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No. 2548

No. 2549

Thanks for all the work you put into making this site the best you could, admin-sama.

No. 2550

Thanks for your service admin sama.

Inb4 anon's whining.

No. 2551

Thank you for your work.

And HOLY SHIT, 10K posts… How the fuck…

No. 2552

Also, fuck you sp00ny. Your self shit-posting wasn't bad enough, you just had to invite the r9k tards over. So fuck you fucking whore cunt.

No. 2553

10k posts? Is spoony a NEET with nothing else to do but go on lolcow? fucking hell

No. 2554

>spoony has over 10k posts and is the most frequent poster on the website

Dear fucking god
I thought everyone posting "hi spoony" was just paranoid… guess I was wrong, what a crazy bitch

No. 2555

the spoony shit lmfao are we really surprised

No. 2556

You did an amazing job admin-sama. Thanks for maintaining the site for so long.
And welcome new admin!

No. 2557

>Any time you've seen a post and wondered if it was Spoony, it probably was.
I thought she was the one constantly blog rambling and bumping dead threads on /b/, go figure.

Bitch is legit crazy

No. 2558

Knew spoony was an awful piece of shit. Thank you for banning her.

I know you always tried your best and I'm sorry to see you go, Admin-kun. For all our bitching, we really appreciated you setting up and running the site. I'm apprehensive as to what direction it will go in now. You're definitely the best admin I've seen on a chan board.

Thanks for everything. May God have mercy on our farm.

No. 2559

>original racist-chan had over 7,000 posts.

well goddamn.

No. 2560

Thank you admin sama, it's been a pleasure.

No. 2561

thank you admin sama

No. 2563

I know it would probably be way too much trouble, but I think it would be hilarious if all of Spoony's posts were marked. Same with Racist-chan and Emily whatever.

>10,000 posts

Pretty incredible.

No. 2564

Whoa. Well, thanks for everything, Admin-kun! Really appreciated how you stepped up one StamRose went down, and provided us with so much delicious milk in our time of need. But I've noticed it, too. There's just not much going on anymore. And the few cows we still have aren't any better than the average snowflake. Hopefully, we'll discover more cows and a golden age will return. We're really gonna miss you, Admin.

Ahaha, it would be incredible. Fuck Spoony, that crazy bitch. I can't imagine how many threads she's ruined. Same with racist-chan, can you imagine the samefagging?

No. 2565

Tbh I'm bracing to see Spongy go on a tirade about the mods being big meanies and that she's the one who's the lifeblood of lolcow or some dumb shit like when Moot told her to fuck off

No. 2566

Thanks for all the work you've put into lolcow, Admin-sama. :)

No. 2567

Hullo folk.

I also thank the previous admin-san because I'm under the belief this site would not still exist without the hard work and dedication put in for the last two years.
I hope to be able to do justice to the site/community.

First thing (and most important to me) is requesting any notes of desired changes by community members. If there is something you have wanted to do differently for a long time or else something you've just now thought of, now is the time to speak up. The site can be at its best if we work together to make it that way. So let's get focused on keeping our chan the same site that has been enduring through the years, and shedding some of the little flaws that have been coming and going.

My plan is to stay on the sidelines as much as possible. Mods should be people who can help make the big changes when necessary. But as anons we are all capable of policing each other and reporting posts if needed. There may, however, be a noticed increase in bans or deleted posts and threads. It's impossible for me to know exactly what kind of critical system was in place previously so all that we can do moving ahead is enforce our own plan of action. We have a few new features in mind and the potential for some design updates so ideas are and will always be graciously welcomed.

I love former admin-sama's work and it's disappointing to say goodbye. RIP in pieces sweet prince

No. 2568

File: 1466648860058.jpeg (61.66 KB, 396x600, image.jpeg)

>tfw we all realize we are Spoony o_o

No. 2569

10,000 posts definitely seems like a lot. How many posts are on lolcow as a comparison?

No. 2570

Just wanna give a great big fuck you to all the PULLtards, anachans, and selfposting bitches that ran our admin off! Thanks faggots!

Not that I don't have faith in u or anything (I do), I'm just salty that it's come to this point

No. 2571

ohh…. admin-sama, it's sad to see you go. I didn't go on the chat much but talking with you and the others was enjoyable.
I had really enjoyed the feeling of community especially with town halls and all the times you visited threads to reveal self posts.
Since the beginning from moving from cgl to maxfag to SR and now here, thank you for the best chan out of all of them!

No. 2572

Thank you og admin-sama! You were so great and seemed like a friend to me

Welcome new admin-sama! Good luck on your entire journey of dealing with lolcow!

No. 2573

You can tell by post numbers:
~2600 on meta
~2200 on manure
~150,000 on /snow/
~280,000 on /pt/
~99,000 on /b/
~33,000 on /g/
for a total of about 570,000 posts.

This means that 1.7% of posts on lolcow were by spoony. For every 100ish posts you read, 2 were likely posted by spoony. This is of course assuming that she posted in all boards equally. If she posted in, say, /pt/ more often than the other boards, you would be even more likely to run across a spoony post there.

No. 2574

I'm going to miss you admin-sama, you're really cool. Thanks for your work!
Lets hope that our new admin is as awesome as the old one

No. 2575

Admin had an amusing particular humor I enjoyed. Good day, Admin-sempai, you guided us on to the promise land after wandering in the desert after being ousted from /cgl/. #neverforget

Welcome new Admin-ni-chan.

No. 2576

Sad to see you go, admin. I've been here since the beginning and I think your moderation and site upkeeping was pretty great. Also enjoyed interacting with you and other farmers on lolcow chat last summer before I moved to a different timezone.
As the other anon said, lolcows have been lacking recently and (in my opinion) the site became a bit too populated but I hope another golden age comes back.
Also holy fuck spoony, new admin please don't let her return.

