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File: 1405643577289.jpg (83.41 KB, 681x1024, howdrunkareyou.jpg)

No. 2527

Haven't heard much from the queen recently. Does anyone have any updates?
Also everything PT.

No. 2528


No. 2531

We're all waiting for PTNR, OP. We await her holy message of the Goddess. We cannot foresee when we will be blessed with The Word, but we hold faith to our bosoms.

No. 2532

Oh god it looks like she's taking a big ass shit. The fact that she is in what looks like a bathroom does not help either.

No. 2534

She's totally gomen she took a dump on the floor.

No. 2538

File: 1405646881853.jpg (81.73 KB, 681x1024, justtookamassivedump.jpg)

sorry i'm high

omg it's like she's proud of shitting on the floor.

No. 2539

gomen, sempai. desu shit on desu floor

No. 2542

Is there any way to contact her these days?

No. 2595

I completely missed everything that went down before SR went down. Did anyone happen to save any of the convos PTNR had with PT? I'm dying to read them.

No. 2685

Does anyone see her on Skype?

Her internet breaks aren't uncommon, but this silence and no photos after all that ridiculousness on SR makes me wonder if she heard about it…

I miss her so much and I worry that her loyal devotees have been spread far and wide, while some of you have begun worshiping false gods. I fear for our queen.

No. 2686

I guess Britfag got wind of it and is threatening her again about how she cannot talk to anyone but him, and should leave the internet forever.

No. 2694

Doesn't our queen have a birthday next week? Surely she'll return for that, right?

No. 2770

Probably not to celebrate it (how old is she turning? 29? 30 is next year, right? I hope she returns before she turns 30 because I want to be there for the shitstorm) but maybe to whine about it. Honestly I'm not getting my hopes up.

No. 2772

I hope she does another tinychat cookie-cake eating meltdown.

No. 2787

I hope she comes back soon… She is the greatest workout motivation ever. When I feel like my legs feel like they're about to fall off after cycling uphill for 10 minutes, I tell myself, "Suck it up and keep going. That's something Pixyteri would say." I tell myself this after seeing one of her bikini photos and push myself to reach the full 5 miles in 30 minutes. When I'm rowing and think my arms are going to die, I tell myself, "Don't be a wuss and finish the damn set" and finish it.

I hope she releases more awful bikini photoshoots because she is my inspiration of what not to look like.


No. 2788

>5 miles in 30 minutes

damn what the fuck

teach me your ways

No. 2812

Heheh, that was fun.

No. 2813

I'm generally a hard ass on myself when it comes to working out but this is the same regimen I used to go from chubby to fit years ago. I've become "skinny fat" and need to get back to sexy. Pixyteri's flubber is the best motivation because you tell yourself, "I don't wanna look like that, so keep going you lazy ass. GET SEXY" and push forward. This is just my second day on it so by next week, I hope to double my mileage cycling.

Just think, "What would Pixyteri do?" and do the complete opposite and push on until you think your chest is going to explode. Only then I rest for about 3 minutes, drink some water, and keep on. I'm doing some lifting as well and basically tell myself the same thing using her landwhale bikini photos to keep going.

After 2 days of this, my body is starting to get used to the strain so I'm going to keep challenging myself. In about a little over a month or so, I should look fantastic and love what I see in the mirror.

It's just a shitton of self-drill Sargent'ing and pushing yourself to your limits.

No. 3644

I really fear for the worst.
She has never fallen off for almost a whole year.

No. 3646

I really misss her. Imagine if she really is gone. It is totally possible that we could really never hear from her again…

No. 3658

We need to find a way to bring her back, without scaring her off again. Without pixy the world is so dull.

No. 3679

Have some tinychats I still had bookmarked. I don't remember much about either one though.


No. 3681

The first one is her having her meltdown over her mom's DNA test I believe

No. 3695

Yes, thank you! I'm glad someone bookmarked them, I thought they were lost with SR forever.

No. 3696

Tomorrow is our Queen's birthday. We should try to make it special.

No. 3738

Lets send her mom some more nudes.

No. 3784

Are you fucking stupid?

No. 3788


No. 3789


De-stress your breasts guys, pretty sure it was a joke

No. 3814

Can always order one of those cheap shitty dildos on her amazon.com wishlist…

No. 3822

Because they're kawaii and a lot of public baths have cute soaps either for sale or that people bring in.

No. 3829

>Second video
>very first sound is a stress sigh

Oh Pixy, you mess.

No. 3830

No. 3833

This wishlist is ridiculous.
>allergy pillows and blankets
>bath salts
>Juicy shit
>edible cherry blossoms (what?)
She doesn't need any of this crap!

>toy cleaner

I take it back.

No. 3835

You can actually see where her brain made the connection from white vibrator to unicorns.
The psychology behind this list is fascinating.

No. 3836

File: 1406582009609.png (179.11 KB, 623x650, oh sarah no.png)

Forgot the pic

No. 3841

What's with the waterproof bed covers? Is she leaking or outright pissing herself at night?

No. 3848


It's probably a sex thing.

No. 3853


Maybe she's a squirter.

No. 3869


I was thinking more along the lines of piss fetishism, but yea.

No. 3881

buy her stuff from her wishlist?

No. 3907

It's asking me to log in. Did she make it private? I wanted to buy her a present :(

No. 3909

It might be asking you to log into your account. I can see it all fine, but I am logged into my account.

No. 3948

Happy Birthday Pixyteri!! May you live long prosperous life and provide us with great laughs soon.

No. 4008

File: 1406664994949.png (36.9 KB, 369x218, lol.PNG)

I guess PT thinks she's a unicorn now?

No. 4017

Oh PT I hope you will come back for this glorious day. I really hoped the SR drama didn't scare her off for good or that Britfag's clutch is becoming tighter.

No. 4025

Bet she'll cosplay the naked scene or at the very least do a gravure shoot.

No. 4028

File: 1406680121048.png (92.17 KB, 1086x572, pixyteri2.png)

Oh my god PT, what even is this shit?

No. 4030



No. 4041


And PT Fucker said she was tight. lol.

No. 4042

You know, having seen all those nudes PTNR dumped, I am in no way surprised by that.

No. 4045

With all the dicks she let trample through all 3 holes, who is honestly surprised by this?

AHAHAHAHA… She's talking about Lady Amalthea. Why are lolcows flocking to my favorite book?! First OrangeCitrus and now Pixyteri. Wonder if the queen will ever do cam porn. Now that will be nasty. Especially after those god-awful nudes PTNR dumped. Her body grosses me out even more than Chris Chan's AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING.

No. 4047


As soon as someone mentions BBW, she's going to rage and quit. (First day)

No. 4048

Why would you ever put these things in a public wishlist that people can search for?

No. 4106

File: 1406725441491.png (611.57 KB, 1248x1248, 68709-original-1366930648-prim…)

You'd think the "real" Lady Amalthea would be able to spell her own name correctly.

I'm torn between wanting to see her do a Last Unicorn cosplay and not wanting to have the book/movie ruined for me by conjuring up images of PT.

No. 4114

>vagina tightening gel

No. 4120

>maybe she is tight


No. 4142

>30th birthday
>put a bunch of vagina tightening gels on your public amazon wishlist

oh PT, you are truly the queen

No. 4154

I thought it was her 29th? Isn't her 30th next year? She's born in 1985 IIRC

No. 4155

Yes, she's 29.

No. 4183

With Britfag around I doubt that will happen. While I would like her to get herself together, I miss her crazy antics and wish she would come back to us.

No. 4184

Hopefully he gets bored of her soon. I mean, even if you get off to that stuff, it must start to get a bit tedious monitoring all her activity eventually. Unless he really does have some sort of twisted feelings for her and it's not just a fetish thing. Such a shame that the guy that's shown PT the most dedication is a complete psycho.

No. 4214

I know this is odd but I think PT must be either kicked out or went to the mental hospital. I think we should look up hospital or arrest records just like how the trolls found out that chris chan was arrested in 2011.

No. 4218

She uploaded a fuck load of new pictures to Photobucket just now, or at least within the last day. Enough that it goes back to the twelfth page on he most recent uploads.

No. 4219

Holy shit. Birthday photoshoot? Kami-sama has answered our cries. Can someone post the pictures or link her photobucket or something?

No. 4220

Doesn't look like anything new, just reuploads from what I've looked through so far. I'll make a new thread if I come across something I've never seen before

No. 4221

File: 1406789560565.jpg (75.73 KB, 768x1024, IMGP0781_zpsc85ff3af[1].jpg)

Actually this thread isn't that long, I'll just post here

No. 4222

File: 1406789586361.jpg (74.84 KB, 733x1024, IMGP0785_zpscb07c688[1].jpg)

No. 4223

File: 1406789613956.jpg (71.51 KB, 683x1024, IMG_1973_zps3067e371.jpg)

Jesus she's gotten wide

No. 4224

File: 1406789624255.jpg (74.77 KB, 768x1024, IMGP0724_zpsf9224ae4[1].jpg)

No. 4225

File: 1406789680503.jpg (58.99 KB, 768x1024, IMGP0738_zps52cd6c98[1].jpg)

No. 4226

File: 1406789711880.jpg (56.83 KB, 502x1024, DSCN5633_zpsb2fe279f.jpg)


No. 4227

File: 1406789809989.jpg (192.31 KB, 731x1024, DSCN0844_zps3fc2cb38[1].jpg)

She's attempting mori?

No. 4228

File: 1406789834884.jpg (146.72 KB, 680x1024, DSCN0835-001_zpsda4e3c2e[1].jp…)

Of course there's an ass shot

No. 4229

File: 1406789853870.jpg (150.65 KB, 1024x681, DSCN0832-001_zps8692264d[1].jp…)

Those tits

No. 4230

File: 1406789888309.jpg (166.96 KB, 682x1024, DSCN0828_zps42c2990f[1].jpg)

It's like she's going to squat down and take a piss

No. 4231

File: 1406789950186.jpg (172.29 KB, 680x1024, DSCN0827_zps4da6587f[1].jpg)

No. 4232

File: 1406790082361.jpg (134.21 KB, 684x1024, DSCN0816-001_zps5680f1d6[1].jp…)

Good god, her arms are stumpy

No. 4233

File: 1406790105849.jpg (179.43 KB, 768x1024, DSCN0811-002_zps2835a97b[1].jp…)

I quite like this one

No. 4234

File: 1406790157677.jpg (177.08 KB, 682x1024, DSCN0803-001_zps171e2074[1].jp…)

I wonder if she's completely naked under the dress

No. 4235

File: 1406790194513.jpg (110.02 KB, 683x1024, DSCN0806_zps31cd923f[1].jpg)

This reminds me of a maternity photo

No. 4236

File: 1406790230959.jpg (62.66 KB, 681x1024, IMG_2066_zps3630f4c6[1].jpg)

This shoot looks like a train wreck

No. 4237

File: 1406790255408.jpg (84.11 KB, 681x1024, IMG_2064_zps07338480[1].jpg)

She looks drugged up in every one of these

No. 4238

File: 1406790267919.jpg (75.29 KB, 681x1024, IMG_2050_zps5542c02e[1].jpg)

No. 4239

File: 1406790318468.jpg (70.37 KB, 682x1024, Img_2048_zps90df1fac[1].jpg)

Won't post too many of this shoot, since I'm not convinced it's recent.

