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File: 1455929721100.gif (984.77 KB, 500x310, gretel-ella-smith-mother-gothe…)

No. 239281

Margo has locked Venus's laptop, Venus can't access her bank account or PIN. Leaving Venus with only her phone to make videos with.

Margo is continuing to be a bitch and Venus is not far short broke.

Previous thread:

Summary: http://pastebin.com/1WXBTsZu


No. 239285

I agree with your overall point but your Mac vs PC thing is plain wrong.
If anything, PC is more powerful for creative tools than Mac. The biggest thing with Mac is the lack of compatibility with so much software. It says a lot when most Mac users have parallels or boot camp installed just to run Windows. If you use 3D prepare to be fucked by 3DsMax not working on Mac, and if you draw you can forget about SAI (which I think is arguably the most popular drawing software for artists right now) because it doesn't run natively. The same is true for a lot of video editors and music DAWs. Windows is actually better.
Windows computers tend to be a lot cheaper for the same power, also. The reason why Macs run so well is because there generally aren't budget versions like Windows has. Of course a $400 laptop won't run as well as the cheapest macbook at $1,100 at rendering videos…
To be honest it comes down to personal preference (I like Mac myself and have a MacBook instead of a Windows laptop because I feel like they last longer but I would never get an iMac vs building my own PC) but Mac isn't better for creative stuff.

On topic, is it not possible to bypass Find My Mac? I'm more experienced with Windows myself but surely there has to be something to access it. At the very least, could she not hook up the hard drive to another computer to retrieve the files and then wipe it?
Also, does Manaki not have some sort of computer that Venus can use in the mean time?

No. 239288

File: 1455937259130.png (36.44 KB, 635x340, tumblr.png)

I've never been so quick to hit like. holy fuck

No. 239289

File: 1455937281687.jpg (4.52 KB, 192x144, download (1).jpg)

The nico nico videos where everyone else calls Margo Gendo kek

No. 239291

Who's this

No. 239292

carly. she's big on cgl for calling out cows and making parodies of them. she even made one of peenus a while back

No. 239293

They should do it. Hell, if all this is true this story deserves a legitimate news article/coverage, just to make sure Margo stay away.

No. 239298

The fuck am I reading. Take this elsewhere.

No. 239299

To answer your last point, which is actually on topic - no. The 'owner'/admin of the Mac has the power. There's no simple trick or override. One thing Margo had available, and probably did, was to nuke all files. There mag be nothing left to retrieve. Apple are the ones who cdn unlock the Mac but that's convoluted here as Margo clearly has the admin rights. Throw it in the river basically, or put it in the storage with Mathis other things, because it's just a tracking device now.

No. 239300

Typos due to clumsy fingers and smashed phone.

No. 239302

Mac is just super easy to use for someone who doesnt know how to computer basically - which i doubt venus does. also if you're in a situation where shit hits the fan and all the important stuff you saved is on a device do a f** backup and reboot that shit. thought this is basic knowledge like “your date of birth shouldn't really be your bank account password ya know“

i hope she at least did this with her phone, since river monster said she could not call her anymore

i don't trust venus at all, yes margo is crazy (and there is much more to come i promise) but venus is raised in her crazy way so her views and experiences of the world are totally distorted. is this her fault? no. but do i believe she's just the poor little girl she's trying to sell everyone now? no.

No. 239303

I sort of think venus should set up a gofundme for a new laptop. The reason no one donated to her last one was because everyone knew margo would just take the money for herself.

No. 239305

Agree with this, she has many people to back her up too now. I'm sure people will donate to her.

No. 239306

File: 1455944963078.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-20-00-08-28…)


No. 239307

I was wondering if anyone else caught that. That's… Really weird and out of character. Wtf is going on?

No. 239308

What am I looking at? Is she messaging someone or just translating text? Either way seems odd.

No. 239311

Apparently, it's between her and Manaki. Before she deleted it, it had some weird meme speak.

No. 239312

I feel like you utterly did not understand what I said. My point was never that Mac is "more powerful for creative tools", as I already said Windows is generally a more powerful system, but rather that Apple has simply capitalized on the creative potential of their products where Microsoft really has not. As you said, there's a lot of Mac exclusive software, and that makes all the difference when it comes to being a professional content creator like Venus is. SAI etc. has fuck all to do with this so that's irrelevant, and if it's obvious that a cheap Windows computer won't perform as well as a Macbook then there's no need to reiterate that point, since the entire reason I made my long ass novel post in the other thread was to point out that the anon bitching about how Venus needs to just "get a cheap Windows laptop" is stupid and doesn't understand how useless a crappy laptop would be to someone like Venus who needs to do 10+ hours of importing, editing, and rendering a week.
Sage because this is hardly on topic anymore.

No. 239313

Looks like some kind of dictionary/translation app with example conversations.

No. 239314

I googled the phrases. It's from an English learning app. Maybe she or Manaki is learning Japanese or English with it.

No. 239320

It's not about whether what you're writing makes sense or not. I'm not having trouble understanding your points. It's that it's not on topic at all. Your boundary for what you sage needs to tighten up.

No. 239321

what the actual fuck am i looking at rn

No. 239322

Wonder why Venus still hasn't contacted the police about all of this. She has a case for domestic abuse, attempted murder, coercion. A restraining order would mean Margo could no longer get in touch and steal all her online identities and accounts. Maybe even google and her bank could block Margo, the average viewer can only offer their sympathies, Venus needs legal advice and the courts involvement.

Good to see her finally being more of her self personality wise, it shows you just how much Margo manipulated and wore her girl down

No. 239323

I agree, with the laptop it is time to open a police report. The airport events should be recounted as well.

No. 239325


No. 239328

File: 1455952420188.png (921.21 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

She got a new Macbook. Take that, Margo!

No. 239329

I guess she does have quite a bit of money. Good for her.

No. 239330

Great news! I hope she has turned the other one off though. I worry about the location info Margo has and could still potentially collect.

No. 239331

it's a really good fuck-you to Margo… take something, I'll get a new one.

No. 239332

Margo continues to get nonstop hate on her last IG post. If she's waiting for the supporters to appear, I don't think they're going to.

No. 239337


She's kind of… obscure? She doesn't have too many views on her parodies.

No. 239339

so unless manaki is rich af, she prolly has access to her bank account (or at least some money)

No. 239340

Yeah, she's not really funny unless you already like her.

also, why isn't anyone screenshotting the captions under the pictures?

No. 239341

File: 1455955962073.png (741.95 KB, 1080x1472, tmp_11800-Screenshot_2016-02-2…)

No. 239342

File: 1455956011512.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1476, tmp_11800-Screenshot_2016-02-2…)

No. 239348

Good for her. I wonder where's those anons who were going on about how Venus was so broke and couldn't afford to buy a new laptop or even a cheap one.

No. 239350

Glad she got a new one!

I guessed that Margo locked the computer so that Venus could contact her to get it unlocked. In this case, I hope Margo is seething with pure anger.

No. 239353

I hope Margo throws herself into that river she's so fond of, anon.

No. 239354

May Margo choke and sink in the river.

No. 239355

It is an english learning app. And the phrase was "it turns me on". Just an adult joke, but because venus has young fans she probably deleted it. Or because of margo

No. 239361

So glad she was able to get a new macbook, it also seems like her financial situation isn't too dire which is good! Total bummer that she probably lost all her files and shit though.

Fullscreen pays via PayPal which I figured would be using her compromised email and bank account. Don't know how easy it is to get paid to a different account or even make a second PayPal.
On a side note, Manaki manages to look completely fug sometimes, but really cute other times, it's confusing.

No. 239364

I don't believe Venus is letting her mother have access to this revenue. In one of her rants, Margo said Venus opened a new bank account before she ran away. With that, a new paypal can be started easily. Fullscreen are obviously on side: Venus is 'at work' for them. As Venus is 19, they have no need to deal with Margo over anything.

No. 239369

And have a change of heart on the way down, but too late. Her life and the shitty things she's done flash before her eyes. Gurgle, gurgle.

No. 239371


I truly, madly, deeply, hope Margot dies.


Margot is the kinds of crazy old moldy cunt who'd be like, "My adult daughter makes jokes about having sex with her husband??? PEDOPHILES! CHILD PORN! I'M CALLING THE POLICE AND THE RIVER!"

No. 239377

Please believe me
The river told me
Very softly
Want you to hold me, ooo

Free fall flow, river flow
On and on it goes
Breath under water 'till the end
Free fall flow, river flow
On and on it goes
Breath under water 'till the end
Yes, the river knows …

maggot would love this song by the doors

No. 239378


I knew she'd end up buying a new one. Probably out of Manaki's cash.

Meh, I'll be honest though. In regards to what has happened to Venus and it being very sad, I mean it IS sad. But I still think her videos are shit. C'mon though, they are actually no good and people no doubt just watch her for the cute factor and them' for the AMWF fetish at the most.

But I suppose to brings the money in… she has to do it somehow. Girl has limited options. Unless some tarento pick her up and throw her on a tv show with kota at her side looking glum as fuck.

No. 239380

Nobody asked you "to be honest", nothing you are saying is new

Perhaps in future venus might have more confidence in sharing her sense of humour, deleting things instantly all the time could annoy her fans.

No. 239381

I can see her doing TV shows when her Japanese is good enough. Something aimed at tweenage girls that's super cutesy or something.

Plus let's face it, her fans are going to grow along with her so eventually they'll all be adults and so Venus can't keep deleting stuff forever.

No. 239382


Oh stop nit picking anon, I get you're all up Venus's ass but it's just a matter of speech. Fucking hell.


Meh, it depends. If she collabs with the RIGHT people then it might happen. But so many foreigners are after that place in the market over there already. But her subs might boost her chances.

They already have Dakota for their dolly barbie foreign face. Plus Yukapon and Busuzawa are striving for the same role.

I just picture Venus maybe meeting with other Youtubers in Japan, Rachel and Jun or Sharla and making videos. Possibly Taylor R… weebfest.

All of these girls all latch on to each other over there anyway. The only one who doesn't is actually Dakota, who doesn't get involved and it does cause issues. People would start asking questions.

I feel that Venus would collab with them though and wouldn't be afraid to answer questions about her mother, childhood and shit like that.

No. 239383


Venus will end up just becoming another Jvlogger at the most. Possibly teacher ect.

No. 239399

File: 1455976061296.jpg (107.39 KB, 885x597, penus1.JPG)

venus posted some pics and a video of mana-tan https://www.instagram.com/p/BCAbLaQPBwu/

No. 239400

File: 1455976079923.jpg (95.2 KB, 919x602, penus2.JPG)

No. 239401

File: 1455976106068.jpg (78.31 KB, 822x597, penus3.JPG)

No. 239402

File: 1455976130433.jpg (80.63 KB, 918x597, penus4.JPG)

No. 239404

It's nice to see that Venus is having fun without Margo.

No. 239405

She has so much going on. So many issues with her mother, and now she's settling into a live-in relationship with a husband who is probably also her first boyfriend? (?) That's so much to deal with at 19.

No. 239407

I know! It's nice to see she can keep relatively upbeat through it all though.

No. 239408

she looks so cute here!

No. 239409

No. 239410

This isn't true. Nuking all the files doesn't do anything if you know what you're doing. Files are never permanently deleted, rather they are re-assigned so that it's ok to overwrite them. If you just deleted something off your computer then it's possible to retrieve that file, more than likely it's not gone.
She can definitely take out the hard drive and get her files back by using someone else's computer. Again I don't know if she can save her macbook from bricking itself since I don't really know how that works (I'd say more than likely it's possible) but at minimum it's possible to get her videos, important documents, etc.
So for venus it's completely possible to save her files. All she has to do is take it to some shop. She's in Japan, surely it can't be that hard to find some place?

lol calm down and stay on topic. Lets at least make this shit about venus.

No. 239411

I just saw this so I guess it doesn't matter. She must have gotten her files back so that's good.

No. 239414

Let us rejoice in the saltiness Margo must be feeling now that Venus has a new computer.

No. 239416

that video and the new photos made me smile. they're adorkable.

No. 239418

I hope the fact that she's keeping to her video schedule means that she's receiving the money from Fullscreen. It's easy to set up a second Paypal account - she may have even switched payments to Manaki's account for now, to keep them safe from Margo. That would be the fastest way to secure the payment stream from Fullscreen to Venus without worrying that Margo could intercept future income.

Also, Fullscreen has a vested interest in making sure her channel keeps running smoothly, since they make $$ from it the same as Venus does. They might have negotiated with her to provide an advance on future earnings so she could replace the equipment she needs to run the channel. That could explain why she was initially devastated (because she thought she was fucked) and why it took a few days for her to figure out that she had the means to replace her Macbook.

No. 239419

pls go

No. 239420

File: 1455981893329.gif (53.65 KB, 275x275, 1441201428537s.gif)

Someone commented "Cool you drew your mom :)"

No. 239423

It seems that Manaki is as childish as she is, which is great. Childish couples are the best kind of couples lol

No. 239424

Manaki often seems to be laughing and being silly/funny, it's very endearing. Such a stark contrast to maggot.

No. 239425

She's cute for the time being…. until she does another video where y'all point out her flaws and comment on how ugly her bf is. Sorry to shit up the Venus parade.

No. 239426


Margo will be back, wouldn't surprise me. Unless she actually kills herself.

No. 239427

Am I the only one who believes they didn't marry for love? Manaki is just a cash card and Asian candy at the most. I feel bad for Venus though.

No. 239428

how many times are you going to post this? you keep saying the same thing in various ways. give it a rest already.

No. 239430

People keep posting similar comments, even though that's yet to happen. Not sure why some are so convinced and why they feel the need to say that after every new video. Give it a rest.

No. 239433


probs various people in the thread

No. 239434


Nice same fagging kek

No. 239435

Well yeah, I didn't mean 'they' in the Tumblr sense.

No. 239436

If no one likes people dishing out their opinions whether negative or not. Lets make a thread for Venus about how wonderful and kawaii she is then?

This thread should really be about Margo if anything.

Since obviously, Venus is the victim and Manaki is her saviour :^)

No. 239437

Judging by their initial awkwardness and the "kissy" pics they posted with their faces a mile apart, you might be right. It looks like they either developed mutual feelings later in their relationship or stick around because they want to shag an exotic foreigner.

Regardless, I don't think you have to feel sorry for her. Maybe it's not ~tru luv~, but Venus defo didn't get the short end of the stick. Manaki put up with a lot of shit to save his kawaii gaijin princess (who at one point shit talked him online), so now she has a cute video/photo prop who also happens to be a doormat and willing to take on insane Margo. She also gets to live in Weabooland indefinitely so that's pretty cool.

There are millions of girls who are way worse off, but because they are neither pretty nor white nobody gives a shit about them, and they don't have a Prince Charming to come save them. Regardless of whether Venus really loves -or is capable of loving- this dude, her staying with Manaki is the least tragic thing about her life. He's the only chance she has and if she's smart she's staying with him until she can be independent.

No. 239438

Are you retarded or just stupidly stubborn? Disagreeing with the entirely unfounded view that "Oh I just know you guys are going to be nitpicking bitches soon!!" is not the same as saying Venus is an angel. Obviously people are allowed to have negative opinions, but this repetitive "you're gonna rip her apart next time for sure" thing is totally pointless.

No. 239439


That's because people on the /pt do anon. One minute they're all for it and then against it when something lulzy happens. Atm we're still in the sympathetic phase… until then we wait.

No. 239440


Basically, if she didn't have 1M subs no one would give a shit.

Truthfully tho, no one gives a shit about the Childline adverts on TV. It's only until a public figure or some e-fame fuck when people start "Oh you poor thing…". Btw, I'm not dismissing what happened to get or saying she deserved any of it. But if it wasn't for her following, no one would care. Unless web friends or something (doubt it'd happen cos her mother is nuts).

I don't care what people say about Manaki though. He is a prop in my eyes, whether it's "love" or not. Like Himezawa's husband, Kaka's Tako ect Japanese guys when they're with a weeb, it's never for love. Just views, to go with their niche and genetics for their sprog in the future to get a few yen out of for modelling/tv work. Plus with a large following, it'll happen for Venus. Maybe. Who knows.

Still, it'll be pretty interesting to see what will take off in the next few years.

No. 239444

What's so wrong with that? If I see Penus-chan prance around on camera acting like a retarded Anime stereotype I'm going to point and laugh because it's embarrassing.

If I hear that her mother threw a knife at her head I'm going to be sympathetic because that's not cool. And if I hear that she left her abusive mother and moved to a different country I'm going to give her mad props because that does take balls and is something much better-adjusted individuals never accomplish.

You bet your ass I'm going to point and laugh again if she's back to making weebish and embarrassing videos same time next month.

Individual actions deserve individual judgement.

What do you expect us to do? Hate her forever even though what she's going through right now has nothing to do with her usual content? Because she used to be chubby at 16 years old or because she's shit at applying makeup? Because her boyfriend is ugly and her bleach blond hair always looks fried?
Likewise, is an embarrassing video suddenly not embarrassing anymore if it was made by a poor abused little kitten with mommy issues?

No. 239448

True. She doesn't deserve what happened to her, but she has a huge fanbase, is in the public eye, lots of emotional support even from strangers (#staystrongvenus), a supportive husband etc. I don't doubt she's been through some shit with Marg and still suffers from having to cut ties with her, but at the moment she has it pretty good.

Maybe she developed feelings for Manaki after everything he did for her, but in the beginning their relationship definitely seemed off. I remember being really surprised when he made an appearance in Korea because it always seemed like Venus halfheartedly went along with their relationship after Marg convinced her they needed some place to stay in Japan. Manaki obviously does give a shit because otherwise he never would have stuck around after everything they said about him online.

Regardless, I wouldn't give her shit for only being with him for the money/eye candy. Her life is so fucked her only other chance probably would have been prostitution. It's sad when weebs take advantage of thirsty japs but if I was in her shoes idk what else I would have done with myself.

No. 239449

This has become the new shit posting bait of this thread. Don't let it trigger you. Don't respond.

No. 239450

Hi spoopy skeleton

No. 239452

(I actually think it's Ash. They have kind of the same style)

No. 239455

Her grandpa posted this https://www.instagram.com/p/BCBEnWKsdwv/?taken-by=koncz_ferenc

The whole family is so odd

No. 239457


I don't understand why he posted this? I mean people already know the whole video?

No. 239458

Eh, he might just be technologically inept.

No. 239460

Venus hasn't really been truly lulzy for a really long time, it's always been Margo. Her thread had been dead here for months before all this happened.
If I'm going to be honest, judging by her last few uploads, she doesn't seem to want to upload cringey stuff anymore so I don't see people shit talking that much in the future to be honest. (Unless she goes back to Margo).
I have a feeling we'll just have Margo threads instead.
You seem really personally offended by the fact people are being sympathetic to her.

No. 239461

It's kinda annoying how overly defensive some anons here are if you say the slightest negative things about Venus. I mean if you can say her videos are fun to watch I don't see why someone else can't say their boring.

That's funny because in one of the other threads some anon said "watch all the weeb youtubers try to kiss Venus's ass now" but instead that happening here.

No. 239463


A bunch of you act as if one can't be sympathetic yet still dislike her content.

No. 239464

Older relatives on social media are generally strange and embarrassing

No. 239465

>Carly trying to stay relevant
Also she really is targeting a low-hanging fruit. Everyone knows family drama is terrible, making it such an "easy" topic to discuss. What's there to say, besides Margo being a semen demon that needs to go?
I find her need to benefit with attention from someone else's family matters really, really petty.

Anyway, I'm sad for Venus.
It's clear she has no drive to be anything other than a fly-by-night Youtube personality with no real security other than Manaki funding the roof over her head and the food in her mouth.
Having a parent, guardian, or family member that's on your side is so important in life. She has nobody except Manaki. She seems lost. Incredibly lost.
The macbook doesn't impress me (you can buy them on the cheap refurbished, like mine).

No. 239466

This thread has yet again turned into white knights, weeb and cancer.

No. 239468

To be clear anon: I have empathy for her but I still find her youtube content to be stupid and misguided. If you want to post her cringey content to talk about then by all means.

