219548

Someone please buy the poor man some Conditoner and Hair oil

No. 219555

File: 1451858163003.png (1.08 MB, 1079x1472, Screenshot_2016-01-03-22-54-21…)

No. 219556

Don't know about the voting system, but this girl named Shameless Maya won:


I mean, no wonder she lost, Maya has something she lacks, and this is SKILL .

No. 219557

wow suzy having GIRL friends?!

No. 219567

He's growing it out to donate. He def needs to use some conditioner tho. I just want to give him some no poo from deva curl and a deep conditioner.

I think that's Kati, Dan's friend who's living with Holly and Ross, and… that girl who was Ivy in that horrible cosplay shoot Nicole/Sheena was in. So. Suzy still can't seem to make friends of her own. And the Ivy cosplay girl is another fake geek girl. So.

No. 219578

Oh yeah, I forgot about the donation thing. Yeah then, a little conditioning would go a long way.

No. 219627

what's her obsession with being 'creepy'? Suz, you're about as creepy as Halloween candy.

Is that still a thing? I remember reading a comment somewhere (probably on reddit) that said he decided to keep it and donate money instead.

No. 219628

she looks like a swine tbh

No. 219630

So many fangirls in the GG fandom suck his dick. Why?

No. 219631

>Creeper girls
Suzy. Stop. You aren't original, creeper, or cool.

No. 219632

If that's the case then it's something he's decided since around rtx. I know he mentioned donating it in a grump q&a video which came out around that time. Curly hair does tend to be harder to donate, since it's the length pulled/straightened.

No. 219633

>I think that's Kati, Dan's friend who's living with Holly and Ross, and… that girl who was Ivy in that horrible cosplay shoot Nicole/Sheena was in. So. Suzy still can't seem to make friends of her own. And the Ivy cosplay girl is another fake geek girl. So.

Okay, I am entirely convinced now that all these fake game gurls and cosplay whores ALL know each other and live in the same part of CA. Holyshit.

No. 219634

I was born with really thick curls- and yes, while it is harder to care for, all you need is proper conditioner and oil. Danny is a lazy slob and looks the part. If he doesn't want to care for his hair, he should cut or shave it off. But of course no one gives him shit cuz he's a guy, but he looks bad. His hair looks dry and damaged to hell and back.

No. 219640

found a 2 month old thread talking about it https://www.reddit.com/r/gamegrumps/comments/3q847d/danny_mentioned_he_might_not_shave_his_head/ might be complete bullshit though.

No. 219646

The fuck. You don't have to shave your head to donate. My brother donated his hair and he also has very curly hair. All they need to do is be able to make a ponytail and cut it, and as long as it meets the min length when straightened it's fine.

Oh I feel the same. I have a looser curl, but it's not the easiest to take of without feeling frustrated. I do think Dan needs deva curls no poo in order to cleanse it nicely, since he's said in a video that he doesn't really wash his hair. That's a fairly old vido now though.

No. 219654

>Okay, I am entirely convinced now that all these fake game gurls and cosplay whores ALL know each other and live in the same part of CA. Holyshit.

They do. LA is LOUSY with them. I know a few of them IRL and I have no idea how any of them support themselves aside from daddy. Like I know Milynn (the Ivy) and she does nothing, but she's always buying expensive shoes and clothes and going on fancy trips. She must have a rich family or something, idk.

I've always thought that 'fake gamer gurls' were a myth, until i came to LA. They're completely real.

No. 219668

And it sucks since real women gamers exist, but you're right– LEGIT FAKE GAMUR GURLZ like JNig exist and when you meet one, it's like holyshit, how do you lie about your hobbies and think it's okay? i hate liars, but the worst are the ones who lie to try to seem cool, especially to men. Like why???

No. 219672

her face looks good but the lack of tits and that shapeless butt makes me sad

No. 219680

Okay? Nothing wrong with small breasts, mate.

No. 219687

she's flat-chested.
that's like saying "nothing wrong with being fat"
pls don't be insecured enough to think average bodies are beautiful
i think her body looked horrible

No. 219688

inb4 fatty hurrr durr
i just dislike it when people who are either too skinny or fatties get offended when i say someone looks like a hambeast or have the body of a boy
i'm sorry for being ott

No. 219689

good thing she hasnt gone through a pastel goth phase

No. 219690

i thought being creepy was a bad thing?

No. 219691

Do any of you think they will ever break up?

No. 219692

arin is too beta and suzy is a manipulative bitch who enjoys riding on her husband's fame and she enjoys how much money arin makes.
plus, if they ever break up, nobody will have interest in suzy and she will lose half or most of her subscribers so

No. 219721

Yeah, except being fat is dangerous to your health, having small titters isn't.
Christ you people will grasp at anything to get a rise out of others.

No. 219729

Small tits are better for your heath if anything

No. 219766

Less tissue to get cancer :p

No. 219769

Being creepy and a neckbeard is bad. Being creepy and cute is cool. Creepy cute is a weird not sub-goth, maybe jfashion aesthetic that rarely works.

Nah, mostly you won't get the back pain. Having big boobs and a small frame is the worst.

No. 219773


someone on rantgrumps posted very legit criticism on suzy's 'taxidermy'

No. 219777

Holy shit the blatant copying is insane. It's one thing to be inspired by someone but she looks like she's outright duplicating his work. I wonder if that Josh guy knows about it.

No. 219778

He reminds me of this old ex-rocker perv I had classes with in college. I have no idea what anyone sees in this guy.

No. 219782

Yes yes yes. He gives me an unsettling vibe. I really wonder what all the fans crushing on him actually see. They draw him all cute but he just kinda looks like String Emil to me.

No. 219784

Jesus christ. His work is obviously way higher quality and significantly cheaper and yet fans still throw their shekels at Snoozy.

No. 219786

I don't know much about taxidermy but her 'work' really looks cheap and shoddy by comparison. Not only to that Josh dude but also just what other people on etsy are doing. Here's what I can tell from a 5 minute research: almost all her butterflies seem to be missing their antennae (so she's either buying cheap crap, doesn't know what she's doing or just can't be bothered to spread them out) and the photographs of her 'work' suck. Half of them have her fucking mug reflected in the glass. Just tilt them a bit Snoozy.

How she can charge 100 bucks (about double what other people are charging) for this is beyond me. But I guess Suzy fans are about as intelligent as her dead bugs.

No. 219788

Friend of mine thinks he's attractive. Seriously just being tall and skinny is enough for her, and I imagine a ton of other girls. He's also a "good singer" even though I don't think his voice is spectacular or anything. He's not terrible, just not incredible or anything.

No. 219789

Why am I NOT surprised this stupid bitch is copying someone who has better work at more reasonable prices? I know where i'm getting my bugs from now. Thanks for the links, anon.

No. 219790


Agreed. I don't know dick about taxidermy, but comparing Suzy's taxidermy to that Josh guy's taxidermy really makes it apparent how poor her work is for the amount she's charging.

I've also noticed that the way Josh Hydler frames his work doesn't draw focus away from the specimen while still being elegant and ornate, whereas the way Suzy frames her insects is too busy and draws attention away from the specimen.

You can just tell that he puts a lot more skill, time, thought and effort into his pieces and it looks a lot neater and cleaner because of it.

But hey, maybe this guy should marry a famous YouTuber or something.


>Why am I NOT surprised this stupid bitch is copying someone who has better work at more reasonable prices?

Because she has literally zero creativity of her own. I almost feel a little bad for her.

No. 219792

>No dude shes so GOTHICCCC and COOOL and a MAKEUP GURUUU
>slathers face in foundation and does my cool and unique winged eyelinger


No. 219793

File: 1451935065170.png (873.77 KB, 916x592, this bugs me.PNG)

>I've also noticed that the way Josh Hydler frames his work doesn't draw focus away from the specimen while still being elegant and ornate, whereas the way Suzy frames her insects is too busy and draws attention away from the specimen.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Like top/middle: a dark moth on a dark background? Or the bottom/right one. I can barely even tell where the wings end. Didn't she go to school for art (at least for a while)?

No. 219795


>Didn't she go to school for art (at least for a while)?

Yeah, that's exactly what I wondered. You'd think she'd have learned how to present something in a way that looks good.

Although, having said that, look at her OOTDs and the new backdrop she's using for her videos.

I also kind of wondered if maybe she deliberately draws attention away from the specimen because they look kind of shitty, but I'm pretty sure she's just not that great at being able to tell what looks good and what doesn't.
Kind of like Kiki. Or Starprincess801, if anyone remembers her.

No. 219797

File: 1451936646999.png (759.18 KB, 571x736, screenshotsnoozy.png)

well well well

No. 219800

did she photoshop her bellybutton on

No. 219804

God i hate those shoes

No. 219816

God she's a nasty hambeast. Why would she wear something so unflattering, much less take pics of it?

No. 219817

ahahaha that flabby thigh sticking out way further than her actual hip. Snoozy needs to learn good photoshop and obviously could use to lose a few pounds.

No. 219818

File: 1451939107523.png (9.06 KB, 274x98, shathag.PNG)

#girlwithmoremoneythansense #andaninflatedfuckingego

The comments are gold though.

No. 219819

Seriously? She's not uguu tiny fairy size but she sure as shit isn't a hambeast yet. Chill.

No. 219824



No. 219825

File: 1451939466520.png (7.38 KB, 426x304, srs.png)

>pimping jeffrey campbell stuff for years now
>still cant fucking spell it right
god I hate her so much

No. 219826

I agree, but that's not how you model a crop top. Not to mention had she just worn an a line skirt instead of a bodycon one, she wouldn't look so… lumpy.

>re: bug copying

That was brought up in one of the first theads on her. It's why I know her mark up is ridiculous because his work is so much nicer for a much better price. If confronted, Suzy would either take the coincidence route or say she was "inspired" by him. Suzy doesn't know shit about anything.

No. 219829

yeah I agree, everytime I see somebody say OMG SUZY IS SOOO FUCKING FAT WHAT A WHALE im like.. what!? shes NOT fat!
She defiently could loose some pounds, especially because shes clearly gained weight the last year and it doesnt suit her because she has a small frame, so she quickly looks bloated.
But saying she is a hambeast is not true at all. Shes actually not even fat, just a bit floppy.
I think theres way worse things about Suzy to call her out on than her weight

No. 219831

Where are her hips though? Not even a curve…

No. 219845

spotted the hambeasts

No. 219850

>I think theres way worse things about Suzy to call her out on than her weight

I agree. Her massive stupidity, lying/scamming, fake personality are just so much more lol-worthy to me than her having gained a few pounds.

No. 219864

Maybe not hambeast status yet but this is not 'average' or 'normal'

She is so obviously overweight here. No definition, no waist, no appeal at all.
Looks like dough stuffed into a cheap mall goths outfit.

No. 219867

Really surprised she didn't tag it with #curvy or #curvygirl like last time

No. 219870

There's too much flesh here and it makes the outfit look incomplete. Keeping the base outfit there, she should add a long, flowy black cardigan of some sort and definitely silver necklaces of different lengths, pulling from the studs on her boots. Bracelets or rings that match would also help. You know, basically the tumblr-goth-witch aesthetic of jewelry. Off-black tights or something wouldn't kill her either.

She's just so… basic… but acts like she's hardcore.

No. 219871

spotted the ana

I'm skeletal and I don't even think she's a whale. She's chubby.

No. 219875

Exactly. Slightly chubby is the word, but honesty she looks like she's been losing. Judging by this pic I'd just call her skinny fat currently. Flabby with no real definition (she was like that at her skinnier weight too.)

No. 219878

>Omg such a beautiful candle

That comment is killing me. Suzy is posing so hard trying to be edgy and sexy..and that one person talks about the candle. I love it.

No. 219880

She's fat. Get over it, fattie.

No. 219881

File: 1451944895072.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

I love how the fatties have invaded. Her weight gain and her idiocy towards simple eat better, move more is astounding. There's no defending her. She looks awful now because she gained so much weight. Stop defending her fat ass.

No. 219882

How deluded can you be

No. 219888

This image is so filtered and probably for good reason too

No. 219897

like maybe I'm just super out-of-touch and old but what person well into their twenties still thinks wearing a pentagram makes them cool instead of looking like a dumbass edgelord teen?

(she's clearly not into any kind of real subculture)

No. 219900

I would just call her overweight. Like, not in danger of obesity but still not in the healthy weight range. "Skinny fat" is more when you're failry thin and technically at a healthy weight but have little to no muscle mass, and a high body fat percentage.

No. 219902

Lol I meant "fairly".

No. 219904

Sounds like off topic, but it's not.
I really liked the last South Park Season, and Safe Space really reminded me of Suzy.
This quick bit of Reality says everything:


No. 219918

it reminds me of GameGrumps in general. They go all woe-is-me whenever someone is 'mean' yet they have no problem shitting all over a game, musician, tv show whatever on their show.

No. 219925

I swear to God I saw a middle schooler wearing this same outfit at Walmart.

No. 219956

No. 219963

I love the hilariously shitty quality of Snoozy's taxidermy compared to Josh's. Blatant rip offs but there's such a gap between the skill. She can't even be bothered to take photos with an actual camera so you see her mug on the side of every shot as she hangs over it with her phone

No. 219965


Her hips aren't that bad, it's the love handles that you're seeing.

No. 219966

fucking lol'd.

No. 219989

This outfit is awfully unflattering. The sweater isn't all that bad, edgy pentagram aside, but why would she ever think of pairing it with a bodycon miniskirt? Maybe if the skirt were longer and she could wear it on her waist and it might look better, but that's more than wishful thinking. The boots make her legs look bulkier. And I get the look of having big/bulky footwear but I feel like that only really suits people with longer legs. She's a disaster. You would think with all the money she makes and being a ~beauty guru~ she would know how to put an outfit together, but this is so lazy and shitty. Like, this look is so cookie cutter. If you're going to be in the public eye so much, wouldn't you want a cool and eye-catching style? Suzy is the laziest tryhard I've ever seen.