No. 4240

File: 1406790346603.jpg (65.21 KB, 682x1024, IMGP0706_zps3d942ff0[1].jpg)

No. 4241

File: 1406790376308.jpg (80.04 KB, 768x1024, DSCN5631_zps50732e0e[1].jpg)

Her thighs can't be comfortable in those

No. 4242

File: 1406790406465.jpg (80.96 KB, 681x1024, DSCN5634_zps6647464d[1].jpg)

This reminds me of that nude where she's wearing those boots(?) so much

No. 4243

File: 1406790490387.jpg (56.58 KB, 682x1024, IMG_1967_zpsd05adcce[1].jpg)

>trying to cover your gut with your underwear

No. 4244

File: 1406790530679.jpg (59.91 KB, 729x1024, IMG_0716_zpsf85cdf43[1].jpg)

She looks like a man in drag

No. 4245

File: 1406790545027.jpg (49.06 KB, 730x1024, IMG_0722_zps02b9c6b5[1].jpg)

No. 4246

File: 1406790592675.jpg (71.63 KB, 729x1024, IMGP0840_zps1e6d84cd[1].jpg)

No. 4247

File: 1406790640023.jpg (108.75 KB, 682x1024, IMGP1036_zpsfa54169c[1].jpg)

No. 4248

File: 1406790726492.jpg (103.09 KB, 681x1024, IMGP1041_zps79a6a632[1].jpg)

No. 4249

File: 1406790816716.jpg (60.28 KB, 731x1024, IMG_0677_zps01848f2a[1].jpg)

No. 4250

Jikes that is a really bad attempt at Mori. Non of the colors match. That flower crown is cheap and ugly and that dress doesn't flatter her at all. Even though it is an ugly coord, i like >>4233
She is kind cute and happy in that one.

Age Play Lolita. FUCK YOU PT, seriously Sweet is already enough Age Play as it is, don't make it worse. I am also mad that a woman like PT buys brand and stretches it to hell and back. I am still saving up for my first brand dress, and a girl like her really doesn't deserve it.

She really does look like a man. Pt should really start using make-up again.

I am going to save this one as a reaction image. That face is hilarious.

No. 4251

File: 1406793923639.jpg (108.54 KB, 731x1024, Pt kinda decent.jpg)

Another Anon, gonna post someones that I find quite new.

Like this one. She smiles for once

No. 4252

File: 1406793945534.jpg (114.68 KB, 778x1024, Cupcake vface.jpg)

Wtf is that cheap sticker doing on her face

No. 4253

File: 1406793963620.jpg (73.95 KB, 1024x684, I can do mah lipgloss.jpg)

No. 4255

File: 1406794711067.jpg (76.56 KB, 681x1024, Wtf is going on in this one.jp…)

No. 4257

who takes her photos?

No. 4259

I'd say at least half of these are photoshoots we've seen before, but it's interesting that she's finally doing something on Photobucket again.

I do wonder if her absence is in no small part related to PTNR or the pedophile accusations. Even she isn't dumb enough to ignore a betrayal by someone she confided in for 6 months or people saying she molested a kid. Though, if she's uploading photos again, it's only a matter of time…

What's the consensus on her Twitter? I'm convinced it's hacked or someone took the URL.

No. 4260

Yeah, I don't think she has control of her twitter. That last tweet was way too witty to be her.

No. 4261

Tripod-san. You can see it in reflections in some photos

No. 4262

Someone took her URL. She has deleted her twitter, and then a few months later someone took control of her URL and pretends to be her. I wish it was her though.

No. 4265

Not naked, I can see VPL in a few of them.

No. 4270


For PT, some of these actually aren't that awful. But ofc she couldn't resist ruining it by throwing in a few peeing and floppy tit poses. At least she's not wearing some sort of disturbing sexy toddler outfit with circulation cutting socks and half her big flat ass hanging out, like she usually does.

No. 4271

Does anyone have any idea how to contact PTNR? She obviously frequent SR, but she's only posted a handful of times to CWCki (which is such a shit forum) and it would be so great to get those conversations from her…

No. 4284

Cute bra that isn't stretched and stained and looks like it actually fits? This is amazing

This is a really good example of how she could look in flattering clothing. Of course she had to pick out something that looks like a little girl's bathing suit, but still.

No. 4286


I only contacted her once, she said she was busy with work and family. I mentioned this image board but she didn't say anything about it.

No. 4319

It always depresses me when I see the sheet duct taped onto her walls for photoshoots. It just reconfirms the fake smiles and complete loss of self respect or care

No. 4320

This dress is actually super cute, if she styled it well and it fit her fat ass better it could be possible for a really nice mori outfit.

No. 4321

all that brand. It hurts me physically to know that dress is ruined. How she fit her fat wrists in that cuff is beyond me

No. 4322

Why can she coordinate relatively well in Lolita but in 'normal' clothing it looks like she got dressed in the dark?

No. 4323

if you took the sticker and lenses away and washed her hair she would look like a normal human being. She has the capacity. She has a small possibility to be pretty, but of course we all know she'll just stay like this

No. 4325

File: 1406839650871.jpg (82.76 KB, 731x1024, coa.jpg)

She kind of looks like Uncle Fester here.

I haven't seen a lot of these. Were they buried deep in her photobucket or just lost to the bowels of the internet?

No. 4328

I wonder about that as well. The only explanation I can think of is that she sees pictures of decent coords and just sort of copies them? Or that normal clothes don't have such structured 'rules' like lolita does so anything is fair game?

No. 4329

I wonder if something happened to scare her off? She had time to catfish PT for months but suddenly she's "busy with friends and family". Pretty disappointing, because she made it seem like she had a lot more logs and stuff to share.

Because Lolita is super formulaic, matchy matchy and has a ton of rules. The brands pretty much spoon feed you how to put an outfit together. Putting together a terrible Lolita coord is like failing a test when the answers are written on the board in front of you.

No. 4332

I think these photos are technically 'new' in the sense that she never posted these specific ones before. She has posted others from the same sets, just not these in particular.

No. 4334

I don't see how you think she looks any better in lolita than normal clothes, because the pic you quoted is ita as fuck. She USED to be able to do decent and well-done coords many years ago but since then she's lost pretty much all taste and the skills to actually look good.

No. 4335

Honestly I think something's going on with PTNR, and possibly Britfag has something to do with it. She had no qualms about releasing this stuff before. Possible trolls-remorse? Or Britfag doxxed her?

No. 4337

I just mean in general with Lolita. I've seen much worse. Her purples don't match and yes it's all very awkward and that bolero thing is awful but it's still a lot better than her regular outfits. Even way back there was always something slightly off with her outfits, like that royal creamy chocolate salopette she forced herself into and had those furry boot things.

No. 4339

Her Lolita stuff to me were always pretty bland but in recent years they were just a hot mess. I have a theory behind why she can't dress herself well. That would most likely require looking at attractive women for inspiration. A lot of women look to other women for inspiration for outfits (including myself) so just my thoughts. There's no way she could look at the Victoria's Secrt clothing catalog or anything like that for outfit ideas without seething in jealousy over how beautiful the models are.

No. 4341

Yep, I'm thinking the same. As soon as SR got shut down she seemed start acting kind of strange. Something must have happened to make her suddenly go tight lipped and disappear. Britfag could be involved, but I the most likely thing is she felt like she took it too far and panicked.

No. 4347

I think britfag is from 888chan, or at the very least from /b/

No. 4351

I think he's someone that latched onto the Sarah sagas with some prior sociopathic tendencies.
Being male and showering her in attention just gave him the upper hand that a lot of PT followers didn't have and he abused that power.

No. 4352

I don't think he hacked PTNR's computer necessarily, but it's not a far assumption to believe that he has access to Sarah's accounts, or at least he does now. PT's pretty stupid. I think PTNR may have not been as careful as she should've/could've been because of how dumb PT is and left footprints to her real identity that flew over PT's head but Britfag picked up.

>>4341 is more likely though, but still, it's a possibility.

No. 4353

That's outfit is still considered recent with her declined fashion sense. Like I said, she hasn't had a decent coord in several years. All the things you've mentioned make her outfits just as bad, if not worse than her normal clothes.

No. 4373

But at least with her lolita coords she uses the same general colors–even if they don't match shades perfectly–that lean more towards the nitpick side than full out ita (seriously, for as crazy as PT is, she coords lolita much better than I've seen in ita threads). Whereas her normal outfits are clashy and gross looking right off the bat.

No. 4374

No. 4379

File: 1406890162691.png (483.99 KB, 610x800, 2ILbk9C copy.png)

Great idea. I can't wait to use this.

No. 4389

I love you so much, saved.

No. 4390

That's brilliant. I love how it's still got the wrapper on and she's posing like she's eating it. Silly mare.

No. 4398

She's wearing panties that actually fit! Holy shit.

That bra, though, not so much.

No. 4399

I'm glad she's growing out her hair. It'll mask that bull neck she's got going on at least.

No. 4744

File: 1406979702451.jpg (89.56 KB, 768x1024, IMGP0031_zps9891df71.jpg)

Some of those photos she's uploading on PB are more than 5 years old! I hope this is a sign she's coming back to us…

No. 4749


Mochi is disgusting, I had no idea how anybody can consume the stuff.

Before I left for university I used to take Japanese night classes with my teacher being a native speaker.
One day another classmate brought in some mochi for us to try and genuinely I almost vomited after taking one bite.

But then our teacher, who was Japanese, walked over and grabbed one and began munching on it quite happily. I actually couldn't believe that she was enjoying it.

It was vile.

No. 4760

I prefer daifuku, especially the strawberry ones. I was brought up on the chinese version filled with coconut and peanuts. Fresh mochi is good but I find the packaged ones tend to taste plastic and weird,

No. 4761

I know PT is trying to hold her hands all kawaii like but are PT's hands retarded or something because it seems like she cant make her hands look nice if she wanted. she grabs everything like she has special needs

No. 4764

This photo screams special needs…

No. 4766

Do you remember which kind you had? Sweet kind, or savory, and did it have a leaf on it?

The people in my experience who don't like mochi usually don't like the texture of it, or if they've have a boring savory one with nothing on it says it's bland and tasteless. The only mochi I can think of that would cause a huge gag reflex would be sakuramochi with that gross leaf on it.

I mean, different strokes and I'm not saying you HAVE to like it, but I don't know anyone who doesn't like it so I'm interested in that.

No. 4767

Sorry meant to quote >>4749

No. 4769

Not that person, but my boyfriend doesn't like it either. He reckons its more because its not as sweet as he expected, and he's accustomed to sweeter things, which I think many western people are. It was a red bean daifuku, BTW. I personally love sesame daifuku, they're my favorite

No. 4784

>He reckons its more because its not as sweet as he expected
That's always so strange to hear, at least to me it is. I picked up some green tea daifuku a while ago and they lasted me a month because I could only stand to eat one every so often since they were so sweet. I do prefer savory foods but I'm also from murica, land of sugar and the beetus so it was kind of surprising.

No. 4791

So cute! I actually really hope she keeps doing stuff like this. The dress is really cute imo and covers her nicely.

No. 4793

I lol'd at this one

No. 4794

I wish she'd wear some makeup. Like if she had some cute gyaru eyes or something here

No. 4797

I think it also depends on what kind of daifuku you get. The actual Japanese ones, aren't that sweet I think (still pretty sweet though) and I think non Japanese made ones are sweeter than that, as I think Japanese made red bean stuff isn't as sweet as non-Japanese made red bean stuff.
It also depends on the person and where they're from too, to determine what's sweet vs. too sweet.

I think people from the south have a higher sweet tolerance (?), but I'm going off of things like sweet tea which is way too sweet for me (as I didn't grow up with things like that).

No. 4799

File: 1407035675705.jpg (61.73 KB, 732x1024, DSCN0976_zpsed5715f2.jpg)

No. 4800

File: 1407035712584.jpg (62.17 KB, 680x1024, Dscn5309_zps71a70827.jpg)

No. 4801

File: 1407036759779.jpg (75 KB, 768x1024, DSCN09732_zpsc98e283b[1].jpg)

I like her face in this one

No. 4802

File: 1407036789215.jpg (70.55 KB, 681x1024, Dscn5349_zps23d72687[1].jpg)

No. 4803

File: 1407036835549.jpg (78.34 KB, 730x1024, DSCN10572_zpsaa1aee3e[1].jpg)

No. 4804

File: 1407036950677.jpg (91.78 KB, 730x1024, DSCN10782_zpsb7ada47c[1].jpg)

This is a decent look for her

No. 4805

File: 1407037042655.jpg (78.39 KB, 732x1024, DSCN10872_zpsd95d975c[1].jpg)

No. 4806

File: 1407037084055.jpg (76.09 KB, 729x1024, IMG_1944_zpscce4baff[1].jpg)

Another good reaction image pic

No. 4809

Pixyteri ~gamergurl~ extraordinaire.

No. 4810

…Why does she do this…

Taking a photo with your gut overlapping your panty line and sticking a random lollipop onto your chest while posing awkwardly is not sexy.

No. 4811

That lollipop is actually a necklace.

No. 4812

I've always liked that galaxy dress. Cute outfit

No. 4813

Until she starts flashing people. Also she could do with going a size up.

No. 4817


It was a packaged one, pink outside and with a peanut on the inside.

It may have just been that I got a gross one. I'm going to Japan in 2017 so I'm sure I'll get to try some of the real stuff then.

No. 4819


Is it just me or does her nametag read 休育 / Kyū Iku - Absent Education?

No. 4823

Missing a stroke on that first character -> 体育 -> "Physical education" (according to Google translate)

No. 4825

>oh leaf-chan, you so cray cray!

No. 4826


Oh yeah, you're right.

Absent education seems a hell of a lot more appropriate than physical education though, given her propensity for mochi and sitting on her ass.

No. 4830

Somehow, that makes things even worse…

No. 5006

Omg what is up with this perspective. She looks like a cabbage patch kid meets t-rex. I dunno how to describe this.

No. 5235

Guess who.

No. 5236

dat back fat

No. 5237

I hate it when woman that look like hookers complain about how others dress.

No. 5239

Boo fucking hoo PT looks retarded and you know it. Even if it was a literal hooker posting this, pt still looks dumb.

No. 5244

Yeah, she does look dumb but it's still stupid.

No. 5258

I don't think anyone was debating if PT looked dumb or not, that's a given.

No. 5262


Oh my goodness shut the fuck up, that woman's profile picture is like 16x16 px you can't see shit.

Even if she was a hooker she'd still be better than PT. When being a sex worker become synonymous with bad for some people? I have never understood this mentality. This isn't Wizardchan ffs, how dare people enjoy something that feels good for both parties!

No. 5263

It's 16x16px and yet you can see her tits.

No. 5269

those arent her tits its a tan line, if that light area was a tit then shes have tits coming out of her collarbone

No. 5272

found her facebook so you can see her pic bigger, it is not her tits its a tanline and she is an older woman with children, not a whore


No. 5273


>it's 16x16px and yet you can see her tits


No. 5275


Are you going somewhere with this argument, or do you come from some kind of alternate universe where women don't possess breasts?

No. 5276

But complains about an adult woman dressing in youthful clothes, even if they look shitty on PT.

No. 5278

if anyone looks like a whore its PT in that outfit, the skirt is way way too short. she looks like an ageplay whore on her way to a john's motel

No. 5279


idgaf about an adult woman dressing however she wants, I'm actually all for everybody dressing however they choose.

My gripe with PT is her dressing in a style of clothing has been co-ordinated specifically with little girls/ageplay in mind in combination with her gross obesity.

No. 5294


God some of you bitches are stupid. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE WOMAN THAT TOOK THE PICTURE? There was a wild, candid, picture of PT in her natural habitat. ffs just focus on that you autistic cunt.

>>Waaaa waaahh but huur booobbiies. She's way worse than PT blubber blubber blubber.

No. 5297

All talk about the poster aside, I love that PT still spends so much of her free time at Hastings.
Now I'm from TX and, unless you live in a big city, there isn't that much to do, but Hastings?
When there are movie theatres and book clubs and intramural sports teams?

>inb4 she can't take lewd photos there

No. 5300


What is Hastings anyway? Some sort of mall?

No. 5301

This. Seriously. We're in the middle of a PT drought and when some random person provides something for us you all want to bitch about how that person looks instead of talk about the new material?

No. 5302


PT wont go to the movies alone unless it's with a lover

PT doesn't care about books unless it's manga

PT doesn't care about sports unless there's tiny little asian men running around.

I wonder if she rooted for Japan during the World Cup this year.

No. 5304


Hastings is sort of like a bookstore except most of them have a Starbux inside them and they sell other novelty items.

(I think)

No. 5306


I also wanted to add that at Hastings, a lot of people are there alone. She can read all the mangu her little heart desires without actually paying for it, while drinking a giant cup of whatever diabetic coffee concoction she buys at Starbucks.

She's also probably expecting to bump into her asian husbando annnyyy daay noooow.

No. 5308

Wow. I knew she was fat but I didn't realize just how big. That backfat is unreal. And for some reason I didn't think she dressed THAT horribly in public unless she was taking pictures. If I was PT's mom I'd have her committed, that's just embarrassing.

No. 5310

she's literally sticking candy to her face and dressing like a toddler.

No. 5319

Post comments on the pic

No. 5324

This. I want to read what everyone said about her

No. 5329

I in no way condone PT's fashion choices.

…But you have a point

No. 5330

>whore detected

grumpy cuz your pimp cut off your coke?

No. 5331


What? I'm not even the OP, but what the fuck crawled up your loose ass and died?

I think you're the same autistic bitch that keeps complaining about the woman that took PT's pic. No one but you gives a fuck, Why? Because she's a Mexican (maybe Hispanic) woman?
What did you expect, a kawaii azn uguu girl? Would you even say anything if her titties were popping out because she's wapanese?

Get over yourself, this woman happened to be in Hastings and took a candid picture of PT without even knowing her infamy, and AMMMGGGGG her profile pic has cleavage!! Put your burka back on and go sit in the corner until your titties stop flopping around. Desu

My FB profile pic has my cleavage showing as well, onoes, I'm such a major slut that snorts coke off her dealers dick.

No. 5332

When did we start letting neckbeards and supreme gentlemen post here ( -_-)

No. 5333

It's really dumb to assume she's a 'whore' because of a picture, but a lot of the people defending her are starting to sound tumblr as fuck.

No. 5334

Has nothing to do with neckbeards but many of the users here are into jfashion and had to deal with similar shit without looking as dumb as PT.

No. 5336


No, I'm talking about the faggot who's calling this woman a whore based on a tiny profile picture.

No. 5337


What do they expect? We're in America, not Japanland. You wanna dress like an idiot because it's ok in some country thousands of miles away, then please be my guest so I can laugh at you.

No. 5340

Someone really ought to tell her the REAL place to find her paafect Asian husbando:
the gym

No. 5341

(Also because this board has really lax posting rules, it's unsurprising we've got a lot of m'ladies about. Unfortunately, they have as much of a right to post what they think as we do.)

No. 5351


What a wonderful find in this time of difficulty. How did you possibly find this?

No. 5356

You guys, I had a dream that I met our queen IRL in a friend sort of setting and tried to tactfully help her out and give her advice on presenting herself in a more attractive way. It was exactly as frustrating as you would think an IRL interaction would be.

It was a complete failure. I don't want any more PT dreams.

No. 5360

I feel like there is something wrong with me but when I see this pic it doesn't seem that bad? Maybe because I can't see her face or anything. It just seems like an outfit a teen/young adult might wear out for fun. Seeing her from the front and seeing visibly her age would probably make it more offputting

No. 5361


No. 5383


It isn’t even the outfit itself necessarily (PT has worn worse), but it’s just really ill-fitting. The skirt is way too short, and given the rolls of back fat the shirt must be pretty tight. Not really a flattering look for an almost 30-year old overweight woman.

No. 5384

Is she wearing extensions? Her hair seems really long again.

No. 5385

I don't think it's extensions (she doesn't have the money, her mother probably won't let her and she doesn't put THAT much effort into her appearance), I think it's just grown out. The recently posted photos are more than likely a few months old, judging by the mix of new and old photos

No. 5394


idk, I would probably feel the same but then I noticed the hair pins and the matching sneakers. She she clearly attempting an ageplay in this.

No. 5406

I would but I can't see the pic on her page at all. Dear anon, please post the comments from that photo.

No. 5407

It would look cute on a skinny 12-year-old but PT is an obese woman who looks 40. It's just really ill-fitting and inappropriate.

No. 5534

I had a dream about PT not too long ago too. Except I was cuddling with her. D: WHY, brain!? Whyyy!?

No. 5539

There are worse places to hang out. I've heard that in some areas of Oklahoma, the go-to hangout spot for teens is Walmart.

No. 5622

File: 1407421043163.gif (344.44 KB, 500x283, Tough tootin PT.gif)

Yo Anons, Imma let you finish but I had one of the best PT dreams of all time! Even though it happened months ago and I (fortunately?) forgot most of it. Here goes.

It started with me sitting in a public restroom stall just minding my business, when PT came into the bathroom. I could clearly see her through the stall door but she couldn't see me because dream logic. She then stripped down to her undies, set up Tripod-san and started doing Finn's baby dance with song and all. The cellulite shaking everywhere was as bad as you'd expect.
When she put her clothes back on and left I secretly followed her and took out my notebook like some kind of undercover journalist working on a story for the Staminarose Times (like I said, this was months ago). It turned out she was going on a date with a surprisingly good-looking man. He had a very rough Clint Eastwood in his prime look about him and was clearly a bit older than she was. Being a shitty gossip journalist who was literally hiding in the bushes next to their table I decided this must be the fabled Britfag of lore and scribbled away.
As the date progressed it became more and more obvious that they knew I was there, and when I tried to sneak away I was grabbed by the Internet Police. They were going to take me to prison for cyberbullying and took away my notes. The rest of the dream was me desperately trying to get my notes back. I didn't even care about the prison sentence because I was so focused on getting this scoop to you guys. So, you're welcome I guess?

No. 5730

File: 1407466376374.jpg (30.29 KB, 401x256, ss (2014-08-06 at 06.32.16).jp…)

Is that her skype? I thought pic related was her skype.

Have you have mochi ice cream? I can't eat normal mochi or daifuku, but mochi ice cream is pretty good. I wish they could cover it is something other than corn starch. powdered sugar would work well maybe? While keeping the sweet taste.

No. 5731


She looks gross and unwashed in that photo. Also looks like a public bathroom. I wonder how many times people have walked in on her striking kawaii poses in front of her camera/phone.

No. 5734

You can change your display name on skype whenever you want.
>Mikasa Cosplay possibly soon
I'm so excited.

No. 5743

Awwww wtf mang. You could have at least censored the name. Dont disgrace our super special bond, anon-san.

No. 5744

What a beautiful dream! I'm so glad you are so devoted to us! <3 <3

No. 5746

She's at work. You can see her orange apron there.
She looks like a mess.

No. 5748

File: 1407472416713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.12 KB, 299x168, sad.jpg)

Comments someone?!? Anyone?!?

No. 5766


She looks like a retard.

No. 5771

Seriously? If I saw someone wearing that, I would laugh my ass off. You sound like you have terrible taste in fashion.

No. 5776

You sound normalfag as fuck. No one's saying you have to be PT levels of strange, but I can't imagine how much fun you can manage throwing that vanilla around.

No. 5789

>>file deleted
D: D: D:

No. 5795

File: 1407501602444.png (36.05 KB, 465x215, name.PNG)


No. 5796

Being a playboy bunny and getting felt up by Hugh Hefner aka The Crypt Keeper isn't exactly something to aspire to.

No. 5817

>file deleted
Someone repost pls

No. 5826


>>Laugh at the way PT dresses


lol, k.

inb4 you basic as bitch, lolitafolife

No. 5838

File: 1407519062270.jpg (65.38 KB, 540x960, hastings.jpg)


There we go.

No. 5839

The lady who supposedly took and posted the photo is one to talk, judging by that profile pic.

No. 5840

Yeah, she looks like kind of a slut to me.

No. 5841


Totally, I mean next to PT in that getup that slut in the profile pic is waaaay worse than PT. I mean PT is just being kawaii!

No. 5843


Sarah pls go

No. 5846


NO, Sarah STAY.

Of course it's not Sarah, it's Unichan fedora wearing fags, M'lady.

No. 5856

Exactly, PT is just expressing her kawaii sekushii-ness and embracing her natural youthful looks. That old woman that posted her is a normalfag slut.

No. 5860

I like lots of different styles of fashion and creativity, which might be why I'm not really seeing what is so bad here. Like I said, if I saw her in person in that it might be a different story. I could easily picture a skinny teen looking cute in that (though obviously it wouldn't be appropriate to wear in most situations).

No. 5867


Oh ffs stfu. She's fucking 29 and morbidly obese. She's dressed like a five year old. LOOK AT HER FUCKING FAT BACK ROLLS.

We get it, you dress like a dumbass too, no one gives a shit.

Do you not understand that she's supposed to dress her age? That going out in public dressed like that makes her look like a retard and makes her a target? Even if she was thin, she's still 29 and dressing like a five year old. I feel embarrassed for her.

No. 5969

Look at it as your average person's reaction to PT. She had no idea who PT is. She just was out one day doing her thing when BAM. There stood PT in all her glory.

Are you telling me our queen doesn't warrant that kind of attention?

No. 5980

File: 1407536736589.jpg (19.54 KB, 393x212, ss (2014-08-08 at 05.22.41).jp…)


>>5730 here. That screenshot was from the account name pixyteri. I would assume that's her. the only other one I could find was sarahsachiko. Maybe she has two accounts? pic related, it's the pixyteri account as of today.
>could never be a playboy bunny
aww come on Sarah, Never give up.

No. 6011

> skinny
> teen

Of which she is neither.

No. 6074

Okay, lol. I get the point people, I was just saying my opinion about the outfit.

People get so cranky when our glorious queen is absent.

No. 6100

Hastings is a catchall bookstore/movie rental/music/novelty store that usually has a cafe inside. Their website is gohastings.com

No. 6198

Wtf is that icon lol, is that a screenshot she took from one of her dating profiles?

No. 6225

It's also the only place for PT to go

No. 6243

Looks like a troll

No. 6260

They don't have this place where I live. So I originally thought it was some restaurant where she went to stuff her face or something.

Well it's nice to see a new pic of PT. I'm not surprised with the outfit. It's nothing new. The same ill-fitting toddlerwear she gravitates towards.

No. 6420

yah i don't see anything wrong with the 'fit either. yes, it's jarring to see a (fat) grown woman dress in short, bright, tight fitting clothes, but at least it's tame compared to how we've seen her dressed.

i don't even get why the woman thought it was enough to post. has she not seen thees walmartians??? other than the back fat idk what I'm supposed to be laughing/no words-ing over and again where are the comments on this post

No. 6421


No. 6455

File: 1407751289138.jpg (164.51 KB, 633x907, piggyteri.jpg)

Come back, Queen PT ;-;

No. 6491

File: 1407775055593.jpg (123.31 KB, 730x1024, DSCN1597_zps78b5575a.jpg)


She's posting more photos on Photobucket. It's only a matter of time! (I hope.)

I think this set is old too, though. I wonder if she's still taking photos?

No. 6505

Yeah, they're old, which is why I didn't bother posting any here. Hopefully she puts up new stuff soon.

No. 6523

She posted a bunch of new ones. They are horrifying. Spoilers: PT in a crop top, PT camel toe, and PT upskirt.

No. 6526

File: 1407797164678.jpg (97.79 KB, 768x1024, DSCN2702_zpsc5062e2a.jpg)

I'm sorry if these ones are old, but I haven't seen them before.

Poor Suki!

No. 6528

File: 1407797223305.jpg (97.84 KB, 768x1024, DSCN2697_zps512eda04.jpg)

No. 6531

File: 1407797265311.jpg (77.4 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2696_zps057c5d14.jpg)

No. 6532

File: 1407797310421.jpg (82.8 KB, 768x1024, DSCN2698_zps6df53670.jpg)

No. 6533

File: 1407797355896.jpg (73.27 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2695_zps4e392413.jpg)

No. 6534

File: 1407797399634.jpg (87.58 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2686-001_zpscdc32bef.jpg)

No. 6535

File: 1407797437062.jpg (67.36 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2683_zpsa44851c6.jpg)

No. 6536

File: 1407797483603.jpg (66.75 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2682_zps6087fe8f.jpg)

No. 6537

File: 1407797535557.jpg (89.81 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2677-001_zpsb56fb940.jpg)

No. 6538

File: 1407797577751.jpg (77.53 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2679_zpsded6c2b7.jpg)

No. 6539

File: 1407797642424.jpg (58.65 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2680_zps0050e1a4.jpg)

What PT photoshoot is complete without the poopin pose.

No. 6540

File: 1407797674562.jpg (70.4 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2678_zps479c956b.jpg)

No. 6541

Pretty sure these are new, her hair is longer.

No. 6542

File: 1407797737936.jpg (126.64 KB, 730x1024, DSCN2626_zps8f359caf.jpg)

Goblin poses are so kawaii

No. 6543

File: 1407797800846.jpg (124.77 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2628_zpsd8f2e1bb.jpg)

No. 6544

File: 1407797828263.jpg (71.71 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2647_zpsd61f2e60.jpg)

Now for the other new photo set.

No. 6545

File: 1407797870411.jpg (85.92 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2649_zpsf21493ff.jpg)

No. 6547

File: 1407797903998.jpg (77.05 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2646_zps9dcf0d55.jpg)

No. 6548

That skirt is pretty cute, the whole outfit would look great on a slim girl. But pt just looks like a depressed mom who raided her daughters closet

No. 6549

File: 1407797947827.jpg (73.74 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2648_zpsab95f3e0.jpg)

No. 6550

File: 1407798019253.jpg (91.06 KB, 729x1024, DSCN2651_zpsfec9dc0e.jpg)

Dat gut

No. 6551

File: 1407798067822.jpg (75.87 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2640_zps37d5bf6f.jpg)


No. 6552

File: 1407798111822.jpg (73.78 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2645_zpsf2b1d46e.jpg)

No. 6553

File: 1407798171596.jpg (75.01 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2644_zps2cbd25ff.jpg)

No. 6554

File: 1407798211263.jpg (99.42 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2631_zps1e7f6d9e.jpg)

No. 6555

File: 1407798249085.jpg (88.38 KB, 676x1024, DSCN2635-001_zpsf70ca35f.jpg)

No. 6556

File: 1407798307921.jpg (75.08 KB, 1024x732, DSCN2623_zpsbe1f0401.jpg)

Here's the other picture from that set.

No. 6557

File: 1407798349153.jpg (85.6 KB, 730x1024, DSCN2614_zps60461322.jpg)

I'm not sure why she looks so upset about her phone case here, but it really makes her nose look worse

No. 6558

File: 1407798353045.jpg (78.83 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2618_zpsc339a4f6.jpg)

No. 6559

I took a quick glance at the thumbnail and honestly thought that was a McDonald's themed top.

No. 6562

File: 1407799088369.jpg (145.47 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2625_zpsde779ccb.jpg)

No. 6563

File: 1407799119296.jpg (62.02 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2609_zpsf6585863.jpg)

No. 6564

File: 1407799169217.jpg (60.55 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2610_zps15291fa8.jpg)

No. 6565

File: 1407799219850.jpg (62.5 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2611_zps6647c70a.jpg)

What's with the cupcake?

No. 6566

File: 1407799255950.jpg (66.8 KB, 729x1024, DSCN2607_zps569fba8a.jpg)

No. 6567

Did you forget that she needs to take snack breaks during "work"?

No. 6568

File: 1407799340841.jpg (66.55 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2605_zps70adfb4e.jpg)


Yeah, I forgot about that.

No. 6570

lol, what is the concept for this photo? kawaii loli-con finds mysterious giant mirror in her back yard and accidentally flashes her panties in the reflection, tee-hee?

I actually quite like the print of this top, but as pyjamas or something.

Silly PT, do you realise your phone case has no phone in it? Maybe that's why senpai isn't returning your calls?

No. 6571

She looks like a retarded child who has never seen a cupcake before, and subsequently attempted to hold it like an ice cream cone.

No. 6573

is that ass crack sweat or just a shadow

No. 6575

This would actually look cute if she was thin

No. 6576

>If I didn't know better I wouldn't blink if someone said she is 20, especially 21 or 22.
You're talking shit and you know it.

No. 6579


You must be joking…


She looks like she has sunburn. I bet she never wears any sunscreen, so it’s no wonder she’s aging so fast.

Makeup would really, really help though…she’s so into looking “cute” that you would think she’d put on some makeup. It could even be fun, there’s lots of cute makeup out there and we all know she loves dropping money on kawaii shit. I don’t understand why she’s so opposed to it.


The shoes are cute, but they make her legs look even stumpier.

No. 6582

You must be trolling.

No. 6585

She doesn't wear makeup because she is naturally beautiful anon and she wants to stay as fresh and pure and kawaii as possible. All that makeup would ruin her delicate Japanese skin

No. 6587


No. 6591

Looking through the photo and all that is running through my mind is, SHE IS TAKING THESE OUTSIDE IN HER FRONT YARD WTF DO THE NEIGHBORS THINK

No. 6598

File: 1407804707547.jpg (59.32 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2705_zps952d7223.jpg)

truly the face of a kawaii young nihongo hime.

No. 6599

That is one incredibly cute cat though.

No. 6601

The only nice thing I can say about this Belugia whale's recent photo set is that her hair looks nice. At least nice compared to when it was short months ago. That shit looked fucking horrible on her.

No. 6606

File: 1407808024529.jpg (58.63 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2710_zpsd8cb05fd.jpg)

No. 6607

File: 1407808099785.jpg (90.29 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2716_zpsc08e372d.jpg)

No. 6608

File: 1407808147348.jpg (85.76 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2719_zps8e9730ba.jpg)

No. 6609

File: 1407808229897.jpg (82.66 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2721_zpscad541ee.jpg)

No. 6610

File: 1407808285437.jpg (112.27 KB, 730x1024, DSCN2722_zps17d5dddd.jpg)

No. 6611


yep, check out this 19 year old's face!

No. 6612

File: 1407808335187.jpg (102.14 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2723_zps79c2f3e7.jpg)

No. 6613

File: 1407808376030.jpg (110.27 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2724_zpsbbefaaaf.jpg)

No. 6614

That tard stare…

No. 6617

With the exception of the gator shirt outfit. These outfits are adorable, if only she was thinner and had on makeup she'd look cute as fuck

No. 6620

Her hair seems a lot lighter than before. Home depot making you stand outside too much Sarah?

No. 6626

god she looks so haggard, with all the cash she drops on these ageplay clothes you think she'd invest in some decent makeup too.

No. 6628

Oh yeah, she can totally pass for a 20 year old woman!

Yeah fucking right.

No. 6630

Not usually one to defend PT, but I don't see anything wrong with her teeth.

No. 6663

well she looks a lot happier in these pictures

No. 6665

I think it's PT's photoshop.

No. 6670

Yeah there's a lot to pick apart on her… her teeth? Not really.

No. 6674

Does the back of her shirt say Forever Bitch?

No. 6682

Isn't it "whatever bitch"?

No. 6683

You can really tell how unwashed, greasy, and disgusting her hair is here.

No. 6691

I'm glad I'm not the only one to think this.

No. 6693

File: 1407845675702.jpg (46.12 KB, 279x347, 1407808335187.jpg)

The face of a 20 year old woman everybody.

No. 6695

She looks dead behind the eyes.

No. 6707

It's because she's taking the pictures beers leg and it's concentrating.

When she had photographer buddies she smiles more naturally because she has outside direction.

These outfits are crazy and weird, though I agree that the pastel would look decent if she was thinner. She's probably still involved with Brotish and keeps to her own world now a days; at least we got some new pics since ptnr left.

No. 6751


And I think we got most of the gossip out of her, no screen shots, but she wasn't given a chance to post them :\

No. 6767

Her elbow has a mouth

No. 6769

File: 1407865249828.png (16.57 KB, 116x122, kuchi.png)

No. 6770

Jfc I refreshed the homepage and saw this picture and I thought it was a shaved vagoo sideways. Then I saw it was the PT thread and I had a slight glimmer of hope because if she shaved/waxed so cleanly that'd mean she's taking care of herself. But then I read that it was her elbow-mouth.

Why must you guys give me hope then rip it away?

No. 6852

Where do you come from that 20 year olds look like that? My mother is in her mid 50's and looks younger than pt, if I was in pt's place I'd find my face depressing.

No. 6853

It looks rather annoyed by the whole situation in the rest of the pictures though. She's clutching the poor thing by it's chest and one of it's legs

No. 6869

Maybe anon means it's the little patches of acne and tweezer-free eyebrows that make her look so young and kawaii?

No. 6873

Trying too hard.

No. 6877

Her teeth look normal to me. They're just not fake Hollywood bleached

No. 6878


Is that you, Britfag?

No. 6879


No. 6880

File: 1407889574952.jpg (44.6 KB, 630x794, dasha.jpg)

It's not unusual to find round mirrors used in photoshoots. Presumably PT saw something similar to pic related and thought "I can do this better!" and made it kei and sekushii

No. 6881

Everything but the bangs looks nice, hair wise. This length would really suit her if she just styled the front more.
That being said, I'm pretty sure that's a shirt you get at a crawfish cookoff.

No. 6895

My hubby must be a liar.
He cringes and is convinced she's a man.

No. 6896

File: 1407895662286.png (36.89 KB, 344x366, pixy.png)

No. 6907

Hahah, OMG!

No. 6909

File: 1407903400942.png (165.14 KB, 435x457, seensomekawaiishit.png)

yours is so much better, damn

No. 6934

I love you guys.

No. 6945

File: 1407928626236.png (126.91 KB, 338x311, shark pleased.png)


>>6767 here
Thanks for making my day a bit better

No. 6967


Hi PT Fucker! How are those kawaii warts coming along?

No. 6990

I don't know what 20-22 year olds look like where you live but if I were them I'd be insulted.

It's pretty unusual for the model to use it to blatantly show off her crotch, though.


u ok

No. 6991

is this "lol your name must be smuckers because you've got so much jelly xDD"-chan's angry cousin?

No. 6992

It's ok pixy, we love you.

No. 7006



Uh oh, don't let the Queen see you saying that! I think you meant to type "youthful", right?

Btw, you need to tone it down a bit, subtlety is key if you want to be convincing/funny.

No. 7028

Hahahah! Thanks PTLOVER/ANON. The hubby and I enjoyed the laugh.

No. 7049

Question time. Who do you think stinks the most? Pixyteri or Chris Chan? The woman who bathes once a month, washes her hair once a month and has been described as smelling like BO, greasy hair, unwashed pussy and ass or… the man that shat himself but was too lazy to clean himself up for a week until his mom did something?

No. 7056


Well, obviously Chris Chan, but only because I don't think he ever showers anymore. And I think even PT would be very uncomfortable sitting in sharted underwear. I like to think she'd take off her pantus and wipe herself even if she refuses to shower.

No. 7066

what the fuck is this

No. 7067

File: 1408010082904.png (50.14 KB, 1221x360, goddamnit.png)

>My pubic hair is a jungle, but most men like the wilderness.

No. 7100

File: 1408029452206.jpg (32.46 KB, 480x480, 1406508096206.jpg)

Anon, that's all really fucking gross. Most people are too polite to say anything if someone smells. Go take a damn shower and wash your vag, JFC.

No. 7101

this cannot be real. no one can be this stupid. A fucking moon cup costs what 15 dollars? who the fuck can't save up 15 dollars

No. 7110

Trying too fucking hard.

No. 7125

I'm not defending them but someone CAN be this stupid. a girl I knew would wear the same clothes for 3 weeks and legit didn't understand why she smelled so bad if she took 4 showers a day and doused herself in perfume.

No. 7130


Yeah, there are people like this. I can't understand. Side note: I had a boyfriend in high school (when I was an idiot) and he wouldn't shower, so I would have to shower with him to get him to go in and he wore the same clothes every day and everyone would say he smelled, but not to his face, so he thought it was fine. Memories!

No. 7149

File: 1408067165095.jpg (71.8 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2743_zps1d9140ca.jpg)

>Never fuxking

It's a little too late for that, Pixy

No. 7150

File: 1408067233750.jpg (80.57 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2741_zpsf2f0efa4.jpg)

No. 7151

File: 1408067292694.jpg (89.86 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2739_zps50178ec8.jpg)

No. 7152

File: 1408067332650.jpg (79.47 KB, 684x1024, DSCN2740_zpsdc06a908.jpg)


No. 7153

File: 1408067368991.jpg (77.03 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2737_zps4a5045c7.jpg)

No. 7154

File: 1408067464644.jpg (79.41 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2736_zpse3c1f871.jpg)

No. 7155

File: 1408067537876.jpg (96.64 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2738-001_zps94cdf94d.jpg)

That's all for now

No. 7156

What the hell is this shirt

No. 7160

I am 100% convinced this is PT herself, firstly because who in their right mind would find a mentally challenged woman child sexy, and second the way they're sperging is just like PT. Top kek.

No. 7162


Laughably appropriate is what it is.

No. 7163

You're fucking retarded.

No. 7167

The PT attraction sign looking for anything with a dick (or anything that asspats her enough and pretends to have a dick).

No. 7175

All these clothes are new - I wonder if she opened her PO box again or if she's just sneaking?

No. 7176

I don't know about anyone else, but I kind of liked those sneakers, so I went and found them.

No. 7178

They all are stuff you can find for few bucks at Taobao, the Cosmic Cuties shirt is one of those shirts made from stolen art for example.

No. 7196

File: 1408116303573.jpg (174.18 KB, 681x1024, ptshoopytime.jpg)

pt meitu time? at least vague attempts at pt meitu time?

No. 7197

File: 1408117591869.jpg (177.5 KB, 732x1024, DSCN8848-002_zps14f23148_meitu…)

I apologise sincerely for the arm. But she actually looked pretty cute here prior to doctoring

No. 7199

With her income she's probably sneaking (unless she borrowed mom and dad's money for another PO box)

What I want to know is why the sudden switch to fairy kei? Do you think this is Britfag's influence or just her own changing tastes?

No. 7201

Ugh, I wish I'd understand how Taobao works. So many cute, cheap things ;_;

No. 7209

>What I want to know is why the sudden switch to fairy kei?

She's been into that for a while now. I spoke to her a few times a good year ago or so and she mentioned liking it. I just think she managed to sneak some stuff in now.

I was always sort of under the impression that once you calculated all the shipping it ended up not being so cheap after all. I think you have to go through a third party buyer to have it shipped to you.

No. 7214

You can go to /cgl/ they have threads there about how to shop.

Though the board seemed split, some thought it was cheap for cosplay / Lolita and others loved it.

No. 7215

Go to celestial delinquent's SS site. Even if you dont use her, she gives a clear overview of how taobao works.

No. 7219

Ohh, thank you so much! I haven't been to /cgl/ since the new Janitor-chan got chosen and turned the board into a giant snoozefest, I'll go look now!

I'll see about shipping and all. Thanks for the warning, though.

No. 7233

File: 1408161270305.jpg (85.29 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2757_zps33dcb71c.jpg)

No. 7234

File: 1408161361693.jpg (66.13 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2748_zps2c89a8a9.jpg)

No. 7236

File: 1408161476269.jpg (65.99 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2751-001_zps3973ac2b.jpg)

No. 7237

File: 1408161535304.jpg (83.65 KB, 729x1024, DSCN2746_zps039c3c6d.jpg)

No. 7241

Isn't PT usually described as smelling like cheap, overly-sweet drug store perfume?

There are occasionally group orders from Taobao to cut down on individual shipping costs. You could keep an eye out for one of those.

No. 7242

That chin…oh god, I just noticed her thigh/back of her knee.

No. 7244

Lol she's super stupid to think those will work. She should invest in some kegal balls and do pelvic floor exercises if she wants to get some of her tightness back.

No. 7245

That sounds like a lot more work than jamming cream into your vagoo.

No. 7257

File: 1408192220498.jpg (53.51 KB, 644x900, 10574244_709047539150310_61249…)

I saw this on FB and it reminded me of the queen.

No. 7269

Urg, and I thought I was to fat for crop tops. But jeez, compared to her, I would look like a total hotty in them. Why do fat girls always think they look good in shit that is made for fit/skinny girls.

No. 7273

The sad thing is that this isn't a crop top.

No. 7275


No. 7283

lol. I was going to say…

Crop tops are usually meant to be worn with high waist-ed skirts too, so you don't show any skin.

Oh my Queen, you yield to no fashion law.

No. 7297

File: 1408224620674.png (991.43 KB, 682x1024, kill meh.png)

yay paint time

No. 7298

Why does she always have red eyes like she's crying?

No. 7299

IIRC the Queen is on record as layering her contact lenses for vision underneath her circle lenses for fashion. Her eyes are probably super irritated, thus red.

No. 7304

why I am not surprised?

No. 7305

Whaaaat, that's ridiculous. I was thinking "What crazy person would do a stupid thing, why not buy prescription circle l- ah Pixyteri, why do I question anything she does."

No. 7306

Her face keeps getting fatter and fatter even with that troll chin. I give it 2 years tops before she can't fit into normal clothing or Lolita anymore. When I say "fit", I mean bust the seams and stretch into oblivion.

No. 7312

File: 1408238658994.jpg (151.87 KB, 729x1024, ptpotential.jpg)

Just seeing how bad she looks there made me need to do this.

No. 7313

File: 1408239436952.jpg (143.99 KB, 682x1024, 1408067368991_meitu_1.jpg)

I…I created a monster

No. 7320

File: 1408244795883.gif (2.83 MB, 480x272, melting-witch.gif)

No. 7349

File: 1408251449882.jpg (72.79 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2761_zps7eb8f40f.jpg)

No. 7352

File: 1408251490121.jpg (65.89 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2764-001_zps5bbaac16.jpg)

No. 7356

File: 1408251521469.jpg (66.49 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2765-001_zps530e09ff.jpg)

No. 7357

File: 1408251569974.jpg (68.2 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2768_zps65fdf217.jpg)

No. 7358

File: 1408251611066.jpg (95.85 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2786_zps5a8481f4.jpg)

No. 7360

File: 1408251645268.jpg (89.25 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2788_zps1df07d96.jpg)

No. 7361

File: 1408251710387.jpg (90.27 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2789_zps84a3bef6.jpg)

No. 7364

File: 1408251755660.jpg (92.26 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2795_zps7db5f173.jpg)

No. 7377

I kinda like those glasses…

No. 7385

I love the shirt. A google search is telling me that I can buy it from anywhere between $13ish and $35ish, meaning it's probably mass produced in China and is being sold for huge markups on western sites, but $13 is the cheapest I can find it.

No. 7386

Also, the sizing on that shirt is 38inch bust and it's pretty boxy. The fact that PT's gut fills it up pretty well makes me think her waist is nearing 38 inches.

No. 7388

>38 inch gut
The horror. As I was typing this I had a thought that, since I'm shorter and smaller than her, I could gut PT and wear her like a fat suit.

I'd wear her for Halloween.

No. 7391

those glasses suit her

No. 7397

File: 1408255628840.jpg (331.81 KB, 600x908, 1405602598_home[1].jpg)

Here's the shirt worn by a much thinner girl for comparison

No. 7398

I think she is cute here and in this outfit, but I'm a sucker for glasses and the "nerdy" look (little bit try hard with the controller but w/e). Man, I just wish PT wore makeup and was a better weight… she could probably get away with being so crazy. Too bad that will never happen.

No. 7401

I'm not a fan of the socks, but it IS a pretty cute outfit. Just not on PT

No. 7402

Thank you for this ;-;

No. 7405

File: 1408261765203.jpg (91.4 KB, 768x1024, DSCN2798_zps7b1f0d37.jpg)

No. 7406

File: 1408261847093.jpg (60.09 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2771_zpse0cae13e.jpg)

Those patterns do not match at all

No. 7408

File: 1408261959053.jpg (55.16 KB, 682x1024, DSCN5099_zpsb1f404f5.jpg)

No. 7409

File: 1408262027556.jpg (60.42 KB, 683x1024, DSCN5098-001_zpsae437ee6.jpg)

No. 7411

File: 1408262123548.jpg (57.68 KB, 730x1024, DSCN5100_zpsa3e9ef8c.jpg)

No. 7412

File: 1408262176217.jpg (207.16 KB, 730x1024, DSCN5801_zps8e800198.jpg)

No. 7413

File: 1408262248761.jpg (66.39 KB, 729x1024, DSCN5092_zpse6573c85.jpg)

No. 7415

File: 1408262316775.jpg (66.26 KB, 682x1024, DSCN5095_zpse5c5aaff.jpg)


No. 7416

File: 1408262371738.jpg (59.42 KB, 730x1024, DSCN5089_zps76f4a5a8.jpg)

No. 7417

File: 1408262508883.jpg (59.17 KB, 729x1024, DSCN5083_zps2cdac513.jpg)

No. 7418

File: 1408262606476.jpg (64.56 KB, 729x1024, DSCN5086-002_zps4caa0852.jpg)

No. 7419

File: 1408262696865.jpg (61.51 KB, 680x1024, DSCN5065_zpsc3283d90.jpg)


No. 7420

File: 1408262779681.jpg (68.2 KB, 730x1024, DSCN5073-001_zps0c25350b.jpg)

No. 7421

File: 1408263374472.jpg (86.86 KB, 758x786, 01ARGUS4-2.jpg)

poop pose when?

No. 7422

Goodness. She has that hakama up so high that it looks more like a hanbok instead. It just looks so awkward on her.

This actually looks pretty good despite her boobs folding over. It looks pulled pretty tight but idk. she doesn't look so fat and frumpy in it.

No. 7423

File: 1408263618384.jpg (63.87 KB, 500x661, post-5165-0-15709700-137219388…)

You can't see the bow being forced towards us? The "bow" in the bow in the bow shows the push out. She tied that "straight". when she tied it. This is at best a perspective trick.

No. 7424

File: 1408263639199.jpg (121.32 KB, 730x1024, the bow.jpg)

Apparently I forgot to include my picture and used that instead.

No. 7425

oh, wow.. sarah is not half naked in this one. wow !!! i'm shocked

No. 7429

>I am Lordess of the Flies

I thought you were serious until I got to that part.


No. 7430

I was trying to figure out how this was a reaction image to my comment but I laughed. But you're right I didn't notice that! Great perspective work PT. You should learn more tricks instead of having a one in a million pure luck shot.

No. 7431

I like the glasses on her, especially combined with the bangs. Take the shit out of her hair and put on some makeup and (her face at least) would look pretty cute.

No. 7432

In case anyone is interested, here's the dinosaur shirt on aliexpress, it's like 5 bucks. I went looking for it because I wanted it, but I don't think it'll fit me ;-; and I don't think I wanna pull a PT and try to squeeze into it.


No. 7433

File: 1408266466172.gif (251.11 KB, 267x400, 825667687_574827.gif)

Someone should probably take my computer away from me.

No. 7436

I'm the anon that wanted it earlier, I did end up finding it on aliexpress. I think as long as you're not shaped like PT and have a definitive waist you could pull it off, it looks terrible on PT because of her gut.

No. 7437

It drives me insane when people's shoes don't match their outfit. But it's PT so… And that top is hilarious. She still looks like a toddler who got dressed all by herself, but Never Fuxking? OMG the irony!

No. 7438

I wonder how much money she wastes on this shit. Those dinosaur shoes are $60 on ebay alone

No. 7439

File: 1408271130354.jpg (287.35 KB, 683x1024, pixygop.jpg)

No. 7441



No. 7469

oh god. This would look bad on even the skinniest prettiest girl, what the hell is she doing.

No. 7470


When month is our beloved Queen's 30th birthday?

No. 7471


alot of her coords would. they would look better if the clothes would actually fit tho

No. 7472

I agree, they balance out her face

No. 7474

oh anon this is wonderful.

No. 7482

Her posture is killing me

No. 7490


This is a good look for her.

No. 7498

Fantastic! Hahah

No. 7513

>looking at Taobao resellers at ebay
>checks reviews
>PT everywhere
Oh well.

No. 7519

Nearing? Try far exceeding. She looks ForeverKailyn's size, and she's got a 42 inch waist.

No. 7531

File: 1408313163877.png (735.26 KB, 681x512, ptshoooop.png)

Wish she would wear some damn foundation/bb cream. I spent 5 minutes in meito just giving her some damn shoop makeup and she looks so much more alive and less haggard.

No. 7538

File: 1408314574642.png (441.44 KB, 498x659, LAZY OAF.png)

I really hope she gets this one.

No. 7539

File: 1408314625811.png (571.63 KB, 750x733, 5C4F5E5.png)


lol at some of the things in the "clothes I really want" section. PT, never in a million years would these fit over your ass.

No. 7541

File: 1408315454647.jpg (161.52 KB, 721x614, sdfsdafdsa.jpg)


practically twins

No. 7553

Makeup would do her a world of good. Circle lenses only really look okay with made up eyes, without she just looks creepy and weird.

No. 7554

August 2015.

No. 7555

While it looks bad on PT (especially with that skirt, no idea wtf she was thinking), I like the look of it being more like a fitted crop top than loose like on the right.

No. 7562

File: 1408322407718.jpg (169.73 KB, 665x665, 1408067537876_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 7604

It's July next year, not August.

No. 7605

yeah, even more sexy.

No. 7607

I wonder if PT sees herself as being on par with the girls in those stock photos

No. 7610

Don't be silly, she's even hotter.

No. 7678

Her waist is already over 38inch. I bought that Cosmic Cuties top last week and the sizing for bust is over 39inch (100cm).
And yet it is super streched on PT. She's massive.

No. 7684

Gonna have to second this. I remember about a year ago she bought some Bodyline outfit that had a max waist of 40in. and it was stretched so bad that it was screaming. She's gotta be bigger than that by now since she isn't exactly one to lose weight.

No. 7703

I like scoping out PT's ebay for her clothes, she does get some pretty cute things. If only so many of her purchases weren't private.

No. 7704

She also gives me hope at fitting into some of the shirts I thought I would never be able to get my tits into. But if she can stuff herself in em, I know I'll be able to fit my 38" chest with a little room

No. 7767

Not her, but another lolcow I may assume? Deets plz

No. 7801

Dammit, I need the Queen back. Nothing else can cut it. I'm like a heroin addict who has grown tolerant to methadone ;-;

No. 7826

File: 1408415001389.jpg (146.08 KB, 1280x720, ryan.JPG)

Remembuh me?

No. 7829

Is that the infamous PTF?

No. 7830


Hoyl crap are you the Ryan from back in like '08.

Still in Houston? Have you seen Sarah degrade IRL.

Do you pitty her and regret your time with her?

No. 7831


I know these half ass cow are nothing compared to the queen.

No. 7832

Are you the one who wore the button up shirt under the metal shirt? Or are you the dude who she gave head to but didn't want to date you?

No. 7836

No, I'm the guy who talked to PT in those Snapchats a while back.

No. 7981


He's not from Texas, he was just trying to catfish her and troll her. She didn't like him because he was too nice or some bullshit.

Ryan you gotta be a dick to PT, just don't call her a weeb or fat/chubby/bbw.

No. 8009

Holy crap, Ryan. Do you still like PT? I remember you in one of your tiny chats and she was a total bitch to you.

No. 8060

File: 1408485706616.jpg (114.14 KB, 1280x720, ryan2.JPG)

I never said I was from Texas, just that I was part-Korean (which is true). And I wasn't trying to troll her exactly, just have a conversation with her.

And yeah, as I've recently learned the hard way, I tend to be too nice for my own good. Being a dick just doesn't come too naturally to me, though.

I'd still like to talk to her (I'm kind of a shut-in, I'd talk to just about anybody), but I do know a little better now. Ever the optimist, when I first heard about PT I assumed she was a nice-but-strange person who trolls had blown out of proportion. Now I know better.

To be fair, she is nice to talk to when she's having a good day, but that's almost never.

No. 8067

you sound way too nice to be chasing after pt, she's only interested if you can change with her moods.

No. 8078

She's self-centered as fuck, don't waste your time with her.

No. 8081

Thanks. I'm probably entering Chris-chan territory here, but I've been trying to meet a girl.

But anyway, I'm not interested in attention whoring, so unless someone has anything they want to ask me I'll go disappear.

No. 8084

I guess, did she ever tell you any secrets? Send you any of her nudes?

No. 8086

Not really. She once talked about how her mother didn't want to go to dinner with someone she didn't respect, but that's about it.

And no nudes, though she did send me some modeling pictures before they were "offically" uploaded.

No. 8088

How did you look at her 'modelling' pictures and not find them utterly hilarious? like, I still have a glimmer of hope for her but every picture she takes of herself either makes me sad for her or it's just so bad it's good

No. 8089

These pictures in particular weren't too bad. I don't have them saved anymore and I can't be arsed to find them, but they're on her Photobucket somewhere.

No. 8090

Unrelated to current conversation but has anyone noticed that she has her cat in the '4sale' section of her photobucket?http://smg.photobucket.com/user/pixyteri/media/4%20sale/Img_4262_zpsaa93250d.jpg.html?sort=3&o=35

No. 8092

Well, I hope you elevate yourself from your self described chris chan status and find a better girl than pt. You probably have more personality and potential than both of them, so don't stoop to that level of crazy, you can do so much better. Let our Queen be free and frolic in her ill fitting clothing.

No. 8095

File: 1408492315744.jpg (27.74 KB, 500x375, Img_0793.jpg)

No. 8104

This is probably for the better, unless PT accidentally put that photo in there. Poor Suki. If she actually is selling that poor kitten, it'd probably find a better home with someone else. I can't imagine PT being a good pet owner, she can't even be arsed to take care of herself, not to mention another living creature.

PT's probably going to use the money from Suki to buy more mochi. I feel so bad for her cat.

No. 8117

It was almost definitely a mistake. She uses that folder for pictures of things she's selling online, I highly doubt she's selling her cat online

No. 8118

File: 1408503602242.png (1.68 MB, 1432x656, rrr.png)

Who wore it best?

No. 8125

I honestly kind of feel bad for PT. I think she has body dysmorphia, except in the reverse direction of how most people have it.

No. 8139

This is cute as fuck but yeah no PT your ass can't into such kawaii bloomies

No. 8141

Suki is there as a proof picture. A lot of lolita sites require you post if you have a cat/dog/pet for anyone who might be allergic.
She's used this picture in her lolita comm sales posts.

No. 8146

you sound really nice and look pretty cute, I'm sure you can find someone much better than PT

No. 8147

It's so funny when a "normalfag" talks about her and we're like, "hey, she doesn't look THAT bad here"
also, they don't know what we know about our queen…they just don't get it, man!

No. 8154

yeah I'm starting to think that way too. I'm conflicted between finding it just unbelievably funny and pitying her immensely because she is in her late 20's and still acting like a crazed immature 16 year old. Someone needs to just persuade her to get out of her hometown and do something worthwhile, snap her out of her fantasy world like those internet addiction camps in China.

No. 8216


It is sad, but people have been trying to help her and snap her out of her delusions for ages. PT is just too stubborn to accept any kind of help at all.

She whines and complains, but I think deep down she doesn’t want anything to change. She doesn’t want to move out because it means paying all her own bills, taking care of her own place, having a full-time job, and generally having responsibility for herself. PT would much rather use her money to buy kawaii clothes/weeaboo shit and spend her time on terrible photoshoots.

Unless she gets a boyfriend who she can move in with and mooch off of, i don’t see her moving out on her own at all.

No. 8252

I agree with this anon, you are pretty cute and seem like you have a nice personality. Avoid the pt.

No. 8283


Not trying to be catty, but that t shirt literally just looks (from both the pattern/style and the fit) like a child's top.
You could easily just find one similar in the boys' clothing section of a department store.

No. 8299

It does yeah, it's similar to the ones for little boys that have race cars or dinosaurs or monsters on them.

No. 8323


I'm theorizing here, but I think that's why PT's only boyfriend (and now ex) was so abusive towards her when they lived together. I'm not condoning the abuse, but I have a feeling PT didn't contribute to bills or groceries. Like she does at her parents house, she maybe spent all of her money on cosplay (she wasn't into lolita then), anime/manga, kawaii stuff, and Japanese treats.

Or maybe the guy was just a dick. /shrug

No. 8327

PT lived with her boyfriend?

No. 8330


At some point, yes. Some black guy named Matt. I think he was her first (someone correct me if I'm wrong without tearing me a new one) everything. I think it was a total of maybe six months? She met him while she worked at Gamestop.

Things get hazy here because PT doesn't talk about this era much. I'm not sure if she still worked, or quit to play house with Matt. All I know is after those six months, PT herself packed her shit and left.

Then she became a sex addict.

No. 8339

She worked at Gamestop?? Oh god I'd give good money to watch her try to work there as she is now.

(also feels bad man because I work there and can't find a man)

(but I probably have higher standards? Still feels bad lol)

No. 8343

If you have high standards and are ugly you obviously won't get very far. Post a pic? I work with fashion and makeup so I can give you tips and I'm sure dudes here can also help(REMOVED FROM PREMISES)

No. 8349


Are you kidding? Get out.

No. 8364

Chill bro, I didn't say he had to have a 24k dick, just that they were probably higher standards that PT, who notoriously makes poor choices. Damn son.

No. 8385

Optional Twist Ending: Professional makeup artist offering help is ForeverKailyn.

No. 8391

lol what a ride.

No. 8435

I always thought that "cosplaying" that Rukia picture was stupid as fuck but adding PT… LOL

No. 8446

Wasn't Matt that blonde guy who she compared to the Bleach-character? Or was that someone else?

No. 8448

That's James, m8.

No. 8449

File: 1408607822827.jpg (67.67 KB, 502x661, j.jpg)

No. 8464

File: 1408616469123.jpg (66.94 KB, 640x427, image.jpg)

Matt is nowhere close to blonde

No. 8475

Matt is actually pretty cute, but he is a douche if he was bad enough to make pt move out

No. 8492

It looks to me like the cosplay came first, then someone made fanart of it. Mostly because if it were the other way around the scenery would be amazingly accurate and also because the anatomy in the fanart kind of sucks. It looks like someone who hasn't done a lot of life drawing tried to copy the difficult pose in the picture and failed because they cannot into anatomy.

I'm not sure if PT is actually trying to copy/cosplay either of those pictures but it wouldn't surprise me if she tried and still got everything wrong. After all she IS (was) Rukia so everything she does is accurate, yes?

No. 8496

thanks, nice anon! I haven't been keeping up with my PT-lore and I'm terrible at names.

No. 8497

File: 1408626371933.jpg (32.99 KB, 500x310, h96E64AF9.jpg)

Also, I love how you posted him with a blonde wig saying he isn't blonde

No. 8498

If PT was a lesbian I'd take her under my wing and teach her how to look after herself and love her tenderly despite all of her crazy

No. 8506


You wouldn't be able to take her under your wing, she would reject and slander you at every turn.

The only person that has ever been successful enough to even cause a minutiae of change in her was Miyu, and even that didn't last long and was only cause she was bribing her with manga and Japanese textbooks.

No. 8548


Well if by bribing you mean lending and PT keeping them after they had their falling out…

No. 8560

C-Can I be your little stubborn lesbian tsundere kohai?

No. 8572

Not if her funk doesn't kill you first.

No. 8612

File: 1408651444948.jpg (91.39 KB, 1280x720, ryan3.JPG)

Sorry to pop in again. I just wanted to say thanks to you two for the kind words. I've been feeling horrible lately. Like I'm an awful person who everyone hates. So it's good knowing somebody out there cares.

No. 8657


Dude, no. This isn't a place to boost your morale. In fact, some of these girls can be downright vicious and will take you down a few more pegs.

Now if you have any convos from when you chatted with PT that you can screencap, that'd be fucking great.
Remember you said she had very rare days were she would chat with you when she was in a good mood? Go back to FB/Skype/whatever you were using to chat with her and screencap it.

We're thirsty motherfuckers right now and we'll take anything at this point. You've got nothing? Well, this board wont take to kindly to you.

No. 8664

Are you autistic?

No. 8689

If you don't stink like PT then that's even better anon, come, be part of our kawaii lesbian world.

No. 8690

Well that would be the whole point in teaching her to look after herself. I'd do it with love rather than hosing her down outside the garage

No. 9002

unless you are here to give us info on PT you can go fuck yourself you insecure lonely faggot

No. 9238

File: 1408797108916.gif (548.92 KB, 480x270, 1408564459527.gif)

Ask a Guy who Leaked alot of PT Pic's everything.

No. 9252

why did you leak them? What did she do to you?

No. 9256

Have you been close to her physically?

(inb4 PTF)

No. 9257

Did you actually find her attractive or did you just bait her into sending you nudes?

No. 9263

He wanted the P.

No. 9267

She was a cunt.
She hurt my feelings. Big Time.
Also, for the lulz.

Sadly No.
I'm into BBW's.

i read something about her on 4chan.
That she sends nudes to everyone who is kind to her. And so was i. The Perfect Gentlemen. Agree'd to anything she says, tries to stay out of conflicts ect.

I wanted, yep.

No. 9270

File: 1408810102218.jpg (86.14 KB, 760x872, 1401505657845.jpg)


>and so was i. The Perfect Gentlemen

E-Elliot…. have you returned from the grave?

No. 9286

Nah, Elliot never even got nudes from a girl.
Also, >>9267
proof or gtfo.

No. 9297


Unfortunately this, we don't need another PTF running around here acting like king of the board with ~muh dark sexual desires~ and ~PT DOESN'T STINK her puss puss is tight and smells like roses~ (lmao ok that's why she's trying to buy 10 different type of vag tightening creams).

so yeah, caps motherfucker.

No. 9321

tell me how i should proof anything?.

who the fuck is Elliot?

No. 9356


Well now I can see you're trolling us.

You provide proof through screencaps of convos you had with PT or pictures that have never been seen before featuring our Queen, dumbass.

No. 9488

She has a bunch of dildos in her amazon wishlist


Also hentai, mochi, bath salts, and these vaginal tightening creams.

No. 9491

File: 1408835985855.jpg (58.09 KB, 350x500, 51KT4ACBKKL.jpg)

Including this lovely title. Dammit pt, don't you know to put your rape hentai in a private wishlist?

No. 9496


Pillow pets, butt plugs, vag tightening cream and mochi. Never change. PT.

No. 9497

Lel doesn't she know those creams don't work because the vagina is a ring of muscle, not a sock?

