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File: 1468274632126.png (297.41 KB, 544x398, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.58…)

No. 288576

Margo is holed up in various cheap motels and AirBnBs in London - leaving horrid messes and furious roommates behind according to her latest review. Margo's been staying near Whitechapel, going to the Eye with her SwissBux, and claims to be engaged and invited to London by her imaginary fiance (she get so mad when you bring this up).

Venus got her YT channel back, and is uploading her backstock of videos 3x / week. She looks happy and healthy after a serious health scare and hospitalization; she and Mana are living the dream.

One of Margo' latest suckers just visited at the end of the last thread; our 'blog' is CYBERBULLYING, you guiz.

Where will Margo move to next? What happens when her SwissBux run out at the end of this summer 9Margo would have to prove Venus's school enrollment and residence with her to continue the funds)? How insane will her next video be? Find out!

No. 288578

Last thread

Early drama of Venus leaving Margo:

* WE DON'T CARE IF VENUS EVER CHEATED (river kappa is a known liar)
*VENUS DID NOT HAVE ANY FUCKING SURGERY (again - river kappa is a known liar)

Know the Youtube rules:
*Receiving a copyright strike will put your account in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube features. If you receive three copyright strikes:
- Your account will be terminated.
- All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed.
- You won't be able to create new accounts.*

No. 288581

I'm so happy for Venus. Now that her channel is back, and she's away from her deranged mother, I'm just really glad that Margo can now drown in the shitstorms that she caused by herself (Or the shitstorm she will cause, because she's like a roach that won't go away)

No. 288586

Oooooh my god, great choice for a thread pic, OP. That video shows how haggard she is inside out, that iguana looking loon.

No. 288588

I'd like to ask margo what exactly Venus is supposed to have stolen from her and if going by thst logic she'd stop if she get whatever that was back hypothetically, but then again I don't really want to have any contact with crazy…

No. 288590

She changes what Venus "stole" so often that I'm sure maggot doesn't even know.
What you should ask is what happened to her precious crystals

No. 288593

I was under the impression that she has always meant she "stole" her income and channel. Mengele seems to think it's her channel and money and Venus took off with it.

No. 288594

And the macbook that Venus paid for, but Margo registered in her name!

No. 288597

The thing that baffles me the most about Merg supporters (and there is a lot to leave one baffled), is the infantilizing of Venus re: her "running away". She is 19 fucking years old, and MARRIED. She's not 9 years old. She is a grown ass adult who was sharing a bed with her lizard mother, who in the fuck would want to stick around in that kind of dysfunction? What kind of life do they lead that they think that's acceptable?

No. 288608

Patiently waiting for the cyberbullying lawsuit :)

No. 288609

Sharing a bed at 19 with her lizard mother who bangs her BF at the house and pours booze down your throat in an attempt to force you to bang his friend. While you're married and not allowed to live with your husband, so you can be beaten by and clean for your mom like Cinderella. Oh, and to top it all off: your mom takes your whole paychecks. Sounds like a solid situation for a married adult woman to stay in, guys.

No. 288610

She also went on and on about Venus stealing her things at the airport like the swarovski. Then without explanation a bunch of stuff went up for sale on the website including that swarovski stuff.

No. 288613

Dang sorry I missed our visitor. Guys, I feel like this was mimiimori because of the typical Eurofag english mistakes and slightly snotty tone she has. There's three main ones left: chu (young and Asian); mimi (French, female, adult age); azlabyrinth (sad case, adult male from US).

mimii's selfie has gone from her IG now but she still has the French-language cherry bag pic on there. Hopefully Margo turns up on her doorstep soon!!

No. 288614

File: 1468284623984.png (86.64 KB, 602x428, Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 4.26…)

I don't think I saved her selfie but here's a corker from back when her and Hamburg Jassy were in cahoots.

No. 288621

One by one they all fall. They've been turning for a while and you will too. Margaret is insane and she doesn't care if you supported her once, she will turn on you as soon as you do or say anything that slightly discomforts her.

No. 288625

File: 1468294824556.png (16.88 KB, 302x68, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 8.33…)

Using Margo's own public statements to form an opinion of her is biased, guize. You need the context of her daughter explaining that she was abused to truly understand Margo as a good person.

What's that effect where when faced with truth, people burrow further into delusion? Not dunning-kruger, but the specific denial seen in studies of anti-vaxxers - where showing them facts or images of children suffering from preventable diseases actually makes the denier double down on the erroneous belief? Margo's crew seems to be in that same boat.

No. 288627


No. 288629

Cognitive dissonance?

No. 288631

Just looked it up - I think it's a combo of "biased assimilation" and cognitive dissonance.

No. 288633

What if Venus got drunk (I imagine she doesn't drink much/at all given her attitude and Marg's proficiency to hog everything for herself) and then just fell asleep/passed out, and this guy shoved himself against her? It's happened to me before.

Also, Venus is used to a second body in bed with her, so how would her booze-addled brain manage to comprehend that it wasn't Margoat?

No. 288634

We've discussed it before - it's likely Margo in the photo because the "proof" photo Margo provided of Venus wearing the "same" PJs turned out not to be the same at all, they're just both pink with a design on them. And Margo joked about being the person in the photo with an anon, which is probably as close to an admission as we'll get.

IF the person pictured is Venus, your scenerio would be it, I think. Margo seems to have been playing matchmaker - hoping to have Manaki break up with Venus - and told the dude Venus was way into him, go for it (way to condone date rape of your kid, Mags). Even in the "proof" texts Margo published between Venus and some guy, the guy seems really surprised about Venus being committed to her husband and only wanting friendship - it's pretty clear someone told him otherwise (Margo).

No. 288635

I know that, I'm just not sure what sort of man would be down to manipulate a little girl into feeling nothing but guilt, unless he seriously thought that 'proof' would get her to leave Mana… Men are strange, but that's a way of thinking that seems even more strange from a guy that appeared to be perfectly civil when Venus said she was married.

It was just a scenario that I hadn't seen put forward before.

No. 288639

It's weird how Margo often goes silent for days when there are plenty of places that offer free wifi including most hotels/Airbnbs, coffee shops and, while in London, a lot of pubs. I wonder why she's not getting tanked up and ranting?

No. 288642

File: 1468311366359.jpeg (156.17 KB, 750x1053, margo000.jpeg)

no, what you need is a nude airport selfie and when you have that you will see how biased it all is. right az?

No. 288643

she might be scheming

No. 288653

Yeah…in the past when she goes quiet it's time to be suspect because she's plotting something.

No. 288655

that's normally true and still very possible but this time I think her pride is getting to her as well. she can't bear for us to see her, except when she had a hotel room. she probably can't really spend money going on the tube even.

No. 288660

Oh, shit. Venus announced she is going to upload a video everyday. How will this affect Margaret's dastardly plans?

No. 288661

that seems waaay too often.

No. 288662

Well she does have a huge backlog, so her workload will be much less. She'll probably do it every day until the backlog runs out, then go back to 3x a week.

No. 288663

Like >>288662 said, she pre-recorded a lot of videos while her channel was down. Plus, I'm sure she also has a lot of random extras she spontaneously records while doing regular errands/commuting, or going out with Manaki.

No. 288664

Maybe Margo will go back to her once (or twice) daily chimpouts.

No. 288665

That coupled with the fact that she probably need to start making money fast after being dried up while her account was down.

No. 288666

Her 'quiet' periods are part of her cycle of crazy moodswings. She goes from raging to quiet to semi-euphoric delusional a la Panus Angelicus vid/I'm so hilarious guyz! to hyperactive crazy/manic like jumping on a train on a cross-Japan journey "to find Manaki's parents" then back to quiet. Quiet periods are partly depressive episodes I think, plus running out of $$. She's ALWAYS scheming.

No. 288667


No. 288668

File: 1468328361742.png (221.36 KB, 446x431, 657c7590-f9a4-4dc5-b29c-9c7eac…)

Good choice for OP pic, OP anon! Last few have been way too flattering/filtered. More accurate ones are better. Like attached:

No. 288669

new video as promised

No. 288670

Crazed morge supporters have been going rogue lately. Chu_face visited grandpa ferenc's IG a couple days ago to leave a rant and chat awhile, showing she is every bit as loony as morge.

No. 288671

O M G is the hairdo a coincidence, Venus? LOL
These 2 pics side by side is priceless!!

No. 288672

Oo she looks so cute & sassy. Venus got her groove back!
Are those false eyelashes I see??

No. 288673

File: 1468330623997.png (341.41 KB, 640x620, be6a3ae0-7068-429c-9bda-f21f23…)

azlabyrinth and wifey.
(from wifey's IG)

No. 288674

Is there a screen of this? On which picture?

No. 288676

Crazy eyes confirmed. Something is definitely off. Looks like a potential abuser himself.

No. 288678

I feel bad for her because she really looks like Margo in a sense. :( She's gonna hate looking into a mirror eventually

No. 288680

Does this lady even know about her husband's Instagram Staning or that he joined a forum of young girls(PULL) to incessantly argue and mock those defending a mentally abused girl?

No. 288681

I don't think Venus will ever look completely like midge. There's a kind of bitterness in the lines on midge's face that only come from a hard life full of spite and madness, bad decisions, and cigarettes.

No. 288683

Is he unaware that maggot hates fatties?

No. 288684

Ha-ha! What a greasy situation. Fatman has a crush on a fathater. #foreverfriendzone

No. 288685


that's the only thing morge keeps on schedule

No. 288686

Nah, Venus will always look better because she doesn't have penisnose, and she actually smiles. Unlike Margo.

No. 288687

Venus has a smaller nose, smaller mouth, and rounder face. All of these things are more pleasant features than Margo has. The nose in particular.

No. 288688

Venus' rounder face will also help with aging. She likely won't have saggy jowls like Merg.

No. 288689

File: 1468335731489.png (616.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-12-11-00-37…)

Marge has been liking this girl's pics…flora_angelic.. another recruit?

No. 288691

I don't think so, and even if V looked like margo when hit the 40's I'm pretty sure she will not have the dead eyes and bitter bitch gesture of her mother

No. 288693

she's a complete Venus clone, not so much by appearance but by everything else. I see Margo still vicariously lives off of Venus if she still stalks her wannabes. I have a feeling she's only liking her stuff to get the girl to think "omg Venus' mom noticed me!".

No. 288696

Maybe, but she doesn't seem to be using any attention grabbing hash tags or anything else to get kappas attention.

No. 288697

File: 1468338630599.png (525.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-12-11-49-25…)

Where in the world is Margo Palermo?

No. 288698


No. 288699

File: 1468339096749.jpg (88.69 KB, 933x575, 209.JPG)

That poor kid was in Hungary four weeks ago if that is any indication

No. 288700

As an aside, this picture is a few years old, right? How long has she had those horrid eyebags?

No. 288701

File: 1468339950791.jpg (690.77 KB, 1280x1901, Brienne of Croft & Poison Gran…)

forgot pic

No. 288702

That woman's a fucking Titan.

No. 288703

Is Margo going to Hungary to stay with family?

No. 288704

File: 1468340630824.png (573.71 KB, 633x808, 2016-07-12 18.22.16.png)

No. 288706

Could you imagine?
"Father, I need money to help Venoos"
"No you want to sue her, we've been watching you"
"No she is BOOLLY Swarovski MacBook pedophile"
And off she goes on another plane to someone else (how does she afford this, forreal?)

No. 288707

you know it was physical too right

honey, most of margarine's facial features are created by narcissism and hate spouting

I want to doubt it but grandpa ferenc has said he'd accept her back, don't think any of her other relatives would stand for it though and it'd be done the moment she sperged out about religion

No. 288708

That's only in her thirties, right? Tragic. No wonder she's angry all the time.

No. 288710

azlabyrinth is on PULL? Really?

No. 288711

No wonder they're getting rid of the site. Gotta burn him before he breeds.

No. 288712

That face…
>>Help! She's bullying me with her boobs!

No. 288713

This Ivan kid is a competitive ballroom dancer. He's from Croatia but joined the Slovakian team in 2013. He was in a competition in Japan over the weekend (7/8-7/10.)

My guess is he's on his way home (this looks like it was taken on a plane) and the poor kid had the bad luck to get a seat next to the morge rat.

My guess: she struck out in London & is on her way back to Hungary (out of $$ & out of options → back home to daddy.)

No. 288717

..Are there ANY chances that she's in Japan right now?

No. 288720

I thought about that too but I reallyy doubt it…
- She'd be posting Japan pics if she was there.
- The competition ended 7/10, so the kid would be returning home probably yesterday.
- The pic looks like a selfie from a plane.

No. 288721


/cow/ thinks she's banned from entering Japan

No. 288722

File: 1468344138095.png (778.21 KB, 638x779, 9ef37296-c5bb-4374-8555-c454f9…)

It's on this post
chu_face is damn near as deranged as mange


No. 288724


Whoa. If she comes to Croatia, I will stalk the shit out of her.

No. 288728

I'm pretty sure she is too.

No. 288730

Could be she tried to get back in again, got told to GTFO and ended up on the plan ride back to Hungary with Ivan

No. 288732

i dont think shes done a video like this before

No. 288733

This is really not good

No. 288734

those deep lines around her cheeks make her look like margo…

No. 288736


i think that's supposed to be peanut

No. 288737

Yes that can happen. Shes been there too many times taking advantage of the 90 days shit.

No. 288738

Since she's posting a video every day for now, I guess we're going to be seeing tons of this low(er) quality stuff.

I'm torn between wanting her to do cute housewife cooking videos etc or just accepting that this horrible weeb shit is a good earner for her.

No. 288739

this was awful, you can script a reaction video and have it be good. poor venus

No. 288740

I meant can't

No. 288741

One hashtag says "Moscow" - maybe going to Russia to find a rich mean? Oh no, I forgot - she is "engaged"

No. 288744

I know she's excited to have her channel back but she should slow her release schedule down. Three times a week, posting backlog videos while still making new videos. That way shde won't burn through her old videos and still be have a comfortable time frame when making and editing new videos.

No. 288745

Oh god please no
no no no no no no no fuck no we don't want her ugly ass here

No. 288746

I think maybe the dancer is from Moscow?

Surely some old rich Russian dude would prefer a late teens Ukrainian girl to Maggot's haggard ass.

No. 288747

This is awful. I want to see her drop the fucking fakeness and connect with her audience between scripted more heavily edited videos - not this shit.

No. 288751

She's got some real Margo face in this one. Sorry, Venoos.

No. 288753

Good luck with that then, there's no shortage of beautiful women there no one would look at margo twice haha

No. 288754

that was a long ago. He posted a few weeks ago a pic of a nest with 3 eggs and captioned it as one egg (margo) rolled away and he only have 3 children now iirc

No. 288755

this is some meta cringy shit

No. 288756

Anyone noted that in the pigtail video Venus' voice is normal and not that high pitched cute?

No. 288759

That "egg rolling away" post was not him disowning margo, it was meant to be sad that one of his kids "rolled away" from the family and rejected them. Zsuzsa wrote this >>288758 to correct anyone who misunderstood that.

No. 288760

Ivan the dancer kid is from Croatia and is on the Slovenian team for competitions. #Moscow might be the flight's destination, i.e. a layover? Who TF knows with this loony bitch..

No. 288764


She's away from her mother anon, she's trying to be normal. Still weird though.


Give it a years time and she'll be on Kawaii international as a presenter. Careful Venus - Misha will hate your guts.

No. 288765

I know she probably just found it on google or something, but seeing Misha from Katawa Shoujo in the video gave me a good laugh.

No. 288767

"deep lines"? "Margo face"? "fakeness"?
I didn't see any of that..
idk, my reactions were pretty much the same as hers - 'huh? what? what WAS that??'

I disagree. Can't get too much Venus, lol
Also, 16k views already in the 4 hours it's been out.

Margo going to Russia to find a rich man? LOL
Young Russian girls go online to find rich husbands overseas bc there are none in Russia. No one goes to Russia to find rich men.

No. 288769

I want to defend Venus but this video is bad. "What was the joke? I don't get it at all lol" to ever sexual joke is dumb. It wasn't funny, that's fair, but she really didn't understand the joke? No need to be fake. You're an adult.
It just came off as really fake after a good stream on videos.
But they can't all be good, right?

No. 288771

I mean some of the jokes where dumb or not obvious though. I mean some of them are based off of other internet memes and I have to wonder if Venus actually enjoys that kind of stuff.

No. 288775


this is fucking retarded.

No. 288776


why even post a shitty video like that if you didn't get any of those references?
jfc she's fucking annoying in this one

No. 288779

yes we get it, PULL is closing. quit with the fake fake fake shit. this is a thread to discuss margo's abusive fuckery. assimilate or gtfo.

No. 288781

I don't think that she'll ever truly look like Margo, but the laughter lines are setting in harsh in the one photo she uploaded to IG

No. 288782


thank you for the clarification anons

No. 288783

File: 1468372941459.png (17.3 KB, 434x80, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.2…)

from the #moscow pic. I wonder what his news was… margo's deleted his comment?

No. 288786

I hope it wasn't a pregnancy announcement!

No. 288787

No. 288788

sure it wasn't an I stopped being a greasy repulsive stan! announcement

No. 288789

She didn't delete the comment, did you even read them? No news, he azloser guy said he used to compete in ballroom dancing too(lol)

No. 288791

He's still a fat trailer-dwelling greasy stan.

No. 288792

Ayye I have already uploaded a video regarding the whole Margo+Venus drama. I actually coincidentally got a copyright strike a month after I uploaded this so Rip xD (Prepare for some dank memes ;) Get your lube ready) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jAN7aWvu7k(b& underage)

No. 288793

No, I didn't check her page! I was honestly afraid of the toxic aura there.

Haha. Like that creepy fatass participated in anything more athletic than jerk-off marathons to MILF porn.

No. 288794

This clusterfuck of bad art and incoherency was already posted a few threads back.

No. 288795

no one asked

No. 288796

I actually enjoyed your video when it was first uploaded, but bb. Don't throw yourself the wolves! You know the drill!

No. 288797

Went to expedia to experiment with flights out of London. London->Seoul via Aeroflot has a layover in Sheremetyevo. I didn't see any to Japan with layover in Russia but I didn't experiment that much.

No. 288798

sorry anon! I am stressed about a background task and didn't look properly I guess.

No. 288800

Too soon for her to risk Japan again, I would guess. Seoul is very likely though, good sleuthing. She must get a trickle of money from YT but really? Seoul? It's got to be cheaper than London.

Ha! Maybe she'll marry some old Korean dude.

No. 288801

^I guess it's got to be cheaper than London. … I meant.

No. 288802

File: 1468378677822.png (78.89 KB, 606x376, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.5…)

jesus, these children.

No. 288803

Maybe to just be physically near Venus? She's creepy like that. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to get to into Japan via some illegal means. She's claimed to have "friends" in Seoul in the past, or at least a bf. Seoul is definitely not cheap, though.

No. 288805

Seoul isn't all that expensive though. If she can live very frugally she can get by on ~$800 a month, which is a fair bit cheaper than Japan, London, Vancouver, etc. As you pointed out, though, I think it is probably to be close to Venus, while still saving some money. It could also possibly be a visa thing.

No. 288806

Note the time on this - Nutballs is up commenting on IG at 3:40am EU time.

No. 288807

that's a lot cheaper than trying to live decently in London.

No. 288809

This kid could be going to Russia (despite the other hashtags) because there is an international ball room dance competition there on the 16th-17th according to this site: http://idsa.com.ua/events2016.html

There's also one in China and Indonesia, though. China could be on the way to Korea.

The kid is Croatian, right? Hmm.

No. 288810

Not that Margo is staying in Russia. Point is that Russia/China are all on the way to Korea (for some airlines that don't fly direct…)

No. 288811

Hmmm, could be Seoul, could be Hungary, who knows with this loon. I think Seoul is more likely than Hungary though, bc 1) she's paranoid asF and thinks ferenc is having her followed & is out to get her 2) Hungary is nowhere near cool enough for mange 3) it would hurt her pride too much and 4) she hates her religious cult family.

Whereas, Seoul and white puppy is "life goals. yeah," remember? She's striking out in Europe…bombed in hamburg(lol) then ran to London which didn't seem to go too well either (cheap bnb/pizza boxes) so Europe's been a bust. Hamburg jassy said she talked about missing Seoul & how much she disliked Europe all the time when she was there. I think she has happy memories of Blessing House in Seoul and since Japan is out & SK is cheaper anyway, why not Seoul? Poor fool could have just stayed there & saved herself a lot of travel $$.

There's still that lil visa issue tho. Oh well, we'll worry about that later. Right, marge?

No. 288819

File: 1468398247552.jpeg (160.43 KB, 1310x456, image.jpeg)

This vexxed guy…

No. 288820

I tend to agree with vex though, no one knows the reality of the situation and in the end, it is Venus that has left someone who raised her without income

No. 288821

Please leave and never come back

No. 288822

come on no matter how much of a bitch she is she's given venus the life she has now

No. 288823

newfag plz go and stay go

No. 288824

nt newfag srry

No. 288826

I can't believe this guy is defending margo in the comments. I guess we'll have a new venus hate brigade to look forward to with this new video he plans on making

No. 288828

Margo was supposed to be the adult here, grown ups get jobs. It's her responsibility to provide for herself, not her kid.

No. 288829

Except there are laws in countries about child performers parents being required to put money away for them to have at 18. Margo didn't do that just spent it on shitty jeweled bags and plane rides to dodge taxes. She has no right to any more of the money coming out of that channel as she already took far too much. Gtfo disgusting abuse supporter, sorry you can't hide on PULL anymore.

No. 288830

I tend to agree with everyone here though, no one knows the reality of how deeply damaged you are, and in the end, it is you who are retarded enough to side with an abusive cuntwaffle.

No. 288831

GTFOH with this tired shit, troll.

No. 288832

This guy's a nobody, a wannabe Big Youtuber. No1curr. Venus won't be fazed. It'll be a minor, temporary annoyance. Like a fly that keeps buzzing around until you SWAT it.

No. 288833

just because you lurk compulsively doesn't mean you're one of us.

No. 288834

jesus he was the one doing 'research', right?

No. 288835

holy fuck are you deluded. does your partner (wife?) know you post here?

No. 288836

Margo got "paid", fuckwad. Food was on the table, airbnbs, plane tickets, clothes, with her child, a minor for most of it, providing. Do you realise if it ever went to court (and we all know that will never come) how those numbers are going stack up? Margo extracted every cent she could already.

Look at your choices, look who you write to every day and wait for some inkling of response. Someone who abused and exploited a child. For shame.

No. 288839

Yes, and he's concluded that Venus' channel was "rightfully" terminated. Fucking scumbag.

