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File: 1460092369131.png (358.52 KB, 468x424, Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.0…)

No. 257058

Last thread

Margo the River Monster is now a travelling gaijin hobo, sleeping in net cafes throughout Japan. She's given Venus a new "deadline or else" of Sunday to meet her in person to stop her false copyright claims against the venus angelic youtube channel. Margo has a little less than a month remaining on her visa, Venus's channel is deleted for the time being, and Margo is a satanist. Margo may or may not be back in Tokyo, but she's wandering around with her suitcase and a chip on her shoulder.

Pastebin of the beginnings of this chapter of the drama (Venus running away from her mother to live with her husband, and Margo stalking Venus in Japan)

No. 257059

File: 1460092467957.png (33.04 KB, 306x198, Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.0…)

Interesting analogy margo's chosen. Her puppet child cut it's strings and Margo is baffled by this.

No. 257060

>>257047 (last thread)
Yes! I'd like that so much better than regular cow speak we had this year.

>Stop bullying me af

>Bummed a cig from my homies and now ve party. Ave Satanas

>I took two showers in the airport, Vinys. Two!

>Visiting Denny's sausage #japantravel #food #parfait

>plotters plottingly plotting plottier plots

No. 257061

File: 1460092796001.jpg (42.86 KB, 600x432, hail-satan.jpg)

Thanks OP, and lest we forget.

No. 257062

>I took two showers in the airport, Vinys. Two!

You owe me a new glass of wine. Also:

>she stole and bully me

No. 257063

For quick reference, here's a link to Margo's latest hobo video


No. 257066

File: 1460093600767.png (25.05 KB, 305x109, Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.3…)

Oh jassyrose85 (now jasmin_phil), never change

No. 257067

I love the way these dolts keep praising Margo's photography.

No. 257068


There's really nothing else to sort of praise, if her minions are looking for asspats from their queen:

>"Margo, you look so… pretty?"

>"Oh wow, haha, keep wearing that same outfit, gurl, work it!"

>"Jowls on FLEEK"

No. 257069

Is gassyrose some kind of lesbian trying to hit on Margarine? Or become her adopted child? These compliments are kinda getting creepy. Should we prepare for mm/lg?

No. 257070

File: 1460094677288.png (35.64 KB, 306x186, Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.4…)

Love this. One of Margo's hopeful-type stans thought Margo was saying that Manaki backing up Venus's channel with his email was kind of him (which it was) and Margo's all, "you're not understanding how bad he is"

No. 257071

You know what was a mistake? YOU.
Stole my belongings
Ran away with my income

I just wanted to add those.

No. 257072


>swarovski collection

No. 257076

kek but seriously it's some kind of absent father issue. jassy came and blabbed about it here.

No. 257077


Jassy is Adelaide trash whose father died a couple years back, around when she had a kid. She was estranged from her dad for a couple years before he died, and somehow has transfered this idea that she can make up for lost time with her dead dad by giving Margo her unmitigated support.

No. 257078

jassy has a kid? how tragic. I just saw her and her bf and mum on her IG…. but I didn't look that deep.

No. 257079

and also, why would you come here and tell it. this girl has so much wrong with her.

No. 257080

(samefag), I'll admit I din't read her long personal post. I was too busy composing insults.

No. 257105

>let it go, like a fart

No. 257111


>getting a job never occurred to me anyway

No. 257113

>Margo has a little less than a month remaining on her visa

Ah, shit, thought she would be overstaying already! Really can't wait for the ultimate meltdown when her visa time is up, there will be torrents of milk most likely.

>Jowls on FLEEK


No. 257115

It's a sad day when the Kigurumi anime mask conveys more emotion and humanity than you Margendo.

No. 257117


It's not her! Just another supporter. You can see both commenting under the previous posts.

No. 257118

I'm awaiting the day to yet again bleach my eyes when maggot posts her nude shower selfie from whatever net cafe she's staying in.

No. 257119

There's three of them with variations on the Jasmine name, they all post on Aus time (e.g. 10am at work, around this time in the evening). The likelihood is all three of them are in fact the same person.

i.e. nice try, Jassy.

No. 257120


No. 257121

kek at "another supporter". we can count you on one hand and name you all.

No. 257122

And it's especially easy to do that now with insta letting you log into multiple accounts at once. It's definitely her.

No. 257123

Not like the other one has selfies from a year ago, updates often with selfies of her, and it's another person from germany or w/e

No. 257127

Yeah but WHY?? What does this ragtag little band of losers see in this nasty vile squinty-eyed 40 year old weirdo? I DON'T GET IT.

No. 257128

Doesnt Margo only have a week left on her visa not a month???

No. 257129

Her 90 days is up on May 6.

No. 257130

So here's what I want to know: she's lugging around a 40 pound suitcase but hasn't changed her clothes the entire time she's been gone (except that one selfie with the mascot where she had on a gray top.) Who does that? Why pack a big suitcase but have no extra clothes? What's in there if not clothes? It's like she threw all her (non clothing) belongings in a suitcase & ran.

Shady shady marge. Net cafe homeless Satanist.

She's been vv quiet all day, hmmm. Must be frolicking in wildflower meadows and splashing in clear mountain streams in rural Japan, right?

No. 257131

File: 1460111333597.png (99.17 KB, 341x545, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.28…)

Jassy lurks; talks to sockpuppet; margo rages

No. 257132

File: 1460111442949.png (80.54 KB, 317x534, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.30…)

queenjuhina doubles down after doubts

No. 257134

At this point I just sympathize with her. She needs help.

No. 257136

>worked together hurr
>on the most shittiest videos ever
Oh boohoo it was/is the most shittiest channel anyways.
How do we know they are the same though? I doubt because lolcow can be paranoid about the samefags at times. I know the name is a giveaway but no one can be that stupid to do that on purpose/accidently

No. 257137

To me it was obvious it's not her. They just have a similar name! I would understand if it was a fake account, with random posts. But to me it's obvious that's just another person that supports her.
You are free to think whatever you want tho

No. 257139

>inb4 paranoids saying you are jassy or jasmin

Can we stop talking about her though? This is the marge and venus thread.

No. 257141


I agree that it's unlikely it's jassy. Why make a sockpuppet account, take the time to fill it with pictures, captions and a whole fake story about living in Germany and then give yourself away with your username? That's not even stupid, it's downright illogical.
There's no way someone like gassy who easily (and stupidly) posted pictures giving away her location, workplace and full name would make up such a contrived story. If gassy's gonna sockpuppet she'd do it in some empty, private account like any other non-mentally ill person.
Not saying she doesn't have issues, but making up a fake persona isn't gassy's style.

No. 257143

Not that anon, but wat
Everything that anon is saying makes logical sense, to assume otherwise seems more nuts. I'm not sure what you're even trying to get at with
>to create a sockpuppet account

No. 257145


No. 257148

This. Thank you. Whoever is posting comments about margo supporters should stop.
Stop. Post milk or stop.

No. 257149

Samefagging but on a second thought you can post this in the bad makeup thread. But not here.

No. 257150

Who cares about any of these orbiters? The only interesting one out there is NJM. Does she have her own thread yet?

No. 257151

I agree but disagree she should hve her own thread because the first 5 posts would be quality but then it would be another PULLtier thread. Most of us already know who she is and that already is enough milk.

No. 257152

No. 257153

File: 1460115447977.jpeg (808.76 KB, 1856x1180, image.jpeg)

Nooooo, it wasn't me who shut her channel! BUT if Veenoos comes back to me I will drop the copyright claim!

No. 257154

Last sentence is the only sentence that came out of her mouth that made sense.

No. 257160

I'm pretty sure it's her. She jumped into the thread as soon as it was mentioned that they may be the same person. Jassy, you can't really pretend to be anon, your style gives you away.

No. 257163

I can't help but pity the sad motherfuckers who actually care about Margo and are her leading whiteknights. It's so unbelievably tragic.

No. 257164

File: 1460119168609.jpeg (56.07 KB, 650x650, Funny-reaction-pc-images-to-us…)

We all know Margo is full of shit. I love how she takes these random scenery pics and then talks about how hurt or edgy she's being.

No. 257166

I don't even know that they care about Margo. It's like a flood of insignificant people who need to feel like they're involved in drama with barely internet-famous people. Since Margaret is easier to reach than Venus, they just keep buzzing around her like flies.

No. 257167

She should take photos of her lovely peasant home featuring her peasant food she eats daily and her wonderful new hobo life. #lifeisgreatinjapan

No. 257168

They want to feel important because Margo probably understands their teenage edgy selves.

No. 257169

Some of them are probably genuine supporters due to their own fucked-up lives, some are probably uber cack handed attempts at getting milk from Margo. Either way they're morons.

No. 257170

Man she'll be like "Look at what i've been reduced to! This all Veenoos' fault. Why won't she come back to me?"
She showed us her showering(disgusting!!!) so I don't see why she can't show us her "peasant" food. Peasant food to her is probably anything she had to work for to get.

No. 257175

Still no sign of Venus

No. 257177

She deleted this after somebody mentioned that this could be justification for Venus to abuse her/take her money/ etc.

No. 257178

File: 1460126133612.jpeg (201.42 KB, 750x1091, image.jpeg)

Seems that Adelaide and fucking German aren't the same person. Just two mentally ill friends of Maggot

No. 257179

>seriously #lolcowbitches is your life so boring that you have to spend your day in a thread?
Ah, the classic behaviour from anyone that gets posted here. Yes, we're taking our whole days to make a couple of posts about you but your obsessive checking of the thread and posting every time you get mentioned is totes OK and doesn't make you a 'poor individual'!

No. 257180

Margo and her fans are poor indivuals. YES.

No. 257181

File: 1460126516781.png (50.69 KB, 292x385, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 15.4…)

I kinda want to stop posting about them, but in the absence of fresh Margo milk I can't help but laugh at their retarded babble that they seem to think is so sassy and smart /crying laughing emoji

No. 257182

Think your right anon. Looks like maggot can add another mentally ill supporter to her short list. Posts are too close together to be the same. Maybe they can all meet at Denny's for a parfait.

No. 257183

Yeah, let's stop posting about them - although I think they are entertaining in there sassy way thinking they know about us

No. 257184

Let's not give those dumb bitches any more attention. Fuck them.

Margo is in Gifu? In her cheapo ticketto video she had it stamped 3 times already. Surely she must be preparing to head back to Tokyo soon. Unless she got another cheapo ticketto? Has she morphed into her next creepy pasta form? So far we have river monster, hobo haunting Osaka and now train ghoul

No. 257185

More maggot and venus milk. Not this shit. It's getting boring and fucking up this thread.

No. 257186

Sorry I just can't stop thinking of Jassy and her derp friend being FANS of Maggot. I mean why? The only thing I thank this woman for is that she gave birth to Venus

No. 257187

man, I'm dying to see when she'll morph again. Hopefully she doesn't show us another shower video. She's a sea hag.

No. 257188

Someone should draw pics of Margo as Japanese folk monsters/ghosts.

No. 257189

It's been 3 days. I'm actually starting to worry a bit.

No. 257190

She's likely just posting older pictures she took from her hobo trip.

No. 257192

Yes it seems odd that she'd just stop posting. Bad enough she can't upload video's. Perhaps mags satan pic pushed her over the edge.

No. 257195

Venus seemed pretty heart broken before her channel got taken away. So I'm sure it did effect her deeply. It's only a channel but it's been Venus' life work since she was 13. I'm sure Venus finally went into a depression. I'm glad she has Manaki. I mean, on the surface he seems like a creep, but I doubt he's with Venus for money. He was a fan of hers, she is a cute, white girl and Manaki is an awkward weird nerd so I'm sure he treasures her. Despite the weirdness I hope Venus has a support structure with him and his family.

No. 257197

She's probably laying low right now cause she knows Margo is waiting for her to react. Margo is expecting Venus to come flying to her to get the channel back but it just won't happen. Venus is probably depressed af right now and I wouldn't blame her. Poor girl. I don't think anything bad happened to Venus but if something did, boy is Margo in for it.

No. 257206


I'm honestly still surprised how Venus reacted to margo in public. I never thought she would be so mature about it and I'm sure marg didn't expected it either. I was a bit worried she would go back really fast but now I think it won't ever happen at all.

No. 257211

She's an adult now and Margo can't stand the idea of her little piggy bank being all grown up. Venus probably has a hard time not going to Margo if she sees Margo's plans to guilt trip her but she's wise for not playing into it.

No. 257222

File: 1460134070090.png (527.73 KB, 931x596, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 17.4…)

New post.

No. 257227

I'm pretty sure she got other clothes too as she wore others before but she doesn't seem to have a place for changing clothes.

No. 257231

I really hope Venus is okay. Going by her words of having 'dark thoughts' about losing her channel she mentioned about not long ago…

No. 257235

Venus has resisted running back or lashing out after all this time AND the crap Margo has flung at her. This must have been an unbelievably stressful time, damn I'm proud of her!

No. 257236

>Did your visa finally run out?
>Walk under it and hopefully it'll fall on you

lmao these comments.
I'm pretty sure mags is without a place to stay rn.

No. 257237

File: 1460137945668.jpg (12.1 KB, 259x60, friends.JPG)


and also this one

No. 257239

There's always a cafe chair for her to sleep in. Unless she ran out of money to even do that.

No. 257246

Fucking cringy. I dont care about venus but maggot is a cow who gives milk so I pretend I like Venus just to piss maggot off.

No. 257251

No. 257252

If a remove Sam Pepper from YouTube petition with over 200K signatures, then one getting Venus back her account isn't going to do shit. We all know what Sam did was extremely fucked up too.

No. 257253

over 200K signatures didn't do shit*

No. 257255

File: 1460146216022.png (73.18 KB, 377x339, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.09…)

New caption

No. 257256


Is she still up? Did she never go to sleep? Meth's a hell of a drug.

No. 257258

Should we start taking bets for the date when margot goes full retard?

No. 257259


(implying she's not been in max chimp out mode for days already)

No. 257260


6 years of work…so…more like 6 years of milking her daughter and living off of her income for those years while not doing shit because she was a "manager". Such hard work!

No. 257261


Margo wasn't even been involved in Venus's career for more than 3, maybe 4 years. MAggot wasn't interested in her daughter whatsoever when V started her channel. Mags started leeching / pushing the sexy kiddie angle / pimping V out on reality shows and interviews a couple years later, once she realized that she could shake shekels out of her previously useless daughter.

No. 257262

She probably spends more time looking for her next train ride and checking her instagram than she does sleeping.

No. 257263

Could it be possible that those pics have been taken the same day and she's at the same old house right now? It can be just a way to pretend she's somewhere else, since someone discovered her address.

No. 257264

I'm sure she will go out with a big bang.

No. 257266


She needs to fetch a train that'll ride on into a deep river, preferably with no other passengers on board of course.

No. 257268

File: 1460147572975.gif (217.93 KB, 852x961, hobo-2a copy.gif)

Kek. How often does she ride the trains anyway? Someome give her a can of beans and a dog so she can walk around and look like this guy.

No. 257269


She had a 5 day pass, but in her video she said you could tack on extra days for a pretty nominal fee.

No. 257270


It's not just about the channel being her "life work" or a means to support herself and make money while she gets her shit together, her YouTube channel is also the only consistent thing she's ever had in her life, apart from her relationship with her mother who is now out of the picture. In the last 8 years she got dragged to 6 different countries on 2 different continents, she has no long-term friends, no relationship with her relatives, no completed education. The only routine she must have had in her life was making videos and being able to interact with her fans, and I'm sure that even if she got ridiculed a lot for being an embarrassing weeb, it must have been very comforting for her having some kind of routine.

That's why having her channel shut down is so evil. It's not about money or not letting her do what she enjoys; now that she broke away from her mother and moved in with her husband she is already going through plenty of distressing changes, and Margo took away the only shred of comfort and stability she had left in her life.

No. 257271

Personally I don't like seeing people compare Margfart to hobos and homeless people. Those people might have actually led dignified lives and didn't leech off their offspring before they fell down on their luck.

No. 257272

Yeah some hobos may of had a dignified life at some point but there's plenty that don't. There's a lot of them that go and beg for money only to go spend it on getting wasted cause it's all they've ever done in life. Hell, some of them aren't even actual hobos. They just go beg for money cause they're too lazy to work.

No. 257274

Watch her boring, long-ass video and you can find out! I gave up after 3 minutes but there's another 5 after that which I'm sure are packed with fascinating info.

No. 257275

I wouldn't subject any poor canine to Marge's crazy shit.

No. 257277

Pretty sure you're missing the point. Not all people deserve being homeless yadda yadda yadda insert check your privilege here.

I can only speak for myself, but I'm laughing because this 40 year-old womanchild is sleeping in chairs at Anime cafés and stalking her adult daughter all across Japan because she can't support herself without her weeb kid's YouTube bux. That's pretty fucking funny.

No. 257278

Nah man her legs made me terrified to watch anymore of her videos. Like we wanted to see that.

The dog would probably sense her lack of emotion and leave the second it sees an opening chance. Didn't she post a pic of a dog on her IG and it uncomfortable as it could possibly get?

No. 257279

Her latest video doesn't have her legs/body in it, it's just her sitting and talking in a booth

No. 257280


Not the anon you replied to, but I believe they were referring to the prior video in the nasty hoarder house where maggot "pre washed" her clothes in her leg hair and soap scum.

No. 257282

File: 1460149405602.png (76.29 KB, 332x581, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 2.03…)

Aunt Zsu is calling her Mayo. I love it.

No. 257283

She is lurking lolcow and is an imposter. Call me paranoid but I dont trust this. It's too coincidental.

No. 257285

File: 1460150393869.gif (30.63 KB, 598x81, og zsuzsa.gif)

No. 257287


She's in photos with Margo's parents, brothers and sisters, and talks regularly with she and Margo's dad on instagram. I think you're being paranoid.

No. 257288


based aunt zsu

No. 257289

So, so strange. Zsu is clearly following this as closely as we are and on the stopmargaretp IG of all places. She's commenting & trying to fit in with 'Mayo,' LOL. Doesn't realize it's not an endearing nickname.

I can't make out what she's trying to say w/her broken English…does she really think the margoblin might have 'good intentions??'

No. 257292

Bingo. She wouldn't call her Mayo in a disrespectful way like we do on purpose. But if she did LOL. But that's a small chance.
I think she is saying that if Mayo wasnt a fucked up person she wouldn't claim absurb things about Penis on instagram. Or she is saying that Margo shouldn't have made such posts but instead should have just posted positive things like always. A flower in the cement. Lolwut? Directly translated figure of speech from german? Hungarian? Some weird european language?

No. 257293


She's helped translate Margo's email to their dad. She doesn't like to talk bad about family, but she jumped into the convo early on in this drama to say that Margo has always ben this way, and that yelling at her doesn't help anything.

No. 257294

The dog was whale eyeing you idiot. And it's been proven that dogs have a special set of facial expressions to communicate with humans with. They've even evolved eyebrow markings because it makes it easier for humans to read their faces. They don't think we're other dogs or any of that "pack leader" bullshit.

No. 257295

File: 1460151531017.png (525.12 KB, 784x582, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 2.37…)


Here's photo taken by Margo & Zsu's dad in Budapest. The same zsu account has liked it. It is indeed Margo's sister on the stopmargaretp account comments.

No. 257296

Yeah, that dog was NOT "being obedient." The
body language & facial expression screamed PLEASE DON'T COME NEAR ME. Dogs know.

No. 257297


she is the better looking version of maggot.

No. 257298

I know Magrot is seething in jealousy over how much prettier her little sister is than her. She probably gave Aunt Zsusua just as horrible a time as she did to Venus when they were children.

No. 257299

Butterface. Just like Margo. Poor venus. Nice body though zsa zsa

No. 257300

I disagree

No. 257301


Both of mags' little sisters are pretty, and make mags looks worse by comparison.

No. 257302

I think she looks really similar to margo but she is so much prettier because she actually looks like a genuinely nice and happy person. I think Zsu looks qt

No. 257303

This. Thank you for being honest.

No. 257304


Here here. Zsu also appears much younger than mags - even with a similar face - although she's only a few years her junior. Looks like not being cruel is a wonderful beauty treatment.

No. 257305

>Margaret on YT: Do you like to travel by train?
>YT user AnomalousViewer: I think airplane is the best way to travel since it's the fastest way to run away from an abusive mother :)

latest video stats: 57 thumbs up, 637 down
I know fangelics will swarm to downvote but only 57 upvotes out of 3K views? Marg, they don't like you. They really, really don't like you.

No. 257306

But only fangelics watch her videos though…I doubt anyone but them watch mayos videos Make this 638 as I will thumb it down too lol

No. 257307

I was able to thumbs down her morning routine in filth video multiple times. Got lucky because I never got an ad pop up.

No. 257308

Eh do you know how youtube works? Unless you thumbed down her videos with diff accounts

No. 257310

Yes, I know how it works. It went in as another thumbs down since both up and down were grayed out. It wasn't blacked out until I clicked again.

No. 257311

Yeah, if you go do it multiple times it undos what you did each time. You only get 1 vote per account.

No. 257313

Actually there are a few (VERY few) comments on her vids that seem genuinely complimentary. They're getting fewer and fewer every video tho. Her IG 'likes' are dwindling too. People are either getting bored or grossed out and wandering away, which for a fucking raging narcissist like maguu is like the worst thing EVER.

No. 257315

Narcissist? You mean schizophrenic borderline and paranoid.. And divorced.

No. 257316

Wait, so Margareth actually has a life to come back from japan? like a family that could sustain her? i thought she only had her daughter youtube money to live.

No. 257318

narcissism is way more likely.

No. 257319

But she is not charming or convincing in any way. Plus she is also a satanist, to make matters worse.

No. 257321

Department stores usually have changing rooms in their ladies' rooms. She's an idiot if she doesn't know this.

The maggot has had all the makings of a bitter old hag since she was eight. The rest of the family don't have her mental issues, that's why she cut them off.

lol divorced is the least of her problems. Plenty of people are divorced and work hard to look after their kids. This dirty scumbag though…

They would, but she's not going back because they don't understand her. She's an edgy satanist after all, and her family are "fundamentalists". Never mind that aunt Zsu and grandpa have never told her to repent and come to Jesus. Maggot is so obviously developmentally arrested it's a disgrace she was awarded custody in the divorce.

No. 257322


She has family in Budapest & Switzerland (sister Szu lives in Switzerland), but she's not close to them. Mag's dad seems to have her number pretty well; she got desperate and informed him he could send her money via an email he published to Venus's instagram. His response was that all her wanted was to send his kind thoughts and caring on her birthday. They seem to be well aware that Margo is a toxic, unstable force. Whether they'd take her in even in an emergency appears to be a maybe.

No. 257324

Lol no doubt she was the sole reason that divorce dragged out as long as it did. Knowing Mags, she did it to hurt him and so he couldn't remarry.

No. 257325

Yeah but in Japan they normally don't have locks - so if someone goes in staff just follow. It's fucking unnerving so I don't blame her. This woman walked in on me when I was trying a bra on.

No. 257327


You can easily change your clothing in a locked public restroom stall / locked single bathroom. The mangakissa's have showers and changing rooms. Mags didn't change her clothes for 3+ days because she didn't want to / feel like it / didn't notice she was rank on day 3 of her paranoia bender.

