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File: 1459762387242.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.53 KB, 720x538, ngbbs501c1695876f4.jpg)

No. 262979

Girls who thirst after mass killers, calling themselves things like "Columbiners", "Holmies", ect.
These people make me rage like no other. Anywho, post blogs, pics, ect of mass shooter fangirls.

Some notable people are…
Lynn Anne, crazy bitch from youtube who's been know to harass the families of Columbine victims and says they deserved to die.


No. 262980

File: 1459762403087.png (15.27 KB, 512x129, fans.png)

No. 262981

File: 1459762433919.png (27.43 KB, 517x287, ok.png)

No. 262982

File: 1459762457004.jpg (162.13 KB, 1000x743, image.jpg)

No. 262983

why are so many of these girls from finland

No. 262984

File: 1459762522186.jpg (226.95 KB, 1440x817, okay.jpg)

No. 262985

he looks like an onion

No. 262986

YouTube of Lynn Anne


Her lulzy
Archive of Our Own account where she uploaded many creepy self insert fanfics about the Columbine killers.


No. 262987

File: 1459762942684.jpg (113.09 KB, 560x696, adam.jpg)

This is about Adam Lanza

No. 262988

File: 1459763351742.jpg (235.86 KB, 659x736, eric.jpg)

No. 262989

As a fan of true crime podcasts etc. I can understand the morbid curiosity aspect, but this is a whole other level of batshit crazy. It's funny how these girls rant about "the media misunderstanding these troubled boyzzz" and yet they're the ones projecting all kinds of ~cute~ personality traits onto them.

No. 262990


No. 262991

I bet all of these girls are 16 or under. I used to think about serial killers and people who shot up schools and toy with the idea of going back in time to stop them, or "what if they had a girlfriend, would that have made them change their mind?" but as I got older I stopped wasting time over them. I feel like once these girls hit 18 they'll drop the fangirl act and realize they're being stupid.

No. 262992

A lot of these women are in their twenties. It's fucking gross.

No. 262993

I mean… finland

No. 262994

Is spoiler needed? It's not naked.

No. 262995

So many of those tumblrinas believe that they're girlfriends of ghosts/spirits of famous murderers. They call it being twin flames. I wonder WHY they always discover that their twin soul is some famous murderer and not a lonely fisher from Cambodia.
It's not just kids, the most famous tumblrina preaching the twin flame bullshit is a twenty-something mother. She's also a notorious Lana Del Rey rip-off who's into the ~fuck me, daddy <333~ scene, aka glorification of pedophilia and incest. Gross.

No. 262996

File: 1459945457822.png (157.59 KB, 540x591, kkk.png)

No. 262997

Legalize euthanasia

No. 262998

holy fucking shit

No. 262999

I used to be a "columbiner". Now I'm on an antipsychotic and I'm horribly embarrassed about my past. These girls are ridiculous.

No. 263000

Name and tumblr of this woman?

Glad you're better now anon.

No. 263001

It's really tumblrina to think adults having kinks is #PEDOPHILIA #INCEST! CALLOUT you fucking moron. You painted an interesting picture and then that.

No. 263002

As a CSA survivor, I am disgusted by your comment. How is it not glorification of pedophilia when two adult person pretend that one of them is fucking a children?
Not gonna say anything more on the topic.

No. 263003

The hilarious thing is that her blog ended up in an article about Columbiners, but the writer (was it Dave Cullen? It could have been) missed that she was writing about fucking Eric Harris etc and he only posted a printscreen of her blog description ripped from Mean Girls ('How do I even begin to describe Eric Harris?' etc.)

No. 263004

Here's said article, was wrong about Cullen, though.

The writer missed SUCH a huge opportunity, though! The description was the least bat shit insane thing about the blog.

No. 263005

No. 263006

Holy shit, this is ridiculous.

What makes it funnier is that the area they are in -Highlands Ranch- is notorious around here for being filled with rich kids with too much money and time on their hands. ffs

No. 263007

Lmao this can't be real, it sounds like a troll. Is it real?

No. 263008


Seems like an edgy teenaged autist. There's people on other blogs claiming to know her irl, but they could be sockpuppets so idk.

No. 263009

File: 1460186758471.jpg (60.35 KB, 500x500, retard.jpg)

Let's not forget this

No. 263010

Does Elliot Rodger have a tumlbrina-fanbase as well?

No. 263011

Isnt Nicole Dollanger into this shit? I know she has to play up to the danger dark dolly bondage sick weep baby niche for her image but she had an interest on this before she got famous.

No. 263012

Yup. Mostly girls that he'd probably hate too, which is weird. Why do the psycho groupies always love the one that would probably kill them? It's like when people thirst over Hitler when they're black/jewish/disabled/gay. How do you obsess over somebody and not realise how much they'd hate you?

No. 263013

I think that's part of the appeal, they think like "oh but if he met me he would realize I'm so special not like the other girls and he would love me"

No. 263014

I think it was more an interest in true crime than having wet panties over school shooters.

No. 263015


She used to have a Columbine sideblog, but deleted it. I think that she was more of a researcher than a fangirl, but who knows. She wrote a song inspired by the experience of meeting the crazy Columbine fangirls.

No. 263016

Apparently Eric Harris doesn't enjoy Lana Del Rey's music :(

No. 263017

File: 1461367470015.jpg (188.16 KB, 979x835, wow.jpg)

No. 263018

File: 1461367479586.jpg (174.72 KB, 951x825, thirteen.jpg)

No. 263019

File: 1461368218810.jpg (240.77 KB, 1440x1061, cray.jpg)

No. 263020

File: 1461368699743.gif (196.45 KB, 252x256, Pluto.gif)

No. 263021

I wonder what this crazy bitch would do if 2 psychos with guns just appeared and starting shooting up the place right in front of her? Would she panic and cower in fear or immediately fall in love and try to seduce the gunmen?!

> Bullying is WRONG!!
>Murdering 13 people is a admirable response.

This child needs psychological help!

No. 263022

Holy shit, these bitches are fucking insane.

No. 263034

Girls went insane over Richard Ramirez. One of his crazy fangirls married him and threatened to commit suicide when he was executed. They separated before he died of lymphoma though.

Because of some strange goings on during his trial and the nature of his crimes some people thought he was legitimately demonic. Rumors that he was possessed or was the devil in disguise. If his crimes were current I cannot imagine the edge on tumblr.

I just don't get this at all. A lot of these guys seem sweet and charming during interviews because they are sociopaths. There's a chilling undercurrent to that charm. There are even Jeffrey Dahmer fangirls. And he was gay. Do they think he would have wanted them?

I think if any of them really met up with their idols in some alternate universe they'd turn tail and run. The ones that don't probably deserve what they get.

No. 263052


There's this edgy comic where a bunch of serial killers get together for wacky fun.

No. 263072

I don't know if you're still around since it's an old comment but do you mind if I ask what made you want to be a 'columbiner'? This whole things really intrigues me as to why some people are into this. Glad you're doing better btw!

No. 263084

Oh man, I used to be one too years ago. It is embarrassing now. We had a group on Youtube and everything where girls would post their pretty bad ( usually self made ) "Reb & Vodka" tattoos. If any anons are interested I can look up if I still have any pics saved.

No. 263088

They're so delusional. I've seen them edit photos of Dylann Roof with flower crowns and so on…and some write in their descriptions "NOT romanticising killers this blog or supporting them" then go on to post how they want to send love letters to killers. I understand it is easy to be fascinated by the morbid attraction and their physical looks however if it blinds you to the point where you're actually supporting the shit he's done boy you got a problem
As if any of these killers would spare you if you were in their scene of crime

No. 263093

Oh god please do, I can't get enough of those

No. 263094


This one has a Reb and VoDka tattoo and seems to condone, for those interested.

No. 263096

File: 1461399545217.jpg (341.85 KB, 2048x1536, reb.jpg)

I've only found two, I'm sorry. I wish I saved more, but this was sooo long ago.
You wouldn't believe some of these girls and guys. I specifically remember one who was 29 at the time, married with a child and completely obsessed with Dylan K. She tattooed something along the lines of "I'll always love you Dylan" on her wrist.

Then there were girls who shooped E & D's faces on pictures next to their faces, wrote walls of text of how they want to be with them…

I even remember one who thought she had a paranormal connection with Eric and said she saw his steam reflection in the mirror when she was showering, kek.

I could go on and on, but here:

No. 263097

File: 1461399572215.jpg (11.77 KB, 403x302, vodka.jpg)


No. 263119

Ia this supposed to be Ogham? It makes no sense.

No. 263761

File: 1461642456487.jpg (44.8 KB, 462x960, 13096127_921216867975539_21242…)

Here are some more Lynn Ann accounts, for those interested. Her facebook is a bunch of Eric Harris shoops and her G+ is a bunch of rants about how everyone is jealous of her.



No. 263773

File: 1461645949770.jpg (110.01 KB, 486x541, bully.jpg)


No. 263787

File: 1461648764428.jpg (181.61 KB, 498x1246, son.jpg)

No. 265663

File: 1462091248583.jpg (82.25 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nku6kuv1Dl1sa0lmoo4_500…)

No. 265664

File: 1462091355913.jpg (124.44 KB, 640x960, tumblr_nku6kuv1Dl1sa0lmoo6_128…)

No. 265665

File: 1462091399179.jpg (74.31 KB, 781x253, rtfrtftr.jpg)

No. 265677

File: 1462098537872.png (14.26 KB, 773x209, eric.png)

There's an Eric Harris board on IMDB that's filled with stuff like pic related…

No. 265745

Wait, this duck-faced chicken head has the nerve to call other people ugly?

No. 265770

Did this thread get moved here from /snow/ or am I going crazy?

No. 265785

File: 1462118702430.png (81.39 KB, 433x646, lynn.PNG)

No. 265786

File: 1462118725449.jpg (58.56 KB, 576x960, lynn2.jpg)

>He'd be all over me.

No. 265790

Has this woman ever married or had kids or is she fixated with a pretend relationship with a spree killer for the past 17 years?

No. 265791

File: 1462119107597.png (14.72 KB, 431x193, lynn3.PNG)

No. 265792

File: 1462119144528.jpg (57.77 KB, 478x960, lynn4.jpg)

>Model type

This woman is a train wreck and i love it

No. 265805

This is the opposite of sexy. Why would you want the guy to be whiny and insecure about eating you out? They can't even fantasise right

No. 265807

If I'm not mistaken it's written under the assumption that all autistic people are complete potatoes when it comes to anything sexual.

No. 265809

Why is this ugly crazy slut so crazy? Too much meth?

No. 265810

They didn't even get bullied though. These cunts need to do their research. For people supposedly obsessed with the killers they sure have a surface knowledge of their lives.

No. 265815

Who the fuck is this bitch to call anyone ugly? Who cares if the survivors aged poorly in her opinion? If Eric didn't die that day he'd look like shit on account of being in prison for years.
Yeah, it was moved.

No. 265816

File: 1462122401991.jpeg (56.95 KB, 645x446, image.jpeg)

>Model type


No. 265819

>Adam Lanza
Jesus Christ. He was anorexic and 110lbs and looked terrifying.

No. 265858

what's wrong with her face? it's so red and purple, is she ill?

No. 265864

>you'd already be naked on the bed
>"Adam, take your clothes off too baby".
>"Why not?"
>"I don't want to".
Fuck me, I nearly pissed myself laughing, it's like a bad greentext

No. 265884

I think the weird skin tone is a by product of all the photo editing she did trying to make herself look like a "model type", kek.

No. 265925

Woops, forgot the link.

Every single one of these people talks just like Lynn Anne.

No. 265944

lmao I can't believe that was written seriously, it's like a robot wrote a self-insert fantasy

No. 265950

I'm actually sort of into that stuff tbh. I like the idea of seducing a socially retarded sperg.

No. 265990

I always thought Elliot Rodger was kind of cute tbh

No. 265992

Ever notice these women and girls always try too hard to make themselves sound like they're not like those other girls?
They're so fucking delusional.
They seriously believe if those shooters passed them by on the streets or in a school that they would be different from the rest, and not just another target. Women who like these serial killers are ultra egotistical like that.

No. 266244

No. 266269

Same tbh fam. But I still find it funny because it's Adam Lanza.

No. 266288

lol, anon! I read through this series and all the missing pages and it was really bad.

