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File: 1457291348592.png (355.33 KB, 640x480, 1456274020072.png)

No. 245257

Margendo Birthday edition

previous thread >>242365 reached reply limit

Current status: it's the morning of Margos birthday, and she spent the last day+ working herself into a fine rage over the fact that venus continues to ignore her. Margo has also issues a fresh set of demands before she'll cease her campaign of harassment: she wants the MacBook venus brought with from Korea; she wants a public video apology where venus tells everyone she lied about being abused; and she wants money, amount and duration of payments unspecified.



No. 245259

I think Gendo was a better parent…

No. 245261

Well, technically it's margendo's birthday, but it's like 4:30 am. I doubt she'll be up and in full form for a while yet.

No. 245262

File: 1457292815013.gif (2.64 MB, 320x240, 1346976399153.gif)

another failed op

No. 245263


not op but eh, most people should be familiar with the recent venus drama by now, it's not a big deal

No. 245265

It would have been nice to have past threads and SM linked.

No. 245266

Remake the thread please

No. 245268

>previous thread >>242365 reached reply limit


No. 245269

This thread still sucks, m8

No. 245270


Yeah it sucks because some whiny crybaby is too lazy to click a link or scroll down and read the past thread that is still in the first page, m8

No. 245271

Yeah, whoever is making these last couple threads… stop being lazy.

Current status: it's the morning of Margos birthday, and she spent the last day+ working herself into a fine rage over the fact that venus continues to ignore her. Margo has also issues a fresh set of demands before she'll cease her campaign of harassment: she wants the MacBook venus brought with from Korea; she wants a public video apology where venus tells everyone she lied about being abused; and she wants money, amount and duration of payments unspecified.



No. 245272

No. 245273

http://imgur.com/a/biWJS the folder with the screenshots of the private group chat on instagram that Maggot set up to communicate with her defenders

No. 245274

It's not a matter of being 'lazy', it's that some of us work and do things where we can't keep up with Venus drama 24/7 and the drama is moving really fast to always know what the current status is.

No. 245275

and it's still not that hard to link the previous thread

No. 245278

Petition for admin to delete the thread.

All the links and description of the current drama are missing.

No. 245280

I edited the info into the OP and temporarily banned the thread creator.

No. 245282

Here s a summary from a previous thread that stops at the airport.


No. 245285


>Manaki's parents wanted a girl, his mom put him in twin tails and a red bikini as a child

oh margo

No. 245286

Can anyone tl;dr this

No. 245287

Thank you!

No. 245289

Margo claims she can Astral travel and says venus can back it up

Margo wants her squad to tell her to make a video, while demuring that she doesn't WANT to but is forced to.

Margo lays out in crazy speak how venus ignoring her is exactly like murder.

Margo accuses manaki's family of raising him like a girl. Seems to be implying he's got a screw loose due to this… trustworthy info. Reiterates that manaki's dad hit on her (uh huh.)

Margo claims SHES the one responsible for all of venus's sucess; venus was just the body.

Margo says she wasn't even insisting venus get a divorce or live with her - all she wants is to manage all her money again, like she did before.

Margo claims Manaki is going to take over venus's YouTube channel because they made his email her backup email for recovery (gee, I wonder why, marge. Maybe it's because you'd use venus's Gmail account to take it over in a hot minute if you could.)

That's all I'm recalling offhand.

No. 245291

Haha, I should have clarified, I was agreeing the OP was shit, and as the reader I'm not lazy for not reading the previous threads entirely.

I realize it almost sounds like I'm defending OP for not writing a summary because they might be busy. Sage because I don't know if that made sense lol

No. 245292

how embarrassing is it to cry about 'basically being homeless' due to your daughter cutting you off at the age of 40
get a fucking job you sleazebag wow

No. 245293

when was this grp convo anyway?
If she's going to upload a video, her birthday seems like the prime choice so she can try and garner sympathy.
"i-it's my birthday and my own daughter won't come and see me-sob-"

No. 245295

It's from the last few days and still ongoing. At the moment she's waiting for someone able to translate the chat between M and V

No. 245296

Which is ridiculous, since they're both being crazy respectful / thoughtful of her. The only th I ng.said that margo might be able to pounce on is that venus wanted manaki to delete a message he sent her because it might anger mags, and she says something like "don't worry I can take care of / manage my mom" which I'm sure margendo will interpret as sinister rather than caring.

No. 245298

Yes, but she thinks with these screenshots (she can't even read) she has undeniable proof that M and V were conspiracing against her.
I guess she is having acess to the whole convo between M and V as she said she only took a screenshot of messages that looked "suspicious" to her. I don't know how though as she can't read japanese, but oh well it's Maggot

No. 245299

Maybe she used google translate first and got everything wrong due to the inaccuracy of the translation and her paranoic personality.

No. 245302

The group chat just shows how sick and isolated Margo is.

No. 245303

Reminds me of this.

No. 245306

>dark plan/conspiracy
>astral travel

No. 245307

Perf. Just switch it from orphaned 33 year old child to single 40 year old mother. Both forced by circumstances beyond their control to find a way to support themselves, like regular people. A true tradgedy.

No. 245311

Don't forget Gendo admitted that she was not only afraid of losing her daughter BUT HER INCOME. I think that's pretty big for a professional victim like Margo to admit.

No. 245312

File: 1457302380494.png (869.79 KB, 918x579, Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.11…)

Margo's up and at em

No. 245313

File: 1457302447818.png (522.86 KB, 871x559, Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.11…)

Oh, and she changed the caption on her "It's my birthday tomorrow" photo yet again. Now all it says is that her "friend" bought her the scarf she's wearing.

No. 245315


No. 245317

Well, of course. Marge is a thirsty, thirsty old whore. In her heart of hearts she knows the only interesting thing about her is that she shat out a cute kid. It's part of why she can't let her go (among other things, like being lazy and feeling entitled to be supported for life.)

No. 245318

File: 1457303087022.png (280.78 KB, 620x487, Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.22…)

And Marge is back at it in all the comment sections. She now claims to "only" have an iPhone for photography now, when she used to have a really nice camera. What happened to it, Mags? Venus doesn't have it, she said she left it for you. Did you pawn it?

No. 245320

She probably had to in order to prolong the Denny's fund. God forbid she go eat some cheap ramen instead or something.

No. 245321

Dennys in Japan actually sells ramen and Japanese food

No. 245323

But there is better ramen out there and she never even orders the Denny's ramen anyway.

No. 245325

File: 1457303914365.jpeg (81.77 KB, 1286x377, image.jpeg)

A comment from a dumb cunt on Venus' latest Instagram photo. Yeah, Venus should give into Margo's demands for money by walking into a murderous trap! I want to slap her.

No. 245326

Venus shouldn't go back! It would end up like the end of the "My Mama is a Weeaboo!" webcomic where the kid ends up being a drugged up ~kawaii uguu~ slave to her mom for the rest of her days. shudder

No. 245327


Have you seen this twat's profile info? Christ the thought of Margo having such devoted supporters makes me want to shred my skin on a cheese grater.

No. 245330

Ha, just checked this fucktard profile and has a link to her tumblr and it says she's 14.
For real, maggot "fans" are only 14 year old dumb kids that want to be adopted by maggot and some crazy adults that probably have the same/similar mental problems.

No. 245331

Maggot is a disgrace. She sounds delusional as hell in this. Oh no, a normal couple in a long distance relationship constantly texting one another. SUCH A STALKER!

No. 245333

I imagine Margo was like Mother Gothel in the 'Mother Knows Best Reprise' theme from Tangled when Venus and Manaki were getting more closer. She's still acting the same way weeks after the escape to Japan happened. Bitch won't let this go at all.

No. 245334

yeah, how about no?

bitch should volunteer as margo's adoptive astral daughter for a week

No. 245335

Is Margendo's money ever gonna run out? jfc

No. 245337


Margo will always find a way, even if she's 'homeless'. I mean she's thick as shit, still technically homeless yet eating at restaurants day in and day out yeah bitch you're real poor, if it's that bad then start saving or look for work.

She doesn't want to support herself in the slightest. She's like a benefit scrounging cunt who uses fake illnesses to never work and get hand outs. Those 'friends' she has are just are other backup bank accounts.

No. 245338

It's hard for me to believe that Margo doesn't have money squirreled away somewhere. She's cunning.

No. 245339


I think running out of $ what's fueling this current meltdown. Mags chilled for a week or so and stayed in nice hotels - seems like she met a "friend" or two. But she seems to be running low on credit at this point.

She had all of the money Venus earned up until a month ago; a credit card; and whatever "friend/s" who have paid for things. She also had all of the household goods (tv, furniture), including a desktop mac and a $5,000 camera. It's likely she's also still cashing her Swiss government child support checks, which she's entitled to as long as Venus lives with her, up until V is 25 (I doubt Margo would tell the Swiss her kid moved out - her checks would stop.) The Swiss money wasn't enough to live off completely when they were in the UK, so it can't be tons of cash, but it's something.

Long story short, it's gonna be a bit before she gets totally destitute. Her situation will get shittier once she can't pay the credit card bills she's currently accumulating (which she still anticipates having Venus pay.) Maybe she'll keep escorting or whatever the fuck she's been up to.

No. 245340

Also, she can sell th Mac desktop and the DSLR if she's desperate.

No. 245342

File: 1457306251225.jpeg (29.87 KB, 640x177, image.jpeg)

I think she already sold the camera
Ugh I accidentally made a new thread instead of replying how embarrassing.

No. 245343

Following up on something Mags said in the private chat about Venus - that she exhibits "the ten psychopathic traits" - got me curious. I don't know what kind of listsicle Mags got "the ten" from, but I was curious about where Margo might come out on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (http://www.sociopathicstyle.com/psychopathic-traits/)

She's a pretty high score - standout are:

- pathological lying

- conning and manipulation (The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from Item #4 (pathological lying) in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.)

- parasitic lifestyle (!) (An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.)

- lack of realistic, long term goals (including a nomadic existence)

It's quite eye opening. We know Mags is totally nuts, but she's a serious candidate for an actual diagnosis for serious shit.

No. 245345


Is there a way Venus could notify Swiss govt that she's married, thus not living with margo anymore?

No. 245346

Maggot needs to just leave Japan. All she's doing is walking the streets, not doing anything exciting and living beneath a table at Denny's. Venus isn't going to come running back to pay all of Maggot's piles of debt. The way she's spending all this money on shit is going to bite her in the ass. I don't see her having anywhere to live because I have the strongest feeling that her family in Hungary won't want shit to do with her after everything Venus revealed about her.

Maggot, get a job. Your living checkbook isn't coming back and thank god for that.

No. 245348

when though. it was only a few days before she left SK and came to Tokyo.

margo would have needed the foresight to realise she'd need it and bring it. now, maybe she has brought that stuff (the claim about spending $1400), maybe she's sold it, or maybe she's still spending Venus' former money and has that shit stashed.

either way this is yet another twisted lie from Margles.

No. 245349

I think that was one of the hiccups with Venus'marriage in the dirst place. She needed her papers signed by her embassy so that her country new she was married?

No. 245350

that embassy stuff is about proving you are not married anywhere else.

according to the Swiss govet, Venus is still with Margo, married or not. as that 25 age limit is so generous, other generous rules may apply too.

No. 245351

but if we have a Swiss anon among us? Bwahahahaha…

No. 245352


I'd venture to guess that the child getting married OR moving nullifies the Swiss government child support. If your kid doesn't live with you, or is married (whether or not they live with you), there's no reason to give support to the parent.

And Margo was in contact with the Hungarian embassy for Venus's marriage stuff, which was always weird. Does Venus have duel citizenship? Or was Margo trying to hide that V was getting married from the Swiss? I can't think of why the Hungarians would be the ones to confirm Venus had no prior marriages to Japan, when she's Swiss by birth.

No. 245356

It doesn't matter where you are born, typically citizenship works based on what nationality your parents are. Venus is probably a dual national Swiss/Hungarian since her father was Swiss and Maggot is Hungarian. For that reason either embassy would've worked just as well, and if I recall correctly, Maggot barely speaks German.

No. 245360

Whats with the #venusangelic?

No. 245362

It's probably because Venus finally blocked the festering Maggot.

No. 245374

File: 1457313527482.png (136.64 KB, 351x534, Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.15…)

Lol, a single comment apparently threw Mags over the edge.

~the video of truth is coming~

No. 245379

Yeah you would think so, but then a child support payment till the age of 25 is generous to the extreme. It's logical to expect some will get married and or move out before that age. I wonder if they just pay it till 25 anyway; it's a rich country. Still, would be nice to hear from a Swiss anon.

No. 245380

God, I hope she cries. It'll make her even uglier.

No. 245385

LMAO! She's going to make herself look even worse and get even more hate. Oh my god, I can't wait for this. I've got Adblock ready.

No. 245386

File: 1457316160630.jpeg (25.78 KB, 426x240, image.jpeg)

As bad as I feel for Venus, I can't fucking wait for this video.

No. 245388

oh god finally.

No. 245390

File: 1457316829709.jpg (583.51 KB, 320x213, vwMin.jpg)

Hype train is leaving the station! All aboard!

No. 245393


Haha, great pic OP.

No. 245394

Someone posted in the same comment section that she wants to meet up with margo…? Can't take a screenshot rn but it's the same yoyogi pic if you scroll down

No. 245396

if theres gonna be a video download it asap pls

No. 245398

No. 245402

Pretty sure the video is just going to be the same old redundant crap she's been repeating on twitter. Not that hyped.

No. 245404


Live crazy is always entertaining. Who knows which way she'll jump. Does Margo say Venus is brainwashed by a pedo? A thief? The mastermind of a plot to ruin Margendo's life? Will we get more "proof" of Venus's treachery that actually makes Margo look worse (as it has done every time)?

It's more material to laugh at, which is always good in my book.

No. 245407

If it is live then that would be interesting.
>Does Margo say Venus is brainwashed by a pedo? A thief? The mastermind of a plot to ruin Margendo's life?
She already says those things. Literally nothing new.
>Will we get more "proof" of Venus's treachery that actually makes Margo look worse (as it has done every time)?
I'm betting it's the same shit, just compiled in one video like the vid she made for Venus's 1 mil subscriber thing. Maybe similar to the bodyline video too.

No. 245412

File: 1457320999257.jpg (159.38 KB, 528x613, Lets play bingo.jpg)

No. 245413

omfg bless you

No. 245414

I'm gonna turn it into a drinking game based off this bingo card.

No. 245415

>tommy wiseau impression


No. 245417

I'm fucking dying. It's funny how she's traded a life of Starbucks for a life of Denny's.

No. 245418


I love you

No. 245422

kinda OT but does anyone have that comic of Maggot in the pink bikini and pigtails saying something like "now we must dance the kawaii" with a sad Venus?

No. 245424

File: 1457323987701.png (273.45 KB, 999x351, 1339743406752.png)

I have this one.

No. 245425

lol poor magoo… it's her birthday and no1curr…she'll celebrate it alone at Denny's

meanwhile venus gets thousands of likes and fanart…and looks cute

hahahahaha maggott. karma's a bitch ain't it

No. 245426

If only we knew how true this was at the time…

No. 245427

Needs more sausages.

No. 245428

That's the one thank you!I think I confused PT's pink bikini. It's scary how accurate this comic is, I'm willing to bet something like this really happened.

No. 245429

File: 1457324515564.jpg (50.27 KB, 720x960, 1372896430666.jpg.6a3c6740133f…)

I can't find anything in a pink bikini either, but this came up.

I bet this gollum looking creature was only lifting weights because Venus was outgrowing her and she needed strength to keep beating her up.

No. 245430

File: 1457324617045.jpg (69.89 KB, 1280x720, 10.jpg)

This is a masterpiece, anon

No. 245431

File: 1457324620055.gif (669.32 KB, 1122x720, mfjs2.gif.bac7765dc290427672b4…)


Sage for same-fagging, but it really is horrifying and I was on the fence of spoiler imaging it. Another oldie, probably repost.

No. 245432

File: 1457324691917.jpeg (132.48 KB, 1270x497, image.jpeg)

Look who's back at it harassing Venus? Aka the one behind the venusthebitch account that got deleted. This was on the photo Benus posted with the cat plushness, oh my god I want to punch her.


No. 245434

And probably happened all the time.

It's funny how this poor decrepit old lady who really cannot get a job and must 100% financially depend on her teenage daughter is traipsing around in a bikini or in the nude all the time. That alone is probably proof enough she's severely mentally ill.

No. 245435

Ugh… The more I think about Margaret's crazy, the worse I feel for Venus. Such a horrible childhood.

No. 245441

Wait, that account was busted? Damn, where was I?

No. 245446

how about Venus just says Margles was an accident? that seems like the Palermo birthday tradition, right?

No. 245448

File: 1457328252797.png (707.67 KB, 799x557, Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.22…)

So Marge is banging on again about how she studied photography and "did" x-ray and nuclear medicine? When the fuck did that happen?

No. 245449


Can someone who's not blocked ask her why she doesn't go back to being a nuclear medicine tech, since that's a well-paid, stable job? I just want to see whether she admits she never finished school (and probably never even started; this whole x-ray and nuclear medicine thing has only been mentioned by her in the last few days)

No. 245451

I think anons mentioned before she was an x-ray technician but make no mistake, x-ray technician is not a uni degree, it's a technical college course, takes like 2 yrs in my country. Maybe this is what she means by "nuclear medicine" (lol)

No. 245455


Yeah, an x ray tech and a nuclear medicine tech are two different things (and being a nuclear med tech def requires a uni degree) - I'd just never heard anything at all about Marge ever having a job that wasn't being a fitness instructor / PT in the UK. I was under the impression she never worked until she got divorced and moved to the UK.

No. 245457

This girl and nessasyndromex are completely retarded. There are so many Gendo asslickers…I'm quite astonished. I didn't think so many dimwits would support her unironically.

I've reposted this so many times due to typos. I really need to sleep.

No. 245458

… you can delete the extras, you know

No. 245459

It may have been recent but it's gone along with her palermohater account. She's probably going to go back to sticking up for Maggot and harassing Venus soon enough though. It's like she wants to wear Venus' skin.

No. 245460

File: 1457329257692.png (580.62 KB, 881x549, Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.38…)

And yeah, that nessasyndromex is the worst. All her "Venus just DIDN'T LIKE THE RULES so she RAN AWAY and WON'T EVEN CALL HER MOTHER". The fuck? A grown, married, self employed and self supporting woman moved in with her husband. What a monster, right?

No. 245461

Oh my god, I want to punch that dumb bitch in the face. "NONE OF YOU HAVE EVER RAISED CHILDREN!" Yes, some of us have and we wouldn't treat them like shit the way Maggot did to Venus.

No. 245462

Did Venus finally block Mags? I've noticed an uptick in Gendo's flying monkey squad harassing Venus, but curiously no sighting of Margo herself.

No. 245463

Yeah, I heard she did and she's no longer following her on Instagram because of it. I can't believe these kids (and some adults) are stupid and sick enough to take the side of an abuser like this.

No. 245465

File: 1457331673017.png (1.65 MB, 945x609, capture_001_06032016_222013.pn…)

No. 245466

Yep she did work in radiology if you look up her tumblr. Her position is unclear but most likely a technician. It's a very good gig so idk why she gave it up - well other than Venus earning enough cash to support her ass

No. 245467



stop trying to talk like your daughter. you'll never be her, you psychotic cunt

No. 245468

I thought it was sad when she stayed at the airport for three days….

No. 245469

More and more Denny's selfies! I'm dying.

No. 245471


So I'm assuming that this denny's has to either be a) in the hotel she's staying at, or b) right by the room she's "renting"

There's only one Denny's inside a hotel in Tokyo:
Hotel Mets Komagome
2-1-39 Komagome
+81 3-3944-0040
Open 24 hours


No. 245476

Was that what she worked at in Switzerland? If so, it's a long time ago. Maggot probably didn't bother to work with the divorce money and the Swiss allowance.

