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No. 32362

New Ashley thread

Old thread at: >>21279

Tumblr: http://sealed-up-tight.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket

Short summary: When the first thread was made, most anons wanted to help Ashley and felt pity. She claimed her mother was abusing her and didn't even give her money for food. Farmers reported abuse but Ashley threw a fit, deleted her pictures and it turned out she isn't actually abused by her mother at all, but instead loves attention she gets from acting like a victim of abuse.

Then someone posted her old pictures, pre-anorexia, from 2007 and we found out she used to be camwhore on /b/, named Hamtaro-chan.

Later, it turned out she was very rude to a girl who hung out with her IRL and we found out that she talks shit behind backs of everyone who tries to befriend her IRL.
Also makes people buy her food under a guise of "recovery" but it turns out that she doesn't want to recover at all, but mostly gets people to buy her food so she can purge it.

Current events: Ashley discovered the thread about her so she is sending her personal army of tumblrinas to shitpost here.
Hopefully they are dumb enough not to find this new thread.

No. 32364

File: 1419360576226.jpg (73.01 KB, 690x454, niq.jpg)

typical ashley

No. 32365

File: 1419360639966.jpg (225.63 KB, 473x1280, 333.jpg)

No. 32376

What a fucking waste. I don't care if I hurt any mia bitches feelings. This could have gone to someone less fortunate and she's bragging about throwing it all away.

No. 32377

Well, food ends up in the toilet anyway… So, I don't see that as an issue.
What I don't like is how she flaunts that she's vomiting.
Do people with anorexia and bulimia do that?

No. 32380

Yes it does NATURALLY. Would you not consider someone spitting out their food wasteful. Its the same thing. She's basically throwing it away before her body can get any sort of nutrients from it. When there's people in this world who would die for that food.

No. 32381

Uh, bulimic here, and I wanna say that it can go both ways. Like some people, especially on social media, tend to like to kinda mention that oh, they're gonna b/p, or they only ate this much today mainly out of a sick sense of accomplishment, but those are usually the noobs or whatever. But tbh after you get to the point where you've had it for so long, you're just desperately ashamed because you don't want anyone to find out or think you're disgusting. Some people are like, oh idgaf, it's obvious anyway, why should I act like it's a big deal?
Just my two cents.

No. 32404


Who's going to buy food at an expensive Japanese restaurant and give it to the less fortunate? I'm frustrated with Ashley as much as the next person, but come on.

No. 32451


"Also makes people buy her food under a guise of "recovery" but it turns out that she doesn't want to recover at all, but mostly gets people to buy her food so she can purge it."

False. I know Ashley doesn't want to or cannot recover. I bought her food because I'm fond of her. I know what she's going to do with it and I don't care. I want her to have it because she wants it. <3

No. 32459

Then you are just as fucked up as she is.

Does she want to die? Is that her end goal in this or does she just want to milk the attention and kindness/stupidity of others like anon that buys her food?

I understand that she's kind of to far gone now and it could be classed as mental illness because it's probably wired within her body now but I can't help but feel like if she has such a horrible life, why not just suicide.

No. 32463


I love how her fans think they care about her but don't care that they're buying her food she's going to purge anyway.


Isn't suicide more or less what she's doing at this point? She knows she's close to death.

No. 32473

It is suicide.

No. 32474

That's what I was asking, I wasn't sure if that was her end goal. But you made me rethink and I'm pretty sure you're right. I mean, how could it not be.

No. 32475

Lol so if she was into heroine you'd give her cash so she could buy that right?
Can't you see how even though she loves it and it makes her happy it's sick and hurting her?

No. 32477

No guts to an hero

No. 32478

Great. So you are aware you are spending money (and not a small amount) on a girl who buys huge amounts of food (enough to feed multiple people), eats it and minutes later throws it all up.

That sounds so fucked up to me. Maybe it's because I am not from USA but from a country that still has problems with recession and nowadays hunger. Recently I've been reading in newspaper how there are people who have been stealing basic foodstuffs worth maybe $5 max (cheapest brands) so they can feed they children. Or how one woman stole a $2 pack of hot dogs because that's what her child wished for Christmas. (She managed to bake bread because she had some leftover flour at home)

That's why it makes me feel literaly sick in the stomach when I come here and read this. When I see Ashley BRAGGING about spending $75 on one meal and throwing it all up (>>32365)

I'm sorry but I can't understand supporting and donating big amounts of food to a woman who will just throw it up and who admits herself she doesn't want to recover. I can't feel pity for her. What I would do is send her to hospital to be fed. If she refuses, then she can die.

Because there are so many people who are in a way shittier situation and still want to live.

No. 32482


More like, I spent twenty dollars on her. And I'm not in the USA either. Keep making assumptions though.

No. 32484

Alright, sorry for assuming your country but my point still stands.

No. 32489

$20 American is that equivalent to what in your country?

No. 32491

She used to have a Cheesecake Factory gift card on her wish list that sai it was to challenge herself.

No. 32497

It's called fucking eat it yourself and don't throw it up like an idiot.

No. 32501

And the shipping?

Regardless $20 tends to be more in most other countries.

No. 32506

I might add that $20 is still $20 and is terribly wasteful to be spending on furthering the death of someone else.

No. 32512

Regardless of how much or little you spend on her she is wasting it away. And guess what, she's no the more happier about her life when she's done with it.

No. 32565

"I want her to have it because she wants it. <3"

OK, so, what is it about this girl that deserves to be admired?
She vomits, she takes pics, she camwhores her "disease"? I don't get it.

No. 32586

for those who are proud of sending her food to throw up, you do know that every time she throws up she is risking her life, right? in her condition, the act of throwing up could cause an aneurysm, stroke or a hemorrhage in her no doubt extremely damaged esophagus, right?

No. 32591

Also a heart attack sigh.

No. 32595

I don't know why you guys are trying. They WANT her to die, I TOLD YOU. lol

No. 32626


Your response doesn't make any sense given what >>32376 said.

No. 32653

Can we try and get her on Dr. Phil?

No. 32661

How would that work actually?

No. 32697


Why are you guys so obsessed with Dr. Phil?

No. 32699

20 dollars is still a lot for her to purge, though.
You could be donating that money to charity where people need that food instead of some grown ass woman with the mentality of a 14 year old who is in a situation where she can afford food by herself. I don't understand how you all rationalize this behavior as doing her any good.

No. 32701


You don't know for sure that she can afford food by herself. Plus, she doesn't purge all of it, if she did she'd be dead a long time ago.

No. 32702

Did you miss the pictures of her and her mom in the car with the back seats full of groceries or?

No. 32704


Groceries bought by her mom… months ago. Just because you guys have somehow magically determined that her mom's not abusive doesn't make it so.

No. 32707

it's a great show.

No. 32711

she can't afford food by herself, she doesn't have a job. which makes it all the more despicable that she's leeching off her mom, lying to her followers, purging grotesquely expensive meals/countless groceries, and then pretending her ED stems from her mother's emotional abuse and ~starving~ her to get more pity.

bitch, your mom is one of the only humans on this planet who would ever waste so much time, money and effort on your ungrateful ass. every IRL friend ashley's encountered has been driven off in a matter of months, if not weeks. her mom must be a goddamn saint to put up with all Ashley's shit.
look at it this way: if she responds to her followers/fans in such a rude manner–people who are trying to give her mental support if not straight-up gifts–then she probably doesn't treat her mom any better. tbh I wouldn't be surprised if the entire ED is just a way to 'trap' her mom. If she wasn't on the verge of death, most parents would have kicked her the fuck out long ago.

No. 32712


Man, that's fucked up. I have bipolar and I sure as hell don't intentionally try to be a burden on my family. I know I am, though. I can hold a job, but Ashley's mental illness makes it impossible for her to do so. I'd never judge her for that.

No. 32713


"tbh I wouldn't be surprised if the entire ED is just a way to 'trap' her mom."

That's such an awful thing to say. Of course it isn't. She's not intentionally killing herself to "trap" her mom.

No. 32714

Definitely not intentionally, but it could be subconsciously. Her ED is probably caused by a bunch of different things, and that might be a tiny part of it.

No. 32715

She doesn't 'make' anyone do anything. Are you all fucking retarded? There are actually 'kind' people out there that choose to get her things. She can't make them. And a lot of things could happen within a span of months when those 'photos' you posted were from.. Are you all retarded?

No. 32716

Apparently I like the word 'retarded'- please excuse my over useage of the word ^^^

No. 32717

No. 32718


Your writing style and choice of wording reminds me of someone… ;)

No. 32719

Your guess is mine.

No. 32724

Still doesn't change the fact she -does- have a source of food.

No. 32726

It's not very "kind" to help someone with their disordered relationship to food. It's delusional and kind of morbid, honestly.

Why buy food related things for someone when they obviously struggle with it? What the fuck? Just get her an anime figurine, or a cute bow, or some shit. Is that just weird to me, or? It's not like you're friends with her in person, and you guys are stopping somewhere to eat, so it's kind of spur of the moment, and you want to be nice and pay for the food, or something. This is over the Internet where you can carefully choose what you gift her. It seems disingenuous to act as if buying food you know she's going to purge later is harmless, and you're being such a nice and caring person.

Oh and lbr, buying gummy worms and dumb candies is not a proper source of nutrition, so even if she didn't have access to groceries (which I doubt), this would hardly be helping.

No. 32727

I think it's more or less the 'gesture'..
Just a random act of kindness.
Food you gotta deal with every day, so I guess at least make the food enjoyable? I mean obviously she's still alive, so let her 'enjoy' what she wants.

No. 32729

I guess I can get that. I would just feel weird getting a person who has a bad relationship to food something they're most likely going to purge. But I criticize and over-think my actions way too hard, so maybe it bleeds out to other things such as this.

No. 32731

Eh, your point is understandable, too. I guess the thing is, you obviously wouldn't get a 'druggie' drugs, because they don't have a NEED for them daily. But food is always there, so I guess there's no like.. Second thought about buying it. Does that make any sense at all?? Haha it's how I see it, anyways.

No. 32734

Funny thing is, I've literally seen people who want to send her helpful gifts ask what her safe foods are and she always responded to them sarcastically ("i aM A hUMAN I eAT rEGULAR fOODS lIEK YOU dO") or she'd refer them to her wishlist which is full of candy and other binge foods.

Honestly, I just see no justification in sending non-safe foods. If you want to make her happy and are hellbent on sending something just send some goddamn fandom merch, she obviously likes those too.

No. 32735


Not quite true, many advanced addicts do need their drug on a daily (or even hourly) basis once they reach the point that withdrawals become dangerous. Either way it's a double-edged sword, it helps them live a little longer for the moment, but isn't very helpful in the long-run without any real intervention.

No. 32738

It's basically what other posters have said in harsher language. For a lot of people who suffer from EDs, it becomes a way to remain codependent. The idea is that, by maintaining a 'fragile' or 'child-like' physique, it encourages others to see them as someone that needs protection and caregiving. As evidenced by a number of the initial posts in the previous thread, before hamtaro was unearthed. It sounds like Ashley's mom has hospitalized her for her ED in the past, so obv. she can't be the totally uncaring monster that she's portrayed as, oblivious to her daughter wasting away before her eyes. She's fed Ashley, taken her shopping, housed her and even given her an allowance for an amount of time far beyond what most parents are expected to do. Ashley's not even in school. She erupts whenever anyone expects anything out of her more than living past the next day. As far as I can tell, she's planning to milk the situation as long as she can. Furthermore, on her old blog, I remember seeing her make these awful posts about how it would basically serve her mom right whenever she died. Think about it. Her mom must face criticism on a daily basis from total strangers who assume at a glance that she's a horrible mother for allowing her child to deteriorate to that state. (This is one of the reasons why I think Ash likes to emphasize how much she gets stared at and how conscious the friends who meet her IRL must be of her appearance) In addition, she is villainized to an online audience by her own daughter as the primary reason for Ashley's ED–flawless deflection of responsibility, as Ash is wont to do. If that's not enough, she has to live with a person who seems to take sadistic glee in drawing out her suicide for as long as possible at anothers expense, while simultaneously claiming that it's her caretaker's punishment for creating the situation. She can't extricate herself from the situation unless she were to ACTUALLY fulfill the role of an abusive mom and forcibly remove Ash from her home. Ideally, this would be to put her in an intensive recovery program– which idk if she even CAN now that Ashley's over 21, I think she'd have to be declared psychologically unfit first.
Not that her mom has any reason to believe treatment would work now when it's clearly been useless in the past. The poor woman's probably given up at this point.

No. 32742

hope her mum can finally escape when shes emasculated.

No. 32743

Thing is, you act like you know her.
You act like you're in that apartment with her.
But hey! You're not.
So before you make about a million judgments about someone, step back.
Because really, you don't know the problems.

No. 32748

And you do? Can you prove she is a good person?

No. 32750

Well, from my understanding, (yeah, knowing her) there is actually friction in the household. And think of it this way: she's pretty dependent upon things, I mean look at her. But yeah, her mom is under no contract or anything to help her. I guess what the problem is, is that the 'love' for her daughter should just sort of.. Be there? And there really isn't. (Yeah yeah, no household has it perfect, I get it) but the.. Hatred, I guess, is what she wants to tell people. Believe me, don't, whatever. But I knew her before she moved to orlando. And things have always been just sort of crappy between the two.

No. 32751

This sounds like the plot of a horror movie.

No. 32754

But did you ever witness her abusing her? She could've told you lies if. you can't 100% truthfully say you've witnessed different forms of abuse from her mother then you can't claim that she's being abused. Just ecause you have a shit relationship with your parent doesn't mean they are abusive.

No. 32755

She is a good person because she is keepin her alive and sheltered with plenty of useless crap to entertain her vapid mind.

No. 32756

This is pretty accurate. Most of them get off on manipulating others and finding ways to always be the victim.

No. 32757

lmao who's claiming to know her IRL? hamataro revealer her to confirm this person is lying and or is Ashley she was never about this abusive mum shit until she got tumblr popular

No. 32758

But things can change. My mum was a ok one till my parents divorced. Then sh was a fucking cunt

No. 32759

It's so pathetic of ashley to be so scared of losing her followers to the truth that she makes a fucking post trying to explain how no one should worry about their money being wasted on her because she won't binge that food. Bitch, you know you can't keep this charade up, you know everyone will see your true colors.

No. 32760

I was chronically mentally ill as an actual child, got sectioned etc, knew it was hard on my parents for them to see me try to destroy myself and I don't go around calling my mother evil for being rightfully frustrated when I was effectively killing myself and not letting her help me. I mean, sure, she's a bitch for other things but not for being frustrated at an illness that is hard to understand or at behaviours which I was in control of in essence.

No. 32761

My mother being a bitch FYI not Ashleys.

No. 32762

What's your point?

No. 32763

Here's the thing, you're right that I don't know her irl, but the persona she puts off on the internet alone is absolute shit. She's a terrible human being who needs to leave her home if she hates her mother so bad. I had to do it, so she can too. Oh wait she can't do that because her mom is her free purge ticket.

No. 32764

That even if her mum is not being a great parent now that it's understandable because it's hard to watch your child die whilst they do nothing about it.

No. 32765

Look, my mom can be a bitch too. She can get stressful and nervous really easily and then she starts to panic and when in that state she calls me lots of ugly things (stupid, good for nothing etc)
But on the other hand she helped me and still helps me a lot. I'm 21 and in college and she still sends me money, when I come back to my hometown there is tons of food waiting for me. Sometimes she will go shopping with me and buy me new clothes- she doesn't have to do any of that since I have a job along with my studies, but she still does.

Fuck it, not all of us can have "perfect" mothers, but we need to respect them for their care anyways.

Ashley, you are 24 and your mother still cares for you, you still live at her house and depend on her. Some other parent might have given up on you long time ago and throw you into a mental institution.

No. 32768

You don't get it, and I'm not expecting any of you to even want to. Abuse does not have to be physical. But it doesn't matter, because no matter what [Ashley] does to even be REMOTELY positive about ANYTHING, you shoot her down. Dude, whatever helps you all feel better about yourselves.

No. 32769

fuck off.

No. 32770

What has she even been positive about? Everything she does is calculated for maximum sympathy.

No. 32771

so you know everything? you are a joke. you know shit about the op, why are you judging him then.

No. 32783

ITT: Victim blaming/shaming/denying.

No. 32784


Hahahaha I know the "gb2 tumblr" thing is annoying and overdone but in this case, you seriously DO need to gb2 dumblr.

No. 32788

You realize by making her happy you are helping her kill herself? That is like buying drugs for an addict because it makes them happy. I can't blame you because she's been really good at manipulating and guilting people into doing what she wants but you have to realize that you are not making her happy, you are making her ED happy.

No. 32789

Exactly. The mom thing is 100% to get the Tweens on her side because MUMMA DONT CARE ABOUT EMO TWEENS OMG SOOO RELATABLE

No. 32791

That is why I said forms of abuse. If this person who supposedly knows ashley didn't witness it, you can't call her mom abusive based on what ashley says. She's deluded.

No. 32792

Oh come off it. The only reason Ashley gets to live her lifestyle of constant trips to Disneyland, copious amounts of weeb memorabilia and candy, free groceries, and free room and board is because her MOTHER provides it for her.

She's only a bad mom in the respect that she enables her daughter to destroy herself, but Ashley is hell bent on it so she's probably just granting her any last dying wish.

No. 32793

Her mom probably feels like she's being held hostage. If she really hated Ashley she could send her to a nursing home or the state hospital but she lets her stay home instead.

Seriously we need to get this girl committed. If the abuse investigators didn't do anything there has to be some other way to get her to a hospital. There's no way they could look at her and think she's mentally stable enough to choose whether to go or not.

No. 32794

Stop trying to intervene. Leave her alone. You can't fucking fix her. She's trying to just live life, mind your own damn business.

No. 32795

That's exactly how I feel about the situation. That poor woman can't even go out by herself without Ashley making it a "woe is me" story. The dependency she has on her mother is not healthy. She is so toxic she made her mom sick to some degree.

No. 32796

Nobody is trying to fix her. You don't "fix" people. Judging by your unhealthy view of mental illness, you must know jack shit about life. Grow up, she's not "living".

No. 32797

No, there's a reason why the Florida Baker Act exists and why people get put into long term hospitals when they are mentally unfit to decide for themselves. She is literally insane, not meant as an insult, but she is so ill she needs outside intervention.

No. 32798

I was wondering why that hasn't been done. How do you even get that into motion?

No. 32799

Generally you can call 911 and a police officer can take the mentally ill person to a facility for evaluation. Other than 911 you need a court order. Maybe the non emergency sheriff contact might work but you'd have to really explain that even though she doesn't have a gun to her head she is literally about to die and is refusing treatment.

No. 32800

From www.osco.com

If it is an emergency, dial 911. For non-emergencies, call(407) 836-HELP (4357). The dispatcher who takes your call will ask questions about the activity to determine it's nature and ask for descriptions of the people involved.  You might be asked if an officer or detective may contact you, but you may refuse.

And since reporting abuse didn't work since they probably saw no signs her mom was abusing her, Florida DCF also handles self neglect cases:

Vulnerable Adult in Need of Services (Self-neglect): A vulnerable adult who has been determined by a protective investigator to be suffering from the ill effects of neglect not caused by a second party and is in need of protective services or other services to prevent further harm (s. 415.102(28), F.S.)

Report here: http://myflfamilies.com/service-programs/adult-protective-services/report-abuse

No. 32807

surviving past today is not 'living life'. she has literally sabotaged herself to the point that she is incapable of obtaining an education, holding down a job, even mild physical exertion like walking has to be taxing on her body at this point. if people just 'left her alone' like you're asking them to, she would be dead by her own volition. and if nobody intervenes, this is what's going to happen anyways.
nobody here is arrogant enough to claim that we're going to be the ones to 'fix' her, but if reporting this situation puts her in the care of professionals who ARE capable of providing aid, it's a better solution than just sending her gummy bears and shit in the vain attempt to ~make her happy~.

if showing up here and blindly defending her actions makes you feel like a 'good person'–well, I guess that's how you're getting your holiday jollies this year. but realize that you're not actually helping. you're simply enabling the disease which is slowly killing this woman. but it's better than people 'leave her alone' (unless they're sending her shit off her wishlist) and allow her to die 'happy' with her ED rather than intervene and try to get her the attention from MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS that could actually save her life. is that what you're trying to say? because it sure as shit sounds like it.

No. 32813

JUST STOP! Leave her alone! People are already involved! If you don't stop, you can be arrested. This is HARASSMENT. You are fucking giving her TRAUMA.

No. 32814


No. 32816


No. 32817

Oh spergs… Lighting up the tread with shit.

Well at least these anons are doing what they think is right, shitting up a thread and not doing anything yourself is worse.

Good day.

No. 32820

She's not going to post anymore. I hope you're all happy.

No. 32821


No. 32822

I feel like none of you really understand how eating disorders work, which isn't super surprising consider that this site is just an offshoot of /b/. Like why would a bunch of white cishet men understand EDs? Not trying to 'tumblr' you, but like, you have no reference point for it–it wouldn't make sense for you to get it.

I'm all for watching this trainwreck, but cut it out with the concern trolling.

No. 32823

If that means she will work on herself, try to recover and not be addicted to attention on the internet, then yes.

No. 32824

File: 1419446470844.png (16.4 KB, 639x140, 1111.png)

This thread has gotten really pathetic and out of control.

No. 32825

>white cishet men

Nice assumption tumblr friend.

No. 32826

I'm actually a girl and a recovered anorexic so…
What don't you think some of us don't understand?

No. 32827

Play the "go back to Tumblr" card all you want, but I haven't seen one person who actually understands the mentality of someone with severe AN.

No. 32828

She doesn't need to visit this thread then. She can try and send her e-lawyers to shut down the site.
happy holidays

No. 32829

Skipping a meal once and then realizing that wasn't fun does not make you a "recovered anorexic".

No. 32830

Look, her mother has probably exhausted funds on treatment. This shit is really expensive and even with insurance, can be literally thousands of dollars a day. Especially with her BPD, she's beyond recovery. She's going to die. So, there's that, one.

Two, it's immaterial whether people buy her binge foods or not. I saw someone say "Why would people serve someone like her?" it's not a Panera employee's decision to police what someone who looks like her orders.

Also, she very likely doesn't binge like someone who is primarily anorexic does. She is this skinny because her stomach has shrunk. When she says she binges, I guarantee you it's no more than 500 calories. She may purge after every couple of bites, but still. She generates very little energy because she's consuming very little energy.

No. 32832

What qualification do you have to judge what anyone here understands about EDs? PhD? Nah, stop then.

No. 32833

Oh the irony, you come whining and shitposting in this thread how we assume things about Ashley and yet you do the same to this girl.

No. 32834

primarily bulimic* typo, my bad. Sorry.

No. 32835

Hahaha. Nice one but I'm not going to give a fuck about what some moron on the internet doesn't know about me.

No. 32836

This is definitely concern trolling, can we just be real? We're all interested in the train wreck. It's interesting like any other soap opera or tabloid is interesting. No one here is genuinely concerned for her, and if you are, then I say butt out because there's nothing we can do. No one is at legal risk. But it's not a bunch of strangers on the internet who is going to 'cure' someone with severe Borderline Personality Disorder and AN that's probably been attempted to be treated by many, many people.