Then I'm getting through the second series and I'm fucking dying.
>Vlad Tepes
>omg he's French!
>They made him French even though he was Romanian/Bulgarian http://serialbox2.smackjeeves.com/ this comic is so bad. They have decent artist sometimes then weebs that don't draw faces!

I don't think this woman has ever played Super Columbine RPG. Really just seems desperate.

No. 266297

File: 1462269837459.jpeg (74.35 KB, 1366x768, image.jpeg)

No. 266409

Me too. Too bad he was crazy.

No. 266883

No, it's Dylan Klebold's made-up symbol. I think that it might be his double-barred cross mixed with something else. People are still debating about what the thing inside the heart is supposed to mean.

No. 266885

Both Brooks Brown and Sue Klebold says otherwise. They were bullied, but they were shitty to others anyway. Like DK slapped a girl during a gym lesson.
Brooks Brown is known to be a creep and a liar/embellisher, but Sue Klebold at this point has no reason to lie. Her entire book is one big 'I fucked up so bad that my son has died as a murderer'.

No. 266886

No. 266888


I have always been a contradiction, a duality of perpetual contrast. Ambivalence was birthed from the darkened lotus of my mama’s womb, the perfume and crystalized petals marked my existence and I was tossed into my sea of equivocal uncertainty, yet i was as confident and self assured as a wolf hunting her unsuspecting prey.
The perverse, sinful, vicious angelic nymph - the big-hearted, innocent devils mistress - A sensual, erotic womanchild with the wisdom of a high priestess, who still giggles and twirls in her pretty skirts like a princess.
A delicate Libran flower, a little ethereal wide-eyed girl in a big wild world that I find enchanting and disgusting. A hedonistic femme fatale with deadly appetites, a decadent pistol and her killer shot.
What to make of me, what to make of me. Not to say I didn’t know who I was. Oh, I knew. I was just many names, many places, maany lovers, many dreams, many shining experiences, many blazing passions that didn’t know how to fit into this one body all at once.

I have so much anarchy in my blood I can’t sleep at night. I am in love with chaos and my wild heart. There’s so much love in my heart that my poor rib cage may collapse at any given moment.. My heart is my master and I am her slave. I live by my emotions, my passions, instincts and my intuition. I am eternally, devastatingly romantic.
I’m just a girl writing her life away, her heart and soul belonging to that of a Bad Daddy so spellbinding he’d make your grandmother blush.
Eric Harris is my Twin Flame, my everlasting lover and my guide. Dimensions can never keep our eternal love and bond apart.

More bullshit here:

No. 266889

File: 1462444712929.jpg (59.24 KB, 839x484, Untitled.jpg)

No. 266903

holy shit, these people can't be real or over the age of 13. right?

No. 266928

this is what happens when parents tell their children they're special.

No. 267106

She's over 20's, like 25 or 26 y/o and has a daughter, who apparently also is a medium or an Indigo child.

No. 267159

File: 1462486509026.jpeg (45.8 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)

No. 267170

>he'd lick his lips
LMAO what lips. That boy looked like a real skeleton, like he had absolutely no lips.

No. 267231

Oh shit – does Lynn Ann know her ghost buddy lover is cheating with this psychic hussy???

No. 267463


"I feel very kindred to Nancy Spungen, Bonnie Parker, Lana Del Rey, Demri Parrott, Anais Nin, Anna Nicole Smith, Sylvia Plath, Harley Quin, Tinkerbell, Sable Starr, Peaches Geldof and Elizabeth Taylor."

Tears of embarrassment. I feel 'em. They're coming.

3-4 years ago I was a lurker and occasional poster in the Columbine tags on Tumblr. Mostly journal quotes and documentary screenshots. It blows my mind that the Columbine and spree shooter fandoms have gained such momentum, and just how bat shit crazy these 'totally not condoning' fangirls & boys have become. These bitches make the author of "The Nobodies: A Columbine Love Story" look sane.

No. 267485

I have no idea, but the spiritual mom knows about Lynn Ann and considers her a faker, just like every other girl that says that Eric Harris is HER twin flame, lover… anything, really.
She (spiritual mom) had a meltdown when a girl came to another blogger's askbox to say that she thinks that she MIGHT be EH's twin flame. It caused drama in the Columbine community (some people defended spiritual mom, others took the opportunity to call bullshit on the twin flame idea).
Whether she truly believes in the twin flame bullshit or not, she has managed to become a ~Queen~ of Columbiners.

Side note - there's also a girl on tumblr who believes that she's a reincarnated Bonnie and that Clyde is her ghost lover. I forgot her url, though.

No. 267507

Jesus Christ – these are grown women unironically claiming ownership of a dead murderer's love. A dead murderer they never even met, let alone knew.

I cannot even.

No. 267889

She stats that Eric is with her all the time, they even have sex in the astral plane or something. So she totally believes that not only she met him, but also that she's the only one who REALLY knows him and acts like an Eric Harris authority. Obviously when someone asked her if she found out something new about Columbine, it turned out that her ghost lover dislikes talking about his past life :)

No. 268111

File: 1462702238101.png (14.54 KB, 291x288, 7f75c5166ec4e27903965312e90fd2…)

>Don't condone what they did, just trying to understand it.
Yeah fucking right, she's a 20 year old romanticizing an underage killer from the 90s what a goddamn freak

No. 268129

File: 1462711079492.png (44.02 KB, 841x451, lol.PNG)

I laughed.

No. 268146

Reminds me of that nutty Zeta Talk lady who claimed she could talk to aliens from Zeta Reticuli. But she choked when asked questions she obviously didn't have pre-prepared answers to.

So many of them are so young. Either they weren't born yet or were still in diapers when Columbine happened. I always thought the Columbine fandom would die off eventually. But I guess not.

No. 268436

I think the reason spree killers/serial killers get fetishized is in part due to the idea that a he can be 'fixed'. ie he would love me soooo much that I could convince him not to kill a bunch of people. Building on that, the fantasy is also 'safe' because you can't exactly get turned down by a dead guy. If the killer is in jail and you write to him, he might write back bc prison is boring AF. But you won't be like oh look how bored he was he wrote to me, you'll be like O WOW I AM SPECIAL!

Anyways that's my totally unprofessional 2 cents on the matter. Oh and I forgot to add crazy. Definitely needs a dose of crazy to pull the above mental gymnastics off successfully.

No. 268437

it's like those people who try to make their friend's suicides about them.
>oh i could have helped if they just let me in
no bitch fuck you.

No. 268469

as a CSA survivor myself, who gives a shit.

No. 268476

File: 1462781359788.jpg (30.89 KB, 640x179, was.JPG)

That does not sound romantic at all

No. 268478

File: 1462782210262.jpg (14.32 KB, 255x255, 1447143400179.jpg)

I don't get why some chicks fetishes are dead spree killers. Not to blog but I think people who do these killings and kill themselves should just kill themselves. I guess this is why Charles Manson got married to some dumbass 25 year old.

If he killed himself or in jail, you can't fix him! Guys who need fixing aren't worth anyone's time.

No. 268481

File: 1462784427934.jpg (16.11 KB, 531x65, 5.JPG)


No. 268487

File: 1462785672886.jpeg (50.98 KB, 720x410, image.jpeg)

No. 268494


Creepiest. Scenario. Ever.

No. 268495


I just facepalmed so hard I gave myself a bruise.

No. 268500

It's like a stereotypical action movie scene with Columbine mixed in. I wonder if there are any fantasies where these whacked out girls help Eric and Dylan shoot up the school.

No. 268501

That's the most hilarious shit ever.

I used to be a poster on the SCMRPG boards many, many years ago before it turned to shit. There was detailed information on there from a criminological, sociological and psychological point of view which many of the posters were into because it was either a real interest or something they were studying for.

Then all these fangirls turned up which you're all posting about and ruined the fucking board with topics like they usually do.

One of my favourite responses by someone towards their post-death photo was "Do you wanna know how much shit was in their pants when their asses relaxed?"

It really turned into a mess (no pun, honestly!) more fangirls joined the board and it struggled with finding people who were 'normal' and apathetic enough to moderate the threads after that.

Then it closed, so many years of good fucking discussion down the drain.

No. 268506

File: 1462791401610.jpg (16.18 KB, 518x86, wat.JPG)

No. 268508

That can't be real… is that real?

No. 268513

File: 1462792790687.jpg (41.47 KB, 396x549, 9ae.jpg)

No. 268516


I can't laugh cos they're so fucking detached from reality.

No. 268527

Minute 1:16
She seems like possesed

No. 268622

Is anyone following the ericfuckingharris drama? He was a popular male columbiner who called himself "reb" (one of the turds from columbines nickname). He would post pictures of "himself" and his dick and was fangirled over like crazy. Apparently someone found his real pictures and there is a huge uproar on tumblr and he deleted.

No. 268633

Thanks for telling I just found the posts. Made my day haha this is pure gold

No. 268635

File: 1462817419868.jpg (34.98 KB, 1070x480, Screenshot_20160509-200920_1.j…)

No. 268638

Some desperate idiot thought that would be an easy way to get a little attention from girls, didn't he? They're delusional and lonely enough to fantasize about dead guys. Got any links?
This such an obvious troll but I lol'ed!

No. 268641

No literally all he did was post porn and hit on underage girls.

http://lonesometides.tumblr.com/tagged/q (One of his girlfriends who is being bombarded with asks about him)


The "pictures" of him. I'm not sure if these are real or the pictures he was pretending to use. There is a bunch of shit in the ericfuckingharris tag.

No. 268647

And being a Eric wannabe and write about women like they're shit I read

No. 268668

File: 1462827954403.jpeg (51.08 KB, 512x512, image.jpeg)

What I think of every goddamn time I see Lynn Ann.

No. 268671


No. 268673

Can't do it, it's Tumbles.

No. 268914

For me personally (I hope it's okay to share my thoughts because I feel they're relevant), it's not about that at all. I'm a huge masochist who's into guro, necro and all that jazz. I fantasize about hot guys raping me and slicing me up, and certain serial killers are simply able to give those fantasies a face.

There's a huge difference between fetishization and glorification. The first is solely about being sexually attracted to a person who conforms to certain points, in this case, being a despicable human being. For me, the attraction stems from my masochism, for others it might not have a proper explanation, as is often the case with kinks/paraphilias. Glorification is, well, this >>268476. "Falling in love" with serial killers, wanting them to escape jail, not giving a shit about the victims (or even blaming them) etc, are things way beyond my understanding, so I can't really comment on it besides that I think these people have lost their grip on reality. The biggest pitfall for hybristophiles is to forget or refuse to acknowledge that serial killers are criminals who shouldn't be condoned for their crimes just because they might be good-looking/mentally ill/misunderstood, and never people to aspire to be with (whether out of desire to "fix" them or something else).(please tell me more)

No. 268929

File: 1462914331247.jpg (54.61 KB, 991x902, Laugh-Meme-05.jpg)


> catapuls eggs into your pussy

This is everything I've ever wanted.

No. 268933

>For me personally (I hope it's okay to share my thoughts because I feel they're relevant), it's not about that at all. I'm a huge masochist who's into guro, necro and all that jazz. I fantasize about hot guys raping me and slicing me up, and certain serial killers are simply able to give those fantasies a face.

Please get help…

No. 268943

Newfag detected. Just take a look at the fetish and/or porn discussion thread is all I'm going to say.

No. 268954

File: 1462920455752.jpg (37.55 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg)


No one cares about your shitty fetish. Jfc.

No. 269198

File: 1463006484152.jpg (28.53 KB, 671x211, help.JPG)

No. 269199

>b-but mommy, everyone does it!
ok kiddo, go play with your rapists and murderers then.

No. 269202

What the fuck

No. 269215

My two cents on this topic:
I don't think it's always a fetish or something (well, but it can be), but sometimes when you're reading something this brutal, specially if it's all at once, you can "disconect" it from reality. Like, it's so violent and insane and distant from your own reality that you feel like you're looking at a piece of fiction. Yeah, if it was a movie, we probably would think it was cool that the bullied ones got their revenges shooting up the school wearing black trench coats and sunglasses and shit, Tarantino stlye. We get that "rush" from it, because we know it's not real.
So I guess, for most of these girls, they still don't "get" that it's not a movie; they are not fantasizing about Gogo Yubari, but assholes that planned to murder an entire school (had their bombs worked) that were very real and most likely would kill them, too.