No. 2577

Thanks for doing the math! I'm wondering if maybe the reason some of the threads were banned was because it was a Spoony vendetta. Some of them were shit, but I was honestly surprised by a couple. Probably over thinking it, but the timing of it all.

No. 2578

For the love everything please condense /snow/ and /pt/

/pt/ is pointless now

No. 2579

That's fucking bananas. You wonder how Spoony hasn't been shot in real life.

I remember when a poster would randomly say "gtfo Spoony" and think how ridiculous it was. Well then I'd read the bloated, circle jerk logic anon was referring to and thought it sounded a lot like Spoony and felt like a retard for thinking so. IT WAS HER. FUCK. Almost eerie how fucking nuts she is.

No. 2580

Hello, new admin.

I hope you can clarify this:

>There may, however, be a noticed increase in bans or deleted posts and threads.

Does this mean the site will become like /cgl/? e.g., posts will be deleted at the whim of the janitors and admin, people will be banned for disagreeing with the admin, and there will be special treatment for the moderation team's "friends"?

I'm also concerned about preserving anonymity. Unless we (henceforth) break any global rules, will our anonymity be compromised for any reason?

No. 2581

Hi new Admin-sama! Have you ever considered going into politics? Your post is so nicely written that you might have a bright future there!

No. 2582

Wait, does that mean chat is gone?

No. 2584

>pulltards running admin off

No. 2585

First thankyou to old Admin. I especially enjoyed the town hall chats.

Greetings to the new admin. I would love to see some threads cleaned - OT posting and or self-blogging gets rampant in some of them from time to time and it would be great to see some simple no-drama bans day to day where these are reported. Cheers.

No. 2586

also please don't lift the ban on self-posting / personal blogging in /pt/ and /snow/. we need it enforced to keep the sanity and keep threads from shitting up.

No. 2587

I agree
Efficient, a good judge of character, unable to be bought with fame or e-begging. A town hall, detailed rules, great programmer, and hated tumblrfags and weebs. He was a great admin. If I could, I would make some art to commemorate him. Ride into the sunset, trailblazer.

I hope the new direction will not ruin what he fought for, or else he would have left in vain. That said, I suggest banning every thing to do with anachans and ana-cows. Anachans are literally mentally deranged and their arguments come down to "ur fat, u lose!" Their minds think 'skinnier/more attractive'=wins at logic, wins argument, wins at life. As we've all seen, they tend to be more emotional, attention whores, and self-made victims. Thus, their posts are trash and they give the site a bad name. They are cancer, and there are many other places on the net for them already.

No. 2588

>promised land
>wandering the desert

To the land of MILK and honey.


I like that title. It seems we're an all-female board now, except for the moorish invaders of course. Protect the holy land!

No. 2589

Oh yeah,

new admin….

PLEAAAASEEE appoint janitors/mods

No. 2590

Thanks for your hard work, admin.

Agreed. This site noticeably started going to complete shit shortly after the arrival of the anachans and their instagram attention whore friends.

No. 2591

Why'd old admin decide to quit?

No. 2592

sad to see you go, admin :-( good luck new admin!

i'd also like to know. did he genuinely just lose interest or was the site heading in a direction he didn't like? threads have been less lulzy and more blogging/bickering recently than earlier in lolcow's history.

yeah, i don't get the recent thread movings. i understand there being a distinction between wanting to create a distinction between classic lolcows that bring in plentiful milk and minor, special snowflakes but it does become confusing now that threads are being shuffled back and forth.

No. 2593

Goodbye old Admin-sama. All those board tan's of a sexy male farmhand will keep your legacy living.

Welcome new Admin-sama! I look forward to your reign over the site but just hope that we don't turn into PULL.

No. 2594

File: 1466659913431.gif (1.43 MB, 381x216, 1438288723577.gif)

Thank you for your time and patience to run this imageboard, Admin-sama

No. 2595

File: 1466661977928.jpeg (39.8 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

100% agreed.

No. 2596

Laughing at all this fucking ass kissing ITT.

No. 2597

I now understand why you nuked everything you (personally but not necessarily unjustly) disliked a few days ago.
Well, you did state ages ago you wanted a certain subset gone. I don't disagree but… It's rather cowardly of you do so right before you decide to step down, though.
I would respect it if you had done it long before, even if I disagreed. But nope.

No. 2598

>1. Spoony. She has over 10,000 posts and has been here since day 1, and is by far the most frequent poster on the website. Any time you've seen a post and wondered if it was Spoony, it probably was. Spoony is also partly responsible for bringing this site to /r9k/'s attention. moot was right.

i was pretty disappointed with the loss of some threads, but the banning of spoony and the truth that most of us already knew coming to light, well, it just makes up for everything. 10k posts, what a sad, worthless existence spoony leads.

No. 2599

Thank you Admin-sama for all your hard work these past two years, you will be greatly missed!

And hello Admin-neesan! I hope your transition goes smoothly and you don't have too many headaches dealing with us, haha.

No. 2600

Ty Admin sama for giving me a place to feel like a normal girl and gossip. You will be missed.

Good luck new admin!

No. 2601

I'd love to see a word filter or special effect for the word "(potato) nose" in /snow/ and /pt/. Seriously, all the "ewww her nose" posts are ridiculous at this point.

And also 100% this >>2587

No. 2602

Thank you, both old Admin-sama for your dedication and service to us, and to new Admin-sama for stepping in.

This board fills a niche for us. So glad that there is still a place for us Farmers to go to discuss these things.

No. 2604

Right? Does no one notice this.

No. 2605

Thank you so much admin kun for all the things you have done for us, and welcome to our new admin san!

No. 2606

I agree with this. The only exception is OC. Now that girl really does have a potato nose. And lost out on the genetics lottery in general.