No. 219992

File: 1451970382592.jpg (61.3 KB, 602x668, Clipboard03.jpg)

How old is Brian? I know Danny is 33/34 but Brian looks well into his 40s- aka too fucking old for this Game Grumps bullshit.

No. 219997

According to google, he's 40.

I really don't like him. He's kind of an asshole, and both he and his fans are constantly jerking off over the fact that he has a PhD. Which is great, but he plays fucking video games on the internet, I think it can be agreed that his PhD is not relevant here, nor is it being put to good use.

No. 220002

I feel like Suzy and Arin would be the kind of people to let someone filter out all the negative comments before seeing them themselves.

No. 220003

>I think it can be agreed that his PhD is not relevant here, nor is it being put to good use.

Agreed. He also quit a perfectly good university job to do GG with a wife and child. I wonder how his wife feels about it?

No. 220004

Question, how does she have 152K followers and yet only have 200 comments on that picture?
Does Suzy buy her followers? KEK

No. 220008


I wouldn't think Suzy would have to buy followers.
Maybe the rest are dead accounts or GG fans who only really follow her for the sake of it?

No. 220014

This nigga looks so creepy though…

No. 220029

I liked him as silent ninja. I really hoped he'd never become a part of GG. He didn't seem like the type either.

No. 220031

File: 1451986597094.jpg (25.54 KB, 531x386, noonecares.jpg)

He's kind of full of himself. I dunno. I liked NSP a lot in the beginning when they were not officially part of GG. It's like GG is some talent sucking blackhole and now Danny and Brian are done for.

No. 220034

File: 1451990613441.jpeg (102.96 KB, 1024x768, I used to be a physicist.jpeg)

No. 220035

I've been following GG since mid-late 2014. When Brian was just this kind of entity who did music with Dan he seemed great, but my God having him on GG is the worst. He sounds so out of place more often than not, and the fact he's 40 with a child, PhD, and a wife and has resorted from teaching at universities to playing videos games is so retarded.

No. 220066

does a 6 yr old even know what a phd is?
what a pretentious twat.

No. 220073

I'm pretty sure that was just a stupid joke, y'all need to chill

No. 220081

i fucking hate kevin's smug face

No. 220092

Suzy's wrist look really swollen jfc

No. 220094

File: 1452008400148.jpg (14.86 KB, 452x339, rainier.jpg)


>does a 6 yr old even know what a phd is?

No. 220096

>zero visible tattoos in picture
Ffs Suzy

No. 220097



>probably has never even jammed out to Siouxsie and the Banshees

ffs, Suzy

No. 220101

Does Arin really need to try so hard to make himself look like more of an idiot? I wish he would at least wear flattering clothes like Barry and Dan are wearing in this photo. Also as usual Suzy is in a horrible outfit despite marketing herself as some kind of fashionista. Holly doesn't do that and she still is dressed so much nicer than Suzy.

No. 220108

For real though, why does he always have to make these ugly ass faces? It must be sad to be almost 30 and mentally 13

No. 220109

Probably because holly knows how to wear things outside of pants

No. 220114

Well it is rtx, so people aren't really gonna dress… "nice". The fact that gawth grrrl Suzy is in a Hollister shirt is what's actually hilarious about how she dresses herself.

No. 220115

tbh, I would pay money to see suzy's ass in tights

No. 220116

That girl don't wear tights. Considering she'd be the type to have the cat ones.

No. 220122

Is it leggings that she wears in her videos then?

No. 220125

I never seen a group of people with more annoying or punchable faces than gg

No. 220145

File: 1452022035316.jpg (11.99 KB, 260x194, right.jpg)


You're absolutely right …

No. 220148


My boyfriend is in the process of attaining his PhD and it's fucking nothing, any person that isn't an idiot or has the funds can get one.

A theoretical physics PhD is especially laughable considering it effectively boils down to a group of people calculating mere theories without any real substance nor use.

He can come back and wave his PhD around when he actually goes out and formulates how to achieve warp drive or some shit.

No. 220160

How can anyone actually think Kevin is cute or good looking?

No. 220161

He's really average. That jacket is way too big on him lmao

No. 220162

I wouldn't say a PhD is nothing. You still have to get up in front of a panel and defend your thesis.

Someone I know was getting a PhD in astrophysics and from what she has said, it's not exactly a cake walk.

No. 220165

He seriously looks like a middle-schooler in it.

No. 220166

File: 1452027725993.png (496.12 KB, 735x739, screenshotsnoozy2.png)

Snoozy just keep showing off dat hot bod

No. 220168

Wow she's obviously gained a bunch of weight but I hope she's just wearing super tight underwear in this one. The way she holds weight on her sides is so unfortunate. Why would she post this?

What you're seeing is her hip, not her thigh. Her hips are okay. The first hump is the lovehandles, where all her soda goes.

No. 220169

Holy fuck, the latest Steam Train is Will You Press The Button with Snoozy, Arin and Barry. And people fucking hate it.

It has the most dislikes I've ever seen on a GG video. And Suzy burps because she's totally one of the guiiiiz. (I'm only 4 minutes in)

No. 220171

File: 1452029156409.jpg (47.44 KB, 590x401, thscmmts.jpg)

also the comments are gold, what's up fanbase?

No. 220172

GameGrumps has only been Arin and Dan videos for a little bit now
It's awful.

No. 220173

No. 220174

As dumb as their fans can be, people can only put up with mediocre bullshit for so long.

No. 220182

honestly, I fucking commend them. "Internet hate" is often baseless, petty bullshit so I can see why they'd dislike it at first. But they finally see the low-effort, hug-box GG has become.

No. 220188

Kevin and Arin have the most punchable faces.

No. 220189

Or the Bauhaus. Bitch thinks anyone who has dark hair and wears black jeans is goth probably.

No. 220190

>Arin's disgusting face
>Arin's fat gut
>Arin's anime shirt
>Arin's sandals

He's so pathetic.

No. 220191

Agreed so much.

No. 220192

Yellow fever, even though he's one of the low brand Asians.

No. 220193

File: 1452034129652.jpg (44.82 KB, 682x609, ugggghno.jpg)

More comments. I hate this shit SO much. Suzy is NOT Asian ffs. This is such an insult to anyone who is actually Asian and doesn't lie about their ethnicity. How can anyone think this whitebread bitch is anything but?

No. 220194

he's such a gross, weird dude. He seems alright at first but he's got fucking issues. He seems to barely be able to navigate normal human interaction, he's got issues with women (e.g. that creepy, messed up Suzy animation he did years ago), he got fired or quit every job he's ever had unless he was 'the boss'.

He just got lucky with the internet animations and gamegrumps shit.

No. 220204

Arin is just your typical neckbeard and he's riding the GG train hard since fans will keep giving them money for some reason. I wonder what he's going to do when he's in his mid to late 30s?

No. 220207

It's because people are racist and think small eyes = asian. Even though plenty of white people have small as fuck eyes and some Asians do have large eyes without surgery.

No. 220211

I kinda get a Spoony vibe from him. I saw people compare GG to Channel Awesome on a post on RantGrumps and that shit made sense.

He made something people liked years ago and eventhough he's done nothing worthwhile in a long time somehow people still ride his dick.

If the GameGrumps thing fails I can totally see him starting a patreon funding his "animation" and then never coming up with more than concept art.

No. 220212

Are you referring to the animation he made about how much he loves suzy and how she's "actually funny and smart, unlike other girls?" Yeah. He's a creep. Sure it's an older animation and his opinion could have changed since then, but any guy who so blatantly stereotypes huge groups of people does not get my respect.

No. 220215

>suzy should die irl

No. 220216

yeah, that's exactly what I'm referring to. It might be a bit unfair but it's still messed up. And I doubt he's changed his opinion much because it still doesn't look like he has any female friends. It's all just Suzy and female video game characters to him. It's fucking weird.

No. 220219

Just in case you forgot, what we're talking about:


…yes it's a link, I'm a noob

No. 220230

Not to mention he's racist as fuck. He's a typical whiteboy from Florida. He thinks he's different than your typical hick trash from there, but he really isnt.

No. 220235

but his racism is ironic! Well, it is as soon as he gets called out on it.

Seriously, none of these people (except for maybe Ross) have any idea what the fuck they're doing. They just exist and go with whatever seems to be the road of least resistance.

No. 220243

Does Arin have any PoC friends? I mean, you don't have to have non-white friends to not be racist, but I feel like he's ignorant because all he ever does is talk to racist white people and has become racist himself. I know he and Dan met/recorded with Matt and Woolie from The Best Friends Zaibatsu, and I can't help but wonder how clenched Dan and Arin's buttholes were as they tried not to make a racist joke about black people in front of them.

No. 220244

File: 1452043251764.jpg (166.7 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_nyt42m3ist1uudfnco1_128…)

Pic related.

No. 220246

Is he deliberately standing like that to be funny, or is he just really fucking uncomfortable?

No. 220247

He probably doesn't have many or any black friends at all lmao. I don't have a link to the video (but it was pre gg I think) I remember Suzy was telling a story about how Arin had to say the n word 100 times after taking his black friend home to get it out of his system

No. 220260

This? it was defiantly pre GG ("I think Jontron has something planned")

No. 220261

Apologies for double posting but I came across this while trying to find the other and I think it's pretty funny that he was going on how let's plays are the lamest when thats now his main source of income

No. 220264

Coincidentally, this just came out on the Best Friend's Channel. I haven't watched it yet, but I don't know how well the Zaibatsu's humor will mix with the Grumps. I'm predicting civil but boring.

No. 220269

I love Woolie and Matt. They're too good for those fucking shitheads.

No. 220270

File: 1452049086832.png (170.78 KB, 588x638, Woolie Madden (@WoolieWoolz) -…)

Maybe they needed to use me. snip?

No. 220274

Probably a little of both, but I imagine Arin is an actual social retard in front of most people he isn't familiar with. He seems the type.

No. 220275

This is why idiots who post shit on the internet get burned. Arin says A LOT of stuff that has been proven to be very hypocritical. I wonder if there's way to send the 'nigger' thing to Woolie on anon mode or a fake twitter account??

No. 220276

I'm scared to watch this. Zaibatsu has clever humor and cute best friend jokes meanwhile GG relies on really shitty jokes which are usually offensive by sexist or racist means and Dan has to laugh uncomfortably in the background. Fuck, I really hope they don't make this a habit to work together. And TBFs has a tame fanbase of mostly friendly people. GG fanbase are all raging autists.

No. 220277

You sound like someone who stopped school after highschool. A phd isnt nothing, nor is it something you just can get by having money. Its a shit ton of work to get there and a lot of pressure to have to create and defend your work like that. Since he was a prof, it means he also wrote and published papers as part of his job, which you could likely look up with a bit of work.

She could just have that violin hip dip. I am suprised she didnt do a quick ps to give that nice curve.

No. 220279

>You sound like someone who stopped school after highschool. A phd isnt nothing, nor is it something you just can get by having money. Its a shit ton of work to get there and a lot of pressure to have to create and defend your work like that. Since he was a prof, it means he also wrote and published papers as part of his job, which you could likely look up with a bit of work.

I was trying to figure out if that anon was joking or actually underaged. People have to bust their asses for a PHD. They don't just hand them out. They're also expensive. Anon is either underaged or talking out their ass.

Nah, she's too lazy for photoshop. She goes from loving her 'curves' to whining about not being to lose weight while she eats down a dozen donuts or cupcakes. Suzy is lazy in all aspects of her life.

No. 220283

I'm about halfway through it. There's a bit of dissonance between their styles of humor, but it's actually alright. I even laughed at Arin a couple times.

No. 220284

I watched the first probably 6 minutes and the intro featured a clash of Wolly introing the game followed by Arin interjecting with his "amazing" improv skills and Danny telling a shitty joke about someone's chin while Matt and Wolly talk about Face/Off. They clash heavily and I just can't stand them together. The Zaibatsu is probably my favorite group and this is painful to watch. Current Game Grumps is too lazy and relies too heavily on silly voices and shitty improv comedy to have a mashup with anyone. I really hope that their playthrough for Game Grumps is the last we see of this.

No. 220286

You're a braver soul than I. I really hope they move on and Arin won't want to work with TBFs again. Ugh….

No. 220299

There's going to be a collab video on the GG channel but aside from that I don't think they'll be doing much together.

No. 220300

Just googled that, didn't know that was a thing. Looks like what shes got. She shouldn't be wearing bodycon skirts, they're only for smooth hourglass shapes. I guess it shows even more how she really has no idea how to dress herself.

No. 220320

Hi snoozy

No. 220322

I'm not Suzy, just tired of the anachans calling everyone that isn't Aly's size hambeasts. She carries her weight in really odd places and she needs to work on that but she's not jabba the hut yet. Simple as that.

No. 220326


Which is funny as fuck because she's one of the dullest, most vapid women trying to make herself into a 'personality' I've ever seen.

No. 220339

For some reason, that entire video comes off as sarcastic to me. I guess my brain can't comprehend someone being so deluded about Snoozy's greatness.

No. 220342

As someone with a PhD, please don't say any of that every again, especially since you've made it clear that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Thanks.

No. 220351

As someone with a PhD, I agree with them. You don't actually have to be smart to have one, as I've had proven to me time and time again by my colleagues. I'm sorry to hear it was a stressful process for you.

No. 220352


No. 220354


I don't think they're a samefag

I do think they seem to be under the impression that people give a fuck about their PhD and whether or not it was hard to get

No. 220399


What a surprise, somehow this comment disappeared from the comments section.

…. man … so let's ban all the evil mean comments, so you can continue to live in your fantasy world in which everybody kisses your ass.

No. 220403

well, on the plus side at least someone from the grump camp read a few comments for once…

No. 220480

File: 1452129033265.png (202.05 KB, 600x415, febhgr.png)


No. 220482

File: 1452129635268.png (904.42 KB, 928x594, sothinsosad.png)

kek That is hilarious. Sad thing is I'm sure there are people out there who will buy it.

In a blast from the past, look at how these two used to look. Such a damn shame.

No. 220486

People who cosplay real people. I don't get it. It's not even like Suzy has a persona. she's just a boring, basic bitch… I seriously don't get it.