No. 245477

You might be on to something. Looking around it's reasonably priced and popular with western tourists. Margo's language skills being what they are, it's definitely the sort of place she would feel comfortable.

No. 245478

What are your thoughts anon? Calling her? LoL that would be crazy

No. 245479

"margot" and "job" cannot go in the same sentence

No. 245480

there are 24 hour multiple denny's… she could be in the shibuya branch or ikebukuro, it's hard to pinpoint

No. 245482


No real thoughts on what to do with the info. I just got curious as to how many Tokyo hotels would have a Denny's attached; I knew it couldn't be tons.

And there's many Denny's in Tokyo; this just seems likely due the frequency she dines there. when I stay at hotels for a week, I generally grab one meal every day there. I can't think of any other reason she'd BE there that often, unless it's in her hotel.

I guess at best it gives any Tokyo anons a place to keep their eyes peeled for Margendo, it it is where she's staying.

No. 245485

There's also a Denny's in the same building as the Akihabara Washington Hotel.

No. 245486

Did she get her hair cut or is it only tied back?

Btw anyone knows Margo's Hungarian last name? I'll try to look up if there's any mentions of her "university degrees" online

No. 245487

Seriously, the idea of successfully raising children is that they end up independant, making their own money. Venus has been doing this since she was underage, Maggot didn't have to become financially dependent on her daughter, she chose to because she thought living as a parasite would be easy.

Why sad? She creates her own misery. A forty year old woman should have better judgment.

No. 245488

Damn. I thought someone brave might call to find out if she's staying there lol

No. 245489


And btw, Margo's sister Zsuzsa (Susan) deleted her instagram after only having it for a few weeks. Wonder why.

No. 245490

unless it's blowjob

No. 245491

Ok I can't find anything about either nuclear medicine or x-ray/radiology for neither Margaret Koncz or Margaret Palermo. I can see if she took a 2 yr radiology course there might not be info, but the medicine stuff requires a uni degree so there would've been a high chance her name would be somewhere online on alumni lists etc. Bitch lied again

No. 245492

omg she really did celebrate her birthday at Denny's! dies laughing

No. 245493

No surprise there. She always bragged about her imaginary degrees but never said what they were in, mentioned the institution or anything. I called bullshit as soon as she started claiming she has multiple degrees and that she's smarter than Manaki.

No. 245494

I've got a degree and a masters in my field and my name is not published anywhere by my universities.

Are you checking in Hungary? Because that could be where she did it.

No. 245495

denny's sounds like denies, which is what she's doing.

No. 245497

Well, I guess it's possible like you say that her name just isn't published, but it's interesting seeing as she doesn't appear very…educated at all, it sorta adds to the impression it's a lie. Also, no, I didn't. I thought she was doing the radiologist work in UK so I googled English terms for radiology and nuclear medicine, hoped maybe some work history would come up. I don't know what her work or education terms are called in Hungarian

No. 245499

She did personal training work when they were in the UK, before Venus made enough to live on. She worked for some gym. IF she ever did rad tech work, it had to be in the Netherlands, Switzerland, or Hungary.

No. 245502

I think anon meant that she's looking even more pathetic compared to staying at the airport.

No. 245503

I'm guessing that she really did study it, probably in Hungary, then that work would have taken her to Switzerland? All a theory.

No. 245504

Not all people who attended university previously will appear educated, anon. Stupid people are attending universities too.

No. 245505

I know, I meant more in the sense she talks a lot about her "education" but there isn't any specifics to back it up, she doesn't mention any name of institution ever (which is weird cause she loves to brag), she doesn't mention any details about her technical jobs in the past (example: "I worked X years in <Country> lab, then I became Venus' manager"), she doesn't really talk about any technical details at all that would seem like she had this knowledge at all, even if she already shares her life so much. I know it's not likely to come up, but all together it just seems like she thought "a degree would make me look smart, I will say I have one!" and left it at that.

No. 245506

Swiss anon here!
I'm not sure Margaret is getting anymore money from the governement now (or won't soon anyway) since 25 or not, Venus still needs to be studying or doing a apprenticeship in order to get it.

Now that Venus is not only not working/studying in Japan and but also not with Margo… no chance

No. 245507

She didn't delete it, she just changed her username


No. 245508

File: 1457342892653.jpg (93.75 KB, 1000x750, IMG_6165.JPG)

No. 245509

Swiss anon, do you know if that only counts for proper university or college enrollment or she get it if Venus just goes to a language school, the same type as she did in Korea?

No. 245510

Dont they have a standard wallpaper and seating?

No. 245511

Maybe in the US, but not in Japan.

No. 245514

So anyone in Japan wanna spot a wild Maggot in its (temporarily) natural habitat?

No. 245515

thanks anon!

No. 245516

What is Margo doing in Tsukuba?

No. 245517

Maybe she's trying to find contact with either a lawyer, some Hungarian or Swiss embassy officials, or Manaki's family

No. 245518

If she is, she's wasting her time.

No. 245519

Yes, language schools count

No. 245520

She was probably hoping for a birthday freebie.

Just go into river where you belong, Maguro

No. 245521

File: 1457344662126.png (488 KB, 473x533, Takaido.png)

Not saying you're wrong, but a lot of Denny's have similar decor. It could be any of them.

No. 245522

Well, her whole being in Japan is a waste of time tbh. If Venus hasn't reached out to her by now, then her emotions will have cooled down considerably. The critical time was right after Venus left, and if she's still staying strong and refusing Margo, then she will probably not give in again. Only good thing is that we're getting some tasty milk.

Ah ok, good to know, thanks!

No. 245523

Do the Swiss have a dob in a benefit bludger hotline?

No. 245524

Not sure… what does "dob" mean?

Also, here are the official Swiss governement website page about familial allocations (only in French, German and Italian)


No. 245527

it's slang for basically "informing the proper authorities" of someone's misdeeds.

No. 245529

I'm fairly sure she said she met her ex-husband while she was studying in Switzerland

No. 245530

wow so just keep Venus moving around but in school = money. keep Venus youtubing = money.

No. 245531

ah ok. I wonder if she worked in the field after studying? or just relied on the marriage/having a child.

No. 245533

can we start a gofundme to reunite margo with the river, this time permanently.

No. 245534

She'll take your money and re-buy her ~Svarovski Stones~ collection

No. 245535

File: 1457348136687.jpg (68.77 KB, 308x255, Personal Trainer.jpg)

No. 245536

My, my, so many professions!
How about working Maggot? Then you wouldn't have to rely on the money Venus 'stole'.

No. 245538

Venus was her creation though, just the 'talent' in Margo's brilliant scheme. She says it in chat.

No. 245540

Not if we put the money at the bottom of the river, the tell her it went downstreams and she has to swim for a bit. For a personal trainer, that would be a piece of (birthday) cake!

No. 245542

Wait, who's that in the background? This is Venus and Manaki's place, right?

Is it one of his parents?

No. 245543

I think it might be at the cat cafe, judging by the green logo on the left.

No. 245544

File: 1457351391193.jpg (411.37 KB, 933x602, Milky goodness.jpg)

No. 245545

did she really post this? omg crying ahahahahaha

No. 245546

Go check her instagram while the milk is still frothy.

No. 245547

File: 1457351599112.jpg (158.88 KB, 1400x513, Margle-bargle.jpg)

No. 245548

ahahha i'm crying over @thatweirdfangirl_ comments! I'm loving it!

No. 245549

send her a sympathy card full of monopoly money

No. 245550

File: 1457351931547.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-07-12-20-54…)

No. 245551

Ugh Maguro, you are showing your Eurotrash roots here! Wtf

Look at how much of the end of the cigarette is on fire. it must have taken her ages to take that photo, meanwhile she wastes her only cigarette she managed to bum from someone

No. 245553

File: 1457351982464.png (1.12 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-07-12-21-03…)

Margaret is being a sassy bitch again and she is also deleting comments

No. 245554

she wanted to look badass lmao

No. 245556


I would ask wtf she is smoking but according to the picture she probably inhaled too much gas trying to take a good picture. That woman needs help pronto.

No. 245557

What if it's not a cigarette but a rolled up piece of paper?

No. 245558

File: 1457352097007.png (37.67 KB, 608x202, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.0…)

No. 245559

So sad, I remember doing that shit when I was like 15 and stupid. The crazy shit Margs comes out with - just when you think she can't get any more mental she does

No. 245560

She did believe it ahah this is so funny
I'll tell her to do a gofund me to get a new macbook so she can be a youtuber LMAO

No. 245561

do it man. she loves gfm.

No. 245562

File: 1457352421030.jpeg (329.78 KB, 701x662, image.jpeg)

Sounds like margrot is trying to blame Venus for locking the MacBook

No. 245563


She is so delusional, omg I can't handle it. River, come to her!

No. 245564

Obviously when your macbook is locked up you have to return it to your crazy mother… For some reason.
Yeah, it seems like she was planning for Venus to turn up with the macbook for Margs to unlock it.

No. 245565

Maggot has weird obsession with "proofs" but never can deliver

No. 245566

File: 1457352765760.jpeg (410.76 KB, 701x771, image.jpeg)


No. 245567

Dont you know? Speaking moonspeak to your husband is akin to treason.

No. 245568

I wonder, does she know that the internet has screencaps of all craziness? I'D love to send her a compilation of her own posts.

No. 245569

The funny thing is she actually locked it herself lol

No. 245571

File: 1457352941805.jpeg (95.62 KB, 701x147, image.jpeg)

"I was on the photos! Me me me!"

No. 245572

She'd probably claim photo editing and her stupid white knights would believe her

No. 245573

File: 1457353142856.jpg (14.09 KB, 295x75, lol.JPG)

Margaret MUA inc

No. 245574

Bigger issues…like her Denny's spending budget

No. 245575

I wish she would do makeup tutorials. I watching people do makeup badly.

No. 245576

when she first appeared on the internet she had a tutorial for anime makeup. amongst other things she drew dots on her cheeks with eyeliner.

No. 245577

File: 1457353617819.png (34.66 KB, 622x194, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.2…)

No. 245578

oh my fucking god, this might actually kill me

No. 245579

I can't at this ahahah

No. 245580

I feel that no one 18 and older should speak in such a retarded manner but it further shows her decent into delusional madness…

No. 245581

File: 1457353796682.jpg (61.66 KB, 500x375, rspn9h4.jpg)

>this memeing

I can't even

No. 245582

File: 1457354160059.jpg (21.08 KB, 288x228, 1.JPG)

No. 245584

That was a pretty useless question to ask her since she can't work in Japan with a tourist visa. The only thing she can do is prostitute.

No. 245585

Someone ask her when she is releasing her video.

No. 245586

File: 1457354499914.jpeg (401.6 KB, 701x801, image.jpeg)

She edited the caption to that stove pic

No. 245587

She finds the macbook excuse! We should tell her to get snapchat or to use periscope, telling her it would make her a web-star XD
Maybe we will get some videos

No. 245588

How come she's using af so much in the last day or two? It's like she learnt a new phrase and now wants to stick it at the end of every comment so she can be down with the kids, even when it doesn't make sense ("I hate my nose af").

No. 245589

She's probably one of those brain damaged people that thinks it means something it does not. In her mind she probably thinks it's another way of saying, "I really hate my nose" when in reality, "I hate my nose as fuck" makes no sense. Then again, this is Margo and most of us have a hard time understanding Margoese.

No. 245590

File: 1457355092849.jpeg (448.45 KB, 701x1044, image.jpeg)

No. 245591

File: 1457355145613.jpeg (539.23 KB, 701x962, image.jpeg)

Not sure how to put all screenshots on one image since I'm on mobile :/ but maggot is commenting on Venus new pic

No. 245592

File: 1457355160144.jpeg (526.98 KB, 701x999, image.jpeg)

No. 245593

File: 1457355194651.jpeg (478.28 KB, 701x1049, image.jpeg)

No. 245594

File: 1457355212669.jpeg (503.77 KB, 701x1050, image.jpeg)

No. 245595


that's so disgusting to say

No. 245596

and jassy's just in there doing Margo's dirty work. an amateur abuser herself.

No. 245597

>abusive fiance
Once again, everyone else is abusive or a bully and Margendo's the poor victim who's done nothing wrong wah wah wah

No. 245598

Jassy is giving me cancer. Margo calls Venus an accident again out of fucking left field and that gets a "haha, silly trolls" response?

I feel so awful for Venus. It has to hurt a lot to have any amount of people siding with such a cruel woman.

No. 245599

can't someone comment on how her daddy wouldn't be proud of her or something? I'd love to make fun of people like her, like "Haha, you got no daddy!"

No. 245600

Margot's so immature. She wanted to see Venus on her birthday, but she's still talking shit about V.. what is logic.

No. 245601

To be fair, there IS a difference between an accident and a mistake. And Margot has always used the word accident.
A mistake is much harsher because it would mean Margot regrets having V and didn't want her.. but she's simply called her an accident saying she was unplanned, which really isn't a nasty thing to say imo.

No. 245602

But 'accident' implies 'I never wanted you' and we all know she's saying it to hurt her.
It's not like she did some story time where she says that Venus was a happy accident.

No. 245603

Well well. Margo comanding the finer points of english. Thats interesting

No. 245604

yes exactly there's just no need to say something like that over instagram of all places

No. 245605

Most normal people in that situation use "surprise" instead of "accident". Accident still implies some kind of regret, but then again her English is not native

No. 245607

Definitely. Obviously most people in the world were accidents but you don't tell your daughter that she was unplanned in the same breath as calling her an animal abuser and thief as well as other nasty things. In public view too, of all places.

No. 245608

File: 1457356192486.png (43.98 KB, 400x279, CisWZ1n.png)

yep, probably not what Gendo considers Venus to be

No. 245610

this is Margo manipulating again.

she meant it as a hurtful insult, now she retracts and explains how we got it all wrong.

if you are jassy gtfo

No. 245611

Jassyrose is a freak tbh.
she is just an attention seeker like margo

No. 245612

File: 1457356501137.jpg (216.08 KB, 1400x889, jassyrose85-thats-jassyrose85.…)

She's collaborating with Margo now though. She's really crossing the line. Says she doesn't listen to either side, yet we know she DMs with Margo. To me, jassyrose85 is now bullying Venus. Yeah that word is done to death but it really applies here. She wants to cause Venus misery.

We need the anon who knows the jewelry store where jassyrose85 works.

No. 245613

Why doesn't Venus block them both?

No. 245614

we should report jassyrose's comment on venus' ig

No. 245615

samefag here.

and it's not in the words so much just in her presence there. she's having a little undercover connection with margo bc they know each other. margo knows jassyrose85 will do her bidding.

No. 245616

I don't have IG but if you can, try.

No. 245617

I reported both for bullying

No. 245618

File: 1457357265957.png (383.39 KB, 929x586, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 13.2…)

I don't expect anyone to do anything with the store name, but it's amazing how much personal info people stick on social media without thinking.

No. 245619

So mediocre

No. 245620

No. 245621

File: 1457357907124.jpg (32.35 KB, 568x297, j.JPG)

No. 245622

Oh shit, I've been to there, a thread or so ago I mentioned I thought I'd seen her working at a really boring store that sold boring diamond jewellery.
They're still packing up after a big car race on my side of town but once that's done I might go say hi.

No. 245623

crackwhore status

No. 245628

Adelaide. That explains fucking everything.

No. 245629

I'm from Adelaide myself, but don't live there anymore.

No. 245630

even just a note under the door could be interesting. too real.

No. 245632

File: 1457359334073.jpg (151.77 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 245633

Oh I like that, I was thinking about sending her a polite instagram telling her to chill but notes would be more fun.
You escaped! You're not missing out on much.

No. 245635

I really don't know why she keeps going on about the hamster when it should be obvious to anyone that it was an accident. Hamsters are very delicate and not a good pet for young children. They get spooked easily and will keel over.

She keeps painting Venus as an animal abuser because she accidentally caused a hamster to die and dropped a puppy. By accident. It's not like she hurled it off a bridge because she's a bad seed.

But you can clearly see that Margo would be going on about this regardless of whether or not Venus cleared it up. Because she's running out of mud to sling so she has to recycle some of it.

But she's just showing her true colors over and over by blaming Venus for childhood accidents. It's really pathetic.

No. 245636

File: 1457360451515.jpeg (531.88 KB, 701x1062, image.jpeg)

Magrot is utter shit and so are her supporters wtf

Venus left her with a Mac desktop and the expensive ass camera that now suddenly magrot doesn't have.

No. 245637

crazy mom like her love to point little mistakes out again and again until the poor young child believes it. Apparently she thinks she can pull this shit with other people as well? Sorry Margo, crazy tactics don't work with strangers.
Also the wording, "killed", as if Venus actively killed it and I think at some point she even said that she killed the dog, when it is still alive.

No. 245639

Yeah, just to say hi to jassyrose85, nothing specific is necessary. Effective.

See even though I left I still have that Adelaide nutbag thinking.

No. 245640

File: 1457361420163.jpg (43.56 KB, 425x319, Frau_Farbissina_APIMOM.jpg)

Anyone else have major Frau Farbissina vibes from Margo?

No. 245641

Yes, I knew she looked like someone couldn't figure it out.

No. 245648

I found Jassyrose's fb but I don't see anything interesting…
I don't know if you could find something useful


No. 245651


It's honestly scary to see how easy you can figure out personal information of some people online jeez

No. 245652

File: 1457366882904.jpeg (189.08 KB, 750x1065, 1454971642162.jpeg)


wow margo how bitter can you get
stop saying venus is a mistake, no one forced you to spread legs in the first place.


Assuming that margaretpalermofans isn't (unlikely) a sockpuppet, the "thank you my fans" reply means she agree with its wording. Margo could have correct them about using accident instead mistake.

No. 245653

to be fair, she has left her personal info very accessible, and since im from the same small state as her she comes up as a suggested friend

No. 245655

Didn't someone from the last thread make that account to get milk?

No. 245656

Venu isn't swiss citizen tho but hungarian which is why the whole marriage stuff was in hungarian.

No. 245657

No, that one is @supportmargaretpalermo

No. 245658

>Maggot probably didn't bother to work with the divorce money and the Swiss allowance.
Margo didn't disvorce until last year.

No. 245659

But margaretpOlermo replied, not margaretpAlermo

No. 245661

I can imagine a doge meme with Magro's face.
"Such bullying, very liar, Venoos"

No. 245662


you're right anon, thanks for correcting me

No. 245664

but still, why would margaretpalermofans wrote like this

>she make a big trouble for me and her friends

>for me

No. 245665


Shame the cunt didn't burn her face off in the process of taking the dumbass pic.

No. 245666

Because it's the same tired troll that has made like 5 accounts like that; margaretpolermo, margaretpaiermo, supportmargaretpalermo and what else. They were self posting a lot a couple threads back, and always tried to make it sound like it was margo herself.

No. 245669

Wow what a heartless bitch seriously needs a curbstomping. Who the fuck does she think she is to call here own child a mistake and not only that allow and support her "fan" to call her the same. Margaret you are a backward ass dumb fuck with fuck all going for them. Leave venus alone and take your trashy ass back to Europe and jump in a river no one will miss you

No. 245671

what about aliments or smth?

No. 245679

Some of these were confirmed to be run by different people. We never got info on who was running margaretpalermofans.

No. 245680

File: 1457376695281.png (21.3 KB, 409x145, she can describe you hell.png)

I've actually been thinking that maybe Manaki doesn't let Venus read her IG comments or reads them before her. I mean, Margo confirmed he's acting as a proxy between Venus and her so I'd imagine he'd do the same for her IG, knowing Gendo shits herself there regularly.

No. 245682

WHY has she still not gone to the fucking river? I'm bored of waiting she's such an unnecessary person. Scum.

No. 245683


first the truth video, then the river.