No. 32837

It's not harassment just because people are alerting authorities that someone is in danger. DCF states anyone making a report who is acting in good faith is not liable. And the same people who got you this assistance (which is clearly inadequate because you need to be in a hospital) were the ones who contacted them to begin with. People are trying to protect you from further danger.

No. 32838

Holy fuck. Thank you.

No. 32840

I agree, it's definitely not harassment, but honestly, it's probably annoying to her mother who I guarantee you is in debt from trying to help her daughter. People give up. It's understandable. Some people are beyond treatment. The state doesn't pay for people to be in institutions, that's why there are so many homeless schizophrenics. You can Baker Act someone in Florida, but that only lasts for 72 hours.

No. 32842

If we're talking real world solutions with how to interact with her? Leave her alone. Only because it's a waste of time and resources on everyone's part: her mothers, ours, etc. to try to 'rescue' her. She's going to die. She knows she's going to die. These little games that she's playing is all she has left, she's alienated herself from everyone in her real, lived life. It's sad, yes, but some people die.

No. 32844

You know who does deserve help, though? Erika. Now she's fucked up and looking to recovery and also is likely capable of it. She is surrounded by toxic people and would benefit from donations or tangible aid.

No. 32846

File: 1419447171834.gif (166.26 KB, 485x662, 1264957828124.gif)

are you seriously twelve? I mean, you were acting like it before but I thought you were just an idiot.
your naivete is simply on a whole 'nother level.

I doubt it. She'll be back once she thinks this has blown over.

nobody's 'threatening' her with anything more than a much-needed intervention. wow, much harassment. so bullying.

Ashley's already a confirmed liar in my mind, I'll believe her sob stories when she provides evidence.

most of the browsers on this board are female, actually. and it seems like quite a number of us are survivors of abuse/EDs of our own, myself included, which is why seeing Ashley's behavior praised and defended provokes such a negative gut reaction.

No. 32847

File: 1419447172322.jpg (112.68 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She's such a sweetheart this one.

No. 32848

That's fair, but it's a shame to watch someone slip through the cracks and to give up on her while there's still any chance her death might be preventable.

No. 32849

Ghosty has already contacted the police about this web page

No. 32851

I don't understand how she is being threatened?

No. 32852

Ashley commented on Instagram that Erika has been "distant." Either Erika caught on and is getting herself out of a toxic environment being around Ashley, or she's just busy taking care of herself and Ashley is twisting things again to appear like a victim. You're absolutely right, though. She seems to genuinely want to recover and deserves every bit of support to get there.

No. 32854

The police won't do shit over real, threatening stalkers, they won't care about this thread, haha.

No. 32855

Screen cap?
I hope she makes it. Erika is such a kind and smart lady. I hope she can get out of the abusive relationships she has and live peacefully.

No. 32856

Ashley if you want this url back hmu.
— 13 hours ago
#sealed up tight #sealed-up-tight

No. 32857

Why are people here even talking about her?

Whatever kind of person she's like in real life, she's obviously severely ill and must feel so sick all of the time.

If you didn't write about her, she wouldn't reply. You're baiting each other.

The unfairness is that she's not mentally well and probably doesn't have long to live.

It's not like she's ever committed some hideous crime. Why pick on her?

No. 32858


Top kek. Fucking priceless. Listen, they're not going to stop until she dies, period. There is nothing you can do about it, absolutely nothing. She's not getting help, she's going to die and she's going to die soon. How about you stop bitching at us, because we are going to keep up what we're doing, and spend time with Ms Skeltal because you don't have much time with her left.

What we are doing is never going to be as bad as what she is doing to herself. Don't get me wrong, it would be great if she recovered, but she won't, she can't. This is far more than not eating, the sickness is in the way she behaves and in everything she does.

She's a shit person, look at what she did to one of her supposed BFFs, Gia. She was awful and cruel towards her, she begs people to buy her food just to regurgitate it two minutes later, and she's nasty and mean even towards those who try to assist her.

No. 32859

Lol especially since nobody is making threats about putting her life in danger, but are doing the exact opposite.

No. 32860

It's just like when people pick on Kim K. Kim wants attention. So does Ashley. She's an object of fascination.

No. 32861

The only reason, if at all, the police involve themselves it will be because she committed suicide over harsh and intense bullying.

Like that crazy adult lady who taunted some teen often about how she should kill herself and whatnot.

No. 32862

No one is telling Ashley to kill herself.

No. 32863


No. 32864

Ashley has a persecution complex because she has severe BPD. It is not illegal to gossip, and that's all this is.

No. 32865

Why would the police involve themselves with a thread of people offering to call the police to get her help… Other than to help her?

No. 32867

What's sad is that she'll still obsessively lurk. She can't stay off the internet for too long without compulsively posting her pics or comments. The thirst is real.

No. 32868

They're not. Ashley just feels threatened because she does not want treatment and is grasping at straws in a desperate attempt to deter people from honestly reporting that she is a danger to herself. If she complains that attempts to initiate outside/emergency intervention are "threats" it just reinforces how mentally incompetent she is. If she goes to the police then she'll expose herself anyway.

No. 32869

Sad thing is, Ashley was actually positive things.. And look at what you've done. She was going to recite poetry, and actually got hooked up with services. Believe what you want. She's not being negative anymore. And actually, Erika is distancing herself because she doesn't want to 'recover'. I'm saying what needs to be said. No one gives Ashley credit for anything, and it's pretty fucked up.

No. 32870

I sincerely hope she gets help before it's too late.
Looking at her is so severely triggering. I don't think I'll ever get this bad. I don't see how anyone can get to this point. I wish I could help her.

No. 32871


why would Erika be distant because she DOESN'T want to recover? not being rude, just curious what you meant.

No. 32872

No one gives her credit because she's a fucking loser. She hasn't done anything to deserve credit. Reading poetry is not going to fix this bitch. She's still going to/alreadyhas destroy her entire family even if she reads goddamn poetry.

No. 32873

The tragic thing about most of these people that are talked about here, is they probably would be doing much better in life if they just got off the internet. I think a vast majority of them are histrionic and severely narcissistic. I am honestly surprised that some of these people do not have some kind of intense intervention to help them.

No. 32882

Ashley is no where near the positive end of the spectrum of shit. She's just holding her tongue right now because she knows if she starts up with her whiney lies, it's evidence that can be used to get her treatment.

Several people, including myself, have messaged her positive things but she chooses to ignore it. Oh, but if you send her "hate" or what she perceives as hate, she will lash out and go on a bitchy tirade.

No. 32884

Hooked up with services?" Then whoever hooked her up failed miserably because she needs to be hooked up to an IV and feeding tube. Seriously. She is in imminent danger and needs intensive care.

No. 32886

I don't understand you people.
People here actually want to help a girl with a disorder that wants to starve to death. It's not "concern trolling", it's actually doing something to prolong her life.

Instead you "true fans" come and bitch, asks us to leave her alone while you send her stupid shit like japanese candy.

It's like you meet a guy who wants to kill himself, and he asks you to buy him a rope and you happily comply to his wish because at least he will be happy he got the free rope for the short time until he hangs himself.

No. 32888

Ashley has gone to therapy more now than she has all year. And Erika has um.. Well, done nothing but TALK about recovery. Ashley doesn't GLOAT because she doesn't NEED to. And she doesn't BEG for anything. You all keep bringing up the same BS about her. Get new news. Oh wait- you don't have any because she's actually doing something. Later.

No. 32890

Oh Ashley. Stop shitting on Erika just because she's got our support. You gloat about everything.

No. 32892

Cunt. Just die already, we're waiting…

No. 32893


ash, ash, ash. if these threads really upset you so much, you should probably stop reading them/commenting on them.

PS- who's gloating? What'd I miss?

No. 32894

Okay this is not fair. We may not all like Ashley but this is way too far

No. 32895

I wouldn't be surprised if she started threatening herself here to try to prove that she's being threatened.

No. 32898

oh, that's bound to happen.
unless it didn't already

No. 32899

kind of already suspected that.
she camwhored on /b/, that plus her tumblr activities pretty much prove that she's well-versed in the art of manipulating her audience.

No. 32900


I think it already has.

No. 32903

Actually, I'll own this. It was too far- Sorry, Ash. Just trying to butthurt your followers for more lols.

I doubt anyone truly desires your death, it would even be nice if you did recover but- I don't know.

No. 32907

Ashley you're making yourself look so much worse by talking shit about Erika on here. This is just rude and given your history it's likely a total lie. You're also lying about getting help to avoid people sending emergency services and nobody believes you.

No. 32908

I will not shit-talk about Erika anymore. That was out of line. But I will say this: words are only words. There is a reason why Ashley doesn't just openly say, "oh my god, I'm getting help", and that Erika does. Ashley is scared. And you all are not helping. She is obviously alive, and trying. Please leave her be. Her posts are not triggering, no 'body shots', just her goofy face and her little enjoyments. Ashley does not post 'binging' anymore. Look at her blog- she even answers positive asks. She is ACTUALLY trying. Give her SOME credit. Please just hear her out. Think this is her, whatever. But I'm speaking FOR her because I KNOW her. It's frustrating how you'll never see what an actually decent person she can be.

No. 32910

Not once have you acknowledged or apologized for the hurtful and dishonest things you have done. You still feel like a complete victim and you refuse to take responsibility for your actions. You have no empathy. Trying to backtrack by acting nice isn't the worst thing you could do but it's still not going to stop responsible people from getting professionals involved to keep you from killing yourself.

No. 32911

Because she's never displayed these traits. She's only doing it now because of fear. It's not genuine at all. If all of this does stop I don't doubt that she'll go back to her old habits. She's notorious for remaining stagnant and not progressing but regressing.

No. 32912

And also trying to drag other people down with her.

No. 32913

Since even Ashley has said that showing her skin is triggering to herself, you are really in denial here. How is she a decent person when the shit with Gia was mere days ago? Replying to nice anons is damage control.

Ashley isnt 'scared' of getting help, she doesnt want it. She left her old blog because someone tried to get her help.

No. 32914

Alright, alright. I'm listening.
Is she actually doing anything about her weight? Is she scared of death?
No one deserves to die at twenty-four/twenty-five. She put herself out here on the internet though, people tried to help her and she flaunted herself while getting worse and worse and even insulted people who tried to buy her food or wish her well. She's not only hurting herself here, her family and friends have to watch her die in the most horrific way possible.

I can tell you this though with almost complete certainty, if she REALLY tried, talked about plans to gain weight, to go into the hospital even as an outpatient, anything to really show she was serious, we'd be big supporters.

We can't support her as she is now.

No. 32915

Very true.

No. 32916

Here here

No. 32917

Stop talking about her weight. That's not changing anytime soon. You want her to get 'better'? Don't expect sending her somewhere is going to help. She has been to 25+ admissions. You need to stop interfering NOW, and let her connect with her counselors. I will not ask again. And if you have any questions for her, she still connects with her followers privately through her blog. She is flaunting nothing, and is being sincere. Take it for what it's worth, and at least let her try. Hell, even try talking to her. But anons will not be published, sorry.

No. 32919

It's hard to talk to you Ashley, when everything that comes out of your mouth isa lie. I think you honestly can't help yourself but this is why they have involuntary commitment for people who are so out of touch with reality like you have shown yourself to be.

No. 32920

Ok Ash, nobody is stopping you but yourself. Do yourself the ultimate favor and get off the internet. It has obviously made you worse and I'm sure you're still cringing over your /b/ days.

No. 32921

No counselor who wants to stay licensed would let you stay outpatient. That is absurd. If you have the help you say you do then they are incompetent for not putting you in the hospital immediately because there's no way they can treat all your medical complications otherwise.

No. 32922

Listen Cupcake, we're going to talk about her weight. This will continue until the end if she does not change. The only good that has come from this is that she's sparked a conversation. People are learning about ED after reading about her, people are sharing their experiences, if in return people vent their frustrations and gossip, if that's all the flack that she gets back from destroying her life, her family, her future, and ENCOURAGING others with ED…

She can ignore us, no one can ignore her though because she's fucking DYING and making it a goddamned spectacle. If a car crashes, people watch. But… I will repeat this again. If she spoke about attempting to gain weight, if she even tried hospitalization ONE MORE TIME, a real fucking try, people would lay off. Fuck, people would probably try to help her pay her medical bills.

No. 32923


Good. Don't ask again.

No. 32924


> at least let her try

I'm sorry, but she isn't trying. Ashley being nicer and reading poetry is not going to save her life.

No. 32925

She's getting off. Leave her be. But you cannot take speaking to others who are struggling away from her. She has helped others. You will notice eventually that she never meant harm. Good day to you all.

No. 32926

When did anyone talk about her weight?
All that was asked was if she was doing anything about it.

No. 32927

I know she didn't wake up one day and decide, oh, I want to wither away to sixty or fifty pounds and die. I think we all know that, but she needs to put her money where her mouth is since she has been saying that she wants to get better. If she's going to kill herself publicly, people are going to talk. End of story.

No. 32928

Pffffffffffffttttttttttt. You act like she's some type of martyr.

She'll be your buddy-buddy till she turns on you. We've seen it time and again.

So she didn't mean to hurt Gia when she wrote that horrible caption on Instagram?

No. 32929

Still no apologies or admission of any wrongdoing. Still insisting on acting fully innocent. Still no remorse or concern for how your actions affect others. I guess you genuinely can't see it because you're so far gone. But that's still not an excuse.

No. 32930

Yeah it's like we're all just watching this 24/7 live broadcast of someone killin themselves and were not supposed to look or discuss it. Unless you have some asslicking comment to feed her ego.

No. 32931

Ashley reminds me of Kiki in some aspects

No. 32932


I have a real question for you regarding >>32930
Does this post make sense to you? At all? Because this is what it comes down to. I can't fucking fathom how this wouldn't make sense to someone.

No. 32933

As a bulimic, I can never fathom how someone can spend over 15 bucks on binge food. I feel bad enough that I'm going to waste that food but to spend $75 on food that you're not even going to share with other people? Fuck, if I did that my heart would probably stop from the guilt and lack of electrolytes.

Also, I'm currently trying to recover so pls donut h8 me too much

No. 32934

Do any of you know what Ash has spoken about when it comes to death? I really need to know, she must know she is dying…

No. 32935

No hate, you're trying. If only Ashley was.

No. 32936

your victim complex is staggering.
nobody's trying to take ~speaking to others~ away from her, but you've got to admit
the best thing for her to do at this point is to get off the internet and sort out her life.
you say she's got counseling? great. talk to them instead of her tumblrina army of enablers. but if they're doing their job, they'll say the same thing that this forum has been repeating like a fucking broken record for days now: Ashley needs medical attention. The state of deterioration that her body is in impacts critical digestive functions, not just her thought processes, and with her BPD and b/p patterns I can't imagine that she's in a state where she could feasibly 'recover', even if that's what she wanted, from her home environment.

No. 32939

Who is trying to stop her from communicating with people? People just want others to realize her manipulative personality. They can make up their minds if they want to stick by such a selfish, ungrateful person.

No. 32940

Sorry^^^^ this was not in reply to you

No. 32941

File: 1419458922017.jpg (78.24 KB, 1224x1224, image.jpg)

….For those of you who think buying her food to binge and purge on is helpful.

No. 32942

Posted almost a year ago. How pathetic you are. Get real news.

No. 32945


Because her condition sure has changed since then.

No. 32946

Lol calm down Ashley. We all know your attitude towards food hasn't changed. That's what keeps you in the grips of your ED. Duh.

No. 32947

Wow, that's really good news. I really hope she can get out of her abusive relationship with Ashley before she gets seriously hurt.

No. 32948

>Ashley talking about herself in third-person, actively shitting on Erika in a thread that both of them read
Wow. Incredible. I really hope Erika sees that you just insulted her to put yourself higher than her.

No. 32949

Here you go mates. Here's proof that Ashley has sent at least one threat against herself so far in this thread to make herself appear victimised. I wouldn't be surprised if more are coming.

No. 32950

You only have to take one look at her to know she's not attempting to recover.

No. 32951

File: 1419461666428.jpg (69.31 KB, 1224x1224, image.jpg)

Ok, let me indulge you with a more recent one.

She's saying she's got an addiction. You're ok with supplying her drug o choice to her? Hmmmm?

No. 32954

I'm to lazy to quote but whoever said she is trying to recover
>sealed-up-tight don't open me don't fix me

No. 32955

~~a new beginning is not what I asked for~~

No. 32956

Wtf? I am out of this. Back off.

No. 32957

…That better not be true, Ghost…

No. 32958

Why would I contact anyone? I don't even know anything about Ashley. Its bull.

No. 32959

I was joking, honey.
You're ok.

No. 32960

I think you need to go back to some sort of schooling?? Lol she's saying she DOEST want her addiction anymore.. Is 'control alt delete' that hard to understand?? Uhhhh ok.

No. 32961

^^^ *doesn't.

No. 32962


No. 32963

Oh. My. GOD.

Nobody WANTS their addiction but if it was as easy as wishing it away nobody would suffer. Fuck, your post is rolling in ignorance.

No. 32964

You are one dumb fuck.

No. 32965

Ok, ok, so instead of laughing at how astronomically retarded you are, lets go over this. Like >>32963 says, nobody wants their addiction. >>32951 's point was that people like you who buy expensive food for her are just feeding her life-destroying condition. You're inadvertently helping her destroy herself. Do you get it now?

No. 32966


Maybe they meant Ashley, seeing as it was originally her url?

No. 32967

*life-destroying addiction
ugh sorry, it's getting late

No. 32968

No. They said 'Ghosty already reported this thread' or something. I think anyone who has been reading this knows we r two different people.

No. 32970

You're my new lolcow ;*

No. 32972

The only good thing about StaminaRose was the one rule: don't contact the lolcows families.

I get that it's upsetting to see Ashley the way she is, but she goes to Target all the time and people see her constantly. No one is going to swoop in and force her to get better. I get wanting to talk about her, because I've never seen anything like her before either, but why the hell do people need to bother her with anons and blogs and threaten to talk to her mom? She's an adult and her mom is adult and thinking you are some sort of brilliant troll or hero is pathetic and annoying and ruins all the fun and makes it fucked up instead.

No. 32973


Well then they're a bit of a tard. Chill out.

No. 32974

File: 1419466320482.gif (2.67 MB, 441x300, 14180927358542.gif)

top lel

No. 32975


I think it's just moralfaggotry honestly. This whole thing strikes me as "but we have to help her!" when they really just want to see what she'll do if she ends up being contacted irl by authorities again.

If any of you seriously DO want her institutionalized for her own health, lets face it, even if she did stop b/ping I'm pretty sure her organs are damaged enough at this point that she won't live long. It's really sad, but I think we have to accept that she's not got long left at this point.

No. 32976

Amen amen amen. I love you so much. Please no have girlfriend, we be together long time. FINALLY SOMEONE HAS COMMON SENSE. SHE GOES OUT AND IS A REGULAR AT STORES, OBVIOUSLY SHES NOT ON HER DEATHBED. She's just weird to look at, whatever. So are cancer patients, amputees, you name it. It's sad, but true. People see her and her mom together, or at least talking to one another, blahblah. Life goes on.

No. 32978

Yup, this happened in that PT thread, everyone shitting everywhere, pretending to be 'doing a good thing' when really people just want to butt into other people's lives and have control over them. I'm not saying 'wow she's a great person and super nice' but this is like that tumblr made to get people that 'said racist things on the internet' fired from their jobs - you aren't the police, or mom of everyone, please fuck off.

No. 32979

Yeah but how many ppl do you think are aware of the fact that she had an eating disorder. She looks like she could be one of those kids with progeria. She's like 5'1".

No. 32980

New tumblr post.

>You know what?


>This is my safety net.
>My new happy zone.
>I am going to read my Edgar Allen Poe book, show you my little trinkets that >make me smile, and do my best to be humble. I will not be chased away from >what I wanted to make a positive escape for me. My new blog had brought >me nothing but new, beautiful humans who are struggling alongside me. I will >still be here, reblogging kawaii-yaoi-yummy-WHATEVER MAKES ME SMILE >photos. I will do my best to not trigger, but alas, we are all faulty. I >will post a warning if I fear that the post may be a bit depressing or harmful >for someone to read. Thank you to all who have stood beside me. I’m actually >getting a bit excited for tomorrow— sure, I’ll be a tad lonely, but that’s >not going to stop me from watching my 24-hr ‘A Christmas Story’ marathon, >lmfao.

No. 32981

Omg I fucking called it! She couldn't even last a day!

No. 32982

Yes! Finally someone has a brain here.

No. 32983

There's nothing bad about this post? Like ok. Get over yourself?

No. 32984

Shut up, cunt.

No. 32986

The thing that really bothers me about all of this is the denial that Ashley's mom is abusing her because you saw a picture where they were both smiling and there were groceries in the back seat.

You cannot tell whether or not someone is being abused by a photo of themselves with their abuser. People who are in abusive relationships often look fine in photos.

Also, you don't know what was in those bags of groceries, or how often her mom buys groceries.

I'm sorry, but you haven't "exposed anything" about whether or not she's being abused. There are only two people who can say for sure: Ashley and her mom. Ashley has said she has been abused, and her mom hasn't said anything, so as far as we know, Ashley could be telling the truth about the abuse.

No. 32987

But she has a history of lying about other things, plus investigators didn't do anything about the alleged abuse. Not to say just because they didn't find evidence means it didn't happen but that in the context of Ashley being manipulative about other things suggests she was at best exaggerating and at worst making it all up.

No. 32990

But I have to admit.. I love the movie A Christmas Story

No. 32995

Cisgender and heterosexuality don't have anything to do with eating disorders you dumb fuck. If you wanna tumblr at least do it right.

No. 32997

She's been crying about being talked about and "stalked" online but still can't stay away from the Internet. It's just sad because she has nothing else in her life other than food and she can't live without constant attention.

No. 33001

File: 1419474832108.jpg (56.94 KB, 435x245, shut the fuck up donny.jpg)

pfft as if lolcow isn't 95% catty bitches and 5% catty dudes who miss the dramu on /cgl/.
you're the one that has no idea how eating disorders work because none of that shit has anything to do with EDs. you think EDs are only for what,…black trans women? makes me think you're the one who has no frame of reference here. especially because it sounds like you think /b/ is all of 4chan

No. 33002

>concern trolling

Quirky, go fucking kill yourself.

No. 33011

File: 1419484195592.jpg (187.63 KB, 720x406, 1704_BTS_Pic10_EwwMyGod.jpg)

ewww… edgar allea poe. such a poser…

No. 33018

File: 1419491241560.jpg (1.6 MB, 3000x3822, image.jpg)

/b/ isn't all of 4chan??!!??!!

No. 33026

Honestly… I'm just waiting for her to die already. What does she do other than make people sad or angry? I wont take pity on her because of how she acts. If she wants to die she should just end it and stop eating all together. Sorry if I sound cruel, but she is dead already. The only difference is she is a waste of food and energy and a dead body is more pleasant to look at. Plus a dead body isn't so damn rude. "But she is rude because of a mental disorder!" dun care, she is still just a walking bag of bones.

No. 33028

She's not dying yet cuz she is obviously afraid of dead like everyone else. And what's more is that she is just using her ED as an advantage in manipulating people. That's really sick and vicious. She knows what she is doing. That makes me think she is just another mental like those murderers or stuff.

No. 33029

File: 1419504107171.png (336.84 KB, 416x637, sdfad.png)

really ashley, really?

No. 33030


Ashley is an idiot.
Wait, no…she's not an idiot. She knew what Erika meant. She's just vicious.