He's getting huge, he made a video about keemstar swatting his friend and it's blown up. He's doubled in subscribers in the last week alone. This is not good for venus and we need to shut him down before this gets out of hand.

No. 288840


Jesus Christ, this wasn't a business arrangement Venus signed up for, MorgueRot is her MOTHER. A mother who refused to let Venus have contact with her father. As such, Morgue was legally obligated to financially support her child. It's called being a PARENT, you plumb. Parents are obligated to support their minor children – minor children are not obligated to share in the cost. What part of that do you not understand?

Now please fuck off, your stupidity is cancer.

No. 288842

God I hate all those expose youtube drama loosers who ride the keemstar hate bandwagon. fuck this nobody and his false "huurrr I'm unbiased, just reporting the facts" scheme. What an asshole.

No. 288843

>getting HUGE
lol no

>need to shut him down!

Orly? Is ~someone~ trying to pump up attention/comments?
"We" can't "shut him (or any other asshole youtuber) down," as you well know.

No. 288844

He grew 20,000 subs in a week. That is definitely blowing up, he's getting a lot of attention.

Are you implying I'm him/a shill? For fucking serious? I'm saying this because it's potentially bad news for venus, I don't give a fuck about some shithead's youtube fame.
When I say "shut him down", I don't literally mean his youtube account, more his delusions about margaret (although so many people have commented about the situation and he's just ignoring everyone).

No. 288845

a cat can give birth, rats can give birth, having a fucking baby isn't hard

No. 288846

If Vexxed makes a video supporting Margo after he "meets with her" I will definitely go out of my way to make sure people know that he is biased and has not spoken to Venus. I don't have a huge youtube but this is annoying and I'm tired of people using this drama as a way to get views, I despise yt channels like his in general, he's not doing anything profound or useful, just spreading around his own misinformation and ignorance.

No. 288847

I already commented a few times and tweeted him. Also tried to reach his DM in hopes he would at least take a look at a few screenshots but nothing. Hes just not replying to any of the people telling him not to do this or at least do some reaserch.

No. 288848

Same. He replied to me a few times but completely ignored some points I made when I specifically asked him to answer them because he knew he couldn't. He's not interested in the truth.

No. 288849

Seriously what the heck… I just hope no one else pick up on this drama based on this autist's version of things. It is really KEEMSTAR all over again.

Maybe this is why Margot is so quiet.This is what she has been cooking all along.

No. 288850

People have been telling the little fuck all this for DAYS. Kid doesn't give a shit. All he sees is VIEW$. Thinks he's gonna hit the big-time.

He doesn't like being called a pussy though. Having his manhood challenged. That riles him up enough to get ann answer out of him sometimes- but if you challenge him he runs back down his bunnyhole.

No. 288851

Best we can do is mass report the video when it comes out tbh

No. 288852


There are no fucking way Margo have scripted and edited any of Venus' videos. The quality of the videos Margo uploads to her channel is proof enough.

No. 288853

but anon, when evil vinoos stole the macbook and $10000 swarovsky crystals she also stole margo's talent

No. 288855

This just means more views and more money for Venus. Yeah, it sucks in the short-term but she can just turn off comments for a while. If Venus wants to set things straight, she had plenty of screenshots and evidence of emails etc from her mom. She can take care of herself.

No. 288856

pls. vexxed has a weak bloated body like some abuella.

No. 288858

File: 1468413161013.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Where is she allowed to fucking paint????

No. 288859

hello kitty shit in the bg again. she has hung up a bedspread it looks like.

No. 288860

And telling us she has smudged out two paintings while looking tired af and that throat-clearing and croaky voice. Top notch Margo, you look very stable.

No. 288861

File: 1468414385707.jpg (87.77 KB, 1400x782, margo55.jpg)

No. 288862

is she drunk or

No. 288863

Does she realize she doesn't have a brand other than "batshit insane"?

No. 288864

jetlagged af I reckon.

No. 288865

At first it sounded as if she was rasping swiss german instead of English. Why can't she get a job like a grown-up?

No. 288866

This is 19 minutes of poorly disguised YT filler made by someone who displays poor judgement. I normally can watch them through but I skimmed and it stays just as terrible all the way through.

No. 288867

how can you even post a video like that i mean it really looks like she's either about to vomit or fall asleep, this is sad and confusing at the same time

No. 288869

File: 1468415049085.png (3.13 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-07-13-22-03-35…)


No. 288870

she must need money badly.

also must. keep. up. with. venus.

No. 288874

to me it's like she's mocking people who do creative or artistic things - like when she sings in a way that mocks her sister.

No. 288876

You were wrong for that anon! Jk maybe it should be the next OP pic.

No. 288878

I wanted to capture that moment when she smelled her fingers.

No. 288879

also note the bedspread hanging as backdrop. what say she is in another cheap Seoul dorm? I doesn't look like Pinky's bedlinen though.

No. 288880

Don't worry maggot, nobody here made the mistake of thinking you could actually paint. You lack the self discipline to develop any skill properly, as evidenced by everything you do. You do it halfassedly.

No. 288881

Cunts that never had a moment of true misery in their life making psychologically baseless accusations about how a victim should or should not act

Typical scumbag abuser behaviour, " Oh I guess I didn't beat my wife so badly if she took a happy selfie!"

No. 288882


please go fuck yourself and while you're at it, do us a favor and never reproduce by any means.

No. 288883

File: 1468421054917.jpeg (129 KB, 737x487, image.jpeg)

Turns out that Margo's family isn't just a cult, they're also obsessed with money!

Perhaps they dared to ask their 40 year old sibling to chip in a few Forint if she wanted to stay with them.

No. 288892

Marclown is right, she isn't a wasteful person and knows how to manage money. Look at the bg! She "found" that hello kitty blanket in SK. She gained her raincap in China in a rain beauty competition. And the paint material was "given" to her in Vancouver because hosting her felt "like an old friend visiting". And she shitted over a painting canvas during her depression period to save some black paint she uses to dry her hair/soul in black.

So I hope you stop calling her a hobo bc it's not nice. Just hear to her pity voice. Don't you feel the pain(t) in her?

I really hope her indian hosts will forgive her for the mess she made in their private kitchen and for the dirty dishes, after all, Margoo left them in exchange a beautiful south korean Hello Kitty blanket with some rape paint on it. They should feel honored.

You see? Not a bad person so stop your assumptions!

No. 288897

File: 1468426075675.jpg (637.2 KB, 3007x2004, grumpy-confused-cat.jpg)

MFW MorgueRot unironically accuses another living being of being "obsessed with money."

No. 288898

File: 1468426224688.png (245.61 KB, 817x448, Screenshot from 2016-07-13 10:…)

Not sure if someone already posted this, but it looks like she has her paintings up on her website now.

No. 288900


she needs money so bad omg
that isn't even worth more than 5 euro.

No. 288901

lol who would pay that much for shitty art. Not even her most loyal supporters would actually buy them… or at least I hope they won't

No. 288902


Azzhole and chu face are going to have a catfight over them because no one else would buy that crap

No. 288903

Connecting flights and layovers people…they exist.

No. 288904

File: 1468426575875.png (24.49 KB, 429x263, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 17.1…)

Wow! I'd pay anything for the great Margaret Palermo's signature~!

No. 288905

"Threw up rainbow" sounds just so appealing.

No. 288906

let's hope morgue doesn't start doing period painting

No. 288907

Roflmao, totally agree.

Like usual, she inverts the truth. We all know she's a beggar.

No. 288909

I suppose you mean dye in black and not dry

No. 288910

File: 1468427684846.jpg (66.66 KB, 640x640, 13694563_1118722324861815_1499…)

Aunt susu got her stuff

No. 288912

File: 1468427863191.png (95.54 KB, 414x167, Vids.png)

Venoos is getting in the region of 12.6 times more views per hour but, yeah sure you were instrumental in her success, Margo. I wonder how big a Youtuber Venus would have been in her teens without a certain meddling mother.

No. 288913

Admins should make a banner with that screen cap and the text 'Don't you feel the pain(t) in it?' I'm lmao!

No. 288914

File: 1468428074695.png (570.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-13-12-40-00…)

Nice stab at Marge there.
Forreal, this is how to support your family.

No. 288915

>I'm also not a drinker, I'm not really drinking a lot or something so I can't really drink for you here
She's thinking about the fact she can't continue drinking on cam without being accused of being an alcoholic, but is desperate for another sip.

No. 288916


No. 288917

>or I might be even drunk cos I love you guys so much that I would drink for you because Asians believe which I am not that if you drink you actually open your soul and if you don't drink you might be as ??? thick because you know what you are doing

Drunk video confirmed.

No. 288918

kinda touched by what a great person she is

No. 288921

Probably shot in Canada at the "painter" Air BnB house

No. 288922

idk why but aunt Zusu made her instagram only for her dogs??? did someone piss her off

No. 288923


Sad. I liked Based Aunt Zsu's commentary.

I wonder if she knows she can set her profile to private?

No. 288924

she just became concerned about venus, and she's perfectly aware of the drama, so she is using her insta to support her. She's not that kind of person who would do such to piss someone off.

No. 288925

Oh she removed all her pics why?

No. 288928

File: 1468438095422.png (233.22 KB, 1238x2048, 13663444_1231446916879088_1131…)

Zsu has updated her instagram profile. Maybe something happened with margles that caused her to take pictures down?

No. 288929

>that bio


No. 288931

she has since updated it to "Sister, why do you hate me… I still luv u"

No. 288933

This is so horrible to watch. Wtf

No. 288934

Anyone have that pic of the painting Margo painted for some office building?

No. 288935

Honestly Margo doesnt deserve this kind of support. Im certain Venus still loves her mother and now her sister.
Margo would be some much better off withput this me against the world mentality.

No. 288936

The family should keep quiet and talk behind the scenes. I think it makes more sense for Venus' aunt and grandparents to talk to her and support her privately and not through public posts on IG. Margo is unhinged and easily provoked and Venus is always the target of her anger. It makes no sense for the family to keep poking a bear in the eye publicly if they care about Venus.

No. 288937

There are orphans and people with abusive families who would kill for someone to love them, meanwhile margo has so many people care about her when she doesn't even deserve it. Shit's fucked.

No. 288938

Ah yeah it was for some railway company in Switzerland or Germany if I remember correctly.

No. 288939

No. 288940

True that. I think that's why V is so low key on IG too.
Typical family dynamics with a fucking deranged raging narcissist, everybody walking on eggshells. And hurt. Zsu is going thru some pain over this, that's why she changed her IG and withdrew like that. God knows what Venus is going through behind her happy IG/YT facade. I hope she has people to talk to, someone besides poor sweet well-meaning Manaki.

Fuck you, marge. Malicious destructive hateful cunt. You don't deserve the family members you have.

No. 288941

>One of my paintings ("Lady with cat") have been hanging in Gunzgen at the company SVBL since 2004. Long time they kept it in their Cafe and since a few weeks it decorates the staircase.

and probably now it is decorating the backyard dumpster

No. 288942


I think margles sent Zsu an horrible upsetting email or just decided to remove herself from the drama…

No. 288943

On a more positive note, I love that her failvid was posted for four hours before anyone here even noticed, lol. And that 11 hours later, it has 1000k views and 86 IG likes. And only a handful of YT comments, and even they're kinda halfhearted.

tl:dr no1 cares you're booooring suck it marge hahaha

No. 288944

This thing is 19 minutes long, really? NINETEEN fucking minutes??? LOLLLLL

No. 288946

Margo probably threatened to sue lol

No. 288947

She probably took it down because Margoose's supporters were harassing her and spamming her with hate.

No. 288948

>2 of my family members are always on the side of money
^ they support VENOOS only because they're money hungry famewhores, that's all they care about. (Lizardbrain logic.)

No. 288949

That shiny pink hello kitty bedspread looks like something she stole from Pinky's b&b, lol. I hope she didn't spend actual $$ on that thing.

No. 288951

No, that's the cheap plastic raincoat the airline gave out to the passengers in China. This vid is recent.
She's circling the drainn

No. 288960


No. 288961

File: 1468447079608.png (94.19 KB, 638x252, 52fa28ba-29ba-4071-91ef-e9b3bc…)

looks like she's even lost @snakytroll on this one. Other stans are nowhere to be seen. uh-oh

I do feel bad for her family tho.

No. 288962


shes been circling the drain for months now anon. she's that one airy piece of doody that stays afloat after u flush the toilet.

No. 288963

File: 1468447300945.png (76.18 KB, 479x319, 2c1ffa32-80d4-4b81-a426-abccc9…)

still swinging at Venus
trying to pass this kid off as a "friend"
and it's VENOOS's fault she has no friends, guys. VENOOS the BULLY DROVE THEM ALL OFF.

No. 288964

I know. The scary part is that no matter how low she sinks she NEVER STOPS lashing out at Venus. It's awful to watch but I can't look away.

No. 288966

File: 1468447846145.jpg (25.6 KB, 320x239, wowguy.jpg)


ya srsly. eating dinner and reading margo threads has become so routine for me.

No. 288967

I don't get … How does she not see that dragging this shit onwards only makes people more salty and mad at her… Nobody but her can change her circumstances …

This woman's a literal retard…

No. 288969


zsu spells "love you" to venus and "luv u" to mange. hmm.

No. 288970

ima need harder evidence margs isnt snakey cause that poster was at the right place and the right time for morgue way too many times.

No. 288974

No. 288975

File: 1468448763114.png (22.73 KB, 317x126, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.25…)

Lol, Margo thinks either Mana or Venus care about what crazy she writes on the internet.

News flash: they do not.

No. 289011

Shall we organize a drinking game? everytime maggot doesn't mention venoos bulling or stealing from her on each comment we take a drink.

Because the other way around we'll die from alcohol poisoning within 2 hours

No. 289012

How old is she? She looks so young, especially compared to Margo… First pic legit looks like a young woman

No. 289020


remember Barbie's rant about morgue harassing her for a selfie? that's most likely what happened with that dancer boy

No. 289022

God, that was fantastic. Barbie's a cow in her own right, but it was solid gold to hear her call out Margo for being the two faced psycho fame whore she is.

No. 289031

Urge to make a video shutting dumb fucks like vex and this guy up… rising. My channel is primarily makeup and hair but fuck, this hate machine is getting out of hand. It'll probably take me a few days to outline everything and collect the screenshots, but I'll do it.

No. 289033

Plase do and post it here. Maybe post it in the comments of the Vexxed video once its up or on his Twitter.

No. 289034

Part of me is saying "no. That's a bad idea" but then a bigger part of me is super supportive of it.

No. 289037

Eh do it

No. 289038

shit yes, reads like they had contact recently.

No. 289039

late, but fucking kek.

No. 289040

Dunno for sure but Marg is maybe the oldest? There's another sis too.

No. 289041

There are supportive videos out there anon, it's just that no-one's pulling in caps and talked about specifics. I say keep it calm and focused and do it. That way it can stay on the record for the future, just like the stopmargaret account does.

No. 289042

Margo is the oldest and 41; then Zsu, then the brother, then waaay later, the youngest girl. I think Margo and Zsu are less than 5 years apart, so Zsu is at least 36.

No. 289043


Do it, but don't forget to include the interviews where Margaret stated she was against the channel and how Venus created it. Also the legal documents regarding Venus Angelic LTD might help since it states at the creation, both parties owned 50-50, Margaret terminated it and thus owns nothing.

No. 289045

>Zsu is at least 36.
She looks about that.

Margo's looking older than she should though. Being a bitter, crazy fuck will do that for you I guess.

No. 289046

I think the company thing might cause some people to think Margo is owed a cut. Be careful how that is spelled out to viewers. Also if that was started when Venus was a minor, etc.

There's an interview from London where they're in the cramped bunk room and Margo's like, brushing Venus hair or something and talking about how it's not enough for them both to live off yet but will be soon. I don't know if that's of interest.

IMO It would also be worth discussing the shit Margo was selling in the 'shop'. Those clothes were mostly labels and didn't buy themselves. That stupid $1000 handbag, Venus paid for it. Margo did say about half the stuff was hers.

Also the constant airbnbs…

No. 289047

If you do, is there any way you can avoid mentioning this fucking vexxed kid +/or his stupid little video? I'd hate to add fuel to the lil fire he's trying to start by starting up a youtube 'war,' you know?

No. 289048

>>I think the company thing might cause some people to think Margo is owed a cut.

I agree, I don't think bringing up the incorporation papers is wise. The fact that Margo was against the channel; told people it was all Venus; and the fact that Margo stopped working at all when Venus was around 15 are more important (meaning, she took far more than the standard 10% cut if the profits as a manager). Venus made the channel; created all the content and did all of the technical work. Margo took more than her share, and whatever "agreement" Margo coerced out of Venus is invalid and illegal due to her minority and due to the power disparity between them as parent and child.

I'd recommend against making any more videos on the situation and let Venus's work stand on it's own merit, personally.

No. 289049


She would have only been offered a cut if it were still starting. Venus Angelic was also only terminated and handed assets to Margret because according to Companies Act 2006 (sec157 CA2006). Because Venus was a minor (14 at the time), she was legally unable to own any part of her company. I feel like this is important because there's no way she could legally own what she created for two years (if it was still a company).

It also be noted that to get a partnership for Venus at the time, Margret had to sign off on it. As stated before, this is important because Venus couldn't legally do these things. It's not that she wouldn't, but she couldn't.

Margret only had rights because Venus couldn't.

No. 289050

I'm just saying, let's try to avoid pulling in more attention/view$ for this little shit 'vexxed' bc that's what he's after.

No. 289051

That's the plan. I'm going to compile all of the vile screenshots Maggot has provided us with. I'm going to start collecting them tonight so I can work on scripting it. I'll post a link once I'm done but with how bad my internet is? It may take a week.

No. 289052

Can we just skip the whole 'company' thing? Really don't think it would be helpful, at ALL. Makes mange look like a legit business person when she is anything but, plus it would muddy the waters & add confusion. Please??

No. 289053

Also need to mention, I'm not going to even bring up that little shit's channel. I'm not monetizing this video either once I make it. This is for all the lazy Margo stans too dumb and blind to see all the vile venom she spews.

No. 289055

File: 1468460142055.png (480.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-13-21-35-09…)


No. 289056

Was just about to post this. Da fuq? I think Mags has gone full lush because she's out of options.

No. 289057

More frightened dogs… the poor babies don't deserve this shit.

No. 289058

File: 1468460357050.png (42.08 KB, 317x243, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.38…)

"Frighteningly intelligent"

Yeah, she's hitting the bottle.

No. 289060

File: 1468460465407.png (66.66 KB, 793x410, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.40…)

Swiggy is the new sock; spooky has 50 followers so that's less likely

No. 289061

File: 1468460489615.png (351.47 KB, 640x804, 4957ce2f-b316-42c9-8dcc-bb2bf1…)


btw here's a hint at what her current 'Get Venus' strategy is…via sockpuppet IG accounts cause that's how she rolls:

(the @swig07 one is the "Venus is way too happy for someone was abused, so obv. she's LYING" asshole from earlier.)

No. 289062

File: 1468460597438.png (78.36 KB, 322x533, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.42…)

More of Margo and her "swiggi" sock

No. 289063

File: 1468460673713.png (83.38 KB, 333x548, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.42…)


No. 289066

Vaya con dios, anon. There's soo much out there…maybe just concentrate on the most recent stuff? bc otherwise it just gets overwhelming from the sheer volume of fuckery that is this loon.

No. 289067

I seriously thought she would have run out of steam by now or at least toned it down to save face, it's been over 5 months!
I caught that too, telling isn't it?

No. 289068

>Margo took more than her share, and whatever "agreement" Margo coerced out of Venus is invalid and illegal due to her minority and due to the power disparity between them as parent and child.

I totally agree. Venus was not in a position to consent to the creation of any legal entities in her name. Don't add this to the 'evidence', it's purely Margo's scheming.

No. 289069

look at them, flirting.

No. 289071

swiggi reads like Margo and spooky like az. But really, who cares?

No. 289072

I'm going to try for the more recent stuff along with how she called Venus a mistake on her own birthday. Imo, that is still the ugliest thing she has said to her, at least that we know of. I need to dig up the caps of Venus' bruises too since these idiots keep claiming, "She looks too happy to be an abused person!!11!!!!eleven!!1"

No. 289073

>how does she not see that dragging this out just makes more people mad at her
Anon pls. This is a person with malignant NPD. A malfunctioning unit.
Pay attention cause you don't see shit like this play out live & online every day.

No. 289074

If you go right back to the days in London she was exactly the same. This is Margo's mode, forever. Except she has the destruction of her daughter to focus on for the rest of her life now. It still blows my mind she has hardly worked (YT, the tat she sold in SK) yet still lives in airbnbs and buys plane tickets.

No. 289075

they are definitely in the threads here. actually an anon brought them up just before Venus ran away!

No. 289076

definitely show the blackmail attempt!

(also praise admin for the flood detection)

No. 289077

Definitely. There is no way that's going to be omitted. Trying to blackmail and extort* your own daughter for one of those magical numbers she loves so much? Why, certainly Margo is a victim in this all! /sacrasm

No. 289078

The quote was "You know what else was an accident? YOU" anon.
Intent was the same, just different wording. Mange clings onto this as evidence that haters "twist her words!" so you have to get it right.
Like I said, the intent was clear and it was vicious. I agree it's one of the ugliest, lowest things she's said. And that's saying a lot since she's said a LOT of vile shit. But yeah, that's #1 for me too.

No. 289080

Is there real prove that she painted that painting she pretends have painted?

No. 289082

Be sure to corroborate everything with maggot's own words or indisputable evidence of some kind. Anything Venus says maggot will just say "another lie! Bully!"

I'd concentrate more on the emotional abuse. There's more than enough evidence of that in tha maggot's own words, plus emotional abuse by a NPD like mange is every bit as damaging as physical abuse- maybe more.

Venus doesn't read as a victim of physical abuse, to me anyway. Emotional is more than enough to destroy a person.

No. 289083

who cares though. untalented people make paintings all the time.

No. 289084


No. 289085

To clarify: margo did NOT use her main account to call Venus a mistake. She used the now defunct @margaretpalermofan account to do it IIRC. She's called her an accident with her main account, but pleads innocent to calling her a mistake because she used a sock (but was frothing at the mouth too hard to remember she was supposed to be a 'fan').

No. 289086

File: 1468465393252.jpg (1.72 MB, 1418x1918, Screenshot_20160713-200209.jpg)

At the beach in her age appropriate pre ripped jeans and sparkle sneakers.

No. 289087

Alright, gotacha. If anyone has any other stuff they want to add to the Maggot Archive as I dig through the threads and IG accounts, send me an email. Throwaway is in the mail field.

No. 289089

The dog has already eaten her pants? #imsobullied or #dogsproofoflove ?