No. 245689

File: 1457379033335.jpg (422.14 KB, 1406x2086, _20160306_095647.jpg)

I think she does read most them, I saw she replied a couple of very nice comments like this one.

So she probably has read all the horrible things maggot has said

No. 245690

Oh I didn't know she reads and replied to comments. Maybe snobs can comment with the resources (support groups/online therapy) mentioned earlier.

No. 245693


No. 245699


Don't lie, it wasn't a typo/auto correct… ;)

No. 245700

File: 1457380710512.png (573.2 KB, 874x532, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.5…)

Christ, is she STILL UP?

No. 245702

Those comments are 6 hours old.

No. 245703

No. 245706

Is she wearing an apron? That looks like an employee break room or maybe a hostel kitchen? Is that what a hostel kitchen looks like in Japan?

No. 245708

Couldn't she be a fitness personality? She obviously relishes the attention that comes with e-fame and there is a market for fitness. She actually got good muscle definition as seen in a photo she posted, if she scrubbed the Venus connection she could trick people into following her on Instagram, make youtube fitness vids and maybe swindle people to hire her as a PT. I could see it being the same amount of work as puppeteering Venus career, more or less.

Maybe being preoccupied in her own e-fame can get her to leave Venus alone.

No. 245710


but as much as I know is that she can't work on her tourist visa and I don't see her leaving anytime soon, so she can't/don't want to work in anyway.

No. 245711

But that would actually be work. It's way easier to exploit Venus and make her do the dirty stuff.
I think Margo feel that she is better than that.

No. 245712


Just an ugly outfit, I think - some kind of tank top over tee shirt combo.

The room could be a hostel kitchen, or an efficiency. And el oh fucking el at Marge making fun of Venus's kitchen for being "poor" and "small" and "doesn't even have a built in stove". Bitch, look at you, too poor to buy a lighter, with a single hot plate THAT YOU RENT to your name.

No. 245713

Hmm, I still think someone should recommend it to Margo. She might be the type to be ok with working so long as she's the one soaking up praise.

She'd probably have to move back to the UK to work though, that's true.

No. 245715

I could actually see Margot as a fitness persona or an Instagram runner. She could also just go ahead and be a camgirl. She has the body and the personality for it.

No. 245717


She can earn youtube money anywhere. But she doesn't have the time to build a following and get paid before she runs out of cash. It might be an eventual plan, but it's not enough for now.

She's hyper focused on: getting her macbook, and getting Venus to apologize and give Mags her money. She literally cannot see anything else. If she was a sane person, she'd be able to make long term alternate plans, but she's just not capable of it.

No. 245718

waits for truth video to finally arrive

No. 245721

She can't go back to the UK, she's got problems there for tax evasion

No. 245722

In the netherlands and in swiss-germany, too?

No. 245723

Swiss-Germany isn't a country, but I think tax trouble is why she left the Netherlands, as well. As far as returning to Switzerland, I have no idea whether she'd either be allowed or has trouble there. I don't think she ever lived in Germany. She CAN go back to, and earn money from a job in, Hungary.

No. 245725

Since this is all in the EU, is it possible she is not only having trouble in the countries she lived, but basically in the whole EU? Fraud is in many countries of the EU a really big deal. Maybe that's why they moved to Korea and she wanting to stay there desperatly?

No. 245726


maggot is honestly so fucked - I don't know how she can sleep at night when she has no idea what is going to happen to her without a job or a place to stay.

No. 245727

Wow look at margg you guise. Bumming cigs from her homies. Having a fuckin party alone af. So badass. Fuckin edgy af dude. #yolo

No. 245728


Low empathy persons (narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths) can't make long term plans or goals. Their brains just don't work that way. So that shit would never keep Margo up at night - what gets her are schemes as to how to mooch off someone else.

It would never occur to her to make her own plans for self support; it's why she can't let go of this idea that Venus is gonna come crawling back to her, with offering of cash and apologies. If she's up at night, it's not worry that's the issue - it's anger that her victim isn't obeying. Marge is only going to let this go if and when she finds someone else to leech off of, then she won't give two shits about Venus ever again.

No. 245730

I hope she overstays her visa and gets forcefully deported with ban of 5-10 years

No. 245732

Seriously. Has she even thought about where she is going to go or how she's going to support herself/live long term or is she just obsessing over getting back at venus?

What does she even DO all day, after eating at Denny's? (other than refreshing venus's IG every 5 seconds.) Sit in her room? Wander the streets for hours? I can't even imagine…

No. 245733

I could easily imagine her wandering the streets in hope of finding Venus

No. 245737

calling to her using her fake opera singing

No. 245738

I wonder what she would do if she bumps into Venus. I could imagine her getting physical…

No. 245739

Totally. I assumed as much. It's hard for me to imagine she has true friends in Japan. I bet she burned all if her bridges there when she moved to South Korea.

No. 245744

why the fuck does everyone nuts have to live here? I'm gonna keep my eye out for a wild jassyrose85 for sure.

No. 245745

How has Margo not found Venus yet? If Venus is living with Manaki, how come Margo didn't at all know the address before? You would think if they were dating even before this shit went down, Margo would know. Or at least some kind of contact with Manaki's parents etc.

No. 245747

I think Manaki lived in some kind of dorm before and I guess he moved into a bigger flat in preparation for Venus coming over? But maybe I'm totally mistaken

No. 245749


Agreed, all the weirdos move to Japan.

No. 245750

Either weird or have emotional baggage or toxic parents or mental illnesses…

No. 245751


Same thing that happened at the airport. Margo grabs her and loses her shit; doesn't let you until there's outside intervention. Uses it as more "proofs" of Venus's so called "screaming attacks" (it's pretty normal to scream when being physically restrained against your will, and or yelled at / hit, not sure Mags realizes this.)

But unless someone intervened, Margo would probably do some real damage. She's pissed, and Venus would most likely go into freeze mode rather than fight.

I've got some experience with this; if my parents / someone I know and love attacks me, I freeze like a small child. Someone I don't know shouts / gets in my face / attacks? Fist fucking city, I go berserker. PTSD is weird like that, it doesn't serve you when you truly need it. Part of the solution is to cut contact with the family who hurt you and cause such reactions, and V is doing a bang up job of that right now. But she'd be incredibly vulnerable is Mags found her.

No. 245753

I think he meant Jassyrose85, cause she's from Adelaide

No. 245765

Yet she's avidly defending Maggot with no proof and there's plenty of proof of Venus being abused. I want to hurt this cunt.

No. 245767

I'm curious to know why she defends Margo like that.
She is insane! They both are

No. 245779


Eh, it seems like some kind of combo of Jassy's dad dying recently; her past estrangement from her dad and her guilt related to it; and her having a baby recently, which brought all of this shit to the forefront of her mind.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Jassy thinks if she can somehow get Venus to make up with Margo and obey Mags like what Jassy thinks of as a "good daughter", it'll somehow make up for the time Jassy "lost" with her dad when she herself briefly got clear of her abusive parent. But then Jassy went straight back to being a kool-aide drinker and made nice with her pop before he died, making her an evangelist for making nice with your abuser/s NO MATTER WHAT. The praise she gets for being a good, compliant girl is what she thinks love is.

Either that or Jassy is another abusive parent, who, now that she has a kid, feels that she has the power and right to do what she wants and be loved no matter what. And she likes what Margo's selling because it's what she thinks, too.

No. 245783

File: 1457389670357.png (2.23 MB, 954x814, capture_001_07032016_142658.pn…)

looks like she posted all the caps on insta kek

No. 245786

It's most likely a combination of both like you said. No matter how much she tries to fix a relationship that doesn't need fixing (because Maggot is fucking dangerous), it'll never make up for time she didn't spend with her dad. She needs to get over it and has to let the dead rest. I'm worried for that child of hers since Jassy is insane as shit. Such a horrible role model.

No. 245787

File: 1457389719579.png (653.5 KB, 656x625, really.PNG)

uhm…. really margo, really?

No. 245789

Translation when

No. 245790

File: 1457389817748.png (1.65 MB, 940x611, capture_002_07032016_142808.pn…)

I saved the video just in case she deletes

No. 245791

afaik her dad wasn't even abusive, they just didn't get along well because they both were too similar and stubborn. But apart from that I think you are spott on. I jus't can't get my mind around how someone really thinks she can compare her situation, that wasn't even bad - great when the biggest problem in the family is being stubborn - to someone abusing their child. But she's dumb as fuck anyways

No. 245795

File: 1457389933570.jpeg (251.31 KB, 1266x1356, image.jpeg)

Very professional using emoji while writing a letter to the government, Maggot.

She's fucking insane. Venus wasn't talking about any fucking secrets. She's out of ammo (not that she really had any) and is just shooting blanks.

No. 245796

lol I guess she's desparet cause noone could translate it in her group chat

No. 245797

Looks likemshe has access to a computer then… Video incoming?

No. 245798

File: 1457389998005.jpg (34.68 KB, 316x339, 00007.jpg)

No. 245799

I have the feeling she's had access to one all along and was just lying, as usual.

No. 245800

File: 1457390054183.jpg (25.69 KB, 288x232, 00008.jpg)

No. 245801

File: 1457390093070.jpg (42.31 KB, 603x598, 11.JPG)

LOL at her sending emoticons to the consulate tho

No. 245802

File: 1457390129891.jpg (14.47 KB, 302x136, 00009.jpg)

No. 245803

she can't even keep straight on who's turning who against her. I thought Manaki turned Venus against her? lmao

No. 245804

File: 1457390216526.jpg (40.38 KB, 290x283, 00010.jpg)

No. 245805

she translated them but she wants translations from her followers lol

No. 245806

File: 1457390246382.jpg (25.79 KB, 295x202, 00011.jpg)

No. 245807

Can any farmers translate the messages for us? Not for Gendo-san

No. 245808

Thats because her translations are bullshit amd she knows it. But they are worth a laugh.

No. 245809

they were translated somewhere in the last thread

No. 245810

File: 1457390372146.jpg (46.09 KB, 291x381, 00012.jpg)

No. 245811

It's basically normal stuff that couples talk about. She was apologizing for not being able to talk much due to studying for exams in Korea, him saying he understands, they say they miss each other… Nothing shady.

No. 245812

There are some translations on the last Venus thread. She posted these pictures in her private chat when she was looking for translations.

No. 245813

Was margo email public already?

No. 245814

Is the hungarian mail translated somewhere? Couldn't find it in the last thread.

No. 245815

File: 1457390473961.jpg (31.31 KB, 282x242, 00013.jpg)

No. 245816

I was laughing about that too!

Also Margo is putting her and Venus' Korean address out there. Invasion of privacy much

No. 245818

Someone asks her if is there a proof that Venus wrote those messages herself, since her mum hacked her!
Margo will go crazy

No. 245819

File: 1457390561629.jpg (25.17 KB, 286x224, 00014.jpg)

No. 245820

Her stories get dumber and dumber. Jesus, she makes no fucking sense.

No. 245822

File: 1457390662263.jpg (47.33 KB, 287x308, 00015.jpg)

No. 245823

File: 1457390717099.jpg (9.12 KB, 284x80, 00016.jpg)

No. 245824

File: 1457390725887.jpeg (143.01 KB, 1265x646, image.jpeg)


No. 245825

Ah, sorry about that. I didn't know they were from the same conversation as the last thread.
Thanks buddy.

No. 245826

what is she even on about anymore, she's just falling apart.

No. 245827

Straight up name calling she is going to deny later.

No. 245828

Only three were translated. There's more this time.

No. 245829

File: 1457390780287.jpg (35.44 KB, 304x307, 2.JPG)

No. 245830

like 1v1? lol

No. 245831

File: 1457390846793.jpg (33.22 KB, 292x257, 00017.jpg)

No. 245832

File: 1457390867520.jpg (14.39 KB, 308x105, 1.JPG)

No. 245833

File: 1457390879002.jpg (7.63 KB, 289x59, 00018.jpg)

No. 245834

Her loud and heavy breathing in the video freaks me out. I imagine her raging right now, totally out of her mind

No. 245835

File: 1457390927135.jpg (31.45 KB, 293x281, 00019.jpg)

No. 245837

File: 1457390956646.jpg (12.2 KB, 289x95, 00020.jpg)

No. 245838

File: 1457391023228.png (253.49 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Sorry if these comments have already been posted.

No. 245839

File: 1457391044489.jpg (9.09 KB, 286x61, 00021.jpg)

In reply to being asked if she's ever been checked for a mental illnesses

No. 245840

I think all the attention is making her think she's in her right.
How long is a tourist visa ? Three month ?

No. 245841

File: 1457391059523.png (248.96 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 245842

She's going crazy ahah i love it!

No. 245844

Trying to delete this since someone else was capping but it seems as though I am unable to. Sorry for the gratuitous caps, farmers.

No. 245845

File: 1457391139061.jpg (15.51 KB, 290x107, 00022.jpg)

No. 245847

it doesnt seem like venus will ever speak to her again.
i wonder what margo thinks she'll gain from this?

No. 245849

It's cracking me up that this secret proof she'd had the entire time is a normal convo between Binus and Mana. Jfc Margendo.

No. 245850

Poor Venus having to deal with Margo for her whole life

No. 245851

File: 1457391500957.jpg (8.72 KB, 293x63, 00021.jpg)

No. 245852

File: 1457391538088.jpg (7.05 KB, 302x61, 00022.jpg)

No. 245853

>I ask for translation so that you find it out
What is she even trying to say? I need a Margoese translation.

No. 245854

Don't forget the rest of them thats on the locked macbook apparently lol

No. 245855

File: 1457391598754.jpg (26.23 KB, 293x207, 00023.jpg)

No. 245856

File: 1457391639122.jpg (21.07 KB, 280x169, 00024.jpg)

No. 245857

She replies just to the comments against her

No. 245858

File: 1457391649273.png (377.8 KB, 640x960, really.png)


Also from >>245236

>using your daughter's internet alias for official paperwork related files/ email subjects

margo pls

No. 245859

Wow her english is getting worse as more as she's in rage-mode. I don't understand most of her gibberish any longer. Does she even know what she's saying?

No. 245860

She saying that she is just using asking for a translation as an excuse to post all of her "evidence".

No. 245861

File: 1457391746607.jpg (30.45 KB, 271x238, 00025.jpg)

Margo is a pro at missing the joke

No. 245862

File: 1457391772201.jpg (6.32 KB, 277x69, 00026.jpg)

No. 245863

>I have reasons

Reasons being that she is psycho and doesn't want to get a job like a functioning member of fucking society does.

No. 245864

What does it says, do we have a translation on that?

No. 245865

File: 1457391855878.jpg (10.04 KB, 286x86, 00027.jpg)

No. 245866

>with my money
Maggot, money isn't sentient with its own free fucking will.

No. 245870

File: 1457392886919.png (27.29 KB, 285x139, zxzcj.png)

No. 245871

File: 1457392954484.jpg (42.96 KB, 310x148, Oh jassy....jpg)

No. 245872

File: 1457392957519.jpg (20.46 KB, 287x178, lol.JPG)

here comes jassyrose85

No. 245873

File: 1457393019986.jpg (144.09 KB, 765x547, Margo - mana said moms are imp…)

Margo has truly lost the plot. The agree that mothers are important and that they wouldn't want to cause you worry? Such psychopaths.

No. 245874

Margo and JassyRose85 are "dumb and dumber"

No. 245875

File: 1457393203597.jpg (144.59 KB, 769x564, Margo - cant stop wont stop.jp…)

Against the law? Haha, like that stops Mags! Also: THE MESSAGES. THEY DO NOT SAY. WHAT YOU THINK THEY SAY.

No. 245876

Like I said before, maggs is taking everything she has been (rightly) accused of (psycho, bully, abuser, controlling etc.) andturning it on Venus by saying venus is/did all those things.

I've seen it done before, by a crazy irrational person who feels backed into a corner & is running out of options. They lash out exactly like this. Maggot is 100% batshit crazy.

No. 245877

I actually hate jassyrose85 more than margo at this point, just for how sickeningly stupid she is, the daft cunt

Margo is clearly deranged, so what's jassy's excuse

No. 245878

Plot twist, jassy will create cool diamond earrings for margo and she will sell them for a new macbook and some lunches/dinners at dennys

No. 245879


People need to post the actual translations for these in the comments just to show everyone looking at margendo's insta how harmless this 'proof' is.

Her whiteknights are literally just working on 'translate it then! we dare you!' logic because they assume it's something bad.

No. 245880


It sounds like she's relying on Google Translate at this point.

No. 245881

File: 1457393621786.jpg (97.3 KB, 720x675, _20160308_003249.jpg)

No. 245882

What really irks me is that she keeps saying that she hasnt picked sides as if it gave her a sense of moral superiority. Its clear that she isnt.

No. 245883

File: 1457393643940.jpg (39.05 KB, 720x293, _20160308_003238.jpg)


No. 245884

idk i was thinking margo will be outed as the ringleader of a secret bdsm club. a fuck dungeon located in roppongi that from which her instagram wingmen cannot ever escape

No. 245885

Then she will hire Maggoo to be the talent manager of her spawn.

No. 245886

I think Jassy is kinda into margo haha

No. 245887

and margo will steal all her diamonds and money

No. 245888

File: 1457393907464.gif (261.37 KB, 600x367, nHyjdUb.gif)




No. 245889


No. 245890

Which she will pawn to feed her Denny's pancake and sausage habbit.

No. 245891

File: 1457394028160.jpg (161.53 KB, 948x532, maggot got job.jpg)

Seriously? She looks like Gollum in a wig. Who'll follow someone on insta or youtube whose skin looks dead?

People keep talking about the river, but it looks as if she went in a long time ago, died, and came out again.

I believe that too. She had Venus as a "mistake" because she's an idiot (wrap it up, anons), then married her "abusive" fiance (YOLO!) and started moving around the globe when her teen daughter became internet famous and she saw a free meal ticket. Bitch is LOCO.

You should invite maggot to Adelaide, anon. She's
excellent bogan material.

Maybe anonymously report messyrose to Adelaide CPS? Better safe than sorry.

4Sure, Venoos & Manaki are both bullies, psychopaths, liars, and manipulators, but maggot is the sane one. What a joke.

>radioactivity and trains


>she just rationally uses everyone

Venoos is not mentally ill and thinks her decisions through, HOW DARE SHE!!

Based mytiggles. She's not wrong. For some unfathomable reason, Trumps' kids love him.

No. 245893

We've seen and posted screenshots of jassyrose85 and Margaret arranging a DM. Margaret at least has feels, albeit crazy ones. What is jassyrose85's excuse?

No. 245894

margo kinda reminds me of the teacher in dario argento's phenomena. i wouldn't be surprised if she ran away from britbongistan because she was hiding a corpse pit/bad twin in the basement

No. 245896

File: 1457394333584.jpg (51.18 KB, 600x337, sexdolllll.jpg)

Even this thing is prettier than margot.

No. 245897

File: 1457394453069.jpg (16.5 KB, 282x106, q.JPG)

No. 245898

How could it be a secret if she was arranging the papers? I don't understand

No. 245899

clear PROOFS!
Margo's been hitting the bottle I think.

No. 245901

I guess she's trying to say that while it was not a secret for her (margo), Venus tokd Manaki to keep it secret, meaning she lied to him.

No. 245902

What does she want from all this, Venus to acknowledge Margo arranged the marriage then send a cut of every new YT vid?

No. 245906

File: 1457395029618.jpg (83.87 KB, 312x255, Huuge secret.jpg)

I think she beleived this…

No. 245910

File: 1457395086294.png (398.51 KB, 720x514, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.55…)

… did Margo just make a list of everything she's been doing to Venus and switch the names? Including lying and luring her to the airport? And what photo of Venus' stuff? You had a stuffed animal, and took a picture of the edge of some clothes in a suitcase. Which you are currently living out of. Because it's your stuff.

No. 245911

I honestly think shes a drunk too

No. 245913

Jassyrose85's white-knighting is so cringey. At this rate she'll be calling Maggot m'lady by the end of the week.

