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File: 1456565239247.png (579.91 KB, 915x591, Screenshot (157).png)

No. 242365

shes bringing venus again

No. 242366

She's contradicting herself. Again. She's such an idiot. It's only a matter of time until this is deleted off her account. Lol

No. 242367

File: 1456565711118.png (310.14 KB, 299x353, capture_002_27022016_013435.pn…)

she's really losing her shit

No. 242368

shes losing it big time omg her real self is showing >>242367

No. 242369

File: 1456565799065.jpeg (101.15 KB, 640x748, image.jpeg)

No. 242370

She is seriously having the biggest meltdown so far on that post in the comment section. The bitch is basically admitting that she alienated Venus from her father and both of her half siblings. Sick.

No. 242371

File: 1456565828689.png (184.83 KB, 282x223, capture_005_27022016_013613.pn…)

No. 242372

I screenshotted this too, just in case!
She's really insane.

No. 242373

File: 1456565959015.jpeg (300.73 KB, 1279x1479, image.jpeg)

No. 242374

File: 1456566002387.jpeg (295.17 KB, 1261x1463, image.jpeg)

Start screenshotting, farmers.

No. 242376

she cant stand her making money without her, she needs to learn to let her go like damnn margo
i screenshotted the image >>242365 and posted it here inn case she decides to delete it and change up the story

No. 242378

Venus hasn't replied to anything Margo is saying lately

No. 242379

File: 1456566192205.jpeg (304.2 KB, 1276x1459, image.jpeg)

No. 242380

File: 1456566208921.jpeg (275.36 KB, 1260x1483, image.jpeg)

No. 242381

File: 1456566227383.jpeg (295.3 KB, 1244x1466, image.jpeg)

No. 242382

File: 1456566258878.jpeg (318.12 KB, 1249x1477, image.jpeg)

Where she basically admits that she's chirping out because she's running out of money.

No. 242383

It's so creepy how she slowly starts to give all the private information about her daughter. Her surname, the fact that she has half siblings…

No. 242384

File: 1456566368135.jpg (106.11 KB, 657x844, Screenshot_2016-02-27-09-43-24…)

"b-but she makes CLICKBAIT!!1!"

No. 242385

File: 1456566372151.jpeg (326.09 KB, 1252x1475, image.jpeg)

Am I reading that right? CNN? Lmao if that's even true, MarGendo is fucked and going to jail for tax evasion.

No. 242386

Gee I wonder why?

No. 242387

I see that Margendo is in full psycho mode. I hope she goes to the river soon.

No. 242388

File: 1456566511698.jpeg (102.25 KB, 1283x601, image.jpeg)

She still doesn't know what the fuck that word means, she's just mad that the world knows what kind of monster she really is. If they do go on TV about this, then good. There needs to be awareness about this kind of evil shit.

No. 242389

I think she's drunk or something

No. 242390

So where does the name Palermo come from, if it’s not Venus's father’s surname or Margo's?

No. 242391

File: 1456566638483.jpeg (167.71 KB, 1274x888, image.jpeg)

She's dangerously crazy right now… I'm glad she doesn't know where Venus is because Jesus fucking CHRIST.

No. 242392


Wait, Why "Neuenschwander" ??
Her fathers Name is "Palermo" , right ?

No. 242393

I don't get it either right now. I remember Gendo saying her husband was adopted by a Swiss-Italian family but you know Gendo… She lies about everything.

No. 242394

I think she drinks and becomes abusive when she's drunk.
Or maybe she's bipolar!
Sometimes she acts "normal" then she goes full mental mode

No. 242395

File: 1456567065290.png (355.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-27-10-50-57…)


"No Honey I had a Check up (to test whether she's crazy or not) and got a job as a engine driver"

Shes loosing it

No. 242398

I like babushka pussy.(spam)

No. 242399

Margo needs a breathalizer for her phone.

No. 242400

So, her father's last name is neuenschwander and not palermo? Venus should be venus neuenschwander or koncz. Or did I got it wrong?

No. 242401

Aaaaand she deleted the post. Called it. I'm glad I screenshot the insanity.

No. 242402

Is manaki a cuck?

No. 242404

Doubt it.
Unless you count talking to other men as cheating.

No. 242405

File: 1456568678343.jpeg (135.49 KB, 1267x500, image.jpeg)

Now it's just Gendo's stans trying to stand up for her in her latest photo without a caption along with other nuts wanting Manaki's Instagram to harass him about "being a creepy stalker." I wonder if Gendo is over there sobering up.

No. 242406

No you have it right. Koncz is Margaret's maiden name and apparently Neuenschwander is Venus' father's surname. Maybe Margaret changed her (and Venus') surname to Palermo after marriage (maybe due to family issues or even thinking she'd get more jobs in Switzerland with it than Koncz?). You could speculate about it all day honestly.

No. 242407

Yeah, that's really odd. Why did she do that? Maybe Margo married again because it is quite expensive to change the last name. It is all so bizarre

No. 242408

Such a demented bitch.

No. 242409

Well, Margo is nuts. Even lying about her last name. Does she lived in a fantasyworld?

No. 242410

Morbid reality, is this really happening? :(

No. 242411

Meh it was really funny at first but i feel like marg needs to get help before she finally loses it completely

No. 242412

File: 1456569604718.jpeg (83.7 KB, 1271x374, image.jpeg)

Margaret is making sock puppet accounts to defend herself. AGAIN.

No. 242413



What if venus's father name was at first Palermo and he re-married and now has the name Neuenschwander? It do happens that dudes change their names after they marry. But whatever - maggot needs to go to the mental hospital for REAL now omg.

No. 242414

What are japanese mental institutions like? Do they even have them?

No. 242415

Your fuckin liar face?
How old is this woman?

No. 242416

File: 1456569693713.gif (411.81 KB, 500x262, Maggot right now.gif)

>Manaki is gatekeeper

How about "Manaki is Venus' knight in shining armor", you crazy old dragon lady?

>I hope Manaki abuse you

>you fuckin liar face

Waaaa waaaa I'm such an excellent mother I will not be satisfied until my daughter's husband abuses her!


Venus shouldn't react to the crazy cow at all. It's the only way for the river to win.

>Manaki keeps her under control

More like Manaki keeps her safe from a raging lunatic. I was neutral before all this started but I'm all team manaki now.

>she bullies me!

She won't let me exploit her, her body, her bank account, her labor, and her sexuality anymore, waaaaaaaaah!

Could Palermo be just a name Margot invented, like the crazy coot that she is? If I were Venus I'd change my name to my dad's, just to fuck with Magoo. It's a pity Venus probably isn't as trolly as I'd like her to be.

I think she's nuts. Certifiably crazy. Is she in Japan or in Korea now? Once we know where she is, it's really a good idea for someone to notify the authorities that there's a psychotic foreigner on the loose.

Margot as a traindriver? Trainwreck is all she's capable of.

This milk is making me fat. We're gonna need more Whaambulances.

No. 242417

Yeah, I remember when everything was lulzy and fun to laugh about it. But now? I can't even cringe anymore, it's just sad snd nothing else.

No. 242418

File: 1456569739812.jpeg (79.93 KB, 1267x323, image.jpeg)

Oh, Margaret… You make yourself too obvious. Private account, no posts and following two obvious accounts. I'm starting to wonder if she's on drugs,

No. 242419

LOL at the name. Littlebaby fawn hahaha, that shit made me actually laugh

No. 242420

Gendo is still in Japan. I don't know if they'd take it seriously though. They claim they have a low crime rate but that's because the cops are notorious for not doing a thing.

No. 242421

Is this a thing anyone knows about?

No. 242422

File: 1456570033920.jpg (30.77 KB, 778x502, maggot.JPG)


follows only two people mmmhh

No. 242423


I can't call the cops and tell them there's a psychotic foreigner somewhere vaguely in Tokyo. Let's face it, at any given moment there's probably about fifty psychotic foreigners in Tokyo. It needs to be detailed and specific, but if Margendo starts making threats online, they will track her IP and they will appear on her doorstep. Death threats online in Japan = automatic police visit.

No. 242424

It's not which leads me to believe it's Gendo. She also made a sock puppet account to defend herself over how she "deserves" to be paid money for being Venus' do nothing manager.

No. 242425

Does she think this makes her look any better? Normal adults don't scream at their bosses about problems with their children. What the fuck?

No. 242429

File: 1456570427358.gif (450.79 KB, 275x270, firecrotch.gif)

Like all stage parents deserve their kids' lifeblood because abusive parasites have feelings too.

No. 242430

oh i hope she makes a death threat soon then. Also wtf i go to sleep and come back to this!! goddamn gendo

No. 242431

At least you have some disturbing caps to wake up to!

Anyway, she makes more crazy ass posts, has another meltdown or does anything with that sock puppet account, someone screenshot it. I'm going to bed.

No. 242432

Shit margo. I know everything about your private life. I know your ex husband full name, where he lives, that he has 2 kids. I know everything about your parents and siblings and I know manakis emailaddress. Anything more you want to tell the world? Wtf is wrong with her

No. 242433

Link to previous thread?

No. 242434

She hasn't literally shown us her asshole yet, but we'll get it eventually.

No. 242435

Shit, she's really spiraling. This is getting scary.

No. 242436

No. 242437

>I hope Manaki is going to abuse you
Literally all you need to read to know what kind of a disgusting human she is.
Who tells their own child they hope they get abused?

No. 242438

>She hasn't literally shown us her asshole yet, but we'll get it eventually.
But Margaret's posted selfies plenty of time

No. 242439

I think she went silent for the time being to try convincing idiots that the littlebaby_fawn account is a separate person to those two people wanting proof of the abuse. That or she's gearing up for yet another psychotic episode with "proof" that will once again, make herself look bad and Venus look good.

No. 242440

The name Palermo is probably of her own invention.

There's a shitload of Neuenschwanders in that region, and thousands of other surnames, but not a single Palermo. Sauce: http://portraitarchiv.genealogie-zentral.ch/h_freetour.php?sprache=de&mitF2=Fname&Fname=%25Neuenschwander

No. 242441

"such a thing" wasn't that… kanadajins catchphrase? Is it a crazy person thing?

No. 242442

File: 1456571680929.jpg (133.92 KB, 710x1034, christoph-neuenschwander-wird-…)


I think I've found Venus' uncle. I'm going to stop now because this is getting into stalker territory.

No. 242446

About the name thing, is it possible that Marge was married before meeting Venus' dad and never changed her name, so Venus ended up with it too?
Or she divorced him a long time ago, contrary to what she said previously, and remarried but kept that poor guy's name?

No. 242447

Seriously! How in the fuck does she expect anyone to think she's the victim when she says shit like this.
Each thing she says about Venus and the situation gives more proof that she's a monster.
How much deeper can she dig this hole?

No. 242448

he reminds me of dwight from the office.

No. 242449

She really sees herself as a victim here. She reminds me of pedophiles who say it's the child's fault and that they were seduced by the child, because obviously, they're innocent and the child wanted it. Same with this woman. I actually do think that in her opinion, she's the victim.

No. 242450

I laughed a lot when Margo was making fun of the comments, replying with "hahaha ok" and stuff, but then when someone told her "I have all the screencaps of what you said and then deleted" she was like "that isn't fun!"

No. 242451

File: 1456573412437.jpg (362.74 KB, 921x591, CUTE WIG.jpg)

No. 242452

Additionaly her no content sky pic has been removed.

No. 242454

I found even more. Her dad looks ok, but the rest of the family wasnt blessed with beauty. I also found her Sister/half sister? Maybe Venus is not her only child, her latest posts made me thinking of that

No. 242455

File: 1456573925152.gif (105.44 KB, 380x506, slutty troll doll.gif)

No. 242456

did anyone add venus on snapchat?

No. 242457

That could be too.

I did, but she didn't accept me yet

No. 242458

What's her snapchat?

No. 242459

File: 1456574494500.jpg (113.24 KB, 277x434, Marglish.jpg)

No. 242460

File: 1456574526546.png (837.83 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


She's only sent 3 similar looking selfies + video. Cute af tho.

No. 242461

This jassyrose85 is a freak. She defends Margo in every photo.
I've never seen Margo replying to her anyway, except for now.

No. 242462


She made the same pictures for months and only after ditching her mother do you all find her cute? But ages ago she was yhe worst thing under the sun.

No. 242463

Hello, Cordelia :)

No. 242464

I don't think she looked as cute as now, few months/years ago.
She looks better now in my opinion!

No. 242465

File: 1456575427014.gif (725.13 KB, 353x400, げんどうのピンクチラシ.gif)

Her style doesn't look as forced as back when Gendo was still trying to sell her virginity to a rich old man.

No. 242466

I personally have always thought she's been cute.
I was just pointing out that she's only sent 3 of the same thing over Snapchat, but that they're all cute so it's okay. Chill bro.

No. 242467

File: 1456575747127.jpg (70.53 KB, 304x257, You the plural.jpg)

No. 242468


Jassyrose is seeing some weird goatee guy, no wonder she's nuts.

No. 242469

File: 1456576287211.jpg (53.02 KB, 306x193, Changed for bad.jpg)

No. 242472

File: 1456576836893.jpg (19.11 KB, 360x217, gatekeeper.jpg)

>Manaki is gate keeper

No. 242473

Dont worry, she deleted it like a responsible adult.

No. 242474

Is she trying to flatter her now or what is going on?

No. 242475

She's cute without the kawaii hooker makeup. Also have a suspicion that the haters are keeping more quiet right now since Venus is clearly the victim in this situation

No. 242476

Shit, deleted my post. The fuck

No. 242477

File: 1456577310237.jpg (107.13 KB, 600x1004, Tne Book of Margaret.jpg)


She's making it sound as if Manaki is Scientology.

It's really typical of mothers with personality disorders to have vicious freak-outs, and five minutes later pretend nothing happened. While the kids are still reeling from the abuse. Maggot is a textbook example of this book, first she tries to drown Venus in vinegar, and when that doesn't work, she brings out a spoon of honey. Wash, rinse, repeat.

No. 242478

I think its some sort of wierd responce to Venus dying her hair.

No. 242479


For margo, apparently talking/hanging out with anyone except her is cheating

No. 242481


She's trying to make it sound as if Manaki brainwashed her. The implication is that they found a wig in Korea that was like her "real hair", but Venus didn't want it because she felt it made her a different person. Now she announced that she wants to go back to her natural color.

Because you know, wearing a wig is basically the same thing as having natural hair . It's not like one of them is artificial or anything.

No. 242484

Venus, we were so happy in korea looking at wigs! You didnt have to move away to dye your hair.

No. 242486

Yes and she posted a tiny clip of her thanking everybody for adding her and for all the kind messages she recived. She actually seemed genuienly grateful

No. 242487

I think she has yet to accept me if I can't see her story. I always thought she'd be great on Snapchat.

No. 242489

WTF is this shit Margo. This ridiculous behaviour just reinforces in Venus' mind that she made the right choice in leaving. How Margs can even think Venus will come back after that train ride to crazy fuck town… Margs is off her rocker. Definitely time for professional help.

No. 242491

Margo has gone completely off the fucking rails. She needs serious long term help. Keep being a cunt, it'll just drive Venus more and more away from you.

No. 242493


Nail on the head! I wonder if that was what made Venus decide to dump the crazy bitch. I imagine it went like this:

Maggot & Vee move to Korea, have to live in a hovel and sleep in the same bed.

Maggot: "You're sleeping with me! Just married and already cheating on your husband with your own mother, teehee!"

Venus: "…"

Maggot: "What would Manaki say if he knew you sleep with your mother?"

Venus: "…"

[End of scene I]—

The next day, Venus & the Loon take some pictures with some random Korean dudes.

Maggot: "Smile for dee picture, Venoos! Smile wider, bigger! SMILE FOR GOD'S SAKE!"

Venus: "…"

Later, at the Starbucks. "Look at you smiling with this Korean, Venoos."

Venus: "…"

Maggot: "It looks like you're flirting."

Venus: "…"

Maggot: "Oh yes, I think you like this Korean more than Manaki."

Venus: "…"

Maggot: "What would Manaki say if he knew you're already cheating on him, hm? Hm? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?"

No. 242494

File: 1456581252649.png (824.75 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Do you guys want constant Snapchat updates, or just stuff that's potentionally juicy?

No. 242495


No. 242497

I'm neutral on it. Venus is cute and Manaki has to practice his smile, but for the milk there's really only Margendo. It doesn't look as if Venus will be baited into having a public freak-out any time soon, and that's good for her.

No. 242500

Cops won't get involved in a foreigner vs foreigner disputes and At most if it gets bad she'll be deported. She doesn't even have a proper visa for Japan.

>mental institution

Again they're not going to admit a random European lady with no semi-perma visa

No. 242501

No. 242503

I await the day we see Margo deported from Japan or even better, banned from ever visiting again.

No. 242506

She could be the star of the next Japanese horror film, the abusive mother left behind by her daughter who goes insane, drowns in the river and awakens as a demonic spirit to haunt happy young couples, stalk their social media and consume their souls so she may be young, kawaii and alive again.

No. 242507

Couple questions however
Where is mags living?
How is she affording to be in Japan?
What does manaki do for a living?
Does Venus have the spouse visa yet?
Also while I appreciate Venus was able to get away from her momzilla I think manaki is suspect as hell. Just like Himezawa, Venus married a fan only knowing him for a few months.

No. 242509

I wonder if he'll reach out to Venus if someone let's him know what her crazy mother is doing.

No. 242510

>Where is mags living?

The doghouse.

>How is she affording to be in Japan?


>What does manaki do for a living?

Seishain with Panasonic. Maggot doesn't know how the system works and calls him a factory worker.

>Does Venus have the spouse visa yet?

No, it can take up to half a year, and then it still won't be permanent. First you get a three year visa, if you divorce during that period, it's not renewed. If your marriage sounds shifty to immigration, they come snooping in your garbage and questioning your neighbors. They want pictures where both partners are on, and they might quiz them on how well they know each other. They'll be fine.

No. 242511

Sage for same-fagging: while you wait for your spouse visa to be approved, you're allowed to stay in Japan. The stamp in your passport will say something like "being processed, waiting for approval".

No. 242514

File: 1456585073113.jpg (104.09 KB, 561x623, ss (2016-02-27 at 09.54.57).jp…)

She seriously looks like she's been crying in the new instagram pic.
It's most likely coincidental, but I'd like to think it's not, that whenever Marg starts flipping out hardcore she posts a smiling picture with Manaki. Like a silent jab at Muggles.

No. 242515

They both look pretty sad in this picture. Is it possible that crazy bitch somehow managed to do something harmful to them?

No. 242516

I think they're just reading the terrible things Marg is saying

No. 242517

Well, she said she's hoping Venus gets abused by Manaki.
That's already pretty hurtful.

No. 242518

I think she also looks weird bc she erased her eyebags with meitu or whatever app she uses. But yeah, they look kinda serious/sad.

No. 242519

File: 1456586181170.jpg (134.11 KB, 720x1120, _20160227_161454.jpg)

Previous pic looks happier tho

No. 242521

1.Margaret seems to still be wandering around Tokyo, staying at hostels and drinking away.
2.Since she was originally in charge of Venus' earnings, she probably had a fair amount of money saved in her bank account. I believe Venus' new account is for her most recent earnings and she didn't transfer everthing from Korea.
3.Manaki worked in a factory since he was 18. Supposedly he has quit that job. He may have a new job/in the process of getting one. 4.Spousal visa approval can be a case by case basis, depending on where you were married, previous visas, certificate of eligibility, proofs of relationship, family, etc… Some people are approved within weeks, others months, some within years. Kanadajin3 was able to get one in her sham 2 month marriage. It's possible Venus received a spouse visa within 3 months, which is common.
*I don't know the truth about the legitimacy of their marriage, but they first met at Disneyland, about 2 years before their original marriage announcement.

No. 242522

We're like twins? A weird thing to say for a couple. Can't imagine there's actually any romantic/sexual attraction between them, seems more like a friendship to me.

No. 242523

That's really not that weird. I'd say stuff like that to my bf.

No. 242524

Drop the armchair diagnosis already. You've been talking about this shit in the past few threads

No. 242525

I don't think she has BPD. She has something else if anything. She's probably an alcoholic who regrets having had venus because she's prettier, smarter, funnier and so on. She is crazy and she hits things for BPD like many other personality disorders do. They overlap.