No. 239470


Meh, it's her source of income and thrill to all the young weebs out there who also want to be famous with azn boyfriends.

Cept' most don't have crazy mothers.

No. 239471

Do we know it's grandpa? I have a feeling Margo will try to catfish Venus at some point.

No. 239472


Does anyone remember that ep of the Powerpuff girls with the stalker who collected everything by the powerpuff girls and then captured them for his collection of dolls?

Watch out Venus!

No. 239484

Annie pls go back to ur containment thread

No. 239498

Lolcow does not have a hive mind. Some people 100% believe Marg was behind every shitty thing Venus has ever done and are convinced she's not a lolcow anymore now that she's cut ties with her mom. Some anons believe she's still a spoiled brat and is going to be just as retarded without Margo. And some people just want to read the drama and react.

It has been pointed out that it is hypocritical to laugh at her one moment and be sympathetic the next. I responded that I disagree. I don't know Venus and have no personal relationship with her. All I do is react to the things she does. If she does something impressive I'm going to praise her. If she does something stupid I'm going to call her out. Das all.

>Implying that Annie is the only one mocking Venus for her shitty pageant kid name.

Well at least people don't accuse me of being Ashley or Moemo?

No. 239506

Yeah… I've been kinda suspect about that from the start. I really don't want Margo catfish ing her by pretending to be family, I don't put something that low past her. I hope she stays in her river, swamp or wherever it is we decided she lives now.

No. 239510

I get that deleted files don't 'truly' go anywhere and if you have the money/time/tech, they can generally be found.

I think there's a lot of Windows users here (and kiwifarms too) who don't understand what Find My Mac is. It's proprietary from Apple and is something you activate (or not) when you set up your admin account - it has a much deeper level access than a third party app has. It's designed to brick the laptop or phone, turning it into a tracker. Apple are bricking phones for much less (see 'error 53') which is cunty, but real.

Trying to get it solved by Apple would be difficult and time-consuming.

Under the circumstances buying a new laptop is not a bad solution, given that Venus has the $ and she needs to get on and work at her Fullscreen YT schedule.

I just hope she's turned the other one OFF, and preferably put it somewhere away from where she is (in the storage, in the river). It still has the capacity to track.

saged for essay

No. 239511

He seems immature to me. But that might make them a good match right now.

No. 239514

Holy cow. I didn't look much at that account till now but yeah, I reckon it's Margo. It doesn't look like the work of an old person at all. Stay away, Venus!

No. 239518

I'd actually bet a few bucks that it IS margo. It's just random and so weird… it's far fetched to think that Margo would go that far, I just thought she was another nutso bpd/npd bitch but this is so suspicious and underhanded and idek… that is sociopathic if it's her.
I can't quite figure out what she is planning exactly though.

No. 239520

Samefag but does anyone have any idea what she could gain from this? Pretty sure it's her but the "why" is stumping me.

No. 239524


I really don't think that is Margo. Ferenz hasn't said anything nasty about Venus ever, and I don't think Margot has that kind of control, she's such a trainwreck.

What he has said is that Venus' dad is a hard-working engineer, while to hear Margot talk, he's the devil. Ferenz seems very proud of everyone in the family, while Maggot nuked them all out of her life because they are meddling with her crazy.

No. 239537

Why would the grandpa have all these pics of Venus's father just lying around. Especially if he left his daughter (Margaret) as she seemed keen on putting it. I'm so confused. Is this the same guy that was the lawyer/politician?

No. 239538


If he liked his son in law, he has no reason to get rid of them. He knows maggot, and maybe he thought Venus would want to see them once she realized how crazy her mother is.

No. 239551

I didn't think this was Margo at first, but that graphic of the youtube links, and the youtube excerpt, make me think otherwise.

There is a very strong emphasis on Venus' family relationships in these pics. Her parents marrying, her dad, her as a child.

Margo is a mean enough bitch to try and catfish Venus.

No. 239553

It's probably something Margo would do, but I don't think the account is her. Some of the people following the grandfather on instagram are also his friends on FB.

No. 239554

Ah ok, good point. I am seeing Margo everywhere.

No. 239557


I think Venus's dad is granddad Ferenc's son (also named Ferenc, aka "Frank,) not his son-in-law. I went to the website linked on the IG account and it's a company that granddad founded and Ferenc Jr. now runs it. That's why he has those old pics of Venus' dad.

Granddad refers to marg as their "daughter" but that seems to be a Hungarian thing? -She's their daughter-in-law.

idk what the motive is for the account or who opened it but it makes no sense that it's marg. The whole thing is very odd.

No. 239559

File: 1456029897085.png (474.17 KB, 930x416, 2345rPM.png)

Pretty sure that Ferenc Jr. is Margo's brother. The grandfather posted this younger picture of him, and he's also in another recent photo and looks nothing like Venus's father.

No. 239565

Venus' dad is Swiss. Only Margo is Hungarian.

No. 239577


It's hilarious that Margot has always looked like a Knoedel or a troll doll. A face only a dad could love.

No. 239579

you kidding? naomi is the only good looking one in the bunch.

No. 239583

She doesn't look like venus at all in that photo.

No. 239585

I wish this was actually Venus' relative's account but how new it is and the content posted makes me suspicious. If it's real, it'd be nice for Venus to be able to contact a family member other than Margo.

No. 239592

I think Margo's ugly nose and cartoon ears are why she looks nothing like Venus when she was younger. It's hilarious that all the family members have some sort of accomplishment underneath and she has nothing at all.

No. 239594

Lots of old people keep photo albums. I find it more plausible that he'd have photos, I'd expect Margo to destroy anything related to Venus' father.

No. 239596

nah she should just let the palermos be and focus on her new life as okada

No. 239603

funny how all of her siblings seem to have a career (written under the wedding picture) only margo has a blank. cause she does nothing.

No. 239608

it's just the image assembly and captioning that bugs me. that's not a big old-person thing although it's plausible if he's been taking a class. maybe he IS taking a PS class. the image with the youtube links is confusing to me… why do that. it pings my margo-dar. but then the friend relationships suggest this person is real. confusing.

No. 239619


Well she threw her whole life away and "sacrificed" "everything" for her child, anon. And hoped to be a parasitic leech forever. So much for that dastardly plan. I really hope bricking Venus' mac was the last sleeve she had up her sleeve. Now there's only one thing left for her to do.

No. 239620

I just love how Magro's sisters look all decent while she's the uggo

No. 239638

>the last sleeve she had up her sleeve.

For some reason I died laughing at this.

No. 239664

One of my elderly neighbours takes a computer/Internet/PS class and you'd be surprised at the kind of otherworldly shit he crafts. this is pretty standard for an old guy with unsupervised Internet access

No. 239666

Sweet Jesus, I love Those Poor Bastards.

No. 239669

I hope Hungariboos become a thing in our lifetime. Kiki would find purpose as a half-Hungarian calling herself Zsuzsa.

No. 239673

what an unfunny cunt tbh

No. 239674

I used to be cool with Carly, but her commentary is not really required every single time, jfc.

No. 239675

It's 2016, not 2001. You can do this shit in paint. I'm still quite suspicious of this account, but an older guy being able to make a collage is pretty reasonable.

No. 239699

anyone heard from Margo? Is she dead?

No. 239700

that's some stalking there

No. 239703

She's most likely undercover planning something else since everything she does only results in failure and further alienation. Or she's trying to get pregnant to make a haffu replacement for Venus since her money escaped.

No. 239717

My fear is that she's got lawyers involved or she's doing something else that can lose Venus her spouse visa and ruin her life. We know that Margo will not accept this.

No. 239734


This cunt will probably do such a thing as well. She's capable of many vile things while remaining this quiet and the laptop lockdown was just the tip of the iceberg. Margo needs to fuck off out of Japan. Nobody wants her there and she has no reason to be there the sad bitch.

No. 239736


Isn't the bar to become a lawyer in Japan a bit higher? There's no lawyer worth their money in Japan who'll take on a crazy lunatic foreigner, with shifty Japanese, even shiftier motives, and no proof about what she's claiming whatsoever.

No. 239739

File: 1456109462134.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x323, what do u think.jpg)

Oh man, with all of this parent stuff coming out, I'm pretty sure my theory on Venus' father is right. I would bet a year of income that Margo was so fucking crazy that he left her and due to some form of manipulation or court hullabaloo, he lost or relinquished custody and just vanished because his hands were tied. I mean it's pretty clear that Margo has some pretty serious personality disorders, so I wouldn't put it past her to threaten him with something like an abuse accusation or lie in court for full custody. I GUARANTEE that Venus' father is not a bad guy and wants to reach out to her. This sort of thing is a pretty common scenario, especially when cluster b shit is involved.

Hungary does seem like a p cool place.

No. 239754

With all the public screencaps and shit stacked up against her, there's no way she has the stones to do anything but keep on crying her crocodile tears and trying to play her victim card to get sympathy.
Her last bet is to mooch of stupid/naive people who believe her bullshit.

Or maybe she is actually realizing that her cashcow ain't comin' back and she's trying to get back into the workforce. Or apply for government benefits/assistance to mooch of off due to her being UNFIT TO WORK DUE TO ALL THIS TRAUMA FROM BULLYING BAAAAAW!!

However, if she had a lick of sense, maybe she finally found a job and doesn't have time to constantly post online anymore.
But Maggo having a lick of sense doesn't really add up.. so I'm just waiting for more crazy to pop up. ayy!

Maybe Maggo and Venus came to some sort of agreement where they would stop talking about each other publicly? Hmm..

No. 239775

Holy shit, I never noticed it until you made mention. now I keep chuckling heartily

No. 239784

No. 239785

I disagree. With the way she acts, anyone who gets involved with that cunt must have some issues.

No. 239804

Have you been in a relationship with a person like that? All it takes is lacking knowledge about how these people work. They act like completely different people when they want to enter into a relationship. Then gradually they come out.

No. 239806

lurk more

No. 239812

All of this. It's just like people in abusive relationships. No one goes in knowing that they're an abuser until it's too late when they start abusing them over time once they feel like they've got them securely in their clutches,

No. 239813

yeah we all saw that you need to get caught up.
I don't like that part where she scrambled for words. It's almost like you can tell how sad it's making her but she is trying so hard to not throw a pity party. I can appreciate that.

No. 239823

Cluster B are usually abusers, so yeah…

No. 239843

Just seen the lolcow banner of venus and manaki, I thought this site was about making fun of the cow? I kinda don't see why a banner is needed. Sorry, I just don't. I'll probably offend half of you guys and the white knights, but fuck it.

No. 239845

Oh anon , don't you know that we're in a Venus safe space? Not like we are on an imageboard designed to laugh at cows…

No. 239856

Because we cant be sympathetic to a bad situation that most of us understand or have gone through. Venus still makes bad videos but its clear her mother is the true milk cow.

No. 239881

Can people start saging these kinds of posts? We really don't need 5 posts a day paraphrasing the same tired salt. We get it.

No. 239891

Oh anon, don't you know we're in a "butthurt about Venus" therapy thread? Not like we're on lolcow with adults instead of PULL where every 13 year old gets upset when people like someone they don't like…

(Typing an ellipses feels pretty cringe fwiw.)

No. 239892


I made that banner kind of a while ago when this was all just coming out. I don't really care if it gets removed if people feel like it's too nice, but I don't really see what's wrong with being nice or sympathetic either. I knew people would be salty about it which is why I made it so over the top cutesy tee hee.

No. 240077

OMG she's baaaack
threatening Venus on IG like the fucking psycho she is:

margaretpalermo Hey let me know when you found your brain again, it could be in Manaki's back pocket, did you check? Anyways, I've got a good paying job for you, interviewing some people, fun & good paying, long term. Get back to me or Michael once you awake from the brainwash over there. Ah, and if you upload your photos from your kitchen to Cloud, I see them. Ugly poor kitchen btw, you could do better. Ah, but it's about Manaki, not about you, almost forgot. Anyways, Manaki has my address since he lied sending me stuff, still didn't do, so get back Thx

margaretpalermo Yes ugly 2 stoved gas cooker, not even mounted, I mean wtf

dhtdfc @margaretpalermo what are u saying ? Leave her alone

caitlin_broome Well that was childish and mean. O_O

margaretpalermo If I'm not getting back my computer and belongings TODAY, bye bye spouse visa

dhtdfc @margaretpalermo she is adult now ?? she can work and buy anything

margaretpalermo I told you, right? You've got until 6pm today

mickychan23@margaretpalermo it's really sad Venus has a mother like you. You need help. Be a Mother to her not a bully.

dhtdfc@venus_angelic just block ur mom and leave peacefully … ?? just be happy family .. @margaretpalermo please become a nicer mom i never seen a mom like u ..

guruhime At least she's in good hands and has food and shelter; and she's thankful for him and what she has. @margaretpalermo

margaretpalermo Manaki knows my address, regardless of comments you've got until 6pm to arrive with all my stuff. And pick up yours, since you lied in the video, that it's not here. It's here. It's my last comment. 6:00pm today at my house.

dhtdfc @margaretpalermo ur the one who lied you hacked to @venus_angelic acc !! U the one who throw a knife to herr !! Ur the one who making a bad rumors about her so that everyone will not ship her with manaki and ur the one who want to ruins their happy life !! Im pitty of manaki ..He always get bad things from you …

margaretpalermo @dhtdfc I have proof of the opposite :)

No. 240080

I knew she was going to try and sabotage her spouse visa :( What pic was this on? I want to get screenshots in case they are needed as evidence or something later.

No. 240081


And yes, those comments are coming from marg's real IG acct.

No. 240082

Anon, screencap this shit please

No. 240083


It's in the comments under venus's latest pic..

No. 240084

The newest photo!

No. 240085

File: 1456195220773.png (50.75 KB, 288x699, plsgotoriver.png)


No. 240087

She's fucking insane. Venus needs to change her iCloud password, unlink it or just start over with a new account since Margo is so fucking insane. I really doubt that there's anything that Margo could do to have her spousal visa taken away from her. It's probably another scare tactic. I haven't wished death upon people in a long time and I usually reserve that for rapists and child molesters. Margo, you just hit a fucking all time low.

And wtf is she talking about a job? Shouldn't she be the one getting a job instead because she's the one that needs money??? And who the fuck is Michael, her pimp?

No. 240089

If she pressed charges against Venus for theft she could lose her spouse visa.

No. 240090

All Venus has to do is show the screenshots. Plus, she has a husband who is a native. They're more likely to listen to him then Margo, whose crazy is pretty apparent no matter which language she is attempting to speak.

No. 240091

I don't really get how Margo not sending her belongings counts as theft though. Would any Japanese lawyer take her seriously?

No. 240092

New iCloud account. Rule of thumb is that if Margo was involved in the purchase it's tainted.

It's nice of unemployed Margo to find work for her daughter though.

No. 240093


*than to Margo

No. 240094

I sure hope Venus is saving all the screenshots. If any laser over there takes the river monster seriously, she'll need it.

No. 240095

I think she's trying to get a face-to-face meeting with Venus. I hope Venus ignores her.

No. 240098

Margo doesn't need a lawyer, she just reports the "crime" to the police. If Margo could prove that the Mac book was paid for from her account, e.g with a receipt, Venus taking it when she ran away would be theft, but the crime occurred in Korea so I don't know if Japanese police would be able to follow it up. Venus could probably still argue that it was a gift and she felt it belonged to her though.

In most countries police are expected/required to investigate reported crimes. Even if Margo doesn't succeed in pressing charges against Venus, being arrested/questioned by the police will be scary and maybe traumatic for Venus.

No. 240101

Crime doesn't seem to be enough to get a spousal visa revoked. Deceit is. But Manaki and Venus have proof of communication that has gone on for a long time. Margo is grasping for straws.


No. 240102

I guess she's been quiet all this time because she was trying to find an excuse to wriggle back into Venus' life? Maybe hoping this "offer" of work will give her a way in? And the threats will seal the deal if the work doesn't…

No. 240103

The crimes that get one deported are serious. Venus needs to call Margo's bluff. http://www.turning-japanese.info/2012/05/can-naturalization-or-permanent.html

No. 240104

When I say serious, I mean that they are crimes that Venus is very unlikely to have committed, like treason against the Japanese gov't and violent crimes.

No. 240106

Thank you anons for finding this out.

I wonder if Margo has some "proof" that Venus married Manaki just for the visa? I think that kind of deception would be enough to put her visa in jeopardy?

Knowing Margo she probably texted herself from Venus' phone to make sure she had insurance in case this happened. It's really not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 240108

I looked into this when Venus and Manaki announced their marriage. They can fight the sham marriage claim by showing pictures and emails that show that they have been communicating for a while. They met years ago at TK Disney and probably have pics. They probably have emails to and from each other. That seems like it sets up a pretty strong (albeit rebuttable presumption) against their marriage being a sham.

No. 240109

Thank god for that. Margo can just fuck off.

No. 240111

Laughing so hard at Margo's desperation.

She can't even get herself a job, no way Venus is dumb enough to believe that she has anything at all.

Btw, if visas get rejected, you aren't told why. So it's hard for Venus to "sit down and explain". Actually, she probably can't. But I believe that her proof and evidence that they actually like each other is strong enough so avoid a phone call from a physicotic mother. Or shall I say, ex-mother.

No. 240113

Margo is such a fucking piece of shit.

She honestly needs help before she loses her shit completely

If my mom did this to me, I would block her completely out of my life.

Wonder why Venus hasn't blocked her yet (she unfollowed her though).

No. 240115

My only guess is so they can use her insane comments and such as evidence if she tries to harm them. That's the only thing I can think of. She's a lot smarter than a lot of us gave her credit for. Still… Not smart enough to make a new iCloud account. Augh…

No. 240116

>using Paint in 2016

No. 240118

I think if it comes to the police, Venus will be able to explain calmly and clearly, and it won't amount to anything too serious for her. She's already stated that if she has the address and the shipping is paid by Margo, Margo can have the things from the storage - they aren't stolen or going anywhere. Margo's pursuing a trumped up claim here when she can have her things back easily, and also has been left things by Venus - camera, desktop mac - that are valuable. Margo doesn't have this magical power she claims, to destroy Venus' spouse visa status. Screenshots aren't worth much for the police, but telling the story as it happened will set things straight enough. Venus need not fear the police - but she should fear Margo.

No. 240120

Love how Margo had to make a comment about how ugly Manaki's kitchen was, as if that factors at all into a relationship… Like, it's so plainly obvious she thinks of people in terms of what they can provide her with.

No. 240129

File: 1456200966022.png (32.65 KB, 295x215, Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.2…)

No. 240130

margaretpalermo Manaki knows my address, regardless of comments you've got until 6pm to arrive with all my stuff. And pick up yours, since you lied in the video, that it's not here. It's here. It's my last comment. 6:00pm today at my house.

dhtdfc @margaretpalermo ur the one who lied you hacked to @venus_angelic acc !! U the one who throw a knife to herr !! Ur the one who making a bad rumors about her so that everyone will not ship her with manaki and ur the one who want to ruins their happy life !! Im pitty of manaki ..He always get bad things from you …

margaretpalermo @dhtdfc I have proof of the opposite :)

LOL @margaretpalermo: "This is my LAST COMMENT" →> comments again

also.. guess she's still lurking in Japan like the demented stalker she is ("you have till 6pm to arrive at my house with my stuff")

No. 240131

Tbh I'm wishing mergle would hurry up and jump in that river. Im yet to see an argument proving abusive parents shouldn't just get put down like sick dogs.
She's so disgusting but I think the few people telling her she's doing the right thing are worse.

No. 240139


She has zero proof of theft. Venus can proof that her mother has no income because she's a parasitic leech, and that every single last thing they own was bought with the money Venus has made since she was underage.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about, they're all empty threats. For Maggot there is only the river.

There's also that theft between relatives can be hard to establish. While narcissistic/cluster B parents are notorious for accusing children they've turned against of "theft" if those kids keep the presents their parents gave them, legally, presents are the property of the receiver, for ever. Even if the laptop is registered in Maggot's name, it's no guarantee, legally, that she is the owner.

Not to mention that even if she had proof, Japanese police famously really don't like to get involved in domestic disputes. Unless someone dies. God, I hope it's Maggot.