No. 245914

Watching all this shit Margo does I think I need to hit up the bottle too lmao

No. 245916

oh wow, so bullied.

No. 245917

Jassyrose85's white-knighting is so cringey. At this rate she'll be calling Maggot m'lady by the end of the week!

No. 245918

her rants seems to start at wine o'clock in the evening, then we get these morning ones too. triggering times for our river monster.

No. 245919

Her conversation with another white-knight, Lulu something is just too dumb to believe they really mean what they say. It's like satire at this point

No. 245920

Accidental double post. Oops. Awkward…

No. 245921

bitch is fucking nuts. I feel bad at enjoying these threads at Venus' expense, but as long as someone like Gendo can no longer continue using and selling her own daughter.

No. 245922

It's really rare to see Poe's law in action outside of Tumblr these days. I'm genuinely surprised at how ridiculous this is.

No. 245924

File: 1457395764108.jpg (386.01 KB, 916x583, Best translation.jpg)

She changed the description.

No. 245927

Jesus FUCK, she's stupid. If she were telling the truth, then she'd KNOW what the messages said. I want to send a bag of flaming shit to her doorstep.

No. 245928

File: 1457396036900.jpg (386.59 KB, 939x594, Second pic.jpg)

She changed this one too…

No. 245929

How is it that even her "translation" is gibberish?

No. 245930

Her translations don't even make sense. She's a complete retard.
Exhibit B: she takes photos of her screen.

No. 245932

Only an overbearing Psycho mother like Gendo would find these messages infuriating. Even if Gendo's translations are spot on, they aren't fucked up at all. If Venus wanted to keep her marriage secret than that's her business. A normal mother would feel a little left out then be happy with the news. Poor Venus, left out of any healthy coming of age events.

No. 245933

Well, we know she has access to a computer now.

No. 245934

This shit only proves that Margo is psycho, if that's what she means.

Why the fuck would they need to keep their marriage a secret if Maggot signed the papers for it? She's so dumb that she can't keep her own lies connected.

I think she's an alcoholic, really. Her brain cells are too damaged not to be. I wouldn't be surprised if she took advantage of legalized cannabis in the Netherlands while she was there.

No. 245935

How can she be a retard when she juggles radioactive trains, anon?

No. 245937

she's probably calling Margo 'mum' in the DMs.

No. 245938

Shit, that's true. She was giving them personal training and managing Venoos at the same time too, right? Truly an inspiration.

No. 245943

I think gassyrose just wants to somehow get "adopted" by Margo, like make Margo set her up with a career and travel the world too lol. She thinks if she kisses ass now, Margo will forget about Venus and find a "new" daughter

No. 245944

File: 1457396780043.png (21.29 KB, 483x267, angaC8B.png)

There's some things I'd like to point out to try to dismantle Maggot's bullshit:

If you check the dates from those emails that Magro sent to the Hungarian embassy you'll see they are from October (16th and 27th).
Venus (or probably maggot) posted this on FB on october 16th. That's when she said she wasn't married bc of some mistake on the papers and that she didn't want to marry.
At this time they were already in South Korea iirc.
These chats maggot posted today are from December, when Venus and Manaki probably decided to sort out the papers to get really married.

What I understand from all this is:
- Maggot somehow convinced/tried to force Venus not to marry.
- After some time in SK and keeping contact with Manaki, Venus decides she wants to marry him and go to Japan.
-Since she knew that Maggot WOULD NOT accept that bc she's a crazy cunt, she told Manaki to keep it secret so she can find the way to tell her mom and manage the situation.
- Manaki went to Seoul to visit Venus. Maggot starts to freak out bc she sees how Venus wants to marry him, meaning she would leave to Japan = no visa for maggot = no $ for maggot since she wouldn't be able to stay in Japan as Venus' manager.
- Venus sees how her mother freaks out and tries to sabotage V&M relationship lying, making up shit, posting stuff on Venus instagram to make her look like a cheater and to make Manaki look as a psycho/pedo/stalker.
- Venus decides to run away form her crazy mother once the marriage papers are approved.

So yeah Maggot, of course Venus played "double games", she wanted to get away from you because you're a fucking crazy bitch that only wants to milk her daughter.

No. 245946

File: 1457396829169.jpg (408.13 KB, 924x594, 3rd.jpg)

No. 245947


Beat me to it. Holy shit, she's just making shit up, your she's so crazy that the words just materialize differently in front of her eyes so she sees what she wants.

No. 245948

Youre right about the dates On those emails. Thankyou for pointing that out.

No. 245954

Thanks to people like jassy margo feels more confident and posts more. We need to stroke her ego a bit more.

No. 245955

The next logical step is for Margo to post Venus's nudes and destroy her pure kawaii desu princessu image.

No. 245956



No. 245958

I can't deal with this. I'm amazed that the consulate bothers to write back. Maybe I should start using smileys for official emails, maybe it shocks people into paying more attention to your email.

No. 245959

That's not what he said at all? Manaki is actually being really considerate for Margaret's sake wtf?

No. 245960

Can you translate these?

No. 245961


"micromimics" had me crying out of laughter

No. 245963

Reminds me of a friend I have. Once people like this get convinced that someone in their life is "super bad" they will blame all their bast, present and future misfortunes, failures, everything on that person and paint them to be satan. Venus petted a cat? SATAN. Manaki took a selfie with his nephew? SATAN. They bought some kitchen utensils together? SELFISH DEVILS etc.

People like Margo are beyond hope and saving. I'm just glad manaki is screening venus's messages. She needs that now, and she's lucky to have manaki there as her rock.

No. 245965

this fans account is comedy genius

No. 245967

isn't she born there. and if so, why wouldn't she hold citizenship? and then the Hungo one as well.

No. 245968

File: 1457399362085.jpg (60.41 KB, 407x365, Margo - translating nonsense.j…)

>"she is an important person!!1!"

No. 245969

Venus made herself a new jawline? Better than that horrowshow of a smooth baby buttock you try and shoop your wrinkled face into margo.

No. 245970

One of your parents has to be swiss for the baby to get a swiss citizenship.

No. 245971

nice summary / analysis anon

No. 245972

ok but her father is swiss? or is there some other story.

No. 245973

Is she retarded? Does she make fun of venus for peeing herself when she was 3 too? 3 is not an adult. I would LOVE for margos mother to point out all her toddler mistakes.

No. 245974

proofs! I tell you.

No. 245975

And now everything is deleted and Maggot will do as if it never happened

No. 245976

What. A. Dumbass.

No. 245977

What he actually said is "I know your mother is important to you" in the context in which they were speaking. But in narc-speak, he's in awe and fearful of Very Important Person Margo.

No. 245978

I don't understand how the fuck people kiss her asshole when she turns and runs as soon as she's proven to be in the wrong 100% for the billionth time.

No. 245979

Lol, she got reported for violating privacy rules on instagram, I'm sure. She's lucky she got to keep her account.

No. 245980

they find themselves attracted to her because she's being abusive. they obv have their own troubles. why they join in the abuse I do not know.

No. 245981

And yet, that ugly pic of her with her face in the stovetop remains.

No. 245982

Yes, they're not saying anything bad about her in there at all. There is talk of keeping one message secret from maggot, and we don't even know which message that was.

It might have been something about their really private affairs for all we know (most newly weds are going to at least try and have sex for example).

There's absolutely nothing in those messages that is an indication that they were trying to hurt Gendo. She is such a lunatic.

No. 245990

File: 1457402317894.jpg (343.03 KB, 927x589, More dennys.jpg)

Margo sure loves Denny's

No. 245992

Margo you don't get to milk yesterday's birthday. No-one does.

No. 245993

"Birthday kid"? Dude, no one over the age of 10 can appropriately call themselves the "birthday kid". You are 40. And your birthday is over.

No. 245998

Only attention starved nut cases milk a birthday no one cares about.

No. 245999

Who the fuck has salmon salad with pancakes and coffee? that sounds like a disgusting combination of flavors.

No. 246006

File: 1457405099140.jpg (32.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 246012


you owe me a new pair of sides

No. 246018

whered the name gendo come from??

No. 246021

No. 246022

gendo is the shitty, domineering dad from evangelion. people drew a likeness between him and margo in the sense that they're both over-possesive maniac parents, hence margendo.

No. 246031

i'm happy that actually made an anon laugh. sure, i'll get you a pair of sides and a main course from denny's bby

No. 246033

Some anons said that along the lines of >>246022 Japanese anons call Margo Gendo

No. 246040

I dont know if this was translated but I did a quick one if anyone was interested.

Hmmm,am I wrong?

I finish it!

Please keep this message a secret from my mother!

All I have to do is delete it right? Of course!

Thank you!

100% a secret

Thank you

Of course! (as in of course I would keep it a secret)

What have you been doing recently?

Your mother is an important person, we dont want her to worry. It's nothing to keep this a secret!

Well, how should I tell my mother?

That we want to tell her how we really feel!

I told her that feel the same way about each other (I think its a bit broken)


Thank you! See you later!

[hard to read anything since the font is so small] Hello. today ………..!
pleaase tell me when you recieve it.

PS Im taking an entrance test, so I wont have much time (to talk to you) until sunday.

You sent it to me already?
Thank you so much!
I'll let you know when it arrives.

My mum is fine(?) dont worry about it!

Im the most worried about the marriage. I want to talk about it in detail.

You and your mother cant live in Japan together can you?

I'll talk to my mother about it.

She said you need to calm down.

Well you do have to think carefully about the future if youre getting married.

I am am calm

I want to get in touch with you again, Thanks for today!

Can I send [insert english]to your mother?
If there's anything I should change please tell me.

No. 246042

File: 1457408799530.jpg (92.42 KB, 343x537, Margo - venus said im suicidal…)

Margo in action: she now claims SHE never said she was suicidal (what? She never threatened to "go to the river", huh) - it was that dastardly VENUS who told everyone Marge is suicidal. Because she's trying to trick Mags into suicide. Or something.

No. 246044

Thank you for this. It still doesn't look like they're trying to conspire against Maggot. She's so cray. lol I don't believe her husband abused her either. He probably just got fed up with her crazy and left, just like Venus and yet, Maggot claims it is abuse.

No. 246045

File: 1457408946040.jpg (87.89 KB, 331x528, Margo - jewmamma tells her to …)

@nicejewishmamma is up and at 'em again, too. She's instructing Margendo EXACTLY how to fuck Venus out of her money by putting a bunch of bullshit ads up on venusanglic.com to soak up the hits (Margo wiped the site.) Oh, and Mags is so talented, she can get hired as a social media manager, apparently. Yeah, someone's gonna trust this psycho with their brand.

No. 246049

to add to the rest of the info, a kiwifarmer got info from member of a japanese forum that this is what they've been calling her in discussions.

No. 246050

File: 1457409066874.jpg (81.66 KB, 325x516, Margo - jewmamma paywall your …)

@nicejewishmamma also tells her to paywall all of her "proofs" - because don't you know we'll all pay Mags cash money to see it! Lol, Margo wants money, but she also love attention. Putting her shit behind a paywall reduces her attention (since no one is gonna give this bitch money.)

No. 246051

I will donate to the anon who goes in and screenshots it all.

But Margles is better to start camming or twitch or something. The hilarity would be endless.

No. 246052


There's also a cringe video where Japanese reporters wanted to interview a Gendo cosplayer, and Margaret for some reason takes over the mic and starts wailing. It's surreal.

No. 246053

most of it is very vague and out of context with messages ranging from 1st december to 19th. Its hard when you dont see anything inbetween

No. 246057

Haha. The fucking "oba…oneesan" that scrolls by.

No. 246061

I'm starting to lose my confidence in Jewishmama being a troll…

No. 246063

>Your photography is really amazing

The world is waiting with bated breath for more Denny's foodporn. Featured in VOGUE next month no doubt.

And GOOD GRAVY, MAGGOT! Your child should not be the love of your life! That's creepy! You have to let them go after twenty years! And of course Venus wanted to get away from your crazy sooner than that. Ew.

>any startup would DIE to have your talent

Bitch better be trollin. Not even the craziest horse-fucking tea-party republican would trust her with their social media presence.

No. 246064

Remember when Venus had "I'D DATE MY MOTHER IF SHE WERE A MAN" or something…most likely written by Margo. Disgusting.

No. 246067

The "what is this" and "wat" comments sum up magoo's entire existence.

No. 246068

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Maggot that scripted it. She was probably using Venus to get her some dates. We all know that Maggot is a slut. I don't even wanna know the exact number of guys she's fucked with her globe trotting.

No. 246072

I'm actually surprised she gets laid. I know beauty standards differ, but isn't Maggot considered unattractive in general? She has a nice bod, I give her that at least.

No. 246074

You'd be surprised by the number of people with low standards.

No. 246078

Yeah, that's margarot's latest story…

Venus locked the laptop in an attempt to erase her entire past life (and all margarot's WORK) from the internet, thereby MURDERING margarot. This is venus's DARK PLAN.

oh and venus is a PSYCHOPATH.

No. 246079

and still i haven't gotten laid in months

sorry back to gendo. i really want to know the circumstances under how she met venus's dad/her exhusband - the neuenschwander guy or whatever his name was,

No. 246082

Her singing is so fucking cringeworthy I can't finish this video and I don't even cringe often. Ughhh

No. 246086

Margo should just become a financial dom. She'd be good at it.

No. 246087

is this fucking real? jesus christ.

No. 246091

If it's any consolation, there's research that shows attractive women have less sex on average, because they have the luxury of being able to be selective. Sage for OT: http://www.beyondblackwhite.com/study-suggests-pretty-women-casual-sex/

No. 246092


It's not as if she bricked that laptop because poor Venus didn't have the foresight to disconnect that apple program.

No. 246094

"(Venus) can't love."
Let's see Margaret:
Venus doesn't love you.
Your Korean ex-bf didn't love you.
All the previous boyfriends and fuck buddies didn't love you.
Your ex-husband didn't love you.
Your parents didn't love you.

So it's not a problem with YOU, it's actually that every person in your life has been a psychopath?

No. 246095

She wants to be Japanese so bad

No. 246097

Although blocking it must've been a desperate move on mags part; she basically had a spy cam inside venus's house when that this was on. And she could check her location whenever she went online. Her creepy need to oversee her adult daughter in person eventually trumped her creepy need to know exactly what v was up to when mags wasn't physically able to see her in person.

No. 246098

Margaret's chat "translation" is so far off, she must have run it through the online translator from Japanese to Hungarian to English. Didn't she go to language school in Japan? It's such elementary Japanese!

No. 246100

Its not that her parents didnt love her, its just her parents also loved Jesus.

She only did that when someone suggested it right? Maybe she didnt know.

No. 246105

yep, I think she didn't do it until after it got mentioned on PULL

No. 246108

Wait wait wait, if the camera was on AND Margo had the location, how hasn't she still raided Manaki's house?

No. 246109


what naive jewishmama doesn't know is that errything is being capped lol

>any startup would die to have your talent

being a middle aged woman dancing around the house wearing her teenager daughter clothes is a talent?

No. 246111

Speak for yourself, anon. When I start a startup, I know I'll be drooling for a Social Media Expert who chimps out online in broken English and takes nude selfies in airport showers. This kind of media savvy is the future!

No. 246112

Pretty sure she only had access to photos from th iCloud account and no live video. Also, I think Venus was uploading from a Starbucks m

No. 246113

That's why it's great that maggot still doesn't have functioning Japanese. Addresses are notoriously hard to find in Japan, and even taxi drivers probably didn't have the first clue where maggot wanted them to go because she didn't manage to read/convey the right address.

No. 246116

Photos may have some kinda geo tag, if that makes sense. At least on my iPhone i noticed they are tagged with location on maps, so I think this may go for other apple products (like their mac) too

No. 246117

You can turn that option off. I think you might even have to opt in to have photos location tagged.

No. 246121

I'm a classical voice major and I headdesk'ed nonstop

No. 246123

>If you lock your Mac, you won’t be able to track it.

No. 246140

sorry for sounding like a newfag but: loooooooooooool so if she didn't follow PULL's advice to look the computer, she could've actually found the address? what a fucking moron

No. 246143

File: 1457420157331.gif (1.99 MB, 500x375, doll.gif)


also dunno what the fuck would margendo put in that venusangelic site if her daughter isn't making new contents for it anymore? unless she cosplay as her daughter or make a puppet doll of her or start writing fanfics or something

No. 246157


I have one.
This is my first fanfic.

Once upon a time there was a grateful little girl called @VenusAngelic. She lived with her mother Margo who was the best mother in the world. Margo also happened to be the best manager in the world! She was so good that she once negotiated a 500gbp deal into a 6000gbp one, very impressive.
One day Venus met a handsome rich prince who was looking for a wifu. Venus asked him to marry her on the spot. The prince then replied to @VenusAngelic "I sorry, but I would much rather marry your mother. She is such a sexy and clever woman". Venus was taken aback but she understood that she would never be able to compete with her mother. @VenusAngelic could make her mother look bad by saying her mother hit her, but she was such a good girl that the thought never occured to her. "Ok then, I will take you to my mother" Venus said gleefully.
That evening Margo arrived home to the one bedroom apartment that she worked so hard to provide. On the table, lit by candle light was the most delicious plate of sausages Margo had ever seen. "Where did these delicious sausages come from?" Margo mused out loud. "From Denny's my sweet" said the handsom prince as he walked into the candle light.
"Will you Marry me?" asked the prince as he held out a large but boring diamond ring. @VenusAngelic jumped kawaii in the corner of the room.
"No" said Margo "I can do better than you". Margo grabbed a fork and started gobbling down the offering of sausages.
A single tear ran down the prince's face. He was sad, but he knew what the lovely Margo said was true. He left the small appartment and never took a wifu because now he was ruined for women.
"Can I please have a sausage mother?" @VenusAngelic asked politely.
"Nyaaaa" cried out Margo, bits of sausage spraying accross the room.
Venus didnt ask again because she was a good child who didnt have an obsession with food.
Instead sat down at her mother's macbook and quietly got on with the work of editing her latest video.

The end.

No. 246158

seriously what a fool. Margo could have kept spying on photos and would have got an address. but I'm glad she has closed that door for herself

No. 246159

Let's see, with those chats Margaret wanted to show Venus' "LIES". And those horrible lies and the terrible dark plan are that apparently Venus hide from her the arrangement of the marriage papers on december because she didn't know how to tell her. WOW! Such an evil plan!

Guess why she didn't know how to explain you the situation, maggot: BECAUSE SHE KNOWS PERFECTLY HOW CRAZY AND ABUSIVE YOU ARE, GENDO.

No. 246161

File: 1457424615198.jpg (38.52 KB, 720x287, _20160308_090831.jpg)

>guess why i leaked them
To make more people realize how crazy and stupid you are?

No. 246162

>"From Denny's my sweet"

oh kek, but change the ending because we all know Venus didn't edit her videos coz Margo did all the work ever ;)

No. 246163

With her mother occupied with the shrinking dish of sausages @Venusangelic slumped down in the corner. Without her mother to guide her everymove, @Venusangelic was just an empty puppet.


No. 246169

She's so dumb that she probably thinks V and M took screenshots. They want to stay as far away from her crazy as possible.

No. 246172

Did anyone catch any of margo's recent pictures she put up? She keeps deleting it right away, I got a glimpse of one that looked like a nude with tattoos

No. 246174

oh god. she's going off the fucking rails.

cackles gleefully

No. 246175

File: 1457427263056.png (656.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-08-09-47-19…)

No. 246177

I bet you she's drunk

No. 246178

File: 1457427432061.png (701.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160308_154726.png)

No. 246181

I was going to type something, but I have no words. I typed this instead.

No. 246182

What the hell is she babbling about?

No. 246184

Attention whore

No. 246185

Not trying to keep, trying to lose…her butt? Like lose weight?