No. 257328

That's not what I'm talking about. In the lavatories, they often have an extra stall with a lock where you can change. It's probably intended for people who buy something for a party after work, and want to change into what they bought immediately. It's only at the fancier department stores, but they are in all major cities.

No. 257329

She's a grim person. I bet she smells like merky swamp water.

No. 257330

Like kappa ass.

No. 257331

>her wanted was to send his kind thoughts and caring on her birthday.
Z-z-zsu? Is that you? Who is her?

No. 257333


It was a typo; *he wanted was…

No. 257335

I bet she noticed she was rank af and just wanted to deny it. Margo probably thinks she could never smell nasty and couldn't stand the fact that she would have to change in a restroom stall or mangakissa.

Aren't there plenty of inns and hotels there? She doesn't have to sleep in a cafe if there are plenty of those. She's just being stupid.

Maybe like Satan's farts

No. 257337

she's not charming or convincing anymore to people that know her true personality. To new people she meets, they don't know anything else to judge her on.

No. 257338

She has always been considered odd though…but lets not turn this thread into another diagnose thread.

No. 257341


She is no doubt running out of money, thus cannot afford to stay in hotels. Mangakissa is probably one of the few options she has left.

No. 257343

Yes ^ Maggut is a cyberhomeless hobo.

She's been super quiet since the last HAIL SATAN bender. Same pattern. She cycles like a mf.

No. 257344


Basically, by my understanding, she's saying Venus has a good spirit and thinks she may have actually contacted Margaret at some point, but Margo is pretending like she still hasn't had any contact with V just to continue her victim charade and to be a bitch. It seems she's saying she doesn't think Margaret's intentions are good or honest and she's covering up her wrong doings with flower pictures.

No. 257347

Probably correct. Venus was initially willing to meet this crazy bitch at the airport after all, but then the maggot infamously chimped out and even tried to involve the police.

No. 257353

Venus called the police on her though…its the other way round.

No. 257354

margaret should get a nose job, learn how to properly put on makeup, get a nice hair cut and become a prostitute just like all the other illegal gaijins in japan. who knows, maybe there's a niche market for women like her.

No. 257355


Venus signaled for help after Margo got a hold of her arm and managed to get away leaving Margo with the security guys, and then Margo spun the story that Venus took her belongings which Margo allegedly packed in the same suitcase as Venus's . I want to know what happened to the bunny plush though.

No. 257356

So I wonder if the Sunday (today in Japan) deadline she was talking about could be the end of the two week period for her to either file formal charges or her copyright complaints expire? Like twisting that to say it was Venus' last chance to 'fix things' before margg goes forward & it's 'too late?' idk what other significance Sunday could have so- ??

No. 257358

is cupcakedoll a troll or moron?

No. 257359

File: 1460164057413.jpg (86.14 KB, 400x400, both.jpg)

No. 257362

File: 1460164479222.jpg (13.43 KB, 241x300, disgusted-face.jpg)


>mother daughter reunited love video on margo's pornhub channel.

No. 257363

Awww you're new so cute
Read the thread cupcake (ay lmao reddit), stay on topic.

No. 257365

Accidently deleted my post but wouldnt it be hot?

No. 257366

At this point in time it is Saturday morning in Japan


No. 257367

NJM is that you?

No. 257373

File: 1460168471046.png (396.61 KB, 949x441, maggot.png)

Imagine having parents so violently crazy you need security to protect yourself.

No. 257374

File: 1460169188308.png (815.24 KB, 936x596, 324.png)

Margo's supporters don't even leave Manaki alone.

No. 257375

File: 1460169358651.png (374.42 KB, 582x600, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.33…)

@stopmargaretp caught a quick caption change earlier. She seems to be defending her right to delete anything she opened and hosted (legally true), but Venus opened the youtube account herself, soo…


No. 257376

File: 1460169372855.png (339.13 KB, 614x581, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.33…)


No. 257377

File: 1460169487312.png (17.98 KB, 300x250, lololol.png)


off topic; but what tf is with those portions?

No. 257381

File: 1460170001536.jpg (4.83 KB, 225x187, 9a441d5dd322cbf4a1cb62faa64b4c…)

Dafuq is this? I thought she said she made those copyright claims cause there were no other options? Ok…is Margo changing her story or am I tripping balls?

No. 257382

File: 1460170066924.png (204.65 KB, 500x333, 2fRD6PZ.png)


top kek I juuust posted a pic like this in the eugenics thread, only in opposition, although in Margo's case I will allow for it.

>hurry up and burn yourself out old bag

No. 257383

File: 1460170077070.jpg (22.64 KB, 975x527, not a troll account.jpg)

>My posts range from kawaii to anime to just random things!
>no fucking posts

No. 257385

Oh no, what a nightmare! Manaki needs to stop treating Venus well because it's not safe and must stop now!

Why are Midge supporters so fucking dumb? I swear to god, if I ever needed to raise an army for a suicide mission with a zero chance of survival, dumb teenagers would be the best option.

No. 257387

Can I just say that as somebody that is not always keeping up with every post in the Margo threads, I really, really appreciate the little rundown of recent events being included with every new OP.

No. 257388

He's feeding her broccoli and cherry tomatoes, the evil bastard!

No. 257389

File: 1460172873616.png (573.46 KB, 998x666, MAYO.png)

>Aunt Zsu is calling her Mayo

No. 257390


I gotchu, fam

No. 257391

File: 1460173509746.png (719.43 KB, 919x574, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.44…)

Mayo rises

No. 257392

File: 1460173521655.png (83.06 KB, 342x561, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.44…)


No. 257393


We're back to Manaki the master of puppet Venus; Margo didn't take down Venus's account with requests, "google" did; and Mayo is in Fukushima.

No. 257396

I love death treats. They sound yummy.

She needs to make up her mind on what's going on with the youtube channel. She got the channel removed and she knows it.

No. 257397


Oh, and Venus is now MAYBE a bully "unintentionally", because Manaki probably told V to steal the macbook.

Maggot, never change. I mean, I wouldn't care if another hobo stabbed you on your train travels, but never change.

No. 257398

File: 1460173883752.png (83.1 KB, 342x561, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.50…)

We're off to the races. The milk drought is over!

No. 257399

File: 1460173902221.png (26 KB, 318x124, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.51…)

No. 257400

File: 1460174144829.png (586.55 KB, 912x585, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.54…)

Maggot, pls show pics of you at an airport.

New pic from Sendai.

No. 257402

File: 1460174227320.png (56.37 KB, 309x320, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.56…)

"It's out of my control, the channel has nothing to do with me! Except Venus didn't talk to me, which is why it's too late"

Why would google care if you spoke to your daughter, if they're the ones who shut the channel down, mags?

No. 257403

File: 1460174332523.png (102.84 KB, 350x559, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.57…)

Someone must've finally gotten to plug her phone in; she must've been twitching for her attention fix because she's on fire

No. 257404

File: 1460174455313.png (37.97 KB, 338x226, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.00…)

"I would have let her go like a normal person, but Manaki".

No. 257406

File: 1460174587473.png (28.01 KB, 330x182, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.02…)

She's responding to every message on this photo, if anyone wants to try to pry into from her (and isn't blocked yet)

No. 257411

Is magoo claiming Venus' account was hers?

Death threats are terrible.

Reading mayos list of why people shouldnt make death threats (treats) is a little weak.

No. 257412

File: 1460178236261.png (66.41 KB, 346x365, Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.0…)

No. 257413


No. 257414

File: 1460178488509.png (30.24 KB, 387x347, Dangerous new channel.png)

Is she saying it will be dangerous for Venus to open a new channel?

No. 257415


I think Margo has managed to twist it in her ind that google has dropped the channel and the whole thing is not her fault and out of her hands because the claim reports she filed caused the account suspension / deletion. So as she sees it: she just made reports. Google is the one who deleted the account. In her mind, she's not responsible.

No. 257416

I cringe SO HARD when she bleats about how she is BULLIED by VENOOS! To soothe my pain I'm gonna **drink every time she says it. It's the only way. That or shoot myself.

No. 257417


I'm sure Mother Gothel instilled all kinds of crap in Venus's head, that if Venus ever left her or didn't obey, Venus would be in the most terrible danger (but benevolent Margo would save her). I think in this context, Margo's trying to say that Venus is in danger because she's with Manaki and living her own life. But we've never quite put together our Rosetta Stone for margoese, so I could be off.

No. 257418

File: 1460179274745.jpg (19.21 KB, 385x257, sb10067081g-001.jpg)

>expecting a severely mentally ill person to be consistent

She's just keeps throwing shit, and when it sticks, she reads it like tarot cards.

based heat hazed days

Get the danger, farmers! You get the danger, and you get the danger, and you get the danger, you all get the dangers!

She's a textbook example of the worst excuse for a mother. She should just die.

Got her some death treats!

No. 257420


I think we found another gem for next year's shitpost simulator

>>you just don't want to get the danger

No. 257421

death treats!

No. 257422

What does she hope to accomplish by pleading her case on IG to a bunch of teenagers anyway? It's not a court of law you fucking loon.

No. 257423

at this point i think she just want to see venus go down in flames. and she did.

No. 257424

Does any of those conspiracy retards still think Venus and Margot are in this together? Margot is fucking nuts and needs to gtfo.

No. 257426

the only one I see "going down in flames" here is the flaming maggot.

No. 257427

is venus' channel being taken away not enough

No. 257431

A 19 year old having her YT channel temporarily taken down = "going down in flames" to you?

To me a 41 year old woman wandering the streets of Japan alone and broke, sleeping in cafes and obsessing over getting revenge on her teenage daughter fits that description pretty well though.

No. 257434

consider that's practically her entire career, yes that's going down in flames.

or could this whole thing be a hoax? this could explain the radio silence.

No. 257435

Can we please shut the fuck up with the conspiracy/hoax bullshit. Neither Maggot nor Venus are benefiting from this situation at all. Venus's account has been shut down, so it's not generating any more views or attention or money for her. Maggot isn't living in dive bomb air bnb houses and mangakissa's for shits and giggles and out of self sacrifice for her kawaii desu daughter's youtube career. A better explanation for Venus's silence is that she has either been advised to stay quiet until this blows over, or she's depressed that her mom is adamantly trying to destroy her life and needs time alone. Not because she's plotting in the dark with her mom about how they can generate even more fame from this situation.

Sage because this has been said so many times it's getting stupid.

No. 257450

>her entire career
>down in flames
^ Dude. She just turned 19. Get a grip.

No. 257454

Is anyone worried about Venus? She hasn't updated her insta in 3 days. I hope she didn't an hero.

No. 257455

>A better explanation for Venus's silence is that she has either been advised to stay quiet until this blows over

This. Since it been already said a few times, I think she will be quite until Venus works it out or when her channel is back on when the two week are over - the time when mags has to proof her copyright shit and stuff.

No. 257456

If she did, I like to imagine Manaki would roast her.

I think give it a few more days, if she's quiet in say, at most two weeks, then it's time to be worried.

No. 257461

I know she's a big online presence, but she's probably very depressed right now because her human interaction aside of Manaki (videos) has been taken away from her. She will be dealing with Fullscreen and possibly even Youtubespace to try and get her channel back while producing 'proof' she did the videos independently. I hope someone reminds her of the period stain video and the photos she's taken of herself editing and uses them as proof to refute maggot's claim.

Either way, it's not unusual for someone to be reclusive when they're depressed, depression isn't like all those tumblr posts where they're triggered and hha v e anxjhitey att t tacks

No. 257463

File: 1460194651430.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-09-05-36-39…)

No. 257464

>you remind me a lot of my own mom

fucking crazy loons, all of them!

No. 257465

>an heroing over a shitty weeb channel your shitty weeb Polish mother deleted
first world problems tbh
Dont preach to me how it was her life, gtfo. I know for sure she isnt considering to an hero herself but there are actually people who think she is considering to an hero herself over a damn worthless channel. Nowadays all the old channels have hit or are hitting the 1 mil, it's these days not special her views were mostly low anyways. She is just trying in silence to get her channel back. Not everything must be broadcasted…

No. 257466

Actually surprisingly glad she contacted the police to check on Venus. Hopefully they didn't give her her address, though.

No. 257467

Venus doesn't have to PROVE anything right now. All she needs to do is file a counterclaim which is basically a statement saying that in good faith she is not aware of her content being under copyright. Basically just a formal denial of maggot's claim. Then the ball is in mag's court- she has to file a formal lawsuit in court within two weeks or her claim goes **poof

So no, Venus is not busy compiling proof. She's probably just quite depressed and possibly distraught because she has a fucking loon for a mother.

No. 257472

So… despite maggot's heroic efforts to SAVE THE CHANNEL, Venoos blew it and it's all HER FAULT.

yeah, no.

The ONLY possible 'deadline' once maggut filed her claim is the two week window she had to file a lawsuit (after Venus/fullscreen filed their counterclaim.) There is no deadline where she had to withdraw her claim or the case would irrevocably go forward and be out of her control. Nope marge, that's not how it works. There is no case unless you take the first step and file. You lose, your claim expires, BOOM. You fail once again.

No. 257473

File: 1460196657828.png (239.83 KB, 640x544, 2769ff9e-da16-49a2-bbba-9b9ecb…)

>I sacrificed everything for her
>It was all meee

No. 257475

That idea's hilarious. I'd watch it.

That's probably what Margo's eating, dead sewer rats.

>since she didn't contact me to save the channel so I can't do anything more.
Good for Venus for sticking to her guns in not contacting Margo.

No. 257476

File: 1460198647721.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160409-062624.png)

grandpa Ferenc jumps in. They're all following this breathlessly.

No. 257481

Me me me me me meeeee is all that ever comes from Margo's mouth.

No. 257482

Do you think she actually filed a lawsuit? Does she even have a claim that will actually stand up in court? Is Fullscreen fighting this as well since Margot is messing with their money after signing a contract with them?

No. 257483

I'm also 99% sure this was all a plot to get Venus to contact her and give her a percentage of the YouTube shekels so she'll never have to actually find a job

No. 257486

How is he even editing these pictures? It doesn't look like a phone app

No. 257487

File: 1460202781210.png (512.93 KB, 930x591, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 12.5…)

More flowers from our favourite professional photographer.

No. 257488

>that pic
I can't stop laughing

No. 257490


I guess all she is doing lately is just wandering around in some lonely streets because she has no place to stay.

Imagine the native japanese folk seeing this cray and filthy old woman walking around and making photos of flowers while her suitcase standing in the distance.

No. 257491

She can't file a lawsuit. She doesn't have money and probably can't even figure out what jurisdiction it is.

No. 257492

Old people online find a way.

No. 257495

it's the exact same flower as four days ago. margo throws us off her trail!

No. 257498

I'm sorry guys but that pic is kinda cool. Sure, it's grainy af but it's got atmosphere. Not really Maggot's achievement, though. Just a good motive.

No. 257499

I'm finding Margo contacting Venus through cops sketchy as fuck. It's too "caring" for someone as tapped as her.

No. 257500

Told ya It's just a way to pretend she's somewhere else. I bet some of her pics are from google

No. 257501

I agree and the photo matches the description. Even the description, if you dont know who margaret is, is good. I unironically liked it. This is her best instagram post. Margo could have been such a decent person if she'd continue art instead of attempting to manage Venus' adult life.

No. 257502

The preview for spoilers should be margo's flower pics.

Another gem :

>You just don't want to get the danger

No. 257504

She must really be bored af if all she has to do all day is take pics of flowers. I mean, some of then aren't by any means horrid but is she just trying to make herself look busy?

No. 257506

Whaaaat? What does the tiger represent? Margo?? LoL I almost don't get it, I think I'm making it deeper than it is.

No. 257511

File: 1460212353541.jpg (78.19 KB, 664x514, tiger.JPG)

No. 257513

Venus still has time to do something. It's still Saturday evening. Maybe she knows she can and isn't because she just wants Mommie Dearest to fuck off into the river.

No. 257515


I wanted to link >>257476

No. 257519

She's not the "better version" of Margo at all imho, Margo has no better version. Zsu is a qt and doesn't look like Magoo at all

No. 257522

the suitcase is where she'll put venus

No. 257533

You deleted the post where you properly saged and now you forgot it…and I know I was being "funny"…

No. 257535

Ahh, the cry if every abusive parent. "I worked and I slaved and I put food in your belly and a roof over your gead, and now this?! Ungrateful!" They truly feel they shouldn't have to freely give a home to their child, and that the child owes them for any such support. Venus supported margo the last few years? Well, margo (note: her ex) paid for EVERYTHING when venus was busy being a lazy, useless baby and small child.

That's the support margo is referring to. Grudgingly giving houseroom, food and clothing to her child. And later, margo "kindly forced" venus to be a little money making machine via interviews and reality tv. But to margo, the few years where the money flow reversed isn't enough, it isn't what she's owed.

No. 257538

I think this is the thing that bothers me the most about Margo. Maybe because my own mother is the same.

No. 257539


Margo probably had the police do a welfare check on Venus the same way he got the Hungarian embassy to do a welfare check on her - Venus has publicly published her email, and Margo also has Manaki's email / phone number (and it's likely she's got Venus's phone number as well - just not her address.) Margo could also direct the police to Venus's in-laws.

I was raised by some crazies, and have many friends raised by crazies; the welfare check thing by police is one of the favored tactics by abusive crazy parents who freak the fuck out when they're not in control of you. All it means is some very exasperated police show up to see whether a) you're alive, and b) under duress. It's mostly annoying.

No. 257540


*same way SHE got…

stupid keyboard is sticking

No. 257541


Same same. And I've known some friends who've been presented with invoices upon their 18th birthday for the cost of raising them - with their parent/s fully expecting it to be paid back.

There are some truly fucked up individuals in this world. Unfortunately, Margo isn't alone in her awfulness.

No. 257543

That's fucking crazy. If people like this willingly choose to have children, why do such a thing? Or is it mostly just parents who have a child on accident that do this? This sort of mentality is so fucked up.

No. 257546

The entire idea of having kids in past generations was that you'd have some little slaves to take care of you when you got old. Just look at Victorian England or parts of Africa and china - conditions absolutely disgusting and vile, and yet the poorest people always had and do have the most children. It's a very, very modern idea to think anything otherwise. I would wager the majority of people's parents think this way, especially if they're boomers.

No. 257547


Sage for being (partially) off topic - as for the WHY some parents are like this, my own mother put it like this: "I knew that being pregnant meant having a baby, but I didn't realize what that meant. It's like, they handed me this thing and then sent me home with it, and I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it." 'It' being me. She just really, seriously never thought it through; she's a selfish person, and had never considered that having a kid meant that she might, sometimes, occasionally, not be able to put herself first. And she hated that with a burning passion, so I started to care for myself ASAP to avoid her anger at being expected to help or comfort me in any way.

Margo is cut from the same cloth, as far as I can see. She didn't think this kid thing through - she wanted to trap her man, and get $paid$4lyfe. When she realized she needed to DO things for Venus, I'm sure she was furious and let little V know it. And when Venus finally made herself useful for once, she decided to get smart and become little miss independent, which isn't properly acknowledging Margo's suffering, Margo's sacrifice, etc etc. Margo wants what she feels like she's owed: which is everything, forever.

No. 257548

Dont get me wrong margo sucks as a mother but do people in the west really believe children dont owe their parents for the food roof and clothing they get? Sounds ungrateful to me and even annoys me a bit tbh. Or maybe I misinterpret your post?

No. 257549


Uh, yeah? You have kids, YOU are responsible for them. Children don't owe parents for being born and raised, that's on them completely. You've done your job when your children become independent adults who can support themselves.

No. 257550

It's a cultural difference I think then. It's something I don't understand and don't want to understand - lets keep things on topic now.

No. 257551

>but do people in the west really believe children dont owe their parents for the food roof and clothing they get?
Most people above thirty don't, no, maybe a majority under thirty do.

But no one asks to be born anon. No one can stop themselves from needing food, shelter etc. You can't owe someone for something that they forced on you without you having any say in the matter. Choosing to have a kid = choosing to look after the kid.

No. 257552

When you give birth you run the risk of having an ungrateful human being on your hands. They didn't ask to be born, and don't owe you shit when they move out. Don't like the risk? Don't have kids. That's the only certainty. Honestly this question pissed me off. Sage

No. 257553

>Something I don't understand and don't want to understand

Even if you don't agree with it, why wouldn't you want to understand it? Personally, I grew up with the concept of filial piety so I had that "you need to take care of your parents for raising you! you owe them!" shit drilled into me, but I also grew up in a western setting and realized that i's bullshit. Like everyone said, no one asks to be born. If my parents were Margo-tier, I certainly wouldn't think of wanting to take care of them and help them out as I get older. I think repaying your parents back should come from the goodness of your own heart- family takes care of family.

If you're a good parent and you raised your kid right, I think they'll come to feel the need to help out (rather than feel the burden of owing) their parents because they love them.

Thanks for your response! It's such a surreal and selfish thought process- I'm really sorry you went through that anon :(

To try to get things back on topic: how do you think things would go if Venus (god fucking forbid) decided to go back to Margo? How do you think they would try to recover from this (i.e. salvaging their/margo's image to the public), if they would ever be able to?

No. 257554

Children don't ask to be born, so yes. I understand a lot of what Venus is going though being raised by a woman with anger issues, saying shit like it wasn't really worth it to have me, is full of negativity, emotionally abusive, controlling and is a racist in denial to boot. She expects me to hand over my hard earned shit and only date people that are her type which isn't going to happen. So no, children don't owe their parents shit just because they were born and I can't wait until I can move out. This question shouldn't have pissed me off as much as it did.

No. 257555

Jesus fucking christ this thread has turned into a blog thread again, keep that shit to yourself please. No one cares about what you've been through and I doubt you are like Venus, Venus actually seems like the type that wouldn't gossip or talk shit about other people behind their backs (and yall are those types so fuck off with your blogs, you're not cute or innocent like venus is) which is why I love her. I know she isnt completely innocent but she is definitely a sweet girl.

No. 257556

File: 1460226149796.png (433.58 KB, 656x532, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.2…)


… way to be late to the party, convo was over. Also: the topic of this thread is Margo, friend! But here's picture of your venus godesseu to soothe your jimmies.

No. 257557


Oh do fuck off. You've probably talked shit about her once or twice considering you're up in this thread, stop acting like a devoted fan who'd never do such a thing.

Besides this is all about her mother, god forbid if other anons here have had mothers exactly like this bitch who want to discuss the similarities they all share in common. It sheds light on why this cunt is such a cunt and why Venus is having such a shit life despite escaping to Japan in order to be happier, which at the moment isn't happening. Calm ya tits.

No. 257558

File: 1460226552831.png (255.58 KB, 494x359, image.png)

The topic is Margo anyway since Venus isn't really cow status anymore now that the true lizard queen has been revealed.

Anyone want to place bets on where Marge, the traveling gaijin hobo is off to next? Maybe Nagoya to get her hands one more meth? Think she's drinking mostly booze these days since her skin looks like leather? I notice she looks more and more haggard in her selfies.

No. 257559

If Venus went back to Margo she'd be placed right back in whatever hell she tried to escape. If Margo understood anything, she would see that she needs to leave Venus alone. The girl would have to return on her own accord and if she did, she'd go right back to being Margo's piggy bank. IF it happened, they'd probably come up with something like "Ohhhh we worked things out."

