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File: 1469297307090.png (245.19 KB, 488x382, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.4…)

No. 291537

Margo weaseled her way back onto the shores of Glorious Nippon, with funding from her mother, Margit, who apparently could give two shits about her granddaughter's safety. Ferenc remains in Venus's corner, and Zsu is on the fucking warpath against Margo after her little vexxed / drama video stunt.

The vexxed video has caused VERY little effect to Venus's rep: it hasn't broken 200K views, and the only ones who are swarming comment sections about it are Margo's regular stans.

Margo's grand Japan Plan appears to be moving into the Tetris House hostel on a staff position for free rent - she's got it saved on her wishlist, and this may be where she's staying for now as she waits for a spot to open up (because hiring someone who doesn't speak Japanese, and whose English is almost incomprehensible, seems likely.) >>291373

Margo inadvertently reveled that she was the "mostpeace91" email account all along as she runs to the small @gaming_ks insta account that tracks her antics - and promptly pretends to be both herself and Mana, mixes her and mana's tales to be one and the same, and jumps in with one of her "fan" accounts to back herself up. it's absolutely insane, and Zsu tears her a new asshole. >>291409

What's next? Margo is being ignored by Venus and YT at large, which only guarantees and uptick in crazy. How could it get crazier? Don't know, but she never lets us down.

Last thread:

Early drama of Venus leaving Margo:

* WE DON'T CARE IF VENUS EVER CHEATED (river kappa is a known liar)
*VENUS DID NOT HAVE ANY FUCKING SURGERY (again - river kappa is a known liar)

Know the Youtube rules:
*Receiving a copyright strike will put your account in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube features. If you receive three copyright strikes:
- Your account will be terminated.
- All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed.
- You won't be able to create new accounts.*

No. 291538

File: 1469297619902.png (59.26 KB, 305x351, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.0…)

Just for review, because I enjoyed this story so much: Margo's mom is helping her, Mags has to be telling the truth because HER story never changes (lol) and now Venus tried to bite her finger off before stealing all of Margo's macs and money.

No. 291539

File: 1469297750258.png (35.46 KB, 306x214, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.0…)

… but also somehow on Feb 3rd, Venus was simultaneously in Tokyo, biting off Manaki's finger and stealing HIS macs and money. Oh, and Margo's imaginary finace is now financing her travels - he INSISTS that she shunt from Hamburg to London to Tokyo to live in hobo hostels.

You heard it from Margo: Venus can teleport to bite off your fingers.

No. 291540

No. 291543

File: 1469298903684.jpg (116.77 KB, 924x596, bite.jpg)

Reposting aunt Zsus thoughts about the finger biting incident. You are not here for Margos shit, thank you Zsu!

No. 291545

Ok… wtf. I haven't been here for a few days and missed this fingerbiting drama. This is confusing as fuck. So… the milk's delicious, but how exactly are we sure that mostpeace91 account is Margo? I don't get the evidence somehow

No. 291546

The usual - poor grammar, switching perspective rapidly as she does, forgetting which sock she was logged into and answering questions to one account with another. She claimed to be both Margo and Manaki, then one of Margo's "fan" accounts chimed in, which are Mags' know socks. Also, Zsu appeared to be speaking to this person behind the scenes and was convinced that this was Margo (and she was pissed).

No. 291547

Check here: >>291409

No. 291548

It might help to read everything in order for yourself - it is indeed incredibly confusing. Margo came on pretending to be Manaki - but then forgot who she was pretending to be and began speaking from her own perspective, while DMing the account owner trying to convince them she's Manaki.


No. 291550

>>291548 ok, thanks! that clears it up a bit and holy shit, just when I think Margo can't surprise me again… this is hilarious

No. 291554

HOW has Margaret Palermo lived to be 40+ years old as off-the-charts batshit crazy as she is?? Was poor Venus actually helping to guide her lunatic mother through daily life? Because Marge seems to be far less functional since Venus left.

I'm beginning to suspect Margaret isn't actually evil, but rather completely insane with a persecution complex.

No. 291556

>>Was poor Venus actually helping to guide her lunatic mother through daily life?

Probably; the vast majority of Margo's positive AirBnB reviews mention Venus, and the good reviews drop off after Venus left. Narc parents are expects are "parentifying" their children (making the kid parent themselves and do all of the work) - all while telling the kid/s how grateful they ought to be for their amazing n-parent who does EVERYTHING for them. It's a mindfuck, and Margo is pretty expect in mindfucks.

No. 291557

Wasn't morgue at school and when she came home Venus wasn't there not her belongings? haahhahaha

>Then I got home and saw I had no mac or money

Also lol at how morgue is only upset about her macbook and money gone, not her daughter (it's not like she cared about Venus even once but if she's trying to sell the "concerned mom looking for her run away little girl" at least try being less transparent)

No. 291558

The money bit is hilarious- like, Margo had a bunch of cash stacked up and Venus laughed and filled a duffel bag with it? The money Margo claims is hers and was "gone" was the Fullscreen bonus given directly to Venus in Japan - Margo would have no way of knowing that was going to happen on Feb 3rd. The "money" she's talking about is Venus herself - her daughter is just money to her, not a person.

No. 291559

Mana is now margo's headmate?

No. 291560

Thank you for the recap OP. This whole thing sometimes moves so fast its hard to keep up on the threads.

I can't believe her mom paid for her to go back to Japan and now she's living rent free. She is so fucking vile.

No. 291561

Yep. Margo merged with him on the astral pane, maybe. I wonder if that's how Venus was able to transcend space and time to launch simul-attacks on all of the fingers.

Or something. Bitch be cray.

No. 291563

"I'm happy I have my mom to help me".
Instead of showing that Margo's mother is helping her, might it be that this comment, as it was from "Manaki"s perspective, was supposed to mean "I'm happy I have my mom-in-law, Margo, to help me, Manaki."?
It would fit in with Margo's ~Venus is crazy~ narrative and the other comments made by that "Manaki" account.

No. 291564

And here we thought old Margit was a normal person. Me thinks she and grandpa Ferenc must had a lot of arging because of this.

ikr? for all we know she shares a multiple system with Manaki, margaretpalermofans, a homeless, a optician, a qualified nutritionist, a train conductor…

No. 291565

That's a possibility. I think we assumed Margo was discussing her own mother because she's been talking about how close they are lately ("We talk every day"), but it's certainly possibly Margo was trying to put herself in a good light via Fake Manaki.

No. 291566

Are we sure that those ig accounts are margos sock puppets and not the troll from a few months back, who tried to convince everyone that their account was margo by "mistakenly" using I pronouns while talking about margo? Because I'm not buying it. The english doesn't sound like margo.

No. 291567

Not sure if I'm late on this, but I read the mostpeace91 episode as:
mostpeace91@yahoo.co.jp e-mail from printscreen is real manaki
mostpeace91.yahoo.co.jp instagram account is real maggot.

No. 291570

No. 291572

If you google mostpeace91 it takes you to twitters/Ameblo pages that seem genuine and a Yahoo!Auction that was active last week selling various household and hobby goods last week
http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/show/rating?userID=ysys798 but it doesn't seem like things Venus/Manaki would be selling.

No. 291573

Maybe Margo is using that email to continue her weird fenced goods / sales hustle she was working at in Seoul?

No. 291575

Agreed. I don't think the Y!J auction account in >>291572 belongs to Manaki though, based on the account holder's location.

No. 291576

File: 1469314146793.png (53.99 KB, 320x323, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 3.46…)

Oh, Margo. Someone called out Mags for living vicariously through Venus for all those years. Margo doesn't understand what that means, but she disagrees with you and will tell you all about Venoos being ungrateful (new insta, no posts, no activity besides Margo Defense with poor engrish skills.)

No. 291577

Oh, and one of the best tells, besides the poor grammar: Margo hates being called anything but her full name, but no one besides her uses "Margaret".

No. 291578

File: 1469314415970.png (33.58 KB, 306x171, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 3.51…)

I'm still confused as to how moving out of her mother's home to live with her husband is "immature" according to Margo. Like, people are allowed to live with their spouses and move out of their parents' house when they grow up. They're allowed to decide not to go back to language school - and besides, Venus signing up and backing out secured Margo her SwissBux through August this year, and Venus knew that! AND Margo got V's tuition refunded, so she actually profited from Venus not attending school last semester.

No. 291580

It fucking kills me how she keeps trying to push the whole language school as a "university" off on so many people. Venus even posted the certificate she earned.

Oh leave it to Marge to say that someone has too many holes in their story when her tall tales are basically Swiss cheese.

No. 291582

I made a video about Margaret and the video by Vexxed. Am I allowed to post it here?

No. 291583

I'd be interested, anon.

No. 291586

No. 291589

Honest feedback? From the get go, this is pretty disjointed; anyone who isn't already very familiar with Venus and her situation is going to be very confused. I'd consider going back and making script to keep you more focused (you being ill probably contributes to the weird, disjointed flow - I hope you feel better soon!)

No. 291590

I was following dot point but I completely get what you mean. I am going to probably make a few videos focusing on individual subjects as its hard to cover in one video so that will be neater but want to get better first. Talking and focussing is hard at the moment.XD

No. 291591

Honestly this. You need a more right to the point script thats easier to digest. Write down everything and narrate over the screens and proofs.

No. 291592

Also, as you speak about things like Margo selling all of Venus's belongings and the items Margo claimed Venus stole, the viewer should see screenshots of this with you as a voiceover - most of this ought to be screenshots with you doing a voiceover, imo.

Anyway, not to drag you down for working on this while you're ill! But this video isn't very convincing to me, and I'm on your side.

No. 291593

That's okay. I actually am having trouble searching through all my screenshots.

No. 291594

I was thinking of making a dropbox dump of all mine, because the collection is slowing down my memory at this point. I'm happy to loan you any of mine, and the @gaming_ks account (and the @stopmargaretp account, if it's still up) has the majority of Margo's instagram posts, including the ones where she was selling items on venusangelic.com.

No. 291595

>married a guy she knew for a few months

but wasn't he a pedo stalking her since the tender age of 13? kek

No. 291596


wont capitalize her daughter's name but makes sure hers is full and correct.

No. 291597

Oh I have them linked in the description of my video

No. 291600

Do you have the dropbox set up?

No. 291601

I'm putting them all on my google drive atm, when that's done I'll copy them over to a burner dropbox and link it here. It's massive - there's like 2 years worth of stuff and has multiple cows.

No. 291603

Thank you so much. You're really helpful

No. 291605

Thanks in advance!

No. 291606

This was really hard to hear and follow. Maybe next time you should lay out a time line and show how these things developed. People that know both sides of the story can break down your video. People who only heard vexxed are most likely going to think your a fangirl because the lack of evidence you showed. I would say a intro featuring yourself is good but showing screen shots with a voice over would be better.
TL:DR straight timeline plus facts only done through voice over would be easier to understand.

No. 291607

I just rewatched the latest venus video, and it was sad to read so many hateful comments from wexxed fans. I checked also that phony "expose video" for second time and there was even worst atmosphere in the comments section. It feels almost like a real lynching mob against Venus :/

It's quite difficult to understard when so many people really believed those lies from margo, when the words come from some lousy keemstar wanabe.

When maggot herself said same things earlier, almost all just laughed at her silly schemes..

No. 291608

Finally a video about V from a competent person.

No. 291611

haha Thanks. It's far from perfect but that is nice to hear.

No. 291612

No. 291614

My video was in response to that.

No. 291617

Stop posting the Keemstar wannabe's video, we know about it already.

No. 291619

I've got to wonder if it's Vexxed himself.

No. 291620


Here's the link to my burner dropbox folder of screenshots; be forewarned that there are shots from multiple cows! Many of the Margo-related shots are labeled 'margo' up until May; after that there's just the dates, which might make more recent searches more difficult to find. But if you're ambitious, pretty much every part of the Margo / Venus saga should be in there.


No. 291621

I tend to agree, tinfoil anon. He would love to stay relevant here in the new thread.

No. 291623

haha now I need to make my self a hat

No. 291624

The IP address is not in Ireland, but I agree that the anon reporting the video is trying to boost the views. We know what the video is, the dude and his wannabe keemstar army are trying to be the popular kids of YT this week. We don't need to post more links of it, the video is just MargoSpeak presented by an autistic dude. If anyone wants to know what's in the video, just look at the old threads.

No. 291626

Yes. The email from Manaki seemed genuine (although it may be a burner he uses for Margo messages - it contains 'm' and 'p'). And yes, that was Margo posting on the gaming_ks account and using it as a name there. She wants people to spam that email I guess?

No. 291627

My assumption is Margo is being quiet online (aside from socks and DMs) because she's become serious about finding a Japanese husband. I expect she's still chimping daily but doing so in DMs. She needs to stop pretending she has a fiancé, step 1. Also it's not ideal to try and replicate your daughter's life, doesn't make you look good.

No. 291628

How do I use the link? It isn't loading when I click it. Do I need to do anything?

No. 291629

Weird. I just logged out to try to access it and it gave me a 404. I copied the link again lemme see if this works:

No. 291630

I thought Fuck Face said he lived in Tokyo which is why he did his "interview" with Marge? He's probably lying even more shit and is a massive weeaboo in denial.

No. 291632

I have no idea why this is failing. Everything is in the folder; the folder is public and shareable; when I have time later maybe I'll make a separate Margo folder and try to share that. At least it's all off my hard drive and in the cloud. It's giving a 500 error, so it might be a dropbox issue which will clear up later.

No. 291633

Maybe you need to invite people.

No. 291634

He did. He said he lives there.

No. 291635

Correct me if wrong ..

If thats the case shouldn't he have his Youtube properly set to "Tokyo/Japan" if he's making money off of it ?

No. 291636


No. 291637

you're like 3 days late anon

No. 291639

File: 1469327237173.png (138.89 KB, 397x529, Margo gonna ban me.png)

I posted my video on margos page…. Called bully and the ban in 3…2…1

No. 291640

File: 1469327806250.png (832.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-23-22-35-41…)

Obvs for stealing MacBooks and 10000 dollars

No. 291641

>become serious about finding a Japanese husband

unless she finds some REALLY desperate deadbeat salaryman, good luck with that. I don't think any gaijin pussy hunter would touch that with a 10 ft pole

No. 291642

Could you be more of an attention whore?

No. 291643

Kemstar or what ever is making a video on vegan cheetah not Venus

No. 291644


Why are your screenshots red, anon ?

No. 291646

I have an app called twilight that tints my phone red at night so it doesn't hurt my eyes, I always forget to turn it off when I take screenshots cuz I'm so used to it, gomen anon.

No. 291647

Good point about parentification. It's probably because Venus has always had to be the mature one, the grown-up in the relationship with her crazy whore of a mother, that she's been able to appear this calm and collected through this ordeal.

The maggot fans who say "Oh if she'd really been abused she's be much more messed up!" can fuck right off. Victims of abuse don't have to act out to prove to any of these bottom feeders that they've actually been abused. Sure, a lot of victims end up as junkies and worse, but a lot of victims also pull themselves up by their bootstraps once they're old enough to get away from their scummy parents, and grow into functional adults never making the same mistakes their skank parents did.

No. 291650

File: 1469334458640.jpg (78.12 KB, 1200x629, margo63.jpg)

yeah it's not that I think she's going to succeed anon. just that she's really on the hunt right now. what else would she put aside her favourite hobby (chimping on insta) for? the video? nah. what she's left up in public, she thinks is acceptable or a good advertisement. Pic related.

No. 291651

>Sure, a lot of victims end up as junkies and worse
>a lot of victims also pull themselves up by their
>never making the same mistakes their skank parents did.

There are many shades of grey in between anon. Don't judge those who fall by the wayside because they are damaged; do judge those who knowingly perpetuate abuse. Many who think they're the second type you describe are still suffering and making mistakes. Those who break all ties young, like Venus, have the best chance. Some people are too afraid or broken and they don't get away until more damage is done.

No. 291660

Margo likes to pretend now that the marriage was some kind of elopement by a wayward teen girl and a predator and not something she encouraged when she thought it could be beneficial to her. When she realized she wasn't going to get what she wanted from her daughters marriage she tried to break it up and make Manaki go away. If that meant accusing Venus of being a cheater online so be it.

No. 291662

I'm not judging them, sorry if it came over like that. Just saying that it doesn't have to go that way. As you say, there's shades of gray, every victim of abuse is different. Just saying that those idiots who claim Venus has to be a trainwreck as "proof", because otherwise no abuse happened should stfu.

No. 291665

it's true man, they should stfu. most of them say they experienced abuse themselves and yet they're choosing denial and further abuse as their path in life.

No. 291666

Anon, both links work for me, just takes a few moments to load, then opens right up. (that's a LOT of screenshots, you weren't kidding!)


No. 291668

I have the same app, anon. I forget to turn it off too but when it happens I turn it off & retake the screenshot, it's not hard.

No. 291669


I was the one who asked for screenshots

No. 291670

File: 1469354599589.png (146.22 KB, 665x516, stole account.png)


Also still getting the "500" error

No. 291672

You have no idea how much margo is hurting my brain.

And just going to check my email

No. 291674

I have no email

No. 291675

File: 1469355240405.png (1.63 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160724-060740.png)

okay, resending

I disagree. Anon is doing something constructive to help & it's not easy to wade through the metric fuckton of margo's crazy, condense it down & make a coherent video about it.

I'm still getting it, idk what's going on with that. pic attached is what I get:

No. 291676

Different anon here. I just tested it, not working for me either. Is it in a 'public' folder?

No. 291677

And if Venus actually was a trainwreck as a result of abuse those very same people would say she and her mom are both awful and still wouldn't believe that Venus was victimized.

No. 291678

maybe it'll be available everywhere later, and it's just some places now.

No. 291679

I hope she realises it's the incorrect files

No. 291681

Also, 'mostpeace' is 'mp' and replied to Zsu's comment in Hungarian.

No. 291683

No, what is shown is just the top of the page. Margo related ones are further down.

No. 291684

I still haven't got an email. Where did you find my email?

No. 291686

It would be cool if someone made a "click-bait" video like the wannabe news guy one and then instead of talking about venus,showed all the things margo has said and some these months

No. 291687


No. 291688

File: 1469362477574.png (45.02 KB, 949x287, Vidya.png)

I'm actually making one about whether or not Margo is a good mother. It's going to have a lot of screen shots. When I say a lot I a mean… Pic related. Should be adding more still. And there will be dialogue as well

No. 291689


yeah and don't forget some random red circle in the thumbnail.

No. 291692

If some anon wants to make a video about margrot, side to side screenshots about these contradictions could be an option.

>margo being at school, venus running away vs venus being at school, margo left at home almost fingerless vs venus biting Manas's finger and stealing his macbook (rofl)

>Venus being a whore slut kyabajo serial cheater vs asexual venus rejecting margos bf's friend and blaming V of their break up

and so on

No. 291693

On the ig aurora_boreanaz account there is the picture of margo admitting that she was the one in the nightgown of the "venus is cheating picture proof" there is also other screenshots there. And the ig exposing_palermo also have loads of screenshots

No. 291694

Maybe for my next video

No. 291695

I'm so looking forward to your project, guys! The volume of crazy you have to sift through is immense.

I'm sorry in advance if you already have it in your files, but please don't forget the domain names thay were registered by that vengeful Leech-woman: http://domainbigdata.com/email/margaretpalermo@gmail.com

No. 291696

She just saved "manasenpai.com"…like what???

No. 291697

can't access that site

No. 291698

File: 1469369857069.jpg (216.68 KB, 1080x1920, eu3T1z3.jpg)

No. 291699

File: 1469370010330.jpg (172.12 KB, 1080x1920, qgWAXS8.jpg)

^and this

No. 291700

Scary obsessive yet again with the fucking domains .

No. 291701


Thank you anon!

>manakiokada.com okadamanaki.com okadaminako etc etc

dude that's so fucking creepy. Registering their legal names just in case Venus wants to open a new website those will be unavailable for her? Or use them as sockpuppet websites? Also what's up with dollhouselife.com, wasn't margo getting all angry and defensive everytime someone regarded Venus as a doll kek

btw it was even confirmed if Venus actually changed her legal name or it's just another headcanon of Margo?

No. 291702

jesus she's creepy and obsessive. and what a thing to spend money on when you have none.

No. 291703

I'm uploading a 1 minute one now with a few things. It's 12.40am here so cant stay up too long. Tomorrow I may make a better one.

But when it's uploaded it will be here

No. 291707

File: 1469372251096.png (23.7 KB, 471x239, look who followed me.png)

I tweeted Vexxed the image of Margaret confessing to being in the cheating picture and all of a sudden he is following me. Hopefully he's realised what Margarets really like.

No. 291708

I posted that picture to a few commenters on the youtube video and they've miraculously vanished

No. 291711

File: 1469375226786.png (182 KB, 722x382, tags.png)

Apparently Margeret meant it in a sarcastic manner. I doubt that.

Anyway speaking of… Pig related. I have a chrome app that shows me youtuber tags.

No. 291713

>pig related
i know that was a typo but it's hilarious hahaha

wtf is with those tags?

No. 291714

Isn't it against Youtube's TOS to tag things that aren't in your video? Tagging pewdiepie, jennamarbles, and venusangelic is breaking the rules Mags. Girlfriend is trying hard to get notice. LOL!

No. 291715

Sex sells XD

No. 291716

>wasn't margo getting all angry and defensive everytime someone regarded Venus as a doll
I thought she was the one who gave Venus the title living doll. It figures Margo would get her panties in a bunch over something she started in the first place…

No. 291718

> XD
Don't do this.

No. 291719

File: 1469376876748.png (101.62 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-07-24-18-11-47…)

I know he's just a smaller youtuber, but this doesn't feel good to me. There are still new people sharing the video on Twitter… hope this will drain soon into blackness

No. 291720

iirc on the ear covering video, morgue got all pissy when the interviewer said how people think of venus as a living doll

No. 291721

I seriously think margaretpalermofanpage is just a troll and should not be used as evidence or referenced. Those "mistakes" are very deliberate. They don't read like Margaret's usual fuck ups.

No, he already knew the truth. He doesn't care. He just enjoys feeding off the drama and gaining followers despite causing someone else pain. He knew doing so would boost his subscriptions. He's getting too many brainless minions spamming his page and video link without hesitation, so he has no reason to stop. He will probably come back with the revelation video when he can no longer milk the current video.

No. 291722

I've been talking to him and he seems to want to get to the bottom of things.

No. 291723

until I see different, I doubt this guy would admitt publically that his "exposed video" is based on fake evidence

No. 291724

He could have come directly here, to PULL or even freaking Kiwi Farms if he wanted a shitload of information and screenshots, but he never engaged anyone who experienced this telenovela in real-time. All he had to do was show up, ask questions or debate and find his answers in a matter of hours instead of "two weeks of extensive research". I wouldn't trust him at all.

No. 291725

Imo he will try to say there are websites that bully margo blablabla

No. 291726

He's a fucking liar who's baiting you. Look at this thread and the previous one, look at the amount of people who confessed to trying to talk to him about the truth and he ignored them all and still made the video. He doesn't give 2 flying fucks about the truth, don't fall for his attention seeking bullshit.

No. 291727

Nah, iirc she got the name from either a Japanese fan (or just fan) or a doll maker. Then she and Marco just rolled with it, before she was just your average wannabe weeaboo aidoru.

No. 291728

He should be exposed too then

No. 291729

I'm pretty sure he's up to date with this thread, lurking and has seen all the proof. A good amount of his followers are just playing along and trying to get a rise out of Venus defenders. No way would so many people spam his video link and name-drop him repeatedly in the same argument. I saw one bitch on Instagram link it 3 times in a row as she bickered with the same person. There's also followers repeating the same suspicious script "Do your research. We have proof! Watch Vexxed's video!" They're using sockpuppets too.