No. 242526

Imagine going out with your SO, having a good time, being so happy. And then coming home to find that your(or your partner's) crazy mother left you hundreds of awful messages on the internet or something like that. I don't know about you, but I'd cry, ESPECIALLY if things were going GREAT before I found about those awful things. My husband would be really sad too.
So I think that could be the reason they are so happy on one pic and so sad on the next one.

Nah, It's a pretty common thing to say/think about your SO if you two are similar.

No. 242529

requesting edit of mufasa's death with margo and her sister

No. 242536

Nah, Venus is Margo's only child but of course her father married again, thus Venus got siblings.

No. 242540

File: 1456592383384.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.49 KB, 1080x1080, dick.jpg)

have fun ;)

No. 242543

This website is 18+, and you're like 12, what are you doing here?

No. 242545

>ur like 12 lol

No. 242546

pls spoiler and sage unfunny edits ty

No. 242558

don't you have to wake up for jr high, anon? get out.

No. 242559

im so worried about venus i really really hope margo goes to the river

No. 242566

File: 1456596150958.jpg (58 KB, 259x220, 1432394148485.jpg)

>Venus & the Loon

No. 242568

After all we have witnessed, i wouldn't be at all surprised if this was the actual dialogue.

No. 242571

Jfc this is such a trainwreck, I feel unclean just watching this dysfunctional mother-daughter relationshit rot in public eye.
Venus is so fucked.
If Manaki falls through she literally just has a youtube channel to her name and some weebshit.

No. 242572

Whoever made the OP really dropped the ball. Never make another OP ever again.

No. 242574

Yeah, I think they rushed it to try and keep up as the milk was flowing. It's not very good.

No. 242578

The sad thing is she probably thinks this for real.

No. 242582

Agreed. OP, if you're new this is okay but you could've pasted the last OP post or at least linked the previous thread.

No. 242585

I hope that Margo goes so crazy that they end up on dr. Phil or some similar TV show. So she humiliates herself on TV instead of just her instagram where she can delete everything.

No. 242586


or at least makes a video of herself for her channel. Btw I'm still kinda butt-hurt that the live stream never happend. Imagine the things she could have said.

No. 242588

Haha! Oh yeah. That live stream was the beginning of all this madness.

I wonder if we are able to generate enough interest in this story We can get some tv people to contact Margo. She wouldn't be able to resist the opportunity to be on tv. Would she?

No. 242590

She wouldn't be able to resist. Maybe she'll go and whine to Jeremy Kyle - I can see it now. "My ABUSIVE daughter was BRAINWASHED by her boyfriend!"

No. 242593

>Manaki forbids us to meet
Blessed Manaki

No. 242609

>all you want is her money
>Omg! So right!

fuck me

No. 242613

he's giving me james spader + jack nicholson vibes

No. 242628

File: 1456608671111.jpeg (90.1 KB, 480x272, jeremykyle.jpeg)


I'd piss my fucking self if she did that and then Jeremy Kyle can tear her apart piece by piece like he usually does with the scumbags of the Earth once the truth comes out.

No. 242633

I seriously need this in my life now.

No. 242635


Jeremy would have a go at her mum and then at Manaki for being a creeper at Disney land + the stalking.

"You go that way, Margo you go that way"


No. 242636

File: 1456609128149.jpg (16.19 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Is there a serious chance that Jeremy Kyle would spark some interest in the story like maggot's one if somebody would contact "him"? On the other hand I think that maggot would be better on jerry springer or steve wilkos.

No. 242637


Doubt it. I remember Venus and her mother on This Morning back when she went viral. Tbh though the presenter was a bit of a cunt and did sort of judge the way Venus dressed. What they didn't know what it was for Margo to milk her daughter. Venus looked creepy as fuck back then.

No. 242638


I find Manaki weird. I know we should give him a chance and support cos he's the 'best'. But I find him creepy and too good to be true tbh.

No. 242639


I know she wants awareness due to her mother. But I think these pictures are a bit ridiculous.

Crying and then just taking a picture? Jesus, Venus just fuck your mother off and ignore her ass. Stop giving Margo the benefit of the doubt.

No. 242641


Hardly looks any different

No. 242642


I wonder when Margo will get booted to the asylum?

No. 242645


I wouldn't be surprised if she has been crying. The way Margo is still carrying on and on as she's continuing to be a mega bitch this will keep bothering Venus. She's been through so much abuse it'll be one hell of a long road to recover from it all. I'm glad she's got at least one person in her life to keep her going strong. Manaki seems pretty genuine and caring.

No. 242652

Surely the best way to prove you're not abusive is to wish abuse upon your own daughter lol go Margo

Venus been looking hella pretty lately, it's lIke her skin cleared and her hair started to shine morr as soon as she got away from Margo

No. 242653

She cant go on Jeremy Kyle, I think she's got trouble for tax evasion in the UK so she can't go there. Maybe Dr Phil or Maury in USA

No. 242654


Now y'all exaggerating. She looks happier but despite dying her hair and actually engaging more with her followers, she looks the same. Venus just doesn't use Meitu as much anymore because she got away from that stupid doll shit.

She just looks as normal as she ever has in my eyes. No I am not salty and jelly, please don't start that up. Apologies if I don't bow down to Venus-sama.

No. 242655


Nah, she'll probably end up on some Japanese show. Idk if she'll make it as an idol or tarento because she's married.

No. 242656


Still kind of stupid to take a picture of crying. Goes for any e-fame person or whoever. If I was Venus, I really wouldn't show my mother my tears. Margo doesn't deserve the acknowledgement. Time Venus learnt that, I know it's her mother and she still loves her cos mother but… pfft.

No. 242658


That is true. She literally fled the UK, Dr Phil would be a great option kek. I wonder if Margo has plans to go to the media about her situation. "My crazed daughter ran off with a Japanese pedophile" or some shit.


No need to apologize. Venus does actually just look the same but just far more happier than she usually has been. Cuter clothes as well.

No. 242659

I'm so sure she didn't intend for her picture to look like she was crying. Don't make it out to be something it's not. She's not supermaryface.

No. 242660

You're such a weirdo conspiracy theorist.

No. 242662

What is Venus' snapchat?

No. 242664

do you guys need to do this in every thread?

No. 242666


its the same idiot(s?) that keep coming back from bans, pls report and move on before it escalates into derailing yet again

No. 242667

People generally date people who look similar to them subconsciously. It's not really weird.

No. 242670


Not really, I'm just telling it how it is. Cry and throw a picture out. She should just ignore her mother, with 1M subs under her belt. She's FINE.

She has Manaki, she has a new life and Youtube. Venus will be fine. I don't understand why so many worry about her. I think her mother will probably give up in the end, die or eventually fuck off.

No. 242671

Boys grew up watching Disney too, so it's not that much of a stretch that they would apply the 'some day my prince will come' to themselves in a way to find a girl to rescue. Let's face it, if anyone needed rescuing it was Venus. She couldn't have done it alone.

Now Manaki just has to supply the Happily Ever After. I think his ability to do this is why so many people watching this unfold have reservations.

No. 242672


gomen whiteknight-chans

No. 242673


Lol we can only find out and see.

No. 242674

Unless it was Manaki saying to her 'cheer up, it will be ok. Let's take a picture for the Fangelics so they know you're ok. Ready, let's smile and stay strong, hai chiisu!'

No. 242675


Doubt it. Margo isn't there, she's just harassing Venus from some other evil pit.

No. 242676


Unless Venus goes on a show and manages to gather up sympathy for a free house, computers and money from Jezza, Maury or whoever. Just like every other fucker who goes on the show, tells a sob story and gets free stuff.

No. 242680

This made me laugh my fucking ass off. Thank you anon.

No. 242682

If Maggot was in the UK, she would be able to sell her fake story to tons of shitty chav magazines - like she did with all the 'my daughter is a living doll' articles

No. 242683

Seriously? You might have a point if she'd posted a photo of her actually crying. It's pure speculation that this photo is of her after crying.

And given Margo's insane rants etc, it's not totally unimaginable that she'll bring legal action or some other wild behaviour soon. Yes, Venus is OK at the moment but it seems likely that drama will continue for quite some time.

No. 242687

File: 1456614119011.jpg (27.99 KB, 380x201, dr-phil.jpg)

my body is ready

No. 242693

Totally agree on the crying thing. Like fuck, she looks like she has a flat affect more than anything. At least wait for her to have actual tears and some emo af caption.

No. 242697


Every single one of those articles was pure fucking cringe. Poor kid didn't stand a chance once Margo realised she could make a quick buck selling her daughter out to such shitty magazines.

No. 242699

Ugh this dirty bitch

No. 242700


Yeah, seriously anon. Even if it's after crying, it still looks kind of pathetic. Again, she should just remove her mother from her life and carry on.

No. 242701

>he should just remove her mother from her life and carry on

isn't that what she's doing? i imagine you can't just wake up one day and just be over the emotional and physical abuse your narcissistic parent does to you. especially when that parent continues to harass you through the internet.

No. 242702


Ey! Don't knock it anon! There is TIME yet for that to happen… shame Japan doesn't have any dramatic shows like Jezza and DP though. I once shown a Jap friend of mine Jezza and she was distraught by it… "Why are they arguing?! This is so sad!"

Jesus they're sensitive.

No. 242703

You're assuming it's after crying though. I think the editing is what's making her look a little weird.

>she should just remove her mother from her life and carry on

Kinda seems like what she's doing right now anyway…

No. 242704


Alright, alright defensive. I can SEE she is trying to continue but I think the pictures where her and Manaki looking dead inside (after crying pictures or whatever you want to call them) are just kind of stupid? It's just what I think. Sorry to get your knickers in a twist and insult poor Venus.

Whoever does pictures like these, it's just daft. Her followers/subs KNOW what is happening right now.

I am only saying, it's best for her to ignore it and just keep posting happy shit. The more she posts happy shit the more it will piss her mother off? Get my logic.

No. 242705


Then again yeah, it could have been editing? Anon, we don't know. Someone said she was crying and apparently now it's been taken AFTER crying.

No. 242706

>The more she posts happy shit the more it will piss her mother off? Get my logic.
Yes. Thanks for finally shitting and getting off the pot.

No. 242708

I'm not defensive, you're just talking out of your ass. Everything you're saying Venus should be doing to move on is exactly what she's doing. She is ignoring all the awful shit Margendo is doing and posting happy stuff. The picture with her and Manaki looking dead is a weird/ creepy picture. But we don't know the context, and as other anons have said her eyes look really weird probably due to shitty editing she did.

No. 242710

Literally what she's trying to do?

Even if she looks like she was crying, which IMO she does, the picture obviously wasn't meant to look that way because she's smiling and there's a non-whiny caption.

Are you okay anon?

No. 242715

I can't imagine how liberating and amazing it must feel for Venus to no longer have her mother control every aspect of her life and be able to actually do what she wants to do without limitations or feeling guilty incase it upset mother dearest.

No. 242723

Yeah no, considering how long this was going on and Margo still trying to ruin Vens's life, she even may be a bit paranoid even with her mom gone as she tries to pop up everywhere.

No. 242725


Changing your first or last name is completely free in the UK so perhaps she did so whilst living here.

No. 242726


She isn't crying in that picture though…

No. 242727

File: 1456619821744.png (232.21 KB, 500x374, 3fb81c71929150b1a10ce32b14f9c0…)

No. 242731

a picture of instability.

No. 242734

>originally in charge of Venus' earnings … money saved in her bank account. I believe Venus' … didn't transfer everthing from Korea.

This is exactly what I think.

In last night's rant, which I had the fun of observing live, Margo says she currently has money but implies it's dwindling: "lawyer lol. With my last money I rather pay for fun".

No. 242736

It's not a matter of being sensitive. It's that in Japan airing your dirty laundry in public is the most mortifying thing they can do. That's why there are almost no actual reality shows, and the only people willing to embarrass themselves in public for money are those desperate to make it in showbusiness.

Shouting your private business from the rooftops violates the social contract of not inconveniencing other people. That's why Manaki's parents will never choose Margot's side. By now they must see her as the trashiest trash of trashes, and Venus on the other hand, with her toned down make up and getting her hair back to her natural color (bonus: a color that is natural for Japanese too), is a victim not just of a crazy mother, but of a mother who would never ever fit into Japanese society. Someone you literally cannot have around in polite company because she's too unpredictable and out of control. Margot is an embarrassment to all Japanese around her, and is only fun for a night out as a foreign performing monkey, but that gets old fast, especially if you're not drunk.

No. 242737

Seriously, she may be crying regularly, yes. Out of sheer relief and happiness.

No. 242738

The fact that it is so public actually helps to keep Venus more safe.

Anyway Margo wouldn't have it any other way. She would have gone public on her divorce if she had social media to do it at the time.

Margo says the divorce took five years (!). That's a pretty nasty divorce. So let's sit back and enjoy the many years of Margo's meltdowns. I predict a very big one when the old joint bank account runs dry.

No. 242739

File: 1456621945206.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-27-20-10-40…)

Keep mooching off everyone Margo. But just like your daughter, people will get tired of your shit. And then what? The river? If only.

No. 242740


Knowing Margendo, and most of us here probably know her better than we ever wanted to, she probably dragged out the divorce to get as much money from Venus' dad as she could. He didn't give in because he probably wanted joint custody in return for any money. Then the courts decided Margot probably doesn't deserve any money because she's a pathological liar and had very likely fucked around with other guys (for her confidence, you know, her husband bullied her with his thing for marital fidelity), but because almost everywhere the mother always get the kids, she got custody and then made sure to cut Venus off from her dad, and blamed him for how long it took. If she'd gotten his money, she wouldn't complain. Not until it ran out.

No. 242741

If anyone sounds immature it's you guys. Like omg were in high school now we're so above penis and fart jokes and acronyms lol~ ffs. It was funny.

No. 242742

I fucking love this concept, but this story is too foreign and weeby to get on Dr Phil.

Side note —– check out his “Fat Guy Bikes Cross Country” ep featuring internet personality and potential future cow Eric Hites. I normally wouldn't recommend gomi but the early thread on him there is very informative.

saged bc ot

No. 242743

Cordelia pls.

No. 242745

Can you imagine? A single woman who is forty should have a career or something as her main focus. Especially if she has kids, it's around the time when they start needing money for higher education. Instead she's in East Asia chasing after her teenage child for money, and begging "new friends" (= virtual strangers) for food.

No. 242746

File: 1456622644173.png (136.96 KB, 300x312, margot.png)

Thanking the river Kappa for the money she still has… I can't wait to see what she does when she runs out.

No. 242747

Yes, Dr. Phil often has people that are completely crazy, but not the obvious no-tooth meth head epitome of trailer trash that you have on Jeremy Kyle. Margot is bottom of the barrel trash in a slavic way, it would be too strange for U.S. audiences. Not to mention they'd need subtitles.

Quoth Dr. Phil: "I don't know if you're crazy, or if this is just a language problem."

No. 242748

I don't get this image. Who is it of?

No. 242749


That is someone who's at least ten years younger. Margot only wishes she wasn't the nasiolabial fold gollum version of this girl.

No. 242750

Just some random I thought looked disturbingly like Margo.

No. 242751

she is missing the look of pure evil, anon

No. 242752


She has much better skin. Margot's skin looks like that of a walker.

No. 242753

Maybe some time in the river will be good for her skin.

No. 242754

Wonder if it's the eye color?

No. 242760

File: 1456624147466.png (77.03 KB, 1157x170, Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.47…)

OT but was browsing ancient chan archives and saw this lol

No. 242767

Thank god Venus is now old enough or her mother to fuck off to prison already!

Why did that come up? The tax evasion? If she actually risks getting arrested for that, could we somehow convince UK authorities to ask Japan to extradite her?

No. 242773

Didn't Margo and her escapee wallet revisit the UK between leaving Japan and settling down in Seoul? I would have thought (hoped more like) something would have been flagged as Margo tried to breeze through customs, but no.

No. 242777

Wait they have a Denny's in Japan? or where is she now

No. 242779

They have a lot of Western restaurants in Tokyo, so she's probably still lurking around there.

No. 242781

There are tons of Denny's in Tokyo.

No. 242782

Ohh ok sorry and thanks guys. Figured Denny's wasn't big enough to have outside of North America lol. I guess if she's still in Japan though, maybe one of our anons will end up spotting her at some point

No. 242783

Yeah, there's a Denny's right across the street from my apartment here.
And same as in the states, they're 24 hours, but the menu is really different.
No grand slams :(

No. 242787

File: 1456630420619.png (1007.34 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-27-22-32-51…)

I wonder if this one will be deleted.

No. 242788

So did she send this one to her Korean ex boyfriend too?

No. 242792

Dammit margo. When will you learn?

Taking a airport shower nudes is not something you should be proud of.

No. 242795

Wtf this bitch lost it. Nobody gave a fuck about her SHOWERING at Haneda. Maybe in the beginning people questioned she was there at all, but just the shower alone…nobody cared. She just literally shared a nude for a made up reason. Fuck

No. 242796

File: 1456631247467.png (297.98 KB, 1080x1100, tmp_21623-Screenshot_2016-02-2…)

And still trying to keep going with the "cheating on Manaki" story

No. 242798

wishing abuse on your daughter is a little different from the whole walking in another persons shoes experience

No. 242800

>But it's her life I though

If that's what Gendo really feels, then why the fuck is she still harassing her? The river is calling.

No. 242801

Japanese culture is very interesting. But it makes sense. I imagine Venus is able to catch onto things like that much better than her emotionally unstable mother.

No. 242802

Bitch probably already jumped into a Japanese river but even the kappa's were repulsed and carried her out.

No. 242804

Fucking hell, Margo
So many holes in the story, so many contradictions. Psychotic cunt.

No. 242810

What's the river joke all about? I haven't been following this long, so I must have missed that.

No. 242813

When Venus disappeared Margendo talked about committing suicide by going into the river, screenshots are like four threads ago. I wish the bitch had just done it. Her insane antics are embarrassing to watch.

No. 242814

She's making less and less sense. Apart from that, her nails are disgusting. If they're in that bad shape, you don't paint them bright red, you make sure they don't attract attention.

Her nails are actually an excellent metaphor for her mind I guess.

No. 242815

I think she did mention she sat by the river and drank

No. 242821

Maggot has a new pic up

No. 242825

File: 1456637568890.jpeg (424.07 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

Maybe she should sell a phone for sausage money

No. 242826

Has the drama slowed down yet? Is it going at a speed that's not incredibly difficult to follow yet?

No. 242827

Yeah, its slown down a bit.

Venus is chilling with Manaki somewhere.
Margo is lurking like the river monster she is. Occasionally posting weird ass pic and comments on her instagram.
Where are you up to With the drama?

No. 242828

Probably about three or four threads back, to be honest. The last major thing I remember happening is Margo's naked airport photo, and I skimmed that.

No. 242829

The most major thing you have missed out on would be Margo remote locking Venus' macbook. Venus has a few new videos up on youtube which are informative to the situatio. Margo has been uploading posts to instagram and then deleting them soon after. Margo is currently living with "friends".

No. 242830

Oh duh, I completely forgot that Venus is putting up videos about this. Thanks for that anon, I was expecting saltier responses.

No. 242831

Venus mentioned her mom has two phones. I don't get why the fuck she needed to waste her daughter's money on two of them.

No. 242832

also, isn't that a galaxy note 4? those are still pretty fucking expensive

venuz is de reason i am homeless, but i vill not get rid of de phonez for $$

No. 242833

Why shoukd she have to choose between samsung and apple? Margo is a classy lady who deserves the best.

No. 242834

bet one is for clients, other for venus related business

No. 242835

Huh, that seems like a sensible thing to do.

No. 242836

File: 1456639028963.jpg (38.06 KB, 318x133, Random.jpg)

No. 242839

The people who are still interacting with her are as batshit crazy as she is.

No. 242840

or they're just thirsty for more drama I guess. As much as Margo sucks, admit it, we're on a website dedicated to milk, with a thread dedicated to milk, and Margo is providing some excellent milk.

No. 242843

I do remember her mentionning she worked in radiology many years ago

No. 242844

Is this person 12?

No. 242847

I would say yes just by looking at the username

No. 242848

Her username sounds like a scene kid nickname, so she probably is 12. I thought that died down years ago?

No. 242849

I scrolled to 2011 before I got really bored.
So she is at least 5.