No. 220490

it might get them twitter, instagram, whatever attention though! Because Suzy will RT any uglyass fanart or cosplay as long as they suck up to her. That's my theory at least. They want attention from someone "important" (lol) and they never going to get a RT from anyone who's legit famous.

No. 220501

Speaking of which. Here it is.

No. 220517

1:35 Suzy runs?

No. 220532

It's not nothing, and it's a bit shite to belittle your boyfriend's academic career path like that honestly. It's a big time committment, almost like having a fulltime job, and you're supposed to contribute to the field you're researching in while you're doing it.

No. 220534

She really hasn't got any idea how to dress herself. Besides hoodies and jeans (which is simple), she's basically like a 4 year old but with an adult's wardrobe. Anything goes.

No. 220538

also depends where you're getting your phd tbh. the bf is probably getting it at a lower level university.

No. 220540

This was honestly really funny. Everyone had good moments there.

No. 220541

File: 1452139109506.jpg (112.39 KB, 1440x810, 12.jpg)

>Woolie grump head is so kawaii

No. 220543

Of course she runs: after the ice cream truck

No. 220577

oh god is that her attempt at gothic lolita? she looks terrible.

>that creepy, messed up Suzy animation he did years ago
I've only been following GG for less than a year so deets?

No. 220581

considering how thin she was here, I'd say suzy just has thick ankles and her calves aren't big enough to create illusion of a slimmer ankle.

as a fellow thick ankled chick, it sucks.

No. 220583

I was wondering why the fuck Suzy would think to submit what she put together but looking at the other submissions…ick

No. 220585

Was she drunk when she posted this? You can barely even see the outfit. SHe only got votes because she was engaged to Egoraptor at the time.

No. 220586

File: 1452154933925.jpg (17.86 KB, 300x450, 300x300.jpg)

Suzy has always had that violin hip thing, it just looks worse than when she was thinner bc of the fat.

she doesn't seem to look nearly as pudgy as before so I have a feeling she lost a handful of pounds and thinks she's hot shit again

No. 220587

I honestly think the only reason she does taxidermy is so she can check another thing off on her edgy special snowflake list.

No. 220588

To be fair, the PHD thing has been a joke since the beginning of NSP.
No one actually knew if he had a PHD or if he just meant Pretty Huge Dick.

No. 220590

Here's the link

No. 220614

Is that tub of lad on the left Matt?

No. 220615

No. 220620

Yeah. I think he's lost a lot of weight. Maybe he gained it back though. I remember he looked a lot smaller in his wedding video

No. 220621

File: 1452178047244.png (20.55 KB, 94x81, 1437943845599.png)

>I hope I find my Suzy one day
damn son you sure you're not setting your sights a bit high there

No. 220622

He tried a crash diet pretty recently – more out of curiosity than anything, he has lost weight legitimately before – and he was fucking miserable, I imagine he gained a ton of weight back as a result.

Anyway, more on topic, I'm pretty sure Brian's whole PhD thing is just his "schtick" to make him more of a character as opposed to just "yet another Grump", but I've noticed people quoting him unironically on the main GG subreddit, thinking they're hot shit because they're being arrogant just like Brian!!!11!1

No. 220626

God, that place. GG could upload 10 minutes of Arin drowning puppies and some of these idiots would still defend them because 'the grumps work sooooo hard to give us free entertainment'

I hope to god that most of them are just really young and don't understand yet that GG is a business that makes money with its product and NOT just some friends playing games.

No. 220632

I only ever see him in the Fisticuffs intros. He looks so bad I wasn't even sure it was him.

No. 220633


Iktf fam.

No. 220634

They're called munchkin cats, there's a few breeders out there.

No. 220635


Oh and of course she buys from breeders, as if it were possible for me to despise this animal abusing cunt anymore than I already do.

No. 220637

Okay so she bought from a breeder, I can see how that is a naive choice to make, but how the fuck does it make her an animal abuser?
When did she abuse an animal?
I mean you can call Suzy many a bad thing but now you're just saying shit

No. 220638

cos teh breeders r ebil dont u kno )):

No. 220639

What an awfully cruel cat breed. Only assholes want deformed pets like that because "TEH CUTES LOL" yeah cause spine deformities and lifelong pain and super kawaii.

No. 220641

I don't think Suzy is aware of that, or at least was when she bought the cats.
Not everyone who buys at breeders are evil assholes, most people are just misinformed or naive.
This is the first time i'm defending Suzy but she is not an asshole for buying those cats, she just didnt know any better and the cats are probably just fine, it looks like she takes good care of them.

I don't support breeders but I also think anti-breeders sometimes can be way too extreme. Maybe stop the hate and begin informing people about the issue instead, nobody listens to an aggressive asshole.

No. 220644

you missed the blatant sarcasm

No. 220647

you couldnt tell that was sarcasm because theres plenty of people who actually types shit like that all the time about breeding

No. 220648

Being misinformed and ignorant is just as horrible. How many misinformed people buy from puppy mills because they can't take 10 mins to do some research or better yet– just adopt? Ignorance is why a lot of bad shit is able to keep going on because of lazy people.

No. 220649

Why do you expect from Suzy? she barely uses her brain. Her vocabulary is limited to 'uhhh! ' and 'amazing!'

She seems the type of stupid cunt to not give a shit where she gets her cats from.

No. 220651


It's animal abuse by proxy.
A lot of these animals are removed from their mother before they're ready just so twats like Suzy can "have them whilst they're cuter" which inflicts enormous amounts of stress on them.
You already know that breeding the animals promotes a wealth of congenital defects that the animal has to suffer with. Buying from breeders creates demand and promotes this sick trade even further.
If nobody was buying these animals would people continue breeding them? NO.

If you knowingly buy from breeders instead of adopting you're a cunt that gives more of a fuck about the way your animal looks than its health. End of.

No. 220654

yes because ALL breeders are bad by default. Not a single good breeder out there. You cant possibe do research on a breeder first to figure out if its good or not. That cant happen.

Come on some breeders are okay, you just need to be carefull and do your research.

No. 220660


They knowingly breed animals that are doomed to a life of defects, disease and deformity.
If humans did this there would a worldwide outcry, but because people like you seem to believe that animals are lower lifeforms and that the inability to give birth naturally, spinal problems and lifelong breathing problems are cute, it's okay to do it.

I've had a deviated septum and collapsing ala that hampers my breathing so my life, and I'm finally getting surgery on it this year and let me tell you breathing problems are not fucking fun, especially in Summer when it literally feels like you're suffocating and have to wear a breathing aid at night just so you don't suffocate in your sleep.

WHY oh fucking WHY do you belive it's okay to allow these kind of defects to become dominant in a species? Because it's "cute"? Fuck you.

No. 220661

I'm assuming your only referring to certain cat and dog breeders.

Both my husky and dogo came from reputable breeders. So not not all breeders are bad.

No. 220662

not all breeders breed "deformed" animals you know… there are many different kind of breeders and many different dog breeds. Id think youd know this since you obviously know so much about animals that you can compare them to your deviated septum. lols.
This is about picking a dog breed that isnt bred to have those problems, many dog breeds are just fine you know. Not everyone buys pugs and munchkin cats.
Man you made me cringe the way you wrote that whole thing, why dont you go back to tumblr so people can give your "justice" some misplaced praise?

No. 220663

I wrote dog there so many times because I has dogs on my mind, I obviosuly mean cats too

No. 220664


I compared the problem since somebody I know possess a shih tzu that is forever panting and wheezing and struggling to breathe due to its brachycephalic airways which is actually extremely similar to the problem I have. It's fucking awful to watch it suffer like this.

>caring about animals


Kill yourself you cum-guzzling witch, just be sure to find a method that's aesthetic enough to match your designer dog, wouldn't want people thinking less of you now would we.

No. 220665



>hip dysplasia

>corneal dystrophy
>progressive retinal atrophy

And what was wrong with going to a pound and getting a dog that didn't have a home already?

No. 220667

funny how you got mad I said you were from tumblr and then immidiatly you reacted EXCACTLY like somebody from tumblr; death threats and immature name calling.

Also I never said you shouldnt buy from a pound, by all means I think thats awesome. All im saying is that not ALL animals from a breeder are deformed and not all breeders are bad. Thats it really.

No. 220668


>telling you to kill yourself



>"lol u make me cringe gb2Tumblr"

You must be at least 18 to post here Anon.

No. 220669

Who threatened your life?
Telling you to kill yourself is more chan fare than it is Tumblr. Tumblr is super antsy about that shit and will become maximum triggered and go off and write a screenplay about it.

No. 220670

Truth be told just about every dog and cat breed is gonna have some issues, just like with humans you can be healthy as fuck but you could still develop cancer. Going to a reputable breeder mostly means that those issues aren't inherent at birth like a lot of misbred dogs and cats are.

No. 220671

Nah on tumblr they get triggered by getting told to kill themselves and then immediatly dont hestitate to say the same thing when somebody is against their justice agenda

No. 220672

File: 1452195829337.png (930.04 KB, 737x724, suzysuzy.png)

I'm gonna stop this animal nonsense and get back on topic!
Suzy next to her identical twin just shows how much she needs to get bangs again.

No. 220673

Suzy's head looks like an actual egg.

No. 220674

You sound new as fuck and mad about it.

>kill yourself you cum-guzzling witch

No. 220675

If you want a dog or cat from the pound then that's fine, but you shouldn't say all breeders are bad and then list issues that the dog could have any ways.

No. 220677

File: 1452196662641.jpg (57.18 KB, 600x400, 005.jpg)

All I see when I look at suz in this pic

No. 220680

No. 220684

Okay so I know she defiently filmed these all in a row and thats why she looks the same, but goddamn im tired of that fucking lipstick now

No. 220685

sorry I didn't see this link had already been posted before, my bad!

No. 220686

File: 1452199837208.jpg (117.8 KB, 456x387, 28tf8nr.jpg)

Please no more derailing to debate the ethics of breeding pets. We have a gothic beauty guru to talk about here.

No. 220688

omg what video is this from?

No. 220690

so much is wrong here…

No. 220692

It's this video from last March

No. 220693

she needs to put her hair down immediatly, get a fringe and go outside

No. 220699

yeesh that is not a fortunate photo

No. 220701

File: 1452201348117.jpg (262.91 KB, 735x739, suzyshoop.jpg)

i tried

No. 220702

File: 1452201511149.gif (770.22 KB, 735x739, shuzyshoopgif.gif)

oops, meant to post this

No. 220704

OT - Sorry, guize.

I did tons of research into getting a German Shepherd. Got him from a great breeder that encouraged healthy dog foods/raw diets, non-tap water - blah, blah blah. They also assured dogs were healthy and the dogs were specifically bred to breed out GSD's notorious hip problems.

Well, 8 years later he suffered from 2 rare disorders, treatment cost thousands only for him to die from complications due to the life saving medications I had him on. Whether it was the breeders fault, I don't know, but I feel like this poor dog was put into this world for a quick buck, while some dog at the pound has no home because I did my "research" into a responsible breeder. If I got a pup at the pound, regardless of his life span, I would have saved him. I will never purchase from a breeder again. They did promise a puppy if your dog does die from certain genetic health problems, but I never asked or called regarding it. My heart is already broken and I'm 100% on board with pound dogs.

Suzy isn't evul for buying a breeder, but it IS selfish. It reminds me of Doh Deere from Lime Crime. She sells her company on being cruelty free while she only owns Persian cats. It's only obvious Suzy and vain people like her would get specific breeds. Special animals make up for their lack of personality.

No. 220705

buying from a breeder*

No. 220707


No. 220708

File: 1452202552333.jpg (35.71 KB, 300x300, capslock.jpg)


No. 220710

Seriously, enough.
I'm baffled by how she's not embarassed to see this every time she looks in the mirror.

No. 220711

Really getting tired of their totally-on-purpose!! (yeah, right) bad acting and 'ironic' ads

No. 220714

Wow, different fat distribution really does wonders. I have the violin hip dip thing just like Suzy which is why I need to stay as slim as possible or else it looks awful. And I would never wear bodycon stuff which she should be avoiding too.

No. 220726

Yeah, they need a different shtick. It's getting real fuckin old.

No. 220728


Thanks for this Anon.
It must have been a hard thing to admit but you're potentially saving animals by letting people know the truth about this industry.

I'm so sorry about your pupper.

No. 220734

Got my attention anyway.

No. 220738

wow ok sorry, now im the asshole. ill delete it lmao

No. 220740

Yeah you better

No. 220741

So does she have fetal alcohol syndrome or something? She looks like the poster child for FAS.

No. 220742

Of course reputable breeders will do all they can to create healthy puppies, but some breeds are prone to having problems anyway.

No. 220743

Thanks, anon. He was a good boy.

Holy shit, anon. I thought you made her stomach bloat out like that to be an ass. She isn't a land whale, but that outfit looks horrid on her sausage physique.

No. 220744

I bet you do too?

No. 220747

File: 1452210626929.png (291.19 KB, 600x512, nick-young-confused-face-300x2…)

where is this defensiveness coming from lol

No. 220751

It just seems like they've given up on any integrity or goals they may have had at some point. It's clearly just a money making machine and most of them don't give a fuck anymore. It's kind of sad because I really enjoyed the channel for a while but it's also kinda fun to witness the downfall.

No. 220752

A lot of people think so but a photo of her parents has been posted before and they look just like her, little eyes, stubby pig nose, long smooth philtrum area and all.

No. 220753

Probably just a mix of awkward white features that mixed in the most unfortunate way.

No. 220759

Yeah, I could agree to this on some level.

A part of me also thinks, that for their reason of doing the same type of sponsor videos, over and over again - is because they know that their fanbase will eat it up and be fine with it.

I'm probably with the group of people that, I like GG but some stuff I don't like. Being certain games they play, I won't watch, and there isn't really anything funny in their videos for a long time now - but I watch as a way to unwind and take up time.

