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File: 1453336372224.jpg (89.76 KB, 514x653, hangrybonelordlashesout.jpg)

No. 224122

Ashley Isaacs / ghostxperfume thread
You have no friends edition

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
Edgy Tumblr: http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Old thread has saged, here's the new one.

Trashley has now driven away her last remaining friend. Please check the last thread for emails from the purgelord herself.

p.s. Hi Ashley!

No. 224123

whoops, here's the previous thread


No. 224126

Is her toilet seat greasy?

No. 224128

File: 1453338004490.jpg (61.86 KB, 765x379, begging.jpg)

No. 224129

You should really stop now. Haven't you done enough harm? Ashley is a saint compared to you. At least she doesn't leak private information about people.

No. 224131


Hi Ash

No. 224132

I'm not Ashley.

No. 224133

She does however harass people among other things.

No. 224135

Prove it.

No. 224136

She has never harassed anyone. Only reacted.

No. 224137


Secret Livez, is that you?

No. 224138

No. Not even close.

No. 224139

Secret Livez is on our side. She's the one leaking.

No. 224141


I wonder if she's got a new naive moron to use and abuse

No. 224144

No. 224145


Nah, I don't feel like it and a Saint? OMG I about died laughing! Thanks! Needed that!

No. 224147


go eat your mac n cheese

No. 224148

Kinda funny that you want to act like an adult now, Ash.

I do think it's pretty greasy to share private e-mails like this, but then on the other hand you can't treat people like shit and portray yourself as the victim and expect to get away with it.

Why do you bother with having an online presence at all, Ashley? I understand you don't get out much and all your friends are online, but this is so unhealthy. Just get off the net.

You keep saying things like "I'm bettering myself" without proving it, and then saying you don't owe it to anyone. You're right, you don't.
But you spend so much time writing these sad posts about how everyone is mean to you and everything is so hard, it seems like it's all you do.
Why don't you post about the things you're doing to get better? (Naps don't count) people would lay off you if they knew you were really trying, and that you were actually struggling to get better instead of giving in to your illness.

Whatever you do, it doesn't matter and you don't have to prove anything to anyone. But stop wallowing in self pity and drama and make a difference, or get off the net.

No. 224150

File: 1453339993777.jpg (289.54 KB, 1216x1786, 1434348677899.jpg)

No. 224152

File: 1453340068397.png (379.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-20-20-32-49…)


No. 224156


she gets off the net every day when she does her daily trips to the stores to return items and buy her few food items. Her neighbor just loves to run her around when her friends, err people she uses as a taxi for free can't

No. 224157


Don't get me wrong, personally I don't give a shit, but I think people are taking issue with the fact that they were meant to be private conversations rather than the fact that they're e-mails.

No. 224159

If they're not posted people cry PROOF and if they are then people cry that it's PRIVATE. Are you FUCKING kidding me! C'Mon farmers, get your shit together!

No. 224160

They're your property to do with that you will.

I'm sure Rebecca didn't want details about her bewb job and sex partners posted online, but her dear daughter spread it all over tumblr.

No. 224161

This is totally Ashley. You sent me this message almost word for word. Funny thing is all the information I've leaked isn't private information. Private information would be YOUR WEIGHT which I've yet to disclose

No. 224162


I don't think anyone was 'crying', some people just take issue with the fact that you're publicly posting private conversations. Which is fair enough, I guess.

I think it's a little hypocritical that anons on /pt/ are suddenly trying to take the moral high ground, but whatever.

You shouldn't let it bother you. This place is really starting to turn into PULL.


Pretty much this.

No. 224163

>>hypocritical that anons on /pt/ are suddenly trying to take the moral high

AGREED! Sudden soft spot for the trash I guess

No. 224166

This, 100%

Maybe this will be the reality check that Ashley has needed so desperately, for so long.

No. 224167

oh my gosh please tell us how heavy she is

No. 224168

The only people crying about how they're private are Ashley and Ashley.

No. 224170

No. 224171

damn nigga
i had that much when i was like 6 or 7

No. 224172

File: 1453342597986.jpg (101.38 KB, 600x600, quizzz.jpg)

Guess how many jelly beans in the jar!!!

No. 224173

I like you.

No. 224174


kek you guessing?

No. 224175

Hi, Ash!

Still the funniest picture.

This actually seems accurate. Damn, secretlivez is going all out here.

No. 224177

Different anon. I say somewhere in the 40 - 50 range

No. 224179

File: 1453343775190.jpg (176.48 KB, 958x499, IMG_20160120_202939.jpg)

I feel like ash is smaller than this chick who just got help. Rachael Farrokh is 5'7" 40 lbs

No. 224180


Ashley is much shorter though so of course she appears thinner

No. 224181

I wouldn't listen to Ashley. You post what you want. This is lolcow and we pretty much love confirmation of everything we already knew and suspected. I just feel sorry that you were taken for a ride, like everyone else.

No. 224182

Omg pls use a trip code…
Either way, I'm dying over here. Hopefully this is what it will take to make Ashley never seek out another human being to harm ever again. Destroy yourself and yourself only Trashley.

No. 224183

What exactly does she think she gives and gives? Links to her wishlists?

Don't pay attention to Trashley posing as a morally outraged farmer.

No. 224187

Jamie Spinello?

No. 224188

Rebecca and Ashley Isaacs? Sup?

No. 224190

Not who you think this is.

No. 224191


who's that?

No. 224192

The person posting the info about trashley

No. 224193


oh the person trashley says is posting it

No. 224195

Oh no, the Bonemaster is here!

No. 224196

File: 1453346508707.png (195.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-20-13-36-56…)

Ashley's sugar daddy. He sends her money and gifts and she obeys him like a good little baby even though she doesn't even like him anymore cos he doesn't give her the sympathy she demands. It's ok Ashley as long as the money rolls in, who cares, right?

No. 224197

I thought her sugar daddy was Canadian.

No. 224198

I hear bones rattling.

No. 224200

You were just aching to post that lol.
Holding it for what, 9 hours?
It's that same temp in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jamie Spinello, please just go to sleep already.

No. 224201

rattling intensifies

No. 224203

Anyone can post any random IG account and say it's him.
C'mon now farmers. Why would she be OBVIOUSLY following him?

No. 224205

what's wrong Ashley? Do you think you're hurting me right now? What happened to you were ABOVE this?! Put your glasses on!

No. 224206

OMG is someone knocking on your DOOR? Are you SCARED! OH wait! It's a flower delivery for Rebecca!! LOL

No. 224207

C'Mon BITCH! Let's PLAY!

No. 224209

You are insane. You really are. This should have been kept between the two women. Not dragged out like this.

Jamie Spinello, please go to your children instead of posting on lolcow.

No. 224210

Drink more vegetable oil.

No. 224211

aww, I'm sorry YOU can't have children and good thing. What did you say, YOU'D BE A TERRIBLE MOM! Yes, you would! Just like Rebecca

No. 224212


kek to wash down all that mac n cheese! Don't let it touch an apple though! omg freak out in the middle of Panera!

No. 224213

Please take your HUSBANDS money, and stay away. Someone who is truthfully trying to heal this year does not need the evil hate that you are spewing.

No. 224214


why don't you write another letter to your maternal grandmother that you'll never send telling her how miserable life is instead of posting on lolcow

No. 224215


I would, but YOU spent it all!!

No. 224216

Oh yes, a husband. Something you'll also never have.

No. 224217


Oh but she sure made sure I missed his birthday by having me with HER while she was being a cunt throwing her tantrums cos she can't draw an eyebrow on straight!

No. 224218

File: 1453347408441.jpg (255.52 KB, 452x594, 2667623.jpg)

Ash is MAD.

No. 224219

You enabled Ashley by taking her there. You egged her on by offering to pay with money that was not yours.
So technically, you're an accessory to murder. You kept saying you'd take her, that making the stop would be easy. You pulled out (your husbands?) credit card and paid the entire bill. You PUSHED HER WHEELCHAIR INTO THE RESTAURANT.

No. 224220


LMFAO!!!! You're a sad sad fucking girl if you think anyone believes that

No. 224221

File: 1453347484868.png (146.52 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mt8jqoehsw1si8rb9o1_500…)

No. 224222

>So technically, you're an accessory to murder.
>you're an accessory to murder.
>accessory to murder.

No. 224223

>Hey guys I'm totally not Ashley, just a random farmer who somehow knows the details of their private trip to Panera Bread. Oh by the way, Jaime, you're a cunt. You wheelchair pushing bitch.

No. 224224

> accessory to murder

Too funny

No. 224225

It's like taking a druggie to a fucking pharmacy and saying 'pick something out, oh but by the way, I'm your friend! I'll pay for it! And I also care about you!'

No. 224226

>buy some diner to a spoopy skelly
>acessory to murder

No. 224227

Funny because Jamie knew what she was doing. For all we know, Jamie wants her physically dead, because it was done MORE THAN ONCE.

No. 224228

Confirmed for not knowing how a pharmacy works.

No. 224229

>>enabled Ashley by taking her there
proof it was her idea cos she had to do a return and bought expensive gloves
>>accessory to murder
Umm, ok
>>your husbands?) credit card
which is in MY name
bitch can't walk

Have proof of all of this but the bitch is too stupid to realize that!

No. 224231

SOME dinner? Sadly, it was not SOME.

No. 224232

What about your friends that buy you binge food from Amazon? Are they trying to kill you too?

No. 224233


was lied to cos Jamie was told it was for Rebecca AND Ashley

No. 224234

No 'friends' buy anything.

No. 224235

I don't bulimia, I don't know

No. 224236

Yeah, you murder people by giving them food. Sure, Ash. You know, some people like food. Some people use it to survive. Some people like to eat it with friends.
How weird.

No. 224237

Why would Ashley ask for anything for her mother? C'mon now.

No. 224238

I got her a free Sanrio lunch box thing, bought her pajamas and a stupid stuffed animal. Do I want her to have a coma too then???

No. 224239

Didn't 'eat together'. The food purchased was obviously not a 'meal for two'. Let's be realistic here.

No. 224241

The pajamas could strangle her! She could die in those pajamas! MUR DUR EUR!

No. 224242


I'm just playing the same I'm a stupid ass* card this bitch is

No. 224243

Why did you buy her stuff? Didn't you know she was a cunt?

No. 224244

Right. 4 small mac and cheese with wheat bread
1 large mac and cheese with white bread
in the small to go containers that are Styrofoam not the plastic (really particular orders here!)

No. 224245

Ashley, have you ever watched Intervention?

No. 224247

Materialistic much? Was that what this all was to you? To brag about how your husband gives you free spending money? To make Ashley feel bad because doesn't/probably won't ever have a husband? To later just bring it up to make you look like the Saint? Because she obviously can't afford to repay you for your 'gifts'? Hm?

No. 224248

Holy moly you are obsessed. Dream about Ashley, too?

No. 224249


No. 224250


LOL!! Don't make me start posting text messages again to put you in your fucking spot with your dumb ass post

Same fucking order EVERY time I saw her! How can I NOT know it!

No. 224251

I know, right?
If Jamie is all high and set about Ashley being a cunt, why did she buy her things?

No. 224255

Are you stupid or just pretending to be stupid?

No. 224256

AGAIN why did you but her things?

No. 224257

It's sad that you cannot 'fight' without resorting to 'old messages'.
I was hoping that this would be a 'game with wit'. Oh well.

No. 224258


It was christmas and no, I didn't know

No. 224260

'More than once'. Jesus lol.

No. 224261

More than just Christmas lol.

No. 224262


go fuck yourself. It's quite obvious I don't act like a saint or act materialistic!

No. 224263


No. 224264

Didn't know what?

No. 224265


But you read here and defended her. Why did it not sink in after 100000 threads that she's a user?

No. 224266

All you've done is bring up that Ashley didn't meet your standards with her gifts

No. 224267

ya, you're right. It's because I really wanted those tic tacs and bubble gum that she got me and I knew I wouldn't get them if I didn't get HER a gift. Like when she BEGGED for the HAT

No. 224268


No. 224269

Have you ever watched Intervention? I'm serious.

No. 224270

No, the first was me wanting to get into the mind of an Ashley fangirl and not having questions answered

No. 224271

>'I'm not materialistic'
>makes sure what she gave ash and what ash gave her are in caps


No. 224272

Well, you did a good job then kek.

No. 224273

This this this!!!!

No. 224274


No, that WASN'T me! I posted once but she went on about how this site ruined her etc and I never came back. Someone else must've been me

No. 224276

Always you. Samefag over and over. No one else would defend her. It was you every single time

No. 224277

It's fucking annoying when her latest friend comes here calling us Satan then they come here for hugz when it goes tits up

No. 224278

No. 224279

This is so funny! I'm just loving how Ashley is posting here with her little trolls and everyone is listening like the truth of god!
I honestly don't give two fucks what anyone believes. Ashley, you know the truth you fucking piece of shit and I'll make sure everyone else does to!

No. 224280


No. 224281

Exactly. You're lolcow for fucks sake. Take everything Secret Livez is saying with a grain of salt. You're better than this.

No. 224283

rattle rattle

No. 224284

No one is listening to Ashley..

No. 224285

Who really gives a shit? She learned her lesson and is exposing Ashley for the trash she is. So stop same fag defending yourself Trashley!

No. 224286

File: 1453348868580.jpg (54.27 KB, 534x401, panera kills.jpg)

No. 224288

We knew what she was like. Unless there's something that we haven't written about the past 14 months, nothings being exposed. Fresh milk or zzzzzzzzz gtfo.

No. 224291

File: 1453348989681.jpg (247.81 KB, 600x420, triggered.JPG)


No. 224292

Why don't you gtfo if you don't enjoy the milk. Jesus I hate shit posters like you, just fuck off.

No. 224293

So much promise but this us the shittiest Ashley thread so far.

This is boring. Nothing new. Find another place to exchange playground insults unless there's something interesting. All I've learned is Ash wipes her ass before she shits and that's hardly newsworthy.

No. 224294

You think this is milk? Really?

No. 224296


Fuck you! You're the one who prob complained that everything was a personal convo and wasn't good enough so go fuck yourself somewhere else! I'll even give you the lube!

No. 224297

File: 1453349392337.jpg (17.54 KB, 228x268, yumyum.jpg)

It's pretty tasty imho.

No. 224298

No. 224311


Take a valium or sthing. A fellow skelly ripped you off well baw baw.
Calm your titties ffs.

I'll come back when you're over it.

No. 224336

No. 224354

File: 1453354310243.gif (951.66 KB, 500x681, kek_intensifies.gif)

No. 224357

File: 1453354684835.gif (2.95 MB, 350x263, panerakills.gif)

is this thread real life

No. 224362

Someone please shoop Ash's face onto this.

No. 224366

I got confused there, trying to keep track of who was ash pretending to not be ash, who was Jamie pretending to not be Jamie, and who were the anon anons.

No. 224373

File: 1453357492448.gif (485.09 KB, 500x238, fjdsaklfjsdkl.gif)

This thread is a dumpster fire and I love it.

No. 224382

Geez. This is a little rough.

No. 224400

File: 1453360330045.gif (489 KB, 500x254, hype.gif)

shit was lit, holy fuck.

No. 224416

File: 1453375671210.jpeg (46.59 KB, 500x360, image.jpeg)

Wow – this is some Sindy Pop level sperging here!!

No. 224430

This gif makes me happy lol

No. 224432

Does Ash think that doxxing Jamie is going to accomplish something? because rn the board could care less about secret_livez' real identity, we're all here to see the tea spilled.

No. 224447

This has got to be the worst Ashley thread so far…

Two hangry, raging, adult skeletons bickering at each other over boring bullshit.

I thought the new ex-friend would provide new milk, but there's nothing… just something about using free macaroni and cheese as a weapon against each other and some boring texts between them about how childish each other is being.

>>>Secret Lives: "She used me! Wahhhh!"

If you had paid attention to previous threads, which I'm more than sure that you did considering we all saw your mindless white-knighting of her and photos of your dehydrated, scaley man-hands holding signs and telling us all to "fuck off" then you would've known to keep the hell away from her.

You bought this on yourself, you didn't listen to anyone and now you're throwing a tantrum as much as the bonelord herself is.

No. 224450

For the love of god you made your point and nobody gives a shit. Begone if you can't stand it being up your ass so much.

No. 224451

I give a shit. I posted something similar to this anon earlier. Nice that you can get off to secret info like Ashley wears a wig and uses people for money, but some of us still have higher standards. YOU USED ME FOR SMALL PORTIONS OF MAC N CHEESE IN STYROFOAM CARTONS AND WITH BREAD!!!!1 Jesus, don't lower your standards to that, farmers.

No. 224452

LOL I don't think that was the point she was making or was she whining about that

No. 224454

Seriously, isn't this bitch that's bawwing over shit they don't like on a thread they don't have to be on whining?
You're an idiot and I love to watch ash chimp out. Get over it. That's all anyone's gonna get till she passes.

No. 224455

>>Get over it

Yes you should

No. 224456

No one cares.

No. 224457

Nice job trying to police the Trashley thread. How bout you bring it up in the next town hall.

No. 224459

A thread about secret_livez on /snow would be be more interesting. She's a cow herself. Friends with all the insta anas, ~dramu~ with Ashley, thinspo pics…

No. 224460

There's literally no milk there. There's nothing interesting about her.

No. 224461

Nahhhhh, she's not that interesting and her IG is private so there's really nothing on her.

No. 224463

File: 1453394228020.jpg (107.06 KB, 800x533, secret_livez.jpg)

You could donate to her gofuckme

No. 224464

File: 1453394247806.png (171.17 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_2016-01-21-11-35-29…)

What's interesting about that

No. 224465


she's legit sick tho unlike Erika

No. 224466

LOLOL POTS. When the fuck did it become a a ~cool~ disorder? I have that and it's shit and I'm pretty sure this chick just has tachycardia from malnutrition.

No. 224468


it doesn't say it's COOL fucktard

No. 224469

Also if she is so disabled then she doesn't need Tricare, she'd be eligible for Medicare.

No. 224470

Well it certainly seems to be a trend among the anas. Like thefitveganginger.

No. 224471

Finds a way to drive Ashley around multiple times travelling miles and scarfing Mac N Cheese. Was Ashley her service dog?

No. 224472


Really? That's none of your business

No. 224473

Also POTS doesn't always cause low blood pressure, nor does it have anything to do with adhesive disease. Also never heard of it causing seizures before. I looked it up and most doctors seem to agree there's no relation.

No. 224474

I will say some people get low blood pressure but that's actually a separate issue, called NCS and not POTS itself.

No. 224476

It's public info as part of her Gofundme. Everyone I know who has Tricare complains about it, so why not try getting a better plan??? Medicare is part of SSDI benefits.

No. 224477

#1. You're not a DR.
#2. I'm not listing my entire medical for your dumb ass
#3. Never said it was.
#4. Never said it was.
#5. Never said it was.
#6. You want to talk my medical, EMAIL ME in private!

No. 224478

No, I am not a doctor. But I have POTS, like I said. And I've lived with it for a very long time.

it is a MEDICAL fact that NCS and POTS are both dysautonomia, but POTS does not always mean low blood pressure, NCS does.