No. 269701

Yeah, that's what it seems like. If they really understood, or even witnessed, the kind of shit that happened that they blog about they wouldn't be making fucking flower crown edits of serial killers

No. 269707


Also, I think Columbine has the biggest "fandom" because they have the biggest appeal:

>Angsty/angry teenagers full with angry/angsty diaries

>revenge story (not like it was a hate crime, like Roof's, for example)
>Everyone knows their musical tastes and that they liked playing vidyas and shit
>"""attractiveness"" (well, at least among other mass shooters, i guess)

So I guess these chicks feel closer to these guys, even if they see them as husbandos and not real life people.

No. 270074

most columbiners are 15/16 year olds but what I will never understand is the attraction because dylan and eric are two of the ugliest motherfuckers I have seen in my whole life

No. 270299

Oh man, I'm starting to read the second one as well now and it's waaaaay worse lol.
None of these fucking characters have any resemblance to the serial killers they're based on at all.

>Delphine LaLaurie looks like an autistic hot topic weeb

>That description on Vladimir Tepes "The impaler"

>"He quite literally coined the phrase "Oozes sex", he will take you for the ride of your life, then ruthlessly take it from you."


No. 270321

I hate myself for finding young Richard Rameirez attractive. I was listening to an ep of Rob Dyke's Serial Killer Files about him w/out looking and I was like 'omfg what a sick fuck that's disgusting' then I looked up to see a pic of him and I was p much 'Fml why does he have too look like that' and couldnt deny I found him attractive, he just had all the features. he looks like my fiance if he grew a few inches and got aids.

If I was a bitter teenager with a shitty home life and no friends I bet I would be in the same boat as all the crazies in this thread

No. 270360

File: 1463414767161.jpg (6.07 KB, 214x236, cheekbone.jpg)

Richard Ramirez is one of the better looking serial killers, as long as his mouth closed because of dem teeth.
He's more of the uninteresting ones. Nothing too special. He was just a pretty handsome guy, albeit a psycho. I could kinda understand girls fan-girling over him, if anything.
Dahmer, Bundy, and the columbine boys are just absolutely hideous on top of being deranged.

No. 270366

He reminds me of a young Roger Waters.

No. 270374

Bundy wasn't ugly? How did he manage to charm most of the women he killed if he was so hideous?

No. 270380

Bundy had blandly average features. Definitely not ugly, and as I understand his demeanor was non-threatening, which is how he was able to "get" so many of his victims.

No. 270386

File: 1463421226080.jpg (35.58 KB, 310x432, bundy.jpg)

So, you think that they only way to manipulate/charm someone is by being physically attractive? Some of the most charming people i've ever met have been average/ugly.
And anyways, case in point, these girls will never be able to experience his charm. instead, they're left with this (pic related) and i really fucking fail to see how this is erotic or exciting at all.
He's grody looking. misshapen. ugly, creepy.

No. 270407

File: 1463423540772.jpeg (50.37 KB, 567x664, image.jpeg)

Jeff Dahmer is attractive as well.
I like tall, goofy looking guys though.

No. 270408

No. 270420

File: 1463424530047.jpeg (92.89 KB, 1000x750, image.jpeg)

I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I don't think any of these guys (Bundy, Dahmer, Klebold or Harris) were what one would call "hideous". Harris and Klebold were at that gangly age that a lot of high school guys go through. And both Bundy and Dahmer took some scary pictures, but mostly they just looked like average Joes.

Now, you want physically hideous, look up Ottis Toole (pic related). I wonder if HE had any fan girls? (Since apparently homosexuality doesn't matter to these women.)

No. 270433

File: 1463426023332.jpg (6.45 KB, 192x262, download (1).jpg)

How about one of the worst mass killers ever, Stalin? There are whole blogs about him. Just hear this:


No. 270448


He was a sociopath, and that's precisely what sociopaths are known for.

I know 'sociopath' isn't a really diagnostic criteria, but I knew one once, a guy with "anti-social personality disorder" who was extremely violent, but at the same time strangely magnetic. With people he knew exactly how to hit all the right buttons in all the right spots, everybody thought he was just such a great guy, even though we knew what he did. He was extremely dangerous though, and I'm glad I got away from him. Wouldn't surprise me if he's in prison right now.

No. 270464

File: 1463434683404.jpg (60.84 KB, 354x361, Jokela-school-shooter.jpg)


Because Pekka-Eric Auvinen is cute af?

No. 270508


No. 270513


No one said he was attractive but he still isn't ugly.

No. 270516


He looks like a gay gypsy

No. 270522

He looks like he watches Geordie Shore

No. 270535

5'4 manlet

No. 270631

It's just morbid that these people even fawn over one of the worst mass killers in history, who would kill them without a second thought.

No. 270661


A psychopath is just a violent sociopath. They're still the same thing.

No. 270665

I don't remember any killings in Geordie Shore

No. 271244

>Lynn Ann listened eagerly as Eric quietly voiced, “I need somewhere to stay for a while and as my number one fan, I know you can keep a secret. Do you think you can convince your mom to let me stay here and keep this just between us?” Honored by the title of being his number one fan, Lynn Ann nodded at him while responding, “Anything for you, Eric.”
>Lynn Ann felt a satisfaction unlike any other when Eric admitted, “I always read everything you post online about me.”
>To some, Lynn Ann’s obsession with him would seem daunting and downright creepy, but Eric found it quite charming, and he admired the girl’s devotion to him as well as her unwavering beliefs in his views and morals. Her volunteered determination to defend him against those who were in disagreement over his actions also made Eric value her all the more, and at seventeen years of age, Eric found Lynn Ann’s maturity to be well beyond her years, possibly exceeding his own at times.

No. 271257

Anyone familiar with thedeathmerchant on tumblr? I don't know that much about her, but her husband is an inmate and she's deep into the true crime community.

No. 271292

Yes, she's married to a murderer incarcerated for life. What of it? She does not do anything cow worthy.

No. 272916

Young Dahmer and Bundy were pretty good looking, objectively speaking. Plus apparently they had some charm to them.

Ignoring all the teenagers here, I think older women like this shit because the men are safe (either being dead or locked up in prison). It's like a celebrity crush except he's even less likely to break your heart. Plus they get to imagine he's some hurt loner that they could nurse back to happiness or some shit.

Overall a stupid fucking fetish.

No. 272919

Regardless of physical attractiveness, I think it's quite common that serial killers are able to be charming. They look for traits in people that they can exploit and flatter. Think of how narcissists can be so charismatic and charming.

Maybe it's because films and media portray such killers as being loners, socially awkward etc when in the reality they are more likely to be that family man who everyone can have a joke with who you sawv attending the local fete!

No. 272985

It's a shame such a good face was wasted on such a psycho.

As I recall, Bundy's decent looks made people be less suspicious of him. While it's true that charm and good looks aren't always related it does help. An unattractive person who is charming can do just as well as a person who is attractive. Even better if the attractive person has nothing but looks going for them.

But why are guys like John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader and David Berkowitz not really romanticized? Gacy looks like a creep anyway, Rader looks like a stereotypical suburban dad and Berkowitz looks like some low IQ grocery delivery boy.

I don't think it's looks alone. But they may help sometimes. But there's some fantasy that goes along with the whole thing. I never really thought about it much. But think of how many kids hate their school. I know I hated mine. Maybe these girls deep down have a fantasy of their school being Columbined? I don't know. I never got the fascination. Other famous cases of school shootings don't get the romance attached as much. These girls aren't masturbating to that Amish school shooting from a few years back.

I also think what is considered attractive has changed a bit in the last few decades. Bundy's face is acceptable enough. And he doesn't look like a serial killer. Although we see him in a different light because we know what he did. Back then people who didn't know viewed him differently.

No. 273012

File: 1464278583439.jpg (82.52 KB, 768x432, fb.jpg)

I never understand people and the media calling Bundy good looking. He had a unibrow and most of the time looked like a hobo. Even as a teenager he wasn't shit. I think the thing that made him seem most approachable and safe was that he was a law student, because you wouldn't think someone who is well educated and has something going for him would do this. I saw on a recent interview of a victim that during the first conversation he introduced himself as a law student on his way to uni.

No. 273054

He plucked his eyebrows later on, and he certainly didn't look like a hobo when he was young, that was part of his appeal, he looked clean cut and all that. He was a decently attractive man (not super gorgeous or anything) that used his charms to get by.

Aside from his personality charms he also sometimes pretended to be handicapped and in need of help to lure victims (like wearing a cast and then needing help getting something in his car). Tricks like that don't really depend on looks, just on the chance of his target being a nice person.

I think Dahmer was the real waste, he was legit hot in his youth.

No. 273334

>I think Dahmer was the real waste, he was legit hot in his youth.
i agree, Jeffrey was the least ugly imo. but probably one of the sickest, especially since he had loving parents and a normal childhood

No. 273346

They fixed his teeth in prison I think.

I read about him and his childhood was disturbing. Not shocking he turned out to be an absolute psycho.

No. 273393

He did not have a "normal" childhood.
He had distant parents, and parents that paid no mind to his odd behaviors. His younger brother had the normal childhood, which is why his younger brother turned out to be a success. Dahmer lived alone in his family home towards the end of his high school years, leaving him to his thoughts and desires. He was an alcoholic and chronic drug abuser as well, constantly drunk at school.
Yes normal childhood indeed.

No. 273710

Nope, you have the two mixed up. Sociopaths are violent and lack empathy. Psychopaths are socially adept, but also lack empathy and enjoy taking advantage of others.

No. 273819

You know (and this is a genuine statement, no sarcasm or snark intended) as someone who's never had any real psychological education on personalities, I'm clueless on the differences between psychopaths and sociopaths. Do you have any links/ books you could suggest?

No. 273872


I thought it was just a matter of "being born with it" or "your surroudings made you like that", the first being the psychos and the latter, the sociopaths.
That would explain why psychopaths usually know how to act socially, they just lack emotions and empathy, but know how to act since they where raised right; and sociopaths become violent and without empathy for others because their lives, especially early ones, where a clusterfuck of shit.
That's what I always heard, but I'm no specialist, so…

No. 273882

This is the explanation I've always heard as well, but it doesn't help that psychology is a field rife with old and misused terminology and new terminology being brought in all the time. For example, anti-social personality disorder is basically psychopathy lite, and it's considered a spectrum like autism is. So someone who would have formerly been diagnosed as a psychopath would now be diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder.

No. 273898

What's funny is these teens probably go to big public schools and all of the socially inept, pasty white kids that wear combat boots & pins on their backpacks are probably seen as gross and weird to these girls. If they'd been at columbine a year before the shooting they wouldn't have given the two guys a second glance.

No. 274045

Implying that these girls aren't the socially inept, pasty white kids of the school

No. 274275

File: 1464593840010.png (82.82 KB, 659x426, tumblr_o7yoco6bge1tgb6wyo1_128…)

No. 274276

File: 1464593905890.jpg (43.81 KB, 540x710, tumblr_o7ys2sBqMa1tgb6wyo1_540…)

No. 274277

File: 1464594015259.png (712.84 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o7vskjOMMR1tgb6wyo2_128…)


Has anyone seen this "true crime confessions" Tumblr?

No. 274280

lol, she is trying really hard to be edgy just like le Eric and Dylan

No. 274281

File: 1464594274984.jpg (144.23 KB, 640x526, tumblr_o5hskv1a8B1v6zvlzo1_128…)

No. 274627

File: 1464662040149.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.88 KB, 626x621, ss (2016-05-30 at 10.32.20).jp…)

No. 274684

>fucking in the front seat of a bug

is this person also imagining they're both midgets

No. 274700

Goddamn, I think I hate furries as much as hybristophiliacs.

No. 274891

kill it with fire!

No. 274937

Furries should be shot. Kek

No. 275846

No. 276228

i hate this person so fucking much already. like beyond words oh my fucking god.

No. 279841

How long until the tumblr fuckers start to fawn over the Orlando shooter? God forbid they've already latched onto him.

No. 280444

He's not white nor is he terribly attractive, so probably not much. The only girls who might pull this shit are the types of idiot girls who fly off to join ISIS.