The sooner Erika cuts her out of her life, the better.

No. 33031


you bet, i don't even know what she meant by "1600 minimum what?", because she knows exactly what Erika's talking about. Erika seems to be so much better and you can tell she's really trying, why does Ashley have to be a little bitch about it… jfc

No. 33034

Maybe she wants Erika to. Ashley has gotten to the point to where being in a relationship with someone is probably foreign to her now, and is probably experiencing anxiety, whatever. I know while when I was 'deep' into my disorder, that I tried being with people, and I just eventually became cruel to them. I'm not standing up for Ashley, or saying it's okay, I'm just saying I see what's going on. Yeah, if Ash is feeling this way, she just needs totelp Erika. But you all hate Ash anyways, so fuck it I guess. Both girls just seriously need a miracle this Christmas.

No. 33036

Ashley is so cruel wow

No. 33037

One VERY important component people haven't taken into account about Erika's recovery: money.

Ashley does nothing, she has even said she will not go on any kind of goverment money; she leeches money off her mother. The state she is clearly would warrant easy some kind of tugboat. It might not be much, but it will still be an income.

Erika has to rely much, much more on herself. No one is footing her bills the same way. She has two children who need her and a supportive husband that works. Like said here, recovery is expensive as fuck as would be sending the children to somewhere whilst she is inpatient.

Erika deserves people's attention and pity much more than Ashley. Erika does things one day to another and struggles whereas Ashley just stews in hate and self-pity.

No. 33041

What a cunt holy shit. I have issues with Erika too but that was so deliberately awful.

No. 33042

Erika's new videos are so adorable. I'm a previous follower from her tumblr and I wanted to throw in that she was always very honest about her issues and to see her actually trying is just amazing. This girl has a chance at a real life. She has some major trauma to overcome and I think deleting tumblr was just what she needed to work more on herself. Personally, I think the only reason Ashley may be acting different towards her is because she doesn't want to be left alone in the disorders. Erika has a long way to go but I've always felt some sort of determination out of her. I just wish she could see how worth it she is. She wrote three days, I bet that three days was hell for her, but instead Ashley treats it like she's been ignoring HER and doesn't even consider how mentally draining keeping food down and changing for the better is literally one of the most difficult moves. Those first few weeks suck.

No. 33044

This. Ashley only cares about herself and getting her way. She can make superficial gestures to act concerned about others but she is empty inside. There's no conscience or empathy.

No. 33048

Honestly, I think most of us support Erika. She actively talks about eating enough calories, taking care of herself and her kids, ect. She's really trying.

No. 33050

Yeah, Ashley had people trying to help her, her friend tried getting her help with insurance and whatever but she just doesn't want to try. Erika just has financial obstacles which is understandable but is really fighting for herself and her family. It's ridiculous how Ashley twists the truth and says she's trying and Erika's lying. Ashley's version of reality is literally the opposite of the truth.

No. 33052

Erika gets child support. Erika does not work. Erika has her husbands family helping. Ashley has no family helping. And just because Ashley doesn't have children, you're all quick to point the finger. You're all a bunch of blind sheep following the wolf.

No. 33053

Go away Ashley.

There is more than money involved with the actually wanting to recover. Money aside, she WAN'TS to live. The only foul ball here is that Ashley used Erika's pretty face to try and win followers and it came back and slapped her because she introduced Erika to everyone else and then she got jealous. The fact that Erika has in the past proved she can self recover on her own free will shows she gives a shit. Ashley is scared erika is going to recover and steal hur follours and lose her life's purpose. She doesn't even realize or care to realize that she manipulates everything so disturbingly it's like the obvious physical shape she is in. Denial and deadly delusions.

No. 33054

>ashley has no family helping
right, because the woman who gave birth to you and has been supporting you for the past six-ish years isn't your 'family'.

at least Erika is trying to help herself. Ashley just wants unconditional sympathy and toys. she has the mentality of a spoiled child.
>my mom is so abusive
but never attempts to become financially independent in order to separate herself from the situation, even though she could literally have free money handed to her by the government and/or receive donations through the internet.
but she'd rather get candy and anime figurines from her supporters instead.
>my ED is so draining & difficult to live with
but never seeks assistance to recover, in fact attacks anyone who criticizes her logic, suggests that she change, or attempts to provide her with options for treatment or care.

No. 33055

File: 1419529576959.gif (547.05 KB, 500x375, 1380689709929.gif)

also I like how she's only begun to answer compliments since coming on this forum & witnessing the farmers complaints about her only responding to insults/criticism.
way to backtrack, you wily bitch.

No. 33056

Seriously. Erika was in remission when she had her children. That's ridiculously fucking hard to just basically shut off a severe addiction for someone else's sake. A lot of women with EDs who have children still struggle during and after pregnancy. Erika deserves a lot of credit because that's pretty much a miracle. And Ashley is trying to downplay Erika's recovery. Yikes.

No. 33058

File: 1419530941078.png (67.21 KB, 647x352, Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.05…)

Looks like her mother's too depressed and angry at her circumstances to even face the one responsible on a day that's supposed to be 'happy.' I bet she can't even stand the idea of seeing someone you're supposed to love unconditionally, your own daughter, not only in the end stages of her suicide, but a mess of resentment and cruelty directed at everyone, including her, the only one who would ever have supported her for this long.

Shit sucks. I hope you lot are having a nice Christmas.

No. 33060

Jesus. Her mother does not deserve to have to live like that.

No. 33061

Ashley gets donations and uses them for anime shit, you dumb fucking cunt. She begs for material objects instead of actual HELP. That is part of why we hate her.
People have offered their services to Ashley and she says, 'fuck you, no' and throws it back in their faces after asking for some dumb anime DVD set.

No. 33063

Erika is OK with us because she's actively trying while Ashley is sitting on her skeletal ass while whining about her pathetic, pointless life.

No. 33066

>Ashley has no family helping.

Bitch,you are 24, your mother helps you. She gives you shelter and food.

No. 33072

Actually, I think it has more to do with feeding herself and functioning more like a human. She was always kind and responsive on tumblr she always responded to me privately because she was sensitive about compliments, in fact she said she felt bad because she didn't want YOU obv. Ashley to think she bathes in her own narcissism-like you use your shockingly grotesquely thinness to gain. You can't let go of your disorder because you're afraid to be forgotten and average. Was that so hard?

No. 33076

Ashley has hit a new low. She finally lost control in the game of internet popularity and it's all falling down on her, look at Gia. She got finger punched in the face with a cat "sticker" why? Because she hates the fact that she has to be ugly to get attention when her friends are actually just disordered yet otherwise normal functioning adults with relationships. Do what does she do? Make them look bad in any desperate twisted way she can? Not anymore. I have messaged Ashley so many times about her hair and color and she never once relied. Only attention getting response from her. I don't understand this girl and wish to have not fallen into this lane of traffic but can't look away.

No. 33078

The reason there was a sticker over Gia's face is that Gia found out about the previous thread and didn't feel comfortable with her face being shown. HOWEVER, Gia had to beg Ashley for hours to get her to her to do so and Ashley was a complete skelecunt about the situation claiming that Gia didn't want to be seen with her but that wasn't the case. Gia posted the text messages revealing that Ashley was being a complete psycho.

No. 33079

For fuck's sake, you guys really don't know whether or not Ashley is being abused, and y'know… there's gotta be a reason behind her disordered behaviour. Maybe her mom doesn't regularly beat the shit out of her, but emotional and psychological abuse exists too and is very hard to prove. Maybe Ashley has no bruises – maybe that's why the police didn't remove her – but that doesn't mean she hasn't been harmed mentally.

Honestly, I've known a lot of abuse victims and Ashley has a lot of traits in common with them. I believe her when she says that she is abused.

No. 33080


Shelter and food does not necessarily equal emotional support, which is just as (if not more) important for someone in the throes of mental illness.

No. 33081

THANK YOU. Ash is not alone here. Yeah, the majority of the 'people' here are quick to lash at her, which is frustrating.

No. 33083


Ok, the fact that she's starving herself to death is not our point. Do we blame Gia or Erika for being sick? No. The thing is how she behaves, she begs for food donations just to purge it back up and flaunts her illness and then expects us not to talk about it. She's a fascinating case, but she's also cruel, lying and just plain nasty.

Many of us here, including myself have been abused physically, mentally and sexually. You don't get a fucking trump card when those things happen to you though.

No. 33086

the thing is that we only have Ashley's word that her mother IS abusive. there's no evidence. all we have to go by is what Ash relates to us.
and Ashley hasn't exactly been a non-biased source of reliable information in the past.
if the way she's treated Gia/Erica/her followers is any indication, Ashley is really quick to warp any situation into a sob story, starring herself as the victim. It's not hard to imagine how she might rewrite an argument or disagreement with her mother into 'emotional abuse'.
And she HAS spread stories like 'my mother won't feed me' in the past, but directly contradicts herself by instagramming grocery shopping pics and trips to the Cheesecake Factory. Who do you think is taking her those places?
So yeah, there's no evidence that her mother isn't abusive, but also there's no evidence that she is. Ashley's perception of reality is severely warped. I wouldn't trust anything that she chose to publicize about her personal life.

No. 33093


Buying groceries sometimes does not equal always buying groceries, and I know it's not always her mom taking her out either.

No. 33094

>there's gotta be a reason behind her disordered behaviour

She likes attention, she gets attention by playing victim and starving herself to death.
I'm assuming she has psychological issues.

No. 33095

And I can also claim this.

No. 33096

'She wants attention'-
Yeah, because in case you forgot,
And some will do whatever they can for it.
Stop acting high and mighty.

No. 33097


I agree that everyone likes (sometimes needs) attention now and then, but if you're at the point where you'll do whatever you can for it you're clearly reaching astronomical levels of attention whore, and that shit isn't healthy.

No. 33102

Are you for real?
No one NEEDS attention. That's a want, not a need.

You won't die for not getting likes on instagram.

No. 33104

I kind of feel like if someone got NO attention whatsoever, and I mean being 100% completely ignored, they'd probably go insane (think of Keekz being used to being e-famous and then having her attention whore needs unfulfilled), but yeah, you could still live, it's not like food or water.

No. 33105

>Not even a mother can love a monster like you lol

>It’s funny that no matter how positive >I try to be, no matter how hard I >tried to fight today, someone has to >say this. I hope you have a Happy >Christmas. May your parents be proud.

No. 33106

Man… this was a little cruel.

No. 33107

Don't worry about it, I'm sure she sent the anon ask to herself, then maybe it was even her who posted it here for the attention. :^)

No. 33108

I wouldn't be surprised if she did send it to herself but I posted it here. I've been stalking through her tumblr.

No. 33109

File: 1419552298105.jpg (261.24 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_m7wgdlp1OT1rsdowgo1_128…)

I found some pictures of Ashley that haven't been posted here or on the previous thread. Dumping.

No. 33110

File: 1419552322752.jpg (73.46 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mda4daoKPQ1rsdowgo1_500…)

No. 33111

File: 1419552381601.jpg (6.44 KB, 160x160, hh.jpg)

No. 33112

File: 1419552427061.jpg (8.87 KB, 160x160, th.jpg)

spoopy skeltal

No. 33113

I have BPD and so does my mother, and we spent years putting each other through emotional abuse, physical and verbal abuse too, each blaming the other for their self destruction. I eventually did therapy so I'm coping better now but my mother did not take any therapy and is worse than ever (we rarely, if ever, talk any more)

It's so blinding obvious that Ash has BPD, the manipulation, constant sob stories, the stories that can only be exaggerations, and the obsession with being a victim all the time. Her mother just sounds severely depressed (Ash has said a few times that her Ma has an ED too) and unable to cope with her kid, but how can you abandon your child when they're in that sorry state? I feel really bad for her mother, coping with a BPD person is difficult enough on its own but having to face daily persecution from irl people and online people over something she can't force her kid to stop doing?? Ouch.

The only question I really have is could Ashley even get better at this point? Like would she be able to get to a healthy weight or is the situation so bad now her early death is pretty much certain?

No. 33114

File: 1419552499066.jpg (50.2 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m8jozahxtx1rsdowgo1_500…)

This one looks like it was taken in a hospital?

No. 33115

File: 1419552526622.jpg (38.32 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mczu7fDjsi1rsdowgo1_500…)

:/ So sad…

No. 33116

File: 1419552540553.jpg (94.71 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mdjlccmH4R1rsdowgo1_500…)

No. 33117

File: 1419552612011.jpg (81.15 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mpmvnhY7Dp1rsdowgo1_500…)

…Still think she isn't flaunting, whiteknights?

No. 33118

Well that's just mad fucked up. Messages like that and some stuff i saw on that other thread? That's really nothing but cruel. Despite that things about her behavior and mistakes whatever, some shit just crosses so many lines. i'm a nosy creep myself but seeing u guys searching for old pics or deleted pics whatever, makes me cringe! well good thing everyone gets to have an opinion.!

No. 33119

File: 1419552629340.jpg (85.97 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mri4010Dwx1rsdowgo1_500…)

No. 33120

File: 1419552654302.jpg (38.65 KB, 500x372, tumblr_mxcsegTZM31rsdowgo1_500…)


No. 33121

No. 33122

File: 1419552858925.jpg (73.83 KB, 500x667, tumblr_m9cgad9zeH1rsdowgo1_500…)

Sorry, I think the pictures are fascinating. It's unreal to as what our bodies' can handle.

Forgot one.

No. 33123

? Ok, some chick's Instagram? Can't find anything about 'theforestcat'.

No. 33124

She commented on Erikas instagram that she was TheForestCat and "wanted to keep in touch"

No. 33126

File: 1419553269634.jpg (52.43 KB, 500x375, tumblr_myj6jzq59D1rsdowgo1_500…)

Seems like it's gone now. I found this, but that was it.

No. 33127

Disgusting. She'd better not try to influence Erika with her Ashley sycophancy.

No. 33128

File: 1419553434797.png (12.77 KB, 405x93, Capture.PNG)

I'm genuinely hoping for Erikas recovery, she seems like she's really trying and I seriously think she's an incredible human for wanting to do so for her children. It must be tough as fuck to pull yourself out of that, but maybe she's seen what Ashley turned into and she doesn't want to be like her. I have everything crossed that Erika makes a full recovery and lives her life to the maximum she can. She deserves it, she seems like a golden human being. ForestCat seems like a nutcake, what's with the obsession anyway?

No. 33129

Hate to say it, but at least Ashley is real.
Her attitude isn't covered, she says what she feels.
Someone else on the other hand..
I kind of can't wait until she shows her true colors.
That's all I'm saying.

No. 33131

File: 1419553953771.jpg (475.17 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_mtjlezTAgO1rsdowgo1_128…)

Oh shit… There is more.

Erika is awesome in my book. Tough motherfucker.

k go back to tumblr noa

No. 33132

File: 1419554000491.jpg (81.96 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n70k3mSNJT1rsdowgo1_500…)


No. 33133

File: 1419554054730.jpg (60.27 KB, 500x351, tumblr_m5qn92pqLf1rwgekvo1_500…)

This was posted on her old tumblr, can't confirm for sure that it's her.

No. 33134

Oh man, Ashley, you really need to stop shitting on Erika. Especially if it's to make yourself look better. It's really pitiful.

No. 33136

>>No. 33133

(I'm having a shitty time learning how to reply lmfao)

How are you digging up these pics?

No. 33137

Google image search her old usernames.

No. 33138


How do you know Erika's true colors? What are they then?

No. 33139

File: 1419554786216.jpg (6.78 KB, 160x160, ohgod.jpg)

No. 33140

File: 1419554822907.jpg (79.65 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ne3z7snmBR1rsdowgo1_500…)

No. 33141

File: 1419554884321.jpg (111.57 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mvngrasWyo1rsdowgo1_500…)

She'd be so physically pretty if she just gained eight pounds or so. But it's not that easy. :/

No. 33142


What exactly has she (theforestcat) done?

No. 33143

Yeah, I don't get this.

No. 33144

Lolcow is just obsessed with Ashley and everything and everyone in her life. >>33142

No. 33145

File: 1419555612084.jpg (59.88 KB, 640x533, image.jpg)

No. 33146

Yup, that's why we have this thread.

LMAO. Sorry, I meant to say eighty.

No. 33147

Keep calling the 'meanies' Ashley, whatever helps.
Just saying, you'll eventually see how easy words are to say, and how evidence eventually surfaces. It's with anyone, no matter how 'golden' they may seem.
You all may be getting off on mentally torturing Ashley to the point to where she's scared, but the other person you seem to be praising is just as sneaky- the disorder will do that to you, and she is no exception. Good day to you all.

No. 33148


tbh I think she'd feel way better if she did gain even just eight pounds

No. 33149

File: 1419555793372.jpg (214.47 KB, 614x892, image.jpg)

So the Forest cat is a run of the mill, plain looking boring tween. That explains a lot: she clearly idolises them for those reasons. Boredom mostly.

No. 33150

If you want to be independant, caring and intelligent, fucking give recovery an old college try, otherwise this is the year of your death. Even if she reaches her goal of becoming those three things it will only last for maybe another… eight months at most?

I respect the fact that she knows she has a long way to go with those personality traits though. Good introspection, Ash. First time I've heard you say something like that…

No. 33151

She shouldn't be scared. We are by no means going to physically harm her. We are not wishing death on her. I would even go to say that this whole board would be thrilled if she even TRIED to save herself from her imminent death.

No. 33152

The dashes, the vague implications of knowing 'hidden things' about Erika, and the 'good day to you all' are all classic Ashley, notwithstanding the stench of your distinctive writing style.
Stop fucking shitting on Erika; we've all covered why she's much better than you ad infinitum. At least with any luck she'll be repulsed by your bashing her here with your 'insider information,' and stop letting you drag her down.

No. 33153

:/ Yeah.

No. 33154


She's kind of pretty in this picture. If she gained weight, she'd be gorgeous.

No. 33155

File: 1419556942507.jpg (78.67 KB, 1280x720, maoyuu_maou_yuusha-02.jpg)

can anyone shoop her to weigh more/prettier like we shoop our queen thinner?

No. 33156


shoop her face onto Gia's body

No. 33157

File: 1419557268950.jpg (6.61 KB, 199x300, hg.jpg)

I did my best.

No. 33158

File: 1419557323477.png (49.87 KB, 275x139, 1415356475655.png)

Also this is Erika before…

No. 33159

No. 33160

File: 1419557346288.jpg (44.52 KB, 306x306, 10864946_640478582724053_38778…)

And recently.

No. 33161

i'm so proud of Erika honestly, i hope she fully recovers and doesn't let Ashley be a bitch to her anymore

No. 33162

Nope. This picture is old.

No. 33163

Aaaaand nope. This photo was taken AFTER the one with her service dog :-)
Wow, you all are ARE blind.
This is too funny.

No. 33164

Kek. Fuck off, Ashley. You still pissed that Erika didn't fall for your hate-filled, triggering anon messages?

No. 33165

File: 1419557860199.jpg (111.01 KB, 640x640, 10848095_814103591961452_21250…)

Whatever cunts, here is another recent one.

No. 33166

Yeah because solitary confinement isn't considered borderline torture by every country…

Oh wait.

No. 33167

>implying solitary confinement is the same as being denied whoring your disgusting bonebitch body out on the internet

No. 33168

Do you want me to dig up a bunch of pictures where Ashley is hanging out with friends? Because they are out there. Ashley isn't fucking locked away like people in solitary confinement.


No. 33169


She's still underweight but omg that progress. Fucking awesome.

No. 33171

You know you can think that humans need attention to be healthy and there is such a thing as a mentally ill, histrionic person (That means a person who acts out to gain excessive amounts of attention, seeing as you both have trouble inferring the correct things on your own) They're not mutually exclusive concepts.

No. 33173

File: 1419559467374.jpg (252.26 KB, 480x640, Untitled-1.jpg)

practically had to draw new arms, sorry for the shit shooping job but I just wanted to take some of the hollows out of her face. I've wondered the same thing–I mean what she'd look like if she were healthy– before.
she'd be really cute imo.

No. 33174


How much weight do you think she'd have to gain to get to that state? 30lbs? She'd still be severely underweight and people would still know she was sick, but she'd have so much more energy.

No. 33175

If I had to guess she is between 50-60 pounds so gaining 30 would put her between 80 and 90. Considering how short she is that isn't to to far away from a healthy weight.

No. 33176


So her bitchiness being "real" makes it better? I'm sorry but if you're acting like a bitch, then you deserve to be treated like one.

Where the fuck are the admins?

No. 33177


This was her about seven years ago.

No. 33178

File: 1419560362212.jpg (6.99 KB, 300x225, njbj.jpg)

Derp. Forgot picture.

No. 33179

No it isn't. Someone just shopped that.

No. 33180

I think the comment was in reference to the picture they dropped.

No. 33181

File: 1419560572048.jpg (131.88 KB, 345x460, Hamtaro Chan (10).jpg)

No. 33182

You are such a fucking asshole ashley. Keep destroying yourself and let Erika restore herself. She's got amazing potential.

No. 33183

File: 1419560910957.jpg (100.77 KB, 1224x1224, image.jpg)

Lel. We are aupposed to believe this crock of shut when this time last year her mom got her a gift?

I call BULLSHIT Ashley!

No. 33184

You'll see how people really are. Keep praising what is only shown. You'll find out eventually.

No. 33185

Omg the hypocrisy.

No. 33186

If you really believe Erika is a shit person then why do you even fuck with her? Why take bff pics with her? Why waste your time on her?

No. 33187

I would say she is too far gone. The sad part about Ed's is that even when you get them in a hospital, they can still die because their organs give out. So even that doesnt mean they will get out of it. With how skinny she is, it would take a long time to ever get her to a normal weight. If she does have bpd, that makes it worse because they are so hard to deal with. I can see that stopping progress because both of those require therapists trained to deal with them, and a lot of therapists arent comfortable dealing with bpd..

No. 33188

I can see that being true tbh. BPD is a fuckin bitch to treat, and it's sad that most are left to deal with it solo bc therapist aren't comfortable helping. She was actually cute before she got really sick, she looks like a living anime character imo. Shame about the soul-sucking woe-is-me "victim" she has become.

No. 33189

Stop being so mysterrrrrious.
Either tell us what you're hinting at, or tell Ashley to make a sex tape bcuz I want to know if someone even could stick their dick in her without her turning into bone dust like those bone turtles in mario that collapse when you jump on their heads'. Except with dicks instead of jumping on her head.

No. 33190

I'm seeing progress on one side while on the other I see self-destruction.
At least one of them is trying.

No. 33191

What the fuck am I reading.

No. 33192


No. 33193

i am also curious about this, guise.

No. 33194

Ok, but you're a proven liar so…..

Anyway isn't that what you what? For us all to "blindly" get behind someone then get burned when they "show their true colors"? And don't you expect that out of your own followers too? You are deluded girl.

No. 33195

File: 1419563663983.jpg (102.27 KB, 1280x720, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - 01 - Larg…)

thanks anon, I'm the one who requested the shoop. So fascinating to imagine.

No. 33196

File: 1419563694815.jpg (52.47 KB, 500x500, LVqLyb2.jpg)

Fucking christ, guys…

No. 33198

"My body is so disgusting. LOOK AT IT."