I honestly wish they would just do something different with their sponsor vids. The whole, "wow, let's be funny by being awkward!" and "let's do some anime type thing, like over exaggerating our mouth movements and having the sound continue for a second longer". Their terribly over played acting. It's really just stupid and redundant now. I think at this point I'd like to see a serious sponsor vid.

The singing one for the christmas grump tee's was slightly nice, in a way that it just wasn't the same stupid t shirt commercial they always do. idk

No. 220763

honestly, I think one of the main problems is a lack of direction. They can't seem to decide what they want to be. A LP channel that critiques games, a comedy channel that just plays games as background noise, a channel that cares about their 'lovelies' or a channel that doesn't care about feedback. A serious business that wants and needs to make money or just guys hanging out who totally aren't making enough money. There's just so much dissonance at every corner.

No. 220765

Their fans are straight braindead (some of them, anyway). Someone on the main subreddit got irritated at all the Suzy hate and said "Well, if it really bothers you that much, why don't you take her to court?" Like WHAT?! WHAT is that logic? People can't do anything bad unless you can take them to court over it? Do these people think you can just take people to court for free? Even more evidence that their fans are literal children.

Actually, now that I think about it, the only two people I can think of that are adult Game Grumps fans are a sheltered, immature 19-year-old who still wears Gir hoodies and a 22-year-old neet.

No. 220768

They are fucking idiots. If you run a business and fuck up spectacularly in public people are going to call you out on it. And it's going to come up on everything Suzy will do in the next few years. That's one of the reasons why you don't try to fuck people over: even if you don't have an issue with ripping people off (because you lack morals) - you don't do shit like that because it will make you look bad and untrustworthy.

No. 220769

> take her to court

I agree, their fans are completely blind in a lot of ways.

Speaking of Suzy and court, I know it's old news but she didn't refund anyone on her etsy scam; right?
I think if I bought something $100 worth of product, and found out that it wasn't made how it said it was, I would definitely make a paypal claim.
I'm hoping some shoppers did that.
I wonder how her shop is doing now, how much money she's lost or making from her shop currently to before the bomb exploded.

No. 220795

>Abercrombie hoodie
So goth.

No. 220799

File: 1452228773366.png (377.83 KB, 600x587, Screenshot 2016-01-07 at 11.50…)

I wonder if they've looked at the Game Grumps stuff on there before

No. 220800

I think Arin has come across Arin/Danny fic on tumblr before, out of some strange curiosity. I'm sure they know it exists but they don't actively look for it.

No. 220854

File: 1452261037999.png (646.81 KB, 867x601, suzylooksgoodish.png)

This is probably the most adequate outfit she's done yet. I'd go with a different pair of tights, but other then the edgey try hard feel, she looks decent. And she could go out in public in this too.

No. 220855

Yeah it actually looks kinda good but she always looks so uncomfortable in her outfits like those shorts look super tight on her

No. 220865

ugh those shorts are way too small.

No. 220867

Really? She's 26 and she's dressed like a 13 year old whose mommy let her spend her birthday money at Hot Topic. She looks ridiculous.

No. 220872

Look at the thread. This is the first outfit that takes her body shape into account and doesn't make her look like a potato. And isn't stupid with color coordination (because monochrome is easy).

Also it's edgy tumblr fashion, so yeah it's shit teenagers think is cool. If she lost the chain and the distressed tights and paired this with a structured jacket she'd look… passable.

No. 220874


No. 220877

My thoughts exactly. Obviously it's not an amazing outfit, but unlike many of her other outfits, it's not horribly mismatched, and she is covering her problem areas (upper arms, and at least her legs have tights on them). Also given how casual she normally dresses, this is something I actually believe she would wear out of the house and not just something she put on once for photos/video.

No. 220878

nice try suzy

No. 220884

please don't use God's name in vain.

No. 220885

Yup. I would prefer sheer black tights instead of the distressed bullshit she's wearing. She could still hang out and be one of the guys in this get up, especially since the tee is a mgs thing.

No. 220886

File: 1452274116911.jpg (118 KB, 1140x700, leave-britney-alone-chris-croc…)


Holy shit, can't unsee

No. 220888

File: 1452274768456.jpg (511.12 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160108_173647.jpg)

No. 220889

>My mom always looks so good

Holy fuck why do her fans do this shit?

No. 220890

Throw a jacket over it, swap out the tights with uniform sheer ones, lose the dumb chain, and maybe go up a size on the shorts because they look tight on her, and this look is actually decent.

No. 220891

looks basic as shit but at least she finally looks like she can dress herself

No. 220893

my thoughts exactly. She could with either a zip-up hoodie or even a casual blazer.

No. 220894

LOL, I dressed like this when I was an edgy 16 year old. this is embarrassing, she literally looks like an overgrown teenager or someone who works at Hot Topic and is forced to wear the store's clothes. kek

No. 220896

Why is Suzy crying? What was the context for this picture??

No. 220897

No. 220906

If you consider Suzy is within the tumblr fashion/instagram fashion trendiness, then this is okay. It's suited for her body, tom boyish to meet the "I hang with the boys" mood she tries to create and fits in with her edge lord status.

10/10 for Suzy

5/10 for standards outside of the Suzy curve and seeing how she's not a teenager.

No. 220920

File: 1452294005788.jpg (202.93 KB, 1000x402, numberone.jpg)

the poll results are from the Rantgrumps Awards 2015 that are going on right now.

No. 220921

I just found her OOTD posts and omg they are cringe-worthy. she looks so uncomfortable and like 90% of it looks too small and doesnt fit her body properly.

No. 220922

Once you're right, Suzy!!!!!

No. 220923

File: 1452295087389.png (313.65 KB, 609x264, donkay.png)


No. 220926

>barry 4th
did they not include brian on that list?

No. 220927

"she's such a facebook mom"

No. 220929

Brian is 5) and Ross is in last place. Sorry, I cut parts of it off because I just wanted to laugh at the Suzy thing.

No. 220930

It's fine anon, don't worry about it
Just expected brian to be higher up.

No. 220931

Me too, I guess no one really cares about Brian all that much. And everybody has more built up resentment against Suzy and Arin. Kinda surprised about Dan though.

No. 220941

Dan is up there probably out resentment for Jon. I feel like Barry shouldn't be getting that much hate but whatever.

No. 220942

Maybe. Either that or people grew tired of him. I have been following the drama more than the actual content but people complain about him phoning it, the whole leadfoot debacle etc. so I guess he's not everyone's fav anymore.

No. 220943

*phoning it in

No. 220947


No. 220949

Personally I'm sick of Dan because he's shit at video games. Not just like he's bad at games, but 3D games make him sick, he has a really short attention span, and he needs his hand held through even simple puzzles in the Portal LP. I think being able to play video games should be required for being one of the main players on an LP channel.

He also tells racist jokes and then immediately tries to backpedal, going "OH BUT I'M NOT RACIST." I don't see the point in making copious amounts of politically incorrect jokes while still trying to be PC. If those jokes actually make him feel guilty, he should stop doing them, and if they don't make him feel guilty, he shouldn't apologize for them.

No. 220952

File: 1452311616779.png (755.51 KB, 2556x1858, c9rp3sC.png)

Even more evidence that this website is fake and gay.

No. 220953

Try one of the caps from this thread that's not shooped to hell.

No. 220954

File: 1452312188625.png (233.46 KB, 1193x619, hmm.PNG)



No. 220956

yeah, that shit pisses me off. There could be a place for someone who doesn't play games much on a LP channel but they shouldn't be one of the main guys.

LOL that site is fucking retarded. I love it.

No. 220957

File: 1452312674497.png (175.43 KB, 664x605, it gets better.PNG)


It seems that the younger she is the uglier it sees her.

No. 220981

Or perhaps he doesn't feel guilty but he wants to cover his ass if people complained. He wants to make racist jokes without being labelled a racist.

No. 220998

I don't know Dan or things he's said, but admission of guilt or 'covering your ass' is something you do if you feel the joke wasn't worth it. JonTron hasn't apologized for his use of the word retarded, and PsychicPebbles has also never backtracked for saying any of the shit he's said. Ofc that doesn't make them not etc-ist or etcphobic, but I'm biased and I see both of them as very intelligent people.
It's also probably because they make the joke worth the offence. Like a real comedian. Take fellow snowflake Onision for example, he just shouts offensive stuff and assumes people are going to laugh it as long as he hides behind his wall of calling himself a comedian.

I'd like to point out >>220260 that Suzy and Arin have both used the word nigger in a very uncomfortable racist way. I don't think they've ever been called on it, but even I was grossed out by the way they used it. There's a huge difference between a joke and having to 'get it out of you system'. Covering up ignorance with a by the blanket of comedy does not make it a joke, it makes it an excuse.

No. 221015

File: 1452367842526.png (111.93 KB, 485x325, the hell.png)


No. 221025

>Suzy and Arin have both used the word nigger in a very uncomfortable racist way

Whoa. Do you have a link to this?

No. 221026

anon already linked to it >>220260 it starts at around the 5:25 mark

No. 221028

Oh shit sorry I missed that. Wow, I mean it's weird that sweet, PC Suzy would straight just say nigger on stream like that, but it's also pathetic that Arin had to get the word "nigger" out of his system.

No. 221031

File: 1452374172955.png (247.87 KB, 597x335, network.PNG)

something might have gone down in Camp Grump today. Polaris/Maker no longer shows up as their network, it still did 9 days ago >>218992

Couldn't find any mention of GG on either Polaris or Maker's website either. There's some potential for drama. Ode to Polaris, anyone?

No. 221035

I just checked and there's a thread on r/rantgrumps about it

I guess they were forcing GG (and other clients) to privatize random videos? Honestly GG is big enough now that they don't need Maker.

No. 221042

File: 1452379007404.png (981.41 KB, 735x742, suzysuzysuzy.png)

why does she think this facial expression looks good?…

No. 221043

I hate everything about this. Especially the lips. They just look dirty.

No. 221044

File: 1452380391068.jpg (3.73 KB, 184x69, wobwob.jpg)

So much photoshop/filters it makes her eyelid all wobbly.

Besides everything looks so tragic, lips, eyebrows plus this wtf thing on her head.

No. 221045

Was she going for an ombre lip here and suck or did she just fuck up and clump up the color because she sucks? And yeah I don't get why she draws her brows looking vaguely worried all the time.

No. 221046

That thing on her head looks cheap as hell. Match your jewelry fixtures skoozy.

No. 221047

I do think its a failed ombre/fading try

No. 221050

The lipstick is outside of her lips. That's why they look different colors and splotchy. She can't overdraw her lips for shit. She's got thin lips and she's gotta accept it

No. 221052

File: 1452381161845.jpg (17.1 KB, 155x202, 1342337652195.jpg)

Lmao, god this is just bad.

No. 221058

File: 1452382266951.png (952.19 KB, 746x728, suuuzy.png)

she looks better here… but theres also like 800 filters on this

No. 221059

And you can still tell how jacked up the lip color is. The head thing might be cute if it wasn't for the stupid eyeball. The horns are alright.

No. 221061


Yeah, I think it's meant to be an ombre lip.

She looks like a FAS-y Marilyn Manson.
And hey, they're both popular with mallgoths :^)

No. 221064

Why cant this girl pose??
I thought she was a fucking "model" but she cant pick her angles for shit

No. 221068

You can see how fucked up her lip application is in this one. Tragic.

No. 221069

Okay so this outfit video was pretty boring but its defiently not her worst outfits. I actually quite like it.

That said why does she ALWAYS have to wear the tighest and tiniest skirts and shorts?! Pick your goddamn size Suzy and cover your ass

No. 221071

what the everlasting fuck? Is she trolling us? That wonky-ass eyeliner, whatever is going on with her lips, the eyeball thing…No one in their right mind could do this and think 'yeah, that's awesome, I'll upload this!'

No. 221072


You're forgetting about the edge factor, anon. It doesn't have to look good as long as it makes 13 year olds on the internet think you're badass.

No. 221074

Maybe Suzy should cry more because I think she looks way better in this video than she does in almost any others.

No. 221077

LOL. True. I mean, she mentioned Tool. Tool are edgy as fuck and only for the cool goffs!

No. 221082

What the fuck is that black tail thing in the first outfit? What adult would wear that? I haven't seen one of those things since high school!

No. 221084

It looks like part of a shitty Halloween outfit…then again that basically describes Suzy's look all year round

No. 221090

That first skirt is actually like 1cm or less from her butt, how does she even walk in that

No. 221100

This is disappointing, as a black woman I am really disgusted at them. I cant wait to see them fail now.I used to think people were being to harsh on Suzy. Fuck her,with her Illuminati-loving ass and her beta ass husband too. I would sell my GG shirt but its been well worn.

No. 221101

It made me think of furries/otherkin since those are the only people I see wear those things

No. 221104

Hmm, I think this is just the way kat von d lipstain works, I have one of her berry colors and it deff is darker in areas I put it on thick and its a bitch to fix, so probs just makeup fuck up.

No. 221105

File: 1452405604221.gif (936.33 KB, 500x281, stop_penis_erect_archer[1].gif)

>Suzy in pain

No. 221106

File: 1452405644054.png (70.53 KB, 638x458, Screen shot 2016-01-10 at 1.00…)

Are people retarded?

No. 221108

once upon a time, Ross was the worst, during the train wreck transition from Jon to Dan. he was obnoxiously ADD.

now the only GG things I'll watch are the ones with Ross. can't fucking stand Arin and Dan.

No. 221109



No. 221110

I also hate, hate, hate Dan's "improv humor"

he doesn't know when to get a joke go. the newest Bloodborne playthrough was okay because it was fun to watch Arin struggle and have fun, and they talked about the game. once Dan started in with that "DUDE the loading screen descriptions are le restaurant items XD" shit, I had to drop it.

Dan beats the horse until it's a fine, syrupy paste.

No. 221124

Don't know if anyone cares, but that Kati Girl that some people suspected to be Dan's new girlfriend came out as a lesbian last night kek

No. 221125

File: 1452423844936.jpg (84.54 KB, 932x593, ghjs.JPG)

Suzy also didn't wear any of that edgy shit she posted online at the actual concert

No. 221128

Ok but fuck you Tool are actually really good.
Figures. Did you all honestly think she'd wear that shit? She only wears her 2edgy4u stuff in the house. She probably wore jeans and a t-shirt like she always does, looking like a mega slob.