No. 282983

There are few times I wish death upon others (unless they're animal abusers, sexual predators, or, y'know, murderers and psycho-/sociopaths like the ones these pieces of human scum fetishize).

I truly wish people like this had never been born. Infantile women and 12-year olds who act like they ~*luuurve*~ this shit because they think it makes them cool or intriguing are a whole other level of vile. It's ironic, because there's no doubt in my mind that these same people would shit themselves and bawl for mercy were they put in the same setting they oh so love to romanticize. It's further ironic, because if anyone deserves to be slaughtered and ridden of on this earth for the benefit of its inhabitants, it would be these degenerates.
(Especially that hideous abomination who harassed actual survivors - possibly what made my blood boil more than anything else on here. Looked to be in her 40s on top of that, what the fuck.)

There's a difference between finding something intriguing and full-on fetishizing it for the sake of ~*edge*~ points. Personally I found the case of Adam Lanza quite intriguing given the whole being refused treatment for his Aspergers diagnosis by his gun-loving mother (who became his first kill, oh the irony) because I think the relationship between his untreated diagnoses and his secluded way of living and background in relation to what he did is interesting and worth consideration. I will also admit that I find him somewhat aesthetically cute in a Tim Burton-esque sort of way.

Also I'm sad to hear these degenerates ruined the forum where this was discussed by people who truly found it interesting - that would've been great to take part of. Has any of the info collected on there been saved and documented on some other platform? I'm thinking LiveJournal etc.

I hope to dear god there's no-one over here masturbating to Anton Lundin Pettersson. He was a racist who went to a school in a neighborhood with a lot of immigrants wearing a Darth Vader mask while slaughtering students and teachers with a fucking sword. I don't want this fetishizing murderers shit anywhere near my country but because a lot of them are apparently from Finland I'm feeling discouraged. He also wasn't conventionally unattractive, either.

What the fuck, world.

No. 283031

Nice blog, faggot.

No. 283049

nice contribution to the thread, dipshit.

post something actually relevant or fuck off.

No. 283125

File: 1466455922916.jpg (110.25 KB, 466x700, 57485.jpg)

In my own experience with the true crime side of Tumblr, I've found that most of them steer clear of race/hate-related killers or only focus on the act of killing itself or how "tortured" the killer was.

Even as attractive as Anders Breivik is (compared to someone like Adam Lanza), he never gets any attention unless it's for normal reasons or someone just agrees with his political views.

No. 283129

File: 1466456993291.png (147.7 KB, 487x328, 1448937712852.png)

No. 283133

I don't know, a lot of them I see are racist and there were definitely some more race based killings at Columbine that these cunts likely fap over.

I think the fact that Breivik is still alive takes away some of the romance, actually.

I agree with you, these edgy bitches are so fucking annoying and stupid.

No. 283162

Comparing yourself to these fucknuts makes you sound like a special snowflake, noone cares about why you feel superior to them and noone cares about why you're "intrigued" by murderers… this thread isn't about you, it's about hybristophilia.

>>There are few times I wish death upon others

Another fucking edgelord, you sound like you share more in common with them than you realize.

No. 283243

There's a fine line between finding something intriguing and fetishizing it - as several people in this thread have pointed out, and I wanted to further point at the distinction between the two.
I apologize if my comparison between the two put too much of a strain on your cognitive capabilities. :^)

Considering there are tons of people on this site wanting fatties/OC/people who disagree with them to die I doubt me wanting rid of people who fetishize murderers and harass survivors makes me any ~*edgier*~ than the aforementioned. But you know, whatever helps you sleep at night.

That aside, I feel like the edge appeal wouldn't be the only factor drawing in these people, especially given that several of them are fucking old and have kids. How do they even get that "far" in life with this kind of obsession? As in, are actually able to form interpersonal relationships and function to some degree in modern society. No matter how you look at it, this kind of fixation seems crippling, both psychologically and practically.

Several people on this thread have pointed out the appeal in people who are dead and thus can't reject them, but that in combination with the edge appeal (and a small bit of genuine interest- maybe) would hardly be the only things feeding into this fetish. Most of these murderers are also below average in looks, but I guess the ~*troubled*~ shit and actually acting on it goes a long way for the fangirls - I feel like there's something missing, though.

No. 283244

He's so unattractive to me.

No. 283271

File: 1466528371176.png (1.01 MB, 960x816, tumblr_nyn9miCANE1ttojn3o1_128…)

doesn't seem to be the case with dylann roof fags.

No. 283275

i hate these degenerates so much. what the hell.

No. 283325

Omg you too? I had a feeling these people truly do ruin everything they touch.

I tried to start a Restorative Justice community online one time, and all our awesome discussion basically got ruined because these chicks were trying to get involved.

Its hard to think of specific examples because there was so much crazy shit. But essentially, they would get mad and chimp the fuck out when we had to point out concepts like, "Restorative Justice would not have excused your crush's actions. Please discuss your BS somewhere else."

Eventually, the drama and accusations that we were assholes because these chicks kept trying to hang around us made us end our public internet presence.

No. 283382

>>282983 god columbiners fucking disgust me and i really, really hope one day some of them do find themselves in a school shooting.

when i was in highschool there were so many shooting threats for my first 2/3 years that usually 10-ish police cars were on campus at any given time- i went to a real fucking big school, granted- and it's scary as shit to go through that and not know if you'd live or die on a given day because some emo edgelord might have a gun.

it's kinda cool to read about serial killers, i find jeffrey dahmer particularly interesting, but god i'd never jerk it to serial killer stories like these girls do with all the columbine-esque shit.

>That aside, I feel like the edge appeal wouldn't be the only factor drawing in these people

dont underestimate how much people are drawn in by edge, especially people of the tumblr variety.

i wouldnt be surprised if these columbiners said their attraction/obsession "isnt their fault" because they have some kind of tragic mental illness that causes them to fantasize about literal murderers.

No. 283472

Shut the fuck up already, nobody cares about your opinion and nobody cares about how fucking cute you find Adam Lanza to be.

You are no different to them.

No. 283475

File: 1466616935473.png (73.09 KB, 679x586, why god.PNG)

I had a period a few years where I watched a lot of Columbine documentaries, read a bunch of news articles and stuff about it, etc. I just kind of found it interesting, don't know why. I still find it interesting. It's weird

Sage for slight blog post, have some more retarded Columbiner bullshit

No. 283500

…are you done? stop bringing up meaningless shit that was mentioned days ago. no1curr about how triggered you are by someone else's old input, you're clogging up the thread for no reason other than to piss yourself so either shut up or post something relevant.

back on topic.

No. 283617

Has anyone met any of these edgelord specimens IRL? I feel like even these people would have the bare-minimum sense to keep this shit to themselves but you never know.

No. 283711

I am not sure if I have or not, however, having hung out with the trying to be edgy crowd in high school, occasionally hearing that one of these sickos is "totally hawt" makes you wonder.

I think you are right that they keep it under wraps, but of course, things tend to slip out if you know someone long enough.

No. 283762

It even has the hideous tumblr style nose. You know that nose would be bright red if it was in color.

No. 292389

Oh man, I'm just waiting for the shit I used to draw for these people.
-heavy sweating-

No. 295012

I remember hearing about that, I live in the local area and all most people had to say was less about the Columbiners and more about the fact that a CFA, an American no less had a shooting plot on Canadian soil.

There was a suspected third person who was gonna join them but bailed and reported it at the last second. So the story goes anyways. The Canadian killed himself but the girl was sent back to Chicago and I think she faced charges there.

No. 295058


Yeah, Lindsay's thread here: >>128373

No. 295064

Really vague, but does anyone know that chubby blonde chloe moretz wannabe who was obsessed w Adam Lanza? She had a huge following.

Her name was Luna, and her handle used to be angelic-corpse. Seems like she has moved.

Sorry, long shot.

No. 295216

holy shit, i used to follow her on tumblr. remembered seeing a reblog about Adam Lanza's untreated Aspergers but couldn't remember what blog it was that reblogged it. maybe it was hers, then.

i follow one of those girls on IG, wait lemme check

No. 295217

No. 295291

Holy fuck, save me from these endless Lana Del Rey wannabes!! But at least this one is cuter than Lynn Anne.

No. 295292


YES HOLY SHIT THANK YOU!! I admit to hatefollowing this bitch out of jealousy over her looks, but she is such a cringefest otherwise

No. 295469

she does have a beautiful face. Her body is meh, but she's gorgeous so what does she need a nice body for, anyway.
More on topic, I remember following her tumblr. She posted a lot of generic serial killer type things. fantasy tragic princess fairy doll pink tinged flower and trailer park photos. typical –soft edgy– tumblr style. she seems like she's growing out of it a bit, from the looks of her recent photos on instagram in the past couple months

No. 295470

>beautiful face
i don't get this, can you point out what's so 'gorgeous' about her? her chin is disproportionately long and her mouth is disproportionately tiny, plus half her photos are filtered or have blown-out lighting on them. It looks like her skin is good, but she'd still be in the meh-to-pretty range depending on how gussied up she was, in my book.

No. 295481

vendetta detected lol. she's clearly well above average

No. 295497


I don't think so. She's boring and generic AF plus stupid shoops NEXT

No. 295506

This shit's the real milk

No. 295519

Before I opened her Istagram I thought "Woow concerning the comments she must be a superbeautiful macabre woman", but she´s just an average blond kid with a looong face, lol. Don´t get it.

No. 295530

ahhh i remember back in the day when she was obsessed with 'lolita', pre sandy hook - hadn't seen her blog for ages. it's the captions on her pictures that make me cringe the most. another ~sad bbydoll~ blogger, ugh.

No. 295539

File: 1471012395759.jpg (144.52 KB, 960x720, 9050263278_f12a2c40d5_o.jpg)

Oh I know this girl, I would have never expected to see her on lolcow. She's a huge cow, I used to follow her but the dd/lg stuff and edgy posts, mixed with her horrible attitude towards her own fans, made me go no no.
She's not ugly but neither pretty as she wants people to believe she is, she shoops, filters and uses angles quite a lot.

No. 295540

*as pretty as

No. 295582

>can you explain what you find attractive about her?
>'vendetta detected lol'

wow, you're sure defensive of some random tubblrina whose #aesthetic you don't even like

No. 295595

I can't stand this bitch. She's not as cute as she thinks she is and is a cunt to all of her stupid fans.

No. 295612

She has two tattoos on her forearms- one is the logo from the movie "the Virgin Suicides", the other is from the movie… you guessed it! Lolita. Dumb idea for tattoos if you ask me. Her hair looks healthy and thick. she seems to have nice skin. She just has a cute babydoll face, but i've never seen her in person. She's definitely not ugly. A bit unique. But she seems to know how to work camera angles, so.
Isn't she Italian?

No. 295618

Reeks of self post MO.

1. Insult yourself with inane shit
>her tattoos are dumb"
2. Compliments self
>pretty hair, skin. unique!!
3. End with a question to keep discussion about self going.
>Isn't she Italian (+1 for not saying Asian)

No. 295691

If this isn't a selfpost I swear to God

No. 295696


She looks below-average, people have really shit standards on this board I swear. Just the other day we had a few anons that said they wanted to fuck greasy onision.


Fuck off with your self-posting, you're average as fuck - accept it, you'll appreciate life a lot more.

No. 295707

no problem, fam.

i've never really had an opinion on her before, only we liked a lot of similar things and i liked her pics and the stuff she reblogged so i followed her. (inb4 basic nymphette lana wannabe)

when i dug up her instagram i noticed a post with a drawing that some artist drew of her that really rubbed me the wrong way. it didn't show any gratitude or happiness about it whatsoever, literally just 'me by xxx'. even if she thanked them before or whatever, it just comes across as really ungrateful and dismissive to me.

being ungrateful and passive doesn't make you interesting or ~mystic~. it just makes you look like an entitled brat who doesn't appreciate other people taking time out of their day to give you something/try to make you happy.

idk maybe i'm overreacting but it really really really irks me when people don't show appreciation for other people's kindness.

No. 295733

that hideous bulky man face. not even photoshop and angles can hide that gigantic jaw. i'm cackling

No. 295734

File: 1471119869378.jpg (34.88 KB, 500x375, large.jpg)

So, I already thought she shoops because I followed her Flickr and her face was kind of different (>>295539), but I googled her name + flickr and this came up. It's from Weheartit. The facial structure looks the same, the nose is bigger but has the same shape. Could this be her without shoop?