No. 33199

File: 1419564867046.jpg (59.07 KB, 453x604, 0002.jpg)

No. 33200

File: 1419564927064.png (491.33 KB, 500x667, echh.png)

shoop 4 anon

No. 33201

File: 1419564942097.jpg (63.86 KB, 453x604, 0001.jpg)

No. 33202

I'm surprised no one ever messaged her telling her she was "triggering" with her pictures.

No. 33203

File: 1419565122154.jpg (76.91 KB, 612x612, 0001.jpg)

No. 33204

I don't buy that triggering bullshit. You're always gonna want to be smaller than the next sick girl, whether they flaunt it or not.

No. 33205

Bet this stuff is somehow going to get out there and someone is going to think she's recovered.

No. 33208

fucking agreed. I am rooting hardcore for Erika. I've been in touch with her privately and have been giving her some solid advice for options she could consider. If I lived closer, I would totally love to hang out with her and help her out from time to time. I think she just needs more genuinely nice people and good influences in her life, to give her the solid foundation she needs.

No. 33209

Holy fucking shit that comment she left on Erikas ig about the 1600 cals is so fucking horrible. ANYone with an ed would know exactly what that meant. She knew damn well what Erika was referring to.tye only reason she said that was to be manipulative and trigger her into feeling guilty for eating. I am absolutely blown away and disgusted with this vile creature. If she was actually in treatment as she claims to be how would she not know that? Even if someone wasn't in treatment and just simply had an Ed they'd know. Typical pro ana bullshit. I was feeling like those alien posts were taking it too far but after seeing that nope! She is not a human being if she would post that on someone who's supposedly her "friend"s photo,she's fucking disgusting ugh that has my blood boiling how fucking dare she. That to me is by far the worst thing she has ever said. Absolutely zero sympathy for anything that happens to her or anything anyone says or does to her from here on out.

No. 33210


No. 33211

And her woe is me,I'm being "severely harassed and threatened" umm no bitch,no one is threatening you. And if calling you out on your atrocious behavior is harassment then oh fucking well,cry me a river. (Which I'm sure you will considering bitching,whining and crying is literally your only talent)
And then goes on to post that "this will be my new happy zone" and a "positive escape" blah blah fucking blah, only to post right after that whining because your mother probably couldn't stand being around you listening to your non stop whining so she escaped and hid from your rotten self. Boo hoo bitch,I'd hide from you too. I'm sure you're reading this Ashley,so FUCK YOU. Get over yourself you pathetic whiny cunt. How about you feel bad for being so vile that your own mother has to hide away in her bedroom on Christmas just to get away from you. I don't blame her one bit. You aren't the victims here honey,your mom and the countless other people you've hurt with your disgusting behavior are the real victims.

No. 33212

For girls with Eating disorders, they actually use really skinny girls to feed their distorted view of what is good. Even extreme examples are thinspo, and so it is a very dangerous cycle for girls with an eating disorder to look at them.

No. 33215

this is what ashley wants. she wants to keep other girls suffering like she does, she wants people to see her body and have the sight of it fuck them up. why do you think she wears shorts all the time? shes purposely showing off her bone legs, which are, aside from her face, the most shockingly obvious sign of how thin she is. people who are as thin as her get cold very easily, wearing layers would feel better, but she wears as little as she can instead.

No. 33216

You are all horrible. I hope one day you'll see how cruel you are. Ashley has problems, yeah. Is it okay for her to be 'rude'? No. But she isn't fake.

No. 33217

I don't know how to post pics here but did everyone see on one of erikas last pics that

No. 33218

File: 1419570922450.png (27.36 KB, 642x290, aaaaaaaa.png)

No. 33219

She said that Ashley said she posted too much and then Ashley said she basically doesn't care about Erika on tumblr? That's so mean. Erika should just block her, she's just mad because people like Erika here and she's jealous. I'm so sick of her horrible attitude towards her friends. :/

No. 33221

You beat me too it ^.^

No. 33223


She kind of is being harassed and threatened, though.

No. 33224

I could see a case for harassment perhaps, but threatened no.

No. 33225


How is she being threatened?

No. 33226


Well, she probably feels threatened because people have uncovered her personal information and found three of her friends and her mother and have reported her to the authorities.

No. 33227


Not to mention they're actively trying to damage her friendship with Erika.

No. 33228

lmao she's actively damaging her own friendship with Erika

No. 33229

They reported alleged criminal activities to the authorities, that is, the abuse Ashley was accusing her mother of. That's not threatening Ashley, that's duty to warn.

No. 33230

She's is the one destroying it by coming on here and shitting on her just so she wins favor with strangers instead of her own "real" friend. She's the one making damaging comments to Erika on social media will she's trying to get better.

No. 33231

The only information that has been put out is the information that's made public. She is the one that peddles her own personal info all across the internet. Her birthday is the only thing that she didn't give that someone found, and then again, that info is made public from the voting registration site.

No. 33232

Ashley is the one who is being a bad friend. She is the one who called Erika "kind of a cunt" in her vague Tumblr post not long ago. Funny how she was referring to and keeps referring to "exposing her lies" when Ashley is the biggest liar of all. She's projecting like crazy.

No. 33233


Ash's typing style is pretty easy to imitate- so anyone could be pretending to be her right now ^.^ So get over it.

No. 33234

Nahhhhh. She has her own distinct way of wording things. She makes the same repeated mistakes.

No. 33235

Pffft what would be the point of that?

No. 33237



No. 33238

Off on different paths? Meaning Erika in recovery and Ashley doing nothing?

No. 33239

what the heck is Erika's tumblr/twitter/instagram/whatever. I tried to look for the fluffykittens account on twitetr but can't find it. Halp!

No. 33240

Don't think she has twitter. Ashley is following her on Instagram. You can find her there.

No. 33241

No. 33242

File: 1419574665732.gif (247.36 KB, 500x380, giphy.gif)

Thanks anons. God, i love Erika. She seems like such a genuine person, just kind of… eccentric? It's sad she got wrapped around with Ashley at all.

No. 33255


Who is this girl and what did she do?

No. 33258

File: 1419575495855.jpg (62.5 KB, 480x640, guigfui.jpg)

No. 33260


This makes me so sad.

No. 33269

Whoever is implying or wants to imply that we are illegally harassing and threatening Ashley, is completely fucking ignorant as to how the legal system in America works. ALSO, what we are doing is NOTHING compared to what some other lolcows have experienced. Jessie? Chris-chan? Coercing an autistic man to cut up and shove a medallion up his ass while publicly humiliating him to lead him on to believe he will get a girl that doesn't even exist? Coming by in person when the guy is out in public to bother and film him? Making his life and his parent's life a living hell?

Come on. We're posting pictures of Ashley and discussing her and her posts that she's been making public EVEN BEFORE SHE WAS SICK [Ashley was Hamtaro-chan for those of you who don't know.]

She's been whoring for attention since she was seventeen. This is NOTHING compared to what damage another certain Chan was once capable of. I'm not saying it's coming to that because it's not. What I am saying is be thankful this is the most you are getting Ashley.

We couldn't destroy her life if we wanted to. She has nothing left to lose and nothing to offer. The only thing in her future is death.

No. 33276

File: 1419576404907.jpg (74.16 KB, 380x405, tumblr_n0wb7usW1f1sfezg7o1_400…)

It is as simple as this. If you put yourself out online and give out personal information, be ready for that to backfire on you.

You know how Ashley can make this stop? Disable anon asks and just don't look at this thread. Goddamn, it's that freaking easy.

No. 33280

File: 1419577142668.jpg (102.34 KB, 612x612, iihih.jpg)

It would have been worlds easier to just re-draw her body.
And yes, her arm disappeared because it was completely salvageable.

No. 33283


You tried.

No. 33285

File: 1419578109965.jpg (7.66 KB, 320x240, zdar.jpg)

Robert Z'Dar, is that you?

No. 33286

You all need a wake up call.

No. 33288


No. 33290



No. 33291

I really don't care about this girl's personality or attitude or whatever, I don't know or care if she's a bitch or not, but if she doesn't get medical help soon she is probably going to die within a few months or less. I think a lot of other people in this thread feel the same way. Some people might be trying to contact authorities and her parents because they want to harass her, but I think most just want to make sure she doesn't fucking die.

No. 33292

File: 1419579163064.png (55.65 KB, 388x459, Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 2.31…)

Just read this shit. I'm fucking disgusted.

No. 33293

What bugs me is she is rude, stand-offish, spiteful and even cruel, to people who offer her help.. but she seems to moan, whine, and cry, for months when the same people turn away and don't offer to help any more. I bet her mother tried to help her for a really long time (as said before, Ash has been in hospital and presumably her mother put her there) but now her mother is letting her destroy herself Ash is shouting "abuse, abuse!"

No. 33294


It's not going to look that way if she links this thread to the authorities and there's a bunch of gross photoshops and insults everywhere.

No. 33295

File: 1419579688472.png (176.85 KB, 373x295, Ash.png)

No. 33297

File: 1419580083606.png (212 KB, 367x506, tumblr_n0fn4iB1nB1sj985ho4_400…)

Ash is just jealous that whenever she posts her face she knows it makes people physically ill whereas Erika is actually really attractive. She probably views Erika as competition; she's likable, quirky, pretty and recovering whereas ashley is unlikable, annoying, and reveling in her ED.

No. 33299


This is why no one actually believes that you guys want to help her.

No. 33300

If she really wants to get rid of those so-called harassment or shits, she should have stopped posting her personal details, photos and stuff online.

No. 33301


Yeah because one person is whole lolcow.
But even that anon might wanna help her.

No. 33302


The hoof is still part of the cow.

No. 33304

She looks kinda hot in this one ???

No. 33306

File: 1419581167899.jpg (43.15 KB, 554x439, anime_shrug.jpg)


Actually yes I do want to help her. She may be a big pissbaby but it's still sad to watch her kill herself. It's even sadder that people kiss her ass because such sad, so mental illnes, must hugbox her!!!1! They're also killing her.

No. 33311

I wish to help her too.
Just don't know how.

No. 33313

gross photoshops? Ashley detected - Only you would think the shopped images are gross because you look healthy/not dead and actually hot in shopped images

No. 33317

Lel. She thinks she's anon

No. 33319

I only post when I feel necessary. You all are very close-minded.

No. 33320

>I think she'd have to be declared psychologically unfit first.

I am 100% sure her mother could walk there with her and they would immediately just put her in, no questions asked.

No. 33321

No. 33322

File: 1419588254140.jpg (133.73 KB, 1920x1080, download.jpg)

you are so open-minded.

No. 33323

I'm honestly really puzzled as to how shes alive???

No. 33324

True colors fast approaching. K done.

No. 33325

hey ashley, how are you? been throwing up lately?

No. 33326

Ashley, just because she's mentioned how shitty you've treated her doesn't make her the "exact same" as you nor does it show any "true colors". Why are you so intent on making people dislike her? Jealousy or what?

No. 33327

Thank you all for these threads. I was considering getting her something for Christmas (not food), but I was being so fucking naive to how this girl really is. I have an ED too, although I'm a guy, so it's a little rough out there when it comes to that.

On the few occasions I spoke to her she was very kind to me, but I'm assuming that's because she's good at pretending. Fuck that, bookmarking this thread and never supporting her bullshit again. Ashley, if you're reading this, get bent. I don't know what kind of sick pleasure you get from making everyone around you look abusive and mean, but it's horrible.

I hope Erika stays far a-fucking-way from you, heals as best she can and moves on from ever knowing you. Maybe when everyone around you who still has faith in your word realizes that you're a liar, you'll have something real to complain about.

Anyways, thank you folks for shedding light for myself and, as I'm sure, many others. I'm so glad I came here and read this before spending money on someone who doesn't deserve it.

No. 33328


Same here. I have an ED too, (I'm a girl though), have talked to her a couple of times and thought her mostly harmless even though I majorly side-eyed some of the rude things she said to people and always thought the stories about her mother didn't quite add up.

When she pretended to be all coy about doing a wishlist and pretending she couldn't ever do that (but then promptly making one with hundreds of dollars' worth of crap and posting the link everywhere) I thought it was a bit crass BUT I thought maybe I could bring a bit of joy to someone with a tough life. So I planned to buy her something. I even started writing a letter to go with it.

That first thread here though really opened my eyes and then the whole Gia thing was what sealed the deal for me. I could not believe how she twisted that situation and had her supposed 'friend' begging her for hours to consider her feelings and then made herself look like the victim. So utterly disgusting, I can't believe I was ever taken in by this person.

#33327, best of wishes to you. I know the holidays are a hard time for those of us with EDs but I hope you're doing okay.

No. 33329

The Gia thing is exactly what changed my opinion on her as well, as soon as I read the messages I just felt disgusted at her behavior. Even more so when she proceeded to post about how Gia was so ashamed of her and whatnot.

I was pretty furious. I knew that, in general, I couldn't tell who she was through a computer screen as a whole. But it's absolutely vile, the way she talks about her friends and her own family, who's still supporting her.

Mayer she and her mom don't have the best relationship, but the fact that she still has a home and a way to survive at her age is proof enough that her mother isn't the one doing the hateful things in this relationship.

Thank you, best of wishes to you as well. The holidays do suck, but my family and friends have been very supportive and very loving. I hope all is well for you, too!

No. 33330

Same. I had even got a gift and sadly some food. I passed it into good will when I found this thread.
Having not had an active ED for 6 years and been in "recovery" since then she ignored me for a long time as I assume I looked normal. As soon as I posted something on my tumblr about mental health. She jumped on it and was so nice, even paying me compliments and acting coy when I offered to get something from the wishlist.

This thread saved me from making a huge mistake and being dragged into a load of drama like Gia and Erika.

I wonder how many people she has sending her stuff at one time. Her wishlist seems go change a lot which makes me thing loads of people are doing it

No. 33332

Post proof of ash being 'rude to you'.
Go on, do it.
Can't, can you? Because you're lying.
Anyone can put words in her mouth.
You all are disgusting.

No. 33333


There are dozens of screencaps in this thread and the last of her being rude to people.

Go to bed Ashley.

No. 33334

Ashley which post are you even referring to

No. 33338

You are so rude, ashley.

No. 33342

Here is one: >>32364 , and this one >>33029

Then go back to the previous thread and read the posts about drama with Gia.
Then come back to this thread and read yoir own posts where you shit talk about Erika, Ashley.

No. 33343

Ashley, just go. Defending yourself on here isnt gonna make us change our minds. We have plenty of proof of you being rude in this thread. Just stop making a fool out of yourself by acting like a victim.

No. 33345

Funny how there are only screencaps of one side of the story.

No. 33346

Then enlighten us and post some and we'll consider your side Ashley. From what we're seeing you are an absolutely horrible fucking person and Erika should seriously just completely drop you. All you do is hurt people, the best thing you could do is to stop talking to any other human being because the only thing you are capable of is bringing them down.

All hail Erika for putting up with your bullshit and recovering at the same time.

No. 33347

For everyone posting about how Ashley may not have enough money to get services to recover or to buy food… She has a tattoo that is healing and those things are goddamn expensive. She could have done SOMETHING positive with that money.
Another thought, it must be so painful for her to receive tattoos, it's literally needle against bone..

No. 33348


she has several tattoos i think. and she's always talking about buying dvds and games and things… and seems to spend a lot of time in stores and at disney. she's getting money from somewhere, obviously, and not choosing to spend it on healthcare or food.

No. 33349

If you have screencaps of the other side of the story, please provide. Sick of you playing as a victim, Ashley, grow the fuck up.

No. 33350

I always wonder who will give such a underweight person a tattoo.. You know, medical concern or something.

No. 33351

Yup, yup, yup.

No. 33352

This might be a bit off the current topic but if Ashley decided right now she wanted to recover, could she? I see a lot of people saying it's far too late for her, why is that? I'm not that well versed in human physiology so I'm curious what damage has been done.

No. 33353

Poor Erika. She's seeing how cruelly Ashley is treating her but still wants to stay close to her. I hope she can find the strength to back away. I can't blame her. She has a horribly abusive past and probably doesn't believe she deserves better than a shitty friend like Ashley.

No. 33355

Medicfag here.
It would be dangerous but it would not be as dangerous as what she is doing now. It really depends on a lot of things, I'd have to know more about her current state of health to say for sure.

But either way, going as she is now she is going to die. Recovering… she might have a chance.

No. 33356

There is something called refeeding syndrome that would be the main risk.

'Any individual who has had negligible nutrient intake for more than 5 consecutive days is at risk of refeeding syndrome. Refeeding syndrome usually occurs within four days of starting to feed. Patients can develop fluid and electrolyte disorders, especially hypophosphatemia, along with neurologic, pulmonary, cardiac, neuromuscular, and hematologic complications.

During prolonged fasting the body aims to conserve muscle and protein breakdown by switching to ketone bodies derived from fatty acids as the main energy source. The liver decreases its rate of gluconeogenesis thus conserving muscle and protein. Many intracellular minerals become severely depleted during this period, although serum levels remain normal. Importantly, insulin secretion is suppressed in this fasted state and glucagon secretion is increased.[4]

During refeeding, insulin secretion resumes in response to increased blood sugar; resulting in increased glycogen, fat and protein synthesis. This process requires phosphates, magnesium and potassium which are already depleted and the stores rapidly become used up. Formation of phosphorylated carbohydrate compounds in the liver and skeletal muscle depletes intracellular ATP and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in red blood cells, leading to cellular dysfunction and inadequate oxygen delivery to the body's organs. Refeeding increases the basal metabolic rate. Intracellular movement of electrolytes occurs along with a fall in the serum electrolytes, including phosphate, potassium and magnesium. Glucose, and levels of the B1 vitamin thiamine may also fall. Cardiac arrhythmias are the most common cause of death from refeeding syndrome, with other significant risks including confusion, coma and convulsions and cardiac failure.

This syndrome can occur at the beginning of treatment for anorexia nervosa when patients have an increase in calorie intake and can be lethal.[5] The shifting of electrolytes and fluid balance increases cardiac workload and heart rate. This can lead to acute heart failure. Oxygen consumption is also increased which strains the respiratory system and can make weaning from ventilation more difficult.'

No. 33357

Osteoporosis. She is already in a wheelchair most of the time. She may not be able to walk even if she recovered. Possibly permanent digestive system damage. She may not be able to digest food even if she tried to keep it down. Several missing teeth. Those fuckers don't grow back. Esophageal damage from purging. Heart damage. Infertility. Nerve damage. Starving alters how the brain functions and those effects can last afterwards, and she's so sick she may never come back from it. Those are just a few, there are many more. On top of that Ashley has a raging personality disorder that would still be there even if she recovered and would still cause her to have this victim mentality and wreak havoc on everyone around her. Starving makes you irritable and bitchy but her issues go beyond that. Even if she got physically healthy she would have the same personality.

No. 33359

Curious, has she mentioned mobility or being in a wheelchair?

No. 33360

Yes! Good for you. And her ignoring you until she saw you had mental health struggles makes sense. She preys on people who are more likely to feel compassion for her because they've been through problems like hers. Even better if they're vulnerable because it makes manipulating them easier. Most of the people who get tricked into buying her gifts feel like they're helping her and Ashley uses this to her advantage.

No. 33361

Yes. There was at least one photo with her wheelchair visible and she mentioned it numerous times. She just stands to take selfies and sits back down.

No. 33362

Man… I wish I could read her old blogposts that were deleted.

No. 33363

But refeeding can be monitored in a hospital so she could survive that with medical care. I don't know how she's still allowed to refuse hospitalization if she's at the point where she is clearly mentally incompetent and needs to be hospitalized whether she likes it or not.

No. 33366

I can not imagine the pain. I was already on the verge of screaming when i got my foot and ankle tattooed.

No. 33367

That's because you can't force someone to get treatment in the US unless they're a danger to themselves or others. You could argue that she is because of her severe ED, but unless she makes active threats, nothing can be done.

It's not like the UK where you can be sectioned. Sometimes for as long as 6 months, which can be extended further.

Compare that to the US, where the Baker Act only lasts for 72 hours.

No. 33368

There's a similar process in Florida called involuntary inpatient placement which is longer than Baker Act. But she would still need to be Baker Acted first to get evaluated and referred for long term care.

No. 33373

Has anyone noticed that Ashley has gotten more and more distant from Erika since these threads have been posted? We may not be able to save Ashley but we can certainly stop her from influencing Erika.
I wonder if Ashley thinks Erika has something to do with this…

No. 33377

You guys are seriously so fucking obnoxious in this thread. She is beyond help. Where is the fucking snark? Start a "Save Ashley" blog or some shit already.

It's the Internet. You're not going to "save" anyone.

No. 33378

File: 1419612030454.jpg (62.52 KB, 582x547, Capture.JPG)

No. 33379

I agree that she's beyond saving.
Forty pounds though? Holy shit… How is she still alive???
I mean, I really thought she was fifty or sixty pounds, I just can't see how it's possible to weigh forty pounds at her height. I really can't believe this.
Do you have more screenshots like this? I seriously cannot stop reading about her, it's fucking unreal.

No. 33381

I saw that on some thinspo group at vk
Ashley is clearly one of their idols. Sick shit.

No. 33382

Holy shit, thanks Anon.

No. 33385

You need to stop wasting your time.

No. 33386


Things said about Ashley on this page.

>Tiny superskinny woman.

>I love her small and skinny frame.
>Bones to die for.
>Incredible thin legs.

No. 33387

I get nervous when Ashley doesn't post anything for a few hours. I always think that she has died…

No. 33388

File: 1419613347301.jpg (47.48 KB, 527x365, Capture.JPG)

Comment. Ick. Scary how many of these hardcore anorexics exist.

No. 33389

Too many…

No. 33390

Probably sleeping. No idea how she gets the energy to even tap on a keyboard.

No. 33395

I wonder how long she has left…

No. 33397

I know someone who's had a severe ED since she was 19. Twice she's been given last rites. She's 43 now and still hanging in there which I find incredible. I always wondered how long she had left because for years she's had no control over her kidneys and wet the bed every single night. When I don't see her for months I always think she's probably died, but then I'll see her again. It's bizarre how the body can take it.

No. 33399

Caraline Neville-Lister (youtube) died a few months after the documentary and even though she looks ill, she doesn't look as ill as Ashley. No idea how it all works, but it's interesting.

No. 33401

File: 1419615392477.jpg (135.36 KB, 477x943, image.jpg)

Cool thread.

I want to see more of this girl. Seems just as thin as Ashley but this one's still pretty. How does she have such tiny knees when Ashley has those gigantic knobby things?

No. 33402


Because she's not Ashley and people's bodies are different?

No. 33403


Probably the difference in bone frame size and maybe a bit of PS to minimize/conceal the more "undesirable" side effects of severe anorexia nervosa .

No. 33404

Yeah, same reason some people with EDs outlive others probably. Bodies built differently in all kinds of ways.
I like this site http://www.2medusa.com/2009/03/pro-ana-mia-looking-for-thinspiration.html
I suppose it might be the kind of site someone who glorifies EDs would avoid. Bones are beautiful but please keep all the sores and scabs and bone deficiencies hidden kind of thing. I like recovery stories, how someone can go from this: http://img.ahaonline.cz/img/18/new_article/1795812-img-helen-gillespie-anorexie.jpg to this: http://www.hrperth.co.uk/resources/0074%20Helen.jpg

No. 33405

File: 1419616665156.jpg (40.42 KB, 970x185, Capture.JPG)

Back to Ashley, idk if this has been commented on. I wonder if it's true?