No. 242851

Are those even tears or is it that weird tearbag highlighter that she uses? It honestly looks like she highlighted her tearbags rather than that she was crying. If she'd been crying, her eyes would be puffy and red and her nose would be red as well.

No. 242852

I just think its weird lighting in the room also japanese makeup style tend to not have any contouring which makes her face look a bit flat. If shed been crying in the pic it would have said so or she wouldn't have posted it

No. 242855

informative, thanks anon

No. 242856

yeah she smoothed it over by pretending the first mention was not implying suicide… just drinking at the river.

No. 242866

>just being kissed while drunk and then told him it was a mistake

I can't believe how unable to keep her lies and bullshit straight she is. Like first she makes a big deal about something (she did the same with the "animal abuse" thing) and the next day she explains in the comments what really happened, making it clear that she lies exaggerates everyrhing to make Venus look like a psycho whore.

Kissing a dude while drunk (probably because she was sad and fucked because her mom was forcing her to do things she didn't want to do) is not like being a big cheater. Plus maggot herself said Venus told Manaki about the "cheating" probably bc she felt guilty

No. 242868

File: 1456653869703.jpg (77.32 KB, 720x420, _20160228_110340.jpg)

No. 242871

File: 1456654263034.png (848.99 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Does anyone else have V on Snapchat and can understand what Manaki said?? "This is .. ??"
V looks rly sad in the vid anyway.

No. 242874

"This is a pen"

No. 242879

sent a request to follow her earlier, but no approval yet. could you post any other snaps for the rest of us?

No. 242881

Her looking so sad makes me sad. Bc you know it's bc she wished her mom loves her.

No. 242882

Jesus Christ but his head is huge compared to hers! Wtf

No. 242884

it's a big old man-head. most of them have them.

No. 242885

File: 1456658717911.jpg (160.3 KB, 1000x801, marge1.jpg)

I'm just filling in time, following Marge's hashtags.

No. 242886

File: 1456658740437.jpg (131.69 KB, 1000x801, marge2.jpg)

No. 242889

Margo has a new pic up. Of… Blythe dolls?
Are the dolls name Blythe or is that the brand?

No. 242890

File: 1456660023913.png (477.2 KB, 930x418, 0702ed8b07bd89445f9bee0ed9eafa…)

What in the flying fuck galin…
Pretty sure Blythe is the name of the line of dolls. The brand is something in Japanese, don't know off the top of my head.

No. 242891


No. 242892

Galina is one of those weirdos, reminds me of Cordelia. There's no way Venus is ever going to talk about sex. With a crazy mother who twists all her words around, she's probably learned a long time ago to keep the private private.

No. 242894

Takara Blythe doll?

No. 242895

Who is Cordelia? I have only followed Venus drama for a month, if not even that so i apologize for my newfaggotry.

No. 242896

Fucking hell, Margo. Always has to shit things up for everyone else using the internet

No. 242898

I know, right. You hashtag your nice airport picture with gramps or something, and you get a nude margo.

No. 242899

Cordelia's OT, she's not a character in this drama. She's a nutbag who's been making trouble (or fun, depends on perspective) on both kiwifarms and reddit/blogsnark/. There's been cross-posting about her around the place. She has a very recognisable style, which involves calling people morons, filthy bitches… etc.

No. 242900

I love you anon
It would be good for venus and her viewers if she looked into styling manaki's hair in cute and fashionable ways, but since she has spent her life being styled by margo I can get why that might not be great to bring into the relationship.

No. 242901

LMAO the comment "talk about sex"

No. 242902

She's have more success asking Margendo, she loves to make up random shit about Venus' sex life. God, she's disgusting.

No. 242903

Idea. Margo can buy one of those Blyth dolls, give it a name, force it make youtube videos…

No. 242904

*force it to make

No. 242906

I added her but she isn't showing up in My Story?

No. 242907


Japanese guys half the time barely take care of their hair much. Apart from models or the Tokyo fashiony types. Manaki is basic as they come.

No. 242908


What in the fuck

No. 242909


Kinda hoping Venus doesn't get into the Larme trend. However, I feel like she is.

No. 242910

She has to find something that Margo hasn't tainted yet. Larme isn't that bad as a start.

No. 242911

File: 1456666314558.jpg (128.94 KB, 500x749, ecd3153ea8525267ce56abf8ff77cb…)


I would love to see venus in something like mori kei tbh. This would be cute.

No. 242912


I agree. With her new hair and actually good make up she would need less shoop than Dakota to look cute.

No. 242913


Larme so far seems to be a nice community. It's bad enough Becki and Jillian poked their noses into it. Adding Venus would just cause drama, unwanted drama and more weebs to flock into it.


Mori kei is dead af anon that's why I mentioned Larme, it's recent and gaining more popularity. I'm surprised Dakota hasn't jumped onto the trend yet.

No. 242914


Both are pretty girls. Thing is Dakota had the right image for Japanese modelling, Venus tried but that shit with Bodyline and Mr Yan (was it?) went to pot. It wouldn't surprise me if Venus starting getting into Lolita and all that again now that she's there. Yuka is already modelling, what's to stop Venus?

Dakota, Venus and Yuka all in one. What a complete cringe.

No. 242915

File: 1456666944695.jpg (55.49 KB, 500x325, tumblr_m1mf33bwgE1qa668po1_500…)

I find it ironic that after insulting barbie for "looking like she is homeless", she ends up that way, literally!

No. 242918



I wonder what ever happened to Barbie anyway

No. 242919

Just speculating here, but for Venus lolita fashion might be ruined forever because maggot never grasped the difference between the fashion and age play. She's still young enough that she actually can model in Japan, I hope that once Gendo is in the river, she can go out again without fear. Maybe she will be picked up by an agency, who knows. It also depends on how big her Japanese fandom is.

No. 242920

Talk about karma. Barbie is crazy too, but she can still learn a lot from Margret.

Dakota is pretty in a conventional way, especially with photoshop. Venus is a bit odd looking, but the combination of big eyes/small mouth (and she doesn't have maggot's nose, thank heavens) makes her look like a cute character, and she might be exactly what a niche subculture/brand is looking for.

No. 242921


I don't know if she even has a Japanese fandom tbh. Most of it IS western by the looks of things. I barely see any Japanese commenting her videos apart from when she went viral, nowadays I see nothing. But Venus doesn't use Japanese captions in her videos like other weebs. Apart from Manaki, it's hard to say.

Thing is it's difficult because there is a ton of foreigners already foaming at the mouth to move and model over there (the weeb dream). To Japanese I doubt they would see Venus as "dolly". Despite them calling Dakota a "real life barbie" when she looks nothing of the sort… Many Japanese girls already have the face shape Venus has, smaller features and short/small. So it wouldn't be anything new to them.

I'm not saying she can't model in Japan. I'm just saying that I doubt they would find her special.

No. 242923

Yeah but Dakota has been there for years now anon, her Japanese (apparently it's not that great so some Japanese has said or so I've heard) fairly good. Plus she's got relations, I know she looks like a fetus in her shoops recently but I doubt Dakota will get dropped anytime soon. Lighter eyes, hair and that Barbie niche gets her jobs. Even now.

It'll take a while for Venus to build up a rep there if she wanted to get into the business. We don't know. Maybe she will just stick to Youtube or model on the side. Right now, she's still dealing with her mother so it's difficult to even predict what may happen. Then there is Manaki and her being married.

Wasn't Amo once a model? I know she has a clothing line, she went off and got married now she's a mother. She must be around her late twenties I think.

Venus is definitely young enough and could still do it. But I honestly think she will end up collabing with other Jvloggers at the most and doing those type of videos every other person in Japan does. Maybe to gain a Japanese fan base she could review their cosmetics and speak in Japanese or something? Might boost up a few brownie points. However, just post in english captions so her western audience knows what she's talking about. Unlike Dakota who never bothered and left us guessing because she was either too snide or just lazy.

No. 242924

Asians actually tend to have bigger heads.

No. 242925


OT but somebody in the last threads said that her husband had to move to Mali and so she had to leave Japan too.

No. 242927

I don't see Venus becoming a model unless she gets picked up by some gaijin fetishist. She has nice (blue!) eyes and looks cute in her selfies, but only because she uses Myspace angles and blurs her schnoz out of existence. That's her one good angle. Photograph her from the front at a downward angle and you have an animu-looking white girl with a tiny little nose and small face. Photograph her from any other angle and she's average at best. Her profile is weird af because she has a round face, no chin and a proportionately big nose.

She's far from ugly but she's a one trick pony. All her selfies look the same, and models have to be versatile.

There are cuter blond-haired blue-eyed desperate weaboos out there who don't come with the liability of an insane river monster mom flinging dirt at them.

No. 242931

Also, I don't think it would be healthy for her to do modeling. All her life she has been exploited because of her appearance. She needs to grow a personality, some self-worth that is not dependent on the praise of others, and maybe finish school or something. You know, become a human being.

No. 242932


I don't think it'd be healthy either. I know Venus said she doesn't have ED but I think or suspect she has something because of her cunt mother. I think she also needs to just enjoy her life, be free and happy. I think we all expect so much of her because she's in Japan, she IS cute and therefore MUST become a model like every other weeb there.

Nah, Venus just needs to take her time. Whatever happens happens.

No. 242939

File: 1456676080641.png (92.86 KB, 540x480, Screenshot_2016-02-28-13-11-49…)

Has this been posted already? I can't figure out what "Twiggybraindead" said but it looks Margo went like "I have friends but Venus doesn't LOL I'm so cooler"

Very mature Margo

No. 242944

"And now, another off the cuff comment. My friend, is so great that you another time take money like a parasite from other people" (I'm a beginner in German but I tried…not a literal translation but trying to convey the gist)

No. 242945

Off the cuff lie*

No. 242946

"So now you're just living on someone else's income. Gentlemen… just great how you're once again feeding off other people's money like a parasite"
It's hilarious how the only thing Margo has to say to this is "i have friends and venus doesn't lol"

No. 242947

Is the first comment an idiom?

No. 242948


No. 242949

yep, "jm auf der Tasche liegen". literally "to lie on someone else's (money) bag", meaning to live off someone else with a negative connotation of lazyness and being a burden

No. 242950

File: 1456677543188.png (879.85 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-28-12-38-59…)

No. 242951

File: 1456677661126.png (1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-28-12-40-43…)

No. 242952


this cutesy font gives me a hard time reading this jesus

No. 242953

What makes you guys think that?
Honestly, I get the feeling she's really not into anything "dolly" at all anymore. Just cute, but normalfag.

No. 242954


No. 242956

>always had friends not like V lol
maybe because you harassed and stalked every friend she tried to make?
Holy shit Margaret is psycho bitch. I'm so glad Venus is finally free from her, and I really hope she never goes back. Margaret needs to stop bitching and making a scene and realize Venus is an adult and can do what wants.

No. 242958

Isn't that "micromimetics" bullshit from illuminat/David Icke lizard peoplevideos?

No. 242959

>She wasn't scared at my sudden touch on tv
I highly doubt Venus could think she was going to hit her on tv in front of people wtf maggot.

>watch the micromimics, the microemotions

>she's enjoying slandering me
>she behaves fake af
Can this bitch stop with the micromimics bs? If Venus emotions look weird in the videos at some point is because she's trying not to cry.
Maggot, YOU are the one slandering Venus ffs.

No. 242961

>Manaki forbids us to meet
Oh maggot, maybe you meant "Venus doesn't want to see my hideous worm face ever again", right?

No. 242962

I won't lie, this whole thing is so satisfying to watch. Maggot has been using and abusing Venus for money for so long, even making it their main source of income. Margo Gothel deserves to be broke and homeless after exploiting her daughter like that for so long.

No. 242965

Yes but she probably didn't fly directly Japan > UK and when it is EU country > EU country as EU citizen, they won't check you.

No. 242967

She seems to be in the Philippines, judging from Facebook.

No. 242968

I actually think it is in order to fake conversations.

No. 242970

File: 1456683387735.jpg (11.88 KB, 255x217, 1412129992807.jpg)

>always had friends not like V lol

Fucking bitch. Just go into river and stay there.

No. 242974

So her dad lives in switzerland? Is he swiss? But margo is bulgarian…I'm so confused.

No. 242977

>I hope Manaki is going to abuse you

What an irredeemable immature cuntrag. Sorry but this is nigh the worst thing she has said so far. If she DARES to claim she's a good mother again, just show her where she said that. What sort of vaginal discharge of a human being wishes bodily harm on her daughter, from her own husband no less?

No. 242978

File: 1456685334085.png (410.86 KB, 599x386, BaRPWVFCUAAILYZ.png)

Manaki is being really mature in all this. The last thing venus needs right now is to meet her psychopathic mother who wishes grevious bodily harm upon her.

No. 242979

Poor venus. I would bet my left buttcheek that Margo completely poisoned Venus's relationship with her father, made her believe he's the scum of earth (as she's doing with venus now) and basically made her cut off contact with a part of her family (aunts, half siblings, uncles, a father) that could have provided her with emotional, intellectual and financial support as she grew up.

But no, it's far more important for margo to feel holy and perfect rather than for her to make compromises, right? That's why she doesn't want manaki to have her. If she can't have her, nobody can.

No. 242980

I always assumed that Venus was a victim of parental alienation at the hands of Margo.

No. 242981

What is this even supposed to be
It's insane how Margo doesn't see herself as in the wrong at all. That's a red flag for narcissism, and Venus needs to post on /r/ raised by narcissists…Or maybe someone should post for her.

This is like the classic post for that sub

Margo is legit having a nervous breakdown, wtf. We need a margo-→ human translator here.

No. 242984

What I want is margo's snapchat…Has anyone asked for it?
this needs to happen

No. 242985

I wonder who's the unlucky idiot stupid enough to let her mooch off them? Some expat friends? A grizzled salary man? An omega japanese couple? It's a mystery.

Or maybe the hotel is her "friend".

No. 242988

Margo is currently blasting milk in every direction from every orifice. In fact, I think she's getting ready for something big. Something that will surely get Venus attention. The more venus ignores her the more dramatic it will need to be.

No. 242990

>just being kissed while drunk and then told him it was a mistake
I knew it. Venus just did a silly thing any lonely scared girl would do in a moment of weakness. I bet her mother is holy, right?

No. 242992

>Men don't last but family does
Spoken like someone who never had a shitty family. Also some couples stay until they're old and wrinkly. Men don't last? Ok.
Dakota is not pretty, she's pretty average and with all that hair damage and that horrible personality…Less than average. All that she has going for her is being slim.

No. 242993

Any normie is 193739373827 times prettier than penis or kooters but i find kooters prettier than penis. Kooters is more model quality. Penis is cute, but thats it. Just cute.

No. 242994

>lol I always had friends not like Venus lol
Is she serious? Why do you think venus has no friends you loopy cow? Because you're a shittastic parent who made her a recluse and probably scared away /shit talked all her friends.

No. 242996

Lets be honest, lots of weebs are incapable of making friends when they are in highschool especially if they are weird and cannot adjust.

No. 242997

Are you literally retarded? Have you not read the thread at all?
I agree. At least kooter is tall.

No. 242998

report bait & move on

No. 243000

Damn, and I thought I abused the report function. You know you can't report people for disagreeing with you, right?

No. 243001

Yep. The more V posts pics of her new life and goes about her business completely IGNORING maggot, the more maggot seethes. Her head is about to explode, LOL

No. 243007

File: 1456688632308.gif (51.62 KB, 200x200, tumblr_l8nua4GDEh1qd7oe2.gif)

No. 243009

I find the being kissed part really concerning actually. Like in that leaked text message, didn't the dude admit he knew that Venus was married and refused to drink with her in the future because he didn't want to "do something wrong again" or something like that?
Sounds like she was being taken advantage of by a shitty man and Margaret is blaming her for it.

No. 243013

Her father was adopted by italians living in Switzerland, his actual parents are an austrian woman and a swiss father which is why Venus is not part-italian. Margo on the other side is hungarian but did go to uni in Switzerland as exchange student, nothing rare in Europe.

No. 243014

Sorry for being a bother, but what's his surname? I could try some google fu

No. 243015

File: 1456689657790.png (167.58 KB, 306x306, rivermonster.png)

Hello Kappa

I read it the same way. They were both drunk and he made an advance on her. Knowing margendo she probably helped it happen.

No. 243018

The same as Margo's, they were married after all but I tried that myself already, you won't find shit as it is the name of a city too.

No. 243019

Isn't it Neuenschwander?

Also funny random coincidence, I live in switzerland and there's a gas station called the palermo gas station. I sincerely doubt they own it tho…Although…Now that I think of it the cashiers do all speak something that could be bulgarian.

lol conspiracy time

No. 243020

File: 1456690028794.jpg (15.64 KB, 320x240, grinch.jpg)

Reminds me far too much of the Grinch

No. 243022

No doubt about it. According to Margo she cheated 4 days after her marriage, so they must have attempted to sink their claws into some random thirsty Korean guys the moment they stepped off the plane. He's also the best friend of her mother's ex, so go figure.

No. 243034

If he's the best friend of Margo's ex how old is he? If he's in his 30s trying to kiss drunk 18 year old Venus that's even creepier, and Margo probably encouraged it

No. 243037


One word: Entrevue

No. 243038

Idk, on her disvorce paper she posted to IG it was Palermo, maybe that it is non-adoptive surname?

No. 243039

*maybe that's his, derp

No. 243041


Maybe Margendo changed her and Venus's last names to a completely different one after he left?

No. 243043

Your post makes no sense.

No. 243047

But then they wouldn't be named Palermo and Palermo was stated to be his name by both Venus and the disvorce paper…

No. 243048


So wait, is Palermo his birth surname and Neuenschwander his adopted surname or is it the other way around? If so, the completely ignore what I've said previously..

No. 243049

No. 243051


Samefag, just looked it up. I think Palermo is his biological family's surname, since it's Italian and Neuenschwander is his adopted family's surname, since from what i've looked up is German. Going to delete my theory now since I'm an idiot.

No. 243052

File: 1456695829992.jpg (2.71 KB, 125x125, 1449154313383.jpg)


Why the fuck did I imagine this dialogue with maggro dressed like >>242455 >>242465 ?

No. 243059

Margo is not bulgarian, she's hungarian.

No. 243061

But he isn't biological italian, otherwise Venus would be which she is not.

No. 243062

So…the other way around then? These surnames confuse the shit out of me.

No. 243071


I agree. In all of this he's never once made a spectacle out of himself, and Maggot's cruel taunts and deep psychosis make him look like a prince in shining armor.

No. 243072

File: 1456699373884.jpg (66.76 KB, 720x491, _20160228_234049.jpg)

Here we go again! Maggot's comments on Venus' last IG post.


No. 243073

File: 1456699390380.jpg (48.08 KB, 720x411, _20160228_234036.jpg)

No. 243074

Venus probably just smiled, nodded and said thank you to you because she knew from previous experience that any other response would result in a lecture of emotional abuse, Margo you stupid obtuse fucking bitch.

No. 243075

Well of course Manaki is going to tell Margs to stay away after all this shit she has been posting.

And proof Manaki has quit his job? Maybe he is on leave from work to settle his new wife into their new home.

No. 243076

Holy fuck, Margo. She keeps projecting EVERY. SINGLE. TIME she bring up Manaki. She needs to just die.

No. 243077


Margot is like some weird performance art porn. Not sure if want. If we could pastede maggot's face onto that pic, I could make a decision.

Perhaps, but let's also be honest that it's hard to make friends when your parents are this embarrassing. If Maggot has always dressed like a two bit Eastern Euro trash prostitute and has had these delusions of grandeur, some mothers probably told their kids not to be friends with Venus.

I wish the Taiwanese would do an animated version of this dorama.

"I took your money and bought your necessities with it! HOW DARE YOU HAVE A LIFE!!!"

They should do a youtube vid with a bonfire where they burn everything maggot ever touched, including the bricked laptop. They should not, actually, but it would be nice to see how she'd seethe.

There's absolutely no proof that Manaki has quit his job. It's possibly one of maggot's delusions.

No. 243078

File: 1456699996767.png (558.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-28-18-52-38…)

Wait do you guys think Margo is using a credit card in Venus' name and ruining her credit by topping it???? That's fucked upppp

No. 243082


Enough is enough now. She seriously needs to be aborted from the Internet and sanctioned somewhere far away to get the suitable help she clearly needs.