No. 2607

Delete all the robot threads and please support an environment that doesn't tolerate whiny loser males throwing unrelated pity parties for themselves.

What worked well for the site in the past was transparency when making big site changes. And a reasonable logic to back up the changes. Also, the townhall style for deciding changes was a horrible idea and I hope it never comes back.

No. 2608

File: 1466684106727.jpeg (98.52 KB, 600x819, image.jpeg)

i will miss the townhall chats with the former admin, enjoyed those; but things happen. all hail new admin!

No. 2609

Hi new Admin-neesan! I hope you have a good time as the new Admin to lolcow.
Some changes/fixes Ive though about:

>Fixing the catalog and page number buttons that are at the bottom of each board on mobile (the text is kind of scrunched together)

>Making the menu bigger for mobile
>Having a small draggable bar to quickly scroll through threads instead of the top and bottom arrows
>Making pictures more constrained for desktop screens (so you dont have to scroll around to see the whole picture)

No. 2610

As a newcomer, just want to toss in my thanks as well, admin!

No. 2611

This this this this please

No. 2612

i'd fucking love if her posts were marked, that'd be amazing

No. 2613

My biggest fear is tumblr mentality taking over. Admin-sama was good at keeping that sjw shit to a minimum, so please, Admin-ni-chan don't let that kind of cancer take hold and spread.

No. 2614

Bye old admin! Thank you for all your work, I'll miss your sense of humour in your red text etc.

Hello new admin, I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
I am very worried about >>2580 too, i support strict and transparent rules but not cgl style gestappo moderation where questioning the authority gets you banned. I'd also hope we can reduce the amount of pity party /r9k/ers, I don't even know why they come here.

No. 2615

File: 1466692484737.png (13.23 KB, 128x182, Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.3…)

I will personally sell my firstborn to see all her posts marked. New Admin, pls take me up on this offer. You can mark them with this image in pic related.

No. 2617

God speed, old Admin-sama. Thank you for the glorious 2 years. And thank you new Admin-sama for taking up such a huge responsibility.

No. 2618

Can we ban Sindy at least? Even in /manure/ she reeks

No. 2619

This, and /pol/ too

Also keep anachans, bloggers, weeaboos and pulltards away if possible!

No. 2621

Thanks for everything you've done, Admin-sama. You were great.

No. 2622

One thing I do want to ask, though, is are you going to fix up the mess that Admin-kun stated by moving threads? Honestly, I think all of that needs to be reverted, with the exception of the anathread being nuked (since it will probably give the anachans no reason to stay and shit up the board). The changes Admin-kun made before leaving were, frankly, confusing and made the distinction between /pt/ and /snow/ useless. Of course cows don't constantly give milk, but their threads are they because they will. Otherwise, /pt/'s pt would not be relevant those times she left. I also don't understand why Admin-kun made so many abrupt changes before deciding to leave and have you handle the backlash.

No. 2623

>are you going to fix up the mess that Admin-kun stated by moving threads? Honestly, I think all of that needs to be reverted

please ignore this person

No. 2624

No, its a valid concern. Admin-kun started to change the direction of the site but had very little direction. I would personally like it if the new Admin really thought about whether this "direction-less direction" is worth it or not. Some of the decisions make very little sense, as mentioned in the /manure/ thread and Admin-kun never really touched on any of them.

No. 2625

Which decisions don't make sense to you? I think it's pretty clear that admin was trying to make /pt/ into a place for legendary cows and turn /snow/ from /manure/-lite to a half decent board. The only decision that I find confusing is banning the Pixielocks thread, it wasn't nearly as bad as the others that were banned.

No. 2626

No, he simply said if there is no current milk going on the thread gets moved to /snow/ which makes no goddamn sense considering Kiki, who has been MIA for almost a year now, is still on /pt/. As well as Sheena who has absolutely no milk at all, her thread is nothing but Twitter updates. Meanwhile threads that have been in /pt/ since the very start were moved to /snow/ like BigLotte and Kooter, which probably have more milk than some of the threads that continue to be posted in /pt/.

No. 2627

>I think it's pretty clear that admin was trying to make /pt/ into a place for legendary cows
Aside from PT and the Palermos we don't really have any "legendary cows" so in that sense /pt/ would have two threads (then one when PT inevitably ragequits the internet again) so what's the fucking point? The moving I think is largely unnecessary (esp. when there wasn't any consistency with it) but I do agree with keeping the locked threads locked.

It's just shady as heck when Admin made these ambiguous changes then dumps the mess on a new Admin with "d-don't undo my changes!!"

No. 2628


Holy fuck, it's not like the threads were banned. Why does it fucking matter which board they're on? It's easy to check both boards on a daily basis so there should be no problem checking on any of the threads that moved. Does making these theads on different boards effect posting to them? I really am having a problem seeing the issue.

No. 2629

There's onion, Asha, cwc, that gross bitch who fakes severe autism…. yeah it's not a lot of people but maybe a higher posting standard will attract better threads.

I don't think PTs thread would be moved if she just went silent for a few months. The threads that were moved hadn't had milk for years. Like Dakota doesn't do shit these days besides make bad photoshops, how is that /pt/ material?

No. 2630

File: 1466706542784.gif (842.74 KB, 400x225, slimshady.gif)

Its more so an issue of that its clear old Admin was just throwing his weight around, and then unloaded it on someone new and then is asking to keep these, clearly not thought through plans, in affect.

No. 2631

>Like Dakota doesn't do shit these days besides make bad photoshops, how is that /pt/ material?

This is my point though, Dakota really doesn't do anything, but neither do a few of the other people still in /pt/. It was just odd.

