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File: 1461970398743.png (77.34 KB, 190x200, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.45…)

No. 265246

We're t-minus a week until Margendo the River Kappa's Japanese tourist visa expires (May 6th.) Margo has set up an illegal resale business, and is dumping everything from her and Venus's shared storage including her precious swarovski collection. It remains to be seem whether the fire sale is just a cash grab, or if she's really sending out the items.

Margo has tracked down Venus and Manaki's home using Venus's YouTube counterclaim and tried to trick Venus into opening the door 2 days ago. Margo pretended that Manaki attacked her outside in a weirdly silent video in which she flails around like an autistic toddler.

Margo appears to have either returned to her Tokyo crack den of the infamous Leg Hair Shower, or is simply reposting old selfies from that house.

Will Margo leave on the 6th? Will she manage to kill Venus and wear her skin, this becoming the greatest of the YouTube weeaboos?

The early drama from Venus running away from home to her husband:

No. 265247

Thank you anon for starting the thread right.

No. 265249

Doh! Forgot to link the last thread

No. 265250

File: 1461970875169.png (600.05 KB, 930x589, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.55…)

Here's the photo she posted yesterday (nice face blur, maggot), which was taken in the backyard of her "Old Japanese House" / den of filthy soap sum leg hair clothes. She may be continuing to post old photos, or she may have returned to her old Air BnB place.

No. 265251

File: 1461971238014.png (79.76 KB, 323x528, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 4.06…)

Someone on Mana's page is giving out a phone number to report Margo for illegally earning money on a tourist visa.

No. 265259

File: 1461975856872.png (669.58 KB, 919x577, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.23…)

Holy shit. Margo went on a rant, with a photo of the pink bunny. Accusing Venus of being the psycho.

No. 265260

File: 1461975868043.png (81.82 KB, 334x547, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.23…)


No. 265261

File: 1461975887528.png (76.18 KB, 325x517, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.23…)


I'll keep my eyes peeled for edits

No. 265262

File: 1461976558008.jpg (30.49 KB, 543x544, 1446501510507.jpg)

Did Maggot just call Manaki "her"?

Also, I can't imagine Manaki hitting Maggot, and if they got in a fight I'd honestly be more worried for poor Manaki.

I have a feeling that soon Maggot will pretend to be homeless and broke and try to guilt Venus for everything. Maybe she'll start a GoFundMe too.

No. 265263

File: 1461976695764.jpeg (225.5 KB, 702x407, image.jpeg)

Edit #1

No. 265264


Yes, one of her insane claims is that Manaki was raised as a girl by his mother, because his mother wanted a son. So Manaki is a pedo, controlling transsexual married to her asexual, psychopathic, evil planning prostitute daughter.

No. 265265

File: 1461976771600.jpg (78.28 KB, 720x320, _20160429_203723.JPG)

A comment on her rant and what happened to keeping it all photos?

No. 265266

Does anyone else wanna send venus a cute 'it's all gonna be okay' gift or something? She's become such a strong, real person in these past months it makes me almost proud of her.

No. 265267

Why is this bitch so obsessed with "logic" when she has none? What does she mean by "Venus was tested as well. Say no more."? Is she trying to imply that Venus is a professionally diagnosed psychopath?

No. 265268


I want to see Venus's two half brothers so bad.

No. 265269


I think she's trying to explain that when she worked in nuclear medicine (never, lol) Venus was exposed to radiation in utero and thus is some sort of mutant out to get her.

Mags is obsessed with "logic" because she's in a deep state of paranoia, which convinces you that you're the only one who can see all the puzzle pieces. Other people just aren't sensible enough to see what you see.

No. 265270

File: 1461977147500.png (485.16 KB, 927x581, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.45…)

Weird follow up photo: but no flowers, it must be serious!

No. 265271

File: 1461977189701.jpeg (49.57 KB, 750x505, image.jpeg)

Someone asked if I could post screenshots of the very long convo with margo
Cant post everything because im too lazy to scroll but here she said she suffers from a disease I guess
Cons are now that she wont tell me anything fi she finds out im posting our convos lol

No. 265272

File: 1461977210991.png (61.88 KB, 319x393, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.46…)

More edits. Manaki hit her now, and is transsexual

No. 265273


We'd like to see the rest, please!

So Margo has ringing in her ears, and she's got asthma (and smokes.) She thinks those things earn sympathy? Go big or go home, Mags! Cancer, AIDS, whatever. Tinnitus isn't going to work for donations.

No. 265274

File: 1461977327966.jpeg (33.08 KB, 750x211, image.jpeg)

Here she thinks the government and hungarian police force (ferenc) is stalking her

Ok I feel bad posting this but she is busy with selling and wandering anyways, right? Plz dont mention this to her maybe if I kiss her ass enough I can get real milk? Saged because not really milk but anon asked

No. 265275

File: 1461977390283.jpg (92.96 KB, 919x588, maggot.JPG)

Get out then. Like what?

No. 265276

i feel like she's acting like some edgy shit who took an online psychology class so now she's the best psychologist ever or something. i dunno it's hard to follow her incoherent lie-rants.

No. 265277

Uhm, apart from Manaki looking like a perfectly normal dude, and Venus handling this whole clusterfuck with much more poise, grace, calm and humor than I could have mustered if my crazy mom had an online meltdown like this…

If maggot has been tested for driving trains, why the fuck isn't she driving the goddamn train? It's a really good job with benefits. As long as we don't see any certificates, I'll say sure, she was tested for driving trains and they told her no dice.

In her projecting, paranoid mind she turned that into

>they tell me no, but they just jealus I passed the test! I was one of few who past test, but they jealos of my anaconda butt and they tell me no I don't pass test, because tehy psychopaths, I know it because of my learnings online!

No. 265279

I was planning on drawing her something as I don't think she has a P.O. Box or would feel comfortable making one right now what with her mother being a crazy stalker, but I'm sure she would appreciate the sentiment. Maybe ask her if she would make an amazon wishlist or something?? That way her address isn't revealed but she can still receive gifts with positive notes.

No. 265280


If you post the drawing on instagram and leave a comment for her, she's presented fan art before. That's probably better than sending her something via mail; she's probably really jumpy about that shit right now (with good reason.)

No. 265281

File: 1461978104203.png (26.18 KB, 308x190, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.01…)

More edits

No. 265282

File: 1461978118967.jpeg (51.34 KB, 750x524, image.jpeg)

Well here she claimed to have life saving meds lol ……she doesnt really trust me as much because I asked her if she could just let venus go even if she is a crazy murderer who works for the JIDF. Maybe if i apologize and kiss her ass more?

No. 265284

File: 1461978260694.jpeg (84.09 KB, 750x1090, image.jpeg)

I hope she forgives me for asking to leave Venus kindly alone

No. 265286

File: 1461978301998.png (158.74 KB, 446x400, 1439742725587.png)

Life-saving meds…probably prep-H and bath salts.

No. 265287

At this point I almost wish Manaki had some very deep, dark side to him that doesn't come out until he's pushed to the limit.

If Maggot breaks into their apartment at night, Manaki should hit her over the head before Venus wakes up, and if he knows where to hide a body so it's never found. Happy End!

For fuck's sake, even if he is a cross-dresser and that's not something that just exists in maggot's crazy-ass mind, Venus will still be happier with Manaki in a skirt than with her lunatic mother flaunting her ass online in skimpy bathing suits.

>a crazy murderer who works for the JIDF

Where did she claim that? You're doing the lord's work, anon.

No. 265288

chafing cream

No. 265289


I, too, would love to see some receipts where Margo claims Venus is undercover ops for the JIDF

No. 265290

File: 1461978680615.jpeg (54.22 KB, 750x682, image.jpeg)

Well not specifically JIDF (its an ebic maymay :^) ) but she did say that venus is a murderer and tried to kill her or something (i swear i have no reason to lie about this, its just that the convo is so long)

No. 265291

Maggot is a fanfic girl, living in a fanfic world.

No. 265292


broken link, sad face

No. 265293

File: 1461978869713.png (43.73 KB, 326x274, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.11…)

Edits to her Kyoto pic; she now feels it's vital to tell us she was only at this spot 1.5 hours, because she's not a tourist like the others

No. 265294

It works if you click it for some reason. Anyway:

>I have job opportunities in three countries

>sucking dick in Korea

>pawning shit in Japan
>getting paroled for tax evasion in the U.K.

No. 265295

She dumped Kyoto because with her egg yolk yellow hair she wasn't a special snowflake, lost among all the other white middle aged tourists?

This bitch's crazy is truly impressive.

No. 265296

File: 1461978999541.jpeg (62.71 KB, 750x679, image.jpeg)

Farmers, dont say this to other people. :^) I'm serious btw, I want an attempt at getting milk.

No. 265297

This sounds like a great plot for a Hollywood film.

>evil mother

>angelic daughter who marries her trans prince(ess) in far away land
>evil mother sneaks into angelic daughter's house through the vents with a little bottle and syringe to extract her youth while she is asleep
>as maggot approaches the bed and lifts up the sheet she realizes underneath is only pillows
>she turns around and looks in the corner to see venus in the corner facing the wall
>she approaches the figure but just as she is about to enter the syringe the figure turns around
>it is manaki in venus's clothes
>"I have been waitingu for you, Marugratto."

To be continued…

No. 265298


No. 265299


YAAAAAAASSS! Fucking KNEW it. OMG, you get all the medals. Hats off, anon.

No. 265300

Marry me anon

No. 265301

Calm down guys, as much as I wish otherwise, I don't think Maggot was admitting that. She's saying it sarcastically because that's what people say she did

No. 265302

This…. This proves how sick she truly is

No. 265303

File: 1461979287252.jpeg (115.66 KB, 750x1096, image.jpeg)

Ok I tried my best to make her sane but tbh it didnt really work that well. Ok thats enough ill only post her newer posts from now on there is wayyyy too much to post
:3 thanks. She said a lot of shit, but tbh she is lucky I'm lazy. And that im sorta sympathizing with her because i think she really crazy. Admin sama should unban me of my pc for this then if I deserve 10 medals tbh :^)

No. 265304

>I could make a remembering video like she is dead

Now that's an excellent idea! Wouldn't make you look like a complete psycho at all, maggot! Go for it!

No. 265305


I've been thinking about that. If it turns out that Margo does have mental heath problems, then maybe in the end we're being unfair to her.

I really hope she's not insane, just a bitch.

No. 265307


Low empathy people are indeed mentally ill, but there's no need to feel bad for them. They don't feel sad or frustrated about being crazy, they feel super righteous about their actions. Feel bad for the people who have to interact with them for any reason. Jail or dead is the only place they can't hurt new victims (though they're pretty good at making jail worse, too.)

/ onwards to fresh milk

No. 265308

File: 1461979983367.jpeg (18.12 KB, 750x145, image.jpeg)

No this woman in the beginning really told me everything until I made this post >>265303
Then she started to stop blogging personally

No. 265309

yup, Manasan being a girl it's one of the favorite Margo's headcanons

No. 265310

>I have psychos in my family too

Yeah you're one of them, that's for sure

No. 265311

Perhaps when she leaves Japan she will disappear like a fart in the wind.

No. 265312

I wouldn't be surprised if Jassy told Maggot about lolcow so she lurks.

No. 265313

File: 1461980801134.jpg (170.25 KB, 824x464, manaki and venus according to …)

No. 265314

File: 1461980877488.jpeg (59.96 KB, 750x843, image.jpeg)

WELL I am a psychopat stalker I think because I asked her to check this link out (where everyone was callig her an abuser etc..) and she refused because she doesnt want to see what is posted on lolcow
Currently im trying to figure out what zsu DM'ed to Manaki (idk if i should try this? Yay or nay?)
Pic related; I thought I'd make Mayo happy by saying this, but it seems she does care about her sisters I guess.

No. 265316

Here's one for the margospeak generator

Potentially, this could not matter. It could easily be used to clear Venus's name of the deed either way which is really all that would matter.

No. 265317

File: 1461982095268.jpeg (83.22 KB, 750x1044, image.jpeg)

Venus' name is Minako Okada now or something. Oh and she is lying, again…she says that she will leave venus alone now though, she has to anyways. Yay for venus I guess? She refuses to tell me anything now because she already has a bad repuation, which is a lie. Margo isnt feeling depressed atm bc her store is going well, if her money runs out or when she gets deported I think she will blog to me again (i hope so at least)

But I cant hold myself in sometimes which results in an angry margo, pic related

No. 265318

Caps of the Minako thing??

No. 265321

File: 1461983296798.jpeg (65.51 KB, 750x1020, image.jpeg)

Currently im trying to let her admit Manaki didnt hit her. I told her that she is a feminist and that she shouldnt be abused by a japanese terrorist lmao. She keeps refusing to file a report on him, she must be hiding something :^)

No. 265323

File: 1461983705969.jpeg (81.43 KB, 750x1096, image.jpeg)

MARGO DIDNT SELL THE BUNNY for the anons who were worried.

Margo does have a cute side

No. 265325

File: 1461983746815.jpeg (78.34 KB, 750x1026, image.jpeg)

:3 it was her comfort plushie and margo said that she will never ever sell it.

No. 265327

Keep it flowing, anon.

No. 265329

.. cute side? She used something her daughter cared about deeply as bait to hurt her; pretended to sell it; and now hugs it while she sleeps to spite Venus. I wouldn't call that cute.

No. 265331

She probably does strange voodoo on it at night in the hopes her precious, money flow daughter will return to her

No. 265332

Thank you for this anon.

No. 265334

File: 1461984848595.jpeg (66.92 KB, 750x932, image.jpeg)

No. 265335

I'd feel bad for her, but I can't. At the very least, she was using her daughter to get rich so she could be lazy. Not too mentioned everything else

No. 265336

Ay lmao she is depressed again bc i reminded her of shitty things, i think I have the old rambling too much margo back a bit, yes!
Dont get me wrong i think she is a bitch but i still sympathize with her. She is going to see venus in court or something

(She is nuts and doesnt understand a single thing about life)

No. 265337

As many screen shots as you got we will take!

No. 265338

File: 1461985672774.png (1.35 MB, 842x1080, Poster.png)

Working on a movie poster. Need a title and some finishing touches. Any ideas?

No. 265339

It's not that she doesn't understand life, she's delusional. Two different things. She has some serious mental problems. Not dissing on those with problems…. But she takes it to a new level. Calling her daughter an abusive person and a psychopath. Putting her daughter's nightgown on, cuddling up with her boyfriend and taking a picture just to blame her daughter for cheating. At first at thought maybe Margo was bipolar…. This… This is more. I seriously hope she gets help so both herself and Venus can be happy.

No. 265340

File: 1461986162206.jpeg (110.01 KB, 750x1036, image.jpeg)


U should see me in court

No. 265341

File: 1461986309478.png (283.33 KB, 627x358, Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.17…)

… and the bunny post with accompanying rant is gone! Margo Palermo, everyone, good night!

No. 265342

>manaki raised as a girl
What. The. Actual. Fuuuck.

No. 265343

Yeah she told me she deleted it because she is done defending herself or something

No. 265344

What did she say about court? So is she representing herself trying to keep the channel from Venus?

No. 265345

Pedo Jap; Taking a Virgin from her Mother

No. 265346

At first she claimed
>i wanted to see venus to make an agreement so we can revive her channel again!
>she saw me and laughed while she was running away to her flat
I ask her how that is possible if venus palermo created the channel and i also asked her how she was laughing
>no i filmed and edited her videos and she was laughing AT me
B-but margo-chan venus created the videos and her videos werent really art, ur videos are better anyways
>but I filmed it!!!111
I give in and say she is right
Then she complains that she will delete the rabbit post and gives up on everything and that she will see her in court to keep venus from having her channel

Venus should have made a new channel tbh, not very clever. VenusAngelicVLOGS or something.

No. 265347

Oh yeah and she is going to tell the police manaki hit her

ALSO LMAO SHE SAID THAT SHE WAS SCREAMING THE VIDEO But her crazy self was saying that she was screaming so high you couldnt hear it in the video I AM NOT LYING I SWEAR TO GOD LMAO

No. 265348


No. 265349

Doesn't she read lolcow? Isn't she going to see you're leaking all of this then just block you.

No. 265350

I wish she did. She has zero proof, and once the police talk to Manaki and Venus, they'll probably tell her to give up and go home.

The Japanese police never take a case to court unless they have evidence, that is how they keep their high conviction rates.

They're sadly infamous for telling foreign rape victims to give up and go home, since taking a rape case to court is too much trouble. They're really not going to give a fuck about what happens to maggot, unless she turns up in a bathtub encased in concrete and her parents raise a huge international stink.

No. 265352


Screenshots, pls. The milk is fantastic, but needs to be archived for the ages.

No. 265353

I want to believe these screenshots are real, but somehow….

No. 265354

File: 1461991432467.png (36.55 KB, 451x323, Untitled.png)

So I'll preface by saying I'm sorry for trying to interfere with the milk but I was seriously worried for Venus' safety after Margo visited her home.

I contacted the AirBNB host and explained the situation in hopes he could report her to the police however this was his reply.

No. 265355

The fuck? Sounds like Margo got him pretty good. He sounds exactly like her.

No. 265356

What a stupid piece of shit.

No. 265358


This sounds like Margo. Besides,if this person only heard one side, of course he is gonna take Margo's side. This is an unreliable source in my opinion

No. 265359

Kind of surprised he knows all that. I feel bad for him for having to put up with Margo's craziness.

No. 265360


>Never met Manaki or Venus

>Only knows the story from Margo

Yeah, sounds like he's just parroting what Margo told him.

No. 265361

Damnit that Margo pootang got to him.

No. 265362


I'll preface this by saying I think it was a super bad move to contact this dude. Way to enforce Mags' paranoia, you know?

Secondly, I'm sure Margo is smart enough to seek a new victim out. This means turning her "woe as me, poor caring mama with brainwashed child, kidnapped by pedo!" act cranked to full flow. It sounds like Margo told this dude that Venus is either very young and particularly, or someone with special needs.

God knows what she all said to this dude, but none of this will help. He'll just tell Margo that you contacted him and it'll spin Margo deeper into her delusions and paranoia.

No. 265363


Anon, I wish I could meet you so I can shake your fucking hand, this is amazing. Keep that milk flowing!

No. 265364

Why would you do that, are you fucking retarded?

No. 265365

>not enough brain

I don't really fault an unrelated party, but sort of sounds like a douche. Well regardless of parroting Margo's nonsense, it seems like he's making the right decision to leave it at that.

No. 265366


given name change is mandatory for foreigners marrying a Japanese citizen? why not just Venus Okada? legit question here

No. 265367

Could be straight bullshit, it is Mayo after all. The only reasons I could think of for Venus changing her name are:
1. To hide from Mags (unlikely)
2. Maybe just better immersion into Japanese society? Venus might be a hard name for Japanese people to pronounce so she adopted a Japanese name instead?

Just speculation though, Maggot is probably just yanking nonsense out of her ass.

No. 265368

Maybe to blend in?

No. 265369

Pretty sure Margo was just joking/bullshitting/being Margo. It would be really weird if Venus changed her first name to something Japanese. No foreigner in Japan does that to “fit in.”

No. 265370



This talks about it in detail. Basically:
-Being able to write one's name in kanji
-Easier to deal with institutions (banks) that discriminate against foreigners.

No. 265371

It's not. Getting married and getting a spouse visa (first one year, three years upon renewal, and after that most apply for permanent) is not the same as getting Japanese nationality.

If she'd apply for Japanese citizenship, then she would need a name that can be transcribed in Japanese (pronounced with Japanese hiragana), so it would either be ヴィナス (binasu) or something new in Japanese, like Minako.

That said, I wouldn't blame her at all for changing her name. Everything in her personal history, including her name that the maggot took from a weird-ass song about a sexy boy (and here is how you just know that all her ranting about Manaki being raised a cross-dresser is just epic projection), is tainted with maggot's insanity.

No. 265372

instead of margo face floating on air, can you make margo's face be the moon?

No. 265373

File: 1461996119144.png (1.34 MB, 842x1080, margmoon.png)

Here you go.

No. 265375

great, i give it a hearty 10/10 now

No. 265384

File: 1461999573325.jpg (85.27 KB, 631x480, Minako.jpg)

Minako…like Sailor Venus?

No. 265385

File: 1461999695521.gif (1.17 MB, 260x146, 1357789751540.gif)

holy shit

No. 265386

Well, now you have time to screenshot the whole convo at least. But yeah, mags edgelord army is the worst.

No. 265388

Yeah Margo was kind of joking because she doesnt consider venus as family anymore.

No. 265389

How can a teenager forbid you to have friends? She is a twisted woman who needs help now.

Judging from the stuff she writes she feels more and more threatened. I really am scared for Venus.

No. 265391

File: 1462000754092.jpeg (102.65 KB, 750x1166, image.jpeg)

Let me guess, the one who told Margo is that same cunt who ALWAYS shits these threads up
>i dont think this drama is real they must be setting this up
>i dont believe the screenshots are real
>WAAAHHH venus is cultural appropiating
If you are that anon, seriously fuck you. You're supporting currently a very mentally fucked up woman just because you are jealous of Venus.