No. 243085


Himezawa does have fans, though?

No. 243087


I wouldn't put it past her but I feel like Margo mentioned her own credit card, not Venus'.

At least I hope that's what she meant.

No. 243088


Let's not give her ideas. Apparently Margo didn't lock Venus' laptop until someone in PULL mentioned it.

No. 243089

Someone had already mentioned it

No. 243090

>i'll be ur mom hope u dont left me homeless lolol
Is she possessed by some 12 year old edgy kid?

No. 243091


She's like one of those hardcore underaged whiteknights full of cringe…I don't understand why Venus hasn't blocked her yet. She's fucking pathetic and has not made things any better.

No. 243092

File: 1456700910299.jpg (146.56 KB, 720x1030, _20160229_000710.jpg)

Omg just go to river margo, NOW.

No. 243094

Now Manaki is "quiet". No shit, arguing with Margo is like living at Arkham Asylum. She probably rants at him by mail all the time, and he doesn't give her more than the occasional "No."

No. 243095


Gendo confirmed for one of those lunatics who say I GAVE YOU THIS LIFE I CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF IT!!! She provides a nice case study for the theory that millennials have more sense than generation X.

No. 243097

File: 1456702407808.jpg (125 KB, 720x999, _20160229_003117.jpg)

Gendo logic: if you spoil your child you're a good mother (I'd like to know what does "spoiling your child" mean in Gendo's mind though).

No. 243099

I kind of get the impression that she didn't appropriately set boundaries and tried to be a "cool mom" (albeit a controlling and manipulative "cool mom").

No. 243100

File: 1456702683434.jpg (126.42 KB, 720x817, _20160229_003554.jpg)

OMG maggot's last comment is a response to a girl telling Venus and Manaki to adopt her.
Margaret you're an evil cruel bitch.

No. 243101

Look at it this way; if Margendo is indeed using a card in Venus's name, that's credit card fraud. An actual crime that she could be deported/arrested/whatever for.

No. 243102

It's funny how Margendo didn't mention any abuse until Venus accused her…
I hope Venus smashes the laptop.

No. 243103


Given Margo has done tax fraud before, she'd be perfectly capable of using Venus's credit card . Wouldn't trust the bitch at all.

No. 243104

File: 1456702917298.jpg (53.06 KB, 720x391, _20160229_004009.jpg)

this woman is not just a crazy abusive cunt, she's legit stupid

No. 243107

>love is not isolating
>doesn't manipulate

Oh the fucken irony, Margo.

No. 243111

It's funny how she's trying to rewrite everything, like she made no accusations.

Not only do we all have screencaps, all over the place, but Keemstar has his video up until he gets removed from Youtube where even he has the screencap.

Does she really think she's fooling anyone? I think she has a few stans but I think even some of her supporters are just faking it to get milk.

No. 243112

File: 1456703796997.jpg (147.53 KB, 928x593, 8568.jpg)

screencapping last two posts in case she decides to go on another deleting spree

No. 243113

File: 1456703840569.jpg (125.54 KB, 925x591, 6467.jpg)

No. 243115


>traveling in style

You spelled stalking wrong, Margendo.

No. 243116

I don't know why she keeps bringing up the animal shit. Both she and venus said it was an accident. If it was an accident she can't hold anything against her at all. It's not like she killed them by accidentally dropping them out a window or something.

No. 243117

What's up with that nostril? Is the light hitting it funny or have I never noticed how wonky her nose is before?

No. 243118


Gendo's version of spoiling is allowing Venus to be the bread winner.

She's such a good mom guys, Venus was moved from country to country because Margo had to tax evade, I'm so jealous!

No. 243119

Maggo must think shes some sort of 30's movie star.

No. 243121

Imagine being a college kid staying at a hostel with a crazy slavic woman who walks around in furs and furiously types in her phone all day while cursing to herself in German. Oh, and taking topless selfies in the bathroom.

No. 243122

File: 1456704293797.jpg (5.77 KB, 286x41, 8479.jpg)

In response to being asked who's credit card she's using

No. 243123

she only killed one animal. it was a hamster. you can blow on a hamster and it will die. the dog is fine. it's been turned into this whole thing.

>living simply
aka homeless lmao

No. 243124


Maybe Margo has Asperger's, she's made out Venus has it countless times to the point I honestly believe she actually has it instead.

No. 243125

PULL… The fucking cancer. That's why I stopped posting caps to that site. If it weren't for them, Venus may not have had to shell out the money for a new MacBook. I still think it was dumb that she didn't save everything to a drive and make a new iCloud account though.

No. 243128


Judging by that response I doubt it's her own credit card.

No. 243134

How would someone be able to get proof of that?
Other than Venus cancelling her credit cards I' m not too sure what she could do. Also; she can only cancel credit cards she knows about.

No. 243135

Venus can sign up for a credit monitoring service. I have one that notifies me of any changes like new credit cards or loans in my name.

No. 243136

I use this one. There are many of them. http://www.identityguard.com/

No. 243137

I don't know why on earth you're suddenly bringing eastern europeans and slavs into this. Margo is hungarian.

Or is that just your shorthand for "trashy"?

You bought it for her? With her own money? How kind of you Margo, truly.

No. 243138

Someone mentioned here way before PULL.

No. 243139

Oh deffo. She probably thought it would allow her to get her ex back, and it would be quote unquote cute for two bestfriends to date a mother and daughter.


No. 243140

I envision her attempting suicide, but nothing that would endanger her life. Cue selfies with a pill bottle and/or butter knife, instagramming from the emergency room and nudes in a totemo kawaii japanese bathroom. Maybe even a sausage for breakfast.

No. 243144

I highly doubt it, and even if she is then she can go to prison for it.

What's going to be funny is when Margo finally goes back to switzerland or hungary to leech off some family/friends and then whines about the thousands of debt she's in because of all the living expenses…I highly doubt she's staying with a friend. Her friend is the hotel. She's going to blame being in debt on venus of course, that she was slowing everything down by not communicating and blah blah

No. 243146

Margaret has always had "friends", but always has her men running away or dying. I bet she is so jealous that Venus has a devoted, protective HUSBAND who supports her and Margaret probably never will have the same.

No. 243147

That last comment…Holy shit…I keep thinking Margo Maggot can't get any worse, and she proves me wrong.

No. 243151


>Be my mom

why would anyone wish to have a mom like maggro

No. 243153

Besides, she eats meat. Why is she being such a hypocritical cunt?

No. 243154

She's not slavic, but ok.

No. 243156


Only thing I can think of where someone would want her is a sort of "Beat me daddy" type of situation. Yuck.

No. 243157

We were just discussing earlier about how japanese boards called Margo 'Gendo', so she does have some sort of existence there.

No. 243159

LOL I told you…Venus just living her life, posting pics of herself with M and most of all, IGNORING maggot is making maggot's head explode.. haha

Wonder if that pic of V & M wearing the matching jammies was a dig at marg in response to marg's pic wearing Venus's hat? If so, well played Venus!

No. 243160

Yeah, I'm genuinely surprised she hasn't gone down this route yet.

No. 243161


More details, please.

No. 243168

No. 243169

… I think anon was asking about Japanese boards, but thanks for your effort.

No. 243174

Yeah, if anyone has links to Japanese boards discussing margendo that would be fucking hilarious and informative.

No. 243179

to outmanipulate her, I guess. get close enough to margo that she starts your own youtube "career" or something while living on her money and items, then as soon as your own money starts coming in, leave her immediately

No. 243185


Right on top it says mayo is 羽田空港で発狂中 = chimping out at Haneda.

No. 243186

She's just a toxic POS, anon. Why make excuses for her? She's not special, she is fully conscious and accountable.

No. 243187

File: 1456714066551.png (63.68 KB, 586x306, Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.47…)

who are these people and why are they spelling out ideas for Margaret?

No. 243192

File: 1456717471855.png (517.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-28-23-44-47…)

No. 243194

Oh Margo you two not talking face to face right now has nothing to with making internet history and everything to do with you being a psycho mom from hell!

No. 243195

File: 1456719174780.png (501.21 KB, 912x724, Untitled 8.png)

>>243192 Margo's quotes of the day

* "…without me [Venus] wouldn't even have anything."

* "I fucking bought them for you, nice to see you're thankful."

* "She is stealing my notebook, my data, abuses and bullies her mother, admits accidentally killing her animals,
and cheating on her husband…"

* …she "might scream until you die, or accidentally drop you and break your leg, and then throw you away."

* Manaki "quit his job, puts on pajamas, and puts on a show."

* "Manaki wrote me, I'm not allowed to see her again."

* "What has [Manaki] done to your mind; love is not isolating", or manipulative.

* "…being kissed while being drunk and dating 4 days", after marriage…

* "Manaki is quiet….."

* "She is being 'protected' from 'other men'", and me…

* "Manaki forbids us to meet."

No. 243203

she was TOLD by Margo she killed it, so there's not even one.

No. 243204

Stop with your BPD diagnosis, not every cow has BPD fag

No. 243206

File: 1456723359154.gif (13.7 MB, 720x404, gl-ZAr[1].gif)

i know manaki and venus look cute together but he looks so derpy it always reminds me of this

No. 243209

Manaki looks like this creepy doll idk what they are called but they star In like 500 horror film's. I'm a little excited to see her videos with him.

No. 243213

many of the more popular mobile shooping apps add a 'shine' to the eyes, which may be what people are misinterpreting as tears

No. 243215

I wonder if it would be possible for her to finish her education in Japan.

No. 243218

I thought the same thing. lol

I wonder how Margot feels about it, like she probably wants to be seen as a kawaii young doll, not a mom.

No. 243220

but margo is bpd

No. 243224

She is. There's some people weirdly sensitive about that, but there's no denying that Gendo has crazy bitch syndrome. And Venus just went NC.

No. 243225

Maybe not BPD specifically but yeah. Venus is a smart girl, hell it looks like she's done some research as well. It takes a lot to go NC, generally it mwans you've read about that shit at least.

No. 243227

Aside from a few tumblrtards I don't think most here are sensitive about Margo and mental illness, it's just that every single thread someone lists symptoms and shit over and over again and it's kinda annoying cause we already know Margo is batshit.

No. 243228

Don't you know anon, BPD is the new armchair diagnosis this site defaults to. Now that it's not cool to diagnose all the cows with autism anymore they need a new disorder.

thank you for compiling all of this, it's great to see so much of gendo's crazy in one pic

No. 243231

File: 1456730329043.jpg (228.33 KB, 1400x662, Maggret.jpg)

Maggot shows a little tenderness and melancholy.

No. 243232

>spent the last 20 years with her
I thought Venus was 18? and damn Maggro, you look like Cruella de Vil

No. 243237

"I havent done anything psycho"

No. 243238

I think she is 19 so if you add the pregnancy that's close to 20 I guess.

No. 243239

>spent the entire month of February as a total psycho

No. 243241

When she says "I even thought of asking for your help via cam" do we think that was the "Margaret speaks out" live stream that never happened?

No. 243242

File: 1456732482866.jpg (26.25 KB, 539x960, 11702693_1641094886127692_5355…)

>I'm not 100% sure he's horrible.

No. 243243

"I just want to talk :("
Yeah fucking right, it's never just talking with these type of people. Try to calmly discus your problems with them, and they'll scream and throw shit at you. It's not enough to talk and agree to work on the problem, you have to grovel at their feet and tell them they did no wrong, apologizing for ever going against them. And you have to accept whatever beatdown they decide you deserve. Venus has the right idea.

No. 243244

I'm sure Maggot is capable of feeling sadness (when she's not raging) but you are right, she remains a big danger to Venus.

No. 243247

Oh I'm sure she can feel emotions like anyone else, but what makes her dangerous is that she cannot properly control and healthily deal with her negative emotions, and that she feels she can do no wrong. It's sad, but she's not worth dealing with.

No. 243248

File: 1456735289784.jpg (122.42 KB, 307x508, Fuuuuuurr.jpg)

Can someone translate?

No. 243252

something about the waste involved with skinning animals but not eating them. and about how good it is to reuse / buy secondhand. hopefully a german anon will be along to be more specific.

For what it's worth, much Chinese "rabbit" fur is actually DOG. Especially when it's longer and shaggier. There was a scandal here in Aus where someone DNA tested a bunch of coats.

No. 243254

(doing my best here)

Oh okay. Thanks. Then it's not even that bad, because you're just using it instead of throwing it away. I find it terrible when rare animals are mistreated and you don't even eat them!

No. 243255

I remember someone on instagram telling her that's not acceptable the fact that Venus left her because of a man. Like, that's what it's supposed to happen? Your kids grow up and go to live with their partners? Hell, if everything goes ok I could end up living in the USA. I'm an adult and my father can't make me stay in this country far from my boyfriend. It's my choice if I wanna go to live with him. The same for Venus, she's an adult, she's married, of course she had to leave. Maggot can't live forever with Venus, if she feels alone go adopt a cat lol

No. 243257

She's got a point there. Unless you're a vegetarian you have no right to complain about the use of other animal parts.

No. 243258

It's hilarious that she thinks taking care of your own child until they're of age is sth of an achievement instead of a fucking obligation

No. 243259

I'm a vego but I don't think one has to be, to be against the barbarism that some of these garments represent.

sage because everyhting

No. 243261

I remember that too. I wanted to punch them through the internet over, "How dare she leave her mother over a boy!" It's what all women are supposed to fucking do: find a stable partner and move out. Some obviously move out beforehand and there's nothing wrong with it because it's just natural. Just, hot damn, do they expect her to get married and still live with her mom?? Sounds like going backwards instead of forward to me. No way in hell am I living with my mom once I get married.

No. 243263

There is an old wives saying that goes 'Your son is your son until he takes a wife but your daughter's your daughter the rest of her life'
It's that old thing that daughters have to look after the old folks while the sons get to go out into the world. It's redundant in today's society and it goes without saying that psycho mothers are a deal breaker. No daughter needs to get stuck with that shit.

No. 243268

Who cares that she wears fur?! Vegetarian or not vegetarian you dont have the right to complain. Fur kept humans warm since the stone age and it will keep humans warm forever. Margo, you are crazy but rock that fur!

Also rabbit fur from Asia isthat cheap? Haha thanks for letting me know this.

No. 243272


We didn't farm animals in disgusting conditions in the stone age. We weren't contributing to the destruction of our earth by hunting animals. And honestly if your brain is as underdeveloped as someone from the stone age and you can't show compassion towards animals its time to consider suicide.

No. 243275

Fuck off vegans. Nobody cares about your diet or feels. Nobody asked but as usual you come on here telling everyone about your diet.

Oh and fur farms aren't the only source of fur. I have a nice fox fur hat that was hunted.

Oh but I'm sure you know nothing about hunting and actual forest conservation beyond what peta pamphlets told you and what you saw in bambi.

Sorry about OT but I'm so sick of this vegan bullshit in every thread. What a life, to be triggered by every hamburger venus eats. And believe me, there's a gaggle of vegans seething at venus every time she eats meat. Just look in the comments section.

No. 243276

How is he an alcoholic ? He drank a beer once? Thank you doctor Margo.

No. 243277

I'm not a vegan and I don't have feels about your hunted fox fur. My statement was pretty qualified (use of word "some") so settle the fuck down. I am not triggered by any burgers.

No. 243278

Does this mean that she ate the dead hamster?

No. 243280

>if she feels alone go adopt a cat lol
i can imagine how that would go down
>cat ignores margo
>margo gets angry
>margo tries to pat the cat anyway
>cat scratches margo
>margo throws cat into the river :(

No. 243281

>I'm so sick of this vegan bullshit in every thread

m8, you're the one with the rustled jimmies. Sounds like you're directing your anger at the wrong people.

No. 243283

File: 1456756816295.gif (437.17 KB, 500x268, 13000768.gif)


>he married a girl six years his junior

Mayo's take: He's as big a pedo as the entire Catholic church!

>he drinks socially

Mayo's take: He's an alcoholic!

>he screens Mayo's crazy missives because Mayo's vindictive twaddle is designed to hurt Venus

Mayo's take: Clearly he's Charles Manson and has brainwashed her like Scientology!

>Venus clarifies some of mayo's bullshit in her latest vids.

Mayo's take: she's abusing me! She's a sadist torturing a poor innocent old lady! Oh and by the way she's been a crazy animal killer since she was a toddler! Waaaaaaaa!

No. 243289

No. 243294

Fuck venus and her faux vegan diet, I'm not going to defend her when the vegtards are hating on her because she preached veganism and if she wasnt a cunt she'd complain about me eating meat.

No. 243295

Consistent cunt I mean, all vegans who preach about it are cunts.

No. 243315

How about provide some sources ,since you know soooo much about forest conservation.

And who gives a fuck HOW the animal is killed? The animal doesn't give a fuck, it can't, because it's dead, because you wanted a fucking hat. Hunting isn't any better than fur farms, it still involves killing.

No. 243316

Preaching about a diet would be pretty cunty.
Asking people to stop kill animals, is that really that cunty? Is that really preaching?
Most vegans don't even DARE to mention they're vegan, because even just saying you're vegan is labeled as preaching.

No. 243317

Anon, are you a butthurt vegan/vegetarian?
Some of the most annoying comments (and I think all non-vegan/vegetarians can agree hah) are the cringy ass vegans who always go about how if you eat meat chachacha and ''WHY DO YOU NOT USE CRUELTY FREE MAKEUP'' chachacha and lets not forget the most annoying one: ''good luck with ur heart attack u inhumane meat eater!!!!!!! ;))))''
pls anon just fuck off

No. 243318

i wish people would stop derailing the thread with irrelevant shit

No. 243319


No. 243321

Actually there are a fuck ton of places to get fur in the states where the fur is from usable road kills or from people who hunted the animals for food (there's a pretty large community of Native American stores that sell furs and leathers as well from hunts/natural deaths/road kill/humane killing). Honestly if you're so concerned about animals then go out and do something about it instead of whining about it on the internet because sitting on your ass complaining on an unrelated thread isnt doing shit to help a single animal.

She never 'preached' about it and she was rather open when she came out and said that veganism wasnt for her. It doesnt mean that she cares for animals any less and for all we know that was another fad Margo tried to force on her (especially since Margo fits more into the type you would expect to be the preachy vegan and it was close to the beginning to the downward spiral)

tl;dr If you wanna help the animals so much go outside and do something about it cause yelling at people on the internet does jack shit. Lots of people try out diets that dont work for them in the long run get over yourselves.

No. 243322

Can somebody make a thread on /b for this irrelevant vegan discussion?? ugh

No. 243323


No. 243325


Even if the card is hers the money sure isn't… When was the last time she had an actual job?

No. 243327

they were talking about Margendo wearing rabbit fur

No. 243328

She was bitching on a while ago, defending herself about how she had a job with Fitness First or some shit (can't remember), but that was months ago and several countries back. She never fully clarified exactly what her role was or if it was something she could do when they moved. Since she hasn't mentioned it lately I guess she no longer works there and was relying on this new YT deal she had made for Venus with Fullscreen or whatever they are called

No. 243331

File: 1456766825155.jpg (137.63 KB, 924x588, 0005.jpg)

No. 243333

I made a vegan containment thread on /b/ for all your vegan related stuff.

Can we please stop derailing the thread with it now?

No. 243334

Shit I linked the wrong thread sorry!

No. 243335

More like can everybody just collectively shut up about irrelevant shit. I have no idea why some anons feel the need to discuss every issue imaginable on a board like this. Some people take lolcow way too seriously considering it's supposed to be a place where you go to laugh at dumb fucks like Margaret.

No. 243336

That's why you make containment threads, so that the people who feel the need to talk about how ~awesomely vegan~ they are have their own little corner away from everyone else to do it in.

No. 243338

I didn't think anyone but my mom had this delusion. Is this cultural? Because in mine I'm supposed to be responsible for my parents when they age.

No. 243339

She was acting like she was a homeless, taking showers at the airport, living at "friends'" house and smth else I don't even remember and then she's always in cool restaurants or whatever, in one of the most expensive place in the world.

She probably has a bank account in Switzerland, evading taxes…

No. 243341

It has nothing to do with culture. If you get knocked up and you decide to keep the kid, you're responsible for it. And yes, kids do cost money. It's not your child's fault that you got pregnant, and it's not your child's fault that children are expensive and have needs that go beyond wash them feed them clothe them. All of that should be common sense.