No. 2632

fuck yes spoony is finally gone

No. 2633

I guess I'm just trying to see it from their point of view. It really just gives more work to the Admin/Mods to have to constantly be up to date on the threads well enough to judge if there is "no milk" or "milk" going on. Then you'd have to deal with anons climbing up your ass about what is and isn't milk. It's weird an ambiguous and a huge hassle to try to quantify something as arbitrary and subjective as "milk".

No. 2634

And then, why would you finally go through all of that nuisance just to hand over the torch? As >>2630 said.

No. 2636

I have a feeling him leaving and handing over admin status to someone else was a last-minute, rushed decision.

No. 2637


I agree, and I don't blame him. The amount of backlash for a non-issue he decided to do (ban cancer and move around boards) on his own site makes me roll my eyes hard.

Who gives a shit why he moved the boards. Who gives five fucks if some slut is now on /snow/ but another bitch is still on /pt/. It doesn't matter! We're here to talk shit these bitches, were still able to so let's do it!

I'm 90% sure the people whining about the boards moving are the tard-sluts who are angry their ana-chan boards got banned and locked. They know their content was cancerous so they can't openly complain about it being banned, so they are trying to make admin look like he did something wrong with moving the boards around.

No. 2638

>I'm watching the thread on meta about admin leaving and waiting for the new admin to say something in reply to comments about unfucking up the board. Not very on the ball is she.

My intention is to do right by the community so if that means easing up then so be it. There will probably be a grace period for the next week or so while we decide on what changes were gonna make. If things are going to shit then we will change it up.

No. 2639

hey new admin, can you sticky a link to the discord server? people have been asking for a valid link for a while. discord might be a nice place for people to get to know you and to discuss things.

No. 2641

It's easy to ban evade here. I hope she comes back.

No. 2642


Lol fuck off spoony

No. 2643

I recommend ignoring trolls. It's clear they're trying to incite drama with you since you're "new." People here hate change for whatever reason. The best you can do is not let them troll you into reversing Admin-sama's changes. Personally I'm tired of ana-chans shitting up the boards and turning every thread into "wow she's so fat" threads.

No. 2644


You know you'll miss her.

No. 2645

I think it would be a good idea to look at the decisions the original Admin made before he quit. I know he requested that you don't change the banned threads, but some of else would like them to come back.

I think it would be a good idea to get some more active mods as well. I wouldn't say it's the threads that deserve to be banned but the shitposters.

No. 2646

But I why should we follow old admin's changes? The only good thing was killing the Ana thread. Everything else could have just been left alone and things would be fine. Just keep the Ana thread banned and let people post about everything else.

No. 2647


Grow up.

No. 2648

These are legit concerns people have, and most of everyone here will agree the ana threads needed to go. THAT was a good choice in AdminOG's part. Everything else is questionable.

No. 2649


Fatty detected.

No. 2650

the MAIN anachan thread needed to go. Nothing wrong with the Aly one. Nothing wrong with the others that were banned. That Emily/Ember thread was the only shit thread.

No. 2651

in your opinion. definitely not everyone's.

No. 2652

I fucking told you all about spoony. I even told her about it on /cgl/ not days ago and she whined and whined "Prove it prove it!"

Fuck you bitch. There's your proof.

No. 2653

Then ignore them.

No. 2654

There are so many threads I go into both on lolcow and /r9k/ and /cgl/ where I see spoony, and I don't say anything pretty much 9/10 times… but the one time I do, a bunch of samefags always harass me telling me I'm paranoid, jelly, obsessed.

She isn't even the type of person that is obviously depressed so they enjoy bitching online. No. She isn't constantly crying "wah I'm fat" (even though she is), she's writing novel-length posts about how she has the body of a goddess and the face of a child. NARCISSISM.

She's obsessed with herself and imageboards. Does she have a job? I recommend she get one and gtfo.

No. 2655

>but the one time I do, a bunch of samefags always harass me telling me I'm paranoid, jelly, obsessed.
There is a 99% chance it's Spoony herself saying that. Remember, 10,000 posts.

No. 2656

SAME. Also always got told to stop posting about her because it makes it worse. The bitch is fucking insane, she will turn any topic into a discussion about herself. You cannot make it worse. It's already as bad as it can be.

Here's the thread where she denies posting on /cgl/ and lolcow daily. Admin sama's recent announcement makes it even more amazing.


Some highlights

>You think this is something enjoyable for me?

>That I actively try to promote it?
>I am willing to own up to past behaviour
>Get a life, lmao, I'm an adult woman that checks an archive in order to protect my personal life
>Maybe you should reevaluate your own life and move on like the rest of the user base did years ago

My personal fav
>Maybe you should go find something better to do with your life that doesn't involve gossiping about some old, past-it tripfag.

I'm actually compiling a list of topics that I know, 100% were almost always spoony posting. Was considering posting it a while ago but it would have just been annoying. Now I think it has the potential to be very entertaining to a lot of anons.

No. 2657


I agree with you anon. I dont mind the two /snow/ and /pt/. PT I thought was from people who were really drama filled. And then snow was for just little no-names that people had some small dirt on or w/e. Shuffling back and forth between boards just seems confusing.

Also just for the sake of saying I do not like the recent changes on banned threads from /snow/. The only one that made sense to me was the proan being banned

No. 2658


Please add relevant information or tell me if I got something wrong.

No. 2659

Yep. She constantly posts on r9k too and lets her guard down and posts pics of her body.

What kind of person who isn't looking to be an attention whore posts body pictures on a male-dominated board?

No. 2661

The Aly thread wasn't as cancerous as the instagram anas, but it was still shit. There was no milk, just people posting "lol she didnt eat that" over and over. And it still attracted people from MPA and sites like that.

No. 2662

Right? and she has the audacity to claim that anyone who notices is a paranoid vendetta chan obsessed with her. Bitch, if I were obsessed with you I would have been able to actually come to your fucking house and kidnap you or whatever years ago.