No. 295735

File: 1471119926691.jpg (43.76 KB, 500x375, large (1).jpg)

No. 295737

File: 1471119989541.jpg (80.96 KB, 500x668, large (2).jpg)

Compared with a 100% sure old photo

No. 295749

Ew she is so fat and piggish looking, why do people think she looks good?

No. 295751

They like blonde hair and blue eyes probably

No. 295763

this is almost felice levels of shooping, my god

No. 295767

There should be though. I'd love to see the cast of Geordie Shore shot up. Especially Charlotte, that ugly horse faced fatty

No. 295774


nice same fag, vendetta chan.

No. 295775

Yea, bc people only gauge beauty based on hair color n eye color. u sound salty af

No. 295779


she's not particularly pretty nor painfully ugly. if she didn't show a bad attitude and didn't photoshop so badly/ work angles so much to act like she's hot shit then nobody would care.

people like this only do themselves a disservice by acting this way. accept you're average and embrace it. there's no need to show a bad attitude over a false sense of confidence based on edits, filters and angles. there's never a need for a shitty attitude, really.

No. 295781

Uuum not really, I'm the anon who posted "If this is not a selfpost I swear to God" and also posted the pics, and nothing more. Instead… I'm pretty positive that it's always the same person who keeps defending her and samefagging. Luna, is that you?

Anyway, yes she's a scam, but we can also talk about how she romanticises murderers for edgy points and is imitated by her dumb ass followers who kiss her "cherub chubby lil bloody angel Sad bbygirl" shtick. Or, like another anon said, her rude attitude and ungratefulness even when people spend time drawing her (photoshopped) image. It's like she thinks it's people's duty to worship her so she doesn't need to show respect or be grateful

No. 295982


the girl who posted this took my idea. i sent her an elliot rodger powerpuff i made that i had as my iphone background, and next thing i know she's posted it to tumblr acting like it's hers.

No. 295983


No, it was written like that because Adam Lanza in particular hated being touched and would go into fits. He also wrote on forums about being repulsed by sex so there's that.

No. 296048

Okay… Why… Did you do that? Why is that a thing that you made?

No. 296066

In the 90s there was this discussion forum for cities and states. Kind of a pre-Topix running on Phorum. There was this guy thirsty for Melinda Loveless. He'd post on the New Albany, Jeffersonville, Madison, IN forums in ALLCAPS bragging about writing to her and jail visits. He said he plastered his house with printouts of old pictures and had tons of Polaroids.

Those subforums were infested with true crime creepers but even they thought he was scary as fuck. His furry teeth and general unwashedness added to it.

No. 296094

what the fuck anon

No. 296109

Noone wants to fuck the younger of the two DC snipers. He's not bad looking, and knows how to shoot a gun
I like that…but I don't find black men sexually appealing.

No. 296193

File: 1471440646521.jpeg (24.37 KB, 194x260, image.jpeg)

I'd let young Stalin fuck the shit out of me if that counts.

No. 296198

He was only 5'3.

No. 296203

Damn, he's qt.

No. 296221

don't reply to racist trash bait.

(if -god help us all- it isn't actual bait, please just let me live in blissful ignorance of racist anon's idiocy kthx)

No. 296234


go back to tumblr if you think that's racist

No. 296247

>someone's preference
tumblrina peeohsee fatty detected

No. 296254

Still not seeing anyone here saying Lee Malvo's blacksnake ain't too bookoo…
In fact, Richard Ramirez looks pretty Anglo…
Your move, tumblrtrash.

No. 296277

File: 1471507026253.png (8.62 KB, 401x367, image.png)


>anons being this triggered over someone pointing out a small instance of racism on a board specifically designed to poke fun at hypocritical dumbasses and cringefests

kek no need to be assblasted about it. wouldn't you lot be proud of shit like that anyway?


>implying all black people look the same
you don't need to be a tumblrtard to realize that that's retarded. all you need is a functioning brain and a basic set of morals. but maybe that was asking too much.

moreover, there's no need to clog up the thread any more with your butthurt. but, you've already latched onto this, so, do go on!

No. 296282

File: 1471510112504.jpeg (112.97 KB, 750x917, image.jpeg)


is there any way to see traces of the edits in her pics? based on these before ones it seems like a given that she shoops but i don't really see any traces of it in the pics themselves..

can anyone point out traces of the PS? how do you avoid that stuff showing?

No. 296285

I don't know how to show traces but you can see it's the same person, just look at the eyebrows, the eye shape, the eye color, even the same eye makeup. If you compare the pic you posted with >>295735 yeah it's harder to believe but if you compare it with >>295737 (that it's her for a fact, it's from one of her old profiles) you can see they're the same person. The moonface is the reason why she doesn't post full frontal pics, always three quarters or low res frontal pics in which the hair cover the sides of the face. Regarding the nose, either she's a master of ps or had a nose job. Anyway she never posts group photos, one of the red flags of somethingtohide-ness. I really don't know.

No. 296289

File: 1471532517433.jpeg (80.47 KB, 750x934, image.jpeg)

yeah i know for a fact she does edit; i was just curious as to if there were any visible proof like bent background stuff or anything like that. one of the reasons i didn't know she did PS until she came up here was because i could never see any glaring proof in her pics. now that i've seen the before ones, i know better.

right after i posted that photo i looked at her IG again and noticed pic related. doesn't her hair bend rather sharply right beside her nose tip? like next to it but slightly above; like she made it pointier then angled it up just a little.

idk guess i'm just used to the more obvious PS snowflakes so this one boggled my mind a little.

No. 296290

I'm so glad people are finally talking about Luna

No. 296325

No, it's just two layers of hair. The canopy is pointing to the right and the hair underneath is falling straight down.

Her skin is too doll-like for it to be unedited but she's not obvious about it.

No. 296326

This one isn't obviously edited but you can see traces of the dodge tool. I think that's what she uses on her skin.

No. 296329

Luna knows better than, for example, Dakota that made shoops completely unbelievable by shaping into an alien. Luna looks legit because her shoops are believable and her folowers wouldn't look for ps traces.
That said, it may be. The tip of the nose looks blurry on the right, and on the left there's a weird darker line that goes down to the columella… contouring maybe?

No. 296330

continue from >>296329
Because the difference from >>295737 to >>296289 is too much, the nose is completely ps product or she had a nose job. But I know for a fact that Italian surgeons are not that good to make such an awesome job. No, I believe that no surgeon could do that, shaping a potato nose into that shape is hard to believe. Surgery noses don't look like that. Or maybe she had one, but still shoops, raises the tip and such. I would pay to see her irl

No. 296364

Stalin wasn't Russian he was Georgian, that picture was airbrushed (he had bad small pox scars), and if you go to Gory (his hometown in Georgia) or hang out in some anti-revisionist Communist party circles you can find lots of girls with the hots for him.

No. 296813

are there any docus about these girls? sure there must be one a least. I remember reading a vice (kek) intervice with this one chick and it was like a fucking car crash, so horrible but still i keept reading

No. 296814

I once watched a crappy documentary on youtube about people who get into relationships with convicted killers. All of them were adults and not edgy teenagers, which made it worse. Unsurprisingly most of them seemed to be borderline retarded and one of the women was one of the ugliest humans I've ever seen in motion. I think it was called something like "serial killer groupies".

No. 296816

normal people don't find killers attractive in general but you're probably a lulzy hybristophile faggot soo

No. 296865

File: 1472019826474.jpeg (147.85 KB, 500x627, image.jpeg)

Honestly the only person who killed another person/may have killed another person (they never found solid proof) who I think is attractive is Sid Vicious. Honestly …..damm

No. 296878

looks like a malnourished 8 year old - no thanks

No. 296881

Malnourished or not, 'd let him piss on me

No. 296886

my friend used to have a mondo crush on him back in high school. She had every sex pistols album, the locket, all manner of books about the band. her crush ended abruptly when she found a picture of his tiny penis.

No. 296887

While I think I know what you meant, with exceptions, killers ARE normal people, normal people are killers. It's not like jails and prisons are full of the fringe of society with no relationships or family, no, it's by and large normal people who happened to stab someone to death.
If you watch some true crime shows, you often hear descriptions like "family man" or "loving mother" about twenty minutes before you learn they poisoned their spouse to death.

No. 296903

I lol'd and then googled. amazing. there's a bit in viv albertine's book where she talks about blowing him but she didn't mention the size.

No. 297003

Are any of these girls into Elliot Rodger? I think he's actually kind of cute but maybe the reeeeeeeeeeee normies isn't really their thing?

No. 297039

He would have turned them down unless they were 8+/10 blonde girls.

The guy was rich and decent looking, he could've landed an alright girl but his standards were too high.

No. 297040

It's not even that his standards were too high, he could have gotten a hot blonde if he threw his money around enough. The problem is he walked around dressed like a gay guy and expected hot girls to come up and hit on him. He never spoke to anyone.

No. 297048

File: 1472174446182.png (9.61 KB, 602x146, Youre_a_very_ugly_girl.png)

waaaaaaah the hot girls don't like me! I'll never get laiiiid!

No. 297230

No Anders Behring Breivik groupies though?

No. 297252

Lol that's very true. It's no wonder none of the women he wanted talked to him and why would they? He dressed like a faggot, had a terrible personality and expected everyone to come to him and put no effort into socializing. The way he behaved screamed creep. Even if he did manage to get a hot blonde, there never would've been paradise in that relationship.

No. 297255

Holy shit this is crazy. I knew there was something hidden behind that cringy personality of hers. She claims she's over adam lanza and is obsessed with cowboys and countryside americana now for whatever the fuck reason. Her phases are neverending.

It's very interesting looking at her old flickr and traces of her unflattering days on google. From Luna Blokar to Luna Mia Selene. Lmao someone should expose her. I bet she would be terrified. No wonder she keeps changing her links periodically. She even took pics with that one boyfriend of hers and put them up on social media all the time. I wonder how he felt about her shooping? He probably realized what a piece of shit she was which is why they broke up.

Bout time someone said it. Funny thing is she's not even a natural blonde no matter how hard she tries to say it's "a dark sandy blonde". Her roots are a medium ashy brown. She's such an awful liar.

Luna's english is shitty. You'd know when it's her.

No. 297281

File: 1472245475864.png (438.06 KB, 442x555, niceshoop.png)

Ok this is her. I was more skeptical about the smiling one because she never smiles in pictures so I couldn't make a comparison, but I saw this.
I still can't wrap my head about it, how the fuck does she change her nose so drastically without making it obvious.

No. 297299

File: 1472256976111.jpg (63.01 KB, 610x457, favim.jpg)

It really is her. I found a load of names she used to go by before she really got a following. Google image search luna lisbon, lunavonteese, lovelygun, and lolitaguns. If you click visit page on some of those, you can find even more and more pictures.

No. 297300

File: 1472257395737.png (345.39 KB, 1049x720, 112.png)

Wait a minute, if this was posted in 2010 and her (abandoned) lookbook profile says she's 23… Her tumblr description says she's only 23 right now! Is she lying about her age???

No. 297302

I think you have to add your birthdate when you register on lookbook, so it probably updates your age automatically.

No. 297308

Ah, that's true. I didn't think of that

No. 297369

She is obsessed with taking photos of herself.

No. 297414

Now I see the resemblance with >>295734 . Anon you have some detective superpowers here, I didn't even know where to start, except for the three old pics I already uploaded and made a reverse image search but found nothing much.
When I followed her I remember all the girls in the comment section saying stuff like "I'm so depressed because you're so beautiful and I don't look like this", and seeing this makes my gears grind because she makes herself look impossibly beautiful to make her followers feel bad when she actually looks nothing like her photoshopped persona, but they don't know this. What's even the point in shooping so hard, whenever they pay you a compliment you can't feel good because it's not really you in the picture.
By the way her nose looked… fat? Is it possible that it depended on the weight, and with the weight loss the nose kind of reduced itself?

No. 297440

File: 1472313449044.jpg (30.99 KB, 400x300, toole.jpg)

Okay I know this is a 3 month old comment, kinda catching up on this thread but. Gotta say, I'm a fan of Toole and he was quite adorable to me in his younger years.. When I say fan I'm not entirely sure what I mean, I feel like I 'm a self aware hybristophiliac in some aspects? I don't know..I know it's disgusting, wrong, I don't want to do any cutesy dating things with murderers, not even talk to them to be completely honest. I just love observing/learning of them but find them attractive in a fucked up way.