No. 265392

This makes me believe Venus did really change her name. I doubt Margs is smart enough to come up with the name Minako herself, so unless it was just a crazy coincidence I think Venus came up with the name. She probably likes Sailor Moon and it's a clever connection to her real name, so it sounds exactly like something Venus would choose.

No. 265393

This is actually really cute even if it's a little weeby. Besides the Japanese pronunciation of Venus, "binasu"sounds a lot like they are trying to say penis.

No. 265394

I would take anything maggot says with a barrel of salt. Also name changes usually take several weeks, I really doubt that Venus would have been able to change so quickly.

No. 265395

Unless she did it while they got the marriage papers done

No. 265396

No. 265397

File: 1462002790102.png (306.35 KB, 730x1208, Akuma no Hanayome v01 c05 - 02…)

Strangely, when I saw that her 'new' name was Minako I thought of this old horror manga. Finally found the right page just now.

No. 265399

File: 1462004629239.jpeg (51.64 KB, 750x543, image.jpeg)

Doesn't Felice Fawn look like Margo a bit in this photo?

No. 265402

I think it's more likely marg misspelled manaki to minaki, and Japanese girl names used to end with a -ko so:


Trans Jab

No. 265403

Yeah, I got that impression too. Like Margo was implying that Manaki is so evil and controlling that he would force Venus to change her name to something similar to his.

No. 265404

Minako uses the same kanji as "Venus" though. So it's not far fetched for Venus to use that as her "Japanese name". Especially if she is trying to blend in.

No. 265405

File: 1462007156252.jpg (80.06 KB, 920x513, ramen.JPG)

Venus looks so done

No. 265406

She looks tired af, poor thing.

No. 265408

At least she's managed to leave the house…

No. 265409

Poor girl, she looks so completely done with all this shit.

No. 265411


I'm so amazed/proud at how Venus is still staying strong and not giving into Margo's demands despite all the shit Margo is doing. I hope she continues to stay strong.

No. 265412

She's out in public, I wonder if she's staying somewhere safe until Margo has left the country? She's getting worn down with all this garbage :(

No. 265414

why do people assume shes going out in public? i have tons of pics saved and when i want attention/recognition but don't actually feel like doing anything i like to choose which one to upload

and i know i'm not the only one

her posting a selfie doesnt mean shes a~brave warrior queen~ guys

No. 265415

Uh, do you really think we're all fawning over her? Only >>265411 called her strong, everyone else is saying she looks fed up.

At least you admitted you're an attention seeker.

No. 265416

You sound salty af.

No. 265418

I'm assuming that in Japan Manaki is a name like Robin or Alexis and is unisex. I don't see why Margo is so caught up on that. This is the third time I've seen her bring it up. Venus isn't exactly such a great name for a kid. And wasn't the song she liked while pregnant "Venus As A Boy"?

So far I've seen no proof that Manaki was raised as a girl. I think Margo mentioned a picture of him in girls clothes. But for all we know it was some sort of costume. I seriously doubt that Manaki went through his early years as a girl or was schooled as one, forced to wear girls clothes and use the girls bathroom and tell everyone he was a she. It just sounds like more farfetched nonsense from Margendo the nutjob.

Maybe Manaki's mother commented on Venus and said she wished she had a daughter and in Margo's mind it became something else. Just as she claims Manaki's father hit on her. Maybe he just comments politely on her hair or dress or something.

No. 265419

File: 1462012631657.jpg (253.29 KB, 600x751, margles be like.jpg)

this lunatic is so full of shit. Even if she knew some shit about psychopathy (which I believe is only true in her sick, deluded mind), she'd knew it's no way that easy to define a psychopath.
The book "Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths" gives you a great insight of the whole extremely difficult process of diagnosing psychopathy. It takes a whole damn team of professional psychiatrists who's been studying the subject for many years and worked with thousands suspected psychopaths in prisons, and even they often have extremely hard times diagnosing this disorder, because sometimes it's extremely hard to differentiate it from other mental disorders.
You can't just read a few psychology articles and make your daughter take an online test "are you a psycho?", Marglot, this is not how the things work, you dumb bitch.

No. 265422

File: 1462013009330.png (3.93 KB, 767x84, manaki.png)

More kanji/versions for female names, but there's a male version too

No. 265425

She's deeply paranoid at this point if she belives everyone that doesn't agree with her/doesn't want to be with her is a psychopath.

No. 265427

Anon plz you mean bully

No. 265428

I'm feeling that "psychopath" is the new "bully" kek

No. 265429

salty anon chan is here again guys!

No. 265430

She's not just bawwing "wenoos bullied me she is a psycho", she claims she studied psychology & knows some shit about it, she just armchair-diagnosed her family members and claimed Venus being a psycho is a genetic thing (which is another proof of how full of shit she is - it was never confirmed psychopathy has a strictly genetic basis).

No. 265431

Kek. This is exactly why I wouldn't be surprised if she changed her name. I've always found it unfortunate how much her name, which is quite cute, both sounds and looks ridiculously close to "penis" in Japanese.

No. 265435

In english too! Her name is really pretty anyways (unlike the name maggot YUCK)

No. 265437

Why does she want her audience to look up psychopathy? A bunch of people are going to go "Oh yeah that's whats with Margo".
If she requires life saving medications/treatments then why does she hop from country to country with no actual job or insurance? Grown-ups with medical issues prioritize their health.
If this weren't Margo I would think that was sweet. The fact that she put it up on the website at all just proves she wanted to get a response from Venus. Still trying to manipulate V into contact.

No. 265438

Because she's the type of parent who thinks their kids OWE them for bringing them into the world. She would have treated Venus like a cash cow for the rest of her life and expected Venus be her carer in old age.

No. 265439

I think she looks so much better like this tbh. Doesn't look so try-hard, just like a normal girl.

No. 265440

I agree i think the anti venus posts is just one person and i wish admin sama would just ban that faggot already.

Although she is facially an 8/10 that duckface is not cute

No. 265442

Because Japan is like Hong Kong, where it's just cheaper and more convenient to eat out than cook for yourself. Plus I think he reasoning for uploading these pic is to tell people that she's fine - unlike that week where everyone was freaking over her being completely silent when her channel was taken down.

No. 265444

Funny how just a couple of mos ago people used to shit on Venus and call her annoying, cat's arse lips etc right here

No. 265445

If this is true, that's incredibly cute and clever.

No. 265446

There are just too many catty anons you'll never be good enough for, but hey, it's lolcow. I personally never called her an ugly weeb or something.
I always thought she's cute, yet I never watched her vids because they are pointless to me, and her makeup tuts show no skills I could learn from

No. 265450

Holy shit, I don't know why I'm still surprised when she says shit like that but I am. She's fucking nuts.

No. 265451

Same here. I'm way too invested in this family saga.

No. 265452

I am 100% sure no one fucking told Marge. She knows this thread exists and checks it on the reg. Idk why the dumbass decided it'd be a good idea to post the screenshots while having the convo with Marge and didn't just wait until their milk was dried before doing a dump.

No. 265453

Yeah, because we now know that behavior wasn't her at all. I hated Venus a few months ago too, but when she left her crazy mother she dropped all the annoying behavior and turned out to be gasp normal.

No. 265455

fuck off

No. 265456

this has been explained so many times, just ignore that them.

No. 265459

File: 1462028967917.jpeg (129.83 KB, 750x992, image.jpeg)

Yh without venus th pesychopat bully she would have still been a lolcow bc genetically she is psychopat

No. 265462

It's not like she got herself knocked up for any other reason than to get a free meal ticket for the rest of her life. Venus was born out of wedlock, Venus's father was an engineer 10 years older than Margo, Margo dragged the divorce out for years to max $$$, etc

No. 265469

She always looks like she's barely tettering on the edge of sanity. Someone give this girl a hug.

No. 265474

>Tinnitus Asthma
Besides that this doesn't exist, Tinnitus is refered to as "ringing in the ears" in english and that's what fucking everyone has once a while.

No. 265476

I'm guessing there's a missing comma.

Tinnitus is indeed ringing of the ears, but it's really irritating and goes on for the rest of your life. A friend of mine used to go to a lot of heavy metal concerts and now has it. While it's not life endangering, it's annoying as fuck.

Asthma is manageable, but with people who douse themselves in perfume or smoke (illegally) in front of public places' doors, it can ruin your day. If you get an asthma attack due to smoke or artificial fragrances, you can feel like shit for a fair few hours. In the worse case, you can end up with a pair of paramedics stuffing you with horrid chemicals to make you breathe that hurt like hell and make you feel like you're having a heart attack.

That said, given how she needs her medications and her daughter doesn't want to see her, she should just go home.

No. 265478

File: 1462033900177.png (731.64 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20160307_191442.png.266c67…)

No. 265479

I don't feel sorry for smokers with respiratory diseases.

No. 265480


she looks so dirty and sweaty in this pic urgh

No. 265481

Cry about it, fagtron ;)( ;) )

No. 265483

You should lurk here more no offense

No. 265486

doesn't she always look like that

No. 265489

come on, she doesn't look done with this shit, she looks like a normal person. i know we're all used to seeing her in a ton of makeup in lolita style or w/e, but her having slight eyebags or not perfectly styled hair doesn't say anything about her mental state. this happens in every photo. she's got big eyes and a small mouth so maybe she's got natural sadface or something, but really she looks like a regular high school student.

No. 265491

This! But high school student though? She is 18 lol

No. 265493

>This is the third time I've seen her bring it up.

Yeah, that's because she literally has nothing else to bring up (Other than where he works, and protecting Venus, but those are also stupid reasons to hate him).
Also, I'm gonna guess in the little Marbrain of hers, being trans and protecting Venus is the worse thing about him to her.

No. 265494

Damn, that is and cute on 2 levels. Aside from it being a clever reference to her old name it's similiar to Manaki's name. I used to think she was a ditz but Venus is smarter than I've given her credit for.

No. 265495

Margo was joking Weenus' name is still Venus.

No. 265496

i know but i meant it more like she just looks like a regular girl, like from the ppl i remember in high school, some looked super polished ala kardashians and others looked like venus (eg a bit messy hair no makeup casual clothes) but they were just as normal

No. 265497

Eh, if she was gonna change her name Minako isn't a bad choice.

No. 265498

A white girl with a japanese name…really?

No. 265499


It's really not that strange. All over the world there are people who's names are French, Swedish, German etc.
My name is traditionally super African so whenever people hear about me they assume I'm black. It's just because Japan is so homogeneous it kind of seems weird. Minako could totally be an African name too tbh.

No. 265500

I'd disagree. It's not so much about her unkempt state as just the emotion in her eyes. She looks exhausted and stressed. I don't feel like that's even a matter of us anons reading too much into things, she simply does look tired.

A white girl living in Japan, married to a Japanese man who chose a Japanese equivalent to her non-Japanese name? So weird.

No. 265501

whats wrong with the name venus? Changing your name is so gay, be proud of who you are. Venus seems very proud of her name she tags it all the time in her posts

No. 265502


If Maggot was your mother would you really be so inclined to cling to any remnant of her?

Plus, her name legit sound like "Penis" in Japan. I'd change it too if I were her.

No. 265503

Harder to pronounce in Japanese? Or maybe she'd want a change to further distance herself from the bullshit of Mags? Again though, this is all purely speculation since it's very likely Venus did not actually change her name and Margo is just making shit up.

No. 265504

What in the world…yes I would keep it? Then they should just pronounce it right, the quirks of being a foreigner.

No. 265505

>Then they should just pronounce it right

Confirmed bait.

No. 265506


Obviously you've had a very safe, secure, happy childhood then. I myself have changed my last name in order to distance myself from my paternal father. It's really not that weird Anon. She's an adult with her own autonomy and who can make her own choices. If she's uncomfortable with her name that's fine.(no one cares)

No. 265507

Yes I know Japanese people cant pronounce names but honestly, my name is foreign as shit too and no one can pronounce it right and I just feel you should be the "true you" or something. Frankly said, I hope Venus will keep her name.

No. 265508

Tbf, Venus as referenced to using the name Minako. I believe it was an old Tumblr picture or old Insta pic. I believed she took a selfie and tagged it #Minako, but my memory is kinda fuzzy since it was like a year or two ago?

No. 265509

Can we just keep in mind that Margo, a pathological liar, is the one who is claiming that Venus took a Japanese name? Besides, there are practical reasons to do so. If you want to apply for a credit card, having a foreign-sounding name is a hindrance.

No. 265511


>I just feel you should be the "true you

There's no such thing as a "true you" Anon. You think that her self is defined by her mother? No, this is something that can only be decided by yourself, and if she doesn't want to use the name she doesn't have to. Minako is perfectly qt and fine.

No. 265512

Why do you want this minako thing to happen so badly? Im pretty sure her username is "venusangelic" and not "minakoangelic". She is comfortable with her name.

No. 265513


19, anon.

No. 265514

>I hope Venus will keep her name.

But she technically did because "Minako" MEANS "Venus" and is the same exact way she would write her name OF "Venus" using Kanji. It's just that it can be read as "Minako".

So if she DID change her name it's not such a huge change. It's like her doing all this with a guy from another country that has a different word for "Venus" and her changing it to that. Except Japan is incredibly xenophobic and having a native-sounding name would benefit her in more ways than it would hinder her (and as others have mentioned "Venus" is hard for the Japanese to say correctly)

No. 265515

Sorry, autocorrect

*To be fair, Venus HAS referenced to using the name Minako before

(Sorry, when I read it over, it was so incoherent to me.)

No. 265516

I think the minako name is pretty qt BUT as long venus herself says nothing about it - I doubt it and we should see what happens next with mags. it's less than a week until her visa expires.

No. 265518

Ok I'm semi-convinced. I personally wouldn't do it even if my father was Josef Fritzl but if it benefits Venus and if she wants it then she should do whatever she wants, as long if she is happy tbh.

No. 265519


ffs Anon she's only been out of her psycho mother's grasp for a little over a month. You expect her to go around changing every little fucking thing immediately?
You think it would have been a wise idea to immediately change her name on Instagram when she KNEW Maggot was lurking around Japan hunting for any possible lead?
Do you understand what fucking trauma is and how long it takes to recover from it? How can you be this dense.

No. 265520

Exactly why do you think she will change her name to minako? Why specifically minako? Has she said this?

No. 265521


Minako is Sailor Venus, we've already discussed this.

No. 265522

foreign names aren't written in kanji.

No. 265523

This is so cringy…Do you realize this?

No. 265524

Who are you to say that? Maybe another name is being true to herself. You're also getting your undies in a twist over a rumor.

No. 265526


Do you realise that you sound like a pro-life born again Christian with a promise ring?


No. 265527


People asking questions that was already answered in the same thread is cringy.

No. 265528

You sound just as nuts as Margo.

No. 265529

I live in a city where there are lots of Chinese exchange students using English names because it's easier to get by that way, but they continue to use their "original" name with friends and family that speak their first language. It's more like having two names than legitimately changing your name from one thing to another, so I can see why Venus wouldn't mention it even if she was doing it.

No. 265531

Exactly. The number of asian people who adopt "English" names when moving to English speaking countries is pretty damn substantial so I don't see why it would be so weird to do on the reverse. But again, this is just word of mouth from Margendo right now so we should all collectively probably wait to get our knickers in such a knot until it's confirmed.

No. 265532

Hell it's not even Asians. European people, depending on where they're from, change their names when emigrating too. It's just smarter. Venus doesn't translate to Japanese properly and if she ever does paperwork, it'll be a bother trying to explain it.

No. 265533

Binasu desu

For some reason binasu does sound cute for a girl

No. 265534

>penisu desu

No. 265535


I'm not the one preaching
>"Nuuuuuuuuuu Beenoos must keep name! HOW DISURUSUPPEKUTERUFU!"

No. 265538

It' because you're more likely to get a job in an English-speaking country if your name's John Doe than if you insisted on being called Grzegorz Michalak. I mean either way is okay, but it's not like discrimination towards Eastern Europeans doesn't happen and people don't make fun of you for it. I changed my name too when I moved to France because fucking nobody could pronounce 'Erszebet', so I just go by Betty now.

No. 265539

It's not really that cringey if you take into consideration that Venus and Minako share the same kanji. It's her way to keep her name in a sense if anything. Minako, the name, existed well before sailor moon. Stop being a weeb.

No. 265540

I know there's no milk rn, but can we move on past this god damn name already?

No. 265541


yes, please.

No. 265543

So if Margo gets deported this is the end? Happy ending for Venus, sort of happy ending for Margo?
What will become of this thread? (She claimed she will face Binasu in court but I dont think that will happen lel)

No. 265544


nah, I'm actually super curious about mags situation after the 6th may. where will she go? what will she do? etc etc this will be so fun to watch her without a stable income and a place to stay. For v's part I just hope that she can start on working on her own path for her future and stuff.

No. 265547

I bet Margo will pretend to not be in japan after the 6th, so we won't try to get her deported and she will hide in the same old airbnb

No. 265548

If citizenship is her aim then she needs a Japanese name(like with Kanji and everything).

No. 265550

Uhhhhh wat

No. 265553

She did say that she has three countries in mind. Any farmers willing to guess? I think either Hungary/Korea (although isn't Hungary a second world country? Nvm then!), the Netherlands or England.

But nevermind her choice of country, what if she has a stable job etc..? (Lets just assume she will get one) Would she be still interesting?

No. 265558

Wont venus know though? cant she and manaki get her kicked out or atleast i hope they will try

No. 265559

I doubt she'd ever return to England. She was accused of tax evasion and literally had to flee to the Netherlands. Marg is fumb and impulsive all right, but not that much. She also bitched on social media about how much she hated it there.

I'm thinking she'll either choose Korea for easy access to Japan should she ever feel like terrorizing her lost cash calf again (unlikely, she has nothing much to go back to), Hungary in an attempt to leach off any connections she still may have, or an entirely different country to repeat the cycle of mooching off of a random airbnb host, burning bridges, bitching on social media and moving on to the next victim. Since she's an edgy satanist now I'd love to see her move to Finland. That's where all the teenage edgelords want to move to because omg norse mythology, heavy metal, snow and darkness \m/

No. 265560

Well Margo did tell me that she has always been a satanist, but tbh that I believe because she always looked a bit "edgy n dark". (The dreads, tats etc…)

I should have asked her if Venus is a satanist. Stupid me.

No. 265561

Someone else already did and she said something to the effect of "unfortunately she's not".

No. 265562

But she seems like the type of mum who would force her tbh

No. 265566

She cannot go back to the Netherlands either for the same reasons

No. 265567


She should consider to move to Australia and crash at rossy, jessy (or whatever its called that retarded asskisser) house.

No. 265568

We went over this in a previous thread and a lot of ausfags said it'd be near impossible for her to immigrate there because of Australia's strict laws or something.

No. 265569

Plus we really really don't want her here ever.
She wouldn't fit in with Aussies or what

No. 265570

Nah, she won't be able to stop posting on insta and other social cancer and she needs her "cool-mom-in-japan" shtick to interest at least a few people at all. She won't be able to exist without the attention.

No. 265572

She has no choice but to move to a european country, nowhere else will she be able to get welfare in a relativly short time or at least a job where she's getting paid under the table.

Neither would be probable at all in an asian country, simply for the fact that she doesn't speak any of the native languages. She has a hard enough grasp on english and german as well already but it's a different matter in most european countries.

No. 265574


I know her thing is "cool mom in Japan" but why do I feel like tax fraud or not she'll come to London.

Seriously "cool travel vibes" with her American etc followers, trawling pop ups for Instagram photos and food.. Plus there's Camden, edge Lord central.

No. 265576


she could come to germany. I mean we take everybody, so why not maggot?

No. 265577

I'd fucking laugh if she ever considered the US. We have a lot of illegals from all around the globe. And some legal brothels in a few counties.

No. 265581


>Japanese people can't pronounce name

Depends on the name. They don't have an alphabet, and in Japanese hiragana there is no equivalent for V, so they pronounce it as b (venus becomes binusu), and there is no difference between r and l, which is a source of endless durrhurr jokes.

No. 265582

The Spanish chef from the AirBnB is such a retard he is wrapped around maggot's little finger. But what do you expect from a man who lives in a roach motel and thinks it's a good idea to impose his disgusting living conditions on unsuspecting travelers?

No. 265583

Venus doesn't look retarded enough to be an edgy satanist at 19.

No. 265585

I wouldn't be surprised at all if she came to us, it's one of the countries in Europe where she didn't burn any bridges yet and, yeah, as you said, we talk basically anyone. Plus she speaks the language, albeit poorly, it's still better than her english.

No. 265592

I mean I'm mexican, but when i lived in germany, i tried to make my name more easy to pronounce by getting rid of the the ñ and making it more italian. It would be more weeby if it she were still living in Switzerland or England.