No. 33406

Hmm… I heard something about this very briefly. She got a question asking if someone could be friends with her if they were black, she said they could. Still really strange though…

No. 33407

Made jokes about how black people are all criminals. Scroll through her twitter. Don't think it's too far down. Tried to justify this multiple times on Tumblr.

No. 33408

She wrote at one point that she once felt her life was being threatened and the people responsible were black so now she feels afraid when she sees the same "type" of person. But given her delusions of persecution I don't know exactly how the people she referred to were "threatening her life." I guess some black people said something mean to her and now she thinks all black people are trying to kill her.

No. 33409


THIN, awesome documentary about anorexics in recovery. I was in a place like this for two months for alcoholism.

No. 33410

"Black twitter" used to @ her a lot and make jokes, same on her dearxatticus insta comments.

No. 33411

This has nothing to do with Ashley. I mean it's a documentary about recovery and treatment.

No. 33412

File: 1419617135895.jpg (38.76 KB, 617x281, ashtwit.jpg)

an example

No. 33413

Damn. That's definitely racist. What's sad is some anon on Tumblr asked if she wouldn't be friends with them because they were black and Ashley was like "I was just fearing for my life, some of my friends are black!"

No. 33414

Nope. One or two girls died after this was filmed. Plus it has great insight into how they think. They didn't all get better, bro.

No. 33415


I think Anon might've posted the THIN link because I'd been posting about non-Ashley links (thanks for youtube link btw, I'll watch that).

When I found out she was hamtaro-chan I thought maybe she'd had issues with people calling her fat on webcam, but then people here have said she looks like she already purged back then.

I'd think that a person would have to be pretty racist to begin with to believe they're responsible for the way she is now. Idk… the mind is a weird thing, but I don't tolerate racism.

No. 33416


Nov 3rd 2013 - twitter is making me.. racist. insert sad face and that's not me. But for whatever reason a specific stereotype is harassing me

Nov 2nd 2013 - I am becoming extremely racist ^_^

April 5th 2014 - Too easy to make a racist joke.

sorry can't screenshot, but they're from her goodbye-atticus twitter

No. 33417

Right but they were actively in recovery and treatment whereas Ashley completely refuses. Eating disorders kill, not everyone survives. But Ashley has a much higher chance of dying sooner without medical care.

No. 33418

This really exhibits the tough love that's given in treatment and there is NO FUCKING WAY Ashley will ever be able to handle it…

No. 33419

"The doctors are abusing meeee!"

No. 33420


Only someone already racist would even think about the skin color of someone 'harassing' them and use that as a reason to 'become extremely racist, ^_^'

No. 33421

This is great how you assume so any things and state them as truth.

No. 33422

Trust me, I know Ashley is beyond help. I don't want to 'save' her because nobody can do that but herself. I posted it because it sheds light on what recovery would entail and the mindset that people with EDs have.

No. 33423

What things? You didn't specify, Ashley.

No. 33424

File: 1419618062606.jpg (29.33 KB, 527x260, Capture.JPG)


I just looked for all the @s to her on twitter, but didn't find many. Not sure what this is all about

No. 33425

File: 1419618114195.jpg (26.33 KB, 525x153, Capture.JPG)

and this

No. 33426

That's so mean but… lol.

No. 33427

…but it's not like she doesn't get shit from Caucasian people, so lame excuse for racism

No. 33428

I like Polly in this so far.

No. 33429

Thing is - you post pictures of yourself in a severe physically malnourished state - WHAT KIND OF COMMENTS DOES SHE EXPECT? Why not go private ffs, unless she gets off on the negative comments, ANY comments.

No. 33430

Exactly. Black people aren't the only ones who have stared or said mean things but she was already biased and focused on incidents that confirmed her bias. Basically yup, she was already racist.

No. 33432

File: 1419619698908.jpg (208.65 KB, 640x990, image.jpg)

People trying to put Erika off refeeding but she knows her stuff

No. 33433

I really like Erika. She has great things in store for her if she keeps this up.

No. 33434

There's been a whole lot of "I like Erika" comments itt..

No. 33435

Because most of us like her.

No. 33436

Erika has time for everyone, yes she is in a rough place, yes she may have BPD but she is a fighter. She is kind. She has never said a bad word to anyone. She doesn't ask for gifts on a wish list. She smiles. She talks to her followers and makes friends. She researches how to make herself better and shares that with everyone.

I also like Erika

No. 33437

when she's being compared to Ashley, her appeal sky-rockets.

No. 33438

She's also open, honest, and real as fuck.

No. 33439

File: 1419621671371.jpg (106.87 KB, 1224x1224, image.jpg)

Oh, the irony.

No. 33440

I hope she reads this and knows we are rooting for her

No. 33441

Even without being compared to Ashley she's appealing. She's kind, she's a good mum, and she's a tough bitch who isn't resigning herself to death. She wants to be someone her family can look up to and be proud of. Ashley just sits around having zero responsibility and feeds off a tragic disorder for gifts and attention.

Even if Ashley was healthy, I'd fucking hate her because unlike Erika, she has one of the shittiest personalities I've ever come across. If it wasn't an ED, she'd cut. If it wasn't cutting, it would be drugs, ect, ect. Ashley feeds off any sort of tragedy and uses it to further her own pleasures.


Me too.

No. 33443

I don't think they were discouraging her from refeeding, but warning her about dangerous side effects. They recommended a medication or something that I guess helps with it so that person was probably looking out for Erika.

No. 33444

I agree. :]

No. 33445

Anyway the only person who has shown signs of not being supportive of Erika's recovery is Ashley, not anyone else.

No. 33446

Yes, yes, yes.
Fuck you, Ashley.

No. 33447

She really seems to be trying hard and it's got to be so tough. Looks like she's getting decent psychiatric and medical treatment.

I'd like if she didn't hang out at social network/photo places because the pressure of having to deal with all the proana people must make it even tougher. I like how it's a big FUCK YOU to the ones who want her to stay ill.

I also like how Erika's posting pictures of herself and not exaggerating her tinyness. That whole thing really pisses me off and she's pissed me off. Same with cutters who post their cuts. I just don't get it.

No. 33448

Erika has posted her cuts

No. 33449

Replying to myself here, but I want to add that I'm a cutter and barely anyone knows because I hide it with long sleeves. I don't see why you'd want to post pics of your damage.

No. 33450


No. 33451

File: 1419622583521.jpg (192.05 KB, 640x945, image.jpg)

No. 33452

yeah, I saw that. see above :/

it's all odd to me and I wouldn't want to think I was "triggering" anyone with the images.

No. 33454

If you KNOW the hell of EDs and self harming, why would you want other people to maybe be triggered into trying it/wanting to do it?

No. 33455

Well, they are healing. It's not like she posted ones that were fresh to show omgmuhlifeissobadbaww. She was proud of herself for abstaining for a good amount of time. I wouldn't personally do this, but keep in mind her personality was sick too and it is also healing.

No. 33456

She may not have 'cut', but she's done other self harm. The amount of favoritism obviously cannot be changed on the site, but I am here to at least say what needs to be said in light of someone who has no support.

No. 33457

I took that more as her showing how she's healing herself (rather than how she's harming herself) since the comment was about how she hasn't cut. And good on her for not cutting, she SHOULD be proud!

No. 33458

Ashley. That you?

No. 33459

Of course she has done self-harm, like I said, it wasn't just her physical self that is sick, her personality is sick too. The thing that separates Erika and Ashley though is the fact that Erika is TRYING and she is gaining weight and fighting to live while Ashley is doing absolutely nothing but harming herself and those around her.

No. 33460

Probably she's recently posted on tumblr too

No. 33461

Oh, fuck you. Ashley has support. She has a mother who provides food and shelter and the only reason she bitches about her mum is because she doesn't receieve the kind of attention that she WANTS. Ashley also has a bunch of Tumblrfags who worship her and send her food and gifts, come fucking on.

Ashley had the power to get better or not, obviously now she's gone too far to ever get better but she's had tons of people who have tried to give her services and resources and she rejects them outright.

No. 33462


THANK YOU. Exactly. She makes it sound like everyone is against her. My ass! She has an army of fangirls who kiss her butt on every post she makes not to mention send her hundreds of dollars worth of crap. Not many people who can say that! She even has/had really good irl friends who seemed to go out of their way to make her happy - Gia, Erika, there was another one earlier in the year (Jackie?? Not sure of the name… the one she made a huge deal about, posting pics together etc, then a few weeks later started calling her a cunt and made a show of cutting up the friendship bracelet she got her). She pushes away everyone who DOES support her in real life and then whines about having no support? Lol.

No. 33463

Ashley has a place to stay. Her mother didn't throw her out/put her in care. She manages to find the cash to buy that expensive Japanese food she throws up and clothes from TopShop. She's well off compared to stacks of people.

She's also been hospitalised at times. She could've committed herself for treatment when she wasn't too far gone. She still COULD do things to make herself healthier but just whines.

As I'm writing this, the above was posted. Looks like most of us here feel the same way.

At one time being a /b camgirl was her "thing" now she's "internet famous" for being a walking skeleton. Without out, what's she got? She's such a waste of a person.

No. 33464

Abso-fucking-lutely, my friend.

No. 33465


typo Without that*

No. 33466

File: 1419624054768.jpg (57.83 KB, 640x437, image.jpg)

Have you guys even seen her wishlist?

Straws - highest priority

No. 33467

File: 1419624080938.jpg (55.12 KB, 640x506, image.jpg)

Food at high. Clearly straws are more important

No. 33468

File: 1419624179530.jpg (38.35 KB, 640x376, image.jpg)

Cosplay also highest

No. 33469

I buy these at the £1 shop! Ha, must check out the wishlist.

No. 33470


"Trying to make it as easy as I can for others"?????

What an entitled brat.

No. 33471

No. 33472

File: 1419624394574.jpg (54.94 KB, 640x496, image.jpg)

Hey look she a added this AFTER we all talked about her wish list and her using people for food.

Trying to look like a better person


No. 33473

I'm not sure how to feel about this.
I want it to be true, but…erghh.

No. 33475

File: 1419624607955.jpg (21.7 KB, 545x189, Capture.JPG)

SIX chocolates for $23.99??

Why spend that much when it goes straight down the toilet?

I just gifted her the
Sephora Gift Card $50
Hope the taxi ride is affordable for her, or should I send her the fare too?

No. 33476

It's after we called her on using people

After we called her on binging

Since then several people have said we stopped them buying for her

It's a tactic. She's scared she'll lose her freebies

No. 33477

Are you stupid?

No. 33478

Ty. At first I thought I was looking at a 6 year olds wish list

No. 33479

I'm aware, but I want her to get better and I'm not going to be a hypocrite by fully dismissing this. I'll need to see so much more to believe though.

No. 33480


"List subtotal: $754.60 (34 items)"

holy crap. I…can't believe she has the nerve to do this?!

No. 33481

Yeah and make sure you pay for her lunch while she's at the store

No. 33482

Damn, I forgot about that. I'll gift her some of that Hello Kitty toilet paper while I'm at it.

No. 33483

Maybe a new outfit to wear to the store too. Can't be seen in the same outfit twice!

No. 33485

Someone needs to gift her the Forever21 gift card.

No. 33487


Which has most nutritional value?

No. 33488


No. 33489

the headband kit probably has more fiber in it

No. 33490


No. 33491

I do honestly think Ashley IS trying. She's just extremely blunt about her life and she has this sarcastic sense of humor that a lot of people don't seem to get.

No. 33492

Now this is the funniest of them all…

wait, you're serious?

No. 33493

Do enlighten us…

No. 33494

Someone clearly bought the Starbucks giftcard

No. 33496

So she's not allowed to have WANTS LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING? You are are fucking SICK. There is a reason why this is called a WISHLIST. Fuck you all and the judental pieces of shit you are. Shame on you for pointing out she has a wishlist, NO ONE SAID YOU HAD TO BUY ANYTHING FROM IT.

No. 33497

She got her wish, she's going to die and that one has been pricey enough.

No. 33498

Ashley really?

This thread has become HILARIOUS until this post

No. 33499

It's still pretty funny.

No. 33500


Hi Ashley,

I have wants too but I don't post lists of them online to my large following of mostly young, disordered, vulnerable women and beg people to spend their money on me

Whatever floats your boat though

No. 33501

We're not sick, she's the one who a spoopy skeleton, and we don't trust spooky skeletons.

No. 33502

thank you, ms.skeletal.

No. 33503

This this this

They hero worship here. Imagine all those kids who got money for Christmas and want to please her. It's their money yes but they are vulnerable

No. 33504

File: 1419626415806.jpg (65.54 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 33505

More manipulation. She picked Whole Foods because it sounds like healthy food but it's also to binge. They have a fully stocked bakery with pastries galore as well as other junk food and an addict like you will binge and purge anything available including expensive gourmet food you get for free from unsuspecting followers trying to help. Stop lying and taking advantage of people.

No. 33506

She can post what she wants. No one has to click on it. The link doesn't HIDE anything and say "CLICK HERE FOR DONATIONS". It says AMAZON WISHLIST. Stop being butthurt.

No. 33507


I think Starbucks is a disgusting corporation and I would never buy a Starbucks gift card for anyone or support Starbucks in any way.

Ashley is awesome, though, so yes, I have bought her stuff from her wishlist.

No. 33509

I think Ashley's butt hurts more than ours considering she does not have one.

No. 33511


Not butthurt, it doesn't affect me in the slightest.

Just think it's incredibly crass, greedy and manipulative. Knowing you have this army of sycophantic young, vulnerable followers and getting them to fund your binges… leaves a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended.

No. 33512

File: 1419626709089.jpg (26.25 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

No. 33513


You don't understand watching a video about something you can't do?

No. 33514

I think I want to have sex with you.
This is worded perfectly.

No. 33515

I wonder how much she gets? Her wish list is ever changing which leads you to think things get bought and replaced. I've seen about 5 of her fan on here and the last thread say they bought gifts from it but only seen Ashley post about gifts on tumblr once or twice.

It seems she gets a lot. Remember when she posted someone sent her a $50 gift card for a make up store?

No. 33516

Funny how there are more things on there that isn't food. You pick out the few things that are, and make fun of her. THIS is favoritism. And THIS is disgusting. And you all also go on about how Ashley goes to Disney so often, etc etc. Erika goes every weekend. Erika has passes. Erika has a wealthy family. Ashley (SINCE YOU ALL SEEM SO OBSESSED WITH HER, YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTICED) does not go anymore. She went 'often' in the PAST to downtown Disney, WHICH IS FREE TO GO TO. And any 'Disney theme park' visits were paid for by help OF COUPONS. It doesn't matter how hard I explain Ashley's current situation, you'll just pick on her.

No. 33517

How do you know so much about her. And yet claim not to be her?

No. 33518

She posted every thing she ever received with a video or photo. Sadly, NO ONE POSTS THESE PHOTOS. NO ONE SEES THAT SHE CAN ACTUALLY BE POLITE. YOU ONLY PICK OUT HER FLAWS.

No. 33519

God forbid she has ONE person on her side.

No. 33520


She has multiple people on her side.

No. 33521


You're right Ash. There are other things than food, and I know it's not JUST getting people to 'fund binges'. But just the whole thing… there's these young anorexic girls obsessed with you and you're begging for plushies and stuff? It just… it feels so crass to me. Don't you see that? I seem to remember before you posted your wishlist, you were saying 'I'm thinking about it but I don't think I can, it would feel too greedy and gross…' and yeah. It DOES come across as greedy. You understand that, right?

And I don't know why you're even mentioning Erika going to Disney. Who cares?? Erika isn't begging the internet for dvds and anime crap.

No. 33522

Have we not banned this yet

No. 33523


>>multiple people

One person pretending to be multiple people

No. 33524

She can't go because she can barely move. Erika worked for her right to be functioning and moving around. Favoritism? Yeah, we fucking favor Erika because Ashley is just going to die. That's it. Why waste time on her when she could be dead tonight?

Have you seen the progress Erika has made? Have you seen how Ashley has tried to dissaude her from recovery? Fuck Ashley, she can't be saved and more importantly she doesn't DESERVE to be saved.

Spooky skeletons cannot be trusted.

No. 33525


No. 33526


It's just some retarded white knight. Sure, they're annoying, but wouldn't this board end up being really dull if people were banned just for being annoying?

No. 33527


I think Ashley is sending in her minions. This is fucking wonderful. Keep it coming guys, it's only going to get worse.

No. 33528

And what if she sent us?

No. 33529

File: 1419627939757.jpg (15.23 KB, 257x111, greed.JPG)

She is disappointed by your lack of goodwill towards her this year

No. 33530

Then she's stupider than we thought, ayyyy lmao.

No. 33531


She didn't send me.

No. 33532

Ok, sweetheart. I don't think you understand. Obviously, we're total dicks. Have you figured that out yet? We are lsughing at her, we're laughing at her friends. The more you defend her, the harder we are going to laugh because it's fucking funny to us.

Plus, Erika is so much better than Ashley.

No. 33533


I thought you guys "wanted to help her"?

No. 33534


No. 33535

Well, will she accept? Because I'm sure we would help her. We aren't that heartless. But there is a price to pay when you flaunt your disorder and revel in it in public. She's paying that price because it's funny.

If you don't understand, most everything we do is because it is funny. Sure, most of us REALLY genuinely don't want Ash to die, but that's about as far as our sympathy reaches when it comes her if she's going to reject any sort of help.

Like… maybe she should make a fucking ATTEMPT to gain weight? Even attempt ffs?

No. 33536

Some people on this thread do, some others don't. I personally would like her to get better, but I can't do anything if she rejectes help. And after realizing who she is… I'm starting to think I should give up supporting her. Sorry, I know she's sick, but I can't tolerate supporting someone as mean as her.

No. 33537

I would agree with this if it wasn't for the fact Ashley put all this information on the internet by herself.
She could've chosen to make her profiles private or to simply not reply to the negative anons, yet she keeps doing it.

It should be a given to understand that standing up to people on the internet is often going to backfire on you if you have dirty laundry hiding somewhere on the web.

No. 33538

Hence why we are Anonymous.
Except replacing defending with pointing and snickering.

No. 33539

And thus lolcow was born

No. 33540

~*~ Team Ash <333 ~*~

No. 33541

Silly Ash, it's not a team if you're the only person supporting your own self :^)

No. 33542

Lol. Okay. I am Ash. Believe what you want. I support her. That's all.


No. 33543


No. 33544


Your mascot isn't going to be around for long if you all keep enabling her. There's no point in trying to tell her she's wrong either, she totally thinks she's innocent. She's too far gone to see anything but her own learned helplessness. It's pathetic.

And this whole debacle proves it, instead of taking these threads and going "Maybe I am doing something wrong, maybe I should at least try and focus on being a better person to those around me", she flips out.

She chose to turn this into what it is. What started as mere curiosity and information dumping became exposure because she's a liar and a bad person. Instead of handling it like an adult, she chooses to act like some ttlly kawaii manchild and rally her equally blind fans.

I feel bad for you, how can you take every word someone says as the truth when there's always more to it?

No. 33545

She's not BEGGING FOR ANYTHING. Not ONCE has she BEGGED for A SINGLE THING. Not ONCE has Ashley made a post about BUY ME THIS THIS THIS. She made a 'wishlist', like THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE, and THAT'S IT.

No. 33546



I've got no idea how I ended up getting wrapped up in this, but since you're obviously at least somewhat interested in me, here we go:


You guys have made me realize that it's not a great idea to keep a blog on Tumblr, but other than that I'm just kind of in awe and disgust at this whole mess.

No. 33548



No. 33549

Yeah, you must have Aspergers if you think we're interested in you. You were brought up for like… two seconds. You're boring, go away.

And you are so fucking stupid for putting yourself on here just now. I hope for your sake that you don't end up a topic of discussion on here…

No. 33551

To be honest I love watching this kind of documentaries. I found the topic fascinating.

No. 33552

Yeah no one cares. This is a post about Ashley not you.

No one cares at all.

No. 33553


Clearly you do care if you went to the trouble of finding my instagram and screenshotting photos of me.

I'm really unconcerned with "becoming a topic of discussion here", as I've done nothing worthy of conversation.

No. 33554

Bye then.

Okay back to the real subject.

No. 33555

Maybe if you starve yourself we can talk about you??

No. 33556


Later, gangster.

No. 33557

Best. You fucking tell them.

No. 33558

Anyway. After that boring interruption

Has anyone noticed that the Instagram account with all Ashley's old pictures has been deleted?

No. 33559

I wanna fuck your hamsters to death.

No. 33560


Sorry about your penis.

No. 33561

Let's all talk about how cool Erika is, guys.

No. 33562

soooooo…..you want us to favor Ashley over someone who is genuinely trying to live? HA.

are you mental. no one cares about the fucking wishlist like you do. we care about the fact that she's making it out to seem like she wants the food to get better when in reality she's got her head in the bin after ingestion.

No. 33563

you're missing every fucking point.
just stop trying, Ashley. you're not helping your case.

No. 33564

Why the fuck would you do that you're an idiot.

No. 33565

Erika is a cool girl, eats calories and doesn't afraid of anything.

No. 33567


Erika seems lovely. I'm so sorry she got sucked into this whole thing, but she seems to have such strength and I think - hope - she's seen the light and won't allow Ashley to have such control over her anymore. I'm really rooting for her. And I would root for Ashley too if she'd ever actually shown a scrap of decency. I don't actively wish Ash ill or anything..I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But she makes it REALLY hard to root for her. Erika on the other hand, she just seems such a genuine person and such a kind soul. I'm so hopeful for her.

No. 33568

You don't fucking KNOW Erika. Not that I'm claiming to be her friend, but I'll fucking tell you 'recovery' isn't as 'omg easy' as she's making it. You all were discussing the THIN film doc, yeah? NOTICE HOW DIFFICULT THAT IS, MMMHM? Kinda funny how she's not doing any of those behaviors? You cannot do it without HELP. All of this is a MASK.

No. 33569

….then why are there photos of her walking with her children and driving?

No. 33570

Pretty sure Erika is still hoping things work out with Ashley though. She's been in patterns of abusive relationships and probably feels like being mistreated is the norm, which would lead her to keep trying to stay with Ashley. It's common with abuse survivors and once of many reasons why survivors don't "just leave." I really hope she gets to a better place.

No. 33571

The progress she's made already is STUNNING. I'm so proud of her. She really loves her babies, she must be such a wonderful mother. She's so smart too, she's just fantastic.

Ashley makes it impossible to like her… She's just so rude. I mean, fine, starve to death, but don't be a cunt in the process.

We know it isn't easy, that's why we fucking like her. She's doing it. I don't care if she has some ED behaviors still, she's doing absolutely fabulous, we've seen before and after pictures. She's on her way, and that is why she is great.

No. 33572

No one is interested in you.

No. 33573


I've BEEN THROUGH recovery…I suspect several of us here have. No shit it's not omgeasy!! But she's TRYING. She is so fucking brave and the fact that people like you are shitting all over the massive effort she is making really pisses me off.

No. 33574

…there is only one photo of you. chill the fuck out. you're IRRELEVANT.

No. 33575

This a thousand times. POST PROOF WHY ERIKA SUPPOSEDLY SUCKS. Because all we see is an awesome girl.

No. 33576

She's always on the passenger side, and she's also illegally 'driving' if she's 'sitting' on the drivers side.

No. 33577

you don't know Erica either.
>'recovery' isn't as 'omg easy' as she's making it
you act like half the girls here haven't encountered ED's themselves or aren't in the throes of recovery. get the fuck off your damn horse.