Question: If Venus went back to Margo, what would happen to her relationshio with Manaki. I can imagine the batshit crazy Margo would have her daughter break it off.

No. 257560

Good question… I'm going to have to agree, she'd probably have her break it off. I remember in one of V's posts she said that the festering maggot wanted her to divorce Manaki, probably to find some rich Korean man to sell her off to.

No. 257561

Kek her next stop is wherever she can get the cheapest cafe to sleep in. Where is she now? I often question where she says she is since all she's mostly done is post pics of flowers.

No. 257562

Well…Margo's ultimate goal is her own happiness so it wouldn't surprise me. Good thing Venus hasn't caved in yet. The woman has got to learn that her daughter won't just come crawling to her just because it's what she wants.

No. 257563


I hope she does a tour video of her cheap cafe life.

No. 257564

I bet she calls the people working at the net cafes her friends.

No. 257565

Just imagine that Venus goes back to Mayo and Mayo breaks off their marriage and then arranges a new marriage for Venus only to have it backfire in her face and Venus runs off with the new husband again lol

I wonder if she'll ever be wandering back to Tokyo? If not, why not Osaka? I heard there's a lot of clubs there.

No. 257566


Imagine what stories she's told them as to why she's staying there. The tragic life story of Margaret and how her selfish daughter abandoned her to run away with a dangerous Japanese man!

No. 257567

Wouldn't surprise me. To her, anyone that spends 5 minutes of their time with her is a "friend." Lol

I'd kill for that video. It'll be hilarious as fuck.

No. 257568

She looks like the type to spill her life story to a stranger. I'd just stare at her and leave without saying a word.

No. 257569


We've already seen that process by proxy; Mags was invited to go out with her host for exactly 1 night. From his air bnb reviews, he's super social and typically has his guests go out with him and his friends all the time, and the guests generally stay really great friends with him. But we only saw Margo out with them one night. I can only imagine the shit that flew out of Drunk Mags' mouth about her ungrateful evil kidnapped daughter that made her a pariah from that point on.

No. 257570

Yeah and she's been DMing back & forth with her 'supporters' sharing sad stories of all the sacrifices she made for the ungrateful WENOOS and how she was lured to Japan only to be kicked to the street like trash and left HELPLESS and homeless blablablaaa…and some of them run to Venus' IG to spread her b.s. literally word for word like good little political operatives. And maggot's page to fawn all over her.

No. 257571

Well it's Monday morning in Japan. Wakey wakey, start of another business week. Should be an interesting one.

No. 257572

File: 1460228988109.png (17.77 KB, 298x123, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 12.0…)

… Sunday morning, you mean?

No. 257573

Sunday, the day of the maggot's "deadline" of empty threats. I do wanna see what happens today.

No. 257574


for marg is every day a business day.

No. 257575


Margo's deadline days are the best days. My screenshot fingers are ready.

No. 257576

oh shit I've been doing it wronggg LOL fml!!!

No. 257577

File: 1460229861900.gif (883.42 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mq4fqvGlMq1rpbgm2o4_400…)

maggut's followers

No. 257578


ok since mags likes to wake up at 6 am we have two hours left until the cray begins.

No. 257579

I hope V & M go someplace nice and fun today, hopefully outdoors. And not give YT or IG or any of shis shit a single thought.

No. 257580

I have a hunch that there's gonna be some particularly satisfying milk today. 6am can't come soon enough.

No. 257582

File: 1460230648272.gif (1 MB, 320x181, qZPcS5.gif)

Can't wait for this milk. Gonna be delicious.

No. 257583

>implying we're any better, wasting our time by following the lives of a crazy narcisstic Albanian mother and her autistic pale daughter on a tibetan fishing forum

No. 257584

I want to believe… but part of me thinks Margo won't actually do anything beyond her normal ranting. We'll see.

No. 257587

File: 1460231606868.jpg (6.18 KB, 480x360, dawnofthefinalday.jpg)

No. 257593

Brit gamer dude NevG reports on VA channel being deleted. Doesn't know who she is but thinks it's fucked up & links to another video about it (excellent vid btw)

10/10 good for him. also the news is spreading like wildfire

No. 257594

This guy sounds borderline retarded. Not even intending that as an insult, he just sounds like he has a really low IQ. Who can't say the word 'Angelic'? And he really struggles to read the forum posts aloud.

No. 257595

>This guy sounds borderline retarded.
Brummie accent anon. They can't help it.

No. 257596

Vid linked by dude. excellent & gets it right.

No. 257597

Nahhh, it doesn't help but I know plenty of Brummies and it's beyond that. Like I said, he can barely read.

Not sure why this crap was posted in the first place anyway.

No. 257600

Whatever, I just like that word of this fuckery in spreading. This dude never heard od VA and given his demographic shouldn't even give a shit but he got wind of it, did some research & made a video about it. It's spreading & that's a good thing.

Feel free to not watch if you don't want to.

No. 257603

I like how unknown newbie Youtubers are jumping on the Venus news bandwagon in order to get more views. Just by looking at their channels they have nothing else better to offer.

No. 257604

I guess mag should be slowly waking up in her net cafe chair in this moment.

No. 257605

It happened with the fine bros fiasco as well. Youtubers can be real scavengers.

No. 257639

File: 1460245549620.png (626.01 KB, 927x501, Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 4.45…)

guess who's back

No. 257641

File: 1460245601199.png (29.04 KB, 319x422, Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 4.46…)

aww, y u no like the comment, mayo?

No. 257642

File: 1460245646551.png (77.72 KB, 357x364, Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 4.47…)

No. 257643

File: 1460245704063.png (48.1 KB, 395x225, Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 4.48…)

maggot thanks her loyal supporters

No. 257644

File: 1460245928265.png (39.6 KB, 304x322, Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 4.50…)

I like this person. They've been bombarding maggot with really excellent questions about the legality of her past and present relationship with both the VA brand and VA the person, and about the old channel or creating a new one. Maggot has zero answers.

No. 257645


"I took a snapshot of my famous child, and then insisted that Venus use it as her headshot. I'm basically famous and the creator of everything that Venus did. No other parent has even taken a snapshot of their child. No mother has ever showed a daughter how to put on makeup before me. Bow down to my greatness."

No. 257646

margo's just so jelly that venus got the attention and everyone couldn't give two shits about her. That's why she always has to be connected at the hip to venus, so people have no choice but to notice her as well.

Margo just keeps saying "it was MY photo! MY DOLL PHOTO THAT WENT VIRAL! MINE!"
But a photo isn't fucking anything without the subject matter. (ie, Venus) She really does just see venus as her property.

No. 257647

Margo will probably never answer any of those questions and if she does she'll twist the words into her favor. Either that or lie that something never existed in the first place, only to change her story when it benefits her.

No. 257648


Yeah, I don't think she understands that the credit for Venus goes to Venus - she is the one people find charming and entertaining.

No. 257649


professional photographer? but..but…she's not that good…
ahh it was just one photo Margaret get your head out your arse.

No. 257650

File: 1460246425038.jpeg (196.85 KB, 701x547, image.jpeg)

Who tf is this bitch?
Also I wonder what she edited in the caption

No. 257651

she's hoping one of her flower pictures goes viral and she can become its manager.

No. 257652

People don't care who took the photo but they care about what's in it. Hell, just because something goes viral doesn't mean you're a professional hut whatever floats her boat. So you took one nice photo of your daughter…big deal? It doesn't mean you need everything Venus makes.

I guess she thinks cause she took the photo that she made Venus into what she is today. She's on a high horse about he photography

No. 257653

File: 1460246737986.jpg (291.3 KB, 2000x2000, 967191_613714645330656_1292191…)

>Venus's photos in the newspapers were made by me
Margo plz.

No. 257654

>>I wonder what she edited in the caption

I'm sure she'll be editing the caption throughout the day; it is the deadline before it's too late about the danger Venus's channel is in after all (even though Margo didn't send the takedown notices; and even though Venus will get her channel back in a week since Mags can't prove shit in court. Or pay for court filings.)

No. 257655

>>she's hoping one of her flower pictures goes viral and she can become its manager

(slow clap)

No. 257656

LOLWTF @ this fucking 41 year old loon. "oh THANK YOU darling!" "ily tooo!" "welcome back!!!" grovelgrovelgrovel to her teenage fans who are half her age. So desperate. So pathetic.

No. 257657

File: 1460246947484.jpg (189.93 KB, 1280x722, 463929_364337323601724_4694156…)

No. 257658

File: 1460247020062.jpg (280.23 KB, 2048x1536, 477288_367203369981786_3384616…)

Totes Margo.

No. 257659

File: 1460247100955.jpg (217.74 KB, 1536x2048, 461673_365885113446945_1057779…)

No. 257661

Yeah Margo that's you takin those photos. Idk why you turned into a man tho.

No. 257662

You know… where IS this mysterious photo taken by Margo that "went viral"? Funny how often she brings it up, yet no one has any idea what she's talking about. Venus's VIDEOS went viral. But I can't think of a photo of Venus that was really widespread for the life of me.

No. 257663

File: 1460247471103.jpg (197.58 KB, 700x1200, venooooos.jpg)

Can't forget the Bodyline photoshoot. Margo took all of those of course. ALL of them.

No. 257664

I guess she means the one where Venus is holding a BJD as this was often used by newspapers.

No. 257665

File: 1460247975211.jpeg (44.98 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

She probably took this pic tho
How fucking cringy. Imagine Magrot standing over V directing her
"No veenoose like this"

No. 257666

File: 1460248051069.jpeg (142.82 KB, 478x750, image.jpeg)

Tried looking for the newspaper photo but instead found this

No. 257667

File: 1460248111928.png (98.38 KB, 1080x323, image.png)

but I thought she was told she was a doll as a kid

No. 257669

File: 1460248565822.png (2.75 MB, 934x1544, ohmargo.png)

Rewatching that TLC documentary Venus featured in just seems so off now that we know what Margo is truly like. How Venus mentions her mother is her best friend & manager, how they do everything together and stuff. Poor kid…

No. 257671

At least he's not keemtwat retarded.

No. 257672

well, she wasn't wrong.

No. 257673

Maggot has some damn weird ideas of sexy. I wonder where the whole weeby babysexual aesthetic (gags me to even type that) comes from.

No. 257674


Margo's idea of sexy is super eastern european; like mail order bride shit. No wonder she prepared her daughter to auction off her virginity like a good girl to the highest bidder, now give the money to mama.

No. 257678

>mfw margo is probably like margo's mom
So thats where it came from, well it had to come from something i guess

No. 257679

File: 1460250233269.jpeg (50.06 KB, 490x388, image.jpeg)

Honestly she looks just like venus but she has those ugly glasses lol…she'd be really cure if she didnt wear those glasses

No. 257680


Disagree, Margo always had that potato nose. Her glasses where actually hiding its size. And margo got jowly, fast. Her slightly younger sister has a normal nose and no face sag; margo's just got an unfortunate face. but it matches her bitter, ugly soul, so…

No. 257681

File: 1460250481610.jpeg (948 KB, 1141x1920, image.jpeg)

Wow. Check out her shitty poison ivy cosplay.
Why did she think those shoes went with anything she had on??

No. 257682

>Margo always had that potato nose.
Have you seen the pic related? Venus edits her nose for that reason

No. 257683


Good LORD, her face sag is intense here. And following your tween daughter's interests is cringe city, and pathetic: "Venoos! Look at mummy! Tell mummy how pretty and sexy she is! THANK mummy for allowing you to a costume also, Venoos!"

No. 257684

Forgot to add that venus just like her mother also has that cleft on her nose tip.

No. 257685

she could fly with those ears

No. 257686

File: 1460250829481.png (428.13 KB, 749x560, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.13…)


Venus did a lot of editing in her early photos. She does not, however, have Margo's nose at all. I wouldn't be surprised if Margo tried to make her really self conscious of her face, thus spurring all of the edits. Since Venus left Margo, she hasn't been doing anything major face editing. See attached no makeup pic - Venus doesn't have a ski slope nose, but she's not nothing like Margo's honker.

No. 257687

File: 1460250980275.jpeg (163.91 KB, 497x496, image.jpeg)


No. 257688

But on this pic you clearly see the cleft on her nosetip though. She is young, uses filters and poses to hide that lil thing but on some pics its visible. But you're right its not just as bad. But she looks almost just like her mother, imo at least.

No. 257689

Actually, both Margo and Venus got the looks of Margo's father. Margo posted a pic of her parents holding her as baby and you can clearly see them in his face.

No. 257690


I agree. The details of the nose are similar (the cleft), yes - but Venus's is much smaller, which gives Venus's face a much more balanced, prettier look overall.

No. 257691

File: 1460251752471.jpeg (382.65 KB, 611x809, image.jpeg)

I can kinda see it. I think her sister may have gotten more of their mothers nose

No. 257692

File: 1460251824515.jpeg (549.26 KB, 1280x1920, image.jpeg)

i don't think this pic is edited
You can see the small cleft in her nose but t is no where near Magrots level. It's actually cute

No. 257693

I meant mentally fam mentally. Also I disagree. They look like the mother, with a little bit of influence from their father. But thats my opinion of course.
Wait when she is 30, that cleft wont be so subtle and it probably isnt so subtle irl. Not that its bad, its just that when she is bare faced I see margo lol.

No. 257694


Her face is SO round…

No. 257696

Thanks to nana palermo

No. 257698

omggg those eyebags, the deep lines around the mouth, those short stumpy legs. criminally, tragically hideous. Still can't believe this bitch isn't at least 50.

No. 257699

She always looked like a sneaky furtive rat even as a kid.

No. 257700

File: 1460254735840.png (209.69 KB, 393x450, 0OEbCKD.png)

Awww, I'm mad. I wanna see more pics of mags having FUN! Show us! We want to see more of your pretty hair & cute outfits too marge!!

No. 257701

Weenoos does not look "just like Margo", Marge's mouth is way, way down on her face and there's an enormous negative space between her potato nose and lips, like a chimp's muzzle. Ween doesn't have that, her facial features are arranged pleasantly, unlike without the shocking configuration of Marge's. The only way they look alike is that Ween has Margo's tiny mouth and no lips, which actually looks doll-like on her face instead of anus like as it does on her mother.

No. 257702

Same fag but marge also has much wider nostrils and a wider set nose, Ween's nose is a similar shape but scaled way, way down.
Not to mention Marg's beady dead shark eyes

No. 257705

Yeah mag's nose is much more bulbous & potato like too. I mean sure there's a resemblance but to say Venus looks "exactly like marge"? No.

No. 257711

File: 1460257132163.jpg (61.3 KB, 225x390, 36a43f7f-6172-499a-ab56-c48d4e…)

Those white orthopedic shoes with the laces undone add the perfect whimsical touch to that adorable trashbag undertaker outfit. And that sassy carefree pose…girl you know we love your style. Please share more, do it for your fans marge. No one wants to see nasty Wenoos it's YOU we want!

No. 257712

Work the streets with your style. Put us all to shame wit your superior tastes.

Serious question though,how often do you think she changes her clothes?

No. 257713


obviously margo posessed the whole crew with her satanic powrrrz, how can you not see that anon???

No. 257714


whenever it runs out of leg hairs

No. 257715

I bet her underwear would stand up by themselves if she took them off right now

No. 257717

File: 1460258229792.png (4.27 KB, 386x308, 1315613268001.png)

She'll be wearing them for a long time then. A looooong time.

Holy…no words…what if they were permanently like that

No. 257719

what the fuck

No. 257723

File: 1460259134914.png (1.81 MB, 470x1897, wat in gods name.png)

Is it really Poison Ivy or three cosplays in one?

No. 257724

File: 1460259425951.jpeg (105.24 KB, 400x533, image.jpeg)

This is her terminator cosplay

No. 257725

Is this even cosplay?

No. 257727

I meant predator human hybrid, sorry anons, was laughing too hard to keep my scifi straight.

No. 257728

Because the Terminator wears heaps of accessories, they're just quirky like that.

No. 257732

Your description was better.

No. 257736

No. 257738

It would be good if anyone has Venus' videos about running away from home and would re-upload them. It shits me that Margo's videos about it are currently the only ones. I didn't save any of them…

No. 257741

File: 1460268230016.png (69.69 KB, 304x392, 7654.png)

Apparently Margo's jaunt across Nippon was in search of Manaki's parents?? I thought she knew where they lived?

No. 257743


WTF??? She's stalking his parents now? She and Venus stayed with them before! I wonder if they have a Tokyo pied-à-terre and another place elsewhere? If so, his folks have a reasonable amount of money (which would explain why Margo was so keen on the marriage initially, before she realized her puppet child loved the dude)

And there's no way they don't know what she's been doing. Maggot stayed with them before and they know she's a lunatic, and I'm sure Manaki has filled them in on what's been going on.

No. 257744

hahah holy fug

She went to search for them even though she knows no Japanese?

And what was her method of search anyway? Can his parents speak English?


No. 257745

Maybe Margo lied about staying with Manaki's parents. My memory is kind of foggy when it comes to that.

No. 257747


She slept in a convenience store lmao that's rich

No. 257748

Ack, imagine that, hobo marge sleeping in your convenience store. Im surprised they let her do that.

And lemme guess; this is all Venus' fault right?

No. 257749

omfg. Margo always finds a new low to hit. where to from here? a night behind a dumpster I guess.

No. 257750


Well, yes! Manaki's parents don't even know the shameful things Venus has done to her!! Once they find out, they'll throw Venoos is jail, give all their money and their house to Margo, and have the nations of Japan, Switzerland and Hungary issue public apologies for not realizing Margo's greatness and they send her suitcases full of money. That's clearly where this 1000km corner store tour is headed.

No. 257751

File: 1460269603388.jpg (43.95 KB, 480x560, 1e39f4f4e1a2bf59f308b19c416c97…)

Going after every Okada in the phonebook? It's the 33rd most common surname in Japan, so good luck with that.

She mentions nothing of actually meeting them.

>they had no idea about this mess

Not likely. A marriage in Japan, on paper, is like being adopted into the family. Although Venus is not Japanese, her name will still be a foot note on Manaki's family register with "spouse" (配偶者) next to it. If Manaki has any kind of relationship with his parents, he wouldn't get married without at least letting them know, even if they don't agree.

Now I'm wondering if maggot attacked some random Okadas in the wild, and they were like, WTF, crazy gaijin, we don't know anything! We don't know who you are! Get away from us!

And maggot translated it as: they don't know anything… … (insert crazy wheels spinning) about the marriage!

Mind, Manaki (evil master mind etc.) may have told maggot his parents don't know anything because he doesn't want her to bother his parents, lol. Like crazy maggot would get the hint.

lol sleeping in the conbini, this milk is thick and creamy. With how racist she is, there's a good chance she wouldn't even remember or recognize the faces of his parents, if they're you're average middle aged couple.

No. 257752

File: 1460269618112.png (81.49 KB, 333x508, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.2…)

Mags tacked this on to the old house photo from a couple days ago. She's not on a revenge tour, how dare you! She's just trying to find her daughter's in-laws in the hopes that she can poison their minds against her and get her daughter's spousal visa revoked and "her" macbook returned to her, along with all of her daughter's income. That's all.

No. 257753

holy shit imagine if she finds their house. they might be polite enough to let her stay - unless they know everything that's been happening.

No. 257754

I imagine them as retired, and they go on weekend trips with their pension, while she chases them around on a wild goose chase and never finds them because her Japanese is crud.

While she's sleeping on the roach infested floor of a conbini, they're sitting in a hot spring with a cup of sake, hoping for her visa to expire.

No. 257755


She doesn't know where they are, and she doesn't have any photos of them, otherwise she would have posted all that info on IG too. Bitch is a lunatic and has zero boundaries.

No. 257756

They've met her. They know she's nuts. I would be more worried about their safety than them being swayed by margos eloquent logic.

No. 257757

thanks for filling me in anon

No. 257758


What did flora angelic say that maggot responds with wtf now really?

No. 257759

Gee I thought Margaret was forced to hit the road because of the internet having her address. It turns out (as usual) she has other motives.

No. 257760

and fuck you are so right. you wouldn't want her even at your door or in arms length from you.

No. 257761


She may have stayed at their house, but because she is a Queen and all bow before her, she probably never remembered the address and the route, and now can't find it anymore. But why go to Nagoya, Osaka, and Sendai? Are the parents on the run from her? Do they give her false information?

And how the fuck does she expect to find them in cities that large? It's not Tokyo, but one by one, those cities are large enough in their own right that you could walk around for a year and never bump into the person you're looking for.

No. 257763

File: 1460270416701.png (16.49 KB, 303x82, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.3…)

Don't speak german, but here you go

No. 257764

>I think she's in Japan but I don't really know.

Will have to go and check who they're talking about.

No. 257765

Noooooo Seriously? This nutter is wandering the streets of Japan on a hobo odyssey in search of manaki's parents, despite not fucking knowing where they live?? What, is she going door-to-door with their picture asking "do you know where these people are?" What the hell?? Why has no one called the police on her ass, crazy old woman wandering around omg. And crashing in a convenience store…I might die this is TOO MUCH. Please, PLEASE someone ask her if she's changed her clothes yet.

No. 257766

Which pic are those from?

No. 257767

No. 257768

Fuck, at this point all she needs is a grocery cart to push her belongings around in to make the picture complete. This is better than Christmas THANK YOU MARGE

No. 257769

There seems to be a comment missing so I don't have much context, but in short @koreanbread asked if 'she' was in Japan, and @flora_angelic replied to say she thinks 'she' is in Japan but isn't totally sure.

No. 257770

Don't know the laws of Japan/South Korea etc but Venus could sure;y apply for a restraining order against Margo or at least report that she is harassing her family, that includes her in laws. Venus really needs to find some courage and report her mother. I think Margot would try to do some real harm whether financial. emotional, physical abuse if she ever ame in contact with Venus, her husband and his family.

No. 257771

>>She mentions nothing of actually meeting them.

She has, actually. Who know how much of what she says is true, but it looked like Venus and Mags stayed with their Okadas briefly at some point. At the very least, the parents have met each other (recall Margo's wild claims about Manaki being raised as the girl they always wanted, and Manaki's dad hitting on her.)

No. 257772

File: 1460271477218.png (231.61 KB, 475x351, okada.png)


Thanks, anon! I guess one of them didn't know maggot is still in Japan. Sadly, she is.

That would also require time, money, and effort. They will probably sit it out until her visa runs out.

Oh, I know, she has met them before. But I meant this time, while looking for them? At least I hope she's not been able to find them, and that they know nothing is just one of the delusions that she chooses to believe.

She's on public record as basically calling both of his parents perverts too. I hope they sue her for libel.

No. 257775

anon I have tears running down my face right now I love youuuu hearteyesemoji X1000000

No. 257776


What did margot expect? To calmly explain her point and then the parents would hand over Venus??

No. 257777

Anyone feel like margo is TOO familiar with this homeless lifestyle?

No. 257780

Thank you, anon! I figured Paint is good enough for maggot, no use doing something more sophisticated.

No. 257784

Really, WHY is she on a fucking mission to HUNT DOWN THE PARENTS OF THE EVIL MASTERMIND? why margoo, whyyyy??

And, "Little you know about about my long legs"? What does this even mean??