No. 289096

File: 1468469322738.png (48.69 KB, 314x304, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.07…)

"Yes, my jowly Hungarian goddessu!"

No. 289098

Things that make me crazy:
- what happened with Margaret and Aunt Zsu?
- where the heck is Margaret?

No. 289099

a true hobo

No. 289100

File: 1468470587299.jpg (28.23 KB, 425x319, korea-haeundae-beach.jpg)

Took all of 5 sec. on Google images
She's hoboing around SK - pic attached is the beach at Haeundae.
Maybe she slept there last night?

No. 289101

File: 1468470681259.jpg (27.1 KB, 320x320, 13712098_591975184314913_20808…)

mange's pic

No. 289102

Is the sand that rough at Haeundae?

Anyway, these could be old pics. But who knows with this hobo. Maybe she finally negotiated a discount bride price for herself with the 25 year old beeg deek Korean man (I also just noticed: this dude who she' was frantically trying to find a bride for, likely because she couldn't get Venus back? Same age as the son in law she calls a pedo.)

No. 289103

Yeah did same and there's a ton of choices for beach, even near the airport (remember the Vancouver walk?). The hills all look very similar so it's super-duper likely.

No. 289104

I couldn't see any beach near Seoul with the sand that rough but also it can depend if you are at the edge of the beach, an undesirable beach or seasonal changes. There's a chance of course it is somewhere else in the world, but besides Vancouver Margo is pretty predictable. The hills at least look right for near Seoul. This one is near the airport and is similar but not same I don't think: https://goo.gl/qAnSc1

No. 289105

it can't be that specific beach bc if you look to the left in street view at that place, you will see the peninsula is not the same shape and it has dwellings all over it.

No. 289107

beaches look pebbly near Vancouver though, lol.

No. 289111

Anon, I was thinking about doing this yesterday too. If you wanna collab, hit me up, might be better produced if a few people work on it. Hopefully another anons can help critique it/say anything if something needs to be changed/added.

No. 289113

File: 1468479082447.jpg (56.47 KB, 607x414, thefam.jpg)

Actually Zsu is only about 2 years younger than Margo, not much of an age difference.

No. 289114

Both of Margo's sister have the same penis nose but they look much better.

No. 289115

Beaches in Korea aren't filled with stones like that, the sand is much finer.

She's most likely still in the UK

No. 289116

their faces are balanced by having a chin

No. 289117

File: 1468482259952.png (751.76 KB, 933x597, margit.png)

She's back in Japan, buckle up

No. 289118

Could be an old pic, as stated before. She doesn't say she's currently anywhere. And she should still be b& from entry for a while for abusing tourist visas as long as someone at immigration isn't being super lazy.

No. 289119

Looking at a map, it looks like this was probably taken on her prior train trip down to Nagoya; she took pics out the window of the train, which showed the line running along the ocean.

No. 289120

I'm sure you guys both know about the @gaming_ks and @exposing_palermo IG's already. Both have a bunch of screenshots all collected in one place.

No. 289121

No. 289122

Hmmm, that pic is deleted from her IG now. Wonder why, and what others she might have deleted. lol

No. 289123

We know, it was discussed earlier. It was 7/8-7/10. We don't think she's managed to ooze back into Japan (yet.)

No. 289124

yeah I tend to assume she's in seoul too, not being willing to risk jp entry again so soon… but that pebbly beach is throwing me off.

No. 289125

When kiddo competed in Japan and Margarets beach picture is from Japan, I bet she is in Japan again and got to know him through this.
Bet this is why she deleted the picture because we already know where she is.
Damn, how can she afford all this shit.

No. 289127

And this kid - he was in jp competing until / on the 11th.. then what, he went to London for a day(??) then flew somewhere, meeting Margo? Or do you think he was in London prior the Japan comp and Margo's posting on a long delay again?

No. 289128

File: 1468485030508.png (103.85 KB, 813x209, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.25…)

According to his dance schedule, he was in Japan in the past week - but he was also in Hungary last month.

Margo could be in Japan and flown next to him; she couls have met him on a connecting flight en route back to Seoul (with the plane going on to Japan); or, she could have met him when she left Asia for Europe last month when he was in Hungary. Margo is still close to her mom; I actually wouldn't be terribly surprised if her mom gave her some $$ if Margo came for a quick visit.

Anyway, we can only speculate for now, and I'm sure Margo is squeeing with joy to make anyone nervous of her being in Japan - so just hold tight. A malignant narc can't hold in info for long, they love to show off too much. I still think the beach photo is from her last trip, and the photo of her on the plane is a separate trip.

No. 289129

And I thought my paintings were rough at best. I'd better start trying to sell prints at this rate.

No. 289131

She seems pretty sick here, not to mention clearing her throat so often

No. 289132

File: 1468485612935.jpg (111.06 KB, 1181x664, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.JPG)

One thing you never do with paintbrushes is leave them submerged in water like this for ages.
This is annoying me so much, it can actually promote the fibres to loosen and you're left with hairs coming out of your lovely brushes
(unlike Maggot's).

No. 289133

She's drunk and doing her "ASMR" voice; the throat clearing is apparently part of it. I don't get it, but the loons who like her do. I didn't think it was possible to be more annoyed by her voice, but there you are.

No. 289134

relax, anon, they're probably dollarstore brushes

No. 289135

Yeah I know, but I can't help but cringe everytime I see it

Okay this makes sense I suppose
But she's just talking at a normal range, so that's weird but whatever her delirious followers like I guess.

One thing I think I can say for certain; Maggot has actually inspired me to pick up my pens and paint right now from how awful she is.

No. 289136

Wasn't she banned from Japan? Or did we just assumed that? I'm confused

No. 289137

It was an educated guess. She is way over the limit for the legal amount of back to back tourist visas AND the total # of days per year a tourist is allowed in Japan (2-90 day visas back to back, or 180 of the past 365 days). Mags left Canada on a themed flight back to Tokyo, and then suddenly showed up in Seoul in a rage, unable to return even to pack up her 18 boxes in the Tokyo storage. This is followed by a series of butthurt videos in which she explains why Seoul is the superior Asian country and how stupid Japan is. All signs point to her getting rejected at immigration and moving to Plan B: Seoul or Wherever I Find A Sucker.

That said, without a criminal record or warrant, or a special stamp on her passport from making too many entries, all it takes is one inattentive / bored immigration officer for her to get back in before her 180 days of waiting are up. So it's unlikely she's back - her 180 days are up in December, I think - but not impossible. And I wouldn't put it past her to try to get back in whatever the consequences, because crazy.

No. 289138

It makes sense! Thanks for the reply ^^

No. 289140

The deleted pic is the video of when she left on her sudden train trip across Japan, looking out the train window at the ocean - not the selfie of her & the dancer kid.
I'm curious why she deleted it and what others she might have got rid of. I don't keep close enough track to go back & figure out if there are any others gone, just happened to notice this one bc someone mentioned it earlier-

No. 289141

thanks for the blog

No. 289142

That's confirmation enough for me that the photo is a throwback to her hobo trip; we know she and / or her minions keep up with us.

No. 289144

File: 1468487839610.jpg (22.22 KB, 304x303, 11.JPG)

You are utmost welcome

When can we expect another drunk Maggot video?

No. 289146


When you enter SK they enter your passport info and get your fingerprint in immigration. This is how they know if you've overstayed your time in the country. I'm not sure if it's the same in Japan, but I could imagine.

No. 289147

The kid & his partner competed on July 9 and 10, in Kitakyushu, Japan. Mange posted the selfie with him 1 day ago and the beach pic a few hours ago. I seriously doubt she's been in Japan all this time, going to a ballroom dance competition and "getting to know" the kid, with no pics until the yesterday.

More like the kid was flying back home to Slovenia July 10 or 11 and sat next to mange, and she chatted him up & took a selfie. She's trying to pretend she has 'friends' and is on another fun travel adventure. She'd like to give the impression she's in Japan without really saying it bc Japan is cool, plus people have been commenting that she's probably been banned.

Funny thing is, those latest pics have been up for like 7 hours now & her IG is still a ghost town, lol. Only one person has even asked her where she is. I LOVE IT.

No. 289148

She looks so nutty and unaware here.

No. 289151

Where's this from? It's hysterical.

No. 289153

I guess since everyone else (including VENOOS) is going to the beach & having fun Marge decided to pretend like she is too. And this is the best she could come up with, poor thing.

No. 289154

File: 1468490012273.png (282.29 KB, 857x420, mar.png.c4e4644e72bf6381dcc6e2…)

I Googled "Margaret Palermo drunk" and this popped up from "prettyuglylittleliar"
I looked at the page and seems it was October 1st last year.

No. 289157

that was my first thought too.

No. 289158

File: 1468490667739.jpg (58.16 KB, 1200x850, margo57.jpg)

It's possible to fly Tokyo > London > Ljubljana (if that's where he was going), therefore acquiring Maggot along the way. That route appears to be on ANA, coincidentally an airline she likes to use.

But why would she go there? And why tag it #moscow?

That kid might be eligible for this upcoming competition in Moscow (the 'teacher and student') or he might just be going to watch it. He's in the 'youth' category so I didn't see when I search a filtered calendar view.

I'm not convinced she really is in Japan (yet) but she is happy for that commenter to think so.

No. 289161

File: 1468492663276.jpg (125.35 KB, 827x1184, margo56.jpg)

Did we conclude she wore the same outfit all trip though? White sneakers, black coat. No torn jeans or glitter sneakers. Also those jeans are very torn - 'my clothes are all wearing out' torn.

No. 289162

This selfie is reeking some cwc vibe. It's creepy.

No. 289164

"sighhhh. we got a lot of bills to pay. it's hard to keep up with it all. please send money. pleeease."

No. 289167

Depending on the airline, flights from London to Seoul have stopovers in Moscow, then (I assume) the kid would catch another flight to wherever he's going and maggot would get on hers to Seoul. The next stop being #Moscow would explain the hashtag, plus pumping up her image as a World Traveler(!)

No. 289168

You're kidding? Margoo knows how to manage money. She did not buy them nor stole them. She "found" the brushes in Vancouver's host house. Then offered them to the indian airbnb couple in London after she finished her nartistic pain(t) mess in their kitchen.

No. 289169


No. 289171

They take a picture as well in Japan.

No. 289173

She looks like she scratched her butthole and is sniffing her fingers

No. 289175

Anon, pls

No. 289176

It's possible, 9 out of 10 times Aeroflot is the cheapest airline to use from Europe to Asia and their hub is in Moscow.

No. 289177

Aunts Zsu again changed her bio on Instagram, deleting the part about Venus and her sister…bet there is something big happening in the background

No. 289180

Zsuzsa and Noemi don't have a penis nose. Actually looks like Magoo was the only one bearing the great penis nose, in the family

No. 289181

I'm guessing she reads here frequently then or probably someone was harrassing her, or asking about Venus/Margo or smth

No. 289192

I don't think reading here did anything; she participated in a bunch of insta accounts exposing Margo. Based on her veiled "you can't live with me" photo, followed by a forlorn bio about being hated by Margo when she loves her sister and her niece, my guess is that Margo sent her some VERY nasty words - and possibly enlisted their mother against Zsu, since Margo and Margit are close.

As an aside, I've only met one mother who named her daughter after herself. She was a raging narc who couldn't be bothered to think of a name for a girl because all she expected was a boy, and her name was the best name she could think of. Margo is named after her mother, and Margo and her mother are thick as thieves.

No. 289193

Having just come back from a stint in Tokyo; fingerprints, pictures and passport details are all taken before you even cross by customs

No. 289194

From the mangakissa onwards, yes. We didn't see any selfies of her initial trip down to Nagoya, though, and she did have a suitcase with her (which was why it was so insane that she hadn't changed even in a public bathroom or something.)

No. 289195

I think someone berated Auntie Zsu for supporting Venus. I dont know if it was Margo or its true she still speaks with her mother and their mother did it.

No. 289196

If she's claiming it's Miho Beach then it doesn't make sense that she'd strategically cut out Mt. Fuji from the shot when that would be the ultimate way to say "fuck you I'm in Japan" and scare the bejesus out of Venus.
With the peninsula it almost looks like Miho Beach but it's too stoney; from what I recall that's more of an ash beach than stones.
It does however resemble most stoney British Beaches.
Off the top of my head the nearest stone beaches to London are Mersea Beach, Felixstowe Beach, Climping Beach and Tankerton Beach. It's been years since I've visited any of them so whether they bear any other resemblance to the picture I don't know

No. 289197

brighton beach too

No. 289198

She is in Japan, to be honest she's always posted pictures that happened to be where she was atm. Besides the ballroom dancer said that his last flight was to Japan.

No. 289199

No anon. In many traditional european countries you give the firstname of the parents or grandparents to your first children. There is nothing narc in it. For example, Italians do it mostly.

No. 289202


I just hope her next Insta post won't be another video of her stalking Venus in front of her house or some shit like this - IF she is back in Japan for real.

No. 289203

Basically. I have at least 3 generations of Catherine's in my family, my partners family has way more Elizabeth's than I care to count and I know many others who all share, if not a forename, a middle name with several generations of relatives, usually grandmother's. It's quite common here

No. 289205

what? she's posted plenty of pictures that weren't from where she currently is. that's the whole reason it's even being discussed

No. 289206

I think she's just pulling a Kiki.

No. 289207

The fact she is the oldest says a lot about her personality tbh. Probably didn't get all the attention she craved with two younger siblings, then a sibling was born with a fairly large age difference which took away even more attention from her adultlife (marriage, Venus, etc.)

No. 289209

I still feel like Marge tried to get into Japan again, got denied and then ended up on the same flight out of Japan with the dancer dude. If it was heading to London, makes more sense to me

No. 289210

could always just ask the guy

No. 289211

No, she's been paranoid about people knowing her location since the Tokyo crackhouse. She's always trying to be sly about it, she's bored and it's a game to her. I very much doubt she got past immigration in japan, but I wouldn't doubt that she tried.

No. 289214

seconding, it was somewhat usual in latin american countries too, until cheesy obnoxious made up names became in vogue

No. 289215

Please don't suggest to contact him to ask anything about margot, sadly some farmers over here doesn't have self control when it comes about messaging random people who had casual interaction with the cows.

No. 289216

Agreed, no one should contact this kid. Remember what happened when some dumb anon started babbling to Margo's tokyo landlord, basically validating margo's sob story about "de haaters"?

No. 289219

Margo is not in Japan, ffs. If she was she'd be posting #Japan #Japantrip pics all over the place to show off what a World Traveler she is, and to show everyone who's been saying she was banned "hahaha to all you haters I'm baaack!" She'd be all over that.

I looked on that Ivan kid's FB. On July 7 he flew from Budapest to London, then London to Japan the same day, but there was a delay and he barely made it to Japan in time for the first competition on July 9 (something about the plane being turned back to London before reaching the Moscow layover.) So I'm guessing his Margo encounter was the second London-(Moscow)-Japan flight, July 8(?) And mange got around to posting the pic a few days later from whatever dive she's crashing at, wherever it might be. SK? NOT Japan.

No. 289220

File: 1468540678009.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160714-181413.png)

So grandpa Ferenc posted this pic, captioned "Very nice hospital." ???
Can anyone tell what language the sign is? Are those Japanese characters?

No. 289221

nvm, I just did a google image search– it's Mountain Hospital, Shizuoka City's largest hospital.


WTF is going on???

No. 289222

Could Mags have figured out where Ferenc is and is pretending to be there too?

No. 289223

We don't know ferenc is there. The pic he posted is the one from the hospital's website. But someone is in that hospital and ferenc knows it.

He posted a video of a bee's nest at the same time as the hospital pic, captioned "bees." Why does the guy always have to be so fucking mysterious? Either come out & say what the F is happening or STFU.

No. 289224

>Either come out & say what the F is happening or STFU.
But… Why should he? It's really none of our business, he isn't uploading to please 15 y/o fangelics. Like aunt zsu, she probably didn't want all the attention she was getting so now she only showcases her dogs, why would an old man be any different? He hasn't engaged in any drama, he wants his daughter and granddaughter to be happy, and to stay in touch, which isn't so wrong.

No. 289230

Why post anything at all then? That's my problem with it. What's the purpose, if not to get all the Venus followers who follow his IG wondering? How would this be useful in communicating anything to Venus?

It really seems like he likes to bait beople & stir up drama, to me.

No. 289231

or he could be posting shit he finds interesting and thought was interesting to other people. but let's go ahead and assume he's like his daughter instead.

No. 289234

My first thought was that maggs finally went off the deep end and got herself tossed into a psych ward, like maybe somehow sneaked into Japan and was stopped in the airport & lost her shit, or was wandering the streets of Shizuoka City mumbling incoherently and someone called the cops.

But from what I can tell the hospital does internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics and a lot of rehab, no psych mentioned. Marge was on a plane from London to Russia, en route to Seoul(?) we thought, around the 13th. Venus posted Wed. that she'd upload a new video in 2 hours, then posted that she was trying to edit the video but her editing program kept crashing and she was excited to be going to a big bookstore the next day, then nothing. No video, no IG activity. Shizuoka City is 117 miles from Tokyo. None of this makes any damn sense.

No. 289235

A pic of a random hospital that is "very good" is going to be interesting? To who?

No. 289236

"How dare an old man who happens to be related to a somewhat well-known youtuber have an instagram where he posts random junk!" He didn't ask for V's followers, sure, he could make his account private but he's probably hoping that Margo or Venus will see his account and read his posts and get in contact. You're not entitled to everyone's life.

No. 289237

ah yes, architecture in a foreign country would never be interesting to anyone. stop being retarded.

No. 289238


No. 289240

File: 1468549312714.jpg (27.53 KB, 550x633, 080.jpg)

No. 289244

He's not a guy who just "happens to be related to a Youtuber" with an IG where he posts "random stuff" though, come on. He opened it right after Venus ran away to Japan, specifically to address the situation.

I'm not trying to make a big deal out of it or start some "grandpa ferenc is a bad guy" campaign here. I just find this kind of annoying, is all. Not a big thing.

No. 289245


but you are

No. 289246

Yes, they started their accounts when the drama started. Aunt zsu has stated this is because the facebook stopped being updated, and they still wanted to see how Venus was doing in life. It wasn't to address the drama, they were just being loving family.

No. 289250


uh, he doesn't have any obligation of keeping us updated

No. 289255

they were only offset by time.

she did go to all those places around japan, then to korea, then back to japan, then vancouver etc. she hasn't fully faked a destination (until perhaps now?)

No. 289257

Good one anon, thanks for clarifying!! That fight and date make total sense. So she at least has tried to enter japan, or is there now. Ugh.

No. 289259

An anon pointed out a while back this is a very Hungarian-older-person thing to do. The symbolic imagery, the bible verses.

Plus they're probably all pretty good at shit-stirring even if they aren't disordered like Margo.

No. 289263

Well grandpa ferenc deleted the Japanese 'nice hospital' pic, so whatever..

No. 289272

I wonder what happens with her boxes full of shit. I hope Venus and Manaki threw it away b

No. 289275

she made a deal with someone to store it I think… but not with an anon from here or we would have heard.

No. 289276

File: 1468570872898.jpg (954.87 KB, 1079x1820, Screenshot_20160715-012009.jpg)

Sigh. Always torturing borrowed animals.

No. 289280

File: 1468574106007.png (284.26 KB, 468x532, d428a242-6d9f-458e-b192-2966e2…)

I've been trying to figure out what the background in this selfie w/dog is… in the upper left corner of the latest one you can just make out the sun shining on pavement and a tire, just above the dog's ears. LOL
She's kneeling in the road next to a vehicle in these. And wearing her all-black ninja travelling outfit like when she train-hopped across Japan. She's on another hobo roadtrip, I bet.

We don't ~know~ that she tried to enter Japan and I'm 99% sure she's not there now. Only thing that's pretty certain is that she was on a London-Moscow flight with Ivan the dance kid. The only flights out of London that connect in Moscow are Aeroflot from what I can tell, so my guess is she went on another super low budget long layover flight to… who knows? I'm still thinking SK. "Life goals," remember?

No. 289282

theres this pic where felice looks exactly like her

No. 289290

She's in korea. dog is korean, truck is korean.

No. 289293

I tend to agree based on #moscow, the aeroflot route, and that seoul is cheap and easy for her (she can play the cultural differences the way she can't in europe - see how Jassy kicked her out fast).

No. 289294

File: 1468581754594.jpg (23.45 KB, 971x198, margo58.jpg)

Hang on. Aeroflot also fly London to Tokyo using Moscow (naturally) as the stopover.

No. 289295

I wonder if her mum is sending her money too (since she said she still talks to her everyday - IF It's actually true ofc! - )
Even if she is picking low budget flights and stuff, she is still getting some money somehow. I'm just curious from WHO? Is she still blackmailing Venus or what ?!

No. 289297

The interior of Aeroflot planes looks different. The passenger seats are red, I think.

No. 289299

another anon has been suggesting aeroflot because of the presumed moscow stopover. I know margo likes to fly ana.

No. 289301

Aeroflot seats are blue.

I've flown with them a couple of times because they most often offer the cheapest tickets from europe to asia.

No. 289302

Sounds like a potential good idea as long as you make it very thorough and back it with lots of facts.

I would suggest including these screencaps:
Calling her daughter an autistic, alcoholic, asexual, anorexic animal-killer all in one post.

Calling Venus "it" and inhuman.

One of the numerous times she's called Venus a psychopath, abusive, a thief & a liar.

I have these bookmarked as "Margo receipts" because they're rare instances where she shows all her true colours at once. Looking at one of the many screencaps of Marg crying about being "bullied" by Venus, it might be hard to decide who's telling the truth. But I don't think anyone could look at those particular posts and not see that she's the abusive one.

No. 289304

I've never been able to see how ANYONE can listen to a 41-year-old woman whining about being BULLIED by her teenage daughter with a fucking straight face.

No. 289305

"truck is korean"? Um…how can you tell?

No. 289306

Yeah, all this PLUS she seems to think of Seoul as her Happy Place. And I remember jassy saying she talked about korea all the time too.

No. 289307

Don't forget the constant flip-flopping, attacks and accusations against Manaki/Manaki's family, then her clash with Hamburg Jassy.

I'm sorry. I don't have the links.

No. 289310

File: 1468588248950.jpg (64.8 KB, 500x561, CU0haXJWcAIiGLw.jpg)

Holy crap, she actually used to look nice. I expected her to be one of those people who just naturally has eyebags even when they're little, judging by her ridiculously huge ones now.
But no, she just aged horribly. It reminds me of that Roald Dahl quote in pic related.