No. 265597

If she wants to come here she needs to hurry before the new immigration law passes. It says that eu citizens can't get benefits until they've worked here for 5 years. This law will prevent the eastern european trash like Margo to steal our tax money. You won't get near our rivers Margo!!!

No. 265599

Maggot in the Thames. I can see the film adaptation now.

>A Hungarian Kappa in London

No. 265600

I bet a shit horror film company like Troma would take that on haaa

No. 265603

Cmon anon she would be hilarious in Adelaide. She can visit for 3 months as a tourist no worries, no visa. I personally would welcome it. Adelaide is cow city.

No. 265605

Hilarious, yes. But the AUD is pretty weak exchange rate wise. If she is strapped for cash that wouldn't be the best idea as everyday living expenses can be expensive if you compare them to other countries.

Her AirBNB shows multiple visits back to the EU and Budapest, Maybe she'll go back to slumming it around Europe to raise enough money for Weenous Wescue Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo) Guest Starring Ferenc and Aunt Suz

No. 265606

agree EU is the only way she'll be able to get some free money, healthcare for her 'life-threatening condition', etc.

in AU she'd have to work illegally to make it. Margo's inevitable trip to a detention centre would be a fun moment though.

No. 265607

Is that some kind of tourist place or just a residential block? I hope it's not related to Venus to intimidate her.

No. 265608

As her host is sympathetic and probably letting her stay on credit, her hiding there after May 6 is highly probable.

No. 265609

do you mean her instagram? it's an unrelated photo from when she was traveling. read the caption.

No. 265610

I think she should just find some desperate old guy and get married.

No. 265612

File: 1462068375540.gif (200.19 KB, 275x155, 1454560370330.gif)



reminds me of zelda with the evil moon on a countdown to destroy the planet

she legitimately looks like shit in that photo

yeah, I read the other photo with the caption, that's what I get for posting without reading the damn thread to the end

No. 265613

you know if she has to take "life saving" meds, then why didn't she take them when she did her routine video? I guess she didn't need to take them that day :^)

No. 265614

It was the coffee, anon. Several doses.

No. 265615

Then we know where she is and point Immigration in her direction. Bonus: we can also get her idiot host deported for the crime of hiding an illegal. Let's do this, anons!(fuck off)

No. 265616

The roach shit in that oven toaster may have some medicinal properties.

No. 265617

File: 1462068900514.png (30.8 KB, 807x436, m.png)

Little know fact: her host's airBnB might be illegal: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-18/fastest-growing-airbnb-market-under-threat-as-japan-cracks-down

I've put a reminder in my schedule to report maggot to immigration on the 7th. Fully admit that I seem a tad overinvested in getting this cancer removed. It's almost a hobby.

No. 265618

Your obsession with her is creepy.

No. 265619

The "life-saving medicine" was Venus' tears.

No. 265621

No it's not

I love you anon <3

No. 265622

It's mutual, anon! <3

No. 265624

Someone on manaki's insta left a comment with a phone number to call in japan to report maggot for running an illegal business on a tourist visa. Just fyi!

No. 265625

There's also the reporting page on the website of immigration anon linked upthread or in the earlier thread, only available in Japanese, but it should work.

No. 265626

just don't write insane long-winded internet drama in the message, or you will sound like the crazy anon who wrote to Margo's host.

No. 265627

I plan not to. I have native Japanese, will just tell them her address, full name, nationality, that she's mentally unwell and that the police may have a record of her harassing Japanese residents and nationals (the Okadas), and that she's overstaying on purpose and doesn't have enough money to leave Japan even if she wanted to, probably with the purpose of continuing her harassment. I'll look up if her host's airbnb is legal or not (depends on district policies iirc), and if it's not, he can get it too.

There's really no need to drag Venus or their personal problems into it at all, since there's nothing illegal about arguing with family members.

No. 265629


>Get MP deported

Deus Vult anon

Also, is there a way to report online stores in Japan?

No. 265630

Not that I know of. I could try customs or the tax office, but the latter would only be interested if she was selling enough to have to pay taxes. Customs would only be interested if any of the shit she's selling is a fake brand, and they'd probably not want to spend the manpower unless it's something really expensive.

No. 265631

good luck anon, hope it works

No. 265633

File: 1462072690312.png (61.05 KB, 316x359, Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 8.17…)

Here's the phone number from Mana's page, the one to call to make reposts on an illegal business, possibly selling counterfeit goods.

No. 265637

>a tad over invested
Understatement of the century. You're going full retard.

No. 265638

Go away Margo

No. 265639

The airbnb guy's response was douchey, but best leave the guy be. He doesn't seem involved and seems like random fuckery that draws too much attention to this site. The MargoGendo reporting…god speed, anon.

No. 265640

Are we even sure it was him and not Margo?

I hope Admin-sama will unban you since you've brought SO MUCH DELICIOUS MILK!

Also I feel like we should show the screen where maggot admits posing with the guy to Manaki, just so he can be sure that Venus did not cheat on him.

No. 265641

Margoese is difficult to understand, but Margaret was being sarcastic, not admitting anything.

No. 265642

Why would that be necessary? Just leave the girl and her husband alone. I'm sure she's done with having to deal with her especially since she ran away. Stop reminding her of margos bullshit. You're not her fucking vigilante and all of this is so cringe.

No. 265644

He's spent time with her in real life and is married to her daughter. I think he knows how Margo operates by now. What can a screenshot tell him that he doesn't already know?

No. 265646

the person who posted that screenshot said she was saying it sarcastically and I agree it doesn't sound like she's admitting to it.. "it was me in her nightgown and then I took a photo of myself", like that's impossible so she's saying its a ridiculous claim

No. 265648


They'd have to try really hard to, since "v" isn't in their 'alphabet'

No. 265649

The fact that she is selling is already enough. Even worse is that she publicly advertise and is doing it in a professional manner. No one cares if you sell something hand to hand, but when you have an online store you definitely crossed the line. She is on a tourist visa!


Needless to say, the "Temporary Visitor's Visa" cannot be used for any remunerative purposes, which involve profit making or payment acceptance within Japan by the visitor.

No. 265651

Dude do whatever the fuck you want about Margo but leave the AirBnB host the fuck alone. He has nothing to do with this, don't be a dick.

No. 265652

It was recently added, written as ヴ

No. 265654

File: 1462087858104.png (935.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Her extensions are ratty af but she is looking cute. Fight on Venus!

No. 265657

File: 1462088815937.jpg (140.19 KB, 763x960, IMG_20160501_014339.jpg)

Not that anon. But I wanted to post the caption that comes with this pic.

She seems really confident about getting her channel back and other things. Good for her I say.

No. 265658

Her hair looks so fried

No. 265659

Now she's starting to look like a hobo too. Those extensions look acrylic and don't blend for shit.

No. 265660

Damn, her hair looks so dead from all the dye jobs and stress. Hope the poor girl takes care of it as it grows back in.

Never thought I'd be saying this but who's kind of looking forward to her channel coming back? Still curious about what kind of direction she's going to take without the momager. Also looking forward to Margendo's imminent freakout when it comes back up. Is it possible for her to copyright strike it to death again or is she barred from doing so more than once?

No. 265662


wow you can literally see where her real hair ends

No. 265666

Maximum weeb status

No. 265667

I just watched the leg hair sweater video and jesus christ. I know what Its like to live in old shitty houses but that was fucking disgusting and trust maggot to think that was cute and quirky.

No. 265668


what video is it?

No. 265669

What brand of skirt is that? It's cute.

No. 265670

No. 265671


I will forever love this video. I wish she would have blessed us with more vid's like this.

No. 265672

Poor ol' mummy P has got the dysmorphia bad. Margit ya lookin right old! Jour not Venus. The tattooes and cutsie wtfever nightgown thing ffs. This is not angelic.

No. 265673

File: 1462098202826.jpg (175.01 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 265674

File: 1462098220090.jpg (173.53 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 265675

#FriendsForever #FriendsForLife

No. 265676


so mags got food for the first time in weeks.

No. 265678

So she is back at the AirBnB place with the Spanish Chef? Does anyone have the link to the booking to see when the place is booked up until so we can guess what her exit strategy is?

No. 265679


>her hair looks so dead from the dye jobs and stress

Hair is dead though…. Her hair's condition is probably a lot more noticeable because she's wearing extensions that doesn't really match.

And probably Venus would do the same thing she has done after she left home. (The dye and starbucks video is all I remember sadly) Or since she and Manaki has been more open with their relationship, probably housewife videos or more boyfriend collab videos along with her usual cutesy videos.

On another note, am I the only one who find it kind of silly(sorry, can't think of a better word) to think that most of not all of Venue's pictures look like that because of stress and sadness?

Don't get me wrong, her situation is not funny at all, but suppose Venus is just riding this shitstorm and not giving a fuck about it/Margo?

For example, there are comments that say,
>"Aw! Poor thing her hair is messed up because of stress!"
>"Poor Venus, she has eyebags! Probably she has been up all night worried Margo will get her!/thinking about the situation!"

While these may be true, I'm thinking, "Hasn't she always looked like this though?" to me, she seems to be letting a more natural side show, so she doesn't get all "dolled up" anymore.

No. 265682

I'd like to see how quickly the online ass kisser will tire of Margos antics.

No. 265684

That vegan woman realized margo is an abuser lol and I wont doubt the rest will do so to

No. 265686

Stays at airbnb.

Friends for life.

Oh lawd.

No. 265687

No. 265688

because if she keeps going as she is, she'll wind up killing someone. probably a friend in close proximity since she can't get to venus.

No. 265689


samefag, but it says until 12th may.

No. 265690

No I did not say that lol! I never said that!

No. 265692

File: 1462101297200.jpg (9.71 KB, 259x194, images-2.jpg)

Those leg hairs tho…I bet they're in the clothes she's claiming to sell kek.
I think everyone is scared to buy them since she showed us washing her clothes. I wonder if she'll ever make another video showing how much of a fitness guru she is.

No. 265693

oh sorry, I must have got you confused with >>265301

No. 265699

Very cute clothes, ugly extensions (why is she wearing them anyways? Her hair looks long enough???…). She needs to work on that shooping though, I miss the brief times when she was too lazy to shoop.

No. 265700

Thanks, anon.

So Margo has it booked until the 12th May perhaps???

No. 265702

So… Air BnB host or Restarant
Place your bets.

No. 265703


maybe at the restaurant of the AirBnB host? ?

No. 265704

Leftovers brought home from AirBnB host's restaurant

No. 265708

Why the fuck is she wearig extensions? Ghetto ratchet as fuck. I bet it's maggot's influence.

No. 265711

So is Maggot officially the worst mother in lolcow?

No. 265712

No, imo not. Because Venus was never obese. The obese lolcows have the worst mothers imo. Lol.

No. 265714


and isn't here a thread about a mom who killed her son? I mean mags is bad - but there are so many other levels of being a fucked up mum.

No. 265715

You're the only psychopath here margo. Also screw you for turning venus against her father and not allowing her to have a normal relationship with him, all just because he got sick of your crazy attention whoring ass.

No. 265716

She's a contender for that prize. Someone should send her a certificate informing her that she's a runner up.

No. 265718

If peenus is so evil leave her the fuck alone maggot.

No. 265719

Hang on… Is that little pic in pic of the sushi on the in the big pic except on a different plate?

No. 265720


Why does she shower with the laundry at her feet? Genuinely curious if this is a normal culture thing or not

No. 265721

iirc she said it was because the washer she used didn't wash her clothes well enough so she does a 'pre-wash' while she showers. Kind of counter-productive imho.

No. 265722

Tbh kudos for Margo, he probably wasn't the best father if Venus doesn't contact him.
I dont hate her nor do I think she is the worst mum, many here dont understand this website I think…I just drink her milk because she occasionally is very lulzy. If you actually hate her you shouldn't be here tbh.

No. 265723

Wouldn't the dirt from her body just drift off and soak into her clothes and take more effort to actually run them through a washer? There was zero points in what she was doing lol

No. 265725

please read the previous threads, newfag. This has been discussed.

No. 265735

Because she wants longer hair obviously? they look pretty shit but lets not forget she is used to fried hair already.

what's with the extension hate.

No. 265737

although on a second look they look absolutely fucking horrendous. Not worth that just for long hair

No. 265748

It makes me sick and horrified but cannot stop rewatching

help me

No. 265749

I don't get this at all. Lots of people have been saying stuff like it and idk seems like a big jump from the Internet sympathy grab of the Manaki "attack" video to some kind of compulsion to murder?? Yes she was physically abusive of Venus, yes she is very self-righteous in her claims re venus ruining her life etc. don't want to summon any blog posters but it seems kind of alarmist to think she's going to actually pre-meditatively murder someone. Life is not law and order svu for the most part

No. 265757

>I just expect to can keep everything as clean as tidy as it is.


No. 265759

annoying bait is annoying.

They do look rather bad.
Then again i think she looks extra bad in the pictures after Maggot found her.
Like she no longer just looks unpolished bad but she looks a depressed ''i no longer feel like waking up in the morning'' kind of bad

No. 265761

Lol one of those sjw instagrammers should call her out for beig homo/trans phobic and using trans as an insult

No. 265762

A lot of places are like that. Some parts of london, paris etc. What's your point maggot? Are you trying to banter?

No. 265763

That's a great idea! Someone ask venus to do this, I'm sure she needs a lot of random stuff anyway since maggot kept all the little things (brushes, tea, winter clothing, cooking utensils?)

No. 265765

get hype for the inevitable margendo retaliation. "the channel will be restored soon" is not the kind of statement she takes very well

No. 265766

What meds? Vitamins? Antipsychotics?

No. 265767

>annoying bait is annoying
You're retarded and should read the rules.

No. 265772

I hope she goes to the US next. I'm sick of her gobbling benefits in the uk or alternatively parasiting off her family.

No. 265773


why specially the US?

No. 265774

Mentally ill people don't have to be cunts. That's all on het. There are no good or selfless intentions underneath her crazy.

No. 265775

File: 1462118086009.jpg (20.63 KB, 563x225, down.jpg)

From venisangelic.com She's on the move and I'm scared…

No. 265776


omg mags always plans something when she is so damn silent. I really wonder if her next insta post will be about her new place to stay.

No. 265777

Because they still haven't been graced by margo. I can see her shacking up with a chrischanesque loser for the visa and free ride.
No, I can assure you venus doesn't contact him because marge would blow a gasket if she did, bot to mention she fed venus with rants about how terrible her dad was for not sticking with her crazy cunt…Can you blame him?

As soon as things settle, I can see venus contacting him, just so she can have a normal parent.

No. 265778

Back in korea? Back in Hungary? We need to make a betting poll.

No. 265779

Well, what are you going to do if you're wrong? What if he was even more abusive than Margo? It's better not to assume anything currently. But we'll see what Venus will do.

No. 265780

I hope she has international shipping and different cuts for the t shirt, like v neck, tight etc.

I would totally buy a tee.

No. 265782

How the fuck do you know he was abusive? Are you really going to trust maggot's words 100%? We know her track record with people she feels slighted her.

No. 265783

No. 265784

I dont know neither do you know. Lets not assume anything like I said. Sage or milk plz.

No. 265787

If she can afford to go to Korea and then back to Japan she'd do it but I just don't think she has that kind of money.

No. 265789

They damage your hair, cause balding, look fake and ugly, are ridiculously expensive…Why would you want to wear them unless you're an actress who needs certain hair for a role? Love yourself anon.

No. 265796

File: 1462119914116.jpg (368.13 KB, 840x700, 1458680502927.jpg)

Jfc, that house is so fucking disgusting.

No. 265797

But Margo's family spoke very well of venus' father, margo is the only one to speak bad of him. If he was abusive they wouldn't have, they still love margo despite everything. I don't believe Margo's word for 1 minute, I would believe her family over her tbh.

No. 265798

Didn't she say on Instagram that she's planning to go to Europe? I know she's not exactly reliable, but I think she probably won't go to Korea at least.

No. 265801

I had to include specifically Germany in the poll, most of her supporters are german, she speaks better german than english so…

No. 265803

nonononono, we don't want her crazy ass either.

my bet is on japan, they would probably have to get her on a plain in handcuffs before she gives up on kidnapping Venus or something along the lines. she's insane and she does not seem to be the kind of person to give up that easily…

No. 265806


b-but the politicians says we should help everybody who needs help and everybody can stay here if they like. I will wait for her at my local train station to give her some flowers. #willkommenskultur(derailing)

No. 265808

There is a difference between welcoming someone escaping war and Margo the psycho river kappa anon.(derailing)

No. 265811

I like that style of clothes on her, it's a toned down lolita kind of thing. Extentions are cheap as fuck though, at least she plans on growing her hair and leave it natural.

happy to read that

that's a matter of convincing her on twitter to make more lifestyle vids

Exactly. And you can add leg hair to the soap scum. She's just insane.

In caso you haven't noticed yet, maggot has a habit of projecting what she does on other people. Most of the things she accuses Venus and Manaki of doing, it's things she has done to Venus.

Considering she said Venus wanted to kill her, you can imagine the thought of harming Venus passed through her mind.

No. 265812

Stop derailing with your opinions about the rapefugees.(derailing)

No. 265817

wow…just wow… margo acts like a butthurt friend of venus. jesus she needs to grow the fuck up.poor venus,she must be traumatized i cant imagine being raised by such an immature person. please margaret go die and let her live her life.

No. 265818

leave that shit in /b/

No. 265821

Sorry if this has been posted already, haven't finished the thread, but I have a feeling all this stuff about Manaki being "raised as a girl" might be referring to a traditional thing Japanese people do where they dress up young, weak boys in traditional girl's clothing because it's thought to make them grow up into stronger men. Margo is margo so she obviously understood none of it.

No. 265822

>I'm scared
Christ, put your big girl panties on or gtfo

No. 265824


honestly I don't see the difference,both are parasites but ok.(derailing)

No. 265826

Shut up and take your dumb shit to /b/

No. 265827

Manaki is buying her Samantha Thavasa bags, shit ain't cheap.

Glad he's treating his girl right.

No. 265835

File: 1462128262732.gif (1.88 MB, 268x244, Heyne.gif)

Margo is going to be telling the Japanese Visa people that she needs an extension because he daughter lives in Japan

Its not over yet

No. 265837

my bet is that she's going first to korea (she still has some stuff there) but it will be a short trip because she hasn't enough money to stay there for a long time and what the heck is she suppose to do in asia anyway? So she will end going back to hungary, tail between her legs, and leech off her family for some time.

No. 265839

So is Venus and Manaki just trying to wait for Margo's VISA to expire?

Because as soon as Margo discovered their residency, they should've moved ASAP.

Next time Margo might come back with a knife…

No. 265840

Here's an article from a month ago that I don't think has been posted. Venus emailed with the author.

No. 265842


this was posted a few threads back but I thought it was nice to read.

No. 265847

Thanks, I missed it! The Venus threads fast.

No. 265848

I'm honestly terrified that Margo is gonna end up killing Venus. Margo's super fucked up.

No. 265849

Posts like these make me sympathize with Marg. Dont make yourself sound worse than Mayo anon.

No. 265850

Well, congrats idiot anon who contacted her host; he feels bad for her now and margo has a temporary new victim to sponge off of. Great job.

Well, venus did say she'd have a sale site up again soon along with her channel. Maybe fullscreen has been working on a domain squatting case along with getting her channel restored.

But who wants to guess that now none of the items arrive to buyers, with no site and no email to contact?

No. 265857

I like to think that Margot took the site down because people were thinking about reporting her for evading tax.

No. 265860

The are plenty of screenshots here still.

No. 265862

File: 1462134009436.png (2.04 MB, 1467x723, venusinstagram.png)

Venus only mostly started looking like this about a month or two prior to her leaving Margo, where others noticed she looked particularly stressed out and like she didn't even want to be in the pictures. As we now know, that was due to Venus planning to dip out. Before then, I believe most of her instagram photos featured her with filters, more make up, different outfits, and as you said, going to Starbucks with her mother. This may have been due to Margo having a lot more control over what was posted to Venus' instagram, however.

Here's an example. The left is a few weeks before her departure from Korea, and the right is a few months prior to that.

No. 265863

That's good because she also removed all Instagram posts of the stuff she is/was selling.

Margot go home.

No. 265869

The funniest thing is thats not even how you wash clothes in a tub. Its really simple, people have been doing it for thousands of years and yet magrot fucked it up.

No. 265871

She looks like she lost weight with stress or something as well.

No. 265872

Margo is a stupid cow but Venus really didn't change, she is still Venus. She even has that typical venus photoshop on point >>265654

I have to agree with >>265679

No. 265873


it's so surreal to look at those pictures and remember how nobody had any kind of idea what fucked up things happened behind closet doors.

No. 265874

Well everyone already knew tbh. And I remember someone requested a "draw my life" video (I'm glad venus refused they are so goddamn corny) and she said "noo because it'd be sad story ;____;" or something

No. 265877

She can literally go to korea and get her stuff today and be back on a plane to japan tomorrow morning and stay there for another 3 months legally.