In fact, I have high blood pressure with POTS because I have the hyperadrenergic kind.

No. 224481


I'm sure my 2 open heart surgeries were from my malnutrition too right? Thanks Doc

No. 224482

Open heart surgery has nothing to do with POTS. Never said it did.

No. 224483


That's fine. I have too! I have lived with MANY medical issues. I didn't list everything on the gofundme. I didn't list everything on my IG. I did a quick grouping for ease of public understanding. Don't judge/assume until you know everything!

No. 224484

Not doubting you have some very real issues, because I have seen people with gastroparesis, I have a friend with NCS and POTS and I've seen all sorts of stuff, but you also need to understand that when you're thin and malnourished then a lot of the heart problems that present as POTS is really due to electrolyte imbalances.

No. 224485

File: 1453394996958.jpg (20.31 KB, 1140x80, satisfaction.JPG)


Email you in private. Like Ashley's texts to you were private? Omfg.

No. 224486

see who I referenced it to

I can understand that however my team and I ensure that this is not the case as I'm sure YOU understand

Up until now, my medical has been kept private but thanks for spewing it

No. 224487

Fuck off. Like we didn't beg her for Ashley's texts. She's really done nothing wrong and you're grasping at straws.

No. 224488


the majority of my anorexia is actually caused by the gastroparesis despite what this forum believes

No. 224489

Gofundme isn't private. It's to GET attention for people to send you $.

No. 224490

This must be why Ashley turned on you. You're not as deeply disordered and special as she is.

No. 224491

IDK why I'm feeding into this, it was set up for my husbands co-workers. No anons donated

No. 224492

Yes, I do understand. When I started the workup for POTS the first thing my cardio did was blood work to ensure I didn't have low electrolytes. HOWEVER, you state in your Gofundme that you have no intestine and rely on tube feeds. Which is fine, but by not having an intestine and saying you cannot absorb nutrients, then you're at a huge risk for malnutrition, which can present itself similar to POTS.


No. 224493


I actually ended the friendship with her

No. 224494


Understood. Really don't want to go into HUGE details about all the testing I went through just know that I did go to Denver and it is a true diagnosis

No. 224495

Well all it takes is a tilt test and that's positive, you have POTS. I didn't have to have much testing. Some ekg's, blood work and a stress test followed by a tilt test. It was pretty quick and easy. Then I had a second tilt test at NYU which showed the hyperadrenergic component.

No. 224496

well, as you've noted, because I have so many other illness'..I did choose to go to Denver to ensure a true diagnosis. I had previously been diagnosed with GBS in 1999 so that really added (for me) the desire to go to a specialist in the field and Denver is the best.

No. 224497

Why do you use your pics as thinspo for anas?

No. 224498

So you did have a tilt test done by an electrophysiologist?

No. 224499

There are a lot of orgs that provide service dogs…..

No. 224500


I didn't. I found them on PSHendricks after you posted them here too. They weren't intended as thinspo but you won't believe that.

Yes, most charge $10,000 so was trying to raise half, one takes donations but there's a 3-5 year wait

No. 224501

No. 224502

So why don't you save for one instead of trying to rely on other people? Then again I'm very skeptical of all online fundraisers.

No. 224503


How are you expected to save for an important service dog when you're spending loads on Ashley?

No. 224505

Also if you're as sick as you say you are, you're better off with a home health aide rather than a service dog. A service dog can't dial an ambulance for you. Tricare should at least pay for a HHA.

No. 224506


As I said, my husbands co-workers wanted to donate so we set it up. They don't all work in an "office" with him. Not a big deal.

No. 224511


personal reasons

No. 224512

>deletes gofuckme evidence

No. 224513


As I said, they don't work in the same area but the money did go into the bank in a separate account

No. 224514

LOL yup.

No. 224515


Yes I did

No. 224516

File: 1453396410976.jpg (111.82 KB, 975x657, Capture.JPG)

Not all of it though.

No. 224517


It's not evidence. It wasn't needed anymore and you're interrogating me about my health which has nothing to do with you or Ashley

No. 224518

So you'd rather beg people for money online than do something that's already approved by TRICARE?

Service dogs can be good but a home health aide can provide you with company, give you medication, help you with your g tube and inspect it for infections, and oh I don't know…get you to the doctors or the hospital in case of an emergency.

No. 224519


I don't care anymore. I'm not Erica or Ashley. I'm not lying about anything so it doesn't matter.

No. 224520

File: 1453396500663.jpg (73.82 KB, 682x644, Capture3.JPG)

>No amount too small!

No. 224522


Service animals aren't approved by Tricare. I do have a home health aid. They can't travel with you. But thank you for not knowing what you're talking about!

No. 224525

File: 1453396651105.jpg (54.21 KB, 513x569, lol.JPG)

No words.

No. 224526

Don't respond to this sperg, just ignore them. Nobody wants the bait

No. 224527

I hope trump wins!

No. 224528

Apparently you can't read. I didn't say service animals were covered, I said home health aides already are.

Also my mom does major contracts for home health aides and makes sure they're in complice with the state/JHACO so I do know a thing or two about home health care.

No. 224530

File: 1453396812087.jpg (14.66 KB, 494x88, cunts.JPG)

We're just a bunch of cunts.

No. 224531


Good for your mommy. Does she work with Tricare? How about Tricare Prime? Tricare Prime Remote? Wait, is there a difference? Yes/No? Idk..do you? Think about it?? I know.. I've been on it for YEARS? How long have I been sick? You know how old I am… figure it out!

No. 224532


you really are starting to be. This is just getting stupid

No. 224533

secret_livez is no farmer. She's only here to try piss Ashley off. No farmer's ever been so confrontational in a skele thread. Another mental scamming people for cash.

No. 224535

Makes sense. Ashley is only friends with other crazy people or anorexics.

No. 224536


I don't care about ashley. No farmer would interrogate another farmer like this. If you had looked at the date of that you'd of seen it was last year.

No. 224537

>getting stupid

Butthurt for being found out to have a fundraising account, the thing she's had a go at Erika for doing. Sketchy medical details and saying it's nobody's business when raising $5000. I'd say real evidence should be provided if you're mooching for that amount.

You know NOTHING about lolcow. First rule, we are all ANON. You aren't. We "interrogate" anyone who claims to be better than the cow they're throwing shit at.

No. 224538

Exactly, they need to gtfo and get off elsewhere. No farmer would defend Ashley and harass someone with sauce

No. 224539

God….this reminds me of this crazy story I have about a bunch of women with POTS. We all decided to go on vacation and we all have dysautonomia, but these girls were SO crazy and mental. secret_livez reminds me so much of them. That's why I never get involved in POTS/dysautonomia groups. A lot of them are nuts.

No. 224540

Nice samefagging, Jamie.

No. 224541

I think "communitites" and groups of any people with the same condition are made up of mental people. Cancer survivors being an exception.

No. 224542

How about this, Trashley/Trashley white knight, stop campaigning for this to be moved to /snow and/or shitting up the thread over and over and over again saying the same fucking thing because nobody/ very few people/ only you gives a fuck.

For the majority of us farmers, Trash rattling her bones is fucking priceless.

No. 224543

I think you're right. This was really something. These women were fundie Christians and because I didn't play their stupid game they got mad at me and locked me out of the timeshare this one woman's parents owned.

Like, it was a sick competition about who was the sickest and because I was the most able bodied they got pissed off at me, saying I possibly couldn't be ill and blah blah.

No bitch, I'm just incredibly stubborn and would keep on going until I collapsed and died because I hate admitting defeat.

And this one girl INSISTED I push her in a damn wheelchair the entire vacaction and was so proud of her gastroparesis and needing a feeding tube, ugh.

No. 224544

If this was a short film, I'd watch it.

No. 224545

There's actually a lot more to the story. I'd be willing to go into more detail cause really, it was like Ash and secret_livez combined, except with a lot more bigotry. But I'll only elaborate if other farmers want me to.

No. 224546

Moar samefagging plz

No. 224548

Fundie Xians being bigots? Whut? I'd like to hear more but someone might get pissy about it derailing the thread.

No. 224550

Well I didn't know how fundie they were until the trip, because they kept pressuring me to go to this IHOP conference [International House of Prayer]

If you want I go to /b and tell the whole story, would that be better?

No. 224551

*I can

No. 224552

Oh yes…lived with a bunch of born agains one time, so always love stories of their Jesus joy.

No. 224553

Will do! It's a doozie….

No. 224554

Lmao not even but nice try. I haven't posted since the last thread first of all, I'm pretty sure theres a lot of samefagery going on in this thread from WK's, but I'm just a simple farmer from PA who enjoys seeing Skelly get what she's had coming since thread 1.

No. 224555

Ashley has no WKs. Only once in a while when she has a new savior who comes to tell us how vile we are for mocking a dying sick girl.

No. 224557

Most of this thread is samefagging by Ashley and secret_livez.

No. 224559

No you're right, it's either herself or her newest victim. It's a vicious circle, she'll burn the newest one and they'll ditch her ass and she'll find a new one.

Tbh this thread does suck cause it's mostly Trashley and SL just back and forth name calling and bawwing about who scammed people worse, Internet doctors (no1curr about your diseases and diagnoses btw), and blogging.

No. 224560



then no1s should've kept commenting and asking so gtfo

No. 224562


>>Most of this thread is samefagging by Ashley and secret_livez.

No. 224588

New theory: Manhands is Dozzz.

No. 224589

Ashley is a good person deep down inside, and bitches like Jamie, Erika and Jackie are attracted to her because she seems fragile.
Once they realize she's not, they turn into rabid pit bulls and try to tear her apart.
It's unfortunate that she attracts such mentally ill people because they only bring her down and hamper her recovery.

No. 224591

Ashley is awesome.

No. 224592

Ash is rotten to the core. And she only chooses to be friends with other mentally ill people.

No. 224593

No. She's surrounded in rotten apples. She's golden.

No. 224595

A racist moocher who tells little girls to eat less?

No. 224596

'Little Girls'

No. 224597


>>she attracts such mentally ill people

>> they bring her down
>>hamper her recovery

what a pity

No. 224599

She's trying to survive.

No. 224602

Sorry to trigger you pedo-chan, but thirteen year olds are little.

No. 224603


then she/you should go inpatient

No. 224604

Do you actually believe any of the shit you just typed?

No. 224607

Ash and Shmegeh should team up and become a power couple.

No. 224612

The 13 year old was in the wrong. Just because someone is 13 doesn't mean you can't tell them they're doing something wrong. Ash is not horrible.

No. 224614

If this person was 15 you'd all be saying they're almost an adult. Just because someone is over 18 doesn't mean they can't correct someone under 18.

No. 224617

Snnrrrk. It's baaaait.

No. 224620

And you're what, 26 now Ashley? It's time to stop lashing out at your mom and people over the Internet. I know you have mush for brains but you can't be this retarded

No. 224621

File: 1453406359585.jpg (12.01 KB, 320x240, sad puppy.jpg)

No. 224622

what the fuck is going on? Have we learned anything new out of this? All I see is 2 adults using lolcow to communicate their personal shit.

No. 224625

I'm not Ashley. I'm her friend and someone who cares about her and knows she's a good person.

No. 224626

That's why they're lolcows.

No. 224627

File: 1453406814931.jpg (126.34 KB, 1363x830, image.jpg)

The amount of samefagging/shitposting in this thread is pathetic.

No. 224628

Oh, has Ashley already chosen her next vict?

No. 224630

my body hurts just looking at shit like that

No. 224631


Or is this just more baiting?

No. 224632

Can we discuss the vegetable oil purging? Could the remaining oil in her system be the thing keeping her alive?

No. 224633


Here we got again

No. 224634

File: 1453407185757.jpeg (87.27 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)

No. 224635

How I picture Ashley's fans.

No. 224637

Yeah, I want to know more about that as well if possible.

No. 224638

Apparently body builders drink vegetable oil, but they don't purge it obviously. I wonder if Ashley's bathroom is greasy.

No. 224639

File: 1453407933006.jpeg (47.93 KB, 311x311, image.jpeg)

No. 224643

Ew really? that's nasty. Although I am

No. 224645

meant to say I'm convinced that bodybuilders are just as disordered as anorexics sometimes.

No. 224646

If she's drinking vegetable oil, then maybe she's desperately trying to get better? She probably can't hold it down with her rumination syndrome though. That's sort of sad.

No. 224647

Well, maybe instead of 'get better', not die.

No. 224651

There's orthorexia

No. 224652

It's so she can shit easier. She's always talking about being on the toilet in one way or another

No. 224653

I feel sad for the sewer rats in her area.

No. 224654

Why? They're living good.

No. 224655

It's still in direct opposition to eating disordered tendencies, which is a step in the right direction. Fats are usually branded as unsafe. Aly apparently can't even 'look at butter' without feeling nauseous.

No. 224661

We could always purge this thread of the hangry skelly by flooding with with pics of her hamtaro days.

No. 224663


Or we could dash some salt and holy water all around the thread and line it with religious paraphernalia :^)

No. 224664

File: 1453410284169.jpg (67.21 KB, 640x480, trashley.jpg)

Both work.

I wonder how she feels when she sees old photos of herself like this one.

No. 224666

File: 1453410422203.jpg (33.22 KB, 580x435, trashley2.jpg)

Can't feel too bad for her for being chewed up and spat out by the internet hate machine, I mean, she was over 13 right? That means she knew exactly what she was doing and got what she deserved! Right, Ashley?

No. 224667

"I would have been so boring and cute."

No. 224668

At least she'd have more than two hungry ass neurons to rub together.

No. 224669

File: 1453410709423.jpg (44.79 KB, 640x480, trashley3.jpg)

No. 224670

Imagine if she put as much effort into learning a skill as she does into being a skell.

No. 224671

File: 1453410861636.png (314.57 KB, 414x339, W_My Immortal 09.png)

>finally stop reading Ash thread a week ago after no interesting posts for months
>this happens
>half the posts deleted
>no idea what's going on

Fucking hell. I hope someone who witnessed everything can make a post to make sense of this shit.

No. 224673

File: 1453410921758.jpg (41.7 KB, 652x504, trashley4.jpg)

Probably still wouldn't end up as much, I mean, she was dumb enough to camwhore.

No. 224674

Because she needs attention/validation. Started from an early age, I guess.

No. 224675

Looks like she's been wearing the same wig as when she was 13, lol.

No. 224677

File: 1453411120710.jpg (21.66 KB, 380x285, trashley5.jpg)


Makes sense. She wants to be a perpetual teenager. I guess she thinks it absolves her of any responsibility for being a screeching cuntlord. (it doesn't).

No. 224682

Secretlivez fell out with Ash. She's butthurt and posting texts Ashley sent her. Ash and her are fighting on here. SL is spamming old stuff. That's it.

No. 224685

I see it more as: We warned SL about ashley being a chair skelly, and wouldn't you believe it, ashley pissed SL off and ruined friendship number 1993487 and so SL is leaking lots of Ashley's old texts and stuff that show her being an entitled cunt to gifts (again, whould could have ever guessed?) and now Ashley and a WK are trying to piss SL off so she stops posting screenshots. I personally hope she continues. Anything that pisses Ashley off this much is A OK in my book.

No. 224687

We learned that Ash would very much like a $32 Starbucks mug but would settle for a lesser $13 mug if she absolutely had to, not that she's asking for anything but here's her wishlist hint hint.

No. 224692

Fantastic idea anon

No. 224696


and the name of her sugar daddy who lives in Canada that really sent bones screeching kek

No. 224727

What's his name? And do we have any photos?

No. 224729


They posted him here


No. 224744

Rob D, 30 years old is not exactly dox. I want some photos. Can anyone deliver?

No. 224785

Wow, you can see the progressing anorexia here..

No. 224789

Oh my, threads about Ashley are still going? Excellent. Can one of you quickly catch me up? Been out of the loop for a while.

No. 224795

Spoopy tricked another victim, victim went cray but posted juicy deets, some farmers are being hypocrites, then we got bored because too much samefag. That's about all I know, I barely caught up like 2 days ago.

No. 224798

Why is ash supposedly drinking vegetable oil again? I never caught that part. And why would she use vegetable oil rather than mineral oil?? Mineral oil cannot be absorbed by the body and is sold as a laxative, after all. And oil at all… isn't she of the mindset that lotion makes you fat because it has oil in it, therefore oil definitely makes you fat?

No. 224800

Samefagging to say that there's no fucking way she's drinking it to try to "get better."

No. 224809

SL was saying it to get a reaction from trashley. Jfc you all believe everything. This thread is becoming lame.

No. 224818

thanks for clearing that up, Ash.

No. 224821

Someone upthread said she drinks vegetable oil to help her crap.

No. 224839


Why are you using bonelord's old tumblr page name as a tripcode?

How long have you been away? If you mean just recently though, like since this new thread began… basically, Ash made a new ex-friend. Ex-friend came here and went spastic, then Ash started sperging, then both began (and still are) samefagging the whole thread up.

So far it seems like Ash is posting a lot and there's possibly another white-knight of hers on here (probably Ash considering they claim to know her inside out), also ex-friend posts a lot and seems to exhibit Tourettes with the way she responds in retaliation to both Ash and farmers… so basically the thread has become a relay chat between them both.

Both are baby-bitching between each other, nothing new except for the ol' "I was used!" and "We told you so!" from farmers to the ex-friend. Both Ash and ex-friend continue to sperg instead of releasing any real details about each other except for fighting over food (as obviously as ED peeps do) the only thing we've actually learnt so far is that Ash has another online boyfriend (Ana fetishist) or something, but still no real meat has been provided on that as of yet… we're still waiting.

No. 224843


I was the person that took over her old URL once she moved on to SMA and GSO.

And I've been gone for ages, at least six months I think, lost interest when there was nothing juicy happening.

Thanks for the update, your wording was almost poetic.

No. 224845

no, jamie says she drinks it to make her throw up.

No. 224846

Oh, gotcha. Ew.

No. 224847

She has a neighbour to drive her around?

No. 224850


I guess so since her mother got away from her over Xmas and felt like she should be treated like an adult.

No. 224853

yeah assley, you give and give…no fucks about others' feelings.

No. 224868

When was it mentioned that Ash has rumination syndrome?

No. 224869

Am I the only one who wants to know more about Rebecca?

No. 224878

I do but where do you get real info? No doubt she has to be messed up either from her own mother or the men in her life.

No. 224883

It never was that I saw. It would make sense though since she's been purging for so long.

No. 224893

Rumination implies not intentionally getting food back up. Purging is. Although, it's likely Ash has a hernia from her purging which does allow food to come up in chunks.

No. 224923

Ash can't keep anything down.

No. 224924

How come she doesn't lose more weight. Has all the fat gone? Is her weight only the weight of her organs n bonez? She doesn't even have fat on her fucking palms.

No. 224931

File: 1453506934150.jpg (59.23 KB, 320x240, 1444844274824.jpg)

Ash will never be your friend.

No. 224932

>unfortunate that she attracts such mentally ill people

This is merely bad luck, anon? Not a case of 'like attracts like' or anything. Look at the common factor in all these relationships gone bad.

No. 224935

Ashley never holds herself accountable for anything, of course it's the universe just being against her lel

No. 224949

Did Dozzz ever bone her?