Unless Venus beats Maggot into the hospital, like she deserves, the old witch, there'll be no visa revocation.

No. 240140


She's such an ugly, washed up old whore.

No. 240142


I was going to say… "Thefts" by a relative are usually civil in nature. They lived together, shared items, etc, that's why divorces end with a judge splitting property. Police dont give a fuck about a relative you lived with "stealing" things when they leave. Plus Venus can prove that she's been the only one with a stable income for a while now. That maggot whore can't prove that she paid for anything because she literally doesn't get any money.

No. 240144

This whole thing reeks of desperation on Margo's part. I hope Venus can stay strong and ignore her.

No. 240146

File: 1456203356892.png (14.29 KB, 295x161, margowhy.png)

Some more recent posts of hers.

>"because of ongoing investigations I don't have a computer"

She is implying that she has in fact involved the police.

No. 240148

Ugh, I hate how she sounds so fucking smug. We all know that she can't win this.

No. 240150

ffs margo you're the one who's a liar.
Teasing us with drowning yourself in the river..

No. 240154

With how much she projects, she's admitting that Venus is in danger if she goes near her. We already knew that, Midge.

No. 240156

Sort of wanna see Lizard Monster's "proof" to be honest. If it isn't non-existent and just bait it'll probably be awful and barely "proof" of anything at all.

No. 240158

>she stole my channel
Kek Margo your personal channel was weird as fuck. Venus made her own channel

No. 240174

+1 for inferred threat

No. 240186

I am kind of hoping some crazy fangelic does something to margo i'm getting tired of her shit. Not necessarily something physical but at least get her ass deported

No. 240189

oh well, at least Manaki doesn't have to run from country to country evading taxes and leeching others

yes I'm mad

No. 240193

Damn, margo was set on pawing her daughter off to a millionare so she herself can live easy, and it went to shit and now sje has no reason to live. Uf Venus does comeback is she gonna start beating her again? Im like legit scared for Venus' safety.

No. 240194


She can imply whatever she wants, there's no way Japolice or any lawyers are going to waste their time with her.

If Venus would be stupid enough to ever go back to that trainwreck witch, they deserve each other. Snowball's chance in hell of that happening I hope.

There's plenty of mothers that are crazy enough to be going on with, but Margot's desperation and neediness is in a whole other league. It's embarrassing to watch, she's truly the Empress of cows.

No. 240195

Unfortunately there's nothing to deport her for. By the same token, Margo will not be able to create too much trouble for Venus on the legal front. Feelz and screenshots just don't cut it.

No. 240200


>making a bad rumors about her so that everyone will not ship her with manaki

>ship her with manaki

Do her fans realize she's not a shitty Anime character?

No. 240201

If Margo wants her shit back i hope Venus does in in a public place with supporters like if Manki has a brother or cousin. Or get the police involved to help with the exchange if Venus fears for her safety.

No. 240203

I saw the merchandise Venus is planning on selling, I hope it does well to put a little more money in her pocket.

Anyone know if she has considered a patreon? I wouldn't mind contributing a little, its surely a little easier to organize than merch.

No. 240207

If she comes up with cute patterns like that strawberry tank top I might consider buying one if it's not horrendously overpriced. It's pretty adorable.
Her financial situation is none of our business but evidence points towards her being relatively okay right now at least.

No. 240209

Ok, crazy theory here but:
I think she has hired a P.I.
That bar shot she took looked like a meeting between her and a business partner. Who brings all their computers and paperwork if you are meeting with friends? Also, it looked like her "friend" had some pretty nice cameras.

No. 240212

Nah I think she was just trying be like, aw look at me I had to turn to drinking to deal with all this pain and unfairness!1
Where the hell would Maggot get the money? A drink and some sausages, ok, but a PI?

No. 240216

Being that she's currently without access to her bank accounts I assumed she was in worse shape. Hopefully she gets in contact with the bank to sort it out.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how Manaki turned out, the circumstances of how they met and the age gap may not be ideal but without him I don't know if Venus would have ever left her mother's grasp. If she's using him as a meal ticket away from her mom she is still in a better position and its hard to fault her but it seems that at minimum she has a friend in Manaki, which is one more friend than she's ever really apparently had since her mom was so controlling. While I think there is something a little sad about a girl leaving her family straight into a husband's home with no solitary interim I still think it would be a happier ending for Venus to actually love Manaki and make a life with him. She deserves stability.

Gotta wonder if she even has a true sense of what 'home' is given how much she's moved around.

No. 240218

Can you make a banner for dakota? Dakota is prettier than venus

No. 240221

I don't think that's the case anymore for the bank accounts. It's pretty confusing, I wish Venus would clear it up a little.

No. 240222



No. 240224

This is the venus angelic fan thread right? Why cant you make a cute banner for dakota to make the farmers salty? Or will it make you salty?

No. 240226

Wow. That's pretty depressing. I always came to her thread to laugh my ass off. But now.. It is a fucking nightmare.

I hope they deport margo back to hungary

No. 240227


Does anyone even really hate Dakota now? She's not even a cow anymore. Take your salt elsewhere.

No. 240228

But venus isnt a cow either
I love dakota though she is cute and I want that anon to make a fan banner since he or she is so good at making fan banners. You are immature btw.

No. 240235

Did the 6 o clock, "bring my stuff to my house" deadline pass?

No. 240236

It's 6:15 pm in japan so yes

No. 240237

Dakota looks like an alien, I find her really creepy in her video's

No. 240239

Well, I suppose now we wait to see if Margo has a scary/amusing reaction.

No. 240241

Deadline has come & gone…what now, marge??? omg!!!

No. 240244

I'm pretty sure the river lizard wasn't able to do anything to Venus anyway. Margo should be low on funds by now since airport breakfasts and having Starbucks everyday gets expensive. I just wish that bitch would just go back to Hungary. It's scary how desperate she's getting. I thought it was bad before but somehow she keeps getting worse.

No. 240249

What house? A cardboard box under a bridge near the airport?

No. 240255

I wonder how closely Margo watches the comments? She has a stream of criticism still coming in on her own last IG post. This attempt at attacking Venus in comments - maybe she thought others would join in and there would be a split of supporters each for her and Venus? Every single comment is in support of Venus and attacking Margo - maybe not what she expected. it's amazing to me but I think Margo expects people to take her nasty bullshit seriously.

No. 240258

No. 240261

This bitch done lost her damn mind. She's desperate as hell. I would be scared if I were Manaki.

No. 240284

I hope Manaki can deal with this - if he broke up with Venus because of Margo, poor Venus would just… shrivel up

No. 240285

I hope he stays with her. Crazy mom bitches like Margo always loooove try to stir up drama between happy couples so they can breakup. I've had that happened to me numerous times back then until I told off said "parent". Margo really needs to back the fuck off.

No. 240286

File: 1456244181887.png (1.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-23-17-15-01…)

Maggot is now posting proof that Venus is a bad person on instagram.
She posted a LOT in a matter of minutes.

No. 240287

File: 1456244313430.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-23-17-17-43…)

No. 240288

can someone translate the german?

No. 240289

My connection is terrible now for some reason, if someone can help posting this I'd be grateful.

No. 240290

how does this prove she is a bad person when she's turning a guy down and putting him in the friendzone?

No. 240291

On it, pal.

No. 240292

I'm sorry I forgot to add "to try to prove" English is not my first language.

No. 240293

File: 1456244574215.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-21-45…)

No. 240294

File: 1456244603155.png (384.19 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-21-52…)

No. 240295

Indeed, all I see is Venus politely rejecting some unwanted attention. Margo pls go into river.

No. 240296

File: 1456244656943.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-23-39…)

No. 240297

File: 1456244676312.png (382.75 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-23-44…)

No. 240298

File: 1456244766215.png (563.68 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-25-02…)

No. 240299

File: 1456244793843.png (650.66 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-25-14…)

No. 240301

Thank you!

No. 240303

File: 1456244898687.png (691.81 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-25-21…)

No. 240304

File: 1456244959609.png (691.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-25-25…)

No. 240305

>says she's not an abusive mom
>slanders her daughter online
>tries to ruin her daughter's marriage
>takes pictures of her with a random man instead of intervening

I hate maggot

No. 240306

Besides, oh no , a picture of a black wig next to an Asian man! Of coooooourse that's Venus.

No. 240307

File: 1456245079823.png (441.8 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-25-32…)

No. 240308

File: 1456245103597.png (444.94 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-25-36…)

No. 240309

File: 1456245153963.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-30-26…)

No. 240310

File: 1456245194137.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-30-34…)

No. 240311

Even if it was Venus, it's still fucked up for her to take a pic when the only reason to do so would be for potential blackmail material. She's supposed to be a mother but she acts like a piranha

No. 240312

File: 1456245273175.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-30-38…)

No. 240313

File: 1456245298779.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-30-41…)

No. 240314

File: 1456245356216.png (2.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-30-46…)

No. 240315

what the fuck was this taken from the macbook pro

No. 240316

File: 1456245388694.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-30-53…)

No. 240318

File: 1456245424400.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-35-06…)

No. 240319

File: 1456245443325.png (834.35 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-35-09…)

No. 240320

I know Maggot's being a dirty manipulator but I'm loving the idea that Venus left these getaway photos behind

No. 240321

File: 1456245522037.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-37-56…)

No. 240322

File: 1456245575284.png (807.46 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-24-00-38-00…)

That's it for now. Also sorry, these are in reverse order.

No. 240323

I don't think I've ever actually hated any lolcow but then bam Margo appears.

No. 240324

I really don't understand what maggot is trying to proof with this stuff. All that I'm getting from these messages is that Maggot is manipulative, like saying that Venus likes her even less than korea?

No. 240325

File: 1456245678104.png (830.46 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-23-17-40-01…)

Still no decent connection but she's posted a new one now.

No. 240326

>venus likes tabasco
i don't know why i laughed so hard at this but i did

No. 240327

In another startling discovery, Manaki acts like a rational human!

No. 240328



>Venus: Neither have you!

>Venus: I love you but I'll become even more brain damaged in Korea, sorry.
>Marg:We lost almost 3,000 Euros because we applied for a visa with the paper (?) [not a complete sentence]
>Venus: Can you trace it???
>Margo: And now you have […]
>Margo: Doesn't matter
>Venus: If you want to I'll see how you can get to Japan.
>Margo: You lied to me.
>Margo: No
>Margo: Because it will look like I followed you. Everyone will hate me.
>Venus: Because I really do love you. Just don't post […]

No. 240329

Must have been taken with the Macbook Pro, since the background is the same as the one Venus has been using in recent videos that she shot on the Macbook.

Margo is such a creeper. At least Venus seems to have had the good sense not to take any risque photos, because you KNOW Margo would post those in a hot second.

No. 240330

I don't see how these show Venus cheating on Manaki though. Maybe the one laying in bed with the guy but I'm not even sure that's her.

No. 240331

I don't know what the fuck she's trying to prove. She's making Venus and Manaki sound even better with each new post.

No. 240333

My thoughts exactly. She's a fucking lunatic.

No. 240334

Any normal parent would do anything they could to keep questionable photos of their child offline, but I bet it'd be like christmas for Maggot if she found some of Venus. She's so fucked up.

No. 240335

Agreed. I don't think she cheated on him. Margo is just trying to make Venus and Manaki look bad for her own gain.

No. 240336

This makes her look crazy. Her daughter's boyfriend wasn't even thinking about marriage but she straight up messaged him about it.

No. 240337

Anything we can do to make margo fuck off? Anyone close with a relevant youtuber that can actually cover the story right?

Anything at all?

No. 240339

Sounds like Venus is rejecting the guy in those texts and telling him to back off. All I've learned from Margo's posts is that she is a horrible mother.

No. 240340

File: 1456246369397.png (47.21 KB, 502x358, comments.png)

nobody is even on her side. What is she doing?

No. 240341

Why does maggot even have access to these messages? all this proves is that she's all up in her daughter's business and she could send messages herself to make Venus look bad

No. 240342

Top kek. When Venus first ran away Margo claimed she was still a virgin, and now she cheated on Manaki? How exactly did she cheat then? Existing in the same space as another man? It's creepy how involved she is in her daughter's sex life.

No. 240343

She took a selfie with him….basically sex.

No. 240344

She breathed in air that had caressed a man's cheek once

No. 240346

Venus: Sorry
Maggot: You have become crazy.
Venus: But now you can probably find a boyfriend a lot easier
Venus: And you feel trapped with me
Maggot: No
Maggot: I will tell it now to the potential boyfriends that don't want to meet up with me anymore

No. 240347

Didn't venus had her hair dyed orange/blonde/whatever color was that around NYE?

No. 240348

Woah, woah, woah… Wait a fucking minute right here.. Is she insinuating that she used her daughter as fucking bate to catch men? Like men don't want to come around any more because Venus is gone so she can't get herself a boyfriend? OMG Is this why she wears Venus's clothes.. I actually feel sick thinking about that..

No. 240349

also why would you take a picture of your "daughter" lying on bed with someone else? margo's a fucking creep

No. 240351

Disproving her claims that Manaki is a pedo.

No. 240352

I understand it as Maggot having been dumped by men because of Venus.

No. 240353

Oh thank god, because my line of thought was going dark and creepy places and I really don't want it to go that way

No. 240355

Damn Venus's replies to her mom in German are still considerate and you can feel how anxious she is to pacify the crazy.

No. 240356

Nah, I just went back through Venus' instagram and she had dark hair again by Christmas.

No. 240358

Why would Margo even take this picture in the first place? To use as blackmail when and if the opportunity arose?
She's sick.

No. 240359

Alright, so even if it is Venus in that picture it's not like she's all over him or naked. Guys can do weird shit when they're very drunk and creepy, like climb into your bed after you've already laid down. If that text is truly Venus talking to him, it seems like she's turning him down pretty hard while he's whining.

No. 240360

These potential thumbnail shots for her running away video are so fucking cute. Glad Margo found them in the macbook files. It's like an unintended taunt.

No. 240361

I interpreted it the way you did, but maybe Venus is saying that she felt like she held Margo back? I don't know.

No. 240362

She's deleted this one now… Honestly what the fuck is she doing? I don't understand what she thinks this will achieve other than show off how crazy she is. Even her fans have abandoned her now.

No. 240363

Wow she just outed herself. She forced the marriage on them.

No. 240364

My mom used to say similar stuff to me as a kid. Like I don't date because I'm raising you, we only have each. So Margo was saying these things to keep Venus (too) close to her but also making her feel guilty that Margo is alone?

No. 240365

* We only have each other.

No. 240366

Yeah I took it that way as well. But that might have been because margo has posted before that if venus didn't like a guy she'd leave him.

No. 240367

Apparently Manaki commented on the photo with his email with her? She took it down

No. 240368

She deleted this one now, probably because you can see a bit of what Margo sent him, and it seems as though she was asking Manaki to marry Venus (probably even without Venus consent - judging from how insane Margo is)

No. 240370

Was it actually him or that fake account that kept posting when she was chimping out before?

No. 240372

I believe those pictures and I'm not gonna reach and come up with ridiculous theories but venus is 19 so these things are forgivable. At the end of the day she's being taken advantage of not only by her mom but older men 2.

No. 240374

What if thats a random couple that Maggro took a photo of?

No. 240375

At least we know manaki was respectable about Venus being only 18 and didn't want to think about marriage already. If those pictures are real.

No. 240377


No. 240378

So apparently every time you hang out with men, it means you're fucking them? Top kek.

No. 240379

You cant even see the woman's face lol how is that reaching?

No. 240380

Is she trying to say the faded bruise on her arm is edited in??

No. 240381

File: 1456248849029.png (212.19 KB, 1079x930, Screenshot_2016-02-23-09-31-25…)

Idk if he really did respond to her on Instagram or not but saw this

No. 240382

it was the fake account, i checked it
it was the one with the _ on the name

No. 240384

He did, I saw it right before it all got deleted.

No. 240385

ah so she probably just deleted because she realized how it screwed up her story

No. 240386

it was this one https://www.instagram.com/manaki_okada/
his email was already known because of a screenshot she posted, then deleted, then uploaded again with the "censored" email few weeks ago

No. 240387

this is sent to manaki's twitter lol? she probably just wanted to share what she was doing and who she was hanging out with to her hubby, and now margo is trying to make it seem as cheating

No. 240388

File: 1456249246518.png (443.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-02-24-04-38-39…)

No. 240389

File: 1456249448824.jpg (121.03 KB, 803x591, 122.jpg)

No. 240391

What the fuck is wrong with her!?

No. 240392

but why tho

Comments are right, it's like she doesn't count emotional abuse as legitimate abuse, only physical

No. 240393

Yeah, if the person doesn't have a smashed in face then they're definitely not getting beaten! Flawless logic there, Margo. Not like you could have punched in the abdomen, or forced her to wear long sleeves after hitting her arms. She's never had a black eye, so she must be lying. Got it.

No. 240394

How much time can she stay in Japan before being kicked out?

No. 240395

This doesnt even prove anything except that oh no, another guy liked Venus. The horror! The conversation is cropped oddly too.

No. 240396

And it appears to be an important possession, according to Margo. Seriously, there's just a load of crap in the photo. It just looks like stuff that Venus didn't care about so didn't bother packing.

No. 240397

Now it's the abuse olympics with this crazed cunt. As if things like emotional abuse don't exist, or that physical abuse bruises can be hidden. I can imagine her saying to Venus "but did you die?" mr.chow style

No. 240398

I just want Venus to start laying down dirt on her mom, but I feel like Venus is either too scared, too loving, or both. Her mom can't do anything to her, really, right? Like if she decides to just be a straight up bitch and call her mom out, report her to the authorities, etc. Can Margo really do anything except get more butthurt? Would she even have enough money to force herself into Japan and show up on Venus' doorstep

No. 240400

Nah, I'm hoping Venus continues with her gentle explaining. She's been incredibly mature.

No. 240401

I know people are determined to believe this is Venus but, think about it? She is clearly wearing a wig in the earlier picture because its ratty as fuck and way longer than her real hair which I believe was still that coppery blonde at the time.

If she just fucked and fell asleep with this dude or whatever the heck Maggot is trying to imply, why would she still be wearing a wig?

No. 240402

Does venus have a snapchat? Her and manaki are super cute. They should vlog

No. 240403

File: 1456250510177.png (29.58 KB, 272x277, mana.png)

I don't know if this is Manaki's real account but there were comments

No. 240407

Imagine if Margo had just been a bit smarter about all this, played a little nicer, she could have her daughter, her daughter's money, and live in Japan with her daughter's husband who could've potentially helped sustain them both. Margo's endgame planning is weak.

No. 240408

She can't piggyback off of Venus' spouse visa. I think she didn't realize that at first.

No. 240409

Maggot just deleted all the instagram posts

No. 240410

Looks like she deleted everything

No. 240412

Although, the Japanese immigration authorities seem to be more concerned about Chinese and Filipino women in sham marriages/human trafficking than in-laws who overstay.

No. 240413

So that's the fake one right? It started posting stuff

No. 240415

Coincidence or actual Manaki getting her to shut up?

No. 240416

The Margo retreats into the river, having failed to find narcissistic supply. But she will return to the surface ar a later date to try again.

No. 240417

File: 1456250938062.png (10.59 KB, 289x224, maggot.PNG)

'Instagram deleted it, not me'
Was written about the first pic taken down.

No. 240418

More like he's making sure Venus doesn't have to deal with you directly. Maybe Venus doesn't trust herself to speak with her mom in case she gives in to the harassing and guilt tripping.

No. 240419

>strangely Manaki acts like an actual, rational adult

No. 240420

The images eere probably mass reported since even Margo's whiteknights have turned against her now.

No. 240421

I doubt she would be in her pajamas if she had sex with him and fell asleep afterwards.

No. 240422

This is manaki real instagram account
Venus once tagged him in a post.
This one: https://www.instagram.com/p/7NY011PByQ/

No. 240423

That one oddly has 0 followers though

No. 240425

Ye, probably they made him a instagram and he never used it

No. 240426

My guess is worst case scenario guy went back to their place after having drinks and they shared a bed to sleep because the apartment sounds like it was fucking tiny. I cant recall where it was mentioned but Venus and Margo have shared a bed before. It wouldnt surprise me if Venus has little sense of boundaries because of that. It also wouldnt surprise me if Margo had suggested they share a bed.