No. 291731

>going viral
>those views
My sides.

No. 291734

I guess. It's odd he reached out to me though. I guess it's because I responded to his video and twitter. But others have as well.

No. 291738


He's looking for the next person to suck the cheetos off his finger tips, don't listen to him.

No. 291749

Yeah…284K views in 4 days ain't exactly what you call "viral." LOLLL
this lil scumbag is trying soo hard to pump up his big EXPOSED! video, it's pathetic. It's a flop, vexxy. Get over it, you're embarrassing yourself.

btw…Venus's most recent vid has 244K views after 3 days. lolll

No. 291753

Sorry, anon.. I sent it to the anon who had earlier said (s)he was making a video and asked for input to a throwaway email acct you could access in her post- I copied it down, it was 'electricmermaid@mail.com. idk if that was you, but when I tried to resend it came back 'failed due to account not existing' or something like that.

Anyway, it was screenshots of an email I sent to myself with a fake "Venus Palermo" email account I made, just to show how easy it is and that my fake email looked exactly like mange's "PROOF!"(fake) email "from Venus" talking about the weight loss surgery she "had." I think it's important since vexxy's trolls keep bleating about that fucking email being PROOF that Venus is a lying fraud & fake, bla bla fucking blah.

No. 291757

File: 1469389514578.png (60.46 KB, 637x210, 7309061b-54d9-4c83-bd30-04fc29…)

Venus in her YT comments. LOL
Love it when she's sassy.
She's been spamming IG with kawaii selfies today too.

Meanwhile…mangerat's thundering silence continues.

No. 291774

File: 1469393366446.png (58.72 KB, 313x409, Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.48…)

Margo, margaretpalermofanpage, and swiggi are here, everyone!

No. 291775

File: 1469393438054.png (49.48 KB, 310x320, Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.48…)


No. 291776

The fuck is up with Mags and calling Venus "spoilt"? Like, living off of $40k/year, being yanked out of school at age 14-15, and sleeping in the same bed as your mom for years because you're broke and the sole earner in the family is being "spoiled". I'd hate to know what Margo would consider neglect.

No. 291779

oh yeah just because you can forward an email sent from a fake account it doesn't make it any legit lol

>She choose to keep making videos instead doing something useful with her life!!!1! or at least run away to some relative's household!!eleven!

That's rich coming from you, margo sock #164234. You weren't the one who wanted to make a living out of it, remember? You also were the one who isolated Venoos from her relatives.

And given how she berates Manaki at every chance she has, I'm starting to believe Margrot isn't 100% butthurt about her ATM aka Venus went away but also jealous to not being able to get someone's love. Sorry if this sounds cheesy but Mana fought for Venus and does his best to keep her safe and happy, while no one gives a shit about Margo, not even his imaginary fiancé.

No. 291797

File: 1469401047898.png (363.42 KB, 644x478, Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.20…)

I'm looking at the pics someone on kiwifarms posted of the hovel magrot is staying at right now, and I am about 92% sure that it's not up to snuff with safety/fire regulations in Yokohama. It looks like a DIY capsule hotel, of all flammable materials. A house of toothpicks almost. Behind each of these small curtains is a "bed".

No. 291800


Holy shit !
Well, I hope a fat person sleeps above Margo and the bed collapses … crushing her ..

No. 291801

All wooden beds / platforms, all wooden furniture, 60 beds, 30 per closet thing (like the one you see). There's no way everyone could get out fast enough in a fire.

No. 291806

On the off chance that something might happen to her, I want to not report it. Otoh, if I do report it, she might lose her cheap place to stay and will finally have to go where she belongs, under a bridge near the river. Japanese authorities might also not give a shit about a place that mainly lodges foreigners, but then again, asking them if they really want to deal with mass foreign casualties and a PR disaster before the 2020 olympics might give them an incentive to act.

No. 291807


>>Manasenpai.com is a 4 months old domain, situated in United Kingdom. The domain is linked to the IP address

>>It was registered by Margaret Palermo , who can be reached at . Registration details show that it was registered on 18 Mar 2016 through mesh digital limited and will expire on 18 Mar 2017.
>>The site returns a status code of 200. The site is being served through Microsoft-IIS/7.0.


No. 291809

File: 1469402252495.png (25.18 KB, 564x175, Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 4.15…)

This is Mags' "old Japanese house" address, yeah?

Since it was a temp address, does the registration still hold? Isn't she supposed to update it? And my goodness, she really did think Manaki was trying to have a YT career and become The Venoos (which infuriated her, because Margo is The Venoos.)

No. 291813


God dammit anon, I don't know what I like more. Margo being squashed or Margo being actually homeless under a bridge … What has a higher probability ?

No. 291814

If she doesn't get that "staff position" she wants - which is unlikely with her poor communication skills and general off-putting behavior - Option 2 is pretty much a given. Her last SwissBux check is coming up next week.

No. 291815

File: 1469403676531.png (60.84 KB, 303x371, Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 4.40…)

Yaay, Margo's up and feelin' feisty.

No. 291816

The phone number looks fake.

No. 291818

Well, yeah, obviously. She just used the Japan country code. Her actual number ends with 56, I think (it's on her AirBnB account with only the last 2 numbers visible).

No. 291819

Can we report that for using a fake address?

No. 291823

Oh, there were 2 videos made by two different people.

I'm pretty sure I have that fake Venus email XD

No. 291826

haha I am in the screenshot (cristy) XD

People keep saying things and I asked them to confirm things and they ignore me. Someone even claimed Venus stole her mother and partners accounts. I never heard of her stealing Manakis account and I very much doubt Margaret has a partner. Their statement was vague.(XD)

No. 291827

Vexxed Confirmed to me that Margeret and Venus have known Manaki for at least 2 years(self-promotion, being a cow)

No. 291828

Yeah, we get it; you keep bumping your user name and YT. This is an anon space, not for self promotion. Share you video or milk or whatever, but there's no need to point yourself out.

No. 291829

.. and? We know that.

Venus and Manaki met in person right before she turned 17; they didn't have any personal contact before she was 16. This flies in the face of both of Margo's stories: that Venoos was stalked by the evil pedo Manaki from age 13; and that Venus only knew Manaki for a few months before marrying him in a rushed visa marriage. Obviously, it's impossible for to be true - and neither of them are.

No. 291831

File: 1469408833845.png (229.44 KB, 696x383, Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 6.03…)

Lol, the photos Margo posted on the account she set up to contact the @gaming_ks account are hilarious (@margaretpalermc). The level of deception / delusion just never ends with her. After being called out and exposed for pretending to be Manaki, she's now claiming the account is a hacker. And the compliment on her hot body? It's another brand new account, with her standard nameNumber sock title.

She's pretending to be herself, hacked, and her own stan. She must be incredibly bored.

No. 291833

File: 1469409102186.png (139.66 KB, 919x307, Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 6.08…)

For reference: Margo used the @margaretpalermc account to report the @gaming_ks account (which has screenshots of Margo's crazy from the very beginning). Just after being blocked, she showed up with her "mostpeace91.yahoo" insta account pretending to be both herself and Manaki, and backed herself up with her @margaretpalermofanpage account.

I'd ask where she gets the time for this nonsense, but what else does she have? Sad.

No. 291837

I hope oneday she wakes up and says to herself "Maybe I should just log off"

No. 291846

Vexed didn't confirm shit we didn't already know.

No. 291847

Given the description and the fact that this place advertises on a site used mostly by foreigners (AirBnb, and in English), it sounds like the clientele is mostly people who are in Japan living and working illegally (which may be of interest to the authorities).

No. 291848

>>sounds like the clientele is mostly people who are in Japan living and working illegally

Agreed; between that and the fire code violations, I'm sure that place can only operate under the radar.

As far as Margo wanting a staff position there: the profile says to apply for the staff position, you need to read the page in the Japanese version. Margo has pretty much zero language skill in Japanese, so unless she can convince the owner in person to let her have a go at being staff, it's unlikely her dream of becoming mama-san to 30 other hobo women in exchange for free rent will come true.

No. 291849

Next time I hope you get banned

No. 291856

No matter how much I hate Magrot, don't contact the police about where she is living. There are foreigners there who have nothing to do with the situation and don't deserve to be punished or left homeless because a few girls wanted to duck with one person.

Most the people there are no doubt very poor and sending money back to their home countries. Let it go.

No. 291861

she's not chimping out as herself at the moment and she can't leave it alone. that energy has to go somewhere … fake accounts seems to be it. I'm still praying for some fullscreen-sponsored vengeance.

No. 291862

Honestly, with all this subterfuge, I'm wondering if Fullscreen finally managed to either get some legal cease and desist against her, or if they gave her some small payout in exchange for her not making more videos and posts about Venus, and stop using venusangelic.com. It's not like Margo to be so quiet, and from all her sock activity it's clear she's just as enraged as ever. I think there's something that's keeping her muzzled - although her "interview" would have violated whatever legal muzzle or agreement she made (not that I think she'd follow it for long anyway, because she's a crazy narc.)

No. 291864

that's been up for a day or two anon.

No. 291865

again, up for a while. please don't spam us.

No. 291866

it means she used an old UK address as the admin contact, and she registered it in March.

No. 291867

that's not how domains work. no-one cares about who registered what (unless it becomes subject of a lawsuit, which this won't). her using a fake address may or may not have been an accident (if she had old info stored with them and didn't bother to update it, for example).

No. 291868

our threads here have the most information gathered of anywhere on the internet. we have his original tweets to her. we know all this shit.

No. 291869

also there is NO confirmation she's actually staying there.

No. 291870

While we can only guess, I think that Margo is getting money from her mother (possibly a sizeable sum for the flight, etc). As Fullscreen seem to want to sic Keemstar on Marge, I'm dubious that she'd get a payout from them. She wouldn't accept something small, remember her starting figure is $3K per month for life. Maybe they sent her a C&D over the webshop, but then where would they address it?

I tend to think Margo shut up the webshop twice due to all the immigration talk, and is keeping mum now due to a) plans to snag a Japanese husband and b) the promise of more $$ from her mother if she is more discreet in public.

No. 291871

oh and agreed, no way would marge follow an nda.

No. 291872

File: 1469418032839.gif (828.86 KB, 340x252, image.gif)

Plus the idea of her getting crushed to death is a better option than having her deported. This story will finally have a happy ending.

No. 291875

File: 1469420094572.png (681.07 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160606-012424.png)

She registered alll those domains on March 18… that's the same time she was emailing Sharla & Micaela and all those jvloggers offering her services as a "Celebrity Manager," saying she could 'get exclusive deals' with Fullscreen.
All fired up & full of adrenaline, delusions of grandeur and big plans to DESTROY VEENOOS. Flush with cash too…my, how times have changed for poor ole mange. Nowadays she's scrounging for free room & board at basically a homeless shelter, in exchange for menial labor (the HORROR)

No. 291879

aunt zsu told me that margo may be quiet online but there is still a lot going on offline. I promissed to not show any screenshots of the convo. just want to confirm that mayo did not calm down.

No. 291880

Why are you talking to fucking vexxed and running back here to report to us? GTFOH with that shit. The only "information" that slimy little bottomfeeder has is what maggot feeds him.

No. 291881

Wow, did she say why Margo is being quiet on the surface?

No. 291882

no, and I honestly didn't ask (^-^)

No. 291883

Ok, well, can you ask?

No. 291884

nice correlating anon! that's when she deleted the airport and tokyo nudes too.

No. 291885

Thanks anon. Margo can't stay quiet so we have to assume the shit is flying, just that she's not sharing it with us. What I would give to be a fly on the wall…

No. 291886

You too, fuckface. Don't come here to tell us what you and vexxed are talking about. What the hell are you even thinking? FUCK OFF.

No. 291887

File: 1469421149187.jpg (100.14 KB, 1200x600, bruh.jpg)

All vexxed wants is attention.

No. 291888

second (or third) that. you won't convince anyone here that he's a decent guy. we know 1000x more about this story than he ever will.

No. 291891

You and your friend vexxed can go to hell. All he's doing is trying to further himself by profiting off of Venus' misery and he couldn't give two shits less about the truth. FUCK OFF.

No. 291893

That user has been put out to pasture for a bit. They need to chill.

No. 291896

Fuck, man. I'm still working on the video and I haven't even added the interview clips and good god, does Marge love bullying teenage girls. All of them were 19 years old too, just like Venus which is fucking creepy. Dusty old hag jealous of beauty and youth.

No. 291897

Was she pretending to be Venus when she was doing the harassing? Just a suggestion, but I'd only use the times when Margo used her own account, or specifically said she was the one making the comment - the stans and idiots will say it was Psychopath Venoos if it's coming from her account (even though both Margo and Venus have confirmed that Margo held all of the passwords to all of Venus's accounts, and that Margo posted on Venus's accounts all the time.)

No. 291898

The screenshots I'm using have Maggot's Facebook page, "Margaret Palermo Official" and her Twitter accounts. It would be way too confusing to explain with photos that she's pretending to be Venus, especially since Venus already made a video addressing that. So far I've put in the way she bullied Xiao, Kelsey and Anastasia. It's so damn creepy when you put it all together what they had in common.

No. 291900

File: 1469426874894.png (78.89 KB, 517x378, 167f9af9-cc5f-47f4-b636-b63fa4…)

Are you the anon asking for screenshots?
I'm reposting mine of the fake email I sent myself from my fake 'Venus Palermo' gmail account, just to get it in this thread for anyone who wants to use it. I think it's pretty relevant right now considering how morge has been screeching about "PROOFS!"

No. 291901

File: 1469426982672.png (187.68 KB, 576x520, 96e90a28-a16f-444a-98d4-fae485…)

and mange's, for comparison.

No. 291902

Thanks! Yeah, that's me. I want to apologize to everyone for this video taking longer than anticipated. It's just so much to make a chronological timeline out of that'll be easy for those not in the know to follow.

No. 291904

we've seen examples umpteen times. we know she's faking emails; please don't spam the thread.

No. 291905

just make the video. plug it here when it's done.

please everyone let's consider thread quality.(multiple shitposts about thread quality)

No. 291906

Where are you getting Yokohama from? The listing says it's in Tokyo, near the Jujo train station.

Also, YIKES! When I read it was 30 beds in one room I assumed it was side by side on one level, stacked cubicles like that never even occurred to me. Looks like a GD warehouse with stacked freight.

How unreal that people can live like that. I get claustrophobic anxiety just looking at it.
So, why the F does this fucking nut insist on living in Tokyo, if she has no $$$ and she can't work? Why not Europe where she could at least get a fucking job, and speaks the language??

Here's something that occurred to me the other day.. could she be staying with some poor gullible jassy-like supporter in Japan that she conned into giving her a room? Mimiimori occurred to me…Zsuzsa commented on one of the IG accounts she frequents that mims had the same #beach pic on her profile as marge's, before she went private. It would fit the same pattern as jassy: vocal supporter who suddenly goes silent right after morge arrives in a new country, and an initial pic or 2 from morge before she also goes quiet. idk, just a thought.

No. 291907

Like I SAID, reposted in case this anon who is currently making a video needs it. Chill.

No. 291920

Yeah, I know. Going through old Tumblr posts with marge screenshots is downright jaw-dropping. The fuckery from this twisted malfunctioning creature goes back for YEARS. Creepy as hell.

No. 291922

>mims had the same #beach pic on her profile as marge's
What an interesting tidbit. Do we know if it was it the exact same photo, or another photo of the same beach? I believe she's a Eurofag, possibly French due to the cherry bag with "cerises" written on it. Also from her selfie (now gone) it would be reasonable to call her Gallic-looking. There's nothing stopping her going to Japan and helping the Maggot (I think if she lived there she might have helped before now?). If those two are in cahoots that girl is going to regret it when Margo does something awful.

Just a thought.. maybe she will try to become Margo's new figurehead for the VA "brand". Let's face it, it's what most of those bitches crave.

No. 291923

File: 1469436176212.png (696.71 KB, 921x596, Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 1.39…)

Venus looking cute, Tia Zsu fighting in V's corner.

Anon who was speaking with Zsu - if you won't ask her why Margo's suddenly shunning from the public eye, can you get Zsu to elaborate on what Margo is doing "behind the scenes"?

No. 291924


>a lebra cannot change its spots


No. 291925

I decided to not ask any further.

Mostly she just told me that margo is indeed in contact with her mother and that she thinks her family is mean/stupid for not believing her and telling her to seek help.

No. 291932

File: 1469448869702.jpg (24.86 KB, 699x159, damn.jpg)

I hope the lies from that awful video aren't getting traction, I was hoping it would just be a flash in the pan.

No. 291933

Idk why cheating someone is such a scandal in 2016! I know crazy margo lied about it, and it was most likely her, but even if venus cheated on manaki and he forgave her.. what's their problem?! So dumb

No. 291934

Vexfags brainless zombies

No. 291935

File: 1469450518735.png (855.19 KB, 768x766, venusallegedcheating.png)

I've pretty much only seen the doxxed video, fuck am I going to sit down for hours to read through pastebins and stale threads.

I'm just wondering how do you people explain this supposed photo of her cheating in Korea?
Like is there actually any proof it is or isn't her?

No. 291937

margarine admitted on a sock it was her, and the 'same pyjamas as venus' are actually not same after all

No. 291939

that begs the question of who took the photo

No. 291940

File: 1469450776572.jpg (63.72 KB, 323x437, danger.jpg)

Margo was replying in her IG and she is full paranoia mode. If her life is in danger it's due to her own actions and where she has ended up, NOT because Venus is sending out an assassin or something.

No. 291941

Now she's heartbroken begging for support lmao

No. 291942


No. 291946

Narcissists' lives are always "in danger". It's because they're projecting and want other people to just die. Sadly, it doesn't mean she actually will.

No. 291948

>NOT because Venus is sending out an assassin or something

silly anon, venoos is the assassin!

No. 291949

>Venoos does not want to be mamas meal ticket/puppet any longer
>Venoos wants mama to DIE

No. 291950

She looks kinda tired, but her reveals of her shirts are super cute. The shop has been up for over a month, right?

No. 291951


I think she only announced it being open on IG, wasn't it ? So maybe now she's putting it out on Youtube where there is a larger fanbase.

No. 291952

Google search results are based on YOUR personal history. When will you guys learn this?

No. 291953

Yeah, I'm just wondering why this wasn't the FIRST video that she put up once her account was freed up.

No. 291954

>>help! I am broke and a street hobo and it is Venoos' fault.

No. 291955

Tripod-san. Maggot wouldn't give control to anyone else.

No. 291956

Yeah for me it gives
> Venus angelic
- mom
- twitter
- instagram
- youtube
- age

Nothing bad comes up unless you deliberately search for it.
I guess she wants more people to know about it since she only mentioned it before? More people will notice if it's in a video.

No. 291957

I've never searched about her cheating, but it's my first autocomplete. Cheating, youtube, mom, twitter, age

No. 291958


Eh, I think she had the other videos either already filmed and/or edited and just put them up first to get them out of the way. Plus now she's regained the subs she lost during the down time and has her view count back up, so maybe she did so now because of that. ( earlier when she first came back she was only getting 65-80 views compared to 200kish before )

No. 291959

I've never searched for Venus + cheating and it's there for me.
She probably didn't want her first video with the channel back to be an ad.

No. 291961

It's also based on the content of the web pages you visit frequently. So the more everyone here says cheating, the higher it gets bumped up everyone here's search suggestions

This is like web surfing 101 guys come on

No. 291962

That's what I was thinking. I only follow her on youtube and on lolcow, I don't use IG or Twitter for it, so it makes sense that cheating comes up.

Had a bit of a laugh to myself because 'margaret river' is my first result for margaret, even though that's just a place here.

No. 291965

Margaret herself actually wrote on her Instagram, on separate occasions, that 1. The "cheating" didn't go past a drunken kiss and passing out on the bed together and 2. Venus was still a virgin when she ran away.
So what exactly makes Venus the whore of the century, based on the information Margaret gave? That shit is so tame and it seems like Venus was an emotional mess that night. She probably cried to that guy and he got confused(text messages showed HE made the first move and he apologised for it). So can we see into her mind to judge her true thoughts? No, we have to go off of her word and Manaki's willingness to forgive her. It's their issue and THEIR marriage. Margaret has no right to talk about chastity. Her vagina is like an international hostel. Venus probably had to deal with nightmares from her mom bringing boyfriends over for the night.

No. 291980


anyways to margo cheating = not being under mommy's control

Sometimes she comes off as a butthurt lover and not a worried mom when talk about venus "Why she had to run away WITH THAT MAN? why didn't go to her family instead?" "I'd marry my mom!!" and such

No. 291986

Watching this video just made me smile. It was teetering on annoying but overall it's a good sales pitch imho

No. 291987

I saw some screenshots from that video of alleged texts between Margaret and Manaki where she keeps calling him stalker and he's groveling. I refused to give that dickhead views so I ask: Was any context or reason given to why she turned on him and threatened to call police?

No. 291988


>Her vagina is like an international hostel.


No. 291990

It's because Marge realized she couldn't get a visa for herself just by being the mother of the wife. It's also because she realized that by Venus being around Manaki, she saw that the way she was being treated by her wasn't normal. Mange knew she'd lose her money making meal ticket then turned nuts. If you've ever seen the movie Tangled, it's basically the same situation except the magical hair is YouTube money.

No. 291993

Margo's pretty well practiced in dressing like Venus, and the guy doesn't look like the same one as in the text messages. In fact this guy looks older and could have actually been Margo's bf at that time. While we can't totally trust Margo's statement, she tends to leak out the truth, even when joking.

What always strikes me about this image is how posed it is. The quilt / duvet / whatever up to reveal her backside, and the nightdress pulled up to show some thigh.

No. 291994

because she sees Venus as a piece of meat, a resource only, someone no-one would love. therefore Manaki is only after Venus for her money; that's how Margo sees the world. recently she's moved on to blaming Venus but first and for a long time she has blamed it all on Manaki. she tries so hard to shame him and is no doubt shocked he hasn't thrown Venus away. to Margo, love isn't even a real reason to get together.

No. 292005

Lol, she's not scared; she was feeling exceptionally sorry for herself tonight. Narcs live a good "my very LIFE is in danger!" story to suck up sympathy and attention.

No. 292008

Honestly the duvet being "lifted" makes me think of being a kid and sleeping in a bed with someone. Like, you don't want to be in the same bed as then so you stay as far as you can, almost hanging off the bed, and the duvet doesn't cover you both as it doesn't stretch that far.

No. 292009

It looks staged … Who the hell sleeps with there arm wrapped around someone. Not me, nor my friends or family with their significant others. That highly uncomfortable and very awkward how the body is away from him.

I vouch that this was one of Margoose's one night stands and she took it thinking it'd look cute..

No. 292010

Me and my SO sleep like that actually

No. 292031

Anyone else remember when the cheating scandal first went down and soon after, Venus posted a picture in the same nightgown? If I remember correctly, it was the first of the pictures that followed of her looking really unhappy. That alone told me it was staged and that Margo was trying hard to make it look real.

No. 292032

Wasn't the same nightgown, though. They were both pink with a pattern, but the Liz Lisa nightgown Venus was shown in was a totally different outfit from one one show in the faceless photo (different pattern, and the patterns were differently sized.)

No. 292033

And, Margo posted that pic of Venus as"proof" the faceless woman was Venus "cheating" because both were wearing pink nightgowns with a pattern (turned out to be different patterns).