No. 224950

File: 1453517628953.jpg (16.31 KB, 256x256, bugs_bunny_king_94230.jpg)

No. 224967


I don't think there's that much depth inside assley

No. 224968

Nice try Ash. We know you don't have friends.

No. 224981

Purging can lead to rumination syndrome. :)

No. 225034


congratulations ash, you finally learn how not to sage.

No. 225035


I didn't know Tamagotchis could post on imageboards.

Man, technology is amazing.

No. 225905

File: 1453781171354.jpg (50.08 KB, 445x511, Capture.JPG)

Yes, Ash. This entire thread, as well as your new best friend Anna and her pals at GOMI, would be EXTREMELY interested in your review of how food tastes coming back up.

Seriously, does she have ZERO self awareness? Why would ANYONE want food reviews from a dying bulimic, other than morbid amusement?

I suspect Ash thinks she can cash in, in the same way that Anna wants to be a "Walden Farms Ambassador" and Aly "has arrangements" with cafe owners. Y'all are messed up.

No. 226279

File: 1453829139510.jpg (44.87 KB, 518x383, notbattlinganything.jpg)

I wouldn't buy anything she said to buy! My tastes are above what she can afford at Claires and Target clearance sections

No. 226284


I know what she's trying to do. People who develop a decent following online get sent free stuff by companies all the time in the hopes that they'll review it.

It doesn't occur to Ashley that absolutely NO company out there wants her as one of their brand ambassadors. They will not be sending free stuff to skelly. In fact, Target probably wishes she'd stop taking selfies in the store.

Actually, Hello Kitty might be interested in paying her NOT to use their stickers on her stuff.

No. 226286



No. 226289

Probably they sent her things in hopes ash stop scaring the customers at the store

No. 226376


>#battling mental illness

Oh, fuck off, Ash. You're just looking for free binge food that you'll wind up regurgitating a few hours later.

No. 226478

There's only one way that Ash food reviews make sense, and that's if the central theme is how easy or difficult the food is to purge, how it tastes coming back up, etc.
She needs to make up better lies about trying to find positive activities. How the hell could anyone with a conscience ask someone who describes bingeing and purging with glee to review foods? More realistic positivity would be to review toys or stickers or animu or some shit. Or video games. Do twitch streams begging for donations.

No. 226572

Is download_incomplete on IG Ash's account…? She's following Jackie and everyone else discussed here.

No. 226588

>>#battling mental illness

…by promoting products that you used to engage in your mental illness.

just smh at this point

No. 226621

It's Ashley. Jackie doesn't seem to know and Ash/download_imcomplete's been commenting and Jackie replying on Jackie's pics.

No. 226642

Is Ash commenting mean things or being friendly (I don't have an Insta)? I really hope she's not trying to hurt Jackie, she's done enough.

No. 226649

Whoever download_incomplete is just seems to be kind. Idk if it's ash

No. 226650


It's Ashley. Look at the photos where she's holding a product. Only Ashley's hands look like that.

No. 226661

File: 1453865670946.jpg (76.33 KB, 681x392, j.JPG)

She's pretending she's not Ashley.

No. 226662

No. 226664

Seems like she's cat fishing Jackie

No. 226666

File: 1453866457595.jpg (59.52 KB, 931x595, medic airplane.JPG)

Other proof:
- tags #mentalillness #girly #pastel #positive
- shops at Target and Whole Foods
- "battling"
- Disney
- manga/anime
- video games
- Animal Crossing
- Pokemon
- same carpet
- other things

She's definitely fucking around with her.

No. 226670

Wow, it's like Ash really misses Jackie and feels bad for screwing up their friendship.

For some reason I feel like Ashley sometimes means well (SOMETIMES) when she makes friends, but due to her mental illnesses, she just snaps and goes crazy, forcing those friends to want to end the friendship. Idk, maybe I'm too nice and just trying to find some humanity in Ash.

No. 226671

File: 1453866763043.jpg (71.21 KB, 800x505, skele-confirmed.jpg)

Samefag here. Attached for your delectation.

No. 226676

There is no humanity in Ash.

She's getting a rise from getting Jackie reply to her because she doesn't know it's her.

No. 226679

How is a yogurt not a dessert? All this food she "reviews" wasted.

No. 226680

I want to believe that too, and maybe she actually is trying to change, but this is Ash, so I have this horrible feeling that she's trying to build up Jackie's trust in order to try to fuck her over somehow as "revenge" for whatever unspeakable thing it was that we're to believe that Jackie did to her.

I'm more curious as to what Ash's interest in thefitveganginger is, exactly.

No. 226681

dat broken japanese

No. 226684

Has she posted on Jackie's page yet?

No. 226685

No. 226693

That is super fucked up. Like what is her end-game? Leave Jackie alone, Ash, Jesus, you've done enough damage.

No. 226717

isn't it impossible to have anorexia and bulimia at the same time?

No. 226725

Yes, I think Ash did that to play coy

No. 226746

No. That'd be known as "anorexia, binge/purge subtype."

No. 226748

She's doing a very bad job of pretending she's not Ash though. She's made a post saying literally that same thing.

Add "her typing style" to that. God, it's so fucking obvious. Her brain is too dead to realize that though (which is good for us, I guess).

No. 226749

File: 1453879479248.jpg (66.68 KB, 531x503, pet.jpg)

This post.

No. 226764

File: 1453886999445.jpeg (800.31 KB, 2000x3550, image.jpeg)

of course

No. 226772

just shut up and let the milk flow.

No. 226773

File: 1453890274727.png (26.86 KB, 538x389, ash1.png)

Yep, it's definitely Ash.
>>Talks about "reviewing" Oreos, posts Oreos.

No. 226775

TFVG has a thread on /snow/ and is a spoopy skelly, they're the only two interests Ash has. Of course she's into her.

No. 226776

Anorexia B/P subtype isn't "anorexia and bulimia at the same time" or it would just be called that. It's closer to OSFED/EDNOS, Marya Hornbacher goes into it a little bit in her book.

No. 226783

I've been noticing ash hinting at recovering this year. Has the spoop finally decided to abandon the chair grave once and for all?

No. 226784

Anna (FVG) is starting to get endorsements. The ana market must be pretty big.

Ash is too far gone though, unless it was for funeral deals.

No. 226792

Ash deleted her ~secret IG.

No. 226799

Stupid cunt

No. She was asked again recently and she flat refused. She'll never recover

No. 226800

No, she just changed the name.

No. 226801


Feel so bad for Jackie. She doesn't deserve this

No. 226802

Oh, what is it now?

No. 226803

Deserve what? You don't even know what happened. And the 'download' person, ash, or whoever, hasn't done anything..!This is just becoming retarded.

No. 226804

So you're following her? If it's even her. Yeah, prob 95% sure, but there's no solid proof. And a lot of anons on here follow only people that are on lolcow

No. 226805


Hi Ash!

No. 226810


you forgot to Sage, assley

No. 226811

File: 1453909302017.jpg (510.88 KB, 1179x592, trashley.jpg)

I'd say it's 100 % sure.

No. 226815

Thankfully I'm NOT ash, you dumb cunt. Anyways. Maybe she wants to be low key? Idk. She's not starting anything, so give her the benefit of the doubt? Prob giving her too much credit, but I say just wait to see if anything happens

No. 226816

I kind of get what you're saying, but Ash has never proven in all her years of being on the interwebz, that can be a normal decent human being. She has a raging personality disorder that she refuses to get help for. No doubt she has something brewing up in her spoopy skelly mind.

Maybe she wants to create a food review IG account to get free food, snacks etc. Either out of followers or companies. My bet is on followers though, because she loves to manipulate and take advantage of others.

No. 226820

If you look though, many of those posts were from weeks ago.

No. 226821

Sorry? Is adding on to the point that it is indeed Ash somehow clotting the milk?

No. 226833

Can we stop trying to make E relevant? She's just an attention whore doing everything to stay relevant/keep farmers talking about her.

No. 226835

Fat free? no shit, Ash. Unless you add olive oil or cheese to sauce, it's fat free.

No. 226848

There's usually oil in pasta sauce lol. Fucking idiot. Check any regular ragú sauce at Walmart or some shit. There's almost ALWAYS OIL

Sage for irrelevancy

No. 226851

The return of Tourette skele chan?

No. 226856

Not that anon, but it's now https://www.instagram.com/your_awful_mistake/

Found it by looking at a comment she made on someone's page as download_incomplete.

No. 226858

Some pasta sauce has oil in it, some don't. You must have missed the part where I said UNLESS OIL IS ADDED, it's naturally fat free.

No. 226871

That's funny she follows everyone she hates and acts like shes bffs with them. Wait, not funny! Typical trashly! LOL

No. 226879

good catch

No. 226887

The oreo picture looks like normal hands not ash. Maybe she's stealing Ash's pictures to make herself look spoopy?

No. 226897

Which of her books? My takeaway from Wasted was more that she sort of swapped around between the two at different points in her life. Mainly, just one switch between bulimia to anorexia, but with a few lapses into what would be more like AN B/P when she was at her lowest weight. Her later diagnosis with EDNOS I thought she was uneasy with, criticising it as saying like, 'this is my same mind, I'm only classified as this now because I'm not deathly thin any more.'

Sage for incredible OT. I'm sorry, admin-sama. ; __ ;

No. 226898

Are you serious? The damn cookie covers most of the "hand"… she is literally only exposing two fingers and not even in their entirity.

No. 226899

You can be anorexic with B/P subtype. You're mainly diagnosed anorexic because of your weight. They stilll use weight as a measure.

No. 226900

It was in the prologue of my edition, I got rid of it during recovery or I'd quote word-for-word but she just mentioned something like "As I wasn't judged as fitting the criteria for either AN or BM, I have an EDNOS - eating disorder not otherwise specified".

A lot of the memoirs or tabloid rag articles say things like "anorexia and bulimia at the same time" but that's just to make it more easily digestible to your average idiot. According to the DSM you can't have both.

No. 226902

AN B/P subtype is definitely real, but it's still not anorexia and bulimia at the same time.

No. 226907

Yeah, she was only referring to the period she was writing the prologue in. Before that, her diagnosis switched from bulimia to anorexia, as she details in different sections of the book. Her EDNOS diagnosis came later as she was recovering, I think, or in whatever intermediary period there was between her nearly dying and publishing the book.

And yeah, the only difference between AN B/P and bulimia is literally just weight criteria. If you meet the anorexia weight requirement while binging and purging every single day purely for the love of the habit, you're still labelled anorexic and treated accordingly. It causes problems, because doctors rarely believe that people at low weights binge and purge. I don't really want to go into any more detail, as it's uncomfortably like 'tips' and it isn't even really relevant to the thread.

Ash here would be AN B/P. And for the sake of the Internet, pretty much everyone just uses 'anorexia' to mean 'restricting' and 'bulimia' to mean 'binging and purging.' It's like a shorthand.

No. 226948

Normalfag here, I have the flu and puked all night for the first time in years. I felt like my ribs were stabbing my internal organs from all the muscle contractions. When I was finished I wondered in horror how could ash enjoy this… I don't know how can someone do this several times a day, every day to the point of craving it. Doesn't it break a spoop's ribs from all the thrusting? Sage for blogpost but I'm curious.

No. 226966

File: 1453939654674.png (719.66 KB, 719x1029, oreash.png)

No. 226971

someone discovered meitu

No. 226972

Get well, anon.

Don't bulimia either. I want to know if there's a point where the gag reflex doesn't work any more. Ash's insides must be scar tissue.

No. 226976

Which is why she drinks the oil. Not to gain weight to help get everything back up

No. 227019

I could be wrong, but I think the gag reflex only gets MORE sensitive over time. Like its conditioned to vomit over time. So like if you recovered from bulimia you still have to be careful not to set it off by accident.

No. 227020


No. 227049

Did she delete it or…

No. 227058

you'd figure, especially since her bone density must be fucked

No. 227059

I wonder if her body tries to guzzle as much chyme as possible past her pyloric sphincter into the duodenum before it can get puked up

No. 227062

I really hope once she does eventually pop her clogs, her body is donated to science.

No. 227069

My sister (bulimic) once told me purging almost made her 'climax'. It's fucking sick, literally.

No. 227080

I vomit sometimes from migraines and I do get a relief from it then a rush of good feeling afterward. Must be a brain/body chemistry surge that happens.

No. 227099

I keep thinking of that gross video where the bulimic eats something, pukes then eats the puke. She has to literally stuff the whole of her hand down her throat to try to get her gag reflex working. I thought it might've lost sensitivity.

No. 227105

There was an episode of Embarrassing Bodies (UK show) that featured a recovered bulimic who needed surgery because every time she would eat something it would involuntarily start coming back up. Something to do with the sphincter getting fucked from constant purging.

No. 227107

File: 1453957969028.jpg (99.81 KB, 814x591, ew.JPG)

Missed that one. I only seem to catch it when Dr Christian's examining balls.

Speaking of purging, I was just reading this. Sounds great …

No. 227117

Wow, this girl is on MPA. I had that picture saved from some thread ages ago, I think one of the body check ones. Really awkward to see people posting this kind of shit on Instagram.

No. 227130


Sage for blogpost. Recovered anachan here, I was officially diagnosed with anorexia nervosa (b/p subtype) and I can tell you that over time the gag reflex, at least with me, became more sensitive. At the beginning of my (disgusting) purging career I had to struggle to get anything up. Purged daily, multiple times a day, for a year and a half, and by the time I quit I could pretty much just bend over and flex my abdominal muscles and everything would come up. I can't even imagine how it is for Ash at this point.

No. 227131

Nah, I'm pretty sure the body is just used to throwing up so it will naturally push the food out. That doesn't really have to do with the gag reflex.

Though I will say that different people do have different reactions. There was a bulimia thread concerning how sucking dick went for them before/after developing bulimia. Some people said bulimia made it harder to control their gag reflex while performing, while others said they could go at it with no problem.

No. 227137

Did your gag reflex really get more sensitive though, or did your esophageal sphincter just get looser?

No. 227141


>and my toilet knows it!!!

No. 227144


Seconding this. Used to purge a lot in my early 20's, things came out easily but the burning sensation and chipmunk face was just awful. Anything that touches further than the roof of my mouth makes me gag now.

No. 227148

Well usually you vomit to get 'the bad stuff' out. So it's logical that there's a reward mechanism for that too. Your body should encourage you to get rid of harmful shit. But that's probably what makes purging addictive to eating disorder sufferers.

No. 227152


Probably both. For close to a year after I stopped I gagged even while brushing my teeth normally or sometimes I would try and swallow a pill and it would tickle my throat and set it off.

No. 227189

ever since i started throwing up more often (not bulimia, i just feel sick all the time because of physical problems so sometimes i make myself throw up just to ease the sickness) my gag reflex feel super sensitive. i have trouble brushing my teeth without gaging and if i have mucus in my throath it makes me throw up

but it must be different if your body is starved, i can imagine the body really wanting top hold on to the food so it probably takes a lot to purge it

No. 227204

I hope you find a way to feel better soon, anon.

No. 227225

EDNOS diagnosed purger here - when i first started throwing up, it was incredibly hard. now all i have to do is lean forward, cough, and it all starts coming up.

No. 227227

You probably have a hernia from it. A hiatal hernia enables part of the stomach to go up through to the esophagus, which in turn allows food to come up much easier.

No. 227230

Hope you get help, anon. Don't listen to the call of the chairgrave.

No. 227234

Last night I dreamt that Ashley came to my house and she was laying down in my bed taking videos of herself or something and when she left, I had to wash my bedsheets and pillowcases because she marked it with brown dirt and it smelled like a decaying body and old people. She was nice to me, though :s

No. 227237

these bitches don't even know how to make their own pasta sauce

No. 227239

File: 1453998283410.png (305.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160128-112015.png)

This is insane. Watching Ash document her binges with zero self awareness, and then watching people ENCOURAGE it, its all so fucked up. Of course, it didn't "have" to be food reviews, that's just "what people are asking for," I'm sure her response to this would be. Totally out of her control, her fans compelling her to do this.

Ash why don't you ask your shrink if this is a good idea for you, before you run to target and get a basket of binge food.

Wouldn't be surprised if there's a hospitalization after this because she finally bites it vomiting all of the seaweed snacks and oreos up.

No. 227263

Purging kills my gag reflex, but I seem to be the odd woman out. If I throw up more than a few times a week, I start losing sensitivity. There was a point when I was averaging 5 times a day (yes, I kept track). After… 2 months, I think?… I straight up could not manually induce vomiting.

Obviously bonelords either don't have that problem or are using something like ipecac.

No. 227267

(I mean bonelords that puke primarily)

No. 227272


This won't last long. Trashly won't pick anything hard since she can't chew it and is allesinc make up yawn

No. 227273


No. 227278


This won't last long because it costs money.

No. 227280

Yes, but Ashley only has like 4 or 5 teeth. No wonder she loves to binge/purge mac and cheese and noodles.

No. 227294

File: 1454007740711.png (19.71 KB, 560x315, gasp.png)

D… did she just reply positively, honestly and non-cunty to an ask?!


No. 227303


I don't know much about ED…is it even possible for a person to go from one extreme, to then just eating cookies?

Like, if your goal for past decade has been to be a skelly, how do you then go straight to eating cookies without purging?

Of course it's triggering. This has fail written all over it. This is follower-sanctioned binging destined to be flushed. What a waste of money and food. (even if it's junk, there's poor kids who never get a treat like that)

No. 227306

She just said that if it's going to bother her, that she's not doing to do it. Don't bring her down when nothing has happened yet.

No. 227310

That's bullshit since she can't even keep water down! Like poor me I have an eye infection but can't take antibiotics cos I can't keep them down whaaaaa

No. 227312

Trashly has sucked you idiots into her web of lies again. No wonder people buy her shit then you my fellow farmers encourage her to succeed. This isn't milk! This is straight bullshit trash!

No. 227313

It's okay anon, that's why I posted "how long will it last?" She tried the positive bullshit a couple of years ago, and then went straight back to being a cunt again shortly after when people gave her backlash for the "japanese takeout" post.

She'll be back to her cunty self in a week or so when she feels safe enough to start admitting that she's purging all the stuff she reviews.

No. 227317

Oh please. This bitch buys so many sugary/empty calorie sweets, wtf could she not be comfortable with? She clearly pukes it all up. If she's able to have candies galore and keep it down, she wouldn't be so spoopy.

No. 227318

You're usually prescribed suppositories if that's the case. She definitely has experience taking things up the butt :^ )

No. 227320

If she couldn't keep water 'down', she'd be dead you motherfucking idiot.

No. 227323

I feel you, before recovery I was purging after everything I ate and it only seemed to get more difficult.

No. 227334


It's already off the rails.

"OK, we're going to start you off easy…with three bags of Oreo cookies!" said no medical professional ever.

No. 227341

Fuck off troll! Trashley's the one poor me crying about it so stfu! Not only that dumbass she obv drinks when she's b/p

No. 227344

Same. AN b/p. I can't even puke now to get rid of hangover nausea after recovery.

No. 227349

Are you from Tumblr?