One pretty popular trick narcissists use is making you feel guilty for things they voluntarily gave to you. They will randomly make you a gift you did not ask for, and one week later when they're pissed at you, they will be like "I bought you X and this is how you thank me????"
Margaret decided to keep Venus and voluntarily provided for her for 19 years. Now that she suddenly feels she didn't deserve it, she's blaming her daughter for ~the things she had to sacrifice~

No. 243342

When will Margo run out of money or get deported?

How many months does her visa have?

No. 243343

90 days tourist visa, I guess?

No. 243345

I feel like we will probably get some milk flowing then. Also I wonder what's the status of Venus' spouse visa. Can she also get deported even if she has been living with Manaki? Do they do the test thing to them before doing so?

No. 243346

I can't imagine Maggot will be leaving Japan just because her Visa run out. I'm looking forward to it, she's so far gone already, I want to see what crazy shit she pulls

No. 243348

go to the containment thread, no one gives a fuck about vegans or your hate-boner for them.

No. 243349


I feel like Margot wrote this caption. Creepy!

No. 243353

>margo makes passive aggresive comments about the cat on insta

No. 243354


Venus left veganism after a month or so saying this was not for her. AFAIK she never pulled a Kiki.

No. 243366

Offtopic but I hope no one take you farmers seriously because you have to take care of your parents when they are old, it's not a cultural thing its the norm. Be a little bit grateful…just a tiny bit.

No. 243368

Get fucked. No one decides to be born. It's not on a child to care for the parent. It's a decision not an m obligation. And when the parent is abusive to the children - all bets are off. Personally, I'd dance a jig if my parents died in a fire tomorrow. But what's more likely is that they'll take their sweet time dying. And I won't harm them in any way - I just won't even see or speak to them again. It's miles better than what they did to me, but there's always some asshole who likes to bleat "family values! Honor your elders! You have an obligation to them!" BULLSHIT. If the worst thing that happens to them is that they die alone, I've already been too generous and forgiving.

No. 243373

You should have been swallowed.

No. 243374

My parents have been very kind and supportive of me, so I will be happy to support them in their old age. I already assist them with taking care of their houses now.

However, I can understand not taking care of your parents if they were abusive to you. I wouldn't take care of someone who abused me. I know, filial piety and everything, they gave you life ect., but if you were legitimately abused or abandoned by your parents, then I can't really blame you for not wanting to support them.

I imagine Venus probably feels pretty conflicted right now about her mom. I'm sure she loves her in some way, so she probably wants her mom to be safe. But I'm sure she's also sick of the abuse and the manipulation and doesn't want anything to do with her. It will be interesting to see what happens.

No. 243375


I agree with you. If you had parents worth being grateful for, that's one thing. If you had abusive parents, dying alone and uncared for is still too kind for them.

No. 243376

That is SUCH A GREAT VIDEO, anon. 100% on point. This girl knows exactly what's going on (like many here) firsthand.

Thx for posting!

No. 243377

Derailers were banned for off-topic discussion, please stick on topic.

Please use >>>/b/74754 for vegan discussions

No. 243379

I agree but I think that anon said that you arent obligitated to care for them while tbh you are unless they were abusive.

No. 243380

Anon please watch the video posted at >>243289


Key: You MUST cut toxic people from your life, parent included. For your own mental health. It sucks but it MUST be done.

Venus is doing exactly what she neds to do. All these "but that is her MOM, how ungrateful!!" commenters can jump off a cliff.

No. 243382


This so much. It takes a long time to do this with your parents but after all it makes you feel so much better.

No. 243387

I wasnt talking about venus I was just talking about normal to nice parents…thats why I said that it was offtopic..
cant watch the video but if it is that video in a bikini: my mother is a whore (literally, but I love her) so I cant really care/complain lel

No. 243390

Not serveral countries back, it was when they were living in Japan, some months before they left for Korea in order to trying to renew the visa.

No. 243392

For some reason that link takes you to marg's bikini video (UGH!)

Please disregard!

This is the link to the embedded video on youtube:


No. 243395

This bitch is milking venus' drama to get viewers. I disliked her shit video and I didnt even watch tt.

No. 243403

Seriously can't wait to see what happens when she runs out of money

No. 243411

She's probably gonna live off welfare in Switzerland.

No. 243412

Jennyrose85 will adopt Margo for sure when that happens LOL

No. 243414


She's probably fucking some desperate wealthy Japanese man who gives her everything she wants, whom is under the code name as 'her friend'.

No. 243418

In germany one is obligated by law to take financial care for your parents when they are older. There are rarely excuses made, even if your parents were abusive and fucked you up in one way or another in most cases you wouldn't be freed from this task.
I don't know if it's the same in Switzerland. For the sake of Venus (and just to spite Maggot) I hope not… She leeched from her daughter long enough already. I can't wait to the day she's run out of all her money.

No. 243419

Margo isn't swiss citizen in the first place.

No. 243423

>She leeched from her daughter long enough already

This. It's not like maggro is some disabled granny or something. I don't think she even dare to apply for welfare if they does background check would dig the whole tax evasion thing

No. 243427

In Danish, ''being pole-palermo'' is slighly outdated slang for being sloshed. Not relevant in the slightest, just thought that it was amusing.

No. 243430

Can anyone contact Venus and tell her to close her account if Margendo is still using her cards? That meal looks expensive.

No. 243431


Wouldn't surprise me. Probably met the fucker at her stay at the airport. Sat there, just glancing at the planes with that monotone pathetic look on her mug. Across three seats over is some middle-aged Japanese man, waiting for his flight to god knows where. Again, looking as empty as her (cos asians obv).

Then Margo notices… she sees him and its enough to gain his attention.

She gives him a 'smile'. Then gets talking to him, doesn't bother with Japanese though because obviously this poor kowai-sou can already and must know english.

Hours later, after a beer or two. She's riding his toothpick in some cheap hotel across the way from the airport.

God help if he's loaded.

Venus, mommys coming home.

No. 243432

File: 1456785763501.png (192.07 KB, 590x369, Untitled-1.png)

No. 243433

She said it was her own card in the comments. I don't know how much Venus reads her comments section also.

No. 243434

How do you know she's telling the truth?

No. 243435

Foreigner, no permanent address and no income means it is very unlikely that she will be able to open a card while in japan with a Japanese company

No. 243437

Wtf, I just logged into my Instagram to see that Maggot answered me…. And she totaly didn't get it wasn't in support of her haha. I even called her 'Maggot' in my post but it seems shes already comfortable with this nickname and doesn't mind haha.
I wrote something like 'Maggots instagram - where perfectly reasonable people are called 'insane' for making perfectly reasonable statements' (as someone got called 'insane' from a Maggot defender early in the comments).
But of course, Maggot, I meant you because you are sooo reasonable wtf. At least now we know how deluded she really is in not getting sarcasm that obvious.
I feel tinted somehow, getting a thanks from Maggot.. I go and take a shower now. Should I take a photo as a proof? kek

No. 243440

File: 1456787460745.png (500.22 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-29-19-09-46…)

No. 243441


margo could be an additional cardholder

No. 243442

File: 1456787640621.png (471.95 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-29-19-14-02…)

No. 243443

Maggot is such a bucket of flaming feces. I hope she runs into a serial killer.

No. 243444

File: 1456787733076.png (484.21 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-29-19-15-29…)

No. 243446

Yep, everyone's in the wrong except you Margendo. They're all abusive liars and you have no responsibilities whatsoever. Your life must be so tough.

No. 243466

At least she isn't in full meltdown mode anymore. For now.

No. 243468

She's probably prostituting. I hope she isn't using Venus' credit card as people say but I don't put it past a woman this evil.

No. 243477


Wouldn't put it past her. Suddenly she's eating more fancier food, going out, dressing up all while in Tokyo. She mentions this "friend" quite often in a few photos. Probably the same "friend" who owns a private bar she took a snap of not long ago. More like a fuck buddy who splashes out on her out of sympathy.

God forbid if she ends up marrying to stay in Japan as well. The thought is horrifying.

No. 243479

Ugggh… I pray to the moon that she doesn't end up marrying for a visa. Venus wouldn't be free with her abuser stalking her. That shit would make her afraid to leave the house.

No. 243487

New pic up. Looks like margo is living on a diet of Denny's pancakes.

No. 243488

caps please

No. 243489


"I miss Venoos, but i'm going to say all these horrible things about her!"

No. 243490

File: 1456800100527.jpg (80.3 KB, 650x420, IfqfpgU.jpg)

Gotta get that grand slam down in the river.

No. 243492

File: 1456800136805.png (559.18 KB, 897x592, 429ce37719d534e82aea98f4cad103…)

I think she wants to get back into lolita. From what I can see, she looks really nice.

No. 243493

File: 1456800318155.jpg (255.8 KB, 1072x1512, tmp_10032-IMG_20160229_184324-…)

No. 243494

I wish we could fast forward to Margo globetrotting away from crushing Denny's induced credit debt.

No. 243495

She actually looks really nice here! She definitely can still wear lolita, but hopefully she won't be having that crazy eye makeup.

No. 243496


I hope she does return to Lolita, it suits her, especially toned down Sweet.

No. 243497

Those eggs look photoshopped.

No. 243498

Well, she doesnt seem like shes sticking to a budget. Is this her plan all along, get into debt so Venus has to bail her out?
What will happen if she doesnt have enough money to leave the country?

No. 243503

nah, japanese eggs are fucking amazing bro.

No. 243507

At least she would be a cute lolita, most girls who wear it are ugly, old looking or man-faced. I think she has the perfect look for lolita.

No. 243509

File: 1456803220737.jpg (165.89 KB, 735x960, IMG_20160229_203117.jpg)

>Denny's strawberry pancake with ice cream!



No. 243515

Is that fat thumb on the left her fuckbuddy or are that actually Maggots gross hands?

No. 243517

> most girls who wear it are ugly
what crawled up your vagina

No. 243521

So if you're staying in Tokyo and you're eating at Denny's every day, that's pretty much the epitome of FAIL, right?

Also lol @maggot on her IG trying to rally her defenders and it's basically crickets

No. 243522

They're not wrong.

No. 243524

Now that's just sad lmao

No. 243543

File: 1456817221785.jpg (166.11 KB, 756x960, IMG_20160301_002428.jpg)

>When asked to make a reply video.

Like she really cares about making Venus look bad.

No. 243545

No video that Margo Gothel posts can help her psychotic ass. It makes me sick knowing that this cunt has a handful of die hard supporters "BECAUSE MOTHERS CAN DO NO WRONG AND ARE PERFECT AND LOVING!!!111!!!!"

No. 243546


>hesitating because I don't want make Venus look bad

But Margendo, you already did??? Keemtard ring any bells?

No. 243548

kek she knows someone will download it before she can delete it

No. 243558

So i'm on a Venus video binge right now, but I think with the knowledge that Margendo abused Venus, I'm seeing stuff that I haven't seen before and don't know if i'm just overthinking it.

In her "I got every Pocky that exists" it looks the bridge of her nose is darker compared to the rest of it. I don't know if it's dirt, sunspot, weird shadow, or even Margendo popped her in the nose causing it to bruise.

No. 243561

i'm cautiously optomistic that this person isnt actually supportive of maggot and is simply trying to get her to make an ass out of herself on camera

No. 243563

Even if they are supportive; we get milk.

But that raises the question: What would you like to see in a Margo tells all video?

No. 243565

queenjunja or whatever the heck her name is is a hardcore Maggot supporter. It's sickening. On the bright side, because she's so loyal to Margo she'll probably do the video and make an ass of herself.

No. 243581

File: 1456828764563.jpg (367.05 KB, 925x594, All the time.jpg)

No. 243584

>I have so much time now!

Implying she was so busy and worked so much before. Right Maggot.

No. 243588

File: 1456832824948.png (930.53 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-01-07-45-54…)

What is this lol

No. 243589

Desperately hoping this is a troll trying to suck up to Margendo to get milk…

No. 243590

File: 1456833429608.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-01-07-47-01…)

What do they even gain from this

No. 243592

it's probably that queen juhina kid

No. 243601

Yes its abuse that she contours her face. This is what happens when we overcontour.
(It could also be just a shadow or a combination of both)

No. 243602

Agreed. Looking at her weeb profile pic that's photoshopped to hell and back with her asian boyfriendo, she's probably just another weeb jealous of Venus' success.

No. 243606


oh wow margo, how very thoughtful and considerate of you!

No. 243610

ahaha holy shit is she implying that venus and manaki are making sock puppet accounts to bully her and her psycho supporters? The hypocrisy is so intense here

No. 243612

That Oonaalison is the winner lmao
"Psycho Mayo"
"Calm down it's just a selfie"
"And she's just a psycho"

No. 243615


at first I thought she was lying on the street lel. Since she is in Japan her eyes look so - muzzy? Like she is on medication or something like that.

No. 243620

File: 1456850098070.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, wp_ss_20160301_0002.png)

I get you anon, I keep thinking about the middle of her Cute Japanese Candy video where she broke character because she said something wrong and hits her head a little like a self punishment.

No. 243630

> "Venus kills animals!!!!"
> wears fur

No. 243631

She looks drunk to me. Like she was out again all night and is just about to crash out.

No. 243634

Sorry, I replied before I saw all the derailment.

No. 243637

Not her, but you can look at virtually any /cgl/ selfpost thread and see she's right.

No. 243638

What fucking autist would interpret that facial expression as upset?

No. 243646

She bitched about Venus leaving when she had just paid for Korean language classes, but she clearly isn't going to them herself. wtf

No. 243647

i mean… she doesnt look happy to be having her photo taken?

No. 243650

Not saying venus killed animals (i dont believe it) but if she did thats different than wearing fur tbh. Anyways i doubt that fur coat is real but even if it was idc.

No. 243651

She was probably upset actually, but bc her psycho mom was forcing her to try on wigs and pushing her buy them.

No. 243652

I hope that queenjuhnna girl will convince margo to make a video

No. 243653

I hope that queenjuhnna girl will convince margo to make a video

No. 243654

The milk would be amazing!

No. 243656


still hoping for this to happen. Or she could make finally a live stream.

No. 243657

I'd bring popcorn and everything. It would be glorious.

No. 243666

That would be an absolute dream come true… Please, Margo, please.

No. 243669

I assume it's because she blocked a good Gendo cosplayer that niconico streamers wanted interviewed. Instead they got terrible opera of the cringiest proportions, forever immortalizing Margo as "Gendo," perhaps short for "Remember what she took from us, RIP Gendo, never forget."

No. 243670

My sides.

No. 243671

File: 1456867772695.jpg (47.75 KB, 605x806, 1434015829462-1.jpg)

Fuck, I forgot all about this video.

No. 243673

Creating Margendo in The Sims 2 to simulate her post-Venus life, but I don't know whether to call the sim Margendo or just Margaret…

No. 243676

I guess it depends on how you style her. If you're adding white gloves and tiny round glasses name her Margendo.

No. 243682

File: 1456870818397.jpg (92.5 KB, 794x763, IMG_20160301_221638_kindlephot…)

Just named her Margaret since I couldn't find awesome enough glasses for the job. She's still a work in progress - now I have to choose her clothing.

No. 243686

File: 1456871010318.jpg (236.77 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20160301_222212.jpg)

Wearing one of Venus' leftover ~dolly uguu~ dresses.

No. 243695

yeah "talking" is just a way to make Venus feel guilty and try to find out where they live

No. 243696

File: 1456875337737.jpg (11.85 KB, 400x300, margonovel.jpg)

My ABUSIVE Daughter: A novel by Margaret Palermo

No. 243697

File: 1456875447508.jpg (10.85 KB, 400x300, venusshrine.jpg)

Also she has a shrine to Venus on her balcony, complete with a cuddly toy that she left behind when she ran away.

No. 243698

rofl I love you farmers!

No. 243705

That's perfect. I love Sims parodies!

No. 243707

No. 243712

No. 243713


Nah, not yet anon. They forgot the part where Margo kills herself.

No. 243716

File: 1456880111002.jpg (61.36 KB, 600x450, margofightcheer.jpg)

She may kill herself sometime in the future. For now here's one more screenshot of her cheering on a fight like the trash that she is.

(I should probably stop posting these now since they annoy some people.)

No. 243717

They only just realised the controversy of that video NOW? Isn't it like 3 years old?

No. 243718


You need to make an asian looking man, call him Manaki 2 or something.

Make sure Margo gets preggers tho

woohoo the bitch until her pussy needs sewing back together

No. 243720

File: 1456881261383.jpg (359.8 KB, 932x593, Hat trick.jpg)

No. 243721

I can't screenshot atm but I'm creasing at a comment left on Margos new Dennys breakfast pic.

No. 243723

Will do! She's been sucking up to Darren Dreamer (beige trouser guy) so she can mooch off of him without getting a job, so a new dolly baby for Margo may not be far off.

No. 243724

Eventually she'll be homeless and begging people on the street to give her money for Denny's pancakes.

No. 243726

She's probably staying in a hotel with a Denny's attached.

No. 243727

Oh God I hope that other cow Barbie finds her when she truly does become homeless as that's how Margo described her once and destroys her on the streets.

No. 243730


Kek, fellow britfag detected. I swear most of /pt/ is made up of Brits. I guess it makes sense for Venus' thread since she started her rise to fame in London

No. 243735


I figured. It just looked so odd that the very middle of her nose, where most people would highlight, looks darker than the rest of her nose.

No. 243737

>I won't say her name.
>Shows a screenshot of the video.
Their fans are already going to her channel.

No. 243751

Honestly, she should take that and the How to look half Korean videos down.

No. 243765

Chapels bringing the fucking HEAT


No. 243766

Or at least change the title.

No. 243774

Those two are really annoying, I've never seen anything by them before but god they make me want to stab myself in the ears just so I won't hear them!

No. 243786

Same here anon. Also they complain how little money they earn - try being watchable!

No. 243791

Sage for OT blog post.
Being half Japanese myself, I loved the video.
It's true, back in the day, you got bullied for being half in BOTH countries. I'm not sure about now, because I haven't really been to Japan in over almost 10 years, so I don't know how it is these days but now some of the people who used to bully me now say they're half French.

No. 243803

wow thanks anon, i dont know what i will do without knowing this aspect of your special life!

No. 243822

File: 1456903060322.png (220.24 KB, 388x713, Sin título.png)

No. 243835

ot but einshine is shit

No. 243837

Did anyone catch Margo commenting on her last photo? I got a notification but I think she deleted it. Also this person who was replying to me had their comments deleted too (don't know if by Margo)

No. 243840

File: 1456915279009.png (395.76 KB, 922x758, Untitled10.png)

>>243192 Margo seems to be running out of steam.

No. 243841

Maybe she just burned out a little after her earlier meltdown?

No. 243842

File: 1456917830745.jpg (165.72 KB, 1800x618, Maggret.jpg)

My theory is she is developing some relationships outside just her and Venus. Sure it is with her toxic followers, but relationships. Right now Maggo probably thinks these people will do a lot for her, who knows, maybe some of them will.

No. 243843

The milk is so dry

No. 243844

Should I make an ass kissing Margo fan page and see if she spills something out via DM??

No. 243846

Do it!

No. 243849


Yes please.

No. 243851

I think its because shes running out of money for booze.

No. 243852

Poo. I wanna see another one of her erratic drunken meltdowns.

No. 243854

I'm gonna try to make some edits with some #staystrong crap on it. If anyone wants to add anything so it can be posted to the page go ahead. Not too obvious though.

No. 243855

she's funny

No. 243856

i wish her accent would get better

No. 243857


her latest videos are surprisingly pleased to watch. It's nothing special but still so much better than under the direction of maggot. And I really like this outfit tho.

No. 243859

she has actual life in her eyes now

No. 243860

Actually can you stop instead? This is derailing and a sorry attempt at humor.

No. 243861

Not a bad video nor a good one. A erage but that's fine. It's watchable which is nice.

No. 243862

I can't stop laughing at how she's pronouncing recipe. Reseep.

No. 243863

I might try this. I'm not a coffee lover, but I always drink it black. Maybe this will make it more tolerable.

No. 243864

File: 1456923344712.png (932.41 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-02-08-53-08…)

Feedback please. Also gonna need a few followers even if they're mule accounts before putting it on Margo's page.

No. 243865

"#Japantrip"? So she's leaving soon?

No. 243866


nah I just think she means her 90 days of tourist visa. I mean where can she go?