No. 246186

File: 1457427966487.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-08-04-05-19…)

When did she get a cat? Also kek at #peta

No. 246189

File: 1457428143607.png (26.89 KB, 612x196, Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.07…)

on the cat pic. marge gets funny.

No. 246191

Her reputation? Her asspatters? Her prison tattoos? What's left of her sanity?

No. 246192

File: 1457428393358.jpg (31.48 KB, 467x392, 1439246700131.jpg)

Mother of god we're almost there

No. 246193

It's probably one of those meaningless saying things. You know, some people put random lyrics on their photo descriptions, maybe this is kinda like that

No. 246195

File: 1457428735663.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-08-04-17-05…)

So it's just a random wandering cat or?

No. 246196

She's talking in past tense.. But with her it's hard to know for sure

No. 246197

Is that an old pic, cause there is venus mirror from her japanese room

No. 246201

File: 1457429877239.jpg (214.3 KB, 858x960, IMG_20160308_023640.jpg)

Has to be old bc this is the same cat. That caption says this was in Switzerland

No. 246202

>"Venoss animal abuser!!!" in 3…2…1…

No. 246205

File: 1457430259458.jpg (27.54 KB, 400x400, eyes.jpg)


Jesus Christ. As if she needed to give Manaki's family more reason to urge Venus to cut all ties with this crazy bitch.

No. 246206

File: 1457430266074.png (1.57 MB, 921x596, capture_004_08032016_014355.pn…)

yep, same cat

No. 246207

the kitty was very cute.

I get where she's trying to go with this I think. That pic of Venus had a hashtag #venuscat (or similar) for a bit but then the tag was deleted. Maggles still thinks Venoos will get a cat soon, and wants to have her internet justice campaign ready.

Just show us your arse Margaret.

No. 246208

okay I take it back, I don't think I know where she's going with this. I think she's just crazy and here comes another meltdown.

No. 246209

"proof" she couldn't have been abusing Venus because she was so ~happy? that's what I'm thinking since she's been on a "proof" kick

No. 246210

File: 1457430501172.gif (417.4 KB, 245x184, son i am.gif)

What kind of person posts pics of her little girl as well as her ass? This bargain basement wannabe Kardashian.

No. 246212

Since Margo likes showing herself off so much anyway, any crazy anons with troll accounts wanna convince her to take full nudes or become a camgirl? We could have some nice milk from that

No. 246214

Why does she keep tagging Venus? ??

No. 246215

I'm off to have a bath. If Margot goes full frontal/retard, someone make sure to cap that!

No. 246218


>Venoos, won't you look at your dear mother's booty, Venoos?

>Venoos, love of my life, fire of my loins.
>Venoos, if Manaki sees my booty he will drop you like a hot patota and come to me, Venoos!
>Venoos, I spawned you from this vagoo and I'm still hottter than you!
>Love, mama

No. 246219

Did you guys notice #lolcow? You think it refers to her caption or us?

No. 246221

I think it's because she compared the fat cat to a cow and just uses 'lol' randomly.

No. 246222

No. 246223

Lmao just noticed. What if she posted that cat, so that with its weight, it would be ambiguous if she was talking about it or us - that way, SJW tumblrinas won't crucify her anymore for going on lolcow, but she will still let us know she lurks

No. 246231

My fucking sides

That thought crossed me too, if she'd now start making claims that Manaki was checking her out and seeing her nudes and leave Venus for her.

No. 246232

I feel as though lolcow is way too specific to not be referring to here.
She's just baiting people here with her naked ass I think.
I would not wish her as a mother on my worst enemy.

Also I'm a long time lurker here so this is old news, but the whole bodyline/mr yan situation seems so much darker now margos true crazy has emerged. Sending your 16 year old daughter around the world to a known creep/peas do for a free photo shoot?
She is one sick cunt.

No. 246233

good point anon. I wonder.

No. 246235

Mother of god, I'm laughing so fucking hard BECAUSE SHE'S GOD DAMN INSANE!! I shouldn't laugh at mentally ill people but just…

No. 246236

Margo, if youre reading this I want you to know something. Your pictures arent that good. The only food pic that you put on instagram recently that looked somewhat appealing was the fancy sushi and that was because it was fancy sushi. Not because you are any good at photography.

No. 246237

Someone has to do this. We'd have so much milk we'd become lactose intolerant.

No. 246247

Holyyyy ahhahaha did she really!? I missed that haha thanks for the screenshots! Margo is crazyyy!

No. 246248

After the new IOS update it's standard and it needs to be turned off.

No. 246249

A compelling tale

No. 246250

Now we've seen the front and back.

No. 246252

File: 1457437297006.jpg (33.25 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

I'm happy to see the Venoos spelling spreading

No. 246255

Do you think since venus left her that margs could become pixyteris manager?

No. 246256

Losing it more and more by the second, glorious!

No. 246257

her tattoos are so tacky good lord.

>hot patota
my sides help

No. 246258

Didn't Venus have light brown hair as a kid? Did Margo seriously give Venus a pageboy and dye her hair when she was a child so that they could look alike?

No. 246259

That is…really gross actually.

No. 246261

That is…really gross actually.

No. 246264

(I seriously do not understand why it keeps making my posts twice. Is it my tablet or something? It's really awkward…)

No. 246266


Her hair was lighter but brown hair does darken overtime as you get older. She looks quite a bit older in that picture than the picture of when she was on that show.

No. 246273

you can delete a post if you are quick. click on the extra one to see

No. 246277

File: 1457442778799.jpg (128.98 KB, 1200x770, I am woman.jpg)

the ass pic is back and proud

No. 246279



>body confident

I've spotted the tumblrina

No. 246280

Did she seriously edit her asscrack?

No. 246281

she might have forgotten to shave it

No. 246284

I think the photo is just cropped a little tighter than before.

No. 246288


WutFace. Nothing else to say really. I wonder how long it takes for her to release a sex tape.

No. 246291

She's doing everything she can to provoke a reaction from Venus. Sad and infuriating.

No. 246299

I know exactly how Venus is going to react to her mother's nudes.

"…" "… …" "… … …"

And then maggot will have to counter attack.

>ur silence is bullying me, venoos! ur a psychopath!

No. 246300

Starving for attention since she can't live vicariously through Venus' internet fame. She's doing whatever she can which includes:
Venus scraps by tagging with Venus
Rage posts
pretending she's good at photography
mostly rage posts.

No. 246306

Margo be like "y'all jelly coz i'm beautiful!1!1!!1!1"

No. 246307

File: 1457449302844.jpeg (87.59 KB, 640x805, image.jpeg)

No. 246308

I could have lived my whole life without seeing this.

No. 246309

Should we tell her she should be Victorias Secret Angel? Lmao

No. 246310

So much wtf in this pic… But what is going on with her ear?

No. 246312

A strand of her dark hair is on her earlobe giving the illusion of a crease/fold in the skin

No. 246313

No. 246322

she has turned into a web-clown tbh. The things she says, posts or all her lies are just too fun to watch!
I feel sorry for Venus anyway. I'd be soooo embarassed to have a mum like that.

No. 246326

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Margo isn't unattractive and I would love to have her body at her age.
She's obviously a completely disgusting inside person though, calling her ugly just brings us down to her pathetic level.

No. 246329

File: 1457452591395.jpg (121.64 KB, 640x960, fQrvSfo.jpg)

Our beloved Queen-whatever is back licking Maggots ass (it's from the private group chat)

No. 246350

somebody should strongly imply that she's going on a spending spree and that there was no reason for her to show off her sicc inks if they weren't new

i am convinced that she would try to prove otherwise

with even more pictures of her ghastly body

No. 246354

are you talking about her body or are you very selectively oblivious? i think it has been established that she has a nice body, even if she has a pig snout and the skin of her face is like that of a bag

No. 246359

I'd be thrilled to have a body like that at her age. I'm guessing people call her ugly because she is such a horrible person and knowing that can change how you see someone physically.

No. 246361

File: 1457454473788.jpg (311.77 KB, 1956x877, bleachintomyeyes.jpg)

Side by side comparison of the old n'new upload ..

Is it just me or did she expand her hips in the new one n' making her butt look more rounded?

I'm grossed out abt myself for even saving these pics, but for science..

No. 246366

She did. It's a subtle shoop but I think she realized the length of her ass crack makes her butt look flatter as well as rounding out the one cheek.

No. 246367


margo indeed has a great body at his age. Her sour bitch facial expression and personality ruins any appeal she may have.

No. 246372



No. 246385

Margaret Palyrmo is my waifu. Fuck venoos.

No. 246390

I remember her saying how awful Manaki's place was bc he has a small kitchen and a shitty stove.she's nasty

No. 246393

Aaahaha…she did, the cream color wall to the left of her head is wider by comparison.

No. 246396


No. 246402

I think she just cropped in more overall, you can see less of her nose and chest in the new version.

No. 246405

I think I need therapy after seeing Margos pasty white ass and edgy preteen anti haters writing on Instagram. She is proper European trash.

No. 246408

Yeah, the maggot is trying way too hard to be 'down with the kids.' "fuckin kiss my ass, haterz! I'm chillin wit mah homies. Y'all jelly af!"


No. 246411

File: 1457462146497.gif (1 MB, 500x225, tumblr_inline_o39zkuXcSC1rwc2z…)

>Margo be like

No. 246414

Little venus and her cat look so cute. But that cat was really fat

No. 246416

if manaki's family see maggro's tats would they be more disgusted with her due to the stigma attached to them?

No. 246422

File: 1457464136167.jpg (133.39 KB, 626x726, image.jpg)

Her grandfather trying to reach out again? Sorry if this has already been posted

No. 246423

The father has the hots for her though

No. 246425

lol those tramp tattoos

No. 246426

he must be evil yakuza and using manaki to steal venoos to lure margo back to him! it all makes sense now.

No. 246430

I'm surprised that Jassyrose didn't comment on Margs butt pic

No. 246431

She's probably asleep; isn't it early hours in 'straya?

No. 246432

That makes sense
She will be salty she missed it

No. 246434

It's all part of venoos's DARK PLAN.

No. 246435

Margo next step: Venus is part of illuminati

No. 246436

She probably kidnapped someone's cat and thinks she's 'saving' it

No. 246437

Eyebleach now

No. 246440

in case anyone was wondering what the link goes to its a pic of a blue rose.

No. 246443

That's quite sweet

No. 246452

Jesus, child services should have removed venus years ago

No. 246459

Fun fact: If you stop enrolling your child in non language school and move country every few years, social services can't catch you!

No. 246462

File: 1457471059797.png (203.54 KB, 498x537, Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.01…)

OMG, @nicejewishmamma is trying to teach mags how to cam. I think NJM wants mags as HER client; she seems to make a living camming and teaching other people how to cam / scam. Bet her grandkids really love it when nanna is oh so sexy, makin' that CASH

No. 246463

File: 1457471074369.png (190.26 KB, 500x533, Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.01…)


No. 246464

NJM is creepy as fuck considering that while she did make her do some cringey needlessly risque stuff, Margo didn't "connect" Venus by taking smug birthday suit butt pics of her.

No. 246465

but it would make for some ridiculous milk if maggot goes for it. what are her alternatives?

No. 246466

Especially since Venus took her "income" away.

No. 246467

>feet, hands vomit

oh lawd

No. 246471

I really hope njm is an elaborated troll

No. 246476

File: 1457474350054.jpeg (44.6 KB, 405x113, image.jpeg)

Bitch is crazy

No. 246477

File: 1457474354588.png (438.91 KB, 1920x1200, JTNaQir.png)

Got to be a troll. A brilliant troll.
>I have to look up how to leave hearts on instagram
>You can light your cigarette in a toaster

No. 246478


That's kind of what I started thinking when she told Mags she gets a cut for "connecting" people with "opportunities" - but she seems pretty sincere. I think Margo just attracted herself a bigger, better sociopath who smells fresh blood in the water because mags is desperate.

No. 246479

File: 1457474397598.jpeg (65.77 KB, 404x145, image.jpeg)

No. 246481

Awww. Her grandfather seems sweet.

No. 246482


I think she's just another scammer, albeit one who's better at her scam job than mags is. Like attracts like; sociopathic abusive leeches attract sociopathic abusive leeches. And NJM probably smells some profit if she can finagle Mags into working with her - although I doubt Marge would do it, she sees herself as the top dog.

No. 246487

I will fucking die laughing if Maggot does go into camming. I'm sure plenty of gross American guys will get a boner for her ugly voice and accent.

No. 246488

She's really not going to be able to afford those expensive Denny Dinners soon if she doesn't do something. That photography career ain't looking good either. Might as well strip online.

No. 246490

File: 1457475046645.png (758.1 KB, 920x581, Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.09…)

And we're off to the races: maggot is up

No. 246491


She's got a fugly face and a decent bod, she'd probably do ok, especially tapping into something like financial domming. And the attention she's get would make her forget about venus in a hot minute.

No. 246492

Is she serious? I mean personally, I like small hidden homes surrounded by plants. But I didn't think that was Mags style

No. 246493


She's either trying to make it look like she's living an amazing, charming bohemian life ("look, I'm not poor, I'm just drinking from a mason jar because I'm so RaNDumB!") or she's hunting down V. Since the photo isn't interesting at all visually, I assume it's somewhere near V and designed to give her a heart attack.

No. 246495

Ugh… This bitch needs to leave Japan. Venus probably has to leave with Manaki every time she goes out and wears a hat and shades to hide while the maggot is searching for her. That is no way to live.

No. 246500

There's actually a lot of people who have tats, not just yakuza. They do hide them though, and they avoid public baths. Firemen for example is a respectable profession that also traditionally has its own tattoo culture.

Tattoos are experiencing a revival in Japan, and unless Manaki's parents are the most traditional of traditionalists, in which case they would have been against the marriage in the first place, they don't hate magoo because of the tats. Loads of foreign tourists out in Tokyo with their tats on display, they know it's a common thing.

They hate her because she's an embarrassing nutbag, chimping out like bathsalts addicted ho.

Sauce: my cousin has a lot of tattoos and the overprotective, well-off traditional parents of his single-child Japanese wife didn't really care.

No. 246501

I replied to Jasmine on Venus' lip post either this morning or last night (I can't remember which for some reason, probably the migraines) and my comment is deleted and someone reported my photos (again) but nothing was deleted (again). Whoever it is is trying to spam report me but all my posts are random pics/makeup so it never goes though.

Is this how they plan on breaking Venus? Spam reporting her defenders so their comments are deleted and thus making Gendo supporters more noticeable? Pretty fucking terrible.

No. 246503

Nicejewishmama HAS to be a master troll.

>u can be like Kylo Jenn, margot!

>psychics will call you
>fetish: vomit
>spend 100K US$, magoo, do iiiiiit feggot!

No. 246505

I REALLY doubt she's living here. Even though it's FILTHY (especially by Japan's standards) there's no way she would be able to rent.
>She doesnt have the right visa and wouldnt be able to proove that she's going to be there long
>she wouldnt be able to afford it. We know if she could afford it she would be eating at fancy places and claiming it was her friends

This. Other than bathhouses no one will care and even then there are more and more bathhouses are allowing them.
Most of my Japanese friends have tattoos

No. 246508

I've been convinced they were a troll from the start. I like them lmao.

No. 246510

>no way she'd be able to rent
it could be one of those visitor visa houses they rent out for 3 months

No. 246513


Margo reported me, then blocked me entirely for asking her why she didn't just send V her address and the money to ship her things if Mags wanted them back (back from Margo's earlier demands, which had something to do with luggage.) I was perfectly polite, and went straight to the point - no insults, no stanning. But asking her a straightforward question and ignoring her handwaving tipped Mags over the edge of range, and she blocked me and deleted my comments. And answered the question tho (in MargoSpeak), which was weird.

No. 246514

File: 1457477642655.jpg (703 KB, 1606x606, njhbgvfc.jpg)

Did anyone notice Mira commenting on Venus' picture?

No. 246517


Is Mira still pretending she's hafu? And is she being an SJW or fighting an SJW? I don't understand exactly what she's rambling about.

The way Venus looks now, she could almost pass for half, she resembles Becky a little. But it would not be a good idea to go full retard and actually claim she is, if this is what Mira is suggesting.

No. 246518

No shit Japanese is not a race, it's an ethnicity. God, Mira is so fucking annoying, I hope she dies.

No. 246519


Oh don't start with the "she looks half Japanese!" thing. It's annoying enough how Venus yellow faced on Youtube in that video of hers (probably the mother's idea) still annoying.

Lol I love it when the weebs collab with each other. This is just hell waiting to start. Few months and Venus will be doing videos with the rest of the Jvloggers and watch Mira start drama with Venus.


Yeah but in weeb land its a must to look Japanese otherwise no good!

Venus is white fgs guys.

No. 246521

Dude, v knows she's white. She's never pretended otherwise. Her makeup tutorial had to do with a makeup fashion that was current in japan (to look half; it's something full Japanese fashionistas are / were into, like a fad) and makeup style popular in korea. And marge was the one who pushed the makeup tutorials in the first place, venus's thing was always food/ candy and Lolita stuff - and shes moved away from Lolita now. She's not confused about her race, nor was she using race as a style. She made ano American makeup style tutorial too - which is a cultural fashion, not a statement on race. Y'all need to chill on the sjw stuff.

No. 246522

>yellow faced
that is not a thing.

No. 246523

Eh, this seems like a stretch. I think she's trying to show off her amazing photography skills again. A lot of her other beautiful artistic photos have featured nature.

No. 246524


Yeah but it's still gross though anon. It's even gross how asians think it's ite' though. I Know Venus is this "new reformed" person but c'mon, the video wasn't the best even if it wasn't supposed to be offensive.

But I can already tell, she'll pair up with the jvloggers and it'll blow over with Mira who will call Venus out for it in videos yet to come.

Either way, I just think the majority of you lot are asslickers at the most.

The video was shit. Like kota did Venus is also merging herself into jap style obv to fit in.

I think if she rephrased that half video it wouldn't have been as bad tbh.

No. 246525


You know what I meant

No. 246530

yea you meant that it's fine when your precious nipponese make tutorials about how to look like white girls but when a white girl does it that makes it somehow gross and wrong. you just sound pathetic.

No. 246531

Are you serious?? Most of the clothes Venus is wearing now are her old clothes??

She's not shooping herself like she used to and she's more natural than she's ever been. I dont see her going out of her way to look asian like she (aka Margo) was when they were first in Japan/Korea. Calm down

The video was terrible and comparing it to her new videos show that it was scripted hardcore.

No. 246532

I hate Mira. She is just so incredibly stupid.

Btw, I can see the koncz_ferenc posting something on her page again in your screenshot…

No. 246533

it was never about 'looking white'

No. 246534

what are you talking about? there are legit tutorials about 'how to look like a white girl'

No. 246535


No idiot, if you read in the passage I wrote before I replied to you I even mentioned that it's gross when Asians do it too. It is though, they both pretty much fetish each other.


How the fuck…. I never mentioned her clothes?! Jesus christ. I meant the HAFU LOOK!

She looks the same as she did in Korea the only difference is that she doesn't use meitu as much and she's away from her mother + dyed her hair back to its natural colour?

She looks NO different. I don't know why people keep saying she looks different, she doesn't. Maybe changed up the angles a bit but nothing new thus the drama.

Even so, the hafu video (look or w/e) either white or asians. It's still shitty.

No. 246536


What does it matter anyway? She still made that video, probably the mother's influence and because both white weebs and white washed asians who fetish each other try to look like one another then it's totally fine. Even so, we all know Mira will bring drama to the table because of that video and we will have Venus's raging fans shoot Mira down with "She was abused!!1 have a heart!" or "It was all her mother!" and all the shit about Rachel, ect ect.

Lol I can already write the script before it's happened.


i cant wait for more drama ;)

more milk mmmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 246537

File: 1457480617460.png (60.27 KB, 343x603, hygf.png)

Some half Korean chick (that apparently also comments on Margo's pictures) was making comments about how Venus was trying to be Japanese and how it's "not cool" of her.