No. 292039

You are correct, anons. I went back to check but the other dress was a simple red flower pattern and the cheating picture is red strawberries and something white. Similar looking, but not the same. Still obviously staged to look like it, though. Also, I guess she didn't look sad in the picture, but she certainly doesn't look genuinely happy, just a fake smile.

No. 292060

I know that's her and all but who took the picture?

No. 292062

This was already answered above; this is either on a tripod - or, my guess is a screenshot from the mac webcam. Or a timed shot. Venus owned a $5k camera, margo could easily have left it recording on the desk, or timed to take still shots (and Venus left the camera for Margo when she left, so Margo would have money).

No. 292065

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure maggot released that image before V was even gone.

No. 292066

Yeah, it's not clear - there were a few days where margo and Venus were battling for control of the instagram, and Margo kept posting weird shit on it, and V would delete it.

Margo was obviously suspicious Venus was gaining more autonomy, that's why Margo prepared a huge "blackmail" campaign. Margo told Venus she would ruin her if she left.

However, it makes no sense for Margo to release the photo, and her initial vitriol at Venus, before Venus left - even Margo would have to see that doing so would only push Venus away faster, and damage the income Margo had control over at the time. I think Margo had the photo ready to roll the second she realized Venus was at the airport and not coming home.

No. 292069

I thought that photo was released a little before Venus escaped? Maggot was flaming mad that Manaki visited his newly wed wife. How dare he!

No. 292070

Margo was hella mad he came to visit - enough to keep deleting the photo Venus posted of them smiling together while he was on his visit.

Margo started texting Manaki her claims of Venus cheating soon after he left Seoul; her big plan was that Manaki would dump Venus, so Venus would have no place to go. Margo sent Manaki the selfie Venus took with her friend; the faceless photo; and the text messages where Venus tells a guy she's happily married and just wants to be friends (such scandal!) Fortunately, Manaki has had Margo's number for quite some time - his visit with Venus is what finally got Venus to see how mistreated she was by her mom.

But the "cheating" photos weren't posted by Margo publicly until Venus left.

No. 292073

Good eye anon,I didn't noticed the thigh detail.

No. 292074

But Venoos was the one after mana's money and visa too according to margo. Another contradiction for the side to side comparisons

No. 292075

why did Venus go to Seoul so shortly after getting married?

No. 292076

Margo made her. She saw that Venus was close to Mana, and felt herself losing control. It took Mana 6 months to convince Venus that it was okay to live with her husband, because Margo was incessantly telling V that V was cruel / cold / manipulative / ungrateful if she wanted to love Manaki.

No. 292077


thanks! I had a feeling it would be something like that.

No. 292078

Money and a visa is all that Margo was looking for in prospective husbands. It's like that Korean guy who will cheat b-but a lady should marry him because you like him lol.

No. 292082

I even recall Venus explaining Margo won't allow them to walk together holding hands, slipping between them and such. Dates sure were lots of fun heh?

No. 292083


iirc it was also after they announced the marriage was cancelled?

No. 292086

* They announced the breakup sometime last summer.
* Shortly after, all the videos with Mana were updated with snarky "EX boyfriend" comments, courtesy of Margo.
* Then, right before Margo took Venus to Seoul, Venus announced that they had gotten married (October 2015).
* But after they were in Seoul, "Venus" made statements about the marriage not counting / being invalid.
* Then Venus posted a happy photo of Mana coming to Seoul for a visit - but it kept being deleted, then reposted. Margo was freaking out.
* After the visit, Margo invited her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend over for dinner (maybe for Christmas?) The photo shows Venus and the guys looking tipsy.
* In January, Venus was looking sad and wan all the time.
* By the end of the month, Venus left for Japan. Margo freaked out and started spamming Venus's feed with a bunch of "cheating" photos, and used the first person to describe Venus as a cheater who hated Mana and could give s hit about his feelings.
* Six months later: Margo is still on the rampage.

No. 292089

File: 1469494120182.png (556.53 KB, 921x588, Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.47…)

Hoooly filtered fuck - she looks like a wax statue.

No. 292092

File: 1469494245109.png (314.18 KB, 481x366, Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.50…)

No. 292095

File: 1469494332967.jpg (12.33 KB, 204x300, madame.jpg)

Take your pick

No. 292096


She looks like one of those cafeteria hags that give you shit when you don't like their cooking….

And what the actual fuck is up with those comments…

No. 292097

Margo is much creepier than that.

No. 292098

Fucking hell her potato nose is even worse somehow.

No. 292099

every time I see that fucking face I get chills. every. fucking. time.
that face screams E V I L

No. 292100

Vexxed's video brought her some " popularity"

No. 292102

I know, right? How does that even work? Meitu has a nose shrinking function; maybe Margo's schnoz is so big it throws off the facial recognition.

No. 292103

File: 1469494793570.png (153.77 KB, 392x329, CLcap1.png)

She had always reminded me mary from clock tower.

No. 292104


Margo must of sucked his cheesy fingers really well that it got all the pervy nerds moist . Too bad Margo's looking for a Japanese male.

No. 292105

Margo is working her mom, hard. like daily phone calls hard. doing that thing narcissists do, preying on a soft-hearted family member's weaknesses and vulnerabilities. playing family members against one another and dividing them up.

Might explain why she looks so smug in latest selfie, thinks mommy has her back so no need to worry bout money anymore.

No. 292106

File: 1469495024603.png (376.13 KB, 585x573, mayonnaise.png)

No. 292107

Perfect. Making this the next OP photo.

No. 292109

Only problem is, vexxy followers are pimply-faced 14-year-old mental defectives.

No. 292110


Every 14 year old loser dreams of having a MILF slurp their cheese.. encrusted fingers, and I don't see Margo having a problem with it. As long as they do her dirty work and convince their mommy's to wire money over to her account.


Her nose is so naturally bulbous it actually took me a few to realize you did something… Jesus its a literal potato.

No. 292111


She spent all that time turning her skin to wax and fucking with her face shape. She even shrank her ears (she's got big / stickout ears) - but she left her nose. Does she not know her nose is huge and unattractive? She has to, right?

No. 292113


Maybe she's inspired by Little red ridinghood … " All the better to smell you with ". She's trying to sniff out where Venus lives and has been.

No. 292115

+453865 anon. excellent timeline. ty!

No. 292116

I wish Scarce would report on this. He's the only ~drama~ guy that seems to actually care about the people he reports on, from what I've seen, and remains pretty objective.

No. 292117

Just listening to his most recent video, apparently some Youtuber talked to a representative and they said that big channels who 'bully' smaller YouTubers may actually be taken down. I'm 99% sure this has something to do with Drama Alert/Cumstar, but Vexx probably isn't safe either, lol. Won't happen for a while, but it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Saging my shit. Just thought you guys may like to know that these wannabe drama alert people may be permabanned.

No. 292118

damn it…

No. 292122

As far as being here reading at that time - there was chatter in the thread that Venus was gone and Margo was pulling out outtakes to make it look like Venus was still with her. For example, anons pointed out the photos weren't new as such, but outtakes of a meal they had together before Venus ran. The cheating photo came out during that 'grey area' time. She did it to make Venus come back.

No. 292124

Agree, and technically she's not making a public scene, which is probably what mum wants. She thinks she's getting away with it all.

No. 292126

>* In January, Venus was looking sad and wan all the time.
>* By the end of the month, Venus left for Japan.

Good timeline anon. And to say, Mana came to Korea for a visit, where they looked really happy and also he and Venus planned the escape. Mana left first then Venus followed.

No. 292127

Scarce is as much of a scrublord like

He doesn't fact check, he reported on a 'Pokemon kidnapping' but made up a story and it resulted in a girl being bombarded with an army of his fans asking why she didn't help. He corrected it later but he's just a drama mongerer

No. 292128

I think it's because he churns out videos so quickly. He's corrected himself multiple times and has stated for people not to harass users. Missed out on the Go drama, but maybe that's a safeguard he put in place after that happened.

No. 292129

File: 1469500526335.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, tumblr_inline_o7tttjAB611sc7vx…)

No. 292130

Margo also convinced Venus it was what she wanted, just time to think. Margo took advantage of the glitch with the Hungarian paperwork and having to wait for a new set of docs to arrive to do this. But she didn't take Venus too far, only SKorea, and guess what, Venus stayed in touch with Mana. Margo really thought she had control over all of them, whether getting married, or separating.

No. 292131

Safeguards don't make you money the same way scandalising people does. That's why these kind of Youtubers don't use them.

No. 292132

I anticipate a major chimp out sometime this week.

No. 292134

I pray. They are my favourite.

No. 292136

The Margoyle can't keep her human mask on for long so it's only a matter of time.

No. 292140

In my memory one anon time lined instagram pictures and Venus still had blond, long hair at the time that the picture was supposed to be taken. I could remember this wrong though.

No. 292141

She had blond hair with extensions the week before the photo was supposedly taken. However, Margo changed Venus's hair as often as she changes her own, and Venus's hair was definitely brown again shortly before or after the beginning of 2016.

Hair color aside, you still can't se the woman's face, and the PJs depicted are not the ones Venus was show wearing. The faceless woman is wearing them, and then there's another faceless photo of someone in the PJs with Venus's stuffed rabbit - which has been in Margo's sole possession since mid-January.

No. 292143

File: 1469505323878.png (67.63 KB, 322x417, Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.53…)

Margo is soaking up the sympathy; this is all she's ever wanted.

I wonder when Ferenc or Zsu will tell Margit what her precious daughter has been up to.

No. 292144

File: 1469505356538.png (10.34 KB, 232x35, Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.54…)

And with all of the ass licking, Margo just can't resist one more self-compliment

No. 292148

Ok, that's confirmed, Dicknose sleeps in that capsule/sarcophage hotel.

No. 292150

A dicknose with 2 assholes… yeah it could be her twin.

No. 292151

Oh even better. Kek
Oh yeah perfect!

No. 292164

Sad to say but bpd.hide will always attract narcs. Some victimes never learn and always fall in the same traps. Margaret answered her and bpd noticed nothing weird… jeez

No. 292167

With so much ass licking, her ass is cleaner than her mouth.

No. 292169

That bpd person is all over Venus's comments, plugging the hate video and talking crazy.

The keem thing blew over in a week, and that thirty dude gets most of his views from fucking with keem, so all the 14 year olds will have someone new to bother by next week.

No. 292181

File: 1469512322205.jpg (66.05 KB, 1000x706, jujo.jpg)

oooh nice linkage anon. current residence confirmed for sure! of course tatami could be anywhere but we know margo, she always has to spill the info.

"I run 2 TETRIS House in Tokyo - Jujo and Asakusa
Jujo's house is guest house for tourists.
Asakusa's house is share house for Japanese residents." https://www.airbnb.com.au/s?host_id=34167492&s_tag=UY236Opv

No. 292182

File: 1469512480269.jpg (138.35 KB, 1200x906, jujo2.jpg)

No. 292183

you can see a mile away this person is troubled. anyone can see it including margo. that's how they are exploited so easily.

No. 292184

Light source seems large and close. Not sg like a smartphone flash imo. That's why the wax face. And lying on the floor. Tatami floor. She could be in a capsule or simply wiping the floor with her hair like the unhygienic hobo that she is…

No. 292185

not saying it's this exact room but the tatami is there and the ceiling light looks strong (not close). also margo might be getting in to her storage items, we don't know what she has in there gear-wise. or even if she bought a cheap beauty light (if she did it ain't working).

No. 292186

wasn't that just something farmers made up?

No. 292196

File: 1469521224425.png (89.08 KB, 492x214, margesueseveryone.png)

Venus is still getting hate comments on her newest video because of the cheeto encrusted faggot. Dumb comments include, "I just saw the video and if your mother is telling the truth, you deserve to be charged. You're a horrible person." They wouldn't be singing that tune if they knew about Maggot's crazy shit going back to 2011.

No. 292202

Can't we just expose the keemstar wannabe proving he just ignored our messages with proof of margo craziness and choosing to make it biased to "ruin" venus?

No. 292205

File: 1469527397221.jpg (13.99 KB, 364x142, svu.jpg)

Working on it. Not going to mention that massive faggot by name but I'll make it obvious who I'm talking about in my narrative when I get to the part about how easy it is to fake an email with a demonstration and how it's stupid to take the word of a woman known for bullying just because she's someone's mom. My video editing program keeps crashing.

But if ANYONE wants to make their own video, please do so. The more people to act as the anti-lawn gnome and the anti-lawn gnome's wannabe cheeto fingered maggot, the better.

No. 292241

File: 1469536434236.png (208.74 KB, 362x410, 8b0600c1-6c1f-48fb-b1af-25a221…)

Her hair was back to light brown just before Christmas 2015 (pic attached, from Dec. 21.)
"scandal/CHEATING!" pic allegedly was NYE, so few days later. "scandal" pic hair is very dark, almost black. As dark as the asian guy's hair, noticeable even in the poor lighting. Much darker than Venus's color at the time.

I'm pointing that out in IG and Youtube comments in response the fucking shitty teenage trolls screaming "CHEATER!" And pointing out that there is NO PROOF that the person in the GD pic is Venus. You can't even fucking see the face. WE NEED TO STRESS THIS.

Reason being- I was in the IG and YT comments earlier and the fucking trolling is OUT OF CONTROL. Seriously, I'm talking fucking GamerGate levels of vile, malicious disgusting trolling.

This is a nightmare. Malignant narcissist meets army of gaming 4chan trolls→ Flying Monkey army. It's a narcissist's wet dream. No wonder fucking maggot looks so GD smug…she's reveling in this. Like a pig in mud.

I even tweeted that Fullscreen manager guy with a link to the kid's Youtube asking tbe guy to please fucking do SOMETHING. JFC.

No. 292243

I was thinking about all this vexxed stuff this mourning and I realized I wouldn't be surprised if Margo's "reunion with him" actually consisted of her literally sucking his dick or directly sleeping with him in order to gain this destructive weapon against her daughter reputation. I can totally see maggot doing something this trashy, and it also would explain why this fucking nobody suddenly appeared from nowhere and became so involved with this drama and fixed with margo's side. Apart from the money, of course.

No. 292246

Don't be so sure. maggot has $$ from mommy koncz coming in plus daily phone calls. Plus a brand new army of flying monkeys spawning a new batch of IG supporters to replace the last batch. She's in hog heaven right now.

No. 292248

>I'm talking fucking GamerGate levels of vile, malicious disgusting trolling.
>This is a nightmare. Malignant narcissist meets army of gaming 4chan trolls→ Flying Monkey army.

This sounds nasty as fuck.

The last thing I'd want to see is a gamergate level of drama against venus and having fake proof as a basis. Jesus christ I hate these mob mentality based movements, this is truly disgusting. It scares me what people is capable of because a dude says it and the target is a young girl who's being labeled as a whore.

No. 292250

File: 1469540393618.jpg (1.69 MB, 3600x2160, IMG_20160726_153600.jpg)

Hihi :D I can't stop smiling for her standing up for herself! Her reply to someone on her latest video.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pic…

No. 292251

she can be quite funny.

No. 292253

File: 1469541544589.jpg (362.74 KB, 921x591, 1456573412437.jpg)

>Her hair was back to light brown just before Christmas 2015 (pic attached, from Dec. 21.)"scandal/CHEATING!" pic allegedly was NYE, so few days later. "scandal" pic hair is very dark, almost black. As dark as the asian guy's hair, noticeable even in the poor lighting. Much darker than Venus's color at the time.

Maybe Marg buyed pic related wig to fake the "cheating" pic? it's not black but could look very dark with bad lightning.

No. 292257

we've talked about this before (even using this pic) but gee she looked so happy with margo didn't she.

No. 292259

they didn't buy this particular wig, but she could easily have bought one this day - or already had one. I'm more and more convinced it's margo in a wig.

No. 292260

anon please you retarded banana, learn to screencap.

No. 292262

why the hell did you not screencap it? Crop your name out in MS paint if you're scared of being identified jfc

No. 292264

And I thought my nose was big

No. 292265

I was at my computer and knew if I scrolled through youtube on my phone I wouldn't find that again… already apologized for that :)

No. 292266

You can screencap on a computer… Seriously how long have you been allowed to use a computer?

No. 292267

anon plz, clipping tool, print screen, or if you have a mac command-shift-4.

I can't believe I have to walk a person who is presumably an adult through such a basic basic computer function. Pick your dummy off the floor and learn to use a computer.

No. 292268

*snipping tool

No. 292269

Guys chill. It's not about hate each other, but hate Margo.

No. 292272

It surprises me how many of those young girls attacking Venus are Asian. They must have no idea what a flaming racist margot is.

No. 292273

I got it, won't happen again

No. 292275

File: 1469547255987.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-07-25-23-51-35…)

Margs hair looked like this during that time very dark like the picture

No. 292276

Quite a fucking feat to look ugly and beat in a polaroid

No. 292278

I'm fascinated by this ugly thing she calls her nose - how can anyone consider her as beautiful?

No. 292279

You know, it's not even just her nose. She could get a nose job and she'd still look like a fucking lizard person. That tiny withered asshole mouth, those gross hooded eyes, take away the nose and she's still tremendously unattractive.

No. 292280

Gosh…the comments on Venus' latest picture. How can a liar like vexxed have such an influence? I feel so sorry for Venus.
Zsu tries to calm them down but they are ranting.
Anyone has an idea how we can help?

No. 292281

I honestly don't think that her nose is that bad, it's just that the rest of her features are so small that it stands out, same with her ears.

Hell, even her eyebrows aren't very long. Venus' face is balanced out by her huge eyes, but the only other 'big' feature Margo has is her ears. She has a small, puckered downturned mouth, short brows, small eyes and her wrinkles look exceptionally long on her face. She's very disproportionate, and her 5head doesn't help either.

No. 292282

Calling Margo ugly isn't exactly stellar contribution guys, you don't actually need to post every time you 'react' to a picture. With so much actual milk and behaviour to discuss, PULL-tier nitpicking is pathetic.
Talk about how Margit and Ferenc probably argue over Margo or something, anything!

No. 292288

If people ignore the trolls, they will get bored and move on. The more you engage them, the more you give them what they want (attention, an opportunity to provoke). I know people are trying to help by defending her, but they are making the situation worse. At least she's getting more views.

No. 292292

Even the map around her is blurry from the abuse of the blurring tool she used all over her wrinkly face

No. 292297

>>like a pig in the mud
I love that expression!

No. 292298

That sow want to get preggo for visa from a rich japanese guy, not from a loser.

No. 292303

Looks like she's thinking 'she makes me sick'.

No. 292304

No. 292305

Personally I think the best way for us farmers to deal with anything from Margo is to ignore it and just watch the shit out of Venus' youtube videos.

The more views we give venus the more salty maggot will be when she sees how well Venus is doing without her.

We can't get involved with any business between them as we weren't there and don't know the truth.

No. 292307

guys, if you're a pc user just download Irfanview for screencapping. it's free and easy as shit to use.

No. 292308

That nose is a rock, a pic, a cape… it's a penisula!

No. 292328

If you're talking about not getting into the margo thread wars, that's up to the individual imo. We just don't need to hear about your personal crusade here. This place is for documenting margo's crazy and laughing at her.

No. 292330

File: 1469563914343.png (567.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-26-16-11-22…)

Oh. Oh god.

No. 292331



No. 292332


samefag BUT does it mean we will see the nice place she stays right now?

She looks drunk - can't wait to see this train wreck jesus christ

No. 292334

So she's trying look like Madonna?

No. 292336

That exposed video is going to hit 1mil views soon. I really wish Keemstar didn't "quit", this is really bad timing especially when fullscreen and Venus wanted him to help retaliate.

As of now, Venus and her manager's tweets are still up on twitter and they are both following Keem.

No. 292342

It's up

No. 292343

at 1:21 she scrares the hell out of me

No. 292344

File: 1469568812751.jpg (27.86 KB, 407x387, mags.JPG)

No. 292345

File: 1469568886249.jpg (14.49 KB, 360x235, bonnie.jpg)

>comparing her body to marilyn
>all that alcohol in the background
>dramatic 80's posing

No. 292346

File: 1469568909938.jpg (25.79 KB, 417x428, mags2.JPG)


This is so unnecessary

No. 292348

>>waaaah why ma boobs are not growing?

No. 292349

The narc and her mirror.

No. 292351

>>44. Life is like a rose […] the bees will come.
>> Yes, Venoos. You were beautifool, but you hurt me, boolly me, so I sent you my zom-bees!

No. 292352

Don't cum over the string Margone!

No. 292358

She records stuff on her iphone, which stays on its side, while people around do their stuff.
She seems like sitting on the floor like a weirdo with the mirror.

No. 292360

>LOL i'M 41 anD sO rANdUmB xD!!!!

No margo, you'll never be Peanut, stop it.

No. 292361

She looks haggard as fuck. Being an evil old cunt is really starting to show. She's a Disney villain on the levels of Scar, Judge Frolo and Mother Gothel.

No. 292362

File: 1469575119087.png (3.73 MB, 2001x1125, image.png)

Too many maggots

No. 292364

No wonder why NJM suggested getting into scat porn, all margo can talk is about shit

No. 292375

With every passing day she gives Venus a shitload more reasons to never ever ever ever talk to her again. I hope grandma knows what she's doing by funding this freak show.

No. 292395


she looks like an ugly old venus on the left

No. 292400

So, she's in the shared kitchen of her hostel? Looks pretty cramped. Probably the Tetris House (aptly named).

No. 292402

Am I the only one who thinks Margo will end doing JAV

No. 292404

I have a feeling the set will be the airbnb she stayed in near Mt Fuji (i.e. now has left). The Tetris House looks crowded af in every part, and also the surfaces look quite simple where this house has cluttered decor.

No. 292405

File: 1469587577462.jpg (117.2 KB, 1073x1200, margo64.jpg)

I took a few caps to look at the airbnb background and happened to catch these two. They say quite a lot about Margo's view of relationships.

No. 292406

Wow, looks like she's in the middle of a straight up hoard.

No. 292408

^crowded af in every part (with people, I mean)

No. 292409

empty corona bottles kept as ornaments… yikes

No. 292411

Someone sounds like they're bitter for always being dumped when they find out how god damn nuts she is.

No. 292412

It's the last thing I'd want to see too, but it's happening. Right now. Look at Venus's YT comments - the cyberbullying is at GamerGate level. It's massive and it's vicious. This vexxed kid is a gamer. He's plugged into that community, gamers & 4chan dwellers and you know how huge that is (Pew die pie etc. - 5M views/per vid huge.)

If you really want to help, spend some time in V's YT comments. It's painful & disgusting but still… answer every troll comment screeching "CHEATER!" "Stole from your own mother!" "LIAR! Been lying to us the whole time!" "CHEATED ON YOUR HUSBAND!" "FRAUD!" "Illegally stole your mom's channel!" etc. etc. by calmly and concisely refuting each one. Like, where is the PROOF that person in that 'cheating!' pic is Venus? You can't see the face, even partially. Point out that that is the one & only "proof" of CHEATING they have, and how fucking ridiculous and lame that is.

Point out that if margo felt the channel was "illegally stolen," all she'd have to do is contact Youtube's legal dept. No lawsuit required, just an email. Stress that Youtube's legal dept. does not allow someone to just step in & delete a person from the channel's ownership as these dolts keep screaming about. Repeat that Youtube granted full ownership of the channel to Venus, 100% legally.

I don't think "just ignoring the trolls" is an option here. This shit is reaching Venus's very young & naive fanbase and they are confused and scared, and asking a lot of questions (read the YT comments.) This shit is damaging Venus's reputation and "ignoring it" will only let it get bigger & worse & more damaging. It must be refuted, not ignored.

No. 292413

Next thread's OP pic, please!!?!