No. 257785


I think that "long legs" thing is a margoese / weird english idiom. I'm afraid it means something like "you have no idea what lengths I'll go to" or something equally ominous.

No. 257786

"I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN. And when I do…"
What marge? What happens when you find the parents of the Evil One? Will you ask SATAN for help?? Oh please someone, get her talking..I must know more!

No. 257787

File: 1460274750918.gif (773.67 KB, 500x244, Mrs. & Mr. Okada.gif)

Manaki's parents RN.

No. 257788

I figured it had something to do with how far she travelled. Something about people with longer legs traVelling further each time they take a step.

But yeah, it doesnt make much sense.

No. 257789


Someone above her made mention of the english phrase "long lengths"; I think Margo's response was either a typo or some engrish confirming that she will indeed go to long lengths (possible trying to make a pun on lengths / legs / travel - but who knows with Margo.)

No. 257790

Pun? Margo?
I wouldnt think she was capable.
Mishearing an english saying seems more likely.

No. 257792

Venus just followed some rando on ig, good to know shes alive.

No. 257793

lol, she probably believes she has long sexy legs. Kind of like claiming she looked like a doll when she was a kid.

No. 257795

Looks like a restraining order is not going to happen: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/05/31/national/media-national/anti-stalking-laws-are-a-dead-end/#.VwoOaj8fbsE

We can only hope that maggot overstays, gets rounded up by immigration while she's catching Z's on a konbini floor, and deported, with a five to ten year wait before she can enter Japan again.

Maybe we should ask Japanese users on IG and twitter to be on the look out for her? Make wanted posters?

>Have you seen this haggard gaijin?

No. 257796

Man I can just see it..ol' marge shuffling down the street in that all-black head to toe ninja outfit, shoelaces undone, frizzed out orange hair with dark roots, lugging that 40 lb suitcase and mumbling in broken Japanese with that heavy German accent "I look for Okadas…you see them? please help find…must find…"

No. 257799

She's such a retard. Does she have any idea how many people live in Japan? The number of people called Okada alone is 383,000.

No. 257800

She's on IG? Why TF doesn't she say something?? She must know her little fans are in a frenzy wondering if she's still alive, fuck. Just a simple "Hi guys, I'm fine" would do. I'm getting a little annoyed.

No. 257801

my guess is that she has some additional infos like their first names(because she made the marriage papers)?

No. 257802

The sad thing is that even if Margendo gets deported she can still make false copyright claims and shitposts.
Well, at least it will be entertaining.
Margs will make it Venus' fault she was deported of course.

No. 257804

Fuck, she'll have her fangs in Venus like some evil demented black demon as long as she lives, won't she. What a nightmare. That poor kid.

No. 257806

For the papers for the Hungarian embassy, they probably only needed Manaki's info. Some people who get married don't have parents after all, and the embassy only needs to know the married parties because a spouse can usually apply for citizenship, while the parents can't.

And given maggot's delusions of grandeur, Manaki's parents only matter to her if she can slander them to make herself look better.

>his mother is a lunatic who dressed him like a girl and raised him like a feminized sissy. What a fag.

translation from Margonese to human: his mom put Minnie Mouse ears on Manaki's head, once, as a joke, in Disneyland, and took a picture.

>his father tried to seduce me, I'm that irresistible!

translation: his dad offered maggot a cup of tea, like a civilized person.

She is so full of herself she never bothered to remember many significant details about them, and that is now biting her in the arse. They can't possibly be in Sendai, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya all at once. What the hell is she doing?

No. 257807


Chillax, she's got a management team and legal shit ongoing. If she's staying mum on her personal profile - even while participating lightly with others - her management probably told her to say nothing while they maneuver to get her channel back online.

No. 257809

I agree. Maggot is amusing for us, a nasty pain in the ass for Venus, but she is crazy and if she doesn't find Venus or Manaki and his family and physically harm them, there's really nothing more she can do that she hasn't already done.

If those konbini people trusted her enough to think she was not a complete lunatic, they'd have called someone and have her stay at someone's home. People in the Japanese country side are often surprisingly kind to lost, hiking foreigners. Everyone can see there's something really wrong with her, no one is going to help her. Well, she has her fringe lunatic teenagers on IG, but that's about it. I mourn NJM not being around anymore.

No. 257812

>They can't possibly be in Sendai, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya all at once. What the hell is she doing?

Unless they are filthy rich and have houses in all of those cities that magoo knows about. But they're not in any of them right now because they're vacationing overseas.

No. 257813


I wish we had some way of getting the Japanese social media users aware of this crazy bitch. Like look out for her? Keep the locals alerted? Put posters around? Even let the police know? Can't miss the ugly hag in terms of appearance but she really needs to be locked away in a psychiatric ward for everyone's safety. She's a unpredictable mess.

No. 257823

File: 1460281485864.png (26.54 KB, 310x378, ss (2016-04-10 at 12.44.25).pn…)

She updated the discription again.

No. 257824

File: 1460281698867.png (251.68 KB, 624x242, so fucking crazy.png)

Beat me to it, anon. In Japanese, shirimasen (I don't know), also meant, conveniently, "I don't have anything to do with it" and "I don't want anything to do with it [so please leave me alone]."

Betting dollars to parfaits that's what the parents said to the police. It's also a huge faux pas to get police involved when there is no need. If his parents didn't hate her already, this is an excellent way to get them to hate her more.

That was a bold strategy, maggot! Let's see if it pays off.

No. 257825


Go Mananki. This means his parents are now aware that Maggot is a danger.

No. 257826

If they weren't already. This is so hilarious. The reason for doing a tour of all those cities remains a mystery. Was she sleeping on the train, walking at night?

No. 257827

Manaki truly is an evil mastermind, pulling all the strings just to bully poor Margo! How far will he go??

No. 257828

File: 1460282077635.jpg (31.45 KB, 275x220, 1455063816931.jpg)

I wouldn't be surprised if he appears on a white horse and slays her like the dragon that she is.

No. 257830

Well, at least the police now know firsthand how crazy marg is.

No. 257831

And she's now on the police's radar as this crazy gaijin lady whose daughter wants nothing to do with her. If she chimps out again or is picked up from the street for becoming homeless, they might just deport her.

No. 257832

That new caption is already gone completely (including the Venus update) so nice catch.

No. 257834

Didnt margs set one of those ineffective ultimatums for today?

No. 257835

It always takes her several minutes to realize that what she types makes her look even nuttier. And she's lurking here for hints, trying to learn how to mimic a human being. What a loon.

No. 257837


Yep. Sunday was Margo's deadline for Venus to meet with her "or else it's too late" to get Venus's channel reinstated. Which is bullshit, since Margo's the one running out of time on the false claim that she can't prove.

No. 257838

can you imagine her using the phone book, lurking outside house after house each night.

No. 257840

Interesting. If she is questioned about how much money she has, that could happen. The inability to support yourself will override any visa you have in many countries.

No. 257841

Okay, so marrggg called the cops to check on Venus and somehow concluded from this that Manaki's parents were not aware of "the PROBLEM?" Like how did this topic just happen to come up? Did she casually ask the cops to ask the parents if they were aware that their evil spawn was holding her daughter prisoner? Not to mention, she doesn't even speak Japanese..

marge you're KILLING me

No. 257843

File: 1460283142371.gif (964.58 KB, 245x255, G0GJArN.gif)

What is she going to do? Explode? Go into the river? Where is she even? I'd recommend climbing Tokyo Tower dressed as a kappa, that will get people's attention.

She reminds me of this character. So tiny, so angry, and so ineffective.

383,000 Okadas. Just 382,989 left to check. Imagine all the traumatized Okadas she leaves in her wake. We should at least warn all the Okadas on twitter.

It really is. I have Chinese friends who've had to go home because they couldn't prove they had enough money in the bank (students without a scholarship). You can't have the money in a bank overseas, you need to show it's here and accessible. If you want to live in Japan you have to be able to provide for yourself, even if you're not a criminal.

It's very unlikely they don't know, they just say they don't know because they don't want to be dragged into a discussion with this bag of crazy.

No. 257845

>climbing Tokyo Tower dressed as a kappa

Kek at that, anon. It's really her only option at this time.

No. 257848

File: 1460283713279.png (661.41 KB, 960x930, okada alert.png)

I made a thing to warn the Okadas. Hashtag 岡田 

No. 257849

File: 1460284035702.png (799 KB, 833x430, summer days with maggot.PNG)

>climbing Tokyo Tower dressed as a kappa

No. 257851

What does thos say?

No. 257852


What is this from? If it's cute I'll watch it until lizard mom makes her next machiavellian move.

No. 257854

Summer Days with Coo.
You may cry over this weird movie starring a kappa, a dismembered limb and a talking dog.

No. 257855

Urgent warning!!! To all Okadas in the land
This homeless old foreign woman is after your money!
If you see her, find shelter immediately.

Because that's what she's after, after all. If she can't get any money out of Venus, she'll try to extort it from Manaki's parents. Everyone "owes" her, the whiny little bitch.

No. 257856

Thanks, anon!

No. 257857


how much time has she left for the copyright claim?

lmao but she seems without any plan to find his parents. I mean she jumps from town to town every day what the hell marg are you doing?

No. 257858

>dollars to parfaits

this is why I come here

No. 257859

Another fake deadline/ultimatum. Just like "Bring my STUFF to my address by 6pm or it's bye bye spouse visa." She loves to pose as a big scary powerful person who must be obeyed OR ELSE. I'm sure that worked out great all of Venus' life, when she was a scared vulnerable kid with no one else but magrut. Now her scared little puppet up & defied her and that poor twistrd little mind of hers is having a real hard time with that.

No. 257860


maybe she hopes that she can live with mana-tan's parents once she "will" find them.

No. 257861

File: 1460284845038.png (107.16 KB, 596x602, accident by her hubby.png)

more ominous ramblings

No. 257863

she has 14 days for each claim. she must start a court case within that time or each claim will resolve on its own.

No. 257864


ok, thanks for the explanation!

No. 257865

aaaand deleted already.

No. 257866

File: 1460285159587.jpg (55.67 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nk4kqsPHrP1qlkpdmo1_128…)

She's insinuating Manaki would hurt her. Not likely. Have you seen their body language? Venus here looks as if that really feels good. She always looked ill at easy and even terrified around her mother. Suck it up, maggot, your little ATM is all grown up and is not going to slave for you anymore.

No. 257867

She is a parasite.

No. 257868

It will. And since Venus has nothing much else to do but wait, she will have time to think, reflect, and see maggot for the toxic presence in her life that she is. With every underhanded malicious move the maggot makes, Venus is less likely to ever talk to her again.

No. 257869

Where is Margo getting these ideas that Manaki would be the one to hurt Venus? The dude seems to care for her a lot. If she managed to snatch Venus up I'm sure that guy would lose his shit.

No. 257870

Margs is just saying what she thinks will get her sympathy. In order for her to be the good guy there needs to be the bad guy. Going after Venus makes her look like a horrible mother (but she does it anyway) so that leaves Manaki. Hes already a bit sketchy (age difference, following Venus when she was underaged etc) so hes perfect.

No. 257871

Does anyone else think if Venus just made a new channel and posted a new video as to why she had to make a new channel, she would get quite a few subscribers really quickly?

I honestly think that would be a great way for her to prove to Maggot that she does not need her.

No. 257872

I think she might have dipped her toe into it by making a facebook page to see how fast people catch on. https://www.facebook.com/Venus-Angelic-987977014610350/?fref=ts

I think she should try and get back her old channel and try and find real work.

No. 257874

Venus had a lot more subscribers than she had (regular) views. Lots of people are pity-watching her now that she ran away from her insane mom, but it's a fact that most of her fanbase has lost interest a long time ago. She was all over the place doing dance videos, weird videos, vlogs, candy tasting videos, cooking tutorials, ASMR, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials etc. That's not smart if you want to keep an audience interested.

Lbr here, the only reason Venus ever became so popular on YouTube is because she has a cute face. Her kawaii little girl act is annoying as fuck, and now that she is a 19 year-old married woman it does not suit her anymore. Her makeup tutorials were always tragic, and she does not really have any other exploitable skills. Sure, she's a white girl in Japan with a kawaii husbando, but there is no shortage of that either. And she's not aging well, so unless she wants to film everything through a blurry filter she won't have the cute gaijin bonus forever.

The only reason why people are still watching is because of all the drama, or because they want to pat themselves on the back for being such a good person and supporting a poor abused little snowflake on the internet.

Tl;dr there is no way she ever gets a decent junk of her subscribers back unless she really exploits the drama and makes a bunch of videos about Margo (not mature/professional and potentially dangerous considering Marg's state of mind), or if she gets knocked up tomorrow and exploits the hell out of her kawaii japanese famiry~

At this point it would be better for her to give up on internet fame and become semi-normal. If it's a hobby she enjoys there is nothing wrong with having a small channel and uploading every now and then, but imo it would be healthier for her to keep a low profile.

No. 257875

yea a lot of her 'subscribers' must be dead accounts by now

No. 257876

why doesnt venus make a side channel
margo would have no control of that
and tons of jvloggers have side channels as if we actually give a damn

No. 257877

not saying this is venus's situation but you know it IS possible to be in a fairly happy relationship with an abuser. abusive relationships arent 100% abuse, and thats what leads the victim to stick around so long.

No. 257878

I was just wondering (since I haven't followed this drama from the very beginning) do Venus and Margo know about this forum? Or commented about it? I'm just curious because if Venus knew, i guess she could have used screencaps against margo to get her channel back maybe!

No. 257879

She could get in trouble for trying to 'evade' her ban. This has already been explained a bunch of times.

No. 257881


it's well known that mags likes to lurk PULL and lolcow a lot.
Not sure about Venus.

No. 257888

Has Marge posted anything in PULL since the Starbucks thing?

No. 257890

Starbucks thing?

No. 257892

Can't recall around when exactly it happened (it was around the time Marges and Venoos were in Korea), but people in PULL were expressing concern about Venus and in comes Margaret, and what does she do? Dispell any rumors? No. Instead she tries to chat up a user about Korean Starbucks vs Japanese Starbucks.

No. 257893

No. 257896

Thnx I was having trouble finding it

No. 257897

>abusive relationships aren't 100% abusive

Anon, please. Don't come out with dumb shit like this. Victims don't stick around because they are happy as they only getting punched in the face once a week or notepad of all day.

On topic: Margo. Her little suitcas she is dragging around on her wacky hobo train sojourn around regional Japan can't possibly be all her Korean belongings. I know there is the suitcase in the airport luggage locker, but is that everything? is stuff left in Korea or will that be the next stop once the visa runs out?

No. 257898

You clearly know nothing about abusive relationships. There's this thing called "The cycle of abuse" you might want to google it. Also go for "Love bombing" whilst you're at it. Educate yourself.

No. 257899

I was wondering about that too.

I think Venus mentioned that she left the desktop mac in Korea for her mother. Margs has on occasion complained she left her fancy camera in Korea.
Maybe she left it in a storage there? Or with her air bnb family?
Margs has storages all over the place.

And what is so important she has to take it with her? That right, her weights.

No. 257901

That's…still abuse. They're trying to pull the wool over their victim's eyes with "love bombing", you buffoon.

No. 257905

Shut up, plenty of us come from abusive homes and have ended up in great relationships. Not everyone is stuck in the circle of abuse, maggot just wishes Venus were, and if you give even a little credence to what that crazy bitch says, we have to assume you're nasty hose.

No. 257906


from what I remembered said Venus that she paid rent for another month for this tiny apartment they lived together. But marg left shortly after V escaped prison and and took def less stuff with her than she had in Soul. I would guess it's on storage or sold it to get some money but I guess there no longer a place where she can return when the visa runs out.

No. 257907

You know what YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY RIGHT PULL-CHAN. Manaki is an evil abuser who is nothing but a creepy stalker and just wants to live off of all the hundreds of dollars Venus makes. No need for proof or anything like that. Everyone is evil and there is no happiness in the world of cows just because you think it would be more interesting.

aka fuck off. Stop trying to make abuser!Manaki a thing.

How about we give him the benefit of the doubt until we detect any signs of him being anything but a fan-turned lover???

No. 257909


Me three. I hope their Korean landlord just sells everything off. If maggot wants to act irrationally - no one forced her to stay in Japan after Venus told her to fuck off at the airport - then she can reap the rewards.

Regardless of what happens to their stuff in Korea, she's going to blame everything on Venus anyway.

Did something happen to maggot when she was around 8 that would explain her arrested development, and her need for her child to parent her?

No. 257910

And the weight thing proves she's absolutely nuts. No one who seriously lifts or is into fitness would drag around weights, because those alone would finish your luggage allowance. They'd do the reasonable thing, the adult thing, and look for gyms at the location they're traveling to.

She probably thinks she's smart, saving money or something. Drags around 20 lb of weights at any given time, and barely any clothes to change into.

No. 257911

Margo has 0 plans for anything. She probably got kicked in the head as a kid or something. Probably not enough of the attention she wanted as a kid either so she wants Venus to give it all to her.

I wonder if she even has any money left to return to Korea. Probably not.

No. 257913

Original anon was saying the person being abused doesn't feel like they're being abused 24/7, and "100% abusive" referred to time spent on actively abusive behaviours that feel abusive.

I meant cycle of abuse as in the typical pattern of behaviours that one abusive person does to their victim, not the whole "Abused people go on to abuse" thing. Way to take personal offence to something you completely misinterpreted. Idiot.

No. 257917

Please guys, no more arguing. This is very autistic and OT.

No. 257926

I'm so curious what mags is doing and where she is. I want more insta rants plz. I want more updates!! 1

No. 257928

Top kek. I'm so excited for her channel to be back

No. 257932

Nah, she didn't as it was Manaki who posted about it.

No. 257938

File: 1460301728955.jpg (68.52 KB, 923x592, mcd.JPG)

Maggot should follow her own advice.

No. 257942

I've noticed that a lot of wackjobs like Margo have an astounding lack of self awareness

No. 257962

File: 1460305242052.jpg (243.51 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Jesus Christ gassy cunt is so stupid it hurts.

No. 257963

Kek at that one comment

>Pes cetacean

And having to mention it

Never quite sets in for me how margos supporters are developmentally challenged

No. 257966

I thought we agreed to stop giving these stupid bitches attention.
They lurk here and love when you talk about them.

No. 257974

She should move on, into a fucking river like the kappa she is.

No. 257980

Margo supporters are simply opportunistic nerds following the path of least resistance. For example, if there is a tear between the anus and vaginal wall, shit will come out of the vagina, because it is the path of least resistance. Passing through the anus takes work, the vaginal canal is loose enough that shit can pass right through. In the case of her supporters, a magical senpai like Weenoos would never notice them, however a torn hole has let them to pour their shit through loose vag Marge.

No. 257983

She talks about sending this to others if they need it yet she fails to notice she's the one in need. What a damn shame that kappa is.

No. 257984

What a beautiful way to describe it.

No. 257985

This picture is so sweet. Dawww.

No. 257986


>since she didn't contact me to save the channel

Isn't this evidence that Margaret is holding her account ransom as means of blackmail? Venus needs to forward this to Fullscreen.

No. 257992

Thanks for that imagery - I really appreciate it whilst eating my dinner.

No. 257998

Nobody asked you, least of all venus, for you to go through all these "legs" for her. If you truly cared about her being safe and happy, you wouldn't slander her and scare her.

No. 257999

Google anal fistulas during dessert for maximum impact <3

No. 258000

She only cares about the money and financial security Venus could bring, not about Venus as a human being. She's too wrapped up in her world to even know what loving your child truly means.

No. 258004

Hey Magoo, you think you can make lightning strike twice? Since it's entirely you behind the success of Benoos, have another kid right now and make them famous! Since it's all your doing this little feat shant be difficult. It's a 15 year investment but the returns will be yuuuge.

No. 258006


I think mags don't have the patience anymore and don't want another century until she would see some $$$ again.

And she already bred enough, so no thanks I guess.

No. 258007

Same. Shit is going to go down very soon.

No. 258009


Narcissists' emotional development stops before the time that most people start fully understanding and experiencing empathy and having remorse (around ages 6-7). They never learned to cope with the bad feeling created when you hurt someone, so it gets all twisted into everything you do being someone else's fault.

No. 258011

One can hope Margo ends up in a prison cell with how she's carrying on. That'd make a wonderful new home for her.

No. 258012


at least she would have a place to stay.

No. 258014

Time for a prison routine video KEK.

No. 258015

I admire your baiting skills

No. 258016

I would say it's the other way around. Older generations are clingier and more posessive with their kids

No. 258022

what about someone sending it to you margo?

No. 258023


McRefugee AND net cafe hobo. Fucking kek.


No. 258033


this is the next level of maggot - sleeping at the local McDonald's restaurant.

No. 258034


And a corner store! I guess capsule hotels and mangakissa are now outside her means. I love this, it'll make it easier for her to get picked up by police if she's just wandering around disheveled and loitering.

No. 258039

Kek Margo better learn to start begging for money to sleep in those capsule hotels and cafes if she doesn't want to sleep in a McDonalds.

I bet she's running out of hygiene products by now.

No. 258044

Never been overseas but I thought miggration offices does regular checks about where are you staying, your bank accounts and such?

No. 258045

Once you are past immigration at the airport they dont really give a shit. You think they have the time of day to keep tabs on the thousands of people who come in on tourist visas?

No. 258046

You really think they have the resources to do that…? Plenty of people move around a country to visit different places while on vacation, it'd be a huge undertaking to track every tourist. There are thousands of them, how would that even work?

No. 258047

As others said, they only check that on your way in. However, with margo basically loitering in a number of cafes, stores and restaurants with nowhere to go, I don't think it'll be long before a manager calls the cops to shake down the hobos. At that point it'll be clear that margo is a forigner without means to support herself, and would kick start the deportation process.

No. 258049

oh well, thanks for clarifying this anons, so basically someone can go and do whatever they want past the airport gates as long as they don't overstay

No. 258050

does anyone actually believe she's looking for Manaki's parents? as a lot of people have pointed out she's going about it in a totally non-sensical way (though that's not toooo out of character). my guess is that she just wrote that to justify her aimless traveling/to make herself sound vaguely like the adult in the situation?

No. 258051


She had the police call his parents as well as Venus. She's not going about this logically - but narcissistic rage short circuits any access to their charm / logic. All Margo knows is that her self image is being threatened, and what she wanted to happen isn't happening. She's making up all kinds of stories and people to blame. Margo burned through her primary (Venus) means of support and rapidly through her secondary support system (her family, youtubers, roommates) and is now grasping at any tertiary players (Manaki's parents) in the hopes that someone will restore everything the way she wants things (i.e. Margo is famous, Venoos gives mama all the money and lets mama control / bully / abuse her, etc).

No. 258054

and when the okadas inevitably fail to materialize?
i kind of wish there was a betting pool for where she'll be in a couple of months, i can't really imagine she'll find a way to live (ie to make money without working) in japan. it's either hungary or the river

No. 258056

>>and when the okadas inevitably fail to materialize?