It's a link to a picture of a blue rose. I guess because it's Women's Day.

No. 246539

OK man, no need for a sperglord episode. You don't like a video she made a year ago. Noted. Move on. There's fresh milk pouring from mags daily, there's no need to hit up an old, dry tit.

No. 246540

both of you morons need to stop with the "???" "?!" stuff. god stop being 12.

No. 246542


No, I'm mentioning the video because of what Mira said about the hafu thing. That's why I brought it up.

Calm your ass whitenight and come up with some better comebacks instead of getting so heated.

No. 246544


Well yeah, some asians and half asian people were getting offended over that VIDEO. It's been going around for ages before today. Most of Venus's fans thought she was Asian back when she was like 14 with that dryed out blonde hair and high voice she put on (Margo's good parenting obv).

No. 246545


Oh sod off

No. 246547

She's got the Angelina Jolie tattoo, hasn't she? The one on the shoulder blade

No. 246548


I wanna know who Margo's gonna marry herself off to

cos its gonna happen…

No. 246550

Good lord, this woman is mentally ill

No. 246552

At any rate they're such fug tats, ugh.

No. 246555

File: 1457482037372.jpg (51.65 KB, 371x526, Margo - prison rules.JPG)

Lol, nicejewishmamma is still on a roll; she's now accusing people of being RATS who report nudes. Apparently we're doing prison rules now.

No. 246560

@nicejewishmamma has to be a farmer undercover, right? No followers, no pictures, only following maggot and venus? Is someone deep undercover nudging mags to be more crazy by cheering her on?

No. 246561

sage bc this is so true and the number 1 way abusers and bad parents cover their tracks. constantly-moved anon here.

No. 246565

yep I agree NJM is a bottom-feeder looking to feed off Margle. all the supportive comments… nah it's just for business. she was probably attracted by the airport nude. how fucking ironic.

oh and you have no friends, Margo!

No. 246575

File: 1457484202987.jpg (18.35 KB, 650x366, gis a fag luv.jpg)

if it's trolling it's high-order stuff, will be fun to watch.

the way she talks about rats I kind of imagine her running this racket direct from an aussie women's prison.

No. 246592

I've been on two separate accounts (being rude on both no less) and she hasn't blocked me or replied to me at all. The comments were on posts she's long since deleted though. I think she's just going mad…her thinking is really scattered, and just when I think I can make heads of it, she flips the coin. Or I can't understand Margospeak yet.

No. 246620

i feel the same way. maybe nicejewishmama buttered maggot up to avoid being blocked by her, and we get to see maggot's lulzing more.

No. 246626

File: 1457491180352.jpg (60.15 KB, 507x338, sb10064565ag-001.jpg)

Kind of like "I'm also crazy af"

Into the river already, Margo

No. 246631

She sent an e-mail to the guy a prior Tuesday regarding documents, and with some spelling errors (no shit), it appears that what she was asking about was a marriage certificate.
This Gabor guy said he'd get back to her about the documents VIA the email address she supplied him with.

That's basically it.

She's looking into Venus' marriage
(P.S I wrote out the shit and looked up the Hungarian alphabet to piece everything together before using Google Translate to figure out the email. I'm not Hungarian)

No. 246632

Small correction: Last Thursday.

"Tisztelt Hölgyem,

Hivatkozva a múlt hét csütörtökön megküldött levelökre, valamint a telefonom
folytatott egyeztetésünkre, a mellékelt dokumentumot ellenőrizve megerősítem,
hogy a kiállított kísérőlevélen a fordítási/gépelési hiba miatt valóban a ,,házas''
megjelölés szerepel. Amennyiben igénylik, a szükséges javétást követően új
dokumentumot állítunk ki (ez esetben kérem tájékoztatásukat, hogy milyen címre
postázzuk a dokumentumot). Kérem egyúttal azt tis jelezni, amennyiben nem
tartanak igényt a kijavított dokumentum megküldésére.


Gabor Farkas"

The original e-mail written out to the best of my visual capabilities.

No. 246633

Doing the lord's work for us. Thank you, Anon!

No. 246639

Huh, sounds like she's actually gonna try to get venus's marriage visa revoked. Well, the spelling errors and emoticons definitely help her case as a sane, concerned, upright citizen.

I feel bad that venus might actually have to deal with some bother, but anyone looking into their marriage- if margos efforts ever get further than the round file under the consulates desk - will figure out in less than five minutes that manaki truly cares about venus. And whatever else margo alleges - including her "proofs" of "cheating" - have zero bearing on whether their marriage is considered valid.

If margo presents venus's private messages to the cinsulate, do they have to turn her in for defamation/ violating privacy laws, I wonder?

No. 246644

She would have done this already if there were any.

No. 246645

He was adopted so it doesn't exactly count.

No. 246646

I don't think they could revoke V's visa either, she's an adult now and margo has no saying anymore.

Consulate workers will laugh their arses off when reading translations of the ~proof~

No. 246647

I suppose when youre homless any house looks good.

No. 246648

I think one of Margo's messages said that Venus reported Marge to the Hungary embassy saying "Mom won't leave me alone." So I think Venus is on top of this.

No. 246650

It's not a visa for Hungary, the embassy has 0 to do with it. Idk why she's trying to stir shit up anymore at this point. Just give up.

No. 246651

I dont think Margs can gi e up at this point. She has put too much into it. Woman needs help.

No. 246653

She is like Cathy 2.0

No. 246654

Close- margo spun some insane tale that got the Hungarian embassy to check in with venus, and venus told them she just wants her mom to leave her alone. Venus didnt trigger any contact with the hungarian embassy at all, but she responded to them.

I'm assuming margo made it sound like venus was kidnapped and / or in danger, and since the embassy niw knows margos just pulling their dicks I doubt they'll do anything.

And none of this would stop a Japanese marriage visa anyway. So I have no idea what marge thinks she's doing.

No. 246659

Wasn't the date on that email 2015 though?

No. 246660

Yup. This is old.

No. 246673

Yes, I just realized it is indeed from 2015. Expired milk.

No. 246678

Hey thanks for the reply. So is that the rule in Switzerland? An adopted child from another country can't really be a Swiss citizen?

Aussie here, and a legitimately adopted child becomes a citizen here automatically.

No. 246682

she'll never stop, which is sad. only if she went to the river would Venus be truly free. until then Venus must develop very thick skin.

No. 246687

sorry that was so lazy of me. I just checked prof. wikipedia and"

"A child adopted by a Swiss parent acquires the cantonal citizenship and bourgeoisie of the Swiss parent, thus equally acquiring Swiss nationality."

If this is correct Venus' father is really Swiss, even by adoption.

No. 246762

I'm still laughing about the fact that maggot tried to show how she has sooooo many friends in Japan vut she was asking people on IG to translate the chats from Venus and Manaki.

Why don't you ask your friends for a translation, maggot? Oh right, bc they don't exist.

No. 246763

LOL That is true. If her supporters actually had a healthy brain, they would've asked about it.

No. 246768

It's almost 6 PM in glorious nippon. When is maggot's next chimp out?

No. 246770

>underrated post

Ahhhh. The highlight of my day is coming home to catch up on the Maguro Crazy River Updates. Bless you Farmers and Lolcow, one and all.

No. 246778

And still no dennys pic. Since yesterdays Dennys pic was from the day before (her birthday) its possible she gone 2 days without Dennys.
Withdrawal must be starting to kick in…

No. 246779

We should be in for one helluva meltdown today!

She probably smells like it too. Lol

No. 246781

wine o'clock anon. basically anytime between now and say, 10pm Tokyo time.

No. 246782

Does Denny's have free wifi?

No. 246786

Yes, but it's not unlimited.

No. 246787

Either that or Maggot was illegally working at Denny's, and they finally realised how crazy she really is.

No. 246790

Does anyone know what Venus posted on instagram? I got the notification, i checked but it was gone

No. 246795

File: 1457518020663.jpg (32.71 KB, 316x105, KimK.jpg)

I thought it was less "Kim Kardashian" more "I'm an old lady who fell in the shower and hurt her hip".

No. 246804

File: 1457519718658.jpg (92.03 KB, 322x335, Fuckhaters.jpg)

Then why does she randomly tag photos with #Venusangelic?

No. 246810

File: 1457520987365.png (784.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-09-06-54-06…)

Did she change the caption?

No. 246811

She's really obsessed with Venus bullying her, when Venus does not do a single thing.

No. 246816

it begiiiiins….

No. 246819

Where's our friend jassyrose85, otherwise known as Jasmine Rose of Adelaide, South Australia, and who works in a jewelry store? She's been quiet today.

No. 246820

I wonder the same! She didn't even comment margo's butt pic. I'm worried!

No. 246821

aww, maybe they fell out.

No. 246822

plus the nicejewishmama convo seems to ovaaah.

No. 246823

>she resembles Becky a little
Woah you are right. now that you say it i can't unsee it. Though Venus looks cuter, as in, younger.

No. 246827

Fingers crossed

No. 246829

Plot twist: SpazzyRose is currently on a flight to Tokyo to mediate between Maguro and Venus, Dr Phil style. She is armed with Denny's table reservations and gummy candy. Manaki is not invited.

No. 246831

Who's Becky? The only one I know of is that other weeaboo that had 15 minutes of fame then fizzled out because she got greedy.

No. 246832

Someone should try to be jassyrose85's friend to find out new stuff

No. 246833

Venus tries vlogging.

No. 246834

Is it just me or the audio was super low?

No. 246835

A+ to her for vlogging from her phone and not doing it vertical.

No. 246836

Outside noise muffled her voice since she probably filmed it with her phone.

No. 246837


Simply because more people will see it. New people watching Venus aren't going to know who the fuck she is and won't look her up.

No. 246841

File: 1457528884122.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, 8E1ZpwL.gif)

No. 246849

File: 1457531963535.jpg (344.48 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Margs can't tell the difference between a Sakura and a Camellia. Oh well, at least they are they same colour so points for turning up.

No. 246855

Why doesnt she go to a cafe and film there? Or to catisland or sth like that. Doing the same shit rachel or sharla do there.

No. 246859

This is cute but can she please wash her hair

No. 246863

File: 1457536810522.jpg (220.15 KB, 1199x1303, image.jpg)

Becky is a celebrity. She's half brittish. She had a "scandal" a little while ago and lost popularity, though.

No. 246880

Wtf Venus doesn't look half at all, she looks 100% white central/eastern european.

No. 246886

mira sucking foreigner dick. why venus tho? she (mira) usually wants to be the one special gaijin in all of moonland? is she looking for allies she hasnt yet alienated?

No. 246887

reminds me of ophelia

No. 246903

I'm pretty sure she's avoiding showing the starbucks she goes to on purpose.

As well as going to cat island is pretty much a day trip and costs money. Seems to me like venus is saving up especially since she had to buy a new mac book.
Also 'do the same shit as rachel or sharla' why would she do that? I think that her experimenting on her own is important seeing as she seems to enjoy youtubing rather than just the money that comes from it.

No. 246910

>Venoos love of my life fire of my loins
My fucking sides anon

No. 246912

In the end people will just be asking "why does this greasy granny keep popping up?" or probably block Margo or just not go through the hashtag as much

No. 246913

That spelling makes me kek inside every time

All accorded to Venoos keikaku

No. 246917

I can picture maggot insanely trying to find this park with google earth.

No. 246922

I don't see anything wrong with her hair??

No. 246926


She look pretty here. She looks so doofy outside of photoshoots tho.

Anyway, I really wonder how Manaki parents feel about all this. Do they have access to insta and do they feel differently about Venus considering her mom is a nutbag who can't compose herself like a normal human being can

No. 246930

File: 1457549789996.png (322.62 KB, 292x376, capture_003_09032016_105508.pn…)

she changed it back already. also blaming Venoos again for things she did.

No. 246931

File: 1457549868338.jpg (98.14 KB, 1280x960, astral.jpg)

She can astral travel though, can't she?
Why can't she just go find Venoos while she sleeps?

No. 246932

holy shit, im gonna cry

No. 246934


bless your heart, anon.

No. 246935


Exactly but asslickers in this thread like to say "she looks sorta hafu" because Venus is amazing and magical.

No. 246936


Yep, figured. She'll turn into another weeb Jvlogger. Then collab with the other weebs. Can't wait for Mira to start up some fucking drama and possibly Venus getting the change to collab with Yukapee, Busuzawa and Kota.


No. 246937


chance* dammit

No. 246944

Lol, anon, his parents probably can't even speak English.

No. 246950

I wonder if the account of Venus granddad is real. The pictures seem real, but it's rather suspicious that the whole content is in some way or another about Venus and Margo.

No. 246959


I don't trust that account or "Auntie Szusza"s either… Granddad's seems to be all 'let's all reunite as a big happy familyy! Family is best!' and 'Szusza' was all over Venus' IG comments making excuses for maggot and telling people not to be so hard on her. So, no.

No. 246960

seems realistic enough for an old-ass man, don't know what else he'd be using an ig account for

No. 246962

Those are just bait accounts. Disregard them.

No. 246968

Actually, Susan made those comments on Margaret's account.

No. 246969

Nah I think they are legit accounts. What is more dubious is their intentions tho.

No. 246970

Yeah, and she said that maggot has been always "difficult", aka she's been this crazy all of her life.

No. 246975


Someone please remind her who leaked the yukapee videos

No. 246981

File: 1457559122863.jpg (90.5 KB, 600x613, aww.jpg)

"There are so many consmatations possibly"

Veen, never learn English. It's adorable.

No. 246994

Margo is just pulling a Kanadajin3

"Maybe if I stick to my guns and keep blaming the other person and telling people SHE is the bad one, people will believe me!!"

No. 247005


Oh shut up. Once she gets properly into jvlogging you'll all complain at how boring and repetitive her videos are like the rest of them.

No. 247007

Your tone is more sour than the expired milk we're all drinking, please don't rain on my love for English mistakes. TY

No. 247011

Exactly ^^ That and playing the victim.

"If I say something enough times that makes it true, right? RIGHT??"

No. 247033

File: 1457565964303.png (180.88 KB, 1157x702, Screenshot from 2016-03-09 17:…)

this is actually terrible
found on spicy korean noodles challenge

No. 247034

What the fuck. I don't get how CumStar has female followers after how he beat his ex-wife on camera. People who support his shop it or believe anything he says without research needs to be lobotomized.

No. 247035

>Venus makes videos in her room.
"For fucks sake, you're in Japan go out and film there or whatever"
>Venus goes out and records a vlog
"Ughh not another one of these boring jvloggers"


No. 247036

shit* not shop

No. 247037

Mags is up and telling people to DM her for a video.

No. 247038

god no kidding

No. 247040

It's probably unlisted on YouTube right now. Somebody who isn't blocked, DM and get that link!

No. 247041

Oh, and she added a bunch of ads to venusangelic.com. Guess she decided to take nicejewishmamma's advice.

No. 247043

File: 1457567275744.jpg (180.96 KB, 720x1108, _20160310_004736.jpg)

No. 247044

right when i'm about to go to sleep.
Hope the milk isn't going to be too sour when i return

No. 247045

no she said DM her questions so she can answer when she makes a video

No. 247046

She's asking people to tell what to say on the video, she hasn't filmed it yet.

No. 247048


She edited the caption, before it said something margoese like "dm me if you want to know from my video".

No. 247050

Her becoming a camgirl is just the next step…

No. 247051

I'm sure she'll get a lot of questions asking why the fuck is she so god damn crazy so… I'm not going to even bother to ask that.

No. 247067

>Japanese is a country
Damn Mira, I thought my english was potato because I'm not a native speaker. I think I'm better than you in English lol

No. 247070

I don't know Mira very well but is she legitimately retarded or anything similar?

No. 247073

Meh, I always liked her weeby videos. They're repetitive, but not bad. Compared to the shit other weeb youtubers crank out especially. She's the better of many evils.

No. 247080

She seems to be on the very lowest end of normal. She's admitted to "failing grade 10 science 4 times, lol" so we're not dealing with someone terribly bright. Whether she's actually, legally retarded is debateable.

No. 247084

Did anyone here take mags up on her DM offer?

She's awfully quiet, as are her minions. Where's the anon whos in on her "insta friends advice" chat?

No. 247092

some of us are here just for maggot drama, and are not fangelics. simmer down, it's probably one or two people.

No. 247094

File: 1457575301988.jpg (139.36 KB, 1200x763, jassyrose85.jpg)

oh look, jassyrose85 is in the land of the living and she maybe has a message for us.

excuse if I'm late with this.

No. 247097

samefag. Jasmine, next time add a #lolcow tag so we can be sure.

No. 247119

No Denny's ?

No. 247121

Ha ha that mean girl meme! Love that movie. Why would it be directed at lolcow users? Unless you are obsessed with her.

No. 247123

hi jassyrose

No. 247128


No. 247131

She can't last there much longer with no money ?

No. 247135

Who knows? If she puts ads on her youtube Margo might make a few dollars off her upcoming tell all, show those haterz, hit video.
Also shes "staying with friends" so that probably keeps costs down.

No. 247139

Are hostels cheap in Tokyo? I wonder if they have deals (like, pay less if you have a longer stay or something).

No. 247140

File: 1457582859864.jpg (45.41 KB, 357x545, Margo - video tomorrow.JPG)

Video is promised tomorrow

No. 247146

File: 1457583935886.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.11 KB, 933x595, Stop.JPG)

Is this Asha's long lost older third cousin or something? Jesus. .

No. 247154

>being unemployed in japan looks so fun

my sides.

No. 247156

Unfortunately there's nothing new in the group chat. Maggot hasn't written since she asked for translations. The last active member was queenjuhina asking Maggot how she's staying so fit lol.

No. 247161

File: 1457584913088.png (384.91 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Maggot being a weird cunt.

No. 247167

Call me crazy but big glasses and the brrr mouth look good on margo. Ot really distracts attention from her nose.

No. 247168

File: 1457586253063.jpg (371.95 KB, 931x599, Margos so random guys.jpg)

The other pic is down but this on is up.

No. 247169

Yeah that's actually a good look for her.

I don't think she has a big nose, if she was to invest in plastic surgery she should get a lip lift. As you age your lips actually sag down your face, so the distance between your nose/lips gets longer as you get older. Lip lifts can actually do quite a bit to make a person look younger. Fillers for the naso-labial folds too.

Tempted to whip up a shoop.

No. 247170

Do iiit

No. 247174

Sorry to say , but to me she looks so much older than 41! Even though I'm in my late twenties I've got a lots of friends around her age and the difference is just appaling. And that got really nothing to do with her personality

No. 247175

Didn't Venus post a similar pic not too long ago with funny faces?

No. 247177

If her hair were blond this could pass for cover art for a Sia single

No. 247178

Are you serious? She has a nose like a fucking potato.

So is this her new 'plan'- putting up "cute" videos on YT? Trying to be cute like Venus? #MassiveFail, maggot. You ain't cute. You're middle-aged plus you look 10 years older than your actual age.

Just start camming for $$ since you think you're so hott, cause this is NOT WORKING.

No. 247180

Maggot looks at least 10 years older than she actually is because she smokes. Smoking is aging af, maggs.

Which makes her efforts to talk and act like a teenager even more pathetic.

No. 247183

Shoop away, but get your eyes and brain checked. Margo has an awful potato nose and is aging horrifically in the face. All the QUIRKY faces and schoolgirl tops in the world won't turn back the clock or make her less of a nasty ugly psycho bitch.

I do agree with the anon whos said mags should just cut the crap and go straight to camming. It would bring her fast money and there's no accounting for taste with desperate, lonely people.

No. 247185


School girl top?
I thought she was going soul dead salaryman.

No. 247189

Camming has been dead for a long time. Few women even very attractive ones make an actual living.