No. 227354

Secret lives detected.
>tourettes at farmers
>exclamation marks

No. 227355

Can all the bone lords on this site please stop talking about pukingand focus on Ash? Thanks.

No. 227361

Ok Trashley. This thread was the only one where it was acceptable to post personal anecdotes that would counter Trashley's lies. If you want to shit yourself over that then please do, but starting from thread one people have Ben trying to reach out to all spoopz.

No. 227365

Lmao, because I don't want to hear all you stupid Anas cry about throwing up everyday, suddenly I'm Ashley?

Clean the sand out of your asshole gap. People don't care about your stupid ED shit. Take it to /g/.

No. 227367

File: 1454020278440.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

New Instagram post.

No. 227368

File: 1454020301524.png (739.29 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 227371

Obviously it's SL, aka Jamie. She still lurks here because she doesn't have a fucking life and still obsesses over Trashley. For once Ash left someone alone, but SL still wants attention awww

No. 227372

I like her jacket :(

No. 227373

Yeah, usually ash has a fucking spaz attack over an 'ended relationship'. She's kept quiet. Maybe attempting to be mature? Lol won't last long, but it's nice to see her try at least. Idk prob giving too much credit here :/

No. 227374

Hi Ash

No. 227378

Hey Ash, if you really want a future where you might get to live until you're in your 60s, enjoy what's left of your 20s and 30s.

Go to therapy sessions and get your BPD sorted out.

Go to every session to learn how to manage your BPD, do whatever homework they give you after sessions that will help help you to live with your BPD.

Drop all your ED friends and find friends that won't hinder any progress, join a BPD support forum if you must, just make an effort in wanting to live a happier life.

THEN, focus on sorting out your ED.

You are going to keep failing otherwise, doing this "review" shit with obvious binge foods, you are not doing yourself any favours, you are feeding your negative, obsessive addiction with food.

If you want to keep "busy" sort your fucking BPD out first.

No. 227380

Wheelchair isn't even noticeable. Obviously wants pity points so followers send her products.

Anyone suggesting a food to review is an accessory to moider!!1
I suggest she reviews a mental health recovery book. Maybe take something from it.

No. 227382

Samefag. Interested to know if Lush is expensive in the US. How much is a bath bomb?

No. 227385

So is the download_incomplete / your_awful_mistake account deleted or did she change the name again?

No. 227387

The comments she's made on pages are gone so possibly deactivated.

No. 227388

I followed her a few days ago when I saw that account on snow, but now I can't find it. She may have deleted.

No. 227389

Yeah, I even checked the following list of one of her ig bff who follows both ash accounts and nothing there relating to that account.

No. 227390

PS I guess she's taking the reviews to tunblr.

No. 227407

That actually makes sense, because there's no way companies would ever be interested in a spoopy skeleton.

No. 227408

Wonder if her review is going to tell us how it tastes coming back up

No. 227479

It's just a cookie or 2 though, i mean some anas eat junk food exclusively, just not a lot. we dont know what ash eats normally

No. 227486

So, Ashley has this book on her Amazon wishlist.

>Ashley Bell: A Novel

>The girl who said no to death.
>Bibi Blair is a fierce, funny, dauntless young woman—whose doctor says she has one year to live.
>She replies, “We’ll see.”
>Her sudden recovery astonishes medical science.
>An enigmatic woman convinces Bibi that she escaped death so that she can save someone else. Someone named Ashley Bell.
>But save her from what, from whom? And who is Ashley Bell? Where is she?
>Bibi’s obsession with finding Ashley sends her on the run from threats both mystical and worldly, including a rich and charismatic cult leader with terrifying ambitions.

You wish, Ash, you wish!

No. 227489

File: 1454041843121.jpg (40.65 KB, 595x566, sans1.jpg)

I've noticed some hints on possible recovery too, so i kinda hope that she actually still has enough brain cells left to stop killing herself

No. 227511

I saw that baby blender on her wish list and wonder why she's puréeing food. I felt bad that perhaps she can only tolerate non solids then remembered her wanting to review Oreos so quickly turned skeptical about recovery.

As much as I dislike her, good for her if she's improving her nutrition. Won't be gifting her the blender though.

No. 227537

File: 1454049537807.jpeg (33.47 KB, 496x295, image.jpeg)

I can't tell if it's more Ash-themed pareidolia or if this may actually be her.

The anon from a few threads ago never delivered the 'extreme' Ash pictures, if anyone remembers that. Pity, perhaps they were lying.

No. 227543

Me too!!! I'm a fan of bold prints.

No. 227544

File: 1454050238911.jpg (56.89 KB, 380x285, tumblr_n1cq0yAApe1sfezg7o1_400…)

That's her.

No. 227545

Oh, shit. Where'd you find that one?

Feels weird that I can instantly recognise Ashley by an ant-sized thumbnail of her chest

No. 227546

I remember seeing these on her old Insta. And similar ones with a red wig.

No. 227549

File: 1454052149213.jpg (384.09 KB, 694x871, a9e859a6808124dd9cd41889a180c3…)

She used to take a lot of these kind of photos

No. 227555

This is truly horrifying. I know she's an ass sometimes, but I seriously feel bad for her

No. 227563

I don't follow these threads but when I see a picture is posted all I can think of is "how the FUCK is this girl not DEAD"

can someone tell me how this skeleton is able to walk erect? I'm baffled. Truly.

No. 227565

She isn't, she has a wheelchair.

No. 227566

Damn. I've been wondering where to find older pictures of Ash, and I guess those are it. I kind of wanted pictures of her between normal girl to skeletor though. I guess they simply don't exist publicly?
Is she bigger in those pictures than now? Doesn't seem like it either, inb4 triggered tho

No. 227587

You must've tried to be bulimic

No. 227603

She would be SO PRETTY if she just gained some weight…

No. 227604

Ash was kinda cute in her hamtaro days.

No. 227613

Yeah, she was. Her makeup sucked though.

No. 227619

Yeah, but a lot of teens wore too much eyeliner in the 2000s because of the emo/scene queen popularity.

No. 227620

File: 1454084186350.jpg (81.96 KB, 500x667, identify the body part.jpg)

No. 227621

jesus fucking christ

No. 227623

Oh good dear lord Jesus Christ, that back view is fucking traumatizing. Somehow it seems worse than from the other angles. Like >>227563 said, it's genuinely a shock that someone can be like that and not be dead. Fucking hell.

No. 227625

Fucking hell. Is that a kneecap??

No. 227629

File: 1454086664953.png (488.84 KB, 607x606, 1408821942686.png)

Yup. She's got her foot up on the sink.

This was the caption that she put with that pic.

No. 227630

File: 1454086808209.jpg (63.86 KB, 453x604, YZWvyFHfyaU.jpg)

aaaaaaand if you haven't seen this…THIGHS

No. 227631

Looks like shes holding a weird penis

No. 227632

I wonder what it's like to be horrifyingly ugly and disabled and knowing that no one will ever love you. I wonder how she even wants to continue living anymore.

No. 227634

This actually makes sense in a way. Climaxing is a release, particularly of the muscles. Purging will make a person tense up a lot to try to force everything out, so when they do throw up, they naturally relax.

sage because ugh, more vomit talk. Just wanted to throw that out there though.

No. 227635

I'd love to see her between normal girl and skelly too. I think the picture on the bottom left is as close as we'll ever get though.

She's definitely not bigger now than in those pictures though. Check out the facial structure. She still had a tiny bit of weight on her face. She's lost weight between these pictures and now, but she just doesn't show off her body anymore.

No. 227639


If she wasn't so utterly useless as a human being, she could at least learn to sew herself some full-length pants.

No. 227657

Jesus fuck, can you imagine how much worse she looks now? I know I can't.

No. 227660

Bulimic here, have actually climaxed a few times from purging. It's weird as fuck though and doesn't feel like how you 'normally' come.

No. 227663

You fucking Anas are insane. No, I'm actually sane and do proper diet and exercise to lose weight, instead of throwing up 5 pounds of binge food. Fuck off and die already.

I honestly wonder why she never took any pictures of herself between 12/13 and 17? (Sorry if I get the ages wrong.) is it because she didn't want to be seen until she was in full skelly mode? Did she hate her body enough to keep it hidden away until she had starved herself enough to become remarkable?

Also, I personally am in the boat with the rest of you. This "reviewing food" seems like a good way to get lots of binge food and also be supported by her followers for doing it.

No. 227677

Bbaaaaawwwww baaaaawwww
Pls stfu already. Take your personal blog and fight elsewhere. you clearly are easily triggered!!!!!!!

No. 227678

Fuck you, now I can't un-see that.

No. 227679

You're projecting. You're the assholes with the personal blogs weeping about how you can only climax by puking your guts out. I'm just really tired of this shit clogging up the Ashley thread. Just like your toilet is tired of that macaroni clogging up the pipes.

No. 227681

Not >>227677 but even tho I totally agree that threads where ana-chans start woe-bragging about behaviours is the single worst thing about this website, the ED folks in this thread were actually contributing.

>Sage for not contributing myself

No. 227682

..you realize that your reply makes no sense, right?

oh god I need eye bleach immediately

No. 227688

Can't you agree that 20+ posts about the habits of bulimics is a little bit excessive, especially when most of them were just talking to each other and not relating to Ash?

But whatever, I'm dropping this now because it's not contributing to the thread either.

No. 227703

She could probably make a few bucks making videos of her giving hand jobs to her own thighs.

So there's that.

No. 227713

Those shoulder blades look fake. Imagine if she accidentally nicks her skin with something, would it all unravel from how tight her leather skin is?

No. 227729

What like Ashley even needs to Photoshop? Looks like her shoulder blades are catching the light, that's all.

No. 227730

I wasn't even that anon but you chimping out over stupid shit is excessive as well. You're taking bait you can easily read past but you chose to lose your shit over nothing.

No. 227754

They're just alarming. You never see the spine of scapula under people's flesh like that, so it's freaky.

The part of that photo that freaks me out worse is her sitting her bony ass on the edge of the counter. It's got to be painful.

No. 227757

You'd need a mega padded suit to deal with the bones. I'm not surprised she sits in a recliner. Her whole body must be so painful whenever she moves. Jfc, I'd want to recover enough just for comfort.

I can't say I've ever seen a living person with its skeleton so pronounced so clearly. Only seen it at Bodyworld and those dudes are skinned.

No. 227769

She probably got used to the pain and thinks that its normal

No. 227781

I'm fucking floored that people are encouraging her b/p behavior.
Ash, shame on you.
Food reviews? Really?
Have some fucking tact you scum.

No. 227787

She's more death than life.

No. 227789

There are some things on her wishlist that can be used for both recovering and more comfortable purging

No. 227801

Why do people keep mentioning Ash recovering? I hate to burst your bubble but Ash is not going to recover. Ever. She'd rather be dead, and she's made that quite obvious.

No. 227827

She did it that way because she wanted to be like L. Lawliet from Death Note, he's one of her heroes or something.

No. 227828

I believe it, but sauce?

No. 227843

Throw that out there? More like throw it up there AMIRITE huehuehuehuehuehuehue

No. 227878

Plus her make-up from back when she was on /b/ was similar to Cracky-chan, who was significantly more popular on /b/ so that could also be a reason.

No. 227879

File: 1454159581172.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 9f13058xj6.jpg)

No. 227880

File: 1454160761531.jpg (66.93 KB, 637x800, I-want-to-believe-X-Files-UFO.…)

No. 227905

Was bulimic for almost a decade and it's really not like being legitimately sick. You're body forcing you to throw up from real sickness is awful but when you do it yourself there are some properties to it that just feel addictive as fuck.

I can really see why people would say it's almost sexual, maybe there's a dopamine release like when you orgasm? It's the same sort of emotional feeling when you purge anyway.

No. 227916

Can confirm the "orgasmic" feeling, though my purging is OCD related so I can't comment on the addictive part.

No. 227917

Holy shit, we don't care.

No. 227919

I feel good when I purged like a whole new person. Relief. Satisfaction. It just felt good for a few mins after.

No. 227920

Holy shit no one cares that you don't care.

Oh. Btw are you okay?

No. 227928

Dear Ash, please deliver us some powdered milk so that the bulimic anons can discuss your vomit instead of their own.

No. 228024

Does anyone care that I don't care that no-one cares about anyone caring?

There's a special technique for milking Ash; you have to lubricate the teats with copious amounts of vegetable oil (!) and attention, then let her milk herself

No. 228051

I think we have enough puke stories for reference, please shut the fuck up about your purging.
This is an ash thread, make an IG or blog and talk about your puke.

No. 228064

File: 1454193106133.png (20.65 KB, 532x414, triggered.png)

>all these OT puke posts

vomit-chans gtfo of this thread.
Back to ash.

No. 228068

Ash, needs to stop focusing so much on what people think about her if she doesn't care… No shade just clocking the tea where it needs to be spilled.

No. 228077

Pffffft bullshit. If this was true she wouldn't be so passive aggressive about every little thing and post shit like "too much food" on some sick kids insta. You also wouldn't lose your shit when people post old pics of you.

No. 228082

Ohh. You know, I didn't get that post because it seemed so random. Do you think that's it though? She thinks these puke stories are an attempt to trigger her?

No. 228096

I don't understand how someone else is able to live in an apt with her. she literally shares a dwelling with another person. how does her mom even deal? idk it baffles me.

No. 228114

This. I wanted to mention this.

No. 228119

Ash has no idea wtf she's saying, she rapid cycles so much that the things she says one day will wildly differ from what she says the next. it'll always be like that lol, no one should ever hold her accountable for her word.

No. 228124

I found an insta that was started about a day ago that I'm getting strong ashley vibes from, but because she reads this thread obsessively, IDK whether i should "out" it yet. She's making more of an effort to mask her identity, but it's a little obvious that it's her.

No. 228130


No. 228133

I'm sure Rebecca's life is hell.

No. 228150


No. 228153

Wait a while. Let it get good. Take screenshots.

No. 228155

In the meantime, capture the page incase of deletion or w/e

No. 228189

She probably does, now you mention it. She's literally so obsessed with herself that she can't fathom a conversation that isn't about her.

No. 228197

More like YOU'RE obsessed with HER for even being on this worthless thread kek

No. 228198

[angry rattling from the distance]

No. 228205

Ffs Ash, if you're gonna post then at least mask the fact that it's you a little bit. You type the EXACT same WAY for fucks sake

No. 228218

People have told her that before, but I don't think she has any brain power left to try and type differently.

No. 228220

So does that mean that YOU are obsessed with US for being on this thread Trashley? Because I swear to god, you haunt this thread more than any given farmer.

No. 228221

Slamming her finger down on the F5 button is the most physical exertion she can stand without passing out, lmao

No. 228794

can someone send me pics of pre-ed ash? i've been trying to dig some up but I can't find any

No. 228797


I'm assuming you don't mean hamtaro-chan pics, since those can be found on this and every other thread (plus, as ash will hasten to point out, she had an ED then, she just wasn't skelly yet), so I'm not sure which photos you're referring to?

No. 228801

Not in that super close up with the bad blush. She was heavy then.

No. 228819

She wasn't heavy, it's just weird to see her with body fat.

She was barfing at that point. Ash talks shit, but she says she had her ED while hamtaro chan and her face looks chipmunk to me.

No. 228848

Wow, heavy?
No wonder she has a fucking ED. People like you prob shouting fatty at 'normal' sized girls.

No. 228849

File: 1454395955200.gif (119.66 KB, 720x480, image.gif)

Calm your udders.

No. 228850

No it is kind of a problem around here. Everyone is called fat or heavy, as soon as they aren't current Ashley-level spoopy. People here think a lot in extremes, either you're spoopy, or you're the michelin man. I know it's probably to get a raise out of them, *~anas~* hate it to be called fat etc. But sometimes it gets kind of redundant.

No. 228851

apparently large cheeks can be a symptom of bulimia

No. 228853

What gets redundant is these off topic arguments. We get it, everyone had a different perspective, but there's no need to sperg over it. Ban the blog posts but who really gives a shit if they're doing it to get under their skin or if they're opinion is distorted to you.

No. 228854

It makes the rest of the criticism just a bit less legitimate. Just saying.

No. 228855

Criticism about what? Her size?

No. 228856

>less legitimate
To whom?

No. 228866

This is not pull. Give it a rest. Most people with half a brain can see that she scams people. Who really cares about converting the white knights?

No. 228886

is trashley gay ? apologies if this has been discussed before, i'm not up with all the details.

No. 228893

File: 1454411774613.jpg (180.13 KB, 966x606, all hail the trashley.jpg)

what a ~glowing review~ from the bonelord herself
shame the 'few pieces' of these she ate probably went in the toilet straight after, along with all her oil

No. 228895

since when is a cracker with some peanut butter on it considered "hearty" and able to fill you up? lmao

No. 228898

>tfw no palms

Anyway, why would she go to Whole Foods for seaweed when she could just pop down to an Asian store and get better seaweed snacks for half the price?

No. 228912

exactly lmao, $2 in a Korean supermarket could almost get you a 6-pack of those things

oh wait it doesn't matter because she only eats a few bites… where does the rest of the food go Trashley?

No. 228915

She only listed the amount of calories for the nutrition part…kinda sad end leads to me thinking she isn't really doing this for the reasons she says she is. If you're going to list nutrition facts, I wanna know how much sodium is in it, etc. Not just the calories.

No. 228917

Were you really in any doubt that she absolutely wasn't doing this for the reasons she says she is? Like, come one, she hasn't told the truth once in the course of all these threads.

No. 228922

Of course she's not. I'm wondering if she's copying Anna and trying to get into being a brand ambassador.

No. 228924

I've ever really followed her story until here recently, so excuse my lack of knowledge to her person.
It's just sad. That's all. And not in am sympathetic way, just like, wow, a waste a space.

No. 228941

>peanut butter

Like the real kind with all the oil sitting on the top? Or the processed kind that has shitty oil mixed in? I'm surprised she eats it either way.

No. 228948

File: 1454430664582.gif (77.74 KB, 320x320, gross.gif)

She doesn't eat peanut butter, she eats entire jars in one sitting and pukes it back out. She used to be addicted to "nut butters" and had an entire selection of them in her wishlist. I remember her saying she liked specific flavors when the puke came up.

>savoring the taste of your own vomit

No. 228969

She's alluded to going both ways before, but I get the feeling that's all just part of her edgy teen persona. Ash hasn't had a real romantic relationship in her entire life, so I think she just romanticizes the idea of "being in love" with anyone who can be assed to pay attention to her.

No. 228972

I remember this. Thanks for the foul reminder.

No. 228988

Her amazon wishlist just makes me shake my head

No. 229008

Same. A baby Magic Bullet? She does realize you have to push down on those, right? You don't just push a button. Getting a regular blender would be much better for her, considering how weak she is.

That and the receiving blankets. First of all, lol because they're for spit-up. But also she says:
>Perfect to add in the pouch of my wheelchair for a quick blanket.
which translates to:
>feel bad for me because I get cold and need a wheelchair
And people are supposed to feel bad even though she did this to herself. Also, if she needs blankets, that's what she should be spending her damn disability money on, not fucking toys.

No. 229040

You're right, but they're pretty easy to use even for children. My three year old can do it, but she could also probably kick Ashley's ass.