No. 292415

and you really think you're going to make a difference by arguing in youtube comments? kek

No. 292416

So..how do you download this again? (sorry so stupid) :(

No. 292417

But you can let it go, you know, by jumping to the river and stuff.

No. 292420

Yeah I do, actually. Not arguing but debunking. Getting some facts out there.
at least it's something.
you're damn sure not gonna make a difference just xitting on your ass in lolcow.

No. 292421

i tried defending V in the comments, but after posting a simple question about whether you would take a photo of someone you loved with the explicit purpose to blackmail them later on, people just started saying 'faggot' and 'kill yourself'. You know, typical edgelord stuff. It's funny how they just hurl insults when presented with even the simplest of questions.

No. 292422

Marg’s view of (her) life atm:

- the better it tastes the worse cancer it gives to you.
- the more intensive you love it, the dirtier it gets
- completely safe until it hits an iceberg.
- fun to play with until it breaks.
- looks harmless, useful and fun, but it has a hidden dangerous side.
- like money, because you are dead without it.
- like a vacuum, because it sucks.
- takes long to grow but only moments to fall.
- whatever you do it does back to you.
- like a dick, because you’re alive even as a softie but you won’t have much fun.
- gets nasty without any effort.
- colorful but you won’t find a pot of gold at the end of it.
- like a bathroom, because there will be shit even in the prettiest one.

No. 292423

don't forget her life is useless until she sets it on fire and gives herself cancer!

No. 292424

Yeah, I know. I just ignore that crap & say my piece & move on. It's not the "kys" & name-calling that concerns me, it's the repetitions of marg's shitty lies & attacks, the "CHEATER" "LIAR" "STOLE UR MOM'S CHANNEL/MONEY" "FRAUD!" echoing around without anyone trying to dispute/neutralize it. That shit's gonna stick if it's ignored. Venus's fanbase is very young & naive.

No. 292425

i would just like to point out to anyone defending venus:
it doesn't matter if she did cheat and she was in the photo. the only people that should matter to is her and manaki, and i'm sure they've dealt with it and moved on.

No. 292427

Admin seems to have removed the 'DL' link that used to appear under embedded vids. You will need to do it via an online Youtube ripping service or install an extension into your browser (not Chrome) I use Firefox + "Youtube Video and Audio Downloader". To watch at Youtube, I use uBlock (it's more strict than Adblock, like a double condom).

No. 292438

I personaly am reporting the nastiest, violent and threatening comments for harassment and bullying. At least we can do that for the repeat offenders and be completely justified. The single, idiotic posts can be ignored.

No. 292439

File: 1469598879580.jpg (114.2 KB, 890x843, abused2.jpg)

Agreed, but the 13 year old faggots need to give up. All they're doing is defending a child abusing, narcissistic old hag that loves bullying teenage girls because she's threatened by their looks.

No. 292440

omg Anon where did you get that picture?

No. 292441

its from the niconico live broadcast where venus' period stain could be seen

No. 292442

File: 1469600844433.png (879.02 KB, 860x481, abused3.png)

It's from that video Venus accidentally uploaded back when they were living in London. If the idiots defending Maggot saw this shit, they'd probably fuck off.

No. 292445

I believe Margaret is an abusive fuck, but the elbow scratches look like she fell down or had a simple accident.
I don't know what the older, indented scars are from though. Those look like from glass, sharp object or from an animal.

No. 292447

I can tell you what they look like– they look identical to the scars I got from when my stepmother grabbed my arm when I was ten. She was wearing acrylic nails.

No. 292448

File: 1469604016612.jpg (73.79 KB, 1400x884, margo65.jpg)

Margo uses the present tense so it turns out this isn't her old dorm, it's her current one?

No. 292449

oh and can't afford a hair cut.

No. 292450

Aside from her fuckwit hag status, mag's vids are actually pretty quality. She is ironically aware of her meme status, she is feeding us.

No. 292451

No. 292452

Bwahahaha I noticed that too
Wonder how long it's been since she had a Starbucks? lol marrrge
I bet she is living at that homeless shelter/hostel with 2 bathrooms for 60 beds and one washing machine available (no dryer tho)

No. 292454

Those fucking crazy margo eyes. Jesus christ its like looking into the abyss.

No. 292457

You have GOT to be kidding.

No. 292458

File: 1469607022964.jpg (293.95 KB, 1800x1347, margo66.jpg)

100% can confirm she made it at roughly the location of this green marker in this very room and that very hostel. Her use of the present tense confirms she's there now. Address already posted at >>292181. More "proofs" to follow (lol).

No. 292459

Nope, those are nail marks. If you press your nails into your skin, the marks will look almost the same. The only difference is that you wont scratch your skin that badly because you are not a raging narcissist trying to hurt another person.
You're right about the animal part, that's exactly how an enraged narcissist acts.

No. 292460

Why is that fat cunt even famous? Who even watches his retarded talentnless humourless videos? 9 year olds?

No. 292462

File: 1469607362083.jpg (268.43 KB, 2125x1198, margo67.jpg)

First let's look at the green chart / calendar in the background, behind the computer monitor. It matches the type and position of the one behind the wood counter here >>292458 (except that it has been updated for this year).

The wood counter appears to be a reception and is pretty empty in the hostel pic, but now has a computer monitor facing inwards to it, and a computer strapped to the outside of the plywood counter. The mirror is blocking the view of the kitchen in this pic…

No. 292463

Pretty much. His audience consists of the dumbest 13 year olds, kids that always feel the need to say "I can do this and I'm only 8", edge lords and generally people who can't think for themselves.

No. 292464

File: 1469607545442.jpg (298.52 KB, 2125x1198, margo68.jpg)

Now let's look at when the mirror moves. We see to the right, past the edge of the counter to a white kitchen island with some cupboards facing outwards, into the passage area that runs between it and the plywood reception counter. beyond the island / cupboards lies the kitchen.

No. 292466

oh and we see the same white curtain at the right hand end of the counter as in >>292458. We also see the white island / cupboards and the same cupboard handles.

While I normally would only hunt Margo for fun, she's back in Japan now and I think it's very worth knowing where she lives… which we now 100% do.

No. 292467

Actually I'm a bit off… the computer is there just in the edge of frame in the first pic too. Imagine that green marker pushed hard to the left, off-screen. That's where she filmed this.

No. 292468

Is Margaret gaining weight or is it alcoholic bloat?

No. 292472

>>Ma ex-husbando has abandonned me and remake his life with another woman. As much as mah ex-boyfriendos, my ex-son-in-law and ex-daughter! THAT'S CHEATING! No, I'm not projecting, you boollies. Stahp harrassing me! Everyone is boollying me, waaa!!! I get it now!
>>Life is a boolly. Life is a cheatah. Life is projecting. Life is a holo…

No. 292473

File: 1469613636314.png (23.71 KB, 568x108, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 7.57…)

I'm not lurking on Marge's insta much. Is this comment new or old? (she is longtime marge supporter queen juhina). Not super important I guess.

No. 292476

Anon you are a star.
mange confirmed at the 30 cubicle/room 1 bathroom/30 cubicles plywood palace. No wonder she's bummed. hahaha

No. 292477

Junk food diet + alcohol(maybe) + poor sleep (those curtained cubicles-gahhhh)

this little bitch was all up in V's IG comments pushing vexxfag's video ("watch this guys!" [link]) and crowing about how happy she was that poor margaret was FINALLY getting some support!

So is that p!ywood thing like a makeshift desk? lolll this is too delicious.

No. 292478

File: 1469618378851.png (1.46 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160727-071313.png)

No. 292479

File: 1469618624791.png (1.26 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160713-214852.png)

sorry marge

No. 292480


How does she drink that without dunking her pecker in it ?

No. 292481

What's on her chin?

No. 292482

thanks anon! I enjoy this shit so much.

No. 292483

yeah it actually appears to be an oldish house, but the guy built all the tables, beds and such out of ply.

No. 292484

she's literally another teen princess.

No. 292485

a makeup-encrusted zit?

No. 292487

Looks like impressions from maggot's thick manhand nails to me. She has such thick, ugly fingers for such a short narcissist.

No. 292502

I hope venus' aunt shows these videos to her mom so that venus' grandma can see what good her money/co-dependency is doing. This video makes Margo look crazy.

No. 292507

File: 1469627874556.png (1.61 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

Wow yt is suggesting me that cheetotards video as next… wtf

Btw, is she holding a toilet slipper here…?

No. 292509


I really love V's new style and you can see that she is feeling this look. So cute and great to see her in a good mood!

No. 292511

I don't want to play it down or anything, but are we sure those are scars?
They look a bit like the dents you get after resting your arm on the edge of a table for too long or something.
Again, not trying to dismiss it, it's just hard to see with the image quality.

No. 292512

Forget the video, she should show grandma the closeup of that screencap. Those are clearly fucking fresh nail marks anon. No one is clumsy enough that they mark themselves up that many times (how?!) I don't think they are scars; but they had to have been fresh or they wouldn't show up so damn clearly

This woman makes me sick. Manhandling her daughter and bleeding her dry to make money. She doesn't deserve to be a mother

No. 292513

Those are nail scars. Not going to blog, but you can do this to someone if you dig their nails into them really hard and really fast. Even if you do it to yourself lightly, you'll have the same mark shape but lighter if you're feeling adventurous. The bottom scabbed ones were obviously done much harder and longer.

I agree. Aunt Zsu really should see this so she can show her. This is really the only damning evidence we have of the physical abuse Margaret Palermo, the most evil mother on the Internet inflicted upon Venus.

No. 292515

It's clearly been visually tweaked a bit, but this style is really nice on her. Her makeup skills improved too.
That shirt looks like it's Manaki's! Like a mens shirt and not a night shirt.

No. 292522

So apparently Margo is thinking of making ASMR videos again now?
Lol as if anyone would be relaxed by that schizo's voice.

No. 292523


just imagine the other guests all weirded out when saw some foreigner talking alone to the mirror about taking a dump while wearing a party hat and holding a slipper

No. 292525

File: 1469635319558.jpeg (128.99 KB, 750x992, image.jpeg)


No. 292526

File: 1469635351854.jpeg (115.04 KB, 750x916, image.jpeg)

Pt 2 of the chat.

No. 292529

I'm going to guess that this cunt is trying to pull this off as her talking to her "fianceé"

No. 292542


Lol, Margo so proud she got someone on Tinder to chat with her. They're in for a shock when she shows up - her photos are all meitu filtered and tweeked within an inch of their pixels. And I wouldn't be shocked if she uses photos of Venus - "I made Venoos - she IS me, you BOOLY!"

No. 292544

Hmm, she deleted the tweet…

No. 292545

Yeah, and on second thought - Margo is the only person I've ever seen use the phrase "you thrown / threw me". It is so odd sounding, but this person instantly knows what she's talking about. Anyone but Margo would answer with a question mark, because the phrase requires further explanation.

No. 292546

Margo has more than one phone

No. 292549


Why did she cover the cell service/bars ? And geez Margo charge you damn phone ..

Just a fun theory : Thats Vexx she's talking to and he wants his second suckings.

No. 292550

This is going to piss someone off but… Does Venus look more and more ''asian'' as she spends time in Japan?
And i don't mean she's turning into another race but i'm talking about her style makeup, hair etc.

She looks quite nice like this.
It's hilarious she becomes prettier being away from Margo while Marg looks even more insane then she used to

No. 292551

I'm pretty sure it's just the influence of style she sees around her. Like when my Parisian friend moved to the States she started wearing heavier, more contoured makeup and doing her hair differently. And the same thing happened to me when I moved to France, my makeup got softer and my hair looser.

No. 292552

She's using an Asian makeup style, highlighting eyeballs has been in for years. That's the thing she's doing, but she's not changing her eye shape or anything.

No. 292553


No. 292554

Probably to hide where she is but since we already know where she is staying its bit moot.

No. 292561

File: 1469650563119.jpg (110.73 KB, 591x446, creepyfuckinpedo.JPG)

I'm so sick of this creepy fucking bitch

No. 292562

I think she is referring to the little image above the text. One bear looks like its twirling and throwing a bear.

No. 292563


I thought the hag went into hiding after anons reporting her wrinkly ass to the police?

No. 292565

She did. Seems like we might have to make some more reports.

No. 292568

YT comment are pissing me off.

There needs to be a video of all of maggot's instagram posts to shut them up

No. 292569

The thing that gets me laughing is that, if Margo created this channel for pedo shit - wouldn't that make MARGO the dangerous pedo procurer? How is it Venus's fault, then?

(NJM got ignored and shut down when she tried to make her pedo Venus channel dream come true; the butthurt is strong)

No. 292574

one e anon, margo isn't crazy enough to suddenly turn lesb

I'm internally raging about her trying to perpetuate the lolita fashion = lolita book shit even though it's not even the main part of the post
and like, who the fuck do you think margo's followers are besides children and middle aged men? is it just fine when the roles are reversed or what

No. 292575

A wart like those witches have?

No. 292577

Yes, to lick it later.

No. 292578

Madame Claude again? Who is she harassing now?

No. 292579

Venus ignored her, so she's back to humping on Margo's leg (but commenting on Venus's YT)

No. 292580

File: 1469656751338.png (341.76 KB, 599x815, 160727_233823.png)

At least one guy who knows the words to describe her ugliness.

No. 292584

She's such a parasite. She licks Margul's ass, dreams of Venus working for her and harasses that poor old grandpa Ferenc with her porn things.

She should be cursed with an illness that makes her vagina mega itchy and that makes her arms too short to be able to scratch herself.

No. 292589

Thank you so much for that good laugh. LOL!

No. 292594

kek. She's the only one who uses "throw" like that, crazy bitch is talking to herself.

No. 292595

What's up with grandpa's new IG post? Condemning magrot's fauxbianism?

No. 292596

No clue, but Zsu posted a Freddie Mercury post. Seems like they have a family disagreement about homosexuality. Doesn't sound like it's about Margo, though.

No. 292618

I like to imagine this is azlabyrinth taking a trip to JP to meet his love and have a shag on a dormitory bed. Fanciful idea surely… He's very used to Margo-isms though.

Whoever this is, I tend to think she has a real "date" due to her bragging like this. Otherwise she tends to refer to things generally, like being invited for pizza in a London hovel by her fiancé.

No. 292621

File: 1469668649402.jpg (153.36 KB, 1400x773, glenda1.jpg)

She literally needs to be put down. To me she seems to have schizoaffective disorder but her preoccupations with sex and pedophilia are horrific. I hope no child in her family has ever been allowed near her.

No. 292624

Unless it's Venus or Margo related, we don't need to see NJM's stuff. If you feel there is enough content, make a thread for Glinda in /snow/.

No. 292633

Understood. I just put it in for a bit of decoration really.

No. 292634

That comment was actually in the video the one anon made in Venus's defense. I saw it in my recommended and decided to check it out to see what kind of comments it had. Lo and behold, there goes the creepy old hag flapping her gums about pervy shit.

No. 292650

File: 1469684827355.png (752.92 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Sounds legit

No. 292651

File: 1469684864715.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Full photo

No. 292654

With how there seems to be more stupid people in the world than smart, you can say anything about Venus at this point and they'll still believe it. Fucking sickening.

These clothes ages her so badly and she looked like she was in her 50s when she was only 20 in that wedding photo. She's 41 going on 65.

No. 292658

it might not matter since she probably posted this a few hours after she left, but this is most likely taken outside the adores in ikebukuro

No. 292663

Wait, what??? The same plushies as in Manaki's ig. Why is she copying?

No. 292664


She has to do whatever Venus does, to prove she's not old, more beautiful, more interesting and more sexy than her daughter. All of which are patently untrue - and the fact that she can only copy, never create, shows who the real creative force is and always was, Venus.

No. 292665

They are not the same plushie characters. However she does look like she's mimicking. And she looks like she's trying hard to be her own version of venus too. In her head she looks young and cute here.

No. 292666

Margaret most definitely mimicks what Venus is doing to continue to antagonizing her and treat her own child as competition. She is obsessively checking Venus'IG, probably googling both their names regularly. She even tried and failed to take Manaki(by imagining her desired her equally). It's so fucking sick, especially when the audience she wants to take from Venus, the ones she believes SHE deserves, are barely teenagers. The average age if those Vexxtards is like 14! Most Venus fans are nit much older. They are all super young. She's like female Onision.

No. 292667

Sorry for typos. The situation makes me so distressed. No mother should ever relish doing this to their own daughter and outright thank the kids tormenting Venus. Venus never condoned or praised harassers. One of the first things she ever wrote when she left was "Please don't be mean to my mom."

No. 292668

hashtag #cute
And why is this fucking nut dressed is all black/long sleeves in late July?

No. 292671

just looked it up–temperature in Tokyo is 90 degrees every. day. All week.

No. 292673

Not the be the stan but black isn't that hot if it's airy, and her sleeves are hella airy, and her skirt is hella short.

source: went though an 'omg so goffic XD' period and wore similar stuff. it's practical, but tacky as fuck for her age. Her big toes look swollen and cut off from blood, which is the worst thing for me.

No. 292677

Here's a fun fact-
Venus has gotten 17,900+ new subs in the past week, thanks to vexxfag. hahaha
Multiple comments saying stuff like 'came here from vexxed's vid, love you, subbed.'

Meanwhile vexxtard's views have plateaued, as have his new subs. 'EXPOSED!' vid flopped.

Venus's supporters are stepping up in comments more & more, pointing out the faked b.s. and margo's history of crayy. And getting the facts out, repeatedly:

- channel not "stolen.'
- laptop not 'stolen.'
- "cheating" not proven.
- margo not 'broke.'

etc. etc.
Vexxed's plan to achieve YT stardom done fizzled. marg's plan to DESTROY VENOOS failed (again.) Not only failed but backfired…V's subs are POPPING.

LOLL marge…chew on that in your cubicle tonight. bwahahahaa

No. 292678


I have two questions about this photo.

1. What is she attempting to do with her right hand?
2. Who the hell is taking the photo?

No. 292679

did you wear tops with big foofy long sleeves and tiny floral prints when you were goth? LOL
Looks like what my grandma wears to go shopping at Walmart.

No. 292680

Tripod-san, asked a stranger, whoever owns the place she's staying at, etc.

No. 292681

File: 1469705440433.png (179.8 KB, 448x420, cde9f1f4-ce37-42bc-87a3-964c9a…)


No. 292682

File: 1469705481872.png (281.05 KB, 490x482, 8e8495b8-8a02-49c8-a0b5-d05d03…)


No. 292683

Swollen toes and a varicose vein cluster on her left leg. Right one will soon follow. I'm sure the hatred coursing through her bloodstream is painful. Da Real Venoos needs to get some compression socks and orthopedic granny sneakers before continuing her hobo trek.

That's right. As infuriating as those little middle school bastards are, Venus will inevitably come out on top. It was scary at first, but people are bravely wading through the ocean of stupid to debunk lies in the Youtube/IG comments and I see more Youtube rebuttal videos coming out. It seems lowcow, PULL and KiwiFarms simultaneously have their own collaborative videos in the works too.

No. 292685


Newsflash: You are NOT CUTE.

Stop. Just STOP.

No. 292686

She changed her eyebrow shape. Inspired by Venus or trying to soften her image from the haughty clown look from before?

No. 292687

Can someone please post a pic of manaki with these soft toys for comparison?

No. 292689

File: 1469708292020.jpg (249.75 KB, 1080x1645, F3CNdof.jpg)

I believe its this one. Margaret posted hers several hours later. Sumikko Gurashi is popular right now but there are no coincidences with with Ol' Maggie. Her "sexy tengu" selfie also followed soon after Venus posted her own (well-received)glamour shot, a sudden contrast with her typical string of bizzaro pics. Margaret's always "I can do that too!" when Venus gets praise.

No. 292691

DVT from all those flights, ha.

No. 292693

is she consciously doing this, or just too whacked out to realize wtf she's doing at this point? Cause this is some creepy SWF shit right here.

No. 292694

Anon's youtube video she's been talking about. Think she might have been banned for promoting herself & her IG posts & video all over marg's IG and here or she would have posted it herself.

Parts are good, other parts rambling & confusing. Some screenshots are totally random & have nothing to do with what's being said. Also she concludes that marge is just a mom who is "too attached to her daughter and tried to live through her." Um, no… marge is mentally ill, gf. Quite severely so and possibly dangerous as well.

Do not recommend. Needs work.

No. 292697

>>Look Venoos, I shaved my legs and my ass, you boolly! HA!! And I have plooshie, tooo! Bigger than yours! You are just jaloos! Everyone is jaloos! AND I CAN MAKE MUCH MORE PLOOSHIES WITH MY BODYHAIR!!! HAAA!!! But I prefered to give them to my ungrateful roommates! JAAALOOOS EVERYWHERE!!! BOOOOLLIES!!!!!

No. 292699

File: 1469712453547.jpg (499.48 KB, 1104x1534, pt2016_07_28_14_26_36.jpg)

I bet Maggot is salty as fuck with these numbers

No. 292701

She has a "fiance" too! Totally not invented to compete with her daughter's doting husband. He is better than pedophile, transgender haafu Manaki. Except this boy is younger and cooler, just like all Margaret's past boyfriends.
Only Mags can scoop up the young ones. She needs to absorb their life essence or she will die.

No. 292702

Hahaha! Manaki doesn't even have to try or publicize himself and he easily surpassed her.
It would be nice to see more of his personality, though. I don't believe he ever wanted to be a Youtube or Instagram star like Margaret claimed.

No. 292706

Well we know manaki only has followers just because of marrying Venus anyway i don't believe he has any intention of ever getting into social media

We already have the amwf rachel and jun

We dont need another mundane as fuck couple

No. 292707

anon, Manaki basically seems to be a male version of Venus only shyer. Look at his IG. he follows 7 accts: Cats of Instagram, the daily kitten, cat lovers club, one foodie acct (NagoyaFood) one anime art acct (artsogram), one japanese guy's IG (maybe a friend?) and Venus. His activity consists of 'liking' a photo of a cat, food or anime drawing once a week or so. I'm pretty sure his goals have never included getting YT famous.

No. 292713

Love this look, it's less of a "uguuu kawaii" and more tongue-in-cheek cute.

Well she's living in Japan, the influence is big.

No. 292715

Oh, yes. I know. Just musing how absurd Margaret's old rantings were, which accused him of wanting to take over the Venus Angelic brand and become famous off her. Then her became a potential murderer at one point. She projects so hard.

No. 292716

*he became

No. 292738

That's adorable. Mayne… Venus and Mana should get a cat if their apartment lets them.

No. 292741

I don't know you guys. I sometimes have this weird creepy idea that Margo used Venus as a replacement for a lacking husband/ boyfriend. Because of some weird things Margo said in the past. How she words things like "Venus breaking it up with her". Or how "Manaki took Venus away from her". And she like totally acted, and still does, as if the love of her life left her. Sometimes crying, sometimes having rage fits, on other days begging Venus to come back. And hell she went batshit crazy like an obsessed person who is unable to live on their own when their partner leaves them- still stalking her "lost lover" in hope of a reunion. And i'm weirded out how she talked about Venus "sexy legs" on twitter that one time and tweeted with Venus account how she would totally date her mom. I think she may be just as delusional to have the kind of mindset "Venus you don't need a boyfriend or husband. You have your mother that's enough" You know, some reversed Norman Bates shit.

No. 292742

I know she's sick and all, but please get a background or clean your room.

No. 292745


Agreed, also the "Venus is an asexual virgin" and now the imaginary fiancé bs
>See, Venoos? I can have someone else in my life too! are you jealoos?

Sage for reaching, but let's just hope that Margo didn't made innapropiate things to Venus too on the guise of "motherly love". Sharing everything, even the same bed with a lonely horny woman who tends to relate everything to sex doesn't sound alright.