Now that she found out where Venus live, I can imagine Margo having found new spirit.

No. 265879

Honestly, i didn't. I knew Maggot was controlling and weird, but not that she was this kind of crazy.

No. 265880

File: 1462136241074.png (31.6 KB, 644x307, Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.57…)

Due to traveling?

No. 265882

Due to newfags

No. 265890

Yeah, kudos to Maggot for alienating Venus from her dad! We should also give her a round of applause for alienating her from the rest of her family like her Aunt Zsusua and grandfather. Praise be to Maggot!

Fucking idiot.

No. 265892

Sad thing is they may be stuck in a contract and can't move for a while. I don't know how Japanese housing works though.

No. 265893

Margo pls

No. 265897

I was thinking of them staying at a hotel. They don't need to permanently move yet, they just need to temporarily go somewhere else until Margo is forced outta the country.

No. 265898

You're replying to a post I made 8 hours ago.
Anyways here is my response to you:
Are you >>265880 by chance btw?

Please everyone read the thread before you post desu.

No. 265902

what the fuck. no one cares if it was 8 hours ago time zones are a thing

No. 265903

Kys m8

No. 265906


A week in a hotel - minimum - is a lot of money for a couple living on one salary.

No. 265908

a hostel wouldn't be TOO bad though.

No. 265909

She's travelling to the nearest river or her next lair where she has an easy path to Venus' house. Probs waiting to see her walk out the house to go eat somewhere so she can film her too.

No. 265910

Having to flee because the Ghost of Tax Days Past has your address and keeps getting 90 day visas is really unreasonable. A hostel is probably better than persecution and more misleading 10 second IG videos but you're also out of your comfort zone.

No. 265912

it is too bad they do not have friends or relatives they could bunk up with for a while.

No. 265913

what about manaki's family

No. 265915

You're forgetting about how she used to hit Venus and she threw a knife at Venus's head when she was 13.

No. 265917

But isn't there a limit of 90 day visa renewal? or you just can live in Japan going out every 3 months and coming back? wouldn't it raise red flags to migration authorities?

No. 265918

you're not supposed to be able to, no. honestly what's probably happened is that it shows in the system that venus got married so it probably doesn't look weird(right now)for maggot to be coming back.

No. 265919

No and why in the hell would that post be me?

No. 265926

So the fuck what? The post could be from 10 years ago. This isn't plebbit.

It really sucks that she knows where they live. Venus's future wil be filled with many leg haired packages, weird letters, postcards from the river and unpaid pizzas.

No. 265930

File: 1462149681326.png (586.11 KB, 930x391, Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.39…)

Venus, you catty little bitch. I love this.

Margo gets pity sushi from her roommate? Venus gets fancy sushi at a restaurant, and takes way, way better food photographs than Mags.

No. 265932

I swear to god the reaching anons here….she never has been bitchy ever

food/garbage looks uneatable though and I dont care how expensive it is. Btw this is not to ruin the party but I hope Manaki paid for the sushi…

No. 265942

Looks good but it's not as if without Manaki she'd even be at that restaurant, or really any different situation-wise than her jobless mommy boo…

No. 265943

>without manaki
Before she had her channel I'm pretty sure she had more money than him.

No. 265945

I don't get it, what's catty here?

No. 265946

I'm assuming people are reaching that Venus is posting these fancy smancy meals while Margo just has her Denny parfaits

No. 265952

Wow they both got sushi in the country sushi was basically born in.

No. 265957

That looks fucking delicious, holy shit.
>tfw no seafood where I live

No. 265959

No Fukushima radiation then
That shit's leaking into Europe now

No. 265965

Maybe it's time for an Internet break.
Stop spinning your pathetic fantasies.

No. 265991

She's jobless right now.

No. 265993

It depends how smart and prepared she really is, because she could have started saving for it maybe even before she moved to Korea and Manaki too.

No. 266009

Maggot wouldn't give her her own bank details, even if she did save, that kappa drained her funds.

No. 266045

Fukushima is tame in comparison to the two current leaking ones in the US.

No. 266048


Holy fuck will you shut up

This is annoying as fuck. I swear to God it's just one retarded same fag anon from PULL or some shit who keeps going on about
>'omg I'm so scared'
>'Margos gonna come with a knife'
>'Call the police!! Venus run!'

We get it, you're prone to overreacting. You don't need to repeat yourself every time. I bet you're the same anon who kept blog posting and going on about how sad :'( you were over that stupid bunny toy. It's annoying, get your fee fees in check already

No. 266055

Thank you!

No. 266068

wowowow all this drama. i knew margo was crazy as fuck ,but this.. no one deserves to have such a fucked up mother.

No. 266069


Hardly catty or bitchy. Venus has a very sarcastic sense of humor and is more sly than we think. She'll dig at Margaret through Instagram posts that may need to be read between the lines. While she's living it up with Manaki eating great food & visiting amazing locations in Japan, her mother is still homeless as well as jobless, now sponging off her "friends" who are no more than AirBnB hosts.

No. 266075

Man, i agree. The only meat i ever liked was seafood, but living in the rocky mountains meant the only fresh fish i got was trout.

No. 266078

The first sentence of your post made sense but the rest of your post is exactly like the other reaching anons here. She isnt a genius mastermind or a catty bitch nor does she check her mother's instagram anymore (she definitely in the beginning did I think). She is in fucking japan the land of kawaii desu sushi doki neko so of course she is going to have sushi at least once a week.

No. 266086

This is just as bad as the tin foil hat anons. Please stfu already.

No. 266087

How is Margot paying her phone bill?

No. 266089

This. It's normal food there.
Those fish eggs looked good. I'm hungry now.

Could she have some kind of monthly phone plan? Or maybe she makes no calls and just uses public internet.

No. 266090

Might be prepaid?

It could also be disconnected and only used with WiFi

I'm honestly confused how she has had any money at all

No. 266104

No. 266107

Please stfu, anon has a point. If you leave this type of autism unchecked it shits up the thread. We get it, there's no milk but that doesn't mean you can just shit post about retarded shit.

No. 266108

Margo coming with a knife would be horrible but also great milk.

No. 266112

Actually no, >>265839 was my first post in this thread.
I've only posted one other time (this'll be my third replying to you) which was >>265897

You're getting pissed off at some posts on the internet, sounds like you're the one who needs to calm down or learn to ignore things.
Same goes to you. There's no need to take something so seriously in life. It's just a thread and there'll be others when time goes on.

No. 266113

No 1 cares

No. 266122

Stop posting and start lurking if you can't into board culture

No. 266128

Can we get back on topic, please?
What will happen to these threads is the topic will shift. Margendo's foreign idiocy will be the star of the show, while Venus and Manaki (hopefully) take a deep breath and relax.

No. 266131

Margo's up bright and early, she already deleted some comments from her tree photo (while she was sleeping a couple people explained that the reason all the comments are positive is because Margo is deleting them all).

No. 266133

File: 1462223268510.gif (539.69 KB, 318x174, giphy.gif)


I can't wait to find out where in the world she is right now

No. 266135

I wonder if she's planning on making more videos of how she lives in pure filth.

No. 266136

I hope we get an update soon. Where has the river monster has washed up?!

No. 266138

What kind of retarded world do you live in where you think someone can just "move" whenever they feel like it. Are you 12?

No. 266139


Based on her eating dinner with her old roomie, and the fact that his place has been booked out until 5/12 since Margo got there, I'm gonna go with that nasty old house on AirBnB.

The real question is: what crazy does she has in store this week? V's announcement yesterday about the channel coming back soon (as in definitely, she's not "working on bring it back" anymore) will probably exacerbate Margo's downward spiral.

No. 266140

I didn't adopt a Japanese name when I lived in Okinawa, but I did adopt a Japanese "spelling" to make life easier. My surname is mostly consonants, and while it's amusing the first few times watching them try to figure it out, it just gets tiresome.

No. 266141

Look at my other comment. I said it doesn't have to be permanent, they only need to be somewhere else for a few days until Margo VISA expires.
Are you 12 yourself?

No. 266142


No. 266143

>implying people can figure out your posts on an anon board

Please leave, your autism is contagious

No. 266158

If Venus gets her channel back soon, I'm sure there will be plenty of posts praising them or bitching about how they're the same videos she's always done and people arguing about how it's soooo much different becuase you can just see in her eyes that she's so much happier now, etc

No. 266163

Lol this exactly!

But it's true though the videos are still the same :^)

No. 266169

y'all bitches reaching to lick venus' balls rn.

I never hated her, my heart goes out to her but shit I'm tired of everyone calling everything the girl does "clever" and "cute".

No. 266170

This is like Captain Venus: Civil War reactions to her doing shit. Has the mother/daughter cows turned us farmers against each other?

No. 266172

I linked which posts were mine in >>266112
Please leave if you can't read.

No. 266179

We get it, your fee fees are hurt.
Stop derailing and move on with your life.

No. 266184

Not to mention her most recent selfie being at the same Airbnb, as proved further up the thread.

There is definitely crazy coming. Every time she's been quiet has been followed by a mad action or at least some rantings and ravings. She seems to cycle really badly.

No. 266185

>makes a posts that is unrelated to topic telling the person not to derail

We get it, your fee fees are hurt as well. Stop derailing yourself and move on too.

>now getting back on topic

Has Venus and Manaki tried reporting Margo to the police yet?
They can show the police the video that Margo filmed herself (which would be beautiful irony) that Margo is now showing up to physically harass them.

No. 266190

bitch are u a parrot

No. 266207

I would bet hard cash that Maggot is shagging the Spanish AirBnB landlord in exchange for a free room.
Hope she enjoys her fresh guacamole :^)

No. 266209

Why would he fuck an old kappa when he has a young girlfriend?

No. 266212

You can't even sage your autism. You gtfo.

No. 266216

He has a girlfriend who probably looks heaps better than the old hag. The dude is dumb and sympathetic to Magrot so he's probably giving her a discount or some shit on the room. She managed to get some money from selling a few things. Those idiots deserve to be scammed for being dumb enough to buy from her.

I can't wait for one of the Anons in Japan to report her ass when the day comes,

No. 266247

Anon I've honestly never heard of that, ever. It doesn't even make sense.

No. 266261

Honestly, it sounds like something that is either super old or right out of an anime thing.

No. 266262

It's a super old thing, unless Manaki's family is weirdly overly traditional (in which case I doubt that they'd want him marrying a gaijin), I highly doubt that's what happened here.

No. 266267

I think it's a common thing for Asian families at least

No. 266273


No. 266274

I'm not saying this out of generalization or fetisizing asian people. My family and a lot of my Asian male friends have this shared experience. I don't know if westerners do it either and I understand it might seem weird.

No. 266275

Why not both?

Not the anon you're replying to, but I believe westerners did it.

No. 266292

I have seen it in an anime… xxxHolic if you're interested.

Otherwise I dont think its that unusual for a mother to dress their son/s as a girl to make them look cute, take pictures and then bring them out to embarrass them later in life.

No. 266324

>Making sense
Are you from a country completely devoid of all culture or are you just one of those people who can't recognise that your countries beliefs are largely superstitious nonsense just like everyone elses'?

No. 266326

this anon knows their history

No. 266335

File: 1462282829698.jpg (16.67 KB, 281x97, where.jpg)

This person asks a good question. I wonder if this comment is neutral enough to avoid being deleted? Sorry if this isn't too interesting, I'm just waiting to see where Margo is going.

No. 266365

My father as dressed up as a girl too when he was a kid, and it's not like he's 80. I wouldn't be too surprised if Manaki had the same.

No. 266377

File: 1462297841726.jpg (160.45 KB, 600x768, Franklin-Roosevelt-1884.jpg)


No. 266392

Uhh, that had nothing to do with gender roles. Back then little boys didn't get their first pair of pants until around 4-5 and it was because of potty training ease, they just put them in dress like tunics.

No. 266394

That and the fact that loose clothes would accomodate growth. It was also a big deal for a boy to be able to wear pants. Then in the 18th century, boys were allowed to wear short pantaloons and jackets.

You can tell a boy from a girl because girls typically wore jewelry in photos and potraits, boys did not.

No. 266397

File: 1462303656707.jpg (110.48 KB, 960x505, IMG_20160503_131826.jpg)

Just jumping in on this. At the art museum as a kid we were supposed to guess how many sons this family had based on looking at the painting. Everyone would be wrong, then they told us the answer, It's 4 boys. Each boy is holding fruit.

Like everyone said already, in 1700 boys didn't get pants until around 8yrs old…and it was a big deal.

No. 266404

So, things have so far gone like this:
Oh you left me? Then I will take your laptop
Oh, you got a new laptop? Then I will take your channel.
Oh you got your channel back? _blank_
What's next after that? I will take your life?

No. 266406

Breeching is an interesting topic but it has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. Start a historical fashion thread or sth and get back on topic.

No. 266450

File: 1462315888992.png (636.9 KB, 933x577, 295726.png)

Aunt Zsu cheering for Venus still.

Original caption read:
"I've never seen sea water thiiis clear before! #japan ?"

No. 266453

File: 1462318193413.jpg (17.18 KB, 282x98, deleted.jpg)

Margo has recently deleted some comments from her last pic. Still no update though…

No. 266456

Countdown to river.

No. 266461

Where on Earth is Margo Sandiego?

No. 266464

Considering that Margo wants to see Venus suffer, I could imagine her harassing their landlord everyday until they loose their rented apartment to be just as homeless as her.

No. 266465

She hopefully got deported or shoved her ass out of Japan by herself. Or maybe the river.

No. 266477

When Margo gets deported where will she get deported too?

No. 266480

Unless she got a dual-citizenship for Schwitzerland it should be Hungary.

No. 266489

A nice bridge somewhere, fewer worms than most. Goats to trip-trap overhead. She should be very happy there.

No. 266494

If anyone was wondering, it (used) to be pretty common to infants in dresses for practical reasons.

1) you don't need to worry about them out-growing the clothes, clothes (were) expensive and having trousers for every stage of your child's life would be costly.

2) easier to wash if they crap themselves

Plus it looked cute/pure/angelic/whatever.

No. 266510

Did anyone else follow up on the Psychopathy awareness blog marg kept spruiking?
The stalking part was interesting.

Meawhile: Its wednesda. Where is my video?

No. 266511

It would be hilarious for her to get shipped back to Hungary. But it's only a matter of time before she tries to go back to Japan.

No. 266512

Manaki trap doujin when

No. 266513

Doesn't she just need to stop in a different country for a few days then she can go back to Japan no problem on a new tourist visa?

No. 266520

I think forced deportation comes with a ban. And Margo has been doing things to get banned like running an illegal business.
If she leaves on her own then she could come back if she had the money.

No. 266522

I don't think Margos done scheming, she's going to reappear in Japan at some point. I was really hoping she'd get a ban.

No. 266535

Judging by Manaki's IG info, his birthday is on May 9th. I hope he's able to celebrate it peacefully with Venus unlike with her birthday when Margo went full out vile & called her a "mistake".

No. 266536

I doubt anyone reported her store, tbh.

No. 266578

Does Eurotrash celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday? Kicked outta Japan on the 6th, her only spawn not talking to her on the 8th.

No. 266590

It's different between all countries but mid-europe does.

No. 266625

File: 1462399090615.jpg (110.79 KB, 936x1280, manaki.jpg)

No. 266639

zsui should stop tbh, her deleting the caption just proves she doesn't want anything to do with her.

No. 266652

Pretty sad, tbh. I wonder if Margo poisoned her mind so much that she doesn't want anything to do with her family or if it's for other reasons. We will never know the real story in this case.

No. 266722

why should she stop though? She's not harassing and she's not asking for anything in return. if she continues to keep the line open then one day venus might reply.

No. 266725

what forced deportation? sure that is all in our fanfics but why would it happen? I'm sure well-meaning anons reported Margo's "business" but as it's not really provable it will go nowhere. she's closed it to cover her tracks anyway. overstaying doesn't get you hauled off either, they won't come looking for her unless there's good reason to. but when you overstay you are stuck there becuase leaving will reveal your secret. interesting times ahead. decisions, margo!

No. 266729

ngl, I'm still hoping that Venus is able to eventually get in touch with her father. We know literally nothing about him, but I'll choose to believe Ferenc that he's a decent guy.

No. 266730

alienation is super powerful in its effects; she might go her whole lifetime and not do it. fam should reach out without strings attached and let her know they are there, and that's all they can do.

No. 266731

As far as I remember, overstaying results in a 5 year ban, visitor visas included. If she overstays it's only a matter of time until she gets caught, and then Venus will be able to finally relax. It's possible for her to do a daytrip to Korea but visas aren't guaranteed back to back like that, and given her history with police and being a troublemaker I'd be surprised if a new one was granted.

No. 266734


Fucking newfags have butchered this meme. It's "me or my WIFE'S son ever again". HE'S A CUCK. THAT'S THE JOKE.

No. 266738

this stupid fucking 'maymay' was started by an unfunny post on tumblr. it was dead before it hit the ground.

No. 266739

From the photos, the room looks relatively clean (but cluttered). After seeing the maggot's video though? Fucking biohazard.

I'm not going to be surprised one bit if someone here reports her for overstaying. There's a few people who can since we know where she's hiding out.

No. 266754

the original post is a dog with a mini version of itself saying "don't talk to me or my son ever again"

You are the fucking newfag nigger

No. 266762

File: 1462420964168.png (337.46 KB, 548x473, tumblr_nejklcm7fj1r4y7nzo1_128…)

aren't you both wrong? Wasn't small boy bebop first?

sage for OT

No. 266771

File: 1462422599166.jpeg (189.57 KB, 1280x833, image.jpeg)

Or maybe it was this?

No. 266774


knowyourmeme says it started with this cowboy bebop image in 2014

this image is fake

No. 266779

that was shooped, baby Tuxie is girl

No. 266784


V didn't delete the caption? I just could fit it into the screencap, but added it for context. V just seems to be ignoring Aunt Zsu as always.

No. 266846

V is probably worried that the rest of her family is as crazy as margo is

No. 266860

It's too quiet on this thread. Should we be anticipating something big?

No. 266861

mods please ban these people for shit posting

No. 266863

You have to report the posts, you fucking retard

No. 266864

Can't we just wait for the milk that will happen tomorrow?

No. 266877

She could chimp any minute, as the stress starts to get to her.

No. 266878

File: 1462441940033.jpg (9.51 KB, 500x281, dawnofthefinalday1.jpg)

May the 6th is approaching swiftly. Curious to see what happens after…

No. 266881

Do some of you think she's hiding out at the chefs house in Japan? She's been so quiet for the past few days that I'm afraid she really is in transit and/or won't emerge until she's back in Japan with a fresh tourist Visa. I have no idea how she could possible afford this though maybe really cleaned Venus out and is better at money managing than I thought. All this laying low on her part has me thinking she's carrying out some scheme…

No. 266890

>implying I haven't
also reported you, enjoy your ban cunt(y-you too)

No. 266902

lol, you reported me for telling you that you need to report posts for the mods to see that they are against the rules? sounds good fam

remove yourself from the gene pool

No. 266908

how stupid.

No. 266909

yes we do think she's there. the recent platter of sushi was by him we think. some dumbo wrote to him but at least we got the info that he thinks Margo is the victim here and that he supports her 100%.

No. 266914


Fuck off newfag

No. 266939

most of those posts aren't shitposting. also, the point of reporting is to not acknowledge bullshit with replies.

No. 266948

File: 1462453976369.jpg (70.72 KB, 1152x864, ohreally-1.jpg)

>also reported you, enjoy your ban cunt

No. 266951

ok who reported me for asking about getting a petition for her channel back??? like seriously it wasn't even suggested i just asked about if anyone tried it guys what the fuck like who's the petty bitch going around reporting people for dumb reasons(fuck off retard)

No. 266953

File: 1462454852758.jpg (180.91 KB, 927x599, itsalive.jpg)

She's back on IG.

No. 266956

What the fuck is Kawaii Land? That shit does not exist in Japan.

No. 266959

read the rules newfag. no army requests.

No. 266960

I don't think she means a place literally called Kawaii-Land, just a ~kawaii~ place that she went to…

No. 266961

I checked Airbnb for apartments with a Hello Kitty theme, but the kitchens didn't match.

No. 266963

Is the description a sly jab at how Venus captions her photos?

No. 266968

This place is even uglier than Spanish Chef's place.

No. 266974

I can't remember what it's called but it's common in Japan to have shared rentals for women only and sometimes they're all cute and shit. I don't think this is where she's staying, though.

No. 266981

Margo's on the lam!

No. 266984

the photos are not the same but the description said this person has 5 hello kitty appartments on airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4318176 is in osaka.

No. 266985

https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1268549 This one is from Seoul. Sorry for the spam. I'm keeping digging.