Typically for narcs? They pull a total pivot. They move and start again, only to burn through the next plan in time since they can't learn from their mistakes. As the narc gets older, if they haven't learned to moderate their extreme behaviors somewhat to keep their status intact, the cycle (new place / job, new people, start crazy shit with new people, blame everyone and light the world on fire, slink away) grows shorter with each revolution. If they really can't learn anything at all and don't have a permanent enabler to keep in their thrall and support them, like a child or a parent, jail is likely at some point.

No. 258058

File: 1460325528520.png (17.36 KB, 290x117, Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 2.57…)

Wakey wakey, mags. Or are you still sleeping with a shirt over your face in the 24hour McDicks?

No. 258059

This bitch can't accept her meal ticket is over. She has a place to go home to and despite angering her family, they understand her ways and accept her from what I've read.

And of course Margo's insta tour of Japan had nefarious reasons. She couldn't just have a good time before she was forced to leave. She's off hunting in-laws in a desperate attempt to make things go her way.

No. 258060

So basically the margg is just desperately flailing & clawing for her life at this point, right? Her subservient little dancing monkey/revenue stream DEFIED her and has continued to defy her despite Mistress Maggot's best efforts to break her will. Which has NEVER happened before and THAT is making magg's head explode. Her primitive maggotbrain is unable to process this and is melting down like a malfunctioning nuclear reactor.

No. 258061

File: 1460326356282.png (12.53 KB, 156x102, Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3.09…)

Noted for future reference, if any more emails / public contact with to her family occur: Margo's mom is called Margitka also.

There was some confusion at some point over Margo's dad email Margo with an address for a "margit koncz". He must've emailed Margo from he and his wife's email.

No. 258063

Speaking of which grandpa ferenc is at it again. He posted a pic of cherry blossoms with a caption in Japznese (saying cherry blosdoms, time to relax.)

No. 258065


No. 258069

Not if you're a tourist, then the assumption is you have money for the short period you're there. They only check if you're applying for residence for a year or longer and you don't have a rich guarantor.

No. 258074

This exactly. For a narc or other cluster B, a child is their easiest victim because they can manipulate it so completely. But Venus, as isolated as maggot tried to keep her, had access to the Internet, loads of information, and must have cottoned on to the fact that normal mothers aren't like that. It must have been really scary and lonely, but it's great that she was able to flee the coop at a relatively young age.

Maggot will never have access to anyone as easily duped as younger Venus again and she knows it.

No. 258083

File: 1460330842228.png (741.72 KB, 920x591, Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.26…)


No. 258085


That bitch is in hiding somewhere. All we're getting is flower pics that look like they're all from the same location she was previously in.

No. 258086


No. 258087

she claims to be good at photography but this shot is shit

No. 258088

thats not japanese its chinese kek

No. 258089

actually anon you can even overstay. it's when you leave after overstaying they will bust you. Even then they might not say anything, unless they feel like investigating you. You usually will end up with a ban on reentry for a while whether they talk to you or not.

No. 258090

hey guys this is an actual place http://www.margaretriver.com kek

No. 258091

top analysis anon.

No. 258092


Weird! Did she swipe the photo from someplace? Or is she in an area with a lot of Chinese immigrants / homeless?

No. 258094


Welp, now we have a location for our annual Margo and Venoos Symposium on Cluster B Disorders and Gossip

No. 258095

Japan gets a shitload of Chinese tourists, it's probably just to help them (just like there's English on the sign for English-speaking tourists).

No. 258097

She's probably waiting for someome to notice her oh so amazing photography so they'll pay her for "pro" photo shoots or some stuff like that. She's probably hiding by a damn bridge near a river kek

No. 258098

Ausfag here, I've been there. It's a bit too nice for Mags.

No. 258100

Her photos are just muddy and depressing though. Oh I know, Venus stole her laptop bla bla… Margaret could be a great artist without all the haters. Her airport nude is still the best one.

No. 258101

File: 1460332040970.jpg (2.74 MB, 3008x2000, magsrivah.jpg)


This is more like her river. Toxic, foul and disgusting just like her.

No. 258105

Her photos really are trash. Looks like she's just using her phone and thinking she's hot shit.

WHOAH I didn't see the airport pic! When did that happen?

No. 258106


On margo's first couple days, she stayed at the airport, thinking venus would break down and let mag live with her (or come back to korea) if margo acted pitiful. Mags took a couple nudes in the shower room at the airport and had them posted on her instagram for weeks with venus tagged for attention. They're all in the old threads, and the stopmargaretp account.

No. 258108

I don't see why she doesn't just suck some peenus for money. She has a passable body and there must be guys with white fever that would be into it.

No. 258109

I thought we assumed she's doing that already?

No. 258110

She's deleting most comments; a second ago there were 13 comments, I looked again and she's back to 7.

No. 258111

They don't, it's not really feasable for them to do such a thing. They might however check her visa on the way back, and if they find out she overstayed there will be consequences.

No. 258112


Tricking when you're homeless and don't speak the language is more difficult. She's got her phone to post ads, but she's pretty dirty at this point and has no place to meet clients. And showing up for a "date" without having bathed of changed your clothes probably doesn't work out well.

No. 258114

I agree. At this point the whole family hunt is just an excuse.

No. 258117

Margot needs to listen to grandpapa and chill

No. 258120

We need to send margo a travel brochure for it

No. 258121


To be fair who the fuck would want their dick anywhere near that mouth let alone her kappa face…she'd probably bite if off with anger on how Venoos has betrayed her halfway through the job.

No. 258122

Maybe we should help her get some clients. Ask robots who live in japan. They could report back to us with pics.

No. 258124

why can't she just walk into a "soapland" though. she'd be clean, paid and can probably doze off out the back.

No. 258126

Why hasnt margo asked her "fans" for money yet?

No. 258128

Because that Kappa couldn't manage to get money from Venus's significantly larger fan base while promising goods in return. No one will donate.

No. 258129


No. 258130

File: 1460334724876.png (228.88 KB, 640x482, 38fe594b-3e27-4597-a1bf-f4ab46…)


No. 258131

She seems made for the domination market though.

No. 258133

preach fizzynaut

No. 258134


Especially FinDom; it's right up her ally.

No. 258135

File: 1460334918441.png (353.26 KB, 585x584, demonmarg.png)


I'd shit myself if I was a local and saw that face lurking in an alleyway.

No. 258140

Kfc she looks so melted. What the hell?

No. 258141

No. 258149


Maybe aim for homeless fetishists? Pretty sure there must be men into that kink in Japan

No. 258153

File: 1460336510513.jpg (92.14 KB, 640x920, 0515b4ac22dbaa815466084b69db62…)

whoops dropped my pic

No. 258158

can you explain FinDom for me?

No. 258159

File: 1460337030458.png (19.92 KB, 301x91, Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 6.09…)

Uh, I hope whoever posted this comes up with the receipts

No. 258160


Financial Domination. The domme (usually a woman) has her submissives send them money as punishment / uses financial power to humiliate their sub.

No. 258161

financial domination

basically what she have been doing with Venoos since she decided to be her "manager"

No. 258162

informative thankyou.

yes this seems to be Margo's area of expertise. perhaps she only enjoys an unwilling victim though.

No. 258163

*to, no with

No. 258168

Marge would consider it 'with'. Like you clean 'with' a vacuum cleaner. Withdraw money 'with' an ATM card.

No. 258169

I know you're kidding but findom is supposed to be consensual where the person paying is supposed to enjoy the experience sexually, I don't think venus neither consented to have all her money taken nor she got off on it

No. 258170

That and most FinDoms know that if their slave is spending so much that they can't afford to pay for themselves or their family, they tell them to stop. Margaret would never ever care about their well-being.

No. 258172

Maggot probably thinks consent is a brand of tissues. And there's a lot of emotional incest from parents with her brand of the lunatics.

No. 258173

>consent is a brand of tissues

No. 258180

File: 1460341325461.png (163.85 KB, 640x491, 83f302b9-9f52-4e42-baf8-4947bf…)

Screenshots & video coming

No. 258181


Is this anyone here? These comments have been up for hours and no one's produced any receipts yet.

No. 258192

File: 1460344571731.png (231.12 KB, 1012x425, 76c0e94d-1ab7-4704-a102-67179e…)

Dom for sure. NJM agrees and she would know.

No. 258194

File: 1460344786079.jpg (12.35 KB, 320x320, 10995091_1571986973116644_1072…)

Oh yeah, baby

No. 258204

File: 1460347330238.png (729.3 KB, 623x887, bee6c3c5-be5e-4269-a335-18bc72…)

Miss Angelic is back on IG, browsing pics of pink & white cupcakes & other cuteness. She liked this one about an hour ago. Meanwhile her own page has over 1200 distraught comments begging her to PLEASE just let them know she's okay. I don't get it. I don't see how Fullscreen would have a problem with her popping in to say Hi guys, can't talk about details but just wanted to let you all know I'm fine. I'm getting annoyed.

No. 258205


Dude. The woman is newly married, newly escaped from her lifelong abuser, her mother is hunting her down and disparaging her in any way possible in public, and she's had her life's work put on hold due to her mothers crazy. Your annoyance is selfish and childish. Chill the fuck out, and Venus will come back in her own good time (or, when her management says it's okay for her to make an announcement; they have lawyers on this shit.)

No. 258206

Thanks bud, you've told us all about your incredibly important levels of annoyance twice now. Chill the fuck out and try not to sound like such a heartless brat next time, yea? Heaven forbid Venus is prioritizing her own well being over the curiosity of strangers on the internet when she's going through one of the hardest times of her life. If she wants to be silent right now, or if she's been told to be, then that's her business. Her audience isn't owed a damn peep out of her, and neither are you.

No. 258207


It's good for Venus to remain silent for now.
Both her and Fullscreen are aware of how much of a loose cannon Margo is at the moment. Venus coming in and making assurances about the state of her channel could jeopardise everything and set the river hag off again. They need to keep their mouths firmly shut until Venus actually GETS her channel back, which I believe she will so long as Margo's claims expire without evidence.

It's just a fucking travesty that YouTube's policy is to shoot first and all questions later.

No. 258208

File: 1460349152745.png (24.01 KB, 323x121, Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.30…)

Who the fuck are these people? "Yeah, if an adult child wants to leave you, they should leave the house naked without a single belonging, and also brain damage themselves so they can't take the education that their loving parents gave them. That's only fair, if you want to leave mummy dearest."

No. 258210


She doesn't owe anyone anything. Let her live her own life, if she doesn't want to release any information that's HER choice and everyone should respect that. Go mind your own shit.

No. 258219

File: 1460353645333.png (217.1 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160411-014001.png)

She's snagged some free wi-fi again, lol. I think she's holed up in another dirt-cheap airbnb room somewhere after riding the rails for 10 days. Must have sprung for a second 5 day budget railpass but after 10 days she's at the end of the line.

No. 258220

Not many have it, but i know theres at least one or two in shibuya that have a few seats for people to enjoy their combini dinner. They dont close it and sometimes ive seen people napping, so im sure she just did the same. Though in the outskirts of tokyo ive never seen seats for people to enjoy their combini.

No. 258222

Wait what? The police, why?
I'm not 100% up to date on this milk so maybe I missed something but what the hell is she talking about

No. 258223

exactly as she says. she talked about it yesterday too, maybe she did it while on the road.

No. 258224

& because Manaki has her money, oops daughter held prisoner.

No. 258225

She went to the Hungary embassy with a crackpot story about Venus getting kidnapped by a pedofile, police found the apartment checked in, saw nothing was wrong and told mags she's fine, doesn't want contact ect..

No. 258226

ooh that's a detail I didn't know (the embassy). I have to sleep sometime though.

No. 258227

You guys remember when Venus and Maggot were in South Korea and Maggot logged into Venus' Instagram and began posting fake updates and posted those dubious photos of "potentially" Venus in bed with some South Korean dude? Does anybody get the feeling that she initially did that after sensing that Venus was a flight risk and tried to use it to "put her in her place"?

It strikes me that what she did then was like a lite version of what it is she's doing now. Obviously it didn't work then so she's amped it up some and increased the control, slander, stalking and emotional and financial damage tenfold (and blessedly Venus is a smart bean and is ignoring it all).

I think Maggot knew Venus was going to try and leave, but she didn't know when nor how she'd attempt it.

No. 258228

I think that's what she's talking about unless she tried again, wouldn't put it past her. Sorry if I sounded short or cross. Fairly drunk.

No. 258232

Wow ok.
I know Margo is scum and all that but sometimes she acts like such a victim and I think maybe, she's just hurt and acting out…
then I see her do shit like this. And recall all the other very fucked up shit she did. It's kind of scary how I almost "sympathize" with her sometimes, when she deserves none of it. It's like an abusive relationship and Venus had to deal with this her entire life but she's still going strong. Fucking props to her.

No. 258234

chanting Deport the hobo! Deport the hobo! Deport the hobo!

Seriously though. May cannot come soon enough.

No. 258235

I've caught myself in those moments too, thinking "What if there's a small hint of truth to Margo's side of things?" or "What if Margo does really care for Venus some how despite her actions?" and then she does shit like this, or I watch an interview and see how Venus shuts down when Midge starts talking, and my sympathy retreats into the deep dark abyss just like Maggot's heart.

No. 258239

I understand all venus's fan are upset but I feel like commenting on Mayo's post just feed the beast. Sandbag her. Ignore her. Don't give her your attention. If you have to just comment on Venus's Instagram. Margot loves the attention. Hopefully without the attention she'll go die somewhere in her hobo clothes.

No. 258240

Well this week should be interesting wrt Venus' YT channel. If magg's ravings about some 'deadline' being yesterday (Sunday) are true the only deadline that could be is the 14 day deadline for her to file suit or the DMCA takedown expires, so Venus' channel *should be back up soon.

No. 258243

The deadline is 14 business days after the claims were made. I think she's got another week elite before that's up. I think marge just wanted this settled by yesterday because she's out of money.

No. 258244

* or so, not elite.

No. 258246

Isnt the deadline her visa isnt she overstaying soon

No. 258248

No. 258254

Actually it's 10-14 business days after she receives the counterclaim. Anyway that's the only deadline that exists that I know of but she could also just be lying her ass off again.

No. 258255

She was probably told to stay silent until margo goes back and the coast is clear.

No. 258256

Maybe she knows where they live and the deadline is for venus to contact her before she comes and gets her herself.

No. 258260

Tbh i doubt the thing about Manaki parents is true. She said Manaki forbidded them to talk to her (which I don't even think it's true. Maybe he said "they aren't here" when she asked to talk to his parents) And then she said his parents had no idea about this drama. Does margo read people's minds or what?

No. 258261

a counter claim is not compulsory. the claim will simply expire on its own after 14 days if Margo fails to launch real legal action. the strike will be lifted. this is for each claim individually.

No. 258262

Youtuber Mistik reviews mango-chan's 'my morning routine in old japanese house' video. Titled: The Most Insane Mother On Youtube

"it's like totally trendy and down with the kids!"

No. 258263

You sent me back to that thread and wow what a read. The anon who wanted to talk about bruises but got shut down. Everyone calling Manaki a cuck… Then all hell breaks loose.

There's no way to know if Venus had already run at that moment, or if your theory is correct and that image was posted between Manaki's departure and Venus' escape. We see the two grumpy Starbucks pics after that but they could have been old.

No. 258268

I'd like to believe that. Can I ask what your source is? Just b/c I have been looking into DMCA and have not been able to find a thing about what happens if a counterclaim is not filed. thx

No. 258270

Glad she didn't include the groddy legs shaving and laundry prewash.

But did anyone else notice how old and brown this bitch's toothbrush is? I mean, I know she's from an old eastbloc country, but this bitch lived in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and London. For the prize of one parfait she could buy five new tooth brushes.

No. 258277

I found this useful for at least some of it (the rest is just what I read here and kwfarms). https://www.eff.org/issues/intellectual-property/guide-to-youtube-removals#contractual-obligations -scroll to 'Sending a DMCA Counter-notice'.

No. 258278

these are the most important parts! they'd have people howling.

No. 258279

a salient point: "the rightsholder does not have a cheap and fast way to keep the video down, short of suing you"

No. 258282

Hmm interesting. If you do not do the counter-notice it takes six months for the strike to expire on its own. Sauce: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2814000

But there's no way they haven't counter-notified, because the whole channel's at stake, not just one video. So the timeframe will not be so long.

No. 258288

No way dude. Do not contaminate my local wine region and dolphin sanctuary. Send her tourist guides to Lake Saiko instead. It sounds like 'psycho' and it's right near the suicide forest near Mt Fuji

No. 258289

So, the strike expires in 6 months if no counterclaim is filed and 2 weeks if one is filed…seems like a no brainer to file one then.

Another question would be what happens if the same person (marge) just continues to file claims against more videos? Theoretically one person could do this continually to keep a channel offline but I would think there would be limits as to how many times this could be done. First, it's not as easy as just flagging a video or filling out an online complaint form, it's a formal procedure and there are guidelines that must be met. Second, it can't be done anonymously, YT will know they're all from marge. Last, if marge fails to initiate court proceedings to pursue her first 3 copyright claims (which is what it takes for YT to shut a whole channel down), why should YT take any further claims from her seriously? I would think that would be sort of a '3 strikes & you're out' type thing.

But I'm not a lawyer so idk.

No. 258290


No. 258291

interesting question. do YT at some point decide she is making nuisances claims because she hasn't followed any with legal action? or do they just let her plod through claims for every single video - the channel could be offline for quite a while if so.

what caliber of legal advice does one get in a konbini at 1am after a night of peeking through various Okada family windows?

No. 258292

'nuisance claims'. since I wrote my thesis I can't see typos for shit.

No. 258293

>It's just a fucking travesty that YouTube's policy is to shoot first and all questions later.

It's not youtube's policy, for the eight millionth time. All websites that want to benefit from safe harbour have to comply with the rules of the DMCA, which is a piece of legislature.

No. 258297

That was so hard to watch because she was trying so hard to be leafy. Huork

No. 258298

Margo can file endlessly. Youtube has no nuisance system. It's notoriously shit in this sense.

No. 258299

damn so we just settle in for claim after claim or until Margo gets hit by a bus or jumps in the river.

No. 258301

Or some other hobos eat her. We can only hope.

No. 258303

If it's any reassurance, she will need to put in some effort (documents) if she wants to keep filing, so that might discourage her

No. 258304

100% sure that maggot doesn't have access to any proof that she made those vids.

I mean, this is a lunatic who lugs weights around in her trolley instead of stuff that matters.

No. 258306

She can only file a claim once. If she doesn't follow it up after the 14 days then she can never claim on this video again. She can only keep doing this for as long as there are videos so she can't theoretically keep doing it forever. Plus I think if she kept it up fullscreen would probably sue her for loss of profits or something.

No. 258308

she's a highly motivated claimant though. the only thing that will get in her way is her own instability.

No. 258309

If she is of no fixed abode they may have a tough time serving papers.

No. 258312

If they sued her for loss of profits they'd be lucky to get 20 cents out of Margo. If she couldn't pay it if it happened wouldn't she just go to prison or something?

No. 258314


But, ain't no one suing no one.

It would be a huuuuuuge pain in the ass to figure out the jurisdiction. Most of the vids weren't made in Japan, they didn't report their income in Japan (or anywhere? lol tax scammer maggot), majority not uploaded in Japan. Only a huge company would be able to pay enough lawyers to figure the whole mess out.

We just have to wait for our favorite firecracker lolcow to wear herself out. I wouldn't be said if maggot died, that would be best for everyone, but it would make Venus feel guilty, while she hasn't actually done anything wrong.

No. 258315

Let her retreat into a river where she belongs. She can become a sea hag(if she isn't already one). Or if she likes she can continue to remain a bum and scare all the locals from even looking in her direction.

No. 258318

She can do this for every single video though, and there are many

No. 258321

It's going to be a long an boring battle. This is why I hope she just dies. Disappears down a hole in the Japanese country side. I hope the body is never found, wouldn't want Venus to be shafted again with the funeral fees.

No. 258324

I was gonna vote stumbles in front of a bus but you make a good point about funeral fees.

No. 258326

Marge definitely must have a return flight back to wherever in order to come in on a tourist visa, but at this rate, how will she get back in time to go on that flight and avoid overstaying her visa? I assume she flew in through Haneda, and since she's out and about obviously not in Tokyo and running low on money, how does she expect to get her ass back to Tokyo to fly out and back in again? I know she possibly could've set some money aside, enough for a return trip back to Tokyo, but her trip around Nagayo and Osaka and wherever else seem so sporadic, and I remember someone mentioning before how narcs don't really think too far into the future.

I really do hope she'll keep travelling west and then be stuck and accidentally overstay her visa. I hope immigration will still be tough on her and not let her back in if she tells them shit like "it was an accident!"

No. 258327

Is Venus obligated to deal with funeral fees?

No. 258328

Not if Marge remains a Jane Doe after death (or the Japanese equivalent).

No. 258330

She probably won't get back in time and if she did she'd probably just barely make it. She didn't plan for any "what ifs" so is just doing whatever on impulse. Even if she did have money to get back to wherever she came from, would she have enough money to come back to Japan?

No. 258336

she won't have required a return flight. this is because she's EU and didn't have to apply for the visa but was granted it automatically.

No. 258338

there is no way she planned a 3 month stay and what to do at the end of it.

No. 258339


mags plan was from the airport straight into the apartment of Venus and Manaki in her reserved guestroom which she deserves to have!!1

No. 258340

I wish hobo Margo would sleep near any free Wi-Fi. It gets boring without her ever-changing captions, flower pictures and wild accusations.

No. 258341


It's been already four weeks since the last Danny's parfait picture.

No. 258343

the airport sausage just a memory

No. 258349

btw but somebody asked here on the last thread if somebody saved the "How I ran away from home" video of venus and looks like somebody did this already did this a while ago.

I think it's good that it's still able to watch.

No. 258351

Yeah, I'm waiting for something good to come along too. Is a storm brewing or is it dying down?

No. 258362

I made a poll!

Where do you think Margot will go after her visa expires?


Let's see if we as a unity can guess ahead of time!

No. 258369

When I vote "go back to Europe" I mean back to leech off the Ferencs. Since she can't leech off her daughter anymore and doesn't understand how to work for a living.

No. 258371

>She will go to the river


No. 258373

I like you

No. 258379

she's not replying because she is not okay, when I am upset and depressed I go and look at pictures of cute things and watch cute shows on tv, sometimes I get texts from people and completely ignore them because I know that facing how I really feel will make me implode. At this point Venus may be going out of her way to avoid answering questions because A. it is overwhelming B. She is upset and trying to cope

No. 258381


could mags even go to Australia at some point? I heard they are super strict when it comes to immigration and stuff.

No. 258384

She's going to the river. Break out those tugboats and see that new tourist attraction livin' in the river. Kek

We can hope Venus is ok. We can try waiting another week to see if she says at least a word. If not, I don't know what we'll do.

No. 258385

Lol, this reminds me when people were voting on Britney's date of death to win a PS3. Or something along those lines

No. 258386

You forgot the part where she is searched for tax evasion. moving all the time within the EU can delay it but they still search anyways.

No. 258388

It's still 14 business days til it expires, however

No. 258389


it's been about one week since the channel has been taken down so I guess another week is left until we know how things looks like about venus and her videos?

No. 258390

More than a week. Business days are mon thru Friday only. 14 business days means almost 3 weeks total. I think it's been 10 days total since the initial claim, but subtract 4 days for 2 weekends. So it's been 6 business days so far.