No. 292746

File: 1469728495273.jpg (45.93 KB, 320x459, image.jpg)

No. 292747

sadly covert (emotional) incest isn't uncommon with cluster b parents, especially ones with npd.

No. 292749


No I agree too anon. She does try to look more Asian and it is annoying but she gets away with it because half this forum licks her ass as do her followers. But then again how many Japanese try to look western?

Both fetishize each other tbf. Just remember Venus looks looking like that picture and her try-hard Asian pictures in person. Not being salty because she doesn't she looks more downsy like her mother.

Also the Asians who try looking Western were all born with dark ass eyes, dark hair so don't worry about it. They can wish and dream all they want but they'll never be either.

No. 292750

Venus got her vertified twitter back. Can someone screenshot for me?

No. 292751

File: 1469729077205.png (13.42 KB, 351x84, c0e858cba2757d1c7cb040ef7aa404…)

Venus got her Twitter back!

No. 292752


Why do we care? Sorry

No. 292753

File: 1469729112489.jpg (10.35 KB, 236x236, 2e5d9d9e584271960cf2f1d7076f3b…)

No. 292754

HAHAHAHA yaaaay!!! Bet she filled out the new verified form to get it back

Because Margo has been camping on it for 7 months, and used it to link to all of her own accounts

No. 292755


How do we even know thats Venus and not Margo trying to pretend Venus did ?

No. 292756

Because that means Margo no longer has access to it.

No. 292757

Interesting point, it's crazy late night / early a.m. there, and Venus isn't a late night poster.

Unless Fullscreen posted it for her, it's almost noon in California.

No. 292759

Because before announcing it, she retweeted Manaki saying welcome back on Twitter.

No. 292760


because Manaki has been tweeting it saying welcome back :)

No. 292761

File: 1469729356452.png (439.02 KB, 909x617, Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.0…)

Hacker, or Margo, it's still inked to Margo's accounts

No. 292762

File: 1469729358557.png (21.66 KB, 577x158, e0cccf02f6a24439bb217e8e8ec0e0…)

No. 292763

File: 1469729455358.png (487.8 KB, 1048x571, Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.1…)

Ok, just changed to link to Mana's account?

No. 292764


or shes too excited to change it right now She'll probably remove it when shes calmed down

No. 292765

Am I the only one who finds Venus annoying as her mother? I just don't find her likeable or that cute. I don't hate her or wish abuse (not that dark jesus) but I seriously just don't see the hype about her. She's like pop groups i.e Little Mix, One Direction that get pushed in your push to listen to at parties no matter how shit they sound but yet everyone loves them.

Her mother can just die.

Manaki is just a creep.

Not salty just not buying the Venus kawaii princess bs

No. 292766

nah i think that's like a "i <3 mana" blah. I guess in the following hours she'll get all the things sorted out

No. 292767

Margo is far more "annoying", in that she's a dangerous psycho obsessed with destroying her kid's happiness. Venus might not be everyone's cup of tea - saccharine isn't for everyone - but she's basically harmless. She's never strayed from her uber-sweet image, not even in the face of massive mudslinging by her mom. I don't think it's an act at all (which doesn't mean you have to like her, she's just not lying.)

No. 292768

Honestly I think most people just want to see Venus success to rub it into Margo's face.
As for me personally. I just think Venus is a normal girl, nothing too special, but also not a bad person. And I'm just happy to know she's away from old Margs because said person is the real weirdo. And i wouldn't wish it upon anyone to have a mother like that.

No. 292769

This started out as a Venus thread, but as Margo revealed her true colours, the tone changed. Lots of people here are on the fence, fans, or dislike Venus, but the focus is on her mother, not Venus.

No. 292770

Anon I can agree with you in that. Venus is annoying as well. She's an adult and married, why is she still acting like a 10 year old weeb? I don't buy her "I'm forever virgin and all innocence " ticket, and if ashe really is like that poor Mana he must be frustrated at this point.

No. 292771

Uh, Manaki likes all the same shit Venus does. I don't think he's "frustrated" by anything.

Anyway, make a Venus thread if you want to expound on Venus being your cow.

No. 292772

Don't cry Anon, the focus is on Margo but Anon only pointed out Venus is as annoying as Margo, it's topic related.

No. 292774

idk where you got that I was upset, I was just pointing out that Venus used to be a cow, but now things have come to light, Marg is the cow.

A Venus thread would probably, now, belong in /snow.

No. 292775

Mana is a creep, he likes the weeb shit she does but he's still a creep, and he obviously wants her as his wife not as an untouchable porcelain doll.

No. 292776

No. 292777

Venus videos may be annoying (I don't like them at all) but at least she isn't a deranged homeless backstabber on the loose.

No. 292778

Make a Venus thread if you want to discuss the cow-nature of Venus and Mana, what you imagine about their sex life, how creepy you find them, etc. There was a Venus thread before, no one's stopping you from doing so again. I suggest /snow/

No. 292779

Margo is the one raving about Venus being an innocent asexual virgin. V has never say anything about her crotch status.

No. 292780


And lets hope it stays that way. Nobody fucking cares to know/hear about if V is getting it in or not.

No. 292781

I'm so happy for her, one more step to having full control.

No. 292782

Ew I just noticed Marg copied venus' icon by covering her eye… maggot is insane

No. 292790

I agree I dislike her Internet persona, I think she should take a break from the Internet and experience real life. I'm glad that she finally ran from momster Margo, I just follow the drama, many people do that too, but keep it secret because there's a bunch of whiteknights around.

No. 292792

>Am I the only one
If you ever find yourself typing this, then no you are not the only one.

Honestly this post reads nitpicky but you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that, no one is silencing you. However if you would like to continue this discussion with other like minded folks like you(which I'm sure there are), then go ahead and create a new thread in /snow/

No. 292794

Worst of all, if you put those photos side by side they look like something straight out of a psychological horror film. Or a Disney Princess one.

No. 292795

Another 'reaction to vexxed's bullshit' vid
SKIP TO 3:30 to avoid lengthy blablablah
After that it's pretty decent.

No. 292799

Wow…she's up crazy late if it really is her, like 3am her time. idk…
Manaki sometimes works nights so I guess she could be up tweeting w/him but still, the whole thing seems quite odd to me.

No. 292800

Weebnus never stoped beign a cow, Margo is a bigger cow now but she's still a cow. A new thread might be a good idea. Discussing her sexual life wasn't the point, we just don't buy her bs, I'm not gonna whiteknight her now only because Margo is a lunatic cow.

No. 292802

what bs?

No. 292803

>>A new thread might be a good idea

YES. So do it, and stop repeating yourself in this particular thread. Last warning.

No. 292804

Her kawaii desu~ bs makes me cringe, she's a fucking adult, married to her pet boy Mana, not a 10 year old girl, didn't she ran away to be an independent ADULT?

No. 292805

Ok thanks. It's the last time.

No. 292806

Somehow you're almost at sperg-chan's level of being annoying, which is incredible, so congrats, I guess? But can you please leave and be annoying somewhere else? This thread is disturbing enough without you.

No. 292808

OK anon, it's over! My bad continue with the main topic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292810

If her @VenusAngelic account is back there should be a confirmation in her @vnsnglc account.

No. 292811

that michael gordon fullscreen guy replied to her @venusangelic account. it was just a :) but I guess that could be verification it's back to being venus' account. plus venus and mana exchanging tweets like "daisuki" etc

No. 292812

That's not a proof. Don't forget Margul reads here.

No. 292813

What about this? >>292762

No. 292816

Creepy girl wants to be friend with Venus, Maddie Ziegler and… Margoat. And Margot rt all tweets the girl posts, hasn't replied a single time.

Can someone screencap this?

No. 292817

So Margo's creeping on a tween. I feel like somewhere NJW is pleased.

No. 292818

File: 1469744446811.png (66.08 KB, 648x260, Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.19…)

Margo is also a massive fan of Trump. The endorsement everyone was after.

No. 292819

Do we need recaps of some thirsty tween chick tweeting z-list celebs and their for momagers? Margo probably re-tweeted them because she thinks it makes her look important and famoos.

No. 292822

download puush to screencap, don't be lazy

No. 292823

I'm on a tablet and I have no idea how that shit works. Don't laugh.

No. 292825

No. 292826

File: 1469746523599.jpeg (285.69 KB, 1317x1580, image.jpeg)

Magrot still has Venus' Twitter account linked on her profile.

No. 292828

Shit parasite!

No. 292831

Still can't get verified though, even with the rule relaxation over the past few weeks - giving birth to a minor YT celeb doesn't make you a "person of public interest" which has got to be killing her inside.

No. 292832

Those two have so much in common, they're both pimps and completely bonkers. They should be frenemies.

No. 292833

That overuse of "real"

No. 292834

Ah, the mark of every insecure person - constant barking about how "real" and "interesting" and "intelligent" they are.

Margo, if you were famoos, all you'd have to say is your name (like Venus!)

No. 292836

It's funny because in every video she does now she mentions her full name. She's so nit picky about how she wants everyone to call her Margaret and not Margo. I'd fucking hate to have an old lady name like hers.

No. 292838


Don't be mad at Margo. As a baby she was rocked too close to the wall.

No. 292839

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/DNVty"><a href="//imgur.com/DNVty"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

No. 292840


The fuck ?

No. 292841

They probably took the embed code from imgur rather than the url.

No. 292846

File: 1469750257906.jpg (7.27 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

Anon, I can't.

No. 292847


ugh poor chick throwing herself to the lizard

No. 292848

Exactly. The anons whining about Venus "acting" like a virgin or whatever are just weird. What does that even mean, acting like a virgin? They're borderline nicejewishmama if they really expect her and Manaki to post positive proof that yes, they're doing it! Normal people don't post their sexual exploits online, that's for trash like like maggot.

No. 292849

Well of course she does. She is never going to let go until someone burns her off like you do with ticks and leeches.

No. 292851

Late as all hell, but I finally sat through the whole thing and there's someone in the background at 3:31-3:36. The fact Margo is just sitting in the middle of a dorm and filming this shit is making me cringe too much.

No. 292853

they probably expected posts like
>look at those rilakkuma condoms that just arrived hehehe~ uwur
>Today's video is a strip poker with manaki!!

If they want to keep those matters private so be it. No need to feed the depraved curiosity of people like njm

No. 292867

I don't think Marge lurks here directly; she seems to always get a minion to do it for her (hi to those bitches). The truth in our threads hurts too much I guess, and she wouldn't be able to stop herself from posting given the anon cover. Easier for her to lurk in Pull where she feels more powerful than them.

No. 292868

b-b-but she came from my uterus!

No. 292869

imgur has made it a bit more challenging to find the direct link.

No. 292870

Really? Right click, copy image url. This is computing 101.

No. 292890

Yes I know this. I'm saying it for the less-experienced user… trying to be kind to anon who fucked it up. imgur just changed their interface.

No. 292909

>What does that even mean, acting like a virgin?

They can't comprehend that an internet-famous woman her age could have no desire to slut it up for attention.

No. 292930

File: 1469809517917.png (107.9 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-07-29-18-21-26…)


No. 292931

Time to send her all the screencaps! I hope she can handle what margo wrote btw :/

No. 292932

good job, venus. keep the drama active

No. 292933


Because ignoring problems to the point of getting harassed on a daily basis sure is the better option…????

No. 292934

Her twitter account is now private

No. 292935

Seriously, her job and income are affected by Margo and pals sperging out. She wants to clear the fucking air and move on.

No. 292936


Can someone email her the craziest Margo screencaps we have? I doubt she grabbed them herself, or she even wants to go through them but she has to.

No. 292937

I admire the restraint Venus has shown in this mess. She's only 19 and didn't learn that kind of composure by example but it's been 6 months with no end in sight. Standing up for herself isn't the same thing as stirring up drama.
I'm wondering what kind of screencaps Venus has of crazy threats Margo sent directly to her…

No. 292939

I want to send her stuff but the amount of crazy marg has done is going to take at least an hour to compile…

No. 292940

Would the anon with the Dropbox send her it or is that a bit creepy?
Also "KUWTP" Kek

No. 292941

honestly with her cutesy persona and the way she acts/talks in her videos it's easy to think of her as dumb, but that was worded so perfectly. i'm to try to pitch in and send her what i can find.

No. 292942

I'm taking all the relevant screenshots from previous threads and emailing her later in the hour.

No. 292944

looks like she deleted this and replaced it with

I'll make a video explaining the drama.
Send evidence/opinions/other contributions to venusangelic.biz@gmail.com

Thank you!

too bad. it was perfectly worded before.

No. 292945

Shit, time to send her those photos where the Maggot physically abused her among other things. This is going to take a while, holy fuck. I'm glad she's standing up for herself!

No. 292946

Okay never mind I underestimated the amount of shit there is, I gathered from the first 3 threads since she ran away, I'll send her those.

Anyone is free to continue from there

No. 292947

Ig accounts that have screenshots: @gaming_ks @exposing_palermo @stopmargaretp @aurora_boreanaz

No. 292950

I hope that Fullscreen manager guy is involved with this.

No. 292951

Yeah, you're TOTALLYYY right, anon. Venus should just keep quiet and not address the nonstop public attacks and cyberbullying campaigns. Uh huh. Riiiight

No. 292952

hope they also do something about njm slandering Venus about the pedololitafetishvore etc etc porn thing

No. 292953

Is it better that she tries putting Maggot's slander, lies and hate armies to rest… or should she continue to let bottom feeding faggots like those two Cheeto encrusted grown men profit off her suffering?

No. 292954

Margo will say those screens are edited or smth. Venus needs to prove they are legit. I hope she does a good job with the video

No. 292959

Oh, we all know she will. No doubt. But how can V prove it?

No. 292961

I just sent Venus all the screenshots I had collecting to do the video exposing Margaret with. Hopefully something there will be able to help her since it'd be more beneficial for her to do it, not me.

No. 292962

If she shows the time and date of the screenshots she will probably include in her video, it will be more difficult for margo to prove venus is wrong imo. It will requires a harder job tho.

No. 292963

Dropbox anon here. I separated the Margo shots into one folder, and will send it to Venus along with links to the accounts that track Margo's crazy.

Can someone let me know if this stupid thing works this time? I have no idea wtf was going on with the other link, some people could get in and others couldn't even though it was public to whoever had the link.


No. 292965

It works for me

Very good collection you have here, great job anon

No. 292966

Great! I sent it to V.

No. 292968

How about option C: get the truth out and squash the bottomfeeders and trolls like cockroaches.

No. 292969

maggotpalermo and vexxfag, start sweating.

No. 292970

Yeah, that. I'm terrible at wording things. I really do hope that her video about the truth with proof and everything else clears the air. In turn, I hope this fucking ruins any credibility that Hexed faggot has left (not that he ever had any to begin with).

No. 292972

Her initial statement sounded like she was going to address the vexxfag video, not maggot's entire history of crayyy.

So, allegations of "stealing the channel," the fucking weightloss surgery, "CHEATING!" "lying to her fans," etc. Don't remember what all crap was in there.

I really hope she's doing this with Fullscreen's help.

No. 292973

I just hope she doesn't mention that ass goblin by name. He doesn't deserve anymore views. Part of me feels somewhat relieved that he didn't get all the subs he was counting on from his shit-tier "journalism" which was nothing but drama mongering.

No. 292977

I hope she gets people encouraging her to use many many screenshots in her video and not just talk. I think thats her best bet of getting people to finally see the truth

No. 292979

Wonder why she changed? The original version was perfect.

No. 292981

I assume she wants to be concise so that people that want to give her screenshots get straight to the contact info they need instead of having to wade through a big paragraph of words.

No. 292982

''Keeping up with the Palermo's''

Ok fuck it she's adorable

No. 292983


after all the bad things that has been said about her is this a good moment to tell her side of the story since nobody wanted to talk to her.

thank god for dropbox anon! >>292963

I wonder if and how mags will answer about this.

No. 292984

File: 1469826962163.png (34.83 KB, 301x223, Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.14…)

Margo woke as snakey today. Stalking is just love, y'all.

… but then Manaki really loves Venoos, right, Margo? If he stalked her for so long?

No. 292985

The festering maggot still hasn't learned how to disguise her posts yet. Bitch is fucking deranged and needs to be sent to a hospital's psych ward. Stalking is never okay and doesn't mean it's "love." It's sick obsessive behavior, Midge. Those two will never have a relationship again and Venus is better off without. Maggot did everything she could to push her away for good.

No. 292987

It's HER daughter so she can do whatever she wants to her! Right, psychos?

No. 292988

I think I'm worried that Venus may still sugar coat things in attempt to not hurt or bash her mother too much.


From Canada ? Leave my country alone Margs, we don't like you …

No. 292989

I think I'm worried that Venus may still sugar coat things in attempt to not hurt or bash her mother too much.


From Canada ? Leave my country alone Margs, we don't like you …

No. 292990


Did you send them?? They're still good for her to have as evidence if needed, even if not too important for her video.

No. 292991

I think so too. If she was really fed up with mag's bullshit, and wanted to retaliate, she'd use the nudes and all the other stuff that makes midge look like the batshit troll that she is, but Venus has never really acted vindictive towards that magrot before, and she's probably not about to start. She should though, crush that maggot like a ton of bricks.

No. 292994

kek stalking is a crime, family or not

No. 292995

To add to that, there's seriously people on there asking someone "what is a normal parent????" are you fucking kidding me?! It's everything the flesh eating maggot isn't!

No. 292996

I wonder how this video will help. It seems that this is just a lot of he-said-she-said bullshit that doesn't have much actual evidence. Like the emails: Venus can debunk the fakes and how show how they can be fabricated, but she could've also "deleted them" from her sent box. This isn't gonna convince any psycho Margot fan, and her own fans don't need convincing. Everyone in between moves on to the next bit of drama.

No. 292997

No. 292998

Who knows what she'll end up putting in the video, she may just say she never sent those mails. I'd suggest she shows the timeline and Margo's changing story, and any concrete proof against Margo's claims. Hell, get Mana on there to say V never cheated on him, and he's got no clue wtf Margo is on about.

No. 292999

Those kids watch to much 'I am ridiculing myself' family reality shows…

No. 293000

File: 1469838754313.png (76.36 KB, 698x473, 160730_022145.png)

>> Venoos is lying!

No. 293001

File: 1469838908189.png (154.52 KB, 815x569, 160730_022236.png)

Oh poor thing! Do you fear the consequences of V's version of the story? Eat that Morge!

No. 293002

oh wow. full admission of stalking here, maggot. only to back up what mimii already said.

No. 293003


Lol, great comeback, marge.

No. 293004

V didn't prove the story 'how I ran away from home' vid, yet her direct and clear telling helps to indicate it's truth.

I'm late to the party but good on yas all for sending stuff in. It will be really interesting if she addresses the bruises and scrapes images.

No. 293005

Yes it worked for me this time! Cheers for separating it.

No. 293006

>So YES. I'm sure she watches HER daughter.
Shit, perhaps Margo already knows where they live. She seems determined that her 'possession' will be returned to her. Fuck grandma for financing this mess.

No. 293007

The Satanism thing lost Margo a lot of supporters first time around. I kinda wish Venus would mention it. She's probably too classy though.

No. 293012

I really hope Venus shows/has proof to back up her claims of abuse and also proof of the account only ever being hers.

No. 293023

Of course Margo will quickly use twitter again now that V is back. Before that she was hardly on there in a while. She even follows her everywhere on social media to not miss the smallest thing. Psycho

No. 293024

It wouldn't surprise me if the theory about Midge going on Venus' and Manaki's dates is true along with the getting in the middle of them. Why else would she get angry about him buying her McDonald's in the past when time and time again that couple has shown how much they like it food selfies and all?

No. 293031

If your discussion is on topic don't use sage.

Please stop misusing it.

No. 293032

File: 1469858240209.png (25.96 KB, 314x125, Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.5…)

As a follow up, Margo/snakey replied once again, but deleted the comment she replied to (I think it said something like "no parent who loves their child would do this to them" or something similar).

No. 293034

Note, that Margo just "gets emotional", you can't get mad at her, guize.

But when Venus does something like, oh, happened to be holding a dog that wriggled right out of her arms when she was a kid, she's a psychopath. Can't be an accident, oh no.

No. 293037

I did a couple of those and it was just staying in the email box. accident- soz.

No. 293038

no, when anyone else does is a creepy bully pedo. Only margo can stalk venoos.

No. 293042

But Maggot has no emotions and yet, she keeps singing the same song as a sock puppet. Fucking lol

No. 293043

Oh yeah, return of the "she was just UPSET when she said those things! Cause WORRIED MOM!!" argument.

Someone's gettin nervous over there in the Plywood Palace…

No. 293048

File: 1469863629708.png (40.21 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160730-030558.png)

So anyway… whatever happened to @mimiimori aka hamburg jassy #2?
- Vocal marge supporter
- lurked & posted here and liked to taunt lolcow with her little buddies on IG
- went silent just after marge arrived in a new country.

She also went private but according to Zsu she had a pic of the same #beach marge posted on her IG right around then.

Hasn't been heard of since.
Welp, seems she done deleted that account, lolll
Speculation: she was the "friend" mangot conned into letting her crash with when she got to Japan (lives in/near Nazuma?) and she got burned, just like jassy. Now she's #ghosted.

No. 293049

morgoth ate her soul

No. 293050

File: 1469864145226.png (368.92 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160730-030546.png)

…and maggot & her stans do seem to be getting just a tiny bit nervous. Circling the wagons you might say. Rallying the troops.
Sensing a looming "EXPOSURE," mange??

Note the (now deleted) comments from poor ol @mimii.

No. 293051

Well, we DID try to tell her.

Anyway: mimi, if you'd like to let us know what happened, people will be sympathetic and supportive of you. I hope you're okay, the cycle of being in thrall to a narcissist is very shattering for people who have never experienced such a thing before. It starts with love bombing, ends with monumental rage the moment you dare to stop giving whatever they want. We'll be here for you when you're ready.

No. 293052

Not me. LOL

No. 293053

Is it just mags and chuface left? What happened to azlabyrinth

No. 293054

yes, we know that

No. 293055

he's too busy fapping to the airport nude to write anything

uh, Venus requested screencaps because you either edited captions or deleted every hateful comments?

No. 293056

chu sounds especially nervous. Magrot's lies are going to get exposed to a much wider audience (thanks to that faggot "journalist") and he's scared. Midge doesn't sound too certain either. She brought this shit upon herself by being a total cunt to her own child on fucking social media to a shitton of people. What the fuck did she think was going to happen? Everything the river hay has done backfired immensely.

No. 293058

Mags sent chu on a little mission over to the @gaming_ks account, to bring up this ~totemo legit~ idea they have about Venus being a liar if she needs screenshots from fans. They haven't figured out that what she's asking for is copies of Margo's public rants, which all get deleted.

I expect chu to show up on some of the other accounts as well.

I know this is hoping too much - but god, wouldn't it be amazing if Margo had freaked out on some media b-roll on Venus, and V had that in her pocket? Like, if Mags got caught on tape before / between an interview or my Strange Addiction with her real face on? / fantasy

No. 293059

I hope his wife/gf found out about his online activity and castrates that fat fuck. His devotion to Maggot is so inappropriate and creepy.

Oh, man. I hope Venus is afraid to be thorough and detailed as possible with this. She doesn't need to resort to insults or unqualified psychoanalysis like Margaret. The cold, bare facts are brutal enough.

No. 293060

Correction: I hope she ISN'T afraid

No. 293064

I also hope for the "secret footage" to exist too anon. Anything will do, so long as it shows how Margo really is.