If she genuinely believes that she's capable of disguising herself online whatsoever she needs help. Serious help because she's lost touch with reality completely.

No. 2663

Can we do straw polls or something to see if there really is a large portion of people that would like to see some of the changes be reverted back? Like, moving threads back to /pt/, unlocking CERTAIN threads, or even condensing /pt/ and /snow/ again? Its so hard to tell just from replys because not everyone will see this thread/ will care enough to make replies.

No. 2664

File: 1466730285129.png (357.38 KB, 1004x818, image.png)

Good night, sweet prince.

No. 2665

Honestly I disagree. The best way of easing up and being a hands off Admin is to not get too heavily involved with the users. Just listen to anon feedback and decide accordingly. Chat groups just end in circlejerking tbh

No. 2666

>tfw obnoxious /pol/fag gets banned and then rears his head again as soon as admins changed

No. 2667

No. There are just multiple regulars with pol views, which we're fully entitled to express in the appropriate threads. You can't just pretend that every opinion you dislike is one anon. You can't demand every opinion you dislike is banned, either.

No. 2668

Unless there are multiple anons with the exact same occupation, fetishes, and racial obsessions, I'm talking about one specific guy who was banned for being an unintegrated user

No. 2669

my bad.

No. 2670


No. 2671

Good night sweet prince I will miss townhall and welcome new Admin

No. 2672

How can your life be that non-existent? 10k posts is just pathetic. Glad she's been banned.

No. 2673

so what i've learned is that the admins here think no one knows how to change their IPs

ok lmao

No. 2674

so what I've learned is that nobody cares

No. 2675

Yep. She's still doing this. She's repeating the same shit on /cgl/ constantly. You can always tell it's spoony because she's the one who blog posts about her personal problems irrelevant to the thread, or plain out posts about herself in third person and how ~misunderstood~ poor spoony is. When someone calls her out for her bullshit, she barely even denies selfposting and straight out goes full defensive mode. This thread especially was amazing, people just told her to get the fuck out and stop posting about herself and she's STILL insisting that she hates to be in the center of the drama. The Kelly Jean thread here was also a great glimpse into her psyche.

Spoony once visited the lolcow chat (rip) under a pseudonym and even there she immediately started talking about herself and her feud with moot, thus revealing her identity. She just can't shut the fuck up. I'm surprised Admin didn't ban her before, but better late than never.

No. 2676

File: 1466759487754.png (1005.57 KB, 1280x720, lewdycat.png)

Did you draw dis anon
its bretty gud

Is there any rule 34 for admin of yore?

No. 2677

No, it was drawn by another anon in the lolcow mascot thread. It's admin-sama :3

No. 2678

We're gonna miss you Admin-sama! Hope life after lolcow is great for you!

No. 2679

Can someone redpill me on her feud with mootles?

No. 2680

Here's a list of things that mean it's spoony posting. Spoony bingo if you will

>Chinese roommates, esp. complaints about them

>Complaining about chinese mainlanders Esp. in the context of having lived with them
>My roommate's best friend died
>Russel group university
>Bragging about being friends with charms (see charms thread for examples)
>Don't move your face it causes wrinkles
>I don't move my face and I'm not wrinkly
>I'm 5'7 and
> -something about short girls not being able to defend themselves as well-
>Boyfriend went through a trauma and was ungrateful for my help
>I study Japanese at university and (Obviously a lot of anons do this but you can tell it's spoony because she's uniquely narcissistic)
>seborrheic dermatitis
>Bitching about moot
>Specifically bitching about moot's moderation policy

Also pretty sure she's the militant anti-fur misanthropist anon, and the one in the cute girls thread posting pics of that really thick pear shaped girl with short white hair, and the one who drew the crazy looking board tan in the board tan thread and then flipped out and couldn't take criticism about it.

If any of these were you and you're not spoony, my bad and please correct me.

Most of this is just shit I remember from when /b/ and /g/ were separated as well, there is undoubtedly more.

No. 2681

I'll add


>dressing classy (almost always posting in /r9k/ threads on the topic)
>being stalked by evil 4chan neckbeards
>being stalked at all really
>being hit on/cat called
>I take care of myself so so so well! [laundry list of inconsequential stuff she does from either not moving her face to calisthenics[/spoiler]

Also I'm not 100% on this but the girl in the Dakota thread who is eerily obsessed with always insulting her might be spoony as well. I can't imagine anyone hating Kooterchan that much anymore…

No. 2682

not spoony but FUCK having Chinese mainlanders for roommates. seriously

sage for shitposting

No. 2683

sure thing, spoonster.

No. 2684

I'm kind of disturbed by how many encounters I've had with spoony on here and /cgl/. It's like she's everywhere. I'm almost completely sure she was that one crazy anon in the draw thread who insulted my (in all fairness, not great) drawing and got extremely super disgustingly butthurt when people criticized her own work.

Also, I'm pretty sure she's the one obsessed with hating Dakooter and constantly calling anyone else who doesn't despise Dakota (or anyone who doesn't post something negative about her) fat, ugly, jelly ect.

Spoony is always identifiable. It's just the tone of her posts that speaks to her unfounded, grandiose delusions about herself.

And since I know she's reading this, too: Go fuck yourself, Spoony.

No. 2685

Why would you do this? Please stop posting about us on other websites. We don't need any more invasions.

New admin, whatever you do, please don't listen to the trolling anas in this thread and reinstate the Aly or Proana general threads in /snow/. Thank you.

No. 2686

Nice one anon, good catches.

Glad I'm not alone in thinking she was that draw anon. It's actually scary isn't it? I know I'd have trouble justifying my level of internet activity to any kind of mental health professional but how can she honestly believe she doesn't have some kind of serious issue?