No. 240427

No. 240429

I think he deleted his instagram and someone else took that username.
Even if there's no post 0 followers don't make sense. Over 600 people followed the other manaki_okada account even if it had 0 posts too.

No. 240430

because he always comment margo and venus' posts

No. 240434

The manaki_okada account posted Margos nood so it's confirmed it's not him. I don't think real Manaki is that childish for some reason

No. 240435

To be honest? It sounds like she just cuddled this guy, after feeling alone and wanting human contact for so long. It's no unusual. I highly doubt she cheated like margo implies though. A cuddle in a moment of weakness and loneliness when you're a constant nomad because of your mother with no friends is pretty normal.

No. 240449


without visa, three months.

No. 240452

Margo deleted everything

No. 240453

I just saw it! LMAO
I wanted to read the comments :(

No. 240454

Well now, there's a surprise!

No. 240455


She dug her own grave with this one.

No. 240461


>Venus come back!!!! how dare you to leave your tabasco sauce behind!!1!


No. 240463

But is no one talking about how this picture doesn't even make sense because Venus hair was blonde while she was in korea????

No. 240464

I don't see how she thinks she proves anything.
>I'm a shit mother but at least she's not bleeding rn!
Plus she's more than shown she has access to Venus' social media. She could easily have hurt her and then kept her invisible.

No. 240466

You just made me laugh so hard, thank you anon

No. 240467

No. 240468

I'm assuming that this >>240296 was taken with the guy in >>240318 that selfie.

Wasn't the photo of the sleeping guy posted awhile ago? If anything mana and venus already talked it through, I don't believe she would cheat on him anyways.

No. 240470

Wait, So did Margo post all that stuff, then deleted it right away? I don't see it on her instagram.

No. 240471

No. 240472

She went crazy mode

No. 240475

It seems she sent these to Manaki in hopes he would get jealous and never talk to Venus again.

No. 240476

Is Migger's plan to threaten Venus' visa by saying that she cheated on her husband? Is that all she has to use against her? Cause I don't even see clear proof of this, but was that what her plan was, posting all of that?

No. 240479

I guess so that Manaki divorces her and she has to go back to Korea with her forever lol

No. 240480

Yup and to smear Venus' image.

No. 240482

Which really backfired because it just made her more sympathetic.

No. 240483

File: 1456256752989.png (667.75 KB, 828x544, margy-sue.PNG)

I guess she still wants Venus back.
I dont think she is that delusional to believe her own bs

No. 240486

File: 1456257072554.jpg (141.85 KB, 917x592, ss (2016-02-23 at 09.50.11).jp…)

wtf is happening

No. 240487

manaki_okada is a fake account.
this is fake.

No. 240488

grand return of the cancerous troll accounts

No. 240489

This fake account is crazier than mayo LOL

No. 240490

>manaki quit is job and is acting as a gatekeeeper to venus

yeez, is it possible to project any harder?

No. 240493

Her nose is so weird

No. 240496

She looks bald here

No. 240497

It's a PULL troll

No. 240498

You guys sound stupid with well they drank and just happened to cuddle~

Its possible after she left Japan she didn't even know what her relationship with manaki was, her moms telling her one thing and the marriage happened so fast and now she's in Korea. I think she just met other guys and after reconnecting with manaki she dumped her new bf. Even if manaki was still her boyfriend at that time she probably didn't even know if they'd even be together in the end so she fooled around. And venus never seemed to have friends or boyfriends in the pass maybe she "cheated" cause she's thirsty for the affection? Cause she's been deprived of it.

No. 240499

Who cares? Still doesn't change my opinion of Margo. Still think she was friend zoning that guy.

No. 240500

>Venus is saying weird stuff with a normal face expression

Wtf she's almost crying in all her recent videos, you bald homeless lizard.

I'm laughing so hard at her "proof". The only thing all of those posts prove is that she's a bully, an abuser and a creep. She's delusional, she firts calls Venus a psycopath, then she's worried she's in danger, then she's a psycho again… Go get some dick Maggot, maybe you'll feel better.

No. 240501

reaching because they own those pyjamas, so not random.

No. 240502

Why can't we see Venus name or profile pic or the rest of things Venus said here? This looks super sketchy.

No. 240504

i love how some people on PULL still think this is a scam

No. 240505

>dat projection

No. 240509

puts on tinfoil hat
My theory about Manaki vs random Korean guy:
Venus and manaki were communicating even after they split and Venus was in Korea. While in Korea, her mom continued to introduce her to Men, probably went for rich guys or guys in gangnam or somewhere equally superficial.
Invited them over, maybe drank with them. One of them got along with Venus, and ended up cuddling with her (Korean guys are honestly pretty persuasive and pushy with physicality). Venus doesn't actually like this Korean guy like that, just as a friend + one time cuddle buddy. Her mom takes the photo. Venus regrets it horribly and feels like her privacy has been violated.
Arranges for manaki to visit so she can reaffirm her affections for him and not this new Korean guy.
Venus tells guy she's not interested in him like that (hence the don't get angry and casual tone of her message, seems like she's just being like yo friend you're cool but I only think of you as a friend also my Japanese husband is coming to visit but we can still drink as friends), he takes it kind of well but still had expectations of more, probably influenced by Maygo.

Anyway that's my theory re: Korean guy. Margo pushed Venus into hanging out with lots of Korean guys, one finally managed to cuddle her, her mom took the photo and held it over her head, Venus runs back to manaki.

Or its all just staged by Margo idk

No. 240510

this probably isn't him, his english in the emails with margo was of a higher standard.

No. 240523

Margo has gone even more batshit than before, and I didn't even think that was possible

No. 240524

File: 1456261740425.jpeg (412.93 KB, 1277x1609, image.jpeg)

No. 240525

File: 1456261771908.jpeg (436.07 KB, 1271x1633, image.jpeg)

No. 240527

File: 1456261812789.jpeg (187.65 KB, 1261x1116, image.jpeg)

She's so fucking insane. She's deleting everyone's comments again because no one is siding with her anymore.

No. 240530

File: 1456262143043.png (450.26 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-23-16-14-49…)

Still a few whiteknights

No. 240531

File: 1456262187712.jpeg (383.51 KB, 1241x1491, image.jpeg)

Apparently, there are still a few dumbasses around… And Mayo claiming that Venus' sadness in her videos is fake. Just like a real psycho to say.

No. 240532

File: 1456262388080.jpg (8.82 KB, 299x87, 113.jpg.jpg)

she's deleting comments

No. 240535

The comment section is a frenzy. There's still dumbasses who think that their relationship is healthy and can be saved. https://instagram.com/p/BCJKZVTAGHE/

No. 240536

Maggot's spits out the truth: she is broke as fuck, is desperate for money and will do anything to get her cashcow back.

No. 240538

>moar projection

Margo is totally certifiable.

No. 240539

File: 1456262738938.jpg (8.64 KB, 280x57, 246.jpg)

No. 240541

File: 1456262823345.jpg (49.29 KB, 294x399, 653.jpg)

Whoops, didn't mean to that post

No. 240542

File: 1456262923505.jpeg (75.4 KB, 1258x381, image.jpeg)

LOL. This is the same bitch who said that Margo should find another girl to manage because she did such a great job with Venus. I can't get over the stupidity of the people that such Maggot's asshole.

No. 240543

Man she is grasping now.

It is completely obvious that picture of her and the guy in bed is 100% staged by margo. There is no way she would permit Venus to have sex or be sexual with someone unless she knew he was rich and she could marry Venus off to him and reap the benefits.

(tinfoil hat) Margo probably insisted he sleep in her bed or something fucked up and took a picture to get rid of Manaki or use for future blackmail.

My theory is similar, but that after Margo found out that Venus marrying Manaki would not be advantageous, she did everything in her power to split them up.

Originally she probably thought she would be able to live in Japan and off Manaki as well but then she found out he was "just a factory worker" (her words) and couldn't even get a permanent visa/citizenship unless she married someone too. So her only option was to split them up however possible and try to find someone wealthier and in a country she could easily become a citizen in as well.

No. 240545

File: 1456262975966.jpg (13.09 KB, 296x83, 0677.jpg)

No. 240546

So let me get this straight. Manaki never wanted to marry Venus. Isn't that just further proof that Margo was marrying Venus off so Venus would get a spouse visa? Margo, you're such a dumb bitch.

No. 240547

she thinks abuse can only be physical

No. 240548

File: 1456263080075.jpg (10.65 KB, 284x80, 856.jpg)

k_dusty@margaretpalermo you're doing it in the wrong way. Maybe she can take the videos down if you take your abusive posts down. Try to be civil! I know how hard it is now, but publicly hating your daughter does not make up for what either of you have done to each other.

No. 240549



Trainer of what Margaret? Trainer of how to make the neckbeards happy?

No. 240550

>maybe she wants me to die

and so do many others

No. 240551

seems like it. the only reason it probably worked out is because they legit liked eachother and japanese people are chill with fast marriage.

No. 240552

*I should add, I meant there would be no way she would allow Venus to be physical with a man (that was rich enough by her standers) unless he married Venus first. Hence her forcing Venus to remain a virgin and the picture was 100% staged to only do damage.

No. 240553

>leaving her mother in such circumstances

It's not like you´re a 90 yr old sick, wheelchair bound grandma, Amargo

No. 240554

File: 1456263210860.jpg (5.93 KB, 279x42, 864.jpg)

in reply to: halbmondkatze You're not 'only' telling that she is lying And that's all, You Just Said that she was a mistake !

Can anyone translate?

No. 240555

>making "bullying" videos
Oh, Margo. Keep on projecting till you hit the river, honey.

No. 240556

Margo says: Yes of course, she was not planned.

No. 240557

File: 1456263448361.jpg (27.9 KB, 287x173, 345.jpg)

Yeah she was in a rush, to get away from you

No. 240558

File: 1456263548533.jpg (37.76 KB, 288x275, 694.jpg.jpg)

No. 240559

File: 1456263608687.png (6.73 KB, 295x149, 233.PNG)

No. 240560

File: 1456263694375.jpg (10.74 KB, 293x84, 743.jpg)

No. 240561

File: 1456263749806.jpg (42.45 KB, 293x317, 253.jpg)

No. 240562

File: 1456263800525.jpg (9.66 KB, 284x65, 3678.jpg)

No. 240564


Because all son-in-laws MUST like their mother-in-laws. She needs to get over herself.

No. 240565

File: 1456263928566.jpg (6.78 KB, 287x45, 0787.jpg)

Unfortunately margo is not suicidal

No. 240566

File: 1456263956588.png (17.68 KB, 292x400, 324.PNG)

No. 240567

File: 1456263977049.jpg (39.63 KB, 296x278, 0553.jpg)

No. 240570

File: 1456264050385.jpg (17.95 KB, 293x110, 96890.jpg)

No. 240571

Ah the spoilt sour milk that flows from Margo's teat.

No. 240572

the fuck does that even mean?

No. 240573

File: 1456264145114.jpg (54.6 KB, 286x374, 6359.jpg)

Honestly I don't even understand her replies anymore

No. 240574

we had to suffer seeing that nude photo of hers, don't put the image of her lactating into our heads lol

No. 240575

File: 1456264218355.jpg (12.7 KB, 286x78, 074.jpg)

No. 240576

Lol the fact she doesn't get that is Venus wasn't there there'd be nothing to negotiate.

>I negotiated her fees up from £500 to £6000. Do you think Venus could have done that at fifteen? Or do you think she did it all whilst I just sat and watched her whilst eating popcorn?

No. 240577

I think she's trying to say that Venus made TONS of money and could she really do that when she was a teen stuffing her face with popcorn???!

No. 240578

File: 1456264275351.jpg (50.59 KB, 290x332, 5678.jpg)

No. 240579

That she was Venus's pimp and negotiated better deals for her.

No. 240580

File: 1456264349471.jpg (48.92 KB, 277x352, 0732.jpg)

No. 240581

So she didn't get Venus's location from the whole macbook thing?

No. 240582

Or more likely: she's lying

No. 240583

I want to kill Margo…

No. 240584

She's lying for pity points. "I'VE LOST MY DAUGHTER!!1!" is theoretically more sympathy-inducing than "I STALKED MY DAUGHTER TO JAPAN!!1!"

No. 240585

File: 1456264629257.jpg (52.21 KB, 290x323, 085.jpg)

No. 240586

This is still Margo in one of Venus's wigs, we already had this as topic long ago when it got first posted.

No. 240587

do it faggot, skin the bih

No. 240588

Kek she can't make a video because she has resting and active bitch face. So regardless if she's telling the truth, no one will believe her. Her face and voice will betray her.

No. 240589

I really do hope Margo is in deep shit financially now that she ran through most of the money. She deserves to be out on the streets. I'd think she was working illegally in Japan handing out fliers for ¥100 but we all know she feels that doing actual work is beneath her.

No. 240590

File: 1456264783388.jpg (7.41 KB, 295x68, 3667.jpg)

She's making 0 sense at this point

No. 240591

File: 1456264829442.jpg (12.48 KB, 282x81, 256.jpg)

No. 240592


>i might kill myself


You can't be suicidal and not suicidal at the same time, Margo, come on.

No. 240593

Someone's watched one too many episodes of Lie To Me. She's so obsessed with micro expressions.

No. 240594

File: 1456265008669.jpg (38.99 KB, 300x245, 846.jpg)

No. 240595

Probably because she's frantically trying to become a better liar herself

No. 240596

Venus didn't look like she enjoyed making those videos at ALL.

No. 240597

I want Venus to just ship her all her shit with a single note saying "^_^"

No. 240598

File: 1456265132234.jpg (7.92 KB, 287x63, 6798.jpg)

No. 240599

heh, she already deleted my comments. I didn't even call her names, but rather, called her out on being a shitty mother and using Venus for money.

No. 240600

+ "bye bye boo~~!" optional

No. 240601

Highly doubting that Manaki quit his job because how in the fuck would he be supporting himself? Car payments, rent, food and utilities aren't free when you have your own apartment. She needs to stop projecting herself onto him. Just because he works in an LCD screen factory doesn't make him a shitty person. At least he has an honest and decent job unlike certain river monsters.

No. 240602

File: 1456265446527.jpg (42.69 KB, 654x202, 8562.jpg.jpg)

No. 240603

File: 1456265489046.jpg (63.59 KB, 653x305, 365.jpg)

No. 240604

>I gave them my address and still nothing

Maybe it's because this dipshit didn't send them money to ship it to her? Shipping heavy stuff like that isn't cheap.

No. 240605

File: 1456265558840.jpg (9.31 KB, 649x55, 579.jpg)

olivia.wats Who could she have possibly cheated with? With an overbearing mother such as you

No. 240607

File: 1456265623208.jpg (7.38 KB, 549x35, 8468.jpg)

No. 240609

Lol. She deleted half my comments then blocked me. I told her to put her big girl pants on, suck it up, send the address AND THE CASH TO SHIP and shes got no problems - but that it's not what she really wants because she's a spoiled child who wants attention and her cash cow back. I guess that last bit tipped her over the edge.

No. 240610

The fact she knew and just let it happen. She probably saw signs that he was interested. The guy must be twice Venus' age. The fact Margo's bf was basically the wingman is disgusting.

No. 240611

That's not how the Japanese family register works; traditionally the bride becomes part of the husband's family, not the other way round.

The demented crazy mother in law would be left on top of a mountain to die.

No. 240612

Deleted my copypasta. I remember her mentioning that she had to break up with her bf because Venus dated his best friend. Margaret getting into catty arguments about her DAUGHTER is so disgusting.

Someone mentioned that Margaret treats Venus like an ex roommate and I find that 100% accurate.

No. 240613

So… Margo claims that she couldn't have a boyfriend because she "sacrificed her life" for Venus and yet, here we go again. Another boyfriend. She had 2 in England as well so she needs to get her fucking story straight.

No. 240614

She also think I "talk exactly like manaki". His English must be pretty good then, because it's my first language.

No. 240615

havent heard that one lmao

No. 240617

I am lithiumnoir, she is deleting my comments as fast as I post them. Although, she has yet to delete my Hungarian insult.

No. 240618

>think i talk

don't you mean "thinks i talk"

No. 240619

How many boyfriends has Margo has by now?
If that doesn't show she's desperate and crazy…

No. 240620

@misfeuer here, I got away with a fair bit before she cried bully when I called her a child having a tantrum. Truth is anathema to a narcissist.

No. 240621

Yeah, dropped an s there, on my phone so the typing gets wonky.

No. 240622

So did Margo do the nasty in whatever small space she and Venus shared? Now I'm wondering about the details of their everyday lives and I'm wishing I didn't.

No. 240623

Considering she had at least two while being in the UK only for a short period of which one died from a heart attack, a lot.

No. 240625

File: 1456266023718.jpg (14.75 KB, 650x72, 799.jpg)

No. 240626

Margaret is probably one of the best lolcows in weeb history. Her delusions exceed our glorious Queen, Pixyteri. She obviously posts things that clearly make her look bad and corroborate Venus' telling of events, while she believes it damns Venus. The lack of self-awareness is astronomical.

No. 240627

Nothing as scary as a single white female mom.

I watched her tattoo vid again and the cringe is out of this world. She attempted dreads and has some sort of dead dog in her head, which only accentuated that her face looks like an overcooked potato.

No. 240628

File: 1456266088861.jpg (61.48 KB, 651x272, 4686.jpg)

No. 240629

pt is really fucking harmless when compared to margo.

No. 240630

Margo's probably so used to seeing Venus cry that it doesn't even register to her as something to cause concern or think something is wrong. To her it's business as usual.

No. 240632

I agree, PT may sell dirty clothes, but she doesn't harass people on purpose.

No. 240633


Margo, you spelled river wrong.

No. 240634

Although Pixyteri is delusional in her own way, I feel as though she wouldn't be as horrible to another human being as Margaret is. Dare I say it, Pixyteri probably has more common sense and decency to let things escalate. Pixy likes hurting by herself in her own bubble, but Margo wants to bursts everyone else's if hers isn't nice enough.

No. 240635

Narcissists can't read others' facial expressions.

No. 240636

I love how margs is implying she never wanted to be involved in the "living doll" crap when in reality she pushed it harder than anyone

No. 240637

File: 1456266258589.jpg (168.53 KB, 1773x1069, Screenshot_2016-02-23-22-22-26…)

According to someone on Kiwi Farms, Margo is a laughing stock to people in Japan as well.

No. 240638

For a Hungarian maggot looks very trashy in an English way, no wonder she got someone with a bad ticker to fuck her.

Scotland is full of women like her.

No. 240639

Well I can name about 1000x people who are shittier than Pixy, but not as entertaining. Margo is incredibly cringe worthy and ABSOLUTELY twisted.

No. 240640

Holy fuck, I can see it. They even have the same constant bitch face.

No. 240641


That's literally the best thing I've seen all day, shaking with laughter. People should start calling her that on IG.

No. 240642

Pixy is racist, but I think she would be a coward in a real life altercation.

No. 240643

I know right! Especially with this quote:
"Gendo is the type of person who can see & think about the welfare of an organization as a whole. In other words, he'd do anything to succeed. He takes drastic and extreme measures, by fair means or foul, or by hook or by crook, in order to accomplish his own purpose. In some ways he's mean, he hardly cares about Shinji."

No. 240644

File: 1456266530101.png (27.76 KB, 345x369, 1275506813765.png)

so….so should we call her Margendo now?

No. 240645


No. 240646

Yes, yes we should.

No. 240647

Goddamn jassyrose85 in the insta comments is such a dumb bitch

No. 240648


Ahh right I remember hearing some people calling Margo Gendo lol

No. 240649

Yes, yes we should.

I asked Margendo about that 100 million dollar YouTube Kickstarter and she can't even answer my fucking question. Not surprised.