Re. These minions of Margo's will really do anything for her won't they. The thing is, Margo's words on insta are her own… she can delete all she wants but she still wrote those things publicly and a ton of people saw them. A lot of those young kids will take the caps as seriously as they will fake emails.

No. 293065

just a thought - if farmhands operate here without ID-ing themselves as such, then we are vulnerable to being manipulated by random anons. in this thread it matters, because Margo and her minions are really low.

No. 293071


>bully the mama to DEATH!

We can only hope! Fingers crossed that this time it's the river or bust, farmers.

No. 293074

Would be nice. The old hag giving up and taking herself to the river, joining all the other kappas to never be seen again.

And what the fuck are chu and the maggot talking about >>293050 saying Venus "admitting" anything? She didn't admit shit!. They're delusional as fuck and are looking for things that aren't even there. I wish this soul sucking old hag would just fuck off. She's not going to stop this shit so long as she has suckers that will blindly believe her deranged drunken ramblings. With the way she dragged out her divorce with her ex-husband (probably so he couldn't legally remarry but he sure showed her ass), who knows how long the old coot will be doing this shit.

No. 293076

she tweaked her name recently to 'mimymori' then back again. I expect she's around. incidentally, hamburg jassy did a bit of that before the end of the road with margs.

No. 293077

@azLOSER is alll over YT comments, defending his Hungarian goddess. Esp. on this lame-ass vid: >>292694

No. 293078

File: 1469872792661.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160730-053222.png)

Venus thanks you for your emails.

No. 293079

File: 1469873160593.png (12.28 KB, 584x34, Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 8.02…)

Okay I'm going to get on board with you that she has really deleted. I can see only references to her with her usual name (pic is from a moment ago) yet her comments appear to be gone.

Interesting theory that she might be residing in Numazu. Worth a thought at least.

No. 293080


now I'm curious about her video about this situation.
And of course wonder how mags will react to this.

No. 293081

File: 1469873327857.png (87.01 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160730-060217.png)

Yeah. She made another account with the name @mimisnow with the same posts, followers etc. still private, with a bio that said 'You know NOTHING' or some shit. Then today it looks like this: 0 posts, 0 followers, no bio.

Hi, mimsy!

No. 293082

0 following

No. 293083

I expect Mag's reaction to rival the night she posted the pictures of the beaten children. I tend to believe she keeps quiet now at the behest of her mother (and for the $$ that brings). But if she's "wronged" Margo won't hold anything back. Thing is, she has used it all and is left only with faked communications.

No. 293084

File: 1469873734606.jpg (89.19 KB, 1400x1039, mimii-cerises.jpg)

Dang, you know I had her selfie in my collection but I haven't found it… yet.

Sakura you crazy bitch. Pic is what makes me believe she's a French-speaker.

No. 293086

@mimiisnow also deleted!

No. 293087

Lol some tiny part of me wonders what happened. Before she was proud that we were talking about her and now she's ashamed? This seems to be a pattern with her most hardcore stans. The maggot still has those two idiot grown ass dudes and a few new dumbasses from the fraudulent video over there calling her, "Queen Margaret." Yes, worship an old evil lady. LOL

No. 293089

chu expressed some disgust and ran off a bit after the satanism announcement, but seems to be prepared to put anything aside for her. Margo really seems to enjoy living through them and imagining her power.

No. 293097

File: 1469884312628.png (572 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-30-09-10-07…)


No. 293099


V's style these days looks so much better than under the control of mags (of course). It's girly, casual and cute!

No. 293100

she's settling into her style and it's adorable. I never thought I'd ever say that about a jean skirt either.

No. 293107

Agree. whether it's your style or not, at least it's consistent.

With maggot's influence it was disjointed, schizophrenic, and trashy as hell. A reflection of the dirty maggot herself.

No. 293113

look at her legs! She's gaining weight and I'm really happy about that. This time last year she wasn't nearly this healthy

No. 293119


why…. it all fits well into this thread?

No. 293121

How can she gain weight when she got her intestines removed, anon?!!?! Hmmm, maybe had lost all that weight from Margo's influence and now that she finally got hospitalization and a stable home she can become healthy. Fucking Margo.

No. 293122

Meh, most of us here just want to see that maggot burn.

No. 293123

same so that's why I was thinking that it'd be a waste to read the small bits of Venus's life from another thread since it can all fit here. Like if she publishes a new video, I'd rather read about it from here than from a second thread.

No. 293127

Oh man, I don't expect a video for awhile from Venus as that was a lot of fucking screen shots and bullshit tossed around. Part of me wonders if Venus is even aware of half the shit Margo has said, because I'm pretty sure she blocked her mother on social media and isn't petty enough to make sock puppets like Margo.

No. 293130

That's what I was wondering too. I honestly don't think she has checked these forums or Margaret's IG that often because she didn't want the additional stress. She might be shocked by the true volume of abuse Margaret hurled, even though she has past experience with it. But hopefully it provides more reason to stay the fuck away from that madwoman.

No. 293134

File: 1469901029957.png (117.06 KB, 590x602, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

from gaming_ks insta

kek more like he never existed

No. 293135


I just really hope she brings more to the table then just those screen shots these forums have collected and has her own sort of evidence and what not. It wont look good if she only uses our screenshots to backup her claims. If Margo/Vexx army wouldn't take it from us, they wont take it from her either. I do hope she doesn't find herself overwhelmed by everything.


No Marg, he never existed … and if you can afford flying around the world you can indeed afford court, you just prefer stalking your child around Japan in hopes you'll get control over her again and 100% the income back rather then a 50/50 cut.

No. 293139

Don't have money for court = the lawyer in California laughed me out of his office and nobody will take my case.

No. 293140

I have been on the magoo drama from the start, but I haven't seen any proof of snakey being her sock. How did we come to the conclusion it is? How do we not know it's not another one of those obvious troll accounts that make it look like it's magoos account to troll us? Or just a stan of hers? I'm confused

No. 293142

Maybe Grandma Margit gives Daughter Dearest money, but with the caveat that it cannot be used to fund legal action against Venus? And MorgueRot knows if she tries, there will be no more?

No. 293148


The amount of spending she's done after leaving Canada/USA says otherwise … Bitch just doesn't have a case and can't cope with it.

No. 293150

no matter what, that old cunt Margit is still a fucking enabler

No. 293151

Several times, while Margo has been on her official account, she forgets which account is logged in and has replied with the snakey account when she meant to use her official one (documented in the threads). Additionally, snakey showed up when she was down to very little support, and was always online exactly when Margo was. Both snakey and margaretpalermofan are her current sock accounts.

No. 293152

Because this is the Margaret thread, not the venus thread, We're here to shit on Margo, Venus is incidental (I think is where the farmhand is coming from). Also hellweek is in effect so mods are being strict anon.

No. 293153

File: 1469908636998.png (24.88 KB, 346x444, duh.png)

Uh, that was to prove how someone easily can forge a fake email

Is the gmail anon here? this dumb cunt just reported you to Venus hah.

No. 293154

I think Venus knows better than to listen to to NJM.

Also, I sent an email to Venus's management about NJM's fake Venus channel while it was up. They're aware of her lunacy.

No. 293155

File: 1469909053693.png (29.85 KB, 316x171, Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 1.02…)

… and NJM has a sock telling Margo it's all that anon's fault about the emails. She on a roll again.

No. 293156

Oh, and thinks she found someone to blame for the fake Venus porn channel

No. 293159

File: 1469911489611.png (143.38 KB, 640x328, 937f7d72-2872-4d6c-9322-6536cb…)

That was me, hahaha
Glenda's sweating since she was outed (again) in YT comments as the one who made that channel w/V's old vids & promoted as fetish p0rn. Now she's backpedaling hard. She's on her IG tagging everyone to say "it wasn't meee!!!" LOL

And the old freak is totally clueless about how SM works.

No. 293160

File: 1469911588419.png (386.37 KB, 640x909, 7ea4786d-d9dc-47ab-a5a5-b40f82…)

It wasn't me! It WASN'T MEEE!!
>commenter: quit tagging me, freak

No. 293161

OMG, did she seriously tag me?? She blocked me months ago for outing her as Glenda and proving she was behind the channel! And now she wants me on her defense squad?? Too funny.

Guess what, Glinda? I also reported you to Venus's management (for copyright violations) and the US authorities (for your claims of insider knowledge of the child sex trade.) I think you wanna back off here.

No. 293162

She's been working hard to push that whole "Venus does p0rn" rumor all over V's IG and YT comments too. Fucking NJM, vexxtard and an army of braindead trolls…marge's team.

No. 293164

File: 1469914220139.png (780.62 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160730-171646.png)

here: 1

No. 293165

File: 1469914314479.png (758.58 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160730-171707.png)

2(NJM posts are irrelevant to the thread. If you want to talk about her, start a thread in snow.)

No. 293166

File: 1469914963326.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 9e25c2da0b99b9a8a69b6c298046f7…)

>you middle aged men at lolcow

No. 293167

Lol she's so dumb she thinks we're a bunch of middle aged men? Oh please, it's well known that we're women. Maggot sounds like she'd be best friends with this nut job only if she didn't want to make money off of Venus too. Crazy and stupid (Maggot, NJM, VexFag) all really do attract one another. If only that old cunt weren't so damn psychotic and hellbent on ruining her daughter's life, Venus would never have to deal with this shit.

>I left him~

It's kinda hard to leave someone when they never existed, isn't it? She realized it was going to be too hard to make it convincing.

No. 293169

How ungrateful of margs is to just leave a wonderful man who invited her to the UK and Japan hahaha

No. 293183

She probably cheated that bitch /s (sort of)

No. 293185

Holy shit, she really is insane. How could she get that we are all 'middle aged men' here. Either she has never come here or is completely fucking stupid. She has to think we only follow Venus because we are men with a fetish for what she does. It must be hard being NJM and thinking everything is sex related.

No. 293186

We're here to talk about Maggot number one, and about Venus as she relates to Maggot. When we talk about Venus, this is generally considered a support thread for her - support for her new life and escape from Maggot. If you want a thread to talk about Venus' photoshops, video choices, sex life or just being a weeb, there is /snow/ or the jvloggers thread. Sgaed for lateness.

No. 293188

snakey also makes the same english mistakes, and is around just before or after margo. we have never found info to contradict our claim.

snakey makes statements that are far fetched even for a rabid supporter, like that Margo and Venus and Manaki should all move in together and make YT money off Venus as a team. That unhinged shit is straight from the mind of Margo. snakey gives Margo an outlet to sperg while looking like she's behaving herself, publicly.

No. 293189

lol, he would have to exist first. what fiance invites you to a hovel for a takeout pizza. she's just covering this break she had where she ran to london for no reason and had to stay in hovels, shooting vids in mcdonalds.

No. 293228

English mistakes are not proof unless it's too obvious like in Mira's case. You can have the same English mistakes other non native speakers make depending on your first language, and a second language can affect your first as well, this is a fact. Margo's supporters repeat her same ideas or think only what's best for her, not every single person supporting her is Margo, as well as we are not middle aged men nor the same person.

No. 293230

Not sure why this is even a convo, we established that snakey is a Margo sock at least 2-3 threads back. I don't think anyone feels like combing through for you, but if you're in doubt, you're welcome to go back to see the screenshots where Margo forgets which account she's on and responds using the snakey account, when she meant to use her own.

No. 293232

I agree with this. I don't believe snakey420 is her. The speech pattern differs. They're just one of the dozens of obsessed assholes that get off tormenting a popular weeaboo. That IG user astr0phe is constantly leaving harassment against Venus, Manaki and supporters. She's been doing that consistently for months and shows no sign of slowing, just like AZfaggot. Margaret easily attracts these people and she rewards them.

No. 293233

Again - there's already been proof in the threads that snakey is Margo. Not sure why this is such a bone to pick.

Margo does indeed have several insane stans. Snakey is not one of them.

No. 293235

>>293228 >>293230

Not saying Snakey it's not her, just pointing out English mistakes are not proof since many non native speakers tend to make the same English mistakes according to their first or even other languages they speak. I've seen this "English mistakes" proof card used by many before and most of the times this is a not a very valid one.

No. 293236

I agree similar grammar isn't sufficient proof, but fortunately, we have more proof than that (Margo has used the snakey account to respond when she meant to use her main account, then tried to correct herself with the main account).

No. 293238

And there's better proof actually, I found that a bit trivial and time consuming to find out who is behind every single account. More solid proof and less theories, having a hunch is important but you can't claim it as a proof right away, let's stick to the real shit.

No. 293239

I was analyzing the possible flaws of our proof and some it's not the best if we see it from a more impartial perspective. If we put aside our personal feelings, What's the best we got?

No. 293244

Did snakey ever speak in first person, rather than conveniently appearing when Margaret logged out?
(Not saying it's not her. I just failed to find a screenshot of such a moment.)

No. 293254

We don't have proof and let's be real, unless we see Margo's accounts (or hear it direct from a verified minion) we never will have. I tend to be cautious about assuming things as fact in this thread and have argued vigorously against several collective assumptions that later turned out to be false.

There is a pretty strong overlay between snakey and Margo and I've seen enough of the timing and wording to accept that it's most likely her.

That said, I agree we should try to stick with what's real.

I don't recall any first person talk but that's just anecdotal from me.

No. 293265

File: 1469974099217.jpg (104.88 KB, 1200x763, margo70.jpg)

No. 293267


lmao mags says she worked at McD?? When did this happen?
oh mags ….

No. 293268

buying a burger, seducing Ronald or handing a CV in? Maybe all 3

No. 293269

Well, she's obviously a very experienced and educated young lady who has done everything, worked everywhere and knows everything anon.

No. 293270

Wow! Ronald McDonald with an actual clown!

No. 293271

a McDonald's manager it's another of her headmates now kek

No. 293272

that outfit you wear when you live in a hostel with one washer for 60 beds (and no dryer, lol)

No. 293274


jfc. It's not that fucking important.

No. 293275

File: 1469980336070.png (273.08 KB, 360x483, Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.20…)

Meanwhile back at the Plywood Palace, it's bedtime. the maggot climbs into her cubicle for the night, comtemplating the 6,824 views on her last video compared to VENOOS's 130K and 524K on hers.
Wonders WHY the world remains blind to her BRILLIANCE and the evil of VENOOS.
and seeeeethes

No. 293276

There's like 0 proof of this guy existing anywhere else on the internet, he has one post, no followers, and only follows/comments on maggot's shit exclusively. His existence as a separate human being doesn't make sense.

No. 293277

Does it really fucking MATTER?

No. 293280

File: 1469982886699.png (41.51 KB, 280x152, bYW5rAk.png)

Speaking of socks
This one is confirmed as NJM (on the @gaming_ks IG)

No. 293281

Just looked at Manaki's latest photo and the entire comment section is people arguing? I never watched the shitty drama video, did he talk about Manaki too or some shit?

It clearly does to you given how buttmad you are about it. I'm not gonna not talk about something I want to talk about just because your ass hurts.

No. 293282

File: 1469982939286.png (70.97 KB, 980x202, 130fcc38-8c17-46ba-a139-ebbf06…)

She's back in the same comment thread:

No. 293283

File: 1469983098196.png (227.25 KB, 1024x402, e74099c7-9b5b-454e-894b-023dd2…)

…with the same weird bizarre lines she used on grandpa ferenc's IG when she was outed there.
100% crayyy, confirmed

No. 293284

I know & it's pretty sad. Trolls comment on his IG about "Venus CHEATING" all the time (and have for months btw) and that starts a war. Lately it's been one in particular, @astr0phe that's been on a roll.

Manaki's lookin kind of badass on his motorbike tho, I have to say.

No. 293287

I didn't realise that was the same guy shitting up Venus' posts also. What a douche canoe.

Manaki seems like a pretty cool guy tbh.

No. 293288

File: 1469985729737.jpg (25.75 KB, 550x412, henhouse-doug-nests.jpg)

it's a handful of hay and a wire mesh away from being a chicken coop

No. 293293

Apparently he also draws? if he made that sketch posted on his insta, he's pretty good at it. No wonder why maggot is jealous, venus scored a nice husbando.

No. 293300

Yeah let's stick to real stuff. I'm not only talking about Snakey and the rest of the minions, I'm talking about the whole drama, what's the best proof we have?. She needs to make a consistent video, because if we send her proof similar to the "English mistakes", "these accounts have 0 followers, it gotta be Maggot harassing V with those accounts!" It's not going to look like a well documented video. We have to be careful as well with what we call "proof", if Vchan uses the wrong shit it's going to damage her version of the story. We have to analyze the flaws of the proof to be prepared and decide how to fight back.

No. 293303


Yea people on Pull people found his old Twitter and I remember them saying he does graphic design and illustration. Don't know if it was just a hobby or he took a coarse in it but he had some good stuff.

He was really good so I wonder if he helped with the tshirt designs. There's a pic of Venus head on his body and he's holding a graphic tablet.

No. 293304

After I saw that Marina Joyce stupid drama and the mass paranoia I realized they had the worst proof ever and I don't want this case to look similar : paranoia for some bruises and marks that could be caused by many other reasons: fell while playing outside or riding a bicycle, etc. If she use that video as a proof and explain it was actually Margo then it's her word and we hear that directly from her mouth, but it could be a mistake to say: she has a bruise IT WAS THAT PSYCHO MARGO!! I would stick more to the "Venus is already an adult and married, V and Margaret had a shit relationship and Margaret needs to get a real job instead of using her child " idk I could be wrong as well, just an opinion.

No. 293312

File: 1470000813426.png (933.81 KB, 1574x948, image.png)

And to think that this shit was only a year ago. Margaret Palermo, the woman who probably gave her daughter suicide threats on the fucking daily. And won't let the Xiaorishu drama go that she started

No. 293315

According to: >>292624, you can't post about NJM anymore.
Similarly, can you guys stop shitting up the thread with posts about psycho followers. Nobody gives a shit.

No. 293317

I'm not sure if my vote counts, but I don't mind hearing about Merg's "supporters", esp if there is proof they are fake, because I don't physically look at her IG so it's nice to come here and gauge the situation with information people post in her threads.

No. 293319

Margo almost reminds me of the psycho manager in Perfect Blue who would wear Mima's outfits and try to basically be Mima.

No. 293328


No. 293329

shit sorry

No. 293331

Nail on the head. Someone should shoop this.

No. 293335

File: 1470016224077.jpg (89.56 KB, 1200x762, margo71.jpg)

c'mon rich Japanese men, buy this sexy lady a dress.

No. 293336

I thought someone did already…

No. 293338

Venus isn't going to need any more info than she has, and she's not going to touch on this kind of trivia anyway. Don't bother sending her more.

I'm not the one posting them but socks are arguably of some interest right now because just about everyone's using them instead of their real accounts. But they have to have something interesting to say to make it worth posting them here. NJM's trying to start shit using one, snakey's just saying random shit - difference. Snakey's still of interest right now because it's 99% sure of being Margo, and snakey says a few things Margo would never say in public, but most of it remains guff.

No. 293339


behold Maggot in all her eurotrashness glory

No. 293349

Thanks, in fact I'm not sending her anything, I was just pointing out problems with some "proof". I don't personally believe it was necessary to send her stuff since she's the one who knows what's really going on so she can come here anytime and pick up the evidence herself, skip false evidences and pick the real stuff.

No. 293353

God, that aardvark face…

No. 293354

that face XD(XD)

No. 293355

This is exactly the kind of shit she used to splurge on back when she was living large on Venus's dime, LOL

Dumb bitch, why is she wandering around trying on clothes anyway, if she has NO MONEY? And yeah, that FACE..

No. 293357

It's so like her trash homeless aesthetic to think wearing adadas at her age is a status symbol. She thinks she'd fit right in with young hip rappers?

No. 293358

Exactly. With her #Yeezy sneakers, yo.

No. 293359

I know, right? She utterly lacks any sense of style or taste. She's got a hangup for name brands no matter what the object looks like, or as long as someone charges her a lot of money, it must be good (like the fugly "dutchess" bag.) She could get a well fitted casual black dress anywhere for half the price, one that would actually look good and not like a pile of chav trash. Of course, if she weren't crazy chav trash, we probably wouldn't be watching her have an epic meltdown.

No. 293361

The top of that dress is hideous. Also her arms are showing her age, she looks so dehydrated and she's sucking in her cheekbones to look more ~angular~ but instead it just makes her look like a haggard bitch sucking on a lemon

No. 293362

Good-oh. I think (hope) that Venus will just keep it all on the straight and narrow with this vid she's making.

No. 293363

File: 1470028377151.jpg (18.79 KB, 173x489, vintageadidas.jpg)

shed a tear for when Adidas dresses were fresh af and chavs weren't invented yet.

No. 293364

That dress is fucking hideous as is her off balance face. Her nose is the fucking focal point. Does anyone else think that she's posting this shit to try and garner sympathy so one of her 13 year old edge lords will somehow send her money? Just me?

Anyway, part of it feels good knowing that she can't steal Venus' money to waste on this trashy shit. Forever euro trash.

No. 293365

Of course that's why she's posting it. Anyone otherwise wouldn't post the embarrassing/cringe caption of leaving a store in tears, they would simply comment that they didn't end up buying it if asked.

No. 293368

I totally think so. She's hoping they'll finally get that gofundme going.

No. 293369

Unfortunately for her, the little edgelords who like keem and his ilk are underaged, which means they don't have money to send. Unlike Venus, who sells merch that parents won't have any issues with, Margo is trying to sell her shit personality to teens, which isn't something your parents will let you use their bank card for ("Mom, I want to send money to this woman who has a whore cheater daughter because parents deserve respect!" "Uh, no." "I HATE YOU!!")

No. 293370

and if they do beg any money they'll just play pokemon with it anyway. bad timing for marge.

No. 293373

bwahahaha, no more shopping hauls 4U, mangey!

Yeah, that plus she has to answer Venus's cute ootd post yesterday, just to show errbody that she's WAY HOTTER THAN VENOOS!

No. 293374

Anyway, Venus seems to be taking everything in stride… she's on IG liking pics of rainbow cupcakes and finishing up her Monday video, something about kawaii multicolored gumdrops and balloons.

No. 293378

And aunt Zsu looking like the adult woman who has her life together in ways maggot never will. Oh, the schafenfreude.

No. 293380

I know, lolll
she's looking all gorgeous and happy, going on a date with her hubby.
Burrnnn, maggot. BURRRNNNN

No. 293381

Margo's going to have to find a real fiancee to get this ugly dress instead of an excuse of a fiancee to go back to Japan and harass her daughter. Or she could do the easier thing and get a job.

No. 293385

File: 1470037880080.png (115.75 KB, 189x342, 44f24b16-2ad0-4aef-95dd-78743b…)

mange stop tryna compete with your 19-year-old daughter. Just STOP

No. 293387

lol, seems like she deleted it now XD just what I expected to happen

No. 293388

No, she didn't.

No. 293390

Kind of off topic, but I'mean watching some of V's older videos (specifically her 'top 1 spiciest fire noodles challenge video) and is it just cause of the lighting that she looks like the right side (our left) of her face is bruised? Like around her cheek bone and near the corner of her lip… probably just the uneven lighting, but idk about all that and it's kind of throwing me off /:

No. 293391

damn, that dress is only $65 USD mange…back in the good old days she'd drop that much at Starbucks without even thinking about it. Can't afford a manicure or to get her hair done either, from the look of her. tsk tsk. Hard times in mangeworld.

No. 293394

File: 1470040653451.gif (1.94 MB, 500x230, image.gif)

No. 293395

File: 1470041335325.jpg (234.95 KB, 1788x1188, firenoodles.jpg)

it does look discoloured on that side of her face (even up to her eye), but unless she ever tells us, how will we know? It's not like that vid where the bruises on her arms are obvious.