OH YEAH and I remembered a couple more things
>obsessed with cara delevingne
>Naturally thick eyebrows
>living in an area with a lot of muslims
>muslim street harassment

She was also Taradox, Pime and Lesbian-Walrus on PULL, and she used a fake name (Emily White) and a picture to try and scam the users out of money on a gofundme.

I also know which uni she goes to, not that anyone with half a brain hasn't figured it out already, considering posting it just because she was such a bitch to me when I tried to warn her about this shit.

No. 2687

>that one crazy anon in the draw thread who insulted my (in all fairness, not great) drawing and got extremely super disgustingly butthurt when people criticized her own work.

Link? Sounds funny

No. 2688

With regards to threads being moved from /pt/ to /snow/ it's my opinion that the lesser-known or otherwise lesser-offending cows be kept in /snow/. Kiki is definitely an example of a legendary cow. I don't know if I have it in me to move her thread. However, despite the fact that Dakota is actually active and there is discussion about her there is a marked dissonance in the community regarding her. Some people think she's pretty ok and I think that she can be discussed in /snow/.

I'm also considering making it so that new cows are posted in /snow/ automatically and then upgraded to /pt/-status if there is enough interest or milk.

No. 2689

Can you please unlock Jillians topic in snow. Old admin clearly doesn't know much about what is being talked about there based on the comments he left. She isn't a Lolita anymore, lace isn't a thing but she created her own special snowflake "jfashion" thing. There is consistent posting about her stuff. She makes videos and has a decent following on YouTube and Tumblr. She belongs in snow and has evolved past what people started with so saying no posting about her besides a situation that doesn't exist is ignoring the last whole thread or 2 that has happened. There isn't a need for a general jfashion you tuber section because most of them aren't snow worthy.

No. 2690

Who was racist-chan anyway? (not the person behind the posts, the person presented by the posts)

No. 2692

No. 2693

Please remove all the race discussion from /b/ or move it to a SINGLE thread that isn't the tumblr thread, I want to laugh at dumb things tumblrinas say, not wade through 500 years of race discussion.

No. 2694


>I also requested that she reveal past posts if any of those three people try to evade their bans.

No. 2695

I think one of the biggest issues was lack of forewarning. This just pretty much came out of nowhere. I never visited the ana-chan boards, so I can't speak for that very well, but it's just kind of strange the original Admin created a huge mess then dumped it on a new Admin. None of the threads I visited were affected, but something just doesn't feel right, y'know?

I'd sort of rather have lolcows stay in /pt/ to archive their crazy, even if they're dormant. /snow/ is for those that are not as over-the-top crazy. Would it be possible to lock threads if they are inactive a certain amount of time (3 months, for example?) and put them in an archive; maybe call it the slaughterhouse? The two boards just feel really imbalanced now.

>I wouldn't say it's the threads that deserve to be banned but the shitposters.
I like this anon's logic.

I actually really like this idea. Pretty much have a gauge-in-interest petition to see if they should be promoted to cow status.

No. 2696

I agree. We have no way of knowing what percentage of anons agree with something if it's just random comments on one thread. If new admin thinks that what the community members want is important, I think the only way is to vote on things.

No. 2697

>allowing voting
let me refer you to the outcome of Brexit

Admin, former and new, do what you want. its your site. if it gets run into the ground a new dramu forum will pop up again somewhere.

No. 2698

We have no way of knowing but the Admin can see IPs. So she'll know if it's just a few anons samefagging an idea, or if the majority of the thread's unique IPs agree on a topic. Honestly, the former Admin's old style of considering changes pre-townhalls worked fairly well.

Trying to be overly democratic on an anon imageboard is dumb.

No. 2699

Hey, Admin. I'm >>2622, but I'm sure you already know that. From what you've said above and in >>2688, you're leaving things how they are for a week and then seeing if we want a change? Personally, I don't think some people want the threads they enjoy locked for a week. With the exception of the ananobodies thread, it seems the spur of the moment locking that previous admin did shortly before leaving was not the best course of action.

At the very least, unlock those threads and then discuss with current farmhands/janitors/mods about which threads to lock and which to keep. That seems like the fairest course of action. If you want to keep 70% of /pt/ in /snow/ and leave /pt/ barely active until you figure out what to do, that's fine. But I think unlocking those threads needs to be done. We, as in the users of this site, didn't get any warning about these changes and the people who enjoy those threads shouldn't have to run to PULL or fullchan just to discuss what were previously fairly popular threads here because of a decision they had no knowledge of or say in.

No. 2700

Does it really matter which threads are in /pt/ or /snow/? Even /manure/?
It's one fucking click away. I don't even see why it mattered to Admin either.
The only thing moving threads around accomplished is confusing users. It's absolutely pointless.
I still think Admin was just making a big show of waving his dick around before passing on the torch.
And don't get me started on the banning of many active threads. The Jillian and Aly threads were my favourites. Those are threads that were once banned but were fought for and reinstated, mainly because townhall chats were a giant circlejerk. Whatever.

No. 2701

>let me refer you to the outcome of Brexit


No. 2702

I just figured it would be easier for Admin to quickly glance and see if it really is a vocal minority that doesn't really like changes or if most people just don't care. I'm not saying Admin has to do whatever the result is, but it might be easier for her to get an idea of where we all stand.

No. 2704

Can we have a new thread on spoony?

No. 2705

So why did the old admin lose interest?

No. 2706

There's a lot of new and pointless threads in /b/ and I can't tell if it's an influx of new users that can't tell what's relevant or if it's just there's less reporting/deleting of shitty threads now.
Doesn't really bother me, it is /b/, but I am interested in knowing if our userbase has suddenly increased.

No. 2707

Also blogpost style replies unrelated to the topic and mostly about her tl;dr problems mostly caused by her own negligence and arrogance.

tbh this, mainland Chinese are the worst roommates.

No. 2710

No. Don't give her attention.