No. 266987



No. 266989

Except noone said that. We're just linking Hello Kitty themed AirBnB and that one happens to be in S.Korea

No. 266990

Old lady B&B style

No. 266992

I checked those, none of them has a blue kitchen unfortunately

No. 266996

It's a bit cluttered like a regular home with some cutsie decor. Maybe an internet friend or a buddy of the chef gave her a place to crash for awhile?

No. 267009

Why would you bother posting somewhere that doesn't match…?

No. 267017

No. 267018

File: 1462465992806.jpg (73.12 KB, 746x541, kitchen.JPG)

No. 267020

So she left Japan and is in Korea again?

No. 267022

Likely to renew her visa.

No. 267023

Good work, anon. Confirmed match

No. 267024


how long does she have to wait until she can re-enter japan? And I also wonder when she will return, how does she want to survive? I mean she was already broke af at the end of the past few weeks?

No. 267025

Looking at the listing..that is actually one of the more pricey places. I would've thought she would have tried for something cheaper in order to save her cash.

No. 267027

Out of everything available, this disgusting old hag books a fucking Hello Kitty house.


No. 267028

I just knew she was going to go to Korea so she could try to jump back into Japan. Great job anon, you have a good eye! I'm surprised she could afford to stay there though…

No. 267029


What soul?

No. 267031

That room is so creepy I've got shivers. If I stayed there I'd wake in the night screaming.

No. 267032

File: 1462466527692.jpg (78.39 KB, 1019x681, kitchen2.jpg)

No. 267035

Maybe she think it will make Venus jelly (it won't).

No. 267037

This shit looks disgusting

No. 267040

tbh I like the place where she is staying now. we expected much worse. good job margo, now you need to find a job.

No. 267045

It seems like she booked for one night only. So maybe it's back to Japan after that.

No. 267049

Did she choose a Hello Kitty place to make it like she didn't leave Japan??

Also it says it's located by the airport line? Meaning the airport is just a train ride away?? Right?

No. 267055

So mags left in advance of the may 6 visa ending, and is renting a room in Seoul 20 minutes from the airport for one night. I guess we know the plan is to return to japan asap. So much for her returning to the EU. I guess she still hasn't "finished her old life" yet, as she put it.

She must've sold just enough stuff to pay for a flight out and back and a night in another room. I doubt she shipped anything; niw she gets to keep her precious belongings and the "shipping fees" she collected.

No. 267056

I fucking hope she gets banned from re-entering. It does happen to non-Asians too.

No. 267057

File: 1462470954263.jpg (17.2 KB, 236x295, doge.jpg)

Manaki and Venus should get a pet Akita in case the Kappa returns. Can't wait for V's channel to be back up.

No. 267058

I'm waiting to hear from the anon that ordered something from the shop. Did you get it yet?

Or has anyone recieved anything yet??

No. 267059

Probably received a parcel full of leg hairs.

No. 267063


You can't reenter after just 1 day though? What is she planning…

No. 267065

I really do hope she plans to re-enter after just one day. INSTA-DENIAL

No. 267068

File: 1462472905564.png (53.54 KB, 464x353, Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.2…)

Margo is probably going right back; it looked like she was booked at the spanish chef's place until May 12 all along. You pay at the time of booking on AirBnB so she probably payed her rent back before she realized she'd be out of cash by now.

No. 267078

I would die if I had to stay here, even for one night.

No. 267082

I did a little digging on the rules regarding back to back stays on tourist visas in Japan. Apparently it's pretty much up to immigration whether you get back in after taking a short, suspicious trip to Korea and straight back to Japan again, as you'll be suspected of illegal work and not paying your taxes. There's no hard and fast rule, but it seems that AFTER 180 days in a single year - 2 back to back 90 day visas - you will likely be pulled aside at the gate and interviewed by immigration. Sometimes they get suspicious after your first trip, and need to see a return ticket out of Japan before they stamp your passport for the second 90 day visa.

Let's hope twitchy, tweaky Mags looks like the sneaky, leeching tax dodger she is.

No. 267088

Didn't Margs mention immigration gave her trouble when she came to Japan to snatch Venus? Maybe they have an eye on her already.

No. 267091


I don't know about that, but I did just remember that they were in Japan right up until what, October last year? If they did give Mags shit on reentry, it's no wonder, since they'd JUST DONE back to back 90 day visas.

So Margo will now be attempting her THIRD tourist visa (at least) reentry within a year's time, not her second. Yeah, the likelihood she gets flagged upon attempted reentry is high.

No. 267093


I don't know about that, but I did just remember that they were in Japan right up until what, October last year? If they did give Mags shit on reentry, it's no wonder, since they'd JUST DONE back to back 90 day visas.

So Margo will now be attempting her THIRD tourist visa (at least) reentry within a year's time, not her second. Yeah, the likelihood she gets flagged upon attempted reentry is high.

No. 267097

pls stop that cringy kappa shit you fucking weeb.

No. 267098

Ha, all of this applies to poor Venus this Sunday

No. 267099

I like this idea. A big guard dog to protect them.

No. 267103

File: 1462477440388.jpg (19.66 KB, 296x152, comments.JPG)


do you guys think mags will freak out again about the fact that people found out where she is rn? comments on her latest Insta pic.

No. 267105

I fucking hope so. She deserves the paranoia.

No. 267107

So, the mangot paid $26 usd for a night in a hello kitty dorm room with 5 giggling Korean 12-year-olds. Imagine how creeped out those little girls must have been by her haggard orange-haired 41-year-old ass.

No. 267109

File: 1462478174127.png (926.11 KB, 845x537, d54c543e86653bbefa4454f8969aab…)

Margo follows the host of the pink nightmare realm on instagram.

No. 267118

You get monthly benefits for your child from Switzerland until it is 20, in some cases until 25 and I am pretty sure she didn't report that Venus isn't living with her anymore.

No. 267120

Cuntface is back in South Korea? Shame it wasn't in the North part.

No. 267121

Hungarian Mother's Day was May 1st. Did she do any crazy shit then?

No. 267125

This room is tacky AF. No wonder Margaret booked this place.

No. 267132

This would make perfect sense if she gets that money at the start of the month. Probably got it in her account then got her ticket to Korea and her BnB and is looking to go back to Japan.

No. 267133

If only the authorities there knew Venus no longer lives with her. How predictable of Margo to do benefit fraud.

No. 267134


but how much money is it?

No. 267139

No. 267143

Is there a way to let them know or is it up venus.
>>267093 didnt venus report margos ass when she "visited" them, wont that show up in some records if she tries to come back?

No. 267145

Starts at a minimum of $258 and depends on how many relatives you have living with you. Considering that margo is a single mom that always "studies" it will be a lot as you and/or your child studying, even if it is only language school, gives a huge bonus.

No. 267146

But if she's still registered as being a citizen of Hungary, her benefits will have stopped as unless your child goes into further education, they stop at 18.
Monthly, a single parent with 1 child in Hungary gets 13700HUF per month (around £35) in family allowance.
You also have to be living in the country to benefit from them (if you move to another country within the EU you work on their child tax credit/family allowance system.
In the UK for example, I receive £22 per week for my child and don't receive Tax Credits as my partner and I both are high earners.

If she is a Swiss citizen it's a bit different as it's calculated based on what 'sector' her employment is registered under. She's certainly not agriculture so we'll go with the 'other' sector. She'd receive about £129 per month in Family Allowance as a Swiss citizen but only up until age 16 as Venus is technically in paid employment (if your child is unemployed you get it up to the age of 20). Again, Maggot would need to be living in Switzerland to benefit.

No. 267149

The benifits depend on the citizenship of the child and not the one of the mother.

No. 267151

> only up until age 16 as Venus is technically in paid employment
Which she never was as her YouTube income was never reported or taxed in the first place. She was always "studying", wether it be homeschooled or some language school.

No. 267156

>You get monthly benefits for your child from Switzerland until it is 20, in some cases until 25

>The benefits depend on the citizenship of the child and not the one of the mother.

Assuming both >>267118 and >>267149 are correct, how does the fact that Venus is now living in Japan affect whatever benefits maggot is (probably) still receiving (and probably living on?)

No. 267158

Margo would have to report that Venus is no longer living with her and / or married. She won't give up those benefits without being forced to. Or Venus could report Margo, but I think she'd rather just stay away from her.

We've been over this before but Venus is Swiss, and Margo is Hungarian. Margo received Swiss child benefits because venus us a Swiss citizen. Those benefits can be paid up until the child moves out, the child marries, or the child turns 25. There are other factors too (parent incime, child income, whether child is in school) but margo was receiving a stipend. And I doubt she'll willingly give it up.

No. 267174

Maggs is up & deleting comments this am in her pink kawaii room with her preteen hello kitty fan roommates.

No. 267175


Either she woke up super late, or she got off a plane/ didn't have Internet for a bit.

Since she's been using repost photos for at least a week and has had that "travelling" message on the webstore for 4 or 5 days, I'm thinking she might have already been in Seoul a few days and on her merry way back to glorious nippon.

No. 267182

I'm late but this is fucking excellent work anon.

No. 267183

Would someone need to report her though? idk how govt. benefits work in Switzerland, but in the US you have to fill out paperwork every year to prove you still qualify for the benefits you receive. Any Swiss anons know about this?

No. 267186

Idk if it's for all the same but my mom only had to fillout paperwork once I turned 21 to prove I was studying.

No. 267187

yes you pay when you book but also the host can simply mark days unavailable. we can infer she's going back there because where else would she go? but assuming anything about payments that have been made is pointless reaching. he's so sympathetic to her that she may be promising some 'payday' soon. we simply don't know what's up. if it wasn't for margo's desperate need for attention we wouldn't even know she'd left the country.

No. 267189

Lmao Margo has deleted all but 6 comments on her Hello Kitty paradise pic on IG. She clearly doesn't want us to know she's in Korea.

No. 267192

File: 1462492579974.png (1.01 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160505-194306.png)

This makes SO much sense. Of course she's living on those Swiss bennies. She gets that monthly check & she has $$ to burn.. Remember it was April 1 that she took off on her hobo train trip across Nippon.

She'll be singing the blues again at the end of the month when she's burned through all the $$, like the welfare cheat she is.

No. 267197

Fuuuuck, yep, she's definitely getting that money then. What a piece of shit, omg.

No. 267198

File: 1462495276764.png (456.36 KB, 700x440, b3533fa5-8a84-48d0-91eb-da1748…)

Magg's roommates at the Hello Kitty house of kawaii

No. 267199

But i remember some swiss people said many threads ago that just because you are born in switzerland doesnt give you a swiss citizenship but they go by what your parents are which would make venus hungarian. Which also would explain why she had to notify the hungarian embassy when she was getting married to manaki. And if she did send the papers in and is infact married ro mana wouldnt they know then that venus doesnt live with margo anymore or that she at least isnt reliant on her anymore

No. 267200

File: 1462495371914.jpg (27.16 KB, 125x275, a1d952ad-ccba-4b36-95b4-454d56…)

"hi girls, I'm ur roomie!"

No. 267201

File: 1462495429519.png (647.21 KB, 712x546, c8798aaa-f94b-45fd-8886-216823…)

Who gets the top bunk, maggs?

No. 267202

Venus has a duel citizenship because her mother is hungarian, but it's well established that she's a Swiss citizen. That weird shit about paperwork and notifying the Hungarian government of her marriage sounded like a bunch of margo speak anyway, but even if she did notify Hungary of her marriage, why would that affect anything in Switzerland?

No. 267203

"For children aged between 16 and 25 who are still studying or in vocational training, you are entitled to an education allowance of at least 250 a month for each child. … You must contact your employer or the relevant family compensation fund to report any change in personal, financial and professional circumstances (including your children’s education) that may have an effect on your right to an allowance or the level of the allowance. "

It sounds like an honour system anon. If she doesn't tell them there's no change.

No. 267204

I really think that's more about Id and also proving she was not married anywhere else. A lot of countries ask for foreigners to get these docs from the embassy. Margo-speak is so confusing.

No. 267209


>For children aged between 16 and 25 who are still studying or in vocational training, you are entitled to an education allowance of at least 250 a month for each child

Okay… so the child in question (Venus) is 1) no longer a student, 2) not only not living w/marge but living in a whole different COUNTRY than marge, and 3) married.
So that should disqualify marge from receiving those bennies 3 different ways, right?

No. 267212

Yes, but if Marge doesn't tell them government there is a change then… she can still get the money.

No. 267215

Does anyone know that for a fact though? i.e. a quote from Swiss law?

No. 267217

Ah i see that makes sense so hungary might know but switzerland doesnt so margo can still cash in. Venus really needs to step up her game and troll harder contact them herself and cut her mom off

No. 267222

Besides possible turning in paperwork for her marriage, how else could they find out?

No. 267223

I can see her now smoking a cigarette in her frilly night dress and telling them all about her abusive daughter who ran away from home in mangled Korean…

No. 267230


The Legendary Tale of Princess Venoos: The Great Escape to Nippon is probably quite a hit with the kids.

No. 267308

File: 1462504313285.png (92.96 KB, 662x480, dumb.png)

whoever concave_pumpkin is, stop blowing your load. you are not being subtle at all.

No. 267309

I copy-pasted legit swiss info at >>267203

No. 267310

next time Margo won't show a fucking thing and it will be because of your dumb shit.

No. 267311


all the roomates are young korean girls looking either down or away from Margs, all of them look so uncomfortable too

Some crazy Euro trash who is angrily talking to her phone at crazy hours of the night. Talking about how she is homeless because of her slut daughter and pedophile son in law.

No. 267312

If this is the same idiot from earlier, I saw them comment saying they came from PULL.

No. 267313

That's a pic from the Airbnb's listing, so margg's not in it…but it does show their clientele and maggs would stick out like a 40-year-old orange-haired hobo sore thumb.

Wonder what her lil roomies (or their mothers, lol) would think if they knew they were rooming with a satanist?

No. 267322

"Eating with my friends!"
How many of them were aware that a creepy old foreigner was taking their picture & how comfortable would they have been with this?

No. 267324

No. 267329

so it's like midday on may 6, margot should be leaving japan today yeah?

No. 267330

Did you even bother to read the thread bud

No. 267331

Mostly suspected of already having left Japan and living in Seoul. She will probably be there until it's time to renew her Visa so she can go daughter hunting again.

No. 267332


i just skimmed it, sorry :'(

No. 267333


ahhh i see. thanks!

No. 267338

I pray to the gods that she gets denied re-entry after all the re-entries she's done in a year and all the trouble she caused with the police. One can only hope.

No. 267344

How much money does she have left??
I know Tokyo-Seoul with a LCC is around 80 Bucks one-way so that's relatively cheap…but that AirBnb is sorta expensive (and it also looks like shit)

No. 267346

It's $26 usd/night for a 4-6 bed dorm. And marge has monthly benefits from Switzerland as a 'single mom.'

No. 267350

I wonder if she has shit in Seoul to sell or pick up, like the mac Venus left her.

No. 267354

File: 1462522921172.png (45.87 KB, 644x216, dumbb.png)

the comment stupidity is intensifying.

No. 267367

File: 1462526450868.png (627.84 KB, 932x596, Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.2…)

More pics of the headache-inducing apartment.

No. 267368

Oh, I thought it was around $90 per night

No. 267369


This is saaaad
Mags is trying so hard and all she produces is this ugly imitation of cute.

I can imagine that mags is sitting in this toothache of a kitchen, drinking 10 cups of coffee before noon and trying to convince her roommates to let her be their manager.

No. 267372

Is this person relatively new to to the ways of Margo? She must have sprained her delete finger the day she posted the video of her showing up to V&Ms home.

No. 267392

Not anymore. Now that peenus is married and no longer a dependent living under her, she won't get even those few francs

No. 267395

Stop it. Or we are now allowed to call american cows fat American trash.

No. 267397

You are. That shit is fine on imageboards, c'mon.

No. 267398

When you get married in one country and are originally from another, they usually ask for your marriage certificate and birth certificate issued in your home country to prove you're not married, underage or a criminal. However you still don't have to report the marriage to your home country's public office and they won't have any records of your marriage. At least in most of the EU it works like that.
Hope that's clearer.

No. 267399

Lol they look so uncomfortable

No. 267401

.. It's not cute at all .. It's just .. tacky.

I guess the place is a perfect fit for Margo after all.

No. 267403

you're not on tumblr anymore, dorothy

No. 267404

Looks like a bordello

No. 267407

Price/night depends on whether you rent a 2-bed room vs a 4 or 6-bed room/dorm. So Maggs either has 1 preteen roommate or 3-5 of them, depending on how reckless she's being with that welfare check.

No. 267408

It looks fucking EXCRUCIATING.

No. 267409


Much cute. Canot handlez.
#cuteness #cutenessoverload #pinkeverywhere #hellokitty #toomuch

That caption ^^
*Someone is feeling extra sassy this afternoon (Seoul time) now that she has a lil ca$h in her pocket again.

No. 267416

I feel like Venus won't report her because deep down she still has a little love left for her mother and doesn't want her completely go into ruins. Unlike Margothel, she isnt a vindictive bitch and doesn't want to destroy her life. Maybe she will cut her off once Mags is in a more stable position

No. 267417

File: 1462537521420.png (502.2 KB, 1440x1811, Screenshot_2016-05-06-08-21-45…)

Guess she didn't explain that she's between Korea and Japan to stalk her daughter and try to ruin her/ bring harm upon her.

Also wtf is that attitude about the video? What a cunt she's the one who said new video every Wednesday, did she not?

No. 267418

>Because some crazy people want to know my every step and bribe my friends
>bribe my friends

Is Psycho Margo exaggerating again? Maybe that person shouldn't have contacted the chef but afaik it was just a simple email/message where does the bribery come from? Words have meanings Margo.

No. 267419

Margo staying at this kawaii land of pink clutter is just another jab at Venus. She knows she LOVES Hello Kitty and the whole time they were in Korea they never stayed there. Petty bitch…

No. 267421

This had to have been a Margo bizarre-o-world way to try to lure another person on her side. I'm assuming there's no requirement to connect your instagram to your airbnb account. Why else would she tell her host she uses instagram when there's all this drama going on? Any sane person would want to sweep that shit under the rug.

No. 267425

Just imagine magoo giggling and dancing half naked around the girls

>Teehee~ am I kowaii enough yet, my friends? Let me be your manageeeer

also I feel sorry for whoever have to use the shower and washing machine after her.

No. 267426

>bribe my friends

No. 267428

Guys, I think Margs has found a new person to be the manager of.

No. 267429


I thought they had their own apartment so there was no reason to stay at a airbnb?

No. 267433

File: 1462543173950.png (123.53 KB, 1440x463, Screenshot_2016-05-06-08-56-23…)

wonder if/when margoot will delete her #bestfriend's comment

No. 267437

File: 1462544983842.png (489.81 KB, 1010x424, 477c6963-f366-4196-86af-36bb2e…)

Not gonna delete new bff's comment, lol
>marge: I get you #followerz for #discount on rm?
>@berrypink015 aka @hotpinky015: ok!
>marge: follow @hotpinky015

No. 267438

File: 1462545476418.png (738.68 KB, 640x779, 1b247855-c5a8-40aa-ba09-fbde0a…)

@berrypink015: 247 followers
- started biz (kawaii guesthouse) about 2 months ago

@hotpinky015: 18K followers
- been in 'biz' awhile longer
- maybe bought guesthouse w/'earnings?'
- can't knock the hustle, I guess

No. 267441


And now we know that the Hello Kitty Hell is located in Hongdae

No. 267446

File: 1462546573310.png (410.95 KB, 638x831, 5af85372-9017-438f-a8b6-63e601…)

@hotpinky015 before she became kawaii guesthouse operator

perfect new bff for marge, yes?

No. 267454

Margo is gonna get next to her in some tiny shorts and top and pose like she's all sexy as hell.

No. 267455

iirc Venus payed an extra month before running away, most likely their contract is expired by now. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 267458

Dog looks like Manaki

No. 267459

This is my understanding as well. She abandoned the apartment for months to wander around Japan. It's possible the landlord is holding the stuff she left so can pick that up. I doubt she paid for rent and utilities while in Japan so she can't stay there.

No. 267462

I believe the term is Amerifats

I think they did stay at an airbnb at some point, because there's a review on Margo's page about how well they treated the pet dog.

No. 267464


yeah we read you, stop samefagging now

No. 267476

it really does tho (im a diff anon)

manaki also imo looks like a frog

No. 267482

File: 1462555291706.jpg (24.47 KB, 294x181, video.jpg)

Are we going to get a new video from Margo?! Sadly I doubt anything would top the hater song.

No. 267491


I doubt but I wish there would be some more vids of her. I mean the hate song was the best thing ever but never underrate our beloved maggot.

No. 267493

Marge has been panting over the high follower account in her comments. Methinks mags found her next "project". This one doesn't seem adverse to being sold sexually, but what does maggot have to offer Pinky? A black hole to throw her money in? A crazed gaijin mamasan who doesn't speak Korean yet will somehow negotiate "big deals"?

No. 267499

Fucking kek; it actually does.