No. 221133

File: 1452434118393.png (18.58 KB, 523x154, tweet.png)

Sharing is caring:

this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/rantgrumps/comments/40aknj/suzy_is_still_ripping_off_her_fans/
especially noteworthy is the first reply….
plus this pic because, it was not included in the reply

No. 221134

No. 221147

File: 1452438482559.jpeg (117.43 KB, 640x775, image.jpeg)

She really went in on Suzy

No. 221148

File: 1452438513935.jpeg (89.32 KB, 640x670, image.jpeg)

a couple more

No. 221172

she makes some pretty good points. Too bad you can't delete other people's tweets, huh Suzy?

No. 221175

Ah yes, the coveted floating, disembodied head of Suzy Berhow

No. 221183

give deets please?

No. 221187

No. 221190

I'm really glad people are not letting her live it down. She's such a talentless person. I wish people like this would link to better taxidermy options. I think a lot of people who buy from Suzy are just fans and don't know any better places to buy.

No. 221191

Watch the Tweets disappear after she reports that girl for "Harassment"

No. 221195

Holy shit she looks so scary here. Her eyes look like alien eyes.

No. 221204

File: 1452452078915.jpg (8.05 KB, 289x252, alien.JPG)


yeah, I mean you shouldn't hound people for fucking up forever but Suzy got caught, made a half-assed non-apology and went right back to doing the exact same thing. Fuck her.

No. 221238

A) that's the best she's looked in a while
B) she looks fuckin terrible

there's no contradiction between these two

No. 221242

>successful business

No. 221256

File: 1452462505294.jpeg (16.03 KB, 205x271, image.jpeg)

Dat fucking creepy gremlin face next to Arin scared the shit out of me. She can star in horror movies with no sfx at all

No. 221257

No. 221260

those "Teef"

No. 221262

To be honest Arin looks just as terrifying in that picture

No. 221268

True. We see less of his ugly mug though. What mystical secrets are contained in Suzy's bulbous forehead?

No. 221283

File: 1452471676153.png (1.19 MB, 1128x743, suzytheexceptionalyounglady.pn…)

a decent picture of Suzy? And her fans kissing her ass

(I cut out some things because I dont want you guys to know what country im from lol)

No. 221291

it only looks decent because the top of her head isn't visible

No. 221293

what's with the white across her face?

No. 221294


those dumb white stripes

I'm not sure what they're supposed to be but they do not make her nose look any better. If anything they widen her nose and make her look more like a pig than before.

No. 221296

More proof that she should go back to bangs. They were really flattering on her (and so were circle lenses IMO which she hasn't been wearing as much lately either). What's with her brows lately though?

No. 221298

File: 1452474955396.jpg (11.74 KB, 236x301, dip.jpg)


Too much dipdip

No. 221300

She looks like Cara Delevingne here

No. 221303

i have to disagree with you there pallio

No. 221304

Her lipstick application looks a little better at least.

No. 221308

File: 1452477215365.jpg (61.21 KB, 720x405, cara-delevingne-takes-aim-at-d…)


No. 221316



No. 221317

Carafag pls go

No. 221319

File: 1452481419016.jpg (75.1 KB, 540x657, tumblr_o0rpj7p9Qd1qils0po1_540…)

even filtered I can see her bra. That dress must be hella sheer irl.

No. 221322

That's not even what bothers me, it's her huge muffin top. How does she not realize her body type is just not suited to bodycon and other things that are stretchy and skin tight around her hips

No. 221323

Why does she pose like that? It's so embarrassing

No. 221324

That's a halterneck crop top underneath, your bra sense is low.

That's a muffin top?

I guess it's better than being pigeon toed and sticking your hips out?

No. 221325

sorry. it looks like a front-clasp bra to me. why the hell would anyone buy a halter neck crop top? and yes, that's a muffin top.

No. 221326

You can go and trace the lines if you want? Have you zoomed into that or something? Wow.

Halter neck crop tops under sheer dresses look great. You should try it.

And no, that really isn't… regarding this muffin top.

No. 221329

File: 1452485239828.jpg (38 KB, 400x300, tumblr_nr1f5di38H1ry0d3po4_400…)

reminds me of this thing that punks do. I'm sure snoozy saw a picture and though it would make her aLtErNaTivE~

No. 221331

She should get rid of that fuzzy caterpillar under her drawn-on eyebrow.

No. 221332

She captioned this with "I wish I had more occasions to dress up." like bitch you were just at a concert. this dress is hideous.

No. 221336

Burn it or cut it up into pieces if you're ever feeling frustrated

No. 221340

File: 1452490754953.jpeg (191.84 KB, 750x1156, image.jpeg)

Are these people delusional?

No. 221343

how the fuck is jontron lawful evil?

No. 221347

They might be including the bird

No. 221349


No. 221357

I'm feeling triggered over Jon's alignment. Bitch, Jon is totally Chaotic Neutral.

No. 221366

suzy pls leave

Honestly though, that looks nothing like a crop top and that is definitely a muffintop.

No. 221370

Suzy should be in the neutral neutral square. She is so devoid of personality there's no way she would show strong characteristics of either side.

No. 221402

this is just terrible.
>kevin, jon, suzy, and holly's positioning

No. 221415

Suzy teaching us how to make a super kawaii sp00ky flowercrown

No. 221422

looks like cabbages and poopoo

No. 221453

that violin hip thing isnt even a deformity so it really needs to stop being referenced like it is

No. 221457

I can't watch this. Not only does this look really shitty, her vocabulary and ways of describing the steps are so irritating.
Watch her sell these headbands on her etsy for $80 tho.

No. 221459

File: 1452547299589.jpg (164.57 KB, 1435x757, IMG_20160111_161909.jpg)

"Hey everybody, it's mortem3r and this is my bowel movement from this morning. As you can see, it's dark and creepy and really amazing. Super easy to make. I really recommend dropping trou and shitting on your favorite table at home."

No. 221461

she said she was making a flower CROWN, but then pulled out a headband. that tickled me.

No. 221478

I didn't watch the video but I'm hoping it included Suzy literally scooping a stool from Mimi and Mochi's litter box.

No. 221480

those lenses made her look like she had down syndrome.

No. 221513

that looks like one of those petplay tail buttplugs

No. 221514

Horns would have looked nicer if they were made out of some other material

I've seen tons of tutorials where they use foam or something and they look more authentic

I doubt suzy wants to put that much effort in, but damn they look so shitty that she should have

No. 221533

Everything about those horns is lazy. Gluing them on with hot glue is going to last all of 5 minutes.

No. 221548


holy shit has suzy never heard of E6000? I wonder if she glues those corner filigrees on her bugs with glue gun lel

No. 221555

I wouldn't put it past her lol

No. 221580

File: 1452624374961.jpg (149.36 KB, 1358x705, JJCODdB.jpg)

has anyone seen this? it was posted on rantgrumps two days ago, and one can't confirm the authenticity, but I have seen this website before. poorly designed but also varied prices on her preshus morpho butterflies, still not the worth she charges for them

No. 221582

okay so go ahead and call me stupid, but why is this a bad thing? Am I missing the point? Somebody please explain

No. 221583

the website sells a lot of insects from various locations at varied prices. suzy doesn't even mention scientific details about her butterflies, they may as well be plastic decorations for all we know.

the idea from the person's post is that she just mass-buys cheap butterflies that don't add up to the price tag she puts on them, even if you factor in the frames

No. 221584

oooh okay thanks anon. now I feel even more stupid because that is defiently obvious now that you say it.

No. 221585

I think this email brings up a combination of problems with Suzy's advertisement and costs. Suzy claimed her prices were high due to ethical harvesting of her butterflies. Turns out it's random harvesting from bug gassing. As >>221583 said, the price for the bugs do not justify the price of her pieces.

More so, I'm thinking of buying from this Josh Hydler dude Suzy ripped designs from. It's cheaper and quality of frames seems up to par.

No. 221586

File: 1452625554505.png (301.92 KB, 972x776, Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 21.0…)

no problem! I've found this website before in my research. for reference, here's parts of the website for the morpho butterflies, look at the variation in the price

No. 221587

File: 1452625626601.png (265.55 KB, 795x698, Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 21.0…)

as you can see, I highly doubt floozy suzy buys the expensive specimens, most likely the cheaper one in mass bulk.

No. 221588

also I need to rant at arin's attitude in his rant to the reddit about the scandal. he claims that if it's art then you can charge whatever because if people are willing to pay 100 bucks then why not? bc why is a pollock painting worth millions?

well pollock was an accomplished artist. his comment about a dot on a canvas being worth a lot is dadaism and is a mockery of the very attitude he speaks of; someone selling a can of literal shit for lots of money because people are dumb enough to find artistic value in it.

so he's inavertedly saying that suzy's work is "a dot on a canvas" and essentially worthless but because people find artistic value and are dumb enough to throw money at it, it's okay. I mean… his logic sounds like a defence but honestly he's actually lumping his wife in with sarcastic high art trolls who deliberately produce vague pieces and call it "art".

Idk why he's got mashed potatoes for brains but he's really saying his wife is basically selling cans of shit to the grumps fans and they are dumb enough to buy it.

/rant over

No. 221589

See I just dont understand why shed lie about it… personally I dont care how a bug is killed, call me a monster but I really dont, its a bug that has no feelings.
But why not just fucking tell the truth? and im pretty sure Suzy would still get a butt-ton of money from her etsy store even if she cut the prize in half.
I dont get this need to lie and be greedy for no reason.
But oh well people pay for stupid overprized shit all the time anyway, all we can do to help this is not buy Suzys shit.

No. 221596

All the jokes aside, I mean this honest.

What stings me the most is this:
I guess she knows most of her fans are teenagers, people who are maybe 12-15 years old?!
And I ask you: Did you fucking had 100 dollars in your pocket for some cheap-ass glued butterflies by some "celebrity" in your pocket?

I had not at this age.
And this makes my furious.
I can't imagine where these kids get the money for such kind of rip-off?
-From household chores?
-Cash gift from your grandma?
-Deliverings newspapers
- …?

This makes me so sad.

No. 221601

oh boy

No. 221604

File: 1452628765563.jpg (107.98 KB, 1433x773, IMG_20160112_145821.jpg)

Why does she always make these faces like she just got diarrhea cramps?

No. 221605

File: 1452628782508.jpg (111.84 KB, 1404x809, IMG_20160112_145834.jpg)

No. 221607

I'm guessing it's because some consumers might care there is evidence that some types of bugs may experience pain, and regardless of that just it sounds all nice and appealing to imply that they lived nice little bug lives and died naturally, when in reality they were just bred en masse and immediately gassed to death once they hatched or once their wings spread/dried, with the exception of a small percentage left alive longer just to breed

No. 221608

I don't even understand why anyone would care about ethical conditions if you still have a dead animal in your house/on your body. I mean, you care about leather and cruelty free products but not…. having a mass produced dead creature or a butterfly wing on your neck? like imagine someone making chokers from cat limbs… but it's from roadkill cats, totally ethical!

No. 221610

I think it's her eye makeup and those hideous eyebrows tbh

No. 221611

File: 1452629680365.jpg (95.18 KB, 1439x751, IMG_20160112_151358.jpg)

suzy looking at arin's shrimp dick

No. 221612

entomology fag here, there's not a lot of evidence that insects are capable of feeling pain in the first place. We gas all of ours in the lab to kill them, Everything done in a teaching lab environment has to adhere to very strict ethical standards to be approved in the first place, if there were any strong evidence that they felt pain from being gassed we wouldn't be allowed to continue.

No. 221614

This is an extremely accurate description

No. 221615

okay so at least she got rid of the ugly backdrop now. now she just needs to fix her lightning and use some blotting paper and powder so she doesnt look so damn shiny

No. 221652

File: 1452642394310.jpg (18.36 KB, 640x352, Ursula.jpg)

No. 221657

File: 1452643491025.png (627.13 KB, 979x657, 244616512.PNG)

>ambymt curves for dAYYYYS YASSS
>theofficialciscokiddThose love handles tho
>rinny_booI cannot get over your cute little hips.

At least people see she's overweight, just wish they knew the difference between fat and curvy.

No. 221658

>I guess she knows most of her fans are teenagers, people who are maybe 12-15 years old?!

That's what bugs me too. Not so much where they get the money from but that Suzy fucking knows she's ripping off dumb kids.

I'm starting to think Suzy might just be pathological liar. She gets caught lying every few months and that's just the shit we hear about.

No. 221660

Has this bitch never heard of shapewear or something

No. 221666

Yeah this bugs me the same way makeup gurus (who have the same target audience of 12-15 yr olds tbh) push 50$ eyeshadow and other "must have" products on kids who are probably having to beg mommy and daddy for the money just because they get free product or sponsorship money from brands for doing so. Except it's worse because Snoozy is jacking up the price of cheap bugs tenfold and is an individual choosing to rip off little emo kids.
I babysat a lot at that age so I did sometimes have 100$, but at that age if I wanted new clothes that were from hot topic or forever 21 instead of from walmart I had to buy them myself, and wouldn't have bought a poorly mounted bug in a cheap frame (ofc my parents were picture framers as well so yeah…)
I guess there are rich kids who can drop 100$ on a bug. Which is still sad.

Jabba the hutt would be a more accurate comparison. Ursula the sea witch was fatbulous and had personality and was dare i say a bit glam even. Snoozy's got no personality and tries to be glam but fails every time.

No. 221669

>You can't pick your size
>Most of these won't fit me
>This one isn't my style
Surre Suz

No. 221670

Who are you kidding. I can see your belly fat and spare tire.

No. 221671

File: 1452650679866.gif (1.47 MB, 245x275, tumblr_inline_nxck1q0KeQ1rpdlx…)

Does she even look at these photos before posting them? Her super visible stomach pouch in that dress is giving me such secondhand embarrassment

No. 221677

File: 1452653998449.jpg (56.42 KB, 736x640, devine[1].jpg)

>Ursula the sea witch was fatbulous and had personality and was dare i say a bit glam even.

she was literally Divine

No. 221678

>showing skirt
>"This is size "S"…. what is size "S"?"