No. 247190

this gun be good

No. 247191

File: 1457588911593.jpeg (519.89 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Here's more from the deleted vid

No. 247192

File: 1457588916738.jpg (141.96 KB, 960x862, IMG_20160309_224720.jpg)

What does she mean video from my insta is on facebook? THE video we been waiting for? Or something else?

No. 247193

I checked. Its something else.

Margo goes burrr huh.
Sort of like shes sneezing or something
Very meh
No one will miss out on anything by not watching it.

No. 247199

Why didn't you just go to her Facebook and check for yourself? Would've taken less time than posting here..

You guys were tracking down Jassyrose's workplace and posting her personal details here. Someone was talking about going to visit her too, and I think that's going a bit too far so I warned her about it. Y'all need to chill.

No. 247202

Actions have consequences. She'll learn.

No. 247203

Don't forget her alcoholism. That shit ages a person fast too. For all we know she was probably a drug user back in Europe too.

No. 247204

I hate being late to the party
Just her mug trying pronouncing Korean left

No. 247207

File: 1457592204754.jpg (165.71 KB, 1156x1354, Capture.JPG)

>Make you age quickly

Jesus, all I did was lower the exposure.

No. 247208

…Even young kids on social media now stopped taking those shitty kinds of multi-pics with random expressions. The lelsorandumb 'aesthetic' is over. Get with the plan, Margroot.

No. 247212

She looks like that one old lady Pixar character with the short black Bob and glasses.

No. 247213

Aaaaand its down.

No. 247214

I don't have FB and these days it's pretty locked up if you don't have an account, so I don't visit.

We only posted things jassyrose85 posted herself: her name, city and workplace are in her public IG account, open to all. We didn't even do any digging.

I actually don't care what jassyrose85 found out and if you sent her a message or posted on her on FB, that is just as effective in my book as someone saying 'hi' over a pair of diamond earrings. So thanks for your work on this case, farmer. You did good.

jassyrose85 does not have the right to harass Venus in the way she has been doing just recently, and I'm glad she has pulled back from it, however it happened. It's pretty evil to deliberately try and cause mental distress to someone at the behest of their abusive parent. An all so innocuous "I haven't taken sides" - bullshit.

inb4 'but that's what you tried to do to jassyrose85' – No we didn't, we just let her know we noticed what she has been doing. We know she DMs with Margaret then goes straight to Venus' IG and plays dumb while harrasing her. We know.

No. 247217

samefag- typos and spelling, I know. I blame my migraine.

No. 247219

Hi guys, it seems the police had a very different take on your msgs. Posting someone's details is one thing. Commenting that you are going visit someone at work to scare them is another. Also commenting to ask others to find out home addresses or fake friend someone to get hold of their personal details etc is also seen as stalking/ threats. The police have copies of those chats from this forum along with this web address as do my workplace. You really need to be more careful with what you write as typing as "anonymous" only makes you anonymous to most…not the law. I never put my work address up… you found it on a jewellery box in a photo i took…then searched the address and shared it. In regards to venus i have never once put her down. I have always promoted them talking things through and that is not a crime. Hunting margo down and waiting on every post of hers is rediculous. Even trying to hunt down what Denny's she is at or telling her to kill herself. That is not being a supportive fan that is verging on stalking. Everyone has the right to their opinions EXCEPT when you are hunting down people and constantly checking their pages (stalking) someone because you don't agree with their opinion.

No. 247221

Oh no, the Internet police will come after everyone that thinks you're being a dumb fuck supporting psycho Margo. HAVE MERCY!!!

No. 247222

I'm not going to hang around and argue with you. I don't need to. I notified you and that is enough. Thank you.

No. 247223

Oh hi, jassyyy

Why are YOU so obsessed with defending this psycho? Everything you just said is exactly what margoo has been doing to venus for the past 5+ weeks… lurking on her IG, stealing venus' private messages and posting them on IG, , threatening her on IG, etc. etc. and you come galloping in to defend her like it's your JOB. Why?

Oh and the police can't do a thing about messages on an anonymous message board, dear.

No. 247225


For the record, I've only made like 3 posts in this whole thread and none of them had a single thing to do with you. That being said, I'm calling serious bullshit. First of all, you're in Australia. What are your local police going to do? Contact the nearest law enforcement office of every anon on this board who indicated some interest in finding you or holding you personally accountable for being an abuser apologist? Considering the police in certain parts of the world won't help people who's nudes are posted online without consent, or who have legitimate death/rape threats sent to them on a regular basis by non-anonymous individuals, what exactly makes you think you're so special that the po-po down under are going to do anything more than sympathetically breathe in your general direction, if even that? Second of all, those who have nothing better to say for themselves than "it's just my opinion!11!1" are generally shit people with shit opinions and they know it. If the only thing good about your opinion is that you have the right to have it, then I think it's fair to say it is precisely equivalent in worth to the numerical value of your asshole's circumference.

Also stop pestering Venus with your bullshit if you're so against "stalking" people because they do things counter to your own opinion on the situation.

No. 247226

Haha assyrose, are you skeered? Good. Like someone said, actions have consequences. It's the internet. Stay the fuck off venus' IG.

No. 247227

Hoping this is a troll and if you are, bless you to high heaven. If not, lmao gassyrose you sure are buttblasted. Someone mentioned visiting you, but that was only out of curiosity, you know, like getting to see a (retarded) monkey in a zoo. You're so stupid there isn't even anything anyone could do to you anymore, so you don't need to feel scared or threatened. Hell, even a lobotomy would be an improvement.

>constantly checking their pages (stalking)

>constantly checking their pages

>constantly checking their pages = (stalking)

No. 247230

>police have copies of those chats from this forum
Clearly they don't give a shit, or else you'd be trying to ~scare~ us with more details.

>I never shared my work address… blah blah

And you haven't learnt anything about sharing things publicly? No? It was all the mean bullies and nothing to do with your stupidity.

No. 247232

UUh, so scared of the internet police!
You do realize they can't do shit if we're not even in the same country than you? Ohh, too bad right?

No. 247233

Oh no, the cyberpolice! Did they backtrace us???

You are just as delusional as you sound when you play with margo and harass her daughter. Is this your first day on the internet?

No. 247234

It's best to put your profile on private if you're posting such sensitive information otherwise you're self-doxing. It's happened to people in the past and while I don't condone doxing anybody or using anyone's provided information, it's pretty stupid to do the aforementioned in the first place.

If it wasn't the people from this site, it could've been someone else honestly, someone not wanting to chat to you about some girl's mother but someone possibly wanting to directly harm you.

So while you can contact the police, it's up to you to take responsibility on securing your own information on the internet where absolutely anyone including mass murderers can browse and stumble upon.

Also, as a side not? It's not exactly too kind on your part to consistently post on (or by your logic, stalk) both Margaret's and Venus' accounts to reunite them when it's been proven time and time again that Margaret is an abusive, maternally narcissistic and straight out insane mother in which caps were secured proving such claims. Including Margaret doxing her own daughter, on the same website you posted your own self-doxing material, for people around the world to go after her with.
Acknowledge this.

No. 247235

To be fair, it was an Australian who also lives in Adelaide saying they were going to go see Jassy at work, or leave her 'notes' under the door.

No. 247236

File: 1457597437605.png (53.33 KB, 768x728, Untitled.png)

No. 247237

Hi Jassy, thanks for dropping in. I didn't stalk or threaten you. My conscience is clear (unlike yours I bet) so if SAPOL want to give me a call they can. Is that the "internet division"?

No. 247238

my sides, m8.

No. 247241

Oh my god, I'm dying. LMAO!

No. 247242

You owe me one glass of booze. Mine went up my nose.

No. 247244

>What are your local police going to do?
contact a shaman with clairvoyant tendencies and astral project you to justice

No. 247245

And no direct threat to her person was made. "Oh, someone said they might drop by your work? Tell them not to. Let us know if they make any threats to harm you" - case closed because it never opened.

No. 247250

Aren't you like, in your mid 30's?

No wonder you praise Margaret so, you're both crazy and hate when people hold you responsible for your actions and words.

No. 247253

File: 1457599423020.jpeg (56.73 KB, 600x400, image.jpeg)

toppest of keks

No. 247260

"clack clack clack"
omg {{dies laughing}}

No. 247287

Stop laughing! Some trashy bogan called the internet police! This is serious business!

No. 247289

File: 1457603232805.gif (1.95 MB, 480x320, 1442096523070.gif)

No. 247290

File: 1457603254365.jpg (7.85 KB, 320x180, Detective Keeks.jpg)

Detective Kiki Kannibal is standing by with a new gimmick.

No. 247291

>funny or die

honestly, dying.

No. 247296

File: 1457604360651.jpg (7.99 KB, 300x225, Ya dun goofed the consequences…)

No. 247297

No. 247299

fuck it's fun though

No. 247301

Quite a few youtubers have made videos on venus'story on a positive note. Do you guys think that the good videos should be linked to a bigger youtuber to see if they make a video on her actually sharing the true events? I mean I know with theach whole KEEMSTAR thing it was a disaster but since there are more videos that are saying things right maybe this time it could be better?

No. 247304


We don't need anyone else dragged into this.

No. 247309

It's best to leave other YouTubers out of this. After the whole CumStar disaster, we don't need anyone else mucking things up.

No. 247310

i know that some hostels will let you stay for free if you do cleaning and stuff there

No. 247316

Why? Youtubers make videos about other peoples' drama for money, so it'll literally be someone capitalizing on Venus and Margo's issues, and it's not like it's gonna help Venus. She already has a supportive fanbase, most viewers of these types of drama overview videos aren't seriously gonna start getting involved with Venus content, and nothing can be done about Margo, she's already got lots of hate and she keeps on going, so what's the point? It's just someone airing out Palermo laundry for their own gain. If Venus needed new followers and attention so much, she could have already garnered much more attention herself than she did. She's trying to keep it low, probably because the wounds are still fresh and it's humiliating to be related to Margo with all the shit she does. Making a video about them would be like a tabloid. Tabloids are a business, they don't help the people they talk about.

No. 247320

Aw why am I always asleep when the good things are happening?
Btw. it's ridiculous, not rEdiculous. You know what I find ridiculous? That I'm a non native speaker and I'm having a better spelling then you. I recognized it in so many of your comments, it's bothering me how you just can't write properly… Maybe you should invest your time in education and not waste it on Maggot lol

No. 247321

>Jassyrose in da house

Holy shit. It's like I have turned up to the dairy to start my shift and the cows lined up and milked themselves

No. 247325

Hi Jessy

No amount of defending Margo could ever repair your relationship with your dead father. He probably died regretting having a daughter like you :)

No. 247326

Oh Jasmine honey, I know you're long gone but there's parts of your rant that are still cracking me up hours later.

>I never put my work address up… you found it on a jewellery box in a photo i took

You said it was your work honey, right in the caption about the diamond earrings you designed, at work, in your job. You probably geotagged the pic too but I'm too lazy to check. But what I really want to know is, what is in the water you're drinking?

No. 247328

My god you people are so easy. Is everyone on this site a millennial? I feel like it's mostly tumblr and PULL in here now…

No. 247333

Yeah, "notes" was a typo, you can tell from the rest of the posts the intention was to go there once, and we're talking about a store in the middle of the city here, not someone's house.

The laws here cover being intentionally harmful/threatening or persisting in contacting someone who doesn't want to be contacted. I wanted to make contact with her to say hello and/or ask her to stop and my posts reflect that. It would have made me seem like a giant autist but it wouldn't have been illegal prior to the post here. Even if troll, my fun is ruined :(

There is actually a good chance that if jassy went to the police they would have told her that she needed to actually tell us to stop and make her info less public, hence that beautiful post.

There may also be some legality concerns surrounding posting her location, but I'm not completely sure. It'd be a big pain in ass to actually pursuit even if the posters are strayan.

Also I think I missed people talking about trying to find home addresses. Did anyone actually try and do that? Too far bruh.

No. 247334

I never saw convos about home address or even asking, but I have not seen 100% of posts. I just saw about the shop afaik. I'm the one who thought a note might be nice… seems we got one to her in a way.

No. 247336

Rocking up to a cop shop and saying 'random anonymous people on a message board want to come to my work to tell me to stop posting biased advice on a family issue that is not my concern on a You Tube famous person's Instagram' will get the same reaction as trying to take your Woolies bought HiLo milk over to Coles for a refund.

Back to Margo. Any news? What has she had at Denny's today? That random video of her making stupid faces tells me she is no where near any actual friends - because if you had friends to hang out with you would have something interesting to present. Bored preteens with nothing to do pull stupid faces at cameras, adults talk about stuff they have gone out, seen and done.

No. 247337


I think she's talking about the store address. Only one that i've seen that's associated with her that's been posted.

No. 247346

Very quiet on the Margles front, however she promises a YT video 'tomorrow' (in her IG comments).

No. 247347

No. 247370

OT but when were you born? Being born in the 80s makes you a millennial.

No. 247380

Stop replying to the bait jassy post for God's sake. Even if it's really her the best we can do is ignored her. Let's get back on topic.

No. 247381

It's still fun to become the moral police instead

No. 247386

I disagree. She's a classic narcissist, similar in some respects but not fitting the bill of psycho/sociopath

No. 247396

File: 1457631310470.jpg (532.44 KB, 1080x1080, margo.jpg)

What she could have looked like if she aged gracefully (and had a well-needed nose job).

No. 247397


looks really nice tho.

No. 247399

She deleted the nude pics.

No. 247400

Wow, that's really tragic. But with her always complaining and being bitter it left her really haggard looking.

No. 247401


ohhhh I wonder why.

No. 247402

Pretty hyped for tomorrow's Margendo "truth" video tbf. The wait for milk is infuriating.

No. 247405

She's better not dissapointing us

No. 247408

and don't forget to download it anons! It will likely get taken down by peenus for slander or copyright.

No. 247409

Girls, this is why you need to wear sunscreen.

No. 247414

Possibly taking nice Jewish mammas advice? NJM told her if she needs cash it's crazy to put that shit up for free on insta. She's got a wholedigital pimp masterclass for mags (tho I suspect her of being a farmer deep undercover)

No. 247420

Nah, as much as I hate the crazy psycho Margo, this whole "age gracefully" stuff is not something one can control. Sometimes it's just genetics.

No. 247421

you CAN however choose not to prance around in bikini and pigtails at that age, though. :)

No. 247424

Sun. Screen. Anyone can do that much, and that's been well known since the 80s.

Also, marge has the skin texture of a heavy drinker- the sunken pasty thing (she's not at the broken capillaries / swollen nose level. Well, maybe the swollen nose.)

No. 247441

It's most likely the smoking? Looking at a bunch of my aunts the smokers have the worst skin. Also those with oiler skin have healthier skin as adults, while young you'll be a pimple fest but when you're older you'll have less wrinkles. Everyone's skin is different but probably sun screen will help anyone.

No. 247447

tbh this is the reason I quit smoking. It's awful for your skin. Drinking, too, but I've only been able to cut back, not completely quit.

No. 247465

Awww, IG finally came through! Wonder how many times those nudies were reported? Anyway too bad for muggo, her traffic will take a big hit now. {{sadface}} Good for meee though! My poor eyes will no longer be assaulted so cruelly.

I salute you, Instagram.

No. 247466

Somebody please promise me to safe the damn truth video when it's up because I don't want to miss it. I'm honestly too pumped about this .

No. 247476

it'll def get saved

No. 247485

>in mid 20s
>still dealing with moderate acne

No. 247486

The reason I still smoke is because it helped dry my skin out a bit more than when I tried quitting them before. Nothing I do helps my skin so it's a lost cause anyway. Maggot is most likely the same way.

No. 247487

It's already morning in Japan, I hope Maggot is up and awake already uploading the promised video

No. 247488

This has me dying

No. 247527

Just curious how you know it was instagram and not Margo that deleted the nudes?

No. 247528

I think it's just a guess because her nudes were reported by so many people

No. 247529

File: 1457654793942.jpg (68.73 KB, 682x960, IMG_20160310_170409.jpg)

In other news during this lul. Our favorite Margo supporter finally went private.

No. 247553

File: 1457661840785.png (626.78 KB, 933x424, Fetus Gendo.png)

In other news, Margo probably has access to more shit than she's letting on. She claims her mom sent her this photo, but I thought she wasn't in contact with any of them because they were a bible thumping cult or something.

No. 247555

Awwww. And to think that foetus Margendo had so much potential…

No. 247556

its a good thing margo's potato nose genes were diluted with a normal looking person's so venus had a chance at looking good.

No. 247559

fetus margo reminds me of little miss sunshine for some reason

No. 247560

It seems like Magendo has already deleted her comment. What to make of that?

No. 247564

I don't think she completely cut off contact with her fam. In that collage that the dad posted on IG, the pic of Margo and Venus looks like a Skype screenshot


No. 247566

LOL Guess she knows someone from the 'fam' might call her out on her (latest) lie.

No. 247567

She does, but unlike LMS she already has this air of thinking she's better than everyone else. Some people are just born rotten.

No. 247569

Magoots comments are a shitfight these days.

No. 247572

I know, poor margoo gets blasted even when she tries to play nice. Haha margoo, you reap what you sow vicious cunt.

No. 247574

So… What mother that she cut all contact with somehow sent her a photo for her birthday? And if not, somehow all her precious files and photos are out of storage? Keep up with your lies, Maggot. Lol

No. 247575

File: 1457665527459.jpg (126.75 KB, 932x592, aEliO2c.jpg)

Margendo is in a good mood today…

No. 247577

Margles has the hard drive. Well how the fuck did you access it Margo? With a Mac no doubt.

And queenjuhina is on the rampage today, filling in for jassyrose85.

No. 247579


Margo looks… Nice?

Think she got herself dolled up for the #Truth video?

No. 247580

#externalharddrive lol She's extra maniac again today. Best time to make and upload a video!

No. 247581

No matter how much she's dolled up, she always has this bitter and bitchy look to her face

No. 247582

yeah but I don't believe Margo's 'nice' for a second, so I've no sympathy for her.

No. 247583

I know I know, let's hope!!

No. 247584


No. 247585

File: 1457666609891.jpg (278.21 KB, 921x594, Margo.jpg)

Margos getting all nostalgic on us. My theory; she somehow got her hands on a computer and is going through her hard drives looking for "evidence". Meanwhile she softening us up with old pics.

No. 247586

We are not interested in every unnecessary detail of her shit life, we want the bloody video

No. 247587

she made her dress? calling bullshit, that would be too much work for her

No. 247588

So Venus was born out of wedlock? I smell an intentional "accidental" pregnancy on Gendo's end.

No. 247589


Why would she bother trying to lie about the picture being sent by her mom in the first place if two minutes later she admits they're from a hard drive?

No. 247590

No. 247591

She herself mentioned before that they met and got married when she was still in university studying with whatever so it is very likely.

No. 247592

File: 1457667462935.png (84.67 KB, 350x310, weenoos.png)

No. 247597

Shes looking for complements.
You made your dress? How clever. You look great!"

No. 247601

>I never made fake/double accounts

Yes, you fucking have. How do you explain the littlebaby_fawn account, who for some reason knows about you screaming to your imaginary boss about how "horrible" Venus is and is only following you and Venus, hmm? HMMM???

No. 247603

>weenoos no

No. 247605

>I made the dress

No she fucking didn't. If she were actually capable of making something like that, she would've made shit over the years just so she could brag about it, it looks like your typical 90s wedding dress you get from a bridal shop. The construction in the color photos looks too clean to be made by her and we all know she doesn't put effort into anything. Lol

No. 247606

I feel sorry for Venus's dad, but I have to wonder if there were some early NPD/BPD signs that he ignored.

No. 247607

Maybe a family member made it and she "helped".

No. 247609

He probably did. I'm guessing he didn't know just how far the rabbit hole went until later on. Aunt Susan did say that maggot has been difficult all her life.

Most likely. She probably did the JNig route of "helping." Maggot's lies make no sense. With how much of a disgusting pageant mother she is, she would've made all kinds of dresses for Venus to wear and brag about them on YouTube if she were telling the truth. That way they both get attention.