No. 229072

What the fuck. Everything on her wishlist is for babies. She is not a baby.

And the movie Pixels?! Oh sure, I'll spend money I earned at a job buying someone a DVD of one of the worst movies ever made so they can watch it over and over.

Like I get it. Cute stuff is cute. But GROW THE FUCK UP. Oh yeah, she can't. Her brain is starvation-locked in a childlike state of idiocy.

No. 229098

She'll never even try to grow up. Her whole life has been nothing but a 'fuck you! You can't make me!' tantrum about taking even a slight amount of responsibility.

She found it hard to ale the first step of maturing so instead she flung herself backwards into permanent toddlerhood.

Now, in her mind at least, nobody can ever expect anything from her, and not giving her whatever she wants is extreme cruelty because she's sick.
She gets all the things and 'ooh poor baby' sympathy and attention she wants.

No. 229102

> Her whole life has been nothing but a 'fuck you! You can't make me!' tantrum
Well, I guess she wins then, but it's such a miserable existence.

That right there is winning the battle but losing the war.

I hope sacrificing any and every chance at happiness and health was worth it in order to be the most stubborn toddler-mind in the world. The trophy must be amazing.

No. 229106

Yup. All the amount of free gifts in the world isn't worth being stuck in a wheelchair not even living a life.

When you see her old youtube where she's rolling down a hill, it's sad because that's a small window of her entire life when she could have fun. At that point she could've tried to recover. There's nothing on earth would make me trade places with her. Nothing.

No. 229110

She's a living(kek)example of a phyrric victory.

No. 229114

File: 1454458167968.jpg (27.17 KB, 502x234, idiot.jpg)

Does someone have a new bff? kek

No. 229115

she doesn't use any of the things she gets if they're not food related

No. 229149

Trashley turned her life into a loop.

No. 229150


Is she military affiliated? Tricare is only for military families and their dependents.

No. 229152

Stay home, Ash. It's the only way.

No. 229163

File: 1454467820978.jpg (15.26 KB, 248x203, trashley thread teaser.jpg)


Ashley's new bff is revealed by a farmer!

Said bff comes to /pt to WK Ash!

We warn bff Ashley is after her dollars!

Bff says Ash is sweet and we are very, very cruel.

Ash is a cunt to bff!

Bff returns to /pt to tell us Ash is a cunt and took all her dollars!


No. 229165

I have it as well and it is not that exciting of a disorder and is easily managed.

No. 229458

File: 1454519801180.png (366.61 KB, 1288x624, ashley.png)

this is a bit random but guess who's trending at #10 on china twitter rn? that's right, it's ash lmao

No. 229469

lmao what the hell
whats the tweet say?

No. 229474

basically just "this american girl has extreme anorexia, and weighs only 36lbs. tell me your feelings below", and every comment is either horrified at her skellyness or making "i'll be charitable for the new year and donate her 25lbs" jokes. but a news account wrote this about her and i'm cackling: "尽管深受厌食症的折磨,但她的内心还是一个天真烂漫的可爱少女。" (despite her battle w/ severe anorexia, in her heart she's still a sweet and innocent girl" AHAHAHA)

i bet she'll be bummed that c-netz are noticing her instead of japanese ones tho

No. 229749

Chinese instagram users are blowing her instagram up. She'd better not get nasty with the people telling her (in English) to eat or to get well soon, or she'll lose her new fanbase!

No. 229758

Shes #assholegap bothered by chinese instagram

No. 229818

Maybe she'll go full-on racist like when she was getting posted all over Black Twitter…

No. 229825

Samefagging to add that, speaking of twitter, she's made friends with an Australian gentleman on twitter… Just about everyone else he tweets are porn stars, usually of the niche variety (mostly the… larger ladies). I'd get a screencap or two to post, but there's not really any milk, I just think it's funny. Surely she's checked out his twitter and has seen who else he tweets.

No. 230097

File: 1454591553873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.33 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1454591341954_mh1454591…)

saw ashley chilling in a shopping mall with her new bff, so i had to secretly take a pic

No. 230100

She still alive? Damn

No. 230101

she'll outlive us all :^)

No. 230102

File: 1454592269760.jpg (30.78 KB, 250x251, 1406690041084.jpg)

No. 230105

I don't follow Ashley threads much cause she creeps me out.. but..

How is she still alive?
A girl I know developed anorexia and within a year she nearly died of heart failure because of it.. but she was NOWHERE NEAR as thin as Ashley.

Does Ashley have severe health problems? Has she been anywhere near death or?

No. 230112

Ashley's body activated the living skelly gene.

No. 230120

She's Ozzy Osbourne's niece.

No. 230123

Dat feel when you realize you're about one Ash overweight.

No. 230133

Eh, I'd say Keith Richards. Dude has done wayyy more drugs than Ozzy.

No. 230154

Someone asks this every thread. There are many theories but I do believe she's powered by the black magic and the energies of pure hatred.

The sicko in me is incredibly curious what the genitals of someone that skeletal would look like. Does your vagina just shrivel up or does it revert into a gaping bone cavern?
>these are the things that keep me up at night

No. 230157

It's the most stubborn people that seem to live the longest. My grandma was a terrible woman and she smoked, and she lived to be almost 90.

No. 230158

Ash is boring these days, I think the only people who still come to this thread are ED sufferers who want to exchange stories about puke and bile.

She's no longer even providing powdered death dust milk anymore, she's been boring since Tourettes-chan left the thread… in fact, that was the only thing keeping this thread going in the first place.

No. 230246

File: 1454605877151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 422.12 KB, 1024x679, vaginash.jpg)

>Does your vagina just shrivel up or does it revert into a gaping bone cavern?

No. 230255

the girls who have organ failure at quite "heavy" weights (by anorexic standards) are the ones who eat as close to 0 kcals as possible. their organs aren't getting enough energy to function and they self-destruct pretty quickly (like you said, the girl you know nearly died within just a year).

the girls who get down to ash and aly levels usually eat a lot more than that, enough to cover their vital organs' energy needs. we know ash loves getting food, she's prob eating just enough to keep herself relatively healthy, considering how dead she should be at that size.

No. 230269

I don't know about Aly, but Ash binges and purges so I'm actually more surprised she hasn't died yet. Like, you can be anorexic and have good potassium and electrolyte levels but binging and purging does a whole lot more damage that just plain restricting.

No. 230297

I just check to see if she dead yet.

No. 230314

well since the skin doesn't disappear and just the fat, i'd imagine it's just really sad looking lumps of flesh hanging down weirdly. anyone got pics of ana vagina?

No. 230319

It's literally painful to look at that pic.

No. 230357

I find it hilarious how long Ash is living as a skelly. I hope other healthier cows die and she still lives because it's unexpected. And I hope she triggers and cyber bullies dumb little teens on Instagram for the next 80 years.

No. 230385

How do you get a bigger picture of Tumblr icons? Her face looks photoshopped to be softer and not sunken in. Or is it just because it's a tiny photo?

No. 230388

File: 1454615349566.png (407.39 KB, 512x512, avatar_42c8646d89af_512.png)

No. 230391

Thank you! (Also that was quick!) So it was just because it was tiny (and angled I think).

No. 230392

I think it's because she started young and her body adapted. That and she has that freak Jew gene that keeps the race alive like cockroaches.

No. 230399

File: 1454615892011.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.96 KB, 1024x576, denisa_L0g7W_5.jpg)

Confirmed that they do turn into sad lumps of flesh. #assholegap and #vaginalflap and I have no idea how people get off to this.

No. 230409

Woa Anon, your antisemitic shit is showing

No. 230416

File: 1454618128531.jpeg (27.53 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

Oh my, you don't say?
The fuck is happening to this place? Sorry I don't feel the need to be PC. It's a joke anon, Jesus.

No. 230424

I wonder what an 80 yr old anorexic of Ash's weight would look like.

No. 230435

There aren't any because you tend to die before reaching an old age when you have aorexia.

No. 230441

I mean anorexia.

No. 230444

Oh, that just makes me so sad.

No. 230450

take it to /b/

No. 230455

File: 1454623841677.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)


No. 230456

Take your Jew hate to b/

No. 230458

This is terrifying. I don't even understand how her bones are that small?? Are they decaying too?

No. 230459

Why does she only ever go to the same places?

No. 230466

Maybe its the only routine she has for her bpd/clear mental disorders? Plus i don't think she drives and clearly won't walk anywhere. Maybe its a nearby place her mom is willing to take her

No. 230468

Yeah that could be, although Ash talks about taking taxi's sometimes. I guess you're right and it's a routine thing.

No. 230469

>>230424 basically the same. there used to be an older woman in my neighborhood who was in the range of ash's size. she just looked very frail and elderly and extremely emaciated obviously

No. 230471

>be a taxi driver
>get a call to someones house to go to X place
>ok cool sure
>get to address
>walking skeleton appears
>she struggles to open the door
>you get out to help her
>she smells like death and puke
>you cry on the inside a bit
>she's finally in the taxi
>she attempts to buckle herself in
>you have to help her with that to
>she stares into your soul instead of saying thank you
>you quietly drive to the destination, occasionally stealing glanced at the breathing corpse in the back

No. 230477

I'd be surprised if she didnt have osteoporosis.

No. 230490

File: 1454631335716.png (3.96 KB, 310x81, capture-20160205-021425.png)

She actually "revealed" her age, she doesn't do that often. Although everybody already knew it.

No. 230491

pls explain to me how she's able to stand

No. 230493

She only stands for pics, then gets back in her wheelchair.

No. 230494

are you saying they developed a resistance to starvation? lmao

No. 230497

I've heard of humans having "starvation adaption" which from what I remember could have something connected, but I'm not big on biology. It's not a resistance, the body learns to adapt (or smthing).

No. 230500

I found this googling the above (which was me)

Interesting. They should ask for volunteers on tumblr for the same experiment. They'd have hundreds of wannarexics apply.

No. 230501

No, it's a gene that's activated and allows people to live long despite being starved.

No. 230502

Does everyone have it? I've been trying to read up but I really struggle with science duh.

Is this what happens in, say, famine stricken countries when the older people are skeletal but still alive and functioning?

No. 230504

No, only about twenty to thirty percent of the population has it. It's called the PPAR gene. According to research, the gene helps the body use energy more efficiently. The experiment was done in Russians during the Leningrad Siege in '41.

Scientists wanted to know how 1.5 million people starved to death yet there were survivors, so they did blood work on them.

No. 230505

Thanks, anon. Biology's fascinating but I suck at dealing with technical jargon.

Explains why Ashley's still around even if not truly alive and kicking.

No. 230508

It's sad that she can't enjoy life, but she did this to herself.

No. 230515

Yeah, she's mentally ill but so are thousands of others who DO battle to recover, but all I gather is she had one attempt and didn't like the NG tube.

I know some anons have said that the sight of Ash has inspired them to recover, so at least her sad life isn't a total waste.

No. 230516

File: 1454635643308.jpeg (71.71 KB, 604x604, image.jpeg)

Sage for OT, but what do you think of this picture, farmers? I'm astonished by how pretty her face is, but something keeps making me think it's Photoshop. Do you have any ideas? And do you know who the girl is?

No. 230517

her bones scare me

No. 230520

File: 1454635999463.jpg (94.72 KB, 645x660, Capture.JPG)

Google image reversal's taking me to skinny fetishist Marc Pfennig's VK. She looks iller in this one.

I get you with the face. She's got that model look face.

No. 230521

Yeah, she has Aly's facehugger sternum going on. She seems to be tensing her arms and neck, though.

No. 230522

I lost it at the stupid keychains. wtf Ash, you think you need a KEYCHAIN? I mean at least she could use the plushies to pad her ass or something.

No. 230524

Wow, yeah, that's definitely her. Thanks, anon. She has really unnaturally attractive features, particularly her eyes and the cant of her mouth. Pity she's a bonebeast.

No. 230525

They find their skinny girls on instagram, but hers must be private because it doesn't show in the results.

Their favourite skinny lover group's had Ash, Aly and Crying Emily added the past few days. You know you need help if you ever get posted on there.

No. 230585

basically Holocaust porn

No. 230597

I've seen ano porn in the past but didn't take much notice because ew, but I researched earlier. I can't even imagine how a man is turned on (except yeah, a kink). The view when the mans doing it doggy stylee is bizarre. Like, NO ASS and all tight skin on bone.

I'm really surprised the skele women get into making porn.

I'm all kinds of confuse.

Back to Ash, does she feel pride/smug that her commenters with obvious proana usernames aspire to be her?

No. 230660

Do anorexics feel jealous and say "I wish that could be me" when they see Holocaust victims or starving African children?

No. 230845

For Holocaust victims: not usually, unless they're in really deep. Like Ash-level, where their brain is rotting and no longer processes that being jealous of that is fucked up.
For starving African children: no. They usually have bulging bellies, so why would an anorexic be jealous?

No. 230924

>Back to Ash, does she feel pride/smug that her commenters with obvious proana usernames aspire to be her?


No. 231115

File: 1454717648601.jpg (50.51 KB, 628x605, ash.JPG)

I'm at VK doing something to post on the ana thread on /snow and found this. Lurking confirmed.

No. 231117

File: 1454717743798.jpg (45.47 KB, 695x519, AH.JPG)

comments ew

No. 231121

>how much it weighs


No. 231124

I wonder where everyone's getting their ideas of how much she weighs. I've seen 16kg and 36lbs thrown around a lot, and I'd love to know how accurate that number is. It's definitely believable.

No. 231128

I've never seen Ash mention her weight. It's something I imagine she'd never do. It'll be guess work I suppose, but I'm crap at guessing weights. I'd like to know where Roth read that her heart is eating itself.

No. 231132

this fetish has got something to do with necrophilia right

No. 231134

I'll never understand anorexia/obesity fetishes. They like that the people are dying from their weight (or lack thereof)? How fucked up is that. They need to be jettisoned into space.

No. 231135

would love to see her at a healthy weight. she'd be stunning

No. 231138

yup. it's kind of like pedos. they're attracted to someone who is physically inferior to them, insuring they're always in a position of power/have total control.

No. 231141

I remember Ashley mentioning on her old Tumblr that she weighs less than an average 5-year-old child.

No. 231151

Hm, that's 39.4 lbs according to the chart I saw. I almost believe it, if she's <4'11". I've seen loads and loads of BMI 9-10 pictures and none look nearly as skeletal as Ash.

No. 231152

File: 1454720953754.jpg (22.57 KB, 275x216, image.jpg)

Bmi 9-10
I almost want to see this.

No. 231174

Well Ash's bmi is probably even less than that…

No. 231268

File: 1454741374338.png (93 KB, 352x368, tumblr_inline_nedtwbIMn71sp2nq…)

I thought it was 47 or 43? Perhaps I'm getting my numbers mixed up as well.

If Ash is 5'4" (which I don't know her height, I'm just going by the average height in America) and she weighs 43lbs, her BMI would be….


No. 231269

I thought she was 5ft 2in !

No. 231474

I was guessing she's around 4'11" because of her body proportions, and due to how some anorectics end up shorter than average from starving themselves through formative years and osteoporosis causing shrinking later. Also, wasn't Erika 5'5"? She lied about her height a few times, so I assume that the shortest height she gave is the real one. Ash looks way shorter than her in their pictures together.

No. 231549

File: 1454775881366.jpg (46.68 KB, 345x430, Maren Sørum 2016.jpg)

Off topic but I know some asked recently for an update on Maren Sorum on this thread. She's currently weight restored, in school for nursing and in recovery

No. 231571

No idea who that is, but I'm happy for her.

No. 231597

secret_livez said Ash is 41 lbs.

No. 231598

Yeah, I believe Ash is 5'1", 5'2".

No. 231650

She used to be on instagram, anagirl11 or something like that.

No. 231651

Aw, that's so fucking good.

No. 231694

No. 231753

Secret_livez made up a bs number. Ash has never said/nor posted the actual number :) not even to a 'friend'.

No. 231767

You should post it before you finally kick it, mate.

No. 231774

Putting friend in quotes might be the only honest thing you've ever done, Ash. You don't really have any.

No. 231817

Ah, Trashley. How's the Chairgrave Kingdom doing?

No. 231851

Kek, c'mon, you did think she was your friend, otherwise you wouldn't be so butt hurt over it….or are you still literally butt hurt from your experience when you were 2 years old?

No. 231872

Yes Ashley, you're right, you've never said the actual number but I think secret_livez wasn't very wrong. Or is 41 lbs too much?

No. 231925

Let's play a guessing game.. How much does everyone think Ashley weighs? Come join the game Ashley. >>231872

No. 231958

Honestly, she does look like she's in the 40's range to me.

No. 231961

maybe mid 50's

55 or so

No. 231967

Her heaviest- 90-105lbs
Chairgrave weight- about the same as my dogs, 45-60lbs.

These numbers are spanning a pretty wide time frame.

No. 231970

No not at all. I think most of us would like to know more about her mom, and her side of the story, I am sure she is very nice, but probably don't know what to do anymore. If anyone knows more about her mom. Please share

No. 231973

Valeria Levitina was 55lbs and looks more skele than Ash but she was 5ft 8in.

I'd say around 60-65lbs.

No. 231974

Assuming she's 5'2" –
90 lbs in her Hamtaro-chan pictures, 55 lbs in her current ones.

No. 231975

>Assuming she's 5'2" – 90 lbs in her Hamtaro-chan pictures

Being the same height, I'd say she looks more 96lbs although she always seemed to have a tiny frame, so idk.

No. 231998

There's no way Ashley would weigh 50 lbs, let alone 60 or more. Rachael Farrokh was 40 something lbs, and she's 5'7 so she's a lot taller than Ash.

No. 232015

pretty sure u said 42, Ash.

No. 232032

File: 1454809186064.png (8.17 KB, 492x221, capture-20160207-033455.png)

Except you can't be in a relapse if you're not even in recovery, Ashley.

No. 232061

I remember Maren! She looks SO much better now. I'm really happy for her!!

No. 232066

File: 1454810106456.jpg (37.57 KB, 540x438, 1453519507552.jpg)


>ash relapsing

UHHHHH… How does one exactly relapse from relapsing?

No. 232297

sigh, this girl will never see the true light. It's best to let her think whatever she wants to think since she could go at any moment.

No. 232337

Better trying and relapsing than not even trying at all
Yes, even pretending to relapse if you don't want to deal with something today is better than not recovering at all

No. 232423

File: 1454838917814.jpeg (187.19 KB, 750x1211, image.jpeg)

How can somebody as pro anorexia as Ashley relapse anyway .. This is her vision of what she what's to look like when she goes out binge food shopping, which we are know she will puke it up anyway

No. 232431

can we make a lolcow death pool for Ashley?

there's no way she lives to see 2017.

No. 232446

I'm afraid she'll surprise us and live for at least 2-3 years, hell, maybe even 10? It's usually the worst people who live the longest lives.

No. 232452

How long has she been at skele weight?
I think she'll live for another, idk, 4 years? 2020 is when she'll die I say

No. 232457

So, what's the point of Ash's second instagram account where she posts only food pictures and pretends that she's not Ashley?

No. 232542

Probably to get people to send her free stuff.