No. 289311

File: 1468588339914.png (52.66 KB, 500x172, 1468144601657.png)

No. 289312

Yep, that's the one. On venus's IG, on her fucking birthday.
Then as I recall, on magg's birthday like a month or so later, she whined nonstop about how mean venus was for not wishing her own MOTHER happy birthday! No call no IG message, nothing! Ungrateful horrible emotionsless child bla bla etc.

No. 289313

Margo "likes to fly ANA"? lol
I think fucking mango will grab onto whatever cheap-ass cut rate option she can dig up at this point. I really doubt she's in a position to have 'preferences.'

No. 289314

lol of course not. but she took ana flights to and from north america when she had the dough. now she's taking what she can get.

I remain surprised at the resources she has. even a cheap flight europe to asia is a big cost, especially as it's summer break for a lot of euros. perhaps her mum has sent her money at times.

No. 289315

>She "found" the brushes in Vancouver's host house. Then offered them to the indian airbnb couple in London after she finished
Wait, this is true?? I thought that the previous anon that said that was just making a joke about her strewing her shit all over the world. That's too funny.

No. 289316

If her mother is sending her money she is basically funding a fucking terrorist. Merg uses whatever spare cash she can to terrorize her daughter.

No. 289317


I think this anon >>289168 is same as that one >>288892 and it was a sarcastic joke IMO but maybe has truth in it…

No. 289318


No. 289323

As for where the parasite is getting $$, I bet she's scamming people for "loans" like she did with jassy. DMing gullible marks with sad tales about how she's LOST EVERYTHING, etc.etc. Like all fucking manipulative narcs do.

No. 289325

Maybe she has a secrete sob GoFund Me … People always donate to sob story go fundme's …

No. 289327

Might be possible. Maybe she's askin people for money, saying she will give it back (like not much money - for example some 100€) and never give it back.
People won't go to the police or something because possibility to get it back is zero.

No. 289329

I was about to say that she has a paypal donation account and posting the link to her yt about page but apparently she deleted it recently:

No. 289331

In margoon's ig some hungarian people asking to her:
>>When will you go to Hungary?
Marclown's answer:
>>Hmm I don't know ~ I'd go
(Google translated)


No. 289334

Margaret is in bad mood as you can see in her tweeter.
Retweeted lastly things like
>>taxes are bullying me
>>I'm so lonely horror-movie
>>I'm so tired… Veenoos coffee!!! Oh, she not here anymore stupid bully!


No. 289339

File: 1468600662125.png (166.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-15-12-36-45…)

Weenoos! Mommy needs a new pair shoos. >>289334

No. 289341


>can yoo gib me one pair and I'll pay yoo later when I win MY monies back from my evil boolly ex-douhter Venoos?

No. 289342


Well at least she's a little self aware … She's admitting to being a loser ~

No. 289343

>I tweeted yoo that is an HONOR I am celebrity manager for 19 years I get shoos for free it be good advertisement and $10000 monetary value great deal

No. 289344

asmrtists tend to take breaks from making videos when they're sick because throat clearing irritates people (misophonia), her stuff is half-assed

No. 289352

Pretty sure seat colours aren't uniform with Aeroflot, mine were washed out orange when I went to Japan with them.

No. 289417

It's been 7 days since Margo's last chimpout. I think mummy broke down and gave her $$, or let her come stay at the house.

Still, it won't be enough to shut Margles up for long, she can't help it.

No. 289429

File: 1468625672033.png (35.18 KB, 829x97, Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.33…)

The spergy video dude claims he's meeting Margo in Tokyo today.

No. 289430

I want this stupid looser ask her how much she takes for a bj.

No. 289431

and how the fuck has she managed to return to japan?

No. 289436

when I read up on it it sounds a bit hit-and-miss, depends who you encounter at the border and what they think of your most recent trip. I am convinced she was turned back last time but I guess they didn't give her a specific 'departure notice'. sounds like she's tried again, and made it?

damn, now Venus has to be careful going outside with this crazy on the loose.

No. 289437

If Margo hurts Venus or Manaki, it's on gran's fucking head. Margo continues this evil crusade because she can. No wonder she doesn't intend to find work.

No. 289439

I don't get why she would even want to be in Japan. She doesn't speak the language, she doesn't know anyone there, she can't work there… There is literally nothing for her. She's just completely and utterly batshit. I wish I knew what was going on inside her head.

No. 289440

God, I hope this isn't her swan song. Like in her mind she's going to do this "proofs and truths" video and then kill her daughter because she's skint and defeated. I'm legitimately scared for Venoos.

No. 289441

she's not going, obviously. it's just someone trying to troll her for info.

No. 289442

Apparently Venus and Manaki are moving? Margo said that in a recent rant. I hope so because they aren't safe, either of them.

No. 289444

Well it's 10am Saturday in Tokyo right now so ..we'll see how that goes for lil dude. IF it actually happens it'll be a crazy old lady spewing crap about VENOOS (liar! BULLY! cheated on husband! psychopath! had intestines removed to get skinny like Chinese girls *:;+&_' )8$&7((& _$-))&%# kpufs°≠®{×^€^}}^€€}°≠) in her creepy broken English, lol. Good luck with that, kid. And don't forget what she must look like in person with those heavy eyebags and deep facial lines and caked-on clown makeup. Not at all like her heavily filtered IG pics. Poor kid might be in for a shock.

No. 289445

How did he get from Ireland to Tokyo? Is the nobody trying to claim that he could afford to fly to Tokyo for an interview???

No. 289446

Why the fuck wouldn't he just Skype her?

No. 289448

I (very politely) requested the lil guy to ask Marge what happened to the FIANCE who "invited her to London" after she got kicked out of Jassy's apt. in Hamburg. And when she was going to repay the €110 she scammed off Jas. Do you think he will? LOL
This poor child has no idea what he's dealing with here.

No. 289449

Why the fuck would a middle aged bag lady without a permanent address need overpriced Kartrashian shoes? No one that age with an actual job and a life gives a fuck about Kanye's "collection".

If she really thinks Kanye shoes would change her life for the better, she's even more dangerously delusional than we thought.

No. 289454

Most likely margo giving convoluted excuses to go back Japan (I'm homeless and cannot afford internet nor a new macbook! but of course I would jump on the first flight to nipponland even if I hate that country sooo much!!1!)

No. 289457


She's just being a psycho bitch and trying to intimidate her daughter. She literally has no other purpose in life.

No. 289462

maybe he is skyping her, just being vague about where he'll be located for the meeting and therefore sound more important.

I feel this is going to be keemstar all over again except the new lies will be this intestine thing and whatever other bullshit they concoct together. does this guy have no functioning radar? margo is obviously not right in the head, jassy worked it out even though she made the first mistake of sheltering this monster.

seriously, if / when margo harms someone, all these people who collude with and support her take some of the blame.

No. 289463

100%. there is literally no other reason for her to go there.

No. 289465

Based Aunt Zsu keeps changing her insta bio, backing further away from maggs each time. 'Sister I still love you' is long gone. It read 'I support who I want. Those who deserve it' for a bit. Now it's 'Just want my peace and no rumours. Still active in the background. No worrys.'

Good for you, Zsu.

I bet she got a toxic hateful DM from mangot when she posted the pics of her wearing the t-shirts from Venus's shop.

No. 289466

I think Margo also got their mom to harass Zsu about "family first" and "love your sister!!1!"

No. 289467

this is so likely.

No. 289468

Yeah, it's def. gonna be all about margob ranting about VENOOS with the same crazy shit she's been spewing all over IG, plus maybe some new 'exclusive' made-up crap thrown in. Seriously though, how many of this kid's viewers are gonna give a crap about some middle-aged Hungarian hobo's rantings? Hell most of them won't even be able to understand the bitch, unless he includes (English) subtitles, lol. Plus, unless the kid has real evidence to back the shit up it'll just be mange & a bunch of uncorroborated crap.

I'm not even that worried about it any more, honestly. I'll still watch it and crush the kid like a cockroach if needed tho. Just like the crushing vid he posted to pump up those view$.

No. 289470

margo's 'exclusives' are going to consist of rambling about 'plots', hitler and bullying.

No. 289478

Out of all things, I think Margo's mom being an enabler is super fucked up. It's like those families that rather keep the victim quiet than expose one of their family members as an abuser.

No. 289483

don't think this family is 100% great with just one bad egg in it. there's showing compassion, and there's helping someone to hurt someone else. margo has plenty of options to support herself but she doesn't have to even try because others are stepping in to aid her to be, basically, evil. there is no rationale for margo to need to fly back to japan now, and whoever gave or loaned her that money is responsible for what margo does next.

No. 289486

SK - Japan
Japan - China
China - Germany
Germany - England (train)
England - Japan

is this correct ^? I kinda wanna sum up how much Marge must have spent on airline tickets alone in just the last couple of months.

No. 289489


you forgot when she went to Canada for a few days to "sue" Venus.
And after that she tried to re-enter Japan again but then had to go back to South Korea, after that she made the China trip, returned to South Korea and then went to Germany - as much I remember.

No. 289490

I have no sympathy for this piece of shit, if Margo is crazy in real life good, plenty of people have tried to explain to him and he maintains the idea that Margo deserves money from Venus because "she made her" and regards all things Margo has done as "inconclusive screenshots". Like fuck off bruh, the best thing we can do about the video is IGNORE IT, just don't watch it, unfortunately rabid fans will swarm to try to defend Venus which doesn't help, fuck this guy, the fact that he's going to get an interview from Margo but has refused to reach out to Venus says everything we need to know.

No. 289493


Japan - SK
SK - Japan (stalked V & M's apartment, called cops)
Japan - Vancouver
Vancouver - SK

SK - China(stopover) - Hamburg
Hamburg - London (train)

London - ?? (via Moscow)

Btw: all rageposts from SK post-Vancouver are deleted. Someone new to mange would think wow, what a lovely, well-traveled woman, why all the hate?

No. 289494


as much I personally love travelling, it just stresses me to see mags being on the road all the time without a home to return. You can't tell me that it's so much fun do this for such a long time and live in some dirty ass places without a job and so on.
I really wonder for how long she will be continue with this lifestyle.

And what happen to her plans to settle in europe anyway? when she is back in japan, she can take care of her 18 boxes of shit again?

I have so many questions about this situation jesus.

No. 289495

Seoul > Tokyo
Cheap rip around Japan
Tokyo > Seoul
Seoul > Tokyo
Tokyo > Seoul
Seoul > Vancouver
Vancouver > (US city?)
(US city?) > Vancouver
Vancouver > Tokyo
Tokyo > Seoul
Seoul > Hamburg (stopover Beijing)
Hamburg > London (19h by bus!)
London > (Tokyo?) (stopover Moscow?)

That's what I've got.

No. 289496

^Cheap trip

No. 289498

No shit, it wears me out just thinking about it. She's been running from one Airbnb to the next, living out of 2 suitcases since Feb.

She was running high on adrenaline for the first couple of months but the air has been slowly leaking from her balloon since she got back from Vancouver/kicked out of Japan and ran out of $$ and copyright claims. Now she's fading fast on YT and IG too No more attention, 'fame' or $$. She's due for a crash soon, might even be having one now. #notsorry

No. 289499

I liked *cheap rip tho

No. 289500

I'm so anal about hotel bookings I can't imagine how this bitch can keep flailing around the globe when she's not sure she'll have a place to stay next week.

She probably thinks of herself as a stronk womyn who don't need no man, instead she's a crazy cunt who's exploited her underage child for years.

No. 289501

it still works

No. 289502

Btw what happened with venus isnt she supposed to upload videos or have missed one. Is she in trouble cause of margos visit. I wish aunt zsu would go to japan meet venus and tell margo to fuck off

No. 289504

I was wondering if Maggoy could get her channel down again? She's done it twice now. Why she cannot do it again?

No. 289506

yes maggot can probably do it again. so far she reported 90+ vids but there are 200+.

perhaps if she makes a third report she will lose her own channel when the claims are overturned. whn you make claims you agree your own channel can be terminated if you are found to abuse the process. with two sets of claims overturned just through lack of follow through in court, the third may be her last? at least that's what I'm hoping.

No. 289507

Didn't she say she was going to upload a video every day? She's been so quiet lately

No. 289509

these are the cheapest flights from expedia
>Seoul - Tokyo
$250x 5
>Seoul - Vancouver
>Vancouver - Tokyo
>Seoul - Hamburg
>London - Tokyo

she's spent about $5,000 on flights.

these were actually a lot cheaper than I thought, especially since she's alone. The bus from Hamburg to London is apparently around $30-$50.

No. 289512

From Seoul to Hamburg, Margs spent only around 350€!

No. 289513

She definitely got coaches for some of the European legs though 'cause she was complaining about it.

No. 289514

File: 1468674723694.jpg (86.79 KB, 981x502, 2much4you.jpg)

Oh Margo keep dreaming you crazy homeless river monster.

No. 289516

Yeah, something might be going on w/Venus…she posted on Wed. that she'd be uploading a new video in 2 hours, then again saying her video editing program kept crashing and she was going to a huge bookstore the next day and was super excited about it! Then…nothing. No video, missed her scheduled Friday upload too. No activity on IG either, no 'likes,' nothing. I don't like it.

No. 289518

Those are so fugly. No wonder Margo wants them. She loves expensive ugly trash.

No. 289519

just the one coach - hamburg to london. she flew into hamburg from beijing, and flew from london to tokyo.

No. 289522

File: 1468678947079.jpg (278.85 KB, 730x483, 1445fe95-cc9d-4bb0-9867-901f9b…)


FWIW, the beach pic she posted does look like Miho beach in Shizuoka (pic attached.) Same rocky beach etc. Whether it's new or old is another question tho. She doesn't say she's there now and the hashtags are just #beach #lol #niceday. It's hard to believe if she did manage to slime her way into Japan her only posts would be this one and 2 of a random dog, and not a single #Japan or #Japantrip hashtag. *shrug

No. 289524

I legit fear for venus. Margo could gone berzerk and murder her.

No. 289525

that landmass is not quite the same (that doesn't mean she's not in japan though).

No. 289526

with Venus' imaginary $15K a month she'd be able to afford them!

No. 289527

Is it just me or is this all getting a little weird?

-Venus awol after saying she'd post every day;
-Margo's location a mystery;
-Grandpa's Japanese hospital image.

No. 289529

With the health problems she had recently, I'm guessing complications related to it. Makes sense why she disappeared so suddenly (rush to the ER) and it's possible she either can't or doesn't want to update from in the hospital. Possibly she's in the hospital that grandpa posted a picture of - his comment that it's a nice hospital being because they're treating Venus there.

No. 289530

i hope it's as benign as this.

No. 289539

File: 1468687301445.png (595.9 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

The writing on the side of the boat looks Japanese.

No. 289540

That dude will be disappointed.

No. 289541

They'll meet in the airport?

No. 289543

Sort of unrelated, but not so much… Can you get copyright claims by reading copyrighted material out aloud? Thinking of doing a few videos, including a transcript of the marenus interview, as well as other horrendous literary pieces.

I assume the interview is copyright of the people who interviewed Venus (and margendo) for the 'living doll', but I'm also wondering about books. I know that books are super OT here, but we seem to have some lawfags in the thread.

Sorry, if you guys think I should delete, I will.

No. 289545

>>Still active in the background
Obviously, she finally could contact Venus.

No. 289547

File: 1468689596752.jpg (71.68 KB, 520x390, lake-yamanaka-swan-boat.jpg)

Pretty sure this photo was taken at Lake Yamanaka, near Mt Fuji. See the giant swan in the middle? I think it's this swan-shaped ferry that operates on the lake.

No. 289552

Anything copyrighted is fair game to use for the purposes of parody or critique, I would argue a video such as the one you've planned probably constitutes both.

But remember that bogus claims are always upheld, so even though the law is on your side, it wouldn't protect you from a DMCA claim in the first instance. As I have said countless times in these threads already, youtube (or any other website for that matter) Is not allowed to decide whether the claim is legitimate or not. They have to accept all of them. It just means your content would be reinstated or win in court if it ever got that far.

No. 289553

This is an old pic, I'm pretty sure. She posted this at 2:30 am Japan time. She's still in Europe judging by that posting schedule.

No. 289554

>see Venoos? if your trans fake husband have a nice car, my friend too!!1!

No. 289557

She deleted another few pictures…don't know which but I remembered the number of her photos and its was going down…
Literally, I'm going crazy! Grandpa with the photo of the hospital, Venus being quite as shit and Margo being in Japan, plus Aunt Zsu changing her opinion…

No. 289558


yeah there is something strange about this situation and I'm super curious about an update from venus in some way. Shit is always about to hit the fan when it's so quite.

No. 289559

Chill. Everything is screencapped, and if we know anything about Margo, it's that she can't keep her mouth shut for long (although I am super amused at her use of a cheap comforter as a video background for her last vid; her anger at us figuring out all her locations amuses me.)

No. 289561

File: 1468696782591.png (35.42 KB, 311x198, Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.1…)

Hmm. We still think swiggi is Mags' new sock, right? If so, it sounds like she's hinting around being in Japan to file her court case. If that's the case, Margo got money from someone.

No. 289564

Courts are close on the weekend and I dont see a reason for her to be in Japan to file her case.

No. 289566

Maybe since she doesn't call anywhere home and isn't a real resident anywhere, she feels she'd just sue Venus on her home turf. Just speculating here of course.

And I just have to add that all the super sleuths here amaze me with their skills or decoding Margo's pictures. It makes you wonder if she slithered her way back into Japan now or if she's still trying to punk us. Keep up the good work super sleuths.

No. 289571

We´re talking about the same woman who rushed to Canada then to the USA(?) because YT told her to do it haha

No. 289572

Yeah, just because it's not possible or sane, doesn't mean Margo isn't going for it. She can't file anything in court on a weekend; doesn't have any money; and doesn't have a case - but none of that will stop her from implying or actually attempting to do so.

"I am famoos celebrity manager for 6 years Margaret Palermo, open thees court for me NOW or pay me $10.000 usd!"

No. 289583

lol where would she wear them? For another Poison Granny cosplay?

No. 289585

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at any lawyer's office magro drags her trolley suitcase into.
>"And then my psychopath daughter and her pedo husband stole $$$$$ from me."
>,,, Okusan, your daughter is nineteen and her husband twenty six. Also, where's the proof that is your money?
>"Finding proof is the court's job! This lolsuit will be very high profile and profitable for you!"
>… Mmmmh … Sadly, that is not likely.
>"You stupid Japanese cultist! Get enough money from Weenoos for my Yeezy shoes at least! "
>[Inserts bullshit procedural reason to get rid of batshit gaijin baabaa]
>"Waaaaaaaah! Bully! Weenoos put you up to this! You're not even a real lawyer anyway!"

Any foreign lawyers licensed to work in Japan are exceedingly rare and have even less tolerance for bullshit. They will be entertained for the fifteen minutes that she gets if she even gets a foot in the door.

No. 289586

Mange, AirBnB hosts aren't friends.

No. 289588

I don't think aunt Zsu changed her opinion she just has to be quieter about it on social media. I think Margo got their mother to tell her to knock it off or something.
Stuff is happening in the background here and I'm a bit anxious too.

No. 289592

It's not a good thing that the hospital is in Shizuoka and magro is hinting she's there too. If Venus is in hospital, I hope magro gets arrested and deported when she tries to force her way in. If grandma is supporting this BS she needs her old ass kicked.

No. 289599

I don't buy the whole 'Margo coming to kill Venus' thing. Venus is either a source of funding and attention or a reason to get funding and attention from others (Weenus is booly!). Besides, even thinking of herself, she can't have a glamorous jetsetting life full of fiancees and yeezy shoes if she's in prison. I really doubt there's anything on her mind past suing or scaring.

No. 289600

What court case though? We discussed at length that if she wants Venus' vids suppressed worldwide, she has to go to California. No Japanese case will have that effect.

While there are plenty of sockpuppets in Margo's comment section, what they say is not interesting so stop trying to put trolling under the microscope as if it can yield actual information.

No. 289602

she does talk about death a lot, and that Venus is trying to make her die. when you think like that you could do anything. hurting Manaki (in order to hurt Venus) might not be beyond her. she's not really a sociopath so she'd really have to justify it to herself through Venus' "wrongdoings".

No. 289603

I can still only really see her attacking if really provoked. It doesn't suit her MO to do something so outright. In her totally MENSA mind she thinks she can mindgame Venus into surrendering whatever she wants. A couple bruises when no one was around to see them is one thing, but an outright assault is way too much for someone as passive-aggressive and reliant on being the victim as her.

No. 289605

The thing is though, people with personality disorders project their negative thoughts, which means that when she says Venus wants her dead, it means she thinks Venus' death would vindicate her in a Mother Gothel told you so but you wouldn't listen! way. You brought it on yourself! You made mother do it! Weenoos is dead but mother is the real victim!

The IQ thing and the Mensa membership must be bullshit. How many members of Mensa never master decent English?

No. 289607

It's fucking sad but I wonder if Magrot ever loved Venus. She conceived her to trap a guy into marrying her, used her to try and get fame (see: that "Ready Steady Charlie" movie thing), isolates her from having friendships and most obvious of all, uses her for financial gain, reaping all the benefits (Chanel makeup and expensive gaudy ass bags) and gives Venus the scraps (dollar store makeup).

No. 289608

Is nicejewishmama trolling Venus' IG pretending to be several fat women?

No. 289609

read her rants though, she does consider herself provoked a la >>289605 - that venus is trying to see her dead. I still think she would go for manaki first and that incident outside the apartment - if she'd been in the state of mind to bring a weapon - could have gone very badly. I hope there is no repeat and that margo stays inside the law. margo literally has no reason to be inside japan other than to terrorise venus, which is what makes this so bad.

No. 289610

hey you're right. big_yo_mama reads just like her creeper schizoaffective style, and the account looks like her too.

No. 289612

The talk about dancing is a dead give away. As if she doesn't have enough on her plate with one crazy old sex and money obsessed bat chasing her.

No. 289614

This isn't a marge sock hinting at being in Japan for a court case. Look at it in context, it's randoms speculating:

- random wk: stop saying mean things to marge!
- fangelic: are you kidding? she's about to sue her own daughter! she's fucking insane!
- wk #2: well I think that would be a good thing. Get all facts out, stop all the rumors.
- swiggi: wow! are they in court now?

etc. etc.
and that's how rumors get started, and spread… "I heard margaret is in Japan to sue Venus!"

No. 289615

look at the account too, it's got all her favourite interests in just 9 pics.

No. 289618

I meant provoked more like, a face to face argument and someone gets aggressive. Either way, I agree Magrot's just there to make Venus' life hell. I just think Venus is worth more to her alive than dead.

No. 289621

>the PROOFS are in my storage oonit AND MY macbook!
>Yes ma'am but what kind of proofs are those? we need to see them so we can…

No. 289622

File: 1468727142986.jpg (366.27 KB, 1800x975, margo59.jpg)

L8 but I have confirmed Margo's beach with precision. It's Numazu.