No. 243867

Yeah she has no where to go, no home country and no one wants her. The Instagram weirdo supporters are all she has. I mean, just by judging from the photos she has been posting anyone would think she is living under a table at Denny's.

No. 243868

She might as well be since she's always talking about being homeless… Which she honestly is at this point. Karma is slowly biting her hard in the ass.

No. 243869

Change the title to something like "Korean makeup trends" because honestly it just looks like she's taking tips from Asian magazines.

No. 243870


No. 243871

To catch her attention just write how young she looks and how a good mother she is XD

No. 243872

also always agree with queenjuhina and jassyrose85 to get her talking LOL

No. 243874

Wtf, apparently I'm one of the persons she wanted to sent a DM too. I never got one and I just don't get it. I'm openly making fun of Maggot and fight with her defenders. A few days ago she even blocked me. And the next morning I was unblocked again. I can't with this woman, she is getting crazier by the minute

No. 243894

The thing is i think if margo wanted to she probably could go back to her fam's house. They give me that "family no matter what" vibe

No. 243895

Venus probably only ever learned english by reading and not so much by speaking which is why her writing and understanding is ok but her pronunciation is shit

No. 243897

File: 1456936805558.png (496.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-02-12-36-17…)

Seems like she bit.
Gonna pop in here and there when there's an argument. Once she has warmer up enough I'm gonna try to DM her.

Need more edits.

No. 243901

Say she overstays, had no money to buy a ticket back to…wherever, what then? Does the embassy just ship her back?

No. 243908

>venus' latest video
Well its good to see the old venus again tbh

No. 243914

Her new videos seem as cutesy as before, but they're more genuine and her sense of humour is much better in them since she's allowed to use her own sense of humour instead of just being all ~kawaii sugoi desu uguu~

(She needs to learn how to pronounce the word recipe correctly though.)

No. 243915

She was in a regular school until they moved to the UK and within Europe you have english lessons in every school.

No. 243916

I love Ein but Joey (the guy with him, if anyone doesn't know) is a big weeb as is. His youtube his "The Anime Man" and he is really annoying.
Ein has made several videos about hating weebs, so I love how late he is with this.

No. 243918

I wouldn't say Joey is a weeb because he is half Japanese. But Shine does hang out with quite a few weebs, like that one weeby girl on Kawaii Pateen who calls herself "cathy cat."

No. 243919

Lol yeah and I can vouch for them not being sufficient to get a good accent or even a good grasp of the language. Especially since she didn't have a complete education.

No. 243920

File: 1456940871805.jpg (12 KB, 320x337, 1431853763985.jpg)

Why the fuck would you eat at a shitty american franchise every day when you're in Japan of all places?! I never ate the same meal twice when I was there and when I went to fast food joints I went to the japanese ones (Yoshinoya is elder god tier), who the fuck wouldn't? What a dirty philistine.

No. 243926

I'm sure everyone here took French or Spanish or German in school if they are from an English speaking country, is your pronunciation at a fluent level?

A few years of semi-regular classes, which she might have totally fucked off, doesn't give you perfect pronunciation by any means.

No. 243929

In my school, if you were in remedial classes or getting special education resources, you were exempt from having to learn a second language.

No. 243931

As a European I can confirm that no matter how good you are at writing English you will always sound like you have brain damage (I'm speaking for the majority).
>inb4 eurofag disagrees with me and tells me they speak english like a native
Good for you but I dont believe you.

No. 243932

Confirming. Learning english as a second language is a joke in Europe. Venus accent is pretty standard, it's the one you have leaving school.

No. 243933

Learning a language at school =/= living in a country where the language is being spoken. Venus lived in London for 2 years.

Inb4 but anon, Marg kept her in a cage!!1!

No. 243934

She sounds and speaks exactly like this weebish autistic polish girl I know (which she technically is?).
It's either the dutch in her or the autism (I suspect both tbh)
(i know she isnt dutch but its all the same to me)

No. 243935

I'm sure that if she sees any of the many comments correcting her about reseep, she'll try to say it right next time. At least she's not getting hit for mispronunciations anymore.

No. 243943


I wonder how her Japanese sounds so fluent though?

No. 243944

Lol. She's neither Dutch nor autistic. She's just not very good at learning languages.
Margo tried really hard to sell her as some kind of polyglot/genius, but I don't think she has a natural talent. She spent like 4 years in Tenerife and her Spanish was still tragic. She may have picked up a few bits and pieces due to having lived in so many countries, but that's neither surprising nor impressive. The only language she really learned by herself is Japanese.

No. 243945

Well, honestly, I wouldn't criticize her accent. Her mother has been the only person in her life and her english is fucking terrible.
You can't improve your accent if you don't have people to talk to.

No. 243947

To be fair, if I knew my mother was just going to uproot me every few months/years and she didn't let me have any real friends, I'm not sure how hard I'd try learning all these languages either.

No. 243949

omg these 2 ugly weebs should keep quiet. The other day I saw a japanese girl on the kawaii pateen channel do a tutorial and said she does the 'half' makeup which is in fashion right now. She put on blue contacts and long fake lashes, thinking she looks half white now kek. Nobody says anything when Asians copy our features but anything we do is WAYCIST.
I guess the reason why we never feel offended by poc copying us is because they don't look good doing it.

No. 243952


and maggots accent is horrific. I can't blame venus since I'm a germanaccentfag myself. She is doing fine, it could be so much worse.

No. 243953

back to /b/ racist-chan xxx

No. 243970

I don't mind Venus' accent in itself but I can't stand the way she talks in general. Idk if this makes sense, but she keeps doing these exaggerated tones like a little kid. The closest thing I can think of is that valleygirl speak thing with the way it sounds like every sentence period is a question.

No. 243977

go away troll account

No. 243979

Everything looks as usual when I'm going on her Instagram though

No. 243980

File: 1456952048736.jpg (146.08 KB, 720x952, _20160302_214405.jpg)

On last Venus IG post ( the pic with the stairs).

No. 243981

File: 1456952084091.jpg (341.91 KB, 970x1971, _20160302_215215.jpg)

No. 243982

File: 1456952126080.jpg (271.21 KB, 1067x1833, _20160302_215232.jpg)

No. 243985


jassyrose85 gives me cancer

No. 243987

Jeeez i hate her sooo much!

No. 243988

Margendo is really fishing for sympathy now.

No. 243990

I checked her IG just for lolcow potential but she's more boring than words can describe. Well-off suburban Aussie with no intuition whatsoever.

No. 243991

It's kind of hard to find poor quality there. At least where I lived.

No. 243992

dat fucking blackmail masquerading as caring

No. 243998

Maybe I'm weird here but if my mother was as crazy as Margo I would probably willingly sacrifice family photos and the like. a small price to pay to get on with my life.

No. 244000

I'd burn them, filming it all and then sending the video to Maggot. That would give us a nice little meltdown I think

No. 244003

Funny how she goes cyclical from abuse to being "sorry" over and over

>Venus is a liar and she abuses her pets

>Manaki is messing with your head Venus, come back to me

>Venus abused me, she's a horrible daughter

>I miss you Venus, come to me let me help you away from abusive Manaki

>I wish Venus was never my daughter

>Venus please get in touch or all our memories will be lost

No. 244006

Shit. What if Margo is acting contrite to lure Venus to the storage place, only to kidnap her. She ends up in the river with Venus in a murder-suicide. Margs is definitely crazy enough for it.

No. 244007

Since the "bring me my stuff by 6pm" threat didnt work I think Venus is safe. But we did get some milk when Magendo tried to post "proof".
Does anyone have any idea when the storage expires?

No. 244008

Margo has a credit card. Venus said she would ship her the stuff if she had her address and if Margo paid for it. This is just emotional blackmail. She wants to lure Venus out of hiding.

No. 244010

But what about her swarowski-collection???

No. 244016

Bless, Margo is running to Venus because her broke ass can't do nothing about the storage unit fees after spending it all on Denny's pancakes. I hope V saves her own belongings and lets Margo's get removed permanently.

No. 244017

Then she literally lost everything, doesn't she? No home, no daughter, no money, no family, no belongings. What is she going to do? Living on the street? I can't see her ccepting the situation as it is and getting a job

No. 244018

I'm guessing that she'll try to find a man through one of her AirBnB friends that she can mooch off of, and maybe try to make Venus 2.0…

No. 244019


Which needs to happen because she still lives in a fantasy world where she probably honestly believes Venus will see Manaki as a horrible human being and crawl back to her. She can make her bed and lay in it.


Oh Christ no.

No. 244020

I hope she gets forcefully deported out of Japan and be banned for the next 5-10 years to enter the country

No. 244021


We can pray anon, we can pray. That'd be fantastic to see happen.

No. 244024

Maybe she'd finally go in the river

No. 244026

File: 1456963104228.gif (994.21 KB, 500x236, filthyhobbits.gif)


Where she rightfully belongs far away from society.

No. 244039


Oh, so it's making her watch horror movies Margendo? I thought she LOVES watching horror movies?

No. 244048

those australia day dresses were disgusting. I bet they are bigots. boyfriend gives off major creeper vibes.

what is going on inside the mind of someone who passionately defends and supports an abuser? this is something I've always wanted to know.

No. 244050

Isn't she a personal trainer though? She is capable of working.

No. 244054

I know, that's what I've been saying! She's in fucking Tokyo and she eats at Denny's every day. It's hilarious. Poor margg, haha

No. 244056

Shes given up on that judging by her eating habits. Just on more thing for her to be bitter about.

No. 244057

I wonder if she'd be singing that same tune if her father raped her in the ass every night.

No. 244063

Oh for the love. Margendo is still haunting the comments on venus' last photo. I jumped in for a hot minute to correct some folks' misunderstanding of the "blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the wimb" bible verse (aka, that the "blood is thicker than water" phrase people say actually means the dead opposite of what they think it means.)

Margo then tagged me saying she totally gets it, because she doesn't talk to her own family any more. I was like… do you fucking hear yourself? You, yourself, do not get along with your family. You know first hand that just being blood related to someone doesn't make you obligated to live like they live, nor require that you be close to your family of birth. Yet here you are, demanding that your child love and bond with no one but you, forever.

She really can't see that she's trying to force her daughter to live the life margo wants, when margo left her family home (she says) because she didn't want to live the way they wanted. Hmmm.

No. 244073

Ikr, Venus is actually replicating Margo's pattern, by breaking drastically with her nearest and dearest at a young age. Fucking burns doesn't it, Margo.

No. 244074

The storage unit in Tokyo belongs to Venus and Manaki, so what the fuck is Margo talking about? Unless she means the suitcase still being at the airport, because that is the only thing Margo has control over.

No. 244076

This jassyrose bint is trouble. She is a fervent Margo supporter and one of the main DM-ers. This is some orchestrated shit.

No. 244078

She's also a deluded twat.

No. 244080

ngl i kind of love how she talks now, i used to hate her videos but now she's ditched the super kawaii uguu dolly persona and started being more real she's quite fun to watch.
>drinking instant coffee tho, girl nooo.

No. 244088

I wonder if her mother is being so fucked up as to open credit cards under her daughters name. If so that would be fraud and I think Japan or what ever country they come from have some strict laws….

Just a thought since she is not bothered by the debt….

No. 244136

I live in the same area as her and I'm almost certain I've seen her working at a store that sells well made but really boring diamond rings. If she keeps doing this shit it'd be easy to tell her to stfu in person. She's too old to be this naive.

No. 244139

File: 1456994628718.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-03-03-42-57…)

No. 244141

That would be a fun moment!

No. 244142

Still actively stalking her daughter, I see. Wasn't Venus there a day ago?

No. 244143

This isnt pancakes. Im a little dissapointed.

No. 244144

Her pics are tagged Akihabara.

No. 244154

Maybe they will ship her back to Hungary. I'm sure she'd love that.

No. 244156

Growing up extremely sheltered, being extremely ignorant to your surroundings and to what happens outside of your little suburb microcosmos and being naive to the point of incomprehension that there could be people who grew up/lived a different life than you yourself have is my take. I knew so, so many people like her and would guess that the vast majority of people are like this.

Sorry for poor grammar/wording, 2nd language yadda yadda.

No. 244157


No. 244159

She can't work in Japan, doesn't have a work visa.

No. 244163

no shit.. people grew up different to me, and different to you. here in australia we are very discreet about how we use and show the flag. it is not like the usa. here, if you wear a flag dress to match your mum's flag dress, and go out waving a bunch of flags, on a day that has some resonances of sadness and regret as well as the usual patriotism, chances are you are ignorant, a bigot, and potentially a racist. there's even a research study to prove what the rest of us already know - the biggest flag-wearers are the biggest bigots.

saged bc salty aussie rant

No. 244165


She's just going to rack up a shit ton of credit card debt before they deport her ass

No. 244169

I deadass thought this was Margaret.

No. 244170


you are not alone, anon.

No. 244174

I wonder why she defend Margo like that.
I think she just wants to be the hipster of the situation, going against everyone.
Also she doesn't look like someone who's into weebs and stuff. Maybe she worked with Margo? Why would she defend a randomer like that, in every photo?
It would be interesting to know LOL

No. 244181

She's a new mum judging by the profile, so she's thinking on margo's side

No. 244195

File: 1457018135672.png (737.17 KB, 932x600, margag.png)

The eye bags are fierce when she doesn't blur them to fuck.

No. 244197

File: 1457018243331.png (591.08 KB, 927x596, why.PNG)

same venus, why

No. 244198

File: 1457018310261.png (585.04 KB, 912x584, why2.PNG)

changed the caption

No. 244200


>organically grow your page

What the fuck does that even mean?

Uh oh.

No. 244201

weenus are u ok

No. 244202

I think it means to grow a solid fanbase without buying fake bot followers.

Also why is Venus being vague and weird?

No. 244203

So she's having an identity crisis..
Christ how much did Margot really suppress her.. it's so sad.

No. 244204

I guess when your whole life has been about pleasing Margo and avoiding her wrath, it's probably hard to figure out what you want when that pressure is gone.

No. 244205


at first I thought that she has some latex fetish mask on. She would be a great dominatrix tho.


I think venus has finally time to realize where she is and where she could go - and it's not that bright so far.

No. 244210

she deleted it, not surprising

No. 244213

File: 1457020107598.png (818.86 KB, 937x599, 1234mkjnjh.png)

Just thought this was funny.

No. 244224

File: 1457025451814.jpg (177.72 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Oh maggot give it up already

No. 244233

Bottom left corner looks like PT I'm not even kidding

No. 244234


GIF looks like Margo going into the river.

No. 244251

File: 1457036801117.jpeg (236.11 KB, 1323x1097, image.jpeg)

I want to kill Margo.

No. 244254

But….. what about the river, Maggot? We all are waiting for it :(

No. 244255

pls river now

No. 244256

Lol I remember those comments. That bitch is insane and kept at it. Not Venus' fault her cousin is ugly.

No. 244257

Why doesn't venus just block her?

No. 244258

And I wish Margo would just give up. She already robbed her daughter (taking her bank account and all its funds, destroying her MacBook) and now she wants to, as we all can tell by her behavior, murder her. That latest comment by her is just… Wow. Mental hospital for the murderous mother.

No. 244259


why? I mean this is a great chance to show everybody what lunatic piece of shite maggot is.

No. 244260

I think it's to prove how insane she is… Which is working really well.

And I asked Margo how in the fuck is she robbing and killing her. Her response is dumb and makes no sense. She replied with, "Yup, she knows." WHAT THE FUCK? THAT DOESN'T ANSWER ANYTHING, MAGGOT. She's avoiding an answer because we know she's projecting her murderous intent.

No. 244261

i want to get off the palermo wild ride

No. 244262

>Mori kei is dead af anon that's why I mentioned Larme, it's recent and gaining more popularity. I'm surprised Dakota hasn't jumped onto the trend yet.

She was in the magazine like twice so it's not as if she has to.

No. 244269

File: 1457041311929.jpg (90.69 KB, 1280x720, therideneverends.jpg)

No. 244271

I really don't understand why you posted this and how it relates to my post. I don't understand what you mean with the flag talk and I'm not american. It's OT anyways, but what in hell are you trying to convey?

No. 244272

File: 1457041915864.jpg (10.59 KB, 178x188, 1433099191910.jpg)

I can see it

No. 244273

"Larme" AKA "I wish it was the 50's with shorter dresses edition?"

No. 244274

Maybe she meant this jessicawhatever-person and not you? That's at least how I read it

No. 244280

I think she's talking about jassyrose, that cuntish Maggot supporter. She's a trashy right winger even for Australian standards.

No. 244287

Aw Venus' snapchat is pretty cute. There's a viddy of them eating ice cream together where they look pretty happy. I hope Maggot sees that and it burns her

No. 244313

Yay Venus added me on snapchat <3

No. 244319

Sending Snapchats to Venus of my peenus weanus got my baleeted :(

t. Dirty Dick Dan(ebin)

No. 244328

Why the fuck would you do that?

No. 244330

Why in the hell would you do that?

No. 244331

fucking kill yourself

No. 244332

Of course she'll see it, she stalks Venus's SM obsessively. And seeeethes.

Poor mags is getting NO love on IG anymore, on her page or Venus's.

No. 244339

Because Venus still loves her mother for whatever reason.. Stockholm syndrome probably

No. 244344

File: 1457058235046.jpg (20.96 KB, 255x232, 46d91265148e231f280beff071e7d8…)

When your mother is all you've had for your entire life and being shunned for any social interaction and being completely dominated by this woman? I think it would take a grand deal of time to come to terms that her life is her own to lead now. She's free so long as her mother doesn't catch her. But I fear that may happen unless she either A) Moves to an undisclosed location elsewhere or B) Maggot finally get deported or into the river.
It's natural Venus will still have attachment issues with her mother from everything she's experienced and her mother being the only true individual in her life and being alienated by her from any potential friends lest her mother's wrath be bestowed upon her.

It's a sick sort of love and also fear. the latter she needs to live out on a daily basis thanks to her mother's incessant stalking tactics and maternal narcissistic tendencies.

Maggot's life was lived through Venus, it's still a battle currently but I believe in due time Venus will be properly independant, though her mother will always be at the back of her mind ever present in one way or her influence lingering over certain choices etc.

Sorry for the rambled post, I hope it made sense, I'm typing this out quickly.

No. 244362

I think she didn't block her for her own safety as Margo likely will become more nuts when this happens+it is always good to know what she is up to in order to avoid going to places she may find Venus at to attack her.

No. 244409

Just post a screenshot next time anon

No. 244427

No. 244428

Notice how her voice sounds deeper when she speaks Swiss-German? I think th

No. 244429


she forgot to cut out one of the "hey guys" at beginning?

No. 244430

i wish she would put subtitles on this video

No. 244431

i really like her voice when she is speaking japanese. also, she forgot to do spanish?

No. 244432

Her Swiss German was most natural, Her German was really good and her Dutch wasn't perfect but for 5 months..? incredible and sounded so cute

No. 244435

She looks in this video like her breath stinks probably because of her hair and teeth.

No. 244436

also how full on is this, language learning has basically taken the place of real school for Venus, so I'm guessing that and being a teen/learning fast is why she's able to speak each one in a bit of detail.

No. 244437

I think her voice is cute when she speaks Japanese. She seems to be very good pronounciation, though that seems to have something to do with not having English as her mother tongue. English speakers do the weirdest pronounciation in Japanese…

No. 244438

I think she does have a knack for learning languages. Just not for English pronounciation. She has also lived in every country she speaks the language of, and that does probably help a lot.

No. 244439

It's natural to want to rationalise (to think if Margo would only act normal it would be fine), and to still want that connection (Margo is all she has had). I'm sure her connection with Manaki is good right now but it's another full-time one-on-one relationship. Ultimately not every day is kawaii. Couples naturally will have conflict. What she has now is so much better than Margo but Venus may sometimes miss the predictability of Margo's control. Margo used to decide everything, now Venus can decide anything she wants.

No. 244441

Germanfag here. It bothers me that she refers to Swiss German and German as 2 seperate languages. I never studied Swiss German nor have I ever been to Switzerland and I understand everything they say and can read it perfectly. Swiss German is the drunk cousin of German.
She didn't speak Spanish in the video so in the end it was only 5 languages and not 7. Fellow Eurofags will not be impressed by that. I know many people who speak several languages and they actually finished school and didn't have as much free time as her and they didn't get to live in the different countries.