No. 247610

It's not that important though. It may be a skill she has (had) but does not want to use.

No. 247613

I'm waiting for a heartwarming reunion between Venus and her father, ngl.

No. 247618

I'd put my money on her having Venus to trap the dude

No. 247620

And when it didn't work out, because mags is batshit, it was all venus's fault and margo's only use for her was an object to barter for money with.

Venus has never been more than an annoying possession that creates money to mags.

No. 247621

This is exactly what I'm thinking.

No. 247625

what the hell is her native language? is it German?

Moogaret said she can't speak Hungarian so that narrows the field, I guess

No. 247626

She's lying. Her native language is definitely Hungarian.

No. 247628

File: 1457674311099.jpg (43.1 KB, 630x640, 424011-Edna_Mode.jpg)

No. 247629

Omg queenjuhina should get a life asap. Who would spent hours of their day to defend some shit like Maggot? And she doesn't even care lol

No. 247631

she looks like she'd do scat porn

No. 247632

Margo looks pretty gud here, she's got nice eyes I can give her that, and the new haircut works well, but every time I see her now I hear her horrible singing "Myyy Naaame is Margareeet" or just the bitchy tone of her voice.

No. 247636

essen mein scheiße?

No. 247639

hol van a videó?

No. 247647

I can't help but thinking that thing in the front looks like a calculator.

No. 247648

imagine her singing that line

No. 247662

she looks like the stereotypical nerd girl from every 90s tween show.

No. 247682

File: 1457689309765.jpg (47.85 KB, 302x164, Oh no.jpg)

Still no ETA on the video, but have a minor update on the wedding dress.

No. 247685

How is she calling manaki a paedophile when she had a 9 year age gap with her husband?

No. 247687

Margo is crazy but i don't think this was a lie.

My mother also has the habit to dig up old pictures of me and my siblings as children.

What i think happened is one Birthday margo's mother felt nostalgic and found that picture and send it to her and Margo kept it saved on a hard drive.

No. 247689

that's… not pedophilia. like i get what you're trying to say/do but there was no indication of them getting together at an age where that gap would be highly inappropriate

No. 247690

A 9 year age gap. I'm going to take a guess that she got pregnant by him because she thought he had money. I'm pretty curious why it took so long for them to get divorced since it took about 10 years. Was he trying to fight for custody or what? Trying to fight against her crazy? Venus' grandfather only says nice things about him. We may never know but it does sound like a nasty divorce.

No. 247692

Probably because she moved to another country every few years and she probably wanted money for Venus and he might've refused to pay for a child he has no contact with. Even my mother-in-law's divorce took 5 years, just because my bf's father wanted to make it troublsome.

No. 247694

where the hell is this video margo i've been waiting all damn day!!

No. 247695

We're almost at the time Margo gives us the most milk. Then again, margo could flake. I wouldnt be suprised.

No. 247698

WTH her native language is swiss german. Why would she lie about it. She doesn't even speak hungarian, or at least never did. I'm speaking german and i can tell it's her native language.

No. 247699

Oh boo hoo, poor Margo, what an evil bitch Venus is! Holding her mom's dress hostage like this! I want to punch Gendo in the face.

No. 247703

What's Gendo's story? Hungarian parents who moved to Switzerland? She's a Hungarian citizen right?

No. 247704

I think anon was just pointing out Magoo's hypocrisy.
It's already ridiculous for Maggot to call Manaki pedophilic for their age gap, but even more so since she and her husband's age gap was 3 more years apart.

No. 247708

up side, she's using the right foundation shade. down side… everything else.

No. 247709

I don't even dare to believe Maggots uploads a video today too. She's just dissapointing

No. 247710


It was totally Venoos' decision to flee the Netherlands because of tax evasion and leave random crap there. If maggot wants her shit, she'd better stop raiding Denny's, act like an adult for once in her life, and fly to the Netherlands.

No. 247711

I wish her camera wouldn't autofocus, it's making me motion sick.

No. 247712

I volunteer to buy her makeup brushes

No. 247713

File: 1457702084009.jpg (23.27 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

She looks like a 40 year old pretending to be a kid… reminds me of someone….

No. 247721


No. 247724

oi what a wreck

No. 247725

Am i the only one who thinks compared to her other make up tutorials this isn't so bad?

No. 247726

File: 1457704866919.gif (810 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

Nope, not at all. This is bad, but it's not unicorn dildo tier bad.

No. 247727

Does anyone know where she got those bear hair ties?

No. 247728


For some reason i'm getting girlyhoot vibes from this makeup look.

No. 247729

She should invest in some more brushes to do her make up.

She's still awful at make up sadly, she really shouldn't be making tutorials for this stuff.

No. 247732

I hope some makeup brands will sponsor her and send her some decent makeup and some brushes aswell.
She has a good potential :)

No. 247733

I feel a little bad to say this but that video was tragic and that sad floppy dress she had on, she just looks oily and a bit dirty. It's good to see that she happy and having fun wearing lolita though.

No. 247734

It looks like she is operating with minimal resources. If makeup is something she wants to do regularly, she does need equipment and / or sponsors, just like you anons are saying.

With this vid I feel like Venus is playing repeat on things she was made to do by Margo in the past. The hair colouring video seemed a bit more real

No. 247738

This. I know we're all supposed to love everything Venus does now that she fled from Margo, but she seriously needs to stop playing Beauty Guru. She's no ForeverKailyn, but every time she does a makeup tutorial it's tragic. I know she gained most of her weeb fans doing these videos, but she's seriously bad at this. She always did okay hair tutorials, if she really wants to keep doing guru things she should focus on that. And maybe do some fashion videos. Or film Manaki 24/7, the weebs will dig that too.

No. 247739

Manaki probably doesn't like to be recorded that much. And maybe she just really likes to do makeup even if she's bad at it. Best we can do is write nicely to her tips on it or ideas for her channel.

No. 247740


why does she always choose such bright and trashy colours? She could just get some nice eye shadow palette with nice natural and mature colours for some bucks and some decent make-up brushes and it would already such improvement. And I really don't get why she is doing with her make-up most of the time anyway. There are so many things that are bothering me tbh. Well at least she got some nice decoration for her room - judging by the background.

No. 247746

No. If she liked makeup she'd probably put some effort into her tutorials and learn things about her hobby/improve. If you have an actual interest you want to learn things and get better, and invest money into the tools you need. She never improved at all, and imo some of her earlier tutorials even looked better than anything she uploaded after moving to London because she at least had the good sense to use natural colors that suited her instead of the clown colors she picks nowadays. I am convinced she only jumped on the makeup bandwagon because she is aware that people mostly watch her because of her appearance, and doing guru shit is a convenient excuse to show off your face for five solid minutes. She lost interest around age 16, but is now stuck doing them because her weeb fanbase demands them.

And, you know, if you genuinely like something you are bad at, you could always at least develop a shred of self-awareness and maybe keep that shit off the internet and maybe not embarrass yourself. It is offensive and arrogant that this girl thinks she can teach anything about makeup when she still needs to learn the basics herself.

No. 247754

I think they're Duffy bear hair ties. Duffy is huge in Japan (Disney). My friend told me they tried to bring it over to California adventure, but he wasn't so successful. I heard there are character popcorn buckets there too now.

No. 247757

thank you so much anon!

No. 247761

Oh,dear. What a mess…

No. 247767

File: 1457715659351.png (1.1 MB, 1136x640, image.png)

How does youtube automatic speech recognition work?

No. 247768

holy shit LOOOOOL

No. 247770


Top kek. That's its secret, it never fucking works.

No. 247771

This needs to be a banner

No. 247774

Maybe her fans are all incredibly young? It would explain the shit make up she uses and lack of brushes, since most kids wouldn't have the necessary equipment either

No. 247776

Why would she even take her wedding dress to Japan, probably wanted Venus to marry in it.

No. 247777

She was born in Hungary but went to Switzerland because they have better unis.

No. 247779

Nah i think she means the storage in europe. don't know where exactly but she talked about the storage in europe a few times before.

No. 247782

Her new videos don't really seem all the different compared to her old videos..

No. 247784

She's still terrible at this… Venus really needs to learn how to improve but honestly, I'm not surprised she's still terrible at this. After all, everything she knows about makeup is from the festering maggot, who also can't do makeup for shit. I know weeaboos love over the top bad makeup tutorials, but Venus could gain a new audience if she just watched good makeup gurus and improved her application and learned more about products.

No. 247790

she really should have continue with this kind of make-up and style. This is maybe her least worse make-up tutorial.

No. 247794

I think she's having a major identity crisis

No. 247795

Maybe Maggot is using this as her next proof to show what a slut her daughter is

No. 247806

So no Margo video yet??

No. 247807

>most people are born nude.

No. 247809

Poor thing, she's so bad at makeup. I sit and watch her smear this makeup all over like a 5yr old coloring, and then in the end it comes out kind of decent. It could be worse honestly. Or maybe it looks better in photos then in real life? Anyway, I don't mind the end result usually if I hadn't watched her apply it.

No. 247811

I wonder what the ones that aren't look like later on in life. NJM has to be the most elaborate troll on the case.

No. 247821

The video is bad, but I actually think that it would look way better if she was wearing a wig. Her lil tiny pigtails look a little flat here and the dark colour of her new hair doesn't suit this particular makeup.

No. 247847

I have that feeling that there will be no truth video by maggot but I really hope that I'm wrong about this.

No. 247861

Maybe that farmer who was in Margendo's ~proof~ chat can DM her and ask about it?

No. 247869

File: 1457739163345.jpg (103.73 KB, 923x586, 05.jpg)

No. 247870

Not a bad idea. Venus surely could have afforded better makeup before so either she left them behind (doubtful) or she just never thought she needed it.

Being given free makeup might be the only way to get her to use things that don't suck.

No. 247871

A Denny's ad saying "join us for a parfait" or something isn't an invitation Margendo

No. 247873

File: 1457739636707.gif (490.19 KB, 500x278, tumblr_lvm620qWZw1qikhz3o1_500…)

I just had a nightmare where Margo got knocked up by some random jap guy on purpose and the baby grew up to be a really successful and rich Hafu model/talent, and she kept rubbing it in Venus's face.

No more lolcow before bed from now on.

No. 247874

Fortunately for us not even the best genes can negate Margo's penis nose

No. 247876

File: 1457740095131.jpg (11.09 KB, 283x105, 36778.jpg)

Gotta admit, this made me laugh. It was posted on her last parfait photo… I'm sure your "friends" were busy maggot

No. 247877

No. 247878

Unfortunately I can't just do that, I only got invited because she missunderstood a sarcastic comment as a compliment and since then forgot that I'm still in the group. She must be aware I'm not a fan of her as I was already blocked by her for about 1 or 2 days. So only thing I can do is stay silent and hope nobody recognize that I am in the group (there is at least one person there that I have argued a lot with, she knows I'm no friend of Magendo). The group is really silent since no one could translate her "proof". Few comments by her follower, but not from Margendo. Maybe she made a new one or just DMs her white knights privately. But maybe she's coming back into the chat in a while, it isn't the first time that she's in silent mode for days.

No. 247879


Looks like she took someone to Denny's with her this time. You can see their arm in the bottom left. Mags' story probably checks out.

No. 247881

I thought someone tipped her off. Weird that she can't understand sarcasm. I've noticed that too.

No. 247882

There's a storage unit in the Netherlands. This is probably in Margo's name and the one she is threatening will close 'forever'. But a Dutch anon here said the storage terms there are very lenient, like they can't throw the stuff away for a long time, even for non-payment.

No. 247886

We ended up discussing jassyrose85 here and that may have caused a cool off. Maybe someone read here and realised there's a farmer in the group. Also nicejewishmama is basically pitching to be Margo's manager in sex work so that's gotta be awkward.

No. 247888

okay, in this one she has a Scandinavian accent

what the fuck

No. 247889

>Margo got knocked up

she's at that age where she's still fertile but likely to have retard babies

No. 247891

When I posted the screenshots I knew, of course, that sooner or later they will be discovered by one of her lovers and that it might cause a shut-down. But it's still Margendo, she doesn't do logic, so I have still hope that she's just too busy with Dennys at the moment and will come back in a few days time with a new crazy proof.

No. 247896

I just checked, jassyrose85 isn't even a member of the private group check. All the time wasted on defending Margendo and fighting her "haters" and she isn't even invited in this chat where she just added random people. How sad

No. 247900

oh wow, that is sad. they had private DMs and I just assumed she would be in the support team chat.

No. 247901

The groupname is even "insta FRIENDS advice".. That must hurt when even Maggot doesn't want you even though you licked her ass for month

No. 247902

File: 1457748216492.png (43.98 KB, 300x225, 63475.png)

I seriously doubt we're getting a video guys. I think Margo is at least vaguely aware that she has nothing to back her side of the story and that making a video won't help her case.

No. 247904

I love how Margo just keeps mentioning her "friends" at almost every of her instagram posts. No one who really has friends feels the need to mention that at every chance they get and basically "brag" about it.
I remember when i was like 12 and i was moving and going to a new school. I didn't have any friends at all so i would mention to my family the whole time how i had like so many friends, because i was ashamed not to have any. Margo is like my pathetic 12 year old self

No. 247905

Can she just make up her fucking mind? She just wants to milk this longer. If she makes a video she risks that afterwards she might lose attention, because she had thrown out all her "proof" and dirty stories. And Maggot obviously likes the attention

No. 247907

Margo doesn't need to make a 'truth' video. And she's right to intuit that it won't work. Instead she should dance for us, or make a sequel to the 'shave your ass' video.

No. 247908

invited to a parfait yet hers is the only plate on the table. how pathetic

No. 247909

I don't think that's an arm, it looks like the back of the booth seat or something.

No. 247910

Maybe it isn't even hers but the parfait from her "friend". I bet she was not invited and she herself couldn't pay for a parfait herself as she's a poor ass now. but to "proof" it to the "haters" she's doing as if. Because honestly according to instagram she's invited every day, who would be able to even see Maggot each day let alone wasting money on her?!

No. 247923

Thanks to the title image and this comment, I'm now back into Evangelion full-force. WTH, they made like 3 more reboots?

Sage for OT

No. 247944

File: 1457762860889.jpg (57.81 KB, 259x319, LilShits.jpg)

She'll try hook everyone in when everyone stops caring about her

No. 247945

File: 1457763017377.png (245.95 KB, 588x698, New Canvas.png)

No. 247946

Hahahaha! So that's her newest scheme?

No. 247949

Wow what a rambling mess. Magoo has no sense where to stop with the info she gives out.

No. 247951

aaaand Maggot is probably self-combusting this minute.

No. 247952

LMAO!!! If Maggot knew anything about successfully landing a job, she'd know better than to complain about her previous "employment" since that makes you come off as two-faced and an asshole. Still, funny stuff.

No. 247959

File: 1457768405488.jpg (153.22 KB, 817x1218, maggles-inc.jpg)

No. 247960

Oh my god. She's contacting Jvloggers in Japan that already have big followings.


No. 247968

can someone explain what she is trying to sell here? is she trying to become their manager? sign them to fullscreen (to get a bonus)?

No. 247969

Pretty much. She's trying to take the advice of one of her dumb followers (which was d_cm_k) to find another girl to manage because "she did so well with Venus and anyone would be honored to work with someone so talented." Yes, she did say something that dumb. She's one of her biggest and blindest asskissers.

No. 247972

File: 1457770104051.png (249.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-11-22-06-36…)

She also contacted this one, although she's not as popular as the other girls. Casting her net wide I guess.

No. 247974

I feel sorry if one of them bites.

No. 247975

please let this cause more milk to flow

No. 247976

I'm think Margaret is truly running out of money and her income, oops I mean daughter, has not returned.

No. 247977

I don't think even Mira is that dumb. They'd stand to gain nothing from it since all maggot would do is take their money for doing nothing but shitposting on the internet and tarnishing their reputations.

Do you guys think she's so delusional that she thinks she can get a work visa from this?

No. 247978

omg of course. yes for sure she does. shee seems intent on jvloggers which means she wants to stay in the country.

No. 247979

can you imagine fullscreen when they hear this.

No. 247980

They'd probably blacklist her in an instant and block her on all communication platforms they have for her. Lol

No. 247987


Mira already calls ALL networks scams. Look at her "about" section on her channel.

No. 247988

she herself is signed with them (so she says). could get interesting.

No. 247990

Grace is pretty popular, just not with our bitchy corner of the internet. She's not weeby and has nothing for us to discuss.

Her kickstarter for her comic book just ended at almost $75k

No. 247996


Ahh, just when I thought the milk was drying up.
Thank you Margo. Thankyou for being so perplexingly idiotic.

No. 248005

She should try to reach out to the queen.

No. 248006


>they didn't even give me a password

Boasting that people don't trust you is gonna get you all the jobs, maggot! This whole message proves how mentally ill she is.

What she's doing is being the same crazy clown. Same old same old.

No. 248007

Can you imagine it?
If Margs tried to "kindly force" the idea of makeup tutorials on her… We would all drown in milk.

No. 248008

The result would be magnificent.

No. 248009

If only she were in Japan. Pixy would jump on that in a heartbeat.

No. 248010

Do you think mags would travel to America?

No. 248011

I don't think she will. She seems to be going after Jvloggers because she probably thinks she can get a work visa through them. Lol

She just wants to keep stalking Venus from the looks of it.

No. 248013

With what money?

Her crazy ass randomly contacting people is going to cause more trouble for Venus. Those girls will be like "keep your batshit mom in check, ktnx bye!"

And magoo will squirt "venoos is not the boss of me! I do what I want!"

No. 248015

She could make a go fund me… But I would much rather fund Our Queen to go to Japan.

No. 248017

People would much rather donate to the queen than the festering maggot, anyway.

No. 248019

I'd donate to a river fund. That's it. America's not far enough.

No. 248024


This is why margoo the human slimepit has been cleaning up her IG, deleting the naked selfies and the 2cool4U smoking selfie("bummed a cig from my homie/fuckin party") and put up the throwback family pics. She wants to look legit if any of these people wants to check her out. It also explains why she's been so quiet on IG since her latest ragefest- she's been busy holed up in her rented room lookin for a scam. This is delicious!

I guess this means she's shot all her ammo in Operation Destroy Venus and she's running low on $$, so she's moved on to Plan B: pose as a Celebrity Manager and wait for those high-paying job offers to come flooding in.

I'm speechless. Maggot is truly the gift that keeps giving. Like herpes. Thank you, Anon!!

No. 248027

Where did you get thesr?? OMG

Do these girls know who she is?

No. 248028

No. 248029

It appears they do. One of them even tagged Venus.

No. 248032

See how the font color of Micaela's name is lighter? It's because magoo can't spell it and C&P-d it into the crazy message she sent to everyone.

No. 248034

LOL some of the comments on that thread.

"I don't know who this Margaret person is, but when I read that letter I thought it was a Nigerian scam. Atrocious English."

That's the most accurate way to sum up Margaret's dumb fuck schemes.

No. 248035

Yeah she was mentioning Venus' twitter for a bit but then realised the twitter is kaput. Someone has since explained that Magoo locked it.

No. 248038


maybe this is the reason why she don't want to make a truth video because it would make her look even more problematic than she already is. But nice to see that people know what kind of trash person she is.

No. 248039

Herpes is such a great analogy for margo: none of us wanted her in the first place but she just keeps coming back.

No. 248041


So the shit has hit the fan and maggot is exposed. What will she do now?

Poor Venus, caught up in this web of crazy. She does NOT deserve this.

No. 248045

it should sort of help venus in a way, in that some of these jvloggers can look at her differently.

No. 248048

>Dear Sharla, My name is Margaret, nice to meet you.

What? Didn't they know eachother already? Iirc there was a purikura picture with Sharla, Venus and Maggot (I don't know in which account, I can't fint it) from when they were in Japan last year.

No. 248050