No. 289623

yeah nah I don't see that happening either (an argument that gets violent). her mind is very warped though and that might justify a passionate act.

No. 289624

Marge also claimed Venus would die at Manaki's hands. Scary shit.

No. 289626

They shouldn't have any in person contact. The last time they did it was at the airport when Margo tried to grab Venus. Then she showed up at their place and got in Manakis face with the camera when V wouldn't leave the apartment. I don't think she would try to murder Venus but it's not out of line to assume she could get violent either.

No. 289630

File: 1468728589255.jpg (160.7 KB, 948x1400, margo60.jpg)

I know the hospital has been discussed here at length but to relate to the beach location, here is the exact hospital location map. You will see they are about 1hr apart by car.

No. 289631

File: 1468728992066.gif (805.77 KB, 500x281, giphy (14).gif)

Damn, Anon. You're GOOD

No. 289632

So she fucking did it. 75 miles & a 2hr $38 bus ride from Tokyo. She's back like the fucking plague. Whoever helped her do this should DIAF

No. 289634

Thanks!! I've been clicking on bays and looking at peninsulas for ages… But it totally makes sense when you think about the other locations (hospital, lake) that anons have supplied here. To think like Margo, just follow the google photospheres I guess.

No. 289636

it's got to be her mother, and / or unless azlabyrinth is really that stupid. he doesn't look rich either.

No. 289638

Great find anon
also happy bday

No. 289639

ha thanks! I just realised what that meant.

No. 289640

File: 1468730439253.jpeg (89.03 KB, 750x588, image.jpeg)

Sorry if this has been posted already. I just found this while browsing my YouTube timeline and a video called 5 banned youtubers popped up.

No. 289643

Yep, was already posted, along with a fair bit of material on that video. Why some minor YT channel dude would claim he's flying from Ireland to Tokyo to interview a stateless river kappa is beyond me.

At any rate, we're still not 100% that Margo is there; she could be posting old photos. Her silence is always a tense period; because of her insanity, she could literally have gone anywhere, and I wouldn't put any action past her.

No. 289646

Meant to ask this before but how do you know he's in/from Ireland?

No. 289647

File: 1468731660119.png (47.03 KB, 792x398, Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.0…)

Country: Ireland

No. 289649

That blue Lexus is very distinctive. I would love to causally spot it in street view, but it's probably garaged most of the time.

No. 289651

Prob. just a random car she snapped a pic of and called it a "friend's."

No. 289654

IKR? Margo has no friends, we know this. If she's in Japan, and she had friends in Japan, she'd have stayed with them before instead of paying rent for 3 months.

The only place she's had any success with keeping her human suit on for more than a few days is South Korea, which is probably why she's so keen to move back.

No. 289655

margo is ultra-predictable with the "friends" label. this car belongs either to her host or to a fellow guest.

No. 289658

Has it been tentatively confirmed she's back in Japan?! So we have 3 months of terror and no peace for Venus ahead?

No. 289660

We confirmed that the beach photos she posted are all from Japan. However, she posted one of them at almost 3am Japan time, making it unlikely that she posted it from Japan, IMO. She's never up that late unless she's in a freak out, and she's never quiet during one of those.

No. 289661

Seriously. Look how long the "friendship" with hamburg jassy lasted once they met irl. It's not an accident that the only living beings with her in her pics are dogs and that kid she sat next to on the plane.

Scanning around from your link, that's not exactly the pristine beach she's trying to make it out to be…looks more like a strip of gravel running along the bay next to a walkway & a road, right off downtown Numazu. Wonder if her 2 suitcases are just outside the frame, lol

No. 289663

Anon, 3am means nothing. Bitch posted 2 of her videos in the UK at 4am local time and she's been on IG commenting at all hours too. She has erratic sleeping patterns.

No. 289664

yeah you can see the fishing nets? and the buoy/s in margos pic. typical margo… she probably walked from the train / bus down here on her way to her hobo destination.

re. "friends", I think she was really shocked at how bad she was received in Germany, it seemed to send her right off. IME Germans are polite but will also be very direct. she is more comfortable in japan or korea because she can impose on people using the language difference and reluctance to speak rudely.

No. 289665

Jetlag London to Tokyo, and she's not in the best shape mentally or physically so it would be worse. I'd expect her to be keeping strange hours on arrival.

No. 289675

I hate to say it, but the weather down in Shizuoka has been shit for the last couple of days. Tokyo got a lot of rain recently, too. I wonder if grandpa is trying to make everyone agree and set up some kind of meeting.

No. 289692

at the hospital maybe

No. 289693

With a crazy narcissist like margoyle grandpa's family ueber alles stance does more harm than good. She should not be around V at all, especially if V's health is already compromised.

No. 289695

File: 1468745344101.png (790.24 KB, 1021x534, bbe35f2a-12d5-43c3-a47c-d28441…)

Another view of mange's #beach, from link at >>289622

wow fun day at the #beach huh marge?

No. 289697

File: 1468745719825.jpg (26.96 KB, 320x320, t16iEXX.jpg)


#beach #niceday #LOL

No. 289706

File: 1468748856300.png (234.11 KB, 391x405, 606f4ae8-2276-412b-9ff6-5a314f…)

You can really see it here, lol
She literally just walked down those stairs, plopped herself down & said "I take peekchur of #beach for internets!"
sorry for the spam but this cracks me up for some reason..

No. 289719

it's hellweek you know.

also… late.

No. 289721

maybe margo got there of her own volition / her mother's doing. but I agree it's a very harmful attitude.

No. 289731

File: 1468764877435.png (421.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-13-05…)

Njm is so creepy holy shit

No. 289737

jesus. schizoaffective-sounding and a total sleazebag, what a combo.

No. 289739

Well, I remember that Margo, during her rage rants on instagram, mentioned that YT wouldn't give her Venus's new address. Might make sense that she's in Japan and frustrated that she can no longer show up at Venus's place anymore. I bet that crazy old hag went to her best friend landlord and tried getting a new address from her.

No. 289772

What is even the context of this comment?

No. 289776

File: 1468780464741.png (867.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-17-20-33-49…)

No. 289781

Can't post a screenshot but grampa posted a pic of car similar to the car in margo's latest post


Seems like he's having fun trolling. Margo had to get it from somewhere.

No. 289784

Ok, but that photo is from Sydney; that's the Sydney Opera House in the background.

No. 289785

Between this and the hospital pic he's baiting us or Margo.

No. 289813

He also deleted the one about the Japanese hospital. It's so fucked up. I bet they are laughing about us because we don't know what the fuck a going on.

No. 289815

I'm with the anon further up the thread questioning grandpa and the rest of the family. I get they're old and don't know how to social media but why the fuck else are they posting all this cryptic shit if not to just confuse and rile up Venus' followers. They obviously don't want to actually clarify the situation, and seem to enjoy the attention they're getting by being involved in the drama. It's fucking weird and I don't think they're nearly as good as everyone has been making out, and Venus has probably not contacted them because of this.

No. 289829

File: 1468794550352.jpeg (174.04 KB, 750x938, image.jpeg)

what the hell is wrong with this family?

No. 289830

calm the fuck down y'all, I doubt grandpa has any idea what lolcow is let alone have some master troll xdxddxd plans towards us. based on aunty zsu's comment >>289829 they're definitely trying to get at margarine

No. 289832

Did I say anything about lolcow? No. I said they were doing it to Venus' followers, most of which are just impressionable teenagers who don't know we exist.

The point is, they can either post clearly and actually explain what's going on, they can not post at at all if they actually want to help. Posting all this weird cryptic shit just stirs the pot, which even if you know nothing about social media, it's basically gossiping and saying "I've got a secret but I can't tell you!" everyone knows that kind of shit does nothing.

No. 289833

Margo talks to her mom. It's pretty clear that his IG isn't just for family at his point. He knows he has an audience and likes to post cryptic shit. No one said he was a "master troll" but he clearly likes to have fun with this whole situation. And why provoke Margo when they know she's crazy?

No. 289834

Stop bickering; Margo is insane, her family is likely equally unbalanced; and no one knows why they're having a weird pictorial conversation. Margo will make milk again soon. Hellweek is in effect, and pointless arguments will get you a time out.

No. 289835


Ferenc isn't there for satisfying other's drama needs, you know. He only cares about his family.

No. 289836

Hungarian mentality may be?

He obviously mocks margarine

No. 289837

You can't say that unless you know him personally. Maybe he is making a misguided attempt at communication or maybe he is just bored and likes to see how people react to his bread crumbs.

No. 289838

Why do you feel the need to post things like this whenever websites aren't hugboxes? The site is for discussing drama, key word here is discussing, and that means posters will disagree quite a lot of the time. It's not against the spirit of the site for users to disagree with one another or post about it. It's not bickering.

You know what is fucking annoying though? Whenever people are having an interesting discussion someone like you comes along and feels the need to tell everyone to "Calm down guys omg stop arguing!"
(hellweek. tried to warn you.)

No. 289841

Yeah, it totally makes sense to learn how to drive in Japan when Americans drive on the opposite side of the road. Wtf does NJM think she wants to move to the US???

No. 289842


NJM still has hopes of Venus accepting her fetish porn job offers hahaha

No. 289843

I read it as 'Margo needs to aim for things like cool cars instead of ruining venus'

No. 289846

Pretty sure that's a photo from an ad or something. No way some grandpa with his cellphone could takea professional looking picture like that.

No. 289848

File: 1468801471956.gif (442.19 KB, 400x239, thisaintfunnynomorefam.gif)

All this talk about Venus being in the hospital and Margo being back in Japan is seriously making me anxious. I don't know why I'm so invested in this! It just makes me sad to see Venus being free for a little while, and now she probably has to go into hiding again because of Maggot.

No. 289853

you can't just park your car on the quay like that. it is absolutely an ad.

grandpa is trolling, which is not very pleasant of him. why poke the bear? for fun? margo can only harm venus by being in japan - she has literally no other purpose there.

No. 289855

I'm also worried that Venus has a medical problem? Can someone who follows her on insta confirm whether she' been 'liking' things at all while absent?

No. 289858


Here we go again

No. 289859

At this point, I think we'll have to wait for that "vexxed" twit to make his video; Margo has been very quiet for over a week, and it makes me think she had to agree to keep her trap shut until his video comes out (he'd lose views if she separately went on an instagram rant or made a video of her own.)

Venus being off the grid has happened before when: she's been sick; or Margo fucks with her big time. We'll have to wait and see which it is this time.

As for Margo's family and Ferenc's weird post: again, we just have to wait and see. Keeping an eye on things is certainly not a waste of time, but additional further info, we just don't know.

Margo won't stay quiet forever, though.

No. 289867

Just my speculations, which are probably wrong, but:

Regarding the car, maybe it's Ferenc's way of saying, "Don't worry, Margo's not in Japan. Look, I can post photos from anywhere, it doesn't mean I'm there."

If this is the case, he probably can't come out and say as much because it would let Margo know her ruse is up and possibly push her to more extreme behavior.

Regarding Venus' absence, aren't she and Manaki moving apartments? By my experience, when one moves it takes a while to get the internet service set up- and there's a pretty good chance of something getting fucked up somewhere and then there might not be reliable internet for like two weeks. (Thanks for nothing, Fairpoint Communications, lol.)

Point being, the current situation with Venus and her family is- hopefully- more benign than it might at first look.

No. 289869

>>Regarding the car, maybe it's Ferenc's way of saying, "Don't worry, Margo's not in Japan. Look, I can post photos from anywhere, it doesn't mean I'm there."

Now that's an interesting idea.

No. 289872

Agree! Maybe Grandpa wants us to calm down :)

No. 289877

I checked and didn't see any recent activity from her. I hope she's okay.

No. 289878

No IG activity at all since her last post (late Wed. night Japan time.)
The next morning (Th.) is when maggrut posted her first pic from Japan (the #beach.)

No. 289879

Welp, I guess Margo finally donned her Venus shape costume.

No. 289880

I believe Margo's beach and lake photos are real.

Whatever grandpa's on about, only him and maybe Zsu get the joke - it might just be about being materialistic, even. Or he wants to say, he could post the hospital pic but not actually be in the hospital. Zsu lurks here so she might have reported that we're talking about that pic. Also, he posted like he was in Japan, then the map showing all his trips - no Japan on there. Yes, this could all be grandpa humour of some kind.

Venus was about to finish / upload another vid and also go out to a bookstore the following day. She didn't say she was moving house (even though she could well be). She hasn't updated in 5 days with even a hint of why she changed from the planned schedule.

I don't want to dampen your optimism but I believe Margo is really in Japan.

No. 289882

shit if I was her I wouldn't say a damn thing online about moving until after it was done - IF it was posted about. she's probably terrified Maggot'll show up again and follow them to the new place.

No. 289886

It's the sudden & total lack of Youtube activity that has me concerned. That stupid channel is REALLY important to her. She just got it back & was uploading like crazy, then BOOM, nothing. She missed her scheduled upload day on Friday too. It's just so sudden & right when the Maggot unexpectedly pops up just outside Tokyo too. Maybe that's just a coincidence but idk, I have a bad feeling about this.

She has a scheduled upload in 3 hours so we'll see if that happens. I could see having internet issues IF they're moving, but if that was it surely she could get to a Starbucks or anywhere with wifi to upload a video, right? She has a stockpile of vids she recorded while her channel was down, it shouldn't be that hard..

No. 289896

Getting her channel back seemed to give Venus so much enthusiasm. It's the complete silence from her that is making me suspect more health problems. I hope she's ok.

No. 289900

Yeah this is it for me too. If she'd said 'new video on x day guys' it would seem more deliberate. I totally get hiding that they are moving from Margo if that's what's happening. But her sudden disappearance tends to suggest a medical issue. Even if well enough, she might not feel like updating anyone.

No. 289911

Worse case scenario is this was all a hoax and was the surprise Margo said they had coming for us in 2016 thus explaining why she could travel the world because she was never actually cut off financially ..

- wont lie part of me still feels like some of this is fake or over exaggerated with all the trolling happening, with zero explanations..(stop this stupid conspiracy theory)

No. 289914

I've had enough of your stupid conspiracies, people have been saying this since day 1. No, Venus did not "run away" for more yootoob followers. Miggle maggles is not smart enough to get a hoax going of this magnitude and she wouldn't have her ATM's channel taken down if they were in on it together so fuck off with that stupid shit

No. 289916

how would venus going without months of income, margo having to get someone to haul 18 boxes around tokyo, the video of her freaking manaki out outside their house, margo moving from airbnb to shitty dorm all fit with "faking it".

margo literally went to stay at the home of a supporter in hamburg, who then realised she was a freak and kicked her out. margo borrowed money from that girl and refused to pay it back. these things really happened. it's not faked. margo doesn't intentionally make herself look bad - she thinks the shitty things she writes and says make her look good.

there surely is so much physical evidence stacked up now that the idea of faking it can't be sustained at all.

No. 289924

next thread should include "no it isn't a hoax and Ferenc isn't trolling people, stfu about it" on the OP

No. 289926

Same! I wish Manaki would update his IG and let us know whats going on. I know they don't have to, and they probably what a type of privacy, but I'd like to at least know she isn't laying comatose in a hospital.

No. 289927


I know it was already answered before, but what did happen to Margo's boxes ? So much shit has happened it difficult to remember everything.

I think if Venus actually moved then thats probably why she's quiet. A lot of crap to set up including the internet ( Unless Japanese apartments automatically have that hooked up) And didn't Margo say Youtube is refusing to give her the address … LOL, so this bitch is already reporting Venus' youtube videos again. I think its a mix of she's fixing the new place up while dealing with new false copyright claims.

No. 289928

>the video of her freaking manaki out outside their house,

wait what's that? did i miss something

No. 289929


Margo filed false copyright claims against Venus. Venus had to put her house address down on Youtube for the counterclaim ( can't remember fully how she worded it ) Margo saw the house address and went to their house to stir up shit and ended up bumping into Manaki when her got off work. Margo then pulled out her camera and flung it around to make it look like Manaki attacked her and posted the video to IG with " see ! Their both evil. Mana attacked me when I was worried for Venus" This was a while ago though, you'll have to search around for the video.

No. 289930


yeah mags showed up in April (?) in front of Venus and Manaki's Apartment when he returned home from work or so and mags was waiting for him. She filmed everything and pretended he was hitting her while shaking the camera like an idiot while he did nothing.


No. 289932

Manaki was only trying to grab the phone becaus margo was filming his cars license plate number.

No. 289933

File: 1468858816289.webm (7.64 MB, 1280x720, ma.webm)

Damn, thanks. Dunno how i managed to miss this one. Found a slowed down version of the vid too

No. 289934

Dear God that is such an 'old lady' style of applying lipstick in the OP pic

No. 289945

No. 289949


Slow motion of Manaki's wtf are you doing face.. Gold.

No. 289950

How can you be this stupid and still be alive?

No. 289967

It's probably stupid but what if
- Morgue, Venus and their family got interviewed by Vexxed.
- Venus & family decided to stop Margento and lure her into a trap.

What are the pros and the cons of those both hypotheses?

No. 289975

Margo found a place for them but it wasn't with anyone who posts here, so we don't know where. She was corresponding with someone from here about keeping them for six months.

No. 289977

>this bitch is already reporting Venus' youtube videos again.

No she isn't. Venus' channel is still up, you turnip.

No. 290171

let's talk about how probable they are: zero.

No. 290185

I thought nobody could be more pathetic than asslabyrinth and chuface together, and there are you proving me wrong

No. 290192

Well damn…. Margoose has been cleaning quite a bit, her comments are cleaned right up ..
Youtube only takes down the channel if there is three strikes, so who knows Margo could have just reported one video to try and see if she could get the new address. If she is actually in Japan she could have shown up at the place and realized it was barren and tried to see if she could once again get the house address from Youtube via copyright claim system.

So calm your titties before I slap'em.

No. 290195

She could lost her channel this time if tries to abuse the copyclaim system again. Or at least that's what YT pretend to make us believe hah.

Given how stupid margrot is and given how fullscreen and YT apparently doesn't give a shit about Venus, mongrel wouldn't mind risking her channel just to get V's new address

No. 290197


>if Venus actually moved then thats probably why she's quiet. A lot of crap to set up including the internet

As said before, even if they are moving & w/o internet Venus could still get to a Starbucks or any place with wifi to upload a video. She's missed 2 scheduled uploads now.

>a mix of she's fixing the new place up while dealing with new false copyright claims.

Anon, pls. New copyright claims would result in YT taking the channel down, IMMEDIATELY.

No. 290207

Its really possible that this YouTube guy also asked to interview Venus - but as far as I know about her, she isn't the person to be fine with it.
Still so fucked up

No. 290221

that little Vexxed youtube dude might well have DM'd Venus about an interview but I seriously doubt she responded, lol. The guy's a nobody Runescape-playing kid trying to hit the big time by posting other people's videos. I'm sure Venus has never heard of him & wouldn't give a shit about him or his little videos if she did.

No. 290223

Newsflash but when you're dealing with the stress of moving, youtube videos are generally your lowest priority

No. 290240

Especially when your mother is roaming around Japan like a deranged crow.

No. 290241

Of course… but she acted like there was video coming, which is odd of her to do then disappear. They may be moving sooner or in a way that they didn't expect due to the renewed haunting by Margo.

No. 290242

If Venus sends another counter-notice (now or in the future) featuring her home address instead of that of a lawyer… ergh. You have a good point, Margo may be holding back the flood of claims in order to get that new info. V & M consider it serious enough to break a lease and move, so I hope they realise the stakes now.

No. 290247

Would they be able to use a PO box for the counter notice? I know they cost money but it might be worth to just to escape Mags.

No. 290248

File: 1468927151018.png (73.12 KB, 640x203, 1468054037893.png)

I'm reposting this picture from the previous thread. It seems like she's lamenting that she can't file again to get their new address or youtube won't release that info to her even if she does file. Typical Margo of course she's already thought about how to get access to that new address…

No. 290249

Golly gee, if that doesn't sound like a sane, rational loving mother then I don't know what does!

No. 290251

Nyoo Weenoos

No. 290252

Many small, solo-practitioners (attorneys who work by themselves and often can't afford an office) will use a private UPS store mailbox. The employees there will often accept service on your behalf and will
Sometimes tell you the exact time and date docuwnrs have been received, which is great when attorneys lie and say, "I sent x, you should have received it)

So yeah, this is something Venus needs to do rather than give out her home address. If course, Margo will end up stalking the UPS shore asdress but Venus and Manaki can send a friend to check it.

No. 290253

>Venus puts a PO Box
Marge: Can you BELIEVE IT? Manaki stuff Wenus into tiny box, she live in big box with me, she make 15000 a month she never should have left you cannot even fit one Swarovski studded yeezy in there. Where are my belongings that she stole from me???

No. 290255

her comments are a little cringy

No. 290256

why doesn't she wipe the food off her face after she's eaten it?????

No. 290257

File: 1468932926873.jpg (26.66 KB, 900x179, copy.jpg)

She can't use a reposting service as it has to be a real, hard address where legal action can be directed. The info about the address being passed along is very prominently displayed on YT's counter notice page. I can't believe Venus did not use a lawyer the first time around.

No. 290258

No. 290268

I wouldn't give him that credit, several people have asked him if he would reach out to Venus and he has ignored them, he has no intention

No. 290288

Well YAY, she's still alive!
The ending was super cute, btw. Nice touch venus-chan!

No. 290295

I really wonder about the lack of pictures of mags. I thought she will spam the shit out of Insta about being back in Japan but it stopped after the car pic. Or does she wait to return with the "truth video" of vexxed? What is she doing?

No. 290297


Because it's child-like and kawaii to eat like a messy helpless toddler.

No. 290299

File: 1468948827632.jpg (55.57 KB, 648x340, zzzzzzzzzz.jpg)

>>290251 just saw this in the comments, can Vexxed shut the fuck up?

No. 290303

Why is anyone giving him any attention? His aim to get people watching his videos, doesn't matter if they agree or not. Making venus fans angry will gain him a lot of views.

No. 290309


She comes back and gives us this… ugh.

No. 290325

saged for being slightly OT but as soon as I saw this, IDK why but it gave me strong Mergle vibes. I could see her chimping out and actually doing this. It scares me.

No. 290330

I've wondered if it's because they want to show people that they are not crazy like Margo.

No. 290332

File: 1468956921976.jpg (117.7 KB, 496x520, maxresdefault.jpg)

Not a fan of Venus' latest video. Her style reminded me of one of the Dance Moms kids. The odd thing was she had the plastic set up under the ice cream with the intention of making a mess of it was just strange. I hope she will do an outfit or accessories video.