No. 221681

Damn. Even some thin girls need some shapewear for bodycon dresses. Suzy looks like she's wearing too tight undies under that dress making her fat bulges worse.

No. 221682

Divine was the only drag queen I ever liked. R.I.P sweet prince.

No. 221685

There's something interesting about her apart from her not being thin?

No. 221693

She said size "F" as in the japanese "one size fits all" size.

No. 221696

>A Fuckin lucky pack unboxing
has she fucking even SEEN anything any lolita has put out? Come one. Unique my ass.

No. 221702

No, she later questions what S means. I thought that anon misheard too, but it's later on in the video

No. 221736

>doesn't look good on my American body
Fat Suzy, the word you're looking for is fat.

No. 221738

God that was annoying. She seriously used "American" to mean "white". She compares Japanese shoulders to "American" shoulders – are Americans with Asian ancestors not American? This only strengthens my view that she and Arin live white-centric lives and are a little racist.

No. 221739

Honestly feel like you're nitpicking now and WANT to be offended and make people racist. Not saying the video wasn't bloody awful but come on now, that wasn't racist at all

No. 221743

Nah its something that pretty much any American born non white has to deal with and since Suzy is very apologetic to tumblrinas, and actual media outlets have talked about this, it only shows how ignorant Suzy is. She might as well say she's going to vote trump in the next election.

No. 221750

They're definitely racist. There's the video where they say the n word (harsh -er ending to boot!) and if you put on any episode of game grumps there's bound to be some racist shit being said.
Arin and Suzy are from Florida. It's kinda to be expected lmao.

No. 221753

The fact that Arin brags about how attractive she is makes me laugh. Everything about her is horrendous. Her eyebrows aren't even even for fuck's sake.

No. 221759

It's not like he's a prize either. But for sure, she's not very cute at all and her halfassed ~spooky~ style doesn't help. She's been doing her eyeliner the same for years now right? Why doesn't she try something new? Some beauty guru.

No. 221760

He's definitely just as bad as she is. I think the eyeliner look is the only look she knows how to do because she's just that mediocre. She has no talent whatsoever.

No. 221761

>not much stretch
that's a fair bit of stretch for a normal t-shirt.

jealous of her D.I.A fuku, though. I'd love to buy one but I don't really want to go through a shipping service. Why did she even buy one if half the stuff won't fit her?

No. 221764

Arin can't get over how he got the "hot" girl from high school. Not to be:

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

but what's considered hot in high school, especially compared to awkward teens doesn't translate to life outside of high school. Arin is from Florida so I'm sure he's proud of ole' butterface.

>Why did she even buy one if half the stuff won't fit her?

Weaboo insticts.

No. 221765


No. 221767

All of the shoes she buys are so ugly…

No. 221771

I meant that in combination with other ignorant things they've done (like Suzy saying the n word with a hard r).

No. 221772

This exactly. I mean yeah I am nitpicking a little, but I'm a non-white American and it definitely irks me when people are ignorant like Suzy and Arin.

No. 221773


Y'all can say nigger, you know.

No. 221779

When do you guys foresee the inevitable downfall of Grumps? I kind of feel like people are becoming progressively more aware of their bullshit. Do you think they'll make it through this year?

No. 221803


Not on Tumblr.farm, they can't

No. 221806

2017/2018, maybe even late 2016.
They all got Side projects going rn that they care way more about than GG (Nsp, Arin is animating again, same goes for Ross, Barry got started in Game design last year etc.)

No. 221808

File: 1452715813223.jpg (57.52 KB, 600x600, CYadMFkWYAEMYbN.jpg)

Don't know the original source, got this from Arin's Twitter, but he looks kinda handsome at the moment

No. 221809

I really doubt it. 2015 has seen such a decline and even some of the more hardcore fans have acknowledged that there are many issues with the show right now. Plus: none of the grumps seem to be into it anymore. They'll just bleed this thing dry and then move on.

No. 221829

Idk man, to me he looks like his breath stinks

No. 221839

I've been watching since just before Jon left and now I find myself becoming less and less interested. The last few months of 2015, I just sort of listened to it as background noise, but now the only series I'm watching is Undertale because I want to see their reactions. There are so many better shows on Youtube that I just don't feel like wasting my time listening to GG as they get more and more boring and it's sad.

No. 221869

No I know, I just prefer not to. I'm not gonna jump down anyone's throat for doing it, though.

No. 221870

She has that sort of young yet haggard and trashy look that I associate with council estate mums. I'm actually impressed she's not gotten pregnant yet.

No. 221879

Seconded. Maybe part of it's because thyroid? Or maybe she and Arin aren't fucking anymore? Also having a babby would mean they couldn't be permanent children and it's not like people in America (especially at the income level they're at) get child benefit for popping them out, so what's even the point. Tbh they're so selfish and awful that I'm glad they've not had a kid yet.

Yeah but this is a guy who wrote her letters every day for a year when they were broken up. Love is blind.
ofc now looking at him maybe he'd say how attractive she is because he's afraid of her being bratty and pitching a fit if he doesn't.

No. 221887

love yourself…

No. 221898

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

No. 221962

I can understand her maybe not knowing what "Freesize" is (which is still odd if she regularly buys clothes from asia).
But yeah, I was referring to later in the video when she doesn't even know that 'S' means 'small'.

No. 221966

>kek at Arin in second place

No. 221968

As a non black woman, i'm fucking pissed off at them. They're obviously racists and why would anyone need to say nigger to get driving a black man home out of their system? they're both fucked up.I agree with the other anon. burn the shirt or let some dogs piss on it and throw it in the streets.

No. 221969

My new hero.

No. 221970

She's got some meaty paws.

No. 221973

Have some fucking standards

No. 222000

Oh honey, no.

No. 222002

No. 222005

Haha I would fuck arin, ngl. Chubby nerdy white boys is my thing, not even sorry.

No. 222006

work your magic, then. surely anyone is a better lay than suzy

No. 222013

I feel like Suzy would absolutely dissolve if she found out Arin cheated on her. Like it would just be so far beyond her comprehension that she wasn't the center of his universe she'd implode or something.

No. 222026

You do you tbh.

If anything, it'd be Suzy cheating on Arin. Arin treats Snoozy like she's the embodiment of the perfect woman.

No. 222045

Nerdy chubby white guys yes. Arin isn't smart enough to be nerdy cute though, sorry.
Idk why she owns all these shoes when she never even wears them outside. A lot of them are not even flattering on her stubbly legs. She needs to re-consider what she considers to be fashionable.

No. 222046

Honestly I think she said "American" and not white because she likes to perpetuate the rumors that she's part Japanese.
I know with some thyroid disorders it can make having babies really difficult. I'd bet on that as the main reason Suzy hasn't already secured her place in Arin's life (and bank account) and produced any spawn by now.

No. 222047

Oh god, I could never think of fucking Arin. He reminds me too much of my older brother's greasy neckbeardy friends that would always hang out at our house back when I was in high school. I bet him and suzy smell just as bad as they did

No. 222049

Honestly Dan probably smells worse than Arin. Dan has said before how disgusting his hair is, and Arin said he couldn't relate because he cleans his hair a lot.

No. 222053


Arin seems like the kind of guy you'd fuck once and who'd become hopelessly in love/obsessed with you and start texting you constantly and showing up unannounced at your workplace with dinner and shit.

No. 222055

He reminds me of the low self esteem kid who learned how to play guitar.
He was alright at first, you just wanted him to believe in himself and do better. Now because he has some talent he became a huge dick with the same low self esteem.

No. 222071


smelly or not, dan is fine as hell. whatcanIsay, I like tall lanky guys with messy hair. I find his hoboness appealing. too bad he's not into commitment although I'm surprised there's not a lot of dirt about his relationships considering he's the most "out there" of the grumps

No. 222074


I think Suzy probably admired him so he got a huge ego boost and her being like 13 was easy bc she didn't have much to judge on. since they lived distance and talked thru the internet and phone and three years passed by quickly before she broke up with him at 16. so yeh she was probably the young starry eyed admirer of arin and he probs felt no other lady would look at him like the sun shines out of his ass

No. 222075

Arin isn't chubby. he's fat and a retard. he isn't even clever.

No. 222076

Yeah, Arin is a thirsty beta. I don't even know how anyone can find him attractive. I bumped into him a few years ago during a convention and he just had the creep grin factor on max because since my gf is Asian and was cosplaying a cute video game character.

No. 222078


ew @ his reaction to your gf, he probs didn't even notice he was like that in front of others. tbh sometimes he's cute, esp when he laughs or is having fun/being a goof, but I can't take his opinions of games seriously.

No. 222105

Why do people even think he's clever? I've seen posts on tumblr raving on about how smart he is. I don't watch GG regularly, but from what I've seen he doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.

No. 222124

I guess if someone says something with enough confidence(or arrogance) some people will just assume that person knows what they're talking about even if they're thick as fuck.

No. 222131

I think the only thing I find "clever" about Arin are his impressions. They're pretty good. Otherwise…yeah. Pretty dull.

No. 222145

High school dropouts are known for their intellect. After all, they're so smart they don't even need school.

No. 222154

File: 1452820454860.jpg (81.86 KB, 540x540, suzi.jpg)

>"This is me. I am flawed. You always see the pictures of myself that I am ok with you seeing, but this is the real me. No editing, no makeup. 75% of my life is spent in sweat pants with no makeup on and messy hair- and I’m not talking “cute messy hair” I mean “haven’t brushed or washed it in 2 days hair”. I am constantly working and learning. Don’t ever loose sight that it’s what inside that matters- not the outside. Beauty is fleeting."


No. 222157


Why is one of her arms so big???? Like it is always bigger than her non-tattooed one. I don't understand.

No. 222158

lmao let me guess, her fans are praising her for being brave?

>75% of my life is spent in sweat pants with no makeup on and messy hair

Maybe spend a little less on fancy clothes and a little more on your meds then?

No. 222164

The pattern of the tattoo on her arm just makes it look bigger. Stripes and polka dots can really change the shape of your body.

No. 222165

>'constantly'… learning
>don't ever loose sight
Perhaps work on learning to spell next, Snoozy.

No. 222166

speaking of the tattoo, I really wonder why she got such a huge, unflattering design in the first place. Most people, even the ones who end up with loads of tattoos, usually start out with a more discreet one.

No. 222167

Suzy, first it's good that you haven't washed your hair in 2 days because when you wash it too much it strips all the natural oils out and then you try to compensate with conditioner.

Second of all, being a mess when no one can see you is very normal and not special at all. In fact, daily vloggers do it all the fucking time. You'd suck at daily vlogging because you have no real personality.

God the fucking snowflake bs she has.

No. 222169

Bitch, you are not special. Plenty of women don't wear makeup or wash their hair for 2 days. Man, suzy is reaching out to her neckbeard fans and 13 year old girls, isn't she?

>I'm not like other girls

No. 222171

I never got that either. She said she planned the piece, but it's a HUGE sleeve piece. She should have started with a shoulder or arm piece like most humans, but no, she had to get a huge sleeve. it's nicely done, but it looks awful on her because she's fat and blob-like.

My thoughts exactly. Most people don't wash every 2 days. it's what destroys your hair's natural oils. Suzy is so fucking dumb, it boggles my mind. She thinks she's different and special, but if anything, she's just special ed.

No. 222173

>those wrinkles
>dat big forehead
>dat chubby face
Wow, congrats on being a manly woman who does not take care of her appearance. so proggressive, u go girl!!!!!!

No. 222174

why would you be proud of spending your life wearing sweatpants?
this just makes me sad.
why would you want to look at your worst every day smh

No. 222176

It's not like he voluntarily dropped out, he got transferred to a shitty school and his mom got pissed so she dropped him out.

No. 222177

I thought she might try and go down the Kat von D route by adding more and more tattoos…like that was her end goal or something. But apparently not? A single huge piece could look nice on someone's back but this way it just looks…off.

No. 222179

lel only 2 days since shes washed her hair?

you really have no idea, do you snooz

No. 222181

>Snoozy is so down to earth and real u guize
>wears own merch

No. 222184

What bother's me about this is suzy constantly flip flops between who she is.
"I'm perfect and beautiful and I get so many constant compliments, I have a fairy tale life!!!" to "I'm human too, I make mistakes, I'm regular pursun"

She always tries really hard to seem above everyone, while simultaneously trying to fit in

pick a side suzy

I want to know why she has to try so hard to make herself feel so speshul
Her sister is nothing like her, she doesn't cry desperately for attention, suzy what happened in your life that caused you to be a wreck

No. 222185

Why did she have to make such a shitty face for this picture? Everything about her body language says "offended" to me. Maybe Arin snook this picture of her after telling her he wouldn't go get her a box of donuts.

No. 222186

>I am flawed

Tell us something we don't know, Snooze.

Also, am I the only one that doesn't like her tattoo? Something about the spiral of dots is off-putting.

No. 222215

I know, right?
So relatable, Snuuzy.

No. 222242

File: 1452846675207.png (312.04 KB, 349x335, gurgglegurggle.png)


>my sides anon, you speak the truth

No. 222243


I thought her tattoo looked nice before she got the second part done, but then it just got way to busy for me

No. 222254

File: 1452861995634.png (681.06 KB, 914x597, Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.4…)

Her makeup isn't half bad here

No. 222255

I actually like the spiral dots, but the rest of the tattoo is so busy and cluttered. I like either simple tattoos (think that guy from 21 pilots with the stripes on his arms) or really detailed, beautiful stuff, but Suzy just has a bunch of both crammed into her sleeve and it's just too much going on. I don't even know where to look.

No. 222256

File: 1452862454325.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_2016-01-15-13-51-52…)

So quirky~

No. 222257

I think she looks pretty, except for those brows

No. 222262

Those brows, Jesus Christ.