No. 240650

File: 1456266800052.jpg (20.96 KB, 655x112, 587.jpg)

No. 240651

It's annoying isn't it?
Everytime i try to ask her something in a sane but uninsulting way she still deletes it.
She acts as if she only deletes the insults but she ignores and deletes anything she cannot answer with her delusions

No. 240652

File: 1456266860228.png (279.08 KB, 1079x1217, Screenshot_2016-02-23-14-32-30…)

>perfectly describes grooming

No. 240653

File: 1456266889081.jpg (23.4 KB, 648x80, 7887.jpg)

No. 240654

…her response. So Margo Gendo is on team Manaki and feels responsible to tell him about her daughter being a slut? This logic…does not compute.

No. 240655

File: 1456266932302.png (787.46 KB, 935x599, ii.png)

No. 240656

I like how her first thought was to take a photo instead of turning on the lights, yelling, and kicking the guy out like a normal freaked out mom would.

No. 240657

File: 1456266972376.jpg (33.45 KB, 654x132, 374.jpg)

No. 240658

File: 1456267023995.jpg (5.53 KB, 271x42, 7957.jpg)

No. 240659

It is but I really shouldn't be too surprised by it. She can never give a concrete answer because she always changes her story or just outright runs from a question that makes too much sense.

No. 240660

As if facial observations have any credible correlation with actual lying. People can't think…projection at maximum capacity.

No. 240661

Just like how she says he's a pedo creep that chased after poor venus…
Then uploads a screenshot where she obviously contacted manaki about marriage and manaki is the one who says venus is too young to marry and it's too soon.

Sounds to me like Margo wanted to break them up really bad and simply failed

No. 240662

Even if it was true that Venus cheated, she seemed so gungho on tattling on Venus, showing that she really wanted to ruin the relationship with Manaki. You would think she would've talked to Venus about it first and tell her to confess to Manaki herself. But I'm talking nonsense since a logical and compassionate Margo only exists in an alternate universe.

No. 240663

Looking at the emails and what Gendo-san is insinuating, Venus had been wanting to leave Korea back to Japan and Manaki for awhile. Seems like Gendo-san was sabotaging the relationship for quite some time in attempt to keep money…I mean Venus in her pocket.

No. 240664

Ugh. I was finally blocked. So, i only have you guys to know what's happening lol

No. 240665

File: 1456267306290.jpg (69.12 KB, 650x335, 78589.jpg)

No. 240666

File: 1456267357090.jpg (68.81 KB, 655x309, 045.jpg)

No. 240667

>it was physical enough
Venus did NOT do anything past cuddling confirmed?

No. 240668

I never even have to look at her instagram
everthing gets uploaded here within minutes so no worries^^

No. 240670

File: 1456267420564.jpg (23.62 KB, 596x131, 066.jpg)

No. 240671

Debating on if I should take up Margo's offer of a DM… Bitch can't be reasoned with,

No. 240672

File: 1456267473122.jpg (17.02 KB, 645x79, 686.jpg)

No. 240673

Go for it!

No. 240674

not even that confirmed.
That picture face to face may have been enough to trigger margo

No. 240675

narcissistic to the core…holy fuck.

No. 240676

LOL oh god Margo please don't sully other people's image, especially those who are innocent to the bullshit going on right now.

No. 240677

Didn't she say that Manaki hit on her too?

No. 240678

Do it!!!

No. 240679

Bitch, take one for the team!!!

No. 240680

is there anything margo hasn't sunken her gnarled schnozz into

No. 240681

At this point it's not sour milk but rotten ooze

No. 240682

didn't you know? looking at someone is flirting.

Taking a picture together is equal to sex.

No. 240683

What if she was just reviewing clips of her and Venus, researching about abuse (physical only), during that time when she went quiet online? And she came back from her hiatus because she felt she compiled enogh evidence to show she is NOT an abusive mom looool

No. 240684


You absolutely should. Maybe get some answers that she's not willing to say in the comments.

No. 240685

No. 240686

File: 1456267702501.jpg (15.1 KB, 647x59, 6786.jpg)

Apparently they sent that horrible nude to their ex and it was evidence???

No. 240688

File: 1456267760585.jpeg (75.08 KB, 1276x1437, image.jpeg)

Okay, she beat me to it and DM'd me first. The message is very underwhelming. After this I even Google'd "Michelle Phan Kickstarter" and nothing came up about a $100 million payout.

No. 240689

File: 1456267762714.jpg (82.67 KB, 660x363, 467648.jpg)

No. 240690

The fact that Gendo gets boyfriends is disgust.

No. 240691

File: 1456267795808.jpg (8.69 KB, 651x38, 35.jpg)

No. 240693

The fuck is this logic???

No. 240694

File: 1456267867067.jpg (21.69 KB, 653x94, 6786.jpg)

No. 240695

File: 1456267896254.jpg (42.05 KB, 655x225, 43.jpg)

No. 240696

I feel so bad for that bunny plush

No. 240697

call her out on her bullshit kek

No. 240698

doooo iiiittt

No. 240699

So far:
>manaki is pedo
>how dare Venus cheat on Manaki
>Worry for Venus
>Venus horrible monster who abuses mother
>Want to leak truth
>send nude to ex boyfriend in airport waiting for storage tv
>leak nude never hear from ex
>Venus hated Korea
>Have no business in Korea anymore


No. 240700

File: 1456268155960.jpg (62.48 KB, 655x300, 678080.jpg)

No. 240701

File: 1456268170899.jpg (60.66 KB, 671x558, 2016-02-23_22.53.49.jpg)

sorry i'm late to thread. seen this and capped it

No. 240702

Gross. I reported that account.

No. 240703

>Manaki's dad hit on my old pasty ass

Translation: he gave her a cup of tea (In Margendo's mind it's Japanese code for: I wanna do you in the ass)

She truly believes she is attractive. Careful, farmers, she might end up thinking we all want to get all up into her dried up old quim.

No. 240704

Annie this is tacky, move on with your life.

No. 240705


God, Margo's whiteknights are disgusting.

No. 240707

File: 1456268474813.jpg (48.31 KB, 648x217, 3687.jpg)

Unfortunately I have to go to bed so this is the last cap I'll be posting. Someone else take some so I can catch up on the rest of the milk tomorrow?

No. 240708

Translation: My family disowned my crazy ass.

No. 240709

Stuff paid for by her child work horse.

No. 240710


Can someone with an insttagram get Margo to list what stuff precisely?

She keeps saying my stuff but can she even name something?

No. 240711

i hate this girl! she's so dumb, always licking margo ass

No. 240713

I thought one thing was like a collection of swarovski crystals

No. 240715

Either Annie or that crazy Belinda chick.

No. 240716

File: 1456268708402.png (9.4 KB, 292x134, 1.png)

No. 240717

Quit making things up.

No. 240718

File: 1456268733634.png (16.48 KB, 293x200, 2.png)

No. 240719

>forbidding me to contact her
With good fucking reason. And she's trying to make points about Venus' belongings around the same time? Clearly Venus doesn't give a fuck about Tabasco.

>I don't want her!
>it's family
Make your mind up.

>strange couple where Manaki let's Venus do everything
She was claiming Manaki was using and controlling Venus. Again, make your fucking mind up.

It's always weird when you unexpectedly recognise a username on a thread like this. Saging whole post on account of this OT shit.

No. 240720

>Her mother funded it
>her mother had no job

No. 240721

File: 1456268859702.png (9.11 KB, 292x92, 3.png)

No. 240722

>strange couple where Manaki let's Venus do everything
>She was claiming Manaki was using and controlling Venus. Again, make your fucking mind up.

I think she actually means here that manaki was "Letting" (weird use of the word, but it's Margoease) Venus earn all of the money in the relationship. "Do everything" As in put in all of the work.

No. 240723

A fucking cult?? When she said she wasn't religious before and that's why she was disowned, i thought it was simple Catholicism or something

No. 240724

Anyone got a link to that forum?

No. 240725

Margo and Venus put some stuff in a storage unit before they moved to Korea. For some reason unknown, Margo is incapable of going to the storage unit herself (or Venus paid for it with her money under her name, so Margo needs Venus to open it.) It's just whatever stuff they couln't take with in the move. All margo has to do is give Venus an address to ship to and the cash to ship, but Margo won't, The other stuff Margo is spergging about is the laptop Venus took with her. Margo claims that Venus herself owns nothing - that the clothes and laptop Venus brought to Japan are ALSO Margo's, and Venus needs to give Margo everything.

So Margo thinks she's owed everything Venus has, plus all the shit in storage (even though they lived on Venus' income.) Venus will ship her mom's specific things to her, but that's not enough for Margo.

No. 240726

>I don't have family

They'd have her committed, rightfully so. Can we call the Hungarian embassy and tell them there's a Hungarian with mental issues on the loose in Tokyo?

>They shall give back my stuff

Cold day in hell, Maggoo.


If I were Venus I'd immediately let Manaki sell all those at a pawn shop (thousands of people called Okada in Japan, maggot can't prove anything), and use the money to buy them new cloud space or whatever else they need. They're not worth much anyway.

No. 240727

I had a fucked up thought, I wonder if Margendo would jump into the river if we pushed her hard enough. Something along the lines of 'you don't really love Venus, or miss her, she's not coming back so if you really cared you'd kill yourself.'

I mean she's a narc so it would probably never work but still.

No. 240728

Log out…?

No. 240729

Next thing we know she'll be asking for Venus's firstborn because Venus running away meant she robbed her of a child too lol

No. 240731

Venus always looked terrified of doing something 'wrong' in interviews. Fuck off Margo.

No. 240732


That doesn't work on narcs. She'd kill Venus for the attention as "poor grieving mother" it would get her, she'd never actually harm herself. She's the scum of the earth.

There's several examples of people having that happen to them on the reddit sub. Cluster B parents are terrifying.

No. 240733

It's an actual thing


The section title "Empirical Evidence for Compromised Empathy in Narcissism" covers it.

No. 240734


I agree. Her anxious "I'm getting into trouble for this later although I have no idea what I'm doing wrong" expression is always there, and in her new vids it's not.

No. 240735

empathy =/= reading facial expressions. Stop derailing and cherrypicking articles that don't even support your point.

No. 240736

Hey Margo, maybe you should consider why you don't have any family? Including your own daughter? Ever think about why you don't have any long-term relationships or even lasting friendships? Definitely nothing to do with you, right? You're not the common denominator in all of those situations. It's everyone else's problem.

No. 240737

margo looks like a middle aged white male as drawn by naoki urasawa

No. 240738

It's ok if you can't read. I understand.

No. 240739

I asked her if she also sent Venus the shipping money and she deleted my comment lol

No. 240740

Can someone that speaks German translate this?

No. 240742

Anon mentioned the name and you can see half the URL in the screenshot. What more do you need…?

No. 240743

File: 1456269616911.png (12.33 KB, 293x157, 4.png)

No. 240744

File: 1456269675703.png (15.46 KB, 293x157, instagrammargo1.png)

No. 240745

sorry double posted

No. 240746

File: 1456269814036.png (481.18 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-23-19-23-26…)

She keeps avoiding this question lol

No. 240747

diminished empathy can affect how one interprets facial expressions/affect, though

the inability to distinguish between certain expressions can be a result of many things, but normally it is empathy? which is why they're talking about empathy

like with autism and sometimes people with psychotic disorders, there's prosopagnosia thrown into the mix.

the affective empathy of narcs and psychopaths is impaired, the opposite for autistic people, and a mix of an impairment in both affective and cognitive for schizophrenic people

i hate to armchair but gendo really does fit the narc mom bill

No. 240749

I know it would suck to give in to Margo but i think Venus should just send the macbook (i mean she bought a new one right?) and some of the other crap if it exists.
Just to then tell margo to get out of her life forever and piss off

No. 240750

Touche, anon! He does potato noses really well.

No. 240751

This cunt has no reason to be in Japan. Her sorry ass should have stayed in Korea. I'm sure Venus is pissed that the bitch is literally living on her doorstep now.

No. 240752


>Maggot being told she looked like a doll too as a young girl

The photos granpa Ferencz posted prove this is a bald-faced lie!

No. 240754

For normal people, this makes total sense. It won't stop crazy Margo, however. She's so ill that I don't know when this will ever end.

No. 240755


I agree. You give crazy people a clipped fingernail and they'll see that as license to take your whole arm, and more.

No. 240756

>left me with bills

yeah pro tip you're a mom, and shes your fuckin responsibility until she's an adult. if you dont choose to let her go then it's your dime lady.

No. 240757

i forgot to add that it isn't as black and white as this seems. one may understand and be able to empathize in one area, but not the other

No. 240759

Haha so true. She looked like a fucking troll, weird ears, nose, expression and all.

No. 240760


No. 240762

I really wish Margaret would kill herself. I know it would be utterly traumatic for Venus at the time, but eventually she'd get over it. By staying alive Margo is only hurting many people, using them and abusing them. She's an awful person and clearly doesn't think she has a problem. She's of no use to anyone. I can't see any future where she's even remotely useful to society.

No. 240763

(question)from miiinou:
even if it is like that, its her(venus) life, she needs to make her own experiences and if you're right(regarding manaki) she's going to understand it one day, she isn't stupid

answer Margo :
it could take years (for venus to understand) or end with kids and abuse (at the age of) 35, (followed by) divorce (which will also take years if they keep fighting over it) it isn't that easy

it only got to this bad situation because it was created (by venus) running away from home, we could have just talked about it, like (venus) saying “Hey Mom, i got my visa, i'm going to go soon let's talk about how we're going to do all of this“

No. 240764

Aren't they jews? That's what it seems according to some photos on magro's dad facebook.

No. 240765


It's hilarious because now Venus has left her 'broke' she probably did a moonlight flip and fled the apartment Seoul soon as the rent + bills were due because she's a irresponsible adult who can't fend for herself which is pure fucking cringe.


I'd like to see her be held in an inescapable psychiatric hospital. She's fucking mental.

No. 240766

Yep, and for the most part narcs only see what they're currently feeling THEMSELVES when they try to interpret the expressions of others. Margo wouldn't be able to calmly explain her emotions so therefore it's impossibly for venus to do so, in margos mind. Since margo doesn't see her actions as abusive, therefore it's impossible, to her, that venus experienced abuse.

No. 240767



Aufruf an Margendo: hör auf, du verrückte Teufelssau!

No. 240769

File: 1456270746927.jpg (81.34 KB, 500x611, wtfmargoblur.jpg)

Margendo-san has arrived!

No. 240770

She keeps blocking me when I ask about the shipping money lol

No. 240772

Do the nood!

No. 240775

That's the point I got blocked, too. She won't acknowledge that it's the only thing preventing her from getting exactly what she's asking for. And it never ends with a narc, even once they get what they're asking for they immediately come up with 10 more things they NEED before they can let it go. So the ride never ends until you cut off their attention supply.

No. 240777

Ugh that's horrible. I wish Margendo's tourist visa would run out sooner than 90 days but it won't. She just needs to fuck off out of Venus' life.

No. 240778

We know for sure, because Venus says so, there is stuff of Margo's in Venus and Manaki's storage. That's the only fact at this point.

No. 240779


No. 240780

Her face is partially obscured by her phone in that one, so it probably won't look very good.

No. 240781

sage that shit, dr, pls

No. 240785

File: 1456271481485.png (22.15 KB, 293x296, margoinstagram 2.png)

No. 240786

misread last sentence as “so the river never ends…“

No. 240787

You can post Gendo's face over the phone. It'll look like she's pinching her own cheeks.

No. 240788

re-opens netbook to get started

No. 240789

The mentally ill projection in this is amazing.

Venus does almost zero shit talking about crazy coot magoo = "she's tryna hurt me real bad!11!!"

No. 240790

File: 1456271690769.png (36.05 KB, 598x176, Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.5…)

Has this been posted yet? I'm just joining. My fave new Margo-ism.

No. 240791

No. 240793

Translation: it cost margo $1400 to fly on an airplane to Tokyo instead of on her broomstick, and she doesn't want to go to the storage facility by herself because… who the fuck knows.

The alternate is that margos trying to say thank when she moved her child to korea it cost $1400 to move their stuff, therefore margo feels venus should pay to ship margos stuff this time because… who knows.

What we do know is, margo was offered a key to pick up her own shit, but she didn't take it because she'd have to go there alone.

No. 240795

>I didn't want to talk more bad details about her, but you forced me.

Oh Midge, you're always the victim and the one being forced and enslaved, aren't you?

No. 240796

File: 1456272234254.png (198.16 KB, 391x541, mmargendo.png)

I wanted to do this properly, but I lost my pen pressure, and my tablet is fucked up now gdi

No. 240797

The hilarious thing is that she thinks those "details" make Venus look bad. They make Venus continue to look the the only sane one in the Palermo Asylum.

No. 240799

I love you guys

No. 240800


No. 240801

Holy shit I'm crying anon.

No. 240802


This is perfection. Definitely top pic for a new thread <3

No. 240803

I am honored. I'll see if I can fix my tablet tomorrow and if I can make a better one!

No. 240804


Bless you anon.

No. 240805

My god she blocks me literally the second my post gets published.

No. 240807

Oh my god, I'm dying. My sides!!!

No. 240808

You mean like she was doing?

No. 240809

Everyone should make 10 minute mails and push Margo to speak about things. Try to ask what kind of job she actually has so she finally has to confess she's been leeching off Venus.

No. 240811

File: 1456273448584.jpg (63.72 KB, 610x343, Bitter-grimace-explained-by-Ja…)

In Spanish 'amargo' means bitter, so Margo's name is currently perfectly apt.

No. 240812

File: 1456273449570.png (249.22 KB, 358x358, top.png)

No. 240814

File: 1456273867413.jpg (26.21 KB, 375x361, KUjVFv_kindlephoto-393990595.j…)

Mine wasn't as good but putting it here anyways.

No. 240815

get in the river, venus

No. 240816

No. 240818

When I fix my tablet, I'm going for the whole deal, I'm gonna make Shinji into Venus

No. 240819

File: 1456274020072.png (355.33 KB, 640x480, margendo.png)

Made a Margendo banner, here's the non banner version.

No. 240820

New banner! Awesome!

No. 240822

pls make manakaworu

No. 240824

Holy shit, yes. Thank you for that, I will!

No. 240837


Wow thanks to the anons who covered all this in such detail. No wonder Margo is furious, she pushed these two into marriage. It was her own strategy, and it has become her downfall. Hollywood could not write this, folks.

No. 240838

>>240483 isnt this dude the mukbang icecream guy in a batman mask? sitting next to venus?

No. 240840

File: 1456275737663.jpg (16.88 KB, 200x200, image.jpg)

No. 240842


She thought she could leech off Venus in Japan once she got married to Manaki but it backfired so much under a series of rather intriguing drama filled events it's actually hilarious. Karma is a wonderful thing.

No. 240844

File: 1456276001035.jpg (293.78 KB, 800x597, ended up running away.jpg)

>I musn't run away

No. 240845

So happy Venus is staying silent. All Margo wants from Venus is a reaction and it's driving her crazy that nothing is working.

No. 240847


That sort of looks like the guy in the photo that Margo leaked out of either Venus or herself dressed like Venus in bed with them on New Year's Eve like what the fuck this is some random shit.

No. 240850

Venus is still an ugly cunt but I definitely think she is an inspiration. Good job for running away from that cunt, cunt!

No. 240851

Ahahaha this is some good milk though!
>whats wrong with a small affair
was she being ironic

No. 240853


Not taking Margo's side but I'm wondering if she played a part in hooking up Venus with some Korean beta while she and Manaki were apart and having marriage documentation issues. Just so Margo could use it as blackmail for future reference…

No. 240854

I'll eat PT's panties if that isn't margendo herself in the bed. That kind of harebrained deceit is right up her alley.

No. 240855

Either way, this time it's still her own fault (well 50% her fault 50% k-beta's fault) so this gives me hope for the VA threads! I knew she still had some milk in her! I'm so proud of Venus! May she have plenty of fresh milk after this drama!

It does not mean her mother isnt a narcisstic whore though.

No. 240856

Damn, I was literally caught sleeping

No. 240857

10/10 banner material

No. 240858

How has it anything to do with Venus when it all was Margo's doing? Plus the messages by that korean guy sound like Margo's way of posting…

No. 240859

Not the first time Margo fakes chat logs or pretending to be Venus.