No. 244442


I wonder if she rushed with this video. Not including Spanish, horribly out of sync, etc.

No. 244443

I think she learns really fast though. My native language is Dutch, and she could really speak it well even though she has only lived here for 5 months.

No. 244444

Total immersion makes things much easier.

No. 244445

yeah but even I as a German understood like 20% of her Dutch, never studied it and never visited the Netherlands. She lived there and had to learn it. Other teenagers have to study maths, chemistry, literature and do sports while she had so much free time and no friends. I do feel sorry for her but it's not impressive if you think about it.
And btw, why does it sound like she has something in her mouth while speaking English and Japanese? I feel like these 2 languages are dfficult to pronounce for her. Korean seems to be easier for her than Japanese. She talked like a robot when she spoke Japanese.

No. 244446

Dutch is really easy to learn for Germans. Especially if you're practically forced to because you're living in the Netherlands at a young age

No. 244447

I don't think her Spanish is that good, bet she left it out on purpose

No. 244449

hi Margo

No. 244450


she made this old video in Spanish.

No. 244451

Her Japanese is actually pretty good, it's not by any means perfect, but her pronunciation is good. Doesn't sound like she has food in her mouth to me. She seems really nervous, I guess because it's the language she feels most vulnerable about.

No. 244452

Well, but she's practically Swiss, so having some pride in "her language" is to be expected.

No. 244455

Where from Germany are you? I am German and I had troubles understanding it

No. 244458

Venus… What are these rando bs shits you are saying in Korean lol. Saying Koreans are fast about everything. And essentially talking about rando things she learned in unrealistic school class prompts. -_-

And her Japanese is not that good.

No. 244459


Her Japanese is good.

No. 244460

She made this video private?

No. 244461

It depends on where you are/ who you talk to in Switzerland. Suiss German has different dialects and some of them can be very hard to understand for us.

No. 244462

Maybe she's trying to edit it

No. 244465

Damn, didn't get to watch it and now the video is gone.

No. 244466

Well, I mean, if you only speak English then you'd only understand the first 3 minutes-ish of the video. Hopefully she is going back and adding subtitles or something.

No. 244469

No. It is not as good as you kids make it out to be. Unless you are a weeb in America, she is not that good.

No. 244475


No. 244476


Ya, she rushed it. Added Spanish and fixed the sync, but forgot to take out her intro mess up.

No. 244478

Am I the only one that thins Venus is panicking herself? As in, she worries if her video is later - she'll lose fans? She seems to have rushed this video to get it out on time.

No. 244479

Don't think so. If anything, it is possible that she wants to distract her fans from giving Margo the attention for her BS that she obviously wants.

No. 244481

I think she has a contractual agreement with some company to post a video once a week on schedule

No. 244482

Her accent when talking German is cute but pretty noticeable. Are there any Swiss anons here? Does she have a native accent when she's talking in Swiss German?

No. 244483

It sounded natural to me although in my area they speak more French

No. 244484

I wish she had subtitled all of it or something, it's a really cute idea for a video but also kind of pointless like this!

No. 244486

No Boo-bye-bye-boo!

No. 244487

even in her mother tongue her voice sounds kinda weird… so does she have a speech impediment?

No. 244488

sounds like her tongue doesnt fit in her mouth correctly

No. 244489

can any native speakers of any of these comment? i dont speak any of them fluently but i have heard them enough and they sound funny

No. 244491

Native German speaker here, and her German is good.

No. 244493

Honestly, i think when someone moves so much from country to country and learns so many different languages, it has the effect of them sounding kind of off in every language they speak.

No. 244497

You don't even necessarily have to move from country to country. If you constantly switch between a few languages, you'll likely sound "off" in any number of them unless you make a concerted effort to correct your accent.

Source: native English speaker who sucks at speaking English due to multiple languages

No. 244505

Native Dutch (ABN) speaker here, I almost couldn't understand anything she was saying in the Dutch segment. It was as if she were speaking German/English, and just switched the words with Dutch ones. She sounded more Frysian than Dutch.

No. 244506

File: 1457114546702.png (250.1 KB, 750x1334, image.png.a9391fd5fe3fa7c526c7…)

No. 244507


No, I'm a Britfag studying the Japanese language as my main degree module.
So I reiterate, her Japanese is good.

No. 244510

Her spanish is surprisingly not that bad. She makes a few grammar mistakes and her accent is weird but doesn't really sound bad. And her pronunciation is just a little bit off but you can easily understand everything she's saying. A lot better than i expected tbh.

No. 244512

>rob and KILL your mother

Margendo projecting. Good she doesn't know where Venus lives

No. 244514

tbh it's better she doesn't block her right now. Margendo being able to vent online might be one of the few things keeping Venus safe.

Imagine what that crazy bitch would do out of despair (and it's looking pretty bad already)

No. 244515

Hi manaki, brush her teeth better next time.

No. 244521

Thats because google translate cant really fuck up basic English-Spanish translations. Native speaker here. It is alright i guess. Its rehearsed/prepped etc so cant really say much. Its funny she still humblebrags about all this fluent in 8 languages shit. I always thought Margo put her up to it.

No. 244522

Hispanicfag here, her Spanish is passable. She does mispronounce words here and there but I could understand her ok. Thick accent but it's to be expected.

No. 244523

Her Japanese is okay, but she admitted she speaks 片言, not sure how you really translate that but it means talking kind of awkwardly (like baby or foreigner). But she's still studying it and I'd imagine it helps that she has to speak it with Manaki (and probably other people) everyday.

No. 244526

I think you guys who are criticising her language skills have to remember that at least 6 of these are not her native language. It might easy for you to just spit out the words in Dutch or German like it's nothing, but being able to think in another language that is not your native and actually being able to speak in a language are two totally different things.
My head Japanese is pretty decent, but when I actually speak Japanese I still sound like a baby, albeit a baby speaking in polite form.

To be able to speak not just one extra language but various other languages without the need for a script is very, very impressive.

Even if you think her present language ability is poor, I really think she has a talent for it.

No. 244527

lol I know a Dutch guy who is totally embarrassed about being Frisian and won't admit he speaks it with his parents (instead of standard Dutch)

No. 244528

Yeah, her spanish was not as bad as I expected. I guess she used google translate a bit bc after all she has not talked in spanish in 5 years and even then she was not fluent at all.
She's not very good with verbal tenses, but I guess she could perfectly follow a basic conversation, so yeah not that bad.

Btw, I can confirm that papas locas are really good kek.

No. 244530

File: 1457119475487.jpg (11.96 KB, 720x103, _20160304_202220.jpg)

Samefag. Forgot to add eaelier this new comment from maggot on yesterday's Venus picture (the one where she asks what do people live for).

No. 244533

File: 1457119591931.png (376.71 KB, 768x1049, wp_ss_20160304_0001.png)

same shit. If there's more deep in the comments of this pic I couldn't find it.

No. 244537

Why doesnt she block her? Its doing more emotional damage to herself if she just allows her mom to shit up every post

No. 244538


Why do we care? She still sounds like she's out of the Gestapo anyway. Her and her crazy mother.

She can speak languages, big deal. Most can if you put time and effort into it. Venus has an aunt who's into it and has been dragged around shit tons of country by her mother. It's no surprise.

No. 244539


She's married a jap and probably studied while being home all the time anyway.

No. 244541

Maybe Venus picked up the important things from the storage room and carried them to her apartment.
I bet maggot is more worried about her own stuff (swarovskis, clothes, her broom, etc.).

No. 244542


What irks me a bit is that when people pamper these weebs who live in Japan and can speak Japanese. Such as Dakota for e.g

If you're working with the media there, living there and such. You are going to obviously have to learn the language to get around, communicate ect ect.

Venus probably picked up languages because she was moving all the time. Japanese was probably the big one because "it's my dream to live in Japan!" (isn't it everyone's these days?). So she may have put more time into it.

If you're going to live somewhere you learn the language ect ect.

To me it isn't surprise. She can speak languages, nice. What's new?

No. 244544

According to you, most Dutchies and Germans are impressive, since most know 3+ languages.

No. 244546

Now she's concerned about nutrition? Because when she was eating 100 nuggets, under her mom's supervision, that was super nutritious!

No. 244547

yeah seriously. Just trying to show she's a concerned mom as if everyone will forget the past. One McDonald's binge will ruin your help but not Starbucks every day. Ha…

No. 244549

Idk. I'm impressed. I love languages. Those of you who can speak multipul languages should feel happy about it. If it was that easy, everyone would speak Japanese for example. My moms native language is not English, and I still wasnt able to be fluent, growing up hearing it everyday. I'm as impressed with Venus as I am with any of you who speak 3 or more languages.

No. 244553


Well, yeah, I'm a language student so I get a pretty enormous erection whenever my European friends start gabbing to each other in various languages.

As a Brit though I am biased due to the fact that English is generally "the" language to learn in countries outside the UK, so for us it's never really necessary to learn anything other than English.

Just because it's typical it doesn't make it any less impressive though. If you're a person that speaks more than one language fluently don't take the opportunity you were granted for… well, for granted. I only wish I'd been exposed to a second language from a young age since it's a fucking bitch to learn to when you're older.

No. 244554


By not blocking her she's allowing everybody to see just how batshit insane her mother is though. It's a good tactic tbh.

No. 244555

ugh you again

No. 244556


idk who you think I am but you're almost definitely mistaken. I don't really post in Venus threads.

No. 244559

you're always in /b/ sperging about porn and how women are no longer family orientated. Also you try to chat up idiots who admit to having daddy issues/dating much older men.

No. 244561

don't want to ruin the party but the thing is not knowing over 3 languages it's how different they are from each other.

If you're german and you have a grasp of other germanic languages it's no big deal but if you're german and you know how to speak several languages that are completely different in vocabulary and grammar that's another thing.

No. 244562

This was posted earlier in the thread.

No. 244564

Literally so irrelevant that sageing doesn't help. Take it back to /b/ if you're so convinced that's where this anon is from. Anyone is allowed to reply to this thread so long as it's on topic.

No. 244566

This…is what I've been saying all along. (Not here obviously, just in general)

IMHO, if you are Dutch and you're fluent in Dutch, German, English, and French, it's not nearly as impressive as a Japanese person being fluent in just Japanese and English. Dutchies pretty much are spoonfed English nowadays, and the language is not too far from German and French.

On the other hand, the hypothetical Japanese has far, far larger hurdles in becoming fluent in English.

It's good to know many languages, but knowing multiple languages in and of itself doesn't make you particularly extraordinary.

No. 244567

I have a feeling Margo did most of the editing for V's videos, and now she's doing it all by herself and probably struggling a bit. Her quality is really taking a hit. Still a cute video though. I have mad respect for people who can speak multiple languages.

No. 244571


Uhhhhhhhhhhhh you DEFINITELY have the wrong the person Anon. idgaf if women are no long "family orientated" and I hate children.
Just a hint, there is probably more than one person using lolcow who is also a language student.

Sage for OT.

No. 244573

oh I see what you meant now. Yes, Venus isn't impressive because she knows many languages but I give credit that she knows passable spanish and then korean and japanese

Either way I think the video is not to boast about how much she knows, but it's more like another "fuck you" to margendo, since she's been tried to pass Venus as a dumb person and she's like, no I am capable because I am able to learn many languages, kind of like when she took the picture with her korean school certificate

No. 244577

For the record, I'm not any of the other anons you were talking to. But yea, I do find it far more impressive that Venus speaks passable Japanese than her knowing German/Dutch/any other Indo-European language.

No. 244580

All you see are videos that she prepped for though.

No. 244586

I understood everything she said in Dutch.
then again.. i am Frisian.. Yet it sounded nothing like frisian.
it was just Dutch with an accent.
Kunnen mensen tegenwoordig geen enkel dialect meer verstaan?

No. 244588


Even if prepped you can clearly see she's not reading a script directly. That's still p. impressive.

No. 244589

I find it neat she can keep some language knowledge even after moving out of a country, when she has no more purpose to use that language. I get she's not perfect, but still, it's kind of cool she has some base skill that she could build on if she wanted to. I moved as a kid and can't even speak my mother tongue correctly so I can appreciate that Venus is able to do this

No. 244590

The only thing this proves is that mommy, although being a shit person, spoiled her. Learning a language abroad is different from learning in a course environment. She spent a significant amount of time (months) in each of the countries whose language she can speak, in addition to taking courses (school in the Netherlands, Jap/Kor language school).

If she taught herself all of these languages this would be really impressive, but anybody would be able to display her level of skill had they been able to make the same experience. The only thing she's bragging with here is her lifestyle tbh.

No. 244593

I'm American but learning German and found her video pretty interesting (mainly for listening practice). I had relatives who lived in Switzerland for a short while and they talked about how they did have to learn Swiss-German because it is different enough because as she did talk about how some words in German were different in Swiss-German.
Her camera was super annoying with continuously refocusing

No. 244596

Exactlty. She is just humblebragging imo.

No. 244599

Pronouncing Dutch words English and using German grammar, isn't speaking Dutch.
Ik snap nog eerder een Marrokaan met zijn "die meisje" dan deze verbasteringen.
Je bent trouwens Fries, niet gewoon Nederlands, dan telt dus inderdaad niet dat jij het verstaat.

No. 244600

So it's bragging to show people how you talk in other languages? Okay…

I genuinely found it cool to hear her speak it. Maybe it's not impressive to a lot of people, but I'm jealous.

No. 244601

can she please not have auto-focus on her camera every 2 seconds when she moves at all i just hear her camera trying to focus and its the most annoying shit

No. 244604

She's not showing how to talk in other languages. She's not teaching anything. She's bragging with the foreign language skills mommy bought for her.

No. 244605

File: 1457132026736.jpg (67.44 KB, 420x512, AviY3pQ.jpg)

Dutchfags, I am curious. Is there some sort of weird discrimination thing in Holland toward Frisians? Sorry if that's a stupid question, but for some reason I get that feeling.

No. 244606

Her Spanish is preeeetty rusty. But her r's have always been pretty good. She needs to practice her pronunciation a bit more and her sentences. But she did say she hasn't spoken it in years so that's really impressive.

No. 244607

'Mommy' didn't buy her shit. 'Mommy' has been living off child labour all this time. And Mommy wasn't moving them around just so she could learn a new language

No. 244608

I hate to be that anon, but does anybody else find it rather strange how she all of a sudden made another foreign language video after her language skills have been brought up here? Venus bby it's okay. You don't have to prove yourself to us, most people here will still kiss your ass if your Dutch sucks.

No. 244609

>mommy bought for her


No. 244611

Her Spanish is a mix of impressive and bad…so strange. She forms simple conversation well and fluently with minor grammar mistakes, but sometimes her tongue trips and it's a garbled mess. Otherwise, she has decent pronunciation.

No. 244612

She looks like Margo in this video o_o

No. 244616

Her Korean intonation is completely off and her pronunciation is pretty bad. fair amount of grammatical mistakes as well.

But she didn't learn it for too long, so I guess it was expected.

No. 244625

"Mommy" made Venus take those lessons INSTEAD of going to school, just for the purpose of getting a student visa. Venus also had to EARN the money that "mommy" used to put both of them in lessons.

If you can't work out how the language lessons were not worth shit for Venus and actually harmed her education and finances, I hope this explanation helps you.

No. 244626


How exactly does one have language skills "bought" for them?
I desire to know so that I may purchase them for myself.

Is there a general going rate? Taxational percentages? Import fees? Are their discounts available? Please, let me know! Do not sequester this knowledge from us!

No. 244627

Im not that anon but cmon you know what they mean. Margo spent all of their income/gov. money (i think they got gov. assistance or idk) taking venus to foreign countries hence buying her language skills

And you sound so autistic. Just chill out

No. 244631


lol you can't fucking "buy" a language just by moving to a country.
If that logic applied Mira would be fluent as shit right now. And you talk about Margo dragging her across the globe to escape her tax evasion and burnt bridges as if it's a privilege; are you sure I'm the autistic one?

No. 244632

You're taking the word buy way too literally mate. This is a pretty autistic slap fight even for lolcow

No. 244637

File: 1457140281212.png (1.66 MB, 948x610, capture_001_04032016_171030.pn…)

No. 244641

Fucking Gendo

No. 244643

File: 1457140866501.gif (565.58 KB, 500x448, tumblr_nq2adwpU6i1rslk3oo1_500…)


Watch ur mowf son or I'll slap u 2.

No. 244644

Theres a face that will haunt my nightmares.

No. 244645

Oh god imagine if Venus actually thinks Margross has changed and goes to meet her. Nooo

No. 244647

chloroform, rope and dark alley.

No. 244650

File: 1457142241580.jpg (10.1 KB, 355x142, Dontgo.jpg)

No. 244659

What the fuck margo, why would you want to see someone you hate? Honestly I wish she'd river already. What a waste of oxygen.

No. 244660

I don't think she hates venus really. There's probably some "that's my spawn. it came from me" pride. Margo is probably sad Venus isn't her clone

No. 244661

File: 1457145015303.jpg (81.74 KB, 640x451, animuh trap.jpg)


Oh yeah, she loves Venus in a way that screams "If I can't have her, no one can! I brought her into this world, I can take her out of it!"

It's a trap, and not one with a happy ending.

No. 244662

Honestly, do you think margo would get along with another margo?

No. 244664

File: 1457146492561.gif (496.6 KB, 200x222, 6gMuK1U.gif)

This is kinda impressive actually. She's not perfect, but the fact that she is able to hold up a convo is pretty neat.

No. 244672

Actually Margo stated it took 10 years on her instagram… Who knows?

No. 244673

File: 1457149189205.jpg (36.25 KB, 288x512, EyA6Eg9.jpg)

For reference.

No. 244674

Just a quick look at Margo's instagram shows how she wishes she could be her daughter… All those cutesy posts and poses. How old is she even?

No. 244677

Venus uploaded something on instagram, but deleted it before I got to look at it, anyone managed to screencap it?

No. 244678

she tries to make a "cutesy" voice. The further in she gets while speaking Swiss German, the more her natural voice comes out and the cutesy crap diminishes.

No. 244679

My phone fucked up the screenshot, so all I got is a sad recreation.

[Photo of llama eating]
"How come no matter how much effort I try to make I end up feeling like an ugly undisciplined unloved shell (crying emoji)"

No. 244681

Either she's whining about Margo still being a creepy sadistic bitch or Manaki not being able to give her attention 24/7 due to him working what seems like an average 9-5, 5 days a week job.

No. 244684

I'm not surprised she is depressed at the moment. Leaving your abuser doesn't guarantee instant happiness.

No. 244685


Yeah. It was pretty sad it had 102 likes and a few replies before it was deleted.

No. 244689

I think this has been mentioned, but Venus should check out https://www.reddit.com/r/raisedbynarcissists/

No. 244693

People on her Instagram and YouTube channel have been asking her for language videos a lot recently.

No. 244694

I hope Venus doesn't see this psycho on her birthday. Manaki's making sure she's safe so I'm staying hopeful.

No. 244695

And as someone who speaks Japanese, her Japanese is not that good. You should reevaluate your academic decisions if you are so bad at the language you think Venus is good.

No. 244696

File: 1457156137531.png (98.88 KB, 247x248, 1448083395029.png)

No. 244698

File: 1457156587061.gif (429.86 KB, 355x243, jfc.gif)

omfg i just noticed

No. 244707

many Germans speak German, English and i.e. a slavic language bc of heritage and also learn either Spanish or French(or Latin) and I know a few taking courses in school for Greek. It's pretty normal here

No. 244709

I mean not really but ok. Venus has some major stans itt

No. 244712

No. 244714

File: 1457171762703.jpg (165.77 KB, 720x1112, _20160305_105516.jpg)

Magro edited the caption

No. 244716


>I only do this becoose I love you, Venoos.

No. 244717

Margo, you should change the descriptions to make to make you look less crazy…

No. 244718

Yes, Venus is such a nasty meanie bully! She's constantly making vicious posts about you, cruel comments and so on…

No. 244719

Margo is on a commenting rampage.

No. 244720

Now is the time to ask her everything we want, she's answering a lot right now

No. 244721

File: 1457173096651.jpg (100.62 KB, 325x329, Suffered.jpg)

How long before she takes this down?

No. 244722

What does Margaret think bullying means? Anyone disagreeing with her?