No. 2725

So satisfying seeing confirmation of what a crazy bitch Spoony is, especially after she was brought up on /cgl/ a few weeks ago and people were licking her asshole (although it was probably just her samefagging)

No. 2726

>Spoony is also partly responsible for bringing this site to /r9k/'s attention. moot was right.

>moot was right

about what exactly?

No. 2727

So, uh, is there even an admin anymore? Or even a moderation team?

No. 2728

read the thread, dummy

No. 2729

moot infamously called Spoony out as an insufferable samefagging cunt on /cgl/ ages ago.


No. 2731

I'm late to the party but… Woah, this site wouldn't had get this far if it wasn't by Admin-sama so thank you so much for your job on here. I loved his way of calling out the bullshit of people like Spoony or Annie. And tbh taking a look at the way some other chans are administrated I feel we've been pretty lucky to have such a good Admin. You will be missed.

Also welcome Admin-ni-chan.

No. 2732

No shit, Sherlock. I was referring to the fact that the site is overrun with misplaced and troll threads and reports just seem to go blindly out into space without ever being acted upon. Go fuck yourself, dummy.

No. 2734

File: 1467263427194.png (54.76 KB, 281x355, 1452965127351.png)

>2 years

No. 2735

yeah it's noticeable isn't it. I've seen two threads deservedly moved to manure but no other bans that I've seen. derailing is on the increase already.

No. 2736

Can we have an admin update or something? Even another shitty townhall would be welcome at this point.

No. 2739

This, something really needs to happen to /pt/
I have never seen it move as slow as it has been. Even the Margo thread is dying.

No. 2741

I'm curious as well.

No. 2745

Paging admin? Where are you? Do you not see the board is DEAD?

No. 2746

File: 1467629705240.jpg (34.59 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

R.I.P. lolcow
We had a nice time, but I feel like the end is nearing.

Pt is pretty much dead, moderation either doesn't happen or happens very slowly and new admin seems to give even less shits than the old one

No. 2748

legit curious as to how many posters in the spoony thread were samefags
i guess we'll never know now that og admin inflicted that whole 'new admin can't see post ids from my reign'
kinda makes you wonder what he was trying to hide, that's like the fishiest move ever.

No. 2749

I'm pretty sure the admin/mods posted in threads occasionally without the nametag. I saw in a thread one of the anons called another out on a specific previous post they made while the two were arguing and there was no way that anon could have known they made that post unless they could see ips. The anon that got called out confirmed they made that post and became suspicious.

No. 2750

Thanks for abandoning the site admins and mods, I guess it was fun while it lasted

No. 2751

11 days later and nothing, not even an update or anything.

did the farmhands fuck off too? new admin, if you're reading this i would suggest perhaps opening up applications for those roles or something. seems like your crew gives 0 shits

No. 2752

the site is currently running itself into the ground… /g/ and /b/ to an extent are still tolerable for the time-being but /pt/ and /snow/ are falling apart. perhaps neither admin really wants the site at this point.

No. 2754

Just saw admin make a post in the Tay thread that was made in /pt/.

Does this mean we can make a new Pixielocks thread now admin?

No. 2758

Seriously, the site is insanely slow.
This is why we need the smaller cows and snowflakes - they might not be crazy active or produce 100% cream but they bring people to the site who spend time in those and other threads. I'm trying to stay interested enough to visit and keep supporting the site but it's hard to spend more than a couple minutes clicking around because most of my favorites got the ban hammer and the remaining threads are either drama I don't care about (i.e. snoozy, I'm glad people are having fun but I can't be assed to catch up on 15 threads worth of "she's so fat and unfunny") or ancient dead threads that are even less interesting than the closed threads

No. 2759

Anyone with any experience running an imageboard should just make another cow honestly, without the micromodding and disappearing act. What made this place great was that is was an anon free for all that was moderated just enough to keep trolls at bay. Now it's under modded with too many rules instead of over modded.

Yo admin, find a replacement and step down. No offense but you blow at this and are doing nothing except killing the boards.

No. 2761

>i.e. snoozy, I'm glad people are having fun but I can't be assed to catch up on 15 threads worth of "she's so fat and unfunny"

Honestly after the second thread, it just became repetitive and cringy. That's one of the thread that actually should have been locked.

Exactly. The new Admin isn't doing anything to improve the site and put themselves in a favourable light among the users here. I was hoping they'd actual care enough to fix things but here we are watching this site turn to complete trash.

No. 2833

Some of you are so hysterical, holy shit. Ex-admin royally messed up big time with his thread shifting, which is why everything is so slow right now. Have some patience and give admin more time to figure out how to fix this.

No. 2836

Oh he WAS hiding things. He was constantly afraid of people finding out who he was because apparently he was sort of an lolcow himself in the past. I know I might get banned again for this but FUCK IT. If you remember the chatrooms that were here he used to use the "hikki" one and liked the mod of that room. (oneesan) His dumb ass trusted that fat ho and she went behind his back and told about him to other people in the chatroom. Apparently his real name is Ian and he's scared of anyone knowing that. Looked up the only Ian on ed and found this https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Ian

No. 2837

File: 1467858932616.png (149.3 KB, 316x269, Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.05…)

mm baby. look at our glorious lolcow admin guys.

No. 2838

he also asked me to come to his state and meet him, but I declinded because he wouldnt tell me who the fuck he was - well now I know, and he looks like a rapist, thanks to the other anon for showing me. he just used lolcow chat rooms to pick up girls.

No. 2840

That guy looks cute in a nerdy way, and if it really is our ex Admin-sama then he is also an awesome person, so I dont know whats the problem here.

Anyway, new Admin, can you please try to be more strict for the time of the upcoming invasion? You sound like a nice person so it might be hard for you, but we'll REALLY need you to protect us from all that cancer.