>Pic related THIS is the Ottis Toole I choose to remember

No. 297442

Ew not adorable at all. He looks like a hillbilly.

No. 297452

File: 1472315940990.png (370.44 KB, 970x350, luna.png)

It could change slightly, but not as much as that. Her nose is SUCH a huge difference and she's still close to that body size if you check her instagram. If you look at her Luna Blokar and Luna Lisbon flickr pages you can see the progressive shoop before she became good at hiding it. Some of the pics are blurred to hell. Who knows, she could have gotten a nose job from the world's godliest surgeon but it's most likely just shoop since her face shape and nose are inconsistent if you look closely, including in her recent photos. This is easy to spot because she uploads so many damn photos in the same angles and hasn't switched up her poses for years.

No. 297453

File: 1472316168631.png (307.1 KB, 800x290, luna1.png)

Can't forget that jaw comparison.

No. 297458


If you look at her videos on IG her nose looks like it wiggles

No. 297463

I can't believe I used to be jealous of this thing. It's not like she's ugly or anything, she's just… painfully average.
And that's almost Kota levels of shooping, Jesus Christ. How insecure you have to be to morph yourself into another person just for virtual likes.

No. 297468

File: 1472322404032.jpg (95.63 KB, 500x667, large.jpg)

She was an attention seeker from the very beginning since she felt the need to post her face everywhere online even before she started to photoshop. She must have thought she was hot shit and realized that she isn't when no one gave her the time of day. What bothers me the most is that she gives attitude to people on tumblr and askfm and generally has this holier than thou attitude.
I don't understand why girls like this can't hide their tracks properly either. It's obvious that she tried because some of her old social media pages were deleted but not all of them. She finally got her wish for people to constantly kiss her ass though.

No. 297470

Ottis Toole was the textbook definition of poor white trash, and was a pedophile to boot; he's the guy they believe killed Adam Walsh. Not casting aspersions and anyone can be fond of anyone they choose, but Toole was a thoroughly repulsive individual in my book.

No. 297480

In this photo her skin is as bad as my 46yo mothers. No wonder she PhotoShop's to hell and back.

No. 297674

Probably got told she was "pretty for a fat girl" one too many times in her small town/neighborhood and it went to her head.

No. 297686

No. 297710

File: 1472415122987.png (1.85 MB, 1226x1834, Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.11…)

do you think god stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created here on earth?

No. 297725

It's the edge factor I think? That and these losers relate to them because they are probably social rejects who want to shoot up their schools. Both dudes were ugly, awkward, try-hards.

No. 297729

but see how well they fit the tumblr ~aesthetic~

No. 297765

that's fucking disgusting what cunts i'm triggered

No. 297791

he looks like a sister fucking hick, anon. If you're going to lust after serial killers, at least let them be 0.1% attractive. I swear all hybristophiles have no taste and it makes it all even more ridiculous

No. 297853

One of my old boyfriends looked like a healthy non-junkie version of Sid. It's too weird.

No. 297958

File: 1472528499413.jpg (20.64 KB, 400x400, 1466723360748.jpg)

god has abandoned us, anon

No. 298415

2:26 Toole didn't look like his voice. Sissiest threat ever.

No. 298870

Reminds me of me if I were dead

No. 298875

what kind of con did they go to where this would acceptable?

No. 298885

File: 1472951718229.jpg (122.89 KB, 751x1064, 5a26e81bc7fec47fc84a2ab91ec075…)

No. 298886

File: 1472951875775.png (1.08 MB, 1100x800, awjtk_chapter_iii_comic_spolie…)

No. 298894

Jesus H. Christ I cannot handle the cringe. God truly has forsaken us.

No. 298902

>killing, chilling out at the beach, normal stuff you know

No. 298903

Oh for the love,
This is painful.

No. 298904

most physical cringe reaction i've had all year, jesus christ shut down the internet

No. 299016

i just cringed my way to six-pack abs.

No. 299591

They wore this to a Dutch convention called Abunai, and basically no one recognized their shitty cosplay. If people did, trust me that they wouldn't have gotten away with it.

No. 299693

Not that anon but I disagree, she seems average. I honestly expected more when everyone was talking about how gorgeous she was. Low standards.

No. 299694

If you look at the part of her chin by her lips, I think you can see it. Why are her eyelashes so freakishly long?
Anyway I think I used to follow this girl on tumblr aaaaages ago. I don't think she was a hybristophile then, or I wouldn't have followed her. I don't know. I think I saved a few pics of her hair because I wanted mine that colour, but they were kind of ddlg implied so I chickened out when showing the hairdresser. Never did go blonde, whatever.
She always seemed so pretentious, which serial killer is she obsessed with again?

No. 299696

hahaha what was that in reply to? I think the guy is very unattractive, so I'd like to see what he thought was ugly.

Then again, so many ugly guys have high standards. Reality check time, maybe?

No. 300137


No. 300138

me : Facebook.com/sabrinapottercortez(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 300191

She gets lash extensions. She has a general interest in true crime but the killer she was most obsessed with recently was Adam Lanza. She later took it back and said she was just "interested in the case" but she exclusively reblogged him and it was obvious she had some sort of romantic thing for him.

She changed her tumblr and instagram links again shortly after we posted about her. She is fishy af. Does anyone know what her new links are?

No. 300197

She also made her Facebook private.

No. 300201

Lunavanzandt for tumblr.

No. 300216

Ofc it is. Thank you, Anon.

No. 300273

File: 1473686472684.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 4s4UQYHv.jpg)

And of course her shoop becomes more and more ridiculous. You wish you looked like this, Luna.

No. 300276

I have the sudden urge to dress up a potato in blue…

No. 300301

Because it's a snowflakey name

No. 300535


I've seen people make flower crown graphics of him and calling him hot on tumblr

No. 300940

luligun @ Instagram.

No. 302494

Liking Hitler is understandable. He's a historical leader. Most of the people venerated ITT are small time.

Roof is cute though.

No. 302497

Out of all the things posted in this thread, that's what pushes you over the edge?

No. 302542

are there no Dzhokhar (Boston bomber) groupies? He was the cutest one tbh, probably because he wasn't driven to mass murder by being a bitter, friendless virgin

No. 302650

kill yourself anon. Roof looks like the human incarnate of a bowl of ramen (hence that haircut) that several people shit and came in.

No. 305742

Yeah right, like Islamism is somehow a more noble cause. Fuck off.

No. 305760

>Eric = always the type to help

He would have helped this girl to the afterlife if she'd been there. Why do all these people think they're special enough to avoid getting hurt by nutcases?

No. 305765

This isn't a new phenomenon at all, but it's super interesting seeing how it is existing online right now. Extra interesting seeing the anons here talking about their own attractions to serial killers.

But yeah, none of this is tumblr specific. It's not even a thing where tumblr acts as a catalyst, it literally just gives people outside of this group a VERY detailed look in.

Richard Ramirez had a gang of groupies who would hang outside the courtroom during his trial (you can see a vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rlm-n3vfVM ). And this is only a tiny subsection of the admirers he had. There are reports of whole rows of seats being taken up during Bundy's trial by fan girls who would giggle every time he looked at them or walked past. Manson's groupies are beyond well documented. Dahmer, Bianchi, even John Wayne Gacy and Son of Sam had flocks of admirers. These are just a few examples but it's almost guaranteed that when a serial/spree killer has a lot of media coverage around them a bunch of admirers are going to appear.

There's different theories about why this happens, but interviewing a sample of women with this fetish showed that most of them had suffered extreme trauma, either through abusive relationships or childhood abuse and that some people for some reason (which could be either through complex traumatic experience, or lack of support/repeated retraumatization after the trauma is over, or anything else) end up with this phillia as an extreme maladaptive coping mechanism. This lines up with a lot of research and anecdotal evidence from extreme abuse survivors who can obsessively re-play aspects of their trauma (e.g: searching out partners like their abuser, getting into dangerous situations similar to those in which their trauma happened, being so used to the abusive relationship they are unable to handle a healthy one). One psychoanalytical theory posits that part of this attraction is that these super violent men can be seen as protectors. Kind of like, if you have experienced extreme violence in your life then your brain crosses some wires and first normalizes it, then sees aligning yourself with and appeasing an extremely violent person as a way to keep yourself safe from future violence. Another part of this is that these groupies appear mostly when these prisoners are behind bars, again adding another layer of safety for the admirer.

(of course, there are more reasons than just complex traumatic stress for this, and even then this isn't a topic that is well researched. All the formal evidence is from small sample sizes and a LOT of the conclusions that I have read have been hilariously outdated and not sociologically informed psychonalytic nonsense)

No. 305896

Her face really reminds me of Melissa/Meririn

No. 305993

>you'd ask him what he's doing cuz usually he doesn't like physical contact

No. 306147

File: 1476535790473.jpg (33.01 KB, 308x456, IMG_0456.JPG)

lmao good taste faggot

No. 306168

Literally every nortorious killer had groupies. Even guys do Thai shit too, humans are cray.z

No. 308092

I was looking for Adam Lanza fan fiction and this page showed up in google. Lol, di you guys have a gossip fetish?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308096

>looking up fanfic about an anorexic autistic mass shooter
>coming in here to criticise us

take a long hard look at yrself

No. 308122

File: 1477243195574.png (454.41 KB, 634x818, IMG_0938.PNG)

I don't see the connection you're trying to make.

>an anorexic autistic mass shooter

He probably didn't even have Asperger's, but you can devolve any person to a few words to scorn their existence. To what do you think you would be reduced?

No. 308126

>when tha baits this low quality

No. 308133


Well at least I know I, for one, won't be going down as a mass shooter. Or someone who looks up fucking fan fictions of mass shooters cuz ~so edgy~

But he was anorexic and he was a mass shooter. Whether or not he was autistic doesn't matter, he still had a profound mental disorder (because duh if you're gonna go out and kill people, you're definitely not normal).

No. 308141

File: 1477252444143.png (731.44 KB, 1024x731, IMG_1126.PNG)

>she thinks I'm kidding

No. 308166

im an anonymous gossiping bitch, but again i sleep well at night knowing i don't rub it out to a homicidal skeleton

No. 308235

>guy looks like he just sharted himself to the next dimension in like every single picture

I laughed, but you can't deny he has attractive, masculine facial features


I sleep well at night too, thinking of a homicidal skeleton. :)

No. 308236

love yourself, anon.

No. 308263

He looks like the lovechild of Jim Carrey, Peewee Herman and the Crypt Keeper.

No. 308297

>attractive masculine features
…his underbite?

No. 308551

File: 1477373591805.jpg (17.45 KB, 193x240, 7748355436_7ebddf4f6f_m.jpg)

I wonder why she deleted her Instagram.

No. 311960

No. 311979

>Only 133 followers
>And it's private
I wonder what happened

No. 322411

I'm literally mindblown right now…I used to be so jelous of her, I couldn't even look at her pictures without feeling bad about my own self. I never thought about the fact that she may be shopping but now it seems so obvious I literally feel like a fool! At the same it feels strangely refreshing to know I was feeling so bad about myself for no reason, thanks for finally speaking the truth about her lolcow!

On the other hand I recall the time when she posted this one selfie - she cut a photo of her, pasted it on a pastel gradient background and added some kind of halo around her head (if I recall correctly). I remember seeing it for the first time and I was like "what…what is going on with her jawline?" because it was really blurry and kind of…bumby? Looked like a very bad liquify tool job to me, I was almost surprised that no one else noticed it. I would show you the picture but it was on her tumblr which doesn't exist at the moment (I guess?).

No. 322412

your brain splattered on the floor?

No. 323631

File: 1481801532380.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.06 KB, 768x960, 13996071_847270508740388_44436…)


I did some drawings of her and the last ones I did she send me some cute messages and tagged me all over everytime she re posted it, so at least she is grateful of people drawing her…

Its really weird seeing her old self… but I still think she looks pretty, obviously her angle game is too strong but in some selfies I can see her non photoshoped old face. I guess her weight loss changed her face a lot but I can tell her nose still has that shape in the tip.