No. 258394


>Another question would be what happens if the same person (marge) just continues to file claims against more videos?

Filing false DMCA claims are illegal. Fullscreen could sue Maggot on Venus' behalf.

No. 258398

With how her mother has treated her I wouldn't be surprised if she already has some form of depression and using her creativity to make fun videos has been her way of coping along with Manaki's support.The termination of her account has no doubt sent her to a very dark place which is awful to escape. I don't blame her for not wanting to talk to anyone online about it.

No. 258405

File: 1460401925914.png (300.85 KB, 554x527, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.0…)

Margo went through a bunch of her photos last night, thanking her loyal followers. I had to keep checking that they were on different photos, because she thanks the same people each time, and they respond exactly the same way each time ("senpai noticed me!!") It was like a twilight zone of asinine comments

No. 258406

File: 1460401941955.png (158.69 KB, 379x526, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.0…)


No. 258407

File: 1460401964961.png (156.39 KB, 410x539, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.0…)


No. 258409

File: 1460402034004.png (92.26 KB, 340x550, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.1…)

Here Margo repeats some shit, but it hasn't been posted yet. Someone asked her why on earth she'd both Manaki's parents. Margo misinterprets this as a genuine question and is all, "Because they had no clue as to the evil plan!!!"

No. 258414

Know what? That their son is a master manipulator that is brain washing her daughter. That Manaki is using all HER money that Venus apparently stole? How does Margo expect they'd react to this? My parents would immediately tell Margo to fuck off.

No. 258415

Probably not. I heard they have a points based system or something, basically you have to be useful to get a citizenship. I wish more countries adopted something like that. Maggot has zero use.

No. 258416


Canada also has the points-based citizen system

No. 258417

File: 1460403272628.png (514.7 KB, 487x538, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.3…)

Let's enjoy some Roald Dahl. I think this is very apt in terms of Margo's appearance verses her barely younger sister, or her daughter.

No. 258418

Or if they're very polite they'll say oh that's awful we'll talk to him about it and then shoo her away while they do nothing else about her crazy claims.

No. 258419

They told the police that they don't want to speak to her. Margo interpretsnapped that as manaki forbidding them from speaking to her.

No. 258420

*interpreted. Fucking phone typos.

No. 258425

Because otherwise they'd love some strange whorish gaijin telling them their son is a horrible person.

No. 258428

File: 1460405339133.png (299.99 KB, 882x596, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.08…)

DMs with Margo on her meth accusations from @stopmargaretp. Aunt Zsu has commented on the posts; she wants to know if she reports "someones" account of comments if they'll know is was her. Based Aunt Zsu.

No. 258429

File: 1460405353648.png (191.63 KB, 604x598, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.05…)

No. 258434

>Yep. I'm innocent.

…all the rage. ALL OF IT

No. 258438

She got angry guys. She just got angry. Wooooooooow. Margo is eating horse shit. Yeah, we all get angry but it doesn't exuse every single action we do. Smh…

Kek Margo looks like someone on drugs. Leathery ass skin.

No. 258439

Whispering and rambling about train tickets, sleeping in dirty clothes, living the hobo life is really more sane and more drug-free than Venus's puffy eyed photo in her stable apartment with her husband.

No. 258442

Aw man I know. Let's watch Margo try to prove that Venus is the one on drugs even more.

No. 258448

I'm waiting for Margo's eventual breakdown. It's been happening, but I think this mega bitch is currently being quelled by Venus's channel deletion. It serves several purposes; 1) revenge; 2) show Venus that she can't be on her own; and, 3) used as leverage to get her income back. Luckily Manaki is unmovable and is wisely advising Venus and his parents not to give Margo an inch. As much as I want to think of him as creepy for being a fan of Venus, he's being absolutely reasonable in his approach to dealing with Margo.

No. 258449

"Venus looks like she is on drugs after I confronted her about telling Venus she looks like she's on meth"

Let's deconstruct this. Who has Margo confronted? Venus, or some third party as well as Venus? And how does confronting or telling someone they're on drugs confirm that they are on drugs, when they do not respond to you?

I still think this "Venoos is on meth!!" accusation confirms that Maggot is on the pipe. She's projecting everything else, and this shit came out of nowhere.

No. 258452


If Margo thought stripping her daughter of income would hake her come back, she's more stupid than I thought. Nothing could have made Venus cling to Manaki more than losing her income; her mom has no money, how would Venus live if she left Manaki? She'd go right back to being abused every day, and she's be homeless with her mom. Between living in a small but nice Tokyo apartment and being a supported stay at home wife to someone who cares about you, and being homeless with River Monster Margo who will be cruel and berate you constantly, which choice seems more palatable?

No. 258456

I don't think Margo want's Venus to come back. She's already got a vendetta. She wants the stability Venus's income provides.

Everyone keeps telling Margo she's only pushing Venus further away, but it doesn't seem to matter to Margo. I honestly don't think she'd care about Venus leaving if she had the same cut of money or support.

No. 258459

Probably they won't ever answer the door thinking its some deranged beggar

No. 258464


She doesn't want Venus back - but if she wants Venus's money back, she's going to need Venus the person, too. I don't think she's thought this thru all the way. Margo does insist she doesn't want anything to do with V, but the fact remains that Venus and her money are a package deal.

No. 258467


Venus & Manaki have been doing fantastic throughout this whole thing since she escaped Korea with him. They could easily lose their cool and go down the immature path Margaret has taken, but they've remained completely mature about it all. That's the best way to wind up tapped bitches like Margo and eventually she will have that breakdown. She's getting none of the reactions she truly wants and it's literally driving her insane.

No. 258470

As much as I'd love to blame margos behavior on meth, I truly don't believe she is (I've done my fair share of drugs).

I think this is a combination of defamation and an excuse, anything margo's delusional mind can muster to ensure she's not blamed. If Venus is on drugs or if manaki is a crazy stalker kidnapper, it allows margo to forego blame. Instead of accepting that her action's have caused her daughter to run from her, she needs to convince herself there are other, outside reasons. Margo cannot mentally accept blame, her fragile ego cannot conceive it, so her mind cooks up these scape goats instead.

No. 258471

I agree and disagree.

Margo needs to ruin Venus regardless of the financial situation, because Venus went against margo's will. It's a power thing. Not just money.

No. 258473

Looking back through Margo's instagram, if I just stumbled on it I would never even know she had a daughter. In photos with Venus, she never mentions she's her daughter. So it doesn't even feel like she has any real maternal connection to her at all. All her posts with venus are just to push forward the VA brand, and all her posts without Venus are narcissistic 'hey look at me' vacation style posts. It's truly strange and I don't understand how people think she's a great mother.

No. 258476

Fucking no thanks

No. 258477

I think Margo's up and at 'em; some of her comment counts are going down.

No. 258482

B-but there's a jewelry store she can promote!

No. 258483

Christ, I just had a look at her most recent photos and there are some fucking essays on there. What do these people think they're going to achieve with this shit?

No. 258489

if she tried she could end up in a detention centre lol

No. 258495

Yeah, I mean you're right, but Margo is pretty disorganized right now she usually feels the need to ruin Venus, but you get these quick desperate attempts at manipulating Venus into contacting her. Like how Margo used storage and photos as an attempt to get Venus to pay the fees (and ultimately financially secure Margo's stuff). She also said in one of her ill thought out responses that Venus needed to contact her by Sunday, contacting the police to try to speak to Venus or appeal to her.

I think the problem here is that we keep trying to see how and even WHAT Margo's goal is right now. Truth is she has two contradictory goals which is to regain control over Venus and RUIN her financially while still hoping to see some of Venus's finances to fuel her parfait addiction.

All in all, we can agree that Margo is jumping from one agenda to another despite her previous actions being counter-productive to that newly obtained, but time limited goal.

All in all - this shit fest is fascinating and I'm just at a loss every time I wake up to one of Margo's stunts.

No. 258496

They're stupid, especially the "YOU CAN FIX THIS MARGO. I KNOW YOU LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER," but they're probably annoying the shit out of Margo so I say keep em coming.

No. 258497

That seems the most likely option.

Fact is, she's out of money. She has maybe ten yen she found under a vending machine to her name.

A week ago or so she tried to hit up Grandpa for some money, right? And grandpa noped her.

When she came to Japan she was absolutely sure Venus would come back. She thought, because she's an utter lunatic, that if she kept torturing the poor girl, Venus would have no choice but to bail her out (protip for lurking cunts: for people to want to bail you out, they have to like you)

Venus is so not going to bail her out, especially now that her income is taking a hit and the couple have to make do on Manaki's income.

Since grandpa also said "we love you, crazy margit, but lol no!" this crazy cunt of a whore tried to get a hold of Manaki's parents.

Not to "tell them everything!" or some such twaddle, because they definitely know her mentally disturbed ways already, but to hit them up for money.

Now all is lost. She can't go to the police again, because if they cotton on to the fact that she's not just a crazy gaijin, but a crazy homeless gaijin, they might have her reported.

Remember how she mentioned entering Japan that customs gave her some trouble? There could be several reasons. Possibilities are:

1. She was acting manic and erratic, and they suspected her of being up to no good.

2. She had no return ticket, but convinced them she'd buy one while she was there.

3. They thought she was a complete nutter because half of her luggage is weights.

If it's option two, they might have a mark on her to check if she leaves once her visa expires.

But, even if she has a return ticket, if she has no more apartment in Korea, Korean customs/immigration might also give her a hard time.

She hasn't got the money to try and go to Australia. Besides, even if she had the money, Australian customs/immigration is even stricter than Japan's, she'd never make it in.

She has no money to go anywhere, and the only place she can enter without risking trouble is Hungary, because she's a citizen. And there's no way she can pay for it. The evil old hag is stuck, and this pleases this farmer.

No. 258498

I'm wondering if maggot went to Nagoya to buy some meth, and was planning on finding Venus & Manaki or their parents (hoping to get the address out of the police?) and planting it on them, then report them.

Someone needs to give the police an anonymous tip about this scheming pondscum.

No. 258500

I can't wait until she starts pleading insanity as her reason for why she's been acting like such a monster to gain sympathy from her followers even when they know she's in the wrong.

No. 258501


Could always spam the official police Twitter page kek.

https://twitter.com/NPA_KOHO(gr8 idea)

No. 258502

Oh I'm sure once she goes too far (hopefully Venus and Manaki will stay safe), she'll use mental illness as an excuse.

I thought Margo was asking Grandpa for help saving the storage crap and he paid the fees…?

No. 258503

Venus updateddd

No. 258504

File: 1460415341131.png (631.12 KB, 930x583, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.55…)

No. 258505


Innocuous, on brand, no mention of the drama with her mama. Fullscreen is managing this closely, I'd say. Keep your chin up kid, it'll be over soon.

No. 258507


Well at least she seems to be in good spirits, even if the post is completely irrelevant to current events.

No. 258509

I hope she's doing a little better emotionally. She must be going through hell thanks to her bitch mom. Her posting is probably her way of letting people know that she's still around.

No. 258510

"Update" = A star shaped gummy


No. 258511


It's a big fuck you to maggot. Even gummy candy is more important in Venus' life than that old, ugly bitch.

No. 258512

Fuck yes Venus updated about her channel, looking good folks; looking good.

No. 258514

She said YT is working to get her channel back

No. 258516

I imagine it's pretty much what >>258505
was saying, if Fullscreen is on the case then they probably don't want her to stir the pot so this is just a 'hey I'm still alive and doing okay' kind of post.

I'm glad, I hope she and Manaki are able to take a trip sometime soon and relax and not have to worry about that old bat stalking them.

No. 258518

File: 1460416081693.jpg (14.5 KB, 233x279, smileemoji.jpg)

Margaret is going to be so fucking pissed. This pleases me greatly.

No. 258519

Evil masterplan!1!!!1

No. 258521

Posting cute pictures, living the kawaii life in her nice apartment with loving husband…nice, Venus. Keep it classy and the girl looks like a fucking Gem compared to Margo's freak out.

Meanwhile, at the river, a certain Kappa is screaming in rage as she realizes it's going to take more than clicking a report button to destroy her daughter.

This, my fellow farmers, is an age of Cream.

No. 258523

That gummi is code for a thriving meth kitchen.

No. 258524

I'm so happy she posted that. I don't even like her videos, but I just want her to be happy.

No. 258526

There is no meth beyond margo's imagination. Let it go, Anon

No. 258529

Once Venus got away from maggot she actually got her taste back.

She was a misguided weeb in her early years, but at least she had a consistent style. Once maggot came into the picture, she was forced to do as maggot said, which included wild experiments where her pastel, sweet kei lolita stuff was mixed with eastern European trashy whore kei, the stuff maggot loves. Now that Venus can be herself again, it's back to pastel weeb stuff, but at least it is consistent without being crazy and OTT, and doesn't assault the eyes of people who are into that with the unexpected trashy garbage maggot always contributed.

No. 258530

Literally choked and almost puked when I saw Venus' updates in my feed, I'm so fucking happy she's getting her channel back and she's okay! I actually am a fan not just since the drama, so this news has me super happy.
Go fuck yourself Margoyle, so glad her attempts to bring V down are all failing and her visa is almost up and she's still a homeless bitter river monster.

No. 258531

I'm admiring her super cute bento making skills. Venus should definitely make a video involving that once her channel is back to normal. Bentos are great stuff.

No. 258532

Margoyle - that's fucking brilliant.

No. 258533

File: 1460417485114.png (762.86 KB, 663x518, VA.PNG)

I am pleased as punch right now, I'm so happy that she and Manaki are having a good time while her mother is festering in her 3 day old clothes and jealousy trying to find her next meal.

No. 258535


That picnic lunch is adorable and it looks both healthy and tasty! Way to kawaii housewife, V. I think you've found your calling. Move over Martha Stewart.

No. 258536

File: 1460417689403.png (425.8 KB, 804x577, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.34…)

No. 258537


News about YouTube from Venus: they're working with her to get the channel back.

No. 258538

File: 1460417759422.png (524.6 KB, 924x320, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.35…)

Margo is homeless this weekend, and Venus went on holiday =)

No. 258540

Venus' scenic picture is waaay more interesting and beautiful than all of Margos flower pictures combined.

No. 258545

She comes up on top again. Margaret will know her plan didn't work even though Venus makes no real mention of her. Venus will get her videos back, she went on a nice holiday with Manaki, seems like she captured people's attention with her bento post. Margo is going to SEETHE .

No. 258549

Glad to hear she's ok. Margo is probably trying to come up with some cracked out plan that will once again flop.

Margo's ass is burning with anger right now at this

No. 258552

>>Margo's ass is burning with anger right now at this

"How dare you Venoos! You bully and steal me, and I cannot afford swarovski or macbooks. You may now send to me money to this bank account I include. Also, Manaki is a pedo. Tell to me your address now, so I live with you."

No. 258558

File: 1460420108871.jpg (51.17 KB, 306x319, 55789479.jpg)

>>You may now send to me money to this bank account I include
>>Also, Manaki is a pedo.

Bruh. Oh my geeyosh Margo that's so terrible. How could this happen???

Seriously, I was ded at the Manki pedo part. Big ass kek.

Pic=Margo's trashy ass thinking about this.

No. 258560

I am SO loving this!

Maggit: hopping trains sleeping in cafe chairs random boring flower pics bitter obsessed & broke. And alone.

Venu Warrior Woman: will post when good and ready tyvm, car trip to lake with hubby makes cute bento YT working to get channel back up guys no worries meanwhile let's have fun!

Like a boss. Slays river hobo without even trying. Seeeethe in your rented hovel maggot. Burrrnnnnnn hahahahahaaaa

No. 258566

I really hope Venus doesn't feel any guilt over Margoyle's circumstances. If Mags ends up legit homeless, deported, broke ass fuck and turning tricks to feed herself, Venus needs to know that it's not her fault. If she did pay for another month's rent in SK before leaving Mags, then she already did more than needed to take care of her mother despite what she's done to her. Margo didn't need to blow all her money on parfaits and train tickets, nor stay in Japan for 3 months until she was out of cash. This was her own doing, she has made her bed. Venus is not responsible for what happens to her grown ass mother, and I hope she never forgets that.

No. 258569

The milk is effortlessly turned into sweet whipped cream!

No. 258570

Manna from heaven, anon
What a thing for the hobo to wake up to. heheee margoloiddd

No. 258574

Exactly. Venus had no intention of having the festering maggot live with her. Her paying for another month's rent at the Korean apartment for the bitch was very nice, but what does she do? Take Venus' accepting to meet her at the airport to get a few of her things as an invitation to move into their apartment and wreck their life. I hope when Midge goes back to Hungary, her family makes her get psychiatric help. She needs it badly.

No. 258575

Na na na na
Na na na na
Hey hey hey

^^ a lil song for u, Marge

No. 258578

Wonder if this will trigger another major chimpout from the maggitron when she sees it. (She could be sleeping in homeless shelters & wandering the streets all day by now, who tf even knows.)

Do they have homeless shelters in Japan? Or homeless populations like in the U.S? *so ignorant so sorry

No. 258580

Idk how it works over there for normal homeless but I had a friend living on the streets in Japan for about 2 days. He had to use a cardboard box before his flight home.

No. 258582

Maggot planned to come to Japan and be Veenoos' manager, she thought she would have a working visa.

This always makes me wish I was less bitter and salty.

No. 258583

File: 1460425876102.jpg (57.71 KB, 590x393, 2412.jpg)

>Do they have homeless shelters in Japan?
No, options are living in pic related, internet cafes or slums.

No. 258586

I would watch her videos if she started doing cute housewife stuff like bento how-to's and daily life videos that involve how to do this or that in a Japanese home or going to the market or something.

Venus would profit immensely if she stopped doing some of the stuff leftover from Margendo's days and embrace the new kawaii housewife angle.

No. 258587

Or go from mcdonalds to mcdonalds being a mchobo and using their wifi

No. 258588

Considering that she only moved in with Manaki, she could make a "how to make your first apartment kawaii" video as her room looks pretty nice.

No. 258590

YES! She really, REALLY needs to ditch the little girl act and just wear normal clothes and talk in her natural voice, she's still cute af. Just be a cute teenager Wenus please!!! Also no more 3kg pudding binges pretty please.

No. 258591

File: 1460426443095.jpeg (67.31 KB, 750x329, image.jpeg)

No. 258592

TY anons. Such a different culture!

No. 258593

File: 1460426521540.png (265.45 KB, 634x826, f3d06518-30a1-4928-9a4a-2546a2…)


No. 258596

File: 1460426969381.png (98.7 KB, 887x245, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.08…)

Venus's updated bio; she's allowed to say she's working to get her channel back.

No. 258597


So confused, Marggles! If youtube is helping Venus get her channel back, how could it be that youtube's parent company (google) is the one who filed those copyright claims??

I wish someone would shake Margo awake at the McDonalds so we could heard her reaction (after she recharges her phone in their bathroom, of course).

No. 258602

Is anyone here still a mole in Maggot's "Insta Friends Advice Group"? I'm sure she'll go crying to them first over Venus announcing that youtube is working to give her channel back.

No. 258605

When I went to Japan (in 2004, things might have changed by now) there was a sizeable homeless population that lived in Ueno Park in Tokyo with a bunch of makeshift tents made out of blue tarps. Also, in the Asakusa shopping arcade (also in Tokyo) there were a number of homeless people that came out at night and slept on cardboard mats in front of the closed storefronts.

No. 258606


No. 258607


Margo should become the poster girl of the Great Worm Cult from Metro 2033

No. 258610

Aus is very strict (Working Holiday visas are not strict at all but that's for under 30s). You need money, or you need to get married / defacto (with rigorous questioning), or have an occupation Aus wants, or have a special talent and be sponsored for it. Marge could get sponsored by someone in theory, but in practice the money and hoops to jump through would be too hard. She could come on a tourist visa and simply overstay; she'd chance ending up in a detention centre. They send Brit backpackers who overstay to them all the time.

No. 258613

She is not a worm she is a LARVA. Please do not insult worms. Worms serve a purpose improving soil.

No. 258614

I wonder how long it will be before Margo responds to Youtube helping Venus get her channel back?

No. 258615


I don't think Margendo will respond until she's cooked up another scheme to harass Venus. IIRC, Margo was quiet for a bit after Venus posted her initial response videos. She didn't come back to taunt Venus again until she put together her "proofs" of cheating and an evil plan, planned for many months.

I'm hoping for a milk bath, but Margo tends to slink in the shadows while her brain converts the shitty things she's done into other people doing shitty things to her. The mental gymnastics take some time before they blossom into a glorious, reality proof bubble of delusion.

No. 258616

Can you imagine margs on Border Security?
They would probably pick her out as a drug mule or something.

No. 258617

Only strict on refugees not Europeans. Unless she claims asylum due to "persecution".. Then she'll get a nice tent on Mannis Island.

No. 258618

Margo wouldn't be able to afford drugs here. A brit comedian made a joke about buying cocaine which is like $400AUD per whatever a small baggie you see on Law and Order. Said that they should send all addicts from the UK here because 'they may be addicts, but dealers are thieves!'

Probably applies to meth too. Ice is the real fucker here.

No. 258621

Ice and meth are the same thing.

No. 258622

File: 1460430872466.gif (135.78 KB, 350x237, tumblr_nykyiwKt6d1uoud1io1_400…)

Yeah we may have to wait a week or two to see what Margo is going to come up with. We must have patience for the next milking.

No. 258623

plz excuse my ignorance.
I think it's still expensive, I know that people steal meat from the gorcers and sell it for half the price to fund their addiction.

No. 258624

She could be a tapeworm. They're parasitic and useless so it's perfect.

No. 258626

>customs gave her some trouble

It was because she had no address to fill in on the little card (I read the old threads yesterday). This was Venus' fault of course!

No. 258627

omg, they would snag her twitchy ass for questioning for sure.

No. 258628


Oh shit, I didn't realize she never put an address down for immigration! Yeah, that's a big red flag in customs. It'll be hard for them to track her down with no address of course - which is part of the reason they want one - but if she does overstay and get caught, that's pretty damning evidence that the planned to illegally immigrate.

No. 258629

Ice is getting real cheap and real strong here in Melb that I hear. It's fucking this place up. Thank you China.

No. 258631

Yeah we only have her own description to go on (I love how she does that) but it sounds like instead of doing the pragmatic thing and giving a hotel address, she actually told them she didn't know her daughter's address yet. Classic Maggot.

No. 258632

Tapeworm is good but I still like maggot>worm.
that or leech. Something parasitic and slimy.

No. 258634

Knowing this, I have no doubt that she's planning on overstaying her visa and running for as long as she can. However… There's only so long she can live that hobo life and not get picked up by cops. I'm sure a store wonder is going to be suspicious of the haggard foreign woman sleeping in front of their consience store all the time.

No. 258635


Yeah, plus maggot is a nickname based on her actual name; a nickname makes less sense if it isn't based on the real name (like mayo, maggot and margendo are).

No. 258636

Holy shit, auto correct typos. Owner, no wonder. Convenience not consience

No. 258637

I heard that cops in Japan will stop suspicious-looking foreigners and ask to see their resident card/visa. True? Would a disheveled haggard middle aged woman wearing 3 day old clothes wandering the streets pulling a suitcase qualify as suspicious?