No. 232592


to stalk Jackie

No. 232689

Can someone who knows about the fake account let Jackie know? That is so creepy and devious.

No. 232691

She does seem to be doing that…

Are there any other instances of Ash stalking her former friends like this? She must really have it in for Jackie.

No. 232693

Jackie is aware of this and is made aware of the accounts as we figure them out so she can block them.

No. 232749

She won't make it another ten. I think the only reason she's still kicking is because she has a nurse that gives her vitamin injections or something to keep her going. She honestly is the dumbest person in the world and she chooses to be this way. I wouldn't even call it bulimia or anorexia just fucking stupid. She literally has people telling her irl and on the internet she's anorexia and bulimic but chooses not to get help like a normal person. She just wants attention and to die a painful death.

No. 232761

Everytime I open Trashley's thread, some part of me always hopes I'll discover pics amd news of her being fully weight restored.

It's a dream of mine. A pitiful dream, but my dream nonetheless.

No. 232799

Did Ashley really go to a regular therapist? I read on one of these threads, she was going to an end of life therapy type thing.. I wonder if Ashley ever considered hospice care? I think she would benefit from it. They can probably make her remainder of her life more comfortable.

No. 232819

File: 1454881059933.jpg (72.06 KB, 538x713, umm.jpg)

lol. just saw this on my fb newsfeed

No. 232825


how does this girl have the strength to sit up in bed in the morning tho?

No. 232833

>18 pounds


No. 232835

She has look like this for years.. My question is… Does anyone know how she manages to stay alive for as long as she has?? I would have thought she would have died by now.. Everyday is a gift for Ashley she could drop dead from a heart attack any day, or go into organ failure.. I am sure she is a mystery to her doctors as, Ashley claims she should have been dead years ago.. She is probably a medical wonder to every doctor out there.. I am sure many have seen her online, since her pictures are all over the internet..

No. 232842

"Translated from Spanish" it probably said 18 kilograms originally

No. 232847

i saw that in spanish and yeah it was 18 kilograms everybody on my facebook is going histeric

No. 232852

That would be 39.6 pounds in American, … Ashley did we guess right you weigh 39.6 pounds!!' Let's see if she answers.. The crowd is anxiously awaiting for your reply.!!!!

No. 232872

It's not necessarily her exact weight, I don't think the person who wrote that knows how much she actually weighs. Although I guess it's pretty close to the truth.

No. 232873

you jackie or just usin' her email?

No. 232874

File: 1454886142547.jpg (79.01 KB, 960x960, 1929939_10153090079741065_7483…)

it's like a werewolf holding a coffee cup

No. 232897

Dat lanugo.

No. 232903

>Dat wrist hair
ew no

No. 232905

File: 1454889090636.jpg (57.77 KB, 800x800, kawaiiiiiiii.JPG)

Ash should bead that shit, it would be totemo kawaii.

No. 232928

>skele women get into making porn
I assume drugs help.

No. 232937

A werewolf, or a skeletal, decomposing zombie hand rising from the grave

No. 232953

File: 1454898185233.png (161.86 KB, 599x418, huh.png)

Hahahaha, she's a celebrity in China.

No. 232956

Attacked? No one is attacking her. I mean, everyone can SEE how emaciated she is. Besides, we all know Ash loves attention.

No. 232957

Is there a link to the fb page plz? I want to read the comments and I can't find it on the CCTV page.

No. 232958

No. 232960

>hope you are on the road to recovery
>wish you health and happiness

HOW is ash being attacked exactly?

No. 232961

She's a professional Victim, remember. Everything is attacking her.

No. 233009

File: 1454904571909.jpg (73.19 KB, 911x603, a.JPG)

So, I found the article is big in Russia and China mostly. She's EVERYWHERE.

>We feel that this girl is a little too thin, she photographs herself. Her body will definitely make you scared to sleep! This is simply the devil ah!

This article:

>friends thought it was Photoshop because the picture looks too scary

Could use this attention to get free treatment, Ash.

No. 233010

File: 1454904608288.jpg (65.67 KB, 610x533, aa.JPG)

No. 233012

Guys, what if Ash goes viral across the globe even American new stations start talking about her. she could blow up in no time being as thin as she is and everything. More famous journalists, etc. would start reaching out to her, trying to help her, and trying to get her on talk shows. Omg, Ash's attention seeking behavior is going to become her worst nightmare.

No. 233015

File: 1454905159379.jpg (22.04 KB, 664x132, ha.JPG)

You're even known in Japan, Ashley!

Medical helicopter to Tokyo!

The google translation's a bit off ~FERRIS WARNING~

No. 233186

Sorry but I am laughing at the fact that they say she was a "normal little girl" and then use what I'm pretty sure was a camgirl picture. Not to mention that she said she was bulimic during that time, and while I don't believe a lot of the shit Ashley says, I do believe her on that.

No. 233297

I love it. She got all the attention she's constantly begging for, but without the idiot "friends" and followers to buy her shit and enable her.

Welcome to fame, Skelechan. Are you gonna die on camera?

No. 233326

No. 233345

Ash could change her life if she plays her cards right with these 5 minutes of fame. Whether she takes that opportunity or not is another matter.

No. 233356


Aw yisss they find the next Dakota

No. 233359

So… her instagram is private again.

No. 233368


I'm sure she'll make it public again soon. She feeds off (lmao) attention.

No. 233403

Ashley, listen the fuck up. This is it. You get on this literal gravy train and get your life back. It's recovery or death, and this is your best shot at the former. Put up a gofundme and let the people of the world help you. If you do this now, and do it right -you can be in Japan this timenext year. Prove us wrong ash, recover and show us that you actually are in control.

No. 233415

File: 1454957839394.png (530.16 KB, 503x651, capture-20160208-205635.png)

No. 233461

Wait, doesn't Ash eat vegan except for binge food? I guess we all know where this went….

No. 233468

>the highest degree of anorexia

No. 233506

I highly doubt this is a "safe" meal for her. I really do hope she's actually eating this meal, because she always tags noodles and other Asian food as #binge.

No. 233512

So someone posted proof it's her? I mean really.. She has control over us farmers if we start to believe that EVERY account is her. Does she really have the energy to post on more than one? She barely maintains ghost.in.my.pocket. Idk just 'seems' like her, but no one has evidence that it is?? I just want pure milk and not fake spy shit here.

No. 233513

Soy not spy lol

No. 233515

A part of me wishes I would come into this thread with new news of trashley getting her life together, having a SO and on her way to a life free of a wheelchair.

I know that she will refuse, even with this fame because she won't use this as she could. If she really loved her family, especially her grandfather, she would cure herself to let him see that she can live on.

Watching someone waste away is scary, even if you see yourself as fat. Enough people have tries to reach out to you and say you have a problem.

I don't know why all she wants to be is an inside joke to a bunch of girls on the net. When she does die, she will just be a sticky thread.

Is that all you want your life to be, Ash? For real?

No. 233519

Where was this posted?

No. 233521

Well Ash likes Whole Foods and has talked about doing food reviews, it's not too far fetched.

No. 233522

So many people here are wishing Ash well and that she would get better, I feel kinda odd now cause I keep thinking, I wanna see what kind of shitstorm would happen if she died.

No. 233524

Her other instagram account where she pretends she's not Ashley.

No. 233525

It's her. Now she doesn't even show her hands anymore because last time her hands gave her away. And like someone said, she talks about Whole Foods all the time.

No. 233533


These things are blindingly obvious when one hasn't starved one's brain.

Every detail about her gives her away wherever she posts - writing, hands, surroundings, filters, etc…

No. 233687

No. 233757

No. 233774

Those pictures are cute.

No. 233782

I don't think this is her. The bazillion references to Whole Foods seems like the only connection. One post mentions Trader Joe's grapes, but Ash said on her tumblr that she can't get to a TJ.

No. 233789

She writes like Ashley, and also her bio is very Ashley…ish.

No. 233834

I don't think the pictures were taken with the same type of phone. Don't ask how I know this, I can just tell.

No. 233844

File: 1454992406329.jpg (22.59 KB, 539x92, Capture.JPG)

Whoever it is has commented on an Aly pic (cba to find which one, but here's the comment).

No. 233900

File: 1455000673857.jpg (113.02 KB, 960x960, macncheese.jpg)

Ash is now a meme.

No. 234176

Actually no, you can't "just tell".

No. 234213

Oh, but I can.

No. 234284

Oh please, skeletor hands reflected in the grapes, same apartment wall behind the bag of chips as always (in the same lighting as always).

It's fucking her. She can't hide - she's too nutrition-deprived to fucking realize.

No. 234301

yeah sure

No. 234305

If it's not her, I'm extremely impressed with the impostor's skillz.
>Ash's writing style, including the style she sometimes uses to try to sound intelligent
>Ash's typography style
>Ash's tastes/obsessions
>Ash's picture composition
>the type of filters Ash likes
>Ash's favorite emojis
>Ash's expensive grocery tastes
>Ash's need to mention where the food is from, because heaven forbid someone thinks she shops at Publix

And Ash's deceptiveness. I feel like maybe "Ella" is who Ash wants to be: a shy young girl with AN, restrictive subtype.

No. 234350

Public again. Literally took a day, lol.

No. 234369

The hashtags. Very much like the ones Ash used as download_incomplete and on tumblr
(That's her download_incomplete page).

The pics on down_inc look of the same shit quality as the Ella ones.

No. 234375

It's really creepy to know all the non-vegan foods Ash buys will end up down the drain. Ugh.

No. 234379

She has to mention she's sharing it with someone so nobody thinks she's a fat ass…..

No. 234380

….too much food…..

No. 234391

File: 1455047597084.jpg (79.97 KB, 781x639, followers.JPG)

Why is she doing this? It can't be only to spy on Jackie. ???

No. 234399

Ashley has posted pics of those oranges before on one of her old accounts

No. 234488

She's making a cow account. She can use it to stalk, and check out other people being posted here, taking attention away from her.

Maybe she's the one 'warning' the proanas.

No. 234629

I wish she would try to befriend a cow/snowflake without an ED. I'd love to see her sucking up to Berry.

No. 234823

But LOL , the hands totally are in the grapes

Ugh why

No. 235375

I'd pay for her to go to Japan, NYC, London, Germany, wherever the fuck she wants to go if she went through with a recovery program. She doesn't understand that we would all pretty much cheer for her and be happy/proud for her.

No. 235382

Ash, give me a shout out on your blog and promote Kanye's new album.

No. 235658

Ugh I hate her voice…

No. 235672

Ash wouldn't dare talk to anyone without an ED. Gross.

No. 235833

Gain some weight, Ash. You won't feel the cold as much. Humans aren't meant to be 18kg, okay?

No. 235885

File: 1455238399686.jpg (49.18 KB, 663x439, damn capitalism.JPG)

Capitalism turned Ashley into a ghost.

No. 235889

She loved ghosts and hated capitalism so much, she became a socialist ghost.

No. 235955

File: 1455242421174.png (3.31 KB, 294x57, capture-20160212-035903.png)

She's so fucking fragile even the weight of the blankets is crushing her…

No. 235984

she said the same thing about jeans. she has serious claustrophobic issues.

No. 235986

Now she's starting to remind me of the personal space show guy from Rick and Morty.

A matter of time until she gives in to her nagging feelings of being trapped in her own skin.

No. 235991


Funny cause she's also said she hates how jeans make her look fat

No. 235996


Some she hates others she Envy's or trigger her. Beside she can't just follow Jackie, it'd be too obvious

No. 236001

KeK! She shops Publix EVERY DAY! She rarely goes to Whole foods and Target is a close second

No. 236005

I know for a FACT this is NOT whole foods! This is a new Publix in Orlando and I've shopped there. Nice try Trashly!!

No. 236009

does ashley have a vendetta against publix or something

No. 236010

No, she doesn't go to a therapist, doesn't call a therapist, has nothing to do with a therapist

No. 236013

Eh, what? The style and font of the item's price tags is definitely from Whole Foods. So is the orange chicken.

No. 236015

I don't know why she doesn't just shop at Walmart, though. Walmart is the purger's paradise. Everything is so fucking cheap, and you can go through self check-out so you don't have to face the embarrassment of paying for a cartload of binge food with EBT to the judging face of a cashier.

Get your shit together and budget, Ash!

No. 236016

I'm telling you farmer you're wrong. She's in live with this Publix and it's Asian food. I know the resemblance is remarkable but it's Publix!

No. 236017

She pays with cash. Usually by $100 bills

No. 236020

B-but anon, the font and style of the placards on the pastry case is certifiably Whole Foods. It would be copyright infringement for Publix to have the exact same tags on their products.

I can believe the tea picture is from a Publix Greenwise, but not a normal Publix. Either way, the rounded font is the same one they use in Whole Foods.

I'm not explicitly saying you're wrong, but the facts don't really match up.

No. 236021

Where the hell does she get that kind of money, and where did you get this information?

No. 236023

Not the same anon, but I assume being a spoopy chairgrave lady and not eating much allows her to gradually save up lots of money to go on an expensive food buying spree and then binge/purge it all later on.

No. 236025

I understand anon the Publix is at Plaza~Venezia in Orlando. Those food pics are from there. I know cos I've been there. Did she photo shop? Who knows. I just know she is infatuated with the deli clerk there, she goes there often and I know the place as I do too. Take it for what it's worth

No. 236026

Remember Rob? She keeps him happy, he sends her money

No. 236027

File: 1455250746126.gif (582.11 KB, 500x330, 1444251814318.gif)

How does she keep him… happy…?

No. 236036

What's the deli clerk look like?

No. 236037

What's the deli clerk look like?

No. 236044

this has me curious as well, she seems to only befriend other pukers. I wonder what her love interests look like? DO TELL

No. 236071

Secret_lives? Oh wait, s/he didn't tell anyone to fuck off.

No. 236095

how does ash pay with 100 bills where the source

No. 236143

Pay my bills then plz I'm very hungry

No. 236188

File: 1455282567678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 277.42 KB, 1467x2200, assgap.jpg)

for everyone wondering what the private area look like on an ultra bony girl.

>mfw i found this in a thinspo thread.

No. 236207

Neat, you can fuck her from behind and eat a bowl of cereal out of the dent in her ass at the same time.

No. 236227

Holy shit ass gap is real. Her poor butt actually puckered in on itself.

No. 236234

Her body is extremely confusing and frightening to me. How can you have that much muscle development while having such low body fat? She must be newly emaciated, right?

No. 236250

File: 1455296322295.gif (995.46 KB, 480x384, hail the ass crack.gif)

I am so happy to have an ass crack.

No. 236269

I can believe the rest of it is Publix, but that sweets counter is Whole Foods all the way - selection, fonts & iconography. Need a photo from the Publix sweets counter as proof they're identical.

No. 236270

File: 1455301949413.jpg (18 KB, 236x355, f68cc3914b4ce4dd60285807419597…)

No. 236274

i've been staring at that bony rear end for about 2 minutes. i have no words

No. 236278

Well, there goes my lunch. back to work.

No. 236288

oh dear god what the fucking hell

No. 236292

File: 1455305832987.jpg (37.51 KB, 344x552, Capture.JPG)

No. 236336

Yeah, not the same as Ashley's picture. The rest of them could have been from the moon for all I know, but those sweets were at a whole foods counter.

OMG, why do I even give a fuck.

No. 236345

Well, you know what they say, when you stare into the abyss, etc.

No. 236404

not gon lie, that bunny butt cupcake is cute as fuck :3

No. 236425

You're fucking weird and need help.

No. 236464

No, this is the brand new Publix. Which is close to the whole foods. They have a desert cafe, and hot food deli (Which is different from all the other stores as well) and the normal bakery.

No. 236553

File: 1455344131073.jpg (116.59 KB, 1022x639, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.10…)

Throw back.

No. 236555

Fat people (Ashley terminology fir over BMI 11) are weak because they don't vom after eating? If this is her logic then bulimics are weaker than anorexics who have the willpower to restrict and not pig out? Resisting the urge to binge is stronger, so therefore, Ash, you're weak also.

No. 236616

shut the fuck up

No. 236653

>fat people are weak

I miss those times when ash was pretty open about her disgusting personality.

No. 236659

that pic is weird dude. i enjoy looking at weird shit, why are you even here if you don't get that concept?

No. 237024

shit gtfo are oyu that friend Hunter or w/e who sends her $$?

No. 237031

File: 1455410407759.png (45.14 KB, 255x223, 1445645959614.jpg.png)

Not the anon you're replying to, but wtf is this? Gtfo with your ot bullshit.

No. 237051

Fat people can manage to lug their 300 pound bodies out of bed and move around all day. Sad but not weak when compared to Ashley who would literally drop dead if you asked her to jog for 30 seconds.

No. 237151

File: 1455429853579.jpg (186.75 KB, 620x873, spoops.jpg)

i thought this was a drawing of ash tbh.

No. 237215

Hun, your body doesn't even allow you to stand on your own anymore, not to mention move.. i think you're not in the position to talk about other people being weak sadface.jpg

It irks me that she tries to make her own situation look better by trying to find negative things to say about "fat people" instead of allowing herself to see just how bad her condition is. If she doesn't even understand the danger she's in, how will she be able to recover, ever! The first step to recover is to accept you're sick, and she doesn't even seem to be there yet..

No. 237254

>Apartment problems: this is my neighbor's 11th load of laundry.

How much you want to bet Ash has never done a load of laundry in her life? Yeah, how dare that person be a responsible adult?!?!? Don't you know you're making it difficult for this screeching vomit demon womanchild to hear her animu??!? So rude!

No. 237255

I feel this strange sense of obligation to create a band and call it Screeching Vomit Demon.

No. 237256

I feel this strange sense of obligation to create a band and call it Screeching Vomit Demon.

No. 237261

Is that a ghoul? That's amazing, it actually does look like Ash.

I don't like her either but wow.. that's beautiful and tragic as shiz.

No. 237264

I never thought how she'd be using shared washing machines before. Call me weird, but if I lived in her complex I'd have to invest in my own washer. I'd feel uncomfortable using one after her - vomit towels, urine mishaps, etc.

No. 237265


OH my fucking god the thought.

No. 237268

File: 1455459772395.jpg (58.19 KB, 751x541, kerching.JPG)

Someone here is willing to donate. Betchya she'd be one of the highest gofundme fundraisers if she went for it.

No. 237274

Is that a ghoul? That's amazing, it actually does look like Ash.

I don't like her either but wow.. that's beautiful and tragic as shiz. your aw

No. 237285

Are you kidding? she isn't doing her own laundry, she can't even get around without using a wheelchair.

But yeah, it's got to be gross throwing all her pukey crap in a machine.

No. 237286


So cute¬ ?

No. 237299

Yup, and that means her poor mother has to do it. I agree with the other anon that that it's gotta suck to use a washer after her. I wonder if even after the machine rinses, the smell lingers.

No. 237318

Either her mom, or the pallative care service [if that's even true].

No. 237404

>She loved ghosts and hated capitalism so much, she became a socialist ghost.
Oh god absolute fucking kek
admin-sams pls stop discarding my post

No. 237486

File: 1455506009266.png (21.22 KB, 702x279, capture-20160215-051252.png)

No. 237487

Talking to herself again. She really has it in for Jackie, doesn't she.