No. 240860


That is true actually. Didn't Venus say recently in one of her newer videos that Margo has multiple phones which she had to figure out when she wasn't around back in Seoul in order to change her passwords on most things before her great escape to Japan?

No. 240861

I like how Margo said a couple of weeks ago that Venus is asexual, but suddenly she's cheated on Manaki. She can't even keep her own lies straight lol.

I kind of wish Venus would just give Margo her stuff back and the Macbook just to shut her up. Then Margo has no reason to harass her anymore.. right?

No. 240863

>he made Venus drunk and followed her with 13
Doesn't she know her daughter's own age? Because Venus didn't get noticed on the internet until she was 15. Why the hell would anybody follow a nobody weeb in Japan when there are billion others.

No. 240865

She is talking bullshit, she said herself before that they are only strict christs and judging by their FB profiles (that were linked here), they aren't strict at all.

No. 240866


Venus just keep letting me down
letting me down
letting me down…
I've lost everything
everything, everything
that matters to me
in this worldddd

No. 240869

Oh my god, I am howling

No. 240874

Gendo is completely unbelievable. How on earth can she be so totally lacking in self awareness? If I hadn't believed Venus' story before, I sure as hell would after seeing her meltdown on IG

No. 240877

It's a bunch of pillows dressed in Venus's pajamas.

No. 240878

Margret does not disguise her behavior for anyone. Look at the way she acts on public forums and in interviews. Someone knew this bitch for a long time and decided to marry her.
>whaa abuse whaaa
Getting tired of all this "the victim is never at fault" shit. He knocked up a crazy woman and abandoned the kid once things got rough. Lots of people whine about abuse, but it seems like there's lots of people lining up to date abusers. Hmmmmm……

No. 240879

I am pretty sure Margo wasn't always like this and she said herself they married as teens.

No. 240880

We don't really know a lot about Venus' father. I'm still stuck on the cancelled Kickstarter era where one of the goals was a German-language song about him and the 'tragic' circumstances surrounding him, like he had died in a horrible schnitzel accident or something.

No. 240881

this is glorious
So why is she shipping stuff from korea? Is she moving to japan?

No. 240882

Why is she still hanging out in nippon? 1- Is she even legally allowed to? 2- What does she think she will achieve by staying in tokyo, other than outrageous bills for expenses and wearing thin her hosts patience?

No. 240883

Of course. We all know she's using the excuse that she wants her stuff, but she's trying to get her meal ticket back. She's an idiot so she reacts out of extreme rage toward Venus but it's mostly frustration because Venus is finally telling her mom she's separating from her.

What I find interesting is the emails Gendo choose to release. She wanted to paint Venus in a bad light, but none of those phone messages had Venus saying horrible or abusive things to Margo. One even has Venus telling Gendo she'd help move to Japan. I think every one had Venus say that she loves her mom.

No. 240884

I guess she's trying to imply she shipped Venus' stuff. Whatsabet it's really her own though, or the things Venus left for her to have: the desktop mac, the expensive camera, etc.

Mah swarovskis!!!!

No. 240886

She CHOSE to bring her shit over from korea. Why didn't she just go back to korea? Someone needs to ask her this tough question.

She's been awfully sly about this whole shipping thing. I highly doubt any of the things belong to venus, or that venus even wants them at this point.

No. 240888

The hangup was that Margo has some things she is keeping in storage rented by Manaki and Venus (or just Manaki, who knows) and Venus has said in her video that she would happily send the stuff but Margo just needs to pay the shipping. Margo is implying she did pay the shipping and Venus never sent the things.

No. 240898

To me it reads like Margo has brought stuff over from SK, but that Venus hasn't reciprocated.

No. 240899

That is what marge is trying to say - but venus said in both her video and on her insta that margo only brought her own things to japan. That stuffed bunny looks to be the only thing that might not belong to margo.

As far as the $1400 for margo "shipping" venus stuff to japan for her - and venus says her mom didn't bring her stuff, marge lured v to the airport with stuff that wasn't there, and had to get security before marge let go of her - I'm guessing that's what it cost for margos plane ticket plus whatever of her own stuff margo shipped back to japan. Somehow margo thinks that makes venus owe her. And marge herself said they offered her the key to the storage: marge is in japan, she can come get her shit whenever. But the refuse to meet margo at the facility (smart). So marge can grab her stuff whenever, but she wants venus to either pay the shipping costs, or meet with her in person. Neither is happening so marge is having a meltdown over not being in control.

No. 240900

Thank you! People here really try to imagine things that are not there. This woman is honest as fuck about her crazy behaviour. In fact I believe her exhusband made her crazy, I used to think she was narcisstic but now I think about it more I think she suffers from PTSD actually. She is just crazy and traumatized.

No. 240901

>Venus doesn't pay for nothing

because she shouldn't?

No. 240903

I dont get why Midge would have things in a storage unit owned by Manaki all this time. One: she didnt NEED any of that stuff the whole time she lived in Korea, now suddenly she needs it?
Two: why let Manaki hold her stuff in the first place if she thinks hes such a terrible guy??
so confusing.

No. 240912

You know what's really fucking scary about all of this? Margo most likely truly 100% believe her own bullshit.

> Have to leave the country and asked Venus where she would like to go.

"It was Venus' idea!"

> Margo leaves her things in Japan so that she doesn't have to pay shipping.

"The won't ship me my things if I won't pay for it! Thieves!"

> Venus doesn't want to talk to her slanderous mother and has husband run interface.

"Manaki has come between us!"

> Threatens suicide to guilt Venus because it's worked in the past.

"I'm not suicidal but Venus obviously want's me to be!"

She can't even keep the story straight. First Venus is abusive to her now she's suddenly being abusive. The fact there are people who are taking her serious is mind blowing.

No. 240913

Remember that venus and Manaki were together and got married anon. There would have been happy times, no matter how short, before Margo (blackmailed, spirited) Venus off to SK. Venus and Manaki had storage, so sure, why not let Margo put things there. At that time they were all on reasonable terms.

Margo is spinning this all as theft and betrayal, unable of course to see her own betrayals.

No. 240914

True anon.

Margo did post an IG of her holding the bunny on her way to Tokyo. I believe Venus that her things were not in the suitcase when she opened it. I think Margo has a couple of things with her that she held back in another bag somewhere.

No. 240915

sorry anon, I think she's just a toxic bitch and has always been. her ex-hubby could have been just as bad but as he's not spewing vitriol on Venus' IG, we will never know.

No. 240919

LOL marge just now deleted both recent posts (where she was getting ripped in the comments) and put up a new one of her in "a friend's bar and karaoke."

Meanwhile, Venus, unbothered, posted a pretty pic of a sunset.

No. 240921

How could Venus have cheated on Manaki with a Korean guy 4 days after their marriage when Margo waited a week to even announce it, back when they were still in Japan at the time before they ever went to Korea? She's so stupid.

No. 240922

Cue more of the "poor me I'm being BULLIED!" pity party

No. 240923

She'd have to be feeling bothered. But she must be received as well, and she's doing a great job of looking unfazed.

Margo's serving evil queen realness with that new selfie.

No. 240924


No. 240925

File: 1456297489550.jpg (197.42 KB, 939x605, margo.jpg)

No. 240926

That face could curdle milk augghhhhh

No. 240927

good point. I should have said unflustered or unfrazzled maybe.

No. 240928

I know that we all know Manaki is a blue collar factory worker BUT wasn't there a point where Margo was claiming he had rich parents or something like that? It's been confusing me since I came back into the Venus drama and I keep forgetting to ask.

Am I remembering someone else or did Margo think he was loaded for some reason and when she realized he wasn't is when he was suddenly this horrible guy who wasn't good enough for Venus?

No. 240930

at least he isn't some NEET still living at home and spending all of his parent's money.

I thought it was really sweet how Venus mentioned in a recent video how she doesn't care about how much money he makes.

No. 240936

Of course she doesn't, when I was 18 I didn't care about that either.

See how she feels in 5 years when the YT money dries up and she has no education or marketable skills.

No. 240940

In that pizza video he came off as immature. That's okay for now but if they don't mature side by side they won't last.

No. 240941

What? I'm asking if Margo tried to convince everyone that Manaki was rich in the beginning.

I swear I remember her insinuating that they were gonna be well off once she got Venus to marry him.

No. 240945

If true, it would explain why she pushed them to marriage.

No. 240952

Depends on her mood.

When she hates him he's a poor uneducated factory worker pedophile; when she likes him he has rich parents and a nice sports car.

No. 240953

He seemed about as immature as any other 24 year old guy. He might stay like that or he might grow up. Who knows maybe he'll be the boss of that factory one day.

No. 240957

Mature adults are still allowed to act silly, what's important is they know when it's time to stop and be mature again, and Manaki seems to have done that so far.

No. 240959

I wonder what Margo sounds like when she sings.

No. 240960

Probably like Yoko Ono

No. 240961

>Who knows maybe he'll be the boss of that factory one day.
Lol, no
I like you anon

No. 240963

Here you go anon

They are both equally annoying, I want to sympathize with her but when I watch her videos I suddenly hate her again because she is so damn annoying. I have this in her latest videos too.

No. 240964

That chair on the right of her cheek lmfao. Margo you're so bad at editing.

No. 240965

>One day I will own this factory.

No. 240966

My grandmother's name is Marjory and acts much like Margo. She sings in a choir like that too. It's eerie.

No. 240968

Wow anon. And actually, it looks like countertop, which should run in a straight line across the whole background.

No. 240973


The bottle is deformed too. She distorted the table so much it looked to me like a single chair.

No. 240975

Seems to me like Margo was the one who edited venus' pictures.

No. 240976

Ha how did I miss the bottle? The more I look, the more I see.

No. 240977

And she's still looking like Squidward….. This nose…

No. 240978

>Margo gets to perform
>Gendo cosplayer appears behind her
>Screen gets filled woth GENDO GENDO GENDO

heh, what a coincidence

No. 240985


I see her Karl Malden nose is in prime shape.

No. 240987


The thing about getting a factory job in Japan: if you're seishain instead of a contract worker, it means you've graduated university and they start you at the blue collar stuff, from which you automatically work your way up to management. The idea is that you remember how all the jobs at a plant are done before becoming a higher up. It doesn't mean Manaki is trash, and it doesn't mean he'll have to work the line forever.

No. 240990

Is that thr same place she posted last time? I wonder if she's working there illegally.

No. 240991

No. 240993

"on the flip side" ok i died

No. 240994

"ok kids … you're not my kids"
she's actually kinda funny in this?

No. 240995


I fucking died she looks like the chick from The Ring on the thumbnail. The video itself made me laugh, this is the Venus I like.

No. 240996


Sounds like some underling shade thrown at Margo KEK.

No. 240998

I have to agree with everyone else, this is a bit funny.

No. 241001

Damn, she really does seem so much happier. Like she can breath and actually be herself.
Maggot really was a ball and chain of a person.

No. 241004

No. 241006

oops, sorry bout that. new vid.

No. 241008

Ahh she's ditched the fake voice/accent thing! I'm liking this new Venus.
I wonder if Margo scripted all of her previous videos and everything had to be HER way?

No. 241009


Probably. Venus always looked a bit paranoid in her past videos and Margo did say she helped film them. Imagine having your own mother work on everything from script to filming when you can't be yourself…this is like a breath of fresh air for Venus. Not a hint of that kawaii desu fake bullshit voice in sight.

No. 241010

is that sweater the only top she's got or what?

No. 241011

I'm talking about the Japanese forum genius

No. 241013

?? She's worn three different tops so far in her post-Margendo videos: this grey top twice, a grey cowl-neck sweater and a pink cutsew.

She probably has bigger things on her mind than clothes shopping right now, anyway.

No. 241015

This sort of brings to mind the one hour long video that she uploaded once with the period stain, where she was just there in her room looking bored and spent all that time for just a short video. It makes me wonder if in all those times, Maargendo locked her in the room to stay there until she was done filming.a

No. 241016

link to this video please?

No. 241017

Some of the effects are heinous, but the whole thing is pretty funny. She seems eccentric but not in a terrifying way like her mother.

No. 241018

She flip flops between being a bit sickening with the cute stuff, but then it is eccentric isn't it, her humor is dry. I couldn't follow and watch this stuff longterm but I think she's showing an interesting side of herself even in a video like this.

No. 241022

I feel like Margo is trying to sing like her sister here

No. 241025

File: 1456322004914.png (299.51 KB, 519x430, venus.png)

lookin pretty cute

No. 241027


You can tell she looks stressed and tired asf as Cuntface is still interfering with her life, yet she's trying to remain upbeat and sweet for her followers by sticking to her schedule of releasing weekly content.

No. 241030

Venus posts the minimum about Mergro while she is humiliating Venus in public

No. 241031

Looks like pt here

No. 241032

>so I'm in a huge shit

I'm laughing harder than I probably should be.

No. 241033

She looks kinda gross here, but finally she has relaxed her godawful voice.

No. 241034

I also remember that

No. 241035

I also think she stopped with the heavy filtering and shooping on her vids and pics. Maybe she got more confident now?

No. 241036

Ay lmao very funny

She got the same humor as her fucking mother, it runs in the family it seems.

No. 241037

>Maybe she got more confident now?
Not hard considering Margo prolly made her insecure in the first place.

No. 241038

Margo, learn german plz.

No. 241043

This makes me so fucking happy that she can finally be herself, no more fake voice desu

No. 241045


All the jump cuts remind me of PewDiePie.

No. 241047

And thats not a good thing.

No. 241048

File: 1456327941472.png (288.66 KB, 500x570, mmargendo2.png)


Got my tablet working again, so here you go ~

No. 241049

File: 1456328141589.gif (482.11 KB, 492x202, adelelaugh.gif)


This is…wonderful.

No. 241052


No. 241053


Wait, Margo was able to photoshop her face with her phone? Maybe I underestimate the apps nowadays or Margo actually used photoshop for this - which implies she has full access to an own laptop.

No. 241054

she probably used meitu on her phone

No. 241055


you made my week my sides are aching

No. 241058

Holy shit, anon! You just made my entire day.

No. 241067

Oh okay thanks anon!

No. 241073

File: 1456332039006.png (225.3 KB, 499x326, 1454216135749.png)

This is fantastic

No. 241075

This was funny.

No. 241077

Margo is so fucking creepy. Her singing is unsettling.

No. 241079

This is amazing!

No. 241081

Venus looks cute in these. I'm glad she left this photos on there. Sorry for bad english.

No. 241085

my sides became LCL

No. 241087

Idgi, do I need to watch Evangelion now?

No. 241090

Make the top half into a banner and submit it please.

No. 241092

there's already a gendo banner

No. 241097

I was about to say that, anon. Someone here used it but I'm not sure if it was a typo, but it still fits.

No. 241098

not bad, love the cigar kek

No. 241100

No more fake voice and weird shooping. Her videos are finally watchable!

I love it.

Nah, she's just stopped using the weird effects. She looks human now.

No. 241103

She understandably doesn't have the most flattering lighting here.

No. 241105

I'm assuming neither of you watch any regular youtubers. Her editting is more 'generic' now if anything and kinda reminiscent of old school nigahiga and a LOT of other 'bigger' youtubes. (even some gaming channels like Caddicarus and PeanutButterGamer use them)

I'm assuming she's using that one website that teaches you how to edit and so certain effects (I think I heard about it from Taylor R and Alonzo Lerone) so she's probably just messing around and having fun with what she's learning

No. 241106

Margo keeps saying that she doesn't know where Venus is but doesn't she know where Manaki lives? It makes no sense

No. 241109

File: 1456337610143.jpg (12.97 KB, 640x360, 001- _Evangelion 1_01- You Are…)

just a crazy stupid parent abusing their child, gendo is known as the shittiest of anime dads, so that's why margendo is so funny. kaworu is basically shinji's savior, and their meeting was basically set up by shinji's father, but in the end kaworu sacrificed himself for shinji, which is why manaki-kaworu. the title is a joke of the movie titles, i thought it was pretty funny

No. 241110

Not the anon who asked. But thank you for that! I never ended up watching enough to get it

No. 241113

File: 1456338808527.png (726.95 KB, 917x542, marg.PNG)

bet she bought it herself

No. 241114

I feel sorry for the chocolate.

No. 241115


maggot tries to look like an old asian woman or what??

No. 241117


>show respect to elders

No. 241119

New vid is cute, but she looks tired, worn down and old and the hair makes it worse because it's too dark.

I wonder if she's speaking with her mother behind the scenes or straight icing her out.

No. 241120

What an obvious lie. No one likes her. She has no friends. She is just trying to make herself look good by making up shit like this.

She is a compulsive liar. Everyone should just start ignoring her like the worthless scum she is.

No. 241122

The hate in her comments isn't there cause she literally blocked everyone but the ass kissers lol

No. 241125

Left her documents? She must have taken her important ones, since they let her into japan. Margo is exaggerating again.

No. 241128

Gettin real sick of that d_cm_k or w/e girl

No. 241131

File: 1456341415262.jpg (7.3 KB, 229x220, antonchigurh.jpg)

Call it, Friendo.

No. 241138

I'm very sick of queenjuhina. She's a Margo defender, who was begging margo to DM her.

No. 241139

She should go back to the airport to take a shower. She looks even more repulsive with the greasy hair. I bet she stinks too by now

No. 241141

Yeah because asskissing venus is so much better

No. 241143

Pity is different than asskisssing, faglord.

No. 241145

I think you mean 'she looks like a normal human being without the 10 layers of blur and 10 lights shining in her face'

No. 241147

So does marg just spend all her time hanging out in that bar, stalking Venus's IG & youtube on her phone and brooding/plotting her revenge? Or maybe she's looking for 'clients.' ? How creepy.

People keep saying "go home" but she really has no home to go back to- just a series of temporary stopovers. Now she wants people to feel sorry for poor bullied margaret, all alooone! but nope. This soulless parasite is reaping what she has sown. Bye marg. No1curr

No. 241149

>asskissing a victim of abuse is better than asskissing their continued abuser

Yes. Yes it is.

the bar probably has free wifi

No. 241150


Maggot should join the Sere - or whatever her name is - squad and be a full-time piece of shit while making at least a bit money with her old granny crotch in some japanese clubs tbh.

No. 241153

True but so do lots of other places, like Starbucks. It does seem appropriate for her to choose moping around in bars, though.

No. 241154

Margo could strap her dirty pillows down and leap straight to fakeboi host. She has the features for it.

No. 241155

File: 1456343249705.jpg (28.01 KB, 848x480, gendo-ikari-and-seele.jpg)


No. 241157

Interesting that her fringe is down today, just like venus. Also seems to be wearing less makeup, just like venus. Obviously shes used a filter on her skin but apart from that… jesus.

No. 241161

It's not totally impossible that the chocolates were a gift. Narcissists can be very charming when they want to be. She could have told a sob story about how the daughter she dedicated her life to abandoned her for a pedo husband, stole her belongings and bullied her online, etc. If you didn't know anything about Margo it would sound like a horrible situation for her. I feel bad for anyone that might get suckered into that story.

Though obviously it is also very much possible that she did buy the chocolates herself.

No. 241163

omg you're right.. plus she's holding CANDY, like Venus.

Is she doing this purposefully or unconsciously? It's like a slow moving trainwreck or a horror movie, crazy obsessed mom slowly loses her mind…

No. 241165

EvANGELICon would be more clever, though.

No. 241166

>Do you want it wrapped?

No. 241167

Yeah, but I like Venusgelion better cause it has her actual name. If I went for the full title, it would've been Neon Venus Evangelicon maybe

No. 241168

Considering that she used to wear venus' clothes i'd say on purpose
"See i hold the chocolate better than venoos, i am the kavaii"

No. 241170

Marge is becoming SWF. ?

No. 241171

Margo still wants to live through her mistake…I mean 'daughter' because that's her only goal in life. She literally has nothing else better to do. She must become the kawaii living doll that escaped her clutches, to fill that void, to be happy once again, by posting with a box of chocolates.

No. 241173

File: 1456345489188.jpg (31.42 KB, 252x359, 14531911537.jpg)

No. 241176

Your Margospeak is excellent

No. 241180

I subtly suggested that she got it herself in form of a compliment and she hasn't deleted it yet kek

No. 241182

did she always have a fringe.
Or is she trying to look like venus?