No. 267502


Venus paid for another month of rent in Seoul and another semester for margo to stay in school.

Margo, with the long term planning ability of a toddler, chucked everything in storage again and lit out for tokyo, just totally giving up the free month of rent and semester of school (you pay at booking on air bnb and that's what they were using to get apartments without paying key money.)

So there is no more apartment in Seoul. And margo complained about Venus "forcing me to pack up the old apartment, didn't even care!" Because being left all of the material goods she cherishes and a free months rent signals to margo that her child is ungrateful.

No. 267504

File: 1462562303455.jpg (97.09 KB, 396x652, 1432736038227.jpg)

KEK it's uncanny!

No. 267505

I kinda hope this works out for her in a way. Being this chick's manager, that is. Then she can leave Venus alone (I hope) and we can still have milk and Margo can feel important. Win win for everyone.

No. 267512

>we can still milk
I hope you guys arent going to make fun of that korean girl

No. 267513


tbh with pictures like >>267446 it's hard not too.

No. 267516

… are you kidding? Imma keep an eye on her. She's got great cow potential.

No. 267521

I don't care about the Korean girl much, it could be anyone honestly. I was talking more about Margo milk. I picture endless potential for Margo to embarrass herself again, especially if things don't work out. Good luck to the girl if she's later the next target of her shitshow, although I can't feel too bad because (if Margo's even going to be her manager), she chose this, unlike Venus.

No. 267523

Fucking PULL. Shopped photos doesn't really point to cow material you faggots. Because of "cow potential" being brought in by you dullards, lolcow is slowly turning to shit.

Is it just me or was Margo's flight out of Japan anti climatic? I wonder how this hobo will make it back so she can pull more of her creepy antics.

No. 267525

Do not be faggots guys leave the girl alone. Venus makes shitty pictures too but that doesnt equal milk just ugly selfies.

No. 267528

this board has already become shit m8.

No. 267529

I agree. It's very hypocritical to cheer on Venus but go after the creature from the black lagoon's new target. Remember, MARGO is the cow to milk, not the people she gets involved with.

No. 267532

File: 1462569233722.png (533.75 KB, 497x578, 43649291.png)

It doesn't look like a lot, but I think V has definitely gained some weight back recently which is good. I don't wanna sound like a pulltard but I really do wonder if Mags was forcing Venus to restrict her eating to get as thin as she was.

No. 267533

Meh she's doing that leaning back pose proanas do on the left, which makes her look skinnier

No. 267534

looks the same to me. I dont think she needs to gain lard tho, she should lift tbh.

No. 267536

You can definitely see some difference in her legs though, but I also think lighting deals into it as well, she seems healthier in the second pic, which is nice.

No. 267538

Venus' life is fucked in the long run. There's no future for her in Japan.

Margo's a fucking lunatic who needs help of some kind.

No. 267543

Maybe she can be happy with Manaki tho?
My heart goes out to her…

No. 267544

A small part of me wants to believe she'll be alright. Hopefully she'll just live a quiet, simple life.

No. 267546

Won't last. Never does. Take it from someone who has spent extensive time over there. Male and female expats married to Japanese are some of the most miserable people in existence. They grow to despise the place as they get older.

She needs to actually come up with a fucking plan for that, and she lacks any sort of initiative - If Margo is right about one thing it's that she's been the one that has dragged Venus through all this shit - Not that this is a good thing of course, I just mean that Venus' natural state is a kind of corrosive, self-destructive lethargy like so many weebs.

No. 267550

yeah i agree tbh

this is why i thought being with manaki for venus wasnt a good idea future wise

No. 267552

Any sources for all your salt there my friend?

No. 267555

The fact you think venus is living a life worth envying is astonishing to me.

No. 267556

@manasenpai liked this instavideo:


I can't stop watching it.

No. 267558

Once Margo is out of the picture it's just the average life of person, nothing rare or uncommon.

No. 267559

It really isn't though. She has no education to speak of from the age of about 13, no marketable skills, no family to rely on, just an (at best) sketchy Japanese guy who doesn't even speak her native language, all of this taking place in a country where foreigners have virtually zero legal rights next to native Japanese.

She's not normal at all. The fact you're encouraging her is actually kind of disgusting fam. She needs to work out a concrete plan to sort out her life and stopping being a fucking weeb should be her first port of call to actually building a real future.

Go fantasise about being a gaijin moderu somewhere else.

No. 267561

>projecting this much
If Venus didn't have any sort of education she wouldn't have been abel to go to prepareation school in the Netherlands or even pass it with pretty much the best grades.

No. 267562

>the best grades

Where is the proof of this?

Your English seems poor.

No. 267563

To these people merely having a husband who happens to be Japanese is worth envying. They aren't normal.

No. 267564

> She has no education to speak of from the age of about 13

This may not count as much, but she did go to school for a very short time (In the Netherlands), as for England she was taught (sort of ) by Margo, but it was assumed she was fairly smart anyway.

Plus she seems to be decently versed in languages (and I use this sort of loosely since she can hold a conversation in Japanese, English, and Swiss-German….And I'mma throw in Dutch too since she had to learn the basics in school.)

No. 267565

Knowing a few European languages on the continent isn't a big deal to most of us.

Understand that employers care about seeing proof of marketable skills though. And a patchy few years of schooling here and there isn't that.

No. 267569

File: 1462577170627.jpg (57.81 KB, 588x492, 1423330192911.jpg)

No. 267570

That's how 90% of this thread functions. Zero proof, lofty assumptions, and a grandiose opinion of a little girl with no survival skills, just an acute case of codependency.

No. 267572

No. 267574

Why do they love her so much? I can get feeling sorry for her given her mother's influence but the idea her life is in a good place now is bizarre.

No. 267575


While her "cute" life in Japan at the moment is envied by many of her fans, the fact she's simply a foreign housewife with nothing else behind her besides making cliche Youtube videos, knowing a few languages & relies on her Japanese husband for just about everything isn't a life I'd want at all. It's lonesome, just as toxic and she seriously probably wouldn't be able to cope on her own independently. She relied on her mother for support until she saw the light about her narcissistic ways, now she relies on Manaki.

No. 267576

Genuinely curious. Why do you like her so much and defend her? Is it because you want to follow in her footsteps or something, get a j husband and all that jazz?

Really trying my best to understand.

No. 267577

You went full retard.

No. 267578

I don't understand why you guys care so much about her personal life? It's kinda pathetic honestly. It's not even about anyone envying her life, you seem to be more obsessed about it than the people supporting her.

No. 267579

Aren't these just prep school grades? I.e. They're not going to serve as something meaningful to any employer these days.

No. 267580

Holy shit lol, calm down. I never said that. I'm of the camp that only gives a shit about Venus to the degree of cheering her on in her fight against Maggot. But your whole
>Venus' natural state is a kind of corrosive, self-destructive lethargy like so many weebs
Is giving yourself a lot of self-appointed authority, so I'm just asking how you seem to magically know Venus so well.

No. 267581

This is lolcow. The fact you're even on /pt/ proves you are part of the same hypocrisy.

You think I'm insulting you but I'm not. I want to understand your motivations.

No. 267582

>acting like if Venus was a retard that never went to school
>trying to derail with employer talk
Hell, even girls that did drop out of high school with 13 due to pregnancy can get a job everyone can.

No. 267583

But it's true. Vegetating at home and doing nothing productive isn't a vice exclusive to r9k males. Plenty of girls with arrested psychological development, such as venus, do the same thing.

No. 267585

What job do you think she can get?

Even entry level sales jobs require completion of secondary education at the very least these days, and to move up in any way you need a degree.

No. 267586

>thinks everyone is the same anon
Oh you, I posted >>267572 after you started to talk how there is no proof when some was posted not too long ago. Stay salty.

No. 267587

Honesty, I'm speaking beyond this school thing—my comment is about how the thread functions in general. Shit ton of fantasy scenarios in every thread nowadays.

No. 267588


Because one day Venus could end up down the same route all over again if her and Manaki were to have relationship trouble which many couples do. Where and who the fuck will she turn to? Margaret again? She's living in a fantasy world and Youtube won't last forever. She's a walking time bomb thanks to Margaret's upbringing. No built up resume, no proper education, zero friends-all while in Japan. Seriously her life is "okay" for now, but in the long run it needs to be improved or she's fucked.

No. 267589

Why are you so convinced that everyone who defends or supports Venus is a giant weeb with yellow fever? For normal human beings its possible to be invested in someone's well-being without wanting to be them or wanting their life.

No. 267590

>Shit ton of fantasy scenarios in every thread nowadays.
That's nothing new, see the Kiki threads.

No. 267592

I remember reading in the Japan Times that something like 90% of expat marriages in Japan end in divorce.

No. 267593

Unlike you, though, I don't give a flying fuck about what any of these people do in their everyday life. I laugh at cows when they air their dirty laundry, not pretend to care if they have a job or not. You know, like most people here do? I don't pretend to know their personal lives, because I'm not obsessed. If her relationship works, cool. If it doesn't, cool. You're so salty because of your own bad experience and because of it, you think everyone in a similar situation is you.

No. 267594

>Plenty of girls with arrested psychological development, such as venus

Again, this is the shit I'm asking for a source to.

Also this thread is rapidly turning into a cancerous clusterfuck, goddamn guys.

No. 267595

no comment on this piece of garbage.

No. 267596

Lol you can go to school all you want, but if you don't have experience or even try, what's it worth? Hell, look at the queen, she's got a degree and is still doing dead end work at 30.

No. 267597

>this thread is turning into cancer
when there are people who arent asskissing venus, like always yeah I get it. There is no milk so we're allowed to discuss.

No. 267598

I got the impression that by her leaving Margo that she's aware that she lacks skills and that this is the first step to actually getting her life together. I don't know if it would have benefitted her to say, run away back to her aunt or another relative when they've only shown to be supportive from afar and probably aren't familiar with how she's been raised.

If Venus gets too comfortable, then that's obviously a problem, but I don't think that she's going to get life skills overnight either. Manaki was the first step. I also don't think that a girl who has been raised prudely to act like a small child is going to develop a grown up mentality. There's hope that she can mature considering that she recognized in Korea that she had a serious problem of being manipulated by Margo.

No. 267599

>because the rabid search for Margo and absurd fantasy storyline aren't cancer

No. 267600


Discussion isn't even the issue, there's just a lot of argumentative shit from people assuming multiple anons are the same person, or not bothering to read before commenting, getting overly defensive for no reason, or just straight shit posting really.

No. 267601

Wishful thinking. Remember that apples don't fall far from the tree and that the very fact she's in a country like Japan, so far from home, is because of the way her mother brought her up and paraded her around.

By marrying someone she barely knows she's just continuing down the same path her mother guided her down. The fact her mother is no longer leading her by the arm down this path isn't something to be celebrated.

No. 267602

How is manaki a first step? It's a continuation of her codependent behavior.

No. 267603

Well said anon

No. 267604

The cancerous anon shitposting is so embarrassing. The farmer becomes the cow.

No. 267606

For curiosity's sake, what is your ideal course of action she would have taken had she still been with Margo in Korea?

No. 267608

I'm not the same anon conversing above but to chime in, it's a rare kid that sees through all the bullshit and goes out on their own, cutting off all parties. It's the best decision IMO but it's hard for many to even see it available as an option.

When I see that vid of Venus (the running away one) and she talks about thinking Margo hitting her was normal… I think she currently sees a lot of things as normal. Like having a person that you cling to exclusively 24/7, or acting like a child for her fans, or doing fucked up stuff like eating that whole pudding. Venus is not on a great trajectory but I hope she gets some peace so she can think about it all.

No. 267610

Lol this reaching.
She's what, 19? She'll grow up plenty. Besides, it's not like wearing frilly clothes automatically means you want to be a child or stay a child, some people just like cute stuff and acting cute.

I also had a neurotic, controlling mother (albeit not criminally insane like Margo) and when I left her I immediately started changing for the better. Sure it won't be easy in the beginning but she'll grow out of it soon enough. If all those spoilt mummy's boys can do it so can she.(no one cares)

No. 267611

sheer delusion.

the girl has little education no matter how capable she might be.

No. 267612

Don't try to turn this into some shitful argument about frilly socks. I'm not judging her for liking sanrio.

I'm talking about her manner, and she is at times presenting younger. I'm not judging it, I'm saying it isn't good for her given the abuse she's sustained through her teens. It keeps her where she is. She probably won't stop doing it but that doesn't change that it's not good for her.

No. 267613

She is still doing all of these things though, acting like a child for her fans for example, codependency with her husband and so on.

Nothing has fundamentally changed about venus other than the fact her mother has left the picture.

Wearing theatrically frilly clothes is abnormal by definition. Honestly is there a single lolita comm which has a good reputation?

I honestly think she needs to leave Japan. Consider that there are western men in professions like financial services and engineering and banking who almost always pack it in and fuck off back home just because of how impossible it is to actually build a proper life for yourself as a foreigner out there. Let alone some girl who never even finished high school.

No. 267614


If she cut off all parties she'd be really lonely, which is unhealthy as fuck. That's why all those Mormon kids who get excommunicated from the family end up so fucked up.

It's actually a lot more sobering to see how a normal family works and have a supportive safety net to fall back on should Margo go ape on her again. I'll agree that Japan is perhaps not the best country for this, but it's all she's got which just happens to be a lot better than her previous lifestyle.

No. 267616

It takes time, anon. It's been less than a year and a good chunk of it has been hiding and stressing out that her unstable mother is looking for her.

Maybe Japan isn't necessarily the best place to be for her mentality, but it's familiar for now as she tries to adjust and develop new habits. People are capable of getting out of bad places, but it doesn't happen overnight or usually works out well if you're doing it with no support system whatsoever.

No. 267617

What's stopping her from getting an education? Is there no Japanese equivalent of a GED?

No. 267619

Where the fuck did those 99.99% salt anons come from? Reading this thread suddenly became too cringy.
And this thread is not even about Venus.

No. 267621

She's already drawing in on 20 and Japan isn't the kind of place you want to be looking to build a career as a foreigner. Especially one who isn't there on a specialist work visa.

I know it's repeated so often that it's memery by now but the Japanese really really really don't want foreigners settling in their country and they legally make things as difficult as possible for you.

No. 267622

it's not cringy it just pisses you off. stop doing that, if you dont like it dont come here. stop complaining m8. This thread IS going to be still about Venus but OP is a retard. There is no milk so I repeat again we can discuss about certain events.

No. 267624

These threads have been about Margo for quite a long time since she is the real cow here.

No. 267626

Yeah, people saying she should 'cut everyone off' have no idea what they're talking about.

No. 267627

Can she not file a restraining order? How does that even work in japan

No. 267628

Japan has huge issues with stalking precisely because their laws in this sort of area are weak as fuck.

No. 267629

wow this thread became cancer

No. 267630

>It's been less than a year

Less than half a year even, which makes people's insistence that she automatically be a well adjusted independent adult by now even more ridiculous.

That aside though, I actually feel Japan was a good option for right now since their visa system prevents Midge from having year-round access to Venus while she tries to sort her shit. Over all it's not ideal, but at least there's that.

It's been discussed a few times but Japan's law enforcement don't seem to give many shits about stalking and harassment, especially between foreigners, and especially between foreigners who are also family. They seem to take a "You kids play nice now" attitude about it.

No. 267631

That's not exclusively their attitude to stalking. Same sort of thing applies to Domestic violence too.

No. 267632

You getting upset over people bringing up differing opinions. Take an Internet break.

Time doesn't do a damn thing anons. Taking action/getting your shit together does. And I'm not assuming that she's not trying to do that in the same way many of you assume she is. Point being is that nobody knows for sure, but the intense ass licking and the reaching assumptions that she is being repeated ad naseum are the true cancer of this thread.

No. 267633

But don't forget that Margo is deffo a prostitute!

No. 267634

So what would your recommendation be then? Amidst the chaos of the last 5 or so months, what should Binusu have been doing differently to merit all the praise for her efforts?

No. 267635

kiki is that you?

No. 267636

I don't get how some of you expect Venus to even start to fix her life while her mother is stalking her and harassing her. These things take time to heal, and the poor girl can't even do that properly until she at least knows her mother won't be around the corner, or still controlling some things in her life (YouTube, the website). It's only been a few months.

No. 267637

Sigh. Things like YouTube, the website and so on are the problem in the first place.

No. 267638

Not the same anon but uh I think her psychotic mother is actually the problem in the first place lol

No. 267639

she eventually needs to finish her high school education. Hopefully she can do that while in Japan.

She also is a breadwinner - once she gets her channel up again… so maybe she will decide to move with her husband elsewhere at some point.

No. 267641

The two things, the weebery and peculiar hobbies, feed into each other.

No. 267652

She could try getting a real job and save money instead of waiting for her cash cow channel to be reinstated. Even if she does get the channel back I don't see how being a trendy youtube personality makes for great job security.

But I know, I'm suggesting a bubble-headed girl take some responsibility and live in the working class realm, and how dare I suggest she get a job.

No. 267657

>Try getting a real job

In a country that she's not fluent in the language and it's not even confirmed whether or not she legally can work there?

>I'm suggesting a bubble-headed girl take some responsibility and live in the working class realm, and how dare I suggest she get a job

Pure salt.

No. 267660

Not that anon, but if she's legally married she can legally work there visas gained through marriage in Japan actually allow you to do whatever work you please. And I'm sure Venus would love to work in akiba, she'd be great at a maid cafe for foreigners where she'd only need to know english and her other language knowledge would be a huge plus!

No. 267661

salty af
It's not an issue of her being allowed to work there, it's an issue of her being able to find a job. I'm sure she could work somewhere, but she wouldn't be very good at it as her Japanese isn't up to par just yet. When I moved out of my country it took me 3 years to be able to work, and it's really uncomfortable when you have to explain to people you don't speak the language well and they get upset because they didn't get good enough service. People can be assholes to staff, in and out of Japan.

No. 267662

>In a country that she's not fluent in the language
Since when did fluency ever matter in entry level service jobs?
>legal work
She can legally work if she's married to somebody, as per >>267660.

I'm salty for telling the truth? I may be blunt, but really, Venus picked up a lot of bad habits from Maggot. Unemployment being the biggie.

No. 267664

I think the point is that beyond the praise she gets for running away, the praise she does get is for shit anons contrive in their head or some over the top shit they assume is going on, when there is no proof for it or against it. Like >>265930 for example.

No. 267665

Yea, the "if legally married" part is what I was referring to since there seems to be (or at least there was?) ambiguity about whether or not their marriage has been finalized legally yet or not.

>Since when did fluency ever matter in entry level service jobs?

Jesus Christ shut up. You need to speak the language to get a job, how else would you manage an interview, talk with your employer/coworkers, engage with customers if ever necessary, etc?

No. 267666

It's not blunt, but if you're not sucking some Venus cock in this thread, you're automatically ~salty~ desu.

No. 267668

>You need to speak the language to get a job
You don't have to be super fluent, no.
Learn how to answer basic questions in japanese. She seems good at that for having been to conventions and interviews before? Why is her japanese an issue?
>how will you service customers?
Learn what dialogue you might need to know in japanese, learn key words, and actually interact with people to get better at fluency.

I know plenty of broken english speakers who get jobs.

No. 267669

>Since when did fluency ever matter in entry level service jobs?
Lol, are you serious?
You need to do a job interview, understand what the customer wants, if there are any complaints, what the boss wants you to do etc. People who work in entry level service jobs aren't robots.

No. 267670

Does she not know enough Japanese to speak and converse with her husband? Order food when she's out alone?
She's got some basics, she doesn't need to be full blown fluent to do that—-i know not every Hispanic person I've come across working where I live is fluent in English.

No. 267671

Venus has (pretended?) been speaking japanese for years. What excuse does she have, now living there and marrying a japanese man, to not AT LEAST study the language to become fluent?
What kind of excuse is it to say "teehee I'm unemployed but that's okay bc no speak japanese""?

No. 267672

She's getting a chance to have a normal life and settle down for the first time without fear of packing up and moving in the blink of an eye. She's a weeb but I don't believe she's lazy or stupid. I'm sure she'll pick up some work on the side soon enough, but honestly is that something you think she'll broadcast when she does? She knows she's being stalked as it is, I doubt she feels up for being outside without Manaki at the moment.
She'll probably get her shit together once there's news of Margo getting banned from re-entry.

No. 267673

>She's a weeb but I don't believe she's lazy or stupid
The only smart thing she's ever done is marry a foreign man to escape her mother who also doesn't mind fully supporting her. I have not seen one shred of evidence to assume she's the least bit self-motivated. Bagging a man and uploading videos aren't motivated traits.

No. 267677


fyi margo is the one with the work is for plebs attitude, not weenus

No. 267681

>already drawing in on 20
she just turned 19 a couple months ago, gmafb with this shit.

>it's been less than a year
same thing to you, she's been in Japan barely 3 months. Seriously, you people with all this "she'll never amount to anything, it's hopeless/too late/she's too old/she's had PLENTY OF TIME to make something of herself" crap you're spewing are ridiculous.