No. 222264

I love how some bitches think doing this shit makes them seem less vain

No. 222265

She should blend her brows at least a little towards the center instead of having them as blocks, but other than that and the insane faces, this is actually one of the nicest looks from her in ages.
Flower crown helps cover her forehead, and doing the inner corner eyeliner in white instead of black is so much better for opening up the eyes

No. 222267

This is one of her best looks to date, but why does she always insist on never wearing a lip colour? It's just makes her mouth look like a rat's ugh.

No. 222268

Aside from looking cross eyed in that first pic, gyaru styled make up suits her. I still don't like the dropped lashes, but this looks much better then her previous attempts.

But fuck those brows. Dip brow pomade shit isn't for everyone and isn't as lenient as powder. She's also using a color that's too dark or the wrong tempt for her face and hair.

No. 222274

Honestly, I'd rather see these than the ones she posts. She can at least pretend that she has a personality with these.

No. 222275


No. 222277

It looks like she even tweezes her eyebrows to have that permanent worried face?? i dont understand how she always make her brows look like that

No. 222278

It looks good here. We all know it's gonna look like shit in the inevitable video tutorial for it though

No. 222288

I think what seriously helps her too, is the lighting

god bless ring lights

usually she uses like regular room lighting, which is fine, but it makes her skin look dull and awful
this lighting actually brightens her face up

No. 222295

If you're going to make comments about art to sound pretentious at least try to know what the hell you're talking about

No. 222299

thank god we have another ootd for clothes she'd never wear out of the house.

No. 222300

I can't stand her circle lenses. They stand out so much and it just looks off.

No. 222301

and also an unbagging of the ghost of harlem fuku… in which suzy shows us her inability to read.

No. 222302

Does she ever wear shoes that don't cut her legs off at the ankle in a straight line? How does she not realize that it makes her legs look stumpy as fuck?

No. 222305

it's too bad the blinding white looks equally as ridiculous as the black inner corners. i dont care if shes doing gyaru, ulzzang, etc makeup or whatever. white eyeliner looks bad on everyone. its a no go. she should leave her inner corners alone like most people do. imagine the feel when that shit lands in your tear ducts.

No. 222307

She def ass needs a light color though. I don't feel white looks bad on everyone, but it's bad on her. She should've used a neutral like champagne.
But imo that's nit picky, I think this is as good as she's gotten and it looks acceptable. Now if only she'd change her personality…

No. 222310

it only looks bad if you fail to blend it, like in the above photo set. I use white 'shimmer' on the inner corner of my eyes as a part of my daily makeup routine. in looks like the one suzy is attempting to recreate, you apply it much more like eyeshadow than eyeliner. It shouldn't be a hard matte line or have a discernible shape.

No. 222312

I'm not saying this to be mean, but I GENUINELY thought this girl had Down's Syndrome from this pic. Her facial structure is a lot like my aunt that had it. It's because of her jaw, nose, nasal bridge, and eyes. Maybe even her ears a little bit.

No. 222313

Ugh I wish she would stop wearing her Felice Fawn circle lenses. The black limbal ring circle lenses bother me so badly because they look so harsh on anyone without eyes that aren't super dark brown. She could look nice with circle lenses if she would drop her goth wannabe bullshit and learned how to compliment her iris color better.

No. 222334

Agreed. I've seen beautiful work in a similar style, but just like her personality, Suzy can't choose one thing and go with a fluid motion. Her tattoo is a mess. Sucks since the artist is talented, but she's a cow with too much shit clustered in one area.

Oh honey, no…

No. 222335

packing on the pounds, Snooz.

No. 222339

It gives off some uncanny valley shit

No. 222361

I knew Suzy in high school (FLfag here, we're not all horrible racists…). She and her sister were always together, and her sister was def the nicer one of the two. She'd wear a dimmed down version of gothic lolita or cosplay to school, and the same harsh eyeliner she does now… She always seemed so stuck up, and she only had like 2-3 friends (none of which she seems to be friends with now). She did tell people she was Japanese, even though her parents are as white as the milk she produces. Not a whole lot of info for you, I wasn't good enough to be her friend. We just had a few of the same classes. She'd brag a lot about being Metrocon's """official mascot""" and always talk about how great she was. Jean was always quieter.

No. 222362

No Anon Suzy wasn't good enough to be your friend. Be thankful you dodged that bullet.

No. 222367


Well. Here I've been thinking I'm not in shape enough to wear crop tops, but I'm probably at least 15-20lb lighter than Suzy so.. Maybe I should try.

No. 222370

Just wear high waisted bottoms anon.

No. 222372

Oh my god, those hems above her butt go in an upside down u shape like they're riding up her ass. I thought I was actually going to see her cheeks in the third outfit.

No. 222390

If anyone wants to know it was about 7 mins of her not being able to read….and make excuses on how it was a steal even if she can't wear 'some' of the clothes.

Here is my issue with it. She could have done multiple takes but she doesn't don't be a lazy nignog and be one and done. You get paid to make the YT shit at least do two videos to see which one looks better.

No. 222393

I know I'm in the minority here, but I feel like a little bit of pooch can be adorable if you know how to dress your figure but suzy doesn't know how to do this at all

No. 222395

Suzy you need some fucking tights, your ass is going to pop out in all of those, the second one was the worst for that…

No. 222396

File: 1452925507094.png (199.74 KB, 311x468, Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.2…)

too short

No. 222397

i thought she was fucking naked

No. 222398

her torso is like a snowman. and since she wants to wear form fitting dresses, I can't not see it. her boobs are the first small circle. then her stomach is a medium circle. and then her hips are a big circle.

No. 222399

She has become the delusional fat chick who thinks she can still wear cute clothes that fit women do in that body. She is a mess. Snooz, lose weight. It's not that hard, especially when you have money to buy proper food and work out at the gym.

No. 222406

Just wondering because I'm looking for a good tight highwaist skirt does anyone know where to grab them? People keep telling me forever 21 but I never see them when I go.

No. 222408

I feel like that's one of those pieces of clothing you think you'd be able to find everywhere, but you can never actually find, though you come across it when you're not looking for it

No. 222427

I have one from Urban Planet (it's basically the same thing as Stitches or Sirens) that's p cute. my only qualm is it's a little short for me, it I'm a bit over six foot so u kno

No. 222434

Shopping at f21 is a pain because a lot of the clothes gets mixed in. I used to work there. Check the website first and see what they have and then call the store near you. Sometimes stores stocks things later then the site.

No. 222456

Absolutely check out Charlotte Russe. All of their skirts are high waisted, and a large majority is under $15.

No. 222496

her ass cheeks are literally popping out of the bottom of that dress

No. 222508

At least provide some eye bleach if you're going to post that, anon.

Glad to know some girls grow out of their high school phase.

No. 222520

Regarding Game Grumps:

I liked watching them, but now it's just so awful.
Awful long series, Kevin (!) with no edits, nothing fresh, Dan constant backseat-gaming, etc
Even the white-knighting main reddit is not ok with this anymore:

No. 222523

was thinking of what'd happen to the grumps if gg fell apart. the only people i reckon don't have much to fall back on are kevin and suzy.
mainly cause kevin fucking sucks at his job, and suzy because, well… she's suzy.

No. 222532

Good for you, but nobody cares.

No. 222533

>Those comments
Yeah, seems a lot of fans are catching onto their playing certain games only for views. And damn, they did 44 episodes of Super Mario maker? Who can stomach that?

No. 222535

I kinda feel most of them would struggle to be honest.
Dan could do well if he doesn't end up buying into his own hype (and gets a new shtick soon - even as a comedy band the ooohsexdicksLOL thing can only last so long).
I can't really see Arin doing much after GG - he might try to get back into animation but times are different and I doubt he'd receive the same attention and admiration he once did. And it seems like he cannot work with other people unless he's in charge. Most tv execs would probably kick his ass to the curb pretty soon.
Barry - I don't know. I hope his game dev stuff goes well.
Kevin probably really fucked himself over with the GG stuff.

The only ones that will do well after GG are Brian (insert lame PhD joke) and Ross because he doesn't have such an inflated ego.

No. 222537


Sorry you're a fatty anon

No. 222539


Not that anon but you don't have to be a fatty-chan to be sick of some anons with inflated egos treating /pt/ like their personal blog

No. 222545

Not that anon and jfc clean the sand out of your vajayjay will you? That anon wasn't even bragging about themselves, they were just being catty about Snooz.

No. 222565


Nobody said they were bragging about themselves, but they were talking about themselves just for the sake of talking about themselves rather than, for example, because it was relevant to Suzy in some way.

I don't think it was particularly necessary this time because it wasn't a huge derailment or anything, but if you really don't see why people aren't welcoming towards that, you must be new as fuck.

No. 222580

File: 1453002623781.jpeg (173.47 KB, 750x910, image.jpeg)


Anyway enough the derailment and onto an important question.

No. 222582

File: 1453003088790.jpg (11.31 KB, 300x276, images.jpg)

No. 222583

She needs to know not everything she buys looks good on her. I feel like she came into my home and stole my clothes, minus that fringe mess. You can tell she only buys this to be edgy and cool but it doesn't suit her. It looks off on her. Then again she can only pull off jeans and a tee shirt.

No. 222585

I feel such second hand embarrassment.

No. 222590

Agreed, Kevin is just not funny, and it doesn't seem he does anything to the episodes unless Arin or Dan tells him to.
some people argue that it's because he worked for them for a while, as a trial thing, and had to be silent the whole time so he doesn't know what type of reign he can do/take; but I don't think that's it at all
I think he's just not funny, possibly not creative either. whenever we see him he seems really quiet and reserved, i don't hate him but wish he would do more - it's another thing if he can't though

on suzy's "gaming" channel, I actually quite liked the animal crossing amiibo festival gameplay. but I think it's because dan & brian were in it, and she actually wasn't a stickler in it?!
whenever brian would make a crude joke, she would actually roll with it for a bit, when before she would put it down and tell them to stop (like that one time on table flip in cards against humanity)
I don't watch any other content on that channel, but I was surprised by those episodes

No. 222597

I agree with most of what you said, but doesn't barry actually do editing work for other shows on youtube? I don't think it was outright said, but I think it was like suggested at?

In an ep of hot pepper gaming he was on, the announcer said he did gg and other shows but didn't say which

idk though

I kind of think barry would be able to get other jobs
he's really well known in the youtube gaming comm. he's easy and great to get along with, so I'm sure he'd get hired somewhere, and whenever he would need a recommendation to work at a place, i'm sure they would give the future applier good feedback on him

No. 222601


lol sorry for the slight derail but thank you guys.

What am I even looking at?? There's so much blur going on. And her eyebrows look so fucking bad.

No. 222621


Poor Jean.

No. 222655


I agree. Barry would probably be ok. Or maybe he could work with JonTron as I think they were originally friendsbefore GG? Dan also had some FT job prior to/during early GG if I recall so he could probably make it out ok. But Suzy has ONLY modeled (which she cant do anymore…) or assorted retail jobs.

No. 222661

Yeah Barry and Jontron went to school together. There is footage of them performing a comedy act for their highschool.

No. 222690

The super gaming bros (jirard the completionist and asked from the dex) have been playing mario maker for awhile, but they have done themed weeks. The Shrek one was interesting at least.

Barry also wants to get into actual game design, which is what he had basically gone to school for. It's not a great field to be in, but he's had some friends who've been successful, and he's actually good at games unlike arin, he'd propably do well breaking off from gg. Dan and Brian are doing well with the music thing, and I'm sure want to do normal music since the fans liked that one song Dan posted. Kevin does freelance editing so he'd be fine. Arin and Ross are working with fredinator and unless they botch that… Suzy is screwed if gg ever breaks apart. Her beauty channel is horrible, her gaming channel worse. She'd better get herself barefoot and pregnant if she didn't want arin to wise up by that time.

No. 222770

I'm going to have to disagree with some of that. Dan will be fine he has his music but Ross and Arin are working together to shop a new animated show. Kevin did freelance like Barry when he first started but with gg/Polaris he can get a job.

Arin has a lot of connections and out of that maybe half won't see him as an asshole. They aren't going away anytime soon.

No. 222774

Holy fuck, the ultimate kek are her fucking eyebrows and the amount of blur tool used in this pic. Is she even trying anymore?

No. 222830

curvy girls look good. not a sack of potatoes

No. 222837

Please Arin probably wasn't smart enough to have her sign a prenup. Also if Suzy was smart she'd have a nest egg saved up.

No. 222841

That first dress looked see-through, like you could see her ass through it. Ugh

No. 222847

>if Suzy was smart she'd have a nest egg saved up.

she went to Japan twice last year.
Arin has thousands of Skylanders.
he bought an Atari game fished out of a garbage dump for a thousand dollars.

these people are not good financial planners.

No. 222853

i wonder if she ever wears that stuff irl
she really wants attention (and dick)

No. 222864

>he bought an Atari game fished out of a garbage dump for a thousand dollars.

Holyshit, source?? This is hilarious if he's that dumb. I'm guessing you mean the E.T game?

No. 222874

what a kawaii nerd xdddddd

No. 222878

I pray constantly that she and Arin never have kids.

No. 222880

Lol, can't be much worst than Greg. I feel like Suzy would be pregnant and still dressing like she currently does. Belly all hanging out and still doing unboxing/tutorials.

No. 222881

It was one of the LPs from about a year ago I think? He and Dan talk about the auction and he made a massive high bid for the game and I think in the end card he says how much the final bid was and how it was much higher then even he had expected.

So yes, Arin is dumb.

No. 222902



No. 222903

File: 1453088567709.jpg (81.27 KB, 736x981, 1990b8b7a8ea16c9fce9c07d38525b…)

No. 222906

That is infuriating. What a waste of fucking money. Both Arin and Suzy deserve to go flat broke in the years to come to understand what kind of bullshit they wasted their money on and then they'll be forced to sell all their possessions.

No. 222910

Won't let me link it, but this is all assuming statsheep is accurate.
Going off what the site says they make, and also doubting they all take equal parts out of what the channel rakes in because Oinkimer is greedy, they can afford this as long as they don't massively fuck up enough that even their mindless subscribers leave.
They as two single, childless, people that eat shit food and lay around all day can afford everything they blow money on. Also since their considered self-employed they probably write half this shit off in their taxes, if they're smart.