No. 241183

I think she's trying to look like Venus. Maybe she's deluded herself into thinking that she can become a more kawaii ~living doll~ than her and rub it in her face. Clearly, it isn't working.

No. 241184

Sure it is, anon! Y'know, if you squint really hard, tilt your head and rub onions over your eyes.

No. 241185

Your cat is cute.

Shes only recently started to do it like that

No. 241189


Amargo sure would love to flay her daughter and wear her skin only if it weren't illegal to kill another human being.

No. 241198

File: 1456350424716.jpg (44.74 KB, 600x400, 1402926563628.jpg)

No. 241201

So what I understand from Margendo is she grew up in a stifling parental environment and ran off to marry a man when she was a teenager going to uni, who is now pissed at her own daughter who grew up in a stifling parental environment who ran off with the man Margendo brokered a marriage with.

Margendo could have played her cards right and said she was worried about Venus making the same mistakes she did but that would mean Margendo would have to admit her behaviour is as bad as she perceived her own parent's to be.

No. 241210

lmao that kaoru even has manaki's freaky wide mouth

No. 241214

this is the first video i've watch without wanting to kill myself

No. 241219

>nek minute
>margo uploads a video to her channel calling herself venus and saying she returned to her beautiful kawaii mother
>no one suspects a thing

No. 241231

zsuzsa_koncz Hi dear, i am your Aunt, Zsuzsa. I followed you on you tube and Facebook quietly. I miss knowing you ❤

This comment ^ just appeared under Venus's closeup eye selfie. Is it real? This is margg's sister, right?

No. 241234

maybe they are legit accounts and they've been keeping tabs this whole time. Now that venus has broken free from gendo the heathen they're trying to indoctrinate her into the cult.

No. 241235

Considering the source I can't take the cult/sect stuff seriously, but it would be quite the twist. Zsuzsa is one of Margendo's sisters, yep.

No. 241236

File: 1456356772711.jpg (21.98 KB, 720x122, _20160225_003024.jpg)

Adding the screenshot.

Who knows, maybe the just want to know about her which is fine. I just hope they are not as fucked up as magro.

No. 241237

Yes, the "cult" of people who are clear not wearing any head coverings and doing normal social things, like women having educations and professional jobstein@asaging.org and the whole family getting together and having to paste a pic of their youngest daughter and v into their family photo. Clearly they're a cult. Why would you believe anything out if margos mouth? Her parents probably didn't buy her the Malibu barbie she wanted when she was 10 and margos never forgiven them.

No. 241238

*professional women, sorry I have no idea what auto correct was thinking but it popped an email in on accident

No. 241242

>Her parents probably didn't buy her the Malibu barbie she wanted when she was 10 and margos never forgiven them.

They're lucky Gendo didn't burn their house down then.

No. 241243

>Show respect to elders

Just because they're an old fart doesn't mean they deserve respect. Margo is fucking vile. Of course, this is her biggest ass kisser.

No. 241244

But Malibu barbie is not what she wanted, not who she is! She wanted to be a ballerina! Graceful! Delicate! Her family had to go.

No. 241245

File: 1456357563854.gif (889.17 KB, 358x193, Maaallaabuu_Barbie.gif)

No. 241247

File: 1456357785910.gif (646.51 KB, 500x255, drowning-gif.gif)


These people need to learn that respect is earned. Abusers don't deserve respect, they deserve the river.

No. 241248

Manaki and Venus have a new apartment.

No. 241249

Maggot is probably exaggerating once again. They seem pretty religious and probably they are into some conservative christian doctrine/community, but that doesn't mean they are some crazy weirdos that live in a commune.
I can understand that she wasn't into it, and that's ok, but the point is that Maggot herself is crazier than ten crazy sects together.

She could start her own sect actually and make some $. She knows how to live off other people after all.

No. 241250

Fatal attraction?

No. 241252

nicely put, anon.

No. 241253

wut? that The Addams Family.

No. 241254


Oh my sweet summer child.

No. 241255

I wonder (if Venus's grandpa and aunt's accounts are real) if they're trying to contact and get to know Venus because Margo wouldn't let them contact her and Venus.

No. 241256

I hope Venus treads VERY carefully with these accounts. They could be real, but Margo is very capable of doing this too.

No. 241257

File: 1456358566609.gif (2.17 MB, 500x273, riversadness.gif)

made this a while ago. Just wanted to share before I head to class

No. 241258

Well I wouldn't want to grow up with a bunch of bible bashing pray-it-away types. Margo's clearly exaggerating about the cult of course, and lying about the headscarves. But they could still be part of some wacko prayer group that they talk about 24/7, the Lord's this and the Lord's that. This wouldn't prevent family relationships altogether but it can make some types of communication impossible, because bible everything. Venus is an adult now, it's up to her to work out what she wants to do with these people, with her dad etc.

No. 241261

it works so well lmao

No. 241262

They probably told her to quit playing her Cure album so loudly and she went all, "My parents don't get me and my feels" and decided to attribute her dislike of them to their religion.

No. 241263

Top kek.

No. 241269

Seriously, I'd love to know why margg is totally estranged from EVERYONE in her family- parents, in-laws AND (apparently) siblings as well. And totally isolating Venus from all family too. NO CONTACT. Seems pretty telling to me.

No. 241276

Whatever the family's religious beliefs, we all know Maggot is the problem. Plus Venus' dad isn't part of that fam anyway… just proves it even further.

No. 241278

Margo's finally giving some insight into that now IMO. She's showing herself to be THE problem. To be vicious and dishonest.

No. 241291

It pains me to see Margo still sponging off "friends" in Japan so she can kept in contact with Venus. The bitch needs to fuck off already back to somewhere that isn't Japan, she's stayed there long enough.

No. 241294

Don't give her any ideas anon. I could see her truly doing this once she accepts the loss of her cash cow– I mean daughter.

No. 241295

Honestly, I kind of doubt margendo has any friends. The last couple of photos she's published showing her "out with friends", including the super early morning drunk shot of her with a box of chocolates look like she's possibly doing some escorting in hotels.

Her plan to be her daughter's pimp didn't work out, so now she hoes.

No. 241296


Margo as an escort would not surprise me at all. That 'private' bar she went to in one of her recent IG photos would be a start. Banging old rich Japanese men for financial security is the only thing she could be good at.

No. 241297

They might be professional connections instead. Like, she's wringing the last of these connections, pitching projects as Venus' manager and promising to bring her back to the table. Margo's last explosion kicked off with her telling Venus to get in touch bc of a media job, teed up with someone named Martin (?). Eventually these people will wise up that Margo can't negotiate re. Venus.

No. 241303

Is this hostel Margo's "private karaoke" bar? http://backpackersjapan.co.jp/nui_en/bar.html

No. 241304


Nm, looks a bit different. That bar does look like a hostel bar though.

No. 241305

She posts a pic at "her friend's private bar" (lol) taken during the day, with sun streaming thru the window → why would a middle aged woman be hanging out in a bar in the middle of the day?

Then 12 hours later, another pic in a bar, clearly at night- with a drink in front of her, new haircut w/bangs but wearing the same top (eww.) Yeah, she's hooking. Ugh

No. 241308

Margendo has no friends. Every time I've been to a bar in Japan as a whitey, people do try and talk and want to swap emails to become friends. She's lonely (rightfully so, evil bitch) and has nothing to do but go to Starbucks and hang around Tokyo. She's probably looking for people to talk to and/or a husband. It's odd to make friends in Japan outside or school and work, but you can meet people at bars.

I don't think she be hooking. She thinks she's too good for anything like that.. But you never know considering how far gone Fargo is.

No. 241322

I finally found it:

It really is about 79 minutes of her working on that one lip gradient tutorial. It's not super disturbing, but it sort of brings to mind now that she probably wasn't whole enjoying her video making experiences, most likely because of Margo.

Another friend who was in a similar event with Venus and Margendo also told a few of us that her mom shit talked a lot about the people with them in German. Ironically a few of the other guests there spoke German, but she didn't know, so they caught wind that Margendo was basically talking smack about them. Not surprising, really.

I do wonder though how she is allowed to be bumming around in Tokyo.

No. 241324

This was actually . . . kind of funny!? Damn, its really different from her other videos in terms of humor and editing and even her voice and accent are more natural. So I guess its safe to say Margo had a heavy hand in the development of her other videos.

I think it was a little heavy handed but it isn't as if she's had much opportunity prior to refine her humor and presentation outside of what Margo would allow.

No. 241329

fuck i think i remember this? was this hyper japan

No. 241330

I believe it was! It was at some UK event.

No. 241331

they approached venus to talk because they liked her videos, but margaret pulled her away and started speaking in german while giving them the stink eye. they weren't even some obese neet stalker, just a cosplayer/lolita? i believe

No. 241341

Wow, lot of bruises on her arms and cuts on her elbows.
It's so depressing to watch her readjust everything every 10 seconds and sigh. Miming things over and over so Muggle doesn't make her redo it later. She waved bye for like 6 minutes straight.
Into river with Gendo.

No. 241347

Did she upload this by accident?
Pretty weird video…

No. 241349

If I remember correctly, she uploaded this along with the tutorial on the same day, and it was shortly removed. Quite a few people noticed it though and mirrored it because of the period stain scandal. It seems to have been accidentally uploaded, but you kind of never know with Maggot.

No. 241350

File: 1456379882339.png (213.97 KB, 895x513, donthitme.png)

watching old Venus videos and this is what I see. damn.

No. 241352

oh wow

No. 241353

Get the fuck back to reddit

No. 241357

Haha that is funny

No. 241359

Back then she said that she can't open her camera's raw data in her editing software, so she uploads it to YouTube as a private video, downloads it and then edits the downloaded file. She forgot to set this one to private.

No. 241360

I heard about that and missed it. Anyone have a link for it?

No. 241362

fucking at least attempt to read a bit of the thread before requesting something that's already been posted.

No. 241364

I remember being obsessed with her when she was a blonde and I cannot remember this was in the description. Otherwise it would have been posted on PULL or here already. Could she have edited this recently?

No. 241368

Nah, I definitely remember reading that.

No. 241371

There was a video Venus and her mother did years ago where Venus was dressed up as an office lady. It was for some kind of contest. Does anyone else remember this one?

No. 241376

Yeah I remember. Never watched it though, since it was deleted pretty quickly.

No. 241378

youku vids never load for me

No. 241379

it won't load for me either. anyone have a link to it on another site?

No. 241380

Are you on mobile?

No. 241384

do you have adblock? I switched to a different browser (firefox) and it worked fine then.

No. 241388

thanks, I turned off µBlock and it worked after playing like 6 ads.

No. 241391

>'you are bullying me!!!'
margo you're a grown woman your daughter is not bullying you. this is too fucking good

No. 241393

File: 1456397922806.jpg (6.64 KB, 281x200, 1446225628404.jpg)

I never liked Venus because I thought she was annoying, but her mother always did come across as a strange, obsessive person who appeared to be living through her daughter (Living Doll show they both appeared on, and that girl who had the run in with her mum saying her mother was a downright prick and Venus took her mum's side on it). I never thought things would be this bad. I feel so awful for Venus now and her last few videos on her having left showed a different side of her to me. One that wasn't so annoying and more down to earth. I'm not going to go and whiteknight her into oblivion, but she certainly went through some damn shit with that old cow. So I have true admiration of her strength.

No. 241403

>You are not letting me use you ever which way I want! How dare you! I own you! I made you, I can end you!

Every abusive parent ever to every adult child that dares fly the coop. I want Margendo to go into the river so bad, I think I'm going to light a candle to make my dream come true.

No. 241404

I hate Margo as much as any other person out there, but I do agree that it seems Venus planned everything so she could stay in Japan. She got rid of Margo so fast as soon as she got her visa that I just can't believe the whole "ohh i'm sooo abused" act she pulling right now. She got visa, attention and no more Margo, so she can do everything she wants. Plan seem to have worked perfectly

No. 241405

>maybe she's in danger
>but also my stuff
can really see where margendos priorities are, huh?

god her face is unfortunate, she's starting to look like a piece of chewed up old jerky.

No. 241406

And…? Wouldn't you do that if your mother was fucking insane?

Venus has never been her own person, ever. She wasn't even allowed to have friends. She's a normal human being, but she's been nothing but her moms pawn since day 1, how could any of you possibly know what kind of person she is?
She doesn't have to be ~innocent~, what the fuck.

No. 241409

how is marring someone for a visa and thus being tied to that person forever being "her own person"? If she wants to be her own person and be in Japan so bad, why doesn't she get a real job? Join a school by herself? since she obviously has the money to I don't know, be her own person? Instead she just jumped from Margo to Manaki like a leech. I don't doubt Margo is nuts, but Venus doesn't seem like a victim at all. She looks like she knows exactly what she's doing and she definitely doesn't look anything like a pawn.

No. 241410

I don't know how easy it'd be for her considering how sheltered she's lived all her life, moving around places, and living under her mother's direction. She probably latched onto Manaki as a source of protection to replace her mother. It isn't necessarily the best way out, but for someone who probably hasn't had much stability, it might have been one of the few solutions that seemed feasible for now.

No. 241412

I hope Manaki is good for her. She has never been in a normal, healthy relationship. I don't know that she would be able to recognize an abusive relationship at first. Who can blame Venus for trying to get as far away from Margo as possible?
Hi, Queen Juniha

No. 241415

I'm absolutely confused how there a people defending Margendo.I don't get it, I can't think of even one good thing about her

No. 241417

Easy to get semi-nudes?

No. 241420


Funnily enough my mom thinks like this too. I'm like ok… but you didn't grow up with an abusive mother.

No. 241426

No. 241427

Is there really someone who honestly want to the this old hag naked?

Yeah and everyone including Venus has to forgive their parents even though they throw a knife at you, wanting to sell your virginity to the first rich men she can find, drag your name in the mud, lies about cheating so your husband leaves you (… list could go on endlessly with Margot).
I bet people who always defend her on the aspect of 'she's the only family you have' would like a mother like Maggot. Would like to her what they have to say then.

No. 241428

someone said they fapped to it a thread or two ago

No. 241429

GL organizing your life in Japan from a foreign country when you are a pampered princess without real life experience who never even finished school. Oh, and all the while sharing a single room with your nutcase mom who even has access to your text messages. Good luck doing all of that without her noticing.

Manaki is the only chance she ever had and she took it. It's cute how you people think Venus would be able to survive on her own, but pls be realistic for a change.

No. 241430

Welcome to the internet where people fap to everything.

No. 241432

They should lock these two up together forever, who would even miss this ugly witch? She just bullied the last remaining familiy member she had away, stupid Maggot. And at least she would never have to be a factory worker if she's just put away

But didn't you know that it is totally normal that mothers have access to their daughters phone and reading all the textmessages?

No. 241433

granted to that anon, margo's face was covered up and her body isn't bad.

No. 241434

I just can't get my head around that she's constantly deleting photos but this is allowed to stay online. Is it a big 'fuck you' to us or is she hoping to find her own Visa-san this way?

No. 241435

Period stain? I didn't even notice anything like that in the video.

No. 241436

She gained a fuckton of followers since she posted it, and it's not like she has to worry about not being able to find a job, so of course she's going to keep it.

Maybe Maggot-chan will become a camgirl now. That would be so kawaii.

No. 241438

It's at the end when she's posing in the chair. You can only see it for a second but it's unfortunately very much there.

IMO I always felt like Maggot set it to public on purpose.

No. 241442



Also her scrapes make me sad. Margo the fucking maggot.

No. 241444

72 or 73 minutes in.

No. 241446

"when i was little, my parents made me do CHORES, WAHHHH"

are you shitting me? you're parents aren't supposed to pay you for cleaning the house and doing chores.

No. 241450

I think she's talking about cleaning the church here?

No. 241451

File: 1456417498933.png (1.94 MB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

No. 241454

No, she's saying that the 'cult' made her clean cause she used to be a slave maid. Not that her parent's made her do chores.

Which would be bad, but because none of that actually happened outside of Marg's mind, nobody cares.

No. 241455

Tacky. GuruGossip-tier.

No. 241457

this makes me feel weird since she was like 15

No. 241461

Now after all we know how maggot treated venus behind closed doors, I feel even more grossed out by this video tbh. I can't stop thinking how maggot pressured venus to do this borderline pedo-shit in front of the cam.

No. 241464

The dirty feet gross me out more than anything tbh.

Just reminds me of how dirty her fucking skank mother is. Can't even lift a finger to give her home a good sweep and a mop. I've stayed in houses and apartments overnight where my feet had gotten dirt like that, it's solely because lazy bitches don't clean. So disgusting. No wonder why Weenus has blood-soaked trousers, they live(d) in a sty and probably don't launder their clothes on the frequent.

No. 241465

I watched this video and skipped through it a few times and never noticed that. whoops

No. 241466

Ewwww lel

No. 241467

…she probably forgot to change her pad on time anon

No. 241469

you know, sometimes when you move around a lot or sit in a certain position, your pad might move a bit, so that's probably what happened. its very unfortunate tho, i would be so embarrassed

No. 241470

It's been awhile since I haven't been on bc, but back when I used to get my periods I could 'feel' when blood was leaking out around my pad. Idk, the first thing I'd do is throw those in the hamper and grab a new outfit, but I do have to remember this is Weenus I'm talking about. She's not too bright.

No. 241471

Oh well, I'm not sleeping with her so I don't really care. In japan they like pubes so I dont think it will bother makaki

No. 241473

Marg was obsessed with Venus's asexuality, virginity, and covered her ears in an interview when feminism was brought up, it's plausible she probably never taught Venus about puberty.

Periods aren't dolly. Don't speak of them, just pretend they don't happen.

No. 241476

File: 1456421974011.jpg (131.34 KB, 560x330, margaretwhiteakapalermo.jpg)

No. 241481

>covered her ears when feminism was brought up
The only sensible thing Margot did for Venus

No. 241483

peter pan syndrome at its sickest

No. 241484

No. 241485

>no education
>no job
>seemingly no domestic skills
>vitality and housing depends on what her man chooses to provide
>makes a little money from her youtube channel

Mmm. She turned out so well. Kek.

No. 241491

her thighs look normal here compared to her ana ones now. I wanted to believe her but maybe she does have ED

No. 241494

Don't respond, it's bad bait. They don't even know how to sage.

No. 241509


No. 241529

No. 241532

did margo breastfeed and if so for how long?

No. 241534

In English, "they" is used when you don't know the sex of the speaker. As we have a few robots crawling about, some people use "they" when referring to anons. Especially those who have a hate boner for feminism and are too retarded to sage properly.(derailing)

No. 241536

No, you're meant to use male pronouns for an unknown gender. The use of 'they' as being gender neutral is not grammatically correct.(derailing)

No. 241537

Don't respond, it's bad bait. Xey didn't even try to sage.
btw, admin-sama please kill offtopic robots (c:

No. 241538

Christ, the low quality bait around here. What does it get you, margo stans? You just enjoy being an asshole? Defending a child abuser and a clearly violent and unstable woman makes you feel like the edgiest edgelord, and that shits just laughable. "I'm JUST SAYING…". No. Stfu and go play "what if" somewhere else. Preferably in traffic.

No. 241539


Who gives a flying fuck. Get back on topic.

No. 241540

report any de-realing so the mods can see it

No. 241543

Yeah, don't worry. I reported you and posts like yours.

Anyways >>241491
But she ate fucking 100 chicken nuggets. She eats all the time. Thin=/=anorexia. If she was fat would you think she had an ED? She loves food, clearly.

No. 241546

That's actually debatable. Using "they" as a singular pronoun when the gender of the speaker is unknown has been used since the 14th century, and while there has been criticism of this from academia it still remains as acceptable usage (just as using "he" or "him" is also acceptable.)

But I'm sure you were too busy crying into your mother's oversized drawers to realize this.

No. 241548


different anon, but I don't the majority thinks she has anorexia. I think the majority believes that she's bulimic.

No. 241549

Problematic, social justice and privilege were normal words too. But don't use unironically on chanboards. Try to assimilate into the culture a little bit please. If you dont like it go to reddit or tumblr. It's already bad enough we're more tumblr/reddit than modern 4chan.