1) how do you know so much about what she's doing (or not doing)? Where do you get all your inside information from? and 2) the girl just turned 19 and broke free of the psycho controlling manipulative parent from hell barely 3 months ago. Give her a fucking break.

No. 267682

>all this fucking projection
The girl just left her mother and said mother is still intent on making her life a living hell. Let her sort that shit out before saying her marriage is doomed and she'll fall flat in her ass

No. 267683

People called Manaki a loser for working in a factory and now people want Venus to get a job in food service or some retail job? So you guys can rag on her for having a shitty job? Let's face it, people do the same thing to Pixyteri.

She just escaped doing 19 years of hard time in prison with Margaret and you think she's going to change overnight?

No. 267686

File: 1462598567218.png (711.13 KB, 605x448, food food food.PNG)

I think people just need something to pick apart until margendo does something big again. This whole thread is a salty mess right now. Kind of looking forward to when Venus gets her channel back just so we have something to discuss other than assumptions made on a life we actually know nothing about atm.

Meanwhile, venus is posting food pics again.

No. 267689

The fact that some of you don't see how both arguments are different sides of the same coin is just…

No. 267690

The next person to compare their mother to Margo will be banned for one month.

No. 267691

Both arguments? What are you trying to say here?

No. 267693


I for one think Peenus will turn out just like Margo and be a financially co-dependent for the rest of her life.
But hey, if you're popular enough there will always be people out there making excuses for you:
>she could get a job
>>well she doesn't speak japanese
>she does speak japanese but not perfectly however she's been practicing for years
>>well you have to be fluent
>you don't necessarily have to be fluent to have a part time service job
>>well she just moved to japan
>what about the past four years of her life when she could have legally been employed but wasn't?
>>well margo is stalking her anyway and holding her back
Look, having backstabbing family members suck ass. But there are plenty of people who have to go to work knowing that they have someone in their life who might show up like an ex boyfriend or neckbeard. Most nations have laws protecting people from public harassment, as do businesses. I don't see how it's a valid excuse.

No. 267694

You're entitled to that opinion, and thus far have expressed some legit points (if I'm correct in thinking you were here earlier today). Where I can't follow is when anons start saying she isn't gonna be shit or she's fucking amazing, so responsible, much independence when the girl has literally shown fuck all.
My point is that she hasn't shown anything proving that she can get her life together, nor proving that she can't.

No. 267695

Unfortunately, I think what this anon >>267601 said carries some weight. These things cycle, and she's clearly codependent.

No. 267700

I thought Venus wasn't financially dependent and that it was her mother? I don't know how much youtubers make but won't she she have money once she gets her channel back?

No. 267702

I think you're the most level headed one here right now. You're right, she's shown us very little, yet people are super over analyzing on both sides. I'm not sure why everyone suddenly personally knows Venus kek

No. 267703

Also, why is everyone suddenly assuming Venus doesn't speak at least decent Japanese? She's married to a Japanese man who speaks little to no English let alone anything but Japanese.

No. 267704

I never really liked venus, but I don't know, I definitely sympathize with her as of late. She's never had the chance to live her life outside her mother's delusions. Yes, she is depending on her husband right now, but she's barely out of her teens, doesn't have an education, and really kind of has nothing. She's been moved country to country, her mother has stirred drama with anyone she could have once called a friend, the girl really doesn't have a whole lot of people there for her besides her husband.

Will the cycle of crazy continue? Who knows. I never used to like Venus, but now, I kind of hope she finally gets to live a somewhat normal life considering it's something her mother has robbed her of.

No. 267705

Agreed anon. I think anons are just getting caught up in their own bias.

No. 267708

Who do you think managed all her accounts up till recenty? Even if she gets back her youtube account everything she earned up till now is gone/margot wont give it without a fight.

No. 267710

I dunno how people are assuming she's a leech and that she will follow in Margo's footsteps? Is everyone forgetting that it was her mother who leeched off her, she never took part in that role? Even when she was leaving margo she paid for her visa renewal, a month of rent and her student fees…
She also has her YouTube channel so people are saying she needs a job, well she does have one. She makes good money on YouTube. Unfortunately she's being fucked over by her crazy mother right now but it will be restored and she'll be able to bring income back in. Right now YouTube is the best option because she can earn enough money to save for her future, she won't get the same opportunities with another job in Japan.
Venus is a smart girl, I'm sure she is thinking about education and will go back to it. She is also dealing with recovering from the emotional abuse from her mother and learning to adjust to society as a normal person, and these things take time to get over, I think people are being pretty harsh in this thread and not factoring in that she is probably so fucked up from her mother's past antics she will need time to deal. Manaki seems like a nice guy and treats Venus well, he genuinely seems to care about her. This is an environment way better for her than staying with margo the crazy bitch who probably made her feel on edge at all times. Even if she is just using him… Well, so what? She needed someone to introduce her to a stable, normal life and that seems like that's what's going on. I'm sure even manaki will encourage her education, he again does seem to care about her and wants to help her recover from her life of abuse. I think she will be able to live a good life with his influence, even if they don't stay together forever.

No. 267742

wish margaret would just fucking die.
that crazy asss bitch ruined her daughter's life.venus could've gotten a degree, a job, or just be a productive member of society.

No. 267743

What is that terrible body shoop tho

No. 267769

Actually if you are on a spouse visa, you have to apply for permission to work (it's not difficult to get, but you have to apply for it). And once you get permission to work, you can only work a set amount of hours and the money you earn a year is also limited, due to tax purposes.

No. 267822

>wish margo would just die
edgy, and if margo now dies venus will have her doctor's degree now?

No. 267824

Not that anon but you missed the point entirely, also please go, Margo.

No. 267827

Lol! You're an idiot to see that making edgy comments are stupid.

No. 267844


Same here. For some reason some anons over here seems to think that past age 18 is too late to change your life.

No. 267848

before 18 you don't even have a life. what the hell

No. 267849

File: 1462628938686.png (19.1 KB, 493x482, researchyoucunt.png)

No, you don't. Do some research next time.


No. 267850

How long will it take for Magendo to pinch some teen's clothes to make new videos?

No. 267853


I hope asap because I'm dying here for new maggot milk. I wonder where she is and what the hell she is planning to do for the upcoming months - also more videos plz.

No. 267864

Guess why Margo threw a tantrum that she was locked out of Venus's YT, all the data including the banking one got changed.

No. 267876

How is her life even ruined? Yeah she's got it tough at the moment, but it's never too late to get your shit together.
What is the point then? Grow the fuck up.

No. 267877

IIT a bunch of projecting assblasted women making excuses for the fact that they have nothing to show for their age.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 267879

You sure sound well-adjusted. Women are the source of all the problems in the world, amirite?

No. 267881

For the record I think the actual value of that youtube channel is being seriously overestimated.

No. 267883


No. 267884

Reading comprehension. Get some.
Sssshhh talking shenanigans anon. That's a six figure income rolling in right there, I'll tell ya what.

No. 267886

Except that post wasn't particularly edgy or out of place at all. You picked out that specific post out of many previous posts wishing ill/death on Margo.
It's not like anon was describing how they'd like to torture her or something actually cringy.
>What is the point then?
Obviously not that Margo dying will result in Venus getting a 'doctor's degree' instantaneously, but instead the fact that she has wasted Venus' childhood and teenage years. Time she could have spent making friends or studying, having a 'real' job and experience. She could have achieved so much already if Margo had not held her back. For that, and of course all the other heinous shit she has caused and done to Venus, she deserves something. Some kind of justice. That is the point.
>Grow the fuck up
Good one.

No. 267895

I was only agreeing with anon, not the same one.
>She could have achieved so much already if Margo had not held her back.
Shoulda/woulda/coulda—you don't know that and she still had the potential to do something with her life, she's only 19.
>For that, and of course all the other heinous shit she has caused and done to Venus, she deserves something. Some kind of justice.
Kek. Ok, cause death = justice.

No. 267898

Soooo margo is staying in an officelet? (Like a less official whorehouse) Damn. She's going to be a bacchus lady soon, I'm betting on it

No. 267899

Roboto you seem losto
She's going to start impersonating venus soon kek

No. 267902

Why do we need to show anything to anybody? Why can't we (including Venus) just live our lives without your approval?

No. 267903

Not the robot but I find your statement ironic seeing as though the cows on /pt/ are posted entirely because they don't have our approval.
You can't pick and choose to whom that applies just because criticism about Venus strikes a nerve with you.

No. 267905

>I was only agreeing with anon, not the same one
I'm aware.
>Shoulda/woulda/coulda—you don't know that and she still had the potential to do something with her life, she's only 19.
Doesn't matter, it's still 19 years wasted in that sense and that's a huge chunk of one's life. Sure, Venus still has time to do those things but it was still fucking shitty of Margo to rob her of that opportunity and potential.
>Kek. Ok, cause death = justice.
I don't think Margo deserves to die, I'm fairly sure anon was just exaggerating anyway and it was more of a nonchalant 'I hate Margo' type comment rather than seriously wishing death on her.
My point is you're blowing an off-hand comment out of proportion.

No. 267908

how is it that some of you read past things and not grasp the simple point, divert it, or just cant see the glaring irony…

No. 267920

Enlighten us then, sensei

No. 267982

This thread has gotten entirely cringe and embarrassing. Wake me up when Margo gives us sweet milk.

No. 268035

File: 1462672603615.jpg (211.52 KB, 921x596, 2kawaii4me.jpg)

Margo is up and has been fed a kawaii meal, she probably thinks she's making Venus jealous.

No. 268037

That…does not look even remotely appetizing.

No. 268046

The food looks like it came from North Korea.

No. 268049

I love how Margaret has 100% shit taste. Trashy fashion style that she pushed on Venus, tacky-ass handbags, and now this sad knock-off kawaii decor.

No. 268051


It looks like something a soccer mom would try to slap together for a 5 yr old's birthday party after seeing shit on pinterest, but with this uncanny valley thing where it comes close to the pinterest tutorials but isn't quite there.
Also it's a feast fit for a 5 year old.

No. 268052

It also looks like a 5 year old helped significantly in building this.
People in the town Gothel is staying in now should probably do a headcount of their kids to make sure she's not snagged another victim.

No. 268053

That frog? looks like it's just begging for someone to put it out of its misery. I can't even figure out what half of these foods are so I can't imagine what they'd taste like.

No. 268054

Idk about most of you on this board, but this looks absolutely disgusting.

No. 268056

The flower cookies and whatever is in the bottom left look like actual shit.

No. 268057

>>Do some research next time.
Have you even seen a visa application? When you are a student or a dependent (like a spouse), you need to ask for special permission to work. After you get permission, then you can work on whatever you want as long as it's not agains the law (unlike normal working visas that used to be different depending on your job/speciality. Now I think they changed to be one for all skilled professionals). If you earn more than a set amount of money, then you cannot stay on a spouse visa and you are encouraged to change your status to a better suiting work visa. This comes from experience, I lived two years as a student, 5 with a working visa (and counting) and now I am looking into the benefits of a spouse visa (which are basically none if you can do anything besides being a leech like Venus)

No. 268058

They aren't the same in every country. Learn2read.

No. 268071

I still don't understand why an adult woman would go out and pay for a hello kitty hostel .. There are cheaper and less disgusting looking private apartments even in Hongdae on airbnb.

No. 268073

File: 1462685316723.png (142.85 KB, 640x892, 51425a08-57e8-4193-97e1-54197f…)

idk why maggs is trying to make it look like she's still at the Pink House of Kawaii.. the proprietess says she was ONLY THERE FOR ONE NIGHT.

No. 268074

I like @hotpinky

No. 268075

She probably doesn't want us to know that she's probably in route back to Japan.

No. 268076

If she is she might run into some trouble at the airport, since this will be her third reentry within a year. #customstrouble

No. 268080

You contacted hotpinky?

No. 268083

I left a comment on her IG and she DM'd me like within minutes, so we chatted a bit. @hotpinky015 is a-OK in my book.

No. 268085

Usually it takes more than that, but I think Margo seems too old to care about Japan events and such, so it would be more likely for her to keep going back for work (in custom's eyes). Maybe they'll question her next time.

No. 268086

lol there's no work or money restrictions on a spouse visa.

No. 268093

File: 1462692508168.jpeg (475.24 KB, 1286x1642, image.jpeg)

The maggot has a Snapchat account, fam.

No. 268099

I guess Mags is still in korea then. Just not in the Hello Kitty Air bnb.

No. 268100

Did she just take pictures of these strangers and nobody even asked her why?

No. 268101

Uh, yes there is. Why would you need to live as a dependent if you are able to sustain yourself on your own? That's called a tax fraud.

No. 268102

It can be she took this pic the day she was in Korea and left already. I don't believe in what she says

No. 268103

Just added her on SC, there's nothing in her story atm. She's lying

No. 268104

Eh, perhaps they tax you too?

>dependent on marriage visa


>Works under marriage visa


what are you supposed to do then?

No. 268105

for once margo doesn't tag some random strangers pic as best friends kek

No. 268108

File: 1462700241938.jpg (96.13 KB, 919x599, b.JPG)

venus posted some pics

No. 268109

File: 1462700258043.jpg (98.43 KB, 852x600, vandm.JPG)

No. 268110

Damn, her hair is gross

Looks like she has been washed it in weeks

No. 268112

The dark brown gravy looking stuff with the flowers is probably curry with some veggies, The HK head on the same plate is a riceball

I don't know what the sad waxy looking animal heads are. If I had to guess, they remind me of siapoa, but maybe a Korean variant?

No. 268114

Na it just looks damaged

No. 268116

Both of them look like their hair has seen better days, I'm hoping it's just the filter/lighting.

No. 268117

Ok, so now I know you're just ignoring everything i'm typing and just trolling. If you want to immigrate, you have to play by the rules. So just go get the visa for the lifestyle you want. I am not saying she's a tax evader, but if she wants to earn good money, she better go with a proper work visa. If she wants to be a spouse and cook, clean, take care of kids and just work part time for some extra cash, go for a dependent visa. I am not saying there is anything bad to prefer to just be a dependent, but yes I am saying she's a leech since she can't bother enough to either study or get a proper work visa. She goes the easy way and get married to a guy she has known for like two days in a typical visa 詐欺.

No. 268122

The gravy must be donkatsu sauce, since it's next to the fried cutlet.

The frog and other animals are most likely Ddeok, meaning ricecakes.

No. 268124

My guess is that asian hair dye is way too agressive for thinner european hair. It will take some time to look nice again but I still like that she want to have her natural hair back.

No. 268125

Anon, can you buy a new macbook immediately after something happens to your old one?
If not, then you probably should shut up about Venus being a leech.

No. 268126

I'm hoping she can get rid of the extensions and get a nice trim soon.

No. 268127

Every time I see her poor fried hair I wish she'd cut it short & let it grow out, just start over with healthy unfucked-with hair.

They're out & about again this weekend. She just posted a pic of the giant ferris wheel at Palette Town, all lit up at night. Suck on that, maggottt

No. 268137

Maybe the water where they live is crappy? Last time I was in Tokyo the water dried out my skin and hair.

No. 268148

Actually I can. I can also buy more than one and several other things without even worrying. Why? Because I have a job. Also, it's really funny you are impressed by what a macbook costs lol(hey what else can you afford???///)

No. 268149

This is not your blog
I agree. She needs to start having normal hair, now that crazy maggot isn't influencing her stylistic choices she can look decent

No. 268152

I wish she'd update us about her channel. How long has it been now?

No. 268154

File: 1462717525021.png (626.3 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Holy cow

No. 268158

This is the worst picture I've ever seen of him

No. 268159

He looks about 12 years old in this photo

No. 268160

His whole nostril and mouth area looks exactly like a tortoise. Venus could have done better in the looks department so I'm assuming he's got a stellar personality and hopefully dick.

No. 268162

I thought that it was a girl….

No. 268163

File: 1462719103662.jpg (157.26 KB, 650x285, manatort.jpg)


No. 268164

What is it with this boards preoccupation with Makaki's appearance?
Have I somehow teleported onto PULL? Or have all the PULL members teleported here?
Why are you attacking somebody who's done nothing wrong? I thought people we're only supposed to do that for the actual cows?

I hate how this board has become.

No. 268166

It's jarring to see him that's why. He looked nothing like this in the other pictures. Clarm down. No one is against Weenoos.

No. 268169

That's the complete opposite of pull behaviour. They're extremely mollycoddling there and even if they did utter an insult about anyone's appearance they pad it with 1000 compliments and excuses, and then still get called a meanie poo for it.

So idk what pull you're talking about, but it's certainly not the same one I'm thinking of.

No. 268170


Well he was a fanboy of her for a while and went to Disneyland in hopes of seeing her when she was there with the Bodyline crew. Nobody else has given her that much attention before. Give her a break. At least he gives a shit about her unlike her own mother.

No. 268173

Bitch it says right on the site I linked you that there is no limit. I think you're confused as to what spouse visas are. They work differently in other countries, especially in Japan where both spouses need to work full time. It's not tax evading or something at all. Spouse visas give you full rights as a citizen of the country and even if you get divorced if you live there a certain amount of time you keep your visa and citizenship. Please research and shut the hell up. Why do you think people want to get married to live in Japan. It's literally the easiest way to gain full citizenship access.

No. 268174

You don't need a work visa on a spouse visa you idiot.

No. 268177

>she can't bother enough to either study or get a proper work visa.

how do know she doesn't? it's amusing how some people here assume things they don't know for certain.

>She goes the easy way and get married to a guy she has known for like two days in a typical visa

Read the past threads

No. 268180

File: 1462722952934.png (2.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-05-08-17-54-21…)

Margo is trying so hard to prove she's in korea again

No. 268181

Oh for fuck's sake, how many times is she going to re-dye her hair? It's so telling that Venus has only dyed her hair once since escaping while Margo continually fucks her own up, even when she doesn't have much money.

No. 268182

Constantly going between light and dark dyes is so harsh. No wonder Venus' hair is looking rough, maybe she'll stick to one shade for awhile.

No. 268203

That and Margo Gothel fucked it up by bleaching it several times prior.

No. 268204

Big surprise Maggot, the green is to counteract the dark orange/brassy tones that every Asian gets when they lighten their hair

No. 268205

I should stop being amazed that she's so fucking stupid when it comes to hair color when she constantly ruined Venus' hair before her great escape and hers looks like a rubber band. Margaret, stop pretending to be an expert cosmetologist.

No. 268207

he looks like an autistic 14-year-old

No. 268208

Give it a rest anon, bitch clearly doesn't know what she's talking about. Spouse visas in Japan include basically all benefits of full citizenship. Why the fuck do you think weebs are foaming at the mouth to marry the first fug dude they can find. The spouse visa takes care of literally every aspect of living in Japan other than being naturally born there. The bitch we've been replying to reeks of jelly. Especially since she's so misguided in telling us the spouse visa makes it so you -have- to be dependant when you get it so you can do the exact opposite.

No. 268211

I don't get why that's so special. Oh boy great job getting kicked out of japan again.

No. 268212


Didn't mags always said that she misses her awful green hair which she used to have last year?

I want to know what she is going to do now. Where is she? What's her plan?

No. 268214

She probably wants real blonde so she can become an aryan queen to get her own husbando.

No. 268261

Mags probably won't get that hair color in Asia so easily. I'm worried that she's going to try to sucker some desperate old guy into marrying her for a visa. I really don't want that bitch physically stalking Venus anymore. Online stalking is bad enough but god damn… She's psychotic and only sees Venus as a living ATM.

No. 268308

File: 1462745731935.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-05-08-16-14-36…)

Is this where she's staying? It's booked through the 8th.


No. 268310

Margs can't stay away from the tacky can she.

No. 268320

Why the fuck is a dusty ass old woman renting children's bedrooms?! There is a line between cute and tacky and this is just tacky. No one above the age of 13 should be paying to stay in a room like this.

No. 268324

If you scroll up a bit you will that Hotpinky (owner of the pink hell) said mags only stayed the one night. Who knows thats true or if maggot just moved to another air bnb.

No. 268325

As she doesn'T have her puppet Venus anymore she wants to become her herself.

No. 268352

We already know where she was staying and confirmed it was only for one day.

No. 268357

File: 1462750670814.jpeg (185.21 KB, 750x902, image.jpeg)

There will be a new video today, supposedly.
Also, why'd she change the caption but keep #koreanwedding?

No. 268371


So she basically walked into a complete strangers' wedding? Jfc, Margo.

No. 268373

Mana is pretty fucking ブス

No. 268374

File: 1462755633021.png (666.27 KB, 768x1024, tmp_20573-Screenshot_2016-05-0…)

No. 268375

uh margo carrying V's stuffed bunny-san with her, that's creepy. We thought you didn't want to keep anything from your super abusive ex daughter??

No. 268376

Why does it bother you? You don't have to be with him so shut the fuck up.