No. 33578

File: 1419630870208.png (174.78 KB, 373x291, wow.png)

Can we talk about this? Wow. She almost looks like Hayley Williams or something.

No. 33579

No. 33580

this was already posted. like forever ago

No. 33581


No. 33582

File: 1419630998123.png (22.21 KB, 386x160, wow.png)

No. 33583

Stfu obviously not.

No. 33584

Has anyone shown ash this.

No. 33585

your point is what? who cares?
she's driving and walking with no help, something you claimed she couldn't do.

No. 33586

i think so because literally after that shop was posted someone came and called it 'gross'

here >>33294

No. 33587

This, this, this.
I haven't seen a picture of her driving at night. Erika is awesome.

No. 33590

nah it was before, my b

No. 33591

There you have it, fags.

No. 33592

why you quote me??

No. 33594

woops. my bad. meant >>33582

No. 33595

Start an Erika thread and go lick her asshole there.

You guys gonna support her when she relapses? Will she love her babies then? And her husband is NOT supportive. She was very plain about this on her Tumblr.

No. 33596


Yeah. IF she relapses I will absolutely support her. Why the hell wouldn't I?

You're disgusting for saying WHEN she relapses as if it's a given. You actually hope she does, don't you Ashley?

Of course she loves her babies and always will. Wtf.

I don't know much at all about her husband, but if he's not supportive then all the more reason to let her know how many people here are rooting for her, inspired by her, or proud of her.

No. 33597

Nope, staying here.
Yes, I'll support her when she relapses because that's bound to happen with this disease. I don't care about her husband. She'll always be a good mum.

No. 33598

File: 1419632015431.jpg (135.89 KB, 640x852, image.jpg)

Erika's social media Christmas

>> family happiness food

Ashley social media Christmas

>> not exactly Christmas spritit 1990s

No. 33599

But, let me add, even if she does relapse, I think she's going to make it. The relapse will end and she'll work hard through the whole thing.

No. 33600

File: 1419632052108.jpg (198.89 KB, 640x1013, image.jpg)

She's so perfect

No. 33602


such a gorgeous and happy pic. I hope she can get back to that.

No. 33603

I like the end of the text she posted on that too…

" I miss me. The real, free me. The one who made choices I was proud of. I'm not fat here, I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm loved. [please don't forget]"

No. 33604

Okay we really need an admin to come in here and help keep things on topic. Nobody needs to get banned but every time I go back to irl I come back later just to see his thread filled even more to the rim of the same arguments from her "fans/enablers"

I will say they're only making this thread more popular. Thanks to you guys, we all are hating Ashley even more. Not to mention you're making even more people aware of her shitty behaviour. I didn't even read her thread until everyone was making a fuss. Now I also think she's a selfish jerk who lives to shame others.

No. 33605

File: 1419632192683.jpg (205.83 KB, 640x851, image.jpg)

No. 33606

She's such a fighter, a good mum and a lovely person… wish I could hug the fuck out of her.

No. 33607

Keep in mind, she came from THIS.

No. 33608

I hope she gets better for her kids. I've heard way too many stories of children who end up getting disorders simply from watching their parents.

No. 33609

That's incredible.

No. 33610

So what? she's getting over it. Ashley, on the other hand, is still there, crying for candies to binge lol.

No. 33611

No, I meant that as a good think. Her progress is awesome.

No. 33612

thing, lol.

No. 33613

Oops, sorry anon, I thought you were attacking her S:

No. 33614

It's OK. I'm defensive of Erika too. :D

No. 33615

I don't think you're ever completely free from ED even when you're healthy weight again. That's not me being all gloomy, it's something so massive it's always there and it's something you have to work at always but there's no reason Erika or anyone else will ever get back to being so very ill ever again.

As for Erika's husband, he's a strong person to even stick with someone with mental health problems. I know myself (as do others here) how impossible to live with you can be at times so he's a good guy for actually being there for her and I wouldn't blame him for having times when he feels it all too overwhelming.

Erika ISN'T perfect. I don't like her past photos where she's exaggerating her skininess, but LOOK AT THE LAST PIC SHE POSTED. She looks like she's getting healthy and she isn't exposing any bones.

I'm proud of her and I don't even know her.

No. 33621

Ash's latest tweet.
>So funny when you KNOW people are talking about you, so you post what they want. Yeah, I'm talking about YOU.

No. 33622

She's so obviously deeply jealous, bitter and resentful about Erika… I'm actually nervous about how she might try and drag her back down again. :\

No. 33623

Awh so considerate of her

No. 33624

We will drag her back up. She's a fighter after all

No. 33626


See, that's what I thought too, but then I came here and saw people posting about me and how I am supposedly obsessed with these two people.

No. 33627

You are obsessed. Do you know how many fucking asks you sent me? How many of my posts you responded on? Jfc

No. 33628

By the way, you guys have your little friend "Ghosty" to thank for bringing Ashley's "fans" here.

No. 33629

She hasn't got teh powerz to do that.

One thing Erika has that Ashley doesn't - LOVE. Unconditional love from her kids and love from her husbnad. She has a lot to live for. Ashley has nobody and she's jealous and doesn't want anyone else to be happy and loved.

Sad thing is, if she wasn't such a bitch to people she could find real love too.

No. 33630

I never thought I would say this. But I actually kinda like Ghosty now. You go gurrrerrrl

No. 33631

I already apologized for that you ass.

No. 33632

that post was in response to

No. 33633


Three or four. Do you know how many posts you made about Ashley, and how crazy you look?

No. 33634

The thing is…I don't claim to be sane…you act like you are all high and mighty. You just want attention so get out of here.

No. 33635

Thank you! You're swell!

No. 33636

So back on topic

No. 33637

Please stop responding to that person. You're not helping things stay on topic.

No. 33638

File: 1419635223973.jpg (224.2 KB, 640x1070, image.jpg)

No. 33639


The pot calling the kettle black.

No. 33640

She is wonderful. I am really rooting for her.

No. 33641

File: 1419635296377.jpg (186.03 KB, 640x1003, image.jpg)

No. 33643

Did anyone ever look into Ashley's father? I heard her might be called Richard??

No. 33644


:) this made me smile. She has so much support here.

No. 33645

File: 1419635466871.jpg (202.05 KB, 640x1066, image.jpg)

Can't hear you over how perfect Erika as

No. 33646

Erika is amazing. One example: She has not brought up any personal stuff about Ashley. She has not been negative at all towards her to her fans.

No. 33647

And you know that if she wanted to Erika could really put a dent in Ashley's fans.

No. 33648


She's so full of love, kindness, and hope for other people. That makes her beautiful, regardless of weight/appearance and all that (although she has a beautiful face too imo). Ashley's just full of bitterness and she seems to want others to feel as unhappy as she does. Makes her ugly to me. So toxic.

No. 33649

Another example - she doesn't blame anyone else for her illness eg her mother.

No. 33650

Someone said before that Erika really won the genetics lottery. Couldn't agree more. She is legitimately really freaking beautiful.

No. 33651

She doesn't because she doesn't have anything bad to say about her.

No. 33653

She's so perfect!

No. 33654

File: 1419636020356.jpg (164.26 KB, 640x821, image.jpg)

Such a positive soul. She's never bitter or weak

No. 33655

No. 33656

She looks happy there, nice to see

No. 33657

The chick didn't seem to disagree with her mom being a monster.

No. 33658

File: 1419636418801.png (324.65 KB, 645x463, wow.png)

Of course…

No. 33659

"big fat boobie"

No. 33660

Because she's an angel.

Wait, what is happening?

No. 33661

No. 33662

I seriously cannot fucking believe how kind it was for her to do this, it would've been so much easier to get a little depressed or bitter about her ex coming by with his gf or bf.

No. 33665

I don't understand your post…

Her reply was to this comment about Ashley being a dick to my bby Erika.

>She's so obviously deeply jealous, bitter and resentful about Erika… I'm actually nervous about how she might >try and drag her back down again. :\

No. 33666

sorry, for some reason lolcow keeps sending my shit to the wrong post

No. 33667

:D It's ok.

I'm so confused. Who is this? Please don't tell me Ashley has a sister or something.

No. 33668

File: 1419637008572.png (161.88 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n6vn7ldVnF1snklp9o1_500…)

Wow, this girl almost makes Eugenia Cooney look normal by comparison.

No. 33669

ugggh I don't know why…
She's probably a way better person than Ashley though. :/ Poor thing.

No. 33670

who is that?

No. 33671

It is so fucking creepy to see Ashley in motion. This is seriously disturbing.

No. 33672

Ha, another attention freak. She annoys the fuck out of me. I don't believe her hair's real whatever she says.

No. 33674

I'm surprised all the vom hasn't rotted her teeth.

No. 33675

Boob and bad makeup screams attention issues

No. 33676

You can see some are missing in the first video

No. 33677

She's a YouTube star who gained popularity by posting a twerking instructional video.

(Sorry for going off-topic, guys.)

No. 33679

Not really off topic. Both known for being skeletal although Eugenia Cooney doesn't acknowledge the fact she has an ED.

No. 33681

She doesn't?? Fuuuck.

No. 33683

Of course it isnt. Loss of hair is a common side effect of starving yourself, and even the normal scene kid look required lots of extensions to do.

No. 33684

I am amazed at the amount of hair, extentions usually hardly work with the hair loss of heavy underweight people.

No. 33685


Fuck off, that wasn't me posting that.

No. 33686


Not that I disagree or anything. I don't see Erika ever posting anything cruel.

No. 33687

"I don't wear a wig". There's an eye make up tutorial as well. I KNOW you all want to get that look!!!1

No. 33688

File: 1419639602877.jpg (131.19 KB, 640x480, raccoon-eyes-1.jpg)


>There's an eye makeup tutorial as well.

Get the look

No. 33689

Erika said on her Tumblr that her husband brought on this relapse and implied she doesn't wanna be w him anymore. So why does she stay? Millionaire inlaws perhaps?

This thread is a fucking joke. Erika has posted just as many sick photos as Ashley but it's okay when she does it? In the thread where she and Ashley were first brought up, she was ripped apart. Now she's OMGANANGEL. Fucking please.

No. 33690

When did it turn 2006 again? Bitch no one wants that look anymore.

No. 33691

Any further comments on this thread under my username are not me. I should not have involved myself, but I was baffled as to why I was brought up in the first place. I assume was just "Ghosty" looking to distract others from her own creepy behavior by painting one of Ashley's friends as "obsessed", though. :)

No. 33692


*it was

No. 33693

Can we all just stop making fun of these sick people? I'm seriously depressed over this. I am not going to eat until you guys stop, my health is in your hands.

No. 33694


She's not perfect. But she deserves so much respect and admiration for the really HUGE effin' steps she's been taking recently… as well as for the genuine kindness she's shown repeatedly. I will not stop defending this girl, because I think she's pretty amazing. She posted sick photos in the past, yeah. But she really does seem to be trying to turn things around.

No. 33695

Fuck you, Ghosty is cool.

No. 33696


No one cares…. someone mentioned you like once and no one gave a shit and the only one who keeps mentioning you is you.

No. 33697

I can't hear you over how great my Erika is.

No. 33698

"Erika said on her Tumblr that her husband brought on this relapse and implied she doesn't wanna be w him anymore."

O rly? that's why she posted the Christmas card he posted to her?

No. 33699

NO IDEA why that scene girl showed up there. this site is going nutso tonight.

No. 33700

I'm not even mad. No man will ever be good enough for Erika anyway.

No. 33702

Post your wishlist url and I'll send you a gift!

(not really though)

No. 33703

The way she phrases it makes it sound like it wasnt something where he meant to do it, likely made a stupid comment and her mind took it too far and she relapsed. I do think he is supportive although likely doesnt 'get it', since he is there for her when she has seizures, is taking care of the kids, etc because she cannot. Its a rough position for him to be in.

Relationships going to shit is not uncommon, she just is not in a situation to really be on her own. Why leave the people who are her support system when she needs them the most? She also probably is staying for the kids, which is something a lot of females do.

No. 33704

I can't find the post now, but I'm pretty sure she said he "inadvertently" triggered her, so he didn't do it on purpose.

No. 33705

I can back you up on this. I clearly remember our angel wording it like that as well.

No. 33706

No. 33707

Can we please stop posting Erika's stuff? She didn't deserve to get dragged into the Ashley mess. She is actively pursuing treatment and is trying to help herself. It's crazy when Ash/ashfans come and try to downplay her efforts because "wah Erika has family, Erika has a big house." What the fuck. Having support and a stable home are good things to have in recovery. It's fucking insane to criticize her for that just because Ashley feel like she deserves more sympathy for having nothing.

No. 33708


Lose some weight, fatty.

No. 33709

? No one important is saying anything bad about Erika.

No. 33710


Are you a brilliant troll or is this bitch really dumb enough to think people will stop talking about ashley if she threatens to starve herself?

No. 33711

I'm absolutely serious. Ashley is my friend, friends do this kind of thing for eachother.

No. 33712

You're right, most have been supportive, but I think taking screenshots of her posts is invasive. Yes they're public posts but still it doesn't feel right.

No. 33713

Well, as much as I adore Erika, the posts are public and Ashley's whole story wouldn't be complete without those posts and screenshots.

No. 33714

File: 1419641571165.jpg (104.49 KB, 1280x720, n5126144e040e2.jpg)

post proof. start a campaign. blog dat shit. you know, so we can more easily follow the lulz.

No. 33715

What the fuck. This is the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time.

No. 33716



It's a troll, sorry to disappoint you.

No. 33717

Damn, if this really isn't trolling, Ashley's fangirl must reeeeeeally want to be relevant to this thread. Don't starve yourself, fangirl, it's bad for you.

No. 33718

She was in a relationship with her!! She said it was a romantic relationship. Didn't any of you autists read her emergency mittens tumblr??

She's as manipulative as Ash, just better at it. Clearly since she has you idiots fooled.

No. 33719


Oh thank goodness.

No. 33720


She said she'd do it for me if I was in her posistion.

No. 33721

Ashley loves all the attention this thread is giving her.

No. 33722

She was manipulated by Ashley like many others. There is evidence that Ashley has a history of lying and manipulating. Erika has done nothing to indicate that she is guilty of anything.

No. 33723

Everyone needs something to live for. I'd love a lolcow thread all about me. No, srsly.

No. 33724

This is fucking priceless.

>Basically, what happened was that I stood up for my friend after some obsessive weeb took her old blog name >and posted a bunch of photos of her when she was a teenager. Weeb got angry and launched her personal army at me. I >posted about three times in said thread after it was brought to my >attention that they were discussing me and how I am supposedly obsessed with these two women online. I showed up to >attempt to set the record straight, it was a bad idea (as per usual), and now here we are. Good times, good times.

No. 33725

No. 33726

Dear theforestcat,
I am nobody's "personal army".
Got it?

No. 33727


Hahaha jesus christ they're fantastic, A++

No. 33728

I can't believe you people are willing to let me do this.

No. 33730

I'd support you if you were starving yourself for something important, like world peace or the homeless.

No. 33731

Haha, disregard that, I suck cocks.

No. 33733


Wanna make out?

No. 33734


Awww yeah

No. 33735


No. 33736

Lolol only found lolcow cb it was linked from another forum where we were discussing Ash. Really like some threads but damn this one is a fucking joke and a half.

No. 33737

Who the hell is fucking with my tumblr?
That is the ast straw. I am going to call the police. What you people are doing is illegal and cruel.

No. 33738


*the ass straw

No. 33739

Nice try with my name, dumbass.
But you're right. I should and very well might call the police.

I am contacting Tumblr now about my account. Get off of it now.

No. 33740

No. 33741

That was my first thought.

No. 33742

File: 1419645022401.jpg (72.24 KB, 604x604, FRlv0G-k3Fc.jpg)

No. 33743

Do you people realize that you could be KILLING Ashley? She has a weak heart and you people are giving her truama. Do you really want to be resonpible for her dying or giving her PTSD?

No. 33744

…………"giving her ptsd"

No. 33745

You think PTSD is a joke?
If you don't get off my Tumblr account, I am calling the police. You have one hour.

No. 33746

What would you be calling them for, exactly?
>911? yeah some people are on my tumblr account arrest them!

No. 33747


Where did I say I think it's a joke? Who is even on your Tumblr?

No. 33748


You people tell me.

No. 33749

I think they might be busy doing other things - dealing with murder for example.

No. 33751


Can you not solve this problem yourself? Close the thread?

No. 33753

You do know that they have the cyber crime division for this exact reason, right?

No. 33754

Nope. Starts w a G. All I'm saying. Posts referencing the og Ash thread got deleted where I came from bc the torrent with underaged newdz was still there.

No. 33755

Guys, guys, guys, she's a troll. Everyone calm their titties.

No. 33756

"cyber-based terrorism, espionage, computer intrusions, and major cyber fraud"…and hacking someone's tumblr account.

No. 33757

Excuse me cutie pie, you were the one who came here asking for attention and claiming we all were dying to know who the fuck you are just because we mentioned you once in our ASHLEY thread. We are not harassing you, we are just giving you some of the attention you wanted. Stop whining and enjoy your moment of fame.

No. 33758


More like pulling people over for going ten over and tasing chihuahuas but yeah. Still won't gaf about this nonsense.

No. 33759

donuts n coffee etc

No. 33760

It is harassment. I know the law.

No. 33761


Check real forestcat's tumblr again. This person isn't her. She's not a lolcow, just someone who happened to get involved with the wrong person. She actually seems really sweet, if not naïve as fuck/special needs.

No. 33762

It was pretty funny though, right?

No. 33763

i don't even care if that was fake, that was brilliant.

No. 33764


Eh, I'll give it a B-.

No. 33765

Fuck all yall.

No. 33766

Oh, thank-you.
I got to you badly enough for you to show your fat face though, ForestCunt. If you really admire Ashley, take the cue and starve yourself until you die of a heart attack.

No. 33767


Looking at her fat face makes me think she has down syndrome. The rest of her body is average but her face is huge.

No. 33768

I knew I liked you.

No. 33769


You're beautiful and I love you

No. 33770


Thanks I luv you too.

No. 33774

Is there a reason the admin is not doing shit for this thread? These fucking namefags are just spamming OT shit.

No. 33775


admin-sama has abandoned you all

No. 33776

Ya blew it.

No. 33777


All of them are related to Ashley though, they're pretty much just as on-topic as any other post in this thread.

No. 33780


I am going to rape you.

No. 33782

I don't see anything that bad so far, except maybe the last 12 posts. Sometimes discussions naturally spin off in different directions.

These are stupid though. Don't do that.

No. 33783


Yes ma'am!

No. 33786

yes, mom.

No. 33787


Can we help her in any way? If someone was drinking a little bleach everyday so as to slowly die, someone would stop them ,s o why not this?

Why is this allowed? Why isn't she in hospital on an IV drip?

No. 33788

I never noticed how disturbing this picture is. I really don't think she /can/ get better.

No. 33789


It's been tried, but the police or whatever didn't care. Same thing happened when my friend admitted she was being sexually abused and my mom phoned it in.

No. 33794

File: 1419650997146.jpg (20.38 KB, 296x252, accepting defeat.jpg)


Sorry, admin. In hindsight I was a bit of a faggot.

No. 33795

File: 1419651052775.jpg (30.97 KB, 500x143, image.jpg)

>this thread

No. 33807

File: 1419653030116.jpg (163.01 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

LOL she wants attention so badly it's sad. Like someone said before, you were mentioned once and nobody cared. How exactly are we "going after Erica"? A majority of posts that have been made about her here are nothing but supportive. This bitch really is retarded and she looks the part too.

No. 33808


I think she's just severely autistic.

No. 33810


And yeah, probably literally retarded too.

No. 33811


Someone should set her up with Chris-chan. Neither of them seem to have any form of self awareness.

No. 33823

Hahaha she removed her profile pic. See, you're getting attention now. Happy yet forestgump? Anyway that's enough of that actually. Please just crawl back into the cave you came from so we can finally stay on topic.

No. 33825

I've been at work since 5. Nice try though.

No. 33826

Also I capitalize my G <33

No. 33827

theforestcat passworded all her stuff?

No. 33828

It is Erika's ig and then this bitch is like hey look at me guys, i need to be the center of the attention cuz i got mentioned by someone on the internet like you and ashley so don't forget about me!! Shameless bitch.

No. 33831


No. 33832


Nice try, I've been naked in front of the computer all day.

No. 33833

Omfg u r hilarious. Forget to put my name down the first time? Dumb ass.

No. 33834

File: 1419659565614.png (41.88 KB, 652x352, wow.png)

No. 33835


At least I'm really you, then I'd have to kill myself.

No. 33836

File: 1419659728530.png (48.7 KB, 1366x578, wow.png)

No. 33837


GI am too high for this shit.

No. 33838

You know you can use a tripcode to prevent impersonators, right?

No. 33839

Don't know what that is so naw.

No. 33840

Its probably just theforestcat so I'm not to worried about that. What happened to her blog anyway? What did you guys do to it?

No. 33841

Oh. Whoops.

No. 33842

We need you, they're fagging up the thread.

mfw Ashley is implying that she doesn't flaunt.

No. 33844

No. 33845

No. 33846

wow can she BE anymore obvious about her lurking here or what?

No. 33847

No. 33848

Now she is pretending to be Erika, saying she is going to the therapy session or shit. What a fucking poser.

No. 33849

File: 1419661102391.jpg (92.35 KB, 380x506, tumblr_n0guz5UKtC1sfezg7o1_400…)

No. 33850

File: 1419661183607.jpg (103.28 KB, 380x506, tumblr_mzx8n927E31sfezg7o1_400…)

There's so many of these.

No. 33852

You all are so stupid.
The only reason why Erika posted those photos of her past, WAS BECAUSE IT'S WHAT YOU ALL WANTED TO SEE. She KNOWS what's being posted here, and you're eating out of her hands. This is so amusing to see how EASY you all are to please.

No. 33853

>the writing style is exactly the same
Oh boy, I wonder who could be responsible for this!

No. 33855

File: 1419661428847.jpg (81.64 KB, 380x506, tumblr_mzx15frA281sfezg7o1_400…)

I like this one uuuuuughhhh

No. 33856

you're not a "saint" or an "angel" for being so high and mighty as to, oh wow, "put up with" other people. holy shit, the fucking balls. she'd be a "saint" if she actually helped other people or did something for someone other than herself instead of being involved in internet drama.

also nice white trash phone case.

No. 33857

♫Spooky scary skeletons…♫

No. 33859

ashley just go to bed you need to conserve energy

No. 33860

You are all just too stupid to realize I'm right. You fell for Erika's posts. No one will admit it, but the truth will show itself.

No. 33861

She's making her "made" what exactly?

No. 33862

it's obviously supposed to be mad*

No. 33863

Okay I'm gonna ask you something; If people are so "falling for Erika's posts" and "lies", then why don't you enlighten us and show all the shit you claim she's done? I mean honestly telling us that the "truth will show itself" is a very vague and dumb thing to say unless you have something solid to show people.

No. 33868

Why else would she randomly show snippets of her past at a 'better weight', hm? Because she knows she has a fan base here, and that you're all lurking her social media. Shes obviously not stupid, and knows she has you all at her fingertips.

No. 33869

So you admitted you are a manipulative fucktard now, Ashley?