No. 323937

why are there so many posts about this luna person?
kinda sounds like selfposting to me

No. 324018

There's several girls named/going by Luna. there's this one, the Luna who does heroin and acts like her trash life is amazing, and the Luna who cosplays and white knights herself terribly. they're all blonde and kind of chunky though so I can really understand the mix up

No. 324785

i mean the luna mentioned in this thread, it just seems suspicious to me

No. 324824

agreed anon. fishy.

No. 324894

Put the tinfoil hats down guys, her Instagram/Tumblr has been kinda popular for a while, a lot of people know her because her profile would often pop up in your feed. Like another anon said before, she has been spamming her pictures everywhere for a long time, and her compulsive shooping and dd/lg/hybristophilia grossness made her lulzy.

No. 329490

but she hasnt even lost that much weight shes still very big. her face wouldnt have changed as much as it did and weight loss doesnt warp your facial features like that lmfao. maybe stop ass kissing with your trashy art.

more like you're being retarded and paranoid about nothing. relax

No. 332099

What happened to Luna though? Why did she delete her ig and blog again? She loves attention so its hard to believe she just deleted for no apparent reason

No. 333825

I understand having an interest in true crime or being a part of the TCC (since I am part of it and I write serial killers) but when it gets to the point of people idolizing and glorifying what they did is what messes me up. Like blogs on tumblr freaking out when dylann roffs voice was heard for the first time in the recording

No. 335481

Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death!! Roof fans on tumblr are upset ha ha ha

No. 335493

Don't you understand anon? This is a time for BEREAVEMENT

No. 335499

i'm kinda bummed about that tbh, i would rather see him (and every other serial killer/ rapist/ etc) rot in prison for an excruciatingly long time or at LEAST get fucked up by other prisoners. the death penalty by injection thing feels too humane

No. 335503

I think that any life is still a life, irrespective of how shit. He said when he was first incarcerated that he was good spiritually etc and doing fine. I don't think he was all that fussed about being in jail, and when someone's not that bothered then the death penalty is the only real option imo.

No. 335767

Too bad high profile killers usually stay in seg for their protection from other prisoners.

No. 335830

probably gonna be on death row for 10+ years though

No. 335840

I stupidly went onto Dylan Roof's tag on Tumblr yesterday and ended up rage-messaging some stupid attention-seeking little cunt. Never again.

I am completely for the death penalty for all people like Dylan Roof - where there is absolutely no doubt that they committed this heinous crime. Fuck rehabilitation, once you've done something like that you don't deserve it. It shouldn't have to be more expensive than keeping them in prison - just take them to a room and let the parents of their victims do their worst.

No. 377180

File: 1493272093617.png (1.22 MB, 1880x400, lmao.png)

why does this dumb bitch keeping changing all her social media links and names? smells like she's running from something. maybe someone called her out on her shitty photoshop.

all these photos were taken recently and around the same time. she is INCREDIBLY inconsistent with her photoshopping. she even edited her hair ends pink for one photo with the highlight tool from fucking Ribbet for some reason and you could see the pink brush residue around her hair.

what the fuck is up with her shooping her cheekbones into a god damn triangle and only on select photos? sometimes she keeps her saggy, doughy jowls and sometimes she gets rid of them. she has a thousand face shapes and dont even get me started on this bitches half bulbous, half suddenly sharp nose. also she does not know if she wants her jaw line to be high or low lmfao

No. 382565

she went from publicly " joking " claiming adam lanza was her ex bf who killed himself to some weird personification of a wannabe Luli from Hick

she has 0 authenticity even if she has beautiful hair

No. 382570

Lmao a girl I know drawed her once and was kissing her ass so pathetically, like "Oh Luna you're so perfect" and I was snorting inside. If she only knew her perfect waifu is nothing but shoop…

No. 382675

ha too bad she lies about her hair and is even bad at that. she keeps claiming she's naturally blonde but it's obviously a dark ash brown because she never maintains her roots for some reason. not to mention everyone can see her dark ass brows so whats the point

No. 408528

Hello all, my name is Lisa and I have hybristophilia.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408535

Thanks for bumping an inactive thread for nothing, namefag, but no one cares.

No. 408567

To be fair, the shape of my nose looks very different depending on lighting and even slight angle. Sometimes it looks sharp and other times rounder. In the first picture she appears to be laying down, so obviously her face is going to look thinner and the fat/jowls are going to sink backwards. Also sometimes your face can appear fatter on certain days due to carb face. Not trying to white knight, I'm just saying f she was gonna shoop, I think she'd fix some more things on her pictures than just that.

No. 408568

this thread is about people like you, not for people like you.
sage your retarded shit.

No. 408569

Nobody gives a shit Lisa Love.

No. 408645

Why.. is there so much emphasis on this Luna bitch when there are people who call themselves 'Holmies' (after James Holmes) fapping to the Aurora shooting

No. 408756

Usually everyone in the hybristophilia comm is into a wide range of murderers and shooters. For instance there's a large Nazi hybristophilia comm on tumblr, but I've seen many of them expressing a love for Dylann Roof and James Holmes too. It's one big ugly hybristophilia orgy.

The good thing is that these people are full of self loathing, depressed, miserable, usually friendless, and really hate themselves. Occasionally you get a narc (many people in the Nazi fandom come under this umbrella) with strangely elevated self esteem and self worth.

This is a Paul Bernardo fetishist.

They love manipulating people into feeling sorry for them.

No. 408762

File: 1499628655549.jpg (13.42 KB, 400x231, money order.jpg)

To me the worst hybristophiliac is the fat gofick bitch named Jessika aka thedeathmerchant, who is in a relationship with Bobby Ray Gilbert, a double murderer who she defends at every turn because 'the victims owed him money'. She also defends him smashing other inmates skulls for the exact same reason.


The reason she's the biggest cow in the TCC is because she's a grown ass woman with a teenage son, and thinks she's the queen of the true crime community, simply for being married to a violent inmate who leeches off her for money orders while declaring their undying love (no conjugal visits allowed).

She used to be known for starting drama with Bobby's ex girlfriend on facebook, seeing as Bobby is apparently seen as something of a 'celebrity' among prison wives.

She makes a living by promoting Bobby's terrible pencil drawings and marketing her collection of shanks to her dumb teenage followers.

No. 408763


'He calls me Bambi bc of muh big doe eyes uwu.'

How much you wanna bet she gave herself that nickname?

No. 408771

Scroll up. Some unshooped pics have been posted, she 100% edits the fuck out of her photos

No. 408775

File: 1499631958681.jpg (149.98 KB, 610x854, Favim.com-big-blonde-chubby-cr…)

Samefagging, I almost forgot how bad she looks without shoop

No. 408777

File: 1499632012750.jpg (66.36 KB, 401x600, image.jpg)

I've also found an old pic from when she was still learning how to photoshop, and man that obvious jaw shave

No. 408787

No. 408796

No. 408821

Look at the size of her fucking wrists. She must weigh at least 182lbs there.

No. 408866

In response to the silly ass person who takes such offense to my existence:
I'm neither fat, nor goth. I'm not a hybristophile. I've never sent my husband a money order, this isn't 1990. I've never been in a Facebook fight with Bobby's ex, nor been in a fight with any of his ex'es on or off of Facebook. I don't think l'm queen of the true crime community. I don't make a living off of selling prison items. Bobby isn't "well known" amongst prison wives, whatever that means. Basically the only thing that is correct in any thing that you said was in female and I have a teenage child. The rest of your ridiculous post is nonsense.

No. 408872

File: 1499646350322.gif (319.84 KB, 320x240, IMG_3655.GIF)

No. 408873

how often are you googling your name to find that post so quickly lmao damn

No. 408875

File: 1499646610440.png (75.64 KB, 1242x281, IMG_5484.PNG)

Obviously someone told me about it.

No. 408882

Whoever sent the message should be permabanned for cow tipping

No. 408888

whoever told you is an idiot. if they were really looking out for you they wouldn't jump the gun like that. the thread was bumped literally just today, and i bet you if they hadn't said anything it would've been dead in a day and no one would've cared.
the person who told you is probably the same one who wrote the post kek

No. 408889

kek no1curr, now fuck off fatty-chan.

No. 408896

You're almost 40, married with a child, and here you are trying to clear your name on lolcow. If that's not pathetic then I don't know what is, don't you have anything better to do like uh, raise your child? Or fuck your husband? Oh wait lol, you can't.

Nobody here is shocked at the fact you are married to a killer, they just think you're a desperate old hag who nobody on the outside would want to fuck anyway.

And why do you even care about trying to preserve your reputation to a bunch of strangers on the internet? It's not like you even had one to begin with.

Leave already, you bored ass bitch.

No. 409033

File: 1499672911294.jpg (172.43 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oovsitV7cx1w0k0rqo1_128…)

There used to be a real cunt of a Hybristophiliac in the Columbine section of the TCC on Tumblr which I'm in, his name handle was columbine0bsession and he was basically a short fat podgy white boy from Essex with Nazi ideals who was fixated on shooting up his school
Basically he started dating a girl also in the TCC but was 'so not for anything he stood for !1!!' she was also a fat white girl (mysticcatfury or something on tumblr) and theyd never even met but were 'in love'
Anyway they broke up and the fat little shit got the cops called on him and his school was notified, lol

He also thought Dylan & Eric were Gods and once he shot up his school and killed himself he would be in his true form
Attached is the pic of him, lol

This is pretty much what everyone in the TCC looks like

No. 409067

you sure? that really looks like a tranny. tragic, if it isn't one.

No. 409074

Why are so many columbiners trans? Don't they realize Dylan and Eric would have been repulsed by them? Or do they just hate themselves that much that they embrace that fact?

No. 409102

He SAYS he's a boy, had a girlfriend, but then again she was online and they never met soo

No. 410838

On her old lookbook page she is borderline obese. She's still fat but i think shes lost a little bit of weight since she learned how to shoop and got instagram famous.

You're free to open a discussion about holmies instead of bitching about what the majority of people want to talk about. It's a general thread, not what you want to discuss. Go back to PULL.

Lol… fam….

No. 537195

File: 1530177289528.jpeg (365.98 KB, 1125x1849, A1FBDB9B-0DF9-487C-AD47-362776…)

So I don’t know if anyone’s been following what’s been going on with Bobby Ray Gilbert and thedeathmerchant and truecrimehothouse but basically Bobby found out thedeathmerchant was not only catfishing him, lying about being married to him, but also schilling his artwork for obscene amounts of money and not putting any of it on his books.

He then created a tumblr which was taken down almost immediately exposing her and no one got screencaps. She deleted all her social media and Alina (truecrimehothouse) has been suspiciously quiet. Fortunately someone in contact with him has been typing out his letters exposing Jessica (thedeathmerchant) and truecrimehothouse for both being fatty goth Chan liars. I took screen caps because it’s pretty juicy. Jessika and tchh have been the “Gatekeepers” of anything and everything true crime tumblr.

Beware, lots of posts coming.

No. 537196

File: 1530177314208.jpeg (400.4 KB, 1125x1847, 5AA4A281-033E-42D5-882C-D759A7…)

No. 537197

File: 1530177332117.jpeg (372.78 KB, 1125x1841, 8AD49200-801B-4282-8E99-7D84FA…)

No. 537198

File: 1530177464036.jpeg (378.8 KB, 1125x1842, BE2C309A-31EE-407A-9C6F-0E9875…)

No. 537199

File: 1530177486658.jpeg (446.84 KB, 1125x1859, 56FD317C-BF81-4B16-A55A-10DF2B…)

No. 537201

File: 1530177533142.png (1.23 MB, 1125x2001, 3915117C-39C4-4C96-B1BC-A57570…)

No. 537202

File: 1530177579547.jpeg (402.3 KB, 1125x1715, BACDEDD9-13EA-4395-A547-420011…)

No. 537203

File: 1530177624903.jpeg (235.55 KB, 1125x1700, 6677318A-E3D2-4DE7-ACF7-2DC58D…)

“Im not goth nor am I fat” lol ok Jessika

No. 537204

File: 1530177649906.png (1.27 MB, 1125x2001, A82917E3-ACB0-4E21-B37F-36D9A4…)

No. 537205

File: 1530177693365.jpeg (327.64 KB, 1125x1530, 2C814586-2994-4E85-9AC0-D863AE…)

No. 537207

That’s the first, less in depth post.