No. 268377


I have a feeling at this point, she's trying to taunt Venus with that fucking bunny. There's no way it was in the picture "by accident" if she's gonna say it was when someone asks about it.

No. 268378

Margo brings her creep side out on parade once again.

No. 268379

It was a conscious effort on her part to get the bunny visible and well lit. Add to that the Hello Kitty place she stayed at she's trying to fuck with Venus.

No. 268380


God she's pathetic. What a sorry excuse for a human being.

No. 268382

Why is she holding that bunny hostage. She also looks fucking gross in that photo. She should consider wearing false lashes.

No. 268384

That's some serial killer shit right there

No. 268385

File: 1462759057801.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.29 KB, 895x590, Margle.jpg)

She makes this pose when she thinks she looks good.

No. 268387

She's pulling the SWF thing on Venus again

No. 268389

I never thought I'd say this, but after seeing the fried chicken on her head that she's calling hair, I think she looked better in black hair.

No. 268390

I feel like mags is the type of killer who'd wear someone's skin…

No. 268391

I think that is an exceptionally flattering pic of her.

No. 268409

well that's why I'm hoping this margendo situation ends as soon as possible, I hope as soon as the river monster is out of the question Venus will take the opportunity to have some control of her life and do things she couldn't do before. Also, get a real job, even if a cashier or something.

No. 268410


She's rocking that Trump hair look. Suits her shitty personality and face.

No. 268412

How will it ever end though? Margo's not the type to top herself; she values herself too much. We know from her own recounting of her divorce it was nasty, and lasted five or ten years (depending on the version she tells).

No. 268413

she'll probably get herself forcibly and permanently kicked out of japan.

No. 268416

This. She'll get more and more desperate and eventually screw up and have problems with authority

No. 268460


Marggot the martyr? Causing trouble? My! The sheer wildness of the accusation makes me clutch my pearls!

No. 268461

Is she not seeing the Lemon Blonde dye box?

No. 268467

Yesterday Margo had a video on her Instagram of a dancing mascot she filmed on the street, but it seems she has deleted it. I wonder if that will be part of her new video. I can't imagine why else she would have removed it.

No. 268472

Maggot is so dumb that she thinks the lemon blonde is also green. Lol

No. 268492

Sadly I think she'll cruise back into Japan any minute now, citing the fact that she's visiting her daughter who just got married. Meantime, what is this new hovel?

No. 268493

she's going to have to prove that legally eventually. and then everything should be resolved with her getting booted out.

No. 268499

I'm so creeped out

No. 268505

It likely won't be until she openly baits authorities in some way, as some anons suggested just upthread.

No. 268507

I'm recovering from a migraine, bored and bedridden and went cruising through airbnb looking for this room but didn't see anything obvious. Even the cheapest dorms look nicer than this… it must be a true hovel.

No. 268515

It's most probably an officelet. A cheap tiny appartment she might share with some other girls in a house full of other girls. They tend to be poor, students, young and even hostesses (prostitutes). I feel sorry for her housemates.

No. 268519

Her new video is going to be her ripping that bunny to shreds.

No. 268522

jokes on her, penus turned the bunny into mags voodoo doll years ago(to give her the hugs mag never would)

No. 268523

Like that bodyline dude told venus- either get studying or get married

No. 268524

Does this hag not understand fucking base color? Did she just keep dumping bleach and different box toners on Venus' head until the color "looked right"? I hope Margaret goes bald next time.

No. 268526

I personally think it's all those myproana anas

No. 268528

We got a video, but it's about hair dye…

No. 268531

Copying venus again huh?

No. 268532

That room looks like a basement.

No. 268533

Who the fuck smears dye all over their forehead and brow? Fucking stick with one color for a while, stupid hag.
Also the way she pronounces color is really annoying for some reason.

No. 268534

Ugh. The way she moves hair dye back and forth towards the camera is kind of agressive. Dunno why it feels so.

No. 268535

She's copying Venus' mannerisms, it's creepy

No. 268537

You know what guys, disregard that.
It's the way she acts and moves that screams "unstable and ready to kill someone", not just how she pushes things towards the camera.
If I saw a person like that in real life I'd try to get away from them as fast as possible.

No. 268539

I don't even know where to start, she's basically imitating Venus (poorly) and did Maggot just refer to herself as a girl?

No. 268540

Migraine anon again… still wandering through airbnb. I wonder if she's staying (or stayed) here: https://www.airbnb.com.au/s?host_id=57963025&s_tag=FH91FN1n

The exact room is not pictured but the furniture finish, hardware, doors are just the same. It looks less hovel-ish in the video than it did in her IG pic for some reason.

No. 268542

She seems subdued here for someone so unstable and she spent too much time over explaining every little thing.

No. 268543

File: 1462797161465.jpg (71.99 KB, 936x569, MAGGOT.jpg)

I will kill you Mana-Tan!!!

No. 268544

File: 1462797218044.jpg (56.8 KB, 807x572, MANAKII.jpg)

Fresh blood of my dead enemies!!!

No. 268545

lord, she's giving it to us on a platter.

No. 268546

File: 1462797513547.jpg (94.87 KB, 831x718, bloodbath.jpg)

I will bath in the blood of your corpses!!

No. 268547

same place, another room. very similar but no the same as hers: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/12599190

No. 268548

I saw this post after being away for a while and got scared that maggot finally lost it kek. Thought she murdered mana.

No. 268550

File: 1462797831861.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-05-09-14-41-41…)

The way she cuts the video is just like Venus's videos. I wonder if it's because margo edited peenuses vids or if she's copying…Or maybe it's just something a lot of youtubers do. Cutting at the end of every sentence.

No. 268551

can this be the cover pic for the next thread

No. 268555

I saw this thumbnail from the homepage and I seriously thought Margo had lost it and was smearing period blood on her face…

No. 268557

Does anyone else think that her new hair colour looks like the "strawberry blonde" colour she had not too long ago?

No. 268558

yes please

No. 268565

"…because who doesn't like FUN?"

umm, that is not the first word that comes to mind when I see that face, marrggge

No. 268568

doesn't she know you can go blind if you dye your eyebrows with boxed dye? Especially asian boxed dyes meant for lightening black hair.

No. 268569

What is the grey box-like thing on the left of the picture? It looks like a closet with a cot in it.

Her attempts at humor are creepy and so is the way she talks. How many times does she need to say "POODING?"

No. 268572

it's a cupboard with her suitcase and a tv on it, and another cupboard up top. I posted some pics from other rooms at what I think is the same hostel, just upthread.

No. 268574

idk if I'm missed this but mags reuploaded the "my Strange Addiction" episode on her channel for some reason.


Dude, she looks so dirty and haggard ewwww. This entire video is just stupid. I would be ashamed to show in what kind of broom closet I live.

No. 268576

This woman makes me feel so uncomfortable on so many level

No. 268578

File: 1462804028159.jpg (51.91 KB, 732x488, donateandsunscribe.jpg)

She has a donations link on her youtube about page! Also lol at sunscribe.
It says it was uploaded a month ago but I didn't see it earlier today, did she have it set to private or something?

No. 268579


Ugh, fuck this bitch. You know she strategically placed that bunny in the background to bait in fans of Venus. Then she'll play victim 'I didn't mention Weenus you haters need to stop the bullying!'

No. 268589



No. 268592

File: 1462807601787.jpg (29.21 KB, 292x270, surejan.JPG)

No. 268593

Saint Margo again I see.

No. 268595

Why does she still leech the fact that she is the mom of someone she wants to destroy? I rather if she wrote some narcisisstic shit like I HAVE HUNGARIAN YOOTH ARYAN BURANDO LOVER KAWAII OLD LADY LOOK AT THIS FLOWERS INTO RIVER. LIVING DOLL.

No. 268600

File: 1462809911540.gif (989.23 KB, 500x281, image.gif)

She looks like an infinitely more disgusting and ugly version of John Cameron as Hedwig…only Hedwig is cute and doesn't make my nose wrinkle.

No. 268604

it's like she's desperately trying to take venus's place kek
she's hopeless

No. 268606

THIS!! Good point anon

No. 268607


at this point she should make also a "100 nuggets challenge" video. This would be so lulzy and gross to watch.

No. 268608

wow he's so cute o.o

No. 268609

how many times she says pink and pudding?

No. 268612

The way she keeps saying pink is so grating. Crazy cunt

No. 268613

>Venus edit and speak style
>Maggoyle trying to act cute
>Ugly room in some airbnb basement
>annoying music
>Poor bunny still a hostage

too much going wrong in this video

No. 268615

File: 1462812116194.png (196.21 KB, 1409x1047, Screenshot_2016-05-09-18-36-07…)

Btw yukapon is following manaki

No. 268617

It says "followed by natalia_natchan" in swedish forgot about that

No. 268618

File: 1462812976015.png (239.11 KB, 536x360, freethebunny2k16.png)

No. 268619

Lol someone needs to tag maggot in this

No. 268624

How the hell is she editing her videos?

No. 268626

Some brave IG troll should suggest this to her. Hell, Ask her to do her own Margendo covers of all of Weenoos's greatest hits. Personally I'd love to see Margo's take on the IKEA music video and the real life anime cuppy cakies video.

No. 268627

God she is trying so hard to sound like venus.
>IF it will look like this I might get a spoon from the kitchen and want to eat it!

No. 268628

It's like she wants to bath in blood of Penus and be yung & bjuutiful again

No. 268629

Don't forget the Peanuts music video and that one with the frog plushie in McDonalds.

No. 268630

What do you mean again? She was never at any juncture in her life beautiful. And she looked like a grandma when she was nine.

No. 268631

>It's not sponsored or anything
Like anyone would ever sponsor you, Margo.

No. 268632

>expectations against reality
She thinks she's being funny but this shit is just awkward.

No. 268634

File: 1462816957929.png (132.21 KB, 611x335, ea701ab7-af8d-45d4-b98c-508959…)

She's awake & bitching on IG at 2:43am.
Also deleting comments under her YT video (and claiming it's YT doing it.)

Is manic marge back?

No. 268637

So she is basically sleeping on a cot in a closet. Karma, marge.

That's what is so sickening– she is (or was) selling Venus's stuff on a website named VenusAngelic.com. after trashing her all over the internet and publicly disowning her, she's STILL trying to ca$h in on her. And still talking about what a GOOD MOTHER she is.

No. 268639

File: 1462818421789.jpg (15.33 KB, 288x193, comment.JPG)


my fave comment on this video

No. 268644

File: 1462819960675.jpg (12.95 KB, 444x83, 1.jpg)

No. 268648

File: 1462821442782.png (60.2 KB, 328x393, Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.1…)

Woe is Mags, living in a 7'x10' basement closet. All Venus's fault.

No. 268651

File: 1462822129467.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

New pic for posterity. People are making things up in the comments, just like they do here.

No. 268654

The only true part from her comments is that Venus did need to plan in order to escape. Doesn't it occur to her how ridiculous that sounds? She was 19 and moved in with her husband ffs. The reason Venus has so many fans is because of Margo pimping her out and she didn't have to mobilize them.

No. 268662

Anyway since there is no way Margo can be on anything else than a tourist visa again the 3 months countdown has begun once more.

No. 268663


looks like a goshiwon.

No. 268665

..and she deleted all these comments and finally went to sleep (I guess)
What a nutter.

No. 268670

Guess those Swiss child support payments don't go very far after all. Bet she doesn't blow through it all on Denny's and train tickets this time around. Budgeting, marge.

No. 268679

Wow. Watching that video, I feel like I was watching someone who escaped the loony bin smear period blood all over themselves .

No. 268681

The student hostel Mags is staying in has a different post for $17 / a night with some more accurate photos of the room (looks like it was made before they figured out how to stage the room, etc)

No. 268682

File: 1462831710878.png (163.07 KB, 314x479, Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.02…)

Here's the hallway

No. 268683

File: 1462831741056.png (122.9 KB, 265x485, Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.02…)

Better idea of how cramped the place is

No. 268684

File: 1462831763373.png (123.11 KB, 241x476, Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.09…)

No. 268685

So she's lurking on here?

No. 268686

File: 1462832095558.png (160.25 KB, 310x347, Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.13…)

One more cap from the video. Margo - stop. Just stop. You look exhausted from all of your tryhard.

No. 268689

>viscous beast

No. 268692

Didn't Venus leave her a mac in Korea? Maybe Mayo got it back since she is in Korea now?

No. 268696


Video looks like it was filmed on her phone to me.

V left Margo a mac desktop and a very expensive ($5k) video camera. There's no room in Margo's tiny ass room for a desktop, though. Those items are probably still in storage, if Margo hasn't hocked them for more cash to light on fire for no reason.

No. 268697

Had to google what that was but damn, they're oddly cute? They remind me of tiny houses but I can't imagine living in one for more than a few days without losing your sanity (what little Margendo has left).

No. 268698

>This is a private hostel for students.
How the hell did she get a room?

No. 268704


All they check at time of booking online is that you pay, and that you're female. If Margo stays long term and isn't in school, I guess it's up to the owner or manager whether a nonstudent is welcome. And Venus paid for another semester of school for Margo right before she moved in with Mana, so Margo has tuition paid up already if she wants to go back to that language school.

No. 268706

lmao the answer is gone now

No. 268713


In answer to those asking about the mac venus left- at around 5 minutes you can see mags put the dye down next to what appears to be the touch pad of a mac. If margo doesn't have the old Mac desktop in her room, she's either bought a new one or borrowed one from someone.

No. 268715

Youtube did it!

No. 268716

I posted those rooms here earlier:

The rooms are listed on airbnb so why would they check or care if she is a student?

No. 268719

File: 1462844923003.png (308.81 KB, 935x549, c9983921-34c9-46bd-8f54-2996b2…)

So, this is her life…sleeping in a $115/week cubicle w/shared kitchen & bath and wandering the streets of Seoul all day. Trying to be cute on Youtube & IG. No more kid to browbeat, no more contracts to negotiate. No more Starbucks every day. No more shopping for designer-label makeup and inappropriate clothing.


No. 268720

I can't fucking stand her English accent. Kill it with fucking fire.

No. 268721

Oh boy, what a video to come home to. The whole time I was shouting, "Shut up. Just. SHUT. UP!" because she kept saying the same thing in every sentence, she sounded stupid as fuck and "It doesn't look like the pudding on the package. Did not exceed expectations." Well, no shit it doesn't look like the putting art on the box! The dye was a pudding consistency. I'm not surprised that the color didn't work on her. For one, it's a boxed color which is one size fits all and two, Margaret's hair is porous as fuck and can't hold color well no matter how much she wants to pretend to be an expert cosmetologist.

This is her dumbest video since her Duchess ASMR nightmare one. Holy shit, she's stupid as a box of rocks.

No. 268726

Manaki seems like her type tbh. He reminds me of someone I know she pursued very briefly.

No. 268745

File: 1462865607079.jpg (56.3 KB, 541x504, Untitled.jpg)

Her make up bugs the hell out of me. Her eye liner is so sloppy and she totally fails at trying to draw on a new lip shape with her lipstick, it only makes her mouth look more thin and sour than it already is.

Also if she wants to be a YouTuber so bad she needs to learn to edit videos, nobody wants to listen to her ramble about her cheap hair dye for 12 minutes.

Funny enough I actually like the color she came out with.

No. 268776

yeah I guess she's trying to pursue Venus as well since she is also following her and could not possibly being following them for any other reason

No. 268783

File: 1462883877065.jpg (115.27 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I think the channel will come back up.

No. 268788

At this point I think the channel can't be restored. I have the feeling that she doesn't want to disappoint her fans so she keeps saying it will be back -one day-

No. 268797

let's just pray that she isn't pregnant

No. 268798

Why wouldnt it? Its a simple switch.. There is no expiration date

No. 268804

Whether the channel comes back or not it will be the same videos of her dying her hair, eating gross childrens candy, make up done badly and walking around tokyo eating. Hardly exciting. Sorry.

Also I would just laugh my tits off if she was pregnant. Maybe they are going to have a proper wedding? Plus a baby would just crush Venus's kawaii fame in Japan dreams. She isnt like Audrey.

No. 268808

File: 1462886025706.png (446.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-10-09-10-59…)

No. 268814

Never said she was pursuing Manaki, but people often follow people they find attractive? Calm down anon.

No. 268815

Pregnant and coming out as transracial, as cartoon steam shoots out of Mira's ears.

Don't really think it's either of those but this is definitely the week for fuckery.

No. 268817

Maybe they got a pet

No. 268818


Didn't she said once something about a t-shirt line and some merchandise? Maybe margo was banned to re-enter japan?

No. 268824

I want to see Margo doing a kawaii doll makeup in cute frilly clothes it would be horrifying yet hilarious

No. 268832

She could not be more like Whatever Happened To Baby Jane if she fucking tried.
Someone send Marge a link to that film.

No. 268833

I was thinking about the t-shirt line too

No. 268844

I wish the design she posted back then weren't so ugly generic. I mean she got so many fans that are decent at animu art and pretty sure would do kawaii venus designs for free for their idol.

No. 268845

>I've written a letter to Vee-nooooss…..

No. 268846

I don't know what it can be but all i know for sure is that this week, margo's gonna rage.

I hope it's not a merchandise line since i'm so tired of everyone having a crappy line(Yukapon with MILKYPOP that failed miserably, Kooter with babyfangs that failed already,..) but eh, whatever makes her happy.

No. 268861

Same. the color is really nice
If the middle aged hag wanted pink she should have bought pink

No. 268864

Holy shit, Margo is living in the area I used to live in when I lived in Korea. I'm going on holiday there in a months time and will live at my old place.

I hope I meet her.

No. 268865

Is there any intel on her trying to get back to Japan? Did she try and get denied? Has she not tried yet?

No. 268866

can someone with animation skills please make a brodyquest style video for margo to chronicle her hobo journeys?

No. 268873

That actually could be awesome, but I doubt anyone would do it

No. 268887

Maybe Venus's good news is that she's going back to school to get a GED or she got a part time job somewhere. Inb4 people on this board find reasons to tear her apart for doing either of those options.

No. 268890

>Inb4 people on this board find reasons to tear her apart for doing either of those options
Lol cut it out, nobody would find a problem with either of those things.

No. 268912

that's exactly what people on here wanted her to do all this time, are you new or something?

No. 268913

Oh fuck anon, that's brilliant, only if I could.

No. 268917

that's exactly what people on here wanted her to do all this time, are you new or something?

No. 268919

It looks like she's smearing her period blood all over her head…

No. 268926

Not the same anon, but people have told her that she should divorce manaki, move back to Switzerland back to her extended family, and get a job/education there.

She is certainly not pregnant though, because you don't tell people that you're pregnant until at least 3-4 months.

No. 268935

Exactly this. People keep screaming about how she needs to leave japan because there's "nothing for her" there. But where would she go? If she moved to switzerland she will have no support, no education, and just end up back with margles eventually. I get a sense that these are the same people who want all the weebs on these boards to leave japan, be it feasible or not.

No. 268955


I think she should just go down the route of finding a job and getting education. I can't see her being in the entertainment business there. Look at Dakota? The Japanese rip her to shreds on the Girlchannel site and imagine what they would say about Venus given snippets of information.

Personally I think Venus without the drama is boring. Be honest though if and when she gets her Youtube back it will be the same as it was before. Another girl in Japan vlogging… like it hasn't been done before but it's Venus so automatically it's special.

Sorry to sound salty. But what Venus does with her life shouldn't bother us. She isn't interesting anymore and if it wasn't for her nutty mother none of us would care aside from her white knights and obsessed preteen fans.

No. 268956

Don't places like Switzerland have grants or funding for students? If Manaki is a factory worker it might be easier for him to get a job in Switzerland than it is for Venus to get an education in Japan.

No. 268957


Shhh anon… don't make suggestions because it will come across that you're jelly of Venus's successful life in Japan.

No. 268958


Exactly, we all want her to just grow the hell up. Couldn't care less about dancing around on camera eating panda jelly and shit in a school uniform. As long as she's progressing as an adult like actually getting her life together then that's it.

No. 268959



No. 268960


If they got a pet then it's probably a cat or a rabbit.

cuz kawaii ne

No. 268971

No. 268974

As a rabbit owner, people getting them because "kawaii" pisses me off because they're not easy to take care of and usually end up neglected or their needs not being met. A lot of people don't do the research on them. I hope they at least know what to expect if they bought a rabbit.

No. 268979

File: 1462925998972.png (271.28 KB, 494x562, 6535354.png)

Maybe this is the news?

No. 268985

Fucking this. There are salty as fuck weebs here screaming about how she doesn't belong in Japan, wishing for her to divorce and go back to family she obviously wants to distance herself from and live a boring ass life. I often question the mental stability of some posters. Is it extreme weeb envy or just plain stupidity and cray?

No. 268996

I believe it's mostly jealousy and projection because their own experiences in Japan turned to shit, especially that one "expert" a while back that wouldn't shut up about how Venus was doomed to fail and how she should just go back and settle down with a Western man. Because THEY failed and couldn't ada