No. 237516

I wish I could say "damn she's still not dead?"

I come here once every like… 4 months just to look and see and she's still being trashley every time.

No. 237517

English fails me

*I wish I could say "damn, she finally died?"

No. 237523


Jackie doesn't even make a thing about having a social media presence. Ash is jealous that Jackie actually does have a life and nice people around her. She's trying to drag her down, but even though she has her problems, J strikes me as a tough cookie.

Not yet. She's sitting in her recliner. That's her life. She must be so proud.

No. 237545

I just realized why Ashley posts so much.

If she doesn't post a few times a day, if not at least once a day, everyone is going to immediately think she is ded.

No. 237549

Holy shit anon. You've cracked the code.

No. 237551


No. 237561

I'm not Ashley, I'm a weak-willed overweight person.

Ash uses "Sage" (with capital S) when she posts.

No. 237580

File: 1455525699644.jpg (107.75 KB, 1694x532, Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.33…)

Ask fm. Username: dearxatticus.
No idea why she is speaking in Spanish, I think she's translating her English. One answer she says she was admitted (inpatient) 16 times.

No. 237583

We've been over this. It's not her.

No. 237589

Shit, that's like the only thing I'm not up to date with. When did this come to light. And I know it's not very plausible that the user is Spanish, but how was it proven?

No. 237662

Well firstly, Ash was not inpatient 16 times…

No. 237663

None of the answers given match up. Check back like literally 8 threads ago or s'mshit lol. Back when she was dearxatticus, a lot of people made fake accounts on IG and ask.fm

No. 237665

There is some truth to this, actually. For the life of me, I can't find it now (maybe it was on sealed-up-tight when it was still Ash), but someone once asked how we'd know when she died, and she said if she hasn't posted for over a week.

No. 237668

she's not talking to herself, i sent her that anon. and i really do believe jackie wishes she were anorexic, but she isn't.

>Jackie doesn't even make a thing about having a social media presence.

i know people are inclined to defend J bc she's obviously developmentally disabled in someway, but you're wrong. have you seen the tags she uses??? she begs for likes, followers, and attention in general. she puts like 50 tags on every pic and they're all "like4like" "follow4follow" "f4f" "sfs" "ana", like i get second hand embarrassment from her tags.
she'll do a "sfs" and tag it with something like "look at her thigh gap! go follow!!" and when asked why she's posting things a 14 year old pro ana would, she just says "oh sorry, i was struggling". Struggling with what? what struggle makes you post like a 14 year old pro-ana? the struggle to fit in and make friends maybe, but not anorexia.

No. 237673

Jackie just seems lonely, not a wannarexic.

No. 237674

Is Jackie not on Instagram anymore?

No. 237704

She can't ever opt for recovery because then she'd have to try and live life with those god-awful bug doodle tattoos.

No. 237712

Why the fuck do you even care? I'm not sure whether Jackie has an eating disorder or not, but what does it matter? She's not the cow here. Stop giving Ashley fuel.

No. 237719

why do you care if i care? I'm not the one who posted the screenshot here.

No. 237724

Not that anon, but nobody cares if you care. You're just feeding into Ashley's delusions and that's the last thing she needs. She needs doses of reality.

No. 237733

Sadly not everyone sees the people that 'leave' trashley as saints. Some of us know other things. But whatever.

No. 237737

We don't all see them as saints, but we also don't need to fuel Ash's delusions that they're horrible monsters, alright?

No. 237741

Those could be easily covered. Oh wait, she doesn't have enough money to do that…

No. 237743

>Some of us know other things.
Starting to sound like Ashley, anon.

No. 237755

It is Ashley. Typing style.

No. 237756

Come on Ash, don't call yourself trashley.

No. 237761

File: 1455569497299.jpg (298.32 KB, 700x400, panera kills.jpg)

No. 237764

Just because I'm not bumping this nasty thread, doesn't mean I'm the bonelord. You only believe that everyone that isn't ash is a holy angel because of your fucked biased opinions. Facts could be shoved down your throat, and with your last remaining breaths you'd still say ash was 'evil' etc etc. Childish.

No. 237767

Please, you are welcome to shove facts down our fat throats. Facts taste like delicious fresh baked bread and I like bread.

No. 237772

File: 1455570182361.jpeg (39.76 KB, 375x360, image.jpeg)

No. 237775

It's sad to see you insulting yourself like that, Ash.

No. 237789

Oh Ash…

No. 237794

File: 1455573151071.png (539.46 KB, 495x701, capture-20160215-235103.png)


No. 237798

who takes a pic of that?

No. 237812

File: 1455576097413.gif (872.38 KB, 480x360, trash.gif)

No. 237815

That nail is fucking paper thin, I'm surprised it lasted that long

No. 237827

Imagine purging with that

No. 237828

Fuck, gross. Look at how poor that nail structure is, like fucking paper.
Where's the spoiler?

No. 237832

File: 1455580119436.jpeg (28.96 KB, 239x277, image.jpeg)

What the actual fuck

No. 237841

Proof that she doesn't actually do anything: those tissue paper-thin nails actually grew to that length.

No. 237844

im surprised her nailbeds arent totally blue

No. 237856

no wonder she can literally tear off her nails when she SH.

No. 237860

I'm impressed anything could grow from her

No. 237865

Doesnt a corpse's nails continue to grow way after? Why is everyone so surprised?

No. 237866

Technically that is a myth. A corpse's nails and hair do not grow.

No. 237867

I feel bad her bunny died though. :-((

No. 237868

No. It's an optical illusion. The body shrinks, making the hair and nails look longer.

No. 237870

So…her rabbit died.

It was in pain, and no one knew? Like yeah, rabbits are amazing at hiding pain but they usually show some kind of symptoms before they die. Like, when my rabbit was dying he stopped eating and was pooping and peeing himself. I had no idea he had a heart problem and neither did the vet [I had taken him a few times for well visits], and the vet said it was congential and he would have died no matter what.

No. 237871

Well it's not like she was capable of taking care of it anyway.

No. 237872

Yeah, I know her poor Mom was certainly the one that cared for Adam, but even so Ashley loved that rabbit. Losing him will only make her more twisted.

No. 237873

It still lived a pretty long life, most bunnies don't live that long.

No. 237875

Not true. Spayed and neutered bunnies live 8-10+ yeards. As long as you keep your rabbit indoors to protect it from other animals, extreme cold and heat, give it plenty of room to roam and take it to a vet every so often, a rabbit should be able to live a long life

[Barring congential defects/severe illnesses]

No. 237876

Well, Ash's bunny lived 10-11 years, so yes it was a pretty long life for a bunny.

No. 237877

Yeah, I'm not the one disagreeing. I was disagreeing with the poster that said most rabbits don't live very long. They actually can.

No. 237878

It must suck to be a trichotilomaniac and have fucking lanugo everywhere

No. 237879

It gives her a lot to do with her ample free time at least.

No. 237888

Aw, I feel bad that her bunny died. Mine just died a few weeks ago, he was 7. They're great little pets.

No. 237891

Usually by the time they show pain by not eating/drinking or pweing themselves its too late. Mine was fine until one morning he didn't eat his breakfast and had eye mucus on his face. Took him straight to the vet but they couldn't save him and he was gone that afternoon. He'd been totally normal the night before.

No. 237892

Ok I just posted this and then I actually went and read her ridiculous emo poem. Wow. It's like what I would have written when I was 11. Like I really love my bunny and I sobbed my heart out when he died but her poetry reveals some low emotional development or something.

No. 237894

Do you guys think we'll see a decline in Ashley now? Or will this be milked and milked for sympathy

No. 237897

File: 1455596367766.jpg (2.17 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

No. 237901

I'll give trashley the bit of sympathy for the death of her pet, bunnies don't care if you're a shit person.
Ash, don't try to milk this to get more free shit. Let your followers comfort you with their words and not food for you to spew. For the love of fuck.

No. 237902

People with BPD have the emotional maturity of about that age, makes sense.

No. 237908

News flash - the last post before her Adam post is a repost of a user named euthanize. I think she's itching for sympathy. I wouldn't be surprized if Adam was still alive.

No. 237917

Nah I really think he died. She's mentioned him being old and sick before.

No. 237918

Yeah, 11 years is pretty old for a rabbit. I believe it died.

No. 237975

>#eating disorder
Just to keep yall updated

No. 237976

Yeah same here. He was normal the night before, wasn't eating/drinking/moving much, was sitting in his poop/pee. Made an emergency appointment, the vet told me he has some GI issues so he got critical care and Reglan. Came home, he had a seizure and died.

Called the vet, she did a necropsy for free and told me he had heart failure as one side of his heart was floppy. She said it was congential and nothing could have saved him anyway.

That said, normally rabbits can live quite long lives.'ve seen rabbits that were 14.

No. 238013


When Ash gets boring I move that we all just talk about how great bunnies are as pets. They use litter boxes! And can learn tricks! And they love to be pet right on their wee little heads!

No. 238018

YES! Heheh. I love my three bunnies, I have the cutest Netherland dwarf.

No. 238019

File: 1455640407819.jpg (136.53 KB, 491x298, mydwarf.jpg)

Here's my Nethie. He's a blue silver marten ND. He'll be four years old in the spring.

All of my buns are spayed and neutered and they're all litter trained.

No. 238034

What the fuck, that is the most beautiful rabbit I've ever seen.

How do bunnies compare to cats or dogs? Do they do anything, can you let them run around your house, or are they more like hamsters and guinea pigs?

No. 238038

File: 1455642532604.jpg (1.81 MB, 956x1280, IMG_1050.JPG)

Your baby is adorable! I want more bunnies but I don't have the room, that's why I'm working extra hours and taking on contracts. I want a new place so I can live in a bunny paradise. I've had to take him to emerg a few times for wool block but that's it, and I'm paranoid about checking up on him.

No. 238040

My rabbit runs around the entire house without touching the wires or chewing on them, likes to play tag and hide 'n seek, loves to cuddle and do tricks for treats - mostly a dog, but with the 'not aiming to please' attitude of a cat. They do listen if you have food for them.

No. 238042

Is yours part liobhead?? I love my dwarf but omg..lionheads are so damn cute.

I think it depends on the bunny and if they have a partner or not. Like, the dwarf and the female lop are bonded. So they're more friendly to each other. The lone lady lop bun is more of a lap bunny, but I do want to get her a mate too.

No. 238044

As per the advice of my vet, I let me three buns roam free. But one female and the lone female don't get along. In fact, the female bun bit part of the lone bun's ear off. They both were in their pens, but the pens were next to each other and the lone bun has long ears that apparently went close enough to the other pen that the other girl bit her.

So what I did was move their pens in completely separate rooms and I give the two buns half the day out, and the lone bun the other half of the day out. Since I'm a stay at home parent, that's easy to do.

They need about 4-6 hours of out time per day. I keep mine in big x pens so that they are comfortable when it's time for me to go to bed.

No. 238046


Haha he's not part lionhead but they're super cute and have a lot of personality. My bunny is actually a French Angora, I just took a crap picture so you can't see how big he is. Lying down from foot to foot he's about 2ft long.

No. 238047

And to keep the rabbit talk a bit on topic: there's no effing way Adam had the proper amount of room to run. From past pictures, the poor thing lived in a litte cage.

I think that bunny is better off now that he's gone :/

No. 238048

Ahhh, that explains it. I thought he was a lionhead at first glance.

No. 238049

Fair, I gave him a haircut about 2 weeks ago so he does have that look to him still

No. 238052

Bunnies always looks so fucking chilled.

Sad her bunny died because I liked him.

No. 238054

Just read the poem. Sorry, I loled. I've had pets that've died, but this poem is … no words

>Something so pure, so innocent,

>being tortured,
>It was all so fucking wrong.

It was so fucking wrong that he had to live with you screeching at him.

>Wrong that you suffered,

>Wrong that you wanted to live so bad..
>but your dying body wouldn’t let you.

How does she know he wanted to live so bad?

>If I find you later,

>somewhere in the clouds,
>just promise me that.. you won’t run and >hide.


No. 238055

Adam can now binky free with screechy spoopy Ashley out of the way.

No. 238065

Could be TFC? Jess? One of her little friends that somehow manage to fly under the radar?

No. 238069

I also get Ember pretending not to be Ember vibes from that ask.

No. 238072

Lmao, that's the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 238098

Her bunny had been terribly thin like her for MONTHS but she didn't take him to the vet so basically she let him suffer and starve to death. I'm glad to hear he's finally not suffering anymore! Trashly is an animal killer. She could've saved him or at least put him down humainly.

No. 238100

Why the hell did Rebecca let her have a pet in the first place?

No. 238101

Idk but Trashly hates Rebecca's cat so much that Rebecca took it out to be cared for when she went to Vegas. She probably knew Trash wouldn't feed it

No. 238108

Oh, I'm sad Adam is gone.
Don't make fun of it, or Ashley's reaction to it, I swear to god… That's just cruel.

No. 238112

Agreed! We're here for laughs yes, but this is too much and more than cruel.

No. 238117

I don't think anyone is making fun of Adam. It's not the bunnies fault he died. As for Ashley…why not? she uses and abuses people all the time.

No. 238120

She suspected he had a tumour MONTHS ago but didn't bother taking him to a vet.

Of course its devastating when a pet dies but she was lucky he lived so long.

I'm happy he's free from pain. Keeping them alive when they're suffering is selfish and awful.
Yes, I'm pro human euthanasia also.

No. 238170

Agreed anon. If I know Chekov just has an upset tummy, with rabbits it can go so bad so quickly I take him to the vet. The idea that she knew something was up but didn't bother taking him in – if only to get him pain meds – makes my blood boil. That rabbit was a strong one to last so long, may he binky in fields forever.

No. 238172

That's not true. They have the emotional depth/range of any other person their age; they just have trouble regulating and dealing with their emotions.

Back on topic, I'm really sorry that Ash's rabbit died. It's never easy losing a pet. Especially one who has lived so long. Even Ashley doesn't deserve that.

No. 238174

Can't agree, based on my own experience and how my therapist described it to me which was basically what the other anon said.

No. 238178

How do you know that, anon? Did she post somewhere about Adam being sick?

No. 238181

Alright, think whatever you want to think. My psychs have explained it to me differently. But I'm not going to start an OT fight about it, so let's agree to disagree.

No. 238183

Not that poster, but a while ago, maybe even on her ghostxperfume tumblr, she said Adam had a tumor growing on him somewhere.

No. 238186

if it was on her ghostxperfume tumblr then it must've been over a year ago…

No. 238244

Do you think young teenagers have less emotions than adults or something? That's what emotional maturity is: learning to regulate and deal with your emotions.
I'll grant that it's also a little more complex in that it's also learning what is and isn't important and gaining years of experience in learning that, but most of it is learning to regulate emotions.

No. 238247

Go back to your /b/ thread, tard. This is off topic.

No. 238254

You do realize that the brains of people with BPD are actually significantly worse at regulating emotions than regular people? You make it sound like its a choice, as if it's their fault that they have difficulty with their emotional stability. Try to have a little compassion for people who have to spend their entire lives in therapy just to avoid being a monster. That is, if anyone will even treat them, since it's a mental illness that is repeatedly demonized, even by psychiatrists.


No. 238256

Fucking FINALLY. Yeah, ash is pretty sucky in general, but I'm sure a percentage of it isn't exactly her choosing to be that way. But whatever. Sage because no one else prob agrees w me

No. 238259

My post was merely meant to note that young teenagers have just as many emotions as adults, and vice versa. The only difference between the two is experience, and as a result, emotional maturity. And while I understand your point, literally the definition of emotional maturity is the ability to deal with emotions. But, that's in a neurotypical brain, and that's actually where I'm not being fair. I'm sorry about that.

No. 238267

Since the BPD debate is still on, I'll chime in my OT.

Same anon who posted this >>238174 here and you're really spot on ( although I too agree that it's a lot more complex ). I basically got told that "it's sort of normal behaviour for teenagers, but when you're still behaving the same way as an adult…".
I would also like to add that it also all depends on the severity of the symptoms and an over-all construct. There are, after all, over 200 ways BPD can manifest itself in an individual.
It's not so bleak with 1) awareness and acceptance you have it - that one was key for myself 2)medication 3)therapy - whichever you're more comfortable with and respond better to, whether it be DBT, CBT, etc.
It's not a death sentence, but it does require an individual actually working hard at dealing with it, you really have to want to get better. It did not take an entire life for me, albeit a few years, but I'm 70 % different and better than I was years ago.

I do agree with >>238254 that there's a lot of stigma to it, still, a lot of people not really understanding it ( heck, not want to understand it, even, because that's much more convenient ) - it may come from the confusion where we really do behave in a lot of different ways - and if people have only met the "screaming explosive" type they tend to brand all of us like that when the reality is far from it.

No. 238269

File: 1455697634892.jpg (75.32 KB, 1292x379, Capture.JPG)

The proofs have gone where she's telling tumblr the bunny's got a lump, but this is from an old Ash thread.

No. 238298

With a bunny so old, maybe the vets didn't want to operate on him? I don't think anyone can say that she let him die without feeding him, or taking after him. Unless they were there. Some people hate people, but love the company of animals.

Yeah, she may be a cunt, but those kind of allegations are fucked. I fucking hope she actually took care of him though.

No. 238307

that would mean not being a complete victim anymore and that's the comfort zone

oh nonnononono it isn't normal for teenagers. teenagers are closer to the bpd diagnosis generally but it's way beyond that.

people demonize pedophiles, but pedophiles do not inherently take out their mental problems on the world whereas bpd people do. it's not so much demonizing as it is triage, what psychologists do. these people are a workload and a half.

No. 238312

>pedophiles do not inherently take out their mental problems on the world

Not your main point I know but holy shit anon.

As a victim of someone who was a systematic pedophile I can tell you that's exactly what he was doing.

No. 238315

I'm sorry to hear that. But is he every pedophile? the word to look out for here is "inherently"

No. 238337

And "every" BPD person "inherently" does?

No. 238338

"The DSM-5 defines the main features of BPD as a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self image, and affects, as well as markedly impulsive behavior."


No. 238352

She let that poor bunny suffer for over a year… what a bitch.

No. 238356

I was specific for a reason, but I do not at all believe your generalisation.

No. 238359

BPD is always malicious, if it isn't, it isn't BPD. Complex PTSD as an example sometimes manifests as what they used to call the discouraged borderline or self destructive borderline. If the person you affect is mainly yourself, you don't bring it out in the world, it isn't BPD. BPD affects interpersonal relationships.
BPD is part of the 'dark triad', which consists of NPD, BPD and APD.

No. 238362

hey, there's a doctor in here!

No. 238525

dr google md.

No. 238534


um of course people demonize pedophiles? whether or not you think wanting to fuck kids constitutes 'taking out their mental problems on the world' doesn't change how fucked up it is. not here for sympathizing with pedophiles.

No. 238538

ashley hurry up and do something interesting, this thread is getting boring af

No. 238568

File: 1455747463442.png (727.82 KB, 600x804, ashley isaacs.png)

No. 238579

I wonder if Rebecca will be relieved when her daughter finally dies.

No. 238652

Aw cute outfit, Ash c:

No. 238671

Oh crap, anon. Stay away from working in a field of psychology.