No. 290337

well she was trying to show off the stretching of the ice cream so I'm sure she figured it'd be messy. what's wrong with being prepared?

No. 290354

such quality… wow

No. 290355

File: 1468970066989.jpeg (54.81 KB, 750x431, image.jpeg)

Aunt Zsu updated her profile again. Apparently now she just wants to stay active in the background?

No. 290359

Is she showing any activity on Insta at all (likes, whatever?). That vid was announced 6 days ago and now just pops up without fanfare.

I hope Magoot doesn't have them all hostage somewhere.


No. 290360

L8 but yeah, she pulled it back, gramps posted the hospital pic, Marge arrived in Japan, Venus disappeared… all around the same time.

We still know from her previous bio that she's a messy bitch who lives for drama like the rest of us. Ha.

No. 290386

No. 290390

great, so she's around at least.

No. 290398

Last activity on that twitter acct. was March 30.
She was in the Youtube comments between 3:30-4:30pm her time tho. Totally random, one-word responses like thanks! meow, hugs, nooo! okay, etc. No rhyme or reason & kinda bot-like, if there's such a thing as a comment bot. idk…

No. 290402

I wonder if she asked Mana to upload for her?

No. 290403

Allow me to elaborate, whoops. I mean, Venus is usually pretty articulate (cute, but articulate) and doesn't reply too much to comments. But simple, one-word answers could be Mana trying to respond to fans while V is sick after she asked him to upload a video so she doesn't disappoint her fans.

No. 290405

File: 1469015714026.jpeg (139.69 KB, 750x832, image.jpeg)

I wonder if the German emails are for the Margo video? If so, why not ask her to translate them? Either way this vid's going to be a real shitshow.

No. 290406

Maybe the family is chiming in? I doubt he's the type that would get a second opinion on anything Margo 'translates' herself. He's too stupid .

No. 290408

The fam are Hungo though. And Zsu can write English well.

This will be the intestine thing again… guaranteed. This guy is going to fuck Venus over massively.

No. 290409

Hmmm, not the fam I don't think. Zsu & grandpa ferenc at least seem proficient enough in English to communicate w/this kid. It doesn't make sense that they'd write in German to a non-German speaker. hamburg jassy in fluent in English too…it seems like most Europeans speak at least some English. Who would this kid be emailing with in German when he doesn't even speak the language?

No. 290410

>try to put a moral in each vid

dude has no morals.

No. 290411

The only thing that comes to mind is him trying to get an 'accurate' translation of V to M, but that makes no sense, given how biased and dense he is. Maybe it's something to do with legal matters?

No. 290412

Margo's two emails that she published, from "Venus". This video's going to be total fraud.

No. 290414

Maggot may have given him faked screencaps and said they are abusive, psychotic mails from V, and the fact that they're in German is proof of authenticity enough for this simple country boy. That vid is going to be a shitshow, I guarantee it.

No. 290415

Trying to look like he did a professional job. Also Google doesn't give the most coherent translations.

No. 290416

Someone needs to warn this kid that margo will sue him if she doesn't get paid.

No. 290417

Shit anon, was thinking the exact same, but seconds later. She can't fake anything from V in English because V's English is much better than margoyle's, so she has to use this convoluted trick.

No. 290418

when it comes out, how can we view it without giving him views? someone could download it and re upload?

No. 290419

Oh boy, how did this not even occur to me?

Someone with a better computer than I have should be able to rip it and upload it on another site. Unfortunately, my laptop is a brick from '09. Adblock will help, but more views still brings more attention.

No. 290420

when a YT vid is embedded here you'll see a 'download' link underneath it. just download it if you want.

No. 290421

shit I take that back - it appears it's not there anymore under vids?

No. 290422

Depends on what browser extension you have, right? You can also download it on clipconverter, and then share on another site.

No. 290423

File: 1469023124492.png (220.33 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Exposed video?
But at least online very soon :)

No. 290424

Seriously, this is so fucked up. Everything. Everyone being quite, change of Aunt Zsu, Venus just commenting random (bet it was Manaki) and now this fucker appears and makes an "exposing video"

No. 290427

File: 1469025199997.jpg (443.73 KB, 1440x2560, 20160720_103333.jpg)

Could some of you guys maybe tweet this guys with images and facts about the whole ordeal? This is his reply to someone telling him Margaret has control over Venus old email account. He is heavily missinformed.

No. 290428


this dude is way too deep into mags ass to realize what kind of freak she is and he hasn't any interest to hear the other side of this story. Otherwise he would have reach to venus for this video but he didn't …

No. 290439

I have this sinking feeling that this is going to be a train wreck. Someone even made a tweeted this dude to tell him to not be a keemstar.

No. 290440

Fuck this guy. By chance my bf played that video (it popped up in suggestion, I've seen it before but never watched bc i could tell from the thumbnail it was full of lies)

Such bullshit. He concludes that both Margo and Venus were crazy and it was honestly infuriating. I found myself filling my bf in after practically every word he said aboout margo's psycho shit and Venus running off. I was never her fan and i even found her hilariously cringy until this recent shit went down and now i am literally defending her out loud

he obviously couldn't give 2 fucks about Venus's story. YouTube news fucks are so pathetic.

No. 290441

If the Margo drama never happened, would she still get as much support as she does these days? I'm all for Venus since the start of this, but honestly, her videos are not entertaining… I'm certainly not her target audience, but it's obvious the contents are all the same. I want to support her, but sometimes I can't justify giving her views or likes for mediocre effort.

No. 290443

Then dont. You can support her in other ways.

No. 290445

Most people here admit that they only support her videos to spite Margo, and aren't her target audience.
If the drama hadn't have happened then Venus would still be Margo's little cashcow doll, something would have probably happened eventually. The fact that her videos don't interest us doesn't discount how much of a shit Margo or make Venus less of a person.

No. 290469

what happened to the anons that were gonna make a youtube video?

No. 290479

Working on it. Real life shit happened this week.

No. 290481

Still no upload vexxed? Where is the promised video?

No. 290484

Maybe he's exposing Maggot wishful thinking
I actually enjoy her videos. They're cute, funny, and short. Sometimes you just need a mindless stress relief

No. 290485

File: 1469042264758.jpg (115.89 KB, 1200x606, Cn02jniVMAAHg4Z.jpg)

Ugh, this guy sure has drunk the Margo Kool Aid. He's used the 'cheating PROOFS!' and it looks like he's going to be focusing on the ED claims too, judging by the eating clips.

Can't see any direct Margo contribution though? So much for the interview.

No. 290486

Welp, I'll send the video straight to fullscreen the second it comes out. I hope he likes being sued.

No. 290487

I hope this just blows up in his face. I knew he was going to pull a keemstar.

No. 290490

Samefag but I just noticed one of the images on the bottom row is 'was fat.jpg'. Don't fucking tell me this moron has included the intestines thing. Who would actually believe that?

No. 290491

Giving info for this video violates whatever cease and desist order Margo has - the same one that got her to take down the website. If she thinks not APPEARING in the video skirts around her legal issues, she is very, very wrong.

No. 290492

i hope he gives her a nice big credit in the video, that way she cant back out claiming she had nothing to do with it

No. 290493

Looking closer one of the files actually says "venus angelic exposed.mp3" so he really is taking Margo's word for everything.

No. 290496

File: 1469044610172.png (82.88 KB, 486x410, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 12.5…)

Welp, hopefully this gets Fulscreen legal on this shit before too much damage is done. At the very least they can prepare a strategy to manage the fallout, especially since Venus seems to have had some kind of health relapse.

No. 290498

Hope those faggots do something about it. Sometimes looks like they don't give a shit about their client.

No. 290499

Just popped back into the thred, it's been a few days.

Does anyone know when this chucklefuck's "exposing" video will be released?

No. 290500


he said soon/this week


I want to see it asap

No. 290501

Wouldn't a video like that be against YouTube's TOS because it's technically bullying?

No. 290502

He said 'a few hours' 7 hours ago. Looks like he's going to be as reliable and professional about uploading as YouTube superstar Margaret Palermo!

No. 290504

If that asshole spouts every word Margot told him I think yes (most likely that's what will happen)

No. 290505

Perhaps. Might be worth trying to report it when it comes out.

No. 290512

Oh dear lord, he really has drunk the koolaid.

Can someone send him the screenshot where Margo admitted to faking the cheating picture>

No. 290516

I wonder how many moldy vag pictures she sent him for him to be on her side

No. 290517

He is answering tweets right now. Maybe an anon can post it and someone else tweet it to him.

No. 290518

Isn't Marge's channel technically part of FullScreen too? I vaguely remember hearing about this, but idk if it was from some rando anon or Marge just spewing lies.

No. 290519

The video is out guys

No. 290521

No. 290522


I'm just gonna wait for some kind anon to transcribe/summarize it. Not giving him any views because let's be honest, this is all it's about. He's some youtube nobody who manged to get some views by latching himself onto Venus' "Drama". Pathetic.

No. 290524

Said Margo was in Tokyo 2 weeks ago, if anyone wants to put together some sort of timeline.

No. 290525

boy am i glad i have add block coz i wouldn't want to give this guy any kind of money

No. 290526

After he started talking bullshit about how Venus ran away (She snuck away during the night and stole Marge's laptop~) I had to ex out.

This guy is a fucking grade A tard and Marge must be so happy her lies are finally fooling people.

No. 290528

So much bullshit in this video.
>can't confirm ED claims
>talks about ED claims
>shows fake emails about surgery as proof

No. 290530

took 2 weeks to fact check

you only took margarets par. You said there are two sides to this so why not get an interview with veus too??

this whole video just made me a tad irrtated

No. 290531

I refuse to watch this - he's just parroting everything Margo has said in the past 6 months, we know what he's saying. I'm waiting for Margo to make milk, not this hanger on.

No. 290532

I'm hoping someone will debunk this shit soon.

No. 290534

Oh my god that video triggered me so baaaaad

No. 290537

Do you think Fullscreen can do something about this now that they've been dragged into it. I mean, he's claiming that they're participating in something fraudulent.

No. 290538

Right? Like a married 19 year old "runs away". That's called "moving out".

No. 290539

No one needs to debunk it, because no one needs to give him one iota of attention. If no one pays attention to him, he's just screaming into the void like Margo.

No. 290540


He doesn't care about serving justice. Venus is the famous one, not Margo. Of course he'll focus the negative attention on Venus, people are likely to defend her in the comments, giving him the views he wants.

No. 290541

For the love of god don't give this idiot any ad money.

No. 290545

I'll make some quick bullet points about what he talked about. It was hard to listen to so I might miss some things. It's not entirely in this order. I grouped some points because he jumps around at times.

>Margaret and Venus had shared ownership of the channel. Margaret did was in charge of makeup, clothes, video idea, video titles, sponsorships etc. Venus played a very small role in the channel and was pretty much just the face. They depended on each other.

>Venus planned to dip out on Margaret from the start. She removed her from Fullscreen. Margo couldn't log in. Fullscreen didn't care. Venus is calculated and fraudulent and even if she got her channel back it doesn't mean she owns the material because poor Margo is too poor to take it to court.
>Venus stole Margo's computer and left in the middle of the night with the money they got to. She moved in with Manaki who is questionable. She said she hated him and made him feel sick. She cheated on him with a Korean guy.
>Venus has an ED. She's obsessed with food. Sometimes never eats. Is bulimic. Told Margo that she's getting surgery to remove her organs.
>Margo went to visit her. It was all a trick. The police even believed her.
>Venus took everything away from Margo, leaving her poor and homeless. Venus isn't in the right at all. Margo may have said controversial things, but what happened to her is wrong and mob mentality is wrong.
>He's being unbiased and knows who he interviewed and everything he said is a factual as he can assure.

TLDR: Margo is the victim of Venus' fraudulent schemes and he knows this because Margo told him so.

No. 290547

File: 1469051443782.jpg (784.42 KB, 1152x1958, received_10154263147912667-1.j…)

A friend of a friend is in Japan and they found this on Tindr while in Japan.

No. 290548


No. 290549

How old is this? It'd be terrible if she hooked someone in to get her a spouse visa.

No. 290550

Reported it for bullying/abuse.

No. 290551

Doesn't really seem to be her style of typing, the use of an emoji is suspect

No. 290552

that's hilarious if its real

No. 290553

She uses emoji on occasion, she likes to think she's one of the kids.

No. 290554

She uses emoji on occasion, she likes to think she's one of the kids.

No. 290557

Guys, you can report the video.
While all content can be critiqued and used under various bulletpoints of parody law, this is straight-up bullying. Not only that, but Venus and Fullscreen should be able to file DMCA claims on the video given its nature and the length of clips used.

Unfortunately, Venus is probably in hospital and won't be able to act quickly, but if y'all put on adblock, pause the video before it starts playing, dislike it, then report it for bullying, citing that it does not fall under 'critique', it should be taken down.

If Margaret doesn't force him to take it down due to her lack of moooney

No. 290559

I already reported it for harmful content but we will need more flags on it.

No. 290560

It makes sense that V's channel isn't down, Margo wanted this dude to take her vids for the proovs. (So when this guy is making money from Margo's hard work it's totes OK but when venus does it it's stealing)

No. 290561

File: 1469052895947.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160720-181519.png)


No. 290562

hahahaha no Margo is going to get super 'friggen' pissed that this guy won't pay her once she sees his viewcount. It's going to be hilarious. She will probably file her own claims, saying he misquoted her, or something.

No. 290563

People want to start a gofundme for margaret in the comments

No. 290564

You mean she's not smart enough to ask for the 10k up front?!?!

No. 290565

While I agree that this video should have never been up in the first place. Do you think getting it taken down will cause more problems for Venus. He could easily bitch and moan and accuse Venus of getting it taken down.

No. 290566

Nah, she's smart enough to wait, then threaten with DMCA claims if he doesn't pay up 70% of the revenue generated by the video.

No. 290567


No. 290568

The video material used belongs to Venus, not Margo (proved by investigation of Margo's claims). Venus will get a monetary cut if Fullscreen makes a claim.

No. 290569

Is there a way to show him all the different versions maggot has hissed about V's grand scape?

No. 290570

It's better to have it removed in my opinion. Leaving it up will attract more people ignorant to it to side with Margaret.

No. 290571

I'm not saying that Margo owns the content, but since he 'quotes' her, or whatever, and uses content that she supplied, she's sure as hell going to try.

No. 290572

He doesn't care, he's jerking off to the attention he's getting. Report, or ignore. Engaging with him just gets him off.

No. 290573

File: 1469053582404.png (469.4 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160720-182702.png)

No. 290575

Wow, tweeting your whole 300 followers, huh buddy?

He is so, so thirsty to be Keemstar it's not funny.

No. 290576


No. 290577

He's so far up both his own and Margaret's ass that it's pathetic. He thinks what he's doing is journalism, but in reality he's just another small name tabloid rag.

No. 290578

kek, he just labels lolcow a 'witch hunting forum' because he knows he's absolutely full of it.

Let's hope he gets permabanned from youtube like cumstar then.

No. 290579

File: 1469053847727.png (14.49 KB, 806x62, edit.png)

No. 290580

>your whole 300 followers
This is what gets me. The idiot had one successful video riding on the coat tails of an infamous YouTuber and he's acting like he's a big shot. He's a desperate, attention seeking nobody.

No. 290581

lol is that screenshot from PULL?

No. 290582

Like I said: jacking off at the though of all the attention. As thirsty as Margo herself.

No. 290583

hahahahaha for real?
she's pulling a Kiki now!?

No. 290584

YEP. That's my account~ thanks for the publicity buddy

No. 290585

Nobody cares, go back to PULL.

No. 290586

While everyone reporting his bullshit video is all well and good, I hope Fullscreen does something about him.

No. 290587

I mean that to vexxed mind you. calm down

No. 290588

Report his video. I'm curious to see how this ends up. The video theft alone should get it taken down. He used half of several of Venus's videos. And the comment section is already trash talking her. I feel so bad for Venus, she just can't get a break. Margo is such a bitch.

No. 290589

this is the first video I ever reported lol. i wasn't gonna bother but this >>290579 convinced me. fucking retard
>As I predicted!
as maggot told you it would

No. 290590

>>as maggot told you it would

I hope Margo also told him that her ownership claims were investigated and found to be false, and that he doesn't have permission from the actual owner to use any of his clips. Fullscreen's copyright office has been informed, and he can had over all his ad cash to them after taking the video down.

Margo does find herself some gems; never underestimate the level of stupidity in the vast majority of humans.

No. 290591

I was about to say…
I'm pretty sure people here have accounts on PULL and Kiwifarm just to follow drama. Lolcow generally does a good job at amassing the information from all those sites, so I don't bother.

Agreed. This is why LPers often have their face or a frame around videos they do. It's to protect themselves from DMCA claims, yet this guy is jerking himself to his 100k subs so hard, he didn't even think it through. While I think Venus is too sick to do anything at the moment, the current traffic on her videos as they come out is probably (hopefully?) enough to get FS to do something. I'm not sure what a 10k contract entitles, if it's locked in or not, but surely they are obliged to protect their asset, least the 10k be wasted.

Does anyone know if FS is even a decent company to be signed with?

No. 290593

>Does anyone know if FS is even a decent company to be signed with?

Apparently not

No. 290594

>>Does anyone know if FS is even a decent company to be signed with?

They take a massive cut of their client's revenues, 50%. Besides that, the company itself gives an individual client access to things they wouldn't normally have on hand, like a manager, strategist, pr person and lawyers. Venus's initial response videos to Margo's claims were very clear, heart rending, and careful - that's the mark of a great strategist. And Venus getting her channel reinstated after all those claims THREE TIMES was nothing short of a miracle.

So they DO help her, quite a lot. Unfortunately, Margo has been a huge handful to manage fallout from, but Fullscreen has definitely gone to bat for Venus behind the scenes, even if it doesn't look like it.

No. 290595

I wonder that too. I just don't understand how they are letting one network member continue to harass another network member. You would think Venus would have some protection when it comes to that. You know, with all that Margo has done in the past few months, she could have settled down somewhere, gotten a job, and started her life over. But she prefers to be a vengeful hobo. What a mess.

No. 290596

You see this brings up the question. Was he stalking PULL to see if they were talking about his video? Is he really that much of an attention whore?

No. 290597

Jesus. 50% is a hell of a lot. It doesn't seem like she's had access to lawyers, though, just PR people.

Margo's contract was probably terminated, she's just too proud to ever admit it.

Of course he was. How else would he be able to cry 'WITCH HUNTTTTT'?

No. 290598

i messaged him on twitter and apprently he has a final exam.if he did then why is he wasting his time creating useless drama?

No. 290599


>it's serious journalism!!

>furiously checks for any mention of his name anywhere on the internet
>fap fap fap

No. 290600

Has anyone got a pro-sjw tumblr? I know a few people have them to troll. Posting this shit with a big sjw rant may bring more negative attention to the video.

I'd do it, but my blog is only fandom shit, and my reach isn't far enough.

No. 290601

This video is so biased. He sounds like a noobie to me.
He almost wants to make margo look like a saint lol
He should have read more info from the screencaps and stuff here too.

No. 290602

Since lolcow has been mentioned and that jerk is most likely reading here too- Hi Vexxed, hope that blowjob morgue gave you in exchange of views worths it. Don't fucking cry when the snake comes after you with $10,000 lolsuit threats hahaha

No. 290603

Also just remembered: separate from the use of copyrighted materials, defamation, and bullying - he's published communications without the consent of both parties. YT is based in California, which is a 2 party consent state. That means he cannot legally publish those materials with the consent of only one party, regardless of where he lives or posted the video from.

No. 290604

You don't get veewz from NOT demonizing a 19 year-old kid, don't you know?

…I mean, seriously, it's fucking sad.

Ty that's a point I didn't realise. Very illegal, but can people outside of the parties involved file anything against it?

No. 290605

I remember Philip DeFranco mentioning that in one of his videos. Hope all this bites him in the ass.

No. 290606

Dude, he doesn't care. People told him all of the info against Margo, directed him to resources, and suggested he contact Venus as well if he wanted to be "unbiased". He doesn't give a shit and is cumming over all of the attention he's getting, especially because he knows how dumb the average YT viewer is. His audience is a much smaller version of Keemstar's, where an army of 12 year olds sperg out over anything dramatic.

No. 290607

No, at least not for YT

No. 290608

If you want to report, go for 11:55 onwards for bullying, he says it in his own words he's going to lead a witchhunt.

YouTube is a lot more lax about what constitutes as bullying now so if we mass report we can at least get this video down before people start raiding venus

No. 290609

>>can people outside of the parties involved file anything against it?

I don't think so, but you can certainly let fullscreen know that their client's privileged communications have been shared along with her copyrighted materials, and false claims against her character.


No. 290610

His audience is actually larger than V's, though. Since he grew 50k in subs recently, that means he has 50k active subscribers. It's disgusting.

No. 290611

I think Margo is still under contract with Fullscreen. I could be wrong, but if you do the trick of viewing the page source on one of her videos and searching for attributes, Fullscreen is her network. So that's why I wondered why Fullscreen won't take action against her. You would think potentially hurting income would be a reason to cut ties with her. Who knows, maybe her weird ass videos are bring in a nice income for them too. LOL!

No. 290612

They dropped her as soon as Venus was safe in Tokyo; one of her early rants was about Venus "hacking" her Fullscreen login - because obviously it was Haxx0r Venoos and not Fullscreen terminating her account.

No. 290613

I doubt it. Maybe they're hesitant about paying out her contract.

No. 290614

I saw Philip's video too, but wouldn't they have to be in CA for this law to matter? I mean Venus could take offense to this, but wouldn't she have to go by Japanese law to get the video taken down based on that? Just a thought, I'm not really sure how law would work when it came down to a video on a CA based company.

No. 290615

Anything posted on YT falls under California law.

No. 290616

>yt is based in california
Don't you remember how margo traveled all the way to Cali to sue Venoos?

As I said earlier; where the site is hosted is ALL that matters. That's why you can post gross and illegal porn on sites hosted in mexico, thailand, etc. Of course, it's illegal to view it in states with common sense, but the point remains.

Where the site exists is where the law exists. Youtube follows US, California, law. End of story. They could be wherever, doesn't matter, california law still stands.

No. 290617

I couldn't even finish the stupid video. I don't know why I thought for a split second this retard was going to tell the truth. "There's two sides to every story" Yeah is that why you instantly went for the side that's full of lies? Anyone with half a brain can see the Margo is full of shit. When does this end? When will Venus get a break. She already had to move twice now she has to worry about people commenting stupid shit on her instagram and YT because some 15 y/o news reporter wants his 5 seconds of fame back. Pathetic.