No. 2850

Yeah, like right now the spammer is back. You need to put your foot down harder because how you want to handle things here won't work. On PULL? Sure. On lolcow? No way. Hellweek or bust.

No. 2851

Can we please get rid of the cancer? This spammer is the most irritating shit i have ever seen. They're making things even more garbage. Admin do something or find someone who will.

No. 2871

seconding hellweek or bust. hellweek was the nicest time here because everything was so heavily moderated that we were pretty much devoid of obvious trolls and spammers and robots.

No. 2875

PT is spammed to hell with disgusting photos. I almost puked. Please save us, admin-sama.

No. 2884

File: 1467865332118.gif (150.99 KB, 250x191, tumblr_lud63v6TDS1qzt3y0.gif)

what the fuck is going on

No. 2896

That's me right now. I'm annoyed, I don't know wtf is going on.

No. 2897

File: 1467867597771.gif (515.93 KB, 320x178, tumblr_o1kxrqrSeP1ryurmdo1_400…)

Honestly, wtf is going on here? Whoever the hell this is needs some better shit to do. Go be cancerous somewhere else.

No. 2898

Who has this much time on their hands to do this much spam anyway? I can't comprehend who actually would care this much.

We really need farmhands. Honestly, I'm predicting the end here. No one in charge gives a shit.

No. 2899

A spam filter would be more effective.

No. 2900

It's such amateur trolling too, all they can do is spam and it's just copy and pasting they didn't even make a bot

No. 2901

I was able to live with it when the /pt/ threads were moved to /snow/ and admin was banning anyone who said the wrong thing, but this is ridiculous. I dont want this site to go to crap. I'll be hiding out in 8chan until someone takes care of this.

Also, who the fuck is sane enough to have that gory shit saved in their files?

No. 2902

never underestimate the power of boredom during summer break

No. 2915

Agreeing with the hell week again. I haven't been in this mess as long as others but I really don't want to see this place go down.
I completely get wanting to see what changes need to be made but I think now would be a good time to start implementing things

Allow other threads in again (Micky, Pixie, heck even Aly)

Have a time limit to stop spamming and maybe even captchas.

I know it must be difficult, especially since you said all farmhands have left but I really do suggest making changes now before more people leave and lolcow no longer is active.

I believe in you purple admin-sama! Please don't let us down!

No. 2917

I really want the Pixie and Aly threads back. I don't understand why they are banned. I mean when threads are getting uninteressting they will die on their own due to lack of people posting. But those threads were full of people discussing them and hell lot of fun. If one doesn't give a crap about them they wouldn't visit the threads anyway.

No. 2918

Hi everyone! Sorry about the spam last night and sorry to everyone who was around to see the gore. I was checking up on the site around every hour or so to clear out new posts. The spammer kept ban evading, and 200+ new posts would crop up every time I'd check back. Someone has way too much time on their hands. It certainly wasn't being ignored and we're working on prevention for the future. Thanks so much for your patience.

No. 2922

Thanks for the cleanup. Too bad the site was inaccessible for the better part of 5 hours.

Question: Does anyone else think that this autistic spammer might be Spoony?

No. 2926

seems to be some chick on PULL that is super butthurt about the banned threads

No. 2935

Wait, what? There were also gore pictures? I'm so fucking glad I've seen only the long posts.

Thank you guys for cleaning that shit!

No. 2936

Thanks farmhand. I reported the first few but there were so damn many I just gave up and left after a while. It really makes me annoyed to see the state of the site lately. With PULL shutting down I worry that we're going to be getting even more of this shit.

No. 2939

Yes :( I couldn't be bothered to report any of it because that would've meant a closeup. I'm usually strong enough to see gore, but the nature of this particular content was too disturbing.

No. 2940


lmao just wait and see the same gore and tard spam reposted tomorrow anon

No. 2943

Who was the third heavy poster?

No. 2944

Dude there were so many of them it wasn't funny. At first it was just some weird pics but then they just busted out all this gore and I was out.

Is this all one person pulling this crap or do we have two or three people?

No. 2948

I guess I'm lucky that I live in the UTC+3 time zone then lol

I think it's just one retard, they may be using some script or something.

No. 2950

The gore photos made me so sick and I only saw like 5. Thank you so, so much for cleaning up!!

No. 2961

>We don't need any more invasions.

A lot of the /r/drama regulars were already on lolcow, sorry mane

No. 2968

It's just one retard copy-pasting… that's why they are not here today, mum probably made them go out and go clothes shopping or something.

No. 2969

What kind of gore did they post?

No. 2970

pictures of STD infected genitals and stuff. baby's first shock images

No. 2987

No. 2988


No. 2989

Any pics of oneesan, though?

No. 2991

Did oneesan leave or something?

No. 2992

File: 1468145210860.png (24.18 KB, 120x120, 1434003603141.png)

No. 2993

If she did, good riddance. Oneesan was a shit mod, Admin would never admit to playing favorites but it was p. clear that he was willing to let her get away with anything. I'm honestly relieved by the regime change if only for this reason.

No. 2994

In my own experience if you've got some dirt on the admin of a site, you can get away with a lot. Either that or she was a skype sex thing.

No. 2995

I really want to see chat logs of their conversations.

No. 2996

What is the point of this thread being stickied? Admin I says he's leaving, yet this thread is the one slapped right at the top of meta because …why? So he can watch from afar as all the teen girls on this site hopefully cry over his absence? People can swap "theories" for his own amusement? It's kind of disturbing.

No. 3005

What if… she's the new admin?! Dun dun dunnnn.

It was stickied so people actually knew/saw he was leaving & new admin just hasn't removed it. Really nothing so creepers.

No. 3009

Im on it.

No. 3046

You are? If so, can you tell us some updates? Thank you.

No. 3050

I'm just about ready to launch if people are actually interested in migrating there.

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