No. 238702

After maybe five or so years you tend to get over the death of a loved one. Before then it's going to be a lot of "why didn't I fix her" and self-blaming for stuff beyond her control. Because seriously, having your child die before you like this is such a shitty thing, because it's theoretically completely avoidable. But in reality it requires Ashley to actually nut up, which is never going to happen. The choice to take help is right there, every day, but she choses not to.

>all these salty BPD bitches

No. 238721

File: 1455796634919.jpeg (138.96 KB, 750x678, image.jpeg)

Ashley will never be happy.. She wants to be the skinniest anorexic out there and have a BMI of probably 2… This is her definition of of a perfect anorexic… She honestly died a long time ago, and her mom probably knows it, and accepts it.. She is only living with a bag of bones now.. All Ashley worries about is her next binge and purge session.. Other then that she has no life. She needs a wheelchair since she is to weak for anything. I know people in their 90s that move around better then 25 year old Ashley… I myself personally would never want to rely on a wheelchair as I get older and sure in a hell not now.. Nobody can change Ashley's mind , she made her decision in her teens to be the best anorexic, she might as well start sending her pictures to Guinness Book of world records, so you can let everyone know you accomplish your dreams Ashley

No. 238733

I think she'll still feel relieved but feel guilty for it along with all the self blaming stuff

No. 238774

Shut up, and learn proper punctuation. You don't know Ashley from half of the other 'IG ED Queens' you probably follow. I also smell… Hm… jealousy??

No. 238775

Morning, Ash.

No. 238776

When people have nothing to combat arguments with they go after punctuation or just simply call someone jealous, sigh.

No. 238780

Seek help.

No. 238781

File: 1455810240453.gif (489.83 KB, 499x250, Check ya missed calls Ash...gi…)

Sure thing, I bet Anon is green with envy for not being on Death's Door.

No. 238785

We need a spoopy skelly drinking game. Every time Ash shows up here, take a shot.

No. 238789

Jealous of what, exactly? No, please, enlighten us.

No. 238790

Honestly, I'd like to be thin too but my whole idea is to be attractive. Ash makes me nauseated, I can't look at pictures of her and not feel sick.

No. 238791

I'm sure you look fine the way you are now. And if just seeing Ash is enough to make you feel sick, imagine how she smells. Especially with her puke infested wig that she's had for like, ten years.

No. 238792

Oh Ash, you always so funny

No. 238794

I'm glad you finally learnt to put sage instead Sage, Ash

No. 238796

I'd like to know too please.

No. 238797

I hadn't even thought about that before.
Thanks anon.

No. 238813


I also smell… Hm… vomit??

No. 238835

I've seen comments from people who have seen her out in real life. They mentioned her being loud and attention seeking. Has anyone else seen her? What is she like? I can't imagine her being out and about. If I had children, I wouldn't want them to see her and be scared. She looks like a monster.

No. 238836

Nah, not the bonelord. Simply someone that knows her better than anyone else here. You only see the shit she posts online. Internet personas are only the tip of the iceberg.

No. 238838

Those are lies. Anyone can claim to have 'seen her' to get attention for themselves. She's just like anyone else out and about shopping, and doing errands. People shop with oxygen tanks, people shop with walkers. She just happens to use a wheelchair or motorcart. She's just a human being, no matter what else you try to label her as.

No. 238840

Still waiting to hear what we're all so jealous of…

No. 238841

She's repeatedly proven that she's a narcissistic and manipulative human being whose life source is attention, so it's not too much of a stretch to say she loves getting stared at in Walmart.

No. 238843

Mkay Ash. I'm sure plenty of people have seen you out and about, you're not the only one living in Orlando.

No. 238844

Yeah she's a human being, a spoopy, shitty one.

No. 238845

Yeah same, still waiting. What's there to be jealous of exactly? Looking like death incarnate? Never getting to go to Japan? Never getting to experience life to the fullest? Scaring children with just the sight of me? Getting attention for looking disgusting? Getting anon hate? Being a piece of shit human being?

I'm totally jealous of all of that. Let me tell you.

No. 238853

Hum, hum, I disagree. In Ashley's case, the part we get on the internet probably is the hidden part of the iceberg. I can not imagine she could muster enough moxy IRL. She probably is in some kind of stupor most of the time due to her condition.

No. 238905

Obviously you're jealous of something, or else you wouldn't reply, and you wouldn't be here. If she honestly did not matter that much to you, you wouldn't bother snooping around totally obsessed.

No. 238918

>all these salty "the only mental illness it is okay to have is an ED" bitches

No. 238921

File: 1455834906712.jpg (3.89 KB, 291x200, nah.jpg)


So is this Trashley or Trashley's new slave?

No. 238927

>obviously you're jealous of something

Hmmm, nope. Can't think of anything. I'm just a normalfag who likes Ash's powdered milk.

No. 238944

Oh look, it's Trashley pretending not to be Trashley. Once again.

No. 238960

Ash keeps fucking up in that we all know she never leaves a bridge untorched. No friends, no survivors, no guilt, just fruitless crushes on service industry employees that leave them with turbulent nightmares.

No. 239000

File: 1455851558401.png (16.96 KB, 501x284, capture-20160219-050728.png)

I find it hard to believe the life she is living would meet even her own expectations. It's not even life.

No. 239052

There are far more reasons behind gossiping than just jealousy. You're either very young, very stupid, or both.

No. 239056

Okay Skeletor, there's nothing to be jealous of tbh, I'm only interested in you like someone who can't look away from a train wreck. We know how it's going to end, but it's too horrible to look away from.

That being said, I keep an eye on Ash to remind myself my life could be worse. I could be a chair dwelling screeching hob goblin pathetic excuse of a human being, like you. That's what my nightmares are made of.

Go vomit somewhere else you crusty old sack of bugs and bones.

No. 239057

I know, right? Like is this leading to some tumlbr pedo acceptance thing. BPD takes a pretty high toll on the person, but pedophilia takes a high toll on others. Go figure.


No. 239121

Ash regrets the phone call!

No. 239127

Funny how that's the only thing she could possibly not regret instead of regretting that she's a shitty human being who shits on everyone.

No. 239130

What phone call does Ashley regret making?

No. 239132

Probably the one with Erika where she was harassing her.

No. 239136

She called Erika before Erika went inpatient once and said some malicious things.

No. 239143

Wow, rough week for Ashley - first her rabbit dies, now Harper Lee.

No. 239144

No. 239146

No. 239148

Does Erika have any accounts these days? I haven't been on lolcow in months.

No. 239156

Looking at Ash's twitter, she keeps implying the Neko Astume cats are doing sexual deeds. Is this her way of having a sex life?

She also hashtagged something as #blackcatlivesmatter, probably because black lives mattering is a joke to her.

No. 239165

according to secret_livez, she has some IG accounts but she didn't give out the names. IDK how accurate that is.

No. 239175


There was an IG, but there are no post for many months. I think it is smart to take recovery off the internet. She is weight restored and doing well.

No. 239176

Well, we all know she's a raging racist, so you're not too far off.

No. 239230

Well if that's true, that's great.

No. 239240

File: 1455922144253.jpg (113.54 KB, 577x600, mkayash.jpg)

Why would Erika stand up for Ash? What an idiot.

No. 239280

No. 239324

I am literally so. fucking. bored. of Ash's ~*mysterious*~ act. Like holy fuck you're able to keep some secrets off the internet congrats wow so cool.

On a serious note: Ashley, I am truly sorry that you started overexposing yourself at a young age. I really am. It's about time you learn, however, that not everyone goes through that. Being able to hide one or two things from the internet is not an achievement. It's fucking basic, and I mean that in the sense that most people don't even think about it when they keep certain information off the internet. Please stop patting yourself on the spine for the few times you do manage to keep a "secret."

No. 239473

File: 1455995195534.png (3.61 KB, 480x109, capture-20160220-210456.png)

this made me laugh, just think how bad Ash herself must stink gagging

No. 239501

File: 1456009101241.png (501.81 KB, 485x587, 20160221-005459.png)

Why doesn't she buy a new wig already…….. Although that one suits her mummy style pretty well.

No. 239507

What's funny is how it bothers everyone so much. How does it impact you? lol. Kinda sad that's the only milk you can get from her. Pathetic cow is what she is. Off to a new thread!

No. 239509

Don't you have a grave to fill?

No. 239530

Why you calling yourself a pathetic cow, Ashley?

No. 239531

How is this girl still alive after all this time?

No. 239534

She sold her soul to the devil, kek.

No. 239546

Are we supposed to care what her one and only regret is? Is it supposed to eat (kek) at me at night, knowing that she'll "never tell?"

This cow's powdered milk is unsatisfactory.

No. 239550

are we sure she is still alive anon. it's a day by day proposition

No. 239560

None of her selfies turn out halfway decent because she's destroyed her body and REFUSES TO BUY A NEW GODDAMN WIG.

I remember that fiasco on the last thread where she claimed she dyed her hair purple. She just used an app to color a photo. Same damn wig, back to brown for the next selfie.

So much delusion for a ten pound skeleton.

No. 239574

Can't she wash it? Surely that's not hard.

No. 239586

File: 1456043709797.jpg (150.63 KB, 640x640, 11055681_1560041787602392_2050…)

I don't even know anymore

No. 239587

File: 1456043767281.jpg (80.92 KB, 640x640, 11226878_394965897357958_19158…)

No. 239588

At least to the salute properly.

No. 239589

she could learn a thing or two from sasha

No. 239591


GOD she's like the one lolcow i can't even with because she's straight up close to death

No. 239595

File: 1456046523737.jpg (77.71 KB, 447x600, blue dye my ass.jpg)

No, she didn't use an app. She has a blue wig that's cut to the same style.
That fake ask.fm posted this photo 2 years ago (https://ask.fm/dearxatticus/answers/110026903344)
She claimed to dye her hair April 16th and 25th, 2015. Yet it's the exact same shade and length all three times. When her hair "fades back to brown," there is no sign of it having been dyed.
As such, the blue is a different wig.

No. 239597


Nice Marco cosplay
just needs shorter hair

No. 239618

Of course you can was a synthetic wig. Skelly just probably refuses to.

No. 239621

>each year I'm more aware of who I am, what I want and what I stand for
>every new day learning what makes me happy and feel accomplished

Literally all she does is b/p, take selfies in target, manipulate people & attention seek online and be a bitch to her mom

No. 239626

I want to take this girl home and feed her until she's weight restored.

No. 239630

LOLOL, she's psycho. I'd rather try to have her committed.

No. 239633

File: 1456070124080.png (376.46 KB, 540x960, purple.png)

Ah, well last time it was purple, so either way she used an app to color it. Probably easier to re-color blue, though, so I'm sure you're right.

No. 239634

I'm sure her mom thought the same thing for a long time.

No. 239635

yikes, 'spooky' is right

No. 239637

No apps anon. She just wastes money on lots and lots of dumb shit

No. 239639

What? you can clearly see the purple splotch on her glasses that got colored by the app.

No. 239640

File: 1456072180566.jpg (252.35 KB, 1170x615, blue dye my ass comparison.jpg)

What >>239637 said. I'm certain those are two separate wigs too.
Here's a comparison photo of the times she's worn the blue wig. Now look at the purple wig. It, while a similar style, is still a bit different, particularly in the bangs. It sits awkwardly stiff, so it was probably cheaper than the blue one.

No. 239641

More likely a reflection.

No. 239647

File: 1456075159203.png (423.84 KB, 371x497, capture-20160221-191430.png)

Nope. That's most definitely a purple wig, not an app. Although she claimed to have her hair dyed, lol. Has Ash ever actually admitted her hair is a wig? (Except that blue one) I mean, of course it is, that's obvious but does she want people to believe it's her real hair?

No. 239649

I wear glasses and I've colored my hair pretty much every color of the rainbow. never once have I gotten anything like that splotch. And notice how the splotch is much, much lighter than the surrounding purple. If it was a reflection, it should have been a similar color.

No. 239650

She's so fucking nightmarish to look at :/

No. 239652

It's a reflection from something else than her hair/wig… You know what a reflection is?

No. 239654

Yes, I do. I don't think it's a reflection, though. Doesn't matter. Ash has never admitted her hair is a wig.

No. 239655

Imagine if Ashley and Himeka went wig shopping together! I would pay money to see that shit.

No. 239657

she's got a beautiful mouth but it looks so out of place on that skeleton face. no matter how many pics of her i see, i'm shocked every single time.

No. 239658

I agree, but only when it's closed. Once it's open though, the remaining teeth she has are just horrific.

No. 239659

I wonder why Ash doesn't wear dentures. She wears a wig, so why not false teeth that would make her mouth look better?

No. 239663

It amazes me that she goes out. If I were a child, she would scare me to death. I wonder how many mothers run away from her to proect their kids' eyes.

No. 239682

Maybe because wigs can literally cost under 20$, and dentures can literally cost over 2,000$ lol. Fucking idiot.

No. 239687

I'm not an idiot, insurance, including Medicaid which surely Ash gets, convers medical equipment including dentures. Do you think old people are sitting on top of a pile of money when they get them? no.

No. 239688

likely very, very few. most people would do the normal thing and tell their kids not to stare. if you have to move your kid every time you see someone deathly ill, I pity you.

No. 239690

She doesn't seem to go out that often, though.

No. 239691

Yes Ash, we know that.

No. 239787

Ash, buy yourself a new wig while you're at it.

No. 239791

Or maybe it's because spoopy skeletons don't need teeth because they don't eat. I'm sure any "food"(see garbage junk food) you do it is soft or you swallow whole cause who needs to chew their food into smaller pieces when you're just going to puke it back up anyway?

No. 239818

Maybe so she doesn't binge?

No. 239821

I can see features in her face that usually aren't visible except during dissection.

No. 239852

I'm glad to see you've never purged. Though I completely agree that any food she has is likely soft or swallowed whole. That's why she was asking for a baby blender, after all.

No. 239859

That would explain the mac and cheese fondness.

No. 239924

That first sentence sounds super passive aggressive so I just wanted to let you know that occasionally we do take the piss out of her from time to time.

No. 239941

That's exactly it.

Ah, sorry. I can see how it would sound that way. I just meant that purgers do want their food smaller, and I'm happy the other anon doesn't seem to know that. I should have phrased it differently.

No. 240018

File: 1456179880065.png (7.31 KB, 481x166, lwowd.png)

lol Ash you bitch

No. 241019

This thread has been so quiet, has the impossible finally happened?

No. 241020

One can only hope.

No. 241024

File: 1456321969067.png (28.91 KB, 499x447, vomit.png)

Nah she's just been a bit boring again.

On a side note I can't help but wonder if this ask is a troll to get to eat. Either way, I feel a bit queasy thinking about her eating on video.

No. 241026

Ughhh, no thanks.

No. 241064

I'm hoping it's a troll. Surely no one can be so delusional as to think she doesn't have "time" to do the videos. She isn't doing food reviews because she isn't eating.

No. 241070

File: 1456331404352.jpg (27.98 KB, 579x168, really ash.jpg)

Also this is just… what the absolute fuck. Ashley has never worked a day in her life, and she certainly gets things for free from the government.
Where does she get off agreeing with this? Or is it more, "you millenials need to work because I'm exempt"? Either way, get over yourself, Ash. You can talk again when you've actually had a job.

No. 241074

File: 1456332278334.jpg (8.72 KB, 247x247, 1445099492528.jpg)

As if she could make herself MORE like something out of a horror movie, she's a republican as well?

No. 241094

>democrats & millenials
But there are republican millenials too. There are probably millenials in every political group. It just means people born within a certain time period, it's not a political view.

How old is she anyway? I thought she fell within the millenial category, though I guess that doesn't prove the tweet wrong, since she's a scumbag moocher.

No. 241107

Yes she's a millennial herself too, she's 25.

No. 241108

File: 1456337590539.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, caligirl5everr.jpg)

When you finish laughing at Ash the moocher's stance on mooching, take a look at this caligirl5everr. She's just another fruitless crush who'll eventually betray Ash even though Ash gives so much.

No. 241112

>ash gives so much

hey, ash. is that your next victim?

No. 241504

I think Ashley is either 5ft or 5ft1 and if she weighs 36 pounds. It puts her BMI between 6.8-7.0

No. 241505

Secret_livez said she was 41 lbs, and that seems about right. There's really no doubt she is incredibly emaciated. What is impressive is how long she's been able to live in this state.

No. 241511

I wonder how she is staying alive for as long as she is. She should consider everyday a gift. People have died of much higher BMIS then Ashleys that suffer from eating disorders.. I wonder if some of her binge food sticks to her since she is more bulimic then anorexic

No. 241512

People with EDs who die at normal or moderately underweight BMIs usually die of cardiac problems caused by electrolyte imbalances or wasted cardiac muscle. For them to happen you either have to be B/Ping regularly or eating as close to nothing as possible for extended periods. This is obviously just speculation, but I think Ash probably eats just enough to cover her hibernation-mode organ function and very rarely actually B/Ps, so there's less strain on her heart than a long-term bulimic or someone who's indefinitely fasting.

No. 241528

File: 1456428957893.jpeg (102.77 KB, 194x326, image.jpeg)

Ash has never worked for a day in her life. She's never been to university. TRASHLEY, EVERYTHING YOU GET IS FREE AND FROM THE GOVERNMENT YOU LYING HYPOCRITE GO PURGE SOME MAC N CHEESE

No. 241555

I feel like sweet pea weighs more than ash

No. 241591

Ashley does not want to even attempt recovery, it is sad so many people tried to help her with buying her gift cards to her favorite restaurants and stores, which later gets flushed down the toilet.. She is probably happy living her teenage dream of being the skinniest anorexic… Question of the day… How much money to you think Ashley has gotten in gift cards, goodies, and everything else she received from people online hoping they can help her???

No. 241615

I don't really follow her that closely, but has she ever said she's going to attempt recovery or even tried - even pretended to try - or does she just milk her ED for food and money?

No. 241616

I bet it's more than anyone whoever applied for welfare ever got. But you know, it's the Democrats and millennials who think everything should be free, certainly not Ash.

No. 241624

oooh and Ash's beloved Japan gives out quite a bit of "free stuff" to their citizens…especially their disabled ones! Ash could actually live well there. But I'm sure she is actually against that, because she is against getting things for free when you do not work for them. She would never approve of being so entitled.


No. 241646

'Question of the day'
This isn't Instagram. Get the fuck out.

No. 241762

File: 1456455775801.jpeg (96.38 KB, 375x500, image.jpeg)

Sweet pea could overpower Ash easily.

No. 241781

that poor dog is so fat…

No. 241786

Newfag here, has Ash ever talked about any of treatment besides outpatient therapy? I asked her on tumblr but was ignored. I only ask because she looks a lot like a girl I was impatient with.

No. 241796

File: 1456462861874.jpg (138.16 KB, 479x640, sweetpeathelegend.jpg)

Sweet pea probably isn't a dog at all, tbh. But she's actually lost a good amount of weight.

(I'll stop talking about Frank's dogs now, sorry guys.)

No. 241798

unclench your anus

No. 241835

File: 1456465488710.png (433.07 KB, 2048x2048, image.png)