No. 258638


There also aren't many homeless women in Japan; in most countries, the majority of homeless are men, but in Japan it's even more pronounced. So Mags stands out on two fronts: she a foreign woman who speaks almost zero Japanese. If she's in a city, the cops will likely stop her soon. If she's in rural Japan, I don't know - would neighbors call the police if they saw a homeless european camping out in their yard?

No. 258639

I am Western European and Aus customs was still pretty strict, stricter than the Japanese. Got in of course but to apply for a visa you need a residence. MacDicks hobos need not apply.

No. 258641

This exactly, she could have given them a hotel without a reservation, they don't check. But she had to go the MY DAUGHTER WEEN00S WHO OWES ME EVERYTHING IS BULLYING MEEEEEEE! route. But I bet the people at customs have seen some shit, and she's not the worst.

No. 258644


margo should get some kawaii pastel accesories and a pink suitcase and call it hobo kei before they start asking questions

No. 258655

I've seen three people do it, two by marriage (both hetero, one for love, one for residency and got pregnant to cement the deal) and one by defacto (gay, just for residency). You still need money in the bank and they really question you.

No. 258667

I can't believe her crazy ass hasn't been picked up yet esp. after she called the cops on Wenoos. Who knows what kind of story she told them, in her fractured Japanese. Or maybe she has been, who knows? She's been awol from IG for many hours now.

No. 258668

File: 1460440615127.png (245.08 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160412-014230.png)

Yikes. Remember @sb_lee, daughter of god and former margo stan? She's turned on mango like a pitbull ever since she found out mango was a SATAN-WORSHIPPER.

No. 258669


Yeah, the "parents can do no wrong!!!" crowd of crazies are mainly christian; mags' edgelord satanist act isn't something they like at all. They're more of the "god said to honor parents no matter what! It doesn't matter what I do to you" people.

No. 258671

File: 1460440963521.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-12-02-01-47…)


No. 258673

Did she delete that comment already??? I don't see it now.

No. 258676

Sb lee is a troubled child. First he/she's telling Marge to kill Venus, now to kill herself. I saw the brain melt that happened to this user when Marge announced her marriage to Satan. Like, murdering people is okay but worshiping Satan, no way.

No. 258677

photos are growing more depressing. these are places a homeless person might explore.

No. 258679

File: 1460442878537.png (711.97 KB, 943x605, Instigram.png)

Its a copy of one of Venus old instigram pictures, those stairs aint kawaii magot

No. 258681

what is that emoji, a sad cat? pull yourself together Margo and go back to Hungary for a while.

No. 258682

That's… just plain creepy of margo. She should've been institutionalized years ago, I wonder if her family didn't grasp the idea of mental health care. Or maybe by the time they truly realized it was too late.

No. 258683


Why not call her a parasite? She definitely latches on to people and sucks the life out of them, not to mention their happiness, sense of self, finances… the list goes on!

No. 258684

this is stupid but I laughed

No. 258686

This has to be fucking with her head in a major way, lol. No matter what she lobs at her little puppet-chan the kid just keeps bouncing back and WILL NOT CAVE. Does. Not. Compute. Error. ERROR. MALFUNCTION

Poor marge thought this Youtube takedown would be the kill shot. She's running outta ammo and $$ and time and approaching total meltdown. I can see her ending up one of those homeless untreated crazies wandering the streets with a shopping cart holding all her possessions, mumbling to herself.

No. 258687

>I can see her ending up one of those homeless untreated crazies wandering the streets with a shopping cart holding all her possessions, mumbling to herself.

By the sounds of it she's already there, kek

No. 258688

Lol agreed. With how deep down the hole of insanity she's going, she's going to end up in a immigration detention center and forcefully deported along with a ban. She's probably picking out of the trash after hours for food or living off of some shitty ¥10 instant ramen and the hot water heater from a convenience store. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

No. 258689

File: 1460445878749.gif (1010.8 KB, 320x240, cartman-explodes-o.gif)

margo's brain

No. 258690


Wait wait wait - is she on… the banks of a river? Is her sad cat face telling Venoos that if she won't give all of her money to her mother, Margo will go to the river??

No. 258692

It's far from beyond people like her to threaten suicide as a means of manipulation

Sadly for us margo will never intentionally drown

No. 258693

One could only hope! We all know she won't do it anyway. She's threatened Venus with suicide numerous times in order to manipulate her into doing things she wants.

No. 258694


Oh for sure - narcissists use suicide threats as a bargaining chip without a thought. They never go through with it, unfortunately for everyone else. And if their target isn't appropriately alarmed at their millionth suicide threat, the narc wails about how inhuman the target is. It's doublethink tied up with a bow.

No. 258695

Love how all the comments on Margo's latest image so far are just straight up hate

No. 258697

File: 1460447951950.jpg (10.23 KB, 246x205, index.jpg)

Anyone else getting tired of this?

For a while it's just
>Venus posting cute pics
>margo posting flowers or locations
>margo spewing the same "she bully! weenos stole and tried to erase me! you will see!!" shit once in a while
>Venus yt channel in "on hiatus"

Like, nothing is happening. Venus never reacts to her mom or the other family members. Margo never really takes action. It's gotten quite boring.

No. 258698


Are you for serious? Go watch another thread if stalking a daughter's inlaws on a homeless trek across glorious nippon while instigating legal action to hoard their kids' youtube shekels isn't interesting enough for you.

No. 258699

Not bored. This is like crack to me.

No. 258700


sorry the real lives of these people aren't interesting to you 24/7?? maybe go watch a movie if you're looking for a compelling story arc.

No. 258701

You make it sound like she really did something. She's basically wandering through Japan, claiming she was trying to reach Manaki's parents (did she actually call/visit/approach them irl??) and trying to get Venus's channel down, which really isn't that big of a deal. Just a few "copyright claim" mails.

the whole drama was a lot more interesting at the beginning. We had Venus and Margo meeting at the airport and calling the security, Venus doing some vids about Margos abuse, Margo posting nudes and screenshots and all that stuff. Now it's just a homeless woman being salty and a girl going on with her life.

No. 258702


The internet's a big place. If you're bored, no one's holding you hostage here, anon.

No. 258703

it's not a movie anon. this is how real people do things. they repeat themselves, they take their time.

No. 258704

We've already reached the climax of this dramz when we found out Venus ran away. And although I agree about Margos repetitive bully accusations, it's still interesting to see her hobo adventure, the ferenc stuff, and where Venus is at now.

No. 258705

>Venus never reacts to her mom

No. 258706

Are you really stalking this thread the whole day anon? It's not like I don't have any other things to do. I come here every few days to check what's new. Then I see 200+ new posts and think "wow, something has to be going down!" and in the end is was just Margo posting a few flower pics and spewing the same shit she always does.

No. 258707

Margo constantly talks shit about her on her ig and the only reaction Venus had since her "abuse videos" was that she tried to take the channel down.

No. 258708

not the same anon but I drop in every morning my time, as it coincides with a lot of Margo's chimpouts. I catch up over a cup of coffee. if she looks particularly nutty, or if I'm sick like today, I'll come back in the evening.

No. 258709

seems like a good strategy anon. the situation does not need more drama queens and margo might end up hurting somebody.

No. 258710

Nope. This has become my daily bread. I enjoy checking up on the Margaret Report every now and then to see what kind of insane shit she does. She becomes more and more unhinged and it's only going to get worse now that she's living dat hobo life. I can't wait for her next crazy as fuck meltdown.

Don't forget, she uploads videos every week!⭐️ The last video where you could see the shaved leg hairs on her shirt was great.

No. 258712

LOL okay, anon. You seem very invested in proving that this is BORING. We're not bored. DEAL WITH IT.

No. 258713


Again - and can we sage this shit? - no one is making you comment on, or read, this thread. You're bored? Close the window, move on. From the activity level, I'd say a lot of people are enjoying the show. Participation isn't mandatory, anon. And no one is impressed by how bored you are. So why don't you go?

No. 258714

Oh yes, so invested, because I was wondering if anyone else is waiting for the shit to go down real hard.

No. 258715

>We've already reached the climax of this dramz

The climax will be Margendo scurrying away when her visa expires.

No. 258716

File: 1460449782509.png (97.71 KB, 353x550, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.26…)

Back on topic - what happened to Mayo's squad?? Did they all bail when Margo didn't win her internet fight with Venus? There's exactly one positive comment of her new "I go to the river now" photo. Unless Mags is curating the comments so she looks like a sad puppy, it looks like her squad of fellow low-empathy whack jobs evaporated. Only jassy_phil/jassierose85 is left.

No. 258717


Personally, I'm fucking riveted to this shit. Will margendo get deported by force? Will she have to return to Hungary, where Ferenc and Zsusi break her down and mold her into a human being? Will Margo join up with JassyRose, her one friend left, in Adelaide? Or will margo stay a bag lady in japan, haunting corner stores and McDicks for wifi while she plots Venoos' death?

No. 258718

>complains about 200+ new posts but not enough dramu
>"mmh yes, better post my completely uninteresting opinion about that without sage to make sure there are even more derailing posts in this thread"

No. 258719

There's still a few dumbasses around but it's past their bedtime and they have middle school in the morning.

No. 258724

I think things will be a bit quiet for awhile. marge is a little shocked & taken aback, she'll need time to regroup & figure out her next move. She'll lay low and brood and ruminate fow awhile, then reappear when she has a new angle worked out or the pressure builds too high and she spews like a volcano. (I think her next move will be a major sympathy ploy aka I GO TO THE RIVER NOW/sacrificed everything/ungrateful child/homeless and she DOESN'T EVEN CARE blablablaaa…

No. 258726

inb4 Venus gets her channel back and Margoyle ends up grovelling and apologising profusely to try and get a slice of the pie. Blaming all of these crazy antics and nasty words about her daughter on "being mentally ill" to try and guilt Venus into forgiving her and letting her back in.

No. 258727

File: 1460456307933.png (28.2 KB, 610x118, stole everything.png)

Is this really what DCMA takedowns are for? Isn't it for actual stolen content, not just that you want a stake because you editing the thing?

No. 258729

Just had a look at maggot's Twitter, nothing new, but she's randomly supporting Donald Trump and I can't stop laughing.

No. 258730

No, lol
(except in maggit's brain that is)


No. 258731


No. 258732

File: 1460457124961.png (161.61 KB, 601x468, 5658b654-2f64-4a2b-8195-ddf021…)

preach, marge!
>this is the thanks I get

No. 258734

As long as she has the correct visa, doesn't try to work or overstay and proves she can support herself via any savings she will be admitted into Australia. It will be super easy to get her stopped at the boarder by hiding food in her suitcase - quarantine is really strict, telling Boarder Patrol she may have meth stashed on her or report her as intending to work. Aussies are happy for tourists to come over and hang out but don't fuck around while you are here.

No. 258739

You can't get a visa without an address.

No. 258742

A forty year old woman arguing online with someone called animegayness. This is what I'm here for.

No. 258745

ikr?? Right now she's getting raked over the coals by a pair of 12-year-old fangelics

No. 258746

The only thing she has is the suitcase - she has no correct via, she does not have an adress, and she does not have any income or savings. I don't really think she can flee to AU; does she even have a bank account anymore?? Because don'*t these usually require an adress as well?

I can't really see Australia letting her in.

No. 258748

I think they would let her in if she's sponsored by someone

No. 258749

Like nasty hose?

No. 258751

Why all the talk about fucking Australia & their visas? Has marge EVER mentioned going to Australia? Can you please STFU about fucking Australia??

No. 258752

File: 1460460712851.jpg (17.77 KB, 295x125, a.JPG)

No. 258753

Margo has a current and legit tourist visa in japan. Let's say jassy helps Margo out with a ticket Tokyo-Adelaide… she can enter Australia no problem, automatic tourist visa three months. She just needs to provide an address on the immigration card.

Do you people travel? When have you got off a plane overseas, lets say Paris, and been asked if you have money, a return ticket etc? So long as your passport is valid and you have either the right to enter without a prearranged visa (or the correct visa which does need a return ticket, shown long before) you are walking right in with a stamp on your passport. Nobody gives a fuck what you do next, unless you overstay and that's only when you leave.

No. 258754

fuck sorry, saw this too late.

No. 258756

She just deleted ALL THIS.

No. 258757

Oh, is that why they ask how much cash you have on hand with you when entering (at least Japan)? I came in on a student visa have a guarantor so I thought it was just to see if you were bringing in a huuuge amount so they could tax you. I don't think they asked me when I entered a country like Malaysia though (regardless I didn't have any cash on me that time anyway lol…) or maybe my memory is just foggy af

sage for OT but this whole crazy margo/venus adventure has kinda got me interested in immigration laws and whatnot

No. 258758

Student visa is the difference, and yes you have to prove you can support yourself. Margaret was on a student visa in SK but this current visit to Japan is a tourist visa. I'm talking about tourist visa in mainstream countries which have agreements with each other, like EU and Japan, EU and Aus. They do not stop every fucking tourist and ask how much money you have.

No. 258759

Do you two really not know how entry visas work? For a short term visit you just need to meet basic criteria. They don't check the address unless you flag as a problem or over stay so in theory you can put any address you like, it won't be checked on arrival if it is a bond fide residence. You can even put hotels down.

If you are staying longer than for a holiday they will ask how you will support yourself. They won't be worried if you have a return ticket in two weeks time.

Sorry Anon. We'll shut up now. Like the other anon I am pretty astounded that people don't know basic travel shit.

No. 258760

It's not like they stopped me, it was on the immigration form I filled out that everyone got on the plane which is why I assumed it might have been for tax or something at first

No. 258761

This lying piece of shit. She baited Venus with that suitcase, saying it was Venus' stuff, while the only thing in it was the maggot's junk.

No. 258762

For the nth time, she hasn't got any fucking money, she's not going anywhere.

No. 258763

You could just google immigration requirements or something rather than fucking arguing about it here, you know. Or go start a thread somewhere else to talk about it. jfc

No. 258765

The "beautiful picture, Margaret!" squad is starting to trickle in, not as strong as before but a few are still hanging in there.

No. 258766

When shit goes down, expect 600 new posts and 2 new threads

No. 258767

To be fair, they're doing the Lord's work here. Someone needs to encourage margo.

No. 258772

That's really neat, I would legit watch her bento making videos.

No. 258773

I'm waiting for shit to go down. We'll have an explosion of shit to talk about when it does.

How long does everyone think it will take for Margo to hatch a new terrible idea?

No. 258775

>why is bully and psychopath Venus and kidnap drunk makaki who will kill her with the car accident eating like the kings while me a victim eats from garbage of old sushi?

No. 258776

Dunno what's left for Margo. She's threatened suicide, Venus's stuff and channel and even tried to track down Manaki's parents (if we were to believe her).

What could she try to do next?

No. 258777

From what we've seen so far, Margo is obviously the type to try milking shit for pity and blaming all of her misfortunes on Venus, but if/when she gets out of the country, do you think her pride would get in the way and she'll try to take the "high road" out (i.e. guess venus is brain washed, i tried my best to save her but it didn't work so i'm giving up on her, etc) in order to save some face or try milking her deportation for pity points like usual?

No. 258778

File: 1460467129119.jpg (24.51 KB, 499x287, 787543_1328508885776_500_287.j…)

No. 258780

I wonder how many times Margo did make Venus cook for the two of them

No. 258781

Putting on her most kawaii clothes and making a rival Venus Angelic chanel staring Margs as Venus Angelic.
After all, Venus was just the body for Marg's great work. VenusAngelic is just a character created by Margs. The actor will change (from Venus to Margs) but no one will notice the difference.

No. 258782

tbh probably as soon as she was able to reach the stove lol

No. 258783

I kinda figured that Margs was too fancy to eat at home.

No. 258784

That would be a nasty as all hell looking rival. Best competition 10/10.

No. 258786

I don't see what she could possibly have left at this point either. I think the YT takedown was the atomic bomb in her arsenal. I guess she could try serial DMCA claims but since YT seems to be working with Venus I would think someone in their legal dept. would contact marge and ask her to produce proof that VA's content is copyrighted by her or STFU. I don't see what else is there for her right now and at some point she's gonna have to shift her focus from DESTROY VENOOS to wtf am I gonna do when my visa & $$ run out?

No. 258787


you say that like it's a bad thing

We're actually glad Venus is keeping it classy and making margo look like a fucking crazy ape

No. 258789

Agreed. When you give someone a reaction to certain things, you look just as bad, if not worse. Venus is smart for saying almost nothing. Margo looks like trash right now because of it.

No. 258794

It always makes this whole ordeal so much saucier. We get to root for the sweet, abused heroine against her evil witch mother. During most internet fights, you just find both parities extremely irritating because of the entitled bullshit they say. It's really only Margo so it's easy to emphasize with Venus. Plus, I want a Venus bento. That looks delicious!

No. 258798

Exactly. I'm looking at Margo like…woman you are so damn shameful with your hobo lookin self. I look at Venus and think: Well she's certainly acting like a lady in all this. Good job to her!

Margo is screwed. Time for her to live the river life.

No. 258799

I agree…i stopped checking the threads because its so boring now. But then again we have autists still bumping the dakota thread so dont expect much. I miss old lolcow.

No. 258804

File: 1460470986014.png (711.54 KB, 1024x576, Perfect-Blue-008.png)


Crazy manager, anyone?

No. 258805


I love you, anon.

No. 258806

kek. Sure thing. :D

No. 258808

That hambeast does not look like margo

No. 258812


It was a reference to the character in the movie, chill.

No. 258818

Seeing Margo suffering and imagining Kiki suffering cuz Kota and her boyfriendo makes my day a little better.
Venoos keep going on vacations and being a kawaii waifuuuu

No. 258823

I hope Margo overstays so when I go to Japan next month I can see her hobo-ing around

No. 258828

Someone needs to update her Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

No. 258829

>Angel Margelic

No. 258830


I think updating her Wiki page would be also a good idea after her channels works again. It would be a small but interesting point about mags and the copyright thing.

No. 258831

File: 1460474792713.png (800.69 KB, 925x598, venus.png)

Do people here find it weird that she has her own bed?
I noticed a lot of the comments are like "My bf works overnight, we still share a bed"
Also confirms that Mana does indeed earn his own income, so Maggot can stfu.

No. 258832

Is not that weird to have your own bed when youre married or dating?? My father snores like a whale and my mom cant stand that shit so they just sleep in different rooms.

No. 258833

In many countries, couples have separate beds. It can honestly be healthy, depending on your sleep schedules, your ability to sleep consistently, your health, etc. I would personally not share a bed outside of certain activities because I can't remain asleep if something bumps me or makes noise.

No. 258834

>be in DDLG with ur boyfriend
what the fuck, tumblr pls

No. 258837

yeah it's not that weird. just because she has a separate bed doesn't mean she sleeps there every night, either. I like to work on my laptop in bed (often at night), so having an extra place to do that in case my partner wants to sleep is a priority for me.

No. 258838

I think it's weird but I also remember that Margo was the first to being up marriage. Maybe Manaki was just trying to do the right thing by helping Venus and doesn't want to rush her into married life. I don't know na I don't care how they arrange that stuff as long as they're happy and away from Margo. Her bed does look like a child's, which is also odd.

No. 258839

Pretty mature, imo. One of the biggest growing pains when I got married was dealing with sleeping in the same bed every night with someone with radically different sleeping patterns than me; the snoring, etc etc. that was a huge speed bump. thankfully we worked through it but, honestly, a different bed would have saved us a lot of headaches a couple of nights.

No. 258840


I think her place looks super cozy and cute. So glad she has such nice place for her own.

No. 258841

Why is it that her selfie pictures always look so grainy but >>258504 look decent as far as quality goes?

No. 258842

also holy shit this legit looks beautiful. kind of jelly

No. 258843

At first I thought it was weird but then I realized how I never get a good night sleep when I share a bed with my boyfriend. So maybe thats the smart thing to do haha

No. 258844

Not weird at all. Sometimes you just need a little space away from your partner. My dad gets up and goes back to bed all through the night randomly so my mom is considering getting a separate bed so they each have their own space. When I get married I'd probably do the same if my spouse's sleeping schedule was super different from mine. Also, her bed is cute af to me. I love flowers on stuff.

No. 258845

Filters and front facing camera.

No. 258846

Awwww, I love that Wenus has her own pink-and-white kawaii room! 1)she fucking deserves it after what she's been through growing up with a fucking maniac for a mother, 2)she & manaki are clearly quite well off financially for a young couple so suck on that mango! and 3)you KNOW mango is sitting in a squalid rented room somewhere gnashing her teeth right now.

As for the separate beds, I always got a vibe that V & M were more like bff's giggling together over silly things than romantic or sexual, so idc. Whatever works for them. I'm just happy for her. I do wish she'd grow up just a little bit though, the little-girl shtick is getting old and a bit weird.

No. 258847

After reading PULL topics discussing this entire dramafest and scrolling through some threads on this website as well I've come to conclude Venus and her mom are just big drama suckers and this is most likely an act. Just my opinion. And like >>258846 mentioned, I think Venus should grow up.

No. 258848


I can't understand people saying cute stuff is too childish for an adult. Who the hell cares? I don't give a shit if people don't like the frilly stuff I collect. Are you all looking over your shoulder at what your peers are into and tossing it out if it doesn't fit into a perfect little 'adult life' box? So long as they're mature, responsible, and treat others with respect, which they seem to do already, who gives a fuck.

No. 258850

her selfie camera is probably shit, front camera is usually better

No. 258851


Front facing cameras are almost always much worse in quality than the one on the back.

No. 258852

You speak with total unfamiliarity of this site + you think believing shit people say on PULL is a good idea. I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, and believe you're just some netizen trying to educate yourself, but don't be fucking stupid. You need to actually read these threads, not "scroll" them. As anons have said over and over again, neither parties benefit from this as THEY'D BOTH BE LOSING INCOME.

I wish these conspiracy theory retards would shut the fuck up or at least have the decency to stay on PULL.

saging for OT and rage

No. 258853

Hey don"t yell at me, I'm 100% team Venus. I just think the little-girl dresses and pink candy-colored makeup are wearing a bit thin. It was great when she was a young teen but she's 19 now, come on. She can still be fun & cute & girly without dressing like a 6-year-old.

No. 258855

I apologize for coming off defensive of it, I just know a lot of people older than she is who are still into the stuff. People can take it overboard, but she likes what she likes. Considering how long she's been into it, it may take time for her to branch out. Sometimes though, you just don't outgrow your love of a thing, girly or not.

No. 258856

File: 1460477410289.png (147.43 KB, 639x407, a2fd71d2-5002-40d3-a341-b97683…)

Well damn, I thought marge would have called it a day by now but she's still up, whining to a bunch of teenagers online about her sad, tragic life thanks to the evil Venoos

No. 258857


>it was great when she was a young teen but she's 19 now, come on

For fucks sake what is it with you idiots that believe anything past 18 is old and that you suddenly have to start conforming and dressing in a specific standard?

No. 258858

People will do anything for drama and attention nowadays. If you don't think these two witches aren't laughing at the 'hate' comments they receive daily, think again, they used to seem to get along just fine in the past but something so tiny started a massive shitstorm. I think Margaret and Venus are masterminds and when this is all over will have gained even more viewers and followers than before.