No. 290618

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I wasn't sure on that. We'll hopefully that can come into play if all else fails when it comes to taking down that stupid video.

No. 290619

When was it posted?

No. 290620

The sad thing is, if he really does live in Tokyo like he claims he could have easily contacted Venus for an interview. But it's obvious he wanted a quick cash in so he went for the easier route and consulted with a crazy old woman.

No. 290621

His YT location is listed as Ireland.

No. 290622

No worries, anon. Sorry for the extreme example, it's just the best one that I can think of. Basically, doesn't matter where you live, all laws are from where the server is hosted.

I was once warned for talking about drinking on my 18th birthday on a US forum. /shrug.

I honestly believe that V is in hospital due to complications with her surgery. There's no other reason for her to have gone quiet. I think Mana uploaded that video for her (since we know she has a backlog), and that she's really sick. That may even by why grandpa seems to be in Japan. I'm very concerned about Margo's silence, though. Wouldn't she usually be shilling herself to this sort of 'expose'?

No. 290623

He said in the video that he lives in Tokyo

No. 290625


I honestly doubt it. If he did, why no Margo footage/audio? Or is Margo not in Tokyo? One of them is not there. I'm inclined to believe that it's Margo and that she said she would give him 'exclusive' content (ie. things she posted to IG already) in return for him saying he met her in person.

No. 290626

>>I'm very concerned about Margo's silence, though. Wouldn't she usually be shilling herself to this sort of 'expose'?

Her silence makes me think that she does indeed have some sort of legal muzzle; the same one that precludes her from making more video claims; from using the VA website to sell items (she moved sales to her personal website); and what made her stop making videos against Venus and turn her ire on Japan instead (the "Venus Angelicus" video she intended as "parody", which is a legal use of materials.) Also, Margo may have received a settlement from Fullscreen if she agreed to stop making videos about Venus, and claims on her materials. That would have funded her SK-China-Hamburg trip, because I can't imagine she'd have gotten more than her magical $5k.

Margo may think that by giving an interview, she's gotten around not being allowed to address the situation publicly. If she does have an agreement or legal warning to stop her claims against Venus's character, there will be legal consequences to her cooperating in this video, whether she's in it or not.

No. 290627

You may be right. You probably are. She's been so silent, even about 'bullying', but if she got her money, wouldn't the first thing she would do be to sue Venus? Could she be sitting on 5k until Venus gets her view$ and has enough to file a suit?

Maybe that's why there is no video/audio of Margo, though. She's hyperaware that she could be blasted if she says anything, and third-party claims of an 'interview' with no 'proof' (she's obsessed with proof, after all) may not count?

Theoretically, could FS have told this to Venus and, therefore, Venus slowed her content creation? I think she's still in hospital, but it's been a long time. Something serious must be up if that's the case.

No. 290628

I wouldn't doubt it to be honest. Given that he's ignored any suggestion/evidence that shows signs of siding with Venus and Margo is Margo, I wouldn't put it passed them to do something like that a la "the ends justifies the means"

No. 290629

I'm working on a transcription of it right now, but holy shit this video is so long and this guy talks quick. I'm about 3 minutes and 52 seconds in. I may drop what I have in a pastebin if any other anon wants to takeover.

No. 290630

I did a quick summary here >>290545 but I probably missed some shit because it was pretty hard to watch. The subject aside, he has a very droning voice.

No. 290631

I mean, he sounds about as enthused as a lab rat.
Even Keemstar did a better job at reading a script than this guy does.

No. 290632

He's also one of those delusional weeaboos who in his fantasies lives in Tokyo. If he weren't such a pudgy nobody, he could be a cow.

As it is he's probably jealous of Venus and cries himself to sleep every night, dreaming of living in Harajuku and finding a Japanese husbando.

No. 290633

Oh, didn't see that. Having a full transcription would make it easier for us to dissect and analyze, so I'm going to work on it a bit more. Currently halfway through it. And yeah, very droll voice. First time I watched it I was hardly paying attention but going through it again and paying attention more there was some stuff I missed that's making me roll my eyes hard.

No. 290634

As a side note, exactly how much of a fat otaku weeaboo do we think vexxed is? Cries himself to sleep hugging his body pillow girlfriendo because his katana skills are second to none and bitches don't even know, most likely.

No. 290636

Yeah I agree. I just made a short one lumping points together for the time being.

No. 290637

the video doesn't really cover what should be the real issue, that is, did Venus rip-off her mother?

If Venus has an eating disorder that's her business. If she cheated on Manaki that is their own business. It's irrelevant to the ownership of Venus Angelic.

Neither Margaret or her latest stan have provided any real evidence the Venus Angelic youtube channel was 50/50 worked on by Venus or Margaret

No. 290662

Okay, pretty much finished. http://pastebin.com/2Fjx91Kk

No. 290663

Doing gods work, good job anon

No. 290667

File: 1469063273972.jpg (107.98 KB, 750x1183, FB_IMG_1469063217689.jpg)

No. 290668


good job,thank you

No. 290674

Margaret gave Venus the 10 thousand dollars

Why not keep 5000 for yourself if the channel was half yours?

No. 290675

I don't really believe that. He advertised the meeting. She's just asked him to play along with the timeline fuckery and he's colluding with this child abuser.

Guys like this one and Keemstar are abusers themselves. Like, he's literally acting as a virtual extension of Margo to abuse her child. I'm not even going to click.

No. 290676

Because venoos bullied her into it!!1!!

No. 290679


there is a part of me that wants to believe Venus totally scammed Margo because Margo has been a bitch-on-wheels for years and deserves her current misery

No. 290680

Oh FFS. Marge herself has written over and over in her insta rants, many captured here, that Venus received that signing bonus after she ran away from Margo. FFS Margo. Of course she feels like it's hers - like her money ran away. Venus was just an employee and all that.

No. 290681

as far as I recall she did take that selfie this year while still in Tokyo. we had a laugh about the toilet setting in our thread here.

No. 290682

lol no, Venus was the "employee" and it's Margo's work… all of it!!1!

No. 290683

>'witch hunting forum'

well we do follow Margaret, kek.

No. 290685

File: 1469065044229.png (94.87 KB, 1402x167, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.30…)

(posted this by mistake in Kaka's thread … whoopsies )
These are this thirsty fuckers tags … That have almost 100% nothing to do with Venus …

No. 290686

I dunno man. There should have been legal involved so that she didn't give her own address out. I'd like to think they gave her some good advice and she ignored it… but I dunno.

No. 290687

Thanks for writing this out. Hinestly, the whole thing is so sickening I could only skim the contents. He is such a piece of shit for clinging to Venus's fame like this, perpetuating the lies of her abuser to get his moment in the sun. It's despicable.

No. 290688

This guy is just looking for attention. Listen Vexxed, I already tried to talk to you and explain the whole situation to you but you don't care about the truth. You're pure scum and I hope whatever youtube attention you attract it ends up being negative.

I'm not even bothering to comment or watch the video because this guy is totally unreasonable and judging from him ignoring everyone's comments on his previous video and comments ITT he was just as biased as I knew he was going to be. Report it and stop giving this shiteel attention, this isn't news, this is baseless rumours he has absolutely no proof of and there is no way that can't be considered bullying/harassment.

No. 290689

He's on PULL, not lolcow.

No. 290690

this guy is an idiot. bangs on about there being two sides to every story and only presents one. and people actually hit the yt like button. smfh

No. 290691

You really think this attentionwhore isn't googling his name like crazy? He's definitely reading here too.

No. 290692

cue Margo chimping out about this guy online in 3-2-1. no wonder she's stayed silent though. she thinks she's pulling off the takedown of all takedowns with this video. it's absolutely tragic that people are giving her money.

No. 290693

thanks for that info anon! I'll add that into my report of the video right now.

No. 290694

Does anyone else find it kind of strange that a large percentage of comments on the video aren't even talking about venus, but they're some variation of "wow great job", "you're so unbiased and factual" and "wow I love your journalism, keep it up" ? I have seen so many comments like this, it almost feels like sockpuppets or something.

No. 290695

No, they're just looking for an 'in' with the new cumstar. Brown-nosers do this all the time, it's why people want to be 'FIRST' on youtube comments. To show their dedication or… whatever.

No. 290696

Oh I know that, but they're such generic sounding and short comments in numerous amounts. It just feels… off.

No. 290697

I felt the same. He also gained a crazy amount of subscribers in a short time, bought subscribers perhaps?

No. 290698

I was literally just typing that when your post popped up

No. 290699

Wow he really is still trying to ride off of keemstars infamy.

No. 290700

File: 1469068301470.jpg (116.9 KB, 438x483, image.jpg)

>youtube doesn't give you money for being a partner, nor is there a fix income. Otherwise everyone would do youtube and live fantastic. Sounds too good to be true. Because it isn't.

So marge, what was that about how venoos is living it up with ALL that youtube money she stole from you?

No. 290701

File: 1469068327355.jpg (57.03 KB, 1280x720, Vexxed-privacy-8-54.jpg)

I opened the vid in Final Cut and deleted the soundtrack to make it watchable.

The biggest and clearest privacy violation happens at 8:54 so if you want to make a report, report that it has private communications published with the consent of only one party and give that timestamp.

No. 290702

and the relevant law:

California's wiretapping law is a "two-party consent" law. California makes it a crime to record or eavesdrop on any confidential communication, including a private conversation or telephone call, without the consent of all parties to the conversation. See Cal. Penal Code § 632.

thanks to the anon who brought this up here.

No. 290703

wow she sure has been bullied for a long time…. eyeroll.

No. 290704

File: 1469069134113.jpg (212.23 KB, 1280x1794, Vexxed-privacy-compilation.jpg)

here's the rest of the privacy violations in the video. of course we know some of them are faked, but still.

timecodes are 2:10, 5:55, 6:30, 7:25, 7:45 and the 8:54 one I posted above.

No. 290707

actually Margo wasn't even in this conversation, just spying on it. so it was published with the consent of neither party as far as we know.

No. 290711

File: 1469071376296.jpg (186.63 KB, 1890x721, Margos-capsofemails.jpg)

Just for the sake of having them side-by-side, here's:

Margo's screencap in Vexxed's vid; Margo's screencap of Manaki's message on insta (now deleted); Margo's two screencaps of "Venus' messages" on insta (now deleted); and the email text as it appeared in Vexxed's vid (probably copy-pasted).

Look at how much detail Margo supplies in the first two images. That's because those messages are real. Look how little info she supplies for "Venus' messages" - that points to them being fake (which we already assume). By the time she supplies the copy-paste text to Vexxed for the vid, she has inserted Venus' current gmail address.

No. 290712

Not really. Venus's subs have also increased by at least 50K recently (currently at 1, 1,150,000+)
A smaller increase %-wise, but an equal or greater in #.

No. 290714

God, it so freaking obvious that those caps from "Venus" are NOT emails from Venus. Why can't she show the whole email? Why does it look so different from the others? For instance, that autoemail from Fullscreen is real - it looks exactly like every email in a gmail inbox. The "Venus" email looks like it's a freaking photocopy, the look is so disjointed and off.

No. 290716

and remember, this is information she voluntarily supplied to someone who has made a video supporting her. if she can't pull out the real emails at this stage, she doesn't have them.

No. 290719

File: 1469073164701.jpg (62.93 KB, 1280x577, Margo-YoutubeRambles.jpg)

Two caps from Vexxed's vid with Margo's "proof" about sue-ing and Youtube.

First, Margo's "letter" from Youtube is not a letter at all, it's just the standard counter-notification. We know Margo's screeched a lot about how she "had" to go to the apartment and terrorise Venus becuase Youtube "told" her to in the letter. I can't believe she flew around the world and engaged in stalking based on some fantasy about this simple email. The good news is Venus really did call the Police that time, it wasn't Margo calling them. Good work Venus!

No. 290720

… so because you brought chocolate, and filed a legal complaint against your daughter, you couldn't have been stalking her? Does she consider filming her son in law's license plates when she visits and shaking the camera at him to make it look like he hit her, part of what one normally does when "invited" to someone's home?

No. 290721

Youtube told her to do it!!!1!

No. 290727

File: 1469073581181.jpg (52.56 KB, 1280x821, Margo-Fullscreen.jpg)

Last one.

Margo's "communications" with Fullscreen about the "theft" of "her channel". This is some dumb idea she has of proving that it was always her channel but for reals, courts do not accept screenshots as evidence so she's shit out of luck. They will, however, accept interviews where Margo says it's Venus' channel.

No. 290734

… wow, so she tried using Venus's email to trick Fullscreen into giving her control of the account? Lol, that's why the password reset is send to the account owner's email, Mags. So people can't steal your account. You were trying to steal Venus's account.

I have NO idea why she would publish this, it shows her as a thief!

No. 290740

File: 1469074028523.png (32.9 KB, 742x190, Untitled.png)

She made a comment in comment section.

No. 290744

Aww, V. Keep your head up, girl. It's just another Keemstar - it'll blow over if she doesn't respond, and he'll find a new person to leech off of.

No. 290746

well observed anon. I did not quite understand why Venus' name was on there but you worked it out. what a devious bitch she is.

No. 290749

Poor girl. I hope when happier times come she can look back and not feel so bad about this.

No. 290752

Did she delete it? I cant seem tl find it.

No. 290755

It still there. Go from Top Comments

No. 290756

look under her slime icecream vid for it.

No. 290767

poisoned chocolate, right?

>okane kudasai!!~

just imagine margo with foaming mouth screaming like a banshee outside V´s apartment hahaha

No. 290779

Ah sorry I thought it was on the Vexxed video. So she is still active online I guess. I wonder whats going on…

No. 290814

This guy is an even bigger faggot than I thought. We are reporting this video for bullying, right?

No. 290815

>This is journalism!

No it fucking isn't. Making a video to rile people up against someone with a YouTube following isn't journalism, it's hate monger King and bullying. I hope this shitstain enjoys being banned. There's a reason why Keemstar was banned from having another channel under his name and is hated.

No. 290816

Great. Now we have his shitty followers calling Venus a whore, slut, psycho and evil in the video comments. One loon, after a string of insults, even saying Venus deserves to be beaten. What the fuck? Vexxed fans may become worse than Keemstar's and this kid is fucking proud of himself. It's painful to watch this happening.

No. 290817

Poor Venus. I just hope she moves on and don't give this idiot too much attention…

No. 290818

Maggot must be climaxing while reading that
but oh yeah, this is just unbiased journalism right?

And I thought Lolcow was considered a site full of bullies haha

No. 290819

yes, and also for revealing private communications without consent at 8:54

No. 290821

Probably the mouth breathing Cheeto encrusted type because he sure does talk like one. He was probably quick to bash on Venus because he's jealous that she gets to live in Tokyo with her spouse while not even the ugliest girls would want to husband him up.

No. 290822

yes and notice how she's cleansed her insta to make ready for this. the vitriol own't last though… they'll move on to a new target eventually, Margo forgotten. The best she can hope for is a fresh crop of supporters to borrow money from.

No. 290826

Are you done arging on the kaka thread?

No. 290828

3kg pudding, 100 chicken nuggets, giant bread, 5 feet long bubble gum, tons of insta posts of junk food, then claims she only has 1 cup of yogurt for breakfast. Unhealthy eating habits as fuck.

No. 290829

Talking about eating disorders and cheating allegations are just attempts to make the victim look like a bad person. It's mud slinging and has nothing to do with the legal issues here. Besides would it surprise anyone if Venus has body image issues? She's a teenage girl, in the public eye and has a mother who measured out her salad leaves ffs.
That $10k got deposited into a bank account that Margo had access to, I bet she got way more than her fair share.

No. 290830

I didn't touch that Kaka's tread today, anon.

No. 290831

how autistic do you have to be to not even know how to reply to posts?

No. 290832

But I cannot deny at all the ED part. She keeps making those gross videos eating shit then claiming she's naturally thin when she's clearly restricting calories before and after binging. That's not normal at any age stop whiteknighting her unhealthy videos and diet.

No. 290834

There are rare cases of people who can eat a lot and stay thin

see: Kinoshita Yuka

I'm inclined to think Venus is the same but her cooking focuses on lowcal recipes so I'm unsure

No. 290837


anon she clearly has an ED, but now we are fine with that only bc she ran away from Margo?

No. 290841

>this man is defending a woman who made a long winded post on instagram, of all places, about how she wants to kill herself
>she did this knowing full well Venus will see it
>he blames Venus for being screwed up when the very reason she's most likely this way is because of her abhorrent mother and her shitty parenting

I'm stunned, honestly.

No. 290842

If that helps you to sleep at night then yes, Venoos has all sorts of EDs. Happy now?

No. 290844

Yeah, that IG is all cleaned up with mass deletions, just in time to look totally normal to anyone new to morge. One final last-ditch smear campaign by an obsessed malignant narcissist.

There's a glaring lack of supporters cheering morge on on her IG tho. Just mimiimori and one new sockpuppet…otherwise it's ~~crickets~~ (same with 'likes.' And YT views)

This shitstorm will fade just like the others, and so will morge. Because without Venus-related drama and attention she'll continue to slowly die, like the parasite she is.

No. 290845

I'm convinced the $10K only exists in Maggot's mind since it's one of her magical numbers.

No. 290846

Yes sure, it isn't healthy or normal to eat a whole bun the size of your head.

But the point is that her mother is still abusing her psychologically, this Vexxed guy is helping her do it, and you coming to this thread to pile on is by extension aiding Margo and this prick to hurt a 19yo girl who did nothing worse than leave her mother a bunch of money, an imac, a 5000 dollar camera, an apartment paid for in Seoul, language course paid for, visa paid for - in an effort to get some personal space and to be with her husband. Margo is the one who burned everything with her shitty online abuse.

This thread is for keeping track of the shit Margo is pulling. It's not a 'help Margo abuse Venus' thread and we won't put up with this shit here.

Have the good taste and decency to leave this girl alone so she can work out her problems for herself. Gtfo back to pull or to Vexxed's channel or whatever hole you crawled out of.

No. 290847

mimii's going off though. she's masturbating as furiously as Margo. az will join the fapfest soon enough.

No. 290848

>>290842 Ugh today I saw a pulltard using that same phrase. And yes, but I will be happier if she stops promoting binge eating.

No. 290850

I was just saying I can't deny that part.

No. 290851

> One final last-ditch smear campaign by an obsessed malignant narcissist.
You think this is the final attempt? It's just the most recent one and when she doesn't get what she wants out of this video she'll find some other tactic. She's been chugging along for months finding new lows to sink to, her endurance would almost be astounding if she weren't so horrible.

No. 290852

>if she stops promoting binge eating.

the fuck are you smoking?

No. 290854

I will be happier if she doesn't binge in future vids as well. Is she "promoting" bingeing? Right now, no she isn't. She's simply experiencing it as "normal" or as a funny thing to do. She did it under her mothers' guidance and there are a lot of things she experienced in her life living with Margo that she thought were normal - like her mother hitting her. She still thinks this is normal.

There are better examples of people who promote ED behaviours that you can go after.

IMO the most constructive way to deal with it is to give Venus feedback when she makes one of these videos that you find it disturbing or that it looks unhealthy or disordered. Venus does pay attention to what people say and she'll get the feedback that people find these videos strange.

No. 290856

she'll do it for life.

No. 290858

The fuck are u smoking if you believe eating a 3kg pudding and 100 chicken nuggets is not binge eating.

No. 290860

I have to agree. They are binge quantities. But she's not "promoting" it. It's a private matter right now and she may not fully realise it - which is why she's so open about the food quantities in the vids. Also in SKorea the mukbang vid thing normalises binge eating.

No. 290861


I don't get Maggot mental gymnastics about V's eating habits. Complains about her obssesed with food and being skinny, yet enjoying the money made from those videos and proudly claimig to never needed to get professional medical help for her child (only that time she HAD to call an ambulance for her!)

lmao and where I did stated that? you were the one saying fucking venus is promoting binge eating, tell me please where is she forcing anyone to stuff their faces? where does she give tips to puke?

No. 290862

Ok thanks for that advice.

No. 290865

Relax anon I didn't mention the words puke / bulimia.

No. 290868

And your facts are where?

By your logic Kinoshita Yuka has ED too despite her medical reports saying she's not

No. 290869

I said "promoting" bc she's creating more and more videos eating unhealthy shit like if it's fun when it's not, she always ends up tired and looking like crap after those videos and many girls watch that crap and might think it's funny to do that. She's promoting binge eating making it look "fun". I'm not trying to argue with anyone about this, I don't like those videos and that's all.

No. 290870

>I said "promoting" bc she's creating more and more videos eating unhealthy shit

it has been like…3 so far? compared to margot era

No. 290871

This too shall pass, it's a good rule to live by.

No. 290872

I would say only two; the pudding and the doughnut. The gum was more to see if she could blow a big bubble and it's not exactly 'eating' (even if she probably ingested a lot of sugar).

No. 290873

I didn´t mentioned believing eat 3kg pudding and 100 chicken nuggets was not abnormal either and yet there you are, putting words I never wrote lmao

No. 290874

I wish there was a gallery with a selection of Margo's instagram venom spewing so we can drop links when people post stupid shit about margo being a saint.

No. 290875

Cheers, anon.

No. 290876

Also a quote from your yt comments, because I can't be bothered capping..

"I myself noticed too many food videos, but look, it's not my fault. There is so much interesting foodie stuff in Japan that EVERYTIME I turn on the TV there'll definitely be a show about food and girls in pajyamas, THE ENVIRONMENT INFLUENCES MEH"

No. 290877


maybe we could ask Admin to make a backup folder directory like Kiki's one?

gaming_ks insta may be useful too

No. 290878

Don't forget all the posts of junk food she has on insta, the 10 butgers she ate, that gross GIANT burger she ate, and actually she has mentioned before she eats gummies every day. I hope she listen to people advicing her stop eating that shit.

No. 290879

Oh god they're already commenting on Manas photos ugh

No. 290880

who are you talking to anon?

No. 290881

Margo will be cackling at the fire she has started.

No. 290882

I'm sure she's giddy right now but I doubt this will have a long term affect in her favor.

No. 290883

File: 1469091982010.jpg (18.39 KB, 444x154, email.jpg)

This is from the comment section to vexxeds video. It's likely he reached out to the email address that Margo has control over, right? Even if he used to correct one I still believe Venus is in the hospital for her intestine problems. I don't think she should respond to this crap but it feels wrong that this is happening when she doesn't really have the ability to defend herself fully.

No. 290885

agree. what can it possibly get her besides the short term satisfaction of making venus and manaki feel unhappy? no feeling lasts forever, although margo lacks the foresight to understand that. if she ever had a chance to negotiate some money from venus, that chance is gone now.