No. 33871

Woah, woah, woah, hold your horses Ashley. Even if that's what people want to see and she posted it. Whats the big deal? Are you jealous of people giving her the attention but not you? You are sooooooooo delusional. Just go back to your own tumblr, cicrlejerking the fuck out of your own imagination and your own anon asks, fool.

No. 33872


No. 33873

You found no one

No. 33876

…So what if she does?
I'm not one of the retards who praise Erika but that still doesn't tell me shit.

No. 33877

She wasn't in a relationship wit her. Erika never said anything like that. She just said she loved ashley and that she didn't like to label things. It's like a sort of love is love type of thing

No. 33878

Erika gained a follower.
Ashley loses a potential follower.
It's like Coca-Cola and Pesi.

No. 33879

Lol it was 4chan and it was stupid AF. I reported that thread.

No. 33882

And what? She is just showing aspects of her past. She posts plenty of up today's pics of herself. We know she's not going to go from emaciated to weight restored in 2 days of recovery. BUT at least she's trying so fucking hard. And you, you piece of shot ashley, you just want to see her fail an make your stupid comments about her calorie minimum. As if you haven't been to the clinics 25+ times, like you claim.

Bitch you know about that shit. You are disgusting and don't deserve to speak her name.

No. 33883

File: 1419665563867.png (162.89 KB, 566x227, 1411375789205.png)

lol trying to throw erika under the bus
~~i don't flaunt my therapy like SOME OTHER PEOPLE lol im so great~~~

could she be anymore transparent?

ps you totally just flaunted your therapy you fucking retard

No. 33884

This, this, this.

No. 33885

Lel, most pathetic post ever. You have officially become obsessed with us Ashley. How meta.
And when you suddenly decide to start talking about going to therapy of course YOU don't consider it flaunting. If it's so personal, keep it that way you stupid dog.

No. 33886

Or else she would not have all those dumb people buying her stuff. New marketing strategy for year 2015.

No. 33888

What bothers me is that she probably doesn't have to pay for therapy (let's for one second assume she isn't lying). I don't pay shit for therapy or my meds and I am an adult who is working and has a low income.
Like Gia said, she tried to help her get medical insurance but I'm sure that bitch doesn't want any help at all.

Maybe you should invest more money into your treatment Ashley, instead of buying weeb memorabilia and binge/purge treats.

No. 33889

I see things happening in this thead:

Ashley gets in trouble, Gia is attention seeker.
Gia get boring, Erika is bad guy. People like Erika, now theres Forest Cat for attention. They say Forest Cat is boring, now Erika is for trouble again. Ashley just pretend her friends are so bad and say them on this thead so she looks like angel.

No. 33890

Whut Erika is not in trouble. It's just Asley shit talking her.

No. 33891

File: 1419666700246.jpg (106.52 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"Trying to work a payment plan. I pay for shit myself"
"Omg, moar retard tattoos to get"

No. 33892

Yeah, seriously. I'm just a lazy NEET living with my mother and I get Medicaid - for non-Americans, that's free socialised healthcare for poor people. I'm borderline retarded and it took me maybe twenty minutes online to obtain it earlier this year when I got booted off her insurance. I've been getting therapy and medication for quite a while off it with no complications whatsoever, besides having to call to switch HMOs. And I didn't have any trouble finding someone that would treat my weirdly specific conditions, either. Seriously, pretty much everybody accepts Medicaid in some form or another.

It's an issue for Erika since she's married, so she wouldn't be eligible. But Ashley most definitely would qualify. I sent her some messages a while back saying I could help her with the process since I'm in Florida too, but I never got a response - not saying she's obligated to respond, but there's no reason whatsoever for her to be paying for therapy out of pocket. Even if she doesn't get on Medicaid, there are community healthcare programmes that offer free services.

No. 33893

Ashley never said she was 'getting them', idiot, :)

No. 33894

And like honestly, before this whole "medical insurance for all" crap, I was being paid for through a govt program. You just have to want to get better.

No. 33895

Fuck off ashley. It doesn't matter. Try explaining all o her other tattoos. Obviously that has a higher priority over more treatment. Shithead.

No. 33896

She pays out off pocket because the situation is difficult, and she has no transportation and her mother will not assist. Ashley cannot go to these 'special expensive care centers that are a blessing' like Erika. It helps when you have a support system. Ashley doesn't. Done.

No. 33897

So she is guilty of getting herself something because she is ill? Sorry, no. Even while struggling, the human being is entitled to small enjoyment.

No. 33898

She has help fuck off. If it's so important to her than why doesn't ask for help from her followers instead of posting a stupid wish list?

No. 33899

You mean YOU, aye, Ashley? You are guilty of manipulating people into thinking you dun have any money to buy anything on your own or get yourself medical help. Yet, on the other hand you are spending on tats and shits.

No. 33900

Then she should stfu about the shit she NeEDS but can't afford because she sure as hell is getting a lot of crap that isn't helping her mental health.
A hedonistic joy may be nice but it's fucking ephemeral. So guess what, it does nothing for her in the end. Treatment could actually change her life for the better. Unless you think Japanese candy can do that…in that case I shouldn't have wasted all my time in therapy.

No. 33901

you are just embarrassing yourself, ashley.

No. 33902


Hey Ash, I know you'll ignore this link, but I'm posting it anyway, since you claim to have "no support." I wouldn't be surprised if they could even help you with transport.

No. 33903

Actually, transportation for any medical services, including psychological care, is covered by Medicaid in Florida. I believe there's a $1 copayment, but that's all. All you need to do is be able to get outside your house to have them pick you up. Where I live, there's a van that serves this function, although once a volunteer woman drove me in her car. They're shockingly accommodating.

Also, you say 'you pay out of pocket because the situation is difficult,' which is quite vague, but if you do not have any income, you are eligible for the full benefits of Medicaid and food assistance. Please do get on the programme. There is absolutely no reason that you can't get Medicaid no matter what extreminating circumstance you have. But by some freakish chance you're unable to, there are community volunteer healthcare services you should look into, and there are always ways to get free care if you put in the slightest bit of effort looking into it.

I also didn't say anything about Erika. It fucking sucks that people like us can't afford the best quality of everything that exists, but that's simply the way it is, and we can do the best we can with what we have. There's always a way to get what we need in the end.

Look, I was so terrified that I'd have to talk to someone that I put off the process for months, going without the treatment I needed, but when I was finally forced to do it, it was unbelievably simple. I know you're scared and with good reason, but you just need to do this.

No. 33904

silly anon, if she acquired actual help she wouldn't be able to sit around all day ignoring nice asks, answering mean asks to show how persecuted she is, and seethe over Erika and anyone else with glimpses of happiness in their lives. Sounds like a veritable theme park of fun!

No. 33905

oh also, she wouldn't be able to flaunt her skeletal ass on the internet for e-points. I hear you can redeem them for swag in the afterlife.

No. 33906

Seriously, if I was one of her fan girls I would be offended. How can you say you have no support when these tumblerinas suck your dry cock all day here and there?

No. 33907

I mean, let's say Ashley really cannot afford transportation. Even if this were true, she has so many options. She can literally fucking go to ANY hospital, or call an ambulance, say she is suicidal [even if she isn't] and get into a psychiatric ward. Guaranteed three days of treatment, then the psych facility will transfer her to a specialized center solely for anorexia.
Insurance or not, the hospitals are not going to send you out willingly to your goddamn death. Insurance isn't even an issue in Ash's case because she's stated repeatedly that she has it though.

I was homeless this summer and along with the alcohol problem I had that was running rampant, I was nowhere near stable and I spent my whole summer/fall at psych wards and treatment centers. Am I up to my head in debt? Hell yes, but I'm ALIVE and at home now actually functioning.

It's wouldn't be nearly as easy as it was for me if Ashley took this route [i'd be shocked if she did], but the point is it's POSSIBLE. Just give it a shot and TRY ffs.

No. 33908

Not to mention, Flordia is filled to the brim with treatment centers. I'm from MA and I almost got sent there on at least three occasions within a month's time-span.

No. 33909

derped, Florida.

No. 33911

File: 1419669035835.jpg (106.74 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 33912

Why did that 'you can't purge therapy' post get deleted?

No. 33913

Waiting for a creative response from anon who types like Ash but who totally isn't Ash…….

No. 33914

No. 33915


I deleted it b/c I felt bad for making the purge joke. I'm too soft.

No. 33917

I will screenshot this and and it to her. You're kind to do this. You know how to talk to her if you want. She doesn't bite. Stop (not talking to you specifically) assuming Ashley doesn't have manners, jfc she's not a monster.

No. 33918

Sorry, but you can't compare a short taxi ride to a grocery store to the length of a drive elsewhere. Also, anxiety is an issue here. The grocery store is close and convenient. She would be traveling to god knows where, on her own. You have to remember she is struggling with severe anxiety and depression as well. You all point the finger so damn quick. You have to admit that she is beginning to leave her comfort zone and is not 'as bad' as she used to be. And it may have taken this website to do that to her, who knows. But come on.

No. 33919

Ashley does not have family support. Her 'family' is embarrassed of her. Erika came into comparison for 'support' because she has a family that is obviously willing to pay for her costly treatment. Okay so you compare that to this wishlist you keep bringing up. That is a sad argument.

No. 33920


Panic attacks for eighteen years here,they suck, but fucking deal with it. You're going to die if you don't.

Ash's family should be ashamed of her.

No. 33921

Oh shut up Ashley. You don't live in the country, you won't be going to bum fuck nowhere. Travel can be free through insurance or state programs (which florida has a lot of).

And she isn't stepping out of her comfort zone. She is lying so her followers don't see through her bullshit and stop buying her crap. She's lying to get the heat off of herself.

No. 33922


No. 33923

Wtf are you talking about? Ashley has a ton of followers who support her.

The only reason the wish list comes up because it is obvious evidence that this woman prioritizes childish toys and crap over funding her treatment.

So what if Erika has someone else footing her bill. As was stated, there are plenty of free or cheap resources she could be taking advantage of.

No. 33924

File: 1419671374935.jpg (115.83 KB, 627x811, image.jpg)

>> three ~*important*~ packages to save for

How about stop sending people shit they don't need. Stop buying junk food. Stop buying cosplay.

Yes it is NICE to buy things you like. It feels good. But you have to sacrifice that for what is important. More therapy sessions could save your life. You could get healthy enough to work. And then you can buy ALL THE THINGS.
Yeah it isn't as ~*easy*~ as that but it's a start surely!

>> too bad if you don't like me

Well maybe if you did the above we would. Maybe if you made an effort, put all your money into therapy, began to eat. Hell, if you gained 40lb I would personally send you that beauty gift card! ~*POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT YA'LL*~

I preferred it when she ignored this thread because now it's

- someone makes a valid point
- people discuss and agree
- she turns up and defends herself
- minions defend her
- some minions get converted (see the 3 people who said because of us they aren't sending her shit now
- she posts something about it on tumblr
- all minions are even more brain washed because they are too dumb or young or both to work out it's propaganda

No. 33926

File: 1419672981059.jpg (119.73 KB, 500x656, tumblr_ne4f0mVDqm1rsdowgo1_500…)

No. 33927

File: 1419673209633.jpg (88.72 KB, 604x604, twowowow.jpg)

This was probably her lowest weight

No. 33939

File: 1419674418383.jpg (102.22 KB, 447x547, twowowow.jpg)

No. 33940

How/what does she carry in that bag?

No. 33945

Pokemon cards?

No. 33946


I feel as if I can take my finger, and just gently touch her head, her body would fall back, abd break like glass.


No. 33947

This shoop looks bad because of her posture

No. 33951

Why does it seem like EVERYONE on lolcow has whatever hip new mental disorder is going around?
>>I have bulimia and depression and anxiety and I was raaaaaaaaaaped. Oh and my parents were aboosive. :(
I don't want to be rude, which I know I am, but it's been bothering me. And what's with all these people who have to make everything their own personal blog post? I don't care about your life story….

No. 33954

Boy do you look amazing riding by on your gorgeous white horse.

No. 33955

Apparently multiple people have tried to help Ashley find help but she repeatedly refuses so she can keep complaining how she has no help.

And for fuck's sake Ashley, stop using the fact that Erika may have more resources to try to put her down or say you're trying harder. You obviously don't even care about her if you are bitter or jealous instead of happy for her. There have been people going out of their way to try to help you.

No. 33957

File: 1419686509760.jpg (92.39 KB, 600x660, image.jpg)

>>hey look it's Ash

No. 33958

I don't think Ashley is a nice person. I used to be fascinated by her, how she was do emaciated but still alive. I even like her spunky/rude attitude because I know although she has a lot of fans she did also have many cruel people who were not nice to her so I understand why she is so defensive. The thing I am most bothered by more than anything is how she is manipulating people into getting her foods and gift cards to stores… It's like assisted suicide. And now she's claiming recovery when before you mention that you wish her well and she snaps on people. Like at least be legit that you don't want to recover people would still buy her that crap I just hate that she's lying because I see how she's so anti-recovery and I truly feel like she can discourage those who are thinking about/ or who are attempting recovery. Like don't lie about it. Don't be a liar. People would still support her destructive ways. I just hate liars.

Secondly, I really hope Erika recovers. I remember before she deleted her blog she would get anonymous asks saying to do a video body checking or asking for pictures of her back or ribs and I'm sure that was very triggering to her to the point she turned of anonymous messages which i applauded her for. I want nothing more than for Erika to recover because she has immense love for her family, and even though she was abused she still doesn't go on rants about evil she was treated or that she hates her mother even though her mother did ACTUALLY abuse her. I just want Erika to find good positive friends who want the best for her and not toxic people who have no concept of love and just want to sabotage her recovery.

No. 33962

Cannot get over how blinded by Erika you all are. She ought to start a wish list.

Funniest part is she despises this thread and would defend Ash.

No. 33963

No one is blinded. She's trying. We'd be glad for anyone actively recovering! Hell even if Ashley was trying to recover. I'm glad that Erika defends Ashley, it just proves what a big heart she has that she can see the type of person Ashley is but she still loves her. Shows more about the kind of person Erika is. A GENUINELY GOOD PERSON.

No. 33964


So are you a friend of Erika? You know her well enough to know what she thinks of this thread and of Ashley, but you think we're 'blinded' for liking her? How nice.

No. 33965


Interesting how it's a problem that Erika is being defended because she's actually a nice person who wants to recover for her daughters, how do you actually have a problem with someone who is trying to do their best? But I'm guessing you'd rather defend Ashley-chan your lord and savior who has literally done nothing with her life, she refuses to even try. Yea okay…

No. 33966

ITT: getting into abusive relationships = big heart

No. 33967

Lol I came here linked from an Ash thread when she first showed up here. Again, in that thread ppl (rightly) criticized Erika. She's a "better" person than Ash yes. What an achievement. So it's cool when Erika feeds Ash? Bc she's Erika and can Dino wrong? jenniferlawrenceok.gif

No. 33968


Erika is nice to everyone. EVERYONE. While Ashley picks and chooses her friends but their popularity on tumblr and wether they have enough followers on Instagram.

No. 33969


Are you new to the internet? She's not. She's just smart enough not to post publicly. I can't believe how easily she has fooled this site.

No. 33970


Okay Ashley, lol some friend you are

No. 33971

Lol not even defending her but third time someone's called me Ash. this thread is pathetic af.

No. 33972

It's ok, Ashley.

No. 33973


Screencaps of this not-public rudeness of Erika then? because I have trouble believing that. Instead of calling us 'easily fooled' why not show us some proof. Because so far we're just basing it on what we actually see which is a really lovely, kind and strong woman.

Apparently we're fools though for basing our opinions on what we see rather than some anon who has nothing to say except that we're wrong. With no proof. LOL.

No. 33974

You're right. What ppl post on the Internet is always their true self.

No. 33975


Lol, no of course it's not always their true self. But since no one is offering any proof that it's NOT her true self, why should we just be like 'okay the persona Erika portrays is totally wrong because someone said so without even explaining why'?! Come on.

Proof please.

No. 33976


I don't just blindly believe everything anyone says on the internet, BUT I do base my opinions on, you know… stuff I can actually see.

If you've apparently seen this other side to Erika that shows she's a liar and not a nice person then can you share it with us? Because until then I'm gonna choose to believe YOU are the liar. Like I said… I base my opinions on what I can SEE.

No. 33977

No but I wouldnt be hardcore kissing her ass like this site is either.

I'm pretty new here but most of you all are more savvy than this. Like I said. Thread when she was first mentioned she got ripped apart. I think ppl will turn the second she fucks up. That's what irks me. Half the ppl stanning clearly didn't even read her baleeted tumblr.

No. 33978


I think most people aren't hardcore kissing her ass… just acknowledging and praising the steps that she's taking.

What was so bad on her old tumblr? I saw some of it, but nothing bad, but I only followed her for a few weeks.

No. 33979

There was nothing bad, she was open about her abuse and some people saw it as attention seeking when she was frank and clearly open as her way of dealing with it.
She wasn't saying OMG MY LIFE IS SO BAD I WAS ABUSED. It was more; I am like this because I was abused, this is what happened, I'm getting. Better now.

No. 33980

File: 1419692354638.jpg (235.86 KB, 636x1073, image.jpg)

No. 33981

File: 1419692407683.jpg (256.71 KB, 640x1070, image.jpg)

No. 33982

File: 1419692436833.jpg (270.62 KB, 640x1093, image.jpg)

Her recovery is so beautiful

No. 34011

Can we stop with the name fagging please

No. 34015

Seconded. This isn't ~*TUMBLR*~

No. 34019

There isn't space anywhere on her body to get that hideous tattoo inked.

No. 34020

>panic attacks
>takes shameless selfies everywhere

No. 34021

But when Erika takes sick thinspo selfies it's okay because ~*recovering angel*~

No. 34022


No. 34023


I must be looking at the wrong tumblr. Where are her "sick thinspo" selfies, exactly? I just see regular ones.

No. 34024

Such an angel

No. 34025

File: 1419701580117.jpg (95.2 KB, 622x872, image.jpg)

Such thinspo. Much bones on show. Wow.

No. 34026

can we stop sucking erika's dick itt? make a new thread, at least move it to /b/ or something. it's just derailing the conversation. and also I'm kind of getting sick of seeing all of these posts arguing back and forth over whether she's ACTUALLY the lovely patron saint of recovery or whatever.
she seems nice, so far she hasn't stirred up any drama or done anything questionable beyond showing poor judgement in befriending ashley. there's not really a reason to talk about her or 'defend' her beyond that, though.
I mean, unless you guys are trying to troll ashley by comparing her ineptitude to a success story, why is she even relevant?
although it is pretty amusing seeing ashley's passive-aggressive updates/barbed comments TOTALLY not directed towards her former best bud.

No. 34027

No one is talking about Erika wtf (at least in the post)

I won't compare Ash to Erika, because how one persons behaves doesn't affect what other person is or how I perceive it.

I personally don't care for Erika, she's better than Ash, woop de doop almost everyone is.
She's recovering and that's awesome. But I don't care for her.

I'm here for Ashley drama, not to be Erika's fangirl.

No. 34030

I agree with anon. She was relevant because she was friend with Ash but her recovery and everything else aren't. Girl is nice, posted thinspo before and is now in recovery like tons of others. Can we mention her when it's relevant just like that Gia girl ?

No. 34034

I agree. Erika doesn't really belong here it's about Ashticus

No. 34035

Wonder which follower gifted her with a juicy couture bag

No. 34036

Yeah lets drop Erika, she knows she has our support. Shes doing what she can to get better so she doesn't deserve to be on a lolcow forum just for being friends (ex-friends now) with one

No. 34037


k so then… What's new in Ash-chan world?

No. 34038

just wait 15min I'm sure she will post something online. She can't stay away

No. 34039

"I don't flaunt going to therapy like some do"

- posts about therapy
- answers asks about therapy giving more details about it

don't get me wrong I'm happy she's getting help but jfc why does she have to turn EVERYTHING into a snipe at someone else? So so bitter.

No. 34040


Probably because she's starving to death and her body is eating her brain. If she actually does choose to gain like 10-20lbs even, I'm sure we'll have a nicer Ashley.

No. 34043

She might be less irritable but she'd still have the same personality disorder so she'd still have the same victim mentality, manipulative tendencies and other insufferable shit. Those are classic personality disorder signs. Most otherwise normal people who have eating disorders don't do any of the shit Ashley does.

No. 34045

Her latest instagram about not being ashamed to be in a wheelchair is likely a dig at Erika too. She literally can't post anything without trying to drag someone else.

No. 34046


Doesn't she push it out of pretty much every picture she takes?

No. 34047

No. 34049

Because she was afraid she would fucking be judged. Now she doesn't care. Give her some credit? Nah. You're too busy kissing Erika's ass.

No. 34051

Erika also has epilepsy so on top of her ED it's probably safer for her to have a seizure in a wheelchair than fall down. Basically I think her ED isn't the reason for a wheelchair

No. 34052


except I've never kissed Erika's ass.
She only 'doesn't care' now because it was brought up here and she realised it was a way to make herself look 'better' than her ex-bff. Whatever.

No. 34053

Nobody is going to give you credit because you're just responding to what people point out here and trying to backtrack. Which implies that as delusional as you are you can still see the truth in what people are saying about you and you realize that it's actually shitty so you make weak attempts to look better.

No. 34054

Screenshot and post, or link to Instagram? I'm on my phone and can't recall her username.

No. 34055


No. 34056

File: 1419707609251.jpg (133.45 KB, 1015x476, chaircomment.jpg)


She's talking about cosplaying. There is absolutely no need to even mention the wheelchair, let alone use it to snipe at someone else.

No. 34057

Links to her social media accounts are all in the first post.

No. 34059

What none of you realize is that Erika and Ashley are still friends. Erika hates this thread and has stood up for Ashley on anon.

No. 34060

proof? Oh you can't prove it k bye

No. 34061


This has already been said. Good for Erika if that's true. She must have a big heart. Ashley's still been pretty rotten to her, though.

No. 34062

Haha, how incredibly petty. And like the last person said, Erika's wheelchair is more a result of her epilepsy — yes, I'm sure walking and mobility is difficult for her, but she's in good enough physical shape to manage. But, the ordinary stress of walking in her state could aggravate her epilepsy and cause seizures, making it dangerous – not even taking into account everything else. Shit, even perfectly healthy epileptic people need wheelchairs sometimes.

No. 34065

People have sent rude asks and comments on ig about it. She's clearing the air. Calm down

No. 34066


If you're at that low of a weight, you're at risk of passing out and you have absolutely no energy to do anything. Once Ash gains some weight she probably won't need it as much.

No. 34067

I also want to reiterate that we're all posting about Erika because Ashley insists on comparing herself to her for the purpose of making her look better – and because she keeps being so nasty to her 'BFF' and 'loved one' while pretending to be caring. And the more we negate Ashley's assertions here, the more she shits on Erika, which we retaliate against. It's completely self-perpetuating; if Ashley had never started knocking Erika here, no one would be talking about her at all. So she's basically using her.

Don't see how this is true with Ashley's spiteful and hate-filled barbs she's directed at Erika over both their Tumblr accounts, both their Instagram accounts, and this very thread.

No. 34069

Agree. And it's inane for you to think we are supposed to judge Erika on some mysterious truth about her "true colors". The normal thing to do is judge ppl based on their actions and own words, not gossip from butthurt anon Ashley.

I personally don't care if she hates this thread or the ppl in it. It is negativity that she chooses to stay away from, but you bask in it.