No. 241551

I also dont think she is bulimic…people who lose a lot of weight are always criticised but we dont criticise them when they are "curvy" (a bit fat). Strange tbh. I think her body looks great and she looks better right now than before.

No. 241552

… What are you even talking about? I've never had a tumblr, I've never been on plebbit, and I'm no social justice warrior. I'm just telling you that it's okay to use the singular they when you are not sure of the gender of the speaker. It's just basic english, m8.

And not to wave my oldfag dick around, but I've been posting on chan type imageboards since before the time of the great days of Neopets. Don't try to tell me about assimilating, fag.

I wonder if Margendo gave Venus body issues. Dolls aren't fat, you know.

No. 241554

Her hands, face, and teeth aren't really that of a bulimic. Purge-style bulimia tends to be more physically obvious than anorexia, and laxative-style bulimia doesn't actually 'get the job done' per say. Actually bulimia as a whole takes a long time to actually give you that ~perf bonebod~. I think it's safer to say she just has disordered eating. She probably consumes mostly water and stimulants like sugar and caffeine and burns it off. She also probably doesn't eat enough of any actual food that isn't sweets to gain any real weight.
She also said she doesn't have a fear of gaining weight, which doesn't mean she doesn't have an ED, and proves that she doesn't really get what an ED is, which isn't the most common knowledge so that's forgivable, but unfortunate. Venus probably just doesn't understand her diet is hurting her.

I hope with her life stabilizing she starts eating better.

No. 241563



… on receiving a present lol.

No. 241565

…or we are a gossip imageboard and dont know what she daily eats because we dont know her. She probably eats fine, let her eat the sweets she wants as long if she gets enough vitamins and energy because we aren't her mom and she is not obese or a twig.

Speaking of mom, she looks like her mom so much in her last photo kek.

No. 241566

If you were you wouldnt defend using it then le oldfag xD

No. 241572

I'm aware anon, but I really didn't even pull much out of my ass, she said she mostly eats sweets in the one video she made about Marg. Still not the best diet, but not extreme. I continue to hope she eats better, but still I know that nothing I can say will change an adult's eating habits.
Just was hoping some anons stop tossing bulimia or anorexia about as if it's a fact. It's been happening for a few threads.

sage 4 ot

No. 241573

Venus is underweight and should gain a few pounds, if the weight and height she said in her earlier video is accurate, but that doesn't mean she has an eating disorder. I have friends who've struggled to gain weight, just because they don't like to eat that much. Anorexia is more than just not eating enough.

No. 241584

> I'm just telling you that it's okay to use the singular they when you are not sure of the gender of the speaker
actually its wrong but it has been so frequently used that its widely accepted

No. 241586

> show respect to elders

No. 241596

Can we please shut up with this pronoun shit already. This is fucking lolcow. Half the posters don't even use punctuation or capitalize their sentences and we run around screaming words like "kek" and "samefag". No one gives a shit about how much you want to be an English major.

The ED theorists should also keep in mind that things like high prolonged stress can fuck with your weight too. It would be interesting to see if once this shit dies down, Venus gains a little weight from being in a more stable/healthy environment.

No. 241606

She has fresh scratches on her elbow.
It's clearly visible when she is combing her wig at the start of the video.

The proof is starting to stack up against you Maggot.

No. 241607

Double post
But she clearly has scars on her left arm a well.

No. 241608

File: 1456438769699.png (885.85 KB, 852x484, Untitled.png)

No. 241609

File: 1456438780586.jpg (114.2 KB, 890x843, 6547476.jpg)

Yikes, how did I miss that? Those look horrible.

No. 241611

File: 1456438884003.png (879.02 KB, 860x481, scratches are kawaii.png)

Scratches on her elbow.

No. 241612

Not everyone is you. Take your PCOS and your menopause and gtfo.

No. 241613

These almost look like the kind of nail marks you get when someone grabs you too hard and their nails dig into your skin.

No. 241617

There are guys in Japan who only get off on uggos. It's called busu sen. Margendo could really make it.

The anon chicas who think Venus is an evil puppet master illuminati will start claiming she pushed her poor old mom into prostitution.

No. 241618

Thought the same thing.

No. 241619

More than the wounds, her eyes look really trapped and haunted in this. Fucking Margo, why doesn't she river herself already.

No. 241621

at first i thought the marks above the scratches were indents from something on her desk from posing, but holy shit. i think you're right anon. if these were taken at the start of the video then chances are margo was grabbing venus to do this video and do it right. so fucked up.

No. 241622

Feel kind of bad for her tbh. I'd be mortified to know that shit like that from my teen years was going to float around on the net forever.

No. 241627

I'm not sure whether or not i believe she has an ED. But she seemed quite depressed a bit before and during her stay in south korea and that was about when i started to think she started to look a bit scary skinny. So maybe she lost weight cause of pressure from her mom and not because of a full blown mental illness. idk i guess we can only wait n see

No. 241628

This has got such a camwhoring vibe to it, it really makes me uncomfortable considering her age and background…

No. 241631

Also I really do wonder how soon Margo started telling her that bullshit about having to become a whore in Eastern Europe if the kawaii thing doesn't work out.

No. 241636

Also the video of her in the short black skirt with the identical bruising on her arms looks like finger indentation.
When someone grabs your arm and sticks their thumbs into your arms (I know from personal experience).
The bruises in the skirt video are old ones and are fading though.

No. 241637

Wait and see how Margo blames Manaki now.

No. 241638


Except she can't?

No. 241639

File: 1456440905651.png (1.67 MB, 947x615, capture_001_25022016_145425.pn…)

"When two people quarrel a third rejoices"

No. 241642

Jesus, her face could curdle milk.

On another note, didn't Venus have a hat like that?

No. 241643

I like how Margendo automatically assumes her ~ruining~ was successful and that Venus and Manaki are arguing. Way to go at rejoicing over thinking you've ruined your daughter's love life, Marge.

No. 241644

If she did, then the Venusification begins…I wonder whether Margendo will enter a cocoon made out of swarovski return a kawaii middle aged ~living dolly uguu~…

No. 241645

File: 1456441388074.png (731.16 KB, 593x596, 7675567.png)

She sure did.

No. 241650

I think it could be venus and margo arguing, making manaki rejoice?

No. 241653

True, didn't think of that.

No. 241656

Maybe shes talking about us?

No. 241657

is she talking about her dad/family now that they're talking to venus?

No. 241660

I'm new so more deets? I would look it up myself but idk where to start

No. 241661

Why did she think it was a good idea to post like that? Do you think Margo sort of coached her into that stuff for more views?

No. 241662

I wouldn't give Maggot too much credit. Her german is as bad as her english and I wouldn't put it past her if she herself doesn't know what she's writing most of the time as she's so far gone already.

No. 241663

She's clearly talking about hooking up with men now that Venus is out of the picture

No. 241664

aww, i love.
"i'm taaaaiird" ;; gdi venus everytime you get too venussy you find a way to pull me right back.

No. 241666

Yesterday someone posted here a comment from maggot's sister, Zsuzsa, on Venus IG. Checked the account today and it looks like a legit account, it's safe to say it really is Venus' aunt IG.


She looks pretty cool btw.

No. 241667

PT has said some really terrible things about Asians.

No. 241668

Oooh. She has a ducatti. Aren't those normally pretty fancy bikes?

No. 241670

I saw that comment here and started looking around late last night (my time). I now agree these people are real and they are reaching out to Venus.

No. 241672

I can't screencap right now, sadly, but Ferenc posted a picture of Venus's dad with what looks like some kind of tractor. I don't think i've seen someone post it here.

No. 241673

Venus' grandfather is also following that account (and Zsuzsa is following him) so I think we can assume they're both legit accounts now.

No. 241674

File: 1456444103382.png (1.27 MB, 943x469, capture_001_25022016_154804.pn…)

No. 241675

Ducatis are not luxurious but yeah, quite fancy.

Her dogs are kind of fancy too lol, she seems to have a more refined taste than Amargo.

No. 241676


Thank you, Anon!

No. 241680

No problem!

No. 241682

She also has an actual job and doesn't live off camwhoring out her kid, so she has that going for her.

No. 241683

What's she trying to say here? hey Venus, you could try Hungarian salami, pet my dogs, ride my cool bike?

No. 241684


Maggot must have been the biggest mistake of his life.

No. 241685


It's about time that Venus gets pampered by her family instead of being pimped out by Maggot. Anyone else notice how the sister doesn't look like a crazy cultish Jesus freak?

No. 241688

Makes me wonder if they know what Maggot's been saying about them. Posting photos on instagram is a pretty easy way to prove she's lying.

No. 241694

Team Aunt Zuzan all the way

No. 241696

They prolly don't care knowing she is nuts.

No. 241700

File: 1456448766106.jpg (34.86 KB, 635x416, UfQfSJ6.jpg)

Maggot in a nutshell

No. 241702

Nah, if they're trying to get Venus to contact them they'll care. Proving they aren't a cult/crazy/whatever Maggot's been saying would go a long way in making it possible to connect with Venus.

No. 241703

File: 1456449026564.jpeg (236.5 KB, 1276x1250, image.jpeg)

MarGendo has one of the ugliest and punch worthy faces I've ever seen, even with a ton of filters and makeup. I wish she'd just go to the river already. Who in the hell can ever find this attractive??? I almost threw up in my mouth when one horny teenage boy said on one of Venus' photos, "Your mom is hot." Fucking gross.

No. 241704

Their timing was spot on tbh. They contacted as soon as the opportunity arose. Like they were watching daily from the sidelines and waiting for Venus to leave MarGendo.

No. 241707

I have to agree that when I see her face I want to punch it.

No. 241708

She looks always really greasy and unkempt to me. I bet she's hiding her stench with an overdose of a really penetrant parfum.

No. 241713

I'm just glad Venus didn't get her nose.

I kind of wished they intervened earlier… but at the same time I'm glad they didn't since Maggot frequently had control of Venus' accounts and could have scared them from wanting to ever make contact again.

No. 241714

Was her nose always that weird or is it from editing her pictures? She really does look like Squidward

No. 241715

I wonder if the revulsion we feel at seeing Margendo's face is fueled by us knowing just how ugly her personality is as well. She becomes uglier to me the more I learn about her insane antics and abuse. But I know I wouldn't be so harsh on her if she was actually a good person, because sometimes you just can't help the face you were born with.

No. 241717

File: 1456450176857.jpeg (264.76 KB, 1271x957, image.jpeg)

Guys. Susan commented on MarGendo's nude.

No. 241718

Funny how her english is still better than Maggots gibberish even though Maggot is speaking/writing english every day for years now…. Even lived in the U.K….

No. 241719

>even if she deserves it

Oh shit

Well at least she confirmed MarGendo has been difficult to live with since early on.

No. 241720

File: 1456450491218.jpeg (298.74 KB, 1260x1000, image.jpeg)

And Susan also commented on the airport breakfast photo. MarGendo's family seems pretty sane, unlike the river monster herself. Now I think I understand why they didn't intervene earlier… MarGendo would've gone batshit and made it even harder for them to contact Venus when the relationship soured. It's pretty sad…

No. 241721

I don't doubt that Margaret is an abusive piece of shit, but these scratches honestly look like they from a fall. Like into gravel, grass or rough surface. But of course, I can't determine if that was from a simple accident or being pushed/fought with.

No. 241722

Zsuzsa making Hungariboos a reality one IG comment at a time. Köszönöm szépen, Sister of the River.

No. 241723

If you really think about it it's tragic that Maggot sheltered Venus even from her own family. I bet they wished being a part of Venus live, seeing her grow up, but they also knew what a looney Maggot is

No. 241724

but unlike margo gendo is actually attractive

No. 241728

this. it must have been hard to be a relative, to know how margot really is, and see venus on public display but have to way to contact her. i'm sure they've been worried and pitying her this whole time, her whole life. its really sad. i hope her relatives can connect with her now.

No. 241729

Margaret's nose reminds me of Judge Valkenheiser's, from Nothing But Trouble.

No. 241734

"She has never been easy" "even if she deserves it"

Aunt zsuzsa knows what's up.

No. 241735

But thats an oxymoron, anon.

No. 241737

I think we have to be careful not to assume too much too soon. Abusers are often victims of abuse themselves. It's possible that Margot didn't have the best family upbringing. As much as it's a nice thought that Venus has this loving family she can run to with open arms, unfortunately life isn't a movie and doesn't always work like that.

No. 241738

I wish she'd spill all deets

No. 241740

If Margo is Gendo and Venus is Shinji, what does that make Aunt Zsuzsa?

No. 241743

I kind of understand what she's trying to say but all the "please get professionel help margo" always leads to "lalalalalala I can't hear you bullies" responses. At this point I'm not even sure if it still possible to help Margo or if she even deserve help. (I feel like she don't deserve it but Venus still loves her Mom which is kind of… heartbreaking)

No. 241745

Misato maybe, hopefully

No. 241746


No. 241747

File: 1456452938981.jpg (55.04 KB, 640x480, 20131216152231!Misato_Katsurag…)

No. 241748

It's so sad looking back when she called Maggot her best friend..

No. 241749

I agree, it's hard to imagine that Margo was born as evil as she is now. BUT on the other hand I think it is hardly possible that everyone in Margos family is bad. At worst Margo's dad or mom was abusive with Margo, but all of her siblings?grandparents?aunts?etc? I think that Venus has the right to see for herself if they are good or bad.

No. 241750

If you watch the video, you see that she starts spinning around the chair, likely for cutesy b-roll for her tutorial. She shifts around the seat, and while changing positions, she moves her legs and pulls down her skirt, probably by then noticing that she was flashing the camera.

When the video came out, a lot of people debated on whether she had done it deliberately or not. Maybe to some extent, but she didn't do it long enough for this to have been the video's only intent. The rest of the video is mostly her making faces and trying to film her raw cut of the tutorial, but she's sitting normally.

No. 241763

man, I really hope Venus forms a relationship with this woman. She seems to be someone that could really be a positive female role model in her life.

No. 241773

File: 1456459572065.jpeg (17.53 KB, 300x400, KAPPA7-JPG--CacN4rBVAAI5sMP-jp…)

I was bored and morphed margendo's face with a kappa (nipponese river monster)

No. 241777

Yeah but it's even much sadder in the recent chat logs (all german) leaked by Margo where she constantly reminds her that she loves her and thinks that leaving her would make Margo happier (so she can be free of Venus and find a boyfriend~~)

No. 241783

a margkpa? I don't even know how to call this

No. 241785


No. 241787


No. 241788

I see no difference

No. 241790

She kind of has this pinched look to her face, she'd probably look a lot better with a lip lift and some weight gain.

No. 241797

File: 1456462880883.jpg (107.54 KB, 960x956, IMG_20160225_215838.jpg)

Is she dying her hair? Is that why it's a black and white photo?

No. 241802


Maybe that's why her hair was darker in the salmon candy video.

No. 241813

Fish for her at the airport…'cept instead of cucumber its sausage…

No. 241822

File: 1456464752767.png (663.3 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-26-00-31-40…)


No. 241823

File: 1456464760593.png (1.12 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 241825

Margendo is so thirsty. It's 100% likely that Manaki is a Venus blocker because every time maggot talks to Venus, she goes apeshit (kappashit?) and emotionally blackmails her.

No. 241828

Japanese language proficiency test?

No. 241829

Venus can do the JLPT in Japan. You can sign up for it and take it as many times as you like. She doesn't need anything from Mayo.

Poor desperate Mayo. The river calls.

No. 241830

I'm guessing it's her test results then?

No. 241832

She can have them resend them to her new address, or worst case scenario: do the test again, when her Japanese is even better. Margrot has absolutely nothing Vee needs to survive.

No. 241833

I can't read Korean.

>Palermo Venus is Abe

What that mean?

No. 241837

Deleted already.

No. 241838

Fuck… I was scrolling down and this picture scared the shit out of me…

No. 241839

What does the Korean say?

No. 241840

noonecares can she just gtfo of japan/planet earth/the universe?

No. 241841

>all this salty just bc I know when my vagina is leaking
Calm down hun, didn't mean to strike nerves there.

No. 241842


god, maggot is like a slimy snake, slithering & skulking around trying to exact revenge on venus. So fucking creepy.

I wonder if V & M took out a restraining order against her ass and that's what triggered her recent outbursts after lurking in silence for so long. I think it must have been an event of some kind that set her off.

No. 241845

Well her middle name is Isabelle so I assume it says 'Palermo Venus Isabelle'

No. 241847

>I hope they are just young and not insane. They can still grow out of it
not if you're anything to go by.

No. 241850


Best thing is to just ignore the maggot, that's the one thing she would hate the most. No attention. Her visa will expire and she'll have to go away & slither back under her rock.

No. 241853

Is this why she wants to go to the river?

No. 241861

File: 1456470638718.png (482.64 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-26-03-10-18…)

Now she apparently has "proof" in that laptop…

No. 241864


>my computer and data are still stolen

wait, isnt margendo the one that locked the laptop? how tf can it be venus' fault? lizard queen margo locked the data in there herself, and now she's pissed at venus for it? am i fucking missing something here holy shit.

No. 241867

>am i fucking missing something here holy shit.

It's Margo, don't try to understand wtf she's attempting to say. You might wake up with an adopted child, a YouTube channel in their name and visions of stardom.

No. 241868

File: 1456472613757.png (415.09 KB, 420x420, 9a1e829bd4e63a0f619ad51c091231…)

>Wake up people


No. 241870


No. 241871

It's not that difficult to understand… Margo is delusional but she locked it because it's "hers" and was assuming Venus would give it back when she did.

No. 241873

Aunt Zsuzsa sounds like a normal, rational human being. It's weird seeing a rational comment in the sea of crazy on the Instagram posts.

Agree with you. I would think that there would be bruising/scratching around wrist or arm/upper arm from being restrained or held. You wouldn't grab someone by the point it the elbow and if you grabbed their elbow the marks would be on the inside of the arm.

No. 241874


No. 241882

Proof of what?

No. 241884

Probably emails or messages between Venus and Manaki when they first started dating or when they were having relationship troubles. It must be something Margaret thinks proves a fraudulent marriage.

No. 241886

It'll be more bullshit that will just backfire on her. As usual.

No. 241891

I hate to be that person but I'm still kind of skeptical about all of this. Like I don't want to doubt that it's real but part of me is thinking what if this is all a really elaborate lie to get more views?

No. 241894


Yeah you are fucking retarded then. There are a million better ways besides slandering your own daughter online.

No. 241895

The Maggot speaks to me. I feel so blessed.

No. 241896

File: 1456481729617.png (799.82 KB, 924x551, margg.PNG)

No. 241897

File: 1456481742656.png (923.28 KB, 916x547, marggg.PNG)

No. 241899

Lol This dumb bitch. Anyone with a brain or knows what abusive parents are like KNOW that they aren't beating them up 24/7. Venus' smile in that photo looks pretty fake too.

How the fuck does she know that Venus will get a cat? Is it because she and Manaki like them so much? Give me a break. I can't believe she's trying to backpedal now after all the shit she said about Venus being an animal abuser. It's too late for that shit, Midge. The damage you have done is done and I don't think V and M will ever forgive you.

No. 241901

I knew Maggot has no fucking clue what she's saying. On the photo she captioned with the German saying(when two quarrel (…))someones asking in german who is the third in this case and she answered it with "I have no idea!" …. Maggot is truly a mensa certificated genius

No. 241902

File: 1456483941321.jpg (119.83 KB, 960x662, maternal-narcissism-1.jpg)

First it's blame, then it's tried reconciliation, then it'll be "poor me" again and "I guess I should be a better person" (if even that), then it'll be proceeded with more anger and attacks hurled at venus by Margo when Venus doesn't let her back into her life.

No. 241905

my bet is Maggot is using something she found on the old laptop / in the old icloud account (like the photos of the kitchen, but maybe photos of a cat?). she's pretending that she can see all, but she only saw that little bit for a while.

Maggot wants to sound scary, the irony is she doesn't even need to try.

No. 241906

File: 1456484376874.png (485.23 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-26-06-59-05…)


No. 241907


Am Korean

It's a notification from the postal office that the courier is scheduled something bla bla and the last line says Tracking number: