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File: 1489986884808.jpg (132.62 KB, 640x960, 17202728_10154705317346144_378…)

No. 361385

she's back, and she ~isn't interested in Asia anymore, guys~

No. 361386

File: 1489986932087.png (139.09 KB, 631x965, asia.png)

"I've never even been to Europe! But it's a beautiful country…"

No. 361394

Good for her.
I'm glad to see her delusions are becoming less and less.

No. 361396

except that she nests it in 5 posts about cosplay and Yugioh Duel Links and calling herself a "dead ghost"

No. 361397

At least she acknowledges that she's not haffu.

No. 361404

Oh, Sarah, I wish I could believe this.

Nobody is questioning her sudden disinterest in Asian culture and yet she keeps talking about it.
It's like when your girlfriends swear they're over that dude they used to fuck with and yet they still feel the need to bring it up in every conversation.

It's okay, my queen, we know you still want Japan's dick.

No. 361405

>None of us are even talking about Asia though…
>I know, sorry.

LOL. the whole thing was so painfully transparent. She's trying to fool herself.

No. 361406

File: 1489989914235.png (22.42 KB, 493x151, pixywhat.PNG)

I mean I guess it's good that she's saying that she won't pretend to be Asian anymore. But she's started doing stuff like this lately where she'll just yell about not wanting to be Miku/Yuna/Lum/whatever female character she was obsessed with even when no one brought those characters up.

No. 361408

File: 1489990089384.png (48.39 KB, 500x385, her body is telling her secret…)

No. 361409

Yeah… she's going into unnecessary territory with all that. It's kind of annoying.

No. 361410

File: 1489990158008.png (15.15 KB, 500x141, sorrybutnotsorry.PNG)

No. 361412

Is there…. Someone telling her to cosplay Yuna again or something?

No. 361413

Nope. She just keeps posting about how she'll NEVER BE YUNA SO STOP FORCING HER TO BE! I think this is all a part of her rejecting everything girl phase that she's been going through? Her posts come out of nowhere and in respond to nothing anyone has said. Literally everyone in the comments told her to dress however she wants and that no one's forcing her to be a character she doesn't want to be.

No. 361419

that's so funny, she even says "Geez". this sounds like a 2 year old trying to convince adults she's not interested in something anymore and being overly loud and dramatic, thinking it'll make the rejection more convincing.

No. 361421

Is she ok? She seems unstable. More than usual

No. 361424

The way she's acting is making kind of nervous. Like, shit, is she okay? Did someone finally break the poor girl?

No. 361447

>And I REFUSE to wear feminine kimono or qipao
No one asked her to lol. You can tell she still wants to really badly.

No. 361458

Is she still in that "My body is telling me to be male, I feel something growing inside me!" delusion?

No. 361462

jesus her skin looks so bad…glad she's not pretending to be half Japanese but she's still so full of hatred over everything.

No. 361465

No. 361471

Actually yes there was. Some Hispanic guy who just moved to Texas and clearly has the hits for her.

No. 361472

Manuel Sanchez

No. 361479

>> I don't know I think Scotland

Sarah, no. You wouldn't survive over here

No. 361483

File: 1490014653581.jpg (35.26 KB, 524x293, pray2.JPG)

Found this. Her mother had asked for prayers for her daughter. Looks like Sarah is very mentally unstable. Her poor mother.

No. 361484

File: 1490014822276.png (184.08 KB, 625x856, 54c2ef49314f06976eac2245741f26…)

She's off the wall. Do those cosplays if you want to, PT. Nowadays there are much bigger cows out there.

It's her personality what always made her a lolcow, not her not looking "how her body is telling her to be". She lost a lot of weight since then as well.

I miss her livejournal days, she was so delusional but happy. Right now she's crushed over not being asian and trying to find anything else to cling on, but it's been too many years of obsessing over it so she can't leave it behind…

No. 361498

this is what i'm wondering, too.. that seems like it would have at least left a mark on her. she was sending pics out and everything..

No. 361500

PT must really hate herself and her life.

I honestly think the "I'm haffu, for real!!!" delusion was more than just PT fetishizing Japan. I think she's just really, really, _really_ desperate to escape. That's why she's slipping into the "I'm turning into a futa" delusion now, and why she tried to convince herself for years she was skinny despite being obese.

All of her biggest, most enduring delusions center around being literally the opposite of everything she actually is/was. She's white, so she wants to be Japanese. She was obese, so she convinced herself she was thin. She's female, so she's trying to convince herself she's "really" male, etc.

I guarantee whatever she latches onto after the futa phase is over will follow the same trend. Her crazy isn't even funny anymore. It's just sad. She needs help.

No. 361505

File: 1490019732217.gif (1019.98 KB, 500x375, giphy.gif)

Honestly it reminds me a lot of Buffalo Bill and his obsession with self-transformation

No. 361533

PT goes to Glasgow WHEN?


No. 361553

>Random person: The sun is shining today
PT: YEAH WELL It shines in JAPAN TOO and I am NEVER going there, okay?
>Random person: What did you eat today?
PT: Well it certainly wasn't RICE or ODANGO or ASIAN FOOD, I am NEVER eating that again!
>Random person: Wishing you well, Sarah!
PT: I'm not practicing Shinto any more, and no one can make me!
>Random person: You look nice, Sarah

No. 361566

Hahaha I love you anon

No. 361570

damn, she seems worse than ever

No. 361594

omg im so happy she's back but she's definitely on one

No. 361601

Whats going on here? I though losing all that weight would at least help her mentally as well.

No. 361613

I didn't expect her to return with this level of crazy
And all because she wants to pretend she isn't into ~Kawaii~ DESU
I've never seen anything like this from a grown woman.
Part of a midlife crisis perhaps?
Oh Sarah, what happened? We thought you were doing so well

No. 361619

This honestly reads like a bipolar person in a manic phase. Like she's not making sense.
She really needs to get help. At this point I just feel bad for her because it's clear that she's mentally ill.

No. 361627

These to me seem like she may be spiting her mother or something. Like she had an intervention and her mom told her she needs to cut this shit out. That or she actually went to therapy. But who knows.
I think it's funny how she is being like I WANT TO DRESS HOW I WANT. How is that pt? Normal casual fucking clothes?

No. 361633

lmao spot on

No. 361639

I really think she has some kind of serious hormonal problem or other medical issue that she needs to bring to a specialist. Not only has she been having a lot of troubles with her vagina, which seem to be ongoing because she continues to assert that her body is "telling her to be" someone new and non-feminine, but she's also developed really bad pizza face acne out of nowhere, which is not normal for a grown adult.

No. 361645

I hope she gets medication and the help she needs because she is not fucking normal.

No. 361656

Man….Debbie seems like a caring mother who is trying to do what she thinks is best. Even if she is enabling Sarah…she still seems to genuinely care about her. I feel like she gets a bad rep when we really don't know the full story.

No. 361657

I agree. I hate to try to diagnose someone online but she really reminds me of this bipolar woman I know.

No. 361664

I mean its not armchair psychology, Pixy herself said she was bipolar and has to (used to?) take meds for it. Maybe she's trying to 'self help' by losing weight but without a therapist and meds she'll never get full control of her life back.

No. 361666

>No, she's dead.
Oh boy. I think we're in for a wild ride.

No. 361667


"I've never even been to Europe! But it's a beautiful country…"


No. 361670

File: 1490067451863.png (28.55 KB, 496x236, crisis of faith.PNG)

Remember when she practiced Shinto? I guess she's going full-swing the other direction now.

No. 361672

File: 1490067620613.png (67.52 KB, 501x619, diet tipz from pixy.PNG)

She also seems much saner/in a good mood today.

No. 361678

>pixy willingly using a tanning bed

holy shit this has come to such a full circle

No. 361682

She sounds so normal in that reply to Jeremy

No. 361697


She sounds so… normal here. Not only normal, but there's none of that usual hostility from her that you usually see.

Maybe she's gotten back on her meds recently?

No. 361698

Pardon me, I need to go to sleep.

No. 361702

Agree, my own mom is bipolar, although her manic phase was usually not as negative. It was more like "I know what I'm doing, you're all stupid and know nothing about ! This investment I'm about to make is sound, you'll see ! It's not me who's sick it's you cause you're all crazy"

Now I don't know if Sarah is truly bipolar or something else but she clearly suffer from something, and I'm afraid her family think she just need a lot of determination to overcome this :( Really saddens me because Sarah needs medication to have a decent shot at life like everyone else.

It's easy to label someone as crazy and cringe at their posts but she really can't help it.

No. 361723

>going to the tanning bed
On one hand this is a major improvement because she used to treat them like her worst enemy but on the other hand, no My Queen, your skin is already fucked up so bad.

No. 361807

Her mom's supposedly diagnosed bipolar. We've had these armchair discussions before in many of her threads.

Well shit, maybe she's trying to emulate Miyu again.
>working out
>going all Christian

Unfortunately, it seems like it hasn't helped PT much.

Which convention is she talking about? Aww shiggy diggy, that'd be awesome to see her back on the con scene.

No. 361812

Cue PT swinging the other direction and becoming some sort of paganist/white nationalist.

Either way I'm so glad she's back. Ideally of course, this is the end of her delusions and she'll go on to have a normal life but I don't think that'll happen.

No. 361814

>Cue PT swinging the other direction and becoming some sort of paganist/white nationalist.

Honestly could totally see this happening. Because, she strongly ties her self worth to what she is rather than what she does. She's also confused about her identity and is a roiling caldron of various resentments and not especially bright. She is the kind of individual who is just ripe for indoctrination if she were to fall in with extremists of any variety.

No. 361833

>I'm depressed and lost with my life
>I know, religion!

Whew, is this PT's 30s identity crisis in the making? I've never seen her as the religious type, and religion definitely doesn't help mental illnesses.

No. 361868

Our Queen seems so unstable.. More than usual.

No. 361878

Do you think she might be transitioning? The whole "I'm growing a penis" delusion plus "I want to cosplay male characters I don't want to wear feminine kimono" stuff makes me think she's experiencing gender dysphoria and has no idea how to deal with it

No. 361937

despite being someone who vehemently defends the legitimacy of transgender people (don't start the derail over this please), this is 100% a case of fakeboi if i ever saw it. see what >>361500 said

No. 361974

Nope, this isn't real. It's just the delusion of the moment, much in the same way she used to push being Japanese/Asian in the past. Plus she never showed any signs of gender dysphoria before.

Poor PT, I thought she was doing better since she stopped being so delusional about her weight and seemed to have been working and going out more. I really wonder where this of all things came from, she'd been a weeb for so long I can understand her wanting to be Japanese but this? It's really out of nowhere.

No. 361992

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that despite her major weight loss accomplishment, PT is still unhappy?
Like I know lives aren't suddenly better because they're in a normal weight range. It's just that I really thought with her losing weight, it might've encouraged her confidence to pursue more meaningful goals like career.

Now she's an unhappy fakeboi who wants to go to Europe and seems to be as emotionally unstable as ever.
I just wanted there to be hope.
I want my PT to shine like shooting star.

No. 361996

I have no idea who's this cow but I've been reading through her topic and, I'm sorry, but is she intellectually challenged? Like… I'm not trying to be funny, it's a serious question. Is she? :/

No. 362005

Lurk more. She is the queen and the namesake of this site

No. 362014

No. 362026

File: 1490171298766.jpg (13.51 KB, 400x343, IMG_4832.JPG)

get out newfag

No. 362029


how do you not know who pixyteri is?

No. 362030

i feel you. it seems like it all happened so suddenly too, her whole change of heart when it came to her weight and started working at it. considering how she has always been i've been curious as to what made her actually do something about it. without her love of japan and silly dreams of being an idol and going to japan i think she feels like there's something missing and hasn't found anything to replace it with.

No. 362041


loool omg wth I'll lurk more :p

No. 362043


10min of lurking on the old topic and…………

I feel bad for her I mean
Imagine how it's living inside of her head
This girl really has some mental issues, damn

No. 362059


Nah, it's just PT being PT. She's prone to delusional thinking and has extremely escapist tendencies, and as such she latches onto anything that would let her run away from reality for a bit. First it was insisting she's really Japanese, now it's this. She thinks being trans will let her be someone else.

I do think PT is deeply unsatisfied with her life and her identity, but she goes about dealing with it in really unhealthy ways. Couple that with her being legitimately mentally unstable and you have a recipe for identity crises like this.

No. 362067

I'm not surprised that she's still so unhappy because even though being heavy has been a life-long problem for her, her self-hatred and lack of identity has always been the root of her malcontent. Until she sorts that out (which will never happen without the help of intense therapy, which…knowing PT, will also never happen), she's going to continue being miserable.

No. 362070

I wasnt here during her glory days, But I found her old videos on YouTube (trying to find the ones that some of our banners originated from) and it's truly sad to watch. I think they were from highschool, before she got tottally nuts, and you can see she's just like any socially awkward weeby kid in highschool….. but then flash forward a few years and it's like damn… poor girl, seriously. I wonder if she was getting some sort of help when she started to lose her weight and "normalize" herself…

No. 362104

File: 1490201182949.jpeg (101.33 KB, 500x670, 1457851312982.jpeg)

She has an Encyclopedia Dramatica page that will give you a decent tl;dr of her history. And her nudes.

No. 362226

wow she looks good here

No. 362244

This is when Miyu styled her. Even though she was still overweight at the time, she looks great– I wish she would do this again since she's gotten skinnier.

No. 362278

:( she looks so nice here. probably one of my fav pictures of her next to that one where her hair was sort of ginger colored and she was wearing, lolita, i think.

No. 362356

File: 1490271432129.jpg (160.56 KB, 960x959, hakuteri.jpg)

wtf this is actually pretty cute, her hair only looks mussed by the wind and the outfit works nicely.

Uhh, so I read the OP and navigated to her fb profile, but she 3 days ago changed her profile pic to a cosplay of Haku (from Spirited Away) so I'm getting mixed signals. (The screencaps also have this pic but none addressed it s-so)

No. 362362

she looks like a person here, she's able to look ok but she puts effort in looking batshit crazy. why

No. 362390

>10 min of lurking on the old topic
That is not what lurking means and please get rid of the cancerous typing style. You seem like you're 14 years old.
Just start reading Encyclopedia Dramatica pages if you're not familiar with PT and other classic original cows.

No. 362513

Very European

No. 362515

I don't know about you guys, but I hope she tries to be one of those edgy borderline neo-nazi Germanophiles

No. 362523

No offense to her but I could definitely see her taking her "I'm a beautiful Japanese idol, men love me" mindset and flipping it to "Beautiful healthy bodied European of X lineage, men love me!"

No. 362575

PT is becoming the new ASHA

No. 362579

Idk, wasn't she acting like she was trans for a minute? That's kind of what it seems like she's sperging out over

No. 362599

anyone have any old vids of queen? maybe someone can put them on youtube as unlisted??

No. 362607

Oh lord please no

No. 362628

What's on her chin yo?

No. 362643

a blemish yo

No. 363108

File: 1490447976822.jpg (442.32 KB, 682x1024, lol.jpg)

This photo is 5+ years old btw, to everyone saying she looks good.

This is the most recent, non-cosplay image of PT.

No. 363122

She looks fucking scary and demented.
Anon, I am shook.

No. 363123

i'm so upset.
i've been a big fan of PT and her craziness for god knows how many years, and seeing her go through the struggle of loosing weight was actually a nice sigh of relief, like "yeah! do it queen! turn your life around!"

…looking at her now, it just seems like everything took it's toll and she's just floating in the deep end, she looks so worn and defeated… and sunburnt…

sage for sadface

No. 363125

Just proves that loosing weight is not the end all be all to looking good. She isn't a hambeast anymore, but she clearly still has no idea how to take care of herself.

No. 363141

Does anyone recall if PT had acne when she was fat?

I don't think she's getting proper nutrition, or maybe the sweat/stress from exercising all the time is causing her to break out. I don't recall her face being this horrendous. Plus she looks…idk, tired?

No. 363152

Poor thing looks so…tired and aged. :(

No. 363160

a derm visit for a chemical peel would help her. constant sunscreen and daily moisturizer would be good too.

but she won't.

No. 363162

well she was known to not bathe much when she was fat, so that habit can't have changed much with her weightloss.

No. 363192

This is so depressing…

No. 363194

Her acne looks cystic and seems to be mostly on her cheeks and chins which means it's probably hormonal acne, which can randomly pop up in your 20s (30s?) even if you didn't have acne before. It's possibly exacerbated by stress too.

No. 363212

There's no way in hell she's only 30. She seriously looks in her late 40s/early 50s…

No. 363216


Ok this is just theory and it's probably a stupid one but, I wonder if she's doing some kind of drugs to help lose/maintain her weight. I wouldn't normally think that and tbh she doesn't seem the type, but I can think when looking at her most recent pictures is "Faces of Meth". It's the acne, the rapid aging, the slackness of her skin, and there is something weird about her mouth. But like I said it's probably a stupid theory.

No. 363224

She lost weight later in life and never had that good of skin to begin with. The fat that kept her face plumped up is gone now.

No. 363240

fffuck i am so goddamn rustled man
goddamn it sarah, just love yourself the way we do

No. 363247

I really can't blame PT for being depressed. I mean she is in her 30's, lives at home, works shitty retail jobs (never gets to move up because always fired or rage quits), never visited Japan like she dreamed, parents never encouraged her dreams in the first place (ie. even forced her to tan and bleach hair), used for sex by that greasy ex, trolled by anons online for nudes (I know it's her fault for handing them out, but still), and on top of everything she's below average physically even after losing the weight.

With that said, I actually think she could turn her life around within 3-5 years pretty easily:

See a therapist and get put on proper medication

get graduate degree in useful field and apply for higher-paying jobs away from her family
get certified in TESOL and move abroad

Use some of her income to get fillers and face peels, maybe some surgery
fix her makeup and get rid of the oversized lenses

Aaand since she'd be in a better place and look (and probably feel) better, she could easily date and marry.

Honestly, this is my dream for the queen. I'd love to see her away from her parents, because they are enabling in the worst ways possible.

No. 363255

PT has an undergraduate degree? I always had the impression she must have some kind of learning/intellectual disability. In that case she wouldn't need a graduate degree or even TESOL to teach in Japan, though I wouldn't recommend it until she becomes mentally stable.

No. 363280

I believe it's still totally legal in the states to buy diet pills with amphetamine in them. They're known to take weight off easily.

No. 363281


Where? This ain't Valley of the Dolls days shit has changed considerably even hearts just give you shit tons of caffeine.

No. 363282


buy diet pills? just get meth, no doc prescribes amphetamine for weight loss any more

No. 363286

She has a Bachelor's in English. I would recommend a graduate degree or TESOL because she has just been working retail part-time since graduating like 10 years ago.

No. 363288

Sage for OT/blog but plenty of docs still prescribe amphetamines (namely dexamfetamines) and amphetamine-like drugs (bupropion) for obesity treatment.

But yeah, you have to actually be obese and trying. You can't be a mere 20 pounds overweight or be a 300 pound hamchan with no prior attempts at weight loss. Or be a sudden malingerer just trying to score performance drugs.
Helps also to not have fat shit doctors who don't immediately put up defensive walls the second you mention obesity should be medicated.

No. 363318

She's too pure and innocent to take drugs anon~ She didn't even know how to make an alcoholic beverage at that one waitress job! But it's an interesting theory to think about.
I think it's just aging tho. What
said. My mom still gets adult acne in her 50s but wouldn't in her teens/20s.

No. 363330

I can kind of see her becoming a born-again Christian with white supremacy undertones, especially if she continues to be unmedicated but somehow gets over the "gender dysphoria". It would give her a new identity and a new reason to feel superior to those non-white, non-Christian sluts. It would also greatly increase her chances of finding a (gross and probably equally crazy) man if she ever swings back around to wanting to be a sekushii housewaifu.

Most of our banners originate from her post-college period when she was in her mid to late twenties. The weight loss and weird gender stuff only started after she turned 29 or 30 IIRC. High school was a long time ago for her, and I don't think even /cgl/ was really aware of her back then.

No. 363331

>still totally legal in the states to buy diet pills with amphetamine in them
Nope, that hasn't been the case for a long time. The only (legal) way to acquire amphetamines now is with a prescription. Idk if PT was big enough to get a script for something like Phentermine, maybe if she found the right (or wrong, depending on how u look at it) doctor.

No. 363335

She graduated a full three years before /cgl/ even existed.

No. 363338

Are her ugly clothes part of her fakeboi phase

A lot of people treat pills as totally different when they're from the doctor

No. 363355

Oh dang, yeah. I forgot how long ago it really was. I do remember people going back on her LJ to posts she made during or just after high school, though.

Suffice to say that PT has been acting like a teenage weeb way beyond her years as an actual teenager.

No. 363366

File: 1490551492011.jpg (18.89 KB, 382x386, Kabal-Fatality-MK3.jpg)

I'm reminded of

No. 363457


Where I'm from you can get bronkaid and primatene over the counter? They put you on a list but you dont need a prescription.

No. 363488

I hope she does emulate Miyu. That would mean a change of mind as well as behavior, though. She would need to exercise the self-awareness to address her mental illness and find ways to counter it appropriately. I think studying Christianity and making an informed decision to become a Christian (you know, a real one) would help her make very positive changes in her life.

No. 363540

>she needs Miyu and religion

Lmao. Nah.

No. 363556

Same here (and in most places in the usa). They take your drivers license to monitor if you're buying enough to warrant concern/alleged meth making amounts.

Also phentermine is still a fairly common weight loss drug prescribed to people desperate enough to find the right "weight loss clinic"/doctor.

No. 363638

I didn't say she needed Miyu. I said I think she could learn from her example and that religion would be good for her.

No. 363640

File: 1490635938878.jpg (476.92 KB, 682x1024, pt.jpg)

i'm sorry, this scared me so much
she has the face of someone who seriously abuses some kind of substance, it's very worrying.

No. 363641

Sometimes, I daydream that tripod-san would come to life as a man. He who has taken her pictures all these years would know the true beauty within. I hope she uses a Japanese brand camera, like a Nikon or Canon, so he'd be Japanese.

No. 363645

That sounds like a beautiful fairytale, anon.

No. 363740

Hey I am a giant newbie…

Does the PT in /pt/ mean pixyteri?

No. 363746

File: 1490658783531.jpg (407.04 KB, 1066x1600, IMG_5014.JPG)

Are you mentally disabled as well as being a newfag? Use common sense. God this board is diseased.

No. 363748

Anon I've noticed an influx of newfags trying to troll. Or it's one newfags.
Idk but it's getting annoying

No. 363749

Miyu isn't perfect either and people don't need religion to mature into themselves. In fact, they'd probably do it for the wrong reasons (fear of punishment as opposed to being better for goodness's sake). PT likely wouldn't commit to religion anyway. It's just dumb anon.

No. 363750

Yes, it does. PT is the ultimate Queen of lolcows, but has dropped off the earth several times over the past year or so. The fact that she is slowly returning to us is a blessing.

No. 363761

Will PT become a true saint like our wildest dreams and join a nunnery?

No. 363766

File: 1490664709564.jpg (844.01 KB, 1364x1024, Pt Makeover.jpg)

I know a lot of anons think PT needs plastic surgery/fillers/botox to look decent, but if she just fixed her hair/skin/eyebrows and wore makeup, she could easily look average.

I shopped this up without removing her wrinkles (except for the furrowed brow, to show what she'd look like if she weren't making the im pooping face in this pic) or giving her plastic surgery. Does she look like a model? No. But she looks pretty enough to find a non-weeb husbandu, land a job in ESL or beyond minimum wage, and have a happy life.

No. 363768


It's worse, tbqh.

No. 363769


No. 363776

How did you make her look worse??

No. 363786

Oh my god all of her other skin problems were distracting me from her awful laugh lines.

No. 363789

Haha fuuuuck, I don't even know how to respond to that, having found this board like a few weeks ago… Is there somewhere else you're meant to go to ask questions? or are you just rly easily offended

No. 363794

Yes, this is PT. The spoiler image comes from PT too. I recommend lurking for a while and reading old threads before being an active member of threads. No one is offended, it just shits up the threads.

No. 363795

Thank you, I understand.

More ontopic. >>363766 Makes her look so angry. I've seen photos of her without that weird frown, eyebrows up and more relaxed, and she looks slightly better. I wonder which expression is her natural resting face

No. 363796

Yoshi was the least of this picture's worries, and yet you put more effort into that than the rest of the image. You honestly made her look a lot worse.

No. 363798

Poor thing has been so traumatized by the bullying. I really hope she finds a helpful therapist and maybe a trauma group and leaves the Internet for good. The Internet is too brutal for her. Sage for depressing post with lack of content.

No. 363802

File: 1490676747980.png (774.28 KB, 674x515, ptv2.png)

I always love shooping the queen.

No. 363806

That hair alone makes her look good. She needs volum to balance out her chin

No. 363826

wow, those bangs do her a lot of favors. really good shoop anon.

No. 363829

File: 1490701442080.jpg (168.9 KB, 720x960, tumblr_nmthy6UbQJ1urei7do1_128…)

Guys, I'm really scared that if PT ditches her interest in Asia she will become a normie and stop doing the things for which she is The Great Pixyteri. I especially miss her videos and photoshoots because she (even if she wasn't) looked really confident on her kawaiiness and sekushiness. At least in the moment she shot them. And that really made me happy

But I understand she's 30 and it makes sense that she grows out the weeb phase at some point. And maybe that'll make her finally fit better in society, get friends and a husbando and be happy. And I want her to be happy. I'm torn. I'm praying for her to continue with the fakeboi saga

No. 363836


The first and only time she moved out was with her black BF I don't see her going white supremacy… She'll always hate the asians tho but that's out of jealousy. Shes a self hating whitey, that's about it.

No. 363841

This is so beautiful
Unfortunately PT will probably always have thin, greasy hair unable to create such volume and thick bangs but we can dream

No. 363842

She looks super adorable in this photo, is it shooped?

No. 363856

File: 1490710992378.png (196.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1157.PNG)

The fakeboi saga is just getting started. Wonder if she got like "90% male" on this test

No. 363866

She did get mad and say something like "How could he choose THAT over…my beautiful skin?!" when her ex dated a black girl, though.
I can see her going down the white supremacy route if a guy she liked nudged her in that direction.

No. 363868

That totally happened when James said he liked black girls.

No. 363873

File: 1490723126845.jpg (368.51 KB, 600x800, pt_stylish.jpg)

She's going to be 32 this year (I'm just a couple of days older than her) and I honestly think she may be in denial about still being a colossal weaboo. I'm sure she has a lot of pressure to try and seem 'normal' (maybe an ultimatum set by her parents if she still lives with them) but she is probably dying on the inside.

I agree. When she had someone else assisting in her styling (like Miyu) they added more volume and curls to her hair or she wore a nice wig and she looked gorgeous.

Back in the /cgl/ days I had heard she went down on a black girl (and decided she wasn't bi in any shape or form). I'm guessing it was to impress or appease whichever guy she was fucking at the time, but it could have been purely gossip.

No. 363894

I would love to see her look like this more often. It took her a while to get her shit together enough to lose weight, maybe there's still hope.

No. 363968

Damn, that hair color and style does her so many favors. She really needs to invest in bangs and better hair care.

No. 363976


wtf she looks so cute here, what's wrong with her? why doesn't she do this

No. 363979

because it's womanly and classy which she doesn't think fits her. it's down right tragic.

No. 364005

Why does everyone think she HAS to fix her looks in order to be happy? Wtf some of you are even saying she should get surgery.

Obviously, she's unhappy but if her looks were why, she would've at least washed her hair in the past 5 years. Clearly that's not the problem, just a symptom. She won't get any better even if she turned into a supermodel overnight. Some of you need serious help.

No. 364007

File: 1490758822883.jpg (106.87 KB, 404x480, IMG_5128.JPG)

No. 364008

Maybe it doesn't? She's not blind I'm sure she realizes she looks better on that picture, maybe she doesn't care or legit doesn't feel comfortable like that.

No. 364009

I'm not sure if that's supposed to be me or the other anons projecting honestly

No. 364011

No. 364034

what planet are you on where anything happening in that photo could be considered 'adorable'

No. 364038

but she didn't think she looked better during this period, there was no realization, which is why she fought people when they complimented these photos and suggested she stay with this look. she obviously didn't feel comfortable.

No. 364046

I don't think she was comfortable because she wants people to admire her for her natural beauty/not having to do anything.

I think this anon is right. We all know there's some underlying issues with her - yes she probably is bipolar (or something along those lines) there could be more to it too.

Plastic surgery is painful and somewhat expensive. PT has an education, but not enough work experience, to get her to a place where she can afford what everyone is suggesting for her.
1. She's going to moan about how expensive it was. She probably works a minimum wage job, or at least she's working class. She's unlikely to fork out that much money, surely if she had that much money saved up, she'd go to Japan with it?

2. It's painful, and high maintenance. She can't even keep her hygiene in check most of the time, you think that she can take care of surgery (at least to the level that is expected of her)?

Losing weight is free. Self acceptance is free. Plastic surgery is not - nor is it a guarantee that all her identity issues will be resolved from it.

No. 364048

With PT getting into being a fakeboi, and wants to accept her European roots, I think someone should suggest that she start dressing like a catholic schoolboy.

No. 364051

The only thing she felt "comfortable" with at that time was seeing herself as a kawaii-but-sekushii teenage Japanese schoolgirl, which was obviously never going to happen. I agree that trying to force a look upon her isn't going to help her mental issues but I think people were trying to help her by showing her there's a way she can look good that doesn't exist only in her delusions. In a way they were trying to get her to accept herself as a late twenties/early thirties white woman by showing her there's nothing wrong with it and she could look perfectly fine, while also accepting the reality of her situation. The latter was the real problem. She was never going to acknowledge that she's a thirty year old white adult Texan with sun spots and limp hair. Anyone telling her she's not IRL anime was going to make her uncomfortable.

No. 364081

That's because she was given a mature (her age) look. Not long after the Miyu saga she got deep into lolicon. Not that she wasn't trying to emulate underage ugu japanese girls before, but she kicked it up to 5 yeard old territory around the time she started cosplaying that bakemonogatari loli.

Pixyteri doesn't care about people's opinions, she never has. Back in her DA days so many fat fetishits sucked up to her like their goddess and she didn't give a rats ass about it. She could've sold those sekushii videos from that gigantic archive to those men and she would've made good money and felt sexy for a niche. But she couldn't accept the fact they liked her because she was fat, not because she was a true nipponese 16 year old. It pissed her off like no other.

It's a no win with PT. For her to be happy everyone would have to reenact the emperor's new clothes.

No. 364236

File: 1490829816197.jpg (117.36 KB, 600x803, 1449773779386.jpg)

She was so pretty here :(

No. 364245

So sad she hated it. I would say her wanting to look more European now would give her hope for dressing and wearing makeup like this again, but it really is hopeless. She has no clue how to apply makeup since this was done by her friend, and even worse, she's convinced due to some strange hormonal condition that her genitals are slowly morphing into male ones and that therefore she isn't really a girl anymore. I wish someone could save her

No. 364246

Well it's kind of unrealistic that every anon here cries "plastic surgery" to fix every ugly cow. Realistically, most people don't get plastic surgery, either for financial reasons, fear of going under the knife, or because they aren't -that- distressed about their face. Most people aren't so hideous that they need plastic surgery, anyway. Simple shit like makeup/diet can fix most problems.

In PT's case, she obviously needs to get a good face-cleansing routine (I'm sure she doesn't have one still) to fix the acne, and get good at makeup. also, styling her hair. She has strong features, but she looked fine when styled by miyu.

No. 364254

Farmers have a skewed version of reality and thinks most people get plastic surgery like the whores they follow on social media.

Pt looks fine in this picture, >>364236
Like your average 4-5/10 girl, the majority of human females. There is absolutely nothing related to her appearance that can't be fixed by well fitting clothes, good hygiene, and makeup. It is her personality and hobbies that makes her such a crackpot.

No. 364267

Man…I actually think she looks like a solid 7/10 in that photo. I consider a 7 to be "average but pretty"…or "girl next door" pretty.

No. 364269

RIP vintage Pixy. It's crazy to watch how mental illness can really break a person down.

No. 364345

Is it true she never really reads about herself online? Surely she takes a peek every now and then.
She's pretty strong either way though. If people were constantly going on about me I could not resist looking even if it made me feel worse. And if she doesn't look at all, then she has pretty good self control.

No. 364470


>human females


No. 364479

File: 1490913200897.png (65.94 KB, 504x565, Capture.PNG)

She really seems to not be doing well right now.

No. 364489

Oh no, someone called her ma'am at a store (again) and she's taking it personally (again)

No amount of buttpats will ever make her feel better about aging.

No. 364492

You would think, living in Texas, that she would be used to it. We call everyone ma'am or sir

No. 364493

I think businesses in practically every English speaking country are trained to call customers sir or ma'am regardless of age? I don't really understand why she would react like that.

No. 364508

You must not know much about PT then anon…..

No. 364525

I can't believe this woman is 30 or 31 years old complaining about this kind of shit STILL

>>I wonder if living with her parents her entire life stunted her mental growth

No. 364531

She's just fishing for asspats like she usually does. Too bad this Behavior stayed the same despite her weight loss improvements.

No. 364540

File: 1490932011434.png (127.74 KB, 496x559, Untitled.png)

Here we see PT sperging out about dressing up as Yuna again.

No. 364691

Sometimes it's harder to feel sorry for Pixy because she always seems kind of rude and unpleasant, even to people who are nothing but nice to her

No. 364764

File: 1490998557012.jpg (47.67 KB, 453x453, IMG_8826.JPG)

>>364540I feel kinda special. I had the vid on my fb and she commented on it and then shared. She has blessed me. She wasn't rude in the comment either.

No. 364801

PT is the type of celebrity that has a lot of fans, but the fans probably would never want to admit IRL that they know who she is or that they have researched her extensively.

No. 364806

File: 1491013162722.png (4.35 MB, 1707x1175, 1111.png)

You know what's sad? that while she's definitely not gorgeous she could at least look decent if she learned how to do her makeup.

No. 364870

no thanks to the overdrawn bottom lip and the blush, but other than that, I agree! nice minimalist shoop!

No. 364892

does anyone know what convention shes talking about?

No. 364911

She would look so fucking regal if she took better care of herself, not even kidding. As in red hair in an elegant updo and shit.
Rock that Habsburg jaw, PT

No. 364921

File: 1491042070738.jpg (55.83 KB, 709x508, 28k4qhl.jpg)

You reminded me of this.

That right picture isn't relevant anymore, she puts even less effort into herself now. At least before she brushed her hair and edited her pictures.

No. 364928

Jesus fuck, pls tell me the right pic is shooped. Her face looks horrifying.
LGBT actually stands for
Let's Get down to Business
To defeat the huns

No. 364936

PT pls. This is her version of a midlife crisis. She's my favorite Christmas cake, tho.

That makes me so sad, though. I know losing weight doesn't fix everything, but I was hoping that by losing weight, PT would realize her potential and start to be a bit healthier overall (taking care of her skin with actual products, maybe getting a peel or 5, getting clothes that flatter her since she can fit them, etc.), but she's kind of stagnating… If anything, it seems like she's getting worse.

No. 365013

Man .. im into old PT .. i know im sick. im just sad that all her old pictures are gone in the wind.. can't find any mirrors.

No. 365056

She looks stunning on the left, holy shit.

No. 365076

I think PT could easily be a 6-7/10 with the right hair, makeup, skincare and clothes. I mean, just the makeup alone would make a huge impact.

No. 365077

This Victorian/lolita style suits her so well.

With her weight loss, she'd probably look even better in this style. Please return to this style PT! You are the Queen no matter, but you looked freaking gorgeous with the soft red hair and feminine clothing.

No. 365087

File: 1491093732701.png (128.42 KB, 512x828, ircnpVO.png)

Queen never changes <3

No. 365185

shit that's some intense ass-kissing in the comments

No. 365210


they're probably farmers.

No. 365228

Hey guys, does she befriend people on FB often? Was wondering because I used to talk to her a little during her twitter/tinychat days.

No. 365297

You can always try.

No. 365339

File: 1491190652755.png (543.01 KB, 490x590, finally she began to shine.png)

I am so proud of our Queen :')

No. 365341

Yes, she accepted me within a couple days if I remember correctly. this was 4 years ago though but the queen most likely acts the same

No. 365350

File: 1491195880004.jpg (985.67 KB, 1104x1534, QZo8HkF.jpg)

No. 365352

File: 1491195940346.jpg (53.97 KB, 320x480, FMsmAAM.jpg)

Bonus Lena Dunham AU

No. 365353

Aww I'm happy for her, hopefully this is the beginning of her getting her confidence back.

This hair would actually be a realistic everyday style for her, I like it.

No. 365356

Shine on you crazy diamond PT!!! You can do it!!!

No. 365359

This looks so good. I wish she would do it.

No. 365385

what program are you using for these?

No. 365397


I evened out her skin and reshaped her brows with facetune and added the hair and makeup with youcam makeup.

No. 365398

Send her a request like two weeks ago hasn't accepted me yet
But all her posts are public anyways so I don't really care

No. 365400

The left one is the PT I remember from her egl/daily_lolita days. How shocked I was years later to discover what she became…

No. 365405

Fucking lol at Enid Corpus.
>behind on anime
>movie PT is cosplay from is 10+ years old

Aww shit!
Good for her, despite her wig looking like a horrible mess. I didn't realize Victoria Comic Con took off because I know she was assblasted a couple of years ago over not being invited as a guest. Maybe that'll change now.

No. 365491

is she talking about anime matsuri?

No. 365842

File: 1491360265876.png (316.8 KB, 898x617, wat.png)

Oh God..

No. 365848

And she's gone now

No. 365849

Uh, I think her Facebook was just deleted maybe 30 seconds ago. I had my boyfriend check, too, to make sure that I wasn't blocked (though I've never interacted with her FB), and she doesn't exist for him, either.

So… she must have deleted.

No. 365850

She's deactivated it. It's not showing up for my partner also.
She was on a crazy rampage about how her bag was turning into a dick.

No. 365851

Vag not bag

No. 365853

Thanks for checking as well… I don't want to spread false info.

I sincerely hope our queen is okay.

No. 365857

Was she even offended at being called a woman?

No. 365863

Poor PT! I think she may have finally gone crackers. The final thread of her tenuous tether to reality appears to be unraveling. I am skeered. hold me

No. 365865

Honestly it's hard to figure out what she was mad at. She wasn't very coherent.

No. 365866

One of the last comments I saw suggested she speak to her mom about it. That probably was the last straw along with being told that she can dress how she wants, and futa can't happen in real life.

No. 365873

Nah, she's just bonkers now. I feel bad for her mother.

No. 365881

I think the best thing that could happen for her is if her parents got conservatorship over her and got her admitted and on some medication. Basically do a Britney Spears on her ass. But I know her family doesn't give that much if a shit.

No. 365886

File: 1491363901310.png (43.19 KB, 513x185, PixyFBDelete.png)

What was posted shortly before she deleted.

No. 365887

Pretty much saying…"If I can't be a dickboy then I deserve to be in a hospital!"

No. 365892

>No one rapes or takes away flowers that blooms right?
what the fuck does that mean

No. 365897

i dont understand how a delusion like this can take hold so quickly. absolutely nothing in her past suggested she wanted to be a man, but all of a sudden she's basically rejecting everything she's ever enjoyed in the past

did she spend her whole hiatus on tumblr or some shit? the last time i checked in on her, she was dancing around her backyard and was beginning to lose weight. its been less than a year since then, hasn't it? what the fuck happened??

No. 365903

Somehow when she lost her weight too fast her hooha morphed a bit and started hurting her. She worked at Victoria secret and the girls picked on her, which lead her to hate everything girly. The more weight she lost the worse she got.

No. 365904

No one rapes or has sex with old women?

No. 365919


No one rapes old ladies who aren't pure virgins…??

No. 365924

>>I feel bad for her mother.

Same. Even though…
>>I know her family doesn't give that much if a shit.

Back in the hospital…? Was she admitted before recently?

>> 31(?) years old

>>Old and forgotten and my life taken from me.
Scarlett Johansson is 32
Kim Kardashian is 36
>>Yes, PT, 31 is just ancient Better start saving that cosplay money for a burial plot!

>>I swear PT wants to be a shota

No. 365928

back in the hospital? Damn, PT just keeps getting worse

No. 365929

i disagree, i think her mom does care and is somewhat in denial. plus her mom seems a little off kilter herself. if she didn't care she wouldn't continue to let her 30+ year old daughter live at her home, asking people to pray for her and trying to motivate her toward some life goals like different career choices. i just don't think she's equipped to deal with all this. i never saw this coming for sarah, honestly. i can't tell if she's just starved for attention of any sort or seriously losing it. i don't usually feel bad for cows, any of them, maybe i'm just nostalgic since i've followed pt for so long. it's just nuts to see her ramble on about not wanting to wear kimono and shit when she truly did back then, not to mention no one is nor would bring that up because no one cares? nuckin futs.

No. 365932

pt started obsessing over her age by like 21.

No. 365958

So did she delete because she's implying in these statuses she wants to be called a man, but no one is picking up on it so she's triggered? Lol. Never change PT.

No. 365966

Who wants to bet that after she gets tired of trying to be trans in a few months, she'll do a complete 1-80 and become super transphobic? She'll be as insane as ever and vagueposting nonsensically about how if she can't be trans, she'll just hate trans people, so there!

I'm half-betting she's gonna go all white nationalist in the near future too.

No. 365993

I want to see PT turn into one of those nazi germaboos and do really bad cosplays of the SS uniform, then flip out when everyone calls her racist.

No. 366003

Yeah I don't think her mom is at all equipped to handle it, but I also really don't think they care as much as they may seem to. Making FB posts asking people to pray for your daughter that is clearly mentally unhinged is not caring

No. 366081

This shoop makes her resemble Governor Kasich, not a good look…

No. 366095

It is when you're an equally unhinged mom in the Bible Belt.

No. 366138

who is the mystery group of people that never "lets her" be/do anything? besides mommy.

No. 366154

And for a quick second I thought the Queen was sane.

No. 366216

Her incoherent rambling reminds me of Asha, that's not a good sign.

No. 366218

Was she raped, do you guys think? Or is this just some crazy fake boy shit?

No. 366237

>back in the hospital

Now this makes me very curious. Did she go to a mental hospital? Did she try to hurt or kill herself?

I'm really bummed she deactivated her Facebook.

No. 366242

Her relationship with that skeezy guy has always been weird. James? The guy that convinced her to do the threesome? It wouldn't surprise me if Pixy had been coerced into having sex by James multiple times. I don't know if that's outright rape, but in Pixy's batshit crazy eyes it probably is.

Last I heard, months and months ago (sorry for faggotry, I don't have our Queen on facebook so sorry if I'm not up to date) she had gone back to him. It was at the beginning of her weight loss, and when she was talking about sex being painful and doing anal with dudes, I'm pretty sure that was James.

No. 366327

>>Who wants to bet that after she gets tired of trying to be trans in a few months, she'll do a complete 1-80 and become super transphobic?

I can't bet against something I agree with anon sad lol

No. 366328

I doubt she was implying rape. As other anons said, probably thinks she's an old, impure hag (since her obsession has long been being a pure, innocent, Japanese teenage girl) because of her age + possibly not being a virgin.

No. 366338

Um most likely since she's from Texas… Ppl Cant comprehend mental illness so they chalk it up to being mentally deficient or retarded so they commit their children to inpatient "hospice" like live in care to rehab and try to brainwash them to be mindless members of society to be ~functional and not such a burden on her rents. Or like if she has legit mental issues inpatient care. I have a bipolar cousin who goes in and out of "the hospital" aka long term inpatient care for various "relapses"

No. 366339

Lol oh come on. Having lost weight I can say honestly your vag doesn't give a fuck. It'll stay the same
Her fucking hood and clit and whatever else didn't fucking inflate. She's just a mental retard who can't comprehend growing up. Possibly arrested development. Don't be chalking up losing weight to dropping vag to confused gender lol

No. 366350

If someone she was dating "coerced" her into sex it's still rape. Of course we don't know whether or not that actually happened but mentally ill people are especially vulnerable to sexual abuse. I really hope that's not the case for poor Pixy.

No. 366355

I think her mother is mentioning that time back when someone called the police on her because she was acting suicidal and PT was emitted to the hospital.
Her mother is in a difficult situation. Legally her hands are tied and she can't force her daughter to get the mental health he needs. All she really can do it pray and nag her to get help.

No. 366356

When we used to talk a year ago she said James would force her to give him a boob job.

No. 366359

File: 1491483607730.jpg (47.79 KB, 657x403, 1.JPG)

No. 366360

File: 1491483689959.jpg (53.76 KB, 654x461, 2.JPG)

No. 366361

File: 1491483761765.jpg (14.19 KB, 396x99, 3.JPG)

No. 366364

She needs help. If she does get sent to a hospital by her mom for her current mental breakdown I pray it's a good one and that they'll set her up with an OBGYN.

No. 366370

>I think I'm an alien
I am not ready for alienkin pt

No. 366372

I hope she gets help. It's been about a year from the date on the first message. No wonder her body is all messed up.

No. 366379

File: 1491489348493.jpg (60.08 KB, 640x480, 280254-um-jammer-lammy-playsta…)

Oh boy you have no idea.
She got her online handle Pixy Teri from a derivation of Pixy Teriyaki, which is a Parappa the Rapper fan character she made up in her teens when she was massively obsessed with Teriyaki Yoko, an alien idol. Just by doing an image search for Teriyaki Yoko you can easily find some of her fan art for this character.

No. 366381

File: 1491489649113.jpg (50.85 KB, 433x540, realistic-self-portrait-or-it-…)

Also I don't mean to double post but I just found a self portrait PT drew a long time ago. It's a shame that her self image has been warped so severely over the years…

No. 366384


PT's clit looked pretty big to me in some of the nudes she took when she was still fat. She probably thinks it's getting bigger because when she lost weight, her outer labia got thinner and made her clit more prominent.

Another, though less likely possibility is her clit actually is getting bigger because she has an endocrine disorder or something. Her constantly infected vagina could be a sign of something amiss in that area, though it could also be that she just has really bad hygiene too.

No. 366386

So this was a whole ago, but someone posted a cap about her going to see the doctor and the doctor basically told her it was normal for older women to get bigger clits. So she chimped out over being called old.

No. 366462

PT's mom is legit nutty but her parents do care about her. Perhaps not in the best of ways all the time, but nobody is perfect. Still, they put her through college, let her live with them but still insisted on her school and working. Considering how nutty PT is and the fact that she clearly can't truly function on her own I don't think they did a terrible job of it. Tough love clearly wouldn't work on her because it hasn't so far the times her parents did seem to try (they were actually going to kick her out at some point and she didn't really do anything about it, if I recall correctly, so she got to stay). The fact that she graduated college and seems to work sometimes is actually a testament to at least some of their efforts.

After all if her parents really didn't care and were truly indulgent in their shitty parenting she'd probably be even worse than Chris-chan right now.

No. 366479

i agree. their other kids turned out to be functioning adults that were able to move out and have lives. i'm sure they're not perfect parents, especially debbie, but sarah has grown up with a lot of support that many people aren't as lucky to have received.

No. 366522

She's literally the reverse Chris chan, when he pierced himself a clit with a safety pin.

She had the biggest breakdown when her mother pulled a DNA test on her that denied any asian heritiji. Her mental health went downhill fast from there since she had no delusion to cling to anymore. That's when she started "hating" Japan. I think the shota stuff stems from self hatred and not feeling beautiful enough as a woman like with so many other fakebois.

No. 366525

The symptoms she's describing here sound so a lot like vaginismus, which is when the muscles in that area involuntarily react to objects being inserted by seizing up. This makes it painful or impossible to have sex, use tampons, etc. It can happen from infection but usually it is linked to anxiety.

The other alternative is a low positioned cervix which she thinks is some kind of growth or emerging penis. It's not unheard of for women, especially younger ones,to jump to wild conclusions when they discover it without understanding how low the cervix can get. This can be a normal variation of vaginal "depth", hormonal, part of the regular cycle, or due to prolapse. It can get close enough to the vaginal entry to get in the way.

Sage for tmi but maybe this info could get through to pt somehow and encourage her to ask an ob gyn to have a look and explain her anatomy or physical reflexes to her, because my money is on her being generally healthy and ok, at most needing help with muscle relaxation if it is vaginismus. Both conditions are pretty common.

No. 366583

She's not going to listen. She has it stuck in her head she's a futa.

No. 366735

She appears at 6:20

No. 366774

She actually did an awesome job. Ily PT

No. 366776

Are there any full body shots of her Sora cosplay?

No. 366789

File: 1491595791059.png (925.24 KB, 580x798, 342156666.png)

No. 366810

Ty Anon

No. 366825

sage goes in the email field, not the name field, friendly anon.

she honestly looks good here. I think she did a great job, but perhaps my love is warping my judgement.

No. 366858


She looks p cute here, nice to see her with a big, happy grin.

No. 366862

The Sora wig has iffy styling but overall it's a great cosplay, it's good to see her progressing in both cosplay and weight I just hope her mental state gets better as she could actually start to have a normal and happy life with all the other improvements she's made.

No. 366871

Totally agree with everything you said.

No. 367222

File: 1491737260579.jpg (97.85 KB, 600x502, 1491574901024.jpg)

saw this on /cgl/ and got nostalgic. Look how happy our queen was…

No. 367227

omg our queen is the best looking one in this photo. truly a rare specimen

No. 367245


She is the epitome of kawaii here (no sarcasm). Our queen has a really great smile.

No. 367253

I miss the queen doing lolita, she was at her cutest to me then, the long brown hair was always good on her when she actually styled it.

No. 367300

Because she is psychotic.

No. 367340

I remember this shoot. The best looking girl is actually behind PT (good strategy covering her) and some other girl taking the picture. But the queen was definitely the least ita out of all of them

Pixy quit lolita because she would only want AP, nothing fit and she stirred too much drama over it. She cried over this JSK not fitting and she complained multiple times about Bodyline (which has large sizes but in classic PT fashion she kept picking sizes too small)

No. 367357

No joke, Pixy is super cute here , esp standing next to the girl in white.

No. 367358

I cannot believe she's lost so much weight. wow.

No. 367359

Go, Queen!!

No. 367452

The sad thing is she's probably small enough now to fit into AP but wants to dress like a man ;_; Our Queen, please give lolita and being feminine another chance!

No. 367513

It wouldn't take too much for her to look nice again.
Grow her hair back out, pick a nice color to complement her face, start dressing in more flattering ways.

I mean when she was bigger she had the odd moment when she was cute depending on how she did herself up, I really wish she put more effort into herself.

No. 367518

i would love to see the queen pick up lolita again. she can fit the clothing now and she would look genuinely nice in sweet/classic. despite how rough she looks there is still something to work with, she just actively chooses not to pursue better things and it drives me crackers

No. 368012

File: 1491942131522.png (65.66 KB, 521x652, k_sr ban.png)

If you're talking about the StamRose incident with K, she didn't have a hospital stay. A few people were frustrated that they didn't because Sarah was really off her rocker that night.

If you're talking about another suicide incident, I don't remember, so carry on.

Huh. That's pretty interesting.

Agree too. I really want to take her aside and fix her wig.

AP is one of the bigger burandos, sad to say. That puts a lot of perspective on how much weight she's shed.

No. 369716

So I have been more or less lurking for about a year now and I have read every pixyteri thread on this site. The Queen is obviously my favorite lolcow due to the fact that I genuinely feel an affinity for her. Here is the thing. I missed out on the glory days of PT due to my own ignorance. There are references to Encyclopedia Dramatica and /cgl/ and endless onedrive files that are NO LONGER AVAILABLE. It sucks. And no truly lulzy youtube videos to be seen. Would any farmers be willing to start a Pixyteri redux thread for pathetic souls like me wherein people can repost these missing monuments of PT's glory days? Is it even possible? Am I a dumbshit for even asking? I'm not the most Internet savvy so i apologize beforehand if there is some great cache of this information somewhere I just don't know about.

No. 369909

My experience on Pixyteri is the same as this person. I've read everything about her and would totally like to see a timeline of Pixyteri's lolcowness
Bet there's more people out there that are big time lurkers wanting more glory from pixy's best moments.

No. 369956

don't wanna play armchair psychiatrist or get blogposty here but i think she's on the verge of some sort of schizophrenic breakdown. apparently body dysphoria can happen before the breaking point. i have a friend who was convinced she was trans male for months because her body felt 'wrong' before she broke down. once she was medicated she learned the dysphoria was from the underlying schizophrenia.

pt is getting more incoherent and dysphoric by the day. her train of thought is absolutely incomprehensible. somethings gonna go down in that little head of hers. everyone is in agreement that pt probably has bipolar due to her mom's diagnosis and her general behavior, right? manic episodes can get psychotic

No. 369971

No. 370047


She doesn't have dysphoria and she's not Schizophrenic. She's pretending she wants to be a man because she's crazy and she wants attention. It's pretty much classic PT. This is exactly like when she was deluded into thinking she was ethnically Japanese.

She's bipolar and is more than likely going through another episode, as she tends to every now and then.

No. 370317

File: 1492394955132.jpg (505.46 KB, 1800x1200, photoshop 1.jpg)

I remember her getting upset over this shop back in the /CGL/ days.

No. 370321

File: 1492395029704.gif (2.71 MB, 270x360, pt gif 1.gif)

Sexy Maid-chan just for you.

No. 370418

Omg you guys are the best! I could just kiss you! Mwah!

No. 370428

It's more than just attention, PT has always had her issues but like >>369956 said she's never really been this bad.

Even with her wind chime she was still generally cognizant of things around her, she just seemed like she was taking a typical weeb role play/fantasy a little too far and making it a little too public. She was at least sort of functional then too, at least more than she seems to be now.

At the very least her bipolar episodes seem to be getting more intense.

No. 370669

>still generally cognizant of things around her

really? to me, she seemed pretty enmeshed in delusional thinking and an alternate reality where her delusions literally changed the world before her eyes.

If what another anon above said was correct (that her mother ordered a DNA test to conclusively prove she wasn't of Asian heritage), then her delusion was shattered. This is when those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (which I believe Sarah to have) are at their most vulnerable and fragile.

All of her mood swings, depression, mania, even delusions, suicide threats, yes even negative self-image, can all be narrowed down to this. If you read up on other case studies of those with NPD, you'll find some frightening similarities.

So, essentially, Sarah's problem is she's been indulged to the point where she's no longer functional in society. In my experience, NPDs never get better, only worse.

In many ways, it's relieving that she's not some form of schizophrenic, autistic, or something. Most mental disorders stem from organic or chemical alteration of the brain; in Sarah's case, she's just kind of an asshole.

No. 370698

>In many ways, it's relieving that she's not some form of schizophrenic, autistic, or something. Most mental disorders stem from organic or chemical alteration of the brain; in Sarah's case, she's just kind of an asshole.
Personality disorders ARE mental disorders though?

No. 370704

Some are, some aren't. In the case of NPD, it's actually strictly a personality disorder. It can be co-morbid with other things like bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, stuff that exacerbates the disease, but being a Narcissist has no founding in the person's biology. There's basically no way to fix it other than different types of therapies, and most NPDs don't think there's anything wrong with them. In fact, NPDs usually get along quite fine in life. It's the other people in their lives who suffer more greatly.

For another example, sociopathy. There's nothing physically or chemically wrong with a sociopath's brain. They simply lack the ability to empathize with other things. Once again, sociopathy is a characteristic trait amongst criminals and abusers, but not all sociopaths are criminals or hurt others.

No. 370713

But why does it have to be biological to count as a mental disorder? That seems like a slightly reductive way of classifing something so complex. Mental illnesses are just descriptions of clusters of symptoms, described by humans. I mean, homosexuality used to be a described as a mental illness. Officially or not, i would say pt is very mentally unwell. Sage for pedantic and boring.

No. 371584

You guys maybe we could crowdfund her a ticket to Japan, that could lift her out of this spiral. PT I love you please be ok ;A;

No. 371588

>For another example, sociopathy. There's nothing physically or chemically wrong with a sociopath's brain

We have a poor understanding of the brain at best. Your personality is a result of the physical structure of your brain
>See phineas gage and lobotomy
clearly there is something deviant about the brains of these people, we just don't know what because our understanding of how a personality or even a conscious, self aware entity arises from the physical structure of a brain is non-existent.

Unless you believe in a soul or that personality can come from anywhere other than the brain ofc.

No. 371798

Anon, it would be pointless. PT doesn't want to go to Japan. She wants to go to a Japan that exists the her favorite anime and manga where she can have wacky adventures and cosplay 24/7 while being an futanari idol or whatever. Going to Japan would break her more, not fix her.

No. 371886

>But why does it have to be biological to count as a mental disorder?
It doesn't, but disorders of organic origin are treated differently, both by drs and insurance companies. The DSM 5 + ICD10 don't use axis anymore, but it was simpler.
Axis 1 = organic disorders ex. bi-polar, depression, schizophrenia, etc.
Axis 2 = personality disorders, generally the result of ones upbringing, more nurture than nature.
often a psych will put an axis 1 dx down just so insurance will cover sessions, even if it doesn't really apply, bc theres no evidence based treatment for PDs other than DBT and if they only give a PD dx, insurance will cover far less sessions (or none at all)

No. 372049

Been attempted before. No dice.

Only because she wanted the perfect husbando to go with her.

No. 372191

Hmmmm, someone with NPD suffered an identity crisis after being confronted with the incontrovertible truth?

While I appreciate everyone in this thread who wishes Sarah well, and is happy to see her improve (weight wise, at least, which has probably improved her overall health), the only person who can make Sarah better is Sarah.

Which, imo, is why she's so lulzy. Her first and foremost problem is herself. She'll never come to terms with this; it's always someone/something else's fault.

No. 372255

>Bringing up Phineas Gage and lobotomies

Enjoying psych 101?

No. 372777

More vintage/"glory days" PT please! Us poor late-comers are begging for alms.

No. 373114

I've been following the PT saga ever since it's foundations in /cgl/, but sadly it seems a lot of the pics on ED have disappeared as well as a lot of her profiles have been shut down across the web. I have some caps that I've saved over the years but it's pretty pale considering just all the shit she's done and been through. http://imgur.com/a/UOrMZ

No. 373125

File: 1492667328392.jpg (89.14 KB, 800x565, 800px-Pixyteri_transformation[…)

It's wild to think about the fact that the left pic is 11 years old.

No. 373139

File: 1492670839011.jpg (85.28 KB, 728x1096, 1419572290060.jpg)

>It's always someone/something else's fault.

Oh my god, this makes me wonder, has anyone made a tribute video to the Queen using Marina & the Diamonds "Primadonna Girl" before? The lyrics are perfect. I mean;

"I'm sad to the core, core, core
Every day is a chore, chore, chore
When you give, I want more, more, more
I wanna be adored"

No. 374156

No. 375852

File: 1493143344797.png (157.93 KB, 750x1089, IMG_3747.PNG)

Looks like she selling some junk on eBay . This is very recent …

No. 375862

Sage for nobody cares

No. 375895

sage goes in the email field. Saying "sage" doesn't actually sage the post.

No. 377024

I care. I appreciate anything new on our Queen. It gives a little insight into her mindset right now. Is she going to sell all of her weeby horde? I actually kinda like the watch too! And check out the thumbnail of her image. She really is thinning out a lot.

No. 379327

>but there are no churches who do services on night time

just go to a Catholic church for God's sake. They do services 7 days a week. She honestly needs help with a local priest. Exorcising her is probably a good idea

No. 380182

Does she abuse diet pills? You know strange growth with your stomach etc can come from abuse of diet pills. And maybe whatever pushing it out is simply her vagina rejecting whatever that is being pushed in, and her being frightened.

No. 380317

File: 1493820047324.jpg (115.04 KB, 678x1024, zpslx8al5gu.jpg)

Nah it's just her being delusional. A lot of the times what she perceives is blown out of proportion. Throw in some pretty unsafe sex practices and it's not really surprising her vag got inflamed.

Anyways, have a pic of our queen being princely.

No. 380320

I hope for her sake that she isn't binding her chest haphazardly…

No. 380327

I have to know what her goal is now. Is she going to conventions? Is she even posting these anywhere other than her photobucket? Like is she still trying to make a name for herself or is she just out there alone with tripod-san taking these just for herself?

No. 380361

I'd love to see her do more Crossplay, I think she could do feminine bishounen fairly well since she tried to be so girly all the time.

That fucking wig tho. Ahhh~

No. 380471

She did Utena before and that was pretty cute too.

No. 380741

At first I saw the top third of the pic before scrolling down and thought it was Saionji (from Utena).

No. 380862


I actually really like this pic. Her hair is blowing in the wind just perfectly. She's not too overdone. The overall effect is quite nice.

No. 380919

It feels like she had some kind of bad experience with some asia-born-asians or something the way she's carrying on. These are the words of someone who's been disillusioned but still enjoys what they used to deep down.
Maybe the weight loss not instantly making her kawaii desu? She has a strong jaw that isn't going to be changed naturally after all..I feel kinda bad for her.

No. 380928

I care too.

Also anon, check out the brand Fossil. A LOT of their stuff is god damned adorable. It's pricy but durable. I have a watch and a few necklaces from them and despite some of the necklaces going through some abuse they've yet to break. Same with the watch it just needs a new battery.

No. 380963

Ok this penis thing is troubling. She probably has a fibroid. They are often caused by hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance would explain the crazy acne and mental health issues being exacerbated as well. She needs help. :( I wish she had a good friend who could step in and hold her hand through making and keeping doctor appointments.

No. 381343


I honest to God would book a plane ticket and go to an appointment with her if she wanted me to.

I owned Fossil purse once. Never a watch. I think I'm gonna get me one now :)

No. 381359

File: 1494032725016.jpg (241.19 KB, 630x537, PT akinator.jpg)

Ohhh my god anon this is like all my christmases coming at once! True vintsge PT gold.

I remember Akinator correctly guessing PT when I played a few years ago but it seems like she's not on there any more

No. 381368

She feels miserable because she gives too many fucks about what others think about her. Also her family don't like the way she is and wants her to change. That would destroy anyone's mind. Everyone needs their parents full support in order to develop a proper and functional personality. She was denied the most basic shit, basically.

She should just enjoy her hobbys, search for a job she can do and save money so she can go out of that house. Her mother is a fucking insane old bitch and is making her worse by continued rejection. If she ever had a boyfriend, it should be an otaku like her. Going normie is never going to happen. She is not normal, will never be and will only get worse and worse if she tries to be something she isn't.

My best friend is in a worse situation and I have seen with my own eyes that it is her family's fault. If your family hates and abuses you psychologically, your personality doesn't develop properly and you get permanently fucked up.

The only way to fix it is to get very far away from her family and never, ever talk to them again and getting friends and boyfriend who love her just the way she is and share common interests.

In fact, the psychologist of my friend told her so. My friend's family is nuts and that affected her so much she ended up as a shut in otaku. Never got to study or work and has a lot of physical and mental diseases that are getting worse and worse.

No. 381488

Hope she isn't planning on committing suicide or something drastic. Knew of this one person who was suicidal, they behaved strange, and sold/gave away their stuff before committing suicide.
I can't help but to worry for queen pixy

No. 381490

The thing is, Sarah will need to change her name completely. A quick google search will demolish any hopes of a normal job for her. And I don't think moving out of the home would be a good idea for her. No job, and staying with friends isn't a good idea either. The only thing left is finding a boyfriend and moving in with him.
Regardless of it all, I personally don't find her family abusive what so ever. They are stern and straight forward to her, so she can't handle critic and behaves as though its abuse. If she were my daughter I wouldn't support her dreams either. Being an idol in Japan? Taking gravure photos? No. However I am positive if Pixy suddenly wanted to seriously pursue a career as an English teacher, I guarantee you her family will support her all the way through.

No. 381503

> Also her family don't like the way she is and wants her to change. That would destroy anyone's mind. Everyone needs their parents full support in order to develop a proper and functional personality. She was denied the most basic shit, basically.

This is wrong. She did get support from her family, and continues to get support from them. She lives in their house, they support her and even put her through college. That's more than a lot of people get. She wasn't denied any basic shit and while her parents are far from perfect they gave her plenty.

The problem with PT is that she needed to be pushed to do anything sensible (college, a job, etc). Had she been more functional on her own I'm sure her parents would have been fine with her silly weeb hobbies, and even if they weren't, she shouldn't need their approval for her own interests.

Or to put it another way, her brothers seem perfectly functional and seem to get along with their parents. PT is the odd one out and there's a reason for that. Yeah, few normal mortals could be understanding parents to our beloved goddess-queen but you can't downplay their efforts either.

Also at this point I think PT's best chance at stable happiness would be to marry someone and be the kawaii housewife she's always wanted to be.

No. 381512

Most of her listings mention giving stuff away to Goodwill, or stating she needs money because she doesn't have a job. Also needing to clear stuff from her house.

I wonder if the purge is to go along with her new, tomboy "lifestyle"?

No. 381517

File: 1494068206981.jpg (315.92 KB, 1361x2048, IMG_4440.JPG)

Thank you anon, not too worried now.
I guess she has decided to commit to being a tomboy. For dumb reasons at that. I think most of it is due to her believing she has a very masculine appearance, as well as the growth of a penis that she is hellbent about. I wonder if there is a possibility that we see a lesbian Pixyteri in the future? What a strange turn around. Chris chan is a woman, and ..now, its pixys turn.

No. 381555

Do you think she's too jealous and sometimes too hateful towards women to be a lesbian though? If it weren't for transtrenders, I think she would just end up being a tomboy or a dyke.

No. 381589

This is semi-old info from PTNR (a troll that had continual contact with PT:

She mentioned PT lost weight with an eating disorder. So we can probably eliminate pills because PT has racked up enormous medical debt. For those of us fags who aren't from a shit-tastic Republican US state - they don't provide affordable healthcare for the poor. I believe Texas had opted out of Medicaid expansion which would have covered PT federally. Anyways, PT rarely goes to the doctor and PTNR said that PT is clearly just delusional about her penis because she wants to be a boy. She makes the whole "pushing out" and "something there" to match her current delusion. However, Sarah does suffer from a lot of UTRs because she doesn't wash her dildos and doesn't practice good hygiene. Her acne is from rapid weight loss due to an eating disorder which can lead to a hormone imbalance. Her clit is often big because it's inflamed due to infection or because she aggravates it. PT is constantly terrified of pregnancies or STDs because she has unprotected sex. That's all I have from a year or two ago.

Thank you anon, who revived this blessed thread.

No. 381676

PT had a sort-of internet gf in the past, and her hatefulness towards other women tends to be exaggerated. I think she could, possibly, but she seems pretty straight.

Any idea what eating disorder? Her counting calories seemed very reasonable and PT has always had poor skin, I wouldn't think weight loss would affect her too much there.

No. 381697

In a weird way I feel that PT would eventually end up dating women. Regardless of her saying she hates women or not, I think deep down she may have some sort of sexual attraction towards other women. Especially her attempting to convince others that she's a boy, and her not being able to find a man or seem to try and pursue guys. Sometimes I feel as though with her risqué photos, it feels like she aiming it for a female audience versus a male audience. I'm just reaching right now, because she never seem to openly make efforts to be an attention whore for other men. Unless I skimmed over somethings/missed out on somethings. Please update me if so.

No. 381751

Granted I'm inebriated but darn it, i love PT. I'm a straight girl but PT's fuck all attitude is so appealing I'd fall for her :)

No. 381771

Who was the internet gf?

No. 381792

I wanna give our queen a little kiss and tell her she is going to be okay. : |

No. 381794

she's talked about being done with men and wishing to turn lesbian multiple times, but also said she can't because vaginas turn her off. so it won't happen because she's obviously straight

No. 381804

She never said or at the least it wasn't someone known or connected to her, this was very early on.

She likes male attention and seems to seek them out, she's straight, especially with what >>381794 said.

No. 381927

File: 1494191525774.jpeg (42.41 KB, 320x480, 99BF7911-FF0A-470D-ABA7-DCF884…)

Who is she taking these photos for? She should just sell these instead of letting people view for free. She would benefit with patreon.

No. 381931

File: 1494191649701.jpeg (39.43 KB, 480x320, 8B6D2B07-A740-4006-BA79-9A0C54…)

Pixy putting on a show for the spooky ghost orbs and mists under the bridge.

No. 381960

She looks good here, at least by Pixy standards - but this one >>381931 looks like something from a serial killer's camera.

No. 381968

"10 Eerie Last Moment Photos of Murder Victims"

No. 382023

this is a joke, right?

better? wow. that's just cruel, haha.

No. 382047

Ok, so I'm not the most dedicated Pixy fan, but has anyone ever discussed of Sarah being on the autism spectrum? I see a lot of signs, such as the escapism, unable to hold down a job or get into a career, no friends etc

No. 382059

File: 1494210989932.jpg (133.24 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_4540.JPG)

This had been discussed before. She doesn't have autism of any sorts. She's just lazy and delusional. She already has a degree and is able to get a job, the reason she isn't holding a job down etc. is due to her delusions of being a kawaii Japanese idol/gravure star. When someone is so fixated on such delusions, it'll destroy their chances of getting actual responsible shit done in their life.

No. 382062

Whatever happened to Bambi?

No. 382063

File: 1494211221766.jpg (51.54 KB, 658x422, IMG_4541.JPG)

Pic related

No. 382066


sarah looks cute here! genuine smile

No. 382070

fuck, she's always had the face and body of a soccer mom of 2 kids

No. 382111

Wheres this still from?

No. 382232

From Pixyteris photo album with her friend(?) Bambi. Does anyone know if they are still friends? Did I miss out on drama between the two?

No. 382442

At this point they seem mostly for herself and theoretically for her fans (us).

And PT could have been making bank for years if she knew how to sell herself right. A lot of chubby chasers were lusting after her for a while and she hated it. I guess she just never cared about getting money for her pictures.

No. 382445

>PT could have been making bank for years if she knew how to sell herself right.
exactly! it was equally mind blowing and then somewhat admirable in a way to me, the fact that she did it for herself. but she hated working her shitty part time jobs, and still does, when she could have been living it up like momokun with lewd cosplay sets that she was doing and exposing to the internet for free anyway. pt is an enigma~

No. 382528

Coming from Texas, can confirm we didn't get Medicaid expansion (and likely won't because of leadership living in the 1950's) and we have been monopolized by Blue Cross Blue Shield. It likely won't change anytime soon because our governor is a paraplegic retard focused on immigrant boogeymen. But eh. Texas. I have no doubt Sarah has insane bills, especially if she doesn't currently have a job. Even if she did have insurance, the premiums and deductibles are ridiculous (~$300/mo, $6k before it kicks in for the least expensive plan).

sage for texasfaggotry

No. 382574

This has been suggested to her. Pixy will pretty stomp on every good idea you throw at her. However, when trolls like PTNR suggest she stop shaving her bush, she's all over it. Go figure. Pixy is super paranoid and gets offended at the slightest suggestion that she should sell herself as anything but adorable and beautiful. She did once release a photobook which was hilarious. Anyways, PT might excel at the fetish market but there's no convincing her.

She does have insane bills. She's also a bit of a hypochondriac so she constantly went to the doctor feeling "ill" and dreading measurements. Our latest PT breakdown was when a female doctor told her that she was "just getting old." PT exaggerates illnesses, but definitely has disgusting sex that exposes her to real stuff. She's racked up a very large debt because of that. It's a lot of the reason why she's always in a downward spiral and so dependent on her parents.

Speaking more generally, we should probably have introduction links (maybe her ED page) in our next PT thread? Just in case newfags come around.

No. 383611

File: 1494648815112.gif (24.78 KB, 200x200, fun.gif)

how were these even obtained?

No. 383645

Holy fuck, thanks!

No. 383678

File: 1494660340309.jpg (34.92 KB, 238x218, 1470691736056.jpg)

oh my gosh looking at these again I just can't get over how nothing is done properly, like if you're ACTUALLY going to go hang around rundown parking lots etc. dancing to jpop just DOOOO ITTTTTTT DOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT. All the videos are like 30 seconds and 90s% of the footage is her chaecking with embarrassment to see if anyone's coming. It's obviously the entertainment part for us but how did she expect to get anywhere by NEVER actually recording anything properly ever FOR YEARS. Reminds me of keeks actually

No. 383685


I miss old PT. I wish she would still make her dancing videos and "Oops, I am so innocent ando also accidentally lewd" videos, I really liked those for some reason, they are so entrancing.
Like, she wasn't attractive by any means, but her confidence made her look sexy-ish to me. Weird.

Sage for rambling.

No. 383689

Am I the only one who really wants to be PT's friend? I don't even want to make fun of her to tease her or make myself feel better vicariously, I genuinely want to be her friend

No. 383704

i've said it before, we'd be able to weeb out together and maybe someone could motivate her…

she's too untrusting to be someone's friend though, and she did it to herself, it's sad.

No. 383778

From my understanding PT owns this site? Or is the Admin? People dissed the shit out of her and she made this site. Is that right? It takes some balls to do that. I don't know anything about PT except this thread and one on the /cream/ part but to be ridiculed as a lolcow and come to eventually RUN the lolcow site.. is pretty badass. I wish her all the best.

No. 383792

File: 1494695334605.jpg (3.22 KB, 115x125, 1476598872027s.jpg)

Yeah oh gee, PT has some enormous balls now be running this site.

No. 383802

Does she really own this site??

No. 383803

PT runs lolcow farm?

No. 383805

You are 100% special olympics retarded. Goddamn.

No. 383806

She doesn't own or run the site, you fucking idiots. Saged

No. 383809

Prove she doesn't. Kek

No. 383811


sage goes in the email field, you fucking idiot.

No. 383814

The board is called /pt/ for a reason.

No. 383818

yes, because pixyteri is to lolcow what chris is to kiwifarms. doesnt mean chris created or runs kiwifarm.

No. 383821

And I put sage in the email field , jackass

No. 383834


chris is to 4chan what PT is to lolcow

No. 383836

File: 1494700482422.jpg (57.07 KB, 460x347, ZomboMeme 13052017133328.jpg)

No. 383838

File: 1494701328628.gif (1.14 MB, 426x320, ...gif)

No. 383856


It's sad people forget Chris is 4chans baby

No. 383948

PT, like Chris, started out on 4chan. Like Chris, some of her issues stem from that. The rest is all their own doing.

I am feeling charitable and going to be nice to you, seeing as you seem like a newbie and not all on the uptake, but this board /pt/ was originally devoted to achieving and discussing all things PT related.

We are refugees from another board called Stamina Rose. SR was a place we congregated after 4chan banned singling out people for discussion.

SR went down when the admin panicked and pulled the plug after some autists went full retard, inferring from a troll's statement of PT's unusual sex games with some random possible blackmailer/Dom meant she had been forced to create underage porn with some child she babysits. (She didn't).

And now here we are, the milk has gone dry and as usual we turn on each other until it flows again.

No. 383970

File: 1494722521022.jpg (8.04 KB, 225x225, 2017-05-13-18-40-26--329091441…)

Am I the only one that almost entirely blames that cunt PTNR for PT going into hiding? Again, I don't blame PT for being untrusting of others and fearful of making friends. I blame that clap infested whore PTNR, primarily. I do believe the milk would still be flowing if that cow-tipping bitch hadn't pulled the shit she did for "lulz". In addition to that, it was just plain cruel. I mean, have some human decency (and this coming from myself, a person who enjoys the folly of cows as much as anyone).

No. 383988

our skeleton queen also started from 4chan. what is it with 4chan that attracts/produces such weirdos? ive never been much on there.

No. 384004

Back then 4chan had such notoriety surrounding it and was so simple/quick to use. Perfect for someone who wants attention from a crowd they can't find in their immediate surroundings, right? But I don't think the place has the capacity to borne cows of their caliber again, it's just too fast moving and swamped. Correct me if you think I'm wrong, I haven't been there in months (and it's fun to think about when I'm stoned).

No. 384037

Pls enlighten me on what has happened between those two? I'm sure the new folks who are interested in PT would like to know as well.

No. 384041

Webm Sama, newfag

No. 384062

PTNR basically catfished/trolled PT during some of her quiet times. Iirc, the first time PTNR went as an Asian man interested in PT. This was when the growing out her pubes thing happened, along with dying her hair with coffee. They also got nudes (supposedly unprovoked). The most recent time, PTNR posed as someone in the medical field. This is who PT asked about futanari being real, and gave her newest nudes showing her deflated breasts.

PTNR used to post on SR (or was it MaxFag) and then went to KF when the board went down.

No. 384067

Shit the fuck.
I agree with you, base off this, I think they spoiled the milk for us all.

No. 384090


isn't mystery an example of a cow recently born from 4chan?

No. 384094

Thanks for clarifying anon. I shall pass word of this terrible unfortunate event, to all of those who wishes to know more of the struggles and trials that our beloved queen pixy had to endure.

No. 384124

File: 1494773495328.jpg (15.65 KB, 515x270, Cvo5Ts5W8AA7rs4.jpg)

Holy shit bitch you dumb

No. 384128

Looks like summers here.

No. 384133

mad tinfoil mate, what are you on?>>384124
fora temer

No. 384242

I totally agree with you anon. PTNR was a cunt with way too much time on her hands. But some people just can't resist ruining good things for the rest of us.

No. 384247

She is, but she started with her tripfagging a long time ago. She came up when I was trying to think of examples lol, but at least personally I don't think she's quite the legacy lolcow like PT or Chris-chan is. Regardless, her lolcowery started essentially as soon as she put on the trip however long ago. Damn tripfags.

No. 384310


te amo, anãos <3

I kinda agree with you on that.

No. 384405

who is ptnr? sorry im a retard

No. 384409


In their defense, PTNR did stromgly encourage PT to go see a doctor about her obvious issues with her lady parts (e.g. them being swollen and inflamed). Still, PTNR did this by posing as a doctor of some sort, so I guess it is 6 of one and half dozen of the other.

For some reason, PT seemed pretty terrified of seeing a gyno. Who knows why. Not sure if the gyno was the doctor who told her some of her physical problems were just because she was getting older.

No. 384416

File: 1494856808279.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.23 KB, 481x659, lGYe0OK.jpg)

Have you guys ever seen the French fashion girl Jeanne Damas? She reminds me so much of what PT would look like had she been born pretty. She has similar features but prettier

No. 384446

File: 1494864212526.jpg (9.48 KB, 270x187, images-6.jpg)

Oh come off it. PTNR never actually gave two solid fucks about PT. She gave her "doctor advice" to get in deep and dig dirt on PT. Fuck PTNR for being such a cruel, attention seeking cunt. The resulting "lulz" and information she gathered about PT was not worth the method of obtaining them. Reminds me of all the vicious mean girls back in high school. They'd pick on the retards for laughs. And yes, I do realize that I am perusing the mishaps of retards on lolcow. But the laughs i get on this site are the result of what the cows have done themselves, not because some internet bully obtained dirt through subterfuge.

I still blame PTNR for sending the Queen into hiding. That experience that she put PT through would seriously fuck up anyone. Evil bitch.

No. 384456

Sorry for the samefaggery but I will admit that I have sent what I would deem unflattering nudes to ex-boyfriends. There is a high level of vulnerability in that. Thank God that they had the decency to never post them to the interwebs for hurr durr laffs. That would be traumatizing as fuck. My trust in people would be so very broken.

I am confident many of you have done the same.

I don't think I would ever be the same again. Now imagine if it was actually a stranger that did that to you, a stranger who wasn't actually the person you trusted that you were interacting with the whole time. Holy fuck that would be scarring.

No. 384463

Can you not read?

No. 384464

I'm totally with you on this one, anon. I feel sad for PT.

No. 384489

>I am confident many of you have done the same.
I have never done any of that. Sorry that youre so stupid to do something like that. If such pictures are posted online, I just think it's laughable.

And traumatizing? Highly embarrassing, yes. Traumatizing? No. Especially not for Pixy, with all the other pictures and videos that she put out there by herself.

No. 384504

Well I am so very glad that perfect people like you exist in the world. Where would we be without people with impeccable judgment, pure as the driven snow? I'm so sorry for my mistakes and lapse of good judgment. Which nunnery can I contact so that I may seek your invaluable counsel?

Actually, fuck that. You sound like a cunty bitch.

No. 384527

PT went into hiding for two major events:
K calling suicide hotline about Pixy's normal "I'm going to kill myself" tweets.

Now a long debated issue of how much trolling is too much trolling won't be answered today. PTNR was never discovered, so I'm sure Pixy never went into hiding because of her.

No. 384536


How the hell would anyone know that PT didn't find out about PTNR? Hell, she's been mentioned countless times in previous PT threads on this site alone. Do you honestly believe PT doesn't know how to use the interwebs?

I agree about Britfag though, yes, that too was a major contributing factor. In a lesser extent, in my opinion, also the suicide threat.

No. 384538


It's PT with fuller lips. That's it.

No. 385436


Not the anon you're responding to, but sending nudes nowadays knowing how it can and has destroyed many women's lives is just stupid.

No. 385453


Yes, I have been guilty of being young and dumb, no doubt. The point is, I was very lucky the recipients were not cruel enough to plaster them all over the Internet.

I feel bad for PT because she was exploited by a vicious troll who wasn't so kind.

No. 385460

the reason that people are pretty sure pt never found out who it was is because its pretty clear that PTNR is not the only person she was sending nudes to. who knows how many people she actually talks to privately, if it is more than a few, and she sent all the same pics to each, then she wouldn't be able to tell who was who (lets face it sarah isnt that bright.)

No. 385518

has she ever acknowledged that her nudes were floating around? I have a few gaps in my PT memory, so I'm not remember

No. 385519

can't remember

No. 385798

File: 1495179512696.gif (1.16 MB, 275x275, whatev.gif)

lol it's like you know nothing about pt. pt had nudes all over the internet far before ptnr entered the scene. she didn't fucking care about the nudes, she wasn't ashamed, they weren't mistakes of her youth or any other bullshit you people are trying to push. she was only ever terrified of her mother catching her being a slut again and getting in trouble after she was busted the first time.

you're an idiot and you need to chill.

No. 385803

were can i see those nudes?

No. 385829

Yes, she was talking/whining to someone on one of her social media accounts about how her life sucks. When asspatted she said there were nudes out and people judged her for it. Also she mentioned it to one guy she was in contact via the internet that men found her nudes and lost interest or something (could have possibly been PTNR this was said to.)

All this is lost im the mists of 4tome and forum purges.

No. 385838

Fuck off. There are all over, find them yourself instead of asking to be spoonfed.

No. 385976

Encyclopedia dramatica has some

No. 386049


There's a difference though, between showing pics of your vag to a supposed "doctor" the nudes she chose to put on the web.

Also, PTNR had PT do humiliating things for her, like growing her bush out, shaving it into a Hitler stash, hurr durr, and then laughing about it when she complied with her requests like a trained monkey. Yes, everyone can say she humilates herself on a regular basis, but there is a a world of difference between doing it on her own terms and being exploited for laughs.

No. 386056

Dude, shut up already. PTNR also tried to give her really good advise and she rejected it. Any time PTNR gave her garbage lolz PT would do it. PT is/was a really vapid, vile human being. The love I have for her know is that I've finally sunk into her delusion with the rest of long time PT disciples. And a lot of the nudes we got weren't from PTNR, but her ex, some internet guy, an ex-internet guy? etc. She'll send nudes to you, with little to no request. She's also got a fetish for being treated like shit. Do you even know about my Queen? PTNR isn't a great human being, but she certainly isn't the worst troll of the ones who've followed her throughout the years.

No. 386065


Yes, PT is the Queen, I agree, and I do know much about her. I just happen to disagree with you, oh grand high priestess of all that is PT.

Please, send her a request for a nude. Post it to this thread. I will wait.

No. 386094

This. PTNR did some cow tipping, but nothing to really cause this dry spell. I'm pretty sure the biggest source of our dry spell is from the Brit fag. I can confirm that PT will just randomly send you nudes if you're pleasant enough to her without triggering her. PT has mental issues, but she's not slow.

No. 386100

This may be a dumb question, but who was this Miyu people keep mentioning? I've only ever seen her referenced in relation to PT, but people always mention "Miyu" as though she's famous enough for everyone to know who she is.

No. 386168

File: 1495260383813.jpg (56.48 KB, 500x283, 1355017665134.jpg)

Drug-addicted ana stripper turned self-posting tripfag cgl cosplayer turned attention whore /fit/ denizen who tried to makeover PT as one of her messiah complex projects. Miyu wanted to tote PT's ~inner beauty~, meanwhile she was getting collagen injections and implants.

She's not known or referenced outside cgl, and was only ever known for one cosplay.
Pic related.
Seagulls say JNig replaced her.
They say she married some guy from /soc/ and now she's living a normal life. Which translates to she wised up and kept her crazy and preachiness off the internet.

I don't recall what the exact reason was for PT and Miyu's falling out. I only know that Miyu sought out PT to do that photoshoot. I found a post where some anon claimed PT invited Miyu out to a festival and Miyu bailed for being sick and PT got angry and called her a bitch. Then Miyu distanced herself.

Miyu never intended to be PT's friend, she wanted to be famous for fixing Pixy and when it became obvious it wasn't going to happen easily (if at all), she bailed. PT wasn't wrong to distrust her intentions.
I remember Miyu dishing out unwanted advices on cgl before people finally told her to fuck off and stop acting like an expert.

No. 386603

oh man those were wild times

No. 386886

that does look surprisingly similar to PT although we have to remember PT naturally has blue eyes and her chin is pointed, not squared.

No. 386890

I truly enjoy this dragqueen rendition of velvet

No. 386898

I heard that Miyu got wise to Pixy using her. Apparently PT got circle lenses and a lot of other free stuff from the Miyu friendship and Miyu got sick of it? Not sure on the details.

No. 386909

She hasn't changed, she just stays anonymous now. She recently posted on the Luna Lanie thread with her sage advice as someone "who has been there"

No. 386917

please take biotin for that thinning hair pixy! weight loss, plus the other medical issue you obviously have will have you bald by 40.

No. 388176


She looks so much better on the left! So sad.

No. 388340

Honestly, Miyu is best-case scenario for any lolcow. She cleaned up her shit and has a normal life now.

No. 388343

I'm a dinosaur who witness PT pre-golden age and once knew her from the texas comm. The damage had been done LONG before PTNR. She has been consistantly ripped apart since around 2007. Before lolcow there were plenty of people like PTNR spilling dirt, people becoming her friend for a couple years only to dump every little thing they had (even no0ds for a few of those romantically involved that made their way to us). People would call her parents, send her work her noods, send parents her noods, send death threats and accusations to her family, call the cops on her and have them sent to her home, mass pizza deliveries, cruel pranks etc…PT was always pretty deluded, but the 10 years of constant harassment and bullying was partly what further entrenched her into her own fantasies and delusions. I think if she had gone quiet online and gotten into therapy earlier, she's have had a chance. But her disposition combined with the online shit, man this bitch had NO chance.

No. 388344

She didn't actually use 4-chan for attention until she started getting posted in drama threads there. Before that, she actually posted everything to her LJ publically, on LJ lolita groups and other more mainstream cosplay forums. 4-chan was much later in the years of PT dramu.

No. 388346

File: 1495697806064.gif (51.35 KB, 199x300, 1434280197949.gif)

as one dinosaur to another, thank you for shedding some light for these pt newfriends.

No. 388388

Hi, I am assuming by Texas Common you mean from when PT was an active lolita? Do you have any stories you would be kind enough to share with us?

No. 392111

That actually makes me really really sad for PT.
Did PT ever hurt anyone during these times, or did her cosplay ignorance garner all of this negative attention? Maybe becoming the reason why she got that much more attached, to prove bullies wrong?

That's so terrible about the constant fake friends and then the sexual humiliation being spread to her family and work. Even a normal person after all of that would require serious therapy and support…

No. 392434

I could be wrong, but wasn't she known for being a weirdo and ostracised even in high school? It'd be more than 10 years of this, it's probably closer to 15+. She lives in a relatively small town where people like her would stand out in a bad way so she would have retreated to the internet to escape, which is where the internet shit comes in.

No. 393442

From old high school stories on /cgl/, I don't believe she had it too bad in high school. Think kids called her Sarah Dildo? But she wasn't really picked on, was known as a weeb and a bit strange, but it was never too bad until she made waves on the internet. She had a few weeb friends and seemed to have enjoyed high school.

No. 393444

Before lolita pt cosplayed a lot and was in in comms for that. I remember one of the first bouts of her drama was her believing she was Orihime from Bleach and always cosplaying as her. Then for some reason she started saying she was actually Rukia and started identifying as Rukia and her character traits.

No. 393453


Back in her LiveJournal days in about 2001 - 2002 she was into soulbonding stuff, but it was for Teriyaki Yoko from UmJammer Lammy at that point. She moved onto the Bleach girls quite a bit later.

No. 393811

File: 1496776252610.jpg (373.61 KB, 1066x1600, IMG_3903.JPG)

No. 394163

No. 395846

She should donate her excess chin to Michelle Phan. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

No. 395865

I love that you really didn't change her face shape! This is one of my favorite edits easily. The warm tone in her hair makes her look younger and contrasts her light eyes beautifully. Defining her brows slightly, getting a good mascara, and a simple BB cream would look so good on her. I don't know how she be such a weeb but not want to mess with any of their skincare/makeup brands, especially when the packaging is the cutest ever? Minimal makeup is still innocent if she's still on that purity tip.

I miss the Queen …

No. 399687

sage for pointless commentary but can I just say I love how the edgelord community of lolcow is so protective and loving of PT? It's like watching the ruthless villain of some show have an unexpected soft side.

No. 400915

I miss 2011

No. 400978

Me too, anon. Me too.

No. 400998

I've thought this same thing, anon

No. 401030

1. We're oldfags
2. She's provided us with endless lulz. Her new photoshoots were like x-mas when we gathered on /cgl/ to rip on them.
3. Her tinychat was beyond fun.
4. When a cow hits rock bottom you suddenly feel the urge to nurse it back to health.
5. Trolls fucked with her to no end, including tallying up her med bills when "K" called the police on her fake suicide threats. Troll remorse? The closest you'd ever get.

I could write a novel on the strange fascination we've had with PT over the years.

No. 401104

File: 1498209010975.jpg (369.22 KB, 500x900, 1431996810446.jpg)

No. 401115

OMG anon I'm dying hahahah! Love this!

No. 401119

>>Since there hasn't been much news on Our Queen lately, I was thinking back to when she applied for JET to teach in Japan. '

A lot of anons stated she was rejected because she acted like an autistic weeb, but is PT even certified in TESOL? Usually it's necessary to complete at least a 100 hour course + pass a final exam to even be considered for programs like JET.

Could it be the reason PT wasn't accepted as a teacher wasn't because of her weird behavior, but because she didn't meet the requirements on an educational level?

No. 401145


For JET you need either a Bachelor’s degree or a 3-year teaching certificate. PT was eligible because she had a degree.
I'm fairly sure it was her interview that got her rejected, I was online friends with her at the time and I strongly advised her not to go full weeb with it (have had multiple friends be accepted for JET and all of them said that the obvious weebs get rejected), but she was completely shocked and offended by that advice and said that of COURSE she'd tell them all about how much she loved anime/cosplay/kimono etc because the interviewer would be "impressed by how much she knows about Japanese culture" and told me I didn't know what I was talking about.

No. 401160

I remember her also fighting with people on some JET forums because they told her if she weebs out, she is gonna get declined.

No. 401203

considering it is an incredibly competitive program, her attitude is more than likely the reason she wasn't accepted. She did have like a 4.0 GPA in college so it probably was not her education.

No. 401300

PT had a 4.0? that makes me so happy

No. 401700


in case anyone wanted classic PT videos

No. 402551

PT was a very good student as far as I'm aware, it's one of those random little quirks of hers that impresses me.

Thank you for this.

No. 402912

File: 1498593503795.gif (149.41 KB, 275x275, pixybutt.gif)

I remember the JET forum telling her she probably wouldn't be accepted on the first try, so I am sure she got rejected the first try and just gave up.

I really really wish I could find that thread again. If another farmer capped it or can find it, that would be a fantastic blast to the past.

No. 402972

I hope that during this absence PT is taking that she's pulling her life together. She already lost an impressive amount of weight, so it'd be awesome to discover she started self-improvement in other ways (ie. going back to college, legally changing her name, or moving out from her parents).

Do any anons know what she is up to these days?

On one hand, I'd love to know if PT began pulling her life together. On the other (like if she changed her name), I worry that some anons would dox her online. No matter, she will always be the one and only Queen!

No. 403003

File: 1498601664285.png (1.35 MB, 596x1018, 343qtqqvqq.png)

Still taking saucy cosplay pics in random places.

I wish she wouldn't keep deleting her FB, I'd love to hear what she's doing other than the photoshoots. I really do want her to be happy and live a nice life. She's given us so much with all her glory.

No. 403005

wow she is looking… not bad at all! i wihs she would wear makeup again but her skin isnt so bad and her hair and body is looking nice! im surprised she doesn't have any stretchmarks on her legs or anything

No. 403008

File: 1498602734056.png (2.7 MB, 1189x1012, 65beb5e5.png)

Yeah, there is still potential in her. She doesn't seem to have any stretchmarks on her stomach either, really lucky considering how much she ballooned up.

And have a bonus pic because I think it's cute.

No. 403010

what's her facebook?

No. 403011

How did she lose all this weight? Does she have an ED or did she do it correctly?
Sage cause I'm new to the Queen, I'm sure this is a pointless question just curious.

No. 403012

I have always had this doubt… how come a A+ brilliant student always behaves like this in her spare time? Lol

She's like a mystery to me haha

No. 403017

No, she actually did it the right way. Calorie counting (I think she mentioned 1300-1400 daily), healthyish foods, and dancing for exercise. If you look at the kiwi thread they claim she must have an ED, but the the amount of weight she lost and the time it took was fine. I think she was probably losing 5-10lbs a month? PT is short so the amount of weight she needed to lose wasn't as much as it probably looked.

No. 403023

Good for her, honestly. I know plenty of normal, well-adjusted people who won't get off their asses and do such a thing. She looks pretty great imo, considering the amount she lost.

No. 403060

Pt is looking fantastic! Thanks for sharing anon. I especially like that she's allowing herself to tan and have a natural hair color. Also, doesn't appear to be dressing like a shota/loli anymore. 10/10 A+

I really hope that PT finds happiness in life too anon! Most cows are annoying and rage-inducing, but for some reason, PT is incredibly likable.

>>She's like a mystery to me haha

No. 403077

How old is she now? I really hope that she's trying to change by this point (even if I think it's kind of doubtful even with the weight loss)

No. 403854

Omg, she's slaying me left and right

No. 403873

Her face looks so haggard though!

No. 407309

File: 1499314694236.jpg (122.76 KB, 500x684, 1329475768168.jpg)

I do wonder if Sarah suffers from some sort of prolonged identity crisis.
First she thinks she's haifu.
Now she thinks she's becoming a man?

Also those times she thought she was Orihime or Rukia.

I'm sure she stopped cosplaying as Orihime though because of the red hair.
IIRC, that guy she was fucking (Chris?), was in love with some redhead stripper and that pissed Sarah off.
That's why she'd never go back to red hair.

No. 408962

The one on the right is almost a good angle. Her face looks good tan because you notice lines less. Her legs also look good tan. If she fixed up her eyebrows she'd be kinda cute.

No. 408963

Sage you dimwit

No. 415696

File: 1500936378331.png (709.12 KB, 707x1000, 1500097255660.png)

Part of me wants PT to discover Made in Abyss. It seems like it would be the perfect fuel to her escapist fire. It's even got a shota.

No. 418506

File: 1501692232440.jpg (176.53 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600.jpg)

Our queen is selling her mangled kingdom hearts cosplay. The description lists the reasoning as: "I'm only selling this because I don't have a job and I need money to pay off my bills."

The cuffs on the pants are mangled, and the zipper is broken/missing from the black jacket. She still wants $65 for it.


No. 418537

You know she could get that or more if she openly sold it as belonging to her. Like how CWC's stuff goes for way more.

No. 418557


I wish she would wear something fitted. She -has- lost tons of weight and I think she would look so nice in something tailored.

No. 422920

She must have lost her job at the sporting good store. That's a real shame. Our Queen isn't doing so well. I wish she would give us updates on Facebook.
Does anyone check her Skype?

No. 428666

So a Cat 4 Hurricane is hitting Victoria and Corpus Christi as we speak, any word from the queen rn??? I'm really worried, I hope she got the hell out of dodge

Sage for no content

No. 429095

No. 429526

File: 1503888179808.jpg (38.92 KB, 536x445, kris.JPG)

Kris, PT's brother made an update! Praise the Lord our Queen still lives!

No. 429529

He posted yesterday that his family in Victoria have no power but are safe. I guess they rode it out. Scary.

No. 430901

she looks like a slovenly, matronly middle aged woman.

cant we just leave her alone

No. 430903


She's delusional, histrionic and chronically dependent probably.

If she has not made much progress over the years then her future's pretty bleak.

No. 430905

I actually feel for the queen. And I do think that if she buckles down things may get better. And Im glad she is safe.

I think I relate to her because Im around her age, and it wasnt until I turned 31 did things get better. I got a professional job, and am renting my own place etc after working retail for many a year.

No. 431023

File: 1504192150322.png (913.57 KB, 533x975, keepshining.png)


You shut the fuck up and leave the queen alone!

Though in all seriousness she's been doing really well lately. She's a healthy weight and she doesn't overshare on social media anymore. I know she's still pretty immature and naive on how the real world works but considering how she used to be I think she's made some great strides. Everyone here is rooting for her.

No. 490251

the really sad part is when you see the bullies. the people who take it too far. they are exactly like pixy. its like the are jealous of the cows for doing what they are afraid to do. seeing one of cwc farmers really cemented it. autism.
there was a pixy update at kiwi.(necro)

No. 490262

then post the update here, you autist.

No. 490300

Yeah, A-logs. Certain cows seem to attract a lot of A-Logs, Dakota at one point attracted every single weeb with BPD and too much time on their hands. Chris Chan attracted all the legit super autistic people with a grudge, who were sure they were superior to Chris in every single way due to the most ridiculous things. Anisa's thread is another prime example of people who need to get help with their fruit fetish, everything she does is reacted to as if she was about to run a train on Ian's friend in a porn parody ironically. In the same way Yumi King and Venus seem to attract people who have an obsession with Asians marrying outside of their race and a massive grudge against Alibaba.

>But are you Daphne? the earth is not flat, sweaty <3

No. 518005

File: 1526213118778.png (631.9 KB, 800x1263, pixyupdate.png)

Digging this thread up just to let everyone know that Pixy is still alive and is selling off the last parts of her cosplays on eBay.

She hasn't updated anything new to her photobucket account, as far as I can tell. Her FB is still deactivated and I can't find any activity on her accounts.

I hope she's okay.

No. 518335

On one hand I'm glad she's doing well and seems to be finally becoming an adult but on the other it's like the end of the golden age of cosplayer drama. I mean we've got Momokun (a worthy successor) but there was no one like PT back in the day and I'm going to miss it since it doesn't seem like she'll slip back into her old ways.

No. 518579

I have her on a skype account that I think she made quite a while back, abandoned, and then sometimes goes back to. I have seen her pop up on occasion (including very recently, I want to say a few days ago) but I've been too chicken to try to say anything, we last chatted years ago (nothing terribly interesting). I'm assuming she's talking to someone, so this is just to let everyone know she is still around to a degree, just not in a public way.

No. 518632

Is her profile photo or status still weeby or is she normal now?

I wonder if she got mental help, hope she’s doing better!

No. 518649

I don't really read her threads, but she just seems like a basic bitchy slag.

People find PT interesting because she would say and do weird shit even though she wasn't mentally retarded or crazy (at the time, though most people thought she might have bpd)

Momo ain't close to shining

No. 518756

Agreed. I follow Momo-kun when I'm extra bored, but she's a low rent cosplay thot that just happens to be as unfortunately shaped and old looking as Pixy. The pooping poses and disgusting sexualized content of cosplay can vaguely resemble each other. However, PT was a freaking mind trip and she was incredibly strange. Momo would never live up to the legend of Pixy.

No. 518771

Also PT had an odd innocence to the weird things she did (for lack of a better word) that was sort of charming. Momo is just gross, and getting grosser as her subs drop.

No. 518775

i mean PT just seriously wanted to be a kawaii uguu gravure idol. she would have done it for free if she got famous from it (and kept the part time target job)

No. 518790

Momo's a pathological liar who's made up a heritage, a college career, multiple exes that didn't exist, etc. She's not as glorious as PT but she's the best we've got when it comes to cosplay cows.

No. 518802

Pixy also looooved animu. She identified with it to an unhealthy degree. Momo just does it so she can get high like some basic bitch.

No. 518808

I don't know about that. Just a trip to the uggo cosplayers thread will show some possible contenders. PT had an innocence to her that Moo will never have and will never be queen because she's a lazy nasty ass who only wants attention, bucks and Nigri's skin to wear. PT wanted the big dream.

No. 518847

Yeah, her desire to be kawaii was the source of her purity. She wasn't trying to rope in neckbeards. She just wanted to be cute and animu.

Well anyway, I hope she is doing OK nowadays, she has been pretty lowkey for quite awhile.

No. 518861

No one will ever surpass PT. remember her live streams where she was sobbing while her mom screamed at her to bathe herself and saying she stank and needed to shower at least once a week? Momo is a mess but she’ll never be as delusional as PT.

No. 518957

Too bad nobody filmed her eating the entire cookie cake in one go

No. 518985

Are we talking about the same Moo that wears the same outfit for literally a month? That stanky ass Moo or a different delusional one?

I think Moo is PT level when it comes to being gross but PT will always be better because she changed for the better while Moo will always look, act and smell like garbage.

No. 518990

you miss the point, it doesn't have to do with pt being gross, it's that she had it on a livestream with her bawling and eating chocolate.

No. 519073


Momokun will never, ever be our Queen no matter how many threads she has or how much milk she produces. This board is called /pt/ not /mk/.

Momokun is eclipsed by Pixy's shine.

No. 519074

Truly the end of an era. With all her cosplay/lolita/weeby things sold of, that'll mean Pixysama is officially normie-tier again. Well, she'll always be a weeb a little, but accepting that she no longer likes to cosplay and no longer wants to do photoshoots in those outfits anymore is still a pretty big step.
It's a little bittersweet to see her moving on like this. Kind of like seeing your child grow up and move out, venturing out into the world all by themselves. Hope she continues taking care of herself and that things are going very well for her

No. 519077

I joined in once and pt said I was a qt

No. 519120

File: 1526461081947.jpg (627.67 KB, 2022x1434, 1359586261364.jpg)

thanks spoony

I feel like Pixyteri is one of those cows that could have only existed in the mid 2000s, very similar to Chris-chan. If she was found today, she wouldn't be considered very remarkable, just like Chris chan wouldn't be. Sure, they are both mentally ill chubby weirdos with weird nudes on the internet, a troubled home life, and severe delusions about themselves. But I can count on both hands the number of people like that I'm friends with on Facebook alone.

Even so, there was something about her that captivated us. Maybe it was her stubborn steadfastness that she was really Japanese and destined for stardom; maybe it was her delusions about her body and cosplaying abilities, maybe it was the sad reality that she ate an entire cookie cake for her 26th birthday and had no real friends to share it with. Maybe it's because, in retrospect, Pixyteri was a relatively harmless person who was relentlessly bullied over the internet for years for entertainment.
There was something special about Pixy that kept us coming back.

No one will ever surpass PT just like no one will ever surpass Chris chan; it's just impossible to achieve that level of notoriety, that level of constant trolling, or that level of delusion anymore. Pixyteri existed in a time where the internet was a much stranger, much darker, and in some ways more naive place. In retrospect, Pixyteri was a relatively innocent person whose mental health issues rarely affected anyone outside of her own sphere (until the very end, with her weird playground pictures.) Now, all of our cows are pedophiles, scammers, drugs addicts or animal abusers.

It's because of this that, as well as the fact Pixyteri is an infinitely more sympathetic character, Momokun will never be PT. There will never be another PT again.

So, I guess we should have listened to Pixy all those years ago; she was really just beginning to shine.

No. 519122

I think Moo has PT-grade delusions of grandeur and success, but unlike our queen Moo is a malicious thot, she's a cow in her own right but not a true successor.

No. 519126

Abby is probably the closest? But she gets hounded by the facebook groups.

No. 519134


All of this just makes me wish someone had saved the videos or made them into a documentary. I remember when I could check her photobucket weekly for new dance videos…

Maybe that’s best though, so Sara can move past this all. Her livestreams were great, glad I got in on that at least.

No. 519154

Check some of the older threads, there was a farmer who was saving all of her videos to One Drive.

No. 519326

Agree, I'd add that nowadays anyone and everyone tries to be the next weird thing, go on Dr Phil show or that barcroft tv Youtube channel.

Japanese fashion and cosplay grew much more mainstream nowadays so nobody would bat an eyelash at a lone girl trying to do gravure and cosplay.

Pixy had such a unique personality, she didn't insult or bully anyone, just wanted to do her own thang, so people were ultimately drawn to her and wanted to take her under their wing, only to be mistreated and rejected by the queen.
So there was a sort of sweet and sour feel to her, she wasn't pretending to be nice like Momokun but she wasn't a good friend for sure.

No. 534027

File: 1529668817001.jpg (59.53 KB, 480x360, DSCN1832_zpsvedv5iwu.jpg)

Our queen is alive!
She's still skinny.
And no pooping pose in her most recent photobucket uploads.

No. 534074

Still doing the creepy little boy thing. Oh glorious PT. I wish anon would have posted about PT's mom in this thread instead of creating one.

No. 534079

I wonder if we could get Pixyteri to do a Patreon? Anons have fucked up her life for years (or at least laughed at her as she fucked up her own life) we should at least be able to pay her back. I've been following her for a decade now and I miss her. I wonder if she'd even have a fan base still?

No. 534081

File: 1529680453535.jpg (19.2 KB, 337x450, 1350200662906.jpg)

Probably an unpopular opinion but I really want her to wear some classic lolita again, it was one of her best looks even when she was fat.
I know she thinks she isn't capable of being feminine after years of being harassed, but the little boy thing truly doesn't suit her.

No. 534082

Be still, my heart.

tbh, she looks good at this weight and i do agree with anon >>534081 that she can pull off classic lolita and look nice. Sadly, she's still doing the weird boy cosplay bs.

No. 534083

Ah the infamous photo people use to prove that PT can be pretty. She hates this look and it was done by a former friend.

Pixy, last time we discussed her seemed to be going through some genuine dysmorphia. PTNR (a troll) said pixy thought sex hurt and preferred anal and that her clit was growing into a penis. We all knew she'd lose it when she turned 30 and sure enough she went into her shouta phase. The phase just allowed her to be greasier than ever. I'm sure she's just suffering extreme self-confidence issues, but trying to style PT into being beautiful was a dream for most anons in the day. When someone actually attempted it, PT would use them for free stuff, hate the style and continue on her greasy weeb ways. I wonder if she's sworn off Japan?

No. 534088

File: 1529682049700.jpg (118.2 KB, 768x1024, miyu.jpg)

>she hates this look and it was done by a former friend
I thought that was the Miyu photoset saga? Pic related. The lolita was done by a friend too? Weird how she would hate the look considering she voluntarily wore sweet lolita years after that photo, albeit poorly.

No. 534090

wow. I never thought there would be a day when the sight of pt was actually refreshing compared to shit like moo

No. 534091

Not all lolita. The white dress was a friend's dress and the entire look was created by a friend. So that particular picture, look and photo was done by a friend. Whenever Pixy was told how beautiful she looked in it she would get mad, say she hates red hair and that the look wasn't "her." The rest of the sweet lolita was all her.

And Miyu tried the same with the photo you referenced. She said that Pixy used her for circle lenses and free stuff then went on to say she hated the looks Miyu created for her. Pixy hates anything that looks good on her.

No. 534155

Mental illness is a hell of a thing…

No. 534216

I hope she’s played mother 3 and not just smash. Other than the wig it’s not bad.

No. 534219

Actually now that I’m looking at it it might not be Lucas at all.

No. 534245

File: 1529704756053.jpg (19.82 KB, 275x158, 1426056617127.jpg)

I gasped when I saw that this thread was updated.
What's the link for her Photobucket again?

No. 534267

>Red hair
Doesn't she hate red hair because her boyfriend left her for a redhead? I mean maybe she hated the outfit too but I thought the red hair stuff was because of her ex.

No. 534318


She's cosplayed Ness and Paula in the past and seems to genuinely be a Mother fan so it probably is Lucas.

Bless our queen

No. 534324

People were trying to turn her into a female CWC, I think.
Convincing her she’s really a little boy on the inside.

She was a shit person for a while but some people take this stuff way too far.

No. 534325

Actually a fan of the things she is cosplaying… imagine that. We didn’t deserve pt.

No. 534361

No… literally no one did that

No. 534364

People putting thoughts in her head about being masculine and having a dick.
Lol, okay, anon. People getting close to her just to manipulate her and confuse her is the same thing.

No. 534381

We don’t derserve her.
She’s the only shining light of cosplay we have left after moomoo took the front page.

No. 534588

Pixy started the fakeboi stuff after losing a lot of weight and gaining a more masculine body shape. This combined with the fact she hit 30 and her body is becoming less feminine due to hormones, she couldn't handle her self image and did it by herself. If I had to armchair speculate, I'd guess being called a whore regularly by her mother made her resent being a woman also. ALSO her Japanese delusion was shattered by a DNA test, something we weren't involved at all, so she had to find a new weird thing. ALSO her working a traditionally outdoorsy job may have contributed to it.

People telling her she has a jay Leno chin didn't turn her into an anime gayboy.

No. 534589

File: 1529755440802.png (133.93 KB, 505x593, PixyDick.png)

From what I recall, I'm with the other farmer that no one did that. PT slept around and did some questionable sexual things and as a result had issues with her body. I remember her talking about how she had issues with her vagina and it didn't feel right and how if she put something into it, it felt like it was being pushed back out so in her mental condition she assumed something was growing in it and immediately thought she was growing a penis.

To anyone else you'd think you just had a condition you needed to go to the doctor for but someone with PT's mind that's not the case.

No one tried to convince her of this that I remember, especially not gulls or farmers. In fact people were doing the opposite.

Cap courtesy of KF.

No. 534590

Moomoo makes me miss Pixy so fucking much. It's sad to think if Pixy had come around now instead of the mid 2000s, she'd have made a career out of her deviant cosplay.

She'd be less of a cunt than momo too

No. 534592

She could always pull a CWC and capitalize on her notoriety at conventions like he has recently. He got invited as a guest, had his own panel, and met a ton of genuinely nice people that wanted to meet him.

I'd love to see the same happen to PT if she does the same thing. She's one of the few originals left from back in the day and she could easily be a cosplay guest just off the nostalgia alone.

No. 534594

Part of me wants to believe she's gotten better and that's why we don't hear much from her. Maybe she has a normal life now and got away from lolcowdom? Maybe cosplay is a reasonable hobby now and she's not spending all her money on it / wearing it everywhere.

I mean it can't be true considering the last thing we heard about was the penis thing, and she'd started dating that asshole again. Kris? It bugs me soo much not knowing what Pixy is up to lol.

She stopped going to conventions when she lost all her friends, I wonder if she'd even go alone if she was invited.

No. 534603

I doubt she'll ever become "normal".
Not if she continues living with her batshit crazy mother.
And after seeing that last thread I'm starting to believe the crazy stuff PT's mom did to her.

No. 534616

>And after seeing that last thread I'm starting to believe the crazy stuff PT's mom did to her.
Her mother cheating on her father with a random guy really put things into perspective. I honestly thought Pixy was just being crazy

No. 534618


I don't know, anons. I was around for ALL the PT stuff, and I specifically remember certain people messaging her consistently under the guize of "friendship" to troll her. Not to mention that Britbong moron. I don't feel like going back through threads at the moment, maybe I will later, but I remember a few people really trying to convince her of any crazy thought that entered her mind.

No. 534619

Same. I know Pixy was hyperbolic about a lot of things but her mother seemed crazy from day one. I know that there was speculation that she's bipolar.

No. 534855

It wasn't a random guy. It was her cousin's husband.

No. 534864

Me too, but the penis thing came after she left the internet. Her final shut down was when her fucking former friend "K" (another fat ita) called 911 after Pixy was trying to get ass pats on twitter and low key threatening cutting herself. Sarah's former sister in law came by and said that it put huge financial strain on Sarah and the family.

The only trolling we know of came from Britfag, who we knew little about and milked PT when she belonged to us and PTNR, a troll who milked her for nudes over the years (she didn't try hard). PTNR said that Pixy was terrified of Britfag and that he had "something on her." We never figured out what that was. PTNR said Pixy developed an eating disorder to lose weight and constantly complained about UTIs and dropped most of the deets on Sarah's sudden obsession with being a boy. The strange thing is that it's not just gender dysmorphia but delusion that she's growing a penis which is concerning and not your Lainey fakeboi bullshit.

Judging from my PT fangirl knowledge, I'm guessing >>534588 is probably the most accurate. That along side her probably having STDs caused the idea of something being "pushed" out of her. This happened when she turned 30 so it's obvious that she decided that being an idol was out of reach so thought being a boy was more attainable? PTNR said PT wanted to lose weight to be more Loli. Other than Britfag (because we don't know what he said to her), I don't think trolls contributed to PT's penis delusions.

No. 535054

I think PTNR was actively encouraging her to see a doctor about whatever was happening but she refused. I don't believe any undercover trolls were encouraging her to do anything except get help - the exception being the britfag kid with his ~undercover BDSM club~ and bullshit claims that PT molested a child.

Dark days indeed. I feel so bad for her, she must be losing her mind with the new bullshit concerning her mom.

No. 535096

Was PTNR the one who had to stop talking to Pixy, because their girlfriend found Pixy noods on their computer and freaked out about cheating?

If it was that "troll" then yeah, they made a big effort to make Pixy go to her doctor because they thought she had a prolapsed uterus. Pixy said the doctor said "that's just what happens when you get old." Pixy's obviously full of shit and didn't actually talk to a Dr.

No. 535127

I was under the belief that PTNR was female. But I can't totally recall.

No. 535381

File: 1529898492884.jpg (22.28 KB, 319x480, DSCN1889-001_zps3ocasakf.jpg)

New non cosplay photo

No. 535382

File: 1529898890220.jpg (28.82 KB, 319x480, DSCN1908_zps9q9uhoyv.jpg)

Actually after further review I think it may be cosplay. Either way, it's new photos.

No. 535403

The choppy wig(?) really suggests cosplay
I'd love to see her in some mature styling, feminine or masculine, maybe wither Bayonetta or Professor Oak but we know she would never cope with a older characters.

It's embarrassing to admit but I worry a lot about pixy, especially how much I hope she isn't still avoiding the dr if something is going on downstairs to worry her

No. 535410

She just looks so sad and worn down. I want to give her a hug and help her forget about the bad shit in her life for a moment.

No. 535444

She's done a good job at keeping the weight off, otherwise she looks pretty sad.

No. 535446

Excuse me, prolapsed uterus?!

No. 535454

For the love of God do not Google uterine prolapse, basically the muscles and ligaments holding it in place wear down, and it falls out.

(I'd sage if I could sorry)

No. 535465

If only the SR was still up we wouldn’t have to piece together PT history from memory.

No. 535470

I think so many of us feel the same.
Many of us once laughed at her, but feel a lot of empathy for her now.

No. 535485

Yeah. PTNR seemed to really dislike Pixy, but enjoyed dropping deets so put up with her constant need for ass pats and walked on egg shells. She also tried desperately to get her to see the doctor about her vag problems. She worked really hard to give Pixy good advice at times. She said that Pixy would usually only listen to the horrible advice such as growing out a bush because that's very Japanese. Sarah seems to have this filter that only let's trolls through and rejects honest advice.

Britfag never communicated with any of us. It was some other anons that claimed child molestation. The incident got the two guys involved scared and the admin shut down Staminarose because of it.

I think you're thinking of a guy who dropped all the awkward Pixy videos, like the ones used in the banners here.

…Man, I've followed Pixy way too closely over the years…

No. 535501

File: 1529940628355.jpg (154.76 KB, 1404x1000, 6b407c043378874e81c6c2704ffb2a…)

I've never watched this anime, but is it the green haired kid she's trying to cosplay?
Do you think she is making a return?
Seems like she left off where we last saw her, cosplaying boys and probably still thinking she has a penis.

No. 535504

This isn't a return, I think she's just been cosplaying for herself really. She uploads stuff to her photobucket but is social media black other than that. I can't really blame her with the amount of trolls and newfags that keep trying to stir up shit with her. If only she'd realize that we're actually rooting for her, she has a true fanbase here.

No. 535545

File: 1529946614185.png (615.54 KB, 1080x1080, Izuku_Midoriya_headshot.png)

I think it's more likely a poor attempt at Midoriya, notice the freckles.

No. 535548

I miss her a lot, but at the same time I'm happy she's gotten a bit better. I hope she continues to get better and will shine her brightest~

No. 535653

Yeah. Me too.

No. 536446


I was browsing the old PT threads and it's nice to see her Amazon wishlist stil working. She was interested in Nintendo games and Pokemon recently. Good for her. Hope she's having fun.

No. 555033

File: 1532813176257.png (6.44 MB, 3200x1066, 33C5446F-F98B-4369-8F6B-76E652…)

Here’s an edit of our glorious queen, concealed the dark circles, smile lines and down turned shadows from the ends of her mouth. Took away the frown and raised the brows a bit, pt has really nice shaped eyes and with a bit make up she could really look great.

No. 555044

File: 1532814256040.png (5.85 MB, 3200x1600, 0A88F5E3-DA13-4D82-8844-FF89BE…)

Another edit of our queen(necromancy)

No. 555153

File: 1532837947459.png (9.2 MB, 3200x1600, FF995073-7038-4391-9023-546EFB…)


No. 555314

You should absolutely not be able to catch a ban for reviving the pixy thread. Can it ever truly be considered a dead thread when it's the board namer?

No. 555317

i mean that anon wasn't really contributing anything of substance? i saw this thread get bumped the other day and was hoping for an update or something. who cares about a few shoops?

No. 555384

File: 1532910921198.jpg (32.11 KB, 320x480, DSCN2077_zpsrwflmgjx.jpg)

Oh pixy…. Lol

No. 555385

File: 1532911061518.jpg (28.54 KB, 320x480, DSCN2043_zps9wl7cdd3.jpg)

She's posted more photos to her ohotobucket.
She looks like she's still into pokemon, and her "tomboy" stuff

No. 555390


the boy stuff makes her look so old. i wish that she went back to her old tacky style, i'd be amused to see how it looks now that she's skinny. fakebois only look good when they have youthful face but she doesn't and i feel bad for her.

No. 556384

Wow. What’s going on? I feel so bad for her right now. Is she really this confused about gender or was it all trolling induced?

No. 556607

she looks 50 years old here wtf

No. 558423

It's sad because she's only 33

No. 558442

Jesus fuck she looks so pretty there. Would def date/10 kind of pretty. A pity she didnt take care of herself properly and didn't go with things flattering her like those things Miyu made her wear

No. 558549

The Miyu set is photoshopped to all hell.
There's simply no way Pixy can ever look as good as that set without a lot of clothing, makeup, photoshop and possibly a wig since she can't manage to tame her own greasy mop of hair.

It sucks but Pixy is just not very good looking, I really don't think there is much to be done anymore. She's only 33 and looks a right mess

No. 558550

File: 1533566353637.png (529.62 KB, 570x1001, 285vqp 39478tovqcjerp.png)

Does anyone know if she drinks heavily or something? I know she doesn't really have any sort of skincare routine, but she looks really rough for only being in her early 30's. Or maybe it's from being in the sun too much?

>still poopin'

No. 558559

Texas is a pretty sunny state right? Could just be UV damage, iirc pixy works outside and if she has no skincare routine, i doubt she uses sun block.

No. 558571

What's wrong with her is pretty classic sun damage. UV rays are just radiation and they create free radical damage and break down collagen and hinder its production. All of those "freckle" type marks are sun damage along with the sagging and deep lines. Her mother used to force her to tan so she's not only contending with the high UV index of Texas she's also fried herself with intense UVA and UVB rays from tanning machines.

No. 558598

File: 1533576468422.jpeg (74.85 KB, 750x581, 1BE7F6A0-681E-49F1-BCEA-112D89…)

>Does anyone know if she drinks heavily or something?

Come on anon. If you were Pixy, wouldnt you drink heavily?

No. 558650

File: 1533591527761.jpg (66.58 KB, 720x960, 1350190971503.jpg)

I think it's her natural look to look older than she is. Pixyteri has always looked like somebody's soccer mom, even when she was a teenager.

No. 558666

homegirl is definitely not wearing any spf. she is so tan now which is funny considering how phobic she was of being tan and used to get upset when she got tanlines at the Home depot garden centre. Now it looks like she hangs outside all day every day. in b4 pt skin cancer saga.

No. 558998

Yeah she definitely has a mature face but a lot of things added to that. The thin eyebrows and extra weight didnt help

No. 559807


omg…. I didnt knew she was always a women? lol mind blown

No. 559858

of course she was haven't you seen her nudes

No. 559955

Thank God no. I honestly just scroll through her threads here and there because of her awesome pictures… But I was 100% sure she is/was actually a guy.(lurk moar.)

No. 560220


No. 560237

>reading the /pt/ board but not knowing about our queen.

Just makes me sad.

No. 560422

I'm not sure this girl really deserves a thread. Sure there's a few kinda funny pictures but she's not much a lolcow

No. 560424

i seriously hope this is sarcasm

No. 560444

I've yet to see anything remotely dramatic so far in this thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560466

I hope so too, anon. So many newfags in this thread that don't know who PT is…

No. 560468

So, is the only place she posts "publicly" now her photobucket?
I find it so strange that she posts her cosplay photos there. Does she do it for herself? Or her low-key fans?
I guess people can have hobbies just for themselves. I don't know

No. 560540

File: 1534128272572.jpg (42.29 KB, 576x386, 25c28c033d3e6c163ff67d3c5abd72…)

I think the only reason she uses PB for social media is no one can rag on her, Like look at every time she opened her FB you would have old and new fags bombard her with bullshit. The queen just wants to shine man.

Please stop this asshattery.

No. 610240

File: 1544068620396.jpg (607.38 KB, 730x1024, PT kawaii.jpg)

PT is still poopin. She uploaded some new photos to her photobucket…some of them look sad.

No. 610250


Ouch! Sarah, please respect your breasts!

No. 610254

her hair is looking really nice, but what's going on with her mouth area…?

No. 610268

Omg i've missed her so much. Aside from that expression she looks pretty good?

No. 610324

File: 1544082322128.jpg (567.16 KB, 730x1024, Poopin.jpg)

No. 610327

There will always be something eerily creepy about an older woman dressing and posing like a retarded child.

No. 610329

oh god, pixy i love you girl but you look so hard and there's so much you could do to soften your appearance that it physically hurts me.

so happy to see pictures of the queen.

No. 610333

She looks so normal. This could be a picture of a normal woman in work out clothes taken by her colleagues from the Christmas charity walk-a-thon.

It is heartbreaking that PT wasn't born a decade later. She would have been the most perfect costhot.

If she would have embraced being chubby and not been so openly abrasive she could have been a proto Mariah.

What I hope for her now is that she at least has a supportive love in her life.

No. 610336

That haircut and color actually looks charming on her. Her face however as other have pointed out seems to be showing some big signs of neglect. I'm very proud that she's come so far with her weight and appears to be taking care of that well, but I hope she'll also look into some advice about skincare and makeup. Didn't she used to wear makeup kind of often? I feel like I remember her always having big circle lenses and some eye liner at the very least. Some makeup might help her a lot. Wishing her the best

No. 610492

not with that face

No. 610501


don't speak of the queen in such a disrespectful way.

No. 611791

does pixy have pcos? her hair at the front of her head is thinning so badly, in all these pics it looks almost like a roundish bald spot. poor pixy, she should check out toppers if she's dealing with partial hair loss.

No. 611811

it's probably from all the wigs, anon.

No. 611832

sorry to sound stupid but i didn't know you could go bald from wearing wigs, that can't be very common? it's not as though she's old enough for it to be hormonal–feels bad, like this tomboy/masc thing is happening regardless of anyone's advice or efforts to move her in a different direction.

i've seen this said but is pixy really that hard to get along with? i have this dream of taking her under my wing and helping her out.

No. 611836

it's not super common, but not exactly rare either. you can read up on it, but i'll greentext some key points

>sweat on the scalp can't evaporate while wigs are on and can break down the keratin in hair follicles

>using tapes, pins etc to secure the wig can pull or damage the hair in those areas, causing it to grow in thin overtime

>simply putting your hair up to put it under a wig can pull it out in certain areas (generally on the forehead) which causes hair thinning as well

there are even more issues with lacefronts and extensions because of the glue, but the issues above are for standard cosplay wigs.

No. 611841

i feel like people blame sun damage or her cosplay wigs for how bad she looks, but some people just have terrible genetics and age poorly, and she is one of them.

if you don't say exactly the right thing, which you never will, she gets pissed and doesn't talk to you as exemplified by the many other people who expressed the exact sentiment you have

No. 611847

I spoke to her a few times back in the day and she was indeed very difficult to talk to. You couldn't get a word in edge-ways and all conversations would lead back to her own problems and difficulties - she never once asked about me and one of the first things she ever said to me was how depressed she was. You're not missing anything by not having spoke to her. I do wish her well though.

No. 612051

She looks sick. Losing weight seriously aged her face so much.

No. 612416

Damn she looks so pretty here, I want that outfit.

No. 612468

Our last insider info said that Pixy lost it with an eating disorder so she's probably having some nutritional deficiencies. But I have to agree with a few anons up there who sum is all up to genetics. She lost the lottery. My poor queen doesn't know how to work the charm she has either with appropriate make up techniques. We've written novels in the past of how to fix Pixy, but to no avail.

No. 615716

She's not that old. Only 33.

No. 617127

She looks at least a decade older than she is. Pretty sad considering how much she values youth and is scared of getting old. Comparing her to other similarly aged lolcows like Usagi Kou is just tragic

No. 617350

Pixy must have some serious bdd. How the hell do you look at this (honestly pretty) image and think 'I look bad here' but >>610324 is just dandy? Mind boggling and frankly, fucking tragic.

No. 637229

File: 1549419597700.png (820.78 KB, 640x1136, BB65381C-425C-4C5A-B976-DD09AE…)

when i was swiping looking 4 ladylove last night, i found PT or someone claiming to be her on okcupid studying nursing in Baton Rouge
could it really be her?

No. 637234

I call fake

No. 637237


quick background check
¯\_(ツ)_/¯(5a Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. )

No. 637347

Definitely a fake. Our queen is a Leo.

No. 637348

very obviously not her. height, location and age are all wrong. not to mention the writing doesn't sound like her at all.

No. 637454

i sent the imposter a message to call them out but i guess they have a setting so they can only receive messages from ppl they match with. mysterious…

No. 638360

That's just part of the OKC update. If they're on the person's profile, they should be able to see the message.

No. 639020

Age is wrong. She is 33 and turning 34 this year.

No. 641738

oh jesus i look like the edited pixy

i mean its better than looking like her unedited but jesus christ(no1curr)

No. 646195

File: 1552591518344.png (1.59 MB, 732x1024, 1552588535479.png)

New cosplay from the Queen?

No. 646198






Where did you find this beaut of a photo? Is there more?

Are there updates on her?

Is our Queen OK? Is she still dancing? I hope she is doing fine. I want to see her thrive.

No. 646201

File: 1552591826907.png (1.12 MB, 729x1024, 1552588911879.png)

Saw her topic on KF had been updated. Someone says it's a shota character from GeGeGe no Kitarō?

No. 646202

Someone turn this into a banner. Return of the Queen? Probably not, but a nice update. I'm glad she's still keep the weight off.

No. 646203

File: 1552591939643.png (1.38 MB, 733x1024, 1552588359764.png)

They're from her photobucket and I won't spam them all but not much has changed. She still does some artistic shots followed by the good ol' fashioned classics.

No. 646209

yaaaaahhhh i'm excited lol, always good to see new pictures of the queen! i (selfishly) wish she'd come back to us.

No. 646217

Yess our queen is here to take her throne back is this the new beginning for /pt/ new golden age

No. 646318

File: 1552627332323.jpg (170.22 KB, 720x720, ge-ge-ge-no-kitaro-yokai-kaiju…)

She's cosplaying Kitaro, the title character.

No. 646346

wow, that's actually a really pretty photo. i wonder what pt is up to, what kind of job she's working, any friends she has, how her home life is. wonder if she still takes all these photos by her lonesome as she used to. my queen~!

thanks for posting, anon~

No. 646353

File: 1552643162994.jpg (359.67 KB, 668x863, a83833011b12a44207ca3ed80a75a3…)

Did she ever do a lewed uguu~ sekushii photoshoot in her sora cosplay?

No. 646661

I can't wait until she stops the fakeboi shit.

No. 646942

what's with Sora being the poster child for fakebois and mentally deranged trannies? leave the poor character alone

No. 646954

They're probably using those kinds of characters/personas as escapism. Being an adult woman is often boring, toilsome, and filled with body-related stress, so what's the opposite of it? Being a young boy running around with Disney characters, I guess.
Speaking of which I hope PT is feeling better about her age and body these days, especially since she's apparently staying healthy and keeping the weight off. She was having some worrying medical issues before that were making her say she was "becoming a boy", would be nice if we could find out if she was ever treated and got better.

No. 649169

she hasn’t aged the slightest
I wonder when will she ever decide to retire completely from cosplaying

No. 649343

Hopefully not before she has a grand return to a convention like Chris-chan did where he was a guest. I'd love to see Pixyteri guest judge a costume contest or something.

No. 650389

Does anyone know if PT is still just relying on her trusty self timer and tripod? This is a really pretty backdrop but the face and cropping screams "I'll give a genuine goofy smile before someone sees me!". I'd really love to see what kinds of shots a photographer, one that actually knows what looks best instead of an orbiter creep with a DSLR, could create for her.
On the other hand she's a solitary creature with particular opinions on her own looks, she might just enjoy being in control of everything herself.

No. 652419

I have been following other people here, but I want to read her threads. Can anyone recommend a good place for me to start?

No. 652523

Anon, this goes back literal YEARS.
I dunno if you can even find the archive her that which is our Queen.

No. 652541

You might need to search off this site to really get a full understanding. She dates back many many years, back before this board, before staminarose, back on /cgl/. She's got quite a story. I'm not sure if there's a great comprehensive spot to see all of it.

No. 652688

For the best and quickest rundown, try her Encyclopedia Dramatica.


No. 663367

File: 1558487584028.jpg (54.68 KB, 522x449, prayers.JPG)

From Mama Debbie's page. I wonder what this is about.

No. 663372

I hope everything is okay with the Queen and that she isnt being targeted.

No. 663375

Well it's not the "trolls" considering no one has messed with her in ages. Maybe she got fired? Was she still working at that home depot place?

No. 663408

Considering she’s pretty infamous in their town, I imagine she deals with the occasional gossip. There’s no way no one has noticed her recording herself in her cosplays around town given some of the locations are public parks and schools, so I imagine someone may have finally said something.

No. 672224

File: 1561252316151.gif (468.09 KB, 200x265, 1329359896178.gif)

I was going through some of my PC files, and I realized that I had a lot of stuff saved from back in the /cgl/ days that I never got rid of.
This even has a comic of when, iirc, everyone thought Sarah was pregnant for some reason.


(sage for no milk)

No. 691610

File: 1566249739456.jpg (99.54 KB, 595x598, pixy1.JPG)

She has updated her photobucket.
She's gaining her weight back (At least her face looks better from it)
She's still running around in crossplays
She's still the same old pixyteri
Long Live the Queen

No. 691616

praise be. long may she reign.

No. 691648

I like that her hair is blonde now, after all her shitfits about being real Japanese and her mom forcing her to bleach her hair in high school etc.

No. 691657

File: 1566262547479.jpg (116.19 KB, 770x1080, prepooping.jpg)

Planning her next pooping pose

No. 691680

why is she doing this shit to herself…

No. 691734

is that a bit of 'stache i see? or perhaps some rolo-related residue?

No. 691798


On her leg, is that a giant ass bruise or a tattoo?

No. 691800

It's a mess of bandages. She's got like some sort of band-aid fetish.

No. 691803

is she wearing a packer of some sort? why, pixy, why.

No. 691811

OUR QUEEN!!! I've missed her so much. It's been so boring without her, none of these cows could ever surpass our queen. She looks so much better with this hair color, she would look good as a red-head too but we all know she holds a grudge against it.

No. 691912

Has our glorious queen returned to us!?!?!

No. 691956

I'd like to think she's cosplaying as a bike dyke. But honestly, this is pretty out there even for her.

No. 691960

Trying to figure out what she is trying to cosplay because the random life vest is throwing me off
Also a tan and lighter hair suits her but we all know this already

Her photography and poses are still better than Moomoo's and it's just her and a tripod.
Too bad she won't try to pursue patreon, make money, and live her Nippon dreams

No. 692011

too bad that Moomoo is more attractive than PT. I cannot imagine Pixyteri being a popular costhot unless it would be for the wrong reasons. Just like people buying Chris-chan's trash. She styles herself horribly and has a truly unfortunate face.

No. 692120

i kinda miss her old videos.

No. 692121

PT has heart though. She will always have heart.

As an aside, I am unsure who she is cosplaying, does someone know?

No. 692150

File: 1566397486356.jpg (131.57 KB, 771x1080, garage.jpg)

Safety First!

… her poor neighbors.

No. 692151

What? Moomoo could NEVER compare to our glorious queen. At least pt was truly liked by most of us, While no one would give two shits if something happened to momokunt, not that I wish it on her but she'll never have the same respect pt got.

No. 692153

OH QUEEN!! What a glorious day! has she returned to us?

No. 692181

I was not saying Moomoo is a better cow than PT, just that I don't see PT being a succesful costhot by which I mean supported by many randoms. Sorry if that was not what >>691960 meant.
Of course PT is much more fun. Though TBH it would be nice if she either learned how to flatter herself with the right cosplay or moved on. I feel bad for her when she posts ugly photos of herself to the net.

No. 692189

File: 1566408764541.jpeg (51.94 KB, 337x450, 76E34A8C-5264-4DC9-980C-6294E7…)

Oh I misunderstood, sorry about that. You are right though, sadly our queen could never flatter herself the right way, and when she did (pic related) she ended up hating it.. A lot of it came from her delusions of being a kawaii japanese school girl. She truly could look nice but she refused for a long time.

No. 692220

Like an angel. crocs with a sports bra with her regular bra straps proudly visible. We weren't worthy

No. 696439

Who would win in a brawl?

No. 696447

The queen

No. 696449

pixy will obviously do some of her cool martial arts moves she's learned training to be an aidoru!

No. 696463

Momokun would try to sit on pixy and use some sumo moves

No. 697543

File: 1567657598436.jpg (94.12 KB, 680x1024, 139721413837.jpg)

My oldfag is so old that this photoset would've gotten comments lambasting her for being a hamplanet several years back. Yet today we have costhots like Moo who are almost 300 pounds and twice this size even with lipo being propped up as thicc queens.

Times have changed.

No. 713512

So, this isn't recent news for anyone but I did want to post it here because its wholesome. I was Sarah's friend for a long time, starting back in 2010. We were friends from cosplay.com because she was friends with another cosplayer from texas I knew.

Sarah and I used to aim chat and skype chat, we used to text a lot too. One day she brought several men onto a voice chat with me, then abandoned me because they were actually being rude to her. When she left they all left except one.

That awkward guy, who never even spoke to a girl before is now my husband. I got married last week to him and I always think about Sarah. I always hope that she is doing okay, that she was fortunate to find someone amazing like I did.

We havent spoken since she disappeared from the internet, because maybe she is mad at me but I can only hope the best for her.

No. 713513

Was your husband rude to PT? I sure hope not

No. 713514


No, he was too shy to talk during the skype call. She invited over 10 guys into it. Only after it was just me and him did he actually say something he was like

"What do I do now? Do I leave? Do I stay and talk to you?"

No. 713516

what a world~ thanks for sharing, anon. cute story. i wonder if pt would be happy for you knowing she was responsible for you meeting your husband, probably not but funny to think about.

No. 713523


I did tell her that we both wanted to meet her, and we always discussed about inviting her to our wedding. I am a puerto rican and I have a lot of handsome cousins, I would have introduced her if she had come.

But, after she disappeared she stopped responding to my texts :(

No. 713547

Congratulations, anon.

No. 713573

That’s sweet anon. Congrats to you two.

I’m not sure she’s on FB anymore but you could try that way to contact her. Otherwise I’m not sure unless you still live in that area and run into her.

No. 713609


I never lived in texas, but he did at the time but never met her due to being so shy around women. She isn't on FB, but I did leave her mother a message to send to her, because I did bring up how we met at my wedding and thanked her even if she wasn't there.

I just wanted her to know how she strangely affected my life longterm, for the better and how much I appreciated our friendship for what it was to me.

I tried to tet her after my wedding, but I think she might have me blocked. :( I think she might have thought I was a troll, but all the times we spoke on the phone and on skype I was never really one of those.

I was there for her when she let me be. I know ppl talk mad shit about Sarah, but she was really a very sweet person – she even sent me a cute little gift during christmas once.

No. 713623

can you post some form of proof? i've literally never seen anyone claim something like this and i've been following sarah since her early times on /cgl/.

No. 713678

Proof of my wedding or proof we knew each other or what?

No. 713681

Aww, this is pretty wholesome, anon. Congrats on your recent marriage. Hopefully you can reach out to Sarah and become friends again.

No. 713682

that you knew eachother. i don't give a hecc about your wedding. without proof you just sound like an insane person blogposting about your wedding.

No. 713684

File: 1570136561882.png (232.13 KB, 1920x1080, skype.png)

this is my last message to her on skype.

No. 713686

File: 1570136770003.jpg (469.9 KB, 1080x2280, 20191003_170430.jpg)


Text I sent her a few days after my wedding.

No. 713691

File: 1570137043073.png (222.48 KB, 1920x1080, convo.png)


us on facebook, i hovered over the text to show the last date we actually spoke.

No. 713702

File: 1570138150481.png (187.44 KB, 1920x1080, yousoldit.png)


proof that we spoke back even in 2013. i dont have any other proof because aim is gone and my years of skypelogs is gone too.

I can see why you asked for proof, but just because you don't know who I am it doesn't mean that she did not have private friends.

No. 713723

Not them but they more than likely asked for proof because of how elusive our Queen has become due to years of being baited and trolled. Anyone can claim they knew her at this point or were close to her and never actually provide evidence because she's not around to say otherwise.

No. 713749

I remember a hot guy in her video chat rooms, was that your husband? JW, you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

No. 713862


my husband was pretty handsome, but he never did the cam until he met me. he was very reclusive, very awkward and was afraid of being doxxed hardcore back then. he told me he only ever spoke to sarah, even sorta, through text.

he said she was kind of extreme for him and the night we met he had no idea why she invited him, lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 713863

Kind of a reach for 'wholesome' tbh. The truth is you had a superficial internet friendship with her. It's a bit weird to have wanted her at your wedding just bc she invited the guy you happened to form a relationship with into a skype chat. A chat she probably doesn't want to attach any positive connotations to because while you profited, she was treated rudely.

Good for you though, I guess.

No. 713871

Shut ur bitter ass up

No. 713872

this is getting really cringy now, stop.

No. 713874


> be friends with the queen

> talk to her constantly via dm since 2010
> get invited to group chat and coincidentally meet future husband while she rage quits
> continue talking until she baleets everything in 2017 (?)
> want to reconnect, meet irl, and invite her to the wedding.
> "your relationship was superficial. good for you i guess cause she helped u find a husbando"

lol who hurt you anon, jfc.

No. 713877

this has literally nothing to do with PT.

No. 713878

Congrats anon! Weird internet couple origin stories are the best, hope marriage goes well.

I wish PT would find her autistic weeb soulmate, but it seems that door has closed.

No. 713879

It wasn't a particularly mean post, you're overreacting like how you're reaching for some relevancy. Shoo.

No. 713895


I also knew her from back in 2004-2010ish. I mean, I don't really have any proof other than some old photos of her from some cons we went to that have never been posted as they're just on an old backup harddrive. Sometimes I google her to see if her life is still a mess, I hope she can manage to get it together. Maybe we chatted online at some point, glad you managed to meet someone out of her tailspin.

No. 719050

File: 1571146986875.jpg (137.65 KB, 769x1080, DSCN9045_zpsvvrqatgi.jpg)

Suddenly a wild Pixy appears

No. 719051

File: 1571147134815.jpg (100.95 KB, 769x1080, DSCN3102_zpsvgsrxkd5.jpg)

Her face is looking loads better.

No. 719086

wtf….did she grow her leg hair out for a cosplay?


she legit looks to be around 45 years old here.

No. 719094

no she just never shaves

No. 719243

god forbid

No. 719915

File: 1571370569597.jpg (47.25 KB, 504x461, COW.JPG)

Found the identity of the Anon. She left a message on Debbie's fb.
Jesus Fucking Christ what an idiot. You never contact her mother.

No. 719916

lmao, that's the anon? with the handsome husband and all that. no wonder she wouldn't stfu about her wedding i wonder if anyone other than their parents were there.

why did she even contact sarah's mom, she hates this stuff.

No. 719919

Retarded people do retarded things.

No. 719921

>old 'friend' of sarah's
>No fresh milk
>'handsome' husband looks like her brother
cows attract other cows I guess

No. 719925

Fat autists that couldn't attract a spouse IRL.

No. 720025

File: 1571419661266.jpg (34.74 KB, 484x204, pooping.JPG)

Um… I'm not sure she just has bipolar disorder.

No. 720031

Holy shit, laughed so hard, started choking. Pooping in the grass.
I feel for her mother but Pt is a grown woman; you can take her to see doctors but you can't force compliance. Plus, bipolar disease isnt something you just treat and it gets better. Its a process of finding what works and combining it with therapy. Sorry Momma Guilbeaux, know it's rough.

No. 720033

>wandering around naked and pooping in the grass

Long live the queen

No. 720034

Lmaooooo "pretty handsome". I feel bad for laughing at your delusions

Poor PT. Hopefully she's getting help. Never understood why her mom always gotta throw her name out like that.

No. 720045

anons: its so good to see she's doing well! her skin cleared up! she's losing weight! maybe she's moving on!

im literally l o l, pt is truly the epitome of a lolcow even down to the cow patties

No. 720046

pixy's mother has always been an asshole. i feel bad for pixy, she needs way more help than she's getting and her mother should keep her mouth shut. imagine your mom telling strangers this?

No. 720047

Now what i want to know is if shes referring to pixys cosplay or if shes literally caught her naked taking dumps outside.

God what mother posts this about their daughter.

No. 720081

lol ok that is definitely not the hot dude I remember from Pixy's chat it was some Asian model guy.

Debbie is such an asshole. I can't imagine a world where I'd post that shit about about my child on a public page.

No. 720101

You don't really mistake pooping in the yard with anything else.

No. 720106

I hope that doesn’t mean that PT has taken a turn for the worse, I remember back in the day how sweet she seemed during her live streams.

No. 720115

if this anon lurked, she would have found PT's info. yikes.

No. 720175

This legitimately sounds like schizophrenia.

No. 720209

>The wandering around naked and pooping in the grass has to stop
I don't want to laugh but fucking hell lmao

No. 720212

What the fuck? What happened to her?

No. 720231

Please tell me this is photoshopped or something.

No. 720464

I don't photoshop, I deliver it like I see it. Just look up Debbie's name and click posts. It's for all to see.

No. 720567

She thinks 2 visits are enough to treat bipolar? Jfc. Poor pt.

No. 720808

I ended up looking and yeah, you were right. I really wish it was photoshopped though as some sort of horrible parody because wow.

Who would publicly post this about their child when it's obvious Pixy isn't mentally well? I mean I feel sorry for her parents having to deal with years of her delusions but her literally believing she was conceived due to some mystery Japanese man who left a windchime as a sign, then thinking she was growing a penis and becoming a man, and now this? That's not bipolar, that's something far more serious.

No. 720945

Is she implying she put her away in a hospital or something?

No. 721423

Yeah, prancing around the neighborhood naked and taking shits in the yard does not sound like bipolar. I've only heard of people doing things like that when they have severe autism, intellectual disability, or schizophrenia. The kind of stuff that removes your ability to comprehend social norms.
Fucking hell, I can't believe this is real. I hope Pixy gets the help she needs, whatever that may be.

No. 724310

File: 1572568287083.jpg (117.71 KB, 930x599, debbie is a fucking loony.jpg)

Gonna break ranks here, but I always thought that Debbie was the real crazy and that she made Sarah's problems worse. Remember that letter she sent the woman about fucking the woman's husband or some shit? Calling Pixy a cumdumpster?

I don't know. I think she's nuts and if anyone is shitting in the grass it's probs Debbie but whatever.

No. 725361

I agree. That women in that family are bat shit crazy.
Do you have anymore photos in reference to this incident?

No. 725365

Could someone transcribe what’s in the letter? I’m a retard that forgot how to read cursive

No. 725375


There’s a couple parts I just couldn’t make out, so it might not all make sense but I tried.


I have something to get off my chest. I can imagine the story your dearly departed husband [to your/you obviously] then I came on to your husband. Here’s what happened.

I saw him up town and said I had something for you. He told me to bring it by. I did and [knoced? Maybe meant to say knocked?] I hollered to come in and came out of the bedroom to the living room in underwear. He even said you should see your face it’s bright red. He tried to come onto me and I got out of there. Why would he do such a thing to your cousin? I never spoke to him after that. I would never cheat on Michael. He is my husband, lover and friend.
So if you want to believe that old cheater in your life you are free to do so but you are blind to him.
He was on, maybe you knew it and just ignored it.


No. 725644

thanks for the transcript , anon. Debbie sounds insane. wtf

No. 725985

depressing how nobody pays attention to this, the queen.

No. 767969

File: 1586271707309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.65 KB, 450x600, 1.jpg)

Poor Pixy.

No. 767970

File: 1586271774061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.7 KB, 322x650, 2.JPG)

No. 767971

File: 1586271845973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.61 KB, 350x581, 3.jpg)

No. 767972

File: 1586271898324.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.51 KB, 500x431, 5.jpg)

No. 767973

File: 1586271957288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.45 KB, 600x450, 6.jpg)

No. 767974

File: 1586272012365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.12 KB, 600x559, 7.jpg)

No. 767975

File: 1586272086769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.24 KB, 734x500, 8.jpg)

No. 767976

File: 1586272132021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.62 KB, 443x550, 9.jpg)

No. 767977

File: 1586272194450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.13 KB, 450x600, 10.jpg)

No. 767978

File: 1586272250739.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.93 KB, 450x600, 11.jpg)

No. 767979

File: 1586272295847.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.18 KB, 450x600, 12.jpg)

No. 767980

File: 1586272346652.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.28 KB, 450x600, 13.jpg)

No. 767982

Yet again I'm torn between wishing I had our queen's confidence and wanting to delete those pictures because I don't want anyone making fun of her.

Pixy wyd girl.

No. 767994

We live in an age where Pixy has a million times better butt than MomoKun.

Why is she giving these out for free?!?! She needs a fans only.

She was aging like milk, but she's looking good here. Her hair looks really nice on her and washed.

Some of them are cursed, but she's always been our Queen. Let us go down with the ship.

No. 767999

What is our Queen up to lately aside from still doing pics? I would hope she'd at least be living a somewhat quiet life these days and getting better but now I'm wondering if she's still just as bad.

No. 768000

"Fans only" ESL sperg

No. 768009

wow. is someone fucking with pixy? again? still?

pixy always looks like she's frowning so i can never tell what the hell is going on. is she okay with this, is she pissed, who knows. good to know that she's not growing a dick like she thought. feelsbad.jpg

No. 768112

agreed, let the people pay for it. im actually jealous at how even her skintone is and how nice her butt is. shes like a greek statue of a woman

No. 768225

I didn't think she back to taking nudes again.

No. 768227

None of these pictures will load for me and it’s heartbreaking because I was so excited to see our queen again. Is anyone else having that issue? It’s only the most recent pics in this thread

No. 768229

Yeah and I’m pretty bummed about it, I can only see the first one

No. 768230

They are on kiwifarms too.

No. 768244

I had this issue too, are you anons trying to view on mobile? Try on a computer and you should be able to see them when you hover over the pictures.

I’m actually not sure these are new? A couple I feel like I’ve seen before and her hair is blonde and she looks younger.

No. 768252

yeah wtf there is absolutely no way these are new. she's obviously like a decade younger and you can just tell from the way they look that these were taken on a digital camera ~10 years ago

No. 768259

this. aren't these the ones that got leaked by what's-his-name?

No. 768263

Just wanted to confirm as an oldfag from /cgl/ these are, indeed, all old nudes. No idea why they were posted here.

Had my hopes up we'd finally find out what happened with the growing a penis saga…

No. 768282

Does anybody even have any idea as to how/what she's doing since >>720025? It sounds like she's really been deteriorating; she might be the first person in history whose mental health got worse after leaving the internet

No. 768314

She's getting worse because she's severely mentally ill and needs more help than her dipshit hick mom complaining on the local psychologist's Facebook page about her.

No. 768338

File: 1586483525641.jpeg (3.32 MB, 1985x2788, 62A1F96F-D4F8-4B3D-84A7-5764F5…)

Our queen is still posting

No. 768339

File: 1586483684305.jpeg (4.18 MB, 2080x2922, 48E128E7-10D9-4A40-9DB3-B62661…)

No. 768340

what is she doing?

No. 768342

File: 1586484319725.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1870x2623, CAEACD53-5351-4CE3-82A2-9F08B3…)

This is the most recent
It seems she’s gaining the weight back

No. 768488

Where are these from? How is she doing? Does she still have facebook? I thought her mom took over her accounts.

No. 768550

i think she had an itch

No. 768570

Who is taking the photos for her?

No. 768579


No. 768608

I found the pics in her photobucket. She still uploads tons of pics there but it’s hard to find the few good ones. She takes pictures and uploads everything so lots to dig through. As far as her social media, I can’t find her anywhere so not sure how’s she’s doing but by the pics seems she’s reversing back.

No. 768614

This outfit kind of suits her ngl
It's so weird that she's basically gone off the grid but still regularly uploads pics. That can't be the only place she goes online, right? Perhaps she's taking advantage of anonymity on discord or reddit or something.

No. 768876

no fb but she has an active ebay listing and feedback from the past month. she's still kicking around over there it seems.

No. 770061

She probably has no choice if her mom is still screeching things publicly like how the 'shitting outside needs to stop' lmao

People used to cowtip on her all the time, usually "well-meaningly", so if she had any public presence it'd undoubtedly get back to her mother. Since I can only assume she still has 0 real independence, her mother likely controls all of her internet access etc, so Sarah has to keep things confined.

I'm more than certain we'd all host her with open arms here, but I'm also absolutely 200% certain some """concerned""" users would do exactly that.

No. 770243

File: 1587391938062.png (104.13 KB, 560x809, shot.png)

I guess she's reactivated her Facebook.

No. 770263


I wonder why she is always sick or something is physically wrong with her. I wonder if she is a hypochondriac?

No. 770278

File: 1587399979294.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1506, F1E10955-B899-4DF6-BD51-8DA2CE…)

No. 770285

I think its because her mental health is so bad she thinks she has physical symptoms. Like how people with anxiety think they are dying, are having a heartattack ect. when its actually all in their head. I think she is in a very bad place mentally and it affects how she feels in herself and her body

No. 770301

Guilty pleasure confession but does anyone else like to merch stalk what Pixy has in the background of her photos? I love her FFX obsession. She's got the Yuna wall scroll, a figure of Auron, Paine from X-2, Chobits, and I think I see a Fiona figure from Shrek? Lol, I love our queen.

Also does anyone else think Pixy looks pretty good for her 30s? I admire her body's skin and she's really not hugely fat like what some people hype. As another anon mentioned we have fatter cows making coin these days, it's crazy to think that 10 years ago people were acting like being a fat cosplayer online meant your life was over. Today, everyone has an onlyfans.

Her mom's a fucking psychotic bitch though and I can see why Pixy grew to be as stunted as she is. Bipolar or not, no caring parent would humiliate their child by screaming on the internet all of the embarrassing things they do >>720025. IMO I think the "pooping on the grass" thing is something her crazy mom made up for sympathy attention or is exaggerating (maybe bc we call her famous squat pose the "pooping pose" that her mom caught on and uses it to shame her). It reminds me of that video of Pixy's stream years ago when she was crying on camera as her batshit mom paced up and down the house berating her for random shit and saying she stinks. I'm not gonna trust the unhinged account of some broad who writes letters to rivals over their deceased husbands >>724310. That woman is unwell and has done a disservice to her daughter.

The word is psychosomatic, but yeah. I wouldn't doubt that Pixy tends to self-diagnose and spiral over minor ailments. That's probably what being criticized and gaslit by people does to a mind.

No. 770323

File: 1587411616674.png (634.67 KB, 1154x1046, 2020.04.20.png)

No. 770324

File: 1587411777744.png (117.52 KB, 1118x411, response.png)


Response to this.

No. 770331

is pixy still headfucky as regards her gender? what's this about?

No. 770359

I assume she's talking about covid-19? She did mention she was sick and that it wasn't covid-19. This is a normal reaction for her though so who knows.

No. 770381

File: 1587422451585.jpeg (622.45 KB, 1242x1299, 86E4EE37-440E-4B66-841A-592874…)

Didn’t realize I was still friends with her on Facebook…

Looks like she’s having a mid life crisis rn.

No. 770382

If Japan is so important to her then she might as well take out a loan and do it up. If she hasn't saved up to go once now that she's in her thirties she'll probably never. I'm sad for her, but she did make her bed in the case of employment and money. Disneyland isn't even expensive comparatively.

Lmao I thought she was panicking because she was sick. Nah, just having a weeby meltdown. She never changes.

No. 770388

She's been saying this "why am I too old for x" or "why can't I do x anymore" stuff for years. I still don't know what it means. I'm guessing she posts it so someone will give her an obvious "you're not too old to travel" validation comment.

No. 770389

File: 1587424826235.jpeg (134.48 KB, 640x960, 62E5EE30-6167-43EA-BD19-5AAA9C…)

Did she gain weight

No. 770397

I'm >>770061 and agree with you entirely. Honestly it'd slipped from my memory how utterly batshit her mother really is until seeing the shit outside thing.

Lol funny how so many users were WKing against Maggot for Venus, and it turns out a lot of what she said about Venus may not have even been outrageous lies like we thought… Meanwhile, we're barely batting an eyelash at the visibly more psycho mother of PT.

Different times, though, and PT's mother is definitely less in the online spotlight to be showcased in that way. Honestly, I think part of what I love about PT the most is it brings us back to a simpler time of classic cows, where they didn't have to be crazy in a malicious or morally corrupt way… PT is utterly harmless, even sweet at times. If she'd been brought up on LC these days, she'd of never taken off.

Well, in lieu of her being able to get proper mental health etc, I for one welcome her onlyfans IG twitter stardom if she could make a full return to the internet. I'm actually surprised she never got picked up by weird fetishists in her DA days, if the gulls from /cgl/ don't count kek..

No. 770408

does sarah have PCOS?

No. 770409

I imagine it's sometimes her mom, trying to tell her to grow up. "You're too old to fantasize about that, you're too old to do that if you haven't already, be realistic" which is honestly pretty shitty cause you can do things at any time.

That or it's just her missing being a teen like the protagonists in her animes. Could be both though.

No. 770412

I suspect her mom emotionally abuses her and then gaslights about what she said later. I've seen mothers of daughters act this way. Their daughters lash out about seemingly random things but it's actually the topics their mothers were harassing them about hours prior and it just weighs that heavily on their mind. No doubt PT has some mental illness but I think most people would have mental problems under the guardianship of some "parents" out there. Her mom probably destroyed her self-esteem which is why she doesn't seem to have any respect for herself.

I want more psycho Debbie antics. She sounds like she's got a victim-complex and is probably a narcissist. I'm hoping she'll slip up more online and expose herself. It wouldn't vindicate PT of everything she's ever done but it sure would explain a lot.

No. 770413

I think she expected to go to Japan and become an idol, kawaii model, or similar. Of course that was never going to happen, but it's double never going to happen now.

No. 770425

This shit again? We knew she wasn't doing so hot but it's depressing to have confirmation straight from the queen's mouth that nothing changed.

She doesn't actually want to go to Japan, it's just a fixation/mantra at this point. She's had multiple opportunities to go in the past and turned them down. She already admitted awhile ago in a rare moment of lucidity that she doesn't want to go because she knows it's not the end all be all.

Yeah, the "I'm hurting" stuff isnt new, she used to go on about hurting even in her peak. She is a hypochondriac too, remember going to the ER all the because her "tummy hurting" and "pleursy" and going into tons of debt because of it?

No. 770477

Well, as a loyal subject of the Queen,Pixyteri had some real admirers. Unfortunately their attention was the most unwelcome because they mentioned her chubby physique. This enraged our Queenship, hence the lack of fuwa fuwa themed boudoir shots with Tripod-kun.

She couldn't stand any mention of her being anything but a lithe fairy. Her fits were legendary. In addition to this, she was a romantic who was more interested in having a boyfriend than getting mass attention. Had she embraced being a cute fat cosplayer with a sunny disposition who knows how far she would have made it…

No. 770483

Now that she's active again, I hope her commenters still remain careful.

I haven't checked for so long, does she still have a job? PT really needs to move out, I imagine being around Debbie can only make her mental health worse.

No. 770496

File: 1587471028459.jpeg (109.54 KB, 1125x970, AADC5372-DA9C-407E-965A-C5D72B…)

No. 770497

Y'all, I think she's got some serious anxiety. "The help me" and "I don't want to die" is really fitting of it

No. 770499

Does she post like this often in recent times? Yikes.

No. 770516

Since coming back she's basically been in pure panic mode. She's almost always like this when active on facebook, though.

Some of the stuff she's freaking out about (ie "Don't hurt me for liking Disney at my age", "Who says I can't travel now that I'm over a certain age ???") is exactly the same stuff she was freaking out over years ago. I assume that no amount of asspatting will be enough to sate her this time either.

You'd think a return to Facebook would mean she's gotten a little better and wants to branch out more, but it almost seems like she likes to use Facebook when she's feeling particularly terrible and wants to spiral.

No. 770518

Yeah I'm a bit disappointed as well, I thought her laying low meant she became self-aware but it seems she's slipped back into old habits again. Well, that's a shame.

No. 770525

Nothing is gonna improve for her until she gets serious mental help and gets far away from her mother

No. 770530

Kinda happy I can't see the spoilered pics, fucking hate kiwifarms they always a-logged our queen

No. 770638

The severity of her mental issues means no time and distance from social media is going to help though. Like >>770525 said she needs serious help, which she's never going to get living with her ass backwards equally psychotic mom. PT's issues go far beyond depression/anxiety/bipolar, she has a sustained history of paranoia and delusions that combined with recent behavior (wandering around naked and shitting outside???) sound more like schizophrenia than anything else. People still act like she's perfectly cognizant of her actions when she's obviously not. She is nowhere near as functional as she was a decade ago. Typical onset for schizophrenia in women is late 20s/early 30s, which is right when she started going rapidly downhill and stopped being a funny lovable cow and started being genuinely concerning.

No. 770654

File: 1587563926876.jpeg (989.49 KB, 1125x1642, 78DD728D-4A45-4468-A08D-84BF3C…)

No. 770656

File: 1587565607846.jpeg (820.42 KB, 1125x1421, 4EC284AF-9AF4-4FDB-86AD-B88EEA…)

No. 770658


>to draw anime is too difficult since I'm white


No. 770675


Holy fucking shit just in time for isolation shut down

No. 770703

File: 1587580034374.jpeg (190.63 KB, 1125x675, F43750D4-3AD9-4C96-9F0B-AF8F52…)

No. 770704

What the fuck is this? What did she lose?

No. 770709

This "I grew up" feels like something her mom would yell at her to do and now she's trying to appease her mom.

No. 770715

File: 1587583847989.jpeg (186.83 KB, 850x960, 3A57EF47-D52E-4AE0-8CDA-4EFE83…)

So our queen has been busy honing her painting skills while away from most of social media. This is why she takes pictures of the most random things and uploads them, she’s using them as reference. This makes me sad, she has talent and can possibly make a living if she played her cards right but she’s still stuck in this mindset that she’s not good enough. She doesn’t currently have a job and is still at home with her parents. Her love of cosplay has lessened.

No. 770723

File: 1587586047259.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1317, 3F3C113B-55A7-4C7F-9B28-C873FC…)

No. 770729

>she has talent and can possibly make a living if she played her cards right
What talent? If the pic related in your post is supposed to showcase it, I don't really see it… I don't remember her photobucket url so maybe I have missed something and am wrong.
Wasn't she writing a book a few years ago? What happened with that?

No. 770734

i don't really think she has talent. potential maybe, but she's too stuck in her "kawaii gravure" mindset to do anything. i remember miyu trying to help her capture her natural beauty, and her time in lolita (where she looked great) and she's just stuck on the same thing.

No. 770762

she has the amount of talent where it's just the starting point and you really need to put in work and skill development in order for it to amount to anything. not the amount of talent to just coast on into adulthood. but people shouldn't want to be the latter anyway. turning a small amount of talent into something bigger through effort is more interesting than just being really lucky imo.

No. 770773

PT never had talent. Ambition, dreams, potential, sure, but so does almost literally everyone else. But to be fair to her, she's mentally ill and definitely wasn't raised in a nurturing environment and her mom is trash so it's not surprising that nothing she ever did developed into actual skill or talent.

No. 770815

i remember she cosplayed tifa a couple times in the past, i wonder if she has any interest in the ff7 remake since she's been talking about anime/japan again.

No. 770819

File: 1587639942616.jpg (212.11 KB, 1365x838, Screenshot_2020-04-23_060408.j…)

New symptom

No. 770820

>my loss
>it's gone now

No. 770824

Not everybody have the will to drag tripod san around and take millions pictures of themselves.
She's more dedicated to her thing than most cosplayers I know tbh.

I don't think it the lack of effort. She's far from lazy. She even have a degree ffs. It's too bad she never got the help she would have needed ten years ago to nip all this shit in the bud. It's kinda sad.

No. 770825

Ugh, like >>770638 said, it does look like schyzophrenia. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3678185/)

No. 770838

She spent years wearing shitty circle lenses and trying to pretend her blue eyes were actually brown, with how bad her hygiene is I wouldn’t be surprised if she never cleaned them and did actually fuck up her vision in some way. If she still wears contacts, the floaters are probably because she hasn’t cleaned them.

No. 770840

If I remember right, she used to put circle lenses on top of her regular contacts too.

No. 770866

File: 1587669138927.jpeg (282.43 KB, 1125x724, 910918FA-3027-4CF8-9CD5-893530…)

No. 770870

> the amount of talent where it's just the starting point and you really need to put in work and skill development in order for it to amount to anything.

that's not what "talent" means, that's just learning a skill. talent is when you have a knack for something naturally.

No. 770925

This is kinda sad. That's a woman in her 30s ffs. It's normal to feel down sometimes but she's completely incapable of accepting the simple fact that she's never becoming some kawaii idol in japan and it's the end of the world for her. When she could just go and have fun or even success doing something different.

No. 770926

You’re important to me, queen. Poor PT

No. 770969

posts like this bum me down, kinda makes me miss the good ole pt days, she really is miserable, back then she was so ahead of her time, had she done the shit she did before right now she would be pretty big with all this fat aceptance stuff and snowflake, she would fit right in. Pt has shown us she is the true queen wayyy ahead of her time, stay strong my queen! I do believe she did put effort in her cosplay, I remember her yuna and her lolita cosplays, idk if its nostalgia or what but I think she did try her best.

No. 770985

File: 1587707544475.png (61.82 KB, 1084x355, Screen Shot 2020-04-24.png)

What a weird thing to care about

No. 770994

our queen has spoken, no one should have to fill out paperwork anymore

No. 771003

Does… does she accept that she's white now? No more "I'm part japanese!"? I'm floored

No. 771011

Probably why she’s more depressed and/or manic. She’s resigned herself to being an adult.

I saw a lot of her work on FB and there are a few look like a he could sell her art if she practiced more. She’s kinda stuck on drawing anime.

Her replies have been nice and she’s engaged, which is surprising since last time she was lashing out a lot.

No. 771048

File: 1587766300985.png (857.96 KB, 1158x5236, ithurts.png)

No. 771055

File: 1587769386502.jpg (48.92 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1587601148804.jpg)

The side notes on her sketches are bizarre

No. 771056

File: 1587769464924.jpg (42.99 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1587601144961.jpg)

No. 771060

Why doesn't she learn anatomy? She didn't even try.

No. 771080

File: 1587780086050.jpg (52.27 KB, 388x500, 71aa544cc13ed2a7ab8952a4402dfb…)

She still draws like an 11 yr old weeb..which is interesting since most weebs tend to get better with age.

No. 771081

>dont rape me please
is this some sort of weeb joke or..?

No. 771091

These make me worried that she might be schizophrenic or something…talking about hiding from invaders? And someone raping her? It seems like she's having delusions.
I hope the queen is okay but it really doesn't seem like she is.

No. 771097


I wouldn't take the scribbles seriously, as they could represent just random silly thoughts of the drawn character, not actual delusions.
Although tbh I find "I'm white and that's good" a bit odd.

No. 771106

Also says “why am I not young” on the apron. Pixy’s always been sensitive about her age… I find it pretty worrying

No. 771107


Also "why am I not young", those sidenotes are mildly troubling, they read like she lives inside her head as though she's constantly posting on LJ circa 2008-2011. Maybe her crying about being attention starved and not wanting to die are side effects of long term social isolation (since before corona, like because of her odd personality?)?

No. 771108

PT will never be okay as long as she lives under Debbie's roof. Probpem is, thanks to decades of her bipolar abuse and gaslighting, Sarah almost certainly couldn't live alone and take care of herself even if she did get help getting out on her own. Her hygeine has always been questionable, and that cap talking about her UTI and burning itch/mite cream suggest she couldn't properly care for herself anyway. She would probably have to live in one of those care facilities for dependent adults.

No. 771109

She can live on her own, she just doesn't want to.

No. 771115

lmao in what world can PT live alone? She is not capable of taking care of herself at this point and being isolated would be even worse for her mental health. I don't know if she's autistic or schizo or what but she is very obviously not functional and hasn't been for years. She needs a group home and psychiatric help, not a 1 bedroom apartment and a social media break.

No. 771116

I'm trying to be optimistic and think hey maybe she's just lazy.

No. 771118

I'm also troubled by these updates– I know she has a history of delusional behavior and speech before but this seems much more disjointed and schizotypal, it's worrying

or maybe she's just really in her own head right now? would love to see the queen get psychiatric help one day but it will assuredly never happen

No. 771123

You must have missed the part where she was wandering around naked outside and pooping in the yard then.

No. 771143

That's what debbie sad and it sounds exaggerated.

No. 771145

A common joke is the "im pooping" pose she does where she squats to show off her butt. It was Pixy's trademark. Her mom probably got wind of it and said that because her daughter is strange, always in the backyard doing that pose and taking photos.

No. 771148

Even if you assume Debbie was lying/exaggerating (which is possible), her delusions/paranoia have gotten a lot worse. This >>771048 exchange makes me think that it's possible she doesn't actually even have an infection if the ER just told her it was anxiety. If she's been "itching and burning" for months and they're just giving her cream for it then there's probably nothing even there and they're just giving it to her because there's literally nothing they can do. The UTI seems to be recent and completely unrelated.

No. 771149

I agree. It looks like she has been to the doctor a decent amount of times. From what I remember the recent postings are worse than she was before. I mean last time she was thinking she was growing a dick, but I guess at the time ~trans~ was trending so it didn't raise too many brows…
We're used to delusional here but this is getting different.

No. 771151

I think the "I'm white and that's good" thing could be one of two things:
1) crazy mother used to feed her tanning pills sega, so could be cope against that
2) (more likely), trying to accept she's not japanese idoru, as mother/shitty therapists/whatever have tried to explain to her

No. 771152

On that note, I think we're getting a little overboard with the schizo or schizophrenic tinfoiling.

Yes, she's different than she was. However, my fellow anons, you have to consider she's been 'hidden'/isolated this entire time because she's having it pushed on her that she has to 'get better'.

I don't doubt she's mentally stunted/ill in other regards, but all these things that look like delusional/nonsensical rants from her are probably direct responses to her mother/therapy/whatever naysaying her young idoru beginning to shine fantasies.

Even if they didn't help the 'pooping in the yard' ala debbie, she did apparently attend some therapy, where they likely attempted to dismantle those things and convince her otherwise.

No. 771157

This is true. As someone who speaks to her enough, it is sometimes hard to see where the blur between reality and fiction begins with her when she talks about things.

She is constantly worried about being sick with something or anything and dying, she believes her family hates her and wants her dead. She feels as though she has to tip-toe around having any interaction with them. She will constantly jump from worrying about her parents not loving her to worrying that she will be raped if she leaves her home… She has flashes of normalcy before tumbling back down into a state of paranoia. She has moments where she seems pretty cognative, then there are moments she mentally regresses into some child who literally doesn't know what to do.

I hope she is able to find help. I think her parents are so tired of dealing with it that they aren't doing the best job of taking care of her or helping her.

No. 771164

File: 1587837663856.jpg (315.48 KB, 1079x1294, Screenshot_20200425-105449_Fac…)

She liked this picture, it makes me kinda sad, is this how she feels?
(Pixy doesnt smoke pot, she has tried it)

No. 771166

Am I weird for thinking our Queen is aesthetic as fuck?

Anywho, I'm a little sad that Pixy isn't doing so well and is resurging, but at least it seems like a justified time for it what during a pandemic. Tons of people are attention whoring on the internet right now. Not saying I condone it but I guess her whinging is sort of in line with what most people are doing so it seems less extreme than how her meltdowns usually are. I'm sure isolating with Debbie is a treat and a half too.

No. 771181

File: 1587845583567.jpg (233.58 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20200425-131035_Fac…)


No. 771191


Is this suppose to be shayna in her dirty studio back in seattle?

No. 771215

She hasn't been "isolated." Just because she hasn't had a social media presence doesnt mean she has been locked in the Debbie dungeon force fed diet and tanning pills without seeing another soul for the last 5 years. She was still socializing with family/friends/dick on tindr and even randos online here and there. She worked (unsuccessfully) a bit too. Her growing detachment from reality started before she disappeared anyway.

That art is genuinely cute. I hope selling stuff gives her something to work towards.

No. 771296

Scrolling through and I seen someone mention Bambi, can someone remind me what her deal was and connection to Sarah. Since I think follow her on something.

No. 771303

She's bizarre enough for me to buy a piece. I used to love her threads back in the /cgl/ days. We were such bitches. Loving, but bitches. I hope she starts selling art, just not her stupid anime stuff.

No. 771310

her normal art is even worse than the animu shit. nice unwarranted sense of superiority kek

No. 771355

anon i hate you kek

No. 771397

I'm crying I can't unsee it

No. 774935

File: 1589508514369.jpeg (513.87 KB, 1125x1428, 20197F79-C84B-42BE-BD46-B64D6A…)

Interesting weight stats that others have speculated about over the years.

No. 774942

If she's so attention starved I wonder why she doesn't make some kind of social media account and sell photosets or something?

No. 775595

She used to hang out with Bambi occasionally (she lived/lives a couple hours away iirc), they exchanged art and stuff. Neither of them talks about the other anymore and I have no clue what happened.

No. 775766

Is it whightknighty of me to not think she's not, at least deliberately lying about being sick all the time?
I think in her weird dick growing fascination phase it really seemed like the symptoms of a thyroid disorder but I don't think she ever got diagnosed so who knows.

Yep, I totally do the merch thing too.
I'm so envious that pt legit owns a physical copy of the english version of Earthbound, it's crazy rare and expensive now.

No. 775872

File: 1589932699309.jpg (51.68 KB, 503x516, Screenshot_2.jpg)

good for her, i guess

No. 775877

It technically belongs to one of her brothers but because PT legitimately loves the game so much he lets her keep it on the condition she never sells it.

No. 775888

Look at you PT lore-chan

No. 775909

She definitely seemed serious about some of her illnesses. I don't think she was lying either. Whether or not the illnesses were real is another discussion but she consistently seemed to genuinely believe she was sick.

Hope she loses what she wants to lose, her weight loss and sudden awareness of her weight issues seemed relatively normal. I was a bit dismayed to see this thread bumped and her recent issues but I hope she's back on track again.

No. 776017

File: 1589991912367.png (1.32 MB, 1022x1503, Screenshot_20200520-122245~2.p…)

PT's new set has some classic poopin' posin'

No. 776033

ayyy pt working with that dump truck, I see you queen

No. 776054

File: 1590004315463.png (131.44 KB, 514x584, pixy.png)

She's made a couple of posts like this recently and it makes me worried for her. It seems like her mom doesn't even allow her to cut her hair the way she wants. She needs to get out of there.

No. 776066

I've always found it weird that Sarah still lives with her mom at this point. She's more than capable of getting a proper career job.

No. 776068

Didn't she work at Target or something? What happened with that? I still can't imagine PT holding down an actual job or living alone, paying bills, taxes, etc.

No. 776069

She worked at Home Depot for a bit also.

No. 776138

>She's more than capable of getting a proper career job.

Based on her job history, no. She always complained about how working took time away from her hobbies. And since she's always feeling sick, I'm positive she's called in more than once and was likely let go for so many absences. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't have a job right now.

No. 776154

lol no. if you've followed pt long enough you'd know that isn't possible, especially now when she is clearly suffering the worst she has mentally.

No. 776747

File: 1590350634064.jpg (108.86 KB, 1080x426, 20200524_160135.jpg)

Anyone else think her problems like this are just… and I mean literally just attention seeking? She posted a few weeks ago about wanting attention. I almost feel like when she doesnt get enough asspats, she starts with this crap. I just find it hard to believe her "symptoms" have been going on like this unchecked…

No. 776780

I think her health anxiety is real, but she’s also quite stupid.

No. 776938

File: 1590428575377.jpeg (793.12 KB, 1125x1880, 62F139DB-8D82-4E05-8118-48E50D…)

I really do suspect our Queen might have a real hormone problem. She’s never been particularly hirsute and yet she’s got a pretty thick moustache here. I think the doctors might actually be gaslighting her and chalking every single thing up to anxiety.

No. 776939

That's a PCOStache if ever I've seen one. I bet her health anxiety and tendency to overdramatize everything makes her a nightmare patient though so it's like wading through muddy waters to treat her, but still

No. 776941

Doctors are more likely to blame everything on her weight and tell her to lose some pounds to see if that improves her

There's a lot of women who aren't believed when they report facial hair because they often wax or shave it off to keep up social appearances, so doctors think they're exaggerating about peach fuzz and look no further into it. It's a problem.

No. 776942

I wonder if she's ever gotten tested for lyme disease or fibro. I could easily believe that her family and doctor might downplay any issues she has because of her attention seeking past. But she could actually be telling the truth about some of it.

No. 776946

Not to medfag, but I agree. Even the first images that you find on google for PCOS look exactly like that. It sucks that they're probably dismissing her concerns because she's a serial exaggerator.

No. 776975

PT hates doctors tho.

No. 776977

Which has nothing to do with what you replied to, but also yes.

No. 777256

File: 1590562443638.png (444.32 KB, 2048x1093, Screenshot_20200526-235315.png)

From Sunday. Deleted yesterday. Concerning.

No. 777357

when was the last time pixy lived away from her mom? It has to have been like a decade ago at this point. I wonder if she'd benefit from living in a group home or if she'd be considered too high functioning for something like that. It sucks reading this kind of thing from her.

No. 778988

File: 1591445181269.jpg (149.04 KB, 1051x695, Screenshot_20200606-070304_Fac…)

No. 778990

File: 1591445339043.jpg (290.69 KB, 1055x1108, Screenshot_20200606-070540_Fac…)


The mental image of her throwing a temper tantrum about running a simple errand is unsettling. The more she posts the more I am convinced she is somewhere on the autism spectrum.

No. 778997

She hit herself just because she was told to go to the store? Kek

No. 779004

Autism definitely makes sense. Remember when she was confused why people were still sad about 9/11 on the first anniversary? kek

No. 779034

i wonder if she thinks she is still growing a dick

No. 779055

It has always baffled me that she's hyper aware of her age and yet normal adult things like going for groceries is traumatic.

I'm also curious why going to the store counts as slavery when her fit kinda implies her mum does her shopping too.

No. 779066

My sympathy for Sarah always disappears when she says shit like this.
It's Chris-Chan levels of entitlement, except Sarah doesn't have developmental/intellectual disabilities.
It's not even a "I get extremely anxious doing X", it's her whining about doing basic shit. If she wants to be in control she should move out.

No. 779119

cmon sarah. every post since you came back is always about how much pain you are in/how much of a slave you are. i think if someone offered her a place to stay legit, she would get upset by having to do work at home while the owners are away.

she doesn't even really do her hobbies now, so what does she actually do?

No. 779122

Pixy/Sarah has been clinically diagnosed with some sort of anxiety and personality/mental disorder. The last time we spoke a long while ago she had told me that her mom has legal guardianship of her as an adult. I can't imagine that's changed at all even now.

No. 779260

That's not surprising, but she certainly has the mental facilities and ability to at least have some awareness and change her situation.

She's not autistic or someone like Chris Chan, yet she shares the same entitled mindset. It's not even what she complains about, but how she complains about it.
I've had conversations with Pixy in the past, and she's very much always had a one upper type of personality and wants to been seen as a victim (which she very much was to an extent a decade ago). She also only every wanted too direct conversation to herself.

Not to armchair, but the way she talked back then, and even now reminds me of people I know with bpd.
But like Chris Chan, it's not the autism that makes him a shitty person.

No. 779264

Bpdfag, i feel it's important here to bring up that traits of autism in women and bpd can totally sometimes intermingle and women have been and will continue to be misdiagnosed with one or the other. I just don't see myself in pixy at all, i really do think she is autistic.

No. 779297


Sarah was apparently diagnosed? >>720025

Honestly, Pixy is definitely not neural typical. She needs a full team of mental health guidance and lives in a shit state. Her family somewhat tries from what we've heard from her sane former sister in law.

No. 779380

NTA but she had been seeing a shrink and was on meds, I believe, for a while. As you said she lives in a shit state for healthcare so treatment was always in flux. A bpd would not surprise me because her mother was diagnosed as such andshe was on meds and all that. Unfortunately I don't think she'd have an easy time getting medical help at this point unless her parents paid out a ton of money and they've had financial issues in the past, I doubt they could afford that.

I am of the belief that she likely has both bpd and autism though.

No. 779989

Newfag who just binged PTs ED and OneDrive but OF COURSE she’s a fucking Leo! Totally explains her stubbornly clinging to the “I’m hot and skinny” delusion, as well as her inability to stay off the internet, and her addiction to taking pics of herself… because her ego needs validation. Leo’s are a whole different breed man. Wish I had that false confidence.
Sorry for the astro-faggotry

No. 780377

File: 1592273627349.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, average_week_night_at_the_guil…)

from kiwifarms

No. 780383

well that is unsettling

No. 780385

Her dad seems so done, also this is hell depressing

No. 780386

Jeez, I take it back. 2010 Sarah probably improved herself, but 2020 Sarah sounds like she needs to get some kind of independent care facility

No. 780387

perfect look at a completely dysfunctional, codependent family. sucks to be pixy, she should have escaped the first time the opportunity presented itself.

covid and riots are making the crazy a lot crazier. ngl i feel bad for her but also want to kick her ass at the same time.

No. 780388

where was it posted? not seeing a thread about her.

No. 780391

Honestly…I feel like her parents only want the best for her but they are at their breaking point. I especially feel bad for her dad.

No. 780392

No. 780395

thanks, for some reason i was seeing a different thread.

No. 780398

There is another thread…but I believe it is a dead one.

No. 780399

God this is just so sad. Like, legitimately very sad. We had all hoped her break from the internet would help her improve herself, but she's regressed it seems. It's a sad situation for PT and her family.

I do kind of wonder if being in an assisted living/facility place would actually make her happier in general (along with professional help of course), just because then she'd be away from her parents? But then again, she always has something to complain about that's 'hurting her', which you KNOW would continue no matter where she's living.

No. 780401

there was some weird stuff happening in the vid, like her dad says this is killing me which she hears and then repeats 'please don't kill me'–this kind of call and response is really common in enmeshed families. then debbie, who is frankly garbage starts in on her, yes, pixy is maddening but her mother knows how to wind her up, it's pretty sadistic. pixy sounds on the verge of hysteria.

the person i feel for is pixy's dad, too old for this shit. debbie is a shit cunt of a mother, fuck her.

it looked like they were watching a 24/7 news channel, sure that's not helping.

No. 780460

Yeah, Pixy is being weird and semi hysterical while she's talking with her dad, but she's coherent(ish). Then you hear this banshee wail from mom and Pixy loses the plot completely. I have no idea what's wrong with her but I don't think that household is particularly healthy for her to be in.

No. 780475

I've noticed her mother is weird but is there more info about her? pt's threads and ed page are too much to read

No. 780490

Debbie is a big reason why PT is so fucked up, in addition to being a big fuck up herself. Telling some neighbor she fucked their long dead husband or whatever that was a while back, telling PT she's a smelly bitch for not bathing, and also for a long time just enabling PT to do whatever she wanted to, until it's gotten to this point and PT is just a mess.

Granted PT was always a mess since the /cgl/ days, but it was never like this, you could actually have a conversation with her back then, from everything I hear and see now she's kinda secluded and only interacts with Debbie and her dad, that's not healthy.

No. 780492

asking for spoonfeeding is annoying particularly when the solution to your problems is to to hit ctrl + F in order to FIND anything in the page like, yanno, debbie's name? but here you go.


No. 780534

Debbie fucked her mentally ill child good. I mean anon summed it up perfectly >>780490 but there's also a time where Debbie's mom found /cgl/'s thread (one of hundreds on Sarah) and were interacting with anons. People didn't realize how mentally ill PT was and would send her nudes to her family members, which furthered Deb's slut shaming of PT. Deb calls her daughter some of the most vile names possible. And yeah, Sarah is pretty gross, but it's not like Sarah was stuffing shit into her ass for bucks like Mariah. It was PT's business, or any anon that would request nudes I guess? Either way, it was fucked anons would call the police for Sarah's suicide baiting (which she does almost regularly and never means it), and harassing family members. It's one of the reasons you get insta banned if you mess with a cow. I think the internet was one place Sarah ran to for refuge and we ruined it. I used to go to her tinychats and despite her being obsessed with herself, it was fun! Despite being insufferable, PT never hurt anyone really.

That video isn't surprising. I see plenty of dysfunctional homes have this level of lunacy on a daily basis. I grew up in a household that was like this. Sad thing is, if Pixy were to move out, she'd probably have a good relationship with her mother. As long as both were medicated that is.

No. 780536

Sorry for the grammar errors. In Pixy lore, Deb forced pixy to take tanning pills when she was a teen or preteen. These pills were later banned by the FDA.

No. 780562

It was one of pixy's brother's gfs that found the thread on /cgl/ and posted
I think she tripfagged under Nyan

No. 780563

I thought Pixy was getting better because she was off the internet for a while. Sad to see that she seems to be getting worse. I hope she could live in a group home or something.

Ot but you need talent and skill to be very successful at something such as sports. You could do ok by just having one. I don't think Pixy has either.

No. 780575

Nyan did post every now and again. And she's Sarah's sister in law, or was. She's divorced and last time she was on the farms said she had wiped her hands clean of the entire insane family.

Pixy's mom came in one night on /cgl/. A lot of anons spammed her daughters nudes and she never came back.

No. 781445

That was disturbing. After seeing this and given her age when she got weird, it appears she has schizophrenia. Her parents aren't helping by the looks of it. I felt bad for her dad but he allows this to go on. He dug this grave and now has to lie in it.

No. 781711


It almost sounds like she thinks she's being physically attacked right at that moment?

I can't believe their neighbours hasn't called in a welfare check if she's always crying and screaming like that.


Well, since she is crying "I'm not schizo" I think her parents are at least aware that she might be. Why they haven't tried to section her is beyond me.

Then again her mum isn't… normal either.

No. 786170

Only toxic Leos act like that. It's not normal Leo behavior.(autistic necro)

No. 787104

sage for kinda dead thread, but maybe Sarah would do better away from her parents? They both always seemed like the kind of parents to dismiss and tease a kid for being weird and different instead of actually helping them level out.

Maybe she keeps screaming about not wanting to die and beeing free, clinging to Japan as a fantasy escape land bc she's never lived away from her ignorant asshole parents? Granted, it would have to be some kind of facility, I don't think for one sec she should be alone in her own apartment or house unsupervised… especially not with internet access.

No. 788475

It's the Queen's birthday today and she has been on a really sad bender of "nobody currs" lately.

Just an FYI.

No. 788596

that went well. poor pixy. on the other hand, I doubt she wants a bunch of anons to care about her

No. 788621

Any anon who knows can help her start a Patreon? She can be a terrible person, but she entertained so many for years and she deserves cash for it. I can't imagine her giving out real rewards, but if pedos like Lainey can get cash for nothing why can't Sarah?

No. 788692

Even chris-chan profits off his trolls.

No. 788703

No offense, but in her addled PT brain, what do you think she's gonna do with a buncha money??

No. 788712

File: 1596150420510.png (112.34 KB, 900x334, uhoh.png)

I'm worried

No. 788723

File: 1596152431716.png (658.27 KB, 828x1792, ptmom.png)

Pixy had a pretty big fight with her parents over running an errand to pickup cool whip. She sent me a screenshot of a conversation with her Mother. I really want to see her get out of that hell house

No. 788736

File: 1596156267033.jpg (129.15 KB, 828x1792, ptmom2.jpg)

No. 788738

File: 1596156466968.png (Spoiler Image, 33.27 KB, 366x439, babypowder.png)

No. 788760

File: 1596165036113.png (19.86 KB, 379x381, packingmybags.png)

Sorry for all the posting but She said she's getting kicked out

No. 788762

I kind of doubt Debbie actually would kick her out. She seems to enjoy clipping pixy’s wings by using her as a punching bag. It really is a fucked up codependent household. I do want her out of there, but I worry what living alone would look like for her.

So close to her birthday too. Poor Sarah.

No. 788772

This hurts to read. I know anons think she's overreacting, but I've been in a household where I felt completely controlled by my mother and it gets to the point where even running small errands for her and being expected to do for her makes you want to die because you realize how trapped you are, and how any potential you had was wasted because you can't escape.

I highly doubt Debbie is kicking her out, though. Debbie knows PT has nowhere to go, she's just escalating the drama because PT won't do what she wants. It's a form of humiliation and control, and it's awful. Not that PT is harmless, and it sounds like her mother is frustrated, too, but they're both just hurting each other at this point…

No. 788791

Buy the most senseless garbage you can think of. I was there when she started a fund for Japan and said she was also going to use the money to buy Japanese junk to make her happy so it got shut down.

So many anons have dreamed of helping her, making her look cute and some even managed to get into her life which is why you have those kind of decent Miyu pics and the legendary red hair white dress lolita dress where she looks really, really nice.

She's a weird, tacky weeb. It'll be her money, she can use it as she pleases. I wanna subscribe to her patreon!

No. 788793

I don't think it's out of the ordinary to expect your grown daughter who lives rent free to help you with errands sometimes, that's just being considerate. Sarah likely does nothing and feigns illness whenever she's asked to pick up a sock, but her parents suck for ignoring her mental problems for so long and letting it get this bad.

Debbie seems like one of those parents who thinks her mentally ill child just needs a "swift kick in the pants" to get going.

No. 788798

We all saw how calm Sarah's dad was and how insane Deb is and makes Sarah even more insane.

And no, Deb has forced Sarah to see doctors and has been angry that they haven't treated her for her bipolar. As every story, it's always a mix. Sarah is mistreated and exaggerates her victimhood. She's incredibly mentally ill and while her mom tries to help her with financial support and encouraging her to see therapy and medication, she also is unnecessarily cruel in the things she says. It's out of frustration because Sarah is entitled, spoiled, childish and dramatic. But that's why you don't have family members as care takers. As someone said up thread, Sarah needs to live in a group home. Unfortunately they don't have a type of group home that would be at her level. Sarah is functioning, but dependent. She suffers from severe, undiagnosed phobias and delusions along with a persecution complex. I think inpatient would be good for her, but fucking Texas's healthcare system is such garbage.

No. 788807

I thought Debbie only started getting her mental help within the last couple of years? Sarah's gotta be like 34 by now. She's obviously gotten worse, but there's no way they didn't have plenty of warning signs when she was younger. I think her parents downplayed her illness as something she'd grow out of, ignored it, and now they don't know how to handle her. Her mom is probably frustrated and takes it out on Sarah.

A group home would actually be a good idea, but I doubt they can afford it. Sarah really needs a lot of help and it's not cheap.

No. 788809

Every now and then a reply here gives me immense happiness for the rest of the day. This is one of those.

No. 788810

Blogging but applicable. I know someone who suffers from Bipolar and Schizophrenia with a kid. She was advised that she needed a care taker after she disappeared for 24 hours. I think Sarah could probably qualify for income housing, food stamps and a care taker with wellness checks. I don't think shit stain Victoria, TX would have all that for her, but it's an option in a lot of US cities. Sarah can work and can even hold down a job. If she managed to get medicated I bet she'd only need wellness checks.

Right now, the only meds that have been reported are anti depressants. She needs a cocktail of mood stabilizers.

Have you ever seen a group home that isn't for severely disabled, autistic, non-functioning adults? Sarah wouldn't meet the criteria I think. Especially because she functions so well with people other than her parents in real life. The question isn't sarcastic, I mean are there group homes like that? I have no idea if Sarah has others like her that are taken care of. If she did that would be great.

No. 788819

Didn't her mom say she was diagnosed as bipolar? I'm not sure what the criteria is for disability benefits in Texas.

From all of her facebook posts from the last couple years, she constantly talks about feeling sick and wanting to kill herself. I disagree she functions well with other people, even in her old chats she was quick to block people if they didn't praise her enough. It doesn't seem like she has real friendships, besides the people who comment because they obviously feel bad for her. She might have been able to hold down a job before, but bipolar gets worse without treatment.

I don't know if there's a group home like what you mentioned, but it would definitely do her a lot of good to be away from her parents and under professional care.

No. 788822

Why were the cops even there?

No. 788847

She was posting about wanting to commit suicide and apparently someone concerned called the police on her. She said they made her feel embarrassed but I'm certain that was more the Situations doing

She's said to me before that her Dad is an alcoholic who just sits by and does nothing

No. 788859

She's an unreliable narrator. She says that her mom calls her a cum dumpster and shit and it turns out pixy wasn't lying on how awful her mom treats her, but we've also seen examples of how she exaggerates things and is extremely delusional. The idea of her dad being an alcoholic is probably him being retired, watching tv and having a few beers.

No. 788878

They're from the deep south. They would never commit PT to a facility because that would be admitting something is seriously wrong with her. They can handle a bipolar diagnosis because plenty of people with bipolar can take medication/therapy and go on to live fairly normal lives. They can't handle the idea she might be something worse like schizophrenia or autism which means she would be dependent on them or a caretaker her entire life, so they reject the idea and instead try to force her to be normal by pretending she's just being lazy and treat her like complete dogshit instead. They've been doing it to her for over 30 years now and to accept any other diagnosis would mean accepting that they abused her and failed utterly as parents. They won't.

Pixy is not functional enough to advocate for herself anymore. She can't pick up and move out because she has 0 resources and is incapable of holding down a job for more than 2 weeks. She's too deluded about her own mental state to get help from a health professional. She needs a case worker but without her parents to act as guidance it will never happen.

No. 788879

"Please don't post this anywhere"


No. 788880

No, there really aren't group homes like that. It makes it so difficult to have a family member who's mentally ill but not fucked up ENOUGH. There's this weird purgatory, they slip through the cracks because of it.

No. 788934

This. It's a special circle of hell when someone is having regular screaming meltdowns that should by all rights require hospitalisation, but burning out on them quickly and becoming ineligible for crisis care before anything useful can be done.
There's a level of mental health needs somewhere between "seeing a therapist" and "on a locked ward" that just has zero treatment options in a lot of places. It appears that Victoria, TX is one of those places.

sage for MH sperging.

No. 788993

File: 1596323135595.jpeg (41.22 KB, 828x213, 8E70E128-5761-46BA-ACB0-0F0BB6…)

Anyone else see this and know what’s going on?

No. 788995

literally scroll up

No. 788996

Why jail though?

No. 788997

She attacked Debbie. She pulled Debbie's hair. Debbie threw her out after. Pt was refusing to do chores and Debbie was insulting her.

No. 789000

The whole situation is confusing as hell and I don't know who to believe, what with Pixy having a history of over exaggerating everything that happens to her, but also Debbie having a history of screaming at Pixy to the point where she seems psychotic so that's a hard one.

No. 789001

Thank you anon. I knew there was drama going on at home due to the screenshots above but I just saw her post about actually being kicked out. Shit man. Wish I could offer her any help, lord knows she won’t fare well on her own.

No. 789003

There's probably a reason for her doing that tbh. parents aren't perfect, they're dumbasses like the rest of us. sarah never wants to do anything and it's been like that for years. i'd be fed up too.

No. 789015

Yeah but that was Debbie's Job as a parent. To teach her life skills. I imagine they treat her more like a slave at home expecting her to do chores but not being supportive in any other aspect of her life.

No. 789018

Pixie probably feels stuck. That she doesnt have a job/her own place which allows for some freedom. Its no wonder she is depressed, has declining mental health and lashes out. Wonder if the mother will really follow through in kicking pixie out.

No. 789020

File: 1596333460312.jpg (284.88 KB, 1440x2464, Screenshot_2020-08-01_205723.j…)


No. 789023

I believe the bit about Pixy lying in bed all day mainly because Texas is so hot right now she's probably extra lethargic, trying to stay cool.

No. 789028

Wow what the fuck
She threw a glass at her dad? No wonder they called the cops, I don't know what she expected her parents to do if she was starting to get violent. Honestly the police should have just had her taken away by ambulance to the hospital for mental health observation, they probably would have been able to get her in with an in-hospitsl psychologist and put her on some meds.

No. 789035

Pretty unlikely the cops would do that, they'd just see it as a domestic violence situation and I don't think a hospital would take her for something like that, PT is unwell but not to that degree. Unfortunately, as another anon said, PT is a level between the "average" person with mental illness and someone who should be in a padded cell, and unfortunately there are few to no resources for people like that. She needs serious treatment but I doubt her family could afford it.

This situation is awful, plus the issue is both PT and her mother are crazy so they're both probably at fault and just driving each other insane.

No. 789045

I don’t believe that the cops called her “dumbass” and “old”, not for a second. Didn’t she say someone was going to make her into a burger and that she didn’t “want to be eaten” not so long ago? She has a history of completely twisting situations and saying nonsensical crap. Not the most reliable witness to anything that happens in her own life, tbh.

No. 789051

File: 1596359302044.jpg (367.58 KB, 1440x2464, Screenshot_2020-08-02_040639.j…)

I cropped it so it's readable. I asked her whom said she would explode and for the photo.

No. 789058

Wow. So she really did get kicked out and now they're cutting her off support-wise. Where is she going to go at this point?

I wish they would have just done the right thing and gotten her admitted somewhere with professionals that could help her.

No. 789060

That’s…really fucking sad.

What does her mom mean in the top message, where she says she “should be happy to go since she has food and a place to live”? Does that mean she already has a place to go?