No. 34070

File: 1419709539119.jpg (40.98 KB, 640x426, image.jpg)

That's not
>> #mental health
That's #being a brat

No. 34076

File: 1419711353304.jpg (28.7 KB, 429x224, images.jpg)

No. 34077

If I didn't know her age I would assume that was written by a moody 14-year-old. She's stuck in the mind of a child.

No. 34080

Yep. Everything she posts even her wish list is that of a child. Like her 1990s obsession, her childhood.
I wonder if something happened to her as a kid. Would explain her being stuck at that age. Would explain a lot

No. 34081

How do you know she's been getting rude asks about the wheelchair post? She hasnt posted any. Hmmm

No. 34082

dude, whoever keeps doing these…this is not how you shoop. normally I don't agree with Ashley, but in this one case I'll make an exception: these are gross. lrn2 liquify instead of just drawing over shit. these look like they were made in MSpaint.

No. 34083

One of the originals was good but these look like they were done by a child

No. 34089

On Instagram, the comments are public. I just assumed asks as well, because on ghostxperfume, there were always comments under the photos ridiculing her for probably being disabled.

No. 34090

Coloring coloring coloring lmao

No. 34094

I thought you meant Tumblr asks. Because there hasnt been any concerning the wheelchair on her tumblr.

No. 34095

It it entirely unfair to put people up on a pedestal and expect them to be exactly how you have imagined them up in your head. Then to tell them how disappointing they are when they are not the fantasy version you have conjured up. It is unfair and it’s actually quite mean.

No. 34096

Something likely happened. BPD is linked to childhood trauma and with her preoccupation with childish things coupled with her immature attitude (overly dependent on others to take care of her, lack of concern for consequences of her actions and inability to look past her own feelings) it makes sense that she had some kind of early trauma.

No. 34097

She mentioned at one point that a doctor was concerned she had suffered sexual abuse after doing a physical exam on her when she was four, but she couldn't remember it happening.

No. 34098

If that's true

No. 34099

I guess we don't know if it is or not. But if it did it could be a reason for her BPD.

No. 34101

Gia stopped being a topic of discussion a long ass time ago, though.
No one in here has any problems with her aside from Ash and her white knight army.

No. 34102

File: 1419716505936.jpg (110.97 KB, 640x1024, image.jpg)

These are used in injecting insulin
She's having refeeding

No. 34104


You don't know that for certain. Alcohol swabs are used for loads of purposes. I mean sure, she could be using them to disinfect an injection site but we can't really speculate.

No. 34105


I think what anon was saying is that Ashley was trying to throw her friends under the bus so she looked better.

No. 34106

They're also used for cleaning wounds, which she gets a lot of…

No. 34109

Told you she was recovering but didn't need to yell about it ya'll

No. 34110


If she is, this is a great thing and should be encouraged.

No. 34111


Right. Because recovering from an ED is "personal" and shouldn't be talked about. Unlike, say, talking about her eating disorder (or making thinly veiled attacks on other people, or accusing her mother of being abusive). Those things are not personal.

Cherry-picking this sort of shit as to what's too "personal" to share and what's not, all to try to make other people feel bad about what they share? She's a cunt, in recovery or not.

No. 34112

She's pulling like a reverse-Felice-Fawn. Fawny would talk about how hard she was trying to recover and then post her Amazon Wish List everywhere like "omg buy me things I'm tryin so hard!1!one1" so people will buy her things to "reward" her

Ash flaunts her ED and her near-death and her mothers "abuse and hatred" and people buy her things out of pity.

No. 34113


She's mentally ill. Her logic makes no sense. She kind of gets a free pass for things like that.

No. 34114


It's a shame she needs to yell about the other stuff then, the insults to her supposed friends and family.

No. 34115

>> No. 34113

It's not a free pass. And saying so is giving her a "free pass" to not take responsibility. Mental illness is very real and very devastating but the world does NOT cater 24/7 for the ass-twist logic of BPD, nor many other mental illnesses, it carries on doing its normal thing and follow its normal rules and if you don't attempt to keep up, shit goes wrong. She said she's in therapy, I respect that, but "free pass" doesn't exist, mental illness or not.

No. 34116

If Ash is recovering, that's great. I actually hope it goes well for her.

No. 34117

Alcohol swabs are used for a lot of things. If she had insulin that would mean she was being medically monitored, which she is not because that would mean seeing a doctor and risking getting hospitalized on the spot.

This is probably to clean self harm wounds, because binging and purging aren't destructive enough, she also does things like rips off her fingernails and drinks energy drinks that she knows could give her a heart attack.

No. 34118

i really want to see how much her personality improves when she starts recovering. i dont think shes actually a bad person, just a very sick person in constant pain.

No. 34120

She's not a "bad" person. But she is delusional and manipulative and has done things that are hurtful and that most people would consider bad. But most people with EDs do not act like that at all. She has otherissues that will continue even if she recovers. If it's not starving herself she'll find some other destructive behavior whether it's drugs, more self harm or risky sexual behavior. With Ashley her self destruction is tied to her BPD and that won't go away even if she recovers from her ED.

No. 34121

This, plus she easily gets nasty scabs and wounds that need to be desinfected.

No. 34122

Could be anything imo, sometimes some people don't need a big push if they have already some disorders (like Ash most likely have).
She's older than me but she's like teens with whom I can't connect, probably because she didn't really experience adulthood like she should have. No job, no responsibilities …

I've noticed there's a lot of anorexics who got problems with being adults, and Ashley situation reminds me of Isabelle Caro (who passed away sadly, I think her mom didn't want her to grow up or something).

Honestly I don't really think she has a big childhood trauma besides her father not being here. I've got the feeling that if Ash had a tangible example she'd flaunt it to garner even more pity, kinda like she sometimes quotes her mom on her blog. I think she only has some mental disorder and being anorexic is just one way to achieve whatever she wants to achieve, like others said, she could abuse alcohol or drugs. I hope she can fight her demons because just gaining weight isn't going to help her in the long term. Really I can't hate someone who seem so unhappy with their life with (seemingly) no reasons. I don't care much that she's a rotten asshole, her life is terrible.

No. 34123


This. I really pity the poor girl and I want to see her life improve.

No. 34124


"I had a very complicated childhood, very difficult, very painful. My mother's big phobia was that I would grow. She spent her time measuring my height. She wouldn't let me go outside because she'd heard that fresh air makes children grow, and that's why I was kept at home. It was completely traumatic."

- Isabelle Caro

No. 34125

Yes, her life is terrible and she is obviously miserable. But it does not excuse trying to make people around her miserable as well.

No. 34126

He, I never said everyone should pity her or even like her. I know she's rotten and annoying, I just find her mild personnally. Kiki is much much worse and can't stop lying, stealing things left and right and trying to ruin peoples' life. At least Ash never indirectly killed someone.

It's not forgivable but everytime I see her I just think how fucking terrible it would be to be aching from everywhere, being hungry all the time, having no energy, being afraid of falling or bumping into shit … How does she even poop ? Her ass is nothing but bone, how does it feel to lose your teeth, etc…
Kiki is a complete bitch and doesn't even have to deal with that. All in all I find Ashley kinda ok, if I didn't eat for 3 days I would tear everyone a new asshole. At best I find her snarky and annoying [just my 2 cents, I also understand why someone might hate her]

No. 34129


Bloody hell does she actually drink energy drinks? How is she alive

No. 34131

Has she said that she's trying to recover? She hints around it, says ambiguous things like "I'm trying" that could really mean anything. I recall her mentioning her therapist on one of her auxiliary instagram accounts she used to have, and she was open about being anti-recovery for herself back then, so just bc she has a two-hour therapy session means nothing. I'm not trying to pick her apart here; I would not want to try being friends with her, but I wish her no ill. I hope she does get better (the BPD really needs to be addressed). I just feel like she's being dishonest with people.

No. 34132

She's posted them many times- her favorite drinks etc. I suppose she has to get energy somewhere since it's obviously not from nourishment

No. 34133

She also posted bandaids on her list. I think she fell down and go some booboos maybe lol.

No. 34135

She never grew up mentally

No. 34136

It's another form of self destruction really. She knows her heart can't handle the caffeine and the drinks themselves even have warnings not to drink them if you have health/heart issues. Her heart is so weak those drinks could literally kill her. She's not medically cleared to fly in an airplane because her heart would give out from the air pressure during takeoff. Her condition is that bad but she still deliberately subjects her body to more stress.

No. 34137

So she was whining about people treating her like shit 7 years ago. Nothing changes.

No. 34138

She's been in therapy for a while, it's not a new attempt to recover. To be honest her therapist is totally incompetent for continuing to see her for her occasional sessions. A responsible psychologist would immediately refer her to a hospital. You can't do talk therapy with someone whose physical health is in immediate danger. And she hasn't made any progress while seeing this therapist so that would be a sign she needs a higher level of care. Her therapist is going to be in deep shit when Ashley dies and it turns out her therapist didn't take appropriate precautions.

No. 34139

She said they're working on a payment plan on her blog? I think he wants to try to see her more

No. 34140


Seeing her more isn't likely to make much difference. She needs a higher level of care.

No. 34145

This. Seriously how has he not put her in the hospital already? He is not equipped to treat her medical complications and if she dies on his watch he could possibly be liable. It's a form of medical neglect.

No. 34146

Even inpatient facilities won't admit patients if they're under a certain weight or need to be medically stabilized. They get sent to the hospital first because they're a liability and it's just unsafe.

No. 34151

This one was okay

No. 34159

I think part of Ashley's recovery is going to have to be a stay in the hospital, which I know she doesn't want to do and I can't blame her for that. I've been following her for a few years now though, and she's very intense and determined and I don't doubt that she has it in her to recover. Ashley is very sick, but she's also one of those people who will accomplish anything they want to do. She can get herself up to a healthy weight with sheer willpower, just like she got herself down to an unhealthy one.

No. 34161

If a person really wants to recover, s/he will do it, regardless of setbacks. There are ways even without family support or income. If a person doeS not want to recover, its just not gonna happen . I have been in both situations myself. It's all to do with a person's will. An outside force can help her up to a certain pount, but if Ashley herself doesn't want to recover she will slip back into a physically ill state.

Is she recovering? Can she? I don't care because that doesn't affect me. If she doesn't want to get better tthat's her choice and that's all fine and dandy. What's not okay is manipulating people and using pity to get shit and aattention.
Whoever is daft enough to send her gifts, its a shame. Whoever is sending her food and candy knowing full well what she will do with it is worse.

No. 34163

He also hasn't put her on antipsychotics or anything to see if they will help her or not. He seems to be a quack and just a therapist not someone trained in helping a person with an ED

No. 34165

It's actually appalling. It's like having a suicidal patient sitting in your office taking one pill after another or slowly bleeding out and trying to talk about feelings. Either Ashley is really good at manipulating (though you can just look at her and see she needs to be hospitalized) or her therapist is basically criminally negligent. Or he's imaginary.

No. 34166

Its called force feeding for a reason. Even if they aren't mentally recovered they can be weight restored to somewhere that they won't drop dead and then they can get a team to work on the issues

No. 34167

I feel like he is imaginary. ED patients usually have a team attending to them especially if they aren't in inpatient treatment. A trained therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist should know better than to be manipulated by a patient especially one that is so visibly ill

No. 34168

She just posted
>>There is a reason why I don’t go ‘bragging’ about getting professional mental help. I have been attending mental therapy on and off since being diagnosed of my disorders at age 11. I don’t speak much of it, because my inbox is now filled with: “WHY AREN’T YOU BETTER YET?, WHY DO YOU STILL LOOK THE SAME/WORSE/WHATEVER??, YOU’RE STILL ANOREXIC. YOU’RE STILL SICK!!” etc etc etc. Well, hello- EVERYONE’S SITUATION IS DIFFERENT- THIS ISN’T A CONTEST. So back off. Just because I don’t LOOK how you want me to, doesn’t mean I’m not battling each damn day. I am here, and I am fighting. I am blessed to see the sun each morning. You don’t know ME and you don’t know MY STORY. I am working on being positive. I am wounded, and you will let me heal.

Seems she's been getting treatment for everything but her disorder that is killing her

No. 34169

Exactly! If she doesn't want to recover then whatever, you can't force her to want it. But she can't just keep taking advantage of people and using them to pay for her addiction. The people who bought her gifts aren't stupid, just gullible maybe, and felt bad for her without realizing she knows exactly what she's doing. The people who read this thread and decided not to buy her food are a good example. They believed what Ashley said and thought she genuinely needed the help for necessities.

No. 34170

And a licensed therapist would have to adhere to ethical standards. Treating someone who needs intensive medical care as an outpatient is irresponsible. If he's real he's asking to have his license revoked when Ashley dies under his care.

No. 34176

Everyone needs to seriously stop acting like they 'know' who she's seeing. It's none of your damned business. How does it impact you? It doesn't.

No. 34177

I don't. I think you need to grow up when you have children.

No. 34178


Exactly why I'm always suspicious when she claims she's getting help. In her state, help would require her to consent to inpatient, which she obviously is never going to do.

I could be wrong, she could have made an outpatient agreement similar to some others, where as long as an intake and appointments are met she won't have to go, but that's a very far fucking stretch for someone who's 40-50 pounds. Very fucking far.

No. 34179

Everyone just wants to play 'saint' when it's convenient. She's obviously been doing fine for god know how many years. Apparently something is working. Everyone is so judgemental because she's not in a *~program~* like a lot of you were forced into.shes had her share of hospitals, and obviously that didn't work.

No. 34180


No. 34181


I agree that unconventional methods do work for a lot of cases, my own included. But, hear me out, would you honestly be able to look at her as a medical professional in person and say "You definitely have time to live, let's do what works best for you."

Any proper doctor would absolutely have to stabilize her body first, so her mind can have a chance. That's all anyone wants, but she won't try enough. She may be trying, but she's not doing what she needs.

No. 34182

File: 1419738868381.jpg (60.75 KB, 604x403, wut.jpg)

Found this on that page. Wut.

No. 34183

These speculations are boooringgg. Bring up some 2007 posts from Ashley. Bring up some myspace posts. seriously.

No. 34184

File: 1419739129735.jpg (94.07 KB, 964x376, download.jpg)

No. 34187

https://www.fictionpress.com/s/1114225/1/Elvin-Unit-011-Night-Star considering she would of been between 12-14 (I assume) she was actually quite talented at writing. I wonder if she was doing it all through school etc and whether she stopped a few years ago when her ano/bp got out of control. - I wonder if she would of get into it again as a form of relief for recovery?

No. 34189

"Fine?" Oh really? Ashley is barely surviving and living a miserable existence while dragging down everyone around her. She's only alive because she's been extremely lucky. But she is not really living nor is she anywhere near fine.

No. 34190

That's not even how you spell her name, idiot. You people are retarded.

No. 34191

Ashley is so pretty and when she recovers she will be so stunning. I say when because yes, I have the utmost faith in her recovering. I don't understand why some of you claim she manipulates people into buying her things. People make their own decisions to buy her things to make her day just a bit more bearable. It doesn't affect your wallets and she has shown much appreciation for it (as she has posted about it in the past). She is not being manipulative. She is straight forward and says it like it is. We need to encourage recovery for her and stop shit talking and trying to dig up dirt on her.

I personally can't wait to see her recovered. She will have a smile that she won't have to fake. And it will be very beautiful for sure.

No. 34192

Yeah…because there weren't tons of kids back then who purposely spelled their names in more ~fun~ ways. How many Ashley's do you think call themselves Hamtaro-chan?

No. 34193

If Ashley's decided to recover, Ashley will recover. That's who Ashley is.

No. 34196


Ashley didn't become Hamtaro-Chan until /b/ gave her that name in 2006. She didn't call herself that, she got the name because she posed nude with a hamtaro doll.

No. 34198

She doesn't want to recover, she's getting attention for being a skeleton and she's getting free shit for starving herself to death.
She won't get better, she doesn't have any motivation to do so.

People who send her stuff are not helping her get better, they're rewarding her shitty behavior.

No. 34199

I can't wait until she does recover so she can rub it in your face and that negative, pessimistic attitude of yours.

No. 34200


Me too. She's going to prove herself. I'm rooting for her.

No. 34202

Well, she would be the kind of person who would do something to spite others. But hey, if she recovered most of us would be happy for her so if recovering to "rub it in" is what it takes to motivate her, then by all means, go for it.

No. 34203

What happened to that chick at starbucks Ashley was in love with for a while?

No. 34204

Nothing at all, silly. Ashley's incapable of maintaining a real connection with another human. But she's damn good at abruptly flipping from adoring to hating people.

No. 34205

File: 1419743349752.jpg (11.13 KB, 393x87, download.jpg)

No. 34207


That was a year ago, people change a lot in a year.

No. 34208

File: 1419743537825.jpg (23.37 KB, 472x200, download2.jpg)

No. 34210

File: 1419743792228.jpg (13 KB, 490x90, download3.jpg)

No. 34212


She doesn't, she was joking.

No. 34213

You do realize most of us wouldn't think "oh man oh god she surely made our lives so miserable by -recovering- how dare she" right?

No. 34214

Duh. Lel. We know she has a sarcastic sense of humor.

No. 34215

Well you have to remember there is actually a lot of people who post on this site. I'm not a fan of the walls of text but, I'd take that over some of the more annoying people in this thread right now.

No. 34216

File: 1419744133123.jpg (20.02 KB, 550x118, download4.jpg)

No. 34217

Well you wouldn't have anything to shit talk on her so…. ya.

No. 34220

File: 1419744366759.jpg (52.32 KB, 578x274, download.jpg)


No. 34221

Doesn't matter. There will always be another lolcow for us to laugh at. Nobody but her stupid followers have an emotional attachment to her.

No. 34222

Stop posting things over a year old. People can change a lot in that time frame. Hopefully she has changed her mindset on recovering. She has a lot of friends rooting for her and your negative posts saying "nope she won't recover" and posting up her past is not encouraging her. It's these kind of people who are rooting for her to fail. And it is also these kind of people I hope she proves successful to. If it is to spite the negativity then so be it. But she will be more beautiful than any of your (referring to the people predicting her failure) negative personalities combined.

No. 34223

Nobody here wants to see her fail. Omg.

She obviously hasn't changed up until like a few days ago because o the valid points made on this thread against her shitty behavior.

She has changed when she has taken real genuine actions towards change.

No. 34224

Good. Then you'll move on to picking on someone else. While Ashley will move on with her life, you will be stuck picking on people like 13 year old girls.

No. 34225

This all support Ashley thing, I strongly believe it is literally only one or two people responding to eachother. Ashley is a fucking cunt. She's horrible to her friends and we have proof of that, she's marketing off her disease, I mean, COME ON. She's not going to get better, she's forty-two pounds. The only way she is possibly going to recover is if she gets checked into a hospital now.

Out patient therapy is not going to help her. She might as well not bother at all. I agree that whoever is treating her should be closely looked at, I'm seeing more than enough reasons for her to be sectioned. Where is APS?

No. 34226

You are an idiot. Her body is far too damaged to recover, even if she were to gain weight, she wouldn't be able to gain it quickly enough to survive for more than a couple of years. It's pointless.

No. 34227

You surely told us XDDDDD

No. 34228

I don't think you know what is going on in her life. You have no clue as to whether or not she has changed for the better in taking a step towards recovery. You only know what she chooses to post. And ya. I have seen some people posting for her to die already and others saying she will never make it. That is most certainly not rooting for her to succeed so wtf would YOU call it?

No. 34229

Go kill yourself.

No. 34230

she is too delusional for recovery. she's too obsessed with herself being a victim and use that as a tool in getting all the advantages from others.

No. 34231

If she does move on with her life, what we said here will not really affect her. Life goes on?

No. 34232

When your spooky skeleton dies I'm going to laugh at you.

No. 34233

Pointless? No. It is not. Because I have full faith she will be ok. People have told her years ago "it's pointless. She won't make it another year." Yet here she is. If somebody had cancer you wouldn't say "sorry. You are too far gone. It's pointless to keep trying." Keep hoping she'll give up. I know she won't. ;)

No. 34234

You are a sick piece of shit, though I'm sure you already know that.

No. 34235

Because you are Ashley.

No. 34236

>If someone had cancer you wouldn't say "sorry. You are too far gone. It's pointless to keep trying."

Yes I would.

No. 34237

Haha how mature of you. Lol

No. 34239

Fuck off, some does not mean all, so maybe you should stop with your shitty blanketing statements.

And tell me dear anon, how do YoU know shit about her? You can't claim that I don't yet you somehow do. Unless you're ashley herself. Which you probably are because she's totes obsessed with this thread

No. 34240

Then I hope you never have a child who ever faces any life threatening illness or they'd be screwed with you telling the doctors to just give up. Sad that you lack such faith and optimism.

No. 34241

Ha okay… no but whatever

No. 34242

no, still shitty.
look at how flat the skin is. also that blurry mess of her neck and shoulder
whoever drew this, they actually made her shoulders SMALLER than in the original, too. idk how this is supposed to be 'ok', it's not even anatomically correct.

No. 34244

Anyone know anything about the coma Ashley was in?

No. 34245

Dude. It's a thread dedicated to shit talking on her. And you think SHE'S obsessed? Pot. Meet kettle.

No. 34246

She was in a coma?

No. 34247

>If somebody had cancer you wouldn't say "sorry. You are too far gone. It's pointless to keep trying."
I would, actually. There comes a point when your quality of life is so poor that death is a better alternative.

It's like having to put a beloved pet to sleep when they're ill. When you have a very old cat with some kind of disease, and it reaches the point where it seems to be in constant pain and can't even stand up any more, you must put it down as the kindest act that could be done.

I believe the same thing goes with people. If I ever had a severely retarded child, or a once-healthy child that couldn't do anything due to some kind of illness, I think that mercy killing is the answer.

No. 34248

Must be her. Her updates on tumblr is simply "answering" the posts here. People here like Erika being positive and getting medical help. Ashley immediately updated her tumblr, saying she is seeing a doctor blahblahblah. People here said something about her getting stuff from internet strangers. She updated a post saying she "bought" all the stuff she wanted by herself. Simply trying to cover her ass in every post.

No. 34249

I'm with you on this one.

No. 34250

Yeah. I remember her saying stuff about it on instagram I think. Said she was in a coma for a few weeks/a month???

No. 34251

But ya, you sure know when I get on this thread, when I found it, how often I check it, how often I contribute…etc. you're an idiot.

It's funny to laugh at her histrionic behavior and stupid actions and fails. She dedicates multiple posts based on what ppl here write.

No. 34252

File: 1419745612515.jpg (43.13 KB, 596x238, download.jpg)

This explains a lot.

No. 34253

If you're going to make a cancer comparison, Ashley is like someone with severe but possibly treatable cancer who is refusing to get proper treatment, choosing to take herbal supplements instead of chemo and surgery. On top of that it's like a, let's say lung cancer patient crying about how it sucks to be sick and gaining sympathy and money that she then uses for cigarettes.

No. 34254

So you think Ashley should be a candidate for "mercy killing". Wow. Fucked up beyond belief.

No. 34255

Exactly. Like seeing a frd who has cancer with bedsore all over his body. He can't eat. He can't sleep. What's more is that he will never heal. Will you still try and ask him to keep trying? I think that is real cruel asking him to keep trying.

No. 34256


Jesus christ. Part of me is hoping she means "bitchy anons" or at least "/pt/