No. 9499

File: 1408836688283.jpg (68.94 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2712_zps9432b140.jpg)

Oh wow it's that guy from the super secret underground british BDSM club that had PT under his thumb for every whim.
Let's be wiser this time ladies.

Daww hang in there bud, life sucks sometimes but you have to hang on for the good times to come around.

No. 9514


Wait a sec…

No. 9535

Wow, how many pillow lites, night lites, and lamps do you need PT? Go clean your room first ffs. Nothing will ever look nice in it if you have an overflowing laundry basket, un-vacuumed carpet, bookshelves filled to the brim, and clutter clutter clutter everywhere there's free space.

No. 9551

If she wouldn't wash her hair at least all few weeks it would look worse at her photos.

No. 9561

Elliot Rodger you faggot, Isla Vista killings.

No. 9563

Actually, after a while unwashed hair becomes less greasy and actually looks good. This sort of confirms your point, I would guess with her thin hair she washes every 3-4 days to a week. 3 days can be fine for thick hair but good old PT doesn't wash her body regularly, bless her.

I know she's a grown woman but her situation reminds me of those stories you see about mothers neglecting their toddlers and leaving them to fend for themselves in shitty poorfag homes while they spend child welfare on new clothes.

No. 9674

She doesn't wash her hair at all because it'll lighten up and wash away her Japanese heratiji.

No. 9695


Why does she buy so much shit for bathing if she never bathes? Does she buy it for it to just sit there and for the satisfaction of having kawaii nippon bath salts?

Also lolling at the amount of mochi. I thought her being a mochi beast was some sort of legend regarding our Queen, but it seems to be true.

No. 9812

PTND said she doesn't wash herself with soap, she just fills up a tub with water and bath salts and sits there, because that's how she thinks they do in in grorious nippon.

No. 9833

File: 1408870009272.gif (382.67 KB, 500x375, CMONSCOOB.gif)

Maybe I'm just desperate for some new drama, but has anyone found out who the people credited in her lolita photobook were? She doesn't mention them in the other ones, but there's a Ryan Worthington, Valli O'Reilly, and Kris Houseton. That one was from 2011.

The "sexy Rukia" photobook is from 2013 and credits James (we all know who that is obviously) and someone named Rocky for some of the photos. Any leads, gang?

No. 9838

File: 1408871845601.png (54.56 KB, 1366x552, whygodwhy.png)

Which one of you was this?

No. 9878

How do I get people to buy me stuff online

No. 9879

become a kawaii idol or become a pt. your choice.

No. 9880

Or promise nudes in exchange for gifts.

No. 9889

Shut up bitch. Go make me a sandwich

No. 9913

Kris was the fuckbuddy she was stuck on before James. Idk about the others.

No. 9932

Kris was the Hispanic-looking guy who was into strippers (and is the reason PT hates redheads)
James was the Bleach kiddo she stalked
Matt was her live-in boyfriend who "abused" her.

Ryan was a fuckbuddy/friend who did a few photoshoots with her (notably the beached mermaid) and who she promised a handy/bj to but then kicked to the curb because she was still hung up on James.
She's had a few other fuckbuddies (most of whom were either dating another girl or irl white knights for her slutty behavior.)

No. 9985

I kind of see why she is attracted to him. (first time seeing a photo of the elusive James) But i'm sorry her weird obsession with being Rukia and him being Urahara is just cringey all over.
I would not blame him for running away from that kind of crazy as fast as possible.

No. 10074

Despite the weirdness with his hair I think he's cute, I never got why people made fun of him so much. I feel bad for the guy, to have some fun with PT, not knowing her fame, and then end up an internet joke. He was smart to leave when he did though.

Also, I'm curious how people know her ex-boyfriend (Matt I guess) abused her. I've never seen her say anything of the sort.

No. 10092


I don't feel bad for James at all. He knew she had a reputation and that she was crazy about him and he strung her along and insulted her a lot. You reap what you sow, asshole.

No. 10185

i send her a link to the imgur gallery. The one with her nudes haha.
I'm sure she had a breakdown this morning :^)
reminder: http://imgur.com/a/I6aZy

No. 10188


LOL, dat tampon string poking out of that hairy muff gets me every time.

No. 10190

Why would you do that?

No. 10193

why didnt you add in pic from

No. 10194


What is wrong with you? Get out.

No. 10195

this isnt staminarose.
if some asshole wants to poke a cow for lulz let them

No. 10209


I was amused, it's not like we're getting any content out of her anyway.

I wish I could be a fly in her room.

No. 10215

that gut, those sad sad titties, sucking it in til she can't breathe…

No. 10218

I remember back on SR it was mentioned that James would tell PT stuff like how they would see japland together and possibly mentioned kids and those were why PT was trying to find him. Don't feel bad either.

No. 10224

if you were a fly in her room you'd probably be attracted to her vag stank and that's not what you want in life

No. 10226

I've been digging around and I havent found what exactly happened to SR, can anyone tell me? All I could find is PTs supposed twitter saying vague things that could suggest she brought it down somehow. I've been gone most of this summer so I missed out.

No. 10230

What I don't understand is why it gets all wispy and trails off like that. No tampon I've used has a string like that

No. 10231

I remember when I was tight on money I bought these really cheap ones and they did the same thing, so it must be that.

No. 10232

If you'd seen his YouTube videos of him being a juvenile fuckwit acting half his age you might change your mind.

Also I think he looks like typical white trash but for some reason a bunch of you guys think he's cute but whatever.

No. 10234

The SR admin threw a fit after some trolls madeup BS about PT molesting a child.

No. 10235

PT doesnt have control of that twitter account

No. 10241


What is remotely funny about sending PT stuff like that? If she even looks at it, which she likely won't, then it just keeps her off the internet even longer. She knows her nudes are out there, so it's not new information. It'll just keep her away from everyone and make her feel like shit. Hilarious.

No. 10243

Yeah. I agree. It just keeps her off the internet longer. It's not even really funny or clever either. These aren't newly leaked nudes. It's the same stuff that's already out there. I don't see the point.

No. 10249

PT got catfished and had load of nudes and chatlogs leaked, then a couple of retards came in and tried to piggy back off the drama and made up some obvious BS about a ~secret sadist group~ that britfag was supposedly apart of. They claimed PT molested a child she was babysitting and that's the "dirt" britfag had on her and a bunch of the autists on SR were actually dumb enough to believe them. Well, it turns out PT actually DID babysit a kid at some point, so they pussied out and admitted to lying (I think), either way, it was proven that they were making it up, even though it was obvious to anyone with more than a few brain cells. Then the SR admin threw a fit and closed it down.

No. 10258

File: 1409108429025.png (1.11 MB, 926x886, kokoro.png)

nailed it.

No. 10259

File: 1409109705705.jpg (32.76 KB, 300x470, fan dance without fans.jpg)

I don't understand the pose. Is she trying to do this?
Why would she make crab claws?

No. 10260

No. 10262

It seems kind of fucked up that someone actually catfished her, especially to get nudes.

No. 10263

File: 1409113141733.jpg (91.41 KB, 686x1024, Dscn2999-003_zpsca46aeae[1].jp…)

This is old news

Also I've been meaning to ask, do we make new threads once in a while when the old ones get too long? Or is the new 'Bottom' arrow-button-thing enough to justify keeping an old thread alive?

No. 10264

Jesus no she looks like Dr zoidburg with the tiny sandals and crab claws.

No. 10265


Her feet hanging over those sandals, the fabric wrapped around her fat rolls, the claws…

No. 10274


That thin as fuck fabric, you can see her panty-diapers through it.

No. 10283

Is this why she's started tying big hair ties around small bits of her hair? because it looks really really terrible.

No. 10284

pt doesn't care. That makes it even more ~gravure so it's good that you can see her panties.

No. 10293

Even though those extensions are godawful she looks a lot better with longer hair then with that that Rukia/soccer mom cut she kept insisting on. It helps her look less middle aged and de-emphasises her jaw.

She really should invest in some shapewear though, pretty sure Kokoro doesn't have a massive gunt.

No. 10297

Who is this character?

No. 10298

kokoro from dead or alive. pt's been wanting to cosplay her for a while now, she did a bunny girl version of her for halloween a few years back (that's why she had the silly hair donuts in her hair in some of those pics).

No. 10307

but why would she need shapewear when her glorious body is perfectly shaped?

No. 10332

File: 1409168056043.jpg (667.08 KB, 1050x748, pixyshoop1.jpg)

Shooping her is so hard. I feel like no matter what I do she doesn't look good.

No. 10342

Can we make a new thread? Maybe agree on 400-500 posts as a limit?

No. 10346

File: 1409170901712.jpg (93.54 KB, 522x748, image.jpg)

Just made some mild changes on meitu

No. 10349

Both of those a fuck-awful, please stop

No. 10371

If you're talking about a hard bump limit, it's currently set to 50,000 posts or something. At least one thread is well over 1,000 posts, and people seem to be okay with it. Would you guys want a specific bump limit set?

No. 10372

A limit might be nice. Like 500 or so?

No. 10373

File: 1409179538081.jpg (183.09 KB, 670x1150, Untitled-2.jpg)

Got really bored and didn't end up finishing it properly but oh well.

No. 10374

You read my mind.

No. 10377

Any suggestions from anyone else? The limit will probably be between 500 and 1300.

No. 10383

You should have known better then to mention liking filthy gaijin characters around our delicate haffu queen.

No. 10384

Oh great, the first semi-interesting thing posted in the thread in ages and it gets bawleeted?

No. 10387

File: 1409184897923.jpg (144.25 KB, 660x1280, image.jpg)

She's trying to do Kokoro's fighting stance.

No. 10475

I really like what you did with her hair. I know what she has is partially genetic, but she should still put a little more effort into styling it for photoshoots if nothing else.

No. 10484

I've been waiting for this cosplay for a year. I am pleased with how terrible it is. Yeah, Pixyteri. You totally look like a hot Japabese geisha chick naturally!

No. 10496

Has pt ever been diagnosed with anything?
like aspergers or something?

No. 10689

File: 1409412546971.jpg (235.54 KB, 1800x1350, lolwat.jpg)

P.Please be gentle

No. 10697



No. 11153

I wonder if she still wants his young dick

No. 11172

And where he fucked her. B^)

No. 11195

he looks so inbred

No. 11199

File: 1409569909387.jpg (160.86 KB, 600x800, 1409227512058.jpg)

No. 11204

I could be getting people mixed up but doesn't PT have a degree? Or at least she started to get one? Some sort of English degree?

No. 11207

Yeah, she has a degree in English and Communication, I think.
Mention that she could try to find a better job with her degree and she'll block you immediately.

No. 11213

why the heck did she write "se-ra" instead of "sa-ra" in katakana??

No. 11218


No. 11221

Wah, was I spelling her name wrong all the time? Is it "seh-rah" ?

No. 11241


PT says no, but we all know that's a big fat lie. She was still obsessing over him before she went on hiatus.

No. 11243

Why are people still posting in this thread when we have another one started?

No. 487063

Well I really like Pixyteri she knows how to have fun as well as she is very cute.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487466

does anyone know were to find her videos?
when I look her up I just find a few of them and I really want to see the one where she’s on a bathtub(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487475

This is the current thread for Pixyteri >>>/pt/361385

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