No. 293396

I have the feeling that if Mags had slapped venus on the face, she would then slap the other side to even it out.

No. 293397

God damn, I see it now. Her eye looks fucked.

No. 293399

She looks the way potatoes looked during the great Irish famine, Jesus. All desiccated and not food grade.

Nah, her abuse would be utterly random, just like her (non)sense of style.

No. 293400

File: 1470046504004.jpg (49.09 KB, 600x150, potatos.jpg)

forgot pic for reference: normal potato on the left, Margaret Palermo on the right.

No. 293401

Yep. Black and rotted and withered.

No. 293409

File: 1470057111946.jpg (136.15 KB, 340x361, face of fear.jpg)

And on top of that, she looks as if she has a mouth full of sperm that she isn't quite sure what to do with. I heard she likes trash, so I added some trash effects.

No. 293410

>"puffy eye make up" looks way more puffier and darker on the left.
>dark spot beside the nose
>dark spot on the corner of the mouth.

could be some messed up make up, could be weird lightning or it could be something really fucked up, who knows?

No. 293411

Based on her user name, there's a small chance her name is Emilie, but the only french girl of approximate age I've been able to find in Shizuoka is called Elodie, and she's too high profile to throw shitfits online defending a clearly crazy older woman. If you're lurking and got burned on magrot, Mimi, talk to us!

No. 293413

nice digging anyways

No. 293418

She looks like a man from the neck up.

No. 293421

A very pissed-off man at that!
My guess: V posts cute ootd pic. Marge needs to one-up her of course, just like with the one-eye-covered pic, the plushie in the background pic etc. etc. Don't know if she is even aware that she is doing this but it's creepy as fuck.

Anyway, mange unfortunately doesn't have any sexxyy outfits in her 2 suitcases at the hovel (just shapeless black ninja outfits, baggy t shirts & flower-print granny tops, boo!) so she makes it a point in her daily roaming the streets of Tokyo (who tf even knows what this loon DOES all day) to stop into a store & snap mirror selfies in some "slinky" lil numbers, just to show the world thes SHE'S the hot one, bitches.

And this >>293335 is the best she could do, apparently. Lolmarrge

No. 293424

Agree with this. It could be anything else, maybe she had an eye stye, she poked in the eye while doing makeup, uneven makeup, it doesn't say much.

No. 293434


one thing I wonder about her clothes is the fact that she is back in Tokyo, the same place where she had all the 18 boxes of personal shit in storage? Like couldn't she just pick up her own trash and clothes? … Whatever!

No. 293436

>>who tf even knows what this loon DOES all day

Well, whatever she does right now, she's about to get her final, dependable cash influx: her final SwissBux cheque should have deposited yesterday. If she can't buy a new dress on the day she gets her last benefits money, she must be skint indeed. Mama Margit probably paid her airfare to Japan, but it doesn't look like Mags has much more fund than that.

No. 293441

Why is it her last?

No. 293442

She doesn't have anything showing Venus is still in school.

No. 293444

As some Swiss anons have shared, the benefits that Margo has been receiving (monthly stipend up until the child is 25, as long as they are in school and live with the parent) requires that Margo send proof of Venus residing with her, and of Venus's school enrollment.

In January, Margo was able to show Venus was enrolled for the upcoming semester in language school, and that Venus lived with her. That covered her monthly stipends through August. But to continue those funds, Margo has to prove Venus lives with her, and show Venus's school enrollment for Fall 2016.

No. 293445

How do you prove that your kid loves with you? And what is meant by living with? They just Airbnb everywhere. Did they even have a consistent mailing address?

No. 293448

Iirc they had an apartment in s.k.

No. 293449

I don't know about Switzerland, but in order to prove your residency in the states you need to provide an ID with your current address on it; your name on an apartment lease; your name on the utility bills; or 1-2 pieces of "official" mail sent to you at your current mailing address (like something medical, or official transcripts, or a cell phone bill, etc.)

They had been living in AirBnBs for quite some time, but they weren't hopping around like Margo has been; they rented their place in Seoul from at least Nov through February (Venus said she paid Feb rent for Margo, and Margo just threw it away to chase her down in Japan.) So they used to stay places long enough to get a few things changed to their current address, like bank statements and cell phone bills.

In theory, Margo could sign up for a new cell plan under Venus's name, and make Tetris House the current address to "prove" Venus's residence. But i don't think she has the money for an extra cell plan or to pay tuition under Venus's name - and if the Swiss are overseeing things correctly, Venus is already registered as living with her spouse for marriage paperwork, not her mother.

No. 293452

Couldn't Margo just PS the documents to fake them? I wouldn't really put it past her.

No. 293453

Sure, Margo could do a lot of things. Don't quote me on this, because I've never been an international student, but I believe a confirmation form is sent for all government benefits - i.e., if Margo sent a fake letter saying Venus is enrolled somewhere, the benefits office should send a form requesting confirmation with the institution.

People like to act like government benefits just get handed out willy nilly, but it actually takes a fuckton of continuous paperwork. Shooped copies of anything wouldn't be enough in all likelihood - they probably need proof of payment sent from the school to the benefits office, not proof from the individual.

No. 293461

this puzzles me too anon. why isn't she wearing the clothes and just flogging the stuff at some pawn store (if Japan has them). perhaps she owes someone money for it.

No. 293463

Your child does not have to live with you. They only have to be <26 and in an approved form of training or education. The system. seems to rely on you providing info to update them about your child's status, then when the last update runs out you must provide a new on or you are collecting the benefit illegally. Tbh Margo can easily fake the document she needs.

No. 293464

Is this date of August based on something? Did Venus specify 6 months of course enrolment somewhere? A 'semester' or course at language school can vary, many I've seen are 12 weeks.

No. 293465

Is this Swiss info? I feel Margo could evade this issue due to being in Asia, making it complicated with several languages involved.

She likely can and she will at least try it.

No. 293466

We'd been basing this on Venus definitely having enrolled and paid tuition in January for the upcoming semester; the language schools I've used have worked on the semester system.

Swiss anons might want to weigh in, but in other countries, when applying for aid or benefits, you need to update the paperwork by semester.

So Margo's benefits should have been updated from January until the upcoming Fall semester. Benefits checks are cut on the first of the month (sometimes on both the first and the 15th) - we've often seem Margo with sudden funds around the first - plane tickets, hotels instead of hostels, etc. And if Margo doesn't pull some scam and forge the benefits paperwork, August 1st should have been the last disbursement.

No. 293472

Yes, Margo definitely has to update the Swiss authorities when each document runs out, and has to provide the new one. Actually if the enrolments are not back-to-back I think even the holiday break between would not be covered by the benefit, so she kept Venus constantly enrolled for that reason.

Venus is not unkind and perhaps paid for 6 months of school and apartment rent for Margo? But she didn't explicitly say how long. Perhaps she will provide firm info in her coming video.

We can't say for sure that August is the date then. The concept of a 'Fall semester' is a US one. And despite Margo's misuse of the word University (even brainwashing Venus into thinking it was), they were in private language schools, where semesters don't often apply. When I looked at language study abroad (not Japan or Korea) the courses just roll on and on in blocks.

I do believe Margo will at least attempt to falsify the study info and if she has an earlier enrolment document from either Japan or Korea on file it won't be hard for her to pull off. Venus doesn't have to be living with her and we never did get hard confirm from a Swiss anon whether Venus' marriage cancels the benefit. Even if it does, the Swiss authorities won't know till Margo tells them.

No. 293477

I'm curious to know if Venus also can send via the swiss embassy a notification that she's married now and not living anymore with morgue therefore stopping the monthly swissbux leeching for good.

No. 293480

yes me too. I don't know if marriage ends it or not. I think it would take papers to prove it and that would be rather vindictive of Venus.

but Venus never showed any sign that she wanted to starve Margo or make her homeless. after all she left Margo with a new apartment, rent paid, course paid, visa fees paid… many items. enough for Margo to have stayed in Korea and worked out her new life.

No. 293481

File: 1470107108899.jpg (74.2 KB, 1200x759, margo72.jpg)

Keeping up the hobo wardrobe. Tshirt and (no doubt) those jeans which are ripped af.

No. 293482

She can start a new video series, "Hobo In Japan." That shit would give her the attention she feels she deserves although it will be mostly hate watching and laughing.

No. 293483

I wonder if she still has child support payments coming in from ex hubby, like until V turns 21? Whether govt bennies, child support, mommy koncz or whatever, she seems to have basic living expenses (bare bones- $18/nite, haha) taken care of but spending $$ has clearly run out. Love how she's still hashtagging everything #Japantrip like she's on some kind of extended vacation instead of holed up in a rock bottom hostel in Tokyo with nowhere else to go.

No, it's gotta be something new, not her old stuff. She used to be constantly shopping & bringing home hauls of new crap. Like a magpie or a perpetual teenager, gotra be shiny & new. She must be so chapped she can't do that anymore, lol.

No. 293485

File: 1470109062869.jpg (30.75 KB, 590x350, kgGA6xoh.jpg)


no capes weenoos

No. 293487

I believe she meant "man face", not mah faze.

No. 293492

>>She used to be constantly shopping & bringing home hauls of new crap. Like a magpie or a perpetual teenager

It's a narc trait - at least it is for many female narcs. They love to acquire, especially brand name things, just piles and piles because they feel rich / deserve it / makes them feel good to have clerks wait on them, whatever. They usually hide their horde pretty well, but having a fuckton of storage units isn't uncommon both due to them being magpies, and due to the constant bridge burning and re-locations. The fact that Margo managed to collect 18 boxes of crap in less than a year's time in Japan - without needing to buy furniture, without a job to pay for it, nor with any permanent apartment in which to collect anything - should tell you how bad she is with hoarding and shopping.

No. 293494

Great idea and the first chapter is already done! The leg hair mangakissa vid about how to hobo on the train.

No. 293495

>having a fuckton of storage units isn't uncommon both due to them being magpies, and due to the constant bridge burning and re-locations.

literally Margo!

No. 293497

Off-topic, but if you've ever seen Lindsay Lohan's "docu series" or her instagram photos where she moved in with her boyfriend, you've seen what happens when a narcissist attempts to haul her hoard around. It's more shit than you can ever imagine, absolutely overwhelming in its magnitude, and they fully expect someone else to cope with it (i.e. Margo requires someone to pick it up and store it for her for free, and for her father or Venus to pay for multiple units all over the world, because IT BELONGS TO HER, and no, she won't get a job.)

No. 293503

These funny pics give me life

No. 293504

I love that she's such a train wreck and will never have anything resembling a happy, contented life, but poor Venus. Imagine living with an abusive lunatic who doesn't just scream and go berserk, but who spends every penny you earn on random crap and more crap.

Maggot is like a skinny dependapotamus.

No. 293545

File: 1470138809639.jpg (39.76 KB, 227x222, Photo.jpg)

No. 293547

File: 1470140784171.jpg (29.91 KB, 500x432, holyshit.jpg)

I so thought this is a real Penis at first.

No. 293559

new video but it isnt't about the drama

No. 293560

Not the best quality

No. 293561

I think this is one of her olderish ones?? idk the hair timeline

No. 293562

File: 1470149069192.png (842.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-02-10-42-53…)

Morgues bed for the night?

No. 293563

Seems like she really rushed with the editing. Saying "pour 100" twice and didn't cut the video where it should be.

No. 293564

Maybe she planned to do the drama one, but for whatever reason couldn't release it today and slapped something together with one of the older ones she recorded? Seems likely

No. 293566

kekkekekekekekek can't help but laugh at her misery now, bitch deserve it soo much.

No. 293567

She's changed the caption already:
>Freedom and the weather aren't besties

No. 293569

>Was planning to go sleep outside tonight to save Swiss bucks, alas! Bullied again!

Even the Japanese climate hates her guts.

No. 293573

I really like the style she is going for and maybe it's best she doesn't make a response video.

No. 293575

people have pretty well spelled out why she does need to make this video. You cant just let rumors like these waft around without addressing them or shit will keep spreading. keem's shit-brigade didnt last this long and they werent spamming her insta and the such as hard as these new children are. people who follow her ANYWHERE are seeing this shit.

No. 293576

I understand, but we all know there'll be a response after and after and after. It won't end until someone stops responding , and the easiest person is Venus.

No. 293577

File: 1470153652134.png (30.67 KB, 1051x318, lol.PNG)

so I saw this on the Tokyo shared room/housing Craigslist. It made me think of Margo.

No. 293579


>says i annoy him

Why tf would they include that? And expect to stay for free? Jeez

No. 293580

All this swissbux talk upthread reminded me of something from Mr. Yans side of the whole bodyline thing. He said when he initially met Venus she was a student in London so he told her to contact him when she was on break. When they contacted him later Venus had dropped out of school at some point previously. Anyway Margo probably just enrolled her to get the swissbux, it's obvious she didn't give a fuck about her daughter getting an education. Wasn't it around that time that Margo was getting her in magazines and on tv? I guess school was getting in her way.

No. 293581

File: 1470155787743.png (193.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-02-12-35-14…)


No. 293582

But she can afford plane tickets? Riiight…

No. 293584

Jesus, imagine your crazy abusive mom staying outside your house all night. But Margo is the victim!!!!

No. 293585


>she let me sleep in the rain in front of her house


No. 293587

File: 1470157208174.jpg (29.53 KB, 308x185, poorfactoryworker.jpg)

From the abandoned couch pic…Manaki is poor and living off the youtube money that Venus didn't even earn for months because of Margo.
That's some gross emotional manipulation. She was trying her hardest to get inside that house to squat and never leave :/

No. 293590

>she let me sleep in the rain in front of her house once when my last train left

Who's fault is this??? This is some seriously manipulative tactics.

No. 293591

It's such a good thing Venus is moving now

No. 293592

Maybe V did not post that video because a psycho kappa is lurking right outside? Holy shit, that CL add might actually be her.

No. 293593


It does sound like her, I remember back to how she emailed Sharla and the other Jvloggers offering to be their manager. Margo is very good at marketing herself and offering such enticing deals such as " Let me stay for free and I will clean up after myself as payment". Like clearly when staying at someone else's house their the ones who have to pick up your dishes and empty pizza boxes.

- Sarcasm …

No. 293595

File: 1470161460606.jpg (1.12 MB, 1079x2003, Screenshot_20160802-110933.jpg)

Had she been up all night? It's the return of manic margo! (Also, she claims to have been invited to japan… by someone who won't let her stay with them, apparently)

No. 293596

Well, margo is back to claiming "This is only the beginning of my wrath, VENOOS!!!1!" Guess the restraints imposed by Margit are off the table.

No. 293597

A commenter wrote the original caption had to do with Venus's feeling "her soul getting called from the nether".
It must be like salt in her wounds assembling those screenshots for the video. Many of them she hasn't seen before.
I wish she had someone besides her husband to talk to. She is completely isolated and alone with her thoughts while Manaki is at work.

Is Margaret claiming she is in Japan to pick up the rest of her belongings and get more "proof" fir court?

No. 293598

an invitation? whatever, probably grandma is helping her with the money and plane tickets, or maybe she has enough miles acumulated on her credit or debit cards when she and V were traveling together. She needs to get a job instead of living from loans and charity.

No. 293599

It's crazy that margo is still going on about the "proofs" in storage - because she had access to it all through May, and had someone pick up all her boxes. She said these things herself, there's no storage left for things to be "kept" from her. And Margo claims she was invited to Japan… by someone who has clearly already kicked her out (if she was invited in the first place.)

No. 293600

Maybe someone living in that bedroom "invited her", idk I won't take that part too seriously, she's been staying there almost since she arrived.

No. 293603

File: 1470163145319.jpg (98.14 KB, 1350x242, Screenshot_20160802-113651.jpg)

Mags claiming that $15k a month is a low estimate for what venus makes. So she and margo weren't really broke, they just shared single rooms because they like each other so much. Definitely not a money saving plan.

No. 293605

Oh how I've missed ranting Margo. Venus is still out to kill Margo! Somehow…

No. 293606

We got new screencaps for Venus, at least LOL

No. 293607

File: 1470163987787.jpg (212.86 KB, 455x672, Screenshot_20160802-115014.jpg)

Check margo's fly new style: grey roots and black gloves in the middle of a sweltering tokyo summer. God, I'm so glad venus isn't being styled by this schizo anymore. Mags probably thinks she looks like Jackie O,and not like the Chinese grandmas who wear gardening gloves while they pick through piles of recycling for extra cash.

No. 293612

They shared rooms because Margo needed the other room for her crystals anon

No. 293613

She looks like a serial killer here

No. 293614


She looks like a psychotic murderer in all black with leather gloves on. Thank god real psychos only wear pink and murder with "cuteness".

No. 293616

Did she buy an imitation adidas dress?

No. 293617

I know it's fun for you guys to talk about how ugly she is but it gets repetitive. Ignoring the lace on her gloves this is the nicest she's looked in a long time.

No. 293618

My guess is that she already had this dress. It's much nicer than the Adidas one anyway, but it must not be name brand.

No. 293620


I think I missed something a while ago, anons mention that V is moving, how do we know this for sure? I'm positive I just missed something cause I'm utd on all of the drama and happenings but that one seemed to have slipped by.

No. 293642

Plz go and stay go. She looks like a laughing stock.

No. 293643

Lol I saw someone commenting on Venus' latest YT video with the username 'Mimii snow' , she was defending Venus tho. I'm confused, is it her now defending V or a random user using Mimii's username?

No. 293644

I posted that earlier but my post must've not sent. I do wonder, but it's not like someone can just ask

No. 293647

It was mentioned on one of her instagram posts iirc or marg stated she couldn't find venus' new address because youtube wont tell her

No. 293648

File: 1470170671789.png (51.72 KB, 420x217, Screenshot_2016-08-02-15-30-45…)

This is the comment I saw.

No. 293662

File: 1470172572441.png (22.53 KB, 344x352, stuff.png)

I remembered I saved a screenshot, this is what I saw, the way they speak makes me laugh.

No. 293668

Someone please explain what look the mange is going for with the black gloves? Anyone?? Cause I'm at a loss here..

No. 293669

File: 1470174975616.jpg (134.85 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

look who's commenting on venus' insta!

No. 293670

that would be an interesting video to watch

No. 293672

Badass ninja milf meets Madonna?
Someone help me here??

No. 293673

Is this a cow?

No. 293674

thats yukapon

No. 293676

Joan Ferguson

No. 293678

She's a CLASSY hooker, not some floppy you gives handys behind the Dennys dumpster for parfaits (she totally does.)

On a more serious note, margo truly thinks she has great style, exquisite taste, and a flair for being fashion forward. You saw her jacking up venus's style all the time, including melting her hair when it suited one of margo's whims. She thinks she looks enviably fashionable, and not at all like a new York bag woman.

No. 293679

"You are VERY MEAN LIAR PERSON" loll marge. Your english is shittier than ever.

"then as well SUING. We are at THE BEGINNING"

Bring it on, b!tch. Details, give us DETAILS…
* found a lawyer yet?
* what is the basis for your suit? Specifics? WHAT IS YOUR CASE?
* what court will you file in? What jurisdiction? What country?
* who are you getting legal advice from?

C'mon marge…your fans wanna know. Spill!

No. 293680

oh, ok. thanks.
There's some history there with maggot, yes?

No. 293681

UES nyc dowager socialite circa 1972?

No. 293682

nah, she was a cow in her own right before she rebranded herself.
thats what i think at least

No. 293683

The fact that she's reverted back to claiming her "proof" is in storage is amazing as well. The storage unit manaki gave you the key ti, along with a 2 month deadline to vacate? The storage unit you have someone in tokyo remove 18 junk filled boxes from? The storage unit that closed in June, after you got your things out? Margo, you are IN TOKYO RIGHT NOW. With all of your items out of storage, wandering the city all day. Are you too lazy to wander to the place you stashed your things? Or did you have yet another falling out with someone who you promised to pay back if they collected and stored your shit for you?

No. 293684

there she goes comparing Venus to serial killers and porn stars again

No. 293685

Didn't margo share a nsfw video of yuka? I remember hearing about it some time ago but i'm not sure

No. 293686

The pee video, yeah
The /cgl/ rebeccablack archives should have all of that

No. 293687

oh yeah i forgot that

No. 293688

fucking lol, we called it several threads ago

>she let me sleep in the rain in front of her house

more like you were camping outside spying on them. Maybe if you weren't such narc manipulative nosy bitch, they would invite you to sleep indoors.

but wasn't her imaginary fiancé who invited her to England and Japan?



I guess it's some undercover farmer

Yes, she did. Some say it even could qualify as CP distribution, is that true?

No. 293696

>BULLIES her mother!
sez morge, after the MASSIVE CYBERBULLYING campaign unleashed on Venus by her & her lies, via fake 'EXPOSED!' video.
How is ANYONE taking this shit seriously anymore? HOW??

No. 293697

sooo bitter.

No. 293698

Venus and Manaki made an evil narcissistic mad woman sleep out in the rain? I mean, they should be begging the person behind all Venus' stress and woes into her home! It's not like Magrot wants to kidnap or kill Venus, right???? Seriously, the bitch deserved it because it's her own fault that she's homeless.

And Maggot is once again back to fucking thanking people for harassing her own daughter! Anyone who says, "But they both did wrong in this drama! Venus isn't innocent either!" needs to shut the fuck up. After everything we've seen, Venus is clearly the victim in this situation. There's no way she instigated any of this, all she wanted to do was live with her husband and become an adult.

Agreed. I sent Venus some screenshots too and they were pretty awful, but she needs to know the horrible things Maggot said about her and all the lies she's been spreading. I know she's upset and it's horrible, but hopefully she can get through it. Maggot's latest bullying campaign already put Venus at the end of her rope with that nutcase. I think her seeing those screenshots will be enough reason to never want to have anything to do with her for the rest of her life.

No. 293704

Margo was 'homeschooling' her there and probably collecting Swissbux at the same time.

No. 293707

File: 1470186474340.png (17.92 KB, 500x84, Screenshot_2016-08-02-19-55-22…)

Ugh This is exactly what I was saying, this is going to end up looking like the Marina Joyce case. Venus is fine at her home with her husbando, it's not the first time her video looks low quality she's not in a rush, if people keep overreacting to every damn detail or keep claiming everything as a proof this will lose credibility, mass paranoia is the last thing you want.

No. 293708


Fucking lol

No. 293713

File: 1470188443806.jpg (48.81 KB, 620x349, z1NsYTN.jpg)

Not the same anon but she means this screw from Prisoner. Ausfag reference.

Rubbing my hands with glee at the return of the public Maggot.

No. 293714

>falling out with someone who you promised to pay back if they collected and stored your shit for you?

100% this is why she doesn't have all that shit in hand. Mum gave her money and she blew most of it on the flight. For real she must keep thinking Venus is going to pay up, or she thought she would cash in massively on Vex's vid. She shows an astonishing lack of foresight even given her disorder/s.

No. 293717

Me too, cause she's PISSED. Her latest #Plan to DESTROY VENOOS has failed, just like every previous one. Vexxfag trolls are drifting away, vexxfag has been outed as a fraud along with his fake-ass video and Venus has gained 21,500+ new subs since morge's lil hitpiece came out on 1/20. Plus YT pulled the plug on her false copyright claims so she can't touch the channel anymore. And she's flat broke.

hahaha, morge. seeeethe

No. 293718

File: 1470189828527.png (36.08 KB, 670x131, Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 6.52…)

About those MASSIVE EARNINGS Margo claims Venus makes: if she got 600k views per week, after YT and Fullscreen takes their cut, she makes somewhere between $1-3k per week. That's somewhere between $42,000 and $150,000 per year, which is obviously wildly varied, and doesn't account for the number of viewers with adblock - and doesn't consider taxes being paid on that money.