No. 290886

I doubt she'd answer him anyway. he was just doing her abuser's bidding. she's responded here >>290740

No. 290888

I personally can't wait till she starts gloating again. She will. Meantime she gained a new crop of followers… I can't wait till they see the shit she gets up to.

No. 290889

You and me both. Right now I'm focusing on making the video about how Maggot likes to play the victim since years before the shit hit the fan in January, how she keeps backtracking and can't keep her lies straight, her magical numbers, how all she cares about is money, her projecting, and of course that infamous interview that I'm going to grab clips from. If anyone else has any suggestions, drop me an email, the address is in the field because so far I'm working alone.

No. 290890

maybe including the interview with that chinese girl?


it would back up that Margo has done those kind of things already before

No. 290891

Jesus fucking Christ, vexxed's 12 year old followers are almost as obnoxious about "proofs" as Margoyle is.

No. 290892

Noted. I also found some wonderfully incriminating shit Maggot has said on her pages trying to start shit with other YouTubers. It's so hard trying to not call her a cunt and bitch in the audio but I'm going to avoid it so I don't sound stupid like that idiot vexxed. It really makes my blood boil that he is so stupid and just doing shit to harm someone just in order to get more subs and money.

No. 290893

why the fuck would she reply to him after that? he looks like the kind of person that would be elated at any kind of reply, even "leave me alone" to publish it. and why the fuck does he think a channel with over a million subscribers would give him the time of day anyway?

No. 290895

No point in capping that shit but the level of delusion in Margo's comments is more astounding than we have seen of late. Long-term Margo supporter 'queenjuhina' aka 'bbyhina':


Margo's almost reached max hobo so I guess that counts?

No. 290896

>makes my blood boil
same, fam. sorry I don't have anything concrete to offer.

No. 290897

If Venus herself took the time to collect all those screenshots of margo insulting her, and even just make a mute video doing nothing but showing them, not even talking or showing herself, just letting margo speak for herself, that alone would destroy her. But she wouldn't do that, because she's too nice.

No. 290898

Should I include her nude airport selfies and captions in the video? I mean, I think it'd show just how fucking insane she is, but I'd like some input.

No. 290899

i don't think so, that sounds like something irrelevant that could be pointed out as bullying or whatever. don't want to give them too many openings to discredit

No. 290900

Showing her insanity is a good idea but if you have a hard time fitting it all in, it might be better to leave it out for juicier caps.

No. 290906

Yes do. I just came here to write, the stuff like the bikini dance or where Margo is obviously wearing Venus' dresses. There's a lot of images like this and they show how warped she is.

Also shit like >>290547


No. 290912

also, if she'd do it, margo would go berzerk. Insulting a narcissist back fires… no matter how much truth you tell about them. It's wise of Venus to NOT mmake such a video imho

No. 290919

This vid is "Proof in video of what's happening and the little trap Xiaorishu did for Margaret." I can't deal with this chick talking like she's four years old though.


No. 290922

I've seen this come from Margo supporters a few times and it just doesn't make any damn sense! Margo is the one who has spent months chimping out on a nearly daily basis with a little break here and there. My kid stole my money, Venoos abuses me, no wait Venoos is being abused by evil Manaki and needs mama to save her… rinse and repeat. Meanwhile Venus has been trying to move on, she's spoken up when necessary just a few times.

No. 290923

I don't know why no one has suggested this yet but I'm pretty sure the person who kept bringing up this YouTube retard in the thread was himself. "Someone" kept referring to him by name, being like lol that "his name" guy is so retarded etc. Also the live updates, timely screenshots? It's really suspect. Stop giving the autistic loser attention, don't talk about him or his video, tbh.

No. 290926

This, thats exactly what he wants. And I highly doubt YT is going to remove it tbh. It falls under fair use and although this guy is an idiot and has no idea what he's talking about, the video comes off as just "bad journalism" not really bullying. Its no different than the million of other call out videos out there.

No. 290927

File: 1469098694059.jpg (70.97 KB, 1016x1193, xU2CYpw.jpg)

An example of the type of follower that guy has, who is now taunting poor Manaki.

No. 290928

these spuds will lose interest when the next target comes along. it's awful but it will pass.

No. 290932

Thanks anon. I didn't pay attention to where those 'updates' and the '…is a retard' posts were coming from. I guess he thought he'd get a 10x bigger reaction by posting here.

Hate comments for Mana and support comments for Margo have dried up for now. I guess he doesn't command Keemstar-sized audiences.

No. 290933

Eating a lot for a couple of videos doesn't mean she eats a kilo of fucking pudding every day, or every week. You can get away with occasional "binge eating" if you have a normal diet otherwise and yeah, it doesn't mean you have an ED ffs.

No. 290934

^comments on insta I mean.

No. 290937

Kinda disgusting though. I sat through that prick's whole vid today and that bun was really fucking big - more a whole cake.

No. 290939

Youtube can remove it for violating the two-party consent law, it's completely illegal for those photos to be online without Venus' consent.

No. 290944

And that's your opinion. There is a reason why mukbang is popular…

No. 290948

yeah I get that it exists… it just makes me squeamish!

No. 290949

>and why the fuck does he think a channel with over a million subscribers would give him the time of day anyway?

No. 290951

Vexx's voice is pretty annoying, I rank it up there with leafy.

I have a feeling he's not going to drop this story, or do anything to right his misinformation. He's getting to much attention from the venus story and claiming victimhood claiming 'harassment' when people try to correct his incorrect info.

He's gonna milk this story as much as possible. He gives two shits about how the people he reports about get treated by his viewers. His bullshit 'ending' with telling people to do their own research and make up there own mind is completely disingenious, that's not what 'reporting' is about. It doesn't wash you clean of placing a self-crafted narrative into your audience's brain. He knows people aren't going to do their own research, people who watch these drama channels are to lazy to do so, that's why they watch these garbage drama videos to do the 'work' of research for them.

Vexx found his meal ticket and is gonna ride this into the ground. He doesn't care about the people he 'reports' about. He only cares about that sweet youtube revenue.

No. 290954

an odd but different video from venus

No. 290955

Re: Vexxed
Ignore, ignore, IGNORE

No. 290956

If this is really you just know that you have done a horrible thing releasing that video. You have no idea of what Venus has gone through over the years because of her mom. Keemstar saw his own downfall becaue of poor journalism and you will as well if you keep reaserching your stories like this. When this finally blows up, you will look bad because you took Margarets side and the abuse this girl has gone through because of her has been a nightmare.

No. 290957


?? Are you implying I'm vexx?

No. 290958

he's got 4mil+ views on that one vid about banned youtubers so he would figure going after venus could convert to easy money.

No. 290959

anon wants us to stop mentioning it's name. anon suspects it's been using this thread to post about itself and drum up advance publicity for the vid.

No. 290960

File: 1469103531191.png (1.35 MB, 1000x550, 9LFTD2p.png)

This one, anon:

I recommend against the bikini dancing video, the nude airport selfie or anything else where morge looks anywhere in the vicinity of 'cute.' These teenage trolls will just go in on "what a bangin' bod she has" and create a distraction.

No. 290961


Okay, is there a nick name for him, or is it like… just don't mention him.

No. 290963

'aight. I'll use this one. I'm still taking suggestions for content since I'm still scripting and getting screenshots from our previous threads (those IG accounts don't have everything). Email is in the field.

No. 290964

Here's a fun fact, farmers:
Venus has gotten more view$ in the past 24 hours, just on her latest video, than mangot has on the 5 non-Venus related videos she's released since 5/26.

Choke on that, mange.

No. 290965

Exactly! It's his highest viewed video and he wanted some more of that kind of attention. I think all those people telling him how awful Margo really is just encouraged him that much more. He wants to be the new drama reporter and controversy gets views.

No. 290966

of course she has. the only reason she has the small number of views in her own videos is still because she's Venus' mother. if no one knew who she was and was just a random middle aged woman making videos she'd probably be getting views in the 300's.

No. 290967

Guys, this shit will fade away just like the keemstar shit and the einshine shit bbefore that. Actually, I think the exposure is getting Venus more subs if anything– 450+ in the past 24 hours– and her views are skyrocketing too. Just keep supporting her, send her love & she'll weather this latest shitstorm & come out stronger than ever.

And parasites like maggot & this clickbait loser kid will fade into obscurity, because that's what happens to parasites.

No. 290968

Margoon has a VenusAngelic feature box in her socialblade account???

No. 290969

he was talking about PULL

No. 290972

maybe side to side comparation margo calling her daughter a literal slut ("someone told me she was working as hostess/kyabajo") while whoring herself for pity comments?

No. 290973

I agree, he was talking about PULL, but the whole point is that mentioning his name means he can google it and come back with results. He probably thinks that any publicity is good publicity.

No. 290974

I suppose that in your mind: STRENGTH = power of manipulation, Margot. You discovered lastly you had aspergers, too? Oh sorry, am I bullying again?!

No. 290976

that would go nicely with the tokyo tinder profile pic from >>290547

No. 290977


is this real?

No. 290978

sluts don't cost anything.
But she's also called her a cheater, so that counts. Please include the cap of her saying she framed the photo.

No. 290979

Doubtful, Margo doesn't type like that.

No. 290980

we only have the cap posted here.

No. 290983

I don't think Margo was "confessing" to that 100% seriously. Just the act of taking such a photo (even if she didn't set up the circumstance) is creepy af. She took it for blackmail, and Venus was still with her, paying her way at that time.

No. 290984

Xiourishu has a lung disorder that affects her vocal chords hence the voice

No. 290985

Oh my fucking god.
Those vexxtards are shitting up the comments of the last two videos, ranting and lecturing supporters about how they have "proof" and "facts" with their only source being that fucker's video. They have the nerve to tell her supporters to do their research, yet they never heard of Venus until this month. Ugh. And if they claim that creep is a journalist one more time, I'll fucking lose it.

No. 290986

I love how she chose an outfit that doesn't reveal anything even when wet, but people are still being perverted

No. 290988


I actually really like this one! Something different than food and it was pleased to watch.

>>290986 agree, she looked really cute and there was nothing wrong with it jesus


Let's hope she won't find anybody or get preggo by some random jap guy. M8 this bitch is cray

No. 290989

Try not to worry about it. It'll blow over just like the cumstar video.

No. 290990

File: 1469112157636.png (340.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-21-10-40-48…)

No. 290991

vexxed angers me too much.

No. 290992

This is new, has Margo participating in that awful video brought aunt Zsu back?

No. 291000

It'll blow over faster because this guy is a literal nobody who has like one popular video, all because of Venus.

I wonder how he feels knowing he is helping an abusive mom try to ruin her daughters life? Seems like hes sold his morals for some diddly youtube views. I hope when Margo comes after him for $$$ he feels remorse.

No. 291014

I agree and I begin to think that he has no intention to present the 2nd side of the story in another video.

No. 291016

File: 1469116879336.jpg (30.91 KB, 636x217, image.jpg)

on her newest video. She's so fun despite everything that's going on

No. 291019

Aunt zusu is going off on instagram. Shes angry about the video yet she hasn't seen it. I'm so glad shes njothing like her sister

No. 291022

File: 1469117372689.jpg (49.62 KB, 308x535, zsu.JPG)


agree with her so much.

No. 291023


Based Zsu

No. 291030



No. 291031


She wants to marry someone in Japan so she can stay there and harass V forever…

No. 291032

File: 1469120934552.jpg (28.21 KB, 540x219, IMG_20160721_100728.JPG)

She may start live broadcasting again soon.

No. 291033

File: 1469121297738.png (236.66 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-07-21-19-13-07…)

Does anyone know those guys?

No. 291034

No, but it's worth keeping an eye on. Not sure how they would have gotten them, unless it was from something TLC never aired, or something Venus kept herself to leak.

No. 291035


Or another troll that just wants attention without the hate from the " witch hunters "

No. 291036

that might be possible… they posted download links where you would need to pay for downloading… strange

No. 291037

Could be just clips of Venus' various bruises.

If it's behind a paywall, it's bs, and far from 'justice'.

No. 291039

File: 1469122795710.jpeg (155.35 KB, 750x1068, image.jpeg)

These guys aren't even worth posting about, c'mon.

No. 291040

I tried to search the twitter and it's saying theyre not real?

No. 291041

It is satyrical, dude…

No. 291043

That stupid vexxed girl! Now Venus has hacker enemies… the last thing she needed!

No. 291044

she needs*

No. 291046

Margarot's new gofundme account?

No. 291048

File: 1469124944905.png (876.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160721-141512.png)


No. 291050

Oh no please don't do this Venus…

No. 291051


Is that even Venus … ? I thought her Twitter was hacked by Margoose ?

No. 291052


Twitter looks fake. Unverified and short on followers.

No. 291053

Its the new one. Its on her youtube profile. Also can anyone tell me which tweet she is replying to? I dont know much about tweeter and when I click on it there is nothing.

No. 291054

File: 1469125760258.png (271.49 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160721-142935.png)

No. 291055


https://twitter.com/venusangelic is her twitter linked on her latest youtube video though

No. 291056

Yep.. it's her official one. FFS why does she have to do this!!

No. 291059


I don't see the tweet anymore. Would be pretty interesting if Keemstar did a video taking Venus's side just to spite the "journalist" for trying so hard to be him.

No. 291060

That's the old one. Look at the description.

No. 291061


Go to her channel profile and "About" it'll link to the new one.

No. 291062

File: 1469126087444.jpg (128.84 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I'm looking at the most recent link dimwit

No. 291064

Look at the description of the twitter profile…

No. 291066

It doesn't matter what the twitter profile says, why would she link a twitter account she doesn't have when she's been so diligent about which accounts are hers and which aren't?

She posted this today, who knows how old that profile is. Since margo was probably muzzled, she may have given back Venus' official twitter (since it wouldn't be official if Margo owned it anyway).

No. 291067

Its still there

No. 291068

It's on her about page, maybe she just copies and pastes the description and forgot about it.

No. 291069

The twitter is linked on her About section in her youtube. Its her new twitter account. The verified one is controlled by margo.

No. 291070


She probably hasn't updated her upload defaults. She linked vnsnglc on her channel profile under about.

No. 291071

If Venus actually contacts Keemstar to give him an interview with her.

And Keemstar uses that to out shine his wannabe's by being on Venus side…

I have to say the little fox is craftier then i first assumed

No. 291072

If Venus provides her own screencaps, editing history, documentation of abuse, the milk will flow like a river. Imagine how butthurt maggot will be.

No. 291073

She'll just rant about how venus is a bully, the same shit she's already doing.

No. 291074

>$10k signing bonus

Do I hear Margaret's magic number there?

No. 291075

wait did he call Lolcow a "witch-hunting forum"?

toppest of keks

No. 291076

no, that was meant for PULL

No. 291077

Especially because Lolcow in general seems to feel strongly about not directly engaging with our cows. It's board culture is to just observe, like a nature documentary about fuckwits.

No. 291079

File: 1469129285754.png (23.85 KB, 542x121, tweet.png)

Looking at it now and apparently she's following him too. Interesting. Also saw this tweet, thought it was kind of weird.

No. 291087

File: 1469131100339.png (43.38 KB, 625x345, donqi.png)

Weird how?
Someone asked where she got the giant pudding from, she replied with what store it's from. Don Quijote is a dept store in Japan.

No. 291089

Oh, I wasn't able to see the reply. I was thinking this might've been someone she knew irl or something that she was meeting up with.

No. 291109

File: 1469135178373.png (468.53 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160721-170628.png)

Mimi at it on Manakis insta

No. 291113

I put 2 comments on the Vexxed video and they're both full of BS responses, it's killing me

No. 291114


That includes wearing dumb outfits, staring weirdly at the camera and being weird.

No thanks Venus but people are sad enough to watch

No. 291119

I can't tell whether the "Weenoos" towards the start was just her natural accent or a subtle in-joke about Margo's shit-tier english pronounciation. It's probably the former, but part of me kinda likes to think it's the latter.

No. 291121

File: 1469137885177.png (519.91 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-23-46-34…)

Margaret planning to disgrace Venus before Venus planned to flee her parasite mother? A good argument. In ya face minimorii!

No. 291124

God… Her minions are so fucking dumb. Question because I want input. Since people are ridiculously ignorant about the emails and think they're "evidence" when they're easy to fake, should I prove that I can pretend to be Venus emailing myself? Shit is getting out of hand and so much crap keeps happening.

No. 291125

And even if it is actually Venus and really slept with that guy, so what? Venus told that guy they can't be anything else and Mana and her got over it, that's why they're together now. Margo thinks a couple relationship involve inlaws too? lol. Thank god Maggot couldn't get in touch with Mana's parents, just imagine all the garbage and venom she would spit on them.

No. 291126

Why do you guys think venus addressed everything but the cheating picture? Im really wandering what happened and its pretty obvious venus didnt cheat. Im assuming her mom did something really terrible she doesnt want to disclose.

No. 291128

It's probably because there's no way to prove it is or isn't her and Magrot and her hate army are too blind for reason. The pajamas aren't even the same.

No. 291129

Technically there is no way to prove the kife thing or the phisical abuse either. She addressed all these things but didnt address the cheating.

No. 291130

Theoric experiment
Sequester Margo with 10 of her best stans in a closed room with no windows.
Do the same with Venus with 10 of her favorite fangelics in another windowless room.

Which team escapes first? And how many deaths for the 2nd team to escape?

No. 291138

Well, margoyle has stated publicly that 1. Mana's dad was hitting on her and trying to sleep with her, 2. Mana's mom is an abusive lunatic who tried to raise Mana as a girl.

You can imagine how inclined they'd be to believe anything that comes out of that crazy vipers mouth.

We've seen pics from inside their house when Venus was there, as far as we know they are completely normal. They sure seem a lot better at house-keeping than leg-hair-laundry maggot.

No. 291139

what were the Instagram accounts that had screenshots and such? i cant remember any of their usernames or find them

No. 291140

they are mentioned in the threads here anon. are you trolling?

No. 291141

kathyf2016 has it correct. who even takes a photograph of this nature? I love zsu's response.

No. 291142

>I hope when Margo comes after him for $$$ he feels remorse.
I'm late but this is the next chapter for him and he doesn't even realise it. She's going to check his social blade and come up with a figure and it will be on.

No. 291143

Keemstar is pure cancer though. He will only abuse Venus further under the guise of helping her. She should never talk to him, and she should stay away from youtuber fights and rebuttal vids.

No. 291144

File: 1469147549245.png (49.78 KB, 606x256, Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.1…)

I fucking hate giving this bitch airtime in this thread but on Margo's lexus pic, mimii confirms Margo is stalking them again.

No. 291145

It's worth noting there is fuck all reaction on Margo's insta. 7 more comments since I went to bed last night my time, and it wasn't a wave of deletion. This has not turned into the wave of support they expected. Mimiimori's screeching is making up at least 1/3 of the comment bulk.

No. 291147

I hope Keemstar replies he could actually help the situation so much against that vex fag

No. 291152

no he can't, because he's a creep too. it's just vultures picking at a person (venus) who they know is weak. they are fighting over their prey, and it will be keemstar wanting to put this prick out of business - not helping venus at all. who has keemstar ever helped? just abusers.

No. 291156


Well in any case, keemstar hasn't followed venus back yet, so they haven't DM'd eachother yet. Keem is currently having a freakout on his twitter too so her message was lost among the crowd

No. 291159

I think it may have been a too 'adult' topic to talk about. Remember, Venus is very sheltered, she seemed to be a bit clueless about what asexuality was (OBVIOUSLY I'm not Asexual), implying her marriage meant she wasn't.

Also, addressing the cheating, at its most plausible level of her getting drunk and falling asleep, and this guy creeping into her bed, breaks her kawaii image by her admitting she was drunk.

No. 291161

Or Margoose's perfect mommy image of being a "protective mother" … Serious if V was drunk, what mother would let a 40yr old man stay the night and sleep with her daughter… ( That guy looks fucking old )


Part of me is like, yaaas, let Keem and Margo duke it out. Their both fucking cancer and if one or the other gets kicked off of Youtube nobody will fucking care. The other side of me knows that V will be dragged down as well and could very well end up in the same spot Margo is with legal problems of leaking Margo's personal convos.

No. 291162

Marg has always said that Venus got drunk and cheated on Manaki.

Also, if part of you says 'yaaas', you should probably reevaluate yourself.

No. 291163

>I begin to think that he has no intention to present the 2nd side of the story in another video.
You're just now STARTING TO think this??

No. 291164

fake an email from vexxed admitting he's a liar, see how that goes over kek

No. 291165


And put it in a video using that same click baity tags (keemstar,philD,dramaalert,leafyishere,pyrocynical ) Call it " Vexxed exposed " and see how he likes it.

No. 291166

File: 1469158994134.png (78.89 KB, 517x378, 167f9af9-cc5f-47f4-b636-b63fa4…)

>should I prove that I can pretend to be Venus emailing myself?
Anon, I did that, screenshot it and posted it in the previous thread. Twice.
pic attached-

No. 291167

File: 1469159230438.png (187.68 KB, 576x520, 96e90a28-a16f-444a-98d4-fae485…)

–and maggot's "proof" (fake) email, for comparison-

No. 291168

Please don't. That would only get this creep more attention & view$.

No. 291169

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I believe in the TLC docu there's a part where Margo wears some of Venus's clothes. It's particularly disturbing because it's during a photoshoot where all the attention is on Venus, so Margo comes tottering out acting all cutesy into the shot trying to steal some attention for herself.

No. 291170

yeah, and then they take pictures together right?

No. 291171

File: 1469160722130.png (33.47 KB, 640x135, 1620d86f-eb11-4599-8b87-2b6493…)

Ohoho guys…Venus and her manager at Fullscreen are cooking up something with Keemstar.
Venus followed the guy (Mike Gordon) on IG today:

No. 291172

This makes me so uncomfortable, Venus is about to become a cow again.

No. 291173

Found it!
"Look at me! /I/ look like a doll!"
(Does jumping to specific times work in an embed? If not, it's at 31:31)

No. 291174

File: 1469160972364.png (269.75 KB, 1024x558, 207b3302-c2e1-4a5d-a162-ff8894…)

… and manager guy tweeted Kumstar, saying he "has some information" for him:

Hehee, dis gon be good

No. 291175

"enemy of my enemy is also my friend"?

No. 291177

Good lord, Margo's voice is so much more bearable in this. What the fuck happened to make her sound so shrill and incoherent?

No. 291178

good lord. fullscreen finally take action and it's this??

No. 291179

idk anon, I have a good feeling about it.
1) V follows manager Mike on IG
2) V tweets Kumstar to Dm her
3) manager Mike tweets Kumstar, asks K to DM him NOW, he has 'some information' for him

Sounds like V is in on it, whatever 'it' is. Am I missing something here (besides the fact that Kumstar is a slimy dbag)?

Didn't Kumtwat apolog