No. 244723

It seems like she deleted lot of stuff right now under her last photos. Random comments and questions (like one of mine) and many of her answers Hope someone has saved this gibberish

No. 244724

Maggot's birthday is coming. A big trigger for her to do something stupid. Stay inside, Venus!

No. 244725

File: 1457173354737.jpg (23.8 KB, 295x84, Generally unthankful.jpg)

No. 244727

File: 1457173485699.jpg (36.17 KB, 500x217, maggret.jpg)

these are still up

No. 244728

File: 1457173522246.jpg (24.8 KB, 319x84, Not being psychic is stupid.jp…)

No. 244729

Ah, Maggot's playing storage wars. She'll destroy everything in the storage she holds in NL.

No. 244730

File: 1457173731177.png (3.85 KB, 269x43, 10m3.png)

What does that mean?

No. 244731

File: 1457173841709.jpg (132.98 KB, 318x428, Plain loveless.jpg)

No. 244733

File: 1457173983971.jpg (45.51 KB, 325x154, Just the truth.jpg)

No. 244734

I can't comment any more, it's always showing a message that I should reword my comment because some things aren't appropiate on Instagram. It was just a simple, normal question though. It doesn't look like she blocked me, I can still see everything on there.
Did anyone had this happend too?

No. 244735

Seem to have been deleted?

No. 244736

Yes,she deleted lots of comments, questions and her answers. But afaik that are all the answers she deleted a few minutes ago, nothing missing of her outrage

No. 244737

So now she's saying venus trampled a dog in Korea?

No. 244738

and deleted it quickly of course…

No. 244739

I'm asking her some questions to get some milk LOL
First this storage was in Japan, then in the Netherlands. I assume it's like a bank storage, the ones with a strong box or something?
I want her to contraddict herself

No. 244740

File: 1457175298834.jpg (32.93 KB, 720x201, _20160305_115431.jpg)

No. 244741

Yes, me too! I think we tagged each other asking Maggot about that storage thing. She answered it's another one in the netherlands but I don't understand why she wouldn't be able to save the stuff herself? And I can't tag her any longer, as instagram doesn't let me post my comment when tagging her. Are you able too?
I wanted to grab the chance by her being that talkative by asking her some stuff, it's so hard trying to be somewhat nice haha

No. 244744

Okay, which one of you is iluvmakeupppp?

No. 244746

Wtf? WHY is she harassing Venus if her storage unit is in the Netherlands? She's demented as fuck. I don't think she can figure out her lies at this point.

No. 244747

10m x 3m storage unit?

No. 244748

Maybe you have to pay for it monthly and as Maggot is broke she can't do it so she's trying to pressure Venus into paying it?
Where did Iluvmakeup say that? I think you've mistaken her? But if she really said it I guess it's just to get friendly with Maggot to milk her. She's not a defender, look at her profile and the screenshots she posted

No. 244749

My guesses:
Its either a) Shes using it as an excuse to guilt Venus (Like mah swarovski) or b) her ass is broke.

Probably both.
Still, I want to know what she says.

No. 244750

File: 1457176076682.jpg (515.34 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160305_040437.jpg)

You think this means she's thinking of having another baby? Or what was she saying "good idea" about?

This convo is under the picture with the books.

No. 244751

Calling your child an accident isn't abusive or bullying, apparently. Welcome to Margo's bizarro world.

No. 244752

I'm not a margo supporter ofc! I just wanted her to tell us something more. :D
She just has said she needs money to pay for this storage, that I assume is a house? Very confusing!

No. 244753


Its not bullying if its the truth!

No. 244754

I don't think there will be a volunteer for it though… Or maybe it will be another "accident"?

Asked her why she can't save the stuff herself but she gave me an answer that was totally unrelated lol about the room in korea. very confusing. how much stuff in how many countries is there?

No. 244755

I think that her storage in Japan is a strongbox with the stuff "Venus stole" or Venus+Manaki'S home, since she said Venus kept her things, and doesn't want to send her them until she pays for them. And the other one (in the Netherlands) is a house, maybe she bought one, just in case they have to go back in Europe, so they won't be homeless. (?) So hard to tell

No. 244756


But you are garbage, maggotret

>my first kid was a dud

combined with that username leads me to believe this user is a master troll. For the sake of that first kid, I hope it doesn't exist. If it does, its mother should go into the river with maggot.

Maggot's birthday is in two days? We should organize something for her, like a party or a raid or something.

No. 244757

File: 1457176712846.jpg (41.63 KB, 318x152, Off with all the money.jpg)

Maggo is broke

No. 244758


If I were Venus, I'd let those memories go. Let them disappear, let the storage get confiscated by whoever owns the place. Every single thing is tainted by maggot, and no one needs all that baggage.


Great. After she chimps out some more, she'll finally have to get a job. The overgrown tween cunt.

No. 244759

Maybe now she'll have to be sent to Hungary via the embassy when her tourist visa expires. Then she'll be in even more debt. Lol

No. 244760

If the stuff is that fucking important to her, why was she chimping out the money like crazy the last weeks? Denny's every morning, expensive sushi crap, having a room in japan instead of going back to her room in korea….

No. 244761

Yeah, why would Venus want any reminder of her past? 90% of her history is Margo. Let it be thrown out. Make new memories.

Especially if getting hold of any of these photos means contact with Margo. That Margo can't even comprehend this shows how nuts she is, once again.

No. 244762

At this point I think she's doing it on purpose. Spending all the money left, so she goes back to Venus telling her she has no money left, her visa is going to expire and she can't go back to Europe. So maybe Venus will give her some money and Margo will do the same everywhere she goes!

No. 244763

My guess is that she was so convinced that she was going to get her living checking account back. "Venoos, we have to go back to Korea now."

Thankfully, it didn't work and all she did was alienate the only family she had left and went further into debt. Maggot sure is living the high life. Lol

No. 244764

Maggot is the victim though. Of course Venus wants back all those memories of bullying her mum

No. 244765

What will happen if her visa expires, Japan wants to deport her forcefully but she has no money for a ticket left? Will they lock her in?

No. 244766

I think they will forcefully deport her and she'll be banned entry for like, 5-10 years. If she can't afford the airfare back to the country on her passport, she'll be flown back via the Hungarian embassy. That's not free though. Once she gets to Hungary, she'll be in even more debt with the government. lmao

No. 244767

I bet Maggot would try sneaking into Japan anyway lol

No. 244768

Margo is lying though. Venus meeting her won't change anything, she'll still destroy anything she can.

Venus' income has sustained these storage spaces, that's the irony.

No. 244769

I hope she does and gets in serious trouble. Something major needs to happen to get her to fucking stop.

No. 244770

she has 90 days, and then she can take a little holiday in korea, come back and it is reset.

No. 244771

That would be great. They'd put her in fucking jail. I hope she tries it!

No. 244772

I wish for a new episode of Maggot living at the airport. Maybe she could live there trying to find out how she could sneak into the plane without them recognising she's banned.
She could take some more nudes at the airport shower and maybe treat herself to a breakfast with sausages kek

No. 244773

File: 1457177564152.jpg (41.57 KB, 299x395, marg.JPG)

Sorry I didn't censor the names

No. 244774

She didn't even answer that correctly.

No. 244775

>took all the money
>took all the income

You still have money Margo so that's a lie. No income? Get a JOB.

No. 244776

All her answers are so useless. I wonder if she is doing this on purpose to conceal somne thing or it is just because she is dumb

No. 244777

It's the size of the storage unit. It would be roughly the size of an average bedroom.

No. 244778

Oh fuck off Margo. Trying to make Venus feel all guilty now by saying 'she doesn't care about her mother' what a manipulative fucking cunt.

How is she so dumb. The income BELONGS to Venus. She earned it.

No. 244779

That would be best for everyone, Venus could finally stop looking over her shoulder, afraid of this crazy Hungarian ridgeback.

It's beautiful, isn't it? If she were like ninety years old and totally decrepit, you'd say "bad Venoos, bad!" but this is a grown fucking woman completely reliant on her teenage kid. Someone needs to stomp her into the river.

Dumb and crazy are cousins.

No. 244786

There is for some reason.
Mostly because Frisians used to be it's own country and many nowadays still speak their own language next to Dutch.
The rest of The Netherlands however like to pretend that Frisians cannot speak Dutch and that up North everyone is a farmer.
Recently on tv they showed that the majority of children in the city nowadays do not know Milk comes from cows or that Tomatoes are grown in greenhouses.

It's ridiculous how people from a country so insignificant and small can have such a stuck up attitude.

No. 244787

This is fucking emotional blackmail.
What a massive cunt

No. 244789

From experience using storage's here in the Netherlands they do not destroy any of your shit even if you do not pay for at least 2 years.
You do however need to pay before you'll be able to access the things again.

No. 244790

Gotcha. Thank you for the explanation.
Also, lmao @
>Tomatoes are grown in greenhouses

I have a Frisian friend (I posted above) who is pretty embarrassed about it. His parents are executives with a huge bank account so I'd assume he's better off than a lot of Dutch people and has no practical reason to be embarrassed, but these things do run deep

No. 244791

I happened to be awake when Venus posted on IG talking about being unloved before deleting it in minutes. (having trouble uploading it so here's a link)


Margo always seems to post something smug and blackmail like when Venus seems upset. She literally angers me and I've never met the bitch, Venus escaped the abuse and now has to deal with this cunt living on her doorstep.

No. 244793

is zoeemari a margo sockpuppet?

No. 244795

>I try not to harm her
>'She killed two animals!'
>'She is bullying me!
>'etc etc'

No. 244798

This is sad.
She needs counseling and therapy, posting these things as a little relief will not help her long-term. I guess she can rely on her husband, but since japanese is not her first language and she's not fluent I think she cannot express accurately how does she feel about all this crappy situation to anyone around her. Plus she has no english/german speakers friends near her either.

No. 244799


Everything about her current situation is very sad, she has nobody else but Manaki and this is not the only time she's posted like this before. They're like cries for help. I wish she'd get in contact with her other relatives for support, doing this on her own and having a husband with limited English while her Japanese is just as equivalent will not help.

No. 244804

Her mother fucking stalks Venus. She followed her to another country! Poor Venus.

Shows how fucking far removed from reality Gendo is when she says that Venus took all the money AND INCOME. I mean I can understand saying that she took savings because Venus was a minor (still fucked up). Feeling entitled to the money someone is currently making is so beyond fucked up I can't even. I cannot even.

No. 244807

I think that considering everything Venus is actually acting quite cheerful
Some people are acting as if she's being emo when she posts something hinting at her being sad but i think not many other 19 year olds would deal so well given the circumstances

No. 244809

I wish her Aunt would get in contact with her.

No. 244819

Her public image isn't the same as her realize though. I can't imagine going from a toxic, co-dependent relationship to a marriage. I wonder if Venus has a sense of healthy boundaries. This has to be difficult for Manaki as well.

No. 244820

*real life

No. 244825

Its possible to do therapy sessions over webcam, I think that would be the most convenient way for her to receive professional help. Otherwise she can try CBT exercises at home with books or stes like Moodgym and Ecouch. It really helped me when I was depressed.

Has anyone tried recommending either over instagram?

No. 244837

CBT isn't a good idea if she experienced any trauma from her time with Margo.

No. 244842

Source? google is just giving me results about "trauma focused cbt".

No. 244845

unfortunately, no. but she looks about 10.

No. 244853

It's in general shit.

It also can make the PTSD worse, since CBT is a sledgehammer while you need more delicate tools.

TheSpartanLifeCoach on Youtube would be a better bet if she's suffering from PTSD, he's also quite the expert on how to deal with abusers like Margo.

The prognosis for PTSD isn't exactly great, and if Venus has PTSD, it won't be the regular run of the mill PTSD, but rather CPTSD.

No. 244856

She wanted to convince Maggots followers that she's Venus "auntie", but that didn't work out I guess

No. 244863

File: 1457207476193.jpg (162.57 KB, 933x583, dennys.jpg)

she sure does love it there….

No. 244864

If she is able to eat out every fucking meal she has she can pay that blood storage in the netherlands herself alone. Venus doesn't care anyways

No. 244865

It's a trap. Gendo is trying to get her claws into Venus any way she can. Manaki clearly refuses to let Venus talk to Gendo because she might feel sorry for her and be blamed for crystal jewelry theft again.

No. 244866


is there anything special about Denny's??

No. 244867

No. It's shitty microwaved processed food. Denny's is kind of considered a symbol of fat white trash.

No. 244868

Is she just begging people to buy her food at Denny's?

No. 244869

Again with the mysterious "friend."
The one maggo invents to hide the sad fact that she eats alone at Denny's every day.

No. 244877

tbh, Japanese Denny's seems to be at a higher quality than USA ones

No. 244880

Make her keep venus in a doorless basement, perpetually painting and eating kawaii sweets.

No. 244893

Sandy much? That anon's comment was perfectly relevant. How about you focus more on typing I instead of i and your schoolwork.
Poor Venus. She needs a lot of time to heal from this, it's not easy to just 'get over' your mother being a psycho stalker cunt.

No. 244902

File: 1457210806752.png (211.98 KB, 500x375, asifmargo.png)


"A friend". So that's what she calls it…

No. 244903


what if the friend is a Danny's manager or cashier?

No. 244905


KEK probably. Probably someone she's fucking to stay in Japan and enjoy what it has to offer free of charge.

No. 244911

You would think when you are in japan you would actually eat good japanese food, instead she eats at an american fast food chain every day.
Also another thing, isn't it funny that only Venus speaks all these languages but Margo doesn't? So Margo never learned the languages of the countries she's been living?

No. 244913

Margo only had an interest in staying close to her breadwinner so it makes sense. Just attend language schools for the student visa.

No. 244920

File: 1457215308530.png (837 KB, 917x593, wow.PNG)

im laughing

No. 244922

projection is strong with this one

No. 244926


> all men except the one she half asses to cover.

Probably just pulled that poor woman aside and asked for photos. She's that looney.

No. 244927

aka random japanese people

No. 244928


I was kinda hoping to find Kaka's Taku in this photo set lel

No. 244929

Denny's in Japan isn't like in the US. They serve Japanese food/stuff like hamburg steak or curry, they don't even have cheeseburgers and definitely no grand slams. It's cheap for a place to sit down and chill with a buddy, so I kind of get why she's been going if she's on a super budget and meeting cheap men.

No. 244930

>before I make a video

Margo is gonna be making a video. Get HYPED FOR THIS MILK

No. 244931

>my teenage daughter bullied me!!

ok cmon

No. 244933


The poor guy probably will never date another gaijin again after the kannibalipse

No. 244934

File: 1457216355211.jpg (91.85 KB, 436x686, OxOjVp1.jpg)

Sure. "Friends"

No. 244936

yeah I don't get it. I'm in North America and I've been to a Denny's here and it was absolute shit. But Margo's stuff looks at least edible.

No. 244942

These are just random people she wanted photos with and that cosplayer, Lolita or whatever that girl is in the black wig make that obvious.

>ran away with my money

Too bad that money has always belonged to Venus. I don't get how she expects everyone to believe that Venus stole her money and MacBook unless this is supposed to be a metaphor for how Venus, her living checking account got the fuck away from her. Lol

No. 244943

Denny's is one of those places that people only go to if they're desperate, stoned as fuck, have no options or are trashy people. Maggot has plenty of options since she's in Tokyo, Japan of all places so she's obviously the latter.

No. 244945

Isn't the first guy the same one she posted on her korea photos who's friend was into Venus?

No. 244950

Maybe not, hasn't she only cut her fringe since coming to Japan? Either way it looks like different people in each pic. Quite possibly some ransoms she has grabbed out the front of train stations rather than 'friends' she knows

No. 244952


Oh jeez the cringe…

No. 244961

Why did she delete the photo with her "friends"?

No. 244962


Cause she's full of shit and kept getting comments about sugar daddies, strangers off the street, other hotel guests and so on.

Truth hurts lol.

No. 244966

File: 1457221145220.png (360.92 KB, 1080x1512, mayo001.png)

No. 244967

File: 1457221206007.png (248.81 KB, 1080x1161, mayo002.png)

No. 244968

Hype Train Now Arriving At: Margendo Station

No. 244970

File: 1457221267321.png (365.95 KB, 1080x1530, mayo003.png)

No. 244971

File: 1457221358256.png (153.6 KB, 1080x594, mayo004.png)

No. 244972

File: 1457221495993.png (218.74 KB, 1080x972, mayo005.png)

No. 244973

File: 1457221518914.png (355 KB, 1080x1548, mayo006.png)

No. 244974


I hope Venus makes a really kawaii video of all of Margo's shit burning in an open pit fire.

No. 244975

File: 1457221551425.png (140.3 KB, 1080x687, mayo007.png)

last one, think she deleted it right after

No. 244976

Thank you anon, we all appreciate this.

No. 244977

yw, knew she'd delete it just like the others

No. 244978

File: 1457221996596.jpeg (90.95 KB, 640x730, image.jpeg)

Margo #1 supporter is following her idol by going into river too!

No. 244979


thank you so much tbh!

No. 244980

Make it a kawaii Japanese marshmallow roasting video or something, except when it jump cuts to cooking marshmallows on the fire it's full of old photos of Margendo.

No. 244981

Wish Maggot would follow her…

No. 244982


That would be glorious!

No. 244983


The bitch would turn into a kappa and try and lure Venus into any open body of water there is. Hope V has plenty of cucumbers on hand to bribe her with so she can fuck off.

No. 244986

Pretty sure Manaki was already against Margs, Venus didn't really have to encourage that. Venus only came out with the abuse stories after Margs brought up she is a Screaming Asperger Animal Abuser in order to set the record straight.

Oh well Margs, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. She can always head back to the UK and get a job for the tabloids.

No. 244989

>On the day I get my MacBook and money

Your daughter isn't a fucking checking account, bitch.

Margo is delusional and will never have her way. She's never going to accept the fact that she has to get a job and leave Venus the fuck alone. We've got about 30 days down on her tourist visa. She has 60 days left. Ugh…

No. 244990

Still 60 days? Honestly it feels like she's already for ages in japan stalking her daughter with all the shit that happened since then

No. 244991


The wait is too painful. I just want to see her deported already. Her constant posting about Japan, eating Denny's 24/7 and stalking the poor citizens of Harajuku for photos with the bonus of shit talking about her own daughter is getting agitating.

No. 244992

And it will certainly give much of fresh milk. Where will she go? What will she do in order to get money?

No. 244993

Venus really needs some english speaking friends in Japan, or some trust-worthy online friends.

No. 244994

>I can understand saying that she took savings because Venus was a minor

Venus didn't have the PIN, remember, and her evil overlord would not give it. We don't know if Venus got any money from that joint account or whether Margles got to keep all that.

No. 244995

So do I. Venus needs some support, more than Manaki would be able to give. She needs friends

No. 244996

Really want Margendo to make that video she mentioned tbh.

No. 244997

I'm not the same anon but I have a source, my therapist did a lot of CBT with me, but she tried eye movement desensitisation and she cancelled it very fast. I was not suitable.

Something like working through Moodgym is not going to hurt Venus and is likely to help her. It's benign.

saged bc bla bla

No. 244998

File: 1457224504718.jpg (57.56 KB, 574x870, _20160306_013415.jpg)

No. 244999

I thought Margo was bat shit crazy before but she has transceded normal crazyness and gone full on psycho. Can no one take her somewhere, where she has no internet?

No. 245000

File: 1457224722497.jpg (81.95 KB, 720x1043, _20160306_013626.jpg)

Maggot made some comments on this pic but she deleted them. Hope someone has screenshots.

No. 245001

File: 1457224843265.jpg (20.39 KB, 155x275, Barbie vs Margo.jpg)

Margo, you forgot one!!

(from the Barbie thread)

No. 245002

Photo for ants?

No. 245004

>make other people happy
>start a family

fuck, the advice people are giving her, what a mess. there's some good supportive comments too, but it's like all these different world views screaming for attention.

No. 245005

Margo will never leave Venus alone, as long as people are feeding her attention. All those advise given to her are like shit down the toilet, it doesn't mean anything when Margo doesn't want to be helped. She wants people to listen and pamper her lazy ass.

Honestly, the best thing Venus can do for herself is to disappear off the internet. She doesn't have to live her life online just because she's Venus Angelic.

No. 245006

File: 1457225337256.jpg (120.06 KB, 540x960, Barbie vs Margo.jpg)