If only Suzy would hire a personal trainer or get a gym membership! (c:

No. 222917

>If only Suzy would hire a personal trainer or get a gym membership! (c:

'B-but… muh thyroid…'

No. 222999

She'd probably try to fuck the personal trainer kek

No. 223000

At least she'd get some exercise that way.

No. 223084


And because of THIS I need to upload shopped selfies with tons of filters to validate my existence.

No. 223110

I said it before earlier in the thread but them having children is VERY unlikely. With her thyroid as fucked as it supposedly is, carrying a child is VERY difficult and if she actually manages to not fuck up entirely and carry to term, children born to mothers with untreated thyroid disorders often have developmental or birth issues such a premature birth. It IS possible for people with thyroid disorders to have children a little more easily if she actually stuck to a proper diet, medication, and exercise plan. But knowing Suzy I don't see that happening. If she does ANYTHING having to do with a child, she'd probably get pregnant knowing damn well it's a risk then she'll milk her miscarriage for attention, not realizing that she could make her thyroid condition WORSE.

No. 223114

I just don't think they'll have kids because they're huge children themselves and clearly want to remain that way.

No. 223120

File: 1453162476458.jpg (113.33 KB, 625x790, loss.jpg)

No. 223131

Maybe i'm really bad at reading into this, but what is even going on in this comic?

No. 223134

No. 223139

A really bad comedy writer decided to try to write drama into his poorly drawn gaming webcomic about his friend's wife's miscarriage.

No. 223151

>tfw I only learned and read up about this meme yesterday
that was good timing.

No. 223154

I still have no idea what the fuck Bum Tickley was thinking when he wrote that

No. 223194

File: 1453199480386.png (46.68 KB, 538x395, worthless.png)

Can somebody get this info over to rantgrumps,
because "Feedback is worthless" guys…

No. 223196

For fuck's sake Arin, you're an entertainer. Stop acting so self-righteous, all your success is due to your fans, so no, listening to your source of money is not fucking worthless.

No. 223257

Omg no wonder this fucker never even tried to go to art school, he'd never be able to handle critique. It doesn't help that I've never seen his art besides the few animations (which aren't well drawn tbh) and the grump heads, which are startin to look like ross is drawing them? Ross has a pretty cute style that's pretty versitle but I don't even fucking know with arin.

He and Suzy are so similar in the worst ways.

No. 223282

It's not just Arin having a pity party although he is, so many creative people follow this train of thought now. I get that feedback and criticism can seem endless but damn.

No. 223312

>Feedback is worthless
Hahaha. Wow. I wonder what his fanbase who gives him their money and attention feel about this?

No. 223314


Feedback is worthless??? Well sorry, Arin, if you keep this up, you'll never grow as a person and an employer.

That's not how you run a business.
It's a major point IN running a business.

I mean how do you even reflect on yourself???
Oh I know: you don't !!!

No. 223371


I mean I'm confident Adam is too smart to agree that feedback is worthless, considering he actually likes to hear what his viewers feel, but fuck Arin just get away from the things I love.

No. 223375


I wonder if Arin realizes the irony in trying to cheer up a person who gives feedback to movies a living by saying that feedback is worthless.

No. 223382

I get the context from this twitter conversation, but:

he just can't distinguish criticism from hate.

No. 223387

Suzy is the worse at these unboxings
Here is suzy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCYYEFYv2cA
and here are what the items actually are note that everything that lady said is on the paper you get when you first open the box:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUbVFbkeVKY

No. 223390


>considering he actually likes to hear what his viewers feel

The opposite. He's stated that he avoids reading comments of any kind, because they might hurt his feelings.

No. 223414

tbh I want to see her make-up "tutorial" of this one.


No. 223437

I guess I should've clarified that Adam does care about the viewers who, you know, give a shit. just because he doesn't read the comments doesn't mean he neglects all feedback. he uses Patreon and I'm sure he reads the notes attached to the donations there.

No. 223442

So he only cares about feedback when it's attracted to money?

No. 223473

In his defense, anyone who is willing to pay for extra content is going to give a worthwhile review of your content, versus the average LOL UR GAY THIS MOVIE IS THE BEST AND UR A HATER YouTube comment.

No. 223531

File: 1453253986835.png (11.77 KB, 860x176, rubberninja reddit.png)

vs. Ross, who actually goes on the subreddit and sets up Game Grumps game servers, and who actually interacts with fans

No. 223533

Ross is so cute. It's nice to see him respond to actual criticism.

No. 223550

Ross is pretty cool and I hope he keeps doing animation

No. 223552

Monty's death really lit a fire under his ass to get working on his show

unfortunately, it's to be written and voiced by Arin

so even if Ross manages to move away from Grumps, he's still chained to Arin

No. 223562

I hate Arin's voice acting, he has one voice and no range. The only reason he gets cast is because he's Egoraptor.

No. 223572


Ross needs to get the fuck out from under Arin's ass, seriously

I do get the sense that Arin and Dan are use Ross as a punching bag. You know there's always a person in a friend group who gets the most shit, but some of it I feel is genuinely mean-spirited and comes from a place of resentment. To hell with those losers, he's a swell guy in touch with his talents and knows how to handle a fanbase like an adult. He needs to get his finances in order and spend his days animating and fucking his cute wife.

No. 223575

Sorry for a bit off topic but I was watching a few old Vinny streams and he brought up a pretty interesting bit of Egoraptor. Starts around 1:12:40

Nothing lulzy but its such a major contrast to a lot of gamers

No. 223580

File: 1453257824710.jpg (112.46 KB, 1024x1024, Arin by Ross.jpg)

>knows how to handle a fanbase like an adult.

he's way more gracious than Arin. he and Barry always seem to greet fans in line for "official" Game Grumps autographs, and he even does doodles for them

he's the only one who ever plays games with fans. when Arin's PSN account was accidentally leaked he basically said "piss off I'm not adding you"

Arin threw a shitfit when people called out Suzy for conning fans via Etsy, and defended her by saying she facilitated a lot of fan interaction. you know Suzy only did that shit to inject herself into Game Grumps. Ross actually appreciates his fans.

No. 223597


Aren't Dan and Ross good friends?

Before Arin ripped Steam train apart it seemed like Dan was just sitting in to fill Jon's space and Ross and Dan had a GREAT time playing games together. Everything coming from Dan to Ross felt like the friendship that Arin and Dan once had.

Seems like Arin is the one being a dick bag about it. Perhaps he's jealous of Ross. Animator. Decent wife. Happy marriage. Decent looking.

He has everything Arin doesn't and he is everything Arin isn't.

No. 223598

>written and voiced by Arin
FUCKING WHY? Arin isn't smart or talented. I don't understand how someone so average can keep getting these opportunities? ugh.

No. 223614

They met via Jon. Everyone met thru Jon. He is the reason why they all cash in.

No. 223643

Ross claims he isn't a very good writer, and that the jokes Arin comes up with are much better than anything he could think of

No. 223655

Pfffft Erin wishes he could crank out the jokes like Dan, Jon, or Ross.

No. 223659

File: 1453273498796.jpg (172.46 KB, 810x596, ss (2016-01-20 at 02.03.37).jp…)

There is literally nothing goth about you Suzy. And wearing such short skirts to make up for your dumpster of a face isn't working.

No. 223663

but she has a super spoopy skeleton on her sweater

that's totally #creepy!

No. 223664

Dan will think of a joke and then repeat it at least 30 times

No. 223685


Holy shit this is such an ugly outfit… It looks like something a 12 year old with no fashion sense would wear

No. 223705

Her face looks like John Travolta's.

No. 223715

I'm not sure if this is really Grumps related, so polite sage for potentially semi-OT, but does anybody know whatever happened to Joshua Tomar (Tomamoto)? He used to do a lot of voice work for Arin back during his Newgrounds days, but I haven't seen or heard anything from him since then. Are they even friends any more?

No. 223744

What's the use of her tracking so many tags onto her ig posts? She's going to get plenty of likes and comments because people worship her, so…

No. 223762

I will say that Dan and Ross have good on screen chemistry. If you watch the LPs for the recent king's quest and the one that's a kind of spin off from the Stanley parable, they know how to work off each other well, and think it's because they don't always have to record together. On gg Dan and arin have gotten stale because they record so often and for hours at a time. I haven't watched a gg ep in a while, but that's because they stopped doing ones I was interested in too.

I feel like on so many levels Suzy and arin are stuck in a very hs mentality. Arin because he never graduated and went through that process a lot of people go through in order to grow into adulthood, and met Suzy while she was still in hs and she never grew because of that.

And that looks like her friendsgiving outfit, but tights instead of what looked like leggings. It was tacky and frumpy them and it still is now. Red tights and Mary Janes would make it decent.

No. 223847

File: 1453311913280.png (1.39 MB, 1125x740, moneywellspent.png)

Suzy getting more shoes she will never wear outside the house.
It so clearly shows how she never actually wears them anywhere by the way she says "omg cant wait to use these for OOTD posts!" instead of saying "cant wait to wear these!" like any other person would have.

Also did she get these for free/spons? since she thanks the shoemakers?

No. 223860

Holy shit, these shoes are super pretty. If she got them for free, I'm so pissed rn.
But to be honest, these are a little bit risky for everyday wear.
At least they would be for me, on the other hand she's a self employed YTer so who gives a fuck why not wear them daily

No. 223866

The price for all of these shoes is well over $500 not even including shipping.

No. 223868

Seriously, it'd be one thing if she collected shoes and shit, like other people collect purses or makeup. But she just blows money on shit she doesn't wear and throws into her closet to collect dust.

No. 223872

omg so not true anon, she wears them for her super important and very popular OOTD video series! That is totally worth spending 500 dollars or more a month on shoes!

No. 223875

>muh medication guise

No. 223892

We saw this makeup look the other day on ig, and here it is on YouTube! Ohhhhh boy.

No. 223893

File: 1453317243015.png (372.87 KB, 572x295, comp.png)

Real Life vs Instagram

Yes it looks worse, but she should definitely stick to this look without the black inner eye-thing.
Looks ten times better than normally

No. 223895

why is her lighting in her videos so BAD!? it used to be MUCH better than this, not even that long ago! if you look at vids from last year the lighting was SO much better, now she is extremely shiny, dark and blurry

No. 223896

These shoes are actually cool. I like the bronze ones.

No. 223898

Did she stop wearing foundation for videos? It could be her thyroid messing with her hormones but her skin looks really dull and splotchy.

No. 223912

Why is she so shimmery?

No. 223916

File: 1453319637425.jpg (75.73 KB, 570x570, real gothic black and white bu…)


A hundred forty nine bucks

One hundred forty nine dollars



No. 223955

christ, this is fucking horrendous
she literally put no care into this?
that inner decor takes all of the attention away from the butterfly, but that's probably a good thing considering it's so squint and lazily made

No. 223983

the butterfly is so uneven…

looks like she also broke off the antennae

No. 223991

They're the Ripley design. I have them in black; they're amazing and surprisingly comfortable?

No. 224000

>The frame has some minor scratches on it- that's just the way it was when I got it from the manufacturer! What you see is exactly what you get!

Uh, MARK IT DOWN OR GET THE MANUFACTURER TO REPLACE IT!!! She doesn't understand art at all.

No. 224026

Oh, this outfit isn't too ba—
looks down and sees ugly winter boots
Welp. You done it once more, Snooz. Also, that skirt is way too busy.

No. 224027

Her legs are like tree trunks. Gross.

No. 224028


Jesus fucking Christ, she can't afford thyroid medication but she can afford 3 pairs of Hades shoes? I have to admit I'm a little salty.


She doesn't understand basic store ownership. I can't say I've ever seen anyone charge full price for damaged goods.

No. 224029

Not gonna lie, I would legit wear those ankle boots and the red ones with the steampunk looking cogs. this is better suited for an attractive and creative person and not Suzy

No. 224031

its super weird too considering how good the lighting is in the IG pic

No. 224074

The way she talks reminds me tho much of Kailynn. Is it a FAS thing or just a coincidence?

No. 224075


she looks cross-eyed as a motherfucker.
and why is her mouth always open.
is she a permanent mouth breather.
i dont understand why her mouth is open
is that alluring?
why is it open. why are her teeth showing.

No. 224091

i thought she was getting skinnier but i wsa wrong.
she looks like shes gained so much weight in this picture, what the fuck.

also, this is that "i'm in middle school, trying to be goth but kawaii tooo xD" look

No. 224099

File: 1453334260711.jpg (29.75 KB, 544x321, 121211_teen_mom_teaser_5441112…)

Kailyn Lowry?

No. 224101

File: 1453334508540.gif (738.71 KB, 320x180, asdf.gif)

No, probably ForeverKailyn

No. 224111

Oh, in that case I can see some of the resemblance.

No. 224184

File: 1453345375791.jpeg (107.64 KB, 640x746, image.jpeg)

Something about this picture looks odd. Did she photoshop her jawline?

No. 224194

No. 224208

No. 224289

she's such a tired rip-off. I honestly can't believe she's still selling jewellery and bugs after getting exposed multiple times. If it were me I'd be far too ashamed to do anything like that again.

No. 224347

Looks like she liquefied herself a V-line. Also she shopped her wrists thinner on the inside hahaha.
Wtf did she make one brow straight and the other wavy?

No. 224350

It looks like she photoshopped it thinner.

No. 224351

she's so fat and gross.

No. 224352

wow!! the price and quality difference is astounding. How can people give Suzy money when there are other options with people who give a shit about their bugs and not charge more than $50 for most of the specimen? i… do not understand the GG fandom at all!

No. 224353

I think there's actually a bit of tension. Like Dan seems to get legitimately pissed off at Ross a lot.

And there was an 'incident' where Ross hit Dan in the face with a ball (cricket or football?) and Dan was super pissed off about it.

No. 224361

authentic Drag brows and white eyeliner

No. 224410

I want to marry Holly!