Margo, these "estimates" you get from social blade aren't anywhere close to reality and you know it. Social blade gives a range based on the maximum POTENTIAL income - not accounting for the cut you give YT and a management network, assumes you're advertisers are all paying top dollar, and that all of your subscribers are watching every video. The point of social blade is to get people pumped about the POTENTIAL to earn money, in the same way all those stupid multi-level marketing scams crow about your POTENTIAL to make $$$$ every month - which only happens for 1-5% of all the salespeople.

Venus is making a respectable salary for a 19 year old with no education or work experience - but living on $40-50k a year in Tokyo is the furthest thing from "living rich". Although I suppose it might seem that way to a homeless crazy woman.

No. 293719

File: 1470189976814.png (29.5 KB, 388x190, Screenshot_2016-08-02-20-59-58…)

It's a farmer using Mimii's username haha.

No. 293727

File: 1470193356220.png (70.67 KB, 621x384, 6EGvOeo.png)

Screenshot from long ago but I just find it funny how Margs made fun 6 months ago or Venus "poor kitchen" and now she's the hobo who tries to get sympathy for being a broke ass bitch. Karma hit hard on this one

No. 293728

Haha. I remember that shit! I was going to bring that up to highlight the crazy empty threats and poor attempts at "blackmail" Magrot used against Venus for a archive video. I hope Venus makes her video in depth since she knows Magrot best.

No. 293732

Thank you for the insight anon!

We can assume Margo must be making like 10-20 dollars per week from YT haha

No. 293735

lmao that "ugly poor kitchen" comment out of pure jealousy. Actually their kitchen looked cute and clean. And btw, who was the one lighting cigarettes with some dirty gas stove?

No. 293737

File: 1470197205642.png (38.28 KB, 316x223, Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.01…)

OMFG, Margo thinks $90 is a lot of money for a dress.

When you're 12, yes, a $90 dress is a lot of money to you. But when you're an established adult in the first world, that's a completely normal price for a dress.

Didn't she used to splurge $1000k+ of Venus's money on hideous no-name "designer" handbags? Now THAT is a lot of money, especially for some tacky no name shit that's not even practical. Oh how the delusional have been brought to earth.

No. 293738

File: 1470197391216.png (235.78 KB, 318x385, Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.01…)

Also, I'm starting a gallery of Margo's followers: note the crazy eye trend

la_vie_en_ross, who is the new chu_face

No. 293739

I just realized that the michael she was talking about was her fullscreen manager:

No. 293740


nobody cares about margo's followers

No. 293741

File: 1470197509261.png (35.83 KB, 120x127, Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.01…)

sandra666219, who knows for a fact that 99/100 child abuse claims are fake, her friend told her and showed her all of the reports, ever

(I think Crazy Eyes #2864322 here misunderstood the stat of 99 of 100 claims lacking sufficient evidence; kids don't wear body cams 24/7 and telling on their parents means a beating)

No. 293742

I stopped with these two; I'm just facinated by the similarities in the persons who worship mags

No. 293746

Yes. Yuka was underage and her genitals were visible? That's CP. What it comes down to, is that if you take the legal definition and don't even interpret it too widely, this vile maggot is a child porn distributor, and a pedo.

>homeschooling her
>You will become useless trash like your dear mama, Weenoos. If it's the last thing I do!

Yes, that mensa (and satanist?) level of genius is working out really well for her. Maybe she has some sort of prion disease? You know, Mad Cow?

>bye bye spouse visa

Like she even knows enough Japanese or English to convince immigration officers of anything. The people working there have literally seen it ALL, they can spot a vindictive lunatic trying to give them extra work for no reason a mile away.

I love this milkbath! <3

No. 293747

yeah, michael gordon, Senior Talent Manager at Fullscreen. Looks like a 20-year-old douchebag from his IG. Just bought himself a bright orange BMW with all the ca$h he's raking in from people like Venus, hangs with the bros like Rice Gum. Doing fuck all for Venus– her online shop is shit– and I doubt he's helping her much with this vexxed debacle, if at all. idk, I get the feeling she's been left to deal with this shit all on her own, just twisting slowly in the wind.

No. 293750

Whoa where is this salt coming from?
I'm sure he's been helping her plenty behind the scenes.

No. 293751

She thinks spending $90 on a dress on a whim is WAY TOO MUCH, and yet she spent $85 on foundation, $61 for an eyeshadow quad, over $1,000 for an ugly tacky ass fuck handbag and $500 for the matching wallet on Venus' dime which in her mind is alriiiiiiiiight.

Fucking loon lmao

No. 293752

I remember that, it will never not be hilarious to me!

No. 293755


If what Mags is saying here is true, what it would seem to imply is that she found Venus and Manaki's (old?) apartment and was FUCKING WAITING OUTSIDE like the creepy stalker she is, and Venus had to call the cops to make her leave…? Not sure if my Maggot-to-English skills are working.

If this is the case, it was probably less of Venus not inviting her in because Mags is emotionally abusive as some anons have speculated, and more that Venus actually felt physically unsafe.

Shit, this is getting darker and darker…poor kid must feel like she's in a Junji Ito manga, god knows Mags is pretty much straight off the pages of one.

No. 293756

A while back, Margo posted a video on IG of her harassing Manaki after he got home from work, in their driveway. IIRC, V said she had rang the doorbell and wanted to come in, then waited outside until Mana got home.

No. 293758

lol it's like that saying that kids spend their parents' money like nothing, but when it's with their own, suddenly things are too expensive to waste money on. except it's the other way around

No. 293761

I don't think the guy's done much to help.
How about an official statement of some kind from fucking Fullscreen, refuting mange's repeated public accusations that Venus "STOLE THE CHANNEL"?

His client has been the target of cyberbullying on a massive scale for TWO FUCKING WEEKS now and the guy has done NOTHING publicly. Venus has apparently been left to piece together a response of some kind on her own, with no help or support that I can see.

Maybe I'm wrong but I've seen no evidence of support from Fullscreen and this shit has been going on for two fucking weeks now.

And the guy is doing NOTHING with the shop. Her merch has so much potential, and they're doing NOTHING with it. Fuck this guy and Fullscreen too.

No. 293765


I guess that was also the time bitch posted on insta an email screenshot explaining she wasn't screaming "okane kudasai" followed by a convoluted backpedaling saying she said "you don't do this to a mother" in japanese and german (riiiiiiiiiight?) kek

No. 293773

not me but… cackle.

No. 293774

So Margo admits the ambush of Manaki was the second stalking event. I wonder if she even showed herself out there. What a freak.

No. 293777

The woman who handled the finances for 6 years, seeing the actual youtube checks come in and put them into accounts, who should have all the bank receipts, depends on Socialblade to estimate a abdurdly high revenue… Is it possible she is not lying, but so crazy that she convinced herself it's true? $15,000 is such an insane number considering how those two lived.

I'd love it if all the girls that were harassed by Margaret befriended Venus, even on a superficial level. A couple have already expressed that they support Venus now, so imagine the steam that would spout from Margaret's ears if they all got together.

No. 293778

>okane kudasai

If someone could shoop maggot's potato face onto the uke of Okane ga nai that would make me so happy.

No. 293788

So morge's last video has 9K views, 8 days out.
Venus's has 69.7K in 18 hours.
Poor morge. #failedyoutuber

No. 293792

kek my first thought too

No. 293803


9k in 8 days, best one yet.

No. 293815

To be fair I wish mine were that high. Still for Mergles.

No. 293816

omg poor not for*

No. 293818

Also: On Venus' IG, her recent picture got 553 likes(and climbing) in less than 8 minutes. Margarine is lucky to get half that in a week.

There is no damn way she can compete.

No. 293819

Yeah, so many people have been doing this and I keep telling the majority of them to shut up, but they all respond with bs

No. 293823

File: 1470234765702.png (4.73 MB, 1560x1820, Sin título.png)

Ask and ye shall receive

No. 293828

you're doing god's work anon

No. 293832

That's the seme, anon! Still, good job. It's kind of amazing that even as a man, maggot would still be extremely unattractive.

No. 293833

That's beautiful, anon. The hottest she has ever looked!
Definitely needs to be used for the next thread.

(Possibly)OT but Manaki is in drag again on his IG. Venus's fans love it. I hope Mango sees.

No. 293836

he's just wearing a wig, i don't know if i'd call that 'in drag'

No. 293837

I'm not sure what to call it. I believe he has makeup too.

No. 293839

File: 1470238353332.gif (775.1 KB, 250x200, 1470238186963.gif)

Maybe she should break out that little green number again, that might get her some attention.

No. 293841

imo he's just being silly haha. On a previous pic he shooped a beard on him.

No. 293843


here is me thinking it was blue.

No. 293868

File: 1470253015411.jpg (49.14 KB, 312x324, questionable.jpg)

We all know the kinds of things Margo has been saying publicly but I am curious to see if Venus will share some of these emails in her video. I'm seriously doubting they were nice lol.

No. 293869

File: 1470253371817.png (52.12 KB, 317x302, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.4…)

More mags rant. She's back on "viral photo! 200 videos! all mine!"

No. 293870

File: 1470253429413.png (49.95 KB, 307x318, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.4…)

The return of azlabyrinth, to defend his goddessu with google translate

No. 293871

"I didn't take her things"

Yes, you did. You took them from storage, and you sold them. You stole them, and you sold them to fund your stalking. You don't have a leg to stand on here.

No. 293873

>when even your satanic powers can't help you getting your live ATM back

I guess either mama margit money is gone or found a place with free internet, that's why she's back to the rantings

No. 293874

File: 1470253709873.jpg (56.83 KB, 434x337, Margo - 'viral'.jpg)

And just as a reminder, this is the "viral" photo Mags is talking about…


No. 293875

File: 1470253748311.jpg (62.19 KB, 515x348, Margo - i took this photo.jpg)

… which she claims to have taken herself

No. 293876

Quick poll: on a scale from not at all to knife throwing, how pissed off was Margo when The Sun cropped the photo so that only the subject (Venus) was in it?

No. 293880


V's hair stresses me so much here. Maggot's DIY hair dye is just awful.

No. 293883

Venus has literally always looked disconnected in photos around this time. Like, she has to take the picture, but she's pretending she's elsewhere. I was digging through the old stuff seeing what screenshots I could dig up from the Yukapon thing and saw the disturbing pictures of Venus around that time wearing different stockings and the stilettos and she had this same look. There was one where she's lying on the ground in a shirt showing off her cleavage where she looks especially like she's not home. Poor girl, I'm glad she got out. Also, since I'm bringing up old stuff, does anyone remember the picture V put on her twitter of the car wreck (but no one was hurt!) and she was doing the peace sign thing 'to prove she was there'? What was that all about?

No. 293884

Disassociation is extremely common in abused children. Also, once Margo decided to butt into Venus's work, V stopped doing cute j-pop stuff and started having the "blank" look Margo thought was "doll-like" and great pedobait. Venus probably wore that look around Margo a lot in order to keep the peace - no reaction means the narc can project whatever they want.

Margo crows about how she created Venus's brand, but all she did is run it completely off course into total creep territory for a couple years. You can see Venus veering back onto her "cute" brand under her own power. Uber kawaii might not be everyone's cup of tea, but that's what Venus likes - and it couldn't be further from what Margo thought was popular.

No. 293885

Samefagging but it was also really jarring to see the old drama and how Margo was acting the same way to Xiao/Yuka/Beckii/anyone she was jealous of as she is to Venus now. Like, exactly the same; the overuse of 'bullying' to the point where the word has no meaning, sneaking around to get what she could to hack into their accounts, threats of strikes against channels. It's disturbing to re-look into it all with a different perspective.

No. 293891

they were left behind by venus knowingly, there was no theft there.

what margo is discounting (of course) though is all the money she got from venus over time, and even the money and things that venus left behind.

No. 293896

>>they were left behind by venus knowingly, there was no theft there.

When you leave something behind knowingly, it doesn't automatically go up for grabs. Like, if you leave a jacket at your friend's house, it doesn't belong to your friend now. Sorry to get pedantic, but what you said isn't true.

IF Venus told her mom to take whatever she wanted, then it's not theft. But we don't know that she did so, and Margo certainly would have said she had permission if that was the case. In stead, Margo got majorly defensive and said Venus "basically threw them[the clothing]" which means Margo interpreted Venus not specifically forbidding Mags to take her things as throwing the items away.

No. 293906


Sorry for the comparison but remember some animals play dead around predators to avoid being attacked?

well I guess it was something like that between Venus and the lizard woman

No. 293916

"mimiisnow" is back, rooting for Margo, and posting photos sneering at Venus's claims of abuse.

Guess whatever tiff she and Margo had is mended. For now.

No. 293919

My guess is that Venus just said "take whatever you want&leave me alone" but not because she didn't wanted those clothes anymore but more because she knew that she couldn't wear anything from her old wardrobe without Margo raging about how "she has stolen her stuff"

No. 293920

Also because that shit has bad memories attached. Poor kid.

No. 293921

Venus has never "claimed" physical abuse. That whole discussion is a red herring and a distraction from the very real and obvious EMOTIONAL ABUSE she has suffered, visibly and publicly for the past 6 months, on IG. And assuredly throughout her teen years, bc this shit did not appear out of nowhere in February.

Emotional manipulation and abuse is EVERY BIT as destructive as physical abuse, even more so for some. Continually bringing up this whole "omg, bruises! she WAS abused!" discussion you are distracting from and discrediting the very real ABUSE this girl has suffered at the hands of her narcmomfromhell. And opening the subject up for ridicule and doubt by fuckwads like @margaretpalermo and her stans.

No. 293922

>>Venus has never "claimed" physical abuse

She did, in her "How I Ran Away" video. She said she had no idea that you weren't supposed to hit children, because of how she was raised, and that Margo once threw a knife at her.

No. 293923

Yeah, this is NOT a kid who is enjoying herself in these pics. She looks miserable. And lost.
She was basically a trained animal act that margo paraded around, right from the start. Utterly disgraceful and disgusting.

No. 293924

Okay, I'll concede that. My point is that whatever physical abuse she suffered paled in comparison to the emotional and psychological manipulation and abuse. The damage an extreme narc like maggot can do to a kid is incredible. And by focusing on "oh look! bruises! PROOF!" bullshit you're just feeding into people like maggot who say "Abuse! THIS is what ABUSE looks like!" with pics of battered children.

No. 293925

Abuse is not measurable in bruises.
Abuse does not = bruises.
Psychological and emotional abuse leaves no physical marks but is EVERY BIT as harmful, even devastating for some.

No. 293926

OK, thanks Oprah. That's not the topic here, and no one has disagreed with you.

No. 293927

Well yeah, it kind of is.
But w/e..

No. 293928

Hmmmm, mimii.. seems more invested in hating on lolcow than caping for maggot at this point.
So what's up with that, mimsy? Why so salty? Who did you wrong at lolcow? And why not just come here & air your grievances instead of posting on your IG? You obviously read here.

No. 293930

Something like that did happen (aside from the mac book, swarovski etc).
Venus posted a cute pic of herself not long after she moved to japan in a skirt. Margs bitterly commented on it saying it was her skirt.

Meanwhile, those swiss bux must have came in because Mags has brand new sushi pics up.

No. 293931

Well of course she does.
Venus posted a food pic captioned 'sushi' so mommy must post one too! A BETTER one (in her lizard brain anyway.)

Is she even aware that she's doing this, like CONSTANTLY swf'ing her daughter like a fucking psycho freak??

No. 293933

oh look, the "FRIEND" is back. that mysterious invisible "FRIEND."

No. 293936

Silly anon, of course it's better to talk shit on your IG where you can delete/block all those rude comments, duhh!

No. 293938

Based on all of her past "friends", this is someone who lives her in 6 person dorm room who she's conned into taking her out to dinner. Within 72 hours, this "friend" will have moved out and will never speak to Mags again. Because it's what always happens.

No. 293962

More probable: there's NO ONE else there. magggs took herself "out to dinner," like her last "dinner date." In London.

No. 293963

Quite possibly. If Mags wasn't so old and haggard, I'd also suggest that it's a dohan. But I cannot imagine someone Margo's age and with her unfortunate looks getting hired as a hostess.

No. 293971

She might have caught up with her old "friend", the spanish sushi chef.

No. 293972

lol well I called her "eurofag" and her appearance here as "Sakura" to call the internet police on us was ridiculous. she can't get over the butthurt and embarrassment I guess.

No. 293973

you realise venus and manaki had months to go through that tokyo storage and decide what they wanted, right? what they left for margo, they did not want - clearly.

of all the actual, real things to talk about, talking about margo "stealing" venus' clothes and toys from the storage is just exaggeration and a bit hysterical.

No. 293974

Margo has gifted us with her version of the kids makeup challenge.

No. 293975

ah yes a desperate grab for attention by trendhopping

No. 293977

The sound is SO BAD. Her engrish is SO BAD. Her continuous ASMR attempt is SO BAD - it's like nails on a goddamn chalkboard.

And, once again - Venus did a kids ring kit, recently. And how many other people have done the kids makeup specifically? Margo couldn't come up with an original concept if her life depended on it.

Also, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane has never been closer to real life than it was here.

No. 293978

File: 1470292441527.jpg (30.93 KB, 597x172, 100layers.jpg)

And there's a promise of more to come!

No. 293979

File: 1470292518754.png (587.96 KB, 846x434, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.3…)

Whatever Happened to Baby Margit?

No. 293980

File: 1470292656533.png (589.38 KB, 847x429, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.3…)

sO RaNdUmB ~kawaii~

No. 293981

File: 1470292821406.png (472.33 KB, 995x547, seperated at birth.png)

Baby Jane still has the better nose though.

No. 293982

Lmfao. This kind of video makes Dick Nose look even more insane. An old lady playing around with kids makeup to do a trend that the teenagers and 20-somethings are doing. This would be fine if she actually looked young but she looks 20 years older than her age. This is just plain sad.

No. 293984

File: 1470293240526.png (1.25 MB, 1273x689, Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 07.3…)

Margo sucking up the life essence of those younger than her

No. 293985

File: 1470293511518.png (611.22 KB, 847x428, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.3…)

Margo possibly regretting the choices that have brought her so low… nah, is venoos's fault. Obviously, Venoos forced her to do this insane routine that makes her look old and desperate, or else Margo will be thrown and die.

No. 293986


Seriously. This poor wasted slagheap wants to be a BIG YOUTUBER soo badly. Show the world that SHE was the creative genius and driving force behind Venus Angelic! But she has NO creativity, NO ideas, ZERO skills and NO APPEAL. And she's 100% delusional to top it all off.

Screencaps and reviews please, bc I honestly can't even bring myself to watch. She's trying to be funny & lighthearted & endearing again, isn't she? Is she really doing that fucking ASMR thing again? Like her speech isn't already creepy enough??

No. 293988


No. 293989

>my name is mummuleth puhlairmoo and I'll show you how to ruin your life

No. 293990

It sounds more like she's whispering because she doesn't want to wake people up and avoid the embarrassment of being seen putting on kids makeup. I would bet she was doing it at like 3am or something.

No. 293991

there was one mega popular youtuber who did the kids makeup challenge very recently. she was even featured on the daily mail.

No. 293992

oh, god
Venus has been playing around with makeup a lot lately on IG. Many commenters asking for makeup tutorials.
And so … this.

No. 293993

This is the face that Venus ran away from. I can only imagine how much worse it looked when she was screaming and spitting in rage.

No. 293994

File: 1470294404540.png (628.69 KB, 846x431, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.3…)

I know the… "challenge" (cringe) involves looking terrible and mugging. But it only looks cute / appealing / fun when the person doing it doesn't look like they should be singing "I've Written a Letter to Daddy"

No. 293995

And you'll see in the screenshots - Margo wears rings on every finger. A good abusive mom knows how to make every hit count.

No. 293997

The one by Grav3ardgirl? 4M views in 1 week?

EVERYONE is doing these right now. All the young hip popular Youtubers. Which poor deluded maggs wants DESPERATELY to be one of.

No. 293998

Margo uses Grav3ardgirl as a tag on her videos (along with pewdipie, jennamarbles, and of course VENOOS)

She is so, so desperate to be BEEEG YOOTOOBEAR.

No. 293999

I haven't even watched the thing and I'm cringing SO HARD right now

No. 294000

Her skin is breaking out and her fingernails and cuticles are ragged. She looks gruesome asF.

No. 294001


So this is what a Dementor looks like under its cloak…

No. 294002

All along her hairline, you can see she's got waxy, flaky, bumpy skin buildup all round the edges of her face to her hairline. We know she's never been fastidious about bathing (LEG HAIR WASHCLOTH ON FACE), but sharing 1 shower with 59 people has brought her to a new low in cleanliness.

No. 294004

File: 1470296429258.png (264.41 KB, 783x468, 118ec9f1-0fe0-441a-8ba6-df25d8…)

just for you, anon.

No. 294005

Isn't it against Youtube policy to use misleading and unrelated tags? The Venus tag alone should be reason enough to pull her videos down, right?

No. 294006

Thank you, honey. I didn't feel like sleeping tonight anyway.

Omfg… There's wrinkles on wrinkles.

No. 294007

Why yes, yes it is against their policy of misleading tags.

No. 294009

GOD DON'T FUCKING REPORT HER TO YT. This channel is gold, dammit. Don't anyone even think about taking it down.

No. 294010

File: 1470297018165.jpg (55.77 KB, 604x340, dolls.jpg)

Margo seems is somehow gaining more traction than usual with this one.
Lots of people who think she's a fun older lady that gives no fucks rather than an obsessive stalker. Partially you wish that V had Keemtard-style stans to spam responses all of the praise on Margo's video, except then that would just be VENOOS BOOLY ME ammo

Not to be a dick, but given that this is Venus' "Dolly" period, could she maybe not be just imitating a doll like look?

No. 294011

Hey I'm not sleeping NOBODY ELSE is either.
And I still haven't even watched the GD thing. That's how traumatized I am.

No. 294012

File: 1470297127308.jpg (16.05 KB, 255x169, 1441299990734.jpg)

I agree, I want to watch her descent into insanity.

No. 294013

Yeah, that would be one coin-operated shower with intermittent hot water for 60 people, to be specific. KEKKK

from a review:
Only one shower (which required 100 yen for 10min, and inconsitent hot water)

No. 294014

>>Margo seems is somehow gaining more traction than usual with this one.

Lol, she deleted a bunch of comments, I should have taken screenshots earlier. Like her instagram, she will purge and block anyone who isn't asskissing. Unlike her insta, she won't delete the video once the negative comments overwhelm the page - but no, she's got gaining anything.

No. 294016

Marg has a 1000$ camera why the fuck is she using her phone

No. 294017

$5k camera, actually. Unless she hocked the one Venus left for her.

No. 294018

these challenges are garbage. but hey, margo's poor af and begging for free lodgings on craigslist, so.

No. 294020

>gaining more traction than usual with this one
bit early to be making that assessment, don't you think?

>you wish that V had Keemtard-style stans to spam responses all of the praise

um, no actually I don't. What I wish is for her to be ignored and relegated to the dustbin of YT where she belongs. Bc that is what she'd haate so much more.

And "all the praise"? where? LOL
You seem to be massively overoptimistic here.

No. 294021

Review of that hostel: "The common room wasnt very good and was adjourned to other "private" rooms which were just shielded off so you could not make any noise at night time." Just like the managkissa leg hair vid with that guy snoring.

No. 294023

azloser, that you? kek

No. 294025

Don't worry. I won't. Now that I k