Also to add, Jessika used to brag that James Holmes (aurora theater shooter) was one of the girls who’s picture he had posted in his cell. The picture that was supposed to be here was again, a catfish photo.

No. 537208

File: 1530177930369.jpeg (511.04 KB, 1125x1847, 9B9112DA-45A1-4180-AEC6-09C1A2…)

The more in-depth expose

No. 537209

File: 1530177958046.jpeg (585.48 KB, 1125x1765, 730F7290-BD82-4093-BFF9-52EF45…)

No. 537210

File: 1530177988442.png (1.32 MB, 1125x2001, B0161C3C-A598-41F6-9C41-3B4796…)

No. 537212

File: 1530178068545.png (1.31 MB, 1125x2001, 7A662C51-1102-4C37-938B-D34DE8…)

No. 537214

File: 1530178123426.jpeg (571.11 KB, 1125x1850, 38F11732-1F7B-42A0-9770-FADEA4…)

No. 537215

File: 1530178175017.png (1.25 MB, 1125x2001, 7292ED5C-6B5F-4F47-8372-FAEEBC…)

No. 537216

File: 1530178211776.jpeg (363.17 KB, 1125x1752, B775B0FC-6B70-481E-A482-7DC79D…)

No. 537217

File: 1530178263667.jpeg (241.63 KB, 1125x1858, 29FF3177-B384-4635-AE62-9C6DC5…)

No. 537218

File: 1530178282667.jpeg (494.43 KB, 1125x1841, C6947698-94CC-4D0A-A4A2-6AC452…)

No. 537220

File: 1530178301307.jpeg (480.66 KB, 1125x1727, 96A4DE9A-C9A1-46AA-8392-856D50…)

No. 537221

File: 1530178326869.jpeg (505.01 KB, 1125x1710, 501FB730-8730-4703-85F3-89212A…)

No. 537222

File: 1530178348679.jpeg (585.08 KB, 1125x1782, 1A8455B8-519B-4385-8F36-DD25E1…)

No. 537223

File: 1530178372479.jpeg (588.02 KB, 1123x1759, 0A91CA5E-304D-4FC1-A176-F1EA15…)

No. 537224

File: 1530178397338.jpeg (565.07 KB, 1125x1791, 7A4E66F3-6049-4A23-8026-1DA797…)

No. 537225

File: 1530178424559.jpeg (375.49 KB, 1125x1326, 2402D2EB-5710-4608-8628-11DB0F…)

No. 537271

Not sure what your intentions were when posting this anon, but I support the scamming of serial killers and murderers, and especially of making money out of these retarded true crime fangirls.

No. 537280

After reading through this narc word salad that could've been 5 screenshots long, all I can say is that both the murderers and the so-called true crime enthusiasts deserve everything lol. Embellishing the intro speaking about how inmates murder each other over little things then talk about honour among thieves, my sides are gone. Shit attracts shit.

No. 537291

Because Alina and Jessika are literally the biggest true crime cows on earth parading themselves as educators and advocates as if they are any better than columbiners or the tj lane stans. She has been contacted as a direct source by books, magazines, websites etc and some leading expert in crime and prison history because she supposedly harbors these inside connections when really she’s just another jailhouse cumrag. The same thing she preached AGAINST on her blog daily.

I don’t agree with the idea of “murderibilia” and murders making money off weapons or shitty art just because of who they are. But Jessika literally is cat fishing some poor random chick who doesn’t even know her photos are being passed around death row for jerk off material in order to DATE (yes, she doesn’t just use these men for money, she’s actually physically and emotionally attracted to them) and then make money to support her support her obese ass and teenager kid.

The guy who wrote those posts is a dickrag joke hillbilly who happened to get spotlighted on MSNBC lock up and caught jessikas attention.

Neither are victims but damn it’s a big fucking scandal and may have been better fit for the edgelord thread but exposing Jessika is definitely worth a post.

No. 537303

File: 1530199804060.gif (317.82 KB, 500x344, 14ABF56A-AC51-4212-A66D-907F18…)

i used to look up to jessika when i was but an impressionable dumbass teenager without a developed sense of dignity. she and TCHH always seemed untouchable. this is the delicious milk i didn’t know i needed

No. 537328

same, never looked up to her but definetly read her blog. didn’t she post pictures of herself on there before? I always thought it was weird how much she threw her son in too

No. 537478

Surprised y'all haven't mentioned Razakel yet.

No. 537785

she definitely did— always this slim blonde woman. she brought her son up often, which was weird to begin with, and would post these long recorded phone calls of herself and her inmate husband (or non-husband as we have since learned) talking shit about people online. it all seemed pretty intimate. that poor kid of hers tho

No. 539676


O no, the poor murderer feels used and hurt. Karma bitch.

No. 555297

File: 1532887236272.jpg (79.05 KB, 1024x572, 1172699441.jpg)

Shit, this made me remember that I used to have these kind of fantasies with serial killers from movies and even fantasies with the actors from the movie Elephant (which is about 2 school shooters) when I was a teenager. I was one of these people and I just remembered.

Is there any kind of psychological issue that causes this?
Is this normal among young girls?

No. 555323

I don't think liking killers from movies is on the same level as liking a real murderer. IIRC the characters in Elephant were somewhat sympathetic. They're also actors playing out a story. It's more understandable to fantasize about that. You aren't on the same level as someone who sees a deranged man on TV who killed real people and gets excited.

No. 555331

exactly. they intentionally cast actors that are at least easy to look at even if they're not the peak of conventional hotness, and they write them relatable enough that you care about watching the story, they're not gonna write someone with 0 sympathetic or positive qualities because it would be unwatchable. they're not going to make a movie about a killer that's butt ugly, retardedly dumb, unexceptionally cruel, autistic, and boring, because no one would watch it except the types of cows in this thread.

the scary hybristos are the ones that go for legitimately repulsive looking killers, killers with no known humanizing or sympathetic qualities, and they're not really interested in guys who haven't done fucked up things. the cruelty is the main or only thing they're interested in, rather than being interested in a character who is otherwise attractive to you in addition to being a killer.

if the only time you're attracted to a killer is when they're fictional, sympathetic, attractive, and especially all of the above, i don't think you have much to worry about at all.
these types of cows are so far beyond women who have a lot of normal crushes and one or two killers that have tangible attractive qualities.

No. 560957

File: 1534246358297.jpg (323.54 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_p3ajvsAVYS1wpnztko1_128…)

No. 560981


What the fuck is this? Holy crap.

No. 561887

I feel sorry for KMFDM.

No. 562318

This is what happens when we give little tumblr girls unfiltered internet access


No. 563292

last night i had this weird af dream that involved the ghost of dylann roof trying to kill me

hopefully its a sign he dies soon

No. 588450

Whats going on with all the drama over the ss on tumblr?
Was just looking thru the "tj lane" tag and there's droves of girls who get in catfights over their relationships with them. Even posting Jpays as proof. Does anyone know the drama timeline?

No. 588466

Tj lane is a known and out homosexual. He sells girls addresses to other inmates and has a “daddy” that handles all his mail. Girls have been forging letters and shit from him
For years.

No. 588552

Does anyone have links to the interview with the inmate at his prison that outed him? I've been seeing TJ lane is gay/ sub bottom references for years. Kek

No. 589029

Didn’t his boyfriend write a letter to one of these girls parents lmao

No. 597011

According to Death Merchant and TCHH. I don't believe it.

I have ran in to them numerous times on different platforms and block them every time.

I have multiple pages I admin on FB and I have deleted her twice now after she wanted to come at me about a school shooter I have written to for over 4 years now.

I was just like "shut up Jessika, you fat catfishing whore." I was over TCHH and Death Merchant thinking they were untouchable.

No. 597018

File: 1541719258484.jpg (69.11 KB, 415x545, blurryashell.jpg)

I wish it was a better quality pic, it's quite blurry.

No. 597098

But I mean nobody can guarantee that that's real they were the same ones faking voicemails and other letters from TJ.

There are a fuck ton of fake JPay messages from him on there.

No. 597105

>school shooter I have written to for over 4 years now.


Since that goofy faked voicemail idk why they'd believe anything else is real. It's all as credible as "the ghost of bundy/ramirez/dahmer says I'm his one and only uwuu"

Bullshit till proven otherwise

No. 691840

File: 1566324286493.jpg (74.71 KB, 695x695, 90a739da0f1889ee0945e109d494aa…)

Necroing the thread to post some russian thot with a phone case that depicts a Kerch school shooter.


No. 691958

File: 1566341584749.jpg (72.86 KB, 1181x530, EBI2_yhUwAMwUgl.jpg)

I want to know what deranged women will be writing these new handsome boys. Could you imagine seeing one of their faces or names tattooed on some psycho's tits?

No. 691985


I'm sure we won't have to imagine soon enough.

No. 692010

They all look the fucking same. How?

No. 692014

i thought this was the same person too. white men really are bottom of the barrel. pathetic manchild

No. 692112

File: 1566385317162.jpg (316.17 KB, 2000x1333, connor-betts-sister.jpg)

>>691958 kek that's not the dayton shooter, that's some random kid who shares his name
but honestly the other two guys look so similar, im not surprised poltards actually believe in false flags

No. 757831

NTA but if a man is this attractive I don’t give a fuck if he is manlet tier

No. 783396

Does anyone have an archived copy of the Bethany fanfic about Columbine? I wanted to show my friend but it's deleted and wayback is stuck on the "verify you're 18" page.(necro)

No. 785279

File: 1594456298433.png (1.78 MB, 1125x2001, A68999F4-C233-4E13-8600-8B5C82…)

Have non of y’all heard of Sammy Klebold? She’s got a fuck ton of columbine related tattoos and has artists draw her with Dylan klebold, she poses with tons of guns and has the FBI all up in her shit.(selfpost)

No. 785283

>search "Sammy Klebold" in quotes
>only 2 pages of Google results
No one has heard of her because you're her and you're selfposting.

No. 785305

>’has the FBI all up in her shit’
nobody talks like that but ok

No. 785505

pocket prince

No. 785515

The thing that makes this a clear self post is because this is the best looking photo of her and you can’t even see her face, nice try though.

No. 785607

File: 1594678567366.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x1237, EB976F93-7CAE-4A6A-B194-023001…)

Is this the same person? How fucking embarrassing.

No. 785710


All shooters are fucking cringe. Randy Stair sperged and cringed around but they still sold him all those shotguns and shells.

The FBI needs to be up in this stupid cow's shit but until she commits a crime it's just cries for help. What can be done.

No. 785731

>Another person, calling herself Samantha Klebold, came from Nevada believing she was the spiritual wife of one of the killers, Dylan Klebold. She would drive around the school at night as part of what she called a “murder vacation,” posting photos and videos on social media.
Is it also the same retard?

No. 787880

File: 1595765828798.png (3.29 MB, 1125x2001, A16D1355-9B33-4EBF-8F2A-7FAB7E…)

Yea that’s her
knew her before she started wearing all the weird furry shit back on Facebook.
Originally found out about her through /k/

No. 787883

> implying Google will have the answers for every shitty furfag discussed on 4chan

No. 787888

File: 1595772691212.png (340.69 KB, 724x666, 6.png)

wow, so she is like the second coming of Bonnie/Mrs Eric Harris (wonder what this crazy bitch is up to, by the way) except she believes that Dylan is her ~spiritual husband uwu~ instead.
Any more milk on this Sammy sperg?

No. 787889

File: 1595772764875.png (55.39 KB, 849x209, 4.png)

No. 787890

pls don't ban me, I dropped my sage.

No. 787960

The best part about all of this is that she would have been rejected on the spot by the weirdo she would die for.

No. 788019

IDk about that, she was pretty attractive. Obsessing about a violent wannabe rapist is pathetic anyway.

No. 788037

Your standards are very low if you consider her attractive.

No. 788049

I was talking about Bonnie, not Sammy. Wish I saved some of her selfies but I wasn't invested enough

No. 788682

https://www.instagram.com/sammyfuneralfrost/?hl=en Is this her? sorry for the link, I know this is an image board.

No. 802785


No. 805342

File: 1605721257626.jpg (227.86 KB, 960x1199, IMG_2001.JPG)

No. 805880

can have news pic luna blokar??? pleaaase! i love this girl. but she blocks me. i'm girl. instagram @luligun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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