No. 258861

You shouldn't be acting/dressing like a children at 14 in the first place, even less being the adult you are

No. 258862

…So, you didn't read ANY of the threads?

No. 258863

>le masterminds meme
I remember you. You're that weird obsessive cunt who remains triggered by her asking "Have you ever seen a fat doll?" when she was 14. Fuck off back to PULL. Venus hasn't given anyone reason to distrust her, while Margaret has proven time and time again to be insane/narcissistic not only online, but from some peoples' personal anecdotes and in interviews.

No. 258864

I'm not saying 19 is OLD or that she needs to dress like an old lady for fucks sake. But she's been doing the same shit since she was 13, how about, you know, branching out? Moving on? Just a tiinnyyy bit? There's a pretty big difference between 13 and 19, right? Were you dressing exactly the same at 19 as you were at 13? I know I sure wasn't. Give me a break.

No. 258865


>no fun allowed

also it is Japan, that shit is kinda normal there

No. 258866

I don't think it's weird at all. My bf and i have our own bedrooms, we generally sleep in the same bed but it's just nice to have the option, and i think having your own personalized space is healthy and important, especially with all this shit she has been dealing with. Having a quiet happy space for herself is a good thing.

No. 258867

Ok. Good for you. You're not everyone in their 20s and plenty of people are just fine keeping their same interests. Given her situation? It's a bit early to expect her to suddenly 'wake up' and know what else is 'interesting', ffs.

No. 258868

>>258866 Or maybe it's because she really isn't married and all of this is fake? You guys are clueless lol

No. 258869


I actually get the vibe that she tries to move into a more mature kind of cute dress code but she is sure still scared because people know her as the frill dress wearing girl. I think she will find her place after a while but for now it's just too early to expect something new. She shouldn't stress about such things I think and beside that I think that Japan has a thing for pink frill stuff so whatever makes venus happy.

No. 258871

Slow clap for you.
Wtf forced you to grow up and be bitter af? Anyway it's just clothes so what are you getting so worked up about? Hope somebody calls you out when you're 30 and tells you you can't wear skirts and dresses above the knee.

No. 258872


You have to be 18+ to post here.

No. 258876

File: 1460479305271.gif (983.47 KB, 355x339, image.gif)

I've been waiting for tin foil hat Chans to return with their bullshit.

No. 258878

Ignore the bait, you guys. If they keep shitposting, report it. They're a bored, dumb conspiratard. Wait, come to think of it… hey shitposting anon, go tell mags about your theories. That make make more milk flow, and keep you occupied since you're such a sophisticated Internet denizen.

No. 258880

Anyone remembers when Margo said she was a member of MENSA? Has anyone suggested she should go back to her dad, since her daughter refuses to pay her bills ?

No. 258882

She isn't dressing the same as when she was 13, there's a big difference if you compare her outfits. Also just let her enjoy the things she likes, especially in her situation.

No. 258885

Moronic pulltards and other underage posters who believe they're 17 and sooo adult because they threw their barbies in a bin to goodwill.

Venus likes kawaii shit and Japanese aesthetic is more forgiving to her interests. As far as I'm concerned, she's been able to support her and her mother for a few years, traveled through different countries with little to zero stability. She's a lot more mature than most of the posters here despite her interests. She's still a god damn teenager. Us old fags realize it's not a big deal when you're as young as Venus to be doing what she's doing.

Anyways, what's the big deal about having a separate bedroom? My bf's parents have always had separate bedrooms and me and my boyfriend also have separate bedrooms. We're more comfortable doing our own thing, so we don't have to go to bed together so we won't wake the other one up. It's pretty logical.

No. 258886

Whoa, Venus is posting up a storm right now! Really makes me think she must have been advised to avoid SM all last week. It's like she had all these pics pent up & now she's finally allowed to post away! Love it. Go Venus!

No. 258887

You really can't even hate on Venus for all her "childish" shit because I own my own home, 2 card, have a child and husband and we both have great jobs yet I guarantee she's still pulling more money than both of us put together. Don't knock the hustle.

No. 258890

Oh here we go….

No. 258893

It's not that weird, my boyfriend and I sleep in different rooms (we've been together for 7 years) because 1.) he snores and sweats too much 2.) I like to spread out across the whole bed and steal the covers 3.) we have different ideas about cleanliness and decoration and having my own room means I can accumulate more kawaii shit.

Plus it's good for Venus to have her own space since she's had to share a room (and a bed!) with her mom for the last 19 years.

No. 258894

wow a raid! linked directly! you're sure going to show us my dear 12 year old!

No. 258895


Fuck off Jasmin you fucking autist

No. 258898


In Japan most couples sleep separately.

No. 258899

Oh noes
The 12-year-olds are swarming
Fear them! lol

Meanwhile back to Venus- 9 posts today! She's on fiyah!

No. 258902

Her IG is making me hungry though- that ramen looks so good.

No. 258903

File: 1460483186684.jpg (83.41 KB, 915x459, ramen.JPG)

I like to imagine mags looking at those pics while eating cheap cup noodles and looking another place so stay with free internet.

No. 258904

>thinks a normie like her would use lolcow
Gosh i hate the pulltards gtfo

No. 258905

>You really can't even hate on Venus for all her "childish" shit because I own my own home, 2 card, have a child and husband and we both have great jobs
Wtf are you even doing here

No. 258906

Well that explains their low birthrates.

No. 258907

Awww is that the room for her daughter? Is venus pregnant?

No. 258910

File: 1460483671920.jpeg (70.99 KB, 750x243, image.jpeg)

I guess she wants to be kawaii and retarded forever…i thought yall said mayo invented the cringy venus angelic character but she didnt change at all.

No. 258911

not that anon, but jassyrose literally shut down her IG and whatever because we found out her real name, where she worked, etc.

No. 258913

Well, that's how she earns her money though. Maybe she thinks like that but I'm sure she exaggerates it because well , that's kinda what her audience wants

No. 258914

i dont think is that weird , a mexican youtubeer who has been married to a japanese man for 10 years , explained in a video that she does not sleep with her husband, explaining that it was more comfortable for both,of them,

No. 258915

No shit sherlock, everyone would do this. I dont even know why you retards did this as she has nothing to do with the drama at all but the offtopic losers kept posting the loser margo supporters. Anyways, this does not mean that robot is jasmin, but that is fucking obvious.

No. 258917

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this is all a play for views and attention

No. 258918

File: 1460484409394.gif (1.3 MB, 275x154, tumblr_nk99fhuymq1qhnoouo1_400…)


>After reading PULL topics

No. 258919

ah yes let's have my mother shut down my entire youtube for WEEKS so I can lose hundreds of thousands of views as well as thousands of dollars. This makes complete sense and doesnt sound like the retarded fantasies of jealous brats

No. 258920



>telling other people to behave more mature

Get a Colombian necktie pls desu senpai.

No. 258921

Exactly. At this point it should be painful obvious that Margot is a psycho bitch and not just putting on a show for "views".

No. 258922

>like a children
Have you tried learning like a english?

No. 258924

Show me a child that dresses similarly to lolita fashion in this day and age? (not including church clothes etc obviously) It's so fuck ignorant when people compare lolita and 'kawaii' fashion to 'child wear' Kids wear cotton n shit. No one's dressing their kids up in poofy skirts and shit in 2016

No. 258926

I deleted my previous post because I said Shirley Temple but you said in this day and age. Well in this day and age when we think of baby clothing we still think of frills and poofy skirts. Also babydresses have frills and poofy skirts and can honestly look similair to what a kawaii cunt would wear.

Offtopic but one thing I dont even get about lolita fashion is that the gaijin desu lolis think they arent promoting pedophillia unlike the so called tumblr nymphettes but they are just as bad as they clearly dress like victorian kids. I mean I dont mind either but if you dress lolita you cant hate the nymphet style tbh. Venus is more nymphet than she is lolita anyways, that explains her irritating behaviour.

No. 258927

First of all nah you're still wrong. Babies are MOSTLY dressed in cotton onesies that are breathable and comfortable. 'Baby dresses' are still 'fancy wear' and mostly archaic.
Second of all anyone with a brain is pretty sure all of her 'sexualized' outfits/videos/whatever where Margo's idea. Not once since she's gotten out of her mother's clutches has she posted anything but wholesome and cute.

No. 258928


Many of us here are grown folks, kids. Hate to break it to you, but if you're a snarky asshole at age 20, you're still gonna be snarky asshole when you're 30-40-50+. Even if you have a house, car, husband and kids. Makes you more of a cunt really, because bitches try to test you all goddamn day.

#TeamVenus, and I wait with baited breath for Margendo to cook up her next plot. Or make videos about being homeless in Japan. Or both!

No. 258930

They said in a video that they are both introverts, so having their own rooms is pretty much necessary, imo.

No. 258931

I really wonder what the next video of margs will be about. I have really no idea - if there will be another video.

No. 258932

File: 1460487617181.jpg (34.51 KB, 387x245, venusrazor.jpg)

What's Margos next big idea? Maybe she'll try to sue this razor company for copyright infringement. It's not much more crazy then her recent actions lol.

No. 258933

File: 1460487771211.gif (879.47 KB, 229x188, how-about-no.gif)

No. 258934

>mfw i have a venus
I think I'm going to shave my venus tonight

No. 258935

As long as she's not wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle I don't see a problem. Plus most of her fans started following her because of her kawaii desu doll style, so if she were to a more mature less kawaii style she may lose alot of her fans.

No. 258936

Pedophiles aren't into adults that dress in victorian inspired dresses, just saying.

No. 258937

Margendo plz

No. 258940

Of course pedophiles arent into adults.

No. 258942

Lolita and nymphet are two very different styles. Js.

saged for OT.

No. 258943

Keep your conspiracy bullshit to PULL. That site is a containment place for the severely brain damaged and jealous.

I see nothing weird about this. My boyfriend and I agreed that we'd get separate rooms because we have a huge collection of differing items and taste.

No. 258946

>Keep your conspiracy bullshit to PULL. That site is a containment place for the severely brain damaged and jealous.
explain the dakota thread then

No. 258947

Probably PULL refugees. The majority of the posts there read like it. Kooters isn't even milkable anymore.

No. 258949

She's 19 and recently escaped from her clutches, what do you want her to do? Transform over night? And Jesus Christ, it's just candy she's talking about. It's mildly interesting to find an incongruent shape in a pack of candy that is known for being heart shaped.

No. 258952

It's not just this post, its every instagram post of hers and every youtube video of hers that is just so cringy
And I'm aware that's how she makes money, but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to cringe.

No. 258954

That's just like, your opinion man

No. 258956


I'm facepalming so hard.

No. 258959

Sure you're facepalming when there is somebody who does not like certain traits of your perfect kawaii goddessu

No. 258960

Not the same anon but this is not your personal blog.

No. 258962

>be in DDLG with your boyfriend ^.^
Does that stand for anything other than what I'm thinking of?

No. 258963

File: 1460493400394.png (625.34 KB, 614x590, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.34…)

Everyone: blag elsewhere. In the meantime bask in how comfortable Venus appeared in her mama-sans presence.

No. 258964

File: 1460493469032.png (156.79 KB, 339x226, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.35…)

Why was Predator Mags on a TV show (looking thrilled that someone is focusing on her daughter, btw) featuring Venus? Because Margo is the star, Venus is just the body.

No. 258965

It stands for what you think it does, unfortunately.

No. 258966

>not your personal blog
i know, this is why I'm bitching about Penis and Margendo the swamp monster.

No. 258967

File: 1460493533139.png (532.79 KB, 401x579, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.38…)

"Venoos! I told you not to speak!"

No. 258969

Lord she was fat

No. 258970

Had to google it. EWW. I know Venus is an adult and has the right to to as she pleases, but I cringed hard at the idea of a future Venus being an erokawaii guru, though that might be unlikely.

Do you think Margo would have encouraged such scenario or force her to keep the Venus talks to kerokero-san act? Until she might have taken her own life.

I'm happy to know that Margo can't get to Venus, she really made her life miserable

No. 258971

File: 1460493753186.png (235.3 KB, 515x348, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.40…)

Wait, it THIS the photo Mags keeps harping on about ("The photo I took for the newspaper went viral!!! Is my doing!")? This one from The Sun, where Margo's in the frame as the subject connecting with the camera? The one where margo isn't behind the lens? And she inserted herself right up in there, huh.

No. 258973

This was margo before she was a weeb

No. 258974

File: 1460494050019.png (158.85 KB, 471x658, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.45…)

Also just realized that Margo has been stuck on this obsession of "10.000 usd" being stolen for months before Venus left for Japan. She accused some other girl of stealing $10k from "little venoos" in November last year. So this delusion didn't even originate with Venus's Fullscreen signing.

(attached photo of Maggot's suicide implication, right before she said she'd go to the river)

No. 258976

idk if i should call her crazy as I just got robbed today but I will do it anyways as she is a known crazy liar. But I feel really sorry for her, if she is not lying this time. Even if she was lying i feel sorry for her. It must be chaotic in her mind with all those voices

No. 258977

File: 1460494362705.png (262.07 KB, 434x337, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.50…)

This is taken from the same shoot - maybe even the same shot, cropped and revered. If this is indeed the "viral" photo Mags is always harping on about taking, she's full of shit. She was in the shoot because she couldn't stand for Venus to have the attention to herself for one fucking minute.

No. 258978


This isn't current, and no one stole anything from Margo. She's accusing someone of stealing the exact same amount from her as she now accuses Venus. The point is that she uses this identical ploy - I am bullied and stolen from! 10.000usd! - more than once.

No. 258979

Is she talking about Xiaorishu?

No. 258980

;____; it's so sad because I realize now Margo is actually suffering something mentally. I feel if she sees a psychologist she might actually become a functioning person. This can't go any longer why wont her parents send her to a psychologist?!

No. 258981


I think Margo is crying about 2 different people. The first "some vietnamese girl" I think she's referring to the person who made the venus angelic lies (or whatever it was called - maybe not so angelic?) and / or the people who snark on what they thought was Venus being a two faced bitch, but was actually Margo typing as her.

The other person from the modeling agency Mags refers to - and the one she accuses of stealing the money - I think is the agency Venus moved to England to work for. Margo torched that relationship with a bunch of drama and the agency ended up folding. But no one stole shit from her.

No. 258983

lol, she must be dense or trying to play it off because those magazines with crazy articles are taken seriously by no one, they always have something like "raped by my pedo priest uncle", "I arsefucked my husband with a spoon" or that brit fangirl who wanted to be Aladdin's girlfriend. Classy.

No. 258984


You can't fix people like Margo; the only time people with low-empathy mental disorders can improve slightly is if they're on the low end of the low-empathy scale and WANT to stop blowing up their own lives regularly. They understand that they're the cause, even if their feelings tell them otherwise. Those kinds of people can get better with a lot of effort on their part and a lot of outside help.

If some is like Margo, and feels little to no empathy or remorse for actions, there is no helping them. If your child grows like that, there's nothing you can do to help them. Some people are abused into not having empathy, but some are just born that way. From what Margo's sister has said, Margo has been like this her whole life. The family knows to keep their distance to avoid being harmed by Margo. They love her, and they wish she would accept mental help, but they seem to have accepted that she is this way and that there is nothing they can do but stay safe.

No. 258985

Me and my SO have different rooms with beds because we don't plan on having children, for one I like keeping my cute super pink kawaii junk out of the mordern grey scheme we've got going on in the bedroom. She is out of town atleast a week or two out of the month so while sometimes we sleep in the same bed sometimes when she's up late or out of town I will sleep in the other one.

No. 258986

Not to mention she's a grown ass 40+ year old woman, so her parents can't force her to do shit, and certainly aren't responsible at this point for sending her anywhere to get mental help.

No. 258988

Does she really has low empathy though? I mean when she thought people were calling Venus a cow (as in cashcow) she immediately defended her. And when someone was making fun of amanda bleach girl she basically told this girl to fuck off lol.

Call me stubborn but I believe she can be cured, somehow. I think it's not too late. I am rooting for her atm just like I was rooting for Venus kek.

No. 258989


To Margo (or any narc parent) Venus - when she was in Margo's good graces publicly - was an extension of herself, not a person of her own. Ergo, insulting Venus was insulting Margo, because Venus belongs to her and IS her. This also comes into play in Margo's current disbelief and breakdown upon Venus moving on to have her own life. Margo has never seen that Venus has her own thoughts / wants / needs; because to a narcissist parent, the child only exists to mirror the narc's thoughts / wants / needs.

Venus not echoing Margo's words and obeying Margo's commands is breaking Margo's mind; to her, it's like you seeing your laptop grow sentient and refusing to type what you write. Or watching your dog speak english and informing you that's going to move out because you're a shit person. You own it, what the fuck is it doing??

No. 258990

if dressing like a 9 year old girl means wearing designer Japanese brands geered toward older woman to you then I question your knowledge of style
19 is the perfect fucking age to be wearing this shit, she's not fuck 35, she's barely left teenage years, why the hell would she need to stop dressing cute and grow up, especially when she lives in Japan and totally acceptable

No. 258991

Thats all nice and dandy but…
Amanda Todd is an extension of Margo? And all the other girls she defended/sympathized with too?
Maybe she is narcissistic…maybe not…I just dont see it, as she is not charming in any way. Any way you see it a trip to the psychologist would benefit her greatly.

No. 258993

Chill the fuck out why the hell does anyone feel the need to defend her at the slightest shit. Also this topic is old we're now talking about Margo's nuthead not Venus' ugly swagg.

No. 258994


I'll wrap this up because it isn't milk. Narcs gather little squads of minions around them, but regularly burn bridges. They also like to appear like innocent little lambs as a tactic to draw people in. Margo deciding to defend that girl has less to do with her sympathy for her than it does with margo thinking that defending her will make her look good. When they're not in the middle of a meltdown, narcs are pretty crafty (some more than others.)

No. 258995

'Charming' can be very subjective, people with PDs aren't mythical vampire-esque creatures.

You seem very naive.

No. 258996

I don't fucking get how Mango defenders can say, "Venus looked so happy in those photos with her mom, so Venus is the liar!!" after seeing these photos. She looks so terrified and miserable.

No. 258999

Well, she was definitely probably feeling miserable, or maybe not because she was too busy with enjoying the fame back then, but I think Venus looks sad because she was sporting the doll look gaze and Venus' makeup and circle lenses was legit tragic. No doubt she was probably unhappy in those photos btw and I agree it's stupid those margo supporters are using this as evidence.

No. 259001

well I'm not denying she has a PD tbh. Whether she has borderline (which I think she has) or narcissism I think one day she will get forced help and end up in some mental institution if she keeps wandering in japan.

I will still root for her mental health.

No. 259004

Yeah I thought she just looked so umcomfortable in those pics or like she's slowly dying on the inside. Margo just lools devoid of emotions or like she's gonna beat someone in every pic.

No. 259005


suggest her to talk about religion, politics and science instead

Sadly yes, those bitches can't keep their deviations to themselves

No. 259006

Margo did have some pretty stellar reviews on Air BnB. I'd say she can be charming when she wants to be. Not to mention the shit with Barbie or w/e where in person she seemed cool, but online she slandered Barbie.

No. 259007

There's actually research on that. Couples who sleep in different beds? Their marriages last longer. Even if it's two beds right next to each other in the same room. Apparently they are less irritated and less resentful because their sleep isn't disturbed by the tossing and turning of a spouse. Lack of sleep can be hella mentally and physically taxing, and it would also be taxing on a relationship. You just jump over whenever you want to have sex, and you don't need a bed for sex.

But of course maggot defenders are going to use this as "they're not really married, waaaa!"

No. 259010

I feel the same. Venus works from home, and no matter how much people make fun of what she does and her taste for pastels, it is artistic and creative work (that bento for example, you need cooking skills and a certain taste level to pull that off, the maggot for example could never). As Virginia Woolf said, to be able to be creative, a woman needs a room of her own.

I'm not trying to turn Venus into a feminist hero or something, but for someone who is still in her late teens, she's doing a lot right. The maggot just wishes she were a dark goth fuck-up on drugs.

No. 259011

Air BnB is one of those things where a kind review can lead to a kind review in return, to be fair.

No. 259012

It's hysterically funny that a member of MENSA is this retarded and has no life skills whatsoever.

No. 259014

we still know where she works. If I'm ever in Adelaide, I'll go to her shop, have her show me all the pricey stuff, and then buy nothing just to fuck with her.

No. 259015

And sex toys, because it's what adults do.

No. 259016

>>The maggot just wishes she were a dark goth fuck-up on drugs.

Yeah, Margo might have enjoyed have a mini me who was more like her (edgelord, into satan, drugs, nasty sex and booze, etc). She's have been equally threatened by her, though, due to the competition over who's most edgy, can pull the most guys, drink the most, yadda yadda. Margo tried to pull kawaii just because she's a competitive bitch who's easily threatened.

She's not in MENSA. I'm 99% sure that Mags is just a liar.

If she is, it's nothing to brag on - the members who are really into being members are psychological nightmares of some version (horrible social anxiety / autistic / raging narcissists / OCD). My husband got the magazine when he was a kid because he thought it would be full of cool brainteasers and puzzles. He said it's mostly full of really pathetic personal ads; apparently "geniuses" are a lonely lot. With the psych problems, it's not a mystery as to why.

No. 259017

Then that would be everything.

No. 259018

Lol maggot already looked over forty then, and that is years ago.

No. 259019

File: 1460501566429.png (182.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-12-18-10-20…)


No. 259020

Personality disorders are different from mental illnesses. It's not just brain chemistry that goes haywire, part of their brains, the part responsible for empathy, are smaller. There are no drugs for that. Mostly they refuse to admit there's something wrong with them, unlike people with depression, bipolar, or schizophrenia, who will usually notice: shit, I'm acting crazy, someone please help me!

There's a huge amount of people in prison with PDs. They don't want to get better, they get a kick out of seeing the world burn and self-destructing. It sounds cruel, but if everyone with a cluster B personality disorder would drop dead right this minute, the world would be a much better place.

No. 259021


As far as we know, Margo's still in control of the website (along with the twitter, facebook and gmail accounts). So is this Mags plotting, or did Fullscreen manage to get the website back from her? Venus mentioned that she was going to sell products right after she moved in with Manaki, before she realized that mother gothel wasn't going to let her go that easily. If that plan is still in place, I assume they'd use her website for the store.

No. 259022



its kind of creepy. Doesn't her mom have control over her website?? or no

No. 259023

Wasn't maggot in control of the site? Anyway, if she is, she doesn't have the money to renew the domain, and Venus can buy it back eventually.

No. 259024

>>if everyone with a cluster B personality disorder would drop dead right this minute, the world would be a much better place.

Amen. The only way the general populace is safe from low empathy persons is if they're incarcerated or dead. It's sad but true.

No. 259025


I just hope it's just not another attempt to viralize that picture of 2 people in bed and claiming one of them is Venus and the other one is not Manaki.

No. 259027


but there is a countdown.
>soon to be revealed


No. 259028

It would be so much fun to see maggot have a meltdown about how the google, or whoever else she blames her stealing of Venus' content on, isn't that cooperative after all. Venus can claim trademark on the Venus Angelic name through the right channels.

No. 259029

I really hope Venus was able to get her website back and maggot has no control over ot anymore, I'm kimda nervous…

No. 259030